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File: 1546325079091.png (200.3 KB, 560x667, Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 1.44…)

No. 757175

HollyBRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She beleives she's known for her three webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague
Chroma Prince, her newest Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves, not updated in a month at currently four pages: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted:

WEBSITE: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
TWITTER (currently deleted): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR: http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/

>Got caught tracing an anime screencap for a painting she intended to sell

>Locked her Twitter and scrubbed her social media
>Reappeared with a video saying it was just a placeholder for composition, contradicted herself constantly
>Dug herself deeper in the comments and is now sharing her views on rape (they're bad)

>Organized a for-profit BnHA zine with over 60 different artists to sell at SanJapan

>Complained they didn't meet her abrupt deadline then dragged her feet for weeks
>Didn't label any submissions so artists were unidentifiable
>Committed to printing them at home, realized that was hard, so closed the zine shop without alerting any of the artists
>Sent each artist $20 to blow it over. Some artists got another $20. Some people who pulled out of the zine still received the hush twenty
>Accidentally leaked names/addresses/phone numbers of almost every artist in an unlisted but accessible YT video
>Took too long to fulfill zine orders, downplayed the zine on all her social media to dissuade anyone from ordering more
>Still refused to get the zine printed professionally or even send out a PDF copy
>Meanwhile her own webcomic rape yaoi doujinshi was printed professionally in time for SanJapan
>Had plenty copies of the BnHA zine herself for SanJapan
>Zine artists are now posting photos of the copies they finally received and they have misaligned, poorly cut, and upside-down pages
>has still failed to apologize
>deleted her twitter and pretended her instagram got reported and remade because she got called out
>over 50k in debt
>Created new channel

No. 757177

No. 757197

holly 'i don't ever bother to learn and understand new mediums' brown. the sketch was good enough but she just gave up.

No. 757200

>it comes and goes in phases with me
well at least she recognizes how completely inconsistent she is about whatever flavor of the month medium she's pretending to be master of.

also how did she forget what product she bought and used???

No. 757210

She's complaining that sumi-e paints don't layer and get opaque…

Does she just buy shit that looks cool without the barest bit of research? No need to answer the question for me, I know the answer is yes.

No. 757271

Its so stupid she bought these watercolors for the muted colors. You can literally create these same exact colors with just the primary colors. This is dumb

No. 757306

OP put down Holly’s old Instagram.

Her new one : https://instagram.com/hcbrownart

No. 757327

companies love making money off people who are too retarded to realize you can mix paint and make any colour you could possibly want

what's sad is someone who is a "professional artist" and went to school for x amount of years actually bought into it

No. 757421

OT but afaik for watercolours you're not actually supposed to mix more than a couple colours together because it changes the pigment/opacity/makes them muddy. So like, some colours you really should buy specific ones you're gonna use a lot. Although these ones are just colours mixed with brown/black so idk how much that would matter to get these colours?

It's also really funny to me that she bought these as watercolours but they're actually a different medium entirely and then gets mad that they don't work the same as watercolours kek

No. 757444

she should've scrapped the whole video because nothing she said was valid. she was using Sumi ink as watercolour, calling it watercolour, thought it was an entirely different brand and then shit talking it the whole time. this video was literally useless to anyone. she could've at least annotated it because not everyone is going to read the comments where she corrected herself.

she's like 3 videos into this channel and fucking up bad.

No. 757522

Her lack of research shown greatly. Those time of watercolors are used for Sumi-e paintings, not repeated diluted layers of pigment. She should’ve gotten western paints or sennelier, a brand known for layering. But eh it’s cheaper than most watercolors

No. 757617

The Amazon link calls them watercolors not ink.

No. 757625

It does, but they're sumi-e paints, they're not the same as western watercolors. Sumi-e paints aren't meant to be layered or diluted the way she used them.

No. 757626

Fair enough. My point is that it's not that unreasonable for someone to think a product labeled watercolor can be used as a watercolor. Yeah, she used them wrong but it's not like she's a complete idiot for making that mistake.

No. 757627

Sorry, I forgot to sage.

No. 757642

the video is still worthless though because even though they're labeled watercolor, they're not traditional watercolors or meant to be used in that way. she used them wrong and then told her impressionable tween audience they're shit because she didn't do any research. all while calling them the wrong fucking thing in the first place.

if you're going to attempt to educate your audience on a product at least do the most basic research. or try to get the name right at all…

No. 757656

I dont think you understand what >>757626 anon is trying to say, like the reason she didnt do any research was because she thought they were just normal water colour paints and not something thats supposed to be used entirely different. Maybe it's different when buying art suppies online, but typically most people when buying a new art product dont look up the brand because they're just interested in trying something new.

She thought it was watercolour because it said it was watercolour. It turns out it wasn't, but that doesn't mean she's completely at fault for using them wrong since she didn't think they would be any different.

However I do agree that it was dumb since she makes "eductaional" videos about the product shes using without doing any research. Like if you know you're trying a new product and are talking about it to the masses then the least you can do is search up the brand to learn more about it

No. 757665

ntayrt, but you know what that is fair. I didn't realise they were labelled watercolors. It's an understandable mistake to buy them thinking they're watercolors, but definitely made her look ignorant as fuck shitting on them so much tho.

You'd think for someone who is trying to not buy any art supplies at all, she'd at least look up the ONE product she's letting herself buy to make sure it's actually good and not a waste of her purchase.

No. 757676

that's my whole point though. she should've never posted the video because it's full of misinformation. it doesn't matter she made an honest mistake, it would've been another story entirely if she uploaded it saying how she thought they were watercolors etc. instead she proceeded to talk out of her ass(using the wrong brand name no less, gansai tambi makes nice watercolors too).

No. 757692

So… where's the non-bitching, non-uneducated and barely literate, "new" Holly at? Because I see no difference even after her "rebranding"

No. 757786


They are technically labeled Sumi watercolors. And a handful of the reviews point out how the pigment separates when mixed with a lot of water. Anyways Holly buys on impulse so I won’t be surprised she saw them, saw the pictures, saw the price, and bought it.

No. 757787


Thats the point anon, if you’re making muted, desarurated colors, then you really only need the primaries. A set of 3 or 6 watercolors is enough to mix these exact colors, and holly already has all of the colors she needed to create this. She just doesn’t understand how to desaturate her colors i guess

No. 757800

Honestly Holly should look at reviews before she buys anything like most adults. Because buying anything off eBay, Aliexpress or Amazon means the title is going to have “2018/19 Best Watercolors Professional set 6-24 colors” after the brandname.
Most people I know (me and my friends anyway) go off user reviews and not item names and descriptions since most Chinese Wholesalers don’t put much time or effort into properly detailing said items

That said I can understand the mistake, but Holly has what? At least 5 different sets of paints and watercolor paints so it’s not like she needed them, and she’s shit with using watercolors anyway so it’s not like she can give an accurate review or tutorial with the product so…

Just Holly BRown doing what she does best, wasting her student loan and fans money and shit she doesn’t need, again

No. 757896

didn´t she buy paints with a gift card…? I don´t know, it doesn´t seem like such a big deal to me

No. 758494

File: 1546544993101.jpeg (351.56 KB, 750x936, 813F2BD6-0D9C-417B-B946-5BF4FC…)

No. 758497

who the fuck is the cowboy guy

No. 758501

HollyBrown's artstyle is unappealing to me but i do see that she has talent. alot of the so called issues with her are things everyone does or just comes from inexperience.

No. 758502

pretty sure cowboy dude is that rich fat togami looking mothetfucker. she's drawn him a few times but, like all of holly's characters, he's pretty much just a bland character defined by like one or two words, in this case fat and rich.

No. 758506

holly doesn't consider herself a novice or inexperienced though, if she did she wouldn't be half as milky. she thinks she's a literal master of all mediums. all she did was goof off in school because she was convinced she was too good learn anything from classes.

No. 758639

holly is streaming on instagram right now
- sold all of her copics…. again
- is planning on doing the sketchbook slam again once she finishes purgatory
- only job is selling on etsy rn

No. 758649

Most people have the ability to learn to draw. Innate talent of perception can only take you so far. It takes both study and practice. Holly is only willing to practice and has proven time and time again she refuses to study for improvement. It's too hard. Perspective is too much like math so why bother she says. Sure let me spend four years and 30k just to give up and come out with nothing because my teachers wanted me to study but I just wanna draw 'weeb shit'. No sympathy from me.

No. 758712

File: 1546561181445.jpeg (600.2 KB, 2048x2048, 22A5075B-83E9-4C1D-BF15-72F786…)

She just copy pasted the face on a fat body idk if that’s how “childify” a character works

No. 758739

Talent is nothing if you don't do anything with it - it's only a "nice to have" as a child and teenager, once you're an adult people with less talent but much more determination and discipline will have surpassed you. Holly seems to think that talent is eternal.

No. 758742

How old is this girl cuz her “younger” self sure has the body of an adult.

No. 758768

She's really going with the ED story for Princess, huh.

No. 758779

>be holly
>be 50k in debt
>buys shit on impulse
>doesn’t use her existing supplies that can already help her make money

No. 758797

im also not sure how to share or anything but holly talked for a little while about lolcow in her stream

No. 758798


They all look… the fucking same. What is there to signify they’re all younger? Short hair and being fat? This is shit I expect from 14 yr olds on deviantart not a 22 yr old woman who’s a self-proclaimed “professional”.

No. 758867

y'know we should really record holly's instagram streams more often, they get pretty cringey

also, side note holly: you can sit there and make fun of yourself and 'acknowledge' how horrible your art is all day, but it doesnt give you a pass to never improve and still try and pass yourself off as a 'professional who knows what she's talking about'
and blow your nose jesus

No. 758914

Oh my god, is she literally complaining about evil sjw's ans people censoring her characters again? That didn't last long, she made a weird insta story about how she's going to follow her heart and fuck the haters as well (don't know if it's still up though), good grief.

No. 758950

i deadass thought the OP pic was shuwu and grocery fanart

sage for ot.

No. 759090

Yikes, that line about her having the ideal babies because she's white and has blue eyes is pretty bad. I'm one of the few people here who actually likes Holly but she really needs to watch her words before she gets in trouble again. I know she was probably just making an edgy joke about aryans and wasn't actually being racist but people who are already predisposed towards disliking her are just going to use that as ammo to tear into her again.

No. 759208

What a fucking idiot. Way to learn absolutely nothing.

No. 759218

Reese’s back story is based on white trash but Holly says she jus changed races because…why?? If you’re writing a white trash abusive home based on your own experiences why not just make a white fucking character??

The prostitution talk and perfect Nazi babies is so cringey lol. Good milk anon.

No. 759306

Here's a new vid from holly, whory granddads.

No. 759323

File: 1546654044542.png (54.21 KB, 247x242, gak.png)

mc eschering it already on the first fucking drawing. maybe i'm biased because i did tech drawing in (middle) school, but her solid object draws are so laughable because they really look like a kid playing with the mind-blow of how in 3D, the line at the bottom of the cup isn't a straight line but ~a semicircle

No. 759326

btw, artanons- is part of the reason she sucks so much because she draws on a slippery plastic tablet? I mean, anybody with a pen or pencil could draw that handle curve as a smooth line with out the wobble and jitter, right?

No. 759334

If she's been drawing digitally for a long time it shouldn't be an issue. A lot of artists transitioning from traditional art to digital struggle with the smooth surface at first and might have wobbly lines, but they remedy it by putting a sheet of paper over the tablet until they get used to it.

If she did have this issue she would notice though, you can tell that you're uncomfortable with the smoothness and aren't achieving the lines you're usually getting on paper. I think Holly's problem is more that she just doesn't practice her lines (or anything) and doesn't think about lineweight.

No. 759336

She doesn’t look twice at her drawings because she’s afraid they might not be good. Spoiler alert; they’re not very good

No. 759338


Holy shit that handle!

No. 759392

The tablet she draws on is literally meant for that purpose. It's not slippery - it has a coating to make drawing smoother (i have the same one). Yeah, it takes a little bit of time to transition from traditional to digital drawing but she's been doing this for YEARS so she has no excuse.

No. 759398

It's mostly to do with drawing from the shoulder, and not the texture of the surface. Most non-artists can be pretty bad at drawing smooth lines or curves because they approach drawing like writing where the wrist leads your pencil/pen.

But like >>759334 said, Holly probably doesn't practice or see what's wrong. She uses undo a lot for the other lines (nothing wrong with that, imo) but not that one, which is why I lean to the latter.

No. 759464

she has to pretend like she cares about racial diversity

No. 759471

even slippery tablets only take a few months to get used to, and you can change the settings to fucking fix it. even shitty entry level wacoms have that option.

No. 759481

File: 1546679955136.jpeg (408.27 KB, 1242x1662, 0A1604EB-A68D-4BE1-BE28-D0CF93…)

These cups are horrible I take back my compliments about her object art being cute

No. 759482

File: 1546679982810.jpeg (400.34 KB, 1242x1701, 6C2E8F3F-AB4A-442F-A189-F13B8D…)

No. 759483

File: 1546680061255.jpeg (367.53 KB, 1242x1619, DC473C85-9C21-4A76-9F9E-0961B9…)

There’s more but it’s all pretty much the same
Weird wobbly lines, super lean and everything looks so… chunky?
I don’t know how to describe it but it all looks weird

No. 759485

File: 1546681079797.jpg (5.77 KB, 200x198, durr.jpg)

oh nooo she even did it after all. she just tries to muss over the bottoms with some extra scratches because she just cannot get why it doesn't look good.

No. 759504

Wtf is the point of the draw fifty challenge if she is just doing symbol drawings??

No. 759519

File: 1546689421717.png (93.29 KB, 400x600, autism.png)

who holds a cup like that? how can she not see how strange it looks?

No. 759522

nah the hand is part of cup. they're gag gift cups

No. 759526

File: 1546691853244.jpg (6.4 KB, 160x120, small.jpg)

she straight up says she has no idea what the point is
>i was not sure where i wanted to go with the d50 series. i wasn't sure what exactly i wanted to get or wanted to achieve out of the things i wanted to draw
>the subject of the draw50 videos came up and he was explaining to me like hey why don't you try to make each object you draw have its own personality. […] and so the video kind of turned in to how can i make these weird ass cups
so… because she's constantly running away and not running to anywhere, she just flailed onto the dumbest idea a video concept that would allow her to do her comfort doodles, not concerned about its coherence. She started doing it, realised it's meaningless and got bummed out but was telling this to some person and they condescended to her "What if this [other concept] was what you intended?" ("these shoes are in the off position!") and she latched on to that. yeah yeah p-product design.. th-that's what draw50 is

No. 759557

Nah the cups suck because Holly uses some messed up version of isometric perspective in her stuff instead of actually taking the time to sit down and learn perspective. Like a simple glance at 'Perspective! For Comic Book Artists' would improve her art 100x more than all these inane 'challenges'.

No. 759580

The line weight is all over the place, ew. She alps need to render these out because just drawing contours isn’t going to make her improve so much

No. 759625

File: 1546708406577.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 29DDE114-C1DF-429B-8A9B-6B912E…)

Everything is wrong in this picture what is going on?? I know this bitch dont go outside but she has to know what a human looks like ?? right ??

No. 759633


The ear bugs me so bad, it looks like a soda can tab.

No. 759634

The placement of his left—our right—ear is driving me crazy. It’s so off, did she not notice? Does she just not care??

No. 759708

Where’s his jawline? It would help if she actually knew how to draw a real skull and put that into her drawings, the ear, chin and eyes would line up better and this the mouth and nose wouldn’t always be sliding off the face

She’s horrible at this she really is, I just want her to actually practice and not pump out shit all the time

No. 759717

File: 1546722898754.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, ECE9F5A2-A76E-4521-9069-680084…)

Sage for doublepost but I answered my own question
This is why she doesn’t get better

Holly if it looks like shot you need to scrap it and redo it all, slower and neater the second time until you get it to look nice
Her instagram is like her twitter and YouTube combined she says and posts the dumbest shit I swear

No. 759718

File: 1546722972582.png (9.55 MB, 1242x2208, EF688256-B2EE-4161-82A7-148D95…)

And she makes it very obvious she lurks
We’ve been saying this for months now

No. 759775

Just got around to watching this but THAT CALLOUS. HOLLY stop drawing with your fingers!! Draw with your shoulder!! There should be no callouses forming on your hands whatsoever?!? Or am I wrong??

No. 759778

“I’m too ugly to be an escort”

No. 759794

Ya I laughed at that
>every artist has this, maybe not on this finger but when you draw a lot you end up with callouses
>like when you draw a lot your fingers bleed

Kek no holly, you draw/write properly with your wrist and arm you don’t damage your hands that severely. I’ve never had my hands bleed even after drawing for hours on end, I ended up pushing my cuticles back and yes they got sore, but never bled, they bleed if you play guitar or sew, not drawing or painting kek

No. 759885

I’ve had a callous since I was in grade school from how I hold my pencil but it never hurts and also no holy shit no ones fingers should be bleeding from drawing.

No. 759926

Is Holly putting her whole weight into her pencil when she is drawing? I don't understand how anybody could bleed from drawing too much otherwise.

No. 759987

Recorded this on desktop to save space on my phone and unfortunately the video quality fucked up (probably during my render I think I flubbed something)

Anyway, more Holly BRown instagram live streams for you anons, and it's over an hour and a half long just like her old shitty streams.
The highlights include

>Talks about being a fat kid

>Talks about running and how she sucks at it, then goes on to say treadmills are for old people and the elliptical is for young people
>Talks about her body issues
>Talks about how she can’t be arsed to give a shit about putting effort into her drawings or art
>Talks about how hard it is for her to have empathy for herself and especially others
>Says she’d never work on comics being paid 30$ a page because she could never work for so little money
>Also says she can’t understand how comics can have a separate writer and artist, then goes on to say it’s like someone writing a script then going to an animator and saying “here animate this for free please!”
>Talks about how shitty American comics are, again, for the 10,000th time
>Gives horrible mental health advice

Just another day for "I never change" BRown

No. 759996

A lot of proper webcomic artists will draw 1 or 2 pages a week, usually the former, so that they have time to make it both look good and function within the story they want to tell.

Those are the people that get approached to get their comics published, because it's already polished from the start.

No. 760020

it's like she heard the (very good) advice to many aspiring comic artists of "not every panel needs to be perfect" and took it her own special BRown way.

No. 760056

Funny how she talks about not being able to work for $30 a page when she tried to find a flat colorist on the cheap, then proceeded to shit on his work.

I know we like to share milk about her here but honestly she's gotten so redundant. She's just using her "new" YouTube as a front, the way she presents herself hasn't changed at all. She's been trying to lay low and act like she's more positive but her last few actual videos have been nothing but shit talking only maybe a bit milder. She isn't fooling anyone.

No. 760072

Holly’s entitlement when it comes to comic making is really going to fuck her up down the road.

No. 760114

She thinks because she mentions she’s narcissistic and lacks empathy for others she can do and say what she wants because she’s already brought up her shittyness like she can’t help herself. She’s not even trying.

No. 760162

That's honestly the reason I have no sympathy for her actually.

I know there are a good handful of anons her that sympathize and pity her, and wish she'd do better for herself, I wish the same but when she absolutely refuses at every turn to change herself for the better and make her own situation better, then bitches and complains about it, I just can't feel sorry for her and will continue to laugh at her until she does. It's more infuriatingly funny to me then redundant.

Holly is going to be 28, still a kissless virgin only more bitter and hateful, her art will still be shit and she will have nothing with her life besides sit on her ass and shit up the internet with her shitty art and opinions, and it'll be then when she realizes its her own fault shes like that, and maybe she should have taken the crit and changed before burning every bridge.

No. 760168


I hold my pencil in a similar way to Holly (pencil leaning agains the fourth fingers instead of middle), and I've found that actually way more artists draw holding the pencil like that than you would think. I think it has to do with the wrist and elbow movement needed to write.

Either way it's not great and I have RSI now and really bad callouses on my finger and the inside of my thumb because I studied an essay based degree and boy the number of essays you write will KILL you. But the callous is a nice soft padding. A pillow for your pencil.

No. 760242

SUPER OT, but gunna be honest never saw any other artist hold a pencil like Holly. My little bro and a few other dudes I know hold their pencils/pens like that and they have horrible writing, like they dont have proper wrist and arm control. It just seems so odd to me because holding a pen on my ring finger makes me want to use my fingers to flow not my wrist and thats what I see with Holly. She flows with her fingers and hand, not her wrist and arm.
I guess it's not really a position thing and more a control thing but it just looks and feels odd, not saying its wrong or anything just seems like you have to practice control and flow more then someone who uses their middle finger.

No. 760298

I hold mine like Holly and have a small callous in the same place she does. For wide sweeping strokes I go overhand but I had an art prof instruct me on the different ways to switch it up for proper variation. I usually just hold it normally for detail work or sketching.

No. 760305

thats the difference I guess, Holly doesnt know how to properly flow or gesture her wrist given her position and never learned to work with and around it.
That really doesnt surprise me at all, tbh
also-side note; I havent had callouses on my fingers since I was in my late teens/early 20's, and I changed up my handcare routine now I dont have a single callous and the area on my middle finger is just a little more tough then the other fingers, and it doesnt get sore or hurt after hours of drawing. (throwing a tip out to hopefully help, care for your fingers anons please!)

No. 760343

OT but I also hold my pencil/pen/etc against the first joint of my ring finger. For ages, especially in high school when I drew a LOT, and years afterward, I had a soft type of callous like you describe right on the side of the joint.

Nowadays I don't write on pen/paper nor draw much at all (sadly) and the callous is completely gone. But I never had issues when I had one. Having it bleed is definitely… alarming to say the least. She has to be overexerting herself and doing some sort of rough or jerky hand movements.

I guess to be fair I've always used my arm+wrist innately.

No. 760350

The truth is it shouldn't bleed. I've sat through 6 hour essay exams and the only thing I got was an extra callous on my thumb area (I know it's a bad way to hold the pencil, I've actually been trying to change it because it's not sustainable rip). Unless she has REALLY DRY HANDS because if so please moisturise because that's a bad look.

also yeah it's a bit weird because you use your fingers sometimes. It takes active effort to… not do that and to use your whole arm, because holding it against your ring finger actually allows for more swooping motions because of the angle of the pen.

Anyway this is super OT, to loop it back to Holly, she shouldn't be bleeding that's just really bad hand care.

No. 760385

I use to write between my index and middle finger throughout elementary and students and teachers would call it out so I started to hold my pencils "correctly" and developed a callous in that same spot.

This properly answers why her sketching is so scratchy since she only only uses her wrist motion which is extremely limited. Even then, how would your hands bleed from that? Im genuinely curious because where would it bleed from?

No. 760419

Holly livestreaming right now

No. 760435

and also new vid, promiscuous geriatics

No. 760437

Haven't watched yet because I'm at work but Hershey looks ok in the thumbnail. Is her era of long faces coming to an end?

No. 760439

I thought she would give up livestreaming ?
Guess the old Holly's back

No. 760494

“I think I’m getting ANOTHER silver play button by the end of this year LOL had to make a new channel cause I was acting like a cunt so lmfao”

PLEASE don’t.

No. 760500

Oh good she's talking about making granny patches to sell, and hats with "daddy" on them.

No. 760502

File: 1546890495208.png (86.19 KB, 569x672, unknown (3).png)

She's doing commissions on stream for 20 USD a pop and making a tidy little sum too, her current wait list is over 200 dollars alone.

No. 760507

File: 1546891250943.jpg (475.53 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190107-210027_You…)

Finished first comission

No. 760530

The way she made the hips and torso join is a bit confusing but for once most of the piece looks ok and the hands actually look all right and not like her usual mittens. I'm positively surprised! I guess she's putting in some extra effort since these are commissions people actually directly paid for?

No. 760536

I was also positively surprised, but I have a feeling at least parts of this are traced. I don't believe Holly BRown actually has this level of skill, though I might be wrong.
The knee kind of irks me as odd, but I don't see the foot so I can't really judge it.

No. 760545

lol lolcow's getting roasted(sage)

No. 760573

File: 1546899491525.jpg (554.74 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190107-231654_You…)

Finished the second one

Personally, i think this one's better

No. 760577

Shit man, good on her for doing commissions. Probably not as stable as most jobs, but it`s better than how she used to beg for money for things she didn't need while sitting on her ass at home doing nothing. At least this way people can watch her livestreams and know exactly what they're getting (not only by seeing the final drawings, but also the amount of effort and time that she puts into them). Though she's charging a cheap-ish price, so that`s not much to complain about really.

The lean is so fucking strong on that list though. I really think she tilts her head at a weird angle when she writes and draws or something.

No. 760585

I wonder if she decides to consistently put in hard work for commissions, her overall art will end up improving because of it.

No. 760587

Hey these are alright! Like she sat down and tried to practice SOME basics before doing this. Still her standard stiffness, blocky weird lines and horrible positioning and lean but it's an improvement.
I'm not hopeful tho, I get the feeling this is going to stop as soon as she started because Holly can't commit to anything, and she's going to give up on trying to be a bit more perfectionist over her work…

Nah, she tried commissions before and she barely put an effort in when she did, and got pissy about it not even half way through and said she wouldnt be doing commissions again. This is for money and followers because she needs that $$$ and her real body of work will only look like this on the off chance.

No. 760641

why has she suddenly done drawings that are 10x better than her comic art?? the anatomy, the lines…
(except for that grody top lip)

No. 760643

Sorry, but the second one is mediocre at best and the first one is downright hideous. Look at that face, it's just so ugly, the torso looks like a weird twisted cloth and the character just looks stumpy, stiff and unbalanced. These drawings have no flow, the second one's chair looks like it's made out of cardboard and straight out of my little sister's edgy art class. I know that when it comes to Holly, standards are already really low but these are not good by any measure and they're definitely not worth the 20 bucks.

No. 760648

they're not traced because she's doing them live from scratch- go on the livestream and skip way back to see her do the sketch of the current one

No. 760654

at best these are slightly better than her usual body of work, but she did seem like she was really enjoying herself. aside from occasional pot shots at lolcow and "lol im such a cunt lol" she was pretty chatty and engaging.

No. 760656

File: 1546909028344.png (389.33 KB, 976x588, three.png)

third and last one

No. 760658

She really needs to figure out noses from this angle because wtf are those. They're like Bailey's potato noses but worse somehow.

No. 760666

Don't know why she won't just cave and draw furries since that would solve her money problems. It's not like she shies away from degenerate shit in her personal work.

No. 760683

I don't think that would work because 1. she's not really known in furry circles, so rich furries probably wouldn't notice her, and 2. she doesn't draw the kind of weird degeneracy that attracts furries who just want to see her fetish. Not gonna lie though, it would be fun seeing Holly draw diaper and inflation porn for furry bux.

No. 760699

imagine holly doing vore porn, i shudder at the thought

none of the anons here are saying these are amazing, just better than what she usually puts out. holly has barely improved for the last 3 years so seeing even a little improvement in her skill and attitude is good and hopefully she keeps the momentum.

No. 760700

The lean is really bad in this one, which is a shame since it might have been decent otherwise. I'm not sure if she doesn't notice it or if she just doesn't care enough to fix it.

No. 760712

When someone asked in the chat she said she didn't know how to draw furries, not that she was personally adverse to actually doing it. But honestly I don't know how appealing her style would be to the average furry anyway. I can't even picture her drawing one.

No. 760729

File: 1546917113539.png (19.1 KB, 709x224, idiot.png)

can this person fucking not?

>tidy sum
not in the end. she did 3 over like 8 hours and made… $60

No. 760758

I mean she was paid up front, so yes, she has over 200 bucks in her pocket now. She just hasn't done the work yet.

Speaking of, her sketching process is so tedious to watch. She does like 2-3 sketches on top of each other before finally inking and takes forever.

No. 760801

tbh it's better than just rushing it , I've done this especially if its for a client whos paying for the art.
though her inking could be sped up .

No. 760803

I think it's her process for all of her art. Maybe doing a lot of commissions will teach her to be more efficient.

No. 760819


Her constantly going over her sketches like that progressively stiffens her art. It's fine to refine a sketch but eventually you have to bite the bullet and line it.


Her lip looks swollen.

No. 760826

why have multiple sketch layers? it'd be more efficient and easier to fix mistakes on the one sketch layer and work with that, and her lining looks like bad sketching most times anyway, she never cleans up her linework.

No. 760832

she's live again

No. 760843

yeah, watching her going over her sketches repeatedly and seeing them going from fluid/dynamic to stiff and 2D is depressing.

watching her stream now and i'm surprised she actually closed her commissions for the time being, since she loves to overwork herself and line her pockets.

No. 760852

Why does she do her linework in photoshop? That's amatueur tier shit. there are way better programs for drawing than PS which doesn't even have stabilization for your brushes, which is why her lines look like garbage.

No. 760853

Wow that’s SO original. I see that shit at every convention I go to nowadays. That’s as bad as Whimsipop’s dumb crop tops with the word “thicc” on them that sell out every event for the reason that convention goers are dumb AF and just want meme words on shit. High levels of stupidity.

No. 760855

lol i'm surprised she doesn't use clip studio paint since she's such a weeb. (also being a superior painting program…)

No. 760862

She tried after someone recommended it to her. She said it was shit. “a waste of $20” since she got it on sale.

She thinks anything new isn’t worth using. Just like them webs that won’t stop using Sai, even though it’s a bad art program, or at least the old pirated version everyone has is bad and outdated as shit.

No. 760868

random probably uninteresting tidbits from her stream:

>thinks about being a man all the time and would be very uncomfortable to be a man because they're hairy

>perked up when a guy in the chat said he was asian and hairless: "why are you hairless, tell me??"
>apparently had a stalker show up at her house?? didn't explain despite chat asking her to
>got the stink eye when she went into torrid (plus size store) because she's "not fat enough" for their clothes so all the big bitches were jelly, obvs
>says she's 5'8", a size 8 and 36 C (so not fat at all)
>a lot of shitting on women/women's bodies, saying women's bodies aren't interesting to her (very bi of you, holly). the whole "not like other girls" act because she dresses in old ratty t-shirts etc.
>doesn't want to go on twitch because that's where all the thots are
>her cat Sam had to be declawed because he's polydactyl??

No. 760871

>her cat Sam had to be declawed because he's polydactyl??
did she go into why? polys don't NEED to be declawed
mine had an extra claw coming out of his pad we needed to take care of every few years, but most poly's claws are like every other cat's regular claws.

sage for cat claw sperg

No. 760872

i thought it was weird too, my old cat was polydactyl and while the claws on her extra toes were prone to curling and growing into her paw pads, a simple weekly trim prevented it.

No. 760875

A lot of artists use ps tho

Which are the better programs?

No. 760881


PS is flexible for heaps of shit but if your just doing digital art like sketches and nothing else Photoshop is overkill.
Paint tool sai, Medibang, Krita and Mangastudio are fine replacements. PS is like it says more for photo manipulation and photography type stuff though it is possible to do sketches/digital drawing in it its needlessly complex for such a simple purpose.

No. 760913

Really you only want to use PS for certain editing and possibly sketch clean up/vectoring, but for digital drawing it's a cloggy, often RAM heavy program. Like >>760881 listed, there are many other options, Mangastudio/PaintClip Studio are vastly superior options for Holly to be using but it's a learning curve when trying new programs so she probably gave it like a day then gave up because she couldn't use it 'exactly like PS'

Besides if you want to use an Adobe program for digital art you're best off using Flash or whatever they call it now, but Holly hated that and TV paint too because it was 'too hard to use'
And they're not, you just have to take the time to learn to use them. I wonder how many art programs she has sitting on her computer now, never being used.

No. 760919

it's funny because the dedicated painting programs like manga studio have tons of shortcuts or tools like line smoothing to make your experience that much better, you'd think someone as lazy as holly would want to jump on that since she's forever trying to take shortcuts.

No. 760931

She tried saying in >>759987 that she has no idea if Clip Paint was compatible with her Cintiq (it is, it's called Google Holly use it) so I'm guessing thats one of her excuses for not switching over, because she'd have to spend time rebinding keys to her tablet and figuring out the shortcut keys etc.

I spent maybe a week fully figuring out Clip Paint Studio and it didnt have to take me that long, I was having fun figuring out everything the program had to offer, but I guess that would cut back on the time she has for the 10,000,000 pages of comics she puts out a day, and she couldn't possibly waste time like that /s

No. 760937

She’s posted ‘furry’ art before and it wasn’t awful? I guess it’s because it takes a little extra work to look up references for furry art.

No. 760938

$60 for 8 hrs is pretty bad but when you also consider the fact she was also able to not only make video content but also interact with her fans in a positive manner, it's kinda worth it?

No. 760939

If you don't clip their nails periodically and keep an eye on them, polydactyl claws tend to get infected pretty bad. Knowing Holly she probably wasn't up to the responsibility and thus decided to get him 'declawed' in his extra toes.

No. 760958

That's kind of a long ass time for simple digital inked pieces. Granted, she's livestreaming them, but hopefully she gets quicker as she keeps doing it, even if it seems like she wastes a lot of time rambling about stupid shit rather than focusing on the lines she's making which inevitably leads to her redoing them. If she could get to doing a commission every hr or even every 2 hrs, she'd make decent money.

No. 760995

Anyone else find it super weird how she laughs at normal statements. Not even her own cringey jokes, shell say something like "im thirsty" and than do this fake sounding awkward laugh

No. 761042

she gets super side tracked by her audience, last night she redrew one sketch like 3 times then gave up and was busy cackling over drawing a fat cat with saggy tits.

No. 761080

just started another stream

No. 761110

ever wanted to watch Holly eat McDonalds? watch this THRILLING stream~
she does look happier though which is good

No. 761410

File: 1547021136191.png (1.18 MB, 994x558, dirty.png)

Her room is yet again,(no surprise tbh) Filthy AF

No. 761415


I don't know, I can actually see carpet. Her room has been so much worse.

No. 761434

it was never really clean in the first place tbh. but it's still not as bad as before.

No. 761452

it's not AS cluttered as it used to be, def cluttered and untidy tho
she looks really tired here ngl

No. 761614

she literally spoils the story of her whole comic, doesn´t she? I really don´t get why anyone would do this with their work of fiction…

No. 761650

I think it’s because she doesn’t write any of her stories out, she just writes the odd note in her sketch book and then makes everything else up as she goes along which is why her stories are so horrible and barely go anywhere

No. 762100

Can i just say, her fridge is cute as hell???

No. 762146


ugh I think so too! I tried finding the same mic as her as well( because i like the color) but it seems like its not being made or sold anymore. I just wish she could manage to keep her room clean and coordinate some other stuff to make it look cuter

…. also that open can is just begging for ants! I don't know how she can live, or eat for that matter, in her own filth.

No. 762150

it's a blue snowball mic but yeah, the pink was limited edition. might be able to find it on ebay.

No. 762253

Holly, the "not-like-other-girls" queen, has an abundance of girly things. color me surprised

No. 762375

Pretty sure the can was opened on stream.

No. 762376

When someone said they thought she was gay she took offense and said something about liking lots of girly things so she didn't know why people would think that, which….way to be the exact kinda straight fujoshi the gays hate Holls.

No. 762603

Holly implying that gays (particularly gay girls) don’t like girly things?????? Queen of incompressible logic!

No. 762605

Oops forgot to sage

No. 762653

Another one of her videos where she tries to be humble but ends up blaming all of her problems on other people. She blames "competition" on why she is so negative.

No. 762663


This was posted earlier but you got a point

No. 762683

I don't think Holly cares whether actual, real gays like her or not. She only cares about her anime boys fucking.

No. 762696

I have the exact same model cintiq as Holly and use Clip Studio Paint for all of my art. It works wonderfully. She's just lazy.

No. 762706

Aren't these faces the notorious faces she made premade brushes off, I swear

No. 762710

Aren't these faces the notorious faces she made premade brushes off, I swear

No. 762753

The funny thing is Holly said she was bisexual back when people started calling her out for being a fujo. I guess that was lie to get people off her back.

No. 762871

like anybody actually believed that for a second

she needs to actually find other women ATTRACTIVE to be somewhat considered bi.

No. 763063

new vid, clever synonym for slutty grandmas

No. 763146

she totally finds women attractive! but only if they're so impossibly beautiful that they don't actually exist…

No. 763299

It's been a while since I last watched Holly draw, and I'm so bewildered…… not only is it butt ugly (of course) but her process is so…. weird?? For a person that's been drawing as long as her?? No basic shapes first, not anything, just awkwardly drawing what she wants where she wants it to be?? What the fuck

No. 763304

Nah its much better than Holly's normal stuff since the composition is pretty solid and the scene actually makes sense. Everything else is a bit meh.

I know Holly lurks on here so my advice to her would be to actually try to accurately redraw the screenshot before redrawing it in her own style. That way she can learn the nuances of the scene before choosing which parts she wants to stylize and bring attention to.

No. 763339

if she ever drew underlines or anything like that, we wouldnt have this many threads mocking her bad art

No. 763341

Yeah, obviously, but it's one thing seeing her shitty finished pieces, and another seeing her actual process producing them, it's even funnier like this (I haven't clicked on a video of hers for quite a while, I don't want to give her views to brag about)

No. 763354

>the scene actually makes sense
not really? I had to look up the actual scene from beetlejuice and I didn't even know that was who she was drawing until she said it in the video.
She doesn't add the actual screenshot from what I can see, just says that her redraw will look like shit when compared to the original (paraphrased). Even then, the feel I got from her redraw is that the suit guy is belittling the shrunken head like a head-villain-to-underling-type interaction but that isn't at all how the scene plays out. Maybe it's her dreamworks brows at it again

>i flip my canvas a lot because my art is wonk
and yet she still has so much lean? HOW?

No. 763417

really? she didn't show the fucking actual screenshot in the video?
anyway.. she gave beetlejuice that horrid dangly style of tie that she only knows how to draw and gives everyone. Is this a Texas style of tie? Even if so it's so ugly. looks like it's just slid down and not on properly and is going to get caught in something

No. 763456

How to trace and get away with it challenge

No. 763461

it's not traced at all. nothing lines up with the screenshot. ..this work looks so real to you you can't tell it from trace? bruh

No. 763499

she does have a sketch under that, she just turns them green to hide them because she says she thinks it looks cool to have her lines come from nothing. if you watch her streams you'll see she does actually map out her composition with shapes.

so…she just sucks tbh.

No. 763511

Just out of curiosity does anyone know if she's doing another convention anytime soon? After how San Japan went for her I would love to see how she would go about doing a convention again, save she learned from her mistakes.

No. 763620

Okay here's why I'm an ex-holly fan and obsessed with her: My personality and my mental health problems are almost IDENTICAL to her. Her videos are painful to watch because I can relate to her. I relate to the things she hates about herself and I hate about me. But the thing is, I've learned it the hard way that these mental health problems won't go away before she stops making excuses for herself and brushing things off.

It's a good first step that she has realized that she needs to change but she is still "hiding" behind her mental health repeating "I'm like this because depression u guys" and "people hate me no matter what I do".

She needs to fucking face the fact that the whole world doesn't exist to attack her. An average person doesn't care two shits of what someone else is doing with their life because they have their own problems to worry about.

Now this is only my personal armchair opinion but I think Holly should
1. Realize than the only person who is responsible for her fucked up situation and can fix it is herself(mostly).
2. Decide whether or not she can fix it on her own or if she needs a medical professional.

Because I did that and WOW WEE look at that, my mental health improved massively almost immediately when I stopped fucking whining and defending myself and defending people like her and me.

GOD I WANT TO SLAP HER BACK TO REALITY. Sorry, rant over.(autism)

No. 763621

Realize that*

No. 763644

As a fellow ex-holly fan, I also used to relate to a lot of the things she said. But I started to realise that there were so many things she said that were just wrong. TBH I followed her because she had these interesting merch making videos and I thought they were very snazzy, but then she started to lord about the fact she's a different artist and she uses ink and she does studies and uses toned paper, it was pretty iffy.

She has good art. I mean, if you look at that one video about storyboarding, she did a w hole thing with a tiger and a zebra, and a few of those compositions were pretty good! But somehow she never translated that into her normal work which is so frustrating to see.

It's so easy to get caught up in yourself, though, which is what Holly has done. She constantly plays the victim and never thinks before she speaks, which is why somme people love her and most people hate her. There's being blunt and there's just being downright obnoxious.

No. 763698

Probably not, I don't think the last convention was really profitable for her even though she claims she made money. Another anon posted a spreadsheet a while back and it looks like she either lost money or barely broke even.

No. 763699

>'She has good art.'

I think the thing is that Holly's art is better than the average hobbyist. Like it falls into the category of being inspirational but achievable for the average beginner. Unfortunately anybody who has done art for a while can quickly see all the flaws and beginner mistakes Holly makes in every piece. With all that said Holly isn't a lolcow because of her art, she's a lolcow because of the fact that she does and says stupid things. Deactivating her twitter was a good step forward for her so I really hope she continues to stay out of drama.

No. 763736


I figured. I regularly sell at conventions and have been for years now, and watching how she went about her con prep and how she just splurged on unnecessary things nearly gave me a damn brain aneurysm. I already knew she would barely make any money back with it. Every first timer is going to make mistakes and alot barely break even like I did my first year but even I, at 16 knew better than to spend almost $50 on a stupid ass cardboard box to store prints. I just used a plastic bin. I would genuinely like to see her try a convention again to see if she's learned anything. Hell, I wouldn't even mind giving her actual helpful advice.

No. 763777

For her own safety I think it would be better if she didn't go to conventions for a while. Anyways, I'm pretty sure she would make more doing her commissions for a while.

No. 763784

She has enough to stans to make decent money on commissions. Plus she doesn’t have the most appealing art or enough popularity to make good money with cons

No. 763804

She has enough to stans to make decent money on commissions. Plus she doesn’t have the most appealing art or enough popularity to make good money with cons

No. 764959

This is something all mediocre YouTube artists should learn lol. I remember when TwistedDisaster made a how to for AA before she had even tabled before because she had friends that did it lmao. She was convinced she'd make bank because she has an online following willing to pay her. At conventions your audience size online doesn't matter (unless you're legitimately huge like Sakimi) curb appeal and trends make you money at cons, and neither Holly nor Michie have appealing styles, and their both pretty stuck in the mid 2000s lol.

No. 767377

once again mrs holly brown fails to understand how news broadcasting works.
no, holly, the reason they don't show kittens on the news instead of tragedy is not because ppl like seeing negative stuff. it's because ppl like seeing relevant stuff. that's what the news are for. information.

kitten videos are some of the most watched on youtube

No. 767401

(weak way to start the thread off again- no, dummy that is why the news shows that. go watch Nightcrawler etc. You can still post the video even if it's got nothing worth commenting on)
More on topic, Holly's just rehersing/resaying the same things she already stated, because she doesn't really internalise it. Also per her ig story she's making no yt money now
>your estimated revenue $0.77

No. 767406

Naw I had the same thought while watching, that isn’t a relevant analogy on Holly’s part.

No. 767794

Idk about you guys but these new videos just look SO boring to me, I haven’t clicked on any of them. Why does she seem to think sketching is her strong suit? she Thinks she can compete with art channels that are doing projects and testing new materials, with her shitty doodling content? Entitled b**

No. 768032

It's at this point where she's aimlessly kind of just putting out boring videos and if that makes her happy then that's fine. I feel like it's another distraction though. She's always finding something else to do besides her comic. She tried many times to make content out of her comic and its concepts but they just never seem to work out for her.

She probably doesnt like working on one project at a time. And maybe, just maybe, her ideas aren't so great. It just hasn't really occurred to her. Maybe what she has laid out for herself doesn't make her happy or excited to actually work on stuff. She's spilled the beans about every character in PP because she's bored and wants that instant gratification.

Her milk is slowing down now because she's turned into a run of the mill artist on YouTube with an OK video schedule and mediocre art skills.

It was fun while it lasted, though! 2018 was her year on lolcow for sure.

No. 768045


Her videos were never engaging so if there's not any drama going on, she's just the typical "blunt" and "honest" (aka rude bitch that tries to hide behind that) starving artist with an unappealing art style and even more so unappealing personality. Baylee-Jae may not have the greatest art but, I'm subscribed to her for her personality and con prep videos. Without any drama going on Holly is just ridiculously boring and bland.

No. 768102

Lol, the irony. This is really the best time for her to be working on her comics though. No school, no financially motivated "obligation" to YT (not that she was ever under contract or anything, but now she makes zilch from it), and she's probably only working part-time if she does have a job. She's never going to get the same YT following that she used to after moving to a new account, as if all of the drama didn't affect her past views enough. If she had an actual Patreon schedule, she could be making some cash off of just updating her comics early on there and showing concept stuff.

But nope, gotta be a useless ~aesthetic~ art-tuber! Deleting her first twitter was also a bad idea in terms of getting more readers. Wonder how long it`ll be until she blows up again about how she's so poor and works so hard and spends so much $$$, why aren`t you guys buying my shitty originals.

No. 768112

Guess she was able to sweep the zine drama under the rug since she’s been laying low.

No. 768146

Indeed, what happened with the ~zine artists discord~ after all? I'm guessing…… absolutely nothing, because all they did was bitch here?

No. 768277

Her biggest appeal would be her comics (which suck lol) but she doesn't even bother with them anymore. On a side note: any recs for channels that make webcomics? They're surprisingly hard to come by.

No. 768538

I like McKay & Gray. Their art isn't the best but they have a good update schedule. I tend to use them as white noise while I'm doing other stuff.

No. 768672

It's hilarious that even after the tracing drama that wrecked her reputation they were still too scared to do anything about it. Morons.

No. 768963

File: 1548025087648.png (240.67 KB, 551x727, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.18…)

New purgatory pages

No. 768964

File: 1548025113339.png (208.89 KB, 500x684, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.55…)

No. 768965

File: 1548025136044.png (245.45 KB, 509x701, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.55…)

No. 768966

File: 1548025159587.png (219.23 KB, 486x697, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.55…)

No. 768967

File: 1548025182989.png (202.45 KB, 515x701, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.56…)

No. 768968

File: 1548025205413.png (237.54 KB, 538x700, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.56…)

No. 768969

File: 1548025265185.png (245.27 KB, 500x689, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.56…)

No. 768971

File: 1548025442400.png (197.28 KB, 502x696, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.56…)

No. 768973

File: 1548025465083.png (206.38 KB, 514x691, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.56…)

No. 768974

File: 1548025489320.png (277.7 KB, 497x692, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.56…)

No. 768975

File: 1548025513577.png (183.55 KB, 498x688, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.57…)

No. 768977

File: 1548025534032.png (223.23 KB, 513x688, Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 5.57…)

No. 769082

File: 1548043425175.png (26.5 KB, 171x134, Untitled-1.png)

these aren't even horrible but the lack of backgrounds makes it look so boring and empty

>set scenes in an ornate cathedral

>draw it partially using 3d models maybe 2 or three times and thats it
>extremely low effort flat grid for the floor reminiscent of tron

what the fuck? it could be a cinderblock apartment for all the visual information you give us, holly. I know you can't into perspective but jeeze

No. 769092

I’m not gonna lie, part of me is grateful. This whole thing only has one panel of that awful wood texture.

I guess for Holly it’s either a panel that’s too crowded or one that’s completely empty be of backgrounds or people. To me the only panel that looks okay is the large middle panel here >>768974 and that’s if you ignore weird perspective on the people placed in it.

No. 769114

File: 1548048066739.png (93.74 KB, 590x250, woah.png)

I thought they were in the Matrix construct. Lol how the three men here >>768964 are pasted into this void from the previous page.

No. 769176

Simon’s new design looks so much like Reese

No. 769182

Jesus these are all awful
She really barely made any improvements, perspectives of all the characters are fucked like none of them look like they are in the same place or even touching each other when they are actually touching each other.
All the hands are even more mitten-like then usual, everyone looks constipated, and what in the actual fuck is happening with the two old guys >>768966 walking away? It's like they're walking up a slanted wall with broken ankles.
Weird lines everywhere that look like they're shadow lines and she forgot to fill in said shadows, then she was too lazy to even use the 3D bg's in the panels, all of this is literally a purgatory.

She can kinda draw hair now… a bit. I mean she knows how to make it look less like a lego piece put on their heads, it all still looks like one solid clump.

I'm sorry but this is just sad, she's regressed so much it's obvious she doesn't give a fuck about this anymore. Sorry for the tl;dr but holy shit Holly give a fuck for a while will you? At least for your fans that still read this hot garbage?

No. 769183

File: 1548063808612.png (23.85 KB, 103x297, wdm.png)

This fucked me up

No. 769211

the fact that she had a 1 point grid set up on the ground and all the people are still in 1 perfect line is fucking me up

No. 769216

File: 1548071184645.png (41.11 KB, 265x273, mirror.png)

I can't remember is the dad meant to be gay or gay.. sympathising? i mean look at this. (which, btw, you can see straight through to holly's own face as the model).
he doesn't seem to put any weight behind his 'no funny business' instruction.
btw the whole interaction seems to shift jarringly in tone
>i'm really worried about him
>now hurrr hurr i hold the keys up high tehee
i admit i don't know the characters

No. 769231

i just don't understand how she still thinks her older drawing are worst. Those pages are just boring, you can see how rushed they are. And I have the biggest problem with faces. Yea, sure, before they were still weird but more ductile (?? i don't know if this is a right word) and now they're just blank and sanitized. And her character bodies are just stiff and look like some wonky constructions. I don't think she should draw like before but she just took weird turn in her drawings. She tries to speed things up and it's not really working out.

(sorry, english is not my first language)

No. 769235

the hand on the kid's shoulder changes between frames. if you're gonna direct attention to the action, why make such a simple mistake…

No. 769273

File: 1548085205788.png (756.73 KB, 690x660, holbyrown.png)

sorry it's not milk but i clicked her stories and then was like wait what am i watching, who is this i thought i clicked holly brown. so what the fuck it turns out she is cute? she looks.. like a babe? not like a femcel fujo?

No. 769280


You're entitled to your opinion anon but 'babe' isn't the word.

No. 769281


You sure you got the right person? She still has those droopy eyes and that frumpy look, just because she straightened her hair doesn't make her look like a totally different person.

No. 769293

She looks really good in these pictures. She isn't doing the normal bullshit that always makes her look like shit, i.e. the shitty hair, gross nails, terrible angles, etc. This is about as good as BRown will look and it's actually pretty nice (although not babely but still pretty cute)

No. 769302

The straight hair is definently an improvement. Imo she doesnt need to wear heavy makeup like some anons suggested a while back, she looks low key cute with what shes doing with her looks here (obviously without the gag hat but you know what i mean)

No. 769320

What do you think femcel fujos look like, anon? because they don't all look like fucking gremlins

No. 769336

>like a babe
Lolcow is the only place that people will swear up and down that Himezawa is ugly as sin, but call this a babe…

No. 769462

I think she looks very cute personally.

No. 769582

she's lost a ton of weight in her face, it looks a lot less potato-y.

No. 769954

File: 1548187445060.png (1.22 MB, 1232x790, instabrown.png)

No. 769961

The art lean is still pretty bad. Holly is still using contour lines instead of drawing through the subject using principles of under drawing. I like seeing Holly push herself and get out of her comfort zone.
It'd probably be beneficial to Holly to isolated studies of the human face and body. I know that this might be something Holly thinks she above doing but it's obvious that she didn't take her anatomy study very seriously.

No. 769972

really did capture the same chin she has in the bottom left one huh

No. 770032

it's actually kind of cool you can see some family resemblance in a couple of these but that leaaaaaaaaaaaaan

No. 770033

it's actually kind of cool you can see some family resemblance in a couple of these but that leaaaaaaaaaaaaan

No. 770133


I think shes pretty cute when she actually takes care of herself. I'm a pan female and I wouldn't mind dating her if her personality wasn't so shitty.

No. 770211

She reminds me of a ventriloquist dummy. There is just something off about her face…

No. 770248


It's the cheeks.

No. 771504

New vid, grutty slandmas.

No. 771507

why does she think any beginning artist or anybody else wants to watch someone tracing over an invisible sketch.

No. 771544

I find it baffling she can’t stick to a schedule when she is SELF EMPLOYED. She creates her OWN work schedule.

Also the way she draws the plants and then the containers around them on some of them is frustrating along with the scratchy linework of what is supposed to be a final image. For someone who does linework all the time I can hardly believe how bad it looks.

No. 771546

Samefag, but she also “has learned a lot about editing” but couldn’t be bothered to edit out that second or two she cut to her desktop?

No. 771553

that's a background for while 'tiles' come up if you're watching on a computer that link to other videos. cute that you think her desktop looks like that and not something covered with 900 icons called asds.psd sdadfds1.psd dsadfds1(1).psd

No. 771565

So she removed the commissions from her etsy, wasn't that supposed to be her main source of income? I was really hoping for some badly botched OC's, but oh well.

No. 771662

Nah, according to her new vlog it seems like she is going to rely on finishing up Purgatory and doing a new kickstarter to make enough money to move out. Not sure how successful that will be seeing how her online presence has really diminished ever since the tracing drama blew over.

No. 771676

I thought she was enjoying doing commissions and streams and it seemed like fairly steady income. another Kickstarter isnt going to pay her rent down the line. maybe she as too slow for commissions to stay profitable.

No. 771683

Dare I say I haven’t even clicked and I’m disgusted because of the fucking thumbnail??

No. 771685


When loosing relevancy just pull a Logan Paul?? I'm scared to click on this too. I can smell oncoming drama from this.

No. 771687

It's not that bad. It was like 2 seconds of small statue with the text "A kid died here." So pretty much just baiting

No. 771691

Business related list of stuff in vid:
-throwing out all her old merch
-has a ton of the enamel pins left (it’s a fuckton)
-throwing out all her fanart prints
-selling her cricut machine
-next 2 months purgatory only no paranormal plague at ALL
-“every project I did last year failed”
-not making stuff herself anymore, getting stuff produced with manufacturers
-wants to prepackage merch in plastic (more waste)
-Kickstarter for Purgatory book 2 soon???

No. 771695

File: 1548447693400.png (1.14 MB, 1136x640, F8E4261F-124A-43CC-B2CA-14A797…)

The box of pins. That’s a decent amount of pins leftover. Did she get a quantity of 50 each?

No. 771703

If she uses to Kickstarter to help find moving out I wonder how she plans to pay rent going forward like another anon said. I can’t see her really affording much if it’s not a place with roommates, but I also don’t know the rental rates in TX. As much as she complains the way she handles money makes it obvious she wouldn’t be able to sustain herself.

No. 771745

TX isn't ungodly high, but yeah, she won't be able to make it on her own with how she handles money.

No. 771783

A kickstarter isn't to fund your car, or your rent. That's patreon. Kickstarter, you knob, is to fund the project you want launched. It's after the project is sustainable that you start earning.

Like, what is she going to do, ask for money for purgatory volume 2 to go to print and ask for money for a car/rent? Is she expecting to make hundreds more than her sales goal?

She could've gotten that car she wanted ages ago last year (via patreon) if she wasn't focused on spending her money on dumb shit, and now she wants to open up another kickstarter. She may very well reach her print goal but everything else? Ok holls. Lie to yourself like you lied about having 2 day jobs in the bag. Lmao.

And we'll see if she can manage to stick to "purgatory only" for 2 whole months.

No. 771842

plus don't you have to have good credit ect to even get an apartment or is it different in TXs?
after all the drama shes been in people aren't going to help her out anymore.
its funny that she thinks shell sell a lot of purgatory volume 2 to even make ends meet .its truly hilarious

No. 771879

Can’t speak for TX, but where I live that depends on the apartment and area you live. Low income areas are much more lenient with that kind of thing but you won’t be getting a place worth much.

No. 772382

Holly, a floor plan needs to show the dimensions. Do some research at least

No. 772384

>Tiles for miles.
>The grid. A digital frontier.

At this point she's rushing purgatory out. Everyone is just vaguely in a church or vaguely in a room or kinda in 3D-esque space.

It's astonishing how she thinks that going to attempt a second kickstarter to put this to print is passable.

Like, the first volume from what I seen had its issues and wonky art, but at least it was more visually interesting. Here it looks like she's just given up in almost every aspect. Who's gonna want this by the time she decides to sell it…? She's lost serious momentum after all the bullshit.

It's just depressing at this point and clear as day she wants it done asap so she can run that kickstarter and expect that money she thinks she deserves to come rolling in.

No. 772748

I miss holly's twitter so much
I need my sustenance

No. 772848

Is nobody going to point out the fact that she put cracks on the fucking windows?! Like, holy hell, that's not how glass works - well, neither does the wall.
Also, that literary masterpiece of "There were cracks we thought were just cracks, but they were bad cracks."
Love it

No. 772864

Honestly, everything is so bad I’m barely even phased by it. I mean, there are two whole pages with literally nothing except people talking in a void.


At least prior pages had one single panel with some grid space that suppsed to suggest a background, but she couldn’t even do that without quitting near the end.

No one cares about this slow, boring excuse for plot. The art is the bare minimum. She can’t even draw her own backgrounds anymore, wonky though they may be. This is just… sterile. I never thought I’d see such a soulless product in such a creative medium. But here we are.

No. 772865

My bad, forgot to sage.

No. 772869

Me too, Anon.
I miss Holly’s bad art advice and her shitty memes.

No. 772917

Am I the only one missing her old style of videos? While far less "tidy and pretty" everything she doesn now looks so incredibly boring. Especially her sketching "style" with the invisible sketches - it's so incredibly uninspiring watching these lines appear on the canvas. Never was a fan of her, but it actually felt better when you could see what she was doing.

No. 772959

She hasn't been acting on her hare-brained impulses, or at least, sharing them lately so it seems like she's mellowed out, but it's made to milk dry up. She's probably just laying low but for the most part this thread's a dead zone. At least before she had ambition. But not once, I don't think, had she give any thought as to why she even makes art. At one point, I'm sure she enjoyed it. It used to show.

No. 773189

File: 1548761241559.jpeg (208.59 KB, 640x535, 9CF14ED5-7185-4A9F-A968-B8B08F…)

No. 773190

File: 1548761279349.jpeg (264.69 KB, 625x942, F4256609-4F65-4893-87EE-72D82F…)

Guess she’s really not going to finish getting her degree huh.

No. 773191

File: 1548761475472.png (1.29 MB, 1126x978, igupdate.png)

Damn, I was too slow with the Clever Kitchen post, still: here's some other Instagram stuff.

No. 773198

Wasn't she going to focus on finishing Purgatory lol

No. 773200

These look like Herschel, Reese and Ash wearing wigs and costumes instead of brand new characters

No. 773203

Ah yes, there's that Holly bullshit we all know.

SO. Another project huh.

It isn't the not finishing school I find funny, but the fact that she is finally admitting that maybe fifteen minutes of animation wasn't so practical after all.

She really doesn't know how to put certain things on the back burner or have any element of surprise. Instead of doing something she just tells everyone how cool she thinks it is in her head.

No. 773234

I’m more astounded that she seemingly increased the length of it?? Didn’t it start as an 8 minute animation? Granted that too is excessive for a single person, but 15??

That aside we all knew this was inevitable.

>I’m going to focus on nothing but Purgatory

>What do think of this new project guys?

Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

No. 773509

Hot & fresh out the clever kitchen, ladies.

No. 773535

It just fucking amazes me how Holly creates ways to make a new time-suck. Hand painting your prints on thin slices of wood takes the cake so far.

No. 773538

She said she would screen print the paper (it's thin sheets of wood) but that she doesn't know how and doesn't have "that technology" but I remember her buying screens and other screenprinting stuff for her pencil cases forever ago. She infuriates me.

She also wants to buy a lasercutter down the line which are SO expensive and really not worth it in any case for a single person unless you have a business that is using it full-time. I thought she wanted to stop buying so much technology and just find places that do it for her.

No. 773549

Is she hand coloring the fucking prints cause she can’t screen print them??? she says her shit is too good for regular standard prints???? Wow ego muchhh?

No. 773557


Good fucking lord kill me PLEASE. I sell at conventions and have an online store what the act fuck does she need a laser cutter for????? Most kids and others that buy art related things usually go for either prints or small things like charms or stickers.

I can't imagine why she would need need to use a laser printer in the first place unless she's making things like custom cut wooden charms which is so damn unnecessary when acrylic ones are so much cheaper to make/get made. Once again shes spending unnecessary money and she wonders why she never makes any profit back.

No. 773613

She said in a vlog she wanted to stop doing things herself and outsource her prints, that she was going to sell the Cricut because of THIS. And now it’s because it’s not “working the way she wants” and she wants to make a never seen before product for her store? Holly, certain things are not seen around because there’s No demand and/or they’re too impractical. You’re not revolutionary. Focus on purgatory and call it a day, please.

No. 773624

lol, I'm interested to see how she is going to afford a car like this

No. 773630

What an idiot, you're doing an animation piece in an illustration course. Then she was saying how great Toon Boom is, which it is but for an beginner it was overkill and a waste of money despite many people here saying so.

No. 773632

I’m amazed she can still think about buying anything like this when she’s 50K in debt for nothing and already has all this useless crap laying around her room collecting dust. I wonder how she can afford it. I doubt she has that much money just lying around in her bank account at the time of purchase and if she does then she needs to stop bitching about being broke. Also why waste all this money on something there is clearly no demand for?

No. 773641

her main comment in her videos seems to be (over and over) that she wants to get back to strictly doing what art and projects make her feel good and only that. so i guess she recently won a lottery

No. 773661

File: 1548868022305.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, C32AC4E4-DA56-4500-9898-CF10CD…)

Really want to spray her with water and tell her “NO!”

No. 773664

Jesus fucking Christ

No. 773670

wouldn't that (technically) be the third redraw of the book? if she's so sick of it why not just get it done and forget about it..

No. 773693

File: 1548881816658.png (487.26 KB, 466x808, pleasedont.png)

Words cannot explain the stupidity…

No. 773730

Seriously. Just take what you learned from purgatory and implement it into new projects. Fucking paranormal plague needs help with pacing/panels, work on that.
Stop trying to make Fetch happen.

No. 773742

God that's so infuriating. This is something she could do as a re-release years after Purgatory is complete if her art skills have improved, not now. I swear she has a fanbase but no idea how to profit from it whatsoever

No. 773768

Why… WHY would she do this?!? Her skills haven’t improved much if at all since the initial release of Purgatory, a redraw serves no purpose. Her fans that somehow actually enjoy Purgatory would much rather see the barren plot inch forward than read the same thing they’ve already had access to for ages now with stiffer, even more lifeless drawings and less interesting backgrounds. Does she WANT to never do anything else, just working on Book 1 of Purgatory forever doing redraw after redraw only to have each “improvement” be a degradation of the last???

No. 773786

i don't think any of the projects she's brought up since dropping out of school has been actual plans for the future. I think they are things she's using to distract herself from the new reality and they only need the flimsiest rationalisation for her to say out loud so she can use it to bury her head in the sand. they're getting more outlandish because it isn't working

No. 773841

>just working on Book 1 of Purgatory forever doing redraw after redraw
Wouldn't that be like she's stuck in purgatory herself? ba dum tss

No. 773849

Because it's easier. Redrawing Purgatory will give Holly the illusion of being productive without her having to put in the effort to create completely new content.

Holly needs to put her pencil down for a bit and come up with a solid plan for her future. Realistically speaking her videos are her only real draw. I mean most of her fan base buy her art/commission her because they like her videos. Unfortunately with her new channel and current update schedule I think she is slowly losing the few fans she had left. If I was Holly I would try to focus on rebuilding my YouTube following (with more vlogs, challenges and tutorials) and then try to come up with a project I could sell to my fanbase (Paranormal Plague looks like it could work but commissions would also work just as well). While this is going on I would try to figure out a back up plan, like going back to school to become a teacher, for when my e-fame eventually wore out.

No. 773857

File: 1548935856999.png (541.82 KB, 464x813, prg.png)

So it looks like she's actually going to do this, but like… Why? Baffling

No. 773859

Oh man, I just wanted to say I subscribed to holly 2 years go and unsubscribed 1 year ago when her bullshit started to get too much. For ages I thought I was the only one who thought she was a mess and seeing this thread has me feeling so validated ahahah

Holly is honestly such a fucking Asshole who thinks she can say whatever she wants because ~freedom of speech~ but in reality she's just a fujoshi white girl who lives at home with her mom and has never gone a date with anyone.

I'm judging her for still living at home because hey, rent is tough to deal with, but at least the rest of us aren't pretending to be big baddies online. Ugh. And her whole "I'm a professional artist" talk is such crap. You're just a college dropout whose videos got blessed by the youtube algorithm, giving you a following. Basic ass.(whatever)

No. 774029

She reminds me so much of a toxic friend I used to have, even her art is similar to Holly’s. Sadly these people never change. I also doubt Holly’s actually taking the criticism to heart, as I still feel like she has a nasty personality in her videos that shows through? Does anyone else sense it?

No. 774078

Imagine being someone who paid for the first volumes Kickstarter. Can she please move on? It's insane how much she cares about a comic from her high school days like move the fuck on.

No. 774101

File: 1548994641606.jpg (622.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190201-121505_Ins…)

But why though

No. 774102

File: 1548994724161.jpg (510.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190201-121521_Ins…)

Im not following the series religiously but why is the sexual abused kid making out with the adopted brother?

No. 774104

so someone's going to affix this to the front of their shirt? lol

No. 774112


I've noticed this with her. She always seems to find more random shit to slap her art on which, anyone who runs an online store or sells at conventions will tell you is a bad idea.

The golden rule is quality over quantity aka: there's an endless amount of things to turn into sellable items but most people keep it to the basics because while you could sell custom printed shower curtains with your art on it, will it really be cohesive with the rest of your products? I guess I could clap for her trying to be creative and embroidered patches aren't too out of the loop of regular merch but…Eh, I'm kinda starting to notice that with her. It's safer to stick with things like buttons, stickers, enamel pins, etc. I'm just expecting her to come out with some obscure thing like and toliet cover with Reese's face slapped on it.

No. 774123

He is making out with his boyfriend he is no one's brother (that we know of anyway lol)

No. 774130

I can't tell where or how their lips are interacting here…

No. 774135

That's her issue though. She just burns through several ideas and gets bored with them on any given day.
She literally just threw out tons of enamel pins of her characters and now she wants to make embroidered patches of her random 2 ocs kissing?
Her readership isn't that big and her comics don't have the reach she thinks it does, especially not now. So the patches will get a few sales and then the rest will just sit in one of the crusty corners of her room.

And I guess "I'm only going to work on purgatory" really means "I'm going to waste my time redrawing purgatory and waste my money trying to push merch for it".
She has always gone about webcomics the wrong way, you don't go into it to make a profit. All that extra bullshit comes later when you have an actual coherent story with clearly identifiable characters. People don't care enough about her shit to go sticking pins and embroidered patches onto their clothes or whatever. Stickers maybe, but she's always been doing the most.

She can't seem to focus in on just the one thing that matters, which is just making a good fucking comic.

No. 774147

Anons, sorry for changing subject. But do we have a thread for the infamous "CreepShow Art"? Could someone tag it for me?

No. 774153

File: 1549023488417.png (1.04 MB, 914x813, igst.png)

I'm pretty sure she doesn't have her own thread yet

No. 774157

They talk about her on the general salt artist thread. Please go mention her new youtube video lol

No. 774167

She's not really a cow, she's just a annoying tryhard. If someone does make a thread about her she will probably make an annoying storytime video about lolcow.

No. 774169

She already has, and also lurks the Salt Thread and selfposts there

No. 774173

Nice, who doesn't want grammatical errors on their patches? or is "Art Supplies" a trademark now?
Apart from that, it's impressive how fucked up the composition of the patch is, she literally throws the visual components everywhere, no coherency whatsoever.

No. 774180

I thought the blonde's eyes were looking at two different directions until I realized it was a tear. She keeps making so many bad line tangents all the time.

No. 774206

'Art supplies saves lives' lmao HOLLY c'mon dude we talked about this. Have someone with a 10th grade reading level and above proof read everything you make, pls.

No. 774388

Just when I thought she was looking over her words a little better…Is it kind of sad that she has to proofread everything? I mean, for some ppl who have issues with a new language or just with language in general, they might have to proofread important stuff and the occasional long post, but that's about it. They can usually get by without any mistakes in smaller formats. Either Holly had shitty teachers who never drilled proper grammar into her head, or they tried to and she ignored them.

No. 774394

you misunderstand her. of course she knows it's not "supplies saves". the issue is she does not look at what she makes (for psychological reasons)

No. 774487

Yea I believe so too. She didn’t make the connection between the two and saw them as two separates phrases

No. 774537


I dont understand, isnt supplies the plural form for supply? How is it supposed to be spelt? Sorry english is not my first language but i thought she spelt the phrase right

No. 774539

It is the plural, which is why Holly made a mistake by writing "saveS", with the final s used for third person singular. Anon was joking about "Art supplies" being a trademark because then it would be a singular.

No. 774631

new vid, slut– oh goddammit she's really serious about redrawing purgatory

No. 774639

File: 1549159286522.jpg (29.52 KB, 640x269, IMG_20190202_180009.jpg)

No. 774640

File: 1549159314597.jpg (65.99 KB, 640x387, IMG_20190202_180040.jpg)

Ho boy

No. 774642

Does Holly genuinely not understand that there are ways to deal with rape in fiction that are going to come off as either more/less tasteful or exploit-y? I'm sort of shocked she still thinks people are criticising her for having sexual abuse in her story and not for handling it poorly.

No. 774676

>please deal with it sensitively and give people a good message
when your business is hot little-boy-rape material you'd laugh this shit off. but she has cognitive dissonance - that is what she sets out to make but she disguises it to herself as muh stories

No. 774681

The way she handles it is literally the only reason people even care or bring it up. There are plenty of doujinshis that have rape for sake of porn, some people are into that, no one cares. But the people who make that stuff don’t try to pass it off as some super serious and realistic portrayal of rape and sexual abuse that is integral to plot and character development. They don’t try and play it off as cutesy like in Seize. They know what they made and own it. I wouldn’t even give a shit if her characterization wasn’t garbage and she just owned up to being a filthy fujo. Why is she so in denial of herself???

No. 774693


After all that bullshit toward the end of last year, she is calling this criticism 'vague'. She knows full well what she's making and doesn't care about the tone of the comic because it's all over the place. The rape incident isn't handled well (read: not at all) and the her comments joking about it and implying Simon is to blame for it happening are probably still up.
But then she wants to play it up like it's some deeper narrative, like, no, bitch, follow your dreams. Go hard or go home. Go all in and make your shitty fujo comics like you really want to, like you did with seize. Trust trust, bitch don't be coy lmao.

No. 774694

>b-buh, m'villain look like Hitler so you know rape is bad mmkay

This is what she's going with, this is the hill she's choosing to die on.

No. 774698

Kek the 'hill she died on' was choosing to claim that her blatant tracing was 'just to figure out composition guys!!!' a couple of threads back. This is just a minor road bump meant to distance the few fans she have left.

No. 774717

File: 1549181330738.png (224.17 KB, 720x400, 1443456130119.png)

Are you fucking kidding me?
>Comic's first draft with a decent art style
>Redraws it
>Version 1.0 Holly on youtube comes out
>Wants to do a Kickstarter for the first volume
>Redraws it
>2019, Holly still hates how it looks
>Redraws it
This comic literally is her purgatory

No. 774729

File: 1549193136717.png (29.11 KB, 1313x141, Unbenannt.png)

Perfect example for how lost her fans are by now

No. 774730

File: 1549193335890.png (12.33 KB, 1018x77, Unbenannt.png)

Lord almighty, don't tell me she's planning another Kickstarter while wanting to buy a lasercutter soon?!

No. 774733

Can somebody tell me why everyone in the comments is like "OMG, so proud of u!"? Maybe I just don't see it but redrawing the same comic for the 3rd time does't seems like a accomplishment to me, after dropping out of college and refusing to earn money with her hobby.
(Also, that kickstarter plan is absolute bs, she basically wants money so she can release the same comic again or what?!)

No. 774735

I'm pretty sure she has some type of attention/impulsive disorder that everyone around her is ignoring and letting it out of control.

No. 774744

honestly, yeah. how can she get excited over redrawing all of this AGAIN? Instead of finally focussing on something new? Though I bet that a couple of pages in she´ll lose motivation and hate it

No. 774745

because these people are just unconsciously drawn to her low-pitched voice like moths around a flame. you can listen to a strident monologue by certain depressed people and just lock into mirroring them. At the end you're bursting to tell other people
>there's this girl..and SHE says that.. uh… you know, i can't quite remember… but she was so RIGHT

No. 774783

Random, but is she the same somewhat popular anti-sjw comic artist on tumblr? I don't remember her name, but I do remember her style, and it looks startlingly similar.

The artist I'm thinking of draws herself with star-shaped sunglasses?

No. 774786

trust me, she is not pleb. i don't really like pleb, but their art's more fluid comparatively to holly's

No. 774825

I don't check on her art enough but are these redrawn pages actually an improvement? Because you could show me stuff she has drawn 2 years ago and this next to each other and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference

No. 774892


Isn't there a laser cutter ad going around on IG right now? That might be why she won't shut up about it.

And yeah there's nothing to be proud of her for, she hasn't learned anything, and she doesn't really have anything to show for her blowing her money and spinning her wheels for like 4 years.

No. 774964


Ads on Instagram are history based. If you’ve looked up laser cutters on AliExpress for example then you’ll get ads for that.

No. 774985


Holly, I think people want to see you put in more effort into showing a more realistic/less ridiculous version of your scenario. Which wouldn't kill ya, you know, since you seem to think it's important also.

Seems like your only explaination for this character is "Now he likes it up the ass cause like, uh, PTSD or something."

No. 775033

Close, Anon. It's actually "muh Stockholm Syndrome" according to her

No. 775459

No. 775494

watch after she moves she starts hoarding again .

No. 775557

It's really interesting to see what little percentage of her original subscribers followed her to her new channel - and it doesn't seem to rise significantly anymore. With not even 30 000 subs she will barely be able to make a living so no idea why she already purged most of her etsy content (including the comissions).

"Because I was given free stuff, I managed to be a more successful artist." Fuckin' what. Up to this point I thought she knew she lived through controversies and stuff, but she actually thinks what she has done up until now could be considered SUCCESSFUL?!
Technically she hasn't earned a dime since she spends everything, she also has a 50k debt for an education she didn't complete and still circles back to a project that's technically completed (Purg book 1) but she can't let go off, because creating new content is obviously too much work for her. Successful, yeah right, my ass.

I've never been this baffled before.

No. 775558

File: 1549450757530.png (27.55 KB, 335x399, Unbenannt.png)

"Idk, I don't like comissions, Idk, they are not my OCs. This shit won't sell, but hey, at least there's something on my store!"
Professional artist right here, ladies n' gents!

No. 775562

eh, views is what matters for ad revenue (dunno about sponsorship etc) and her views are about the same.

No. 775565

Not really, her most-watched video has about 30 000 views, that's nothing compared to her old channel. And even if she gets revenue, I doubt it would be enough to be considered a "career" - sorry, maybe I worded it wrongly.

No. 775568

you're comparing videos that have been up for years and a few that went viral with videos that have been up for days.
The average for the videos from the last 6 months of her old channel is ~20 000. But hey, I didn't mean to imply it's enough to make 'success' money, I'm just saying her views are holding up

No. 775585


I can tell you right now that these wood prints are most likely not going to sell well because most teenagers don't want stiff wooden prints and instead small flexible posters they can put on their walls with tape. It's like she thinks that her demographic are adults when it's just horny teenage girls that like to watch an artist thats' "not all sunshine and rainbows". If she makes a decent amount of money off of these I will be genuinely surprised.

No. 775634

File: 1549482958434.png (670.63 KB, 1076x628, Unbenannt.png)

Out of interest, isn't she vastly underselling her stuff?! From what I can read (and how it's advertised) these are handpainted and she actually sells them for like 13 dollars a piece?!

No. 775638

why doesn't she just suck it up and go "flip burgers", her hourly rate would probably double if not triple kek

No. 775647

Where is she gonna find the money to move out? I might've lost some development but she doesn't even have the two jobs she claimed to have???
plus, Holly can never focus on one thing and she hops from one project to another with a certain frequency… that's not the mentality of someone that DOESN'T end up a hoarder again, just you wait until her monkey brain starts telling her that she must engage in yet another way of doing things so she can appear way more mature/productive than she really is.
She already went through this, giving away art supplies only to purchase them again; her "sentiment" in this video might be in the right place but she doesn't seem to aware of what makes a hoarder in the first place, you can have a lot of art supplies and still be very organized, you don't need to "get out of your experimental phase" to sort your life out, that'd be boring as hell.

No. 775684


Holy shit she really is. If she's hand painting them she could easily sell for over $40 because looking at how meticulous her lines are the could not have taken less than a few hours if not a few days to do. I didn't know she was only selling them for that much. In that case she might sell them but, she won't be making her money back because time IS money. Learn your price your shit.

No. 775686


Holy shit she really is. If she's hand painting them she could easily sell for over $40 because looking at how meticulous her lines are the could not have taken less than a few hours if not a few days to do. I didn't know she was only selling them for that much. In that case she might sell them but, she won't be making her money back because time IS money. Learn your price your shit.

No. 775706


She probably knows they'd be a hard sell if the price was higher, but she's not doing herself OR any other artists a favor by lowballing her prices. It's kind of damned if she did, damned if she didn't. At that price she's selling at a loss, but higher and they wouldn't move. So it's another waste of time and money.
But "I'm only working on purgatory" though.

No. 775721

Idk about you but these art prints are fugly as shit. Why doesn’t she make screens to mass produce these? Making a screen for a print works 10x better than a pencil case, plus if she still has the circuit you could totally just make one using vinyl and a mesh around a canvas frame.
Work smart, not hard, stupid!

No. 775730

I have never understood why she is so vehemently against this. Given her current financial situation of being at least 50k+ in debt with nothing to show for it, moving to a new channel and most of her projects being
money or time sinks that don’t even break even she’ll need to get a job outside of her art projects if she wants to make the talk about moving out a reality. I don’t know why her ego is so massive that she looks down on people “flipping burgers” to pay their bills.

No. 775731

seconding this. who hasn't googled diy screenprinting out of boredom and seen that it takes like ten minuts. tf

No. 775755

Those lines are printed out. Didn’t she show this in her recent vids? All she did was paint in some color like she did on the prints of her OC’s. It’s not that difficult… and it probably is worth around what she’s charging because I wouldn’t pay $40 for a print with some paint on it that really doesn’t look all that interesting.

No. 775760

You know, it used to baffle me just how out of touch she could be about what her audience might want, and trying to turn a profit as an artist.
We'll see how long she goes without wanting to make money off fan art, but she's always been this self-absorbed person who thinks that making what she wants to make without regard for her audience, is going to fare well for her.
She's always making these shitty items with expensive overhead that have her ocs plastered all over them that end up collecting dust because she's so focused on making product of boring ass character designs and not working on the foundation she claims she does so well which is comics.

NO one has any real reason to buy what she makes and all she ever does is go with her gut on what she thinks people want, because of her echo chamber. If it doesn't interest her, she won't hear it.

So yeah. Have fun with selling those pieces to an audience you continue to alienate, brown.

No. 775771

No. 775781

I thought she was enjoying commissions, her streams doing them were pretty enjoyable to watch and she had a big list of people who wanted them. She could've made a lot of money off them if she streamlined her process. Did she even finish her waiting list?

I don't understand why she even wanted an art degree since it was going to be 100% useless and she wasn't even getting the benefit of networking. Does she think graphic designers or commission artists feel emotionally invested in their work, or does she think they bail out when they can't insert their OCs? I can't imagine her with a client in a professional setting. "Idk I just don't feel connected to what you're asking me to do, what if we use my emo cutter girlboi for your logo instead?"

No. 775785


There she goes again, trying to handle other people's money to make wonky custom charms that she'll probably fuck up on then blame the people who gave her the money for her to make their charms.
She honestly won't get to doing this. If she manages to get the cutter she'll probably fuck up on it anyway. She just wants to do it because she thinks her idea is original.

So, I guess no car, or moving out, then?
Like, she becomes so obsessed with the idea of making products but they never come out right.
Every time she gets a crazy idea like this someone should remind her of the fucked up zine fiasco. The position she puts herself in constantly, doesn't lend itself to working well with others so I'm having trouble believing shed do any better here. Laser cutting isn't the same as printing. She's going to waste so much time and money just troubleshooting. Leave the manufacturing to actual manufacturers.

Also laser razor is the dumbest name I've ever heard for this, and the logo she mocked up is fucked.

Get bent, Holls.

No. 775787

>she actually sold stuff

No. 775791

File: 1549534759994.png (580.04 KB, 466x816, redraw.png)

No. 775793

She actually admits she would use the Kickstarter money for the Lasercutter, instead of financing the Purgatory printed copies. You go, girl, stay shady!

No. 775797

last i head from this dumb cunt two days ago
>lol Don't worry! I'm going to finish book 2 before I redraw book 1

No. 775815

Why? Why why why why why? What goes in Holly’s mind when she does things like this? What possesses a person to want to redo a work that will bring no benefit? The only possible reason is for her ego to be soothed that it looks better, but she hasn’t gotten that much better at art. What kind of mental gymnastics does she do to avoid facing the truth, that there is no reason for her to be doing this?
What goes on in her mind to think wood prints are a good idea? How does this woman think? I just don’t understand.

No. 775824

> "working on the redraws"
> stock backgrounds

I can't

No. 775844

She kept repeating in her video that she finally wants to "feel proud" of her work but… this is such a wrong way to go about it. Accept that a comic you started in high school will not be that great, no matter how often you try to polish it. This has nothing to do with making profit but it´s really just about boosting her ego, as you said

No. 775847

Hey Holly how about not offering services for people cause you’re going to procrastinate and let these things sit for months before you end up making them for clients, that or you’re not going to know how to use the engraver just like you gave up on your circuit and blame it on that when people come after you for your lazy ass.

No. 775849

Really, bitch? Fucking really?

No. 775867

Apart from the question if a book is better just because it's shorter (well, in her case…), I would feel so stupid as her costumer if she starts to redo things years after I might have bought the first version of her releases.

No. 775868

File: 1549560380510.png (42.59 KB, 961x477, Unbenannt.png)

Was it ever discussed how she actually released a book with 150 blank pages for 12 dollars?!
(I mean, there's also that 600 pages slam book, but at least you get some more paper with that)

No. 775915


I'm still just bashing my head against the wall with how much she's willing shill out on the damn laser cutter/engraver. If she claims to have such "uber cool" ideas she should just have a service do it for her. I'm sure she lives within distance of someone that'll do it for her for a fraction of the cost or even better yet, just fucking get it done through online businesses. Where the hell does she go in her head to think that these are solid expenses that she'll make her money back with???? She already barely broke even with how she bought dumbshit for SanJapan, and now she's doing this. And she wonders why she's 50k in debt.

No. 775918


(Same anon as above)

Also, why the hell would people go through her to get their charms done when you can already get wooden charms through Acorn press or Zap creatives? If you invest in something like this you have to go into a niche that no one else is doing. Also with how badly she handled the zine, I doubt any experienced artist would go to her over those distributors out of fear of her fucking something up.

No. 775920

People would just never get their packages or get completely fucked items because there’s no quality control on her end.

No. 775936

She stays trying to be a manufacturer when she knows damn well she doesn't work well with other artists.
Before she even starts work she'd have to set up a standard for the files so she can make them into the shapes that need to be engraved, but her bitchy know it all mean streak will shine through, just like it did with her flatter, and just like it did with the zine where she'll be like

>ugh, NOBODY'S doing the files or colors right so I GUESS I just will have to do it myself, guys, this is all coming out of MY POCKET and it's cutting into my COMIC TIME.

>proceeds to send shitty quality product.

No. 775950

Holly obviously thinks that she’s a goddess, the zine artists were the ones in the wrong and she could never do anything bad!
Holly needs to stop drinking all this dumb bitch juice and focus on her own shit.

She talks and talks and TALKS about all these projects and has no self control. If she gets an apartment I bet you she will be unable to pay her rent a few months after getting a place. That is if she even finds a place that doesn’t need her to make money over a certain threshold or proof of employment??? Her down payment is gonna be like 3k. How is she even going to get a car????

No. 775952

Honestly I think her being a manufacturer would be much more beneficial than trying to make money off of her subpar art. She could specialize in making things for people going to conventions BUT, I would recommend she start out with fairly simple things with equipment that isn't as expensive as a god damn laser cutter. She could make buttons/button packs and stickers/die cut sticker sheets for people. Should would need a button press which you can get on Ebay with around 1000 button parts for $150-$250 depending on the size of the buttons and she get interchangeable dies to change the size or even the shape. And to make sticker sheets all she would need is a Cricuit Explore 1 which is around the same price range. She already make her own prints so she could offer that service as well. If she's serious and not just getting excited over nothing then she should start small and work her way up. Should would also have to consider making templates and specs so that her customers would submit their art correctly. Drafting up an order form or making an entirely new website for it. She would have to consider offering as is or custom packaging, deadlines, waitlists, and much more. This isn't just something you can prance into, you're dealing with alot of shit. This isn't the same as just selling ready made merch on Etsy or whatever.

The biggest issue is she would have to change her attitude and have someone else helping her because there's no way she could do quality control on her own nor keep up with demand and we all know how well her zine and flatter went. She would have to work with people and we all know how good she is with that.

So all in all, I think she'd make more money as a manufacturer with her art on the side but, she would have to really buckle down and she shouldn't be trying to do something as huge as custom charms with a $3,000 laser cutter right off the bat.

No. 775960


If she was able to focus on just one thing at a time, I think that she could do it too, but she's literally unable.
And she can't/won't get her head out her ass long enough for her to be interested in making stuff for other artists. It's all about her in the long run, and from the start she gets it wrong because she's thinking about how much money she could earn, instead of the services she could be offering. Since she's so self-serving and self absorbed.

She hasn't got her priorities straight. She's trying to get a car and move out, but is concerned about someone 'stealing' her oh-so-original laser cutting manufacture 'idea' that 'no one else is doing'? That's not the talk of an artist, that's talk of someone trying to cash in on a gimmick and she's never honest with herself about that.

No. 775962


Same anon but if it doesn't make her money fast enough, like if she doesn't get a return on investment IMMEDIATELY she drops the entire project like a hot potato then whines over social media about how hard it all is so that what rabid fans she has left can come to her defense crying about how 'hard she works'.

No. 775974

There’s literally a TON of acrylic/wood laser cutting places that have good reputation and competitive pricing. Heck, I’d rather buy overpriced Zap Creatives or ink it labs stuff than order with her.

She’ll ignore the orders, do them when she gets enough complaints of it taking too long, and then botch them.

God help whoever actually goes with this, it’ll probably TwistedDisaster and Creepshow.

No. 776143

when is she going to learn that buying the latest greatest toy isn't going to make her happy or make her a better artist

No. 776145

I'm disappointed Holly is redoing her comic (again) but I mean I'm not really surprised. It's pretty easy to redo pages and it gives Holly the illusion of being productive without actually having to do anything.

No. 776153

Am I the only one thinking that it often looks like Holly has never actually learned to draw?
I mean, sure, she made some studies, but watching her doodling her comic pages is like watching a child with a pencil. She has no control of her line, as evident by her scratchy way of laying them down, the way she holds her pencil makes my hand hurt (she only uses her wrist) and there is no thought put into the actual construction of her pictures.
In all seriousness, there is so little soul in her work, it's painful to look at them. I have absolutely no idea how people can call her their queen when there are so many young artists, on tumblr alone, out there who make similar and better content.
I won't even start comparing her to actual professionals, that would be just laughable.

No. 776155

Welp, the Logo is shit. Having studies graphic design for quite some time, seeing the Letters not even aligned properly with the middle (the S should be centered) is such an immediate turn-off.
And what the heck "I hve 30 orders NOW, just missing the 3 grant"
What kinda math is that?! Where does she take these orders from, how does she think her fans would want hundreds upon hundres of wooden charms?! She wants to start a business she has no idea about, oh lord.

No. 776178

File: 1549639220928.png (256.35 KB, 1045x599, Unbenannt.png)

Anyone remeber the good old days when this thing was supposed to be worth 300 dollars? Yeah, me neither.

No. 776182

wow, I almost feel bad for her

No. 776194

Nothing she does will ever come to fruition or be successful.

All those years of talking about doing things and she still hardly has anything to show for it.
Bad advice and a couple thousand subs across a few youtube channels and IG, don't count. there's not an ounce of creativity in her and no amount of money of expensive tools are going to buy her any skills.

She hasn't earned it.

No. 776207

I just want to get past this fake working hard part of the hcb cycle and move on to the part where she says fuck it & masterbates to gay trash all day

No. 776208

Thank you, that pretty much sums it up - she hasn't earned it.

Might sound harsh to some, but considering how little thought she puts into everything (I don't even think she works as much as she claims, since she has so little to show and she shows EVERYTHING) and how unwilling she is to adhere to any kind of standard (especially in the industry, but even her personal work is starting to get more lazy) I honestly don't think that anyone is unfair towards her, when saying "you are a bad artist".
She has no drive, no personal motivation apart from money, no desire to listen to people, no interest in any subject apart from the series she's currently watching and her OCs, no morals, no diligence, no discipline, no conscience, basically she has no idea in general of anything outside of her room.
If we would see this as a starting point and she would strive to get better at at least SOME of these things there wouldn't be more than a dozen threads about her, but as things stand she is actually getting worse each day.

No. 776211

She’s not a bad artist, hear me out she has some marginal amount of natural talent. Her art is quite expressive and unique really, there’s nothing quite like it. It just expresses her personality so perfectly, with how stiff and lifeless it is. I think if holly improved her personality she would improve her art, she’s trying to do it the other way around, but she’s not patient enough to actually study

No. 776217

Problem is, talent is nothing once you hit adulthood and don't nourish it. There are people born without talent that would far supass her by now, because they actually work hard.
Besides, being born with some talent doesn't make her any less lazy, unoriginal and uncreative - her art might be "unique" but really, so are some stick figures drawn by pre-schoolers. It boiles down to what she does with her life and so far she has basically nothing that could be considered future-proof.

No. 776263

File: 1549654253613.png (1.04 MB, 928x810, sest1.png)

Hooo boy

"I'm selling a bunch of my crap cause I really wanna get that freakin' laser engraver… So… I'm selling my vlog camera and tv pain professional edition. Basically I've realized I cannot own these thing 'cause they just do not make me any income, and I need to have something that makes me income, sooo…"

As much as I like… Want to animate on this, I've realized like, it doesn't make me money therefore it's a hobby, same with vlogging, and for RIGHT NOW I have to focus on getting out of this house soo yeah"

"Also if you want one of these label printers, I'm selling this for like 150, they're surprisingly expensive, these things are just as expensive as my big fucking printer, what the hell?"

No. 776264

That's just…what? Is she seriously thinking that her goddamn laser thingy will make her SO MUCH monies?!

And I loled so hard, she is seriously trying to sell her educational license - that's basically the version you can't even use professionally, only for university. Isn't that the program she collected 2000 fucking dollars for? This version is worth about a quarter of that, holy heck.

No. 776270

hoo boy indeed…
This girl needs to get an actual job and actually plan out her shit before she starts thinking about starting any printing business.

Also a former fan of her videos, seeing all the threads leading up to this point certainly was a trip and makes me kind of glad I stopped watching her videos. It doesn't seems like she's grown much from her previous fiasocs.

No. 776271


Do you want the laser engraver or to fucking move out, which is it, holly, because you cannot do both.

And I wouldn't want any product from her messy, gross, rsggedy room either. Imagine gettin dust and grime and dirt all in that engraver. She won't do proper maintenence on it, she never takes care of her shit

No. 776288

I will never understand why she doesn't just get things made online. It is affordable and would safe her so much time and money.

Even if she gets a lasercutter, there's a lot of trial and error involved and she won't be able to fix or adjust it herself (look how much she struggled with her printer and book binding equipment). She also shouldn't put it in her cramped room because it needs proper ventilation.

I don't remember where exactly she lives, but there might even be a maker space close by? She should have her license by now…

No. 776297

Well, she thinks she will earn money by making stuff for other people, so…
Still have no idea why she thinks there would be a huge demand for engraved charms - certainly not a big enough one to have most of her fans bulk-ordering them like she believes they will.

No. 776299

after what happened with the zine i highly doubt anyone would want their stuff made by her.She burned that bridge long ago.Either she learned to put on her big girl pants and work with other or learn that every project that pops into her mind will not make money unless she actually puts forth effort into it and actually finishes it ,
and hell if anyone wants to buy jacked up charms then its their fault for not researching holly in the first place.

No. 776315

Well, a fan zine and a business are two different things -if she fucks up the latter she might have to face some serious consequences.

No. 776319

Didn't she sell out of prints of these at the con? I'm actually kind of surprised one of her fans hasn't bought it tbh.

I thought Holly was turning over a new leaf and would slowly fade into obscurity but here she is, coming out swinging with her old milky behavior. I'm starting to think she's legitimately ADHD with how she's incapable of focusing on one thing for more than a minute. She's so hyperfixated on this printer, as soon as she gets it she's going to be bored of it.

No. 776331


She seems manic right now yammering on about this bs. She doesn't know how to keep it simple and just focus on doing one thing well because she's constantly chasing money to throw at more dumb shit. She thinks she's thinking because her mind is going a mile a minute.


She legit tried to make it her business to print all of them herself. If she can't handle that or communicating with others, then she can't handle a business.

No. 776379

Well, she sold 10 dollar prints, not 60 dollar paintings. Just proves that she has no idea how to make products that cater to her young audience, who is on pocket money-level.

No. 776419

… she does realise she can't just 'sell' a copy of TVPaint pro, right? It's linked to your email account. If you don't have a cd drive and you buy this from her, you're screwed, you spent $350 on an unusable license!

No. 776469

I used to be friends with holly. Like I was a fan of her channels and I ended up dming her and she was funny and fine at first but has since turned into a complete and utter gremlin.

Here’s some mild tea that we might already know, I’m new.

1. She once found a dead rat in her room and left it there until it rotted, at which point she tried to pay a friend to remove it but they wouldn’t and she had to hire someone to remove it and they found mold on it and informed her it was unhealthy if her to stay there. She then said she had to suffer for her art and if she got sick, it would be okay cause she did it for her art
2. The holly brown is an art scrub video pissed her off because she said the critiques didn’t account for her style
3. She hates more other youtubers but really had it out for Emily artful and creepshow Art. Said she sent fake screenshots on a fake account to creepshow so she would think emily was talking shit, didn’t realize that emily and creepshow know each other, and freaked out when creepshow called her out behind the scenes.
4. Thought moving to a new YouTube channel would be a smart business move not knowing that monetization takes months. Was told that later, wanted to go back to her old YouTube but literally got locked out of it because she deleted her password information
5. Had to be talked out of copyright striking D Angelo Wallace for his video. She wanted it taken down and didn’t give a shit how to do it.
6. Manipulated a young fan out of 200 dollars because she told them she would be homeless in a month if she didn’t get the money, used the money to buy herself more art supplies, continues to lie to that fan about it.
And finally
Doesn’t actually have an eating disorder or mental health issues that have been diagnosed. Openly admitted to making most of t up because she thinks it looks better online. She straight up said that it’s more meaningful if you’re say your depressed when you make art.

No. 776470

either provide proof screenshots of dms ect or dont post .

No. 776471


Those are some pretty serious accusations especially the false copyright striking and manipulating $200 out of someone, so I would recommend providing screenshots or else you just look like you're making shit up.

No. 776713

File: 1549812272261.png (172.91 KB, 533x653, Unbenannt.png)

Has anyone uploaded the newest purgatory pages yet? The writing is GOLD

No. 776714

File: 1549812579123.png (382.44 KB, 649x885, Unbenannt.png)

Damian has turned into a gary stu

No. 776715

File: 1549812614648.png (373.72 KB, 649x877, Unbenannt2.png)

Simon is depressed, like always

No. 776716

File: 1549812649664.png (250.14 KB, 665x897, Unbenannt3.png)

So much angst

No. 776717

File: 1549812676658.png (336.05 KB, 657x893, Unbenannt4.png)

yeah, what does he want to be for Hitler

No. 776718

File: 1549812722022.png (325.04 KB, 677x869, Unbenannt5.png)

something is a bit off here, I can't quite point my finger to it

No. 776719

File: 1549812799278.png (335.18 KB, 645x865, Unbenannt6.png)

Damians tourette syndrome is a new one, doesn't seem like a big deal tho

No. 776720

sounds like some made-up allegations. I wouldn't put it past Holly to be like that, but if you want to bring this kind of milk to the table show some proof - since it seems you can't I call fake

my sides

No. 776721

>the floor just vaguely fades out into nothingness
Holly has always had wonky backgrounds but at least she used to try, now she just copies and pastes backgrounds that are three times too big for the characters and have weird empty space.

No. 776724

I swaer to god, this woman doesn't know how to draw any kind of shoe without a cartooney-looking heel attached to it. This just looks so WRONG.

No. 776734

You're not the first one to claim to know Holly, but would you like to be the first to provide some actual screenshots? Because the charade "Oh I know her, we've talked, she's fucked up…. but I can't provide proof because I blocked her everywhere, what a coincidence" charade has gotten old by now

No. 776756


she draws the wonkiest looking shoulders. the second panel looks alright tho. it'd just a shame how lazy she gets because if she put more effort into it these would look better.

for example, why can't she add some halftones to her drawings? that way there's an idea of value and her pages don't look so flat and white. does she have something against halftones? i feel like she would.

No. 776776

Doesn't Simon have half tones on his suit? None on the backgrounds though.

No. 776777

jup, she just doesn't lnow how and where to use them, it seems
The form of the shading is so random (look at the trash bags), it's like she just sees techniques actual professionals use and decides she's a pro now as well - I remember vividly how she told everyone on her ld channel how she would do tutorials for screentones etc.

No. 776804

She bought physical halftones or was talking about it in a vlog before and very explicitly made it known that she DID NOT like using half tones digitally. This was around the time she first bought Clip Studio Paint, and hated it so much and blamed the persons who recommended it of “wasting her money” it really shows when she uses tones cause it always is on very dark areas only.

No. 776855

File: 1549838773984.jpg (13.66 KB, 137x167, 1549838746176.jpg)

>reading these new pages

No. 776964

Somehow, it feels like she doesn't even like her own characters.

No. 776977

File: 1549881229248.png (1.21 KB, 291x25, CD37D4C9-AED0-4A3E-91E3-EC8722…)

No. 777019

Does she actually make any money off these comics? Like do the websites pay her for traffic, does it have enough readers for the fanbase to want merchandise for it? I see usually 2 or 3 comments on the updates, so I can't imagine she has that many fans.

No. 777025

She actually only gets money through YouTube (because of ads), Etsy, Amazon (barely) and - if she graces her fans with updates - Patreon.
Makes it quite obvious why she now resorts to selling her stuff, her following on YT has decreased tremendously and she can't be arsed to do anything for Etsy.
Currently she plans to get money through Kickstarter in order to finance her personal wishes, which is shady as hell - I hope her fans are not THAT far gone.

No. 777047

File: 1549905842227.jpg (225.6 KB, 940x1308, purg1.jpg)

New pages

No. 777048

File: 1549905868897.jpg (173.18 KB, 940x1308, purg2.jpg)

No. 777050

File: 1549905934211.jpg (163.79 KB, 940x1308, purg3.jpg)

No. 777051

File: 1549905958941.jpg (157.28 KB, 940x1308, purg4.jpg)

Remember this guy? Yeah, me neither

No. 777052

File: 1549905998260.jpg (196.68 KB, 940x1308, purg5.jpg)

These motion lines don't look right

No. 777056

How does she even manage to make everything this stiff?

No. 777072

I mean, it's been a while since I read through the first volume, but the characters are so damn inconsistent. It's so obvious she just wanted to make a "romantic" scene without any good reason (heck, i don't even know where they are supposed to be at - is that the church?!)

At least for once she wrote what she probably thinks when doing each and every page of her comics - "haha, so GAY!"

No. 777073

lol, it's like this guy is supposed to come off as homophobic, but he pretty much didn't say anything except "gay". But of xourse it's so empowering if Simon gets violent now, damn that writing is pathetic

No. 777074

Ok what kinda name is 'Meriar' supposed to be?
As if Attarah wasn't enough

No. 777087

File: 1549910017773.jpg (42.65 KB, 283x327, Screenshot_20190211-193321_Fir…)


No. 777089

lmao I just can't with Simon's random rage outbursts. I've truly never read a comic this bad.

No. 777096

Seems like they are 13 year old again. Is it just me or is she trying to implement EVERY yaoi trope ever?

No. 777113

for the lolz

At around 16:25 Holly says how "the arms look horrible lol, I'll fix them later"

final product ("fixed")

No. 777116

The art sucks but I really do think this comic had more "life" when it used more black. At least it was visually interesting.

No. 777117

File: 1549914570687.png (46.65 KB, 280x251, dam thats sad.png)

She already stopped using the halftones in Simon's suit. Guess that was too much work lmfao

No. 777123

File: 1549916343520.png (88.7 KB, 401x381, 44.png)

how can someone, who has supposedly studied art for years, at this point still be THIS bad at perspective?! I mean, look at this floor! This is not how it works, god damn it

No. 777126

Screw perspective, just what is that pose supposed to be? If it weren't for her literally spelling out the action I would have no idea what was going on in that panel.

No. 777131

File: 1549917012373.png (59.73 KB, 245x369, 33.png)

speaking of which - still don't know what that is

No. 777132

insider news - according to some comments on Tapas this guy is Hitlers son. Yeah, I don't get it either

No. 777133

lol, according to Holly he's her fave character
Oh, and Kickstarter is happening in march. Can't wait for it

No. 777177

Wow I seriously thought it was an off model Damian at first glance. That is some pretty bad same face syndrome…

No. 777349

The entire page is so awkward in everything

No. 777363

I keep getting ads for Glowforge when I watch something and I just cringe because it reminds me of her trying to get the damn laser cutter/engraver. Does anyone know exactly what laser cutter she's wanting to get? Because it seems like it would be a Glowforge considering that their most basic machine costs around $2,500.

No. 777478

Just checked their products - considering she wants to make a "business" out of it she should technically go for the priciest version (6 grant, ouch) since they have better cooling and are actually made for constant usage.

After looking through some laser cutters in general I'm sure you are right, any other cutters I could find are faaaar below 3000, so there's that (and of course Holly has to get the best model right away, since she's already a pro and everything)

No. 777488

the one she wants sounds like it is 3000 exactly because she was pretty specific and like going to set a kickstarter at 3000. maybe she added some wood supply to that 2500 though i dunno. Btw she says she did the math and '30 orders would pay for the laser cutter'. In the same video she said $65 for 100 was the order price. 65*30 = 1950 not 3000 and of course that's revenue not profit (i.e. without materials, shipping, her time which she never counts, etc.) so…

No. 777507

My thing is when is she gonna figure out that buying new things won't make her productive.
Common' Holly, we already went through a Cintiq, an iPad,TV Studio Paint, a book press??, A giant copic marker collection, and a bunch of other shit I can't even remember. Each one you have bought and resold on a whim.
What makes you think this new laser cutter is gonna be any different.

No. 777510

many comments on her vid telling her the same 'holly, can't you see the pattern?' but she is a cow on this site because she thinks she is self aware but can't really change. She will 'realise' but do it again anyway thinking, 'this time isn't like that'. they all do this

No. 777514


The only thing she's been good at so far is reselling her junk.

I'd say that'd be a pretty lucrative gig, but she almost always sinks her money into something expensive then resells it at a loss like 6 months to a year later.

No. 777515

If you remeber the old story of her resold tablet getting lost in the mail I wouldn't say she could be considered "good" at that either…

No. 777630


does she even reply to these comments or acknowledge them? kinda makes me wanna go there and say something very direct but knowing her she'd either fight me like i said something criminal or ignore the comment

No. 777652

she ignores them and how about you stop thinking about trying to fix the cow

No. 777653

I don't think it's good idea to start diagnosing people over the internet but it does make you wonder if there is something going on there with all the impulsive decisions. Plus she gets too bogged down in pointless busy work that makes no sense from an earning point of view. She's obsessed with this notion of how hard she is working should be enough.
She needs to start looking up business related books and videos and learn how to budget at the same time before she blows any profit on fancy machines and leaves herself with nothing to live on.

No. 777786


lmao, i'm not a fan of holly but i don't hate her either. people can grow and get better. i'm not gonna sit here and wish her ill fortune forever just so i can feel a mild amount of amusement when i come here like… lmao

No. 777789

you tedious fuckhead, nobody told you to wellwish the cow, you were warned about wasting your time interfering.

No. 777790

*ill wish

No. 777829


lmao alright, take a breather. kinda funny that you'd even mention "wasting" one's time considering the nature of this forum but ok

No. 777896

Sory havent kept up in the know
did Holly drop out of school?

No. 777900

File: 1550085526224.png (136.69 KB, 321x359, 8d4bc7c445feee29c86f4afb46eb42…)

Holy's sister looks like her but hotter
christ can you imagine if she just put on alittle fucking makeup?

No. 777901

she's currently streaming on yt

highlight of the fifteen minutes i have seen so far:
>>"you're not gonna stop slavery by not buying stuff, these people will just be out of a job. china needs to sort its own shit out." (after she repeatedly told ppl to just order their charms from china)

No. 777902

How very white girl from Texas of her lol.

No. 777929

I just thought of this ,if holly is moving out is she taking her (aunts) pets with her ?
or is she just leaving them at her aunts place,because holly would barley even now make enough to take care of her pets on her own ect.

No. 777939


she mentioned in the stream that she would be taking expresso/espresso with her after someone asked her about it. apparently, casper/kasper/howeveryouspellit is more her aunt's cat, ie they are attached to each other and he's used to the house and kind of old, so she'll leave him with her.

No. 777960

Makeup has nothing to do with it, imo what you’re seeing is confidence/ being ok with her life’s decisions.

No. 777994

That’s not even it. It’s her consistently taking pictures at bad angles and her weird expressions that makes her look strange. On her own she’s an average chick, not a troll but certainly no one I’d look twice at.

Her garbage personality ruins any potential she could have. That’s the real problem.

No. 778109

And she just goes on and on and on about that damn laser….she even admits ANY profit she makes will go towards it. That's just so goddamn stupid, she won't earn anything this year if she works like that.

No. 778110


She says she doesn't like zap creative, of fucking course.
First it's "their quality has gotten down" (wat), then they are just too expensive - just order shit from China, yeah holly, tell that to your costumer base, shoot yourself in the foot.

No. 778111

Does anyone know how she plans to pay back her 50k debt? I'm not american but I guess the usual way would be to earn money over the course of a few years - but since she blows everything she gets (and still plans to get a car, a flat, a laser cutter thingy) I honestly don't know how she would manage to do that.

No. 778112

Lol, she wants to do anything she can to move out - except getting an actual job it seems

No. 778162


I also think Zap is overpriced but I'd rather use Zap, Acorn Press, or Alibaba than ever risk her fucking up my order. Girl, you have no room to talk about the quality of a product when you're the one that sent out a mismanaged zine that had some pages printed upside down in certain copies.

No. 778325

Holly is live streaming right now. Though she is now saying she is going to start the kickstarter tomorrow.

No. 778407

It's a fucking joke that someone with a proven track record of being incompetent and irresponsible with products is attempting to become a small time manufacturer. This is going to be fun to watch tbh.

No. 778420

I MISS THEIR OLD DESIGNS i miss Damien’s spikey ass glasses and Simon’s old hair. It was janky but it had charm. The new ones look like generic shit.

No. 778421

So is she kickstarting her purgatory comic or is she kickstarting a laser cutter business? She knows it’s, like, super dishonest to say she’s funding one while she’s actually funding the other, right? I’m gonna call it here, she gets enough for the damn laser but after that has nothing left to get purgatory printed by a 3rd party so she decides to print them all herself to save money, in the end there will be even more customers with upside down pages.

No. 778422

Well, she can't kickstart her laser, since that's not what Kickstarter is here for funding projects, inventions…), that would need a gofundme.
But after everything she said so far, she will probably use the money for the laser instead of the book, so there's that. Either way she fucks herself now with her impatience - as if she wouldn't be more stressed out once the Kickstarter has launched. She NEEDS to deliver then.

No. 778423

File: 1550230985001.png (321.49 KB, 637x881, 21.png)

wooo, new pages

No. 778424

File: 1550231016413.png (326.08 KB, 637x887, 22.png)

love the "slop!", don't even know hat its supposed to mean

No. 778425

File: 1550231042088.png (273.08 KB, 643x883, 23.png)

she still uses the most unnatural hand poses for everything

No. 778426

File: 1550231139856.png (64.82 KB, 299x341, 24.png)

old milk, but I had to laugh so hard at that foot

No. 778428

Man maybe I’ve been reading too much JoJo but it would’ve been so much better if he said “yes I’m gay” and then kissed him because it’d be more interesting and unpredictable.

No. 778433

>she needs to deliver them
i dunno aren't there a lot of kickstarters that just never deliver. from what i'm seeing i can imagine her telling herself that because of that there's totally like, wiggle room.
What even is the premise of the book kickstarter? buying paper to print it?

No. 778434

Pretty sure thats where we are headed. Pretty sure whoever the fuck this kid is,is being homophobic because he is gay.

And that would be hella predictable, not unpredictable

No. 778440

Scrolling through posts about Holly on Tumblr, YouTube and deviantArt, it seems most of her fans still think that "she is so inspirational, since she is so passionate about her hobby" and honestly, I think that this echo chamber is her biggest problem currently - whily trying to milk money out of everything, she still thinks that she can treat art like a hobby most of the time and only do the things she likes about it. This is probably why she despises comissions, doesn't listen to her instructors at college and did an animation and has absolutely no discipline.
You can't call yourself a professional if all you ever do is making Kickstarters (and barely earning a dime), have no more than 2 cheap items on your online store and draw your OCs for months and months just for yourself. That's ok if you're a teenager earning their first bit of pocket money and taking their first steps in that direction, but not if you're basically finished your education (or dropped out) and have absolutely nothing to do the whole day. Doesn't matter if she pumps out 20 pages a day, a free-to-read comic is no source of income or even advertisement, the way she does it.
I predict that by the end of next summer she will either have to change something drastically, have a "regular" job or have her most depressed phase yet. As long as she can't take the art industry seriously for what it is (no matter if it's comics, illustration, design or something else) and doesn't adhere to its rules, she won't be successful and she knows it deep down.

No. 778443

I can’t tell if those are socks or shoes.

No. 778462

Socks with heels, lol

No. 778518

what page is this?

No. 778528


No. 778529

File: 1550260762668.png (300.04 KB, 935x580, ab813bebe338b7403adf00fc48c01b…)

wtf is this ?
she literally took this from a picture she scanned in and didnt even reline it! all she did was turn up the black and white and contrast ! you can even see eracer marks where she tried to add highlights !
this is fucking lazy!
>im saying that like its news

No. 778531


watching this is an exercise in frustration lmao hearing her talk shit about doing commission work because she doesn't "enjoy it" is so idiotic. does she really do think people do art commissions for the fucking /enjoyment/ of it??

sure, some commissions can be fun, especially if you're already well-established and can pick and choose what you draw, but the majority of commission work is fairly boring and that's normal. it's work. people do it for the money/experience and because a job drawing is 'better' than a regular job.

the fact that she thinks spending your days cutting out hundreds of wood panels is more enjoyable than drawing says a lot about her as an artist tbh

No. 778545

she also think people asking her to use her dumb fucking laser thing is going to make her money!


No. 778559

File: 1550267929293.png (304.9 KB, 659x823, 33.png)

page 6 of the second volume, def one of the most awkward ones

No. 778560

I hope you all grabbed enough popcorns

No. 778561

Holly's comic kickstarter is now up. However, it is set to $2,500 as the goal instead of the $3,000 she talked about earlier. She got one backer already.


No. 778563

File: 1550268450494.png (6.64 KB, 447x41, sugaraddykeith.png)

God damn it Keith.

No. 778564

Not to be excessively mean but hiw is she gonna finish book two and epilogue and send them to print by may 2019? That girl has some serious issuers with scheduling stuff in a doable timeframe

No. 778567

well, look at the newest pages - the story is basically non-existant at this point and everything consists of random scenes glued together. Since her fans seem to like the "GAY" the most she could basically draw her OCs making out for the last 100 pages and they would be overjoyed.

No. 778568

File: 1550269150313.png (44.77 KB, 745x597, 22.png)

This is just riddled with grammatical errors

No. 778569

Lol, this sounds like it was made by google translator

No. 778570

I actually want to see her succeed with the campaign, just to watch the chaos that will ensue once she has to finish and ship everything on time

No. 778571

These are the least enticing covers and mock-ups I've seen in a while - even if her fans will support her she has basically missed the opportunity to advertise herself anywhere and I doubt any non-followers will be interested in a product that is so lazily presented (the errors in the text, my god…)

No. 778572

>Purgatory is a story that has over 5 years to create

No. 778573

There are multiple people in the chat asking where their refund is and if Holly got around to doing their commissions - looks like she took the money but didn't finish most of them yet…

No. 778576

She won't though. She'll keep pushing back the ship dates forever and ever like all scammy kickstarters do. She's probably looked at how other kickstarters have just never delivered in years and thought that's how she was going to do it.

She's incredibly stupid and shortsighted, I have no idea how she manages to keep shooting herself in the foot.

Seriously, commission work can feel soul killing sometimes, but it really is good practice and good money if you're popular and capable of working quick. Holly's just mad because she has to draw characters that aren't her gay animu boys. She has zero discipline. I don't know what she expected to do with her art degree because if you don't have the discipline to do client work then you're stuck teaching.

No. 778577

are we surprised nope
its holly for ya .

No. 778580

yep, people are asking for refunds, now holly is acting like a sad shit and whining that a family member is "stalking her" and whinging about her comic "not going anywhere". she's in full depressed mode atm cuz she's losing money that will go to her precious laser cutter. she's gotten away with so much like scamming the zine that she really thinks people will let her have commission money without actually getting their commissions…

No. 778582

She's sniffling a lot and sounds like she's crying. She's talking about how Pig (her dog I guess?) is sick/heart failure and will die soon? Apparently she is annoyed by his coughing…

No. 778583

Doublepost, but someone in the chat joked "kickstarter to put pig down" and she laughed. People are also joking about sacrificing the dog and she thinks it's funny.

No. 778584

Isn't she always saying that she hates him/wishes he would die?

No. 778585

she just said the kickstarter is for her to fund her own comic but didn't she say she was gonna use it for a laser :\

No. 778589

File: 1550272022564.png (5.27 KB, 347x49, 21.png)

this guy is so salty, it's beautiful

No. 778590

Yes. She was making a few comments about wanting the dog to die in her livestream.

No. 778591

she's a lot less sniffly and sad now, guess she got over the refunds

No. 778592

File: 1550272593717.png (49.16 KB, 371x402, 2019-02-16 10_15_50-(2) Kickst…)

who tf is this creeper in the chat lmao

No. 778593

I keep trying to pin down what category she falls in when it comes to online artists but, she fails at everyone.

She's not like Sinix or Johannes Helgeson where she's in the industry with a steady job and knows advanced art techniques and gives helpful advice. She's not like Baylee where even if her art isn't the best she can go to conventions on the regular and actually make a profit because she has no idea what to spend money on and how to budget. She's not like Doxy, Sakimi, or Slugbox where she draws any kind of mass audience appealing porn and gives up all dignity to keep herself afloat with Patreon. She's not Jazza,Draw wiff waffles, kasey golden, lavender towne, lemia,emily artful, etc. where regardless of art quality they have a following because of their personalities they can make ad revenue because she shut down her main channel and now it's going to be hard for her to get monetization again.

She's just in this weird limbo now where at one point she might have fit in the category with jazza, lemia, etc. if she didn't always get into drama and abandon her old channel. Now it looks like she's trying to go the Jellie Bee route and be a manufacturer and artist without an idea of what he actual hell she's doing. I can't wait for her to try this and inevitably fail because she can't stick to one thing and try to grow it slowly and not rage quit when she doesn't see profit/results right away.

No. 778594

File: 1550272800744.png (26.34 KB, 197x158, mfw.png)

so damien is now just her poorly-drawn MCR fanart, right? simon's glasses got better but his hair got so much worse

i really can't believe she had the audacity to publish this, why didn't she just reframe this so she didnt have to draw that foot instead of swinging and fucking missing? it also distracts from the ridiculous angry brows his dumb bangs give him from the thumbnail

No. 778596

She doesn't fit into any category you mentioned because you only listed people that can be considered professionals of some sort - she is most likely like those 15-year olds on DeviantArt searching for constant validation, only less inclined to do comissions cause she somehow thinks she's above that

No. 778597

File: 1550272957276.jpg (44.78 KB, 680x524, 9b9807ef79b9e120232b091343229f…)

Just looked at her kickstarter and she really just spoils the ending of the comic on the damn cover huh

No. 778598

This is legit the worst and most bland love story ever jfc. You don't even see them get together they just snark at each other, are suddenly dating, their bland personalities are all over the place with no consistency, and then the rapist is caught and they live happily ever after. It's so bad I am in awe.

No. 778602

File: 1550273866883.jpeg (8.71 KB, 391x70, 7F75AF12-4EC0-4D01-9DA6-7724C3…)

This is the launch party guys…

No. 778618

File: 1550276213654.png (419.54 KB, 931x716, is.png)

No. 778630

The whole thing is such an ego trip. She won't earn anything since all the money will be used for printing and distributing. She just gets off on the idea of having her book printed officially, since it will make her feel "successful".

No. 778646

She's only doing the kickstarter early because she wants the laser cutter

No. 778652

She's already raised almost $1000 on kickstarter. It blows my mind that people actually support this bitch.

No. 778661

File: 1550288150219.jpeg (662.06 KB, 1242x1500, B1302CFA-47FF-4640-9B50-65AD87…)

The stupidity of these people giving her money I s2g. If this keeps up, how much do you want to bet she’ll get her precious laser cutter.

I hope these people are prepared to either never receive their rewards or get shoddily made books she slaps together at home.

No. 778675

File: 1550289488390.jpeg (156.53 KB, 500x424, B2BBFA88-9E6E-4025-9959-DB9639…)

Is this supposed to be Damien on the right? Is this how she’s redrawing him in the older pages? It barely looks anything like him IMO. If it’s not then damn the same face syndrome is even worse than I thought.

Also damn, so much so fast for that Kickstarter, I almost feel sorry for her fans. Almost.

No. 778676

huh i mean that's the face he's had for a year or so, with the older hair, no?

No. 778678

I thought she cut his hair? Why is it back to normal. Whats the point of cutting it if its just going to go back to what it was before, it didn't add anything to the plot

No. 778679

because it's Book One the old book being redrawn. fuck off and don't post if you haven't read the fucking thread!

No. 778696

I mean, they look a lot younger in her older art. Maybe I’ve just been away for too long, maybe her style has changed too much, I’m not sure. I’m currently catching up to the the recent posts, but to me it looked really different. All the dark haired characters have the exact same face so I honestly thought this was some random new character at first glance.

No. 778697


again with the tasteless heavy puke on pastel color choices.

I hope that either

A) her Kickstarter comes to a grinding halt and fails after this first boost of money, or,

B) it succeeds and she magically gets her damn laser cutter, then suddenly

"oops sorry my dudes this comic sure is taking longer than expected. You'll have to wait for my current obsession with the laser cutter to be over first, grandmas, fuck you, got mine."

Always thinking up ways to scheme and scam folk. Such a self serving, disingenuous bitch and anyone who supports her is a sucker.

No. 778699

I can’t even bring myself to feel bad for her supporters because they’re just so willfully blind. How they manage to have any faith in her ability to do anything given her track record is beyond me.

No. 778702

they're 12

No. 778709

My god that is garish. I'm kind of regretting that I used to think she was a good artist

No. 778713

File: 1550296409807.png (575.8 KB, 750x1334, 9FC954FA-2E84-4B82-AEA0-8A3D87…)

Cows collide

No. 778715

That seems pretty vague on whether that's a positive reaction or not. I thought Holly and Baylee hated each other …

No. 778720

File: 1550299920743.jpeg (168.62 KB, 1242x743, F1C48C4D-EDE7-46A2-B0B8-5F234A…)

Seriously… I can’t believe how stupid this is. It’s nearly funded in a day.

No. 778735

well, it's basically a pre-sale, so I didn't doubt she would get the money (even if it's unbelievable that you'd make a pre-sale if you are 200 pages AND a whole redraw short of finishing all books.). But hell will break loose once May has arrived, I'm absolutely sure of that.

No. 778740

She was literally crying on stream and whining about not getting funded immediately too.

No. 778749

lol, you have to pay 14-22 dollars more than advertised for shipping - and it's the same rate for every country except US, so no idea why she didn't calculate it into the general tiers

No. 778763

It's still incredible how lazy the second kickstarter is compared to the first one - back then, she made exclusive cover art (and not bland as fuck covers), managed to proof-read her stuff and overall verything feels a lot more thought-full. This time it just feels like she's basically saying "Yeah, gimme your money and fuck off"
Maybe I'm too harsh but looking at both projects side-by-side it's just clear how she doesn't want to work on it anymore.

No. 778765

>>778679 wtf is wrong with you anon, I thought she was drawing the cover for her second book not her first one. Get the sand out of your vag, sorry for being confused over holly being her retarded self

No. 778774

Baylee has never said anything negative about Holly. Holly is the one who hates Baylee and used to talk mad shit. She just had beef with Baylee’s popularity when she views Baylee as being so beneath her as an artist.

No. 778783

oh boy, the 100th scam by holly yet again.
maybe after this people will open their eye but I highly doubt it since she's been able to get this far and get funded pretty quickly.

No. 778810

File: 1550356033331.png (5 KB, 444x207, bitchwat.png)

The project is basically entirely funded and it's only been a few hours

No. 778817

All together, assuming everyone pledged the minimum; it should add up to $1,643.

Tinfoiling, but even accounting for the usual few large donations and a couple of small tips this doesn't explain an extra $800. either friends and family are pledging (significantly) larger amounts out of kindness/"investment", or (less likely) Holly's out here with a mule pledging a large amount in one go making it look like it's going faster than it really is and also to assure she reaches the goal and gets the money (getting around the all or nothing format of kickstarter).

Probably just one or two Keiths or something, though.

No. 778818

More than two Keiths, there's 24 people who have pledged $40.

Must be thirsty for that epilogue

No. 778820

File: 1550360071039.png (3.02 KB, 437x141, Unbenannt.png)

aaaand it's done!

No. 778821

anon means the minumum stated for the tier, times the number of backers at that tier, is 1643. the top tier is "$40 or more" so unless some people were like oh haha i'll just give $400 anyway" it's weird

No. 778825

(Same anon)
Ahh, ok. I thought I read something involving Baylee giving Holly the cold shoulder about something. I already knew about the Holly side of it, which is kind of hilarious in a petty way.

No. 778862

I'm thirsty for it to finely be over too. Fuck I'd pay her to end it too if I was somehow a fan. I'd bet a few of them just wanna support her and the comic is secondary.

No. 778864

…. finally*

/Sage for my autism

No. 778924

At this point, 30 people opted to pay 52 dollars in total to get the final tier - holy heck

No. 778954

She should make stretch goals so she can pretend to be busy for longer.

No. 778957

She did one already, at 4k she'll add a sticker set to each order! I wonder if she's gonna source them out or do them herself

No. 778986

File: 1550439041768.gif (1.82 MB, 498x245, unnamed (1).gif)

May cannot come soon enough.

No. 779010

she cant make them herself she got rid of her circit mechine

No. 779011

Tunfoil; Holly probably thinks that she can nab the money, buy the laser cutter and then use the money she thinks she's going to make with the laser cutter, to order the print run of the Kickstarter and have the orders out by May.

Which is pretty disingenuous, but not surprising considering how untrustworthy she is with other people's money. Money she didn't ever earn.


I agree, she's just been riding off her popularity, but I think if she doesn't drum up interest she'll dry up into a husk soon after the laser cutter/Kickstarter drama.
Or it'll propel her into more followers who will stan her. Either way she's a train wreck who just wants as much money for as little possible effort.

Personally I think she's hoodwinked people for long enough. The buck has to stop somewhere, even if she is milky. But I guess you never know.

No. 779231

File: 1550525112455.png (67.1 KB, 547x825, keith.png)

This guy is such a weird fucker

No. 779245

Kinda feel bad for Holly because this guy is pretty creepy.

No. 779252

Meh, she's pretty creepy herself + she constantly enables him, since he does the same for her. That being said - he really is… Something.

No. 779253

File: 1550529354832.png (23.26 KB, 667x205, keith.png)

No. 779263

WTF Keith

No. 779264

God damn it Keith.
Unrelated, but have any of you bothered to listen to her commission livestreams? Let's just say that she still has a problem with oversharing, and she's apparently trying online dating. So much for "having to quit livestreaming because people are mean :(("

No. 779265


He's absolutely mental.

No. 779266

where are those livestreams?

No. 779268

No. 779283

Why bother with online dating when keith ks right there?

No. 779299

He’s probably not enough of a twink for her

No. 779322

I stg that Keith dude has been sticking with her for over a ear and possibly longer. I have a feeling she's probably low-key creeped out by him because she never mentions him and I never see them interact outside of Youtube comments, twitter, livestreams, etc. She might talk to him in private so idk but, he seems so far up her ass it's creepy.

No. 779452

I’m so ebbing confused about her finances. I thought she was raising a kickstarter so that she can get out of her house? Or is it to fund print copies? or is it the laser cutter? She’s mentioned wanting all 3. If she’s getting out of her house $2.5k could last a month or two while she wraps up projects.
Goddamn I wish I could raise $2500 in a few hours. She should’ve made some stretch goals. Are all her supporters from YouTube or Instagram?

No. 779453

If she uses the money for anything other than the printing she is losing all crediblity and shows how completely uninterested she is in her projects.
Kickstarter is no gofundme, the money is ONLY for funding certain projects. If she wants some cash so bad she should either get a job (because uploading ugly comics on Tapas is no job) or get it into her thick skull that even good artists cater to their audience by doing loads of comissions and regularily update their Patreon. I will be spitting mad if she magically has a laser cutter by the end of Mai.

No. 779455

Holly already said she was going to use the kickstarter money for the laster cutter, she even wanted to set the goal at 3000 because that's the cost of the laster cutter… Unless Holly has a change of heart you can probably guess what's going to happen next, fam

No. 779464

wasnt it 2500? at this point all of hollys financial troubles are solved by kickstarters . sorry for bad english

No. 779465

It ended up being 2500, but in a vlog she said she wanted to set it to 3000 because of the laser cutter. (your english in fine, btw)

No. 779491

Ok wild idea here but shouldnt she use the money she made with the kickstarter to MOVE OUT. Im not saying its enough but maybe start saving it up instead of starting a weird ass lasercutting buissness thats gonna backfire in a month .

No. 779492

>>779491 or use the kickstarter money for what she said it would be for?

No. 779541

what? The money is not hers to use how she sees fit, it's for. The. Project. Period.
As if moving out should be her priority, she nevery leaves her room anyways, has no regular income and is probably too lazy to look after a whole home of her own (just look at her room, it's a hot mess and we all know it).

No. 779557

I don't get it either, why do you want her to move out? In her current situation it would be the dumbest thing ever, she is broke and has no job.

No. 779626

No. 779633

File: 1550627712937.png (430.95 KB, 607x579, sketch.png)

have i got the wrong end of the stick or is she scamming already by saying in the kickstarter rewards "a skectch inside the cover of the book" which someone would take to mean a hand drawn sketch on the inside cover, and she's actually printing out fucking digital graphics and coloring in the background (or, ruining them by using a kids marker going over itself) and is going to stick that in? would you be satisfied with this shit if you thought you were getting an artists sketch?

No. 779634

Why, just WHY does she feel the need to "enlighten" other people regarding Kickstarter? Could she make just one single video without thinking she has so much knowledge that needs to be spread - heck, at least she could talk about her experience exclusively, but no, she has to generalize because of course Kickstarter works for her, so it must work for every comic artist!!1!11!

No. 779640

Why are you assuming everyone pledged the minimum? If you go on her Kickstarter page the answer is clear. Most people aren't pledging the minimum, the top 2 tiers are the most popular options by a wide margin.

No. 779661

read further

No. 779707

In a kickstarter you SHOULD justify your requested goal splitting up costs and telling people how much goes where.
You know, out of transparency, you’re supppsed to give an estimate or why you need 2.500, what goes into KS taxes, how much does the printing cost, how much the shipping, if there are extras…
Since kickstarter is made to help you actually get the thing done and not scam/profit out of people, you don’t just put a goal and hope it works.
She only said it would cover the printing cost. Which is unlikely. And yes when you promise a sketch inside or a book you draw them one by one, otherwise you list it as an exclusive print.
Ffs, when will people stop being so blind?

No. 779708

File: 1550649469645.png (38.72 KB, 878x514, Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 23.5…)


No. 779710

funny, it's like a only 87 people who want this- it seems like few people and yet that's enough. though it would be
625+3332+65*40=$3806 if someone wasn't throwing in an extra 700.
4457/87=an average of 51 fucking dollars who are these people

No. 779712


She knew to ask for that much betting on the extra money to buy her dumb shit she's obsessed with right now. And she still has 25 days left.

I wanna know where all that extra money is going to go. After KS and print run money. I'm secretly hoping she makes more stretch goals, or gets to that wooden charm one she's harping on about and I hope she's the one who makes them lmao,i wasnt sure if I missed whether she was going to make them or have them made. I just want her to overpromise and severely underdeliver like always.

No. 779717

not a kids marker, it's a cheapo Micheal's brand alchohol marker, it's just drying out so the ink doesn't blend correctly.
Still looks like shit.

No. 779741

Shit, for $4400 those 50 special sketches better be fucking hand drawn.

No. 779747

Does she need the laser cutter to make the wooden charms? Is that gonna be the workaround she uses for funding the laser?

No. 779748

i mean, watching the video, I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt that she could have filmed the inking over pencil sketches she did earlier but for whatever reason didn't film - but then why are the lines so clear on the sketches (i.e. they're not sketchy)? and .. when it's time to erase the pencil lines she just cuts to another drawing with them already gone (6:06). I don't know shit about art though so.. let's see what someone else thinks

No. 779761

I don't care how she does them (I'm pretty sure they are handdrawn, clean lines or not) but hell, those are some lame-ass uninspired sketches. Simon and Pumba are literally just awkwardly standing there with facial expressions like they just farted and hope the reader doesn't notice. But at least it fits the new covers.
There is so little love in anything she does, it honestly hurts watching her do her "art" sometimes.

No. 779774


She just doesn't wanna bother to wait for the books to come to do sketches on the inside cover so she's just shitting those cheap ass sketches out now, uninspired as they are, she can mentally check it off her list of "work" she's done.

Like, if she really cared she'd at least use better materials but she obviously wants it all over with. This is is embarrassing to watch.

No. 779803

>There is so little love in anything she does, it honestly hurts watching her do her "art" sometimes.
>but she obviously wants it all over with
As someone who is burnt out I kind of genuinely want to see Holly happy again as much as I lurk these threads. I want to see someone care about their comic instead of skirting by with the bare minimum and making a concerted effort to improve. I see so much of myself in holly I just want her to sort it out and wish her the best.

No. 779806

I felt similarly before I found out she made a Kickstarter to fund her need for a laser cutter while being in massive debt. She's an idiot and now I'm just here for the show.

No. 779846


Yes that's what she's claiming. You can already get wooden charms through Acorn Press and Zap creatives too so this is stupid.

No. 779851

Also the fact that she has a circuit shes trying to sell despite the fact that they sell blades for 50 dollars to cut wood… Why tf is she so retarded

No. 779852


Holy shit I forgot you can do that with a Cricut. Wow, that just made this 5000 times more fucking stupid. Not to mention why would you wanna sell your Cricut when you can use it to make sticker sheets??? Her thought process makes 0 sense to me.

No. 779857

I know!! I'm pulling my hair out that she wants the lasercutter despite being able to do so much with what she has, like the cricut can literally cut adhesive fabric if she wanted to do t-shirt designs or just apperal designs in general, I honestly have no idea why she wants to get rid of it when it can do so much inovative merch ideas if she were to actually put in the time

No. 779864


>If she were to actually put in the time

There's your answer right there, she won't. Because people who do things like this want the easiest and quickest way out to do things as opposed to actually put the work and effort to do things correctly, or at the very least efficiently. They want the gratification without the sacrifice.

No. 779873

File: 1550698212210.png (196.23 KB, 698x441, lazer.png)

No. 779878

She wants a less versatile more expensive machine to do a job that a machine she already has, can do.
I don't even know what kind of cricut she has, but she could easily just upgrade to the maker and make tons of shit, wooden stuff and vinyl stickers included. And it'd still be way less and at least if something broke (because she'll rush and use it wrong and it WILL break) she'd be able to get it fixed more easily

No. 779879


All that fuss about a laser cutter and this is the shit she wants to make. "saving" for a laser cutter my ass. Just tell the truth and say that KS money is going towards it.

The design is so complex and clunky. She didn't even bother to try to make her characters cute, easy to cut designs.
And correct me if I'm wrong but aren't wooden charms less popular anyway because they're more prone to snapping in half? These are ugly and they're going to be flimsy.

No. 779883

Not to mention she's already planing on making tutorials for stuff she hasn't even learned herself yet…

No. 779884

Her thought process is "this shiny new expensive thing will make me happy and a better artist" because she has a shopping addiction. She did it with the Cintiq, she did it with the iPad, she did it with TV Paint, she did it with copics (TWICE) etc….the list goes on.

No. 779885

Is she really thinking that she will instantly know how to perfectly work that laser and make these things without any problem whatsoever?! Even if she had a circuit (or has), switching to a completely new machine from a new brand surely will have a learning curve?!

No. 779895

Not to mention….. she literally said she had a hard time operating the circut and getting it to work

No. 779903


Coming from someone who sells at conventions I can tell you that wooden charms are a lot less popular not only because like you said, they're weak. But, people like acrylic charms because they're colored. This idea will work well for simple geometric patterns or things like flower and plant designs because the wood aesthetic fits nicely with them but, with characters people prefer something with color which is why acrylic charms, enamel pins, buttons, etc. are much more popular. So if someone were to order these wooden charms from her, they would probably sell them at a con once and realize they don't sell well and never sell them again.

I can only see those artists that almost exclusively draw plants and flowers like Jenny Journals being even remotely able to pull this wooden aesthetic off. Not to mention (and not to sound like a bitch insulting pre-teens) but, people that buy charms at conventions are mostly pre-teens to early teens that aren't gonna be into that wood look and are gonna opt for something colorful. Hell I'm in my 20's and even I don't like the wood look.

She really needs to sit back and think about how high of demand there's gonna be for these wooden turds. (Hint: Barely any)

No. 779956


Thanks for the reply, I figured this was the case since I don't see a whole lot of people selling wooden charms.

Buying a machine to produce things is a long-term investment, but Holly doesn't seem to understand what that means. She just wants to eat the whole cake and not have to worry about consequences until she hits a snag.

The moment something doesn't work out for her, she starts bitching about how it's broken or it's somehow the machine's fault. She's going to be backed up on orders and those same people are gonna be stanning her because 'guys look how much she's suffering and working so hard she's only one person'

One person is capable of making a lot of dumbass choices. And she always chooses the most difficult way to box herself in to weave her little sob story after. No sympathy for her, or her ugly little charms.

No. 779996

File: 1550712004071.jpg (127.26 KB, 742x692, digi.jpg)

here you go - she is doing them on the computer.

No. 780062

Is no one going to mention the fact that she forgot to draw the seat on the bike? I know she’s prone to rushing stuff but yikes, this is bad.

No. 780089

Its actually a drawing she drew last year so we probably gave her flak for that, im honestly not surprised that she isn't doing new drawing for the charms considering how much of a lazy bum she is

No. 780128

I seriously used to think that Holly actually had a knack for product design despite her lazy art. I mean stuff like the comic templates and 'official' sketchbook slam sketchbook seemed like easy to sell product ideas. On top of that Holly used to make stickers and other merch of popular fandoms which I felt would sell moderately well despite the mediocre art. It's just sad to see Holly take a huge step back and start selling stupid things like oversized prints of her comic that doesn't even have a full chapter out yet and ugly, super detailed wooden charms of a comic that has no plot to speak of.

No. 780154

I think it’s just a product of her not caring anymore.

No. 780166

this is the dumbest caption she has ever made - apart from the obligatory "uwu" is being religious really THIS funny? I mean, I'm more of an atheist, but she acts like being christian is a meme or something

No. 780174

Tinfoil: maybe she thought that the seat peeking out between his legs would look too much like a penis?

No. 780178

like she usually cares how her shit looks

No. 780184

I think it's probably because she likes to make being gay a sexy sexy sin and him praying is uwu because he's actually a sinful slut

No. 780197

Hearty keks

No. 780209

on ig story she says she's managing to make 5-6 "sketches" a day. she has to do like 50 of them lol.
so even though people would have expected a handmade, even rough, sketch that would take like 10 minutes,
instead she's doing digital art and inking over it. so a worse product each one is taking over an hour.
These are for the $40 tier and she is putting more than $40 worth of labor into each one lmao

No. 780250

Eh, $51 doesn't sound too unreasonable. 51 dollars for 2 full volumes + a bonus epilogue issue is a decent value, imo. Better than all the Comicsgaters selling single issue floppies for 30 bucks.

No. 780374

Nigga 5 to 6 sketches a day is a good deal; the rest of the book is reprinting so it’s like getting $50 per sketch. That’s $250-$300 a day.

No. 780385


It's unnecessary to calculate her earnings in any way, shape or form, she won't get much either way. She drew the whole comic for free. The Kickstarter money will be used for printing and later on, the laser cutter. She won't sell many books outside of the Kickstarter and her hype regarding the cutter will die down within the next few month, at the very latest once she realizes there is no demand for wooden charms.
Either way, she will be broke again pretty soon.

No. 780450


Yeah, money runs through her fingers like sand, after this she's probably gonna try to get her gears turning on what next compulsive money making scheme she can attempt to pull off next. We all know that cutter is going to collect dust after this campaign.
She can't seem to make up her mind on whether she wants to be a manufacturer or an artist. She's not patient enough to be decent at either.

No. 780480

purgatory vol.1 = 280 pgs.
vol.2 = 99 pgs.
total = 379 pgs x 4 hrs per page (minimum) = 1,516 hours of work.
at $10/hr that's $15,160
- the $3000 kickstarter that's $12,000 that could have been earned working at michaels or a grocery store, put towards an apartment and friends…

No. 780481

You forgot to add the Purgatory 2 pages to come and the Epilogue…tho doesn't make it better, huh

No. 780485

Jesus Christ and that’s the minimum 4 hours, it’d probably take longer due to how inefficient she is, or maybe not because of how low quality it is. Both possibilities suck. 1510 hours, at 40 a week that’s 37 weeks. And we all know she doesn’t put in 40 hours a week. 37 weeks! A whole year (at least) of her life! Not just for the $5,000 she’d earn, but also for the time spent. Who would do this to themselves? It’d be far more profitable to print what she has, and then start a new and better comic based off what she learned from here. Who would devote this many years of their lives to a half baked idea from high school? Your first isn’t your best. Im interested to see how long it takes for her to actually redraw this whole thing. My $50/sketch calculation was way off.
Why is she redrawing this? Her ego? Or her over attachment to the idea?

No. 780529


Her ego is telling her to redraw it so that it's something she can be 'proud' of. She said so in her vlog. purgatory is the most appropriate title for this comic of hers.

No. 780794

No. 780804

9:13 warning if you dont like so see her bloody groady-ass toe. Holly, you're disgusting.

No. 780822

Wow haven't checked on Holly in a long time but her straightened hair makes such a difference!

No. 780836

Watching her finances stresses me the fuck out.
>canceling the Kickstarter 2 weeks early
>”I’d be on the same schedule anyway for the comic”
Then why cancel it early?! Just let it run it’s course so more people can discover it?!
>buying 2 pads of Bristol which are expensive af
JUST CUT IT and drawing inside the cover would’ve saved you so much!
>buying Artist’s loft markets on impulse that are low quality and “may not last as long” because she can’t wait to order copics to make sketches that are not even due until the entire books 1 and 2 are finished and published.
>goes to Ross for bras, comes back with bras + 2 crop tops + jeans + jacket
$60 is still a lot considering if that $5,000 is paying for a portion of your living expenses
The worst of all may be:
>”I ordered these woods for the laser cutter but they’re too textured so I think I’m going to have to buy a belt sander”

>jewelry box of things for the laser cutter
>earring hooks

No. 780840

she ended the kickstarter early because she wanted the money quicker. I guarantee it.

No. 780843

She looks so much like her character Reese in this video.

No. 780845

File: 1550987547941.png (45.79 KB, 296x274, face.png)

she also had a ig story considering buying hamilton tickets

i love how she uses her own face as a reference thinking it won't be noticeable

No. 780875

I feel sorry for him to be born to such an unfortunate creator.

No. 780901

File: 1551020823764.png (1.03 MB, 930x816, ffa12.png)

No. 780912

No. 780928

But why tho
I honestly have no idea why her followers aren't turned off by her excessive and wasteful spending, it honestly makes me sick to think about how she's wasting so much god damn money on useless shit

No. 780930

The only reason I don't have a flat file cabinet is because they're so expensive! And she has 2. I can't remember seeing anything of hers large enough that would justify needing them.

No. 780936

ok this is really stupid but i just found out that holly has her new channel? i used to be really active on here but when she stopped posting i just stopped caring

now i realize she ''came back''?
im just saying this because im surprised someone can be this BAD at advertizing, just put a video on your old channel ffs

No. 780952

already spending that Kickstarter money I see. shopping addiction must be a bitch.

No. 781004

Tinfoiling here but because she has no job or school or anywhere to go to and anyone to hangout with, burned out by the one thing she does for money, she sits at home and occupies her time with compulsive spending.

No. 781017


I don't think that's a tinfoil, I think that's just facts.
She's got a spending addiction. And she'll get her fix from the next bunch of people to be suckered in by her next money making scheme while she skirts by doing the bare minimum.

No. 781020


I couldn't find that exact one but, I looked to find one similar to it and they're all at a minimum of $200…Bitch why????? You could get a sturdy cardboard one for around $40??? I know good and damn well she doesn't have THAT much shit not to mention she already had a cardboard one from the con she did that she could use unless she threw it away which I wouldn't be surprised if she did. I have a feeling she thinks all of this makes her feel like shes a true professional but, when in reality she just looks amateur and wasteful because the moment she gets her hand on some money, she frivolously spends it instead of budgeting it.

No. 781033

she got $3500 extra from the Kinksharter than her goal so she probably thinks that's spending money because what student loan and she knows she'll be making BANK with the laser cutter

No. 781040

The Kickstarter has surpassed 6k now. I can’t wait she’s in too deep and can’t fulfill the rewards in a timely manner..

No. 781054

no offense but u dumb, lol, she was pretending to start anew, why would she advertise

are you fucking KIDDING me, this is fucking ridiculous, she should just take it and run, if(when) she fucks this up it will be truly spectacular

No. 781068

I think she’s buying all these expensive supplies to try to compensate for trying to feel like a professional, when you know, a professional is about being good at your craft and hardworking.

No. 781090

Isn't she 50k in debt too?

No. 781112

Yup. I don’t think she plan to deal with that until she’s forced to face it. We don’t know when she’ll need to start making payments.

No. 781119

File: 1551120710598.png (290.1 KB, 464x816, stgl2.png)

"BIIIITCH loook! We got the second stretch goal! OH my god, I don't even know what to DO anymore, bitch what else!? What other stretch goals?"

No. 781124

here's an idea for a stretch goal: paying your fucking student loans

No. 781134

You know I'm actually excited that her little pre-pubecent droolies are giving her all this damn money because I already know she going to fuck something up. I'm looking forward to see if she can actually pull this off or if this is gonna be the final nail in the coffin for her. Saying dumbshit and being an asshole online is one thing but, fucking with people's actual money is a whole other thing entirely.

No. 781146

Yeah right, we all already said that about the zine fiasco and we all saw what happened with that: nothing

No. 781181

I’m with this anon. Her fans are so blindly loyal that I imagine it would have to take far worse than money mismanagement to rile them up. I mean look what happened with TVPaint. Bought it, barely used it and tried to resell on their dime (iirc). She’s so consistently bad with her money that this won’t change anything.

No. 781182

She has zero incentive to learn. She lives with her mom so she doesn't have any real consequences for wasting money - she still has a roof over her head at the end of the day even if her wallet is empty. She can splurge and resell to her hearts content because she has 0 bills to worry about.

I have to laugh that she thinks she's going to be able to move out anytime soon - not just because she has no stable income, but because she has 0 sense of responsibility. She has so much growing up to do.

No. 781225


She's pretty delusional in that she thinks she's done all the growing up she could possibly do and thinks she knows better.

I just want to see how long she thinks she can scam people.

No. 781227

No. 781228


Wow, that honestly might be the best she's ever drawn Hershel. The hair still looks pretty stupid but, his face looks nice and proportionate and actually appealing. Might we actually be seeing some art progress?

No. 781231

Still planning on moving out, but adding her sister and sisters's kid into the mix… even though she hates kids, the laser engraver fiasco continues and even planning on getting a oddly shaped button maker even though you know it'll be unavailable soon enough to worry you about the investment. she just can't focus on anything

No. 781244

File: 1551161657572.png (216.09 KB, 693x655, killme.png)

Jesus christ, hope she got permission to air her sisters dirty laundry, it's good that she wants to help, but still… Just seems a little disrespectful. It's probably petty, but that cat clock necklace design looks like the worst thing ever to me.

No. 781261

>heart shaped button maker
Holly is back at it again! Why can’t her stretch goal just be an extra piece of art or a bookmark? All the extra money doesn’t matter if she spends it all. I get that’s the kind thing to do, spend all the excess back on her fans, but she also needs money to move out now that her sister and niece is moving in with her! And why is a grown woman with a child relying on the income of a 21 YO dropout?

No. 781311

This week on: Local Dumb Artist Does Dumb Things
>Is blown away by a pen tool in Adobe Illustrator
>Miraculously gets a good find on some artist flat drawers and DIYs some fixes due to her garbage-picking habits.
>Making Jewelry? It's that ugly cat clock.
>Unloads about her Sister drama.
>Sister Moving in with her now with her move out.
>Thinks she can financially support herself and her Sister +Infant
> LASER CUTTER is life
>Is putting aside all the money for the book printing and has per-purchased all the shipping for everyone's Purgatory Kickstarter orders.
>Woodblock Prints
>Signed up for San-Japan Artist Alley.
>Doesn't want to sell any fan-art even though she said last AA she was in she sold 90% fanart.
>Making her own engraved wood sketchbooks.
>Buys more mailers for the "craft brown aesthetic" even though she has a million manila bubble mailers
>Already making all her wood cutter designs.
>Heart Shaped Button maker! $600!
>Thinks the button maker will stop being available even though Heart shaped button makers have been around for 5+ years and are stupidly popular in the convention scene.

No. 781313

tbf i would rather holly spend her KICKSTARTER money on heart buttons and stickers (idk why she wants to buy the whole maker when i think its more economical to just get them outsourced, this is coming from someone who literally owns a heart buttonmaker but i do cons & shit) than having her be like "my next stretch goal is….. financial stability," but i feel like she should be using the money towards the shit ppl are giving her money for, its not like its a "general holly donation pool" its "dollars to deliver products into peoples hands"
does anyone own the first run of purgatory and is the art fixed in it?

No. 781320

I have the limited edition kickstarter version of the first volume. She was still using brush pens when she made it. By the end of the book, the lines are thinner because she switched to digital.
There are also more backgrounds in the beginning, but she got lazy and relied more on white voids, which is a shame. Her comic would be more tolerable visually if she continued to make backgrounds, but nope, just shitty potato heads, gaping mouths, and broken feet/ankles.
Also, Simon looks completely different by the end–less like a kid and more like a big chin uwu yaoi boy. And Damien started off being like two feet tall and looking like a tubby toddler. It's jarring how different they look, and this is all before the jump forward in time to when Simon grows his hair out. If this were a series of volumes spanning over years, like say Berserk, I could understand the change in style, but for it to change so drastically in one book , it's Not Good™.
It's very odd (and such a waste of time) that she's planning on redrawing the first volume when people already own physical copies of it. Now, I basically have an obsolete copy. She should just finish Purgatory vol. 2 and be done with it.

I should also add, though I only remember a little bit, that I think she did redo the beginning of vol. 1 already, so this would technically be her 3rd time redoing it, not including the original version of Purgatory (the one she disses even though general consensus agrees it was way better than what she's making now.)

No. 781344


I do cons too and I'm slamming my head against the table. First of all we know how well SanJapan went the fist time for her so if she gets accepted this year I'm eager to see how much money she looses this time. Secondly, Why the hell do you specifically want a heart shaped mould for your button maker? I got my 1 1/14 inch one off Ebay with 1000 button parts included for only $120. She's trying so hard to be that artist with the best equipment and she's just shitting money out.

Say what you want about Baylee Jae but, atleast she's not dumb enough to do frivolous spending like this. She bought her Cricuit cutter on a whim but, unlike Holly she knew she frequents conventions enough to have it pay for itself in no time. She still uses the same round button maker she always has. She hasn't bought a fucking laser cutter, or book binder, or some other thing you could easily outsource.

Holly might have her online store but, she doesn't do the work load needed to get the things she's wanting to buy ie. Convetions etc. Even alot of people that go to conventions don't make their own product. I can get it if she wants to be a manufacturer but, shes diving way to deep to start out with.

No. 781441

File: 1551237103434.jpg (96.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1550531073327.jpg)

on scale of poor-fucked
how financially fucked is Holly

No. 781447


She's going to do worse this year if she gets into San-Japan, considering she said she wasn't going to be producing fan art, or at least, not as much fan art.

I wonder if that's her plan. Just wait til san-japan rolls around every year to get a shot at a table so she can have an excuse to spend more money, because that's all this really is.

After last year's thing with her fugly fujo-smut on full display, I hope that they remember her and deny her a spot this time around. If they somehow let her table again, I wonder if she'll be dragging Michie with her again.

No. 781506

extremely. i can just see her having to move back in with mom after like a month. feel bad for her sister who probably doesn't have any idea that holly has no stable income and a shopping addiction.

No. 781529

That's what I was thinking anon San Japan probably doesn't want her potential drama back. Plus the name mistake she complained about on Twitter that San Japan replied to.

No. 781532

I've gone through a handful of Holly's threads and I haven't seen this part of her complaining about bRown in San Japan. Does someone have the screencap or the thread number i can find?

No. 781563

File: 1551290317948.png (1.26 MB, 1895x608, sketcheskickstarter.png)

It's this one: >>>/snow/550611 (fairly close to the top)

No. 781599

Man, this is pretty lazy even for her. If she was just going to print them out anyway, why not add the background digitally too instead of wasting markers on something so trivial? Working harder not smarter is definitely the motto she lives by.

No. 781615


If she's not doing fanart she might as well kiss any income goodbye. The main income you get from conventions is selling art through fanart. If she's doing generic things like a cat and dog, succulents, witch, etc. and putting them on stickers you can also make money from those but, if she's just planning on slapping her Oc's faces on something NO ONE is going to buy that shit. I know she wants to rebel against the norm and make money off shit that she creates but, you would have to have such a huge following that you could put anything out there and people would buy it.

She's just going to have to bite the bullet and sell fanart if she wants to see an actual profit.

No. 781662

THANK YOU anon! The real deal is even more hilarious than the description sounded.

Also I think long-haired Damien (?) looks a bit better in her updated style. None of that weird hairspray wig defying gravity bullshit. Still looks very anime bit has some weight to it. He looks more sympathetic on the first sketch, left to right. The rest looks bland and lifeless.

No. 781667

Fixes simons hair.
Gives Damien a mullet.
Gdi holly

No. 781759

Damien looks nothing like he did in the comics wtf

No. 781875

I seem to recall a video in which she talks about the importance of character sheets (she was drawing a character sheet for Hershel in the video, I remember that much). This seems to be a case of her, once again, not practicing what she preaches, 'cause she sure as hell isn't trying to stay on model now.
Imagine initially seeing these current sketches of Damien and Simon, and then checking out her comic for the first time to find that they look completely different. It's like a vague form of false advertising (eh, but she plans on redrawing the old shit so whatever).

No. 781924

Call me crazy but I actually really like these designs, I think dameon looks really cute tbh, hopefully hollys art can stay consistent in her next volume

No. 781951

I'm fuckin glad he doesn't have the stupid bat wing bangs anymore. Those were such an ugly design choice right up there with Simon's stupid glasses (another good change she made).

No. 782020

No. 782085

File: 1551445875004.png (79.88 KB, 397x374, shivershiver.png)

Has anyone read the new purgatory pages? I didn't see them posted yet https://tapas.io/episode/1338356
The storytelling gets even lazier as Holly rushes to end this comic once and for all. She could have made the drawings more dramatic or moving but of course not.
Attarah's/Hitler's son is not fazed at all by Simon and Damian being gay? She's trying to make us believe this religious cult is so homophobic but not a single character shown has behaved like being gay is a sin or been uncomfortable or surprised by Simon and Damian's relationship.

She's coping with stress by looking at more shit she wants to buy (furniture for her future art room now), she's in no position to help others.

No. 782101

File: 1551450766825.png (173.36 KB, 480x360, beefed.png)

You could say:

No. 782166

I thought this was a new video upload omfg

No. 782171

File: 1551455140525.png (472.91 KB, 673x835, Unbenannt.png)

Apart from the lazy art, this is definately NOT how you use screentones - they look positively atrocious

No. 782176

File: 1551455334041.png (414.41 KB, 643x837, Unbenannt.png)

No. 782177

File: 1551455366270.png (485.35 KB, 633x843, Unbenannt2.png)

No. 782178

File: 1551455392553.png (425.1 KB, 635x839, Unbenannt3.png)

No. 782180

File: 1551455484900.png (645.99 KB, 637x841, Unbenannt4.png)

The flow of her panels has reached a new level of shit - can't relate to a single emotion of any character and at this point I don't even know if you read her stuff from left to right or the other way around

No. 782189

I'm so confused. Why would Attarah throw his son out ? Why would no one in this small community where everyone knows (and judges) one another take notice ? Why is he cool with them being gay and ready to just pack up and leave when he seemed super indoctrinated ?

She wants to wrap this up as quickly as she can but she's drawing things out instead. She could have had a montage of their preparations to leave in just a few pages, then have something go wrong when they escape (Attarah trying to stop them, most likely, so that Simon can resolve his bullshit Stockholm Syndrome by having to fight him to protect his dad and Damien) then have her epilogue. It'd be abrupt but better than introducing new developments that make no sense.

No. 782191

"I've been kicked out for unexplained reasons."

Yeah, Holly, you continue on making tutorial videos about story writing and such…

No. 782230


No. 782263

could you imagine
"Holly the baby needs food why are you buying industrial art supplies!?"

No. 782278

well, it surely isn't Hollys obligation to provide for someone else's baby - but it would be interesting to see what her sister has to say about her spending habots and how she spends her time doing the most useless shit. Not to mention the 50k debt (as a european I can't get over that number, how is she ever going to pay that back…)

No. 782310

50k debt isn't that bad here in general for school, but… you usually get, y'know, a degree or employable skills out of it.
Has she mentioned if she had public or private loans before?

No. 782323

The story writing and art are so fucking terrible that I've ended up feeling sorry for the characters for being in such a shitty no effort comic

No. 782413

I hate this garbage comic so much, I read it all from start to current this week and none of this shit makes sense. There’s no impact and no point to any of the drama, there’s no payoff for anything. Damien never got a personality (slightly devious but also scared baby -> mild manner and becomes relevant to the church only in the next second to agree to run away, no real development or conflict or anything) simon’s rape plot is basically a joke at this point bc he’s just, slightly sad and self-depreciating, but he’s also depicted as weirdly slutty after the rape shit happens. There’s no real insight about how any of this affects him aside from the slight breakdown he has (before he has that breakdown he just kind of shows up and acts seductively with atarah like it’s super normal, there’s literally no mood or any kind of actually impactful indication that it’s fucked up that he’s acting like it’s normal. There was no build up to this change in Simon bc there was a dumbass timeskip) I feel like I read an intro and then skipped to the last volume, there’s just no substance here. I’m glad she’s ending it but I have no idea how she can be proud of this.

No. 782433


My fuckin sides.
But in all seriousness though, I highly doubt she's going to be providing for her sister and niece. In fact I think it'll be the other way around, because she has no stable income. She probably has to pay for one or two things and is just exaggerating about how she's paying for everything.

No. 782436

when she anounced moving out did she say what she expected her income to be? on the other hand in the latest video she says she pays rent to her mom now so many she has adequate income already from her hundred different little things?

No. 782487

Yeah except I call bs on that. She’s repeatedly changed version throughout the years, contradicting versions.
She only pays for her food, then she pays for everybody’s groceries, then she pays bills and food, then she pays rent bill and food, one time she stated to pay for the whole house. Best bet is she offers to help with some expenses, but I doubt it since she’s ALWAYS spending money on useless stuff. And honestly I don’t think that the same mother who accepts the jobless brother every time asking nothing expects holly to pay the full rent. Come on.
She’s always lying. Like when she said “well YouTube isn’t my job anyway”, so WHAT is? Is she making believe people she’s a professional comic artist? Where does she think the sweet kickstarter money comes from? It’s not for her ability as comic artist but from her YouTube career as a joke and entertainer.

No. 782489

File: 1551513378858.png (160.86 KB, 750x1334, 4A3A50E9-9546-4777-9133-10C329…)

Found the book one amazon listing when I went to read the comic and this review really does speak for itself.

No. 782499

as if this isn't written by some fuckin cow molester from here though. who would really "love her art on youtube" but "feel the panels didn't live up to it"?

No. 782556

File: 1551542248757.jpeg (35.76 KB, 786x435, 8E56A596-2377-44A7-A902-BA3810…)

Even if you love Holly’s YouTube stuff this is obviously a problem

No. 782592

File: 1551549803547.png (475.08 KB, 699x490, bruh.png)

No. 782635

I don't think farmers who try to touch the poop have enough subtlety to pretend to like any of her work.

No. 782728

>you actually read this dreck?

No. 782729

>you actually read this dreck?

No. 782803


okay but….

who in their right mind picky swears like that my GOD.

No. 782848

File: 1551593221694.png (1.04 MB, 888x787, ranumgen.png)

No. 782869

Why is she planning so many AUs for PP if the comic itself is barely 10 pages long…

And good try establishing Hershel as a ladies man AFTER releasing some gay af doujinshi about him, sigh

No. 782878


He's obviously one of those 'straight guy realizes he's gay' tropes where he's closeted but 'just doesn't know it' yet until Reese comes along. And the lady's man thing is just an overcompensating front. Yknow. Typical yaoi fujo bull shit

No. 782879

New video.

On a unrelated note, seems like Keith might have some competition, has anyone else noticed that weird girl commenting on every single thing Holly uploads/is mentioned in? It's kind of freaking me out, lol

No. 782927

All of them kiss her ass like there's no tomorrow. So which one exactly?

No. 782931

Bi people exist.

No. 782936

Think Holly will get the heart button maker and then figure out you can make them holographic and invest in those $500 rolls of heat foil laminate?

No. 782937

File: 1551631900508.png (395.78 KB, 1064x1055, poda.png)

This one, looks like a former haydur. I'm probably just being mean, but she definitely gives off some obsessive vibes.

No. 782941


No one is saying they don't.

No. 782986

They certainly do but the people in this trope are certainly not portrayed as such. They’re often shown as literally being unable to get hard for women anymore.

No. 782987

Yeah fujoshi believe that men are either uke gay boys their whole lives are seem straight men that go gay indefinitely for their chosen uke. The trope quite literally erases bisexuality.

No. 782988

Seme *

No. 783022


Nobody here is erasing bisexuality. We're talking about this in Holly's limited scope of being a sleezy fujo because that's all she wants to write.

No. 783153

File: 1551689949282.png (670.32 KB, 1068x896, grfujo.png)

https://tapas.io/episode/1343757 New Purgatory pages are up, fam!

No. 783156

Yeah, because the only character here who can be remotely thought of as an adult has ABSOLUTELY NO clue how that stuff works. Does Holly really think people are this dense or is she trying to be funny? (and failing horribly)

No. 783160

Wait so have they made whoopie now? Their faces look 12 and their lack of any kind of shoulder muscles make them look 10.

No. 783170

Holly attempting to write bisexuality would be a sight to behold

No. 783171

>very serious situation where everyone wants to escape the terrible cultist town and that dude has to deal with his dad throwing him out
>somehow turns into the most shallow jokes about gay sex
Fantastic story-telling as always.

No. 783180

I'm so sorry for ot but I've been reading the past 15 threads for months and I'm so happy to catch up with a new one wherein the previous post was from an hour ago

No. 783198

File: 1551714041236.png (859.88 KB, 1101x588, iu.png)

Welcome to the present time, going through the threads is definitely a ride.

Recent IG update(s), is the tape to aid with some carpal tunnel realness or? Genuinely confused.

No. 783201

sympathy tape

No. 783205

Of course it hurts, she can't hold a pencil like an adult after all. I'm serious, the way she draws (with her wrist, instead of her arm) is not only amateurish but extremely bad for your hand in the long run. Not surprised tbh

No. 783230


The way she places word balloons is ridiculous, like, is the side of his head talking? It's either she never gives her panels enough breathing room or she gives it way too much, there's never a happy medium, lmao.

No. 783287

This kind of absurdity is the true mark of a fujoshit.

No. 783347

God I hate her shitty writing. How much you wanna bet this guy also secretly didn't know he is gay. Take a shot every time she writes the 'too "clueless" to know I'm sexually attracted to men' trope. I'm sure the right uke will come along and his eyes will suddenly be opened.

No. 783417

File: 1551750079932.jpg (54.3 KB, 1140x329, snip.JPG)

birds of a bad art feather flock together.. and talk about envelopes

sage for boring

No. 783475


is it just me or does the first image actually look… okay for once? like proportions are still over stylized and the face super anime, but the flowers and concept is actually decent?

No. 783494

the hand and the leg at the back beg to differ…
not to mention the fact that it's painfully obvious she draws flowers without any kind of reference. It's not her shittiest work, but still veeery far from professional level, "style" or not.

No. 783500

Also I've got this pet peeve of mine over the way holly draws shirts that are form fitting because the folds have no form and seem so 2D

No. 783504

Yes! Omg the shirt thing drives me crazy if there is a fold or wrinkle there why does it smooth out and disappear at the edges? It's amateur stuff mdude.

No. 783512

File: 1551789991997.png (27.8 KB, 219x162, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.45…)

Is it natural for a shirt to do this?

No. 783514

Wait, is this supposed to be a torso or torso + crotch? It looks wrong either way.

No. 783516

Holly just adds lines where she thinks they should go using manga as reference occasionally but mostly too lazy and wings it. She has some sort of dyslexic inability to comprehend 3d form and use irl reference properly. Hence, 2d garbage clothes.

No. 783517

File: 1551790754424.png (35.03 KB, 273x87, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.54…)

More examples

No. 783518

File: 1551790783219.png (132.99 KB, 285x259, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.56…)

No. 783519

File: 1551790859743.png (25.31 KB, 190x162, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 8.54…)

No. 783624

Ok, I'm confused

Hasn't she already been selling Purgatory vol. 1?
And now she's gonna redraw the whole thing, make vol. 2 and sell again?

No. 783628

Her work ethic and way of holding her pencil is a perfect recipe for a potential wrist injury. So maybe she’s not doing it to just attention whore. I doubt she does any wrist stretches or takes enough breaks to not wear her wrist down. Her “draw until I burnout completely” way of doing art is not only unproductive but is eventually gonna damage her wrist completely.

No. 783666

Holly is the perfect example of someone who has raw potential but then puts no effort into actually learning her craft. Like if she actually worked on the fundamentals she would get so much better in no time at all. I mean she has so much free time and I have seen artists worse than her become masters with enough structured study.

No. 783669



No. 783698

It's so weird she can't seem to though?? She spends how many years at two different art schools and complains about her teachers wanting her to stop drawing anime and then posts wildly stylized studies to show her non progress and decries her art teachers failings. She's like straight up delusional or something. How hard is it to turn the anime off long enough to draw the human figure I. 3D how many thousands of dollars later??

No. 783778

No. 783786

I mean I'm not sure about the first art school but her second online art school seemed like a total mess. Seriously if Holly just held back her ego and practiced some basic 'drawabox' lessons or something her art would improve so much.

No. 783787

She spent like a semester or two at an on campus school before moving back home and switching to online.

No. 783790

I meant I'm not sure how well her first art school taught but her second art school didn't seem too great.

No. 783795

Doesn't matter what school she goes to, she doesn't take instruction well, and she doesn't apply herself.

No. 783806

I don't get why she couldn't stop herself from doing anime for her schoolwork. Then she could apply what she learned to her personal artwork while still drawing weebshit.

No. 783813

Just stopped at two random places, and it's Holly complaining about how "you're not like… Allowed to write female characters who want a family anymore :(" and "so many female characters are just MEAN" so this probably won't be a shitshow at all.

No. 783829

File: 1551883270910.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2208, D052A19E-9AE9-4129-8720-BD745F…)

Holly BRown

No. 783843

No. 783844

"teeehheee, such a gay scene, omigod, SMOOCH"

No. 783845

How much tape does one woman need…

No. 783846

Does she not know that permanently clicking your nails on a devices surface is not recommended or does she just not acre about her shit? From what I've seen she does that frequently, she really has no respect for her supplies.

No. 783847

She's going to San Japan guys, you know what that means! MONEY SLURGE, WOOOH! Need some more sexy salmon-pink tablecloth and loads of stands for stickers and your wooden charms, Holls!

No. 783854

File: 1551890109022.png (332.98 KB, 640x1136, 675BAF2E-EC5B-4894-A3CB-86FBC1…)

Did she… put in BRown on purpose???

No. 783878

Fuck I am appalled. Just watched the stream where she stuffed her face with McD for an hour and she told this story:
Her sister drove down from Seattle to Texas when she came to move back there, and she got her cat sedated with valium by a vet for the trip, and later on at the motel, the cat tried jumping from the bed down and broke its own neck and died. Like… WTF. Holly thought it was funny and said she knows it's sad but she couldn't stop laughing when her sister told her (the sister was devastated)…

She claims she loves her cats (although she has said before she hates her dog and wants it to die already) but she also stated that she feeds her cat human food like ice cream cause "he only lives once, so fuck it" and "cats don't live that long anyway"…

No. 783880

That’s really fucked up. You must have such a disconnection to reality to find that remotely funny

No. 783881


Does SanJapan just not have an standards or are the just trying to fill space up?

No. 783882

If this is true I wouldn't be shocked honestly, she clearly has some trouble processing emotions/being appropriate in any capacity.

No. 783889

Wow, I kinda feel bad for whoever gave Holly her cat to begin with… There is something deeply wrong with her if she thought the story of how her sister's cat died was funny.

No. 783922

Could you post the video?

No. 783923

Jesus. How could she laugh at that? If she really loves her own cats as she claims she'd feel some goddamn empathy for her sister.

She really cares only for herself. It's like when her father died and she was so cavalier about it. The only emotion she expressed over that was anger at having to pay for his funeral. I get that they weren't close but any non-sociopath would express that in an appropriate way…

No. 783952


This was the stream, the cat story is at like 38:50

No. 783973

she's just detached. it wasn't her cat. it wasn't really her dad either, in the usual sense of raising her. i'm just saying if she has a chance to use facts to evade emotion about something, she'll take it.

No. 783993

it'd be one thing to not feel sad about the cat dying, but actively finding it humorous is pretty sick.

No. 784006


>'dark edgy versions of characters'

No one gives a shit about edgy versions of your OCs for your barely existent comic, Holls.

>still harping on waste, wasting money on paper tape for her 'laser business' that hasn't taken off yet because "it'll be cool!"

>my wrist hurts! But I'mma keep drawing.

Stop drawing, get a proper wrist brace and fucking let your wrist heal.
stop fucking showcasing how 'hard you work' and glorifying your pain.

No. 784008


They probably have a pre-applicant list that they can easily pull names from. I can't remember if it was a lottery system though or what. But if Michie is going to come, too, then that means they probably have a spot carved out for them from the previous year.

So if it is a lottery, then no, they don't have any curation/jury or standards.

Which is a shame, because someone much better could've had those spots instead.

Oh well. I kinda wanted her to not get a spot but now I can't wait for the inevitable milk. splurging and then not making a profit pattern.
She's definitely not going to recoup the cost of that laser cutter going to san japan assuming michie is coming, and holly end up footing the bill on at least a part of michie's travel cost like last time, and assuming she won't be making any fan art like she said.

No. 784012

"i laugh so i don't cry" behaviour is pretty fuckin old news, but i accept that it's jarring to listen to

No. 784017

File: 1551916982980.png (68.11 KB, 407x945, san japan lottery.png)

According to their site, it is a lottery system.

No. 784034

I love how she thinks her sister being “court married” isn’t a real marriage because they didn’t have a reception. Like… is she for real? Get out of the house for once Holly jfc

I’m still disturbed how funny she thinks it is that the cat died. Yikes.

No. 784038

File: 1551925567512.png (553.46 KB, 1354x887, sanjaphype.png)

No. 784055


At least pretend to care enough about your comic and proofread it, Holly…

No. 784063

I wonder if Holly submitted multiple entries or something. I mean that would kinda explain the capitalization mistake if she was trying to get multiple entries in as quick as possible.

No. 784075


But the exact same typo from last year, though?
I mean it's holly we're talking about so that may not be a surprise. But maybe, just MAYBE someone in charge of the list of artists has lurked here… Who knows how in the hell that happened.

But it's also very possible she had a chance to reapply during the con, some cons do that. And the spelling is just what they have on file now.

No. 784077

She says she does many conventions but.. other than san japan she hasnt been to any right??
Wtf holly stop lying

No. 784085

I mean otherwise the chances of her getting in through the normal lottery system two years in a row is like 2%.

No. 784088

with a blind lottery, the probability of her getting in this year would not be affected in any way by her getting in last year

No. 784089

I was just thinking the exact same thing. I've been here since the second thread and she has only ever mentioned San Japan (last year being her second trip)

No. 784117


Honestly I want a lot of leases too. In this economy with the housing market as it is, I'd be so chuffed.

No. 784159

The entirety of lolcow would be dead of we all took rounds in taking a shot whenever Holly writes "idk" in her descriptions.

Hershey as always looking stiff as fuck, ash standing boringly with a confusing reflection under her, and the cherry of the cake, character we never see in the official goddamn comic since Holly hasn't introduced him yet in a story that's developing at a snail's pace.
Like, is there something new on PP or is she really directing all of her efforts to finish Purgatory? Last time I saw PP on this thread, it was about Hershey being upset that ash was only using him for money.

No. 784225

The probability that she would get in this year is not effected by whether she got in last year BUT the probability that she would get in two years in a row with this system is 2%.

No. 784239

File: 1551982744720.jpg (217.81 KB, 940x1308, purge1.jpg)

Some new pages

No. 784240

File: 1551982772348.jpg (206.3 KB, 940x1308, purge2.jpg)

Those hands, ugh

No. 784241

File: 1551982804213.jpg (247.21 KB, 940x1308, purge3.jpg)

Their expressions are all over the place, too

No. 784243

File: 1551982845661.jpg (231.98 KB, 940x1308, purge4.jpg)

And something about the panelling here really puts me off

No. 784246

Maybe it's just me but I feel like the art isn't so offensive on this page.

No. 784260

>my dad talked bad about her a lot

No. 784266

Her storytelling and choice of words is really elementary school-level, it's baffling to hear she thinks she's good at it. Everything about her story is basic as fuck, completely within any imaginable comfort zone and without a single grain of innovation

No. 784281

The comments during that part are full of “lmao I feel so bad I laughed out loud “press f for respect” and “JSJSKKSJ”. I swear not even one of those bit he’s actually laughed or found it remotely humorous and felt the need to act it up. That’s just so fucking disgusting

No. 784332

You can really tell she never read any books and learned all grammar and story telling via poorly translated manga localizations lol. She's so retarded.

No. 784377

Its a huge typo, was probably supposed to say "I don't do many conventions, but I really like San Japan"

No. 784386

File: 1552012944582.jpg (64.88 KB, 400x461, leyendecker clothingfolds.jpg)


Its been said in previous threads but she's trying to emulate Leyendeckers distinct sharp clothing folds, she's cited him as art inspiration, but she just doesn't know where to place shit.
Pair that with some janky ass anatomy, shading, gesture etc. and you got geometric objects affixed to clothing fabric.
Shit just don't compute.

No. 784424

File: 1552017643120.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 3BE5261C-6812-4FC4-B582-AC695B…)

Uhhh?? So apperently this guy is suppose to inspire Hershel. It makes a lot of sense why Hershel doesn’t look Hispanic despite Holly stating often that he is. Shame she did this guy injustice.

No. 784437

off topic but you know what's really bad, I can't even read the new Black Butler chapter anymore because whenever I see Grell, I can't unsee Holly's degenerate character Reese

No. 784468

so this is the guy she publicly admitted she has had sex dreams about kek

No. 784472


I don't think it's the kind of "laughing so she doesn't cry" or "dealing with grief by laughing about it", the way she told that story totally sounds like she just found it funny that the cat killed itself.
I do feel really bad for her pets now… fish she didn't care for, dog she wants to die already, two cats she feeds with "human food" cause YOLO… geez

No. 784492

>having sex dreams about a gay dude

No. 784558

That looks absolutely nothing like how she draws Hershel, and why did she tag the guy?? Imagine clicking through your tags and seeing some chick with a wonky art IG talking about how much you look like her fantasy boyfriend OC.

No. 784573

This poor guy looks nothing like Herschel. Id be offended if i was him

No. 784695

File: 1552095359293.png (939.63 KB, 828x1792, EC22853C-83D9-4C0C-B3CC-2F00FF…)

She did the art meme thing thats has been going around insta. She didn’t even take a good screenshot hence why there’s the double send message text.
She thinks highly of herself considering her skills…

No. 784706

Yeah im sorry but her linework is probably the worst part of her art. Its wonky, bad line weight. I cant believe shed rate it this high, its borderline delusional

No. 784717


It doesnt rlly help that its devoid of color and lifeless as hell

No. 784728

It always looks like she's set the linework to one of those auto weight generator settings so it looks like she's trying, but it just looks a mess..

No. 784730

File: 1552101847081.jpeg (170.2 KB, 370x510, 792EBADC-FA5B-470D-9DC5-2077F5…)

Like come on. This is not good inking. And this is coming from someone who is horrible at inking too, but its just not her strong suit.

No. 784735

File: 1552103820753.jpg (52.67 KB, 500x349, 1421461608032.jpg)

Some adorable highlights here

>@2:56:20 - her cousin would throw beanbags at cats and then jump on the beanbag to the point of eyes popping out

>@2:58:20 - She has the feeling to squeeze cats to death

>@3:03:37 - Her friend's autistic sister microwave a cat

>@3:06:48 - Gets a kid in elementary school to drink cum out of a used condom that they found on the side of the street (not related to cats but still fucked up)

She just surrounds herself with fucking hillbillies doing fucked up stuff to animals

No. 784737

Sorry @2:58:40 is the second one

No. 784739

The feeling of wanting to squeeze cute things is quite common/natural, can't be bothered to look up the reason, but for once she's not being creepy, just a weird thing that happens. The other things though: What the actual fuck? Let me guess - she thought all those things were funny?

No. 784776


Yuck! Glad I stopped at the dead cat and didn't go on watching… how ANYONE could EVER think that it's a good idea to tell such fucked up stories on a stream the internet will never forget it beyond me.
This is going way beyond the "I will tell this so the kids think I'm cool" kinda private stories, too, her fans must be delusional to like this crap.

No. 784800

I seriously thought Holly's style is like Archie's comics. But then when she said its from an anime she likes, I was like, "…..wait, What?"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784801

Read the rules before posting

No. 784803

sage and, for the love of god, don't put your friggin' email in there

No. 784807

I dislike how she turns her character's hair into different kind of ugly
Also learn to use a gelly roll to correct your mistakes Holly

No. 784831

God she's fucking deranged. I honestly regret ever feeling bad for her. I hope she fails now.

No. 784871

File: 1552152432215.png (482.37 KB, 449x699, nono.png)

Words cannot explain how unappealing this is to me.

No. 784891

It's weird to see that Holly thinks a "tough muscle boy" looks like a relatively lean, afeminine, looking dude.

No. 784909

It almost looks like a deep dream filter the more you look at how she renders the details.. I wonder how it can be she doesn’t comprehend light and shadow after so much drawing

No. 785020

Does anyone know when exactly she deleted her Patreon? Seems like she just silently cancelled Chroma Prince and hasn't brought it up in a while. Too bad, because I was anticipating that fiasco. It could have been Seize 2.0.

No. 785083

Saged for old milk, but I just had to share some timestamps of Holly being peak not like other girls and also an expert on men because it's both sad and hilarious:


No. 785094

I mean it's hard to draw muscles when you know nothing about basic anatomy…

No. 785108

Around the time she made a new channel and deleted her Twitter, she decided she wanted to focus all of her time on finishing purgatory and then work on paranormal plague, she dumped chroma prince.

No. 785114

I miss chroma prince ngl, every page was a trainwreck

No. 785165

I honestly cannot stand her talking out of her ass about comics jfc

No. 785169

File: 1552241091516.png (2.01 MB, 828x1792, 0D02B742-BE8D-47C7-9296-73D8FE…)

So… the caption makes it all worse. Holly stop being such a fatass jfc

No. 785177

Everytime she "writes" kanji I have an aneurysm.

No. 785234

God, what a heifer. What's wild is that she seems aware that her atrocious personality is the reason that she can't get along with other women, yet chooses to go for the "I'm not like other girls, they're all vapid bitches" narrative anyway.

I can't get over the fact that she calls herself bisexual when she does nothing but worship men and talk about how much she hates drawing women, can't relate to female characters, and doesn't like other women in general.

No. 785238

An exercise like this would be good if you had any intention of changing how you eat, but Holly's only solution is to just not eat for a few days so she can binge on fast food and 5 cans of coke later…

No. 785241

File: 1552256261013.png (455.56 KB, 446x790, camea.png)

Well, on the plus side: "They're all about getting dick, and I don't relate to that" is stupid enough to be iconic.

Does she have some kind of secret formula for drawing ugly cats? I don't understand how they can look so terrible all the time.

No. 785244

She's also quoted in saying she's "straight by all means" in a video too so she is obviously jus lying for gay points anyway. I've never seen such an obvious woman hating fujo.

No. 785250

Is the left cat supposed to be interacting with the food? And the right cat supposed to be looking up to the viewer? Because they both look ridiculously 2D, like paper cutouts (not that the food looks much better)

No. 785259

Lol remember when she said she can't be bothered to study perspective because it's too much like math?

No. 785263


Too much like math? It's literally picking a point on the paper and having most of the lines be directed at it. It's not math or rocket science.

No. 785276

"They're all about getting dick, and I don't relate to that"
Don't worry Holly, we figured out after seeing the anatomy in Seize that you don't "get" dick even conceptually.

Yep. Holly saying things like that and then turning around and lecturing other artists about the fundamentals requires a lack of self-awareness that is almost inspiring.

No. 785286

No. 785288

She's switching back again lol.

No. 785341

i KNOW this bitch has used traditional ink and markers many times before, why is she acting like this is some revelation? she's so unhappy with her art that she changes her mind every two fucking seconds about what mediums she wants to use and identify herself with. holly, you can use stuff interchangeably, one method of inking doesn't have to be the only one you use forever!!

No. 785367

I like how she complains that she doesn't have enough money to survive, but then spends money on junk that she doesn't need. She literally said she didn't need all of those supplies, yet she got it anyways.

No. 785386

>"when you advertise something for comics, I thought it would really do something special"
I don't know why I find this so funny. I mean I get it, you expect art supplies to magically make you good, but a lot of the time it's you and your own abilities. I used cheap ass brushes to ink with fountain pen ink, and honestly it works pretty well.

Though I will vouch for that damn black ink. Tonnes of my favourite comic artists use it (Daniel Warren Johnson, for one) and it really is some good ass ink. But yeah seriously it's really frustrating when she flip flops between like 'i'm full digital now!' and 'I'm all traditional now!!' like binch you don't have to pick either or jesus christ.

No. 785411

>like binch you don't have to pick either or jesus christ.
I guess there's one thing she's bisexual for

No. 785418

Look at how bad her inking is!! Her line art is all shaky with no consistent line weight. Idk how she thinks its her best skill.

No. 785425

so many of her videos show how much of a try-hard she is - from her tutorials to her supply tests, she tries to sound so knowledgable, while drawing with mediocre skills, no idea on how most things work (line-weight is a thing, Holly) and, of course, never without bashing either her fans, her pets or herself. There is nothing positive or educational about her, the only reason she has a huge (young) following is because her fans KNOW they can surpass her eventually, shich is what draws them to her in the first place. It's all one big lump of negative feelings, really.

No. 785542

I sometimes wonder if Holly is dyslexic. She makes an inordinate number of misspellings/mispronunciations, like calling the Cocoiro pen "Cococoricho" in this video. Purgatory has a ton of obvious typos as well, which I just attributed to her general sloppiness.


No. 785548


she's such an idiot and impulsive af, holy crap
when she mentioned that the cocoiro ink wasn't waterproof, i went 'hm, that's weird, usually jetpens is good about giving you that sort of product info' and lo and behold, they do!

>>This is one felt tip brush pen refill for the Kuretake Zig Letter Pen Cocoiro pen bodies listed under Compatible Products. The ink is water-based and water-soluble.

if only holly knew how to read, this is a mistake that could have been avoided, how sad /sarcasm

No. 785569

It's still not healthy but she isn't eating that much. 5 sodas, tea/coffee with artificial sweetener and fries is only like 1200 calories.

No. 785583

Yeah geez only eating fries once a day is a good way to fuck up your heart not lose weight ya dumbass. She's so dumb istfg.

No. 785593

She's subfeeding herself. Everything she's ingesting are empty calories and of poor nutritional value. Sugar and salt excess WILL make you fat by retention even of she's not eating more than 1500 calories a day. Also you gotta count how is her calorie spend. If she's spending around 1000 kcal a day because of her lazy lifestyle, she's still overeating. I am getting myself in recovery mode and going to the gym 3-4 times a week with heavy lifting and I still am stuck at 1300kcal per day

No. 785622

as a matter of fact, jetpens has a function where you can compare pens by color, cost, if they're waterproof,etc. She just didn't look hard enough and decided to just throw money around.
She can't keep throwing her money at the 'I can't draw' problem. now she's got 5-6 more pens that'll just sit there as unused clutter in her room.

No. 785655

File: 1552357047375.png (457.37 KB, 699x893, ff.png)

No. 785691

what's the point of this…………….?

No. 785693

File: 1552376527975.jpeg (44.06 KB, 750x265, 0FFEAAFB-60BC-432D-94E4-8615C0…)

Hah is this new? Wonder who got this banner made?

No. 785695

nah it's from a few threads back if i'm not mistaken?

No. 785709

This looks like portfolio filler work, you know where you’re required to draw a room, or hands in motion or something, it shows off technical skill but there’s nothing else there, who would want this besides somebody with a specific gallery of strange surreal bath tub art?

No. 785710

So I'm basically having Holly's commission streams on as background noise to listen to/watch the mess, don't know if anyone else is interested but… Guess who spoiled PP (again) by saying that in book three it's going to be revealed that some people can turn into monsters at will, and that they're basically terrorists?

No. 785714

…Book THREE?! Her first chapter barely has pages and she's planning on BOOK THREE

No. 785715

Yupppp, also one of the terrorists is going to get control over Herschel somehow, people who constantly spoil their own stories are wild.

No. 785762

Isn't this plot just ripped from some anime she likes? Something about negative emotions turning people into monsters?

No. 785777

Umm hate to break it to you anon… But unless you or holly are like 5 feet tall or under what you said doesnt make any sense… If you're not losing weight working out and eating less than 1300 cals then you're not counting right because that is too low for weight training and muscle growth which would just make you lose weight.

Even if she's not doing anything all day she's still burning more than 1000 cals, thats why you check your bmr. Even someone who's 4ft 5 and 70 pounds still has a bmr of about 1100 calories a day, so unless you're an anachan I don't see why you would think she would gain weight doing nothing and eating over 1000 cals since she's much taller and weighs more than that

No. 785779

Thats a little too broad anon…

No. 785787

I mean it's a trope in various anime and cartoons. It's a major plot point in Madoka, which everyone and their mom knows about. That doesn't mean she "ripped it off" though, she's just using a trope a lot of people have used before without adding anything of substance to it.

No. 785805

Don't be afraid of drawing some leg hair, Holly

No. 785820


It won't make her fat but it will fuck her up. There's a reason so many women under 30 are dying of heart disease and it's not because they are morbidly obese. Next thing you know Holly will be bragging about having no period or some shit. Bitch is gonna die if she don't eat.

No. 785836

No. 785844

Her videos are essentially haul videos for artists- half of the time she's just showing off the shit she buys or thinking about getting more things.

No. 785853

she really has no idea how to get better and thinks newer and and more expensive supplies will do the trick for her. Her art has completely stagnated (at least it didn't get notably better within the last few years DESPITE her drawing all day) and she bought and bought and bought, anything from pens to tablets.
Holls….it doesn't work that way, just realize it.

No. 785885

Would you mind sharing which stream this was, anon? I'm interested in hearing her 'big ideas' for this story she's reduced to straight up gay porn lmao

No. 786033

Sorry, I kind of lost track, but it's probably this one or the one before that. The livestream wasn't really about plot or anything though, she kind of just revealed it randomly for no reason, lol.

No. 786165

That copic on solid black is just a hot mess. And how does someone go to art high school, art college, and make art full time without owning more than one gray marker?

Also that psycho babble about the paper scaling was hilarious, but her incompetence scares me sometimes

No. 786209

https://youtu.be/vI-RB-SThZU?t=14255 Here's some tips on forums and friendships from Holly, truly insightful

No. 786235

She bought an entire $300 set impulsively and then sold it a month later. It happened like two months ago anon.

No. 786244


With as much as she likes bitching about things and laughing at other people to random strangers on the internet she doesn't know, she'd be right at home here. Ironic.

No. 786253

She has a whole box of snickers…

No. 786255

Sorry Farmers, how can you live with yourselves knowing that Holly Brown thinks you're a bunch of friendless twelve-year-olds?

Lol, Holly talks at least as much shit as anyone here. She's only mad because she's the subject.

No. 786259

File: 1552508694365.png (5.62 MB, 1242x2208, 30E95C71-77CE-49C8-96D0-CFCEEF…)

New Icon, how do we feel?

No. 786260

File: 1552508768541.png (8.56 MB, 1242x2208, 084A46C7-AEC0-4F52-A228-869F4E…)

It’s this one actually* my bad

No. 786264

Lol pretty sure that's her fan base.

No. 786265

Her right (our left) eye looks like a black eye.

No. 786267

Am I supposed to believe Holly has friends?

No. 786273


I honestly think it's pretty cute if not generic "Oh look at me with bags under my eyes and a coffee cup haha relatable". I can definitely see her art improving in her comic as well but, she still has a long was to go as far as getting correct anatomy down. Her personality is the main reason why she's a cow. If her art was just wonky then she would be just someone to laugh at but, her attitude, dumb decisions, tendencies to give bad advice, and other parts of her personality is why people can't stand her ass.

No. 786292

We're all actually thirteen so fuck you Holly /s

No. 786316

I hate it. That fucking kitty - mouth face she does is so ugly and yet she insists on all her characters making that face at one point or another. Sage for sperg

No. 786418

File: 1552535836493.png (58.32 KB, 639x200, banner thread.png)

i made it sometime back when the whole bnha zine was still going on, it was added to the site a while ago

No. 786501

Nice lol

No. 786919

I know this is old and mostly unrelated, but didn't Holly try to get sympathy for being "friendless" pretty recently? Switching between lone wolf and popular personas to own lolcow is kind of a weird decision on her part.

No. 787146

No. 787156

Anyone else feel like Holly is kinda jus copying Kacey's ant idea but with cats that are 'micro'

No. 787179

huh, i made the original edit. i still have that fucking font on my computer lmao I love y'all

I'm glad the holly thread is finally updating as she couldn't resist more scammin' and hiding from the concept of vanishing points

No. 787195

File: 1552709199456.jpg (138.09 KB, 738x710, everything is wrong with this.…)

New to this thread, I mostly post in OT, but anyone looked at the new Purgatory pages? It's supposed to be Simon's big reveal and it's about as good as the rest of her shit.

Here's one of my favorite parts, aside from the tonal whiplash

No. 787199

The spelling/grammar mistakes are horrible in these last few pages, but it really takes the cake when it happens during scenes like this that are supposed to be serious. It's obvious she just wants this done with, which is sad because it just makes it even more obvious that she used the rape plot for shock value instead of actually caring about the issue.

No. 787208

Everything in this comic exists for maximum "poor woobie uwu" effect. This last crop of pages really drives it home. This character goes from being a drunken cult-raised dirtbag to a sensitive, supportive shoulder (uwu) for Simon to cry on (uwu) within a matter of pages. Because who needs characterization, right?
Holly really squandered the cult setting by making the supporting characters too tolerant and accepting of Simon and Damian. If Simon's father had disowned after discovering his son's relationship, that would create tension and conflict. If Hitler's son had reacted in denial or anger to this revelation, that would be interesting. Purgatory just limps along with no tension and no point.

No. 787210

I really wish she would take chances with her writing. There's no reason for this situation to work out how it does.

Hitler's son would probably be in disbelief, not immediately going "you've got to tell your boyfriend right away"

No. 787217

File: 1552713959757.jpg (138.95 KB, 940x1308, a28c17c6-aaa5-4a3d-bad9-8d4a9d…)

No. 787218

File: 1552713983020.jpg (135.3 KB, 940x1308, f1419f46-bf94-40c8-9ece-49f703…)

No. 787219

File: 1552714011369.jpg (157.22 KB, 940x1308, 414e2ee7-8ae2-4d01-9b1c-4efac0…)

No. 787220

File: 1552714039865.jpg (187.25 KB, 940x1308, 57b80e08-ecea-462a-bd3c-4dc076…)

No. 787221

…this comic makes no sense. The world makes no sense. No character has any actual characterization.

No. 787222

File: 1552714795132.jpg (120.84 KB, 400x545, 1551071153682.jpg)

I have a vague understanding of what this comic is about (I only occasional skim through whatever was posted here and quit reading the thread around the bnha zine dramu)… Is the white haired one so angsty? Is he the one that was raped or was it his boyfriend? Or were they both raped?? I thought that guy who's being nice to him was supposed to be the bully who hates le gays or just them. 'Hitler' or whoever the fuck the atta-something is, aside from kicking his son outta the house (why did he do that?) what exactly did he do that his son hates him? Why is the cult bad? Is this like some doomsday cult that sacrifices babies or forces everyone to 'disconnect' ala scientology, or what? What the fuck does these people believe in aside from hating homos? And wtf is up with the white haired guys mom? sage for autistic questions about holly's fujo comic.

No. 787226

The white haired kid is the one being raped by the Hitler guy. The dude he tells in the pages just posted is Hitler guys' son, not to be confused with same face black haired kid love interest Damien. We're supposed to believe that this is a society so deeply entrenched in religious dogma that they sacrifice people and are forced to worship. The religion is never expanded upon other than being hinted as vaguely judeo christain so I guess that's why gays can't exist or they are sacrificed? Anyway the entire thing is so poorly written that nothing happens for 100 pages including any sort of world building. Just the two kids talking and being sad. They are suddenly together with no actual content involving them getting together just they start kissing inexclibly and are secret boyfriends. Meanwhile the presumebly straight priest that looks like Hitler starts raping Simon uke boy puss because he looks just like his mother.

All and all very basic shitty straight fujo writing. Sinful uwu soft boi is raped and is ashamed of his sin. Vaguely has feelings for Hitler? Who knows.

Honestly betting on Hitler's son being gay but "clueless"

No. 787236

samefag but
holy fuck… this is some bargain bin writing right here. I'll do you one better and bet either a shitty love triangle forms between damien and hitler guy's son, then he finds another love interest or after he's filled his useful kindly fucks off from the story

>story about cult

>is so detached from the story, you could remove it all together and literally nothing would change.
I don't understand why she couldn't have just spent 5 minutes reading about someone's experience living inside of a cult and then copy-pasted it with her oc's, all while renaming everything with shit she either got from a baby naming site or random fantasy name generator.

No. 787254

File: 1552727662714.jpg (24.93 KB, 220x278, 220px-Loss_comic.jpg)

I'm sorry but this page gives off loss.jpg vibes. It just feels like the same energy.

No. 787290

I cringed harder at this page than the actual rape scene. I feel physically ill

No. 787294

File: 1552744679386.jpg (320.18 KB, 820x291, udoinok.jpg)

No. 787295

Yeah you're right, I couldn't tell what annoyed me so much about it but that's exactly it.

No. 787313

I saw that page from the front page and was confused for exactly this reason

Holly your characters are doing that thing where they look EXACTLY THE SAME again
you can't have people POOFING in and out of existence jfc one frame he's above them and the literal next frame he's in front of them

No. 787327


>comic artists don't make a lot of comic videos and people who don't make comics, make comic videos. I don't understand that logic.

Probably because a lot of comic creators don't have time to make rambling videos as often as you do, holls. Many have other jobs and lives.

>my point is, people who do make comics don't use microns, and it makes me feel like I'm a fake comic artist for not using annoying scratchy dip pens.

Like. I know she's being facetious here, but on a certain level that's how she feels when she buys all that junk she thinks will make her better; she itemized her art.

I really hate those fucking cats btw. They look like fucking loaves. It's the same pose over and over again and they're in the stupidest places. At least with kasey's ants there's a reason they'd be there or it's like a little world she makes. Holly just plops them in there.

No. 787348

File: 1552760392613.jpeg (648.17 KB, 630x790, loss.jpeg)

Technically not all from that page, and with about zero effort put it, but:

No. 787359

I haven't read all of her comic, but I read enough to realize that purgatory is the perfect name for it. So many empty backgrounds that look like vacant voids. You never get a sense of where any of the characters are supposed to be or their world. Also there are so few characters it's like a ghost world. It's almost creepy lol, but that's clearly just a result of Holly's shit story telling and drawing skills.

No. 787415

Top kek anon

No. 787429

Can this be the next thread image please

No. 787446

oof. my sides.

No. 787448


Yes!!! Thank you for building on the thought I had, I knew it wasn't just me. Bless you anon, this is the perfect image for the next thread.

No. 787459

maybe this thread was the purgatory this whole time

No. 787461

I'm glad everyone likes it! I'm just waiting for Holly to get to Ctrl Alt Del levels of shit art.

No. 787507

She definitely did at one point with those stamp tool faces and hands, and the super generic bgs.

No. 787510

Ah shit, you're right. I think she's still doing that too, so she really has hit Ctrl Alt Del tier. Damn.

No. 787516

File: 1552785633662.png (651.91 KB, 625x967, ENG_20190128.x43989.png)

That's insulting Tim Buckley, at least the guy took in criticism and improved on his art.

No. 787518

Is that recent? It's not stellar but it's a lot better than the last time I read it.

No. 787528

It took him time to take critism he threw a massive bitch fit at first. You can find videos about his former cowish behavior on YouTube.

No. 787534

idk buckley and holly are basically on the same tier of sad and cowish. Didn't ctrl alt delete have some cringey 3deep5me arc where the main character had to like go through alternate dimensions or some shit and ended up dying to save the main one or something?

No. 787545

I shouldn't be surprised that she handled this about as well as she did the rest of the comic but…god damn, Holly.

No. 787603

File: 1552814308307.png (479.39 KB, 889x825, gbfbb.png)

No. 787615

his hair still sends me

No. 787617


bitch WHERE

No. 787622

maybe the real purgatory was the friends we made along the way

No. 787691

File: 1552843487794.png (Spoiler Image, 966.78 KB, 720x984, 20190317_122341.png)

All I ask of Holly is to draw Hershel actually beefy just once. Just fucking google "strong man", ya dingus.

Or just change Hershel's design to look like OneyNG's Beef Boy. I would be fine with that. I would prefer it, really.

No. 787707

Don't give her ideas, next thing you know we'll be reading definitely not Ding Dong x definitely not Julian fujo shit from Holly.

No. 787751

fujos want their gay OC to look like a 19 year old who just discovered the gym
Oh wait no I meant straight man (who will end up being bi but only attracted to women like self-insert Holly character)

No. 787793

Those drawings pissed me off an unbelievable amount and I don't know why

No. 787796

File: 1552871012364.png (238.23 KB, 597x597, hauns.png)

are the hands 2x the normal size because there's lots of detail in hands and it's hard to draw small? if you do digital art you can zoom in right? even just get the fuckin warp and squosh em down afterward. i feel like intimidated by those clubs. that rockclimber sausage finger guy has nothing on these crushers

No. 787829

The hands look awkward because she has the proportions wrong. She got the length okay but the width of the palm is equal to the width of a head. Put your hand up to your face and see how much it covers. Not surprising she never bothered figuring this out though. So much for someone who raves on about anatomy mistakes other artists make.

No. 787840

That drawing looks nothing like her, at least in the past she used to draw herself somewhat like she looks in real life. Maybe it's the hair, I'm not sure.

No. 787850

saging for opinions and repetitiveness but there are so many things wrong with this meet the artist without even getting into the art
>>"high waisted to cover my fatass stomach"
maybe it's just me but like isn't the point of the mta to put your best foot forward? also like, you drew yourself forty pounds lighter
>>"kids shoes"
weird, but okay
>>"likes:gay comics"
just say yaoi. fucking fujo
>>"likes:clothing folds +hair"
you know. the two things you're worst at
>>"dislikes:depression and fake bitches"
ironic coming from you hols(http://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 787852

I think that says "keds" not kids.

I'm honestly surprised she put "drama" under her dislikes, I was under the impression she thrived on it.

No. 787864

The hands actually are the right size but everything else is off so the hands look awkward.

Also, despite owning like a 100 cats, Holly has no idea how to draw one. Like how hard would it be for her to to just do some figure studies of her cats?

No. 787866

Why is Holly going back to traditional again? I mean I get why normal artists like to ink traditionally but Holly really isn't taking advantage of the traditional medium? She would save herself a lot of money and time if she stuck to digital…

No. 787867

is that a microwave above the cat (?)

No. 787868


Hah, I know it's a hard read because it's a fuckin square and it could be anything but that's her screen tablet I'm fairly sure.

She's not as good at drawing items as she thinks she is, but she is better at that, than drawing organic, living beings.

Because she draws her Characters like they were items. So they all look stiff.

No. 787869

Anyone noticed that Holly keeps drawing her fucking micro cats or whatever she calls them, in that stupid curled up lumpy pose?
Cats are the one creature you can really get good gesture and pose for, even when they're tiny like she's attempting, but trust her to suck all the life outta something.

No. 787875

ya, the silhouette of a cat is extremely distinct and iconic and she dont fuckin do it. i think her cats are possums or even koalas cos of their lack of felininity

No. 787877

Yeah it does say Keds which is a brand (keds.com). I know of it from when I was super little and my family would get me these probably due to the price and how kids' feet keep growing.
Real blast-from-the-past reading that name there. Haven't heard it in at least 20 years afaik.
But yeah the font/size in that pic makes it a bit hard to read.
Also the drawing really looks like the self-insert girl from PP.

But yeah the "drawing clothing folds and hair" thing as well as "hates fake bitches" are blissfully self-unaware.

No. 787881

>40lbs lighter

Holly isn't really that fat tbh. In a stream she said she's a size 8. She's also relatively tall. It's just her face and the way she constantly talks about how fat she is that gives everyone the impression that she's enormous but she's not.

Because she's perpetually unhappy with her art and thinks switching and swearing by certain mediums every couple of months will magically make her a better artist.

No. 787885

>likes: diet coke
>dislikes: depression
Fun fact people, the artificial sweeteners used in diet coke (and other diet soda in general) have been proven to severely impair one's ability to produce and metabolize serotonin and can cause depression because of it.
Holly drinks unholy quantities of diet coke and other soda every day. Gee, I sure wonder how that may affect her.

No. 787887

lol you come in every few months and try to say it's a fact that sweetener causes x, y or z but you don't have any fucking source for it. go drink your jilly juice. no, i dont work for coke i just hate this fake news auntie who acts like her facebook group's meme is reality

No. 787908

That isn't true anon. Make sure your sources are legit before you say shit like this lol. (Legit sources = peer reviewed science, not hype articles written for Facebook mom's without causal links.)

No. 787912

No. 787923