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File: 1533678193675.png (902.49 KB, 730x904, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 5.20…)

No. 277467

previous thread >>>/ot/233156

No. 277469

Saw the OP photo on the front page, and thought it's from the Bad Art thread

No. 277473


No. 277475

Honestly Rae deadass deserves to be put in the bad art thread.
Matter of fact, do you guys think we should have a thread on Rae??? Is she cowish enough?

No. 277481

She’s a cow in my book

No. 277591

Are we talking about HC Brown? Just saw her newer video where she lectures us on what is and what isn't cringe. According to her, we cannot criticize anyone for their shitty art.

No. 277593

she has her own thread in /snow/

No. 277689

I mean, I kind of agree with her here. A lot of "cringe" compilations are taking things from people who are obviously children and making fun of them. Like, yeah, this 13-year-old has shit art/animation with totally embarassing edgy OCs that are obvious knockoffs of other characters. of course they do, most 13yos do crap like that. That sort of shit though can make kids totally give up out of embarassment.

Mind you if you're an adult it's kind of free game. You're hopefully at that point mature enough that if someone makes fun of you for cringey art it's not going to deter you from making art or doing whatever it is you do.

No. 277708

Normally, I agree, but lolcow is a cringe compilation in itself and I lurk here… Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.

No. 277733

disagree. some kids should be turned off from that kind of stuff.

No. 277835

Solar Sands and Deviantcringe are cancerous morons who can't draw and make money making fun of children that try to. Ffs grow up.

No. 277845

It's so funny because those types of channels are constantly mocking people for cringey/mediocre work but none of them ever improve with their own content lol

No. 277967

Kids don't need to be turned off from art. They need to learn how to take criticism and improve, sure, but not be so turned off they don't even want to try because they feel so put down and embarrassed.
Like, a kid who has trouble with math shouldn't be made fun as being cringe. They should be encouraged and helped. Come on dude.

No. 277979

Especially solarsands, that idiot can't draw to save his life.
Most of these channels just want to make money off other people's cringey art

No. 277995

It's like drama channels who talk about Youtube celebrities, imagine being so useless that everything you can do is orbit around other people's failures

inb4 Chloe Rose and friends say we do the same thing here

No. 278021

you sound like a butt hurt deviantard

No. 278044

Lol anon just admit you can't draw and move on with your life we don't care

No. 278060

Kek not at all, haven’t been on that cursed website since 2009.
But anyway, this >>277995
Solarsans just picks on low hanging fruit because it’s easy to critique and effective in getting young artist’s attention and gaining views/revenue.

No. 278075

We should mock bad art, maybe if we mock it enough people will stop posting it.

No. 278077

This is more than just some kids making bad art, this is a religiously devoted community of people who keep their cringe habits far after high school. That would explain HC Brown and many other bad youtubers.

No. 278091

Can’t really disagree with you there, but constructive criticism is a hell of a lot more helpful for young artists than just mocking their art and pointing out the flaws without saying how they could fix them. Bottom feeders thrive off of showing off someone else’s work and just laughing at it without putting forth any effort to analyze it/help the person who made it.

No. 278098

Some people are immune to mocking, there isn't much you can do. Also, is this a huge problem that it exists? It's one thing to laugh at it and another to want it to disappear.

No. 278102

A lot of actually good artists on youtube don't get much views compared to the subpar ones. I think I have found the reasons for it:
1) Set up. Seriously. Most technically good artist have terrible setups. Their cameras aren't adjusted properly and everything looks skewed. They also have bad lighting.
2) commentary. They just either don't talk or mumble. Some of them use really cringy music that has nothing to do with what they are doing.
3) graphics and visuals. They use out dated typefaces with really opaque colors that just don't work. Their title cards are also bland and uninspiring.
As much as I don't like some of the "artists" that's been discussed here. They do know how to make something look good. What do you guys think?

No. 278115

I totally agree. I genuinely enjoy watching actaully good (real) artist, but what kills me is their setup/audio/qaulity of the video in general. WhytManga,AlphansoDunn ect ect are examples of that to me at least. The bad editing and shit can really turn someone off from watching an otherwise good video.

I would add in, that alot of really good artist dont have enough content in general, half the time they will have 2-7 videos at maximum. But my theory is that they dont have time to focus all that energy into editing/setting up the video becuase they are actaully trying to improve their art work and skills. Versus morons like Rae,Kasey,Holly,Waffles,(Jazza oops) just throw out shitty art work with no depth or improvement. In order to compensate they have to make their videos sound/look decent to catch the viewers attention long enough. Also they have to have exceptional /not in the good way/ personalities and jump on bandwagons at any chance in order to stay relevant. People who actaully have skill dont feel the need to be fake and flashy because they are too focused on more important things.
It should be noted that many people on Youtube have tiny attention spans and most of these peoples fans are 10-16 year olds. And even dumbass 20 year olds, but regardless they usally dont have the maturity to sift through whos actaully good and whos faking it.

No. 278119

I agree with both
another thing I think that keeps people from viewing those videos is that the art can be intimidating. Watching someone draw the same dinsey girl over and over again is more comfortable for a new and young artist. Unlike seeing a highly skilled professional that is constantly improving.

No. 278219

I know that the money from sponsorships (which can’t honestly be much, but hey, it’s money) helps out struggling artists, but god am I tired of seeing the same old ads across several channels. Even if they change it up slightly and try to sound enthused, it’s obvious that they don’t even use the sponsored site/app in their free time. Even the constant Arteza product reviews didn’t bother me because at least the artists weren’t under paid contract to state good things about them. What are your guys’ thoughts about them?

No. 278228

I only get annoyed by amino adds, which aren't even that common. It's such a shit app, like you said, I doubt anyone who is sponsored uses it.

No. 278281

I don't mind them as long as they are at the end of the video. Some of my favourite channels like "lessons from the screen play" and "babish" get sponsored by companies like "square space" and "skillshare" but hey have the add part at the end. I don't get why artubers put them at the beginning or middle of the video. It's boring and ruins the momentum of the video.

No. 278284

I guess the ads that bug me the most are the ones where the people are trying to mix it into the video, save some special cases. Skillshare is one I don't really mind because it gets Youtubers doing some interesting stuff, like bookbinding or stamp making. I suppose that's my craft side speaking up. When it's stuff like amino or phone apps I can just skip them and get to the actual good stuff.

Jacqueline Deleon is someone who overdoes it, we don't need every video to tell us there's a platform for making your own website. But to be honest, I don't think I'd mind it if it was someone more interesting… Jacqueline just gives me too much of a dead fish vibe. I guess one could say she's going for "chill vibes", but her lack of an interesting personality paired with her drawing the same alternative girls every time gets… tiresome.
I feel kinda bad for coming at her since she seems so uncow-ish, tho.

No. 278363

a pretty well known performance art collective in toronto. derivative vaporwave trash poorly disguised as critique of capitalism

No. 278424

I don't think you should feel bad about it. She seems like the person who wouldn't be able to handle critique. That's always the case with artists who always draw the same thing in the same style and never improve.
I honestly wonder how she isn't getting tired of her own drawings, they are seriously always the same. But yeah, social media fame I guess…

No. 278433

File: 1533890861714.png (3.26 MB, 1335x1303, sameface.png)

Samefag but if you put a few drawings together you can really see how sameface-y they all are. I know it's a littly cherry-picking but just pay attention to the make-up like the tree dots under the eye, the lip and/or septum piercing and the earplugs.

No. 278437

Lol, tumblr nose

No. 278438

love how they all have a nose or lip piercing (or both)…how do you lack this much awareness when it comes to your art? she's not a beginner so i don't understand

No. 278449

This is so sad. Art can be a way to explore your personality, self portraits throughout art history we’re so important in understanding an artists life and message. These arttubers seem to think the best thing to do with drawing ability is play wish fulfillment and makeup artist and it all gives me a bad 2000s free online dress up doll vibe. There’s so much more to be discovered beyond “how can I mAke PrETty?!?” /rant

No. 278459

If it's pretty it's boring, if it's ugly it's projecting, if it's realistic it's boring again
What do you really want

No. 278519

meh, I kinda agree, but if it makes them happy, it’s whatever. It’d be great to see some artists who do the same thing over and over actually improve and experiment outside of their comfort zone though. The thing that really makes artists who never improve annoying is if they also have a shitty attitude/personality. (cough baylee jae cough) We can mock 13 yr olds on deviantart drawing shitty furry oc’s all we want, but i’d take seeing one of those kids’ art over “Youtube Superstar” Baylee Jae’s or HC BRown’s any day.

No. 278578

>>278433 maybe unpopular opinion, but i really enjoy her art style (especially how she draws eyes). yes they're very same facey and obviously very self indulgent, but i think its a cute style. i just wish she'd branch out from her typical alternative pierced/tattoo'd girl with short bangs. i do agree she has a very boring personality though. i cant sit through her videos for too long unless i have the sound off and im listening to my own music.

No. 278591

File: 1533916791359.png (3.92 MB, 1794x2542, Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 7.10…)

Going through her portfolio she has some decently cute stuff but looking at her work as a whole makes a majority of her illustrations seem bland. She has a lot of inconsistencies with her anatomy, especially when drawing faces >>278433

She's definitely not a terrible artist, she just needs to work on her fundamentals more. Even if she kept the same style/subject matter her stuff would improve tenfold.

No. 278606

I don't think her biggest problem is her fundamentals. What bothers me the most about her is lack of creativity. Of course we should always be striving to improve our fundamentals, but it seems like this whole "fundamentals" ordeal has become sort of a parrot thing in these threads. She's not perfect, but she already manages to make some pictures that are pleasant to look at.

Her art just seems extremely one dimensional to me when it comes to subjects, but that seems to be a problem she has herself, her personality also seems pretty one dimensional. I know we can't really tell how someone is through the content they put up on the internet, but most people start being a little shy on Youtube and then branch out. She's still very monotone and uneventful.

No. 278614

This. Even if she had amazing anatomy, varied up the hairstyles and outfits, it’s just more of the same beautiful dress up doll. There’s never a story or a meaning to it, and that really turns me off.

No. 278705

Yeah, I don't mind the characters following the same patterns if they were actually doing something. Sameface doesn't bug me much, nor does drawing several characters with similar clothes, but do all of them have to be sitting there with that slightly open mouth and squinched eyes?

No. 278741

Let's talk about pearfleur. I'm personally a big fan of her, from her instagram you can tell that she strives to improve her art for herself rather than making pointless youtube videos and has been really active lately. I get that she's done sponspored videos before but its not like artists like her and minniesmalls should be put down for trying to earn money like we all want to. plus she's a student so i'm sure she needs it. her style is unique and fresh and doesnt really abide to trends that ive seen and her art is strangely nostalgic and calming. i love the collab she did with iraville and wish she would post more full pieces though. She's also said from her instagram that she's a full time architecture student and is 20 years old which is pretty inspiring and the fact that she doesn't center her whole youtube around her personal life and face like Baylee makes her seem more humble and down to earth. but i will say that she said on instagram that she doesnt sell art or prints because she's not confident in her style or knowledgeable in how to go about doing it so she should really learn how to market herself better.

No. 278742

is this the "decently cute" thing? she has the same fucking red nose freckled for no reason face as all the girls in >>278433.

the biggest issue isn't the anatomy but more what >>278606 said. looking at the pic you posted, it's clear that she had to put in extra details to make sure people knew that this was sailormoon. if you get rid of the hair, compact and luna's forehead decoration, you'd never guess that's what this was supposed to be. the worst thing is that it would be better and have more depth if this was just some random NEET OC girl.

also, nothing's interacting with eachother properly. anatomy aside, but the weirdest part is usagi's hair. the plate is floating under her hair and it just takes away the look of interaction in general. it's just weird and sloppy. coupled with sameface and bad anatomy it's all bad.

No. 278745

i like pear too. seems a lot more authentic than most art youtubers and is obviously talented to be juggling a 350k+ youtube channel with architecture school at 20 yrs old. i guess that also explains her long absences and hiatuses

No. 278761

I follow her for the reviews, her purely art videos can get a little boring to me. I like the fact that she experiments, but at the same time some of the experiments are a bit too abstract for my own personal taste.

I don't think she really has to market herself if she doesn't want to, if being an artist is not a professional interest of hers, dealing with the side hassles of being a professional artist might just suck the fun out of it for her.

No. 278768

definitely can see the abstract experimentation too, probably comes from the architecture background which is cool to see. she's definitely more unique than most art youtubers which can also turn people away from her channel

No. 278780

Yeah, her style is just not my cup of tea

But kudos to her for being able to juggle a channel with college. I can barely find time to draw lol

No. 278789

Whose art is in the OP? And where can I get a link to the video its in?

No. 278790


Holly's thread, for the lazy >>646597

No. 278791

Dude, They just hire better artists for their talk-sprites. They're literally talentless.

No. 278792

tbf Sailor moons hair is kind of iconic. If you don't have it, most people won't recognize her as sailor moon, unless she's in her scout uniform, or maybe one of her more memorable civilian outfits?

No. 278797


yeah I agree that she seems out of place from the youtube art community.

No. 278807


They all look so damn bored, kinda listless, and I think that really projects onto all her designs. She kind of looks the same way IRL or when she's speaking into the camera, it's kind of monotone. same girl. Same face. Same expression.
I'd like to see some stories from her, not just 'pretty witch girls'….but people like consistency and if there's anything you can't say she isn't, is consistent, and a lot of her followers like that I guess.

No. 278815

No. 278829

I was thinking the same thing about how she looks equally bored, so maybe there's a reason behind all those uneventful characters.

No. 278844

i meant that's the only thing that makes her look like sailormoon in this picture.

No. 278862

Uh no? The school uniform is also a giveaway.
True that the artist has a sameface syndrome but you are really nitpicking the Sailor Moon drawing.
Of course if she drew her without her hair and uniform she would look like a random character or any other sailor (like Venus). The girls in SM suffer from sameface syndrome too.
I disagree that Luna and the compact are put there to make it clear it's Usagi as it's obvious from the way the character looks. They are just part of Usagi's world displayed in the picture.

I think this is a nice fanart though I've seen the concept a few times and agree that a pic with original character in this style would be interesting.

I also dislike artists just drawing pretty characters without deeper concept but this fanart is fine in my eyes.

No. 278922

art doesn't have to have a "deep meaning", it's literally just about making something that looks good you snob

No. 278929

Yeah we’ve kinda gone back and forth on this idea throughout all of art history so I’m not even gonna try to argue with you. Enjoy collecting your pretty pretty pictures, gotta catch em all! I suppose that’s how buttons and stickers artists gotta make their living.

No. 279027

I don't buy art but I guess fun isn't allowed anyway

No. 279068

File: 1534003277824.png (3.26 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180811-175542.png)

From the new waffles' video

Why do all her faces repulse me?

No. 279072

I think it's the jaw + the nose has a huge shadow and it looks glued to the mouth. I've noticed the same thing in Baylee Jae's artwork

No. 279083

At least her faces are usually relatively varied, and she doesn’t try to draw everything pretty. That face is pretty horrific tho ngl.

No. 279090

I like how she tries drawing people doing stuff in her sketchbook, and with several different expressions.

No. 279092

Tbh, I find this piece to be better than her usual art

No. 279110

Wafflle's faces are less horrific when she keeps the mouths closed. This isn't as bad as it could be with her too-detailed teeth on simple characters.

No. 279145

You guys are nitpicking this fine jfc

No. 279148

What do you all think of Vexx?

No. 279149

The boy version of a boring basic bitch

No. 279150

I love Bao Pham's paintings, they all have this clean, calm vibe to them and he also doesn't make his face the "star" like the majority of the cow artists do.

No. 279151

I laughed the other day when I came across a video with a real person who had tumblr nose. It's actually real. I was blown away.

No. 279152

What's the difference between them and us besides that we don't make any money off mocking bad art?

No. 279153

Was it Khan Taya?

No. 279156

The amount of time it takes to produce a video and run an entire Youtube account versus the few minutes it takes us to read stuff here and write a reply. Also the fact that we're anonymously talking shit shows we're just really interested in sharing our thoughts, like when you comment with your spouse about how much of a bitch Susan was today, while drama channels usually seem to feed off the attention and try to get some sort of personal gain by talking shit about others.

No. 279157

I have it too, but only in winter

No. 279158

Honestly, this looks fine. Maybe it's not your taste but there's nothing actually wrong with it.

No. 279161

(skip to 30s) This is Tina Yu, I hope she's OK to share here because she does mostly sculptures. She's self-taught and started sculpting only in early 2016, which is really impressive to me.

No. 279162

Oops, I just realized, is it even OK to share (imo) good artists here or is it shitty art-only?

No. 279164

I'm actually not sure, just some random beauty vlogger as I slowly worked my way through youtube video suggestions. It was fucking surreal though.

No. 279165

It's nice but her sound quality is TERRIBLE.

No. 279190

I remember this guy from instagram, but I didn't know he had a youtube too

No. 279195

It's fine to post artists you like but this is getting too random, at least say why this person caught your attention.

No. 279203

It's ok, just ugly

No. 279204

I don't like him at all, I was just wondering if anyone here knows about him and what they think

Guess I forgot to write that

No. 279231

I like Waffles a lot honestly. Her traditional work is so fluid looking. I think it’s becuse of how she sketches. She doesn’t rely on a typical block figure to build a character

No. 279236

No. 279258

I dunno, I like it. I feel like she's improving.

No. 279269


I found him recently too. His art's pretty. Pretty boring.

Just, girl's face with his little symbol on the cheek. Technically skilled but same thing over and over. I found his videos to be boring, but that's where I discovered him first, on yt. I don't think I'd be too invested in his IG, since it's just more of the same.

I'm honestly getting tired of the pretty girl portraits. This guy, Jacqueline, Danica, etc.

No. 279286

yeah, it's called rosacea lmao.

No. 279302

I don't see anything wrong with this one, I think it's just preference.

Sometimes I really want to see the art of people who talk shit about people like waffles, she's no loish but she's decent and seems to try to push herself.

No. 279306

Tbh, I don’t watch any of her vids bc her voice/Youtube personality just isn’t for me. (which is the nicer way of saying that it gets on my nerves lmao) However, I can see a big difference in terms of skill and improvement in her art when comparing that piece and the last time I saw another work by her which was a while ago. She doesn’t really seem cow-ish either.

No. 279398

I’m surprised no one posted this yet.

Bobby Chiu, a relatively popular Youtube artist, is speaking of his awful experience at CTN animation expo, and why he no longer support it.

This is reminding me so much of Tana and the Vidcon drama, but with an artist spin on it.
What do you all think?

No. 279422

Stephen Silver is also very vocal about how he doesn't support CTN

No. 279506

Sometimes I really wanna see the art of the people that defend her to understand what they think they see in her work lol. I'm just assuming if you think she's anything more than just okay you're an amateur/don't draw. That being said she is okay, not bad, and she does actively attempt improvement and it is happening so kudos for her.

No. 279509


I've been to CTNx once and was going to go a second time, but they gave me a hard time. This comes as no surprise to me and I hope CTNx crashes and burns as it no longer becomes the only game in town in terms of animation/art expos. I'm glad more people are speaking out. It's all just to get money in Tina's pockets.

No. 279512

Found this video at random, she sounds like Holly Brown but in rage version

No. 279533


Oh, her? That's just Mewtripled. She's got that dumb "i'm cussin at you bitch" shtick I hope she grows out of. but she's way way way ahead of Holly by a million miles. Holly is constantly all up in her comments thirsty for her attention.

No. 279567

^This. Mewtripled annoys me, but I can’t deny that her art (and animation skill) is popping. She kind of reminds me of a more socially adept and more artistically skilled Holly lmao.

No. 279592

She's pretty annoying. I can appreciate some profanity, but she sounds like she's trying way too hard all the time

No. 279669

File: 1534143794081.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1220x1462, skjfkdjfkdsjf.png)


he got posted about in the last thread, and is now trying to sell nudes/porn in addition to terrible comics lmaooooo

No. 279725

I wouldn't look at his nudes even if he paid me

No. 279759

Hopefully this is an ok place to ask this, but can any of you rec YT artists who use copics/alcohol markers and are actually skilled? I'm just getting into using them.

No. 279868

Todd Nauck, Juicy Ink

No. 279875

Girls like Monique annoy me the hell up. Something about the "I'm as basic as it can get with my sweet pink Disney shit but I'm also snappy and ranty" drives me up the wall.
Alice has this sometimes too, altho she's usually less ranty and more acceptable. Monique just seems like such an entitled little cunt.

No. 279878

That description reminds me of Baylee lol and I agree with you about Monique being unbearable to watch. I tried to like her but there was just nothing about her art or personality that kept me around.

No. 279901

Yeah, Baylee also popped in my head while I was thinking of the description. I don't know why but Monique sounds like the brattier amongst them, tho. She just gives me those vibes of some spoiled, entitled teenager.

No. 279908

Khan Taya, MissKerrieJ (even if her art kinda veers towards that pretty Disney Girl style, she has technical skill), Sophira Lou, those are all that I can think of off the top of my head that haven’t been mentioned already.

No. 280088

Does Waffles voice and snort laugh get on anyone else's nerves?

No. 280089


Yeah, I get baylee vibes from her, but younger. She's a little annoying.

No. 280246

Waffles laugh is so fake, I think as bad as holly bRowns art is her laugh and vlog style is the most real and relatable.

No. 280262

Baylee really is the best example of copic markers, despite bad art, helping a person become popular. That’s her claim to fame. If she was making the same art with colored pencil or watercolor, she wouldn’t have a quarter of the subs she does now.

No. 280307

why are copics even so popular like this? like I used to have a set, they were fun to sketch with, but I don't understand how people go full retard at just the mention of someone using them.

No. 280337

Doesn't it get a lot of popularity among weebs because it's used on some mangas and stuff?
Also, it's partly because we have that tendency of wanting things people we look up to have, because it somehow makes us feel more connected to them. So if a lot of kids like Baylee, they might want to own the same supplies as she does to have one tangible thing in common with her.

No. 280339

Some of it is also the price of them, they're really pricey outside of Japan so it can be used for bragging and or humble bragging.

No. 280352


Waffles made a really dark joke in her video today that has me concerned for her. Something like “my life expectancy is too short not to eat dessert first”. I wonder what’s wrong with her. She said she was in the hospital a few weeks ago, and then casually mentioned something about an autoimmune disease…

No. 280387

>>280352 she has an autoimmune disease that has been taking a toll on her health lately. i dont think she's revealed which one she has, but for the last few months shes been in and out of the hospital.

No. 280389

"professional artist"

No. 280400

File: 1534288884397.png (836.5 KB, 566x590, professional.PNG)

oh my god noooo
Rae is already full herself, this is only gonna make it worse.
She's posting that shout out vid everywhere lmao.

No. 280401

Yeah, she's basically Holly if Holly got her act together kek

No. 280419

jesus christ this is the most annoying video I've ever seen

No. 280421

what a muddy galaxy lmao, did she even look up a reference? or is she referencing an already sylized drawing?

No. 280450

rae can’t draw anything without a reference, even something as ugly as that lmao

No. 280458

OH MY FUCKING god, I physically cringed after reading that title

No. 280463

This legitimately looks like a child drew it

No. 280464

File: 1534303750749.jpg (864.09 KB, 1920x2136, sad.jpg)


""""Professional Artis""""" vs Youtube Makeup Artist

No. 280473


might be reaching but there's an anime avatar generator app thingie called "live portrait maker"— the art style on that app looks similar to what rae drew 👀

No. 280481

yeah okay, i really dislike both rae and james, so it’s not bias when i say that his art actually looks way better than hers. tbf rae did use makeup to draw and not drawing supplies, im not sure if james did the same but either way it’s pretty telling, lol.

No. 280492

Yeah, also I feel like the fact that her actual art is kind of mediocre makes her feel like more of a kindred spirit to her fan base? Less intimidating but at the same time the expensive art supplies "legitimize" her to her young fan base and the combo of the two might make her success feel more attainable or something. She's good enough for kids to look up to but not too good to scare them away I guess.

That said alcohol markers are really fun to work with IMO, I enjoy them. Something satisfying about how even and "flat" they are. I want to try Gouache next.

No. 280502


its…kinda ironic that her makeup looks like shit here lmao

No. 280520


they both used makeup

No. 280532

Yep, the artists that improve the most make fully rendered pieces with errors. You see it all the time in top artists juvenilia. People should be allowed to make mistakes and not scorned for it. Hate that attitude, it hinders /so/ much potential and confidence.

No. 280537

Serious. WTF am I missing something. She's missing a philtrum, but some people have small ones in real life so…?

No. 280551

File: 1534325930562.png (752.82 KB, 969x584, comparison.png)

I don't think you're reaching anon, definitely checks out with a quick recreation

No. 280555

File: 1534326862192.png (275.4 KB, 350x584, overlay.png)

I don't really know how to do the overlay thing but I tried

No. 280558

There's no way that that ISN'T the reference she used. Also looks exactly like this thread header, I'm guessing she reads the thread or some artception is happening.

No. 280560

btw if people tired of Istebrak want to watch some really good, insightful, genuinely helpful critique videos on yt I highly recommend Art Prof. just discovered their channel and their critique of people's portfolios is full of really useful advice.

No. 280570

that's because rae drew the thread header

No. 280634

>>280551 jesus, she cant do any art without copying it. thats honestly pretty sad for a "professional artist". people have different skill sets, but I feel like Rae doesn't even try. Did anyone on her video comment that the picture looks copied?

No. 280651

File: 1534349565984.jpg (840.64 KB, 1313x1998, Even Mehl Amundsen (14).jpg)

The problem with these artists is that they only want to draw pretty/cute things, but doing that just makes them improve more slowly and it takes away artistic value from their work.
For example: you are trying to draw a pretty girl. In order to keep her looking pretty she has to be young, which means there won't be much detail (wrinkles) on her face and also you limit her expression (she has to have a neutral face so there won't be any wrinkles on her face or god forbid nasolabial folds), her pose, and the lighting (shadows all over the face are not cute!!) and then you end up with a boring generic drawing. But really a drawing of an ugly orc with his face wrinkled in anger and with lights and shadows playing on his face (which help portray volume) has so much more artistic value and is interesting to look at because its shows the artist's various skills. With a drawing of a pretty girl looking blankly at the camera/into the distance you show only knowledge of anatomy. If that.
There is a reason you rarely have pretty youthful models at life drawing classes. Also pic related is a drawing by Even Mehl Amundsen

No. 280667

As someone who used to draw, drawing and painting “pretty girls” is easier and faster. Especially for the YT artists, cause they need to pump up videos to stay relevant.
I honestly don’t like just drawing pretty girls, but it is the only thing I can do easily without effort. Sometimes I draw them to warm up for complicated drawings

No. 280691

Drawing pretty girls is what 12 year olds start out with and what adults keep doing if they've given up on studying how to draw people in general. It's the anime artist syndrome. Old people just have lines next to their eyes but they look the exact same as everyone else. It looks ridiculous.

No. 280696

Not trying to be the devil’s advocate but some people just prefer to draw nice looking things, I wouldn’t exactly call that a crutch. Guys like space marines and fantasy races, girls like women and flowers. Artists of both genders have been making more illustrations and paintings of women’s bodies for centuries.

No. 280703


YouTube artist here - yep this. Pretty girls are easy for me to draw and I can get it done on time for a video. I don't have to think as much, I can still make something nice, and it's accessible to my audience. I want more time to draw non pretty girl things, but it's definitely tough. I've got a lot of ideas but not enough time to get them all done, especially since with more detailed work it takes much longer, so I'm also having to film multiple videos at a time when I do that. Also I don't know about other YouTubers but I definitely doodle and experiment a lot more on my own, but I rarely show that because it's pretty ugly.

No. 280754

File: 1534363663513.jpg (408.93 KB, 900x658, karlaortiz.jpg)

I wouldn't say it's easy for them just because young pretty girls don't have a lot of wrinkles and stuff. Part of why it's easy for them is simply because that's what they spend more time drawing. It's their comfort zone.
I used to find it easier to draw people I considered "ugly" because I didn't have to mind where I was putting things as much, meanwhile if I wanted to draw a perfectly pretty girl I had to be very careful about not having anything out of place.

Anywyas, the "problem" is not them only wanting to draw pretty things, it's them wanting to stay inside a small comfort zone of their borderline childish taste. And that's not even a problem, if they enjoy doing it and it fits their artistic needs. You can do much more sophisticated pieces of beautiful people, such as Karla Ortiz' piece I've added to my post.

No. 280758

File: 1534364165051.jpg (15.04 KB, 227x300, s-l300.jpg)

Samefag, but since one of the arguments was about the girls having a neutral face, just thought I'd add another example of a beautiful woman being more expressive.

No. 280819

The issue is when artists are young they like to draw either their ocs or their ships or just their favorite Disney/shoujo characters ext, many of which have a bland generic look (mostly pretty girls) and they get good at that and get attention/compliments so they like…think they've made it. At 16. And then they never draw anything else just learn to watercolor/render their sues/favs with bland Barbie expressions looking into the distance or at the camera.

No. 280837

Link the posts you are responding to, fam

No. 280842

Does anyone here have any recs for channels that have artists working on their own comics? Not Holly ofc. Sage for ot.

No. 280857

gazbot's pretty fun, i feel.

No. 280906

Ot-ish, but I’m really curious as to how many semi-large to larger YouTube artists lurk here. It seems like more and more of them are referencing the threads (cough Monique cough) and I just can’t help but wonder. Like how Jellie Bee seems to swoop in out of nowhere whenever someone mentions the scandal she had with not sending out people’s kickstarter orders or whatever that was about. (Which, admittedly, is old news, but damn is she quick to try to shut them down before other people can find out about it, lmao.) Then there’s Holly BRown who recently seems to address/mention comments made about her personal and art issues shortly after they were discussed in her threads, which didn’t happen in the past iirc.

No. 280907

Pretty girls sell well, if you're someone who sells your work. I have much more fun drawing "ugly" but I haven't worked up the balls to try selling any of that stuff yet. Ugly/cute is fun.
I was "semi large" (I guess??? Sort of?) before YT artists were as much of a thing. I was all over DA for years, sold a lot at cons, ect, before realizing I needed to take some time to seriously work on my art so I'm relearning from scratch.

No. 280910

The only life drawing I did had a slim pretty woman, I guess I was lucky. There was like one day with a guy lying down and showing off his balls but the other days were all the one pretty model.

It's more like middle-aged non-slim women probably are more likely to want the validation of being a life model


No. 280950

Guys there's a huge difference between drawing ugly people and drawing non generic Barbie Disney copy pastas. Just branch out a little.

No. 280969

File: 1534405454811.png (627.87 KB, 537x686, fa93a82c05e53518264c9078c75864…)

I'd argue that it is a crutch because some of them rely on pretty things to produce pretty drawings. Even then some of them still fail. I believe that a good artist has the capacity to make any subject matter beautiful.

On a side note, I feel like some artists jump in to youtube too soon and get sucked in. It creates a situation where if they make it, they start to neglect their artistic development or worse think they're better than they are. It really is a shame. Art is not easy and it definitely is a humbling experience.

No. 281044

I've done a lot of life drawing and been lucky enough to have models who were thin, fat, older, etc - it's definitely fun to draw a larger, older woman especially, more interesting shapes, more understanding of how a non-'perfect' body can be structured

No. 281049

I’d argue it’s not the subject matter that’s important but the theme and story of a piece that makes it interesting. All the illustrations posted as examples have a very clear intent to them, and they were executed with that intent and feeling in mind, rather than just the idea of getting everything anatomically correct. There’s life and meaning and story in art, not just execution.

No. 281063

tbh I really enjoy Mewtripled. She's entertaining, which is more than I can say about holly.

No. 281132

What do other anons think of spechie/katyarrington?
As far as I know she hasn’t been mentioned once in these boards.
Claiming to be a “life coach” seems a little bit like an overstep imo. She recently deleted a video where she kinda tried and failed to make a point about loving trump despite disagreeing with him politically.
I love that she’s sharing her story and her feelings but she made a claim that really rubbed me the wrong way in this video, where she says basically, “thanks to the people on my discord, who feel their mental health is worth $3”. Really scammy and arrogant way of putting it as she’s not exactly a mental health professional.

No. 281169

Karla Ortiz is mai waifu
Also kinda off topic but which platform would you recommend sharing art on? I joined a facebook group for buying/selling art of ocs but I want to make a page just to post my art as well that I can link to people if they wanna see more. But I don't know if I should make it on Facebook (seems like a lousy place to me) or Tumblr or DeviantArt.
Also the people in that facebook group are so greedy. 10$ for a "character design" which is just a bland teenage girl with a dagger? 15$ for a pencil sketch? Seriously

No. 281195


Also, oh gods, people are charging 10 whole dollars? Gee. They may even be able to afford to eat a couple McDonalds meals with all that greed.

No. 281201

She's nice and it was hilarious to watch her making a lot of people butthurt (including Monique) on the Trump video.
I really like the self betterment talks, but I think she did't choose some of her words too wisely on that response video. Some of the stuff she said sounded preachy, there was something about people not being ready for the love thing which just sounds like "I am right and you are just not ready to see it". Some of her attitudes remind me of people trying to convert you after joining a church.

Also you probably meant Sluggie instead of Spechie

No. 281214

Oh yeah Monique was triggered wish I had saved the comment.. something about “Don’t tell me to love somebody who won’t give me all my medicine for free! Wah!”
And yup I meant sluggie thanks anon.

No. 281227


Those prices are standard quit bitching. If you want to sell OCs Tumblr and DeviantArt are your best bet but it takes a few days/weeks for people to know you exist on Tumblr so DA is faster.

No. 281253

I agree that the story and theme makes a piece more interesting. However if we don't have the skills to execute the piece then it doesn't matter what ideas we have in my opinion. We learn the craft so that we have the tools to execute are own ideas or the ideas of others. Think of it as another language. We can't tell stories if we don't know how to form sentences and we can't form sentences if we don't know words.

No. 281502

IG? I'd have said DA a few years ago but does anyone even use it anymore aside from ms paint fetish artists? You could also get a site with one of those free portfolio services…I'm still looking for one, if anyone in this thread has any recs please share.

No. 281509

how the fuck is that even close to greedy? what would you expect her to charge? 3 dollars? It's very standard to charge well above minimum wage for any art, since you don't get regular hours, so charging $10 for anything is cheap as fuck. have you never needed a job or something?

No. 281525

This is a pretty good video, wish it created more drama though.

No. 281610

If you need a portfolio you can try Behance or Artstation or make your own site using wix.
These people aren't professionals living off of their illustrations, they're just kids, their art is not of such a quality that it should cost so much (there are a few better ones but most are generic 13year old deviantart illustrations). Maybe I am just from a stingy family. Actually that is probably it because when I asked my brother how much I should charge for an illustration he said 3$. cheap bastard

No. 281702

I like that sugar and salt girl. I hope she starts to grow, she seems very no nonsense.

No. 281734


161 subs and like 300 views. Clickbaity title.
Self post?
The contents of the video aren't even that big a deal to stir up 'drama'. chill.

No. 281749

Only watched one third of the video, but meh. Sounds like big talk and no action. She's complaining about big art Youtubers not pushing themselves, which is true, but at the same time her channel follows the same overused generic art format. Overview camera, several pretty girl paintings. She even mentions something about how she would be innovating too if she could afford it or something like that… Creativity is free. Making up excuses puts you in the same boat as the people you're criticizing.

No. 281751

30 minute video of repeating the same disclaimers over and over again. Just say it once, it won't make any less of an impact.

Why is she whining that big youtubers don't pay attention to her lopsided faces?

No. 281837

Take a shot every time she says it's just her opinion

No. 281867

oh honey, they've never been good

No. 281912

LOL her channel is "the weird side of Rae"…if this is weird, her "normal" side must be boring as fuck.

No. 281928

People who call themselves "weird" are boring as fuck 100% of the time.

She doesn't seem like a terrible person, but she's bad at art and really obnoxious about it. I feel like she could improve if she just stopped thinking she was a great "professional, clasically trained artist".

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