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File: 1609998738614.jpg (120.9 KB, 807x1200, Dfxn9d9U8AAIbPm.jpg)

No. 1124446

Inspired by the commentary in the Creepshow Art thread, someone who has deserved their very own for some time now.

>creates shitty "content" which consists of her reading an article and that's about it

>always trying to put on the "le so disapoointed goff gurl" image
>cheap and often badly cared for wigs
>did crack for a few months while studying abroad but will get whiteknighted by some who think its akin to experimenting with weed in college
>had a mental breakdown in the Maurice Yandiorio thread when he called her a pill popper and pretended to kill himself and catfished her as a counselor
>proceeded to do several livestreams about this
>one of those streams was with Joy Sparkles
>gave money to Onision and was a fan of his for years
>whines about Cosmopolitan mag and other anti-sjw low-hanging fruit as if they're legitimate issues
>follows Ben Shapiro on Twitter
>also follows Lauren Southern on Twitter and Instagram

Recently, she's whined about she can’t go to Vegas like she does every year with her boyfriend due to the pandemic. So sorry that you weren't able to take your precious trip while millions of people are out of work, struggling to make end's meet, etc. And her outlet was to cry on camera at her audience of people who are so much less fortunate than her even at their best, many of whom also suffer from mental illness.

Also, so much for being a hotshot author. California's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction is published by Z Publishing, which has been accused of being a vanity press on numerous occasions:





IG: https://www.instagram.com/readytoglare/?hl=en
YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1nJzvNaB_ql4RHrzgozrQQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReadytoglareYT
Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/gcphilipp
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/readytoglare
Tumblr: https://readytoglare.tumblr.com/
God awful merch that looks like a Killstar rip-off: https://outloudmerch.com/collections/ready-to-glare

No. 1124452

Thank God there's finally a thread on her. I remember her from a while ago when most of her content was just looking at low-hanging fruit tags on tumblr like proana and gasping at it with useless commentary. Apparently she has lectured in English college classrooms before which she talked about in one of her older videos and I cannot for the life of me imagine her doing that given how she doesn't seem to be that critical of a thinker. Saged for not being milk and because I have always wanted to say somewhere that she's one of the ugliest people I've seen. I thought she was trans possibly when I first stumbled across her.

No. 1124453


Wasn't she fired from her last job?

No. 1124454

File: 1609999354692.png (76.39 KB, 760x799, Capture.PNG)

She apparently has some kind of panic disorder, which explains why nearly every other video is her shitting herself about how everything on the internet is some pedo conspiracy. I'm not denying the existence of shady shit happening online, but not everything is some massive conspiracy.

Also, you're not the only one who thought that she's trans. I've seen that comment a lot and she even did a Twitter poll (where clearly people lied to make her feel better) about it.

She doesn't seem to think deeply.. well, at all. She fancies herself some kind of apathetic genius, but she's a rich kid who wears shitty fast fashion clothing that doesn't even look good on her and has terrible choice in wigs.

No. 1124456

File: 1609999468727.png (1009.3 KB, 672x895, 1609980183677.png)

Also, her Randonautica video was basically a direct rip of the one that Nick Crowley already did months ago. Anons have suspected that RTG has been a farmer for a while, too.

No. 1124458

File: 1609999854742.png (722.5 KB, 760x705, Capture.PNG)

No. 1124460

Like this waste of a video where she chimped out and acted like this guy was a serial killer making confessions when its clearly some fucker larping as Dexter.

No. 1124461

Thank god someone finally made a thread on her. I could never get into her content, she basically reads news articles with dry bits of commentary mixed in and she just comes off as holier than thou most of the time. I genuinely never understood why she developed such a big youtube presence, she's has the personality of a damp dish sponge and doesn't come off as witty or a critical thinker in the slightest, she's very drab and low vibrational.

I also want to add, she's not an attractive woman…at all. I know she is a bio woman but i get mtf vibes from some of her photos.

No. 1124463

File: 1610000759756.jpg (69.07 KB, 1280x720, gzlhm7hvmv741.jpg)

I don't understand how she amassed such a large following either. You're probably the millionth person I've seen who says that her content can be summed up by

>reads article

>gives unremarkable commentary

That's all she seems to know how to do. Do people come just to listen to her unattractive, bland voice or stare at her badly clothed body? Seriously, her wigs are so fucking bad and her makeup always makes her look even worse. Her own face doesn't even look like its hers. It looks like she's wearing a skin suit.

No. 1124464

Also, a lot of these fast fashion trends DO suck, but girl do you really have any room to speak when you dress the way that you do?

No. 1124465

that wig is absolutely not installed properly…
holy shit it got worse

No. 1124467

File: 1610001183977.png (72.75 KB, 754x602, Capture.PNG)

No. 1124468

File: 1610001273904.png (86.3 KB, 758x700, Capture2.PNG)

No. 1124470

File: 1610001604749.png (3.85 MB, 1638x2048, Eq6MlKzXUAI91DW.png)

No. 1124471

File: 1610001848058.png (1.16 MB, 956x1192, Eqhq77bXUAM5ORW.png)

No. 1124472

Her wigs are shit yeah, but honestly I think her ink is significantly worse. They all look unfinished.

No. 1124474

I'm glad I'm not alone. She just looks so manly. How unfortunate. Her lips are non-existant.

No. 1124478

File: 1610003421277.png (625.19 KB, 865x868, raycon.png)

one of her sponsors is raycon, and one of the models that works for them is Dominic Angelica, a child rapist.

No. 1124479

It literally looks like she went for the classic 2014 Pinterest/tumblr generic edgy girl tattoos. Tbh i feel like there is no originality or personality in them at all. None of them make sense and i get that its her body, she can do whatever she wants, but they remind me of those auto generated targeted shirts, random, makes no sense, bland and apples to a very small specific generic group of people. Any basic edgy I’m not like the other girls , alt kid could have a variety of similar tattoos and I wouldn’t bat an eye

No. 1124480

Fucking disgusting and yet she puts out all of this anti-MAP content. Damn Giulia, couldn't be assed to research your own offers beforehand?

No. 1124492

Isn’t it a bit retarded to expect her to look up the models in an advertisement? Even if you researched a company why would the backgrounds of all of the models they work with be a top priority. I don’t see how that is milky on her part. What could actually be milky is that raycons are co-founded by Ray J and she accepted their sponsorship despite how he seems to contradict a lot of what she stands for.

No. 1124501

For someone who is always screeching about MAPS and pedos? Not really.

No. 1124502

The fact that she spends around 500+ on wigs, just for them to never be installed correctly and always look like shit…I think she is one of those people who think the more you spend on something the better it will look on its own.

She really needs to dress for her body type too. Her outfits are always ugly and dont flatter her figure in the slightest. She tries to dress like a pear/hour glass shaped girl when she's clearly barrel/rectangle shaped.

No. 1124518

She has a really weird/long philtrum… it throws off her whole face… its not all bad as Heroin Hollis rapidly drooping mouth looks lately, but its still pretty unflattering.

No. 1124521

>large fridge body
>broad shoulders
>long philtrum
>square jaw line
>giant talons for hands

Jesus, if she wasn't trans before I'm now convinced that she is.

No. 1124528

Her boyfriend gives me kind of closet-fag vibes. Maybe a reach, but he reminds me of Blaire's fiance.

No. 1124564

I remember her account being recommended to me after when the initial Dasha/Edwin drama happened, since she made her own video on it. After seeing that and then seeing videos about Taylor I’ve suspected she’s a farmer

No. 1124573

Yeah this is a reach into the next galaxy. Half of YouTube's creators are sponsored by Raycon. No one is going to do a background check into every random nobody model that appears on the site of their potential sponsor.

No. 1124576

File: 1610025105190.jpeg (513 KB, 828x816, 485CA24D-A009-46EA-903F-9AE8FD…)

Her random placement of Tattoos reminds me of another cow on here Ariana. They both even got that same man face going on.

No. 1124580

She would be better off spending it on some filler to fix those nonexistent lips. Her style (for want of a better word) is abysmal. Hideous tacky Hot Topic/Dollskill edgelord landfill clothing that she is frankly too old for, make up that makes her look even more like a tranny, random scratcher tattoos, she is like a more unfortunate looking Taylor Dean.

No. 1124584

File: 1610026824320.jpeg (168.36 KB, 900x1200, 7D68E432-5A57-420C-B528-4FA4C2…)

Holy shit these hilarious.

She is a proper mess.

No. 1124585

There’s no way she isn’t at this point. Makes it all the more ironic she has her own thread now, so props to op.

No. 1124588

She absolutely is. Her so-called drama commentary is the same as Creepshow, bare minimum research, mostly lifted from here. I am so glad this cringe factory has her own thread now

No. 1124591

Kek she really insists on styles that do not suit her at all. Does she not have any honest friends in her circle? I recall creepshowart gassing her up a lot but girl….

No. 1124598

She has always just seemed so awkward in her videos because you can tell she’s trying so hard to be edgy and “goth”. I used to be subscribed but her content is the most bland and dry shit I’ve ever seen

No. 1124601

It’s hilarious, she’s chunky in that “used to be almost skinny in high school but gained 15lbs and decided to join the fat acceptance movement” type of way.
Also her face is like if Kat Von Antivax got punched out

No. 1124602

Literally a fat girl pretending to be anything but that

No. 1124603

I think she is genuinely extremely lacking in self awareness. She screeches like a 3edgy5u pick me bitch about “anti SJW” shit like all that retarded ~body positivity~ nonsense but doesn’t register the fact that she looks like trussed ham in every single picture she shares

No. 1124605

I was certain she was trans at first.
Are the butterflies supposed to be completely black? I don't know anything about tattoos but it looks either scratched/scarred or like it should have some shading but ended up as a black blob

Her makeup always looks so bad. Super caked yellow foundation, no color on the face and that eyeliner… Tragic.

No. 1124609

File: 1610028551981.jpeg (564.58 KB, 828x820, 0743E925-E4F0-4671-91D1-FA7F05…)

People on twitter gas her up relentlessly too. She is being lied to by her entire following, picrel is so fucking unfortunate

No. 1124612

File: 1610028715675.jpeg (732.38 KB, 1536x2048, 08B0906F-3C1F-4246-BA1E-212C95…)

lmao this is embarrassing

No. 1124615

I’m sorry but as a fucking tattooed person, all of her tattoos ESPECIALLY the “raised from the dead” one are so cringe

No. 1124616

White trans man with no lips on either end

No. 1124619

what are those red bumps on her wrists?

No. 1124620

I can't with these photos where most of her boobs are out, it looks so grotesque. She lives in the uncanny valley

No. 1124624

File: 1610029176653.jpeg (539.18 KB, 1536x2048, D7E23C7D-F7CC-417F-9037-9AABBA…)

I think all us tattoofags feel the same way. The only thing that triggers me more than her scratcher work is her beady eyes and negative lip area that are made worse by her astonishing lack of makeup aptitude

No. 1124627

Having a fridge body and no lips is not milk. Are we having a pullfag meeting in session or something?

No. 1124632

Right. Also following Ben Shapiro on Twitter isn’t inherently milky either, unless your standards for what constitutes “milk” are abysmally low

No. 1124634

She self harms by putting out cigarettes on her hands, wrists and arms.

No. 1124637

I think it comes from the fact there's no threads on her in other farms so it's nice to finally come out and just say all this stuff about her. Added to the frustration is some farmers actually like her content, you're going to initially get many people who just want to speak their mind on her. It's funny seeing her sperg about her privileged life as if she's in dire straits, too. Plus, we finally get a thread to bitch about her in instead of people making a comment or two whenever she's mentioned in other threads.

The Raycon thing isn't really except in the context of this cow, she is freaked out/paranoid by anti-MAP, so you'd think she'd have looked into it. I don't think it's necessarily milk she follows Ben Shapiro.

No. 1124638

yeah, i feel like im in high school again when i read comments about her appearance. She's not your type, we get it.

No. 1124648

>cheap and often badly cared for wigs

The bar for what make someone a cow is so fucking low these days lol shit op

No. 1124650

If you keep it up she's going to make a response about this thread triggering her eating disorder, just wait

No. 1124662

Every now and then her name would pop up in breepshow's, onision's… threads and in the creepshow case the thread would derail to being about RTG.

Ah yes, the eating disorder she got studying abroad in some expensive school from shanghai. She really is a white chick with money moaning about her stupid life choices.

No. 1124664

Stwawbewwymilk lost twin

No. 1124669

File: 1610036085114.png (565.55 KB, 768x1024, Untitled13_20210107101259.png)

This is all I see looking at the thread image tbh

No. 1124671

File: 1610036261663.jpg (287.8 KB, 1920x1080, fuck.jpg)

I was just passing through snow and don't know this cow, but this took me out

No. 1124677

RTG is a farmer 100%, except you know, she's the kind who only uses it for video material but tells people how mean and dumb lolcow is. For a while if you checked her channel it looked like the snow catalog, it was clear that she was making videos about a lot of cows because she saw them here, which is why many farmers initially liked her. She also posted in the Maurice Yandiorio thread and didn't make any of the beginner mistakes so she must have lurked for a good while even before that.

No. 1124680

I always thought she was trans, because of the non-existent lips and colored wigs.

No. 1124699

Yeah I don't think she's even worthy of a thread in snow, who cares if she has an "unusual" taste in fashion and wigs and makes low-effort commentary videos, it's not like she's scamming people or being a dick.

No. 1124701

thank god someone finally made a thread on this hoe. i'd occasionally watch her vids a couple years ago until her pointless vid about shoplifters made me realize she's got zero fucking mental capacity and is a hypocritical mess with a smooth brain from being a junkie for so many years

No. 1124703

File: 1610039982296.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, BD9E70A1-BD47-4156-9A19-E365FB…)

Lmfao same the only thing that caught my attention is her consistent use of shitty wigs

No. 1124762

Sometimes farmer content is better than the cow themselves.

She seems like another low effort commentary channel who lifts content from lolcow (like Shannon, Repzion, Edwin), but her alt appearance makes her stand out enough to get a bit of traction.
Honestly, the biggest red flag is that she was an Onision patron. Anyone stupid enough to not only watch him but to pay to watch him is lacking in good judgement.
I also have mixed feelings about these types of channels monetizing content about murder and pedo victims while shilling Squarespace or things like that, but I guess it's normal on YouTube

No. 1124769

Careful, anon. Some people are protective over their s00per hardxcore trooned out looking goth farmer.

No. 1124771

Yeah imo she doesn't have a leg to stand on and pretend she's an enlightened rational commentator when she has fallen for some of the most retarded online personalities like Onision, TheJosh and JoySparkles. If you pay, befriend, or collaborate with any of these people, you have no right to present yourself as some sort of intellectual. I could never take her seriously, even before learning that she used to do crack and pills and now considers herself sober because she "only" does obnoxious stoner shit 24/7.

No. 1124774

>monetizing videos about murder victims and pedos

And for someone so allegedly dISAPoinTEd, none of the rev she earns from those videos goes to any organizations dedicated to helping. I get that some people are pressed that their precious one-of-us finally got a thread made about her, but I don't understand why the rest of us have to continue pretending for their sake that she isn't a flake.

No. 1124794

I like her tattoos

No. 1124796

File: 1610046309832.jpeg (171.92 KB, 640x919, frumpy ho.jpeg)


No. 1124849

Sage for nitpick but there’s a lot that’s weird about her face. It’s already so flat and dimensionless that it’s beyond weird that she refuses to contour. She also desperately needs a lip flip which would probably cost as much as a few tattoos. Contouring + lip flip + better fucking wig would do so much for her

No. 1124888

Obviously you can like what you like, BUT, from a tattofag perspective, a lot of her work is not gonna age well. Text tattoos need to be bold enough that it'll be readable once it ages and blurs, and it's traditional for the artist to draw up custom lettering rather than take a computer font. Some of her work appears to be upside down, and that fucking blackout butterfly with negative space text… That's gonna look so bad in a decade.

No. 1124966

I've been wondering if this one was gonna get a thread. Not gonna lie I liked her when I first found her YT channel when she was doing some social commentary, but the more I watched the more cowlike she seemed. Especially when she spoke about being a supporter of Onision in her earlier internet days, the way she spoke about it sounded like she didn't want to badmouth/upset him. Her following definitely blow a lot of smoke up her ass in the comments.

No. 1124990

is she really just showing off super conspicuous, aesthetic self harm? its in a pattern like its a part of her tattoos, are you sure it isn't just scarification or something

No. 1125015


She talks about it in the first few mins of this video. TW

No. 1125072

She straight up needs facial feminization surgery, a lip flip would just make her look like J*

No. 1125167

So is there any actual milk? She’s cringe with her preachy videos and tacky appearance, but I can’t think of any actual milk or drama she’s been apart of.

Also I always thought it was obvious she’s a farmer, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her use screencaps from here multiple times.

No. 1125188

Its /snow/, not /pt/. Not everyone here is going to be Moo-tier nor was every person to be posted here on that level even back when this board began. The thread's been up for like a day, chill.

No. 1125261

Ngl Tuna is a super model in comparison. She has lips and doesn't have beady rat eyes and I never thought she was a troon.

No. 1125317

File: 1610082188318.gif (1.39 MB, 1536x1920, rtg.gif)

sage for retard fanart but she would look so much less troon-y if she would just do something with those bushy caterpillar eyebrows and get some lip fillers.

No. 1125350

Ok…we get it, she has shit wigs, poor fashion sense and could pass for a mtf tranny.

Can some of you start providing actual milk on this chick? The nitpicking of her wigs, features and style reeks of pull faggotry.

No. 1125370

I'm smelling a defensive crackhead in the thread

No. 1125394

Possibly, but its more than likely just a bunch of anons who are protective of goff farmer. She's what they can project onto because she's one of them that "made it" and gets to dress like an eternal, damaged teenager and get a free pass for it because it's her "aesthetic".

If some of you are so pressed, there's this really easy thing called.. ignoring the thread and not posting in it. Like, this isn't a new concept. There are plenty of cows some anons don't consider to be milky enough and their threads aren't overrun with defensive commentary. At worst, this becomes a containment thread for those of you who bitched about her ever being brought up in the creepshow thread.

No. 1125398

There's girls who have been posted here who have done less than she has and y'all still dragged the fuck out of them, anon. And some of their threads are still going despite the only "milk" being that they photoshop excessively and are still batshit, but they're not Onion-tier.

You're on a gossip site and people can bitch about whoever they want.

No. 1125401

File: 1610088785387.jpeg (330.57 KB, 828x869, 5FA8240D-5172-4588-AB37-36D5E4…)

If you really wanted the PhD the fact that it’s online only shouldn’t be a deal breaker, Giulia

No. 1125414

I'm not sure about the entire context but is she complainig about the fact that her goal school is entirely online or just due to Covid?

I don't get her problem either way. Just go get a PhD at a school that's not entirely virtual but since the entire world is dealing with Covid rn,it's what she'll have to get used to anyway.

She should be glad that she has the finances to get a degree.

No. 1125436

That is the context. She just wanted to tell her followers about how her family “shamed” her for not doing the PhD. Like some sort of weird humblebrag. I don’t think she’s particularly intelligent so I’m surprised she is/was entertaining a doctorate. But then I’m not a burger so maybe it’s easier to buy your way into postgrad studies in the US.

No. 1125441

Alright, thx. I just wasn't sure if she was actually this tone-deaf to complain about such things.

I'm sure that, if an influencer said the exact same thing, she'd complain about how there are more important things in life right now.

Also, she needs to stop using Twitter as her diary.

No. 1125444

Her face can't be helped but the style on the left suited her much better IMO. She gives off Jenny Lewis vibes here.

No. 1125445

kek, yeah, she is that tone deaf. This is a married woman trying to flex her academic aspirations to a bunch of tween retards. Any adult who has actually been to university would call her out on this entitled nonsense. She hasn’t posted in 24 hours, she probably saw this thread and is having a cry into one of her polyester wigs over it

No. 1125446

Agreed, she wears the absolute worst style of clothing for her shape and the worst style of make up for her face. And her husband/friends are assholes for letting it happen

No. 1125452

Ah yes because lolcow is a hive mind and we’re all the same people with the same opinions

Post milk or gtfo

No. 1125495

People are posting. If you don't give a fuck about the cow, hide the thread and ignore it. This isn't difficult, anon. We aren't responsible for your mental retardation.

She absolutely would be making some holier than thou commentary vid about how ppl r dying kim if another influencer said anything similar to what she said. She bitched and cried and had a meltdown a while back about not being able to go to her yearly Vegas trip and now it's some humblebrag about her being PhD material or whatever. Even went and put in her Twitter bio that her following people doesn't mean she endorses what they say, but in like every video she's put out she's hyper analyzed and reached about how people look or sound or who they follow on social media and it was enough for HER to condemn them. The goalposts move with this chick so much and I'll never understand why so many people are asshurt that people are fed up with her pretentious shit.

No. 1125496

File: 1610104642744.jpeg (638.14 KB, 1298x1236, 64055416-7843-4186-97ED-2CCC8D…)

No. 1125498

File: 1610104745967.jpeg (895.46 KB, 1282x1460, 54043140-EBA5-467B-A32D-0EBB9D…)

No. 1125510

File: 1610105846212.jpeg (125.86 KB, 750x1333, ED6L_OeUYAICCTM.jpeg)


You made it yourself because crying about your depression/ED/nightmares or whatever problem you feel like making up next wasn't getting you enough attention, but go off, I guess.

No. 1125517

File: 1610107802701.jpg (332.32 KB, 1080x1921, 20210108_070914.jpg)

No. 1125519

File: 1610108011262.jpg (329.55 KB, 1080x1575, 20210108_071123.jpg)

Really? Was it really Jacob's idea? Because you love to make every single discussion about yourself, especially when it comes to your content. Also, why the fuck would anyone want merch with your tattoos on it?

No. 1125522

File: 1610108144456.jpg (277.47 KB, 1080x1165, 20210108_071527.jpg)

No. 1125524

File: 1610108711852.jpg (269.49 KB, 1080x1198, 20210108_071653.jpg)

Again, how many times have you used your platform to prop yourself up and act superior to others using this exact tactic? You're not automatically exempt. Your entire online presence and persona is built off of unenlightened commentary on drama or true crime. Your anti-sjw videos grasp at low-hanging fruit or shit that never happened, so it's no surprise that you and shoeonhead are friends.

On top of it all, you have enough money to live much more comfortably than any of your followers ever will and yet you still try to shill merch. And, it's not even good merch. It looks like the "normal people scare me" shit from years ago.

This person needs a fucking reality check.

No. 1125529

File: 1610109912511.jpg (174.48 KB, 1080x773, 20210108_074309.jpg)

Because you're so wild and interesting, G.

No. 1125533

File: 1610110059303.jpg (451.13 KB, 1080x2010, 20210108_074354.jpg)

How many angsty posts and videos have you made where you bitched about people romanticizing mental illness or portraying it in a cute and quirky manner? Yet you still have the time to act like a teenager with your coke fried brain and fish for sympathy like this. I expect this from a 15 year old, not a grown adult.

No. 1125537

File: 1610110245203.jpg (256.01 KB, 1080x1163, 20210108_074339.jpg)

Imagine having no identity beyond being a tatted up person who wears SheIn garbage and runs a trashy drama channel unlike any of the others out there.

No. 1125545

This is some Taylor Nicole Dean tier horse shit, every man and their dog has tattoos these days, no one goes around commenting on a stranger’s tattoos. Especially if they’re as horrific as Giulia’s, they’ll just say it behind her back, kek

No. 1125603

>No wonder I wake up gasping for breath oof

Bookmarking a highly dramatic statement about your mental health with “oof” just to seem relatable. Her concern farming seems like a convenient cover for her actual content, which is low brow drama. If anyone critiques her it’s because she has tattoos or likes different music and is totally depressed, not because she’s unoriginal and has different standards for her commentary mutuals

No. 1125617

she's right about this one. being edgy just to not be a "snore bore" just makes you sound retarded

No. 1125620

what kind of shit phD program do you have to pay for? literally everyone I know in non-med grad school gets funding and paid to teach.

No. 1125625

What a milk-less thread.

Oh, and she doesn't look mtf. She just looks like an ex-goth; that's all. You don't have to like it.

Yes, anyone who doesn't share the same opinion as you is "clearly" lying.

Why do you think she has a super privileged life or something? Not every YouTuber is well-off.
Also, in her videos where she vents about her mental health struggles and whatnot, she DOES mention that she's aware she's better off than a lot of people (as we all are), but that doesn't change the emotions that she's feeling.

Obviously not all her followers are "tweens".

No. 1125630


I'm the anon you responded to, no one said you couldn't bitch about her, i asked if there was actual milk on this chick and so far no one is providing any.

The whole thread itself is milkless and given your response, I'm assuming you're a former pullfag.

No. 1125636


>People are posting

This thread is full of redundant posts about how she looks mtf, her wigs are bad, her fashion sense is shit and her tattoos are ugly. Also random screenshots from her twitter. None of that is milk anon.

>If you don't give a fuck about the cow then hide the thread and ignore it.

Sounds like something a former pullfag would say.

No. 1125637

Lol shut the fuck up anon.

No. 1125645


Do you realize you're bumping the thread to complain about her having a thread in the first place?
Let it die like other threads with low milk or stop reading. You're just making it worse for her

No. 1125654

File: 1610122613909.jpg (755.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210108-110027_Red…)

ik this post is from 2 years ago but I didn't expect those videos to be removed completely from her channel lol

I was legit excited to see a thread had finally been made for this one, she's insufferable. her OTT over-pronunciation(?) of certain words kills me

No. 1125662

that chest tattoo is an abomination.

No. 1125722

Agree. She looks like she has extra chromosomes

No. 1125778

>milk? Milk? Hmmm milk? Pullfag!! Pull!!! pullfag!!!
The “hi cow” energy is off the charts lol

No. 1125784


No one is complaining about her having a thread, they're asking for anons to provide milk, since so far there is literally none. Then you have the dumbass anons who get defensive and start sperging whenever its brought up.


Yeah, because asking for milk and commenting on and pointing out pull fag energy other anons are giving off means its a self post. Kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1125806

>No one is complaining about her having a thread
Bitch there is, it’s you, who refreshes this page constantly and replies to EVeryone about how you don’t like it lol
Threads die organically here all the time but the more you bitch and moan, the more people will want to talk out of pure spite for your annoying ass.

No. 1125844

thread pic is sending me!! her tattoos look like tumblr transparents as inkbox temporary tats.

she gives off snowflake energy for sure. her content is just as vapid as her writing and everything comes off as her trying to become an influencer. but she's too NLOG and ugly for that. people only wanna hear you make everything about yourself when you're pretty and know how to put on a wig.

they look like they would go unicorn hunting for quirky girls at a fucking Gorillaz concert or something. i hate it.

nat her italian sperging from time to time and narcissistic behavior is powdered milk but still entertaining. i have watched hours of her videos and i do feel like she has cow potential. maybe not currently…

No. 1125859

Retard who obviously didn't read. She comes from an extremely well off family.

Y'all know someone's lurking if there's only one anon itt trying to make everyone shut up lmao

No. 1125894

>acting this butthurt over people claiming rtg's audience is tweens, that she looks trans, that she is financially well off, etc.
what in the holy white knight. If anything, when I searched up rtg on PULL, everyone was asskissing her in youtubers they liked. I don't like to say "hi cow", but if you seriously are this into her, that's even sadder than if you are her.

No. 1125899

File: 1610142085565.jpeg (369.05 KB, 1536x2048, ErO9O-SW8AIhlnn.jpeg)

No. 1125920

This thread is useless. Not liking someone that is popular doesn't mean they're a cow

No. 1125972

Yeah they're supposed to be all black. It's hard to heal solid black tattoos properly without any fallout so you usually have to go back and get them touched up. It's the same as any other tattoo, it's just more noticeable with solid black work.

No. 1125983

File: 1610147166250.jpg (72.49 KB, 509x339, RTG without filters.jpg)


Yes, we know you love your 1curr goff meatball troon-looking white rich farmer. Have you also considered learning how to read and distinguish snowflakes from cows?

Pale yellow with dark red and black… The orange fake scalp on the wig…. And lets not ignore the skirt shape making her look like a blood sausage.

No. 1125994

inb4 Ready Troon Glare is outed for self posting

No. 1126035

No. 1126039

File: 1610151091889.png (310.11 KB, 927x825, Capture.PNG)

No. 1126190

I don’t want to >hi cow …but I have a difficult time believe anyone would be willing to wk rtg this hard..not even her ‘fans’.

There are cows who have threads in /snow/ who are less unlikable/cringe than this bitch. If creepshowart has a thread, then I really don’t see why there’s an issue with her having one kek.

No. 1126195

Troonasaurus Rex

No. 1126337

File: 1610169556456.jpg (246.4 KB, 1080x1140, 20210109_000853.jpg)

Right? It's pretty obvious what's going on.

OT found this in her tweets and it's not like they're wrong. She bitched and moaned about hoodies that glorified depression some time ago, but her entire image is centered around being the troubled/damaged goth girl. And she's constantly posting about her """struggles""" to the point where it doesn't feel real. She has a husband who is always there for her (ffs she bragged on Twitter recently that he built her a fort inside of their house, so she goes from her bed to the fort and just watches Harry Potter all weekend), her mom who will gladly hand her any amount of cash she needs, plus the revenue she receives from being a shitty yt and yet.. there's always room for whining with her. Always. It literally never ends. I'm not saying that money fixes everyone's problems, but this chick has a support network, is financially secure, sees a psychiatrist regularly and yet several times a day Twitter needs to know about how triggered by something she is. Not sorry because genuinely what fucking person who is allegedly as troubled as she is uses Twitter as their first course of action when they're having an episode? Especially with all of her aforementioned resources. And people just eat the shit up and grant her a pass because once again she dresses alt therefore she gets some kind of special immunity from criticism.

As if you don't profit from your alleged disorders and problems. You most certainly do, even when it's not monetary, it's so people will rush to your dm's and tell you how creative and insightful. It's like if Ben Stein was born in 1993 and trooned out.

No. 1126377

File: 1610170569062.jpg (497.04 KB, 1059x1752, 20210109_003328.jpg)

Giulia, you put out a big dramatic PSA about how you were so depressed and upset because you couldn't do your yearly Vegas trip due to covid restrictions. You're no better than those "partying influencers".

No. 1126400

File: 1610171079819.jpg (424.66 KB, 1080x1846, 20210109_004158.jpg)

Right. And you totally don't profit from the misfortunes of others. Also what the fuck with this tweet and video title lmao


No. 1126424

File: 1610171806400.jpg (566.28 KB, 1080x1998, 20210109_005630.jpg)

So special and quirky.

No. 1126473

>edgy fashion
Willingly calling it edgy sounds so funny to me but anyway, saying she "specializes" in self-esteem in any way is hilarious considering how much she cries about being depressed and having a poor self-image.
I don't doubt she really does have self-image issues but there's something very ironic about saying she specializes in self-esteem and helping others with it while always moaning about how shit her own is. Maybe work on yourself first if you're so good at it.

No. 1126723

Yikes. She really shouldn't be giving fashion advice when she doesn't even know how to dress her own body type.

No. 1126725

File: 1610200081433.jpeg (235.6 KB, 1200x1192, 70EA0E5D-F36C-4428-B33F-E46128…)

she looks good in this pic. she just styles herself horribly. RTG you’re not a waif eclectic goth egirl you’re a 27 year old woman and you look 27.
this is a pic from her wedding night, she looks nice without the extremely harsh makeup and dollskill fits.

No. 1126735

Agree. Though her tattoos look even cheaper and weirder when contrasted with the nice dress. Also her husband here looks like Vincent from Pulp Fiction but kind of fat kek

No. 1126767

Honestly, this part of YouTube is so scummy. I know she’ll make an excuse about bringing awareness to victims, but has she ever considered that some of them deserve a bit of privacy after being brutalized? And don’t need their story sensationalized for YouTube bucks? I can’t imagine being raped and then finding a random goth girl in a green wig recounting the worst moments of my life for money.
It just seems wrong

No. 1126782

File: 1610205775541.jpeg (188.88 KB, 1011x1200, AD4F4683-2D63-4E52-B2FB-A99D22…)

compare that photo with this one. they just look so ridiculous now. her husband looks like a greaseball and she looks like a 40 yr old cosplayer.
i only watched a few of her videos a few years ago but this thread now has me questioning why she even is this way, she never seemed actively involved in goth culture yet she parades around her outfits and tattoos and kvlt objects like badges of honor. its like she doesnt realize that most of the people who shop dollskill dont take the idea of it too seriously and are just interested in the clothing and, well, themselves.

No. 1126950

Exactly. What kind of "awareness" is she bringing? She isn't donating any of the rev to organizations that help victims. She doesn't actually give a fuck and yet her comments are always flooded with, "THanKU For CoverinG Yjis ReaDyToGware uwu"

Anyone can read an article and offer commentary and it's not as if her commentary is ever any different. She doesn't open the floor for any discussions yet she'll be in her tweets or other videos preaching about how someone can't criticize what someone else is doing (which I think she actually is defending herself, she just doesn't want to say it. It's that Twitter fiction where you make up a scenario to stress for victim points.) then be all on about muh nuance.

Also, her overall energy during these videos is so draining. You can tell she's bored/stoned/both during these, especially with how she'll react to more graphic parts of the story.

A mess.

Oh God that one. The Twitter caption for that picture was like, "worrying my relatives lol" as if she's still an edgy teen. And this is the person who claims to have lectured in classrooms. Imagine finding this shit about your professor online and then being expected to take them seriously. I couldn't. And yeah, she isn't goth at all. In a lot of her posts, she identifies as emo more than anything and she'll even use emo as a means of describing a depression episode she's having– so much for muh mental health awareness? Bitch flipped shit over tacky hoodies and shirts with disorder definitions and pills on them but she's allowed to water down what is a crippling condition for millions by just saying, "hurr I'm emo today"

Even if that's how she personally copes, the irony and tone deafness is astounding given all she's tried to preach about when its come to others. Its insulting.

She isn't goth and never has been. She's some wannabe who likely wasn't allowed to dress this way as a teen because all of her expensive schools didn't allow OTT, but now that goth and mental issues have become synon for the last how many years, she figured now's her time.

No. 1126978

it reminds me of those people who do their make up or eat food while talking about murder cases, it always seems wrong to me, espeically when it involves minors.

No. 1126983

Same, it's disturbing.

No. 1126984

File: 1610223003110.jpg (435.62 KB, 1080x1664, 20210109_150722.jpg)

This feels like yet another posturing, "look I'm not like other youtubers!!1!11" thing.

Because, despite everything going on, people still try to have a good time instead of sitting in their homes and moping all day like you do, Giulia. As long as they're following safety guidelines, why do you give a fuck what other influencers are doing? You're clearly not referring to the maskless, partying ones here. You mean people in general still going about their lives because surprise not everyone can cope with their issues the way that you do.

No. 1126986

File: 1610223096563.jpg (280.72 KB, 1080x1355, 20210109_151126.jpg)

The fucking irony though lmao

No. 1126989

File: 1610223185914.jpg (431.39 KB, 1080x1432, 20210109_151244.jpg)

sUcH A GoDDAmRm m00D

No. 1126993

People who are close to 30 but still rant about high school are so ridiculous ffs

No. 1126994

File: 1610223468468.jpg (371.3 KB, 1080x1595, 20210109_151728.jpg)

No. 1127003

File: 1610224841564.jpg (462.06 KB, 1080x1549, 20210109_152920.jpg)

This one also rubbed me the wrong way because its yet another one featuring noted flake, shoeonhead. Shoe was moaning about how her parents don't understand her adhd and how it's like having short term memory loss for her (shoe is known for lying a lot though) and it felt like Giulia swooped right in because it was the perfect opportunity to yet again talk about her depression and get asspats. Shoe herself also used the original tweet to garner sympathy and asspats to excuse away anything.

I'm trying not to blogpost whenever I see these, but she makes it really fucking difficult. It's not about her not being allowed to be depressed/eating disordered/self harmer/former hard druggie turned pothead/anxious mess/whatever else she comes up with next. It's how it feels so constant with her and it's as if it's the only thing that defines her and she seems perfectly alright with that, because she profits from the attention. I can't imagine knowing her in person because she seems like she would be an energy vampire. You know, the type of person who constantly talks about their depression and brings everyone in the rest of the group down and even when you've tried to be there for them, it's never enough. Most of the time when it comes to Giulia, I legitimately don't see a person who is actively trying to get better. I see someone who is content with being stagnant because other people enable her to do so and any criticism is met with her bemoaning on social media about how people expect her to be cured at the snap of fingers.

I'm pretty sure nobody's expecting that of her. They're probably just sick and tired of being around somebody who has built their entire personality around being a fucking trope.

No. 1127020

No she looks stunning here, probably because she didn’t do her own makeup. I’m actually really shocked that’s the same girl.

No. 1127021

File: 1610225788287.jpg (414.73 KB, 1080x1490, 20210109_155029.jpg)


You mean buying already made costumes and taking a selfie with the same two poses you use in every picture of yourself? Because that's what you've done. You aren't a cosplayer, Giulia. And here we go yet again with the casual broken record references to her mEnTAl HeLatH.

You have a husband, don't you? Is he tired of babysitting you or something? Go to the park. Go on a natural trail. Get some arts and crafts. Read books. Exercise. There are absolutely things that you can do that don't involve crowds of people. I can't imagine myself during one of my own episodes running to Twitter as the first course of action.

No. 1127022

And I agree, she looks great here.

No. 1127029

File: 1610226149733.jpg (733.46 KB, 1080x1980, 20210109_160143.jpg)

No. 1127048

did she have some surgery done to her face? Is there a reason why she barely moves her mouth? Looks like she restricts herself too much for fear of showing even one line on her face, it's sad.

No. 1127146

The effects of being a former crackhead.

No. 1127247

????? What is the point of this

No. 1127265

is this a self-post or a ss she posted elsewhere? the promote button only shows up on your own posts.

No. 1127268

Its supposed to be a Morticia cosplay. She posted it somewhere else.

No. 1127417

Where did she post it?

No. 1127514

Is this a self post or someone trying to make it seem like one?

No. 1127561

If she did self-post, it would add to the tinfoil theory that she was the mutual who posted caps of Shannon on the CreepShow thread. Funny if true, but it could have just been taken somewhere else I guess?

No. 1127584

does anyone else notice the inconsistency of what country she’s from? she’s talked before about being born and raised in italy but also germany, and she got citizenship a few years back but has Z E R O accent and when she speaks italian it’s edited weirdly and spoken like she google translated something before hitting record and tried a dozen times. people who grew up in another country speaking another language will always have at least a small accent or mispronounce english words but she has no trace of it.
it seems really off to me. it’s been bugging me for years and now she has a thread so may as well ask if it’s just me nitpicking

No. 1127586

this seems like a screenshot of a screenshot, the time on the screenshot does not match with the filename, however giulia could be trying to make it seem that way

No. 1127673

I think she went to international schools which usually teach in English.
In my expirience a lot of people don't have an accent despite english not being there first language anyway so that doesn't really indicate anything.

No. 1127681

she said in a recent video that she lived in germany for a few years as a child. i understood that her father is german and that'd explain the citizenship i guess.

No. 1127696

So where is this somewhere else? Where did you get this cap?

No. 1127723

File: 1610308849557.jpeg (386.83 KB, 1125x814, 92CF6F79-0026-4500-A358-E226D3…)

Sage cause it’s kind of old now but does anybody remember when she was planning on making a video about fucking eating disorder twitter accounts? Most people on there are probably teenage larpers but I remember seeing her tweet and getting uncomfortable. Yes Giulia, make another 20 minute video ranting about extremely mentally ill minors and their vents about being scared of their scales, that’ll go great for you.

Then she didn’t because she was afraid of getting doxxed, kek. What did she expect was going to happen when messing with crazy?

No. 1127732

Oh, THIS is where you fuckers draw the line?
So what if they're teenagers? A lot of these brats are pretty vile with how they attack others on Twitter just for pointing out that their communities might be toxic hugboxes.

No. 1127751

I think it's ridiculous she criticizes ana tags when she herself was ana because she acts like it's shocking shit that they do when if she were ana herself, surely she'd kind of get it. I tinfoil she was one of those fat wannarexics.

Like, yeah, proana communities are bad and full of mentally ill people, many of them teenagers, who doesn't understand that. It's such an attempt to attack low hanging fruit.

No. 1127775

her (often mis-) pronunciation of non-English words IS HILARIOUS. if I didn't know she was actually italian/bi/trilingual I would think she's making it up. watch the video where she talks about the super mario brother super show and tell me her saying "mario and luigi" doesn't make you literally lmao

No. 1127806

File: 1610315726516.png (434.81 KB, 760x523, we get it.PNG)

Sage your shit, anon.

OT, same shit different day.

No. 1127808

File: 1610315832177.png (92.33 KB, 751x792, high tolerance from crack or j…)

No. 1127809

File: 1610316013456.png (1.89 MB, 1152x2048, Eoqt_7mWMAcnGlb (1).png)

No. 1127814

her horrible wigs do not help her look. The cheap, fucked up hairlined wigs makes her look even more…you know.

No. 1127818

Sooo is there actually milk? Yeah she’s annoying and ugly with shitty wigs but that isn’t milk. Repeating it over and over again doesn’t make it milk either.

No. 1127820

File: 1610317250434.png (1021.84 KB, 900x1200, EoftZZlXUAQjUxH.png)

Her second channel, Ready to Glam, is hilarious. As if she's anybody to help anyone else with beauty.


No. 1127822

File: 1610317384819.png (56.85 KB, 759x550, sureeeeeee.PNG)

Do you know the difference between a cow and a snowflake? There are two different boards for a reason. Someone else was b& for shitting up the thread days ago with spergy replies, so you'd better learn to integrate. If you don't like the thread, you don't have to be here and people have been posting things besides her being ugly. But, you clearly didn't read that because you have an agenda. Or, you did and you just don't care. Move along.

OT more shit that never happened.

No. 1127826

File: 1610317506574.png (75.77 KB, 758x620, sure giulia.PNG)

Speaking of the majority of her content, lol

No. 1127833

Chill out, I’m asking for milk because she’s annoying and I would love to shit on her.
But being annoying just isn’t milk. All the other cows in snow have milk to some degree. Shayna, egirls, Erin, Abby Brown, even fucking Holly Brown has more milk than this. She’s just ugly and annoying.

But if anyone has any actual milk, I would love to jump on that train and add another cow to the reading list.

No. 1127836

Again, two different boards. She isn't Momokun-tier. She's a special snowflake and that's why she's here.

No. 1127841

thats why I didn’t even mention Momokun, and why I compared her to the other snowflakes on this board

No. 1127842

why do you keep coming to this thread to whine about the lack of milk? Add some or hide the thread.

No. 1127847

>something doesn't meet my standards
>I have to complain

No. 1127905

>"heavily tattooed girls get more STDs" she's such a dumb ass, no shit that exposing yourself to potentially dirty needles raises your risk for STDs.
literal paper thin lips. i didn't even know who this bitch was before this thread was created and i already hate her after scrolling through it lmao

No. 1127907

don't really have milk but i used to watch her videos, around a year or two ago. ultimately quit because 1. jesus fucking christ she is BORING, and is probably even worse at abusing low hanging fruit than june. 2. hideous wigs, the way she'll stare so seriously into the camera and talk so ~seriously~ about a topic yet her head looks like a comedic joke was hilarious. 3. after a certain point, i started getting major pick me vibes from her and her channel began amassing tons of cringy mgtow/incel commenters and viewers? like every comment/video would somehow have something to do with "WOMEN ARE JUST AS BAD AS MEN!!! WOMEN GET NO JAIL TIME FOR "RAPE" WHILE MEN TOTALLY GET 60 YEARS IN PRISON JUST FOR A BASELESS ACCUSATION!!" and that was just insufferable.

No. 1127909

Lmao I'm an actual Italian who moved to the US at a young age. I don't have an accent speaking English anymore, but RTG can't fucking pronounce Italian words correctly. It's hilarious that she acts like she grew up there. Has she ever mentioned where in Italy she's from?

No. 1127920

She's totally a pick-me and tries to be lowkey about it. The video about how she used to be an ebil essjaydoubleuwu was basically the giant beacon. She plays up the goff gf shit when she's never been goth. She buys cheap, Killstar/Dollskill clothes and kvult stuff and that's about it for the optics.

She's also bullshitting when she says that most people who watch true crime care about human psychology. Sis if they're not gen xers who became obsessed with that shit during moral panics, they're edgy teens or people who are just morbidly curious about grotesque, depressing cases. Its human nature to be curious, I'm not faulting that part. My problem lies with her profiting from these videos all the while trying to be holier than thou and then she has the audacity to say that this is about human psychology. Literally when does she discuss human psychology (and with any basis, no less. She's a fucking English Lit graduate, not a fucking Psychologist or Forensic Psych.) in any of her videos? They're always her reading an article, taking dramatic pauses and zooming in on herself, talking about how distraught and upset and disappointed this makes her in HumanItY, and that's it.

So profound, much enlightenment. Bravo.

She hasn't, iirc. She says she was born in Germany and grew up there, but she's also lived all over the place.

No. 1127936

I don't think she has said she grew up in italy I thought she hadf just said she is originally from there and her family are italian?

No. 1127954

>no shit that exposing yourself to potentially dirty needles raises your risk for STDs.
Lmao what. Only the most shit-tier scratchers that have no idea what they're doing would use a dirty needle to tattoo. Most tattooed people go to real artists and are no more likely to get an STI than anyone else. Also the insinuation when people say "tattooed people are more likely to have STDs" is generally that tattoos indicate low morals/sleeping around, not that you would get hep c or whatever from the tattoo needle.
I'll take my ban

No. 1127967

>I belittle myself enough
She always uses her own low self-esteem / anxiety / depression / former addiction or eating disorder to deflect any sort of criticism. People can still think it's weird that almost all of your content is about murder, sexual assault, incest and Tumblr

No. 1127974

i recall her bragging about how totally italian she is in multiple videos/tweets over the years, but don't know if she says she was BORN or raised there

No. 1128011

ia, i watched maybe 4 videos a year or two ago before i got bored of her dead pan delivery and non-chalant attitude to the point where it started to feel condescending? and it wasn’t even her opinions, it was just regurgitated information that she would obviously be against, so it made it doubly weird and off putting because i agreed with what she was saying on a surface level.

she might not be the milkiest but she’s certainly annoying and problematic enough to have a thread. eventually it’ll dry up if there’s nothing of substance so i don’t really get the people complaining

No. 1128014

double post but i remember a video where she awkwardly shoved in some italian flexing. i wish i could remember it better but it was so cringe and unnecessary

No. 1128027

Because RTG lurks here and its how she got content for some of her videos. Sometimes it smells like its her defending herself and sometimes its asshurt fans who thought she was somehow immune from criticism just because she browsed an imageboard while wearing all black.

No. 1128028

File: 1610330331607.png (1.12 MB, 1553x782, offbrand dollskill.PNG)

>People can still think it's weird that almost all of your content is about murder, sexual assault, incest and Tumblr

Especially given that you'd expect someone with all of these alleged cocktail conditions that she has to be unsettled by the details she reads yet in every video she seems disingenuous because she's stoned out of her mind while simultaneously trying to play up this dead-pan, so unbothered/aloof goff gurl who is SoOooOoOo diSsaPOintEd in h00MankiNd.

No. 1128070

what the fuck is with her eyes? is the right lens skewed on purpose?

No. 1128079

this photo is one of the ugliest i've seen posted on lolcow holy fuck.

No. 1128082

File: 1610335065801.png (1.34 MB, 1388x823, Capture.PNG)

Honestly, looking at her second channel its starting to seem like being a beauty guru was her main objective all along and the drama channel was just so she could gain enough attention in the first place in order to make the second work. Too bad her main channel has 662k subs while this one just has 44.3k

Almost as if no one in the right mind would be looking for advice from her.

No. 1128085

Double post, but again with the constant reminders from her even in fucking video titles that she's ~*so depressed*~

No. 1128088

It's a filter and the tracking glitched out

No. 1128095

File: 1610335849222.png (287.36 KB, 700x394, rtg.png)

Wow those thumbnails alone look awful. Talk about a vanity project. She has no idea what looks good on her, from her body shape to her face. She can look okay if styled properly >>1126725, she's just stuck on trying to emulate harsh egirl fashion that only looks good on hyperfeminine girls. She's neither cutesy nor does she have elegance, so she just comes off looking like a troon desperately trying to emulate womanhood, when she could look fine if she respected her type. Sad!

Also nitpick but
>dying a wig
>dying a human hair wig
dying != dyeing, learn the fucking difference if you want to be a "beauty" youtuber

>muh ED
>muh relatable self-depreciation
>lazy commentary about material lifted from lolcow & pickmeisms

I can see why she and Creepshow Art are besties

No. 1128108

She must save a lot of money on lipstick, this woman looks like Amy Schumer cosplaying as Billie Eilish

No. 1128116

File: 1610337569053.png (3.09 MB, 1536x2048, EraFTTrXIAAy6rA.png)

Fuck anon what can you do with this one?

No. 1128123

File: 1610338635857.png (1.19 MB, 1909x757, sgysfsr.PNG)

Can we also talk about her shitty merch?

No. 1128124

File: 1610338657083.png (207.24 KB, 1177x914, ergifkht.PNG)

No. 1128125

File: 1610338870746.png (827.08 KB, 1372x893, ddftguhiu.PNG)

$34 for a hoodie featuring a beaten to death joke but in Tumblrkid color scheme.

Totally owns a channel dedicated to ~*discussing human psychology*~ and isn't just another trashy drama rag.

No. 1128129

Lol I knew this thread was coming. I was subbed to her for a few weeks last year but I quickly started to dislike her. I think the specific reason was her tendency to pretend to "oops" say something especially "clever" (in her book) and give herself asspats for it.. on camera.. gave me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1128133

This video was a train wreck.

No. 1128134

Anyone think she has gotten work done on her nose? It has that overly manufactured nose look lol.

No. 1128139

File: 1610340929477.png (1007.6 KB, 1226x790, also rtg.PNG)

>complains about people making mental illness trendy
>does it herself in every tweet
>complains about the anxiety hoodie
>wears shit that says the same type of shit

No. 1128142


lmfao the shadow on her long, weird philtrum almost makes her look like she has moustache stubble in this picture

can she skip the next shitty flash tattoo and PLEASE get lip filler

No. 1128148

I hate to seem like I'm nitpicking but I think the most atrocious thing about her appearance which gives off the impression she's a troon is her foundation. It looks so cakey and matte. Clearly, her skin isn't that pale. Are there any photos of her without makeup and wig?

No. 1128155

File: 1610345083186.jpg (55.58 KB, 833x1023, Dc8KvUHUwAARVYx.jpg)

No. 1128156

File: 1610345263705.jpg (162.12 KB, 993x1200, DVKwSpLVAAIxqq3.jpg)

No. 1128157

File: 1610345397560.jpg (231.66 KB, 1023x998, D-k7Qx8XsAUgUmD.jpg)

No. 1128168

ntayrt but she clearly has make up on in those pics

No. 1128173

That's my cousin Vinny

No. 1128177

>without makeup
Lol no

Try this

No. 1128179

What’s the fuckin point of posting random pictures with no context? Are you a shadow stan or a scrote cooming to her IG feed? Keep them to your creep folder and don’t clog the thread retard.

No. 1128184

Retard, an anon asked for photos without the wig. What the fuck is your problem?

No. 1128196

These actually hurt to read.
"My disappointment is disappointed", yeah we get it, you're constantly disappointed in everything. Holy shit go outside or something.
The mug could have been OKAY if she just left it as a reference to her tattoo for her fans but she just had to add the part in parentheses so now it sounds stupid and extremely repetitive for having "dead" take up almost half the words.
Such English major, very literate.

No. 1128204

File: 1610353862733.jpeg (67.72 KB, 680x622, 2A1C39FB-8EB6-40D9-B1C6-D98751…)

My problem is your lack of reading comprehension, anon. Which is like, totally lame and booring. Yikes.

No. 1128207

kinda crazy that her makeup makes her look worse than she actually looks.

No. 1128220

she has kind of an unconventional sort of beauty. idk she looks like an attractive ymca summer camp counselor, thats the best i can describe it

No. 1128224

Scrolling past, I really thought it was a puffy Corey Feldman.

No. 1128229

She won't because going outside too much apparently makes her anxious unless it's the yearly Vegas trip.

No. 1128290

half of me is screaming that she needs to learn to do her makeup better and she'll be fine and the other half is saying surgery is the only thing that will save her from looking like a troon. lip filler or something, I don't know. anything.
side not used to like her content til I realized (like everyone did) that her vids are copy paste OH NO THIS HAPPENED + BARELY COMMENTARY made me really dislike her. put in some effort woman.

No. 1128369

Remember when she was friends with Rich Lux? Pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 1128585

she looks kinda handsome in this pic, she’d make a great fakeboi a la fahrlight

No. 1128693

>>1128585 her face reminded me of someone, but i couldn’t put my finger on who… and it’s fahr

No. 1128913

File: 1610407538202.jpeg (841.54 KB, 1242x1508, AC66407D-2439-4C20-8455-574895…)

What do we think? Personally I think she only feels that way because it’s a 2D face with no contour https://twitter.com/ReadytoglareYT/status/1348768532893458434?s=20

No. 1128914

File: 1610407563165.jpeg (154.77 KB, 946x2048, BBF7D02E-9C4D-4F97-A329-884888…)

>>1128913 close up

No. 1128916

saw it on the main page and immediately thought it was her so I don't think it's a stretch, however doubt it's actually her face/likeness they've jacked

No. 1128942

She definitely has that Iberian people look. Her lips kind of remind me of Davey Havok's of AFI

No. 1128971

I cannot imagine for the life of me any designer looking at her and thinking she'd look good for anything. She probably came herself at that DM and wanted twitter asspats for validation

This sent me, anon

No. 1128988

wouldnt put it past dolls kill but youre right, who tf would choose her? tbh i thought it was a nude photo of young cher at first glance

No. 1128993

is it just me who doesn't see a resemblance? like it looks like it could be so many different women to me.

No. 1128998

she looks better here. She really needs to embrace the androgynous look and stop with the shitty wigs/makeup. I'm sure her fanbase would really embrace it.

No. 1129004

Imagine being so plain and expressionless that you actually believe a low rez minimalist image of a face is a picture of you.

No. 1129016

Did you really have to bump the thread for this? Please sage if you’re not contributing, I thought there was actually milk for once.

No. 1129036

File: 1610416416546.png (51.31 KB, 754x603, ready to troon.PNG)

This. There's one autist who keeps bumping this thread just to offer their two cents. Unless its new milk, sage your shit please.

OT, looks like she didn't appreciate being called out.

No. 1129048

is this not what everyone in the world does?

No. 1129056

File: 1610417481644.png (1.49 MB, 1494x927, what the fuck is this.PNG)

Also, why do people lie to her so much? Her """cosplays""" are shit. Her wigs are shit. Her makeup and fashion sense are shit. Her hOT TaKEs are shit.

No. 1129058

File: 1610417672658.png (1.46 MB, 1487x935, so modest uwu.PNG)

Even if she's being facetious and that's a friend, this is a cringe as fuck reply.

>y-you know I never smile!1!1! i'm so disappointed with the humanity!1!!

No. 1129059

File: 1610417791165.png (452.57 KB, 768x781, no wonder you two are friends.…)

Kissing shoeonhead's ass.

No. 1129092

Chill out anons, I've posted in this thread and saged plenty of times before. It was a one-off error, not some anon who continually bumps the thread with no milk.

No. 1129143

File: 1610426390169.gif (778.04 KB, 358x200, A7301404-E9BC-4A81-865F-68E35A…)

No. 1129172

File: 1610430759838.png (573.02 KB, 788x696, fan run my ass.PNG)

This is allegedly a fan-run account, but I don't buy it. It just seems like Giulia on an alt gassing herself up.


No. 1129173

File: 1610430807410.png (29.5 KB, 759x198, Capture.PNG)

No. 1129183

I’m not sure, since she has made it the norm to always include fan art in her vids.
She’s definitely not afraid to act in ways that she’s most likely aware create parasocial relationships. People gas her up for free on her socials, I could see a situation of her potentially creating a fan account for herself but giving it away to an actual fan once it got a little attention.

Maybe the anxiety she’s plagued with is that her fanbase will turn on her one day, or that she’s going to age out of being relevant.

No. 1129496

I doubt it. It's definitely run by someone a bit younger or at least more immature. RTG's fan account admin posts a lot of cringe on IG stories. Giulia's too self aware to stoop to that level.

No. 1129576

File: 1610478786494.jpeg (919.91 KB, 1242x1495, E97F6589-3C8A-48CC-98F5-6C4FB4…)

I can’t imagine thinking dollskill are going to use a photo of you on their clothes despite the fact it looks nothing like her. (No tattoos etc)

No. 1129577

File: 1610478833169.jpeg (111.22 KB, 946x2048, DD2DB9FD-E663-4E39-BD64-5F370E…)

Photo on the shirt in question

No. 1129580

This was already posted, anon.


No. 1129585


god she needs to cut her hair and stop wearing the 22 inch aliexpress wigs. if your features are already kinda masculine long flowing hair just accentuates it. she'd look a lot better with some kind of edgy pixie cut or hell, even just like a blunt bob. i hate that every internet girl owns like 30 drag queen wigs that don't flatter them whatsoever now

No. 1129586

Oops my bad, I must have skipped past the images. (Board won’t let me delete)

No. 1129615

I didn’t sage >>1127696 because thread hadn’t been bumped for a couple hours and I reaaally want to know where that self-post lookin ass cap come from. Since it’s kindaaaa weird that anon replied quickly to a person sussing her by saying it’s “posted elsewhere” but dipped off after two people asked exactly where.
Yeah dollskill made composite fan art of your tranny face specifically on top of a body you do not have to sell merch, I was at the pitch meeting. Curb your NPD, Ready To Eat.

No. 1129646

Anon, its a screenshot that she replied to someone with if you go balls deep into her tweets. Its not a big deal. That's why no one cares.

No. 1129669

File: 1610485124300.png (79.86 KB, 768x645, which is why you havent shut u…)

>over being emo
>"That's why it kills me"
>by no means a priority
>continues to whine on twitter for months

No. 1129671

File: 1610485201638.png (83.88 KB, 754x757, totally happened.PNG)

Things that totally happened and are not at all made up.

No. 1129673

File: 1610485292286.png (773.05 KB, 780x791, pullin a shoe.PNG)

We get it. You're bi. And you sound like shoeonhead when you do this. Again, no wonder you two are friends.

No. 1129675

File: 1610485361846.png (255.06 KB, 758x769, wheres the lie though.PNG)

When fishing for sympathy for doing crack didn't go as planned.

No. 1129679

File: 1610485429877.png (96.64 KB, 758x790, Captureinoo.PNG)

That ED video isn't happening anytime soon due to alleged doxxing.

No. 1129681

File: 1610485590229.png (377 KB, 1670x942, wah.PNG)

Wah wah someone thinks I look like shit even though I do 99% of the time.

No. 1129684

File: 1610485655481.png (561.99 KB, 757x799, so quirky and bi.PNG)

So quirky and bi, but has likely never eaten pussy.

No. 1129687

File: 1610485799896.png (34.68 KB, 753x472, pot meet kettle.PNG)

Pedoshit is abhorrent. So is the hypocrisy of this tweet considering you're the one constantly using depression/anxiety/trauma as a fashion statement/persona then bitching when others do it.

But go off sis.

No. 1129693

File: 1610485969845.png (26.92 KB, 759x319, TOTAL MOOD SIS.PNG)

Total m00d sis like yaas

No. 1129697

File: 1610486118732.png (649.23 KB, 767x545, you and every other alleged go…)

My parents have said the same thing. So have other people's parents and friends. This isn't special, it doesn't make you anymore "goffick".

No. 1129699

Why does every fake bi hoe talk about women the way scrotes do?

No. 1129708

File: 1610486583329.png (72.95 KB, 763x788, somebody mad.PNG)

A trainwreck on both ends. Also, how the fuck is anyone supposed to know that her tattoo has anything to do with her OD unless they've watched her video explaining it? Tattoos can have meanings that are personal, sure, but when the rest of her tattoos look like Tumblr reblogs and she dresses like the wannabe goth that she is people are just going to assume that she's an edgy fucker.

No. 1129716

Lmaooo I never knew this bitch is this much of a snowflake. She’s even worse than an average hypersensitive twitterfag because shes so coated in a sheen of “unbotherth goff queen” hypocrisy where she literally funds her crackhead habits by making fun of other crackheads on the internet. Bless this thread.

No. 1129725

And it only took you two days to come up with that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1129760

Its p obvious Giulia can't get enough attention. Watch it be something else she claims got her negative attention like she does with her overdose, tats, etc. Everyday with this bitch is like a soap opera and she plays all the parts.

Not everyone makes lc a priority, anon. You can stop sperging now.

No. 1129867

File: 1610496100454.png (1.33 MB, 1673x940, this looks awful.PNG)

Sporting a color that looks good on no one unless you're Ronald Mcdonald. I can't wait to see yet another episode of "gas rtg up for her minimal effort 'cosplays'"

No. 1129948

File: 1610500856463.png (1.51 MB, 1499x929, tr00n.PNG)

Also this fucking mess.

No. 1129977

She uploaded this?!

No. 1130072

File: 1610510185751.png (282.55 KB, 757x756, we get it youre depressed.PNG)

We get it, Giulia.

No. 1130076

File: 1610510365852.jpg (13.1 KB, 290x219, Image-2.jpg)

>>1129948 something about her face here reminds me of the maggot from the corpse bride

No. 1130103

she's so bad at taking photos. has no idea about what's attractive. i think she only focuses on what her body looks like and the face is a lost cause

No. 1130411

File: 1610557666990.png (56.48 KB, 754x561, lol.PNG)

For what? The shitty resin shop you talked about opening like a week and a half ago?

Still loving how this is someone who postured themselves as making educational videos detailing the h00man psychology and yet here we are with yet another possible merch shop from her.

I thought you were a teacher. Are you too depressed/high/cracked out/anxious to work from home like a lot of other teachers are doing right now? Can't imagine its much different from making one of your shitty videos. You still sit in front of a camera and pretend to be enlightened for an audience, so the only difference is subject matter and a clothing change right?

No. 1130492


People have known this about Shia for a while. There have been articles out for months now and once again, Giulia brings absolutely nothing new to the discussion. This is, yet again, her reading articles as if people can't just read them on their own.

Also, around 7:18 she mentions not wanting to get into the whole him shooting dogs in order to get into character thing because "it shows detachment from reality" and its too alarming for her uwu

..so, that's basically it. That's the video and most of it is her just reading shit. Again, 9 minutes for this shit? Where's that self-righteous, ~*human psychology*~ discussion she preaches about her videos including?

Also lmao at the Adam & Eve sponsorship in the beginning. Its not the first time she's been sponsored by them, but she has her head so far up her own ass if she thinks that she's providing any kind of service to anybody.

No. 1130800

I’m so glad this thread exists. :)


I’m surprised Creepshow likes Giulia but hates Shoe0nhead. giulia is a goth re-color of shoe.

I am also convinced that Giulia is the mystery e-celeb poster in the Creepshow thread.

I’m glad this thread is here bc I always thought it was weird that she was clearly fibbing and exaggerating her storytimes but everyone seemed to buy it. She mentioned working at Urban Outfitters - which I believe she did work there. What I don’t believe is that she didn’t like working there or didn’t think she was cool for it. (See video)

That was my first indication that she tries so hard to be cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone did a timeline on her they would find MANY inconsistencies

No. 1130808

File: 1610580891085.jpg (551.87 KB, 1071x1803, 20210113_183427.jpg)

top fucking kek

No. 1130811

>>1130808 at first glance on the homepage i thought this was jeffree star

No. 1130815

Thanks, anon. Now I can't unsee it.

No. 1130826


I hate to say it but I thought this was a post from the MTF thread. She really needs to learn what flatters her. These fucked up hair lined wigs aren't it.
She needs to look up an tutorial and get a nice lace front, she can afford it.

No. 1130906

Straight out of a 2007 Comic con lmao just buy from Etsy honey

No. 1130937

File: 1610586956481.jpg (469.68 KB, 1080x1575, 20210113_201356.jpg)

I know this is a rtg thread, but nothing about that is Raven except the wig and forehead sticker. Also here we have Giulia unable to tell that she is being subtly one-upped because she's too busy pretending to be oh so bi again.

No. 1130948

Not that I'm doubting you but what makes you think that she's the e-celeb?

No. 1130965

Mainly because of the videos I’ve seen of Giulia and how she comes off to me. Also because of this post in particular…


Specifically this quote

“Her friends have caught on to that and know it's easy to manipulate her. I think she had a good mentor in Giulia, but she lost her way a bit.”

If you saw her video that I posted where she talks about her interview at Urban Outfitters, you’ll notice that she can’t help but talk herself up in comparison to other people.

Sage for all the tinfoil and non-milk

No. 1131004

I used to watch her mostly because is easy to understand and was trying to improve English, but got really bored with her constant mocking about depression and being done with everything also the lack of creativity, everything always is the same

No. 1131023

That does make sense. She does that in a lot of her videos even when they're about victims. She'll go and toss her suffering in for a few pity points. I'm surprised her husband hasn't ever felt utterly drained by her existence. She seems miserable and boring to be around and thinks way too highly of herself for the very little she's done.

No. 1131076

She should’ve deleted after that, I would be so embarrassed if someone looking 100x better than me replied to my shitty cosplay like this top fucking kek

No. 1131088

But anon, Giulia is one of the kewl gurlsXD. She's bi and totes never feels the need to compete with other women because she loves pussy so much and feels the need to casually remind everyone of this despite never having been with a woman.

No. 1131089

this is the most embarrassing thing ever lol. also is it just me or does RTG seem like someone who would be insulted if you asked her if she was a feminist

No. 1131091

She wouldn't be insulted. She would do that stupid pause that she does while her crackfried brain processes what you just asked, then reply in that decrepit Ozzy Osbourne voice of hers with her ~*enlightened centrist stance*~ on things.

She would also probably cite things that happen to men and not women as she's known to do, but with no actual studies and merely online regurgitation. Her videos attract a lot of MRA and incels as well as pick-mes who think it's cute to be against any kind of beneficial change for women.

No. 1131109

Awww two shoopies having a passive aggressive slapfight over who looks imaginary better than the other~

No. 1131146

what the fuck is this pose? why is her leg sticking out that far? is this elementary school picture day?

No. 1131224

File: 1610622074401.jpeg (44.63 KB, 335x447, 12D64BFB-F136-49E9-B9A4-567821…)

I think she thinks she’s doing this.

She seems to think this is her body type anyway and given her shitty tattoos we know she thinks she’s cool. I think what she fails to understand is that she needs a special camera/filter to achieve the look. And also, maybe learn how to pose.

No. 1131254

I love how if a male with a partner were to be this much of a cringey reply-guy they'd get so much flack and would be considered by some as emotionally cheating, but because she's a ~bisexual queen~ its completely ok.

Surely Jacob doesn't find it flattering that his wife is thirsting over women all the time?

No. 1131384

He probably either doesn't know or doesn't care because he knows she's not actually bi, dude. She's never been with a woman. She's like a lot of women who claim to be bi: She likes the idea of a girlfriend and the attention it would draw, but she wouldn't go down on one and she certainly wouldn't make any effort in the bedroom to fuck one.

Jacob may even have issues of his own where he married her because he doesn't think he can do any better or something.

No. 1131477

File: 1610647255586.png (1.42 MB, 1605x938, damn giulia really.PNG)

top fucking kek

No. 1131765

File: 1610665168504.png (579.72 KB, 764x789, sureeee.PNG)


No. 1131767

File: 1610665218489.png (41.8 KB, 746x465, sureo.PNG)

No. 1132460

Posted a new video an hour ago, in which she mentions Dollskill “ripping off her face” >>1129576

“99% of like, I think 5,000 people said that is deadass you, I don’t personally think it’s me” sure, you don’t. you’re not using your followers opinions - swayed by the fact that they want to be on your good side / praise you - to validate your delusions. not at all

The rest of the video seems to just be analysing past Dollskill scandals where they’ve stolen art or designs - of which there are tons already on YouTube - and her giving her opinion, the value of which I’ll let you decide

No. 1132469

Within the first 30 seconds she says "my friend Shannon, creepshowart, says I should bring this up because it's kind of funny…" and then talks about them "using her face".
Jesus christ it's a extremely simplified silhouette, it could be literally anyone. The absolute narcissism to think it's ACTUALLY based on her face. And of course it was Shannon who brought up that she should mention it in the video.
And now this is going to snowball and more people are going to kiss her ass and say it "totally does look like her!" because of confirmation bias. She knew exactly what she was doing by mentioning it.

No. 1132527

the way that she made a whole video just so she can keep on talking about the fact that she thinks it's "totally not her" just to get more people telling her it is. definitely not a narcissist though /s

the way she shoehorns "deadass" and other twitter slang into her speech is actually embarrassing

No. 1132543

Sometimes it’s embarrassing how stupid she sounds for someone that likes to constantly brag about how involved she was/is in academia

No. 1132554

She's still on this? It's not her damn face. Why is this chick so obsessed with making it seem as if other people are obsessed with her?

No. 1132562

File: 1610743496350.jpg (701.74 KB, 1080x1760, 20210115_154332.jpg)

Mercury doesn't have a sharpie dyed long ass drag wig but okay Giulia. Why is she trying to squeeze herself in as a cosplayer now?

No. 1132566

she looks haggard af

No. 1132567

File: 1610743734769.jpg (445.44 KB, 1080x1704, 20210115_154822.jpg)

so edgy

No. 1132570

File: 1610743838318.jpg (425.3 KB, 1080x1750, 20210115_154841.jpg)

Says it was a joke since she subs but wouldn't put it past her to be happier when other channels go down. Also as if her getting involved in the thread isn't a subtle way of advertising her own internet presence.

No. 1132572

Apologies for Sailor Moon sperg but their bows aren't between their damn collarbones either, they're like at the base of the sternum (with a gem in the middle too). Also this has the longer sleeve caps of Super Sailor Mercury but not the long bow in the back that's supposed to go with that.
Even if it is supposed to be her original take on it the costume is just plain shit. I don't think she actually knows anything about a lot of the characters she attempts to cosplay.

No. 1132583

Roly has a strong personality (i.e. super flamboyant that I've heard some people find annoying) but he's so upbeat and actually knows what the fuck he's talking about, he's the polar opposite of Giulia who seems like an actual corpse devoid of life compared to him. I WISH he'd call her out out on her negativity and bullshit.

No. 1132610

The fear of her butchering my girl Jupiter is real.
We get it, you need super long shitty wigs to try and soften your manface but geez at least try to look in character.

No. 1132615

I'm also a Moonie, but what do you expect anon? She buys these off of Amazon.

No. 1132622

Did you really need to bump the thread with this?
Can you please sage if you’re posting nonsense rambling instead of milk?

No. 1132667

It'll be hilarious if the brand actually says where the image was taken from because we all know it's not her.

No. 1132844

I'm an ex-addict (heroin) and I've never known anyone to OD on crack. Lmao she's such an attention whore

No. 1132887

File: 1610765832464.png (28.28 KB, 762x189, rtg.PNG)

Sure jan.

No. 1132888

File: 1610765883079.png (1.61 MB, 1539x943, ruined best girl.PNG)

No. 1132900

Why is she doing this… she can't possibly think these look good. Is she high when she posts these? Wtfffffff

No. 1132906

She's been claiming recently that "cosplaying" is the only thing keeping her sane and asking her followers for character suggestions.

Except that her idea of cosplaying is finding costumes on Amazon, throwing on a shitty wig, doing the same pose, then asking for asspats. She's not making anything herself because she's a lazy, tuwu depwessedwu goff qween.

She's also been saying that she's opening a resin shop and how that's also 'le only thing keeping her saNE', so take that as you will.

No. 1132913

She could have at least ironed her skirt

No. 1132928

It's funny how she's always apologizing for using shitty sources and that she knows those aren't considered real sources, yet I don't think she has ever used a legit source. And it makes me cringe so much when she dramatically pronounces foreign names.. Most Europeans would just use the English pronunciation when speaking in English. Stop trying to act like you're such an intellectual.. youre' not.

No. 1132941

File: 1610771984640.png (65.59 KB, 771x684, troon job.PNG)

>its literally ur job
>"Its my job to be aware of.."

No, it isn't lmao. This is not a job. Your shitty drama videos are not a job. You said you are a teacher, isn't that your job? Is she fucking retarded?

No. 1132950

not to be a Sailor Moon fag but this """take""" doesn't capture the character's personality in any way, nor does it "spin" the character creatively. this isn't goth!Sailor Mercury or anything like that, it's just someone wearing a cheap Halloween costume with the wrong wig.

is there a medical reason she has to look like she's constantly mouthbreathing or pursing her lips as if she's passing some rank gas in nearly all of her photos? are her lips so thin they have no choice but to either pucker or gape?

No. 1132954

File: 1610773792591.png (807.68 KB, 595x1022, Dark_Mercury.PNG.png)

Agreed. If tr00n wasn't such a wannabe, she'd have known about this version of Mercury and she could've done it while incorporating her need to slather everything with black.

Do you mean like how she tried to pronounce L'Oreal with this ott French accent that sounded like her throwing up?

No. 1132971

giulia is literally built different tho

No. 1133002

Its about the constant, #sorelatable self-deprecation, anon.

Its constant. Its old. Its pathetic. Doing the whole 'I make fun of myself before you bitches can hhahahaha' shit is something you're supposed to grow out of once high school is over.

No. 1133030

i meant that she’s built like a fridge while the other goth e girls are all twigs, lol

No. 1133031

I've been really really hoping someone finds the original art it was based on to call her out and shut her up but you know if that happens it'll be "oh well I did say I didn't think it actually looked like me, I'm just going off what everyone else says…" even though she's continued to bring it up repeatedly.

Sorry for even more Sailor Moon sperg but Dark Mercury from PGSM would have been perfect if she wanted to do something "edgy" and different but I really don't think she even knows the first thing about these characters, let alone something more niche like PGSM. Plus that would actually require effort.
So going off something someone said earlier about "cosplay keeping her sane"…no it's not because this barely even qualifies as cosplay, she's not making the costumes or putting in any work and I don't think she even knows anything about the characters she dresses up as. It's the validation and attention seeking and asspats she gets from it. It's not the process itself but the end result where everyone kisses her ass and tells her she looks "SOOO GOOD" in her shitty wrinkly costumes and $40 Amazon wigs. If it was the process of cosplay itself she'd actually be putting in some effort and cosplaying characters she's knowledgeable about and gives a shit about.

No. 1133063

It's perfectly valid sperg imo because all she keeps doing is dressing up as random characters that I doubt she even knows anything about. She probably watched the original sailor moon as a child of the 90s like a lot of people did, but I doubt she knows anymore about the rest of the franchise and is only doing these cosplays because sailor moon has been relevant to the younger gen ever since it rebooted. She never talks about gaming or comics or anime, not even on her Twitter. She doesn't know shit. She just wants more asspats for being something unconventional in her own mind.

Also, I'm the one who posted that she claimed its keeping her same because that's exactly what she said on her Twitter a few days back. Maybe like a week ago by now. And, I agree with you that its bullshit because she isn't making these cosplays. She isn't learning to work with worbla or doing props. The amount of attention seeking is insane with her, seriously. How the fuck does no one see the levels of narcissism?

Really am hoping for the original print to be found for that shirt, but you're right. She worded it in a way where she knew what she was doing so she can claim innocence even if she's called out.

Can't wait to see her shit show of a resin shop that she will be opening soon. More things to laugh at.

No. 1133065

*sane not same
Fucking auto correct.

No. 1133067

File: 1610798090318.jpg (283.51 KB, 1080x1222, 20210116_065413.jpg)

Fucking bawwww.

How do her followers not get tired of seeing this shit on their feed?

No. 1133118

I was drunk and forgot to sage, christ y'all get a bug up your ass about it.

No. 1133119

How old is she? It's like she never grew out of her egdy teen phase, everything has to be so dark and cool.

No. 1133170

Tinfoil, but I know she’s a fan of Snitchery and probably saw her getting praised for cranking out low-effort cosplays every day and decided to try it herself.
Snitchery can pull off the Amazon costumes (at least with her normie audience, I don’t know how other cosplayers feel about her) because she’s attractive and good with makeup, but RTG has no clue what to do.

No. 1133266

She's 27 years old and has allegedly been a professor. Imagine goolging your professor and finding this shit along with the terrible cosplays and gossip rags she puts up.

No. 1133372

File: 1610827049460.png (749.32 KB, 782x789, kill me please.PNG)

No. 1133375

If she was gonna wear a long ass black wig why didn't she cosplay as sailor Mars?

No. 1133380

That wig is blue, anon. And she did do Mars and it still looked like shit. >>1124470

No. 1133720


The costume quality is so shitty you can see her stomach tattoo though her shirt
If she wants to cosplay so bad and post the photos she should do better than some AliExpress-tier garbage costume

No. 1133758

File: 1610860785781.jpg (361.82 KB, 1064x1564, 20210117_001918.jpg)

I thought she hated tiktok and was constantly sperging about how many pedos use it.


No. 1133761

Also isn't the community mostly kids? Why is she on here in a towel and then some shitty corset?

No. 1133799

Are you still drunk? Stop replying to shit over a day old

No. 1133841

Even though she doesnt wear the most flattering clothes and wigs, i can kinda respect shes not a serial shooper like some other lolcows. She hasnt really done anything significantly milky though, i dont really have any strong feelings towards her

No. 1133849

Lol how is she not a serial shopper? What about the shitty costumes which will only be worn once for a photo? And also the hundreds of different plastic wigs ? Who needs that shit, those things are like the definition of serial shopping imo… only an american could think she isnt a serial shopper lol.

No. 1133852

Nta but *shooper, you dyslexic savant

No. 1133873

Even if it did say shopper it would only take like five brain cells to realize it meant PHOTOshopper. Such an angry response from someone who applies context clues worse than the average eight year old.

No. 1133924

She looks a wee better with bare face lol that "goth" makeup don't fit her at all, with contouring will look dramatic af and a little more goth

No. 1134342

File: 1610920777901.png (800.55 KB, 761x735, ashtrays.PNG)

The tinier pieces look hot glued onto the trays. Also, what is the point of these? Who is buying them?


No. 1134384

jesus those nails are trashy

No. 1134438

Trinket trays for jewelry. Off topic but some resin artists can make profit off of trays that don’t just look like arts and craft projects. But the standard isn’t too high for most resin hobbyists anyways.

No. 1134446

Everything okay at home? All that anger.
At least she's doing something but that butterfly thing looks awful

No. 1134470

God damn the amount of new fags in this thread is so annoying. I’ve never seen a thread get bumped so much with so little milk.
Please sage if you’re just going to parrot what everyone else has said.

No. 1134500

Its just people pissed off that their "fav" got a thread on here and newfags (likely from PULL or Twitter) not understanding the difference between a cow and a flake.

>she's doing something

Yeah, looking for a way to shill more merch because her clothing shop likely isn't doing well.

No. 1135292

File: 1611014368544.jpeg (771.31 KB, 768x1435, BC5BBBC8-5BD7-4BAD-B251-8841A8…)

You can take the girl out of Urban Outfitters, but you can’t take the Urban Outfitters out of the girl it seems kek

Guess she took the first things that didn’t completely suck from a new hobby and might end up selling them like anon said about merch. It’s almost irritating that she could easily sell more merch if she worked with prettier Instagram alt girls, or even tiktok e-girls, by sending them a free top to wear as a small promo.

Shame that if she cared more she could make more money (Not that she needs it) off her stuff. She has somehow created and is always encouraging that atmosphere where people truly start to think she is worthy of the praise they give her. If she made better looking crap, used a nicer presentation, and said shit like “Been really enjoying making these lately-Might consider putting up customizable multi-purpose catch-all trays for sale!”.

I used to pity her since she’s clearly in need of help but is enabled to be a shut-in by her husband, but everything she creates is so damn lazy. She never bothers to improve ANY part of herself or her content, if anything it seems she’s only putting less and less work in.

Pic related is from 2019
Bonus: Her “Sick Sad World” top is from Forever21.

No. 1135438

File: 1611027299946.png (82.21 KB, 753x753, why.PNG)

She plans to.

No. 1136105

File: 1611089021776.png (946.35 KB, 1589x944, sis what.PNG)

What in the fresh fuck is this supposed to mean?

No. 1136108

File: 1611089167036.png (84.87 KB, 763x756, fucking baw.PNG)

Also more vague attempts to remain as dark and contrite as possible without having to elaborate.

No. 1136114

she's just completely stuck in 2012 tumblr emo mall goth aesthetic vague posts and all huh?

No. 1136116

>used to pity her since she’s clearly in need of help but is enabled to be a shut-in by her husband

I don't. She sees a therapist, a psychiatrist, she has a loving mother, a wealthy as fuck family, and a supportive husband who built a fort for her crybaby ass in their living room so she could sit there for days on end to watch movies when she gets out of bed. She has so much support and yet she chooses to remain where she currently is.

No. 1136149

amber did a stream last night, during the stream she mentioned becky would be ok with amber having an only fans for "cleavage shots". shes probably not an avid watcher, but looking for a way to show how "online" she is to her audience. pretty pathetic.

No. 1136153

Isn't she friends with people from the "haydur nation"?

No. 1136180

This is such a Shayna-tier post lmao
>wears cringe pick-me gear to the gym
>story about being judged by imaginary jealous bitches

No. 1136261

File: 1611096887278.png (1.43 MB, 1547x935, how is this grunge.PNG)

This isn't grunge, Giulia. Its not even "a bit" grunge or whatever you're trying to allude to.

No. 1136264

>Looking bad in a crooked wig
>Bit grunge

No. 1136311

TBH this wig don't even look as bad as her normal ones do, the make up is decent as well.

No. 1136356

probably because she looks like a man

No. 1136827

Lmao fucking ugly looks like breadcrumbs clued on plastic

No. 1137154

New video where she looks like a casual SS Harley Quinn cosplay but also a lumberjack. The black lipstick really doesn't do her any favors. I don't know why she continues to force it.

Once again, read from trash sources about a trash person and said nothing of merit.

No. 1137328

File: 1611182896728.png (1.42 MB, 1637x937, giulia you look awful.PNG)

No. 1137380

she looks so uncomfortable and unconfident

No. 1137423

This has far less sex appeal than the actual beetlejuice

No. 1137468

File: 1611193977290.png (49.16 KB, 765x502, Capture.PNG)

No. 1137668

Does anyone know how RTG and Creepshow became friends?

No. 1137716

They're both farmers and have a superiority complex while feeding off one another.

No. 1138080

Wait she follows benito shitpiro and lauren? While looking like every SJW strawman ever? Topkek.

No. 1138398

yep, her logic is that she “needs to be up to date on what people do” even if she supposedly doesn’t ‘endorse’ them

No. 1138426

Which is hilarious because most of her videos are about how anti sjw she is in terms of undertones, how she used to be one, and you know damn well she would be sperging out if she found out someone she does a video on follows someone controversial. She would totally use it as another 'point' for why they're not to be trusted. Not to mention she kisses shoe0nhead's ass regularly over on Twitter.

No. 1138772

Oh now this is creepy as hell.
The question here is, is she watching this alone or with her husband?

She really fucked up with this one kek
I feel like most people won’t notice or take into account the nature of the anime, but it’s hilarious regardless that she chose this “cosplay” compared to what she says her views on things are.

No. 1138775

Elaborate, anon. I don't watch that shit.

No. 1139375

File: 1611346076916.png (696.42 KB, 756x784, Capture.PNG)

Idiot, you were whining and having 'menTal BreAkdOwnS' because you couldn't do your TrAdIShUnAl VegAs TriP. Again, you are not any better.

No. 1139379

No. 1139409

File: 1611347621692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.58 KB, 1258x703, 6A3D8E52-6C2C-4232-ABB0-7D2423…)

OT, And just watched some review because people were sucking that dick too much.
TL;DR: oversexualized mecha anime that tried to be 2deep4u and was shit, everyone had an opinion about the retarded way in which they had to pilot the giant robots as seen on pic related.

No. 1139493

It's really just evangelion rehashed but with teenagers piloting from the doggystyle position. kek

No. 1139506

Yeah, it looks like a cheap pornified NGE. The Zero-Two girl's pilot outfit is exactly like Asuka's outfit (She's the second child and pilots unit 02 btw)

No. 1139575

File: 1611357938719.png (1.44 MB, 1727x947, omg lmao.PNG)


No. 1139579


How can they all lie to her with a clear conscience?

No. 1139580

I know she claims sobriety but she always looks barred out. Ik it could just be the lashes that just make her eyes look like that but it's really not a good look

No. 1139586

Because she's their goffick qween, but also tons of projection and some kiss her ass hoping for clout.

She claims it, but it sure as shit isn't true. Just because she isn't on crack anymore doesn't mean she doesn't come on twitter shitfaced or high as fuck. Even in some of her videos you can tell she's stoned.

No. 1139601

Ok thanks I thought maybe I was just being judgemental/overthinking it but I have definitely noticed that in her vids in the past (tbh haven't really watched since around when she posted the TND vids) but she always appears to be some sort of high/drunk in pics and just has that overall disheveled appearance addicts tend to have when they're still using.

No. 1139608

File: 1611359038694.png (993.95 KB, 1586x888, horf.PNG)


Also this video was some steaming garbage where she uses a minor's situation for views.

Okay, which part would you like to discuss, Giulia? You sperged for 20 minutes analyzing short videos and.. to what end? Legit what does she think this video is going to do in terms of helping anybody at all?

This is for views, like all of her videos are. This is for nobody but herself so she can feel like she's a good person for 'bringing attention' even though that attention always amounts to her asskissers being self-righteous in the comments and that's it.

No. 1139903

sage cause not milk but I really do fucking envy her, she seems Happy, she's rich, she has simps and teenage girls who think she's deep but all she really does is just watch movies and anime all day in her living room fort that her husband made for her

I mean that's the dream isn't it, at least for me

No. 1140283

She talks about smoking weed, she's not "sober" sober, just clean from hard drugs.

No. 1140452

File: 1611441641663.png (31.93 KB, 753x452, Capture.PNG)

Yeah, anon. Its the dream to be enabled by the person who allegedly cares about you and is supposed to support you bettering yourself, but rather than actually do that they mollycoddle you because of your aNxiEtY and DePPreShUN, build you a fort in the living room as if you're a six year old home on a snow day, and let you make a whole ass of yourself before the public wearing cheap Amazon costumes while simultaneously pretending to give a shit about others when all you do is profit from people's circumstances a la trashy drama channel.

No. 1140641

File: 1611455672483.png (377.26 KB, 1225x584, Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 6.34…)


Regardless of how hot the person wearing it was, that outfit looks so fucking cheap and tacky. (picrel isn't the exact top but it looks shit even though it's being worn by an Insta baddie model)

No. 1140644

File: 1611455986919.png (1002.26 KB, 1296x728, juno.png)


I just realized she looks like Juno Birch in this outfit kek
at least Juno has some flair and doesn't look like she's on crack

No. 1140681

I just wanna be a NEET wife anon who has a supportive husband that allows me to be a NEET.

No. 1140735

It honestly does look like that top, but with those stainless steel frosting pipers shoved through them. I wouldn't be surprised if her coked up ass did that.

No. 1140737


neet doesn't really apply to someone with a master's and decently money-making youtube channel tho

No. 1140760

How does she manage to look so old? Is it her lack of upper lip?

No. 1140784

you can have a Masters and still want to be a NEET

No. 1140837

File: 1611479788313.jpg (67.77 KB, 650x488, DnfKXjR.jpg)


Its an austin powers refrence>>1140644

No. 1141426

Uh, I think you replied to the wrong person, anon. Learn2read.

Former hard drug user.

No shit, anon. Most of us were teens when those movies came out. Nobody said otherwise.

No. 1141429

File: 1611541202304.png (433.11 KB, 761x575, hahasoquirky.PNG)

mY MentAl IllnesSS

No. 1141867

is it me or does the top look like it's upside down? like the the triangle should be pointing up to be more flattering for the boob shape

No. 1142150

File: 1611621212453.png (1.39 MB, 1620x931, why.PNG)

No. 1142153

No. 1142173

Yeah, I get hardcore humblebrag look at me reading that. I doubt her, with iifc a masters, AND a successful YouTube channel her family would chastise her. Histrionic vibezzzz

No. 1142179

I think it’s because she always has this look like she’s clenching her jaw, like a grandparent. A lot of women who take selfies have their lips parted a little bit, so she’s probably just doing everything possible to hide her smile lines (Which is ridiculous).

No. 1142203

please dont say this about adam driver

No. 1142321

It seems like she tries to look sultry but she ends up looking super grumpy. She would look so much better if she got lip fillers and laid off the cheap wigs. Does she have problems growing out her real hair?

No. 1142375

File: 1611651736116.jpeg (214.79 KB, 828x1472, 3FA76381-F80C-483B-924F-D859E1…)

Do you think she writes off her wigs as a business expense kek

Lip fillers do seem like it’d help her face like anons are saying, but when your lips are that thin it feels like more of an “in theory” situation. I truly do not think there is anything she can do that would look better, if she added volume it would look like an allergic reaction.

Besides her remarks about her mental illness, has she ever made fun of her own looks? I don’t think I’ve heard or seen her say much besides how pale she is.

Picrel editing her lips doesn’t do wonders since her entire mouth is so small and she has that strong jaw, but she could always crop in a more flattering way.

TBH whether cows get lip fillers or not they’re pretty much damned if they do, damned if they don’t.(fanart)

No. 1142513

no ew Adam driver is a weird mf.(namefag)

No. 1142561

Where's the half bun on Pluto's wig? Kek

No. 1142633

She doesn't have problems with growing her natural hair. She says she uses wigs because she doesn't want to ruin her natural hair with coloring.

She decided that she didn't need it because her followers will lick her asshole regardless of how cheap and inaccurate. Just look at her other "cosplays".

No. 1142824

File: 1611695960700.png (46.74 KB, 761x518, rtg.PNG)

And once again doing nothing to actually help.

No. 1143691

Imagine having a nude photo leaked by your abusive, narc parent among other acts of abuse and some chick in bad wigs is consistently refreshing her feed for updates about you so she can make yet another video to profit from.

When are people going to stop pretending that Ready to Glare gives a shit about others? Seriously can people fucking stop?

No. 1143712

she genuinely looks like a man, I actually feel sorry for her

No. 1143805


now thats what I call fresh out of the bag. Did she even brush the wig out? Shake it out? Even a little?

No. 1144135

I know. The more I scroll the more I'm convinced this is a Nikki Tutorials situation.
If not, god. I feel sorry for her.. she really should try lip injections and better clothing.

No. 1144222

Sage for no milk contribution but I’ve just found this thread, can’t believe I used to listen to her videos in the background whilst I was doing uni work, I did actually like her tumblr videos. I unsubbed a while ago as I find her videos so draining

No. 1144347

This is literally just a cropped pic of the original and a meitu lip button click and put side-by-side, but okay

No. 1144361

Does anyone know if she still does that stupid podcast with her husband? It was called Mephisto something-or-other…

No. 1144365

Some farmhands are retarded, what else is new. I'd bring it over to the complaint thread in /meta/.




It hasn't been touched since 2019. Probably because no one cared to listen to the same spooky stories that other people (Nick Crowley, ObsoleteOddity, ReignBot, etc) have already covered and in a better fashion.

No. 1144366

File: 1611850779344.png (1.37 MB, 1733x942, go for the filler.PNG)

No. 1144371

Seriously, could she at least stop calling it cosplay and just say “I need likes and attention, here I am in a costume of a character you’re familiar with. Show how much you like the character by saying I am lovely”

No. 1144401

God her face kills me everytime, she looks so fucking disinterested in every photo

No. 1144437

File: 1611855735390.jpg (989.73 KB, 1072x1509, SmartSelect_20210127-203910_In…)

If you look at her feed overall, it's the same pose, tacky costumes and improperly laid wig over and over again. I don't understand the point of the wigs and obvious staging. She looks awkward like a kid being forced to let their parent take pictures of them on their way out of the house.
She also reminds me of pigs-in-a-blanket the way she looks stuffed into all of her outfits. Where is her neck??

No. 1144443

File: 1611856198276.jpg (16.86 KB, 256x256, 1339015942083.jpg)


Why in the fuck does she always stand in these cosplay photos what looks like on her tippy toes with her legs spread or whatever the hell is going on? Scrolling through the thread, it's like she does this in 80% of pictures, even not in cosplay.


Thanks for literally just posting this, this puts it into a better collage… if she wants to legit cosplay, she should get a better range of poses. These are boring af and just show that even IF the makeup and costume didn't look Spirit Halloween-tier, that's only half of cosplaying.

No. 1144445

Why does she look like that she's forced to do this

No. 1144452

that's her brand

No. 1144472

she poses like she's lifting her leg to let out a fart lol

No. 1144853

OT but if someone knows what the second child and unit 02 refer to they're going to know who asuka is you tard

Clearly she doesn't want to legit cosplay. She doesn't. She has all the time in the world and she's expressed creative interests, nothing is stopping her from trying to make her own costumes and actually put some effort in. But she doesn't want to, she just wants asspats and validation and attention with as little effort as possible.
She whines about being depressed and anxious and having low self esteem but does nothing to actually work on improving it. None of this (posting shitty photos in cheap costumes she orders from the internet) is actually helpful towards her mental health, it's just enabling her and encouraging her to continue to put in as little effort as possible by rewarding her for it.
She's so extremely draining to look at and listen to, honestly the human embodiment of emotional vampirism. And I hesitate to even say that because it seems like a term she'd like and try to embrace "ironically" or something. Being a boring, lazy, shell of a human isn't a quirk or a personality trait Giulia.

No. 1144941

File: 1611893001356.png (1.5 MB, 1619x939, can we stop.PNG)

New shitty merch dropping soon. Now you too can act like an anime trope and behave as if having FEEeLIngS is a horrible thing to have to live with.

No. 1144943

File: 1611893066051.png (51.92 KB, 759x474, moreenabling.PNG)

Some hot, fresh enablement for you anon kek

No. 1144986

Am I autistic or are her legs photoshopped in this? They look too straight up and down, don't really match, and the inside edges look weirdly fuzzy.

No. 1145036

>Cow phone case

Can we write off as a coincidence?

No. 1145402

File: 1611951762051.png (30.79 KB, 766x258, really.PNG)

Of all the people to be talking about others romanticizing anything negative.

No. 1145404

No. 1145410

File: 1611952170812.jpg (937.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210129-152918_Ins…)

A hairdresser laid this wig and it still looks like absolute shit

No. 1145462

Why is it so flat still?

No. 1145518

No way a hairdresser laid this. The person tagged is the woman who makes her wigs but they don’t live near each other

No. 1145660

File: 1611975101730.jpg (54.1 KB, 750x557, DA3U27mVoAATfqL.jpg)


Has she EVER had a good looking wig on? I can't remember a single one.

I think she just has a really fucked up head shape and it's impossible to make any kind of hair look good on her.

No. 1145687

She looks a little better with more natural colors. Not a lot but enough. But she keeps trying to force the crazy shades, even though they look horrible on her.

No. 1145765

she also never cuts or styles these wigs, and I don't think that length fits her at all. she looks fine with her natural hair and length here >>1129697 or here >>1128156

No. 1145859


I feel like she loves people commenting telling her to smile so she can clapback with "no" in typical snarky goffgurl fashion. Shame because these pictures could be instantly improved if she learned how to smile.

No. 1146218

It doesn’t, she’s not ultra femme to begin with and long wigs/weaves don’t go with her long face and $5 Venice Beach tattoos. I like her with a chic, blunt bob or the messy grown out pixie.

No. 1146311

File: 1612048024858.png (61.8 KB, 765x579, tell me im a good person.PNG)

No. 1146314

File: 1612048136945.png (105.78 KB, 771x770, its my jerb.PNG)

>"its my job"

No, it isn't lmao
She kills me when she acts like it really is her job, she isn't a journalist, she's a goddamned drama youtuber with shit takes who reads from articles that are sometimes biased and shitty sources themselves like dailymail

No. 1146316

File: 1612048207189.png (501.1 KB, 758x740, jade is asian ur not lol.PNG)

Also, you wish, Giulia.

No. 1146405

Even when she's promoting her own merch, she just looks so absolutely disgusted.

No. 1146493

File: 1612063054706.png (1.36 MB, 1671x937, washed out blanket.PNG)

No. 1146496

She looks airbrushed and her lips are noticeably shooped bigger.

No. 1146811

She's known to lurk here, maybe this thread got to her.

No. 1147178

just make the lips thinner

No. 1147395

her jaw looks different too

No. 1147409

dunno if it's ps or makeup, but she does look better here
just please, take care of the wigs ffs

No. 1147701

File: 1612142937042.png (75.54 KB, 762x640, Capture.PNG)

No. 1147703

File: 1612142980586.png (44.18 KB, 777x425, Capture.PNG)

No. 1147715

She discusses this all the time, has this person actually looked at her channel? I can't count the number of videos I've seen from her that are "YET ANOTHER FEMALE PREDATOR GETTING OFF WITH A SLAP ON THE WRIST, WHO SAYS THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS FEMALE PRIVILEGE AMIRITE?"
deep sigh disappointed disappointment glare stares into the camera like jim halpert
If she doesn't want to be repetitive she's a bit late.(newfag)

No. 1148805

File: 1612234100484.png (356.16 KB, 759x614, here we go again.PNG)

Nobody said that Giulia but we all know you need to cater to the incels that watch you.


No. 1148807

No. 1148884

She's sober from cocaine since that’s was her “problem” does drink and whatever else though

No. 1148943

>it's never predatory

Yes that's exactly why 10 other "tea" channels have already discussed it ad nauseum. Or she could mention how creeps like projared get to exploit his fans for years but still get WK'd to death. I thought after the whole youtube skeptics died off the myth that "muh muh wahmen get a pass for everything bloo bloo" would have died off with them. You'd have to be a boomer to believe that its just women "getting away" with these crimes in 2021 when men have proved over and over again they do it without consequence.

No. 1148953

She is to "women are predators too guyz" as Blaire White is to "these trans people are weird"

No. 1148973

>Nikita Dragun
I don't know if it's funny or sad that she's complaining about women when that's a whole ass man.

No. 1149024

This allows her to throw real women under the bus and look woke. Win-win!

No. 1149125

why do where wigs indeed

No. 1149184

good thing Nikita isn't a woman and the reason people don't care is because he's a ugly troon and a man. This isn't a issue of a woman being a creep Giulia, it's the issue of a gay man who thinks he's a woman being a creep.
Imagine being so thristy to prove women can be creeps, that you use an actual man to prove it.(derail)

No. 1149240

this is not the gender critical thread. contain your raging autism.

No. 1149282

shes reaching so hard lol, the OP was obviously implying that it was creepy and half the comments/ QRTs were saying so explicitly

she just wants to push her weird anti-feminist agenda and act like she's so enlightened

No. 1149436

I can't tell if this is support or shade kek

No. 1149909

File: 1612312005130.png (779.79 KB, 1288x799, Capture.PNG)

Its on topic, retard. Shut the fuck up. Giulia churns out content like this all of the time in an attempt to seem enlightened and everyone kisses her ass for it.

OT she's shilling her collab with Clutch Nails.


No. 1149913

No. 1149918

File: 1612312376787.png (291.87 KB, 752x786, my channel is for human psycho…)

No. 1150041

File: 1612317902883.png (463.63 KB, 1575x787, Untitled.png)

No. 1150074


it's funny, you can tell she's a pick-me just from her face. She's trying to hard to appeal to men and failing.

No. 1150282

File: 1612327471320.jpg (72.49 KB, 640x469, COZiqYA.jpg)

Don't think she's an anti-feminist, more of edgy enlightened centrist who thinks having no major political beliefs or opinions makes her intellectually superior to everyone else(twitterfag)

No. 1150636

Those nails look ugly as sin. I hate the pastels they used on the last set.

No. 1150800

holy fuck i live by and have met rowan irl, weird to see this

No. 1150804

by met i mean i've only seen at events but never spoke to lol

No. 1150874

No. 1150987

They're garish and look like they were designed in MS Paint, so they're right on brand. Perfect combination of her flat, one-dimensional wig colors and her randomly scattered sticker tattoos. A job well done.

No. 1151004

File: 1612379983173.png (418.03 KB, 762x749, Capture.PNG)

Truly sad to see the shit taste that people have.

No. 1151145

File: 1612386758815.jpg (96.28 KB, 1437x833, Ready 2 Glare nails.JPG)

She shilled her ratchet nails in the Nikita Dragun video. Colour schemes are positively disgusting. Ofc she has ones that say 'bye' on them kek.

OT but her tattoos look like she found a sticker pack and went nuts on herself. None of them relate to each other its such a mess…

No. 1151268

Geez, they looked bad in the package but seeing them on her hands in juxtaposition with her shitty faded/mismatched tattoos just makes this look even worse. I feel like I'm looking at an aged, wannabe goth with a meth addiction and a history of assaulting a 7-Eleven cashier at 2am over cigarettes.

No. 1151271

File: 1612395874937.png (51.76 KB, 762x553, okay sure.PNG)

No. 1151274

File: 1612395921235.png (261.48 KB, 756x798, more edge.PNG)

Gotta keep on brand.

No. 1151332

lol what is she even talking about

No. 1151678

These look 7$ press ons from walmart not remotely worth 17$ yikes

No. 1152070

She's talking about the time she asked if she should do a video on ED Twitter and they got extremely offended and harassed and doxxed her lol.

No. 1152212

kek anon that description sums her up so well

No. 1152554

File: 1612492131685.png (1013.39 KB, 1731x940, headass.PNG)

No. 1152556

File: 1612492202426.png (78.54 KB, 760x640, gassed up.PNG)

People inflating her ego even more. But, remember! She totally does this all for the sake of human psychology.

No. 1152558

File: 1612492299198.png (77.15 KB, 773x635, who tf wants to snail mail you…)

No. 1153545

File: 1612574516821.jpg (388.32 KB, 1080x1741, 20210205_202200.jpg)

"I need more attention!"

No. 1153546

No. 1153580

Oh the irony kek.

No. 1154620

File: 1612673162417.png (1.75 MB, 1687x939, life is so hard for giulia.PNG)

No. 1154621

File: 1612673198107.png (25.39 KB, 774x205, psychos.PNG)

Also, her fans are as batshit as ever.

No. 1155657

Don’t know why she has to pose so terribly in every picture. I hate cookie cutter poses too, but I feel like her poses are always off

No. 1156388

No. 1156390

File: 1612827813857.jpg (433.41 KB, 1080x1412, 20210208_184306.jpg)

>before we talk about this story let's talk about my shitty nails

The fucking arrogance kek

No. 1158775

No. 1158857

Her wig in the thumbnail makes her look like a 50-year-old hippie

No. 1158869

Goddamn it anon now I can't unsee it

No. 1160081

Funny, I literally discovered her today.

I found her mildly interesting for a bit, but then I found her video where she talked about getting PTSD from watching the Christchurch Massacre video and how she experienced "secondhand trauma." As someone from a Muslim background I can tell you that no, bitch, it doesn't work that way. You have no right to get asspats for shit that doesn't affect you. Did you have loved ones die for their religious and ethnic identity? No? I dunno that really pissed me off cuz it was so obvious she was trying to garner sympathy from a brutal tragedy that she was not affected by.

No. 1160135

File: 1613164417555.jpg (545.13 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20210212-161244.jpg)

She's looks so bad I literally gasped when this photo popped up on my feed.
Of course Shannon is hyping her subpar ass up.

No. 1160300

She doesn't even have the energy to be Austin Powers, kek. She's always so coked up.

No. 1160301

No. 1160692

Whenever she poses like this I can’t help but imagine her balancing on one leg while awkwardly sticking the other one out in front of her.

No. 1161169

Her face is so expressionless and she always does that same awkward pose. I know that looking like she’s dead inside is her ~brand~ but it’s so unflattering and just makes her look like her mom is making her pose for Halloween pictures. And I get that she’s insecure about her body but a more confident pose (even if the confidence is fake) would go a long way. Her cosplays are so awkward because it looks like she doesn’t enjoy doing it at all. It’s okay to express emotions Giulia, it won’t invalidate your depression or make you look less goth, I promise

No. 1162480

File: 1613428194513.png (1.47 MB, 1669x940, the fuck.PNG)

You mean like this, anon? kek

No. 1162482

No. 1162843

File: 1613471813920.jpg (90.85 KB, 1065x824, R2G tiktok.JPG)

Because the anon above is retarded

She looks like a literal hag. The swampy green hair, granny lips and fucked up mug…

No. 1162972

I just saw this thread. I've had a hate boner for this trashy mall goth for like a year now. Her whole vibe is just so gross and cringey- monotone bitchy alt girl who brags about not caring about people's politics and gushes over trash like Blaire White, denies that black people face any racism, has no talent and isn't intersesting in the least, so all she can do is give half-assed boring commentary. And don't even get me started on her fashion sense- her look reminds me of how I dressed when I first discovered goth fashion in middle school. Like, how did she blow up so much? It's not even like she's cute, she's like a 4.

I know this is a month old, but I want to point out that unless she personally drew the tattoos herself (which I'm gonna go ahead and assume she didn't since she has no talent at all) she legally can't sell merch with the image. The tattoo artist technically owns the copyright. Singling out tattoos to make merch out of would DEFINITELY cross the line into shit she could get sued over.

No. 1163003

everytime I scroll pass this thread no matter WHAT she has on she's doing the same damn pose.

No. 1163413

>he legally can't sell merch with the image. The tattoo artist technically owns the copyright.

Good pickup, anon.

In before someone tips off the artists OR they see her trashy merch on IG and she gets into shit. I don't see her claiming this was a collab with the OG tattooist so assuming she's just committing art theft. I wonder if some of her tattoos are ripped of from someone elses, too? Wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1163418

File: 1613531696264.jpg (114.4 KB, 1284x706, R2G cover up.JPG)

What is she hiding on her shoulder? Bad paint/blur applied in this photo and she did a tiktok in the same makeup but put a high-neck shirt on for it…

No. 1163900

She's probably just being sloppy with foundation?

No. 1164848

I feel terrible for saying this..
I used to think my short torso was bad but she has a waaay shorter one than mine. Her body isn't bad… no one's body is. The problem is that she doesn't know how to dress for her figure and her taste in clothing is quite whacky. Just a bunch of token goth clothes thrown together.(no1curr)

No. 1164849

>denies that black people face any racism

where is the tea on this?

No. 1164885

Erased bra strap maybe?

No. 1164948

Pretty sure she’s not wearing a bra there, anon.

No. 1164966

File: 1613693976274.jpg (153.05 KB, 1024x768, The_cat_in_the_hat.jpg)

i was thinking about this image for soo long until i finally figured out what it reminded me of

No. 1165051

File: 1613702229775.jpeg (31.8 KB, 299x320, E40E95FE-1BCF-418E-A10A-CA56A3…)

The tattoos that were there before disappeared. Might just be foundation. Also that heart looks atrocious.

No. 1165097

File: 1613705423401.jpeg (419.82 KB, 1258x2048, 031DF2D2-1876-4D64-966E-94B4F0…)

Kek why are farmers always spot on? Cat In the Hat has more expression than this hag though.

No. 1165156

I'm a little surprised that no one mentioned the video she dirty deleted yesterday. People were calling her out for speaking about a topic she had clearly done no research on. Guess she really depends on reading articles in her videos, huh? It was regarding the trisha and jeffree situation.

No. 1165158

Are there any screenies or mentions elsewhere?

No. 1165469

File: 1613754971880.jpg (419.19 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20210219-121323.jpg)

So far this is all I'm finding on it.

No. 1165470

I'm guessing she got information wrong about BPD and just the whole Trisha/Jeffree situation in general.
She literally just re-uploaded it "corrected".

No. 1165557

Whyyy would you wear a white shirt with no bra. I can literally see her areola

No. 1166030

Does anyone else think her views to subscriber rate is off?

No. 1166302

File: 1613802504936.jpeg (129.66 KB, 518x640, 93AF00FD-E9E0-4017-8DC6-A36173…)

Nah it’s common for YouTubers to gain a lot of subs and then have the views decrease over time, she used to get around 200-600k views per video, now its down to around 150k

No. 1166345

That pose and AliExpress cosplay though. Lord help us.

No. 1166666

Oh my god this is a strong contender for worst yet. I actually recoiled a bit.
Those buns on the wig. That "crescent moon" on her forehead…did she even try? It looks more like a frown. On brand for her I guess. Those lips. Black Lady didn't wear black lipstick for starters and every time she attempts to wear lipstick it just looks sloppy and tragic.
Everything about this is just…so so bad.

No. 1166692

Jesus christ, she has no clue how to dress herself to flatter her shape. She looks like a fridge. The makeup is a whole other level of fucked tho, that """moon""" looks like a frown to me kek

No. 1166695

File: 1613830107319.jpg (33.71 KB, 387x423, R2G sad.JPG)

I'm so sorry guys, but I had to lol. I cant unsee it. Even her makeup is screaming for help.

No. 1166707

Holy shit, that looks awful. Does she still take drugs?

No. 1166709

Her posing shows a lot of insecurity, a lot of women who do this bounce from extreme overconfidence which is why the post content like this thinking people asked for it but looking at how the camera represents your body she probably became so uncomfortable and self-aware and still took the photo anyways.

No. 1167021

File: 1613879558188.jpg (476.21 KB, 2048x2048, R2G.jpg)

Perhaps? Maybe not heroin, but she does have weird bruises/scars on her arm, possibly trackmarks from how they're positioned in a neat line.

No. 1167034

those are self harm. she said she puts out cigarettes on her skin

No. 1167045

File: 1613882162042.jpg (53.43 KB, 387x423, sad.jpg)

Sorry but I had to.

No. 1167275

Thanks anon, makes more sense. She defs seems high a lot of the time tho lol

No. 1167749

File: 1613960979240.png (24.35 KB, 768x140, jesus christ what now.PNG)

Maybe I'm high, but I don't remember her ever mentioning having an ED and now suddenly she's had/has one?

No. 1167751

File: 1613961067282.png (1.44 MB, 1663x930, scarlet hag.PNG)

Also, new god awful cosplay.

No. 1167753

File: 1613961136014.png (20.89 KB, 752x147, always so depressed validate m…)

No. 1167759

Girl really out there cut & pasting herself onto photos? For what reason?

No. 1167782

she had bulimia, she's mentioned it in videos before

No. 1167873

Does she have one foot up on a stool or something? I need to know

No. 1167894


It looks like she's farting flames

No. 1167914

Yeah I'm very confused about this.
Giving the benefit of the doubt for a second, maybe she just did a really poor editing job and for some reason cut herself out to put the flames behind her? There are much easier ways to put effects like that on a photo that also look much better but she doesn't necessarily know that or how to do it.
Truly baffling.

No. 1168230

Thanks anon, I can't keep up with the laundry list of things Giulia claims to have wrong with her.

No. 1168396

No because collagen masks aren’t effective at all; collagen particles are too large to be absorbed through the skin. Sage for dumb nitpick.

No. 1168709

I usually don’t recommend anyone getting lip fillers, but ready to glare could use just a little tiny bit of filler in her upper lip. I feel like very pose she does with the dead look draws your eyes straight to her lips. It would help her look so much better. Also she needs to start showing expressions

No. 1168740

This fit looks more like Ursula from the little mermaid…

You can see how much bigger that dress(?) is than her. Especially here, where you can clearly see that the strap has soooo much give

No. 1168857

lmao next thread picture please

No. 1169716

File: 1614206560228.png (1.41 MB, 1728x930, how is this legend.PNG)

>she needs to start showing expressions

Anon, you know she can't do that because its part of her brand to act like a miserable "goff" girl.

OT, she posted this monstrosity yesterday. I don't understand how this is lumberjack in any way. Imagine being so unfortunate that not even a corset can give you some kind of shape.

No. 1169718

File: 1614206626953.png (1.23 MB, 1679x878, more whining.PNG)

More whining about more symptoms for more conditions which she allegedly has, complete with more shit wiggery.

No. 1170854

File: 1614319598979.jpg (86.3 KB, 648x1050, R2G great depression.JPG)

what the fuck is this trainwreck

No. 1171054


It's so apparent that the awkward standing with one leg up up in front of the other pose is to give the impression of a thigh gap and make her legs look thinner but it just looks really strange when you spread them so far apart like these photos. I think she also sucks her cheeks in to emphasise her cheekbones sometimes and thats what makes her lips/expression look so bizarre.

No. 1171276

File: 1614367719415.png (1.9 MB, 1579x965, ugh.PNG)

No. 1171280


Imo, this is the most attractive her face/hair has ever looked. It's not saying much considering all these godawful pictures but ffs. It's like Dolly Mattel - she does not fit the bimbo aesthetic yet keeps wearing unflattering looks, but RTG really doesn't fit the goth look no matter how many tattoos and black shit she wears.

No. 1171290

The wigs would look better if she knew how to install them a pluck them first. The concealer on the hairline trick does not work at all. Why even bother wearing wigs?
She looks so mtf

No. 1171311

seriously, is there solid evidence she's not transgender? nikki tutorials hid it for a long time (and passes better than giulia does)

No. 1171317

File: 1614371478664.png (686.19 KB, 475x590, rtgg.png)

I don't know if I even really believe that she's not on hard drugs anymore or stoned 24/7. If you scroll down her IG, it looks like she barely has control of her facial muscles and she's crusty as fuck. It really reminds me of Luna in a way, she straight up looks like she's about to nod out in a lot of her photos.

She's probably the only person who actually looks better with the retarded lip overlining. I would hate this look on anyone else but for her it's an actual improvement. The wig also softens her features a little bit.

No. 1171408

She looks like 3 people got smushed together into one.

No. 1171420

She looks like she once got fillers and instantly regretted it and attempted to suck them out or something. Her wigs are flat as hell, they need more volume at the scalp.
>>1171317 This hairstyle looks best because it's more centered above her ears. I think she'd look nice with a fluffy shag, pixie cut, or a beehive type of hairdo (not the Austin Powers one kek) just something layered. Warm colors help her skin complexion too.

No. 1171554

This wig looks great on her. Only time her hair has looked good, she should wear it every day.

No. 1171602


he's not gay shes just controlling, she wants to be talking the whole time watch her body language

No. 1171643

I laughed out loud

No. 1171729

so i stopped talking to her (we didn't know each other irl) almost a year ago, i stopped being online as much, she annoyed me and i never liked her channel… but all of that was before her "cosplays" and wow. she told me she hated her audience for the most part but if that's true then why the stilted, strange cosplays she is apparently only doing for her twitter peeps?

No. 1172033

why is she always diagonal

No. 1172204

damn you kind of right, I thought she reminded me of Blaire because without make up they look alike, but her bf does remind me of Joey.

No. 1172307

Receipts of her saying she hates her audience?

No. 1172324


because despite the cosplays being dogshit everyone goes crazy and gives her asspats over them and she needs the constant validation

No. 1172330

The last five minutes of this are literally just her sperging about how female criminals can get away with things and "women can be bad too guys!"
She's become a parody of herself.

No. 1172363

>sperging about women can be bad too
That’s par for the course. Are you the one who just posts her latest vids unsaged? It’s really not milk tbh she’s a dumb boring bitch but yawn.

No. 1173092

>It’s really not milk tbh

Nta but are you one of the many retards who sperged when this thread when first created about how its not allowed to be here? Because that's what you sound like and the videos do belong here. Unless you're going to contribute then go back to lurking.

No. 1173094

File: 1614562593721.png (1.48 MB, 1565x942, profound.PNG)

She looks like someone's suburban, bricked out mom but I guess its better than her usual look. Eternal victim as usual in the caption though.

No. 1173095

File: 1614562670334.png (526.41 KB, 1885x944, but you had no problem coverin…)

No. 1173096

Nope, she and the thread are boring though I do enjoy the skim that’s come so far. Do you really think she’s honestly thread worthy though? No hate or super strong opinion it’s just I wish there was more. I will go back to lurking, ut most recent vids are not milk no matter how much you’d like them to be, and that’s about the only thing I see unsaged.

No. 1173098

Nta, but this thread has always been trash from day one. It’s literally made up of posts that talk about how ugly her wigs are. Lamest “active” thread in snow by a country mile.

No. 1173170

And you don't need to look at it. Fancy that.

No. 1173186

every time a new thread is created for a new cow the newfags crawl out the woodwork to complain. Like hiding the thread is fucking hard and derailing about your preferences isn't a bigger derail than the threat existing anyway.

but I find this girls selfies so funny, I'm glad she's posted. She always looks like she's being held at gunpoint kek

No. 1173231

This look is a step in the right direction. If she did her brows, got rid of whatever contour thing she was going for on her nose and ,once again, actually laid her wig she would look good.

No. 1173304

This is /snow/, not /pt/; not every cow is going to be constantly milky. Sometimes it's just fun to bitch.

No. 1173428

This, fucking June's threads haven't had legit milk in years yet no one's throwing tantrums whenever her latest vids or tweets are posted and talking about how the thread shouldn't exist. Genuinely curious about the intentions of >>1173096 and >>1173098 because its as if they're new as fuck or asshurt fans of RTG. Its as if none of you were in the Creepshow thread to see how many people kept asking for this thread to be made.

No. 1173443

Back to looking shit in her latest vid complete with the le so unbothered goff persona.

>shilling skillshare in the beginning of vid yet again

>is trying to build an etsy shop
>starts off by saying playmatetessi's videos are filler trolling content with no point to them (the fucking irony)

Also, why is she doing this now when the tessi drama is well over a month old and other yt already covered it? And faster than Giulia did, too.

No. 1173449

File: 1614623746159.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x2247, 1614F52A-44FE-4AE2-8EF9-FACC53…)

Has it been established that she has a cringe tiktok account yet? Seeing her move around on video really accentuates her uncomfortable body language

No. 1173496

I don't use tiktok, but good find anon. Nothing of hers from there has been posted so far.

>that fucking sailor moon cosplay

No. 1173550

File: 1614632700482.jpg (37.4 KB, 650x650, sadpepe.jpg)

her lips make her look like the sad pepe

No. 1173771

No. 1174304

EVERY single vid is so awkard please anons go check it out it's worth it for the keks and cringe

No. 1174465

Fuuuuuck, can't unsee it

No. 1174505

She's so stiff..

No. 1175561

Is it that hard to match her foundation? Its always bothers me when her face is so pale but her chest looks red like a lobster

No. 1176401

File: 1614902484839.png (43.32 KB, 756x440, why even ask.PNG)

No. 1177210

I honestly hope people encourage her to post more cringe on a new channel. Her cosplays capture these very painful poses for her. And her tik tok is really excruciating to see it in motion. Just make more a fool of yourself Gules.

No. 1177314

File: 1615000638888.jpg (1.1 MB, 3264x1836, pt2021_03_06_16_14_02_mr161500…)

would a little blush and contour kill her

No. 1177322

burns herself "my skin is too sensitive to wear band aids”
Those scars look really superficial, actual cigarette burns leave really ugly and obvious scars, the decoloration of the skin and the texture that the tissue has after a real burn is extremely characteristic, not like the ones she has that look almost like allergic reactions, specially considering that she says "she puts the cigarrets down in her arm for as long and as hard as possible". Self harmers that are doing it to cope and not to get attention almost never burn or cut themselves in places as visible as she does. Finally she is closer to 30 than to her teens, it's hard to believe that a grown ass woman that has suffered with self harm would talk the way she does about it, and even harder to believe that they would harm themselves in such an obvious and lame way if they happen to relapse.

No. 1177327

File: 1615001352196.webm (2.88 MB, 576x1024, R2G riga mortis.webm)

I've never uploaded a webm before so hope this works kek, this is the saddest fucking thing I've ever seen

No. 1177362


Saged for being late but this wig actually looks good on her and the outfit is a step up from the usual paper thin AliExpress garbage she wears. The pose and her shitty nails kind of ruins it though.

No. 1177429

she is just flexing her "self harm" scars, they are supposed to be cigarette burns.

No drug could enter the bloodstream if you inject it on the side of the forearm.

No. 1177435

Her natural face is suprisingly cute, the makeup is such a disservice.

No. 1177606

If there's ever proof that styling matters more than your actual face, there it is. If she wore more natural middle-toned wigs like this and dressed less conspicuously, she could be cute in a unique kind of way, plenty of people have uglier faces and pull it off

No. 1177610

It's so annoying how she shows off her cigarette burns, when I'm sure she would talk shit about other people showing their self-harm.

No. 1177611

the file name…riga morris girl!
how is she so bad at everything she does lmao

No. 1177615

the way I audibly gasped. why can't she move. what does this look like in her head? what does she think she's doing? fuck, this is too much

No. 1177838

There's a term for this phenomenon and it's "crack confidence"

No. 1179635

She'd just take this as a compliment, anon. It fits her brand.

No. 1179636

File: 1615245527553.png (1.23 MB, 1656x932, edgy.PNG)

This still looks troon as fuck.

No. 1179637

File: 1615245573770.png (22.33 KB, 762x147, romanticizing mental illness.P…)

Here we go again.

No. 1179638

File: 1615245656360.png (1.69 MB, 1675x934, saggy.PNG)

Looking like a saggy, sloppy mess here.

No. 1179662

If you're talking about the top right video where she doesn't have the black lipstick and has the sage corset looking top, I agree. I wish she wasn't so tied to such a rigid view of "alt" or "goth" or whatever, especially since if you're out of high school it really doesn't fucking matter lmao. The sage and earthy colors seem to look good on her, and doing a more natural forest witch thing could be flattering.

How much she hurts her body makes me sad though.

No. 1179761

kek she looks closer to johnny depp than amber heard. if you told me this chick had been on meth for a decade i'd believe it

No. 1179990

what the fuck is she even saying?
>My mental illness screams vampire diaries
this is such a cowwy thing to post does she never check herself

No. 1179992

I genuinely have no idea what she's trying to say here can someone explain

No. 1180065

lol she's so dated. Vampire Diaries and using mental illness as a personality. Then again mental illness would explain some of these pics.

No. 1180512

I mean she does have the big ass pupils to go along >>1167021

No. 1180517

I dunno how you can tell, she's got the squintiest little eyes I've ever seen lmao

No. 1180542

File: 1615344578302.png (286.51 KB, 617x219, aedcfygh.PNG)

open the full size pic anon

No. 1180562

File: 1615345318574.png (1.48 MB, 1641x938, bag wigs.PNG)

She looks like a turtle.

No. 1180565

File: 1615345401893.png (51.27 KB, 769x329, big mad giulia.PNG)

No. 1180567

File: 1615345507803.png (86.7 KB, 764x786, wah wah.PNG)

And more baawing, running to the nearest relevant tweet so she can make sure as many people as possible know.

No. 1180614

Can’t wait till she inevitably balloons more in weight and continues to post cosplays as a dumpy trans man dressed as Ariel

No. 1180618

jesus christ, that caked-on 2016 holographic highlighter

No. 1180653

KEK there's no way she had a coke problem. She screams meth.

No. 1180849

She was on crack, but of course she won't correct that comment because coke makes her sound slightly less trashy

No. 1181424

I know it's a personal preference but her never wearing a bra does a real disservice to her rectangular body shape. That combined with the awful clothing she wears just makes her look fat/bloated. I thought it was just the sailor moon cosplays that made her look like she has a gut but this video shows that she just doesn't have any curves.

No. 1184597

File: 1615756104719.png (46.16 KB, 771x436, missing the point of disney fi…)

Way to miss the point of Belle's character entirely, but what else is there to expect from someone like RTG.

No. 1184599

File: 1615756182662.png (50.89 KB, 766x487, that happened.PNG)

I call bullshit.

No. 1184600

File: 1615756269518.png (21.93 KB, 762x220, go the fuck outside.PNG)

Or, you could go the fuck outside. Its free. Its not difficult to social distance.

She's just fucking lazy and wants to whine online for asspats.

No. 1184605

Seriously? Men do this shit literally all of the time. Saying it doesn't because of how attractive you think someone isn't is exactly what they want. It's not about how attractive she is, it's just male mentality and that he knew he could get away with it. Isn't this a mostly female board, tf

No. 1184608

i'm pretty sure "beast looked better as a beast" is the most common take there is.

No. 1184632

what makes you think a scrote wouldn’t do this shit? they do it all the time.

No. 1184691

i believe this happened to her and i'm sorry for it. You guys can get mad but it's important she talks about this so people see ugly girls get harassed too.

No. 1184733

Damn, I am going to have to pull out my one "get out of jail free" lolcow WK pass for this one. Like her videos and she's pretty boring for "cow " standards. The worst thing I can say is that I'm not a fan of watching the terrible fanart of her every video, but that's not even a hit against her. I don't know, I am just not seeing the point.

No. 1186409

Once again, this is not /pt/.

No. 1188339

Giulia was mentioned in the Illuminaughti's (sp? The channel always talking about MLMs) video on fast fashion as an example of a YouTuber speaking out against Fashion Nova. Pretty ironic as she's always wearing the cheapest sweatshop crap.

No. 1190535

File: 1616443177696.png (1.99 MB, 1595x887, ozzy.PNG)

>missed the outdoors
>every other tweet for the last year has been complaining about outside gives her anxiety

No. 1190538

File: 1616443290668.png (1.91 MB, 1660x908, still lookin like shit.PNG)

No. 1190557

Fuck, I scrolled past that pic the other day and had to stop because it was so rotted. I never thought I'd say this but she should put the wigs back on, jfc. If you're going to wear wigs all the time why not look after healthy/natural hair underneath?

No. 1190626

That's funny. Not only does she shop fast fashion but she has more wigs than some people have items of clothing and they're all from impoverished countries, using human hair bought off desperate people. Maybe she should ~educate herself~ on where all her hair comes from. Or the "Made in Bangladesh" shirts her merch is printed on.

No. 1190953

what's the point in dying your hair when you wear a wig that looks the same, just less fried >>1190535
there's no way in hell those party city looking wigs are anything less than pure flammable Chinese plastic

No. 1191144

Some of her wigs are clearly synthetic yes, but she also has a ton of human hair. Either way you can't own this many wigs, most of which you wear once or twice, and claim to be against fast fashion.

No. 1191168

She looks like an alcoholic 45 year old wandering around in Walmart.

No. 1191289

she looks like she can barely stand here. Like an elderly woman whose walker is just out of frame to take a pic but she really needs that walker >>1191168 lmao she really does!

No. 1191908

No. 1192542

I am astonished.

No. 1192657

The girl cycles through cheap sweatshop costumes every other day for attention. She can’t be bothered to actually make cosplay or even commission someone, instead she buys 20+ cheap Halloween costumes that she’ll never wear again. So yeah, not a shining eco-conscious example

No. 1193075

Please provide context if you post her videos

No. 1193410

File: 1616730442564.webm (2.5 MB, 720x1280, r2g white girl dance.webm)

Oh god, not another one…

No. 1193415

File: 1616731147384.webm (8.44 MB, 576x1024, lipstick bothers me.webm)

"lipstick bothers me" I'm sure it does babe with all the nightmare fuel you've created with it

No. 1194118

Or you could watch it and form opinions yourself considering we have some wk up in this thread? Moo's shit gets dropboxed without a greentext wall and so does Shay and Shoe's shit yet itt people like you are demanding to be spoonfed something you can do on your own.

No. 1194716

Calm down anon it's not that deep…

No. 1203799

File: 1617872605782.png (547.48 KB, 609x520, oh there goes gravity.png)

Seeing that wedding pic >>1126725 where she looked decent, in contrast with all these other trash fits in this thread kinda gives me the idea that she'd do better with a more mature romantic goth look rather than this edgy/severe egirl shein stuff she's trying to pull off now. Even her facial features would be salvageable if she went ahead with getting at least somewhat fit and eating right instead of ballooning into oblivion smoking weed sitting on her ass. She's just not doing her image any justice and trying to be something she's not style-wise is probably just making her depression/body image issues worse. Like, girl, styling properly is known to help people feel more worthy and well-aligned instead of remaining a misplaced insecure mess. Her energy is so musty I

and she needs to ditch these cardi b tier wigs and go for something that looks smoother, more elegant and idk subtle/delicate

No. 1203838

why do her fans hype her up like this when it looks like she's storing a frog in her mouth?

No. 1203903

she looks better without makeup. But thats because she is shit at applying her makeup

No. 1204081

does she shop her pics? She looks so much bigger here. She got moo fingers.
learning what suits you is a huge confidence boost. Same with hair color. She looks awful blonde.
idk maybe she has some identity issues with how much she switches it up? She would look 10x better as a brunette like the wedding pic. Honestly very few women look good with crazy hair colors, and the women that do are teens.

No. 1204503

I wish she would do that to her eyebrows and just get them threaded, even conservatively, into a more flattering and feminine shape for her face shape. She looks best with the rich brown hair from that wedding picture, it makes me wonder what caused the constant appearance changing, but I’m sure it’s related to the self harm and I hope she gets help.

No. 1204620

The eyebrows wouldn't even need to be super thin, just better defined and shapely, because there's a certain combination of both rounded bluntness and delicate parts in her face. the brows are not the best to accentuate that. People say she's got a troony face, but the thing is, it's the bluntness of her lower face contrasted by her small-ish nose. She'd seriously have potential with a more classical look instead of this random ztard crap. If she's smoking weed a lot lately, she could totally at least try to come off of it - it's been known to trigger stuff that disintegrates your sense of identity. I'm not about to armchair her but it's not a great path, and I agree that this style malfunction could actually be a reflection of an unattended or mishandled issue.

must apologize for sperging out on how styling is connected to mental health lmao, moving on-

No. 1204634

Thought this was Blaire White for a minute.

No. 1204778

i hate to bodyshame but her boobs look… weird? like they're really high up? not just bc of a bra or anything either. maybe it's just her odd frame

No. 1205604

File: 1618102845826.png (1.81 MB, 1566x937, literally why.PNG)

Its gotten worse.

No. 1205605

File: 1618102943416.png (56.27 KB, 771x515, eternal victim.PNG)

Calling bullshit on this, too. There is something on her feed every single day that is weirdly specific and its always built around how she is a victim in some shape or form.

No. 1205704

proposing to your boyfriend is pathetic.

No. 1205756

how does she already look like a depressed 40yo alcoholic in her 20s? is it the coke or is she that bad at styling herself?

No. 1205766

she just has very unfortunate features that she makes worse. it’s mostly the lack of expression in her eyes and her downturned thin lips, they present as more matronly than youthful. she could easily help it by learning to do her makeup properly but i think her deadpan facial expression is stuck like that.

No. 1205875

this girl is a great example of dressing based on shit you see on social media rather than for your body/looks. This look might look cute on a skinny 18 year old but it makes her look like an alcoholic wandering out for a new bottle.
Her tattoos are fucking tragic, too and really don't help matters. It's like she just picked random spots on her body for them. Add in her obviously fake wigs and this is just BAD. The fact people gas her up so badly is hilarious

No. 1216988

File: 1619456108521.jpeg (554.67 KB, 828x1357, 458951F5-D1DC-46AE-813D-1441E5…)

This bitch has to be back on crack to think this looks good.

No. 1216993

I came from the homepage thinking this was a third-rate drag queen. Wasn't entirely wrong. This looks more like she's smoking crack by the fuckton

No. 1217000

is giulia trolling? i used to watch her back in 2018 but then got super bored of her lukewarm takes and how poorly she styles herself. she looks worse and worse, literally tranny tier.

No. 1217122

I just came here to see if someone posted this already. This must be a new low when it comes to her looks. Even for an artsy look it's just bad. The corset is also not flattering on her at all. I feel sorry for her that her followers are always complimenting her no matter what so she makes a total ass of herself

No. 1219436

what in the alice in wonderland lsd trip dragshow is this shit

No. 1220109

Sad how Giulia thinks simping over Zac Efron and trash talking women who aren't constantly simping about mens rights issues makes her better than other women.

Way to go RTG. But don't bother, Zac Efron won't want to hit it when you look like a third rate Indianapolis drag queen.

No. 1220135

>belle is a nlog
As if Giulia isn't one too

No. 1224746

File: 1620322938954.jpg (118.41 KB, 1031x1037, r2g cuddle toys uwu2.JPG)

Commenter in her screenie is based, kek.

No. 1224747

File: 1620322961073.jpg (116.68 KB, 1027x1150, R2G cuddle toys uwu.JPG)

No. 1224795

She made a 'health update' video, here's a recap:

>Uploading this video because she thinks its “healthy” and “destigmatises mental health issues”

>”Nothing that I’m saying takes away from the fact that I’m grateful for being healthy, for being here…I’m grateful generally.”
>Goes on to complain about how mentally unhealthy she is despite just saying she’s happy she’s healthy
>”During the pandemic, I have expressed my mental health being horrifyingly worse”
>Wakes up with anxiety every day for 1-2 months. Anxiety worsened over pandemic, times where she’s “not even fully awake yet” and already overwhelmed at her responsibilities for that day
>Feels anxiety waking up even if she’s doing absolutely nothing all day
>Bought a weighted blanket and a $130 plushie toy to hug her at night
>Demonstrates the plushie by wrapping it around her neck, says she walks around with it hugging her, wishes plushie company would sponsor her
>Has Panic Disorder, gets “so many comments saying I’m insane”, this condition is the only thing that hasn’t worsened drastically, but has been having more panic attacks
>When she used to have panic attacks, she’d go very quiet and start to cry. They have evolved to violent shaking and dry heaving, has nausea very often, has less of an appetite because of the nausea
>Debated going to the hospital during panic attacks because they would not stop, would almost pass out from laboured breathing/shaking/nausea
>Couldn’t drink water for 12 hours because she’d vomit it back up, bought hydration drinks to force herself to stay hydrated
>Has a phobia of hospitals, didn’t want to go because she’d have to go alone due to COVID-19
>“That’s in no way to say woe is me, I’m such a victim, blah blah…no, it’s factually what’s been occurring”
>Tells the entire world online about her problems because she begins to doubt her own sanity when these things happen, which is "terrifying", begins to cry
>”Am I causing my own problems? You go down these horrible rabbit holes of feelings you don’t wanna have.”
>Gets this irrational thought: “I’m never gonna be normal again.” When she says ‘normal’, she means who you were before the pandemic
>When you go between states of panic and anxiety, main thought is “holy shit, what if my mental health, this decline, what if this is just my new reality?”
>You can’t snap back to your old self due to the pandemic itself, being locked inside
>Going outside with a mask and feeling that the world is dystopian and not seeing family is affecting her

Why did she have to buy a $130 plush toy? Is her partner not helping/being there for her? She clearly needs therapy not plushies, she should go get therapy before reaching crisis points, she doesn't even need to touch a hospital…

No. 1225173

there's nothing wrong with her, she just needs a personality so adopted being mentally ill as one. She's anious because she does fuck all all day and has no goals/identity of her own. She creates her own issues.
I'm sorry but no one is so anxious they are throwing up water yet making yt vids and posting selfies on social media lmao

No. 1226301

she had beef with the columbine mascot vore true crime kids two years ago. I remember it because it was part of the reason tumblr wiped out the true crime community.

No. 1226453

Got any screenies of this? Sounds interesting

No. 1231079

This. Giulia is a massive attention whore and always has been. Its incredibly ironic that she rose to fame by lifting content directly from here for her videos and became the exact type of person she often "exposed".

Dude, her husband is likely busy with work and isn't responsible for taking care of her grown adult ass 24/7. Its probably a mental and physical drain on him at this point to be around her. Ffs he had to build a fort for her in their living room so she could veg out in there instead of in their bed and watch Twilight/Harry Potter all day several months ago. If you look back earlier itt she's also seen in older videos to be visibly annoyed by him and cuts him off. She only cares about herself and when others are asspatting her.

No. 1231080

File: 1621138594704.png (363.82 KB, 752x715, triggered.PNG)

She didn't appreciate being called out for her shit wigs the other day.

No. 1231082

File: 1621138636350.png (80.35 KB, 749x686, triggeredpart2.PNG)

No. 1231147

>"90% of the time this shit doesn't affect me"


No. 1232052

File: 1621278236100.png (80.95 KB, 771x653, traumadumping.PNG)

But, its what you do all of the time in your tweets with others lmao

No. 1232109

God, she's such a fucking hypocrite. This bitch has zero self awareness. Multiple times she's turned a thread into a trauma dump when nobody fucking asked

No. 1233851

Don't forget her videos. How many times has a video about someone else's drama started off with a 5-10 'sorry gaiz air made me anxious again XDDD' pity party?

No. 1233859

File: 1621449925556.png (539.39 KB, 767x508, comeonman.PNG)

At least try.

No. 1233864

Should have done Narcissa Malfoy, she is described in the books as looking like she is constantly smelling something unpleasant. Spot on.

No. 1234080

yeah the hypocrisy is glaring and that goes for the op sarah too. I followed her for a bit until HER trauma dumping and whining got to be too much so I'm not surprised giulia follows her; they have the same gross toxic energy

No. 1234213

Draco's grandma escaped from the home to party city again
i feel like these people and their followers are just wallowing in their own misery all the time because they're obsessed with being victims. It sounds so exhausting "sharing your trauma" several times a week publicly kek

No. 1234375


God she’s always trying to make herself the victim. Just watch a damn wig tutorial, there’s hundreds of them on YouTube.

No. 1234778

>columbine mascot vore true crime kids
Never change tumblr
I want them too since I never heard of this

No. 1240553

File: 1622209300735.jpeg (48.77 KB, 651x610, CDFFB527-9E42-4435-A0A9-92DD29…)

No. 1240555

first time seeing this pre-plastic surgery blair white pic

No. 1240616

anon is this really real? where did you get this from?

No. 1240640

It's an edit lmao faceapp probably.

No. 1240830

I mean she does look manly enough that you have to think twice. I can't stop laughing.

No. 1240954

No. 1240955

File: 1622249496047.jpeg (653.11 KB, 750x1041, A9C85DD8-4F1E-4903-898F-B3B5DB…)

No. 1240987

Lmao she looks like shes wearing one of those female silicone mask things

No. 1240999

Why does she do this to herself

No. 1241023

Her tiny audience convinced her she's a hotter Monica Bellucci and the harsh reality doesn't matter.

No. 1241034

God she looks gruesome

No. 1241050

Holy shit that's bleak.

No. 1241061

Oh my god is she okay? She looks sick or as if she's being held at gun point. Seriously this girl needs to get help, I don't even know if she looks like a girl anymore due to these pictures.

Why waste your money and time ok the internet and buying plushies when you can simply get a job or do something on the side other than social media and put your 'big girl' pants on and get help yourself since you a full adult and not a teenager who needs support?

I feel like Everytime she's going to have a 'panic attack', these pictures will become more unsettling.

No. 1241097

Marina and The Diamonds

No. 1241275

File: 1622300278677.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, 1616434865466.jpeg)

holy fuck. to think in 2018 i thought she was pretty. if she toned down the horrible makeup (especially dark lipsticks on her thin ass lips) and took care of her hair so she could stop wearing those cheap ass wigs and lost weight or had a better wardrobe for her body type she would look so much better. why the fuck do her fans convince her this is okay, it's not, she looks so mentally ill/on drugs here.

No. 1241408

File: 1622314554246.jpeg (327.39 KB, 716x450, EBD11397-8253-4316-B83D-576DBE…)

Why does she look like sharon needles??

No. 1241535

tbh contrasting her with that pic of sharon makes you realize how unsettling it is that she just covers her face in thickass foundation but doesn't add any colour back in with blush or contour, her face looks like if you painted eyes and a mouth on an oily paper plate

No. 1241539

At least Aaron got lip filler. Why doesn't she? It's $400-700. Surely she has enough money.

No. 1241670

I could be wrong but I honestly think she'd look even worse with lip filler. She just doesn't have the kind of face or mouth shape for it, it would look so early 00s "trout pout" on her. She just needs to stop with the horrible unblended goth makeup tbh it ages her.

No. 1241703

i agree, people act like lip fillers are a magic wand but they're really not. It's her makeup choices. Look at her eyeshadow in that pic it's just a nightmare and she even put it under her eye without blending. This is the kinda makeup you did at 13 to look edgy, not 30 odd.
And yeah the wigs are so obviously fake and shiny looking. Just invest into a couple real human hair ones. I can't feel bad for her because we know she can look fine. Even her pic here >>1126039 is a HUGE improvement over this shit >>1240955
simply because she's not made up like a dollar store drag queen.

No. 1241961

that's such a good analogy lmao

No. 1242178

File: 1622394135292.jpeg (735.85 KB, 828x1222, E03A3542-93CC-456E-901E-4ACAB4…)

I’ve been lurking this thread for a while but she did a Lady Dimitrescu cosplay and I mean…where to begin? Arguably the worst cosplay but hey at least she’s smiling?

You can tell these people have never played the game, or have no intentions of playing because, spoilers, Lady Dimitrescu isnt even a main antagonist.

No. 1242716

This looks like it was cobbled together from stuff she found at a thrift store. That hardly makes for a good cosplay, but it’s arguably better than her usual habit of buying the cheapest possible crap she could find on Amazon.

No. 1242798

jesus christ, when momokun does a better job than you you know you're in the shit tier
the unwarranted self confidence while larping as a super tragik goff gf combo makes me kinda wanna backhand her on occasion

No. 1243192

when your coping mechanism is to poorly cosplay by photoshopping your eyes yellow and not even ironing your cheap shein dress, you deserve depression.

No. 1243315

File: 1622511639898.png (1.7 MB, 1668x946, feral.PNG)

She does this with every single cosplay. I mean, scroll back up for her sailor senshi ones. They're all complete fucking trainwrecks. I don't understand why her fanbase lies to her constantly. Giulia HAS to know that they're lying to her. I mean, the girl used to lurk here before lifting content from threads to jumpstart her yt "career".

Pic rel, how the fuck is this supposed to be Lydia Deetz? It looks like an early 2000s attempt at goth or Alice's daughter from the Zenescope comics and even the latter is generous.

No. 1243869

File: 1622579668023.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1284x1742, 59E9C897-0C7D-43B3-B2B7-21D85C…)

The second hand embarrassment of not even knowing what character you’re cosplaying…

No. 1244053

Is that ketchup on her face and chest?

No. 1244124

Crazy how much better her cosplays look when she isn’t posing awkwardly or trying to look like she’s dead inside. The cosplay itself is nothing special but its still such a massive improvement imo.

No. 1244144

I was going to post this yesterday but I didn’t necessarily have anything bad to say

Wait a minute

Look at the symbol photoshop on her forehead. Never mind.

No. 1244203

File: 1622638660795.jpg (59.61 KB, 482x653, joker.JPG)

No. 1244205

oh my god, i thought this was an edit until I clicked. next threadpic has to include this. what the actual fuck

No. 1244209

File: 1622639079838.jpg (93.81 KB, 1016x531, r2g comments.JPG)

The comments on IG saying she's better than Heath Ledger, a deceased acting icon…her fans are fucking retarded

No. 1244218

I've watched Beetlejuice a million times and Kiki's Delivery Service a grand total of zero times and I still thought this was supposed to be Kiki. I think what bothers me about the way she presents herself is that she has no fucking clue how to communicate visually, she thinks she's making brave bold styling choices or whatever but she always just looks like when people do the "I tried being [subculture] for 1 day" and you can tell they only have the most surface level idea of what they're trying to portray and end up looking extremely awkward and weird while blabbing about how ~crazy~ and ~out there~ their eBay China polyester dress and cheap wig are because it's the wildest thing they've ever done.

She just feels like a larping normie even though she is an alt girl. It's the weirdest shit. I think she's extremely uncomfortable with her looks and body and bought into her fans' hype so badly she's now forcing herself to do all this shit to get validated. She doesn't seem to enjoy it, put thought or effort or love into it, she doesn't seem to like anything about it aside from the asspats that she knows deep inside are bullshit. The only time she's looked confident and happy was in her wedding photo. At heart she's just a basic bitch who has no personality to speak of so she claws at her "true crime goth girl" shtick.

No. 1244271

File: 1622649008510.jpg (59.66 KB, 707x851, Los-30-De-Brozo.jpg)

Better than Heath Ledger, but she's giving me this guy's energy with a hint of Ronald McDonald because she has the same beady eyes.

No. 1244283

I use to be a subscriber fag and I just found this thread, so idk if this was talked about.

I unsubbed from RTG last year after she made a video about Madison Beer and the problematic thing (I don't remember what it was) she did and the backlash she's getting from it. In the vid RTG said she was going to report it with no bias then she spends the next 25 minutes defending Madison and revealing she's friends with her and talked to her about the situation through instagram dms. In the comments everyone was calling her out for her obvious bias and asked for an explaination, RTG's response was swiftly deleting the video to rid of all evidence.

No. 1244856

I was also a subscriber but I’ve been lurking . I finally unsubbed when she made a 15 minute video about addison rae comparing herself to britney spears and literally even said about 3 times that addision never said that and the article is click bait. Girl, go back to stealing your content from lolcow again.

No. 1245257

I hate watch her occasionally and her video today Im like wtf. Like how can you monentize a video discusing a womans grieving process over her dead baby. And then tack fan art at the end. And think shes doing something good. I dont think I could sleep knowing I profited off talking about the death of a womans child and how she went on to grieve yikes

No. 1245269

Her BFF Creepshow was outed for posting on lolcow and one of her comments is about RTG, potentially more than that one if anyone cares to read it all

RTG post:

Nothing too harsh but I'll bump because for once we're talking about something other than how RTG looks like a sun-dried hotdog

No. 1245301

File: 1622748246645.jpg (41.46 KB, 646x697, 15366774.jpg)


No. 1245532

File: 1622766086052.png (773.94 KB, 1518x758, 368EAE3C-B08C-495F-94E1-E4846D…)

Truly speechless, what a disaster kek

No. 1245686

File: 1622785040758.jpeg (273.53 KB, 750x684, 83CC4656-2AA6-4F8C-8236-1214DB…)

No. 1245696

Cry me a river, you've never attracted a woman in your life and you've never touched a woman in your life.

No. 1245740

what a liar lmao go suck your ugly husband's chode giulia

No. 1245763

Her family isn't pretending she's straight, she is straight.

She's married to a man, by contract she's supposed to remain in a monogamous, heterosexual partnership for the rest of her life. Even if she does divorce one day, I doubt we'll ever see her date a woman.

She's just doing her usual appeasing to her young audience who are all raving about pride month and she figured it's a perfect time to gain attention because she's nothing a but a carbon copy of what ever is internet popular at the time because she has no personality of her own.

No. 1245773

bitches who do this crack me up, your family doesn't need to accept shit or even know at all, you didn't need to ANNOUNCE it, as you are fucking married to a man. It's not like you're going to be bringing girlfriends home. Your family would just be like uhhh ok, go home to your husband

No. 1246027

So this pissed me off mega, she knows what her fans are like and the majority of them are ruthlessly attacking this poor woman who was grieving a stillborn baby she had to birth.
I really think that if you don’t have children or have never been through something like this, its absolutely not your place to discuss someone elses trauma. Fuck off Giulia.

No. 1246657

File: 1622881111317.jpeg (912 KB, 2028x1586, 9EE24D8D-BE29-4279-B715-03A00C…)

Her related tweet

No. 1246689

kek. read the whole thing on RTGs twitter. nice creative writing

No. 1246695

Her reaction really cracks me tf up

No. 1246696

Lmao what. What does she expect her family to do differently, she’s literally married to a man and they apparently have more respect for her partner than she does

No. 1246732

it's so funny like what does she expect them to do. she might as well be straight anyway, being literally married to a man and never having been with a woman ever, are they supposed to watch her fake simping after twitter women to prove she's bisexual or something? she's too busy trying to convince her followers of that anyway lmfao

No. 1246775

File: 1622902799805.png (1.22 MB, 712x609, r2g wig stylist.PNG)

That is fucking hilarious.

On another slightly OT note, here is the work of one of her cosplay wig designers. No wonder her wigs look so fucking terrible.

No. 1246781

What’s is treating you as “bi” consisting of exactly when you’re literally married to a lowly moid??? Did they ask “hey giulia how’s your husband” and not “hey giulia what e-thot are you sending heart eye emoji to this month?”

No. 1247008

File: 1622924249915.png (241.38 KB, 1166x974, Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 4.14…)

crossposting from the creepshow thread but it looks like RTG caught creepshow in a lie. her tweets defending her have dissapeared and she just posted this.


No. 1247185

I used to watch her forever ago, anyone remember a video where she claimed to have been sexually abused as a child? Obv horrible & I hate I'm even saying this, but the way she said it seemed very disingenuous, idk. Also why make covering abuse stories your "brand" when clearly you can't mentally handle them?
She's such a flake for real & doesn't seem to have more than a surface level interest in anything other than shopping/consuming. I've noticed a lot of corsets itt, has she mentioned if she's waist training? Or just jumping on another trend & styling it like shit?

No. 1247425

There's been speculation that she isn't even alt though. She never actually talks about the community or her local scene, gatekeeping, fashion, etc. She just has a million bad tattoos and crazy colored wigs and calls herself goth/emo. She's the exact same costume contest type of people who marched into the subculture instead of knowing anything about the literature or music. Older alt channels are calling out people like she and Snowy all the time. She should honestly drop the ItsBlackFriday-tier dog and pony show, go grab some Starbucks, and embrace her fridge body and lack of lips.

>How can she

Because Giulia, despite what she thinks, is as bad as the people who get posted here. She thought she was untouchable and so did a lot of her asslicking subs despite the fact that her only claim to fame is lifting content from these threads and anons who actually do the digging and then monetizing, while she cries here and there about her anxiety and shilling her god awful nail line or that craft shop of hers which is never going to happen because she's so unbelievably lazy. Same with her alleged Ph.D program. Never heard anything else about that after she bitched on Twitter about it trying to sound so intelligent and special.

She thinks that sending heart eye emoji to other women on Twitter and commenting on how they look means that she's Bi. She's been doing this shit for ages.

No sympathy. She deserves it.

Her past gets revised every few videos or something. And she doesn't waist train, she just thinks that slapping a corset on = goff.

No. 1247426

File: 1622959944960.png (21.72 KB, 791x250, liar.PNG)

Giulia, you've admitted that you lurk here you fucking retard and everyone can tell due to the info in your videos because there's no way you just happen upon all of it neatly compiled in one place for you to regurgitate.

Now watch this tweet disappear.

No. 1247456

LOL the internet is forever!!!

No. 1247593

The bar for lolcow is really fucking low huh?

Bunch of incels with nothing better to do. Bag wigs? Really?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1247595

File: 1622984930633.jpg (4.62 KB, 140x125, 20210606_160857.jpg)

Okay, Apocalypticcandy. Fucking newfag.

No. 1247611

this is a female only board, calling women "incels" is peak oxymoron and ballpalming behavior. your name is Jess, btw, right? kek

No. 1247776

Ok apocalyptic candy kek

No. 1247787

Shut up Jess

No. 1247878

How do you become part of the community though? Is there even an "alt community"?
Honest question because I never grew out of the emo aesthetic but I'm not part of any community… didn't even know there was one lol

No. 1248016


Sage for blogposting.

Honestly, I'm in this same situation, with the exception I lean more goth. I often see people that are "part of the community" (most often than not, they have a platform and openly identify as belonging to that one specific subculture) complaining that they get criticized for not listening to the "right" bands or dressing the "right" way, and things of the sort.

But when you are just another rando, when are you "actually" alt (emo, goth, etc) and officially part of the community?

No. 1248094

What is with retards who come to this thread and don't bother to actually read through the entire thing? Also, its /snow/ not /pt/.

No. 1248290

File: 1623043397011.jpeg (322.76 KB, 750x831, E4F6452A-79E8-4048-AABC-04728C…)

I thought you don’t go on lolcow. It’s so pathetic how much she’s victimizing herself.

No. 1248317

mentor? is she talking about Shannon? kek wtf

No. 1248323

No she’s talking about TheJoshVlog. She’s been on here for years just like creep:

No. 1248336

>pretend to kill himself
Why are both tweets in broken English?

No. 1248392

Maurice is a full blown psychopath, after his outing for that he also went to enormous lengths to dox and threaten Giulia’s friends who had nothing whatsoever to do with the situation. Giulia is a cringeworthy bootlicking pick me tard but I don’t blame her for being unsettled by this

No. 1248432

>the fact he was private made it so i couldnt call the police

Um… What?

No. 1248479

Bisexual also isn’t polyamorous, her husband doesn’t have a problem with it because she’s not actually interested in women beyond if someone takes a flattering selfie. Doesn’t that also objectify women if she has nothing else beyond appearance to fake an attraction to?

No. 1248509

In her defense, I followed this saga back then and while we all did know his real name, he was living in either Japan or South Korea at the time without a registered address IIRC. But it's funny that she still thinks HIS ACTUAL THERAPIST emailed her. >>1248290 Holy shit my SIDES. It's been years and she still doesn't get it? Girl, he catfished you. This is why history repeated itself with Shannon. She's just too fucking gullible to try to be a rational voice making drama videos lmfao

No. 1248583

This is what drugs do to your brain, it turns you into a complete retard.

No. 1248672

More bad cosplay and another depressing video in the last hour. So either she’s actually not that bothered about Shannon and all the sad tweets are for attention or because youtube is the only source of income for her, she’s gonna pump out videos anyway.

No. 1248683

File: 1623085013386.jpeg (637.61 KB, 828x1355, 1623083980270.jpeg)

Post screenshots.
She didn't even do scar makeup or anything and what the fuck are those foam blades? Comments are gassing her up as usual. I don't think she's not heartbroken about Shannon, but she has to keep up her grind of receiving insincere yass kween validation and getting youtube money. Hey Gullible Guilia, you know what's gonna get you those clicks? Addressing the fact that you keep consistently falling for the shadiest influencers giving you their stupidest excuses because your bias is out of this world.

No. 1248695

My bad nonny, posted to the creepshow thread and didn’t wanna samefag. But yeah, I’m thinking out of everyone she wants to believe that Shannon isn’t like that because she bought her a $14 candle

No. 1248728

Holy fuck, I hope those mouth lines were intentional

No. 1248743

Of course he’s a total piece of shit. But is she seriously bringing him up to specifically compare some catty bitch behavior to gaslighting of actual schizo scrote proportion? She’s pulling out all the stops to make herself the uwu victim of Shannon the evil mastermind when we all know the cunt uses lolcow just like her. She did a 180 and threw Shannon under the bus not because she’s so ~hurt~, it’s to cover her own ass.

No. 1249205

This. I don't understand why anyone would come here defending Giulia when she, Josh, and Shannon are all cunts. Giulia cares about her precious self first and foremost and has always been a massive narc.

No. 1249311

I dont think anyone is defending her (or if they are theyre fucking retards) just that she has been fucked over by people she considers friends in the past so she is having a sulk about it. Personally I think it speaks volumes for her judge of character, she clearly is not very smart when it comes to her friendship choices (or anything else for that matter). Then again we are talking about someone who up until relatively recently was a paying fan of onision so its not surprising that she is a cringy junkie mess

No. 1249321

File: 1623130164352.jpeg (145.99 KB, 1778x995, 5df17b55210000100834fba3.jpeg)

shannon i think should be getting this wake up call. she's been too privileged and in her own fucking head up to this point to care about how others are affected by her actions. i hope she gets fucking boo'ed off the internet, she deserves it. dumb bitch.

No. 1249333

Instead, you get boo'ed out for posting before you've had a chance to figure out how this site actually works. Seeya, ~Mrs Mercury~

No. 1249343

sorry im a dumbass(namefag)

No. 1249354

File: 1623133187639.jpeg (43.47 KB, 1125x732, received_883855285390758.jpeg)

You can say that again

No. 1249355

yes, you are

No. 1249388

wait, giulia was a patron of onision? I didn't know that lmao.

No. 1249554

You couldn't just read the thread OP?

No. 1249595

FYI samefagging means pretending to be more than 1 person, what you described is just crossposting.

The absolute state of newfags, picks up ~nonny~ but doesn't know what samefagging means

No. 1249649

Theres something very creepy about people who skulk around the dark corners of the internet just to talk trash about internet personalities. If shes not committing a crime who cares?(do you know where you are)

No. 1249681

The way she applies lipstick is illegal in sixteen countries. Please keep up.

No. 1250088

I'd say those wigs are a hatecrime.

No. 1250475

this cosplay is actually decent, she doesnt look like a troon
she should drop the "im dead inside, edgy, and i don't ever smile" act because it makes her look so mtf

No. 1250616

I agree with the anon who guessed she's biting the inside of her cheeks to give the impression of cheekbones which is why she never moves her mouth. Looks uncanny, like the rest of her

No. 1250661

File: 1623244764230.png (123.49 KB, 532x603, 1617637176101.png)

It must be so traumatizing to be badmouthed online wow.
She could have chosen to be professional and shit out a video but no, it has to be more theatrics. She'd have you think her fucking dog or nana died or something. Not enough people sending her concerned tweets in the past 24hrs I guess since they're busy asspatting Emily Artful and Hopeless Peaches kek

No. 1250903

I really hope shes freaking out And defending creepshow because she has posted just as bad things on here. And knows her potential to get outted.

No. 1251087

Wishful thinking if you thought that she'd be professional about this. This is the same woman who trauma dumps on the regular when nobody asked and masks it as her relating to somebody. Of course she was going to take the absolute most dramatic route possible even though it was easy to see this coming from a mile away. Shannon isn't a trustworthy person and neither is Giulia herself.

She's a ridiculous, perpetual victim and its honestly a wonder that her husband hasn't left her. The woman is an absolute emotional drain with zero redeeming qualities.

No. 1251093

File: 1623272772702.png (48.78 KB, 761x366, whineeee.PNG)

>not to take away from Emily's story, but

Also, of course you think some simp fan account of yours is a wonderful human being. Everyone's wonderful when they're kissing your ass, Giulia.

No. 1252553

she has always given me the same fake vibes as creepshow. all of these bitches who have youtube channels pretending to be morally superior trigger-warning saints over everyone they expose, while their bread and butter is to publicly humiliate people on youtube.. how do people not see the constrictions in that? they're all fake and doing it for popularity/money/asspats.

No. 1252622

Fucking kek

No. 1253836

I'm the Joker baby

No. 1256354

File: 1623691730879.png (1.7 MB, 1532x934, ttf.PNG)

No. 1256362

it's not dysmorphia, it's just guzzling the kool-aid that tells you that all bodies must be beautiful and if you don't find yourself beautiful then it's mental illness. It's okay to be below average. These bitches have to find a way to cope with not being special instead of diagnosing themselves with mental illness whenever they notice that they're not.

No. 1256376

she looks fine here? probably the best shes looked?

No. 1256409


No. 1256429

I’ll wait for kind anons TLDW

No. 1256476

what a shit thread, everything op listed is refutable or redundant, if you want to create drama at least provide some substance

No. 1256479

go back

No. 1256488

File: 1623698732015.jpg (80.88 KB, 750x1000, no u.jpg)

no, u



No. 1256506

Disappointing video anons, nothing really milky but anyways

>Doesnt want to be quiet didnt want to be complicit

>Brings up the dude that said he killed himself and had his “real councillor” to tell her he died, not relevant at AT ALL GIULIA, she posted about this in her tweets but basically he pretended he died, had suicidal tweets, he wasn’t dead and spoke about her on lolcow. Lolcow admins exposed him for pretending to be someone else.
>gets a dm, dm’s said about shannon shit talking her, apparently she doesnt go on lolcow, girl we know you fucking do shut up
>shannon tells her that someones spoofing the IP and she believed her initially, we saw the tweets and she deleted it
>figured out via the admin post it was her, contradicting her statement about her never using lolcow
>Shannon sent her roses after shit talking her on lolcow and she didn’t know why but now she knows it was likely out of guilt
>brings up muh mental health
>shannon ghosted the shit out of everyone checking up on her
>group chat set up with her friends to find evidence, apparently they were all silent because they were looking for evidence
>impartial, says she isnt saying shes guilty?

Thats fucking it. An incredibly boring 17 minute video about nothing. Sorry nonnies. Dont expect anything from Repzilla and Ashlee’s videos either.

No. 1256518

>expecting Giulia to do anything of substance or remotely interesting
jokes on you

No. 1256643

File: 1623705853382.png (954.43 KB, 1280x720, 1582611504858.png)

Thanks. I expected exactly this. She was hiding under the bed cowering until she realizes that Emily Artful is getting so much ass kissing for playing up the victim card. Except Emily actually got a somewhat valid reason to beef. Giulia juts got shit talked online lmaooo

No. 1256649

Fuck, this is honestly the most I've ever respected RTG, which isn't a lot. That's the most spine I've ever seen her show, even though I'm certain that she'd backpedal in a minute if Shannon was weally weally sowwy. But at least she has the right idea.

I still think that people with a room temperature IQ and no critical thinking skills shouldn't try to be social commentators though. She laid out for us just how bad a judge of character she is and has been, since the exact thing has happened to her before, but her first instinct was still "Oh no IP spoofing makes way more sense". And fuck, it's not even just Maurice. She's in the same social circle as Edwin, who spent years fighting off Dasha, who was outed on lolcow too. And Shannon must have shown red flags. She proved that she's the definition of willfully ignorant.

No. 1256737

Agree but I feel this along with her some of her insta posts is compliment fishing, I dont think shes being genuine because people with BD wouldnt post selfies, let alone revealing ones.

No. 1256745

This plus of course it's 3x as long as it needed to be. I did laugh out loud at the I only used LC once!1! Dragging myself through it atm and it's like farmers wrote the script in predictions because she really is that two dimensional.

Watch the video. Zero spine, zero insight and all but admits that she made it because people expected it and it's a great opportunity to be OMG BIGGEST VICTIM HERE FOR REAL. And yeah, she seems like she's actually looking for an excuse to patch things up and pretend it never happened.

No. 1256753

samefagging because you missed something - around the 14 minute mark, she makes a very pointed effort to dismiss Emily. Only the LC stuff matters apparently, the rest is all very doubtful (doesn't specifically mention it, just zeroes in on LC and says that's the most concrete proof of anything "with screenshots".) So brave, Giulia. How will you ever be able to go on.

No. 1256755

Gaisss pay attention to me instead of whoever Emiri is!!!

No. 1256874

And then she turned up in Emily's comments with an I can't even begin to comprehend what you've been through. She's such a snake.
Betting that she is dying for Shamu to do another My Hacker Amy excuse so she can go back to defending her.

No. 1256958

I can't believe I actually read some of those childish, nonsensical, & frankly sad posts. I'm sweet I'm going to keep it short because you're not worth the time but this was one of the most pathetic displays I seen since elementary school. If it wasn't about physical appearance then it was about something that she may or may not have done which by the way those people have been through as well. You sound like either a jealous Stan or a psychotic spurned stalker. Truthfully and I'm not going to stoop down to your levels in the sewer and made fun of you but in reality your life has to be so miserable & filled with extra time for you to spend this amount of time on this amount of garbage fire. Those girls were annoying in junior high and to know they are still doing the same thing in their thirties likely with several kids by several babies daddies looking like they've been through some stuff is just sad. Touch sum grass, you are irrelevant now thank you for always been and will continue today there's no reason to take it out on people that have an audience which clearly makes you beyond butthurt. I'd recommend taking up a hobby or something because again seriously as a fellow person this was a sad pathetic thing to see in 2021, a grown woman dedicating a message board to hitting on another grown woman. Get some help you definitely need it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256962

File: 1623724508682.jpeg (54.34 KB, 750x357, 04CD884C-7379-4AAA-9311-3EAE8E…)

We can see your email retard

No. 1256971

You achieved nothing.

No. 1256975

File: 1623725115069.png (1.72 KB, 195x29, Interstesting.png)

Well look at that

No. 1256978

Yea I typed it in but thanks for telling me Captain Obvious, I'm glad you have that level of comprehension. What the hell do I care it's a throwaway email & honestly when it comes to Loser trolls I give you my address and not worry, you're only talked behind the keyboard, dumbass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256982

Nice new pasta

No. 1256991

Do you think I care that you found the ZIP code I use to make an email address? Even if I do live there which I very well might what the hell are you going to do? Trolls can't come out in the daylight and at night you're stalking the internet you're stalking people's YouTube's to see who you can criticize to make you feel better about your miserable existence. The street starts with an E … Happy Hunting keyboard warrior

No. 1257000

And yea I probably didn't achieve anything usually is tough when you're dealing with semi brain-dead troglodytes. Speaking of not accomplishing anything how about the loser that makes a message board in 2021 to sort internet beef like how much of a loser do you have to be? I'm not a mean person but it's literally Beyond parody. You're like a Q member on 5 chan .. whatever I say it can't possibly articulate your level of stupidity & irrelevance

No. 1257034

I can't believe I actually read some of those childishnonsensical& frankly sad posts. I'm sweet I'm going to keep it short because you're not worth the time‍♀️ but this was one of the mostpathetic displaysI seen since elementary school If it wasn't about physical appearance then it was about something that she may or may not‍♀️‍♀️ have done which by the way those people have been through as well You sound like either a jealous Stan‍♀️ or a psychotic spurned stalker Truthfully and I'm not going to stoop down to your levels in the sewer ☠️☠️ and made fun of you but in reality your life has to be so miserable & filled with extra time ⌚ for you to spend this amount of time on this amount of garbage fire ☠️ Those girls were annoying in junior high and to know they are still doing the same thing in their thirties likely with several kids by several babies daddies‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ looking like they've been through some stuff is just sad Touch sum grass you are irrelevant now thank you for always been and will continue today there's no reason to take it out on people that have an audience ‍‍ which clearly makes you beyond butthurt I'd recommend taking up a hobby ⚽⚾ or something because again seriously as a fellow person ‍♀️ this was a sad pathetic thing to see in 2021 a grown woman dedicating a message board to hitting on another grown woman Get some help you definitely need it ‍♀️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1257040

File: 1623727050683.png (192.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2021-06-14-23-15-46…)

Truth hurts? Awww butthurt trolls ban ppl with a working brain? Trying to keep it really juvenile & unintelligent on lolcow … That bar keeps dropping

No. 1257043

File: 1623727159567.jpg (81.23 KB, 482x800, 800px_COLOURBOX12599442.jpg)

Lol waaaaahh(ban evasion)

No. 1257044

Wait a second.

So, her "mentor" was an Italian man living in Japan who made videos, pretended to kill himself, and was outed?

Her fucking mentor was TheJOSHShow????(sage your shit, newfag)

No. 1257050

Jannies come cyberbully these fools.

No. 1257058


Yeah they had that "mentorship" thing going on, which is why his "counselor" emailed her after he "died".

No. 1257060

…Did you just realize this? She was in his threads, onision’s too. So it’s a total lie to say she doesn’t use lolcow.

No. 1257061

I think her "mentorship" with TheJoshShow is more milky than any of this video tbh.

No. 1257062

You think they fucked?

No. 1257063


Didn't she used to live in China or Japan or something? They probably fucked

No. 1257081

I had to stop and do a double take. I thought this was a photo of her until I saw it wasn’t. Christ.

No. 1257087

Same shape

No. 1257122

same body shape as >>1256354

No. 1257145

Where to cop that bathing suit

No. 1257149


Tbh I don't think so because she lived in China wayyy before she went on YT and met Maurice.

No. 1257260

learn to fucking integrate jfc if you're gonna defend cows at least sage your posts and dont add shit like a name and a fucking email lmao

No. 1257577

>I've only used it once in the past
>to get screenshots for a video
Just one? Then which video, Giulia? Hmmmmm?

No. 1257826

Its such a cute switch from claiming she never used lc at all, to then only checking it once, yet we have that 2017 tweet from her saying its down.

No. 1257955

I feel like D'Angelo's video (if he makes one) might give some interesting things? Idk I know a lot of people think he's annoying but his videos are pretty well thought out imo(sage your shit)

No. 1257984

He confirmed he isn’t going to address the situation and it’s all on her

No. 1258519

>now thank you for always been and will continue today

Is this the new "has anyone ever been so far"

No. 1260616

not surprised at her personality given the way she dresses(sage your shit)

No. 1260690

Did Shannon actually shit talk Giulia on lolcow? I read through a lot of Shannon's post history and could only find one post about Giulia. It was mostly posts about Tobi.

No. 1261337

the way she's handling this situation made me lose whatever vague semblance of respect i didn't have for her. emily artful is talking about being assaulted, used for revenge porn, and terrorized for almost a decade, and she's really gonna play victim and bitch and moan over being talked about like twice online? i am so fucking tired of this bitch. i wish i never had to see her face online ever again. it's only a matter of time before she gets caught up in the other side of drama like this. she's hiding something ugly and that's why she's constantly playing victim like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1261450

Iirc, she didn't. She didn't mention Ashlee either, maybe that's why they both were kind of reluctant to drop Shammy-

No. 1261459

File: 1624299167303.png (4.57 KB, 550x58, Screenshot_1.png)

>>1261450 shannon made one post about giulia and it was this. very tame

No. 1261823

Was she implying that Giulia is a female predator?

No. 1261904

thanks. that's what I thought. I just got confused after watching giulia's video about shannon, because she was like "this happened to me before" (referring to TheJoshVlog) and I didn't think anything shannon posted was remotely as bad as what maurice did to giulia.

no anon. she's implying giulia makes videos claiming "women are predators too" bc giulia likes to make videos about child predators, as blaire white has made a lot of videos mocking trans people in the past.

No. 1261999

maybe she implied that giulia was abused by a female predator? would make sense given that 90% of her content is about pedophiles and (often female) predators.

No. 1262018

ffs, anons. She implied that Giulia is a pickme who's sucking up to incels and anti-sjw by producing "women bad" videos. Same as Blaire who's mocking other transwomen to look more "based" and right-wing. It's funny because majority of right-leaning/anti-sjw males are disgusted by both of them.

No. 1262112

Her video has 1.1m views. how did this even happen?

No. 1262256

shannon had half a million followers and this croatian underwater basketweaving site is nowhere near as obscure as people like to pretend it is. shit, there are over a million posts just in snow. plus the entire situation is milky as shit, it’s been a long time since a youtuber with such a large audience has been publicly outed and rightfully turned against by all of their popular online friends.

No. 1263195

you can add "religiously monitors her instagram comment section, liking ALL positive comments while ignoring neutral ones & questions + deleting all negative ones" to the list. look at her comment section. every hyperbolicly positive comment is liked by her and there are no negative ones whatsoever. her not getting even ONE negative comment on ANY of her photos (even her painfully cringy legolas cosplay had 100% positive responses) screams bullshit to me on full volume lol

it's actually funny, look through her instagram comment sections and you will notice a clear pattern lol but whatever it's kinda nitpicky as well

No. 1265746

why does she have a SS tattoo on her right arm?

No. 1265852

are you looking at the 'S's from the ends of the words No Idols, No Gods? That's all I see

No. 1265995

File: 1624851823413.png (77.26 KB, 750x677, rtg01.PNG)

She's getting shit for her recent video and pretending that she hasn't regularly exploited the tragic cases of many other people for yt coin.

No. 1265997

File: 1624852001984.png (50.36 KB, 761x476, rtg02.PNG)

You may not have profited from Bianca's murder, but all of your other true crime videos are you reading articles about what happen to these people and then doing nothing but making it about how much you hate humanity. And in the past she's attempted to cover her ass by claiming her channel is about exploring human psychology.

Literally where, Giulia? What have you taught anyone about the psychology of a human being other than showcasing what a high level narc and victim you are?

No. 1266015

The same argument could be said about every true crime youtuber honestly. Id say its basically just the nightly news special but for newer generations. Instead of turning on your cable tv and seeing some murder story on 20/20, you just turn on youtube and see like 5000 true crime youtubers.

Im still kinda confused where the criticism came from to warrant an apology though.

No. 1266028

Now that you mention it, nonny, it does look a little too similar. It also looks like the "S S" part may be a separate tattoo from the "No Idol, No God" part - with the SS, the lines are a bit thicker, the ink is a bit darker, and the letters are angled slightly differently than the rest of the word - with alignment between the S's instead of between each word and the S that is supposed to complete it. Saging my tinfoil

No. 1266029

Nvm apparently its due to gabbie hannahs video? She actually did have a couple decent points but its ruined by the fact that shes using a murder victims name as a way to further her personal vendettas. If anything, gabbie should be the one apologizing for using a victims name for her personal vendettas because they gave her valid criticisms a couple times.

No. 1267920

File: 1625028295666.png (1.28 MB, 1125x1646, 5096F450-AE32-4982-B696-83F144…)

No. 1268101

No one said she profited from the Devins case? Giulia has lied to people claiming that her channel is about human psychology when she never teaches anything of the sort. She is a trashy drama channel who occasionally drags up real life cases so she can monetize those and make commentary about how nihilist she is whilst never considering how victims might feel having this bizarre creature spotlighting them.

No. 1268780

File: 1625120739508.png (347.84 KB, 765x498, 456.PNG)

Never touched a woman in your life and you're married to a man but keep up that attention whoring kek

No. 1268783

Gabbie Hanna made a video saying tea channels profited off Bianca’s death and needed to publicly apologize to Bianca’s mother. Gabbie explicitly named Ready to Glare as a person who needed to apologize. That’s what this video is in direct response to.

No. 1268785

I genuinely don't understand why so many young women who are in relationships with men feel the need to let everyone know that they're (allegedly) bisexual at least once every 24 hours, giulia is only one of many. I've never seen an openly straight girl post about how straight she is everyday or a lesbian post about how lesbian she is every day, it's only "bisexuals" and only ones who are dating men/exclusively date men. also, you're in a relationship, why does it matter if you're bi? why advertise? unless it's an open relationship which I don't think giula's is. and then people wonder why men think women's sexuality is malleable.

No. 1268793

Giulia can't stand not getting attention. Its why she does half-assed "cosplays" despite not being a fan of most of what she's dressed up as. One really has to wonder what exactly goes on inside that home of hers because how is a married woman this desperate for attention from strangers online.

No. 1268796

Big whoop. Another thing she can use to prop up her victim complex.

No. 1268816

Queer is cool now. 'bisexual' and 'non-binary' are zero effort / zero commitment ways to cash in on being ~so queer~ online.

No. 1268875

She's not a narc; you sound like Gabbie Hanna lol. She's just your standard drama YouTuber.

Exactly. Gabbie's projecting harder than a cinema.

No. 1268881

Not to WK because I think RTG is a washed up wanna-be.
But people have been saying this since 2007-2008 MySpace times.
Saying you’re bisexual has no real benefit.

No. 1268891

It does have a benefit now though, because it can be used for woke branding and make these creators more money

No. 1269077

It used to be "hot" though and was a good way to get attention from stupid scrotes who believed it and liked to imagine two girls kissing each other would give them the time of day
Maybe RTG still has those sentiments

No. 1269281

exactly. Nicki Minaj and Jessie J both said they were bisexual then walked it back once it stopped being cool.

Married women are always loudest about being bisexual kek

No. 1269555

File: 1625204929704.png (36.54 KB, 758x395, tg5.PNG)

I highly doubt anyone ever assumes you're ttc, Giulia.

No. 1269688

People have been saying it since the 90s but times have changed. Again, it's cool to be queer. That's why Trasha Paytas declared she's NB - pure bandwagon and snowflakery. The bi thing is an easy way to be woke af and not like the other girls.
She tries so hard, I'm kind of embarrassed for her.

No. 1270408

File: 1625276958620.png (372.04 KB, 771x779, KEK.PNG)

She's shilling for her tr00n friend to have a car repair. So woke. Giulia, I'm sure you have more than enough money so why don't you bail them out?


Also fucking kek at her shilling herself an hour after.

No. 1270496

idk i call myself queer in the presence of people i dont know / moids cuz they want to fetishize bi girls and internet randos often judge bisexual ppl. just easier to say queer sometimes

No. 1270551

it's literally not? What the fuck does queer even mean? Sorry you're too ashamed to say you're bi irl so play idpol instead, but the fact you think lesbians aren't fetishized/told it's just a phase is top kek and the exact type of insight i'd expect from someone who labels themselves ~~qweer~~

No. 1271096

File: 1625372676685.png (1.32 MB, 1538x930, try harder.PNG)

No. 1271109

her face in this looks like a mugshot

No. 1271114

So is youtube her only source of income besides her husband? I've never seen a concrete answer on what this melted toad does for a living? Her husband must make alright money if all she does is make low effort videos, play dress up, and chub up. Really got some bingo wings coming in nicely.

No. 1271118

She claims to be a professor and going for her ph.d yet nothing has been said about the latter in months and as far as ratemyprofessors search results, nothing shows up for her.

No idea what her husband actually does, but Giulia herself comes from a very wealthy family.

No. 1271222

File: 1625399150816.png (91.92 KB, 248x271, ifonly.png)

If only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1271224

File: 1625399900261.jpeg (54.38 KB, 428x700, 79D3982C-2EEE-49E3-A7A3-E68D52…)

Saw this pic on the front page and literally thought she was dressed up as Twiggy Ramirez

No. 1271318

>using 'queer' instead of lbtqiawtf is idpol
LMAO what the actual fuck

A professor? Between this and >>1270551 I think I'm going to wet myself. Giulia is barely literate.

No. 1271635

File: 1625454771215.png (17.85 KB, 765x131, Capture.PNG)

I don't know what to tell you, anon.



And she's mentioned "her students" in a past video, though I forget which. It was maybe one time and then never spoke about it again.

OT more of her usual doomsperging about how terrible her life is but three days ago she was happier than a pig in shit.

No. 1271636

File: 1625455237489.png (202.53 KB, 385x562, 317D7BAA-501F-4ECF-A17B-851EEF…)

No. 1271757

how dare you insult Cat in the hat like that… But also the fact he has better brows

No. 1271961

File: 1625509811534.jpeg (786.14 KB, 828x1420, C1436F61-1D61-4C6F-96B2-D6B474…)

Giuliano serving propped up corpse

No. 1273080

File: 1625684376053.png (1.38 MB, 1591x878, mug.PNG)

"Alice but a bit dark". Because haven't had enough contrite warpings of a children's story already.

No. 1273082

File: 1625684481740.png (34.41 KB, 752x436, lmao.PNG)

Yes give everyone some insight into how fucked up you are.

No. 1273106

leave them alone Giulia, you fucking trashy swine.

nta but anon idk if you're slow but "queer" is idpol. It's literally identity politics and that's why no one has a clear answer as to wtf it means unlike "gay" or "lesbian". Do a quick google first in future.

No. 1273141

who tf asks a question like this online

No. 1273842

People with daddy issues that need to show it off 24/7.

No. 1273844

No wonder she was good friends with CreepShow Art and is known to suck up to Shoe0nHead. These women have to constantly remind people they are bi/pan when they are (in Shoe's case were) in monogomous relationships with men.

No. 1273848

Not slow, just older than you. It covers the whole umbrella without the need for the longass acronym. It's what we used to use before tumblr got a hold of things. But thanks for trying to be patronising.

No. 1274064

Idk, some dude wasn't brave enough to take care of his child and I'm supposed to laugh at her?

No. 1274076

well she told us..
"To the biggest coward i know" as this is actually for him and not just for attention. why the fuck would you put this on the internet.

No. 1274090

Its called tact, nonnie. I'm sorry that you don't understand how trashy it is to do this. Even if he wasn't a great parent, >>1274076 shows us how much of this is for asspats and pity because Giuliano can't stand not being the center of attention. If it were truly for him she'd have called him up or texted him but no the whole internet has to see it.

No. 1274096

I do get that she is doing it for attention, I'm not going to feel bad for her father though.
Humilliating people on the internet is a thing, to me this seems as a combination of attention seeking and public humiliation.

No. 1274169

ngl this is the best / most feminine makeup that I've ever seen her in..

No. 1274392

>it's called tact, nonnie. I'm sorry that you don't understand how trashy it is to do this

yeah well it's also pretty fucking trashy to just abandon your 6 month old child

No. 1274456

This isn't PULL. Go there if you wanna wk for cows.

No. 1274795

Idk, I just didn't think someone being bitter about being abandoned as a kid and having "daddy issues" is very milky, but whatever

No. 1274816

having “daddy issues” isnt milky and no one would bring it up if she didnt make that weird ass post asking if people want to hear about her oh so tragic backstory yeah it sucks to be abandoned and unfortunately is not uncommon but you shouldnt turn into into a storytime video for fucking views thats weird

No. 1275006

This is exactly what she was doing and it's amazing how dense some anons are to not see it.

No. 1275449

File: 1626108031961.png (104.32 KB, 756x749, attentionmoar.PNG)

No. 1275451

File: 1626108084665.png (278.85 KB, 757x786, onceagain.PNG)

The need to remind everyone yet again that she is bi.

No. 1275455

Tbf the comment about her being too young for it to matter is retarded. Science has shown that caregivers leaving a child, even short term, during their developmental first few years is damaging to the psyche. Especially if the absence extends beyond that development. But, maybe Vinny should have thought about the chance of negative comments like this before she put her daddy issues on YouTube.

Wow, the oppression.

No. 1275459

She enjoys the negative comments because then she can continue her pity parade. An eternal victim.

No. 1275467

I can't fathom how hard it must be to cosplay and have a husband take care of you while you LARP as a personality on youtube. Combing wigs and talking about your opinion on everything must be draining on all levels.

I really used to watch her videos in the past, too. Wow. Looking at her now I can see her so clearly for who she is. She's boring and too insecure to do what she does. How does she still get views? Just by baiting people with trauma storytimes?

No. 1275483

I also used to watch her videos until I realized how boring and vapid she is. She's incredibly self-righteous when she has no room to be, not to mention a hypocrite on several levels. Her stans are kids who think she's some unbothered goff qween, tr00ns, and ethots she tosses a heart emoji to here and there to keep up appearances as a totally bisexual woman gaiz who think they can use her to boost their own endeavors.

No. 1276567

Now I know for sure she lighted that picture with the bi flag colors on purpose

No. 1278604

File: 1626495210603.png (23.71 KB, 762x185, LOL.PNG)

what an ironic retweet coming from you, giuliano

No. 1278608

File: 1626495342479.png (1.89 MB, 1844x739, terrible.PNG)

she has new merch and it looks like shit. also whoever did this banner did a great job at making her look like an aged junkie.



No. 1278906

File: 1626538764461.png (3.2 MB, 1334x750, F987E3AF-E767-4CD6-A243-92C696…)

No. 1279086

lol i used to watch her as well but reading this thread lowkey opened my eyes now. i'm still subscribed to her only bc i'm too lazy to clean out my subs. but i unfollowed her on instagram and i see who she really is now

No. 1279206

Did anyone notice she deleted her video about the cousins who were married/having a child? The guy cousin very recently passed away so it was really bad timing on her part. So I’m assuming she deleted it once people were calling her out on it. Kinda shitty to not do your research first before posting a video about someone. Obvs it’s gross for cousins to bang but the guy literally just died….

No. 1279244


to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own

to use (another's production) without crediting the source

to commit literary theft

to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

In other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward.

No. 1279278

File: 1626575863570.png (1.25 MB, 1353x1145, fangs.png)


are you trying to say she copied it?
because it's clearly shittly drawn and not traced, and i can find 500 similar images in google
if your point was she's unoriginal then you should have hit home a little harder and shown more examples lmao, vampire fangs and blood dripping together is hardly original and saying she's plagiarizing an idea that general isn't even soy milk

No. 1279293

giulia's here lmao the two images are identical

No. 1279308

File: 1626578932490.jpeg (278.22 KB, 750x416, 9DE604F5-890B-4F35-A9AD-D9F036…)

Artwork thief

No. 1279319

File: 1626579916494.jpeg (379.65 KB, 623x868, 33B9929E-7CF4-4CCF-9798-97A316…)