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File: 1544482540953.png (8.19 MB, 2208x1242, C3855D54-2BE4-414D-8470-2914A2…)

No. 337542

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/277467

No. 337549

I can’t get over how bad that art is. The colors are too saturated. The color she used for the shading just looks all kids of fucked. The drawing is super stiff, and conveys almost no emotion.

No. 337554

I can’t get over how bad that art is. The colors are too saturated. The color she used for the shading just looks all kids of fucked. The drawing is super stiff, and conveys almost no emotion.

No. 337559

I can’t get over how bad that art is. The colors are too saturated. The color she used for the shading just looks all kids of fucked. The drawing is super stiff, and conveys almost no emotion.

No. 337570

File: 1544486259433.jpg (100.59 KB, 1080x621, pic1.jpg)

Finally found the right thread.

What do you think about this art anons? I posted this on /snow Weeb Artists & Musicians and anons there told me that it isn't that bad and very Calarts kek

This artist is a graduate at Calarts btw and is specialized in character design and 2D animation. She made an animation intro for Taylor R. Don't disappoint me because I am hungry for some salt.

Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xolIjnFGoUA

No. 337574

Smells like a selfpost to me.

No. 337577

Sniffs the air Smells like…. self promotions!

No. 337578

Be gone, selfposter, be gone!

No. 337580

It's ugly

No. 337581

We were talking about this artist on Taylors thread and we couldn't continue due to derailling this thread. Then I searched for an adiquate thread to talk about her. Look for yourself if you don't believe me

No. 337582

I think I saw the thesis film she made but like… why are you posting someone like that lol. Wow she draws and went to calarts. thrilling

No. 337583


Lol the original post from the weeb artists thread smells even more like a self post. They even posted a screenshot of the resume and the instagram feed. What a way to start the general artist salt train.


I don't know how Lavender Towne has made it this far. If she has a cintiq that's so wrong in terms of colour that she can colour skin GREEN, there's something very wrong. Because uh, I don't know if she knows this but the dark skin tones are nowhere near the greens. Absolute dingus.

No. 337584

File: 1544487232484.png (248.41 KB, 316x563, calarts_arms_and_foreshortneni…)

def self promotion, you're fooling no one. also, are you SURE youre a graduate of any art school ever?

No. 337586

So wait, is golden kasey's surnane or not?

No. 337587

While her art doesn't bother me too much the bit that she did to Percy skin was lolz af. Olive skin is not GREEN it's golden toned for fucks sake. A quick google search would show that.

No. 337589

Someone on the last thread said it wasn't, if it's not then she's one self absorbed pos

No. 337592

i was 100% sure about golden being either her real or nom de guerre surname lol

No. 337593


Since she has a YouTube channel now, what do you guys think about Viria? I really like the way she shades

No. 337594

i always assumed it was. golden isn't exactly a rare or weird last name. she goes by "kasey the golden" on her social media because kaseygolden is already taken.

unless she said somewhere it's a pseudonym i'd just operate under the assumption it's her true and honest last name.

No. 337595

she claimed her /cintiq/ messed up the colors lmao

No. 337596

…maybe she just likes the color gold y’all are kinda entering reach territory tbh who cares.

No. 337597

File: 1544487771498.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3072x2187, 35AD0F4B-0F48-4C4B-8C56-121DC6…)

Reposting this because nothing illustrates Lavender’s total lack of skill more.

No. 337600

not to mention lavender went to art school for this kek idk if the other person did but she seemed to be drawing on quite the high level since her teens so

No. 337601

File: 1544487925585.png (16.2 KB, 608x136, olive.png)

she should have just googled and doubled down instead of bitching out with the "i didnt see the right colors bc of my tablet" bullshit tbh

No. 337602

So her cintiq managed just fine on every other color used except Percy's green skin? If she just admitted she didn't know what an olive skintone meant no one would care. "m-muh tablet's not calibrated" is such a weak excuse and surely she would've seen how off it was on her monitor when editing the video.

No. 337604

Viria is a very talented artist and I like her a lot!! It's great to see a fanartist rise in the ranks and become an official artist for the books she was a fan of!

Though she did get herself into some drama in the summer I think? Where someone was supposedly stealing her style and she got quite upset about it because the resemblance was so uncanny that people genuinely mistook the other person's art as viria's. Not sure if this is considered 'milk' or not but it's pretty old news by now.

No. 337616

Undertone doesn't mean straight up green though, this would've made her look even dumber.

I usually think "YOU STOLE MUH STYLE!!!" hysterics are overblown but if people were genuinely mistaking other art for hers then I think that warrants being upset.

No. 337619

do you have any pictures of the artist that was copying her?

No. 337625

File: 1544491804366.png (571.73 KB, 506x545, Capture.PNG)

Waffles finally did a nice face on this drawing. I reckon this one is suprising un-fugly, what do you guys think?

No. 337636

Yes, this actually looks rather nice. I like her use of color too, it's a bit different for her and it's nice to see her venture into different color combos.

No. 337657

Left eye could be moved over just a tad but this is rather nice. Good on her for improving hope she keeps it up.

No. 337677

Sadly I do not, but turns out the drama is still going on!


Viria is still very upset about this person copying her art style.

No. 337705

What is people's opinion on d'angelo wallace, he comment on the holly brown controversy a bit. Personally dislike the daftpina style way of talking real slow for "comedic" effect.

No. 337706

I do like D'Angelo, I think hes def funny but can get too much by the end of his videos. Thank god they only go for 10 mins now, lol.

No. 337707

I'm sick of the commentary art channels, they're a dime a dozen these days, but his videos do annoy me as much as I had anticipated.

No. 337713

I like him a lot personally. But to each their own and all.

Also Viria is a talented artist but like her stuff is just a Voltron Haikyuu hybrid why does she think she’s super unique. Maybe the other artist is ripping her off but she has a serious case of same face going so she can hop right off her high horse at any time.

No. 337715

File: 1544503260052.jpeg (23.95 KB, 200x200, AE93BEA1-86F0-4CC0-B6B2-957261…)

Everyone always going on about Calart style when Voltron rip-off style is fucking everywhere. If I see one more of these ugly fucking mouths I will scream.

No. 337716

>>337707 Yes but without commentary, you would just have a drawing video with music, if that. That would be less exciting. Its always good to know what the artist is doing and getting their insights on why there are doing what they are doing. There is really no other way to do it.

No. 337722

I was the one that brought up d'angelo. I have no real problem with his content. Mostly his was of talking. I feel like he's padding for time.

No. 337744

File: 1544505312943.jpg (135.58 KB, 1200x958, 3pvlIHy.jpg)

I think I found the artist she was talking about. Their twitter name is _Alexgv_. it's pretty obvious that they are inspired by Viria at least but I don't really see the point in talking about it for months.

No. 337748

I mean I guess in terms of coloring and some other small details but it’s very generic and very Voltron so why make 20 tweets about it.

No. 337753

Yeah I think this is the person. You can definitely see the inspiration. I think Viria's salt was the fact they originally tried to play it off as if they had no idea who Viria was when it's pretty damn obvious it was inspired by her.

Though yeah I feel like it's just unnecessary salt to have haha. I don't watch Voltron so I can't say much about the 'Voltron Style' because to me it always looks more like 'anime but then I decided I started to like comics too' style.

No. 337768

Oh sorry, what I meant was the drama, clickbait titles and commentaries that have nothing to do with the art being made. An example being the "my art teacher hated me" videos, the commentary has nothing to do with art creation or anything constructive but just petty bs. I hope that made sense!

No. 337782

The thing about the 'Voltron style' I guess is that there are only a handful of expressions that are cycled through over and over so that can be pretty bland. And the mouth thing I completely understand it's the reason so many young artists put their smirks lopsided and into the cheekbones it makes no sense.

No. 337784

People really like his slow, monotone speech. It's his shtick. But if he was padding for time it wouldn't surprise me since he's always like "look i hit 10 minutes ok video over".

No. 337786

File: 1544515120432.jpg (34.09 KB, 393x608, IMG_20181210_235541.jpg)

Pic related is what I would consider Voltron smirk. Smiles that reach into eye socket territory.

No. 337787

File: 1544515157773.jpg (8.4 KB, 179x176, IMG_20181210_235517.jpg)

No. 337799

It…it wouldn't surprise you? He literally says that's the reason every single video lmao it's not a conspiracy he openly admits to doing if for ad money.

No. 337800

I’m honestly glad I’m not the only person who hates this shit because I see this crappy smirky bland Voltron shit all over tumblr and Twitter lately.

No. 337802

File: 1544518556689.png (45.41 KB, 333x250, wikia_Aang.png)

I hate this style. Same goes for TLA/Korra and any other show that does that "almost anime but not quite" style. It's not appealing at all.

No. 337805

I personally am okay with it and it is appealing to quite a few but damn is it bland and repetitive and at times just downright stupid like the fucking mouth thing. At least in Avatar though they hadn't developed those long pointy chins yet.

No. 337807

yes, thank god somebody else agrees. i fucking love castlevania, but i can't bring myself to watch the netflix series because the art style is this exact shit.

No. 337808

Yeah Avatar was a fun story and I enjoy it a lot as a show but the art was always kinda ugly and generic af to me. The action was nicely done though imo.

No. 337809

Avatar/Voltron style = 9/10 people have the exact same face and old people look like those 9/10 people too but with little wrinkles by their eyes and facial hair.

No. 337811

oh man if this is the voltron smirk then I am a huge offender of this whoops time to look into that.

Though I think part of the issue is when they don't do anything else with the expressions. Like it's really bland in that sense, but if your mouths are gonna be that exaggerated, I think you might as well exaggerate any expressions you decide to draw. But I always find that when you see them drawing any other expression it's just… very boring. Like if you're gonna do a dumb face just keep going, make that frown a real big frown or whatever, because if a smirk is the only time you're going to break the face for expression, that's just sad.

also it took me ages to notice that this character is doing that damn dreamworks eyebrows.
Oh my god they're all doing the dreamworks eyebrows.

No. 337813

It might not be an appealing art style but I swear to everything it has the best writing and battles I have seen in a long time

No. 337815

Agreed. Still love it but it has its flaws for sure.

Anon just please don't move the mouth to other parts of the face that make no fucking sense to achieve the smirk. Also keep it under the nose and out of the chin area…it's just ridiculous sometimes how people do it. Plus at this point it's pretty generic but I've seen talented folks that use it. (It's fucking every where though I cant not notice it now)

No. 337816

I mean look at where this womans mouth is in relation to her chin. How kids gonna attack Calarts style or same face animus if they be doin the exact same things. How is this stupid smirk better than profiles that have the mouth on the side. It's the same thing.

No. 337819

Oh sorry yeh I thought you meant commentary in general. Yes I agree and think that titles like that are abit "look at me" click bait for sure!

No. 337835

All of these have the same ugly ass Holly Brownish long angular face with the same retarded smirk. Just what kind of people think this looks good? It's even worse when people force it on characters that are supposed to be seen as handsome or beautiful when they look like a generic cheap kids' cartoon sidekick.

This. I hate how anime style gets shat on and discouraged everywhere no matter how talented and original the artist is but the bad western imitations of it receive praise every way they turn.

No. 337851

Anime gets a bad rep cuz most moe is pretty repetitive and some might say just fucking awful and unappealing, but there is much more to an entire countries animation and comics than moe harem bs.

No. 337856

Anime has kind of infested every popular artist

Does anyone know artist that have nice non-anime styles at all?

No. 337861

idk comic book style? I really like digital painting

No. 337866

I hate the western voltron in general, but i remember seeing it and thinking it looked so odd. Like a western trying to copy anime style and failing at it. Some of the scenes were so obviously trying to do the 'anime' expressions too. I dont get it when even the anime show wasnt like that.

No. 337943

Comic book style can be any style anon.

I was asking if anyone know artists who don't have an anime inspired style

No. 337959

File: 1544546293007.jpeg (216.87 KB, 1116x1156, ADCA2752-3A3C-48D5-B29A-6BC366…)

i’ve been seeing a lot of stuff like this in my feed lately and it’s getting on my nerves. what’s with these people drawing girls with these stupid fucking lips that look like they got inflated from too many injections? normal human lips aren’t structured like that

No. 337972

Probably a combo of leftover old SU inspiration and the popularity of the botched instathot look.

No. 337973

wait, THIS generic, non-descript boring style is supposed to be the big rip off? holy shit viria needs to calm the fuck down

No. 338010

I know about a dozen artists that draw like that. It's the go-to generic style that a lot of non-anime artists use. But maybe I'm just blind and missing some key detail that makes the style "special"

No. 338018

The most annoying part about Viria complaining is that the artist isn't even that bad. Generic yeah but they put some study in to achieve cohesive anatomy and nice colors. Viria is pretty huge already numbers wise she needs to chill the fuck out and learn to not be so petty and arrogant.

No. 338102

It's actually not that obvious considering plenty of people, not just Viria, draw like this…

This is the problem with way too many artists: their art is never as special as they think it is. In nearly every case of people throwing these temper tantrums, they have the most generic art styles imaginable.

No. 338181

I hope Waffles doesn’t devolve into another boring copic artist like the rest of youtube.

No. 338203

opinions on Sara Tepes? just discovered her channel, haven't really listened to her opinion vids but I'm a fan of her traditional art


No. 338224

from a technical perspective, she's not a bad artist at all, but she struggles with same face to the max. I followed her for a while then got bored because it all looked the same. I still like her work, just don't follow it.

No. 338225

Ooooh man yup! Not a YouTube artist but Instagram artist gothcell is just like that. She thinks her art style is so unique and revolutionary but it’s not. I like her art but it’s not that unique

No. 338227

Lemia has resurfaced just in time for Shillmas

No. 338234


I like her artwork, but I wish that her videos had more personality.

Some years back she posted a "Meet the Artist" image on IG with some controversial dislikes and people bashed her for it so I wonder if that's why she is so private.

No. 338315

File: 1544598003487.jpeg (71.63 KB, 1136x242, DC046A51-C45F-4421-9251-018AF1…)

can kasey be anymore obnoxious with the amount of adds she puts into one damn video?

No. 338336

File: 1544603521963.png (484.72 KB, 1176x561, dangelo.png)

At first, I thought "an chill guy that's voicing what everyone is fucking saying. He can't draw but hey he is learning" to "Dumbass motherfucker"
The opinion quickly changes when he decides to make a video on /ic/.
>takes every shit post seriously
>they had legit criticism and still regards them as "worst advice site"
>sees pic related
>"I don't know what that means but it must be smart"
>now attracting normies to /ic/
/ic/ is great for /beg/ threads and Artbook megas, but as an oldfag, it hurts to see him not understand board culture.
/ic/ hates everyone and everything, that's common knowledge

No. 338390

It’s really not that great but okay lol. Also pretty sure the point of the video was to show case the thread has bits of advice sprinkled throughout cringey narcissistic autistic weebs.

No. 338409

>five ads on a 22 minute video


No. 338460

none of you /ic/ fags even bother to fully watch the video, if you did you would see that he says it's actually helpful and they really did end up giving good advice on how to paint like ruan jia.

No. 338546

Anyone find Happy D Artist uncomfortable to watch? Her carefully curated image reeks of fakeness, but then again this seems to be a thing with most girls who prize aesthetics over everything else (can't have something that isn't minimalist or some other stupid trend).

No. 338549

I mean kinda yeah, feels forced at times. I do think she seems nice enough but is incredibly boring tho.

No. 338577

I cannot stand Jazza. He seems so manufactured and fake.

Not to mention he held a fundraiser to redo his shed into an office when he makes MORE than enough money to just… do it. Not to mention his art is shite.

No. 338586

I fuuuucking hate it when large content creators take donations for personal items. It’s tacky and pathetic.

No. 338590

>>338577 That's disappointing if Jazza is doing that. He prob makes a small fortune as it is!

No. 338591

>>338590 Especially with all those sponsors. King of shilling

No. 338592

I really don’t like Jazza’s art. It’s so generic.

No. 338594

His art style seems outdated to me
like 80's cartoons
I guess he learned to draw around that time and that's why he's stuck with it? idk

No. 338612

He seems like he's probably an asshole and just keeps it in check for youtube. He reminds me of markiplier in that sense, pretending to be sweet and wholesome for his audience but a total narcissistic douchebag in reality.

As far as money goes, the cost of living his really high where he lives and he also has two kids, so he's probably less well off than you guys think.

No. 338622

Yes he does live in Australia, the most expensive country in the world and cost of living does keep rising there!

No. 338663

his art style pisses me off. it's honestly just so hideous, makes me think of all those shitty webcomics

No. 338705

It looks like shitty clip art

No. 338829

yeah. his little mascot is especially ugly, not just design wise but the colours are awful and bland.

while I do think jazza is capable of being very creative (I was honestly impressed by his blow art piece) and can produce nice art, for the most part the style is super dated if not borderline ugly and I'm surprised people like it. I know kids on YouTube like all sorts of bad art but usually there's some aspect of it that's appealing (like anime inspired or priddy gorls (tm) or cutesy shit) but jazza is just kind of there.

No. 338858

What sort of dislikes?

No. 338861

And his intro is especially annoying

No. 338866

I actually thought his mascot in his thumbnails was a bitmoji until I watched one of his videos

No. 338883

I feel the same way about mark crilley
his realism, perspective, etc is great but the anime style he is known for is generic and dated because anime has changed and doesn't look like that anymore
it's especially noticeable in his chibi tutorials

No. 338935

File: 1544733059672.png (702.28 KB, 1052x710, d.png)


I think the one that pissed people off most was "abortion"

No. 338943

half of her dislikes seem designed specifically to enrage tumbltards lmao

No. 338950

because wanting women to have a right to abort is totally tumblr lol

She seems like a really idiotic christian republican.
Americans are fucking weird to me lol

No. 338951

Yeah disliking people for being atheists isnt anti SJW it’s sheltered little loser with a chip on her shoulder for no doubt being bullied for her fervent fairy tale pushing.

No. 338952

Could we keep the conversation on topic?

No. 338955


I think it was mentioned way before that she's one of those 'good christian artists' so I guess this really does check out.

She is entitled to her own opinion but we all know how opinions can ruin youtubers cough hcbrown cough.

I think she got into a bit of drama before for calling a dark skintone 'chocolate' and 'delicious looking' and people were like "erm". And I'm starting to think maybe she's fishing for drama nowadays to keep her and her art relevant? But that's a shot in the dark anyway back to the milk.

No. 338957

Because discussing the content an artist puts out isn’t? Didn’t mean to trigger any monotheists boo.

No. 338959

Shut the actual fuck up if we want to mock a good Christian artist for saying hates those meanie lewd drinking abortion non believers we fucking can.

No. 338995

What a self righteous cunt lol.

No. 338996

Did she delete this? I wanted to read the comments roasting her but I can't find it on her insta

No. 339018


No. It's still there, but it is very old (early 2016) so you will have to scroll a lot to find it.

No. 339033

yes, I used to really like Sara's stuff but recently she seems to have decided to take it into a the same thing but more and more so direction - so the lips get puffier and pinker, the noses get redder, etc, it's almost heading towards a kind of abstraction. I mean this is not a bad thing in itself, she is probably under pressure at college to do something to challenge herself, and abstraction would be a helpful thing for her to try, but she has to forget about trying to make it pretty.

No. 339038

she had to be fucking stupid to post this. either that or drumming up drama on purpose. i can't imagine anyone with any sense would post controversial dislikes like abortion when they're trying to make some sort of online career.

No. 339171


That's not surprising, he's originally from newgrounds and that flash sort of look just kind of stuck with him. He saw that it got him results so he just hasn't changed it or improved. I used to watch his flash tutorials, back when he was helpful. I can't get past that bulgy eyed style he does though. Some of his shit looks too early 2000s/family guy styled.

No. 339328

I love Kelogsloops channel, I feel like I actually learned something from his videos.

No. 339439

File: 1544831830705.png (8.57 MB, 2208x1242, 7C8B4D5E-7945-4CF8-963C-83DE0F…)

I can’t get over how shitty these look.

No. 339455

I am so tired of Lavendertowne's art, she calls herself a character designer but she just rehashes the same girl over and over again, only changing a few details and calling it a new character.

No. 339469

Can I say it makes me cringe so much how Chloe Rose treats these paints like a play thing…


No. 339471

So she dislikes no filter but she didn’t put any filter on her dislikes…

No. 339472

Ugh. I used to like her style but she went to sloppy! The eyes are getting bigger and bigger and the drawings in them looks like mess. The Christmas “girl” is so unpleasant to look at.

No. 339477

Chloe Rose tries to be funny soooo hard but ends up being a cringefest

No. 339494

No. 339515

I always though her idea of putting different shapes for the eyes was interesting and cute but the Christmas one is a little too much imo, it’s distracting at that point

No. 339522

I know this is a salt channel but I agree with anon. I love Kelogsloops. He's one of the many reasons I got into watercolour.
Also he's an actual professional artist who still uses 'student grade' supplies whilst people like kasey are all like OHHhhH only get good watercolours!!!!!! And his stuff's just really fun.

No. 339523

She did do that "do this not that" character design video, didn't she? Changing the shape of the eyes and accessories on a base character isn't good design.

No. 339525

LavenderTowne's advice is a big farce. She sells herself like this cool big professional artist but her art is mediocre and her style is not even fleshed out. It's just a real eye sore. It's like she's just trying really hard to make her characters so unique and special that they lose any form of personality.

No. 339532

Kelogsloops uses many professional grade supplies, he’s moved up to Daniel Smith and the like. And he’s a professional artist who has been exhibited - he SHOULD be using professional grade art supplies.
There’s a reason why professionals don’t use student grade products; they’re not lightfast, have filler, aren’t as vibrant, don’t produce as good colours from mixing, don’t have as many colours available, the list just goes on. So I’m not sure what your point is about people making a living off of art using professional grade supplies

No. 339550

lol look at that wonky champagne glass

No. 339593

File: 1544855314280.png (25.77 KB, 585x191, 2018-12-15Twitter.png)

"Please check out my youtube channel where I paint with my own blood and draw dog dicks for the 600 thousand children who watch me :)"

No. 339597

not to mention his actual 'style' for art pieces (like the post apocalyptic one) just look like generic mediocre comic book art with huge titted women with no organs and macho square shaped dudes.

No. 339599

That's not them. I've seen the actual art by the artist (and remember being shocked it wasnt hers, bc they drew a lot of HP stuff and PJO stuff too), i'll see if i can find it.

No. 339656


What do you guys think about TwistedDisaster? I use to watch her for some background noise but after realizing she was friends with Holly and enables her I feel inclined to trouble her

No. 339678

That's not really true. Depends entirely on the paint; tons of professionals use stuff like Cotman or Van Gogh, which is perfectly lightfast (and of course some professionals just don't bother with lightfastness at all using professional grade Opera pink as an example, usually because they don't sell originals).

No. 339708

We talk about her all the time anon, she's in precious threads. But yeah general consensus is she's fucking entitled bratty awful awful art and shitty spergy anime club personality.

No. 339710

Previous threads*

No. 339712

She made a video crying about being potential kicked out of her in-laws house (she's 25) when they asked her to leave over a year previously but instead she bought Chinchillas and had a wedding with crowd funded money. I'd kick the bitch out so fucking fast entitled little cunt.

No. 339749

File: 1544898074012.png (795.23 KB, 731x736, no.png)

Well, she seems to wholeheartedly believe that her and Holly are the victims of a situation that they literally caused themselves, as soon as anyone has something negative to say about her she just defaults to "sjw bullies!!!", class act. Also her art style might genuinely be one of the least appealing I've ever seen for that skill level, it's horrifying.

No. 339804

I cant be the only one to think that shes gotten worse

No. 339867

Using student paints for sketchbook work is fine, because it's probably never going to see sunlight, but for work that is going to be sold or hung up that's when using professional grade materials is necessary. I don't get where this attitude about professional grade materials being bad came from, but I would be pissed if I bought a painting and it faded within a couple of months to a year.

No. 339870

So she dislikes people who don't use filters?? I thought it was a good thing and likeable to not use filters and be honest with your actual image?

No. 339891

she did eventually move out, before the wedding i think?

her situation was awful at her in laws, their house was festering with cockroaches, idk why she wanted to stay there so bad.

No. 339896

Because she's a free loader? 25 year old couple with no job? Oh boo hoo bugs shes full of shit. Get a fucking job and stop begging for money on the internet.

No. 339945

It was after the wedding. She's never had her own place she could just be an adult and get a real job instead of drawing OCs on DeviantArt for little to no money. Her husband also had no job. I have no sympathy for lazy people who throw tantrums when other people open their home to them.

No. 339966

oh I wasn't defending her in any way, just saying she did eventually move out and that the inlaws house was fucking gross looking so if anything it should've been incentive to stop being so lazy but freeloaders gonna freeload i guess. i remember her tweets that they were harping on her for having a "fake job" and that her husband had a REAL job and that she should be moving more boxes to the new apartment etc etc and she was like "b-but muh client work," as if the people commissioning her couldn't wait a week for her to finish moving.

2 broke adults getting married and living in mommy's house is the pinnacle of pathetic.

No. 340028

I don't think anyone's suggesting that professional grade materials is bad at all! But he uses student grade stuff in sketchbooks and some of his tutorial videos, which is nice to see because most of the people watching probably do have student grade equipment.

Like obviously nobody thinks professional grade materials are bad. That'd be stupid. They're professional for a reason. I think it's more like a "wow nice to see a person use student grade stuff without the whole 'omg i try student grade watercolours!! let's see if it works!' shtick that some youtubers do.

Also most watercolours are very lightfast, especially cotmans and van goghs. It will definitely last several years, unless exposed to bright lights (but even then, most paints even the most light fast, will struggle under too much light). People buy original copic art, even though that's probably the least lightfast thing.

No. 340036

I feel like people who buy copic pieces don't actually realize it's lightfast.

That said, I agree, youtubers acting like student watercolours are unusable and suitable to only children's fingerpaints is annoying.

No. 340081

Copic doesn't have that sort of information easily available, I had to actively seek it out and found out on a FAQ page. For the longest time I thought they were lightfast, but some colors will even fade in room lighting, so always scan your pieces if you use this medium.

No. 340090

File: 1544929000271.jpg (1.47 MB, 1920x2560, eww.jpg)

this person is submitting this as her ap portfolio piece. just bc they have a following they think they can just not improve their art

No. 340092

i hate that cunt
her anatomy is hideous, she is one of these “if i put curves into my character im being dynamic“ people. she dropped out of art school because she claimed they couldn‘t teach her anything and she started her own “animation studio“ afterwards for youtube. i have so much dirt on her, lol

No. 340094


Not only is this awfully rendered, but it's also giving me creep vibes.

No. 340097

Mind posting the dirt you got on her?

No. 340098

This looks much worse than her other pieces. What’s on?

No. 340099

Lightfastness isn’t the only quality that matters; pigments, binder, translucency, granulation, the amount of filler, there are lots of reasons why professional grade paints are preferred. Don’t really see why everyone is focusing on only the lightfastness

No. 340165

Also how staining a paint might be, some painting styles require high staining paints if you want a lot of layers, which is a method I use when painting flower petals.

No. 340212

I love it when anons provide such helpful information or topics like these!

>I think it's more like a "wow nice to see a person use student grade stuff without the whole 'omg i try student grade watercolours!! let's see if it works!' shtick that some youtubers do.

I agree, tired of those kinds of videos tbh. I just want to watch people make great art, not use tired old gimmicks that literally every other popular art YouTuber is doing.
With that said, I wish Audra Auclair would make videos again her drawing processes are so interesting to watch imo.

No. 340225

I don't know much about GinjaNinja, but all I know is that the OwO in her name made it so I never watched any of her videos so now I'm really curious about this 'dirt' you have

No. 340379

I didn't say professional grade paints were bad, most of mine are professional quality, but plenty of student grade paints have the exact same lightfastness as their professional counterpart. Cotman, for example, none of the line uses fugitive pigments (unlike the professional line where some of them are fugitive). The biggest downfall of most student grade paint is pigment load; you're not going to get the same colour pay off. If you don't need that, going with the student grade is absolutely fine. As an example, I'll never need professional phthalo blue or green, they're extremely intense; it's easier to mix and use when it's the Cotman or Van Gogh phthalos, plus they have the exact same level of lightfastness. Meanwhile I only use professional grade yellows because otherwise they're too weak and are easily overpowered when mixing.

Your painting is more likely to fade if the person uses professional Winsor Newton paint without looking at lightfastness (tossing in Alizain Crimson or Opera Rose or Aureolin) than if someone used Cotman but knew nothing about lightfastness. Obviously someone using dye based watercolours or crappy student grade paint that isn't lightfast (usually craft grade really) should move onto lightfast versions, but plenty of 'student grade' are perfectly fine for professional use.

Because it was an anon who said student grade isn't lightfast as a reason for not using it when they are lightfast. Those other factors are not important if the otherwise desired result is achieved (so it doesn't matter if it's a particular paint), while lightfastness is still important since that has an effect on longevity, something that needs to be considered, especially if it's sold.

No. 340380


Finally someone mentioned her.
Her last "woe is me" update video (linked) was a complete pity party and she hasn't even updated since.

Idk why people feel so sorry for her in the comments. If she has the money to move TWICE in a single year, just because didn't like the first place, she can afford a damn therapist.

Am I the only one tired of these art YouTubers constantly fishing for sympathy?

Their work is doing what they love, they get to be creative and get paid for it unlike the rest of us, and yet they constantly feel the need to complain about how hard their f*ING life is?

I subscribed for their art. I did not sign up to be subjected to everyone's goddamn first world problems.

Sorry for the rant, but Audra's video is what made me unsubscribe from every single art YouTuber except Art Ala Carte and Waffles.

AaC & Waffles seem like the only ones who don't constantly complain and fish for sympathy.

No. 340388

Jesus fucking Christ anon what’s with the triple posting

No. 340390

I feel like most of these artists should make a separate personal channel and keep entertaining on their main and it would solve this problem.

No. 340392

talking about your art struggles isn’t ‘begging for sympathy’’ lol…It honestly seems like your saying you have a problem with ALL unhappy art videos. Which is just dumb. Not related to audra btw, I just disagree with the whole sentiment

No. 340394


Duplicate posts are being caused by a server error.


No. 340434

But is it really an art struggle when she keeps whining about her mental illness(es)? Audra's art is awesome, but her constant complaints and whining put a damper on it, especially when she's like "Oh yeah, I moved twice and also went to Japan for 10 days, but the struggle is real guys, support me, that company I picked myself to print my book fucked me over" Boo hoo, that's…. your fault?

No. 340441

Thanks for the save, bro.
I swear I clicked post only once!

Anyway back on topic.

I respectfully disagree. I honestly consider this an ongoing issue within the art community how everyone seems to adopt the same "woe is me" attitude.

Experiencing difficulties, having doubts, and being humble about one's artistic abilities are NOT the things I'm referring to.

I'm talking about those who publicly complain about something or another almost every single video, all while seemingly lacking any form of humility or self awareness.

This would be absolutely fine if these people were still in their teens, but these women are all in their late 20s or 30+.

So forgive me for saying this, but adults portraying themselves as constantly sad and seemingly demanding sympathy from their thousands of subscribers (many of whom are genuinely troubled teens) just isn't respectable or professional behaviour in my humble opinion.

Especially when they visibly have stable incomes and suportive, fulfilling relationships. Rarely (if ever) have I heard them sound grateful for the things they have.

I've tried to look past it because I genuinely LOVE the opportunity to watch skilful people create incredible things and talk about life, but I just can't handle ungrateful complaining on a daily basis.

Like most people on this planet, I have my own problems and daily struggles to just stay afloat. #selfblog

Anyway, that is my No.1 criticism and "General artist salt" about art YouTubers.

No. 340447

File: 1544990101266.jpeg (333.78 KB, 1242x990, 15397FD1-4A20-4573-BE62-8ED5C5…)

Is she just trolling us at this point? The left looks so muddy and ugly. It’s got that ugly look of when new digital artists abuse the blur tool when they shade.

No. 340450

Ah, see in your first comment I assumed you meant any art video negative or sad was just begging for sympathy but, I totally agree with you on this. I don’t think I’ve ever once seen a sliver of actual gratitude, or even expressed happiness side for a few obligate ‘^_^ thx for support’ comments from an art youtuber. The amount of emo videos they put out, in comparison to just being happy abt their fame and wealth is … just sad

No. 340452

Left looks like borderline blackface

No. 340469

File: 1544991289617.png (293.75 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20181216-210757~2.p…)

I did a quick search and found her blog post about this whole debacle, posted months before the video.

It comes across MUCH better than her dreadful video. Judge for yourselves.

No prob, I'm glad I could explain myself! So relieved I'm not alone with thinking this.

No. 340484

File: 1544992598848.png (486.78 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181216-213326.png)

Her entire spine looks dislocated.

Why are the hips are facing the viewer but the upper body turned to the right?

Is this bish inspired by hieroglyphs or something

No. 340525

Right?? Wtf pose is this for a girl standing and reading her phone? Her expressions are so one note too. Blank wide eyed staring with poses that look like they should be floating in midair.

In one of her recent videos she said something about how learning 'realism' won't make your stylized works immediately better but I feel like she's just missing the point of people telling her to learn the rules before breaking them. She's probably just butthurt her 'style' is one note and she can't draw outside of it for shit.

No. 340543

Wow, another genius who won't learn fundamentals?

I just read this joker's Twitter bio and she literally describes herself as a Ravenclaw (which is cringe in itself), yet she refusrs to study art seriously?

The cognitive dissonance in this, beach.

And here i thought it was bad enough when this edgelord decided to announce her dislike of Bob Ross.

I believe this was discussed very recently in this thread, but I just HAVE to give my 2 cents.

I believe her main criticism of him was how he "never painted any people!!" Or whatever. Except he did. In 8ne episode he painted a shadowy silhouette of a man by a campfire.

And, UNLIKE HER, Ross was very humble and honest about his shortcomings, particularly when it came to human portraiture.

He also invited others to help him teach it on his show because viewers requested it so much.

Point being disliking Bob Ross isn't edgy, you godamn lavender-thot.

He never claimed to be a master of his craft, he just wanted to share THE JOY OF GODDAMN PAINTING with the world, you irreverent child.

Excuse me for blowing up.
But for real, could her attitude as an aspiring artist get any worse?

No. 340548


oh god the worst part is the lighting and 'atmosphere' makes absolutely 0 sense as well. Like the lightsource is from the 'phone but somehow her nose area is the darkest part, and like…. basically this is just cringey and bad

No. 340549

Where her thumb at?

No. 340578

>Why are the hips are facing the viewer but the upper body turned to the right?
Because art is hard bro, didn't you know?

No. 340579

I'm still amazed that she has the nerve to tell people what to do and not do in art when she can't even draw a decent looking line. And if that's an intentional choice on her part, that just says even more about her artistic judgement: it looks like steaming shit.

No. 340583

We all have bills to pay, but every other Minnie Small video being sponsored has gotten tiring by now, especially when she doesn't really produce any content other than her sponsored vids

No. 340587

I think she mentioned something about going through a bit of art block, though I do agree, I wish she would upload more actual art.

No. 340591

I can’t get over how bad Lavender’s art is honestly. Like that cutesy style with questionable linework is okay for some things, but as a default style, it just makes her look like a bad artist.!

No. 340593

She's an one trick pony, same as Kasey. They can't do shit outside their default "style". I've never watched Lavender but I've watched Kasey, and it never felt like she branched out, tried new things, learned something. Fucking boring.

No. 340599


After all those hour long "I'm moving" / "productivity" vlogs, and sponsorships, I stopped watching.
And when she does draw art it just doesn't really resonate with me anymore. I mean, it doesn't have to be amazing, but, it just seems unsurprising and mediocre now. Like, Minnie has been on autopilot for a while now…

No. 340600

When did Lavender talk shit about Bob Ross? I thought it was Kasey who did that.

No. 340621

>in comparison to just being happy abt their fame and wealth is … just sad
Not necessarily related to the context of this conversation, but I think it's truly impossible for famous people to be happy. Any kind of fame just seems to make people more and more miserable, perhaps because they're more exposed to other people's opinions and comments which brings on more problems in their lives whether insecurity/esteem/doubt related or otherwise. Everyone wants to be famous until they are, and they wonder why they're unhappy when they achieved their goal. However, the wealth is very nice and something they should be grateful for.

No. 340622

>in comparison to just being happy abt their fame and wealth is … just sad
Not necessarily related to the context of this conversation, but I think it's truly impossible for famous people to be happy. Any kind of fame just seems to make people more and more miserable, perhaps because they're more exposed to other people's opinions and comments which brings on more problems in their lives whether insecurity/esteem/doubt related or otherwise. Everyone wants to be famous until they are, and they wonder why they're unhappy when they achieved their goal. However, the wealth is very nice and something they should be grateful for.

No. 340755

File: 1545072866803.png (442.3 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20181217-190752~2.p…)

…I went back and checked and you're absolutely right. My bad. You're the real MVP.

In my defense, it was brought up a whole month ago in the previous thread.

Am I just that fucking retard or does anyone else get all of these cutesy/cartoony art YouTubers confused??


I can't even delete or rectify that shit now because of the damn time limit.

I'll fact check my shit twice over next time. Thank god this board is anonymous

No. 340759

I feel like I'm watching an ASMR styled infomercial. Barf.

No. 340785


She's the last one I'd go to for advice on being creative.

No. 340816

Minnie is barely even an art channel anymore she's just a brand friendly shill LARPing as a ~professional~ artist who goes months at a time without producing any art.

No. 340842

it looks like a fucking inkling from splatoon oh my god

No. 341049

File: 1545166006861.png (28.62 KB, 764x196, artful.png)

I was watching a video about someone's heroin addiction story and uhhh saw this in the comments.

Was this known information?

Made me realise how old Emily must be to have had a long term heroin addiction so long ago I always assumed she was early 20s but I guess not.

No. 341053

>>341049 Her husband must be in his late 30s or early 40s then.

No. 341056

Wait lol is she honestly implying some people use heroin recreationally and that’s totes okay if it works for them? What the fuck pls don’t say this to your young audience.

No. 341057

File: 1545167961704.png (74.77 KB, 813x543, artful.png)

just realised I didn't show the full comment

also here is the youtube video she commented on [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qqu-LDLpJ0&t=926s]

Emily is top comment

No. 341117

>implying you can use HEROIN recreationally
>"NA/AA is a crock of shit for me uwu"

this woman really is an idiot, eh? maybe the heroin killed a few too many brain cells.

No. 341224

File: 1545197543782.jpeg (564.4 KB, 2048x2048, 9A3605B2-7518-4067-BCDC-9E4C63…)

Thought it looked a bit familiar

No. 341279

I used to like lavendertowne and i took her advise last year when i was first starting digital art, some of it helped me but i think she just does the same thing over and over again. And plus i hate how she used (i think she still does??) to shade with the color red so often, i sort of did that as well and now…i really dont like shading stuff with red anymore it just annoys me now

Im getting SO SICK of her style, she never draws anything else. You know what i want? I want her to draw something realistic for a change (even for just once!) NOT semi-realistic like that bullshit she did on "from realism to the ultimate cartoon" video but ACTUALLY REALISTIC.And i also hate how she frequently claims that shes "uwu im so different from the other artist because i draw creepy stuff" girl, your art aint creepy even when you try. Whenever she drew 'creepy' stuff i never found any of them to be creepy, her style cannot make anything geniunely terrifying

Sure i still watch her uploads just because its nice background noise and i still find some of her tips ok but shes just getting really stale at this point

No. 341333

Here’s the thing about emily. She says stupid shit constantly then deletes the evidence when she realizes it’s stupid.

She had a Q and A video at 1000 subscribers where she drew herself naked, admitted to being a sex worker, post photos of herself naked, said she doesn’t like any other art youtubers, and that she’s so different and edgy and goth and she will never change, fast forward a year and she’s calling herself the mom of YouTube in her holly video.

Then she has her sociopath video where she talks about how this guy was manipulative but clearly wasn’t a sociopath. She admits to using drugs, being the other woman to this guy knowingly, having sex with him in public, and giving him money when he wanted drugs because she knew he would get it anyway.

She said all of this because she thought it was a smart thing to do and then when people were like wow that’s fucked up she deleted it and ignored it when people brought it up

No. 341336

Oh…thats pretty bad

No. 341339

didn't she also admit in one of her recent uploads that she thinks any art youtuber doing storytime videos is a copy of her? she said something about their being clones of her everywhere doing story times and shes had to message them and tell them to stop. which led to like anyone who does storytimes to get shit on. the ego on her is ridiculous

No. 341341

lmao what a messy fucking bitch. how is she going to try to push this wholesome artmom schtick when she's an ex-addict, ex-prostitute with an IQ in the double digits? it makes so much sense now that she would defend someone like holly.

No. 341346

is that why creepshowart doesnt call her storytimes sketchbookstorytimes anymore? cause she used to

No. 341360

That is some high quality milk, anon. You da real MVP

As for Emily's statement that Heroin can be used "recreationally" by "some people"?


"Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs available. No one intends on becoming addicted to heroin, but many people using it eventually find themselves unable to feel normal without it.

The side effects of heroin use get worse over time. The longer someone uses heroin, the more destruction the drug can wreak on the immune system and internal organs.

The risk for getting both communicable and noncommunicable diseases increases. Prolonged heroin abuse can also lead to heart, lung and liver disease.

Heroin SUPPRESSES BREATHING AND HEART RATES, so there is a high risk of fatal overdose.

Even a nonfatal overdose can cause permanent brain damage or coma."


Sure sounds like some hARmlEss RECREATIONAL FUN.

She's so goddamn hypocritical telling someone else to be mindful of what they say about drugs when she IN THE SAME BREATH denied the dangers of FUCKING HEROIN.

No. 341381

She doesn't defend a purposefully inflammatory looser like Holly out of the goodness of her heart.

She defends Holly because she reminds her of herself.

They're both trying so hard to be true edgelords, as if it's something to fucking aspire to beyond the age of 17.

I mean…

YEAH Emily, you're SO totes unique and goffic!! ZomG!!!1

EVERYONE, PLz welcome our new heroin-chic qween~!

Emeli dArk'ness Dementia Raven Way!!

No. 341393

Can I derail the convo and just share a huge pet peeve of mine?

Bokkei's awful SWEnglish accent

It's a 100 times worse than PewDiePie's

And it makes me irrationally angry how she won't re-record or rehearse her voice overs.

Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.

No. 341514

No accent/intonation is worse than Kattvalk's IMO. I can't stand a minute listening to her.

No. 341528

that's what I meant, they're both messy asses so Emily probably sees herself in Holly. I'll still never get over how she let a literal 13 year old be bullied and victimised while saying "hollys not that bad uwuuuuu"

if she likes to delete everything and lurks here then it won't be long before that heroin comment is gone.

No. 341532

File: 1545257487130.jpeg (317.12 KB, 1242x708, B48FD560-CC16-439F-8A7C-89AD2B…)


Let’s talk about how she pretends she used to be a model on boards because sHeS jUsT sO hOTtT

No. 341553

On the topic of Emily Artful: Are there clips of her singing somewhere? It would be interesting hearing that, since she describes herself as a singer on IG. For some reason I'm just very curious about art yt-ers singing voices in general, actually.

No. 341584

>iM nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs

The more that comes out about this bitch the worse she gets, wow.

No. 341602

Why does the girl in the middle have five finger hands while the other two have only 4 finger hands?

No. 341638

File: 1545275817109.jpg (59.6 KB, 680x383, IMG_3218.JPG)

bitch we can all see your profile pic.

No. 341657

Probably to push her cartoony style

But it just ended up looking distracting

I also noticed that the christmas girl is missing her other finger

No. 341661

No. 341662

Probably because she has no idea of consistency when it comes to drawing.

Also the new year girl looks like she's yawning and I don't know if that was intentional, but they all just look a little dead inside

No. 341663

Its different but I don't really like her stuff.

No. 341665

File: 1545280310124.png (512.92 KB, 869x535, dan.png)

They're both fugly, Danica

No. 341667

…which one's the redraw?

No. 341696

Wow, the redraw has absolutely zero life or movement to it, I wasn’t able to tell which was the redraw until I actually enlarged the image. It’s obviously better once zoomed in but it’s so.. lacking.

No. 341721

Yeah haha

No. 341735

>from my childhood

this is a terrifying lack of improvement considering there must be a few years between these at least? I know everyone improves at their own pace etc but this is just…none at all.

No. 341743

Apparently the original is from 2004… so 14 years of improvement.

TBH I used to be a fan of Danica Sills (one of the reasons I wanted to pick up watercolours), but after a while her art became so… bland. Like, she never tried anything new. Sure she draws nice hands but all the characters are essentially the same. The designs are always needlessly complex. And it's just very… boring. She stopped improving or changing so there's nothing new to see.

No. 341786

I can see that there's an extent she improved in her technical ability, but the original is so much more fun and has personality (for a childhood drawing). While her new one might be prettier, it feels bland and characterless. I find this happens to a lot of artists; they focus on technical ability like anatomy or creating clean lines and colours, but they lose some of that personality as they get older/more technical. I feel like Danica actually has a lot of potential, she just doesn't branch out or take risks enough.

No. 341798

>has a lot of potential, she just doesn't branch out or take risks enough
This. It's a problem that too many YT artists have, they don't branch out because they want their stuff to be "on brand" and perfect, so they keep drawing the same thing with the same materials over and over again. That's why I like Waffles, at least she tries out new materials and new subjects, even if they turn out wack. She's not perfect in any capacity (I really hate her qUiRkY sound effects), but at least she's trying.

No. 341799

Agreed. Danica keeps talking about 'taking risks' but she doesn't. She really doesn't. She needs to branch out with her style rather than just messing around with "inking with a brush" (because I watched that and it was pretty much exactly like her usual stuff but this time she inked with a tiny tiny brush instead of a micron.
It's sad that the original childhood drawing has more 'character' - the expression! You can see that the fairy has attitude even though it's not as well drawn as the newest one, but in her remake, she loses all sense of life. Like a lot of her characters and designs, it becomes a 'doll', lifeless and pretty. Which is sad because I really liked her at first but she does need to take risks.

No. 342121

I've tried really, really hard to like Danica but her lack of improvement/attempts at improvement have driven me away. All of her art looks the same, it's lifeless and incredibly samey. I wish she would take a break from her usual routine of drawing girls and try something like animals or flowers, hell even try a different medium!

No. 342137


The samey subjects and the way she speaks about her art is what drove me away but mostly because of how technical/clinical she speaks. I know that's just how some artists are but it's just boring as sin when it's every, single, video.
It's like all the pieces are there for change and improvement but there's just a bunch of disconnect. She stated several times she wanted to make like, a comic or some illustrated project but hasn't really let herself.

No. 342172

Yes, the way she talks about her art is freaking dry and unpleasant to listen to. I wish she would just let go and let loose for once.

No. 342231

I agree with you on Danica vs Waffles. Waffles really has been seeing a lot of drastic improvement imo. She's not everyone's cup of tea, but I don't think anyone can say she hasn't been improving. Her work is lively and fun, even if some people think it's ugly. I prefer that over pretty but boring.

To be fair to Danica, she probably feels like she's taking risks. Based on how she talks, I get the sense that she's risk averse, but more analytical. So I think that probably contributes to her willingness to learn, but it being a slow process. Hopefully at some point she'll take bigger risks, especially with things like expression, posing, and subject. I think that she's unlike some artists who are so overly confident that they don't think they need to improve. I actually think she needs more confidence, simply because she obviously wants to improve, but I think she's just stuck or afraid of big risks, maybe a bit afraid of failure? Not to psychoanalyze or anything, that's just how it comes across when I've watched her.

No. 342234

I think Danica wants to improve but won't branch out enough. She has a comfort zone, and even when she says she was trying something new, she often ends up reverting to her comfort zone.

I think that's an issue with being a youtube artist, I guess. She doesn't get the time away to make a bunch of ugly drawings or to do something absolutely out of her comfort zone. There's that analytical side of her that's very techincal, and the part where she feels she needs to make a perfect end piece for every video. Though I think rather than doing the same thing over and over again, viewers would actually like to see her make imperfect art to try and grow as an artist.

No. 342239

she posts a lot of her singing on instagram, but it's cringey. she has a video where she has a flower crown on and is singing about being sober or whatever, but she winks at the camera. and it's really gross and self involved. like everything is about how she thinks she's really beautiful and it's like… you're okay. calm down

No. 342301

Ty, I just watched it. Her voice is pretty good, but that smugness, and that wink… Why

No. 342350

Emily deleted this hut someone reuploaded it… she literally talks about her tits and how hot she is for like the first minute. For no reason.
She really isn’t like other girls

No. 342357

Wow am I really disappointed. When I first found her I thought she had some decent advice but over time I found her tryhard attitude and defense of Holly started to push me away. Anyone remember how she titled one of her storytime videos as "Someone Slut Shamed Me" to "I was Bullied!"

No. 342377

Not to derail the Emily Artful topic, but what do you all think of Bao Pham's newer works? I like how he's delving into other mediums and not just using watercolor/gouache, the colored pencil in this particular piece looks really nice.

No. 342381

Wait anon I think this is one of her channels, did a bit of looking and it seems like this was a side channel.

No. 342383


Is it just me, or is Lavender’s linework in this even worse than usual. It looks hella shaky, even for her.

No. 342395

It’s has copies of all the stuff she didn’t want up though. I think it’s legitimately someone posing as her. Otherwise like… it’s pretty stupid that she has the same pregnancy videos up on two channels

No. 342396

She worked in porn… and she chose a high school girl calling her trashy instead of talking about that.

Way to be real emily

No. 342401

I checked the about section, it really does seem like an extra channel that she has on the side for gaming.

No. 342402

She worked in porn?

No. 342490

Thank you for posting this anon, really wonderful art and good techniques. Wish more artists branched into colored pencils

No. 342496

Thank you for posting this anon, really wonderful art and good techniques. Wish more artists branched into colored pencils

No. 342497

In an old q n a video that she privated she said she used to be a cam model and used to be a model model. She deleted the video after she met her husband though cause I guess he didn’t like it

No. 342524

I can't imagine what kind of person her husband is…his wife is a ex-drug addict who used to cam? trying to turn that ho into a housewife.

No. 342600

I love listening to Arleebean talk. She sounds so genuine and like she just enjoys the process of creating. I'm drawn to her loose style of sketching and painting which is a welcome breath of fresh air compared to the rest of arttube. Her watercolor collection has got to being insanely huge tho with all those paint reviews she does. I used to feel the same way about Minnie until she became a corporate shill/creative process guru.
Danica…. I expected so much more technical expertise from you. Shame.

No. 342661

It's sad how arttubers seem to hate making art these days. I think youtubers like arleebean and in liquid color are a nice break from the same old same old.

No. 342682

I agree. I do like art challenges and testing supplies but it's a shame that a lot of them completely dump making finished compositions in favor of these shallow videos. I can understand the pressure to making videos killing your desire to create but its still sad.

No. 342684

Same thing goes with mediums too, I feel like arttubers are afraid to try anything new with any serious intent. Sure they'll show videos of them fucking around with colored pencils or gouache but not with any intention of trying to improve. An example of this being Kasey Golden, she bitches about how colored pencils suck but she never goes out of her way to understand the medium. Maybe this is just me complaining and nitpicking, we all have our favorite mediums that make art more fun, but it's sad to see people who used to love art almost resent it and anything that has to do with it outside of making money.

No. 342687

Is there anything Kasey doesn't bitch about? Honestly.

And what's funny about her preferring watercolour over anything else is that I think she's actually a lot more talented with other mediums. That one video where she did the same drawing in X different mediums her watercolour was easily the worst of the lot. But she still refuses to ever do more than dumb little challenge videos with anything else.

No. 342688

File: 1545462122564.png (4.96 MB, 2208x1242, 3AE89AB5-E19B-4CE2-B96E-BB0222…)

How does Kasey feel no shame when she puts 4 ads in an 11 minute video. A video about cheap art supplies no less, I can’t with this woman - she’s single handedly turning away her own viewers with this dickhead move

No. 342791

Not really milk, but I love watching Kelogsloops paint. It’s always serene and it’s nice to support a fellow Aussie artist, I feel like there aren’t all that many that really gain traction

No. 342841

I mean not to be that guy but the biggest artubers is Jazza lol.

No. 342850

I appreciate how calm he is, I don't get the impression he's pretending to be someone he's not. But oof, the painting in the thumbnail is one of my favorites he's made so far, the clash of warmth amongst all of the blues is just beautiful.

No. 342887

Not trying to WK, but I hope Waffles reaches a million soon. Like if Baylee and fuckin Jazza can have a million plus, she should as well in my opinion.

No. 342964

Tbh saaaaaame.
Waffles art isn’t the best thing in the world, but she really does good and tries new things and learns and isn’t a gimmick.

No. 342978

Rae keeps trying to use hip internet slang but.. I don't think she understands what she's saying lol (2:40) https://youtu.be/RT_6xWrgHG8?t=240

No. 343064

>>343063 sorry, posted before I finished the sentence. rae looks like a hot mess in this video. also i dont understand why she thinks these pen videos are good content.

No. 343082

god, miras 3 marker challenge was so boring, and she also sold the original, which was made from copics, and we all know those aren't lightfast. it'll fade and the customer will be so displeased

No. 343120

Tbh I hated ALL of the arttubers 3 marker challenge. They were all so dull, not a single one was experimental in their approach. And it seemed like such a lame way to get views, what is it with kids and copic markers that glues them to a screen regardless of video quality as long as there’s copic markers

No. 343134

EXACTLY, they completely miss the point of working in a minimal palette, which is being able to create any color you want. Not to sound like a paint snob, but it's easier and cheaper to just use paint.

No. 343141

I agree. Waffles isn't the best but she loves what she does and is so much fun to watch, she has a great time creating and thats what alot of artists lack.

No. 343143

comics are an enjoyable medium to work with and watch but so are a lot of other ones….yeah. I don't get why it's SO popular. and I legit feel like it's borderline dishonest to sell Copic originals. those kids have no idea that it's light fast or even what light fast means.

No. 343151

I don't see a problem with people using them, scanning the artwork, and then selling the prints. I agree that it's wrong to sell an original for hundreds of dollars and not disclose that the original will fade, especially since some copics will fade in room lighting.

No. 343152

File: 1545531047778.png (784.94 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20181222-100423.png)

These look…pretty bad in general

Their arms look too short, the arms should be in between the crotch area and the ankles right?

And wtf happened to effie's other shoulder??

No. 343154

File: 1545531702682.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 1E35A566-B42B-47B6-8490-477A48…)

Anybody else think Adam from doodle dates art is just… bad not just technically but in every other way too. I feel like he was heading somewhere good like a year or so ago but just nose dived this year

No. 343155

at least Katniss isnt green, as shes described other olive skin in the books too.

I'm going to be honest, I feel like his art went to shit as soon as he started drawing in a more anime style. Last year when it was just anime influenced it was really cute! Now all he draws are anime girls.

I do think he suffers from inconsistency most of all because he has made some good sketches in some videos, but then there's stuff like your pic that's just… bad.

No. 343157

File: 1545532640588.png (19.01 KB, 803x167, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 343160

Bullshit. I went onto Copic's FAQ page and they said the markers are not lightfast. This blog shows how badly these markers fade and even an instance of some colors fading in room lighting. Mira, pull your head out of your ass. https://www.theenchantedgallery.com/lightfast.html

No. 343161

Well that’s just a downright lie. Copic pigments are extremely fugitive because of the alcohol, they’re not meant for illustration/fine art - they’re supposed to be used for design; large colour choice, fast drying, highly pigmented when fresh, they’re just supposed to be scanned so that designers can work traditionally

No. 343166

Anon, which video is this from?

No. 343169


also in her etsy, she has more copic originals for sale. i wish these artists with the size of their followings would just educated themselves to avoid the embarassment

No. 343172

If Katniss didn't have her pin and bow, or if she was missing entirely, I never would have guessed who the characters are supposed to be

No. 343175

Lol @ Effie's dislocated head and poorly hidden hands in a stiff pose.

No. 343176

Wheres the bow even attached to anyway?

No. 343180

This looks awful, you would think her going to art school would have given her a solid foundation in wanting to improve.

No. 343193

Art school doesn’t guarantee the person who went there will come out an amazing artist. There’s tons of people who go and don’t learn, they just want to be told what they’re doing is right and be praised for their work, and a lot of schools will let people pass without being accountable. Art school is just a tool, it’s up to the individual to decide if they want to improve and learn if they pursue art as a career.

No. 343198

Even still, how could someone think that this is acceptable, no, at the quality that she is qualified to teach people and tell them what is correct and what is not. It literally makes my brain hurt.

No. 343292

someone else find it really coincidental that at around 3:30 she mentions how Golden is her real last name when it was discussed not too long ago here? Or am I just paranoid

No. 343294

File: 1545583284050.png (1.08 MB, 1259x722, baylee.png)

Anyone else think it's funny how Baylee can't get consistent views, but Waffles does?

No. 343296

File: 1545583334303.png (1.05 MB, 1258x797, waffles.png)

waffles for comparison

No. 343298

I think it's largely due to Waffles being consistent with her content and uploads. I'm not subscribed to either of them, but I definitely see the appeal in Waffles channel, she's not bitchy and mean spirited like Baylee.

No. 343300

Wouldn't surprise me, other arttubers have commented on here so it would make she would find it at some point.

No. 343377

If Kasey lurks I'm surprised she hasn't made any snide comments about us on Twitter or something.

No. 343386

I used to talk to kasey. She lurks. A lot. Used to bitch a lot about it

No. 343387

Oof, I could imagine, she doesn't seem to have a happy bone in her entire body. But oh, got any milk on her?

No. 343391

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember somewhere in the past Kasey has mentioned lolcow before on twitter. She was complaining about how she was getting talked about on a "hate forum" to Monique Renee. And if it isnt obvious, anytime any big art youtuber stumbles across this forum they are known to lurk/or even post for a good period of time.

No. 343418

Not any milk we don’t already know… she was just incredibly petty and jealous of everyone else on YouTube, especially the storytime people

No. 343506


Probably because you're lying for attention and don't actually know her lol

No. 343525

Sorry I don’t want to make something up to appease the people. She’s a boring annoying cow who rarely did anything worth commenting on except for hating people like Emily artful and jaiden animations.

No. 343527

Emily sucks so she's justified there at least.

No. 343626

When was the last time Minnie didn’t do a sponsored video? If I wanted to be bombarded with ads I’d watch tv.

No. 343662

Listen. I get that money is important and I’d definitely take sponsors if I had the chance, but this is excessive. Minnie. Pls

No. 343663

Who are some good youtube artists?

No. 343668

Zozaleenie (makes all her content from her art to vlog music)
Daria Callie (oil painting)
Pear Fleur
Leigh Ellexson

Instagram Artists: (I personally like)
S_unghyeon (literally deserves more followers)

No. 343678

It wouldn't look so bad if she also did her own thing in between, but right now it looks like she's only making videos for that sweet $$$$ (and that's probably the truth, not just what it "looks like")

No. 343679

It wouldn't look so bad if she also did her own thing in between, but right now it looks like she's only making videos for that sweet $$$$ (and that's probably the truth, not just what it "looks like")

No. 343694

File: 1545676031085.jpg (2.66 MB, 3264x3038, grundge to grandma.jpg)


she changed drastically lmao (in fashion style and personality).

Before I used to really dig her for her chill demeanor and her fashion style. Now, she's dating some dude who talks to her as though she's a child (major DDLG vibes going on), and posing herself as a good Christian with outstanding values.

She still puts on a front as though she's a poor art student, when in reality her and her family are well off, and her youtube cash is just extra spending money for her shitty preppy fashion and vacations. (plus her new apartment is crowded with junk, i feel bad for the cat).

I'd recommend her older vlogs, but the recent ones are the same shit over and over again.

No. 343749

why is she whispering like it‘s an asmr video? I can‘t even watch this, makes me skin crawl

No. 343900

Woah, I used to follow her around the time she started going to RISD. When did she change into…whatever we're calling this grotesque look? lol

No. 343934

File: 1545746185764.png (733.34 KB, 1136x640, 602B636A-681B-456B-9D4A-40BF43…)

i feel like kasey puts in more adds in her videos everytime we mention it.. this literally has an add every 3 minutes

No. 343939

What the actual fuck. Pretty soon she’s going to throw a twitter tantrum about how she’s suddenly losing followers and doesn’t understand why - Kasey, if you’re lurking, it’s becausr you’re obviously treating your viewers as sources of money rather than actually fucking people that just want to enjoy your content and support you. One ad is fine, people understand and won’t complain. It also really gives me the shits when people put ads in the middle of a video and disrupt the flow, just put it at the start jfc

No. 343942

File: 1545748656887.jpeg (286.02 KB, 2208x1242, 984E30EC-668C-4D8F-A4A4-834E70…)

I genuinely feel like Lavendar has regressed. I really enjoyed her comic early on, but her drawings I feel have been getting progressively worse.. her anatomy was never the greatest but her earlier illustrations have so much more life and personality that I could ignore them. But all I can focus on in this video is this goofy ass hand.

No. 343971

That hand….. oof. In my sketchbook I’d probably leave the goofy ass hand as is, but for a video that I expect people to watch? I’d put more care into it

No. 344028

That pose is some oof as well. It’s like what beginner artists do

No. 344029

That pose is some oof as well. It’s like what beginner artists do

No. 344066

>go to art school
>still so bad at composition that the character is getting cut off by the edge of the page

0 excuse for this, literally none. lavender wtf

No. 344081


really starting to feel like all these YouTube artists who went to art school only truly cared about having a certificate/degree in their hands rather than actually learning the fundamentals. Seems like they only worked on their art to get to a mediocre level at best (cuz it still sells) drawing with no true passion & shelled out all their fed aid & loan money at art school just to have the validation that they are “professional” artists so they can sell whatever they fart out on the internet & people buy it because they are under the guise that since these artists graduated from art school they are inherently providing quality content.

No. 344089

holy fucking hypocrisy…

No. 344098

She says in the video that she realizes she done this and wants to change… that’s in the first minute. Like yeah she’s a cow but she actually owned up to a lot of shit

No. 344102

This bitch always makes me lol, you can tell her passion is just saying contrarian things to piss people off

No. 344108


I love how she was like "Yes I don't draw scleras… but I want it to look logical, I want it to look real"

pls just add the sclera my dude. I know you're here creepshowart. Just add in the white part. It doesn't even have to be white, make it pink, make it anything but skin colour, you'll be making your art +1 if you do that. Just one lil thing my dude.

No. 344109

File: 1545797341244.png (729.76 KB, 924x601, Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.0…)

call me crazy but wasn't the caption on this pic something like "learn to draw better necks" or some shit like that?

No. 344155


I kinda think Waffles was being too nice here. This kit seems like a bit of a rip off. I don’t know. I think the paper should’ve been thicker, and they should’ve been more specific with the intructions, especially mixing the paint with the water to get the exact shades on the example picture.

No. 344167

Maybe there's not as many of these videos as I think there is, but I really dislike how many of TwistedDisaster's videos are complete rehashes of other people's videos (primarily TheZodiacLord's videos). She always mentions that they are based on other people's videos but it rarely feels like she's adding anything new or interesting to the conversation. You could get the exact same thing from the videos she's basing hers off of.

No. 344171

It also feels like Waffles can't make a video that isn't an art subscription box video. In this video she even includes the whole "unboxing" process and it feels exactly like a paletteful box video. I appreciate her attitude of experimenting and improving when it comes to art, but that unfortunately doesn't seem to extend to her videos which feel incredibly formulaic and repetitive.

No. 344173

Her logic doesn't even make sense… Real people have sclera. It's not pure white, no, but they're generally lighter and a different color than the skin around it.

Not coloring in sclera doesn't make it look "real" or "logical", it just looks like she's lazy and skipped a step.

No. 344175

Tbh, i like the idea of a painting practice book, you don't have to think about what you're gonna draw, you just go in with the paint
But yeah i can see the paper get messy the more you paint

The way she talked about it at the end made it sound like she's gonna make more videos on it
which is kinda lazy of her

No. 344212

I mean. It gets views. That’s kind of the most important thing about Youtube now. It’s her job, so she’s going to try and maximize the amount of people who see her stuff. The super artsy stuff just doesn’t get as many views unfortunately

No. 344216

I’ve found that art you tubers in general aren’t as critical with reviews as they should be. I have a feeling it may be their young audience, kids seem to take it very personally if you say something isn’t good quality - especially if it’s on the cheaper side. It’s really annoying when the YouTubed will be saying how it’s not good quality, hard to work with, and then they follow it up with ‘it’s not something I personally like, but it’d be good for other people if that’s what they like!’ Why do viewers take such personal offence to others disliking products

No. 344241

File: 1545886136608.jpg (598.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-064653_Ins…)

Kasey ranting on her Insta stories again

No. 344242

File: 1545886184941.jpg (675.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-064659_Ins…)

No. 344243

File: 1545886226899.jpg (494.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-064705_Ins…)

My personal favorite

No. 344255

Yeah god I saw it and cringed. Cmon!
One person wrote to her and she’s “y’ALL need a reality check”.

No. 344269

Samefag, there's one more in which she's like "I want to teach young artists that they need to be patient" Who the hell does she think she is that she should be "teaching" people how to behave?

No. 344275

hello this is my first time using a board like this so forgive me if this isnt the right place to ask

i wanted to know some general advice for yt art content (common irritating things or whats generally appreciated) to kind of know what im going to throw myself into

No. 344279

Oh look, another artuber shows off her horde.

No. 344289

I'm sure it doesn't make you feel anything but malevolent glee that you have an excuse to bitch on your insta story, Kasey.

No. 344290

Tbh though, ft supplies are really easy to accumulate a fuckton of. What I don’t understand is why so many youtubers seem to never get rid of stuff they don’t use/don’t enjoy, why is it almost always multiple brands of alcohol markers with repeat colours

No. 344296

All you have to do is keep reading this forum and you will soon find out. The biggest thing is "don't be an art asshole" and you might get left alone.

No. 344297

This is certainly true, I just guess that showing off such large collections, especially collections of supplies that sit unused, strikes me as braggadocious given the primary audiences for these videos being young children.

No. 344298

Don't be edgy

No. 344306

I totally agree, especially since lightly used art supplies - like stuff they're sent for review and never use again - are so easy to donate. Schools, daycares, hospitals, shelters that take families etc. There's tons of places that would love almost-new supplies to work with.

No. 344320

She literally doesn’t even use 90% of that stufff. All her drawings are done in prismacolor or sometimes charcoal pencil

No. 344533


Does she think the amount of cheap ass supplies really reflects how expedierend she is as an artist?
Also call me hippy but why buy a bunch of cheap 1 dollar plastic palettes that you're just gonna throw away again when you could buy a cleanable quality palette once and save your money + stop wasting unnecessary shit?
I really hate she promotes cheap trash.

No. 344580


>I really hate she promotes cheap trash.

I mean it's just easier to promote what you are, after all…

No. 344593

I honestly liked Rae better when she was comparing crayola to stuff that was higher quality but not so much so that it wasn’t even a contest. Like her crayola vs prismacolor video. Hell, even her crayola vs polychromos video didn’t bug me. It was the luminance one that really made me go what the fuck.

No. 344613

tbh if she's having fun and enjoying the kind of videos she's making then who gives a fuck? i only have problems with artists who get lazy with video ideas if you can clearly tell theyre doing it just for views like baylee. waffles genuinely seems enthralled with art and the kind of content she's doing, and her enthusiasm translates very well, so i dont see a problem.

No. 344626

>>344613 Rae's enthusiasm translates for you but not Waffles'? Yikes

No. 344630

did you not read my post? i didnt even mention rae. i was replying to people who were criticizing waffles' unboxing videos being repetitive.

No. 344717

Am I the only one that gets put off by JuicyInks weird ddlg/uwu voice she puts on? It is also really fucking weirds me out that she calls her partner Mr Honiballs, and it only got weirder when I found out that’s actually his last name and not like I imagined a pet name for that time they put honey on his balls or something. I enjoy that she tries a lot and how enthusiastic/positive she is, but fuck me is her voice grating. Especially her giggles.

No. 344726


I actually don't think she's putting on a voice at all. If you watch her vlogs or streams of videos I think that's… just her voice. Though you are of course allowed to dislike someone's voice.

I think she did address why she calls her partner Mr Honiball a while back because people asked, and I think it had to do with how they met and it being a screen name or something, so the name stuck. No idea if that's true or if I'm mixing it up (like how Rosanna Pansino the baking (or used to be baking) channel called one of her old roommates/partners by their screenname only) It's like if you met an online friend in real life after knowing them under their username for years and years, switching to their irl name could be weird.

Though I guess maybe it's just a thing they do. But yeah circling back to the point, totally understand the grating voice issue.

No. 344732

It just seems so forced. I know that’s how she sound in her vlogs and whatnot, but she wouldn’t be the first person to put on a voice 24/7. It sounds overly childish which I feel ruins a lot of the impact her often solid advice has.
And I guess the name thing makes sense, just comes off as odd - particularly of the last name itself

No. 344932

I know people can't help their accents, but there's just something about the way that she talks, especially when she has a stuffed up nose, that triggers the shit out of me and makes it hard to watch her videos. Also, I know this doesn't have anything to do with her voice, but her long bouts of no posting was pretty annoying when I was still into her videos and subbed to her. I get she was juggling another project, but she could have a least let her YT audience know before dropping off.

No. 344989

What is it with all the mediocre rude artists hating jaiden? Spechie, now Kasey too.

No. 345011

>>344216 I agree, I think a lot of it is down to the reviewer being worried about backlash from the company - I did a review on a tablet I was sent where I said it had some problems and received a barrage of emails from the company demanding I take the video down. Told them I wouldn't because I don't see the point in a review that isn't honest, so they've sent me another but they weren't happy about it. Funny enough I haven't been asked to review anything since. If you don't basically kiss their asses and give them free advertising, they're not interested. (Also yeah some viewers do take offense to being told a more expensive product is better)

No. 345037

Does anyone else get some serious ddlg vibes off AppleMinte, or is that just me. Seriously, it kinda creeps me out.

No. 345044

I feel like some of the offense that the viewers have is because 1) the majority of them are either kids or teenagers and therefore don't have much money yet 2) they put their "fun" money in other areas and don't want to invest in more expensive supplies. I think the issue is also this thing where viewers want quantity over quality because their favorite arttuber has a massive amount that they show off during work station tours, even though the majority of those tools are piss poor quality and were bought for reviews.

No. 345046

Creepshow just posted a video where she draws over coloring book pages and the description literally just says I’m doing this for views because I saw someone else do it

No. 345057

I know that Happy D Artist has been brought up in past threads, but the more I watch her videos the more I notice how much of a snob she is. The way she talks about her art making process and her perspective on oils just doesn't appeal to me at all, I feel like I'm being talk down to half the time when she's not bragging about how different she is because she uses oils and quotes Da Vinci. I remember in one of her videos she was complaining about how schools she start younger children out with oils, which I heavily disagree with. I don't think she's been around children long enough to know that mixing toxic shit like terpenoid would be a wise idea.

No. 345063

File: 1546040405298.jpg (96.25 KB, 1068x1516, u4fa9eao1w621.jpg)

Rae's peach drawing is on the delusional artists reddit! And she responded in the comments lol!


No. 345065

File: 1546040513390.png (233.93 KB, 1920x918, LolGreedyRae.png)


Here's a screen cap in case she deletes it.

No. 345072

Holy fucking shit the post has 2500 upvotes. She’s going to be infamous

No. 345079

Yikes. That drawing isn’t even worth $100

No. 345083

This is what frustrates me about artists who sell their original copic art. That shit is not lightfast, at all, and has the potential to fade in room lighting depending on the color. If they were transparent with the buyer and priced the art down then I wouldn't see an issue, but this is just wrong. Screw copics and screw Rae.

No. 345114

File: 1546045743812.png (1.24 MB, 1579x742, whyyy.PNG)

let's talk about how rae is trying to sell this for $200

No. 345115

File: 1546045986827.png (110.67 KB, 623x745, milkmixing.png)

>i-it got a lot of views on youtube! that makes it valuable!!!

she's fucking retarded. and of course kasey agrees with her.

No. 345116

thats not that many upvotes for a reddit post…

No. 345119

All of the comments are so frustrating. ‘It’s really good!’ ‘It’s not bad, it doesn’t belong here’ ‘wow, this is good’
Just because something is better than what you can create doesn’t mean the piece itself is good. I couldn’t even it tell it was a peach, it looks like a fucking apple. It looks like something that would’ve been made for a high school class and they maybe got a B.

I really hate how people can’t seem to view artwork objectively, especially when it’s something like realism so there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to see the flaws

No. 345136

>It looks like something that would’ve been made for a high school class and they maybe got a B.

That‘s what all her art looks like tbh.
Only that she somehow went to an art school. Yet her art is still nothing more than smudgy pencil redrawings. I really don‘t understand how she has a following as big as she does.

No. 345149

People are so self involved they think if someone can paint or draw better than them specifically then they are some sort of art genius. There were a few reasonable comments but most of them had me rolling my eyes.

No. 345162

Been a pretty big fan of NerdECrafter lately.. although some of her humor borders on childish and I don't think she's super talented, all of her kit reviews go into depth and she seems to genuinely enjoy what she does

No. 345165

>>345114 omg isnt this the image she literally traced from one of those avatar apps? And she has the gall to sell it? Incredible.

No. 345170

“They should DM us instead of talking crap”. Lol who are they, that they deserve special treatment and are above internet criticism. Does Kasey really think she belongs to some art tubers elite. People want to talk among each other.

No. 345188

Ah yes, how dare anyone disagree with any of these nasty ass arttubers. The amount of gall these two have is both funny and off putting at the same time.

No. 345212

Yeah, her salty crafter schtick isn't always for me but I appreciate that she's honest and balanced in her reviews, and she's not pretending to be something she's not. She knows she's an adult reviewing children's craft kits and she's okay with that. It's easy to tell she's a teacher too - she has a lot of great comments about the suitability of kits for the age groups they're advertised too which is interesting and helpful if you're watching her reviews with a eye to maybe buying them as a gift for a child.

No. 345227

I’m like lol kasey in here with the tangent like, the original Reddit post didn’t knock the way Rae looked cuz nobody knew who it was until someone was like “it reminds me of her”. They all were pretty unanimous it is overpriced and mediocre

No. 345239

Deep down I think Kasey must be very insecure. Her huge ego and nasty attitude is just a facade. This wouldn't have been the first the she brings this "weh don't attack appearance" thing out of left field on twitter.

She actually posted some old art on twitter and it's amazing to see just how little she's improved. All that's changed is the medium she uses and her style. I actually think her old stuff is cuter.

No. 345241

For real. Kasey runs her mouth about everything but she expects other people to DM her privately with their critique. How about practice what you preach, girl.

No. 345305

Wow I find her old art very appealing! It’s much cuter, more lively and creative. I think she’s creative, I like how she sees things, but I also think she was better at it before. Now she’s trying to be too edgy? Dunno.

No. 345314

File: 1546065732543.jpeg (89.99 KB, 582x900, 899BDAAA-5EA7-4377-9ED9-8E430E…)

We must not be looking at the same art anon, because I don’t see how this is better than her current stuff

No. 345320

at the very least, I'll say that Kasey has improved in technique- her lining/coloring is always very crisp despite what the subject matter is

No. 345350

It's not perfect, but I prefer it over geometrical triangle noses or whatever the fuck she does now.

I agree, I do think her linework is good, and I like that she pushed herself to try new things this past inktober like hatching.

No. 345361

It’s one of those things where like, she’s definitely improved in some ways but her personality online and her being so deeply insecure that she’s toxic and really mean is really off putting.

No. 345411

File: 1546090006111.jpeg (881.46 KB, 1242x1194, 291EC328-036A-492D-968F-A9C87E…)

Saw this pop up in my recommended on YouTube, and oh my god waffles faces have gotten so much better than the last time I saw one of her drawings. It’s not longer in that uncanny valley where the eyes would be way too simple for the detailed mouth, it’s actually really charming now and the girl looks super cute. I dig it. Not really milk but I thought it was noteworthy

No. 345419

Yes Waffles is improving face-wise and its great! No more fugly faces hopefully lol. I hope she overpasses Baylee Jaes subscriber count soon as she is a far better artist and nicer and loves what she does.

No. 345420

Oh wow, it's nice to see an art youtuber who's making strides to improve, and waffles is def one of them

No. 345450

She just posted her yearly Rapunzel video too. I definitely think her faces are getting less uncanny valley-ish

No. 345484

File: 1546101873200.png (752.82 KB, 969x584, 1534325930562.png)

No. 345488


Honestly, I wish more YouTubers would do more negative reviews in the sense that it isn't endlessly just bashing something with little reason or provocation. When she says something bad about a product or kit, she has a reason to and I wish more art/crafttubers would just say when something is bad as opposed to either not saying anything at all or only mentioning the good things about something.

No. 345489

Thread slowly becoming a personal waffles fanclub and I don‘t even mind, lol. Shows how starved we are for decent fucking people in artube when we feel the need to praise someone for improving their art. I do really like waffles though

No. 345493

loool, can we report that?

No. 345494

I wouldn't even say 'negative' just honest. Like how no one was being honest with how Arteza's professional line is not lightfast even though it is marketed as being so. The whole negative review thing reminds me of Lemia's failed attempts since she would often turn her audience against her with nitpicking at things that either are massive offenses (like how White Nights didn't have a premade peach tone, even though that color can be easily mixed).

No. 345495


No. 345512

Tbh, i still think there's too much detail in the mouth

No. 345534


Lightfastness is a bit different because it takes a while to do a lightfast test on your own. All of the DIY onesI've seen have been conducted over a period of months so I don't expect arttubers to wait upwards of four months to a year or more before posting a review on a product. But it would be nice if more were just honest, rather than just not posting or promoting a product if it is bad or only promoting/posting about a product if it is good.

Lemia is kinda terrible at doing "negative" reviews. Her review of the Van Gogh watercolors was extremely nitpicky, even complaining about the fact that it didn't specify if it was halfpans or fullpans or how they didn't explain what museum conditions were.

The only art tuber I've come across who doesn't have an issue stating when a product is bad is Juicy Ink. She said the Arteza woodless pencils didn't workout for her and showed why and she recommended a hard pass on those artist loft copic knock offs.

No. 345540

Understandable, but I've seen a few smaller channels do their own lightfastness testing, they just plan ahead and usually have a few different brands. I guess I'm just tired of these no effort and nitpicking reviews, I crave reviews where I don't feel like I'm being lied to.

No. 345606

surely this is plagerism? I know it's from a dollmaker but that's still someone else's art that she copied and is SELLING for over 100 dollars.

No. 345619

This is ugly af, waffles is getting better at rendering but that’s it, the facial features look like they’re sliding around and shading is awful and makes no sense

No. 345674

yeah this one is a disaster but the animals and other things were less dead eyed and muddy than now.
She had a DA account now that goes pretty far back

No. 345843

Wow, like all the information is there on the avatar app but she completely like flattened it out and made it look worse? It’s not even a GOOD copy, like she’s copying without understanding anything like how and why the collar curves or the nose has a shape. I’d pay money for the avatar but not the sketch tbh

No. 345923

This looks fucking terrible, the pose is stiff as fuck, the shading is all over the place, and the face is frankly terrifying, why Waffles??

No. 345929

Yeah, I watched it having high hopes after the face I posted earlier but then was let down.. while I feel ultimately many things have improved, they don’t seem to work very well together. What makes the 2016 Rapunzel so enjoyable is that she’s full of life, the colours, expression, pose and clothing are all full of life so you’re willing to overlook any flaws the piece may have

No. 345977

I wonder if she possibly tried to make it look worse as a way to defend herself from the obvious copying, but then again, this is Rae we're talking about. Sometimes her color choices are decent, but a lot of the time they look so fucking lifeless and dull.

No. 345979

I like waffles and I don't mind the shading or the face, however Rapunels arms are freakishly long at least compared to her pelvis.

No. 345996

Waffles can do soooo much better than this

No. 346196


Again with the fucking mouths.

No. 346235

Why? Because her Rapunzel has always been a shameless self-insert for her.
That funny looking big mouth is all her. No tea no shade no hate, though.

I happen to think it looks quite charming, in an ugly-cute kind of way.

No. 346270

how do her poses get less and less dynamic over time?

No. 346297

How do you know?

No. 346299

2013 looked the best. I like waffles, but how is it possible to make such little improvement over 7 years. It looks more like a year or so between the 2012 and 2018 versions.

No. 346306

It's my first time watching any of this girl's videos but does she always talk in that annoying laughing every five seconds way?

No. 346309

File: 1546197965587.jpg (43.64 KB, 360x360, Brap.jpg)

Pff, Rapunzel looks very similar to Squirrel Girl

No. 346351

I like Waffles' art and even find her ugly-cute faces endearing, but holy FUCK I hate her voice and way of speaking with the awkward laughs. It's unbearable.

No. 346357

The fact that she started out doing colored eyes (like with an iris) and then made them simplified black dots is really telling about her as an artist. She doesn't have a set style or anything in mind, she just picks whatever stylistic thing she likes out of a hat as she goes.
That really explains why every year it looks like a different person entirely drew it, she's just using style as a crutch to pretend she's improved.

No. 346361

I know a lot of people in this thread love PearFleur, but she's honestly just another shade of Minnie Small. I swear, almost all of her videos at this point are just ads for either Skillshare or squarespace and I'm sick of it. Her art doesn't resonate with me, she's just an empty shill like Minnie.

No. 346400


Her art doesn't resonate with you personally so she must be a shill? Are you really that self absorbed? ROFL.

No. 346403

I really liked her earlier videos where she didn’t talk much, it seemed to start going downhill after all her mijello videos. I like her paintings a lot but her personality can be quite grating. I also lost a lot of respect for her in that video about her painting palettes when she gloated about bullying some shop owner into selling a vintage palette he stated was display only as he found it special. I cackled when I found out that the paint brand didn’t even exist back then so she spent so much money for no reason.

No. 346416

Nah anon, I'm just feeling overwhelmed with all the ads/sponsored videos from all these aesthetic art hoes who all seem to do the same ASMR voice. I feel like the majority of her videos are just a means of selling shit, much like how Minnie's videos seem to be predominantly ads for skillshare and computers. Also, given that she doesn't post consistently and when she does it's only for sponsors it just feels disingenuous. I get YouTube doesn't pay like it used to and sponsors are a big pay day for these artists, but it doesn't mean I can't find it annoying.

Yeah, that was pretty scummy. I actually tried the mijello paints because she recommended them and they're just okay but nothing to write home about. Many of the colors that should be single pigments have weird combinations like their Ultramarine light and their Yellow Ochre. If I could go back, I would have just purchased a smaller number of tubes from M. Graham or Daniel Smith.

No. 346442

To be fair no matter which artist is posted one of y’all have something to nitpick about.

No. 346474

shut the absolute fuck up, twitter-signalling retard

No. 346519

Why are you so triggered by the word “y’all”? Calm down

No. 346540


When did she do that? I can't seem to find the video about it. What paint/palette brand did she even end up getting?

No. 346556

Are you high or just retarded?

No. 346558

Fam, please stop sperging out. We're here to discuses arttubers and their bullshit, please stay on topic.

No. 346559

I seemed to have remember it wrong, Daler Rowney was around in the 1950’s so I may be thinking of another artist with that, but when a shopowner has a display only item that they don’t intend to sell don’t ‘convince’ them to do so. Brought to light how entitled and spoilt she is, the language used is mild but it’s not hard to imagine that it was just a lot of whining on her and her friends end and the shop owner caved in wanting them to leave.
Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy her videos and paintings a lot, but her persona is so dull that it’s not only annoying but I don’t see it to be a stretch that her asmr voice isn’t put on and she legitimately drawls each and every syllable.
It’s very mild milk but it really rubbed me the wrong way

No. 346571

some anons are too paranoid these days. It may be winter break, but it's not summer.

No. 346586

Yeah, she comes off very entitled in this video. And wow, another freaking Squarespace ad, like I needed to see another one. Is it just me, or does she only upload when she's trying to sell shit to her audience. Almost all the artists I watch seem to push the same thing whether it's squarespace, skillshare, or arteza and I'm starting to feel smothered.

No. 346592

I think it’s a case of only very limited amount of brands/companies actually wanting to work with YouTube artists. It’s how their marketing works, they oversaturate the advertising, one of the few that I actually enjoyed was back when Windsor and Newton were sending out the pigment markers to different artists.

No. 346593

Oh yeah I remember those! I tried them a few times and they were fun to work with.

No. 346600


Anon YT artist here. W&N refused to pay for those sponsorships, which is probably why people don't work with them often anymore.

(They were up front about not wanting to pay btw, no shade, just people don't like to work for free or just for some supplies)

No. 346605

You LemiaCrescent?

No. 346622


Not the same person as the tablet reviewer, and I am not Lemia.

No. 346624

Sorry anon, the tablet reviewer anon was pretty much word for word from one of Lemia's videos, so when you brought up the markers I thought you were her.

No. 346630

Opinions on makoccino? Personally I really like how she encourages learning on her channel. Here's her most recent video:

No. 346636

Oooh this was a cool video! I haven't done acrylic pouring in a while, I might have to break out my paints now.

No. 346641

Oooh this was a cool video! I haven't done acrylic pouring in a while, I might have to break out my paints now.

No. 346647

Clickbait-y, repetitive content, not to mention that her art is pretty bland. Reminds me of Robin Sealark for some reason.

No. 346676

Isn’t that the case with a lot of art supply brands? They’ll just send out their supplies in hopes of someone reviewing them, tbh i don’t see how these same brands then have the nerve to get huffy if the reviews aren’t up to their standards and kissing their ass

No. 346751

>be on Lolcow
>try to police the content/ stay on moral high ground
Seems legit lol

No. 346809

It's an objective fact boo. Not saying I don't do it too.

No. 346812


Brands seem to be getting more aware that payment is necessary, but it is definitely an issue in the community, especially with preying on smaller channels. If I really want the supplies and was going to purchase them myself anyway, then I'll do something without extra payment (especially if it's an indie brand or startup that I want to promote), but generally, it's not worth spending 10 hours on a review video to get paid $40 worth of markers I don't need.

No. 346816

Well… OKAY I was just speculating, but it's her number 1 favourite princess for a reason, right?

Her favourite colour is purple (like Rapunzel's dress), she kinda looks like Rapunzel with that blonde hair, and they both like art. Plus, she keeps bringing her up in general. So when
I saw this year's Rapunzel look like her in the face I felt like I might be right about it.

But now that I think about it…most of her female characters look like her in the face some way or another…

Did we just uncover a cOnSpIrAcy??

No. 346817

Again, boo, this is lolcow, no one is here because they're particularly moral and no one here is objective

No. 346882

The only way we would know thay for sure is if we knew what Waffles looked like.

No. 346883

File: 1546281037319.png (304.25 KB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20190101-052408~2.p…)

Poor Steph. whatever she has going on sounds terrifying.

No. 346891


Sure, we haven't got an actual photo or face reveal…but I feel like we have a pretty good idea from watching her draw all her self-portraits and avatars, and this new Rapunzel really reminds me of Waffles.

Like at 5:05 in this video https://youtu.be/pqyS90YY96g she makes her avatar do the same huge toothy smile, and in this video she drew herself with a very round nose, clear nasolabial folds and dark blondish hair https://youtu.be/jmcPIc_cZn0

Of course, it COULD just be a random style of hers with no connection to her actual looks whatsoever. I'm just a shitposter on lolcow, what do I know.

No. 346933


>there isn’t anything these pencils do that prismacolors can’t

The pencils in question Rae is referring to are the Carandache Luminance. Does she still not realize the luminance pencils are extremely lightfast? Prismas aren’t iirc.

No. 346950

Not the same person, and no, but I reviewed the same tablet as her and had the same problems

No. 346960

Her having some sort of condition oils explain why she’s been looking so downtrodden and, for a lack of a better word, unkept in her videos majority of last year… I kinda assumed that her and Adam just became dirty hermits since they used to go out for their videos and then suddenly they’re always at home and not looking particularly presentable. My heart goes out to her, doesn’t mean much being posted here but I hope she gets much needed help this year and things start picking up for her. Feel like they should maybe get some slack and since from what I recall anons only real issue with them is how unpleasantly unkept they’ve been

No. 346999

Way to literally say nothing anon lol

No. 347033

they've mentioned on twitter and in some videos that she has been going to the hospital regularly for treatments but they've been pretty tight lipped about it. I almost wonder if she is getting ECT for her depression and that's why she has memory problems now? or does she really have a condition that is giving her amnesia? her and Adam are very sweet people and I hope they have a better year.

No. 347049

While you did, boo?

No. 347083

Same. I could really give a shit if they're drawing anime or whatever, having a loved one sick is hard and takes a lot out of both parties. Good on Adam for sticking by her, they're a really sweet couple.

No. 347121

Doodle Date inspired me to try traditional media after doing digital for so many years. It is sad to hear Steph is struggling.

No. 347227

A lot of artists draw people who happen to look like them, it's like a natural inclination. Artists are observers and there's no other person one can observe other than themselves. As for being blonde, isn't Waffles a ginger? That's how she draws herself. Nothing wrong with Waffles relating to Rapunzel being an artist or liking general design decisions either, so what exactly are you getting at?

No. 347331

She’s probably studying her own expressions, like another anon said, people tend to insert their own features whether it’s intentionslly or not. You’re sperging over nothing

No. 347373

I don't doubt this at all honestly, although it's not much of a conspiracy

No. 347437

File: 1546351634929.jpg (253.37 KB, 720x1045, IMG_20190101_150556.jpg)

Kasey posted this and to be honest it reminded me of racist caricatures

No. 347441

You’re really reaching anon, Kasey’s a sped but this is in no way a caricature

No. 347443

File: 1546352300142.jpeg (807.99 KB, 1242x1678, 8EEBF619-9453-4DF8-8D8E-07C71D…)

The only thing I can possibly see you having an issue with is the lips, and they’re just as large as the original post. Also, are we really going to pretend black women don’t more often than not have large lips.

No. 347452

That hand… Yikes.

No. 347469

It’s like the thumb isn’t apart t of the hand.

No. 347516

our aesthetic queen minnie admits to reading a whopping zero books this year. I'm not much of a reader myself but how does one go an entire year without reading a single book? doesn't she work from home? wtf else could she be doing?

No. 347532

Minnie's entire job is supposed to be Youtube and commissions, yet she barely posts at all (videos or Instagram) and she makes sure to show it off when she draws, to get pats on the back for being "productive" The only thing she seems passionate about is travelling. It must be SO HARD being a stay-at-home artist that can also travel but not as much as she'd like, I weep for her /s

No. 347550

it honestly looks about the same as the original except slightly shittier maybe. and the entire arm in shadow looks weird in both pieces (although at least in kasey's it's not broken at the shoulder…)

No. 347602

File: 1546374693759.jpg (58.76 KB, 594x517, hydaen.JPG)

I used to follow Hydaen on instagram because I thought they had an interesting style. Yesterday, they were going on and on about not getting enough likes and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 347603

File: 1546374751467.jpg (54.79 KB, 591x440, hydaen2.JPG)

pt 2. I didn't get the chance to screenshot their instagram story but it was basically the same thing.

No. 347609

>being this bitter

maybe you aren't popular because people can detect what a sour bitch you are from a mile away

No. 347630

File: 1546377979629.jpg (188.91 KB, 992x1200, DvYG0H7WsAE47Q6.jpg)

her art isn't that interesting to begin with. Her lineart is always sketchy and halfassed, her characters all look the same, barely any shading and no backgrounds.
I can look up any artist I follow under 1k on twitter and find people levels above her:

No. 347631

where the fuck is the thumb on the right hand WHY ARE THERE 5 FINGERS

No. 347637

imagine being this entitled to attention when you can't even give your hands the correct number of digits lmao.

like her style is kinda cute but it's nothing special. and if your art is mediocre then to get popular you either need to be an absolute monster at marketing yourself or get lucky.

No. 347661

Did they seriously forget to colour in the all of the shirt? Or was that intentional left out?

No. 347701


No. 347757

at this rate minnie won't be done with huevember until march. she really pushed the boundaries of creativity and mood by painting two forms of water with her blue palettes. much artiste. so novel.

in all honesty she sounds depressed af and i bet the reality of being a full time stay at home artist is a far cry from the exciting life she expected it to be. she seemed a lot happier and more creative when she had a part time job that got her out of the house and regularly interacting with other humans that aren't her bf/family.

mini (ha!) sperg incoming
i noticed a change in the tone of her videos after she talked about reading this book mindfulness and the art of meditation (it was from this year so i guess she didn't finish it lol) which is all about shutting up the inner critic and enjoying the process of making art. she seems to be obsessed with that mindset now and has deeply retreated into her comfort zone of buildings and impressionist-ish landscapes and working smaller and smaller (ha!) despite saying in her 2018 art goals video that she wanted to work bigger and more experimental. she's built up this persona as an authority on creativity and productivity but none of that is reflected in the relatively little work she has produced this year. she had so much potential and opportunity to be great but her fear of being uncomfortable with her art and potentially producing something ugly and non-aesthetic has stuck her in a hugbox.

No. 347775

Piggy backing off of her rant, why do so many less than stellar artists have huge audiences? I get that marketing is key, but surely people are sick of seeing the same pretty girl portraits done in copic/watercolour/digital, that are done in one of five styles. It seems that the less experimental or daring the artist the more likely they are to gain a huge following, which I would understand if it’s just art consumers but the huge bulk of their following will be other artists

Is there even any chance if you’re not a mediocre illustrator that never leaves their comfort zone of women?

No. 347783

It’s because the channels that get a massive following are personality based channels. No one is following them because they think they are such magnificent artists. Its because they like the person behind the art. If you check comment sections you see that there are a lot of “I like you but I hate your art” and I think that’s because most people honestly feel that way

No. 347824

I've seen plenty of mediocre artists have 1000+ followers. It's crazy! But they tend to be young artists and they tend to be in fandoms so that tends to boost their active followers counts.
But usually if they're really into producing that mediocre art, their skills skyrocket like mad and then they stop being mediocre and start being good.

Though yeah pretty damn sure complaining about not getting followers or likes on twitter is kind of petty. Social media isn't kind to artists and honestly looking at how many mediocre artists get famous on youtube we gotta stop thinking followers/popularity = good art

No. 347875

It's pretty sad, especially when you look at her older work. I went looking through her older videos and they were so much fun to watch and she actually seemed like she was having fun too. It's interesting, the moment a lot of these arttubers make youtube their job art become their enemy.

No. 347921

What the fuck is this shit LMAO THIS is what she's bitching about?? There's way too much to unpack here

No. 347980

Speaking on social media in general, I think it has a lot to do with attention spans. The way most people thumb through IG and Twitter, they're looking for something immediately interesting that they can look at for 5 seconds, like and move on with their lives. Interesting/experimental/scenic pieces are usually only valued by other artists, and other artists are extremely picky about who they like/follow, since they're surrounded by so many other artists.

thanks for coming to my ted talk

No. 347981

What do you guys think of Thomas Romain? I don’t think he’s been discussed here yet. He’s pretty well known for his “drawing with my kids” series and he’s worked on several animated kids shows. Not to wk or anything, but I quite like his art and even though he uses his kids’ character designs, I really enjoy how he expands upon them and makes them really interesting. He does have a pretty generic anime art style, though, but his character designs are good enough that I’m willing to overlook that.

No. 348029

>im sorry im not a genius on social media marketing and self branding and i just post my shit whenever with any hashtag
then she complains about not getting her art seen when she's not even trying to market herself. please, popular artists can leave their stuff captionless because they already built an active following, if you want to build an active following you have to work for it. and do research into social media marketing/branding. if you're not really trying then you don't have the right to complain.

No. 348126

Anyone have predictions for the art community in 2019? See any channels that not be as popular or arttubers that are on the rise?

No. 348129

Thomas Romain is an actual professional, and a weeb who achieved his dreams of going to japan and working on anime. He's in an entirely different class from the rest of the YT artists posted here.

No. 348135

katyarrington will continue to dig herself into weird philosophical holes for no reason I’ve been enjoying the cringe armchair psychology from that channel for a while now . My prediction for 2019.

No. 348148

Creepshow art keeps growing… I imagine her getting big and even more egotistical

No. 348172

She's essential the new Holly for me.

No. 348206

Let me get out my crystal ball;
- Lavender’s channel slows down and possibly even starts to lose subscribers
-Minnie goes on hiatus
-Baylee starts to try for a baby
-Creepshow’s channel blows up, lots of milk
-Kasey ruins starts beef with another artist, even more milk!
- Waffles will unfortunately improve in one area greatly but then another will suffer - I’ve seen her do this for years, it’s genuinely upsetting since I root for her
- Some small watercolour YouTuber will probably suddenly gaining traction
- Copics/watercolour are out - gouache is in! And for the braver channels, acrylics
- and the rest of the channels won’t be noteworthy other than someone posting; ‘what do you guys think of so and so?’

No. 348222

File: 1546476320627.png (527.71 KB, 620x725, fjkl;asfd.png)

Adam's gone full weeb but I actually dig it. I think the reason his digital art looks wonky is because he's not used to tablets yet. His traditional art looks better.

No. 348254


Also it's in black and white! Which works really well for him, but I think it's because he's a lot better with tones than with colour. I mean……. he is colour blind so that makes sense, so digital with its infinite colours is probably daunting.

No. 348273

I always forget he's colourblind, he seems to cope with it so well, but you're right, it really must be hard for a colourblind person to pick up digital coloring. I definitely admire him for persevering.

No. 348283

File: 1546483758427.jpeg (861.07 KB, 1242x1781, 5239CEBC-601A-47D8-A1F2-B915B8…)

I feel like the more Weeb he gets, the creepier his drawings become. I miss that cartoon character he used to draw for his book, it’s all scantily clad animus that just keep getting younger. It’s a bit unnerving tbh
It’s not even good Weeb trash

No. 348284

File: 1546483875197.jpeg (299.37 KB, 1242x1701, DB08EA65-A9D0-436A-AD01-2331BC…)

And drawing schoolgirls kissing also comes a bit creepy when you’re a grown man drawing them

No. 348286

Plenty of full grown women draw the same shit, who cares? He's clearly in a loving relationship with Steph and she doesn't seem bothered by it at all.

No. 348289

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t creepy? They’re not even good drawings though, they’re a sweet couple but his art is just your average white often pedobaiting moe shit
Honestly the way he looks fits his art to a t

No. 348347

File: 1546506229509.png (45.8 KB, 712x232, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 5.02…)

Yep. Definitely the new Holly

No. 348357

she thinks by admitting she's lazy and cutting corners makes her immune to criticism lol

No. 348362

In a way it does but not really. Creepshow is just tryna be edgy when really she looks retarded af. I understand admitting mistakes and all is a virtue but theres a degree on how much someone can use that before it becomes jarring.

I cant believe im saying this but Creepshow is worse than Holly when it comes to a few things. Holly is super lazy and tries to cut so many corners its ridiculous but this girl I say is worse. Like she doesnt even TRY to make her art better and push herself just a little bit. Most artist if they see something is off in their work will try to edit or redo it to some capacity. Creepshow doesnt she just leaves things as is and is like "im too lazy". Holly would do wonky ass hands and feet, but at LEAST they were there. Creepshow just REFUSES to do anything that takes little work.

And what adds to her lazy entitlement is the fact she browses and occasionally post on lolcow. She thinks just because she is on here it makes her one of "us" and she can act as callous as she pleases. Like a ImNotLikeTheOtherArtists.

Sorry about the rant guys but these edgy ass youtube artist are grinding my gears lately. I usually think they're entertaining with how annoying they are, but its getting too cringey at this point. Idk if any of this made any sense but I just had to vent a bit.

No. 348372

You'd think that Creepshow would learn a thing or two about decent fucking anatomy after lurking (and possibly posting) on here

No. 348377

I actually appreciate her not making an excuse, just think she was being honest. I didn’t think it was that deep

No. 348382

"I appreciate her honesty" is exactly what people say about Holly…….

No. 348390


This just in, no one other than teenagers are allowed to draw teenagers kissing.


you keep using that word but I don't think you know what it means.

No. 348396

no, she's trying WAY too hard to seem ~not like other art tubers~ like saying lolcow's criticism is good and how she totally appreciates being called out and all this shit, and that she doesn't make excuses.

he's just a weeb, not the devil. just because he drew 2 schoolgirls giving each other a peck doesn't make him the next shadman. chill out.

No. 348412

Can I ask what you all think of Echo Gillette? She's known for her 'weird sketchbook tours' which span from high school to college age, to more recent stuff. She's nice and all, but for someone who has her bachelor's, her art is pretty lacklustre and she hasn't shown much improvement as far as I can tell. Plus she seems like she's trying too hard to seem weird and unique.


No. 348415

File: 1546522216352.jpeg (490.72 KB, 1242x1787, 4CA5D144-DEE9-496F-8452-B08CE2…)

It’s not just that pic specifically, it’s the array of school age looking girls that are very obviously sexualised. Weeb’s should stop getting passes for being creeps

Also, of all the teenagers to draw kissing it just happens to be schoolgirls in their uniforms with one of them grabbing the others ass? Yeah, not fetishising at all
Also can’t tell if it’s shit rendering of the skirts are sheer and that really is the outline of their asscrack

Majority of their audience is school age too which just makes it weirder

No. 348420

Shes not "grabbing" the other's ass, touching maybe but it doesnt really look like it.

No. 348422

I can't fucking believe anons who uniroically praise shit like this, besides the whole grown man drawing anime high schoolers scantily clad or acting like hes just drawing soft yuri and its being a gross fuckwad, the art is fugly. I get that taste is subjective but something feels wrong when anons throw compliments at a dude who draws uglier than some 14yr old weeb trying to get famous on Pixiv. The skulls and hair especially make me gag when you look away from general shit anatomy.

No. 348425

I love art drama but not youtube art drama yet this thread is all about the latter…can't we have a separate thread?

No. 348428

Ugh. The "this little kid is not innocent, she is the one seducing me" pedo fantasy.

No. 348431

File: 1546525221629.jpeg (24.11 KB, 375x360, images (7).jpeg)

No. 348435

File: 1546525543763.jpg (35.56 KB, 606x593, fkJLEfkjLKf.jpg)

ikr even ignoring the loli shit his art really sucks
pic related

No. 348438

They always look like they’re balding

No. 348439

This is the most hideous “““art””” I have seen in quite a while. Horrible subject matter and also lmao missing legs and horribly drawn feet. This loli faggot needs to fuck off.

No. 348464

Wew I didn’t know lolis were supposed to have male pattern baldness

No. 348484

It’s so unnerving to see a Beyoncé ass on a 12 yo. No one should be ok with that shit.

And holly is actually more interesting to me than creepshow or even waffles, because she’s the only YouTuber with an actual story behind her characters. The story is shit but at least it’s some kind of canon. Does anyone know of other arttubers with actual storylines behind their pretty bois?

No. 348489

File: 1546533974297.png (336.54 KB, 537x718, 2019-01-03 17.43.55.png)

i-it's just practice

No. 348504

File: 1546535882234.png (670.97 KB, 1646x2048, Screenshot_20190103-091638.png)

Oh Kasey…

No. 348517

File: 1546537661601.jpg (51.78 KB, 640x907, e81a427670783acd13a11072a58c2e…)

Maybe I've just spent too much of my youth weebing about, but I see not much wrong with depicting baby-faced animu adults with pear shaped bodies. Like I wouldn't call sonico a loli just because she has big ol anime eyes lol.
Girls with those features is what I'm saying I guess. Also t. draws cute baby faced twinks sometimes so I may just be triggered

No. 348519

>with those features exist
Fuck sorry phoneposting
I should also add I agree his art is mediocre at best.

No. 348520

it's just one samefag who is apparently enraged by shittily drawn anime girls and convinced even pearshaped some with tits are pedobait somehow

No. 348530


My thoughts exactly. Anime women tend to look baby faced regardless of age. Looking through his ig even his more busty characters have that same exact face style.

No. 348574

File: 1546544984317.jpg (306.79 KB, 1079x1561, 1-gothcell.jpg)

i posted this artist in the last thread, posting her again because the content keeps coming. it's an imgur album so i don't have to spam the thread with screenshots:


No. 348576

one of the true hallmarks of an artcow: U STOLE MUH STYLE!!! "show me whose art i stole" literally all anime ever? it's fine if your style is derivative but she's so pressed about everything being "stolen". what a delusional bitch.

thanks for the milk, anon.

No. 348590

you're welcome, anon. i've been keeping on eye on this artist since i posted her in the last thread, she has major artcow potential. don't think she'll ever be relevant enough to warrant her own thread, but i'll definitely keep posting her antics in this one.

No. 348595

File: 1546547329935.jpg (32.24 KB, 471x593, dsffds.JPG)

Primteaa (on instagram) is also a terrible artist. she had a side account but deleted it, ranted non stop about people stealing her atystle (literally just beige colored furry sonas) she faked being put into a mental hospital and posted poorly drawn self harm artwork on her side account which people thought were stretchmarks and i assume thats why she deleted that account. she manipulates younger people who just think her art is aestehtic

No. 348610

>No one should be ok with that shit.

I'm disturbed by the number of likes those pics have and that even farmers defend them.

No. 348620

File: 1546552039816.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 875085DA-3DBE-4BE3-815B-90AFA6…)

No. 348621

File: 1546552192213.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 14DB9F4A-4927-40A1-A7C6-7D76A7…)

No. 348624

More from gothcell/egospit.

I really hate this bitch’s personality. She’s even worse on her private, glamorizing self harm and eating disorders.

Get the fuck over yourself, you didn’t invent crackhead girls with bob cut, putting words or pictures in your drawings.

Every edgy alternative teenager has done/still does that, including me when I was that age.

No. 348684

does this bitch talk about anything else ever? how does she even have followers at this point.

No. 348688

Can someone please explain to Kasey that developing a filter and some tact is something most people learn about in their teen years. It's called…being a mature adult.

No. 348714

You can’t steal an idea… like… this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

No. 348718

wow, thanks for those caps. added them to the imgur album.

they're all edgy teenangers who thinks she's cool for being a suicidal bitch, something she's acknowledged before. lolcow isn't letting me upload pics for some reason so here: https://i.imgur.com/1ZuNBS0.png

No. 348734

This thread is full of grotty weebs that will forever blindly defend muh animus

No. 348741

Yeah it’s cringey af. If something is anime but has laughably awful anatomy it gets a pass cuz it’s “not that bad” and “has potential” cuz weebs.

No. 348766


she needs those adbux to buy furniture for the new flat

No. 348774

It’s like, 98% of ideas are unoriginal or inspired by something else and there’s literally nothing wrong with that. On top of that, you can’t steal a style. How else would art movements happen if no one ever was inspired or borrowed from anyone?

It’d be different if someone was stealing her OCs or storylines or whatever. But she just bitches about people “copying” her style. A style that’s not even that unique to begin with.

No. 348784

So I just got through watched TwistedDisaster's latest video she uploaded today and while I thought the message of the video was actually pretty good, I can't help but feel she was embellishing a bit as far as where she is with her life.

When she got to the part where she was talking about how her ex friends were depressed and stuck in a rut not going anywhere in life with money and whatnot, I can't help but feel she wasn't realizing that she got it easy with having a husband who was able to get a blue collar job and doesn't mind her not working a traditional job where they can live fairly comfortably(?) I mean, I don't know too much about her work and I'm wondering if she really gets that many commissions to have enough money to pay large expenses.

Like don't get me wrong, it's cool that her & her husband have a dynamic that works for them but I think Michie is missing the memo that she's in a lucky spot of even being able to devote lots of time to her self-employed business whereas others aren't as lucky. But maybe it's just me lol.

No. 348792

She’s been couch surfing for years with no job beyond DA points for adoptables so no, she isn’t making enough to even pay rent. She’s an idiot lacking self awareness.

No. 348804

File: 1546571728397.png (1.46 MB, 849x908, 2019-01-04 14_10_21-Media Twee…)

Do you guys remember owlygem aka snapesnogger from a million years ago? I stumbled across her twitter today. Her art is still as ugly as ever, I wonder if she's still as much of a cow as she used to be.

No. 348818

I haven’t seen her art since the time she showed up on tf2chan but it looks like it’s gotten a lot worse.

No. 348848

I was shocked when Kasey said in her new years resolution video that she'd joined a local art collective that meets IRL. Her edgelord, hypersensitive-to-criticism attitude to life just screams shut in who spends all her time online. Knowing she actually interacts with other human beings outside her house and is still such a sour, defensive person is wild.

No. 348853

you know i found owly through her steven universe fanart and even after hearing about her past on here i still dont really get why people hate her, and i think her arts fine and im a fan and before anyone says it no im not her

No. 348856

Not my cup of tea but at least she draws noses now and stays out of drama.

No. 348860

DA Points?? That's where she gets her money? Hm, I assumed she must be getting lots of commissions since she says she's always busy with them in her videos.

Yeah I forgot to mention the homeless thing, she wasn't even homeless. She had a place to stay which was the garage. Sure it's not ideal but it's better than actually you know, being put out on the street and having to stay in a shelter.

I've never heard of this artist but I honestly think she has a good sense of coloring, very bright and eye-catching but uh, that's just me lol. I've seen far more unpleasant art styles that that, her's isn't so bad though I'm not a Steven Universe fan so yeah, that's probably why I never came across her stuff if that was what she was known for.

No. 348866


she was a typical DA brat who absolutely could not handle constructive criticism of any kind. her days as an art cow are long over though, I think.

No. 348879

From what I understand she primarily does paypal commissions and sometimes opens them up for da points that will transfer to the same amount.
She also has about a billion commissions in her queue because she will open up for commissions, make everyone pay as soon as they order, let her queue get ridiculously long, and then not start on most people's commissions for a long-ass time because she has too many commissions and personal pieces to get through first. She also regularly does on-stream commissions because the way she has her system set up means she doesn't have a regular influx of cash; she gets her cash in large bursts when her comms are first opened. Once she runs out she has to do stream commissions, which means she isn't working on her regular commissions.

I also really dislike that her way of explaining the whole homeless thing went from "we're going to be homeless" to "we were homeless for three days" to "we were homeless for a month" in this most recent video. They really did think that they were going to be out on the street and didn't know where they were going to stay for about three days, but they were then offered the garage. They never were homeless but I was perfectly fine with her saying "nearly homeless" or "I thought we would be homeless." I guess that wasn't dramatic enough for her though.

No. 348882

what is the whole homeless thing about? just because she wasn't working/making money?

No. 348920

she completely healed and hasn't gotten into drama since the notorious days, and I'm happy for her. Her art now is okay but she obsesses over one or two things for a few years and draws only those over and over and over. How does she not get bored is beyond me

No. 348926

Yeah I haven't really kept up with her much but I check in on her like once a year or so and every time I do she's picked a new fandom to draw like one thing from over and over. I guess she does get bored because once she drives something into the ground enough she's on to another one.

I still don't really like her style, I never have, but that's preference I guess.

No. 348974

Funny enough, while I'm just discovering Kasey's general shitty and negative attitude with the help of this thread, this video (which is my favourite of hers because I like how her style works with quick plein air sketches) gave me a red flag with the title "leaving the house to draw?!" Like… No shit Kasey you sound like a NEET and not an apparently fully grown functional woman. Don't complain about your young audience when you sound like you need to explain the concept of "going outside"

No. 348976

TwistedDisaster and her then unemployed fiance were living in the in laws house for over a year after being asked to move out multiple times. Instead she did artist alley in Texas, got married, bought Chinchillas, ect. Never got a job beyond doing commissions cuz she's done retail boo hoo way too hard instead let me free load on people's couches for years until I've 'made it' (which is her now husband getting a job that supports them both). She's 25. She made a video crying to her followers because her in laws finally couldn't take their excuses anymore and were planning to house an in need homeless recovering addict and Michie took absolute offense to this because SHE was being forced to become 'homeless' herself! It was so pathetic and cringey and I still haven't recovered my distaste for this entitled autistic little brat. Sorry for the salt but I do commissions on the side with my JOB that doesn't require I free load on someone else because art doesn't pay for rent. It's not an excuse Michie. And now she laments her 'hardships' now that she's 'made it'. Give me a break.

No. 348982

Ah okay, got ya.

Jeez really? I do commissions on the side and while I don't get billions, I make sure to get them done as quickly as I can without creating a huge backlog. I just feel that can lead to problems and having angry customers. I actually went to visit her commission price guide as I've actually never seen it before to see how much a commission runs from her and um… All I can say is that people are willing to pay that much even for a lineart?

This is definitely down to preferences because I personally think her art isn't worth that much but obviously there are people who think otherwise so can't mess with sucucess. The only thing I like about her art is her coloring. But I just can't seem to get into how she draws characters, everything looks so… Rounded? I'm not sure.

And yeah, I mean if she just said she was "nearly homeless" or "Close to being homeless", I wouldn't have a problem with that because that was true but in the video, she said she was homeless (if I remember) and that's what annoyed me because they weren't, they were just living in a smaller space but again, it's better than wandering the streets.

Like I said, it's cool that her husband doesn't seem to mind since he makes enough money for the both of them now but I just wish she was more self-aware that her situation is a rarity, especially in this day and age. If she didn't have Cody, she wouldn't have been able to be a self-employed artist. She's putting lots of stock into her book that's supposed to come out this year and all I can say is I wonder if it'll be any good.

And I mean, art can pay for rent but only if you're actually good and in demand (or draw lots of porn lol I've seen some adult artists make bank lol). I just don't think Michie is that much in demand and she says she doesn't draw porn so this is why I thought she was embellishing a bit.

No. 348984

Honest question: Shouldn't this thread be in /snow/? A lot of other "general" threads are located there, and some don't even have the same traction as this one. It's already on it's fifth.

No. 349045


Well someone can be considered homeless if they are doubled up, meaning they are unable to maintain their housing situation and leave with a series of friends/extended families. Obviously she didn’t mean it in this sense and that she was a bum on a street, to which she isn’t, but I thought it would be nice to add in this information since there’s a difference.

Her art is honestly unappealing when she rounds it and makes them all chibis. Her adoptable video shown a pretty decent style that I wish she would bring back. But now she seems to be working on a story which I’m interested in because I wanna see how she uses her life experiences to tell this story. I don’t expect much but she seems to hype it up

No. 349091

TwistedDisaster's art has clean linework and shes pretty good at getting commissions out there but I think its something about the coloring that makes it looks weird,maybe shes shading with black or not complementary colors? Kind looks like what beginners in digital art might do. Plus her commission prices are all close together so I have to assume she barely spends time on coloring

No. 349094

Can you give an example, anon? I went to look at her art but from what I can see the coloring isn't that weird. I don't particularly like her art but kit just looks like run of the mill cel shading and lighting to me.

No. 349095

I remember her but comparing this to her old Snake naga art she's improved by leaps and bounds. The July and November pieces are light years ahead of her old art.

No. 349097

(weird coloring anon here)Looking at her "art from this year" post i really enjoy December's piece but some of the others have color combinations that dont look right together and although it is cell shading it goes from straight light to dark shadow. her pixel art is my favorite because it doesnt have this problem. perhaps its just the characters she chooses to commission that have strange colors

No. 349136


Holy shit, this video is actually embarrassing. Her art looks like something a middle schooler would make.

No. 349156

If you want to link a YT video, put the link in the YT section below the Imgur URL.

I honestly don't mind appelminte's art, I think her drawing's look cute.

No. 349184

File: 1546642955043.jpeg (74 KB, 750x1000, 3708F646-359E-4DD0-B839-B7D577…)

Here’s an example of weird coloring from Twisted. Basically she learned basic anime and shitty beginner digital artist short cuts and then stopped trying.

No. 349195

They look like something a 13 year old in 2007 would draw. Stop white knighting

No. 349198

Ah yes, because saying that I like something automatically makes me a white knight. Learn to sage, newfag.

No. 349217

The geometric pattern is distracting and adds nothing to it but annoyance

No. 349223

Appleminte can color okay and has good line art but she has obvious anatomy flaws and stiff art. Her channel and art make me think anime Baylee Jae.

No. 349309

File: 1546656921920.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 08FEA70B-7942-49E9-B75D-1EA143…)

Okay, but fuck gothcell/egospit/spitcell or whatever the fuck her name is.

Seriously. Shut the fuck up or take about something else for once. Or don’t post your art online.

No. 349313

She draws clumps of muddy scribbles with "edgy sad baby owo" quotes around them. My shit can draw better than that. She's just egotistical tbh.

No. 349319


Oh but her art is soooo ~*unique*~ because she draw alternative girls and puts in ~*edgy*~ pictures in it uwu

No. 349323

File: 1546659936503.jpeg (233.13 KB, 547x800, 379F2BC8-E930-4394-B32C-A2565E…)

She’s definitely trying to do the barachan “crystal” coloring style but like with no knowledge of how it looks good. Like this isn’t even a recent barachan but u can see how the coloring flatters the volume and the hair whereas that deku just has like a weird texture

No. 349331

Ah okay, that's what you meant. Yeah it does look a bit sloppy looking and would look better if the shading was crisper and not rounded.


which is dumb because she's not nor will she be the last who draws alternative girls. She needs to get off her high horse, her stuff is not as original as she thinks it is. There are plenty of Tumblr Artists who more-or-less do the same thing.

Whoa that's the style of coloring she's trying to emulate? She definitely needs to practice more on it then. That example looks really pretty and the colors are so uniformed.

No. 349332

why is this not centered, why is there so much white space, this is annoying me

No. 349333

this works because she's using the geometric shapes as highlights, rather than randomly.

No. 349350

Her art style looks like a copy of Tuna's lol

No. 349355

barachan has been a popular internet artist for many years and is pretty well known for this crystalline style of drawing/coloring now so it's like no wonder TwistedDisaster is trying to emulate it (though TONS of people try it and dont nail it at all). But twisted doesnt know color harmony and pleasing colors like at all, everything of hers is too dark and contrasty like it's her monitor is like too bright too

No. 349396

File: 1546671740198.jpeg (959.25 KB, 1242x1703, F4FDCFA5-35E2-4549-B250-CECA7F…)

Does LavendarTowne actually know what cute girls look like? Because it ain’t this.

No. 349397

File: 1546671786931.jpeg (387.55 KB, 1240x903, 3FEE4C51-2E35-4B4C-A817-10CA4B…)

Samefag, by every time I’m recommended a new one I’m astounded by her lack of taste

No. 349412

File: 1546674473702.jpg (645.4 KB, 1076x1672, 2019-01-04 23.47.20.jpg)

the only one that's kind of cute is the monster energy girl

i wish lavender did more art that isn't in her signature anime/adventure time mashup style. she can make some pretty nice art, pic related. she's limiting herself and it's sad

No. 349475

Thoughts on this piece? I noticed she started making her characters faces less tumblry but regardless she always draws big ass horse teeth.

No. 349477

Genuinely don’t see how the faces she drew before were tumblery, they looked nothing like what’s typically shit out of there

No. 349479

Can you link please? I gotta see this.

No. 349484

File: 1546689582500.jpg (38.77 KB, 877x251, whTUzZR.jpg)

Does anyone know what condition Waffles has? I knew she was ill but didn't know she was Make-A-Wish ill.

No. 349486

I watched one of her videos recently where she mentioned in the description that her hands were really shaky due to some condition she didn't name, I feel really bad though she seems happy regardless. She probably doesn't want to say her condition for personal reasons which I understand

No. 349495

She qualified when she was 14?

I thought this disease was newly discovered.
Maybe it returned or something?

No. 349541

I think it’s something autoimmune because in one of her “meet the artist” drawings there was “autoimmune diseases” in “dislikes”

No. 349554

Yeah you're right, I went back to take a look at Twisted's gallery and for every piece that have some good color composition, there are others that just… Clash way too much but to be fair, a lot of them are commissions so maybe the fault falls more on the the people who commission her and are most likely younger people in middle school or high school and aren't too knowledgeable with color theory. But maybe I'm being too generous.

I've only seen like one video from LavendarTowne and she was tracing something but I never actually watched or looked at her art and uh… If that's her idea of "cute", I'm lost…

Whoa, now that's more like it. She totally should do more stuff like that, looks very nice.

No. 349556

Maybe Lupus? That’s the most common autoimmune disease, but whatever Waffles has seems to be more severe than that, seeing as how she made an offhanded comment about how her life expectancy was too short not to eat dessert first in one of her videos. Plus the make a wish thing

No. 349559

When a lot of beginning artists are studying realism to work into their stylized work they tend to have an awkward uncanny valley phase that isn’t quite appealing but is obviously trying to break a same face vibe. Unfortunately the moment someone draws people without conventionally attractive same face they are immediately labeled tumblr cuz…weebs probably.

No. 349573

File: 1546716138259.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.1 KB, 385x473, -e1538784762830.jpg)

Slight derail but I dislike this attitude that criticizes artists for depicting unnatractive people as tumblr-y or pandering. Some of us either see beauty in ugly things (cheesy as it sounds) or are fucking uggos ourselves and are comfortable depicting that since it's something we're used to seeing.
God forbid you draw brown people with big noses and crooked teeth because we definitely don't exist. Only dainty models are human.
Also don't see anything wrong with fat characters tbqh.

No. 349591

That's a cool painting, anon. Who's it by?

I agree on your point too. I particularly get peeved by people claiming reddish-hued noses are Tumblr-y. People's noses often ARE redder than the rest of their face, because blood collects there. A slight blush on the nose is fine.

No. 349594

My guess would be multiple sclerosis or something along those lines. Regardless, Waffles deals with it rather good in my opinion. I respect that.

No. 349599

File: 1546719725676.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.81 KB, 640x640, Saville.jpg)

It's by Jenny Saville! I love how she paints flesh/the female form. Grody but beautiful.
And I agree, same with a slight red tint on the extremities. Of course amateurs and kids take it pretty extreme and get picked on for that, but that's the same with anything. Beginners don't start out balancing everything perfectly, there's a whole road of learning. Also think it's cool for beginning artists to depict "ugly" people early so they can skip over the sameface struggle early.

No. 349603

I've seen on the ugly Tumblr art kiwifarms thread explaining that also there's a reason why faces reach a certain uncanny valley - exaggeration or over detailing of facial features - mouth, nose and eyes. If you exaggerate the size of the eyes (but keeping stylised) and leave the mouth and nose simple and relatively small, you have anime face, for example. Young artists trying to find their style usually exaggerates and over details two or the three facial features altogether. Most of them come from Tumblr though, either be a style choice they purposefully want or just copying everyone else because diverting from the traditional cartoon/anime pretty face is hip and cool.
IMHO waffle's stuff aren't tumblr-ish because there's no fake woke intentions there. Her dark skinned characters are original content, not a bastardised version of white Japanese characters or pulled out of the ass headcanons.
The faces she draws, in my opinion, have a charming to it. The classical beauty seen in art (old and new) has everyone with a calm smile or expressionless face (see Instagram). She draws people with a big ol' smiling showing teeth. While some of the faces she draws rubs me off in the wrong way, I can see she's genuinely trying to grow as an artist while bringing something uncommon and not trying to pass herself as superior for drawing diversity (that is the intention of a lot of Tumblr artists)

No. 349675


No. 349699

Hahahhh look who's talking Creepshow

No. 349712


Just because she addresses her own problems and shitty behavior does not absolve her from her shitty behavior and allows her to be able to talk edgy on this subject.

"no one's gonna say it so I will!"
She really thinks she's hot shit just because she brings these forums up lmao.

No. 349714


She keeps saying "we" like she's actually a part of the YouTube artist community, she must be lost and confused.

No. 349723

I muted the audio cuz I don't care and just watched her paint. I used to get a kick out of her edgelord schtick but now I just find it annoying. She has no understanding of color theory and it's obvious she's just picking random colors she thinks will go together but there's no cohesive undertone to tie them together. Muddy ochre for skin, cool violet hair, warm tone purple shadows and lips, mint background with lavender text….yuck. That's an eyesore. Girl, I know you're gonna read this, so pick 3-4 colors before you start painting (yellow/skintone, magenta, blue) and blend all your colors from those hues only, do not go all willy nilly with the color picker if you actually want to improve. Also, gray/muted tones are your friend when incorporating bright pops of high saturation color.

No. 349730

>all those screenshots of lolcow

you're welcome for all the content

No. 349736

Creepshow is so fucking stupid holy shit. Dude, you’re the actual definition of “not like other girls” she thinks she so LOL RANDOM I’m so goffic and weird and different! It’s pathetic.

No. 349738

When you’re running out of ideas so you use lolcow to make videos for you lol

No. 349755

Creepshow is like a fusion of Holly and Spechie.

No. 349760

The thing is, she's not wrong. "It's our personalities." It absolutely IS their personalities, ability to market, etc. The reason people are drawn to these mediocre art youtubers is because they'd rather watch someone make edgy jokes or goof off while drawing instead of watching an educational tutorial.
Some words that stuck with me from a professional was the importance of networking. He told me he made it further than his far more talented colleague simply because he was pushier about his art.
The squeaky wheel gets the oil, unfortunately. Skill doesn't matter on youtube if you don't have that quirky attitude. But, in that case, do their fans really care about their art?

No. 349765

YouTube’s purpose is entertainment. If an artuber is successful it is because they are entertaining not because they have impressive skills beyond script writing editing and stirring the pot. Creepshow made this click bait video and made no point. She’s a pathetic Spechie clone with a Holly coating.

No. 349771

but you just said her point. what you just said was her point. You guys are like agreeing with her but then turning around and saying you hate her.

No. 349773

we GAVE her that point right here: >>347783

she showed the comment above it but not the response that she based her entire video off of lmao. she did not come up with this argument herself, so you can retract your head from her asshole now.

No. 349842

Now that you put it this way…. I think I may have a new appreciation for Waffles' faces

No. 349912

The only thing that puts me off of waffles faces is that the mouth is way too detailed for the rest of the face. I love the expressions and variations, I find the faces appealing because they’re not all just the standard pretty face, but the mouth always throws me into the uncanny valley and makes something that would’ve been beautiful honestly sometimes ugly

No. 349921

Creepshow shut the actual fuck up and gtfo of here. 'uwu but you're just agreeing with her' She made a pointless video with a click bait thumbnail in which she states and obvious fact and THEN goes on to reiterate how uwu different and uwu special she is, no one gives a fuck.

No. 349926

The comments on this video are so laughably lacking self awareness. Creepshow is putting on a fake persona but it's a 'blunt and honest goffic guru' instead of the usual benign professionalism of most artubers and her fans are just sperging about how "real" she is and how "refreshing" that is. This bitch's ego is going to get so inflated and now she has this video to be like, gee I know my art is shit haven't you seen my many pointless videos on why that doesn't even matter on this platform?' it's like she made this video in response to her own insecurities of her shitty art lol.

No. 349927

Can't link posts and doesn't sage. Can you be more obvious Creepshow?

No. 349930

Yep pretty much. And even in the stylized side of art youtube, there are plenty of far better artists than the ones she mentioned like Sycra and while he was fairly noticed, he doesn't have a very engaging personality compared to the others but it doesn't bother him since YouTube isn't his main source of income but yeah, she's really not pointing out anything new, people have known or catch on if they've been on the scene for awhile.

No. 349931

Imagine being so thick that you think bringing up points from a gossip site makes you a galaxy brain

No. 349962


Does she even interact with other art youtubers? Like, honestly, the only reason she got popular is because she rode the Holly drama train and made a couple mediocre videos about it. And the majority of the art Youtube avoid Holly like a leper, so I'm not sure how long she thinks she can ride the drama gravy train when there's hardly anything to talk about anymore. The main way art youtubers leverage themselves is to talk to, collab with or befriend other artists to keep each other relevant. Creepshow just talks about other artists like she knows them, and acts like she can speak on the topic with any authority when really she just the peanut gallery.

Maybe she thought she could wiggle herself into Holly's spot because Holly's gone quieter lately and that she could pick up on some of that "edge" to get people's attention.

Either way you slice it, it's a pretty pathetic strategy and it isn't sustainable.

No. 350014

Yeah she’ll run out of gossip topics soon enough and no one is sticking around for speedpaints of her courage the cowardly dog mermaid same face bitches

No. 350015

Can't wait to see her fall harder and faster than those 2 combined.

No. 350219

Im gonna say this, both Holly and Spechie are retards, but I think Creepshow has more awareness. The more we talk about her on lolcow the more she can just piggyback and use our ideas. I would say the video is bait in a way because its so dry and irrelevant.

Creepshow, yes, you. You cant be both a lolcow farmer and a edgelord artuber at the same time. Pick one or the other (or none preferably), because all its gonna do is bite you in the ass. Soon no side is gonna respect you (lolcow already doesnt, but you know.)

I feel like no matter how milky this bitch gets, making a her a thread will just cause her to get the attention she wants. It will fuel her #NotLikeTheOtherArttubers ego.

No. 350246

I agree with all except the picking sides part. Creep’s salty ass will always enjoy sites like these or videos that shit on others because it seems like that’s who she is, she enjoys the drama. I mean, this is the same person who claimed to be scammed out of money, even though all the events in her story could’ve been avoided by literally thinking, “huh, well, if I was being prosecuted for a crime, the government would never call me, they would send shit tons of mail to me”. Literally, it’s like this girl doesn’t get solicitors

No. 350293

File: 1546857624922.png (107.2 KB, 623x1051, 2019_01_07_18_29_30_Chloe_Rose…)

two soulless content creators debate which clickbait title to use

No. 350302

This is just as technically beautiful to me as a portrait of a beautiful woman, and just as pandering. It’s shock value art, but instead of “she’s shockingly beautiful” it’s “she’s shockingly grotesque!” I think both art forms are boring as hell and that we need more storytelling artists on yt not more and more damn portrait artists

No. 350379

No. 350407

>but I think Creepshow has more awareness.
This aspect is kind of what makes her most insufferable to me though. It's like anyone who has awareness and is blatantly honest about doing something strictly for views or because they were lazy, etc. They think it gives them a pass from criticism and makes them unlike "all the other youtubers/online personalities" because they're real and they're admitting it, but they're doing nothing to add any sort of creativity to their work or amending their lazy habits even if they realize they do these things. Yeah, you can acknowledge it to have "real" points (in the same way that some people preach the whole "I'm not mean, I'm just honest/blunt!" No you're still a raging asshole and very insufferable, you just don't want to be called out for it or think you're above it because you 'speak your truth'), but it's pointless as fuck if you're not going to do anything about it. A little off topic but, it's kind of why I don't like youtubers like Ryan Trahan. They're not genuine as it is, but try to play the "Yeah I did this for views/I want views/etc." angle and it comes off as even scummier. I know that inherently, anything a person does (especially if it's online) IS for attention, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it really just makes it come off like the ONLY reason you're making videos or doing art is to get attention or praise and not because it's something you also enjoy and want to spend your time doing. And why would I want to watch someone spend time doing something they feel obligated to do, just to watch them regurgitate the same ideas for videos or continue drawing the same shitty stuff with the knowledge that it's shitty just because they're "relatable" for it?

No. 350416


You're delusional if you think this is milk they're literally just asking for their audience's opinion about how they do their job. God you people are fucking nitpicky. Give me some real fucking milk, Jesus you're boring.

No. 350417


ROFL WOW you are a DUMBASS. Jenny saville isn't a fucking YouTube artists you moron rofl. She's an internationally recognized painter and you definitely can't do better than her ROFL. Wowwwwww. Y'all in here complaining yet you don't even recognize Jenny Saville? You probably want to actually learn or edcate yourself about art even like, a tiny bit because clearly you know Jack shit lol.

No. 350418

Sage, sage, sage

No. 350419


Take your own advice moron. Why is this even here?

No. 350429

Not the anon who posted the pic but what makes the piece beautiful to me isn't the subject, it's the artist's understanding of color and composition.

No. 350430

Haven't watched the video because the thumbnail puts me off so much. What has she done to Betty Boop and how does she think those are anywhere close to being remakes

No. 350433

Oo I triggered the fine art poser. Just because someone is highly recognized does not put them above criticism..

No. 350434

Why do all her characters remind me of little kids on ecstasy? It’s creepy

No. 350436

nta, but what even was your criticism? If you don't want people painting ugly or pretty people, what do you want? Only average?
Tbh I'm into that, too.

No. 350439

Do you need a midol anon?

No. 350442


Too bad you've clearly no idea what criticism is. Saying "I don't like it" isn't criticism.

No. 350444


Not as much as you need an education.

No. 350448

You can put your replies in the same post, you know.

No. 350450

It's not just "she's shockingly grotesque". What's interesting about jenny saville's paintings is that they portray the female form- but it's the female form as it exists in day to day life, and it is grotesque, but the shapes and colors are beautiful at the same time. It's beauty through ugliness, and this compels the viewer to reconcile their preexisting views about what's beautiful with this disturbing, yet mundane human body

No. 350457

File: 1546887096751.jpeg (175.05 KB, 750x853, 428C80BB-A0B1-407E-952B-613265…)

Off topic, sorry but, idk how this bitch has almost 20k with art like this. Yeah, the face is ~aesthetic~ but lord, that hand and arm

No. 350476

Their followers are fake. I have over 10k on insta and I get more likes on my shit with less followers. She either has the most inactive followers or she bought a lot of them to fuel her ego

No. 350483

She does these salad fingers hands in some of her other art too. I don't get it, is it supposed to look creepy or something?

No. 350485

Tbh, I just don’t think she knows how to draw anything besides crackhead girls faces.
I haven’t seen her draw or even try to draw anything else.

No. 350515

Ok so my critique of this artist is she’s not comparable to YouTube artists because she doesn’t really put forth a story or personality I find appealing and the argument I got against this position was basically “it’s technically good” which I never disagreed with??

No. 350535


Ok, except she does though. You're just assuming there's no intention or meaning behind the work, simply because it's not a narrative piece. There's more to art than narrative concept art work. Either way, she's not a YouTube artist, so it's not relevant at all to this thread.

No. 350581

Creepshow art is actually alot better than the other ranting youtubers in her category. The difference is that her bitter attitude is actually part of her personality (i can see this from looking on her insta for a few minutes) and she doesnt try to hide her pessimism. It is true that since her bad commission experience video went popular shes put on some kind of more forceful persona but I think thats just her way of trying to acknowledge her audience. If she gets off her high horse we might get some good content back.

No. 350583

File: 1546908086630.jpg (58.55 KB, 491x587, dsfdsfdsfds.JPG)

22.4k followers and her art looks like this..i swear it used to be good but now were going down hill.

No. 350584

File: 1546908222089.jpg (73.97 KB, 592x585, dsfdsfdsfds.JPG)

Yeah see she used to have some anatomy and although the mouth looks a bit weird it still has nice form and styleization.

No. 350586

Lol ok Creepshow

No. 350594

Gotta be honest anon, I actually dig this. The second image you posted just looked like any other Instagram artist whereas this piece at least she’s stylistically memorable

No. 350595

I suppose it could be but i dislike how the only draws in that way. I saw a painting she did recently that she just quit on to post more of the same, it looks like it requires alot less effort to me..

No. 350596

Do you guys seriously like this person's art? Feeling like it's a self-post…

No. 350597

I wouldn’t say effort is everything in art. A lot of famous pieces took little to no effort but they’re still admired and appreciated. Honestly it comes off like you’re just bitter that she’s changed the way she illustrates, not that you find anything objectively bad about it. Yeah, the piece isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t warrant a posting on its own

No. 350598

Newfag, who the fuck are you even replying to! Lurk more before you post if you don’t know how imageboards work

No. 350878

yikes I cannot believe people are defending this
I mean for starters its just like, ugly art

No. 350880

That rendering is literally disgusting, especially the hair, and the shadows are muddy as fuck. Plus the anatomy around the head and neck makes me gag lmfao

No. 350884

hahahaha the "uguuuuu feel sorry for me I am so down on myself :'( validate me that my poorly drawn foundationless animu scribbles are worth something :'(" post was actual insight, she should meditate on that instead of asking for asspats lol
this one hahahaha

No. 350897

nasty nasty nasty. I hate seeing chicken scratch, its like a visual misophonia trigger

No. 350946

File: 1546963628144.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 05E98C28-9DA4-426F-B99F-A2C00D…)

Omg let it go.
taking inspiration isn’t the same as stealing others work, get over yourself!!!

Another gem from gothcell/egospit/spitcell

No. 350987

This was posted again 4 days ago, friend

No. 350989

As lolzy as Emily might be, I do respect that she turned her life around. The drug heroin would explain why she was camgirling.

No. 350999

No, the camgirling came after she got clean. She was on heroin for a very short while, after that short while, she was on YouTube under the name emily sugarfruit. I know this because I was a fan of that channel and if you find her deviant art at the time, she talks about how she has recently just gotten clean and sober.
As emily sugarfruit, she reviews anime, dances in a bikini, and did a whole video naked in a bathtub. She also wrote an entire comic based off of one piece so she could fuck the main character.
Not to mention bully Other female reviewers and tell them they weren’t hot enough to be as popular as she was.
That was what she did on heroin.
She then got clean, started to be a cam girl and then started doing storytimes, which she said she created and now gets mad at any other youtuber who tries.
She is a cow who likes to pretend she’s better than everyone and has her shit together.

No. 351008

File: 1546971882398.jpg (158.35 KB, 720x901, S90108-15080360.jpg)

There's this "draw in your style" challenge going on Instagram and Jacqueline redrew someone's fat character and… She just Frankensteinsed a skinny girl's head and neck into a fat body. Girl I know you can do better.

No. 351009

Wow, thanks for bringing the milk.

No. 351011

I like Jacqueline, but her same face rut is really starting to drag down my opinion of her skills

No. 351015

Not only all that, but she also slapped those random tattoos all over her, the original didn't have any. Jacquelin, it's okay if you draw a girl that DOESN'T have tattoos all over for once! It's not OOC (or out-of-brand, if you will) It's way more boring when she's incapable of adding them on every single thing she draws (same with Danica and her feathery/ flowy hair and clothing on everyone and everything)
Nitpick aside, I think her neck placement is wrong, aren't the shoulders ridiculously different in length?

No. 351193

Man, i'm kinda jelly that waffles got a cintiq for free for a video

No. 351235

That reminds me. It bugs me when popular artist youtubers are given free stuff like full on tablets and stylus's for reviews..then they complain about the pen pressure or say its just not their kind of art supply. Its so obvious that they will just chuck it in a corner somewhere when theres kids out there dying to have even a tiny wacom. Thats why I think they should stick to reviewing traditional art supplies unless its an affordable tablet that they actually stand by.

No. 351240

>> 351011
Jacqueline just sucks at digital art. If the neck is where I think it is..judging by the amount of white space, which cant be right, It looks like its the same size as the girl's dang wrist. shes been on hiatus too long and lost her touch I guess.

No. 351278

> "I'm gonna follow the tutorial to the bone because everyone complains I never do it right"
> proceeds to not follow the tutorial 10 seconds later "I'm gonna add a lot of white because that's the color that always drowns out" "I blended it with a brush to make it smooth"

I swear if she wasn't so bad at everything I would almost think she is trying to troll.
Tiktok is the kind of place where she would really fit in tho.

No. 351288

I subscribed to her for a while because of the electric eraser video. But i realize that shes just a rich girl who can afford a bunch of kickstarter art stuff that she used to make bland and unappealing realistic drawings.

No. 351300

File: 1546992219545.png (5.52 KB, 1262x475, brown-skin.png)

Why do some white artist who draw black characters with ashy brown skin? It screams that they never saw a black person in real life

No. 351310

she fucked up the last one too

No. 351334

I have a light skinned friend who I'm pretty sure makes it a priority for her to draw dark skinned characters but all of them have this purple or green overtone… it looks nasty

No. 351350

even if that was the case, idk who even thinks that ashy color is good as a skin tone on anything lol the artist just straight up sux

No. 351370

File: 1546997797515.jpeg (301.26 KB, 1671x1628, 846B6485-084C-44B2-BABB-02ED32…)

What are your opinions on commission prices these days? I recently came across this artist doing chibis for $45 with minimal shading and flat colors.

No. 351379

File: 1546998790159.jpg (1.64 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190108_195004642.j…)

Anyone else dislike Shan Murphy? (formerly acornfriend on Twitter) It's absolutely inexplicable to me as to how she can be a "pro" colorist and cartoonist with one of the ugliest art styles I've ever seen and muddy ass colors. I'll readily admit I'm jealous of her popularity and I completely don't understand it.

No. 351381

I guess it could be justified if it was traditional media because supplies cost $$, but digital? No honey. The shading and line work is sloppy af

No. 351382

File: 1546999103121.png (3.46 MB, 1863x2048, Screenshot_20190108-195626.png)

One of her most recent pieces

No. 351393

omg so bad

I like her style and I can understand why she's popular. Her art pieces have a vintage feel to them and the muddy colors fit very well with this kinda style

No. 351396

I don’t know, it really depends on how much time the artist has to spend illustrating commissions. You guys need to keep in mind that as prices for living go up then the prices for products, even niche ones, will also inflate. A dollar isn’t worth as much as it was not long ago

No. 351402

art is a luxury item and should be treated as such, if someone can make so much money off of their art why do you all care lol? you can see years of experience that went into this person's skill and if someone is willing to pay that amount for a custom art piece then that's really non of our business. Maybe it's because I'm an artist myself but I really don't mind seeing people appreciate art more and raise its value beyond production costs. I feel like people here are being jealous af.

No. 351405

I get that but look at the level of polish in the piece. The artist didn't even color within the lines in some places.

If you're going to take someone's money you should at least put in the effort to deliver some degree of polish. It's not even a matter of skill it's just a lack effort on the artist's part.

No. 351406

I’m also an artist but its sloppy. How are you gonna raise prices but then turn in something that looks unfinished? If you wanna pay that much, then by all means that’s your money.

No. 351407

The level of line looseness adds to the dynamic of the piece imo. I don't really see an issue with this, as the artist already advertises it to have this look, if they took a "polished" piece and returned something like that as the commission then we would have a problem. Otherwise it's just a preference. Don't like it, don't buy it. 🤷

No. 351408

I think her art is cute but "pro" is pushing it IMO.

No. 351409

omg stop with this attitude. nta, but meh artfags with an okay following always raise their prices to try to compete with the big players. higher price indicates higher demand.

i have a little more of a problem with artists lowballing though, but no one is pissy cause it's too expensive for them to buy, it's because the community needs to kind of work together.

No. 351411

The drawing is interesting but the rendering is too poor to cost whooping 45 bucks

No. 351413

supply and demand, if the artist has that many people clamoring over wonky looking chibis at 45 bucks then good for them. i'd never pay that, but i wouldn't pay for a lot of expensive artists because i don't like their art, regardless of price. they might have people queuing down the block for it. example, holly brown started taking commissions for 20 a pop and i would never pay any amount for her stuff, but she has like 10 people on her waitlist right now because, in spite of my opinion, there's demand for her work.

generally, the more demand there is for your work, the more you raise your prices. some people just highball it because they think they're worth that much (and they may be right or wrong), but a lot of the time the prices are due to the demand. you might look at a shitty MS paint chibi and think it's shit but there might be 20 people in that person's inbox frothing for one.

No. 351416

I agree, artists that lowball harm the entire community by bringing down the value of it. Tbh $45 isn’t even all that much in the grand scheme of things, people who can afford to buy artwork in general clearly have expendable cash. I really don’t understand why artwork prices are so heavily scrutinised, in particular by other artists, when it just reflects how much is needed to afford bills/groceries/entertainment and no other items seem to be considered too expensive by their creators in other communities

No. 351428

A lot of young artists tend to lowball themselves BECAUSE people scrutinize it so much and the easiest way to get people to buy is to be cheap but it sucks and they don’t realize how harmful it is to the community and to themselves tbh. Like so many do like below minimum wage prices like it’s hurting u if you do a $5 chibi and it takes you more than an hour. Frankly I think $45 is too low, I wish artists would remember the time/pricing ratio and that people would remember art is a luxury item, no one is forcing you to commission shit when you can’t afford it. Plus having a higher price as an artist also weeds out people who won’t take u seriously since people will pay premiums for good art or their favorite artists

No. 351429

not true. people lowball when they're new because they think it will net them more sales. artists get more annoyed when they lowball because it makes buyers want them to lowball as well.

No. 351430

oops sorry anon >>351429 here, meant to reply to >>351416

No. 351431

I can't speak for others but my comment(>>351405)wasn't so much about the pricing as much as the lack of effort. I agree that art pricing should match the demand and if a less skilled artist somehow manages to create a high demand for their artwork then they're completely justified in charging as high a price as people are willing to pay.

But there's a difference between low skill and low effort. The former is fine but the latter is what bothers me. I don't think it's that unreasonable to expect people to put effort into a piece they charged money for. I'm not even talking about having amazingly detailed rendering or anything like that. Just basic stuff like coloring within the lines.

No. 351433

I don’t know anon, I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re aiming for more so than low effort. To me it looks like it’s supposed to be messy and sketchy, hence the rushed lines that look more alive than polished lines, that haphazard colouring goes much better with the overall messiness than precise colouring would. Again, this seems to be what they’re advertising and people want it, rather than they produce very clean artwork normally and then sold an unfinished art piece

No. 351440

File: 1547008730248.jpeg (404.03 KB, 2012x2025, EDA1D19E-085B-48D4-8732-603975…)

Hi I’m OP, and it seems to be their artstyle. That messy, not completely coloring in the lines thing. Here’s more examples if you need and their name is revolocities on twitter

No. 351441

Smells like selfpost…

No. 351443

That artist is really popular, of course they're gonna charge a lot. It's basic supply and demand lol.

No. 351450


wow i really didn't know this kind of site existed until one of my followers sent this to me but, yeah i understand how i could come off as being pushy to the storeowner but it really wasn't like that, when the store owner told me that the palette wasn't for sale I immediately respected that and just took pictures of it on my phone and got ready to purchase some other art supplies but he started talking to my friend in Turkish and my friend told me he would be willing to sell it to me since he could tell i loved the palette so much and that the shopowner said i had reminded me of him when he was younger. He also ended up inviting me to do a workshop at the store next time I would be in Istanbul after I showed him my sketchbook I had on me. I just really didn't think people would perceive it as me bullying the store owner …
and also about the whole anger towards sponsored videos, I think it's super understandable that it seems like thats just the type of content I and others make nowadays but I think it's important to be empathetic. I'm a full time student working three other jobs other than YouTube so when there's an opportunity to be sponsored, especially from a fine, unproblematic, and actually helpful brand or company, it helps a lot. Art Youtubers really don't come across a lot of opportunities to be sponsored or get paid to do certain videos like beauty/gaming channels do since we're such a niche community. Again, I can see how annoying it can be for each video to be perceived as an ad but talking about a company for 15 seconds and then going on with the rest of the video to help pay for tuition is something I'm really grateful for. And I always urge my viewers to check out my instagram for more art content outside of Youtube because that's the only thing I have time for when I'm in uni.
Don't mean to sound overly defensive and I get where you all are coming from but I think it's just important to hear the other side too since damn this thread is really scary haha.

(p.s. can't really do anything about my dull personality though, i'm just a really private person who would rather have my videos be more instructional than in-your-face entertaining. also uni + work has wittled me down to a skeleton)

No. 351457


but on another note, reading yours (and others) criticisms are helpful, I'll keep your comments in mind! and believe me, as grateful as I am for my sponsorships, I also miss making videos and content for the hell of it, it's just so so so hard when you have a whole packed life outside of YouTube. ((P.p.s. Yes I actually do use skillshare! It's helped a lot for when I have to learn programs I don't know how to use for arch school, so not disingenuous at all, i actually believe in them)

anyways anyways.yeah. tldr: didn't mean for my words/personality/actions in my videos to upset anyone

No. 351460


lol damn

No. 351462

Why do people cowtip from this thread when the only way they’d even know is if they either lurk/post here. How hypocritical to go crying to one of your favourites while you shit on others

No. 351465


It's a little heartbreaking to see her response.

No. 351469

Wait does anybody remember Katherine Ward? What happened to her?

No. 351471

While watching this video I noticed that with all of her self chosen projects and assignments they all lacked the direction and depth that her professor assigned projects had. I saw this a lot when I went to art school as well, even with my own, while the student led projects had a lot more passion you could tell then weren’t as well thought out nor as critical as to whether or not they followed the curriculum

No. 351476


LOLOLOL don't take shit on here seriously, just gptta accept that you can't please everyone

No. 351483

i feel like her art was the best in her first year and just went way downhill.

No. 351486


like anon above said, dont freak out too much. maybe you should be more open with your audience so it doesnt create misunderstandings like the one you were called out for

No. 351493

She still posts on instagram but I'm not sure she's on youtube anymore. She seems to just be painting for the Lord and laying low. She has definitely mellowed out.

No. 351495

File: 1547019748956.jpg (1.46 MB, 2048x4214, PhotoGrid_1547019738149.jpg)

Dropped screenshot.

No. 351505

I’d say a lot of people don’t seem to understand that art of any kind is a luxury item that is there to enrich lives but isn’t necessary, as posts like this one illustrate; https://www.reddit.com/r/ChoosingBeggars/comments/ae18ta/this_guy_gets_it/?sort=controversial
People need to stop expecting artwork to cost the same amount something from Target would cost, it’s not mass produced and you don’t NEED it. If you can’t afford someone’s commission prices, don’t buy it, people shouldn’t expect others to underprice themselves just because they find a sum ridiculous. I’m sick to death of consumers expecting everything to be cheap regardless of quality and/or sparseness

No. 351511

This whole aesthetic is very "in" right now…I'm seeing a ton of people in comics/animation adopting a similar style. The cats are cute though.

No. 351534

i like this cat drawing but >>351382 … yeesh..
there are so many anatomy and perspective mistakes i might come back with this in the redraw/correction thread because it's just too much to write about here without looking like a complete sperg. ill link when i do.

No. 351536

seems like one of those chicks that listens to melanie martinez and lana del rey, smokes cigarettes because she thinks it makes her look tough, and thinks space buns with glitter roots is a good hairstyle

No. 351584

Whats the title of this video?

No. 351592

I forgot but it's like all the assignments she had in her 4 years of art school.

No. 351606


It’s def been said on this thread before and iI’ll reiterate it again now but it’s annoying to see how easy it is for us to berate YouTube artists over the smallest things when they put so much work into making and producing and keeping up their channel. Honestly a lot of what people say here is actual criticism for shit artists who deserve it but sometimes I see comments like this where it’s just straight up immature, bitter nitpicking on an artist who doesn’t deserve it.

No. 351621

File: 1547047224812.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1535, 23F4C985-3382-4244-9F53-9AED21…)

Unpopular Opinion: I do not understand the hype over kelogsloops. I appreciate his videos way more than most YouTube artists and it’s obvious he’s skilled at the art he does but it’s literally the same faced girls with eurocentric features being swaddled by gold flowy shit against a blue background. There’s no creativity or change in what he produces and although he markets himself well, there’s no substance.

No. 351629

I feel like it really comes down to the clientele. Yeah I think some people may overcharge for their stuff like I mentioned with Twisted Disaster's prices but if there are people actually paying that much for their art then I guess what works, works even if you don't personally believe it's worth that much.

Like for example, say the person who made that art was complaining that she gets a lack of commissions then yeah, it could just be she's delusional and may need to decrease her prices a bit to get more sales.

Never heard of this artist but I can see why she would be in demand for people who are fans of the anime style lol.

No. 351631

I mean Picasso stuck to cubism and Yayoi Kusama just does dots
At the end of the day, art is a vocation and a passion, it seems like this person has found what they enjoy and profit from doing and are focusing improvements on where they want to (technique, concept etc)

It's different when you have an artist who claims to be the best who can't draw something basic, but it seems like this person is happy in their comfort zone and just teaching stuff they have a hold of.

No. 351637

i mean both with picasso and yayoi are respectable because theres courage in their art, a willingness to challenge themselves and go beyond. his art is just an aesthetic crapshoot thats eye pleasing and nothing more.

No. 351652

File: 1547051082925.jpg (71.57 KB, 586x506, Capture.JPG)

No. 351657

This is a joke right.

No. 351659


The… Art is from 10 years ago? Like when she was a kid, she couldn't have been more than a teenager. This isn't her redrawn piece. What's the problem here?

No. 351660

people are so entitled, she probably didn't even think it was a problem worthy of explanation because it wasn't. not everyone has to disclose every detail of their lives because their audience demands it damn.

No. 351670

If you talk about a personal experience on a public platform then you have to be aware of the language you use as it can be easily misconstrued, I can see where the confusion came from since she first said how he didn’t want to sell it to her and then how her friend ‘convinced’ him

No. 351671

What's with all the lowkey WK green newfags? No one curr

No. 351672

Not all art has to be deep/political or push boundaries, some art exists just to be enjoyed and consumed. Don’t see what the issue is here, what he does is done well imo

No. 351681

The replies on that sub are completely ridiculous oh my god. Comparing the cost of getting art made to medical/pharmaceutical costs, not realizing that one is a necessity for daily life and the other is a luxury item. People on reddit truly are braindead.

No. 351687


Since there's clearly new people, if you're new here, write "sage" in the email forum. That way the thread doesn't get pushed up. The only time you don't sage is when you're adding new milk - or content, like a video or artwork or a tweet screenshot.

No. 351746

So, now that we are in 2019, is there anything you all want to try/improve on in your own artwork?

No. 351753

i've spent a lot of time on techniques and learning different mediums and now i'm going back to the fundamentals, particularly perspective and gesture. i think my art looks too stiff

No. 351767

drawing more from life. i plan on taking a few life drawing lessons this year as time affords.

No. 351796

honestly I just want to draw/paint more. I only made maybe 10 paintings/completed drawings and barely sketched last year because of school, work and life all just piling up. I really miss making art and seeing improvement.

No. 351804

I used to enjoy listening to TwistedDisaster's rambles as background noise, but these videos are getting worse and worse…

No. 351811

I agree tbh. I can see the progression of kelogsloops' technical skills…but it's still the same boring as hell subject matter. The same colors, the same subject matter, the same white and gold accents. Just feels like he's wasting his talents drawing the same thing over and over again.

No. 351828

He has had some women with Asian features in his paintings and with kois swimming around but besides that there is no variation.

No. 351832

These are my goals too. I also really want to start posting online again after a nearly 10 year break. I get a lot of people asking to see my work when I mention I draw but I never have anything to show for it. Maybe I'll use IG but I find it to be a pain,

No. 351839

I want to draw a lot more myself because 2018 was a horrible year in terms of the amount of art I actually did. Easily my worst year so I'm going to fix that this year. Other than that, just practice on my anatomy.

I actually still use my DeviantART when I upload work. I know DeviantART gets a bad rap but if you ignore the BS, it's a pretty awesome site and I always preferred it more than Tumblr because I like how it's built to encourage social interaction.

TwistedDisaster is such a mixed bag for me because I don't mind listening to her stories while I'm driving home from work but I agree, some of the stories are getting very… Weird almost to the point of not believable or exaggeration. I started feeling this way ever since her "Wow 2018 Sucks" video. When she got to the part where she said people told her that she and her husband need to be "Sterilized", I "noped" right there. I cannot believe someone would actually say something like that. The belittling of her freelance art job, being told they need to move out, etc. Yeah I can believe that but "Sterilized", yeah no. Either she's lying or she's exaggerated.

No. 351888

Yeah I'm thinking of going back to DA. It is still the most "usable", easy to navigate option out there. I logged into my old acct a while ago and nearly everyone I used to follow deactivated which sucks, I wish dedicated art sites would make a comeback, I personally can't stand wading through art accts on tumblr/twitter

No. 351896

I want to start painting again, I haven't been doing it as much because of school and work, also to re establish myself online

No. 351898

I've got nothing against rev charging those prices but i do have something against him as a person. He's kinda a dick.

No. 351900

Spill the milk please.

No. 351908


I miss DA. I improved so much while I was active on that site because people actually gave harsh/honest critiques. All I get on other websites as are likes and the occasional generic comment, and not a lot of them either because I still haven't gotten good at the whole being noticed on ig/twitter thing.

Sometimes I wish that I was relevant enough to have anons tear my work apart so that I could know what areas need improvement because I'm seriously lost right now.

No. 351909

What parts of your art are you unhappy with? Is it conceptual or technical stuff that you're struggling with?

No. 351914


I've gotten really good at drawing flowers, plants, insects and people from a couple of generic angles and… that's it.

Also, even though I draw a lot of varied faces I feel I focus so much on making everyone beautiful that my work ends up lacking substance. But when I try to draw average/ugly people it just ends up looking uncanny.

I'm thinking of just going back to the basics this year and just doing a bunch of studies, but I'm having a hard time escaping my comfort zone.

No. 351915

Maybe trying doing quick sketches of people that you see outside, since having to work fast makes it hard to make people "pretty." Or, maybe take a break from drawing people and focus on subjects that are more technical, like buildings. I find when I try something complete out of my usual field of choice I end up coming back to my favorite subject matters refreshed.

No. 351917


That's really good advice, actually. I think I'll try some technical drawings for a bit.

I feel like I improved a lot on my first few years of drawing, and after that I sort of just stagnated. There are drawings I made 4 years ago that are better than the things I'm drawing now and that's seriously embarrassing.

No. 351918

He's just generally kind of an elitist in the utau community, making fun of how people make their voicebanks and also taking old utau and "redesigning" them like he's some sort of utau savior. It's not milk but that's why I have beef with him.

Anyway if you're gonna spend $45 there's someone on Twitter with a similar style but cleaner and actually shaded like pic related

No. 351919

Oh I know that feeling, once I went to college and took posting on YT more serious was when my art suffered big time. Since I started drawing animals and landscapes did I actually find my stride again.

No. 351920

NTA but what the fuck is the utau community? is the western one some kind of vocaloid shit? the japanese community is for cover artists since utau just means singer. sage for OT but fuck weebs.

No. 351921


Art is a real pain in the ass sometimes. Switching over to traditional art has helped me improved a little because I was relying too much on my digital tools, so I think I'll do those technical drawings on a new sketchbook

No. 351922

File: 1547094595198.jpg (965.91 KB, 1000x1082, IMG_20190110_120641.jpg)

forgot to add pic
utau is a program that's sorta like vocaloid except you can make your own voice sing in the program. As such there's a shitton of utau out there some good, many terrible and a lot of people think they're better than the next person for this or that reason

there is so much elitism regarding voicebank recording methods, what mic to use, how many pitches to record, design, tuning.

Recently there was a plugin released that tuned usts(the files that make the utau sing) automatically and there was drama in the comments because it was "cheating"

No. 351923

Awesome, good luck with your future work!

No. 351926

ty for explaining anon! weebs are a hell of a drug.

No. 351928

i should do this too. i rely wayy too much on liquify to fix my mistakes.

No. 351944

I still don't get how DA basically died and nothing has really replaced it. So weird that it's just full of autistic MS Paint fetish fan art now.

No. 351945

What killed DA? By the time I started using it it wasn't as popular and engagement was pretty low.

No. 351955

Don't hold me to this, but I feel like tumblr was a big contributing factor.

No. 351956

That's a good question, I've never been able to figure it out.

No. 351958

Definitely contributed to it, but DA was already dying by the time tumblr came around.

No. 351961

I could never get into Tumblr, the layout was weird and not as user friendly as DA. It's interesting though since DA is now widely known for having copious amounts of furries and balloon fetish art rather than a place where people would post more "serious" art. If that makes any sense, again, I wasn't around during DA's glory days and now it just seems like a place that gets roasted by commentary channels.

No. 351962

If you figure out how to build engagement on DA let me know, I can't get noticed for anything other than fanart.

No. 351964

This is going back years, but I remember DA either was getting really strict on erotic art or attempted to ban it entirely, so a large portion of the community moved to SheezyArt (rip you furry website, you) which then eventually banned erotic art itself, which resulted in a different website being created….

This all went down over a decade ago, so my memory of the events are spotty. I also remember a lot of drama going on with the dA community itself but I couldn't tell you what happened besides one of the people who founded it ragequitting.

Basically I'm not sure it's any one thing; dA's reputation was nose-diving by the mid-aughts.

No. 351970

My problem with dA is all the long and arbitrary categories you have to put your stuff in there’s like ten of them that all mean “fan art” so it’s like, how do u even look for things?

No. 351978

Yep, i vaguely remember all that. I do remember there being a lot of staff drama.

No. 351981

there was so much shady stuff going on that I was super involved with when it happened but now I can't remember a single detail lol. whatever it was my friends and I did all wind up migrating to sheezy art til it died.

No. 352205

Oh man Sheezyart, that's taking it back I remember that place not lasting (or maybe it did and my perception of time is warped because it was long ago) but I remember they tried to revive it numerous times but just couldn't seem to gain the traction for support. The community by then was all fractured and migrating to other websites that looked promising.

And through all of it, the ones that managed to stick around were dA and FurAffinity, lmao. FA didn't surprise me, furries are some of the most loyal fans (for better or worse) and every year or so has a new outbreak of drama itself causing like 2% of its user base to migrate to some slick looking fa alternative, but it never seems to catch on. so people keep crawling back.

Pillowfort is another option though it's still in beta. I managed to grab myself a key and check it out. Seems alright. does anyone else have any opinion on it?

A lot of folks are using it as a haven for displacement from Tumblr's NSFW wipe, but no website really wants to host NSFW if they're making no money, especially not a kickstarted one
sorry for rambling

No. 352235


I haven't been on it in a long time, but one thing that helped me a lot was joining groups. Especially those where you have to make an OC for said group.

I'd get like 100 new followers every time I submitted my character sheet to a new group and then a dozen more every time I made artwork for it. A bunch of group members would end up drawing my OCs too without me even asking them too, which also generated a lot of traffic back to my account because when they submitted their pieces people wanted to check out the person that had been responsible for creating said character.

I really enjoyed being a part of that community so I was very friendly to other members, which meant that I would sometimes get invited to join more exclusive groups. Those more exclusive groups had bigger followings because they were mostly compromised of artists that were more popular than me, which meant that joining those got me more followers than I'd get from joining a regular group. Also since those popular artists were often times more skilled than me it made me want to work harder at drawings because I didn't want my art to look crappy in comparison to theirs.

A lot of people seemed to be intimidated by OC groups in general because they assume it means you have to RP, but really a lot of people don't really RP at all and it's mostly a bunch of random head-canons. Or sometimes people will want to "RP" in drawing form rather than writing (kinda like working on a joint comic)

Have since stopped doing that because it was a huge time commitment and also a lot of the good friends I met on DA started leaving the site so it just wasn't all that fun anymore.

No. 352239

I dont think anyone should rebuild a da account at this point the site has crumbled a lot even though da has tried to crack down on fetish art it still pops up on the main page so no one checks the main page anymore they're in the process of making it updated but its been so long since they last update the look of the site the whole userbase is kinda fragmented,, like people enjoy the update but a lot of users dont like it (the only way to even view the update is to have a core account)
the only way to 'get noticed' on da lately is to post to like 100s of groups and not many people watch groups for art anymore,,
ive tried posting every day and adding tags and just wasnt noticing any improvement in my engagement,,
if there are art theives on da the only people who can make a report against them are the original artist and sometimes they dont have da accounts so its a pain in the neck to make a da just to get rid of the stolen artwork,,
these problems and a lot more are why i left da starting this year,,

No. 352291

DeviantArt used to be a lot more streamlined when I first started using it, that was decades ago.
Now it has too much going on.. just too many categories, subcategories, dingbats and llamas.. I hate it.
It's overwhelming and it makes the platform way too slow performance wise.
The only thing I'd ever consider DA for is their portfolio portion.

No. 352299

Used to love deviantart, I met some of my best friends there. Is anyone gonna check out the new site they're planning out?

No. 352307

File: 1547148016785.jpeg (202.61 KB, 750x594, 55E9FF3E-D1FA-4AB1-98CD-45CFCD…)

Is it just me or the light source is all over the place?

No. 352331

I like Kaseys illustrations but you're right, she doesn't always get the shadows right like in this piece

No. 352332

I preferred the perspective on the first one along with the line work on the Bunny. I get that she's going for a specific look but the final is just too flat, if that makes sense.

No. 352336


I'm not getting a sense of flow with this picture. My eye just kind of goes all over the place with it, it may be that it's too cluttered and there's too many lines going in too many directions.

Like, if the bunny were outlined more clearly or the trees didn't have such stark black (like if it were more faded/washed into the bg) there'd be a better sense of distinction, but here everything seems a bit too saturated. My eye goes right to the yellow on the right. The shadows on this are clunky and don't help, but that isn't the first thing that I find that's amiss, it's the lines.

No. 352337

She could have used a lighter colored pencil for the trees in the distance to give the impression of them being farther away, but then again she hates them because OMG THEY'RE EVIL

No. 352384

more revo milk i literally never see anyone talk about because it's kind of old (these years seem to be wiped from tumblr or something, but he went by rebellioustroll at the time)…. his old art style was a direct ripoff of a japanese artist who went by "uracata" on tumblr and he even lied about being friends with her.
here's revo's side http://revolocities.tumblr.com/post/132777144066/concerning-some-issuesplease-read
but uracata used to have an entry on her tumblr detailing the events differently and how she was still getting harassed like a year+ later by his friends and fans

i also remember, from when i used to follow him, at some point he flipped out on a follower for making a pixel sprite version of one of his drawings as a gift to him and instead of responding kindly or thankfully he flipped out on them for copying his art lmao. really ironic considering he was copying at the time…..

No. 352471


More recent drama is people calling him out for drawing nsfw-ish art of the player characters in Pokémon. He also drew art of a dead guy shitting his pants, which a lot of people got upset about.

I don’t think there’s much else to say about Kendy, he’s just a weirdo fundashi.

No. 352475

I thought about starting to use DA again, but the site is such a mess. It isn't worth it.

No. 352498

In sourh park every time someone died they shat their pants…

No. 352577

The magic with modern DA is to just watch artists whose work you like. You can do this by joining groups. I would say just use the browse feature but yeah, you'll mostly just see the MS Paint stuff because it's mostly done by kids who have all the free time to spend constantly uploading new pics whereas the actual stuff you want to see can get buried hence why groups are a great way to discover new artists. That or trying out the thumbshare forum.

It was Tumblr first then followed by Patreon lol.

I feel like another sole reason was that a lot of people who used the site back in the day were middle schoolers to teenagers and at the time there weren't many competing sites. Fast forward to the late early 2010s and Tumblr gets more recognized followed by Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon and the artists who got their start on DeviantART during the earliest years eventually migrated to Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

No. 352589

What new site? I haven't heard anything about this.

No. 352606

File: 1547172729194.jpg (100.29 KB, 1260x634, fairloke_s_da_layout_by_fairlo…)

it's just an updated version of the old site not really a new one,,
A lot of people have been accusing it of being an art station copy (I believe)
The example I'm showing is not my da page I don't even have a core membership it's just one i found while googling

No. 352612

File: 1547174811973.png (4.03 MB, 2095x2126, toki.png)

i don't know if this belongs in here, since tokimekiwaku is (was?) a tumblr artist not a yt one.
i used to really like her art when i was an active tumblr user, i checked back on her blog and her style has really changed. it's so plain and ugly now and the character's heads all look strangely flat. just wanted to bitch about it bc it made me sad.
(new art is top row, old is bottom)

No. 352614

Wow, her art has really declined. I hate to say it because it's so cliche, but Tumblr influence seems to have done in the most appealing parts of her style.

No. 352618

Cuz anime

No. 352619

It’s not just the light source, I also thought the parachute was weird hat or something because warm colors will move forward in an illustration while cool colors push back, so it doesn’t look to scale if the parachute belongs to the bunny and by cropping the tree it looks like a weird branch. If she pushed the parachute back by making it lighter and the bunny warmer, it would work better but it’s a poor understanding of color temperature

No. 352620

It looks like a bad Winamp skin

No. 352633

File: 1547177911138.jpeg (297.25 KB, 1146x1460, 63422239-58F4-4290-A744-7D363B…)

Does every single female character really need to be turned into a pinup anime girl. I mean fucking really. Of all the things in the world, why a toddlers show about a dog.

No. 352640

i used to like her art a lot but i bought almost 10 dollars worth of stickers from her a long time ago and never got them and she never answered any of my emails. i've unfollowed since then and never forgave her.

No. 352645

File: 1547180566548.png (234.51 KB, 784x771, blue.PNG)

lol well i thought it was cute tbh

No. 352649


Why are the pupils all wonky. blue's eyes are like constantly cross it's bugging me she looks like a fucking idiot.

No. 352667

Pretty cool video by an artist who knows what she's talking about. That being said, I think she's missing some of the shading that Eyvind Earle used.

No. 352669

Lol yeah I prefer this to the edgelord grimdark AU crap people usually put kids characters in.

No. 352671

File: 1547183873551.jpeg (Spoiler Image,98.53 KB, 800x800, 5B17B8AD-DCAA-441F-ACEC-739BD7…)

When I see this all I can see is shit like this that’s usually drawn, just tamer. Why won’t people stop sexualising kids shows

No. 352674

Because a noir femme fatale isn’t an edgelord thing to do?

No. 352704

Do people still use artstation?

No. 352779

So there are other places for posting art that's not filled with MsPaint fetish art and Sonic Oc?

No. 352780

File: 1547205840247.png (17.7 KB, 591x164, 2019-01-11 22_21_20-Twitter.pn…)

it's like he predicted rae's future lol

No. 352887

Why is it that every time I see an artist complaining about someone stealing their art style it's always either really shit or, if it is good, it's really generic? Saw someone retweeted onto my feed complaining about it, but their art really didn't look any different from any other semirealistic painted anime. Ooh, the hair doesn't have lines this time..! They really said they invented that technique. Is it really that unique enough to complain about seeing other people doing it? I don't understand the concept of "copying someone's style" and I never have.

No. 352891

What do you think about this video?

No. 352903

So, Watercolor Anons, what do you all think of cold press vs hot press vs rough texture paper? I used to hate textured paper but after playing with cold press for a few months I found it to be my favorite type.

No. 352904

Yeah it’s what most pros use cuz places like da are too convoluted and like concept art.org is dead, tumblr is dead, Twitter is shit and there really isn’t a good place to post art. You still get weird ass fetish art and weird boobs from people who obviously spent more time on them than the rest of the body

No. 352909

I like both ok but I find I can layer more on cold press vs hot press and I can’t find a hot press I like that doesn’t buckle that isn’t like arches watercolor blocks (suggestions appreciated if anyone has any).

No. 352912

I've tried the canson heritage hot press paper and have like it, it's sturdy and doesn't buckle too bad, though I haven't tried it in block form so I can't really attest to that form's quality. I wouldn't recommend the Fluid hot press paper, I've tried it for watercolor and the way it takes water is a bit weird. It does work pretty well for gouache though.

No. 352915

I feel like Lavendertowne is running out of ideas at this point this is such a lazy challenge imo

No. 352916

I find her redesign videos and book-to-movie videos, but it seems the videos her preteen fanbase want the most are the retarded OMG MEMEZ AS KAWAII GIRLZ LOL shit and these dumb challenges. Shame.

No. 352918

File: 1547236509842.jpg (125.74 KB, 791x1011, itsallaboutME.jpg)

Does anyone else dislike VCR-Wolfe? I see her art all the time and she's so fucking annoying. It wouldn't bother me that she's yet another they/them genderfluid asexual(but not really) artist pretending to not be white, who makes all of her characters mentally ill gayboi genderfluid furry degenerates if she didn't have such a huge equally obnoxious following of artists who do the exact same thing in the exact same style

No. 352919


Their inability to make art without the chromatic aberration edges is pitiful.

Also it's not 'cute' to romanticize mental disorders. I hate this drawing. It's so their followers can go "oh, same!",
And yeah they're an asshole, I seem to remember there being milk on em but I can't remember what it was a bout or where I found it. It was a lot of IRL bullshit iirc.


I favor hot press, because I like drawing on smooth paper for the inital sketch, and I hate the smudging cold press bumps tend to give me, but lately I've been using cold press just to get used to it. I do like the overall texture. If the paper has SOME tooth but not too much it's fine.

i use the fluid hot press, but only the 100% cotton kind. It seems to work well though my problem with that brand is some of the blocks have glue that's too strong and i run the risk of ripping the paper no matter how slow I go trying to pull it away.

No. 352921

File: 1547237824019.png (286.22 KB, 750x1334, 872131BE-ADD5-42B9-A11B-399D70…)

If gothcell/egospit/spitcell does make one, it’ll be very milky.

No. 352924

I had a similar issue with blocks in the past so I've just started cutting them out with an exacto knife. A pretty nice brand of cold press is the Strathmore 500 series, it has just enough texture and is 100 percent cotton.

No. 352926

> oh look, Minnie actually bother to create a video without an ad-
Damn, at this point every video she uploads is an ad for some stupid service.

No. 352932

Name sounded familiar to me, then I remembered she popped up a few times in /a/'s weekend waifu drawthreads, that place was full of milk in its golden days. Nothing interesting though, she just drew an obnoxious shitposter' s waifu to get attention.

No. 352973

I got used with drawing and painting on cold press texture. Canson XL is a good brand imo, I got used with the way it absorbs water.

I don't have much experience with cotton rag paper, because an arches pad cost an arm and a kidney here where I live. I managed to get my hands on some clairefontaine cotton rag cold press back in my exchange student days, it's a good paper and CF is an underrated brand. Their quality is as good as canson/arches and it's comparatively cheaper.

The only hotpress paper I've tried was a cellulose hanemühle gummed pad and the way the paper soaked the water felt weird to me. I personally think it's better for a beginner to start with a fine grain cold press and then afterwards switch to hot press if they want to make more illustrations where you need to achieve fine details precisely without the hindrance of paper texture. To the complains about pencil sketch smudge, try switching your sketch pencil to a colored one, like a prismacolor col-erase or even a cheap watersoluble colored pencil.

No. 352979

Is Minnie physically incapable of making a non-sponsored video? Even though YouTube is her JOB and she's just sitting around her house all day?

No. 352981

I just recently got my hands on a clairefontaine mixed media sketchbook and the quality is pretty awesome for what I paid for, so I totally agree with you.

No. 352998

Probably too busy having a crisis over being a professional creative productive artist Boi do I miss her old videos before yt became her job

No. 353015

Oh anon, pretty please show us a picture of this sketchbook, it sounds like a dream. Did you get in your local art store or on the internet?

Speaking of sketchbooks, I've never found one commercially available that is specifically for watercolor AND has hot pressed paper. All watercolor sketchbooks I've seen on YouTube have cold pressed texture. (Can't look at them irl because I don't live in North America/Europe where art materials are varied and aplenty)

No. 353024

I used the canson moulin du Roy rolls. They’re a bit on the pricier side since it’s bulk but if highly recommend them to anyone who’s serious about watercolours and produces a lot of paintings. They’re 300gsm 100% cotton, so they can take a lot of water without buckling, and since there’s 9m of it you’re set for a long time. To answer your question though, my favourite is rough, I live the huge amount of texture it gives, only issue is that it’ll eat up any pencils you use on it

No. 353025

Stillman & Birn Zeta series is hot press cellulose (I've never seen hot press cotton in a sketchbook). It's probably my favourite sketchbook find so far and available in a variety of sizes on amazon. I got a small one to try and liked it so much I ordered another large book. I work ink, watercolor, water soluble graphite, and gouache in it with only minor warping of the paper.

No. 353026

ZosiacLord made a rebuttal

No. 353027

File: 1547254375294.jpeg (233.16 KB, 1005x548, 340E988F-5277-4B3C-94AE-F38D73…)

No. 353034

I know this is usually for salt, but are there any fellow Aussie artists? If so, what Australian brand supplies do you like to use? Supporting local businesses is one of my top priorities purchase wise, and I also just want to find something that is readily accessible and doesn’t rip my ass in half with its price. So far I’ve found the Matisse acrylics and Art Spectrum pastels to be great, but I’m hoping to find more good local products

No. 353041

Have you checked Liz Steel or Jane Blundell? They're Australian watercolorists and both have a blog to talk about art materials. They probably have a post about Aussie art materials.

No. 353048

If u search “hot press watercolor pad” on amazon there’s a super cheap hot press sketchbook by MozArt and it’s not gonna win awards and the paper is pretty average but it is 12$ so can’t be too bothered

No. 353051

hate Wolfe so much. She's such a slimy person who takes joy in ruining people's reputation and friendships. Many artists I loved got ruined by her influence or her hate. I don't understand how can such a mean person feel zero shame

No. 353056

Clickbait title. Eh, maybe it's cuz I'm an oldfag but this kind of debate on style has already been beaten dead several times over. I get her point but I think it's poorly articulated/presented.

This is a more articulate/comprehensive version of the other video. To me, most young artists need to hear this as they tend to get hung up on the great style debate, "copying" and being uwu the most speshul over working on the fundamentals and stepping outside of their comfort zones and creating a variety of work.

No. 353071

I have a love/hate relationship. Constantly starting drama over literally nothing and then turning tail the moment someone pulls out the facts about her lol. Weirdly fetishistic about intersex people.

Good source of chuckles ngl

No. 353072

I had picked it up at a local art store in the US that is known for having uncommon supplies. I haven't been able to find it on Amazon in English, so I might not be looking in the right places. So far it's been much sturdier than my pentalic sketchbook which seems to have been apart of their bad batch.

No. 353084

Oh ok cool. I didn't realize it was still active. Maybe I'll check it out.

No. 353085


lol nope, bye.

No. 353118

wow… why would anyone make this like bpd is something to be proud of? this is so bad…

No. 353182

I think anons here are way too quick to dismiss artists if they don’t believe their work is varied enough. You guys seem to be hyper focused on this one detail, that you’re ignoring the very simple reason why established artists tend to stick only a handful of themes/subjects - it’s integral to their artistic voice. Artists are recognised for thei stylistic choices; linework, colour palettes, overall mood, subjects, and so on. I know most of you are probably pretty young, and honestly most likely intermediate, but having consistency in your work isn’t the end of the world. If you vary too much you’ll end up being a jack of all trades while a master of none.
Linked video is a good example, you guys were going on about how he isn’t good because his work is consistently the same themes and subjects, but objectively speaking he’s obviously skilled. He’s found his voice and is applying a wealth of technical skills and knowledge to convey his ideas which result in very pleasing finished pieces so I have absolutely no idea what you guys are even nitpicking at this point.
I know this is a gossip site and shouldn’t be taken too seriously but you’ve created an echo chamber in this thread that you find to be gospel while none of you seem to have any artistic knowledge outside of the basics. I like sperging out here and there too but it gets really tiresome of reading the same nitpicks over and over and over again
Overall you anons need to realise that you don’t actually know all that much while you fling a lot of shit

No. 353211

Chill. You’re taking it way too seriously. Most of the comments on these threads have a lot of constructive criticism, critique that is valid (like kasey golden and lavendertown both need to practice anatomy and realism - its an obvious critique for them) but a lot of it is just venting. Let people vent. This isn’t the place to nitpick what people can complain about and its definitely not the place to talk shit about the other anons.
There’s a difference between having an artistic voice and being a one trick pony. Let people bitch about the artists who aren’t challenging themselves and rely on the crutch of their wonky ass “style”.
Tldr: chill

No. 353218

Didn’t really talk shit, all i said is most here are young and/or intermediate so they don’t know as much as they seem to think they do. And just because it’s venting doesn’t mean that it isn’t open to argued, if you’re going to throw shit then you have to be willing to catch it. Didn’t realise this is an uwu safe space where anons views can’t be challenged because it’s just muh opinion

I brought up stylistic choices specifically because it has been talked a lot about in previous threads and no one thinks past ‘they don’t vary their work, bad artist’

No. 353220

LMAO bye then

No. 353222

Call me delusional anon, but when don't you have to be a jack of all trades (kinda) to make a whole illustration work? Or are you saying we should just focus on one thing kek? I think you misunderstood some anons here. Young (read:beginner) artists should challenge themselves instead of doing the same 3/4 headshot of a pretty girl. That dude you linked, yeah, to me he's skilled but boring. I prefer jack of all trades artists to artists like him tbh. And that's it. Just an opinion, chill

No. 353226

My point, anon, is people are going to disagree with your opinion. I like te artist you linked. I like their work, i like their channel. I dont mind he works on the same subject and theme, for me it doesn’t matter because I think he is skilled enough for it. That doesn’t mean it won’t bother other anons though. I like the artist, but their work hasn’t progressed much the last year, and maybe pushing themselves out of their comfort zone could help. Maybe other anons complaining about it have a point.

No. 353227

That’s obviously not what I’m saying. I even said in my original post that established artists will not vary too huge an amount - and I don’t mean that they all do bust up pretty girl portraits, but everything they do will be of the same flavour. Yeah, once people get further in their art careers they tend to focus on one area, whether that be food , animals, portraiture, highly illustrative work, still life’s, and I don’t see how this is a controversial thing to point out. You’ll never get good if you try to do absolutely everything, and before you put words in my mouth I don’t mean that they only ever draw one thing, but an abstract artist shouldn’t be expected to vary into hyper realism. It irked me when anons went on about how the artist I linked consistently creates floaty ethereal pieces when that it is quite obviously his stylistic choice and one that he still improves on
You keep telling me to chill but you’re also clearly annoyed enough by what I’ve said to keep replying to me so why am I apparently not allowed to express my annoyance.

No. 353231

File: 1547309332867.jpg (114.61 KB, 750x918, ee5e7e276cac22c373c3eca1e049fc…)

I understand what you mean and it does make sense for an art exhibition to have one only theme in common (for example I went to a Divine Comedy themed Dalì exposition, so all artworks exposed were only Divine Comedy scenes) and it also makes sense for an artist to keep one consistent style. The problem comes with drawing the same subject over and over all your life.
Contrast the artist you posted with someone like, dunno, Van Gogh to make an immediate example.
Van Gogh experimented and then came out with a consistent style, but subjects varied. One time it's a pair of shoes, then a bearded man, some flowers, a landscape in the night. Not all of his paintings are a vase of sunflowers just slightly different

No. 353234

You sound very personally offended to be taking the matter this seriously, and you keep trying to hide it behind flowery language; are you the artist (because lurking fans are sure to go cry to the criticized artists when they get mentioned) or someone who has heard the one-trick-pony criticism as well? Sure sounds like either, otherwise what's it to you?

What I have to say to you is, Lolcow is about milk, and your defensive sperging sure isn't bringing any, so maybe this isn't the place for you. We get a case of "let me set the record straight, you're WRONG about this" every once in a while, like this is a hivemind and not several people all agreeing to some degree.

No. 353235

I get what you’re saying, but even with Van Gogh his stylistic choices aren’t particular varied. If it came off as me sperging out over subjects specifically, because I’ve been trying to articulate this whole time that I’m annoyed by anons itt seemingly constantly expecting variation from artists in all aspects of their work
No one gets better by constantly hopping from one thing to the next, I don’t understand why so many people seem to have an issue with even an artist using the same medium for the majority of their pieces
I won’t bother arguing anymore since at this point I’m just repeating myself and coming off as a retard, but I wholeheartedly disagree that some of you seem to think that those commenting within this thread can’t be disagreed with just because it’s their opinion

No. 353236

Honestly drawing the same subject and theme is a common problem with youtube artists. If you like the art you’re not going to mind if its repetitive, but its still valid criticism. If an artist doesn’t want to improve thats their perrogative but people are still going to criticise it. Having an artitstic voice or a focus doesn’t mean you’re immune from criticism

No. 353237

I’m not trying to hide behind flowery language, it’s literally just how I write

Sage because obviously ot. Like I’ve said, I’ll stop since I’m not articulating what I mean all that well and I’m coming off as a dickhead.

No. 353238

Not even that anon but imo simply going "I don't like this popular artist" isn't all that milky either.

No. 353240

No I do agree with you, like I don't believe Kasey should completely change style just to appease people who personally don't like it, and she does vary subjects between humans and animals and some neat backgrounds; while the pretty-white-lady-on-purple/blue-background artist draws only that over and over.

No. 353251

My criticism of the "great style debate" is aimed at beginner/young artists because they tend to hyper focus on a single subject and style and hold on to it to their determent. Exploring outside of the comfort zone is necessary for both creative and technical growth and I do not expect to ever see that process (it's usually ugly and that's okay), but I can tell from looking at the work they do produce and share if they've gone through that process or not because it shows in their technical ability.

Kelogsloops is a great example of an artist that is technically developed to the point where he can make stylistic choices to capture moods/feelings with his subjects. His choices may not be everyone's cup of tea but he does have the skills to branch off in a different direction if he chose to.

Spitcell/Creepshow are example of artists clinging to their "style" for dear life because they've integrated that style into their identity and the technical development has stagnated and it's these types that I have an issue with.

No. 353253

His art is very beautiful and he deserves this exhibition because he worked hard and he is talented indeed.

But: Unfortunately his art is also very generic because nowadays there are dozens of artists drawing like that. Nobody is going to remember him in 10 years and his art won't be worth a penny. Mark my words. It's not always about aesthetics and ~good art.

No. 353288

I'll be honest I couldn't be fucked to watch it. It's an hour long.

No. 353290

He barely paints nahtging outside of dark blues, and pale peachy skin. I wonder if he’ll get bored and move on to another aesthetic to latch onto for awhile

No. 353293

I guess what makes his work different from, let's say, Danica's work, is the movement, color palette in that he uses warm and cool colors to separate figures and give the impression of distance, and emotion that his figures give off. When I compare these two artists, I genuinely don't seem much change in Danica's work from a couple years ago til now (still the same wet on dry technique and liner pens), while with Keloog's he's moved from a more free flowing style to a more control, purposeful use of his paint. While I agree that we as artists should always strive to hone our skills and make an effort to do better with each painting we create, I think it's still pretty impressive what he has accomplish thus far and how his art seems to really speak to people. If he keeps up the momentum I could see him evolving and going in a different direction, I would like to see what he could do through the incorporation of various animals.

No. 353299

I watched and it kind of explains a lot about why she says she’s more used to getting hate. Her being on lolcow kind of seems like how she copes with shit after years of someone attacking her online. Makes sense why she is so stand offish.

Also her art in this video has improved a lot. Like she does hands and the colors actually work nicely together

No. 353305

All the style talk can lead to a different argument: some artists, those that live from their art in particular, just find something that sells and stick to that. Like Jaw Cooper, you can't dismiss her technical skills, but she mostly just draws girls and animals, because that's what she's good at and that's what people buy from her the most. Is it selling out or is just being smart about business and not wanting to lose your paying customers?

No. 353307

This is a point that I've heard brought up by various professionals, I think even Juicy Ink had mentioned that when she made the initiative to change her style she lost some customers.

No. 353313

Are you talking about urself in the third person, Creep?

No. 353315

His art is full of emotional depth in my opinion and despite the same-y subject, its the way he captures a mood that I find so interesting. Danica is a technically good artist, but her work is so cold and empty emotionally, mirroring how she talks when describing her process.

No. 353318

Anyone talking about creep is creep herself, confirmed

No. 353328

>talks shit about artists
>gets mad when they get it back

No. 353337

File: 1547324858760.png (2.76 MB, 944x1530, muchdiverseverywow.png)

You're welcome to like Kelogsloops if you want. Nobody here is going to stop you. And is Hieu improving? Yeah, I'd say so. He's been drawing the same girl in the same color scheme over and over again for the last, what, three or four years? It'd be concerning if he wasn't improving.

I actually see similarities in Danica and Hieu. Both are technically good artists, but both have clear comfort zones and don't ever leave them. If you go back two years, you can see Danica's improved in some ways, like her line quality and her skill at manipulating watercolors. But both of them are pretty tiresome because they refuse to experiment or challenge themselves in any way.

I mean… it's obvious why people like his work. It is very pretty, and it is technically solid. And if he can make a career out of drawing the same pasty faced chick, then good for him. Doesn't change the validity of the critique, though.

No. 353344

nta but dude barely anything in this thread has been particularly milky, crying about an artist painting the same shit barely qualifies as milk anyway

No. 353348

Who gives a shit about diversity in art, if people want to draw the same person with same face over and over they can. Where's the actual milk where these artist personalities do shitty things like these threads used to be about?

No. 353351

True, but I'd personally rather read those kinds of comments (non-milky as they are, at least they're salty) than the same 1 person sperging "Y'all are WRONG and I'm RIGHT because REASONS"

No. 353369

>I know most of you are probably pretty young, and honestly most likely intermediate, but having consistency in your work isn’t the end of the world. If you vary too much you’ll end up being a jack of all trades while a master of none.

This really depends on what your endgame goals are. If you're planning on mainly on selling illustration and gallery shows it can be helpful to have a niche. If you're looking to freelance a lot of employers want to see a varied portfolio.

No. 353373

Fair enough. He just gets mentioned a lot in these threads by virtue of being a semi-prominent YouTube artist. Not really milky, though, seems like an okay guy.

No. 353386

She’s so irrelevant she has to sperg and stomp her feet until we bring her up and when we’ve moved on because she’s still irrelevant she brings herself up in an attempt to ‘show us’ her ‘improvement’. Creep you’re still irrelevant and basic. No one currs you’re goffic and ‘real’. Also your art looks like prison tier tattoo artist.

No. 353398

I won't be watching this one just on account of it being so long.
It takes a certain trait or level of vulnerability to talk about yourself on a personal level, that's why I think she gets the views that she does.

That and she revels in drama and controversy.
I mean good on her for finding something that works for her and is profitable.
I think in few years her artwork could be way better but from an artists perspective I don't think she's good.
Certainly not good enough to do tutorials or lessons of any sort.. probably why her drama videos do so well.

No. 353402

ok so? and that anon doesn't want to read THOSE posts, doesn't mean you have to stop making them. just don't delude yourself about this being about "a sacred place for MILK and if you dont like it then LEAVE" when you're contributing to the problem you established of a lack of milky posts

No. 353404

Well, Kasey is back to drawing dog dicks.

No. 353423

File: 1547334940654.png (371.41 KB, 574x587, 2019-01-13 10_13_42-(2) DOGS D…)

what is her reasoning for doing this? it's fucking jarring that she's going for "anatomical correctness" when her drawings are so heavily stylized and cartoony. from skimming the video the ones i saw don't even appear to be placed correctly. idk if she's just getting off to annoying people with poorly drawn dog dicks or if she's really this dense.

No. 353451

I think she thinks it’s funny? I like her art 50% of the time but she’s been NEVER funny.

Does one sage in email or subject?

No. 353453

File: 1547342287899.jpg (96.96 KB, 810x544, deep-waters.jpg)

First I thought Audrey is the artist of these paintings. His work is definetely a copy of hers. Detailed peachy skin, 2D hair and some ornaments. Even the faces look similar. Only the canvas is different.

I don't know who was the first one to draw this kind of style but it's getting tiring. So many artists are copying her. Audrey made this style popular in 2005. Now it's 2019. Let's see what trend is coming next.

Sure Kelogsloops will have a good life as an artist because he has a big online following but not because his art pieces are outstanding. He is a copycat and will latch on any popular style, I totally agree >>353290

What a shame, he is so talented…

No. 353526

I thought this looked pretty neat until I saw that poorly drawn penis.

No. 353527

idk they kind of fit the general art style, it would be odd to have a hyper-realistic dog dick. i think it's cute.

No. 353532

This is fair criticism, but Happy D does the same sort of surreal female figures, I don't think it's necessarily a conscious choice.

No. 353537

It's just so stylized and cartoony that adding a dick is just kinda…sus.

No. 353542

Where's the face reveal?

No. 353546

What was the fetish site?

No. 353554

No. 353560

Why do you guys get so worked up over the dog dicks, they’re not overly detailed and honestly fit the style. I’d say it’s adding as much detail as adding tufts of fur here and there is, really not a big deal - it’s not like they’re red rockets

No. 353561

how many cartoon dogs have you seen with a dick? lol.

No. 353563

Didn't Kasey make a vid where she got all up in arms about her right to draw dog dicks? It's freaky to focus on that shit so hard that you NEED to draw a penis on a cute cartoon animal for no reason.

No. 353564

Do you also get upset when someone draws a cartoon animal with nipples or butthole?

No. 353565

is the issue that they are cartoon? i know kasey's work can sometimes be innocent and child-like, but it isn't like cartoon dog dicks are really uncommmon online…

No. 353567

are you equating kasey's work with furry porn? LOL.

No. 353568

not equating, more compare/contrasting. a dog dick is a dog dick, dont get me wrong, but the way they are drawn in that video are obviously not in a sexual way, like in furry porn. to me, it feels more like a 'tee-hee' third grade humor sort of way.

No. 353569


Kasey has a very storybook/cartoony style that doesn't lend itself to having weirdly out of place anatomy beyond very implied. Sure, you see plenty of "cartoon dog dicks" online - in pornographic circles. Kasey doesn't draw furry porn, she draws cartoony shit you'd see on kid's TV or in kid's books, places you would rarely see genitalia. Saying "well furfags do it" is disingenuous because Kasey clearly isn't trying to draw furry porn.

No one is outraged because drawing a dog's sheath is suddenly pornographic, it's just incredibly jarring and seems to be borne purely of spite because she got so much shit for doing it in her sketchbook. This little flap between their legs really adds nothing, it's just weird.

If her style was semi-realistic or a study or whatever and she was adding their genitalia then no one would care.

No. 353573

thats a valid critique, only kasey can have an answer for that.

No. 353579

No, I’m saying that plenty of people will draw animals with nipples/buttholes/dicks without it being sexual in nature and they’re not anthropomorphic

No. 353580

File: 1547369426893.jpeg (86.38 KB, 540x540, B33853E8-7F17-4682-8484-BFC8E9…)

Samefag, but here’s an example; very clearly not pornographic, the nipples are a complete nonissue

No. 353582

Yeah but it’s still a really fuckin weird choice like what >>353569 said. Like what does it add to the entire thing other than people who looks at it and are like “why did she draw a penis on a cartoon dog?”

No. 353596

This just seems to mesh more with the grotesque lowbrow style the artist is going for tho…and cat nips aren't a penis. Idk maybe I'm clutching my pearls or grasping at straws but this comic seems like it's trying to be more visually unsettling than kaceys stuff

No. 353602

the comic is obviously supposed to be comical and fat cat nipples are funny. dicks on dogs based off of weeb snacks is just…like…not? and i don't think kasey ever meant for her paintings to be humorous, idk. i'm not offended by kasey's insistence on giving her cartoon dogs dicks (and no other animal), it's just weird and off.

No. 353604

I just thought it was funny she got really upset when parents of kids were like "maybe don't draw dog dicks" and she was like "my art is NOT for children. It's cartoony but it's NOT for children!!!"

i just find that whole issue hilarious

No. 353615

I think it's just a case of Kasey being unable to let go of this particular criticism. She's completely incapable of accepting critique and has this sourpuss attitude that she has to stick it to anyone who disagrees with her rather than acquiesce with any sort of grace. Dog dicks are just a weird hill to die on.

No. 353616

Exactly, you articulated this better than I did. Nips and little x shaped buttholes are kind of funny, including dog sheaths in pics that don't call for them at all is just fuckin weird. I don't necessarily think she's "into" dog dicks or anything but…why.

No. 353740

The funniest part of that to me is she wants to draw children's books. It's like these Yt artists think they exist in a bubble online and their real/professional names being attached to any public statements they make online doesn't apply to their work. Being honest and edgy on social media as a perspective childrens book illustrator just seems so pointless and immature. I'm not saying she can't draw dog dicks, but if kids and parents are saying its a little weird for a children's artist to draw cartoon penises on the same platform they promote their children's book characters and then turn around when they get criticism and decry the existence of unsupervised uncultured children on their channel when they 'clearly never said they were a channel for kids'. Grow up Kacey.

No. 353779

in that case i'd argue for death of the author (or illustrator in this case) but it is a theroretical children book and not a critial work so thats a moot point.

i'd guess a close comparrison to make is a studio like telltale, who made The Walking Dead and Minecraft Story Mode; it was the same studio making different projects for different communities. that may be what kasey is saying when she says 'my videos arent for children'

No. 353795

Ok it isn’t sexual but wtf is it there? What kind of a cat has all the nipples in clear sight? Personal choice and taste but I don’t find it cute or funny and it’s distracting.

No. 353796

She also drew a dog pooping… Seems like she’s got very childish sense o humor?

No. 353858

No. 353859

Pear, don't self post, it's bad forum etiquette.

No. 353861

im not pear actually haha im just very disappointed with her new video theres already 100s of watercolor techniques videos on youtube :/ forgot to post text haha

No. 353862


what's your problem with this?

No. 353864

Ah, okay, figured it was her since she was posting on here not that long ago. But I do agree with you, this video doesn't offer anything that can't be found in a different video. Also, yay for more ads barf

No. 353865

it's okay haha i get you! They were posting earlier so i dont blame you for assuming

No. 353866


at least it has a speedpaint…? but yeah i agree. tired of seeing these technique videos. she should really be doing more process videos or artist vlogs if she wants her audience to see something new

No. 353867

Are we allowed to post artists we like?? I fucking love trickywagon's videos. It's really nice seeing a deep look into a behind - the - scenes of an artist. Are there other channels like this that you guys can recommend?

No. 353869

katnip does studio vlogs but im not sure if hers are similar enough haha if you enjoy studio vlogs tho im sure youll like it despite her artwork not rly being that great imo

No. 353870

Lioba Bruckner since uses a variety of mediums and explains her process pretty well. If you're looking for more educational videos then In Liquid Color offers some pretty detailed videos on pigments in watercolors and animals.

No. 353871


y'all she honestly doesnt seem like the type to lurk, she said her speil and probably mic dropped out lol. but yeah the video is really meh, seems like she's getting more and more disinterested in youtube which explains the lack in consistency and bad quality of the videos.

No. 353873

Joysan!! She's adorable and her vlogs sometimes include good resources for artists

No. 353877

True, this video was pretty much a dime a dozen and didn't really bring anything new to the table as far as technique.

No. 353878

File: 1547415878365.png (1.4 MB, 1157x1216, Capture.PNG)

honestly like?? it's just as gimmicky as her style now. I don't see what changed except the medium used.
what's the difference now? she just draws dog dicks?

No. 353879


This is a RISD student, she has some vlog videos too

No. 353881

I love "Zeke's Lunchbox"

No. 353882


no matter how much you polish a turd, in the end its still a turd

No. 353901

Tinfoil/ reach time: couldn't she find a different drawing to post? Why did she have to post the same drawing that was posted here a while ago? Possible 4872th proof she lurks?

No. 353915

anons just posting old milk, that tweet is from over 2 weeks ago.

No. 353918

Shit, my bad, didn't even think to look at the date

No. 353931

File: 1547427202187.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 8AD0F89D-924F-49A4-BD3B-024598…)

We think you’re prententious and need to get over yourself.

No. 353962

I dunno, I think adding a penis of any kind to a cute drawing is strange.

No. 353972

I LOVE trickywagon. Her work is gorgeous, though sometimes I have a hard time understanding her accent. I've also been searching forever trying to figure out where she gets some of her merch made, like those custom leather sketchbooks.

No. 353975

I mean she could like not draw the dick? Or draw a girl dog lol.

No. 353977

They already know their flaws like pic related and the stuff in this thread about how egocentric they are and haven't made any effort to put that critique to use. They haven't even worked on their sameface issue so obviously they're just fishing for asspats

No. 353979

i can't imagine the levels of sperg that this delusional child would achieve if she ever found out about this place. (no, that isn't a call to cowtip her, please don't.)

No. 354033


I'm not really a fan of trickywagon anymore. I used to be enamored with her art but it's kind of samey and it got kinda boring after a while. Her videos do provide helpful information though. I have to give it to her though, her work ethic is great and it is nice seeing her build her art career.

No. 354058

Do you anons have any recommendation for skilled artist youtubers with an educational focus? Preferably no one like istebrak, I'm more interested in people with calmer attitudes.

I've been watching a lot of Ahmed Aldoori, Alphonso Dunn, Kienan Lafferty, Mary Sanche, Proko, Sinix Design,etc. But I'm always looking for more.

No. 354074


yooo I really like Alphonso Dunn too

My recs (they all have instructional videos that are really helpful): the Mind of Watercolor, Cesar Santos, PearFleur, Chris Hong Art, Gal Shir, Mateusz Urbanowicz has really amazing illustrations, Marco Bucci, James Gurney, Atelier Sento, John J Boulet, The Art of Aaron Blaise.

No. 354092



No. 354095

james are you still shilling yourself

I still remember that thread from /ic/ a while back lmao

No. 354104


kelogsloops has some good watercolor tutorials

No. 354118


what did he do?

No. 354223

Yeah I'm not James I just learned a lot from his perspective videos and recommend them. Idk if he has had cowish behavior but as for his art he is definitely skilled.

No. 354272

I second Marco Bucci, his videos have helped me a lot when it comes to urban sketching

No. 354318

File: 1547491214835.png (51.9 KB, 640x1003, j7T7wSP_d.png)

was just going to post this screencap. how self-absorbed and petty is she? "people who dislike me/my work/my attitude, please tell me what you think about me so i can go on my instagram story to dismiss any valid criticism as being from my HATERS!"

this is the bitch who explicitly said that she has no plans to get therapy or help herself at all, so i'm not even surprised. pic related

i'd love to see her reaction, but yeah, please don't cowtip her. she's purged her instagrams before for reasons unrelated to teh haterz and i don't want her going on lockdown (after telling everyone on her instagram story just how funny she finds it all, of course)

No. 354337

Got anymore screenshots of this?

No. 354340

Devin Elle Kurtz has some amazing digital painting videos but only 3k subs, deserves way more.

No. 354343

Got anything more urban sketching related?

No. 354345

I really enjoyed watching her paint with watercolors, her art is just so relaxing to look at.

No. 354350

File: 1547493865110.jpg (210.2 KB, 1076x890, 2019-01-14 11.24.03.jpg)

there's more caps of this post in the imgur album i linked here >>348574

here's the actual post though, note the comment… lol https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo18PBagvt8/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1acygj3osy2mk

No. 354373

Teoh Yi Chie also does a lot of urban sketching; he's in a drawing group that goes around Singapore and draws, and explains things in detail, check him out

No. 354383

Since someone else recommended Teoh, I' say to check out James Gurney's videos! The man is amazing.
I also personally find this video very… inspiring. It really compels you to draw and paint with different materials and techniques. this series is awesome

No. 354391

>brands self as edgy suicidelord
>"oMG don't dm me about ur depression just get help!!!!"

No. 354460

its honestly offputting that someone with this attitude (and art that literally hurts my retenas with the coloring) can gain a following. i get her audiance, its clearly the 'its not a phase mom' crowd. but when you promote that image, that is who you accumulate.

honestly this behavior is embarassing…

No. 354461

File: 1547515233955.jpeg (703.65 KB, 750x1066, B5E75357-5B32-4EF1-8FE8-6FBBCA…)

Dislikes tryhards, ignorance and being bossed around

Yet she is all those things. She’s honestly pathetic

No. 354470

File: 1547517763358.jpg (9.59 KB, 275x260, 1533106110501.jpg)

>Dislikes tryhards, ignorance and being bossed around

baylin is such a treat. went to put more screencaps in the album and realized i wasn't logged in when i made it so i can't edit it anymore, so here's a new imgur album with all the old and new gothcell posts: https://imgur.com/a/yq0t1Wd

No. 354500

File: 1547522187741.jpg (17.93 KB, 333x386, inspiring.jpg)

No. 354503

Does anyone have recs for artists on YT who use copies/alcohol markers?

No. 354508

>dislikes coloring

we can tell

No. 354523

Unless you like manga outdated styles I highly doubt you’ll find some

No. 354526

File: 1547526974337.png (166.88 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_2019-01-14-20-32-57…)

No. 354527

God some people are enablers of pathetic people.

No. 354528

I don't care about the style of the drawings, just curious about technique.

No. 354531

>>354528 Hate to say it but Baylee Jae is one. Her art is meh but her copic coloring technique is really good.

No. 354543


It isn't though. Her blotchy blending and poor color sense makes her someone that shouldn't be recommended for Copic content other than for the fact that she has so many. Don't be fooled.

No. 354569

Probably MissKerrrieJ, though she hasn't uploaded in a while. I think she is also copic certified so she does have some credentials for the markers and also has videos on other alcohol based markers. I hope this helps!

No. 354577

Nuri Durr is a master with copics honestly compared to a lot of other marker artists. He doesn’t have many videos on YT but they’re quality in seeing his techniques

No. 354581

Agreed, I remember when I was a teen I would go to her videos before Baylee since she seemed to have a better grasp of how to not make muddy, poopy colors.

No. 354583

Kerriej is who Baylee thinks she’s on the same level of but Baylee’s marker stuff looks so muddy and rushed cuz that’s how she treats her art. Both are nothing to write home about, anatomy wise and samefacey potato faces and all, but kerrie’s colors are way cleaner than baylee

No. 354584


Check out Laovaan, he's got good technique and color taste. He has some tutorials. My mangaka life also has a couple of copic related videos but her channel is full of shit so you need to search.
But if you're looking for good copic related info (tutorial/demo) insta is better.

No. 354587

Thanks for the copic artist recs, everyone, very helpful (wow, that Nuri Durr video!)
Definitely interested in IG artist recs too if you have them! I spend a lot of time on the copic hashtag but it's overwhelming.

No. 354630

I think kelogloops is incredibly skilled and it's great that he's making a living off his work. Watercolor is a hard medium to sell.

That said, I find something very cringey about his personality. Who knows what he's actually like IRL, but all his videos have that air of "omfg look how happy I am! look how cute my friends/family are! like me! like me!". It's like he's always at a 10 and it comes off as very phony to me.

I also do wish he'd branch out and do something more interesting than the deadhorse, "floaty waif with her eyes closed" that we've seen on instagram 1000 times from countless other artists.

No. 354639

Since this thread has become a goldmine for tutorials now, I'd like to ask if anyone here know of any good YT artists who work in dry pastel?

No. 354704

with how many people shill the whole “depression is cool uwu” thing, it’s honestly a breath of fresh air for someone to not be acting like their life is in shambles all the time. Fake or not, a positive attitude is better imo

No. 354833


i agree with anon, with a personality like kelogsloops it's like getting a cavity from a sweet candy.

No. 354836

Agreed, I would rather him be positive and happy to the point of diabetus in his videos than have another shill for "mah depression makes me better than u lel" Heck, he might just be a really positive person in irl (i'm not a wk I hope my comment isn't coming off as such)

No. 354901

File: 1547600678338.png (952.13 KB, 882x695, Screenshot_12.png)

why would she post this…

No. 354933

i get the idea behind the video, i actually love watching those types of videos where you test cheap art supplies.

but…why make cheap art as well? if you do the challenge, do more than a mono-colored 2D illustration. literally looks like shit 1st graders do. the point of the challenge is to try and make your normal art with cheap supplies, and this aint it chief

No. 354945

I get that cheap art supplies videos are popular but they're a pet peeve of mine because I can't help but imagine those things be thrown in a drawer to collect dust. It's such a waste of money and space

No. 354951

It doesn't have to be either-or though. I like listening to artists who can talk confidently about their work and the challenges of being a professional without relying on hysterics. Chris Hong is a good example. Here she talks about warming up after not drawing for a while instead of whining about nothing or gushing absurdly about ordinary things

No. 355004

Honestly, her art is always really bad.

She drives me crazy because she does stuff like