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File: 1606334576161.jpg (670.85 KB, 1000x750, twitch 3.jpg)

No. 1091552

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1000108

Recent drama:
>Sykkuno hits 1.4 mil followers within a year and is becoming the new face of twitch
>Fedmyster comes back from hiatus and drops a steamy google doc
>XQC banned temporarily for jellybean game
>Slasher would offer girls jobs for dates
>Nintendo DMCAing channels for playing videogames
>idubbbz GF is going to commit a zoie and go nude
>We still don't know why Doc was banned

No. 1091558

File: 1606335020727.png (39.65 KB, 625x346, UHOHSTINKY.png)

Fed responds, confirms doc is real but written months ago. Doc was leaked by a "close friend" he shared it with. Fed is being a real manipulative andy.


No. 1091570

File: 1606335916288.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x1952, 29D02947-8047-44B0-8848-F7A04A…)

Mental illness

No. 1091579

did she get cheek filler?

No. 1091587

the only surgery she's gotten so far is the boob thing. If she looks different it's probably facetune/filters

No. 1091629

Can’t wait to see how shitty this one is. All her tattoos suck lol

No. 1091669

No. 1091672

give me a qrd on "Valkyrae", is she just a poki copy?

No. 1091729

Casual gamer girl gone big, there's no drama on her besides the breakup with her soni earlier this year and people shipping her with Sykkuno now

No. 1091731

I thought she was a poki copycat because she's literally on every single poki tweet reply defending the same points and shit.

No. 1091750

They're also roommates so that could be why

No. 1091803

This is an image board. Screen shot the tweets into one pic and post. No one wants to click on that many individual tweets.

No. 1091806

Can anisa just have her own fucking thread at this point. Anons are dropping actual milk on other shit, but retards come in and randomly post uninteresting photos of her breaking up the discussion.

No. 1091809

I think Fed's an ass for doing that drunk shit, but holy shit am I glad he leaked proof of her bitchy behaviour. I've seriously had an awful feeling about Poki since she came about but the only actual 'evidence' was ahh she photoshops her big nose or ahh the copystrike drama. Those texts were shady af.

No. 1091815

Yep. I could just tell there was something else going on behind the scenes by the way she acted/acts. This is delicious.

No. 1091820

File: 1606357337946.jpeg (222.32 KB, 828x699, 8D68B06E-1FE8-48E3-879F-4BAD7B…)

An yes, taking a break from the exposure you’ve done.

No. 1091849

General threads are always like this, just ignore and don’t engage in content you’re not interested in

No. 1091850

Confirmed by Scarra that Sykkuno not moving into new OTV House. Also confirmed, again, that he's not going to join OTV. Can't wait for the reaction from his stans.

No. 1091863

Just heard it on his stream. Interesting how the only good thing he had to say about him was that he was a "good roommate" and then he very quickly moved on

No. 1091949

Good! I saw candid videos of them interacting on insta and he was still retaining the uwu soft boi persona. I can’t imagine living with someone like that 24/7

No. 1091967


I'm just waiting to see how he breaks the news to his fans. My guess is sad music and sympathy-baiting.

No. 1091968

File: 1606371731884.png (187.59 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-025925.png)

Screenshots from Sykkuno's ex talking about him… A series.

No. 1091969

File: 1606371789190.png (189.94 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-025956.png)

No. 1091970

File: 1606371832806.png (199.27 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030050.png)

No. 1091971

File: 1606371897769.png (182.53 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030121.png)

There are more.

No. 1091975

File: 1606372380112.png (204.36 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030559.png)

No. 1091976

File: 1606372448087.png (196.8 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030528.png)

She's talking about Lily, btw

No. 1091977

File: 1606372553444.png (171.29 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201018-030209.png)

No. 1091982

i feel so bad for her. god. imagine having to deal with that overgrown man child kek. he is truly insufferable in every sense of the word.

No. 1091987

OTV milk is interesting, but it's just depressingly sad at this point.

Cheating, sexual harassment, vague tweeting back stabbing?? This all looks likes high school drama, and none of them seem to be emotionally mature to deal with all of this

No. 1091994


Thing is. He's not a manchild. Sykkuno is a very clever, dishonest and manipulative individual with strong incel tendencies. His "friendship" with Lily is borderline stalker and he's only friends with people he can use to get ahead.

His voice or his mannerisms are a distraction. It's his persona as someone with no friends or luck with girls or money problems in the past which is complete bullshit.

No. 1091999

yeah. i guess what i mean is, imagine having to deal with his fake persona of being an uwu anime boy and actually knowing how much of a manipulative piece of shit he is in real life.

No. 1092038

The only way for them to get more clout has always been by doing things, such as clickbaiting and shipbaiting, leaking their own home, credit card numbers and future content (happens all the time on purpose, so people would clip it and spread it). But only after subtweeting over cheating drama they have realised that the best way for them to get clout is by spreading drama instead of dealing it like adults in private. Now all they do is shipbait (or jump on bangwagon of lily and her dating new people) and subtweet dramas.

The house itself has only one actually emotionally mature person (creator of otv, scarra), everyone else are doormats living their weeb dream.

No. 1092092

Implying Michael gets into any drama.

Other than physically burning down the house with one of his inventions of course.

No. 1092129

Agreed, sick of seeing so much of her in this thread..

No. 1092141

It's honestly so fucked that people this dysfunctional and socially maladapted are so wealthy. It's also bad that they broadcast this toxic behaviour to thousands of impressionable kids.

Pokimane will never be cancelled though. If it were possible, I wonder if OTV would've dropped her by now.

No. 1092225

Does anyone have the fed manifesto link? the one i find everywhere stopped working

No. 1092234

Probably because he didn't want it made public/Poki pressured him to take it down; check Destiny's YouTube. He goes over Fed's initial statement and Poki's response.

On a separate note, I'd recommended anons here provide receipts for milk. Assuming the worst of people without evidence doesn't seem the way forward, IMO.

No. 1092322

There’s no way we could’ve saved 25 pages of incel autism. Also fed claimed his friend made the doc so that would explain why it stayed up for more than a day.

No. 1092434

it was barely worth saving anyway. it’s literally the exact same statement as Poki’s but more woe-is-me + with some petty additions.

No. 1092440

No. 1092522

File: 1606443749767.jpg (588.75 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-11-27-07-45-37…)

Bitch wtf

No. 1092527

Thanks for achieving the incel manifesto

No matter what happens she still seeks stranger validation. Her therapist isn’t doing shit for her

No. 1092541

her newest one looks like a chicken foot tearing a vagina.

No. 1092587

I wished Anisa worked on her self more instead of seeking validation from the internet. I don't care that she does OnlyFans, at least do it well?? She doesn't even take the right angles or poses…Middle aged women on facebook are more photogenic than her at this point

No. 1092594

It just feels so tryhard and out of nowhere for someone like her lol, when has she ever expressed any interest in tattoos and traditional art? It's as if she saw a single person with cool traditional tattoos and was like "well, time to get 2 tattoos within 3 days of this art style I may or may not care for in a month let alone a year!" It doesn't seem authentic for her at all

No. 1092619

Lily created a monster, now he is so big that even if he stopped having any contact with OTV whatsoever he would still crush it, but good for them sane human beings can only tolerate such a fake and autistic person so much

No. 1092660

OTV unbloxing videos used to be pretty funny but now I feel like they just shit on everyone this isn't sending them something expensive or incredibly cool (custom shirts/shoes). This is the whole "haha just stop being poor" attitude that surely started as a joke, but even if that's still the case, it's really uncomfortable to watch.

No. 1092682

People saying the Pokimane thing is making them turn into incels are fucking dumbasses. Yeah, poor males all girls will… lead you on. Not saying doing what Pokimane did isn't shitty but the dude literally sexually assaulted two girls but yeah, poor him, poor males all girls are such meanies. Twitch guy gets into a scandal? Sexual assault/grooming/fucking underage fans. Twitch girl gets into a scandal? Fucks around. Oh no poor males! Females are the worst of the worst
Also every time Pokimane does that ghetto accent i want to rip my ears off

No. 1092687

>Also every time Pokimane makes a sound i want to rip my ears off

No. 1092745

nice job dismissing manipulative and abusive behavior because a dude is at the receiving end

No. 1092746

No. 1092750

You’re really stretching it

Some people who get a tattoo rush into their second because it gave them an emotional high. I’m betting there will be a third within the next few months

No. 1092760

if we're bypassing poki painting him as a controlling schizo that wanted to boot his victims out of the house then maybe

No. 1092763

Yassuo hates fed for manipulating him so this new info doesn’t change shit

Delusional adult retard butt mad he didn’t get the girl wahwah

No. 1092767

This "new info" shows that poki lied her fucking ass off, you retard.

Begone tier 3 sub.

No. 1092773

No1curr about some retarded drama. The fuck is this milk? It looks like PULL Pokimane thread all over again. Both Fed and Poki are idiots, just like their immature friends.

No. 1092775

Not just that Poki lied and acted like a bitch behind the scenes, but when confronted about it on stream she sat there sweatdropping and laughing. It was sociopath tier. I don't understand how you can do that fake, uncomfortable laugh in a situation like that. "Aaahhh guys my life is so weeeeird! Hehehehe"

No. 1092777

hate?? if u r talking about the totally real stream of him explaining how much Fed abusive him too (lol) it's not a true source, Yassuo is known to jump on the bangwagon for any "winning side" of the drama.Also he's close to poki and all offlinetv
Agree, why we cant ignore this Fed shit like the Albert stuff the new info is just embarassing.

No. 1092793

She's already wanting a sternum tattoo too pretty soon

No. 1092795

you're helpless, you're so focused on fed you just keep bringing him up. maybe you've read too many sympathetic comments on lsf?
noone cares about just her leading him on, get real

No. 1092870

Yeah but someone focusing on “poor fed he’s been ABUSED!!!”

No. 1092871

Where did i gloss over it? I said what pokimane did was shitty as fuck. I was frustrated by the guys saying this is turning them into incels when Fed isn't innocent AT ALL and overall male twitch streamers scandals are worse than females one but girls don't use that shit to hate a whole gender

No. 1092912

>but girls don't use that shit to hate a whole gender
KEK. This is a very ironic statement considering where we are.

No. 1092954

american traditional is what people get when they just want tattoos. it's the most common style and easiest to get, because as hers goes to show, you dont have to be good at drawing to do one. hers is pretty bad. was it really that hard to find someone good at tattoos in her area

No. 1093068

File: 1606514178704.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1876, F1162A97-A720-40D8-8E3D-6387C0…)

Anisa starts drama again for shitty English. Or maybe she does have a crush on the tattoo artist, which is why she went back for three tattoos within a week

No. 1093071

File: 1606514232392.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1856, 826D6B0B-7FC5-4776-B1BD-9276A5…)

People in the comments pointing out she didn’t have to take down her pants to show off her tattoo lol. Hope this is the last strike for insta bc this shit is classless

No. 1093210

File: 1606522580983.png (150.71 KB, 470x801, zONHWJIty3.png)

Hey Poki who can call you baby? Your boyfriend? Ah ok good to know

No. 1093213

File: 1606522773321.webm (851.98 KB, 328x188, caught.webm)

Poki seems pretty fine with it

No. 1093228

File: 1606523493530.jpg (918.22 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20201127-193008_Ins…)

Her tattoo literally looks like a shitty rip off of seaofdoom's bats. Its the bread and butter of her art and she's pretty much known for her bat pieces kek. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just copied from her with how much Anisa copies art.

No. 1093243

File: 1606524238821.jpeg (815.15 KB, 2048x2048, EBE04B8C-AFEA-4BDB-8051-5CD7D7…)

her tattoo and the art are both just ugly American Traditional style bats. very generic.

No. 1093246

Your right mb anon. Seeing these in comparison to hers makes it even clearer shes less original than I even first thought.

No. 1093256


I know it's suppose to be a bat, but I cannot unsee an armadillo.

No. 1093349

Is anyone else annoyed about the Corpse Husband simps in the chat that were crying to get him on the stream with xqc, AOC and hasan?

No. 1093355

File: 1606534085625.png (41.19 KB, 594x465, lmao.png)

nvm it's hilarious the corpse simps in hasan's chat are making him mald so much because AOC is DMing him on twitter

No. 1093363

Twitch chat being toxic again? I could never

No. 1093376

Great now sykkuno fans are crying to get involved too. Annoying

No. 1093377

File: 1606535828459.jpeg (869.02 KB, 1125x1857, 2CC8B414-6C0B-45C5-9D88-5D597C…)

Anisa saying she’s a recovered anorexic but openly saying triggering ana language lmao

No. 1093378

File: 1606535858214.jpeg (303.6 KB, 828x1099, CF752FBF-A16B-481B-AFD7-1C38F7…)

It seems that Trainwreckstv’s cash app give aways in sub only mode are against TOS and are illegal apparently.

Here’s a link to the lsf thread discussing it:

No. 1093380

I saw that shit going down last night, I knew they would get busted for that.

No. 1093492

I mean depending on her height that's really not that thin..

No. 1093500

I don't wear CK underwear but is the tag supposed to be in the front? Or is she wearing these backwards?

No. 1093508

You’re supposed to remove the tags when you buy them. Typical Anisa just shoddily mimics what everyone else does without know why/how things work

No. 1093543

She tries so hard to look dumb as fuck. Getting a tattoo to see a cute guy is one of the dumbest things this desperate idiot could do. But again, she's an idiot.

It's not that bad, anachan.

No. 1093569

Holy shit gtfo zoomer.

No. 1093582

why tf was it necessary to pull her pants halfway down to show a sternum tattoo?? like.. could have kept your damn pants on for this.

No. 1093594

Retard-chan, it was my first and only post about this drama that shouldn't even be talked about because of how milkless and stupid it is.

No. 1093635

>shouldn't be even talked about
Oh fucking please. You can't be serious. This anisa shit is more milkless and stupid than the poki drama. Pokis on stream very clearly acting insane and guilty, and its boring? But the umpteenth ugly pic of anisa isn't? The actual fuck?

>haha nothing to see here! No milk!

Are there poki simps in here?

No. 1093646

Both Foki and Anfisa "dramas" are not milky and this thread shouldn't have existed in a first place, because its nothing but Anfisa nitpicking and "everyone is a sociopath" bs. Find other people to talk about.

No. 1093647

There's 100% a few Poki simps here. They hate anyone flaming their ugly bird queen.

No. 1093654

Please either explain why we should care that some incel loser is whining about a twitch streamer leading him on or run on back to /r9k/

No. 1093660

what are u even talking about no one here is simp for no one, this foki drama is bad is not milk anisa new tattoos are more milky than this bs go to kf if u want to sperg like a pulltard.
Fed is still a dirty scrote trying to blame alcohol of his potential rapist nature.

No. 1093663

>incel loser is whining about a twitch streamer leading him on
lol to misconstrue it to that degree you've got to be fucking fuming

No. 1093667

kek. They clearly are.
calm down anon. you sound like an angry scrote defending their queen.

No. 1093703

Anisa is so fucking boring. Why the fuck would you want to see the same trynard no personality pickme attitude with the same average body and inflated tits over and over and over again? You guys have such an hate boner and need to insult others to feel better about yourselves you don't even realize how truly milkless and boring she is

No. 1093709

The Anisa simps are here ! she is idoobz girlfriend so we better watch out unless we want to be exposed on a conent cop, She is not like other girls, she idoozb girlfriand!~

No. 1093727

Where did you get from the post that I'm an Anisa's simp? Truly delusional. This thread is a fucking mess, it's supposed to be about discussing twitch but when someone tries to talk about actual drama happening in the twitch community the same 4 obsessed mentally ill anons keep swaying the conversation about Anisa's asshole. Nobody cares, she's a boring nobody but the thread is basically about her it's pathethic.

No. 1093728

omg its the 50th pic of anisa looking like a 6/10! she's sooo milky omg! omg anisa got a tattoo the milk is flowing! kek anon get a grip

No. 1093744

Is it so impossible for you guys to let each other enjoy your respective cows in the same thread? Sheesh. I can't even report you for infighting as I should, because I'd be reporting half the thread. Stop.

No. 1093749

noone complained about anisa until the moralfagging and calling poki milkless because "muh incels" began. i say wipe the moralfags, they're the problem.

No. 1093758

File: 1606588823059.webm (1.9 MB, 480x270, WLu241DqJvAQ56F6.webm)

No. 1093800

kek anon. Dirty feet omg! Omg will she ever wash them?? The plant is dead. Water it anisa omg! Plug the milk into my veinnnnssss

No. 1093807

I think she is deserving of her own thread bc she just fills up this one. Then we can move our “hate boners” over there ig ??

No. 1093841

File: 1606598154838.png (200.45 KB, 597x446, 1606597800454.png)

No. 1093845

based poki

No. 1093848

No. 1093855

File: 1606599912215.png (24.69 KB, 658x448, oh yeah.png)

thoughts on forsen's indefinite ban? he opened a gif with a 15 second delay that changes into some sort of horse bestiality pic. people are now comparing it to that time poki accidentally showed porn on stream
yeah i'm thinking she's based

No. 1093857

Context? If it really was an accident it’s a shame that someone would get banned

No. 1093859

here's a censored video of what happened

No. 1093861

Fucking based

No. 1093862

Yes! so you twitch people will have to put up with our "hate boners" until we get our thread back. Which will never happen so you guys are stuck with us.

No. 1093863

File: 1606600917757.png (37.94 KB, 594x312, pokimane.png)


She's not based you degenerates. Fuck Poki

No. 1093864

I figured
BOOO BOOOO get that troon outta there boooo

No. 1093868

NOW she's based.

No. 1093870

>even twitch's untouchable golden goose has to bend the knee to troons
lol nevermind she's not based anymore

No. 1093873

Supporting troons is not based

No. 1093874

No. 1093876

PULLtard detected

No. 1093884

How dare a woman have a say over what kind of community she wants to create with her audience!

No. 1093885

The sheer audacity!

No. 1093886

Begone troon

No. 1093889

Fuck troons tbqh

No. 1093890

okay, poki is based now

No. 1093893

File: 1606602930148.jpeg (100.2 KB, 828x255, D7F37804-C2A3-4544-A111-D6AD1D…)

Might just be my perception but its interesting how women on the internet get cancelled over little things like this but guys can be literal sexual predators and keep the majority of their audience/platforms and even have people defending them. Also troons on twitter are cheering over flooding her discord server.

No. 1093894

samefagging but i hope she's just hiding her powerlevel here >>1093863 to avoid any further spotlight being on her
fuck trannies

No. 1093922

i don't think it exists in the sense you think it does. women are overall more progressive on social issues, so it makes sense for them to harbor audiences that'd cancel them over stupid shit. dudes flock to dudes, girls flock to girls

No. 1093978

It definitely does. Everyone hated pokimane before this and men were pretty much the head of the hate ship because everyone on twitch has a hateboner for women with tits streaming. I dont like pokimane and I think she's as dumb as any other twitch streamer but the hate train against her was insane to the levels of the girl who abuses her cat and that one girl who spit on her dog. She could literally tweet "please stop DMing me to kill myself" and there would be droves of videos explaining why she deserves it and is a stuck up bitch for tweeting it.

Men can groom their teen audience and have them send nudes/manipulate them and basically act like online goblins and there's nothing but people defending them because "hOW dO wE knOW ShE wAsNT 18!!!" As if thats the problem with soliciting nudes from fans.

Don't know how she ever thought having a girl only server would work though. Dudes love ruining things for women and if she thought for a second with her infamy this would go well shes even dumber than I originally thought kek. In 2020 its basically okay to shit on CIS women in the most misogynistic ways as long as they're not stunning and beautiful troons.

No. 1093998

yeah every week there's a new hashtag trending to cancel pokimane, meanwhile actual predators like the people of RoosterTeeth with nudes/vids/texts of fucking underage fans was forgotten immediately.

No. 1094117

I like how her cutesy voice disappeared almost right away lmfao.

No. 1094350

Based or not, but having to verify yourself through voicechat in order to get a verified girl role is a smart move. Isn't she #1 Twitch streamer or sth? I am sure a lot of people would abuse her community and server in order to pretend being a girl (because twitch viewers care only about boobs and vagina), scam and catfish a clueless idiot(s). Happens in these kinds of servers all the time.

Sadly justice warriors on Twitter are going to scream about it now (even though it made sense) because some idiot decided to go "CALL ME M'AM" in GameStore route.

No. 1094365

File: 1606649546388.png (343.1 KB, 885x685, Screenshot.png)

I'd say that 90% of the people cancelling her right now are either men or trannies with animuh girl profile pics. They probably get a kick out the fact that pretending woke not only allows them to shit on the girl they always hated but also makes them appear morally superior while doing so.

You don't get it, having a girl role and especially the verification through voicechat is already seen as transphobic, "pretending to be a girl" or "catfishing" are terflanguage because anybody who says they are female must be believed.

I don't think she will be able to get out of this controversy, her mod clearly said that she wanted the voice verification and there's no reason/explanation for wanting that that isn't seen as incredibly transphobic by them.

No. 1094434

File: 1606662777766.png (38.1 KB, 661x413, trannies are repulsive dawg.pn…)

I do have to feel kind of bad for poki now, her server is being bombarded with screeching trannies spamming twans rights and the trans flag and all that
feels good to brutally mog trannies wherever i go just for having a female voice

No. 1094454

Stop feeling sorry for poki just because some mentally retarded sjws/trannies hate her. Don't turn this into a gender critical thread.

No. 1094514

Omfg thank you. I felt like the only anon with that opinion so I didn’t want to say anything and get railed by other anons

No. 1094519

No one in silencing you, but if you have a shit opinion people will call you retarded. That’s just how it is, don’t take it personally.

If I had to choose between dumb ethot and the SJW Twitter brigade it’s the thot every time. Twitter is so fucking brain dead and toxic

No. 1094520

nah you're not. It's beginning to read like an actual pull thread, with all the "uwu poor poki" armchair blog posting.

No. 1094527

Fucking exactly. It's milk. Two annoying as hell sides are fighting with each other, enjoy it while it lasts cause it probably won't.

No. 1094808

aw shit pokimane just dropped her official take on the drama

No. 1094828

Never said anyone was silencing retard. Maybe learn to read.

No. 1094839

Destiny is talking about the Poki stuff rn

No. 1094858

I know it's been established before but holy fuck fed is such a piece of shit.

No. 1094863

LOL the damage control. She realized she fucked up on stream and made this shit.

No. 1094875

>Omfg thank you. I felt like the only anon with that opinion so I didn’t want to say anything

stop forum posting like you're on PULL then, those threads were pure fucking cancer with "wah wah b-but the [old rehashed drama]!!!"

No. 1094889

I wish they weren't so nice to him about everything. Why does he get a say in what's included in a video about how he assaulted/preyed on women? And he clearly leaks texts trying to portray her as a lying whore and they just let him keep blaming his viewers? This man has been coddled from day 1.

No. 1094909

Why do you give a shit it’s just a single post

No. 1094916

Most of this thread seems to focus on OTV and iDubbbz GF, so I'm interested if anyone is interested in the Love or Host side of Twitch.

Yesterday's stream was a Chat Decides Love or Host for Quackity. The show's basically like Twitch Reality TV and it's all for jokes, the contestants are asked questions like "who is most like to pick host here" etc. etc. One of the contestants, Blushi, was picked by everyone as the most likely to pick host (host meaning she just wants her stream hosted on the channel and isn't interested in streaming with Alex), and she got upset and left.

There was a lot of confusion and the stream became pretty awkward after that, and Blushi apologized for leaving and not being able to handle it, and those who ragged on her also apologized. Most everything was cleared up but another one of the contestants, Tobi Marz, who was voted out immediately, talked shit about the other contestants, Minx, Boze, and Ofelia (who she confused with another contestant, Nina), on her stream.

Austin, the host, said that the James Charles LOH had more drama with their contestants as well. There's also a bit of controversy stirring up with every show having a contestant "cancelled" by the end of it and the fact that Minecraft YouTubers communities' have changed the audience drastically from what it was previously.

No. 1094917

File: 1606704167081.png (216.82 KB, 590x696, loh.PNG)

Samefag, Tobi Marz shitting on Minx, Boze, and Ofelia.

No. 1094920

Idubbz gf needs her own thread. I literally use to think (at first) this was her thread and not twitch

No. 1094931

Tobi has her own thread and this is already being discussed there.

No. 1094935

I used to watch for awhile then stopped because it was getting cringe I did tune into this one and it was uncomfortable to watch for me. Austin seems like he just invites anyone that will bring drama to the show for attention. Also Minecraft YouTubers communities have absolutely ruined the show.

Speaking of JustaMinx she had a sleeping stream a few days ago how is she not getting banned lol

Anisa doesn't have enough milk to have her own thread and her threads have been shut down twice so there's no point of getting her own thread.

No. 1094938

multiple posts going full retard about positive comments for certain streamers. You can disagree without fucking whining like some conspiracy theory or you're being oppressed.

No. 1094939

I'm still buttmad they had to change it from Rajj because of racial SJW pressure

No. 1094963

Meh love or host is a way more straightforward and to the point name anyway. The RajjPatel thing was cringe

No. 1095046

So, basically Fed's attempt at making it seem like Poki wanted to share a hotel with him in December was total bullshit. Poki, Yvonne, and Lily all went to stay in Fed's room as it was much larger.

As for the pressuring Yvonne to be fired, seems to me like Fed probably initially complained about her. Based on Fed's doc, Yvonne and OTV had some conversation about Yvonne's responsibilities. After that, Poki still thought Yvonne was not doing enough, but Fed went to bat for her. Seems like this issue isn't completely cut and dry about who wanted Yvonne fired more…

Overall, Fed still (and always was) a piece of shit. Sexually assaulted girls he was living with. Very not cool. Poki probably led Fed on at some points. With regards to the trying to fire Yvonne thing, seems kind of complicated. Fed's credibility is pretty destroyed by this doc. He deliberately misrepresented text messages in his doc to frame the narrative to characterize Poki in the worst possible light.

The guy who was fired for being a manipulator, manipulates again, who knew

No. 1095060

What's really pathetic is lily and poki saying they are still friends with fed or on good(decent?) terms. Fuck the backlash from scrotes, OTV should throw him in the trash where he belongs and never look back.

He sexually assaulted and harassed multiple girls, as well as manipulated so many people by defaming them. The former should put that POS in jail, or at the very least be actually cancelled. I wish the whole lot would turn their back on him because he does not deserve any forgiveness after what he did. And after what he is STILL trying to do. Nasty absolute manchild.

Poki was a young idiot who didn't understand you can't be uwu close with a guy who is crushing on you because she was spoiled socially with people catering to her left and right, but most young pretty girls are sadly that stupid until they learn how shitty men can be. But seriously fuck fed right outta here. He is the Type to be a sleezy opportunist who also takes advantage of women. He will keep trying to do it and get away with it as he becomes a gross old man.

No. 1095140

Doc from the supposed Fed-manifesto leaker. https://t.co/Ojnz0yTI4m?amp=1

No. 1095157

I saw it. It's so cringe but I still watch it sometimes kek. Still don't understand if what Boze said about Blushi was true.
>talked shit about the other contestants, Minx, Boze, and Ofelia on her stream.
Those girls are literally what makes the show bearable and watchable, with Kaceytron they're the only funny ones

No. 1095162

File: 1606744790225.png (876.02 KB, 2048x1655, e6Y7t8D.png)

>what the fuck
>you sent it tpo ficlkomg destiny
thats fucking hilarious

No. 1095171

You understand you are defending fuckboi logic right? She didn’t know better? They’re both shit people but Poki just has the clout and tact to get away with it.

No. 1095180

I always new fed was lying because

1) his "leaked" document was always suspicious to me because came out just shortly before he plans to return to streaming. He has(had?) plans to return in January.

2) even before pokimane's reply, Peter park who was a close friend said Fed lied about not wanting Yvonne to get fired.

And his stan's or whatever would read Fed's 25 page manifesto but not Pokimane's 11 page response where half are just pictures showing text messages Fed left out for context.

I feel so bad for Yvonne, she was already dealing with trauma, then on top of that she has to deal with Fed fans who are mad Fed was kicked out, then her abuser keeps stirring shit up she can't move on, and now she has to deal with people wanting to cancel pokimane as well. I hope she catches a break fr.

No. 1095232

How it's suddenly changed from some wannabe edgy show for incels to watch women being degraded all for the sake of clout, to a bunch of #woke sjw child stans in chat simping over below attractive men I'll never understand.

No. 1095274

If fuckboi logic is me, a biological woman, defending someone who was emotionally immature at 20 and didn't realize her actions where having such effects, then okay. Poki was spoiled socially, I already said that, and the way she was acting was on her. She is pretty and popular and undoubtedly was able to treat the guys who were into her in a poor manner and take advantage of their feelings.

But that's it? Most pretty/popular girls treat people that way until they wise up. She didn't owe Fed anything, but it was clear he was creepy possessive about her and also trying to have some gross kind of harem in their group.

Fed had clear cut intentions to sexually and emotionally extort people. Since he sexually assaulted someone, he should be in jail, or at the least ostracized from streamer communities. Just like projared and hell even lily's gross cheating ex.

But as I first said, what is really disappointing is how in their streams poki and lily are saying they still consider him a friend. I am sure they are just appeasing fed simps and aggressive male followers but it's pathetic they and their entire group didn't turn their back on fed immediately. He is still starting shit after all this time and trying to manipulate people, he is never going to change. By them being like uwu we are still fwiends, they are just enabling shit men have been getting away with for years.

No. 1095329

File: 1606757955721.png (256.42 KB, 729x670, sfsdfsd.png)

Rant ahead. Just wanted to say fuck Destiny and his coverage of this drama. I watched his initial video covering Fed's doc and he extends EVERY POSSIBLE CHARITY to Fed while shitting on Poki the entire time. Crazy, considering this doc is from a KNOWN sexual assualt/harasser.

He used the messages to say Poki was leading him on and that this, in his opinion, is an offense that's ..almost.. on the same level as sexual assault. Also not taking any time to consider the people we are examining are barely out of teenage years and can have confusing feelings. Why was none of that kind of charity extended to her?

Then just yesterday (I think - I only watch vods) goes over Poki's doc which shows the full context and he does a complete 180 on his statements. All the while not bothering to apologize/address the fact that him and his gang of dicksuckers were salivating over the idea of Poki getting taken down just days earlier.

It's all the more pathetic considering Destiny is nearing middle age with a son.. ugh I hate him but I still watch him for some reason. Also pic related is from one of his dickriders talking about the "bet" he has with Destiny that "Fed isn't finished!! He has some more bombs to drop on Poki!!!" Lol just imagine how empty he must be inside to not only harbor these kinds of attitudes but publicly make bets on the social demise of another.

No. 1095361

>people like this exist

No. 1095365

I smell a pullfag.

No. 1095373

lmfao at all the twitchanons from 2 threads ago being forced to acknowledge after 6 different dramas and a few google docs later, pokimane may just be a shit person with little to no moral integrity.

the only thing her reverse uno did was fix some of the yvonne stuff. still doesnt take away the fact she was mentally abusive by leading a guy on and continually implying he couldnt date or pursue other women over a long period of time, or continually engaging in deeply romantic behavior but then pretending it meant nothing.

>b-b-but fed sechsually assaulted!

yes. he did. no ones taking that away from you!
poki's STILL a shit person despite someone elses actions!

>b-b-but thats not abuse!

i know pokianons want to say that it isnt abusive to do this, but i think thats only with the hindsight of fed being an abusive person himself. if he didn't sexually assault someone you wouldn't be saying that its not abuse.
i think discrediting the fact that she casually played with someones intimate feelings towards her is really disgusting and takes away from whatever shitpost you're making

No. 1095412

> she casually played with someones intimate feelings

Yeah but that someone is a fucking grown adult incel. If it were any normal guy I’d double down on poki, but a normal guy also wouldn’t release a 25 page manifesto over someone they weren’t even dating?

Like fuck, if Jeffrey Epstein did this would you still have the same ideology?

No. 1095420

he didn't release it though. the person he sent it to did. i dislike fed and his weird gropiness, but he didn't intend for the doc to be out in the public. tbh, he strikes me as someone who would kill himself because of all the shit he's getting. especially when one of the people who claimed they were sexually assaulted by him was literally just..touched on the stomach by him, and people are comparing this to actual rape/sexual assault. it's insulting to victims of actual assault to compare touching, that stops immediately after saying stop, to being penetrated or nearly penetrated by someone who WON'T stop.
also: none of this makes poki any less of a shit person on her own kek. it's easy to say >but a normal guy also wouldn’t release a 25 page manifesto over someone they weren’t even dating?
when you haven't had people hate you in droves and tell you to kill yourself for "sexually assaulting" someone when you really just touched their stomach or legs, which as i said, is not anywhere close to actual sexual assault. it's weird, it's creepy, it's gross, but it's not on the same level as fucking rape
poki knew she had the upper hand on him too, and made their relationship out to be only friends, and never even attempted to let her simps know she was actually at one point very romantically involved with fed. which makes her original statement go from being absolutely fucked up and creepy to more like "huh…interesting". especially considering she lied about the state of their relationship from the beginning.

No. 1095423

>he strikes me as someone who would kill himself because of all the shit he's getting
this triggers the femcel

No. 1095430

not a femcel kek. go read the comments on lsf, people just bandwagon hate on whoever the echo chamber agrees with that day. which before it was poki now its fed, again. poki would never kill herself because of the things people say because she has enough money to never come online again if she wanted to. feds entire livelihood died in the span of like 3 days, and one part of it (pokis statement) was based on a lie. and thats after she led him on and toyed with his feelings to the extent that she did. and now everyone is back on her side and wants fed to die again, and will continue to tell him that
pointing out that fact hardly makes me a femcel, just read what people are saying and think about all the shit hes gotten and will continue to get during this time. idk, i said that bc lsf literally memes people up the point where they are dead, and then say things like "guys…we have to stop bullying!" and then when someone else becomes the punching bag they do the same shit all over again. i just would not be surprised if history repeats itself

No. 1095447

> he didn't release it though
He still compiled it and sent it to other people because he obviously wanted someone else to release it. That way he couldn't be blamed for the release of the doc since he thought it would make him look good and make Pokimane look like a huge bitch.
> he strikes me as someone who would kill himself because of all the shit he's getting
Are you a guy? "He touched her" is always the tip of the iceberg. He has a history of being predatory with multiple women which shows that he has the same mindset as typical rapists, all it takes is one drunk woman or one unassuming woman for him to act upon his urges (hence the allegations). Fedmyster imo fits the profile of an acquaintance rapist to a T. Idk about other women here but all of my male acquaintances that later became predatory have fit this checklist as well (pls bookmark it ladies, sage for blogpost).
> "One night the girls were hanging out together, and when the topic of Fed came up, we realized we all had our stories about him," Ng wrote.
> "I couldn't deny that Fed had a questionable history with girls in our circle," LilyPichu wrote, "I didn't want to confront the fact that our good friend would be capable of this."
I really hope you're a moid because this level of ignorance of male predatory behavior is extremely dangerous for a woman.

No. 1095457

Nobody makes a 25 page incel manifesto taking texts out of context to get back at a woman who wouldn’t date him without wanting it to get out there. I understand you’ve been very depressed and angry ever since she missed reading out your tier 3 sub, but you’ve gotta stop clogging up this thread with the unhinged rants. They aren’t working.

No. 1095461

not a moid, am a woman who was raped actually. glad to see how accepting anons are of women with differing opinions.
he didn't release it himself, not sure what the point of you pointing that out was. it is proven he didn't release it. there are dm's of him being pissed off at the person who released it, so no, he didn't. poki even says he never had any intention of releasing it.
also not sure why you pointed out where i said he seems like he has the potential of committing suicide. when you look at the treatment he is getting when, as i stated here >>1095430, pokis video was presented not giving the full truth about the extent of their relationship. i think anyone would be hurt by this. imagine someone leads you on for however long, then they tell everyone they never were anything beyond friends with you. it's hard to even consider what it would be like when they are both very public figures.
i just find it very disingenuous to compare the things he did to those of an actual rapist and sexual abuser.
i think you're intentionally ignoring how public their relationship was. it seems as though writing something out like that would be therapeutic considering everything that went down. i also don't believe he would have including such raunchy texts in a document he would willingly put out publicly on his own, as he knows what poki is capable of.
also don't know why you think i'd be a tier 3 sub for poki, i don't like either of them kek.
also i agree with the anon above that destiny is just braindead. he shouldn't have ever shown it publicly to begin with.

No. 1095507

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you and I do hope you had and continue to have full support in your life through something so terrible.

Men putting their hands on a woman without consent is assault, no matter where it is or what kind of touching. There is no gray area, someone touching you without consent, no matter how or where, should be a clear case of not being okay and have full repercussions. What you went through is awful and should have never have happened. We need to hold people to their actions without any wiggle room of "it was only this area/this kind of touching" because it excuses actions and makes it harder for victims and easier for nasty men to get away with it. For all we know, the victim could have been touched that way before and be equally as traumatized as if it was a more standard definition of sexual assault. We need more support for victims, her and you, to punish those to the fullest extent who touch people without permission.

Also, Fed was hitting on other girls, including Poki's friends, throughout the time they were friends and after Poki said she didn't want to date but he still wanted to possess her. What she did was stupid but he clearly had no qualms with hitting on other girls while trying to date Poki.

No. 1095509

I’m deeply sorry that happened to you, but that doesn’t make you correct here and it doesn’t mean we should never be allowed to question what looks like a man posting just because they might claim to be a female rape victim. Did you actually read pokimane’s google doc response? It says multiple people went to her about Fed sending them the doc himself, and frankly she has more credibility to me than a known predator and manipulator. Just because Fed showed caps of him complaining about someone else sending the doc to some people doesn’t mean he never wanted it to get out. I never heard anything about their supposedly public relationship, I don’t follow either of them closely, but I do know that he told people they were dating when they weren’t, if you read her doc it shows he literally admitted to it.

No. 1095528

>he didn't release it himself, not sure what the point of you pointing that out was. it is proven he didn't release it. there are dm's of him being pissed off at the person who released it, so no, he didn't. poki even says he never had any intention of releasing it.
I don't think he wanted it released. There are a lot of inconsistencies and screenshots cut at the right time that pokimane could have easily discredited (and she did)
I don't think he made that doc for the public, i think it's more likely he made it for the streamer community, to trash her/gain leniency behind the scenes to people who didn't have contact with pokimane and couldn't hear her side of the story.

No. 1095538

Agreed, it was a really shoddy hit piece and that would be more in line with the usual behind the scenes manipulation he usually pulls, turning people against each other so they’d fight his battles. Destiny was an idiot to cover it on stream but I’m kinda glad he did if it made Fed that mad, I think anyone who wasn’t desperate for a reason to hate on her could see how bad it made him look.

No. 1095556

I agree with you on everything anon. I'm sorry to see that everyone is dogpiling on you. It's pretty disgusting to see anons try and minimize your experience by comparing it to what fed did. I don't understand the simping for poki though. Anons can't seem to agree that both of them are shitty people.

No. 1095565

>minimize your experience

Shut up this person could literally be anyone saying anything. Its an online anonymous image board not a trauma counseling session. Just because they blogged about their personal life means all of a sudden their opinion is fact kek? You guys must really miss PULL.

No. 1095567

You're telling me that this shitty convo >>1095162 from a "fangirl" is proof that Fed TOTALLY didn't want it leaked?

For all we know Fed could've made an alt discord and talked to himself. No it wasn't me it was this "random fangirl, whose name is conveniently blacked out" I talk to!

1. why the fuck was he sharing it with multiple rando fans
2. why was he sending multiple versions of it to multiple people?

this absolutely sounds like he had every intention to leak it from the beginning

No. 1095572

Why do I get the feeling these might be coming from the same IP? And how in the world is saying that poki is as shitty as a serial predator not minimizing sexual assault?

No. 1095594

Honestly betting on an ex pulltard that’s triggered everyone isn’t hivemind dogpiling pokimane.

When she legitimately does shady stuff, we’ll shit on her but so far the “receipts” have been weak af

No. 1095599

I didn't know "she" was raped until she responded to me. But does that make her opinion more valid? Plenty of libfems who cape hard for men have been raped and still feign ignorance of obvious predators, probably as a coping mechanism.
Exactly, he was sending it to multiple people knowing that one of them would leak it eventually. The anons keep referring to the doc being 'shoddy' and not well put-together as some sort of evidence that he wasn't going to leak it, but have you all considered that maybe it's just because he's not intelligent and/or the omitted information makes him look bad?

No. 1095605

Yvonne responds and says she believe Fed had every intention for it to leak.

Fed shared the doc in October with Yvonne and Yvonne asked to not be involved because of trauma. Fed responds he has HIS OWN TRAUMA and that doing this would help HIM.

No. 1095610

He’s traumatized from everyone finding out he was assaulting women and gently telling him they’re all still friends but he needs to go to therapy? I hope this shows them all that they can’t keep him around hoping he’s gonna become a better person, this shit is narc tier

No. 1095622

All of the "PAWKIMANE IS A SOCIOPATH LOOK HOW SHE LAUGHED!! POKIMANE BAD HERES PROOF (nothing or past dramas)" is from ex PULL people. I used to lurk and engage in Pokimane thread when she was actually milky, but over time thread turned into SimplyKenna 2.0, where people would screech, blogpost and nitpick over every step she takes instead of focusing on someone actually shitty and disgusting, but instead they chose to claim that Pokimane is the worst person in this whole world when she is nothing but a typical "xd im relatable! Give me your credit card ;)" streamer. I think she started trying to be better only after she moved from OTV and started living with her friends, idk what shes up to now. In the end This Fedmyster drama is going to be one of the things from which OTV will get another clout, as they always do. They can't leave without leaks and drama.

No. 1095673

I dont get what we suppose to discuss about Fed like… ok poki is a tryhard fake wholesome ethot and fed a thirsty fuck who doesnt respect boundaries with female friends KEK we get it pulltards. And now we wait for the same 4 delusional fucks to start an infight because we dont want to talk about foki drama.

No. 1095723

thank you anon, you sound genuinely kind. i agree with you. i just find myself feeling somewhat disgusted hearing people wish death on fed to the extent that they have been, especially after expressing remorse and regret for his actions. if he had crossed the line into actual penetrative rape, i would understand him receiving the treatment he has been. i didn't intend to sound like i agree with his actions, i absolutely do not. it's just silly to act as though pokis false painting of their relationship didn't have an effect on both him and the publics perception of him at the time
thank you. i didn't really feel like anons here minimized my experience, moreso the general response from people i've seen on lsf tend to act that way. they definitely are both shitty people and neither really deserve defense or simps as far as i'm concerned lol
not a samefag or a pulltard kek. the hoops people jump through to hate on poki is insane, but shes done some dumb shit that shouldn't be ignored just because people on PULL used to make fun of her nose or call her ugly or whatever the fuck kek

No. 1095726

All of this infighting over two shitty people. Neither one of them are worth it. Just sit back and enjoy the fire.

No. 1095734

The infighting always starts because someone gets mad we don’t rip a streamer apart in the way they want. Then they cry they’re being oppressed.

No. 1095862

File: 1606801576725.jpeg (392.65 KB, 1125x779, B4E97F90-8D33-4F75-9EEE-C7B6C5…)

>be anisa
>I’m strong, confident, and happy. I don’t care what you think
>not even 24 hours later
>sad posting on a horny account

That’s really going to bring in more subs lol

No. 1095978

Based. Poki the absolved

No. 1096035

I wonder if idups still pees on her when they shower

No. 1096404


This whole pick a side is BS. You actually had brainlets who thought Fed's manifesto was his redemption arc. Even if it were true, which it isn't, it still wouldn't redeem Fed.

On a side note, there is the possibility he didn't want it leaked to the general public, just streamers. Apparently, Fed did send the doc (or some version of it) to other streamers, including Maya and Mizkif. If he knew what he was leaking was false or misleading and if he sent it to current or potential business contacts… Hoo boy. If Poki really were a ruthless businesswoman, she could fuck Fed raw.

No. 1096508

>including Maya and Mizkif

did fed think he could move to texas and start over? lmao smooth brain

No. 1096684

Embarassing & pathetic are good terms to describe for both anisa and fed.

No. 1096915


Tl;dr more backpedaling and releasing DMs. Bro just wants to drag pokimane down by any means. This is why gamer incels should never mix with any type of female or fame.

No. 1096992

So much for the reeeeing over innocent lil feddie boy only making the docs to cope with his trauma kek could he get any more desperate

No. 1096999

At this point the only serious issue is who wanted Yvonne fired, but that’s already been proven multiple times.

This also reminds me, Yvonne mentioned in her first statement months ago that Fed was glad her boyfriend kept silent initially. Because if her bf got violent they would have to fire him from OTV. Or am I remembering shit wrong

No. 1097048

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, this sounds suspicious. Like he's talking to himself LOL

No. 1097069

File: 1606899851551.jpeg (354.59 KB, 1125x1373, F0FB72A3-8385-48E4-B78C-F9E65E…)

Sykkuno fans are batshit insane LMAO, after an intense game of amongus sykkuno fans flooded toast’s Twitter with shit like this

No. 1097224

35yo nurse watching sykkuno in her free time..why is that weirder than teenagers liking him kek. its like those 40yo kpop stans

No. 1097387

he also sent it to his own FANS so he wanted a public leak not just to smear her to mutuals.

hard to feel for OTV when they won't grow up and drop him for real. people like to tote scarra and toast as the mature ones but even they won't cut ties completely, just pull that "we're still friends but go to therapy but we're still friends and support you" crap (this is fine if someone messes up once or twice, but fed has fucked up so, so, so many times it's clearly his personality and not a one off mistake). toast cried on stream about feeling bad for not protecting their friends better but still follows this person.

don't follow sykkuno but he seems to get upset over among us a lot, maybe he should play something else

No. 1097708

Begging everyone involved in this who isn't named Yvonne to drop it. It's just petty now.
Kind of a shame but I guess nostalgia overpowers a lot. I know Lily talks with him too but Poki and Yvonne don't follow him on any of their accounts. Poki says she cared for him and Yvonne said she only spoke with him through a third party in October to beg the document not to leak… so at least they've got each other's backs in that way.

No. 1098211

I'd cut the nurse some slack; she's probably burned out.

This is one of the many reasons I think Sykkuno is a shitty person. This isn't the first time Toast or Rae have "bullied" him. They're memeing, and he knows it. The whole "shut up, Sykkuno" "fuck you, Sykkuno" is a bit. I'll bet the whole turning off his camera to cry was an act. I'll bet you he was playing it up for sympathy. He could've told his chat at that moment that they were just joking and, if he actually was feeling bad that day, that his mood was unrelated to them "telling him off". Instead, he went on about not being able to meme again. He knows a good chunk of his fans are overly-protective stans and I sure he knows how toxic they can be. He's done this before, rule up chat by acting hurt and not doing anything to diffuse the situation.

No. 1098437

>I'll bet the whole turning off his camera to cry was an act.

Did he actually do this? wtf no wonder his fans went apeshit. Being friends with someone like this is alright, but imagine living with him. I'm glad they didn't invite him to OTV, he's fucking pyscho.

No. 1098510

They were yelling at 2:35 and he turned it off at around 3:05. He should’ve cleared this shit up instead of letting his followers harass Toast and Rae.

No. 1098544

Talk about calculated. And this man is 30? Is he a sociopath?

No. 1098560


I wouldn't try to diagnose him, but his whole thing is milking sympathy. He had a disagreement a while back, when Among Us was starting to become popular, with PeterParkTV about the spirit of the rules. Peter tries to calm his chat down, tells them it's no big deal. Sykkuno just keeps repeating he doesn't understand, even after several players have clearly explained things to him. He trolls in DnD and triggers some a-hole to tells him to kill himself. Lily bans the person, they were one of her subs, and later Arcadum gives a lecture. Sykkuno just sits there and mopes for two hours. His whole persona- not good with girls, had no friends, and poor- is designed to gain sympathy and/or make him relateable to his target audience. It's also based on lies: Bad with girls? He had a gf for 3 yes, until early 2019; she only dumped him after she found out he had been telling his fangirls he was single. No friends? He kept blowing his non-streamer friends off; his ex's friends ditched him once she explained things to them. No money? He ain't poor.

I honestly think he doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.

No. 1098561

I watched it w/o context and holy shit that made me sad. "I was just trying to make everyone laugh." Ugh I would be manipulated so easily. Thanks farmers.

No. 1098585

He acts like a covert narcissist. Wouldn't be surprised if he's one. Either way, he is self centered and manipulative.

No. 1098601

well tbh thats what happens when you pander to the lowest common denominator. She's the same bitch who pulled the -im not like other girls uwu- and talked shit about women doing the same thing she does. She deserves everything coming to her

No. 1098607

how does anyone fall for this fake uwu eboy shit, i can understand teens, but adults???

No. 1098634

God I cannot stand this guy. Everything about him is so disgustingly manipulative and fake. I cannot get over him being nearly 30 and acting like he's the main character of a shonen anime. I don't think I've encountered someone more insufferable than him in my entire life, call me dramatic kek but his entire persona just enrages me

No. 1098648

File: 1607053693805.png (1.59 MB, 1653x845, ddddd.png)

Idubbbz is streaming secretly on twitch now and without his curated "persona" he's as boring as Anisa. "I don't wash my face, I just use hot water. I like having a film of oil on my body. I do not like talking about music"

300 viewer andy lol


No. 1098698

There are a good number of pretty big Youtubers who haven't seen the same success on Twitch.
I personally don't care if the anime persona is fake. It's the feeding your chat BS to get sympathy/donos/subs that I think is shitty. I think he's a garbage human, and garbage humans succeeding by pretending to be uwu and wholesome is kinda depressing.

No. 1098710

File: 1607059448989.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x2039, 2495FC07-1250-4522-BBCA-C6C9F4…)

Anisa “I don’t trace” Jomha but also here’s me openly tracing for “practice”

No. 1098736

Tracing to practice drawing, huh? What's next, lipsyncing to practice singing? Kek

No. 1098763

He definitely roleplays as a uwu pure and innocent anime husbundu to harvest female weeb simps, similar to Lily trying her hardest to be an anime loli for her male weeb simps.

No. 1098826

excited to see her professional tattoo artist phase when she clearly has the technical skill of a third grader

No. 1099033


The whole "voice" thing with Lily and Sykkuno is a distraction. There's no evidence I can find that Lily is faking being nice; there's a good amount of evidence that Sykkuno is, and that he lies or misleads about a lot of things. The worst thing about Lily that I can think of is that she seems to let herself be manipulated by people such as Sykkuno; Aria and her have been told several times that Sykkuno has talked shit about them and that he has, or used to have, some weird obsession with her with a mixture of incel, talking shit about her, and weirdo fanboy, Lily was the only one Sykkuno's given flowers to. Then again, her life and her decisions. Besides, at this point it wouldn't do her much good to criticize Sykkuno. He hasn't done anything as bad as Fed, or even Albert. He's just a manipulative creep who uses his uwu persona to make money off insecure girls. Considering how much support Fed has gotten, I can't imagine the blowback if anyone decided to go against Sykkuno.

No. 1099048

Do you have nothing else to do but spam this thread with whiteknighting?
Also, wasn't there supposed to be Sykkuno thread some time ago anyway? It would have been a better decision because he has a lot of snowflake moments, but they were mainly only on pull or their trainwreck of a server that had admin drama.

No. 1099231

late here, but kek at fed saying the original doc was 'therapy'. he loves to use 'therapy' as an excuse for all his bad behavior without understanding what the word even means.

sometimes therapy involves writing a letter you won't send, sometimes you ask your therapist for advice on a letter you do intend to privately send to an induvidual, and very rarely you might have to speak to a friend with a therapists present for a private mediation or intervention. good therapy would NEVER involve writing a exposed doc and sharing it with your friends and FANS. getting your friends involved in your therapy is so fucked, getting your FANS involved is just flat out manipulation, writing an exposed doc as 'therapy' is just…fed things.

No. 1099334

NTA but what part of that post was whiteknighting? It’s mostly negging

No. 1099636


Docs written for therapy wouldn't include screenshots.

No. 1099915

kek this is why I don’t buy him saying he’s in intensive therapy b/c it seems like normal Fed behavior. He either isn’t going or needs a new one

No. 1099970

If you read his docs he flubs and reveals his friends thought it would be good therapy for him to write the manifesto. Not a therapist like he originally wrote.

No. 1100109

> Not a therapist like he originally wrote.
did he originally say his therapist told him to? i only recall that he said it was 'therapy' for him but didn't say how he decided it was therapy (i assumed he just called it therapy on his own so he sounded less petty).

the way he writes about himself is so disgusting i can't be bothered to double check the docs right now, but if he did blame it on his friends then he's still trash for letting himself being manipulated by such a ridiculous idea. tati westbrook level dumb. can you imagine telling your friend to role play writing a 30 page google doc complete with screenshots exposing your ex flame as therapy? only a really bad friend would suggest such a convoluted and unhealthy idea. this smells like a lie, either one that fed is flat out telling, or a group delusion all of his friends bought into "sure why don't you compile a doc of screenshots full of juicy drama and share it around with all of us, surely it'll help you move on and not dwell on your failed friendship that you fucked up."

also if fed was taking his therapy seriously he would have told his therapist and his therapist would have spoken up, but he probably just completely omitted it or lied about the true purpose of the doc or that he shared it with third parties.

No. 1100154


It doesn't really matter if Fed's explanation is that his therapist recommended it or his friends did or if he came up with it on his own; regardless of whatever the answer is, it reeks of bullshit. There's no reason for a doc meant for therapy to include screenshots; why would Fed need evidence to prove something he supposedly knows to be true? Removing context is also weird for a therapy doc; I'd assume that not facing the full situation is kind of dealing with your issues 101. All of his docs don't read like therapy; they read as if he's building a case. There's very little self-reflection, other than an acknowledgement of what happened to Lily and Yvonne, and it focuses on responding to Poki's claims rather than talking about things which Fed needs to work on.

Honestly, if Fed had just said from the start that the point of the doc was in response to Poki's claims, he'd look like less of a bitch now. After all of this, the strongest argument he has against Poki is that either she led him on a bit or she wasn't firm enough in making things clear; the lines a bit murky. At worst, it seems, she downplayed her role in pushing to get Yvonne removed and the enjoyment she probably got, at least initially, at the attention she got from Fed.

The only people following this whole drama who think Fed's docs have been some great gotcha movement are losers who think girls in their early 20's being kinda dumb, superficial, or enjoying attention from guys is big news.

No. 1100300

> There's very little self-reflection, other than an acknowledgement of what happened to Lily and Yvonne
There is barely even that, he vaguely mentions it in the same breath he justify his actions with his 'desire for intimacy'.

>Honestly, if Fed had just said from the start that the point of the doc was in response to Poki's claims, he'd look like less of a bitch now.

Everything he does makes him look like a little bitch but somehow his stans and OTV will won't drop him for good, they keep leaving the door open for him hoping he will change which is how he keeps having the gall to write incel manifestos.

No. 1100428

I dunno about hard evidence, but Lily comes across as very disingenuous imo. She's leaning in very hard on the cutesy "i just luv every1 so much it hurts :,(((((" trope, which fits well with her overall brand. Aren't she and Sykunno roughly the same age? I feel like they both offer a similar product: creepy anime-baby roleplay, that attracts a certain kind of pathetic consumer.

Also what is the voice thing a distraction from? They are both playing a character, and Lily has repeatedly gotten defensive about people acknowledging that. It's whatever if she wants to use the baby anime voice, there are numerous other streamers use an identical voice, but the adamant defense that this is some natural physical trait of hers is super weird.

No. 1100623

True, Fed just wants a hug /s.
I'd say Sykkuno's and Lily's personas are pretty different if you pay attention. Different content (Lily does more just chatting, no Genshin Impact and a lot less Among Us. Sykkuno doesn't do music or art), different relationship with chat (She constantly tells chat off; I don't see Sykkuno doing that), different senses of humor, and just overall difference in vibe. IMHO, the similarities are surface level. I also get the impression Sykkuno intentionally modeled his streamer persona on Lily's, but that he's actually quite different; that's why they seem similar at first glance.

No. 1100639

So pokimane is streaming with french streamers now? Is she waiting for the heat to die down

No. 1100677

Lul what a dumb ass he should have just streamed on YouTube instead that's where most of his audience is seriously what a fucking retard, I guess him and anus pear are two peas in a pod.

No. 1100688

File: 1607222187746.png (8.34 MB, 1125x2436, F87B55C9-2D95-4A77-95E4-5615B0…)

Anisa big mad for some reason

No. 1100724

“No one cares if I give you visual pleasure.”
B-but, your job is to literally get people to pay you so you’ll give them visual pleasure … it’s what OnlyFans is for…

No. 1100726

She’s just mad no one likes her shit tattoos

No. 1101593

Obviously they are different people if you really drill down, no one was claiming otherwise. My point is, broad strokes, they provide a similar offering. The differences are only going to be apparent to someone who's spent the hours watching their individual streams.

To be honest I've only seen them in group settings, and like many other streamers/youtubers, their individual content (imo) ranges from boring to unbearable, though I am probably not their target demo.

Most of OTV is ~30 (minus pokimane), they make their living pandering to teenagers, so in general I feel like they give off a creepy "hello fellow kids" vibe, so maybe that's what I am picking up. It feels like Sykkuno and Lily both lean into that the hardest, with the "innocent anime baby" rp, especially since neither of them ever drop character.

No. 1101598

After watching the influx of vtubers, lily isn't doing anime baby shit anymore. That unironic ugu shit is cringe

No. 1102072

File: 1607327205102.jpg (462.85 KB, 629x869, original (19).jpg)

Sage bcs nothing interesting but I believe this is how sykkuno thinks he looks like

No. 1102110


I wouldn't say Michael, Toast, or Scarra really fit into the uwu anime mold at all.

I get the impression that Lily really isn't putting on much of an act, and her humor/persona is a lot edgier/memeier than what you might think. IMHO, Sykkuno's fake more in the sense that he's really not a nice person. His ex claims he used to talk shit about his "friends", lie about them, and make up stories. I've heard complaints of him intentionally misreading compliments/gaslighting chat, and have seen him go off on people in chat for harmless comments. He's made inappropriate comments to female streamers and then acted as if he didn't know what he was doing. He's fake to his stream and his "friends", which is worse than acting uwu.

No. 1102463

NTA but adding onto this, he has a tendency to lie even about the smallest things. There’s an ongoing joke where he talks about how poor he is and he can only afford to eat Costco burritos. He comes from a pretty wealthy family and still lives with them. If you look at his dog photos, the background shows how affluent his house/area looks.

No. 1102619

Doesn't he still live with OTV? I know they weren't bringing him to the next place but I didn't think they'd already moved.

No. 1102622

He was temporarily living with them, they moved to their new house last week.

I am confused though, it looks like Kkatamina is living with them? Maybe scarra is dating her

No. 1102632


Kkatamina is living in fuslie's house. She's rumored to be dating Toast though and is over alot.

No. 1102697

> Most pretty/popular girls treat people that way until they wise up
God, you're fucking retarded. Poki is a shit person, and no, her age or looks don't vindicate her from being a shit person.

No. 1102702

You do realize that leading someone on can result in them thinking you guys are an item or have something going which or a chance at being together. It does mess with a person's mind. Sure, Fed is a piece of shit, but so is Poki and she's not innocent in all this.

No. 1102704

>the only thing her reverse uno did was fix some of the yvonne stuff. still doesnt take away the fact she was mentally abusive by leading a guy on and continually implying he couldnt date or pursue other women over a long period of time, or continually engaging in deeply romantic behavior but then pretending it meant nothing.
Exactly. People like to pretend she's completely innocent. She's a mental/emotional abuser and at fault too. She was fully aware of his feelings and instead, continued to play with them.

No. 1102716

And Poki

No. 1102730

Lily is definitely fake. It's obvious except to the willfully ignorant.

No. 1102731

Hopefully you're not that "friend" who used to white knight incessantly her on her thread and always made sure that if she was spoken about negatively/validly, they would get the last word and suggest she was real, innocent, had integrity blah blah blah

No. 1102740

You gotta provide something more than "It's obvious"
No, I'm not. I just think you should back things up. There is evidence against Sykkuno, for example. Screenshots, tweets, clips, and what I've seen with my own eyes on stream. E-v-i-d-e-n-c-e.

No. 1102745

I don't think Lily is fake either.. Or she's no faker than your average streamer's "fake" public personality is. I think she's dumb to forgive anyone who apologizes to her (see: Fed) but that's just being naive and not a calculating mastermind.

No. 1102754

Right? You can't talk a single slight bad thing about her and then some white knight will come and say "actshually…". Jfc. She's insufferable for her persona alone and the fact that she panders to incels speaks enough of her character to me.

Oh shit, it's definetly that Lily whiteknight. I was reading her threads and there was always this retarded anon asking for e-v-i-d-e-n-c-e

No. 1102758

That clears it up. She kept appearing in stories/streams but I couldn’t find the link between the people living in the house.

For fucks sake guys every time lily is brought up some butthurt anon brings up the white knights. This is an image board, if you have lily shit drop the receipts, we’d love to discuss. Stop infighting you retards.

No. 1102765

"No ones cares if I give you visual pleasure"

You literally are an only fans girl who used to be a titty streamer. What the fuck is she on about

No. 1102772

You know you didn't need to make three separate posts to respond to shit from a week ago, right?

No. 1102782

>>1102740 There’s 3 threads that talk about her. I’m sure you can find receipts there if you read them, anons have no obligation to spoon feed you.

No. 1102793

I stumbled upon those threads just because she played among us with someone i know. Had a neutral to positive opinion and ended up hating her guts, especially because of the incels that camped there. Imagine nurturing that kind of audience ew.

No. 1102809

Oh great rehashed stuff from 10 years ago during her 4chan phase. Got anything new?

There is stuff besides old shit to talk about, like how it’s fucked regardless of how Fed leaked Lily’s DMs, she still considers a friend and chats with him to this day.

No. 1102894

The only interactions I've seen Lily have with incels are people on the OTV subreddit accusing her of cheating because she interacts with guys other than Michael. Don't know where you got the impression her chat is full of incels. Was Sykkuno in the lobby as well? There definitely is an incel component to his audience.
True, I get the impression Fed has an easy time manipulating her because she doesn't want to face the fact that supposed friends can turn out to be manipulative assholes. Same with Sykkuno; she's been told about him (him talking shit about her, creepy/stalkerish shit, etc) at least twice, yet she seemingly refuses to acknowledge reality.

No. 1102908

Anon. Lily is almost 30 years old. She is not some uwu 15 year old incapable of making decisions for herself in the big bad world of adults.

No. 1102925


Anon. I never said she wasn't an adult pushing 30. I know she's fully capable of making decisions. People, including Michael, have commented on her inability to accept the fact that some of her "friends" are manipulative assholes. She's also acknowledged it herself. Have to say, I do kind of sympathize with her a bit. Trying to see the best in people is normally an admirable trait. It becomes an issue when it allows people, such as Fed or Sykkuno, to manipulate you and to create uncomfortable situations for your other friends. There's a point at which it becomes selfish, TBH.(derailing)

No. 1102959

Prime example why you shouldn't idolize people. No one cares about your blogposting. You still can't learn how to sage

No. 1102989

>assuming twitch is not full of incels by default

imagine thinking that a community that thrives off of moids paying to watch people play gamez or just chat attracts well-adjusted individuals

>Have to say, I do kind of sympathize with her a bit.

Shocking revalation lilyfag

No. 1103065

uwu she's an innocent widdle woman who can't handle her own business

grow the fuck up. i'm so sick of other women acting like they're helpless in the relationships in their lives. you're helpless because you let yourself be because you like the attention it provides you. and that certainly applies for "this is my real voice" lily.

No. 1103071

amen anon. Lily uses this shit to keep up her "pls feel sowey for me" persona. She feeds off of the pity from her fans. It's fucking weird.

No. 1103074

Another amen. If Lily (and some of these uwu anons) doesn't grow the fuck up, she's going to end up like another Bianca. Sykkuno seems like the type to go full incel on her.

No. 1103115

I dont know when she started saying it but lily has told people multiple times in the past year to stop infantilizing her and accept that she is an adult responsible for her own choices. Shes probably more annoyed with these uwu anons then people talking about her voice at this point.

No. 1103119

>posts the same whiteknight comment multiple times with no sage

great input thanks. interesting that all her friends say she's easily manipulated (forgiving her for her stupid actions) but she says her choices are her responsibility.

No. 1103186

>attracts well-adjusted individuals
So unimaginably much this… the same goes for twitter, and god help us all, reddit.

"Discussions" happen there, and people seem to think that because it's loud, it's representative of the majority of the population. All of these sites are such a niche slice of humans, with heavy biases and a strong tendency towards recursive groupthink.

Yeah, it plays into the whole "I just wuv everyone" shtick. Characterizing any of these people as "friends" is a bit strong. They are business associates, whose product is generally footage of them interacting together. She maintains a visible connection with this person because it benefits her in some way to do so. In this case, I think that's because having a public conflict where she "cut someone toxic out of her life" wouldn't play as well with her brand as, "everyone deserves a second chance >.<"

No. 1103189

why do anons here hate lily so much but whiteknight POKI kek
they're both retarded. its just weird how hateful anons are towards lily but when anyone says something bad about poki anons have a mental breakdown(take it to the lilypichu thread)

No. 1103198

No one hates Lily, they are just acknowledging the reality of her life, and it depends on the context, but I don't really see anyone frothing at the mouth defending Poki either.

In this present "scandal," I don't see any way in which Poki acted badly enough to justify extended interest in the story. The _only_ semi interesting thing that happened was quietly badmouthing a crappy employee, but Poki got caught, and said employee has previously been harassed, so employee got to stay forever.

It's honestly a little mind-blowing to me that any part of the internet cares if Fed was "lead on." It's such inconsequential, sad, high-school level drama. Even if Poki had had a binding contract drawn up promising Fed sex, then reneged, I would still find it hard to muster any sympathy for him. Like seriously this drama boils down to "I texted with a girl I work with, we never made out, we never had sex, and now I need the internet to hear my story." (Fed: no one cares, please just stop talking.)

No. 1103209

The only people who attacked Poki were the same Lilyfags, because Lilyfags hate Poki to guts, remembering her PULL thread. Wake up.

No. 1103211

The anon you're replying to is probably a lilyfag kek clearly brought that out to deflect lily's criticism since I rarely see people caping for Poki here.

I'd say Poki gets a lot more hate than Lily though it is warranted since her brand is a bigger disservice and she ain't shit as a person either

No. 1103446


Do you want to assume everyone's a manipulative asshole, dipshit? You can disagree with someone, but understand where they're coming from. Try it some time>>1103119
Being easily manipulated doesn't mean you're not in control. You can choose to ignore warning signs, what other people tell you, and lie to yourself about people. Being in denial doesn't make you some helpless baby.
Fed knows his audience. Also pretty sure the receipts show he was the one who pushed for Yvonne to be fired first. Poki abusing copyright to shut down criticism was definitely a bigger story than this. Same with her going after channels' sponsors.

No. 1103455

I'm curious about the toast rumours, he doesn't seem to be following her on twitter

No. 1103469

>>>1103119 Being easily manipulated doesn't mean you're not in control.

I don't think you understand what manipulation is if you have that hot take.

No. 1103476

I heard on the podcast that toast and scarra are actively looking for someone to date. I'm thinking it's either tina, sockgyu, or aria. Aria is pretty high up there since he let her borrow his room + she mentioned he helped her out of a depressed moment.

No. 1103494

Tina is dating Jummychu
Early in the year she streamed at his apartment a couple times plus she was seen hanging out in his room in some of his among us streams. Plus Toast bought her an iphone for her birthday. It's all speculation and no one's confirmed anything but he said after Janet, he was going to keep his next relationship private.

No. 1103525

You are still the same anon from Lily's thread who can't learn to sage. Are you trying to pretend to be all tough by swearing? Its still you >>1102925

No. 1103531

File: 1607501327159.jpeg (579.75 KB, 1125x1403, 0E0C1B97-60AA-4B22-94BC-2DF7AF…)

Saw people hyping the newest spicy receipts on pokimane

Tl;dr SoundCloud rapper accuses pokimane/offline of theft for using his music. The “music” is the “Omae wa mou”, which has been sampled to hell and back. This SoundCloud rapper doesn’t OWN shit.

This is why I can’t take any recent drama about pokimane recently. People are doing anything to get some clout, it’s pathetic.

No. 1103541

Brodin is one of the main video editors of OTV if anyone needs context

No. 1104212

File: 1607571318938.jpeg (720.35 KB, 1125x1258, 7480C73D-FF8F-4FCC-AB78-7B17B0…)

So Anisa is pulling a “not like other girls”, where she’s only going to show nips so it’s not as bad as nudes???

Just show off your cooch why is that where she draws the line?

No. 1104227

how botched are her nipples going to be sisters?

No. 1104303

Not particularly milky, just extremely cringe, I sat through most of this video after it came up in my recommended and it was just as I expected. Instead of analysing Sykkuno's obviously fake and calculative body language, this simp just makes a 6 minute video about how he's so shy and cute uwu. No wonder Sykkuno and Corpse get along so well, they are both top tier manipulators.(imageboard)

No. 1104447

her hair looks like a dollar-store wig in this

No. 1104452

The most ridic part of this is that her morroccan karen ass is still claiming to be poc to get passes kek

No. 1104591

File: 1607631727125.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x2032, 65778C5C-1BA7-470C-9735-C0F171…)

Anisa literally can’t keep this tattoo artist out of her mouth, every stream she mentions Ryan and name drops him on Twitter/insta. I think she might actually be crushing on this married man with kids.

No. 1104593

If you read the receipts, Brodin claiming the poc shit, but it’s clearly tongue in cheek. LilBoom conveniently leaves out his messages that sparked those responses , it wouldn’t surprise me if he baited them(stupid they fell for it though)

No. 1104682

Why do all these mentally ill women end up getting tattoos? It really just makes you uglier. Is it a form of self-harm? Is it a "I am a cool girl, I am special" thing?

No. 1104702

Lord, what is it this time?

No. 1104720

you could've worded that without it sounding like everyone that gets tattoo is ugly or mentally ill lmao

No. 1104829

this dude looks like Ian

No. 1104952

File: 1607687629569.png (1.97 MB, 1252x1132, anisa.png)

Tattoos are hideous. Getting three bigass tattoos in one week just screams mental illness.

Just look at these, she got all of these in such a short amount of time and plans to be completely covered in tattoos plus she now wants to be a tattoo artist. What kind of sane person does this? What kind of professional artist would just give someone with no tattoos three big ones in such a short amount of time?

No. 1104958


It’s more common than you’d think - we live in the era of fashion tattoos. I give it 6 months before she starts on her face.

No. 1104959

File: 1607688631836.png (752.32 KB, 940x546, azwdgiaohdioaugdfuzwefg.png)

She did actually get two more, making it five tattoos in total.

No. 1104992

I honestly like tattoos that are well done but this would be alarming even if they weren't the most generic, shit quality tats possible. I'm not trying to diagnose her or anything but I don't think I've never seen anyone who wasn't having a manic episode do this. Getting a bunch of shitty free stick n pokes from friends in rapid succession would be less baffling to me.

No. 1104994

considering canadian tattoo artists have been pretty nervous about covid and close contact work id say shes probably bribing them with extra cash to be bumped up for impulse tattoos. appointment backlogs havent even been completed yet, and most shops are working as little as possible to compensate for safety concerns.

No. 1104996


Hasn't she got that massive one near her ass?

No. 1104997


I thought so, too. Or ChrisRayGun. She definitely has a type, doesn’t she?

No. 1105012

I don’t think any of the tattoo artists like Anisa and just really need the money. They delete any comment mentioning her on their page and don’t follow her back. She’s hoping if she gets enough tattoos they’ll take her in as an apprentice.

She said she wants to get it removed so she can do a full back tattoo in flash style. She wants to remove the only tattoo that has any meaning lol.

No. 1105100

Well since she can't compete with attractive egirls for simp money, she's trying to get into the alternative egirl niche where she has more chances. I only see mediocre/ugly looking girls getting so many tattoos because they cannot stand out otherwise.

No. 1105136

>three bigass tattoos in one week
Doesn’t the ink not take if you get too much all at once? She’s going to regret looking like a flash card

No. 1105479

Fed is still a creepy loser who is incapable of having female friends, there is no denying that and it's retarded to try and do so. I think most people that care are just obsessed poki haters. That said I do think what poki did was pretty fucking weird, fed was already fucked with the Yvonne and Lily stories coming out, but then poki goes and comes out with yet more stories except they are not comparable by any margin to the other ones but she carefully framed it to make it seem so by leaving out critical context, they had a weird and confusing relationship that caused weird and confusing shit to happen and even poki admits this so why the fuck would she bring up this shit up with no context? The fact she is "very private" or whatever is no excuse, in that case she could've just not talked about it, but of course, had she brought up the context to begin with it wouldn't have made fed look worse at all.

I can not care less about the foki shit, what is ridiculous is that poki attempted to make fed look worse after the Yvonne and Lily stories by dishonestly framing complicated events in her favor. She obviously didn't need to make fed look worse, so I assume she only wanted to bank on the fact fed was at a disadvantage in order to improve her image to her friend streamers.

No. 1105486

I'm not an expert on getting tattoos done but what's up with the blue pen ink marks right on her bolt-ons? Did she just let Ryan touch/rub them on purpose cause she has a crush on him?

No. 1105490

>>1105486 theyre guidelines to centre the tattoo, they do them on the knockers cause if they're lopsided they can line the tattoo up to make it less obvious

No. 1105658

I thought it was clean up from the residual tattoo overlay, but you’re right the placement is too precise. Damn, you know you’re botched when your tattoo artist has to take your lopsided tits into account…

No. 1105673

jesus christ she really loves flash sheet tattoos huh? these look generic as fuck.

No. 1105739

File: 1607781435241.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3840x3840, C527528F-DAEE-4482-A31E-D55248…)

Didn’t realize how badly Anisa butchers clothes until I saw them worn right

No. 1105744

and soon she has butchered her whole body.

No. 1105786

Even her big boobs stretching the fabric out can't help her short, fridge torso.

No. 1106048

is she a womanlet? her midriff looks short as shit lmao

No. 1106312

File: 1607835577538.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1969, 2BCFF210-6FE7-43FB-B6F7-4F1F84…)

Anisa lied to her onlyfans subs that she would release nudes for higher tips land then didn’t deliver. She is instead avoiding criticism and drawing shitty tattoo ideas.

Never a good idea to fuck with the only people financially supporting you

No. 1106483

That fucked up perspective of the muzzle vs the rest, kek. Is there still an artfag thread? She should be there.

No. 1106709

File: 1607893726118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 669.63 KB, 1125x845, biglol.jpg)

nudes finally happened, irony begins

No. 1107063

Why are so many male steamers/youtubers such complete and utter degenerate fucking gutter trash? This vid was posted in a lsf comment and of course downvoted, shows streamer Jakenbake hooking up with a Chinese girl and recording without her knowledge.

No. 1107127

She thought of herself too good to be in Zoe and Celestia's "hoe squad". Hoe enough now?
She constantly thinks of herself as being above hoeing, while hoeing out ever more and more, it's hilarious.

No. 1107162

Doesn't Jake date an asian girl named Water? Did they break up?

No. 1107258

He does now, this is from probably 2017/18? I'm not exactly sure when, thought it was disgusting and deserved to be posted here.

No. 1107614

yeah, this is old but worth repeating because jake somehow still somehow is able to charm his way into more steamer friends and subs (probably lots of girls he might potentially take advantage of in the future) he is a disgusting sexpat and sex pest, i don't get how people like shit like this slide

No. 1108420

Why is she covering the other nipple? I wonder if it's to hide the botched job…

No. 1108835

maybe she is releasing them one at a time

No. 1109262

File: 1608239629131.jpg (145.23 KB, 719x590, IMG_20201218_023349.jpg)

Anisa acting as though she's doing everyone a favor by showing her nipples

No. 1109397

the idubbbz hype died down and she's depressed by her social media interaction. She's taking a "break", but onlyfans will freeze your account if you're not active lmao.

muh "fulfillment" and "i'm so happy u gaiz"

No. 1109726

Why is everyone here so fucking obsessed with this Anisa girl?

No. 1109809

I think maybe she saw Ian heart some tattoo thots on insta and decided thats her new personality and one day she will be a tattoo model (not with those ugly ass tats she wont)

No. 1109892

It’s funny how she was degrading other hoes, and then becomes a huge hoe.

No. 1109936

She's a late relic of the Cancer Crew, clearly not on par with some of the batshit personalities having threads here but still entertaining enough in her ability to constantly act dumb, trashy, hypocrite, insensitive to everything and being a big tryhard. That's enough for some farmers

No. 1110131

why is anyone on the site posting about anyone at all? stop being retarded

No. 1110409

File: 1608369598358.jpeg (275.02 KB, 1125x1213, E7907ADB-53AA-4A2B-809E-9B51BA…)

Idubbbz and Anisa are getting married so she can bypass the COVID border closures lmao.

4 years and idubbbz is just a green card machine

No. 1110410

Idubbbz proposal confirmation starts at 2:25:00

No. 1110435


Don't forget that she gets half of his shit when they divorce.

No. 1110440

>cancer crew stan tumblr
>33 yo girl that gave up on trying to properly adult. THIRSTY FANS ONLY

No. 1110466

I don't know if anyone cares.
But some DMs between AngelsKimi and Fedmyster were leaked and they give a bit of context to the drama from a while ago.


No. 1110474

I just love how crappy her "lewds" are. Clothes everywhere, dead plants, random shit thrown around and dirt, top quality content

No. 1110478

Screenshot it. And instead of throwing a link, put it in Youtube bar under files.

No. 1110504

because the stupid cunt traces art to prove to her twitch viewers and ians fans that shes not like other thots

No. 1110545

is this mofo really wearing his mask under his nose too? not a good look for a professional during a pandemic

No. 1110587

In all honestly I think a lot of her antis are obsessed with Ian, the same way a lot of Onision antis are ex fangirls who saw the light (thankfully) but remain rather obsessed

Anisa is pretty unattractive but she tries very hard to be sexy, and Onision is just a gross faggot really.

No. 1110632

I’m convinced animoji is fed larping at this point. When fed streamed in the early days he relies on using iPhones animoji instead of his face (similar to a VTuber)

No. 1111403

File: 1608499074373.jpg (65.54 KB, 759x427, 20201220_221748.jpg)

I am surprised people wasted their time talking about milkess people when Twitch website itself is one huge snowflake.

First they tried banning "virgin, simp, incel" words that would lead to ban, just to cancel it because of peoples outrage.

Now they add this rule. Twitch staff is known for having out at after parties or hitting on other streamers.

No. 1111454

yeah, surprised they said absolutely NOTHING after firing hassan (staff not the the big streamer) for trading sexual favors for special treatment, yet pull this shit.

on some level I can see where this is coming from because women do legitimately get harassed for this…it's just so fucking ridiculous that they chose this problem and this solution considering how many much more major problems the platform has.

No. 1111539

Not to mention that justaminx was the first big streamer to get a temporary ban over "simp". Shows who they're actually targetting with the new rules

No. 1111548

I mean twitch moderators are cows but these new policies arent that bad. If anything I welcome this new change because it weeds out titty streamers and edge lords

No. 1111590

File: 1608514582301.png (44.73 KB, 535x390, twitchwhores.PNG)


Did any of you guys see this OnlyFans "creator" recieving a measly 3 day ban AND maintaining partnership after quite literally gaping both holes on stream? Clip is in the replies so major NSFW warning lmao. Claims it was 'accidental' but how do you accidentally start livestreaming on an entirely different platform? Does OF even integrate with OBS/Streamlabs? She's gained 3k followers since this happened so imo seems like it was on purpose to promote her content, just like every 0-100 viewer Just Chatting Andy insta-thot coming to Twitch these days.

No. 1111676

This is absolutely fucked considering forsen is still banned lmao. Not even YouTube tolerates this titty baiting shit

No. 1111803

I wish I could get money for something like this, life would've been easy

No. 1111868

nah, titty streamers have these words used against them, they don't use them anymore than other streams do. and edge lords will just use actual slurs that are still not explicitly banned by twitch.

No. 1112465

>spread your vagina and asshole to your twitch stream on 'accident'
>despite obs streaming button being completely separate from the record button
>she literally had to press the 'start streaming' button and not the record button
>get banned for 3 days and promote your onlyfans in the process
>13+ website btw
I want out of this clown world, anons

No. 1112764

You can, so long as you are an attractive 20 year old with sexual trauma, bonus points for a European accent.

No. 1112952

>Omae wa mou
That guy is seriously accusing someone else of theft? He literally stole that song. Original is "Tiny little adamantium". It wasnt a sample. He actually stole the song and just put a drumbeat ontop of it.

No. 1112961

Well I'm 22, but the rest applies to me. I still won't do it because I have some self respect. I wish I didn't because being poor sucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1113000

No one asked and no one cares. Sage your shit retard newfaggot.

No. 1113016

Ok nigger.(blogging, infighting)

No. 1113957

I'm probably late to the bus, but I searched around and didn't see anything mentioned.

Is anyone keeping tabs on the imjasmine drama? I can elaborate but didn't want to clog if it was already discussed and I missed it.

No. 1114027

Which part? The Halloween creep or the new creep? Fill us in

No. 1114560

Sorry for the delay. I caught up on the stuff going on with her recently and that she had multiple guys give her unwarranted attention or touched her during public (outside walking around) streams while she is staying in Japan.

While their behavior is absolutely not okay, I was wondering if anyone called her out for walking around in something akin to what street walkers DO wear in those parts of Tokyo? Also she looks like she is wandering around aimlessly which is also hooker-like behavior there.

As much as the "she is asking for it by dressing that way" is disgusting, technically in that country in those areas of the city… she is? And as much as it sucks, things are not going to change quickly in terms of how women are treated by men in Japan and she is essentially putting herself through being in a vulnerable place for no reason. (There is also the fact that you should always be careful while walking around alone as a women in a foreign country and not bring too much attention to yourself/be too flashy/be drunk in public/walk with purpose and don't look lost, but I digress.)

Has anyone called her out on this so it can stop? Or is she doing this intentionally for pity donations? Fishnets and showing off major cleavage is like, a neon sign that someone can pay to sleep with you in Tokyo and since men often touch without consent there it's kind of weird how she hasn't done anything to stop enabling it. It keeps happening to her and she keeps having meltdowns about it which just doesn't really add up? Is it staged or intentional to get pity donos?

I looked around but couldn't find much about her, but I might've missed this stuff being explained somewhere.

No. 1114625

I agree with you, being harassed once or twice? Fine. But every time she’s featured on LSF or Twitter it’s always about someone sexually harassing her. On the beach, at the mall, in a cafe. At this point I’m convinced that someone is sniping her and sending these creeps, or that she’s doing this on purpose.

Also I know it’s a nervous tick to smile when scared but after 5 times you’d think she’d tell them off. Or better yet, speak back in Japanese to tell them to fuck off. Why is she in Japan anyways??

No. 1115072

This is so fucking pathetic, what the hell is twitch doing? That daddy Bezos money is doing miracles because not many platforms can just get away with this.

No. 1115182

Apparently she didn’t intend to stream, she wanted to record something using OBS but hit the wrong button instead lmao. Twitch staff coomers

No. 1115660

File: 1609041201659.png (1.6 MB, 1050x924, asffsfafsa.png)

Anisa's trying to boost her tiktok by featuring idubbbz and it's working. For some reason they decided to film it looking post-coitus


No. 1115678

her OF must be taking a dive so she needs to boost her numbers by showing people the only thing they want to see when they follow her kek

No. 1115702

Exactly. It's really confusing that no one is talking to her about this or calling out her behavior? The last thing I want to do is suspect it is staged or that she is trying to instigate these situations for attention and donations but… there comes a point where it seems to happen way too much and she seems to not learn anything? These men think she is a foreign prostitute because of how she is dressing and acting in these areas of Tokyo, plain and simple. If she did a lick of research she would realize this.

Agreed, it makes sense to laugh nervously at first but after 5-10 minutes most people would either tell a creeper to go away (she could even put that into google translate and say/show it ffs) or try to find help.

I have no idea why she is in Japan or how she can stay for "a few months" as she said. Based on part of a stream I saw, she said she has been there for a few months and is planning to stay a few more months? I think she wants to just be an uwu exotic foreigner wandering around Tokyo which is why she is vlogging so much and acting like a dumbass instead of taking her safety seriously. It is so embarrassing that she doesn't even try to learn some basic phrases in Japanese. How hard is it to learn "No" "Let go" or "Go away"?

I hope questioning her behavior gains more traction soon, because it's painful to see her putting herself in these incredibly uncomfortable situations over and over.

No. 1115835

File: 1609077738655.jpeg (238.41 KB, 827x1418, 82C35BAF-35C2-4668-875C-3A824C…)

Any proof that anyone actually received a gift? I couldn’t find any tweet thanking her or anything showing anyone actually received a gift from her.

No. 1115913

Shipping times in the US are longer than normal right now due to COVID and runoff elections

No. 1116094

But does it not notify the receiver when something from their wishlist was purchased?

No. 1116267

When I did this it removed the item from their list but didn’t notify them, so truly a “surprise”. Idk if this could be edited in their settings though.

No. 1116345

File: 1609128706151.jpeg (143.64 KB, 750x605, 58FABF41-F7DB-4950-9D47-93F5E5…)

Yeah Anisa, people never say anything about your fridge body, pear shaped face, lord farquad haircut, or swollen botched tits, mhmm.

No. 1116439

She wants to make it seem like she’s happy and confident about her body even though she’s looking to get liposuction/BBL/Tit revision as soon as she can smuggle back into the states

No. 1116823

>beauty marks
>covers them with tattoos
Gurl get your melanoma checked out

No. 1116913

Her doctor said it’s not cancerous yet but her family has a history of skin cancer so it could still happen

No. 1117006

File: 1609206667239.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1743, 2A7A5755-DD5E-41C6-8F2D-FFC247…)

Anisa is trying to ride off the idubbbz boost and become tiktok famous but her “good makeup” just comes off as a troon tryhard

No. 1117038


Imagine misusing blush this badly when it's 2020 and there are literally hundreds of thousands of makeup tutorials online

No. 1117075

It's dependent on the user's settings entirely. You can set it to disappear off the wishlist, or stay on there (if someone else tries to buy the same thing, they will be notified).
Yeah I ordered a few things on the same day this was posted and they won't be arriving till early January even with Prime.

No. 1117099

This is just the typical egirl makeup, it doesn’t work well because she doesn’t have the right look for it. Blush everywhere on the face is trendy rn also
>tiktok famous

No. 1117103

She’s already crying saying “I wish people were here for me instead of Ian. I’ve lived in his shadow for 4 years I was a content creator for 7 years, I existed before him. Please stop commenting about him”

You stupid bitch you posted him!! No shit his rapid fanbase is only there for him. She was so happy about getting 20k followers overnight she didn’t realize they were for idubbbz. Can anisa really be this fucking retarded ?

No. 1117141

There's absolutely no way it wasn't intentional. The record button and stream button are completely different on OBS. She had teenage viewers too. Really just a disgusting dumb broad imo

No. 1117190

File: 1609239974174.jpg (63.11 KB, 447x701, goodpeople.jpg)

She's really not that ugly, but she has no idea what the fuck looks good on her and what works for her.

She also has the worst case of resting bitch face that I have ever seen and it's possibly because she is such a colossal bitch that it shines through no matter what. She would look a lot better if she would have a genuine smile on her face for once. She always looks angry, bored or annoyed.

No. 1118660

File: 1609406493719.jpeg (721.98 KB, 1125x1251, 931E6B8E-300B-44DA-A931-5F705F…)

Anisa’s mom being fucking weird again by following and commenting on her daughters NSFW account

No. 1118871

You guys are so fucking obsessed with this anisa girl. Do you people even realize no one even knows her outside of this website?

No. 1118877

lol that applies to the entire website

No. 1118882

do you realize what site you’re on?

No. 1118902

This is the exact reason she needs her own thread to be unlocked again. Everyone in the twitch thread gets pissy and hates her posted here. I hate her posted here. Her thread was even unsaged, so it’s not like it was ever bumped. She does have milk, sometimes it’s dry but she really isn’t a good person. To say no one knows of her is a joke. Like for gods sake the girl got 5 tattoos in like a week impulsively she’s unstable and needs her thread back. Her posts shouldn’t be scattered through out this thread, that feels so unrelated to her, even though she technically is a twitch streamer. Sorry for my rant, I just really feel like she doesn’t belong in this thread and should just have her old thread back, so everyone is happy.

No. 1118968

Why the fuck do you say this unsaged when she only gets brought up every couple weeks and hardly anyone replies? Her thread won’t be unlocked cuz she’s boring as fuck, so she will be talked about here. Get the fuck over it. No one seems obsessed except you.

No. 1118994

she looks like arin hanson in drag

No. 1119117

I’ve literally only brought it up, or her up once in this thread but okay sure I’m obsessed.

No. 1119315

She's not flat out ugly and yet there's something about Anisa's face that is so unattractive/ weird looking.

No. 1119437

File: 1609494248696.jpeg (737.24 KB, 1125x987, 0E7E9B8E-4D90-4399-BB7B-64B777…)

Jake and his family got COVID lmao. Imagine being in China and Japan during the height of COVID without getting it but then your boomer covidhoax republican mother gives it to you.


No. 1119483

She seems to have no control over her face. She usually looks bored/uncomfortable/distracted. Like she's thinking about how the floor is hard on her knees and forgets she's in a photoshoot.

No. 1119512

he's such a dumb fuck. so many streamers are traveling, having parties, and having random people over like nothing is going on in the world. no one is wearing masks. just fucking stupid.

No. 1119892

Mizkif losing his shit at lsf for commenting on him flying back home.

Mizkif saying because he has money he can do more then other people: https://streamable.com/u0igdt

Mizkif responding to Deansocool throwing a party: https://livestreamfails.com/post/99445

>>1119512 They get a test think they're invincible and means everything is okay so they can whatever they want, I fucking hate e celebs so much, so many of them are like this across the board.

No. 1119952

I guess you really can’t expect anything from a former cx groupie

No. 1120634

File: 1609636702657.jpg (61.04 KB, 1080x1080, 118731148_658153191493058_2574…)

Does anyone have any dirt on HAchubby? Her whole wholesome/nice girl shtick seems so forced to me, I can't help but wonder.

No. 1120711

File: 1609644196008.jpeg (360.61 KB, 1125x2084, AC26143E-46F2-4003-A07B-5F02E5…)

Anisa’s new personality of the month is “tattoos”

No. 1120802

Can't tell what's more disgusting- the tattoo, the piercing or her teeth

No. 1120898

Just another girl playing retard to get money from moids. On top of that she has poor english skils so the chat feels comfy making dirty jokes without her getting it. Good for her that she's so cold blooded because she's saved enough money to open her own convenience store.

No. 1120912

OTV are such snowflakes… their Rust server drama is retarded

No. 1120994

They make half of their viewership off making up dramas or making dramas public, not counting retarded teenagers. I remember they had an embarrassing minecraft server drama, now what happened with rust?

No. 1121078

I'm surprised by how she managed to build such a simpy community without showing off her body. She could push a stroller with a baby in it under a bus while streaming, and her viewers would still defend her.

No. 1121083

I thought the store thing was a meme, did she really? If true props to her

No. 1121092

She also told she doesn't give a shit about it and that it's just for content. Which is not great, considering her family helped her while she was on vacation in Europe from September to November.

No. 1121178

Sime guys started killing people because, well, it's a pvp game after all and then they got pissed. They're gonna make a new server to which "toxic people" will not be invited and pvp will be more restricted

It's not a meme she's opening one. She doesn't live in a big city, but it's still a lot of money.

No. 1121244

I get that XQC and the rest of “Team Rocket” can go overboard, but people are acting like they’re actual criminals for playing a game. One guy went on a drunken rant about him for 3+ hours because XQC killed him.

I think the second server will just create more drama because it will open a huge rift when everyone is invited except for a select few. Why not just make clear rules on the main server?

No. 1121250

Isn’t that pretty normal though? I haven’t watched the streams so I don’t know how dramatic they were about it, but in most games where that kind of pvp is optional, people will usually make servers with rules about how the people in their server like to play. Sometimes you get free for all, sometimes you get ones that are friendlier, and if you started out playing with people who’d prefer a different rule set, you make a new server. Considering how rabid their fans are, it may actually avoid drama to limit pvp.

No. 1121461

The problem is more like along the lines >>1121244 has said. People are overreacting about getting killed and are treating as a major troll thing when it's just what you're supposed to do by default.

Also why these idiots are playing rust for the rp? Cant they find a more suitinh game? Like that's a way to make things incredibly boring I guess…

No. 1121493

She streamed for a long time before moving over to Twitch and just happened to blow up on LSF. Just an awkward 30 year old who had a normal life before getting big and no real dirt because she's super christian and goes to church every sunday.

believe it or not people are capable of having normal drama free lives

No. 1121498

More like a popup/novelty store where she can do content at and sell merch, not a real convenience full time convenience store that she plans on making a regional/local brand or anything.

If it takes off prob just a place where her friends & family can work at to make money on the side. She took off being awkward and silly inside a gas station and she wants to kinda go back to her roots this year without being a burden or disruptive to a real full-time business

No. 1122160

I was just curious, for sure she was playing the dumb/cute woman part but it doesn't necessarily mean anything.
I assumed it was a proper store, maybe something that would make her money should she ever decide to stop streaming for whatever reason. Her viewers are all from Europe/US so it doesn't make sense to sell her merch in her store, maybe just a little part should any of her viewers go visit the store.

No. 1122297

File: 1609818259046.jpeg (68.83 KB, 1001x563, B546391A-CAFD-47D2-A355-1B5DFC…)

So CallMeCarson is an alledged groomer who silenced the Lunch crew? Everyone is so fucking nasty, why can’t content creators leave kids alone wtf

No. 1122302

not even slightly surprised. Most minecraft youtubers look like they fuck with kids.

No. 1122303

what is the lunch crew

No. 1122305

Post links

No. 1122307

nta but keemstar did a video about it.

No. 1122319

File: 1609821036475.jpeg (401.96 KB, 1078x1328, D323417F-87D0-4DD6-949B-DE1693…)

No. 1122330

File: 1609821702930.jpeg (172.77 KB, 720x1375, 0E62D660-9017-4D83-8398-61CB90…)

Thinking about it the timeline makes a little sense

Hiatus in march- tells the lunch crew. About what he was doing

Katerina/fitz/Carson drama in April to quiet down possible victims coming forward

Apparently Carson and Kate were not even dating, according to anything 4 views ( take it with a grain of salt tho) fitz tweeted out a yep an hour ago https://twitter.com/goodguyfitz/status/1346300477202337792?s=20

Dealing with depression and personal issues could be disguised as guilt from being a predator

Sage bc I’m making no sense

No. 1122332

the katerino thing makes no sense to me. if they really weren't dating then why not just say that? maybe it was just easier to apologize since everyone thought she and fitz were guilty but idk. if it's true that's shitty of him

No. 1122336

>107 hours
LMAO HOW THE FUCK do you clock that many hours on a visual novel

No. 1122345

File: 1609822693567.png (60.02 KB, 562x436, 8ED9BD97-B982-4FD5-BB09-22E8CF…)

I’m compiling all the screenshots now but its bad


No. 1122346

every single review for this game clocks in at around 0.4 hours
this man must have played this game everyday for months

No. 1122350

I hate how people are using the fact that keemstar broke this story to excuse what Carson did and say "Welllll we don't know if it's true yet, Keem has accused people of being pedos before. It's just allegations. The victim and Carson haven't said anything yet!" when this literally came from the Lunch Club members themselves.

I didn't watch the whole video but, did they explain why they waited so long to say anything? I don't watch any of them except for Jschlatt sometimes coughcough but I'm pretty sure they kept making videos with Carson knowing he's a creep.
How can you read "I was in school" and still be like yeah I wanna fuck this person. Why would anyone want to fuck Carson anyway. There's no way something like playing minecraft can delude people into believing you're attractive.

No. 1122353

File: 1609823169690.jpeg (1013.39 KB, 3464x3464, 5D083DA3-3D1F-459C-96F8-AFDF75…)

Screen recording of her chats with carson

Recording of a computer confirming account ID

I cant archive the videos right now because i am on mobile

No. 1122355

File: 1609823246500.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, C4287996-089C-48EA-AEDE-F55B9F…)

No. 1122358

I think it might Ive been a power trip dynamic, or something to keep the victims from speaking out. The hiatus around march and the confession of him being a pedo, could’ve made him depressed , guilt, shame, I’m starting to see it as a nerd who went on a power trip, he wanted power, he wanted control, having an army of band kids and 12 year old autistic children who will believe your every word must be fucking mental.

No. 1122366

File: 1609823907229.jpeg (358.54 KB, 739x1149, 2722E2A8-CF4E-4899-9371-BA4A22…)

>I was 17
Carson is 21 right now, which means he was 19/20 in 2019. Honestly, is talking to a 17yo at that age really that bad? I was assuming the girl was 14/15 from the sound of things.

No. 1122368

It’s more about the power dynamic, apparently keen star says that more victims have come forward with evidence

No. 1122385

File: 1609826623486.jpeg (76.79 KB, 1280x720, ABAADDF8-9387-4920-80A9-904C8D…)

Good god he is an ugly fuck, if ever there was proof that basement dwelling moids who look like they smell like Doritos, mildew and incel tears can get attention from girls purely by being good at something that has no value in the real world, then this is fucking it

No. 1122388

that means Carson has nutted to pregnant 14 fanfiction at least 100 times, holy shit

No. 1122401

This is so fake lmao. She opens his profile and it's not the same as his actual profile

No. 1122405

Even if it was real, who cares, god. She was 17 and he was 19. It wasn’t “grooming” ffs. She’s doing this for attention.

No. 1122428

File: 1609834220370.png (721.83 KB, 1628x900, carson.png)

carson admitting he received nudes of minors while being 19 https://twitter.com/ItsJoko/status/1346350840228012035?s=09

No. 1122431

File: 1609835222680.png (679.1 KB, 1400x1076, carson.png)

another screenshot of carson saying its real

No. 1122432

>Grooming, pedophilia
>I was still 17
I still hate this fucking greasy fatass, so I hope he gets cancelled and run off the internet.

No. 1122434

Why do these girls reach so hard by calling this pedophilia kek.
The many hours of the fucking 14 y/o pregnancy vn makes him a pedo to me, not sexting a 17 year old who was 2 years younger than him. Idk. When people come out with stuff like this it doesn't really surprise me when they get people in their replies calling them out, a 2 year age gap doesn't make you a pedo.
Not saying he's not one (I believe he is based on the game and just the weirdness of his msgs honestly) but the way the original tweet is worded is such a fucking reach kek. TW PEDOPHILIA! Man flirts with girl who would've been a 2 grades below him in school. The horror. Kek

No. 1122435

With the deets coming out I think grooming is the wrong word cus it comes with the implication it was done maliciously over a long period of time.

It is however still fucked up he was a legal adult and knew the power dynamics. He even asked for alternative apps so their convos couldn’t be tracked. Grooming, no. Predatory, yes.

But let’s be fucking real, after that Ryan bullshit, Carson can come back in less than 6 months. There are literally no ramifications for these fuckers.

No. 1122438

File: 1609836348244.png (220.25 KB, 623x791, euhrthrh.png)

Yeah, it seems like it's fake…

No. 1122443

this happens if you have no mutuals/friends, it’s a privacy setting on discord

No. 1122447

He literally admitted to it anon.

No. 1122456

17 and 19 are not that far off, maturity wise. The worst I could say about this is that he was going after fans to nut to but people screaming "PEDO!!!!" over this are fucking reaching. Apparently every high school senior who ever dated someone a year or two under them is now a pedophile too by proxy.

No. 1122463

Exactly. Yeah he's greasy and ugly but he's not a pedophile wtf. This is such a grab for attention. A 17yo and 19yo interacting is fine and the fact that he has minor internet clout doesn't make it an "abusive power dynamic."

No. 1122475

I don't think 17-19 is grooming/pedophilia either, but they exchanged nudes, which is illegal.

I am just honestly shocked how RETARDED all these men/boys are. You think you can sext your fans and be cringy and trade nudes and expect it not to come out? You expect these girls not to want to use your cringy horny texts as leverage and to get attention for themselves?

They really only think with their dicks and have no foresight. They all deserve to have their careers ruined and to never get access to young, dumb fangirls ever again, cause obviously these sweaty nerds can't handle it.

Did he cheat on his girlfriend by doing this as well? They all do.

No. 1122478


I was wondering when creepy steam games were going to start biting people in the ass.

No. 1122481


Used to be considered that girls matured sooner, not sure when that changed.

If the nudes were of the 17 year old it's illegal. Teens can't get their head around the concept that they could butt fuck and DP, spin around on a dick etc but not send a pic of their tits.

No. 1122490

He literally says in >>1122428 that he traded nudes with someone under 18. He also begs her to readd him on Snapchat. Everyone knows Snapchat is used to send nudes.

No. 1122496

YouTubers and their viewers again acting as if the court and police don't exist. See farmers, grooming is not a serious criminal offense, it's an entertainment subject that brings in high viewer interaction.

No. 1122499

Oh please anon, a minor D-list internet "celebrity" isn't in a power position like that for it to be considered grooming.

No. 1122501

yeah i mean aside from the nudes, is there even any actual wrongdoing? carson was barely even talked about online when this was taking place. i really do fail to see how this was "using his position as a youtuber" like all the retards on twitter keep going on about if he wasn't even well known to begin with back then.

No. 1122504

I don't consider this to be anything other than a viewgrab. If grooming took place, everyone should shut up, get out of the way, and let the law enforcers do their thing. But that's not what's happening.

No. 1122505

Grooming or not grooming this shit is creepy and he now has a substantial following of underage fans and there's a massive power imbalance between them - simply not safe.

No. 1122514

I love how he says in the dms multiple times that he's icked out by her being 17. Obviously not because he's actually grossed out (it really isn't that weird) but because he knows if this came out he'd be fucked but this retard did it anyways. Simply fantastic how scrotes are so damn mindless even when they show a sliver of self-awareness

No. 1122516


But how else will people get their YT revenue without thumbnails of "pedo carson exposed" and stock photos of little girls?

I think this kind of sensationalist hysteria is a bad thing. It's merging late teen sleaze with really sinister, heinous pedo shit.

No. 1122547

File: 1609856271996.png (181.13 KB, 978x250, 1829532-699bb2472d1cec4e3d50b9…)

"Aside from committing a federal crime, did he even do anything wrong?" Maybe you should be his defense attorney, anon.

>Your honor… yes, my client admitted that he received nudes and sent nudes to several people while knowing they were underaged. He admits he knew this was wrong. But come on… did he really do anything wrong? Boys will be boys you know!

No. 1122557

my comment was asking why it would be considered grooming, get over yourself

No. 1122561

>Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them.

He built a relationship with whoever just to get nudes from them. He even had this whole conversation about how he is 'scared' that he will only see her sexually (or whatever) when in reality that is all he wanted for it to be.

Obviously US and his state probably have a narrower definition of grooming

No. 1122564

her teeth are fine dude

No. 1122568

Indiana has their AoC at 16, and is a state with Romeo and Juliet laws so he won't be going down for anything there. Was the girl also from Indiana though? I believe it's different if the minor is in another state with stricter laws

No. 1122572


He's using the Dustin McPhetridge defence of "bein' honest" and now he's publically confessed on twitter everyone will see he's a good boy.

No. 1122585

Age of consent is relevant only for actual sex. He can fuck a 16 year old, but he can not have nudes of her. It's dumb, but those are the laws.

Soliciting, receiving, distributing nude images of a person under 18 is a federal crime, no matter what the age of consent is in your state.

It's not grooming. This girl is dumb because she led with "grooming" cause everyone else is using that word. Now everyone is focusing on the issue of a 17 and 19 year old sexting and finding it no big deal. She should have led with the actual crime he comitted: soliciting nudes from her and sending her nudes. Now this shit will be brushed under the rug because nobody gives a shit about two teenagers sexting.

But what do you expect from someone who unironically is a fangirl of >>1122366 that…

No. 1122588

He probably considered her a friend he could trust and didn't think about it ever being leaked?
I mean, what could he have done differently (except for not asking for nudes ofc). Even in an IRL relationship you might write/say cringey and disgusting shit (in hindsight). But when it ends, that person you trusted could also leak your messages, IDK.

Come on. He was 19 and she was 17, there are several thousands of people in a relationship with these exact ages out there.
True, what they did was illegal. But this doesn't neccessarily make him an evil pedo.

No. 1122596

He obviously didn’t consider her a friend. He dmed her for nudes after she commented on one of his tweets, and if you look at the discord messages, he repeatedly admitted he only contacted her for sexual reasons.

No. 1122598

File: 1609861068266.png (35.19 KB, 661x295, creep.png)

You're a moron and probably a scrote.

He's not a pedo, but he's a retard who knew what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyways. What could he have done different?


How hard is it to keep your dick in your pants?

No. 1122603

>He probably considered her a friend he could trust
The messages show her wanting to be more more just sexters and him pretty much going "yeah yeah I get ya girl, now get back to me whenever you're horny" ..Not exactly friends.

He didn't hide his intentions well. It's the kind of shit that only a teen girl would fall for really. Watching her almost beg for some non-sexual chat is sad.

No. 1122605

He is retarded, but that still is only a fraction of their conversations.

No. 1122607

Why have this type of conversation with a fan to begin with?

At this point any male youtuber interacting with a fangirl in a sexual way (ESPECIALLY IF SHE IS UNDERAGED) is a fucking moron. With all the guys who had this shit happen to them.. you're still gonna risk it? You're still ready to ruin your whole career for a tittypic? for a crumb? You deserve it, tbh.

No. 1122625

This mixed with the previous screenshots, it reads like
>I'm worried that I'm only using you for fap material, please tell me that it's fine for me to do that. Comfort me and treat me like a victim and slave to my dick…all while I use you and brush off your repeated requests for normal conversation.
He's testing the waters to see how much fap material he can get out of her without having to entertain her on any other level than sexual. She's trying to steer the convo towards normal topics too but he's not having it. I'd have (slightly) more respect for a guy just outright being pushy and not playing this 'I'm but a victim to my own dick' role that he has going on.

No. 1122690


He looks like a potato and she seems way out of his league. How much does being a YoUtUbE CeLeBrItY really counter that? I'm starting to smell something fishy about this shit. She's suddenly decided at 18 that last year she was uwu gwoomed?

No. 1122922

A lot of people realize that they were groomed years after the fact. There is nothing weird about her realizing it now.

No. 1122967

Feel like a bunch of people (probably male) who have never experienced this stuff will either find excuses for it or simply say that it wasn't grooming and the girl wants attention

Just ew, to even come out against anyone remotely popular on any platform is a risk and a half

No. 1123256

you guys stop being retarded, carson himself admitted what he did was wrong.

No. 1123594

File: 1609921870419.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1905, 886614A1-174A-42D0-9970-B68246…)

Another ex idubbbz groupie told her story on tiktok. Apparently she just dm’d him and he asked for her snap. They met up IRL and had a date at Cheesecake Factory where he didn’t pay. It’s very apparent he likes big tits and doesn’t think he can do better. Anisa got Ian because she was persistent.

No. 1123648


If a 19 year old can groom a 17 year old I'm doubting 18 is going to be old enough to fuck with before long. 19 year old guys are going to have to start getting into MILFs.

No. 1123917

File: 1609955516986.jpg (760.64 KB, 1438x1856, Screenshot_20210106-095008_Chr…)

Can you imagine if this was the girl Ian chose instead of Anisa?
She said it happened in 2016 so I'm assuming she looked something like this pic of her with Nick Jonas.

No. 1123935

Nta but I wouldn't call it grooming. The issue is that they exchanged nudes, doing that with someone under 18 is illegal. That's the issue that alot of people are ignoring while concentrating on "wow guys can even date anyone a day younger than them now, grrr" They were never dating…they were sending self made porn back and forth.

I wouldn't call him a pedo, the word groomer seems off too..but he had CP. He asked for CP and got it and sent nudes back. That part is pretty black and white at least. Being in possession of nudes where the person is 17 in them is wrong.

No. 1124069

I agree it seems more just scummy and a boy pressuring a girl. Having the nudes is a big no no and maybe the popularity thing, but its just scummy not really grooming

No. 1124120

Anisa and this girl have a similar face

Anisa talked about it on stream and I think she was annoyed learning about how Ian was balancing 4 long term FWB(sexting not physical shit) before her. It makes her whole fairy tale story about how they first met look a lot less magical.

No. 1124482

File: 1610003706544.jpeg (1.54 MB, 2880x3840, B1A91EBA-30BE-4EA8-B6FD-D9DA6F…)

I cant believe at the height of Anisa’s mania idubbbz brought his parents to meet her lol

No. 1124519

Please don’t try to justify having sex with minors that’s just gross

No. 1125486


I mean, 18 year olds are still pretty much children. I had a friend my age try a relationship with an 18 year old and honestly: It's fucking gross and I called them out on it and they ended it
Please date people your own age. It's not fucking hard.
It's also not hard to avoid sexting fans, but these scrotes don't seem to care and lead with their dicks

Waiting for Dream to get exposed next, with how hard he panders to stans and him calling his fans kittens recently, it probably won't take too long

No. 1129830

File: 1610493629625.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 271x277, anisa jomha nude idubbbz gf.gi…)

funny to see these now and think "wow this person really thought she was above titty streaming"

No. 1130172


when steam introduced profile showcases, some people thought it was funny to idle the most ridiculous games they had (bad rats, huniepop, nekopara, obscure experimental "games") as a joke. i cringe thinking about it but i thought it was funny back then

No. 1130228

It could be funny, but it becomes unfunny when the person is unironically into it. Like in this case

No. 1130328

LOL at how she's trying to bounce them around but they aren't jiggly in the slightest

No. 1130331

Wait a minute - this is back when her discord chats leaked right? Is this when idubbz sister advised her to break up because "he was being too mean to her"?

No. 1130423

These pictures were taken a year after the possible break up on discord.

I wonder what idubbbz family thinks of Anisa now? Especially since they’re, his sister in particular, livelaughlove god and Disney family oriented kind of people

No. 1131174


she legitimately cannot make a playful or remotely not-miserable-looking face no matter what she's doing can she

No. 1131670

She can fly into the states whenever she wants to. How do you think all the canadian ministers are getting to Hawaii?

No. 1131763

The issue is how hypocritical both idubbbz and Anisa are being. They constantly talk shit about influencers and anti-maskers for violating covid restrictions, but here they are doing the same shit.

Wanting a bigger ass or "muh anxiety from being seperated from my partner" isn't a more valid reason than james charles wanting to go to the beach.

No. 1132149

File: 1610700129756.jpeg (319.11 KB, 656x1119, 0239CFEC-B8C8-45AE-868D-405645…)

Huge allegations coming for bob7 led by boze. Kaceytron tries to defend him in a new gdoc


I think boze is pretty ratchet but she’s based for pic related lol. For reference they were friends and anisa probably talked shit about boze to warrant this reaction

No. 1132170

I have no idea wtf they're talking about but destiny and Bob are debating live rn if anyone's interested. Boze was in the call for a bit but she just left.

No. 1132179

That's extremely cringe and embaraassing actually lol wtf

No. 1132184

Destiny said that Bob has received nudes from Melina and that she was telling him things one might tell a therapist. They or Bob himself later decided to be "platonic". As per usual, everyone involved just needs some damn therapy

No. 1132218

This drama is so convoluted and nobody here really cares about Bob7 or Destiny I don’t even know if it’s worth it to type up an entire explanation post. I find it hilarious that literally everyone’s take is that it should’ve been kept private except for Destiny and Boze. Boze especially seems absolutely obsessed with the drama and hyped it up entirely on her stream.

Here's Boze victim-blaming someone who took back their allegation against Bob7 after reflecting on it.

No. 1132242

Absolutely, Boze is a fucking drama monger
She used to work for jknews and there was an explosive separation with her and the staff. She and ex pornstar Mia Khalistan became best friends and joined a legit Hollywood talent agency or something. Apparently Boze did this when she worked on Smosh too.

Also tl;dr of this whole mess, twitch girls and destiny accuse bob7 of sexual misconduct that gets him fired. Turns out destiny jumped the gun after Bose flooded him with false evidence

No. 1132359

Ohhhh the irony. To bad her boobs look hard as a rock. I think she sized up way to fast IMO.

No. 1132440

I think the drama is fucking hilarious. Destiny always acts like he's all "emotionless" and able to handle open relationships, unlike most of the normie population, but it's clear that he got buttmad that Melina was catching feelings for another guy and instead of working through his issues with her he tried to control Bob7's behavior/get him away from his gf by ruining his reputation. Fucking lol

No. 1132502

ohhhhh she got breast implants bc she has big nips and was insecure about the ratio. this makes sense.

No. 1133003

Yeah… they continued to see each other on-and-off for 4 years because neither wants to move to the other's country.
And their poor dogs, having to change homes every couple of months. At this point they're better off committing to staying in US or Canada for life

No. 1133514

In her latest stream she is still heavily undecided on which country she wants to live in. She talks about marriage in America with Ian like it's confirmed. Says Ian and her "work" do better in California but says she just "likes Canada" more.

If they do permanently move to Canada, Anisa wants to live in Vancouver. Idubbbz suggested they move halfway to Oregon so they can travel to Canada/California easily.

Anisa kept dropping dox hints about their new San Diego home by saying idubbbz father is going to stop by and help Ian with renovations.

No. 1134631

I welcome destiny drama, he's someone I seriously watch sometimes (I know..) but lately it seems like every other day he throws out these divisive "takes" under the guise of social ineptitude when he knows perfectly well what he is doing.

It annoys me when he does any non-political content.. seems to find himself in way too much dramas for a grown man in his mid-30s.

No. 1134672

Damn so kaceytron was backing bob7 even with victim testimony


She used to be an OG and had a pass to do whatever but now she’s just scum

No. 1134692

File: 1610951897684.jpg (237.88 KB, 598x1381, jade yanh.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 1134704

The people I feel sorry for are the girls who shared their experiences without realizing their conversations would be used as public ammo. The fact that Destiny ignored them and shared it anyway to spite them was low and proved he didn’t give a shit about them, just getting one over on Bob (who is also scummy).
Destiny is a dead beat dad who left his kid for a failing poly relationship and has to stir up Twitch drama to pay his bills

No. 1134734

Seems destiny didn't reveal what bob7 did to one of the girls which she was glad about and is on destinys side now


Wish she'd just expose him, bob already admitted to groping her in bed when drunk so it's probably worse than that

No. 1134735

Kill men

No. 1134756

The caller sounded like those indian telemarketing scammers. Coomers are disgusting

No. 1134787

The implants were done through the nipple, and because she didn’t follow aftercare instructions, she now has botched titties AND nipples (badly sagging implants, and puffy misshapen nips).

No. 1134807

Kacey is live rn "addressing" the drama while high as fuck on weed and xanax and can barely string two sentences together. It's really embarrassing, is this normal for her?

No. 1134808

Yes, she is high all the time. That's her brand now.

No. 1134811

She’s also the sole bread winner for the entire family so she does drugs/drink to deal with it lol. I used to think she was admirable for that but she really tried to silence girls who were sexually harassed, even when faced with evidence.

No. 1134818

>this is like listening to a baby give a testimonial
this was annoying at first but this is making me laugh how she keeps getting off topic about shpongle and the phone alarm

No. 1134833

where did she try to silence them?

No. 1134878

This drama is so convoluted and stupid, but basically after kacey dropped her bob7 defense gdoc, destiny brought up chat logs and audio where kacey acknowledged bob7 was guilty

I’m sure LSF has an archive of all the clips and evidence. I’m warning you though it’ll be slogging through autistic ramblings of sad adults. At least the destiny fed saga was memeable, this new shit? Painful

No. 1135006

ok warning for kind of autistically long post

Kaceytron's perspective is that she always said that Bob did some messed up things and said that he did sexually harass at least one girl, but that she also thought that Destiny and Boze were trying to gather up people to get dirt on Bob and possibly made up allegations that Bob leaked a nude. She hates Boze and doesn't trust any allegations that are coming only from Boze. Destiny's perspective seems to be that by speaking up and making public commentary on the drama, Kacey was sticking up for Bob and lending credence to his side of the drama, making it seem like what he did was probably no big deal. This is not direct silencing but in effect leads to silencing from his perspective since it's making the allegations out to be unserious.

Destiny also kind of directly accuses Kacey and another female streamer + Bob of getting on a call with one of the victims to talk her into recanting an accusation she made against Bob. This victim did recant but Kacey says that she was not involved in any call with her and did not have any involvement in getting her to recant her accusation. The victim in question just seems to have not wanted to get involved in order to protect herself. It does seem like Bob7 might have talked her into this though (she was much closer with him than other streamers involved).

In the end, this victim didn't want to be involved in the drama anymore and did not want her audio leaked, but Destiny says he had to refer to this person by name in his manifesto and leak her audio. He said she was a victim and is sympathetic to her in his manifesto, but the fact of the matter is that both he and Bob making this shit public robbed the victims of their agency and prevented them from dealing with this according to their wishes. We might all want women to air all episodes of harassment publicly, but it's ultimately their choice and people should respect that

No. 1135319

Regarding the Destiny v. Bob7 drama, there's a lot of confusing aspects of it, but this is the part that sticks out to me.

>Destiny's ammo against Bob is that he shared the nudes of Eleemoon and Melina, and said inappropiate things towards Peach and Ofelia.

>Elee and Ofelia already addressed their grievances with Bob in private, and did not want it to be made public. They say they are not defending Bob.
>Elee and Ofelia were never apart of Destiny's community, though Elee and Melina were close friends and hung out IRL.
>Melina and Peach were okay with airing out the drama regarding Bob
>Melina is Destiny's fiance and I don't know a lot about Peach but I think she's in his harem or whatever.

It's just very weird that half of his "victims" came out asking for a stop to everything, and Destiny just publicly shit on Elee. If she was a victim and Bob was playing 4D chess like Destiny thinks, you would think he would at least try to feign sympathy for somebody who was "manipulated" like he believes. It was really never about protecting victims, it was just about cancelling Bob7 because of retarded he-said-she-said stories which started everything. Bob is still a creep but this part just confuses me. Ofelia and Elee really did not want this out and Destiny disrespecting that makes him look like even more of an asshole than he already is. All so weird.

No. 1135428

what Elee shared about Destiny's relationship with Melina in addition to what Bob had already revealed about their relationship in his own logs turned me pretty far against Destiny tbh. All of his actions are classic abuser isolating her from other supports/friendships. She will not leave him because she still loves him and he has no desire or impetus to change his shitty behavior. He holds all the cards. It honestly makes me feel so bad for her, even though she's also acting shitty

No. 1135489

File: 1611031469558.jpg (83.2 KB, 750x556, mbjo73q05l031.jpg)

Nitpick honestly but what does Melina see in Destiny? She's really only known as his hot European girlfriend and it's baffles me how this even happens everytime. Her ex wasn't attractive either. Was it Destiny's clout or she has a thing for autistic guys or what?

Vid of the day Destiny cucked Melina's ex LMAO

No. 1135493

She apparently slid into his DMs, which is what led to him visiting her and her bf, cucking said bf, and the two of them getting together. I honestly don’t know what made her a fan of his in the first place. I’ve enjoyed his debate content in the past ngl but I sure as hell would never want to sleep with or date him. But from the sheer amount of girls he’s been with I would guess that he can be pretty charming or likable in person, particularly if he likes you (or wants to have sex with you I guess). Since she’s still pretty young and they’ve been in a relationship for so long I would guess she’s pretty sold on this image of the two of them having some kind of long term life together bc it’s her first ‘adult’ relationship and doesn’t realize she would be better off without him (ie your basic older man/younger woman shit)

No. 1135564

G r e e n c a r d

No. 1135799


As badbunny is the type of girl he got on with, this girl probably has some of that cluster b.

No. 1137062

File: 1611163314281.png (13.75 KB, 810x103, incubusquakingCapture.PNG)

Sage for OT and no milk, but these eaters of fed's smegma are hilarious

No. 1137315

Incel fan boys live in a different reality

No. 1142260

File: 1611629826346.jpg (227.5 KB, 483x261, 20210125_195640.jpg)

ninja trending on twitter and looking rough af kek

No. 1142718

lol I guess this is what happens to you when you hang out with jafar starfish

No. 1143100

? Are you confusing this guy with Nate? Ninja is straight and married

No. 1143810

File: 1611790907107.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1125x1478, 682502D3-1EFF-4782-959E-CBA8E4…)

Anisa insisting she doesn’t need Ian to be relevant but her views on tiktok are so sad without the idubbbz boost lol

It’s clear idubbbz doesn’t care about being used anymore so anisa should embrace it and stop acknowledging the haterz. It’s so sad she doesn’t realize she gains followed but they aren’t there for her.

No. 1145075

File: 1611914644665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 2089x2148, yjz9GU7.jpeg)

No. 1145768


Love how these kids go around calling people simps.

Fed's bumped up his return date by a few weeks ; pretty sure it was Feb 2, and now it's Feb 23.

No. 1145811

He could’ve easily came back with no issue if he hadn’t released that doc lol

No. 1145879

i was way more interested in studying the design of the pillow than looking at her.

No. 1145884

I just don't get why some women degrade themselves like this…

No. 1145886

Late but Ninja and his wife are close friends with Jeffree and have went on vacations with him and shit.

No. 1146258

i'd love for some proof of this, what an interesting crossover

No. 1146261

??? What a weird crossover

The only thing they have in common is jefree and ninja’s wife saying the n word lmao

No. 1146267

in idubbbz' last video he was driving from canada back to america with his dog, without anisa lmao. didn't they just move into a new house together after she doxed the last one? she can't make content with him because they're not even living together atm

No. 1146350

Yeah Anisa bought an entire house for her new preubred dog and for Idubbbz to get a temporary 5 month Canadian Visa. The house is currently vacant.

Anisa didn't ride with idubbbz because there was no guarantee Idubbbz would get past the border, so Anisa would ride by plane into America. The border patrol at the airport was angry Anisa was traveling during a covid lockdown, but she was allowed back anyways.

During the first COVID shut down, Anisa could stay in America indefinitely without penalty because of border shutdowns. Anisa found a dog seller in Canada and made the stupid fucking decision to go back, under the guise of "seeing my dad boohoo".

This time, her reasons for coming back to America were:
-she wanted more tattoos
-she didn't want to be alone without Ian because her anxiety

No. 1146534

If she marketed herself as a post-op troon no one would bat an eye

No. 1148137

File: 1612199901079.jpg (238.78 KB, 1525x1124, pi4io3ld32h31.jpg)

here you go anons, they use to hang out all the time they even went to nfl games together and Ninja's wife and Jefree are super close friends

No. 1148166

what a bunch of clowns

No. 1148174

Isn't Jessica (Ninja's wife) his manager as well? It seems like a long time ago, but that was a strange detail when she was using her husband's new fame to hit up everyone she stanned. Like Jaffar.

No. 1148565

Ninja and Nate look like brothers LMAO

What a weird ducking crossover

No. 1150140

Why is she so obsessed with tattoos… She doesn't even know which ones she wants, she's getting them all at random

No. 1150616

she's obsessed with attention, not tattoos

No. 1155214

Sage for autism but did she get 2 consecutive haircuts? Probably explains why the layers are so short in her newest one

No. 1155215

File: 1612734743376.jpg (2.24 MB, 3105x2466, IMG_20210208_031555.jpg)

No. 1155670


It is literally impossible to find a more unhappy looking person than Anisa in ANY given photo, holy shit

No. 1155685

damn kinda sad how a pic of her without makeup ft. Idubbbbbbz gets almost twice the amount of likes over her pic of her on her own (where she actually looks nice and put-together)

No. 1155886

I actually think her hair in the first photo suited her. Grow it back out, Anisa.

No. 1155897

File: 1612798384640.png (679.95 KB, 779x428, jinny.png)

opinions on jinny getting kicked out of mizkif's orbit?

No. 1155899

because personally i'm loving every second of it

No. 1155933

> Ugly sobbing and saying that it's all only because of her visa issues, when the other guy makes it seem like that there is more than that

> Turned out that she was a fucking idiot who decided to travel around and bring his brother, while almost the whole house has health issues (one guy has a horrible immune system, the other one got a kid and there is someone's mother who is at risk while also being sick)

> the guy also added that “Jinny, I feel like doesn’t understand the situation as much as she should.”

This woman is a huge cow, what the hell.

Video from house's owner POV and explanation

No. 1155934

File: 1612801897270.png (66.17 KB, 872x510, bep.png)

No. 1155947

She looks better without makeup

No. 1155951

Mizkif and the people around him have a revolving door of people constantly in and out of their homes. I'm guessing they are using covid as an excuse for her to leave but most of them don't seem to like Jinny much anyway. They've had several big parties and events in the past few months and no one is wearing masks or keeping distance so it's funny they seem to care now. Jinny seems like a special kind of entitled idiot though.

No. 1155994

i remember tuning in once when she was shitface drunk and hearing her talk how she was the hottest chick in school lol, so much for that. she looks like a different person
i feel much more milk coming in with that vid getting so many views

No. 1155995

File: 1612804555529.jpg (65.03 KB, 727x680, jinnytty.jpg)

forgot image

No. 1156125

fuck the rich and fuck jinny, how any of the coomers allowed her to travel for a year and not get any backlash until now astounds me. She almost got herself and others killed by running red lights before, I hope she seriously eats the shit she deserves.

No. 1156433

I do think there's a difference between having a closed circle of friends who are expected to "quarantine" (not go to restaurants, bars, etc) vs someone who is mixing with people in public and traveling. It's still not ideal, but at least they aren't going out afterwards and spreading it to non-streamers.
Jinny and her brother truly don't give a fuck about their friends or unsuspecting strangers. It was stupid of her to even bring it up so the drama is kind of self-inflicted.
I guess this just shows how all of them are disconnected from normal life

No. 1156530

The whole Jinny vs Mizkif's house thing is probably deeper than that. I think they do not like her because she leads Esfand on and they all love Esfand. The corona thing was most likely an excuse to shun her.

No. 1156575

They have been make non stop jokes about Jinny in the OTK react show.

This bitch must've forgotten what she looked like without plastic surgery to be talking like that.

Does he actually like her romantically? I thought it was just retarded ship baiting for donos.

No. 1156618

The fake relationship probably created a strange dynamic for the rest of OTK. Malena mentioned in the past how hard it is when other streams or their girlfriends don't like you. But Jinny didn't exactly try either.
Also I may be way off on this, but I've always wondered if Esfand and XQC don't get along. XQC hangs out with the rest of OTK and Soda's household, but he's talked in the past how he thinks shipping content is cheap and Esfand has complained about him. Only thought of it because the XQC clip blowing up on LSF about Jinny

No. 1156627

XQC plays with gamers , esfand is no different than ice and the Andy’s. No personality besides “relatable, omg it’s me” to coomers

No. 1156649

I don't think XQC is very social in general. He seems to prefer just streaming constantly. Only time he is social is when his gf is dragging him to places. I've never seen him hang out with any of the other OTK guys. Asmon and Mizkif aren't really his people either.

No. 1156671

He hangs out at Soda's house off stream and Greek and Poke come to his house sometimes, but that's about it. He also can't drive, so he can only go if Adept takes him lol. I think of all the OTK people he ends up with Nick the most because Adept and Malena are friends and he lives with Soda.
He always looks super awkward in groups though. I feel like he's regressing because he used to be a lot more outgoing a few years ago

No. 1156683

I saw a clip where Mizkif said that “Esfand will have a lot more time on his hands now.” Apparently Jinny is Esfand’s best friend second to Mizkif. I can’t find the clip though because it seems like every clip related to it has been taken down?

No. 1156685

Clips are broken on twitch atm

No. 1156822

what is the housing situation? who is living with who? who the fuck is even mizkif and OTK?

No. 1156976

Yeah. Now there’s a new clip of him with Jinny trying to clear the air (probably at Esfand’s request). I think Mizkif just makes jokes at everyone’s expense, but the timing makes it seem like he dislikes her. Honestly it doesn’t even matter who likes who, the girl is still a walking Petri dish who’s planning to travel during a pandemic.

OTK is just an org for some semi-big streamers like Mizkif, Asmon, Esfand, Nick, and their orbiters. A lot of leftovers from the Ice Poseidon era. I think they live in 3 houses. I don’t really get the point of the org since they have to pay dues to join even though they’re all friends and could just collaborate

No. 1158218

Literally only Mizkif is from Ice's shit, no one else is. Asmon lives alone to take care of his mummy and never clean. Nick, Greek, Malena live with Soda to make sure he doesn't die. Esfand lives with JayCGee ??? and Mizkif lives with other snoozers and maybe his gf Maya lives there now? Not sure.

No. 1158548

File: 1612999027518.jpeg (649.56 KB, 1125x1140, 2D0E7E29-99E0-4CE9-8D2E-6EB784…)

Love to see just last year daph leading a hatemob onto poki and now doing a 180

Poki is mature for trying to bridge the gap but daph has never publicly addressed how she tried to destroy poki over rumors lmao

No. 1158564

Daph was a complete retard in this situation (and still is). Poki has her own cringe moments and milk, but the way Daph behaved seemed like she is a 15yo angry mean girl.

It's still stupid on how much she would throw fits about Poki and butthurt in public just to later for Poki to come to her and fix the issue. Probably the first and one of the few times where Pokimane seemed to be in the right.

No. 1162307

anything new abput the whole fedmyster? he deleted all the post about the incident.

No. 1162627

the last info ive seen was his brothers yt channel (AnimojiTalks) leaking feds DM with angelskimi that exposes how they had casual sex, the girl fell in love with him and confessed and he rejected her.

all the vids on that channel are now gone, I guess the girl sued them for distributing personal information or something like that

No. 1162710

Are you on crack? Wasn't Pokimane the one who overreacted with the passive-agressive cute emoji messages and throwing a hissy fit over some girl unfollowing her?

I will never understand social ladders. Christ.

No. 1162804

No. Daph started all this on her own stream, she would shittalk in chat or on mic, always throwing petty comments.

No. 1162832

Kek I liked kimi but the fact that she made up bullshit stories about fed to use for clout out of bitterness from being rejected is just hilarious to me
Imagine falling in love with fucking FEDMYSTER kek what an L

No. 1162837

LUL is that why she rebranded herself into "plushys" or whatever the name is?

No. 1162876

Are you kidding me? Lmao, she really didn’t need clout - she was donating her entire year’s paycheck and it wasn’t public but it was obvious Kimi was dating multi millionaire HotshotGG. Why the fuck would she give a shit about, man who constantly pisses himself publicly, fedmyster?

No. 1162896

Pretty sure it was 100% out of bitterness since he sweettalked her to give him her virginity and she consented thinking they had something special while he only saw her as his side bitch while trying to get pokimane.

The donation thing is hilarious too, since she said she would keep the charity going till she hit 100k but changed her mind to end it at the end of 2020 as soon as HotshotGG dumped her and she didnt get to live for free anymore LMAO.

No. 1162953

From my own sources: Fed is indeed done, and not just on Twitch. I know why and cannot say. But this is serious.

No. 1162956

When you say he is "done" you mean it in the sense that he moved on and doesnt want to be on the scene anymore?

Or that he did something so bad that if he shows his face it goes public and he is completely fucked by it?

No. 1163304

it's a meme

No. 1163430

Wait when did Kimi and hotshot breakup? Also does anyone else think the rebranding was a horrible idea?

No. 1163436

Around the start of October 2020, when she moved out to her parents home. My guess is they took a break and then decided to fully break up around December since that's when she addressed that she was single. Its easy to know if/when she is dating someone when she stops/starts memeing being single.

And yeah, even she thinks the rebranding was awful, otherwise she wouldn't tag every single YouTube video she uploads with #AngelsKimi.

No. 1163458

File: 1613535924008.jpeg (814.33 KB, 1125x1605, B925875D-9FD7-4BC2-8CCC-C31EFC…)

I feel bad for her, it’s a unique name but she rebranded way too late. She has to deal with this and that crazy fucking stalker still. I’d quit the internet entirely if I were getting messages like this, she’s strong for keeping pushing through.

Coomers are disgusting

No. 1163470

She'll probably retire soon.

If you go through her VOD YouTube you'll see that the past 5/6 months the only kind of streams she did are sponsors and Hafu lobbies where she starts the stream as soon as the lobbies starts and ends stream as soon as the lobbies finish, all while avoiding and ignoring her viewers 95% of the time.

She's clearly done with the streamer life and only goes live to collect the simp money from time to time. If her startup takes off shell drop streaming in a heartbeat.

No. 1163554

looks like a midlife crisis autogynephilic hon

No. 1163574

Its sad and hilarious how HGG never gets any luck when it comes to dating women from Twitch scene (he really should try finding someone outside of it).

His first GF was known for sleeping with every esports player, group sex or not while buying gucci bags and stuff with his money, even after their breakup she kept sleeping around.

The second one ended up leeching him to get more popular on YouTube (he was a popular NA player during that time), while also being a womanchild who was going through "I am a loli IRL" phase, acting like a vunerable baby and banning everyone who asks how old she is, and breaking up right after the first month of living together.

And now Kimi, with her charity donations after she starts dating him… Even if she earned it through her streams, I think its obvious she ended up using his money because he is a millionaire atm (owns a team).

The only thing that we know for sure is that he is willing to date only asians, which is typical both on Twitch and in LoL.

I remember he also ended up having it rough, owning an esports team and getting scammed by doublelift.

No. 1163862

>mad for a whole year
>pushing the narrative that muh queen wasn’t a shit lord and getting shit on by everyone one in the comm at that point in time
Fucking cringe kys. Funny how pokitards only attack women who made fun of her instead the horde of men on twitch/YouTube/every else who were openly hostile about her.

No. 1164089

Are you fucking illiterate, check previous threads. We call all the male retards for their stupid dramamongering last year. Get over your hate boner and stop beating a dead horse

No. 1164598

File: 1613661826288.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.26 KB, 3840x2880, 48AE6033-F2E4-43F3-A9E6-E63F81…)

She really thought she was better than Jessica nigri

No. 1167318

From what I heard Hotshot was an asshole to a lot of his gfs, and he's the one who chose to break up with both Becca and Lily. Lily was also established and popular before she dated him, imo her getting cheated on was what really helped her popularity. I don't care for either of them, but people give him way too much credit and sympathy to shit on the girls.

No. 1167340

I don't understand how someone can be this bad at composition. Why isn't she in the middle of the image? The background is way too busy and why do this on this gross looking rug? Didn't she have a shot where she doesn't look like she's smooshing her face into the floor?

No. 1167726

OTK got absolutely fucked this week
>Winter storm hits Texas
>Mizkif and Esfand pick up Train (who has been under strict quarantine for a year) to drive him to Soda's house because he has no utilities or food. They proceed to fake cough in the car, causing Soda's house to rescind their invitation for fear of COVID
>Train instead goes to Mizkif's. Esfand and orbiter 4Conner try to defend a Texas mayor who said people shouldn't receive aid during the storm and other horrible takes
>4Conner is then outed as a racist/sexist/nazi/probably everything you could think of in leaked discord logs and is kicked out of the house
>Austin streamers try to twist it into "you shouldn't celebrate when people are canceled" instead of growing a backbone. Probably because they also have sketch logs
>Esfand and another orbiter have COVID and now they all might be infected

No. 1167765

i’m guessing she wanted some kind of “face being shoved against the floor while getting fucked” but i’m dying at her big ass elbow just randomly in between her legs. is this what happens when your has been boyfriend doesn’t wanna take pictures of you anymore?

No. 1167826

I went down a rabbit hole during the esports DL team fiasco and apparently the break ups were spurred by his paranoia. He accused them of being talentless leeches, freeloading off him. Which is toxic af in any relationship lmao. Boy needs therapy

No. 1167855

File: 1613976224454.png (204.31 KB, 496x776, 2ACAC94B-5F5A-4C41-AE2C-BED227…)

how has mizkif even survived this long as streamer? he's just slippery hypocrite that barely changes his spots

he isnt funny either and his content garbage just watch clint or ludwig instead

he has a weird jimmy fallon laugh

It's obvious jinnytty is a womanchild about quarantining but Miz is also a terrible manchild, inviting over a fucking zoo of people to then remove one person ffs, its pretty obvious Miz doesn't like Jinny for extraneous reasons

but ofc miz isnt to blame according to lsf he never is

No. 1168005

Yeah, he managed to do a sub-hour speed run of Mario so all is forgiven as far as LSF is concerned. Now they can move on to calling for XQC’s head in peace. That forum has such a short memory.
Meanwhile, Miz just wasted more money on an old Toys R Us sign and his house is now a Petri dish. When he does get canceled he’s going to be completely broke. Also, Esfand is almost equally dense and I’m not surprised he got COVID

No. 1168043

ive always hated esfand that piece of shit. every time i see one of those variety shows on twitch where girls talk about which twitch guys they find hot and a girl says his name, i roll my eyes SO fucking hard. fuck him

No. 1168220

I only like miz because of Maya, she’s too good for him tbh

No. 1168480

Does he have a shitty past? I’ve barely watched him besides some OTK clips on lsf and he seems very meh.
It seems like most of the Austin streamers have a shady/fucked past online, it’s weird, it’s like if you scratch the surface of any of them they’ve all done or said fucked shit.

No. 1168514

Does anyone else get really bad vibes from KristoferYee? He hangs with the OfflineTV group a lot and seems really desperate to find a girlfriend. He even mentions being single twice in his Twitch about page and his video of building LilyPichu a PC he comes across as such a huge creep when he talks about simping for her.

I feel a Fed 2.0 brewing with him.

No. 1168532

File: 1614067751599.jpg (24.1 KB, 615x282, KristoferYee.JPG)

Apart from being a sad, desperate reply guy, I don't really see any milk. He just complains about being bullied as a child and @'s e-celebs on Twitter asking if they want PCs built.

No. 1168539

That's fair. I heard he asked out codemiko on her stream the other day too but I guess that's desperation and not milk. Just rings my creep alarms and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the girls in his circle comes out with something against him one day.

No. 1168640

I’m not too familiar with him. What I do know is that 1/2 of his content was about his fake, shipping relationship with Jinny. They were planning to go on a USA road trip together despite the pandemic and living in one of the states with the highest infection rates. Jinny was asked to leave by OTK because she doesn’t take COVID seriously, but ironically neither does Esfand because he got it a few weeks later.
He was also completely insufferable on the Scuffed Podcast (to be fair everyone is). He’s mostly a fence-sitter and uses his dad working a remedial job as his rags-to-riches story, even though he just got lucky. He puts down poor people because he has that bootstrap complex even though he literally is paid in donations lol. He has some of the worst takes in the group and that’s saying a lot considering all the people in OTK

No. 1168667

>but ironically neither does Esfand because he got it a few weeks later
yeah that's a retarded thing to say

No. 1168854

I hate Esfand on the basis of being an ugly boring motherfucker. I know Jinny is only farming simpbux from his viewers but I want to throw up for her.

No. 1168992

Oh, so he didn’t get COVID? And he wasn’t on camera without a mask in public? And he didn’t have a party earlier this year? Right, he was taking it seriously

No. 1169898

File: 1614221087795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.88 KB, 1000x484, 12343277665.jpg)

Not Anisa, calling out fitgurus on instagram for getting lipo and BBL, , then getting one months later

No. 1173708

File: 1614643577965.jpeg (456.33 KB, 1125x977, D8F01ED0-4BD3-4854-99E7-886E4F…)

Esfand is suffering from COVID. Kind of feel bad for him and even more pissed at Jinny. She traveled the entire world unscathed but he gets it in his own home.

No. 1173709

are we sure that isn’t just photoshop? the thighs filling out to a perfect curve just seems weird. she photoshops a lot i’ve heard.

No. 1173749

File: 1614646377951.jpg (55.44 KB, 680x383, D19cgr_VAAAn8tH.jpg)

but she's bad at shooping and previous attempts were obvious. Can any shoop experts can chime in with insight

No. 1173871

Why does Esfand having covid have anything to do with Jinny? He's an obese right wing retard who didn't take corona seriously and he is facing the consequences.

No. 1173951

I don't disagree with you that he's an obese retard. I just think it's fucked that Jinny, who has done much worse during the pandemic, hasn't faced any consequences.

No. 1174027

Imagine being Esfand simp

No. 1174114

File: 1614678030237.jpg (46.23 KB, 640x1012, FB_IMG_1614662666026.jpg)

> womxn

No. 1174144

they celebrate women history month by creating an abomination from the word woman, yikes

No. 1174192

File: 1614685766259.png (35.09 KB, 591x302, twitxn.PNG)

They've already apologized for it

No. 1174198


The sad part is that they listened only to trannies who kept saying that WOMXN IS A WORD MADE BY TERFS. Pathetic. But they also got a screaming trannie deer as a mod so no surprises.

No. 1174262

what? womxn is a term trannies use, not terfs. Terfs have been vocal about hating the word. Trannies see it as a win because you're erasing the word woman and centering them.

>continue to work with the LGBTQIA+ comm
It's WOMANS MONTH why are you listening to MEN

No. 1174279

U should check twitter's tweets with womxn twitch. It's nothing but trannirfags screaming that it's made by TERFS and twitch should be ashamed.

No. 1174285

absolutely, but according to the current twitter timeline, the history of 'womxn' has been rewritten to have been created and used solely by evil Terfs to exclude transwomen from the word women. I don't know how they can keep up with their own narrative with how often they flip it. That's exactly why brands can't keep up kek.

No. 1174734


Jummy's now-ex is TinaKitten. She is part of the OTV circle; plays a lot of Among Us etc.

What's interesting is that on one of Wendy's/Natsummi's livestreams, Jummy mentioned that every gf he had had ended up cheating on him. It's also weird that she livestreamed only a few hours before the tweet. Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I'd probably want to chill for a bit if I'd just broken up with someone.

Jummy is close friends with Lilypichu, he's her manager, so it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. If my suspicions about Tina cheating, virtually or otherwise, are correct it's probably with someone else in the friend group. Drama potential is high.

No. 1174868

I feel bad for him, LA e-thots cant be trusted for shit. Tina is a nobody without Jummy, all the friends that stream with her care about Jummy way more.

No. 1174922


She has the support of the Sykkuno fans, most of whom don't know who Jummy is. I never saw her on stream with Jummy when they were together, and I think she only mentioned that she had a bf once to get Sykkuno shippers off her back. When some people found out that Jummy was her bf, he got a whole bunch of hate from people calling him ugly, a loser, etc. Also, simps were thirsty for her when she had a bf; imagine what they're gonna be like now she's single. Not to mention all the Sykkuno fans who ship him with every girl he interacts with.

No. 1174959

Yep, I knew this was coming when I saw this happen live. Corpse has been blatantly flirting with Tina for awhile now…

Kinda sad that Jummy helped Tina get famous by introducing her to OTV and friends and telling her to stream and then she gets too popular and dumps him. Not a really good look. Yeah they were not a match looks-wise but man, she looks like a giant dick for using him to get famous then ditching him when she starts getting male attention from more popular guys.

No. 1174981

This is what you get for falling in love and dating a girl who you met only because she started drawing fanart of you. Lol!

No. 1175011


To be fair to Tina, she did start dating him in 2017 so if the whole reason she started dating him was for clout then it was a really long con. She does follow the standard e-thot social-media strategy. None of her IG posts include Jummy, she didn't like Jummy's Valentine tweet (they were still together), and she never included him in her streams.

I hadn't thought about Corpse. In any case, his fans and Sykkuno's will continue to support her. It'll be interesting to see if Lily continues to interact with her.

It's entirely possible, BTW, that their relationship just fizzled out. It's just the fact that a) Jummy has a history of picking girls who end up cheating on him b) her social-media history and stream interactions which make me suspicious.

Tina hasn't posted anything about it.

No. 1175025

File: 1614767307327.jpg (58.44 KB, 640x640, zoomers.jpg)

Literally who? Are these friends of the corpse-man with the smokers voice who plays AMOOGUS?

And how do you know from this tweet that she cheated on him? It literally just says that he is now single.

No. 1175027

How can this guy be so popular. This was one of the cringiest things I have seen in a long time and he sounds extremely intrusive, too, almost like a rapist. Idgi.

No. 1175048


At this point there's no way of knowing what happened; it's just that everything together seems a bit off. If Jummy consistently picks girls who cheat on him, it's likely that it happened again. Definitely not confirmed, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that was the case. It would be another story if one of his previous gfs had cheated on him, but it seems to be a consistent pattern with him.

No. 1175054

Otv &friends fans are
- underage
- weebs
- neckbeards

No. 1175066

that's dumb as hell, you don't "pick someone who cheats on you".

No. 1175084


It's not like he intentionally seeks out women who will be unfaithful to him. Think of it this way; imagine you have a friend you've known for ages. Now imagine that all of their partners have abused them. Unless your friend works to change how they pick a partner, what can you predict will happen with the next one?

BTW, Lily just defended Tina on Twitter. So maybe it's baseless. Hard to tell with her.

No. 1175102

The same for that girl. Why do people over the age of 13 watch this??? It was difficult to bear.

No. 1175153

You're a retard. Just because someone has been cheated on in the past doesn't mean that the reason they broke up with their girlfriend means it was because she cheated as well. You literally don't know this and making a really wild assumption about two people you don't even know.

No. 1175169


No need to get mad Never said it was definitely the case. It's also not wild speculation. If every girl he's been with has cheated on him, chances are he picks girls who are more likely to cheat or he does things which make it more likely for them to cheat. If, for example, I know a woman has been abused by all her previous boyfriends it's not ridiculous for me to assume the next one will likely do the same; you don't need to know somebody to make a prediction like that. People are creatures of habit; they often repeat the same BS unless they take steps to break the cycle. It's why things such as predictive modeling exi

No. 1175258

You keep repeating the same dumb shit over and over again without saging.

>he picks girls who are more likely to cheat or he does things which make it more likely for them to cheat

This is so fucking dumb, I hope you at least have the excuse of being a dumb teenager, but seeing as you watch amogus twitch zoomer entertainment you are likely not even through puberty yet.

No. 1175420


If someone keeps ending up with girlfriends who cheat on them, there's something in how they choose a partner, or how they handle relationships, which make the chance that their next girlfriend will cheat on them much more likely. I repeat, he said every previous gf cheated on him. Once could happen to anyone, but every time? Something is going on there. Sure, it's more than possible that's not what happened. But if you think it's stupid, you don't know people. And honestly, you sound like a Tina fanboy considering how angry you're getting at the suggestion she might be a cheater.

No. 1175428

I don't even know who the fuck any of these people are, I just find your argument that a person keeps "picking cheaters" to be absolutely ridiculous.

Please enlighten us then how exactly you can avoid a partner that will cheat on you cause I would love to know. Then maybe you can also tell us how a person "acts in a way that will cause people to cheat on them".

And then maybe you can learn how to type "sage" into the e-mail field as well .

No. 1175436


Point is, if you keep picking cheaters you're doing something wrong when it comes to picking partners or handling relationships. Not a very difficult concept.

No. 1175502

nyrt, anon-chan….. he literally ended up getting cucked only because he chose to date a desperate ~ fan ~ who used his well-known thirsty ass (he's been playing the ' im in luv w lilii xd' meme for many years).

It was obvious that it was about to be doomed from the start.

No. 1175520


he should pick one of you instead, amiright?

God it's so fucking obvious you are simps who make the wild assumption that because his ex cheated on him in the past his recent relationship also ended because of cheating, for which you have ZERO evidence, you only assume this cause you hate that he picked that specific fan over one of you and I am sure "you would treat him right and not cheat on him"

please grow up, you're really cringy

No. 1175592

Very good take from chad. People demonized katerino basically because callmecarson had a fake relationship with her that he thought was real.
clout, or he was just lonely/autistic and didn't realize they weren't dating.

No. 1175608


Go watch the Dr Wondy stream with Jummy and Lilypichu, it's the second to last VOD on Natsummi's channel; Jummy straight up says every girl he's been with has cheated on him. The evidence is straight from him.

You're the one trying to mind-read; I'm just pointing out the fact that if every girl he's been with has turned out to be a cheater, Jummy must be doing something which increases the chances of it happening.

No. 1175836

> Anon is a retard who assumes that everyone are his fan
Everytime these twitch man or womanchilds decide to date their uwuu fans, they always end up leeching off them and using them for connections.

This guy have always been ugly as shit and he's always been known to be a bootlicker of lilyddlgchu, while still being a desperate loner. He will jump on anything that gives him attention, and him deciding to date a person who just wanted to get a piece of twitch clout was stupid.

She may have cheated on him or not, but these are only rumors made out of thin air. As this anon >>1175011 mentioned, I am not going to be surprised if they broke up because she pushes the single girl streamer agenda and got the final piece of cake from him, after which she can freely leech off everyone else.

No. 1175908

Miyoung and Tina became popular because they dated people working in OTV(jummy and toast). For the longest time I thought they were the same person, they look and act the same.

The 2020 combination of corpse, sykkuno, and Rae helped jumpstart the careers of these randoms

No. 1176416

File: 1614904538979.gif (1.41 MB, 312x630, ezgif-3-b1b36fee1713.gif)

Anisa was definitely laying low because of surgery, those tits are rock hard and she finally doesn't look like a fridge.

Got to love she's dropping the whole "im not like other girls, im transparent abotu what surgeries i get" act though lmao

No. 1176421

That looks so fucking weird and unnatural.

No. 1176763


The same type of girl, and some "guys" who used to post on Tumblr about how nobody understands them and how they're special. Mix that in with your typical psychotic K-pop stan, since Corpse is "friends" with Sykkuno, and you basically have the fanbase. They spam chats with that stupid sadge emoji and infantilize their streamers of choice. They like Corpse because he's an "edgy and mysterious bad boy" and they think his music is deep, they like Sykkuno because of anime soft-boi loser persona, and they like Tina because she acts cutesy. They're mostly weebs and a lot of weebs like women who act like little girls. They want their favorite streamers to act helpless and to squeal. They're also more toxic and hateful than /pol/. Just tell them that Corpse and Sykkuno are overrated or that there's evidence pointing to the fact that Sykkuno is a manipulative asshole or that the fact that all of Jummy's exes before Tina cheated on him so it's not far-fetched to think she may have done it to and see how they react. They start freaking out if you shove reality in their face; everything has to be cute and happy.

On a side note, I've never gotten why Lily gets so much hate for her voice and persona while streamers such as Tina or Aria slide under the radar.

No. 1176806

File: 1614952957868.png (149.77 KB, 1447x705, F0573932-633E-424D-A74A-D1987B…)

Honestly feels bad for lily, there are a handful of crazy incel/femcels who do crazy shit like pic related lol. I’ve never seen this type of excessive cow tipping behavior for any other e-celeb.


No. 1177251

What the fuck? That’s so bizarre looking. How can she possibly think that looks good?

No. 1177344


Problem is Twitch is full of boys who think that just because a girl has a friendly interaction with someone means she wants the D.

No. 1177351

Don't feel bad for this dude. He flirted with and dated a minor a few years ago when he was mid-20s and she was around 16. Lily and all their friends knew about it, joked about it by calling the girl jailbait, and I'm surprised it has never been addressed. Putting it out there now because Jummy is literal scum and doesn't deserve any sympathy lol. Also, he's not her manager, he's just a useless friend she's kept around for a long time.

No. 1177602

TIL that lilyfags lack braincells.

Jummychu has been eloboosting her lolily LoL account 3 years ago live on his Twitch stream, back when he barely had any viewers and thought he could get away with it (which he did, but RG are all about having rioters themselves eloboosted). And no, noonie, I am not talking about duoqueue. He played ranked on her own account. And yes, I know he named his challenger main after her.

He is also the one who always takes care of his ratdog Temmie, teh ~ official caretaker ~.

If you want any proof on one thing, I am not spoonfeeding you because you, like all the other retards of PULL always prefer barking instead of actually showing anything, like you did above. Both Lily and Jimmy are retards if you are going to accuse me of Waking.

No. 1177885

File: 1615058603519.png (538.23 KB, 586x709, Screenshot at Mar 06 20-21-41.…)

>being famous is a curse… don't look at me

No. 1177973

??? You ok anon? Not sure why you feel like I attacked you, I think we're on the same side. I was just saying Jummy is as bad as the rest of Lily's friend group and doesn't deserve any ass pats.

No. 1178106

I think it’s the same cringetard cowtipping in this screencap >>1176806

Anytime lily is mentioned some femcel brings up decade old points and drops “I’m not posting evidence you brainwashed wks” via source:(believe me)

No. 1178118

Unpopular opinion but I've always felt lily got shit on way more than her arguably worse friends for some reason. She seems pretty normal now but god forbid you say one nice thing about her and the antifans come out of hiding and screech about some elo boosting shit no one cares about without proof.

No. 1178138

Imagine the unsuspecting curious tourist who actually streams that shit.

No. 1178155

It’s really weird PULL behavior lmao all we’re missing is “I asked my bf/husband and even he doesn’t like her!” I think a majority of the hate comes from others thinking they could be her, since lily used 4chan years ago.

Thankfully COVID has made NYC a ghost town so the normies are spared

No. 1178192

I dont actually buy she used 4chan tbh, those screenshots looked like someone desperately trying to be her. It was a lot of he said she said.

No. 1178303

No not the sad girl robot posts, those were probably by a larper. She used to be part of /a/ and /jp/, not a namefag though.

No. 1178322


My only serious criticisms of her are that she knows Sykkuno's a creep, his ex warned her way back, and still choose to promote him and the whole "I'm still friends with Fed" bit, which could've seriously undermined OTV's position.

No. 1178420

I can't wait until the day his dumb teenage fangirls find out he is just a dumpy mexican with a beer belly and probably a lazy eye.

No. 1178730

she's always going to be my favorite cow. what a weirdo.

No. 1178767

More girls are most likely going to come out about how Sykkuno/Thomas was a manipulative creep to them. He plays up this weird uwu persona these days but his real personality leaks out all the time. The fact that the rest of Lily's friend group knows the real him but choose to play along is gross lol. The dude is practically 30, has a masters degree, has rich ass parents, but chose to pursue immature online clout because he just couldn't stay away from the attention. The makeup and drawn on eyebrows adds to the creepiness too.

No. 1178826

File: 1615164324667.png (950.48 KB, 1194x582, Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 5.49…)

Stolen from the farms.

No. 1178902

Someone kill this disingenuous creature before it lays more eggs in teen girl's brains.

No. 1179033


You gotta remember that at the end of the day it's a business; I doubt they'd want to distance themselves from Sykkuno. You also have to take into account that, according to his ex, Thomas doesn't show his true colors to most people. Even if one of his streamer "friends" were aware of what he's really like, It wouldn't be worth trying to expose him. They'd just get attacked en masse by his psychotic fans and get accused of clout-chasing.

There's also the fact that a lot of stuff that would lose you friends or your ass kicked IRL is excused because of content. Toast's asshole persona and comments would lose him friends quick if he was actually like that. Scarra's WeirdChamp comments when he's drunk, such as when he asked Yvonne if she thought about Fed when she was with Seanic, would get him punched in a lot of bars. So, even if Thomas' true mature came out more on stream, his "friends" could just excuse it as trolling, or doing it for content. His fans would probably eat it up as the Darkkuno arc.

Twitch rewards acting like a social retard, ass-kissing, and acting as if biz partners are your friends.

No. 1179160

at this point, anisa needs to have her own thread

No. 1179179


Imagine if Leafy got the chin equivalent of those tits.

No. 1179195

wait what the fuck, source for the scarra comment?

No. 1179286

lol yehh tell that to the mods, "not enough milk guyz"

No. 1179414



It's at around 7:33

Scarra has a history of being an asshole or saying dumb shit while drunk. Can't find a clip of it, but he also insulted Leslie while drunk. Of course, his fans call it him being a savage. A man in his 30's making comments like that. I don't know, maybe it's personal preference, the whole asshole persona doesn't do it for me in that context; you're supposed to laugh at the douche, not with them.

No. 1179589

Since the whole Fed saga I've been sort of surprised just by how much shit the guys seem to get away with within the group.
Toast's online persona rubbed me the wrong way personally, especially when the Fed wound was still raw and the group just had a near-Fed equivalent but online

No. 1179989


I get that they're doing personas, but maybe Toast and Scarra shouldn't base their personas on assholes if OTV and their fanbase want to complain about toxicity. They also might want to rethink jokes about "no" meaning "yes" and pressuring women into sex. There definitely seems to be a "rules for thee, but not for me" vibe.

I also find it funny that the supposed 'crackhead' of the group is the most normal of them.

No. 1180551

File: 1615345045722.jpeg (384.53 KB, 1536x2048, hmm.jpeg)

Alright, something weird is going on.

Jummy announced that he and Tina broke up on March 2nd.

Tina announced break from streaming March 3rd.

Tina and Karl flew from LA to NYC during a pandemic to see a billboard for Corpse (picrel) on March 7th. Karl has flirted a ton with Tina so IMO not a good look to be traveling across the country with him after a breakup.

Today (March 9th) a lot of Jummy's friends started tweeting "single btw" referencing his breakup announcement tweet. Poki, Lily, Abe, Peter, Jodi and a few others referenced it in other ways. Jummy tweeted about it too and I'm sure it's an in-joke now or something but as an outsider it looks really dickish to be making jokes referencing his breakup tweet.

Also, has anyone else noticed how the entire OTV + friends group has entirely dropped Ash (ash_on_lol) since she got called out a little while ago? She used to be a core part of the group but she hasn't played with them in forever. Same thing with James Charles (which is more understandable I guess) but they all did a huge video with him that was supposed to come out the day of the grooming accusations and seems to have been shelved. This group has never-ending drama.

No. 1180646


All of Jummy's previous relationships did end because the girl cheated, so there's something going with him which makes it more likely. I'd be surprised if they broke up the same day Jummy posted his breakup tweet, but that photo is suspicious.

Pretty sure the 'single btw' tweets are also making fun of the Burger King 'women belong in the kitchen' tweet.

Ash has been playing a lot of Rust, which the OTV crew seem to have dropped; that could explain things.

No. 1180697


One more thing

This is probably a big stretch, but Karl and Tina are wearing matching outfits. Koreans have a tradition of wearing matching outfits. Tina's mom's Korean, and she grew up in Korea. It could be they're just wearing Corpse merch to promote him, but Tina's gotta be aware of how it looks.

No. 1180699

They're literally just promoting the same CH hoodie, you're reading way too far into it.

No. 1180706


That's why I said it's probably a big stretch, but since she grew up in Korea she's gotta know how it looks. It's not only a Korean thing, BTW. OTV is basically all Asian, and they have a large Asian and Asian-American fanbase.

No. 1180711

File: 1615361672297.jpg (19.28 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I thought that guy was gay. Dont know anything about him though, just judging from things like pic related that scream "I dont have a single drop of testosterone in my body.".

If he's not, then yeah, its sus af that she would go on a trip with a guy thats been flirting with her non-stop just to show support for another guy thats been flirting with her non-stop less than a week after that she broke up with her 4+ year boyfriend.

No. 1180743

I’m pretty sure Karl Jacobs said he was asexual. If it’s true or not who knows. But he’s always flirting with everyone on twitter.

He seems like a nice guy, but I’ve never been a fan of him because he’s such a suck-up to anyone popular all the time.

No. 1180808

Let Tina be with someone else. Jummy wasn't a catch at all, looks or personality wise. She's dodging a bullet by distancing herself from that friend group.

No. 1180819


I'm just here to notice patterns, the fact all of Jummy's previous gfs cheated on him, and notice things which are kind of weird (matching outfits when Tina grew up in Korea and she knows that's what couples do and she probably knows how it could be perceived by OTV's largely East Asian fanbase). It's a distraction, nothing more. Don't care if she cheated or not, or if she's with Karl on the rebound, or whatever might have happened. It's fun to guess based on observations and then ser if you're right.

Agree with you about Jummy, personality wise. Remember Lily telling him something Michael had done for her which she thought was sweet and he told her she had low expectations; he was either being salty AF or too socially retarded to understand that gestures can mean more to some people than others or that it's best to STFU and nod in situations such as that. Definitely gives off insecure-Asian-male vibes.

No. 1181173

yall know how they met right? jummy said on stream years ago he found tina on twitch when she first started, befriended her and "waited" (barf) for her to turn 18 to date her. note that when they met, she was around 15-16 and he was a 25 year grown man.

soo basically popular streamer at that time preyed on low view count girl who was a minor

that is just classic grooming / pedo behavior. guy is ugly as fuck and has no redeemable traits

No. 1181182

File: 1615416117028.png (36.06 KB, 590x235, dan.png)

Sinatraa's (Valorant Pro/Ex OW Pro) ex girlfriend comes out claiming sexual abuse


Going to wait for more info to come out but man why do streamers type like cringey teenagers in the DMs?

No. 1181212

I don't give a damn about who this guy is but holy shit, those messages really ascertain that he's a massively insecure beta manchild kek he knows the only thing he has going for him is being good at some vidya and it shows.
It's perfectly on brand for a scrote like that to be emotional and sexually abusive. He's obsessed being cucked. So fucking pathetic and embarrassing. Sad that these zoomer e-girls will never stop chasing esports dicks from scrotes who would obviously be incel otherwise.

No. 1181215

Beside the coomer rapelord thing,
>reeeeing over your gf saying anything positive about another team
Why the fuck do girls put up with this. The small dick energy is overwhelming. I bet he's a head pusher.

No. 1181216

Sinatraa is fucking gross. He's always been a toxic prick, and the info in that doc just proves he is an insecure control-freak.

>girlfriend isn't in the mood for sex

>"you don't want to sleep with me because I'm ugly"

Just saying that is fucking unattractive. Sad that him being able to click heads in video games makes him think he's worthy of sex. Yikes.

No. 1181218

Depressed people shouldn't be in relationships. Full stop.

No. 1181223

Who are you talking to weirdo

No. 1181230

Bruh what. Zoomers really out here letting men location track them like a fucking outside dog or somethin? This guy is known to be toxic as fuck. How can anyone be surprised that Splice McHeadass is a rapist BPDfag.
Isn't he dating some loli uwu pickme e-girl?

No. 1181269

File: 1615421566174.jpg (629.42 KB, 1600x900, Riot-Games-suspend-Sinatraa-fr…)

>Splice McHeadass
KEK anon pls, my sides. i guess all the alien comparisons really got to his self-esteem…

No. 1181373

lol this is exactly how he dated one of his exes too. She was 16 or 17 at the time and he really latched on to her, until they started having a long distance relationship. His old tweets are probably still up as evidence. What's worse is that no one in that group, including Lily, ever calls him out on it in a serious manner.

No. 1181456


I wonder if his current gf knows what she's gotten herself into.

Dafran with the hot take. E-celebs should learn when to keep their opinions to themselves.


Tina's 22, right? So if they were together for at least 3 years, she was 18/19 when they started. Is Jummy older than Lily or the same age? In any case, 25+ with 18/19 is kinda weird. There's a big jump on that period of your life. The fact Tina looks and acts, at least on stream, young makes it weirder. Hopefully it was just a coincidence they met when she was 15/16 and got together later. Grooming is a serious allegation and there's a good chance that if he did it he was in a relationship when he did. There ought to be evidence before making such a claim.

Also, anybody got receipts about him dating a 16/17 year old?

No. 1181605

has anyone listened to the audio? i'm too pussy to listen to it myself…

he's already been suspended by his Valorant team. he made a statement basically denying the allegations and saying "the relationship was unhealthy for the both of us" and that he is working with authorities.

No. 1181611

File: 1615454984423.jpg (393.55 KB, 832x468, u8lbkhr.jpg)

OW already issuing refunds for his shit Zarya skin. But removing the patches and emotes relating to it in general. Won't be surprised if they just kick it to general lootbox to take away it's legacy status.

No. 1181627

I swear, OW is full of pedos and \ or trannies and incels

No. 1181632

The audio is weird as fuck tbh. She's talking like a child the entire time for some reason. Makes me wonder if they had some creepy ass dd/lg bullshit going on too cause it sure does sound like it.

No. 1181637

Tbh I ain't gonna be surprised if this shit drops skeletons from her closet. The audio sounded like weird bdsm rp stuff and he's just a whiny manchild who got popular for playing baby's first fps. Why wait a year where he's not even that big anymore as neither Valorant or overwatch pulls much weight popularity wise.

No. 1181668


Honestly, wondering about timing is linda 3head. If someone does me wrong and I time the release of receipts for max impact, it doesn't change the fact they did me wrong. Maybe she timed it to hurt him the most. Just because she might be petty doesn't mean he isn't a POS. He's definitely a dumbass; trash-talking an ex in public is top-tier retarded, especially if he's done what he's been accused of.

No. 1181899

Gee why be curious about milk on lolcow at all then. dude hasn't been relevant since he left overwatch it's not max input when he averages 5k viewers he's a washed up toxic shit who was known to be toxic. So she knowingly dated a shithead and just now wants to blast him.

No. 1182132


Because drama's entertaining. So are e-celebs who make bank, but have the social, and PR, skills of a drunk squirrel. Also, it's funny to see how much of a toxic shit-hole the e-celeb environment is. The amount of orbiters, creeps, manipulators, liars, and actual sexual predators is actually kind of impressive.

No. 1182629

File: 1615545498176.jpg (530.56 KB, 1096x641, lmao.jpg)

idk if anyone remembers, but in 2018 Anisa was bragging about modeling for a hair salon. She had to sit while they sewn in the wig for 6 hours or something and she only get $100 worth of in store credit for it. She never spoke about it again. The salon finally posted the pics though and Anisa sure loves to stretch the truth on her "modeling"

No. 1183195

File: 1615603483594.jpg (313.12 KB, 1152x2048, Cto3c7ZVMAAC81L.jpg)

old candid

No. 1183375

File: 1615621606798.png (504.86 KB, 1336x796, competitive e-retardation.PNG)

super late but i checked the texts and holy shit. how do you even put up with someone like that? not to victim blame but he literally sounds like a sped. like a retard screaming "mommy!!!" when she leaves the room. it's pathetic.

No. 1183383

They’re both equally retarded, she’s been subtweeting him constantly. Sinatra is taking her to court and released a statement, shits going down

No. 1183420


It'll be difficult for him to win. If she can show he's a public figure, the bar is pretty damn high for libel. He'd have to show she intentionally wrote things she knew to be false or that the receipts she's provided have been doctored or taken out of context. I doubt this makes it to trial.

There are three possible reasons for saying he's taking it to trial.

1) He's an idiot, and actually thinks he could win the case.

2) To try to intimidate her into retracting or modifying her statement. Sort of like when lawyers send legal threats they know to be BS.

3) It's a PR strat. He knows he probably won't win, but figures if he goes after her in court, it'll make him look innocent. A good defense is a good offense.

Could be a combo of the three, as well.

No. 1183606

Apparently, TinaKitten said on her stream that the reason she broke up was because of things going on in her life. Hmmm… Not a good look.

No. 1183636

They are not equally retarded, male. She's naive fan who got into a relationship with huge power imbalance with an e-celeb, tale old as time. while he's literally an incel rapist with little man syndrome.
He's not gonna do shit. It is a strat to claim "we're investigating" and having contradicting evidence. It serves both as a pussy ass dindu statement and an intimidation like you said. If anything, he'll just attempt to settle out of court, pay her to never speak about it again.

No. 1183736

She's also moving to Las Vegas where Sykkuno moved recently. I know a lot of streamers are leaving LA for Las Vegas but still…

No. 1183763


Bit of a stretch, TBH. Like you said, a bunch of streamers are making the move to Vegas; it's cheaper than LA and close by. In any case, even if Sykkuno and Tina were in a relationship, either with each other or other people, I doubt they'd say anything at this point. Sykkuno straight-up lied about being single when he started his current streaming arc; he knows being public about relationships would hurt his bottomline. He's also confirmed on a podcast he did with Rae and others, about relationships etc, that he would keep things private. Tina would have to be a complete idiot at this point to not wait a while to make things public if she were in a relationship.

Honestly, I can't wait for the next OTV and friends drama. My guess it'll either revolve around Tina or Sykkuno or Toast or Janet. Should be fun.

No. 1183790

Aria and Rae are thinking of moving to Vegas too. It’s for taxes and networking. I think Ryan and alythuh helped to convince them

No. 1184210

File: 1615720216835.png (738.57 KB, 920x921, pokimane.png)

The simps are coping and seething since they found out once again that their queen does not look like her pictures irl

No. 1184226

When will farmers learn that her simps do not give a single fuck about what she looks like irl kek

No. 1184229

>>1184210 H

High waisted pants (black ones at that) and a crop top/tucked in shirt make almost anyone look more curvy and thinner in the waist than they actually are, editing aside. Of course she's going to look fatter and plainer in a longer shirt and leggings.

No. 1184270

They do tho. Whenever a picture of her comes out that she hasn't taken herself there are a ton of simps who feel "betrayed". Like when that picture of her without make-up came out and all the men went "omg make-up should be forbidden" or when people found out she has a big hooked nose when seen in profile and now this.

No. 1184279

She kinda looks the same tho, she's just dressed in unflattering clothes and hunched back in the candid

No. 1184379

i wish adult women would stop wearing leggings as pants, this outfit is just extremely unflattering on her

No. 1184426

men are sub-human. women do not owe them sexy at all, let alone 24/7. GOD forbid she wears causal clothes.

No. 1184449


I doubt those are actually Pokisimps. Probably incels or MGTOWs who try to use it as a gotcha for her, and women in general, being 'liars' for using makeup. They're so stupid; what do they think? That women are like "Muhaha!! I shall trap a sperm donor with mascara so I can collect funds!! It's perfect!!!"?

No. 1184689

Yeah fuck the coomers, they expect all girls to be movie perfect but streamers like esfand can literally be topless and obese with no complaints

No. 1184756

The posed pic doesn't even look particularly shooped next to the candid. She's posed, wearing flattering clothes, and hiding her waist with the jacket. Also don't know when these photos were taken, but I'm betting they aren't from the same day. Weight fluctuates, people get bloated. Any seething poki simps are being retarded, but what can you expect from men who've never interacted with a woman irl.

No. 1185766


That and photos can make you look worse than what you do IRL. Bad angles, etc can make you look fatter, your skin look redder, etc. In any case, Poki's saving herself for when she marries me.

No. 1185805

Are those men brain dead and not understand how light works? She looks the same, still really pretty young face even in that harsh light.
I don't get why she wore clothes that unflattering but at least it looks like she's comfy.

No. 1186622

File: 1615989363467.webm (2.74 MB, 576x1024, 1.webm)

anisa posted her sexual assault stories on tik tok

No. 1186650

File: 1615992454366.png (75.25 KB, 340x311, cringe.png)

Talking about your sexual abuse while you sexualize yourseld bouncing around for your simps on tiktok.

What a fucking mess.

No. 1186772

She can't go anywhere without a man for fear of sexual assault? This is amazing.

No. 1186795

Tbh I kinda feel for her. I believe it happened/some version of that happened. But I don't get how does Idubbbz make her feel safe, he's scrawny.

No. 1186871

I don't know why women do this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1186877

File: 1616012753592.png (61.54 KB, 732x284, neeko.png)


Also Neekolul just came out about her "story of abuse". I guess that inspired Anisa to get a piece of the attention pie.


(Remember, Neekolul was sentenced to serve 1 year in jail for beating the shit out of her boyfriend.)

No. 1186886

Has Neekolul ever dropped any scrap of evidence to back up her claims? It seems weird that she endured 7 years of abuse and doesn't seem to have any receipts. She even claims he would harass her endlessly via text, but never dropped any caps?

>He began harassing me endlessly all day, nonstop for weeks….my phone was literally unusable as it was constant calls and texts from him

Seems sus to me, especially since she was the one that was charged with a felony for attacking him badly enough to result in an arrest?

No. 1186892

I think she is just doing the Amber Heard rute of damage control.

No. 1186964

File: 1616020213878.webm (4.1 MB, 576x1024, 893c1628916ce2e07c0ec5d88decf5…)

Anisa crying on tiktok. I feel bad about her dad's alzheimer's, but why post this???

No. 1187032

imagine idubbbz sitting next to her while she records this, she wants attention and idubbbz isn't giving it to her lmao

No. 1187056


there's something seriously insane to me about crying on camera with the intention of posting it on social media. like, she wouldn't even be sad and crying if she didn't come up with the idea of uploading that in the first place? i will never believe anisa was already crying and just decided to whip out her phone. she genuinely looks like she's forcing herself to cry. boo hoo, woe is me. and for it to come right after that cringey #metoo tiktok, this girl just REEKS attention whore. i just can't wrap my head around the concept of posting something like this online, rather than seeking comfort from people close to you (obv, idubbz,) imo just screams big fat fake. how pathetic of her to exploit her father's illness for attention and internet points. literally get a life anisa.

No. 1187706

I cringed

No. 1187758

im so fucking tempted to edit this and add something stupid next to her fake ass crying

No. 1187827

File: 1616114740995.webm (2.76 MB, 576x1024, IMG_3392.webm)

i suggest this bc it made me cry

No. 1187844

File: 1616116646329.webm (2.31 MB, 576x1024, 1835279-4d6b8531f795f185bf0fd3…)

please do this one, anisa manic and farting

No. 1187869

they're so hard and weird looking. what the fuck?

No. 1187912

File: 1616127128932.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.56 MB, 393x574, 1-gif.1992701.gif)

Other girls with the same surgeon are fine, Anisa really just fucked up her own tits because she was eager to show them off

No. 1187940

And this is the outcome of two separate boob jobs? It's kinda sad because they somehow manage to look really hard, yet saggy at the same time. Don't know if it's the quality of the gif, but did she not have her nipples resized after sizing up?

Like, they aren't the worst I've seen by far, but I can't imagine being happy with these results after spending what must be at least 10k min.

No. 1187945


i cant possibly understand why this woman thought it was a good idea to try and build a career based on sex appeal with that fucking unfortunate head shape

No. 1187952

She asked for a crescent lift which means the areola were originally bigger than they are now

No. 1187973

What better way to try to distract from her weird head than getting her boobs quadrupled in size? That and multiple big gaudy flash tattoos of course.

Damn. Her areola must have been her whole boob before or was the stretched out areola a side effect of the boob job? Either way, that's unfortunate given the 10k or more put into those results. I guess she's lucky that they are pale at least. kek.

No. 1188025

I remember her back from the day she had her own threads and was a (more or less) normal streamer, made some cringy vids, simped for 'sceptics'. What is she doing, why the hell does she degrade herself so much now. How is being seen as a dumb slut appealing to some women. This is just sad.

No. 1188033

File: 1616151918137.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 576x576, hilarious.webm)

Someone at the farms already did a good edit of her crying tiktok.

No. 1188424

File: 1616186124026.webm (3.85 MB, 576x1024, k0t.webm)

No. 1188480

File: 1616190212406.png (Spoiler Image, 479.31 KB, 547x479, thirdboobjobwhen.png)

No. 1188715

File: 1616214536059.png (185.92 KB, 344x511, kaceytron.PNG)

Kaceytron is supposedly being 'cancelled' by Minecraft stans for various reasons including queerbaiting and using AAVE, ironic coming from the fans of the degenerate Austin/Rajj Patel show!

Whilst obviously both of these reasons are dumb as fuck - I find it funny how she went from being a League troll to pandering to the new generation of young sjw Twitch stans, and is now surprised when they turn on her.

No. 1188746

No it’s the other way around, she’s calling out dream and his team for constantly gay baiting. A little hypocritical having morality questioned coming from kacey but she’s right, dreamstans are cancer. As a fandom they’re equally as bad as kpoppers. They’ve even driven a fanfic writer to suicide the other week.

No. 1188788

File: 1616226625248.png (52.25 KB, 189x189, 0afGaqC.png)

No. 1188834

please explain how irl people can queerbait? whre is the queerbaiting?

No. 1188910

nta but by not making it clear that they're straight and not together to all the rabid shippers. Tbh personally i dont think it's that big of a deal, I mean out of all the ways to make money as an influencer stringing 14 year old fujos along is pretty harmless

No. 1189078

i don't think she has ever pandered to young sjw twitch stans. those are the minecraft youtuber kids turning on her. her fanbase consists of lady gaga listening white fags who are well-aware of her shtick.

No. 1189233

i agree with that being her original main fanbase - austin also has the similar yass gaga white gays sect of his audience that's also cancer, but imo since her many appearances on the new generation of love or host that's predominantly watched by these minecraft teens, befriending justaminx and their whole 'egirl rejects' gag etc it seems like she's switched up.

No. 1189405

she and justaminx were already friends BEFORE minx acquired the MCTuber fanbase. and egirl rejects is just a content trio with qt and their content has less to do with pandering to children.. not to mention, kacey was already receiving a lot of shit from those kids during her appearances in love or host because they didn't get the gag persona.. there is no switch up of fanbase cause there was no switch up of content.. she's already a frequent guest on the rajj/austin show, so her appearance have more to do with service to her fanbase and hoping that her shit would atleast gain a viewer that would subscribe and donate to her already dead channel whether they are mctube retards or not.

No. 1189435

File: 1616331873737.jpeg (51.04 KB, 500x500, r2wrymt9b8061 (1).jpeg)

Anyone got any milk from hasan? used to be a longtime watcher, after he defended symfuhny's n-word and banned a massive bloc of poc chatters I've completely disregarded him as a streamer. i feel like he's gotta have some dirt online. anyone know anything?

also, imagine posing with a shirt that just says "antifascist" across the chest. he's got to be a massive grifter.

No. 1189482

When did he ban a bunch of poc and what was his reason given?

No real milk but he always comes off as a misogynist to me. I can't help but notice he always loves to shit on bio women to lift up trans people. His whole rant about how it doesn't matter that trans women are beating bio women in sports because no one gives a shit about women's sports was peak douchebag.

No. 1189532

Well he did say he'd have sex with a trans woman if they had all the surgeries and he said he didn't find a lot of "Cis women sexually attractive" but he'd sleep with a trans. This was in 2019.

No. 1189541

didn't he fucked a million women and none of them were a troon? it's so progressive to lie

No. 1189543

"Hasan thinks sexual preference is transphobic and admits he himself is transphobic because he isn't attracted to penises." I got this from reddit, he's a retard. He thinks not liking dick as a straight man means he's transphobic. I don't follow him much, but I think he just hates women and would never actually date a trans woman. I just can't get behing people telling others if they don't sleep with someone they don't want to sleep with they are a bigot. It's retarded and rapey in my eyes.

No. 1189553

Also in that same video Andy milonakis said no, which I found funny because I'd think he'd take what he could get. Hasan said at first he was like no, but then he thought about it. Thinking isn't doing. He needs to unlearn his girl dick hate and fuck a trans today or he's transphobic. If he's slept with hundreds of women the only reason all those women are "cis" is because he purposely excluded trans from his fuck/dating pool!

No. 1189612

>When did he ban a bunch of poc and what was his reason given?

symfuhny (skinny cod-playing white kid) said the n word on stream and hasan denied it, essentially gaslit chat, and banned long-term subs (many of whom were black) for calling him out on being a dumbass. he ranted for an hour and a half about it.

No. 1189643

>His whole rant about how it doesn't matter that trans women are beating bio women in sports because no one gives a shit about women's sports
damn what an arrogant retard.
the first and only content I've seen of him was his interview with his pornstar ex and I stopped listening after he dismissed people critical of sex work as white feminists who hate sex

No. 1189645

File: 1616350598967.jpg (37.5 KB, 640x395, efe7d4591b6d36ae2297c74b4c7510…)

samefag forgot to add that he reminds me of this quote

No. 1189683

the way they claim people against shit they find "Woke" are "White men/women" is so racists. They assume every person of color is with every woke idea, ONLY because they are POC. No other reason.
He's just basic twitter woke retard tbh.

No. 1189685

his take on the sex industry as a whole is white-supremacist, sexist, neoliberal garbo. he thinks the "vast majority" of the porn industry is an innate good and the only people who criticize it are "terfs, nazis, and grifters" well what about me you fucking retarded socdem? i'm a fucking ML and the entire porn industry should either be worker-controlled or burned to the ground. it spews garbage and makes other sex workers less safe due to it's hypersexualizing of women, especially men and women of color. every historical communist was critical of porn too. just goes to show you hasan is complicit with the entire system and has real stakes in virtue signaling to aoc-worshipping liberals, rather than the actual left

No. 1189689

Like I imagine if he went on sites like Lipstick alley, the coli, really any site thats for black people and have a mostly black audience, he'd assume everyone there were white people pretending to be black because what they are saying does not line up to what he thinks POC believe.

No. 1189798

Anon you happen to have a link for this?

No. 1190211

File: 1616411035485.jpg (21.42 KB, 460x416, az1zj1m_460s.jpg)

>used to be a longtime watcher
>he's got to be a massive grifter

jesus anon, why would you admit that? and him being a grifter is literally nothing new. you have to be over 18 to post.

No. 1190254

when i was 18, i fell for the stuff he did with the young turks while I was still a bernie stan. i'm no longer a brainlet socdem, but it's better to be honest about it than not, yk?

No. 1191503

Lmao all leftist men say they'd fuck trannies, gotta collect honcel bux.
He do be cute, has massive sub energy. But he's literally the "male feminist" meme. Gotta wonder why a man would be pro-whore and anti-marriage.

No. 1191514


Also gotta wonder why so many of them end up doing shady shit to women…

No. 1191520

true of all men regardless of political affiliation or indeed indifference to politics
scrotes gotta scrote

No. 1191536

1. stop making me horny for Hasan
2. he probably gets off on strangling women like all other men do

No. 1191538

Hasan has been pretty tame while streaming compared to his political reporting on NYT. If you want to watch that, there are plenty of old videos of political commentators taking the piss out of him.

No. 1191543

Anisa talking about how much of a bitch Boze is but then saying "maybe she changed idk"

No. 1191559

>self-proclaimed coomer, commitment-phobic fuckboy
>grifter, male feminist, rich commie, "I make fun of libs uwu" andy
>islam apologist even though he practices none of it, benefits from it by default
I fucking hate that he's hot reeeEEE
He should stick to playing video games, maybe start an OF if he wants to sperg about sex work is real real work.
Kek trannies actually measures wokeness and womanness by whether or not a man would fuck them. Can't imagine pandering to these retards.

No. 1191657

File: 1616572862429.jpeg (1.49 MB, 2880x3840, E8394733-1E2E-4849-8C70-983710…)

is there any way Anisa’s surgeon can sue her for bad advertisement because HOLY FUCK did she fuck up his work.

The right images are his other clients with loose bikinis.

No. 1191658

i mean, she was freshly form the surgeon table and she already was doing smexy uwu shoots so maybe its her fault

No. 1191665

Yep, she also insisted on sticking pasties onto her nipples not too long after the procedure, and irrc she had the implants inserted through the areola (?). So many cows do this , didnt Pnp also fuck hers up similarly ?

No. 1191667

I genuinely prefer hers in this picture though, they have a natural position to them. I mean jesus, top right looks extremely fake and the discoloration at the bottom of them is making me uncomfortable.

No. 1191671

I think the discoloration is the tattoo on the tit unless you mean something else

No. 1191678

Nta, but her boobs do look a little red at the bottom. Maybe that's just how her skin is though.

No. 1191687

The comparison images are fake looking bolt ons anon. If anything Anisa is lucky they didnt turn out like that.

No. 1191693

she had a space between her breasts before she got implants, implants can't change your anatomy. some people have wide set breasts. hers really don't look bad in a bikini.

No. 1191696

That's the look she wanted tho.

I think her tits look unfortunate cause you can tell they are implants, but they got none of the perkiness.

No. 1191710

Same, I think hers look better than the bolt-ons. People are dumb and would believe hers are natutal because they aren't perfect huge circles so I guess she got the better option.

No. 1191741

File: 1616590325323.png (6.5 KB, 597x74, 79DEE73F-533D-40BA-983F-934821…)

But that’s the look she wanted and she fucked it up

No. 1191782

Yeah, Anisa's are stiff and saggy (for a boob job)

No. 1192218

theyre not PnP or Ash Coffin levels of fakeness tbh and having them not so high on the chest makes them look natural. i dont know what anisa's bra size was before but i bet her chest wouldn't be able to accommodate bigger implants without having complications seeing how wide set they are.

No. 1192438

Does he really have that high of a body count?

No. 1192478

Exactly that. They look okay sometimes when she's standing still, but they look awful in motion. >>1188480

No. 1192529


are you both retarded? >>1188480

No. 1193272

File: 1616718687840.jpeg (898.03 KB, 1125x1895, BE194A68-DC3C-4AE5-980F-7B896A…)

Cuck memes etcetc

No. 1194041

he is a total grifter
>attaks d*stiny's use of the N word
>defends symfunny's use using the exact position he used to attack
>posts pictures on instagram of him drinking expensive champaign
>is a millionaire celebrity but larps as an advocate for the working class.

No. 1194102


I wonder if attacking Destiny has more to do with his dislike of him than grifting.

A lot of Lefties fit that profile. Take a look at a lot of the well-known folks on the US. Most of them come from bougie AF backgrounds.

No. 1194199

I think they must be. Her tits looked pretty great immediately post-surgery, but because she didn’t follow the aftercare, she’s fucked them up.

No. 1194543

File: 1616851337082.jpg (14.34 KB, 480x272, AT-cm_702884825-preview-480x27…)

Can we talk about MiraMisu for a bit? She's anti sex work but for all the wrong reasons, she constantly whines about how shee would never get an Onlyfans and claims moral superiority to onlyfans thots but she cuts huge holes in her shirt on Twitch and acts like a dominatrix, which is honestly sex workish. There's girls with onlyfans that do less sexual shit on there than she does on Twitch.

I tried confronting her about it in chat, but she ended up having a mental breakdown and telling me I'm jealous of her because I must be ugly and have a flat ass and chest and be frustrated because I am not successful like her, mind you this is a 30 year old woman.

I just tried to confront her about selling her body on Twitch because she definitely does it and she sort of does it for free, if she had an Onlyfans at least she could sell pictures of her cleveage there instead of having Twitch coomers coom to her tits for free.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1194554

nice vendetta. but how is this surprising? twitch was always of lite for attention whores. im more concerned about that psoriasis makeup she has slathered on her face. it looks like inflamed acne and like shes a toddler and cant stop licking her lips now theyre chapped

obviously coming after you for your looks is her projecting her very apparent lack of self esteem

No. 1194567

it's not surprising but she could at least be honest about doing off brand sex work, I wouldn't have tried to argue with her otherwise, if she didn't constantly claim moral superiority over other thots by saying uhhh I would never get an onlyfansss I'M SO MUCH SUPERIOR NOT AN ACTUAL WHORE meanwhile she gets like 100 views if she doesn't show her cleveage so her "career" is strictly dependent on her boobs, does that sound similar? Your career being dependent on your body?

It's sort of similar to how online prostitutes look down on real life prostitutes. Now twitch prostitutes look down on online prostitutes?

No. 1194573

so because you couldnt argue your point to her and get her to change you came here to diffuse your frustration?

No. 1196476


There is a difference between a titty streamer and a girl who turns tricks for money.

On a different topic, anyone have receipts that Jummy dated a 16-year-old or that he met Tina when she was 15/16 and waited until she turned 18? That seems a lot more serious than bad boob Jobs.

No. 1196768

Probably doesn’t exist, there’s a sperg that gets triggered every time lily is mentioned. They always say a ton of unverifiable shit and then don’t provide proof. It must be an exfriend or an exfan.

No. 1196965

I really wish people would provide receipts if they're going to make accusations like that. Or at least make it clear that it's rumors, or even that they saw it a while ago and forgot to screenshot it. Especially when the accusations are criminal, i.e. him dating a minor in his mid-20's.

No. 1198079

File: 1617160718405.png (308.62 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210331-044527.png)


Not a smoking gun, but definitely weird that he would have that kind of interaction with her when she was 17. It's also pretty clear they've interacted before. Maybe he was just being the supportive older-brother type and their relationship developed later. Then again, calling a girl who's 17 a pervert and mentioning panties when you're in your mid-20's is a bit suspicious. More convos around that time, or earlier, would be needed to get a full picture.

In any case, dude's definitely a creep.


Here he is recommending that if you know a girl has cheated on you, you should wait until she's on her period before letting her know that you know. That way, apparently, she's more emotionally vulnerable.

This, plus all the a-hole/WeirdChamp comments he's made make the fact that, according to him, every ex (with the possible exception of Tina; he made the claim just before they broke up) has cheated on him more than understandable.

Lol- Fed, Sykkuno, and Jummy. Lily seems to have a knack for befriending creeps.

No. 1200594

File: 1617401675313.jpeg (315.64 KB, 828x834, 7F6137CB-C026-4006-83FD-C1BE0C…)

Guess Vin got sloppy

No. 1200600

I was just about to post this, I hope this is fake. Can’t have shit in this household

No. 1200603

As long as they are not underaged who cares. I would fuck him too.(no1curr)

No. 1200605

I did fuck him lol some of this stuff sounds like him and some doesn’t at fuckn all(no1curr)

No. 1200607

I've heard whispering about this on Kiwi farms and im not gonna lie, I'm surprised because I kind of thought he was gay or asexual. He seems constantly annoyed by his fanbase and it's full of furries, troons and weirdos.
But i'm not that surpised, If it was Jerma or Joel Vinesauce i'd be very surpised and disappointed.
(Please don't let them, especially Jerma be weirdos, please)

No. 1200621

here is the google doc


it seems to be real but these women are all in their twenties and it was all entirely consensual. He gave one of them HPV which is pretty gross, but he didn't rape or groom any of them.

He just seems to be an emotionally stunted sex addict who pumps and dumps his fans. Cringe, but thats about it.

No. 1200629

Proof or gtfo. Otherwise no one cares whore.

No. 1200631


HPV implies he's pretty skeazy, but guys normally don't get symptoms so I doubt he knew he had it.

And yeah, if the women are on their 20's this is a nothing-burger. A bunch of celebs, e or real, don't want their groupies to run their mouths. Pretty sure Bieber has girls sign NDAs, for example.

No. 1200636

File: 1617405695330.png (616.34 KB, 1235x681, pervert.png)

I have to admit I got no clue who this guy is, but the first thing I found trying to look him up is him playing a disgusting anime softcore porn game (apparently allowed on youtube).

I am so shocked this dude is a sexpervert and serial coomer lol

No. 1200637

Doesn’t everyone have HPV though? I thought it was a normal result of sex

No. 1200642

Anon it's an std that can give women cancer what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1200644

You’re shocked? He has balls and a pp, of course he’s a pos.

Uhhh no wtf queen. Rip ur purse

No. 1200645

Okay excuse my retardness I learned sexed in Catholic school LMAO

Wow vinny is fucked

No. 1200647

You're thinking of herpes simplex

No. 1200650

Only if it's true.

No. 1200651

That’s not result of sex. It’s from kissing, drinking, or eating, etc. after people. 60% of the population has it. It is NOT the same as genital herpes. Get help ladies, did you go to a catholic school too?

No. 1200665

File: 1617407570391.jpg (5.8 KB, 316x111, Ex_5-EcWEAAa3u7.jpg)


It's not real the icon used has never been used for that email it's also a contact email for the vinesauce brand as a whole not directly for vinny

it also in no shape or form is how he types I feel like this is related to the "fan" on tumblr who a few montha back said she slept with vinny at a con and when she got responses she claimed it was all a big joke even though she'd been claim it as true for weeks

No. 1200666

File: 1617407619670.jpg (16.26 KB, 552x211, Ex__7LRXIAQprIO.jpg)


samefag the official icon of that contact email

No. 1200689

File: 1617409591332.jpg (280.92 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20210403_022649.jpg)

justaminx (streamer who's friends with both Kaceytron and a few minecraft youtubers) just told off the dream stans really hard, she was very reasonable and made her point way more concisely and eloquently than kacey so I wonder if she'll get canceled too or if it will maybe finally get through their heads. I went to twitter to see what people were saying about it and I found this.. I'm crying what the fuck does it mean. How is he "queer" if he's straight????? Anyway idk how to share twitch clips but it's the last 15 mins of her most recent stream if you want to watch. summary:
>it's ok to dislike someone but stans took it too far with the harassment and doxxing
>their age doesn't excuse this behavior
>they need to stop babying content creators who are grown ass men
>Kacey was accused of being ableist for making fun of dream's adhd when she herself has adhd
>accusing her of "forcing him to come out as straight" is retarded
>making up reasons to call her racist or homophobic when she's not is also retarded

No. 1200703

Lol where are the anons complaining about not having receipts >>1196965 >>1196768

No. 1200720

What the fuck does “forcing him to come out as straight” mean? Can someone explain this insanity?

No. 1200729

Shes besties with Brittany Venti which would explain it kek

No. 1200731

A cringe comment aren’t damning receipts, retard

No. 1200745

When did ADHD become anything more than kids who did not get smacked hard enough? All these tumblr teens treat it like its some like threatening retardation.

No. 1200750

Yeah the icon is different, so I thought it was bullshit too, but how do you explain the audio then? It sounds just like Vinny to me. Down to the way he stumbles over and annunciates his words. He straight up admits in the audio that he's fucked fans.

No. 1200767

File: 1617418447526.jpeg (110.83 KB, 1219x845, 5F57215F-92D4-4301-A90D-0D7EDC…)


The audio is heavily edited even beyond the accuser editing their voice out (pitch shift, chopped ect) not to mention as someone who used to watch him it doesn’t sound quite like him I can’t put my finger on it it could be the inflection but it doesn’t seem quite right

Also why would he message a fan in a typing style he’s never been seen using before especially anytime he’s used that email referencing his own channels memes/constant misspellings/grammatical errors (he has a major in English not that that says much) on a heavily moderated used by multiple Vinesauce employees email? It’s the brands main contact email he’s said before he only directly responds to stuff on sundays/Mondays, also a majority of personal friends of his have posted messages/emails between them and Vinny where the typing style used is completely different

Also the accuser never mentioned what date the con he went is and a majority if the screenshots used are blurry/easy to fake plus bumping up the contrast in the initial emails shows a tonne of artifacting around the text even pixels of old text being left in

Now for tinfoil /v/ has had a vendetta against Vinesauce and a majority of it’s streamers for years I remember in 2017 they tried to start a rumour that Vinny was cutting glory holes into booths and getting blowjobs at cons and stuff about Joel being a lolicon, I’m not saying it is /V/ but they have done similar things in the past

All in all I personally don’t believe this but I could totally be wrong I just think this happening so soon after the gamegrumps thing being unreliable is strange

No. 1200780

for what it's worth, this is an obnoxious/cringy persona he does, v-dub. he usually only streams like this once or twice a year, this was a gag game he played in his persona for april fools' day. a part of the joke is that "v-dub" only play fps/shooting games, and this game is a rail shooter. so, this isn't indicative of his usual streams lol.

No. 1200783

He’s a twitch OG, he’s mostly known for playing old games

No. 1200787

this thread on Twitter actually debunks a majority of stuff from the Vinesauce google doc not posting the whole thing it’ll flood the thread


>Instagram only stores deleted data for 90 days (messages,icons ect) so those Instagram dms are faked as the user is claiming they deleted the account a year ago
>Skype does not store logs from 2016 only from 2017 onwards so the skype dms are also most likely fake
>one of the accusers claimed they dmed the original Vinesauce Twitter account and spoke to Vinny but the Vinesauce Twitter account has never had it’s dms open since the account was created
>in the fourth statement the accuser contradicts themselves by claiming they knew of Vinnys involvement with fans early onbut later in the same statement they say they were surprised to find out he was talking to fans later on

Also the person who posted the Doc keeps editing it and removing/correcting things that people are showing evidence as false on Twitter

No. 1200792

This was an April fools stream where he pretends to be "V-dub" a stereotypical gamer. His streams aren't usually like this.

No. 1200903

File: 1617440049156.jpeg (757.82 KB, 1125x1728, 4ED2EFB8-4818-484D-A9DE-202EF4…)

That YouTuber who covers anime con shit is saying the allegations are legitimate. Man I really liked their series, but damn do I think they’re on the wrong fucking side with this one.

No. 1200919

Sage for ot but I remember how this youtuber would always spam herself on 4chan and lolcow for views kek
Doesn't make her a liar though

No. 1200987

I wouldn't be surprised if Vinny had some skeletons in his closet, but I don't know why anyone here thought the accusations on the doc were real. All the "evidence" was incredibly low quality, and seems like the kind of shit you'd see an upset preteen make in 2014.
ngl "my experiences with Vinny Vinesauce" being in the intro of this ~totally serious~ accusation doc made me kek

No. 1201010

tbh I might be inclined to believe this. does anyone remember the whole drama between sgtfgt and vinny? didnt he leak the chat logs between them calling himself a tithound? then again we don't know until he gives an official statement or something idk. also the whole worshipping of e celebs is cringe as hell, ffs he's nearly 40 still making poop jokes online and was addicted to reading about himself on shitty imageboards.

No. 1201021

This account is sgtfgt, she denies any of this being true and going through her tweets says 4chan has been doing this for years.

No. 1201023

File: 1617457712801.jpeg (138.08 KB, 1338x522, 40955B0E-1029-4195-94E7-67346B…)

Dropped pic like an idiot

No. 1201026

File: 1617457824251.jpeg (642.39 KB, 1342x1175, 955737B0-562E-432A-A059-C15667…)

Samefag for more context. This whole thing is just weird as fuck, especially if what she's saying is true since she and vinny had history before this.

No. 1201043

File: 1617460080817.png (26.9 KB, 309x665, EyBEEfTXEAIZYzb.png)


to me this is looking more and more like a smear campaign

>faked skype screenshot as messages before 2017 cannot be recovered

>faked Instagram screenshots as messages on a deleted account are wiped after 90 days
>no dates being given for the mentioned cons
>claiming to of dmed the main vinesauce account that never had dms open
>multiple edits to the google doc removing/changing entire portions of the accusations after people disprove them with dates/screenshots on twitter
>extremely low quality/edited audio, the voice has a lisp
>the email icon being wrong and the emails themselves being very edited
>the email in question being a general contact email that multiple employees/mod have access to and moderate
>the only mod Charon who is backing these is an ex mod being close friend with GPM who was kicked out of vinesauce for using the brand name to accept money for his personal finances without asking


>The ex mod Charon also is blocking people who show evidence of the Original google doc being false whilst also making it so their tweets can't be replied to

>Vinny being live streaming games on serval dates/times that the emails were sent


>screenshots from the Joowz group claiming GPM's involvement posted by one of the current vinesauce mods


No. 1201051

note this detail of the allegations: in the audio and transcript purported to be from february, "vinny" makes reference to the game grumps drama from a week and a half ago

No. 1201067

really wonder why anybody would wanna fuck vinny over this much. what's worse it makes victims of real crimes look like a joke

No. 1201098

it's probably GeePM, he got kicked out of vinesauce few years ago for stealing donation money

No. 1201105

that money was for a charity, forgot to add. Also he blocked anyone who questioned why he retweeted that accusation post instantly

No. 1201123

>the e-mail icon being wrong

It's not wrong. It looks like pic related if you use a yahoo mail.

Why is it so hard to believe that yet another male youtuber everyone thought was innocent turns out to be a sexual deviant who pumps and dumps his fans?

If they wanted to make up fake shit about him, why are all the girls in the doc in their 20s? If you're gonna lie, why not make one or all of them underaged? Why not make up more shit than this innocent bullshit about "he talked bad about his friends"?

I think some of you are really just fans who are coping hard.

No. 1201129

Explain everything else then, retard. I'm not a fan, and I would believe the allegations without a second thought if they didn't seem so blatantly falsified. Saying this as someone who's a repeat SA and grooming survivor who's dropped content creators I actually gave a shit about for similar allegations. If it's legit, there's at least SOME legit looking proof. None to be found here, though.
tbh you just sound like you're in on this and are mad that nobody is buying it.

No. 1201130

>If you're gonna lie, why not make one or all of them underaged?
I would think it's because accusing someone of something actually illegal would have much bigger consequences for the accuser. If the feds had to get involved, they'd be able to easily prove that Vinny is innocent (assuming he is), whereas spreading vague rumors can sow doubt which is then on the fans and Vinny himself to clear up.

No. 1201134

>sexual deviant

Vinny admits he's a shithead and it kinda used to be known he fucked fans. No one should really be surprised. He fucked his best friend's girlfriend for months when he was 19, he's never said he was innocent or a good person. If people still want to support his stream that's up to them.

No. 1201136

I just don't understand why people's first reaction is "THIS IS FAKE!" instead of "this is not a big deal". He didn't groom anyone, everyone was of age and consented.

By going out of your way to say it is all fabricated you are just looking ridiculous. Why would they not make him do anything actually scandalous if it was all made up? It just doesn't make sense.

Sorry your favorite youtuber fucks his fans, but so fucking what? He's not in a relationship, did you guys really think he is asexual or he is saving himself for you maybe?

No. 1201137


>implying fucking fans isn't a huge scandalous thing in the current climate

were you not here for the gamegrumps shit that happened last week anon?
also it's not just accusing him of fucking fans it's accusing him of intentionally giving someone an STD which is a misdemeanor in New York

No. 1201138

Again, literally not a fan. Also a lesbian, so no, I don't want to fuck a man. People are jumping on it being fake because the edited-looking screenshots, the low quality audio, the fact it's a business email used by multiple people, the contradictory dates, and the overall sketchiness of it all. People have literally been trying to get this dude cancelled with sex scandal shit for years now, from the looks of it, and you're asking why people look at this trash evidence and assume it's fake?

No. 1201145

>He's not in a relationship, did you guys really think he is asexual or he is saving himself for you maybe?
I barely watch his videos anymore but from what I remember about his creepy as fuck fans some of them literal "headcanon" him as asexual uwu because he doesn't talk about his private love life to random underage fakebois during his Twitch streams.

No. 1201151


huh?? where are you seeing that? Is it his new wave of fans or some shit? last I checked he has a similar fanbase to Jerma to the point that both groups overlap I've never seen anyone headcannon him as asexual even on Tumblr and Twitter

No. 1201153

cuz it looks fake as shit and isn't like him at all? idk anon u tell me

No. 1201154

people are pissed because there is clearly bad intention behind this to ruin some dude's career. I don't like Vinesauce (their fanbase is unbereable) but this is scummy

No. 1201163

Because the situation, if real, isn't a big deal but somebody is trying to make it look like a scandal. If he fucks fans, so what?? These are two adults doing adult things. Why are women treated like they can't make their own decisions on who they want to fuck. She knew what she was doing. You can't go around and pretend like you were groomed when you are a grown ass woman.
The STD thing sucks for her but as far as I know men can't get tested for that, she should have used a condom or get a shot against it since it is dangerous for us.

And the reason they didn't try to smear something like pedo shit? Simply because if they did, legal actions might be required for them as well and they can't prove shit. Like this nobody will care to take any legal action because it wasn't something illegal.

No. 1201169

I mean literally an anon in this thread also said this >>1200607

No. 1201222

the gamegrumps shit from last week hasn't been addressed by any of them and their views haven't been affected. It seems like the best route for these influencers is to ignore it. Cancel culture isn't real lmao

No. 1201277

Wasn't that because whoever made the accusation withdrew it? At least I glimpsed something of the like on Twitter

Ultimately, it's all about the way these fans/stans see the allegations and their little god of a creator. Unless there's hard evidence they don't give a shit. Not sure why James has been excluded from that, but I'm guessing it's because people can use his age as an excuse

No. 1201290

> he allegedly gave her an std
> but she’s the idiot who should have used a condom
Listen, it’s smart to use condoms and never trust men on how clean their dicks are, but it’s still his dick. Regardless of whether this happened or not, the hypothetical woman who gets an std from the hypothetical man is not to blame there. She could have made better choices, but I bet she damn well would have if she knew he was disease ridden.

No. 1201300

When you are not vaccinated against that cancer as a woman why would you fuck some random guy and not make sure he has a condom tho? Since this is somnething he can't know he has idk who is to blame here. Both are dumb.

No. 1201527


Vinny has responded to the allegations, he's in contact with a lawyer "figuring out any potential legal action", he will be taking a break from streaming and he has asked people not to harass anyone involved

>"A person or a group of people posted a document that I feel does misrepresent me, my private life my personality and I'm not really sure why they would post it other then to hurt me or damage my career, so I have spoken to a lawyer and I'm going to continue having contact with the lawyer and figuring out any potential legal action"

No. 1201539


Okay you unsaged incel, I don’t know if you know how sex works, but a man who is sleeping around unprotected and potentially picking up STDs needs to tell a woman he’s with that that’s what he’s doing. She can be on birth control and still pick up STDs, it’s not her fault that he gave her the STD, jfc. It’s his fault for not disclosing his dodgy sex life. He could have lied and said he wasn’t with anyone else. Wouldn’t be the first time a man lied so he could fuck raw.

No. 1201543

Am i the only one that literally sees no issue here? Like another anon said, they were all of consenting age, they chose to very stupidly have sex without protection, knowing full well the risk of stds, it's not like he fucking raped them raw jesus. people trying to ruin other people's careers bc they regret fucking someone is really weird, just bc u regret having sex with someone, don't cry 'abuse' or 'rape', it's so fucking scummy and plays down people who have ACTUALLY suffered things like this.

No. 1201546

this is how this shit should be handled tbh.

No. 1201551

if you're willing to sleep with men you barely know, how can he or you expect not to have some std as some point? Maybe don't fuck around, have you considered that?

No. 1201554

File: 1617543958773.png (153.21 KB, 611x512, Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 14.44…)

No. 1201557

so the core of the drama is that he fucks groupies. I can't blame people for feeling a bitter taste in their mouths for degeneracy, but this is the behaviour of your average tinder user. I don't know why anyone would hold a videogame streamer to high social standards anyway, these are mostly nerds who haven't kissed a girl till they were 20.

No. 1201558

I don't get the point of this, nothing bad happened, why post this?

No. 1201561

So when is it ok to have sex with someone then? You can still get STD's with a condom on.

God beware a man gets tested regularly and is open and honest about his history. Nope, can't expect that.

Let me guess, you got the "abstinence only" kind of education in school?

No. 1201564

Vinnie-stans will still say this is all fake and he is an UwU asexual innocent virgin.

No. 1201567

no, I only went through long-term relationships, I'm not a religious nut. If you're dating someone you'd make sure you're both tested, and build some trust bound. A man who barely knows you is not gonna give a shit about your health, or his own for that matter

No. 1201573

it probably did happen but so what? it's not illegal, it was consentual and no one was hurt. Who cares about this situation. I'm not even a stan but it's just nothing.

No. 1201577

They are

No. 1201593

nobody is saying that, he is an adult man who fucks. the question is why post that? >>1201554 nothing happend so what is the endgoal?

use a fucking condom when doing a one night stand, genius.

No. 1201597


“I had a total consensual casual relationship with a steamer and he never made me uncomfortable” and “this guy led me on and gave me an STD he’s such a piece of shit” are completely different things retard

No. 1201599

anon is mentioning the fact vinny fans actually headcanon him as asexual. Vinesauce fans are notoriously deranged

No. 1201619

A number of people have come out saying that vinny does have casual sex with fans, but categorically denying any wrongdoing on his part, including some people claiming to be the purported victims listed in the document whose stories were taken out of context.
It seems likely that the allegations are a deliberate misrepresentation of what may in fact be a partially true series of events.

Because simply having casual, consensual sex with adult fans and carrying no significant ill will afterwards isn't enough to take somebody down, but manufacturing a plausible spin that paints the situation in a different light is more than enough to get him permanently labeled as a pedophile groomer rapist scumbag to a decent number of people who will still believe that even if the truth comes out afterwards.

No. 1201623

What’s the problem here? He didn’t force her to fuck, she recommended places they could meet up. Seems like cringe flirting

No. 1201702

Transcript for anons that don't want to listen (Ums and uhs excluded):

>"So, I'm pre-recording this. Because I just don't think I can go live right now; pretty fucked up from all this, and I'd prefer to just pre-record it. I wanna apologize to anyone who's been like, upset or confused over the past couple days while I was trying to figure out how to approach this…and, you know, I do wanna move forward with my life as I've been trying to, and, well. Basically what's going on is a person or a group of people posted a document that I feel does misrepresent me, my private life, my personality, and I'm not really sure why they would post it other than to just hurt me or damage my–my career and just me. So, I have spoken to a lawyer and I'm going to continue having contact with the lawyer, and figuring out any potential legal action. And, you know, I know who I am and I know I didn't do anything wrong, and because of that I'm not going to go into any more details publicly. Just not. And I know some people might think of this as me attempting to silence others, but this is me standing up for myself and defending myself from people who might want to hurt me and what I do and what I love and what I care about. And I am a human being, I am fallible, but at the same time I'm aware that there's real abuse out there that has taken place and it's not–that's not me. And so, I need to find a way to defend myself and say something. Again, I wanna move forward from this and–and, it's hard. It's hard to. And you know, I'm sorry if this got anyone else fucked up because that's not…it's not at all what I wanted out of my streams and just me as a person. So, y'know, it sucks and what I would say is please, please do not harass or antagonize any other community members please, or anyone who's made a statement or anything like that. What does that get you, what does that gain? It's really not something that anyone should do, it's not worth it. And it's best just to leave people alone and not hurt anyone going forward. The situation is rough and I don't know if I'll be able to stream for a little while. I need some time, I definitely need some time, and I need to take stock of who I am and where I am, and figure it out. And if I'm comfortable, I'll be back. Until then, please respect me and my privacy, and especially the privacy of others in the community. They want privacy, they deserve it. So I-I, y'know, I do appreciate you listening, I do appreciate your support, and concern, and thank you as always."

Then the part that isn't pre-recorded:
>"I know that ended a bit abrupt but I just wanted to say thanks again for being here. And, like I said, please…I hope–I hope everyone's okay and I think I deserve privacy as much as anyone else and I want…I definitely want to figure out what I'm gonna end up doing, and so I'm gonna do that. Thanks again, everybody, and I wish you the best. I hope you have a good day, good night, and take care, okay? Thank you."

No. 1201836

Me and Vinny exchanged some pictures and did some flirting.

Everything was consensual. I was in my mid twenties. He’s not a bad guy. I knew what he wanted and it was what I wanted. He was very clear about his intentions and I understood. He did not take advantage of me. I’m not posting caps because I’m not fucking crazy or looking for attention or smear his name. I’m just saying he has done this with fans and it sucks that a few fans are trying to pull this bullshit.

Anyway, just wanted to throw this out there.(post caps)

No. 1201847

> Wah wah sharing
> No proofs
Anon-chan…with the amount of wk going on, it's safe to say anyone could make this shit up. The fact how he still have someone STDs and how he is trying to lie about it without admitting is shitty.

No. 1201873


did you have a stoke writing this Anon?

No. 1201924

No one cares about you being a groupie to some greasy streamer, fuck off.

No. 1202004

Am I an idiot or in the audio was Vinny only asked if he got the vaccine for HPV? Or is he told “You gave me HPV”?

No. 1202034

Yes, he absolutely should have used a condom on that infected dick of his, glad we can agree

No. 1202048

Fedmyester did not date any OTV members including Kimi. They were friends and nothing more and her friends know this plus the facts are already out there. Let’s not blantantly lie that she did to get clout when he was the master manipulator. She already has clout in spades and don’t need to get it from anyone. Her standards are high and I definitely know this about her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1202086


Umm, what are you responding to?

And Fed a master manipulator? Kek

Dude's a slimeball who tried to use his clout girls into sex by threatening to badmouth them to OTV if they didn't put out and then tried to play the victim when he finally got shitcanned. He isn't a mastermind; he's a manchild.

No. 1202090

Wtf, Kimi didn’t fall in love with Fed, he fell hard for her. When he told me he loved her, knew he would be friend zoned cause she is serious about the right kind of guy that is not the typical flake. That’s why you don’t see her with just anyone, but lots of guys have fallen for her as she is beautiful and so genuinely likable. Unbelievable what jealous insecure people have written and just like they are soooo far off and dumb as S.

No. 1202117

>>1162627 >>1162832

Otv and Friends were all victimized by Fed.
And to say Kimi had a romantic relationship with Fed and she lied about him are so despicable. All knew they were only friends and She rejected Fed, not the other way around. She like others gave an honest testimony when he clearly did her / them wrong which makes you a sad, pathetic human for saying otherwise.

No. 1202132

Why are you bringing this up when this topic was discussed to hell and back and there's nothing new
are you a vinny stan or sth

No. 1202227

Sucking Kimi's ass on some random image board isn't gonna make her fuck you anon. Why are you caping so hard for this ethot?

No. 1202236

Bruh, animojitalks leaked the DMs between kimi and fedmyster and it clearly showed not only that they banged but also that she fell hard for him and he rejected her.

No. 1202355


All the Kimi, Poki, Lily, Yvonne etc stuff is a distraction. I don't agree with this interpretation, but you could be generous and say Fed was clumsy, didn't know how to read the signs, and has an issue with boundaries.

What is important is:

1) He tried to extort girls into getting with them by threatening to use his clout to damage their reputations. That's a charge he never acknowledged, or denied, in any of his responses. There's no angle which makes him look like a desperate manchild who's bad with girls instead of a straight-up Weinstein-style predator.

2) OTV gave him the opportunity to leave amicably, which is standard practice for companies when they don't want drama. Fed could've made up some excuse, "different creative visions" "spend time with family" etc, and gone on his merry way. Instead, he decided to be a sperg. OTV reacted like any n