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File: 1569124494012.png (60.23 KB, 275x206, 1564362635821.png)

No. 871488

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon.

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted:

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
(ART): https://www.instagram.com/hcbrownart/
(PERSONAL): https://www.instagram.com/hollybrownprivate/
(LASER BUSINESS): https://www.instagram.com/razorlasercustoms/
(FOOT FETISH): https://www.instagram.com/feetfootstomping/
TWITTER (currently deleted): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR (currently deleted): http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1802876351/purgatory-print-copies
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown

In the last thread:
>Revealed on a livestream that she has a foot fetish Instagram called feetfootstomping in order to earn more money. She quit after 2 posts
>Created her new Patreon, which is a disorganized, embarrassing mess
>Got some more ugly wigs, including a green one so she could skinwalk her disgusting, rapey OC Reese
>Broke her laser after having it for only 2 months. She contacted company support in hopes of getting it fixed or replaced under warranty with the threat of “obliterating” the company if they didn’t do otherwise. Has since got it replaced/fixed, but she keeps changing her story in regards to what the company actually did with the laser.
>Complained on a livestream about how doing fanart is “selling out” and making her lose all of her “artistic integrity,” how she’s not like other millennials because she doesn’t waste money on avocado toast, and that going to art school was the worst thing she’s ever done
>Became obsessed with Professor Venomous from the TV show “OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes,” even to the point of calling him her husband and following an Instagram page called “professorvenomousisdaddy.” She even lifted her no fanart rule just for him.
>Bragged about how she’s not a virgin on a livestream, even though she has drawn lots of backwards penises that indicate otherwise
>Deleted ALL of Purgatory and has started uploading shitty redraws, even though she was super close to the finale of the story
>The Purgatory Kickstarter has gotten significantly delayed, and she has been inconsistent about whether the rewards are being shipped, have been shipped, or are being delayed even further.
>Scrambled to get things ready for San Japan:

>She decided to NOT sell an OK K.O. print even though she continued to waste time working on it

>Prepped some shitty prints including her old convention prints from last year and recolors of her microcats
>Wasted all her money on sketchbook making supplies and could not afford materials to make other merch
>Had to “budget” and make quick cash through her Etsy store and commissions because her artist “friend” and con table-mate, Twisted Disaster, refused to pay for anything

>Apparently works for Uber and Lyft part-time, even though she’s a shit driver and crashed her car several times at this point

>Painted a pair of old jeans with shitty vaporwave designs in hopes of selling it on Etsy, but decided against it and threw them out
>Did a livestream where she complained about how she’s not excited about meeting her fans at San Japan, went on a depression gatekeeping rant, and complained about how dating girls is bad because they are more judgemental about her boobs
>Went to San-Japan extremely underprepared, bringing only a few prints, a few sketchbooks, her old Jiji watercolor painting, CUTTING BOARDS (later taken down because they looked too much like yaoi paddles), wooden charms, and wooden business cards that looked like fugly coasters.
>Took commissions at San Japan as a desperate attempt at making more money, and publicly shat on one of her commissions in an Instagram story
>After San Japan finished she claimed she was going to be busy working 2-3 jobs and doing Etsy commissions, which is doubtful since she thinks she’s too good for regular work
>Claimed on an Instagram post how she sold out of almost everything at San Japan (either a complete lie or the result of not bringing enough merch) so she’s ONLY going to draw her OCs at future conventions, once again learning the wrong fucking lesson.
>Threw shade at Twisted Disaster in her Instagram comments by saying she would have made bank at San Japan if it wasn’t for paying for her friends

Previous threads:

No. 871521

I wish she'd stream regularly again. What has she been doing since San Japan anyway, hibernating?

No. 871540

Hopefully panicking over the ks and finishing commissions

No. 871548

No seriously. She is. Creepshow already accused her of scamming her fans out of their money and lying about what her kickstarter was for, and according to TD she was really upset by that. Like TD tweeted and deleted about how creepshow is a shit stirrer and doesnt know what shes talking about.
So I think Holly has just been hiding away, not saying anything until she can finally send things out because she knows if she comes back and talks about all the money she made, she's going to have to answer on where her kickstarter is and I dont think shes even sent it to the printers

No. 871584

The KS shit is so sad and hilarious to see, because Holly had almost everything done right out the gate. The only things she needed to do were to finish Purgatory and write out that stupid prologue while waiting for her merch for it to come in. Nobody asked her to redraw it again because the style changed, nobody told her to get a fucking laser to cut things with, nobody asked for it and she went ahead and decided to make everything harder on herself for no reason. She deserves no pity for her KS being called a scam because it’s already past its fucking due dates and it’s only her fault that it happened.

No. 871590

I wonder if people who've supported the KS have reported her or messaged KS about it.

No. 871596

I don't know why several threads ago anyone said she might have been good at merch, because she sucks at it on almost every level, especially fulfillment.

No. 871602


It wasn't me but, honestly she COULD be good at merch if she were to go about it the right way but she doesn't. Holly's problem is she has ideas that range from good to semi passable as far as profitability goes but, she handles it terribly. Doing conventions are an excellent way to get money and form connections with other artist but, Holly refuses to swallow her pride and draw fanart which is much more profitable than her OC crap and she also turns her noses up at her fans and thinks herself better than other artists. She publicly shit on someone's commission, she has no idea how to be a decent person to others. Hell, the Laser cutter business could have even been profitable but, she started it at the wrong time when she should have been fulfilling KS rewards and getting ready for SanJapan she was fucking around with her new toy that she's already grown tired of. She could have had a steady job with Amazon or the Graphic design job but, refuses to take orders from others and threw a fit. It's no wonder she's blacklisted by so many people. The Kickstarter for a redrawn comic might have been nonsensical but, she even managed to fuck that up with how late she is at sending rewards out. People can shit on Creepshow all they want but, I'm glad she called it out and TD with her lard ass can go sit her leaching self down and kindly shut up until she puts in her money to help pay for shit.

Tl;dr- Holly is a fucking idiot that somehow shoots herself in the foot with every project she takes on because she refuses to do the smart thing and wants to do things her way.

No. 871696

File: 1569183758984.png (1.51 MB, 1326x1798, 123.png)

Redraw Purgatory Update!

page 123

No. 871698

File: 1569183800933.png (1.35 MB, 1326x1764, 124.png)

page 124

No. 871699

File: 1569183894797.png (1.15 MB, 1326x1762, 125.png)

page 125

No. 871702

File: 1569184021525.png (1.25 MB, 1324x1772, 126.png)

page 126

No. 871703

Dear lord, the pages look so empty and boring now..

No. 871705

File: 1569184192392.png (1.12 MB, 1322x1758, 127.png)

page 127

No. 871709

File: 1569184337860.png (1.09 MB, 1326x1676, 128.png)

page 128

No. 871714

File: 1569184456400.png (1.47 MB, 1328x1674, 129.png)

page 129

No. 871718

File: 1569184708350.png (1.06 MB, 1322x1702, 130.png)

page 130

No. 871721

File: 1569184823595.png (1.03 MB, 1324x1716, 131.png)

page 131

No. 871724

File: 1569184928632.png (1.12 MB, 1326x1694, 132.png)

page 132

No. 871727

File: 1569185114461.png (1.35 MB, 1328x1630, 133.png)

page 133

No. 871728

Can't help but laugh at how the board is perfectly aligned with the wall and then completely off, all on the same page.

No. 871729

File: 1569185435669.png (1.25 MB, 1324x1752, 134.png)

page 134

No. 871730

File: 1569185579337.png (1.9 MB, 1326x1476, 135.png)

page 135

No. 871732

File: 1569185696116.png (1.57 MB, 1328x1726, 136.png)

page 136

That's it for the current update.

No. 871739

How do you even fuck up that bad? The guideline is right there on the page! Not only that but the board also doubles in size..

Wasn't miniHitler a total bastard in the original? Is she rewriting his personality to make more sense in the final act?

No. 871740

Why is he changing the class subject?

No. 871750

That's not how clock hands work… Is it 9 or 9:30 in the first panel?

No. 871752

This school makes just as much sense as the overall plot.

No. 871756

I think it's like 9 or 10 in the first panel and 130 or 230 in the second? The markings on the clock make NO sense whatsoever.

No. 871764

File: 1569189353299.jpg (102.3 KB, 940x1207, 203.jpg)

This scene appeared in the old version too.

>I'm gonna miss Miss Williams, she was cool teacher….

>Alight then, let's begin.

No. 871765

Why…is Damien's arm so short in that panel? Even if it's foreshortened, that just looks like his arm's too short for his body.

No. 871783

Judging by the brick pattern, the board is literally falling off the wall lol

No. 871784

What? The line on the side of the paper is literally going off the sheet in the top panel

No. 871786

Whenever the sacrifices are mentioned it just makes me think that Holly doesn't have the range to write that sort of story… and comes off as robotic and unemotional

No. 871790

They wood texture lines are also going through the hand on the top panel too. It's not that much effort to quickly clean the pages..

No. 871811

Holly's writing reminds me of like Lifetime or CW just really flat with no believable actions or dialogue.

No. 871824

i honestly feel so bad for Holly. Like i just want to befriend her and like give her advice so she can sort her life out. i know she wouldn't listen tho.

No. 871825

That tends to happen in these threads, you'll learn quickly to disregard that feeling. We both know that if these people actually took any advice, friends or not, they wouldn't get posted here.

No. 871826

Don't feel bad for her. Every single problem she has is self-inflicted and she knows it. She's even admitted ignoring advice she knows is good because she "doesn't want to let the haturz win." She's fully aware that all of her decisions are bad ones but she doesn't care until they come back and bite her in the ass, then she plays the "I'm so mentally ill and suicidal and anxious woe is me" victim card.

No. 871831

Don't do it anon, Holly is the type that'll befriend you but would flake constantly and then shit talk about you on stream either about you trying to change her lifestyle or you being a dyke

No. 871890

She shits on everybody, fans, friends, family members, obsessed orbiters, pets, congoers, customers, and other artists. All on various streams too, you would have no hope from the get go.
It’s a nice thing to think about but would just blow up in your face like every one of Holly’s projects have. Hell, she even shits on TD, while TD’s a fuckin cow in her own right she’s like one of the only YT artists that will put up with and even defend Holly publicly.
After what happened during SJ though TD totally deserved the shade but you get it.
Being Holly’s friend wouldn’t be enough and she’s an asshole so it won’t be worth the effort of trying.

No. 872182

wow she forgot to fill in again so the dudes scarf is still white. does she not look over any of the pages before putting em up?

No. 872193

You can even see an X on the scarf, which I guess is supposed to mark the areas to fill in.

No. 872216

jesus christ, when you think she couldn't give less of a shit.

No. 872290

Which makes me wonder - Holly doesn't seem interested in doing commercial work, and apparently doesn't care that much about her personal projects, either… so, what is she even interested in?

No. 872318

She just wants to get paid for existing and doodling shitty OCs. Honestly, Holly never grew out of being a teenager and can’t handle being an adult because that means she’d actually have to put in some effort.

No. 872393

>just want to draw my gay shit
she keeps saying but people don't listen. these comics of hers are not motivated by artistic ambition or commercial reward. she simply gets off to her boy drawings. her impulse is masturbation.
she then says 'i might as well make money too since i can'

No. 872654

I'm always surprised Holly doesn't just take nsfw commissions since she is such Fujoshi trash

No. 872793

Since she hates doing commissions in general, I don't think it'd matter if they were NSFW or not.

No. 872819

Has Holly been fulfilling Patreon rewards? She still has pledges, but she's been pretty MIA recently.

No. 872825

Last post was the 15th of August, so I think she's laying low atm. There's been no peeps from her.. weird..

No. 872910

what's holly doing right now? i haven't seen anything new from her in a while.

No. 872971

She’s just been quiet. No stories or posts on her instagram. Her YouTube is also dead. She claims to be working last I heard. She was an Uber driver but don’t know if she’s still sticking with it. She’s more than likely laying low due to not fulfilling the Kickstarter yet OR she’s stuck doing Uber all the time. She does have a car payment to still meet and with no more cash she’s more than likely scrambling.

No. 873227

I'm guessing she's laying low until the Kickstarter rewards go out, if they ever do. She probably wants to avoid questions and comments about her lack of competency.

She also had commissions still owed to people, and as mentioned, her Patreon rewards. She's behind on everything.

No. 873248

I wonder if even half the people who commission her actually get it. It seems like she's constantly refunding people only to turn around and offer commissions again.

No. 873274

An Uber driver?? Really?? Don't they have any rules about competency or experience in place, anyone can just show up and start working for them? Jesus fuck

No. 873280

You're supposed to have a license for a full year so I have no idea how she got the job. I think someone theorized last thread that she used her mom's license instead to apply or something.

No. 873596

She already had her license for 8+ months a while back. I think someone before said she only needed to hold a license for a year. By the time she got the car she probably hit the one year mark. That or they really just don’t care. Wouldn’t get in a car with Holly though. She’s already got into an accident that sounded like her fault by how she described it.

No. 873727

uber doesn't care honestly as long as you have a license, insurance, and a 4 door car.
i've been in too many close calls with their drivers.
or if she's doing uber eats i think it's 6 months plus she doesn't have to deal with people in her car,(god judging her bedroom i can't imagine what her car looks like )

No. 873742

Awesome, never getting into an Uber again, thanks

No. 874253

Man, BRown is so boring now. I miss the days of milk galore.

No. 874290

Give it time. The more she blows off her Kickstarter, she risks pissing off at least one of her backers. Not everyone’s patience is infinite.

No. 874293


ntayrt, but even then she'll probably still be pretty boring. For a while, she got a little interesting again with the camgirl talk and laser woodcutter, but now it's back to stale milk. Unless she actually brings back all her accounts (YT, twitter, Patreon…), I doubt there will ever be any sort of substantial good milk again. Just a few entertaining things here and there, like how it has been the past 3-4 threads. The milk was ruined after the tracing drama. Which, with all the shit she's pulled (especially with the zine), I'm surprised that's what did her in. Anyway, these threads feel really sad at this point anymore. Holly depresses me the most out of any cow I keep up with.

I feel like every time someone brings up how long the milk has been dead, the farmers still react with "B-b-b-but wait! This thing here is going to be SO milky!!" but it never is at this point. Holly's fucking dead and boring. My next bet is the most interesting milk to come from her in the following weeks is she works at uber, quits, makes some new OC merch, tries to figure out a job she won't like for the fifteenth time, and still doesn't send out the ks shit, which no-one still will care about it or no-one that has/will gain any traction will bring attention to it.

No. 874297


I have to agree tbh. She's not really worth laughing at, at this point. She's just depressing in everyway possible. I can imagine some people making a rucuss over her not fulfilling the kickstarter rewards but, I doubt even that will get to the point of the tracing drama. She's just a sad, boring, stupid fuck and it's like watching watching a kid get hit in the face with a ball and fall down crying; Kinda funny but, you feel bad for laughing afterwards.

No. 874300

i agree with you guys. im defiantly sticking around until the end though, im always curios with this sort of thing if it will end with an explosion or if it will just sizzle out. if she'll fuck up so majorly that she has to abandon all her remaining accounts or if she'll just faze into obscurity. (or well faze into obscurity even more)

No. 874308

You're both absolutely right but I'm still going to follow this thread kek

No. 874336

She LET the tracing thing do her in. It absolutely didn't have to, artists tracing shit is bad but not career ending depending on how it's handled, but her response was to close down all her social media and abandon her old (successful) channel, then go dark for months while occasionally resurfacing with a bunch of new projects that never get finished or even started. But Holly being a quitter once the going gets even remotely tough is pretty on brand for her.

No. 874364

I'm going to keep following to the end as well, but it's just that I have absolutely no expectations anything interesting will happen at this point, other than something occasional. I've enjoyed a bit of the job drama, laser cutter, and foot fetish crap, but none of it is as good as the milk used to be. I think it's just going to sizzle out, like you said. Even if she tries to rebound by bringing the accounts back, she doesn't have the following anymore. No following means no money for the small effort she'd have to make. She has absolutely no fucking patience and she'll abandon/shut it all down again because it's not immediate money. The only really good potential milk is if she becomes a camgirl, but even that won't last more than 3 posts spread out over 5 fucking days.
I think Holly will always be a 'cow' as long as she has a presence on the internet, but at this point, she's become a literally who. I don't see her becoming big again, either. >>874336
Agree completely. Even if it's the cardinal sin of the artist community, it honestly wouldn't have cancelled her. If she made a quick 5 minute apology video and moved on, everyone else would have moved on within a couple of weeks as well. Even though she pretty much destroyed her channel and its active viewership, it could've rebounded pretty quickly once she got back into the groove of it. Like I said, even with the potential to make money, if it's not immediately doing so, it's not worth it to her. Not to tinfoil too hard, but I do wonder at some level if she did what she did to get out of having to do YT

No. 874441

Another thing why she's radio silent is because she's aware of the thread and lurks. So I can't blame her for uploading anything if everything she does is going to get ripped apart. It was fun for a while but now its just sad. I remember the good days when YT was doing her well, and I guess like many she thought she could survive.

No. 874759

If you are emotionally attached enough to these threads to the point that they actually affect your moods anons, you should get off this site. sympathy for holly “just fight back more” brown is stupid

No. 874787

Her twitter is back but it's locked.

No. 874791

File: 1569859301120.png (3.97 MB, 3358x1840, Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 9.01…)

No. 874792

this is barely milk at all.

>My life is literally in shambles.

i will never get artists putting shit like this into their bio, it isn't quirky, it just makes them not trust worthy. not that it changes anything about how people perceive holly.

No. 874806

Love Simon's paw hand, what is he even supposed to be doing?

No. 874851

She apparently blocked me. Wonder if she saw me talking shit on her from months ago in her mentions or something. Not that I care that she knows I hate her.

No. 874853

Who said things had to be up to your standards?

Why did she color in the mouth with his skin tone?

No. 874860

BCUZ ITS HUR STYUL!!!11!!!! /s

No. 874861

Samefag, forgot to sage, sorry y'all

No. 874868

She actually spelled "literally" right.

No. 874886

She still has me blocked from a long ass time ago for daring to give her advice. I wasn’t even criticizing her, she just can’t handle anyone telling her what she doesn’t want to hear.

No. 875046

Even if the account existing isn’t milk in itself it opens up another avenue for more to come forth. With her horrible oversharing she’s bound to give us something, though probably not of the same grade as her prior posts.

No. 875050

We just need someone from here to send her a follow request and get accepted. Is there anyone who would be willing to take one for the team? I'd do it, but I don't have Twitter and she might get suspicious if I try to follow her with a super new account.

No. 875063

She definitely lurks. Her updated bio now says if you send her a follow request she’ll block you

No. 875065

File: 1569908739266.png (429.79 KB, 650x914, Bio.png)

Jesus, so how will she gain any followers? What's the fucking point of having a Twitter if she won't have anyone to follow her or Tweet at? It's obvious from her Etsy being linked, her Twitter handle, and Simon and Damien being in her banner that it's not a personal account, but she can't exactly make herself and her art known if she's just gonna automatically block anyone who wants to follow her.

No. 875069

I don't get why she would make it using her brand identity if doesn't want people following or interacting with the account

No. 875071

maybe she didn't want farmers and that wouldn't have been a problem if anons weren't so stupid to write a bunch of posts about LeTs Follow her secRetLy and just fucking did it instead. retards

No. 875092

I agree that people shouldn’t have posted that since we all know she lurks here but even if she did it to keep us out what’s going to identify us from any other person looking to follow her? I don’t have Twitter so I’m not all that familiar but when she deleted the account before it was permanent making this a whole new one right? What if followers on her old account (genuine fans) are looking to follow her account?

No. 875093

That's Holly logic for you!

No. 875094

If she hasn't announced it anywhere it's going to be real fucking obvious it's probably farmers if she gets a shitload of followers all at once. All she would have to do is check this thread, see it was posted, and then block everyone.

No. 875102

If she doesn’t mention it at least on her Insta or YouTube then there’s no point to the account existing to begin with. It may as well be a personal account at that point. Even then, why have a Twitter account with no followers? Solely to follow other people? No one will be able to read her tweets if she posts anything and Holly’s an attention whore with ~opinions~ to the core. If people here are determined enough and/or patient enough someone will get in eventually.

No. 875149

By following it before she even says anything on insta or YouTube about it existing shows that is IS only farmers so don’t be stupid

No. 875169

File: 1569949818084.png (1.41 MB, 1392x1762, page137 .png)

No. 875171

File: 1569949960766.png (980 KB, 1414x1880, page138.png)

No. 875173

File: 1569950129479.png (1.71 MB, 1388x1930, page139.png)

No. 875179

File: 1569950702297.png (1.55 MB, 1386x1882, page140.png)

No. 875180

File: 1569950793146.png (1.56 MB, 1386x1928, page141.png)

No. 875181

File: 1569950937254.png (1.44 MB, 1358x1920, page142.png)

No. 875183

File: 1569951117408.png (1.96 MB, 1382x1924, page143.png)

No. 875184

File: 1569951211501.png (1.26 MB, 1386x1930, page144.png)

No. 875187

File: 1569951436490.png (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1368x1878, page145.png)

No. 875191

File: 1569951800807.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1382x1916, page146.png)

No. 875193

No. 875194

File: 1569951944351.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1388x1934, page147.png)

Forgot to add the image

No. 875196


God, Hitler's speech bubble. She really doesn't care, does she

No. 875197

Is this Hitler yaoi?

No. 875220

File: 1569955475505.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1290x1790, page148.png)

No. 875221

File: 1569955496484.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1284x1800, page149.png)

No. 875226

File: 1569956161947.png (3.87 MB, 1668x2224, 2E9CCC44-6DFD-441E-96B8-B0A546…)

goddammit everyone in this thread is acting Peak stupid about this new twitter account. Holly obviously JUST made this account (it says created September 2019)
Honestly I feel like the reveal/drop here was made by someone closer to Holly, twitter usually notifies you if someone in your contacts makes a new twitter account (it’s usually because it’s linked to their phone number.)
Holly hasn’t announced this new account ANYWHERE just yet. It’s likely she was just waiting until she was a little bit more ready to reveal her return to twitter.
So since someone drops this here, we now know that Holly does infact lurk her thread here. And she’s bright enough to realize all of the people trying to follow request her new account are coming from lolcow. So honestly if you did try to follow request her new twitter you’re just outing yourself as a farmer.

No. 875229

She's literally baiting you guys are you all fucking stupid?

No. 875232

She also took the time to block everyone she had blocked on her previous account so…

Holly, if you have the time to sit down an re-block god knows how many people you’ve blocked in the past on a new account you’re not utilizing, it just further proves how much time you waste doing pointless shit. Now go finish your Kickstarter.

No. 875239

I've never actually read this comic so I never realized how terrible the pacing is.
Sudden relationship. Sudden cult killings. Sudden rape. None of it believable outside of Hitler being bad.

No. 875252

I don't remember exactly how it went in the old comic but for some reason this feels even more uncomfortable to read than it did in the old one. Was the old scene this long? I think if she gave subtle cues like the locking of the door and turning down the blinds it would have been enough to get the point across. Hitler also explicitly repeating over and over how much Simon looks like his mom spoils the audience figuring it out later through the flashback. We already see how his mom is literally female Simon and Hitler is in love with her, you don't need to write like your audience is retarded Holly.

I'm also not sure why so many anons are insisting this milk has been dry for ages, personally I found the feetfootstomping shit the funniest thing she's ever done since that thrust thrust rape doujin. It is true that this cow is much sadder to follow now though, even if you laugh you kinda feel bad, but she is an expert at self sabotage. She has been stripped of her YT success yet there is nobody else to blame but her own choices and poor money management.

With the amount of following she had before the channel meltdown she could have built something, even with the tracing scandal happening. I remember there was a point when Purgatory was newer Holly's fans would even send her physical fanart of the comic for her to hang in her room. Nowadays she even complains on streams about how people draw her characters if ever… she can't help having a shit personality which turns off her fans. She's nowhere at the level of fame to be able to treat her supporters like shit and come out unscathed yet she keeps doing things like this (ie. when she does commissions yet shits on her clients OC's). She dropped all opportunities she could have exploited like her Patreon (multiple times), selling fanart at conventions, commission work… plus overcomplicated her business. If she kept at her YT, did early comic releases and other shit on Patreon, commissions, and sold cute generic pins on etsy or something simple like BJ she would have an okay income by now. Cancel culture is fake and only works on people who are not amusing and Holly is an amusing person, she definitely has that going for her. That she even has any supporters at all after her shit attitude and so many scandals piling on her back is proof of that. I don't think tracing or the "Art Scrub" video were the end of her career as much as it was how she reacted to those and how she's now inconsistent and unable to rebuild what she had in her old channel. Her dipping out of social media as she has been doing for the past year (like her current hiatus) is the most damaging thing of all to her relevancy imo.

No. 875257

File: 1569959898849.jpg (51.41 KB, 648x365, james_and_meowth_trying_to_hol…)


she kept the doorknob panel the same

No. 875277

File: 1569961898022.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1296x1802, page150.png)

No. 875284

File: 1569962285640.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1298x1794, page151.png)

No. 875285

File: 1569962439106.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1292x1804, page152.png)

No. 875286

File: 1569962754661.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1332x1816, page153.png)

No. 875287

File: 1569962976946.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1292x1790, page154.png)

No. 875288

If he wants to keep it secret why'd he choke Simon leaving very obvious choking marks?

No. 875289

File: 1569963188975.png (Spoiler Image, 954.86 KB, 1294x1798, page155.png)

No. 875292

File: 1569963295620.png (2.06 MB, 1294x1796, page156.png)

Here's the last page for this update. Sorry the pages got posted in chunks. Something came up so I couldn't post them for a bit.

No. 875316

and you gotta love how the choke marks disappear in some panels.

No. 875328

Why would you change what's already perfect /s

No. 875366

i think holly is laying low because she's scare of CS. CS has been asking for people to dm her about holly's kickstarter and I feel like another video is coming

No. 875373


Considering TD deleted that one tweet about her, I'm pretty sure she is lol. I would say she's probably more concerned about her actual backers making a fuss more than she is of CS but, due to the whole tracing drama I'm pretty sure the last thing she wants at this point is someone making more videos on her.

No. 875382

Ok weird sperg but I always wondered how he’s getting raped exactly in this bit or what’s going on cause he’s in a sitting position and shit

No. 875399

I mean, is it just oral or a handjob? it makes so little sense. Her panels are nonsensical.

No. 875424

I was thinking the same thing. Why would Hitler do that when he's pretending Simon is his mom? Sucking dick would kind of break the fantasy that he's a woman.

No. 875447

Damn, Simon only has one leg in the last panel lol

No. 875449

Honestly I do like the candles melting to signify time passing, but…

Then I see the actual clock and the line markings look so janky. It would look better with just one line for each hour, rather than every single minute.

No. 875450

I don't think Holly even really knows. Based on his obsession with Simon's mom, I assume Hitler would have him where he can see his face, but in this case it doesn't even seem possible for, um, penetration to happen.

No. 875504

You realize it's probably for the best we don't know the details, and should probably be grateful Holly can't draw what she thinks is happening. She's probably trying to do it in a way she thinks is "tasteful" (rape scenes are never tasteful), but she can't even draw the implications right so this is what we got and personally that's fine. She can only get but so far. It's already uncomfortable as is having her handle this sort of subject.

No. 875546

Probably oral tbh

No. 875658

File: 1570043052238.png (329.91 KB, 616x546, tarQQFr.png)

It's so hard to take this seriously when Holly made this.

"Hershel getting drugged and basically forced into sex isn't rape"

No. 875661

Thank you for reminding us. I didn't remember the purple man looking that fucking awkward. Many laughs were had

No. 875668

That clock doesn't even have the right amount of hours. There's only one big mark between every number

No. 875684

I never really wanted to put myself but I am one of the artists that “dropped out” of Holly’s zine back in 2018.
I had completed my art and seni it to her and then she suddenly started to ignore all my messages and emails.
I don’t know why but she kept emailing me updates though mail chimp and never would reply to me. She even sent me a free copy of the book and it had my name in the credits still but my art wasn’t in there.

She is so unprofessional

No. 875694

File: 1570051568656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.08 KB, 940x1201, 222.jpg)

I don't really understand why she changed fat Hitler's dialogue. It just further hamfists how much he wants to fuck Simon's mom and sounds even more clunky than the original. At least the old dialogue made some sense, at least by Holly standards.

No. 875718

Yeah, and the dialog change ruins the consequences of the scene, too. Back in the old version, Simon couldn't call for help or tell anyone because then he would be outed as gay and then subsequently killed. It seemed like a big statement about the cult's treatment of gay people and related back to the main yaoi story.
Now, Hitler is just like "well, you got raped by me, but you'll still get killed too if you tell anyone, because… idk". It's just totally random now that Simon happened to get raped and is also coincidentally gay, which makes it pointless. Nice job Holly you ruined your own writing (somehow, considering it was already horrid)

No. 875720

Yeah, and the dialog change ruins the consequences of the scene, too. Back in the old version, Simon couldn't call for help or tell anyone because then he would be outed as gay and then subsequently killed. It seemed like a big statement about the cult's treatment of gay people and related back to the main yaoi story.
Now, Hitler is just like "well, you got raped by me, but you'll still get killed too if you tell anyone, because… idk". It's just totally random now that Simon happened to get raped and is also coincidentally gay, which makes it pointless. Nice job Holly you ruined your own writing (somehow, considering it was already horrid)

No. 875733

I know we shit on her too much for her art but god damn. The only things drawn well are the things she traced. I know a lot of artists use 3D models for backgrounds, but at least they make it blend well with everything else. The car and the trash can look so out of place

No. 875739

Oh god this was during her tiny head phase wasn't it.

No. 875862

Jeez that's just embarrassing, it totally defeats the point of drawing every mark

No. 875901

File: 1570087143437.png (331.79 KB, 576x616, Old-Clock.png)


With the old version she didn't have any lines on the clock, so I guess she added them in the redraw to add more "detail." But even without the lines in the old one I can see that it's about 1:20, but with the new one the hand placement in combination with the weirdly placed lines just makes figuring out the time super confusing. I would have either stayed lineless or just have a line for every hour instead of every minute, but this is Holly we're talking about so of course she'd take the most nonsensical route.

No. 875961

So is she trying to be symbolic with the candles or is she just putting them in as aesthetic filler? Since its holly we're talking about, I can't really tell

No. 876124

It's be kinda cool if the room started off bright and then the room got darker and darker, both due to the candles and having the underlying symbolism due to what Simon went through, but since Holly keeps drawing these characters in white or black voids and is super inconsistent with the lighting, the candles in the end just seem kinda meh.

No. 876205

I was hoping that she was trying to do something with them since she seems to draw them in this rendition so much, like them melting more when fucked up stuff happens as a symbol of simons innocence melting away or something

idk I was just really hoping that they meant something but so far it just meaningless filler

No. 876217

The candles may have some kind of symbolism, but any they might have just gets muddled due to her sloppy execution. I like your idea about the candles melting representing Simon losing his innocence. It's honestly frustrating that Holly has a really interesting concept yet can't freaking execute it in a way that makes it compelling.

No. 876218

File: 1570165994861.png (1.2 MB, 1202x1598, 157.png)

Holly just updated Purgatory a few minutes ago.

No. 876219

File: 1570166393562.png (961.61 KB, 1198x1582, 158.png)

No. 876221

File: 1570166582597.png (1.1 MB, 1202x1670, 159.png)

No. 876223

File: 1570167103891.png (1.17 MB, 1202x1666, 160.png)

No. 876227

File: 1570167250552.png (850.02 KB, 1208x1572, 161.png)

No. 876229

File: 1570167374804.png (1002.14 KB, 1200x1638, 162.png)

No. 876231

File: 1570167500776.png (1.09 MB, 1200x1596, 163.png)

No. 876233

File: 1570167684606.png (1.18 MB, 1202x1666, 164.png)

No. 876237

File: 1570167850654.png (1.36 MB, 1198x1668, 165.png)

No. 876245

File: 1570168257827.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1490, 166.png)

No. 876246

File: 1570168389188.png (1.24 MB, 1204x1672, 167.png)

No. 876248

File: 1570168507447.png (1.24 MB, 1200x1672, 168.png)

No. 876250

File: 1570168622062.png (1.11 MB, 1202x1652, 169.png)

No. 876251

Stating the obvious here, but it's so creepy how much she fetishizes rape victims… what the fuck.

No. 876252

File: 1570168766951.png (1.3 MB, 1202x1518, 170.png)

No. 876255

File: 1570168864068.png (1.01 MB, 1202x1506, 171.png)

No. 876256

File: 1570169016494.png (1.08 MB, 1154x1668, 172.png)

No. 876258

File: 1570169219393.png (1.04 MB, 1202x1674, 173.png)

No. 876259

File: 1570169253056.png (562.37 KB, 549x542, 268313042017211.png)

No. 876260

File: 1570169285251.png (1.12 MB, 1202x1600, 174.png)

Last page for this update

No. 876261

File: 1570169365428.png (572.86 KB, 518x520, Purgatory_3.png)

Holly also updated the cover art

No. 876263


The pacing of this whole update is so uncomfortable. She's trying so hard to make it serious, but it just reads as fetishistic and stiff.

No. 876298

Simon's dad has suspenders in one panel and then the scarf/robes(?) in the next…and then the opposite problem here >>876260. I know it's old news that Holly's a scammer and never proofreads or edits her work but I'll never get over how careless she is.

I actually like the cover. Too bad she never goes into any of the world building and the religious cult shit is just a means for her to draw twinky animu boys getting raped.

No. 876300

File: 1570186408254.png (457.22 KB, 859x821, rushed.png)

Lmao he looks deranged and Simon isn't even resting on the bed correctly. The window looks nice but could have added a knocking sound or something. The way I end up reading this comic is guessing what scene she tried to set up instead of seeing the actual scene. It's like reading her mind instead of reading the comic.
What's with the paneling here? I think she forgot to erase some lines or draw some other ones well? It's so inconsistent and the tangents are driving me crazy. To think this woman used to make comic tips videos.

No. 876303

This is so confusing.
She's posting the redraw, but hasn't even finished the comic.
What is she printing even? Will the redrawn pages be in the print?

No. 876324

File: 1570193742231.png (364.71 KB, 915x302, holey.png)

eyy she put stuff on insta, honestly glade she is still alive.

No. 876325

File: 1570193798300.png (20.91 KB, 301x284, holey.png)

No. 876326

File: 1570193838604.png (10.94 KB, 295x128, holey.png)

No. 876327

File: 1570193865102.png (12.53 KB, 300x150, holey.png)

No. 876339

work? is she referring to the uber thing here or is this something new?

No. 876351

File: 1570199760564.png (3.09 MB, 918x1774, HC_Story.png)

New Instagram Story

I guess she found a new obsession?

No. 876356

Honestly really like this.

No. 876365

Out of all the art cows Holly confuses me the most.
She'll do stuff like
which looks nice. But then in pages like this:
She'll have the blanket act like it's flat on the bed despite the fact there is an anime hunchback under it.

No. 876374

File: 1570203109769.jpeg (694.72 KB, 1242x1784, A693875D-E46A-4824-B47A-A9E732…)

Why are none of the lines actually touching Simon it makes it look like he is glowing? Is he supposed to be glowing??

Holly posted an update on YouTube as well I really want to know what jobs she is taking about is she counting commissions and the ks as jobs?

Holly just finish the things you owe people who have paid you money and stop whining so much lmao it’s ya own fault gf. I’m on team feel sorry for holly and want to help her but this looks so bad…it really makes her look inept.

No. 876377

She should've auctioned off her SJ table or something. And TD's while she was at it since apparently Holly paid for everything….

No. 876379


Oh, you mean to tell me redrawing a comic was completely unnecessary and a huge time suck, fucking around with a laser cutter for months instead of getting work and things people paid you to do done, waiting until the last minute to prep for a con you had no business going to in the first place, and not holding down a steady job to bring in income…WERE ALL BAD IDEAS???? Well put googly eyes on a dick and call it a snake, who who'dve thunk it?

No. 876383

oh that's what she meant by job. i thought for a moment she actually had something earning her money, not just working on something that should have been completed a long ass time ago.

No. 876388

He basically implies that he's been assaulted in some way and Damian just kinda starts making out with him and drops the matter immediately, incredible. That whole scene and the rape were bad in the original, but I'm impressed she managed to make it worse.

Why did she not at least have TD pay for her share of the table and the hotel? She must have known in advance that she wasn't going to make that much. Mental illness and bad upbringing might be able to affect your ability to make reasonable decisions but that's just excessive.

No. 876398

I cannot find an inch of sympathy for Holly. Her current situation is all her fault. I like her working this hard though. Holly’s going to learn a lot from this low and if she can work out of it, she’ll do fine.

No. 876414

How is she still packaging the KS stuff didn't she say she was sending them out in batches? If that is true why has no one received one? She's lying. The real question is does she even. Have the copies?

No. 876418

The Kickstarter is like how many months late? And she's still making excuses and using her mental health and lies about jobs she doesn't have?

No. 876440

I think in one of TDs vlogs she mentioned paying for her artist badge at least, but on a livestream Holly said she paid for it (and said it was upwards of 60 dollars when there was an option to buy them cheaper if you did it on time, so good on them taking advantage of that lmao)

No. 876467

I'll never get over how much of a leech TD is. Even Holly is too good for her.

No. 876478

I don’t buy her packaging shit at all for the KS, she’s redrawing almost the whole thing and posted NOTHING about the promised epilogue either. It wouldn’t be as bad if she just came out and said the delays are because she’s redrawing the whole thing like a dumbass. Sure her mental heath and financial situation are affecting it too but not nearly as much as undertaking that redraw without informing her backers ahead of time.

No. 876497

The estimated delivery was back in May, so she's about 5 months late now. The last update on the Kickstarter itself was on August 14th.

No. 876501

I won't believe the books are printed until she posts a photo of them. She's been "packing" for 2 months now.

No. 876508

One of the jobs must be the uber one. Is it really that quick and easy to get jobs in the US? She dropped out of art college and has a record in getting fired and quitting positions weeks into jobs. I can't even picture her in an interview, unless she means freelance ridesharing/food delivering for multiple companies.

No. 876519

her jobs are all online based. she does door dash, post mates and uber. she has never had to show proof of insurance or proof license in order to do these jobs, because I know post mates and uber just allow you to sign up without a car and don't ask for any proof. Not sure about Uber, but I believe they want to know your license number and that's it.

holly has already gotten into 3 car accidents that we know of, and has talked about each of them online. I doubt that she has reported them, because if she has, that means her insurance is probably over 200 dollars a month, while her car payment is 500 dollars.

I don't trust her with these jobs at all, especially because a lot of it is based off of driving and customer interaction. If you are an uber or lyft driver, you can lose your job by being a jerk to a rider, and I guarantee she has probably had complaints. Same with postmates and door dash. She's going to end up getting fired. I give her a week before someone complains and get's her fired completely

No. 876523

Wait, where/when did she say she was doing door dash/postmates?

No. 876532

> Is it really that quick and easy to get jobs in the US?

Depends on the location. Some areas of the US are kind of booming right now while others are falling apart. There has been a bit of a mass migration into southern states these past few years.

If >>876519 is correct then that would really explain why Holly has three "jobs" that take up so much of her time. These ride-sharing/app delivery jobs are super volatile tho. You can drive around 12 hours a day and earn less than minimum wage or work less than 7 hours and earn twice the minimum wage.

No. 876540

It's pretty easy to pick up/drop shitty retail jobs if you live near a city center with decent shopping. They don't check references or care about job hopping either; most young adults have shitty resumes like that.

No. 876582

>i finished the books i'm shipping them now
>books aren't shipped months later
>sporadically updates the online with batches of new pages
is this a bit suspicious to anyone

No. 876588

A smart person wouldn’t have taken her at her word, which is why none of her backers have criticized her outright yet. They’re dumber than a bag of bricks. If she really was packing them, then she should have had them shipped in batches and we’d have seen at least one backer post a pic of their package already. She’s stalling hardcore and none of these people will see a book until next year at the earliest.

It amazes me how much she’s able to get away with without being held accountable because of “muh depression”.

I’m also calling bullshit on her current “jobs”. Packing nonexistent packages isn’t a real job Holly.

No. 876607

she mentioned before that she is going to focus on app only jobs because working a regular "9 to 5" makes her want to "slit her wrists". Either in td's video from San Japan or a stream from around that time, she stated that Holly has started working for postmates, and there was a door dash bag in the background. So I am guessing those are her jobs, but it has been hinted at on td's channel.

I used to work for both postmates and door dash, and you don't even need to interview or show proof on insurance. A lot of people do it in my area and they get stoned while they do it.

my guess is that holly started these jobs so she could be "her own boss", but didn't realize how long it would take her to get any money from these jobs. it also makes sense for her to go into hiding because creepshow already talked about how she most likely blew all the money she made on the kickstarter and now has to come up with the money, and pay 700 dollars in car payments, and possible rent

No. 876609

We already know she blew the money. She admitted all the kickstarter funds went to the printer in a livestream.

No. 876616

agreed, this actually looks like a strong piece – especially for her

No. 876622

she made over 10k and the printer was 3.5

No. 876623

If she put the same amount of effort into everything else she drew, she would be able to have a freelancer job in no time (as it would allow for her to improve through effort too). So why even have the cover look this good when everything else looks so bad? It makes me wonder if she even did it herself because of how different it looks from everything else.

No. 876662

This was my thoughts too, i thought the cover was fanart made by someone else because it actually looks decent with the lighting shading and line work, if holly regularily made peives like this then i coukd see how she would have accumulated a fan base… But seeing as imo its her best work yet, i doubt she actually drew it

No. 876672

What the hell is going on with Damien’s eyes? They’re nowhere near each other and the right one is sliding off his face.
While it’s nicely rendered from a distance, zooming in kills it instantly.

No. 876677

Are we all forgetting the car she bought like a week after the Kickstarter

No. 876678

She's okay at painting she just can't draw.

No. 876687

Is it just me or are Salmon's glasses getting bigger?

The re-draw should have an alternative title: Purgatory Except Every Time Holly Fucks Up Anatomy Simon's Glasses Get Bigger.

No. 876691

Is it just me or does the dad look creepier now?

No. 876692

Did Simon telepathically communicate what happened? Otherwise I can't follow what Damien is understanding

No. 876694

Holly does really well with colors, rather than strictly black and white, which looks too harsh

No. 876710


I put good money she lifted the colors from an anime, manga which established everything and the used it.

No. 876724

File: 1570285274355.jpg (72.37 KB, 900x563, Squall-Leonhart-19157-e1508673…)


This has been bothering me for ages but it really looks like she ripped off FF8s main characters design to me.

No. 876726

I think the problem is that his face takes up way too much space on his head. His mouth alone fills up the entirety of the jaw area.

No. 876727

I still think she used all the money before she even ordered the print copies and then thinking she could just make the money back with her Amazon job and the laser while she finished the redraws. Then she lost her Amazon job and made no money with the laser so she panicked and lied about printing issues because she still hasn't finished redraws and here we are five months later and I doubt she's done drawing a comic that was promised ages ago with a new car she's wrecked and laser she's selling.

No. 876728

Maybe Damien thinks Simon just got verbally berated by Hitler since he was asked to stay after class? Or at worst maybe abused him physically? If I remember the comic right it is shown later on that Damien doesn't actually know that Hitler raped Simon and he becomes horrorfied once he learns what actually happened. Which, on one hand I'd get it if Simon didn't really want to tell Damien the truth and just kinda eluded to what happened, but with the way Holly executed it it looks like Simon tried to tell him and Damien just brushed him off.

No. 876738

anon-chan…… brown hair and fur collar is not unique. also hollys character is no where near as bishie. i just feel like there’s a lot of reaching any time holly draws anything not-totally-eye-searing

No. 876739

Really doubting that, she’s said video games are a waste of her time. She’s probably never played any of the FF games.

No. 876740

Lmao she didn’t rip off that design c’mon focus on real milk

No. 876741

File: 1570291462559.jpeg (194 KB, 640x796, 372F2C39-DEF5-4EF3-A700-3DDEF8…)

Owes commissions and kickstarter rewards
“Hey guys new merch!”


No. 876743

Jfc just about every single post she has to squeeze in how fucking depressed she is to preemptively deflect criticism about her actions because it might trigger her suicidal tendencies. What a manipulative cunt. She shouldn’t bother with new merch for her shop until her backers get squared away, but whatever. She’s just going to continue shooting herself in the foot.

No. 876748

File: 1570293161137.jpg (1.13 MB, 1875x1666, HCB_Card.jpg)

She showed off a new business card in her latest Instagram story, and it only advertises Paranormal Plague.

HOLLY. Paranormal Plague only has 18 pages! And you haven't updated it in almost a year! And you're 5 months late with your Kickstarter for your other comic! Get your fucking priorities straight and your shit together!

No. 876756

… is the info on that card off center or is it just me?
I sure hope it's because of the way she's holding it or just my impression because otherwise damn, she really can't be bothered huh?

No. 876764

the last word (paranormalplague) is definitely off center - the amount of space before the P is tiny compared to the wide space of nothingness after E. Can't judge the rest of the words, but that one really sticks out. I wanted to say it's because she was too lazy to fix the URL placement, but the first one looks fine.

No. 876765

where did she print these? they look like she got them from staples and cut them herself lmao.

No. 876788

File: 1570303558543.jpg (2.05 MB, 1984x2595, Spot_the_Difference.jpg)

I think I figured out why none of the lines are actually touching Simon.

I was looking at some of the old Purgatory pages to compare them to the updated version, and then I realized that with some of the pages, she's just using the old artwork. She tweaks some bits here and there, and then retrofits the new character designs into them.

No. 876794

…so even here she's gotten lazy? Go figure

No. 876796

oh wow
peak lazyness

No. 876800

Reusing backgrounds is one thing but not even cleaning up the lines after the fact is something else.

No. 876801

Excellent work anon

Bed panel: She made simon look flatter

Tree: She actually improved the tree and how can she hit the mark so well with texture, lighting and shape language with abstraction and then suddenly when she needs to describe actual real life forms, it all goes out the window?

Kitchen: lmaooo this was an improvement??

And finally old simon was way hotter or at least didn't look 10?

No. 876803

>how can she hit the mark so well with texture, lighting and shape language with abstraction and then suddenly when she needs to describe actual real life forms, it all goes out the window?

Because while she might study backgrounds from life, she she studies people from her animes.

>And finally old simon was way hotter or at least didn't look 10

Hard disagree, the infamous chin phase was easily her worst.

No. 876804

Nta, the chins were bad and so were the glasses but now they have no jaws and do in fact look 10. I honestly prefer the old style myself but she is leaning hard into anime the last year so it's not surprising her characters look like children now.

No. 876805

All this time she spent half-assing these redraws and she still doesn’t know how hands work.

No. 876807

She's painting herself as a victim because she knows dangelo and shannon are planning on making videos on her. Shannon says people are coming forward and you know dangelo has a hate boner for holly. She's already preparing for the storm

No. 876816

I prefer her weebshit over the banana faces but to each their own I guess. Simon looks young but he is a teenager. I do agree his dad looks way off now though.

Too bad she hasn't learned from the last time they came for her ass. It's really not that hard to be a halfway decent person, Holly.

No. 876820

iirc shannon said she'd make a video a while ago, but it still hasn't happened.
when did dangelo say he would?

No. 876838

I guess her new phase is the dislocated shoulder phase. Seriously, she seemed to have an okay grasp on where the shoulder is located on the body but now simon looks like a hunchbacked 10 year old.

No. 876906

Creepshow did make a video. Holly is talked about for like 5 minutes during the Ross draws video

No. 876910

No she said she was going to make a video about Holly specifically in the very video you're referencing lol. She said she was going to wait to see what happens first and then make a video about Holly if she thinks she deserves it.

No. 876998

Please don't talk about Creepshow here, she's a waste of space.

No. 877115

Fat Hitler looks the exact same in all 3 panels,with the facial expressions only slightly changed

No. 877218

Dangle-o is such a fuckin cow he needs his own thread

No. 877223

I don't think he's milky enough for that. Just use the art general to talk shit.

No. 877229

Based on what milk exactly he's got like one screenshot

No. 877545

File: 1570472081995.png (800.54 KB, 1728x1200, 31201487161314.png)

New Instagram Post

No. 877553

Can she like…do the work for the people who already paid her or…? Is she that brazen?? I guess her fans don't care tho lol.

No. 877633

>whines because she’s so busy with all of her nonexistent jobs, commissions and Kickstarter that she can’t do anything else.

>does this shit:



No. 877647

First of all, love Herschel's square ass and completely fucked up left hand
Second of all, is Ash supposed to be taking her top off, or putting it on? It's impossible to tell

No. 877666

Ash is just getting frustrated because she can’t button the top with the paw hands Holly gave her.

No. 877845

been a few months since i've checked back on here due to lack of milk. this is very solid and the colors are very nice, favorite thing by holly thus far

No. 877850

No. 877883

I will never get over those paw hands and trunk bodies. Bless holly for bringing back the milk

No. 877890

Lol this has like 2 colors anon

No. 878156


if only she could draw well

No. 878165

File: 1570599369298.png (1.1 MB, 1192x1670, 175.png)

New updated Purgatory pages

No. 878177

File: 1570600988986.png (1.14 MB, 1204x1620, 176.png)

No. 878190

File: 1570603410397.png (1.13 MB, 1190x1658, 177.png)

No. 878196

File: 1570603680758.png (1.07 MB, 1200x1674, 178.png)

No. 878198

File: 1570603823440.png (3.09 MB, 2642x1684, 179.png)

Description for this page:
>i literally never changed this page cause im lazy so I know the perspective is bad but im lazy

Holly, just because you recognize that you're being lazy doesn't mean it's ok to continue being lazy.

No. 878199

File: 1570604039401.png (1.24 MB, 1204x1670, 180.png)

No. 878200

File: 1570604158968.png (1.26 MB, 1204x1678, 181.png)

No. 878201

File: 1570604251562.png (1.04 MB, 1208x1674, 182.png)

No. 878202

What is that hand??? That's not how gripping a door handle works

No. 878203

File: 1570604383557.png (1.03 MB, 1204x1540, 183.png)

No. 878204

File: 1570604546608.png (1023.58 KB, 1204x1582, 184.png)

No. 878205

File: 1570604666274.png (1.06 MB, 1210x1632, 185.png)

No. 878206

File: 1570604777065.png (1.1 MB, 1202x1678, 186.png)

No. 878207

File: 1570604971611.png (1.31 MB, 1208x1682, 187.png)

No. 878215

Did… did Hitler just teleport to his desk??? What is this transition?!

Holly also forgot to draw the sides to Simon’s glasses in a few panels. Such attention to detail. The fucked up arrangement of the text in the speech balloons are really grating. What’s the point of redoing these if they progressively get worse each time?

No. 878217

File: 1570608359169.png (1.38 MB, 1206x1672, 188.png)

No. 878218

File: 1570608452489.png (1.86 MB, 1206x1614, 189.png)

No. 878220

File: 1570608664050.png (1.09 MB, 1202x1582, 190.png)

No. 878221

File: 1570608826180.png (1.02 MB, 1170x1554, 191.png)

No. 878224

Damian…Sugar. Jfc you can tell these are OCs from a high schooler. Also holy shit the paneling is insanely bad and the movements are just…god fucking awful. These pages really give me a self esteem boost with my art.

No. 878231

Like, I know she intended for the middle panel to be wood grain but instead it looks like action lines and the paper/pen are being flung at high speed.

No. 878234

She shouldn't make those lines tge same black as the lineart

No. 878236

>>878234 100% agreed, I feel like a dark grey would work so much better, even toning back how dark the grey of the 'wood' is would help a lot too.

No. 878262

File: 1570627576072.png (26.19 KB, 83x371, LamgCqA.png)

To be fair to Holly Sugar is a real last name and there are way worse out there.
How the fuck she missed the mistakes in the only background on this page though is impressively dumb.

No. 878316

The only reason it bothered me is the original concept of Damian has always been the saucy sinful teenage boy that tempts Simon away from piousness so giving him the last name Sugar feels tasteless to me. Just … So very fujo to give the 'uke' the last name Sugar.

No. 878322

most of her characters are named after food

No. 878324

Could be that she named him after an artist she admires (Rebecca Sugar) Lots of artists do that when naming characters. Maybe I'm pulling this out of my ass, but I think she may have talked about it a loooong time ago. Like 2016-2017.

No. 878326

File: 1570642117366.jpeg (331.58 KB, 1124x1992, 8778A455-2517-455C-9CC0-B1ABAF…)

Newest Instagram story

No. 878334

Lol I love holly. Does this have anything to do with the kickstarter I can’t remember probably not.

No. 878335

where's the comic bitch

No. 878336

She named him in high school which was ten years ago. I mean maybe she named him after Rebecca but that seems unlikely.

No. 878337

Goddammit Holly. She’s never going to learn, is she? Complains about money but is STILL buying shit she thinks is going to sell. She’s probably going to slap her shit OCs on it and expect to sell out.
I would be furious if I were one of her backers at this point.

No. 878341

So sick of this dumb stupid bitch

No. 878346

Why does no one call her out for this shit. She still has commissions that have been paid for wtf is her excuse

No. 878360


It baffles me that she gets away with this. I know her audience is young, but it seems no one ever says shit to her.

No. 878618

the biggest reason she gets away w/ stuff is a) she wasn’t that “famous” to begin with, at the height of her popularity she had, what, 100,000 subs on youtube? yeah, that’s a lot when you imagine that many ppl in person, but in internet terms, it’s barely a blip compared to the many many creators w/ millions of subs. and b) after moving accounts, that number drastically decreased. she also doesn’t do as many “tutorials” as she used to. some decent artists mentioned/followed her in the past solely bc they saw those vids, iirc. now really the only thing she has going for her is her regular art and this purgatory re-draw, neither of which are…uhhh…widely appealing to say the least.

still find it odd that she mentions paranormal plague all the time, even though she hasn’t updated it in forever. if/when she goes back to it, she’ll def “redraw” the pages for no reason just like she’s doing now. i thought she used to plan out her stories ahead of time w/ thumbnails and such. wouldn’t it help her if she did detailed outlines of these stories first so that she doesn’t get dissatisfied w/ them so easily and scrap several pages of work?

No. 878651

She once made a video saying she doesn't make thumbnails or scripts but that was over a year ago so hopefully she's changed her mind lol. She also used to be one of those crazy dumbasses that was against using reference but then she switched to tracing so who knows what goes through her mind on any given day

No. 878777

File: 1570738393743.jpeg (247.95 KB, 1124x1336, 656D0713-C7E1-4E6C-8BC5-0F39A1…)

No. 878788


No. 878789

I fucking called it. Holly is never going to change at this rate, how pathetic. There’s no hope in her idiot backers calling her out for this.

No. 878799

After kneecapping her online presence it blows my mind that she was not only able to fund the Purgatory kickstarter but make over triple the goal. How??!

No. 878802

Does she have ADHD or something or why can't she just focus on a project for longer than a day, Jesus Christ Holly get a grip

No. 878805

I would kinda get it if she was making Purgatory mugs as part of the Kickstarter rewards (though it'd still be a huge waste of time), but these are literally for her other comic that she hasn't even updated since last November.

Get your fucking shit together, Holly.

No. 878824

File: 1570743741552.jpg (1.24 MB, 1842x1253, bricks.jpg)

She uploaded a shit ton of new pages but one thing I noticed is that her redraws have gotten even worse with the start of book two. Even compared to her old art, like if you look these two pages, the comic on the right actually looks less sloppy and awkward than its "improved" version on the left, despite Sasha's manface.

Also, why did she decide to make her background suddenly turn into a brick wall in the new version? It comes completely out of nowhere and looks weird and random, just keep the skull BG from your old comic jfc

No. 878836

Oh my fucking god this bitch is so stupid. I can’t believe how fucking unaware she is. She refuses to change, and she never will as long as she has a fucking following. It’s not even fun reading milk on her anymore, she’s just sad at this point. Pathetic.

No. 878866

She always goes on about how amazing she is at inking/linework but it's absolutely one of her biggest weaknesses. I'm not sure how she's gotten even worse at it.

Also Mrs. Simon's Mom doesn't look like a woman in either of these pages. Literally looks like a dude with eyelashes and tits. I know she's supposed to be a Simon clone but her design is fucking terrible.

No. 878888

This somehow looks even more stiff than the old one and the line work is even more atrocious. The thickness is far more noticeably inconsistent and uneven. I’m impressed at how much she’s gotten worse.

No. 878909

Why is Hitler's characterization literally just like Damien. The parallels between Sasha and Atarah with Damien and Simon are so uncomfortable. Why does she flesh out a rapist character so much wtf she clearly has a fetish.

No. 878915

Anon……. elaborate

No. 878934

I genuinely couldn't tell which one was the redraw and that speaks volumes (until I saw Moustacheless Hitler's chin on the old one, then it was clear)

No. 878979

Lol old Hitler looks kinda like Hershel

No. 878984

File: 1570776003257.gif (228.7 KB, 498x298, lmfao.gif)

OMFG he does!!

No. 879001

the old one just looks better, honestly. simon's mom (sasha?) looks softer and curvier and more pleasant, and overall the thicker lines in the redraw do it no favors.

No. 879025

Someone who has read that shit, please enlighten me: what's the deal with Hitler and Simon's mom? Is it a Snape/ Lily kind of thing, where he pined for her for years but Simon's dad nabbed her first?

No. 879029

I think they actually might have been dating at the time. I'm not sure anymore, but I vaguely remember them kissing.
I guess she just dropped him for the dad?

No. 879056

Right, the new one makes the mom look just like Simon with tits glued on

Also, if Simon's mom looks like a teenage boy, wouldn't that make her… ugly?

No. 879066

File: 1570804080068.jpg (937.14 KB, 1880x1347, 368-371.jpg)


Yeah, Hitler and Simon's mom were dating, and then she ended up with Simon's dad. I don't really remember if Holly ever provided more info about the dynamic between the three, but Simon is later shown to be thinking about Sasha's relationships and lowkey thinking that if she was dating Hitler and Sebastian at the same then she deserved to get sacrificed, and then he asks Hitler if his mom was a whore.

No. 879084

Jfc this comic is a fucking mess what was she thinking. No theme or message comes from this story arch that is good. I'm just uncomfortable.

No. 879154

Idk about you anons but i would love to have a mug with a character from a five page webcomic that hasn't even apoeared yet

No. 879164

Maybe she'd advertise the mug as having as the lovable rapist oaf from her porn comic, even if it wasn't canon.

No. 879215

It's amazing how Holly went from super thick lines, to thin lines and talking about how much better they are, and then goes right back to making her lines thick again. Sure, they're not AS thick as they were originally, but the line weight sure as hell isn't helping anything in that image. She can't help but regress because I guess she never learns from her mistakes

No. 879230

She's updated Purgatory again. Considering the number of pages she's putting up and how frequently she's posting them, this might be a sign that her Kickstarter will finally be sent out soon, though I'm still pretty doubtful since it's Holly.

And in regards to Purgatory, the fact that she's posting pages for Book 2 now really hammers home how little story actually occured in Book 1. All that really happened is that some people got sacrificed, Damien and Simon made out like two times, Sebastian organized his attic and found Sasha's old notes, and Simon got raped and manipulated by Hitler. I didn't get a chance to read most of Book 2 before she deleted the old pages (except the most recent Purgatory pages where Simon gets kidnapped and the cathedral collapsed), so I'm interested in seeing how this story will even go. If anyone happens to have any pages from Book 2 (the one anon posted the old pages from Book 1 and some from Book 2), feel free to post a MEGA link or whatever to share.

No. 879263

I never get how she thinks she has to do one or the other. Most artists use both.

No. 879290

File: 1570837040103.png (76.38 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_20191011-163245~2.p…)

No. 879291

File: 1570837065460.png (87.73 KB, 715x954, Screenshot_20191011-163309~2.p…)

From her Kickstarter

No. 879292

File: 1570837088013.png (86.32 KB, 720x857, Screenshot_20191011-163314~2.p…)

No. 879293

File: 1570837123119.png (87.92 KB, 720x845, Screenshot_20191011-163333~2.p…)

No. 879306

It's fucking autists like this who make it possible for people to scam lmfao.
Can't wait for them to get scammed and then get upset when no one cares anymore cause 'good things come to those who wait'
10000% Confirms if you back anything on kickstarter you're begging to get scammed.

No. 879307

There goes Holly again with more of her excuses. I also hate how lowkey passive aggressive she is in the reply. I get that you hate people Holly, but don't be so rude to the people who are literally supporting you unconditionally and throwing their money at you to support your endeavor of sitting on your fat ass all day and do nothing while complaining about how you don't have time to do shit.

Her backers really are dumbass children.

No. 879319

You know, she keeps saying she’s shipped some out but NEVER posted an image of the final printed product. She immediately posts any shit she has made (like the fucking mugs) but not the books? I know her fans are morons but come on, they can’t rub two brain cells together to see that she’s blatantly scamming at this point? She did this to her customers on Etsy too. She refunded them instead of sending out whatever they had ordered.

Get your shit together Holly, jfc.

No. 879330

I sincerely don't understand why she does this. With the Kickstarter, sure, she can get away with saying she's been shipping books out for the past month because there are so many people who backed it would be impossible to verify, and she's not obligated to refund anyone anyway because it's Kickstarter. But for individual purchases on Etsy, it makes no sense. She has a car so there is no reason why she can't get to the post office 1x a week to ship out orders. Of course in the case of the books they don't exist yet so of course she can't ship them, but the fact that she always jumps on the chance to issue a refund the second someone questions her instead of being accountable indicates she knows she's fucking up and wants to placate people before they wise up to the fact she is a half-assed scammer. Just fucking do what you say you will, it's really not that hard.

No. 879354

What the fuck yo, this reads just like a way to humiliate simon and "devalue" him further.

No. 879359

File: 1570865938040.jpg (1.28 MB, 2820x1347, Holly-Brown_Fuckery.jpg)

Considering how the pages afterwards show Simon devolving into madness and depicts Hitler as the poor guy who has to deal with him and his issues, yeah, it's fucked.

No. 879367

The comment on one of the old rape pages was basically "this is Simon's fault for allowing himself to be alone with Hitler," I'm pretty sure she enjoys victim blaming him for some fucking reason.

No. 879379

jesus christ. if she was trying to make hitler "sympathetic" at least she could have made it so that he realizes he fucked up. not like it would make him redeemable, the story is fucked from the ground up.

No. 879417

that laughing simon face is so much better than she usually draws that it makes me think she referenced something, I actually like it and that's a weird feeling

No. 879427

File: 1570903233739.jpg (2.71 MB, 1885x4005, Purgatory_Old_v_New.jpg)

Holly just made a HUGE Purgatory update. She's now back to the last page before she deleted everything and started posting the redraws. Hopefully we'll get the "exciting" shitshow of a conclusion soon.

Also in regards to this update, the since the most recent pages were close to her current art style, she just did more updates of the character designs and slight touchups of the backgrounds and putting in dialogue where she forgot to previously. The pages are still shit though. The text is still terribly lined up with the speech bubbles and her attempt at improving the lineart in some places looks super sloppy.

No. 879431

Who wants to bet that by the time she's done with the main story and the supposed epilogue, another few months will have gone by and she'll want to redraw the whole damn thing again kek

No. 879432

File: 1570904702747.jpg (210.9 KB, 940x1308, QUALITY CONTENT.jpg)

Kek I forgot how shitty some of these pages are

No. 879433

lmao @ hitler in the bushes

No. 879457

File: 1570911353270.jpeg (31.67 KB, 444x296, 750F6A55-4284-447A-8597-B514B7…)

Purgatory Improvement

No. 879476

File: 1570914638043.png (1.37 MB, 1198x1672, 2-171.png)

New Purgatory Pages!!!

page 171

No. 879478

File: 1570914744876.png (1.14 MB, 1198x1674, 2-172.png)

page 172

No. 879479

He pulled the trigger with his whole hand? Wtf

No. 879498

File: 1570918727747.jpg (46.46 KB, 600x528, Forty_keks.jpg)

No. 879544

I'm willing to bet that this is what she's been doing this entire time, not her "three jobs". She wanted to finish the redraw so she can finish the fucking comic, print it, and finally send it to the backers. We'll probably be seeing a finished printed comic in like two weeks, maybe?

No. 879546

did he just knee the door open?

No. 879549

I love that she drew the shotgun with a trigger guard RIGHT after the close up shot of the entire hand pulling the trigger LMFAO

No. 879599

Holly learning how to draw expressions from anime really shows in these new update pages. The expressions are so goofy you feel like you’re reading a parody

No. 879606

But at least she's trying! I am not a fan but I can see she somewhat trying to fix some things. Then fails but maybe she's on the right track?

No. 879610


Anon, the pages have gotten progressively worse each time she’s redrawn it. Let’s face it, she’s regressing hard and has no intention to improve.

No. 879614

The redraws only highlight the bad parts of her art even more. The line work is somehow even worse, poses are stiffer than ever, every expression is an exaggerated or goofy form of either sadness/trauma, anger or snarkiness and thus all look the same, she’s gotten even lazier with details that she should be fixing with redraws like perspectives, anatomy or even text alignment…

I struggle to see any part of this that could honestly be called an impoverishment.

No. 879663

File: 1570982280508.png (1.56 MB, 1206x1674, 2-173.png)

New Purgatory Update

No. 879664

Unfortunately she seems to change the things that were fine and not bother to fix the big mistakes.

Holly needs more solid study and less cartoon/stylization.

No. 879665

Unfortunately she seems to change the things that were fine and not bother to fix the big mistakes.

Holly needs more solid study and less cartoon/stylization.

No. 879667

File: 1570982529909.png (1.78 MB, 1206x1668, 2-174.png)

No. 879668

File: 1570982711826.png (1.52 MB, 1204x1672, 2-175.png)

No. 879669

I am actually pretty excited to see the climax

I assume the cathedral collapses on Hitler

No. 879674


>gush gush

No. 879681

lmao simon's dad going and shooting hitler is unironically exciting

No. 879697

Don't forget >Pull and >Miss from >>879668

No. 879705

You think she’d write out the sound effects for a guy firing the loud as fuck gun and the crumbling sounds of the building falling but she puts the actions down instead lol what a disconnect

No. 879727

I second this, this is so fucking terrible but I really want to see how it unfolds kek

No. 879737

My prediction is the cathedral collapses on both of them because ~symbolism~

No. 879749

Holly C BRown, that's not how shotgun works. Topkek.

No. 879771

Legitimately didn't even realize Sebastian shot a second time until after rereading.

No. 879793

Why cant she draw a finger pulling a trigger??

No. 879799

Jesus Christ she is terrible at drawing guns,how difficult is it to just google Rifle

No. 879803

File: 1571019899967.png (283.97 KB, 736x376, Nqj4Id9.png)

He shot a shotgun at Hilter and his Son. Does Holly not understand Shotguns shots spread out?

No. 879806

File: 1571020790907.jpg (569.6 KB, 2002x1074, it's a rifle, except it's not.…)

I think she intended it to be a hunting rifle considering the previous pages, but since it's Holly of course she drew it it in a way that makes it look like a completely different gun.

No. 879818

Eeeh this is a nitpick. Plenty of artists wing it when it comes to gun-logic. It's the kind of thing that's cool when acknowledged and done correctly, but in this case there are so many worse art problems that the gun thing hardly matters.

No. 879822

Idk it bothers me now that I know haha. I wouldn't have if anon hadnt pointed it out though so that's fair

No. 879824

File: 1571027219340.jpg (58.72 KB, 421x650, 514fe9e89db3dc75a644e7aa8803f4…)

Reminds me of pic related, except Devilman deserves a pass because it's actually well-written and influential. Purgatory is just if like if Devilman's writing was as crap as its art.

It almost feels like maybe Holly was going for a Devilman-esque aesthetic and tone but fucked it all up with her general ineptitude.

No. 879827

File: 1571028457865.jpg (12.07 KB, 334x97, 1571027219340.jpg)

I don't know why I made this

No. 879835

Oh, that's what 'miss' means? I thought he was trying to smack Hitler with the gun.

No. 879912

Why SHOULDN'T you make this?

No. 879915

What about this art is so bad?

No. 879925

File: 1571066720727.png (1.91 MB, 1292x1794, 2-176.png)

New Purgatory Pages

No. 879926

File: 1571066741790.png (1.42 MB, 1290x1800, 2-177.png)

No. 879928

File: 1571067100595.png (1.4 MB, 1296x1798, 2-178.png)

No. 879930

God she's so bad at drawing action scenes, it looks like Simon's dad got punched by the air

No. 879939


That panel of the thumb pulling the trigger makes zero sense.

No. 879942

I'm glad Holly is going to kill Hitler.We get one rapist oc of hers dead. Now if only Holly would kill Reese.

No. 879965

>pull pull pull
>tug tug
>gasp gasp

I can’t even concentrate on everything else awful about these pages because the stupid sound effects crack me up!

No. 879968

That’s not how you pull the trigger of a gun

No. 879983

Took advantage of?? Lol he RAPED your son boi

No. 880009

>tug tug
fucking keked so hard

No. 880028

starts having Nam flashbacks of Holly's Seize comic

No. 880037

it's not much a nitpick, it is an artist thing to struggle with drawing guns, but that's why there's tons of references Everywhere for them. it literally wouldn't be that hard to look up "how to hold a rifle" and fuck it I'd let her get away with tracing a stock photo.

No. 880050

For anyone interested - since she opened her Laser business, she has made 22 sales in total. That's both sad and quite telling.


Considering she still has that etsy, I'm pretty sure she never sold that laser.

No. 880053

File: 1571087487752.jpg (250.71 KB, 1088x798, StrangleStrangleStrangle.jpg)

I feel like
>strangle strangle strangle
would have been a more appropriate onomatopoeia. /s

No. 880077

When did Simon's dad even find out about the rape? Wasn't it being kept a secret?

No. 880103

Bad paneling, inappropriate expressions, helmet hair, awful anatomy (that isn't an intentional aspect of the art style), etc.

Look at Ryo's neck in the first panel. It looks like he swallowed a football. It's a fantastic story and the artist's work does get better in the sequel, but yeah the art is… bad.

No. 880157

File: 1571098959825.png (38.9 KB, 197x275, 1563154601162.png)

Hitler Junior told Simon's dad about Simon getting raped after Hitler abducted him. However, we don't get to see his reaction to the news, Holly just time jumps to Simon's dad going into the cathedral with a large duffle bag.

No. 880160

File: 1571099116036.png (682.3 KB, 941x1312, 1563154601162.png)

Here's a bigger picture. Didn't realize it was so small and the website won't let me delete my post

No. 880204

I just noticed the baby hand in the 2nd panel and now it’s all I see

No. 880205

File: 1571111052290.png (216.1 KB, 1236x998, Holly_Brown_Purgatory_Comments…)

Here's a convo Holly had with one of her fans in the comments. She claims that she's almost done with fulfilling the Kickstarter awards and is gonna sell the regular books on Amazon

No. 880208

Who wants to bet that she’ll have the books on Amazon before any backers get their rewards.

No. 880350

File: 1571151308013.png (1.52 MB, 1292x1798, 179.png)

Here's the "thrilling" conclusion to the great battle between Hitler and Simon's dad

No. 880351

Wtf is that face in the last panel even

No. 880352

File: 1571151403173.png (1.31 MB, 1298x1802, 180.png)

No. 880353

File: 1571151514807.png (2.45 MB, 1292x1798, 181.png)

No. 880354

How incredibly anticlimactic

No. 880355

File: 1571151801916.png (1.79 MB, 1208x1676, 182.png)

No. 880356

File: 1571151992285.png (822.43 KB, 1222x1684, 183.png)

No. 880357

File: 1571152073401.png (151.72 KB, 700x733, he_ded.png)

No. 880359

Well, I didn't expect that…

Also, Holly uses motion lines everywhere except the scene of Hitler falling down the cathedral

No. 880361

I do like the bottom left rendition of Hitler's death

No. 880395

Late tinfoil, but is Damien's last name Sugar because she's a fan of Rebecca Sugar/SU?

Dad trying to kill Hitler for raping his kid might have been the only reasonable action a character has taken the entire comic.

No. 880397

File: 1571158894184.jpeg (30.62 KB, 480x433, 5BB5557B-C0A3-4FDF-8E8B-87E1DC…)

I’m howling what’s even going on is hitlers face melting or some shit

No. 880403

Probably not, pretty sure she ranted a lot in the past about how Rebecca Sugar is a bad role model or whatever. Fairly good tinfoil though tbh.

No. 880405

She used to love SU then it was cool with edgelords to hate it because ~SJWs hurr~ but then it came full circle and she likes it again because no one cares if people do anymore.

No. 880410

Candidate for next thread pic

No. 880439

I second this notion

No. 880487

Tbh I had expected Hitler to get hung/hanged - ya know, as like, irony for hanging everyone else kinda thing. I was fully waiting for that to tie in with the robes! But nah, anticlimatic push it is…

No. 880496

I don't expect much out of Holly's quality writing. But that ending for Hitler was anticlimactic af.

No. 880527

I think it also doesn't help that Simon's dad wasn't the one who had the primary conflict with Hitler, it was Simon. I mean, Holly is implying that there is baggage between Hitler and Simon's dad because of Simon's mom, but she never went super into depth with that and it only really popped up in their final fight in the ossuaries. It probably would have made more narrative sense if it was Simon who killed Hiter. I also like your idea >>880487 with the robes and Hitler getting hung and the irony behind it. Holly is just super bad at setting stuff up in order to have a satisfying payoff, except argueably with the cathedral falling apart.

No. 880540

Simon shooting Hitler because he was fighting with his dad would’ve held more symbolic meaning. Facing down his trauma to protect his family like how he wanted to protect Damien during the assault to begin with. It would’ve gave Simon direct closure on the situation too.

Also having hitler be shot down metaphorically by Sasha and then get actually shot down by Simon would be ironically funny too.

No. 880559

I agree that Simon should have been the one to kill Hitler, sure it would have been predictable but at least a somewhat satisfying conclusion to the whole (ugh) rape arc. Hell, even Merari (?) would have made more sense since there was at least some "foreshadowing" of him playing around with the rifle and stuff.

Come to think of it, what the fuck was even the point of forcing Merari back into the story towards the end? I vaguely remember that Holly liked him for some reason but did he actually do anything other than just …. hang around and say dumb shit from time to time? Why did she feel the need to make him join the escape plan when he was barely relevant to the story before (and still is)

No. 880562

There was no point. Like, he was barely a character. He was just a jerk that made comments at times. But, you know, Holly's storytelling is, like people have mentioned, pretty shit.

No. 880578

the more anons talk about what could have been, the madder i get about this stupid-ass ending. the hanging thing would have been PERFECT, even if it cheated simon out of some retribution. the whole thing from hitler finding them to this final fight was so disjointed and stupid anyway; her characters act like queued mobs in a video game, doing an idle animation on the outskirts of the scene while waiting for the one NPC already fighting to die. i honestly dont think ive ever seen her draw two things happening simultaneously, come to think of it. every action gets its own close-up with accompanying inappropriate sound effect.

god this just sucks. how is anyone a real fan of this?

No. 880599

bows Saging this (I hope it works) cause I wanted to say thanks for liking my hanging idea XD
I also figured it fit with the whole "had Simon's mum hanged" or whatnot.
But more on track: YES HER FIGHT SCENES SUCK. They're just weird and disjointed and it reminds me of how 4kidz would edit fight scenes in Yugioh so you never saw someone be punched. XD(autism XD)

No. 880601

anon you seem really sweet so please read this https://lolcow.farm/rules so you don't get banned. no emojis here, but good job your sage worked!

yeah, hanging would be way more thematically appropriate. she really doesn't think in motion or at a zoomed out view of what's going on, so her fight scenes end up jilted. she needed to marathon a dozen action movies before she wrote this scene. but then again, that would be expecting her to reference anything.

besides, all these pages are so obviously rushed for the kickstarter that it's painful. she should have released the old version, even unfinished, to fulfill the kickstarter and use the new pages as a teaser for the redrawn book.

but that's expecting her to make any good decisions.

No. 880652

God anon 4kids edits are exactly how Holly writes scenes lmao the absurd dialogue too

No. 880721


4kids would at least edit out the rape

No. 880751

I couldn't even tell that Hitler fucking DIED here, maybe I needed a "DEATH" sound effect to be sure /s

No. 880835

File: 1571237115607.png (1.33 MB, 1506x1662, 184.png)

New Purgatory Pages

No. 880837

File: 1571237229901.png (1.44 MB, 1256x1696, 185.png)

No. 880844

That is one big car, like i know she struggles with proportions but come one. she even owns a car, why not just reference that ?

No. 880847

what is even Damians hair in the last panel?

No. 880851

Oh no… it looks like a bad toupee

No. 880880

I feel like ever since Damien got his hair cut the already small bits of his personality have just been erased lol.

No. 880890

That's it?? Sebastian survived? Then when does Simon ever brave up in his character arch?

The story looks more like Sebastian's story since he resolved the conflict (from pastor in a cult to killing another chord member in a sacred place to protect his family) but what did Simon even do? If at least he had to build confidence to tell what was happening to him to his religious unaware father, not knowing how he would react, then I could see character superation. But here nothing happens, everyone solves things for Simon and Damian.

There could still be a plot twist but with how she's rushing the comic to have it end soon I'm not sure about it, she would probably rather jump straight to a happy end.

Did she ever show what happened to Simon's mom? She died because she was dating Hitler? What did her coded research even say and why did it matter? I don't get it… Not that I ever expected this to be a satisfactory comic coming from Holly but if your art and panneling is going to be weak at least give people a reason to bother with this story.

No. 880895

Holly has never explicitly stated what exactly happened to Simon's mom, though she has dropped hints as to what exactly happened. My guess is that Hitler and Sasha were dating, but then she left him for Sebastian, and in a jealous rage Hitler convinced the other chord members to have Sasha sacrificed. But now Hitler regrets having her killed because you don't have the possibility of getting back together with your ex if they're dead, so he just settled on raping and grooming Simon. I'm kinda hoping that Holly will explicitly address the beef between Sebastian and Hitler and what happened to Sasha, but she could just as easily take the "I'm leaving it open to interpretation" route considering how much she's rushing towards the end.

No. 880897


Reminds me of the plot for Repo The Genetic Opera. Guy dates girl, girl meets another guy. Girl starts dating that other guy. The dude she dumped is jealous and gets revenge by killing her and tries to steal the kid.

But she went the weird rape route.. Repo didn't go that far.

No. 880904

Does Purgatory even have enough material to fill one volume? A whole lot of nothing happened…

No. 880917

File: 1571250949540.png (20.15 KB, 225x195, i want to die.PNG)

ok ok i tried to type up whatever the hell i could remember chronologically from the course of the story. please excuse my drivel.
>character introductions
>grabbing shit out of the ossuaries
>simon gets punched in the bathroom
>hanging ceremony
>ossuary gay boy time
>hitler takes over class
>rape starts
>simon sad but glad (for damien)
>independent study is a go
>daddy dipshit finds out his son is gay and blushes i guess
>daddy dipshit unloads a bunch of shit on damien
>simon goes to hitler to talk about whore mom (and nEW gLaSsEs)
>dipshit dad and damien are ready to skidaddle
>damien haircut
>simon angry about leaving
>simon ok about leaving
>hitler jr joins in and finds out his dad is a freak (and they're all just sitting in the snow on the sidewalk like what the fuck who does that)
>hitler fucks everyone up as they prepare to leave while dipshit dad is gone (and hitler takes simon)
>dipshit dad goes to church for confrontation
>hitler falls
>damien wakes up in car with simon…
so yeah, it's a whole lot of nothing. none of this shit feels earned.

No. 880921

Thanks >>880601 ! New here, read rules but I guess I missed a couple!

Wait >>880917 that can't be it? That's not an ending!!

No. 880923

Nah that's just as far as it's been updated so far

No. 880927

Oh phew, was worried.
But yeah, so far Holly's showing a complete inability to tell a story. or even develop a character. Nothing that happens makes sense

No. 880934

She managed to stretch this into how many pages? There are scenarios she could have wrapped up in one or two pages, like a conversation, but she stretches it to god only knows how many… We all know she doesn’t structure the comic and draws/writes it as she goes, which clearly shows how jumbled and nonsensical it really is. How this story was worth the 10k she got on Kickstarter is beyond me.

No. 880951

Most of the bigger plot points happen in volume 2. Volume 1 is an absolute snoozer. V2 just gives you whiplash

No. 880980

oh gosh I hadn't seen volume 2 before she took it all down. Gonna be fun to see the pace change

No. 881031

File: 1571268050216.png (1.06 MB, 1204x1666, 186.png)

New Purgatory Pages

No. 881033

File: 1571268098161.png (1.59 MB, 1200x1668, 187.png)

No. 881036

Lol wtf the dialogue is so weird

No. 881038

That fire though LMAO

No. 881044

At the rate of new content being posted, anyone wanna bet she pretty much quits her day job?

No. 881046

Did she delete her etsy??

No. 881049

File: 1571269637212.png (1.02 MB, 1732x1206, Holly_Brown_Instagram_01.png)

Holly posted on her Instagram


No. 881050

File: 1571269716589.png (1.29 MB, 1632x1200, Holly_Brown_Instagram_02.png)

No. 881052

File: 1571269876349.png (1.25 MB, 1630x1200, Holly_Brown_Instagram_03.png)

No. 881054

How can she be almost done with the Kickstarter when she isn’t even done finishing the pages??? Like, she sure as fuck hasn’t printed them for them to be shipped?
I know her followers are dumb but come on!

No. 881056

She keeps claiming that she has been done with the books for months but I don't think anyone here is buying this shit anymore

No. 881059

an american 50s car is that big

No. 881065

I think you're right about her deleting her Etsy. I just went to the link provided on her Instagram and it leads to a dead end. I also checked her Razor Laser Store and that's gone too. The Instagram for the laser store is still up though: https://www.instagram.com/razorlasercustoms/
Why would she delete her Etsy? Especially considering how much she complains about being poor all the time. Maybe she just changed the URLs or is going back to using StoreEnvy, but it's still super bizarre.

No. 881074

She also might be banking on people buying her books on Amazon since she said they’d be up there (if that ever happens lol)
She seems to be shooting herself in the foot again by disabling her shops. Not that she fulfilled orders on there anyway. I guess that’s one less “job” for her.

No. 881088

File: 1571275025700.png (1.43 MB, 1292x1798, Dieing.png)

Here you go anon I hope this clears up the confusion for you.

No. 881089

PERFECTION, you even nailed the fonts KEK

No. 881090

Now THIS needs to be the next thread pic, along with this one: >>880357
I keked so hard. Great job!

No. 881096

I ugly laughed in the middle of a cafe looking at this. Please god let this be the next OP image!

No. 881167

I hadn't checked this thread in awhile and I totally believed for a second that Holly wrote "dying dieing" unironically.

So dad just casually knows how to obtain and dose morphine and find a vein because he likes to be prepared? Sounds believable!

No. 881177

> a few shots of morphine
am no medical expert but isn't that shit potent as hell? i'd wager one shot is enough…

No. 881185

I'm no medical expert either but I was also kinda surprised at that morphine line. Like, there's a reason why morphine is usually prescribed by a doctor and isn't over the counter: it's addictive as hell. I don't know if the regulations around morphine were different in ~the '50s~ since this is when Purgatory apparently takes place according to Holly, but I find it very implausible that Simon's dad just has some morphine easily on hand. I dunno. This might be me just being super nitpicky, and her young fanbase probably wouldn't really care, but that morphine line kinda broke what little immersion I had while reading.

No. 881242

File: 1571323993521.png (1.07 MB, 1196x1674, 188.png)

New Purgatory Update

No. 881244

File: 1571324083853.png (1.06 MB, 1196x1670, 189.png)

No. 881249

File: 1571324328855.png (1.14 MB, 1202x1666, 190.png)

No. 881260

Lol it's okay Simon's dad there's always Holly there to blame him

No. 881265

this story is so halfed-baked, it feels like there is so much missing. I find the idea of purgatory really intressting but holly just dosen´t know how to write consisten characers. It feels like all of them are the same person. none of them have friends, therefor they feel bland, like at least give them some interactions with other people. wish she would have put more effort in it.

also this ending is just so… dissapointing ? is it the end ?

No. 881280


I'm sorry, but what the fuck.

she did no research whatso ever on this VERY intense and serious topic. Nothing, absolutely no amount of sexual trauma is suddenly fixed by "I should have been there for you son I failed ILY tho"

Any rape and sexual abuse survivor will tell you that love is not enough. It's nice to have support but it's a ROUGH ride on the road of recovery. Some people sometimes actually get ANGRY or defensive. It's so much more complex..

Oh but Holly definitely did her research and it's not a fetish or anything.

No. 881294

Who wants to bet that she would have loved to have shown the cathedral collapsing, but she realized she just couldn't be arsed to actually draw it/ didn't have the skill so she gave up and didn't show it at all?

No. 881300

In a few years I would actually like to see this story improved and fleshed out, but this… was a long road of nothing

No. 881303

Please no, let Purgatory die already

No. 881326

While I agree that Holly just needs to finish Purgatory and let it go after working on it for so long, i can see the sentiment behind >>881300 anon's statement. Purgatory had an interesting concept and had the potential to be a great story if it was fleshed out a lot more. But as long as it's in Holly's hands, it'll probably never get better than the state it is now, which is pretty sad.

No. 881421

>writes pages upon pages of characters literally sitting in a room talking about fucking nothing for the majority of Purg
>can't be assed to write more than 3 pages of the big climactic, emotional moment that's supposed to be the culmination of her main character's story arc
Jesus fucking christ, I didn't think this could get worse

No. 881425

Main characters are not even present for the climax and side character kills the main villain.
>expert storytelling

No. 881428

File: 1571346284958.png (1.04 MB, 916x1764, Holly_Brown_Story.png)

New Instagram Story

No. 881430

I was almost expecting Simon's dad to launch into a diatribe about how Simon shouldn't have let himself be alone with Hitler.

No. 881440

I think people want to see Purgatory improved because what's coming (Paranormal Plague) is even worse… the characters in Purgatory are off but not straight up offensive like Reese. PP has literal yaoi tropes as the cast (the gay ho, the confused seme and the mean bitch that gets in the way of the buttsmex ecks dee)

No. 881441

ya girl just started streaming, she's crying yall

No. 881443

I almost feel sorry for her, but then I remember she put herself in this situation, and people enable it by coddling her.

No. 881446

i feel the exact same. she's now saying she's shutting down her patreon. I hate how she just backtracks and just cancels any projects she takes on when something goes wrong. She should understand that there are some challenges and you actually need to put in work in order to achieve things. It's infuriating because she won't LISTEN to the people that tell her this time and time again.

No. 881449


Exactly. And she's crying about being behind on her commissions and projects, then whips out her mugs and mentions wanting to do "more things like this." How can you expect anyone with a brain to feel bad for you? You NEVER learn. You continue to dig yourself deeper and deeper into a hole, and then whine about not being able to climb out.

No. 881451

So she's throwing a pity part, boo hoo feel bad for me, I'm crying on camera
STFU Holly

No. 881452

why are people in the chat supporting this? WHY?

No. 881453


It's almost sickening the way they refuse to acknowledge that what she's doing is wrong and isn't working.

No. 881457

So she works at a coffee shop in the mall and a Disney store now? Guess she needed to afford that car payment somehow.

No. 881458

Am I the only one who feels really uncomfortable when looking at her draw? It's almost like second hand embarrassment. The way she draws faces is so basic and so wrong. I wanna give her a class on proportions.

No. 881459


And a Ford factory. So that's the three jobs she's been talking about for a while. It makes sense why she's been quiet for some time now.

No. 881461

someone asked about their etsy order and her chat just ignored it saying NOWS NOT THE TIME

No. 881462

God her stream is…depressing…gosh…

No. 881463

Person said they'd been messaging her for a year sheesh

No. 881464

Reading the chat makes me want to puke. Being an impressionable teenager is one thing - the people writing "You are our queen, stay strong, you are so creative; it's okay uwu, it's not your fault <3" are just retarded.

Echo chamber, echo chamber, UGH.

As if she is ever going to change at this rate - if I were being told that I deserve the world simply for existing and sitting on my lazy ass all day, doodling my OCs, I would probably have a meltdown as well, once I realize money won't come flying through my window. It just so happens this is part of becoming a fuckin' adult, instead of a free-spirited and careless teenager. Nobody owes you, Holls, please, PLEASE get that through your thick skull!

No. 881465

people are actually blind lol. To think that these followers are so infatuated with this girl that they are now ignoring those who were scammed. i genuinely can't believe it.

No. 881466

Anybody notice that she has her location on?
McClain Disc Golf Course apparently, but she was so sloppy with her early videos everyone already knows her address.

No. 881467

frozen stream image plus faint crying really uh adds to the effect

No. 881470

the people telling her ghosted etsy customers to "message her ANY other time, cause now is CLEARLY not the right time" are just so incredibly emberassing. Like they are her secretaries and money is NEVER as important as Holly's feelings, don't you know?!
After the whole Zine saga I would probably flip my shit like hell, if I were one of the etsy people. She just can't go on like this…

No. 881471

She finally acknowledged the chat about their $70 Etsy order that never got sent. She told them to open a dispute and that she'd refund it.

No. 881472

Just tuned in a few mins ago, I thought she was just really sick lol.

I actually do feel kind of bad for her, but so much of what she's done and said has just rubbed me the wrong way, like even just before now she was laughing at a man coming into the Disney store she apparently works at buying $5000 worth of merchandise and walking off, yet its okay for her to buy things like a laser with kickstarter (other peoples) money??

She just said she's going to refund every commission until she "just dies," I think she said, not sure if it was just a joke. She also just said she thinks everyone wants her dead and she's ruined her whole life and thinks what she's doing now is "delaying the inevitable"

No. 881473

"Don't be sorry." "Right now isn't the time." "She's GOING through something."

When ISN'T she going through something?? ANY other time she IGNORES her messages. This is the only way people can get some kind of an answer.

No. 881474

The vaguely suicidal talk is disturbing, and I'm wondering how sincere she's being tbh

God that sounds awful, it's just that it only really kicked off when she was asked about refunds etc

No. 881475

I don't like the sound of it either, I'm sort of reminded of the whole Etika situation.

No. 881479


Just looked it up, I see what you mean.

No. 881480

Jesus… I might find her frustrating, but there is no fucking way I want her to kill herself. That's not something I'd really wish on anyone, no matter how much they annoyed me.

No. 881481

She did this to herself, insult the art community that she wants to be part of, she trace art so the industry will never want her. She scam people on the kickstarter and her etsy. She continues to insult the job she gets cause she just want a job doing art.

U did this to yourself, Holly you are an adult grow up, your action have consequences learn to think before you go and spend others people money on a shitty laser.

No. 881482

Well yeah nobody wants that

No. 881483

Exactly, I don't particularly like her but I don't want her to die either. I really think she should reach out for help.

No. 881484

I for one can't wait for how bad Reese the rapist is. He's already as mess and he hasn't even appeared in the main comic.

"I tried everything this year but i'm still here." you didn't stick with anything long enough Holly.

No. 881485

I must admit, I reckon her history of tracing and being a bit of a scammer might be putting employers in the industry off if they google her
Agreed - it's disturbing, and if she's sincere then she needs more than these youtube commenters

No. 881486

i want her to be save, get help and find a place to be happy.

>>881484 agreed, getting somewhere takes more time then three month

No. 881487

not to be a cold hearted bitch but, god, is she attention seeking, literally crying on the livestream, how pathetic.

No. 881488

she has zero intressest in games, witch is the biggest part of the "industry". bad mouths them even

No. 881491

she ain´t even thanking people for donations

No. 881492

We need to collectively make a video where we just give her advice. A lot of videos about her are downright rude and they expect her to listen to what they have to say after insulting her. I feel like maybe we can reach out if we're friendlier to her. I get she's a lazy and disrespectful person but i just want to help her.

No. 881493

I hate to say it, but I highly doubt she'd watch it. She'd likely just think it was mocking or something. But I get what you're saying

No. 881494

as a fellow artist she infuriates me because she has potential but she just wastes it constantly on these get rich quick schemes. Focus on a single project, build a fanbase for a single comic, promote yourself. stop jumping on every idea that pops into your head

No. 881497

god how naive are you exactly? just become one of her buttbuddies if you want to reach out to her so bad.

No. 881498

THIS. if she honestly followed this plan she'd actually be successful .

No. 881501

i'm just tired and infuriated that she does this to herself when it's an easy fix. I actually want her to be at least a little successful. But go off i guess.

No. 881503

I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't HATE Holly. I don't like seeing her like this, I don't like seeing debt continue to pile on her. I get upset with her because she could easily fix her situation, but chooses to chase wild ideas that she has. I think we want to see her succeed.

No. 881504

Different anon here. Some folks in the art community has tried reaching out before and even tried to mentor her. Holly just keeps doing the same shit, and then cries about nothing changing. She shoves all help away.

No. 881505

Holly needs to fucking take care of herself, these self destructive tendencies and all the shit talking shes doing to herself is not helping her in any way. Especially on a livestream where everyone else can hear it. She just needs to stop for her own good.
That and the suicide implications, yknow its bad when almost everyone is super concerned for you because of the way you talk. Holly please do some self care for once.

No. 881507

File: 1571355386835.png (8.5 KB, 367x73, Unbenannt.png)

I hate her fans so much, you wouldn't believe it.

No. 881510

so holly’s basically the amberlynn reid of the youtube art community

No. 881514

File: 1571355727520.png (11.04 KB, 347x105, Unbenannt.png)

what even

No. 881516

…the alcohol stuff is now making things even more disturbing

No. 881517

there's actually multiple comments like these, basically validating her laziness, since "most other people are born with more advanteges". I don't know if to kek or cry in unisono with her

No. 881518

Aaaaaaand she's about to get drunk on stream on Red Grape fruit white claw…. Classy.

No. 881519

She's talking about getting drunk to deal with her sadness. Holy shit no. That's how addictions start, she acknowledges her alcoholic father too, Holly don't drink away your sadness that's so unhealthy.

No. 881520

File: 1571356076928.png (7.61 KB, 359x67, Unbenannt.png)

At this point she could probably start doing heroin on camera and her stans wouldn't care. I mean, it was joked for multiple threads on how braindead they were, but today we reach disturbing levels, my ladies and gents.

No. 881521

This is god damned hilarious. Watching the stream turn on her for drinking alcohol. Cutting was fine but have one drink and HOLEY BALLS HOLLY IS SIN REBORN.

No. 881522

Her fans are enabling her behavior and honestly they should all be ashamed. Shame! Shame!!

No. 881523

are we watching the same stream? I only see enablers who share their (mostly underage) drinking stories

No. 881529

It was when she first started boasting about having white claw in her fridge. They got back on her side after she took one sip and said it tasted like armpit.

No. 881532

Did she take down her Etsy?

No. 881537

It's all fun and games and cars and laser cutters until your customers actually want the products you promised (sad emoji)

Are we seriously believing her about the three jobs? Right after those massive Purgatory updates that have definitely taking up lots of her time? Because I don't lol

No. 881540

well, me neither

No. 881541

Me either 3 jobs holly you could barely manage one?? I wonder how much of the truth is being stretched I only recently started following Holly’s drama has she done this before?

No. 881543

Yeah X for doubt on her having three jobs. My guess is she interviewed for three and only got one part time while she draws Purgatory which she lied about finishing to buy a car and a laser cutter.

No. 881545

anyone notice around an 1 hour 30min she starts talking about wanting to screenprint her "lucky bitch" cat drawing (which first of all makes no sense, would be more interesting if a pussy joke or instead had dogs) onto sketchbooks??
talking like it'll be easy and knows everything, making 3+ screen pieces on her shitty shitty sketchbooks.

No. 881547

I'm fucking dying. bless, anon

No. 881553

New stream

No. 881555


For the love of God, she needs to stop. All of these get rich quick schemes are only driving you deeper into debt. Being low-income myself, I know this mentality all too well. She needs to drop everything for a day and stick to getting a full-time job. Bite the bullet, swallow your ego and earn a steady paycheck and don't throw it away buying some crap you're not really committed to. Save your money and pay your debts.

Draw ONE comic at a time and finish it before jumping onto the next one. Even if you come up some new idea for something to sell on Etsy or a new comic, just write down in a word document/notebook and shelve it for later. Pull back on your side projects and stay dedicated to that single comic. Holly, you were born into a poor situation in life, that is true but you're only making it worse with these random ass schemes.

No. 881559

What happened to her other comic? The one with the elf boy named muffin or something? Is that still something shes working on too?

No. 881561

File: 1571360427385.jpg (56.33 KB, 750x1000, oats.jpg)

please dont make her dredge that up, it was fixing to be worse than TRUST TRUST

No. 881562

His name was Oats, and it was a porn comic made for her supporters on her Patreon before this one. Since she deleted THAT patreon, Chroma Prince is no more.

No. 881563

Remember how she claimed she was going to be in her own place by now? Jesus Christ.

No. 881565

It really is sad that she refuses to get help and be an adult to try and turn her life around. If she wasn't so endlessly coddled by her fans (and possibly her family bc if I attempted the same shit she's doing with my folks, I'd be thrown out on my ass), she'd actually have a good work ethic and attitude.

No. 881569

Cant feel sorry for her. It makes me a horrible person but holly has a proven track record of lying and being emotional manipulative.

No. 881570

Wait a minute, she closed her store etsy soo.. what is she going to do with the ugly OC mugs sell them on facebook market?.

No. 881579


>Contact me on Etsy

>Closes Etsy

No. 881580

watching these streams holly really reminds me of the kind of person who quits their job as soon as they get their tax returns 'cause they think they don't need it anymore. no foresight or financial sense at all. i'm sad that she's sad but g-d it's hard to feel bad for her.

No. 881584

File: 1571363124283.png (847.27 KB, 1366x768, I was just a big brown blob- h…)

>I was just a big brown blob.

Ok Holly….

No. 881587

No. 881590

So she still has outstanding orders… but closes the store when someone asks her for a response? Are they able to open a dispute to get a refund? This alone should tell her brain dead followers that they’ll never see the books they ordered if this is how she handles being confronted over shit they paid for.

No. 881593

Are there really people who have waited an entire year for their orders? I would've given up and opened a dispute ages ago.

No. 881611

That’s way too naive of you anon. She’s blocked people on Twitter for politely offering their suggestions. Holly does NOT want real help, she wants validation.

This whole thing is another means to dodge responsibility for her actions and anyone suckered in at this point is an idiot.

No. 881621

Then message her yourself you fuckin idiot lmao

You're on a website dedicated to talking about cows and you honest to God think she's going to listen to any advice here? You're either extremely stupid or extremely gullible.

Everyone needs to quit with the 'lets pity Holly' train. She's done this before and she'll keep doing it. We're finally getting milk for once, stop trying to fuck with it.

No. 881626

I can't get over the pity party bullshit. She screws all these people out of time and money on her Etsy then deletes it when someone wants an answer. Also her crying about how life keeps fucking her over is utter bullshit. There she is crying over her screen tablet after buying a year 2016 car and an iphone x plan shut the FUCK UP. Greedy dumb bitch I can't even with this. EVERYTHING that has happened to her is her own fault but she still refuses to admit she's done anything wrong, it's all I've TRIED but she hasn't tried she is lying and scamming and now crying on stream. Fucking miss me with that bullshit.

No. 881630

I don’t get how anyone aside from stupid kids/teens could buy into this shit. How is anyone still feeling bad for her? Nothing happening to her is because of circumstances outside her control. It’s literally all her fault. She chose to do this Kickstarter, she chose to spend that money a laser and other unrelated things knowing that is wasn’t what the money was for. She chose to ignore messages on Etsy from customers. She chose to not work on the Kickstarter rewards and then chose to resort to lying to cover that fact. She made every major executive decision during the BnHA zine. She chose to shit on everyone else in the industry, chose to burn bridges. Everything. She’s made all her own choices and the moment she has to suffer literally any consequences, even people just politely ASKING QUESTIONS that the deserve honest answers to, she’s goes to her catchphrase of “X Y and/or Z are making me wanna die” and because the threat of suicide is always taken seriously (and with good reason) people back off and then she goes back to making her bad choices. Fuck off with your pathetic ass victim card Holly.

No. 881631

She has a $69 subscription with Adobe and claims she WOULD change it, but it would be a 'pain'. How tf does she consider herself poor. What does she consider poor exactly. Imagine if she had ACUTAL bills to pay beyond a car payment.

No. 881645

I swear we need "HOLLY DOES NOT WANT YOUR ADVICE" in the next op in big bold letters. She has already admitted she makes stupid decisions just to spite people and never takes anyone's advice even if she knows it's good. She's pretty determined to hang herself at this point, who knows why. Her life is perfectly salvageable.

No. 881646


>literally just open a dispute

>I’ll literally refund it

She even said it in the most condescending way possible with no apology to the person for having taken so long. What a miserable cunt. I couldn’t listen to the stream for very long due to her constant sniffling and the whole pity party bullshit. I’ve never seen anyone so coddled and babyed in a livestream before, it was sickening. No wonder she refuses to change.

No. 881651

I think she just says shit like that so that people will feel sorry for her and pity her. Or at least that's the intention

No. 881656

ive dealt with this bitch in the past. she used to say that she would kill herself every week to her friends. Now she has none so shes making the exact same show on stream. not impressed.

No. 881662

>>881651 I don´t get why she uses adobe, its such a waist of money, there are free video edeting sofwares (i use myself) that are leagal and as good as premiere. Also art programs like clip studio paint , where you only pay once and then you can use it for the rest of your life, its even on sale nearly every month

No. 881663

What kind of fans would encourage her to do sex work?

No. 881664

>>881662 she limits herself by only using apple products

No. 881669


Because she mentioned it before and her fans are like parrots.

Plus stop feeling sorry for her, stop being marks she's done this numerous times.

No. 881677

About that, I really don't get why she needs an iPhone X, she even says in the stream that she's on a payment plan for that thing. Who the hell gets a payment plan for a fucking phone. I seriously think she would be swimming in money if she didn't spend every cent on dumb shit, since people just keep giving her money…

No. 881681

Her problem isn't that she doesn't make money, she's just extremely financially irresponsible. Doesn't know how to invest in her business or keep up one responsibly without giving up. Give a savvy person her dedicated audience and they would have bought a house by now.

I do not believe that she works three jobs, had a successful kickstarter, donations, patreon and still is broke. Then I see her buying cups in bulk and a payment plan Iphone X for no reason and I get what's really going on.

No. 881703

File: 1571408737367.png (549.09 KB, 1206x1690, Purgatory_Epilogue.png)

Holly just uploaded this page unto Purgatory. I guess this page >>881249 really was the end of Book 2.

What a fucking disaster. This is like the most abrupt and shitty ending I think I've ever seen. And we even live in a post Season 8 of Game of Thrones world.

No. 881706

File: 1571409280479.png (1.87 MB, 1204x1672, EP-1.png)

No. 881707

File: 1571409377680.png (1.17 MB, 1196x1672, EP-2.png)

No. 881708

File: 1571409641599.png (1.24 MB, 1204x1670, EP-3.png)

No. 881709


That's how people without money can buy the most recent high end phones, by subsidized monthly hardware payment to their phone bill. How else can Holly afford a $1000 phone with her shitty budgeting.

No. 881710

I work around a lot of poor people and while some do have the latest iPhones with phone plans not one of them has a car newer than 2012. Stupidest decision she's made. Of course I definitely don't believe she's as poor as she claims.

No. 881711

"Nothing about our marriage is traditional" fuck off fujo god

No. 881714

This is like in the 50's? Where in the US would two men have been able to marry in the 50's? Probably some kind of unofficial ceremony officiated by Simon's dad.

No. 881734

How big of a time skip is this? They don’t look more than a year older… and this might be just me but Simon still looks too much like his mom to be comfortable. Why would he keep his hair like that or the same set of glasses if he got assaulted for looking like his mom? He could’ve just styled his hair like his dad does since he’s older or grow facial hair? Something other that cutting the back of his hair and keeping his moms bangs.

No. 881740

>Don't loose these
>nothing about our marriarge is traditonal

Wow there's a level of spelling errors that are truly unheard of in this entire comic, it's hilarious but also cringey.

No. 881764

God, this is so fucking depressing. As much as I enjoy laughing at her terrible webcomics and general antics, she's noticeably deteriorated in the past year and a half or so.

>dropped out of online school with 50k debt

>abandoned her YT channel that was fairly successful
>Nuked half her social media
>Shaved her head in the middle of the night on impulse
>straight-up crying on camera about hating her life
>Still hasn't fulfilled the kickstarter as she just sinks further into debt

She's so genuinely maladjusted and makes seemingly no effort get proper help instead of just buying expensive tools to make crappy merch of her OCs with.

No. 881768

It’s like whenever Holly’s reality is broken for a bit she loses her shit and decides it’s a good time to go on stream and sob and get some validation HOLLY STOP. Her audience is poison for her at this point. Like holly is so confusing she talks so much shit and is generally such a rude bitch but God forbid anyone come at her your deleted and blocked. I get she’s young but she’s still too old to be in a cycle like this for so long. It’s like we watch her ON STREAM cry about late commissions and shit but yet she’s doodling one her lame ocs no one cares about???

I’ve messaged her several times from one artist to another and she just ignores me so it just goes to show she’s just like the tumblr tards she makes so much fun of.

If I was her i would nuke everything costing her money and start over under a different name….but idk

No. 881774

tbf the head shaving thing happened after she destroyed her hair with dye (she dyed it black then green to make it look like Reese lol)

No. 881784

Dafuq. Her stans really think she'll be making money as a sex worker? Her foot fetish thing as a major failure. What makes them or Holly thinks selling strip videos will make the bank? That market is heavily competitive as it is.

No. 881786

File: 1571424090037.jpeg (359.24 KB, 1080x1920, 1C409ADA-9164-490F-BF39-5130C3…)

Apparently her shop wasn’t taken down by herself. It was suspended by Etsy.

No. 881788


Absolute Kek

No. 881789

i'm unreasonably mad about this. this is the clearest and surest sign that holly is 110% fujo and has zero other motivation in her art. not only did "book 1" end with a wet fart and the whole rape thing got bungled supreme, she skips through any relationship-building between these two whatsoever straight to marriage. are they going to have mpreg butt babies next? isnt that the next step in the fujo cliche? there's no development to either of their characters or their relationship because they're just two ken dolls for her to TRUST together. beyond being a bad writer, she literally does not care to develop these characters because they only exist to fulfill her fantasies. paranormal plague having a porn doujin before an entire chapter is released is the same thing. so transparent!

you cute, acting like the statutory rape isn't her favorite part and thinking she'd want anyone to forget that for a second. besides, a major change like that would make him unrecognizable, there's no diversity in the way she draws faces. even damien looks absolutely nothing like his earlier self with this "i'm in an mcr cover band now" haircut.

it's just an unplumbable, infinite void of badness. a doctoral thesis could be written on how bad every artistic decision in purgatory is. an unending amount of suck, that once investigated just reveals even more suck. holly is a vacuum of unoriginality and amateur talent.

No. 881801

File: 1571425652702.png (742.77 KB, 1868x938, 31081018115243.png)

New Instagram Post

No. 881802

I'm not too familiar with Etsy but could this be related to her not sending out orders/refusing to communicate about it?

No. 881803

Can anyone familliar with etsy explain how that can happen?

In holly's case i guess it's because of her lateness and unresponsiveness

No. 881804

>Got her Etsy account suspended
>doesn't hesitate for like… five seconds to think "oh, maybe I should make sure this is solved before I jump into some other quick-buck scam" and plans to sell mugs… on IG
Sounds like a plan, chief. Oh how she loves that quick buck.
I like to imagine the folks getting her ugly ass mugs could very well be the ones that still have to receive their kickstarter rewards AND etsy order/commission most likely. Talk about delayed gratification…

No. 881805

I don't actually have the experience, but I looked it up.
Basically, you can get suspended for selling things you're not supposed to, for intellectual property reasons, for having too many charge backs, or for not selling handmade (like, reselling aliexpress stuff). They generally send you a warning email first and give you a week to figure it out before they shut you down. It's very difficult to get reinstated if you let yourself get shut down.

No. 881807

So Ash is basically just white female Reese. They literally have the same hair just flipped.

Honestly, I’m not surprised her Etsy account got taken down after seeing all the negative reviews on her store about never receiving items, being ghosted or arriving a year later. But she intends to sell on IG…. God she is so desperate for money it’s pathetic.

No. 881808

So charge backs I guess?

No. 881809

>Having too many charge-backs

Most likely the reason in this case. Holly herself even started telling her fans who purchased from her to just go and request refunds. Apparently she didn't read thru Etsy's TOS before making that statement and ended up leading her own store into the slaughter.

No. 881819

File: 1571428922797.png (4.79 MB, 1668x2224, 6AA34DF1-72D6-4DAF-B8AF-21636E…)

She is acting like they just banned her random and not like she did violate the rules lol

Like get a grip on life holly

No. 881820

File: 1571429058856.png (7.77 MB, 1668x2224, 42108DA1-4587-49AA-A790-BFAB29…)

Oh yes open another store, where you don‘t answer emails and ignore your customers. Also sounds like storenvy also banned her? Wouldn’t surprise me with that kinda of customer service.

No. 881827

i feel bad when everyone says it's all her own fault cos, if you are so stupid that you genuinely can't visualise the effects of your actions any more than one of us can visualise quantum mechanics - it must seem like things are being taken from you. so it is her fault but.. what can be done? the recommended actions given on here are pointless - gordon ramsay can give people a new menu but he can't make them shrewd and savvy. eventually they have to make another decision by themselves, and Plop there it goes

No. 881832

She made a comment about how hard it is to draw guns and especially trigger on her last stream, so I am sure she reads her.

You would think after 10+ Times on this cycle she should learn that we aren’t just blindly hating her, but some ppl here give experienced opinions + other ppl warn her too.

She said on a stream that even if ppl tell her it won’t work, she likes to spite them and do it either way.

So I would say she has the capacity to understand it, the victim mentality is just more comfortable

No. 881841

seems like multiple accounts are forbidden too, pretty sure RazorLaser was only a company in name, not one she actually registered.
Either way, based on these ressources even a single chargeback can make your account eglible for suspension (and they make it pretty clear too), so….she definately could've prevented that?

No. 881843

Funny how she read the criticism about her art skills just fine, but didn't pay any attention to all the people genuinely trying to help her ever since the crying stream. Nice reading comprehension, Hols.

No. 881848

File: 1571433748742.png (14.64 KB, 1251x109, Unbenannt.png)

I mean, we all know her fans are retarded, but reading this actually made me think - we know her stans are mostly teenagers (12-16, I guess), so based on this I'm pretty sure they somehow make themselves believe Holly is a teenager as well?

Which would make sense, seeing the way they want to protect her from "the bad, bad, unfair world" and the mean criticism. Well, and why they think Hollys mum is supposed to do all the shopping, when Holly is a grown woman with (supposedly) three jobs.
(….I even saw someone suggesting to her going to a therapist at school)

No. 881851

Any brave soul who wants to dissect her latest stream for us?

No. 881855

Yeah we call her fans stupid but in the end comments like this really makes it apparent that they're naive 12 year olds. Holly is the retarded one who's dependent on them for validation.

No. 881860

File: 1571435413780.png (7.55 MB, 1668x2224, 294F48D9-8152-4CE7-BF11-443447…)

Congrats anon you were right, surprise surprise

No. 881863

Oh god you're right. How did I not notice that sooner?

No. 881864

Holy shit… I called it! (thanks anon!)
There’s no excuse for her backers not getting their copies now because this is just incredibly fucking shitty of her. She blew through 10k in less than what, 5 months??? Is this her way of thinking she’ll sell enough there to make up the money to ship the KS rewards out?

No. 881865

the cover looks so empty

so is this like the entire thing? or vol 1?

No. 881866

the cover looks so empty

so is this like the entire thing? or vol 1?

No. 881870

File: 1571436112178.jpeg (305.96 KB, 1670x1203, D837C8F7-2BE9-4669-9381-D160EA…)

She didn’t even check the listing, because the backside is just pixilated as fuck. The front looks „fine“. how lazy can you be?

No. 881871

File: 1571436030578.png (1.62 MB, 1872x1204, Mug-1.png)

She posted her mugs on Instagram, and she's now using Shopify

No. 881872

File: 1571436128150.png (1.62 MB, 1872x1204, Mug-1.png)

She posted her mugs on Instagram, and is now using Shopify

No. 881873

File: 1571436265611.jpeg (430 KB, 1242x1365, E80E4F47-3EAA-41B4-AC8E-F34E21…)

She’s now jumped to Shopify for her next scam. Her followers are fucking dumb and illiterate if they didn’t see the scores of negative reviews on her Etsy. She’s going to pull the same shit there too because she refuses to change and in maybe another couple of months, that shop will be down as well.

No. 881874

File: 1571436326303.png (1.84 MB, 1866x1192, Mug-2.png)

No. 881876

File: 1571436493604.png (1.74 MB, 1866x1192, Mug-3.png)

No. 881877

So the epilogue isn’t exclusive to KS anymore? Holy shit the backers must feel like a bunch of jackasses right now. All they had to do was wait and get this printed and sent from amazon in probably much faster time than Holly. I mean hurrah useless purgatory redraw is finally done but at the cost of everyone’s money, time and patience. And getting the thing actually done is the lowest bar in existence, let alone take a whole year to get it done.

No. 881880

Is there a single fucking person in the world who asked for these mugs? Woke up like "Hey, you know what's missing from my life? A mug with a random chick's OC from a comic that has barely even started yet"

No. 881881

File: 1571436638695.png (486.71 KB, 1668x2224, 366CF6B4-8AA6-4A5C-9F4B-D480A5…)

She 100% quit her jobs again. Come on it‘s not so hard to atleast take a day to set everything up properly before posting it.

No. 881882

The pumpkin is kinda cute but like, you'd never get it. A year later you'd be asking her when she was going to ship it.

No. 881883

I run an Etsy shop. If her Etsy was suspended it’s because she has an outstanding bill. You can easily get it back up within a few minutes by paying. She obviously spent the money and didn’t finance well.

No. 881885

Right? She got the printer and instantly started to print all these mugs, instead of asking for the interest first. The last one atleast could have an audience (would be so cool if you only had an Etsy store to sell to normies )

No. 881896

Doesn’t Shopify cost money to run?

No. 881900

File: 1571437837567.jpg (1.63 MB, 2408x2397, Holly_Brown_Halloween_Mug.jpg)

I agree with you, the pumpkin is actually pretty cute, but I went scrolling through the other pictures and I quickly noped out thanks to that ugly cat. It's a shame though, I think she did the ghost and cauldron rather well too and if it wasn't for that dumb cat this would actually be a pretty appealing mug. At least it doesn't have her fugly OCs on it I guess

No. 881902

I get that cats are cute and cat merch sells, but why Holly seems to think that lopsided cats are her strong suit and she needs to put them on ALL of her prints/ mugs/ clocks/ sketchbooks is beyond me.

No. 881905

The linework looks so unappealing, so even if the design had some potential she killed it right away with her poor execution

No. 881910

I don’t know if this is intentional but the fact that some edges are not closed and others are so wobbly is giving me aids I can’t look at her shit without feeling weird there is nothing aesthetically pleasing about her work in the slightest.

It’s all so obvious fast cheap shit she is no better than Chinese resellers who slap the simplest designs on mugs to make it cute and sell them for like a dollar

No. 881911

There is absolutely no way this lady will survive into her 30s.

No. 881912

>quit her jobs
are the jobs real? i mean the process from applying to first shift would seem to take longer than it does with her? and how does she get hired for so many jobs in this economy when her c.v. must be listing 10 places she worked 'for 1 day' 'for 2 days'

since i'm posting, i kind of wonder if i was the only person on here who heard her on stream saying how her dad was sexually abused at church and that's why he threw his life in the toilet. and that this was the whole inspiration for purgatory. So on the one hand you have someone escaping that situation to a happy ending like as a thing she might dream about for her dad. But on the other hand the obviously gets her cummies from the scenario? She's like visualising her dad being raped as a child and getting mad horny and probably spending hours a day in a trance jerking off over this?

No. 881913

Yeah this has potential but it feels more like a chinese knock off of an actually well done design rather than the work of an independent artist.

No. 881914

Going based on her streams, she only has the Disney store job. Holly can't help but talk about her life and it seems odd she would only talk about one of three jobs on both streams. There is no way she currently has three.

No. 881915

Where did she say she quit her jobs? I can't find anything about that anywhere

Jesus… which stream was that on? Was it one of her recent ones? Do you happen to have a timestamp?

No. 881917

You got any idea of which stream this was anon? I haven’t heard her talkin about this in any stream in these threads

No. 881920

sorry I have no timestamp. I felt too bad to post about it at the time it. I feel like it was around the time she was talking about her dad's ?sword? or some antique arrow or something he left. but it may not have even been that stream

She said that she learned about it later in life. Not from him i don't think? or maybe? but also that's inconsistent with purgatory being based on it. maybe what she learned later was the specifics. sorry

No. 881922

File: 1571439782839.jpeg (199.11 KB, 1201x1193, A1D3D21D-8CCD-4D91-A966-32D599…)

I flipped the cat and since i had to see that, you all have to, too

No. 881970

The back cover actually looks cool, its too bad the front is so empty and ugly

Also, there's been alot of comments going unsaved, guys please sage your comments unless your posting something milky, it bumps the thread and clutters the board, sage goes in the email feild

No. 881971


No. 881990

Transcribed this for mobile anons.

Living in a religious cult, Simon, the son of the head of the church, shows Damian(a new boy converted) around the town and exploring their culture; falling in love for one another. At every solstice known sinners become sacrificed. Simon does whatever is nesessary to avoid Damian meeting that fate.

I’m sorry if I missed any spelling errors but this font is hard as shit to read, edited for fate instead of date

No. 881996

This premise is barely coherent but like….none of this even happened. Where was the build up of romance? We're literally just dropped into them making out in dungeons.

No. 882000

File: 1571450739908.jpeg (424.11 KB, 1242x1915, BF41364D-C7F5-426B-A5B7-5725D5…)


>publication date: May 2019

As in… the month the Kickstarter backers were supposed to receive their books lol. Wow.
Also, a whole lotta nothing happens in those 207 pages so what’s the point?

No. 882048

The description reads like a middle schooler doing a book report and getting a D.

No. 882058

File: 1571461063553.jpeg (405.85 KB, 640x1082, F166CF62-B8F8-46F9-91E4-98BD08…)

Shops up and running

No. 882066

She’s always so quick to set up shop and take money but it takes over a year for her to get around to shipping anything… if she bothers at all. But her fans are idiots and will blindly do anything for her.

No. 882085

I know we keep beating this dead horse but why would someone buy mugs and prints of a character that hasn't even been introduced yet? We know literally nothing about Reese aside from some random shit Holly's said on social media, most of which I don't even remember.

He cuts himself, he's Mexican or something, and I think maybe he was a prostitute? If you bought this mug and brought it to work, what the fuck would you say if someone asked who/what the character was? "Some lady's goth OC from a comic where he drugs and rapes someone"?

No. 882089

Don't forget he's also kidnapper and rapist (but it's ok because Hersheysquirt could've fought him off if he really didn't want it!!!).

No. 882097

Oh god, is this her new way of lying about her qualifications? Lying about uni kind of made sense (in a Holly sort of way) but this is so unnecessary. Hopefully this is a mistake on her part and not a way to look more legit.

No. 882108

the same reason why she already sold charms with their blood types, I guess

No. 882122

File: 1571481795273.jpg (10.34 KB, 205x122, cryn.jpg)

>the backers paid more
>KS $25 or $32 with epilogue
>Amazon $12

No. 882125

I mean…this is definitely one of the least bad things she's made. The colors are nice enough and I can see a rando buying this for a few bucks on impulse.

Never heard that story about her dad before but if it's true, that makes the final product that much more horrifying.

No. 882127

The 25 bucks was for book 1 and 2, and $14 for one of them which is still a rip-off. If I'd backed that shit I'd be pissed, plus she published the "KS exclusive" epilogue.

No. 882129

Mugs are a bitch to ship, they get broken so easily in shipping/handling, even when well packaged. How much do you bet she will ship them (if she ever will) in shitty packaging and people will only get broken mugs.

No. 882141

has she published it, already? From what I can see only the first book is on Amazon now (and I hope to god, the two pages she uploaded online which were hinting at a wedding and riddled with spelling mistakes is NOT the epilogue, which cost 7 dollars)

No. 882155

She implied it when she listed the first book in this post
I don’t see how she would have to go through editing like this again two times unless she’s going to upload purgatory book 2 and seize to amazon. I think she’s going to upload the epilogue when it’s done.

No. 882161

File: 1571496320043.png (1.1 MB, 1200x1670, EP-4.png)

New Epilogue Page for Purgatory

No. 882162

Why exactly did they ban her?

No. 882163

We don't know exactly but it's most likely all the chargebacks she's had and all the disputes people have had to open for items they paid for and never received.

No. 882170

It's kind of incredible how she keeps shooting herself in the foot over and over again

No. 882171

I swear I hate her fma ripoff style. Especially the way she draws damian. It just feels like she's trying to draw Ed elric SO bad but she knows shd can't get away with it.

No. 882226

So is Holly a virgin or not ?

No. 882240

File: 1571505371516.png (64.49 KB, 240x238, KEITH.png)

(had to update my fellow Keithians)

No. 882247

why do autists always take pics like this

No. 882275


Damn. Didn't know Holly went full incel Caithlyn Jenner.

No. 882298

I might just be being stupid but what's that and how does it relate?

No. 882299

keith is one of holly's asslickers, anons have been joking that he's into her and wants to be notced by her. holly also shat on his oc when he comissioned her.

No. 882301

Ahh thanks! I think I remember a Keith being mentioned now

No. 882319

Keith is shockingly how I imagined him to look like.

No. 882342

oh wow, not surprising but kinda….slightly disturbing? Don't get me wrong, it's not her fault, but I would be a bit uncomfortable if I were almost-stalked by someone in their thirties

No. 882347

Thrities? Are you guessing or is he really 30?

No. 882350

Curious to see Holy Hand Grenades now. He's become the new Keith and is 30 times creepier than him in every stream of hers.

No. 882363

Holy hand Grenades is super milky he sounds like an elderly man though like over 80 he’s so damn weird

No. 882405

anon pointed out how funny it is that holly's teenage fans seem to think holly is a teenager too. but..so do anons now?

No. 882412

Just for the record Holly is 23/24, not sure when her birthday is/was but she should turn 24 this year

No. 882432

File: 1571536287704.png (1.34 MB, 1200x1670, EP-5.png)

New Purgatory epilogue page

Wow, what a coincidence. Holly's not good at writing at all.

No. 882455


I'm sure any one of her fans would be willing to proofread this shit for free.

No. 882456

wtf is this? is dr tartokovsky us? are we dr tartokovsky?

No. 882458

careful looking at the buildings panel. the perspective might make you lose your lunch

No. 882464

This is the saddest decline I've seen in real time in a lonngg time. The kickstarter is what really sent her into a death spiral. If it weren't for that; She wouldn't have gotten the laser cutter, or the car, never would have tons of unfulfilled backer rewards, she would have been atleast slightly prepared for SanJapan, and probably some more things I'm missing.

Now she's opened up another store that will probably result in broken mugs and I'm going to put money on, will be dead by Christmas and gives her more orders to never fufill. She's put her comic up on Amazon before sending out the copies to backers(and I'm hoping to GOD someone actually calls her out on this). Will she make it through the winter without having a mental breakdown? Only time will tell.

I stopped laughing at this bitch a long time ago and now all I can do is deep sigh and shake my head every week.

No. 882467

Was the thing regarding Sebastian fixing up Hitler Junior's arm and having the morphine supposed to be setting up/foreshadowing that he was gonna be a doctor in the future? That's like the laziest set up I have ever seen. She has it come up once at the very end and it turns out to be establishing that he has a background in medicine and became a physician. The saddest thing is is this is like the only set up/payoff thing that had a payoff that made sense. The set up was really rushed but the pay off made sense. everything esle she tried to set up didn't pay off in any satisfying way.

Holly also privated her most recent streams. Too bad we weren't able to get a thorough breakdown of them before she took them down, but at least we have our initial reactions as a record of the more important stuff she said.

No. 882482

Gonna repeat what we already know but just gonna say it.
Holly needs to step up her mistakes and not just go to these endless cycle of scamming her manipulated fans by self pitying. Doesn't matter what websites she goes. We are aware that she either gets her account close or bails by deleteing them later on. It's get worse every time and she is losing her fans from not giving a promise they rightfully deserve. She complains that she doesn't wanna meet real people outside for work or stuff but guess what. Nobody wanna do that either! But they have to work hard in order to survive and substain money. All that Holly crying video I honestly never felt pity for her because this is what she gets for coming. One of the reason she gets upset is because she constantly sees messages about her backers asking they are getting their items yet. Well should have planned ahead before started this Kickstarter to begin with. And buying stuff that would hurt more financially.

No. 882519

razorlaser etsy shop down

No. 882533

I'm 21 myself, so I wasn't concerned because of her age. Just the thought of having an almost-stalker who is at least a decade my elde seems absolutely revolting.

No. 882545

I'm just wondering if her school debt is legit or is it another sob story for pity? i mean that debt is huge shouldn't she be more concerned about paying it back? I don't know how these things work in the US so just asking.
I'm still genuinely concerned about her even tho she bought this upon herself, ngl i learned a lot of what not to do from her threads, i hope she gets professional help.

No. 882546

Did any anons download the streams? I was gonna watch them both today

No. 882581

I had this exact thought. I remember when it was happening (Holly 'dropping out' due to debt) I didn't necessarily think it was unlikely she was in debt but it did seem suspicious that she had just been having break down after break down about how hard classes were, how she wasn't doing her he, how her professors were wrong and she was right, then she was behind on her animation for her big end of year project and then suddenly she dropped out? I think it's way more likely she either quit before she failed or she failed and didn't have the money to do a year over again. The sudden massive student debt is a convenient sob story to cover her incompetence and laziness.

No. 882706

But…does it matter if she dropped out? Doesn't she have to pay the debt either way? Sorry, non-american here.

No. 882719

She does! It's just that she claims she's like 50k in debt which totally happens and is possibly what's going on, but to me it just seems more likely she's in less debt and used the student loan excuse to cover for failing out of actual classes which I think is more likely. I just think she tends to inflate things to epic proportions for maximum sympathy and no accountability. For the record she was doing poorly in her classes and that is all I'm basing this on other than her past lying/exaggerating.

No. 882746

This thread has reminded me that she used to brag about how much "schools like to give [her] scholarship money" because she was an orphan (although if I remember correctly she said that before her dad died, but I might be thinking of someone else) which makes me wonder if the 50k figure is how much she would be in debt if it weren't for certain scholarships.

No. 882771

She definitely said that on stream

No. 882784

Regarding Holly's student debt, in the US, if you aren't actually working then you can defer on your loans for like 3 years. Unfortunately, knowing Holly, she probably did not defer and just ignored payments which means she probably has defaulted on her loans by now. This would mean her credit score is probably awful and her wages might be garnished at the very least.

No. 882790

Did she have her mom cosign on her incredibly stupid car purchase? If so…yikes.

No. 882800

Didn't she have a government loan or something? Way back when the debt drama was going down I think she went into more detail about why she had to drop out, something how she had a 50k limit before the government wouldn't subsidize it anymore? But because she had to retake/pay for more classes to graduate she went over the limit and now hasto pay it all back. I can't be fucked going back that many threads but maybe a US anon can confirm if this is even a thing.

No. 882848

File: 1571665833480.jpeg (451.63 KB, 1080x1920, CE5490BC-449E-4B7E-A63D-9B34F0…)

Holly was live-streaming on Instagram. So you got 24 hours to watch it. Here’s a quick run down of it.

>live-streaming herself going to work (in her car).

>applying to a new job so she could quit all 3 job.

>it’s another art job. She’s hoping a minimum of $15, but what $25 an hour. (Good luck)

>I want to add that I don’t live far from Holly. I recognize the mall she’s at and it does have a Disney store in it (which she complains about a lot in the stream).

>Is purposely trying to get fired from her jobs because she hates them that much.

>Work tells her to smile more (lol)

> She claims her Etsy store got shutdown because someone filed a complaint to her RazorLazer store. They apparently then filed to her personal ETSY as well. Since she was already on Etsy’s shit list they shut it down. (The way she describes this story is a bit sketchy though. Don’t know if I’d fully believe it.)

>complains that Shopify has high fees of about $30(?) a month and says she doesn’t make much from sales anymore.

>talks about Amazon books.

>Only sold 5. (Lol)

>garbage teen fans telling her to not go to work.

>said she’ll live-stream later on again today (don’t know if it’ll be YouTube or Instagram)

No. 882850

Same anon. Just remembered that Holly also confirmed that she sold the laser after San Japan because she did that poorly at the convention. She made nothing with the laser.

No. 882853

If this bitch has THREE jobs then why do we only ever hear about one? She's such a fucking liar and her dumbass fans eat straight from her nasty hands.

No. 882854

She does only complain about the Disney job durning the stream.

No. 882860

jfc Holly, if you hate your jobs so much why not just put in two weeks notice if you don't wanna work at those places anymore? I know we give her a lot of shit for quitting after like 2-3 days of working, but purposefully doing a shit job just to get herself fired is not only extremely unprofessional, but will probably screw her over down the road when trying to find other jobs. While quitting after a few days might not look super good, getting fired for incompetence will look a lot worse.

No. 882866


I hope she isn't trying to get fired to try and collect unemployment because that's not how it works and that's what it sounds like she's trying to do. But it's extremely difficult to get the govt to file you unemployment, especially if you don't have a good enough reason. And doing a shit tier job isn't a reason.

She doesn't have three jobs.
It's the Disney store, her online shop and whatever comic she claims she's working on that she thinks justifies her calling it a job.

No. 882879

Pretty sure you have to work somewhere 6 months to a year to get unemployment. Also you can't be fired for doing a poor job and collect unemployment that is not how that works jfc.

No. 882883

If that's the case then I'm pretty sure 90% of online artists have ""three"" jobs kek. God she's so full of shit.

No. 882891


Wait, didn't this dumbfuck get a graphic design job a few months back but, quit after like a week because she didn't like taking orders from people on what to draw and said it was bad for her mental health?????

No. 882899

oof. Doing a shit job to get fired, is she 16???

And another graphic design job, holly, you will NOT find a graphic design job where they let you do whatever you want. You will always have someone who tells you what to do. If she gets it she won't last, sadly, because she really just needs to adjust her entire work ethic.

No. 882902

And this dumb fuck has the audacity to call herself poor?? Guess what, Holly, most people also hate their jobs, but they keep going because they need the money, you're not special and you're rather privileged if you can job-hop like that just because you don't like working

No. 882904

So what exactly was the point of having the Kickstarter if she was going to post it to Amazon before ANYONE got their books? I’d be pissed if I were a backer that had to wait nearly a year, get ghosted by Holly and then see it go up on a site where other people are buying it.

No. 882911

Not just that but it’s cheaper to get it off of Amazon than it was for the Kickstarter. Lol Kickstarter folks have to not only wait longer but they ended up paying more.

No. 882912

i assume she is selling them on amazon first because she doesn't have any money left from the Kickstarter to send rewards, so she's hoping she'd make some money out of selling them first, her backers really amaze me because how impressionable they are, but i understand that no one has the courage to call her out since she's nagging about how hard her life is and how she wants to take her life (no one wishes that for holly) so people would really feel guilty for pressuring her to fulfill her KS rewards.

No. 882922


she says on the livestream that the graphic design job isn't really for graphic design, the only requirement is to know how to make vector illustrations in Illustrator. Those kind of jobs are usually very badly payed because the skill levels you need aren't that high.

Book-wise, im not from the states and here amazon is just not available so can someone explain how their book selling works? Does Holly still have to package/ship all the books she buys through them?? Isn't that just more work for her? specially since she hasn't even shipped the ones from the KS?

No. 882924

Amazon has a print on demand service so Holly doesn’t need to do shit and still collects between 60-70% royalties for each sale. She did this before with her previous release of Purgatory you can still find through amazon.

No. 882943

TBF even with Amazon publication she still won't be generating enough income out of that alone. So she'll still have to work like the rest of us.

No. 882949

So she made a Kickstarter to publish her books but actually didn't need to do a Kickstarter and only did it to buy a near new car and a laser printer but neither of those purchases are mentioned on the Kickstarter itself? Wow how does she not have a callout by now? All because she threatens suicide on stream? Wtf lol

No. 882962

Manipulation via suicide threats is a powerful thing. Who wants to be remembered as making someone feel suicidal, after all?

No. 883001

Yep! It gave her panic attacks to have to use Corel Draw instead of Illustrator apparently.

How many times is she going to do this cycle before she realises it doesn't work? Like, just looking back at the sheer number of jobs she's taken just this year and then left immediately after should tell her she needs to chill out and just dedicate herself to one that she can handle and save. I know she's desperate for money and thought that the Kickstarter was somehow going to fund her new car and future apartment for years to come despite being told that's not how it works, but quitting 20 jobs in a year isn't great for the bottom line either. She has to grow up and realise that no job is perfect and all of them are disappointing and shitty in some way, and there will always be someone higher up on the totem pole telling you what to do.

No. 883009

i'm just ready for her to say fuck it and go back to good old brass holly to gain back her edgy followers, maybe then she'll get a call out .but now with her laying low who's gonna try to call her out it would be obious that it would be someone from lolcow anways . it would be intrsting if it was her "freind " mehcies or whatever her name is would call her out .Didn't creepshow tiptoe over it ?

No. 883013

File: 1571691289289.jpeg (181.21 KB, 1125x1533, 905BA187-6ADA-440F-B9A9-B9E79A…)

She also showed an update on her hair growth

No. 883021

It's actually rather nice. It looks more taken care of than her hair used to be, for definite. But if you have mental health issues, it can be easier to take care of short hair, I suppose.

No. 883025

I dunno if anyone will bother with Holly callouts anymore. The tracing drama pretty much ruined her even though it was super minor in the scheme of shitty things she's done1. She went from being one of the bigger artists in the community to a nobody because instead of just apologizing she scrubbed her presence online. It'd be kicking a dog while they're down at this point.

Still can't believe she managed to go through the 10k from the Kickstarter in less than half a year, though. We know 3k went to the printer. Her car payment is so incredibly high I wonder if she even paid a down payment. If not, what has she used the rest of that money for?

No. 883035

buying mugs, buying the wood and wood finishes or whatever that she used the laser cutter on to make all of those dumbass designs, etc. maybe she actually saved some of it or put it down on her student debt, but her track record makes that unlikely. did she get her new expensive phone during that period?

i’ve been here since maybe the 2nd thread, and it feels surreal to look back and see someone who was once a normal amount of trashy just spiral more and more downward. she may have disliked college and struggled w/ it, but i think the routine and the fact that she had a goal to work towards was good for her. she was so close to getting her degree, and even if she just became an art teacher or something else she didn’t love to do, at least she could say she accomplished something. making vlogs showing all the “work” she did too seemed to motivate her. i mean she still livestreams and documents her life online, only now it’s just pity party after pity party. truly an example of “what you SHOULDN’T do as an art student/online artist/person in general”.

No. 883045

It's hard to belive the first thread was only 2 years ago

No. 883060

Well, it looks healthy and will be a nice length in a year or so

No. 883125

I understand how Holly can feel unattractive when she spends so much of her free time "working" and being sad but Holly isn't an unattractive person. I don't think Holly's look and life is unsalvageable.

No. 883130

She actually looks nice. She should keep it short, not fuck around with it too much

No. 883188

Actually she said on stream that the other job she has is working at a coffe shop, the disney store and i can exactly remember the third one, but it was a mundane part time job

No. 883196

She said she worked at a Ford factory for the third job. Other anons are saying that she only has the Disney job because they think she's lying, which I kinda don't blame them for. She hasn't gotten into a whole lot of detail about the coffee shop job or the Ford factory job as much as the Disney store job, which make the whole situation seem pretty suspicious.

No. 883197

I still think she maybe applied to the other two even got interviewed but only works at the Disney store as of rn. I find it very unlikely she wouldn't have just as much to say about those jobs if she were doing them to any actual regularity

No. 883202

Oh god holly working at a coffee shop….i can't imagine that I thought she hated people ….

No. 883208

File: 1571727219403.png (685.67 KB, 1022x633, joker.png)

>Holly BRown working at a Disney Store in a mall c.2019 colorized

No. 883224

I seriously doubt she worked at one. Not sure how the process works in Texas but the state I’m in, you have to get a health permit to work in food service and I’m sure we would have heard her bitch about having to go to the health department to take tests and whine about having to pay for the card.

No. 883228

Jesus fuck 2 years? It feels like it's been more than that. Really depressing seeing how much shit went down for Holly since 2016/2017

No. 883324

She's live streaming commissions now apparently

No. 883327

No. 883328

"etsy sucks" yeah sure holly etsy is the issue

No. 883339

>Once the KS is fulfilled I'm gonna take a nice juicy suicide, jk

No. 883343

Lol bought more blank pencil cases to put her characters on while simultaneously complaining about all her bills and how much shipping the KS while not working on materials for said KS??????

I mean I get she’s young and shit (a yearbook younger than myself) but I don’t get how you can be playing 4d chess with justifying buying more crap??? Holy go to a therapist.

No. 883344

Omg her bitching about dip pens is so dumb, I get not liking the noise (?) but don't gatekeep inking.

No. 883347

She's also bitching about Inktober - "waste of supplies" my ass

No. 883351

Exactly, like we know you don't like it and you think it's a waste. But to me Inktober (for example) is about experimenting and trying new supplies if you want to.

The fact she's also bitching about Mission Gold watercolours being $50 like suck it up buttercup. If you don't want to spend the money on your craft, don't bitch about the price of art supplies. (sage for rants)

No. 883369

She just said white people dont like black fills wtf does that even mean

No. 883395

Jumped in at about 40min
Complains about people using dip pens, bitches about the sound and claims a brush is better
“Mangakas would take one look at purgatory and eject” “‘what is this… this filth”
Bitches about inktober and that its wasteful for supplies and money (says the bitch who made sketchbook slam)
(personal rant but I’m bothered that she jumps right into final sketches for commissions and doesnt even do like, a single thumbnail to maybe understand the reference a little better. She puts in the least amount of effort possible for people who paid her :/)
(also god the sound of her gulping drinks is disgusting)
Interview at GD job went okay/well, asked for a portfolio, and they’re supposed to call her back. Expects she won’t get the job.
“NOT THAT HIGH PAYING FOR WHAT I’M QUALIFIED TO DO” “I CAN DO A LOT MORE THAN THAT [what they’re asking]” confirmed $25/hr full time position.
Applied to work at an Adam & Eve store
((I tried to go back to find the “white people don’t like black ink fills” quote but I can’t find it, she said something like illustrators don’t like black fills but comic artists do))
“I forget that I can draw women… although I guess it’s still debatable whether I can”
Sold all her art books
Russian art channel asked for an interview which she declined due to her “being a piece of shit”
Sniffed markers for a bit, talked about dead cat and wishing her dog would die, etc etc usual holly bullshit. Her streams are just sad now and hard to get through(:/)

No. 883398

russian art channel? anyone have any idea who it might be?
who the heck would even want to interview her?

No. 883402

Art Side Of Life is one of those youtube channels that intervieuws online artists and I believe the host is Russian judging from her name and accent. So that could he an option

No. 883413

25/hr is almost 50k a year if she's working full-time, that's a lot better than 90% of degree-less 24 year olds. More than enough to someone to support themselves if they don't blow it on unused art supplies. But if she does get that job then she will probably quit after 2 weeks OR waste every paycheck on stupid shit and be in even more debt than before so who am I kidding. One way or another she would manage to take a really good opportunity and make her life exponentially worse.

No. 883414

God watching her draw arms is…painful. The second dude had a head the same length of his arms??

No. 883415

First dude, my bad. The one with the wife beater

No. 883419

File: 1571779611430.png (6.33 KB, 359x63, Unbenannt.png)

He scares me

No. 883436

Lol what Deku and Bakugou are like ex bfs? I’m lost on the BNHA shipping aren’t they like 12? Idk I ship too it’s just weird that so many 20 somethings are that invested in anime kid shipping

No. 883447

She's now shitting on her job. Sigh.

No. 883451

The Disney Store again?

No. 883452

Also she thinks references are stupid and that they don't matter.

No. 883454

Like, job references or art references? Either way, she's dumb af

No. 883457

job references

No. 883458

Job :/
I hope her manager finds this stream, she's been talking bad about them(:/)

No. 883461

Thanks for the clarification. Also, be careful >>883458
anon. You're not supposed to use emojis on these forums. I don't want you to get banned. Here are the rules if you need them: https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 883463

Ah shit
Sorry, I'm so used to using them that when I come on here I forget
Thanks for the reminder!

No. 883467

it's weird how simply the fact that she's on a stream, and the definitive tone that decided she should speak with, trick your mind briefly into engaging what she's saying. then (hopefully) rapidly you realise what she is actually holding forth about is completely wrong and you remember that she just makes up an explanation is "this how the this thing works" entirely based on trying to talk herself into believing her failings aren't her fault.
>What people don't understand about driving on the right side of the road, is that only certain people are supposed to do that. Nobody realises that if you're 23 you're supposed to drive on the wrong side of the road. It's not even the "wrong" side, it's so stupid that people call it that

No. 883473

Every time she says her life is so hard and terrible things keep happening to her I get do mad. Is she delusional? Does she lie about things that are entirely her fault so often she begins to believe she never made massively stupid choices and lied about all of it?

No. 883480

apparently people who have consistent income and are not mentally healthy are lazy

No. 883482

I was just about to point that out like what the fuck Holly Brown? Money can't fix everything and some people don't have good access to mental health services. Mental Health is more complicated than 'have money? You're healthy now.'

She is also shitting on people who looked at her when she made a bad joke.

No. 883494

File: 1571786831033.png (Spoiler Image, 396.06 KB, 853x438, icmptFR.png)

Someone actually paid money for a page of asses.

No. 883502

And they’re alllllllll flat. Why would someone willingly give her money to draw flat, leaning asses?

I caught part of the stream earlier where she was giving the WORST job search advice I’ve ever heard. Including her “I fill out 300 applications a day, I don’t care.”
But damn, I’ve never tuned in for more than a few minutes before for her videos but I had it playing for a half hour while doing chores and I had to turn it off because it was just so fucking depressing. The amount of times she shits on herself for sympathy is just sad and pathetic.

No. 883508

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ass drawn as flat as the one on the bottom in my life. There’s no shape to it at all.

No. 883509

Lol reminds me of her anatomy mistakes video. All me have flat boxes asses like an anime boi don’t you know

No. 883510

Someone should really ask her to post photos of the books she supposedly already has printed

No. 883544

If her fans are too chickenshit to ask about their Etsy orders/commissions or what have you in fear of her saying she’d “kill herself”, there’s no way they’ll stand up to her and ask for photos of the books that obviously don’t exist.

No. 883552

tf is that literal Hank Hill ass, Holly

No. 883560

Never saw that until just now and the fact that she can sit there lecturing people while literally making those same mistakes is hilarious. What’s even better is that a thirsty fujo like her must have been exposed to literally hundreds of panels full of all kinds of male ass and yet this is the best she can come up with? Fucking LOL

No. 883577

Dead cat?? Did one of her cats die?

No. 883583

wtf is the context of the road thing? if you're driving on the left side of the road in the US it is indeed wrong and you'll probably kill someone in a head on collision…I fear for the people she ubers.

No. 883600

sorry for the confusing example, i just tried to think of some nonsense and present it how she does, as facts. i forgot she actually is out there on the roads

No. 883606

It's easy to burn through 10k if you have no sense.

Why is she so damn miserable? There is depression, and then there is purposefully trying to make your life worse by just hyper-focusing on every little minor annoyance/inconvenience.

No. 883624

>>883577 nah, it was almost a year ago when that cat died, the black one named something with an S?

No. 883633

The sad part is that it's actually believable that she'd say something that fucking dumb.

I don't even know if I buy she has depression anymore. Anyone who is lazy, unmotivated and self-destructive can go get a depression diagnosis. I remember (a long time ago) when she talked about her self-harm and how she did it because tumblr made it look cool. It makes me wonder how much of her deteriorating mental state is self-inflicted vs. actual mental illness.

No. 883645

I do mostly believe her when she talks about how bad her mental health is, and the extent of her scars is beyond what you'd expect from someone who's trying to "look cool". If anything, I think trying to wave it off like that is more of an edgelord thing to do than admit that you had a hard time.

That said the cause barely even matters at this point, there's clearly something wrong with her whether it's depression or something else causing her to fuck up her life so consistently.

No. 883651

I feel like she probably has some degree of depression or trauma or whatever from her childhood, but the active self-destruction is weird. Depressed people are usually passively self-destructive like skipping appointments or missing deadlines because no energy/motivation, not actively making bad decisions despite being told otherwise. It really does feel like she is going out of her way to fuck up her life.

No. 883653

I don't think she's actually claiming clinical depression, and I didn't mean to imply she has it, but yeah, it does seem like she's actively trying to ruin her own life and she refuses to acknowledge that she has any part in it. Bad things ~just happen~ according to her.

No. 883666

She claims to be diagnosed with bipolar, don’t have the streams/vlogs she talked about it on-hand now. She talked about how she went to a therapist and got medication and mood cycles. It was either in the last thread or the one before that.

No. 883685

In her stream here >>883327

>Timestamp: 17:48

>Negative $300 in the bank (even though she has job(s?)

>So no money to ship out Kickstarter books/rewards (explains the desperate attempt to sale on Amazon.)

>Claims 58 more kickstarter to send out (even though we haven't heard one person get it)

>About $650 for the car payment + insurance

> Apparently pays $650 for student loans monthly (which is stupid high)

No. 883688

>$650.00 each for car payments and student loans monthly

I have never heard of monthly loans that high. wtf. Did she buy a crazy expensive new car?? also, most stupid loans are $100 a month, arent they? mine are low, but holy shit

No. 883689

650 is insane for monthly car payment and insurance! IIRC her payment is something like 400 (which is exorbitant for a used car), so her insurance is 200?? That is crazy….I am a new driver too and mine is only 1000 a year. I don't understand.

No. 883693

It was like brand new yeah. Still the dumbest things she's done lol. You can get a car for $1500 that runs perfectly fine but she gets a car you should only buy if you're making a substantial ammount a month.

No. 883694

She bought a used Honda CRV I think. It's only a couple years old but that payment is still way too high. The car dealer scammed the fuck out of her (which is funny because she's a little scammer herself). Insurance is gouging her too, even for a new driver. But if course she didn't use her brain and shop around/haggle with the dealer.

No. 883696

Holly is stupid and has no spine of course she was gonna get scammed into high payment plans. Did anyone expect anything more/less?

No. 883699

Went back and looked, it appears to be a CR-V from the mid 2010's, def not new or fancy enough to warrant such a high payment, shes just stupid and let the dealer scam her. I'm starting to doubt her mom co-signed, no one who knows Holly would do that, and her mom seems to know how flaky and irresponsible she is (remember when she quit the first graphic design job and she was scared to tell mom?).

No. 883711

her debts make me seriously anxious i wouldn't even be mad if she used the Kickstarter money to pay her student loan, that is still a scam but at least not as dumb as buying a nearly new car and a cutter useless for business, but we already said it she is not exactly poor, she's just making bad choices and refuse to work, makes me wonder if it's her mom/aunt helping her with that payment? what is her mom doing for a living?

No. 883718

she also said in the ig stream that her mom monitors her schedule, so if she comes home early she'll know something happened at the job.

iirc her mom is a teacher for special needs kids

anyone know what happened with the job from the ig stream? i remember she couldn't eneter through the gate so she was late

No. 883722

well, this is quite telling actually. Her mum doesn't trust her one bit, it seems, and rightly so. I would be embarassed if my parents would feel the need to keep their eyes on me 24/7.

No. 883724

Also she keeps saying that she’s constantly shipping books, but then she still hasn’t printed the epilogue that came with the Kickstarter. And bitching about the shipping costs that should have been covered by the campaign hadn’t she been a total dumbass.

No. 883730

How embarrassing that she needs her mom/aunt to watch her to make sure she’s even bothering to go to work. What is she, 25?

No. 883755

She's around my age. 22-23 I believe.

No. 883764

You forgot the wildest bit
>talks about how SanJapan fucked her financially
>"Idk I guess I can't do things with other people because it always ends in disaster"
How does one even come to that conclusion?

WHY did she not only go to SanJapan with basically no merch but also let TD leech off of her for the hotel and table when she had this much debt? She said in that same clip that she was skipping food and doesn't have money to ship the kickstarter rewards, but she bought wholesale mugs that no one expressed interest in? Terrible.

No. 883768

Pretty sure she was 21 or 22 when the threads started, so she should be 24 or close to it.

No. 883772

TD is a bad influence on holly and a bad friend, Just like her other asskissers

No. 883823

Wtf does Holly expect? TD is another example of a woman child that refuses to grow up and insists that's just ~who she is uwu~ just like Holly can't HELP but screw everything up. All their fans are teenagers and they only follow them because they think being an immature moron into your twenties is being ~real and honest~

No. 883836

I can't cap right now, but Holls posted an IG story about a new pencil case design I think? IMO it's okay, apt for a pencil case… except for a random ass cat in the middle.

No. 883848

File: 1571867357576.png (3.39 MB, 942x1812, HB-Story.png)

I gotchu

No. 883850

File: 1571867410112.png (1.12 MB, 1630x1200, HB_Post.png)

She also made a new post on Instagram

No. 883855

File: 1571867648503.png (1.2 MB, 1204x1678, EP-6.png)

And speak of the devil, she did post new Epilogue pages

No. 883857

do you think she considers her cat drawings like legit cute? I mean she must if going by the sheer volume of them. how can an ~artist~ who has cats not know how to draw a cute cartoonish cat is beyond me

No. 883860

Random cat aside, I actually like this. This one of her better collage pieces because it looks like she actually tried to use the objects to fill space. Aside from certain things like; I would have taken the cat out, flipped the various ink bottle the other way and replaced the strawberry candy with something like a roll of washi tape. It's not a bad pouch frivolous spending aside.

No. 883862

File: 1571867981181.png (1.11 MB, 1202x1696, EP-7.png)

No. 883865

Gotta include her foot for the fetishits

No. 883870



Fucking kill me

No. 883871

File: 1571868207691.png (1.63 MB, 1204x1670, EP-8.png)

No. 883872

File: 1571868301114.png (1.17 MB, 1204x1644, EP-9.png)

No. 883876

Why am I getting ~Wink wink nudge nudge are you two crushing on each other? ~ playground banter from the honeymoon panel? They're literally getting married for Chrissakes

No. 883894

God she suicide baits so much that she should be put in a mental hospital at this rate. It’s always a 24/7 pity party for her.

No. 883914

I wonder if her mom helps her with any bills at all. I can't blame her if she doesn't, tbh.

Honestly the fact that TD thought it was even remotely ok to ask Holly to foot the entire bill despite having a husband with an income where Holly is in a constant state of hemorrhaging money is deplorable. Holly sucks but TD sucks more. What a fucking awful friend.

No. 883919

Are we seriously meant to believe that Damian, Simon’s LOVER (for how long who knows since no one looks aged in the time skip) and soon to be HUSBAND, is SO fucking illiterate/bad at spelling that he can’t spell his partner’s own NAME correctly!?

No. 883925

…maybe Simon is a self-insert after all?

No. 883927

ah, I meant Damian of course

No. 883931

The suicide bait seems to be about certain YouTubers potentially making call-out videos about the KS situation. Holly never mentions she's using the KS money for a laser printer or car on the KS page but did just that, and now the KS is half a year late with no deliver date in sight. Holly gets wind on a Livestream that Creepshow might be making a call out video for her and suddenly she has to mention how suicidal she is and how 'people want her dead' hint hint nudge nudge. She is literally using mental illness as a shield to fuck other people over, and judging by the public silence of all her detractors, it is working.

No. 883946

She did admit she used some of the KS money for the laser on a previous stream so we do know that for sure. And honestly…if her bank account is really negative, then she had to have spent a big portion of it on non-KS stuff, if not necessarily the car.

No. 883951

She mentions that in her STREAMS (which only a fraction of her audience sees) not on the actual Kickstarter page.

No. 883954

Aww I think it's cute, cat and all…

but it kinda looks like the cat's balls are showing or something

No. 883958

Is Simon's last name, Tartokovsky, supposed to be like "tart"? And Damien's last name is Sugar. So like, tart and sweet?

Damn Holly, no one wants you dead

No. 883967

Like, nobody wants her dead. They just want her to get a grip.

No. 883970

New vid.

No. 883971

File: 1571879867192.jpg (37.78 KB, 840x589, ajhcnuh5vtv21.jpg)

this gets worse and worse and worse by the page. what the fuck is the tone jump from 'we just barely escaped, your rapist died, and surprise ive known about it for a while' to the most awkwardly written romantic fluff? who wants this? who's even invested this much in their characters? she's built no real romantic history into the whole fucking book. why is she wasting her time on this instead of literally anything else?

No. 883972

She’s into animation so it’s more likely after Rebecca Sugar and Genndy Tartakovsky

No. 883976

I'll give her that one, it was mentioned on a previous page that Damian can't spell for shit

it's dumb, but it's a connected joke

No. 883985

I subscribe to the theory that the reason Damian can’t think of literally anything meaningful to put in his vows to Simon is that Holly didn’t write any history for their relationship and he he draws a complete blank for most of the time they were together.

Either that or their time together didn’t mean shit and had about as much impact on him as this whole comic did the reader.

No. 883986

She should have made him write Symon or Siman then, Siimon is just stupid and not believable.

No. 883987

75% of this video is her saying she's suicidal and people online are mean to her.

No. 883988

Wait. Isn't this supposed to take place in the 50s initially? So this time skip is what, 15-20 years at most? So the 60s-70s? Gay marriage isn't legal and typing is hardly the norm for vows. Way to go Holly.

No. 884001

File: 1571884673378.png (4.46 MB, 1432x1800, FC0F9387-B1FD-4DF1-A5DE-F434EA…)

Was the sublimation printer and heat press another purchase with the Kickstarter funds? I must have missed that.

$300 in the red in her bank account according to her but still manages to hoard more shit no one will buy.

No. 884003

I remember someone saying that she mentioned wanting a heat press to do tshirts or something but, didn't know she had already gotten it and a sublimation printer too. How much irresponsibility and idiocy can fit into one human being, good lord.

No. 884011

I can't tell if the whole "everyone wants me dead bahoo" shit is genuine delusion or more manipulative shit. No one here hates her or wants her dead and we're her biggest critics. She just refuses to confront the reasons why people are "mean" to her.

No. 884016

This looks KS money new lol. As someone working a min wage job and attempting to be an online artist I sure af am jealous of all the little toys this girl gets away with wasting people's money on.

No. 884033

i don't understand why her dumbass didn't buy a used car and pay for it all up front. this would've been smarter considering how much she drives her finances into the dirt constantly

and the student loans holy shit. why the fuck didn't she just finish school? all this payment for nothing. i've lost all sympathy for this retard

No. 884034

File: 1571890280805.png (88.15 KB, 288x326, 0908.png)


Haven’t posted on a Holly thread in ages, but nothing she’s ever done has gotten on my nerves as much as the suicide-baiting. What a manipulative and bullshit way to weasel your way out of blame for scamming your KS backers and whoever else that's been gypped. And those poor suckers are falling for it.

Customers asking about the shit they paid for that you wont send aren't death threats, Holly. Get a fucking grip.

Not once have I heard her hold herself accountable for all the misery she’s in at the moment. Stop making the people you owe feel guilty for the hole you dug yourself in. Gain some self-awareness and get your shit together.

No. 884035

Why does she feel the need to tell the whole world every personal little detail about her life?? It gives me genuine second hand embarrassment because she's in her mid 20s and acts like a teenager. She explained herself on her vlog channel that it's "useless" to try and hide how messy her life is but she could at least try keeping it more professional on the main channel?

No. 884056

Yeah, it's pretty fucked up, something about a 24 year old woman venting to 14 year old kids is a little weird at best. There's also the connected problem about Holly alluding to "a mob" coming to get her every time she says or does something shitty, it just feels like she is desperate to gain control of the narrative. It would be way easier to sympathise with Holly if she didn't have so much trouble with feeling empathy herself.

No. 884067

Damn that's a $200 heat press. Honestly I don't know why she keeps leaking money out like this it's pretty sad at this point.

No. 884068

Hasn't she mentioned that she names her characters after sweets most of the time?


No. 884071

I think she has a legitimate shopping addiction. Anytime she has money in the bank she burns it immediately. I remember when she found 20 bucks in the washing machine and instead of just keeping it she immediately went out and blew it on lottery tickets.

No. 884076

Headcanon accepted lmao

No. 884096

Wait a second did she just post the epilogue to her comic on instagram?? Who spoils their own ending on social media only days after it released digitally… and before people on KS got their books too. I thought she would at the very least keep the epilogue for pay until people got their physical books. Or indefinitely, leaving a teaser on her tapas so people buy it from amazon. She's so bad at business.

No. 884116

She is omfg. She really could have a nice Patreon going if she had just put early access Purgatory or PP but naw she made one for a THIRD comic then abondoned it to spend time on a REDRAW of a comic she scammed KS money for to buy a laser printer she resold in less than three months. Can we all just collectively appreciate just how bad at business this woman is.

No. 884121

holly reminds me of a family member who doesn't love anyone and thinks everyone is jealous of and against her, fails in everything she tries because of her own mistakes but never ever admits to it, it's always people's fault, people who envy her caused her problems, if a problem starts in the house she starts throwing table salt to exorcise the evil spirits that were brought because of people's envy, if someone's sick, it's people's fault,even tho there's nothing about her that would make people jealous, she's extremely delusional.
sorry for blogging but I can't help but see the similarities, i think holly has trust issues and doesn't really love anyone let alone take advice from them,
i had sympathy for her because i have mental issues that make me give up of stuff after a while but i try to never affect others by it so her mental state isn't an excuse,
i still feel bad for her but I can't think of a way to help her at all.
my family member i talked about is at her late 30s with two degrees but with an unrelated job because she chickens out of serious jobs, she never changed.(no1curr)

No. 884139

Please don’t blog post. And all your apparent sympathy aside, this is not a “Help Holly” thread. Even if it was, she has openly stated that she knows she’s making bad decisions and goes through with them anyway to spite her “haters”. A different anon said it not too far up the thread: she does NOT want anyone’s help, she wants VALIDATION. Don’t waste any sympathy on her.

No. 884152

All the suicide baiting is so people won’t be mean to her when she knowingly fucks up.

She’s not doing things like being a year and a half late on KS, maxing out her school loans without finishing, buying expensive useless shit, pushing away almost everyone in her life away by shit talking them and then never apologizing to them, shitting on and scamming her fan base , and accepting high payment plans from scammers on “accident”. None of those things were on accident, it was her own fucking fault over and over again. It’s no wonder why she had 19 threads in only two years.
She won’t learn, she chooses not to learn and is insane because she’s been doing the same shit over and over again and expects something different to happen every time.

Stop feeling sorry for her, she has not changed at all. She won’t now because that requires reflecting on how she fucked get own life up and god forbid something actually be her own fault.

Her mental state is not directly causing any of this. Sure it can be affected by how much she fucks up and the backlash from it, the depressing talk is probably genuine because of that.
But it’s still on her and her responsibility to take care of it herself, no amount of people going “I feel bad for you Holly because I’m mentally fucked up too.” Is going to fix it for her, if the internet has toxic hate mobs coming after her then she should leave or limit how much time she can spend on it.

Or maybe her mom should because she’s already managing her time for her like the responsible adult Holly should have a clue at being by now.

It’s not 2017 anymore, Holly needs to grow up and get a fucking grip on her life. Stop blaming everyone else, stop blamin your mental state, stop blaming everything but yourself for your situation. Once she realizes it’s her own fault is for this is when she can change it, because she then might be able to change herself for once in her fucking life.
Edit for spelling

No. 884162

File: 1571935898272.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2208, 45F08FE5-34CE-4CD1-9EDE-95BB94…)

No. 884170

Oh wonder

No. 884181

Looks like they googled her

No. 884184

I'm not sure if she's actively manipulative or genuinely delusional. I guess in her mind, people asking her to straighten her shit out and stop scamming naive chumps out of their money via her various stores is the same as telling her to die.

>My life is hell and I can't take it and I'm really poor haha my family member is dying and I've been supporting them anyways, here's my store idk :) Sorry the kickstarter is late I might kill myself after :)

This is not it lmao. I actually hope someone local calls the cops on her or something for her recent suicide threats, it might actually do her some good to be forced away from her terrible habits.

No. 884187

File: 1571938918746.gif (2.29 MB, 244x180, SHOOK.gif)

No. 884193

Who would have guessed

No. 884218

Man it's kind of hard for me to dismiss her suicide talk out of hand as just bait because of the extent she's self harmed in the past, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. It definitely feels like she's trying to fend off any criticism with it. If she's really struggling this much with ideation then she needs an intervention. I'm curious if her family knows her current mental state.

No. 884248


No. 884261

For someone who knows so much about bleed and slug, I didn't see a single bleed line in that video.

No. 884268

oh wow, she actually tries to sell herself as a "professional at formatting", so she can make a quick buck - but at least she has to laugh herself at this, can't even take her own shit seriously anymore.

I'm flabbergasted she still doesn't understand her audience. They are teenagers, on comission and pocket money level. if she wants to sell her services it should cater to them, not herself.

No. 884275

love that, within her turorial, she shows their webpage, which links a different (and probably better) Tutorial about the exact same thing

No. 884307

File: 1571955480936.png (54.04 KB, 926x349, Screenshot (18).png)

No. 884322

Keiths reply though, "Holly problems", ah yes

No. 884344

Block this creep tho hols !

No. 884365

I assume she's referring to us with the "mob" stuff. Generally mobs actually go after people though? All we do is gossip about her, and it literally says on the rules of the site not to directly interact with cows.

No. 884373

I admit I didn't listen to her recent stream but when I read about her feeling "people want to kill her" I just assumed this was her guilty conscience manifesting. Like she's hearing the telltale heart beating and so she whines about the noise on stream. and then it just morphed into saying people are hassling her because of the momentum of the lie which is how all her other speech goes

No. 884375

File: 1571967392479.jpg (63.57 KB, 593x796, 1548017319466.jpg)

She would have saved a lot of time if she uses clip studio paint
Its pretty stupid that's she is still using photoshop instead of using software that's ment for comics.
What was her piss poor excuse not using it again?

No. 884379

She's already used to Photoshop how dare you imply her so poor she's suicidal ass not pay $70 a month instead of a one time payment of $50

No. 884389

Or $25 during its (very frequent) sales….considering how much she likes to collect art software AND she's a weeb I'm surprised she doesn't already have it.

No. 884397

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t she try CS at one point and just shit on it like she does everything else? It was probably loosely around the time she was having a go at TV Paint and such. I just feel like she’s tried one of these alternate programs if not CS for a few days to a couple weeks, raved about it for like two days and then shat on it and crawled back PS. Again, possible I’m remembering wrong though as it feels like she’s gone through that cycle so many times.

No. 884403

She may be a weeb but she grew up with bullshit art snob mentality. Only Photoshop Apple products for her and fan art is the devil and only uncreative people don't have ~OCs~

No. 884439

lol she actually bought it, tried it once, talked shit about it and blamed people for wasting her money by recommending it

No. 884440

Jesus, it's one thing to try the program and not like it, it's another thing to blame your fans for "wasting your money" for recommending you the program in the first place. God, I hate the way she mistreats her fanbase. I know we give her fans a lot of shit for being enabling dumbasses, but it still doesn't give her the right to be an asshole to them.

No. 884442

File: 1571986280120.png (5.2 MB, 1242x2208, 644C3BBF-2635-4507-8C15-9F4F9F…)

Still no pictures of the actual books… Pics of envelopes aren’t enough to make your lies believable, Holly.

No. 884459

alright, so who else thinks this is actually her finally getting together all the stuff to START shipping out the KS books since the epilogue was recently posted? w/ any other artist, you might believe that they shipped out ks books before posting the whole story online so that the backers got their money’s worth, but we all know holly was posting the “re-draws” immediately after doing them bc she has zero patience, so she wasn’t even able to print the books until she finished that.

there’s seriously something wrong with the lengths that she goes to in order to cover up her scamming and laziness. it used to be cute to see what kind of dumb explanation(s)/excuses she would give ppl, but using mental illness as one? Seriously? if she’s at the point where she has suicidal ideation regularly or where she feels like she has no control over her life, then she needs to see a therapist asap. does she have a stigma against them or something? bc you would think that she would have seen one a long time ago, but iirc she’s never talked about seeing one or considering it, only about meds she has taken.

No. 884463

Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if someone asked her to see a therapist and she stubbornly refused to do it out of spite since she hates being given advice, no matter how well intentioned it is.

But yeah, it’s getting real old seeing her use a mental illness as an excuse to deflect blame, procrastinate and generally treat her fans like garbage. It’s irritating that none of her fans have a backbone to stand up to her and demand actual answers and not excuses.

No. 884469

She says it's because she's too poor to get a therapist since mental health care is expensive af. Maybe if she didn't waste her money on stupid, unnecessary shit like her car or the laser or the heat press she would actually have the funds to go. Also, doesn't she have health insurance? What's the point of paying for health insurance if she's not gonna use it for some mental health care that she obviously fucking needs.

No. 884474

File: 1571998943930.png (353.78 KB, 865x387, holley.png)

No. 884475

Actually like the design as print but the digital version lookes way worse.

No. 884511

Wow look at that, no copies of any books. Very convincing Holly. I'm sure you didn't JUST finish a comic you claimed to finish 6 months ago with three separate printing issues and have been shipping out for 2 months somehow. I'm sure they aren't in the mail from Amazon right now and your KS supporters aren't getting them second.

No. 884526

Basic government health insurance doesn’t cover therapy. Your regular doctor will give you medicine and that’s all you get weather I’d be antidepressants or whatever else. It’s really not helpful.

No. 884527

Shipping out for months and yet somehow not a single person in any of her streams, video comments, KS comments or Instagram posts has said anything about finally receiving their copy. Nice that we don’t even get to see a pic of ONE completed and printed copy, Holls, real nice. Just some boxes.

No. 884557

True but she's paying 600 a month for a car she didn't need in place of a simple beater, a brand new iPhone instead of a cheap phone, 70$ for PS instead of literally anything else, ect.

She could afford mental health help if she prioritized it over her coping mechanism. Buying bullshit to feel validated.

No. 884568

Seeing another book scandal again with Holly not caring about her order fulfillment is hilarious. It’s even funnier that people still support her after they’ve been tricked by her at LEAST 3 times now after that zine printing mishap, the tracing fiasco, the commission shit, and now this?

It’s beyond funny she put the book up on amazon to sell like people who aren’t already part of its funding would want it. The last remainder of your fans that have pocket money to spend indulged you probably for the last time.

Any Kickstarter fulfillment that takes more than 5 months after claiming that it’s been done is obviously scamming.

She said back in AUGUST things were being shipped out after delaying for 3 months. It takes her printing place 2-3 weeks to make and ship things total depending on how many there were.
She has been obviously lying to Cover up the fact that she has been laying around and not actually working. She only just finished “publicly” posting her finished pages. I’m betting people will finally start getting them in their hands starting the second week of November.

There is a reason she stopped vlogging and it’s because she knows she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that she hasn’t been able to finish the book and the money from her random 1-2week job sprees here and there is to fix her retail therapy. So there’s no book piles or shipping supplies around in the room.

No. 884577

You're right. Each time she's pulled one of her scams, she's made less and less money from them. Her patreon now compared to her last go at it is significantly lower. She isn't generating any income and what little she makes she spend on dumb shit, I doubt she's paying her loans and car payments, at least not without help.

Her mom isn't going to be around forever to bail her out, so she needs to come up with something a little more substantial than quick schemes that never last more than a month.

No. 884683

Plus she said in her latest stream that she still hasn’t sent to print the epilogue because the printing service is constantly wanting her to adjust stuff. But hey, she’s been shipping things for months!

No. 884695

To be fair, I think she was saying that she kept having to reformat the pages of the comic/epilogue for amazon's print-on-demand service (to sell the books on amazon), not for her supposedly already printed KS books (that she ended up getting printed somewhere else IIRC, because she couldn't figure out how to get amazon to accept the files).

However, the fact that she hasn't shown any printed copies speaks for itself. I also don't get why she would make a formatting tutorial when afaik she hasn't even seen the physical copy of the book she just put up for sale on amazon. In her video, it looked like a lot of the art is going to be trimmed off (she only showed a few pages, but a handful of times half of the characters' faces/bodies were in the area that gets trimmed or squished in the spine). Unless I understand bleed/trim wrong.

No. 884697

I was actually wondering about this too - most of the stuff she showed in the video doesn't follow a single rule she set up beforehand, no trim, no edges, nothing.

Even months ago she claimed the KS books would be printed through Amazon (she had a different company in mind originally, but of course "they" weren't good enough for her), so I doubt anything related to Kickstarter has been done by now, since she would certainly have shown anything.

Thinking about the pledges, didn't she make charms a possible reward too? Despite selling the laser?

No. 884699

Is the degrading language not absolutely off-putting? I'm not talking about degrading herself, but the "shit" she sold to people for up to 50 bucks. It's her luck there are no sane adults in her fanbase, 'cause this is no way to talk about products you try to sell (…I'm talking to a brick wall, I know)

No. 884720

So did she sell the laser?.

No. 884739

If she did then does she not have the bonus sorry it's late charms for her KS backers? She dodged that dude's question about them in her video.

No. 884765

Yes she did. She sold it after San Japan after doing poorly there.

From the looks of it she made the items in advance so she’s probably just been sitting on the rewards for a while. She showed them off durning her last stream or so.

No. 884806

File: 1572085701908.jpg (535.31 KB, 1080x1839, 20191026_031735.jpg)


No. 884808

File: 1572085778563.jpg (470.15 KB, 1080x1837, 20191026_031721.jpg)

2/2 An update from her youtube.

No. 884814

… This might actually be the worst idea ever. Well, brace yourselves for the era of mental health expert Holly.

No. 884822


Oh dear god… She needs to get professional help ASAP. I can’t imagine the harm she’ll do once her teenage fans are subjected to her misinformed babbling. This bitch isn’t qualified to speak about mental health issues just because she cut herself multiple times.
This is only going to end badly like all her get rich quick schemes.

Anything Holly does now is in pursuit of money and that in itself is incredibly sad.

No. 884841

So Skillshare will allow literally anyone to make videos on their platform?

No. 884866

Maybe, but a quick look at Skillshare's library of mental health related videos shows it is all fairly "vanilla" stuff. Far from the edgy style of Holly BRown. If there is any kind of quality control goin on over there then I doubt they will let her "expert advice" be published.

No. 884880

File: 1572094042240.jpeg (409.86 KB, 1242x912, 7DB6041C-61AD-4BC9-B412-EC71C0…)


There’s at least one person taking sense while the others continue to kiss her ass.

Holly is so blinded by her need to make money as fast as humanly possible that she continues to self-sabotage. Watch as she’ll offer completely contradictory advice over Skillshare compared to what she shows in streams. Keep talking out of your ass Holly, you’ll quit after one session when you don’t get the views you hoped for and then it’s back to filling out the “hundreds” of retail applications.

No. 884881

A clearly unstable young woman giving ANY sort of mental health advice is absolute last thing Holly's fans need, since many of them are young/mentally ill/both. I can't even imagine what kind of god awful "coping" techniques she has. Who even wants advice from someone who talks about committing suicide daily? She might not be cutting anymore but she's still actively self-harming by sabotaging her life at every turn.

And if her "tips" are anything like her art tutorials….

No. 884899

>CSP, a well-developed, affordable program made for comic artists: waste of money
>1k animation software she used for 3 weeks: somehow not a waste of money

This is actually infuriating, being mentally ill does not in ANY way qualify you to give advice on how to cope, especially because her life seems to be coming apart at the seams as we speak. What's her advice going to be, "just go for a walk or vaguely threaten suicide on your instagram story lol idk"?

No. 884913

Wtf her last video she mentions how suicidal she is like ten times and now she's giving coping advice how does she not see how insanely stupid that is.

No. 884920

This. Holly has NO working coping mechanisms. If she feels unwell, she spends as much money as she can and makes elaborate plans on how to get money while only drawing her OCs, that's neither healthy nor sustainable - her life is a literal downward-spiral and whenever she crashes from her "coping" she talks about suicide like going to a candy store.

She also has no caring personality whatsoever - she can't take care of herself (mentally and to some degree physically), so I doubt she can show actual compassion or understanding towards people in similar situations. People with mental health struggles have earned something better.

The last bit about her misspelling her email is….what even? Is she telling us there is no way to change the email adress afterwards? Well, another clue on her carelessness then

No. 884924

Oh boy, this is going to be some great milk. I can't wait to see how terrible this is going to be, especially if skillshare really does have a quality filter and takes it down because of it.

No. 884990

File: 1572112669535.png (58.65 KB, 981x557, yeahidk.png)

Idk y'all

No. 884992


Well at least she is smarter than Holly Conrad.
Wonder what she is going to do now though she did claim to have quit a job. Is she going to put everything into Skill share now?

No. 884994

well, if I got a dollar for every time she announced she would "keep her mental health to herself now", I could pay her college debt for her

No. 885000

At least she's listening to someone's advice for once. That's growth for her.

No. 885004

>idk idk

No. 885016

I'm surprised by how quickly she bailed out of this. And how exactly does she plan to put her art course video in a competent and competitive state against other art courses already posted on Skillshare?

No. 885018

especially since she already quit her job (wow, what a surprise). She acts like you get showered with money the moment you start something new - she really has no clue how long and how much work it takes to make a steady income as a freelancer (since freelancing is obviously her goal, for some reason. Paychecks seem to be beneath her)
She simply has no clue about life and she makes no effort to change that

No. 885027

She deleted the original post but the last time I checked, the comment telling her not to do it had the most likes by a lot. I think even she couldn't justify attempting this project in the face of being called out for joking about killing herself every 5 minutes.

No. 885029

That's gotta be the fastest turnaround time for a bad idea for her. I'd commend her for it if it wasn't the bare minimum of common sense.
Honestly she doesn't need to be on any social media right now. She needs to be focused on getting herself out of the hole she dug.

I don't know how much longer she'll be able to keep up her money making schemes before she loses people completely.

No. 885031

Exactly. She could just announce that she's taking a break for a set period of time to focus on her life (and the late-ass Kickstarter) and will be offline for a while. Knowing her stans, they'd totally be cool with it and send her positive, reassuring messages that they love her and want her to take care of herself. Hell, there's already comments telling her to not "work too hard." I know that she says she likes posting online and interacting with her fans since she's really lonely, but it's really clear that the internet is a more negative influence on her life than a positive one, so she should just take a step back, get the Kickstarters out and focus on getting her shit together. But, it's Holly. The chances of her actually doing something right and getting out of the hole she dug for herself is next to none.

No. 885051

While I technically agree with you (and so do many of her fans, I believe), taking a break from her channel would almost certainly equal "not making any money" for her, at this point. While I think focusing on mental health is important, Holly IS an adult with a shitload of monthly bills to pay, so "taking a break" isn't really an option anymore. It would most likely only rid her of the last focus she has for anything.
"Focusing on life" sounds nice, but what does she have to focus on? No close friends, living at home with a family she low-key dislikes, probably hates drawing at this point and thinks most hobbies are a waste of time.

No. 885055

File: 1572121323888.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, FE10ABAB-39C1-45D9-BAFB-AF465B…)

No. 885057

she has literally no idea what to do anymore

No. 885059

Place your bets on how long until she jumped the Skillshare scheme.

No. 885069

I meant focus on her life as in just focus on her (supposed) jobs. Yeah, she hates them, but other people hate their jobs too. She needs to realize at some point that she needs to buckle down and actually have a stable income and not rely on her get-rich-quick schemes that always blow up in her face. If she just stuck with it and not blow her money on stupid shit she might actually be able to earn some money and get back on her feet. As for not having friends, it sounds like from her recent Instagram stream that her coworkers all hate her because she's so negative. I get that making friends is hard, but if she just chills out a bit and tries to be a little more friendly to the people around her, she might actually make genuine connections with her peers. I also suspect that contantly being online is a reason why she doesn't bother making friends in real life, since she sees interacting with her fanbase as enough social contact, when it's really not. That's another reason why I think she should take a break from the Internet. I apologize for being kinda vague and confusing in my previous post.

No. 885077

One problem is that she thinks she's better than everyone else and is above shit like retail when she has 0 qualifications or skills beyond knowing her way around Photoshop. She really seems to think she's so smart that she deserves an income with minimum work, just as soon as she schemes something up. She should've kept that first graphic design job she had because she honestly struck gold by landing it. It didn't pay much but it was still almost double retail wages (like 12/hr I think?). Not to mention she would've been able to build skill and a portfolio to eventually move on to better paying work or even freelancing on the side.

But she blew it for stupid reasons after 1 week and is now surprised she's stuck working shitty jobs.

No. 885283

File: 1572156465813.png (90.82 KB, 299x168, C3B507B7-99DC-4098-8AEB-D5A32A…)

“Hi y’all I’ve decided to quit one of my jobs and start something new.”

No. 885307

Glad she listened to the input, but way to misinterpret people's issues with her casually mentioning suicide constantly as "I shouldn't be talking about mental health because people take shit the wrong way".

Being a freelancer is stressful and hard, especially if you have mental health issues, finding a full-time retail or bartending job somewhere to buckle down and pay her bills until she can get something better instead of spreading herself thin and wasting time and money with all these schemes would actually make sense.

Holly, since I'm sure you still lurk: get a real job, skillshare won't make you money.

No. 885469

File: 1572205621829.png (71.51 KB, 720x883, Screenshot_20191027-124623~2.p…)

From her Kickstarter

No. 885488

She already knows this, she doesn’t want to face the truth that she makes bad decisions because that would make her even more depressed.

In the real world you have to own up for your shit and that means doing work you don’t want to do.
She doesn’t want to work because she wants free money.
She wants to be taken care of.
She is still a child and doesn’t want to grow up.

No. 885490

I mean she could try actually working for a few months maybe and stop trying to cook up schemes for cash. No one with money is going to buy into your shit anymore.

No. 885501

pretty much evidence she hasn't sent a single thing out yet - i honestly wonder if she will ever actually send anything at this point

No. 885504

….she isn't seriously thinking skillshare needs a video on how to make CUSTOM BRUSHES. The whole internet is full with ressources about these topics - of course she won't make any money, if she does the same stuff that other people have done before end quite probably BETTER. I can already hear her, blaming the website and the people behind it for not making any money "Idk, they just seem to hate me, hahaha, maybe I earned it, Idk, but like comics is what I'm best at, so I guess no one wants me to be happy, idk"

just…use your brain for once Holly, pretty please?

No. 885507

File: 1572211664103.png (474.89 KB, 1800x1124, BEA6364F-97FC-4008-9BA4-7CCF9A…)

>I don’t want to leave people hanging for long

Eight months…
It’s same shit she pulled with her Etsy when she couldn’t be bothered to ship people’s orders. Just refund it. I honestly hope she ends up having to refund the $10k but her followers are way too forgiving and she definitely doesn’t deserve their sympathy for the way she treats them.

No. 885510

this is just stupid.
The books EXIST, at least in theory, if they are on Amazon. Why can't she just get off her lazy ass and send the stuff?
ike, if I remember it's like 50 orders, you don't need MONTHS to package 50 parcels. Why is she making it harder for herself??? She doesn't have the money to afford refunding, that's certain.

No. 885511

File: 1572211863908.png (700.06 KB, 1800x1636, 61F1967A-77F2-45E3-8609-DC48E8…)


They let her off the hook far too often to the point where they’ll just consider their pledge a donation if she never ships it. This is why she’s able to continue scamming and being a lazy irresponsible shit.

No. 885539

Honestly, I hope she never ships them and she gets into hot shit with her most trusting fans.
I want her to fail so she fucking wakes up and realizes she needs to fucking man up and work for once.

No. 885571

She's saying she'll just refund the money to cover her ass when she eventually never sends some of the rewards out.

No. 885596

She'll refund people? With what money? There's no way she still has any of the kickstarter money left.

No. 885609

She said on stream that her bank account was negative $300 so her fans are idiots if they can’t put together the fact that she’s talking out her ass about refunds. She’s constantly trying to get money as fast as possible which should also be an indicator that she’s fucking broke and has every intention of dragging this out.

No. 885624

On one hand I want her to drag this out as long as possible so her fans finally get fed up and raise hell but on the other; I want her to keep stringing them along since they're THIS fucking dumb and keep enabling her time after time.

No. 885708

I feel like it would be for the best if she was called out again for being shit by someone as big as her in following. Id love for CS to make a vid on Holly’s dumb ass Kickstarter since she seems to be able to put Holly in a weird place with her own fans.
Holly needs to be called out on lying and shit. She acts so above her own fans and fellow artists that she really needs a reality check.

I was in her stupid zine and I’m not gonna lie I did it out of spite and made something really out of my comfort zone cause I wanted my page to be absolutely spectacular compared to hers and she drew the ugliest pages for the book. I think she fucked it all up with printing that time cause everyone else in it was better technical-wise with their art and weren’t properly picked to be on par with her art even though she tried to pick people with no followings. She didn’t want to sell it because she ended up not looking like a top pro artist in it.
It was an ego killer. She swept that shit under the rug sooooo fast.

No. 885725

Anon, sorry to burst it to you, but you sound salty as fuck here.
Yeah, I get that her zine was a trainwreck, but that was such a long time ago (and back then NONE of the involved artists would step forward, you included it seems), so I doubt her fans are fazed by that.

I also hope to the speghetti monster god that people will stop screaming for "call out" videos. She has no following to speak of. NONE. Her career is basically destroyed and the people still showering her with money are probably too dumb to tie their shoes correctly, so I would say "pot meet kettle" and move on. She isn't a problem for the art community anymore, she isn't even a part of it at this point. She has been cancelled completely.
No point in shoving it into her face just for the shits and giggles, anyone making a video on her now would just look petty as fuck if I'm honest.

No. 885731

File: 1572271874731.png (1.38 MB, 1202x1670, EP-10.png)

New Epilogue pages

No. 885732

File: 1572272050250.png (1.32 MB, 1202x1670, EP-11.png)

No. 885733

File: 1572272160511.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1668, EP-12.png)

No. 885734

I feel more angst from these guys about writing their vows than I ever felt when they were trying to escape from a rapist. Wtf

No. 885735

File: 1572272315523.png (1.1 MB, 1200x1670, EP-13.png)

No. 885736

File: 1572272409091.png (1.62 MB, 1202x1668, EP-14.png)

No. 885737

File: 1572272572018.png (1.19 MB, 1198x1668, EP-15.png)

No. 885738

File: 1572272672547.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1672, EP-16.png)

No. 885739

File: 1572272771300.png (1018.12 KB, 1202x1670, EP-17.png)

No. 885746

File: 1572273785259.png (158.62 KB, 581x547, uuhhhindeed.png)

No. 885748

Could Holly seriously not even be assed to Google "arm muscles?" His arm looks like a wet sock.

No. 885751

File: 1572274714460.jpg (181.51 KB, 1193x578, Uhh.jpg)

It sure is Holly's mood at least.

No. 885754

Makes ya think if Holy sees her life as a purgatory. /armchair

No. 885767

these two look so stressed and bored whenever they talk about the vows or marriage and they even sleep not facing each other, idk maybe holly is trying to convey a message about how sad it is to not have a big marriage but failing at it?? or am i brain dead???? it doesn't sit well with me because the comic didn't show them having so many friends to begin with and didn't introduce characters, and everything seems fine I don't see why would they be this sad about finally getting rid of the rapist and being able to be together, it would be more convincing if she focused on the ptsd they'd be experiencing, Simon for getting freaking raped fgs and Hitler's son for helping killing his dad, no matter how you hate your parent, you wouldn't be so happy or at least not going through a mental suffering after murdering him?
but no it's sad because no big marriage??

No. 885775

Looks like she forgot to color damien's shirt

No. 885777


In that last panel is "older" Simon supposed to be standing in front of a pillow? Cause that's what it looks like.

No. 885786

Man, he looks miserable. They're BOTH so miserable about this marriage.

No. 885798

Why does Simon look like he’s dreading writing his wedding vows more than a visit with in-laws from Hell?

No. 885802

The answer to every single one of your questions is "because Holly can't write for shit, that's why"

No. 885827

Vote for next thread pic.

When did bottom panel ever happen in the actual comic? She did zero work to build this relationship, they don't seem to like each other for any particular reason, it's dubious how they even became friends, nevermind a couple, and both seem absolutely miserable about getting married. The main story as completely incoherent but at least there was some sort of through-line.

No. 885841

that's exactly what i was trying to say
there is no actual chimestry between them, Simon even shows more emotions talking to Hitler's son, they almost look sad that they are getting married

No. 885842

Damn you sound crazy, with an ego like yours I wouldn't be surprised it you were worse at art than holly is lmao

No. 885843

The story probably would have made more sense and had more good conflict if the romance had been between Hitler's son and Simon, and would have solved the problem of Damien's parents being awkwardly written with no mention of how he feels about abandoning them, but we all know Holly was only ever in it for the yaoi tropes.

No. 885885

This entire comic has shown me that Holly doesn’t even understand those tropes despite so much exposure to them. In this there are tons of tropes that start and don’t really go anywhere before the next one introduced in this horribly disjointed cluckerfuck of a “story”. There are cardboard cutouts with more depth. My fucking breakfast had more personality that everyone in this comic combined. Even more than understanding the tropes she doesn’t know how to tell a basic story or write a character at ALL. Before I came here I watched one of her videos in my recommendations about how to write gay characters. In that she some of her advice actually sounded reasonable and because it did I checked out her comic. I thought her art was mediocre but good writing can carry bad art, right? Imagine my fucking astonishment reading this shit. I thought the beginning was probably only this bad because it was her early work, surely the recent chapters are better, right? WRONG. Somehow it got even WORSE. Made me come to the realization that any good or sound advice coming from her is likely parroted from another more valid and experienced source because she sure as hell can’t follow any of that advice. I wasn’t even surprised when I discovered these threads.

Holly, fucking finish this shit already. No amount of redrawing can inject some fucking life into these characters.

Why do I get the fucking feeling she wrote this entire joke of a comic for this scene and the scene with the Hitler rape? It genuinely feels like she wanted the rape to be the conflict, this to be the “deep” conclusion and no fucking idea how to connect those two ideas so got all this disjointed shit in the middle.

No. 885897

It doesn't help that she included that flashback between Simon and Hitler's son as kids, where Simon tries to kiss him. She established that they've known each other for a long time, and could have built upon that for a more solid romance. But nope, had to shoehorn Damien in. There is no reason for Damien to exist.

No. 885900

so um, did damien just abandon his family? didn't he have a mom and a younger sibling?

No. 885908

File: 1572297035776.png (846.33 KB, 948x1222, WhatChemistry?.png)

It happens in the first few pages of the comic, when Damien comes over to Simon's house for a sleepover and they share a bed.
Your point still stands though. They're relationship is really rushed and hardly makes an impact. I would dare say the rape plot had more development than their relationship, which just shows how bad Holly's writing skills are since this is supposed to be a boy love comic. Way to go, Holly. You made a boy love comic focus more on one of the boys getting raped and groomed by some rando Hitler than the actual fucking boy love.

No. 885912

File: 1572298096253.png (2.29 MB, 1868x1202, wtf.png)

New Instagram Post

No. 885938

….god help us, it's trust trust all over again

No. 885941

and you know what, the relationship between simon and damien was basically: simon implies that he got assaulted, damien: "awwww. k let's kiss", and if they went further, that would make me think that damien is even more screwed up doing those stuff to cope, it doesn't help that ever since the beginning simon was annoyed of damien most of the time like: why don't you study, why don't you sleep in your bed, throws hands etc, i feel like holy didn't want ro add some boys love to avoid her comics being called yaoi or her being called fujoshi because we know she hates those, even if she admits to like yaoi sometimes she keeps talking down on it like saying " gay shit " and all

No. 885950

I swear the way she draws bodies is just unappetizing as a whole. Her ass is super ugly and what is that line on her right leg supposed to indidcate? A shadow line? A muscle line like the ones on Herschel’s arms? I don’t even know. Ugh.

No. 885953

I'm laughing at the fuckin paw hands unclasping the bra and the flattest ass of all time

No. 885960

If I recall he had a huge family because I remember hitlers son making fun of him for it, I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt that because he has so many siblings they just forgot about him or something, honestly none of the character stuff makes sense

No. 886049

I'm laughing at the fact that the side mirror is floating in space jfc lol

No. 886055

It looks like it's growing out of his head like a unicorn horn.

Homegirl definitely has a rape fetish.

I legit thought that line was a cat hair, what with how dirty her living space is.

No. 886068

Ok this whole epilogue is seriously reading as if Simon has realised his relationship and marriage to Damien is pointless and boring and he's gonna run away to Hitler Jr's arms (someone he DOES have history and chemistry with and seems weirdly invested in his honeymoon).

I think Holly forgot that all the build up she's had of their relationship was solely in her head, so she thinks the pacing and the progression of their relationship makes sense. Narratively it doesn't at all, because the reader doesn't see any of it. From the start of Purgatory, we saw them make out in a library and cuddle in bed. Then Simon gets raped, and they makeout (and more?) some more. There's a time skip and then they murder the rapist and leave. They literally have like maybe 3 romantic scenes in the comic and they're pretty low key. We never saw them fall in love.

I think this is also why she pushes the fuck out of merch for PP, even though the comic has never surpassed 5 pages. She's spent years fantasizing about them in her head and thinks that's good enough for everyone, then is surprised people don't want a mug of her greasy slutty self-insert character.

No. 886080

Yeah she writes like she thinks we can read her mind and feel the same about the characters. I feel like you see this type of shitty writing most with autistic weebs with shitty ocs they rave about but no one else cares about.

No. 886082

Sorry I meant to write teenagers not weebs lol

No. 886084

I’m glad the best character in this whole things back for the finale. Welcome back brick walls!

I really missed Holly’s shitty hand drawn bricks for some reason. They have more organic character and charm than any characters in this fucking comic.

No. 886086

>we never saw them fall in love

because holly has no idea how to write romance. every single subject she's ever written about is so fucking hamfisted. she can't even handle a rape storyline with any sort of tact, she did a better job of making the rapist look sympathetic than the victim. all she knows how to do is gross cringy hentai plotlines.


No. 886114

Her ass isn't just flat, it's sagging. No wonder herschel looks so unimpressed.

Also I cannot unsee the weird shape of that bed, she never draws through her figures she just draws around them each and every time l, and hopes it's not too wonky.

No. 886278

god this is great, i really hope this will be the next thread picture cus it made me laugh out loud.

No. 886333

I think part of why Holly is so astonishingly bad at writing human relationships is because she has no idea how people interact or react to things. She watches anime and reads manga and pays no attention to anything beyond that, you can't really work with that. There are 15 year olds writing gay fanfic that has more depth.

She puts more effort into the bricks that anything else, let's be honest.

No. 886419

Not surprising at all. When she would talk to her co-workers Holly would make "jokes" on how she was going to kill herself. This of course creeped them out and they stopped chatting with her. Holly then processed to bitch on stream how none of her coworkers would talk to her and how hard she was "trying". If that's her honestly trying then she really needs some kind of communication class/therapy.

No. 886429


don't that she would be telling holocaust jokes around her employees and say that her humor was 'too dark' for them

No. 886435

Sketch rambles episode 2

No. 886522


her attempts at jokes are painful to hear

No. 886568

So does Holly like…not think she’s white or some shit.