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File: 1533678193675.png (902.49 KB, 730x904, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 5.20…)

No. 277467

previous thread >>>/ot/233156

No. 277469

Saw the OP photo on the front page, and thought it's from the Bad Art thread

No. 277473


No. 277475

Honestly Rae deadass deserves to be put in the bad art thread.
Matter of fact, do you guys think we should have a thread on Rae??? Is she cowish enough?

No. 277481

She’s a cow in my book

No. 277591

Are we talking about HC Brown? Just saw her newer video where she lectures us on what is and what isn't cringe. According to her, we cannot criticize anyone for their shitty art.

No. 277593

she has her own thread in /snow/

No. 277689

I mean, I kind of agree with her here. A lot of "cringe" compilations are taking things from people who are obviously children and making fun of them. Like, yeah, this 13-year-old has shit art/animation with totally embarassing edgy OCs that are obvious knockoffs of other characters. of course they do, most 13yos do crap like that. That sort of shit though can make kids totally give up out of embarassment.

Mind you if you're an adult it's kind of free game. You're hopefully at that point mature enough that if someone makes fun of you for cringey art it's not going to deter you from making art or doing whatever it is you do.

No. 277708

Normally, I agree, but lolcow is a cringe compilation in itself and I lurk here… Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.

No. 277733

disagree. some kids should be turned off from that kind of stuff.

No. 277835

Solar Sands and Deviantcringe are cancerous morons who can't draw and make money making fun of children that try to. Ffs grow up.

No. 277845

It's so funny because those types of channels are constantly mocking people for cringey/mediocre work but none of them ever improve with their own content lol

No. 277967

Kids don't need to be turned off from art. They need to learn how to take criticism and improve, sure, but not be so turned off they don't even want to try because they feel so put down and embarrassed.
Like, a kid who has trouble with math shouldn't be made fun as being cringe. They should be encouraged and helped. Come on dude.

No. 277979

Especially solarsands, that idiot can't draw to save his life.
Most of these channels just want to make money off other people's cringey art

No. 277995

It's like drama channels who talk about Youtube celebrities, imagine being so useless that everything you can do is orbit around other people's failures

inb4 Chloe Rose and friends say we do the same thing here

No. 278021

you sound like a butt hurt deviantard

No. 278044

Lol anon just admit you can't draw and move on with your life we don't care

No. 278060

Kek not at all, haven’t been on that cursed website since 2009.
But anyway, this >>277995
Solarsans just picks on low hanging fruit because it’s easy to critique and effective in getting young artist’s attention and gaining views/revenue.

No. 278075

We should mock bad art, maybe if we mock it enough people will stop posting it.

No. 278077

This is more than just some kids making bad art, this is a religiously devoted community of people who keep their cringe habits far after high school. That would explain HC Brown and many other bad youtubers.

No. 278091

Can’t really disagree with you there, but constructive criticism is a hell of a lot more helpful for young artists than just mocking their art and pointing out the flaws without saying how they could fix them. Bottom feeders thrive off of showing off someone else’s work and just laughing at it without putting forth any effort to analyze it/help the person who made it.

No. 278098

Some people are immune to mocking, there isn't much you can do. Also, is this a huge problem that it exists? It's one thing to laugh at it and another to want it to disappear.

No. 278102

A lot of actually good artists on youtube don't get much views compared to the subpar ones. I think I have found the reasons for it:
1) Set up. Seriously. Most technically good artist have terrible setups. Their cameras aren't adjusted properly and everything looks skewed. They also have bad lighting.
2) commentary. They just either don't talk or mumble. Some of them use really cringy music that has nothing to do with what they are doing.
3) graphics and visuals. They use out dated typefaces with really opaque colors that just don't work. Their title cards are also bland and uninspiring.
As much as I don't like some of the "artists" that's been discussed here. They do know how to make something look good. What do you guys think?

No. 278115

I totally agree. I genuinely enjoy watching actaully good (real) artist, but what kills me is their setup/audio/qaulity of the video in general. WhytManga,AlphansoDunn ect ect are examples of that to me at least. The bad editing and shit can really turn someone off from watching an otherwise good video.

I would add in, that alot of really good artist dont have enough content in general, half the time they will have 2-7 videos at maximum. But my theory is that they dont have time to focus all that energy into editing/setting up the video becuase they are actaully trying to improve their art work and skills. Versus morons like Rae,Kasey,Holly,Waffles,(Jazza oops) just throw out shitty art work with no depth or improvement. In order to compensate they have to make their videos sound/look decent to catch the viewers attention long enough. Also they have to have exceptional /not in the good way/ personalities and jump on bandwagons at any chance in order to stay relevant. People who actaully have skill dont feel the need to be fake and flashy because they are too focused on more important things.
It should be noted that many people on Youtube have tiny attention spans and most of these peoples fans are 10-16 year olds. And even dumbass 20 year olds, but regardless they usally dont have the maturity to sift through whos actaully good and whos faking it.

No. 278119

I agree with both
another thing I think that keeps people from viewing those videos is that the art can be intimidating. Watching someone draw the same dinsey girl over and over again is more comfortable for a new and young artist. Unlike seeing a highly skilled professional that is constantly improving.

No. 278219

I know that the money from sponsorships (which can’t honestly be much, but hey, it’s money) helps out struggling artists, but god am I tired of seeing the same old ads across several channels. Even if they change it up slightly and try to sound enthused, it’s obvious that they don’t even use the sponsored site/app in their free time. Even the constant Arteza product reviews didn’t bother me because at least the artists weren’t under paid contract to state good things about them. What are your guys’ thoughts about them?

No. 278228

I only get annoyed by amino adds, which aren't even that common. It's such a shit app, like you said, I doubt anyone who is sponsored uses it.

No. 278281

I don't mind them as long as they are at the end of the video. Some of my favourite channels like "lessons from the screen play" and "babish" get sponsored by companies like "square space" and "skillshare" but hey have the add part at the end. I don't get why artubers put them at the beginning or middle of the video. It's boring and ruins the momentum of the video.

No. 278284

I guess the ads that bug me the most are the ones where the people are trying to mix it into the video, save some special cases. Skillshare is one I don't really mind because it gets Youtubers doing some interesting stuff, like bookbinding or stamp making. I suppose that's my craft side speaking up. When it's stuff like amino or phone apps I can just skip them and get to the actual good stuff.

Jacqueline Deleon is someone who overdoes it, we don't need every video to tell us there's a platform for making your own website. But to be honest, I don't think I'd mind it if it was someone more interesting… Jacqueline just gives me too much of a dead fish vibe. I guess one could say she's going for "chill vibes", but her lack of an interesting personality paired with her drawing the same alternative girls every time gets… tiresome.
I feel kinda bad for coming at her since she seems so uncow-ish, tho.

No. 278363

a pretty well known performance art collective in toronto. derivative vaporwave trash poorly disguised as critique of capitalism

No. 278424

I don't think you should feel bad about it. She seems like the person who wouldn't be able to handle critique. That's always the case with artists who always draw the same thing in the same style and never improve.
I honestly wonder how she isn't getting tired of her own drawings, they are seriously always the same. But yeah, social media fame I guess…

No. 278433

File: 1533890861714.png (3.26 MB, 1335x1303, sameface.png)

Samefag but if you put a few drawings together you can really see how sameface-y they all are. I know it's a littly cherry-picking but just pay attention to the make-up like the tree dots under the eye, the lip and/or septum piercing and the earplugs.

No. 278437

Lol, tumblr nose

No. 278438

love how they all have a nose or lip piercing (or both)…how do you lack this much awareness when it comes to your art? she's not a beginner so i don't understand

No. 278449

This is so sad. Art can be a way to explore your personality, self portraits throughout art history we’re so important in understanding an artists life and message. These arttubers seem to think the best thing to do with drawing ability is play wish fulfillment and makeup artist and it all gives me a bad 2000s free online dress up doll vibe. There’s so much more to be discovered beyond “how can I mAke PrETty?!?” /rant

No. 278459

If it's pretty it's boring, if it's ugly it's projecting, if it's realistic it's boring again
What do you really want

No. 278519

meh, I kinda agree, but if it makes them happy, it’s whatever. It’d be great to see some artists who do the same thing over and over actually improve and experiment outside of their comfort zone though. The thing that really makes artists who never improve annoying is if they also have a shitty attitude/personality. (cough baylee jae cough) We can mock 13 yr olds on deviantart drawing shitty furry oc’s all we want, but i’d take seeing one of those kids’ art over “Youtube Superstar” Baylee Jae’s or HC BRown’s any day.

No. 278578

>>278433 maybe unpopular opinion, but i really enjoy her art style (especially how she draws eyes). yes they're very same facey and obviously very self indulgent, but i think its a cute style. i just wish she'd branch out from her typical alternative pierced/tattoo'd girl with short bangs. i do agree she has a very boring personality though. i cant sit through her videos for too long unless i have the sound off and im listening to my own music.

No. 278591

File: 1533916791359.png (3.92 MB, 1794x2542, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 7.10…)

Going through her portfolio she has some decently cute stuff but looking at her work as a whole makes a majority of her illustrations seem bland. She has a lot of inconsistencies with her anatomy, especially when drawing faces >>278433

She's definitely not a terrible artist, she just needs to work on her fundamentals more. Even if she kept the same style/subject matter her stuff would improve tenfold.

No. 278606

I don't think her biggest problem is her fundamentals. What bothers me the most about her is lack of creativity. Of course we should always be striving to improve our fundamentals, but it seems like this whole "fundamentals" ordeal has become sort of a parrot thing in these threads. She's not perfect, but she already manages to make some pictures that are pleasant to look at.

Her art just seems extremely one dimensional to me when it comes to subjects, but that seems to be a problem she has herself, her personality also seems pretty one dimensional. I know we can't really tell how someone is through the content they put up on the internet, but most people start being a little shy on Youtube and then branch out. She's still very monotone and uneventful.

No. 278614

This. Even if she had amazing anatomy, varied up the hairstyles and outfits, it’s just more of the same beautiful dress up doll. There’s never a story or a meaning to it, and that really turns me off.

No. 278705

Yeah, I don't mind the characters following the same patterns if they were actually doing something. Sameface doesn't bug me much, nor does drawing several characters with similar clothes, but do all of them have to be sitting there with that slightly open mouth and squinched eyes?

No. 278741

Let's talk about pearfleur. I'm personally a big fan of her, from her instagram you can tell that she strives to improve her art for herself rather than making pointless youtube videos and has been really active lately. I get that she's done sponspored videos before but its not like artists like her and minniesmalls should be put down for trying to earn money like we all want to. plus she's a student so i'm sure she needs it. her style is unique and fresh and doesnt really abide to trends that ive seen and her art is strangely nostalgic and calming. i love the collab she did with iraville and wish she would post more full pieces though. She's also said from her instagram that she's a full time architecture student and is 20 years old which is pretty inspiring and the fact that she doesn't center her whole youtube around her personal life and face like Baylee makes her seem more humble and down to earth. but i will say that she said on instagram that she doesnt sell art or prints because she's not confident in her style or knowledgeable in how to go about doing it so she should really learn how to market herself better.

No. 278742

is this the "decently cute" thing? she has the same fucking red nose freckled for no reason face as all the girls in >>278433.

the biggest issue isn't the anatomy but more what >>278606 said. looking at the pic you posted, it's clear that she had to put in extra details to make sure people knew that this was sailormoon. if you get rid of the hair, compact and luna's forehead decoration, you'd never guess that's what this was supposed to be. the worst thing is that it would be better and have more depth if this was just some random NEET OC girl.

also, nothing's interacting with eachother properly. anatomy aside, but the weirdest part is usagi's hair. the plate is floating under her hair and it just takes away the look of interaction in general. it's just weird and sloppy. coupled with sameface and bad anatomy it's all bad.

No. 278745

i like pear too. seems a lot more authentic than most art youtubers and is obviously talented to be juggling a 350k+ youtube channel with architecture school at 20 yrs old. i guess that also explains her long absences and hiatuses

No. 278761

I follow her for the reviews, her purely art videos can get a little boring to me. I like the fact that she experiments, but at the same time some of the experiments are a bit too abstract for my own personal taste.

I don't think she really has to market herself if she doesn't want to, if being an artist is not a professional interest of hers, dealing with the side hassles of being a professional artist might just suck the fun out of it for her.

No. 278768

definitely can see the abstract experimentation too, probably comes from the architecture background which is cool to see. she's definitely more unique than most art youtubers which can also turn people away from her channel

No. 278780

Yeah, her style is just not my cup of tea

But kudos to her for being able to juggle a channel with college. I can barely find time to draw lol

No. 278789

Whose art is in the OP? And where can I get a link to the video its in?

No. 278790


Holly's thread, for the lazy >>646597

No. 278791

Dude, They just hire better artists for their talk-sprites. They're literally talentless.

No. 278792

tbf Sailor moons hair is kind of iconic. If you don't have it, most people won't recognize her as sailor moon, unless she's in her scout uniform, or maybe one of her more memorable civilian outfits?

No. 278797


yeah I agree that she seems out of place from the youtube art community.

No. 278807


They all look so damn bored, kinda listless, and I think that really projects onto all her designs. She kind of looks the same way IRL or when she's speaking into the camera, it's kind of monotone. same girl. Same face. Same expression.
I'd like to see some stories from her, not just 'pretty witch girls'….but people like consistency and if there's anything you can't say she isn't, is consistent, and a lot of her followers like that I guess.

No. 278815

No. 278829

I was thinking the same thing about how she looks equally bored, so maybe there's a reason behind all those uneventful characters.

No. 278844

i meant that's the only thing that makes her look like sailormoon in this picture.

No. 278862

Uh no? The school uniform is also a giveaway.
True that the artist has a sameface syndrome but you are really nitpicking the Sailor Moon drawing.
Of course if she drew her without her hair and uniform she would look like a random character or any other sailor (like Venus). The girls in SM suffer from sameface syndrome too.
I disagree that Luna and the compact are put there to make it clear it's Usagi as it's obvious from the way the character looks. They are just part of Usagi's world displayed in the picture.

I think this is a nice fanart though I've seen the concept a few times and agree that a pic with original character in this style would be interesting.

I also dislike artists just drawing pretty characters without deeper concept but this fanart is fine in my eyes.

No. 278922

art doesn't have to have a "deep meaning", it's literally just about making something that looks good you snob

No. 278929

Yeah we’ve kinda gone back and forth on this idea throughout all of art history so I’m not even gonna try to argue with you. Enjoy collecting your pretty pretty pictures, gotta catch em all! I suppose that’s how buttons and stickers artists gotta make their living.

No. 279027

I don't buy art but I guess fun isn't allowed anyway

No. 279068

File: 1534003277824.png (3.26 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180811-175542.png)

From the new waffles' video

Why do all her faces repulse me?

No. 279072

I think it's the jaw + the nose has a huge shadow and it looks glued to the mouth. I've noticed the same thing in Baylee Jae's artwork

No. 279083

At least her faces are usually relatively varied, and she doesn’t try to draw everything pretty. That face is pretty horrific tho ngl.

No. 279090

I like how she tries drawing people doing stuff in her sketchbook, and with several different expressions.

No. 279092

Tbh, I find this piece to be better than her usual art

No. 279110

Wafflle's faces are less horrific when she keeps the mouths closed. This isn't as bad as it could be with her too-detailed teeth on simple characters.

No. 279145

You guys are nitpicking this fine jfc

No. 279148

What do you all think of Vexx?

No. 279149

The boy version of a boring basic bitch

No. 279150

I love Bao Pham's paintings, they all have this clean, calm vibe to them and he also doesn't make his face the "star" like the majority of the cow artists do.

No. 279151

I laughed the other day when I came across a video with a real person who had tumblr nose. It's actually real. I was blown away.

No. 279152

What's the difference between them and us besides that we don't make any money off mocking bad art?

No. 279153

Was it Khan Taya?

No. 279156

The amount of time it takes to produce a video and run an entire Youtube account versus the few minutes it takes us to read stuff here and write a reply. Also the fact that we're anonymously talking shit shows we're just really interested in sharing our thoughts, like when you comment with your spouse about how much of a bitch Susan was today, while drama channels usually seem to feed off the attention and try to get some sort of personal gain by talking shit about others.

No. 279157

I have it too, but only in winter

No. 279158

Honestly, this looks fine. Maybe it's not your taste but there's nothing actually wrong with it.

No. 279161

(skip to 30s) This is Tina Yu, I hope she's OK to share here because she does mostly sculptures. She's self-taught and started sculpting only in early 2016, which is really impressive to me.

No. 279162

Oops, I just realized, is it even OK to share (imo) good artists here or is it shitty art-only?

No. 279164

I'm actually not sure, just some random beauty vlogger as I slowly worked my way through youtube video suggestions. It was fucking surreal though.

No. 279165

It's nice but her sound quality is TERRIBLE.

No. 279190

I remember this guy from instagram, but I didn't know he had a youtube too

No. 279195

It's fine to post artists you like but this is getting too random, at least say why this person caught your attention.

No. 279203

It's ok, just ugly

No. 279204

I don't like him at all, I was just wondering if anyone here knows about him and what they think

Guess I forgot to write that

No. 279231

I like Waffles a lot honestly. Her traditional work is so fluid looking. I think it’s becuse of how she sketches. She doesn’t rely on a typical block figure to build a character

No. 279236

No. 279258

I dunno, I like it. I feel like she's improving.

No. 279269


I found him recently too. His art's pretty. Pretty boring.

Just, girl's face with his little symbol on the cheek. Technically skilled but same thing over and over. I found his videos to be boring, but that's where I discovered him first, on yt. I don't think I'd be too invested in his IG, since it's just more of the same.

I'm honestly getting tired of the pretty girl portraits. This guy, Jacqueline, Danica, etc.

No. 279286

yeah, it's called rosacea lmao.

No. 279302

I don't see anything wrong with this one, I think it's just preference.

Sometimes I really want to see the art of people who talk shit about people like waffles, she's no loish but she's decent and seems to try to push herself.

No. 279306

Tbh, I don’t watch any of her vids bc her voice/Youtube personality just isn’t for me. (which is the nicer way of saying that it gets on my nerves lmao) However, I can see a big difference in terms of skill and improvement in her art when comparing that piece and the last time I saw another work by her which was a while ago. She doesn’t really seem cow-ish either.

No. 279398

I’m surprised no one posted this yet.

Bobby Chiu, a relatively popular Youtube artist, is speaking of his awful experience at CTN animation expo, and why he no longer support it.

This is reminding me so much of Tana and the Vidcon drama, but with an artist spin on it.
What do you all think?

No. 279422

Stephen Silver is also very vocal about how he doesn't support CTN

No. 279506

Sometimes I really wanna see the art of the people that defend her to understand what they think they see in her work lol. I'm just assuming if you think she's anything more than just okay you're an amateur/don't draw. That being said she is okay, not bad, and she does actively attempt improvement and it is happening so kudos for her.

No. 279509


I've been to CTNx once and was going to go a second time, but they gave me a hard time. This comes as no surprise to me and I hope CTNx crashes and burns as it no longer becomes the only game in town in terms of animation/art expos. I'm glad more people are speaking out. It's all just to get money in Tina's pockets.

No. 279512

Found this video at random, she sounds like Holly Brown but in rage version

No. 279533


Oh, her? That's just Mewtripled. She's got that dumb "i'm cussin at you bitch" shtick I hope she grows out of. but she's way way way ahead of Holly by a million miles. Holly is constantly all up in her comments thirsty for her attention.

No. 279567

^This. Mewtripled annoys me, but I can’t deny that her art (and animation skill) is popping. She kind of reminds me of a more socially adept and more artistically skilled Holly lmao.

No. 279592

She's pretty annoying. I can appreciate some profanity, but she sounds like she's trying way too hard all the time

No. 279669

File: 1534143794081.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1220x1462, skjfkdjfkdsjf.png)


he got posted about in the last thread, and is now trying to sell nudes/porn in addition to terrible comics lmaooooo

No. 279725

I wouldn't look at his nudes even if he paid me

No. 279759

Hopefully this is an ok place to ask this, but can any of you rec YT artists who use copics/alcohol markers and are actually skilled? I'm just getting into using them.

No. 279868

Todd Nauck, Juicy Ink

No. 279875

Girls like Monique annoy me the hell up. Something about the "I'm as basic as it can get with my sweet pink Disney shit but I'm also snappy and ranty" drives me up the wall.
Alice has this sometimes too, altho she's usually less ranty and more acceptable. Monique just seems like such an entitled little cunt.

No. 279878

That description reminds me of Baylee lol and I agree with you about Monique being unbearable to watch. I tried to like her but there was just nothing about her art or personality that kept me around.

No. 279901

Yeah, Baylee also popped in my head while I was thinking of the description. I don't know why but Monique sounds like the brattier amongst them, tho. She just gives me those vibes of some spoiled, entitled teenager.

No. 279908

Khan Taya, MissKerrieJ (even if her art kinda veers towards that pretty Disney Girl style, she has technical skill), Sophira Lou, those are all that I can think of off the top of my head that haven’t been mentioned already.

No. 280088

Does Waffles voice and snort laugh get on anyone else's nerves?

No. 280089


Yeah, I get baylee vibes from her, but younger. She's a little annoying.

No. 280246

Waffles laugh is so fake, I think as bad as holly bRowns art is her laugh and vlog style is the most real and relatable.

No. 280262

Baylee really is the best example of copic markers, despite bad art, helping a person become popular. That’s her claim to fame. If she was making the same art with colored pencil or watercolor, she wouldn’t have a quarter of the subs she does now.

No. 280307

why are copics even so popular like this? like I used to have a set, they were fun to sketch with, but I don't understand how people go full retard at just the mention of someone using them.

No. 280337

Doesn't it get a lot of popularity among weebs because it's used on some mangas and stuff?
Also, it's partly because we have that tendency of wanting things people we look up to have, because it somehow makes us feel more connected to them. So if a lot of kids like Baylee, they might want to own the same supplies as she does to have one tangible thing in common with her.

No. 280339

Some of it is also the price of them, they're really pricey outside of Japan so it can be used for bragging and or humble bragging.

No. 280352


Waffles made a really dark joke in her video today that has me concerned for her. Something like “my life expectancy is too short not to eat dessert first”. I wonder what’s wrong with her. She said she was in the hospital a few weeks ago, and then casually mentioned something about an autoimmune disease…

No. 280387

>>280352 she has an autoimmune disease that has been taking a toll on her health lately. i dont think she's revealed which one she has, but for the last few months shes been in and out of the hospital.

No. 280389

"professional artist"

No. 280400

File: 1534288884397.png (836.5 KB, 566x590, professional.PNG)

oh my god noooo
Rae is already full herself, this is only gonna make it worse.
She's posting that shout out vid everywhere lmao.

No. 280401

Yeah, she's basically Holly if Holly got her act together kek

No. 280419

jesus christ this is the most annoying video I've ever seen

No. 280421

what a muddy galaxy lmao, did she even look up a reference? or is she referencing an already sylized drawing?

No. 280450

rae can’t draw anything without a reference, even something as ugly as that lmao

No. 280458

OH MY FUCKING god, I physically cringed after reading that title

No. 280463

This legitimately looks like a child drew it

No. 280464

File: 1534303750749.jpg (864.09 KB, 1920x2136, sad.jpg)


""""Professional Artis""""" vs Youtube Makeup Artist

No. 280473


might be reaching but there's an anime avatar generator app thingie called "live portrait maker"— the art style on that app looks similar to what rae drew 👀

No. 280481

yeah okay, i really dislike both rae and james, so it’s not bias when i say that his art actually looks way better than hers. tbf rae did use makeup to draw and not drawing supplies, im not sure if james did the same but either way it’s pretty telling, lol.

No. 280492

Yeah, also I feel like the fact that her actual art is kind of mediocre makes her feel like more of a kindred spirit to her fan base? Less intimidating but at the same time the expensive art supplies "legitimize" her to her young fan base and the combo of the two might make her success feel more attainable or something. She's good enough for kids to look up to but not too good to scare them away I guess.

That said alcohol markers are really fun to work with IMO, I enjoy them. Something satisfying about how even and "flat" they are. I want to try Gouache next.

No. 280502


its…kinda ironic that her makeup looks like shit here lmao

No. 280520


they both used makeup

No. 280532

Yep, the artists that improve the most make fully rendered pieces with errors. You see it all the time in top artists juvenilia. People should be allowed to make mistakes and not scorned for it. Hate that attitude, it hinders /so/ much potential and confidence.

No. 280537

Serious. WTF am I missing something. She's missing a philtrum, but some people have small ones in real life so…?

No. 280551

File: 1534325930562.png (752.82 KB, 969x584, comparison.png)

I don't think you're reaching anon, definitely checks out with a quick recreation

No. 280555

File: 1534326862192.png (275.4 KB, 350x584, overlay.png)

I don't really know how to do the overlay thing but I tried

No. 280558

There's no way that that ISN'T the reference she used. Also looks exactly like this thread header, I'm guessing she reads the thread or some artception is happening.

No. 280560

btw if people tired of Istebrak want to watch some really good, insightful, genuinely helpful critique videos on yt I highly recommend Art Prof. just discovered their channel and their critique of people's portfolios is full of really useful advice.

No. 280570

that's because rae drew the thread header

No. 280634

>>280551 jesus, she cant do any art without copying it. thats honestly pretty sad for a "professional artist". people have different skill sets, but I feel like Rae doesn't even try. Did anyone on her video comment that the picture looks copied?

No. 280651

File: 1534349565984.jpg (840.64 KB, 1313x1998, Even Mehl Amundsen (14).jpg)

The problem with these artists is that they only want to draw pretty/cute things, but doing that just makes them improve more slowly and it takes away artistic value from their work.
For example: you are trying to draw a pretty girl. In order to keep her looking pretty she has to be young, which means there won't be much detail (wrinkles) on her face and also you limit her expression (she has to have a neutral face so there won't be any wrinkles on her face or god forbid nasolabial folds), her pose, and the lighting (shadows all over the face are not cute!!) and then you end up with a boring generic drawing. But really a drawing of an ugly orc with his face wrinkled in anger and with lights and shadows playing on his face (which help portray volume) has so much more artistic value and is interesting to look at because its shows the artist's various skills. With a drawing of a pretty girl looking blankly at the camera/into the distance you show only knowledge of anatomy. If that.
There is a reason you rarely have pretty youthful models at life drawing classes. Also pic related is a drawing by Even Mehl Amundsen

No. 280667

As someone who used to draw, drawing and painting “pretty girls” is easier and faster. Especially for the YT artists, cause they need to pump up videos to stay relevant.
I honestly don’t like just drawing pretty girls, but it is the only thing I can do easily without effort. Sometimes I draw them to warm up for complicated drawings

No. 280691

Drawing pretty girls is what 12 year olds start out with and what adults keep doing if they've given up on studying how to draw people in general. It's the anime artist syndrome. Old people just have lines next to their eyes but they look the exact same as everyone else. It looks ridiculous.

No. 280696

Not trying to be the devil’s advocate but some people just prefer to draw nice looking things, I wouldn’t exactly call that a crutch. Guys like space marines and fantasy races, girls like women and flowers. Artists of both genders have been making more illustrations and paintings of women’s bodies for centuries.

No. 280703


YouTube artist here - yep this. Pretty girls are easy for me to draw and I can get it done on time for a video. I don't have to think as much, I can still make something nice, and it's accessible to my audience. I want more time to draw non pretty girl things, but it's definitely tough. I've got a lot of ideas but not enough time to get them all done, especially since with more detailed work it takes much longer, so I'm also having to film multiple videos at a time when I do that. Also I don't know about other YouTubers but I definitely doodle and experiment a lot more on my own, but I rarely show that because it's pretty ugly.

No. 280754

File: 1534363663513.jpg (408.93 KB, 900x658, karlaortiz.jpg)

I wouldn't say it's easy for them just because young pretty girls don't have a lot of wrinkles and stuff. Part of why it's easy for them is simply because that's what they spend more time drawing. It's their comfort zone.
I used to find it easier to draw people I considered "ugly" because I didn't have to mind where I was putting things as much, meanwhile if I wanted to draw a perfectly pretty girl I had to be very careful about not having anything out of place.

Anywyas, the "problem" is not them only wanting to draw pretty things, it's them wanting to stay inside a small comfort zone of their borderline childish taste. And that's not even a problem, if they enjoy doing it and it fits their artistic needs. You can do much more sophisticated pieces of beautiful people, such as Karla Ortiz' piece I've added to my post.

No. 280758

File: 1534364165051.jpg (15.04 KB, 227x300, s-l300.jpg)

Samefag, but since one of the arguments was about the girls having a neutral face, just thought I'd add another example of a beautiful woman being more expressive.

No. 280819

The issue is when artists are young they like to draw either their ocs or their ships or just their favorite Disney/shoujo characters ext, many of which have a bland generic look (mostly pretty girls) and they get good at that and get attention/compliments so they like…think they've made it. At 16. And then they never draw anything else just learn to watercolor/render their sues/favs with bland Barbie expressions looking into the distance or at the camera.

No. 280837

Link the posts you are responding to, fam

No. 280842

Does anyone here have any recs for channels that have artists working on their own comics? Not Holly ofc. Sage for ot.

No. 280857

gazbot's pretty fun, i feel.

No. 280906

Ot-ish, but I’m really curious as to how many semi-large to larger YouTube artists lurk here. It seems like more and more of them are referencing the threads (cough Monique cough) and I just can’t help but wonder. Like how Jellie Bee seems to swoop in out of nowhere whenever someone mentions the scandal she had with not sending out people’s kickstarter orders or whatever that was about. (Which, admittedly, is old news, but damn is she quick to try to shut them down before other people can find out about it, lmao.) Then there’s Holly BRown who recently seems to address/mention comments made about her personal and art issues shortly after they were discussed in her threads, which didn’t happen in the past iirc.

No. 280907

Pretty girls sell well, if you're someone who sells your work. I have much more fun drawing "ugly" but I haven't worked up the balls to try selling any of that stuff yet. Ugly/cute is fun.
I was "semi large" (I guess??? Sort of?) before YT artists were as much of a thing. I was all over DA for years, sold a lot at cons, ect, before realizing I needed to take some time to seriously work on my art so I'm relearning from scratch.

No. 280910

The only life drawing I did had a slim pretty woman, I guess I was lucky. There was like one day with a guy lying down and showing off his balls but the other days were all the one pretty model.

It's more like middle-aged non-slim women probably are more likely to want the validation of being a life model


No. 280950

Guys there's a huge difference between drawing ugly people and drawing non generic Barbie Disney copy pastas. Just branch out a little.

No. 280969

File: 1534405454811.png (627.87 KB, 537x686, fa93a82c05e53518264c9078c75864…)

I'd argue that it is a crutch because some of them rely on pretty things to produce pretty drawings. Even then some of them still fail. I believe that a good artist has the capacity to make any subject matter beautiful.

On a side note, I feel like some artists jump in to youtube too soon and get sucked in. It creates a situation where if they make it, they start to neglect their artistic development or worse think they're better than they are. It really is a shame. Art is not easy and it definitely is a humbling experience.

No. 281044

I've done a lot of life drawing and been lucky enough to have models who were thin, fat, older, etc - it's definitely fun to draw a larger, older woman especially, more interesting shapes, more understanding of how a non-'perfect' body can be structured

No. 281049

I’d argue it’s not the subject matter that’s important but the theme and story of a piece that makes it interesting. All the illustrations posted as examples have a very clear intent to them, and they were executed with that intent and feeling in mind, rather than just the idea of getting everything anatomically correct. There’s life and meaning and story in art, not just execution.

No. 281063

tbh I really enjoy Mewtripled. She's entertaining, which is more than I can say about holly.

No. 281132

What do other anons think of spechie/katyarrington?
As far as I know she hasn’t been mentioned once in these boards.
Claiming to be a “life coach” seems a little bit like an overstep imo. She recently deleted a video where she kinda tried and failed to make a point about loving trump despite disagreeing with him politically.
I love that she’s sharing her story and her feelings but she made a claim that really rubbed me the wrong way in this video, where she says basically, “thanks to the people on my discord, who feel their mental health is worth $3”. Really scammy and arrogant way of putting it as she’s not exactly a mental health professional.

No. 281169

Karla Ortiz is mai waifu
Also kinda off topic but which platform would you recommend sharing art on? I joined a facebook group for buying/selling art of ocs but I want to make a page just to post my art as well that I can link to people if they wanna see more. But I don't know if I should make it on Facebook (seems like a lousy place to me) or Tumblr or DeviantArt.
Also the people in that facebook group are so greedy. 10$ for a "character design" which is just a bland teenage girl with a dagger? 15$ for a pencil sketch? Seriously

No. 281195


Also, oh gods, people are charging 10 whole dollars? Gee. They may even be able to afford to eat a couple McDonalds meals with all that greed.

No. 281201

She's nice and it was hilarious to watch her making a lot of people butthurt (including Monique) on the Trump video.
I really like the self betterment talks, but I think she did't choose some of her words too wisely on that response video. Some of the stuff she said sounded preachy, there was something about people not being ready for the love thing which just sounds like "I am right and you are just not ready to see it". Some of her attitudes remind me of people trying to convert you after joining a church.

Also you probably meant Sluggie instead of Spechie

No. 281214

Oh yeah Monique was triggered wish I had saved the comment.. something about “Don’t tell me to love somebody who won’t give me all my medicine for free! Wah!”
And yup I meant sluggie thanks anon.

No. 281227


Those prices are standard quit bitching. If you want to sell OCs Tumblr and DeviantArt are your best bet but it takes a few days/weeks for people to know you exist on Tumblr so DA is faster.

No. 281253

I agree that the story and theme makes a piece more interesting. However if we don't have the skills to execute the piece then it doesn't matter what ideas we have in my opinion. We learn the craft so that we have the tools to execute are own ideas or the ideas of others. Think of it as another language. We can't tell stories if we don't know how to form sentences and we can't form sentences if we don't know words.

No. 281502

IG? I'd have said DA a few years ago but does anyone even use it anymore aside from ms paint fetish artists? You could also get a site with one of those free portfolio services…I'm still looking for one, if anyone in this thread has any recs please share.

No. 281509

how the fuck is that even close to greedy? what would you expect her to charge? 3 dollars? It's very standard to charge well above minimum wage for any art, since you don't get regular hours, so charging $10 for anything is cheap as fuck. have you never needed a job or something?

No. 281525

This is a pretty good video, wish it created more drama though.

No. 281610

If you need a portfolio you can try Behance or Artstation or make your own site using wix.
These people aren't professionals living off of their illustrations, they're just kids, their art is not of such a quality that it should cost so much (there are a few better ones but most are generic 13year old deviantart illustrations). Maybe I am just from a stingy family. Actually that is probably it because when I asked my brother how much I should charge for an illustration he said 3$. cheap bastard

No. 281702

I like that sugar and salt girl. I hope she starts to grow, she seems very no nonsense.

No. 281734


161 subs and like 300 views. Clickbaity title.
Self post?
The contents of the video aren't even that big a deal to stir up 'drama'. chill.

No. 281749

Only watched one third of the video, but meh. Sounds like big talk and no action. She's complaining about big art Youtubers not pushing themselves, which is true, but at the same time her channel follows the same overused generic art format. Overview camera, several pretty girl paintings. She even mentions something about how she would be innovating too if she could afford it or something like that… Creativity is free. Making up excuses puts you in the same boat as the people you're criticizing.

No. 281751

30 minute video of repeating the same disclaimers over and over again. Just say it once, it won't make any less of an impact.

Why is she whining that big youtubers don't pay attention to her lopsided faces?

No. 281837

Take a shot every time she says it's just her opinion

No. 281867

oh honey, they've never been good

No. 281912

LOL her channel is "the weird side of Rae"…if this is weird, her "normal" side must be boring as fuck.

No. 281928

People who call themselves "weird" are boring as fuck 100% of the time.

She doesn't seem like a terrible person, but she's bad at art and really obnoxious about it. I feel like she could improve if she just stopped thinking she was a great "professional, clasically trained artist".

No. 282048

The thing with Rae is that she only only copies and what she creates from her head is pretty abysmal. Robin Sealark had made a video of how she struggled with breaking out photorealism and how her dependence on it made it difficult to create unique pieces. I honestly think Rae would benefit from taking a break from social media and take some time to try something new.

No. 282062

"He's creating a nose from absolute scratch…that's a really interesting technique"
You mean he drew a nose???? Whodathunkit????

No. 282127

Wtf she says that?? HOOOOW IS THIS BITCH AN ARTIST. She's the equivalent of that girl in 7th grade art class that thinks she's hot shit because she can draw generic fruit still life's and stupid designs. Ya can't draw if you think drawing a nose is an interesting technique.

No. 282654

I had to wath the video after this kek, what the hell? Her whole commentary was just repeating what he did and overall pretty useless.

No. 283400

File: 1534784707102.png (476.65 KB, 720x704, Screenshot_20180820-190006.png)

Not exactly a YouTube artist, but someone has brought up audreyghossoub here and I honestly can't agree more. Her coloring is decent but the drawing style she uses looks ugly to me. It's a shame, because her more realistic work is actually pretty decent

No. 283468

Sweet Jesus. The weirdly shaped logic-defying hairstyle, the big doe eyes, the red nose, the buck teeth and the unnaturally thin neck - that is the most tumblr art style I've ever seen kek

No. 283471

>>283468 that nose isnt that red. my nose always
looks a little red. its just a style. not everything is "tumblr style" because you dont like it.

No. 283483

File: 1534801470364.jpg (93.77 KB, 960x537, 17155618_1867304360157869_3081…)

Not the anon you're talking to, but even if her other stuff is not as tumblr, Audrey is basically the definition of a tumblr artist.

No. 283493

Took me a minute before i realized those were disney princesses

No. 283500

>mulan's stereotypical "chink" eyes
oh no

No. 283501

I actually think this is very creative tbh.

No. 283560

Noticed that too, it's always funny when they try to be diverse and end up being "offensive" instead

No. 283564

What's creative about it? Seems like the usual painfully overdone Disney princess spin off to me

No. 283607


Jesus christ this is bad. I remember blocking her on Instagram because I couldn't stand seeing her art in the explore section anymore. I actually did that to quite a few artists (all tumblr trash)

No. 283613

I find Kasey in this livestream to be super obnoxious? I dont know what it is but her personality really drives me away

No. 283672

I think this girl's been posted a few threads back, and personally I find her a bit same-y, but I generally love her art.

No. 283727

The word "tumblr style" is literally meaningless and synonymous with "I don't like it" at this point.

No. 283740

I agree that anon was reaching and some people just parrot the term around, but there are some characteristics that loosely group a few people together as adepts of the "tumblr" style. To me, it's the following:
Picture an artist. It's a college aged person who either is a part of or sympathizes with the LGBT community. It's an animation student or enthusiast, and its biggest influences are Disney, Cartoon Network shows (they used to draw those Adventure Time noodly arms, but now they gravitate more towards Steven Universe noses) and Anime. Probably owned some Nintendo console and are inclined to be part of a fandom. They make sure to include POC and or LGBT characters on what they do, even if they are making fanart and it makes absolutely no sense to turn those characters into minorities. Their version of alternative girls are those basic witches with micro bangs and some sort of generic tomboy lesbian. Oh, and let's not forget the inclination to draw obese people (almost exclusively women) as something beautiful.

No. 283783

File: 1534882063370.png (785.18 KB, 1280x720, 49518320-d344-4893-8d8c-58162a…)

This made me think of waffles instantly kek

No. 283788

There is not a Tumblr style jfc. The characteristics you people think are synonyms with Tumblr are literally just cartoon characteristics popularized in cartoons made around 2007-2014. It's not that deep to imagine these artists were preteens around this time.

No. 283818


Horrifying but accurate

No. 283836

I think you kinda have a point sort of but I would like to point out race bending and LGBT characters and like …folks in wheel chairs. They aren't styles lol. Art style has nothing to do with that. They may be political statements or even just preferences but they are not an art style.

No. 283866

Those things were more of a description of the people who have that style than the art style per se. But even so, having a tendency to draw a recurring theme does contribute to a general sense of style.

No. 283887

No it doesnt lol. Race bending is not a style. Neither is shipping. Just because it triggers you personally doesn't make it an A R T S T Y L E

No. 283893

i think u kinda spelled it out yourself there, anon. those are themes, not really an “art style”. Yeah, a lot of ppl on tumblr have styles and themes that are similar and make them sort of all blend together, but I haven’t seen it to such a degree that racebending, as an example, becomes the epitome of all of their art (as in, that’s what makes it recognizable more than any other feature). Representation is a whole other bag of worms to dive into anyways, although i would argue that it’s better to try to properly represent diversity without stereotypes if that’s what you want to do instead of just making something diverse for the sake of it.

No. 283920

I can smell the Tumblr coming from you just by the way you type

No. 283973

Race and shipping are an art style now ok lol please do continue getting your art critic advice from Solar Sands. Bear in mind though children jus cuz you feel so zuper duper strong about something doesn't mean you're opinions have been elevated into facts.

No. 283974

You are literally proving my point. I'm an SJW because you don't agree with me? Meanwhile that clearly makes you a Nazi right? You all sound like idiots.

No. 283978

File: 1534930084392.png (437.45 KB, 600x600, CollageMaker Plus_201882222511…)

Look I found some artists that all share the same style lololol. Some of them ONLY draw Hermione and are recognized instantly because of their Hermione fan art. Clearly Hermione is now their 'art style'

No. 283990

Subject matter and themes are a part of style and in my opinion wheelchairs, race ending, etc. reminds me of tumblr just as much as the red nose. It’s a cheap trick to make the art look more interesting than it really is, that’s tumblr style.

No. 284007

What do you guys think of ohnips

No. 284015

The only thing I know about her is the Dream Daddy drama. Which was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.

No. 284031

drama? can you please elaborate for those of us who haven't heard about this one?

No. 284044

File: 1534945680822.jpg (100.53 KB, 1199x403, df2.jpg)

Basically she posted a genderbent fanart of the characters of the videogame Dream Daddy. One of them, Damien, is canonically a trans man, and some people claimed it was transphobic. I think she got harassed to the point where she considered leaving social media

No. 284045

but isn't that treating the character like it really is a man, to genderbend her as she would a regular man? jfc. if she did or didn't, they'd harass her

No. 284085

These gender bents are kinda ugly
Can’t really wrap my head around the transphobic part, it sounds dumb

No. 284164

also, shes constantly being tryhard edgy on her account and proudly says slurs and all that kind of stuff because apparently being called out and hated gets her off or something.

No. 284172

>m-muh slurs on twitter!
Found the butthurt vendetta

No. 284174

I would be incredibly surprised if one of those images was not done by a girl/fag/soyboy in their teens or twenties

No. 284178

This. When I think of Tim Burton's style, one of the first things that come to my mind are his recurring themes of gothic/creepy themes. When I think of Loish, I think of pretty girls. Constant themes do indeed become part of someone's style.

No. 284185

Are you this dense or just exaggerating on purpose? Drawing recurring themes is PART of someone's art style. Your argument is like taking someone saying your heart is part of your body and you distorting it into saying your hear IS your body. Your style is comprised by several things knitted together into your own personal thing, and implying the tendency to draw SJW themes is part of someone's style is not to say it's ALL the style is about.

No. 284193

Holy hell, anon, I didn't know being an liking Nintendo made you "tumblr". None of these are an art style or aesthetic. Just proves my point that it's code for "I don't like it."

Also, since other anons mentioned them, red noses are not a tumblr thing at all, that shit has been around since like 2003.

No. 284194

Exactly. The "tumblr style" isn't necessarily a visual style per se, but it's a recurring theme in the art pieces. Nonbinary transsexual fat lesbians with undercuts, non-conventional beauty and surface-level ugliness (like the vitiligo trend some years ago and stretch marks), racebending, everything about the art trying its damnest to make some sort of an aggressive sociopolitical stand with overused tropes and thinking it's more intelligent and artistic than it really is.

This is another reason why I hate it when people say "try different styles" meaning that someone should just rip off another artist's drawing/painting style. If you really want to exit your comfort zone, draw something with a theme you haven't experimented with before.

No. 284196

>Just proves my point for "I don't like it"
Answer this honestly, do you like the stuff we called "tumblr" yourself?

No. 284200

Are you implying that I only disagree with you because I feel personally attacked?

Art that gets labeled "tumblr" is wildly varying levels of quality, so I can't say if I like it or not. Drawing intentionally ugly slanty-eyed Sailor Moon fanart that ends up looking like a racist caricature is one thing, but it seems like some people just start shaking every time they see a drawing of a fat person or someone with a red nose.

No. 284204

>Are you implying that I only disagree with you because I feel personally attacked?
That's what you've been doing all the times you say we're grouping it together because we don't like it, so I see no reason to complain.
I ask because sometimes we get a blind spot for things we like. Same way if we don't like it, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Indeed, I myself pay attention to the "tumblr style" things because I personally hate it, so the patterns stick out more to me. Not saying you can't notice things if you don't feel some type of way about it, tho.

No. 284209

Yea I’m gonna be judgemental of pretty much any portrait of a fat person, or a portrait with a red nose, if it isn’t executed well with a good reason for why the person is fat or why the nose is red. If the fatness is part of the character development, and not just “body positivity!” Then it’s not “tumblr” to me. If the nose is red because it’s cold, it’s not “tumblr” to me. Intention is everything, and more seasoned artists/art collectors will be able to see if the intention was to tell a story, or just a trendy afterthought added to a doodle to get more likes.

No. 284216

How has this thread dissolved into a sperge fest over wheel chairs and and black people being art styles? We need more milk asap apparently.

No. 284217

The funniest part of the people complaining about Tumblr art style on YouTube is that none of them can draw. Tumblr has plenty of issues and is mind numbly toxic but it's one of like three major social media networks for artists. Morons who can't draw accusing things they personally don't like of being apart of some sort of Uber ultimate awful art style just sound butt hurt their shit isn't popular. Just as bad as the asinine fat trans Mexican Thor blah blah whatever that upsets you so much. It's just a website. And thank fuck it's dying soon so I don't have to see more angry tween incels bitching about noses and wheel chairs once a thread.

No. 284237

File: 1534982875763.jpg (13.82 KB, 317x159, images (2).jpg)

Woo hey guys check out this Tumblr art style so retro lololol

No. 284286

Are you done making a fool of yourself? You're trying real hard

No. 284293

Hey does anyone watch Teoh Yi Chie on YouTube I really like his review videos but I’m not crazy about his art personally (i don’t think it’s bad or anything just not my style)

No. 284297

hm. i disagree. i think comments like "i bet you can't even draw" on art that's very mediocre makes you sound like you can't draw. people who can't draw are usually pretty easily impressed. i would get it if people were nitpicking something technically advanced, but if you think people criticizing lazy tumblr art are just jealouz haterz, it makes it seem like that art is where your skill hits a wall.

No. 284300

Can you all move your stupid arguments to the bad/hideous art thread? Bring milk or get the fuck out.

Anyway, anyone else feels like SuperRaeDizzle is pandering so hard to the beauty community? I saw her comments on “beauty drama channels” multiple times.
Her art/beauty related videos:

Drawing James Charles (famous beauty influncer) with makeup: https://youtu.be/gGOw9ek-KMk

She reacts to James Charles (famous beauty influncer) art:

Drawing with long fake nails: https://youtu.be/gsSfWvM7CCk

Drawing Jeffree Star (another famous influencer) with makeup: https://youtu.be/79pjFDZX0fk

And generally her “art/beauty related” videos are copied from beauty trends that have been done for years. Like following someone else’s tutorial, making her boyfriend follow her tutorial, reading mean comments, make her pet picks her art supplies, a compilation video of her doing stupid shit… etc

I have been following the Beauty community ever since Michelle Phan was doing her cosplay makeup, so I can tell where she got her videos ideas from and from whom.
I feel like she wants to be a beauty guru so bad but doesn’t know how, or maybe something is stopping her from doing so.

No. 284324

About time Rae gets her own thread, she keeps popping up here.

No. 284391

THIS!! Rae has been really obnoxious latley with this beauty guru notice me senpai uwu shit. She might as well become a beauty guru/mua or whatever since she can barley draw and has stated that she has been into make up for a really long time. I think her personality would fit more in the beauty community anyway.

I second this! Rae needs a thread, shes super annoying and produces enough milk frequently.

No. 284436

Nah, i didnt post about her in the first place and i dont really care about her. It’s just a main thing people dislike about her, and i wanted to mention it so the drama doesn’t get reduced to “drew genderbends”.

No. 284439

yeah i would love a rae thread.
she does pander to bgs which is unfortunate because her makeup is bad even if her art is worse. it's a bit like spechie who wanted to do makeup tutorials, you know what they say about jacks of all trades…

No. 284498

He’s an urban sketcher so the type of art he does is really common for them. Personally I really like it. He knows a lot about the materials he’s using usually, which is nice about his reviews. He’s been doing reviews for years on his blog too. YouTube is just a new platform for him. I don’t watch his videos as much anymore but he seems like a good guy.

No. 284667

Yeah, he seems like one of the very few decent YouTube artists who aren’t at all milky to me too. I’m not subbed to him, but I watch a lot of his reviews.

Not sure if this should be put in the HC Brown thread, but is anyone else annoyed by how often she’s getting mentioned by other (much better) YT artists? granted, i don’t think that they keep up with her content at all and so don’t know how much of a cow she is, but it irks me when I see her Skillshare class or her “informative” videos on printmaking and shit getting shout-outs, both bc her knowledge on these things is questionable at best and bc 80% of the time when she’s talking about other artists, she’s super passive-aggressive.

No. 284673

i was just gonna coment on her pandering to the beauty community lmao.

Like, aside from drawing beauty gurus she also tries to bring their challenges to the art community and honestly… its just cringey
for example this one thats just the art version of the ''my boyfriend buys my makeup''. If you see a challenge and think you can execute it with your own field go for it, you do you, but after doing it so many times she just leaves the impression that she wants to be a makeup blogger but cant because her makeup is shit lmao

(also: what are construction lines am i right? and using the skin color pastel for the whole base was such a good descion, truly a professonal artist /s)

No. 284676

same person but i have to add: shading in black like a pro

No. 284693


Her boyfriend looks like he reeeeally does not want to be there. And he sounds so bored lmao. this is obviously not his wheelhouse.

No. 284714

Literally made my entire soul hurt with that black shading and the peach tone “base”

No. 284814

File: 1535122360256.gif (4.17 MB, 480x270, poop.gif)

that finishing touch looks like she's putting colored piece of shit onto paper

No. 284890

the cigarette was such a fucking copout, lmao

No. 284912

uwuwuwuwu!!11! I'm 11 years old and I looooove anime!

No. 284916

File: 1535134915276.png (33.15 KB, 332x374, Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 1.39.…)

It didn't add, but art like this really pisses me off. Like, expand your horizons and maybe don't draw the most basic, mindnumbing shit on the planet???

No. 284927

Is that person actually 11?

No. 284957

what do you guys think about the kasey golden and lavendertowne collab?

No. 284970

That first drawing looks pretty disproportionate

No. 284993


It's Pretty much the same, just lavendertowne has wobblier lines.

No. 285097

here's the other side of the collab

No. 285122

Not salt, but I have been enjoying Minnie Small's channel. She's a full-time artist and her vids show that she puts a lot of time and dedication into being productive each day. What do you guys think?

No. 285225

I'll say that i really enjoy listening to her voice. Its nice and relaxing yet keeps you pulled in. (Or maybe it's because Lavendertown/Kasey/Rae/Holly ect all have annoying voices that i cant tell any more)

Anyway her art is pretty good, notjing speacial but she at least knows what she is doing. Shes not too bad tbh.

No. 285258

I love Minnie's channel, she makes my favorite type of vlog.

No. 285260

Minnie was brought up in an earlier thread, she freaks me out and comes off as really fake and almost sociopathic, she doesn’t really let us “into” her life, she just presents a pretty facade. All aesthetic and no life or story.

No. 285262

It's funny because people were just hating on Minnie on this thread not too long ago. She works hard. I think people were just getting annoyed with how many ads she stuck in her video before she went away for a few weeks and that she comes off as fake.

I dunno about "sociopathic" that's a little armchair and off base to assume though.

No. 285352

It's social media… It seems pretty naive to assume most people aren't just showing a facade. And that's not even a bad thing. I find it perfectly understandable to not want to be completely open to strangers.

No. 285376


Waffles annoyed me in her latest video. It was a paletteful box with four Qor watercolor tubes. She complained the box was a little too “empty” and not worth it, but correct me if I’m wrong, those individual tubes go for 10 bucks a pop. There were four tubes in the box. That’s 40 bucks alone. There was also two brushes and paper, with a sample of watercolor ground. The boxes cost like 30 bucks.

No. 285410

Didn't she say she thought it was too empty at first but then checked the values of the individual items?

No. 285415

what do you think about D'Angelo Wallace ?

No. 285426


Great. Another monotone Daft Pina-esque youtube reviewer in the art community.
As for animation memes, I don't care for them. I really don't like the guy he's reviewing who reviews them though.

No. 285439

Pkrussl is fucking annoying and I'm glad someone finally made a video about him ngl

No. 285482

Honestly, the monotone dry ass stoned voice is very cringey. He sounds like he is under anesthesia. But anyway, i guess he could be worse. Pkrussl is… too much. The only time i could ever watch him is when he did that video on Pentagrins lame ass. But even then I found him cringey and over the top. Glad someone mellow talked about his acned self. He always acts so holier than though while doing the exact same stuff he shits on.

No. 285532

pkrussel deserved it. I hate his weasel voice. Don't think he animates himself, but just decided to pick a group of artists and trash them for having fun, which is so pathetic.

I don't think I could listen to neither D'Angelo NOR pkrussel for any more than 1 video, for different reasons. The former would put me to sleep and the latter is grating and obnoxious.

No. 285649

I actaully decided to watch the video all the way through (only cuz i was trying to go to sleep while listening to something) and ngl he makes some pretty good points I can get behind.
Many times these fools like Pkrussl, Solar Sands, DA Cringe, that Daddy guy, Daftpina ect ect half the time cant even draw themselves and seem to forget that alot of these artist they bash are mostly hobbyist who do it for fun. At the end of the day art should make a person happy when they create it (even if its bad as hell). As long as they strive to improve and do their thing its not even that serious. What i find funny is that they sreech this "Your allow to say something is bad!!!!! Even if it hurts the persons feelings!!" Rhetoric but will make a whiney response video and bitch about someone who does the same exact thing to them. Its the hypocrisy and tryna pick lowhanging fruit that irratates me. ….. and they ALL seem to have annoying ass voices.

No. 285789

Y'all I need to know if anyone else literally CANNOT watch Waffles just because of her voice. It's so nasally I just can't listen to it and she laughs at the dumbest most unfunny shit.

No. 286269

Anyone remember how Lemia threw a tantrum not to long ago and was running around saying she was quitting YouTube. Yeah, nope, she's back to her usual bs

No. 286402

The fact that DaftPina talks so fucking slowly and with no emotion is easily the worst thing about his mediocre content, I hate that anyone would copy that.

No. 286646

Pretty sure they both do it to pad out time for their videos, but it actively works against them because it's a gimmicky snooze fest and unfunny.

No. 286678


I haven't watched a lemia video in a while but I instantly remembered why I don't;I can't stand her naggy, snobby voice. She should have stayed her ass off of youtube.

No. 286723

Waffles is getting more and more chicken scratchy in the way she sketches. This last video "studying male anatomy" was real bad yall. The references she chose to use were terrible too, either washed out or had huge coats. And the ones with the coats on, she tries to add in the abs underneath and it just looks so, so wrong. That's not studying that's making shit up!

No. 286824


She did mention a couple times she had an illness, so who knows if that's affecting the way she's putting out work.

No. 286895

Solar Sands deserves his own thread. Dude’s a massive cunt

No. 286910

I agree, he is really annoying and his voice makes everything worse i remember i seen a video of him actaully attempting to draw….. BRUH this nigga has the skills of a literal 5 year old!!!

No. 286973

It really triggers me when I see shitty artists giving critiques full of buzzwords that reveal that they know nothing about actually drawing. Solar sands' smugness about it just tops it off.

No. 286989

And if you actually listen to what he says it's pretty mind numbing. He'll say completely off base things that make no sense but he goes on and on as if he knows what he's talking about. He always goes into a piece and mentions line work, shading, and anatomy as if he's checking off a list and his critiques are always so bland and obvious and so often nonsensical.

No. 287028

She seems to have some autoimmune disorder and shaky hands because of that/medication, which might explain the sketchy lines.

That said, I also thought they weren't very good overall, She needs to look at some anatomy books because the torso muscles were all wrong.

No. 287197

She needs an anatomy book that focuses on muscle groups and adding skin over top of them like Anatomy for Sculptors specifically.
She seems to have no understanding of how to draw them from just seeing the skin over them, it’s so different for each body it’s not a reliable way of learning anyways. It reminds me of Baylee Jae honestly. Not as bad, but still not utilizing resources properly.

No. 287646

One of my favorites is force: dynamic life drawing for animators. All these arttubers really need to learn construction.

No. 287650

In reference to what video is being discussed.

No. 287670

I'm not going to suggest we just ignore everything bad about someone because they have an illness, but I honestly don't like bashing Waffles because of it. I wouldn't be so kind if she was an asshole, but she seems very uncow-ish, the only things people usually talk about her are some annoying traits and art related stuff. I would assume having one of those big illnesses can shift your priorities around really fast, and I doubt having excellent anatomy would be one of hers (understandably). She probably just wants to have fun with art and I can honestly respect that.

No. 287671

>>287670 i couldnt agree more. waffles seems like a really nice person, and while i can see why some people maybe dont like her laugh or her art, i think its just a fun hobby for her. imo not every youtube artist has to be trying to learn anatomy and backgrounds and details 100% of the time. sometimes art is just supposed to be fun.

No. 287673

>imo not every youtube artist has to be trying to learn anatomy and backgrounds and details 100% of the time. sometimes art is just supposed to be fun.
Exactly what I was thinking as well. There seems to be some sort of assumption that everyone on art Youtube wants to be a top tier professional, which is simply not true. Even if Youtube is their job, that doesn't really put them on the exact same lane as professional artists. They are entertainers, and the same way people can make money out of eating food on camera and plenty other mundane tasks, some people also manage to make some coins out of their hobby.

No. 287677


im inclined to agree. The worst people have really said about waffles is that her laugh and voice is nasally and her sketching is chicken scratch-y. She pushes herself to be better and recognizes her faults in artwork and when she isn't confident or sure of something like with the palletbox unboxing. she admitted that the box felt like but she wasn't sure about the price of the Qor watercolors and went to check and didn't complain or fault the box for "feeling" light after checking the prices of the watercolors. She doesn't try to act like she knows more or better like holly, not an edgelord like Spechie and actually does art and tries to improve unlike Baylee.

tl;dr: Waffles has her faults cause no one is perfect but she doesn't seem like a cow and her only two flaws people point out is her voice and sketching. Sketching can be fixed but you can't fix a voice which seems unfair to nitpick someone over.

No. 287678


forgot to sage rip

No. 287689


Can anyone explain to me what chicken scratch sketching is? I understand that it's hairy lines or a mess of short, uneven lines but I don't see it in waffle's video. There are a few stray lines here and there but I thought that was common of sketching in general since it will have messy lines compared to a finished piece or a finished lineart. Is having a messy or non clean sketch considered chicken scratch-y or is there something more I'm missing?

No. 287693

"Chicken scratch" are those broken off sorta hairy looking lines people who are not very confident in their lines make.
Which sounds completely reasonable and acceptable coming from someone who has tremors (and hers are not even that chicken scratchy, she's just sort of a messy sketcher).

No. 287711

Exactly this. People keep claiming her sketches are chicken scratch but they aren't. Most of her lines are fluid and have form, unlike actual chicken scratch which is tiny clearly unsure lines badly connecting to form a shape.

No. 287780

But I’m looking at the thumbnail for that video, and her little chibi has smooth, fluid, non chicken scratchy lines. I don’t think it’s her illness but rather laziness. If she has the ability to do smooth lineart why can’t she sketch this way? It’s way more efficient and doesn’t look as messy imo.

I think waffles is possibly the most uncreative arttuber, and her lack of original characters is evidence of this. Recently she decided to reach out to her audience to “design a character together” a la drawing with jazza and I think it’s just a big waste of time. I’m interested in an artist with a story to tell or something personal to share, not someone who just whores out their drawing abilities to create some rando character for the most views and subs.

No. 287791

theyre sketches. holy shit. chill.

No. 287800

I get the feeling most of you guys talk from your ass. They’re sketchy lines, not chicken scratch. Have you ever seen chicken scratches in your life? If not go watch HCBRown’s sketches.
She’s not good anatomy wise and she placed all the muscles wrong because instead of studying them and their placement she improvised, BUT it’s not as terrible as other yters, and the line quality is messy in a pleasant way.
I might be the odd one here but I always love seeing roughs.

No. 287818

Eh, this whole conversation got me like "meeeh". Waffles is alright, not good not bad. I think she TRIES and genuinely wants to get better, but at the same time she always draws the same things to the point it appears as if she DOESN'T try. Example: The male anatomy video. She BEARLY followed the reference and seemed like she put 60% effort in. It does come off as lazy and thats why many anons couldnt stand watching it.

Her sketches are borderline chicken scratchy. They aren't neat at all and ffs she sketches wayyyy to dark (imo). But i think its more of a confidence thing, usually when artist sketch dark and messy its more of a mental/beginners thing. They arnt Holly BRown level tho, so again she's okay.

No. 287826

My intention wasn’t to hate on her or anything. I don’t think she’s a cow, it’s just she made a video practicing male anatomy and she could be utilizing better resources for it. That’s why I mentioned using a proper anatomy book.

No. 287830

File: 1535641451197.jpg (66.26 KB, 500x500, Concept-Art-of-Rapunzel-and-Pa…)


I don't think sketches, unless you are finalizing them, are intended or meant to be neat. It isn't borderline chicken scratch to have messy sketches. Even professionals produce messy or non clean sketches.I think many of you have seen too many images of finalized or polished sketches and think anything that is not like that is chicken scratch.

No. 287837

I agree, she seems like she's doing her best and like a decent person overall. But she says she wants to improve her art so I think criticising that is fair game.

No. 287860

Having original characters has nothing to do with being a creative artist get the fuck back to DA with that shit anon.

No. 287882

>>287818 i dont know what all this "chicken scratch" stuff is about. theyre fucking sketches. they're supposed to be… i dont know… sketchy? messy? like wtf are you guys on about?

No. 287884

>>287818 also, not trying to target specifically you, a lot of people have mentioned her sketches being chicken scratchy. it just doesnt make sense to me. do none of you get your ideas out by messily sketching and then going back and doing a cleaner sketch?

No. 287934

I agree, my very first sketch where I'm getting my idea out of my brain and on to the page barely looks like a human most of the time. It only looks "presentable" 2-3 refining stages later, and I guess even then for these anons it'd be cHickEn ScRaTcH.

Her sketching is fine and looks the same as most of the artists I know in terms of messiness.

No. 287965

File: 1535662198387.jpeg (385.94 KB, 1242x1242, 50D068B3-DA0F-420E-B552-F80890…)

I’m not sure if “chicken skratch” is the problem so much as lack of skill. Sketchiness looks great when there is knowledge of the form, because those initial lines are put down as a sort of guideline or map, and not as a wild guess at the final line that is to be to be refined and refined after several versions. There’s no one “correct” way to draw but fewer, more thought out lines lines will always be more efficient than many wild guesses in my book.

No. 287967

Wow this board is obsessed with the term 'chicken scratch' today, jfc.

No. 287972

Probs cuz most of the people here aren't artist and spout off with some Solar Sands tier criticisms that make the actual artists have to break things down for them so we can move on from nit picks.

No. 288038

Rough sketches and thumbnails are meant to just get your ideas onto paper, they don’t have to be neat - he’ll, they don’t even have to be legible to other people. They’re just a way for artists to better visualise their ideas so they can then refine them in later sketches. Most of the ‘sketches’ you see on IG are very lazy finished illustrations. Another thing about sketches is that they’re supposed to be QUICKLY rendered so of course they’re going to more often look messy rather than tidy! jfc you guys can be utter speds

No. 288212

lol people not being able to get the drawing they envision done with perfect minimal lines?? outrageous, how dare they press that pencil to the paper more times than absolutely necessary!

sketches are sketches, not final pieces. end of story. this reminds me of that time when ppl would complain (mostly on sketch tour videos) about an artist not doing many finished drawings or pieces in their sketchbook; like what? that’s the whole purpose of it buddy.

No. 288357

Exactly people who just enjoy artubers and IG artists as entertainment are apparently under the impression that sketch books are for finished marker/ink/watercolor pieces instead of actual sketching. Those artists purposely finish their pieces for the internet. In fact a lot of stagnant ones might wanna consider taking more time actually sketching and studying like Waffles is if they want to improve.

No. 288393

Here's an observation:
I've noticed there are a bunch of Romanian or German artists who are really popular on IG or Youtube, and a lot of their stuff, while not the same,all looks very similar? I often get their art confused unless it really stands out. Has anyone else noticed this? Is their art some sort of unspoken social media standard? Like, what is going on.

No. 288417

shes not a youtube artist, but how do you guys feel about Cyarine? she's on twitter and instagram and is VERY samey

No. 288423


When people ask how others feel about artists like those who just do samey pretty girl art, I usually don't. Like, I don't feel anything from it, except maybe bored..
But it does make me wonder, if I draw nothing but pretty girls for a month on social media, how would that affect my traffic.

No. 288480

Probably not that much of a difference. To get traffic you gotta put interacting and socializing on social media as your top priority, even before your art.
This is why I quit chasing the dream of people noticing my “work”, because I will hate it instead.

No. 288498

Yeah what’s up with this? All these artists are also like 17-21? I’m inclined to think they simply have better art high schools.. maybe not better but more academic drawing type education? I’m usually floored by their formal skills though

No. 288519

Don't know about high school, but I've heard a couple complaints about some German art schools pushing a lot of modern art mambo jambo

No. 288560


Maybe it's because most of them are drawing the pretty girls and floral designs and other generic, easily consumable, easy on the eyes stuff that people generally tend to like. When they're on youtube they do really well because it's an easy audience to pull. none of it especially extraordinary, but it's an easy comfort zone to fall into, and pretty universal, so language isn't a barrier either.

No. 288567

can someone post an example?

No. 288649

Lol it's a little weird to generalize an entire country worth if artists but go off I guess

No. 288899

File: 1535829637966.jpg (426.86 KB, 1003x1080, 20180901_211922.jpg)

Waffles back at it with fug faces

No. 288978

Pretty much. Imo Waffles art is a bizzare ass mix of ugly and pleasing. Her colors are pleasant to look at /most of the time/ but when it comes to EVERYTHING else such as anatomy,composition and the faces it goes to shit. She's def not the best…
>inb4 waffles whiteknighting
But she is not the worse also.

No. 288980

why does the way rae talks make me so irrationally angry? please someone make a page for her

No. 289003

Okay honestly I do like Lavendertowne but someone should really tell her that first drawing isn't realism.

(Sorry for samefagging I posted this in the wrong thread first)

No. 289049

Damn, I like Rae, but she made herself look kind of ignorant in this video. The reason why the pencils are so expensive is because they’re as lightfast as you can get. She says you could buy so many copics with ninety bucks, but copics aren’t lightfast at ally

No. 289063

>"more realistic style"
>"there are no noodle arms in this one"
>The arms are super stick thin and are just as unrealistic looking. Might as well have drawn nooooodly arms.
Yeah LT is talking real extreme thinking the first one is realism (its semi at MOST and thatd pushing it!), the second one….the word "realistic" shouldnt even be in the script at that point….

Anyway though, I'll make a Rae thread for you bitches ;).

No. 289076

Omfg would it kill Rae to use the colored pencils right?? Whats with those streaky ass hearts?? Use circular motions Rae. This isn't a fair comparison. Not to mention she has no knowledge about the Luminance pencils.

No. 289079

I was just coming here to mention that exact thing anon I can create better blends with Crayolas then she did with the Caran d’Ache pencils and I would consider myself average with colored pencils. The circle jerking in the comments is the real annoyance though it makes me sad to see children looking up to rae

No. 289115

haven’t watched the vid so i’m just taking your word for it, but what the fuck? why is there such an obsession with copics on youtube? yeah, they’re the best alcohol markers out there, but that doesn’t mean u NEED them, especially if you’ve never tried markers or aren’t sure if you’ll use them well (not to mention the whole lightfast issue). also, you can’t even buy that many with $90; did she mean that you could buy other good alcohol markers for that much maybe?

No. 289122

I wish she would stop saying "more _ier" she's said it twice already and I'm halfway through the video. It's like something an annoying 9 year old cousin would keep saying.

No. 289134


Every other big youtube artist who use alcohol markers suck copic dick because of how people like Baylee and Jazza drone on and on about them.

No. 289162

It's always the same with those "cheap vs expensive challenges"
>omg why is it so expensive! xD It looks the same xDD
Put that shit in the sun for a few months and then let's talk again. These videos are based off a lack of understanding of why someone might want extremely long-lasting, high quality supplies.

No. 289163

You're not suppose to press hard while using color pencils. You're meant to use them lightly and apply them over time. This is unbelievable.

No. 289226

Actually there’s a thing called burnishing and even some pencils created for that purpose, but of course that’s not what she’s done.
Her technique is just cringy to watch.

No. 289228

rae is a shill for cheap products without any kind of understanding for why someone would want an expensive brand. She's hardly a "serious artist" considering she said she'd burn through Carand'ache in a week… then again maybe she will from how hard she presses into the paper

No. 289280

Typically artists only burnish at the very final layer, after building up layers and layers with soft circular strokes. Rae doesn't do this, she presses hard, in streaky motions, which makes the drawing look like shit. Shes known for her colored pencil work and I can't understand why for the life of me

No. 289283

My guess is Rae does these insanely stupid "cheap vs expensive" comparisons because she's desperately trying to gain Caran D'ache's attention.

No. 289311

Aren't copics just average markers but because lots of japanese pros use them they're shilled as a must have?

No. 289351

yes. idk why anons think yt artists popularized them. they've been popular before yt was even around cause weebs.

No. 289354

A lot of product designers also used to use them before digital was as prevalent, they've been around for a while. Imo they're among the best alcohol markers, but you have to know what they're there for.

No. 289942

Maybe it's just the way I've seen popular artists use them, but Copics just seem impractical to me, at least nowadays. I get they're used for design, drafts or coloring, but it's not anything really special and nothing you couldn't achieve with another medium.

I could be wrong though I guess I'm biased, and it boils down to preference.

No. 289947

i don’t get it much either, but i think some of the big selling points are the vast amount of colors and the fact that they’re refillable. (as well as having like 4 different marker types) yes, you could achieve similar or almost identical results with watercolor, other alcohol markers, etc. but it is very appealing to some to have the ease of a marker. (even if it is expensive af)

No. 289966

>>289947 aso that they are markers so that means they have a color range you can later match with a fabric, as for watercolor you are left guessing a lot more

again, they are good for sketching, not something to rave about but meh, if it fits your workflow why not

No. 290160


I would say that there are some things with copics you couldn't achieve with other mediums simply due to the quality of alcohol markers. After all, there is a reason why they are different than say watercolor or colored pencils. Digitally, you can recreate the look of copics but you can recreate the look of just about anything digitally.

Traditionally, markers are used because of their vibrant colors without having to layer a lot like watercolors or colored pencils, quick drying and are dry near instantly after putting it onto the paper unless you put down a lot of ink and don't have a period of time where they have to dry like watercolors, etc.

No. 290196

Rae thread >>>/snow/680065

No. 290268


I'm the anon you're responding to, those are pretty good points, thanks.

No. 290281

>>290196 god bless u anon

No. 291903

What are your thoughts on artists that do "emergency" commissions? They really piss me off because apparently emergencies happen every two weeks or so and also many artists never complete them, citing their "emergencies" as an excuse.

No. 291911

they should learn to save money or get a job that allows them to because most humans have money in the bank or credit cards they can use for these "emergencies". also i guarantee most emergencies are just poor planning or them wanting impulse items.

No. 292017


It undermines artists who actually have emergency situations. slight blog but, that's why I'm reluctant to mention when I have an emergency, I tend to just blast my info more frequently. It doesn't really serve me to give excuses for why I'd need that money at that moment.
Artists who do art for a living, shouldn't be shouting "EMERGENCY" every 2 weeks. It's like any other job, but it's hardly the ones who are doing it professionally who are doing emergency commissions.

No. 292042

Depends on the emergency, if it's something health related I'm more lenient.

No. 292043

Did someone watch this video? I didn't want to waste my time after looking at the title

No. 292044

I watched it. It was fine just cringy relatable humor but nothing too milky. She just talks about how Mom's are rude to female workers in game shops.

No. 292165


Copics are actually much cheaper in Japan than in the US. In Japan copics are like 4 bucks each compared to 8 - 10 in the US

No. 292308


Not an emergency commission but I remember there was one insta artist which I forgot the name who did a go-fund-me campaign because she needed or wanted in other words, a new laptop kek

No. 292371

Shlorp has been opening “emergency” commissions lately because she’s building a custom pc. It kind of annoys me but she’s not as deceptive as some others I’ve seen

No. 292384

I'm telling you she's back again, stop taking her fucking bait

No. 292535

No. 292537

our resident shitposter is just trying to make people talk about her so she can call us crazy and derail.

No. 292545

What posts are you talking about

No. 292888

The way Rae uses colored pencils hurts me. You’re not supposed to go hard with them. You’ll break the poor thing.

No. 292942

they're not ITT. >>292384 was just them trying to bait yesterday.

No. 293810

He(PK) expects these YouTube videos made by 13 year olds to be Oscar worthy.

Of course they’re gonna be shit. They’re little music videos made by children for fun. They’re not supposed to be taken seriously.

No. 294063

Why does kasey complain so much? I swear she is like the most whiny ungrateful person I’ve ever seen. In her latest scrawlrbox video she just bitched and moaned the entire time about e v e r y t h I n g

No. 294084


that's one of the many reasons I stopped watching her, all she does is complain and bitch about whatever it is she's doing, and she talks down about her work. Her videos just started to become a real slog to me because she's just so fuckin dour. and they're repetitive/boring, like she never really switches it up.

No. 294468

File: 1536698046494.jpg (562.06 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20180911-223257_You…)

I can't get over the derpy face

No. 294770

Eh, I don't really feel that criticism over Waffles' faces because even if they aren't ideal proportions all the time, they do look like people you see out on the street sometimes.

No. 294840

Oh yeah that face is hideous

On a more positive note Audra Auclair uploaded a video after being on hiatus for a long time. Happy to see her making vids since she might be the only YT atist I genuinely like.

Also I’ve seen Artists like Peurfleur(?) use/shill those korean mijello watercolors but are they actually any good?

No. 294870

I have the Pure Pigment set and I love them. Not only are the paints very nice, but they are pretty affordable if you consider the quality and quantity of paint you're getting, as they come in 15ml tubes. The brand seems to pay attention to the more classic conventions of watercolors, like being aware that White and Black are not as widely used and including smaller tubes of those colors as sort of an extra to their other colors. It's very easy to find pigment information, and the overall product just feels like it was well thought out. Even the cardboard box the tubes come in feels very nice and sturdy. Pardon for my stan essay, but I really do enjoy those paints very much.

No. 294932

My only problem with them is that they use bizarre pigment mixes to make their paints more vibrant so the lightfastness is effected negatively. The pure pigment set doesn’t have that problem obviously. But their raw sienna is far more vibrant than other raw siennas because they aren’t using the traditional pigment used for raw sienna. They just use different ones to make them more vibrant. It’s weird and I mix a lot so I usually go with brands that focus on single pigments for the majority of their colors. That being said they are really good quality and I enjoy them. I also own their White Class paints which are fun to use. It just bothers me that I can’t use the ultramarine in that set because they didn’t use the ultramarine pigment for it. So it’s not even lightfast. If you don’t care about that though there’s zero reason not to use them.

(Reposting this because I forgot to sage)

No. 294934

Oh yes, you reminded me of the thing that did bother me with the pure pigment set, I miss a proper burnt sienna for mixing that Ultramarine+Burnt Sienna gray. I just ended up getting a Payne's Gray tube. There are several ways of making gray, but if you have a strong preference for Burnt Sienna, that's something to keep in mind about the set.

No. 295235

anon, who…do you know that looks like this? The mouth and nose look fused together and the eyes are too far apart.

No. 295278

not the same anon, but ive seen someone look like that on my commute to work.. the nasty shit eating smile is almost perfect.

No. 295323

Waffles seriously needs to stop polishing her turd faces and start studying, there’s no underlying structure in this at all, just “pretty” shading

No. 295336

What kind of elven kingdom do you live in where everyone has perfect textbook proportions? Cause I'm just a mortal and see people with eyes set far apart and things of the sort all the time.

No. 295338

Care to explain your reasoning as to where the structure is lacking and what she could have done better?

No. 295492


I mean, who is it supposed to look like? I can see where she can move the eyes closer just a bit and move the mouth do just a bit but it's a fairly minor adjustment. I dont see the point in jumping on someone for not having perfect anatomy, I honestly don't think any artist does that does stylistic drawings.

Sometimes I wonder if people talk shit just to talk shit.

No. 295508

>I don't really feel that criticism over Waffles' faces
They're unappealing because the drawing itself is, not necessarily because her facial features are not perfect.

>what she could have done better?
Soften those nasolabial folds and its already ten times better. Establishing a simple light source and shading accordingly would also help.

No. 295519

That's why I'm always interested as to what exactly they mean when they say things like "they need to study more" or "fundamentals", because it feels like some of those just became staple shit people are throwing at the Youtubers they dislike, rather than some properly thought out critique. Yes, everyone has things they can get better at, but when they're just leaving vague remarks it just makes their own comments seem irrelevant.

No. 295523

Look I don't hate Waffles but y'all are practically white knighting at this point because yes the nose and mouth are too low and it's unsettling to look at as a result. Nothing terrible and she is a good artist but don't jump on people for pointing out obvious flaws.

No. 295524

I agree that they are unappealing sometimes, but at the same time I'm aware that ugly people exist, so her drawings don't strike me as something unthinkable.
Her shading just seems like it comes from some sort of ambient light, albeit maybe not something given direct thought. I just think people's problems are in their expectations rather than the Youtubers, I mean, why the hell do you expect people whose intentions seem to be drawing for fun to be excellent at anything? It just seems like you're giving yourself grievances over nothing. Just cut the cord and stop watching them if you know it won't satisfy you.

No. 295525

We defend Waffles because most things people talk about her are extremely nitpicky for no reason whatsoever. Seems like people have turned the artist threads into some nitpicking braindump rather than pointing out some actual milk, maybe because the art community tends to be so scarce on milk (and the ones who are constantly milky have gotten their own threads).
Seems like some people here get annoyed at others for merely existing, and as suggested, just stop watching them if their art doesn't please you. That ain't something to write home about.

No. 295551

I do agree Waffles isn't milky and she only seems to show up here when things are slow with potential cows. But still if someone does post her and others point out problems with the art, defending her blindly isn't really helpful. The nose and the eyes appear to be from a downward view while the face is completely forward. It's just a mistake. It has nothing to do with her drawing various face types. I don't think the girl she drew is ugly, she just looks off because her down turned nose is fusing with the top of her lip. Still think the hair looks good and Waffles is talented.

No. 295553


I agree. The face looks a tad off but not obviously so. while blind defense isn't helpful, neither is really pointing out something so relatively minor, especially considering like the other anon said, waffles only pops up because there isn't any milk for the other artist since they got their own threads. Plus, sometimes the criticisms of waffles seems to come from a place of just needing to criticize someone rather than somethign actually being wrong, i.e when an anon had called her sketches chicken scratch-y even though they're made of fluid and relatively solid lines.

No. 295575

I know everyone is gonna come at me for this… but i think people are honestly white knighting Waffles because she has an illness and she is a decent person. Because lets be honest here if Rae, Kasey, Lemia did the exact same drawing everyone would be all in agreeance that it looks uncanny and bizzare. Waffles is an alright artist, I wouldnt say she is great but she is decent definatley. It would HELP if she worked (studied) on better facial anatomy, so that she can style her drawings correctly. It would aid her alot. People pointing out ACTAUL flaws is not nitpicking.

In my OWN opinion, the mouth and nose are too close together for comfort. A more obvious light source would be nice (but the shading is nice regardless) and I think the irises are uneven… I think thats whats doing it in honestly. But otherwise it its a pleasant piece.

No. 295581

The mistakes are only subtle to an artist below waffles skill level. Imo that’s why we see so many white knighting here. She’s not a good person, her drawings just look like your drawings and sorry friend but they’re not good. This sketch in particular is very obviously bad, and the milky thing about it is that she just still can’t get better at the simplest stuff after all these years. I’ve always seen specific criticism towards her on these boards, not just “fundamentals” but actual terms like lighting, perspective, and structure. Sure it might be nitpicking if this was a high school art class, but this is waffles job, no one here has the right to tell me my expectations should be lower. she should be better.

No. 295610

i still dont understand what the big deal is about progression with artists that obviously just do it as a hobby. waffles is actively doing studies and she definitely has a bunch of flaws in her art, but i personally like her stuff. i feel the same way about most youtube artists, though. you dont have to be actively trying to improve and study if its just a hobby. some people obviously have regressed or think theyre better than they actually are (baylee and rae) but i really feel like certain people just do youtube for fun. it's not everyones full time job.

No. 295637

>no one here has the right to tell me my expectations should be lower, she should be better
Let me get this straight. Not only are you saying it's your indisputable right to have expectations about some random internet person's skill progression, that said person I'm assuming you don't know has the OBLIGATION to meet your expectations?
Is this real?
I guess the problem here is how artists on Youtube are viewed. You claim to have this right to have expectations on her skill level because it's her job, but really, an Youtuber's job is to be an entertainer. They don't have to be good at anything, they just have to entertain their audiences enough for them to want to keep watching the videos. Some people do this by eating noodles on camera, others draw in a whole range of skill levels.

No. 295640

Of course people are defending her because she doesn't seem to be a bad person, that's the whole point of lolcow, to point cow behavior. Having art flaws does not constitute a cow, unless it's part of a bigger thing such as them being delusional and thinking they're the best artist in the world. The reason people like Lemia and Kasey get dragged is because of their personalities, thus cow-ish behavior.
I'm not personally defending Waffles because I think her art is great, I just think it's irrelevant to have several posts pointing out she draws ugly faces. We get it. Now, if she was an ass and people wanted to point it out, that would be more relevant.

No. 295708

>She's not a good person

So far there doesn't seem anything that points to her being a bad person. She doesn't go on long rants about people doing things she doesn't like, talk down on other people, etc. she doesn't even go on about how classically trained she is or IIRC call herself a professional artist. Someone having a slow rate of improvement isn't milky when they don't play up their art to be what it isn't.

plus it's just low hanging fruit to try to say someone is a cow or milky based on the fact that they draw ugly faces but doesn't boast about their art skill and works on improving. it's unrealistic to expect someone to not have art flaws just because they draw regularly for youtube but don't consider themselves professional or classically trained artists. It's like kicking dirt.

No. 295724

I can see both sides of this argument, but I also don’t understand some of you guys. @ppl whiteknighting waffles; we get it, she’s not a terrible artist or person (dunno why someone suggested that), not everyone is aiming to be the absolute best they can possibly be, yada yada. Pointing out a couple of flaws in her art isn’t the end of the world though. She’s not exactly “milky”, but it’s just something to discuss, as would be the case with any artist that presents their work online. It’s going to be judged regardless of if the person is just doing it as a hobby or not, and in the end it’s up to that person whether or not to use that critique to their advantage or to just ignore it (which is also a valid option).

No. 295755

Lol careful vendetta-chan your green is showing

No. 295757

Not saying this as a reason to criticize Waffles, personally I don’t think there’s anything cowish about her as others have said. But just because someone has an illness isn’t particularly a reason to whiteknight someone. There’s a cow on kiwifarms that people follow specifically because they post ridiculous and entertaining stuff due to severe paranoia from schizophrenia and various related stuff. I don’t believe that their illness is necessarily an excuse for stuff. They choose to post, no matter how deluded they are. I’ve seen other minor cows that have deluded thinking from mental illness overshare and be ridiculous on the internet, so I don’t think it’s exactly okay to whiteknight someone solely because of an illness.

Once again, I don’t think we should bother with people that don’t have much cowish behavior. Just pointing out whiteknighting because of an illness is kinda flawed in my mind. To each their own I guess though.

No. 295777

It's not a problem when people critique her art with some actual substance to their critique, it's just annoying when it's the same "that face ugly" comment all the time.
I don't think people are defending Waffles because of her disease, or else Monique would be defended too. Waffles gets defended and Monique doesn't because Waffles is seemingly chill while Monique is a bit of a cunt.

No. 295778

If you look at the post I replied to they did in fact say people are whiteknighting because she has an illness. Idk if that’s true but I saw that mentioned the last time we talked about her too. Whatever honestly.

No. 295782


Why is Rae reviewing markers, when she self-admittedly isn’t very familiar with them?

No. 295790

You replied to someone making an assumption about other's motives, which doesn't make it true. Again, or else people would be defending Monique too because correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't she have one of those illnesses too?

No. 295792

Rae thread >>290196

No. 295847


She does, Only Monique LIKES to grandstand and be the morally high one, thus she can't help but put herself into some drama to make herself look good. She's tried appeasing anons here, which would've almost worked if she didn't also try to side with cows.

Monique, irrespective of her illness, occasionally just wants attention. If she did this ALL the time, consistently, she'd probably be a cow here too.

No. 296258

Yeessh ngl this is kinda funny. Im the anon who mentioned the Waffles having an illness could POSSIBLY be the reason for whiteknighting. The reason why Monique isnt as whiteknighted is as anons said, she is a fake ass bitch. But Waffles is generally a decent person and doesnt have any cowish behaviors. People tend to be /subconsciously/ more lenient towards others that are decent and have a severe illness. A little while back anons were discussing Waffles illness and how they hoped she was okay. I put two and two together and figured that was the reason for the whiteknighting…. Its honestly a tinfoil theory/idea and nothing more guys.

But real talk though, some of you guys are whiteknighting Waffles to death. Just because she is a decent person doesnt mean we cant talk about how some of her art has flaws. Its not nitpicking if the flaws are major as fuck such as the anatomy.

No. 296271

Talk all you want, just don't expect everyone to be pleased when you keep repeating the same vapid comments yet again. Same thing about Rae, people wouldn't shut up about the same things over and over again, glad she got her own thread. But in Rae's case, at least you could justify people coming for her because she's a delusional cunt.
Also, if you wanna criticize someone's flaws, at least do it right and explain the reasoning behind the criticism. I'm aware several people did it that way, and I'm just talking to the ones who are trying to turn art critique into some sort of petty weapon.

No. 296615

Does this feel weird to someone else? No matter how much of an asshole her boyfriend might seem, but the way she presents herself just makes me incapable of having sympathy. She feels so sorry for herself that there's no sorry left for me to feel

No. 296805


what annoys me/ makes me cringe is the fake "trembling voice"

No. 296816

I don't like her argument that all the dumb choices she made were because she was a middle schooler/highschooler/college kid, etc.
Can't she just admit she was dumb as hell?

No. 296834

youtube keeps recommending me that video
I checked the other content she has and there are like two more videos about her being the victim of something
if you are so fucking fragile why would you showcase it to the world…

No. 296838

No, because to the likes of her anything she may have done wrong being pointed out is "victim blaming" or some crap like that.
>I checked the other content she has and there are like two more videos about her being the victim of something
Dude, I noticed the same thing. It's like everything she does is orchestrated to make herself seem like the poorest little thing in the world. I hate that whole type of person who feeds on (and thinks they are entitled to have) sympathy.

No. 296851

"How I met my abusive ex" is not a piece of content anyone should make imo, unless you're trying to teach people how to recognize red flags.

In a similar vein, TwistedDisaster streamed this on her channel and I thought it was extremely cringeworthy and uncomfortable, she says she doesn't need money yet has donations turned on?

No. 296871

Hoooolly shit that was so freaking cringy they are grown ass adults and they're going to stream them crying and quilting donations holy shit get a JOB

No. 296876

She is 25 and never not lived in a relatives spare room with her fiance, neither of them work.

No. 296883

Imagine buying Chinchillas without a stable place to live. Then making a video crying on the internet about being asked to leave as you had not acquired a job/place of your own to live. Then you trash your own parents for your own mistakes.

No. 297016

Who does that? 'I need to get onto YouTube and go live and sob.' Like, this isn't the proper outlet, crying to your fans.
She's sobbing and crying but telling people not to worry bc she has a' roof over their heads', a paid wedding in a month, and her fiance has a job opportunity… So what is it shes crying over exactly?

Maybe I am being harsh because she's just fussing about 1st world problems that she literally keeps saying "oh yeah it's not a problem"

She made sure to keep that superchat open for almost an hour though.

Maybe instead of wasting the time she said was such a problem, she should've just buckled down on commissions and fucking job hunting.

No. 297081

Honestly, ANY Youtuber that boohoos about not having money and then they turn around and say they dont have an ACTAUL job, I CANT feel sympathy for. Like, they all should know they should have some sort of plan or back up or fucking something. Until she actaully bust her ass working, she cant complain.

No. 297135


The video in a nutshell in case no one wants to watch 45 minutes of her gross sniveling:

>wahh we're homeless now

>But we have a roof over our heads so it's OK.
>oh no no, money isn't a problem it's okay, but thanks for the donations.
>my fiance has a job opportunity! So we're OK.
>I've been packing stuff from my shop and Patreon hint hint
>We're gonna have our wedding, it's all paid off thanks to you!
>BUT STILL WAAHHH TIME! the timing is bad but I need to get on here to get ass pats and money I don't need from my fans!

No. 297139

Thanks for the description. Godammit, those people who take private matter into the internet are a bunch of dinguses. If you're overwhelmed with your situation (which you don't need help with), go cry in private with your boyfriend.

No. 297146

I don't feel bad for adults that don't have jobs making the decision to buy Chinchillas and have a wedding when they claim not to have the ability to find a place to live. She even says in the video one year ago his dad tried to give them an ultimatum: one month to move into your own place and out of my house (he pleads with his mid twenties son/gf) and then they say they somehow 'CAN'T' find a place and he let them stay. Like how did she think any of this makes his dad the bad guy? Grow the fuck uuup

No. 297148

Can someone explain me something? What's with those porcelain girls? As in those girls who show themselves to be so fragile they look like they're gonna break at any moment. I wonder if she's just a huge drama queen or someone who has a genuine problem (I know people like this irl and still wonder what's up). If she's really as fragile and incapable of fending for herself as she painted herself to be, she shouldn't be allowed on the internet/anywhere without supervision.
She chalked up all criticism aside as "her being a kid" but she was 13, not a helpless toddler.

No. 297204

Mostly this, this guy told them to gtfo a year ago, and they just stopped looking once he didn't evict them immediately? Tough titty.

13 is a kid imo, most 13 year olds are not mature at all. Doesn't excuse everything, but still.

No. 297310

They think it makes them unique, it's attention seeking behaviour.

No. 298988

I thought Lemia said she was quitting youtube?

No. 299103

She can do what she wants I guess, but she just couldn't help but stir up drama and take it to her channel because she needs the views and attention. Oh, Lemia. Never change.

No. 299111

I really like Trickywagon's videos, but I kind of think her art's a little boring.

No. 299215

That's funny I'm the opposite, I quite like her style but can't watch her videos much because they're a bit boring.

No. 299269


That's funny, I think she's an all around boring artist. All she draws is spiderman, dbh, and kingsman. If her OCs have any stories, I'd like to see more of that. I won't deny her hard work though, she's got good ethic.

No. 299291


I'm not sure I understand the point of Lemia making this video. Like, what does she even think of this matter, she hasn't expressed her own opinion on it, but wanted to get a discussion going on her video.

No. 299459

Question, would putting an artist who was big in a fandom as opposed to tumblr be acceptable? Because they're pretty well known in said fandom.

No. 299466

Yeah general artist salt I feel like includes other social media so have at it. Milks pretty dry here anyway

No. 299512

File: 1537783409654.png (233.15 KB, 1024x631, sophia__catherine_s_sister__by…)

Hi, first time posting on here, sorry for any mistakes

There's this animation memer called Lovely Lauren that's been getting popular lately, and I get a bad feeling whenever I see her stuff

She specialises in "creepy" stuff, which isn't why I dislike her, just that she seems to look down on people who draw cutesy stuff instead of being creepy

I actually found her channel first because of Pkrussl's meme review of Sir Fluff, where she commented "zoinks". I thought it was just a joke at first, but after visiting her Tumblr and seeing that she only likes two animators (Sir Fluff excluded, by the way), it started to feel a bit condescending

All her OCs seem to have mental illnesses of sorts, and as far as I know from their bios, their personalities are really flat with no real goal or ambition but mental illnesses thrown in randomly, which is kind of a dick move if she thinks mental illnesses contribute to her creepy aesthetic

This is her latest OC

No. 299515

Sorry for commenting again but this is the video I think most people found her from

No. 299572

Kek, I think it's kind of cowardly of her to just tell people to comment and not state her own opinion. She's not moderating any discussion, it's just a cop-out.

No. 299575

Just looks like ye olde edgy kid

No. 299577

she's 18.

No. 299613

Gotta get that audience engagement somehow!

No. 299622

It's shit like this that makes me wish Holly BRown never popularized the "Commentary" bs to the art community, there's something so greasy and cowardly about it.

No. 299667

Is it me or Sakuem’s last video sounds a lot like she’s just bummed everyone in her circle has more subs than her?

No. 299700

The video in question, make sure you add it so people can know what you're talkin about anon!

No. 299706


That could be part of the reason, but it might also be because she's becoming irrelevant, and she's finding that the return on investment for making videos for YT isn't satisfying to her anymore and that's fine? I'm not sure what she expected when it comes to her numbers vs others who do different content.
Isn't she the one who founded the YTAC? she doesn't really have anything to complain about. She's doing fine. She's just deciding to kind of cut her losses unless the video she wants to make is better quality and that's fine. Fussing about her numbers vs others in her circle isn't going to help her tho.

Edited to add that the same thing is kind of happening to baylee, she had similar worries, even though she hit that 1 mil milestone her views are still less than stellar.

No. 299782

Can someone TL;DR?

No. 299834

File: 1537845914915.png (275.3 KB, 600x675, dp__this_one_is_my_color_by_ch…)

This person goes by DivineSpiritual on DA, and their name is Chris/Chrissy

All of their art is either a bad attempt at the DP art style or attempting to do the BH6 tv-show art style and somehow giving everyone the same face.

A few years back they became kind of a well known artist in the DP fandom bc most OCs were recolors of canon characters as opposed to being drawn.

This resulted in a hugeass egotistical person who cannot take critic leveled at their poorly written, poorly drawn characters. If you don't like their art, or their characters you're a 'hater.' Their main self-insert-sue is a character named Carrie Angel.

You can google her and get a few results from various sue-blogs from a while back.

Not to mention she keeps switching universes w/ her character soley to ship them with whatever character she finds 'omg hawt' at the time.

This woman is almost 30.

No. 299836

Oh my god I remember this bitch. I used to be balls-deep in the DP fandom and I saw her everywhere. Jesus christ. From the post, sounds like she hasn't changed much.

No. 299848

File: 1537847049246.jpg (219.28 KB, 960x871, IMG_20180924_233621.jpg)

Sorry for slightly off topic, but speaking of the DP fandom and shitty recolored OC's, does anyone remember that guy who shot up a supermarket and was super obsessed with Ember from Danny Phantom. He even had a whole group of rip off OC's of her that he called Ember's Ghost Squad, and made and animation where they performed a colombine-esque shooting. The videos he releases prior to the crime, were filled with him talking about her along side him discussing his plan.

No. 299855

OHHH! I watched a video on this guy, embedding it for you- but this dude was fuckin insane.

No. 299859

I never knew he was a closeted "lesbian" troon

No. 299869

oh my god i remember looking up some stuff about him after the shooting happened. someone posted screenshots of his diary and he thought girls don't have buttholes

No. 299951

Haven't watched her videos in a while, she still hasn't learned to look at the camera but watch herself from viewfinder. And the thumbnails look terrible still. Over all I remember she was a nasty bitch on her depression time, so no wonder nobody cares about her anymore.

No. 300114

>someone posted screenshots of his diary and he thought girls don't have buttholes
Now this is the milk I've been looking for

No. 301612


No. 301691

What do ya'll think of Banana Jamana? I'm almost 100% sure she traces

No. 301764

isnt she that youtuber who looks like an off-brand marina joyce? does she do art?

No. 301765

didnt this chick want to fuck lightning mcqueen at one point. like she made a person character. for the car to fall in love with.

No. 302208

>>301691 i think her husband is beyond childish and cringey, but i dont mind her videos. i think she might trace some things, but for the most part she shows her process. there has been some accusations on guru gossip about her though. i really cant stand tom being in every one of her videos now, though. it used to just be her doing her art and he was never really involved but now hes in the last half of every damn video and they have a channel together doing cringey things.

No. 302255

Have some of you anons noticed how some of these artists specially from the manga/anime niche are always 18, 19, 20, max 23 years old but have experience with copics or other expensive materials "for over 10 years"? I never fell to this BS anyways

No. 302332

I like to assume they are either lying about their age or of course their time with copics (or ect). There are people who have started art very early in life, but the way half of them draw and seem thats not the case.

I just want to say that Im sooo tired of Youtube artist in general. Espically the younger ones (teens-20 somethings). I wouldnt be so annoyed with them if they were chill and just drew what they liked and relaxed and admitted their mistakes. But half of them are bitchy and passive agressive and think they are way more skilled than they actaully are. I miss the days when YouTube had artist who a.actaully knew what they were talking about b.just do speedpaints with music. But thats just my take, the Youtube art community is really getting obnoxious. But how do you guys feel about it?

No. 302393

Lemia is insufferable imo. I was introduced to her via her "My Art Teachers Hate Anime" video.

Her (sensible) art teacher in high school (rightfully) told her that her animu fanart is garbage. Now, over ten years down the road, she's bitching about it. If only she'd listened to him, maybe then her art wouldn't be so crap lmao

She says she thinks he hated her because he gave her a bad grade… on an assignment she literally stated he did incorrectly. But nooo, clearly he must hate you! What is it with shitty Youtube artists and taking criticism so personally?

There's a reason art professors and teachers hate anime- you're supposed to learn proper anatomy before you learn stylized anime. Learning anime first (especially in high school) will permanently fuck your ability to grasp anatomy and proportions. It's putting the horse before the cart.

When a student walks into a college figure class with a portfolio full of anime, guess what the professor thinks? "Great, I'm going to have to UN-teach them all the incorrect anime anatomy they learned before I even begin to teach them actual anatomy."

When high school teachers weed out no-talent weebs, it basically makes professors' jobs easier.

I really wish she would. She's a no-talent weeaboo hack who is a harmful influence to aspiring artists.

No. 302467

Do you guys have any recommendations for YouTube artists that do studio blogs? The only ones I’ve been able to find which have nice personalities and actually do stuff are furrylittlepeach and Leigh ellexson.

Also, why do so many YouTube artists seem to NEVER leave their houses? A lot of them also seem to not really have any real world projects they do, like exhibitions or work outside of Etsy commissions

No. 302474

I like Joy San personally, if you're into comics and cartoony styles.

No. 302481

I like her artwork a lot, but the last time I watched one her vlogs it was entirely set during the night and she rambled a lot, from what I can tell that’s what a lot of her vlogs are like unless they’ve changed

No. 302534

They haven't really. Sometimes I just skip the rambly bits or the parts she just eats or films herself making food for 8 min. She probably films a lot at night after work cause that's when she has the most time… But before it was her rambling about running etc. But people were just rly interested in aspects other than her art I guess.

No. 302603

I don't see that as a problem because we don't really have to watch anyone. It's almost like we enter some kind of trance with social media and forget we can just unfollow people. I'd catch myself bitching inside my head about how so and so artist is stuck in the same style for ages, until I suddenly had the realization that it was about time for me to unfollow them, instead of expecting them to meet my expectations. I could compare that with how I'd be reluctant to drop a series that was getting boring just because I've watched it for ages.
So, the speedpaint+music videos still exist, or you could just turn off the sound and listen to your own music. It's all about what we choose to watch.

No. 302608

I'm gonna list the ones I know, even the ones I don't watch because they might catch your fancy. I'm adding all the channels I can remember seeing art vlog content from, but some of them haven't uploaded in a long time or haven't done vlogs in a while. And some of them have had very few vlogs so far. Also added the ones you guys already mentioned just to keep them all in one post:

Leigh Ellexson
Furry Little Peach
Joy San
Holly Exley
Katnipp Illustrations
Mia Minerva
Minnie Small
Following the White Rabbit
Fran Meneses (her vids are very vlog style even if they aren't titled as so)
By Bun
Khan Taya
Sara Faber
Mary Sanche
Happy D. Artist
Kiri Leonard
Studio Jess
Ruth Speer
The Average Artist
Dina Norlund
The Art Side of Life
Juicy Ink
Zeke's Lunchbox
Myriam Tillson
Pypah's Art

No. 302851

Thanks anon!

No. 303310

Another year, another inktober, and of course the people who use anything BUT INKS and then reap the awards of the event! It pisses me off that no one calls them out on it. The worst ones are when it’s the exact same stuff they would pump out usually

No. 303320

Tell me about it. Let's take a challenge that's made to take us out of our comfort zone and bend the rules so it can better fit inside our comfort zone.

No. 303324

Got any examples?

No. 303343

File: 1538409883298.jpeg (674.88 KB, 1207x1852, 99CEBCB8-8992-444F-938F-557D88…)

It seems to most often be people using watercolours, ecoline is a liquid watercolour, but I’ve seen people even claim their acrylic or pencil illustrations to be inktober

No. 303350

somewhat OT but i absolutely hate this meme of using watercolors. the pic you posted is really indicative of everything wrong with it. watercolors are great in the right picture, or when used well, but this picture just shows bad usage and poor color control. (and even worse "inking".)

watercolors are super simple to learn but difficult to master and i hate how everyone and their mom use them like they're pro with them.

No. 303353

It's not that deep, bruh

No. 303359

What do you suggest people use if not the medium they enjoy, anon

I don’t see what’s wrong with watercolours

No. 303364

>This meme of using watercolors
Since when is using a material a meme?
>I hate how everyone and their mom use them like they're pro with them
Oh lord, too many people using watercolors? All while not being a master at them? Jee, we have to notify the appropriate autorithies immediately. That sacrilege simply won't do.

All jokes aside sounds like you're finding weird reasons to be upset.

No. 303371

Guys, the thread is about art salt, calm down.

No. 303373

Of course, but it doesn't mean everything said here is accepted with open arms. When salt is thrown, salt can be thrown back.

No. 303374

>anon says watercolours are trendy
>says people who suck with them suck

those aren't weird reasons, you just sound really offended for some reason. she even said she likes good watercolour, not that she hates them.

No. 303375

no one threw salt at you though lmao, are you one of those people she's talking about?

No. 303380

I was hoping someone would call her out in the comments but nope…

Inktober is totally shit now, people are just milking it for likes and follows

I wish there were more art chanllenges going on

No. 303381

No one needs to throw salt at you in order to instill saltiness, the same way she got salty at people doing their own thing in a way she considered bad, people can get salty at her for sounding stupid. It's one of those "you attract what you put out" types of situation.

No. 303382

NTA but give it a fucking rest. Stop arguing about anon's opinion on a meh drawing.

No. 303383

Stop talking about yourself in the third person

No. 303389

I really wanted to, but you’ve gotta watch what you say if you want to grow your online career because no one can take any sort of criticism, even the most mild of things like pointing out that watercolours can’t be used for inktober

No. 303393

File: 1538414418220.jpeg (573.81 KB, 1242x1804, 9E9B5AF2-A910-44D8-A1E0-216FE9…)

Again, it’s just the stuff she usually makes. Why is it so often watercolour artists that do the exact same illustrations as usual and call them inktober? Jacquelin de Leon did it last year too from what I remember

No. 303395

Be careful shitting on watercolour artists anon!

No. 303397

There is no reason to be careful when your critique is completely reasonable, and hers is.

No. 303400

give it a rest.

No. 303402

Can you stop? You're the only one who gives a fuck about anon's opinion and you've been going out of your way to sperg about it for like 2 hours. This isn't /ic/ stop being a fucking retard.

No. 303405

If you're gonna police the thread, at least police everyone who's going off topic. >>303397 was a react to >>303395, and you made no mention of the first one.
People love coming here to talk shit about the big Youtubers but can't handle it when the cannon turns towards them, huh?

No. 303407

Ok, what youtuber are you?

No. 303408

This. You haven't "turned a cannon" onto anyone, we're anon. I don't get why you're so tilted about anon pointing out that shit watercolors look bad, or that everyone uses them, they're literally babby's first paint medium.

No. 303411

sorry you identify as a shitty artist anon :^)

No. 303412

>b-but you need to call out everyone not just me, even though i'm the only one who has been consistently arguing for hours!

No. 303413

I'm not still here talking because of anon's opinion, it's the general reaction to throwing back salt at other anons that kept me here. See, I think you're all in your right to throw shit at me because I'm being salty, but there seems to be some high offense to anons reacting to other anons here, with some people going as far as to say this is a safe space to rant (previously in the thread).
Don't need to be sorry, of course I do, why else would any decent artist be wasting their time here otherwise?
You know how these things work, if you don't feed them they will stop coming. If I'm still here is because I'm being fed.

No. 303420

Oh, pardon, dear anons, I jumbled up my words there. I meant to say Of course I am terrible, why would any decent artist be spending their time here anyways?

No. 303421

it certainly makes it easier for farmhands to ban you when you admit to infighting on purpose…

No. 303425


ok shitty youtube artist, time for your nap.

Anyway inktober is a shitshow. Artists tend to be so stuck up about what other artists are doing that the next thing they know they're 2 days behind and still trying to gatekeep an arbitrary challenge that's open to anyone to interpret.

I always found the 'official' prompt lists to be shit, though Jake Parker makes absolute bank for throwing words up in a graphic every year. Not gonna lie, wish I'd thought of it.

No. 303427

Oh, I tried checking the rules earlier to see if there was anything against this (would certainly justify why people get so angry when you confront them back) but couldn't find anything. Perhaps it's one of those rules that apply to other boards? It would be appreciated if you could show me where I can find that rule.

No. 303451

How does he make money off of it?

No. 303476

see i don't have an issue with things like coloured inks, not sticking to it being daily, hell even digital inking if the artist is someone who never inks and they're doing something completely outside their comfort zone, but i'm seeing a bunch of paintings where the focus is obviously the paints and not the lines, and it's frustrating.

No. 303486

jake parker does exclusive stuff for scrawlrbox every year so maybe anon is thinking he makes royalties or something from that?

No. 303490


Inktober themed art boxes for October, and amazon affiliate links!
There's nothing wrong with making money off an idea you came up with though. if it's another stream of revenue that works, it works.

No. 303512

I see a lot of digital artists just doing their normal digital work, no focus on inking it anything, and call it inktober. One person even said that they weren’t interested in doing any inking specifically, they just want to get better with their illustrative techniques. Their reason for calling them inktober illustrations was because they were following the official prompt list. It’s a sensible reasons but it still seems weird calling it inktober when it’s just a random digital illustration.

No. 303543

I feel like the most annoying part is that all these people in a way feel entitled to participate, without following any of the rules set out for them, and still get awarded for it.

Jake Parker himself stated so many times that; it’s a traditional mediums challenge, the main focus has to be inks

That’s it. And people STILL have trouble keeping to the rules when they’re so simple, like, it’s on the fucking tin! INKtober

Really gives me the shits every time inktober rolls around

No. 303740

File: 1538455360201.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.88 KB, 640x670, 6601B872-8920-4F1C-907B-511CFC…)

Have any of you heard of Jenny Check?she’s scabslut/Jenny.meat on ig and internetslutclub on tumblr. She’s gotten pretty popular on tumblr recently for her bimbo fetish art. She also has a real tattoo artist job. Hate the way she draws lips (and the fact that she makes gross fetish art)

And someone actually got that tattooed on their body, yikes

No. 303788

I agree I kind of liked her art at first, I didn't mind that it was fetish-y. Her stuff has just gotten grosses and her art 'style' has gotten uglier. Also I followed her on tumblr for a minute, but she got annoying.

No. 304367

Seen this on my feed, whats your guys thoughts?

No. 304410

Did ya'll see Superraedizzle's Instagram story of her Inktober doodles? They're horrifically bad. Like… This is a girl who has done some OKAY (mediocre but still not too bad) realism and these drawing look like a 10 year old did them. I'm not exaggerating.

No. 304415

File: 1538536811805.jpg (57.29 KB, 1080x1080, 42002980_340118453390817_96301…)

That hand is so wrong lmao!

No. 304440

I just realized she turned off comments for it too, makes me think she definitely got some rightful criticism

No. 304511

The hand that's 'strategically' off-paper for literally no reason is worse imo. I don't rly follow her but isn't she an art school graduate or something?

No. 304515

Yep, she went to an art school
I wonder who let her out of it with such shit skills

No. 304523

this reminds me of the kids that post shitty drawings of manga girls hiding their hands behind their back on deviantart. But that's justified when you're TWELVE, not when you went to fucking art school and are in your twenties.

Has she got no shame? I'd be emberassed to death to post this online

No. 304532


i still don't believe this person went to art school. unless it was like art institute or something.

No. 304540

File: 1538571601165.jpg (683.56 KB, 1080x1080, 20181003_145816.jpg)

Eastern New Mexico University

This is on her insta

No. 304542

well it looks like they have graphics design or visual arts major, both of which are extremely broad so i guess it explains something.

No. 304637

File: 1538598944389.png (696.76 KB, 929x597, rae1.PNG)

her newest inktober drawing

No. 304638

File: 1538598967870.png (700.25 KB, 930x597, rae2.PNG)

No. 304641

does she think that is realism?

also lmao at the marriot paper.

No. 304660

Her realism isn't good either

No. 304673


No, she's talking about how she is taking a break from doing realism to do these illustrations

No. 304797

File: 1538620635259.png (98.81 KB, 931x779, WrongHandLOL.png)


There are comments on Twitter though: https://twitter.com/SuperRaeDizzle/status/1046866208253984768

Also she doesn't understand that the thumb is on the wrong side lol. BFA GRANTED!

No. 304825


She got super defensive it looks like.
And now she feels like she has to 'prove' something by making that and calling it realism.

She doesn't know how to take criticism, she's just fishing for asspats.

No. 304834

no she's not, she's claiming that's realism.

No. 304951


Rae has her own thread in snow, should this be taken there?

No. 305190

imo if they have a board you should take it there

No. 305224

She needs to understand that if you're gonna post shit art you're gonna get feedback about it, especially when you're a self-proclaimed realist. She doesn't seem to understand that just because you're doing 'illustrations' doesn't mean your proportions or anatomy change. It looks so lazy

No. 305227

Do ya'll like Myriam Tillson? I LOVE her syle and how flowing and beautiful her illustrations are, but she does pretty much any variation on a person hugging themselves with something growing out of them and I wish she would branch out

No. 305230


Why do they need to feel like that have to participate ?

No. 305285

Couldn't watch the whole video, she's annoying me

Would it kill them to actually try traditional ink? Learn something?

No. 305304

i think that'd be best.

No. 305380

honestly lavenders dolls look worse than the ones baylee made and she says she does it as a hobby?? what??

No. 305397

Sluggie went from being an artist channel to a life coach in training and I'm not sure how to feel about it. she still does art on her channel but now it's all got life coach bs underpinning it. Oh well, she can do her. What do you guys think?

No. 305399

not in regards to her specifically but i kind of hate when youtubers do that kind of jarring switch. like, just make a new channel rather than trying to piggy back off your subs for more views. sure you can advertise your 2nd channel but doing a full change in content loses you subs.

No. 305725

The official website says you can use watercolour, it just suggests sticking to one colour; probably because a black watercolour can be used pretty much the same as a black liquid ink. They've definitely expanded the official challenge to include more mediums and appeal to a wider range of artists, although I remember when it first came about and it was actually focused on the whole concept of inking. I don't think I'd worry so much that people used watercolour if they were using it to "ink" a piece, but people that just create typical paintings with watercolour definitely bend the rules a bit too much in their favour.

I know the digital art community got really upset last year when Parker said digital work wasn't fully in the spirit of a permanent stroke that can't be undone, which also sparked a lot of claims of ableism, meanwhile the website had a promotion with Autodesk, so honestly I don't think even he knows what he wants out of the challenge.

No. 305884

I'm sick of Lavendertowne. She seems like a perfectly nice person but her art is hideous and she's not as creative/~spooky~ as she thinks she is.

No. 306194

I'm usually fine with her but I watched one of her videos this week and her voice just feels like she's pushing this anime girl persona or something it was driving me nuts

No. 306668

I know im gonna get it for this, but am I the ONLY one who gets annoyed by LavenderTowne's voice… Its like way to "uwu" for me to the point I can barely listen to her videos without cringing or skipping through.

I mean, I think he art is fine and all ((decent)), but her whole "anime persona" like you anon's said is very jarring.

No. 306917

100% agree, hearing any young woman with this high-pitched put-on voice is a red flag for me. Armchairing, but the inability to speak from the deeper places of the throat and chest comes from anxiety and tension around expressing oneself, and all that tension stays in the upper parts of the throat, so the person in question can't relax properly while speaking. Loads of girls do this to their voices because it's popularized on Disney and shit where they ask their older actors to age-down their voices. They think it sounds cute but it's jarring as hell and takes long hours of practice to get rid of. tldr; This is why vocal coaches exist.

No. 306983

I always thought her voice read as her being too soft-spoken/nervous to narrate properly rather than doing it on purpose. She kind of goes back and forth between the high pitched voice and sounding fairly normal.

No. 307083

I watched a old video of hers recently and was shocked at how much more bareable her voice was! It’s now made her videos so hard for me to watch, I don’t think I’ve watched a full video of hers In weeks, the voice is too fake

No. 307152

Yeah this anon is right if you go back she speaks normally her spoopy uwu voice is a persona.

No. 307274


creepshowart kinda reminds me of that spechie girl but with a more edgy. nastier "idgaf, I'm a bitch" attitude. It just sounds like she's always angry and is condescending.

just did more research on her and she never seems to shut up about the evul sjaywoos. She cut ties with her sister because she doesn't agree or share the same political views as her, even to the point of calling her a psychopath. Her and her sister are literally the same person just on different ends on the spectrum, loud and retarded, and she always spergs about it. if she isn't sperging about the sjaywoos, it's either people criticizing her vids or pointless shit like the inktober vid.

No. 307277

sorry if this vid has been posted before, I don't have a good memory of the past threads

No. 307738

File: 1539218788727.png (117.53 KB, 697x655, POST 456.png)

anyway the inktober discourse is such a dreading ass topic from the perspective of artists who are willing to challenge themselves and kids like this are the reason why

No. 307746

"it's not about ink!"

>Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.

>I created Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. It has since grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousands of artists taking on the challenge every year.

just do any of other october prompts if you refuse to actually engage with not only the spirit of the challenge, but the actual letter of it.

also how tf is it gatekeeping. literally anyone can pick up a shitty pen and some printer paper. it doesn't require much, if any, investment at all to do. fuck i hate that term so much and how people throw it around like pissbabies because their opinion is challenged in any way.

No. 307751

Honestly, to be fair, they DID get a sponsor by a digital drawing program and promoted them in relation to inktober. The official inktober has long since lost its original concept and really is just a general drawing challenge after they did that.

No. 307867

What an insufferable bitch. The name "ink" is in inktober, the emphasis is INK. I'm so sick of all these digital snobs, literally shove your stupid tablet up your asshole.

No. 307868

Yikes. Imagine being this delusional. Inktober should always be done traditionally, because thats litterally the point. What I dont understand is why even do the challenge if you arnt going to follow the rules and do whatever you want?? Like just dont get involved and continue to draw whatever the fuck you want. Its that simple.

Like I understand buying the materials maybe a problem (I guess), but if you MUST do it digitally then I think digital artist shouldnt be allowed to use color, undo, or erase because its starting to get out of hand. I went on IG the other day and seen some "inktober" post and they looked EXACTLY like their regular artwork, aka fully colored, regular inking/lineart, same old same old. No difference what so ever.

No. 308098

File: 1539279731322.png (15.92 KB, 668x114, video1.PNG)

it seems that some of creepshow's anger stems from competing with her sister.She always talks shit about her. Some people who try to prove themselves don't hold on to spite and let go of their anger, it just seems that she grew up with a nasty attitude.
She also admits that she loses her shit over 1 negative comment in a wave of hundreds of nice ones, god.

(From her "Why I decided to be an Artist" vid btw)

No. 308112

This type of shit discussion happens every year and it's so fucking annoying, it's called INKtober for a reason. I genuinely don't understand why people just want a CHALLENGE to be altered to their own specific needs just so they can get a couple of followers.

It's almost as disheartening that Jake Parker finally gave in and told people they can use digital too, but good for him that he got sponsors I guess.

No. 308126

Personally I find it far more annoying when traditional watercolor is made over digital inking.

No. 308281

>>307868 >>308112

From the official Inktober FAQ:

>Q. Can I work digitally?

>A: Yes. Initially, the challenge of Inktober was focused on traditional inking. Although learning how to ink digitally is a skill separate from traditional inking it is no less valid. If you want to improve your digital inking skills then doing Inktober digitally is a great way to challenge yourself. Just be cool to those who want to use traditional inks. And traditional inkers, be cool to those who are trying to improve with their digital inking.

Don't get me wrong, I preferred when inktober was an actual inking challenge, but you can't get high an mighty that people are including digital in Inktober when the actual official Inktober challenge website has decided to include digital. It's not her fault that it's included.

No. 308340

The inking process wither digitally or traditionally is the most important thing about this challenge. I, however, do not like people using watercolors, markers, and actual colors to their pieces. The point is to do everything by ink and ink only (that includes the values and shading) and make the drawing as aesthetically pleasing as a colored or fully rendered piece.

No. 308354

I knew this thread would dissolve into bitching and moaning about inktober. I guess "linetober" just isn't as catchy lmao.
Inktober was never going to be an inking challenge only. People were bound to get in on the tag just for the follows, which, BTW is useless because it's so saturated anyway. You'll only see the exact same popular folks rising in the searches. So it doesn't matter if you're actually using ink or not.

No. 308647

She isn't a bad person and doesn't engage in drama, but I dislike her art too. It doesn't work when trying to draw something scary.

No. 309149

I did it last year and got fewer likes etc than usual, unless you are actually Loish or someone like that there's no point in doing it for visibility

No. 309178

Honestly, it's a nearly 10-year-old challenge, it was bound to lose it's initial goal when it got big. People just have to stop caring.

No. 310028

Anyone here watch Drawfee?
I found them recently and have been enjoying their videos. It's nice to see people just having fun with art.

No. 310274

I love them, they are hilarious and fans of JJBA, an automatic subscribe from me

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