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No. 461062

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- creepshowart must never be spoken of because that's giving her attention, which makes the farmers ree that this particular attention-seeking cow might seek attention and bring up lolcow like every other discussed cow has.
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.
- Yes, Copics are worth it if you use markers. And yes, they are rediculously overpriced.
- No, this isn’t a TRA safe space, so don’t ree when you see the word tranny. And no, some retard discussing their pronouns doesn’t count as art milk, you turbo autist.
- If you have beginner questions, want to know what art books to start with, or generally need to know how to begin with art, use these links

Welcome art tuber, enjoy your visit - we hope you find enough content to hit that 10 minute mark, because we are VERY empathetic to how it’s oh so hard to actually create artwork and have a personality in order to create your own content for your channel xoxo

Previous thread >>440519

No. 461068

Suppose I might as well ask, can somebody recommend a good desk lamp for drawing specifically?

Tired of seeing the shadow of my hand get in the way of my linework

No. 461088

https://www.dickblick.com/products/studio-designs-art-clamp-lamp/ This is similar tl what i have. You need something you can adjust so you can control the shadow

No. 461147

Someone made a perfectly good thread pic but you choose this weird guy for reason.

No. 461152


No. 461155

Any artschool anons want to give me portfolio tips?
I know no anime/fantasy and to put in life drawing but otherwise I’m clueless.

No. 461162

This is an art salt thread, is seriously no one creative enough to create a new witty OP instead of just reusing the one I wrote like 5 threads ago?

No. 461173

There’s no problem with anime or fantasy, it becomes an issue once it’s a bulk of your portfolio

Make sure to include sketches so they can see your problem solving, including finished pieces with good composition/colour choice/technical skill is a good idea as it showcases your ability to spend large amounts of time on a piece, also make sure to showcase pieces that really represent who you are as an artist - for my portfolio I made sure to include a handful of finished pieces + sketches that revolves around children’s illustration as that’s what I want to work in, and ultimately that’s what really impressed them and landed me a spot in a prestigious school. I’d also strongly recommend including background work as most people’s portfolios will be filled to the brim with figurative pieces, it’ll help you stand out

No. 461175

What is this picture…?

No. 461177

color work is important, but mostly drawing from observation is the big huge thing that they harp on. If you can find somewhere to do figure drawing sessions that'll help a lot, and try to limit how much you use photographs. I'd also say try and do a self portrait. There are also certain schools that have required drawings, and be aware that it's not simply drawing what is asked of the prompts. I know RISD requires a bicycle drawing, but it needs to be an INTERESTING bicycle drawing, not just a picture of a whole bicycle.

No. 461230

having a 'story' through out your portfolio really helped, so its not just random pictures but it shows you can come up with a concept, I didn't have such a problem with a more stylized portfolio because it all looke cohesive I guess

No. 461318

Ikr, that same summary getting used over and over is really tiring. No offence to the original op but it kinda lost it’s charm after the first time. The summary is just getting way too as well.

No. 461341

I wrote the original op, the only reason it was funny is because it made fun of the discourse that had happened in the thread before it, I don’t get why it’s just being recycled

No. 461343

File: 1568289741060.jpeg (144.01 KB, 1119x329, D9E5A8D7-C676-4EFE-914B-12C1DB…)

Samefag but I was planning on doing something revolving around pic related and it’s spergfest for the new thread but I’d rather not get a ban

Why don’t we actually draw or make op images for the art thread of all things? I actually kinda enjoyed the one anon had suggested in the previous thread

No. 461345

With how bad her faces have been lately she should really be doing more reference studies, not completely removing them from her work. This thumbnail is a perfect example of why

No. 461354

Please, for the love of god stop making threads with this tosser as the thread image.

Can mods ban the person doing it?

Why should we look at this one jerk for weeks on end?

No. 461387

i really like her stuff, i don't get why anons are so annoyed by her style. i think it's pleasant to look at.

No. 461415


Happy D. Artists girls always look like they are retarded.
She made them so beautifull in her older work, but now they all have one eye that is either on the forehead or hanging on the cheek. And no, thats not a stylistic choice.

No. 461429

File: 1568297720653.png (1.44 MB, 946x1187, Screenshot_2019-09-12-16-12-29…)

Imagine you commission someone and then have to pay 600$ for this at the end. Thats one of her worst paintings ever.

No. 461430

The cover of the book is so distracting lmao

No. 461494

Holy fuck, the mega chin and badly spaced out eyes have me clutching my sides. How do you get this decent at rendering and still fuck up basic anatomy?
This isn’t a stylistic choice either, it’s just accidentally hideous

No. 461525

Unpopular art salt opinion: as someone pro fanart im so sick of artists doingg nothing but fanmerch for clout & profit now. fanart is great stepping stone or hobby but i hate artists who became unambitious and ccomplacent. ones with no plans other than keep making a living off fanart merch. i love fanart but social media has turned these artists into overrsaturated & entitled glorified bootleggers. i hope legal banhammer fucks them up one day because the salt will be amazing

No. 461549


I agree. I always closely associate being an artist with designing and coming up with ideas and worldbuilding, i know it is not always the case but for me it is all closely related. When i see people whose entire career is making money of mainstream copyrighted characters in random poses i think is morally fraught and kinda boring creatively. Its something thats better as a hobby for fun, you know, something you would do as a fan. I think it would be very hard to police thought, most companies turn a blind eye to fan artists because they kida do free publicity for their products and because they will always come across as the bad guys if they start shutting down people lawsuits who most are not getting that wealthy anyways. (Except the notable exceptions)

Sorry to blogpost but when i was like 15 and found deviantart i knew jack about weeb pop culture so i assumed most of the characters i saw were original creations and found it so amazing, it was very dissapointing when i realized that no, they were all from shows and IPs i didn't know yet, so i started looking for and following original content creators instead, avoiding fandoms was a pretty good choice for me.

No. 461568

Ti be honest I don't mind.
Mostly artist make way better and more creative merch thabthr original creators so I really don't mind. Not everyone has original characters or stories to tell, some just want to make live others characters.

No. 461610


all she's talking about in the video is doing the no reference series because she basically uses references as a crutch and discards a lot of concepts because she can't find the reference photo that fits.

she even says she still references in the video and another reason she's doing it is so she can see what she needs to work on.

tbf it isn't a bad idea. doing works without using references gives you a way of having to formulate concepts without relying on pictures that look like them or fit and so you can know what aspects you need to practice and study more.

No. 461611


A lot of IPs don't really care anymore because they realized that it does nothing but alienate their customer base. If the government or whatever bans the sell of fanart it could fuck up a lot of other shit too or if it becomes a state issue rather than a civil one.

Most creators don't really care unless they're indie, and that's because of indie creators do their own merch and selling it whereas other large IPs would rather not waste lawyer fees going after someone who makes a fraction of what they do and doesn't cause legal issues for them like actual bootleggers.

No. 461630

even if ips "don't really care anymore" or the artist is "better and more creative" doesn't mean it's OK. if you can make a living going to cons and selling online you should pay for license. if you "just want to make live other characters" work with ips or get a job as merchandise designer. i doubt many artist even try to contact ip owners. i'm OK when artist make limited runs or price to pay production cost. if your career, living & brand is so dependent on fan merch, make it into legal business. many choose not to or dont care or try because it means less money even though theyre supposed to be fans. all in my opinion.

glad i'm not the only one who feels this. many artists complain about "exposure for payment" while they justify seelling fan merch as free exposure. i have more respect for artists who draw fanart but direct popularity into original merch

No. 461641


I agree, Artist Alley's used to be a place where one could share their passions for their favorite shows and earning a bit of pocket money was just a bonus, now it exploded into something where people make their living out of it and it shows. A lot of artists draw prints of characters they don't even know anything about just because 'they're popular and sell well'. It feels so overwhelming having so many artist sell merch of the same 3/4 popular shows that are hot at the moment. At this point it's like a blessing when I see people who sell stuff of more obscure shows or even are confident enough to just do purely original stuff. I've seen enough times whenever a new Pokémon is released I see button and even pin designs next day on social media / etsy. It's offputting.

No. 461642

Can I post an unpopular art salt opinion, too?
I am so tired of glorified concept artists technically good but with no good ideas, no innovation, nothing but good rendering and anatomy. You're not a "concept artist", you're a good painter, at best. Lots of people can learn how to paint, but good ideas are harder to find.

No. 461647


Its true. Most of the time people call "concept art " things that are are not concept art at all. But i personally also think concept art itself is a bit too glorified and lost some meaning once it became a buzzword, concept artists are not always doing very creative work or coming up with ideas themselves.

No. 461652

Concept art, which is to make multiple concepts of someones idea for 3d animators to use, is often confused for splash art, art used on loading screens, and promotinal art. Iirc most concept artist get stuck drawing lame stuff like rocks or tiny details, like guns and key cards.

No. 461656

someone brings this shit up every thread.

No. 461675

I think I heard a youtuber talking about this, he said concept art is not a full rendered illustration and now this idea is stuck with me.
I also agree concept art is too glorified, I hate browsing instagram and seeing only concept art and it is the main reason I don't use ig anymore. It looks like everyone is trying to get into concept art and if you don't, then you're not in the cool kids club.

If concept artists are painting rocks it is for a reason.

No. 461678


That quote may have come from Trent Kaniuga. He does a lot of informational videos about industry work, what it entails and how to break in.


Agreed, a lot of Artubers have no idea what actual concept art is and often confuse it for full blown illustrations and fully fleshed out character designs.

No. 461691

You should go to more indie conventions, anon. There’s a bunch of good ones year-round that aren’t as specifically aimed at fanworks. SPX is this weekend, for example, and it’s entirely about creators who do more original content.

No. 461694

Anime convention artist alleys did not begin that way, they were created by fandoms for fandoms and their customers go expecting fan art. Comicket is the largest comic convention in the world and consists of 99% fan made comics that the IP holders themselves scout for artists to hire for their own publications. Meanwhile in America the same IPs are recycled over and over again by the same three companies lol. I find it funny that the old school comic artists get triggered people are selling Superman and Spider-Man Prints because THEY actuallly WORKED for Marvel and DC,,,meanwhile they’ve never made an actual original concept themselves and made a living on someone else’s world and characters. It’s cute that they can’t seem to see the hypocrisy.

No. 461711

That's why copyright, trademarks, and all that shit are all civil issues. The "legal banhammer" on selling the IP works of something else is between you and the IP holder. If the IP holder cares, you're done for. If they don't care, it's free game. If you let the government or state decide what is or isn't okay for this type of thing, you've basically gutted most forms of copyright, IP, and trademark freedoms and whatnot. That's why they're classified as civil issues, not state ones.

Also, there's a difference between "exposure for payment" for someone trying to get you to draw their uber good amazing idea that's just BOUND to rake in money and they want you to work FOR them vs just doing something of your own free will and profiting off of print sales that leads to exposure for both you and the original IP. One is just slave labor and the other is free will lmao. in fact, many comic IPs scout for people based around doing fan art because they can see how someone will legit draw their characters, which leads to them getting hired in the industry. Sure it doesn't happen all the time but large companies have learned to profit off of a fanbase like a relatively symbiotic relationship.

No. 461728

$95 patreon tier jfc for that ugly art and nothing else? I mean if I'm paying that much I would expect some sort of story to go along with it ffs

No. 461730

How do artists market themselves on Twitter? I see so many artists, even beginners, who don't post hashtags in their captions or mention the company or anything. Do you start off tagging people/things in your post and then drop them once you've gained a following?

No. 461737

hop on every popular thing faster than you change panties using the same jokes and memes, just hope you don't crash and burn hard

No. 461778

File: 1568362614742.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1177x1828, 79EEE823-87FF-4C8E-992C-DEFCF8…)

I hope they release the videos of panels but Lightbox Expo this weekend was great for artists like concept artists talking about their method and how it’s not super illustration. EG: Mingjue Helen Chen is an art director at Disney that all the animation nerds cream themselves over because her style is the Disney house style but she shared some of her work for wreck it Ralph 2 on Twitter that’s anything but the character work people think she does. A lot of the talks there with concept artists too were about research and how they iterate, and while they also did have demos for a lot of artists, it’s a better look at the industry than what armchair artists think it is. The “art of” books tend to skew people’s perception that illustration is a big part of it when it really isn’t, like sometimes they’ll bring a drawing into full render JUST for the art book

No. 461781

File: 1568364070266.jpeg (188.69 KB, 1280x573, DB62A8A5-EACD-40BF-B0FD-5F3346…)

Example of her illustration work, which is what ppl think she does at Disney

No. 461787

Honestly, as someone that actually wants to break into the industry at some point, I find the first image much more interesting than the first. The second, you see it once, you have seen all you need to. But the first, you look at it several times and it is a diving board for a bunch of ideas. Kinda like what concept is supposed to be. The second image leaves zero room for improvement.

No. 461909

I thought dotting tools helped with precise details but Jackie managed to prove me wrong. The eyes look weird af

No. 461914

>The “art of” books tend to skew people’s perception that illustration is a big part of it when it really isn’t, like sometimes they’ll bring a drawing into full render JUST for the art book

And thats for the animation where you would expect certain styles of artwork to be more "drawn", a lot of pipelines have close to no drawing at all. Is all photobash and 3d bash done very quickly just to get the idea and 300 iterations of it that you would not really want to show anyone outside of the pre production context. Sometimes there is an illustrator in between the concept team and the 3D team re drawing some of the important elements from the rough concept work a bit more cleanly and schematically before passing them to the modelers and often that illustration is the "concept art" that you would see in the book or in the artstation portfolios.

No. 461971

Is it just me or did her anatomy just got worse and worse over time? Or was she always this bad?

No. 462008

Yep. Concept artists make concept art, production leader greenlights it, some of it goes to the illustrator, production leader greenlights it, then it goes to the 3D modeling team, thus concluding pre-production. And once pre-production is over, the concept artists and the illustrators, who are typically freelancers, are let go unless they are needed again if something in production changes, or if you are a flim like the most recent Lord of the Rings that were doing pre- and actual production at the same time.

Commonly where artists get stuck in 'pre-production hell' is where the illustrator and concept artists aren't communicating enough with the project leader to see if the 3D team can actually make what is being created, a-la Mass Effect: Andromeda.

So, although concept artists are important, you will never find a stable job, are likely to remain a freelancer, and if you want to make artbook art, you will then be the illustrator, which is in even less demand because you don't need as big of a team to only touch up 1/4 of the actual concepted work. All the little concept-wannabes are better off drawing for children's books or going commercial and being part of a comic book production line. Or just learn 3D modeling. Get good enough in that, and people are hiring everywhere.

No. 462018

I wish she would make a script she can work off of instead of saying “uhh” “kinda” “um” “so” “like” every 5 words. It gets unbearable to listen to after 30 seconds.

No. 462022

I am fucking sick of seeing 'seven deadly sins' and 'disney princesses as' shit, over and over and over. Does no one actually have a creative bone in their body? If you are going to do things that high school boys do in their drawing 101 portfolio because they're edgy, at least make it unique. How about 'Seven Deadly Sins- In Moderation!' or 'Disney Princesses- That's It! I Have No Creative Value and Just Like Disney!' where you just made fanart of the actual fairy tale and use Disney as little as possible.

Subvert expectations, damn it…

No. 462042

how she keeps insisting on not knowing Anything about nail polish just screams Im nOt LikE oTHeR GUrlzZ

i dont know why i keep watching

No. 462044


"i didnt really like the demon designs cause you couldnt really differentiate them but im gonna give both gluttony and wrath a bunch of teeth, thus r

No. 462045


rendering the reasoning behind the teeth useless"

No. 462046


how tf does any of these look like the sin theyre supposed to be. like you can kinda get the general idea from the heart and women shape of lust and the wild look of wrath but like no one would understand the reasoning behind any of the details unless they watched the video.

like the point of gluttony is the desire for food but all we get is TEETH.

No. 462087

Another one…

No. 462090

This was already posted anon, literally a few comments above, do you not even check the thread?

No. 462105

Why are people still sticking around for these videos? They’re all the same, cute or scary thing turned into a cute girl with the same face and body shape every time. She doesn’t even do poses from the side or the back or any full images. You can really tell she’s having an art block too with how bland her designs are.

No. 462109

File: 1568434113199.jpg (299.18 KB, 1200x873, thewitcher_v17WEB.jpg)

This reminds me of an artist who used to get on my nerves back in my 2011ish deviantart days. Jerica Winters - https://www.deviantart.com/jericawinters
Nothing super milky about her per se, but she was/is a huge womanchild.
All she ever makes is fanart and it's all she is ever known for. She was pretty popular off of it back in the day (her e-fame has worn off over the years) mostly because of a Daily Deviation award she got, but her art is some of the worst I've ever seen. She loves to draw a lot of action scenes and action characters but all of her art is boxy, stiff, and her anatomy is atrocious. Everyone she draws looks like an uncomfortable same-faced linebacker shrouded in lens flares.

I remember her FAQ on her profile also used to have a part where she talked about how artists will never make any money and you can't make her believe otherwise, unless you have a car and house you bought solely with money you made from making art. I wanted to get screencaps of it but when I search her DA on the Wayback machine, it doesn't seem to go past 2019, long after she deleted all of that cringe.

No. 462133

File: 1568446969557.jpg (193.99 KB, 640x800, sausageman.jpg)

Idk if maybe I've become desensitized to shitty art, but I don't hate this. Yeah, it is stiff, but I went and looked at the profile, and she herself says she isn't a professional, but a hobbyist. And if her account really is that old and she still calls herself a hobbyist, then I'm actually surprised her art looks this good. She isn't stagnating either, the Geralt drawing is from 2018, but this Logan was from 2017.

A hoobyist artist, that progresses on their own want, and has a history of bashing art as a career? I like her already.

No. 462152

Honestly this drawing is a lot better than the first example

No. 462161


Yeah, it kinda gives me Archer vibes

No. 462167

>hobby artist who draws fanart
>said stupid shit like 10 years ago

Don't see a problem tbh. If she's not invasively toxic or thinks she's hot shit who cares. I remember when I was a teenager I thought it was crazy that people would actually PAY artists online for commissions - and I wanted to go to fucking art school at the time lmao.

No. 462187

File: 1568465589105.jpg (2.81 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190914_194707461.jpg)

The Instagram Kawaii Artist Community is full of drama and problematic person. Sometimes they callout each other but most of them kinda hypocrite with their things. Also most of kawaii instagram artist are too care to their follower number, likes and visits. I think is a common problem when most newbie artist only rely one social media for their repution and names.

No. 462190

I was really surprised by Dina's new video, her studies were so off? Usually I think she has a great understanding of anatomy and what works how but this was just so off, maybe its because it from reference? Or maybe I'm just being nitpicky because I value her artistic skill

No. 462199


I don't know why people keep burning money with those subscription boxes. Scrawlrbox is usually bad imho but this one … I would be pissed paying 15 pounds only for fineliners. lol

No. 462201

File: 1568470504693.png (174.17 KB, 693x313, crap.PNG)

This is more of a me thing, but I find the evolution of the insta./tumblr/kawii artist style to be interesting. Most of them can't actually draw in the traditional sense, but they all learned a bunch of tips and tricks to make their art look decent or passable. By the use of glitch effects, pastel tutorials, texture overlay, and with every other trick in the book they can turn a meh sketch into passable. All those artist in Op's post wouldn't look half as good as a sketch, specifically the top left.
Look at this image. It turned a 30 second doodle in to something passable by copying random techniques I found in pintrest tutorials. Took me about 15 minutes. I just find it interesting the multiple ways they turd polish.

No. 462203

Why do they constantly get involved in drama?

No. 462208

File: 1568471944488.jpg (3.09 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190914_213934543.jpg)

most of them draw anime girl, and rarely go out of the box when they become popular. Some of artist doesn't take criticism and act like snowflake sometimes. Honestly it is a devolution for me
From my observation, they like to cancel someone. I think the stupidest drama from it, someone critic a popular artist with kawaii artstyle and the critic comment is like a gordon ramsay/simon cowell type of crtic, and they got offended with it.

No. 462210

whats with that 'your dreams and hopes are incompatible with reality' quote having a comeback. I see way to many artist quoting that

No. 462213

>>462210 not saying you can't make your dream and hopes like a opposite thing /Impossible with reality, but in my mind most of these artist come up with this kawaii, UwU style as crutch/ shortcut rather it come from as a style development with their study/passion

No. 462219


I actually think these are some of her best designs in ages. She flubbed Gluttony but I like that she tried to make Lust represent the feeling of lust rather than drawing a generic sexy woman like everyone and their dog, at least she had reasoning behind her design choices this time.

No. 462224

Bruh. Lust is just your generic pretty girl with broken fingers for a skirt

No. 462229

This a 3 month old video, but she's getting backlash over how she said if you want to get into digital art you probably shouldn't use your phone. The digital art phone kiddies have invaded her comment section to defend their precious art form

No. 462241

her first study is definitely her most successful ( the second has some unbelievably unfortunate colour choices ), but drawing directly with no sketch or guidelines is a complicated thing to do; Kim Jung Gi is a sensation for a reason. i'm more surprised by the contents of the box than i am by her struggling with the exercise.

No. 462244

A bit unrelated, but did Dina really go to FZD?
I think I read it in a comment but I can't remember where.

Out of curiosity, what do you anons think about Kim Jung Gi?

No. 462266


yeah depressingly that's still one more design element than you usually see for Lust in these things, it's the lowest possible bar and even pro artists still fail to clear it.

No. 462276

She has videos about her three terms at FZD. As for Kim Jung Gi, I consider the guy kind of a mad genius. Off the chart technical skill with a slightly disturbed mind lends to some pretty awesome and sometimes "unsettling" art work.

No. 462295

Kim jung gi makes it all look easy but when you find his teaching videos he has a ton of useful tricks to cheat and fake perspective, like hanging perspective. I like his stuff and he’s a master of it but I’ve seen people try to copy it without a similar grasp of anatomy and skill and it’s sad

No. 462300

I feel like there are a lot of people who wanna be like gi but don’t understand that he has been doing this for a while and his skill didn’t develop in 2 weeks, that he literally draws all the time and isn’t super on and off, and that he actually has a good understanding of fundamentals and that’s a huge reason for his skill?

No. 462302

Man I love Kim's art, he's very inspiring- I'd love to see him live once

No. 462312

KJG effectively ditched middle school and highschool to focus on just drawing an insane amount, like a sketchbook a day (according to him–I might be misremembering this interview and he may be inflating some things). Like the man has at least 30 years of intense drawing under his belt.

There's also a weird bit where he might've been hit in the head with a swing seat and getting a concussion, but I dunno if that's rumors or playing up the 'incredible drawing savant' angle.

I think it's funny that the man is so goddamn good at drawing that he can draw bestiality and no one cares.

No. 462313

I can appreciate his skill but his sexual drawings are really turning me off

No. 462315

The whole "I became a good artist in a few months" thing is a trend I keep seeing a lot in places like tumblr and instagram. This idea that most good artists pop out of the womb with massive amounts of technical skill is such an outright lie that hurts a lot of young artists because they think 'well, I've been doing this for 2 years, and I'm not like so-and-so, so I guess I'll quit'. I also think a lot of people lie about their age on instagram/tumblr just to get more people to be like 'gosh, you're so young and talented!'. It's almost like they're more into art for bragging about how quick it was to learn rather than for the art itself, and it often shows in their abuse of photoshop tools and filters instead of actual knowledge and care for the craft.

No. 462316

There is no way this is true or else it would be talked about more, Acquired Savant Syndrome is such an instantly hot topic, but I'm going to believe it because it stops me feeling so bad about having that same drive and dedication that he has

kek at the bestiality. The best artists can do anything, the difference between porn and art really is just style.

He has demonstrated that he can keep it professionally sfw when his work calls for it, but at this point he can do whatever he wants, if people don't like it then it doesn't matter because everyone else does

No. 462321

>Kim Jung Gi

technically he is probably the best at drawing in the world. It is amazing to watch him draw, yet i don't really care that much for his artworks tbh, the show of craftmanship and the quantity of work he does is what it is really impressive But he is not my favorite artist when it comes to the actual pieces and i don't mean just because of his sexual work, i actually don't mind very racy artwork myself when its done well, its just that after looking at his sketchbooks i end up forgetting about them almost instantly.

I think a lot of people should stop self flagellating after comparing themselves to him. Every other kid now thinks that drawing without reference without thumbnails or anything using only brush pens is some sort of industry standard, no wonder they get discouraged fast, it really isn't at all, thats why he is so unique in the first place.

>"I became a good artist in a few months"

>I also think a lot of people lie about their age

Online artists lie, a lot, and i mean A LOT! the age one is probably the most common, some artists will try several times to come up with online personas until one of them starts pulling followers, almost nothing on the internet is really as spontaneus it seems.

>Acquired Savant Syndrome is such an instantly hot topic

I am perfectly sure that in a few years it will come down to just having money to implant your kid a brain chip at birth thus keeping an elite of cyborgs who can do marvels with no effort above the rest. Transhumanism kinda scares me and makes me tinfoil hard.

No. 462328

He rarely colours and when he does it’s flat base. Too bad, he’s really good at drawing

No. 462342

Using sketchbook on your phone with a stylus is a good to way to get into digital art, but you should absolutely get a laptop or something with a full art program if you want to get serious about it. Even an ipad would work better than a phone in that regard.

No. 462395


>I am perfectly sure that in a few years it will come down to just having money to implant your kid a brain chip at birth thus keeping an elite of cyborgs who can do marvels with no effort above the rest.

>Transhumanism kinda scares me and makes me tinfoil hard.

Perfectly sure? A few years? Try a few decades at least, we don't even have a PRECURSORY to brain implant/enhancement technology yet, just fiction and speculation. Hell, we don't even know how to cure alzheimers yet, after decades of trying! you don't need to worry about brainchip cyborgs stealing your art job anytime soon.

We're more likely to see artificial intelligence doing that in our lifetime, at least that is in an infant stage and being actively developed. But even that is in ridiculously early stages as far as art goes, mostly just barely amusing gimmicks and unusable auto-coloring.

No. 462400


>Perfectly sure? A few years? Try a few decades at least, we don't even have a PRECURSORY to brain implant/enhancement technology yet, just fiction and speculation. Hell, we don't even know how to cure alzheimers yet, after decades of trying! you don't need to worry about brainchip cyborgs stealing your art job anytime soon

This is what the millionaire genetically enhanced cyborg overlords will tell the normies.

No. 462435

I feel like it's kind of a weird point to make, no one who is using their phone for art is planning on going pro, they just want to be insta-famous and draw shitty sad e-girls or whatever. I'm sure anyone who actually wants to step it up will eventually cave to buying a tablet on their own anyway. Until then who cares what medium they use.

No. 462465

File: 1568518496652.jpeg (421.57 KB, 750x747, BED3FF59-0228-4D78-941D-82BA0D…)

A few people have mentioned tinyalgaes new ‘piece’ in the last thread and I honestly assumed they were exaggerating until I saw for myself. What the hell is this????? This bitch is weird ….

No. 462472

art circles are now glorifying pedophilia. i feel like artist women are being exposed to too many art males that are pedophiles or seeing the way pedophilic male artists are exalted (artsy men have always been pedophiles and creeps) and are being encouraged to either draw children in this manner, or make more and more absurdly neotenous 'women' the subject of their art

No. 462486

File: 1568522342272.jpeg (147.85 KB, 1199x581, D21893B5-605E-45BC-ACD0-4640B9…)

Not sure if this’ll add much to anything, I basically found an image that looks really similar but posted a year ago by aJVL on DA


No. 462492

File: 1568523655225.jpg (318.69 KB, 1920x1080, 1560176694173.jpg)

>I'm sure anyone who actually wants to step it up will eventually cave to buying a tablet on their own anyway.

I personally know the meme: "you don't need an expensive tablet yada yadah" "look at me doing pro work with a 10 yr old chinese tablet and PS 7.0, its the artist not the tools, git gud scrub" and i get it because i am poor and i have had to manage with what i have since forever but drawing on a piece of plastic while looking at a screen has always felt like garbage and uncomfortable to me, even after years of doing it every day i can't possibly get used to it and i find it un intuitive, if i spent some time drawing traditionally and then i have to use the tablet i feel so bad, a screen tablet or an Ipad is simply so much better in every way and they are the proper tools for digital drawing and painting, over prices as they may be. Non screen tablets are only a step above drawing with a mouse imo, but i guess everyone is different and this is just from my own experience, i like drawing in traditional so much better and all my studies were in traditional anyways but all my revenue comes from digital work, i like the tools that mimic traditional the most even when its not quite the same.

No. 462493

I find her rendrering skills impressive, this doesn't really scream 'pedo' like other artists.I don't know how to explain it, it's not Shad levels of uncomfortable if that makes since…

No. 462495

Can anyone post pics of what she drew

No. 462501

i’ve been following carly for ages and she really comes off as having some sort of mental debilitation. autism maybe? but her last few main drawings (that she puts hundreds of hours into) have all been naked children. over a year ago she used pics of a shirtless prepubescent girl as a “reference photo shoot”. she is hyper fixated on childlike bodies. that combined with the fact that she doesn’t have any friends, spends hours driving around alone at night singing along to shitty dad rock (if you’ve followed her you’ve seen a whole lot of it on her story) i have always wondered about her. the fort wayne scene is pretty annoying but something is really off about carly and has been for ages. she’s also obsessed with nippon. sorry but there’s quite a few red flags there

No. 462503

They definitely ganked the idea and composition of the sailor moon one, she posted it on her art blog two years ago and it has like 8k likes on tumblr. https://jigokuen.tumblr.com/post/163078553855

But it happens all the time, like how everyone does Mucha ripoffs

No. 462504

>But it happens all the time, like how everyone does Mucha ripoffs

Yeah, i feel at some point every single popular female artist from DA was swiping Glenn Keane. All of these Disney artists styles get copied to death.

I personally know someone who became super succesful pretty much banking on stuff he copied from Glenn Keane, Juanjo Guarnido and Rob Madueira. Pretty much skinwalking them. Disney + some anime or comic style is a killer combination online.

No. 462530

Stuff like this is really interesting to me too. Mind sharing those tutorials?

No. 462554

I actually met a man who developed an AI that creates music a while back, we had a multiple hour discussion on how this would impact the art world - it’s a rather unsettling reality, knowing that there is an AI that can create music at the push of a button. Commercial music would be in trouble as there’d be something on the market that can create you endless musical pieces at a fraction of the cost of a freelancer or established musician. You’d no longer have to deal with producers or any middle men, it’d be a very tempting offer

Commercially speaking, AI shouldn’t be disregarded as easily as it is. It’s fast growing and while people will always want ‘soul’ in artwork, that is not the case for things like concept artwork, marketing materials, book/album/disc covers, pretty much anything that can currently be relied upon as a stable stream of income

No. 462603

There's an AI tool built by Nvidia called GauGan which is pretty much what you're talking about but according to some sites, pro artist don't seemed worried by it. Instead many are actually kind of excited by it because it will help speed their workflow.

No. 462605


Dunno. The body looks if she is made out of metal or latex bc skin is too shiny. (Or the kid'd been dunked in slime, or worse.) Either way, it's a pretty inappropriate way to portray a child imho.

No. 462661

Enjoy this because is hysterical

No. 462664

Is a trainwerk

No. 462672

Ok that post really didn't make much sense without context so could someone give me the context?

No. 462681

watch this video to hear 5 minutes of kasey discussing fucking toilet functions

No. 462687


Right. Which video/ 50k Youtuber are they talking about?


Watch it last night and she's not talking about toilets? Can't remember. Kasey is beeing Kasey but I liked this video, honestly. It's nice seeing her doing more than her prompts and working on larger scales. Some colour choices of that big cactus at the end could have been better but overall I like that piece. This pixelated style looks nice.

No. 462690

Tbh I really appreciate this change of pace. No milk here honestly

No. 462694

Found who she's talking about. They even responded in this video. She has the personality of creepshow mixed with leafy is here

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