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File: 1599733358162.png (31.37 KB, 593x275, 1599668676266.png)

No. 626879

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread: >>604999

No. 626903

Yes, his updating pace is still atrociously slow. And yes, the main character was based on some girl he was simping on. 8 years of working on it and only 100 pages finished in total. He's getting over 4k a month on Patreon for this too and the panel layouts are still literally unreadable. I guess he also gave up his "male feminist" image because all his female characters look like they're posing for fashion magazines in every panel and have their asses out in shiny skin-tight pants.

No. 626915

just leaving this here lol

No. 626919

>A virtual comic shop opened to replace all the comic market events cancelled due to covid to sell independent artists' zines in a digital format
>Let's see what we have here
>They're all obnoxiously ~queer~ themed and like 1/3 of them are about the author's ~deep journey~ into discovering their ~nonbinary/trans identity~
Does anyone actually buy these? I mean I would read them just to pry on someone being a clown but why the hell would I pay for it? Why are so many self-published comics like this? Most of them don't even have previews past the cover art so you'd be paying over $10 to get 20 pages of someone explaining how they hated dresses or liked girls in a long-winded way without even knowing much about the art.

No. 626930

If they’re being produced and sold, someone is buying them. It must be mostly kids and manchildren trying to vicariously live through an artist that might or might not be what they’re telling people they are.

No. 626931

File: 1599743547732.png (174.49 KB, 651x711, get helppp.png)

The eye meme is problematic because it could make kids uncomfortable, guys.


No. 626937

They're digital comics anyone can self-publish as a pdf form, they don't go through any publisher QA or editors.

I can't understand a word of this person's blubbering. Could someone give me some context?

No. 626940

this person is annoyed with artists making comparison memes showing how a normal body part is drawn and its "horny/wrong" equivalent. Basically someone who hates jokes on the internet

No. 626944

First I see a ukrainian trannie vrtuber saying that everyone who works for any company is horrible and doing that for clout, now I see another ukrainian saying retarded shittery. What the fuck?

No. 626949

why does it matter that they're ukrainian tho?

No. 626953

idc if it's problematic, but I am tired of seeing it every 3 fuckin days cause some nobody artist realized they could get twitter clout from it because people forget shit the moment they see any tweet on there.

No. 626955

File: 1599746077814.jpg (137.4 KB, 820x561, jfzebq4dq7z11.jpg)

What is it with these people and "protecting" children, I thought older teens liked to be edgy and make dumb jokes, and young teens and children shouldn't even be on the internet in the first place.

No. 626983

Doesn't this shit get exhausting

No. 627108

File: 1599757573688.png (58.92 KB, 181x256, DKFolder.png)

These people could never have a healthy marriage with another person so bossing around Twitter for the sake of kids is the closest to having one.

No. 627111


Yeah but it seems like younger teens and kids are on the internet these days. It get a little redundant when these pedophile things happen in the art community like the whole Cristali thing happened but only because it just further proves why kids should not even be on the internet.

No. 627113

Zoomers' equivalent of rebelling and being edgy is moral policing and trying to outwoke each other.

No. 627118

File: 1599759338590.jpg (511.5 KB, 1280x1771, en_Pepper-and-Carrot_by-David-…)

I don't think many of them are actually sold. A lot of zines are poorly produced given digital typesetting tools and modern home printers.

No. 627119

File: 1599759385701.jpg (766.82 KB, 1280x1771, en_Pepper-and-Carrot_by-David-…)

No. 627121

do you even know what anon is talking about?

No. 627169

Both that tweet and the "joke" tweets they're making fun of are stupid. Drawing an eye and shading it in a specific manner is not sexual nor has anything to do with anything sexual, or with children.

No. 627282

> And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.
Oh man, can’t wait for the same anatomy/lighting question asked and for people to get pissy about it. It’s my favorite part from these forums

No. 627307

ugh… that's disappointing to find out. Zines used to be fun and a unique thing to purchase/own ever since their rebellion against magazines in the 60's refusing to publish things like women's health. instead of abusing the informal and self-published form of a zine to tell a dime a dozen story, just talk to your therapist or friends about it. Or do they think their transitioning story will blow up and they'll gain recognition for doing something that's seen as trendy?
mini blog but im tired of people thinking their transitioning is "deep" or "philosophical"

No. 627310

what tablet do you recommend? is huion worth it or should i go for wacom

No. 627334

Clearly digital art is not REAL art!

No. 627367

Kek. You are right. And they complain about "Karens" doing the same.

No. 627433

I'm pretty envious that Japanese self-publishing (doujinshi) is at least well-drawn hentai, artbooks, and stories. Meanwhile in the west, we mainly have tranny diaries and shit that looks like it was doodled in class.

No. 627445

File: 1599777003448.jpg (542.87 KB, 1181x1181, tumblr_pqujckHuCH1xgk5guo1_128…)

There are some good project in the Western scene like pic related, but it gets buried under all the crap (Sturgeon's law and all). Since the online art community is pozzed with woke shit it's impossible to avoid it, like even if a zine looks decent, it has to be ruined by stuff like "all profits will be donated to a trans charity".
I agree though, the Japanese (and Chinese) doujinshi scene blows them all out of the water, too bad most of the dedicated websites don't ship abroad.

No. 627496

I have no issues with my screenless Huion tablet. Would recommend. Has all the features of a Wacom tablet and 1/7th to 1/10th of the price of a similar sized Wacom tablet.

No. 627517

ntayrt but i'm pretty sure that was a joke

No. 627536

Ntayrt and slightly ot but people here really seem to forget how many autists we have on this site who take everything literally. I swear, on every thread someone takes the most obvious joke dead seriously and it would be funny if it wasn't just sad.

Slightly on topic though, honestly the advice is only ever about what tablet to get and what watercolor paper to purchase which is super tiring. Really hope they'd stop flocking the thread.

No. 627585

File: 1599784237902.jpg (48.72 KB, 600x1104, db0.jpg)


pic related

No. 627591

On the subject of tablets apparently the Wacom cintiq 16in is discontinued? I had my eye on it as an upgrade and now it's gone. I saw reviews for it just last year, I wonder why wacom got rid of it so fast. It was the perfect inbetween their 13 and 22 ugh

No. 627642

Anyone "attending" Lightbox expo? Why do I feel like it's going to be a 3 day Zoom call?

No. 627682

Given some places are doing online school for elementary kids it's going to be impossible for kids to not be online nowadays.

No. 627688

Twitter artist sinpie_nii/Kanoiichi moved accounts because he was 'accused of being a pedo' for liking a bunch of art that featured some underaged characters.

Not that he's important, but wondering if this was even true lol

Link to post with 'proof'

No. 627707

anyone know why @ggaikingdgreat is accused of being a pedo? I keep seeing vague tweets about him but no summary

No. 627774

File: 1599802634789.jpeg (207.2 KB, 1242x1873, 26027FA3-A800-4388-901D-AD9569…)

discovered scrolling through my timeline on twitter from someone else liking it. anyway; artist @alisadraws tweets about charging her 11 yr son $25 (discounted from $45) for a commission by her.
people seem to be pretty pissed off in the comments, but personally i can understand why she’s charging him: accountability, learning the value of money and hard work, etc. but i can also see the side of people saying it’s unfair.

No. 627777

anon he's 11… he can't even have a job at that age and it's just a drawing from his mom. all this teaches him is that his mom sucks ass.

No. 627778

Would be nice if she took the money to get them both something to eat or something else to spend time together.

Idk it does feel unfair to charge your 11 yrs old kid for art.

No. 627779

No. 627781

What an autist. He's her 11 year old son, lmao.

No. 627804

>25 dollars
Well that's her mistake right there, kids should know the value of $5 and how you could get 2 sodas instead of 1 light meal.

No. 627836

Imagine 2020 SJWs experiencing 2012 tumblr. Fanfiction and fanart of underage anime and cartoon characters was all over the place.

No. 627866

And yet most people didn't grow up molesting children. The people who shipped Sebastian and Ciel in 2008 i know of are normal adults or at least not child abusers at this point.

No. 627869

File: 1599818312583.jpg (154.69 KB, 1080x914, IMG_20200911_115837.jpg)

>tfw your own mommy is charging you for a fucking drawing
>not even talking in person, via text
That's so depressing, 25 bucks is a ton for a little kid.
All those comments calling it cute and wholesome are honestly toxic, the fact that he knows her rates, that he had to check whether she has time and also immediately knew that he will have to pay if he wants something shows that this is a frequent topic in their home, a mom shouldn't demand fair treatment or appreciation for her "talents" from her own little kid. Those art twitter/tumblrinas really shouldn't have kids if they still think in such an entitled manner. You know exactly that she's the type of person who called her parents mentally abusive for not kissing her ass. Does she charge him for lunch and helping with homework too?

No. 627870

Exactly. It was about the characters, no one was actually ever looking at real children this age, and these characters were usually never written to behave very child-like anyway. 20 year olds that shipped Naruto with Sasuke didn't do it because these characters are underage but because the story was compelling to explore this dynamic. I get that real pedophilia is a threat, but censoring everything just because real pedophilia exist is far too extreme.

No. 627872

I agree, if she wanted to teach him the value of money or whatever she could've charged him like 5$ and used that to buy them both ice cream
Also I know this is just a snippet of the conversation but their interaction is so weird

No. 627873

Imagine a world where obsessed people meticulously rake through your Twitter likes just to find problematic content. Now take that further and imagine that they make a callout post calling you a pedophile because you liked Powerpuff Girls hentai (in which the characters are aged up to look like they're in their 20s), SFW South Park ship art and a lewd drawing of a fictional 17-year old. There's 2020 Twitter for you. Our timeline ended up in a circus and we're held hostages by the clowns.
>7 reactions, 8 comments
Is this a self post?

No. 627877

They excuse her by saying that the money goes back to him the next time she buys groceries anyway. So she let an 11-year-old pay for the family's food? What is this teaching him?
They only find this wholesome because they get off to the idea of getting money thrown at themselves for ugly 5 min doodles.
Thank god my parents aren't artists kek

No. 627879

I just can't get my head around asking your kid to pay you for something. Also some of them are saying that people who think this is wrong probably also complain about commissions being to pricey. like no bitch I was just raised in a normal functioning household

No. 627880

>he was 'accused of being a pedo' for liking a bunch of art that featured some underaged characters.

But the twitter brigade won’t cancel the people liking toddler shit, talking about “sexy” little kids and drawing kids getting their stomachs punched. What a time to be alive.

No. 627887

She'll probably take the $25 and then go take him somewhere he likes to spend those $25. I feel like it's a great thing for teaching him about what you said, accountability and the rest. People really are reaching for saying this is bad lol. It's the same as when parents gave you gold stars for doing your dishes or whatever.

No. 627889

Tbf those people we’re around even back then too. Most of them were in the Homestuck fandom though and it was only a very small amount of people. Now that being woke is a trendy thing and everyone has access to the internet , that idea has gained traction of the current kids.

No. 627890

File: 1599820989445.jpeg (257.47 KB, 1242x1125, 10D949E0-18F5-4B0A-B424-89F189…)

yeah, no i get that.
and apparently he gets money from gifts and allowance or some shit?
like i said, i can understand both sides. i’m in the middle here.

No. 627891

People are overreacting as usual.

No. 627895

File: 1599822282860.jpeg (448.96 KB, 2048x2048, 7B232A62-F8CB-40C3-AA8B-44F164…)

Not to beat a dead horse concerning PuccaNoodles not knowing how to draw but this hand n her newest drawing is hilarious.
I'm honestly inspired that she has worked at CN, Dreamworks and WB because it means they'll just fucking hire anyone.

No. 627896

I can't believe people are defending some artist taking money from her 11-year old son to draw him a picture. No, that's fucking lame any way you look at it. I don't care if she gave him a "discount", the thought of a parent actually charging their kid any amount for a drawing is fucking mindblowing. I would absolutely never do this, should I charge them a taxi free for driving them to school or homekeeping fee for doing their laundry? That's warped as hell. Teaching kids the worth of money is like giving them pocket money for mowing the lawn or doing the dishes, not treating them like a goddamn customer.

No. 627900

Its like they callout the actually normal people because no one would care at all otherwise

actually that makes sense they usually are vendetta-chans/jealous

No. 627901

>drawing kids getting their stomachs punched
Do I want to know? This is just one artist, right?

No. 627904

outing my shame here but I mustve been lucky because I had a homestuck age gap crack ship back then and also, stridercest was RAMPANT but no one said anything that I ever witnessed

No. 627905

Unfortunately not. Ryona is very popular with lolicons for some reason.

No. 627907

seems like twitter woke kids naturally don't interact with lolicons a whole lot. like how a lot of them are fakebois who talk about supporting transwomen but haven't actually interacted with many. The callout posts are almost always for popular artists in their group, or ex-friends, friends of a friend against which they have a vendetta or desire to surpass in clout

No. 627915

File: 1599824999470.png (28.62 KB, 865x604, hornses_asses.png)

Yeah, they were easily drowned out because at the time Homestuck's fandom was giant. But there were quite a few people I'd see around that would point out how weird it was. These people were most likely not into anime either so that's probably why they also found all the sexualization of these ms paint kids with no arms so strange. It's so normalized in the anime community we don't bat an eye.
I think what also helped propel these ideas into the spotlight was with how many groomers were/are being exposed for preying on teens. People are now on high alert because it's so common to run into predators on the internet, especially in fandom/nerd-y type spaces. That's my theory anyway.

No. 627931

thats true, while I dont think ~sexualizing cartoons~ can be blamed, homestuck fandom had a massive grooming problem didnt it

No. 627982

Honestly This, the kid could spend that money on video games or snacks, but instead he wants art from his mom, and that has value to him and he values her time so he pays her for it. He doesn't have to buy art from her, he can commision other artists if he wanted. This is cute honestly, and given how many anons sperg here about art being a luxery and how people don't value art enough, it's suprising that they lose their shit over this. The kid values art,t he same way he values any other hobby, so he's willing to pay for it. This isn't the same as charging him fucking rent or food, or a taxi fare for driving him to school, those things are neccesary and need to be provided.

No. 627999

Yeah I don't see the big deal at all here? It's less about the art and more about the lesson. I'm sure if he KEPT commissioning art from his mom, that would be weird and a problem

No. 628001

So, I finally got around to watching Alphonso’s video, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit a large portion of that video seems like it’s him laying claim to basic art concepts. Now, the layout being a 1 to 1 direct comparison is complete bullshit though. That does seem valid enough

No. 628008

Not really, this would be like a mom who is a chef charging her kid when they ask her for something different to eat like a cake or a mua charging her 12 year old for makeup for a school event.

And what is he even supposed to learn? He already knows enough to save and that he needs money for stuff, charging him for a drawing won't have any effect.

No. 628011

Y'all weird for defending it, it's his MOM for gods sake, all this time I though he's just comissioning a stranger which would maybe make sense but it's his MOTHER. Did your parents make you pay for stuff they've made for you too when you were literal babies? Even now as an adult I know my parents would never expect me to pay them money for they help and similarly me as a designer too I'd do things for them for free - which doesnt mean either of us doesn't know value of things, we just behave like normal loving family would. Which stage of capitalism is this bizarre situation??

No. 628016

I got paid for doing chores and I used that money how I pleased, and if I wanted an art piece from mom, not something that took 10 minutes, yeah I would pay her. And now as an adult I'd still pay her, because I respect her and value her time and effort. Obviously this is just to teach the kid to value work and art. Not to mention he chooses to buy art from his mom, with money he is getting from them. He isn't working an 8 hour day for his allowance or some shit, and this mom isn't Jeff Bezos, he got the money from them, and chooses to spend it on his moms art because he values it. If he didn't want to pay that, he wouldn't?

No. 628022

Tbh looking at that tweet >>627890 and the way it sounds with the "Oh, he's 11" humblebrag, it feels just as legit as all of the mothers claiming their 5 years old said some super profound thinkpiece about the state of the universe so maybe in the end there's nothing to care about here. Also I suppose a lot depends on how much allowance that kid gets. For me it would take months to save up $25 but I lived my childhood in a different times, maybe if he gets about twice as much or more monthly then I could say it's totally reasonable.

No. 628031

honestly looks like some fake shit
and idk why some of you defend this. It's fucking weird to ask from your 11(!!!) year old son money. it's fine to do it when he is older but holy shit he is just 11 and she is his mother. sounds just freaky to me.

No. 628035

>Which stage of capitalism is this bizarre situation??

No. 628053

File: 1599843116750.png (409.86 KB, 1024x1024, TopuKeko.png)

>Reach rebellious phase.
>Decide that he's not interested in backgrounds anymore.
>Buys $15 anime mugshots from fast food anime commission artists instead.

No. 628056

It’s well known in the LA animation scene that Marie gets studio work and even her shit art book sold at Nucleus purely because she’s good at playing the social game. She’s very cheery and ass kisses successful artists like a pro.

No. 628065

I know this isn't salt, but that kid's drawing look adorable

No. 628066

I really can't wrap my mind around how even being buddy-buddy with industry moguls would give a pass to this shit. Her art is painfully mediocre and her animation is janky as hell, she can't draw hands to save her life and her character designs are lackluster at best. Her art literally looks like female Tom Preston and her attitude seems to be just as rotten. Even that psycho son of Spongebob sucking nepotism cock at least knew how to draw a solid line. Is she just drawing inbetweens nobody ever spots?

And why are her strokes always the same weight? Is she drawing on a mouse or something? God this just makes no sense to me at all.

No. 628067

am i the only one that laughs at artists that hold raffles to win followers, then act all "omg uwu tysm for the follows!! im so grateful tysm uwu" like ur art is mediocre at most, people just want free stuff. none of those people actually likes ur content neither will they interact with you once the raffle is over

No. 628073

Looking at her work it seems like her area of expertise is storyboarding / keyframing for animation, you don't have to be an excellent illustrator to do that. That doodle sure is shitty but it's just a doodle, stuff she has on her website is on a hirable level. It's not like she had lead / senior position in any of these studios listed too, so it's really not that outrageous that she has nice looking resume.

No. 628077

My parents would've definitely done this for free for me if they were artists and I'd do it for free for my kid if I had one and was an artist, but at the same time I think this is a good way to teach the kid value of money and budgeting and what not. It's not like she's charging her kid for his dinner, it's just a drawing he doesn't need but wants.

No. 628082

It’s ok anon, you can say ZHC

No. 628110

Yeah, also it reads like he asked for a commission instead of just asking her to draw something. Maybe he wanted to be grown up and pay for it, lots of 11 year olds do that sort of thing.

No. 628145

File: 1599849098694.png (1.18 MB, 746x833, Capture.PNG)

i am so fucking sick of kawacy's attitude and the way he seems to have a hard on for age gaps in couples, he always draws female characters like children, i swear to god there's something slimy about him. he just posted pic attached to instagram amid all the controversy he's been receiving about his sims "ship".
sage for rage

No. 628147

this was already discussed before and no one cares, go back to twitter

No. 628149

Dont most anime characters look 12?

No. 628151

Nobody cares, twitterfag. Integrate.

No. 628155

oh no

No. 628156

He is very insistent on that type of ships, i will care if he didn't have to make a long post defending himself over his pedobait oc ship, that he insite is normal.

No. 628160

This is a painfully obvious samefag, jesus. We get it, you have a vendetta for him. Now stop embarrassing yourself for the love of god.

No. 628165

not op, LavenderTown is gonna be judging some hoity toity contest from Clip Studio Paint. do you think she'll judge unfairly anon? I don't know enough about Lavender Town personally to see whether she'd be biased or unfair.

No. 628167

File: 1599850905857.png (2.37 MB, 1920x1538, LaBrava.png)

>He thinks 10 is the biggest age gape that anime is okay with.
>The Asian versions of this video only have EN comments with 1 outlier.

No. 628191

idk this girl but shes listed as 22 on bnha wiki

No. 628199

She is a case of 1000 year old dragon that has a body and behavior of a 10 years old girl, but it's a 1000 year old dragon so it's okay to sexualize it, no one is a pedophile here?
Honestly that pedo plotline of her and Gentle Criminal (who is supposedly 32 but is made to look older) is the most disgusting thing that happened in BNHA so far, and that's still considering a fact that Mineta exists in that universe as well.

No. 628203

I honestly find sexualizing these characters that look young, creepier than the characters that look like they're literally 30. But like, at the end of the day who cares, minors need to either accept that fandom doesn't exist only for them.

No. 628204

File: 1599853528655.jpg (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, GentleCriminal.jpg)

That's exactly why I posted her, that Kawacy pic has a gap of 10 at most while this one out of context is somewhere over 20.

No. 628210

File: 1599854372119.jpg (30.87 KB, 660x315, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

>two people on the internet can't have the same opinion, must be samefag

the age gap in kawacy's picture is actually a few hundred years, the dude is like 500

No. 628226

The guy in pic is this girls adoptive father

No. 628229


Bold of you to assume that can stop Kwacy from shipping them.

No. 628239

kawacy says he ship them so

No. 628242

>she doesn't know about the new season
anon i…

No. 628258

Kawacy is one of the many many anime coomer fans who likes moe child-looking girls paired with adult men. He's just that. Now whether these people are pedos or not is debatable. Personally I think his tastes are absolute shady trash and his art boring.

No. 628261

there's not many young anime character's that look older. i can only recall utena characters not looking 14 but 20 something thats all

No. 628278

Jojo's Bizarre Adventures comes to mind for one.

No. 628285

honestly why is it suddently creepy when a man does it? older man/young girl ships are mostly popular with women. Just look at cedfia

No. 628298

I think it's because when (straight) women do it, they are putting themselves mostly in the position of the woman, whereas men would be looking through the pov of the older male character being attracted to the younger ones. People definitly do have problems when women do it as well, although I never understood it, because in a lot of cases, that's not showing attraction to a younger person, because they are trying to live through the pov of the younger character. It's a fanatsy, and not really meant to be taken literally. Also most of these female anime children, do not look like actual children.

No. 628321

File: 1599863243744.jpeg (160.8 KB, 848x1200, EhbscoHVkAAWH0D.jpeg)

Might i interrupt this moment for a small laugh break at raiko's terrible anatomy and the obvious traced heads/assets.

Alright continue.

No. 628331

File: 1599864299078.png (1.74 MB, 942x1064, z5hc2ygqvjh21.png)

not even trying to hide it

No. 628335

Dude…. she couldn’t last 5 months without tracing shit

No. 628359

File: 1599867477965.jpeg (444.67 KB, 1002x677, 69613102-739F-428F-AE38-CB3D11…)

Well, we can be sure she didn't trace this godawful hand.

No. 628376

File: 1599871372753.png (206.29 KB, 517x553, what a wild year.png)

>Nawnii is still making videos on LupisVulpes
>LupisVulpes hasn't even posted anything since the last video and has probably abandoned her account already
She's dead, Jim.
Stop beating a dead horse.

Also, the a-logging is real.

No. 628383

>guy eternally stuck in his 20's
>falls in love with a mortal
Eventually, she would be the "pedo".

Wrong. She grew into an adult and they had two kids together, who will star in the sequel anime.

No. 628398

They eventually do loosen up on their anti-nsfw morals, though. I knew one artist who was an extreme prude as a 15 y/o teen and then went from 0 to 100 as a 19 y/o adult and even got called out for trying to push lewd onto other teens.

That's how I feel it will go for most of these crusaders after they get older.

Instagram and Amino are basically the new tumblrs, but both are really shitty to use. Amino is slightly better than IG for art, but it's still swamped by low quality posts. The skill ceiling is extremely low.

No. 628400

Anons what’s your favorite things to draw that aren’t as popular?

No. 628409

Well, I like to draw weird ass characters, I like to experiment with anatomy since I know shit about anatomy, so it’s fun to just add stuff, make them stick thin and add as many eyes as possible.
I like to draw OCs, they’re not relevant to anyone, but it’s something I enjoy, sometimes I try to draw my friend’s OCs and such.

No. 628412

No, eventually she would be the cougar.
And yes, that anon was right. Sesshoumaru was Rin's guardian/father figure since he revived her when she was a child.

There's no way he just left her when she was 11 then came back at 18 to dick her full of twins then leave again.

No. 628419

anons what do you perceive as an artist "cheating"? Things such as using/trancing 3D models (or photos) instead of drawing backgrounds or objects, using photoshop/csp brushes, etc?

No. 628421

No rules just tools.
Only blatantly tracing/photobashing off of other artists is off-limits to me.

No. 628422

Cheating on what? Like, art school? Or something like getting a job?

No. 628426

These seem fine, since the artist is still creating something unique while using these tools. I would only consider it cheating if they trace another artists work (including 3d artists).

No. 628427

Depends. If you have a product to make to a deadline why not use them. But I think if you want to achieve mastery and you use those things as a crutch you are only cheating yourself.

No. 628428

Those are tools for drawing, only thing I’d consider “cheating” would be copying other people’s art

No. 628484

Does anyone know if Pimikyuu and Leech.o have made new accounts? They’ve been gone for a while

No. 628491

2012-2017 era tumblr isn't safe, as it had very loose morals when comes to fictional minor x adult fanfics or fanarts. This example shows up how sensitive and pissy people can be like 2020 SJWs ruined people's joy by calling them a pedo and shit.

I guarantee an anime boy highschooler won't make a woman sexually harass a teenage boy

No. 628496

>it had very loose morals when comes to fictional minor x adult fanfics or fanarts
…Because it's not real, anon. It's fictional stories and drawings depicting fictional scenarios involving fictional characters.

No. 628499

Compare with today's fictional minor x adult content, theyre less vulgar and tame mostly. Twitterfags once gone apeshit over fictional 14 yo × 21 yo fluff kek

No. 628502

That's far too generous, try 2003-2014. I didn't see people hitting the moral panic button on ships until maybe a year before Undertale came out, then that shit EXPLODED due to people policing ships of Frisk/Chara with literally any other character.

No. 628503

*2009-2014 tumblr
my bad

No. 628505

File: 1599889136765.jpg (26.69 KB, 679x373, images.jpeg-70.jpg)


No. 628508

Ah yes, tumblr's golden age of without moral cops on shipping thus it was the real apeshit wild ride experience

No. 628510

this is so inaccurate

No. 628512

It's inaccurate in that the latter started around 2014. t. Tumblr user since 2012.

No. 628519

Pre-2018 tumblr had gore blogs and 12-year-olds posting nudes and tagging it as 'cp'. There's no real accounting for tastes.

No. 628522

The age gap stuff is old news, but kawacy is definitely a cow. He had a "girlfriend" in other artist OrangeSekaii up until about 2 years ago, when they suddenly stopped interacting online. People found out that he had a real girlfriend and OrangeSekaii was his public "girlfriend" just purely so that they could be a famous online artist couple in the public eye. They used to draw each other lovey dovey pictures and it all seemed very fake and way too overenthusiastic (he was even calling her his wife at a point).

About 2 years ago people noticed OrangeSekaii suddenly drawing tons of angsty pictures after unfollowing kawacy (presumably fed up with him using her as an online show girlfriend) and kawacy was suddenly drawing ~relatable~ comics about being single. That was a pretty wacky piece of drama that I wish more people talked about.

No. 628532

Orangesekaii Kawacy fiasco happened quite a long time ago lol.

She posted a story which she stated that the issue between her and Kawanocy was all fine, since he already have a partner. The next story said that Orangesekaii dislikes people who likes to toying around feelings. This might refer to Kawanocy toying her feelings by using her as a public tool to increase his popularity often saying "My wife orangesekaii" on his post desc.

And why did he make "relatable" comics about being single? Did her gf dumped her e-fuckboy cow??

No. 628537

Gladfully Orangesekaii left him, she doesn't deserve all that mess Kawacy caused to her. Jeebus, Kawa. What a cow

No. 628560

I tend to draw fanart of characters who aren't very popular or characters from shows that aren't all that relevant today in the present.

No. 628569

I remember the rise of the SJW shit becoming popular in around 2012-2013. Before that you could ship and draw whatever you wanted and you were pretty much left alone. I think 2011 was the year when social media started becoming really popular so that was the changing point which made the moral policing slowly get more and more out of hand. Compared to when in 2005 you could make the wackiest, most problematic fucking ships and people would just go "weird but okay" unless that was their NOTP. Shipping from Kuroshitsuji was just seen as something people did and nobody thought it was "omg pedo" and people drew ship art of Naruto despite the characters being 12. Nobody thought of them as "minors" because everyone still had their brain intact.

One of my personal favourite ships was between a 15-year old and a 25-year old and despite their age difference the characters were in the same mindset and perceived at the same maturity. Because these are fucking adults writing fictional characters, they're not real people behaving like real kids. I honestly want to scream until my lungs give out because of all the zoomers not realizing that one day they'll be 29 and still find that 14-year old shounen protagonist hot because cartoon characters don't age with you. I hope you all get eaten by the artist cancel monster you fed for all these years.

No. 628594

Guilty of drawing myself too. There’s nothing wrong with it, the worse that can happen is you draw yourself prettier than you are or start to draw every face to look like yours.

No. 628628

File: 1599907734751.jpg (108.42 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_12.3…)

I know that fist from anywhere!

No. 628637

Anons how can you tell that this is traced? Is it the awkward head positioning or?

No. 628646

The head is on BACKWARDS. You think like they’d learn something since everything they do in traced and we can’t go without one of these threads pointing out her tracing multiple times, but nah, can’t even be arsed to look normal

No. 628654

As long as characters are the same maturity level, it should be fine. Unless it's a wholeass grown adult thirsting over a young teen/kid.

Twotter seems to be convinced that it's only ok once both parties are >18. That's why Twotterfags love shit like Lore Olympus (despite the fact that babby Persephone is written as a 13-year-old uwu who doesn't know what sex is and Hades is written as a broody 40+ dog daddy) and will send mobs after people who ship two 17-year-olds in the same breath.

No. 628660

File: 1599912896913.png (541.65 KB, 802x588, nestyguts.png)

Please tell me I am not the only one who just can't stand this guy's art. I understand going for a creepy art style, but over all those years the style hasn't improved at all and it's just the same bullshit over and over again. This artist is just STUCK in the artstyle at this point which doesnt allow any improvement at this point. Plus might be a fakeboi, or is, I used to know him back in the day as a girl that kept talking about how big her boobs were (and make fanfictions of her and her own characters banging lol, but that was way back in 2012/2013).
The pic is the best example of how awfully disgusting the artstyle is, it's not disgusting because it's creepy, it's disgusting because it's so much shit as the same time.
insta: https://www.instagram.com/nestyguts/
other links: https://linktr.ee/nestyguts

No. 628675

You didn’t even try to change how you write kek

No. 628679

i'm that tired from this guy's art, don't mind me

No. 628683

File: 1599916910661.jpg (26.46 KB, 275x275, GHRHG.JPG)

what really gets me about the kids who sperg about this kinda thing is that they think adults shouldn't be involved in creating content for their fandoms lmao
Makes 0 fucking sense since most of the comics, anime, and games they like were all created by ADULTS. It's also adults who create the decent fanfics and most of the pretty art they like to re-post.

No. 628690

nobody knows him and his art is disgusting get over it

No. 628691

The fact you've went out of your way to post both his insta and linktree really makes me think it's a selfpost.

No. 628697

His art is horrible but i've seen worse

No. 628715

no doubt it is.

No. 628724

This is a literal nobody artist, is this a selfpost? Either way I roll my eyes every time I see this kind of a tryhard overly edgy style. It just looks like something gross a 12-year old would doodle in an effort to appear more mature and unique than every other kid drawing beautiful fairy angel goddess girls or something.

No. 628726

So when an artists does soemthing different than the typical shit he's tryhary and edgy but when he does pretty girls he's just basic. Maybe that's just his style preference. It doesn't look horrendous, and is an interesting character design, also this person is a literal nobody so who cares.

No. 628727

At least be a halfway good artist if you're gonna selfpost.

No. 628730

>writes this long-winded defensive spergout about how ITS HIS STYLE YALL!!!!!
>a-anyway who cares!!!
Yep, definitely a selfpost.

No. 628737

and it's adults who make the anime they make fandom for. who the fuck they think is writing their favorite shounen? mostly 30-50yo guys

No. 628744

using references is the best thing u can do lol def not cheating. only really skilled artists/artists that have mastered a certain thing can draw without them without making the drawing look odd

No. 628745

Does anyone have any advice for someone with aphantasia (no minds eye? Am I forced just to use references forever? I feel like a cheat.

No. 628751

File: 1599926145478.png (568.95 KB, 728x924, 2020-09-12 (2).png)

thoughts?, I had been following kaneblob for a long while now, she gets a lot of support from other artists on insta and twitter, so I never thought she would grrab other artists background ( a very popular one) for an anime's official promo https://gyazo.com/717feed4863b2fba6175375a8c25c218 https://twitter.com/ednyaroo/status/1304427566145572864

No. 628757

I spent such a long fucking time believing that referencing was "cheating" and my skills stagnated so hard and drawing became a chore. When I finally said "fuck it" and started using references, my skills improved dramatically. You absolutely can't draw everything just off the top of your head and make it look amazing, every great artist drew from life and/or used references. I hate it that it's so discouraged and seen as "cheating" due to the retarded crab bucket mentality artist circles tend to have. If I was told to draw a person doing a complex Yoga pose I'd have to look up references to remind my brain how joints and muscles actually connect together. If someone asked me to draw the Eiffel tower I'd have to look up photos to see all the fine details that make up the whole design. Expecting people to have a refined photographic memory is outrageous and detrimental to one's development.

No. 628758

File: 1599926631714.png (61.66 KB, 587x519, lol.PNG)

looks like they already admitted their fault, tho it's funny to me that just bc shes famous she had ppl defend her lmaoo
her apology doesnt seem right to me, specially knowing that she has plagiarized and HEAVILY referenced/copied previously.
probably nothing will happen to her bc shes popular and her art is cute

No. 628771

NTA kek. Not OP either, it's not bad, although it could use some refining. Also.. it is his style, you said it yourself, edgy and tryhardy? Also he's a literal nobody drawing for fun on instàgram with only like 1000k followers, why are you so pressed about it?

No. 628777

File: 1599927936364.jpeg (169.26 KB, 1242x1601, 78B3F5CD-3B15-4EDA-956B-F0B6D1…)

Somebody else on the thread also dropped this there. Don’t get they would photobash anothers when they have so much skill

No. 628783

File: 1599928258346.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, 7B973FDD-2076-4F33-9247-CC5D3B…)

This isn’t really a huge issue, just something that bothers me personally but I hate it when artists overuse these orange overlays. It’s as if they’re relying on filters instead of learning how to color, and it makes all their art look the same. I think it’s okay to use sometimes but not constantly.

No. 628787

Thought this shit was from not even dust like wtf. Probably a copycat.

No. 628788

It's just a color scheme though? I think it's pretty (imo) it's not like they're one of those semirealism artists who just trace over photos

No. 628796

Not really even gore art, it’s the same freaky Fred 3/4 face posted

Im straight up thinking that if you post anything remotely similar to another(especially if it’s big name, no matter if it’s generic as shit) concept you’re screwed

No. 628800

File: 1599930041856.jpg (619.61 KB, 1920x1600, 5835e160-3487-4502-bd5d-f33b06…)

Hey, so..i just lost the pen for my wacom tablet (pic related) but i really cant afford a new pen. Is there any solution for this?

No. 628808

Rei is a psycho who is paranoid about anyone copying her, but this is way too obvious.

No. 628809


If you email Wacom they might just be able to replace it (don't know their lost pen policies)

No. 628810

Ooooff. How did she think she wouldn't get caught? This isn't even overreferencing, it's straight out tracing.

Lmao yeah for once someone actually is tracing her shit.

No. 628812

buy a new tablet. don't know about this specific stylus but the pens usually cost 70 dollars so you might as well just replace the whole tablet

No. 628826

looks like an inspiration for background. michiru and shiro look great tho love it

No. 628849

The longer I look at it the more baffling it is, particularly because the focal point of the characters and the focal point of the background are very far off.

The characters are angled but the city looks so flat behind them.

I don't even know how you get like this if you have any art education at all bc boomer artists tend to do landscapes and tend to teach landscapes as one of the first few lessons they give.

No. 628856

>I don't even know how you get like this if you have any art education at all
Kane is self taught, she went to school for comp-sci iirc, not art

No. 628857

File: 1599939341429.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 1599928258346.png)

Amazing how much more life it has when you cool it off.

Orange lighting doesn't really make sense in some of those night scenes.

No. 628858

Amazing how dull it looks now.

>Orange lighting doesn't really make sense in some of those night scenes.

It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to look pleasing to the artist. These just look depressing now.

No. 628868

I'm sorry that I like "depressing" scenes that don't look like I'm taking rifampin.

No. 628871

they look depressing bc they are too dark

No. 628876

I agree, and that's an easy fix by just increasing the overall exposure value until it's more vivid.

No. 628878

They just don't sell very well. Basically indie comics of all kinds are read and bought by other people who make indie comics or who are in the art scene for other reasons. It's all very bubbly.

No. 628880

@0:17 I know it's like known in the industry to photobash but when did it become so blantant and like embraced?

Seeing the other artwork this artist posted reminded me of nir4z work. I wonder if she photobashes too.

No. 628883



No. 628888

samefagging bc no one agrees with u lool

No. 628890

I'm tired of stupid people fucking up simple words like "reference" and now we have to explain simple shit all over again.
Aside from deviantart and Twitter, during my art life I've never heard that referencing was cheating, just copying and tracing. I feel like some people who used to trace and copy tried getting away with it saying it was "referenced" and now some kids can't tell the difference between simple concepts.
Referencing as in looking at real life stuff(through photos or observation) is common and encouraged in art sschools since forever.
Photos: ok to look/understand/reference a pose/muscle/proportion or whatever you need.
Not ok to trace over them or reproduce them completely and claim it without citing reference. Unless: it's been posted as free stock and it's been said by owner that needs no citing or it's a stock photo you actually bought.
Other people's art: look at them for inspiration overall. If you are going to reproduce anything of their art do as study, post with credit.
How fucking hard is this?

No. 628895

Photobashing is when you use the actual information/pixels from the photos in the final image. She's painting from reference images that are a digital collage she made. Using reference like that is extremely common and tbh I'm glad people are less cagey about it these days.

No. 628896

Who's samefagging? I just saw both images and gave my opinion.
Sorry if the edit was hard work, just doesn't look as good

No. 628900

im saying u r same fagging, it looks much better with all that orange

No. 628901


No. 628921

No it doesn't it looks bland, and there have been multiple people pointing it out. The lighting may not make sense, but it's art and it literally doesn't have to make sense. The orange illuminates the scene, the blue just makes it look dull and lifeless, and depressing, Sorry you put so much hard work into that edit, but it just looks boring and dark. Moody atmosphere can be achieved in art pieces, but these specifically don't fit that tone.

No. 628929

only 2 ppl have said that the orange looks good, and i didn't make the edit. if the look dull is bc the brightness was lowered. most of the pieces look better in a more neutral/colder light. the few that do look good while being orange would still look better if the filter wasn't on 100% opacity(derailing)

No. 628934

it looks bad. I agree with the other anons. the orange makes it pop

No. 628948

File: 1599944340604.jpg (625.22 KB, 675x1000, kaneblob copy.jpg)

People will forget about this within 2 days and her friends probably won't mention her for a week or so, but everything will go back to normal soon.
As long as your art is cute and you have a loyal following, nothing will change even if you get caught up in drama.

No. 628953

The first one's a stretch, the second one I don't know the game it's from but yeah I can buy it.

No. 628958

Maybe I'm stupid since I'm just a hobbyist, but the top one I definitely don't see it. The second one, The second one, I see a bit more, but honestly not enough to really feel the need to call anyone out.

No. 628959

File: 1599944862202.jpg (159.51 KB, 500x662, OSL_Gwendolyn.jpg)

second one is Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere

No. 628960

File: 1599944976758.jpeg (208.57 KB, 750x690, 00573098-443A-4955-879F-36B820…)


No. 628963

File: 1599945135028.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, filtered.png)

Tried filtering it to be more neutral.

No. 628966

Yeah, this looks nice, a more neutral tone. I like the vibrant orange in something like a sunset scene, but some of these feels much better with a slightly less vibrant tone.

No. 628969

first one just no, agree that the second one could be inspired but it's not copied and this whole callout is ridiculous.

No. 628980

This is a lot better than that ugly-ass, boring blue edit.

No. 628981

idk if this is fanart, but the concept are almost exactly the same for both, so it is heavily inspired at the very least, although if this is fanart, then the og artists themselves is ripping off someone's elses art and doesn't have a lot of moral high ground.

No. 628989

Like I said, I can see the direct inspiration for the second one (idk if that is a typical pose for that character though) but a side shot of San riding the wolf is just super basic. Plus the actual figures simply aren't copied and the coloring for both pieces is different.
Also, unless we're talking about people raised in complete isolation, pretty much all art concepts and forms are inspired by other art, this whole culture around being "original" or whatever is very modern, it's related to the idea of IP and it's not based in how reality works. People who think this is worth a callout just look either very young, uneducated or like haters.

No. 628990

Why not just give him a free drawing and tell him to send his money on artists that aren't directly responsible with his livelihood? So fucking gross. This shit made my blood boil.

I'm tired of people thinking they own compositions. Just outskill them and move on, no need to have an internet feud over false copyright claims. It's always these middling artists that take shit way too seriously and try to bully others. It's not great that they're piggybacking off your idea, sure, but to orchestrate a whole callout? Gauche.

No. 628995

ok so it is fanart, then, if it was an og piece id be suspicious, but if this is a common composition for the character then why is it such a big deal. fanart is literally ripping off someone elses art and your already in a shady legal spot with fanart. how you gonna sue someone else, when you dont even own your own work.

No. 628996

File: 1599948702025.png (51.59 KB, 560x397, ohboy.png)

>>628751 Funny enough the person who called her out is a cow herself https://twitter.com/alohasushicore/status/1304579881192378369?s=20

No. 629007

This just keeps getting better lmao

No. 629040

So what if she buys him ice cream or pays a small trip with that money? She's still taking money from her own 11 year old son, so basically he'll be paying whatever she decides to give him in return by himself. Why not give the fucking drawing for free? She's probably an insecure cow who wants everyone to know that she gets paid for her aRt and even her son knows her RaTes.

No. 629051

Where do you think he got that money from genius? Slaving away for Jeff Bezos or some shit? He isn't doing 8 Hour work days he gets money either for free, or for putting away the dishes. ALso he chooses to buy art from her, he doesn't have to, she isn't taking anything from him, and if he does get ice cream or some shit, that money she is "stealing" from him is being spent right back on him, and the things he wants. He could have bought himself fucking ice cream and snacks with that money. It's probably still gonna get spent on things for him, so who fucking cares.

No. 629057

Can barely tell this apart from the original. I think the point OP was trying to make about everything being constant orange is still correct.

Go back to 4chinz and stay there. I'm tired of their shitty empty buzzwords.

No. 629061

that's a 15 yo with 17k followers. good for them

No. 629107

OP here. I actually like this edit, but like >>628871 and >>628876 said it looks dull because of the values. My point was that all of the art looked the same, all orange and all blue are both boring. I found it kind of annoying since the drawings themselves have a nice style. Pretty good for a 15 year old. Maybe as they get more experience and confidence they won’t rely on orange filters so much.

No. 629116

Who the fuck cares who are these mentals. Too bad for alohasushicore and perisceris whoever they are, but doesn't change anything about stealing someone's art.
>I'm glad the artist is fine
People acting like making a post on Twitter is like punching them in the face irl.

It does bring some minor satisfaction that the artist admitted their mistakes, it's much more than most. Taking the girl who used to trace persona's art as an example, most people find excuses or simply ignore and try to twist the story into a pity party for them.

No. 629123

File: 1599956456790.jpg (689.86 KB, 1080x1974, mlktwea.jpg)

I didn't realize I knew this artist until anon brought up the 15-year-old part.

They're very talented, especially compared to most artists on insta and more so considering their age, but their art definitely has been relying too much on orange filter lately. (I blame big instathot artists who reeee about how everyone needs consistent colour scheme and aesthetic to make it. Anyone would feel pressured to fit in.)

This is what their art looked like when I started following them. You can see how they have a good grasp on color theory.

No. 629162

A-anons what does "symbol draw" mean? I keep seeing "don't symbol draw" but always too afraid to ask.

No. 629163

File: 1599960435273.jpg (261.65 KB, 1591x950, SymbolsMoon.jpg)

It means drawing a hand as a turkey among other things. Also pic related.

No. 629167

I don't get it… I'm ESL I'm sorry lol

No. 629179

It's when you draw an object from you're imagination without actually taking into account how the object actually looks. This can be super helpful for beginners, but you have to break the habit fast, because you're learning how to draw in 2D instead of 3D. That can make art stiff.

Also, just to be clear, drawing from your imagination isn't bad. It's just important to accurately draw things.

This page explains it better than I do with photo examples so I suggest so read this for better understanding: https://www.boredpanda.com/how-to-draw-with-eyes-not-brain/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic

No. 629185

File: 1599962326845.png (76.28 KB, 311x340, 311px-Th17Reimu.png)

What makes a good anime design in your opinion?
I find Zun's designs to be amazing but i can't figure out why.

No. 629199

File: 1599963344132.jpg (72.55 KB, 637x516, download-8.jpg)

No. 629206

someone should make a design your own toohoo thread in /m/

No. 629214

Fun idea

No. 629220

File: 1599964780193.png (2.2 MB, 1000x1414, 20C859F4-541B-4259-851C-628A20…)

I think the anime character designs that are most popular seem to follow a pattern of good coordination, not too much stuff going on. Maybe you like his designs because they are really cohesive? All the colors “make sense” together, overall they are visually pleasing. I feel like clashing is what makes a lot of character designs. Pic related because the girl character is what I (imo) consider clashing/too much happening.

No. 629222

i meant to say “is what makes a lot of character designs fall flat” lol I can’t type

No. 629235

File: 1599965473464.jpg (74.46 KB, 800x477, 9ca15fa55f09dd6833909fa6f96446…)

Zun is a madman
I think you are onto something, i like that Touhou characters all look like they belong in the same universe, they share similar accesories like ribbons and hats and coherent themes like Japanese Folklore. Other famous franchises like Fate look too generic to me, the characters could belong to any other gacha game or jrpg, but touhou characters are very distinct.

No. 629326

File: 1599970361004.jpg (83.61 KB, 735x891, e513eb4a3f5bcbc62c63813095559b…)

Ive always liked (most) Tales character designs to be good for these reasons. Good color usage and relatively simple clothing. It's gotten worse as time went on though. Like with Velvet, love her but wtf

No. 629351


To me touhou looks like some generic drawings I used to see back then in deviantart. Fate's designs were a bit different maybe when the anime first aired out, but nowadays I feel most animes look the same.
I think good designs overall come from not only character designs alone, but if the surroundings and minor characters merge well with them. If it's inconsistent without any explanation then it feels weird.

No. 629365

it's like learning to draw eyes anime style and drawing the same shape every time without learning how an eye is supposed to sit in a human skull. Like piecing together a picture from parts instead drawing a real person (I wish I had a picture to demonstrate on my hd sorry)

No. 629369

4chan doesn't own the word "soul", calm down.

No. 629390

Ah yes, so it's fine because in the end she's the one owning his money because she gives it to him, so she's right asking her son money for a shitty drawing. Wanting a literal kid to pay for everything her mommy does for him makes you sound like a bitter lunatic.
Also stop with the "who fucking cares" argument, we're here to shit on artists on an imageboard ffs.

No. 629406

I’ve started to post regularly on my Instagram again and my followers are steadily dropping, like what do I even do! I know that follower count and likes shouldn’t matter but god, I feel like my art has improved so much since I started and people are still unfollowing. It’s pretty hard not to tie how good an artist you are with how many people are interested.

No. 629410

>I'm tired of people thinking they own compositions.
This. It's literally the equivalent of that red skinned demon girl drama. Some compositions are so basic and universally used that it's hard for someone not to regurgitate something that has already been done by someone else. Yeah it might be annoying to see someone do something similar you did but it's still not "unfair" or "stealing".

No. 629414

The same thing happens to me, anon. It really does blow and even when friends say to not take numbers seriously, it still stings. Especially since numbers DO in fact help with getting accepted into certain projects. (Not to mention some conventions looking to your social media status as a way of gaging wether or not to accept your application… Numbers shouldn’t judge how good of an artist you are but yeah…)

No. 629419

This redraw is recent, and is just as bad as the original. Even if their skill is quite decent, I don't think they should re-design characters. When you compare the silhouette of the characters that she made to the original, it's just as bad or worse since you can't tell anything from their silhouettes. They said that they like redesigning characters, but you'd think that they have a grasp on how character design works - they don't.

Most artists on YT who do redesigns just redesigns the characters to have their specific style and aesthetic that the "redesign" sometimes becomes unrecognizable and loses the charm of the original. The redesigns just becomes their OC while claiming that it's a "redesign".

People can redesign while adding their personal twist, but when that twist is just as bland and boring as the original (sometimes even worse), then that's when I have a problem with these types of videos.

No. 629426

So many times I’ve gone onto an Instagram page that has ‘character design~’ in the bio and all of their art is of the same-face pretty girl or anime style boy. Variety is over, only samey looking cute art allowed, I guess.

No. 629432

>>629116 Didn't say it did, you daft cunt. This is the artist salt thread and ednyaroo is an artist.

No. 629436

It's only natural to have a drop phase after a return, you're trying to rebuild your brand with different content - it can be better, as you've say you improved a lot - but it's still different and some people who liked what you did before may be just not on board with this, so they go away. Additionally, a classic of instagram "get followers fast" tactic is people just randomly following you among hundreds of others in hope you'll go to see their account and follow back; and then these people just go on unfollow spree every now and then to keep their feed clean, since they didnt care in the first place anyway. It's possible you have a lot of people like this following you, and once you started posting they were reminded of your existence and they remove you too, but it's not any loss for you because, like I've said before, they never cared. If you keep posting relatively often and interact with people who interact with your art you'll definitely build a new, better, more engaged following eventually. Don't get discouraged by numbers.

No. 629442

He's choosing to spend his money on this, she isn't taking anything away? He could just as well commision other artists if he wanted. Why are you so mad, this isn't a big deal, and the kid is clearly ok with it.

>Wanting a literal kid to pay for everything her mommy does for him makes you sound like a bitter lunatic.

This is art, not fucking food. He isn't gonna pay rent or a cab fare. Also yeah who fucking cares, because this is an art imageboard, and this is just discussing some rando's parenting style, which is not abusive or anything and has nothing to do with art.

No. 629472

Am I the only one who thinks it's both totally okay and reasonable for a mother who's also an artist to charge or not charge money for a commission from her kid? If she charges him money it's a good parenting decision to teach him about the value of money and budgeting through a luxury he himself chose to purchase and if she draws for him for free it's from a loving mom who enjoys doing something nice for her son. Both options are completely fine. I don't see why this is such a discussion.

No. 629477

i gotta agree and one thing some anons don't seem to consider: it's possible she doesn't charge him every time he asks her to draw something. she could be just doing it every now and then to show him that yes, this is the process and artists should be payed for their work, but since he is family he can get free work sometimes.

No. 629525

Anons equating this to child abuse or something are so delusional. I'm an adult now and I would still demand payment for art I do if it's a big piece, and I would pay my family for work they do. Like honestly, this is his mom's job, and if he commisions some big elaborate piece or a character design for 25+ dollars that is not a big deal. 25 Dollars is nothing for an art piece, especially for a kid he earns that money doing either chores or it's a free allowance.

No. 629530

Has anyone here called it abusive though. The most I've seen, seems to think it's just shitty and mostly done as a humble brag.

No. 629539

It's not abuse, just shitty to take money from your kid for something like this. He's 11 so 25 bucks is probably a lot to him, i'd understand if he was an adult but a kid? nah.

It would sound ridiculous in any other profession too, if she was a uber driver would she accept payment for taking her kid somewhere like the mall? Or if she was a dance teacher would she take money for dancing with her kid for a bit?

Maybe it's the way some of us are raised but i have never seen a parent do something like this, and the kids in my family still grew up to be normal with money without this "lesson".

No. 629540

Samefag but can we get back to the cows please

No. 629546

>He's 11 so 25 bucks is probably a lot to him
He's 11 that means he has all his neccessities paid for by his mom/parents. He has that money to pay for luxury things he wants! A lot of toys and games kids his age play with are a lot more expensive than 25 bucks. It's something he decided to purchase on his own free will.

>It would sound ridiculous in any other profession too

It's about teaching the kid about money, why's that so hard to grasp for you? Which, by the way, will be highly beneficial for him in the future. It's basically parental love to teach him the value of money and budgetting.

Sure we can, but not before you got your final say on the subject right?

No. 629549

Ladies your both fucking pretty, move on.

No. 629550

I think it's just like, a little game the artist does with her kid. He wants to be treated like a big boy, and the mum is playing along. It's still family money, she's gonna use it on her kid's care anyway

No. 629556

Exactly. It's not abuse but it's just stupid and weird to brag on the internet about taking money from your kid because you're ~raising him right~. I would feel I was straight out exploiting if I took $25 from my son to draw him a picture, I'd rather ask him to do some chores as a payment.

No. 629566


Same. I think what kaneblob did for the anime promo was REALLY STUPID she took the background of that drawing and painted over and also got paid Not sure why she thought she would be able to get away with that, but the other ones she was called out for…I have mixed feelings because everyone gets inspiration from other artists, photos etc, Some poses and compositions are so normal and over used , how can you say the idea belongs to you only or that a color palette belongs to you , I think in some drawings like the spirited away one was too obvious the heavy inspiration ..that one makes me uncomfortable but the other ones are kinda …normal? I feel anyone could come with the idea or colors , I have mixed feelings because I get sometimes the drawing can become plagiarism but sometimes it’s just inspiration. I’m not in any side because of my mixed feelings ( the paint over promo doesn’t count in my mixed feelings, that one was just stupid)

No. 629568

At that age i wanted to spend the rare money i got from relatives to help my parents pay the bills. Guess what, the didn't take it, because it's weird to charge your small kid for something. And i'm still a financially responsible adult who pays others for their time, there are other ways to teach him about financial responsibility y'know.

>Sure we can, but not before you got your final say on the subject right?

Nope, YOU get to win the argument. What she's doing is fine, i agree now, answer with a snarky response so we can go back to the thread topic already plz.

No. 629571

Yeah, how did she think no one would realize when it's a poster for a huge anime? in fanart it's fine i think to "cheat" on backgrounds but on a job it's too much.

By spirited away you mean the princess mononoke one or was there another call out?

No. 629588

You're the one who keeps bringing it up. It's not shitty or abusive, it's just a different style of parenting, and it teaching him financial responsibility and to respect his mom's job.
>help my parents pay the bills
buying art is not the same as paying the fucking rent jfc

Anyways, is this video from Rae kind of a rip off of the emily artful one, because she's the only other yt artist review ive seen on black 3.0. Maybe that's why it seems so familiar.

No. 629590

part 2

No. 629596

i think painting over someones elses art is never ok, but she could have done a similar building herself if she so wanted to get that same feeling, she has the skills, she might have been called out for plagiarism and heavy inspiration but at least she woudln't be called tracer . I don't think this will impact her much on twitter or insta, but I wonder if it will impact companies commissioning her for promo art like this, now that promo she did its unusable, she might have ruined her chances but who knows, she is pretty popular. I think Rossdraws did something similar not for a commission or drawing, it was with a photo of a random girl on insta but he is doing more than fine right now (Not saying they need to be destroyed, that's too much, just saying she will probably be fine in social media) https://twitter.com/aloefisk/status/1304570233324146688 this one, I feel this one its too obvious, I remember when I first saw it on twitter at first I thought both were done by the same artist. I think this one is the only one that bothers me. the other ones are meh to me

No. 629598

File: 1600015896294.png (611.39 KB, 723x431, spirited away.png)

>>629571 I forgot to add the screenshot

No. 629600

I think it's crazy that everyone is ok with stealing backgrounds. So is this something we should all do now? Because I don't want to bother with backgrounds either if I can copy and paste them from another artist, do some edits and make my art look more impressive fast. I would be able to post many more visually appealing pieces faster.

No. 629603

Even if she wanted to save time with the background she could've just done a photobash on a free to use stock photo or something and it would've been fine. I don't get why she didn't just do that but instead chose to paint over something someone else created. There are plenty of open sourced assets people can use for free, no need to go trace off other artists. I don't get it.

No. 629612

File: 1600017783698.jpg (90.37 KB, 900x360, 3wm8ASPEQU1MYrunXA92kMC-CInAes…)

People typically don't care as long as your aren't stealing other people's artwork. A lot of concept art is just photobashing. If your going to reference something, the unofficial rule has always been use 3 or more sources that way you aren't making a 1:1 recreation with a few bits moved around.

No. 629627

i doubt its stolen but its not really original and pretty late, considering when the paint came out

No. 629634

>calls India ink “paint”
>calls charcoal “black chalk”
>Is an art channel

No. 629638

anon you say this as if Rae has an art degree or something

No. 629646

That's what kills me, she has an art degree, and yet she still puts out this half assed content. Even if she still sucked at art after graduating, she could be self critical and actually work on improving but she doesn't.

These kinds of mistakes just show me that she doesn't really care about the art or the content, because being focused on details and making well researched videos shows you put effort into soemthign which she clearly doesn't. It's sad really, because having an artist that objectively speaking just makes shitty art, improve it, would make for really interesting videos.

No. 629666

it doesn't look like a paint over. it looks like she did draw all of it and the original was an inspiration

No. 629669

Anon it literally lines up 1:1 with the original as demonstrated in the Gyazo link in this post. >>628751 Don't be ridiculous. That's a blatant case of tracing.

No. 629672

damn the building does look identical my bad. if she didn't trace it but just took an inspiration and drew different building or some shit reflecting in soaked street it would be an inspiration tho

No. 629678

I wouldn’t mind so much if they weren’t extremely basic mistakes. Like that video where she made tempura paint with powdered soft pastels. Like sure as a craft for kids, but she was judging it like she was going to end up anything decent with what she could grind herself with a mortar and pestle. She has loads of video ideas that would be really cool if she actually researched them.

No. 629683

Rae is dumb what else is new

No. 629719

Never ever heard of ednyaroo and their art personally,but 2 Twitter kids complaining about them doesn't make them a cow. Tone it down a few, you felt way too attacked.

No. 629733

I've been watching ergojosh's Lightbox videos and it's just a boring fest of him drawing pretty girls and people kissing his ass.

"Drawing a character from scratch!" aka doodling two random girls and one male, all three with boring pinterest model looks, and he doesn't even lineart the doodles. Then he doodles a generic pretty girl face and slaps half assed uninteresting shading on it and calls it a day.

Seriously? People are hanging around this guy for 2 whole hours just to watch him make a bunch of sketchy shit doodles??

No. 629738


I watched it too expecting him to make some cool fantasy character designs or smth or at least more rendered pics. It was underwhelming and lowkey disappointing.

No. 629749

I don't get it either. Maybe thought she could get away with it because the other artist is Japanese?

No. 629795

I hadn’t seen much of him other than his weird rant about there being too many pretty girl art on social media but what I took out of his LBX content is that he’s a chill streamer but everyone else can work circles around him with actual jobs in the art industry. Similar to rossdraws tbh, they had a lot of those social media kinds of people in addition to the pros

No. 629798

File: 1600045161100.png (410.35 KB, 599x579, josh 1.PNG)

Tbh ergojosh isn't a good artist. Something about the way he shades is so unappealing. I think he overblends? Also, all he draws is pretty girls so I don't know if he has any room to talk about artists who only draw pretty girls.

No. 629800

File: 1600045204083.png (612.76 KB, 589x588, josh 2.PNG)

No. 629801


His shading looks fuzzy on the wrong places and it looks like he abuses highlight layer modes/overlay too much. The skin ends up looking like glossy plastic instead of actual skin.

No. 629806

Ergojosh's art looks very unnatural to me. In the bad way.

The people in his pieces, or at least in most of them, look stiff and lifeless even when they're in different poses or making different expressions. It just…lacks something. Like the character is smiling but the feeling isn't there. Rossdraws only draws pretty girls but at least his art has a semblant of emotion and personality in it.

Plus like Anon said above, his rendering looks too glossy and plastic-like which doesn't help.

No. 629813

That guys hair is grossing me out, what an unappealing style

No. 629823


dude's hair looks like peanut butter

No. 629834

Is that supposed to be Bill Murray? Even in his 20s he didn't look like that at all. Also wtf is going on I the shadow around scarlett's neck. There are some really bad choices in this study.

No. 629837

Tbh is it just me or is everything (or nearly everything) ergojosh draws are studies or copying off photos? I rarely see him drawing things without directly referencing or copying a photo.

No. 629839

File: 1600049031987.jpg (216.65 KB, 1080x1113, 20200913_230210.jpg)

That broken wrist in the back. He can't really portray his subjects in a recognizable way. They all look the same, or have little in common to the source.

No. 629840

File: 1600049034353.jpg (148.87 KB, 1138x1280, e27d932d911ef68a878ac18f658747…)

The ref btw. Bill looks to young and his hair is made of melted chocolate and Scarlett looks like she rubbed dirt on her neck. Also her expression is different.

You're right. I don't think it's bad to do studies but it doesn't seem like he draws anything from imagination. I guess that's just some artists tho.

No. 629841

File: 1600049110117.jpg (457.02 KB, 1080x1080, 20200913_230608.jpg)

His reference

No. 629845


I think that's him trying to make his subjects look "pretty" instead of "real". Comparing this drawing to the reference photo he used, it's clear that he went out of his way to "beautify" her, down to the point of changing her expression to something more sultry and attractive instead of the goofy face the girl was making.

No. 629849

Why do all shitty fujoshi artists re-draw things they are strangely jealous of? Can art not be pretty anymore? IDK just an observation I made back when I was in art classes a few years ago.

No. 629850


They're insecure and jealous. Plus wanting to project themselves on everything.

No. 629854

Is this a fujoshi thing? I thought it was just a Western thing.

No. 629861

why is her neck so fucking blurryyyy

No. 629864

idk, I feel like the common trait between fujoshi artist IS that they are Western as I am Western too. When I compare the works of fujoshi artists to non-fujoshi artists, their was a HUGE difference.

No. 629872

Japanese fujos usually don't do shitty redraws though

No. 629876

File: 1600051744944.jpg (357.33 KB, 800x1150, ross-tran-rosstran-4.jpg)

See the difference between Rossdraws and Ergojosh is that one actually knows his fundies and is a skilled painter who's become stagnant and repetitive to keep up with social media algorithms, while the other can only draw pretty Pinterest girls while at the same time claiming to be better than those who do the exact same.

If you look at Ross's older work, it's evident that the skill is there, but the same can't be said for Ergo Josh. The latter only got popular because of his ASMR Procreate chill videos.

No. 629882

Damn, this was really the level of polish I was expecting to see in his artbook but at last, we ended up with a collection that was even more trimmed down than his youtube videos.

No. 629886


I kinda feel bad for Ross. He's a very skilled artist with clearly a lot of potential to draw amazing pieces but has to dull his work because of social media bs.

But then we get randos like Ergojosh who draw like shit but get clout effortlessly by doing "ASMR" voiceovers and drawing Pinterest model girls.


No. 629923

Examples? Not denying that this happens, I just have never seen and am curious what you're talking about

No. 629936

Yeah I really think he has no foundation to stand on when he complains about too much pretty girl art on IG when he thinks pushing himself is to draw a pretty girl with a slightly more different face

No. 629947

File: 1600060041290.jpg (477.85 KB, 1226x2047, FEMME_PART_2_1024x1024@2x.jpg)

Reminds me of Alythuh's shitty art kek

No. 629965

Uh oh, it's the anti-fujo sperg again.

No, it's not "just a fujoshi thing". It's just a western thing.

No. 629966

I agree with >>629923 can we get some examples?

No. 629968

to be fair
Ross is way more popular
he's from one of the best concept art school in US for 4 year
while Ergojosh is a self-teaching
if you check his art 3 years earlier you would see that his art grew pretty fast

No. 629986

Whenever I take commissions some of them don't come out as good as I want them to be and it bothers me. I've never had complaints from the client, but I can't stop thinking about having made that piece I don't fully like. Does anyone else feel like this? Is this normal? Is it that I have to develop my skills more so I don't produce things I don't like anymore?

No. 630001

Wow, this is a gorgeous aesthetic. I never paid much attention to Rossdraws because all I ever saw of his work was his pretty girl algorithm bait. I had no idea he was actually talented.

No. 630003

File: 1600069057603.jpg (22.48 KB, 480x272, 1592034849-offset-13484-previe…)

A lot of artists have done Spirited Away fan art based on this motif though. Pic related is another one and you can find plenty more just on Google.
(Sorry for the shitty pic. I tried looking for the clip that someone saved of this but it's buried under a retardedly huge number of clips of the artist's vtuber avatar talking.)

I think it's normal, or at least I used to feel this way too. When I used to do commissions, I would sometimes spend way too long on a piece to try and get it as close to my vision as possible and still end up hating it. In the end, you just have to train yourself to realize that all that matters is that you did as best as you could and that your client likes it.

No. 630010

The way I see it, no single person is ever going to scrutinize your artwork as much as you do, and unless your mistakes are glaring, they're minor. If clients have no complaints and you keep getting jobs, try not to worry about it.

No. 630011

File: 1600070721555.jpg (626.03 KB, 750x1071, everything_will_be_okay_by_yuu…)

This one too. It just seems to be a very common motif. Makes me wonder why so many people focus on it, it's not even too close to the colors and feeling of the movie.

No. 630033

Wasn't haku the river chihiro fell when she was younger? Seems to fit the movie imo.

No. 630059

Yeah, but the scene is shown for only a few seconds and the dragon is off screen. There isn't an actual scene with Chihiro and Haku in the water like so many artists like to draw, and with all that goes on in the movie you'd expect them to focus on many different things. Maybe they're all taking inspiration from each other. I just think it's odd, that's all.

No. 630094


ErgoJosh also hasn't a sense of lighting or shading since all his characters are drawn against a white background. There's no mood, no elements surrounding the characters to justify such harsh shading. He just ignored the mood lighting altogether and dodge/burned the shit outta her neck.
He needs to be doing more studies away from the social media before going on panels to fill his ego.

Anyway, switching gears, I don't feel like I missed much for lightbox expo. The discord was a hot mess and most of the panels were mostly just people in the industry sucking each other off for 40 minutes and then giving generic advice. Glad I didn't pay top tier prices for it. That's kind of why I can't stand industry events. It's just people already in the industry rubbing elbows, popular social media artists and then giving out scraps of generic advice you've heard for the 100th time. People like ergojosh don't really have anything to bring to the table. I got the most out of independent artists doing their own advice streams and q and a's than sitting watching some popular artist stream art they would already be doing on their own.

No. 630109


THIS. To me LBX brought nothing new. The big artists participating in it mostly gave the same old repetitive advices that they have at least one video about already in their channel. Plus the obvious ass-kissing.

At this point it's just an artist circlejerk. They teach us nothing new, draw the same old thing over and over, repeat the same advices and promote each other while basking in on the attention of fans while they doodle random things and watch meme videos sent on the stream chat. Disappointing.

No. 630114

anons, what do you guys think about the art and commentary youtuber omnia?

No. 630122

>There isn't an actual scene with Chihiro and Haku in the water

there are a few scenes where she is remembering where we the audience see her grabbing into him in the water. but why are you even complaining about a rendering of a canon event? it not being explicitly shown on screen doesn't mean it didn't happen, qhy wouldn't people want to draw their depictions of it?

No. 630127

I think people would give her the benefit of doubt in any of these fanarts if they were a one time thing, but she has a history of other suspisciously similar works and the BNA artwork background is outright stolen.

No. 630140

I'm not complaining, to me it just seemed odd and I was commenting on it. Yes, I know there's that scene in the movie, I wrote it in my original post. But as I said it's not shown explicitly, so you would expect artists to make all kinds of interpretations of it, maybe using even the colors and pose used in the movie or something, but instead artists choose the same pose, colors and concept probably because they just want to follow what other popular people do instead of thinking about something different. That's what I was trying to say.

No. 630195

Speaking of this artist (Yue) she charges about $1700-2400 per commission kek

No. 630205

According to her site, it ranges from $600 to $2500 depending on what you want.


No. 630210

Oh wow… I wish I could charge that much.

No. 630212

File: 1600098412907.jpg (85.24 KB, 900x495, IMG_20200914_174736.jpg)

I think her artwork is pretty good.

No. 630217

good for her

No. 630219

File: 1600098690399.png (294.44 KB, 800x800, Eh0bDWEX0AQ6MF3.png)

DeePee want to go full freelance next month.

Well, good luck with that when your art still looks like this.

No. 630222

File: 1600098904454.jpeg (252.84 KB, 750x1096, 73378010-60D9-4495-BEDA-D266DD…)

No. 630232

I don't care for their furby and other stuff but i kind of like this… gaudy cats are my weakness

No. 630243

File: 1600100530640.png (52.98 KB, 200x400, 21F291C9-E53F-4476-B1D6-B0B9CF…)

i may be stretching but the black one’s mouth and perspective made me think of this

No. 630246

File: 1600100718144.jpg (24.91 KB, 480x360, AwShitNigga.jpg)

>Makes pyw threads constantly.
>People actually do that there.
>People do that when their art looks nothing like his.
Why are people like this? Just draw smug meme shark or whatever VTubers there are if you want your numbers.

No. 630248

File: 1600100940323.jpeg (858.6 KB, 1242x2031, 76DB8A75-7D67-4777-9CD0-A01B2D…)

What do you guys think of this artist? I used to really look up to them but now I feel like all their art is really similar. They’re really skilled for their age though.

No. 630250

>but now I feel like all their art is really similar.
The further you go in the art hole, the sooner you'll realize that you have to throw to make fans not like your art. It's a dreadful cycle of laziness and worse, plain white backgrounds.

No. 630251

File: 1600101264679.png (177.16 KB, 326x460, MionOG_a_(1).png)

Ryukishi07's is better.

No. 630270

it's usualy hot men in semi realistic style. i guess some people may think it's boring but i think what's missing is maybe different color palette? they draw ppg in semi realistic style now and one green skinned dude looked great in their style

No. 630271

File: 1600103482322.jpg (13 KB, 254x198, images (3).jpg)

No. 630309

can't tell if this is a joke or not cause these designs are hideous..

No. 630322

>>630248 I follow this artist and I noticed that they have a bad case of same head syndrome and maybe same face too for their male characters

No. 630351

File: 1600111874930.png (145.24 KB, 395x480, But2_defa2.png)

It's not a joke, I and many others find his art to be really charming.

No. 630356

ryushiki is great. umineko was a masterpiece.

No. 630368

true i also think 14yo's deviantart sonic drawings are masterpieces

No. 630373

Wow, may some people are really not meant to make art

No. 630376

tbh if he was a complete nobody artist and didn't make visual novels i doubt anyone would like this

No. 630389

I've yet to see an art commentary channel with art that's actually good and not just "okay" or mediocre.

Does anyone know any art commentary channel with GOOD art?

No. 630394

I feel anyone who has actual good art won't waste their time with commentary videos. It could also alienate some of their audience if they have weird opinions etc.

No. 630395

what? he was a complete nobody. wtf are you talking about?

No. 630415

he got popular for the novels and not the art, retard.

No. 630418

File: 1600118759464.png (3.43 MB, 1914x1272, Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 2.23…)

She spends 40+ hrs on paintings like pic related, which are the commissions that cost over $2,000, and her prices are in NZD. Her prices are reasonable for the quality of her work.

No. 630424

oh wow, I didn't even notice the NZD. So her prices in USD basically range from ~$400 to $1666. Very reasonable for her quality of work and popularity.

No. 630425

What's a typical art commentary channel?

No. 630437


Not the same anon from the post but alas,

Talks about art community drama (usually generic videos like "5 things I HATE/LIKE about the online art community!", "Artist Struggles!", "X ARTIST IS PROBLEMATIC!") and may dwelve into milkier stuff (ex.: Yandere Dev drama, other art commentary channels) from time to time for extra attention, uses sprites instead of facecam with an (unfinished) speedpaint of their own (although some may put in speedpaints from their subscribers) playing in the background. Sprites tend to be of their personas or an OC.

(I say unfinished because most of the time the speedpaint isn't complete when the video ends, so too bad if you were actually interested in seeing the entire process.)

Art is usually cutesy-looking with cartoony-chibi look and pink/purple cell shading. Cell shading everywhere. Goofy and sometimes overly dramatic expressions. Art skill level is usually between passable to okay amateur. Nothing exactly good but rarely something that's fresh trash. Just "okay" like the anon said.

OFC that's hardcore generalization though. There are some commentary channels with better-than-average art around such as Ponder, others with art that's more on the shitty side such as Creepshow. And some are middle of the road such as Tobi.

No. 630440

art commentary channels with sprites are like budget vtubers minus the roleplaying tbh

No. 630458

File: 1600123475647.jpg (150.99 KB, 900x1200, 1586998248068.jpg)

I've yet to see an art channel with actual good art. It's a shame the bar is so low to artists now.
He has that early 00's anime charm

No. 630481


Artists who are truly skilled and confident don't need to resort to making videos about art community drama to attract attention.

No. 630488

File: 1600127157095.png (521.85 KB, 605x1476, 7554646467658657568.png)

Apologies for what could possibly be old news, just wondering if anybody had some info on possible drama?

I was looking at a character design video I liked by an artist called Joopis
online and decided to check her twitter. It appears she said she was taking
a break from social media due to it dominating her life. I scrolled down
and saw all the positive comments but there was one hidden comment I came
across which insinuated that she was involved in abuse towards a minor.

Does anybody know anything about it? Did I miss it from the old art salt threads?

No. 630494

File: 1600127674972.png (69.79 KB, 619x658, Joopis abuse.PNG)

No. 630500

File: 1600127874554.jpg (113.84 KB, 512x383, umineko-ep-5-1-beatrice-and-th…)

I love Ryu's giant mitten hands.

His art might be objectively bad (although I personally find it charming as fuck), but I think his character designs are amazing.

No. 630511

File: 1600129292364.jpg (715.41 KB, 1750x700, Joopis abuse Collage.jpg)


This news broke during the same time as the Streamer callout avalanche during summer which is probably why it was overlooked.

No. 630562

Had no idea. Thanks anon

No. 630573

I dunno, I don't think the advice ever really changes. Grind your fundamentals, m8. But now I realize "networking" in art means swapping instagram links like business cards.

I'm planning on archiving all the videos on their website and uploading them somewhere like mega. Might be interesting for people since some of them are gonna take them down. I laughed my ass off when people lost their minds in the discord over the Zoom rooms having a capacity, though.

No. 630574

Do people actually forget about drama after 4 or so months? I haven't payed attention to Kun0 or what's his name but hiding from the matter entirely is just asking for some dickhead to go into a stream, redeem that highlight message feature, and remind everyone what happened.
Heaven forbid a convention artist has drama attached to them because that might as well be blackmail material.

No. 630578

Still mediocre but at least not as ugly as her cursed drawings that made me block her

No. 630583

File: 1600139310715.jpg (86.28 KB, 1920x1080, Rowlet.jpg)

>The 24k followers on this person confirms that the modern day parent is perfectly okay with letting 8-10 year olds be on a site that specifically says you need to be at least 13.

No. 630590

I'm pretty sure they got most of their followers from F4F shit, their engagement is super low

No. 630598

File: 1600140831343.png (190.15 KB, 578x400, 9254977ceacf23049729cadf1fa648…)

>24k+ follows
>5 rts on new art post
Wouldn't be surprised if most of her followers had her on mute

No. 630600

File: 1600141624321.png (835.71 KB, 1200x1036, 3216549870123456789.png)

Thank God for the hide button.
Having (regrettably) looked through a DeePee thread I'm honestly surprised that no one has a carry character to promote themselves with. Marnie is right there guys.

No. 630606

man she is such a weirdo, she's known for lurking PULL/lolcow to shit talk her more successful friends. She was also called out a couple months ago for freely saying the n-word with her friends

No. 630621

Her voice is rather grating but it's most likely due to her young age. She's hard to listen to for long periods.

Her art is also incredibly mediocre, around the same skill set as CreepshowArt so I find it hard to stay focused or want to continue watching.

Her opinions are basically run of the mill and she tends to flip flop with things quite a bit when new information comes out.

In short:

I just don't really enjoy drama artubers or artubers in general unless they have skills that supersede my own–cuz then I'll be more focused than bored.

No. 630624

Are you the same anon as >>630114? Whatever.

I just looked them up and anon you must be either self posting or are very young because their art is incredibly underwhelming. All of their drawings are exactly the same in pose, design, and face. So incredibly similar that they definitely have same-face going on everywhere.

It's very generic cutesy and incredibly boring to look at. Their anatomy (whether stylized or not) could be so much better–but it's most likely that this artist is in their teens or very young.

Kudos to them for 6k followers, but honestly? That's not that hard to get on Instagram these days if you just post frequently and have the posts be the same thing every single time.

I would advise them to break out of their comfort zone and actually try learning their fundamentals in order to improve because their comfort zone is very much lackluster and they aren't going to get very far.

No. 630625

He's still streaming just fine and it looks like his Twitter replies are pretty generic "this is so good!"

I remember hearing about the drama a while back and didn't even know HIS name in particular, just his girlfriend's.

Surprise, surprise, I went to his stream and had no idea it was him from the video as there was no connection to the drama there. I didn't know until I brought up his username here and an anon told me. So I'd say he's doing pretty well considering, that or he just has a good grasp on keeping the past from catching up to him.

No. 630633

NTA but I had no idea a full well made illustration could go for that high of a price, I thought that generally it would always stay below $1000. Is that the norm or is she charging more than most people? For some people in my country that's the monthly income when working (physical labor) full time!

No. 630653

It's the norm for professional illustrations for clients like companies, since they aren't only paying for the art, but for the right to use it. To be honest it's a reasonable price for a whighly popular artist doing private commissions as well, especially if it's taking 40 hours. $1000 for 40 hours comes out to $25 an hour, which is a reasonable rate for skilled labor like high-quality art

No. 630669

When your main clientele is companies asking for promotion artwork and such instead of Twitter User SilverSonicFan asking for a bust shot of their OC it's a very standard price. Companies can afford it just fine and they expect a very different level of quality and have a larger list of requirements. It's a very different market. Also you have to keep in mind that it's not a regular day job so you need to charge bigger amounts for commissions because that money possibly has to last longer. And like >>630653 said it's only $25 an hour, a standard wage for a trained professional.

No. 630706

I see, that's great! And career goals honestly.

No. 630723

I once read a comment saying that an artist's true skill and ability could be seen with how well they draw hands, because it's very hard to mask a badly drawn hand behind stylization. Like the notion that you're only as good as your mistakes. It's certainly true in this drawing those hands are awful

No. 630752

File: 1600175966931.jpg (100.94 KB, 742x452, uwudontunfollowmeguys.jpg)

Today, someone put an absolute obscure gold nugget on my twitter feed. Some retard got ignored by a decently-sized artist from the Hazbin fandom and compiled a 306 pages long google doc - reasons for her tard rage include the artist lying about taking breaks from drawing, being a spastic attention whore and so on and so forth. It's 100% personal between flailchicken and lhana666 - there are lots of dicord screenshots. I love irrelevant, petty shitshows and this is no different.


No. 630755

Imagine wasting your time writing that my god. Some people dont know how to let shit go

No. 630756

ok, this is just insane

No. 630758

No, that's definitely standard in western industrialized countries though pay for editorial in general is shit and idk how the market is doing for game key art (probably also shit because there's a lot of competition). Also non private illustration prices consist of the pay for making the drawing itself plus usage rights which account for a large portion of the income. You need to consider though that an elaborate piece can take 1-2 weeks, especially when you have a lot of communication and revisions, you need to pay for everything as a freelancer and you will have phases where you aren't booked. Overall it may sound like a lot but there's really not a lot of money in it.

No. 630760

Fucking christ, and here I thought the amount of time and energy put into the LupisVulpes doc was disturbing. This is on a whole other level.

No. 630772

File: 1600180502516.jpeg (297.08 KB, 1125x1304, BF805315-2315-4AB4-A86B-F07F08…)

Anyone else following the ednyaroo drama?

>@perisceris makes post calling out ednya for manipulating, gaslighting, and generally treating other aspiring artists in his discord community like shit
>@ednyaroo makes half assed apology on Twitter and blames his bad behavior on an abusive childhood/family
>followers point out the flawed logic in ednya’s responses, follower count starts dropping
>ednya says an explanation is coming

I was following ednya/Riley for his art and had occasionally noticed vent posts that would soon be deleted and passive aggressive statements directed at followers. But I also felt bad about the abusive childhood and feeling forced into a major he didn’t want to be in. So many people are coming out of the woodwork with abuse stories now.

No. 630773

Jesus lord you weren't kidding. People really going out there to make their petty high school locker room drama into a big public spectacle like anyone outside of their circle of friends gave a fuck. This is pure lunacy at work and I have no words.

No. 630779

Dude what's with those people making several pages long docs just because of drama shit? Do they have no synthesis skill to put it all in a couple of tweets?

No. 630783

They know people will just skip through it and not actually read all that shit so they can just slap a 300-page google document and summarize it as "twitter user x is an abusive, gaslighting pedophilic monster" and everyone will just accept it because look at all those words, why would they lie?

No. 630809

So this is the power of autism… la creatura… el atrocidad…

No. 630843

I feel like the face could use some work but the art is gorgeous? If she can charge 2000 good for her.

No. 630844

Is there any proof to back this up?

No. 630884

File: 1600190126321.jpg (551.82 KB, 1280x720, PrismaIllya.jpg)

Imagine policing Twitter people for drawing kiddos in the same world where this exists.

No. 630885

File: 1600190273870.jpeg (321.37 KB, 750x1411, 7666AFA6-5D66-4AF9-8F77-0847DE…)

apologies. phone did a weird thing on me. Reposting. (1/2)

No. 630890

File: 1600190426480.jpeg (353.86 KB, 750x1575, 9E33D27E-608B-4D4F-AC7B-AA7D1F…)


No. 630895

File: 1600190795119.jpeg (402.73 KB, 750x998, F9EEF8F1-1A0B-4F5D-A3FB-D301E7…)

sorry but I have to laugh. listen up everyone, you must state the fictional characters age every time or else. not a fan of her stuff but this is autistic.

No. 630903

God I've never been happier to have a non-English art account. I'd die if I'd have to deal with this on a daily basis. Imagine having to attach "SHE'S OVER 18" to every drawing of a girl with shapely thighs and big tits. lmfao

No. 630911

File: 1600191258047.jpg (416.16 KB, 1524x2728, 0EhvKDA7XgAUEeUU.jpg)

>Fat tits make your character an adult even if the face is as round as the other.

No. 630917

Didn’t she get caught tracing awhile ago? Did she ever acknowledge it?

No. 630926

Back in her prime dA days, Ocean publicly said she's a proud lolicon and always wished she was 12 so this didn't surprise me.

No. 630928

do you even anime?

No. 630935

>feels more like you pulled it for backlash rather than for reflection

What the fuck do these people expect? Either everyone does what you say or everyone has their own genuine opinions, you can't have it both ways

No. 630940

Twitter represents ouroboros anon, the only way to sate them is to time travel.

No. 630945

Someone tell these people to stop watching anime, period.
They should also publicly share the contents of their hard drives and private twitter accounts so we can verify that what they sexualize holds up to scrutiny.

No. 630965

I love these fake wokesters on twitter. Glad to see it’s just been a mini backlash so far from what I can tell.

No. 630968

I guess most disney princesses are toddlers then because they have big heads with round faces and big eyes.

No. 630985

anons it's not that deep, people just ship chihiro and haku and like to draw their meet cute, that's all there is to it, the pose is a call back to that scene where haku finds chihiro in the other old witch house

No. 631117

File: 1600204224534.png (562.36 KB, 1114x977, 55246235521452145.png)

Can someone redpill me on the usual prices that anime commissions artists sell at? I feel like something is off with this one and wanted to check.

No. 631119

Depends. Average prices I see range from $50-$300

No. 631123

I think that's a pretty standard rate for this kind of art. Head/Bust with $43 shaded seems a bit steep for this level of skill though but I don't think it's overpriced if people are willing to pay up. If they went for over $100 then it would be a ripoff.

No. 631135

>A fotm game that was overtaken by Fall Guys and probably Among Us is a genuine commission he offers.

No. 631138

Honestly never listen to pricing advice from people from lolcow, we have already established that some of these people don’t even draw.

To put it bluntly art market is kinda screwed, not overpriced like many in here like to think but severely underpriced. 40$ for custom work of anykind is miniscule. Any art should be prices way, way higher and if your art is not worth it, then you just shouldn’t be doing commissions. 100$ should be the minium starting price, not the ending price.

No. 631169

the prices seem average. That is the usual price you see.

No. 631182

File: 1600208380065.png (914.44 KB, 1100x1310, Kaxukin.png)

40 is fine until you realize Kaxukin exists and makes 90% of these artists' businesses look bad in comparison.

No. 631184


Just because someone is undercharging their art doesn’t mean everyone should.

No. 631193

You seem to forget that the customers for this sort of thing don't even know that $100 is what we consider normal and that's why /ic/ can never agree about what's fair pricing.

No. 631204

It's deleted now but if anyone wants to see it I can reupload. It's not worth reading to be honest, flailchicken is a 100% more suspect than Lhana simply because she threw together this incredibly petty and hyperbolic document. Imagine someone basically screenshotting everything you ever said on twitter or discord and painting it in the worst possible light, that is this entire document.

No. 631209

You guys need to take into account that some artists come from 3rd world countries, so 15 usd could support an entire family

No. 631210

File: 1600212215389.jpg (77.34 KB, 986x702, Rinnn.jpg)

>She devoted all this time into gathering "evidence" instead of just whaling for artist love.

No. 631229

…is no one going to point out that the three full body images have the exact same face aside from the eye shapes?

No. 631230

I think the problem is that there’s so many beginner artists doing commissions that people get used to low commission prices, then expect the same prices from higher-skilled artists. Not all art is created equal, and it should be priced accordingly.

No. 631231

I'd like to skim through it anon.

No. 631238

File: 1600214339161.png (127.13 KB, 549x745, child.PNG)

rodent child WIP

No. 631251

wrong thread anon, this is artists salt. nice art tho!

No. 631265

I guess that's true, but you could also charge what your art is worth and help your family out even more, why not take the chance? If it doesn't work out you could always lower your prices again.

No. 631270

this person keeps posting that artist share thread how long until people will learn she's just using it for some algo/engagement boost

No. 631323


The ears of the mouse girl look wrong. They‘re too close to her forehead and too high.

No. 631344

Is this your art? We have a art critique thread in /m/ that's more appropriate for this kinda stuff. Either way though, this is really nice!

No. 631381

Lol this is the guy who was dating RacistUncle and was part of Nosebros gang.
Hi tsflipp, this is a women's-only board

No. 631389

File: 1600231775033.jpg (202.89 KB, 1080x1760, Ef6Y7bHXoAAe-6F.jpg)


No. 631390

Jfc is their kink beating women is that a real thing of course it is

No. 631391


If you want attention for your art this isn't the place anon. Go find some art sharing thread.

No. 631393

Beating women is never funny. I was punching this woman and i only laughed twice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631401

Did Racist Uncle draw this? The style is so ugly and shitty it has to be her, kek.

No. 631405

Take it easy its not done yet >.<(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631419

Are you still into posting pictures of real children and asking who the "best loli" is?

No. 631430

Did racist actually do that? Pics?

No. 631435

Holy fuck…this is what people are pressed about?
Drawing cubes and shading them with different techniques oh the originality.
Shading from light to dark and turning circles into spheres. oh wow how unique. This is so fucking stupid

No. 631443

Jake Parker copied Alphonso's book copied the lay-out, sequence, most of the photos, and probably stole the writing in the book word-for-word. Obviously the techniques aren't new, that's not the issue.

No. 631444

*Jake Parker copied Alphonso's book layout. Sorry for the typo.

No. 631445

There's a Racist Uncle thread in /snow/ you can see caps in.

No. 631454

i bet this is the same anime scrote that was banned once before here lol

No. 631460

Didn't Racist Uncle's thread get locked because she wouldn't stop self posting? You think the bitch would take a hint

No. 631466

File: 1600239392308.jpg (505.22 KB, 3440x2910, EfWExKpXoAEfucd.jpg)

the anatomy is too good to be her

No. 631492

I know you’re posting this to try and trigger people but honestly…. the drawing is really bad. It doesn’t look like the guys are punching her at all. You might have some parts of drawing down but you’re unable to put it together and make a complete scene. Try harder next time please, it’s embarrassing to see.

No. 631498

Not to rant about it because I agree but I also noticed the opposite, beginner artists doing experiented freelance prices

No. 631503


No. 631504

except the beating picture posted isn't by her. it has better anatomy not that it's great but still better than her's

No. 631505

Damn these are bad. Whoever it is they need to stop drawing this shit, seriously. Or stop drawing altogether.

No. 631506

It doesn't really matter honestly? Just tagged them both cause of the tryhard "edginess".

No. 631507

alright. i just don't want her to get credit on something better looking than her scribbles

No. 631527

How do you go about announcing that you're looking for someone to commission when you don't want a flood of shitty chibis or potato-nose "semi-realistic" artists in your replies? Do you just have to make a post and hope there's going to be a diamond in the pile of shit?

No. 631534


When I want to commission someone I usually go around searching for available artists that I like the style of, instead of waiting for them to come to me.

But if anything maybe you could specify the kind of style you want in your post? Nothing wrong with weeding out artists, it's your money.

No. 631543

lmao this happened to me too and I didn't even tweet "I want commissions" but something like "looking for commissions in a very specific style I have in mind is hard and I wish I could filter them like an online shop". The irony. I didn't even find that diamond among 50+ replies and QRTs after I muted the tweet.

I wish I could use Skeb.

This is what your art looks like when it has ~~~soul~~~ according to /ic/'s definition

Yes, same scrote trying to "troll" the previous thread with his anime loli scribbles. Mods should have believed my report.

No. 631552

Yeah if you don't know any artists who does commissions that you like I'd specify the style you're looking for or even show some reference images.

No. 631553

Yeah wtf lol. Huge boobs in bras don't look like that (try to understand the actual purpose of a bra) and I couldn't even tell what was going on with her head and arms at first. If you want to show a shirt that's pulled up, trapping her head and arms you still got to draw some structure. Also her knees look like she has an illness.

No. 631556

File: 1600260383202.png (53.93 KB, 544x262, wtf.png)

the person who made this autism manifesto is close to her thirties. I have no fucking words

No. 631623


Anon most western twitter artists are adults with the minds of 5 year olds. Plus they're a Hazmat Hotel fan so it's expected.

No. 631625

most of the time i see artists putting on their bios that they're "character designers" or something along those lines and i look at their work, they tend to be pretty shit at character design.

why is it the people who claim to be character designers tend to be the worst ones? do they really think the industry will want their tumblr vomit oc?

No. 631633


Just hobbyists faking beeing professionals.

No. 631650

File: 1600271991326.jpg (69.2 KB, 1280x720, Stain.jpg)

People are self aware enough to know that artist isn't the word it used to be anymore but forget that they're part of the problem.

No. 631750

That's bs especially for people who are starting out and just wanna make a little money on the side.
>100$ should be the minium starting price, not the ending price.

If a person makes a simple line art and charges 25$ for it and it's good that's not a bad thing. There are simple cute things to make which frankly are not worth 100$, not because of lack of skill, but because it's not technically complicated and 100$ would be much to high a price for the level of technical skill and time invested. I could custom make the simplest little drawing but noonw would buy it would buy it for that much. There is no objecive metric where pricing should begin.

No. 631786

In the end artists who want to make a living need to specialize, you can't stop part-time artists and hobbyists from charging that little.

No. 631797

This. If there are people out there who will pay assloads for something so simple, that's just the way it is. I follow an artist who makes adopts and while I think their style is really awesome, I personally wouldn't pay $100+ for it which is what they charge for their adopts. They do them through auction with the starting bid of $100 and people actually do participate. They've even sold a character for around $325.
I found that outrageous but I can't diss on them because they know their audience and that they are willing to spend that much on their art.

No. 631944

Sure, here is the easyupload link: https://easyupload.io/w93lti

Think I got to page 80 before getting bored. There's some really cringey RP type stuff that I pulled faces at.

No. 631980

File: 1600302310745.jpg (28.36 KB, 500x449, images.jpeg-73.jpg)

>>24k folls, 5rts each new post
Either her followers had on mute or botting her acc up

No. 632022


I've been in ednyaroo/sandy tran inner circle and can confirm all of it is true. Her family is EXTREMELY wealthy and she would lie about being poor on Twitter. She has dissecting animals and has mentioned/bragged about hurting animals??? It's dumb but true

I've also have heard her voice and she has a speech impediment..she sounds like someone with down syndrome lol

Irl she has such a boring personality but online acts like she's the hottest shit ever. Glad karma is biting her ass

No. 632046

File: 1600312347448.jpg (62.82 KB, 875x519, Capture.JPG)

No. 632068

You guys ever heard of creampuffpaws (Angel) on Instagram? She used to go by candiedguts/novactis back in 2014. Got called out before because she was a 16 year old drawing pedophilia along with her boyfriend who was 5-6 years older than her at the time. She's 22 years old now and she abuses her current boyfriend named Michael (verbally abuses him when he watches porn and then proceeds to send nudes to other people to spite him, threatens with suicide unless he makes a public apology) and sends her whiteknights to attack anyone that resembles her OCs even a single bit to the point of wishing death threats on them, and blames it on her self-diagnosed "autism" and "BPD" when confronted. She would even try to start fights with people under 16 years old. She recently got in a drama with an even more famous artist because Angel's OC was a carbon copy of the artist's OC, and naturally people confronted her about it in which she responds by throwing an absolute shitfit. Recently, she's been age regressing her "sonas" to teenagers too, and then proceeding to draw porn of them despite being so unhinged whenever she calls someone out for even having a childish artstyle, calling them a pedophile while her art looks way more suspicious. She also lurks lolcow and spergs about it, laughing about how she's entertained by all the drama going on in the forums.

No. 632080

File: 1600321753367.png (74.49 KB, 792x229, Screenshot_20200916-224933.png)


Kek. Unless you have actual proof get your self-posting ass out of here lmfao

No. 632083

>She also lurks lolcow and spergs about it, laughing about how she's entertained by all the drama going on in the forums.

This sounds so narrative. Quit posting your best friend and confront her already. If you're feeling frogfish, leap.

No. 632104

At least bring your receipts before trying to get people shit talk your bestie you had a falling out with. God I wish the underage twitter faggots in this thread integrated for once.

No. 632112

Are you sure they're the same person?
I remember following them on Instagram way back when before they deleted the account and made a new one. This was before their first break up where they had stated that their s/o was their abuser.

If it really is them then wow that's some hardcore regression right there.

No. 632115

is ednyaroo a chick or a dude because "he/him lesbian" could mean anything at this point

No. 632119

>You will (not) have relativity

No. 632138

who is gonna read all this shit

No. 632163

Very late but OH GOD the trans one has my fucking name ewewewew

No. 632166

Just read the og post and apparently these are supposed to be reincarnated Satan and Jesus,They literally look like tumblerized human bubbleline ,how the fuck?

No. 632177

>>632166 Wow… that is some really bad designs then. I'm all for new intrepretations but all I see is some generic looking demon-thing and someone who has weird marks in the wrong places (they don't even look like scars, they look like giant pimples or something). If it's really supposed to be Jesus and Satan, there should be some imediate realization or at least some well placed clues. But maybe that's just me.

No. 632224

No it really is bad, the marks on her hands and feet should not look just like the "freckles" unless jesus got nailed in the face too.
If that anon hadn't said anything i would never have guessed it.

No. 632225

File: 1600343559716.jpg (124.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This is from a commission made by Butch Hartman, Like how do you fuck up your own art

No. 632226

randy stair would be turning in his grave.

No. 632239

File: 1600345158255.jpg (522.74 KB, 1080x1071, DTIYS.jpg)

there's something about this dtiys that pisses me off but I can't put my finger on it. is it the colors, or am I just nitpicking?

No. 632252

Hartman does not draw the promo art of his shows, and all secondary characters from Danny Phantom were designed by Stephen Silver of Kim Possible fame

No. 632253


The face of the pink haired girl looks a bit weird but as a whole this doesn't look too bad? Just your average meyoco-ish clone.

No. 632270

not into the strong gray texture overlay and the 8-mouth

No. 632271

It's just a fucking boring picture to re-draw. And I personally don't care for the bold, harsh outline in combination with the muted soft colors of the rest of the drawing, I think it could do with slightly softer outline.

No. 632273

Big difference between a creator and a character designer. Butch may have created those characters but Stephen Silver was the one who actually designed the way they turned up in the animated shows.

No. 632277

But why the grey overlay and the only random nose shine

No. 632278

I think it's the colors. It feels like this artist heard “red and green” and “orange and blue” are complementary and never bothered learning color theory past that considering it's the almost the same saturation and lightness. It's “aesthetic”, sure, but it's muddier than Lavendertowne's shitty art.

No. 632294

Damn I used to follow this artist and it seems like her arts' become so boring lately. She has cute ideas but it feels like everything she does is for clout now. I unfollowed her when she started complaining about her posts flopping and Instagram hating her despite having 200k+ followers and 50k+ likes on average. Imagine being on top of the Instagram art community and still acting like you're oppressed. At least when small artists throw a shit fit over muh recognition they actually have a reason to

No. 632302

People averaging 1000+ likes per post complaining about muh algorithm are fucking insufferable. Like shit man what more do you want? Average artists who don't rely on F2F and like spamming struggle to get 100.

No. 632355

The mouth of the pink hair girl looks horrible. I dont mind the thick outline but it would probably look better if it was colored just like the other lines. Colors look very muted, brighter colors would look cuter I guess

No. 632454

is this that filipino fakeboi chiicake? or did "angel" just steal her art style
chii was sorta normal a couple of years ago did she have a tard meltdown or what

No. 632614

The whole thing looks like a halfassed sketch done in <30 minutes.

No. 632629

>Nuuuuu can’t you see how oppressed I am when I have a healthy amount of support plugged into me for every upload from people who don’t mind drawings that are compositionally boring and completely incompatible with convention prints?

No. 632635

Imagine having 200k followers and still wanting more clout and attention. Like when will you be satisfied??

No. 632694

File: 1600388195065.png (433.67 KB, 896x720, 13579111315171921.png)

>Like when will you be satisfied??
Anything less is a state of discontent for them. I don't get it either anon.

No. 632696

I don’t understand it either honestly….but ednyaroo is biologically female

Not sure if the pronouns can go either way considering the lesbian part

No. 632711

Anons, thoughts on revolocities?

I used to like their art, but their stuff is always so doodle-like. I rarely see artpieces from them that look like a finished work, not even the rendered ones.

No. 632713

I've noticed he comes up quite often in these threads with almost zero reply. I honestly expect either vendetta or self-post at this point.

No. 632718


meh rev isn't that milky as far as i know.

No. 632722

He can be plenty milky. Anyhow, in regards to your question I just don't care, his art is very one toned to me. In the time I knew about him he never really rendered anyway, and if he tried it would be all hard edges. I think his flat colored art is better, it's clearer with his sketchy lining style.

No. 632728


https://revolocities.tumblr.com/post/132777144066/concerning-some-issuesplease-read well, there's this, but its old milk.

all his male OCs look the same, bland, generic designs. i felt like i recalled some nsfw of a young looking character, but when i went looking i couldn't find it, so take it wtih a huge grain of salt.

No. 632729

File: 1600392513650.png (Spoiler Image, 92.3 KB, 427x441, 4d947dd7ed78ac69f4de8ea4f7dd92…)


sage for doublepost, found it. he literally calls the character a 'troublesome child' in the caption. this has since been deleted, but i found it on an archive here as well as some characters from yowamushi pedal that look young, but im not sure if that's just the art style. spoilered for gross.


No. 632732

Didn't he draw those when he was a minor himself?

No. 632734

File: 1600392711193.jpg (123.97 KB, 640x1230, 75225427_885297908539672_74531…)

Didn't this artist used to have a Webtoon? It was posted on the media thread

She took it down after the first chapter despite getting a few thousand subscribers off the bat, but I remember an old ask where she said she gets discouraged when she doesn't get support, pic related from her ask highlight

Was she expecting Lore Olympus levels of popularity right off the bat kek

No. 632735


its possible, but his age listed now is only '20+'. even if he was a minor, this is some shotabait shit.

No. 632736

Being 16/17 and drawing an obviously younger looking minor in sexual situations is not a good excuse, reason, or exception. It's gross all around.

No. 632737

It would be the same level of disgust if he were 13, 14 or 15 too.

No. 632738

Pretty sure that's just an old Karasu drawing, that was just his art style back then.

No. 632739

No. 632741


as if it wasnt already bad enough being a 'child', the character looks unhappy to be in those situations/ is being held by his hair/legs while beaten up/tied up, etc, so it potentially falls into non-con/abuse territory as well. just creepy.

No. 632742


Just his art style to call the character a child too?

No. 632743


Why do a bunch of artists who release Webtoons out of nowhere expect their comic to reach True Beauty/Lore Olympus popularity right on the go? It's fucking delusional

No. 632744

He actually does still call his character that, it's because of bratty personality. I personally find it hard to say if this is genuine pedo-shit or just him not being good at drawing when he was a teenager since all he draws are beefy men nowadays

No. 632756

haven't been keeping up with him but i remember hearing he had some beef in the utauloid some time back

No. 632759

he's like a narcissistic pedophile who only masturbates to pictures of himself

No. 632780

Him and his sister are both assholes

No. 632804

Does it bother you when artists start whining about not being able to draw what they truly want cos it doesn't get as many likes? Like, you CHOSE to draw a certain style for the clout, don't moan and be depressed about it and expect your followers to comfort you ffs

No. 632810

I think there's two types of artists like that - the whiners and the regretters.

I can't stand artists who constantly whine about needing to conform to a style, especially since they're the ones perpetuating it in the first place. These are the artists who make "How to become popular on Instagram" posts which just repreat "draw trends, consistent aesthetic" over and over again. To these types, I say grow the fuck up. You dug this grave, now lie in it

The other type complains because they've looked back on their art and realized how much they've stagnated for the sake of consistency. And I totally get it. Big artists are constantly telling smaller ones that they're not popular because their feed is messy and therefore their art is bad. Even if you think it's bullshit, it's easy to get influenced subconsciously. I think many artists, even if they don't follow trends, feel pressured to tone down their art because "art tip" Instagram accounts keep insisting so.

No. 632814

File: 1600404108405.png (65.01 KB, 500x263, Bob.png)

Having every 3rd or 4th drawing be what you actually want doesn't hurt your numbers that much.
Just do it consistently and you can get away with anything not named drama.

No. 632816

I hate artists who are addicted to numbers, who keep doing stretches for more clout and more attention. Those are disgusting. They never even give out help or tips to smaller artists, it's like they're afraid that if they help other artists they'll steal their numbers or whatever.

No. 632817

It's not artists' fault that internet community art has become more conformist over time. Blame other contributing societal factors for that.

No. 632824

It’s no creators job to give tips or advice.

No. 632845

Internet clout isn't some sort of essential resource that needs to be shared. If internet artists don't care about helping small artists good for them lol

No. 632849

OT but damn that's a cute design. I like it. Thanks for the artist recommendation, inbred twitterfag.

Yes. If you want to draw something you ~truly~ like then you're better off just drawing as a hobby and getting your money elsewhere. It's much less stressful to have a regular paycheck coming in allowing you to focus on what you truly want with your art than draw commissions you hate just so you can scrape together this month's rent payment.

>To these types, I say grow the fuck up. You dug this grave, now lie in it
Amen. I'm especially pressed by these types, it doesn't matter if they're self-aware or not, once you buy into the trend and start feeding it yourself then you lose all rights to complain about it.

No. 632874

I was about to ignore this artist until anon mentioned they're at 200k. They have 240k at the time of typing this, which puts them at a higher following than Ethan Becker, Alphonso Dunn, Jen Bartel, Leslie Hung, Mohammed Agbadi, Ruan Jia AND Zephyo (Angela He). I fucking give up. What's even the point of putting effort into art if shit like this happens?

Small artists aren't a charity case that should be coddled. They should be learning how to do art on their own. There are plenty of resources. The only reason small artists might be salty a big artist isn't spoonfeeding them is because they want to be a skinwalker the way Cyarin does with Loish.

No. 632910

his character designs for umineko were ripped off from the gothic lolita buble

No. 632911

File: 1600418016890.jpeg (322.1 KB, 1125x1613, 27A55CB6-7F10-42FA-B92A-0485BA…)

>tfw your OC succeeds so hard that she outdoes your main content to the point where you can forget what people follow you for and get no backsass across the next 4 drawings.

No. 632948

File: 1600428043168.jpg (588.15 KB, 890x1602, revolocities.jpg)

I find his art boring to look at because of how painfully bland his style got over time, but I admire his skills. His anatomy improved a lot over the years, and judging by the way his strokes look (plus how often he draws) you can tell he's able to draw whatever he pictures in his mind quickly and effortlessly, which is my goal as an artist tbh.

That being said, I can't help but enjoy his old art a lot more (pic related)

No. 632954

it's a drawing, get over it. imagine straight up saying children can't be attracted to other children.

No. 632997

no use trying to argue with purity anons, they love to bitch about anime porn (while ignoring actual crimes against children) because dumb minor drawing edgy shota/loli that they’ll eventually grow out of = PEDO IN THE MAKING!!!

No. 633004

what was it before?

No. 633008

I don't give a fuck about rev drawing kiddie shit when he was underage. Almost all artists draw shit with underage characters when they're in their teens.

The only thing I dislike about rev is how boring his art became and how sometimes he comes off as a narcissist asshole.

No. 633009


Beef in the Utauloid community? What happened there? I think I missed it.

No. 633012

He was 17, that's not a kid and there would be something really wrong if he was attracted to peole 13 or under, which i guess is what anons are seeing that character as since he calls it a kid. That being said he never drew anything like it again so i don't think it's enough to say he's a pedo but everyone has their opinion ig.

No. 633013

You sound retarded. No one said any of that. It's one thing to draw it, another to post it online and keep it up after you've grown up. Dumbass.

>while ignoring real crimes
lol. People can both be disgusted by fictional underage child porn and still report the real shit too. You sound like a retard with no life that can't actually multitask. As if us making a comment about how gross the underage art is allows some pedo in a van to drive off with tapes of real shit. Hahahahaha. Then you can us moralfags because your degeneracy is so low you're cool with lolicon.

OK champ.

People like you are why 4lung does the shit that he does.

No. 633014

*call us, oops

No. 633017

Oh yeah, because a 17 year old is a minor, he's still "vawid" in drawing 11 year olds in sexual situations. For sure /s

Fucking NEET degen virgins

No. 633019


rev's age wasn't listed on his tumblr at all, so i couldn't tell you. he just has '20+'on his twitter.

while i agree with you on both your replies, he did actually delete it from his tumblr. its not up anymore, thankfully. i just remembered seeing it years ago and avoiding him since, so i went looking in archives since anon was asking for drama on him.

No. 633020

>and how sometimes he comes off as a narcissist asshole.
It's not just sometimes, anon.

No. 633027

i really dislike how narcissistic he comes off. i'll admit his anatomy has gotten better over the years but good art =/ good personality. also anyone else notice his typical oc pairing include buff dude x guy with glasses?

in ref to the UTAU beef, he was taking some old voicebanks, tweaked them up and created new art for them. people got salty that he was doing that because a lot of the ones he was taking were ones that had been inactive for like a decade. idk if that's really milk worthy but that was the situation

No. 633029

those who hide their age as 20+ are usually 25-28

No. 633031

I'm glad he's seemed to stop doing the UTAU remake thing now. In addition to remaking the voicebanks, he would also remake the UTAUs' designs to better suit his preferences, which he claimed wasn't supposed to be disrespectful or claiming to be artistically superior but the fact all his fans would suck up to him in the replies and say "this is WAAAY better than the original!!!" combined with him generally being very full of himself just rubbed me the wrong way lol.

No. 633032

None of the previous anons but go cry to your twitter hugbox about it lmao. No matter how hard you stomp your feet and whine over it I won't give up my cute fictional cartoon shotas. Gonna go follow this artist for more and you can die mad about it.

No. 633036

Not any of the anons you were replying to but rev doesn't even draw in that style anymore. If you go to his page looking for shotas you'll be sorely disappointed. He only draws buff dudes now.

No. 633040

Fuck. Why are all the anons so pressed then? Who the fuck cares if someone draws shotas and even more when it's been years since the artist has even drawn them? What the hell?

No. 633044

Ahh I understand why people would have issue with that now. I wasn't into UTAU so I didn't understand the fuss but redesigning characters to better suit your preferences is a little disrespectful to the original creator I feel?

No. 633045

whoops meant to reply to 633031, my bad

No. 633049

I remember then this happened since I was a bit of an UTAU fag and was following him. Some of the designs he made were nice but others were just clearly designed to be appealing to his own tastes. Others were flat out bland.

His fans on the other hand were obnoxious as fuck and kiss his ass all day going on about how his designs should be the official ones because they're SO better yadda yadda.

Revolocities is clearly a skilled artist and his UTAU covers are pretty good, but he's so full of himself and his fans kiss his ass so much I just can't be bothered to follow him anymore.

No. 633061

I had to check out Revolocities because I remembered someone bringing him up before in passing and jesus it really sounds like some salty vendetta. Found nothing worth of milk and he's a pretty talented guy especially when it comes to poses and strokes sans the occasional signature twitter virtue signaling, all his tweets are pretty nice/neutral in tone and I couldn't find any signs of narcissism. Imagine being such a jealous little bitch that you think someone needs to be cancelled because they drew edgy shotas 8 years ago, can't fucking relate to that level of pitiful autism.

No. 633065

File: 1600442852098.png (16.96 KB, 589x194, dp.png)

lol I'm sure this is going to end just fine

No. 633072

In this economy? Ok bitch. Where does she even live??

No. 633075

I think she just moved from London to Portugal to be with her bf
Maybe she's lucky and he will pay for everything in the future lol

No. 633078

Stay delusional. I tried it and it sucks ass with so much competitions nowadays. You have to be really talented and need to have a concept before going into something like that.

No. 633080

Yeah, you care so much, that's why you harrass and threaten people whose been molested or sexually assaulted for using art as therapy, and mass reported ao3 to the fbi, to the point where they begged people to stop because it was clogging up their system and preventing them from helping real kids and teens who are actually being hurt.

No. 633081

I would argue that not even talent is required.

No. 633086

>mass reporting ao3 fics to the FBI
Do twitterfags like, not have hobbies anymore? What's with the obsession with calling anything CP?

No. 633092

File: 1600444368056.png (16.04 KB, 1697x209, Untitled.png)

It started on tumblr, no suprise. But yeah, complaining about this shit is so fucking supid because people aren't gonna suddenly turn into pedophiles because of fanfiction and there i literally no single effective way of censoring wrong shit, without fucking up the whole system.

No. 633097

A combination of competitive moral puritanism, mental illness, social ineptitude, inability to tell the difference between a fictional medium and a real-life occurrence, attempting to cope with the fact that they like the media, in many cases, and a struggle to gain attention online because they don't get it in real life. "I'm protecting children!" is their attempt to justify it to themselves.

No. 633117

None of them legitimately think it's "CP". None. Even this bitch starting that revolocities shit here is only using it as a crutch to carry on her fandom war vendetta for this artist. If you look real close it's always used as a mean to defame someone. For whatever reason they never use that energy to flag the blatant MAPs (like they were hard to find right) but instead it's always some famous artist or a person they had a personal beef with drawing "sexualized minors" i.e. Naruto and Sasuke fucking or "groomed minors" because they replied to a 17-year old's tweet. And it's always the people who compete for the same audience. And more often than not the person starting the callout turns out to be just as much of a fucking degenerate as the person the were attacking in the first place.

To be blunt people shouldn't play by their rules and start explaining the ins and outs of using art as a coping mechanism or try to reason with them at all, that just gives them validation that their spergy, demented crusade stands on solid ground. Call them out for what they are, crazy people being mad that people drew their NOTP or nsfw art of their pecious kinnie comfort character, drama mongers who thought they'd get a few retweets and a power trip out of calling someone the P word and having their armies dogpile on them, those who want to cover their own pedo asses or those who are simply unable to distinct fiction from reality. Take your pick but don't fucking reason with them, it's a waste of time.

inb4 "B-BUT I REPORT IRL PEDOS AS WELL" lmfao sure you do. I bet you spend all that precious energy hunting for pedos online and calling them out for sending dick pics to 12-year olds instead of just shit talking some twitter artist whose art made you uncomfortable and instead of blocking them you chose to fuck them over because your twitter brigade gives you golden stars for igniting outrage.

No. 633133

hey rev(hi cow)

No. 633140


Considering your reply you probs took a quick look at his profile and read like 5 of his tweets to reach that conclusion.

Either that, or…

Hi Rev.(hi cow)

No. 633143


No. 633144

i also took a quick look at his twitter and don't see anything bad so please enlighten me

No. 633170

how many times are you going to go "hi cow"? just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean they are the person in question.

No. 633173

>using art as a coping mechanism
Not that anon and i don't even agree with saying fanfiction and art of anime characters is cp but fuck off, actual pedos use this "but i'm twaumatized!" excuse to watch and post some vile shit with real children. And art can be therapeutic but no therapist will tell you to draw lolis or shota and put it online to cope.

No. 633184

Then call them out for being actual child abusers? You cunts constantly blur the lines between someone drawing dubious art and a child abuser. There are NSFW artists drawing lolishit that creep on actual kids and there are people who aggressively crusade against muh cartoon kiddy porn who get outed for pressuring 14-year olds to send nudes. There are NSFW artists drawing lolishit with shapely bodies and big tits and who would never touch real kids, then there are NSFW artists who draw teenage shonen characters fucking and don't even think about their ages. You clump them all together and you're the reason why now everyone needs to check if someone being called pedophile actually molested a kid or drew Bakugo and Deku kissing.

No. 633185

Why should someone who experienced sexual abuse or assault have to be held responsible for the existence of pedophiles just because they want to communicate their experience and its effects in their creations? Should everyone who endured abuse never tell the story of their experience because "a pedophile might jerk off to that!!1!! 1!!"?

No. 633189

> Should everyone who endured abuse never tell the story of their experience because "a pedophile might jerk off to that!!1!! 1!!"?
I remember when Twitter zoomers were trying to cancel Kikuo for drawing a comic about suffering through sexual abuse (The comic obviously was in Japanese so they couldn't even read it) as a child and the trauma it leaves you with, all because of this exact reason. Makes you wonder if they're projecting.

No. 633190

File: 1600451201762.jpeg (187.47 KB, 1280x720, E7F3A0F8-5240-46C3-9010-67AFD8…)

>Ditching your job during her season.

No. 633191

vent comics are soooo rare. everything else is just loli porn bc it's hot. loli torture porn bc it's hot and utrageous. but i'm not here to decide if it's dangerous or not that's up to yall

No. 633192

Oh my god it doesnt take being revolocities to think everyones making a mountain of a molehill, as usual. Idgaf about him as a person i dont know shit anymore, but years ago I followed him when I joined twitter and liked his art style.
People started saying things like "ugh rvoloct**Es" you know and how hes sketchy, or even they just felt something off about him. Im confused why theres a sudden consensus to hate him with no reason, this is before anything shota-esque ever surfaced idk what you guys are talking about. I know at least one reason that came up was he drew suggestive art of pokemon characters or something, they didn't even have child bodies. Like sexy version of misty or some shit. I would have never guessed this is a problem until then. But I was new and naive so I unfollowed him. Still I always hada feeling it was simply an agenda because 1) they're jealous he's got clout/skill and 2) he's gay iirc. I remember people talking about how he "Sexualizes everything!!>!" and the buff guys being disgusting or something… It wsn't that bad to me, they were just being homophobic
Anyway i'm saying all this because that was among the first instances I noticed people doing this purity thing, and it was clearly for dumb reasons

No. 633193

Learn how to read, i don't give a shit if someone is drawing some shonen 14 yo anime character. I don't cancel or call out anyone for drawing loli or shota, i just block them, i'm calling out that shit excuse that actual pedos use so stop sperging.

When did i say they need to shut up and never speak of it or that they are the reason pedos exist???
There A TON of works that depict trauma in a way that doesn't sexualize and romanticize it. Having conversations about it is normal too, but no matter how you spin it drawing graphic nsfw of a kid character with the body of a child is completely unnecessary for dealing with trauma and is providing material for pedos.
I don't want these artists banned and cancelled, i just wish they owned up to it instead of hiding behind trauma as an excuse.

No. 633194

yeah lmao it's like the girlies are insecure with their sexuality and shame anyone who draws sexy dudes. being homophobic even in the process. they should just accept what makes their choochie tingle isn't bad. lmao

No. 633196

>>633173 I think you misinterpreted what >>633117 was saying thus beginning this whole dimension of the argument for no reason. She said "people shouldn't play by their rules and start explaining … that just gives them validation" "Take your pick but don't fucking reason with them" She was saying dont claim it's to cope even if it is or whatever, that's irrelevant. Most of this is over NOTPs, kinnies, drama jealousy and vendettas otherwise they would be after actual proven pedos too, and more so

No. 633199

I understand, and i agree with her that most of this "Ooo X drew bnha character porn they're a pedo! cancel them!" is just twitter failed artists trying to start drama over jealousy and such, but i've seen people use that trauma excuse to justify things involving real kids and teens and it really isn't a good coping mechanism. Just admit you like drawing X and ignore them like she said instead of trying to justify it with trauma.

No. 633207

Because people like you go full on sperg about it.

No. 633209

i'm still waiting for someone to explain why rev is an asshole or something. stop arguing.

No. 633210


Lol why are yall even getting worked up about this rev guy? This is an artist salt thread for fucks sake, if someone wants to complain about an artist then let'em. This is the place.

If yall are so bothered about some anons talking about rev's milk then fuck off, go wk somewhere else.

No. 633215

Agreed, I don't think that's the best way to cope but I also don't think it's necessarily a problem. Whether someone's an actual pedo depends on the person obviously.
Regardless of whether it's for "coping" or not, like anon said giving in to the discourse gives them more fuel. Because you're playing into their view and justifying it by trying to convince them. And you're spreading the issue with your username, which some people will always note you as bad without reserach. That's why if you get called out I think it's best to mostly ignore it and show you're not affected. It happened to my friend because ex-friends who resented her were spreading lies that she's a terf (lol). Although they called her silence proof, she did the right thing because it soon fizzled out. If she had argued with them it would go on forever and spread her name as someone problematic, letting them win essentially. Plus it's a bullshit fight to have in any case, don't entertain it

No. 633216


Rev is full of himself. His fans are asslickers and enable that behaviour. Community treats him like a god. The end.

No, nobody cares about his old shota drawings. Being angry over that is stupid.

Yes, at first glance Rev seems fine. But once you take a more careful look at his posts you can spot his narcissism showing. An example is the whole utauloid thing.

No. 633218

I just dont see why that's so milky but i should remember what board and thread im in lol

No. 633237

sage but honest to god who cares if his utahs or whatever arent up to your standards, or that his fans kiss his ass, you're describing like every popular online artist. If you're the same anon as >>633049 you even admitted to liking his stuff, the only "milk" is you find the designs "bland" but his fans disagree/overlook that for whatever reason. If hes got actual cow behavior give us receipts but right now I dont follow. dont even know what a utau is but this isn't milk it's just artist with clout shit, you sound more like a cow yourself for this agenda

No. 633242

honestly before this thread i knew him because of animal crossing art but now i took a better look at his art and i like it a lot. will add it to my art inspirations

No. 633249

Fuck off, there are plenty of people who use art to cope and putting it out online to share with others is for some people also cathartic and healing. This isn't just for CP but also for Rape, and abuse in general.

No. 633251

im pretty sure this anon bitching about revolowhatever is probably some jealous artist.

go cry about him on twitter. his art is fine and he's not milky. now let's get back to actual milk.

No. 633252

You don't get to decide which art and fanfic is used for therapy and how someone copes. As long as they don't touch real kids or hurt real people, it doesn't matter.

No. 633257

Show some motherfucking receipts of him being a narcissist. Your spergfest sounds like an autistic vendetta because you keep repeating this "h-he's full of himself and his fans are poopooheads!!" like a broken record with absolutely nothing to back it up. Sure this is an artist salt thread but we're not your personal army and this isn't twitter where you can just say "artist X is an asshole pass it on" and everyone will eat it up. This thread has enough boring vendettaposts as it is and the people posting them seem to be more cowish than the person they're so seething over.

No. 633263

What are these voices I've heard of a cartoon network animator talking about wanting to eat human meat/having a cannibalism fetish? Does any anon have info?

No. 633266

It was discussed in the previous thread or the one before that. Can't remember who it was though.

No. 633274

exactly, fucking thank you. honestly this discussion needs to stop, everyone said their part, there's nothing more to this unless they actually pull up screenshots and stop talking out of their ass.

can't remember the name either, but yeah you'll probably find them in the previous thread. honestly i think that whole thing was a joke and gullible kids just think everything is serious.

No. 633279

File: 1600457448070.jpeg (28.94 KB, 355x414, 2928379392193737.jpeg)

Was it this one? i think some of her friends came out saying it was just a joke but it sure didn't seem like it

No. 633295

How can someone be so stupid that they think it's a good idea to tweet something like this publicly? Like even if it's just a joke, you should be able to anticipate that some people will take it the wrong way.

No. 633310

Even as a joke it doesn't seem that funny but either way just yikes

No. 633311

File: 1600459524485.jpeg (1017.93 KB, 1242x918, DE80AE7C-8000-49AD-8B95-A28113…)

the 'bent' art style looks 100x better

No. 633313

I know this isn't the Unpopular Opinions thread, but what exactly is wrong with anything she said?

No. 633314

I prefer the original one, myself. The bent one is too generic in my opinion.

No. 633315

Really? It honestly looks much worse. I feel like she's insulting that style.

No. 633316

The before is a lot better imo. It's more unique

No. 633317

Fr? I like the original better, to me it has way more character, originality and moodiness vs the remake which just feels like any other cutesy Instagram artist trying to appeal to the masses.

No. 633318

nah not at all, it looks very basic instagram-y, their usually style is a lot more unique and i like the colors.

anons love to act like everything is problematic these days.

No. 633319

It looks "prettier", but lost its charm and unique bits

No. 633320

I have to disagree, the original looks far more interesting. The bent style is cute but very generic and forgetable.

No. 633324

it doesn't. it the small nose is so fucking ugly. the artist knows how to use both traditional and digital art techniques in the original artstyle. i hope they'll keep it up and don't change for worse

No. 633325

People bury dead bodies and visit them for a reason anon.
Also where would you even get good meat? Retirement home people are already gross enough when they're living.

No. 633332

>>633279 I think this girl isn't smart enough to be let loose on the internet if she publicly admits of being someone that eats other people

>>633311 I like the left one more because it has an interesting choice of color than the right one because it looks really generic imo

No. 633351

Ah yes, I too would love to promote the unnecessary eating of human bodies. I can’t wait to donate my mommy/poppy/brother/sister/and significant other to such a great cause that will certainly help humanity. Screw organ donation/scientific endeavors, I just want to get a slice of my hubby’s buns without it being illegal

No. 633353


It's just completely stupid and demented. There isn't a shortage of meat or food in our planet. There is absolutely 0 need to eat people. We have problems with people not having enough money to buy food (and sometimes getting food to very rural and desert areas), which is why world hunger is still a thing, but that has 0 to do with a shortage of meat.

In addition, ensuring that your 'meat' comes from someone who is entirely consensual, willing, died of natural causes, healthy, and is in the right location for food harvesting is logistically a fucking nightmare if you actually wanted to make this into an industry/business. It's one thing to have a weird fucked up cannibal scheme set up with your weird cannibal friends. It's another to actually try to expand this and implement it. What guarantees your meat doesn't come from someone who didn't consent? Or worse someone who was killed for it?

On top that, it's just kind of fucked up to want to eat a person like genuinely see a psychiatrist.

No. 633355


If she's outside the major cities and splitting bills cost of living in Portugal can be pretty low, like <300€ a month, although even that seems quite high for someone like her to make so IDK

No. 633356

File: 1600462716188.jpg (71.59 KB, 1280x720, Dimitri.jpg)

>Guys I need donations to pay the next rent, please retweet.
>30 likes, 15 RTs.

No. 633496


who is this bitch? ive seen them posted a few times now but i have no idea what they've done other than be dumb.

No. 633499

File: 1600479300900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.55 KB, 651x719, Eb9N4EIUEAMODPm.jpg)

oh i finally see the "shit fetish" part lmao

No. 633509

File: 1600479607089.png (64.22 KB, 360x202, tenor.png)


No. 633513

he called it a joke. probably is but the context is confusing to me. who is this character and why did he need to draw him in this way

No. 633518

Just your average clout chaser, nothing new from the art community tbh. She did a bunch of follow for follow stuff and now is probably shocked that no one actually likes her tweets. There was something about Qinni too but I forget the context of that.

No. 633549

Any character with short black hair and glasses can be assumed to be a self insert of his since that’s literally what he looks like irl

No. 633558

are we going to call it a joke or go deeper that he wants to be killed and shit himself while he is being killed?

No. 633566

DeePee's content is a special kind of ugly bad if you look it up, don't ask for me to upload one.
The real problem I have with her is that low follower artists feel the need to flock to her pyw threads instead of putting in actual (social) legwork to succeed.

No. 633568

imo I just think he was trying to be #edgy

No. 633575

I just checked her website and man, she can draw okay for children’s books but she is seriously lacking in professionalism. She is not ready.
She says she specializes in character designs, so I check out the character design portion of her portfolio and it’s all licensed characters?!
Does she mostly make money off of stickers?
I saw she sells an absolute ass ton of them, now on Earth can she afford that with a retail job and now freelancing.

No. 633579

isn't this so sad this person just learned how to copy art from others on paper?

No. 633580

File: 1600485080941.jpg (43.53 KB, 744x1024, 122454e4fdc9574dd7919046778831…)

original art they copied

No. 633586

It's one of his yaoi OCs iirc. A lot of his yaoi stories involve yandere which is why a lot of his drawings of them have one or more of the characters bloodied up.

No. 633590

Yes, I never understood how people could consider this as their own “art” and why it was ever acceptable for them to let themselves aim so low… I guess they’re just hobbyists though and as long as they never claim to be able to work as an artist then goood for them, they can do whatever makes them happy I guess

No. 633630

art study is how people improve fast tbf
but using the study as a landmark is quite dishonest

No. 633695

So when people talk about the insta algorithm hiding things… is that just whining or a thing? I'm an extreme nobody there and post very irregularly but I noticed that when I posted the last times I got most of my likes in like… the first 10-30 min after posting and then nothing. Now I realize my art my just not be that interesting to people and I'm not looking for reassurance it's just that something about it feels weird to me.

No. 633724

Isn't this a pretty obvious joke like they made in South Park about this exact thing? It's not like the blood and shit are drawn super graphically instead of just comically slapped on like you were doodling on a school textbook. I mean I could imagine myself making a joke like this if I made a dakimakura of someone lying down on their stomach and I find scat fetish legitimately repulsive. Unless he's systemically doing pics of people taking a crap then it's a weak reach.

Instagram algorithm works like other social media algorithms. The more interaction in a post, the bigger reach you get. That's why people post controversial clickbait. They get people riled up and commenting a lot and it bumps the post to the top, the algorithm also prioritizes accounts that you yourself often interact with by liking and commenting. You also need to post regularly with a consistent frequency (i.e. every day shouldn't turn into every other day) which is why people repost old content to keep their engagement flow secured. There are plenty of factors that affect your reach and there are many resources on how to grow your social media reach, but most of the time it's just about luck.

No. 633744

That makes sense, I've always figured maybe instagram has specifics to it that you'd need to know. I do like plenty (only art I genuinely like) but rarely comment and also don't post comment bait questions. But I can see that commenting would be more valuable as engagement compared to likes. Idk, there's something so undignified in reacting to other people's work, hoping that they'll notice you, it feels like groveling for scraps. It's like how do you beat that initial barrier until your posts get shared around? I think I'll try posting more regularly and getting transfers from people who like my art offline.

No. 633751

>Idk, there's something so undignified in reacting to other people's work, hoping that they'll notice you, it feels like groveling for scraps.
That's why I gave up on social media numbers and learned just to not care about them. It takes a toll on your soul to keep comment bombing everyone with "omg I love this!!! hear eyes emoji check out my work pls" around the clock just so maybe someone will click themselves into your profile and follow you. Also it's very much dependent on your luck, sometimes your piece might go viral by a coincidence and give you a massive boost.

No. 633829

>Unless he's systemically doing pics of people taking a crap then it's a weak reach.
exactly, people are once again looking to make up bullshit. i'm not even trying to wk this guy, if anyone has some legitimate milk on him i'll accept and point a finger and laugh at him as this site intends, but so far everything that has been brought up was complete weaksauce.

No. 633990

Her webtoon was discussed in the webtoon thread i believe. It still pisses me off how she just straight up removed 2 of her comics cuz she didnt think things through or "didnt get enough support"

No. 634207

File: 1600551668579.png (139.95 KB, 600x1143, 13579111315171921.png)

Congrats Stalker-kun Mclazy Artist, you're a third of the reason Shunao wants to be a shut-in now. I hope you're happy with yourself.

No. 634231

>fucks up her own social media presence and “career”
>d-did I mention I was harassed and abused? I’m such a victim, guys. Please kiss my ass and tell me I did nothing wrong.

No. 634236

File: 1600554757245.png (572.84 KB, 1280x720, Haid.png)

>tfw her simp friends will agree with her wrong decisions.

No. 634242

Wait, if her career as a commission artist is donezo how is she supposed to make a living in corona season? iirc she lives in NorCal.

No. 634258

Does anyone have any information on how people can pay for art commission? I want to start offering commissions, and I’d like todo the transaction via PayPal, but does this mean the client will see your full name? I’d preferably like them to only know my online name. Also would I have to make a business PayPal account?
I’m feeling incredibly out of my depth on the money side of things, anywhere I read online doesn’t really clearly answer what I’m concerned about. If anyone has links to good information or has personal experience With doing art commissions online I’m dying to know.
This has literally put my off doing commissions for years, and I know once I literally just do it, it will be fine.

No. 634260

She probably still gets some income through her online store. Iirc her parents are also quite well off.

If you start a business PayPal, only your business name will show up on invoices. It won’t show your full name.

No. 634339

Why did I only realize TODAY that’s it’s okay to copy other artist’s work to learn how to draw something??? (Not talking about posting it, just using it to learn.) I always knew using photo references was okay but I had an art teacher who said never to copy other artists because you’ll copy their mistakes, but I got this drawing book and copied some perspective drawings from it because that’s what I struggle with and I finally feel like I learned something. This might sound stupid to some people but it was a genuine mental barrier for me. Anyone else ever have this problem?

No. 634348

Anon, that's literally just what studies are. A lot of people do studies based on well-known artist's books, particularly Loomis' books. It's just that studies that are based on someone else's art aren't encouraged online because people will cry art theft or tracing.

No. 634392

I guess I didn’t make it clear but I wasn’t talking about tutorials, mostly finished art. It just seemed scummy for some reason but I found out it’s actually normal and now I feel dumb.

No. 634400

She didn’t quit I still see her on FFXIV and discord

No. 634401

Strange, I know she's left quite a bit of servers that belong to her mutuals. Mind telling me if she's still in the ones you see her in?

No. 634404

File: 1600587299179.png (28.22 KB, 596x244, what-the-shit.PNG)

I'm sorry but what's this shit going around saying that hashtags hide your posts? Is this true or are some big artists just talking out of their asses? Literally how can small accounts get followers and retweets without them?

No. 634405

File: 1600587681050.jpeg (162.99 KB, 1123x905, 905D79B6-A4AB-4A74-9416-7DFC23…)

A 236 follower person succeeded pretty swimmingly thanks to a hashtag so I doubt using those would prevent the right people from seeing your stuff.

No. 634409

if you use more than 3-4 it counts as spam. You're better off using just one, frankly, and avoid generic ones like #artistsontwitter or something

No. 634414

I’m not close to her at all I think she forgot to remove me. All I can say is she’s been active since the twitlongers.

No. 634423

>I just sawed off any chance I had at being Shunao again and ever getting decent profits in this year where I need money now more than ever, let’s play this financial drain of a game.
>Let’s do this whilst knowing that my resume is a lose-lose scenario for any professional art job whether I disclude or include my convention artist career.

No. 634432

i'm convinced at this point it's just big accounts doing a scare tactic against small accounts from even having a chance

No. 634453

Hey farmers, my boyfriend just drew this piece and he is really looking for some critique. /ic/ is giving him a hard time, so I thought I'd bring this here to get a read on it since this is also a critique thread. What are your honest opinions on this drawing?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 634455

No. 634463

God fucking dammit.

No. 634468

This sounds whack, twitter relies on hashtags. I could imagine that if you go OTT with them it's bad because you look like a bot but this is terrible advice, tons of people browse and follow hashtags to find a type of post.

No. 634483

File: 1600606723554.jpeg (658.94 KB, 750x1126, 91E760FB-413C-45A7-85CF-98EBDD…)

Why try to learn different how to draw different faces, when you draw the same one over and over.

No. 634492

woah even the lips are exact same in everyone, impressive

No. 634494

this is definitely complete bullshit, maybe the links part is slightly believable, though twitter has in built ads so why would they care about that? but the hashtags part is absolutely retarded, they are just talking out of their stupid ass.

No. 634525

You know they would refuse to sell comics by confirmed terfs :D(:D)

No. 634530

While it's extremely obvious here, the majority of artists these days suffer from some form of sameface syndrome. It's very easy to develop when drawing in a simplified style like anime or cartoons. Not saying I excuse it, just that she's far from the only one.

No. 634546

Your teacher was right but you are also not wrong. You do replicate mistakes when you do that, but if you are not ONLY doing studies from others it's not bad. Master studies have been a thing for a long time.
If people actually credited the source and said they were studies, most of the issues wouldn't exist.

No. 634548

Does anyone know what the best ones to use are to get people to see your art? Should you only use the ones that are trending?

No. 634549

He stole his old style from a Japanese artist named urct/uracata back then. He caused her a lot of grief, I used to follow her back then and she made a few “call out” type posts about it at the time (in English) about how he would lie and say they’re friends and he made a lot of problems for her. Frankly I think he just has a shit personality, so I don’t like his art at all.
I remember back on tumblr someone sent him a fanart, a pixelated version of one of his drawings and he lost his shit on them, saying it was awful that they traced his work and he wasn’t appreciative of it at all. Ironically this was when he was straight up copying urct’s work.

No. 634565

Characters > tags
The safest pick is Smash Bros since that franchise has enough people to divide the community in half and not suffer for it.

No. 634568

Did you read the replies to rev's shit on this thread? You should post receipts to what you are saying, otherwise it sounds like a random opinion. Now anons will fucking infight about this shit all over again. He sounds like a narcissist,just like cyarine, but cyarine's anons actually show the milk. Just do the same anon.

No. 634576

whats the context for this

No. 634582

Convention artist accuses ex-friend of sexual assault in 2015 and never resolved the issue. News got there on August and she hid until now where she still avoids the matter in her suicide note that’ll turn her from Shunao to just Lyn.

No. 634584

Doesn't paypall also have a history of screwing sellers over and siding with the buyers? seems like an easy way to get stolen from.

No. 634588

As far as I know chargebacks used to happen but aren't as common right now. PayPal is one of the most used payment methods for commissions, a lot of people use it without ever having issues and I've seen instances where the seller wins a dispute when they have proper proof of transaction.

No. 634595

File: 1600623270244.jpeg (387.27 KB, 1125x1635, 294346C0-07F8-4506-90F1-9370B5…)

>Mametchl flat out drops her and their mutual artist friendship.
Is Betadood gonna reach a tipping point soon? I don’t see those tweets in his likes and he hasn’t talked today.

No. 634608

Lmao paypal is used by everyone. What do you think is the best option then??

No. 634615

Yeah I gotta agree. I've found this happening with my art as well where some of my faces look the same and I'm trying to work on that lol.

No. 634622

Twisted Disaster is such a roller coaster with her work ethic. She admits that she already has a huge backlog of commissions she owes and wants to add even more to it for when she comes back from her vacation? What logic is that? I really feel bad for those who commission her since they can be waiting for what seems like roughly 4-5 months to almost a year at that for something simple.

I know that being a freelance artist isn't always easy but I feel like some people make it much harder than it actually is.

No. 634629

As long as you don't use it as you savings account you'll be fine. Like, don't store large amounts of money there because PayPal can freeze it and you have less rights than with a bank.

No. 634634

File: 1600625791860.png (59.74 KB, 572x464, Gar.png)

It's like a loan except sharking you for not paying up would be considered rude on the customer's end.

No. 634675

They both have each other in their bios so they’re probably still dating, I don’t think shunao is going to take a break like she said in her message. Knowing narcs like her, she probably has another account and reinvented herself.

No. 634681

ive heard good things about squareup

No. 634700

File: 1600632236657.png (686.11 KB, 1383x871, 0490490.png)

>tfw she added impersonation onto her list of wrongdoings.
bruh 7 of these friends have no life outside of her what is this disguise?

No. 634757

I don't think I've ever not heard her complain about her backlog of 'work' while simultaneously bragging about how mature old and has her shit together she is. But that's not the question for me, the question I still have is for the life of me I still can't understand why people commission her. for personality I guess? Does she honestly think she's a decent artist? I think if I drew like she did at that age I'd shoot my hand off or something since it clearly isn't doing a good job

No. 634761

>I still have is for the life of me I still can't understand why people commission her.
Brand loyalty is powerful and can even ensure that half of the customers stick around after some incriminating drama.
>Does she honestly think she's a decent artist?
Most artists have support networks and would unironically call 4Chan "toxic" so yes.

No. 634775

She couldn't even write the title of her video correctly. Why would anyone buy from her?

No. 634812

>I am quitting the internet because of bullies and stalkers
>also I am creating an entirely new persona

Wow that’s manipulative

No. 634852

dont start the rev sperg again
its old milk

No. 634885

File: 1600647902171.jpeg (381.9 KB, 750x762, 83CD14E2-0ED1-4FEB-9822-87D03A…)

Her backlog of commissions are so behind that she made one of her friends do commissions for her so that she could get a character from a game a little bit ago

No. 634897

File: 1600649326399.jpg (15.07 KB, 336x300, Huhnamaru.jpg)

Both of these are in the sub 2000 range, what does her friend have to gain from this?

No. 634898


at least keep your true intentions with spending your money on some stupid game cosmetic a fucking secret, yikes.

No. 634902

I don’t get this.
Michie complained that she has both 1) too many commissions and 2) not enough money.
So she gets her friend, who also does her job, to make money for her so she can buy some extremely frivolous 2d video game nonesense??
Like did I understand this correctly??

No. 634912

Yeah I've noticed she does tend to bring up her age and how "adult" she is as well as her workload but I can't help but feel it comes from a place of insecurity. I mean if she really were responsible, she wouldn't have a huge ass queue that is reaching on a year's worth. Like what the fuck is she doing if she's allowing her queue to get that big?

No. 634916

Is she serious? Maybe this should be a sign that she needs to get her butt in gear and finish those commissions then. I'm more than positive that not all of them are super detailed ones that she needs to do elaborate backgrounds for.

I really don't understand the "not enough money" thing. If her backlog is as a big as she claims it to be then how is she hurting for money? I'm really confused about this lol.

No. 634919

All I could guess is that she’s frustrated with how much money she’s NOT making. Her commissions are really underpriced for the amount of time they take. I know people here would say her art sucks and as such shouldn’t be priced high, but it doesn’t matter- if people are willing to pay and wait so long then they’d be willing to pay higher prices. Sure, maybe even half of them would leave, but if she’s doing half the work and charging twice as much wouldn’t that be coming out on top?
A lot young aspiring artists don’t get this and just want the validation of people paying them for art, and are too insecure to raise their prices.
I don’t remember how much her commissions cost but the last tome I checked I don’t think any size or any amount of coloring was over 100 dollars. If I were to guess, her commissions probably take at lease three hours plus communication time, even if the style is simple, coloring takes forever.

I’m also a 28 year old freelance illustrator, and I won’t take on a job if it’s less than 100
dollars because just having to meet someone and deal with them is aggravating, I may spend sveral hours just talking with before and during the commission.

She goes on rants in videos about how people tell her to raise her prices and she self righteously says “would YOU pay that? Huh? No? Then shut up my prices will stay the same”
She has no business sense and her always acting like an adult is really probably her making up for the fact that she never grew out of that kiddie cesspool deviantart. Cringe

No. 634927

Personally, I thought her stuff is good at the price that it is. But it’s just her work ethic. Like, her stuff, for me personally, I can see being made under 30mins, but because she barely does her commissions, she’s really screwing herself over. I mean, I think in one of her videos where she talks about taxes, she said that she once only got 5 dollars back- which is pretty yikers, and I assume it’s not predominantly because of her low prices but because she lacks in the work department

No. 634933

I was also thinking of taking donations and commissions and:
>We may share personal data with:
>Service providers that help us with processing payments, marketing, research, compliance, audits, corporate governance, communications, and security
Was a giga deal breaker. I was at least looking through Stripe's privacy policy since it doesn't include that and it has some level of support from liberapay and ko-fi.

No. 634939

File: 1600658146925.jpg (154.3 KB, 1920x1080, 940759-full-throttle-remastere…)

I know this may not fit within this thread but look at the pug-fugly graphics of Full Throttle Remastered. It's so ugly that it makes my eyes bleed.

No. 634945

EDIT: It's not terribly ugly but its uglier than average.

No. 634949

File: 1600659467421.jpg (107.6 KB, 300x325, Elaine_Marley_Comparison.jpg)

Some terrible remake art for y'all
This time its Monkey Island: Special Edition

Top: Original
Bottom: Remake

No. 634950

Not really the thread for it

No. 634951

No. 634956

I think that Zun's art from the early 2000s looks better than his current art.

No. 634963

Oh I'm not necessarily hating on Michie. She's able to upcharge and milk her fanbase who will stick by her no matter how underwhelming her work ethic is. She's struck somewhat of a goldmine with this. "Don't hate the player, hate the game" comes to mind and I don't really blame her.

I'm a freelance artist too myself though not a fulltime one. I guess it's jsut that if I was in her position, I wouldn't want to rock the boat and take advantage like that and would just try to keep a reasonable queue and not let it get too heavy but you know, that's just me lol.

No. 634992

nta but it's the art salt thread, I don't think we only have to post about insta/twitter tryhards lol

No. 634993

Not gonna talk about her art or whether it's worth however much money, but Twisted Disaster is a lazy asshole and a freeloader who does literally nothing all day. When they lived with her inlaws, they complained that she never did anything all day or helped out with chores and she would whine that just didn't understand she was a suuuuper busy freelancer. Holly Brown had to foot the bill for their hotel and table at the last San Japan they went to because TD didn't have the money. Hearing that she has a giant backlog of commissions is not surprising in the least.

No. 634998

Nta but there's already bad art thread that's separate from artist salt. Artist salt is meant for drama and artist shitshows, not some random bad art or vendetta posting.

No. 635014

>>634483 I agree very very samefacey. also, I feel like I had a stroke reading your caption

No. 635065

Anyone have recommendations for good brush pen brands for drawing? I've been using a Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist brush pen for a while now and it was great for learning the ropes but I'd like a brand that has a wider range of tip thicknesses. Or should I just buy an ink bottle and a range of normal brushes of varying fineness?

No. 635068

File: 1600680577453.jpg (5.21 KB, 213x320, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Maybe this is stupid but why do some pro artists sharpen their pencils like this? Is there an advantage to sharpening pencils with a knife over a regular sharpener? I recently started doing coloured pencil stuff again since I don't have much time for painting and I got curious.

No. 635069

So they can control how sharp or blunt the tip is. Most sharpeners, when used, make the pencil extremely fine and sharp. Some artists prefer it stays blunt at the end for whatever purpose. Also, I'm not sure, but I think it shortens the pencil far less if you shave off the wood manually.

No. 635070

I would imagine that having it stay blunt allows the stroke width to stay consistent. When you sharpen it you have to sharpen it again and again because the tip gets worn out and the stroke width changes accordingly.

No. 635071

That does make good sense, thank you anon. I like coloring with really sharp pencils but they get shorter much faster because a lot of the 'core' also gets wasted more in a regular sharpener. This was very enlightening, thanks again.

No. 635077

It just stays sharpened longer. I couldn't do this though, I need the super pointy tip lol.

No. 635078


Pentel seems pretty good in my experience.

I'm not sure if the stuff available here is available where you are, anon, but a really good brush pen is the Pentel Pocket. This is the one Kim Jung Gi uses as well.

I personally use a Pentel Fudemoji Brush Sign Pen, which is actually dirt cheap where I'm from and of a decent quality, too.

No. 635079

Maybe the Tombow Fudenosuke ones? The pack comes with a soft and firm tip pen so it's pretty easy to get line variation. Like the other anon said, pentel is also really good.

No. 635085

Thanks anons, really helpful. I'm able to buy both brands locally so I'll just read up on them a bit more. I appreciate it!

No. 635101

I think it's most often done because you have more control over the quality/shape of the tip. Also the profile can be longer and more exposed lead is good for some shading techniques.

No. 635103

I use pentel and liek it but I really don't use brush pens much overall.

No. 635115

Art salt as in drama within the community. There's like 3094 boards for bad art and redraws already.

No. 635118

you're a fellow point-and-click adventure fan, anon? All double fine's remasters of their old 2d games are garbage. Everything is run through waifu2x. Only Grim Fandango actually looks good

No. 635147

heres TD's public commission queue btw.

I don't get why she always calls herself a "workaholic". Her vlogs clearly show she isn't. She has a horrible sleep schedule, barely gets much done in a day, and always blames her lack of productivity on her technology.

No. 635170


lol That's just sad. All these people have probably forgotten about their comissions bc a lot of them are way older than a year.

No. 635177

lmao she's obviously the kind of person who can only be motivated by withholding payment, unable to look into the future and understand how reputation works.

No. 635189

Holy FUCK. I wondered how you guys knew it was so long. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it, what an absolute joke.
I was wondering if maybe s he just stopped using this but it says her last activity was in July, has she just not done any commissions since then?
Clearly YouTube has to be her job more than
anything else, and if she doesn't keep up with those Patreon commissions it won't be for long…
This commissions list, as long as it is couldn't be worth more than 750 dollars considering none of her commissions are more than 50 dollars (unless I'm wrong and she updated).

No. 635198

I actually didn't know that about their trip to San Japan. Yeah then maybe she's not as financially put together as she leads on. But even when she was job hunting before the Covid-19 lock down, she was being unreasonable in her search saying that she wouldn't take a part time job where she made less than $13 an hour and I thought it was absolutely ridiculous and self-unaware on her part because she hasn't worked a regular job in a long time plus when she said there were a lot of jobs she couldn't do like stand on her feet all day (Warehouse work) or sit for long periods of time typing (Date Entry) because of her hand problem and it's like, you gotta be more realistic.

>they complained that she never did anything all day or helped out with chores and she would whine that just didn't understand she was a suuuuper busy freelancer.

Yeah I remember in some of her livestreams she'd give out about her in-laws and I would just believe it and think they sounded bad but when I think about it now and see how her work ethic is, I think you're right that she probably didn't jack all to help out and would use the excuse of "I'm busy with commissions" to get fall back on. Plus the fact she still was trying to get married when they weren't in the best place to have it.

It's hard because I want to like TD but she makes it so hard to like her lol.

No. 635206

I agree, I want to like her, too but she's so milky. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't gotten more shit for that ridiculous wedding GoFundMe, then the GoFundMe for her computer.
She's a pretty consistent YouTuber, and I have to give her credit for that, though. It seems like she's much better at telling stories and giving opinions then she is making art.

Honestly tho 13 dollars an hour in California isn't jack shit, minimum wage there right now is 12, but she acts really really entitled anyway.

No. 635210

Holy fuck and all of them are paid in full and she still hasn't completed them…

That's the fucked thing about it. Talk about being a sucker because you're right, some of them probably have forgotten about their commission at this point. If Twisted doesn't get her butt in gear, she's gonna be added to an Artist Beware list at some point.

Yeah first time seeing it as well. It's actually not as long as I thought it would be but still, it's quite a bit! Like I couldn't imagine if I had that many commissions on the back burner, makes me feel out of breath just looking at it lol

No. 635218

This seems to not have been updated since November 2019 btw. But she keeps saying to check this page for her commission status.

No. 635222

I think she did get a bit of backlash for the Wedding GoFundMe if I'm not mistaken. But yeah the computer one is ridiculous and then it really all came together when she said she wanted the computer to be able to run modern games so she could stream even though she claimed it was for her art when it's like, why does she need some fancy new computer for art when she's not doing anything that taxing. She doesn't 3D Moddel, she's not doing a big scale detailed webcomic… I just knew something wasn't adding up.

> It seems like she's much better at telling stories and giving opinions then she is making art.

Yeah I agree. She has a way of telling stories that keep your ears engaged more than doing commissions or even practicing her own art (even if she claims "I haVE nO TiME tO PRacTIce" lol).

> Honestly tho 13 dollars an hour in California isn't jack shit, minimum wage there right now is 12, but she acts really really entitled anyway.

And see I can understand that $13 isn't a lot but I mean if she's not willing to work in a warehouse or some Data Entry or something like that, how can she expect to make more than $13 when she 1, has not much work experience since she's been out of the game for at least more than 2 years and 2, she has these issues where she can't do certain jobs? It sounds like she's trying to be a manager at a retail store or something because the only jobs that would work for her are jobs where she'd be making below $13.

No. 635242

this is the video where she says she cant raise her prices because then nobody bites. If you have 45k subscribers and nobody will pay you more than $50 thats a you problem

No. 635245

If you click over to the right and press "Show Menu" it says it shows her actions and the last action was done on July 14th.

No. 635306

did something happen between drawkill and lolimoog? I commented on a recent post of hers cause the character looked like one of draws own, I was just asking and it got deleted right after. I got curious and noticed they don’t even follow each other at all anymore. guess my comment must’ve rattled some bones.

No. 635399

Oh yikes, that makes it worse, I was hoping maybe she just wasn’t using this list anymore and everything was outdated but I guess not

No. 635495

simplify the artwork then. Offer sketch commissions instead of full pictures

No. 635569

I can't believe she has this many paid commissions and she acts like she has her life together. I want to like her too, but what really turned me off was in one of her artist alley review videos she kept saying how amazing she was that she was willing to admit that she/ her preconceptions were wrong. That's not some saint-worthy trait, that's just basic human decency. You don't get to brag about basic shit like that. I don't know if she's compensating for her shitty art by pretending she's a good person or what.

No. 635749

lol what one was it?

No. 635822

Her last action was deleting cancelled commissions. Last work on the commissions was january.

No. 635864

File: 1600758698371.png (1.17 MB, 1024x1024, B22E2BC8-B42A-4A16-B989-47600E…)

What is it that keeps TwistedDisaster’s fans in exactly? All I see are turnoffs for the common dude with a sizable credit card.

No. 635877

Any anons know anything about Artfol? A lot of other artists have joined and I'm tempted to join myself but I know nothing about the app. I also feel like it'll turn out like that whole Vero shebang, but what do I know

No. 636002

anon if you did any basic research you'd know that artfol is still in the beta stage. It's not even ON the appstore. Doesn't matter if you join or not since it's not even a proper social media yet. IMO it might just become another VSCO, it's used but not as much as you think.

No. 636008

It's open beta. Made an account with my spam email just to check it out. Laggy as fuck sometimes but otherwise clean and smooth. Very polished for a one-man-team. No shitty algorithm, but the community is starting to feel like Insta 2.0. Large artists like dreachie and >>632239 are already on there. Someone on the dev's server mentioned how it feels like a popularity hierarchy is beginning to re-establish itself and I couldn't agree more kek

No. 636017

holy fuck
honest to god how does she get away with this?
this just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, don't you think people would get nasty in the comments section like they did with Holly Brown?

then again, its probably only a small handful of people and it makes sense why she's always talking about being behind on commissions or making up weird excuses about them.
I'm always like, "why bring this up? who are you talking to?"

But in one of her vlogs she said in just one stream she got like 3-5 commissions done.

No. 636089

I watch her streams, she always just does lineart of a couple characters and then plays a video game for the rest of the stream

No. 636101

Sage for semi-old but I remember seeing this artist on my feed for her zodiac signs as people post. People were saying it wasn't accurate and she threw a shit fit responding to many comments with "If you want it to be accurate then draw it yourself :)". Felt like it was cowlet-potential and wanted to screencap but my phone ran out of battery and by the time I opened Insta again, she'd deleted all those comments to maintain her uwu aesthetic ✨😍 image. Makes me wonder how nasty she actually is, but we don't know because everything gets deleted

Thought this was Zeena's Marceline kek

No. 636147

From my own personal experience, majority of people who follow the “soft girl” aesthetic, or who try to label themselves as innocent are complete bs and are the worse people that I had ever encountered. They’re the irl psycho/sociopaths

No. 636152

Maybe because she knows her art isn't worth more than that? I mean her fans seem to be ride or die people and I'm sure some would pay over $50 for her stuff but not a ton and she knows this so shes' trying not to rock the boat. And seeing how horrible her work ethic is going off >>635147 Yeah she can't afford to become blacklisted or get an Artist Beware.


No. 636154

I'm pretty sure she is compensating. I remember that video and I thought something felt off with her to say something like that. It just feels like because she has shit work ethic with her commissions, her art style is jarring (again because she doesn't practice anatomy and she's admitted that), and she knows she's not in the best spot financially for her "job", she tries to make up for all these shortcomings by trying to present herself as this good and moral person and while that works for her young teenage fans, others can see right through her. And it sucks to say this because I know that she's not a bad person and there are worse people than her but it's her lack of self-awareness that is the biggest turn off from liking her.

No. 636159

If I had to guess, it's that she makes herself come across as relatable, at least to her younger fans. Like I've taken a browse through some of her comments and some of them mention their ages and I've seen ages from 13 to 18 so I'm sure majority of her fanbase are teenagers. I mean even her best friend is still in high school I think? I forgot how old TheZodiacLord is but I swear that they were still in high school.

and yeah, in some of TD's stories, I find myself relating a bit as well until she says something tone deaf and snaps me out of it lol.

> common dude with a sizable credit card.

I'm pretty sure most of her commissions aren't bought by adults. I can only recall her saying she once made $300 (or some 3 digit number like that) for doing a fetish commission and how she felt dirty after that but besides that, I'm more than sure most of her clients are at least under the age of 21.

No. 636167

There are 2 kinds of girls in this world, cute ones and hags. Them Christmas cake hags are gonna stick together and say each other's art is kawaii because no guy ever will.

No. 636220

Wow, not sure if you realize it but your post really reeks of scrote posting.

No. 636260

anon, you forgot the third type, lolcow users are cute and hag-ish at the same time.

No. 636267

I sure hope lolcow users don’t have the fat and unshaved legs of the 2nd one. Also the tryhard hewwo but that’s more of a cultural problem.

No. 636273


When the majority of your fanbase are teenagers, it's easy to look like you have it all figured out just because you're older/married, while still spouting "relatable" stuff just enough to make it seem like you 'get it'. Being deluded into thinking you're exempt from adulthood and its responsibilities gives her the relatable edge to her younger audience.

No. 636329

i wish lavendertowne did more creepypasta readings, draw my bitlife, and things like that. i used to subscribe to her yt for her voice and personality, rather than the quality of her artwork. there's something mildly irritating seeing her try to give art lessons/critiques or hopping on trends, idk why

No. 636453

Very true and I think it feeds into her ego. Like obviously her teenage fans are gonna hear everything she says and think she has it all figured out and is so wise because they don't have real world life experience yet because they see a woman in her late 20s who's married and is "making a living with her art" (when she really isn't, it's her husband) and think this all equals maturity. I did some more digging and I found that some of the people she streamed with aside from TheZodiacLord are also much younger so of course.

Speaking of which, did you ever catch on with how whenever she talks about teenagers, she still ocnsiders 18 & 19 as "kid" years. I mean I get it to a certain extent that you're fresh out of high school around that age but something tells me that she really hammers this home to justify her situation with her in-laws. I'm probably reaching though I must admit, I just found strange how she gets defensive when it comes to age sometimes.

No. 636458

I understand anon. I used to watch LavenderTowne pretty regularly back then not necessarily for her art but just her voice and personality, she was pleasant to listen to. I just got burned out with all her transformation videos.

No. 636481

File: 1600809418160.jpeg (272.42 KB, 750x761, 9E64CF0F-0A70-4275-81B0-087CBE…)

This is so dumb, there’s a pandemic going on and funerals are being postponed for safety unless they are urgent, and TD grew up Jewish as mentioned in her video about her family member passing and said that Jewish family members must be buried within 3 days. RBG was Jewish, so that’s probably why it was so fast, why is she complaining about this?

No. 636508

This is a mindset I’ve seen getting more popular on tumblr/twitter, that 18 and 19 yr olds aren’t mature and should be seen as teenagers. I can kind of understand this, I think it depends on the person since people mentally mature at different ages and don’t always act like adults the minute they turn 18. But I’ve also seen people accused of being pedos for being attracted to 18 year olds since they’re “basically teenagers.” Idk, I think both sides have points, but this isn’t about art anymore so I’ll shut up.

No. 636659

Hey guys, dumb question about the "twitter campaign" option on the site. I gained a few k followers all on my own but I was told to try it to see some more growth. Has anyone tried it? Would the recommend it?

No. 636710

RBG had been in quarantine for MONTHS, being high risk. She was going in for cancer treatment AGAIN, and all she can complain about is 'meh friend's funeral'

they make religious exemptions, for christ sake, if her friend was a jew, her father would have gotten the same treatment.

like, she was a supreme court justice. a little bit more important that 'my Friend's father'. how delusional can you be that you equate whatever the fuck he was to a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE

it's that entitled artist mentality, out in full force

No. 636772

File: 1600839495095.png (342.04 KB, 677x482, 56768.PNG)

naki used to post pretty decent content but ever since she got into final fantasy xiv all she does is draw things like this or commissions of peoples characters in game. shes pretty boring usually, all she does is vague post and vent about friends/work and other artist drama and does the whole uwu speak both in text and irl.
like the recent kaneblob drama and claims she knew about this way before but never said anything.
the only drama relating to her is probably early this month she was contacted by someone that gave her anxiety and then right after she got weird emails sent to her work to try get her fired.
Thought it was funny she tweets about taking a break from twitter because of these events but tweets regularly the next day like nothing happened.
even her "bad" quickly drawn fanart is alright, kinda just wish she'd draw more original things instead of xiv related art and memes.

No. 636784

File: 1600840915093.jpeg (27.97 KB, 214x251, 67B3B481-F0B2-4D95-A888-C3A202…)

FFXIV is a black hole that gnaws people even worse than gatcha can. There’s no doubt that her art exists to “feed” her followbase so she can scurry off to the game again.

No. 636786

yeah alot of her art lost its originality or charm. it's all xiv memes and catgirls now.
she did make a xiv only account but she still posts on both about xiv constantly so its pointless to separate it. feel like her life is just xiv and work.

No. 636815

That artist is right though, those double standards suck, whether it's for religious reasons or not. Either it's safe to have funerals or not but pretending like people can just postpone their grief and have different needs is whack and cruel.

No. 636859

The rules don't apply when it comes to rich people/politicians/celebrities

No. 636869

lmao damn I forgot naki existed. Knew her from way back, I’m not surprised she got reported for unprofessional behavior. She has a really crabby personality and takes criticism extremely hard. Sounds like she’s living happily in xiv world now though.

No. 636873

wait, is this yoyonaki from tumblr? I remember her works used to be a lot more wild and neon in the past. The only milk I remember from back then is she pretty blatantly copied some horro/guro manga artists design as ““inspiration”” for some art contest and then got fussy when people called her out on it.

No. 636887

She's a cow but she's right here. Being jewish doesn't make you immune amidst a fucking pandemic. Everyone has to follow the rules and everyone waiting to mourn a loved one is suffering the same way. Yes you can go all "if you're rich and famous rules don't matter hurrdurr" but that doesn't justify you not following them. My fucking God this argument is so retarded.

No. 636943

George Floyd got buried like he was Princess Diana in the middle of a pandemic. I distinctly remember those Hasidic jews getting mogged by cops for having a funeral in NYC back in the spring. The double standard is real and it's bullshit. No wonder people don't believe in the virus.

No. 636953

Fair enough anon, I agree, it's a complicated topic for sure lol.

I think what makes it stupider on TD's part is that she's Jewish so should she understand the situation about why the ceremony went through in the first place because of religious reasons? Eugh…

No. 636978

same person yeah, looks like she changed her name to nakiqueue before making a new account named yyamms. Not sure how active she is on tumblr but looks like she was into xiv before she left it.

No. 637038

File: 1600877291678.jpg (65.27 KB, 667x483, 5pWru7s.jpg)

whats with her attitude she gets so worked up over anything
think I used to see her old tumblr stuff way back but didnt know she had a twitter

No. 637045

You’re being a Black white moral smooth brain fag here. Of course it’s not right to hold a funeral, but if you’re rich you can get away with anything.

The main issue is the tweeters attitude. “Wah how come them not me” instead of “hey this shouldn’t be happening at all”. It’s just selfish thought processes and behavior

No. 637056

And you're being just as retarded because you didn't even disagree with what I said yet you called me a black white moral smooth brain fag. It's not right for rich famous and religious faggots to hold a funeral. Something in her message was right, but I did say she's a cow didn't I? That's why I wrote that she shouldn't feel justified in not following (or not wanting to follow) the rules. Learn to fucking read ffs.

No. 637077

>Sounds like she’s living happily in xiv world now though.
You fool, XIV generates salt not to different than most competitive games which is why stuff like >>637038 happens. Quitting is unirocially better for her.

No. 637079

I don't get being annoyed at this. Social media encourages over familiar and weird behavior between fans and artists. But the solution is to turn off DMs or make your account more professional.

No. 637084

Sheesh, fuck her fans for wanting to interact by showing interest in what she is passionate abt i guess.

I feel bad for the person who sent it seeing this after. She could just make a private acc with just her friends if that's such a huge problem?

No. 637100

File: 1600882503609.jpg (96.76 KB, 673x807, 5HPdrrX.jpg)

think quitting would do her alot of good. even her relationships come from the game, she had like two boyfriends from the game and looks like the most recent one she also met in xiv.

No. 637110

she could have replied to them privately or just ignore and close dms I dont understand reacting this way to a follower dming you about something they made for you

No. 637264

Yeah doing this in public is ugh, sending somebody a meme is really not that intrusive. Plus I think in the end if you keep a public smooth face of somebody who doesn't engage much less people will get the idea to send stuff.

No. 637293

Oh fuck off, its legit it is totally reasonable to be upset by elites getting special privileges like this. Half the shit is open in the state i live so who gives a shit about muh pandemic?

No. 637510

Sage for sperg but why are artists so fucking insufferable rofl I just witnessed someone who went to art school lecture an engineer on how physics works as if she could teach him anything at all

Adding on to the fact that some artists actually get paid more than doctors on Patreon, it's like artists think they're hyperqualified or some shit lmfao get your act together

No. 637513

I kind of wonder which artist circles you hang out in, ime it's much more common for artists to stress their ignorance compared to scientists. Plus artists making more than doctors is really super rare and everybody knows about the low income expectations.

No. 637526

Has creepshow art ever been discussed? I vaguely remember watching their video about lillee jean ages back but they were brought up today and after going to their YouTube I can’t help but feel cowish energy radiating. She also made a ‘storytime’ claiming she saw a fan watching her videos in a Barnes and Noble with her friends… major lying vibes coming from that. Sorry if this is more appropriate elsewhere, not sure where to put it and her art is terrible as well.

No. 637547

Creepshow has been discussed at great lengths in past threads. She lurks here and gets off on the attention so it’s best to just not bring her up and feed her ego.

No. 637629

maybe furry porn artists do. i saw someone very skilled only making 370$ on patreon but he didn't post that much

No. 637644

Why would she get off on it? She’s fat, ugly, and her art sucks. Plus she’s a liar who clearly spends a lot of time at home if she thinks anything in her personal story times are believable.

No. 637836

It's crazy how big deangelo wallace became when he switched from an art channel to a commentary channel. He has an interesting voice and look so hopefully the fame lasts, commentary channel popularity is usually a flash in the pan and your channel can die in a few yrs if you don't keep up. I can't imagine giving up art to lead that kind of life but i guess the money was too alluring. I'd rather art youtubers take this path than seeing more art/commentary hybrids like creepshow

No. 637889


He‘s doing his research properly and is well-worded. Creepshow‘s totally missing that. She‘s a bit like yellow press.

No. 637934

I don’t know why but I find him completely insufferable. Probably because I think it’s pretty pathetic to give up art for YouTube frame because all he ever really wanted was to be famous, no matter what it was for. He wasn’t in it genuinely

No. 637952

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. He comes off as pretentious and that turned me off to his videos. I haven’t watched any of the commentary videos yet since his art ones were “meh” at best. He’s only in it for views and whatever monetizing he can milk from it.

No. 637962

I duuno I know a couple of nsfw artists that take in $2k easily but they draw popular gay stuff so maybe that’s it.

No. 637974

agreed, and he constantly does those ""self aware"" jokes about making his videos just 10 minutes long, acknowledging you do something but then not doing anything against it isn't self aware.

No. 637991


I'm the exact same. I think the fact that he hid all his art videos and was constantly deleting/reporting the same videos and art while active is what makes me dislike him. It's clear he's deeply insecure about his art but I'm his videos he often comes across as quite condescending. Can't stand his particular energy TBH.

No. 638004

File: 1600986939509.jpeg (147.68 KB, 640x377, EC28A6F6-11FE-4EA7-BDC7-99ADD7…)

Lollibeepop made an onlyfans as if anyone would want to see photos of her. Yes it has lewds (I didn't pay for it but you can see her ass in fishnets in the header image). Tfw the shitty "relatable" comic artist shtick isn't paying the bills anymore. I'm sure 99% of her audience is children anyhow. I'm not sure why she's even going for this angle.

No. 638006

File: 1600986988206.jpeg (328.66 KB, 1536x2048, B95DAE39-5AB5-4E76-A70F-BE2E03…)

I mean who wouldn't want to pay $10 a month to see lewds of this?

No. 638020

What the fuck is she thinking?? People follow her for her shitty relatable comics not naked pics. There goes her chances of anyone wanting to publicly associate with her lmao

No. 638057

File: 1600991062211.png (110.17 KB, 1168x632, Screenshot_2020-09-25 OnlyFans…)

No. 638065

>doesn't take face pics ~for safety~
>has pictures of her face attached to her art account that she shared this on


No. 638082

File: 1600992970504.jpeg (276.17 KB, 750x1238, 72B53F49-0265-483A-A7A1-0FCA12…)

Wtf. lavender is also gonna be a judge. big fat kek.

No. 638085

god she is painfully underqualified

No. 638127

Exactly. All this will do is show her followers how money hungry she is. Who in their right mind would think that people who follow her for her fake wholesome shitty kid comics would want to see sexy pictures of her real self??

No. 638212

File: 1601006351879.jpg (65.82 KB, 569x661, YouveLostYourMind.jpg)

They raked in the casual YouTube audience full of kids but at what cost?

No. 638250

Number of hashtags doesn't make any difference in my experience, I think only a url would potentially mark a post as spam. Not hashtags.

No. 638285

Wow just thinking about putting naked pictures of myself out there for anybody to buy and see until eternity feels like hitting rock bottom. Have all of the artists who do that just given up on employment?

No. 638286

How fast is her drawing speed again?
If she’s fast enough then taking low cost commissions shouldn’t be an issue for her.

No. 638322

i've seen an ad for this on youtube which starts off with her introducing herself and showing examples of her art, only about 5s in it's explained it's because she's a judge so for a moment I thought she actually bought a youtube ad slot for herself… which would be maybe better than having someone like this judging other people's art
anyway I knew LC will be happy for her lol

No. 638352

All those art supplies, and the result is something that looks like a 9-year-old drew it…

No. 638365

how does she have nearly 2 mill followers and ive never heard of her?

No. 638448

Baylee Jae looks like an art god compared to this person, youtubers with the worst art have the most subscribers smh

No. 638466

She hasalmost 2 million subs, but t seems like the last video of hers to hit over 1 million views was a year ago. The highest view count shes had in the past year was 700k. She seems to not be doing too well.

No. 638517


Actually that‘s good. For comparison: Kasey Golden has 1,16 Mio followers and her videos range between 150k to 200k views in the last 2 months. Before that, she had a lot of videos around 300k, 400k, 600k. So nearly half of her follower watched her videos. (The last one with roughly 79k views is a sad outlier but expected considering the topic I‘d say.)

No. 638527


How can you call something a sketch and need to do it in 5 hours? Or the last one took her 1 hour? WTF how slow is she. This thing should take her 10 to 15 minutes max. And 15 min would already be embarrissing. lol
Also all those supplies seem to be pretty cheap, except for the poscas and polychromos.

I think NerdECrafter mentioned her a couple of times but I never looked into her.

No. 638566

File: 1601055057628.png (1.34 MB, 1298x829, Untitled.png)

idk much about this, i guess I assumed it was bad since the last time she hit over 1 mill (3,8 million i believe for the vid) was a year ago. Since then she seems to fluctuate between heavily and her vids get stuck at 30k-50k often, with some outliers. But even 500k seems low to me when you put it in context of 2 million subs.

In comparison Super Rae Dizzle has 1,5 million subs and has gotten consistently good views. Her videos that came out weekly, up to one month, have gotten 169k (four days ago) up to 800k and seem to sit comfortably at 300k - 1 million views.

No. 638568

File: 1601055116000.png (1.11 MB, 1166x824, Untitled.png)


For comparison Rae's views

No. 638570

File: 1601055339941.jpg (83.96 KB, 677x800, 9xUIUpU.jpg)

has yueko and her vtuber nonsense been discussed already?
there's not much here aside from her clips from her streams and youtube that are really hard to watch. she's too monotone and uninteresting personality wise from what you would expect from a vtuber isn't she?
haven't kept up with her much but now its all she posts about is her "child" chai she made and how shes trying to be in character now.

No. 638574

File: 1601055502581.jpeg (51.76 KB, 1125x340, 8DE7C0DB-8C97-4442-8D5A-8CD8EF…)

Is there a time period where you can re-follow a private account you just unfollowed?
Seeing a plus there is more confusing than offloading 63 people who haven’t reached a breaking point to do it themselves.

No. 638586

It's really the whole "Any attention is good attention" even if it's negative.

Yeah I'm impressed as well. I never really cared for his art tbh but it's cool to see that something is working out for him since he wasn't inherently a bad guy or anything. But >>637889 is right that he's doing what Creepshow fails MISERABLY at. Doing proper research on the topics he's covering which puts him leads ahead of her. But yeah I can't imagine giving up art to pursue something like drama/commentary when it's an even bigger gamble than art.

No. 638587

I'm guessing there's a lot of gay My Hero Academia in this right? Or do they draw nsfw furry art?

No. 638592

the fujos have reached limits beyond our understanding

No. 638595

File: 1601057467424.jpg (278.05 KB, 681x865, Kwzvwpc.jpg)

I dont know about the VTuber stuff but she did call out a smaller artist over tracing her artwork for her VTuber model.
artist response to yueko

The comparisons/overlays

yueko talking about how much refs she uses for her art

No. 638604

File: 1601058209285.jpg (456.48 KB, 678x900, InaNinomae.jpg)

How do EN VTubers expect to succeed now that Ina'nis is literally a hyper competent artist?
That alone invalidates the approach of having a more mature occupation (art) than playing games all day and getting screencapped for memes.

No. 638605

it's traced. she should study anatomy from photo references/irl then learn how to stylize it

No. 638656

Simps will say monotone and uninteresting is chill and if you feel like telling Yueko or any other streamer that their non-fanart streams is essentially throwing you'll be walking the plank.

No. 638663

Is this what having a stroke feels like?
Kek I don't know shit about this community, can you explain more.

No. 638667

File: 1601061658298.jpg (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, HoloMythNinomaeinanis.jpg)

Hololive made a new batch of 5 VTubers who speak English now.
One of them is an artists so being an artist isn't an edge over them anymore and their stream times are sandwiched between 12pm to the other 12 which poses a direct threat to EN VTubers.

No. 638672

Nayrt but Ina is the new HoloENglish girl. Hololive company is #1 VRtuber idol company in Japan in terms of popularity. She got doxxed pretty quick and I do not think she even minds that. She is a popular anime artist with 134k-ish Twitter followers who is actually talented and popular. She has a low-energy but her streams are very chill and nice to watch, especially considering the fact that she doesn't screech or attempt to be a high pitched uwu-chan. I personally like her art streams because she explains and shows things. She is still obviously a noob when it comes to streaming but imo she is the only enjoyable HoloEN of them all who haven't done anything cringe nor had any drama yet.

However everyone in western community decided to become uwu VRtubers ever since spring when Hololive was asking for Auditions for HoloEN. However all of them are the same high-pitched fake chans that make up dramas and talk shit about eachother while convincing themselves their voice and personality are real, while in Hololive people are some sort of actors who play role as their characters and are trying to be drama or politics-free. However so far HoloEN has at least one unstable-chan who already cried on stream two if not three times. One of them is also Senezawa, a 4chan uwuloli who would do nothing but get drunk and or high on her streams. But so far she is trying to keep a low profile but it's been proved a bunch of times.

Vrtubing in general is nothing but someone streaming with anime 3d or 2d avatar, nothing special really, but weebs are buying it.

No. 638678

Thanks anons, much appreciated.

No. 638681

File: 1601062126667.jpg (84.21 KB, 1045x252, 20200925_162856.jpg)

How can someone be this fucking stupid.

No. 638697

Shes making it worse

No. 638699

The concept of a Vtuber is so stupid. But i guess if you plaster. Pretty anime girl on anything it sells.

I actually know of one EN vtuber that is also an artist that i loosely run in circles with. Theyre great at art but theyre kind of a ngmi in terms of vtuber. Then again they've always been trying to find their niche when in reality they are pretty boring like most vtubers.
This is just essentially a resurgence of gaming streamers but with anime girls on the label.

No. 638711

File: 1601063952201.png (311.18 KB, 938x439, 0.png)

I'm of the belief that vtuber artists can succeed if they lean heavily on a single, semi-populated community like Arknights instead of trying to be a variety streamer.
Unlike vidya streamers, they have something they can shill on external sites so it's not entirely ngmi for them.

No. 638714

File: 1601064251792.jpeg (31.28 KB, 467x657, f79d8bc28e52973b52c8e351a59f62…)

ot but vtubers seem like the evolution of those youtubers who use static avatars with different expressions like pic related.

do you think we will have furry vtubers too soon? lol

No. 638739

Idk if this belongs here but it's been months and I'm STILL MAD about the wings on these two Dollightful customs.

She's so talented at drawing,design and sculpting and the wings are the biggest piece of the design and they're CRAP. The dark doll doesn't look so bad in this shot but she decided to MAKE UP constellations and embroider them on puffy slippery fabric, fucking embroidered a derpy owl on the wings of this beautiful doll.

And the blue wings are literally an old raincoat she chopped up, didn't even paint or finish the edges and just slapped on this otherwise pretty intricate design.

It's crazy to me that she's such a perfectionist (she sculpted her last doll like 3 times) yet these two messes are fine to be displayed like this. Is she wing-blind or something??

also low-key think she's anachan but that's neither here nor there

No. 638745

>>638739 Won't let me upload images anyway I try, the dolls are called Nyx and Aurora, sage for retardation

No. 638746

do you mean from this video?

No. 638753

Oh my god I thought I was the only one! I really can't stand the unfinished ends of the fabric she uses for the wings, which makes no sense since she's so good with the dresses… why won't she refine the borders of the wings too then? And another thing I usually dislike is the little wood sticks (I think they're like ice cream sticks?) that look clunky and very amateurish. Honestly it would be better if she sculpted the wing structure like she does with the tails and legs.

I would like yo ask what makes you think she's an anachan though, but it would derail the thread I guess.

No. 638757

I never like her tail/wings to begin with. The faces are always painted very well though. I wonder if she rushed it to get the video out in time, as all weekly youtubers tend to do

No. 638770

I watched her first couple of streams as a vtuber and she's boring as fuck and comes off as a tryhard. Her model is pretty but boring design-wise.
She wasn't an interesting or engaging streamer before becoming a vtuber either, and I don't think she realized that becoming a vtuber doesn't make you more interesting. In fact, it does the opposite and if you don't have an exaggerated personality and character, you come off as blander than if you just have a face cam.

No. 638771

Have you seen her newest doll? The light themed one? I think the wings on that one are very beautiful, but it was a gift so I think she put a lot more effort into it.

No. 638774

File: 1601070207028.png (56.8 KB, 592x405, 80_fucking_pages.png)

Does anyone else remember the massive PurpleKeckleon/Pengo/Eevee drama from a few years ago? It always felt like PK was pretty bad at avoiding drama and was the type who could never let a petty fight go. I remember there being a website by I think Eevee compiling a bunch of Skype screenshots and going through line by autistic line and trying to debunk them but only making PK look worse in the process.

Looked her up again and she's going by GlitchedPuppet now, and is up to the same multi-paragraph spergfests, dodging callouts and curating her echo chamber like it's an olympic sport. (pic semi-related, I haven't read it but 80 fucking pages?? also kek at tw: loli, wasn't PK obsessed with lolicon?)

No. 638778

File: 1601070288940.png (1.44 MB, 1893x929, 0Untitled.png)

>Google says people know her for FE and NieR: A
>Doesn't stream either
>Doesn't stream art of either
Like clockwork.

No. 638788

She made Byleth and Edelgard as Patreon rewards back when she wasn't streaming as often. She used to only stream once a week at most and iirc only became a daily streamer after becoming a vtuber.

No. 638824


My bad. I somehow skipped the „last year“ part. Back then her views were good. Now it‘s terrible, you‘re right.

No. 638829

Her art is nice but I stopped following after she kept posting weird clips like her trying to sing or practicing Japanese.
the worst one so far is when she's trying to lick chat? idk the context not sure I want to know


No. 638832

>Trying to fit a square into a round hole.

No. 638833

File: 1601073850416.jpg (199.57 KB, 800x781, IMG_20200925_234229.jpg)

I don't have much to say about it but I hate seeing this guys art. His comics were fine but the girl ''practice'' art he does comes off as super weird and seeing everyone sperg over his poorly drawn characters is so weird.

No. 638840

Thank God, I really wanted to post him here, however I kept forgetting. His characters have same face, and has that stupid dreamworks smile. Please, I am tired of seeing Chloe and its following.

No. 638843

I actually think his art is nice, even if a bit generic, but it's weird seeing it on the front page of reddit so often. The following is definitely a bit much for such basic art, they're clearly just sketches of this coomer's perfect waifu OC.

No. 638852

I see this bitch occasionally and all I can remember about her is that she used to run an oekaki that was full of furry porn

No. 638858

I wonder if I'm just a bitch or all of those "ways to fill your sketchbook" videos are fundamentally stupid. Why pick a creative hobby if you're treating it as a chore to get through and/or you're so unimaginative that you need to google for some chick's doodles? Are those videos made for cyborgs from the future programmed to pose as artsy girls?

No. 638863

Seems like a good thing for people who are in a creative funk. I sometimes space out on doing art for months until I find a cool idea to get me back into a groove.

No. 638900


No. 638988

Why do they have such fantastical designs for something as mundane as streaming?

No. 638994


Tô be different, catch your attention and create a brand. Imagine if they were all girls in hoodies. Anon, pls.

No. 638995

Interesting designs are eyecathing. Simple as that.

No. 639083

I feel I know what you mean, the explanation is obvious as other anons said but it still feels like kind of a waste of a cool character

No. 639085

No. 639089

sage for ot but they do more than just streams, for example the reaper girl has original songs with a common theme about death and immortality, and the octopus can draw pretty well
fanworks also utilize their designs to make some pretty cool stuff, so it's not really a waste of design

No. 639122

Not so friendly reminder, living in a european union country is as just struggling as living at 1st world country, expect this artist will tweet about opening a donation pool with more than 75% followers muting/block her

I ended up blocking her bc i saw her using small artists as a tool to boost her fame kek

No. 639130


That owl looked like absolute shit and it brought down the quality of the doll. It also makes me sigh whenever she has to improvise a pattern and she'll ALWAYS draw or paint a pokeball regardless of whether or not her doll has anything to do with pokemon.

No. 639142

I really like Dollightful and the dolls she is able to craft. But why does she insist on using acrylic paint on fabric when she has fabric paint? Then she complains that the paint makes the fabric of the tail stiff. I thought that after Nyx she would learn and not use acrylic paint on fabric anymore, but she still does

No. 639155

His "pillow-body" way of drawing is so stupid

No. 639180

I always kinda thought about how it was funy that nearly all female artists draw women, but you rareley see a man only concstiently drawing men. I'm sure that they are out there but I rarely see it.

No. 639192


The only exception I can think of is trickywagon/ Sush. But she mainly draws her two male OC.
Myriam Tillson has a nice mix of male/ female/ ambigious.

No. 639202


not to be all like ugghh sexism!!!11!, but I do think to a certain extent it has to do with the objectification of women, as more objects of desire and admiration. Art exists to be pretty and admired and kind of objectified and the most popular thing to draw nowadays are pretty girls. Most of them don't have expressions of character, theyre just pretty to look at and nothing else, or they are hyper sexualized in a way. There are obviously a lot of these things for men as well, especially yaoi stuff, but this is just something I've been mulling over.

No. 639204

It's the ones that tend to not be coomers lol, I used to be friends with this guy who only did anatomical studies with men. He was terrible at drawing women and boobs especially. He was kind of autismo but he was really good at drawing. When I questioned him about it, he said he was just embarrassed to draw the female form.
For me, I started out drawing mainly women. But now I'd say it's a 50/50, I enjoy drawing both forms since I've found what I like.

No. 639218

Yueko is overrated, dont change my mind

No. 639221

mostly of artist I liked as a teenager have not improved at all for years or their art just worse, it's pretty disappointing

No. 639223

women is called the fairer gender for a reason
and artist tend to draw pretty thing more than others they usually pick female

No. 639228

Maybe I'm just too salty to say this. For those who follows sasucchi95 on IG, maybe you saw her story where she whines that her art gotten "worse" and feeling demotivated by working on a lot of commissions yet she multiple times posting on her ig page that she's selling merch on redbubble or teespring i cannot remember.She added a comparison of her art from January to latest saying that she feel worse on art but as far i remember both of them look exactly the same, is this attention seeking or vent? What confuses me that she's the oldest child in her family and she's 25 years old, why won't she get a day job to help stabilizing her income, that concerns me

Sorry to say most all of her redbubble merch drawings are really boring. It's okay not to step out of the comfort zone but she's staying on comfort zone for too long… I mean it's such a pity, if she at leat varying her art rather than static compositioned more people would be more interested purchasing her merch. Also…anyone had purchased her artbook here? What do you think?

Sorry for long post

No. 639233

I think it's just weird when hetero women do it. Though the objectification is obviously the cause, it still seems bizarre to not use your power to draw hot people for yourself.

t. Draw women because tfw no gf

No. 639237

yeah those who do are mostly gay like revolocities

No. 639264

I always love when it's sold as the feminist revolution when female artists draw pin-ups with like… pudge rolls or women that look like posing fashion models but with a different skin tone.
I've seen concept art bros who mostly draw men because of the sort of game/movie they mostly do work for but even those will have the odd sexy woman in between. The only men who are really consistently drawing only men are like gay fetish artists but that's a whole different game compared to what female artists who draw mostly women do.

No. 639275

it's not gay fetish it's objectophilia

No. 639279

Are we talking about the same thing here? I mean artists who are gay and draw lots of naked men and sometimes porn. Like Paul Cadmus on the artier side, Tom of Finland, Gengoroh Tagame and such on the pornier side.

No. 639282

Most of the men drawing men in my experience have to do with comics, video games, or concept art. But I don't really ever see men just drawing OC's or just pretty drawings of other men. I don't know how to describe it even. But even when men draw male characters, it's really different than how women draw female characters. Not in the sense that all the characters are sexy of it's just porn, but idek.

No. 639283

Yeah I agree, I know what you mean. There's way less of a convention to turn men into pleasant decoration.

No. 639285

Exactly, I don't think I've ever seen an insta profile filled with drawings of men as stand alone characters, whereas there's tons of that for women. I feel like women also draw our own gender since we're more connected to it, and we can express more through that, even when it's just drawing basic pretty girls, since that also functions as a kind of self insert wish fulfillment. It's a strong no homo thing too I guess.

No. 639290

okay but how to spot a gay female artist or you don't need to because they always have pronouns in bio

No. 639306

how does that have to anything with spotting a lesbian artist, or are you seriously just using this conversation to complain about pronouns in bio?

No. 639310

I think women drawing women has less to do with objectification and more to do with the sort of "maternal" drive. It's like kids playing with dolls, you see far more little girls want to play with barbie rather than with ken. I mean if you even look at how female artists talk about their ocs' they always say how their ocs' are their "babies and I've never seen a single male artist refer to their ocs' like that. I think it's really just us liking to dress things up nicely and relate to them as if they were our own "child".

No. 639321

Has any of you ladies tried to increase their ram before? My laptop ram is currently around 4gb, which is not very much because whenever I tried to open both photoshop and chrome it lags like crazy. I've heard people did this before, but I'm not very tech-savvy so idk if this will work or not. Any advice? Thank you so much!!

No. 639322

The only guys I see who draw mostly men are either gay, or really into doing concept art/academic art.

This. It's very telling how there are tons of straight women who draw coomer pinups and porn of female characters, but you'll hardly see any straight male artists drawing male pinups.

No. 639323

no? pronouns in bio also means sexuality in bio. it's very common. you desperately want to see things that aren't there

No. 639324

A lot of Asian straight male artists (actual men, not fakebois) draw pretty men too. No idea why, I guess their masculinity isn't as fragile as a western guy's who thinks if he stops drawing huge tits or bald space marines for a second he'll turn gay.

No. 639328

IMO this is pretty much it. Men are drawn for work and women are drawn for fun and/or to appeal to coomers. But women and gay men are more likely to draw men by choice.

Adding my own experience: I’m a girl who grew up only drawing girls because 1) I was embarrassed to draw guys because I felt like a pervert and 2) I didn’t want to learn muscle anatomy, and you can get away with not knowing muscles when you draw skinny or chubby girls. That’s something I’m working on now though.

No. 639340

Not always? The pronouns convo has also been done to death and no one gives a fuck anymore. Go complain somewhere else.

No. 639344

Yeah, east asian masculinity is so different from that in the west, I also love how that is sometimes incorporated into anime and art. I also do appreciate the fashion idols especially male idols have, I can't recall many straight american artist who dress like that.

No. 639352

does it look like i complain about it you fucking retard?

No. 639361

Depends entirely on your machine. Google the full name of your model and see whether or not it's even possible to upgrade your specific model and if so, by how much. Depending on model, your computer may take DDR2, DDR3 or DDR4.

Judging from the fact your computer only has 4GB of RAM to begin with I'm going to go on a hunch and say it probably takes DDR3L.

No. 639472

whats up with the 15 mins of nothing at the end tho?

No. 639483

dafuq is that tongue

No. 639502

Oh that isn't Dollightfull's actual channel, but some fan channel just steals her videos

No. 639523

fucking weird

heres the video from her channel

No. 639529

File: 1601161964889.png (1.02 MB, 2264x1900, 1596551120370.png)

I immediately thought of this

No. 639589

This. She complains about paint cracking when she bends the fabric parts, but that wouldn't happen/would happen less if she used fabric paint instead of normal acrylic paint. It also bothers me that she insists on painting gradients on fabric with a brush instead of airbrushing it.

She is. Her art is pretty and she's skilled for her age, but that's about it. She doesn't have an interesting art style and her ocs have very plain designs. She's bland as a person too.

No. 639590

she seems to dislike using the airbrush for some reason even though it seems so convenient. i didn't even know she had fabric paints, i have no clue why she goes with the acrylic every time.

No. 639616

File: 1601172070977.png (691.91 KB, 572x562, doll.png)

I really hate the derpy sculpted head on the earth dragon doll, I know she could have done better. Whenever she uses paint for faceups instead of pastels and color pencil it looks so jarring compared to her other dolls.

No. 639628

File: 1601173044485.jpeg (445.88 KB, 828x1388, 2CD11215-49D3-48FC-93B4-D00EA9…)

How much do houses cost in NZ? I’m from burgerland where houses tend to be expensive as fuck in populous areas. I wonder how much she makes a year to be able to buy a house.

No. 639636

Agreed, this one was frustrating to watch. Her other ones are alright but this one looks like it has microcephaly.

No. 639640

>From Kiwiland here
She hasn't bought a house completely, she's got a house with a mortgage.
If she bought a $600k house she must've saved up $120k as her deposit and maybe used her kiwisaver (like a 401(k)) and or got a first home buyers loan.

IF she did use her commission money, she would've taken up about 60-120 in the span of a couple of years to pay for just the deposit amount

No. 639646

File: 1601176284821.jpg (22.27 KB, 600x450, Chris_Pony.jpg)

Reminds me of pic related

No. 639664

Sorry, I worded my post badly. I just wanted to know roughly how much houses cost in NZ. She mentioned in a following tweet that she took a mortgage out, so I wasn't expecting her to buy the house outright. Ty for your reply tho.

No. 639667

There's nothing special about Yueko, she's just a university dropout without degree. Yet because she wins on fame and popularity, many companies contact her

No. 639669

I like her concepts and a lot of her techniques, but she overuses acrylic paint. She has an air compressor– she should be use airbrush for all of the large gradients on body parts and wings instead of trying to smear acrylic paint around. Plus, the acrylic paint she's using is too thick and it looks sloppy. She should be thinning it with something and layering it on so it looks more even. I cringed when she smudged the paint on the wings with her finger. Holy shit, just use your airbrush for that! Same for the tail; the paint wouldn't have gotten all gross and cracked if she had just airbrushed it on instead of using acrylic.

No. 639678

File: 1601182772867.png (431.91 KB, 1181x771, weliveinasociety.PNG)

The contrast of these 2 sections from pixiv's how to draw people page

Its not terrible or shocking, it's just funny because it's ~gender~ in a nut shell. I didnt expect to see such a clear-cut almost-diagram here I had to laugh.

No. 639681

Lmao I like how the "hands" and "feet" tutorials are under women. Men don't have feet, you heard it here first.

Also the art in some of those tutorials looks crappy judging just from the previews. Dunning-Krueger dictates that most tutorials out there are made by asshats who barely know what they're doing.

No. 639688

no shame in being a dropout anon
who is this yueko anyway why do some anons always bring her up without any milk to offer

having a lot of followers/being popular != milk

No. 639695


she has no milk. she doesn't even have a personality. she just has pretty art of 3/4 view anime girls and the only thing that's even vaguely close to water on her is that she became a vtuber and spams famous twitch streamers to try and promote herself.

No. 639698

¾ anime girls, everyone can do that kek

No. 639700

ahh yes the katana, the most infamous of male body parts

No. 639701

Anyone ever heard of Monosucre/Monoyume drama? She once got called out for copying Anmi's art style even tracing Anmi's work.

No. 639703

Something something phallic symbol

No. 639718

I only know PK and Eevee from their mystery dungeon art group years.

No. 639719

File: 1601191903594.jpg (39.18 KB, 700x700, Chao.jpg)

You can use her to comment on how English vtubers are a lost cause who would sooner put kids to sleep than entertain them… and that's about it really, if you've seen 1 you've seen them all.

No. 639725

I agree it's not milk, but that has got to be the most generic Pixiv art style possible. Literally the kind of thing you get from the Waifu generator.

No. 639729

It's plesant, pretty art though and she has a really good eye for color. I can see why she's popular plus she probably consciously worked on her reach.

No. 639814

that "generic" artstyle takes a lot to master. it's very timeconsuming and only very skilled artists can pull it off. i think she streamed for 4-8 hours for one piece once. it might not be everyone's taste but it's very difficult to pull off.

No. 639818

yueko is revolocities v2 of these threads i see

No. 639847

Saw this on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/p/CFnIzRmDK0x/

Everything is exactly the same as the original picture, just traced and distorded a little. Am i just seeing things?

No. 639850

this is an image board, post pictures

No. 639855

I like her art but the time it takes for her to finish a piece could be relative. Just because she takes 4-8 hours for a piece doesn't necessarily mean it's difficult, maybe she's just a little slow. I'm pretty sure some other artists with more complicated art styles can finish an illustration in less time.

No. 639859

File: 1601220315092.png (641.59 KB, 1141x396, comparison.png)

Huh, interesting, initially I was like, no, it's different enough to be sure it's not traced, but then when you look at wall tiles they overlay perfectly with the tiles from original photo, and then all the kitchen appliances are stretched, but also stretched in a way that overlays perfectly with a stretched photo, way too perfectly.
heres a quickly prepared gif with a stretched photo https://imgur.com/A44OCz6
Really makes you think the stretch was done on purpose so when you say it's traced the artist can respond "how can it be traced when it's not identical?".
At the same time, if you're good enough to get into Calarts, why would you have to trace anything?

No. 639973

iirc she doesn't like using the airbrush because she has a cheap one and is a pain in the ass to use. i don't know why she doesn't invest in a high quality airbrush tho, it would go a long way.

No. 640052

I started to be active on twitter not too long ago drawing what can be called nsfw (it has mild nudity) and I lost count of the people who draw kiddy porn/loli/shota who followed me. My god that site is riddled with those people, it's bad that it's the most used site for art now.

No. 640079

It's a study. He credited the photographer. What's the milk? That he traced a photo and wasted his time in a useless study? What if it was a color study?

No. 640085

it's almost like farmers here don't know how to study art. makes you think

No. 640139

File: 1601241993403.png (8.37 MB, 3360x1340, Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 2.24…)

>this section of her artstation is all 3/4 view or front view anime girls
I'm surprised that people keep commissioning her for commercial artwork considering that her commissioned art is even more stiff and bland than her personal art. I guess you'll get work no matter what once you're popular.

No. 640156

Waifuism demands that you get at least 1 commission of your waifu from every artist you know even if they know nothing about the source material to make something memorable.
I don’t get it either.

No. 640162

any tips how to get 1000 likes on art on instagram?

No. 640168

I feel like this has been answered so many times in this thread but, be active. Comment on and like other artists stuff, interact wth your followers and promote your ig on other platforms,

No. 640180

File: 1601244510684.jpg (189.99 KB, 595x1100, jiayue-wu-omyouji2-resized.jpg)

She's getting commissioned by companies too, not just by individuals. Her individual commissions are decent since she picks which ones to take based on subject (instead of fcfs), but her commercial artwork for companies are shitty compared to her normal art.
Pic related is a promo piece commissioned by NetEase. She mentioned in the stream for this piece that she also charged them several thousand dollars extra so they could use it commercially. NetEase's in-house team is pretty talented, so I'm not sure why they decided to commission her to draw two stiff, standing characters instead of using their own artists.

No. 640183

All that effort for art that you couldn't tell apart from half the shit you see on the front page of Pixiv. Amazing.

No. 640188

File: 1601245211525.png (191.69 KB, 636x539, 01601161624102.png)

Cheat, social media doesn't respect hard work and is far too eager to hand out success if you're a victim of sorts so you're better off getting the necessary retweet from someone's OC or a popular franchise then you can live life freely.

No. 640193

Draw fanart, it's good to build a following off of that stuff, but you will have to make a lot of fanart to get and keep followers. At some point once the hype for whatever your making art for dies down, you can move on to something else. It's just about getting a fanbase and learning how to keep them.

No. 640196

? this example sucks, the people in the screenshot are clearly being cunts under a guise of “criticism” though. The artist asked for genuine help to improve and got bitched at

No. 640204

Maybe i don't have a good eye for art since i'm a begginner but i don't get it. This artist seem fine to me, the colors look really nice and the characters look pretty and i'm not seeing how they look stiff.

No. 640207

Correct but it's the 0 to 100 jump that sullies the notion of Twitter being anything more than a kusoge.

No. 640213

NTA but the anatomy on that cat girl in the collage is atrocious, and what the fuck is even going on with the girl in red and white robes arm??? Her face looks photoshopped in too

No. 640238

Cornerstones of being a "good" artist in this day and age

>beautiful and appealing use of colors

>high visual interest
>horrible or wonky anatomy at best
>generic as fuck art
>inoffensive, anime styled or any other reused style art work
>rehash the same subjects over and over again

I gotta love how online art promotes stagnation and un-originality for the consoomers who sit down and browse their phone all day. So tired of seeing this boring shit.

No. 640247

you could say that for all anime art

No. 640250

>Why do crabs have vague art standards that are never met by anyone?
That being said her convention table would be prone to being forgotten since she draws the same characters that everyone else has and her username is just there.

No. 640256

>horrible or wonky anatomy at best
hers looks fine nowhere near horrible, you could argue it's wonky.
i'm curious what kind of art do you like? i just want an example that's it.

No. 640258

Are you really pretending that cat girl's anatomy is fine?

No. 640264

Dude, cat girls spine sprouts out from under her shoulder blades

No. 640266

It's funny how visual art critiques always get gaslighted yet everyone knows what shitty or generic writing and music is. Visual art must appeal to the lowest common denominator these days.

No. 640269

i keep seeing this person in my recommended and i watched 5 seconds of this video and i already fucking hate them, it's just a few minutes of deflecting criticism from other whiny artfags

No. 640270

File: 1601247642569.jpg (237.55 KB, 695x1000, jiayue-wu-kda-ahri-small.jpg)

The anatomy is not good true her torso is too long and the legs look weirdly attached to the hips. But you have to be retarded to think the face is photoshopped

No. 640273

Maybe not this one but the rest is alright. I'm still waiting for an example of art you consider good because it seems liek you just don't like anime style

No. 640274

they've been talked about before in earlier threads, and yes everyone hates Tobi

No. 640277

>you have to be retarded to think the face is photoshopped
I think anon is referring to the girl's face in >>640180

No. 640278

anime style is fine when done right. the problem is most "artists" these days don't study human beings and copy off of other otakus making an incestual and derivative artstyle.

No. 640280

you're not talking to artists here it's a salt thread. go for advice somewhere else

No. 640284

off topic but I am I the only one who noticed that tobi and spechie talk exactly the same?

No. 640286

File: 1601247994722.jpg (906.54 KB, 4096x3361, Eet756PVAAAuj-j.jpg)

Yeah i agree. But many artists that get popular try to study loomis etc

No. 640290

They didn't even ask for advice

No. 640293

File: 1601248130199.jpg (1.26 MB, 3500x3700, ERsIKNGU8AAjzgv.jpg)

i posted the wrong pic but you get the idea (same artist)

No. 640302

Now i see the wonky torso and leg on ahri but i think the red robe girls face looks fine?? what would she need to change for the face to not look photoshopped anymore? is it the angle of the eyes, mouth and nose?

No. 640303


If they limit themselves to only studying this dude (which they most likely do, seeing how same-y most popular "artists" is now) then they will only be copying his limitations in his artwork. There's a reason these artists can only draw the same 5 expressions and 3 same character types and settings over and over. The best way to gain artist development is studying a variety of artists and of course the way most artist started out, by studying humans around you or in pictures/video. You also have to be willing to accept humans don't come with the same 5 expressions and that people are very diverse ( I don't mean just physically but also in character and temperament, ect). My problem with online popular artists is that they act like their drawing subjects are mannequins they're posing in specific, trendy poses instead of trying to make them feel alive. For example I think the Ghost in The Shell or Cowboy Beebop creators/animators knew that very well. So did many of the older Western and Eastern animators in general. Overall, current popular artists trend on mechanical and copy-catting to a default which ruins their artwork besides for people who specifically like that style to begin with.

No. 640305

The rest are just busts so of course they’re not as bad. Except for the girl in the red and white robe who is fucked. You sound like a retarded weeb screaming MUH STYLE

No. 640306

Face is too low on her head. Also it just looks like a random and generic facial expression that doesn't go with the tone and composition of the piece

No. 640307

It’s more of the lighting/shadows and the neck. The face looks fully lit while the rest of the pic has a lot of shadow from trees and stuff

No. 640308

File: 1601248662926.gif (1.76 MB, 419x448, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

>Her face looks photoshopped in
That's because the face is partially traced from the character's official art, but the character is positioned differently in said art.

No. 640309

that also. she probably didnt wanna shade the face so it can be the forefront of the pic so low attention span
people can connect to it better

No. 640312

first one fits her pose and the way her head is while the second one looks random and misplaced irrelevant to her pose and the atmosphere of the second piece. this is just laziness. do people even study the characters they're drawing ?

No. 640315

Knock off creepshow but worse in every way

No. 640321

you're moving goalposts so quickly it's funny. I don't see how cowboy bebop has different poses from nowadays anime? it has a darker color palette and the poses are more natural because it's a more realistic artstyle compared to moe etc. I think you just don't look deep enough for artists that don't draw kawaii pin ups. true maybe the kawaii style is more popular now but it's not all there is.

No. 640326

>gives a thoughtful post
>randomly inappropriate "y-you're moving goalposts!" response

dumb scrote from 4chan/kiwifarms detected. fuck off weeb.

No. 640327

my bad i shouldn't have used that phrase because now i won't get a normal reply but whinning.

No. 640328

Why waste time doing research on a character when you could just shit out a generic piece and have everyone tell you your art is amazing and you're so talented? /s
She said in the stream for this piece that she doesn't play the game, but that's no excuse because the character has a 10 minute long animated backstory video that was posted on Onmyoji's Youtube and Facebook.

No. 640329

>Why waste time doing research on a character when you could just shit out a generic piece and have everyone tell you your art is amazing and you're so talented? /s

Don't forget the high volume of online autistic