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File: 1559518653307.jpg (106.06 KB, 417x583, 1559419653063.jpg)

No. 816967

Last time on Pigeon Strikes Back:
>Holly spergs about going to the Mohave Desert and actually shows up, presumably to make sure Jared isn't fucking other girls
>still spouting manipulative bullshit on twitter and playing dumb, backtracks and contradicts herself whenever called out; refuses to admit any wrongdoing, keeps blaming muh mental illness and muh emotions
>says she is standing by Jared despite the pedo allegations, claiming he just made a "mistake," even though everyone including his own employer has already dumped him for it
>claims to have always been demisexual despite saying she was asexual just 2 weeks ago, but apparently it's on the "asexual spectrum" so it counts
>DCA, the D&D campaign Holly and Jared were involved in, is officially on hiatus; their emotes have been retired from twitch, leading to speculation that it will disband entirely
>meanwhile KT gets called out for being a creep, flips out that Suzy totally stalks her, not the other way around
>Ross talks about seeing a therapist again on stream

Previous thread: >>812124

Our main actors:

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:


The usual suspects:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Game Grumps:


>Normal Boots:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


Summary of the old milk (cheese?), courtesy of anon:

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 816969

>I'm not sorry for things I didn't do
aka sorry not sorry

Thanks for making a new thread op

No. 816970

File: 1559519110438.jpg (252.26 KB, 1080x1199, PSX_20190602_120308.jpg)

of course I dropped the image

No. 816972

File: 1559519197647.png (52.92 KB, 464x532, ahero1.png)

This person's a goddamn hero for speaking the truth!


No. 816976

File: 1559519348929.png (134.73 KB, 470x488, ahero2.png)

No. 816977

File: 1559519459870.png (89.55 KB, 460x922, ahero3.png)

No. 816982

File: 1559519862970.jpg (149.85 KB, 1080x703, 021652313673882.jpg)

I don't think this was posted last thread and it is by far the funniest thing Holly has posted yet.

No. 816987

File: 1559520051645.png (9.96 KB, 602x174, vindictive.png)


God, just ADMIT that you hurt people, Holly.

No. 816989

File: 1559520267085.png (238.54 KB, 666x578, Following.png)

I see she's following her recent White Knights…

No. 816993

File: 1559520579124.png (32.53 KB, 453x179, keemstarloveshoolly.png)


She also follows Keemstar now.
She's so easily won-over, no wonder she was an easy-lay for worm-boy

No. 816998

File: 1559520985231.jpg (206.7 KB, 1076x947, PSX_20190602_171316.jpg)

How does she not understand that this isn't a proper apology and by claiming that any hurt she caused was "unintentional" is just another way of avoiding responsibility.

No. 816999

File: 1559521012660.png (50.82 KB, 582x434, hollytweets-6-2-2019.png)

No. 817000

File: 1559521029001.png (181.79 KB, 744x864, BorkDoesntUnderstandWashington…)

Seems Bork the Whiteknight doesn't understand that it's the adults job to verify another person's age. Especially when it comes to tumblr where it's riddled with angsty "kawaii desu" teens. Teens he knows will do anything to get his attention. And he used that to his advantage. Washington police don't even accept the "uwu I didn't know the girl's age! I swear she looked 18 in those nudes!" excuse. Seriously Holly? This is who you follow? A dumbass willing to come up with shit from his ass just to defend you even if that means having to lick Jared's yaoi peen to get to yours?

No. 817001


Doesn't matter how uneducated they are, they made Holly's personal VIP list! >>816989

No. 817004

File: 1559521709901.png (68.13 KB, 578x440, hollytweets-6-2-2019-1.png)

No. 817005

File: 1559521819452.png (41.63 KB, 584x316, hollytweets-6-2-2019-2.png)

No. 817006

what are the odds she's pushing the "heidi is an emotional abuser uwu" thing to distract people from the fact that she was (very likely) abusing ross during this same time?

>to help him, help her, and himself.
i'm sure she was concerned with heidi's wellbeing lol

No. 817007

Some thoughts: it amuses me to know that the involved parties have seen these threads, since Holly mentioned lolcow on Twitter before.
You can see by her recent replies that she really thinks that obvious, visible from space manipulative language is making her look good and convincing everyone she's a saint

>I didn't do anything wrong but I'm very sorry that you think I did

>I have no idea what I did but I'm sorry for the people I've hurt, except for the things I'm denying I did which is anything
>I am bird saint

Jared looks like the guy that comes out of the wall in that manga, Amigara Fault. Imagine giving up your career and social life and everything else to bang a lusty scarecrow

No. 817009

I wanna add a weeb comparison of my own, Holly sounds like that apology letter in Cross Ange
>I am guilty of no wrongdoing or misconduct in this incident, and I myself am not to blame in the slightest, so I can improve nothing, but if it may be said that the mere perfection of my existence begat it, then I do offer some apology.

No. 817012


>"I was scared of her after she screamed at me"

>"I stopped talking to her after feb. 2018 because she screamed at me"
>"I didn’t do anything except talk, and have her scream at me"

Bitch, she did NOT 'scream' at you. She clearly texted at you, letting you know her disappointment towards your actions.

No. 817018

She might be talking about the phone call in which Heidi abusively yelled at her to go away and Holly hung up in fear? Considering the context was Holly cheating with her husband, and her phone call was probably disgustingly insincere groveling the way her texts were, 'go away' is the nicest thing Heidi could have said.

No. 817022

File: 1559522652149.jpg (97.07 KB, 531x859, avoidance.JPG)

It would be funny if it wasn't such a blatant crock of shit.
>I'm sorry YOU don't FEEL like I'm trustworthy
>I wan't to stop being a shit head but I'm just so innocent and naive that I just don't understand.
>I'm really sorry for anything you perceived I did but I actually didn't do anything wrong.
>When will my non-apologies be enough for you people?
>I never intended to hurt people, I just accidentally fell on a friends husbands dick.
>Why aren't you buying my bullshit yet?

No. 817025

File: 1559522792811.png (41.84 KB, 580x330, hollytweets-6-2-2019-3.png)

>"She wouldn’t even consider her behavior towards Jared was abusive, which it absolutely was."

Man, I just have NO idea why Heidi was SO mad at her for NO REASON AT ALL…/s

No. 817027

If she is so convinced she did nothing wrong, wtf was she apologizing for?

No. 817029

So her attempt at apology is the same as how she tried painting Heidi as an abuser. Just keep saying it until everyone believes me

No. 817030

File: 1559522963442.jpg (107.08 KB, 675x1200, 1558405708757.jpg)


maybe she meant the phone call this was referring to? which may or may not have been the "I want my husband to think of me not you during sex" phone call?

No. 817031

File: 1559523024915.png (41.56 KB, 580x322, hollyfan.png)


No. 817033

I can't believe how many shots she's taking at her feet. They're like nubs now. Early on, she could've totally gotten out of this relatively unscathed with the right words, like if she went full mea culpa and threw worm man under the bus, but holy shit. She's actually terrible, isn't she. Not even using a shovel, digging her own grave there. Just her weird little badger hands.

No. 817034


Basically "I'm sorry you feel that way" in multiple tweets.

No. 817036

It must be so frustrating for poor Holly, the weak ass manipulation tactics she relied on to keep her friends in line don't work on internet strangers with no emotional attachment to her

No. 817038

File: 1559524142205.png (33.86 KB, 584x298, typo.png)

I think the person who tweeted this accidentally wrote 'holly' instead of 'heidi', but this reminded me of Treesicle's video

>"Now this is where things don't add up; At some point after February 7th 2018 and before February 10th 2018, something happened between Heidi, Holly, and Jared which caused Heidi to get really mad but as well as revoke her blessing on romantic relations between Holly and Jared."

No. 817039

Correct me if I'm wrong, but…Holly and Jared admit feelings for one another, Heidi is not comfortable with that (even IF they didn't have sex yet…emotional cheating is real) and chooses to tell her husband that she's not okay with testing the poly waters anymore. He isn't transparent with her and continues this (again, emotional cheating esp. now that Heidi has retracted her consent for poly) to which Heidi finds out and tells both of them to stop with an angry tone to it. Holly considers her anger about this emotional cheating (which she may have also thought was sexual/going to turn sexual) abuse, and tries to convince Jared that he's being abused and should leave (and presumably be with her). Who's really the manipulator here? I'm thinking both

No. 817040

File: 1559524365165.png (88.08 KB, 734x603, WhyGoBackTosTeAL.PNG)

Oh shit! How could I forget that? Thank you dear anon, this helps me understand the requirements of Holly's VIP List! I should have known being retarded is the #1 requirement, so thank you for the sweet reminder. Much love!

No. 817042

File: 1559524913459.jpg (389.4 KB, 1095x727, Wormus Brainus.jpg)


>I'm sorry if I harmed anyone unintentionally

People are straight up telling her she's hurting people and pointed out the actions she's doing that are manipulative and hurting people but ok

>Intent is the most important thing, I never intended to hurt anyone

>Sorry if I did or my actions were misinterpreted as such
She's literally only sorry that her actions could have been seen as manipulative, which she doesn't believe is even possible and sees it as bullying to say her guilt-tripping is toxic

>If this wasn't enough then what exactly, and how, do you want me to apologize?

She literally thinks she has done everything in her power to genuinely get across that her emotional outbursts aren't harmful (because she decided so) and she's sorry someone could see it that way, and she wonders, "Why, How, What" because she just has no idea what else she could do to make things better!

>I am sorry, to anyone and everyone, if I've cause them pain. I am not sorry for things I didn't do.

"Saying "I'm sorry you feel that way" to someone who has been offended by a statement is a non-apology apology. It does not admit there was anything wrong with the remarks made, and may imply the person took offense for hypersensitive or irrational reasons. Another form of non-apology does not apologize directly to the injured or insulted party, but generically "to anyone who might have been offended".

Statements that use the word "sorry" but do not express responsibility for wrongdoing may be meaningful expressions of regret, but such statements can also be used to elicit forgiveness without acknowledging fault."

She isn't trustworthy because she's willing to gaslight former fans because she considers herself entirely innocent.

No. 817044

hmmm…kind of makes you realize why Ross in that VR video was talking about emotionally abusive relationships.

Speculating, but if this was the kind of shit he had to put up with, I'm glad he got outta of there quick

No. 817046

File: 1559525474871.png (50.67 KB, 584x360, hollycaught.png)

No. 817049

What Holly is either too dense or too dicknotized to realize is that it is very, very obvious that she is omitting information. She has never offered a compelling explanation as to why Heidi is apparently insane and abusive - the only thing she has ever offered was "she screamed at me one time" and some cherry picked texts. No one goes from being a best friend and cosplay buddy to suddenly a shrieking abusive harpy of 7 years. People are going to keep pushing her for the truth as long as she very obviously deflects.

No. 817050

>the only thing she has ever offered was "she screamed at me one time"
this in particular bothered me because in the same receipt she posted for this she admits she too lashed out at Heidi >>817030 Also, Holly saying "I said something stupid" makes me think she probably said something pretty vile to only further provoke Heidi.

No. 817051


She’s an abuser who can forget all the awful things she’s done and is so entitiled to being forgiven, not only from Heidi, but for all the awful shit she’s done to Ross that she’ll never admit to. After all she’s MeNtAlLy UnStAbLe and is so sick of the constant bullying from supporting a pedophile. Poor Holly, how can she cope with all the guilt she doesn’t feel??? Legit sociopath, no actual empathy it’s always been and will only ever been about her.

No. 817052


What I want to know is what the hell happened between February 7th & February 10th?

Also, bear in mind that Jared could've lied to Heidi about Holly saying she was 'abusive' in order to get Heidi nice & triggered.

Wouldn't surprise me if this Heidi vs Holly thing was just
manufactured completely by Jared feeding lies to both of them.

No. 817053


Gonna assume that’s when Heidi found the phone with all the nudes and sexting after she told them to cut the shit and lost it (rightfully so)

No. 817056


Makes sense, since Holly threatened legal action concerning 'revenge-porn' in that same tweet-storm.

No. 817057

>claims to have always been demisexual despite saying she was asexual just 2 weeks ago, but apparently it's on the "asexual spectrum" so it counts

are you shitting me? (not trying to start a tumblr sperg debate just using the 'definition' holly seems to be using) demisexual is explained as no sexual attraction until you already have an intimate emotional connection established. she was married to Ross for multiple years, yet said she "never felt feelings" for anyone until Jared. she didn't wanna bone anyone until Jared because she's ~demi~, meaning she never had that 'connection' before… so Ross was just nothing to her? someone who clearly loved her but she just strung along for years for what? money?

No. 817058


Anon please, this is HOLLY we’re talking about. She’s literally never done anything wrong in her life, the fact that you would even insinuate that is an actual crime and if you don’t stop she’s gonna go back to Weenie Hut General or she’ll hurt herself. Do you want THAT anon? Think about it. Are you hurting or healing?

No. 817059

The nudes and sexting did not happen until October 2018. Heidi found them well after that. So no, that's not it.

No. 817060

That's the implication, yes, and one Holly has never refuted. She unapologetically admits that Jared sparked her first feefees ever.

No. 817061


Wait, did Heidi say the nudes & sexting was from October?

No. 817062

maybe she got her dates wrong again. y'know, like apparently not sleeping with Jared until October 2019

No. 817063

Yes, way back when this shit storm broke she said she found texts and nudes going back to October 2018. Something else happened in Feb 2018 that wasn't the nudes shit.

No. 817065


Either way I highly doubt Heidi flipped her shit over nothing, Holly - I’m very fragile so I’m absolved from everything and the world is out the get me - Conrad is a terrible manipulator. Translucent beyond belief.

No. 817066

>if you don’t stop she’s gonna go back to Weenie Hut General or she’ll hurt herself
actually made me spit out my tea anon.
But Holly admitting guilt when she makes a point of never doing so means she must have supremely fucked up. I wonder if she was the one to plant the "your husband thinks of me when you're having sex" idea in Heidi's brain.

No. 817067

Either they fucked as early as then or did something close to it, and Heidi found out.

No. 817069

What I'll never get over is Holly saying she was scared of Heidi and blah blah… But still carried on with emotional (and then physical) cheating
Those aren't the actions of someone scared. Unless she sees Jared and herself as some fucked up 30 year old nerd Romeo and Juliet.
>our love is too powerful for the wicked Hiedi to stop!

No. 817072

Seriously. If Heidi is so abusive and unstable why the fuck would you continue to risk her wrath? Holly acts like she's truly capable of something hideous yet had no proof except the yelling. They walked all over her and abused her trust because they neither respected nor feared her, simple as.

No. 817073

If Heidi found out they were fucking back in Feb 2018, she probably would have said so… She would have said fucking behind my back for a year vs. months.

Per Heidi's tweets, she was upset because she thought Holly's feelings for Jared were too strong, i.e. stronger than her feelings for Ross. Heidi said that she shut it down before anything physical happened between Holly and Jared.

No. 817074


Remember this?
>"Heidi you're just so pretty it makes me feel scared"

I'm beginning to wonder if Holly was really jealous of Heidi?

It seems like Holly wants to paint Heidi as a 'pretty' girl with an 'ugly' soul, especially since Holly loves to embrace her fugly 'trash-witch' aesthetic…

No. 817075

Maybe they were sending each other I love yous and shit, and that's when Heidi got insecire and shut it down.

No. 817076


I mean she’s just a manipulative cunt at the end of the day.

“Heidi I’m so sorry your so pretty I’m a terrible person” - literally Holly

“I know I’m trash twitter” - literally Holly

“Ross I deserve to die for cheating on you?I’m a terrible waifu Ima go commit die I deserve it” - Holly probably

She does the poor pitiful me act hoping to garner sympathy. But once you go full pedo support no one gives two shits.

No. 817077

I feel like we haven't delved deeper into the VR chat video, and that a lot of people think it could be about the relationship he had before Holly. He explicitly stated that the emotional abuse signs he learned to recognize now can happen to people in their mid twenties (he's 31 now, he was with holly since his mid twenties and on), and she's the only person he dated/been with in his mid-twenties. He was being careful about the language.

And then one of the red flags/signs of emotional abuse he lists off (and the only one he stumbles on and becomes audibly anxious about) is as follows

"provocatie-uh-uh behavior with uh other individuals th-they you may uh-the- person might feel uh competitive with."

This is the only one he falters on, and he is explicitly discussing the issues he had with a mid-twenties relationship (only can be holly). We can assume he did not get permission for the poly relationship, or was coerced into saying yes.

No. 817080

File: 1559528449847.png (51.72 KB, 574x518, grooming.png)


Glad someone finally called out Bork

No. 817081


Between that video and the “I’ve learned how to not hurt others thank you Ross Suzy Arin tweet” it’s pretty obvious she was a terrible fucking mentally/emotionally absuive wife and friend to everyone and still tries to paint herself as some superwoman there to save Jared despite being a humongous cunt lord herself. Go back to the psyche ward Holls, that’s where you belong, you absolute delusional festering maggot of a human being.

No. 817082


Yikes, I can see why Ross won't say anything about this.

You fear Heidi's wrath? what about Holly's wrath?

No. 817083

File: 1559528850233.png (27.8 KB, 576x266, dickenciderbutt1.png)

dickenciderbutt strikes again!

No. 817085

Heidi explained it as Holly having feelings for Jared and only him. So I'm guessing Jared told Heidi that Holly was in love with him. I think Heidi was sold at the idea of Holly and Jared as just being a tryst. Once strong emotional feelings were involved she became upset and it threatened her marriage. The thing she obviously wanted to save, whether poly was Jared's idea or Heidi's, it was always obvious Heidi wanted to keep the marriage intact. She probably realized Holly's manipulation and she was trying to steal her husband not share. She yells at Holly, Holly retaliates by trying to tell Jared to leave Heidi and Jared tells on Holly. Hence you get Holly being regretful. Holly was probably in desperation mode as much as Heidi was. All for a worm that's uglier than sin. Whatever, but clearly Holly admits (whether she wants to say now that it was because she was scared) to Heidi that it was an unfair emotional reaction. She's doing the same with her fans, when she admitted that her "trust me, not some nobody" was an "emotional response." Holly uses tried and true tactics. It's hilarious she pretends she doesn't know what she's doing. They might as well be copy pasta at this point.

No. 817086


Part of me thinks it’s because he’s a gentleman and part of me thinks it’s cause Holly will pull the suicidal card again

“How could you do this to me ross? After all I put you through you treat me like THIS? IM LITERALLY GONNA DIE AND ITLL BE ALL YOUR FAULT”

No. 817088


Yes, the "If I die, my blood is on your hands" threat. Ross knows how sensitive & unstable Holly can be, and because he's such a good fucking guy, he respects that.

No. 817089

Ross has been gaslit to the point that he just wants out. Any person involved in this fuck up would at least save face by saying "she cheated, but we're okay now" or "we ended the marriage but tried to keep appearance until it was final." His silence is obviously because he's confused and emotionally beaten down the point of avoidance. No, he certainly doesn't owe anyone a single word. He did nothing wrong. But he doesn't defend himself, vindicate Holly (if she truly didn't cheat on him) or show any anger that this is coming down on him despite not deserving it. He truly is too kind for his own good and is being taken advantage of. I can only see it was him wanting to do no harm and protect himself by distance.

No. 817090


I think it's safe to say he is still in the middle of being emotional abused, through social tactics. He won't speak on it (for now) because it could make him start all over recovery wise

No. 817091

File: 1559529535642.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1813, 2BA94B40-F7F1-48F1-9FBD-A9A2A8…)


Such a sweetie that blue apron even gave him a heart shaped potato. Our animation WoW boy out there living his best life while hollister is obsessing over a pedo and lolcow.

No. 817092

File: 1559529587968.png (83.02 KB, 731x630, D8F2NbJX4AEKTvB.png)

I also noticed Bork the WK likes to flash this screencap at anyone who doubts the "Heidi's the abuser" narrative…

No. 817093

File: 1559529692518.png (41.8 KB, 590x448, Forrest.png)


…But it seems Bork didn't get the memo that ForrestFurt himself, has since changed his tune…

No. 817094

Bork is so far up her ass, it’s gotta be pretty cozy up there.

No. 817095

Can't be that cozy with Jared's dick in there.

Also I don't get how people can even defend Jared when his former friends/employers have dropped him and were in the process of doing so a month before all of this even happened.

No. 817096

I thought this was obvious. pitting the two women against each other takes the spotlight off him and his much worse behavior. if they're fighting back and forth saying "no, it's YOUR fault!!" then Jared gets to fade into the background and privately deal with his pedophilia and sex addiction, without getting (more) public humiliation, like the women he manipulated into hating each other.

No. 817101

Wonder how long it’s gonna be before propedo gets the cuffs

No. 817103

Our asexual queen Holly would NEVER do anal

No. 817105


Anon are you really questioning Holly’s pan-demi-grey-ace identity during this sacred month of gay which Holly is begging to be apart of? SHAME ON YOU

No. 817112

File: 1559533156091.jpg (94.38 KB, 1080x667, IMG_20190602_233633.jpg)

A+ reply

No. 817113

I can bet every time Jared says he's going to therapy alone and getting help it’s been a Holly hookup

No. 817116


Guarantee that Holly thinks her pussy is therapy.

No. 817120

Holly thinking her dead fish impression in bed could save anyone is fucking hilarious.

No. 817121

Bingo, the deflection is just too strong. And she's still dragging Ross through the mud by tweeting and deleting.

No. 817131


Wait I thought she respected him??? So I guess her cheating, lying, abusing, and suicide-baiting ross isn’t respectful? I have half of a mind to go to twitter and blast her but as someone in ross’ community I don’t want him to have to address this more than he already has or willingly wants to in his own time. I know the rest of us don’t come here to vent but for fucks sake how could she do that and still even think she’s worth anything…

No. 817141

is she STILL doing this? i thought it was just the once when she said she never cheated on him, and then deleted it.

No. 817143

Lmao if you don't want to get yelled at don't fuck your best friend's husband maybe? Idk it's not rocket science here.

No. 817144

Lol this idiot is giving Jared prime material to place the blame on her.
>Holly tricked me into believing I was abused.
>Holly's constant insistence that I had to escape drove me to destructive behaviors.
>I was so in love and easily played.
His rabbid incel supporters would eat it up Hook line and sinker.

No. 817147

File: 1559540757524.jpeg (777.53 KB, 1125x1860, 60C41794-3552-4349-8F83-8E633C…)

No. 817148

File: 1559540872113.jpg (340.05 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20190602_222358.jpg)

Lol this is so spot on.
To Holly valid criticism = abuse.

>Bitch, she did NOT 'scream' at you. She clearly texted at you, letting you know her disappointment towards your actions.
Exactly and in all honesty Heidi managed to keep her cool and articulate her grievances damn well for how fucked up the situation was.

No. 817149

File: 1559540874428.jpeg (351.86 KB, 1125x1073, 2F81730E-3435-4D1F-AB96-CB3653…)

I was so scared of Heidi that I jumped on her husband’s poor abused penis!!

No. 817152

Holly, your abuse is not an excuse to act like a fucking idiot in every social situation that doesn't involve kissing your ass and letting you have your way. If you are this socially stunted after all the therapy you've supposedly gotten then guess what: you didnt learn a single damn thing from it except how to pay lip service to it. You need to get off twitter and check into a DBT center and actually learn some coping skills that aren't hysteria. Your mental problems are not an excuse to act like a cruel, vindictive cunt who supports an unrepentent sex offender, nor do they excuse you from gaslighting and abusing someone who was once your best friend.

God, this bitch was really trying to give out mental help advice when she can't even keep her own life together and completely falls to pieces in the face of criticism? Fuck off.

No. 817153

Whether they're divorced or not, or if she ever loved him or not, seeing as how they ended things amicably there's still an obligation to treat him with respect. Implying he was a cuck, just completely okay with her emotional to actual infidelity, to protect her own image, is absolutely not treating him any sort of respect.

Almost any guy but Ross would have torn her to shreds for that, so the fact that she's only slandering soft targets just makes her a bully as well.

No. 817154

This cow thinks somebody getting upset at her for trying to fuck their partner is abuse. Yeah that itself isn’t abusive or manipulative right?

It’s not abusive at all to convince a wife that she’s a terrible person and even an abuser for not letting you suck her husband’s dick /s

No. 817155

File: 1559541968486.jpg (268.11 KB, 1076x1107, PSX_20190602_225750.jpg)

You have to believe her when she says Heidi is an abuser. After all she was a victim of abuse and manipulation before. there's no way she has fallen into the same pattern of abuse without realizing it. Jared is her poor damaged soulmate after all.

See she had to have sex with Jared in order to save him.

No. 817157

Jesus Christ Holly, no matter how many times you say it, Hiedi telling you sternly not to get romantically involved with her husband is not emotionally abusive. Not to Jared but ESPECIALLY not to you.

Someone being upset at you is not emotional abuse.
Someone criticizing you is not emotional abuse.

I'm sensitive too, I've got a bad past with abuse too, I react badly to things too. But this is was not abusive toward you in any way, no matter how shitty it made you feel at the time.

It was not abuse.

React how you want, but stop mislabeling it. Its embarrassing to say "a lady chastised at me for overstepping my boundaries and now i'm scarred"

No. 817158

Exactly. It's not unreasonable to tell your friend not to try to fuck your husband. That's sheer common fucking sense and Holly's acting like a dense cross-eyed asshole about it.

No. 817159

she doesn't even follow him on social media anymore when he still does with her. even though he's not the one smearing their relationship online. I sincerely doubt she respects or cares about him all at this point, and maybe she never did.

No. 817161

She and Jared are two people who should never be married again because they're completely unfaithful and can't tell the truth to literally save their reputation and career.

No. 817166

Eh, I wouldn't take any umbrage at her not paying attention to his social media though. It would sting like the Dickens to see him moving forward both personally and professionally while she's drowning in her own shit.

No. 817167

This is exactly it. All her apologies are littered with ifs and buts and disclaimers that they end up being "woopsy doopsy lol but it wasn't my fault". And homegirl doesn't understand why people aren't satisfied with this

No. 817177

Every time Holly stops addressing criticism, her whiteknights come out of the shadows to call someone a bully…

Tinfoil: Holly has a group chat with her whiteknights to jump on threads that she feels need to be knocked down a peg. Too bad her defense squad is a bunch of autists.

No. 817178

iirc she stopped following him when Heidi unleashed the shitstorm and he made a statement saying he wanted nothing to do with it, so there might be something there.

No. 817179

Yeah this is what I really don't get and haven't understood during this whole fucking ordeal. Who is so majestically retarded that she'll claim that your friend being mad at you for sleeping with her husband is abusive? Who the fuck does that? I don't think she has apologized for her actions once. I simply don't understand how she can break her radio silence by coming in and saying "Yeah I fucked Heidi's husband but I was only trying to save him from an a-a-abusive relationship, here's a cherrypicked text of her being mad over Jared refusing to discuss the matter as proof of her being a bitchcunt extravaganza!!!". Holly and the people buying it know that it's festering bullshit but choose to take the narrative and run with it because they either hate Heidi, stan Holly or both. Or they hate women in general and naturally choose to side with the manic pixie chick putting it out for their self-insert vidya youtuber.

Additionally her admitting that she was sending Jared articles about abusive relationships just goes off to show that she wasn't an innocent bean being woven into Jared's web, they're both manipulative people building their own version of reality. They both fed each others' habits and built their own reality to justify what they were doing to Heidi. Ross unknowingly dropping vague hints and constantly referring to his life being much better now makes me 100% sure that Holly was one of those high maintenance people who guilt trip their partner into submission with either direct or indirect threats of self harm. Anon >>817090 is right on the money, at first I thought Ross wouldn't speak up because he had some skeletons stuffed in his own closet but after seeing Holly's tactics unfold it must be because he knows what she is capable of and most likely doesn't want to dig up the trauma.

No. 817182


But when Heidi is understandibly angry that you fucked her husband, her emotionally driven actions, words, and private FB posts are actually abusive proof!
You were close, SO CLOSE
I love the hypocrisy she seems to muster up with every new post.
So she claims shes not emotionally capable of dealing with these situations because of her previous abuse BUT has been acting like an authority with her Mental Health Monday and constant uwu Twitter bullshit.
Also, if you're so bad at dealing with this stuff, why did you even try to 'save' Jared from his terrible abusive wife!? Any sane person would get him help if they didn't feel confident with this stuff!! But of course it's no a sane decision because it's just a lie she purports to keep herself from having to acknowledge any wrongdoing

No. 817188

I dont think theres some big tinfoil hat reason why Ross has been so silent about this. It's probably just that his therapist has told him to sever all ties with her so he doesnt think about her and be able to move on.
Ross has always been incredibly doting to Holly, you can see a year ago when anyone ever said anything mean to her, he'd come in and threaten people for shittalking his wife. He really cared about Holly and I'm absolutely sure she preyed on that feeling. Probably took complete advantage of that which is incredibly emotionally abusive.
Even if things between Ross and Holly were left amicably, I'm sure Ross would still be online doting on her as her good friend, but he hasn't been doing that because his therapist told him that itd be harmful and in the way of recovery.

No. 817190


I don’t think she’s lying about the abuse she’s received as a child but it’s very telling that she’s only talking about them now (before she only danced around her ptsd) when she’s under pressure for protecting a pedophile. Manipulate manipulate manipulate. Being a former csa survivor doesn’t mean you can excuse Jared, trash witch, stop trying to make people feel bad for you.

Maybe she should go full Kevin Spacey and choose to live her life as a gay man now.

No. 817192

lol well she's got the man part down pat with her Peter Falk impression

No. 817193


He hasn’t gone to a therapist yet but he’s going soon, he’s said he’s needed one for a while….I wonder why….. truly a mystery…. couldn’t be Holly despite admitting her own “hurtful” behavior but she’s a SURVIVOR so everything she does is excusable unlike Heidi who is evil and needs to shut her mouth about being gaslit and lied to.

No. 817194

File: 1559547909203.jpeg (430.58 KB, 1242x697, FB65161E-69DE-47B1-9349-5D9D0E…)

Then: it was me

Now: it’s everyone else except me and Jared.

No. 817196

>June 6th, 2018
>still with Ross and still fucking around with Jared after Heidi asked them to stop
I wonder why Holly is ”miserable”

No. 817201


“Hurt everyone else around you so much you lose everything”

She ain’t wrong, she lost everything good in her life, no husband, no job, no love, only fans and friends left are those too pathetic to open their eyes and realize their birb fucked up beyond repair reveiling herself as a complete fraud, reduced to defending pedophilia on twitter and desperately trying to piece together a broken life she created.

No. 817202

I read this tweet without seeing the caption or noticing the date and I was like "Woah, is she snapping out of it? Is she seeing reason and playing nice now?"
This is sad. Over the past year she's actually managed to convince herself she's in the right.

No. 817206


Or it was another public attempt to guilt her friends into not going public with what she’s done.

No. 817211

Imagine being this toxic to where your partner and his friends have to intervene to try and stop the damage you're causing.

No. 817216


you literally just had to read the next post


No. 817219

I need help with a thing because my dyslexia is bad with numbers: Chai's accusations towards Jared were 2018 or 2019? I mean, did he send his email to normalboots one year ago, or was it oddly around the same time as the divorce was to happen? Not saying theres a conspiracy, just 1) i hope normalboots didnt sit for more than one year knowing one of his biggest contributors was allegedly solliciting nudes from minors, 2) goddamn the timing woulda been just perfect

No. 817222

The whole situation with Chai-Charley-Jared happened in 2017. NormalBoots’ management/manager(?) found out about it April 2019. So they only had the information for a month.

No. 817227

It's kind of baffling to me that Holly is so far gone that she can't realize that Heidi lashed out at Jared due to months, and possibly years of abuse from him. He was a neglectful husband who used his power to get sexual with fans both online and in real life. When Heidi begged him to talk to her he ignored her until she lashed out. But since Heidi doesn't cower in the face of someone raising their voice she isn't a good enough abuse victim for Holly.

No. 817230

Tbh holly comes off as someone who screams abuse as soon as someone suggests she might not be 100% in the right. Heidi couldnt possibly have good reasons for fearing for her marriage, she was abusive for not calming asking her to maybe if it wasnt much bother to stop mayhaps swapping nudes with her husband?
Can you imagine going to the store with her "the mcdonalds clerk is abusing me because they have pepsi instead of coke!!!"

No. 817234

She fully realizes it, it's not like she's that retarded. She just doesn't care. I even doubt she did enough mental gymnastics to believe that she was actually helping the poor abused Jared out of a bad relationship by fucking him. To me it just seems like she doesn't give a shit and is entitled enough to believe that she has the right to be immoral because she herself has suffered through bad things in her life.

No. 817237

This. She definitely knows she fucked up, but she has to make excuses because she's desperate to justify to her audience why she's in love with a cheating pedophile because she's obsessed with him. As soon as their toxic relationship inevitably falls apart she'll be back whining that he abused an gaslit her.

No. 817239

File: 1559566033078.jpg (75.97 KB, 750x630, PSX_20190603_084320.jpg)

>claims to have always been demisexual despite saying she was asexual just 2 weeks ago, but apparently it's on the "asexual spectrum" so it counts

Just remembered this back when I was still a fan of Holly. I'm not an expert on sexuality or anything, but in my mind pan and Ace/Demi are pretty different. Also kind of telling that she's been advertising that she's attracted to people other than her own (ex)husband for quite some time.

No. 817240


Whatever underlying issues of abuse she has from her mom she is taking out on Heidi. Poor Ross probably had to tip toe around her and never speak up for himself in case it sent poor uwu Holly spiraling. Now that Ross is gone and Heidi is done acknowledging the situation Holly is going to be looking for her next person to dump all her mental issues on. Jared isn't going to deal with it.

No. 817242

Jared thinks that Heidi wanting to talk about her feelings and not wanting to be ignored all day is controlling and abusive, so he’s definitely not going to be understanding of Holly’s avalanche of mental health issues. I bet that all their uwu healing conversations previously centred around Jared’s super complex fuckboy feelings while Holly sat around feeling special that he trusted and confided in her. As soon as Jared is expected to reciprocate and support her with her problems, he will start stonewalling her and go looking for a new MPDG to massage his ego.

No. 817243

The way Holly reacts to everything really makes me question whether or not she's ever actually had professional help for her issues before. The things she says and the actions she takes really make it seem like she never actually got therapy for anything she dealt with in childhood, and instead has relied on years of pseudo-help from cheap books and popsci articles to delude herself into thinking she's making progress "on her own strength" or whatever. Kinda in the same way as how most people on tumblr think reblogging validation posts and high-fiving each other will somehow fix their deep-seated issues.

I mean it's either that, or she did try to get help but she had the gall to think she knows better how to fix herself than medical professionals and ignored everything point blank. I can't think of any other reason for someone to be actively contradictory and completely self-assured at the same time.

No. 817244


I wouldn't have called demi part of the ace umbrella tbh. I feel like putting demi under an ace umbrella implies that anyone outside of it is a sexual beast with a constant thirst. I get the need for labels; when you feel a certain way that seems "off the norm", you use a word to describe it, and someone else is like hey, same here! and so things spread.

Holly has stated she's


Whenever it fits her narrative more. Pansexual and demisexual directly contradict asexual. Sorry Holly, but even "demis" can have sexual attraction to someone. If you're ace, it's implied you just don't feel the sexy itch for other people. Whether some do it sometimes to please their partners is their own personal choice, but it doesn't mean they suddenly discovered their libido. And yeah sometimes people meet someone they become attracted to, you ARE allowed to change when things in your life change. You are clearly shady if you basically play a "pin the nail on the donkey" of sexualities when it suits you.

Any anons with thorns in their asses don't come at me with "stop being tumblr" insults, this isn't about the sexualities themselves, this is how Holly can't stick to one narrative or at least even if she did change, she did so organically and not like a Sexuality Spin the Wheel. Her using those terms whenever she feels like directly damages her integrity

No. 817245

love how Holly keeps playing ignorant, pretending that she doesn't know what shes doing wrong and "please tell me I don't understand how im hurting people! uwu". meanwhile everyone is screaming TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY, but thats not what she wants to hear so of course she ignores that.
Holly, It's kinda telling when you are trying to play dumb if you are asking people to tell you how to fix your shit, but then ignore what they are telling you because you simply don't want to do it. no one is that fucking stupid unless they are trying hard.

No. 817246

If you ask me they're all just new and fancy ways of saying that you're bi. If you find one that you like though, good for you, I'll respect that. Yay to being an ally, etc. The sticky thing about Holly is she keeps on flipping between them likes she's looking for a magic word that excuses all her actions.

No. 817247

Seriously. Gotta love how he thought Heidi was the crazy one yet Holly literally checked herself into a mental hospital because people criticized her on the internet. Have fun with that, ratdick.

Agreed. If she ever went to therapy it was 100% talk therapy and not actually the behavioral therapy she desperately needs.

No. 817248


She ignores anyone who presents a good argument against what she is saying that she can't explain away. Notice how she will not even acknowledge the people who try to say Heidi could have been abused. She won't even accept the idea that Heidi could be a victim. Only her poor Jared.

No. 817249

I imagine holly treats therapy the same way Dee from iasip treats therapy, honestly. you can bring a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

No. 817250

this bitch is so much tumblr i can't even deal with her ass. good thing she digs herself deeper into a grave with each word she utters, i just can not wait for her to be over.

No. 817252


Sure she's pansexual. Fucking vomit.

I'm pansexual, and there is no fucking way I would have ever described myself, at any point, as asexual/aromantic or even demisexual. There's such a night-and-day difference there, it's astounding.

Holly is just desperately grasping at Straight White Girl Specialness Points now. We the queer community do not want your consent-ignoring fuckwitted ass. Fuck all the way off to your pigeon-shit laden dumpster of a home, Holly.

No. 817255


She is basically over now. Instead of trying to salvage her career by either apologizing for her part in this or taking an extended hiatus she has decided to double down on protecting a sexual abuser. She'll be remembered as an adulterer and an abuse enabler. Jared's career is absolutely done. He'll never be able to make a comeback between the cheating, sexual abuse and manipulation, and the nude photos. Holly is going to be a constant reminder to him that his life is ruined and he'll bail. She ruined her life for him.

Mario Maker 2 comes out this month. Ross is going to get a huge spotlight because of his level design. Heidi is already moving on to new projects and attempting to live her best life. They both won big in the end by being betrayed by Holly and Jared.

No. 817258

>He'll never be able to make a comeback between the cheating, sexual abuse and manipulation, and the nude photos.
I really want to agree with you because he doesn't deserve to benefit off others ever again, but he's a man. People give men slack for everything eventually.

No. 817260


Especially since it was teenage chicks and not little boys he was chasing. There's a reason "barely legal" is such a popular porn category, and there's no shortage of dudes willing to give Jared as many passes as he wants for "just chasing young tail because that's just natural male behavior".

Holly on the other hand has shown herself up to be unstable mentally and a compulsive liar and manipulator - as well as a messy employee. A PR nightmare. Work may just dry up for her for good at least with jobs that would put her in the public eye.

No. 817264

Barely legal implies legal.It's gross, but not immoral. Not legal is not legal. It's gross and immoral. He'll still have some supporters, with the bulk of them being in the pedo club themselves, but I'll always block my ears and go lalalala if there's enough to stay afloat.

His one leg up on Holly with it comes to the PR game is he's not an enormous retard that keeps running his retard mouth.

No. 817272

File: 1559574694528.jpeg (452.5 KB, 1242x1317, F45FFDC1-6D4B-4CD2-8476-D2A1C8…)

So there’s this small proprojared subreddit that’s full of wks.
Someone is actually tinfoiling about Heidi having groomed Nulyu? Where is that coming from?

No. 817275

File: 1559575164729.gif (1.22 MB, 245x135, 2k1e6vtgtgf11.gif)


No. 817276

>grooming nulyu for sexual favors
i'm sorry, is this the subreddit that takes things that jared did and replaces his name with heidi's?! nulyu doesn't look underage and he doesn't look very romantic with heidi, where the literal shit is this person getting their alternative facts?
i guess i'll go fuck myself for expecting sanity from anything that comes out of a subreddit called PROprojared. jesus fucking christ

No. 817278

Regardless of what's being said can we all agree that the hashtag is epic lol "HeidingTheTruth"

No. 817286

>Unless she sees Jared and herself as some fucked up 30 year old nerd Romeo and Juliet.

She totally does, because that's apparently how their D&D characters were described: from two long-warring families, and if they hook-up the ~world will end~

She sees it as some kind of pathetic romantic tragedy playing out in real life.

No. 817288

I wasn't aware of this detail and it just adds so much cringe to this whole story. These people are in their thirties, for fuck's sake, it's a cringy thing to do even if you're 17 and don't know better yet! What the fuck!

No. 817298

>where is that coming from?
a desperation to absolve “good boy who did nothing wrong” jared of all these nasty allegations that are ruining the funny video game man’s reputation.

every twitter result for “heidi nulyu” or “atelierheidi nulyu” are either instagram screenshots confirming they did date like that’s breaking news, or holly’s whiteknights getting angry about it. not a single result saying “i saw heidi do x to nulyu at this con” or “i’m nulyu’s friend and heidi was abusing him for months on end.” nulyu really just seems like his only relevance here is that he was heidi’s boyfriend for a bit, but not that he was a victim.

No. 817301

Still, if he goes to jail for grooming and possession, he’s done. I don’t know about the States, but in my country you’ll get some slack for posession of teen pictures (smaller jail time), but after that you’re guaranteed to zero job opportunities. It’s a huge stigma and you might be able to work low-paying manual jobs or work illegally, but that’s it. Unless you got a shitton of money you’re toast.

No. 817303

OT but what is that picture

No. 817304

that's dasha from the red scare podcast acting aloof to troll an infowars interviewer

No. 817306

I saw a snippet of one of the sessions where they're talking about making a new family or whatever. The whole conversation around it was mind numbing… Who the fuck wrote that plotline?

Read up on moral vs ethical vs legal please.

No. 817308

She said October but she didn't say if it was 2017 or 2018. 2018 makes the most sense with what Holly admitted and with Heidi saying she had been sitting on that info for 6 months

No. 817314

So many tweets that aged like milk

No. 817316

you bet. if there's one thing i've learned from this whole fucked mess, it's that people who yell the loudest about being a saint are most of the time compensating for being a horrid, horrid human being.

No. 817317

So she "groomed" a 24 year old? Aight

No. 817322

Ross and Heidi are clearly adults in the end. Even if dirt comes out about Ross, he's dealing with it as professionally by not finger point like Holly or making excuses. Heidi, didn't make excuses and despite saying she was a victim of Jared's abuse, said she was distancing herself, and took ownership of the petty things she did do. Holly has refused to do this. Even better is that Heidi found out that the scandal was affecting Jared's friends who didn't deserve it so moved on. I think she posted a few tweets acknowledging show she shouldn't comment anymore but wanted to clear up Holly's dumbass responses. I just think Heidi deserves some credit for dropping everything because she realized it's hurting individuals. I'm sure she apologized to them outside the public eye. Something Holly should do, but she's too busy talking about teenagers being liars and not feeling sorry them while talking about how she's not responsible for anything because she's so fragile.

No. 817324

Pansexuality is a shitty meme and Holly is the fucking epitome of every girl who calls herself a ~pansexual~: an unstable, attention whoring straight girl who wants LGB brownie points but doesn't want to bear the burden of actually BEING gay or bi, and faking being a bisexual is for Stacies.

No. 817325

Fucking hell i hate Americans having all this pop-psych vocabulary because of years of tv. Grooming? He's younger than her but no minor, jesus. Just like holly calling a shitty relationship on its last leg "abusive"

No. 817326

Ok thats fair lol

No. 817336


lmao Dat REACH bro!

No. 817339


That smacks of some hardcore projection (projaredtion? ew) by either Holly or her lil flying monkeys

It's so transparent. All "look look, Heidi may have perhaps possibly gone to cons and been inappropriate? it's not impossible amirite? PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE KIDDIE DIDDLING WEASEL BOY BEHIND THE CURTAIN"

No. 817342


lmao, lets just hope that Heidi continues to ignore the bullshit.

Who wants to bet that if Holly see's someone saying this, she'll retweet & cling to the SHIT out of it???

No. 817344

>If this fake story is true(it's not), then what other fake story could be true!!!
>she's no angel uwu

Not only can you not groom an adult, this redditor is just trying to get people to start spreading even more rumors. I hate that they're trying to momo her. At least momo deserved it.

No. 817345

File: 1559584653406.jpeg (138.97 KB, 640x707, E99BCB97-AF15-4960-921B-1F4A65…)

Found this chart in one of the twitter threads responding to her bad apologies and marked it up. She damn near covered the whole board.

No. 817347

I think you missed a few, anon.

No. 817348

anon you missed so many lmfao, i think the only one holly left is self-aggrandizing because wk's eat up self-deprecation so much more greedily. the nasty slut did literally everything else

No. 817349


Wouldn't be surprised if Holly takes this 'theory' & runs with it on twitter (if she already hasn't), thus letting her WKs spread it around like wildfire…

No. 817350

I knew I missed some, but I just wanted highlight the most egregious

No. 817352


"The goal of my content-…"

No. 817354

File: 1559585524427.png (57.94 KB, 684x450, PULL4.png)

I love PULL

No. 817360

File: 1559586119951.png (53.35 KB, 584x468, hollysmom.png)


Heidi is NOT your abusive-mother. This is a completely different situation. If you were so triggered that your first instinct was to 'rebel' or to do shit just to spite her, that's still on you.

…And I see you've chosen to continue painting Heidi as abusive, even though she had every right to be mad at you.

No. 817367

File: 1559586709764.png (51.49 KB, 596x526, transference.png)

No. 817369

File: 1559587060858.png (41.4 KB, 588x292, ugh.png)

No. 817370

File: 1559587158819.jpeg (181.94 KB, 640x707, 1559584653406.jpeg)

Here's an update anon. I'm giving Holly the "with all due respect" slot out of pity. But at the rate she's going, I'm sure it'll be full before the day is up. I wonder what we win for a full BINGO.

No. 817372


Fucking called it. Holly really is deep within the mommy-wife mindset where Heidi is the mean domineering evil mom who just abuses everyone unfairly and she the smol uwu bean who cannot help but suffer and react.

No. 817373

I can totally buy that she responds extremely poorly to aggressive confrontation (or confrontation at all) due to her past but to call it "abuse" is her manipulation at work as usual. You don't have to be abused to be upset or triggered, Holly. There are ways to explain why you managed the situation poorly due to past experiences but still take responsibility. That is what adults do.

Just say you reacted like a baby and that she wasn't in the fucking wrong for being mad at you, you stupid goblin of a woman.

No. 817375


Holly believes the way she reacts to abuse is the only legitimate way to act. She can't understand Heidi lashing out at Jared for his constant abuse is a valid response as well. He neglected and ignored Heidi so much that she made threats just to get a response. Notice how fast he replied to her when she threatened to come out with the truth? How many messages he ignored until she finally put her foot down? Heidi's messages were so obviously that of a woman fed up and tired. Holly can't understand that though because only her way of handling abuse is valid in her eyes.

No. 817377

Seriously. I grew up in an abusive home and as a result I am very quick to cry and cower if someone even slightly raises their voice at me. However, I'm very aware that this is my own problem and that people are allowed to respond to situations with anger and frustration and they aren't being abusive just because they are mad. In the moment I feel fear but I'm able to process the situation and realize where my reaction stems from. It's pretty obvious to me that Holly never sought real help for her childhood and probably just went to some bullshit mental health guru with no real qualifications.

No. 817379


"uwuwuwuwuwu feel sowwy about me, muh bird tweets uwuwuwuwuwu"

No. 817380


If she admits that Heidi's lashing out on Jared is valid, she will have to admit Jared is a shitty person and she can't do that since Diath is her true love who can't do now wron- OOPS I MEANT JARED

No. 817381

Calling herself a hero that only wanted to save him isn't self-aggrandizing?

No. 817382

whenever she puts her foot in her mouth and gets called out hard for it she always follows it up with some bird spam to try and draw attention away from her bs.

No. 817384

Holly is an insecure cunt. Sending someone's husband you want to fuck articles about abuse and insinuating it all matches up with his wife. "Jared it's so scary that Heidi displays anger in front of you!! I would never do that uwu, you could never upset me! I could never be mad at you! I forgive all your mistakes. Who am I to judge you for fucking fans when I was sexting you? Heidi is abusive for not being happy with our emotional cheating!!"

Holly is such a freak bitch. Their affair did lead them to fucking each other and having an emotional relationship behind Heidi's back otherwise why would she have flipped the fuck out? They were married and suppose to be honest with each other! Having a partner lie to your face hurts like fuck, him lying about having romantic feelings for Holly would have killed when she found all the nudes and evidence of other shit.

Holly is an egocentric bitch. Glad Jared isn't even faithful to her

No. 817386

Damn I know it's been said, but poor Ross for having to deal with this shitty argument style privately for years.

No. 817387

Her mistake is that she is trying to bring Heidi down and completely absolve herself and Jared of any wrongdoing. If she presented a more mixed bag of judgments and accepted that they went behind her back and were stonewalling her, she could still come out of this harmed far less. There are ways to own up to things like avoiding confrontation when it hurts someone, or mistakenly judging someone as abusive. She could end it on a note of trying to correct her gut reaction and try to override the desire to shrink and ask for pity.

Just be honest and real tbh.

No. 817389

File: 1559589074613.jpeg (205.66 KB, 1242x1006, 07B98BDA-D9C6-4717-8E14-227D87…)

One last thing on this, a further nail on the coffin on her having never actually gone to therapy or spoken to a mental health expert, is the tweet where she states “Intent is always the most important thing.” That is something any therapist that deals with mentally unstable individuals who may lash out to nEver believe. Intent is important sometimes, but usually never for apologies.

The road to evil is paved with good intentions, and people who have mental illnesses that alter the way they behave in social settings are often instructed to focus on the outcome of their negative interactions, not what they “meant.”

No. 817395


“Your honor I didn’t intend to kill him I was just angry, everybody makes mistakes”

“Oh well in that case you’re free to go, case dismissed”

No. 817398

I mean… premeditated murder and emotionally charged murder can have different sentences. A better sarcastic analogy would be “Your honor I didn’t intend to kill him I was just angry, also ignore this wake of people that I've killed, along with these plans and timelines."

No. 817400


Is calling Jared's underage victims liars a good intent too?

No. 817402

>Intent in the most important thing
I'm 100% sure Holly has tweeted about and spoken about how people can hurt others without intention
Her mother was mentally ill, so Holly has to forgive her because her mom didn't intend to hurt Holly. Right? Your words, Holly.
I can't believe this bitch was big in the mental health community

No. 817404

File: 1559590981077.png (1.23 MB, 1024x512, the-speed-of-trust-summary-102…)


Holly you might wanna print and frame this one to stare at until you become familiar with the concept

No. 817405

Does she really think anyone believes she didn’t intend to hurt Heidi? Or does she not matter cause she’s “abusive” ?

No. 817407

Holly really should just delete all her social media and find a job in the real world, doubt she has any hirable skills though.

No. 817408

She totally liked those tweets armchair diagnosing Heidi with Cluster B personality disorders to help Heidi ~heal~ UwU

No. 817410

Wow, this statement. It's scary when a person turns out to be completely different to the character they portrayed - especially one who was a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health.

Her behaviour reminds me of my ex: the gaslighting, the faux apologies and manipulation. Back then I remember looking up to Holly and Ross and wishing my relationship was like theirs.. 'you all know me' - turns out that no, we do not know you at all Holly.

No. 817411

File: 1559591833462.jpg (77.14 KB, 608x611, take notes holly.JPG)

It's like night and day when you compare all of Holly's non-apology apologies to how Heidi is able to own her faults like a real adult. Really goes to show how Holly has the mentality of a teenager …which probably explains why Jared was so into her.

No. 817412

I’m sure Hitler thought his intentions were good too. Shut the fuck up, Holly.

No. 817415

Holly really is showing signs of such instability and narcissism that I'm wondering if we won't have another lolcow proper on our hands once the dust has settled with the PedoJared investigation and the divorce proceedings. It's clear she can't be her own best friend and stfu, and that she's not near as clever as she thinks she is… narcs seldom are. It'll be interesting to see how Holly goes on.

No. 817416

I'm sure Donald Trump's intentions are 100% good too - Holly can empathise with him now, they're both just trying to live their lives in a storm of of shitty internet bullying.

No. 817417

It's weird how she just flew under everyone's radar for so long, especially because it's so apparent now.

No. 817419

If Holly truly thought Heidi was mentally ill and was the mental health uwu guru she claims, wouldn't she be more concerned or at least, not attack Heidi if she supposedly cares about "love don't hate" "i didn't have bad intentions" perspective that she keeps blabbing about?

Also, compared to Heidi who is honest about her bad behavior having effects on others and being sympathetic like here >>817411, Holly still has yet to give a REAL apology to her fans.

Read the subreddit for DCA and you'll see a lot of depressed posting over the show being on hiatus, that they can no longer enjoy it because of what her and Jared did. She hasn't even addressed DCA besides for that selfish tweet about how "her character's story isn't over yet". That's all you have to say to these people who have watched so many episodes and dedicated so much time to make art of your character? She's such an ungrateful bitch, I'm honestly shocked. It seems like she's the one who learned abusive actions from her mother, not how to deal with them.

No. 817421

This is Holly being retarded. How is calling someone an abuser not hurtful?

"I looked up some articles Holly and it seems like you're an inbred, cross-eyed dumbfuck who can't take responsibility for a single thing, you just place that blame on others like a professional victim. I didn't intend to hurt you with this, but it's true!" This is how ridiculous she sounds.

No. 817424

Anon, this is really interesting to me because whenever I looked at Ross/Holly's relationship, I never understood why they were married. They seemed rather disinterested in each other from what they portrayed online. Genuinely curious what stood out to you as their marriage being a desirable relationship.

No. 817425


nayrt, but for me it was endearing how much Ross clearly cared for her. He spoke of her so highly and with so much respect. "My wife, Holly" was a common sentence for him and he was basically goals since Holly was a nerdy female with interests and mental health issues and Ross didn't "ewwww" out of it, nor did he discourage her from her hobbies, and he didn't ban her from having her pigeon coop or birds, even when their cat Orpheus wasn't allowed near some of them.

Holly seemed generally aloof in her videos so I assumed she was this way about everyone and everything and there was something in her that Ross saw. I never really heard her say much about Ross as a husband/good person, but you didn't really hear her say much about anyone, so I took it more as a personality rather than her being shitty

No. 817426

>She wouldn't accept an apology
Yeah, and that's when you stop doing whatever you're doing. Heidi doesn't have accept anything from someone who's partaking in an affair with her husband. Holly thinks everyone needs to accept her or else they're the worst people. Guess what, Holly? People don't have to accept you. At all. For any reason. That's the point when you're supposed to walk away, but Holly can't do that. She has to SAVE Jared because she can't have sex with him on behalf of his wife. KEK.

No. 817428

Thanks for explaining, Anon. Never thought about it that way, maybe I mostly saw Holly's disinterest in the relationship and projected it onto Ross. But you're right. I remember Ross constantly going "my wife, Holly" or "my beautiful wife, Holly". Makes you think.

No. 817433

not really any new information but I was going through holly's videos, and this vlog of holly and ross visiting ireland, yikes

ross is so quiet, vague, walking in front of her, barely interacting, monotone, flat, meanwhile holly is talking on and on about stuff

this video was uploaded july 2017, and this must have been a tough time for ross because he is not the loud energetic guy we know from game grumps, it's depressing

No. 817439


That video is better than the Taco Bell one in terms of her attitude, in that video she was a giant bitch the whole time. The funny thing is it was on her channel, why put a video up that makes you look bad?

No. 817443

She keeps forgetting that no one is obligated to accept an apology from anyone. But because she's Holly, who thinks she's the greatest piece of shit to ever lick Jared's birdhole and everyone "knows" her, then everyone must accept her apology.

No. 817444

At the time I thought it was supposed to be like the classic comedy trope of 'beligured wife pretends to put up with hyper husband's antics' but knowing that Holly can actually be pretty bitchy puts a damper on the whole thing

No. 817446

When it came out, I thought she was being grumpy about taco bell as an act. Like she knew that he was excited, but she was going "blaahh alright already" to pull his leg. My husband and I joke around like that, but it's always understood that we support each other. I didn't know she was actually a terrible person that actually looked down on him.

No. 817448


holly often berated ross in her videos, "ross is being annoying" was a phrase I'd heard a lot. Even in GG he was infamous for being the troll persona, for doing stupid shit and wasting time or acting immature. when ross and dan first started steam train (and dan was new to the channel) they were playing castle crashers and dan's only request was to save the blonde princess (cause dan has a thing for long blonde hair) and ross was like "nope" and there was an actual back and forth about it and ross kept saying "no man I'm not gonna give her to you, you should earn her" and tbh even now it just seems like a petty reason to annoy someone, just let dan have the damn princess ffs

so I think that in general because he had that reputation and "goddammit ross" persona, her uploading that video made her seem like the "sane" one of the two and ross as the manchild who did random bullshit or couldn't stay serious for one second

No. 817450

entire bar is singing can't help falling in love, Ross joins in, Holly: can they sing something else specifically to my taste???

No. 817452

Not sure if it’s been mentioned but disabled comments on all her videos. She’s truly a chicken shit of a person.

No. 817454

The entire video Ross looks like he deeply regrets bringing Holly along on this trip.

No. 817455

I think this was back in 2015-2016 so a little while ago now, but I liked how they interacted with each other and how they seemed to balance each other out. I also really admired the way Ross was so supportive of Holly, something that I particularly lacked in my previous relationship.

This anon mirrored my thoughts exactly! I guess a lot of people thought the same and that's why so many were shocked when they announced their divorce?

Looking back, I didn't have a very good understanding of what made a healthy relationship. Ross gives some really good advice in the VR chat video, it's nice to think that out of all this mess he might help other people who are also in toxic relationships.

No. 817457

I wonder if the reason Arin flipped out on people saying ‘God Dammit, Ross’ during one of their live-streams was because he feels bad that Game Grumps started that whole joke, enabling Holly to make fun of Ross more by playing the ‘sane’ partner. Arin and Suzy were also pretty quick to unfollow her on twitter. I’m not their biggest fan, but they seem like good friends.

No. 817459


honestly go to any mortem3r video that has both arin and suzy in it, the difference is night and day. we may complain about suzy and her antics, and arin isn't innocent either, but goddamn the huge difference in quality of marriage is insane, they clearly still enjoy each other's company and support each other

No. 817465

Do anons really buy Heidis act?

No. 817469


Begone Scrot!

No. 817472


You can say a lot about Suzy and Arin but at the end of the day if they lost everything they’d still be happy because they have each other. Looking back at Ross and Holly, that could never be the case because Holly is a constantly miserable person.

No. 817473


No. 817477

at least sage your retardation when you come in here to lick holly’s nasty asshole you pathetic whiteknight

nobody here buys holly’s pathetic manipulation, unlike you, and at least Heidi owns up to making mistakes, unlike your uwu mental health birb bean qween

No. 817479

They've mentioned a lot in the past that they regret going with the Goddammit, Ross bit because it kinda turned Ross into "the Meg" of GG
Specifically a panel where someone brought a gift to every Grump but when they got to Ross they said something like "nothing for you Ross! Fuck you! Goddammit Ross!" and Ross said that really fucked with him
From then on they stopped making inside/personal jokes into GG memes because people are idiots and take it too far

No. 817480

Begone Scrot!

No. 817481

File: 1559597528057.png (34.22 KB, 572x344, Paladinlmao.png)

Holly WK 'PaladinIvresse' here is the same moron who said "This is why school-shootings happen!"

Dude's loaded with absolute zingers that no one will recover from! /s

No. 817482

File: 1559597723165.png (23.87 KB, 414x302, Paladinlmao1.png)


…You must ask yourself, PaladinIvresse, are you healing? or hurting?

No. 817484

File: 1559597831912.png (31.28 KB, 416x334, PaladinSchoolShootings1.png)


I see that he still thinks his 'school shootings' line packs a punch…

No. 817486


“Go to a brothel”

Oooo a fun fun incel projecting being angry with being sex-deprived.

No. 817487


Oof. Holly attracts real winners.

No. 817488

maybe not worth bringing up but i think it's funny that holly made such a big deal of being like "i'm going to the desert for a while!" implying she was going on an extended break to heal in nature or whatever and it ended up being a weekend trip… lmao

No. 817489


Just realized he didn’t call us school shooters but that we CREATE school shooters. Lol everyone gets bullied but only deranged loons decide to mass-murder because of it. Roger Elliott over here is really something.

No. 817490


Christ this WK

He knows she isn’t interested in him right?

No. 817491

Watch him shoot up a school for the favor of his pigeon hobbit-goddess.

No. 817493


You never know anon she does like to “fix” damaged people with zero redeeming qualities, I think he’s got a shot but he’s gotta start grooming kids to really give that wow factor she’s lookin for.

No. 817494

File: 1559598416288.png (232.59 KB, 420x420, edge.png)

why are so many of Holly's wk giant edgelords? Are they defending her because they hate Heidi for being a WHORE GOLD DIGGER or do they actually want ProMOMO's sloppy seconds?

No. 817495


You know what you’re right as I realize holly standards are pretty low

Heck, he may also need to mention how he likes birds as well and she’s got a winner

No. 817498

Someone should really report this guy for talking about school shootings in every fucking tweet.

No. 817499

File: 1559599175498.jpg (30.32 KB, 500x374, tumblr_plhmxasyT31uipt0u_540.j…)

Can someone shoop Holly into this?

No. 817500

>Hey fucktard, you're being reported to the police
I'm having Jessie slaughter flashbacks now, thanks for the laughs anon.

No. 817501

File: 1559599200128.gif (970.2 KB, 320x388, TinyMajorClam-small.gif)

her face is so doughy and lifeless. She can make the movements but there is no emotion. Especially in that video with Ross where she is so dismissive of him she just looks like a dead fish

No. 817503


"The highest authority of cyber-police!"

No. 817504

Here's a question about DCA…was it even good? I know it's sad for those who enjoyed it, but comparatively speaking, did it really add to the D&D community's quality gaming?

No. 817505

>asexual spectrum

More like the fucking autism spectrum. Surprised she hasnt pulled that out her ass yet.

No. 817506


"The highest authority of cyber-police!"

No. 817507

Here's a question about DCA…was it even good? I know it's sad for those who enjoyed it, but comparatively speaking, did it really add to the D&D community's quality gaming?

No. 817509

File: 1559599362620.png (204.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190603-175946.png)

Looks like her Etsy is back up.

No. 817512

Reminder that we're talking about a grown woman in her mid 30s fantasizing about this shit.

No. 817514


…Also, Holly is 33-years-old, I don't think she'll be shooting-up any schools.

No. 817515


Not even close to the popularity of Critical Roll or The Adventure Zone, but it had a lot of potential. Until Jared (and Holly) ruined it for everyone.

No. 817517

I hope this bitch gets dragged for years. She fucked up both a marriage and a friendship. She's absolute garbage. She needs to be called out for being 33, but acting like a young teen. she knows exactly what's going on.

No. 817518

Two! Two mawwiages! AH AH AHHH

No. 817521


> ross kept saying "no man I'm not gonna give her to you, you should earn her"

People here seem to like Ross, but he said a lot of sexist shit on steam train, especially in the very beginning. I remember a play of King's Quest and he kept talking about how the Owl character was a 'giant pussy' and went on and on about it. Even Dan started to feel uncomfortable and went 'come on, stop it…'

Not saying Ross deserved this shit, but he isn't a pure angel either.

No. 817523

No one in this shitshow is a pure angel, but some know when to keep their mouths shut, and at the very least not solicit nudes from minors.

No. 817525

I personally don't think so, it was fun in the beginning but it was weighed down by Jared and Holly. They pandered to the fans too much and there were a lot of cringey shipping moments.
>Not even close to the popularity of Critical Roll or The Adventure Zone
This anon is absolutely right. Also, if this debacle has piqued any anons interest in DnD podcasts I highly recommend The Adventure Zone. It's very lighthearted and they go over the mechanics so its a little less intimating if you've never played before.

No. 817528

I love you, anon.

No. 817529

The best part is that Holly hated being reduced to just "Ross's wife", & now she can be reduced to just "Jared's mistress".She's doomed to be a supporting-role forever

No. 817536

Jared's side hoe, please.

No. 817540

considering how inappropriately horny dan is for anything vaguely woman-shaped, the fact that ross denied him is just funny to me. dan is literally so fucking annoying when he does that.

i'm sure ross has flaws and made mistakes, just nothing comparable to being a pedo or supporting one or cheating on his spouse.

No. 817541

File: 1559601221841.png (481.2 KB, 750x557, uwu retard.png)

whoops, responded but forgot to edit the thumb back in, here's a template for you

No. 817542


Yeah, I was debating between 'mistress' & side-hoe'

No. 817544


ayrt, but honestly Ross was annoying. Idk if you'd seen that episode, but keeping in mind it was Dan's first entry into Game Grumps, and the point of the game is to storm into castles, defeat bad guys and you save princesses. When one player saves the princess she stays in his "inventory" if you will, and there were more than one for Ross to choose. Dan was like "hey can I save the blonde one?" and Ross deliberately goes to get her and says no the entire time like a toddler that stole something of yours and runs off laughing. Yes, Ross is a more experienced gamer than Dan, for sure, but it just came off immature rather than playful, because he never let him have it. Like, he could have saved any other princess and gotten the same victory but he went to the blonde one and kept her out of spite because Dan asked. There was no reason for Ross to insist so much and he was just aggravating.

It was behavior like this that was Ross' flaw when it came to GG, outside of any external drama like collaborating with sketchy people. He just thrived on chaos but couldn't take a hint when to stop, either. "God dammit, Ross" became a meme for a reason among GG who are friends, but the idiot troglodyte fans took it too far and thought they could get away with the same line even though they aren't friends.

He mellowed out with time, and also he seemed mellow with Holly, which were his redeeming factors, because Ross in the past was an insufferable guy who had zero social cues about when to cut it out and read a room. You know that one person in your social group that just won't stop doing that annoying thing and is like "it's just a joke bro, chill"? that was Ross

No. 817545

This is fantastic, anon!

No. 817548

It was pretty good, but Holly's character was highly annoying at Pax South this year. No one wanted to hear "Does someone want pies?!" in an obnoxious voice. I honestly don't even remember Jared's character much. They both have forgettable characters compared to the other players.

Also what this anon said. It's definitely not as popular as CR whatsoever.

No. 817549

I only enjoyed DCA for Evelyn, Paultin and the DM (Chris perkins.) Holly's character was extremely annoying and try hard. Her voice grates on me. Jared's character was average and forgettable, but at least he wasn't horrible to listen to.

No. 817550

Yeah no, you can't really talk about DCA and Critical Role in the same sentence. For one, one crew has talented, charismatic players and a god-tier DM who knows how to plot stories and write characters… and then there's DCA lol

No. 817552

File: 1559602148299.jpg (131.53 KB, 750x557, isthisabuse.jpg)

the dsm manual is an amazing touch

No. 817553


From what I can remember, Jared's character was altruistic, but had a 'tortured soul', you know, the typical gary-stu shit

Saw this in his wiki article:

"One day, Diath was having lunch on a rooftop. In the crowd below, and he saw a "black mass" moving among the people of Waterdeep. It was Strix, who was living on the streets. He noticed that the people in the crowd were either avoiding or ignoring her."


No. 817554

File: 1559602202427.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

Wow from wife of an good and kind animator to the mistress of a pedo.
Talk about a downgrade

No. 817556


It'd be better if it was just "Is this abuse?"

No. 817557

Well of course people were avoiding her character in the streets, she looked like she never bathed most of the time.

No. 817561

File: 1559602377566.jpg (128.46 KB, 750x557, isthisabuse2.jpg)

as u wish

No. 817564

Holyshit. diff anon, but i spit my coffee. This is perfection.

No. 817565

File: 1559602869286.png (71.92 KB, 626x303, Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 23.5…)

Translation: look guys I'm such a kind and selfless person giving money to the only friend I have left

No. 817566


How much you wanna bet privately she comes up with some kind of excuse as to why she needs to take a portion?

No. 817567

being generous does not exonerate you from being garbage, holls. holy fuck she's really laying it on thick.

No. 817570


Can she not say this shit privately? No ones gonna buy her merch cause they like the design and know no money is going to the artist and not pedophile support queen Holly.

No. 817571


All money to the artist*

My bad

No. 817572


notice she says all "profits" so if she doesn't make a profit nothing will be going to kayla

No. 817574

I'm suprised this bitch is STILL talking.
Keep it up, you keep incriminating yourself and I like it.

No. 817577

Well it is the least you could do Holly… >>817570
She's really reaching for brownie points now.

No. 817581

I like how she announces an update about her shop the same day Heidi does. Totally a coincidence.

No. 817583


Wouldn't be surprised if she's still keeping tabs on whatever Heidi is doing. Holly has already proven to be the creepy stalker-type by now…

No. 817584


She’s probably stalking this board right now tbh

No. 817585

keep your friends who you turned into enemies by sleeping with their spouses close, i guess.

No. 817587

File: 1559605927893.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1221, 7ECC6FC4-F54F-4C31-8634-3F3F7A…)


Oh no the attention might be off of her for a second.

No. 817588

I pretty sure most people called things pussies back then. I don't really consider that sexist, more just immature
Ross was very hyper and immature in the beginning but he matured pretty fast (once he stopped doing vids on GG and focused on Gameoverse)

No. 817594

Some tinfoil proof this is trying to one up heidi:
It's a 'spring/summer release' but they didnt restock several crop tops. They obviously just threw up the stock they did have and reopened.

There's no stryx staff crop top and no chicken foot coven crop top which there definitely were before and I THINK there were more designs on crops too but if this is the big 'spring/summer' drop why wouldnt you restock all of them?

No. 817597

>From this month

It's just to get people buying anything at all, I'm sure the artist sells her own stuff

No. 817602


Inb4 no1curr, but I actually really enjoyed DCA.
Holly's screaming and bad audio levels could be grating at times (especially coz I used he podcasts as a sleep aide lol), but I especially liked Chris Perkin's DM style.

There were definitely some awkward moments between Jared and Holly which made me question their "friendship". The silences were just a little too awkward and intimate.

Perhaps it's easy to say in hindsight, but during at least one of the games I felt like Jared's calm facade slipped. He suddenly seemed volatile for a split second (it very much caught me off guard) … but maybe it was just him acting or having a bad day, idk.

Also, Jared DMed a mini-campaign on Game Grumps with Barry, Ross, Arin, Suzy and Holly which was actually how I first got into DnD. From what I remember, Holly was pretty much the party leader and of course everybody kept getting pissed off at Ross (especially Holly).

No. 817604

Considering how Arin and Dan still make fart and sex jokes in their videos constantly despite being in their 30s and 40s, I don't think taking pot shots at Ross of his behavior 6 years ago is really relevant to who he is as a person today. Maybe he was an obnoxious piece of shit, but today he's handling his divorce and ongoing drama with a maturity that very few people emulate, despite being abused and cheated on.

No. 817609


Part of me wants to go through those podcasts to time stamp every time Holly is a cunt but the other part of me wants go to sleep tonight without wanting to blow my brains out.

No. 817618

File: 1559610589194.png (747.9 KB, 720x805, Screenshot_20190604-030749~2.p…)

this old haircut is hilarious

No. 817620

File: 1559610725910.png (18.98 KB, 570x185, 3c3e60-83308e-ff66b7-58c7f7-51…)

Heidi is making a thread about helping friends in abusive situations and is taking little jabs at Holly

No. 817621


Related, I have some episodes of DCA that spring to mind that had some moments that felt a bit too real and more self-inserty. This is of course tinfoil hattery so viewer beware

Episode 73 aired December 2017: Anna's character asks Diath (Jared) when he first knew he loved Strix (Holly), which imo is when things started to escalate. Also there was a bunch of backstory regarding their relationship in this episode.

Episode 112 had a "therapy session" where Strix/Holly talks about her caregiving attitude and how she's trying fix Diath.

The live-game crossover with the C-Team (episode 100) had a bunch of the star-crossed lover backstory in it as well.

There's probably plenty of other interesting moments but these jump out.

No. 817624


>"Your priority should be your friend's mental health, NOT getting something for yourself."

I hate to sound like a stan but GOD DAMN is she right about this!

No. 817625


God she’s so uncreative and narcissistic, can’t even write a character than isn’t a blatant self-insert.

No. 817632

>fix Diath

fucking yikes. life isn't a DnD game, Holly.

No. 817634

File: 1559611830131.jpeg (185.91 KB, 593x611, 0A5F5598-26F6-4B9E-9BBA-1D4067…)


I feel bad for birds, they never did anything to deserve someone like Holly claiming to be their queen.

No. 817636

You are a 33 year old woman jfc grow up

No. 817641

File: 1559612624773.png (12.88 KB, 368x108, butthurthollystan1.png)


Oh shit, the first official BADASS has stepped up! /s

No. 817647

Holy shit I actually forgot about that, I was thinking more along the lines of how Dee wastes her therapist's time with bullshit rather than focusing on her problems.

She probably DOES do that "tell me I'm good!!!!!" shit too

No. 817655

File: 1559613908155.png (60.54 KB, 939x550, de23.png)

I love how Heidi on Twitter right now pretty much made a thread that can be read as a subtle jab at how Holly handles her problems. And this last tweet here is a better way to put a disclaimer on this kind of advice

No. 817656


Wonder how Holly feels about her fans hurting instead of healing… will she call them out? Nah, it’s only a problem when it happens to her.

No. 817658

tfw heidi "i'm not a professional" o'ferrall has given out more constructive mental health advice in this small chain of tweets alone than holly "you know magic and i'm a guru" conrad has done in her entire career

No. 817661

File: 1559614228045.jpeg (86.56 KB, 456x500, 77488C3F-3314-48FE-9C6C-D42841…)

I peaked on Holly’s PULL thread, and it looks like she’s always been a passive aggressive brat. (she was furious that people were voting for a blonde girl to be the face of shepherd and not the one that looked like her. Sage for old milk)

No. 817669

imagine playing the victim for your entire adult life

No. 817670

>Jared's birdhole


No. 817671

File: 1559615064186.jpg (140.66 KB, 996x649, persecution complex.jpg)

She's not ugly but she's definitely not pretty. I bet she has a complex over being so painfully boring looking. Which is probably why she really over compensates by being as qirky as humanly possible.

It's telling that she chose to be a tiefling. A aarakocra or kenku would be much more fitting for her.

No. 817672

>Good to know getting made fun of in high school translates to the internet as well

JFC, it's not that deep Holly, not everything is a personal attack.
It's sad to see that her mentality never changed.

No. 817673

Are there still pics of what the Shephard nominees looked like?

No. 817674

Seconding, because I’d love to see the other contestants. Why Holly thought she’d be chosen for the face of Femshep because “UWU POPULAR GIRLZ, BULLYING MEEEE” is beyond me.

No. 817675

File: 1559615489243.jpeg (120.72 KB, 487x828, 0F1AFBE8-E448-435C-B869-3EBE30…)

Whiteknights everywhere.

Calling out a grown woman for fucking her friend’s husband while she was married, is apparently bullying. Even though Holly hasn’t genuinely apologized and is still defending PedoJared, shaming his wife (they aren’t divorced yet), and his underage victims. And all the fans he manipulated for nudes.

These people are disgusting and braindead

No. 817679


Imagine being 23 and getting mad cause your favorite design (because it reminds you of yourself) doesn’t get chosen and you claim it’s bullying. Narcissists never change.

No. 817681

File: 1559615793472.jpeg (130.67 KB, 960x540, 99F2D92D-19C5-41C3-9FB4-560897…)


Here ya go.

No. 817682

File: 1559615916923.jpg (61.1 KB, 480x720, fd0e9091b7811cc5c9ace30db2fe52…)

No. 817683

Maybe it's just me but all of these look like they have the same facial features and none of them even remotely resemble Holly, not even compared to this >>817682
Am I missing something?

No. 817684

her hair and eyebrows are what make her ugly, which are 2 things that can be changed. unfortunately her personality can't.

No. 817685

It's only because of the bangs and black hair let's be real.

No. 817686

Oh big yikes this is the worst Shepard has ever looked.

Yep, none of them resemble Holly at all. Not even the hair. None of the Shepards have weird eyes.

No. 817687

File: 1559616260982.jpeg (25.85 KB, 235x270, 4CFF2C00-531C-434E-B7DD-AF6AFB…)

I know she cosplayed pic related but this is all I fucking see

No. 817688

File: 1559616320120.jpeg (62.34 KB, 400x597, DE3FEB7C-7B16-45B8-85F8-8403C5…)

pic related of pic related but this is truly her most accurate cosplay

No. 817689

how the fuck did Ross endure being married to this bitch for 6 years

No. 817690

This is what I thought of too.

Too uncanny.

Daily lobotomies.

No. 817692


I think you mean liquid lobotomies, SuperMega told a story about ross getting so drunk he ate Mac and cheese off the L.A. sidewalk (this was when they were still together)

No. 817693

This and her constant attacks on Heidi makes it obvious that Holly has a deep-rooted envy and hate for women who are prettier than her.

I wouldn't be able to blame him at all. Holly seems like a nightmare to live with.

No. 817694

Honestly, it looks like she just deluded herself into thinking one of these was supposed to resemble her, which makes the tantrum she threw about it even more embarrassing.

No. 817695

Heidi comes off as surprisingly normal and level-headed throughout this entire thing. Deciding to open her marriage was a retarded decision, but at least she has a clean grasp on what was her fault vs. what was the fault of others and doesn't seem to be milking the sympathy/reveling in the attention.

No. 817697

Let’s be honest, Holly thrives on attention she can cry bullying all she wants but if we stopped talking about her that’s when she’d really freak. Any attention is better than none for someone like her.

No. 817698

KEK the delusion. Thanks. None of these look even a fraction of a percentage like her

No. 817713

Funny (and sad in hindsight) thing is is that Ross says this very cosplay was what attracted him to her. He thought that cosplay was super cool, they kept contact after that Comic-con and the rest is history.

No. 817714


I just don’t get the appeal, no offense to anyone with the same face-shape but honestly she doesn’t have one. No cheekbones or chin just round.

No. 817715

She did the same thing after the Heroes of Cosplay stuff happened. She and Jessica fought everyone and ended up looking like psycho, "abusive" cunts.

Add her crossed too close together eyes and there's really nothing attractive about Holly. She makes it worse by going for bad hairstyles.

No. 817719

If her eyebrows weren't so fucked her eyes wouldn't look so close together. They definitely are but the brows only make it worse. I think Holly could look average if styled less autistically and maybe treatment for her strabismus.

No. 817721


On the bright side she could have gone for the fake giant filled in eyebrows and plump lips look, at least she’s natural, that’s some how better imo. I remember Suzy trying lip fillers once and it was BAD (I know no one gives two shits but I adore Suzy even though most don’t)

No. 817722

pics of suzy with filler? i had no idea she tried them out

No. 817726

File: 1559620136797.jpeg (164.02 KB, 471x269, 5FF3A0A8-D53D-4C68-823F-46402C…)


When I said bad, I meant it. Still stan tho, despite the shit she’s done.

No. 817727

oh no don't worry i like suzy too lol i just never followed her channel(s) closely

i'm glad this didn't become a permanent look though. she looks incredibly pretty right now imo

No. 817728


They weren’t super done, she was obviously just trying it out and I think she even knew it wasn’t a good look. She shut down her KKG channel and has only made two new vids on Mortem3r, wish she’d go back to it. But she seems to have learned from her past business mistakes, credits artists, is making original designs, and doing well for herself. Legit proud of her.

No. 817733

TFW even Suzy Berhow is a better wife, friend, businesswoman and all-around person than Holly Conrad. And I remember people using liking Holly as a reason as to keep dunking on Suzy…how the tables turn.

No. 817737


Even as a Suzy whore I never white knighted like Holly stans, I understood she fucked up and I was disappointed but these soy boys take it to a new level.

No. 817739

She follows even her stupidest whiteknights. Its incentive for them to make fools of themselves. She rewards them.
Just one of many tactics of Holly's that show her manipulative side.

No. 817741


Because they’re HEALING (her) despite being little vindictive shits she claims she hates.

No. 817749

that, and she's encouraging a bubble to build where she can surround herself with positive chatter at even her most inane uguu statements. very easy to ignore the consequences of your actions if others help you reinforce the illusion of your inner goodness.

No. 817750

File: 1559623889468.jpg (62.91 KB, 540x960, 1417569049510.jpg)

Reminds me of another doughy faced cheat. Same energy?

No. 817752


Who in the fuck is that?

No. 817753


I can’t help but imagine her therapist is like that Katie girl from Shane Dawson’s vids who’s a lolcow in her own right.

No. 817756

I think it's more than that, they also build arguments for her she can parrot later

No. 817761

File: 1559625841476.png (40.15 KB, 608x149, Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 11.2…)

Heidi's thread is shutting down Holly without having to mention her name.

Heidi realizes she was difficult to deal with while in a bad situation, gives advice about patience then talks about how lucky she is that her friends are still with her despite her understandable situation. Holly wonders why >>816970 isn't received well? Heidi is direct about her actions and apologetic and appreciative, while Holly creates such a general statement she almost absolves herself. "I'm sorry for EVERYONE THAT I'VE CAUSED PAIN." That doesn't mean anything.

No. 817763

you're right. it might be nitpicky of me but i really feel that
>i'm sorry to anyone IF i've caused them pain
is a far cry from
>i'm sorry for causing anyone pain
the first is blatantly evading blame and it just comes off as so arrogant and snooty. i can't help but recall shuwu and other anti-sjw types who would be SO against anyone having to apologize for poorly aging tweets, their reasoning was always "you shouldn't have to say sorry for what you said, people should just grow up and deal with you being an asshole". this falls in the same category of blame evasion and honestly i haven't ever even seen adults try to pull shit like this.
like what is it even costing me to simply say "i'm really sorry that i hurt ___"? imagine the insane levels of self-righteousness, to feel that being correct or having the upper hand is more important than anyone else feeling hurt inadvertently or otherwise.

No. 817766

That's some real bad cakeface.

No. 817769

Imagine being 25 and tweeting this lmfao

Imagine being 33 and tweeting that lmfao

No. 817770


Imagine being Holly at any age lmao

No. 817775

The difference is
>I'm sorry for what I did
And what Holly says amounts to
>I'm sorry you were offended

No. 817784

what i was referring to her spiel about >>817389
intent mattering more than actions. more often than not people get hurt inadvertently and it takes a grade A asshole to ignore that and say "yeah you might feel hurt or feel i'm not trustworthy but i didn't intend for you to feel that way so i get off scot free", the bigger person can just say sorry for hurting you. any capable, normally-functioning adult is going to realize how pathetically simple it is to apologize and let everyone move on, whereas this bitch is obsessed with coming out on top as the precious birb mom who did nothing wrong.

No. 817788

File: 1559633801454.png (63.18 KB, 1238x885, tumblr_n81mqzKJTR1sgt59wo1_128…)

old drama but in more detail

No. 817792

Poor Holly, being hounded and abused by a bunch of bullies who want her to do the job she's been paid for. No wonder she has cosplay-related PTSD.

No. 817796

I keked good one anon

No. 817800

File: 1559638537508.png (289.38 KB, 476x554, hollyshit.png)


No. 817801

Why does she look like venus' mother here. Yikes.

No. 817807

File: 1559643265611.png (292.75 KB, 476x554, Holly Shit.png)

No. 817808

anon i'm sorry what the fuck?

No. 817812

Someone pointed out that Nulyu is 24 and this person deleted their entire account

No. 817814

Holly acting like anyone who doesn't accept her apology is a big ole meanie is only cementing the glaringly obvious: she has never once been to therapy, or she's never once gotten anything useful out of it if she has. Any therapist under the sun will look you dead in the eye and tell you the ugly truth: NOBODY is obligated to love you, accept you, or even like you. All you're entitled to is respect, but that's it. Holly acting like ppl HAVEE to accept her gas chamber of a non-apology is just nailing her coffin as a "mental health guru uwuuwuwu", I hope her fans see right through this bullshit.

No. 817817

The first season where they did Curse of Strahd was ok, I didn't watch past that. They had some good moments but overall nothing groundbreaking. Nate especially, I like him but Chris was dangling so many hooks in front of his face to get him to actually roleplay and he was not grabbing onto any of them.

No. 817818

Right. This is what I find so hilarious and lolcow like about Holly. This mental health guru? No emotional self-regulation. Obviously has not been to therapy. Probably skimmed Wikipedia. She doesn't have backbone or any sense of accountability or respect for others, the basic shit that anyone who's ever been to therapy would pick up on.

And yeah, don't let me get started on the self-martyring shit lol

No. 817819

Dude yes, TAZ is so good. It's really story and character focused so if you want to see people playing the game "correctly" it's not the one for you but if you want a really cool narrative and funny moments it's full of it.

No. 817820

Yeah, clearly he's had a lot of growing up to do and he probably still has a lot in front of him, but he did improve with time and he never did anything straight up vile like Jared and Holly have

No. 817822

Holly reminds me a lot of Boogie inn the way that she acts openly shitty than tries to shield from the criticism with, in order "im sorry youre offended", "well what did i do wrong? I dont understand!" And "my abusive upbringing fucked me up, im such trash, i dont deserve anything".
Makes sense because Boogie also grew up in a violently abusive household, and holly was sexually abused by her mom, that will surely fuck you royally. But at the end of the day, it's not up to internet strangers to fix your problems and forgive you for your mistakes.
You're doomed to have a harder time than most, no question about it, but you have no right to take advantage of people's patience and love for you to stay in your comfort zone.

No. 817823

I don't think Chris is a bad DM, he's probably in the top 5%, but Critical Role has eight professional voice actors who pour their hearts and souls into every character on top of Matt's fantastic writing. To be anywhere near as good, you need to bring something different to the table, and DCA didn't have that.

No. 817826

How brave of him

No. 817827

why is this so dark though

No. 817829

Anyone have a link to that?

No. 817832

I hate how Holly is blaming everything in her mental health and uwu abuse, honestly as someone who suffered abuse is so fucking sad how she wants to act like every shitty action she make is because of her abusive mom and bad mental health, is a fact that being an abusive survivor (or someone with depression etc) u will take bad decisions and hurt others without u wanting it, but is not something you can excuse forever, she is 33, you expect her to take responsibilities of her actions she is not a 13 year old teen anymore

No. 817840

Holly really doesn't have any excuses to behave the way she does. I empathize with the fact that she was abused, I really do, but she has the money and resources to go to therapy and make it work for her. Instead she parrots generic health advice and checks herself into rehab for a couple of days to finger paint and be validated when the going got slightly tough. She's in her.mid 30s, it's beyond time to grow up and realise she's made a giant mess of her life. There are plenty of CSA survivors that don't go on to hurt every person in their path.

No. 817844

Holy mackerel, just spent a good while reading the PULL thread on Holly, and jesus what a cow she is. She really does have a long history of pulling shady shit and then not taking any responsibility – and then having her little friends like dear Jessica fight her battles for her.

No. 817855

I hope that Holly let's Kayla continue the Spooky Saturday streams alone or with another host. They're an interesting stream that I'd love to listen to but Holly is constantly just talking to her bird Paco and interrupting to have him whistle close up to the webcam. Kayla actually reads books on the weekly topics and has really cool insights whilst Holly just screams.
Sage for whatever this is lol.

No. 817856

File: 1559658029108.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, serveimage.gif)

Wow, you're not kidding. Holly and her screeching banshee cohort are walking dumpster fires, but damn if this PULL thread isn't an entertaining read as a former Holly fan.

No. 817857

File: 1559658403966.jpg (363.74 KB, 720x805, HoLLyShiTT.jpg)

No. 817866

File: 1559659105606.png (1.02 MB, 900x1200, conny holarad.png)

No. 817867


What the fuck is this lol

No. 817868

File: 1559659379059.png (107.83 KB, 947x665, spookysaturdays.png)

Holly's said she'll be bringing Spooky Saturday back.

No. 817870

File: 1559660360477.jpg (319.92 KB, 1584x576, commander jared.jpg)

No. 817872

File: 1559660572324.jpg (15.73 KB, 723x279, 22228295_10214817193049159_123…)


anon please get therapy

No. 817875

Wonder if her streams are gonna have follower/sub only slow mode chat so that people can't call her out on her BS on stream.

No. 817889

File: 1559663396221.png (1.57 MB, 680x516, lsp.png)

with her cute little shoutout Holly lead the ripples of the shitstorm here in the form of newfags and trolls but she's still at the center of it all. just imagine how much smoother this drama would have gone for her if she had stayed silent and passive.
the way she's trying to stay on top of almost every argument and development while being so fake and contradicting (almost wrote conradicting) is pathetic.
this shitstorm is like the Hydra, best left alone and contained

No. 817894

No. 817914

File: 1559669192935.png (1.36 MB, 2074x1513, ProJared.png)


No. 817918

i will cry i hate this so much

No. 817922

File: 1559669791101.jpg (169.33 KB, 701x1200, D8MGMklXsAE3UuP.jpg)

Someone responding to Heidi's thread posted this, which is very helpful

No. 817930


Oh there’s no fucking way it won’t be in sub only mode, everything else on her social is closed reguarding comments.

No. 817931


Holly is literally everyone of those, I bet when Ross was looking up emotional abuse in a relationship he sat back in his chair and was like “oooooooooh, yeah I need a divorce”.

No. 817934

please stop, you're scaring the children

No. 817940

File: 1559671554811.jpeg (293.54 KB, 1242x883, 47FE08B9-2944-45EF-AFCD-887C71…)


Here’s another to add to that list.

No. 817943

File: 1559672707182.jpeg (628.33 KB, 1242x1551, 886EDCC5-5AFA-4F54-861C-D89E41…)


Another one

No. 817945

The spamming was obnoxious, but this is a work of art.

No. 817951

>giving attention to someone while withholding it from you
Ohoho, how the tables have turned! First it was Holly sneaking around with Jared, now Jared is literally hiding out in another state.

No. 817988

Ahh the PULL thread is fantastic. It chronicles the whole shit with Rana, the Samara face model from Mass Effect and how Holly stole thousands of dollars from her, donated by fans. Holly was supposed to make Rana's Samara costume and Rana was planning on using it to visit kids with cancer, as Rana is a cancer survivor herself. So supremely fucked up. She just took the money and ran. I was trying to remember that whole debacle back when this current drama happened, I'm so glad they covered that

No. 817990

Sorry, I didn't see this was already covered upthread! This def happened and is one of Holly's grossest moves imo

No. 817993

That PULL thread is also interesting for seeing Jessica in action way back when they were scamming a cancer survivor out of thousands of dollars. Lots and lots of verbosity going on with Jessica there too, but with this latest fuck-up of Holly's, Jessica is a lot more aggressive. There's even less to back them up, but bah gawd Jessica is going to spin shit twice as much to compensate!

No. 817995

Yeah the PULL thread has really good responses too, but the OP is amazingly written because it documents everything fucked up that Holly and Jessica did. To a cancer survivor? Really, Holly?

No. 818007

Thats a lot of assumptions fat.
Just because I dont believe heidis uwu victim shit doesnt mean I support the other cow. Get a grip rebbecah.(infighting)

No. 818012

that shit about getting called out > getting friends to make a high and mighty statement on her behalf > never taking responsibility for anything is plain to see there loud and clear

it's only funny to consider where she's gonna go and take her bag of tricks next.

No. 818014

File: 1559683054495.gif (447.38 KB, 318x281, 05eae25e-7b7f-415b-b511-699abf…)

No. 818016

File: 1559683428328.jpeg (71.34 KB, 577x485, CFE7B37C-CB31-412C-98BB-59760E…)

No. 818022

File: 1559684971919.jpeg (75.04 KB, 556x527, FA00A9F9-7334-4131-B799-761780…)

HALT this shit immediately

No. 818028

File: 1559686455931.png (38.42 KB, 436x534, afterdivorce.png)

No. 818039


Yeah he obviously was heart broken by everything that happened, constantly sleeping over at Arins. He didn’t deserve any of this. I hope he does well in therapy.

No. 818066

File: 1559693166806.png (1.37 MB, 1280x1267, 63175a06-a983-44a9-926b-8c0155…)

he's the most well-adjusted out of the whole bunch just from his behaviour. noone online knows how he really feels but I have a feeling he will be alright. and I think it's good he's not engaging in the drama.

No. 818067

File: 1559693254797.png (185.7 KB, 1600x1600, orph.png)

he's getting so much fanart, it's amazing. have some cute orph art while milk is slow

No. 818068

File: 1559693286988.png (154.89 KB, 1600x1600, garforph.png)

No. 818072

File: 1559693755562.png (602.29 KB, 720x1175, TNmBHzr.png)

look how many tabs of fanart of his ocs are on his insta

No. 818074

I wonder if Arin and Suzy (and the rest of GG, really) knew that Holly was an unstable piece of shit or if they were surprised by the divorce and drama like the rest of us.

No. 818087


I mean Arin has known Ross since new grounds and they’re really close, so I’d be more surprised if he didn’t know.

No. 818114

Glad this sweet, sweet guy is staying away from Holly’s toxic bullshit and the rest of the drama. His art and cat are adorable and I hope he continues to move forward in life. Wishing you well, Ross!

No. 818134

I think most of us already do anon

No. 818136

File: 1559699753712.jpg (64.01 KB, 753x670, brave.jpg)

Speaking of slow milk, I was mildly amused to see Snoozy join the hatewagon against youtube for refusing to ban Crowder. Can she really not know that if a zero tolerance stance against anything remotely hurtful is properly enforced that's her on the street as well?

No. 818138


Really? I assumed most barely followed Ross regularly as most (that I encountered on the threads) didn’t know about his previous mentions of the divorce.

No. 818141


Crowder is a faux intellectual wannabe comedian for the far right, I don’t think he deserves getting banned from YT but I get why people fucking hate him.

No. 818143


Nice to know Orph is doing well, but how about Mojo?

No. 818146

Hating is their prerogative. I've no objections to that. Just, people in glass houses should not be throwing stones. Arin has said at least as much homophobic shit as Crowder.

No. 818150


I’d like the milk on Arin’s homophobia, but him and dan have been extremely racist with Asians and not to forget the n word clip from back in the day. Old milk but when Jon fucked himself with the “white genocide” debate (despite being half Lebanese) I remember them getting asked about working with Jon more in the future at a panel and Arin actually handled it better than jungle fever Avidan who was petty even though he wouldn’t have the job he has now without Jon.

No. 818156


not sure what anon is referring to with homophobia but arin was widely considered to be closeted trans because he prefers girl characters and likes the colour pink. Which to me in itself is stupid as fuck, imagine putting gender limitations on a fucking colour.

then you add the "D Club" stories and all his "suck my dick" jokes and such and people think that he's either homophobic because he's in the closet, or he's just way too obsessed with dicks for a regular straight guy (which again is hilarious considering any guy will draw a dick as soon as they find a clean surface)

also some old pics of him with longer hair, wearing makeup and a dress with heels and a purse. Again… fans see one picture that was probably an IRL shitpost and make a big deal out of it. I find it far more likely Arin just likes girly things than a tinfoil about gender and homophobia.

Unless they mean the Dream Daddy fiasco. Which sucked, yeah.

As far as Dan goes, sometimes he opens his mouth and I really do believe that smoking so much weed in his 20s fucked him up, there's no other explanation. I think he feels that being Jewish gives him an all-race pass to make jokes? Or that somehow it's his god given right to push the boundaries of taboo comedy? Sorry Dan, but you don't. People can and have made successful jokes with race in them, they just do it well.

No. 818160

I honestly think Dan might be the worse of the grumps despite how many people can’t stand Arin. Brian is obviously the brains of NSP, and Dan’s voice is horrendous live. Did anyone see NSP on Conan it was an absolute shit show.

No. 818161

File: 1559702269932.png (7.92 KB, 515x56, 2C611CE8-FF54-4206-8A16-64F9AD…)

Arin himself has specifically stated that he isn’t bisexual or anything like that so if anything he’s just a straight guy who thinks other guys are hot but isn’t attracted to them. He’s like a straight girl who talks about how much she loooooves boobs and thinks that girls are hot in front of their boyfriend. Tinfoil, I think it’s just to appeal to their fujo audience, which is certainly a niche.

No. 818164

They were visibly very nervous. He's actually normally very good live. I think that show was just unfortunate.

No. 818165

>Arin himself has specifically stated that he isn’t bisexual or anything like that
Pressing X to doubt.
Straight guys don't join D-Clubs.

No. 818166

Yeah I've seen Danny live in concert, he's much better that this, tehy was just really nervous

I think Mojo's originally Holly's cat

No. 818168

File: 1559703141240.png (5.53 MB, 2208x1242, 50C6A999-567F-4312-BA12-BC0E1D…)

Speaking of Ninja Sex Party one of their lyrics in everyone shut up (I have an erection)

“In conclusion, your honor, in light of this new evidence,
I would propose that the murderer was not my client, but… Mrs. Donnovan!”

With all the grumps in the court room.

No. 818169

Holly has Mojo and god knows what's happening in her house since all this shit's gone down. I don't know who is taking care of her animals since she's gone from checked into the weenie hut to directly slurping alien dick in the Mojave.

No. 818171


I mean he sounds the same which is pretty average as a singer but the upside down cue cards trying to pretend that the audience was singing along was too much for me.

No. 818173

Danny is really just a sad old man at this point. Permanently horny and dating a girl half his age. I don't know why everyone thirsts so hard for him.

No. 818174


Kinda ironic that Ashely is the best animator out of the bunch, I mean she works for Sony for fuck sakes. It’s arguable she’s the most talented person of the group.

No. 818176

I've seen Dan live, he's better than this video. I used to be a big fan and followed him from before he joined gg, but I'm not anymore. I used to believe he was a niceguy ethical slut but more recently I feel that's more just an act. the younger gf thing is gross too, he needs to grow up

No. 818179


I remember him saying at some point he’d never date a girl in her 20’s a few years ago, but ya know Ashley is a young blonde so fuck it I guess.

No. 818182

Dan is weak for dem blondes.

At least Dan (as far as we know, god willing) hasn't slept with any fans, and I remember young fangirls posting videos to the GG subbreddit with their phone numbers for Dan to call them.

No. 818185

It's known that blondes are Jewish kryptonite. That shiksa appeal is too strong.

No. 818186


No he hasn’t but taking his whores back to the office to fuck is trashy as all hell.

No. 818187

I feel like they knew but were maybe in denial because of Holly's UwU I suffer from mental health get up. Probably pushed it onto everyone whenever they'd attempt to confront her about anything.
KEK honestly Ross looks so uncomfortable. He seems like he's too uncomfortable and doesn't know how to act around his family AND Holly at the same time.
Despite PULL being infested with narcs trying to act like they're going to save somebody, that was a good OP. I didn't even know she was on Heroes of Cosplay and Jessicanon's been her one winged angel for YEARS.

No. 818189


lol PULL, gurugossip and rant grumps are all full of those idiots pretending they want their cows to better themselves. Straight delusional.

No. 818194

It’s a bit more then liking female characters, liking pink, having long hair and being in drag once.

Here’s a list someone on r/conspiracygrumps put together of a bunch of shit that Arin has said that made them think Arin is trans


No. 818195


That’s like saying drag queens are closeted trans women. He may enjoy being feminine and doing/wearing feminine things but that doesn’t make him trans.

No. 818196

I also vaguely remember Danny being anti monogamy for quite a while because of his parents and his upbringing or something?

Also I always thought he was into the suicide girls look what with the chicks he hangs around with. Kind of surprised but also not surprised he went for a young normal blonde. I'm not a big Danny fan, I think he's very careful to say the right things at all times and knows how to curate his actions so he comes off just right. His singing voice is really flat for me too. That TWRP song Starlight Brigade is a bop but Dan can only sing consistently in like 1 octave and it's painful. I wish I could hear that song with a more talented singer just to see what it would be like.

No. 818198

It's so rude to say anyone who is thinking outside gender norms is 'trans.' I fucking hate that shit. Arin is 100% a cis male. He might be bi at most, but him liking pink and female characters in gaming/comics is actually really cool and progressive. Nothing more.

No. 818199

No idea why anyone would thirst for Dan. And him dating a woman that young is nasty af. He looks like he barely respects women, and not in a 'haha i'm kidding' way.

No. 818200


His words about black women being “exotic” and how he’s always wanted to fuck one was disgusting but ya know he’s an average looking nerd on the internet with minimal amounts of fame so the thirst is like a waterfall.

No. 818202

And being a 19 year old that has erect penis swordfights, is that 100% cis male behavior too?

No. 818205

Why do guys always have an obsession with "girlhood" and not uhhhhh the age appropriate equivalent aka womanhood? Stupid fuckboys.

No. 818207


Being a cis male has nothing to do with exploring your sexuality anon.

No. 818208

pure projection. Arin's just able to handle his non-gender-typical interests while remaining comfortable in his own gender. And I say that as someone who hates arin lmao.

>is that 100% cis male behavior too?
yeah? like, by definition that is cis male behavior. do you know what cis means?

No. 818211

The farm is having a server fit tonight.

Dans just an average looking mediocre singer with a rockstar complex that will never be fulfilled, but hey he got to fuck a ton of ladies sooooo good for him?

No. 818213

At the end of the day Arin is clearly head over heels in love the Suzy so whether or not he’s bi doesn’t even matter at this point.

No. 818215

Are you one of those religious freaks who think being gay/bisexual means you're ACTUALLY trans? Because people like you are scum.

No. 818219


Probably the reverse. Being a trans woman = being a gay man in denial

No. 818220

Anon your sexism is showing. Either way, Arin isn't trans he's just comfortable with his feminine side as cringe as it may be.

No. 818221

No, I just forgot what cis meant. Carry on.

No. 818222

speaking of Dan: this is a huge nitpick, I'm sorry, but I was watching 10 min power hour and noticed his thumbs are fucking horrifying. literally look like hammer toes that were grafted to his hand. idk if it's unfortunate genetics or playing instruments a lot but I can't imagine being touched by them.

man, why is it the most mediocre to ugly looking nerd men get laid by the droves just because they have a touch of internet fame? I guess at least Dan has an inkling of talent, Jared doesn't have a single redeeming quality at all. e thots need to love themselves a little bit. is it really that fulfilling to bang a z list internet celebrity?

No. 818224


Dan has mentioned several times how fucked his thumbs are, he was born that way.

And yes even the tiniest bit of fame will lead some people to obsess and pine over someone. Ed Sheehan is a prime example (looks wise) even though he’s mega famous and super talented.

No. 818225

I said what I said - some religious people feel being trans is more palatable than being gay. Surprised me too, but apparently the outdated "wrong brain wrong body but we can ~fix~ the body" narrative is easier for them to accept than "your kid's flaming".

No. 818227

ok i'm going to preface this with a huge disclaimer of never defending Jared, Jared making me want to vomit, and Jared being the worst kind of predator ever.
but - there is a reason Jared had such a huge fanbase. he might be ugly as shit, but he was really engaging in his twitch streams most of the time, especially when he was playing final fantasy games. i remember when he was streaming asagao once and he legit started crying and went off screen to hug his wife when PBG's character had some kind of dialogue like "you are my friend i love you" or something. he played horror games with candor and humor, and 8 times out of 10 he really got into the games he played and it was a very different vibe from the usual LPers you find all over youtube, GG included, screaming and going nuts over the smallest thing happening on screen, blaming the game, what have you.
Jared is a nasty scumbag and i will never watch another video of his but he had a really calm and chill manner that coupled with good, consistent content got him a million subscribers.

No. 818228


Religious straights are truly an astounding bunch.

No. 818229

man I feel bad about making fun of his thumbs now, I know he can't help it. but honestly I can understand wanting to bang someone if they are super talented, like, looks aren't everything and I find skill very sexy, so I can see people finding Ed Sheeran attractive. but Jared…idk, maybe my view of him is tainted but when I watched some compilations of him trying to figure out who the fuck he was I just couldn't see it.

No. 818230

if you're interested, his Until Dawn, Resident Evil 7, Sweet Home, Link to the Past Randomized and FF4 playthroughs are really good. On his main channel, most of his old videos and generally anything before 2017 is good.
All his old, really good streams on twitch are gone, i will admit in recent times he became a lot less interesting of a streamer, bitching about games more than usual, not really engaging or stuff.
i'm not sure i want him getting more views though lmfao so you decide

No. 818233


As someone who didn’t know about Jared before the fiasco only the grumps, I feel bad for his fans to suddenly realize what he really was. I mean I liked Holly but being an abusive shitty wife/friend and pedo enabler is still somehow a tinge better than being an actual predator.

No. 818236

I'm glad someone agrees. I really like Starlight Brigade, the animation is absolutely beautiful and the song itself is nice, but Danny's vocals are seriously lacking and it kind of ruins the experience for me a bit.

No. 818239

that's absolutely it. i think that's the reasons his fans turned so quickly - the betrayal that the most well-adjusted and consistent of all the normalboots guys turned out to be such an absolute fucker all along.

No. 818242

She animates? What's her socials?

No. 818244

File: 1559712235959.jpeg (434.18 KB, 1242x728, 58B8CF89-34E0-4FA4-9F68-C5DFC2…)


Here ya go, her latest work was Trannsylvania 2 I believe.

No. 818245


Hotel Transylvania 3*

No. 818247

The winners in all this kept the cats

No. 818252

Hey dont berate him for having a such a young gf. You need someone strong to change your adult diaper and give you sponge baths

No. 818253

It felt weird then, but i just assumed he was the kind of person who didnt mind coming off as cringy. Now seeing how it was 100% manipulative to maintain his façade of "good harmless cinnamon roll" makes me wanna gag that i couldnt see it clear as day.

No. 818261

nah, Holly got Mojo in the divorce, and we know she's no winner.


No. 818266

does she care about the cat? like at all? i only ever see her talk about birds, either ones that she owns or finds on the street or whatever.

No. 818271

I dunno. It seems kind of selfish to separate the cats when Holly already has like 20 birds. Maybe Orph and Mojo didn't get along, but if they did, it's sad that Holly took one of them away.

No. 818272

>showing that people believe it’s more then the 4 things op listed and giving no indication that I believe the post
Alright then.

I firmly believe this as well, it’s very similar to when any man shows affection for another man, immediately gay no questions, it’s pretty shitty.

No. 818273

Wait so how old is she actually? People keep saying young but how young we talking about ?

No. 818274


She’s 25

No. 818276


In 2016 she had 45 pigeons by the time she left LA I think the number was way more than that. At some point it just becomes animal hoarding.

No. 818280

File: 1559724511654.png (79.05 KB, 1600x1380, JoPared.png)

No. 818281

Let me get this straight: a trans woman tried to forcibly out someone she strongly believes is a closeted trans woman… for some reddit gold and upvotes?

talk about human trash, fucking yikes.

No. 818283

Or that tomboys are closeted transmen. I don't know why it's so wrong to do something slightly related to the opposite sex without being called trans these days. There's so much secondhand embarrassment and the projection needs to stop. Not everyone is trans ffs.

It really is rude as hell.

Onto the topic of Jared, how long do you guys think he'll stay in hiding? Until the next big con where he'll probably still try to fuck fans?

No. 818291

I don't think taking a cat in a divorce is that bad although it would've been better to keep them together. And a pigeon flock can be huge and still perfectly adequate. Her animal care seems good.
She strikes me as someone who pathologically has more compassion for animals and a deficit of empathy for people.

No. 818296

She's not "forcibly outing" anyone, it's just a fan theory. When you're a member of a minority, especially one that can be invisible, it's comforting to imagine some of the people you look up to are like you. That hardly makes her "human trash". And somehow I doubt you would judge her that harshly if you didn't know she was trans.

No. 818297

That's a yikes from me dog

No. 818298

Start dieting and stop living vicariously trough drama and maybe youll stop getting triggered.(ban evasion)

No. 818299

File: 1559731443225.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, 562.png)

No. 818300

I'm not saying Holly's care is bad, but if the cats were bonded it would've been better to keep them together, considering she already has a lot of animals.

No. 818303

File: 1559732271576.jpg (20.91 KB, 621x569, 7b024029d2a513e8a2d47354190376…)

don't bait the fattest fish in the thread

yeah, I actually agree(d) with that. I just think the fault is in causing the divorce in such a shitty way. Being attached to an animal and being selfish about it in a divorce is shitty but one of the lesser shitty things she's done and even understandable. And my comment about her animal care was more about the suggestion of hoarding which I personally disagree with.

No. 818305

Has Holly ever elaborated on her "cosplay PTSD"? Like surely she'd love to go on and on about it, it'd make her sound even more of a fragile victim uwu

Gotta wonder if her PTSD is all "I have nightmares about people paying me good money for my work and never having to really earn it!"

Yea, I'm angry she and Jessica fleeced a customer like that.

No. 818308

Yeah. Dan's voice is so weak in that song and it makes me sad cuz that animation is so fluid and some of the best i've seen in a long time. It's stunning and very nice early 90s anime nostalgia. Dan's voice is just very, very weak and autotuned half the time imo.

No. 818309

People who out others are scum. People who out others for funsies are trash. Being a public figure doesn't mean you lose your right to a private life, and if someone has been firm and clear about how "this isn't me, sorry" no one has any right to try and force them into that role ~because they just want someone to look up to uwu~ - how goddamn selfish can you be about something that is 100% personal and has nothing to do with you?

And yeah! It's absolutely garbage that at any point while writing that post op could have used their single brain cell and asked themselves, "gee, how would I feel if someone tried to out me while I was closeted for something as pathetic as bragging rights? probably pretty lousy!" and I would pass the same judgement on any fellow lgbt member, sorry!

No. 818312


Yeeeea. This is why I don't like those creepy real person shipping fanfics about the Supernatural actors and such. It's fucking grossssss. I realize it's ironic saying this on lolcow of all places but people are entitled to some private life and they aren't some toys for your amusement.

You want role models, that's great. Doesn't mean you get to shoehorn people against their will into that role.

No. 818314

Cracking eggs~ UwU

Maybe he's waiting until the divorce is finalised, or something develops legally with the underage nude thing? I'm sure that his complete radio silence aside from those two statements has something to do with a lawyer telling him to keep his mouth shut and his head down.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if he’s on the lookout for more fans or someone to replace Holly but he probably realises that he needs to be very careful right now. This would be the absolute worst time to be caught sliding into some girl’s DMs let alone meeting up with fans for sex in real life. If he’s sleeping or exchanging nudes with anyone other than Holly it’s probably someone he’s had on the back burner for a while. Reaching out to anyone new would be extremely risky right now.

No. 818317

lolcow or not, i think most anons here agree shipping real life people is disturbing. Especially when these tards cant separate fantasy from reality and bring that shit over to the conventions for these poor dudes. Anyway…

Arin might be a really feminine dude. I truly believe he's bi, but leans more towards women. He's refreshing in a sense that he doesn't give a shit that he likes pink, girl clothes and female characters. Let him live his best life.

No. 818319

File: 1559738636709.png (323.81 KB, 1079x1919, Screenshot_20190605-074237(1).…)

Jesus these comments

No. 818320

File: 1559738846509.jpg (1.03 MB, 2084x810, HollyHolly.jpg)

No. 818323

So what's the difference that makes asserting he's trans not okay but asserting he's bi okay when he's denied both?

No. 818324

File: 1559739286165.png (2.68 MB, 1944x1854, ShitShit.png)


No. 818325

anon, you need help

No. 818326

why does it always come back to their sexual fantasies, ew

No. 818327

His penis has touched a penis.

No. 818332

it's not gay unless the balls touch, fool.

No. 818338

I get what you're saying here, but that's only really cool with fictional characters. Doing that with real life people takes away all agency in who they are and just substitutes it with whoever you want them to be. I can wish and believe that Arin is some sorta deeply closeted Bi or Trans person all I want, but that doesnt make his previous homophobic actions reasonable.
When you project onto a person stuff like that, you'll start judging their actions on false pretenses, which is obviously bad.

No. 818339

I agree that it doesn't excuse any homophobic or transphobic actions, I'm just saying it doesn't make the reddit OP human trash for having this theory either

No. 818341

Yeah no? it's scummy to pick apart how someone acts so you can theorize about them being something they've started aren't.

it also leaves a bad taste in my mouth that some of the things op of the reddit post listed are just. arin being non conforming to stereotypical male behaviour? how you act doesn't reflect your gender and it's gross to overanalyze a somewhat gnc person's behaviour like to op did, why are you batting so hard for them

No. 818345

I wouldn't say autotuned, it's hard to describe what is going on with his vocals. I think if you put notes to his words in all his songs they'd probably be 80% within the same 5 notes. His range sucks. It's flat sounding. Danny didn't become a singer because he's good at singing, he wanted to be a performer. Not every performer has a great voice and it shows. The feels came before the reals for him. He's had to work very hard just to get passable.

No. 818348

This is way off topic but I don't think it's fair to call Dan's voice bad just because it's not perfect in every recording/performance. His Everybody Wants To Rule The World cover blows the original and every other cover out of the water imo, and it's not just because the supporting band kills it in the instrument department: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7CUOa7wsd0

No. 818352

I think The Last Unicorn shows his range best

No. 818360

I will agree that it's one of his better songs. I think when he covers someone elses range he has more range but when left to writing his own songs he sticks to a narrow range of what he knows best.

No. 818361

Replying to myself but also in that song he is layered to hell and harmonizing with himself which helps mask his imperfections a lot. There isn't much if any layering in the TWRP song and so it doesn't sound as good.

No. 818369

Dude, I loved that cover!
Really, just the fact he made it is lot of why he has fangirls. Same as his Take on Me one.
Daniel Avidan is not the greatest singer, but he's a better one than most, and the most enthusiastic.

No. 818389

Dan has vehemently denied ever using autotune and acted offended when asked. I don't remember in which LP he mentioned this – possibly one of the Katamaris? But yeah he said he has never and will never use autotune, thinks it's like cheating, etc. Not sure if I believe him though, he might get so upset over being accused of it in order to cover the truth.

No. 818407

He explained that instead of autotune he layers his voice over with different octaves and such
So it's like a natural autotune with his own voice

No. 818417

File: 1559759169048.png (56.23 KB, 584x356, hcpkmn1.png)

I lol'ed

No. 818421

File: 1559759377055.png (16.76 KB, 628x134, hcpkmn-charity.png)


…Oh shit

No. 818422


Not Holly Conrad screwing someone over where money and work exchange hands?! I never!

No. 818423

File: 1559759773026.png (129.52 KB, 580x940, hc-charity1.png)


…And she DID agree to doing it…

No. 818424

They should have known that the word charity would give Holly PTSD 'nam flashbacks of her not giving un-earned money back to a cancer survivor.

No. 818429

LOL I was about to say that. Maybe LordFuzzinator ought to get screened for cancer jussssst in case. Holly has an MO after all.

No. 818430


Speaking of… does anyone know which convention/cosplay/etc. was the one that Holly claimed she got PTSD from?

No. 818434

It was the whole backlash from Heroes of Cosplay, basically in the show every cosplayer came off as a total bitch and the audience got pissed at them

No. 818435

Not to mention other cosplayers in the cos community were rightfully pissed off about being shoved around the production team and the contest supposedly getting rigged.

No. 818446

Yep, they were absolute cunts to everyone, even security. Particularly Jessica, it's in the video of her getting fake sick. That lady was just doing her job and she was acting like a complete bratty asshole about it.

No. 818448

I don't doubt that being on that show was annoying, what with producer meddling and bad directing and overall poor management; but I wonder what's the difference for Holly from a bad experience to actual TRAUMA

No. 818449

Honestly, sometimes there's a bit of truth to television LOL

At least we know for a fact that Jessica and Holly run true to type and are horrible little bitches on the regular and it's not a new developement

No. 818451


And she claimed it was C-PTSD in one of her mental health Monday’s… a type of ptsd caused by several years of extreme abuse usually that diagnosis is given to prisoners of war.

No. 818453

Oh lordt lol
That and "intent is magic you guise!!!" pretty much seals the deal that she has never ever been to an actual therapist. Or has lied her ass off there, too.

No. 818455


Or she just has a shitty one, or shopped around until she found someone to give her whatever pre-researched web-md diagnosis she wanted.

No. 818462

Sure, sure it was. That's literally what ever mental snowflake retard thinks they have. "I have PTSD on par with POWs!"

+10000 struggle points

She either doesn't actually see a therapist and lies to her friends about it, or has a yes man for a therapist.

No. 818466


The thing is she says she went through years of physical/mental/sexual abuse as a child but only developed ptsd…..after a reality show???? Why not just say it was from your shitty childhood? That’s way more believable.

No. 818475

File: 1559763863288.jpeg (918.61 KB, 1242x1802, 884E8E5D-FEF0-4745-A3B7-9B77D8…)

Update on the kt milk: so I guess last night she felt pretty bold and decided to call out the person who made the video, despite saying she thought it was funny and non malicious before, but the girl wasn’t having any of it. I actually kind of love this interaction

No. 818476

File: 1559763891067.jpeg (893.7 KB, 1242x1761, 571953D4-0A19-4128-BB15-B4A88C…)


No. 818477


>"Advice: Fact check before someone sues you."

And you should probably fact-check before suing someone, KT…

No. 818498

good luck winning a lawsuit against someone for making a video with the deranged tweets you yourself make about arin and suzy, people who haven't spoken to you or acknowledged your existence for more than 5 seconds in a period of over 10 years.

getting big onion vibes from kt.

No. 818503

The combo of KT and Holly milk is so glorious. I guess suzy isn't lying or scamming anyone currently?

No. 818504


KT's case would be hilarious.

"Your Honor, my client is upset that the defendant read aloud statements she herself made. Verbatim. In public social media postings."

It can't be slander or liber if it's just reporting your own words, biiiiiiiitch.

No. 818505

So it's ok when KT makes very passive aggressive, cunty tweets at snooze and basically claims she was arin's first and only love and that snooze totally stole him from her and uses her past, short lived history with arin to get attention but, a youtuber repeating said tweets in a video is lawsuit worthy? lol amazing

No. 818513


She didn’t claim Suzy stole him from her, but that she rejected him for years and without her game grumps would’ve never been a thing in the first place. Simultaneously bashing Suzy and also trying to become friends with her and start a girl version of the grumps. Here’s Creepshows video that made KT pissed (if you haven’t already seen it)

No. 818521

Seriously. How is a victim of childhood abuse and professional therapy goer going to say that cosplay gave them PTSD??? I know actual sufferers who get really mad when people jokingly refer to themselves as having PTSD from annoying situations. More and more I'm suspecting Holy has never set foot in a therapists office in her life. Her behaviour and attitude just isn't on par with someone who had ever spent any amount of time working with a therapist. I'm starting to think she hadn't been diagnosed with anything but depression and given some Prozac by her GP.

No. 818525

Nah she probably cried her way into some benzos

No. 818527

Her behavior is typical tumblr, which just screams "haven't really seen a therapist."

No. 818540

holly spotted. go outside.("hi cow")

No. 818545


Same anon, why the fuck would me saying Danny fucking girls in the grumps office is trashy make me Holly?

No. 818547


why the fuck are you calling them whores anon? whether he brings women into the office or not says nothing to the women he was sleeping with. go take your sexist beliefs elsewhere

No. 818549


Calm the fuck down it wasn’t meant to insult the women, Dans a whore too, anyone who sleeps around is a whore reguardless of gender.

No. 818550

The fuck lol
You are an idiot if you think the definition of the word's just changed, and that it's used neutrally on both men and women

Take your misogyny and fuck all the way off

No. 818552


>No he hasn’t but taking his whores back to the office to fuck is trashy as all hell.

you literally called the women whores, anon

>anyone who sleeps around is a whore regardless of gender

anon it's 2019, it's okay, we're allowed to enjoy sex, god won't smite us, please love yourself and reconsider your opinions

No. 818553


I’ll take that advice to heart Lena Dunham, you’re truly a feminist inspiration.

No. 818554

Oh SNAP you sure told us, anon, what a badass you are!

It's misogyny, plain and simple, and the fact you're devolving into name-calling instead of managing anything else tells us all we need to know: you know it's shitty and you know you're a troll. Fuck off, nowwww

No. 818555


Get a grip anon or go back to tumblr where you’re feelings won’t get hurt. A whore is a whore, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing (you do you) but the point of the post is don’t take you’re one night stands back to your work place.

No. 818557

oh my god being told not to fuck your one night stands at your workplace isnt misogyny or slutshaming its just common decency, fuck off

No. 818558


If they don’t like me using the word whore I’ll cut the shit out, it’s just not that big of a deal.

No. 818559


It's not at all. You hit a little too close too home for the anon.

No. 818561

whore detected

No. 818562

Holly being a whore has nothing to do with how much she has sex. Heidi did not consent to continue an open relationship and Holly violated that. Are you projecting because you've slept with people in relationships and don't want to hear about how shitty a person it takes to do that?

Hey whore, misogyny is when you don't respect consent. Drag your ass somewhere else to feel sorry about yourself.

No. 818569

I did some digging through public records - it seems like when holly and ross were still together, they were living under a house owned by holly's relatives. Because of the split and holly leaving to live in another state it essentially left ross homeless/scrambling to find a new place to live

No. 818571


Makes sense of why Ross was sleeping over at Arin/Suzy’s so often.

No. 818576

Are you fucking serious? So not only did holly cheat on Ross, she basically kicked him out of his own home because SHE fucked up? That's cold as ice.

No. 818583

File: 1559780903290.jpg (57.09 KB, 640x645, 1558677975416.jpg)


if you're gonna make inaccurate accusations and be a misogynistic troll, at least sage your shit, jesus christ


I guess that's why his streams take place in a new environment. Poor Ross. He really got the worst deal out of everything when it comes down to it. Heidi went through shit but she had the option to leave because Jared was problematic (not blaming her for it, she's been with him for years). But Ross didn't really have agency over the matter, his wife got dragged into someone else's marriage, and it left him homeless, divorced and broken. He wasn't part of this mess. I do believe if this hadn't happened he may have stayed on with Holly even if she was "asexual" at least towards him, because he loved her.

No. 818585

File: 1559781303861.jpeg (521.42 KB, 1242x692, 3FE8B8DB-B815-4D2D-8FF7-4F258F…)

I’m so shocked at all the people on lolcow trying to be morally righteous, y’all are fucking amazing, you deserve your own threads.

No. 818586

I mean yeah it's heartless but it was in her family’s name so she had the right to do whatever

No. 818592

Starlight Brigade IS a bop and I hate how much I like it. I went to school with Jorin and douche doesn't even begin describing him. I keep him on facebook for personal luls. What is lolcow's policy on doxing? I have so many face pics of the TWRP guys I want to share in case anyone actually cares who they are and what they look like.

No. 818593

I mean, yeah, but it's still shitty.

>"amicable divorce"

>"we're still friends you guys!"
>so desperate for Jared's dick she fucked off to be near him the first chance she got, not giving a single shit that Ross would be homeless, not giving a single shit what happened to the man she spent the last few years married to and is supposedly still on good terms with

Sure, he's not her responsibility, but god, have some decency.

No. 818595


Rules say no illegal shit (doxxing is) but if you have access to their pics that’s not Dox as long as you don’t post their real names or accounts. I wouldn’t recommend the pics but I’d enjoy some more personal story milk

No. 818597

TBF anon their names and addresses are public record since they are incorporated in Canada under TWRP Entertainment Inc. Simple google search for that corp name will bring up the page with their names. First result.

No. 818603

Bullshit prove it

No. 818604


>doxing is illegal in the US

Citation needed.

No. 818606


I was wrong, carry on.

No. 818612

it’s not really milk but lately heidi’s been posting photos of how she’s been decorating her new house. i’m really glad she’s getting a new beginning and has a space of her own that’s free of holly and jared. i have that same sentiment about ross too, but it feels so cathartic watching heidi move on. maybe because she’s publicizing the decoration/renovation process

No. 818623

File: 1559786991968.png (48.5 KB, 735x325, holly.png)

uwu poor girl, what a victim

No. 818628

>I'm under attack for being shitty thing in the public eye and never apoligizing for it! This is so hard, I can't even like stuff on Twitter.
Just get off the internet for 2-4 weeks ffs.
How can she be a ~mental health guru~ and an internet figure and not know that she's only winding it up more by not taking the time to lay low after a long awaited apology. How much of an ego can you have that some basic PR handling and mental health common sense recovering from all this AWAY from the internet would be too much of a blow? Nah, better make it even worse, make sure people hate me and using their hate to pretend I'm so hurt. Anything but admitting ANY wrongdoing.

No. 818629

File: 1559787793020.jpg (38.32 KB, 600x400, 12063601_10207017873879679_598…)

I've got more but this one is considered public so not doxing

No. 818630


Here’s some advice Holly: you made your bed, you continually support a pedo, cheated on your husband, abused him, stole from charity, and just in general are a shitty person, deal with it.

No. 818637

File: 1559788384300.jpeg (523.43 KB, 1242x1014, 2108DA97-8403-407A-841D-E6C2AC…)

“You come first”

Lol she already knew that, that’s all she’s ever been about. Good job on reinforcing her narcissism.

No. 818641

>You know magic, Holly

KEK! Then why can't she pull some believable excuses out of her hat? Why can't she make the drama that she and Jared caused disappear? Bitch doesn't know shit.

No. 818642

She did manage to make all her credibility disappear in an instant.

No. 818644

Step forward children and see the amazing Holldini she can pull excuses out her ass and make accountability disappear right before your very eyes

No. 818647

I almost feel for her but she really is too dumb/self-involved for her own good.

>Just get off the internet for 2-4 weeks ffs.
Holly can't get off the internet because then she wouldn't have idiots like this >>8186377 giving her negative reinforcement for her shitty behavior.
>How can she be a ~mental health guru~ and an internet figure and not know that she's only winding it up more by not taking the time to lay low after a long awaited apology.
>after a long awaited apology.
She can't even do this, she's doomed.

No. 818651


She dug her own grave and then screams murder… the cognitive dissonance is truly astounding.

No. 818652

>Im JuSt TrYiNg tO mAkE pEoPlE hApPy

this is like the anthem of every internet fuck up. you can make people happy by shutting your mouth and fucking off if you're not going to take responsibility for your actions.

No. 818654

Holly: Why won't the internet stop hating me uwu

Hon it's not going to stop unless by the grace of god Heidi says "you know what, I support Holly now please everyone leave her alone"

And Heidi hates her fucking guts so that ain't happening. You brought this on your self Hoe-lly. Deal with it.

No. 818655

File: 1559790023536.png (228.83 KB, 620x947, ARUHOkI.png)

To clarify, >>818623
is in response to this

No. 818656


Nah anon even if Heidi said Holly was a saint she still supports ProPedo.

No. 818657

File: 1559790134120.png (276.38 KB, 624x864, bKrVocX.png)

No. 818661


Only Holly stans could say telling people lying about charity is harassment

No. 818664

>Making sure someone makes good on a promise to promote a charity is harassment.
Is the bar for harassment really set this low in the mind of these snowflakes? God forbid someone has to take responsibility for their words.

No. 818666


Lord Fuzzinator also openly expressed their dislike of Jared, so if Holly does anything for them, it'll be done begrudgingly, or she'll just continue to ignore them while her WKs target them.

No. 818667

Is this her only way of helping people? She has to do it in the public eye? If you want to help people volunteer at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, donate to charity ect…
It's not about "helping people" it's about having a platform to keep trying to convince everyone Heidi is an abuser and people aren't here for it.
Then again the last time she attempted to "help" someone outside the Internet she couldn't 'control herself' and just had to fuck them so…

No. 818669


While I agree that LordFuzzinator's conduct was shitty, Bluejay here is just destroying Holly's attempt to prove herself to this person - which she felt she supposedly needed to do.

"Sure, you can help this guy, but first let me tell EVERYONE READING THIS POST to REPORT & BLOCK him immediately!"

No. 818671

File: 1559791720304.png (41.43 KB, 442x522, lf.png)


…And of course, her stans must have the last word

No. 818672


“Try not to be so manipulative next time”

Motherfucker she said she’d promote the charity and then didn’t. For fucks sake are these people brain dead?

No. 818677


Apparently, you either have to worship her, OR wish her dead, there is no in-between.

No. 818678

File: 1559792572037.png (85.06 KB, 432x520, lickinhollysb-hole1.png)


There's always someone willing to go the extra mile!

No. 818682


I mean that one dude saying “shut up hoe” repeatedly is obnoxious but does that WK know that Holly doesn’t care about consent

No. 818683

File: 1559792829739.png (28.82 KB, 584x232, MattLawson.png)

…And then there's Matt Lawson…

No. 818685


He didn’t need to sneak into her house, all the info is out there.

No. 818695

This fuzzinator person sounds pretty autistic. If he said something like oops my autism! Bluejay would eat her words immediately.

No. 818700


Why does wanting what someone promised sound ‘autistic’

Probably meant a lot to him and going back on that is shitty, she would’ve never fulfilled it if he didn’t bug her.

No. 818703


the situation was literally holly doing her daily round of "I don't know what i can do to make things better!!! if you want me to be a good person tell me HOWWW" and this Fuzzinator person took her up on the offer and literally just went "ok, here's how you can be a better person, here are 4 charities you can plug in one of your tweets instead of crying about shit"
and our queen and savior of birds holly said "yes, i will do it, thank you so much"
so imagine our surprise, anon.

i don't think demanding accountability makes someone autistic, but then again i don't have a degree from the Holly Conrad school of Evasion…

No. 818723


That’s the thing, Holly doesn’t know how to be a good person, so she wants people to tell her what to do so she can come across that way.

What can I do to fix this = how can I make people change what they think of me.

No actual emotional or mental progression just doing the dance.

No. 818728

I don’t understand this like literally just log off Twitter? Go outside? Get a hobby, a real job, focus on literally anything other than the absolute shitstorm you and ProGeria created??

No. 818729

-Admit to doing wrong
-Apologize without excuses
-Make amends wherever possible
-Commit to not doing any similar wrongs again.

A fool proof four step process that even birds can follow.

No. 818730

File: 1559805898722.png (414.85 KB, 1174x1374, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.50…)

i don't think caps of the conversation she had with the Fuzzinator dude were posted here, so i'm gonna go off

this started off as someone's response to her genius "use ur analytical brains uwu" rant

No. 818731

File: 1559805973992.png (456.47 KB, 1226x1384, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.51…)


context is here >>816555

No. 818732

File: 1559806016345.png (588.35 KB, 1198x1390, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.51…)

No. 818733

File: 1559806104416.png (411.52 KB, 1222x1308, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.51…)

ffs flood detection

No. 818734

File: 1559806161750.png (395.87 KB, 1204x1268, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.51…)

No. 818736

File: 1559806240210.png (463.89 KB, 1200x1376, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.51…)

i love how "i'll do my best" turns into "this dude wanted me to do it" THIS quickly for holly.

No. 818737

File: 1559806341190.png (345.93 KB, 1206x1248, Screenshot 2019-06-06 at 12.52…)

last tweets in the thread. maybe just don't try to look like a good person next time, holly, you can't even pretend well enough. embrace your personality of trash witch. it becomes you.

No. 818742

i can 100% see holly being that being online as "self care", because she can communicate with her friends and get that sweet sweet validations from her fans. Same with Jared, anyone with a half a brain can predict that falling in love with your friend's husband is a BAD idea, ESPECIALLY if you're convinced he's in an abusive relationship. A self reflective person would take a step back and think "am i trying to make myself feel better by 'saving' him?", In the long run it's doomed to be a disaster

No. 818747


Holly doesn’t seem like the kind to think in the long run

No. 818750

Holly is definitely the kind of person to think indulging = self care. Instead of like, actually taking care of herself.

No. 818751

Apologize sincerely and own up to your wrongdoings? Idk just an idea

No. 818752

Later that day, in court
Witness: "… and I saw Mr. Derer stab the victim three times in the neck before running away!"
Defense Attorney This Guy: "Did you see that? Did you sneak into his house like a sick stalker and take photographic evidence? Or did you just base everything on assumptions and premature extrapolation just like every other fuckwit witness on that stand spamming abusive testimonies of my client stabbing people?"

No. 818753

Fuzzinator: "can you promote this charity on your platform"
Holly: "of course"
Fuzzinator: "hey remember you promised this?"
Holly: "alright fine, here"
Fuzzinator: "thanks"
Anon: "ugh this guy sounds autistic"

No. 818777

Exactly she just wants a checklist she can easily digest. She's on some robot shiz because that is not how the world works. Pwease give me a list of things I can do so u no hate no mo uwu

Doing a charity shout out because a fan told you it would help your image is not cool. It's selfish. She only did it to seem helpful, like oh wow they can't hate me on a charity post! Did you even research the charity Holly? Do you know anything about the disease? I doubt any of her rabid WKs donated anyway. It was a pointless exercise in damage control.

No. 818783

In that case here's my checklist:
-Goto the police with all the incriminating info you have on Jared
-Surrender custody of Mojo to Ross
-And take back that he's a cuck
-Reimburse all those you've ripped off before
-Get a tattoo that reads "Don't sleep with married men"
-Take a month's sabbatical from all social media
-Be serious about therapy
-Make an apology gift for Heidi

If she does all that I'll start liking her again, and will also make a substantial donation to the charity of her choice.

No. 818788

Any apology she makes to Heidi will not be genuine much like the charity post. Holly is not capable of doing anything that doesn't somehow benefit her. Heidi is not an idiot and she will recognize this. If only Holly were capable of genuine reflection and could apologize to Heidi without the hope of anything in return. She aint tho

No. 818830

File: 1559838460721.png (77.46 KB, 593x713, Screenshot_36.png)

didn't see this posted
we love a passive aggressive bird hag

No. 818832

Yes Holly, it must be terrible living in a real life dystopic version of reality where whenever you go online everyone harass you… If only you could log out… Or create an alternate account to keep in touch with only the people you care for and trust and use that while the dust settles……… Alas this is the real sci-fi………….

No. 818833


She keeps drawing attention to the fact that she is being harassed. She needs her white knights to constantly validate her. I'm wondering if most of them are unaware that she scammed a cancer survivor, or if they would simply bend over backwards to defend that, too.

No. 818839

File: 1559839822077.png (364.82 KB, 636x1829, screencapture-twitter-keksandk…)

Bluejay was the friend who said she and Holly were taking time off from twitter btw.

No. 818844

File: 1559840082710.png (61.14 KB, 613x533, Screenshot_37.png)

No. 818847

bless this person

No. 818848

I was a big Holly fan and wanted so badly to believe she wasn't seriously in the wrong, that she was being lied to and manipulated by Jared, but it's like every new post of hers reveals even further what a deeply terrible and selfish person she is at her core under the facade of her online angelic dorky ill nerd girl shtick.

She's incapable of real empathy or critical thinking. She never considered why Heidi would have reason to be angry despite it being obvious. She never looked critically at Jared's pedophilic sexual interactions with fans despite again it being obviously wrong. Even her whole bird rescue thing is probably just a way to glorify herself and indulge in collecting what she sees as cute aesthetic objects since her behavior is showing she can't empathize with others' feelings and respect their wellbeing on even the most basic level.

No. 818849

Why does she keep bringing it up??? Just stop acknowledging it!

No. 818850

she reminds me of Shayna. make an inadequate non-apology that addresses none of the bad things you actually did, then retract it and deny deny deny any wrongdoing, and get butthurt and claim harassment when people are still rightfully upset with you.

No. 818851

the harassment in question was… someone calling her and jared pathological liars?? until i see a birth certificate i REFUSE to believe this bitch is 33 or an adult in any capacity

No. 818853

And give up that sweet sweet victim status? She's looking more and more like a mental illness munchy, manufacturing trauma out of thin air.
People blaming me for doing shitty stuff? Trauma. Suddenly revealing csa, talking about mom dying, being abuuuuuused by Heidi, cosplay trauma…
It's never enough. Life itself is trauma to Holly, it seems.

No. 818854

ya she's failing at bully countering 101 which is stop acknowledging them. That didn't work so well in middle school when a bully could come up and knock your lunch tray out of your hand but its a fine technique for internet trolls. They don't know where you live and no one is harassing you in person. Acknowledgement is power Holly take it away.

No. 818858

Well, she has wronged people. Dumbass.

No. 818859

Where you go anon I need more TWRP

No. 818861

>please, please harass me. It's winding down, harass me!
Wtf is wrong with her. Is it BPD? Like any acknowledgement even negative is better than feeling like an empty shell? I'm genuinely wondering if she's not enjoying it all. Hell going to the desert and laying low for a month could have ended most of this.

No. 818872


Typical DARVO behavior

No. 818874


Honestly? This is the most attention she's gotten in a good while it seems…

No. 818881

if I were Jared I'd be strangling her right now. he must be regretting all of this so much, way to shoot yourself in the dick.

No. 818887

Imagine losing your career, your fans, your marriage, and half your money over a 33 year old child with a basket full of real and made up mental disorders. Every time he looks at her face he is going to be reminded of that.

No. 818890

>JK I am totally a real life protagonist
She's so delusional. no wonder she treats others with such little respect, to her everyone else is just a npc getting in her way.

No. 818902

This bitch did this to herself. She didn't think about Ross or Heidi when she fucked Prosandworm

No. 818911

The lack of awareness is crazy. How can you claim yourself an advocate and end coming as having no empathy and totally unable to comprehend anyone feelings besides yourself? Is it genuine or is it an act not to have to admit anything. I'm not even sure at this point. She's doubling down like she's certain she's in the right and digging herself deeper each time.

No. 818912

File: 1559848973204.png (61.48 KB, 586x564, hollystop2.png)

No. 818913

Does Holly think PeenJared is going to marry her? Are they even together still, I can't see him ever getting serious with her after all this shit.

No. 818914

File: 1559849357948.png (75.86 KB, 578x538, hollystop3.png)

No. 818918


‘They are abusive’ there it is!

No. 818920

ot but anyone who says that they’re giving “their truth” means that they’re giving their side of the story and how they perceived things, not the actual truth

besides it’s not like her “truth” even means anything, given her penchant for manipulation and deflection

worst phrase of 2019 is definitely “speaking my truth”

No. 818921

File: 1559849754389.gif (1.78 MB, 245x237, giphy (4).gif)

this dumb miserable bitch

No. 818922


Jesus Christ, you're 33 Holly as an adult you own up to the shitty things you do. You haven't been "bullied" they aren't "abusive" the audacity of this bird brained bitch is astounding.

No. 818924

Kek. Still doubling down. Thank you for this flowing milk, anon.
>muh truth, much abused, such trauma

No. 818925

There she goes again with the dindu muffins. "something I didn't do and someone lied about"

IT'S NOT A LIE! You not believing it ≠ a lie. You are only open to hear Jared's side of the story and completely ignore Heidi and the girls who accused him. They couldn't possibly have a case because you want to believe Jared because you like him the most. You want the same life you've always had which is pining after him and playing D&D. That life is gone now. You shouldn't even be friends with him. And yet you're traipsing around the desert with him like it's nbd. Heidi having feelings and yelling is not abuse, that right there needs to stop. For a mental health guru you'd think she would know how to ID abuse better.

No. 818926

god just… shut up.

i can’t imagine being 33 and playing the victim, martyr, AND hero all at once. good god holly go get a therapist

No. 818928

File: 1559850522252.png (79.44 KB, 580x538, denica1.png)

>"Holly said she saw proof of their dishonesty."

Bitch where? Show it.

>"Chai said out right he didn't have proof"

Doesn't mean it didn't happen. No tangible proof just means you are unable to make a case out of it.

I bet these people get a real thrill mocking his victims for being unable to post. It's almost like they know these allegations are probably true, but because his victims don't really have much to show for it, they'll be ridiculed as liars.

>"You will have no idea until an official investigation releases statement."

There was an official investigation by Normal Boots. Jared was found guilty. That alone should say enough.

No. 818930


Is Denica Holly's friend or just some unhinged fan girl? Look at her replies. She spends all day just wking Holly.

No. 818932

At this point, holly's retarded ass needs to just stay away from the internet. Forever.

No. 818933

The way she keeps responding to everything with 'but how am I doing x? I don't understand, please tell me' is so fucking annoying. It's like a little kid asking 'why?' over and over, but worse because she's in her 30s and playing dumb to avoid addressing any criticism. There is literally no substance to anything she's said in her own defense, nothing specific or straightforward and no detail to give herself credibility. She seems both dumb and obnoxious in comparison to Heidi, who has been so articulate and direct every time she tweeted about the situation.

No. 818936


She knows that her 'hAtUrZ' don't have the time and/or patience to just DM her, or explain what she's doing wrong in full detail, so she's trying to annoy them until they 'give up', which is what her WKs keep encouraging

No. 818937

She really does have the mentality of a child. I play this game with my niece when she's punished. "I don't understand why." thousand word essay about why, responsibility blah blah few minutes later "BUT WHY!??" It's what kids do to manipulate caregivers to give them their way despite being wrong. It's not that they don't understand it's wrong, it's that they don't want their punishment. And once again its shows the difference between Heidi and Holly and why it's more likely Holly is an abuser than Heidi. Heidi is accepting her new life, being dragged, and not constantly saying "whhhhhhhhhy?" She gets that her business might not be the same, that she was petty and people justifiably don't like her for that. It's insane how someone can mention her behavior outside of the cheating fiasco, she manages to bring up abuse despite Heidi being no where in the conversation. And her WKs wonder why we believe Heidi isn't an abuser when Holly treats people with perfectly calm and valid arguments as abusers. I would have never thought of Holly being the final villian of game grumps.

No. 818941

People usually take the time to explain to her in a reasonable manner what she is doing wrong and she either doesn't reply or puts up her uwu I have mental issues shield. Nothing will get through to her.

No. 818944

afaik she's just some devoted WK

No. 818946


>Heidi is accepting her new life, being dragged, and not constantly saying "whhhhhhhhhy?"

I see plenty of people still trying to drag her on most of her posts, but she doesn't call attention to it. She finished responding weeks ago

Which I find funny with all of the anti-Heidi WKs, they accuse her of manipulating everyone & 'withholding the truth', but she admitted where she was in the wrong & genuinely seemed regretful about some of the decisions she made.

She came clean.

We all know she is unable to show the sexts & nudes, because that's basically 'revenge-porn' which is a gross misdemeanor on the first offense.
She's clearly taking the high-road, which Holly & Jared's WKs are taking full advantage of…

"Where are the nudes+sexts Heidi? Guys LOOK! She blocked me! #HeidingtheTRUTH!!!!"

No. 818953

Seconding this, oh my god anon please pour that TWRP milk on me. I'm also cool with not seeing photos and just hearing more stories.

No. 818954

the funny thing about the people siding with jared/holly on kwf and reddit is they are also the type of people who absolutely detest people like holly. they go out of their way to paint heidi as some husband cucking sjw whore but um…that's literally holly. the woman your boy jared left his wife for.

No. 818959

Oh no! It's almost like all of this shit happened recently and she's still being harassed!

It's almost like she doesn't keep stirring the pot by constantly chirping back at anyone and everyone!

It's almost like she should take an actual, real break from the internet! Oh no!

She's so fucking retarded. Does she seriously think that everything will be swiftly swept under the rug like her under scandals just because she wants them to? Life doesn't work that way, Hoelly.

No. 818969

She should just private her accounts again and when she tweets/posts she can block whoever is “hating/harassing” her and then she can do as she pleases with nothing but sycophants replying. It’s honestly not a hard problem to solve.

No. 818972

I was a fan of hers before too, anon. But her refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing and not understanding why using your vagina to help someone in an "abusive" situation is wrong has made me not like her at all. She doesn't see that if Jared really was abused, then Holly manipulated him by taking advantage of him. I don't think he was abused at all, I think he was the abuser. It's not uncommon for the abuser to cry abuse, it actually happens a lot. For someone who's a "mental health advocate" and "stands by the victim" she blamed every single victim just to defend Jared. She made that choice before the affair came to light by giving him the contact details of the minors accusing him, which if it isn't, then it should be against the law.

On top of that, her old drama that she swept under the rug was revealed and I'm sorry, but no matter how much I like her, what she did to Rana was wrong on so many levels. And she had the nerve to claim to be advocate soon after? No, just no.

She showed her true colors when she threw her friend Heidi under the bus by calling her a stranger (who lived with her for a while might I add) that no one should believe.

No. 818979


Fucking THIS.
In what world does fucking someone magically get them out of an abusive relationship???

No. 818987

>using your vagina to help someone in an "abusive" situation is wrong
maybe reversing the gender roles would be interesting to consider.
guy wants to help a girl trapped in an abusive relationship and does so by fucking her. that would look pretty bad, right? and there is no difference

No. 818993

Indeed. The guy would get an unbelievable amount of hate, especially from people like Holly.

No. 818995

File: 1559861040467.png (43.14 KB, 576x528, fuckout.png)

No. 818998

File: 1559861385917.png (18.05 KB, 582x150, hollytldr.png)

This good person summed up Holly's actions perfectly.

No. 819000

These people out here doing the most. And yet Holly will completely ignore it. You.Are.Not.A.Victim.

No. 819002

File: 1559861797373.png (44.38 KB, 524x378, hollytldr1.png)


Someone else brought up this brilliant point as well.

No. 819003

File: 1559861804980.jpg (242.61 KB, 1070x740, Screenshot_20190606-185634_Twi…)

No. 819004

File: 1559861847060.jpg (137.23 KB, 1080x348, Screenshot_20190606-185652_Twi…)

No. 819005


It’s frustrating as this tweet is clearly telling what is wrong but holly may only reply with a “tell me what I did wrong!”

No. 819006

As someone who takes 60mg of prozac each day, I can say she is full of shit.

No. 819008


>"Has anyone else dealt with this?"

No, because I never fucked anyone's husband.

No. 819013

Translation: 'A bad decision I made has directly impacted my mental and physical health. Feel sorry for me!'

Who would even tweet this? Just use google or go to your doctor if it's really having that bad an affect.

Also, these tweets have really opened my eyes to Holly's manipulation. Ross was a saint to put up with this side of her for so long.

No. 819014

There is so much wrong with this. Prozac doesn't work that way. It keeps you from feeling depressed. It wouldn't make you shake or anything. And if it did, like she is saying, they would fucking take her off of it. So she is either bullshitting everyone, or is too fucking stupid to call her doctor and tell them it's fucking her up.

No. 819017

it could be and it can absolutely be a side-effect or the effects of mental illness and the drug together. the real issue is attention-whoring and furthering her victim narrative

No. 819020

Yep. There's nothing keeping her from googling or the smart solution, asking her fucking doctor about it. Nah, she can't manipulate people that way, she has to ask her fans to draw attention back to her.

No. 819022

She went to the hospital and all she has to take is a measly 40mg of Prozac alone. Funny that Prozac happens to typically be the first medication people with depression are given to try, and that’s not even a particularly high dose.
Yeah holly, Twitter is the perfect place to get insight on issues with your medication and not like at the doctors or anything

No. 819025

You know, I've been trying for the life of me to see things the way Holly does. But even IF she was right about everything and actually the big victim in all this, the way she talks is so unbelievably inappropriate considering the circumstances. She is so completly tone deaf. It really makes me wonder why she was ever considered a semi-respected mental health advocate.

No. 819029


WKs in her comments are falling over themselves to say omg me too I shook so much. Why the fuck are so many people on prozac in the first place? Life sucks for everyone and is mostly misery, the sooner people realize that the easier their lives will be.


Literal definition of weird flex but ok

No. 819031


I know right?
The random "lol" confused me at first… thought I was reading a TND tweet for a moment there.

No. 819033


>now I'm shakey and trip all the time lol haha lol

at first glance I thought she was claiming that she was tripping on prozac, not literally tripping over jared's dick

No. 819034

As someone who has taken Prozac, I absolutely know that's not side effects of that medication. Also it's not an anti anxiety, it's an anti depressant. The worse side of effects of Prozac is sever depression, suicidal tendencies, and sever weight gain or loss.

She didn't even have the fucking sense to GOOGLE the actual side effects.

No. 819036

ALSO, if she was an ACTUAL advocate of mental health, she should immediately contact her psychiatrist AND stop taking the medication or go back to the lesser dose. Anyone with any actual mental health training would not see terrible symptoms like these and blow them off with hahaha, side effects amirite(don't use emojis)

No. 819038

Trying to remind everyone who says she was fucking someone's husband that she went to the HOOOOSPITAL.

If it's not our choice to accept Holly should stop responding. "Seen evidence that makes her stay with Jared." His dick.

SSRIs have unpredictable side effects. I get a lot that aren't described on the bottle from withdrawal, some have made feel paranoid, act strangely, and some I got physically ill. Messing with Serotonin has a lot of consequences. Anyways, it's so retarded she shares that on twitter. Especially with an "lol." Was that an attempt to be more casual with what she's saying instead of seeing a doctor?

No. 819041

Very strange that the mental health advocate doesn't know the common side effects of anxiety medication. I'm sure she posted this for good reasons and not just because she wants everyone to know she's on medication.
40 is a pretty small dosage, right? Can't remember the specifics of Prozac.

No. 819045


40 is low but she may very well be transitioning off of another medication. Who knows.

No. 819054

File: 1559867123949.jpeg (232.25 KB, 1208x820, 59EED804-FA4C-4C8A-B353-13EC0E…)


Shaking is actually a common side effect of Prozac, just cause you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Not WKing but y’all are wrong.

No. 819065

File: 1559869368372.gif (1.32 MB, 244x224, bmttf.gif)


so is fucking everyone. antidepressants are so incredibly common. and i love that this means she was only on 20mg of babby's first depression medication. much depression, very PTSD, wow.

No. 819066

Most antidepressants are supposed to help with anxiety. It's not an immediate reactionary effect (like taking xanax for a panic attack) but over time it's supposed to gradually reduce the amount of anxiety you feel.

No. 819076

Do these idiots not realise that Chai's actual, current age is proof? Do they seriously think that Jared can get out of that fact? They do, don't they.

I can only hope this really is being pursued legally by the parties involved.

No. 819078

how old is chai right now? 17? 16?

anyway no anon you don't understand- holly's SEEN the proof. there's no way the minor that's still a minor today was a minor 1 - 2 years ago. get outta here.

No. 819100

File: 1559872684212.png (179.33 KB, 1127x1036, WhiteKnighted.png)

This BorkScorpion person is absolutely unbelievable.
I just had to share the Hypocrisy with you anons, so I've compiled some of the most ridiculous things they've said recently.
(Blocking out all other parties because one of them is a friend of one of Jared's victims.)

No. 819102

File: 1559872689268.png (94.77 KB, 636x562, projared-2.png)



No. 819110

what does his have to do with anything? we're not actually doubting its validity and don't need PULL's confirmation of anything. we're joking around about the absolute idiocy of the people trying to excuse Jared.

as for the reddit sperg being quoted in that cap, they are badly mistaken about how this all works.

No. 819112


>"The fact that most people don;t even know that 2 of the 3 accusers don't identify as female really exemplifies how basic and watered down the information are acting on here is…"

Umm, no it isn't? Sexual misconduct is sexual misconduct, regardless of what gender the person identifies as…

No. 819117

File: 1559873870754.png (58.37 KB, 574x510, borkcunt.png)


Yeah, Bork is insufferable, but he made Holly's 'VIP list' for his little gish-gallop act (along with Danica), so now he's gonna keep doing it!

This person makes a good point, but of course Bork has to come in to shit on it.

No. 819122

Funny how only Holly has seen proof and no one else has.

No. 819132

File: 1559874813222.jpg (116.61 KB, 960x960, 11215865_10207992408042424_762…)


Sorry I only get on for a little before work. I wish I had good milk but it has been a long time since we've run in the same circles, so don't take my word as gospel fact. I'm struggling to describe him in a way that most can instantly understand because I know everyone has a friend like this. He's nice, he comes off nice, but it's a fake nice. It hides his huge ego imo. Dude was SUPER full of himself for a nerd. Did everyone have that one drama club (or choir, or band, or other geeky group) kid that was super hot shit in that circle and acted cocky but literally everyone outside that circle thought they were an annoying loser? That was him. He had plenty of friends though. There were a few of us who were irritated by him and found him a tad try hardy.

He and his brother started the band like 10 years ago, maybe more. I don't know why his brother left the group he was only there for a year or 2. Before that he was in a different band with a girl singer but that didn't last long. I think out of everyone in the band he has the least amount of musical skill as in he has played the least amount of time. He used to be a drummer not a keyboardist. Played way too much Starcraft.

Oh maybe some milk. Super old milk. Way back in HS his buddies were chatting about something and the subject of pussy hair came up and he acted super grossed out and said something like "if she pulls down her panties and there's a bush I'm outta there". At least I think that was him, idk why my brain just spat that out right now but yeah sounds right. Pretty much every HS dude opinion ever. So there's your TWRP milk. I'll see if my brain spits anything else out while I'm working.

No. 819136

File: 1559874958955.jpeg (408.43 KB, 1242x862, B0FCE3B2-6184-4AB6-917C-92D8AA…)

Oh my god. She’s actually responding back to her “abusers”

No. 819139

She @ projared in the reply lmao dumbass.

No. 819140

File: 1559875105788.jpeg (655.26 KB, 1242x1888, 04218E7E-03F2-4B7F-BAF4-E55331…)

Kek it’s just a black and white photo of Jared

No. 819141

3 of her tweets in the last 3 hours have ended in "lol". Girl what is the prozac doing to you?

No. 819142

she is starting to sound like Onision KEK

No. 819145

File: 1559875923709.jpeg (580.76 KB, 1242x1025, AD151925-B61B-4A32-AA8C-AB81CD…)


No. 819146

That dude literally just sent a picture of the man she loves and they consider it hate and harassment. These people have incredible minds, they should join Mensa.

No. 819148

File: 1559876165320.jpeg (270.54 KB, 1242x640, 0B0FE467-BE75-4DBA-ACD3-EB495F…)

Something tells me she’s not gonna reply to this one…

No. 819149


Nothing screams 'innocent' like instantly losing your shit on someone if they even hint at wrongdoing! /s


Nah, she'll leave it to her WKs to screech at them.

No. 819151

this person is a genius, fighting fire with fire

No. 819152


Now THIS is how you fight WKs!

No. 819153


Nah she’s not going to reply to this

I hope she does if only I want to see how the WK will spin this

No. 819154

File: 1559876833102.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.46 KB, 480x360, 8115BBDC-51D4-498E-95A1-2BF776…)

Something about this whole situation was reminiscent of my childhood somehow and then it hit me. This is the level of emotionally maturity Holly has.

No. 819158

it's not worth screencapping but the tweet she's replying to was "did you fall on @projared's penis?"

i don't know why she wouldn't untag him though lmao

No. 819160

I hope he's at least getting paid for this level of WKing.

No. 819163

File: 1559879308322.png (45.23 KB, 578x448, denicastired.png)

Oh, NOW you're tired, Denica?

No. 819165

File: 1559879450094.png (29.38 KB, 582x272, what.png)

Looks like Holly's WKs don't care about cancer either

No. 819166

This! Jared is manipulative and likes to exploit women. The fact that he openly creeped on his younger fans that are all young teens/women is telling! I'm sure he sprouted a lot of bullshit about Heidi to get Holly to feel bad enough to fuck him. Holly fucked up and her replies are trash, but Jared definitely did some manipulating.

They both need to be taken out to the dump already.

No. 819167

Holly's whiteknights are something else

No. 819172

Why they gotta care if it’s a sock puppet? Like your the dumbass wasting time white knighting against accounts your trying to downplay. Using a sock to argue is an Internet past time idk why anyone continues to act shocked pikachu over it. You don’t get to play both sides, acting like socks are beneath you but still giving into them every time. This woman looks old af too

No. 819177

File: 1559882537408.png (41.02 KB, 574x402, afuckinggenius.png)

No. 819178

Nobody cares about cancer but everyone should care about Holly’s mental health.

No. 819179

Even worse is that she's not even telling them not to say stuff like that to defend her.

No. 819184

Don’t forget Jessica has also seen “proof” of the ages.

No. 819187

Speaking of cancer ~ how about when Holly ripped off that cancer money.

No. 819191

>Tell me how I’m emotionally manipulative
Said every abuser ever

No. 819198

She knows she fucked up big time and this is the last attempt at trying to avoid the consequences. It's like that one South Park episode where they parodied the LeBron James "What Should I Do?" commercial by having Cartman repeating it over and over again until the opposing side was confused and frustrated enough to give up their demands.

>teehee just nonchalantly mentioning this exaggerated "funny detail" to passive aggressively remind everyone what a poow depwessed baby I am so they won't bully me! uwu haha
This is a manipulation tactic. She's getting more and more unlikable by every brain fart she tweets.

I would've been able to give Holly the benefit of a doubt if she sincerely didn't know Heidi and Jared's situation, but it's been proven time and time again that she was aware that Jared was a piece of shit cheating on Heidi and Heidi was distressed by this, and Holly was slithering in front of her calling her "so nice and pretty uwuuuu" in a desperate attempt to flatter her. She knew their relationship wasn't "abusive", she just didn't give a shit about Heidi's mental anguish or feelings. She felt entitled to have Jared cheat on Heidi with her and she doesn't even feel sorry about it.

It's pretty clear she has harbored resentment for Heidi for a very long time (Jealousy?) because her first tactic was to use cherrypicked text messages to aggressively paint her as the sociopathic villain abusing poor Jared by ~yelling~ at him, instead of apologizing and admitting that she did a bad thing. If she didn't feel some deep-rooted hostility towards Heidi, I doubt she would've picked up the opportunity to throw a hoedown of desperate smear campaigning. In other words she felt that instead of owning up and apologizing her best option was to fuck her reputation up by grasping at straws. And that speaks volumes.

No. 819200

I think it's deep-seeded jealousy as well. The way she goes after Heidi doesn't sound like a normal person acting reasonable or logical, but bitterly jealous.

No. 819206

File: 1559897483046.jpg (1.51 MB, 2775x879, protecc.jpg)

I am Heidi defender of the realm.

No. 819207

File: 1559898080819.png (2.09 MB, 2535x2083, angel.png)

How dair you bestow adultery on me.

No. 819208

take your meds, anon.

No. 819209

You know what, Art Anon, you're a weird egg but i respect your energy. You do you.

No. 819213

Your weird-ass shoops are like a visual representation of what it feels like to post after taking Ambien.

No. 819227

your shoops creep me tf out but i actually cracked up at this one Artnon

No. 819236

Because she's only an advocate for herself.
The only time Holly Conrad will speak out about mental health and be an advocate for it is to make herself look like a 'victim who survived' but no you shouldnt call out that BIG STRONG SURVIVOR because she's still fragile and so soft uwu.

She wants be be seen as this pillar of mental health growth that has totally been through the system and tried everything and found her peace through all these years of suffering


She also wants to be seen as this brittle fragile mental health sufferer who can never be held accountable for anything she does because she's got depression and anxiety and ptsd for realsies.

She is a hypocritical wishy washy con artist who only wants to use mental health issues as a way to get herself more followers and notoriety and then use the same guise as a shield for any criticism

No. 819248

Is this what having a seizure feels like?

No. 819258

File: 1559914123372.jpg (129.35 KB, 1078x531, Screenshot_20190607-092358_Twi…)

KT slowly getting more followers & has now made a Twitch to answer questions. Will this be a "private" vlog too? She is bound to do something totally batshit eventually.

No. 819260

these have grown on me ngl
She doesn't even make an effort to understand why other people behave the way that they do or empathize with them on anything but a superficial level; she's incredibly self-focused and strikes me as a typical brain-dead aging ~here to share my healing journey~ social media addict but in slightly different clothing than the usual 'new age orientalist'. The anons who were speculating that Holly doesn't go to therapy might be right. At best she probably goes to a psychiatrist who'll throw pills at her and at best goes to affirmative talk-therapy where nothing she thinks or does is challenged.

No. 819261

Sounds like she's moving to a platform where she can monetize her milk with minimal effort. Webcam + microphone = I'm a Twitch streamer now! Might actually work. I could see r/ConspiracyGrumps throwing some money at her for stories about Arin's past.

No. 819267

Once again, proof that she never has gotten proper help for her illnesses. Prozac is the starter drug for those who have never been on anything else. And seeing as she’s claiming her body isn’t taking it well, she must not be use to figuring out side effects.

And hell, that would be proof of her NEVER even having a proper diagnosis. How is it that she has depression, anxiety, and severe PTSD and is on 40 mg of… prozac?! I’d doubt they’d give Prozac as supplemental help to other meds if she were on any, because it doesn’t play nice when working in combination.

Also they would have just upped the dosage on other stuff, not introduce a new pill. I could see her being a self diagnosis queen.

No. 819269

What kills me about the “proof” thing is that unless they sent pictures of their government IDs, nothing else is considered proof. Like even if a minor lies, it’s up to the adult to ensure it’s the truth. And having a “body positivity” nude blog that functions on an “honor system” is not proof by any stretch of the means.

If the people involved were underage at the time, then he’s in trouble, period.

No. 819276

File: 1559918693921.jpeg (112.83 KB, 499x495, 682A40A4-4665-4250-90CD-2E1F79…)

Thank you TWRP anon, even a single-serve diner creamer’s worth of milk makes my day. As a whole they seem to keep their heads down and stay in their lane, so any clues to their personalities are interesting.

No. 819290

She completely downplayed the fact that even if it were nothing but consenting adults….it's wrong. She gave a half hearted statement acknowledging the use of his power to solicit nudes was wrong, but it's clear she doesn't actually feel it was wrong because "consent". If you have any level above someone else it's never going to be right for you to engage fans/followers in the way Jared did. He was using it to inflate his ego not spread positivity. LET ALONE that he couldn't manage to make sure the senders were of legal age.

Jared is really a master manipulator. Holly does not strike me as the kind of girl to readily send nudes and yet she sent nudes to Jared too. Sending nudes to someone you're trying to save from "abuse" no less. How do you have such cognitive dissonance? Falling for guys like Jared is something every 15 year old girl does until they grow up and get better at filtering these suave assholes out. Holly is in her fucking 30s and was married to a solid guy and still has a broken filter. Splain dat.

No. 819291

File: 1559920957520.jpg (583.51 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190607-112105_Twi…)

>Take your complaints up with yourself.

No. 819307

Late response but this is so stupid. Shaking is a side effect of Prozac but she's saying that she's already been ON Prozac, they just upped her dosage.

So… Did she never look up the side effects for Prozac when she was first put on the medication? Did she never ask her doctor? Her body would have reacted in some way back when she first started taking it, too. Anyone taking medication like that should be checking side effects so they know which ones are serious and need to be looked into immediately. Basically, she's either feigning ignorance for attention or she's an absolute idiot. Either is possible, I guess.

No. 819309

I like how as her follower, Ross would be seeing all of Holly’s tweets on his feed going haha I’m not doing so great lol I’m being harassed! And not once does he come to her defense and never will. I get that he probably muted her but still, it’s pretty funny

No. 819320

dangit anon, you keep getting better at this lmfao
what's up with your file names though? they border on ARG-level creepiness

No. 819322

See now, nonny, this is getting all arty and shit!

No. 819323

aw, look how happy he is

No. 819325

This is like those Magic Eye books, pls continue.

No. 819326

File: 1559926788768.jpg (27.1 KB, 508x376, tumblr_pbrhp4ZWCy1wtofoho1_540…)

Don't encourage the autism

No. 819329

don't tell us what to do when you can't even sage

No. 819336

>being this autism

No. 819337

??? Their post is literaly saged wtf are you talking about?

No. 819346

No. 819350

No it isn't. It's just clone stamping.

No. 819387

Even in feverdream Ross and Heidi are still immensely cuter than Jared and Holly.

No. 819396

File: 1559939333844.png (66.1 KB, 528x544, wkfuckup.png)

Holly's WKs are tripping over themselves already!

No. 819402

File: 1559940429007.jpg (78.12 KB, 534x810, D8fCyA2W4AQfRgO.jpg)

Hoelly and her white knights of the dnd table will never surrender

No. 819407

File: 1559940979985.png (59.97 KB, 518x482, wkfuckupcont.png)



No. 819411

i really like these. keep em coming

No. 819412

God damn I fucking hate summerfags

No. 819417

If she was innocent, I would have thought that he'd have, at the very least, come to her defense through all this. Even a simple statement to her attackers to get them to back off (eg. "We had an agreement, it was consensual, so chill"), but he hasn't.. which I find very telling.

Typically, if someone has been abused, the advice is to cut off your abuser and don't contact them or give them any attention, even if they are throwing a shitfit. They want ANY kind of attention/reaction from you, positive or negative.

Ross choosing to ignore his ex while she is being attacked left & right tells me that they certainly did not seperate on good terms. Shit went down between them, and whatever it was gives him a good reason NOT to come to her defense.

I feel so bad for him. Glad he's away from her, though.

No. 819442

I don't get why he doesn't just unfollow her. She unfollowed him, he doesn't come to her rescue or defend her, ever, and if he does have her muted, then it's doubly pointless.

No. 819446

More and more I'm convinced Holly has only been larping this whole time as someone who is going to therapy and getting help. Being put on tiny amounts of babby's first antidepressant very recently, calling her bad experience with cosplay "PTSD" despite that being incredibly disrespectful, parroting generic mental health advice without actually practicing any of it, liking and encouraging people to armchair diagnose her enemy with BPD, etc. That just doesn't add up to someone who has been in therapy for years.

No. 819455

We've seen what a manipulative snake she is. It's probably appeasement so she doesn't attack him about it.

No. 819504


Prozac is the first drug that will be prescribed for depression and she is on a starting dose. That’s questionable for someone who has been preaching mental health and claiming to be in recovery all these years. Instead of Googling it or asking her nonexistent friends, she had to tweet about her suicidal hospital visit and antidepressants hurting her.

Holly is playing the victim even with a medication she just started. She has no insight, empathy, or morality. She’s depressed and shaking because she’s an old divorced homewrecker with no children, family, partner, or viable career. She’s being publicly ridiculed on the internet for defending the pedophile she cheated on her spouse with. She fucked her friend’s husband and won’t take accountability, publicly attacks/slanders her victim consistently. Holly is stunted and conniving, especially when it comes to being the ultimate perpetual victim. Her shitty childhood is the least of her issues!

Being exposed has made her double down and show her true nature. She’s even more bold, vindictive, desperate, and obsessed than before. This bitch needs to be shut up forever she stays running her mouth! more karma ASAP(medfag)

No. 819513

I agree, but the starting dose is 20mg. A doctor will double that to 40 after the first month. Blog but, it was the first antidepressant I ever tried so I did enough googling to avoid any surprises.
Anyway, the last mental health stream she did that I watched for like 5 minutes, she talked briefly about her medication history and it went something like this if my memory serves me right:
The first one I don't remember.
Then she quit that one and tried wellbutrin for a while.
After that didn't work, she was on zoloft and I guess it worked well enough that she was on it for 4 whole years.
I don't know why she stopped, but at this point in time she mentioned starting on prozaz, which she was hopeful about curing some of her self-diagnosed pure ocd.

So, my takeaway was that she does really have a substantial enough record with mental healthcare from being on the zoloft for that long. But she's never gone as far as to try even a combination of meds. I thought, boy shes in her 30s, she mustve tried every med on the market and must be so knowledgeable about every drug class but that's not really the case.
And while it is pretty unusual that it took her so long to be on prozac, I'll be generous and say that every doctor is different. Many have biases for certain drugs like if they find that many of their patients are showing success with, say, effexor they will push for it (I'll pass on that one).

Not a psych, just a troubled anon like any other. Yes I am mental health gatekeeping lol(medfag)

No. 819517

I was on Prozac specifically to help me with depression and anxiety, you’re flat out wrong

On another note, it’s interesting she’s on Prozac. As far as I know it kills pretty much everyone’s sex drive if you take it (at least for me it did and that seemed to be the consensus online when I googled at the time I started it) so how is that going to be compatible with Jared the sex addict?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 819519

>so how is that going to be compatible with Jared the sex addict?
She seems perfectly fine with him soliciting nudes from and fucking fans. I wonder if she has thought beyond saving him from his 'abusive' marriage with her pussy, because if they are together and she lets him continue the way he's been going she is a massive cuckqueen. Maybe she thinks she will be the special one to make him faithful, I'm sure she believes he only did it because he's a poor little abuse victim.

No. 819523

For me sex drive was ok, you just have incredible difficulty reaching orgasm. Made me feel about half less of action too.(no1curr)

No. 819527

At first I wanted to give Holly the benefit of the doubt and say that Jared was using her being mentally ill to his advantage, manipulating her to a certain extent. As well as playing both girls at the same time, as I know being mentally ill can make you an easier target to manipulation. But then she started trying to shame the victims, sided with him, and some came with screenshots of how they more than likely believe she gave their info to Jared.
Then, she never apologised for any of it, the PULL thread, and you know the rest, that quickly change my opinion on this. Shes just coming off more and more as a manipulative cunt.
How do you lack that much self awareness on your actions? I really am trying to wrap my head around it to at least give her some type of benefit of the doubt, but it's all just coming back to alarms that shes just an abuser herself. Many abusers use the fact that they were abused in the past as justification to do it someone else who isnt even their abuser and to excuse themselves, to pretty much try to get off with no repercussions because the whole "UwU well since I was abused, I can never be the abuser. Just always the victim owo."

Then the fact, after reading this thread, it does seem like Holly has delu herself into believing shes the MC and all that crap. Hell, I wouldn't be shocked if she sees her DnD characters story line with her saving Jared's character as her own life story, that's strange af considering shes a bit too old to be acting like that (I didn't even know the bitch was 33, with the way shes acting I thought she was in her 20s or some shit). Idk how she think fucking someone is helping them leave an abusive relationship, but whatever. Does she think her pussy is like some cosmic force thats gonna make Jared leave Heidi? If she was a true mental health advocate sh would know that fucking someone that's in an abusive relationship just makes it worse because if the abuser finds out, then its game over and that'll actually make the abuse worse. And as a 33 year old, she should know better than to intervene in other peoples relationships if they didnt ask for help.

As for Heidi, I really dont know what to say about her. I mean, she hasnt really shown her ass that much tbh. She just sounds like a pissed off wife who was cheated on and lied to, idk how people believe she coming off as a bitch when she's not even sitting there running. Is she not supposed to be mad? I mean, yeah her leaving out the part that she did originally agree to poly was strange but in the end once your partner withdraw consent it's cheating. Something many Holly WK cant seem to grasp for some reason.

No. 819529

She left it out because ultimately it was irrelevant. By the time Holly was in the picture she'd already shut things down. And she'd never fucked anyone herself, just had a long distance emotional thing with that other cosplayer. It's all just fluff details, it doesn't change that Jared cheated on her.

I suspect her medications were prescribed either by a GP or a psychiatrist that never did any actual therapy with her. I believe she's diagnosed with depression, but she hasn't done a day of therapy for it, aside from whatever they forced her to do in the hospital.

No. 819536

Heidi said Holly was leading things with the abuse claims. Idk, maybe Jared was just having a good time fucking her and messing with Heidi's feelings? And Holly had to make it all dark? She seems more like the problem for the people in her world, than a victim.

No. 819546

i love u and scrolling these threads to randomnly witness these atrocities makes my day

No. 819560

File: 1559991275928.jpg (10.77 KB, 300x300, 27971968_179069832703507_67325…)


I reckon he's probably just muted her (both her account and any mention of her or jared, perhaps) so he doesn't have to see anything, without it drawing the attention unfollowing would, to avoid incurring any birdly wrath. Not that Holly would notice, I don't think, she's too busy being swallowed up in her own delusions; I'm sure any memory of Ross in her mind de-spawned when she hit that unfollow button.

No. 819561


Ah, that makes sense, my mistake. So Holly just scrabbled to justify shit, not shocking.

No. 819565

Yeah, hand tremors you quickly learn to live with. Not falling down.

No. 819568

Holly hates women better looking than her, I really hope Ross finds himself a cute new GF lol

No. 819573

Life will move on without her soon enough, both with Ross and her former DnD role. She'll be left with PedoJared (till he dumps her).

No. 819576

He's going to cheat on her about 50 times before her naive ass catches on.

No. 819588

Implying he hasn’t already cheated on her 50 times

No. 819589

This is a good point. Some medications, especially antdiepressants can completely dull the senses including sexual ones. They can make you feel like a zombie if not on the correct dose. What if Holly being drugged up is why she never wanted to fuck Ross or had any feelings for him? Too many people who are ace might actually be suffering from med side effects and dont' realize it isn't truly who they are.

> Does she think her pussy is like some cosmic force thats gonna make Jared leave Heidi?

Ok we know Heidi is a freak what with her "Jeremy wants to watch me suck your monster dong" so you know the sex was probably great. I do not think Holly is a good fuck. You'll get starfishing at best. Jared had been fucking his freak wife and random thirsty con girls for at least a year at that point, you'd think after the sexual tension was released between them he'd nope away from Holly like he did everyone else. Holly's pussy was a downgrade, this is fact.(armchairing)

No. 819590

Implying he isn't cheating on her every second of the day, because uwu in a different state and has "needs".

No. 819595

Holly doesn't have a problem with it. Heidi said that Holly and Jared talked a lot about his sexual escapades with fans via texts. Holly may have sold her as a truly poly gf to paint Heidi as the abuser. Although it looks like he's no longer famous, just infamous, and can get young puss these days so Holly might get a slightly monogamous Jared and kept spoiled by it. He's ugly as fuck so I'm sure he won't be able to use as many women or as attractive, but he'll definitely be fucking whatever will have .

No. 819609

Holly will have a problem if he has 'feelings' for any of them.

No. 819612

she's gonna play the better-than-Heidi poly cool girl until the shitstorm that feeds her defensive delusion wears off and he finally neglects her so hard that she is finally gonna feel cheated on and violated as fuck

No. 819613

File: 1560006407697.png (36.97 KB, 720x179, Screenshot_20190608-170438~2.p…)

he I'm so chill and unbothered and y'all are just reactionary and harming heh … get on my ~healing~ level haturs LOL

No. 819614

File: 1560006546926.png (464.07 KB, 720x755, Screenshot_20190608-170841~2.p…)

imagine getting sucked back into the black hole that is Holly because you have business with her

No. 819616

File: 1560006676650.jpeg (111.99 KB, 584x818, D8f-TwnXUAMERye~2.jpeg)

No. 819617

I'm assuming this is another "experiment" to see how much"harassment" she gets. God she's so pathetic.

No. 819618

she's asking to be shoved into a locker

No. 819619

File: 1560007031741.jpeg (319.2 KB, 1242x1079, E0E7EDDB-8F3E-48E6-BA6F-C97E3D…)

Holly is totally in control

No. 819623

File: 1560007953332.png (79.29 KB, 720x410, Screenshot_20190608-173052~2.p…)

this wightknight has amazing comebacks…

No. 819624

File: 1560007995487.png (98.1 KB, 720x550, Screenshot_20190608-172802~2.p…)

Holly's personal attack-dog

No. 819625

File: 1560008020917.png (71.12 KB, 720x336, Screenshot_20190608-173039~2.p…)

No. 819627

She is so desperate to be a victim.

No. 819632


she looks like momokun but somehow worse

No. 819633

with a face like this it's no wonder why she has nothing to do but defend Holly and report her critics.

Speaking up Dencia, you'd think she'd be a little more conscious about what she says and associates with online with her full name and face attached to it considering what job she has.

I wouldn't even give her that, honestly.

No. 819634

File: 1560008834292.png (51.23 KB, 585x525, Screenshot_40.png)

the bitch obviously can't read.

No. 819638

File: 1560009830002.png (59.53 KB, 720x299, Screenshot_20190608-175551~2.p…)

this woman has at least a hundred replies and tweets about the drama

No. 819639

File: 1560009868145.jpeg (523.01 KB, 1125x1302, D3D85416-5C31-4C47-BC6E-CD76AC…)

I mean he’s not wrong. Holly is a grown woman who can defend herself.

No. 819646

She's fishing for sympathy on Twitter again.

No. 819648

File: 1560010477117.png (422.48 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190608-111502.png)

No. 819652

she admits to reading here, so holly: DO get off the internet. seriously. yes you’ll still be getting shit when you get back but you’re just fucking pouring gas on the fire with every single dumbass tweet you put out. the longer you drag this out the more you fuck your own reputation up. if you had stayed off twitter in the first place you could’ve played dumb and been quiet and had some hope of returning to your job or at least finding another one in the industry. but after this shit, good fucking luck trying to get back to your glory days. you brought it on yourself, it’s time to get off the internet and go get some REAL, long term therapy.

No. 819653

>it doesn't matter what I say, you'll never believe me anyway
Glad to know she's back at it again. If she could just look past her own ego for one second and humble herself she'd be able to figure out just how easy it is to somewhat redeem herself.

>I wish I was dead
>I'm not fishing for sympathy
>Maybe I should take another break
Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Maybe go back to your therapist ASP instead of whining on socialmedia if you're feeling suicidal. Fucking embarrassing that she used to be considered a mental health advocate.

No. 819662

File: 1560011973322.jpeg (552.89 KB, 1242x1246, 56AC4FF1-F5B3-4A0E-A4E8-8B490E…)

How do her wks not see how manipulative she is being with broadcasting all her angst?
>offer still stands
picking up her emotional-slutty habits I see? lmao

No. 819665

>Accountability is hard so I’d rather just kill myself!

She does understand that if she just owned up to what exactly she did wrong instead of vaguely saying sorry and doubt down on defending a man who has/had child porn on his phone/laptop/computer people would forgive her, right?

All this bitch knows how to do is run away.

No. 819667

can she even comprehend?! the allegations against her and jared are rather serious, NO one is going to take her seriously if every word in her defence is just "take my word for it" or "deny deny deny lalalala i can't hear you". does she not understand how twitter mob works? by any and all standards she looks guilty, and her constant whining about "uwu the internet hates meee" does NOT help her case
oh my fucking god this bitch is driving me nuts. forgot to sage my rage lmao

also holly - "taking care of" literal pests who can survive just about anything on their own should be the least of your priorities right now

No. 819669

File: 1560012515937.jpeg (533.82 KB, 1242x1045, 4BA41264-0D9A-4F9B-8BD6-78B448…)

One of her recent likes.

No. 819670

File: 1560012522806.jpg (463.49 KB, 1060x1489, Screenshot_20190608-124857_Twi…)

No. 819672

five bucks says she's close to snapping. big yikes at that second tweet. holly, take the advice, everyone means well at this point

No. 819673

I'd say she's finally lost it but she never had it to begin with.

No. 819674

i'm surprised it's taken this long, desu

No. 819677

File: 1560012922689.jpeg (25.63 KB, 179x175, 4A7549BE-A2DE-4E8F-ABDD-0261EF…)

>I didn’t sleep with him until they broke up.
T-they just got divorced a month ago Holly. I would get that if they were separated but no one ever made that clear and it’s obvious that they were involved with each other before they might of separated.

No. 819680

The person she replied to deleted his tweet. There wasn’t even a mention of her cheating from this dude, what a cunt.

No. 819681

Literally every dude cheating on his wife is all, “We’re already broken up! We’re just living in the same house for (fake reasons)!”

No. 819683

File: 1560014078052.jpg (707.76 KB, 1080x1805, 20190608_181412.jpg)

Did anyone feel that Ross' villain character had elements of influence from Holly? (1/2)

No. 819684

File: 1560014103625.jpg (117.3 KB, 970x972, IMG_20190608_181345.jpg)


No. 819687

If I'm being generous (and discounting that a breakup in a marriage = divorce), is she saying they didn't sleep together until after he filed the divorce papers? After Heidi was served divorce papers? Because if they slept together before either of those occurred because Jared told Heidi ~I'm done~, then it's still cheating. Because guess what: in a marriage, you can say you're done one day, make up, and surprise, you're still married!

She's also ignoring how Ross figures into this. Did she and Jared have an intense emotional affair before Ross was served papers and they were divorced? And before Heidi? Because romantic feelings exchanged before divorce is even considered makes it an affair. It may not be consummated, but its ignoring your partner's boundaries and breaking vows.

Heidi told them to stop. She told Holly to "go away" aka stop having an affair with my husband. They continued. They used their job together to blur the lines of what is professional and ethical behavior. It's like two office coworkers cheating by having "work lunches" as a guise for emotionally cheating on their partners. They spent time at cons together, ignored Heidi's calls and texts aka they crossed her boundaries.

Sorry for tl;dr but I'm not here for cheaters trying to do mental gymnastics to avoid guilt.

No. 819688

I forgot. The poly shit complicates things a bit but the point stands: any romantic relationship they maintained after Heidi told them to stop and before the divorce papers were served and filed, is cheating.

No. 819689

the hair is spot on but holly always had the generic 'I'm not like other girls' haircut. I really like ross and wish him well so i am sort of hoping it's not Holly, for his own mental well being. He seems to be moving on really well and I hope he never has to think of her again.
>I didn't cheat
The absolute audacity of this bokoblin. We all know she cheated on Ross at the very least.

No. 819690

Why is she acting like leaving social media is the nuclear option? Our mental health guru must know how destructive social media is even on a good day, right? And even if she doesn't leave it entirely, couldn't she just make a small private account to exclusively interact with her friends and ass-kissers? Sounds like somebody is addicted to attention from strangers.
…it took her this long to come up with this excuse? If it were true then why wouldn't she have mentioned it in her initial accusation against Heidi?
>Did she and Jared have an intense emotional affair
This is probably the case if they didn't actually sleep together while Holly was still married. And emotional affairs can easily be as disruptive as sexual ones.

No. 819692

File: 1560015403809.jpeg (650.67 KB, 1226x1561, F2594C17-430E-4FF6-ADA1-431D2F…)

It could either be intentional or an unconscious design decision lol
But I hope people who make that connection won’t pester him about it

Man it sure is a goldmine out here. Here’s something to look forward to

No. 819702

God, she's an insufferable cunt. People like her need a good ass beating. I don't understand how people are still defending her.

No. 819703

File: 1560017778187.png (57.16 KB, 746x416, lol.png)

how has she not considered that Jared was lying to her about all of this? Isn't Heidi the one who's been proven to file for divorce?

No. 819709

File: 1560018620679.jpeg (281.1 KB, 1336x2968, 9CBD933C-0D17-4D45-BDA9-1ADC7D…)

There was no legal separation (only divorce papers, and those were filed May 13th, 2019), so therefore, Jared did cheat on Heidi. As long as he was legally bound to Heidi (with the exception of a legal separation, which there are no documents of) any relationship he pursues would count as infidelity.

No. 819712

Holly, your story hasn't changed at all because it's the story Jared fed you and you ate it all up without questioning it once.

No. 819713

It has changed though, she went from only being platonic with Jared and never had sex with him to they only had sex when he broke up with Heidi. Girl is lying out her ass.

No. 819715

File: 1560019492495.jpeg (785.88 KB, 1242x1663, 68D5C92D-6ED1-45D6-AE85-FDBA4A…)

Could it be true?

No. 819716

If they had actually broken up before she got involved with Jared that’s all she needed to say but instead she felt the need to make up this whole skewed scenario in which Heidi is hysterical (“abusive”) and thereby revealed that they were romantically and sexually involved (at least via nudes) before any breakup and that was the cause of Heidi’s anger towards them both. She keeps bringing up Heidi screaming as if a wife being cheated on isn’t allowed to fucking scream.

No. 819717

No because why the fuck would she be there with them in front of lawyers when she has nothing to do with that? She wasn't there, she still doesn't realize everything she sees is through Jared's lens so of course she's going to think Heidi is evil.

Point still stands. They were still LEGALLY MARRIED when Holly slept with him. Heidi was not ok with them exploring their feelings after February of 2018 and Holly said they slept together in October of 2019 (obviously a typo meaning 2018) so the girl confirmed it herself. She fucking cheated. Jared was married. It doesn't matter that he was saying they were going to divorce, they weren't divorced. Words from a pedo liar mean nothing.
And this bitch can't deny the shit she put Ross through. Forcing him to be abstinent because shes too depwessed and ace uwu. You still caught feelings for a coworker while you openly roleplayed those feelings that turned out to be real. That's emotional cheating. It's a real thing. Fuck the fuck off Holly you are not a victim.

No. 819718

Maybe Holly's one of those "it's not Real Sex if it's anal/oral/whatever" people.

Also wtf with that "she's lying and she's not well" - projection much, Holly? She can't separate Heidi from her own mom but now she can't separate Heidi's motives from herself?

Also fucking yikes to this cow thinking that "screaming" equals abusive. People scream when they're upset and hurt, Holly. I'm just glad she's never fucking reproduced…

No. 819719


Now that you’ve pointed it out out holly may just be that type to define those sexual acts as “not cheating” cause in her mind it isn’t sex

No. 819721

100% she thinks cheating means PIV sex only. Because that's all she ever brings up. Not the emotional cheating aspect when both her AND jared were still married. How about address that Holly? You and Jared confronted your feels last February and they never went away since you fucked the second the ink was dry on your divorce. So…?

No. 819722

File: 1560020452994.gif (994.88 KB, 320x253, giphy (6).gif)

No. 819723

Keep digging that hole holly. The only one coming off as unwell here is you. Heidi has move on, Ross has moved on, and so should you. Actually apologize(without embellishments), shut your damn mouth, get better therapist(cause the one you have aint cutting it apparently), leave and renounce Jared then MAYBE people will begin to tolerate your dumbass again.

No. 819726

On the off chance that Holly is right about everything, which I doubt because she continuously contradicts her very own statements several times along with Jared's, what should she have done differently do you think? Or rather, what would even prove it at this point?

No. 819727

Shut up. Not defended Jared. That's literally all she had to do.

No. 819729

They were sending nudes to each other back in October, so how the fuck it isn't cheating?

Holly is such a manipulative bitch but she can't stand people having bad opinion and not liking her because she's the ~birb angel uwu~

No. 819733

a) why was she in a room of divorce lawyers
b) her screaming and scawwing you uwu isn't proof of anything but an abused, gaslit woman at her limit.

No. 819736

Holly has such an obsession with their divorce proceedings it's creepy.

No. 819737

bullshit, she's telling at most half-truths.

she's implying that she saw the court hearing, when really she's talking about the "screaming" "multiple times"

Jared DID tell you that, because you weren't there

No. 819738

Where the FUCK has Jared been during all of this?

No. 819739

Prolly banging multiple chicks and/or living it up and draining their combined accounts dry so Heidi gets less in the divorce.

No. 819741

Anybody else finding it a bit weird how Heidi seems to be arguing/moralising with Holly? She's not mentioning Holly by name of course, but it's uncanny.

I understood it at first, but it keeps continuing. Surely the adult thing would be to try to move on and not engage in the drama? Absolutely not wking Holly as this sentiment applies very much to her as well.

But I do wonder what Heidi's motives are. I've noticed that she's doing well to advertise herself during the whole drama and is welcoming the new followers.
I would've thought it would've looked better to lay low for a bit and continue as normal, rather than playing into the attention. I suppose it makes business sense, but it also seems a touch disingenuous.

No. 819742

He is in Las Vegas after all.

No. 819744

No lawyer on earth would let you bring your side ho to a mediation. None. It's not going to fucking happen. Holly lying out her ass despite being divorced herself and knowing full well what she's saying isn't credible because that's how desperate she is to make people stop calling her out so twitter can be her safe space.

Besides, they were never officially separated or it would be in the state records. They did not file until last month. They've been living together, married, while Holly was spreading her super asexual legs for a pedophile. Holly, you aren't going to come out of this looking like the better person until you apologize or show proof of your bullshit stories. And no, some cherry picked texts of Heidi breaking down aren't proof.

No. 819745

I'm surprised twitter hasn't given Hoelly a time out for her suicide threats yet, that's usually how it goes.

No. 819746

File: 1560023864920.jpeg (718.9 KB, 1242x1583, 1AE78980-C8D3-4E20-871F-A9C007…)

If you’re talking about this, it was in response to some backlash about her feeling a bit patronized at the car dealership. She said she didn’t have any hard feelings

No. 819747

File: 1560023899347.jpeg (578.38 KB, 1242x1152, A7595CED-6923-4DD5-9F05-8D8531…)


No. 819748

If the whore who slept with your husband kept ranting in twitter about how abusive and crazy you were, you'd want to defend yourself or prove them wrong too. Heidi has been handling this way better than Holly, has not directly responded to her in weeks and has not thrown accusations. Holly shrieks about Heidi being a crazy bad person daily.

No. 819750

Holly said Ross was fine with her having feelings for Jared/ being poly while they were still married but if he was so totally okay with everything, wouldn't he defend his ex-wife?

I mean he wouldn't just go "I don't want anything to do with it, btw going to therapist" if he knew his ex-wife was innocent and remained with her on friendly terms.

Holly is such piece of shit manipulator.

No. 819753


Also Heidi hasn't tweeted anything about Holly/Jared for like two weeks. As anon said, recent tweets are about a different situation with a different person.

It's Holly who can't stop talking about it and keeps threatening suicide to everyone who criticizes her. She still has so many white knights and fans and yet she can't stand that there is a number of people not liking her because she's so used to being idolized.

No. 819754

She can't fathom that people might say something they don't mean to try and keep the peace, despite that she did exactly that talking to Heidi. Ross wasn't ok with it you know he wasn't. He just wanted to make sure his mentally unstable wife wouldn't off herself so he let her do whatever she wanted.

No. 819757


Yup, I bet she kept threatening suicide and self-harm to Ross until he was like "well, alright" or something. Like for fucks sake Ross spent his birthday alone while she was with Jared (while they were married).

Her whole spiel is "whine how i'm gonna hurt myself until i get my way". It's amazing how she thinks it's gonna work on people on the net (that have no emotional connection to her).

No. 819767

this is wholesome

Holly makes every awful stereotype about mentally ill people and women real

she's on her way to become a full-blown true and honest lolcow

No. 819774

is this /pt/ worthy yet?

No. 819778


nah the drama has died down and it's not the same kind of drama you find in /pt/. jared would be the lolcow in this situation and he's not providing any milk, we're only getting milk from our snowflake holly

No. 819783

i see your point but i think fixating on the divorce process is the only thing based in reality that she can cling to to be like “i’m not a cheater see! there was a divorce! they’re divorced!” her conscience must be eating away at her

no, no way. first off this bitch was NOT in the room with them. second of all, i really doubt heidi went off during negotiations but even if she did i can’t believe we’re getting zinfandel 2.0 with holly right now. “she doesn’t believe in divorce!” you mean she’s committed to her marriage and wants to work through their issues and keep their union in tact instead of jumping ship when things get a little inconvenient because homewrecking is more fun?

i’d put money on the fact that heidi either had a short temper, reacting abusively to jared’s abuse, or any of her interactions with holly (ie “go away!”) and jared used one/multiple of those things to be like “wow my wife sure is crazy” and holly’s so desperate to always be right that she bought into it and shills for it.

idk why she’s obsessing so hard over everyone taking her side, though. does she know she can keep being wrong and keep fucking the rat man? it’s an option.

No. 819790

She's upset that their actions have consequences and WotC most likely wants nothing to do with them anymore. I'm almost positive Holly is in love with Jared's D&D character and having to face reality where their characters aren't who they are irl is killing her.

No. 819794

Aw Kris no! Here I was hoping anyone from Acquisitions Inc/C-team/WotC wouldn't feed Holly any shred of sympathy that might give her ideas that she can bounce on back to playing with these people on their dnd streams.

No. 819804

Yeah it's disappointing to see Kris support her, but he's the type to be there for literally anyone who talks about suicide or "not existing" as Holly's pretending to be.

She's really making herself look like the obsessive, deranged mistress that you see in movies. Neither Jared nor Heidi, the two people involved who are getting divorced, are tweeting about it anymore. It's just Holly. She's making herself look like a psycho.

Yep. She lives in a fantasy land in her head where she's Strix and Jared is Diath or whatever. She really should stay at a mental hospital for a while to get that shit under control before she becomes fully delusional and starts calling herself by her D&D self-insert's name.

No. 819814

File: 1560033632529.png (515.47 KB, 640x480, 1530412208973.png)

>I didn't cheat

BITCH, YOU SLEPT WITH A MARRIED MAN. I cannot believe she really is trying so hard to paint herself as the only victim here.

No. 819816

File: 1560033792231.gif (3.97 MB, 480x270, breaktime.gif)

This is Holly right now, losing her mind on twitter.

No. 819819

Holly needs to get off the internet and go to the fuck to therapy. She's just making things harder and harder for herself and she's not going to understand that. She's also completely stuck on the cheating part while the big issue is that she's continuously defending a pedophile and giving the middle finger to the victims in the situation.

No. 819822

File: 1560034392051.png (66.72 KB, 438x522, hollybgone.png)

>"You start to feel crazy when everything you say is thrown back at you by total strangers as a lie."

You also start to feel crazy when your the only one who's really making an effort to keep your marriage alive, but you start to notice that not only is your husband becoming more distant, but the people you considered close friends as well…

Another thing, if Holly's "So innocent uwu" then why is she 'going crazy'?

No. 819823

OrangeCitrus, I think was her name. PULLtard camgirl who was outed for having more drama than the girls she'd bitch about on PULL. She's got a thread or few here if you want some sort of vintage milk.

They weren't broken up if Heidi wasn't notified of the fact that they were, it's willfull ignorance at her age to pretend that's not what happened.

No. 819826


Most likely because Holly knows she's guilty on her part (or has a guilty conscience) and is desperately grasping straws to prove to herself that what she did was justified; that she didn't cheat.

It honestly says a lot about her character. I'm waiting for her to snap any day now with how her mental deterioration is heading.

No. 819828

she's already there. these last couple threads have had more drama alone than 90% of the snowflakes on this site.

her delusional ass is making damn sure she's never working with WoTC ever again. all she had to do was apologize and then shut the fuck up, but instead she's running off at the mouth like a child who has to have the last word rather than a woman in her mid 30's who once had an established career.

No. 819831

what gives Holly away to me is that she NEEDS people to believe HER and be on HER side. let's suppose for yet the millionth time that this was aaaaaaaaaaall just a big charade orchestrated and set up by the Big Bad Heidi who's pulling strings behind the scenes. Holly would be calm knowing that Heidi's a liar and her lies will soon fall apart, and that she has the truth that absolves her of any wrongdoing Heidi accuses her of.

What does Innocent Holly do? Go off on Twitter over a month after the accusations surface and get into petty fights in her mentions with anyone who calls her out on her bullshit. Jared's gone MIA, Ross has objectively abandoned her, her D&D collaborations and gigs are falling apart bc she can't shut her pietrap on social media. An innocent person would've stopped adressing this shit long ago. Holly is NOT an innocent person. I think that deep down she realizes every tweet is another nail in her coffin and a feet deeper into her grave, but she's got null self-control and she just can't stop, people MUST be on HER side bc SHE'S the good guy and Evil Heidi is Evil and ABOOSIVE towards poooor ole Jared :ccccc

No. 819833

She reminds me of the female Boogie2988. Never takes responsibility, perpetually the victim, baits people to shit on her so she can cry about it on Twitter, and when all else fails brings up being abused by her mother.

No. 819835

Getting really fucking annoyed at this narrative that shes painting of yelling = abuse.
Just because you Holly cower in absolute fear and buckle over anytime someone slightly raises their voice when they are admittedly upset, doesnt mean they are evil and abusive.
Fuck, she really just played Strix as herself with magic powers. She was the most annoying parts of any Acq Inc crossovers because at any conflict she just cowered and cried. I excused it back then cause, whatever sure shes playing a character, but fuck now I see that's just how she must deal with everything. She must actually want to turn into a pile of rats at any provocation

No. 819836

Yeah hell, I honestly didn't think the cheating itself was anything irredeemable and what projared did was a lot worse. Her behaviour in response has been the thing that cemented herself as a bona fide bad person in my eyes.

No. 819838

Waiting for Holly to go completely nuclear

No. 819839

She will when Jared inevitably dumps her and says "I just need to focus on me" aka "I don't want to deal with your drama and baggage".

No. 819840

Compare this to Heidi who hasn't talked about this shit and has been living her life peacefully since she doesnt have to deal with her shit husband. AND she gets just as much hate and trolls on her Twitter as Holly does but has the good sense to not interact with it.
Watching Holly deal with this is like watching someone flail and scream and plead for mercy as the weight of her consequences slowly drag her into the depths of the ocean

No. 819841

This is honestly a disappointment because Kris is my big favorite, but I guess when you see someone you thought of as a friend, destroy themselves in the biggest of spectacles, you probably are still going to help them out.
Like honestly, if you were friends with Holly and you see her just do the dumbest backpedaling and most pathetic screams for sympathy and mercy, you'd at least lend a hand out right?

No. 819842

i have a feeling were approaching that mark

like >>819839 said, it's only a matter of time before holly gets dumped. she's making the mistake of thinking him wanting 700 side chicks = heidi was too flawed to keep him happy so he needed to outsource! instead of realising that it's a reflection of jared and not heidi and her behaviour, whether good or bad lol

No. 819843

It's pretty obvious Jared and Holly started fucking because they got off from their d&d characters romance shipping and fans supporting it and making fanart.

What will happen now that we know Jared is at least gone from DCA? Their fans can't make stuff dedicated to them anymore, Jared and Holly characters wont have any further story together, they can't cosplay at cons anymore without people getting upset, etc. I bet this is going to effect their relationship, since it built entirely on fantasy and lying.

No. 819848

File: 1560039131823.png (123.56 KB, 402x542, HeidiBaD.png)

Check out this very 'healing' tweet…

>"And hey, maybe if she was a better wife Jared would not have needed to find another women"

(BorkScorpion response included)

No. 819849

File: 1560039350588.png (39.3 KB, 590x362, heidibad2.png)


Later in that same thread

>"Thanks for standing up to these bully's…"


No. 819850


Momocunt looks better than her surprisingly

Also, if she wants the hate to stop how about getting off of fucking twitter, it's simple. Suprise surprise Holly, your actions have consequences, get over. Maybe next time you'll learn to mind your fucking business, and aren't you in your 30s or some shit? Act like it, take responsibility for your actions. Reminding me of a fucking kid, get over yourself.

She's obsessed with the divorce because she wants Jared's birb dick

Holly's WK is just as annoying as her jfc

No. 819854


What sucks the most about this is that most women blame themselves when their marriage/relationship is failing, & it seems like Heidi felt just like that for long long time before finally accepting that it was over & to let go.

…It's a damn good thing Heidi has moved on, because some of these comments made against her are just downright putrid.

Holly thinks SHE has it rough, but the kinda shit people have been saying about Heidi and getting away with itOof

No. 819855

That's going to happen soon like >>819842 says. The more Holly talks, the worse things get for Jared and it doesn't seem like she's shutting up any time soon.

No. 819856

File: 1560040890290.png (240.35 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20190609-103946~2.p…)

Meanwhile, as Holly has gotten kicked out of her own d&d group, Ross is playing in his own…

No. 819858

File: 1560041008504.jpg (90.67 KB, 607x965, 123515237863.JPG)

>They were totally separated I saw it with mine own eyes
Funny how Holly never responds to people like this. Her own posts directly contradict this bullshit timeline she's concocted. Girl is all over the place.

Anyone else notice that most of Holly's apologists are either incels, furries, unpassable mtf women, or middleage moms from the midwest? Really weird demographic going on here…

No. 819859


Ummm, I'm gonna assume she wasn't there because 1) Why would she?
and 2) If she was actually there, wouldn;t this be a breach of confidentiality?

No. 819862

Not just that but I'm pretty sure Heidi would have asked for Holly to leave and the lawyers would have to abide to keep things civil.

No. 819864

>she told him she didn't BELIEVE in divorce

Let's say this is true…is that suppose to be a bad thing in this case? Some people take marriage very seriously; it's not like it's a small commitment, when people take those vows they're expecting to be with that person for the rest of their lives. Heidi was desperate enough to do whatever it took to save her marriage which included opening her relationship so her husband could sleep around. It's perfectly understandable that she would insist on not getting divorce and would try to get Jared (you know, her HUSBAND who promised to love her forever) to stay so they could work it out. And she definitely has the right to be angry, aggressive, vindictive, etc. when he decided to treat her like shit and fuck her friend.

Holly might be comfortable with the idea of throwing away her marriage on a whim since she clearly didn't give a shit about her own relationship, but if Heidi reacted negatively to her marriage falling apart I don't see how anyone can really blame her.

No. 819866

I'm so glad Ross is trying to move forward and live his best life.

No. 819868

Exactly. All this situation did (for me and i think a lot of other anons) were showing how Heidi was able to stand up on her own. This is a very tough situation for anyone and the fact that Heidi has really kept her cool and remained tactless says a lot. Holly barely gets any real harassment, esp compared to Heidi and people calling her a liar and a whore, etc etc.. When she did NOTHING wrong.

No. 819878

In a no-fault state how could Heidi sue him for everything he has, it's just not possible. And why would Jared offer Heidi a larger-than-50% cut in return for signing an NDA? None of this adds up Holly. Jared lied to you sis, and you're lying to yourself, and lying to the internet.

No. 819880

File: 1560044917209.png (68.35 KB, 472x614, abusiverelationship.png)


Found the thread the screencap in that tweet is from…

>"I don’t know how long to keep trying before I just disappear"

…What an odd thing to say.

No. 819887

This also reinforces to me that she's seeking Jared's approval with this defensive posting. Jared's done the right thing and gone silent, but behind the scenes he's probably frozen her out somewhat and she thinks if she doubles/triples down he'll see how she "benefits him" (except perversely, she doesn't) and therefore stay true to her. Let's be real he's getting his dick wet in Las Vegas and not just with the ones Holly knows about and approves of.

No. 819888

Sounds like she was probably begging Jared to leave Heidi for almost a year. Instead he strung them both along, as well as his fans who he met at cons to fuck. So that tweet proves she fucked Jared while he was still in a relationship.

No. 819891


I mean, you'd think she'd put it to rest now that popular Youtubers are siding with her, but alas…

No. 819892

>…What an odd thing to say.
Imagine her saying it in her quirky Kermit voice and it's suddenly a funny thing. She absolutely SHOULD disappear a while. It's only her asshole lickers that are telling her she shouldn't. Jared has been quiet, and he's hopefully reflecting - Jared is doing it right.

No. 819896

It's a bad thing in this case because she happened to marry a scumbag that only took advantage of her. It wouldn't have been a bad thing if she married a nice and QT Levi cosplayer that could make the same commitment.

No. 819899

that's what I wonder about… if she's still with Jared, and she still has this "I'm completely innocent" attitude, what is Jared up to? if he was admitting fault and trying to address that, wouldn't Holly go along with that? admit she was at least a little, if not at an endangering-minors level of fault? so is she just going wild with the "I was the innocent one" story, or is Jared still claiming Heidi was the abuser and he's totally innocent and Holly is still being manipulated by him?

No. 819902

File: 1560048032633.png (53.19 KB, 582x524, rptv.png)


You mean one of Holly's new friends? lol

No. 819909

I love that she's repeatedly outed as a liar using her own words kek

I think at this point she just knows she can lie her ass off and cry, ”Nobody believes me anyways!” and most likely has Jared’s blessing to paint a beautiful rainbow for them to skip under

No. 819916

File: 1560050309682.png (70.95 KB, 526x610, manip1.png)

No. 819918

The sacrifice of intelligence from her white knights is unbelievable. That person was correcting them, but just like Holly, the retard knights hate to be wrong.

No. 819919

Even if Holly wasn't lying, even if the divorce had been quietly done, even if Jared hadn’t been using his pedestal to solicit nudes…Holly has a very public history of being emotionally manipulative and using Twitter to feel better. Losing that outlet as somewhere to be validated on is probably what's made her the most upset

She’s lost her manic pixie sadgirl platform

No. 819930

Holly is a master of incriminating herself with her own defenses.

Pretty sure a room full of lawyers woul