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No. 918453

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB90iDxOcIg

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
(ART): https://www.instagram.com/hcbrownart/
(PERSONAL): https://www.instagram.com/hollybrownprivate/
(LASER BUSINESS): https://www.instagram.com/razorlasercustoms/
(FOOT FETISH): https://www.instagram.com/feetfootstomping/
TWITTER (privated): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR (currently deleted): http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1802876351/purgatory-print-copies
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

In the last thread:

>Went silent for a while after San Japan, only posting new shitty redraws of Purgatory on her Tapas and the occasional Instagram post/story

>Returned to Twitter, but her Tweets are locked and she put in her bio that she will block anyone who tries to follow her
>Posted on IG how she is “busy” with work and packing Kickstarter rewards, even though no one has posted online about getting their items and Holly constantly lies about how much she works to get sympathy points.
>Hinted at making new merch for her store, and later revealed that she’s making shitty mugs that no one asked for
>Finished Purgatory, which had the most shitty climax and the most abrupt ending (but she still hasn’t sent out rewards)
>Returned in a big way by posting two live streams where she cried about how her life is shit and threw a giant pity party for herself. Her stupid followers gave her asspats (and even suggested she go into sex work) during said live stream, and they also harassed a commenter who asked about $70 worth of merch from her Etsy that they ordered a year ago. Holly eventually acknowledged the customer by telling them to just open a dispute and she’d refund them. She has since put these streams on private.
>Claimed that she’s working 3 jobs: The Disney Store, a coffee shop, and a Ford factory, though she is probably lying about the latter two and is only working at the Disney Store.
>Got her Etsy shops suspended, and opened a new store on Shopify instead of trying to reopen her Etsy. She now has to pay $30 a month to keep her shop open.
>Began uploading pages for the Purgatory Epilogue on her Tapas, even though it was a Kickstarter Exclusive
>Made the new Purgatory books available on Amazon, even though she has yet to send out all the Kickstarter rewards, giving her backers a huge slap in the face.
>Did a live stream on IG where she sat in her car of her work’s parking lot, complaining about having to work, mentioned how she’s purposefully doing s shit job to get herself fired, and talked about how she’s applying for a graphic design job. She ultimately didn’t get the position. She also confirmed on this live stream that she sold her laser after San Japan.
>Went on a commission livestream where she rambled about how Inktober is a waste of time and supplies, how white people don’t like black fills, and about how much “Etsy sucks”
>Made a video for the first time in forever, where she talks about making designs for pencil cases and makes a crappy design with art supplies and a rando cat.
>Made a video about how to format comics in KDP, even though the process would be much easier if she wasn’t too stubborn to use Clip Studio Paint
>Quit one of her jobs and announced she was going to make mental health tip videos on Skillshare in another attempt to get-rich-quick. She backpedaled after her fans told her it wasn’t a good idea, but she continued to ask her followers what kind of lessons they would be interested in for her Skillshare.
>Made an announcement on her Kickstarter that if she doesn’t finish packing all the rewards by the end of November, she’s just going to refund the orders she didn’t get to. Her dumbass followers then commented that she doesn’t have to refund them and to just take their money as donations.
>Uploaded Sketch Rambles Episode 2, where she talks about watching financial guru videos and how she has a Professor Venomous fetish with some hints of daddy kink. She also showed off her sweatshirt sleeves that were encrusted with snot and tears from her last streams.
>Finally showed her books for Purgatory, but the cover matches up with the ones on Amazon instead of the ones on Kickstarter. It is likely that she had Amazon print the books, then she bought the Amazon copies to send to her backers.
>Posted stories about her excitement that MCR is back together and is gonna go on tour, complaining about how she’s too poor to go, but then shows off buying the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star palette.
>Announced that she’s doing ANOTHER (the third) redraw for Paranormal Plague and she’s relaunching the comic in January 2020.
>Finished uploading all the Purgatory pages on her Tapas, officially ending the comic. She then announced that she is now gonna focus on Paranormal Plague for the next 5 years, estimating that it’ll be about 15-20 volumes.
>Posted on her story a comment that criticized her for focusing on making new merch and redrawing Paranormal Plague instead of focusing on sending out Kickstarter rewards that have been delayed for 8 months. Holly responded super passive aggressively and complained about how she needs a life outside of just sending out awards.

Previous threads:

No. 918471

Holly also repurposed her thesis project 'Clever Kitchen' as yet another comic and started (?) working as a delivery driver for Dominos in the last thread.

No. 918479

all her jobs are fake news. you can't just get hired on the day with nothing but bad references. we forget how much she lies. we start to think - ah, the way she presents this aspect of her approach to this situation involves some dishonesty. later you find out
her whole response never happened.
the situation itself never existed.
the context for the situation never existed.

No. 918488

She was live streaming 9th grade ninja again on twitch.

No. 918545

does she really wanna get banned?

No. 918556

I wouldn't be surprised if she was intentionally trying to get banned so she can throw a pity party and open a go fund me cause boohoo no more as revenue plz send me money I got bills to pay or some shit

No. 918588

Twitch stream:


She really in here for over 3 hours.

No. 918607

File: 1579111774784.jpeg (666.66 KB, 1242x1247, AF4B41F5-9DD8-4FED-8B67-4C6469…)

She must be addicted to self sabotaging herself. It’s in the ToS pretty clearly and she’s done this what, twice now?

No. 918615


The OP just copy pasted from the previous thread's description, so the summary is of thread 19, not 20. The only thing that's different is the thread pic and the number 21.

No. 918627


I wonder if OP is the same impatient anon who constantly bitches towards the end of each thread about if anyone made a new thread despite the thread being nowhere near getting locked.

No. 918631

yea, no thread lock down notice out yet and people just filling the last few posts with talking about how many posts are left lol

No. 918668

Notice showed up 10 days ago and there is like maybe 5 posts left before the old thread was locked

No. 918697

Hoky fuck are you retarded, the last thread litteraly just locked because there had been the 100 posts since the thread lock alert. The anon suggesting someone to make this thtead now wasnt being impatient just retarded in the sense that they couldve just made the new thread themselves

No. 918701

why are you so mad about this lmao, every other thread does it after the lock down notice. im not talking about the one that just warns about a 100 posts being left.

No. 918780

and they made a shit one

No. 918783


shit or not, at least we didn't get locked because no one else seemed willing to make a new thread

No. 918784

a thread getting locked doesn't mean the end of the world you know. someone would have made one eventually (and properly)

No. 918793

Why are you so fucking insistent on this? It’s not imperative that there needs to be a new thread ASAP especially since there’s nothing milky going on. Chill.

I’m surprised her Twitch hasn’t been banned yet for broadcasting shows. I thought people got taken down pretty fast for that.

No. 918910

Jfc who cares what a stupid thing to argue about.

No. 918991

File: 1579166517728.png (4.11 MB, 1242x2208, 37F462A9-9FE0-4FB0-B4AB-B9F386…)

No. 919077

why does she keep drawing those stupid chipmunk mouths

No. 919121

And ofc no one would be able to tell who they're supposed to be if the caption didn't exist

No. 919163

She needs to learn how to make good character designs

No. 919292

Great, something new for her to ruin with shitty fanart.

No. 919316

Great something for her 11+ fans will eat up

No. 919513

Her character designs are fine, it's her fundies that are off. If she just used references and actually practiced her craft then her art could be so much better

No. 919780

Holly was at McDonald’s today I wish I had been able to take a pic as proof but it would’ve been way too obvious if I did.
My husband pointed her out to me. She looked exhausted out of her mind and her ass has gotten fatter. Not surprised

No. 919790

She was probably eating her feelings away if she’s at a McDonald’s lol

No. 919799

The best part is she totally was dressed like she went to the gym or intended to.

No. 919830

why is holly so obsessed with that fucking ninja show

No. 919831

File: 1579299165837.jpg (305.4 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20200118-091203_Ins…)

>have tv paint
>use photoshop anyway

she is really scared to learn a new program huh

No. 919833

Jesus christ the animation…. reminds me of the Mr.Bean cartoon

No. 919835

she is reeeeally child minded. i used to like that show way back around when it came out and it's not bad, but with holly everything is cringy and she always latches onto the most obvious character.

No. 919911


one thing i do love about her character designs is that they're … kind of grounded?? like the anime influence is there (hair squiggles and technicolor hair) but she can create background characters that look like real average people

No. 919927

File: 1579310076606.jpeg (117.27 KB, 640x477, C3A0403F-0C3A-44D6-AC1C-59CD9B…)

No. 919939

So let me get this straight, she finally started working on PP after talking about it for months while doing everything she could to delay her Purgatory kickstarter, yet the moment she actually had to focus on PP she got bored of it almost immediately and randomly started her Clever Kitchen comic after she didn't mention it for like a year, got bored of that as well after three pages and startet yet another animation project? (btw what ever happened to those FMA and Hamilton animations she wanted to do?)

Is she just not capable of sticking to one thing for more than a few days or what? I bet she's gonna get tired of her animation by next week and go back to comics cause "comics are easier" and the cycle repeats again and again

No. 919945

This girl needs meds.

No. 919953

File: 1579312698181.png (31.59 KB, 805x662, Purgatory- Print Copies.png)

Same anon, out of curiosity I just checked out her KS again and apparently several people still have not received their books as of five days ago. Holly please just finish the rewards for the people who acually bothered to pay you money for your shitty comics before burying yourself in a bunch of new projects that will probably never be finished anyway, this is getting ridiculous

No. 919955

she can draw semi-realistic characters, nothing good-looking but objectively average in a way that doesn't go her anime aesthetic

No. 919971

The last “update” to paranormal plague was Jan 3, so it’s been two fridays since then and no updates. PP ended quicker than I imagined

No. 919981

Can’t even commit to her updates, she’s probably bored with her stuff already

No. 919991

Hey try saging your posts, morons

No. 919994

I think one of her problems with PP is that she only cares about Reese and Hershey boning, and there's so much of the story she has to get through before she can even introduce him that she gets bored and gives up. Remember that she had NO problem drawing and spitting out the porn comic of them in no time flat. I sincerely dont think we will ever see more of PP beyond 200 more redraws of the first chapter and random shitty illustrations. If we're REALLY lucky she'll redraw Seize…

No. 920018

I remember back in 2013 and 2014, the show had a weird following on tumblr and deviantart. A lot of smutty art was made of the protagonist and his best friend- which I do not need to explain why that is gross. I am not saying Holly is that type of fan, but the show does attract extremely weird people for some reason.

No. 920036

Her character design concepts would serve their purpose if they were drawn a bit better. Like the color schemes, clothing choices and (intended) body type do theoretically tell you a lot about the characters themselves through visual storytelling. If Holly just fixed the technical mistakes and hired a writer her comic could be ok.

No. 920037

Oh are the characters under age?? Yikes

No. 920039

>>920037 yeah all the characters are in ninth grade

No. 920095

The thing Holly never learned to be OK with is leaving some projects on the back burner. Instead of working on 1 or 2 projects and leaving a couple others to simmer, she'll try and do 4 at once and think she'll make progress on all of them at the same quality and capacity. She doesn't accept the fact that each thing takes time and that just because one project is a comic and the other an animation, that she can devote equal amounts of time to each, on her own. So, what's she got now:

Paranormal plague, which, like anon above said, we'll probably never see past 200 pages but I'm guessing less than that.

Clever Kitchen, her fully colored "hobby comic". Regardless of whether or not she calls it a hobby, it's still a project.

Game grumps animation, because of course she has to ride that trend that's been long played out.

I know I'm missing some, but unless she's legit a machine(she's not), or she is doing this full time for a living (she isn't), she needs to focus on one project at a time, because she seems to have a hard time splitting her energy and interest between even two. She has no real goal or motivator except maybe money. But you can't get something from nothing.

No. 920106

Ew Holly wtf. I get they're cartoons but come on why is a 20 something into imagining 14 year olds making out

No. 920124

Has she actually said anything about imagining these cartoon characters making out tho?

No. 920128

The milk is dry can you blame them?

No. 920201

New Vlog

No. 920219

File: 1579389183800.png (1.16 MB, 858x926, Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 6.13…)

Her floor is disgusting, how does she live like this?

No. 920221

This photo smells of rodent pee n stagnant ramen

No. 920225

File: 1579390072713.png (1.86 MB, 1334x750, C70C0F9D-FDDA-4FD3-9DCE-EFECC1…)

She’s a 20 something women and god she’s such a unhealthy and unorganized person

No. 920226

File: 1579390340772.png (1.55 MB, 1334x750, 434FCB66-A96B-47EA-B13A-19D228…)

I can imagine how many bugs and mouse she must get lol

No. 920228

File: 1579390552312.png (1.85 MB, 1334x750, D08E3330-72BF-4A4C-8C59-AA693B…)

No. 920244

File: 1579393757856.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 5ED86C53-377F-4A73-A3A3-AAFA74…)


No. 920245

File: 1579393833968.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, DDCA8FA5-EC29-42E8-8C6B-BF4375…)

Wonder what happened lol

No. 920262

Half empty and unopened cans of coke, grime on the carpet, dirty dishes from god knows when.

She's got some nerve selling merch out of her junk heap, you'd hate to be the one to get a bonus gift of a stray hair or live roach in your package. She's filthy.

No. 920284

never heard of a sponsor dropping like that, they must have looked up holly later on and found all the shit she's done lmao.

No. 920322

In one of the new videos she said she wanted to move out because her “mother is a hoarder”, as if we haven’t all seen that her room is absolutely disgusting

No. 920362

Gee Holly, has your edgy "honest" humor gotten you rejected by a sponsor? I mean who could have see that coming, really.

She's so stupid lol. I love people who say fuck all on the internet because they are so 'real' but in actuality they're just children that never developed a filter for interacting with basic social skills and then whine when that affects their lives. Like no shit. She always acts so surprised when her unprofessionalism is treated for what it actually is as if it's everyone else's fault for not finding beheading videos funny.

No. 920364

When you’re bipolar, your logic and emotions become blurred. I don’t blame her, I hope she’s receiving the correct help.

No. 920366

Whoa, between jobs? What happened to the baby photography job? The domino's job? She really is addicted to self-sabotage huh? I'd say go back to school but with the cost of higher education in the US and her already massive amounts of debt I'm not even sure if that's a good idea

No. 920380

Even if she could afford going back to school what would be the point? Holly still wouldn't be able to keep down a job because of her attitude and because of her possible undiagnosed mental issues.

Also, regarding the dropped sponsor, I wonder who the sponsor was. I know there is a bot going around right now pretending to be a sponsor and then hacking channels. Holly might have actually dodged a bullet.

No. 920396

wait is it confirmed with an official diagnosis that she is bipolar? and even if she is, it's not an excuse to act like an asshole.

i really think those are made up, she has been talking about all kinds of jobs left and right, but hasn't even kept them for a day. who would wanna hire someone with like 60 jobs on their cv that they only had for 1-7 days?

No. 920398

>between jobs

you don't say?

No. 920417

Are those kickstarter orders in the corner?

No. 920419

Bitch your post isn't even saged, why the fuck are so many people not saging recently its fucking annoying. Just type it in the email feild jfc

No. 920427

She's live now

No. 920429

Says new job is manual labor job where she installed internet physically. Like climbing poles and crawling around in attics.

$1000-$1500 per week

Wanna take bets on if she lasts through the certification process?

No. 920430

Says she had a dream where shes a princess and has 10 guards that are all her husbands.

No. 920434

Did she even use a reference for those dice? Because they still look bad

No. 920437

>If I ever get a BF and he yells at me his ass is grass. You do not yell at me.

Ooookay Holly.

>Just fucking communicate, idiot.

Is that what you said to all the people still waiting for their kickstarter books?

No. 920449

Is she even fit to crawl up a pole lol

No. 920461

How does she always get these amazing job opportunities?

No. 920466

Simple, she's lying.

No. 920476

She says applying to jobs is her hobby but either there are no other applicants to anything in her area or she's straight up lying. She gets 2 out of 3 jobs she ever mentions in vlogs, it's literally impossible.
She supposedly doesn't get any hours which is why she's fucking around at home and stacking up jobs. How many is she supposed to be holding right now? Disney Store, Domino's, the baby photographer job and now this repair labor stuff?

She mentioned in her last vlog sitting around alone sketching in Starbucks in the hopes a stranger will randomly sit with her and talk to her. This is what she considers "making friends".

No. 920480

She wants friends but feels like she's too good to go out of her way to make them; that friends should be coming to her.

No. 920483

Honestly this just sounds like the mindset of a middle schooler with no social skills which…fits, lol. Honestly pretty sad. She thinks people will see her drawing and be drawn into conversation or something by her mad skillz. Imagine if she'd just made friends in art school…

No. 920485

Lol, I just tuned in and she's talking about cannibalism.

No. 920505

She needs to work on her social skills and self esteem which is probably too late for her at her age

No. 920507

File: 1579463102108.png (409.96 KB, 1334x750, 9ACF33BF-0458-45D0-A377-C5B8CF…)

Her and her deformed foods, can’t she draw anything else other then junk on her desk/table

No. 920520

WTF is that supposed to be??? Bread? Lunchmeat? Cheese? I thought those were zany mattresses at first, and you tell me this is supposed to be some sort of food?? Fucking christ.

No. 920531

File: 1579467024881.png (820.28 KB, 1334x750, 1A615C4F-4A41-4188-97FA-048BE6…)

No. 920569

Why lol? Is it relevant to Holly?

No. 920574

how many threads have posted this in lol, it also popped up in the shayna thread

No. 920575

Did I miss something?

No. 920599

shes streaming now and complaining about her dog living too long (like she wants her dog to roll over and die). wtf. also she talks about her dogs balls live on stream and compares getting a dog castrated to circumcision

and she made a random dirty comment about a 12 year old boy having enjoyed his own dick…. just typing this makes me sick.

No. 920603

maybe she can draw the mice, learn a thing or two about anatomy

No. 920604

i sense a strong focus on food

No. 920606

Holly draws woman anime titties and they look more like a dude's pecs.

No. 920608

File: 1579478841909.png (216.22 KB, 1334x750, AAD277F0-5182-42E8-B714-2D85C2…)

What the fuck

No. 920612

shes talking about putting that 'design' on a mug…

No. 920613

She erased that drawing lol

No. 920615

damn, slapping her art on things no one would buy became her biggest obsession huh

No. 920621

“Please buy my crappy art on stuff that only my 25 fans will buy” she would say

No. 920625

File: 1579479951882.png (1.49 MB, 1334x750, 33729DC6-8B8A-4EE6-A6BF-9F30F0…)

No. 920626

File: 1579480010158.png (1.61 MB, 1334x750, 4824BAE2-D5D5-484E-BB0A-E93A53…)

She really let herself go

No. 920627

File: 1579480543567.png (1.18 MB, 1334x750, 565CF944-3349-45BC-9877-2F8C9A…)

No. 920628

File: 1579480576049.png (1.13 MB, 1334x750, 32D51715-0E34-4EA9-86CC-AB8818…)

No. 920640

she's been streaming for 8 hours does this woman not have anything else to do with her time

No. 920641

File: 1579482217295.jpg (155.97 KB, 939x498, 9561301.jpg)

Deadass thought that was Holly's mom at first Jesus

I can smell these pictures.

No. 920672

File: 1579487105506.jpeg (280.43 KB, 475x515, 22DA9285-7257-4F68-AE0C-AEE4F1…)

Clear images of her OCs in the Big Mouth style. Charging $10 for this mess. 1/2

No. 920673

File: 1579487171438.jpeg (276.71 KB, 489x512, 0D0BBBE2-E2AE-42D2-81E6-214BA3…)

God, what a mess. She couldn’t even clean it up, and of course she has to sell it. 2/2

No. 920678

Who drew the image hanging in the top left?

No. 920679

File: 1579488280294.png (64.57 KB, 402x383, wtf.PNG)

10 hours of live stream being proactive

No. 920682

is this supposed to be her and Herschel this is hilarious

No. 920684

Different anon but that's holly getting banged by her OCs. I hope employers see this when googling her.

No. 920687

What the fuck?

No. 920691

she's been streaming for 11 hours?!

No. 920697

I'm not watching that shit, anyone care to explain what exactly prompted to her to draw herself having sex with Hershel?? That's some new level of insanity

No. 920700

This is honestly getting disturbing at this point. Her rooms a mess, she has no social life, and she's drawing herself shipped with her own characters? I know people can develop crushes on fictional characters but her own OCs??? Didn't she say at one point her characters were like her own children? And she keeps pumping out merch of the sameface OCs from her comic that she hasn't gotten 10 pages out of yet. No, nobody is going to want a mug with some random doodles of OCs on it. She truly thinks that people already know and connect with her characters like she does because in her head she has everthing planned out. If she would take some time and develop her comic I could see more people caring about the characters and merch & shit. I really hope she can get out and find some friends or something else for her to do bc this is one of the loneliest I've ever seen. Sage for bullshit

No. 920706

File: 1579492025749.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1232x1803, 2B5BB566-884C-41BC-A586-603B94…)

Her fans must be just as cringy and lonely as she is.

No. 920707

Please say sike…………

Anyone know when she did this in the stream?

No. 920710

File: 1579492625982.jpeg (33.2 KB, 859x474, AAA1B104-1ABE-4DB1-B041-E1E412…)

I think it’s safe to say Holly has no job at this point. 11 fucking hours streaming…

No. 920715

I think the part that should worry us too is that Hershel is based on an actual person, she talked about him a few threads back.

No. 920716

Please tell me this is like a mock up in sharpie and not the actual design that she's selling for actual money.

No. 920719


No. 920723

Look here: >>920706
She already listed and sold it…

No. 920737

File: 1579496434527.jpeg (44.57 KB, 590x568, C8F2CAD6-5706-4386-B286-9D9AE4…)

Actual highlight of this is that Holly draws herself like a south park character now when she don’t really look that fat in the face yet.

No. 920738

File: 1579496478504.jpeg (57.77 KB, 600x334, D64C3715-28DD-4AB8-9D3C-5B97E7…)

Samefag since I’m on mobile but here’s more of her being shipped with Herschel.

No. 920743

For a cow, it's actually a breath of fresh air to see her draw herself humble and chubby. I would have expected her to draw herself in a much better way, if that makes sense? Hotter than Ash, at least. Kinda nice. Bad art, nice concept.

No. 920744

>nice concept
it's not a good concept just because it's self loathing instead of self adoring you weird ghoul

No. 920763

i said years ago and it didn't sink in here. she doesn't want to be an artist. she doesn't want to have a financially or creatively successful comic. She draws because she masturbates to the drawings. that's it.
The rest of the surrounding shit, the channel the comics the store, is incidental

No. 920778

This made me laugh, you're totally right. Whoops. Either way I was shocked that she lacks the usual cow grandiosity and didn't use the situation to give herself luscious hair and curves or something.

No. 920783

Lol she has an eating disorder it's more sad than anything

No. 920784

The dumbest thing though is that if she could be bothered to learn anatomy and draw subjects people actually care about instead of just Herschel (and occasionally Reese) she could get by just drawing porn.

No. 920786

your line of thinking is exactly what i meant by 'it doesn't sink in'. you're seeing it too soberly. making profit from porn and edging your goonie for 16 hours a day are incompatible mindsets. did you ever get horny and nothing else suddenly mattered? your self-image your ethics and all that shit are just 'f-fuck it'? imagine trying to visualise a business plan during that shit

No. 920787

Someone is now the proud owner of a $16+ ($10 + $6 in shipping based on that picture) mug with these ugly scribbles

No. 920790

I agree. She seems to be into doujinshi and ships of other franchises and wants to skip having a story with any substance and just get straight to making AU fancomics, merch, and ships with her own characters. I feel like that's also why she doesn't improve, she learned the bare minimum to shit out her crappy ideas and is too lazy to bother trying to progress beyond that.

No. 920792

File: 1579508692571.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20200120-192524_Ins…)

so is she manic or just horny

No. 920793

Is she still streaming?? This has to be a maniac episode. A legit one, not Shay style "uuuh I can't film cause I'm Manic"

No. 920795


When you phrase it like that, yeah I get what you’re saying and I agree with you.

No. 920798

This has to be a very bad episode if she’s maniac. Has she been taking her meds? Bipolar worsens within age if you aren’t treated properly.

No. 920816

Anon… Manic not maniac jfc. Although maybe both?

No. 920822

The bad designs reminds me of Garfield

No. 920838

"poot" ffs dont tell me she has weird fetishes like piss or something. im gonna be sick

No. 920867

File: 1579535599593.jpg (106.17 KB, 750x550, bringmesomeeyebleach.jpg)

No. 920881

Did… did she really draw herself farting in her oc's face?

No. 920886

Tbf shes probably thinking of it as a stupid joke that she thinks most people would find funny and not as a weird kink thing that alot of the anons here are making it out to be

Its probably all just bad jokes, ngl I can't blame her considering how long her stream went on for, shes probably going bonkers atm

No. 920892

I get where you're coming from anon, but I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a fetish in the end, not saying it 100% is. Personally I don't find anything funny about drawing yourself farting in a char's face, but that could be her sense of immature humor or whatever (especially considering her audience, so I guess they would think it's lol haha funny fart), doesn't make it less gross.

No. 920900

The weird thing for me is how Hershel is just like staring at her farting ass and smiling in a way that's supposed to be… sexy? It makes it seem sexual as opposed to silly.

Also, is that meant to be Holly farting or a giant baby? lol

No. 920902

Listening to her describing PP romances is so fucking weird.

>when herschel, when he uh, dated ash, it's early on in the story, before the story starts

>it was more of a sexual relationship rather than romantic one
>ash just likes having company around and herschel just liked to escape seeing fucked up stuff all the time, so it was yeah, the SEX, I know that, but it was inherently kinda toxic for that reason
>so the romance with reese is different, it's more about making each other laugh, and, um, haha, big horny energy, hahah

No. 920908

>so the romance with reese is different, it's more about making each other laugh
Clearly that's Holly's first priority in the Reese/ Hers romance, that's why a porn comic was the first thing that was created about that relationship

No. 920911

She goes on and on about characters dynamic, and that it has to be different, if characters are too similar that romance can be hard.

but then her description of the Reese romance shit it's just:

>it's more or less just memes, haha, they just meme a lot

No. 920919

File: 1579543550571.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x2015, 831C2246-3DE8-43B6-95B0-4414A2…)

Holly’s favorite doodles from the stream.
Mine too, tbh.
I always love it when a fujoshi day dreams about being with their handsome and hunky OC.

No. 920930

File: 1579544743804.jpg (26.24 KB, 260x370, 1k.jpg)

>holly: haha, do people actually put themselves in their comic to date the main character? cuz that's so cringe
>also holly:
>"Yes, I am so excited to get the puss."

No. 920931

samefag but I could stomach some parts of the stream, it was a hot garbage mess.

>"I ship myself with herschel. He's mine now. I can finally have a man with purple hair who loves me, haha. I am your god, Herschel, you must love me. "

>mentions the military guy's hair is blue

>talks about herschel having purple pubes, military guy has blue pubes and reese has green pubes

>spends around 40 minutes writing live laugh eat ass in different fonts

>(talking about her dog) "I like licking Holly's sheets so they're disgustingly wet and smell bad and I like peeing on her purse so she permanently smells like piss"

>talks about her dog's balls

>constant sipping/slurping

>(when asked about drawing herself half-naked with her fat ass up if she's proud of it) "I kinda am"

No. 920932

love the amount of pearl-clutching in this thread because holly jokingly doodled some dumb shit during a stream.

No. 920935

When you do cringe shit, people post about your cringe shit, I think that's expected.

No. 920942

at 15 minutes in the stream Holly tells us a dream she had: of her being a princess and having a harem of 10 male guards… who are also her husbands and watch her at all times, even when she's peeing.

and she felt the need to share that, on a stream where she's trying to be a professional artist and sell SFW mugs.

No. 920947

Pearl clutching? This shit is fucking weird anon idk how you want people to react

No. 920956

She is drawing Hershel as if he’s her real boyfriend, definitely needs help lol

No. 920957

more like… needs a boyfriend, but who would date her?

No. 920960

If Holly smells like piss, or just smells bad in general, I have a hard time believing it's entirely because of her dog…..

No. 920962

lol bitch, where?
Desperately trying to be relatable and thirsty to a crowd of Internet teens is cringe. Holly’s in her twenties now. She should really know better by now.

No. 920963

she wishes death on that dog. she literally says during the stream she's upset that the dog lives that long.

No. 920970

She could be just naturally thirsty. After all, she is a single adult in her twenties. Doubt she's got the mental capacity to make that calculation and purposefully play up her thirst to draw in lonely teen subscribers.

No. 920975

Needs to get laid badly lol

No. 920976

File: 1579550768320.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 3E88C1EC-FD37-45EA-8B95-CA0F14…)

Who would buy this crap

No. 920977

at least those are colored and shaded, unlike the comic where those two characers originate from

No. 920980

god this is ugly

anon, have you never in your life time seen a black and white comic? it's not unusual to not color to save time, her work isn't shitty because of the lack of color.

No. 920993


Jfc can she draw just one character without an absolutely punchable face or shit-eating smirk?

No. 920994

The obsession with her OCs is unreal. She's still working on random pieces of merch instead of getting anything done. Usually you would make merch of your chracters once the comic was popular and your fans expressed interest. Not Holly, she has to be contray

No. 921001

It's because she sees herself as legit and deserving of the fanbase of a bigger franchise, even though her shitty stories and OCs are 2-dimensional and uninteresting at best. Once again getting ahead of herself.

No. 921016

why won't she let purgatory die?

I thought she was excited to start pp

No. 921020

at about 1:15 in the stream Holly complains about a potential husband (that she does not have) wanting her to be a homemaker and quit her job and her career (when she's jobless and has no career to speak of) and 'give up her life' (though she has no life).

No. 921040

I think this looks better than her recent stuff, but I honestly thought I'd seen the last of purgatory. lol I should have known better

No. 921042

How are those Kickstarter orders going Holly?

No. 921058

Hershel body pillow when

No. 921068

File: 1579563565812.jpg (35.98 KB, 369x278, 8888.jpg)

Are you saying this is not a priority for a body pillow right now?

No. 921080

I thought this was Steven Universe before I read upthread.

No. 921090

File: 1579567320597.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, B2B8E530-452E-44EB-8B3A-B29BE1…)

No. 921091

File: 1579567360729.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, E3EAEE18-DD56-4570-A65C-93638C…)

No. 921092

File: 1579567413425.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, D8A9C203-2FF9-4C40-8E85-CE9F6E…)

No. 921093

File: 1579567447948.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 78027122-79AE-4FD4-853D-1739E5…)

No. 921094

File: 1579567475553.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 5D552FA8-2B67-433D-83CF-1FF06E…)

No. 921096

File: 1579567530964.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, F9C0B0FF-ED4B-4667-8CAA-6E32B4…)

No. 921097

File: 1579567556442.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 30B5F7C8-A911-4484-8D87-3B78F5…)

No. 921099

You know if she did commissions based on this theme instead of merch she'd make so much more. But she has to constantly turn everything she thinks of into her ocs.

No. 921113

her self-loathing's kinda sad like she's not ugly. if she took better care of herself and let her hair grow out some more she'd be pretty in a generic white girl way

ot but i absolutely loath that "3 smile" she always draw it's just so crooked

No. 921115

I have never in my life seen someone with such an absolute lack of social filter, self control or foresight.She just can't help but be cringy and gross. It almost feels like she gets off on being gross and weird in public (in front of an stream audience)

No. 921150

Kek how did she manage to give such a lean to a popsicle

No. 921190

Extremely jealous if true. God damn

No. 921239

No one cares whether she’s ugly or not, anon. She tears down other people/things constantly and so it’s no surprise that she’s massively insecure and self-loathing. She needs to stop her habitual lying and procrastinating, and stop making herself the victim just because people are questioning or criticizing her (not in this thread but on her Kickstarter for example).

No. 921319

anon, please. it's Holly.

No. 921321

There's some anons that are really hung up on her physical appearance for some reason
>she's not ugly, I thought she was ugly but she's actually a babe, she's a girl, she should look more feminine, she should take care of herself, she'd be so much prettier if she did
Because being pretty is what matters in the Holly Brown trainwreck, apparently. Holly has numerous mental health issues way more important than her appearance. If she wants to get better, she should start by working on those instead of "growing her hair out to look prettier" Not to mention she had long hair and it looked like a fucking rat's nest (and that one anon that kept sperging about "the curly girl method" or whatever)

No. 921325

It’s like she gave up on her appearance and cares more about her lean art

No. 921357

idk the fact that she's given up on her appearance is telling of her mental illness worsening

No. 921360

What’s with Holly drawing food all the time?

Also, I’m worried about this cycle that Holly put herself into. She’s doing anything but work on her comics… I just don’t understand her thought process on making merchandise for a comic that’s barely even started.

No. 921364

Wow. A couple of threads ago, it was still funny when Holly did this shit, but now… it's just sad. She's got a lot of habits that she needs to break off of and just… take months (even years) away from the internet. She's clearly not doing well. Back then, she got some pretty interesting milk, but now… it's just so stale and bland. It's like when you put milk on a cereal, then realize that there's no actual cereal, and your milk carton says that the expiration was 3 months ago and now you're just sad.
Horrible analogy, I know.

No. 921368

I feel the same way.

No. 921403

File: 1579638361221.jpg (628.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200122-072639_Ins…)

Holly is live on IG freaking out. Apparently her YouTube was hacked?

No. 921404

she's currently live on instagram, apparently someone has hacked her youtube account and she's locked out lmao

No. 921405

hacked? she has no audience anymore, who would care about hacking her?

No. 921409

Knew this was gonna happen. It was probably the 'sponsor' who dropped her a couple of days ago.

No. 921411

When had she NOT given up on her appearance?

No. 921412

File: 1579638732746.jpg (934.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200122-073257_Ins…)

"hacked" meaning someone guessed/bruteforced her password and deleted her channel. dunno why anyone would care enough to do that, but…

No. 921414

Called it two days ago. There is a bot going around pretending to be a sponsor and making youtubers download a stupid program that collects password info. Holly unfortunately didn't do her research and blindly downloaded it I guess.

No. 921420

bullet not dodged lol

No. 921424

I assumed they would just ignore Holly because of how dead her channel is now but I guess I was wrong. I kinda feel bad for her tbh. If she is smart she'll make sure other stuff wasn't compromised as well…

No. 921435

Do you know anyone else who got fucked by the bot? I didn't hear aboit this at all

No. 921437

damn lol, since she barely realized that one "employer" was a scam this is most likely true then. she would never admit to being dumb enough to download that if she realizes it's the cause, so we might not ever know if she really fell for that lol.

if it's a bot it doesn't care about channel size, it just deletes what ever it has access to. maybe this will at least teach her not to be a dumbass anymore and look shit up. i hope she realizes she needs to change her passwords now cus she definitely only uses one everywhere.

No. 921438

No one I watch but SomeOrdinaryGamers did a video on it I think.

No. 921440

No. 921455

No. 921468

The text and perspective on that chocolate bar makes me want to scream.

No. 921469

Can't she upload videos on this channel?

No. 921474

File: 1579645117093.png (31.28 KB, 852x399, Holly Brown hacked.png)

There's this weird Russian text on her YouTube description, Google translates it as "And no one knew what Rabbit thought about this, because Rabbit was very well-mannered."

No. 921481

That's from Winnie the Pooh

No. 921482

File: 1579645941483.jpg (31.58 KB, 400x492, 869.jpg)

It's a quote from the soviet winnie the pooh cartoon. Pic related.

No. 921483

kinda creepy. is she about to be turned into a kids channel?

No. 921546

wait, wasn't her channel deleted? is she pulling a stunt, or the hacker?

No. 921556

The Russian makes me doubt it's a stunt by her.

No. 921559

her channel isn't deleted, she never said that, an anon did. the hacker transferred ownership of her channel to themself.

No. 921561

This is very interesting.

No. 921582

Maybe it's the perfect time to go back to her dead account. What makes a differences?

No. 921593

You can swap ownership of channels to totally new google accounts without any sort of ID verification? How terribly insecure. Not that youtube surprises me much anymore.

No. 921672

You mean the one she lost the info for apparently and locked herself out of it? She never bothered to figure it out and fight for it which is why she went and made a new one.

Tbh, this is going to make her even more irrelevant than before if she can’t get that account back and it’s her own damn fault.

No. 921678

I think some anons are confused. Her old channel, the dead one, holly said a whike back that she forgot the password and cant access it. The one that was hacked is the new channel

No. 921683

throwing my bet into the ring, she isn't gonna try and get her channel back and is gonna try to switch over to tik tok. I can totally see her attempting to be the "gremlin kinda gross tiktoker who is kinda funny" (like FeralBastard) and pulling in a whole new audience of kids that way

No. 921713

Wait so she lost her best account because she wasn't responsible for remembering her passwords. facepalm

No. 921761

File: 1579689678201.jpg (197.49 KB, 1080x880, Screenshot_20200122-213248_Ins…)

Don't know how you manage to get locked out of your biggest channel that you had for years because you "forgot" the password but yeah. Even funnier that she didn't even try to contact YouTube about it.

No. 921772

Top left. Looks light she’s doing training courses for Hugh’s Net. Let’s see how long that lasts

No. 921811

File: 1579701854115.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, F4A57B48-593F-4638-ABE4-3C42C7…)

No. 921818

I am not surprised their cat is sick because on how they lived, horrid conditions

No. 921823

Can't she retrieve that one tho? She still has ownership of it, what's the problem?

No. 921825

File: 1579705213860.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, E7F09962-B745-44F4-B7A7-F3828B…)

She can afford anything for her hobby art and can’t afford a decent cat carrier oh god

No. 921833

jesus there's barely a hole in that for air, couldn't she get anything better if she is too cheap to buy a carrier? poor cat.

No. 921834

I am 100% sure he ate something from the floor and now he is sick.

No. 921835

jeez holly punch a few more holes for him. i do hope nothing's like seriously wrong with him

No. 921836

if anything, this can be Holly's chance to get away from the internet and focus on something else for a change

No. 921842

Poor kitty. I hope they have money set aside for vet bills, I doubt they have pet insurance.

Emergency commissions in 3,2,1…

No. 921850

File: 1579710269882.jpg (960.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20.jpg)

No. 921855

at about 2:50 in the 11 hour long stream, Holly reveals her fantasies of Cannibalism.

Holly dreams about literally eating human meat…. and thinks everyone does that.

No. 921857

Powerleveling/personal shit
My cat died from this! spent $4000 (it was for a new furnace lol) in savings trying to fix my little guy. He passed away the third day at the emergency-vet. Urinary disease is no joke in cats and affects 1 in 3 male cats. They often die from it.

It's not looking good for this little kitty. maybe she'll get lucky and can get him on some pills but could holly afford them? could she even move her lazy ass to even give him the pills everyday?

Holly needs to put her cats on a better diet.

No. 921861

Does she even still have money at this point? Or if she does, is she willing to spend thousands for her cat?
Idk, maybe she would since she doesn't hate her cats as much as their dog.

No. 921863


Watch her start a GoFundMe for her cat but the money goes to her personal spending on junk as her cat is dying.

No. 921866

Geez, this is actually upsetting. I hope she manages to get her cat some help, that poor thing (the cat). It sucks to think she would've had the money (or at least, some of it) had she kept to her jobs or consistently been doing commissions in a timely manner. But, even the money she did make, she'd blow immediately rather than save it.

No. 921868

One second she's laughing about cats dying and wishing death on her dog, the other she's posting multiple stories of her ill cat acting concerned. Are we supposed to believe that she actually cares about him and isn't just posting those for pity points/ hopefully some pity donations as well?
>idk this is the worst timing for something like this idk idk
When would a GOOD time for your cat to die be, Holly? She really needs to get some perspective and she should never, ever get another pet. She can't even be responsible for herself, let alone a pet.

No. 921878

Her cat is a scapegoat for her problems online and want people to feel sorry for her

No. 921882

the image says he couldn’t get in the carrier, so she used a box instead. Not saying the box was a swell idea (and a lot of cat carriers have detachable tops), but she does indicate that she does indeed own a carrier.

No. 921885

the cat's probably in a lot of pain and won't go into a carrier so they just… picked it up and put it into a box. that's one pathetic airhole

No. 921908

It’s extremely sad that this is happening to the poor cat but I have no doubt Holly was sitting at the vet thinking how inconvenient this was TO HER and it’s interfering with her drawing time. She’s bitched about both her dog and cats in the past and wished they’d “just die already”. I hate to say it, but she might actually get her wish. She should never be around animals…

No. 921910

Oh my god that poor cat looks like it's suffering so much. Holly for once just stop being selfish and show some compassion.

Also, what does she mean this is the worst timing for this? She literally has no job, no school, not working on her comic anyway? She bitches so much about things 'wasting' her time but that's exactly what she does to herself

No. 921912

Tbh if you have the account set to "remember password" you can easily end up forgetting it, but it is odd that she never tried to change the password or get the account back

No. 921932

she's never said she wished her cats would die. why do people on here just make shit up? she loves her cats. she has said she is waiting for the dog to die as it sits around and wheezes in between peeing on all her stuff.

>>921833 too the picture literally says he couldn't get in the carrier. these threads are pointless if everyone in them lies and exaggerates so just stop.

No. 921934

i do wonder if she really didn't even try the "forgot your password?" option every website has. maybe youtube went down or something while she was trying that and she didn't bother trying later or to contact them through email?

calm your tits, i thought she meant the carrier was too small and couldn't be bothered to buy a new one. this isn't a good solution at all, the cat can't even sit up and there are barely any air holes.

No. 921937

A cat can't sit up in a normal cat carrier and it's probably under 20 mins drive to the vet that it has to sit in there. when there's a medical emergency you do what has to be done to get from point a to b.

No. 921951

>someone made one single fact up on an imageboard dedicated to shitting on people
>only solution: lose your shit over it like it concerns you personally
I wonder how you've survived on the internet this long, anon

No. 921960

They have a point. Getting information wrong is one thing, but intentionally exaggerating and/or spreading information that isn't backed by evidence causes the thread to turn to discussion and speculation over something that may have not even happened, rather than discussion of actual milk and events.

No. 921962

Holly does love her cats, but she approaches everything with a careless and abrasive attitude, so I can understand why some people are skeptical

No. 921964

>why do people on here just make shit up?
Honey, you got a big storm comin' if this is the first time you're seeing people lie/ make shit up online lmaaaoooo, let alone on lolcow of all places

>spreading information that isn't backed by evidence
Noone's writing an academic paper on Holly, and you're kidding yourself if you're only expecting "actual milk and events" all the time. LC is about shittalking more than anything.

No. 921965

This is why you should write down your passwords somewhere

No. 921973

But anon, that’s mere seconds that could be better spent sketching merch of OCs no one will buy! /s
Holly apparently didn’t consider it a high enough priority which is why she keeps sabotaging herself.

Seriously this. Sometimes I wonder why a few anons here seem so personally invested in what Holly does or how she’s perceived online. And on lolcow of all places.

No. 921975

sorry if this is off topic, but i think these people are bound to crop up with smaller cows who have less milk to offer. they obsess over little details and "getting things right".

No. 921981

I'm not personally invested in how holly is perceived online, nor am I here to defend her honor. I just like reading the threads but when nothing is true and it's a game of telephone among people who can't read what's the point?

it's like if you were watching a tv show and wanted to go online to read discussions about it but all the people in the forum had the show on in the background while they played on their phone and made dinner and so they just make up what happened. and act like you're a sperg for pointing out nothing they said was true.

i'm repeating myself at this point so I'm not going to post about this anymore but I wish some anons here would go write their fanfic somewhere else.

No. 921985

>I'm not here to defend Holly or sperg
OK turbo autist

No. 922018

File: 1579733255421.png (347.54 KB, 624x443, picture 2020-01-22 at 4.46.02 …)

these things were SO close to being cute if not a little bland but the 2nd expression on them just ruin them (especially princess like she's supposed to be anxious but the tiny pupil look doesn't work)

No. 922024

all of them look so wonky

No. 922028

omg Holly.. Please for the love of god STOP drawing the creepy cat face on your characters. It is not cute.

No. 922029

What even is that shoulder line? I'm getting Michael Jackson flashbacks.

No. 922030

Does the font on the back of the box go around her foot?

No. 922032

Lean art is her personal best

No. 922033

Anon for the love of god, type sage in the email field.

No. 922043

File: 1579735266550.png (2.55 MB, 1800x1633, 86B2C344-40BD-4E08-ABDE-62AB4F…)

As much as she complained that she didn’t have a twitter account to bitch at YouTube from (she says she didn’t have clout and it’s probably because she blocked everyone who tried to give advice on her posts) she still has one. So she went ahead and made another that isn’t protected atm. We’ll see how long that lasts because she’s incredibly insecure on that site.
I remember her constantly deleting her posts every few days. This won’t last long.

No. 922051

Nah I get what you're saying. Holly's pretty awful but I can't honestly say she hates her cats, for example. That's a reach.

No. 922053

Whats with all these anons not saging?

Type "sage" in the email field unless its actual new milk.

No. 922065


She's live on Insta rn

No. 922070

File: 1579738284271.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200123-010615.png)

she is showing her ugly ass chibi drawings and keeps on laughing very awkwardly. also said she is thinking of changing her username if she can't get her account back.

No. 922073

>was live
>23h ago

please sage

No. 922074

File: 1579738673426.png (794.67 KB, 468x827, sdf.PNG)

No. 922076

File: 1579738870077.png (16.26 KB, 611x131, hhggn.PNG)

No. 922099

What savings? lol

No. 922142

>anons trying to shit on holly for her cat falling seriously ill
come on. don't turn someone's misfortune into their stupidity or heedlessness just because sympathy doesn't fit the board mood. you don't have to post

No. 922159

They don't need to sage as long as it's milk (it's not even that old). It's not like everyone here follows Holly on all her accounts jfc.
I don't understand. When you think that she would be good at drawing something that has a(n intentional) lean, she'd be better at it since all her art has an unintentional lean on it. But nope. It still looks wonky asf. Did she even used guidelines for this.

No. 922205

im sorry about your baby boy anon, my cat died from the same thing.

No. 922225

What bothers me the most here is her constant mentions of her savings. When a pet is seriously ill having your savings be drained shouldn't be something you immediately complain about. Wouldn't you just be happy that you cat is alive and being taken care of? It comes across as selfish and uncaring, like she has to mention it on EVERY update.

No. 922237

fuck off sanctimonious ghoul anon with this pathetic reach
>W-wouldn't you just be happy that you cat is alive and being taken care of?
this is so smarmy you've lowered yourself beneath the cow at this point

No. 922249

Seconding this. Worrying about an unexpected medical bill, which can run into the thousands, is not the same as her whining because she impulsively spent money on a product that she's either bored or disappointed with. Just because she's not reacting the way YOU would doesn't make her feelings invalid.

No. 922288

No. 922317


So now she’s saying her old account was hacked too and she just didn’t bother to follow through with contacting support? Jesus Holly… Being locked out due to forgetting a password is one thing but not learning the first time around from that experience to beef up security on a new account is just lazy.

No. 922334

NTA Wait up, I'm confused. Isn't the entire point of savings to be able to cover unexpected costs like this emergency? It's Holly, what was she saving up for that's more important than an actual living creature she's responsible for? Probably another harebrained business scheme like the laser cutter if you ask me, or another binge "Let's buy x art supply, rave about it for a week, then promptly resell everything and act like I never liked it in the first place"

No. 922341

If you go back in the old threads she does mention it was hacked. I was actually confused she said it was the password thing because she had previously said she'd been hacked and locked out.

No. 922342

Honestly I get that Holly is upset and this is very sad but why does her family own three animals if one vet emergency is this costly for their budget? People should only have animals they can actually afford.

No. 922346

She was probably saving money to move out, she's been talking about it for ages now

No. 922369

I mean she should be glad her cat is okay, but no one is happy about EMERGENCY expenses

No. 922441

They have more than three pets:
They have the dog, and I’m pretty sure they have at least three cats, but I think it might actually be four. There were cats in previous vlogs we never got to see because they enjoy being with Holly’s mom better.
So far I think we have constantly seen shadow, Casper, expresso (writing that x pains me) and I think she mentioned another cat in that latest video.

No. 922464

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that loool, probably because it's never gonna happen

No. 922493

I wonder if Holly has ever considered a veterinary related profession

No. 922510

I think both accounts are real, but she just wanted a BS account for probably memeing and complaining especially since she also recently said she might change her username on YT as well.
Maybe getting ready for a "rebranding?"

No. 922514

she did say when she was live on insta that she was thinking of changing her user. why her shitty "gamer tag" though lol.

No. 922518

She better not. Her immense amusement at her sisters cat breaking it's neck and that one she said someone microwaved makes me think that's not the job for her.

No. 922520

man i love the people shes following. I know some of those small artists she kinda shat on a few years ago.

No. 922540

Oh god, I forgot about that… never mind

No. 922578

Jesus fuck no. The only animals she gives a shit about are her cats (somewhat). She couldn't even care less about the other animals in their house.

No. 923039

I honestly wouldn't be surprised, her doing a whole rebranding to a pseudonym like a gamertag is a smart move on her part for once

No. 923138

That thumbnail just made me realize she looks quite a bit like a brunette Alfred E. Neuman. It's the way she carries her expressions, I think.

No. 923713

File: 1579979022515.jpeg (225.22 KB, 750x1334, 44E42FCA-FA3D-4728-9889-E08264…)

No. 923727

those short arms and shoulders. her characters never look like they have some gravity onto them

No. 923740

>"will only need help if bill is over 1000"
just outed her approx. savings right there, but who's gonna bet the bill is mysteriously going to be way higher than that and there's a gofundme incoming?

No. 923755

ANOTHER new job???

Which one is this one? Is this one she previously mentioned or is it yet another one she claims to have gained?

No. 923765

I think that's the one she was supposedly in training for.

No. 923791

There you go, anons who were worried about "unexpected medical bills in the thousands" Barely even ONE thousand, and she spent at least triple that amount on that fucking laser of hers that is collecting dust in a corner right now (unless she managed to sell it)

No. 923805

it's already been confirmed she sold it after san japan

No. 923806

File: 1579995687012.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, FE9C6079-5674-43D0-804A-23D4EB…)

No. 923810

I’m still surprised with how hard she has avoided working on paranormal plague. She’s constantly drawing her characters and making merch for them and yet she only has 10 pages of the comic posted. This is the same comic she talked all last year about how excited she was to finally be able to focus solely on it.

No. 923811

Iirc she said she would post a big pp dump in january. we have yet to see it

No. 923837

>There you go,
fuck off?
>the worst case did not eventuate so distress was invalid
you are really a terrible person

No. 923840

No. 923847

dind she said PP would be ready by February? lmao

No. 923865

Triggered much? We're all terrible dude, this is Lolcow

No. 923869

they were talking in general, why are you taking it personally lmao

No. 923878

>There you go, anons who were worried about "unexpected medical bills in the thousands"
because they addressed it directly to me, moron
and speak for yourself.

No. 923879

Get your shit together, anon, no hate allowed on lotsoflovecow!

No. 923885

You lost your way to your hugbox, we get it already, no1curr

No. 923969

She probably just has no motivation to draw all the “uninteresting filler” (i.e. plot) necessary to get to the “good stuff” (i.e. smut) that she actually wants to draw. It’s like she wants her characters to have the popularity and marketability of those from good shows like BnHA and FMAB with all the effort of making DA OC character sheet.

No. 924067

i dont't get how these baiting idiots still come up in this thread, just report and don't give them more attention

No. 924087

File: 1580050881292.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, ED04AA5C-D8DE-41B1-914D-7422CA…)

She’s not even through a whole book and making new characters that look like Scooby Doo rip offs

No. 924091

Her lines are so scratchy it hurts. Also what the fuck is top left guy's expression meant to be?

No. 924096

Damn those are some stuff ass necks, thought she had taken figure drawing classes before?!? / /

No. 924108

Hershel - Latino Lite Fred
Princess - Velma
Ash - Raunchy Dafnee
Reese - Instead of a stoner Shaggy's a whore

No. 924111

Holly "the grass is greener on the other side" Brown, promises that her future projects will be cool as hell and she's going to work super hard on them and every comic will be 112 volumes each but when it's time to work on them (deflated balloon noise)

No. 924114

Lolz and its true tho though anon I expected PP to be updating thru January before it died off. Holly was really just stalling when she said she was making a backlog of pages, wasn’t she?

No. 924118

I swear to god what she needs to do is stop drawing her characters without sketching the skeleton of their body shape and pose first, she doesn't go into detail AFTER sketching the base but she goes in with the detail from the top to bottom from scratch. Thats why everything looks so fucking wonky

No. 924124

You mean Daphne?

No. 924170

Literally who cares.

No. 924246

You know how people are tone deaf and should never sing?
Holly is the artist equivalent to tone deaf.

No matter how much she draws, does studies, or claim she figure draws—her skill level and style will always look grotesque. Kinda sad really, and an incredible talent at the same time.

No. 924255

nah anon, with enough practice and effort anyone can be good at art, holly just never practices and doesn't know how to use references. she literally never gives any effort.

No. 924269

agreed. imo the art equivalent of tone deaf is like the people who say "i can barely draw a stick figure!" as adults and you can tell they can't even look at a reference and draw something even close to similar.
holly is more of the type who was once good for her age (as a kid) and often praised so she unconsciously believes that she shouldn't have to practice and do boring things because she's so ~naturally talented~ and then ironically falls behind all her peers. i see it all the time and i think the main issues are arrogance and laziness.

No. 924284

File: 1580080622821.jpeg (594.48 KB, 1242x946, 712B0645-24F4-4673-A1CF-0D0E8C…)

I thought it was against Twitch’s tos to stream shows?

No. 924286

damn she is still doing it? i'd have thought she would have been caught by now.

No. 924287

this is just a personal opinion but i prefer the scratchy lines. her inks just suck out any movement and life the sketch might have had. but why is she so goddamn allergic to introducing her characters through her actual story and not random merch or sketches?

No. 924301

Why doesn't Holly just admit she wants to draw crappy porn? I'm sure her fans would eat it up anyway

For me it's hard to tell if the scratchy lines are done intentionally or just remnants of the original sketch

No. 924435

some artist are so good they don't need any guide lines when drawing a face or body…however

Holly thinks she is just SOOO good that she can forgo this step. I'm going to guess it's because her visual library is so weak she doesn't have anything to build upon in her mind while drawing.

She doesn't leave her cave, er I mean room unless for work, right? does holly ever brag about life drawing? or is she just 'too cool' to be sitting and drawing people out in public?

No. 924444

Well she did try to do only porn once and everyone on here made fun of it and then she just stopped doing it. There were so many anatomically incorrect gems during that small period of time I’m kinda sad she stopped lol

No. 924464

Now that the porn topic came in, since Clever Kitchen is back, do any of you think that Chroma Prince may come back too? I don't really believe that Holly would stop drawing porn, but at the same time we all know how the last one was and its reception.

No. 924469

I don't think she'll ever make the full switch to porn or bring back Chroma Prince, but I wouldn't put it past her to redraw Seize or other Reese/Hersc mini comics

No. 924489

the infamous backwards dicks and Trust Trust. i don't think she's ever even drawn a vagina.

No. 924519

The designs of those black guys remind me of that Hamilton animatic that she was working on and, not surprisingly, never finished

No. 924569

I wouldn't put it past her to draw porn of Clever Kitchen.

No. 924815

The drawing of her princess looks like she’s begging for help lol

No. 924825

Well yeah anon why would she unless it’s her own or a self inserts vag, besides she’s not into women anyway lol

No. 925384

File: 1580298587658.png (406.03 KB, 640x1136, DB329D95-4EF0-4E9A-BA7A-EE3882…)

She finished the grid thing. Not only is it wonky as always but theres such a big distinction between the original characters and the new ones she created. Its not blending well together at all

No. 925395

File: 1580303104287.png (732.77 KB, 750x1334, B34C67C6-D27F-49EE-82BC-B47D69…)

Is his arm a literal sheet of paper ? His torso is turned straight ahead and somehow his am which she portrayed as very muscular and thick is supposed to go outside the frame and straight down, if she would even have any logical thinking, she would turn him a little bit sideways so he can go out and down. Now this is how flat her art is because she has no consciousness of space or anatomy.

No. 925421

Wow imagine going to two different art schools and spending so much money and time, only for your art to still look shitty.

No. 925437

Wonky grid lines because she claims she doesn’t believe in there because it’s math(laughable) and extremely wonky eyes

No. 925440

File: 1580313807944.png (266.97 KB, 750x1334, A5290F77-01AF-4CCE-BA19-21190B…)

When you have no clue about character posing lol she’s dried up

No. 925469

The paw hands though

No. 925475

Why does it look like Reese is about to start twerking?

No. 925487

They don't look anything like a couple its weird, they look more like awkward friends rather than the main focus romantic relationship. Like I know at this point in time in the comic they haven't even met but when I see drawings like this I just don't see them as a potential couple

No. 925518


No. 925519

My expectations for Holly are so low that I'm lowkey intrigued by this, it's wonky af and basic (a donut eating cop? Wow, that's so fresh) but every sketch has "character" at the very least

No. 925556

his hair is puzzling. is it supposed to be like an afro kind of texture but… half straightened because the hair before the ponytail looks silky smooth? lazy.

No. 925559

It’s like she gave up giving that guys hair texture half way through, classic holly giving up half way on her drawing

No. 925564

Yeah it's weird why is it so straight and then so textured. She really seems to have only two or three ways to draw hair which just shows she can only symbol draw. Also the way she drew his hair in the back looks like tree branches lol

No. 925592

Right, I literally thought he was standing in front of a tree lol

Tbh though, I am interested despite the crap art. I think because Holly's been talking about and drawing these characters for years and only now is it actually starting

No. 925604

I'm interested to see how the story will go too, if she ever decides to update the comic

No. 925621

holly you stupid faggot why don't you make herschel's head stamp at this point?
i am so sick of seeing the same exact drawing, each fucking line rote memorized

No. 925629

Right! She just draws the same angle over and over again!! Someone please make a splash page of Hershel with the same head angle from her previous drawings

No. 925646

Same anon I think this is better than her usual stuff, her character designs aren’t bad imo just her art style and lack of 3 dimensional it’s to her drawings. Nothing can excuse the grid lines that don’t line up though..

No. 925650

she is still using photoshop, right? she should have no problems lining up anything with it, since that has those guide lines. was she too lazy to turn those on?

No. 925671

She DID stamps for his head to “use as a base”, she even made a video of it.

No. 925688

If you look at most people with afro kinky-curly hair pulled back into a ponytail the tightened hair will be smooth (especially since most people will use product to smooth the top hairs further) So I cant really blame her for that part. The front curl not being the same texture is weird though.

The google image search for afro puffs is proof enough of that.

This doesnt stop her attempt of drawing poofy-curly hair from being trash though

No. 925717

Why is Princess in the middle? And she's also extending out onto the other squares, so it makes her seem like the main character.

I would think Ash, Hersh and Reese would be in the middle row

No. 925726

I was wondering the same thing, shouldn't Herschel and Princess swap places? Why is Herschel, who's the MC afaik, literally sidelined?

No. 925735

Yeah Hershel should be in the middle, with Ash and Reese on each side of him since they're basically the same character and both his lover or something

No. 925792

She doesn’t even think about human anatomy when drawing shit poses, for example no human will squat and have a straight posture while squatting . And don’t get me started on the legs.

No. 925818

She really needs to stop worrying about whether she should do shit in color or not. All the flip flopping is just another avoidance technique.

No. 925847

It looked like Herschel was trying to hold his shit in while Reese is a fucking look-out.
All of her characters looked scared, constipated, confused, or all three. The dog even looks like it doesn't wanna be there.

No. 925861

The way Reese is standing and the way she drew those stiff legs really hurts my Brian lol

No. 925933

The sleeping Herschel is giving me flashbacks to Seize. Sucks for her story if anyone was actually interested in it at this point because I see Reese and Herschel and immediately think about their fucking rape comic. Really takes me right out of the main comic quickly.

No. 926004

Why is the left fist bigger than the right one?

No. 926151


Damn, could you anons please start saging? Just type “sage” in the email field, it’s not hard, jfc

No. 926179

I know Princess is supposed to be like an 'uwu anxious' character but why is she crying?

also look at Reece's short fingers lol

No. 926208

Eww I didn't even notice her crying but now that I see it, it just looks like eye boogers

No. 926225

Holy shit. I just noticed. The 'Ns' near the top of Herschel's hair are actually 'Zs'. Wtf.
If she'd ever make this a print, I'll buy it. Such a perfect decoration for Halloween. I bet that if kids would come knocking at your door and see this, they'd be screaming bloody murder.

No. 926278

File: 1580478685500.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 9C88489B-B8E0-4949-A738-D1DF6E…)

Here we go again more distractions

No. 926289

lmao is this Harry Potter? she's really doing the most to avoid drawing pp huh

No. 926294


No. 926301

Damn look at those paw hands

No. 926304

perfect sign of a fake 'pro artist' is the spot-blacking Xs. That's only something you need to do if you're having someone else fill in the blacks for you or if you're doing just the lines for an entire comic chapter and then you're going back through filling them in later for a deadline and dont want to forget a spot under crunchtime

No. 926308

Does she really need to mark a X on where she’s going to be colouring in black, it’s like colour by numbers seriously

No. 926335

Haha me too anon I thought I was the only one that read the Zs as Ns. I think Holly’s a little dyslexic.. along with her mania, depression, and lack of focus lmao

No. 926338

Holly please just work on your comic that you hyped up all last year.

No. 926345

Shoulder doesn’t line up to the raised arm. Also that hand holding the wand. Come on Holls

No. 926371

Try doing Harry’s hand pose, hella hurts like hell lol

No. 926374

You need to sage your post if you’re not posting any Holly Brown milk. You’re embarrassing yourself.

No. 926381

you should give up anon, they are not going to learn lol

No. 926487

If Harry's on the right, then who's the guy on the left?
Also. She forgot Harry's scar. How can any true Potterhead forget about it lol.

No. 926490

Might be James Potter and Sirius Black? at least that's what I figured when I saw the dude with the ponytail, probably bullying Snape or something

No. 926578

When has Holly even claimed to be a "true Potterhead"? That's right, she hasn't

No. 926607

Harry Potter seems like something she would hate just because it's popular, I'm surprised to see her doing fanart of it.

No. 926647

Yeah I figured they're James and Sirius. I think Holly would like Snape.

No. 926695

Holly is actually a pretty big Harry Potter fan and has criticized the covers in the past saying she hated them so she attempted ro redo them.

No. 926698

Dang I genuinely like this painting. Yeah it's bad but it has so much heart in it compared to anything she does now. I've always liked her painting style, too bad she'd rather do her trash bag inks instead.

No. 926699

of course lmao. holly cant like anything without putting someone down

No. 926729

Wow… the difference in her art now compared to a few years ago is staggering. Even if the anatomy looks wonky, you could actually see that she put /some/ effort into it, unlike the art she does now.

No. 926737

This sucks just as bad anons lmao why is he pointing at the letter with his finger and the wand, it’s completely redundant and silly looking

No. 926739

Yeah i agree more with you anon, this was back in hollys jaw phase and the paw hands are strong with this one

No. 926765

Why do I feel like this is just another
>I can do this so much better than everyone else
rather than
>I genuinely like this thing

No. 926811

Because that’s likely exactly what this is.

Before she added the letter I assumed he was holding the finger out for the owl to perch on (though they should perch on your forearm) but with the letter I have no idea. The only thing I like about the painting is the warmth of the colors, but even then everything looks weirdly muddy to me also.

No. 926815

Because it is. In older threads there’s evidence that Holly redrew Baylees drawing of Jack Frost as a prince because Holly was convinced she could do a better job ghan Baylee and didn’t like Baylees ink work.

No. 926854

Sage for nothing to add really, but I found someone’s copy of the original printing of Purgatory in a used book store (with a print inside it). I can’t help but wonder if one of her fans couldn’t stand to look at it anymore.

No. 927020

File: 1580624952405.jpeg (680.51 KB, 1125x1526, 1E0AFF50-D530-4ABE-8E3F-58055A…)

The finished result. She really just spent the past day working on this huh

No. 927021

File: 1580625041588.jpeg (299.98 KB, 1125x1098, 163F4CCB-148E-4C8A-89DE-281D48…)

second drawing she posted with the Harry Potter one. The anatomy is so wack kek

No. 927025

Harry Potter and the Chemical Romance

No. 927028

File: 1580626006495.jpeg (61.6 KB, 1024x659, 035BC53A-E418-4D3B-A654-C008CD…)

I’m no wizard potterfag but is this really how you hold a wand

No. 927031

everything about this image hurts me, the short arms, weird expressions, the huge satchel strap and weird knee length boots on James? Sirius' hair and terrible half open shirt? they're basically floating in space on an mspaint background? I hate Harry Potter and marauder fans in particular, but jesus christ this literally can't get any worse

No. 927037

Never mind how he’s holding it, isn’t that hand straight up missing a finger???

No. 927038

This is so ridiculously bad LMFAO!!! I don't know where to begin with this shit!

No. 927041

I’ll give the ones that jump out to me first:

>Light source where

>”Floating” characters

No. 927043


It is if you love dropping wands.

Maybe I'm overanalyzing, but it creeps me out a tiny bit that Holly prefers the Marauders era (in which the protagonists can be a bit sadistic,) and choses a bullying scene to draw as soon as she gets back into HP. Not trying to come for Marauderfags at all– this is about Holly with her rape fantasies.

No. 927054

ngl i always thought Holly would be a Snape apologist

you should have taken a photo of it

No. 927066

anything to avoid paraplague. when did she say she'd post a page dump again? oh yeah, JANUARY.

No. 927081

Im seriously so embarrassed for her I would never think about posting this. The anatomy is wack as fuck, actually about everything looks fucking wack.

Also did she finally send out the kickstarters?? Ive seen a person ask about her order or reward on her livestream and Holly just flat out ignored it.

No. 927093

File: 1580641588017.png (5.03 KB, 763x143, Unbenannt.png)

I doubt it, the last comment was made 4 days ago

Not to mention her last actual update was in freaking october

No. 927106

No wand in the HP universe is /that/ short. Also. Look at that "shading". Where is the light source. Why is there light inside the cloak. Whut.
I never knew Snape was an amputee. Apparently, he doesn't have feet.
Her faces are so long, and yet it looks so crowded. How.

No. 927115

she draws a lot of useless lines. she couldn't even keep the entire face facing the same way, the nose seems to be 3/4 angle, the mouth is trying to be and failing, and the eyes are looking straight cus she can't draw eyes at a 3/4 angle, but keeps doing that angle anyway. how does she have the art of a teenager who hasn't learnt fundamentals and has been drawing for this long?

No. 927177

Most marauders fans enjoy the 1970s aesthetic of it all but I see she included nothing of that in her work. So you’re probably right anon. To most of us the bullying shit was played out and we wished for different flashbacks to be put in the movies but it never happened, we pretty much got the one bully scene and now every dumbass that got bullied in middle school is a marauders stan

No. 927219

I should have bought it because 1. I’m incredibly interested in minor internet train wrecks 2. it would amuse me to no end to own a “Kickstarter exclusive” book when some people who actually backed the thing don’t even have it yet and 3. it was $2.50

I wonder if it’ll be there when I go back lol

No. 927225


Please buy it, and report back if there's anything new in there! For example, sorry if I forgot, but what was this print included with the book?

No. 927227

do it anon, owning a cow artifact sounds like a fun thing. and by buying from there the money isn't going to holly either.

No. 927234

Lets face it, she probably ships James with Snape

No. 927262

File: 1580660576372.jpeg (252.33 KB, 680x986, 70830BD4-7FA7-401B-A9AE-3FDEC2…)

It was the version of the book on the top, here.

No. 927265


AYRT. Was thinking the exact same thing, or else that she ships Sirius and Snape. The latter especially squicks me out, because Sirius is written as being particularly culpable in the plot to trap Snape with Remus-as-werewolf.


Exactly. Nothing wrong with Marauders era fans. For that matter, I wouldn't even particularly care if some rando shipped Snape and Sirius (not that I know for a fact that she does.) It's just that it's Holly, and I can already see the trust trust.


My bad, I thought you meant a print like a poster of sorts. It does sound like an interesting purchase though.

(Yes, I've been posting a lot this weekend.)

No. 927269

File: 1580660814536.jpeg (272.57 KB, 680x1138, ECDF9BA2-DB56-4412-BEC6-05F34B…)

Wow, sorry, I can’t fucking read. The print was a copy of the full cover art. You can see a version of it in this picture from the old Kickstarter, but that was for the $500 “get the original art” tier. The print itself was a little smaller than the book.

No. 927320

I don't see why anyone who doesn't know holly would buy it, especially if it's volume 2

No. 927322

Im thinking james x snape because she can write the yaoi fanfiction that they both thought they liked Lilly, fought over her, just to realize they liked each other instead. The usual garbage she’d write

No. 927340

Jfc Holly what is wrong with you

No. 927487

You mean Holly will probably turn wizard schoolboy bullying into another yaoi rape fantasy of hers?

No. 927740

Snape: "Well actually I liked being hung upside down, I have a humiliation fetish, I could have broken free anytime"

No. 927954

I imagine she ships Snape and Harry because Harry reminds him of his dead mom or something, like in purgatory

No. 928014

to be fair this

"А что подумал по этому поводу Кролик, никто так и не узнал, потому что Кролик был очень воспитанный."

is really funny. whoever posted this in the 'about me' section of Holly Brown's account is good at trolling.

No. 928055

Oh my GOD I had forgotten about that shit, you're 100% right

No. 928062

can you translate that for us anon? im not sure google translate is giving me the right results.

No. 928074

Not the anon but:

"And no one knew what Rabbit thought about this, because Rabbit was very well-mannered"

As mentioned in an earlier thread it is in reference to an old Winnie the Pooh book.

No. 928093

Actually it's a reference to an old Soviet cartoon adaptation of Winnie the Pooh.

No. 928210

Breaking news, the hacker has posted a patreon exclusive on hollys channel

No. 928212

The second one

No. 928218

wait, what do you mean the "hacker"? this is obviously uploads by holly herself to her pantreon. the second video isn't even viewable for me and the first one requires you to have the link to be able to view it.

No. 928220

She must have had them unlisted on her channel already then? I'm surprised no one leaked them already.

No. 928224

The #2 video is still public on her channel to watch and the #1 was also public for a few minutes, but that one is privated again I see. I assume it's the hacker because Holly doesn't have her channel back yet

No. 928231

the heck, it said it wasn't available because it's private at first, but now i can watch. maybe the dude who got holly's account is turning shit on and off or yt updates takes some time for me.

also i have to speculate, could this be the doing of a farmer, or holly herself pulling a publicity stunt? i doubt at this point this is the same scam the anon talked about before, those dudes just deleted people's channels, this one is fucking around. and i doubt any actual "hacker" cares about cracking up holly's account.

No. 928235

Lol maybe it's an angry Kickstarter backer or Patron who is tired of Holly's shit. It wouldn't surprise me if Holly has failed to keep up with Patreon rewards and content so people just basically paying for nothing

No. 928238

oh yea very possible. it might be the most likely option out of the 3 right now, since they haven't done anything to indicate they are a farmer and i doubt holly knows a quote from a obscure russian rendition of winnie the pooh.

No. 928265

Can’t you create a video upload queue? Maybe the hacker didn’t mean for them to be posted

No. 928330

Her patreon videos are just ramblings like her every video

Btw did she delete her infamous crying stream or was it unlisted?

No. 928369

Whoever this hacker is: You’re doing amazing sweetie

No. 928391

File: 1580880929234.png (46.16 KB, 593x400, 345te.PNG)

No. 928402

File: 1580883540601.jpeg (282.34 KB, 1125x1336, FC5FC18B-A88E-42D6-A7C2-719E43…)

It’s a viscous cycle.

No. 928403

Jesus, both those frames are hideous. Why is she wasting her time on this

No. 928405

Sage for some irrelevant thoughts or whatever but I've been thinking about Holly's recent-ish video on how she's changed her OCs (especially regarding Princess) and how Princess is supposed to have an eating disorder so she's skinny instead of being heavier like her old design even though fat people can and do have EDs/disordered eating.

She wanted ParaPlague to be this commentary on mental health but it's so stereotypical with her sometimes.

It's nothing important but it has been in the back of my mind since I saw the video. I know not to expect anything less from her, considering her ideas on other more sensitive topics.

No. 928415

I think Princess is supposed to have an eating disorder and anxiety, so she made her smol uwu to better portray those characteristics

>>viscous cycle

But yes Holly, you need to learn some focus

No. 928419

I think what's holding Holly back is she really wants PP to be good but she has no idea how to draw figures from her head and that has to be a huge hindrence when drawing something kinda action oriented…I just mean if I was still drawing like a high schooler too hard headed to study anatomy and perspective while trying to draw comics I would be procrastinating too because it would feel overwhelming.

No. 928425

“Updates every Friday” lol

No. 928443

Whoever is in her account is republishing old unlisted videos

No. 928526

I'm starting to think that this is just a weird publicity stunt for her? Uploading her own videos is strange for just a random hacker, so maybe she got her account back after the Mr. Rabbit quote and is running with it?

No. 928538

Idk that seems really weird to do, especially because the one video was from over a year ago, why would she suddenly re list it? And if she was hacked but got her account back I doubt she would just run with it since she used streams as a main way to get commissions

No. 928573

yeah, I guess it would be really. out of character of her. I could see someone smarter using it as a cool live horror/mystery act, but she definitely would be posting and talking shit about YouTube taking so long to get her account back if she had access to it by now

No. 928636

All videos are private and "This channel is not available."
Damn, wanted to see the videos that were unlisted

No. 928687

Was her channel deleted???

No. 928690

Tbh I doubt Holly has big brains to even pull this stunt.

No. 928693

File: 1580956580183.jpeg (192.08 KB, 1125x1232, 95196941-C458-4AAB-A8E9-304DF4…)

No. 928698

No. 928701

No. 928741

another reason you know she just wants to wank to her drawings and not be successful is
>210k subscriber dormant channel
>i forgot the password, oh well

No. 928747

She says that channel got hacked too. So either way she's a fucking dumbass.

No. 928780

File: 1580974426915.png (49.08 KB, 597x361, 352.PNG)

Holly has so many jobs that I can't keep up

No. 928812

Her channel is back up and the russian description is gone now.. I guess she got it back?

No. 928813

That, or the hacker is just messing with the account still.
The question tho, if it really ain't Holly, then who dafuq would spend all their time messing up Holly's acc lmao.

No. 928814

My money's on an angry kickstarter backer

No. 928815

Wait, wasn't she in training for the other job where she would install internet in peoples homes?

No. 928817

twelve year olds that would pay money for purgatory can not hack channels ok

No. 928832

who knows anymore

No. 928856

File: 1581001323519.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 966960DC-6750-4436-B54D-FE64E3…)

Hashtag team hacker

No. 928859

she looks like a grandma

No. 928860

grandma nancy's getting hardcore, flipping the bird like that

No. 928878

Petty, but it bothers me that she doesn’t know how to properly do the block text on instagram. She truly is a grandma

No. 928880


I can't unsee her now… Ok, Boomer Holly.

No. 928931

TIL holly has the same grandma glasses I do. Huh.

No. 928932

Edgy late 2000’s emo teen to mental breakdown shaved celeb to boomer is not what I expected this evolutionary path to take but I’m living for it. Thank god for holly BRown

No. 928981

That lighting is making her hair look grey so y'all aren't wrong lmaaaaaoooo

No. 928988


LOL I'm loving it, true personal growth

At least her hair's growing back, and it looks healthier now

No. 929109

No. 929225

and she's listed her location as Ukraine. Funny thing to do after getting your channel back, unless Holly's actually emigrated to Ukraine?

No. 929231

no one cares about creepshow's videos, she just says what was documented here in the first place.

No. 929233

A bit OT, but is anyone else rolling their eyes at that gofundme for $3,000 that TD has going? WTF?
One, you don't need a computer that expensive for ACTUAL professional work (My roomie did high res BGs for Disney on a $800 desktop, for example.)
Two: why do you need to crowd fund it?! If you're not making the money through your art/business to buy it, why does your business warrant the expense?
Sage for OT malding.

No. 929234

that's twisted disaster.

No. 929235

oop, didn't open the link lmao

No. 929261

She was also literally just gifted an iPad by her family a couple months ago and has been doing commissions on procreate. Isn’t the whole point of getting an iPad so you can use that instead of the computer?

No. 929276

File: 1581088578385.jpeg (341.37 KB, 1125x1028, 81B81A7F-7AB6-41D0-9447-E3B243…)

No. 929298

It clearly shows she doesn’t want to make comics for fun. She just wants money from it and isn’t even getting that anymore. Of course she’s not going to be motivated. Honestly, she either needs to stop making comics or just do it as a hobby. Yet she cannot draw anything without trying to sell it, waste money, and complain when no one buys her trash.

No. 929314


Oh boy another self-challenge that Holly will fail to start.

No. 929316

Half the video dedicated to talking about some minor icon problem of hers lol

No. 929318

$3000 of crowd-funded money for a computer?
what an actual piece of shit lol

No. 929323

Holly Brown's channel got renamed to "REPLAY SUKA"


About me section now changed to

"Хочешь слушать хиты до того, пока о них все узнали? Подписывайся на канал и жми на 🔔"

No. 929324

File: 1581098444550.jpg (159.5 KB, 1445x851, Holly.JPG)

No. 929327

They seem to specialize in pirating music?

No. 929328

"Do you want to listen to hits before everyone knows about them? Subscribe to the channel and click on" is what google translate translates it to. i love all the commenters in the comment section being angry when most likely holly gave out their info so that's why this "hacker" got it lmao. i feel like at this point this might be someone unrelated stealing her channel to get a head start in subscribers or something.

No. 929338

Did holly just sell her channel info to a bot for quick cash?

No. 929340

She’s ranted about the icon in every video since it happened and in all her vlogs. It’s literally such a non-issue. She kept saying “people aren’t gonna know my account is mine!!” Wtf? Wouldn’t all the videos, subscribers, and views clearly show that it is? Any fake account could put up their own icon, so what’s the argument here?

No. 929385

This happened to a few other small YouTubers. You get an email from a fake sponsor who ask you download some software to review but it's just a keylogger that sends back info to the scammer.

No. 929386

OT cuz still about TD but yeah she also gofundme'd her wedding. She's trash.

No. 929392

can someone bite the bullet and just make a TD thread at this point? there's enough milk even if it's old and the thread goes slow, I'd like to have a compendium of all her shit. I would myself but I don't know how

No. 929398

yea, i feel like it's not the exact same guys as mentioned in one video that was posted though, since they were only known to delete channels. this particular hacker might be using the same system.

i know fuck all about this girl but i'm interested. you really just need to go to the top and use the "new thread button" after you wrote the thread post anon.

No. 929411

Geez, I kinda feel bad even if her stupidity invited this. It sucks to see your channel get hijacked by some asshole who can't be bothered to do the initial grind on their own

No. 929418

She looks like Phyllis from The Office.

No. 929441

File: 1581118164522.png (227.54 KB, 640x1136, 4731FC92-DEE7-4166-9BB9-0787A4…)

She mad mad

No. 929456

File: 1581121260216.jpg (223.66 KB, 1080x876, Big mad.jpg)

No. 929496

I want to feel bad but I can't really bring myself to. She should take this as a wake up call that she should go do something with her life and stop leeching off of her mom and subjecting her teenage audience to her poorly done art

No. 929497

Someone should absolutely make a TD thread and link it here

No. 929550

Creepshow made a video ostensibly 'about' Holly's hacked account but it's pointless I won't even link it. She says it got hacked while she spends an eternity drawing winged eyeliner and rambling as she does all of her videos. Then rehashes everything that's happened over the past couple years, which is news to no one. At the end she tells people to go subscribe to Holly's vlog channel to support her even though she spent the while video trashing her.

No. 929561

The only reason I don’t care about creepshow ranting on and on is only due to her being a farmer . But still, she should know from these threads that holly probably deserves it and could benefit from logging off for 5 seconds and not shout her out at least w/e.

No. 929679

Why would you feel bad? She's an idiot. Should have taken better care of her stuff instead of scrambling to make money in any way possible.

No. 929775

No. 929785

Jfc watching creepshow struggle to draw lineart nearly gave me an aneurism.

No. 929803

File: 1581199424415.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x1999, D366552F-F060-4037-8614-B0C037…)

Looks like holly knows how bad her drawing skills are kek

No. 929805

spending $4 at Michael's for shitty miniatures instead of just Google image searching?? also, the fact that's she's at Michael's concerns me, what shitty unnecessary art supply is she getting next?

No. 929831

Buying miniatures is pretty typical for cartoonists, anon. Old school dudes used them for cars, buildings… in his educational books Loomis even recommends you buy dolls to reference from. You can rotate them to whatever degree you need.

No. 929842

New vlog

No. 929854


But it isn't like any of that applies to her, since she doesn't know how to use references. She only knows how to spend money.

No. 929856


Great. Can't wait for the shitty cybersix fan art.

No. 929873

God I just hate her bitchy attitude. I just want to fucking slap her silly and maybe beat some sense into her, though I doubt it'd do anything. At least it'd be satisfying on my end, kek.

No. 929882

The fact that she can't go a single fucking video without talking about money drives me insane. We get it Holly, it's all you care about.

No. 929893


Knowing what we know of Holly she'll get turned on from it.

No. 929896

what i don’t get is that tracing a reference (for free) on the internet helps a lot with understanding the shapes in different angles and helps down the line. She’s gonna have to remember the way she’s holding that stupid 5 dollar piece of traSh and i’m sure it’s gonna look the fucking same.

i get going to stores to maybe relax if you’re panicked or anxious or just to be around people for a few seconds but you know what would be better holly getting a part time job,

No. 929940

So much for creepshow calling her out for her KS lol. Shannon is so full of shit.

No. 929943


Makes sense that she would use this method. I wonder if that's why her car exteriors are better than other objects?

No. 929954

Ew, that's a good point. Thanks for that heads up, anon.

No. 929987

I think shes been known to use assets for her cars. Hell in her last vlog she said she made an asset for Reese’s basic ass black and white striped hoodie I really don’t see her putting that much time in.

No. 929992

Tracing is absolute bullshit and doesn't help with learning - especially not if you've been drawing long enough to know how to hold a damn pencil correctly. You sound as delusional as Hollys goons here

No. 929993

>> people pre-ordering like 7 of each charm

Am I carzy or shouldn't that show her how stupid the whole merch-making is? Less than 10 charms per character is literally nothing, considering she has to bulk-order each design. She will lose a shitton of money again

No. 929998

small summary

>> Cybersix is her new jive

>> Harry Potter is her other new jive
>> she's ordering PP charms and is surprised not everyone is as thirsty for Hershel as she is
>> hasn't worked on her Comic in forever, now she's redoing it AGAIN
>> works for some company which sells a special drug
>> drug is supposed to cure premature ejaculation and Holly is like "lolz, tell that to all of my past boyfriends, rofl"
>> didn't get the other job which she applied/didi training for, cause she a lady and they require her to lift heavy shit
>> sees an opportunity to buy expensive shoes for herself
>> Her room looks as dirty as ever
>> wants to make new channel and use her gamer tag as a name, will probably match it with everything else

No. 930004

don't know exactly what an asset is but the car in seize that looked good was traced or bought art. its perspective was perfect, but it was in a room and next to a bin which both have holly's wrong understanding of perspective

No. 930021

past boyfriends…sure Jan

No. 930042

Lol this was my exact reaction when I heard her say it. She's full of shit. I'm still 100% positive she's a virgin that's never dated anyone more than a week.

No. 930043

the way she fake-laughed and how she said it made it just so obvious what a huge lie it was - not to mention I doubt anyone in her underage fanbase cares/can relate

No. 930053

File: 1581271582179.jpg (2.78 MB, 2316x2716, IMG_20200209_190450.jpg)

No. 930132

another vlog

No. 930146

Wow, I just realised when looking at her comic pages that Holly completely disregards the 180 rule… It really tops off the mess that her comics already are

No. 930174

The way she holds her pen makes me want to scream.

No. 930179

She talks about wanting to make a new youtube account so her names match and so that people stop trying to add her or message her on facebook as if she's not gonna just leave her real name there and as if people don't know who she is

No. 930180

She also completely ignores the tangent rules too.

No. 930182

Crazy how she goes through jobs so fast.

I know Amazon isn't an ideal place to work but it would have given her the hours to pay back some debt she has. personal sperg but I wish I lived close enough to one to work there.

Her ex boyfriends? I refuse to believe this ball of negativity ever had a guy willingly within her proximity.

She lives with her aunt, does the aunt never tell her to clean her room? I wouldn't be happy if my own kid was living in my house and treated their room as a fucking cave to dump his or her garbage.

No. 930185

Also she doesn't seem to understand the 100 day of making comics challenge at all? She's all like
>"30 minutes is nothing, it's not enough time for me to give a shit, so I don't care and it's not a real goal. It's no time at all."
>"I want 2 pages of paranormal plague a day, and 1 page of clever kitchen a day"
She just clearly doesn't understand that the point of the challenge is to force yourself to turn comicking into a habit, and to show that if you do 30 minutes every day, you will get way further than you thought initially. Ah well, can't wait to watch her crash and burn by trying to do 2 pages a day, jesus christ.

No. 930232

File: 1581298172072.jpeg (793.96 KB, 1125x1996, B5FEBADF-3075-43E2-AF39-65257C…)

It still baffles me how much she talked up this comic and then the moment she got the chance to work on it she avoided it completely. Her logic makes zero sense

No. 930276

>does the aunt never tell her to clean her room?

isn't her aunt a hoarder? i doubt she'd care about Holly's room when their whole house is a mess

No. 930283

ooh, didn't know that, I visit the thread sometimes lol

The house can't be at Chandler level but dang. Holly's room looks messy, it makes me stressed just looking at it lol

No. 930286

You might have life goals, Holly, but they sure as hell ain't important, kek.

No. 930294

Lol that's funny Holly, I thought you were supposed to hold wands like this >>927028

No. 930297

Tracing something first and then drawing it on your own can make it easier to identify the right shapes and everything

That also implies that ALL her supposed past boyfriends have had issues with premature ejaculation, wtf?

No. 930298


Those short pen strokes are killing me.

No. 930299

File: 1581309059510.png (316.37 KB, 640x1136, F66C96BF-7D4C-4D22-95B2-18E4AC…)

First MCR, now HP, someone stop her from attacking the few things that I love

No. 930303

Has holly stopped trying to deny her rape fetish? In the recent video she left links in the comments and one of the links leads to a HP fic that has tags for rape and dubious consent

No. 930311

Wait these are HP characters? I thought it was Reese and two other rando OCs.
She’s going to butcher cybersix so hard if she ever makes fan art for it lol

No. 930312

Holly absolutely baffles me. She complains about how people shit on her for not daily posting videos of the 100 days of comics. I have never seen a single person complain about her not following “the rules”. Who even cares about stuff like this ?

No. 930315

What do you expect? She's delusional af.

No. 930323

To be honest, I don't think she even cares but oof her fans are minors, right? So she's linking rape and dubcon fics to teenagers?

No. 930324

I mean, this is the same person who linked her young fans decapitation videos that she would watch.

No. 930326

The weird thing is, she claimed she reads it for the plot and thinks the sex scenes are excessive, but she knows 'everyone else reads it for the sex'

But it's pretty obvious that her own comic attempts have been bare bones plots with characters that she wants to fuck.

Holly you're such a horny liar

No. 930344

Iirc it was a video about guillotines in the French revolution.

No. 930351

I remember her saying it was French guillotine executions, yes, but that it also made her curious to watch Chinese beheading videos

She also laughed while describing how her sister's cat snapped its neck because it tried to jump while on medication

No. 930370

File: 1581331090917.png (158.33 KB, 674x890, oh holly no.png)


NTAYRT but yeah. (Not saging, in case the caption is relevant to the next thread.) I'm as livid as I can personally be about a fandom thing, kek. Lupin did not brush it off at all, James is dead before the books begin so who knows what he thought of it, and using Peter as an arbiter of morality would be ridiculous. Hard to predict if Holly is moving towards SnapexJames, SnapexSirius, or what, but it's headed somewhere ugly.

No. 930371

Why are we hating on gay fanfiction? Is it wrong to ship LGBT pairings or what?

No. 930372

File: 1581331979464.jpg (20.56 KB, 680x510, 81610424_2948862515148298_5292…)


If you're not playing dumb just to derail, but have actually spectacularly misunderstood the point, please read the threads.

No. 930374

dont be an ass. Holly is annoying but that doesnt give you the right to beat her up or threaten her with violence.

dont we all need money to live? its crazy hard making a living as an artist. plus she wants to move out this month, so… money issues are certainly understandable.

not trying to defend Holly, but let's be reasonable. the last thing we want is for some morons to accuse us of 'cyberbullying'. it's ludicrous that we even need anonymity just to voice our opinions on a 'professional' art YouTuber. what happened to product reviews? if Holly's 'artwork' is a marketable product, why are we cyberbullies for writing negative reviews on them?

No. 930399

The way Holly consumes media is so fucking weird because it’s like she only watches, reads, listens to things in order to create fan fiction in her mind. Like she isn’t a MCR fan just because of the music, but all the fan fiction she’s read/created about the members. Its weird af.

No. 930400

>isn't her aunt a hoarder?
i'm pretty sure that's just one of holly's lies, unless there's some pics of it i missed.

No. 930450


Or she only forces herself to draw it because she thinks she can make money off of it.

No. 930503

No one is hating gay fanfic you walnut she's got a rape fetish and she likely ships Snape with his bullies it's not hard to see where this might go. Or already has she's linking rape fic to her fans. I don't really care tbh I think she's a freak already but no one here hates gays calm down.

No. 930519

the random long boot /short boot situation is killing me.

That's so morbid. wtf

No. 930559

No but don't you think it's questionable and retarded that Holly views straight relationships as less valid/interesting than gay ones, on top of the fact that she herself can never have that?

It would be one thing if these people just got off and left it at that but they are downright unhealthily obsessed with gay men and think they know more about what it means to be a gay dude than an actual gay dude. Without ever coming into contact and having an actual conversation with an actual gay man. To me that is what defines a fujo. A straight chick who talks over gay men and has nothing to do with them.

If you are such a proponent of everyone being able to be open and comfortable sexually isn't that a big problem? A group of people that have nothing to do with the real group screeching over them? People who view straight relationships as "boring" who are not even LGBT?

Again you could save yourself the pain of having to answer all these questions, if you had the balls to admit it's just about getting off and has nothing to do with real LGBT issues.

Acting like it does is just gonna make you look like an ass especially if you have never even stepped foot in the 25 mile radius of a gay man like most fujos.

And anyway if you think about it gay men probably don't feel the need to overcomplicate shit and waste their own time by writing fanfic because at the end of the day it comes natural to them to be attracted to that, so they leave it behind at age 14 like the rest of us. If fujos were genuinely attracted to watching and listening to gay men fuck they would have the balls to watch 3DPD gay porn instead of looking at some shitty drawings literally meant for a 12 year old girl discovering her sexuality for the first time (the literal reason yaoi is never fucking most of the way through, it would scare off the target audience who's never seen a dick irl before).

I genuinely refuse to believe it's healthy or normal for adults to get off ONLY on cartoons or fanfic. It shows a severe detachment from real sex. Like it is the ultimate marker of a virgin who doesn't know what's so pleasurable about the 3d world.

Like don't even defend that, you know why you make yaoi/fanfic and it has nothing to with real LGBT problems, it's because you can't get laid and are stuck at the sexual and romantic development level of a middle schooler. It's time to grow up and get laid and move past the fanfic anon. You are at stage 10 fanfic cancer if you find yourself needing to justify what you get off on by acting like your porn is a social justice movement. You are clearly too old to be writing fanfic.

Don't these fanfic people ever find it creepy and questionable that they are participating in the side of a hobby that is primarily made by kids discovering their sexuality for the first time? Personally I think that's the REAL question here, why haven't they moved on from fanfic, it's such a waste of creative energy 9 times out of 10, and what do they get out of being in a community full of naive, sexually frustrated children? Seems predatory to me, personally. On multiple levels.

Adult fanficers/fujos should be shot down like the dreck they are lmao do not be deceived when they act like the sludge they produce is in any way meaningful or a contribution to the LGBT movement.(derailing)

No. 930564

damn you took the bait anon lmao.

but you bring up an interesting topic that i hope is not too ot to comment on. i don't think choosing fictional works over irl porn is a sign of someone being detached from real life. lot of porn is very repetitive, boring and not in anyway connected to real life, while erotic fiction lot of the time has better character dynamics and even story (of course not talking fanfic level writing here lol).
but this is sure as hell not the reason holly jacks it to yaoi, her writing is horrible and she doesn't give a damn about the characters having any chemistry at all before they get to the fucking.

No. 930643

Some of your points are valid fujos are gross and annoying and definitely take up way too much fandom space in same sex ships sure but you have to understand that there are a lot of gay and bi people in fandom as well lol. Fandom is one of the only places we exist fictionally and there's nothing wrong with fanfiction and fan art conceptually. Not having the ability to form relationships irl and choosing to vent your sexual frustration with anime men raping each other is worrisome for sure though lol. Also she lies about her sexuality for brownie points and to justify her fetish. I prefer same sex fictional stories because I've been in a same sex relationship for 7 years. I don't hate straight relationships or view them as inferior at all though that doesn't make sense. Holly just deadass seems to hate herself so much she hates all other women as well.

No. 930698

No one is mad that Holly wants/needs money to live. Everyone wants/needs money. The issue people have is that she sacrifices damn near anything in the pursuit of it. I’m not saying she has to enjoy drawing EVERY piece. I’m sure porn artists don’t generally enjoy drawing explicit furry or inflation commissions (assuming they take them), but they also don’t put in 0 effort and produce a shit product that’s not up to standard. The main difference is they treat their customers/fans with respect. Holly doesn’t give a shit about a single one of her fans and cares even less about her commissioners. There were reviews on her online shop saying she didn’t communicate with customers for months and took ages to ship things. Email correspondence requires no effort. Updating the Kickstarter requires no effort. But she can’t even be bothered to that when she can blatantly waste all this time doodling and posting numerous times daily on Instagram?

No. 930703

Nah, there are plenty of people who indulge in/get off to anime/fanfic who are perfectly well adjusted and in healthy romantic/sexual relationships. My best friend loves yaoi and has been happily married for 3 years. That means nothing and fetishes generally mean nothing. The important thing is the distinction between fiction and reality. When you project your beliefs about what you see in fiction into real life you’re crossing a hard line that no healthy adult should (like harassing gay persons in public by asking invasive questions or demanding they kiss/hold hands or hearing about someone recounting a story of sexual assault and finding it hot or defending the perpetrator). Otherwise no one cares (or should care) what anyone else faps to.

The one point I will agree on are people who try to hide their fetish behind activism or being an LGBTQ+ ally. Just seems weird, harmful to the cause and ultimately unnecessary.

No. 930731

Just look up Holly's hack account. It seems they remove everything that are theirs. It seems smart since they can just make money off of Holly's vids than their own.

I would say that Holly probably send her info out to strangers that pretend to be into her. Because she seems to only trust the wrong people that only praise her like a God. Not surprise that she doesn't any actual friends since she talk about them behind their backs.

No. 930733

File: 1581400076764.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1242x2042, EB88DD63-A4BA-4DAA-BEF5-1A481C…)

I can’t with Herschel’s arm…

No. 930745

holy shit lmao what happened to their faces?? Princess lookin like she slammed face first into a stop sign, Hershel lookin like muppet with that long ass mouth, and Ash's jaw is parallel with the ground. I thought Holly was improving but this is just horrible in a totally new way

No. 930747

>baby foot for an arm

No. 930751

File: 1581403011262.jpeg (116.43 KB, 445x500, bleh.jpeg)

Jeez it's like a creepy deformed limb

Also, wtf is Princess' face? No one makes that expression in normal conversation.

No. 930818

File: 1581426353334.jpg (25.92 KB, 473x271, fc4f43917d0bc3f7fdaae2b5822260…)


Why anon, it is clear that Herschel has merely fallen victim to a faulty Brackium Emendo! /s

No. 930820

File: 1581427041098.png (813.7 KB, 1903x744, Screenshot_2020-02-11 Holly Br…)

your english is broken as fuck so i went and looked at her account. they removed the music uploads, but left the banner and description like how they changed it, also for some reason removed her pfp. would have been more hilarious if they really just used it as a music reposting account lol.

No. 930835

New vlog

No. 930836

ummmm isnt Holly bisexual? literally the b in LGBT…

No. 930841

File: 1581431394676.png (14.79 KB, 1118x838, 3927f0279ed109e35afa4ed19036d2…)

are you the same anon who posted that "we are hating on the gays now" shit? please stop your weak ass unsaged attempts.

No. 930856

Yeah holly is bisexual, she claims to have dated women. But even if she hadn’t ever dated a woman, she’s still attracted to them, making her a bisexual.

Her sexuality has nothing at all to do with being a lonely homebody that gets off to bad quality porn.

Some anons here are far too interested in Holly’s masturbation habits.

No. 930865

>That feel when you draw random lines on arms because you don't know anatomy
It's frustrating that Holly is aware of her own shortcomings yet won't do anything to correct them

Also, does anyone else feel like Holly sounds drunk in her recent vids? Maybe she's just tired, but her speech is so slurred and delayed

No. 930868


Level with us when you come back from your inevitable infighting ban: do you think we're so stupid that we'll be stumped over the question "but how can a gay/bi/trans person possibly have problematic views towards a group that isn't their own?" Some gay men invalidate bisexual men, some bisexual women fetishize gay men, some lesbians hate trans people. Just grace us with the point you're actually interested in making, because no one's buying it.

God is it cathartic to call out fake allies of fandom.

No. 930880

Lol imagine believing anything Holly says, or ignoring the countless times she said she can’t “date women” because women are so bitchy. Totally bisexual.

No. 930886

Guys, stop fighting with each other. Everyone will have differing opinions on sexuality, because people define their own sexuality in different ways, and some people don't like labels. Chill. Stop milking each other.
There's more important things at sake here; like that in Hollys' last vlog she said that it isn't 'Practical' or 'useful' and that it's a 'waste of brain power' for artists to learn proper anatomy.
You guys talked about those meaningless arm lines for so many threads; why is no one laughing at this reveal? Come on guys.
She's saying anatomy is 'senseless repetition" AS she's drawing a broken thumb. I am laughing my ass off.

No. 930900

Damn her sniffling is insufferable in this video holy shit

No. 930923

Yeah, this is a really good point. Plus, Holly is still a woman fetishizing gay men- bisexual or not. Not to say you have to be a gay man to write meaningful stories about gay men that happen to involve sexual scenarios, but Holly's writing is empty and she clearly just beelines to the sex scenes. Plus, its concerning that most of the gay media she consumes involves rape and/or toxic relationships. Say what you want about fiction, but its more than possible to internalize an unfair bias about gay men from that.

Also, side note, Holly makes drawing look so hard.

No. 930976

Why are her lines so scratchy? She uses photoshop and illustrator so shouldn't the lines be a lot more smoother with a vectoring program?

No. 930978

She doesn't like drawing men with rounded pecs but every time she draws women they have sausage boobs. She wants to draw pointy characters so she doesn't like drawing women because they're curvy.

She's so irritating when it comes to making excuses for herself not to do something. At least she admits that ParaPlague is just her drawing what she thinks is attractive to herself.

No. 930989

Holly said 'i am straight by all means' in a video and then when people started calling her a fujo she started lying and changed her story to 'im bisexual but won't date a girl unless she's a 10'

Kindly fuck off lol.

No. 931002

Holly is straight she said so herself. Her wanting a pass to fetishize gay men by saying she's /actually/ bi and /totally/ 'dated girls once' is a load of bullshit. She lies all the time.

No. 931120

File: 1581465171592.jpg (316.18 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20200212-005254_Twi…)

shes apparently gotten her stuff back

No. 931196

Still, I don’t buy it. Maybe she thought she was straight. But way she draws her female characters is a red flag for me. The way she draws everything, it’s so focused on the body, the poses and expressions. and then she just slaps clothing and a storyline on top.

I think holly is such a homebody she’s probably ok with physical contact from any sex at this point, probably didn’t want to admit that earlier to herself because bisexuals still aren’t that accepted right now.

No. 931226

Goodness gracious can we just stop focusing on her sexuality? She got a shit ton of internalized misogyny (hates all women because they're "so bitchy and catty" even though she has the exact same personality) and an ugly fetish for gay men and rape.

No. 931239

Cool, so is she gonna put anything on it? Was it her dead main or the new one? I wouldn’t put past her to make a video milking the hacking situation.

No. 931345

maybe we could say her lack of skill is what makes all the women she draws ugly, but first of all "being focused on the expressions and pose" isn't a necessarily sexual thing and i don't even see where she does that, all her characters have broken poses and she use the same 5 expressions. second of all she probably tries to draw attractive looking woman because it's basically standard and to make them more appealing to the readers.

No. 931346

I second this. Sexuality is a boring topic when Hollys' concerned. I didn't expect so many people to care; and everyone is missing out on better things.

No. 931348

I think in general, she has a hard time with anatomy. Her males just look better, because they're cereal boxes with legs, and males' are usually more boxy than females from the get go.

No. 931350

that, and also because she is completely straight and probably never had any rl sexual experiences she hyper focuses on the male body.

No. 931374

new vid

No. 931396

All her male bodies are feminine as hell though, how do we explain that? Honestly whenever a sexually inexperienced woman claims to be bi it’s like people enjoy being contrarian. Always seemed like projection to me.

No. 931399

where the hell are you getting that they are all feminine lmao. the only ones i can think of is that dude from chroma prince and simon, but they are like that because of the yaoi trope of the bottom dude being more feminine. also this isn't about ~sexually inexperienced women can't possibly be bi~ you tard, holly is just straight up lying so she can get away with fetishising gay men. it was repeated like 6 billion times already, but she has said that she couldn't possibly date women and has called them catty bitches.

No. 931458

dafuq, get out with your weird theories. As if you need to fuck dudes for learning basic anatomy, go freaking life drawing or whatever. Honestly one of the weirdest things I read on this board

easy - taste and too much anime. There's tons of artists who intentionally give males a more androgynous shape (very popular in japanese media), in Hollys case it's only an illusion, as she actually gives every single character the same base shape and she never actually studies the subject.

No. 931460

And can we please let the topics about her looks/sexuality/weight rest once and for all? It all has been said at this point, no need to go over it again and again because the milk is stale atm. It's just so incredibly petty, if it's her abysmal drawing skills and personality we are here for, kay?

No. 931464

are you fucking retarded? i didn't say anything like that, i'm saying that she is like an idiotic middle schooler, who still giggles when she hears the word penis. her views on sexuality are obviously fucked with her rape fetish, so the only stand point from which she draws men is sexual, she couldn't give a fuck about anatomy cus that could involve elements that aren't sexually appealing to her.

No. 931465

^This, 100%.

I miss the art talk. Only two people even talked about her vlog explaining why her anatomy is so shit.

No. 931474

It's been several months since I've properly looked at the threads and anons are sperging the fuck out. I know the milk has run dry but taking the bait from newfags that probably came from creepshow's video on Holly is a little much, guys.

Hilarious that she got hacked by some Russian solely to repost songs. Holly never fails to entertain me. Glad she got her channel back

No. 931475


TBH, a lot of people have a rape fetish, or a loss of control fetish in some regard. It doesn't mean they actually want to be assaulted or to commit those acts; or that they don't feel sympathy for victims of the act. Don't kink shame. Kinks are fine and dandy as long as they're in theory and not practice.

That said. Holly and TDs infamous stream where they victim shamed rape victims is another matter entirely, and there's no explaining that away.

Her laziness to learn basic human anatomy shouldn't be put on how sexy it is to her or not. It's just laziness and a stubborn refusal to fucking learn how to draw.

No. 931485

Her talking about the arm anatomy is infuriating. She acknowledges that her arm anatomy is bad but she doesn't want to take the time to learn because she's already taken anatomy classes ?

You dont HAVE to know all the ligaments and bones etc. But it's good to at least know the basics so you can see how the arm is built. Her strategy of "senseless repetition" OBVIOUSLY doesn't help shit because the arms still look awful. Try again.

No. 931620

The sad part is that since Holly did go to art school she probably did have a class that taught her about anatomy. Of course instead of actually paying attention in that class she likely ignored her teacher because she is totally a professional guys! It's sad to think that Holly owes so much money for classes she never actually used and a degree she never got.

No. 931667

She has even said recently that she bought a pass to attend weekly figure drawing sessions - I wonder how long that lasted.

Plus when she's shown her figure drawings in the past, you can see how she just stylizes them without trying to observe and study the human body.

Yeah a rape fantasy doesn't mean she's a bad person or anything - but in terms of art it seems like she only draws to insert her edgy rape scenarios - Purgatory was centered around rape, Para plague has barely begun and she already wrote a rape mini-comic on it, and her recent Harry Potter drawings have bullying rape undertones.

I mean damn Horny Holly, go masturbate and then work on some actual drawings for once

No. 931714

Wat this literaly makes no sense, because she is sexually charged that means she doesnt want to learn actual anatomy? If that was the case then she would probably study more of the body type shes sexually attracted to.
The reason she sucks at anatomy and doesnt want to learn is because its hard to learn without proper focus and doing extensive research and knowledge of the human figure. Holly is lazy as fuck so she obviously doesnt want to put in the time since to improve one should be spending at least 3 hours a week soley dedicated to any said subject they want to improve at, more time the better.
Holly just wants to be able to say "yeah i drew that, did you know i dont even do figure studies? Yeah im so great at art aren't I"

No. 931724


This anon gets it. It's just laziness and ego.

No. 931725

NTA but I think what they're trying to say is, she's drawing a lot of muscular (sorry, "beefy") men (well, mostly Herschel) because that's what she gets off on; however, she's lazy as FUUUUCK and can't be bothered to research actual muscly men, plus what you said
>"yeah i drew that, did you know i dont even do figure studies? Yeah im so great at art aren't I"
so she just draws them straight from her head and they end up looking like shit.

No. 931726

Not the same anon as above, but I feel like this is such a weird thing to point out - most artists draw what they like to see/get off on, I would hardly call it a fault in itself - it's the fact that she's sooo bad at it that makes it cringe-worthy
Completely agree with the second statement

No. 931727

It's Holly's holier-than-thou approach that makes her so annoying. She keeps pointing out other people's mistakes and ignores her own glaring ones, acting like some kind of authority on every subject. I still can't forget the "You're drawing mermaids for Mermay WRONG, let ME show you the RIGHT way" video. STFU Holly, you drew Seize. Trust trust, motherfucker.

No. 931735

obviously her laziness plays a big ass role and i'm not ruling that out from the equation. but this laziness combined with her wanting to get off to her art is why i think it's so bad. drawing things well takes time and by the time she learns to do it better/completes a piece she won't be able to get off too it cus she's been starring at the same thing for a while. so she rushes ahead just to satisfy herself instead of learning to be better.
i'll admit though, i think i overgeneralized the rape fetish stuff, but holly just seems generally fucked to me, not just socially but in a sexual aspect. that's why i said "i'm saying that she is like an idiotic middle schooler, who still giggles when she hears the word penis". she's the type of person who'd find a figure drawing class oooh so sexy because she isn't mature in any regard, she has the tastes and drawing skills of a middle schooler who's just going through their sexual awakening.

No. 931777

She does come across as very inexperienced and desperate to connect, even if it's only with her own art and characters. I think that might come from her general antisocial and hermit nature. Obviously, working from home makes you develop some hermit tendencies; ones' you have to work extra hard to break, by making time to socialize and get outside around real people.
Problem is, is that Holly is a proud workaholic. She points it out almost every video, like it's some sort of badge.
Her behavior strikes me as someone who's been hurt, and is keen to wear their loneliness like a reward. "I have no one to hang out with, so I'll spend all my time alone being PRODUCTIVE and making something of myself."
This kind of attitude and defensive behavior just turns her into more of a shut-in. We know she reads here time to time. I'd imagine knowing there's a bunch of anons' watching and analyzing your every move makes socializing even harder, especially with randos on the internet. Likely why she doesn't branch out in her friendship circle online, and sticks with TD.
It's hard not to feel bad for her when it comes to her social habits and fears. Poor girl just needs some friends and to get out more.
…And to fucking study some anatomy. GD. Going to a life drawing class would be a perfect remedy for both issues.

No. 931793

or going to the beach. lots of guys and girls to draw there… figure drawing class for cheap people.

No. 931796

anywhere really would be good for her, just sit down at a park and draw passer bys, customers at a cafe, anything.

is it really accurate to call her workalcoholic when she never truly gets anything done? she goofs off on like 6 project at once, making merch for her characters no one else cares about and the likes. not saying she needs to be a workalcoholic, but if she had any focus and wasn't so lazy she could get so much done in all her free time and get better at art so much faster than people who have responsibilities to attend to.

No. 931810

yeah, this irks me too - I guess she's been claiming to be a workaholic for so long, people start to actually believe it. But yeah, based on everything she has to show she probably spends the majority of her days procrastinating without realizing it, had the same problem once. Probably just sitting in her room feels like work to her

No. 931825

Never forget when she victim-shamed Simon, her her own personal goddamn character that she WROTE to get raped, for "allowing" himself to be alone with a dangerous predator.

No. 931827

Lol, I've drawn at the beach! At bars, cafes, and parks too. There's free life drawing videos online as well to use for study.

Ahah, that's the difference between 'working smarter' and 'working harder'.
She takes on a dozen projects at once to keep busy, and in a way, self sabotages herself from concentrating long enough on one thing to make any real progress. She's very "ALL or NOTHING."
She feels like she's working her butt off, but really, it's the weight of stress catching up. She can't focus on anything long enough to make headway (recent exp: her 100 days of comics; she hasn't posted a video in two days, after saying she was going to update every day, vlog style.)
It's why she switches focus so often. She gets burnt out when she gets stressed, and abandons her current work style to try something new (The constant new merch, and switching between traditional and digital supplies for art)
I imagine nothing ever feels like it's working to her benefit by investing her time in it; so she ditches it and moves on to something else.

'Workaholic' I guess is an umbrella word to say she's always focused on work, even if she's not getting anything done.

No. 931847


She's been spinning her wheels and getting nowhere for years. She can't get her mind around concepts like "working smarter" and "finished, not perfect". she thinks she can purchase and buy her way into having fans and readers by dangling her next product or money making scheme in front of people. She's been earning less and less money this way . The only thing I can give to her is the fact that she appears to be working as an actual employee. She doesn't have to lie about having a million jobs, not sure what she's trying to prove there, but at the very least she isn't just sitting on her ass all day like she used to.

No. 931899

The most frustrating part is, she still has fans who continue to enable her even after all this shit. People were falling over each other to take part in the BnHA zine for "exposure". Her Kickstarter got 3x the amount she was asking for. How the fuck?

No. 931963

I mean people wanting to be in her zone probably had less to do with them being real fans of her and more to do with the fact that she was a pretty popular art YouTuber at the time. Still have no idea how she had 2 kickstarters funded though.

No. 931981

She said 'never go anywhere alone with a predator! That's why Simon got raped.' But wasn't he just in a classroom with his teacher? How was he supposed to know Hitler was going to rape him? And they were already in class - Simon was asked to stay after. God Holly

No. 931995

File: 1581669707402.png (29.46 KB, 673x677, Unbenannt.png)

On a different note, seems like more and more people come forwards saying they haven't received a package, let alone an explanation. I'm starting to get confused myself, hasn't she shown the packaged books like 1-2 months ago??

No. 931998

File: 1581672597059.jpeg (256.31 KB, 1242x1035, 9104C4D7-1BED-4D03-B7D3-5835FD…)

Fellow anons, what will you guys do to celebrate the upcoming one year anniversary of Holly not fulfilling her Kickstarter?

Honestly, it’s people like Holly who make it harder for other creators to use sites like Kickstarter because people will see it as a scam and never receive their rewards. Holly basically took $10k and told her fans to fuck off because she feels like she's entitled to that money.

I bet it’s too late for most people to get a chargeback by now.

No. 932001

I never used Kickstarter personally, but isn't there a protection against such things by Kcikstarter itself? I mean, otherwise people would get scammed left and right.
(Though if it were, I kinda doubt any of Hollys fans would have the courage to contact KS, since they would be scared their queen might get angry at them personally)

No. 932003

Kickstarter isn't very good for this. In my experience some people get away with it by never admitting that they've stopped working on delivering the rewards, but constantly finding reasons to delay it; mental health reasons, suppliers/publishers they're working with making mistakes, other circumstances they're victims to and can't control.
Until the kickstarter gets fulfilled they can't start another one, which means they can't make too much of a career of this; but even if some people request and obtain a refund, they can still make bank from dedicated fans/people who kinda forgot they backed the kickstarter because it's been delayed for so long. (I don't think this is how Holly approaches her kickstarters, I think she's convinced when starting it she'll fulfill the rewards, but she gets lazy/distracted and benefits from being able to delay things without too much backlash).

No. 932009

Gofundme has a better track record for refunds KS is notorious for ignoring people that scam.

No. 932030

Holly is not some completely sexually fucked up monster newfag, she's immature and inexperienced. Stop projecting.

This is Holly's real fucked upness, the ability to feel no remorse after taking 10K from children just to sit in her room for a year.

No. 932031

i don't think you actually read any of what i said, and calling me newfag just because i said something you don't like makes you seem immature af.

No. 932087


Fucking hell; has it been a year already?

That's scummy AF. She should at least keep people updated. Then again, if she spent all the money, and has no money to print her own copies or ship them out, that could be why it's taking forever.

Or maybe her lazer breaking is the reason, since some of the rewards were wood charms?

Either way, refund or replace rewards (with donors permissions); sweet hell.

No. 932139

Pretty sure she's out of excuses at this point.
If memory serves me right, she used the money to start her laser "business", bought tons of now unused materials and also a car.
Ther fact she hasn't given an update since October says everything
Only makes me wonder how much shit she can do until even the dumbest of her fans understands they can't expect anything from her

No. 932166

>less to do with them being real fans of her and more to do with the fact that she was a pretty popular art YouTuber at the time
Hence why I wrote "for exposure", and IIRC she didn't even label the art with the artists' names (so they didn't even get that lmaaaoo) Still, why would you want your name to be in any way associated with the trainwreck that's Holly unless you legit expect her to do a good job "exposing" you to people, and why would you expect that from her if you have more than 2 braincells, she can't even promo herself properly apart from harebrained quick-money making schemes like the laser cutter

No. 932171

>harebrained quick-money making schemes like the laser cutter

And her logic on the laser being a money maker in the first place was faulty logic. How could making merch at home EVER be cheaper than just ordering it from china, where everyone else gets their merch made? It never really made sense.
Her bank card moves faster than her sense can keep up.

No. 932232

just curious but how bad is her personal financial situation?

Also last I remember she was 50k in debt?

I know she's talked about living on her own but seems to not actually try and do it.She could afford a studio apartment if she got a full-time job I'm sure, save her comics for her time off…but yeah I know she wouldn't have time to meander about her room, sipping on diet cokes and laughing at the animals in the house that are dying, her favourite past-times.

No. 932275

File: 1581728038088.jpg (746.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200215-015312_Ins…)

No. 932276

File: 1581728221459.jpg (781.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200215-015326_Ins…)

No. 932278

File: 1581728327407.jpg (759.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200215-015334_Ins…)

No. 932279

File: 1581728391070.jpg (835.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200215-015345_Ins…)

What's the point of a redraw if everything looks just as shitty as before?

No. 932284

We’ve been asking ourselves this each time Purgatory was redrawn.

No. 932290

Those two middle panels.. just make it a single panel or just angle it differently so there isn't a damn tangent between the panels.

No. 932293

How does one devolve that badly, the redraws look worse than the original

No. 932303

Holly redraw masterpost when

No. 932304

I think alot of anons are confused with why her sexual tendencies are being brought up because they didnt watch her latest video on her vlogs channel. It seems really out of the blue, but if you watch her video the topic makes alot of sense since she litteraly spends the majority of the video talking about how she hates to draw ugly people

Like literally in her words she says the reason she doesnt draw fat people, ugly people, or minorities is because she doesn't find them attractive

No. 932329

That transition was so jarring. she really has no idea what she's doing

No. 932354

File: 1581747303476.jpg (14.18 KB, 210x212, jank.jpg)

'ol donkey kong lookin ass princess

No. 932361

didn't she sell the lazer? i sure hope she got those wood charms made before she got rid of it

No. 932415

Fucking finally, a Paraplague update so the story can actually start

I hate how Holly always has to make Princess' braid look like it's flying off in some random direction. I'm pretty sure braids don't float around with every little movement.

Also, what's going on here? What's that 'tap tap' in the middle panel?

No. 932421

hurts my head this incoherent shit
why does herschel say "look Journalist, we don't have to tell you nada" and then immediately proudly start telling her a whole encilada?

No. 932451

in which Holly body shames herself

She likes biking so much she hardly ever does it. Because feelings.

No. 932452

So instead of action and monster fighting, we get 30 PAGES OF EXPOSITION?? Adsfdjk holly stop

No. 932455

She spends two minutes talking about business cards like a character from American Psycho.

No. 932457

Stand, sit, stand again, sit again

No. 932460

Hershel fights paranormal monsters….. and he broke his phone by dropping it in the kitchen.

No. 932463

It's sad yet hilarious how little Holly knows about drawing a comic and how little awareness she has about these glaring beginner mistakes honestly

No. 932464

Just working on those glutes while talking like an alien.

No. 932466

Lmao what. How is she this bad at writing

No. 932516

Princess' expressions are hilariously bad. I don't think they're intentionally wacky, Holly just doesn't care about Princess enough.

No. 932520


somehow holly's art always looks like the moment when you pause a movie in a weird frame kek

No. 932541

Lol anon, these are still redraws. we have yet to see actual new content for the story

No. 932546

I'll never understand how Holly draws (or copies and pastes) two panels, side-by-side, with identical camera angles and/or positioning of characters without her realizing it looks boring and lazy?
I have no clue how a page like that can take "forever" or anything longer than an hour. Each panel is so empty.

No. 932563

Holly trying to break conventions by using “tell, don’t show” instead of “show, don’t tell” I guess, lol. But in all seriousness it makes her comics so incredibly boring. It’s not hard to weave exposition into story instead of making painfully boring info dumps. She reads manga, she should have so many examples of this.

No. 932577

File: 1581809735133.jpeg (92.07 KB, 908x737, 7C1984EC-1110-4D62-BF61-FC09A7…)

i Know this Video is Kinda Old but, What the Hell are those Faces? It Shows that Holly can’t Do a Decent Expression.

No. 932614

Sooo… Am I the only one that didn't know PP took place in the present? I thought it took place in the 80s/90s which explained the clunky video camera, diner hang out spot, and clothing but now they're pulling out iphones? Did she change her mind on the era and I missed the announcement or did it always take place in the present and I just didnt realize?
Although, now that I think about it Reese dresses like a 2010 emo so maybe I'm misremembering after all.

No. 932615

you might be mixing it up with purgatory, but she was also really bad at making that one look like it actually took place in that time period so i'm not sure. holly is really bad at every aspect of writing, including world building and setting a time frame.

No. 932620

Nah anon I member, she definitely said at one point it was set in the 80’s .

The dumb thing is, a slice of life comic where the main characters do all the action behind the scenes is kind of a good idea, if only holly was more self aware so she could write good comedy. Personally I think she needs to try stand up at least once so she could understand exactly how bad her jokes are. Idk what the scene is like in tx though

No. 932654

No I'm pretty sure Holly said it took place in the 80s, though I think she's gone back on that. She probably has trouble figuring out what time her stories take place.

No. 932660

You see anon this is what we call the warped Holly POV. She hasn't left her house regularly since high school which was what, 2010-2014? The world she's made in her comics has no outside thinking just Holly vision. Reminds me of that vivzi whatever and the vomit hotel.

No. 932665

Maybe it's supposed to have an overall 1980s tone/aesthetic, but still have current technology? I've seen a few movies and shows where they take a lot of inspiration from a certain era (like the 1960s or the 1980s) for the overall aesthetic, but still include technology not fit for the time, such as computers and cell phones and video games, so it creates a sense of "timelessness" if you will. Though, that's probably giving Holly way too much credit, and it's most likely just poor planning and laziness on her part.

No. 932678

File: 1581828438531.jpeg (176.59 KB, 750x382, 9212BE2C-0162-47BF-A691-1B3C17…)

Not really milky but it looks she might finally fulfill orders. She can’t be that dumb to realized that orders haven’t been filled out for months. She was probably stalling for time.

No. 932692

What a coincidence. Today is the exact anniversary of her Kickstarter launch. She probably got an email or something informing her she still had rewards unfulfilled or she lurked because it was up here. There’s no way she “just realized” this when she was fine ignoring it for months on end.

No. 932696

File: 1581832027052.jpeg (297.24 KB, 1242x2031, B87287D2-5B02-488C-BBA8-934B04…)

When I checked her KS the other day, there was maybe one or two cancelled pledges. There’s a substantial amount more right now. That’s probably what got her attention.

Also, good to know she’s still collecting money in her stores while not shipping anything. Why do these people still support her?!

No. 932700

Wait so this idiot not only is getting ripped off from the Kickstarter but from her store as well? These folks get multiple warning signs and yet keep supporting her.

No. 932710

Yeah those wooden charms and the copic stands? A lot of people complained she took their money but never sent it to her so then they all got refunds which is what got her Etsy store shut down. The pattern continues…

No. 932724

>> I just noticed
Am I the only one really bothered by her wording here? Ffs Holly, your last update was in fucking October, as was your last comment. Has she literally only today realized there's a truck-load of unsent Books still waiting in her room?

No. 932748

There's no way she just noticed.
I bet she only sent out rewards to important backers(Baylee) or the ones who paid the most

No. 932784

She's playing dumb to buy time. She probably didn't have the money to send them out because the KS money was spent on the laser and her new car. She had to wait to make money at her new jobs to send them out but she just keeps spending her money on crap she doesn't need. That's my guess anyway.

No. 932951


"Hollyistotallycool" is such a self-centered name to use for a professional email but that's so Holly.

No. 932956

probably made it when charlieissocoollike was popular. she also seems like the type to be really into him and/or Dan and Phil but that's just tinfoiling

No. 932965

She's had this email forever. It's kind of fitting she doesn't have a professional email for herself.

No. 933030

File: 1581939934658.jpeg (654.96 KB, 1125x1503, 99E65841-A6CC-4015-9BD1-F9F08C…)

Holly isn’t productive at all though. All she ever does is jump from one thing to another without ever finishing anything. I’m amazed she even finished purgatory but that was only because she would end up owing a lot of money back to her kickerstarter backers. Honestly I think it’s best when she’s not “productive” because it might actually give her a chance to sit on her quickly fleeting ideas and decide against them.

No. 933031

File: 1581940184676.jpeg (894.89 KB, 1920x1801, 0F1F95D1-5633-48D7-ABD8-F28E76…)

I also find it ironic that she doesn’t feel productive even though she’s finally getting to make her new comic that’s she’s been talking about for years. And yet she doesn’t want to actually put in the effort to make it. All she wants is instant gratification and it’s plainly obvious here.

No. 933032

classy, back at spoiling her own storie, i see. I honestly tbhink she doesn't read a lot in her free time (books, comics, etc.), that would explain why she has absolutely no clue on how to capture her audience with her story

No. 933055

this is almost lost meme

No. 933063

No. 933068

File: 1581949728820.jpeg (121.83 KB, 828x612, 8C2FD920-820D-4A76-A281-C8C7A6…)

She was Almost Close to recognize that why she draws those Hair Floppy Things.

No. 933074

Is it just me, or does it seem like her saying “I’m getting rid of everything cause I only want to own like, four things” and “I’m not really into sublimation printing anymore”
Sound like she’s selling all her belongings again to pay debt or the things of value are being repossessed cause she fucked up something with her debt.

No. 933123

I was thinking the same thing.
I think she’s manic again and is going to get rid of shit only to buy them again when Holly gets money. It’s apart of her mental gymnastic routine.

No. 933131

as someone who had a similar problem once (spending too much money on shit whenever I had any) I can absolutely confirm that's what is happening - you start loathing the things you bought and try to sell them again/get rid of them. We've seen the cycle with her countless of times, pretty much a symptom of really bad self-confidence, she's trying to compensate.
(nothing new here, I know, just wanted to re-enforce)

No. 933132

Here we go again. She’s gonna sell everything and buy the same things again. Just like she did with her copics.

No. 933142


Or it's because she "just realized" her backers are starting to complain about not getting their kickstarter rewards and now has to scrounge up refund money.

No. 933227

It wa definitely. Red flag for me that she mentioned her mom getting upset at her for selling “her” stuff, only moments after explaining that her mom has “helped to fund it” like “the mugs were a birthday gift”… I’m wondering if that’s not all auntie has been helping with? Surely holly can’t afford her car payments - that would mean she’s have to save half her paychecks which doesnt seem to fit Holly’s financial history

No. 933242

Seriously I can't believe she doesn't see how much her mom enables her 'buy whatever art shit I want, when I want'…and she still has the gall to think she can live an improved life on her own. Fun fact holly, just because you collect turquoise kitchenware doesn't mean you're a functioning independent adult

No. 933314

to be fair, Holly is technically an adult - her mum/aunt doesn't really have a say in this. And from what we've hear she might be a hoarder herself, so I doubt she could really help Holly - and the fact our favourite trash artist is delusional is a given at this point.

No. 933361

That 1st and 2nd sketch doesnt look like Herschel lmao

No. 933386

Ugh yeah, I cringed when she was showing off her turquoise kitchen appliances. They're all packed away, unused, and she's seriously acting like she's already on her way out? That's why you can't move out Holly, you have poor impulse control

Most mature adults realize that their parents can still offer a valuable perspective - but I feel like Holly has an awkward relationship with her mom. Supposedly she pays rent and her car payments, which seems a little unbelievable.
But I recall a vlog where she was walking along a highway at like 5am to buy food because she feels guilty when her mom buys her food. Then she also treats her room like a dirty motel room with food, clothes, appliances everywhere. I don't know, there's something weird about it

No. 933409

Late reply but Kickstarter does not issue refunds. I remember looking into it once since I backed Omocat's scam of a KS but Kickstarter states some shit like "things happen, backing a project includes taking a risk that things will fall through" and absolve themselves of any responsibility when it comes to failed projects.

On their accountability page (https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/accountability-on-kickstarter) they state that creators are legally required to fulfill their rewards or offer a refund. This line in particular stands out
>We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

So I guess if one of her backers is loaded and angry enough to sue for their money back, they could and might actually win, but lol. I guess for Holly's benefit, her fanbase is pretty much all broke teens so she'll just continue to get off scot free.

No. 933441

Maybe this is why Holly is just now addressing this. Maybe KS sent her some messages about all the backers complaints

No. 933512

File: 1582068437861.jpg (25.22 KB, 361x237, in.jpg)

Comment on her latest insta post.

it's been a year, holly.

No. 933515

She knows that she's making things harder for herself in the long run of doing this comic and it's equal parts sad and irritating.

No. 933522

File: 1582071355367.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1125x2055, E8500F34-A1C7-4614-81E4-BC3C2A…)

I find it beyond ridiculous at this point. She has literally stated that she has extra copies just hanging out in her hoard of a room and she sells the copies on her online store. She literally has zero reason to not ship the backers their items. It takes less than 5 minutes to pack it and 10-20 minutes to drop it off at the local USPS or whatever shipping service she’s using. But instead of doing that she chooses to draw more random crap of her OCs

No. 933552

She also spoiled in her instastory that princess and fat guy are/will be dating

No. 933563

She's live

No. 933567

Which video did she show off her plates?

No. 933589

She just went on this rant about not being able to be friends with girls if they are pretty because she wants to be the pretty one in the friend group so it's easier to be friends with guys because girls are scary and mean. She kept saying she'd be friends with 'fugly' girls over and over tho and I have to lol at her repeatedly implying her only known friend (Michelle) is fugly

No. 933590

Also she said cosplayers are embarrassing and cringey which has to include a significant amount of her fan base lol

No. 933607

Well, if you're a friendly and understanding person, girls won't be mean to you. I seriously wonder where she gets these ideas from? If she feels every girl she meets is judgemental of her, than that's probably just Holly coming off as judgemental first or cuz she made a poor first impression by making one of her horrible "edgy" jokes leading to them being wary of her.

Most girls don't give a shit if you're "ugly". That's such high school bullshit to think they do.

No. 933614

Is she sucking air through her teeth or slurping her own spit?

No. 933616

She's socially stunted. She's said before she had zero friends in college and she's naturally catty with low self esteem.

She wants to be the 'pretty one' like what does that even mean really?

No. 933618

it's slurping

No. 933629

I mean she does both whenever talking, its so fucking annoying and makes me stop watching her videos after a minute, I have no fucking idea why she does it and doesn't just change the setting on her mic to not pick up that disgusting shit

No. 933658

That's right, she probably brings it onto herself. Slight blog but I met a girl once who within the first 5 minutes said "Girls don't like me for some reason" which instantly turned me off. I feel like Holly is like that too.

No. 933660

What the hell, why does Holly keep spoiling everything? It astounds me how stupid she is sometimes

No. 933662

why would she do her bad like this

No. 933664

File: 1582108026639.jpeg (303.63 KB, 1920x1439, 039700F7-F303-4E91-A047-CA1A21…)

During the stream someone mentioned her old Harry Potter art and she decided to fixed its profile

No. 933673

Loving that glasses step that goes right into the middle of his ear there?!
While I can't say it's gotten worse, it hasn't gotten better. Like the back of the head still feels weird and flat. And his eyes look like, 50% more terrifying and dead as they stare out into the darkness. And what the hell is up with the mouth.

No. 933684

I think it definitely looks better, less troll-like, but the glasses are wrecked and the neck is too straight/stiff. Also, what's with that weird light patch under his neck?

No. 933691

Silly thats obviously the bounce light, she went to art school you know /s

No. 933698

She worries me with how much she casually brings up wanting to kill her pets

No. 933701

how much time is there between the redraw and the original? because it's definitely better, but this is the sort of improvement you get from googling some basic proportions and anatomy for like a minute and she still has things to fix on it.

No. 933709

Original is from September 2016 and redraw was from her livestream last night

No. 933723

File: 1582129064991.jpeg (580.61 KB, 1125x1640, 3F81395E-A2DC-478F-B058-8C9556…)

Jeez. I feel bad for her in this situation. She just got the car less than a year ago too

No. 933726

Ugh same, I believe she said something like "Let me just get these animals out before I want to slit their throats." Like who the hell says that about their own pets??

No. 933727

That's concerning, what is she saying this time?

Wow that's terrible. If the car is totaled, she probably got hurt too, even if she's mostly fine

No. 933734

She says it on the 14:30 mark

No. 933736

Tbh she does lie a fuckton for sympathy points so I'm not sure I believe her but I guess we'll see.

No. 933738

the fact that she says it while laughing too.. what the fuck

No. 933739

Not sure if this would be considered cow tipping but there’s probably some kind of open record about this if there’s an ongoing investigation. Might be hard to find since we don’t know where it happened though.

At least if she wasn’t at fault her insurance will cover it.

No. 933764

Did anyone actually enjoy her art/videos before shit hit the fan?

No. 933779

I watched her videos when i was just getting into art. I always thought her art was ugly though and i never really watched her again until the drama hit

No. 933782

when i just started drawing more i saw that infamous one of hers, where she talks about anatomy and even then i knew what she was saying wasn't correct at all.

No. 933797


I only found her YT a couple years ago, and from first impressions, her YT and her work ethic seemed very motivational. I liked that she had a project and was working towards it. Hell, she even got a book to print, which is impressive, even if the art style isn't my tastes. The work ethic (or the illusion of) is what drew me in.

No. 933815

I remember finding her “same face” video when I was struggling with the same issue. Even at the time I realized how silly it was that her only tip was changing the face shape rather than the proportions of the facial features and their various relations. Despite that, I did enjoy her “relatability” but to be fair, I was a teen.

No. 933824

I found her CalArts rant when I was checking sketchbooks and I found her the saltiest art person I'd ever seen at the time. I didn't even watch art youtubers then, I started "hatewatching" her videos before these threads were made.

No. 933831

No but Im in my twenties and most of her fans are teenagers. I saw her videos being recommend and watched them because she was so annoying and wrong about everything she said lol. I would show them to my friends (who are also artists) and we would complain about her together

No. 933835

Lol no, her art has always looked like shit to me.

Its actually really sad that I've been reading these threads since the begining and since then been able to learn to draw professionally as a freelance concept artist while holly literally hasnt improved one bit. I just pity watch at this point

Its crazy how when you think that the only difference between someone achieving something and someone getting no where is that you have to be motivated and constantly strive for that goal, not just brush it aside and hope it comes true one day

No. 933836

I used to watch her videos back when she made this joke video about inking traditionally, and then some of her traditional ink stuff. I thought she was interesting and different and at the time I liked watching art youtubers. But then I quickly got tired of what she was doing. I didn't think her art was necessarily fantastic, but I did think the style was interesting and different?

No. 933848

Her old sketchbook videos showed a lot of potential, but she's allowed herself to become stagnant. There are a lot of her old fans here that simply grew up and realized that her art wasn't up to par/good

No. 933853

I found her calarts video when I was going through the teenage "I wanna work for Disney" phase. I liked at the time how edgy and depressing she was because I was edgy and depressed, and fed into the delusional narrative that you don't have to study anatomy or do hyper realism and could just draw cartoons of your ocs all day. it appealed to me as a teenager and then I didn't get into the forums until going on a nostalgia trip after not watching for a while and she was deleting her whole channel and mentioned the "haters forum". thank you guys for helping bring to light all the shitty stuff she's done. the optimist in me hopes she can change for the better, but in the meantime this is a real nice ego trip and I appreciate yall

No. 934079

I didn't really watch her as a fan per say, but I would watch her videos from time to time if they popped up in my recommended. The first video I saw from her was the Anatomy Mistakes one, which as a very beginning teen artist at the time I thought it was funny and interesting. But I was really put off by how she would interact with people in the comments. She was just so hostile to anyone who questioned or contradicted her. I checked out her channel and watched some of her color theory video, and I remember a few people saying how taking color theory classes might not be feasible for all artists, like due to financial constraints and such, and she kept saying how if you're not willing to pay the necessary costs of being an aritst, that you're not dedicated enough and that you're not a "real" artist. That was some fucked up shit for a young teen like me to hear, and I'm glad that I can now recognize that as the bullshit it actually is. I wonder if that's why she constantly wastes money on stupid crap like the laser and the sublimation printer. She probably overcompensating for her lack of artistic skill by buying expensive ass artistic shit, so she can still call herself a REAL artist.

No. 934115

File: 1582197993636.jpg (23.41 KB, 299x235, gooby.jpg)

>when a known serial fraudster suddenly needs a lot of cash and an insured item of theirs is immediately subsequently 'totaled'

No. 934134

has she always been replacing punctuation with a hyphen and am I just now noticing it or has she picked this up from somewhere recently because that is extremely annoying to read

No. 934157

i don't think she ever did that before. i'm probably being pretty nitpicky but i have to agree that it's really annoying to read.

No. 934193

She's been using 'idk' as punctuation lmfao

No. 934282

File: 1582228855285.jpeg (447.91 KB, 1125x1130, 5ED0306E-29C1-4E4B-90A0-2DFE76…)

Update on the car situation

No. 934430

A truck? Trucks are more expensive than sedans in every way. Gas, repairs, sticker price, etc.

No. 934482

Honestly I only found her through a random mention on a Tumblr blog and looking at her videos … I'm actually shocked she had as many followers as she did.

Her attitude is so bad that even watch her review videos makes me wonder what these companies saw in her.

No. 934483

She's a Texan of course she wants a fucking truck.

No. 934553

A bike is actually a really good idea, and the exercise may benefit her mental health by getting the endorphins going.
A truck is a not-so-great idea.

No. 934555

She could've been biking to work this entire time? And instead she spends money on a car and now wants a SECOND car? yikes

No. 934586

That truck is going to eat up all her gas and she will regret this purchase once she sees how much money it will take to keep it. Fucking never learns

No. 934839

yeah…. she keeps yelling at someone (the dog?) to "go away" while she's live streaming…. and she begs her dog (named 'Pig') to "die in a fire"…….

No. 934848

Not me, didn't even know she existed before drama channels started talking about her tracing Full Metal Alchemist as a commission. [ sage ](lolcow.farm/info)

No. 934859

that's not how you sage lmao

No. 934864

Put sage in the email field, my dude.

No. 934885

To anyone new here you type "sage" in the email section of the post if you're not posting milk, I doubt anyone actually reads the rules so I just want to make sure the few people who don't know can now know and not potentially get a temp ban from mucking up the threads

No. 934967

And so Holly's debt hole keeps getting deeper.

No. 934985

And yet we're supposed to believe that she really does love cats specifically, enough to draw them everywhere, even though she found a cat death hilarious (the one that snapped its neck jumping off or on the bed, can't recall) and she keeps wishing death on other animals…. okay

No. 935030

Did she say if she was gonna apply for san japan this year? I remember her saying in a stream thats the only time she gets to see twisteddisaster

No. 935103


Did you newfags not read the above posts? Sage your fucking shit.

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