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File: 1551938345913.png (4.59 MB, 2732x2048, 71A70877-A3FD-43E0-97E8-53147F…)

No. 384143

It should never be about how they look, it should always be about their art. No need to attack them for their look, physical features, etc. That is just cruel and bullshit! There is enough bullying in this world! Keep it about the art!

No bullying on lots-of-lovecow.farm pls

Previous thread >>>/ot/359072

No. 384146

Reposting this here because fuck leslie hung:

you won’t get even a fraction of the real leslie by just meeting her at a fanmeet. privately she is just poisonous. always negative, passive aggressive when she doesnt get her way, shit talks other artists regularly and makes fun of people for the most inane shit, like physical appearance. Snotgirl was her self insert in many ways.

she’s sweet to artists she wants to suck up to but outside of that tiny group she hates everyone and everything.

No. 384149

Sounds like you have a bone to pick

No. 384153

Story time, anon. Spill the beans!

No. 384164

uh yeah, you better elaborate and provide proof, otherwise you're just screaming you have a vendetta.

No. 384209

>You don't know what she's really like, but I do!!
Proof or it didn't happen.

No. 384220

KEK perfect thread pic and description

No. 384244

Such a nitpick, but how in the hell is that a mouse Kasey, the entire video I was convinced it was a Whippet without a tail.

I’ve also come to hate how she draws legs. While the quality of her videos has certainly gone up the passion and quality of her artwork has gone down, and with all of the ads she has been shoving in videos I’ve ended up unsubscribing. Bring back the old Kasey, I could deal with her edgelord persona because her art was fun

No. 384260

Most of artists that are popular on YouTube become entertainers instead of artists. They stagnate because there's no need to improve, their audience doesn't care either way.

No. 384286

File: 1551979110905.jpg (240.63 KB, 1010x594, twistedartdisaster.jpg)

twisteddisaster putting heads on backwards/left is original

No. 384288

I mean, the art isn't good, but she's just looking the other way. Heads rotate.

No. 384317

File: 1551986575346.png (485.01 KB, 662x855, tumblr_n2ifqdILcb1qzgamco1_128…)

she personally hurt your feelings but you realize that most of us aren't going to see that. You can be a huge bitch but as long as your professional facade is good it doesn't matter. we're here for the good ass art.

No. 384320

nta but we're here for milk first. anon should dish if she has something to dish!

No. 384323

I was also friends with her back in the day when I was younger and she was a bit older. maybe like 3 years at most. I found her to be alright. I’m sure we were never “real” friends bc it was like deviant art/LJ/aim stuff at like 15 years old. But idk. I can see how snotgirl is her self insert but she didn’t and still doesn’t strike me as a bad person

No. 384340

If Snotgirl is her self-insert then wouldn’t a lot of her supposed attitude problems stem from her complete lack of self-esteem?

No. 384343

Being an artist is wild, I just had a fan flip their shit at me because I refused to give them my address so they could send me prints of my art. Sorry I’m not a retard that gives away their residential address to strangers who are clearly unstable enough to argue about this for a solid 30 minutes?? Lmao, why would I even want someone to send me prints of my own work when I have said work (it was really just a print of each of their favourite pieces they wanted to send).

I want to hear general artist salt from other anons tbh, we always say the same things about YouTube artists

No. 384348


I’m curious about they’re reasoning to send you prints of your own art? It doesn’t even make any sense and I agree, it sounds like an excuse to get your address. Is the person male, female? I understand if you don’t want to reveal. Be safe.

No. 384349


Shit I wrote ‘they’re’ instead of ‘their’. Sorry.

No. 384350

File: 1551997317938.jpeg (57.64 KB, 1242x339, DB988CDF-6CEF-4D21-B3DA-DA26B2…)

They were riso prints, and I don’t know their sex, but then they started questioning if I give out my address for online shopping and it’s like ??? Yes but Amazon ain’t gonna be weird with it. It’s almost like giving an online company your address is much more impersonal than giving it out to people who have spoken to you a total of 5 times and seem to think you’re best friends now who should give each other your addresses

No. 384355

>berating you for not giving out your address

Seems like you did the right thing Anon. Why are they making prints of your art? Doesn't that infringe on your copyright? It it just a printout from the internet?!

No. 384356

holy fucking yikes. block them and move on.

No. 384361

block 'em. they're an immature clingy child at best and a gross pervert at worst

No. 384368

y i k e s
as everyone else said yeah, block that shithead. Not wanting to give out an address is totally understandable, instead they’re acting like you just personally insulted them. Fucking nut.

No. 384369

yeah they're being manipulative lol you don't know them or owe them anything.

No. 384373


oof block them,, that's a big yikes from me

No. 384398

Is there a single art tuber who won’t be reviewing ARTEZA. I really can’t imagine that it’s as good as they keep shilling, it just seems like a low end student quality brand that keeps talking itself up as being premium quality.

The review itself isn’t bad, but I’m sick of almost every single youtuber reviewing these without knowing anything about the supplies and just going on about how ‘good and premium!!’ they are. At least Tori knows what she’s talking about.

No. 384399

Tori partners with ARTEZA a lot. She's been doing product reviews for them for months now.

No. 384400

She was one of the several that uploaded a review today, and I’m sick of my recommended getting clogged by all these videos

No. 384405

File: 1552018507341.png (1.14 MB, 1134x835, 425.png)

So she has a tiny following, but YouTube keeps recommending me videos from this girl, Wichit. She mostly posts "sketchbook storytimes" with mediocre art and clickbaity titles. I watched one of them (the art theft holds a giveaway or whatever), the art was appalling and the "story" was so bland and… not dramatic.

She seems really young and like she's trying to ride on the coattails of popular youtubers by making response videos any time some sort of drama gets stirred up.

No. 384406

No. 384408

Ugh, all the thumbnails are horrid. There’s such a huge disparity between her videos in terms of views too, is it specifically the really baity videos YouTube keeps recommending?

No. 384411

Yeah, all the ones that have a sudden spike in views (e.g. "ART THEFT", and "Why do artists only draw women??") are the ones that YouTube keeps aggressively trying to get me to watch.

No. 384412

File: 1552019421781.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1879, BED38BD4-540F-464A-A2BA-FAA39D…)

Samefag but I can’t even escape it on Instagram now. SOS.

No. 384420

File: 1552024284001.png (630.4 KB, 640x1136, C55CB7DC-BBEE-41BC-8127-5106B6…)

No. 384423

What’s wrong with this? Looks like a standard mediocre portrait

No. 384434

I am so tired of seeing nothing but soulless pretty girls and mermaids in a lineless style on my IG explore page. is this really how one gets noticed?

No. 384435

If you have a niche you can tap into you’ll get a lot more variety and people looking for similar things as you, honestly pretty girls and mermaids/witches are pretty normie tier and very easy to consume so instagram pushes it a lot. If you browse and post in certain tags a lot you should be able to make a name for yourself

No. 384440

I'm just now dipping my toe into posting art on IG and this is reassuring. I just feel like the main niches are prettywitchmermaidgirls, furries, fanart and concept art-y mech shit that I'm not into. It's intimidating sometimes!

No. 384456

File: 1552035081757.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1734, 65C255F6-8E5F-4B95-9BA2-1C4E30…)

Move over Meyoco, your clone is rising in the ranks

No. 384460

File: 1552037985804.gif (150.93 KB, 379x392, onojdmkrQA1sflxizo1_400tho.gif)


Well damn, maybe I should start copying someone else's style to cash in on all the idiots who eat this stuff up

No. 384463

She is Creepshows friend and has piggy backed off her.

No. 384465

File: 1552040717089.jpeg (9.46 KB, 275x183, 52E74ECD-8E90-41A5-ACAE-8E349A…)

Ugh, when will Creepshow get her grotty paws off of our thread, now even her friends are popping up here.

No. 384492

File: 1552050526106.jpeg (976.85 KB, 1242x1840, C2CD6F09-9370-4D1E-A6FA-7A0766…)

Really petty and jealous salt, so I’ll sage. But damn, do I wish I had the disposable income that Marcia has - any creative endeavour she wants to try out she can just purchase any professional quality supplies for it and fully deck out a studio, I’m genuinely salty that I don’t have money to throw at my own personal kiln like she can. I don’t usually feel this sort of envy towards artists that are better off and can afford good supplies, and I think that stems from the fact that the money they have to spend on said supplies aren’t usually their parents/fiancés money whenever they feel like trying a new medium

Again, it’s petty, but where else am I to vent these frustrations if not here.

No. 384493

I meant Marzia**

No. 384499

File: 1552052108001.png (475.67 KB, 640x1136, 00A66659-0776-46A5-B341-2F2517…)

Rae sucks at realisim (which she claims its her biggest asset) so theres plenty wrong

No. 384503

Is she a student or pro? For a student this seems about average/normal.

No. 384510

Lol you must be new here.

That ear tumor tho kek

No. 384530

File: 1552059650552.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1701, 99980485-5EDD-465A-A9C9-AC69AC…)

This Steph clone makes me so damn uncomfortable, I’m not usually one to reee about copying styles but I feel like at this point it’s too much - they’re pretty much a carbon copy of her and they’re getting rewarded for it

No. 384531

File: 1552059719191.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1218x1872, 2F26F58C-AFAA-478B-A334-C6BF09…)

Samefag, but the fact that they’re sponsored by Arteza just fucks me off even more

No. 384533

what hurts me most of this, Is that I don't have the money to make trad art RN and she waste watercolors on this shitty drawing, smh…(no1curr)

No. 384535

Lmao, how is it ‘wasting art supplies’ to use them to make artwork? That is literally their purpose.

No. 384553

File: 1552062698249.png (516.18 KB, 533x626, 2019-03-08 17_23_44-INVERTED A…)

Doodle Date seem like a sweet couple, but what the hell has happened to Adam's art? He used to improve decently, and now it's all wonky animu girls.

No. 384554

Even the handwriting kinda looks like her, I think "style stealing" is bs too but copying stylization, subject matters and mediums like that is just tacky and off-putting.

No. 384563


adam only started drawing 3 years ago, he might just be going through the "obligatory anime phase"

No. 384566

His art is incredibly sloppy. Her right ear is covered by screen tone while the hair on the left side isn't. Poor line quality, bad anatomy and no attention to details, he seems to just half-ass everything like "eh, good enough".

No. 384579


the original video was drawing on black paper, that's the final image when the colours are inverted which makes the mistakes way more easily seen

No. 384598

Three years of study and he draws arms like that? No excuse tbh

No. 384608

People learn at different paces, he may have been drawing for 3 years but the fact that 1) his practice doesn’t seem too constructive and 2) he might just be a slow learner. It’s probably the former honestly (also I don’t know if he draws much outside of doodle date tbh)

No. 384623

File: 1552079295381.png (139.89 KB, 582x421, ig.png)

I'm aware, inverting the colours doesn't really explain that level of sloppiness when it comes to the anatomy. Pic related is less bad, but still a mess.

Could be just a phase, either way I find it disappointing that most of these YT artists start slacking on fundamentals sooner rather than later.

No. 384624

i don't really like the animu shit his style devolved into either but it seems like both him and steph just like to draw for fun, not to become "good" necessarily. i don't want to sound like WK but they're nice people who don't really give any pretense of becoming master artists, they like doodling cute shit and trying out new mediums.

No. 384628

Kinda agree that at least they're pretty aware of their own skill level and limitations unlike some of the other people in these threads, but it's still an odd progression.

No. 384638

File: 1552082235230.png (758.56 KB, 938x661, Sketch (5).png)

There this artist that was recommended to me on IG. Has over 6k following on their art page and over 120k on their main IG page. I don't know if they do YT or not.. And I feel like some of their poses I've seen on pintrest or somewhere else; it seems all familiar.

page - https://www.instagram.com/culurdraws/

No. 384646

Pintrest is a popular site to find references on. Also bad/wonky/mediocre art in itself isn't milky if the artist doesn't have a shitty personality to go with it.

No. 384665

File: 1552087475562.png (7.84 MB, 2208x1242, 2B797FE9-75D6-4C75-B312-5F4A8B…)

God I hate Adams pedo bait anime girls, I miss his old cute artwork, ever since he started drawing anime he’s been making them look more and more like lolis and he’s been getting dirtier looking in their videos

Pic related: screen cap from a video around December

No. 384666

File: 1552087555459.png (6.6 MB, 2208x1242, 5239B04E-784E-41D3-B790-980737…)

And a video from around a year ago. The more degenerate his lolis become the more of a basement dweller he becomes. Whatever happened to that children’s story he was going to write and illustrate with the cute character? Is she loli now too

No. 384670

Samefag but he seems to put in as much effort into his apperanace as he does his artwork now, he has look genuinely unwashed in plenty of their videos. Yeah, Steph is often in her PJ’s, but she still looks bathed and doesn’t she also have a chronic illness?

No. 384675

File: 1552088739519.png (667.05 KB, 539x741, 27384737283.png)

well what do you think lmao

No. 384681

Honestly I agree with what other anon said, though I’d like to add that just because someone has been drawing for 3 years doesn’t mean they’re yet very serious about it. I remember how I drew a year or two without caring about improving aside from very casually trying new things. Maybe the ”I want to be more than just this” phase will come to him eventually or then it won’t.

No. 384685


he mentioned in one video he was depressed enough to not be able to do a video, so maybe he suffers from depression and he could be in a depressive state. that could explain the lack of appearance care + the fact hes been doing some more guilty pleasure art. the depressive state could've been triggered by the whole memory issue steph mentioned a while ago, seeing someone you love go through something so serious where they could maybe even forget their partner could be highly stressful and distressing

No. 384691

He does have depression (and seems to be mentioning it more lately) and takes care of his sick girlfriend, so it doesn't bother me that he looks neckbeardy. Drawing anime isn't why he looks greasy, he's under a lot of stress between being his gf's caretaker and having a mood disorder, which is no doubt exacerbated by the former.

I get the hate for his style and what he chooses to draw but it's not enough to be milky. I mostly just feel bad for both of them because they're really nice people in a tough situation.

No. 384704

Ah, I didn’t realise because I stopped watching them around the time he started to draw more loli stuff and he got really neckbeardy. I guess that explains the extremely disheveled look, but I feel like if it’s that bad they’d be best off taking a break from YouTube and actually focusing on their health, continuing to put themselves out there is probably doing more harm than good. I only knew about Stephs health condition

No. 384715

Probably nitpicking but the whole “raspy voice= funni” is so fucking annoying. I’d actually genuinely enjoy her videos if she wasn’t such a filthy frank try hard.

No. 384717


i believe its their main form of income and since they can do it from their home in their own bed thats what might be the best option they have right now concerning income, and as an artist who also has depression, i usually tend to make a lot of self indulgent art.

i think that he may be attempting to go with the cutsy aesthetic he's has throughout his art but due to the anime influences its making it more towards the creepy side than the cute. all of that is just speculation though, i just find it highly unlikely he'd make art with those kind of implications. i think its just he tried something and its not coming off as he intended.

No. 384745

No. 384746

Why does Mia Minerva only ever draw expressionless recolours of her self-insert

No. 384748


jesus that thumbnail alone pisses me off

No. 384749

I hate how most of the draw this in your style result pictures totally change the character or feeling of the original

No. 384759

I mean, they’re supposed to be different interpretations of the same image - I think it would be extremely dull if everyone just drew it the same way over and over again with very slight stylistic variation

No. 384760

What is this thumbnail even supposed to mean?? I wish she never struck gold in this format of thumbnails, they’re all so obnoxious and aggravating when you’re above the age of 12.

No. 384765


It’s called draw this in your style. It’s plenty interesting to see different styles that keep the original feeling. Taking a picture that evokes an image of mourning and changing it to dead-fish or happy is lazy as shit.

And I see many where the new picture changes the skin tone. Refusing to draw black people is not an “art style”.

No. 384767

She's milky for other reasons but I don't doubt she traces or heavily references. Her grasp of anatomy is not great

No. 384769

A lot of them seem like they are trying to pwn the OP as well
>OP: sketchy cartoon
>redraw: highly rendered shaded full color illustration!! I hope OP likes it teehee!

No. 384775

I really don’t see the issue with redrawing it highly rendered if that’s what you usually do. You seem really pressed about this, did someone redraw your piece better than you did?

As for the other anon, I have yet to see someone whitewash a character

No. 384780

As a Lavendertowne fan, her thumbnails can be obnoxious most of the time. Or all the time.

No. 384781

Why are you a fan? Honest question, I'm curious

No. 384782

There's nothing wrong with heavily referencing.

No. 384790


I don’t know where you’re looking. I was scrolling through the tag and saw 2 noticeably lighten skin tones but brushed it off, then after seeing someone draw a black girl straight up pasty white I made that comment here.

No. 384801

File: 1552130819470.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1830, B91F475B-4C01-4127-A67B-9DC042…)

For real, how do you even gain traction on places like Instagram. I refuse to believe it’s just luck, there has to be a method to striking gold, everywhere has ways to market

No. 384803

Step 1: draw flowers
Step 2: draw generic "cute" women
Step 3: draw flowers on generic "cute" women

No. 384804

Samefag but that wasn't really meant to be a disparaging post about the illustration you posted, its very stylish and pretty even if the subject matter bores me to tears

No. 384813

File: 1552134200552.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x1875, 83D83D42-35D4-42B5-85EA-3D2115…)

See, illustrators like this get huge too and I feel like they must be really good at marketing - their work is gorgeous, but Instagram is so over saturated that it’s hard to make a name for yourself

No. 384822

Yeah it's probably good ole fashioned networking at least to a degree.

No. 384832


not the same anon but i'm also a lavendertowne fan. for me personally, her voice is very nice and when she's not doing those frustrating videos there are a few in there that are nice. i personally enjoy the illustrating/reading of creepypastas and her redraws/redesigns of different stuff. although if i'm being honest, its just sometimes nice to just watch those shit videos and turn off your brain for a few minutes

No. 384837

>writes one short comment
>really pressed

It's just bad form to use someone else's OC to make a point about how much better your own art is, y'dig?
Like choose an OC/artist closer to your level.

No. 384840

It's literally all about frequency of posting. The majority of popular accounts post a couple times a week, or more. Say goodbye to your free time and any other interests except art.
You may be able to draw less if you have connections and a Youtube account, but from nothing it's drawing+posting a ton.

Also people will copy you even if you're only getting 100 likes, it will only get worse as you grow. The way to win is simply by working harder, posting more, being more active.
I personally don't think there is a lot of money in it and I would lose my mental health trying it, but that's how you do it.

No. 384887

File: 1552158349198.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1125x1511, 578DF389-F8A1-457C-A875-12E7A5…)

I don’t know if it’s just me but it bugs me when people plaster watermarks all over their work. It just kinda takes away from it and can’t really enjoy it. I stopped putting them unless if it’s a portrait of someone.

No. 384900

Damn I know majority of these drawings are the same character but the ones that aren’t have obvious same face syndrome. Plump lips, small noses, and the same eye shape.

And for watermarks, she seems to be doing it to ensure doodle won’t steal it since it’s gonna take awhile to get rid of that, but she could’ve at least integrate it bette run to the pied enervate thta white box of text is very attention grabbing

No. 384914

I think nowadays if you're a popular account on IG you have to watermark it heavily because of all those sharing websites that 'promote' artists. Usually those accounts dont care to credit and delete negative comments or people pointing out the original artist

No. 384927

I think it's legitimate to use a watermark especially if you're an artist. As >>384914 pointed out, a lot of people repost them without crediting the original artist which is a shame. It's not something that happens two times a year, it's something that happens on a regular basis because people are thirsty for new content but they don't care about copyright at all.

No. 384934

I can't tell you how often I've seen art accounts on insta simply cite 'tumblr' or 'deviantart' as a source. then they have the audacity to link their own cashapp/paypal/whatever in their bio.

No. 384936

Wow someone is really trying to be the next cyarin. Boring.

No. 384951

I agree with the other Anons, watermarks are good, but that's so obnoxious to have 'do not repost do not use as pfp or icons do not copy trace or edit' on every picture. Any kind of text on a picture I am gonna read so it's just like someone saying that every time I look at every image

Just sign your pic and go girl

No. 384967


Or "Credit to original artist", that one's my favorite.

No. 384984


or the "if u kno who it is dm me!!". like if you don't know who the artist is for credit, don't post it.

No. 384999

I don't mind watermarks but these are excessive. Isn't the whole point that they're relatively subtle?

No. 385029

i hate artwork on deviantart where it'll be this super rendered professional quality or whatever piece and then there's this GIANT FUCKING WATERMARK covering the entire thing. like,, was that really necessary insert artist name here

No. 385041

File: 1552191775574.png (420.84 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20190310-151924~2.p…)

not a fan of Monique's work but I do feel bad for her.

No. 385046

A lot of the big youtubers seem to have severe/chronic illnesses


I feel like I’m forgetting someone too

No. 385057

What happened to her

No. 385058

File: 1552196633978.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1867, 3C37F672-10FD-48B9-ACCA-9831CA…)

A personal cow of mine - I’ve tabled next to her at a zine fair before, and holy shit is she an unpleasant person. Had an expression as though someone had shit in the her cereal the entire time, barely spoke to people who came to her table and told her they are huge fans of hers, and smells exactly like she looks she would - musky sweat.

I like her artwork a lot, I’m personally into crude art, but her personality is so awful. Her entire identity revolves around how fat she is, and her stories are insufferable with how much she goes on about the latest hot SJW topic.

One of the straightest women I have ever met but of course she’s not only ‘queer’ but also ‘they/them’ - truly the mating call of straight white women that have white saviour complexes and absolutely nothing interesting going for them.

No. 385061


I saw her at FotP a few years ago; she was busy talking to a friend and threw my change at me when I bought a sticker. I should have known to stay away from the danger hair.

No. 385068

She has cystic fibrosis. She talks about it a lot on twitter.

No. 385069

Wew those bangs tho

No. 385070

Maybe they liked the character design? Saying an artist should selectively choose which character to redraw to avoid hurting the original artists feelings if the redraw is "too good" is ridiculous.

No. 385073

Yeah that's bullshit, it's not my responsibility to make someone else feel better about their skills by downplaying my own.

No. 385075

If your art is so shit that anyone better than you redrawing it makes you ree then why are you even partaking in the tag. No one to does it to ‘show they’re better than you’ they do it for the mass exposure the tag gets you.


No. 385078

What is Steph’s disease already? I know she has shaky hands and something related to her memory but I can’t figure out what it is.

No. 385087

She's never stated what it is, we can only speculate. Shaky hands and memory problems kind of sounds like Parkinson's but does it even affect people as young as she is?

No. 385095

File: 1552218700600.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1760, E70556B0-E902-4633-9BBF-6CBAF2…)

Lord save me, the art world is bleak. Why was I cursed with a passion for this field.

10k likes on something that doesn’t even look like it’s crude on purpose. I just want to seppuku.

No. 385096

Waffles also hasn't specified her illness, tho we know it's autoimmune and qualified her for make a wish

No. 385104


she has already stated that the shaky hands is due to a tremor and shes had it since the beginning of the channel whilst her issues seemed to be affecting her recently, so i don't think the tremor has much to do with it. either way, i don't think we should be discussing their issues when theu clearly don't want to make it too publicly known (excluding renee of course because shes much more open about her health). i think that the best thing to do is not try to diagnose them without all the facts

No. 385107

Samefag, I was forgetting Kasey. Pretty sure she’s diabetic from what I remember her saying.
But yeah, a lot of the big names in the community seem to have physical health issues - plenty also claim to have mental health issues, but with how diagnosis happy doctors are these days and with self-diagnosing still being trendy who can say if they really do have these mental issues or if they’re playing them up a huge amount for sympathy points. I always have trouble believing people about their mental health problems when they’re overly public with them, considering most people find them to be shameful and will try to not be too open about it so they’re not vulnerable.

No. 385149


There are definitely some "sure fire" ways to get attention on Instagram and drawing pretty girls is one of them, although there's other options and more steps involved.

As others have pointed out, it's a very time consuming business and it will limit what and how much you draw. Personally I don't think investing in Instagram is worth it. The platform is finicky and the lack of sharing buttons makes getting your work out there stupidly hard.

Twitter, YouTube and even Tumblr are better platforms to focus on (IMO). People sometimes act like Instagram is where it's at and if you don't make it there then you're a no one but honestly?? What does Instagram offer that Twitter and YouTube don't lol.

No. 385161

Doesn’t Instagram currently have by the far the highest engagement rate out of all the platforms? I’m pretty sure they have a lot more users too. And wouldn’t being on a visual based platform give artists an edge over other platforms - just a few things off the top of my head that may make it the better platform in the long run

Also, Tumblr is dying so there’s that

No. 385162

Samefag, but forgot to say that Youtube also tends to be much more time consuming and intimate which is off putting to a lot of people when they just want to share their artwork and not themselves, Speedpaint only channels generally don’t do well anymore other than a select few and those usually will still have commentary

No. 385176

Sorry if someone else talked about this…But hasn't anyone seen how bad LavenderTownes outro is? I mean… just look at that awful lineart and especially that shitty drawn hand and the tweening, I've also noticed how lazy she is with her art with her "character sprites" too, like the white dots from the bucket fill and the bad lineart again. I don't get how someone could be so lazy? Especially with something that you're going to use in every single video of yours.

No. 385197


Instagram's engagement is really shallow. People will like your pics and drop you brief a comment but only a v small amount will actually interact with you or check out external content/links you share. Since it's mostly mobile the type of interaction you get is a lot more fast paced, if that makes sense.

Mostly it's a crappier platform because there's no real way to re-share work. It's tough to get people to find you and even tougher to get people to actually engage with your work beyond a like and a comment. The tag system is useless for anything but fanart and their algorithms are v finicky (for example if you post something and then edit the caption because you spotted a caption or whatever Instagram will reduce the amount of people who see it on their timeline and basically cut it out lol)

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good platform to have, but if you're looking to make money/connect with artists/find a job I think twitter/YouTube work better because you can actually interact with people there.

At least that's my take on it from using all those platforms and talking to people who do the same.

No. 385225

if you arent working with the algorithm (daily posts w/o tags, constant stories, comments on everything) you need engagement from promo sources.
for $5+ art feature instas will post a bunch of your drawings to their 200k followers and that will get you at least 100 new followers each time. some artists like humid peach use their stories for $5+ shoutout purposes. draw this in your style works both ways.

No. 385227

File: 1552255159081.gif (41 KB, 600x178, dr dweeb.gif)


No. 385241


Agreed with this 100%. Most of the interaction you get on IG (when you're not huge, obvs) is from other artists who just want you to look at their work/follow them, rather than people being genuinely interested in your art.

I think it's worth having as a kind of visual portfolio, a lot of zines and more casual art jobs want you to have an IG, but I wouldn't focus on it as a way to build a real following unless you're willing to dedicate most of your time to it.

No. 385288

File: 1552267850698.png (104.88 KB, 612x572, fdlas.png)

I know it's unlikely he lurks, but it's a funny coincidence anyway.

No. 385296

Eh, don’t think he lurks, talking about anime phases is pretty common considering how many people have them

No. 385350

Instagram is in my experience a good place to post on if you're looking for commercial work. I've known recruiters that hire people they find on IG regularly. It's easier to browse than wading through shit on tumblr & twitter. I kind of wish DA would make a comeback tbh

No. 385351

Same, I wish there was a platform just for art again that has the potential to make it big

Now all of the artwork on Deviantart very much lives up to its name

No. 385355

File: 1552279451485.png (8.07 MB, 2208x1242, 9DC6E816-F715-4DA3-A75B-FFF256…)

Screenshot of the video in question, and oh boy. This skull that he draws in particular.

No. 385395

I’ve been seeing reviews for these everywhere, are Arteza Gouache actually any good? It’s oretty cheap compared to everything else so I’m assuming it’s student grade, but I’ve never used gouache before and I don’t know what brand to go for. I live in Australia for context so US products tend to be pricey here even when they’re the budget option

No. 385396

She was also put on blast for encouraging scratchers (unprofessional home tattooers) by a tattoo page I think

No. 385398

Ugh, of course she did. I’m pretty sure she herself did stick and pokes from home without a license or health clearance at some point

No. 385404

you see arteza everywhere because they pay youtubers and instagrammers regularly. I can tell you with certainity all of thier stuff is pretty unprofessional and not worth it, except the woodless water soluble pencils, they really do melt completely without leaving scratches. If you want to try student grade stuff I suggest winsor and newton

No. 385406

I’ll be honest, this is one of the reasons I’ve wanted to be an art tuber for years - I just want to be sent those free art supplies.

No. 385413


The gouache is fine for figuring out if you like the medium, it's cheap and not too chalky but they really do push it on youtube.

No. 385444

I have them because I wanted to learn the medium. They are fine and opaque but chalky and cheap. Also i cant find anything about lightfastness. If you get them, you’re getting what you paid for.

No. 385540

IG is frustrating even for fan art because fandom tags are clogged with massive reposted accounts

No. 385542

Do you guys recommend opening a shop, selling charms and prints rather than raise your commissions prices? I’ve gotten to the point where people are will8ng to price decent money for my art but I still get people wishing they could commission me but the prices. I thought selling prints and stuff could be an alternative, seeing as it could fit most people’s price ranges and it’s still my art?

No. 385559


right, it is annoying, I see reposts from people who dont even have instagram on there in the tags, even more annoying when it is an artist i know doesnt want art reposted and state so at the top of their caption and it is reposted anyway. anyone that runs a repost account is a shitlord and honestly is no better than your typical insta thot.

No. 385567

Honestly, you should do both if you can!

You could close one commission slot, up your prices and start making merch on the side.

Original merch is great because you get them done once and you can just reprint them if the reception is good, until you feel the need to retire the designs. You don't have to worry about series popularity etc, which is kind of a pain with fandom merch (though if you know what you're doing, they're waaay easier to sell.)

Sorry if it doesn't help, as someone who mainly does merch over commissions, I think that's how I would personally go about it. Good luck anon!

No. 385570

Don't forget Qinni (?) That Chinese artist who also has a YouTube channel that's probably inactive due to health reasons. Last I heard of her in this thread she was going to have a heart surgery.

No. 385629

what's up with casey golden's obsession with dog dicks? i'ts creepy and reminds me of those paedo-bait youtube kids videos, esp with her young fanbase

No. 385630

same newanon idk how this website works. been lurking for a while

No. 385633

Click on "no 75466" on the post you want to reply to

This creates a >>776877 link to the post in your reply.
Write "sage" in the email field and leave the other boxes blank
Write your comment, done

No. 385634

I am not taking part in the tag. Just as an observer, you can't say someone's art is shit on one hand and then spend hours or days recreating their OCs on the other. There is a time investment in taking part in the tag. If you genuinely think an artist you redraw is shit and are just doing it for the likes you have bigger problems than your Instagram engagement. Personality issues which will come back to bite you later.

Btw not talking to you specifically anon, but just anyone who genuinely dislikes the artist you are repainting. Wyd gurl

No. 385639

You’ll always get people that will say ‘I’d commission you but - ‘, and they never actually would. They just like to say they would, your commission could be just a few dollars and they’ll still apparently be too broke for them. I wouldn’t pay too much mind to what people like this say

No. 385644

File: 1552340309311.jpg (323.8 KB, 1080x1080, qinniart_29737336_168437193861…)

qinni isn't discussed here because she has a genuinely charming personality and good art. shes had 4 open heart surgeries to fix her shitty heart disease but hasnt actually ever gotten a mech replacement or transplant (those are good for 5-10 years).

No. 385671


I recently saw 0073.uv (idk her real name) saying that she was really impressed with arteza gouache and liked them more than W&n, which really interested me because I personally dislike W&N gouache myself, but idk if I actually trust her enough to buy a set.

I know not everyone agrees, but I think it's a lot better to just get a primary set of artists quality materials to try out a medium rather than trying student grade first, only because you won't truly get a feel for how the medium is supposed to play when you're starting with lower quality, and small primary sets tend to be priced comparibly to larger student grade sets.

No. 385686

I think she's on a transplant list now? I really do hope she gets it and it goes well. I glanced through her twitter and she's planning a Japan trip in June and is scared she isn't going to make it that long.

No. 385691

Oh no, don't get me wrong, I was just answering to the list of YouTubers/big following artists with diseases, that's the only thing in common they all have, mediocrity is not paired alongside Qinni. The only times she has been brought up in the thread were only general concern and curiosity towards her condition.

No. 385692

Get some few tubes or pots of talens designer's gouache. Mid-range and good value for money. I don't live in the US either so we are more or less in the same boat of art materials availability

No. 385695

Sorry for double posting but tbh just get some 2 reds, 2 blues, 2 yellows, black and a bigger tube/pot of white. White gouache, on the opposite of watercolor, is important and very usable

No. 385701

Dreachie has had her art stolen and sold a few times (she speaks about it in her stories). That’s why she now includes excessive watermarks. Her subtler ones were removed by thieves.

No. 385713

See, I was thinking of just going for a split primary set in artist quality to see if I like it but nowhere seems to sell single tubes for reasonable prices

No. 385723

Why does Happy D give all her women such ginormous skulls, it’s so damn wide

No. 385735

Lmao, that’s a bit of a reach anon, I don’t see how drawing dog dicks with no detail is even remotely close to pedobait. I’m pretty sure this is her being stubborn. I don’t think you actually know what pedobait is if you think a nondescript dog dick is that

No. 385757

What are your thoughts on adoptables? I find it strange but fascinating that people can somehow make bank from this

No. 385765

marketing to retards, if i can draw i would sell them too

No. 385771

I don't get adoptables. I see artists I follow selling them from time to time. Is it just buying a design/character because you're too lazy or uncreative to come up with your own?

No. 385774

i actually like their gouache, its the best student grade affordable one I tried. some colours have wayyy too many pigments but i youre careful it won't get muddy and it's rather opaque and cheap. it's not light-fast (at most 3 +'s) but at least the rating's written on each tube which I like.
where I live though designer's gouache is pretty expensive and that's why arteza is a good deal, so if you can afford it I would recommend it over arteza.

No. 385778


Yes and people love hoarding them then selling them back. Some folks like to RP with them. It's a waste of money but most use them as a social/status /popularity symbol, especially if it's a 'closed species'. It's all the rage on Da especially if you're popular there. There's actually a bit of milk to be had there if you go digging, but I personally don't want this turning into an adoptable salt thread.
I'm personally put off by them and the kind of people that gravitate towards adoptable groups. Though if they're individual batches just by one person, I tend to see some real creativity.
If people like a design and see value in it, they'll buy. Especially if they can't draw. I don't see much wrong with that. It's the groups and shit I can't stand.

No. 385788

smart people taking money from dumb people. if they are so willing to give away their hard-earned cash on something so trivial instead of an actual commissioned work, then maybe they shouldnt have that money in the first place.

No. 385789

If people are willing to pay I don't see the harm. I wouldn't offer them myself though…I'm a greedy bitch and want to keep all my designs for my own illustrations lmao

No. 385791

Laovaan is so skilled but his videos are soooo cringey due to his boring ass monotone voice omg I can't…

No. 385799

i quite like that he keeps a normal voice instead of forcing a cringe shrieking quirky personality down our ears. people come to him for technique and to Kasey etc more for entertainment.
he seems less retarded also, his video on art schools condemning aesthetically driven artwork elicits interesting questions.
I find his 2009 anime style weird though, but I'll give him a pass because he is genuinely good.

No. 385800

I think he's better than the 'shrieking girlies' but his way of speaking also bothers me. Maybe it's the odd accent? Plus, u can sound normal and not-boring, without putting up a loud, obnoxious fake voice…

No. 385804

>adoptable salt

aw, you have me curious now…

No. 385814

yeah i see how the accent would bother you. I can't stand listening to sandra ruberto who has that combo of accent + weird pacing when speaking + annoying voice, which is a shame because her art is decent and sometimes even cute and I trust her reviews.

No. 385825

Laovaan draws noting but anime dudes and pretty girl heads surrounded by flowers. waste of talent imo

No. 385834

>waste of talent

Ugh, don’t start. This is always a shit argument.

No. 385905

File: 1552409036186.jpg (42.19 KB, 447x347, The-Bathers.jpg)

I agree, and what's more there's a reason an art school wouldn't like his portraits. Even an aesthetically driven art movement like rococo engages the viewer with texture and color, laovaan's boring ass photograph-of-beautiful-girl pieces are weak as fuck in comparison. They're full of gimmicks, too. (watercolor drips, adding little white dots so planes look like outer space, etc)

No. 385906

Can we stop complaining about accents as if everyone is obliged to have perfect sounding prim and proper American English? A lot of art YouTubers doesn't have English as their native language and they speak stuff just fine and intelligible. I love looking at this thread but nitpicking over accents is dumb, is something a person can't help but have it, specially non-native speakers.

No. 385912

File: 1552409840606.png (5.54 MB, 2514x1920, comparison.png)

I realized that wasn't a good example so here's an actual rococo portrait. What I'm saying is that in no time period would he be an acclaimed artist, since his pieces are objectively, technically, mediocre. They are also referenced from photographs- which is not necessarily a bad thing but there are certain connotations to that in this day and age. And art is all about those connotations (and not just in contemporary art). And so a drippy hot girl in saturated colors is not really going to cut it.

No. 385917

File: 1552410668869.jpeg (237.85 KB, 1125x1742, 2BF04807-7E2F-4BB7-B02B-DBAC19…)

Laovaan is decent at rendering which makes his animu, three quarter view portraits ok to look at, but his art isn’t anything special. I think a lot of digital artists make up for their mediocre art skills with their digital rendering. Although the way he rendered the hair in this picture is so bad.

No. 385929


that hair looks like a bunch of spikes i cant even,,

also does anyone else get annoyed by the "aRtiST pRoBlEmS OwO" vids?

No. 385930

Lol why. It is a valid argument. He could be using his skills to create actual works of art, or perhaps go commercial for concept art, instead all he does is pretty insta thots and anime dudes. He has an actual skill set but is applying his skills to make hashtag fodder.

No. 385935

Good thing he's not trying to be an authentic rococo artist then. What kind of argument is this? He isn't historically authentic so his art is shitty? Seriously, some of the justifications you guys pull to complain about people who are legitimately good artists are so stupid.

No. 385939

A lil crazy honestly. I used to make adoptable long ago of animals and creatures when people still used 'Points' DA digital currency that you could have used for membership or even prints I think, donate and give to others. There was a transition going on, that the point prices got higher and people was seeing 100 points = 1 dollar. Adoptable used to be cheap af in points but it could still be hard to get points I'd you weren't popular or buy them from DA. But what I see is that these people dont think when spending there money. Points or real cash. Like I used to see the usual people EVERYWHERE buying all the adopts for no reason like no self control. People buy like 500 adopts (which you may see in a folder in there favorites)and never use them or even draw them cause they may not even draw. They easily transitioned from points to cash but I wonder where and how tf they get all that money cause they must be spending hundreds of dollar a mounth for adopts, but all Ik is that those people who create adopts are making BANK for designs that look common or even way to complicated that it be annoying to draw the character over and over.

No. 385943


Well she did mention in that video that she liked to give her female characters an alien look so that probably has something to do with it.

No. 385949


Does it really matter what an artist uses their talent for? It isn't a "waste" just because they use it for shit you don't like lmao. not everyone tryna be a rococo artist or any type of acclaimed artist.

No. 385963

I'm referring to the video where he complains that his art professors didn't like his portraits and wanted them to be less aesthetically pleasing. I'm not saying everyone has to paint rococo, that was just an art movement based solely on aesthetics + was a convenient example

No. 385993

i was the one who complained about Sandra's accent and mind you I am from a non English speaking European country. id rather Yt artists either speak a language they speak well and add subtitles or speak semi-ok English pronunciation-wise.
not only is American not the standard for folk who have English as their second language here (its British English) but if you use English to reach a wider audience you have to speak it intelligibly as not to alienate your viewers who aren't native anglophones and have to try really hard to get past the accent.

YT artists are not artists but entertainers and clear speech is as relevant a skill as, idk, knowing how to connect with your audience or not filming when you haven't bathed for 3 days. at the end of the day I know I like Sandra and will go out of my way to listen even if she's grating, but the less at ease w English who can't make out anything she says can find it's a dealbreaker and you can't blame them.

No. 385997

its not that big a deal,shitty behaviors and personality are more interesting than shallow level stuff like accents

No. 385998

samefag, but you absolutely can work on your accent to make it better and clearer even if it never entirely goes away, and I would argue it is your strictest duty, if you choose to make a living out of speaking publicly in a foreign language.

No. 386003

well, this board isn't called OT for no reason. if people shat up the last thread or the one before that with lesbian representation autism, I sure as fuck can complain about shit accents just like people complain at dog dicks, bailee's shit attitude or Holly's face.

No. 386009

I know which video you're talking about but i dont see how it relates? i mean, he had a point… many art professionals are really stuck up their own ass with what constitutes ""true art"" and get triggered whenever students don't follow it or treat it as a "lesser" form of art and want students to make art that pleases them (the professor) rather than giving them assignments and criteria to follow and grading based off of that.

Didn't laovaan even mentioned that he disliked doing the less aesthetically pleasing assignments not because he had to do them but because he put significantly less effort into them yet his teachers loved them?

No. 386015

English is one of the top languages on youtube and nets the largest amount of views. I think that if she just switched to her native language and put subs, she wouldn't have as wide a reach, plus, it's more back end work for her.
I think that she is trying her best. her speech cadence is a little odd, but she's not unintelligible. In the beginning, she didn't really have speech at all in her vids because she was too nervous to try her English. I'm not throwing a pity party for her or anything, but it's not like she's trying to play up the cutesy annoying high pitched voice WITH accent like a lot of other art youtubers do.

No. 386019

Academic art professors aren't judging students because of their "personal anime style" or trying to take away their rights. They don't despise precious anime and cartoons they just can't use that to teach foundations. It's obviously sensitive and personal to get your work shredded to shit, but thats why you're actually there.

Professors teach by trying to break students out of their boundaries and push them to grow. He started out as a pretty photocopier. He completed the class as a pretty photocopier. He didn't grow or learn to break himself out of style or boundaries, and he still hasn't seen any growth in his empty, vapid work despite maintaining high marks.

No. 386024

>It is a valid argument. He could be using his skills to create actual works of art, or perhaps go commercial for concept art

Except it’s not, because none of those arguments discredit his art. Just because we like it doesn’t make it objectively bad as artwork, it literally just has to be created and viewed - his talents aren’t ‘wasted’ as long as he is creating.
Saying someone is wasting their talent always was and always will be a shitty and bitter argument people pull out without anything to actually back up how someone can possibly be wasting such a personal resource.

>create ACTUAL works of art

Enlighten me, what are in your opinion ‘actual’ works of art then without pulling some old masters out of your ass because no one fucking paints like that anymore and if they do they reach absolutely no success.

No. 386026

Went to an art school, art lecturers absolutely push you to just make the sort of shit they make and like. You can put in bare minimal effort but as long as it tickles their fancy you’ll get a high grade while work that reaches the criteria and reflects you as an artist will often barely pass. It’s an entirely subjective field too so good luck trying to argue your grade or finding an advocate.

No. 386027

the amount of time you put into something doesn't matter as much as its potential as art, whatever that means. pretty watercolor girls are objectively less emotionally expressive than those blurry watercolor girls he showed in his video (which still stunk of purposelessness, but whatever)

No. 386028

I go to a research university and I agree, you absolutely need to adhere to what your exact professor wants. You need to impress them and play up their likes for an A. they aren't going to fail you for being "too boring" or "too anime" they will fail you for being indignant and ignoring the criteria for lessons. ross explains it pretty well, but you're not in university to have an easy going time where professors stroke your ego youre there to tackle your flaws and make friends.

No. 386029

>prim and proper
>American English

Not how I’d describe yankee accents kek

No. 386030

Art school often won’t make your artwork much better unless you go to a very specific degree, say something like the masters of children’s illustration that is highly sought after in Cambridge, but even then what you’re really going for is networking. If you’re not networking and making the most of the industry connections your university has then there is absolutely no point in going and will ultimately learn more techniques and foundational skills if you just attend short/studio courses

No. 386033

Yeah, agreed because art styles and what's the popular art trends can't possibly change over history? Why isn't every single person in the modern time doing Da Vinci tier oil painting like only real artists do?? And referencing instead of drawing everything from their imagination alone, lmfao what terrible nonartistic scum )even though the masters tended to reference for pretty much every piece of their's, just from live models and environments since they didn't have any invention as convenient as pictures or google) …… anime isn't real art because fuck japs and azns and their orientalist garbage amiright fellow white brothers! Only European art say it with me loud and proud!

No. 386034

that's not what I was trying to say at all but I admire your enthusiasm

No. 386037

Sperg elsewhere weeb.

No. 386038

Lol how the fuck did you make this about racism you moron. You do realize that in Japan manga and non comic illustrations vary massively and your little pool of moe anime garbage barley scratches the surface. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about lol

No. 386041

>anime isn't real art because fuck japs

Lmao what? YOU ONLY DONT LIKE ANIME BEVAUSE RACISM!! This is the dumbest fucking argument I’ve ever read ITT and there have been a lot of retards. But hey, let’s compeltely ignore that anime is the laziest of all animation formats in which they regularly cut corners and that western anime artists don’t learn how to stylise organically but just create an inbred bastard child of a mangakas artwork. Manga itself is inbred at this point too, majority of the artists don’t create their own stylisations through breaking rules but just mishmash two or more popular artists of the month, hence why so much of it looks the same when a generation or two back while styles were similar they still had personality

No. 386042

Rae's advice is to use white out from the dollar store because it is superior to white pens and inks. Ffs.

No. 386043


i hate to break it to ya but not every professor is trying to push their students to be better in the sense of personal growth to the student, but pushing them to "be better" as in pushing them to create things the professor personally enjoys or makes.

I had an art professor that constantly pushed me to do something different and try out different things as long as they fell within criteria. He encouraged all of his students to go on their own artistic journey and find their own path and blah blah blah.

Someone else (at my same school) had an art professor that would constantly push them… to make works that were pleasing to the professor. Regardless of what the criteria was and whether or not the student followed it, if it wasn't something the professor connected with it was obviously a fault of the student.

some teachers just suck ass. even at a professional university level.

No. 386045

Is Rae ever not a stingy dumbass though

No. 386046

The best selling manga of all time look nothing like what weebs value as anime style that should be indicative of their ignorance on the matter. Japan is more than just pedo fap bait but the autist weebs cling so hard they have no idea how stupid they look to people in Japan.

No. 386051

Yeah you need to make skilled friends. and you can definitely just go to a workshop/atelier program for a year and study under a mentor, but if your foundations suck and you're stuck making the same mistakes that none of your untrained friends wanted to point at you just arent ever going to get your art to "that" level, like how cyarine will probably never get past her foundational problems.
some professors will be bad (ego strokers, "just show up for an A!", "all art is great" pushers) and some will say "i am going to make you all cry", "i don't accept this design", "you need to do it exactly like me" and of course you have the right to just drop that class. of course all professors aren't good and I wasn't suggesting that.

No. 386052

The thing I don't get the most about adopts is the price people pay for what they're getting. I've seen adopts go for hundreds even though there is absolutely no commercial usage allowed, the person used a base (though when it gets to those prices it's usually a base they made themselves), and the adopts aren't even affiliated with some moronic closed species. I see so many restrictions put on adopts all the time. They seem pretty much like a co-ownership deal for stupid people. They create the design and you pay $$$ to make fanart or download the image. I can sorta see someone paying $20-$25 if they really want to be a part of some closed species group. Or maybe $5 if the design is just cute and you want to freely be able to draw the character. But anything else is completely asinine

No. 386061

What do artists whose main types of videos are swatch/review/haul art supply actually DO with all of these supplies? Do they just hoard them? I can’t inagine owning this many art supplies and not feeling guilty over not using them

No. 386064

It is stupid. I used to fall into the closed species trap til I quickly figured out that it was just one big popularity contest for who can suck the most creator/mod dick, and who can spend the most money. I was so put off from it. A couple of my friends turned real sour after joining a few of them.
That on top of all the role play and inner circle drama that spills out. It's not worth it. There's some people who take commissions only to spend all that money they earned on more designs they weren't creative enough to come up with themselves.
It really doesn't take much to design a few pretty looking adopts and sell them; I used to be able to do it. The real challenge is maintaining a group of entitled brats who argue over the stupidest bullshit about a bunch of drawings.

No. 386069


These videos are so boring. I can see how they'd be informative for someone looking to buy a few pigments from certain brands, but I'd rather donate/sell these off if I wasn't using them. But I get the feeling she hoards. I can't remember if it was her, or someone else who does similar videos, but they said that they have enough paint to last them more than one lifetime. Pissed me off.

No. 386071

I like watching Joysan's videos, but I honestly wonder about all the stuff she dabbles in. I mean, she's not like holly-level 'i'm gonna do this for 2 seconds', but she does seem to just kind of impulse buy things, like the screenprinting stuff. I mean, at least she's trying new things, I just don't think her style or designs are complementary to screenprinting (actually i kinda think some of her art is cute but mostly mediocre). I guess i'm just curious, how much she actually makes from her shop…
Oh well. at least she's got a day job.

No. 386076

you sound like the type of person that says 'everyone is special in thier own special way uwu' and takes it seriously.

>>385930 stated very clearly the issue is where the drawings are being placed, not that the drawings themselves are bad. laovaan can draw, he just draws weeb shit. its fine, work that niche, get that weeb money, but im gonna point and laugh at him cause what he is creating is a downgrade from his best just for profit.

No. 386082

Because I recognise the fact that the only purpose of artwork is for it to literally exist? No, I don’t think everyone is special, but talent really isn’t something that can be wasted unless it has malicious intent/outcomes. Just because not everyone likes what you’re making doesn’t mean that you’re wasting talent. I’m sure plenty of people would say the same about the art either you or I make, and they’d be wrong, because as long as we create something then it has been put to use

No. 386084


And he'll be laughing all the way to the bank. It's not anyone else's fault you decide to sneer bitterly about someone else's 'potential', lmao. No need to try and justify your answer. Just be a bitter bitch and be proud of it.

That's just the plight of an artist that wants to make money off their work; They have to meet their audience half way. There's no objective 'standard' for that.

No. 386087

File: 1552431116598.jpeg (228.95 KB, 1242x1627, B5ED7DC2-16EA-42C3-83E6-C1AEC3…)

From what I can tell she tends to genuinely try out all the new things she picks up, even if it’s just in her own spare time and not for profit. And I dunno, I personally think her artwork would work well for screen prints because of her strong line work that works well with block colours

I think if she worked in a style to pic related it would work really well as prints

No. 386088

I’m starting to finally gain traction with my art and am beginning to snowball with my following, which is great! I mean, this was my end goal, right? But I’m honestly starting to hate it compared to being smaller, I don’t even have that many followers yet but it already feels less intimate and there’s so much more pressure to be a people pleaser even though I’ve been very upfront the entire time that I’m just going to do whatever I please. I’m worried this feeling is just going to get worse the more popular I get…

No. 386095

ok. cool. you're wrong. art can exist all it wants, but if no one looks at it, the fact it exists means nothing. you're skewing the argument to make it seem that laovaan should be free of dissent because he is creating. that is the most common denomiator defence ive ever read.

ive followed his work for years. and my opinion is he can do better. i dont know about you, but i dont want an audience of yesmen, telling me my art is fine as it is, and therefore encouraged to have no drive to improve.

but hey, if thats what you want, then with that mentality, you have achieved your goal before you even start. gg.

No. 386096

meant to be a responce to >>386082 lol

No. 386097

Artwork can exist just to be nice or pretty to look at. it doesn't have to be deep or special.

No. 386098

No, you’re completely misunderstanding what I’m saying, I’m arguing against the idea that talent can be wasted - it can’t, because they’re still creating. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be criticised but that ‘they’re wasting their talent!!’ isn’t an argument

You’re really grasping at straws here to justify your viewpoint.

No. 386103

and im saying 'you cant waste telant if you're creating' is a bullshit viewpoint as well. agree to disagree.

No. 386110

Personally I appreciate channels like this a lot, simply because they're informative and useful if you're trying to make purchase decisions. Also weirdly relaxing imo, I just really like watching people swatch paint and seeing the different colours. I think, to be fair to a lot of these channels, they often work with each other, with fans, or with companies to get dot cards or samples to use for videos like this, rather than hoarding entire tubes of paint. Mind you, I really hope that these kinds of channels do donate the supplies that they don't plan to actually use. I know some do this, but lord knows how many just keep a palette or tube and never use it.

No. 386133

I know you two are arguing and all, but I gotta say, I appreciate seeing both sides of the argument. Food for thought, y'know.

No. 386168

Not the anon who asked about adoptables, but some of your answers got me really curious:

1. What exactly is there drama about in the community?

2. Why would there be RP drama?

3. Are there like… Adoptable controversies?

4. What types of people are involved in the community?

5. What's the deal with closed species? What happens if a creator decides that an unrelated character is part of their species? Is there a lot of paranoia surrounding who can and cannot use a species?

So many questions, but it just sounds very interesting/funny.

No. 386169

Yeah yeah smart asses, American English isn't official but the accent is the one that's mostly taught on this side of the planet and that's the most heard accent in art tubers we love to salt about in this thread.

I still stand to the point of the general feeling I get of criticism towards (genuine, not the voice people put on for entertainment, eg. Tori) accents here in this board is the same as Americans being unable to watch movies with subs or NEEDING to have an American version of X successful foreign movie because they can't enjoy anything foreign.

Yeah but I can say this criticism can be dumb and tiresome too.

No. 386171

I mean even commercial/concept artists draw this shit now, it's trendy

No. 386172

>American English isn't official but the accent is the one that's mostly taught on this side of the planet

1. What do you mean the accent that’s mostly taught? People don’t learn accents unless they’re actors or something

2. This side of the planet? Lmao, really? American accents are literally in only one country, what are you on about. Why do Americans never seem to understand that you’re not the world, you’re not even close to majority

3. Unbearably thick accents are absolutely something that can and should be worked on if you intend to speak in a language foreign to you to thousands for profit. English isn’t my first language either and working on your accent is just something you gotta do if you want to be easily understood, just like native English speakers should work on their accents when they want to speak in a different language

No. 386180


Numbers anon, I get you're curious, but stop expecting people to spoonfeed the information to you. If you're really that interested, go do some Google searching yourself. Jfc you're annoying.

No. 386182

It’s two different people, one of them isn’t even asking questions unless you count rhetorics

No. 386183

Samefag but why do so many people on this site get annoyed whenever someone asks questions, that is literally how discussions work. Such a petty thing to get assblasted over

No. 386190

Well, Mira’s part is up and was recommended to me even though I never watch her videos. A few minutes into it and it’s so uncomfortable to watch.. it’s like when you listen in on a conversation teenage girls are having on the bus/train and every 5 words are interrupted by them all laughing abruptly

No. 386195

sorry for the derail but where i'm from english is learned using mainly voice tracks with british accents so you could say we're "taught" a british accent. it sticks.

No. 386199

reading comprehension. you sound like the American one, to always put Americans at the centre of the conversation when they have nothing to do with what I said.
it is possible, as a european non native Anglophone, to expect other non natives to speak intelligible English so that you can understand them, and this criticism is especially reasonable when you are in their shoes and don't have perfect English either.
and I would be OK with her filming in Italian also (BC Europeans here know a handful of languages, unlike those pesky Americans you are obsessed w/), but if her choice is English the whole point is to be understood by most, so yeah you have to speak at least okay English.

No. 386213

This is what happened to me and why I fell into a rut with my art because I felt like I could only post things that were 'high quality' or things people liked as my follower count went up. Imo I think it's partly why a lot of popular artists fall off the radar after a while, or start drawing less and less. Either that or they start churning out the same things that made them popular over and over again, i.e. sakimichan/meyoco/rossdraws etc

It's really tough to find a balance, I think, and it's unavoidable the moment you have an audience/ on any sm platform with metrics. As much as I try to stick to drawing whatever I like, I do find myself thinking things like: 'oh this thing got a lot of likes the last time I drew it, maybe I should draw more of it' or 'I don't know if I should post this because it's not what my audience expects from me'

No. 386216


Hi, I used to be an adoptable buyer, the most I spent on an adoptable was 500 usd. I left the community a year or two ago, and sold all my characters off for equal value or more. (Usually I had invested commissioned art of the characters, so I would resell the design at a mark up price).

A lot of my friends are still in the adoptable community, and many of them see adoptable characters as investments or fodders for better trades or characters. I've even recieved one design that costed 400 usd in total because I offered an art in return. It's a lot like a trading card community, I guess.

I'm going to answer your questions now, but its going to be mainly sperging. I apologize for my shit grammar.

>What exactly is there drama about in the community?

As of now, there isn't actually any law regarding about adopts or designs for sale. I only know a handful of artists who legitimately trademarked their closed species (sushidogs). Most of the community run under a honor code where if you're seen breaking a designer's terms of service, reselling illegitimate adopts (didnt own them in the first place), or charge backing artists, many adopt users would blacklist you from the community. Shit like this is documented on deviantart or toyhou.se

This seems so intense for literal jpegs. But, a lot of designers make communities where people of the same species or design can interact. In fact, one community I was in would host ARPG events, and even host an online shop where your 'points' could be spent on items for your characters. It's really fun and neat if the mods of the community knows what the fuck they're doing.

Moreover, alot of adopt buyers are teenaers or 20 something girls who see adoptables as trophies or designer brand goods to flaunt. So there would be pointless drama all the time. Like people low key harassing owners for their design, copying other people's characters, marking up resells even if theres no extra artworks with the character, etc. I remember people talking shit about this one buyer in particular because she bought 90% of the available designs from this one artist. There was even a drama of a other buyer owning a monopoly on another artist's adopts, so she tried to rack up the prices. No one was amused lol.

There's also like 15 year old harassing designers for selling adoptables from the 200-800 usd range lol. I remembered one drama where some teenager charged back a total of 7000 dollars from adoptae artists. One artist was put under by 30000 usd.

>Why would there be RP drama?


3. Are there like… Adoptable controversies?
There's a shit load of controversies like dainties used to have a life of shota deer boys with aphrodisiac saliva. Annies has a giant ass journal detailing the deep slavery of cute anime lolis.

Other people just hate specific designers due to their political beliefs or porn they drew.

4. What types of people are involved in the community?
Teenagers, college kids, etc. A lot of them are shit talkers, basically. I've met people who would accuse a designers of rigging raffles for characters because they didnt win..
>What's the deal with closed species? What happens if a creator decides that an unrelated character is part of their species? Is there a lot of paranoia surrounding who can and cannot use a species?

I might be biased, but people who legitimately sell adoptables as an income see closed species more as a community purpose. Meaning, if there's a design that was stolen from the community, you're blacklisted from participating in the community. (The dainty community has 2000 members, I think the beanbag community has thousands of members as well). Most designers Ive spoken with doesn't care about people making similar designs or closed species concepts. Theyre not original at all, and they know this. closed species basically means you cant participate jn this faux neopets community unless you have a legitimate charavter.

But I do see plenty of 14-20 year olds attacking other artists for having similar concepts to their kawaii cat species. Those tend to not care about hosting a community, though. They're more interested in the income b.c characters with 'rarer traits' can be sold for more because supplies are limited.

I'm saging this post because Im kinda retarded writing so much, but I hope this answer it for you, anon.

Also, there used to be tumblr blogs that documented confessions, gossips, or drama called closedspeciesdrama. You can look at that if you want an idea of what sally does after coming home from highschool lol.

IMHO opinion, the adopt community is milky enough to have it's own thread, but that requires users here to actually be invested in deviantart bullshit… I'm honestly surprised to see adoptables mentioned here.

No. 386217

Same fag, but this character was auctioned off in the thousands. It's pretty interesting because these were rumored to be bootleg species of another prominent designer. As a result, alot of prominent artists blacklisted drawing this species LOL. Doesn't stop the cash flow because everyone want their own twink OCs.

No. 386218

File: 1552465140251.png (1.3 MB, 1110x720, lilidae_42_auction__pending__b…)

I'm fucking stupid. Here is the image.

There was this one design from another artist that was rumored to be sold off for 23k. The original artist won't disclose if its true or not.

No. 386223


And I thought furries were cash cows, turns out uncreative retards are where it’s at

No. 386224

Jesus christ, that sounds… Intense. Thank you for an interesting read, anon! It's always interesting to get some inside information on weird communities, lol. A thread on this sounds really fun tbh, it would probably fit in /r/HobbyDrama as well.

No. 386238

Ok I need to seriously got into this community. This big fucking money here and I want some of that good furry cash.

No. 386243

I notice furry adoptables tend to sell better than human adoptables in terms of income tbf. If you want to get into the human adopt scene, you have to pander to fujos pretty hardcore. If you google sushidogs, some of them went for 2k back in the day. Basic dainties are sold for 250ish usd. It's very rare to see human adopts to sell for much unless you have THE designer brand name. It's honestly a hit or miss market depending on your brandname. I've seen some very good designs be sold for only 35 dollars. The artist who was rumored to sell the adopt mentioned in my post had like 4-5 years of adoptable experience under their belt.

Though, the funny thing is a lot of these buyers would ask for a payment plan to pay off the adoptable.

Can you imagine, budgetting your adoptable needs along side your mortgage and loan payments lol.

No. 386244

The entire concept of adoptable just boggles my mind. Seems like trading OC’s is something you’d back in middle school, not as an adult for a decent profit

No. 386253

File: 1552482490040.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1242x1713, A423C0FB-A66E-49A2-ABC9-FD611C…)

Okay, I feel like I’m obsessing at this point, but Instagram keeps recommending this woman to me and she’s so weirdly popular for someone who just skinwalks two very popular artists. Now she’s back to being a Kasey clone again I guess? Just find it weird that seemingly no one has called her out on it and she’s even getting sponsorships

No. 386256

At this point I feel like I'm ready to sacrifice my mental and moral integrity to create adoptables. This is too interesting and too much of an opportunity to be honest. I saw some people only designing adoptable outfits. Is it a thing too?(much easier they unexpectedly a kind of mannequin base, I am intrigued I have to be honest)

No. 386257

Use* sorry I don't know how to write

No. 386262

You can do that yeah it's a thing. But be warned. Once adopt creators get into the scene thats all they tend to be known for and that's all people expect. Much like fanart or porn. It's fun to do on the side to make some extra cash but I've only ever known popular adopt artists to make adopts. They may have their own characters but they don't really do much else besides sell and the occasional rp.

All this, of course, implying that you become popular doing it. That's tough in itself. Give it a whirl though. See how it goes.

As for communities… I mean if you're interested in being around a bunch of spergy teens and adults with no impulse control that lose their shit over OCs, have fun with that.

No. 386278

Good luck anon but be ready to sink a lot of time into it with no guarantee of payout. There's no logic to the ones that make good money.

No. 386299

Actually really liking this prompt by Kasey. I think she was in an art rut for a while but I dig the isometric style of this piece.

No. 386388

I think part of her art rut was the she kept forcing herself to not to do things she gravitates towards or really enjoys, like the detailed isometric pieces or those huge ant paintings. She’s also currently con prepping from what I know so that could be part of it

No. 386398

Reminds me of Miles-DF. Dude makes bank off of just including other’s characters. $5000 for one YCH is a dream for a lot of artist

No. 386417

Adoptables are still a thing? Where?

No. 386461

Deviantart and Furaffinity are where they're popular. A bunch have discord groups. Some are on Twitter as well. Shit's a disease.

Speaking of the ant drawings, a part of the reason why I unsubscribed fom her channel was because she kept pushing that stupid ant gimmick. I get it's her 'signature' but for a long time it felt like that was all she drew. They were cute but not THAT cute. I guess she just was really pushing that for her brand.
But mostly it was her obnoxious behavior.

No. 386503

Nta but I also kind of want to give my opinions about adoptables and why people spend so much on them.
I used to be in the adoptable community too, spent quite a bit of money on one designer in particular.
Keep in mind, I'm not rich. I pay bills every month and I would put buying an adopt over buying myself food for a few days. Of course this sounds autistic as hell, because it is. So why?
Point blank I found out that adoptables are easy to get addicted to. Kind of like gambling, especially when it comes to AUCTIONS. it's why most popular artists hold them, because they know most can't resist or control themselves. It's why most have payment plans as an option - as long as they get the money in the end who cares.
I thought I was friends with a few popular adopt artists, who only ever talked to me to feed this 'adiction'. I even Brian to talk about how as soon as I bought the adoptables, I immediately felt empty. The most I felt out of adoptables was winning an auction.
Needless to say, once I began selling off my things and stopped being a loyal customer - those friends left me.
They didn't care that I was doing better now that I found something else to do with my time and money that helped me. Some even talked negatively about me now. Saying I insulted them, when in reality I just asked that they talked to me about something other than their newest adoptables batch that I'm ~so lucky~ to get a peek at.
Sorry this is so long, but I kind of needed to get this off my chest. Adopt artists will take advantage of people if it means they can get money, even if it's their own friends.
I also no about some adopt drama since I've been involved for a few years so if anyone just wants a random recap of some I can type something up later.

No. 386513

Really? I felt like her ant drawings where one of the things that made her good because she seemed genuinely passionate about them and you could feel how much she enjoyed drawing them, she seemed to go downhill once she was forcing herself to draw anything but isometrics and ants, variety is good but it’s always lacklustre when it’s forced

No. 386516

I’m not surprised that the adoptable community takes advantage of people with weak impulse control and fully take adavantage of how easily manipulated people can be through a dopamine rush. Kinda gross when you think about how this is how other addictable things are pushed by big companies, from things as sinister as tobacco to fast fashion that seems to perpetually go on sale so you keep feeding a consumer addiction. Hell, it’s all artificial scarcity too

Sage for hippie ramble, but I feel like capitalism/consumerism tends to taint everything

No. 386528

am i the only one that found it weird that she liked the idea of her ants having a shrine and worshipping her? out of everything she says in this vid, that is the strangest ive heard come out of her mouth…

No. 386531

Eh, it sounded like a childish thing to say and she’s childish in general

She’s honestly just a womanchild minus the Disney the obsession

No. 386553

He's a furry right? Furries got $$$

No. 386554

Sounds like a shopping/hoarding issue rather than something exclusive to adoptables. I get it, that dopamine rush is irresistible

No. 386558

The part about getting close to you in order to make you a more profitable customer is so scummy/worrying. Is faking an emotional connection to sell more characters a common thing in the community? Tacky as hell, even if you're doing it to adults.

No. 386561

Sorry for spelling since i have to do this from my phone and lolcow isn’t functional on it rn!
You’re right - it is related to that, but in my case i still dont buy many things. I buy something maybe once a month (no more than $20)and that was before and after adoptables. It opened me up to a problem i never thought I’d have to worry about.
It’s not everyone’s usual tactic,but I’ve learned it happens a lot more often than you think. If you see someone who bids on an artist a lot, but the only time you ever see the user and artist interact is in reference to adopts - no matter how ‘friendly’ they seem - the artist is using them.
I thought i was just an isolated case, but i started to see it pop up more.
Adopt artists seem friendly and interactive, but on TH alone i know there have been artists that’ve taken and persuaded customers to go with a payment plan instead of saving to get their fucked up body fixed (their words at that time, not mine).

No. 386592

File: 1552561001471.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2144, A4DF8951-B96C-472D-A99B-1BBCEC…)

Since we were talking about Cyarine recently I decided to give her socials a geez, and guys what the actual fuck. 1.5M. That is the same amount as someone like Loish. I don’t understand, her work is generic, her personality is bland, she isn’t an entertainer - how the actual fuck did she manage to claw her way up to 1.5M. They seem to be real too since her engagement is at 6% which is pretty standard for someone with so many followers

No. 386601

I don't get it either, anon. Her work is so… shifty? Some pieces look really good, but most are riddled with wonkiness and/or weird anatomy. She doesn't even post all that often. How she got a book published I'll never know kek

No. 386620

Don't a lot of people buy their followers these days? Is there a way to see for sure? Idk anything about this shit

No. 386621

Ugh sorry samefag here, didn't see the bit about her engagement rate. That's bizarre…unless she has really convincing fake followers? I know you can buy ones that comment and like

No. 386624

I have no idea. It seems like an insane amount of followers, and I considered the possibility of a decent chunk just being redhead fetishists since the internet seems to be riddled with neckbeards that orbit fingers, but her personal account full of selfies doesn’t even come close to the follower count

No. 386627

Dude wtf, sorry to hear that adoptables can be seen that way.
Really, how I see adoptables is similar to someone buying a picture for their house. It’s unneeded, yet people buy pictures anyway because the image looks nice. It isn’t essential, but people buy it to fit their own needs or to reselll it.
That sucks hearing that some people buy adoptables just for the ‘rush’ of the auction part, but people should know that that isn’t all there is to adoptables. It’s broad, you can have an adoptable base where you get to see your character in the artists’ style, or you could get a character design that you would like to make into a character. Hell, with these, you should be able to sell most adoptables because after you buy them, you OWN them.
A little off topic, but another complaint I see about adoptable is that most designs aren’t original. To this, I see it similar to saying that all modern music sucks because it’s the same. Of course it is, it’s because it’s what sells, yet not EVERY modern music is the same, it’s called looking beyond what’s popular. There are some gems out there, you just have to look!

No. 386629

Just do commissions. Selling adoptables or drawing porn can be good for a quick buck, but you'll attract yourself the worst audiences.

No. 386631

Yeah but I'm really amazed that some people manage to make more than my full-time job just in these things. I always wanted to do these things but I am scared of not being able to sell that may have pushed me back.would be interesting a thread with a social experiment?

No. 386636

Speaking of commissions, what have you guys found are the best ways to get them going? Do you have limited slots, only offer certain types of illustrations, digital vs traditional? I’m looking into doing commissions this year as that is something I can actually do from home but have no idea how to go about it, and while yeah I can google it I’d rather actually hear from people in real time and be able to interact.

No. 386641

Ah okay, it's still hard to grasp that there's so much shit surrounding oc's for sale. So… an artist tried to convince a customer to spend money on adoptables instead of surgery, or what? Sincerely hoping I'm misunderstanding this, but if not: care to elaborate?

No. 386667

I had nearly an identical experience. When I was working a shitty job I scrounged up whatever money I could find just to be able to afford someone's adopts. I got shunned by a lot of people when the rush of buying any wore off. A lot of owners of species adopts and their stans especially, won't give you the time of day once you stop buying them.

The 'brand loyalty' of some fans is so fucking ridiculous. I regret showing one of my friends a group because now that's all they talk about even after I told them to lay off, and that I wasn't interested in seeing them hoard characters they'll never use/resell when it's an "emergency". then they wondered why I was suddenly uncomfortable with them. I couldnt pinpoint what else about it made me uncomfortable until you brought up the dopamine rush.

It's insidious too, considering some groups can and do run little events in between batches like gatchas. And people stay so aggressively loyal because they figure "I sunk so much money into this, I can't back out now" and any dissenter is ostracized. It's fucking awful. All for what, buying a cluttered design youll never use or draw. I sincerely hope that this kind of thing becomes less popular because building a cult of personality around someone's art easily gets messy and drama-ridden. It's rare to see a group that's genuinely chill and friendly, and when you do they're really small or they shut down bc they don't allow screeching teens into them.
That's another thing. A lot of folks run the risk of just letting younger people kind of be in a group that they can easily become addicted to, or that they might end up sneaking past the radar and engaging in 18+ shit with their characters. I really didn't like it.

There's a lot wrong with the adoptable scene and I'll probably never want to engage, much less create a scene like that because of the reasons discussed here. Too many predatory artists trying to get your money by appealing to your impulsive/addictive qualities that may be latent otherwise.

No. 386670


I can agree with that! It was a staple of hers for a while, I guess I just got tired of her drawing the same old ants in every possible situation she came up with. I think she sort of pigeonholed herself with the isometric backgrounds, earth tones and ant motif she carved her popularity out with. Then when she tries anything else (coloring with more saturated colors for example) all she does is complain about how she doesn't like it. She's too fussy and negative and she doesn't quite know how to get over herself.

No. 386676

Because she's a Loish clone and people eat up anything that looks like Loish's art. Same for lulles (who really was a Loish copy cat, but mostly switched back to zelda fanart and shades of copying Ava's Demon's artist instead).

No. 386726

Make sure you’re only advertising what you can do with commissions. If you font want to do portraits/realism/abstract make sure you state that, if you don’t want to deal with shipping stick to digital commissions. Prices vary by how much you’re getting requested and materials. I wouldnt stress about opening commissions until multiple people ask you about it, if there’s a demand then open the slots for it. Keep in mind lolcow might not be the best place to ask for advice lol

No. 386744

File: 1552597679236.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20190315-080741~2.p…)

I know people have been asking about clip studio paint the last couple threads, just thought I should mention they're having one of their half off sales atm.

No. 386793

I was going to comment that Michelle Czjaikowskis art isn’t unique enough to copy but then I saw Lulles art and lmao damn you right,

No. 386796

I open for a few spots at a time, digital only right now and only for certain "types" of commissions at a time (headshots, etc). I've been doing commissions for a decade and used to take on everything and anything all at once and burnt myself out. It also helped to raise my prices but they're still too cheap because I'm insecure lol

No. 386799

Thanks anon. I'm curious about it. Why do people prefer it to PS?

No. 386800

it's cheaper, no yearly sub, built in brush stabilizer, better brush customization (imo), some very nice painterly type brushes (they just added a realistic gouache brush I love, built in asset library with curated content like brushes and patterns (many for free), for people who do comics they have useful tools like a panel creator, rulers, posable 3D models. The more expensive version also has a pretty darn powerful animation suite. I've been using PSD for 15+ years and I still use it for aftertouching and some other things but CSP has quickly become my favorite for actually drawing and painting.

No. 386811

All of this, plus it just feels nicer to paint in and is definitely more artist friendly than PS.

No. 386830

also probably runs smoother when you draw with a tablet than photoshop, right? my PS CC eats up a lot of RAM and can't run huge brushes in big canvas, theres always a delay.

No. 386846

File: 1552623253071.jpg (129.8 KB, 700x1166, lullesabout.jpg)

Right? I thought she'd grown as a person and was starting to move on once her style started deviating from Loish's a few years ago, but then I saw a couple things that made me think she was falling back into old habits with a different target.

Hopefully she doesn't start crafting her entire life around Michelle like she did with Loish back in the day.

No. 386854

Lmao this is so fucking creepy

No. 386882

File: 1552631053460.jpg (579.53 KB, 1080x1679, 20190314_232029.jpg)

So recently, this artist (lolatempest) has been underfire because she asked an artist in this overwatch discord server to repost their art into NSFW because they drew mccree shirtless. People are going batshit over this because many OW skins have characters shirtless, but it's not considered NSFW. So people are accusing lola of being transphobic since the artwork was trans male Mccree.

I didnt pageshot it, but Lola went on to tweet that the artist involved mentally ill lol.

What do you guys think?

Link to the conversation: https://twitter.com/whimsipop/status/1106184819879350272?s=20

Typing lolatempest in twitter gets you some of her replies and fallout.

Someone called Lola out for accusing the artist being mentally ill. Then lola started talking about how she herself is mentally ill. It's wild.

No. 386885

This is autistic as. Nothing about the mod's response (from what I can see) suggested they found the scars or the fact he's ~trans~ to be the reason it's nsfw. The art discord I'm in has the same stipulation, shirtless men and women go into nsfw, regardless of context, because you wouldn't want to explain to your boss why you're looking at a shirtless dude. Fakest outrage.

No. 386887

Sure but a bunch of the characters in that game are shirtless by default so it sure seems like she's grasping at straws to me

No. 386892

Tranny outrage is always the cringiest. Honestly, I’d say it’s NSFW not because the character is shirtless, but because too surgery scars are so hugely fetishised within the art community

No. 386894

although the sentiment of 'shirtless bodies are not inherently sexual' is a nice one, in reality, if it were to appear in a public place, regardless of gender or context, it is not professional. looking at images of nude people, even partially nude people, for anything other than what the job or setting demands, is not typically acceptable.

to the idea of junk and hog being shirtless in game, that argument kills itself. it is in the game. games are played in your free time. unless your job is to play overwatch, you probably shouldnt be playing overwatch at work. or looking at fanart, for that matter.

a photo of a model is fine. a photo of a shirtless model has different implications.

and yes, transmale scars are fetishized. but it is still a nude body. regardless of political alignment, it is nsfw. this is just more sjw bandwagoning likely brigaded by typical tumblrinas who have nothing better to do than argue over a fictional character and claim it be oppression.

No. 386902

>to the idea of junk and hog being shirtless in game, that argument kills itself. it is in the game. games are played in your free time. unless your job is to play overwatch, you probably shouldnt be playing overwatch at work. or looking at fanart, for that matter.

Exactly, it's a discord server for the video game. If the game itself is NSFW because there are shirtless characters in it why are you shocked when shirtless characters show up in its discord? Idgi

No. 386903

This is the kind of bullshit clogging up Twitter even more nowadays because all the Tumblr folk have no where else to go to yell at people and get the attention they crave so badly.

No. 386906

You're not playing the game on the train or at your workplace, though.

No. 386918

Then why are you looking at it's discord at work? From what I gathered from the drama that one drawing was being singled out and there's other shit featuring the default shirtless characters being posted to the discord without being tagged as NSFW? I guess I'm missing something here or I misread the tweets.

No. 386919

I use it with a tablet and don't have any issues, but there should be system requirements somewhere on the site.

No. 386920

You can argue it's stupid to make shirtless men nsfw when the game has shirtless men all over the place, but it's still stupid to turn this into trans shit? Like…where does that even come from.

No. 386927

dont think this artist is milky just using their video to illustrate my point since it was recommended to me

What is the point of these kinds of videos? It’s such a clickbaity thing to make a video about, like, it’s a sketchbook. Who the hell needs ideas on how to fill those, they’re literally just supposed to be a place for you to experiment and practice. I haven’t watched this video in particular but many of these kinds of videos will be tips like ‘use highlighter so it looks pretty!!’ and it’s such a useless tip. It’s not even tip as much as just word vomit, all the people that make these sorts of videos just seem like ‘idea guys’ that don’t actually have anything to offer artistically nor on a mentor level

Also, how does this topic warrant 7 parts.

No. 386934

Never I'd imagine Paige "fatphobia is worse than transphobia" Thumbcramps would be now Paige "trans rights" Whimsipop. Paige's tweets mist be taken with a grain of salt

No. 386935

That's incredibly fucking stupid. Shirtless is not NSFW and anyone arguing to the contrary is a moron.

No. 386939

I think it depends, are all the shirtless female characters deemed nsfw without anyone kicking up a fuss? If so then the male characters should also be flagged as nsfw, even if they’re uwu trans

No. 386948

I agree that most of these types of videos are crap. However, I did find Minnie Smalls 30 ways to fill a sketchbook series helpful when I had art block because its all about challenging yourself to try different concepts or ideas you may not innately gravitate to, especially when no ideas of what to create readily pop to mind. And playing with something new, like buildings when you mainly do portraiture for example, can really get the juices flowing.

No. 386949

As much as tumblr's denomination of "female presenting nipples" is dumb, we can all agree that shirtless women imagery is deemed sexual and inappropriate for public spaces and it's simply not the same for shirtless men.

If a discord server is imposing rules for what can be or not nsfw, if shirtless men aren't deemed as such in their rules, the same consideration should be applied to women.

No. 386991

for me it's the creepy grin and side eye, along with smoking that makes it seem like it is going for a slightly sexy pinup look so I would definitely quickly scroll past this at work if I saw it

No. 386994

I don't know about in general but I've watched a couple of videos from this youtuber before and her stuff is squarely aimed at kids and/or adults who want to be creative but aren't naturally artistic. She does a lot of collages with magazine cut outs. It's really not aimed at artists at all, it's aimed at people who want to do something casually creative but have no idea where to start.

No. 387016

Oh, the golden days of Minnie, how I miss those

No. 387041

I do both digital and traditional, but my paintings are far more popular. People really love the idea of owning physical artwork. Sending packages can be a scary experience at first, but it's actually quite easy. Adding some extra stuff like unsold stickers from a con or a card saying thank you makes it even better.
I don't have limited slots but I reply to all of them inviting to leave character references and infos and telling how long it'll take me to get to their commission. If you're just starting it's probably better to have limited sloths, tho. And if you use paypal, use invoices, it'll save your ass.

No. 387064

File: 1552680523351.png (6.37 MB, 1125x2436, 74440656-E930-4022-B1E6-4DDC5F…)

What do you guys think of artists asking for donations for themselves?

No. 387073

I don't mind it, isn't that what sites like ko-fi are for? That's a hideous drawing tho yikes

No. 387078

Twitch streamers ask for donations so I don't see any problems with artists doing it. But this is kinda phrased weird, "Donate me"? Why not "donate to me"?

No. 387083

I recognize this artist. I believe she's Russian and doesn't speak very fluent English, but most of her following speaks English in some form or another.

No. 387086

Some people want to support their favorite artist but can't afford a commission, that's what patreon/ko-fi/donations are usually for. Artists show most of their art for free, and some people want to show appreciation for that!

No. 387094

That’s a portrait of bluesatan on Instagram. She looks like that in photos

No. 387149

That is an utterly terrifying selfie

No. 387193

Like anon said above that’s bluesssatan on Instagram. She’s talented but paints the same instathot portraits over and over again.

No. 387212

File: 1552707035034.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1724, 6005242F-01BB-4622-9B96-A33D08…)

Well, now I know what the dead fish expression people like to paint looks like irl

No. 387217

Btw, this artist sells procreate brushes which are utter shit and honestly her "blend" brushes are barely usable. It's kind of a meme at this point.

No. 387221

I have never understood how brushes are something that can be sold and that there are people out there that will actually buy them

No. 387223

>>387221 Agreed.
Especially in Procreate, since you can customize your own brushes and create new ones.

Beginners & impressionable artists think there's a special "cheat" brush that will make their work just as good as -insert artist here- as long as you pay 5'99$ or whatever. And artists like Bluessatan for example, or Heymaryjean , take advantage of it.

No. 387225

I'm confused- where is that tongue coming from? Is it connected to her brain or what?

No. 387268


It really depends. To an advanced artist, who isn't necessarily in search for "the best brush ever", but also doesn't want to spend a chunk of time they could be making art, to customize their own brushes, I can see how it'd be a useful tool. Especially if they're not necessarily happy with the current/default tools or savvy on making things to their liking.
Making suitable brushes for a more rounded toolbox, does take some considerable effort and time, and I think an artist who puts thought into those tools and is willing to share them, ought to be compensated (Frenden comes to mind).

but it's easy to tell when a lesser artist is just tweaking 1 or 2 settings then trying to sell them like they're worth anything. Those kinds of brushes are a dime a dozen on dA and Gumroad.

No. 387270

Newfag here, genuinely interested in how to get better at my art. My anatomy is super wonky, I've been drawing for a year at this point (I've drawn my whole life but I mean a more serious approach)I post my stuff online and all but I rarely get any critiques nor advices on how to get better. I feel like I improved but I always draw cartoons (we don't have any real life classes here around) or draw my hands from life in the hope of grasping how the heck they work. Any advice? I really wanna get better but I can put only so much time every day, I use regular sketchbooks and an iPad and apple pencil (my wacom was 10yo and complete shit) thanks anons, have mercy

No. 387272

File: 1552725486688.jpg (335.63 KB, 1080x1515, 20190316_013426.jpg)

A lot of my art mutuals have been subtweeting this animator's CR fanart of Beau, who is canonically brown. When people pointed it out, the artist tweeted how she always drew fanart of beau as a korean, before the official art was released. Therefore, she isnt being problematic because this is purely her headcanon. Moreover, she said she doesn't want to change her headcanon to a different race. This caused a decent amount of asians (especially brown asians) to attack the animator.

She just deleted all of her tweets justifying herself (hence missing tweets).

No. 387274


Both sides chose really weird hills to die on. Obviously the artist didn't change his race because she doesn't want to draw brown people, there's a brown person right behind him, but her explaination was weird? I don't get the outrage, but I'd say a little confusion is justified.

No. 387275

Reach out to artists you respect and ask for crit. A lot of people are uncomfortable giving unsolicited crit so sometimes you gotta ask. Keep drawing from life, even if you're a cartoonist it'll make your cartoons better. Copy photos but try and think while you're doing so rather than just copying symbols. Evaluate why things work and look the way they do. This all sounds really simplistic sorry I'm not eloquent about any of this.

No. 387277

Oh I remember My2k, we ran in the same circles back in the day. Idk I get why people are touchy about perceived "whitewashing" but she's not obligated to change her head canon especially if she came up with it before the characters design was canon. Racewank in fandoms is so dumb 99% of the time

No. 387284


heymaryjean caurlette and taozipie are all annoying to see on my discover because they draw very similar themes or the same instathot. caurlette specifically because shes talked about tracing parts of an image for 'anatomy' before. stings like a bitch because you can just tell when she doesnt trace or reference some parts and when she doesnt color pick and i spend hours referencing photos or my own arms or something. I literally created a very similar effect in a couple hours after playing around in photoshop. I'm salty af

No. 387285

Am I the only one that finds headcanons dumb as fuck

No. 387290

Have you read any anatomy books? I hear that helps. Personally I improved from studying photos and drawing people around me (like my mom or boyfriend) and watching Proko videos lol. He has a lot of good videos on youtube that might help. I would personally suggest drawing on paper rather than digital while you learn. The other anon is right too, avoid symbol drawing. Also learn how to study. Theres probably loads of guides on how to do it. SenshiStock on deviant art has a lot of free poses to reference and now that I'm remembering I think she has a how to study guide as well. Good luck dear anon

No. 387296

It's just harmless nerd shit most of the time put people get fucking weird about it

No. 387297

Oh yeah stock photos are great. There are also some great pose reference websites out there that allow you to view figures in 3D and rotate them etc. As close as you may get to life drawing without actually life drawing. U can do it anon.

No. 387305

Has anyone here used this tool or is it a gimmick? Strangely enough it seems like one of those “artist hacks” that might actually be worthwhile.

No. 387318

I like them but I also get pretty into fandom and stay for a while. The spergy morons that expect you to bow down to their personal preferences and get triggered when you don't ruin the fun though. Let's just say as an artist on Tumblr I've been both accused of being an SJW and a Nazi all because of skin tones in my art work.

No. 387322

I find this YouTube channel helpful if you can’t find a figure drawing class near you. https://www.youtube.com/user/onairvideo

The videos are set up to mimic the timed pose drawing just like a irl class is set up. Great for working in sketching the human form quickly and loosely.

No. 387331

Thanks for everyone who shared their knowledge with Me, I'll do my best to try incorporate everything in my work (and find courage to ask for critiques) thanks to everyone!

No. 387347

You beat me to it, I can't recommend Croquis Cafe enough, it's amazing

No. 387360

Thanks, anon!

No. 387367

If nobody did it I would recommend croquis café.

Funny that I bet nobody would bat an eye if this or that character were headcanon'ed as brown and official art confirms them to be white and the artist kept drawing them as brown.

No. 387370

When will people stop saying this like it's some sort of gotcha. They're aware that they treat those two cases differently, if you want to disagree with it argue with their logic behind it don't just go "oho! in my logical system you are being inconsistent!!"

No. 387377

It's not about logical system, we're talking about cartoons. With some many other social justice troubles regarding race and representation this is the hill people chose to die on and it's sad tbh

No. 387430

I agree it's often arbritrary but employing whataboutism is hardly going to convince anyone you have a point worth listening to.

No. 387438

>argue with their logic
isnt that exactly what saying that is? by asking that question, you are demanding an explaination as to why those similar situations are treated differently. if they want to take cartoons and animation on as a field for social justice and politics, they should expect people to respond to them as if it was a political argument. if they cant back up their actions (in most cases resort instantly to childish namecalling and 'la-la-la cant hear you' tactics), then maybe they should reasses their viewpoint, and no one does that when all they hear is applause over dissent.

i dont think, in this particular case, it is whataboutism. the bending of races is a trope for likes, but changing a characters race doesnt make more representation. making actual characters of varying races makes representation. why should we treat one side differently when the script is flipped?

No. 387444

What is with female art tubers and putting on that shitty uwu anime voice. It just reminds me of women that were sexually abused as children and they end of having very high pitches voices into their adulthood because of trauma.

Like, it’s not cute, they’re always really fucking grating and obviously fake, so why do they do it. Makes them sound like they’re slow on the uptake whenever they try force themselves to sound cutesy and you know damn well they’re 20+ and have gone through puberty

No. 387453

Social issues and topics aren't inherently political though..just saying. Could just be a simple discussion but making it polirized and policy based isn't what everyone in the conversation is looking for. SJWs are insane but netting every conversation under the same umbrella is exactly what they do. I don't care about race bending cartoon character but people are allowed to discuss it without being SJWs.

No. 387469

sure they can. it is better to talk about that issue without a political bend on it. but you have to think about the motivations of people that do racebending. they dont do it because they want more diverse characters. they do it make a point about how many homogenous characters there are, usually due to their politics. if they actually wanted more diverse characters, they would make them themselves, and make their own story, and not try to piggy-back off of someone else's work they apparently have an issue with.

main point, racebending and discussion thereof doenst have to be political, but it is at least unimaginative and shows a lack of creativity on the artist's part.

No. 387515

one of the 3d model websites I like is https://figurosity.com They have nudes or smooth textures models available too but you have to pay a small fee to see them. Base models with clothes and different body shapes are free though!

No. 387519

Didn't watch the vid, but it looks like a golden mean caliper. They could be useful for composition purposes if you don't know how to eyeball it for yourself. Personally, I think they're just a gimmick and item to collect - we used to sell some where I work and they were super expensive. It's about 1.6-sh for the scale, so figure about 1:2/3 for where you break up the composition.

No. 387536

To my knowledge, its fanart of a podcast where people play dungeons and dragons. I agree that headcanons are stupid, but in this case its needed since podcasts have no visual element.

No. 387544

File: 1552794137827.jpg (48.82 KB, 600x601, image (1).jpg)

There's already official art for the characters though. Pic related.

No. 387556

There is now but there wasn't before. Reminds me of the Dragon Age fandom, Solas' concept art featured him with dreads and some people were drawing him with dark skin and others his final design which is white. The Dragon Age fandom was a dumpster fire of arguing tho. A lot of them moved to Critical Role actually huh

No. 387563

I don't see the appeal of continuing to draw incorrect portrayals of established characters even if it was your ~headcanon~ before but I'm not 12, I guess.

No. 387568

>>387536 >>387556
I find the whole argument stupid but while a podcast exists for CR, it's Twitch streamed originally, and that art was there day one when they started the campaign. Whether or not that fact matters to one's view of the thing is negligible but eh. I find it kind of stupid to both headcannoning someone else's personal DnD character. Beau was exactly the way Marisha Ray wanted her from the getgo

No. 387569

*bother uhg

No. 387572

Kasey asked ppl in her insta stories if they’re going to attend a con in BC. Her next story was “y’all don’t need to dm me that you don’t live here”. She’s so rude to her followers! They’re children!

No. 387573

Do you guys just take absolutely everything Kasey says to heart? This really seems like a non-issue, not the most polite thing to say but she didn’t shit in their cereal either, anon

No. 387575

File: 1552802319564.png (9.9 MB, 1242x2208, 71FBD38C-8FE0-496F-86B5-1C66BB…)

Samefag, but I imagine she got a ridiculous amount of people DMing her just to tell her they don’t live there, and yeah, I’m not sure why you would feel the need to DM someone that. They probably expected her to reply to every single one too, what do you even say to that?

No. 387579

This, also while there is a lot of truth to the golden mean/ratio a lot of it is intuitive. Save your money

No. 387580

If it's an audio media idc but it's significantly weirder if it's a show or movie
Actually idc either way, head canons are a dumb thing to get assmad about on either side lmfao

No. 387585

File: 1552805339838.png (202.76 KB, 357x447, Screen_Shot_2018-10-04_at_12.2…)

It's strange how the artist doubled down saying her HC of Beau was her being korean. Therefore, she can't be brown… But brown koreans exist. This whole ordeal is pretty funny, considering how she tweets 'woke' tweets. Now, her SJW kind is cannibalizing her.

Pic linked is a famous brown korean. Though, this photograph probably has some edits.

No. 387586

I feel like headcanons a lot of the time are disrespectful to the creators intentions for that character. They made that character who they are for a reason, I find it weird when feel entitled enough to not only create headcanons but then also showcase them publicly and hold them to a higher regard than canon. I also think it’s really telling that more often than not they’ll force trans/queer/minority status onto the characters - like making the black Spider-Man from the latest movie Jewish, because black isn’t enough these days

Just completely disregards the intentions and world building of the creator imo

No. 387587

Wouldn’t it be quite likely that dark Koreans are mixed though?

No. 387589

File: 1552805911382.jpg (314.78 KB, 1080x1440, 20190316_235423.jpg)

Matt mercer actually made a comment about white washing brown CR characters. People think he meant the act of white washing other people's art, while other people think he meant headcanons. So take this at your will.

The model of the photo is jella im. She is full Korean.

No. 387593

I agree. Beau is brown. Continuing to pretend she's Korean when she was brown from day 1 reeks of fetishizing.

I follow another super entitled artist who gets assmad about people point out her CR fanart is inaccurate and she goes on about MUH HEADCANONS, but at least she doesn't change their skin colors. She just makes them fat lmao.

No. 387594

If you have the money, there’s a bunch of great anatomy lessons on Proko.com behind a paywall. I’ve been taking them and they’re super helpful

No. 387599

Do you use a special pencil or is it OK to draw with regular pencils and a4 paper?

I always feel underequipped to follow a drawing course.

No. 387604

NAYRT but you don’t need anything special for studies, it’s just practice. The cheaper the better in the sense that you won’t feel like you’re wasting anything

No. 387605

I see where you’re coming from. I don’t think headcanons are bad if they’re about small but fun mundane stuff or helps explain a character’s actions in canon. But I think headcanons should always work with the material. And the creator’s input is always the final input. People get waaay too entitled with that shit, especially with the “this character is trans I don’t make the rules uwu”

No. 387625

Thanks! It does make me feel better that I'm not missing out or doing things properly if I don't have the fanciest tools.

No. 387633

Yeah I can definitely understand your perspective but also…its fanart. If a content creator is cool enough putting their material out there they've gotta be cool with people potentially "disrespecting" their vision and I say this as someone who's produced work that has inspired some bizarre fanart . If people want to make characters POC/gay/trans whatever idgaf but like another anon said that shit gets weird and gross when people try to force their headcanons on the rest of the fandom/other fans. Like draw your weird shit but don't try to convince me or other people that it's the only valid interpretation

No. 387651

File: 1552826496034.jpeg (499.75 KB, 1239x2010, 882FCA8A-C1FD-41B1-AAD0-A980C9…)

I hate this guys art so much. The only reason he landed a book deal is because he’s a troon. I really wish Insta would stop trying to shove his shitty comics and selfies down my throat

No. 387664

I hate this so much

No. 387665

Glad I'm not the only one ugh he can't draw for shit

No. 387673

Lol I remember when someone got mad at her for making that goblin character like green and big nosed? They said it was antisemitic or some other kind of insane reach.

I feel like she will cave in on this she seems really susceptible to peer pressure

No. 387696

I never heard of her so I checked out her page, and I think her comics are actually kind of cute. That one you've posted is pretty terrible, but looks like it's quite old

No. 387700

File: 1552838307947.jpeg (181.98 KB, 1125x1598, DFC2E0A2-A856-4A62-874C-A6442E…)

What is up with artists and some YouTube influencers making T-shirts about anxiety?

No. 387705

Japanese pasta?

No. 387735


I was about to say. They probably jumped on the artist because most Koreans don’t have idol paper white skin.

The art shown of the character still looks Asian to me

No. 387739


I don't know but I hate the trend of "uwu my anxiety, let me capitalize on it by making cute pins of my anxiety/mental illness" and everyone just eats it up like "MOOD, OMG ME" .
Awareness is fine. but a lot of times it just feels like they're cutesifying it and making it seem 'oh so approachable and cute' or edgy.

No. 387763

Update to this old drama I guess

No. 387788

File: 1552858220006.jpg (116.32 KB, 634x788, snippy 56.JPG)

is anyone else going to this event? it seems cool.
just a few basic tricks; selfies along with her character attracts a broader audience, posting photos with art supplies though it was painted digitally, and constant promos from friends. if youre mentally ill and in a country with good disability you can easily do that all day for 5 years without work or uni interfering

No. 387790

Mental illnesss is something that has always been romanticised within the art world, now it’s just also turned into a product. You’d think with all the leaps and bounds we’ve made in past two decades around the awareness of mental health people would stop treating it like some sort of quirk

No. 387791

I genuinely feel like only Heikala really deserves a gallery spot, the other two don’t have nearly polished enough work - they’re just small illustrations, not really something you’d expect to see exhibited. I honestly suspect it’s purely because of their follower count and being ‘aesthetic’

No. 387800

you can gt cheap ones designed to help measure eyebrows, weirdly enough.

No. 387801

File: 1552864696092.jpg (145.14 KB, 1080x1080, sibylline_m_50217223_162511241…)

You don't go to new art things in LA do you? None of them are "illustrators", they're independent freelance character designers. It isn't the size or the background details that get the gallery spot, its quantity and style consistency. They all make a lot of the same thing, and those things can all be displayed together cohesively and sold and reprinted. of course the contemporary art industry depends almost solely upon networking and beauty.

No. 387802

File: 1552865708911.jpeg (295.07 KB, 1242x626, C14BF7E7-B070-4E6F-9D85-A4D25A…)

>You don't go to new art things in LA do you?

It may shock you you, but not everyone lives in LA. And I’m part of the contemporary art scene within my own home town, which is pretty highly regarded globally, and yeah - illustrations made by the likes of Meyoco or Sibylline would never get a gallery spot, unless it’s a small independent gallery. I’m not sure what you’re on about if you think the contemporary art world is made up of illustrations like theirs, maybe the illustration industry but definitely not the contemporary art industry.

Also, ‘freelance character designers’ are still illustttors because they produce illustrations, lmao. You’re acting like you know what you’re talking about when you clearly don’t. The artist you posted even stated that she’s an illustrator in her bio.

No. 387804

>independent freelance character designers
Is this something you made up or do people unironically use such a tacky moniker

No. 387809

File: 1552867699616.jpg (191.57 KB, 1080x1263, meyoco_47694366_35095615573714…)

I'm absolutely sure she would use the label towards marketing her skill as a freelancer, but as an online brand she isn't illustrating anything. she designs. Its easy to conflate them but creating visuals for concepts/stories/brands which already exist is one thing and character design, drawing cute girls for nothing, is another. this isn't an "illustration" of anything, its a drawing which meyoco designed solely from her own imagination.

I doubt your city is as integral to the art industry as mine, but the system here has far more facets than "high global regard". most people don't actually know anything about the most critically acclaimed or highly paid painters and designers right now.
its a mouthful but in the art directing world it is sometimes necessary to make distinctions like that when its too broad to just say artist lmao. a few "illustrators" may be able to do "character design" or "concept illustration art" or "academic portrait painting" or "cute girl drawings" but in reality those people are making vastly different works for different things. it depends upon each job and company.

No. 387812

File: 1552869199115.jpeg (937.86 KB, 1016x1019, 80053F06-C983-425D-928C-69F2D9…)

Is your only apparent qualification that you know better than others the fact that you happen to live in LA, anon

Even in the thumbnail for the exhibition the other two are so underwhelming in comparison

No. 387818

File: 1552871936485.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1080, heikala_37317377_3416706497038…)

I'm an assistant designer for an insta brand, I'm interning at a museum, my first degree is in art administration, and my second will be in design and art history. I am qualified enough to make shitposts on lolcow lmao.

You can't analyse all of their works with a pic in which the director just chose a blue oceanic theme, but I agree that that thumbnail sucks. They shouldve made the theme "cute girl in white negative space" for more accurate comparisons.

No. 387820

nta but lmao is this the bragging general now?

No. 387829

File: 1552873385395.jpeg (1.57 MB, 4000x4000, FEE5DF71-A481-4A94-9FC8-694C37…)

Alright, so, can anyone tell me what type of art this is called? Don‘t say tkmiz because I want to see if others draw the same like her them him idk. I‘ve seen this art style long before he or she did it. But never knew it‘s name. Pls don‘t say moe blob because it won‘t show me this style.

No. 387830

Not that anon, but to be fair, the other anon did ask them what qualifications they had to be talking about this.

No. 387831

Oh damn my bad, I thought it was like the adventure zone and I heard that the people who made that podcast didnt have official art or something. I stand corrected

No. 387832

File: 1552873914188.jpeg (103.89 KB, 500x660, E03DB8F5-E367-4EBA-B4B1-117437…)

That’s a sketch though, still not an accurate representation as she does a lot of more finalised pieces.

And I wasn’t actually asking for your questions so there’s no need for you to swing your dick around on anon, I was musing on the fact that right from the get go you tried to discredit what I said purely because I don’t live in LA - I’d gather that the vast majority of anons here don’t and that doesn’t somehow mean that they can’t have an opinion on galleries

You’re not gonna change my mind that Heikala is ahead of the other two

No. 387836


“10 year old weeb draws in MS Paint”?

No. 387844

Artists from/in LA, I swear to god, lmao.

Anyway, has anyone seen that discussion on twitter about how Calarts is raising tuition prices? My question is why everyone is acting so surprised. all the artists that already are in the industry have an opinion on it while they sit comfortably in their bubble. And continue to hire folks. From calarts.
Yeah I'm salty.

It's folks like anon above and cycles like these that keep people out of the industry. If you aren't in LA/don't have the right people as friends, you're nothing. No matter what.

No. 387857

Not that annoying LA anon but I do live in LA and unfortunately the last part of your post isn't far from the truth. I've worked commercially for a few years now and while I stand by my work, I probably wouldn't be employed if I didn't know the right people. Having a strong portfolio is the most important thing in this industry but getting it noticed without the right connections is another thing altogether. I didn't go to Calarts but the thing it has on the other schools is the connection factor. You can get essentially the same education at a number of other places for way cheaper (or even free if you have the resources) but be prepared to bust your ass to get your portfolio on someone's desk.

No. 387858

its oekaki or nemu
idc about your opinion lmao my point was that they're all equal enough in styles to be displayed together. in LA absolutely anyone with the right friends can exhibit in "millennial" galleries, they arent exclusive as you think. reading comprehension.
calarts is known to be pretty shit for everyone outside of animation. the only reason to go is for the great connections/recommendations, otherwise theres otis, oxy, cca, etc. even some UCs are decent for cartoonists.

No. 387859

its oekaki or nemu
idc about your opinion lmao my point was that they're all equal enough in styles to be displayed together. in LA absolutely anyone with the right friends can exhibit in "millennial" galleries, they arent exclusive as you think. reading comprehension.
calarts is known to be pretty shit for everyone outside of animation. the only reason to go is for the great connections/recommendations, otherwise theres otis, oxy, cca, etc. even some UCs are decent for cartoonists.

No. 387862

No. 387863

Unfortunately that's just the way it is but connection play a large part in every industry.

No. 387864

California college of art

No. 387866

I've been seeing a few artists say that all they really got out of art school was connections, but they kind of blow it off like that doesn't mean anything. Idk. It kind of feels like they don't realize that those connections are everything, and they wouldn't be where they are without them. But that could just be me following the wrong people.

I don't even think that anyone should go to art school, I know I wouldn't, but I do think people need to be aware of how up their own asses the art industry is and that if they truly want an in, they'll probably have to put a lot of money into it in some way. But not a lot of established artists seem willing to admit that.

No. 387867

samefag, but I just want to clarify that
>I know I wouldn't
just means that I don't see my future in the industry, not trying to look down on anyone who does/goes to art school. That sounded really snotty, and I didn't mean it that way at all.

No. 387868

Yeah i think they're full of shit. I got a lot out of going to art school not just connections. Some people need that structure… It's unfortunate that in the states it's very unaffordable because it makes it not even an option for many.

No. 387884

File: 1552889959689.png (5.74 MB, 1242x2208, ADA389FB-910E-4F1E-BB1F-CF42FC…)

Why do so many people race bend for the draw this in your style tag, it really gives me the shits. Changing the race or ethnicity of a character isn’t ‘style’ it’s often either virtue signalling or inability to draw anyone nonwhite

No. 387898

what character is this?
from what series?

No. 387899


I think this is the case too. Especially established artists on Twitter, just love to harp on about how hard they worked and just to 'have a good portfolio', and the ever-famous "I got most of my jobs off Twitter/social media! That's just how this works nowadays, isn't the internet great??"

Yeah great if you already have friends DMing you opens slots for positions. Meanwhile they retweet the table scraps of "____is hiring!"
The reality is those job listings are a formality and theyve probably already chosen someone from the inside like weeks before. It's so soul crushing and feels pointless because they encourage you to "connect" but then don't really ever intend to follow up on that.
Unless of course, again, you're already on the inside.

Otherwise, you can't sit with them. Even if your work is solid.

No. 387901

This is unfortunately very true. They usually hire internally and the job posting is just a formality. Knowing people matters more than anything… The chances of you becoming big online and a recruiter reaching out is p slim. It does happen but it's rare. I know a mix of ppl who work in studios some went to art school some didn't but the one thing they all have in common is knowing people. That's really what it comes down to.

No. 387902

"…whose works have been inspired by Japanese manga, fashion, and popularized the floral/aquatic kawaii style in apparel, pins, and illustrations of characters/food/everyday objects."

This is so pretentious lmao These things have been popular drawing subjects long before meyoco came along.

Possibly OT but what do you guys think of the increasing number of artists creating self-made brands and marketing themselves around it? Do you think it's sustainable? Or will the market become too over-saturated eventually? I find a lot of them come off quite superficial and uninspired, in a 'everyone's doing it so I want to do it too' sort of way. Although, having your own established brand is the dream for a lot of artists, I'm sure.

No. 387903

File: 1552894130499.png (224.49 KB, 358x310, nice.png)

No. 387904

‘Being your own boss’ is everyone’s dream, and a lot of people that have absolutely no business sense dive in the deep end of it all. It absolutely saturated the market but honestly I think it’ll start dying off soon enough, everyone’s kinda just excited about the possibilities of social media and self-publishing. I think we’ll still have more than before the huge push of social media, but more and more people will probably go back to either traditional freelancing or working for an established brand/publisher/what have you

No. 387906

File: 1552894339417.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1396, A4889E1E-EBA5-4023-B21C-1D9BEB…)

No. 387909

imo any racebending of any kind is childish and moronic, but just from an artistic standpoint, this piece is a mess. the skin tone paired with the hair color, then the bright green background- there is a lot going on, and it hurts my eyes. keeping the lighter skintone would have kept the palette pointed and precise, giving less information to the viewer whiles still being an okay drawing. clearly someone skipped color theory day in their high school art class.

No. 387911

It’s not even true racebeding because they have absolutely no black features other than their skin and nose so poorly drawn it just looks like it’s been squashed in an attempt to make it wider

No. 387912

the dark skin with the bright pink lip is giving me blackface vibes, anyone else getting that? the fact they sqaushed it too doesnt help that feeling either

No. 387915

File: 1552900500790.jpeg (445.71 KB, 1242x1706, B21C2D22-E609-4316-8B1A-3B2D88…)

I guess racebending is just what they do

No. 387941

Ironic because the second image looks like it's of an asian woman. I suppose it's the same problem they have with anime where Japanese characters just aren't POC enough.

No. 387986

The art collab we really need

No. 388003

File: 1552919903702.jpeg (140.7 KB, 900x506, 240E82A8-5352-40DF-A968-2716CE…)

xDD yeah even though it‘s clear they grasp the fundamentals of drawing. XD tip top tep kekzz
Thank you, but when i google "oekaki art" I can‘t get any results nor with nemu.

No. 388047


Uh. It's just this person's art style? Why do you need a specific name for it?

No. 388062

File: 1552929625747.jpg (482.06 KB, 879x879, 67817814_p0_master1200.jpg)

I don't know any name, but I've also seen similar art. My best bet was just to follow artists like that on Pixiv and get recommended others.
Would you like me to link/name a few artists with that style, anon?

No. 388066

nayrt but please do!

No. 388076

Can y'all please stay on the fucking topic? This is the YOUTUBE artist salt thread. It's not the insta artist thread, it's not the "I need advice!" thread, it's not the "who's going to this event" thread, not is it the place to argue about your fucking qualifications. This thread hasn't been on topic in weeks and it's annoying as shit. The rest of us don't care about your personal lives so fucking stop. Milk or GTFO.

No. 388078

No. 388081

Artists on YouTube/General Artist Salt

No. 388084

I noticed their views have been pretty low lately. I feel pretty bad for them, especially Steph and her diagnosis as well as being financially burdened with her estranged father's funeral costs. I hope their channel picks up.

No. 388085

I do hope they figure out something that works for them or at least find another income source. They seem like decent sweet people, I feel like their content isn't what works on YT too well. They need to network more to get new subscribers imo. Maybe do a collab with somebody or something

No. 388088


True, I take back the insta part. My bad.

No. 388126

File: 1552943545742.jpg (179.22 KB, 728x1000, 49854524_p0_master1200.jpg)

No. 388138

Are you unable to read? It’s literally on the tin, Artists on Youtube/General Artist Salt #7, as long as it’s artist related it’s on topic. Plus youtubers only do so much lmao, wasn’t aware we’re not allowed to discuss other platforms in the GENERAL artist salt thread

No. 388139

I’m not surprised their views and subscriber count has been dropping/slowing down. Yeah, they have a good reason for it but at the end of the day they still don’t look the nicest on camera these days and the quality of their videos has been dropping along with the artwork tbh. Most people don’t stick around just because someone is ill, they want to be entertained. I think they need to figure out something else to do income wise - it’s not like they’re the only nice people with medical issues, majority of us don’t get to just work from the comfort of our home whenever shit hits the fan

No. 388149

Ok emily. We get you want to post this. No one cares

No. 388153

File: 1552947534410.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, 1D487DA5-AA9F-4B19-81C1-BF6889…)

What the actual fuck is Kasey going on about here. Sage because this isn’t really milk, but I don’t understand what she’s being passive aggressive about here

Why is she such a fucking autist

No. 388158

tbf I highly doubt almost 2000 people are going to visit her at the con…

No. 388159

I think she posted something about being at some event in Canada before that

No. 388168

all of the characters literally had canon designs since the first episode. there's no 'before there was canon designs'

No. 388175

File: 1552954773146.png (609.03 KB, 1319x932, ohuhushills.PNG)

completely off topic from what everyone else is talking about but I keep getting Ohuhu Vs (other alcohol marker brand) videos and I really wish they would die, I'm not even sure what the appeal in this type of video is? Lucid Neema has made like 10+ videos about them which is ridiculous because that means over 1/5th of her videos are shilling Ohuhu. If you can afford to buy "$200 LUXURY WATERCOLOR" you can afford to make videos on other things too y'know?

No. 388178

Because cheap Copic alternatives get views. Most artubers' audiences consist of children whose parents aren't going to buy them a 200 dollar set of markers, and alcohol markers as a medium are really popular on YouTube for some reason.

No. 388180

Cheap Chinese knockoffs are popular for everything on YouTube

No. 388183

File: 1552957338725.jpg (95.22 KB, 1077x897, IMG_20190319_120046.jpg)


No. 388186

Because I see more than her/him who draw like this and I want a name to see other artists who draw like that, albeit with easy access like google search results, because I love it. Or at least gimme artist names that will do it too. 4chan ban images sometimes show same art style.

No. 388187

He's probably just gonna re-do his mural. He had it for a while now and probably wants a change, but clickbait gonna clickbait

No. 388190


Eh I recognize and admire the scale of work it took him to make this but I wasn't ever a fan of it as a backdrop. It was too busy.
Whatever he replaces it with hopefully it's less "newgrounds-y/bug eyed", but I doubt it.

No. 388196

File: 1552961878511.png (516.23 KB, 799x447, 342 (2).png)

That just looks like the art style of Nichijou. Which was the beginning of moeblob.

No. 388197


Btw, the 4chan ban images are usually of a character from Yotsuba&!, which is a manga by Kiyohiko Azuma who also did Nichijou. So it's just this person's art style you like, I guess.

But this is really off topic for this thread, so now that you have your answer we can move on.

No. 388200

nta just googled it but the person who wrote Nichijou is a dude name keiichi arai, not kiyohiko azuma (they wrote yotsuba and azumanga daioh

No. 388204

You're right, my bad, I always mix up Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou. The artists have really similar art styles.

No. 388208

Get blessed anon, i just saw this. Thank you so fucking much.
>just this person‘s
Who, the one I posted? If so, not true, because I don‘t care for original manga’s art the art on 4chan website art is based of.
Also i didn‘t see last sentence. I‘m sorry actually for bothering.

No. 388209

>Which was the beginning of moeblob.

are you autistic or…

No. 388210


No. 388315

I finally time travelled back to 2008, yay

No. 388348

I dunno if this is milk and I don’t have proof of it but I was part of this youtube artist discord and I remember talking about how I dislike sakimichans copycat’s artstyle. Those who’ve been to DA know what I’m talking about, especially since it’s everywhere nowadays. For some reason the mod and few other people got really pissy about it, saying it’s mean and harrassment and shit. Well I stood my ground and I remember kasey just came out and said something like ”can i just come in and give my opinion?” ”Just because I dislike bell peppers doesn’t mean I go and tell that to everyone” and my response was just along the lines of ” well I dislike olives and I do tell that to people”. I really regret not screenshotting this conversation ’cause I was planning to but got kicked out before I did. This just left a really bad taste into my mouth ’cause this was our first interaction and it’s just so hypocritical anyway, especially since everyone there just started to lick her ass as soon as she typed anything at all.

No. 388349

No one cares. This is an image board.

No. 388361

File: 1553010390722.png (494.92 KB, 666x2223, caps.png)


Oh you mean this discussion, anon? This was from months ago so it's not really fresh milk. Crossed out everyone's name except monique cause everyone fuckin knows monique. She's a mod there.
And I mean, I guess you shouldn'tve been surprised at the way more popular youtube artists reacted negatively to your opinion. No one wants to be caught talking shit on other artists for fear of being called out. All the other smaller artists were following suit.
After Kasey came in, the discussion just dissolved into bell pepper bullshit.

No. 388367

samefag, but I didn't know you got banned. After monique said 'so in the future–' she then consulted the mods and they banned you on 'zero tolerance' because you wouldn't shut up about it. I don't think you deserved a banning, necessarily, but this is coming from a youtube discord group that decided to split their rooms up by subscriber count. So…

No. 388368

I've tried several different art disc groups and they're usually divided in 3 categories with stuff like this
>youtuber/artists who draw only pretty disney-ish girls club
you're not allowed to say anything critical ever
>smaller groups of cartoonists
people talk about it, some agree and some disagree, pretty chill
>newgrounds e-celebs
either complain about it in detail because muh contrarianism or defend pin-up artists because it gets their dick wet

No. 388372


Hi. I'm a mod at that discord. Can this person please let me know if they were actually banned or if they left of their own accord, as as far as I'm aware only one user has been banned and that was for repeated use of slurs. I just went back through all our reports and this incident is not listed as a reported incident, strike, or ban, so I'm really curious as to what happened here, who banned you, and why, so it's not recorded at all, and I'd like to ensure you weren't banned improperly.

No. 388374

File: 1553013286163.jpeg (179.56 KB, 750x1260, A95E84EA-FD06-4B25-BC37-928B48…)

I was kicked out after 2 warnings actually.

I had 2 warnings, one for hate speech against religion and one for using the word retard (once in the group).

One of the mods then sent me a dm saying it was one more warning and I’m out and there was a but of back and fort ’cause no obe told me that I got the first warning.

Then eventully I said something like ”that’s retarded (this was dm’s btw, so rules no apply) but tbh I bet I was gonna get kicked out a lot earlier so it’s miracle I lasted this long”

Then the mod kicked me out. Lemme find a screenshot of this. Mod is the one with the photo.

No. 388375


I understand what happened! Your name appears to have changed between being kicked from the server, so it wasn't showing up in reports. You had a username beginning with M, correct, and now it begins with L? There was not a report listed for the first incident, which there shouldn't have been as it wasn't a bannable or warnable incident. There are reports for the second two, where you were warned about your speech/slurs. I'll send you a message on discord.

No. 388379

lmao what the hell just happened

No. 388382

I see why the banned you Anon you're a bit of an asshat lol. Are you 12?

No. 388383

Add 10 years to that and you start getting closer lol. And yea I can be an ass absolutely but if I decide to use free language outside of the group, isn't that my business?

Also I talked to the mod and yea I was unjustifiably banned so I can go back but I doubt I will.

No. 388401


I'm also a mod on this discord, and you were banned for insinuating Jewish people kill their own children. Just for the sake of transparency. You weren't banned for no reason.

No. 388403

No. 388405

Damn anon I didn't mean to expose anyone with the screen shot that started this but get bent lmfao.

No. 388409


What? That's just bullshit.I did say I dislike _Religious_ people who kill their kids and it was suppose to be anti vax joke and it had nothing to do with jewish. I never even mentioned jews. Just for the sake of transparency maybe don't make shit up?

No. 388425

discord artists salt thread

No. 388436

I like the blurring of the name just enough to still be able to read it.

No. 388443


Yea I noticed that too, Did it on phone and it didn't look like see through then zoom in on pc and oopsie doo.

No. 388448

File: 1553026473793.png (25.58 KB, 534x235, capture20190319161318980.png)

You're a liar. You did mention jews. I remember being skeeved out and blocking you after. I still have the screenshot from talking to my bf about it.

No. 388450

nta and I can see why you banned them (I would have too), but it's weird you specified the bit where they said Jewish people. They were going after Jehovah's Witnesses and all Christians too.

Weird double standard.

No. 388451


I'm not the same anon. I was just pointing out that she was lying when she said she never mentioned jews. She mentioned a lot of religions by name, including jews. She never said _Religious_ people like she's claiming.

No. 388453

>>388409 >>388448

Just for the sake of transparency maybe don't make shit up

No. 388454

I’m talking about the original comment which was removed by your bf where I said almost word for word ”I hate religious people who kill their kids” and this never mentioned jews.

Also on that I clearly said ”jehovan withnesses. Could’ve been jews or christians too” never did I say jews spesifically kill their kids, I was strictly talking about religion overall and if you ask your bf, I’m sure he can confirm. You’re trying to make it into some anti semite debate which it isn’t and never was, since I was trashtalking ALL religions equally.

No. 388472

Since when Holly's thread is not the popcorn entertaining thread anymore? I'm intrigued by all of this

No. 388511

i follow lucid neema just for the casual videos but of course arteza had to give her free stuff
and of course, another case of "i dont know anything about gouache by the way" GOD WHATS THE PROBLEM OF REVIEWING SOME PRODUCT OF A MEDIUM YOU'RE FAMILIAR WITH….

No. 388514

File: 1553036306610.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

No. 388522

Yes, I HATE that about all of these fucking Arteza reviews - the people reviewing them don’t know shit about the brand or the mediums they choose. And I know for a fact that they’ll send out anything because I remember at the start there were youtubers trying out different mediums and one where recently in her stories she showed all the stuff they had sent to her unsolicited that she never got around to reviewing or even opening

No. 388530

Which YouTuber anon?

No. 388539

that girl painting she did looks horrible, lmao "ooh now that this is dried it actually looks pretty cool" sure girl, keep telling yourself that.
Hey Arteza maybe send art supplies to people that make them look good?

No. 388548

If memory serves me correct it was ghost-puff, she only has a few videos up and I think they sent her stuff like felt and whatnot ages ago and she showed it in her insta stories recently and it was all still unopened

No. 388552

File: 1553042824478.png (393.13 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20190320-114342~2.p…)

A delusional meyoco stan accuses Qinni, an actually talented artist, of copying her. yikes lol

No. 388554

File: 1553042862658.png (483.18 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20190320-114528~2.p…)

No. 388555

What is it about aesthetic artists in particular that attracts retards and children who will attack everyone indiscriminately

No. 388558

File: 1553043373741.jpg (387.12 KB, 1690x2048, IMG_20190320_114855.jpg)

Qinni's piece for reference.

No. 388566

I mean they both have those liquid filled witch hats, seems like a weird coincidence unless it's some art trend I'm unfamiliar with.

No. 388568

File: 1553046039156.jpg (255.93 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20190319_223622.jpg)

Can't say they aren't similar tho, if the controversy wasn't brought up, if this was posted with no context I'd say it could be Qinni's rendition of "draw this in your style challenge" of meyoco's drawing. These motifs of "witch girl with liquid witch flower hat magically brewing tea with floating liquid" marks on both drawings.

No. 388570

the whole 'objects made out of water filled with flowers/animals' is so popular on insta right now that you can't really pinpoint where any of it comes from. I'd say Meyoco is just the first example most people think of but it's definitely not something new nor groundbreaking, pretty much every young adult female artist does it right now - bonus points if they're using pastel colours that clash

No. 388571

Sage because this isn't milk just an art specific vent

I hate how with even a small following you have to upload all the time. It's really draining, it's an insane amount of pressure to produce works good enough to showcase publicly every damn day or just about. And if you don't keep up with it all, engaging with people who at this point honestly are just DEMANDING your attention (because who doesn't on social media these days?) 24/7 then your engagement rates immediately drop and then followers start leaving.

Yeah, on one hand it's easer than ever to become known because anyone from anywhere can't make a name for themselves.
But on the other it just never ends. You're always having to work at it, there's no breaks, the goalposts just constantly shift, I'm no longer surprised when an artist I really like suddenly takes a hiatus.
We're so deep in consumerism that even art is just consumed without a second glance now and you have to be constantly producing to satisfy your audience.

I know this is such a petty rant and I should be grateful, but I'm so burnt out - I want to draw but I'm having a hard time enjoying it because I know I have to create something good enough for people to grace me with a like by a certain time. It's just so… exhausting.

Rant over, I don't expect anyone to respond, but I really do feel like this is an art specific issue so I thought this would be the best place to post it.

No. 388576

File: 1553048724379.jpg (158.58 KB, 450x659, d6t3ego-244e3a42-2164-45ea-9d8…)

Samefag, but found an example of what I mean - all the recent Meyoco stuff honestly reminds me of Koyamori's terrarium series except in poorly valued pastel palettes, and this series of hers dates back to 2013. I've been following Koyamori for around a decade now and can remember her earlier pieces that were similar in concept, so this is certainly nothing new and not something that can all be traced back to Meyoco - Meyoco just made it mainstream tbh

No. 388593

Can you not post daily sketches or something instead? Hell, 80% of the stuff I post is sketches or WIPs, the only finished stuff I post are commissions or the occasional personal piece. I'm not a huge artist by any means but I have a small dedicated following that seems happy enough with what I upload, but then again it's just a hobby for me.

I guess it really depends on what sort of art you do as well - fan art or mainstream communities will eat up less polished work, but if your stuff is totally original it's hard to get noticed unless everything is a masterpiece.

No. 388602

I’m part of a decently niche community and only post original work, and I post sketches every now and then which people seem to enjoy it, but I still feel a huge amount of pressure for it to be regular which takes away a lot of the enjoyment. I’m doing this career wise more so than just a hobby so that may pile onto the stress tbh

But every time gain more followers it’s a double edged sword because on one hand it means it’s the end goal, but on the other it just means more expectant people.

No. 388613

I was in the same dilemma until I decided to just take it at my own pace, cause everything I forced myself to draw just for the sake of posting wasn't up to my own expectations and I felt like I wasn't really progressing in terms of art.
Personally, now I post less often but I try post higher quality works that I enjoy making, not what I think my followers want to see, and it's been working out for me! I don't gain followers as fast anymore but I get more comments than before. It's nice! Also, beware of burn out, anon! Sorry if this didn't help haha.

anyway since we're on the topic, does anybody else feel weird about posting WIPs?

I personally don't like posting them cause I feel like the final piece would have less of an impact, so I usually post WIPs only after I've posted the final up. But I can understand that people enjoy following the process of a piece being made, so maybe it would be worthwhile to do it once in a while, hmm.

No. 388614

I like sketches that don’t lead anywhere more than wips, they’re usually really full of energy and you get to see the artists thought process - wips to me often just seem bland and overall uninteresting to look at

No. 388615

File: 1553058421277.png (152.18 KB, 990x521, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 1.06…)

No. 388616

I don't like posting WIPs or sketches because they often vary drastically from the final piece. I'm worried that the finished product doesn't "live up" to the WIP or something

No. 388617

Youtubers don’t seem to understand that people enjoy watching them because they seem more human and real than tv does, we don’t want a tv experience on an online platform. I get that they need money, but most people seem to prefer just supporting their favourite youtubers in other ways

No. 388620

Honestly social media is ultimately what you make of it. I'd assume that since you feel obligated to post everyday you probably do have a some sort of goal, say obtain a fanbase that can help you to live off of art?
If this is the case the advice is to just stop and draw when you want what you want, because if you're already exhausted, would you be able to do that years for now? New drawings everyday for the next 30 years say?
And if you're not trying to make a living and just post because you feel you have to, then you just need to take step back and realize there's different ways to find enjoyment in art than social media.

Social media is ultimately cancer, it traps you in and makes you believe it's so important when it really isn't. You don't have to play the numbers game to get popular, it's easier if you do but just by drawing good art when you do draw or at least art with some charm to it, the following will come and those people won't be minding if you don't post everyday, same with what you already have. We all want our stuff to be seen but if you start to take the amount of likes or views too personally, you'll end up with nothing but a lot of hurt. Even if you did grow constantly that grow would eventually hit it's peak and stop and then you're fucked. So the faster you can pull breaks on that, the better.

I used to be there and honestly learning to just enjoy art for arts sake and not care about how it's received online was the best thing I could've done to myself. I recommend.

No. 388649

Meh, I can understand a small time youtuber like Kasey wanting to load her videos with ads but James Charles makes so much fucking money of sponsorships that him putting 6 ads in a video is flat out unethical.

No. 388658

James is a dipshit no surprise there.

No. 388660

Kasey has shoved 6 ads in a 20 minute before, it’s a ridiculous amount. Sends a pretty shitty message to your audience, makes it abundantly clear that you don’t care about their viewing experience but only about the amount of money you can earn off of them

No. 388661

Samefag, one of the offending videos. 19:27 with 5 ads. For showacasing a hoard of erasers and then proceeding to erase some pencil marks, truly riveting content Kasey I can see how you justified shoving in 5 ads with all this effort you put in, I’m sure people viewing it really appreciated having the video interrupted every 4 minutes.

No. 388663

I agree it's shitty, but I can understand the mindset of a small youtuber wanting to make as much money off every video as possible.

No. 388688

What do people mean when they said Jacqueline’s watercolour paintings are muddy? The only colours I really see an issue with are her skin tones

It’s been brought up a few times in these threads, and even though I’m a watercolourist I’m not sure what you guys are specifically saying is muddy about them

No. 388699


It may just be because her colors are earthy but it looks like she doesn't clean her brush between colors enough so it always looks like her stuff is patchy or has a brown wash over it.

No. 388736

This isn't a watercolor.

No. 388768


It's shitty, but also the fact that YouTubers really don't earn as much as people think like.

Sponsorships are just free products to review. They don't pay you to make the video or the amount of time you spend filming, editing, making the artwork, etc. and on top of that, from the ads, there is like a 45/55 split so YT/Google takes 45% of whatever is made from the ads which contribute to people shoving in as many as possible to make up for it. You can get roughly 1 buck per thousand views assuming that someone clicks on the ads and you only get paid if someone watches for five or thirty minutes IIRC.

So yeah it's shitty to shove that many ads into a short video, but it's shittiness brought on by the shittiness of the platform. Because google/YT takes such a large portion of it, it just contributes.

i imagine beauty gurus are better off the artists because there are so many more beauty related ads opposed to anything to put into an artist video.

No. 388775

Sponsorships absolutely pay money for reviews and click-throughs. It's not just free products. You think people shilled Audible/skillshare/etc for many videos because they really wanted a free subscription? No, they get paid every time someone clicks their link and signs up. People sponsored by better health were making insane amounts of money for every sign up. People don't clamor for sponsors just because they get some free makeup, they do it for the cash.

No. 388832

She also has a patreon, she’s very transparent with how she sees her audience at this point

No. 388835

File: 1553124642094.png (2.32 MB, 2208x1242, 57365FD5-A310-476A-97ED-2820BE…)

Now pile on top of that patreon + cons + red bubble + sponsorships + her husbands income

It’s not like she’s struggling by any means.

No. 388837

File: 1553124893599.jpeg (545.3 KB, 1166x1458, 81D4FFAB-EA6E-407E-95EE-47B6DF…)

Samefag, but am I the only the one who finds it weird when a reward is something like a discord? Like oh, I get to pay to have the absolute privilege of speaking to you? Amazing, definitely worth my hard earned money. Interacting with your audience regularly is part of the job description as a social media entertainer/celebrity, it’s not something you get to make extra bank off of by making it exclusive

No. 388849

>art critique

what kind of meaningful critique could kasey possibly give lmao. she fucking despises when anyone gives her art advice.

No. 388851

People say Jews for Judaists.. that's what she meant. It's an ethnic and a religious group. LMAO

No. 388852

why do these people always use materials that require very specific types of paper as a proof how bad or good a paper is? there isn‘t a paper that magically works with every material and illo never claimed to be made for markers or watercolor. God, I can‘t deal with how stupid all of her videos are. What was even the point of that.

No. 388864

what i'd give to be a fly on the wall in one of those paid discords…

No. 388866

This speedpaint video is the weirdest mess to listen to, I feel like I'm hearing a person heaving a mental breakdown during a fever dream.

She claims to be an autistic, queer, bipolar (?) rape survivor and talks openly about her mental health struggles during her speedpaints, but the only two videos of hers that I've had repeatedly recommended to me by youtube are the ones where she rants about women she belives faked being raped, it's so weird. The first was about Melanie Martinez, and now Johnny Depp. The comments on this video have MRA complaining about how only women are believed even though she is the exact kind of girl that most redpills like to hate.
I don't really want to nitpick her art, she's clearly just a young person getting into it, but combination of the visuals and unrelated 'fake victim' rant in this video is just so jarring

No. 388867

does she draw anything but disney? ever? like even a simple sketch has to be something from fucking disney?

No. 388884

I listened to the Melanie Martinez vid and thought that her voice was so shaky because she was affected by talking about the allegations- but no, she constantly talks as if she's two steps away from a panic attack. Really off putting. Can't even have her as bg because her voice makes me feel bad.
And "young person getting into it" Isn't she like 27 or 28 and been drawing for a long time? Hardly what I'd call a new artist just "getting into it".

No. 388895

Illo's paper isn't acid-free and I cringe so hard when people like Waffles shill it and make completed pieces or use alcohol markers on it.

No. 388905

There are still companies out there that make paper that isn’t acid free? Thought acid free was just the standard thing to do these, can’t imagine it even saves them all that much money

No. 388934

That's bizarre to hear, I didn't realize anyone made paper that wasn't acid-free.

No. 388937

>what I’d give

Well, $15 is what you’d have to give anon, lmao

No. 388948

File: 1553155671772.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_03-21-04.02.26.png)

Does anyone here knows who aoiogata & kyriiemei? They are a couple artist who are kinda popular in pixiv & instagram. Their art style looks so similar, it has been bothering me for a very long time. I remember kyriiemei posted somewhere that aoiogata taught her tricks but I mean she should've just discover her own way of drawing instead of constantly copying her boyfriend's techniques?

No. 388952

I thought these were done by the same person. Not a good look

No. 388954

If you live with someone and see their art all the time you get influenced even if you don’t want to. They both seem to enjoy what they make so I don’t see a problem here, seems like such a petty complaint really.

No. 388963

It’s petty, but this more than just a normal amount of influence - they’re pretty much indistinguishable

No. 388964

Samefag but don’t we rip into artists all the time regardless of whether or not ‘they seem to enjoy what they’re doing’? Anons ITT are constantly going on about how people should break out of their comfort zones

No. 388965

I honestly think its cute, even if its just generic same faced anime chicks. Anon shouldnt be so bothered. My bf likes admiring art, both mine and others' on twitter but he can't draw for shit. If anything I'm jealous of them. I don't even have art friends.

No. 388989

Aesthetic art takes zero intellect to understand so it attracts the general population/stupid ppl

No. 388996


She's been talking non stop recently about wanting to draw for Disney even asking her subscribers how she could get licensed. She's desperate to be noticed by them despite being an incredibly mediocre artist at best.

No. 388997

>muh superior intellect

No. 388999


I'd love it if this was just a case of someone pretending to be his own girlfriend.

But it's really not that weird. My best friend watches me draw all of the time so he tries to emulate a lot of what I do with my paintings.

No. 389002

>I'd love it if this was just a case of someone pretending to be his own girlfriend.

Kek pls let this be the case.

No. 389007

File: 1553174144900.jpg (607 KB, 1080x1161, 20190321_211926.jpg)

theyre a real couple tho…

No. 389024

What’s the issue with not having acid-free paper? Does it not work well with mediums because of it?

No. 389037

Wait, it’s not acid-free? That’s odd. It’s honestly something I’d expect from someone like Rae, not Waffles.

No. 389041

Acid free isn’t archival and can muck up the quality of art mediums. It’s also just really shitty for the environment and most companies phased it out years ago

No. 389043

File: 1553181481202.png (6.84 MB, 1242x2208, 263DA1F6-1390-4177-94D7-C5AC98…)

Yay, more Arteza..
they’ve already sent stuff to Leigh before for her to review, just how much money is their marketing team dumping into this campaign. It’s bizarre, they’re a kids and student grade art supply line why are they pushing their products so damn hard

No. 389060

Yeah I mean why would a corporation in America learn the demographic of art YouTubers (student age mostly) and then use that knowledge to implement a marketing campaign utilizing the most viewed users? Madness

No. 389081

File: 1553187378885.png (207.23 KB, 1080x1404, Screenshot_20190322-035259~2.p…)

their reply on their Amazon listing is so confusing. they keep insisting that it's a ~premium affordable~ sketchbook but how the fuck is it premium when it's not even archival?

No. 389094

now i understand why rick n morty is so ugly

No. 389115

i like u anon

No. 389134

what an unprofessional response. is this a shitty online company?

No. 389135

Yeah I was considering getting one a few months ago, since so many people were praising them. Saw this on their Amazon page and was thoroughly disappointed.

No. 389138

illo is just shitty knock off moleskine lmao

No. 389312

File: 1553212294286.jpeg (465.49 KB, 1242x1099, A29F9404-B5D8-4570-A365-545406…)

I just consider it weird because you don’t really see other student and kids quality brands shill their shit as hard as Arteza is, all the while they try to tout it as ‘premium’

Cause, you know, nothing screams PREMIUM quite like a $19AUD set of round watercolour cakes that comes with their own shitty brush.

It bothers me how they’re allowed to mislead customers like this and how the people sponsored by them allow their young audience to be manipulated and profited off of by such a shitty company/product

It’s like if Crayola suddenly started trying to push the idea that they’re premium artist quality when everyone knows damn well it’s for kids. Arteza isn’t even tertiary student quality, it’s made for young kids and high schoolers at best

No. 389315

What kind of paper is one supposed to use for traditional work then if acid free isn't the best option?

No. 389319


I got this sketchbook and I haaaated it. Don't be fooled. The book itself is well made/sturdy, but when I got mine there was a big crease in the hardcover. The paper is absolute shit tier. If you check their official website or video ad, one of their biggest selling points is how 'convenient it is' to take with you, and how 'hurr, it's the perfect size for sharing on INSTAGRAM! Use our hashtag!"
It's not the only 8x8 square sketchbook on the market, and there are other options that are better. Yet youtubers just continue to push cheap shit on people who might not know better.

No. 389322


Arteza feels like a brand that just came out of nowhere one day and now they're everywhere. None of their stuff is really 'premium' but I guess by some sort of regulation, they can't exactly call their stuff 'artist grade' either.

It's like how you can't call a 'juice drink' 'juice' unless it has a certain percentage of that fruit in it. It can still be GOOD but what you'd be drinking is mostly filler.

Also, I'm fairly certain their stuff is made in China, even though it says 'made in america', but it's really just packaged here probably. I wished someone getting all these free supplies would research more into what the hell this company is about and where they're from really.

No. 389370

You kind of answered your own question. They're a kids and student grade art supply. You know, the EXACT people who watch and are fans of almost all of these Artubers.

No. 389372

Shit, sorry, I meant *not acid free

No. 389438

By the by if you are looking for a nice square sketchbook, Bee Paper makes one in 6x6 and 9x9. They're not hardbound, tho, and they can get kind of expensive, the 9x9 is usually around $20US, but they hold wet media pretty well.

No. 389448

How the hell is it premium if it's not acid-free? I just wanted a decent bristol sketchbook, now I'm annoyed.

No. 389462

I believe Crayola did start making "premium" type products a while ago, though I haven`t seen them around much and from what I've heard, they're either equal to or barely better than their regular cheap stuff. (It`s also super over-priced if that's the case, since the "premium" 50 colored pencils are like $20-25 while their normal ones are $5-10.)

Premium is just a word used to make kid and student grade supplies seem better than they are. Honestly, even if it`s not half bad on its own, you can still find similar stuff to Arteza that`s competitively priced and doesn't use shady marketing techniques like the constant supposed "super discounts!" on Arteza's website. On most websites that cater specifically to art supplies like Blick, it states whether the supply is actually artist or student grade and doesn't do quite as much "dressing up" with the product description. Some stuff is cheaper on Amazon than on other places, but I don't trust their desc or reviews usually.

No. 389466

"Premium" seems to be the buzzword for low end brands trying to make themselves seem better. Illo calls their non acid-free paper "premium" too.

No. 389476

This looks like something you'd find in the local dollar store

No. 389583

Ugh I finally went and unsubscribed to Danica Sills. I checked her list of videos and through all of 2019 I have only clicked on three of her videos, two of which I abandoned halsway through. I guess I am just so tired of listening to her monotone voice talking and talking without actually saying anything of importance while painting the same marfan syndrome-y person over and over.

I guess I can always go back in her archives and rewatch the videos I actually enjoyed from way back.

Question for the other anons: Have you ever left a comment saying goodbye/giving a reason for unsubscribing? I have always considered doing it but then there's always the ""rule"" that you are not allowed to be negative towards other art youtubers ever.

First time anon here. Hope I did it right and saged this post.

No. 389623

I’ve never really felt the need to tell someone why I’m unsubscribing personally, but then again I don’t really form attachments to youtubers

Is this something people feel the need to do often? But I do agree, there is this big fuss kicked over whenever someone is doing less than kissing another artists ass, I feel like we have created the epitome of the snowflake millenial stereotype that baby boomers like to shit on within the art community - a bunch of young adults who are incapable of taking any sort of criticism or something remotely negative without turning that molehill into a mountain

No. 389665

I don't think it's necessary for you to explain yourself for unsubbing

No. 389667

I don't see the point in telling someone you're unsubscribing unless you're a close friend/someone they engage with a lot, or they only have 20 subscribers. If they're a bigger YouTuber, the only thing telling them is going to achieve is making them briefly feel bad. Informing them comes across like you're trying to make yourself seem more important than you are. Why would this person with hundreds of thousands of subs care if one person leaves?

Seems like you want to deliver a slap in the face on the way out, but no one's going to care and it'll reflect poorly on you. Just unsub and move on.

No. 389682

Unsub-OP here. I think I thought about this because of another big art youtuber I unsubbed from in the past. It was during a time they were being open about not doing as well audience engagement-wise and they were looking for input on how to possibly improve.

I didn't say anything then either since they did not say negative feedback was welcome. And their megafans can be rabid.

I know that giving a criticizing goodbye comment can definitely come off as narcissistic, and that is definitely not my intention. I just think that when people unsub to your channel without a word you don't have a way of figuring out what you are doing wrong.

No. 389686

I think any millennials here who work/have worked customer service jobs can tell you baby boomers are the absolute masters of making mountains of molehills via bitch fits lol. Karens are the fucking worst customers.

No. 389688


Yea the only time I would see why you would tell someone why you unsubbed from them is when it's something that is say resurrecting behavior on their part, starting to get really stuck-up, treating fans poorly or lying to their faces or then at the face of some sort of scandal like them scamming people or doing some other type of shady shit. But if it's just you growing out of their content and just not feeling it anymore, then it can just come off as self-important.

Say an example "hi, I used to really like your videos but I have to say I'm unsubbing. I feel like your videos have become really rushed and only exist to make a buck out of it. I think it also shows on the way you treat your fans, only speaking about them like they're nothing but a wallet to you"


"Hi, I like your videos and I think you're a good artist but I think you're wasting your talent. Instead of doing these stylized illustrations I think it would've been better for you to keep on doing more realistic art, since I think they looked better than your new art, so sadly I'm going to have to unsub."

Now these are both totally fine, and saying to someone that you feel their attitude or art has lost touch is totally within your rights. But if someone starts to like different stuff than what you first subscribed for, it might be pointless to just go out your way to express that, because tastes change and it's totally normal. It also might put the artist in awkward position if they feel like they have to acknowledge your feedback because what can you say other than "uum ok. Sorry you feel that"

No. 389746

Besides the fact that this looks atrocious I don't think Rae even knows what illustrations are, which is just embarrassing at this point. When she says she is bad at illustration does she actually mean "I can't draw unless I'm copying a photo"? cause lmao

No. 389749

She barely opens the kit and she’s already complaining, typical.

No. 389758

does anyone know if drawwithjazza is a nazi? he got a bunch of his fans to spam things with 'subscribe to pewdiepie' a while back

No. 389760

wtf? lol what has that do with being a nazi

No. 389765

No yeah he's TOTALLY a nazi, just like 99% of youtubers too- man all those outwardly jewish youtubers being nazis tsk tsk, and YOU you just typed 'subscribe to pewdiepie' so you're a nazi!!! I just typed it so I'm a nazi!! Everyone's a nazi!!! Someone call WSJ- oh wait they're nazis too!!!!!

No. 389767

Lmao, he’s not a nazi, he’s just an almost middle aged man desperately trying to look cool to his kid viewers.

No. 389775

to clarify, 'subscribe to pewdiepie' is currently being used by a lot of white supremacists as a meme. however before that, it was just a regular meme. it made me worry that jazz is a nazi. in reality, >>389767 hit the nail on the head lol

No. 389776

Premium has lost all meaning at this point. There's nothing to quantify whether your product is "premium" or not so brands just slap it on anything and people who do zero research or are broke eat it up.

No. 389777

so has it ever been revealed who this was about?

No. 389778

>almost middle aged

29 is almost middle aged???

No. 389780

Oh my god Emily, no one cares about you and your crackhead problems. Go snort another line out of a festering wound while bullying a 13 year old or whatever it is you do these days.

No. 389781

Huh for some reason I thought he was mid to late thirties. And I mean, plenty of people are dying at 70 now so you never know

No. 389782

>Hi Cow!

Seriously, do you just assume anyone who posts Emily is her? I linked one of her videos a while back and you threw the same shitfit

No. 389784

File: 1553291413641.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1686, 49505390-9AE0-4CB3-80FB-2B9AB4…)

Meyoco is by no means the one who came up with this style, but I feel like she really popularised it on insta and I’m getting sick of all the shitty copy cats - they all have really bad colour theory and don’t understand what it is that makes her dull art still nice and interesting to look at. Like, objectively Meyoco does boring art but at the end of the day we can’t deny that it’s eye catching and nice to look at.

All of the people that try to cash in on it always fall short and I feel like it’s mostly the colours because they don’t think beyond ‘pastels are cute!!’

No. 389787


I'm never going to understand

No. 389788


Meyoco’s art is flat and boring as shit

No. 389789

File: 1553291993054.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1643, 1EDE6B1C-13CA-45A1-8E71-11FE21…)

I said myself it’s boring, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t eye catching. She knows what she’s doing colour and composition wise

Although judging by her newest piece I guess she’s gone downhill, I haven’t looked at her profile in a while

No. 389791

My biggest beef with her is her anatomy. One of the those hands is way bigger than the other lol. She just needs to study a bit. She's not bad just one note and newb tier.

No. 389793

Popular artists have very little motivation to improve unless they actually work in the industry, majority of the popular YouTube/insta artists would not make it one day with how cutthroat it is

No. 389802

If you live in the 17th century.

No. 389810

I fucking lost it when she swatched magenta. "It's like this beautiful color, it's some kind of red"
Didn't they teach her how colors work at school?? Magenta is a primary….

No. 389826

File: 1553300825562.jpeg (296.05 KB, 1125x1947, BA9FC61F-0597-4E4F-A2D6-3A6A7E…)

I know sometimes Instagram doesn’t show you posts. But sometimes accounts aren’t being used daily or have been abandoned. Maybe people don’t care to like your art. I know I don’t double click on every post on insta. It’s kinda annoying to keep these big accounts complain about their following not being engaged. When I know some of these artist don’t engage with their following.

No. 389832

Totally unrelated to what's going on, but I just saw an ad for new Arteza markers (which look to be alcohol-based), so expect 100 reviews for those in the coming months which will be no different than the tons of other cheap alcohol marker reviews. Calling it rn.

No. 389836

I hate when they whine like this. Learning the algorithm and making the most of it is part of being big on social media, obviously she’s doing something wrong. You never see small accounts whining like this.

And a lot of big instagrammers do tend to start neglecting their accounts once they get a bit big, then these same dumbasses are shocked that their numbers start to dwindle.

No. 389839

Arteza is genuinely worse than skillshare and squarespace at this point, it never fucking ends and it’s entire videos devoted to it.

No. 389845

How did she get those numbers? Is she bullshitting or is there some way to check?

No. 389871

If u have a business account w Instagram u can check ur stats

No. 389878

File: 1553313542227.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1665, 72728AE8-2334-4241-9F67-C2C143…)

Has anyone else been getting bombarded by this post? All the artists I follow keep sharing it, and I can’t help but feel than whenever an artist makes a post like this they’re almost shaming and guilting their audience for not doing more, as though they’re entitled to their money for posting content on a free public platform.

*Warning: here is the cold hard truth -
I want to start off by thanking you all for being a part of my art journey! 💕 you are all so very precious and been so kind!
I've been working full time with this for a little over a year and I haven't struggled as bad as I'm struggling now.
I love my job but lately I've been trying so hard to make ends meet and I've burned out completely.
I kept telling myself that I will be enough as long as I work hard and keep trying but it hasn't gotten me anywhere other than made me exhausted.
I've tried to get back on track financially by accepting way too many commissions, having sales and paint small originals, and it wasn't enough, everything I've earned from that went for bills and new ones are already coming.
I'm so tired and I feel guilty for being tired, I feel like I should be doing more but there isn't more hours in the day nor energy.
I wanted to succeed so badly, I still do. I want to be okay, but I'm not.
I'm ashamed for encouraging so many to persue art as a career when I already hit rock bottom.
I knew it wouldn't be easy and I know I've done the best I can, I'm not giving up but I'm finally putting my pride aside and I'm asking for help.
This job is so personal and if I'm not okay my work won't be either.
This has been worth it, but I have to accept that my health is important too.
Thank you for reading this far.
If you want to help out here are different ways to do so:
• Share this, like or/and comment. • Get something from my shop ( etsy @ kasvei )
• Buy a coffee ( Ko-fi @ kasvei )
Thank you for your time ,
- Ingrid Alexandra*

No. 389879

Samefag, but I feel like it’s different to let your audience know you’re struggling compared to what she did in adding the stuff at the bottom abothow people should give her money, but something from her, just after a big wall about how shit she feels which will inevitably make her audience feel guilty and like they should be doing more for her

No. 389883

>I'm not giving up but I'm finally putting my pride aside and I'm asking for help.

She doesn't seem to be hiding the fact that she's directly asking for money, not just venting. But I also find things like this kind of tasteless. So many artists beg for donations/commissions because their profession isn't profitable. If you're struggling to the point you have to BEG people for help, maybe you need to put your efforts into something more profitable and less volitile?

And it's all fine to say that people don't have to donate to you, but pulling at peoples heartstrings like this is effective, and you're essentially manipulating empathetic people to give you money because of your personal life choices.

To each their own, but these kind of posts have never sat well with me.

No. 389884

Never heard of this person but just looked up their IG and wow what a bunch of boring trite "art" lmao I wouldn't donate to her either

No. 389885

so, your job in its current state that you currently have is not sustainable, is physically and mentally exhausting, to the point that all seems lost. you know what would fix all this, instead of begging strangers who clearly didnt want your product in the first place for money?

getting an actual job.

fucken novel concept, having to work two jobs to make ends meet. not like that is a rarity. if your passion isnt making you money, find something that does so you can do the passion without fear of, idk, being homeless or starving.

No. 389888

File: 1553317820413.png (422.13 KB, 562x925, Screenshot_39.png)

here's another one for you guys

No. 389892

Who is this?

No. 389893

You know, this is exactly why domestic abuse shelters exist.

No. 389894

No. 389896

Oh my god the dramatic photo shoot of herself with the sword lmaooooooo what an ~~inspiration

No. 389897

I don't get what people who make these kinds of posts expect. Yeah, maybe you'll get some people to donate to you, but what will that do, cover some expenses for the month? What about next month? What about the next year? You can't feasibly live off the generosity of others for any length of time. At some point you have to give up e-begging and change your situation.

No. 389903

She's part artist part instahoe/model so this will be a great cashgrab for her.

No. 389923

Arteza paints are alright if you just want color on a canvas and don't care about the quality, but their sketchbooks are fucking awful. You can get away with cheaping out on paint, but never go cheap on paper or brushes. I bought a set of watercolor sketchbooks of theirs when I'd been going through sketchbooks fast (5/6 a month) and thought I'd try to save money. The fibers come up off the paper from just a light wash, and there's no consistency to which side is the rough or smooth side. Awful. I ended up just using them for drawing. These reviews are so clearly just shilling, NO ONE would say Arteza is premium. I don't think even a total beginner would.

No. 389925

Just how poor are you? A cotman watercolor pan set, professional grade watercolor paper, and a set of water brushes would run $50. It's not a studio set-up but it's enough to get started. Pencil or pen and ink would run even less. You could be living on disability payments and still be able to save up if it's important to you.

No. 389938


The reviews are so dishonest, too. These markers just don't work like the more expensive brands. Putting two finished pieces side by side doesn't actually show the quality of the markers; how little ink is in them, how poorly they blend, how you can't layer them to create multiple tones, how they dry out after not being used despite the cap being on, etc. These are only good for expanding your range of colors for cheap before you go on to buy another Copic set, or for giving to a kid. Youtubers act almost as if Copic is only expensive because of brand name, but then again, they act like that with all of the cheap garbage they're shilling that week.

No. 389939

When you're having a better day artistically, I would recommend doing several pieces and backlogging them for the days you can't produce anything.

No. 389942

It really bothered me how she didn't even know what those "spots" were. If you're going to review paper, shouldn't you actually know about paper?

No. 389944

It’s because all of the popular youtubers genuinely don’t know what they’re talking about. They have the technical knowledge of a preschooler yet feel like they have any authority over the matter, and anyone who does actually know what they’re talking about is offputting with either their hoarding or their really dry personalities so they don’t manage to garner a large audience.

Why popular youtubers insist of pulling misinformation from the deepest crevices in their asses I’ll never know, other than clicks does it give them some sort of weird sense of superiority to be pushing their opinions on their young and impressionable viewers? Because they rarely know very much about even their mediums of choice other than the price tag

No. 389946

I agree 100%, this is exactly how I feel about it too. You have to question if you are actually making money from it/is it worth it, but it sounds like you already are. People just want to see pretty and interesting stuff for free - if they unfollow because you didn't reply or post for a day it's a one-way interaction. They are not a true fan and just demanding a free service from you.

No. 389966

I don’t know why when artist start to not making enough money from at, instead of looking for another job that pays they go online and beg. Like you don’t have to be a full-time artist? Putting food on your table would be a priority and if that means applying to JCPennys then do it. It just seems to be walking on thin ice begging for money because you don’t know how much you’ll get and if it would be enough

No. 390006


fucking amen. these begging posts are just fucking entitlement. I work full time and also make and sell art. sure I'd love to be a full time artist. who wouldn't? but the idea that these shitty artists who all produce the EXACT SAME boring-ass pretty-girl stuff anyway are entitled to not have to do anything else to pay their bills - oh my god it's infuriating.

all this Amanda Palmer 'just ask people for money and they'll give it to you' Patreon fucking bullshit argh

No. 390023


Speaking of patreon, it recently shit itself yet again. I use it, but I'm so sick of it as a platform. Most of the people who support me see my stuff on discord anyway. A lot of other artists do it this way too. Posting on the actual platform is more of a formality to get people in the door maybe. Patreon is overcomplicating itself with "plans".

No. 390049

It’s also annoying when they are promoting their shop daily. Sometimes people just want to see art.

No. 390051


Ive seen a few artists could considering gumroad as an alternative. Any anons have experience with it?


God yes exactly. It makes me so angry and entitlement is exactly why. I work as a server part time with my art and seeing these brats on YouTube or IG begging for money to make ends meet because they are struggling to same face a vapid painting once a week, like how have they become this lacking in self awareness? Get a fucking 15 hour a week job ffs!

No. 390052

I think Patreon is great for comic artists especially because it feels like a subscription. So many artists now just…have Patreons. But don't actually have goals? They just give you Discord and send a postcard once a month. To me that seems weird. But if people are willing to pay I guess it's whatever. But if you only make $100 a month on Patreon and you can't pay rent, just get like a weekend job, don't beg for money.

No. 390291

The headcanon horse has been beaten again and again, but i was wondering if any other anons have a hard time entering certain artist spaces/getting recognition because you don't have any if at all LGBT headcanons? I always feel excluded no matter how good i get at my craft because of this. How do you all deal with it? I know the obvious is to keep quiet and do your thing, but it starts to sting after a while, every social media nowadays has tons of people that look at you kinda funny.

No. 390303

Can't say this has ever been an issue for me. There are plenty of people that ship her pairings in every fandom, as long as you're not openly shitting on those who don't you shouldn't have a problem

No. 390304

*HET pairings

No. 390307

Me too anon

Me too

No. 390315

I wish i was you anon. I keep to my own and don't mess with people. Somehow despite meeting people from all over the political spectrum, i always encounter these people in whatever art spaces i go to. I feel like i see it everywhere no matter what, i probably need to look in better places.

No. 390317

Didn’t realise this is even an issue. Granted I’m not part of any fandom, but this seems like such a dumbass thing to get upset over. I know people have a tendency to chimp out over ships, but specifically because they’re NOT lgb..?

I also honestly just don’t see the appeal of headcanons though when characters already have a fleshed our story/personality, seems retarded to create headcanons and then fling shit at others because they don’t align with yours

No. 390356

I've been in lots of fandoms and Ive never seen anyone get mad about someone only having het ships personally…

Does anon mean they are being flamed or just not getting engagement on social media?

No. 390368

I've seen this happen more with people who role play their original characters than fandoms. Usually in fandoms you can find someone to click with when it comes to stupid "headcannons". When it's someone's individual characters I've known people to bitch about "ugh all their characters are [insert sexual orientation]

No. 390374

I think the reason lbg characters and pairings are so popular online is cuz main character gays and romance gays only really exist in independent media. Fujos are cringy and annoying but actual gays can only really get content online. Movies and television tend to be lacking cuz gays aren't marketable to the mainstream so they either don't exist or they are side characters for woke points.

That being said if you're straight and only want to draw straight romance then don't worry anon your audience is very much there.

No. 390496

To me, begging for commissions or support for art is a lot better than begging in general which is something I often see on Tumblr and Twitter. Some sob story about being unaccepted in their household and they need thousands, constantly reblogging or retweeting it to guilt empathetic people into donating. At least asking for commissions or support for posting public work gives the person giving money something in return, which is finished work.

No. 390520

This has been a nice change from her latest videos, feels like her personality is starting to shine through again and like she’s pushing her way out of the block she’s been in for ages.

I mean, it’s just a vlog, but it’s still much nicer than her more recent videos and the cinematography is picking back up again it seems which I feel is a big part of her videos. It would be nice if Minnie gets back into the swing of things, her more polished videos are a nice from the usual art tuber crowd, I can only really think of a handful who are more mindful of cinematography like FurryLittlePeach and Uinverso, I guess Leigh Ellexson could also fall into the more cinematic category

Thoughts? Is she getting better or is that just me being hopeful?

No. 390521

lmao stop whining about nothing

No. 390546

Since this is a general art salt thread I wanted to ask for some advice. How do those of you who do commissions handle revisions? With my more complex commissions I usually send about 2 WIPs to my client (sometimes more if necessary) and will make tweaks for them if they want a long the way. Right now I'm working for someone who has asked for a ton of "fixes" and everyone is telling me that after a few free tweaks I should start charging a fee. What do you all think? Should I be utilizing a contract for commissions? I've been doing commissions for years but this is the first time I've done this many revisions.

No. 390563

You should absolutely charge for revisions (unless it's a real error, like an extra finger).
My rule is the first 2 small revisions are free, if it's just a little tweak, but I won't change anything large like a body position for free because I send my customer the initial sketch to agree to first, so they have already approved the pose etc.
Also sorry if this is obvious but make sure that you're not sending over all these versions before you get paid. I send images with giant 'preview' watermarks all over them if I want an opinion on something before they pay.

No. 390570

Thank you! I'm doing a commission for someone who approved the sketch and then once colored decided they wanted half of it redrawn. I politely said no but I should have had ground rules and covered my butt from the start. How much do you charge for revisions? I do watermark all of my WIPs.

No. 390587

can artists stop calling lazy illustrations "sketches"

No. 390612

what did they mean by this

No. 390628

File: 1553496252137.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1708, E8171A6D-60A6-4CF6-87A8-FF3D41…)

Probably shit like this. It’s obviously not a sketch, but not fleshed out/polished enough to be a illustration either, it’s just a lazy inbetween. Labelling things sketches gets a lot of clicks and gives the illusion that it’s something you can shit out in say like 20 minutes or something

No. 390629

Illustration doesn't necessarily mean something with a full background, super detailed rendering etc but you're right it's way disingenuous to call that a sketch.

No. 390630

I hate this shit. Artists who showcase their "sketchbooks" except every page is a fully realized, rendered piece, but "teehee it's just a quick sketch uwu". It makes people feel like actual sketching isn't good enough when in reality it's an extremely helpful tool. If you want every page of your sketchbook to be a complete illustration, fine, but don't call it sketching.

No. 390635

File: 1553498794767.png (751.74 KB, 720x1002, sketch-1553498530495.png)

Why are you posting this artist? She never mentioned it being a sketch and didn't even use tags.

No. 390637

File: 1553499282287.jpeg (193.27 KB, 1242x373, A265B5CC-4BD9-46F5-92C7-1095C4…)

It was in the comments

No. 390639

Looks like I'm an idiot, I take back my words

No. 390648

it probably wasnt a sketch, but using the tag 'sketch' gets more eyes on the work, that is the point of using the tag. its more a grab for eyes and likes, and less of a 'just a sketch uwu', at least in this case.

No. 390650

They’re all honestly fucking awful tags, they get way too many posts in them for yours to not get flooded out. Why are so many popular artists really bad at tagging and yet still manage to rake in as many likes and followers as they do

No. 390652

What um…what are the good tags?

No. 390655

There’s no universal good tags, you have to find your niche and tap into popular tags for that specific audience. Using something really generic like ‘illustration’ will have the opposite effect desired because so many people use it that yours has an incredibly slim chance of actually being seen. You really just have to know what kind of audience your work draws in and shop around tag wise

No. 390660

Ah okay thanks anon. Been struggling a bit with IG tags myself.

No. 390662

Yeah Instagram is a big mistery to me too. I started commenting art in the fandom I draw for to you know make bonds with other artists and such (all comments are personlized for the art) and I found accounts with thousands of followers that draw with pencil on ruled paper stuff I was doing in middle school and I am starting at them whining about the algorithm. What's your secret.
I'm happy for them but I want a share too ahah

No. 390676

I feel the same. Instagram highly encourages people to chat with their audience regularly too, and that fucks me over because of my truly debilitating autism. What I've heard most people do in this state is get so good that people won't mind your silence as much, but it's obviously not easy.
I'm bi, but it's good to know. I should have figured i was making content for the wrong audience and looking in the wrong places much earlier. Thicker skin would also do me some good, there's always gonna be someone angry no matter who you shipfag.

No. 390684

I have social anxiety but respond to about 60% of my comments on IG…the rest I just "like". My engagement could be better but it's decent for the amount of followers I have. As corny as it sounds sometimes an emoji is enough of a reply to make your followers feel like you're engaging them.

No. 390688

That sounds like too much even for me. I usually just skim past comments just to catch any compliments or suggestions. Feels bad having autism

No. 390713

Just realised none of the usual cows have been making art shit enough for the next header, honestly they’ve all been pretty quiet. I wonder how many lurk here and just wait for something to pop up about themselves or a fellow art youtuber they hate but act friendly towards

No. 390717

Is anyone else bored with the way some artists like Vetyr, Sakimi-chan and Kuvshinov Ilya draw faces?
Don't get me wrong, their art is awesome, but most of the times the expressions they put on their characters don't convey a lot of emotion, and I don't know if it only looks that way cuz of the art style.

No. 390719

Make it relevant to your own pricing and time spent. My commissions are run cheap, only between $15-30, so my additional revisions are only $5. I found that charging any small amount has pretty much ended any revision requests, which was the aim for me because whilst I find revisions easy and quick to do I knew I was just being taken advantage of by picky commissioners who didn't know what they wanted, but I don't mind doing the occasional edit for cheap. The only time someone has asked for a massive change I just told them they had already approved the sketch, and they could commission an additional piece if they had a new idea.

I hope you regularly post about struggling with these kinds of social interactions enough that even a recent follower would know, or else you risk alienating your audience. People want to get their (you), but they also like to be protective relatable socially awkward types, I imagine it's harder to win back an audience once you create that first kind of anti-social image.

No. 390721

Read the rules before posting.

No. 390773

Is there like a guide on how to do comissions?

No. 390785

Just google it. There’s only so much this thread will spoon feed you

No. 390897

that namefag tho

No. 390957

Thanks anon. I guess somewhere between 5-10 would be a good price for revisions based on my prices…just got to figure out how to write up some kind of contract. I'm afraid of scaring people off but I can't just keep making change after change for free.

No. 390962

No one cares.

No. 390966

It's a general art salt discussion thread lmao there's been plenty of technique/business discussion
Good advice. I know it sounds crass to encourage someone to make their anxiety part of their "brand" but it will give your followers insight. I do recommend just hitting the like button on comments when you can tho

No. 391014

can the next thread title just be general art salt/advice so people stop bitching about semantics? most artfags congregate in this thread so it's better to just centralize it instead of necroing the art advice thread once every few months.

No. 391091

Agreed, I like bitching about you tubers as much as the next person but I've also found the more general art discussions in these threads to be very helpful

No. 391109

I'm really missing the milk tho why the cows being so quiet lately.

No. 391122

Instagram famous artists, talking about fanartists (like kiilea) what do you think guys? About people crunching thousands of followers only with fanarts

No. 391134

I really don't get the pretentious hatred of fan art lol. I mean of course they have thousands of followers…? 'Oh hey look a fandom I follow and a character I like, I think I will follow this artist instead of that boring one painting perfect renders of fish and bridges and dead faced perfect women.'

It's pretty self explanatory anon. Most people on the internet are not interested in art for arts sake.

No. 391195

i honestly think people that draw fanart over 'original art' (the instathot, flowers and skulls and fake witch aesthetic types) have more passion for their work and it shows. you can tell they enjoy what they make, over making it for likes. i love going through fanart tags because the art there is usually more lively and emotional, especially the whole shipping thing. those people churn out work like no one's business, a lot of them make little to no money on it. compare that to the likes of meyoco, who makes the same shit over and over, with little to no expression of self, and i think it is easy to see who likes making art more.

No. 391218

I'd say the opposite of this is true. People who only draw fanart are usually doing it because fanart gets more attention and exposure.

No. 391232

Lol is your source your salt over how ur popular your soulless crystal thots are? In all seriousness though, yeah some people cater to current fandoms to catch more eyes, but fandom and fan art born via fan passion have been around for 60 years, it's not a new thing that kids on Tumblr made to become relevant.

No. 391233

I don’t know, they’re typically in one of two camps: they’re doing it because they genuinely enjoy the media to devote so much time to it, or the more likely reason being that they know fanart gets a lot of views so they exploit that. Either way they both end up with the same problem; if they do anything other than fanart their following instantly drops.

Plus fanart is usually still really boring with generic stylisations and stiff poses with no expressions. I don’t have an issue with fanart unless it’s made for profit, people can fuck right off with that - they’re riding off of someone else’s coattails, majority of their sales wouldn’t have happened if not for the established franchise because typically people don’t actually give a shit about the artist themselves.

No. 391234

You sound butt hurt tbh.

I like fan comics and will gladly pay premium for them and if you think the artist drawing doujin are 'riding coat tails' while spending hundreds of hours drawing an au with characters that already exist then you can stew over it all you want they still get my money unabashedly.

No. 391251

Pretty sure Marvel and DC have been making the same characters into AU fan comics for decades and making bank. Why is it that an artist that had no hand in creating the characters OR universe but is hired by the copyright holder that ALSO didn't create the actual characters but passed them down for three decades never gets any shit? Maybe the anons complaining about fan artists don't know too much about the audiences they are attempting to cater to.

No. 391252

I'm not even the same anon that was arguing with you before. My source is all the big artists that say the way they got popular was by spitting out as much fanart as possible until they made a name for themselves. Chill.

No. 391264

How am I butt hurt? Fan artists that make doujins are a very small minority, majority of those making profit will do stuff like prints or buttons at anime/pop culture conventions, feel free to spend your money on fan comics but that doesn’t change the fact that most people just buy the stuff because of the franchise and not the artist

I’d also like to add that in the majority of countries it’s also illegal to make profit off of other people’s intellectual property without their permission, so there you go. These companies just don’t bother going after artists unless it’s to make a statement

No. 391316

fanart being legal doesnt matter in the long run. if companies started going after fan artists to try and stop the creation of fan works, there would be a sizable negative reaction toward the company. in fact, many have embraced the creation of fanworks and use it for promotion (Blizzard did this with the cancer research mercy skin, Bioware and Bethesda encourage fanwork creation and use it in their ads, etc). some companies know that their product can sometimes thrive on the fanworks, redbubble is a perfect example for this. company says no fan art allowed, yet fanart is one of the biggest buying staples on the site.

as far as buying the product for the fandom, not the artist, i'd disagree to an extent. sure, maybe the fandom is what motivated them to buy, but they arent going to buy someone's 3rd grade naruto fanart, they want an actual work that is worth the money. if the art style is unappealing, then it wont be purchased.

No. 391351

>most people just buy the stuff because of the franchise and not the artist

even if this was true, money and money, and it's not really the fault of the artist that fanart tends to be very profitable. if it's between being a starving artist to ~make a statement~ or doing fanart for a fandom you genuinely enjoy, the latter wins out.

there area also plenty of artists who do their own original work. and yeah, it's harder for them to get noticed or popular, but it still happens. i would say the majority of people who make art for communities they don't even like are a small percentage.

No. 391359


>60 years


Anyway I think a couple of you are arguing two extremes and not really getting anywhere. No one group had "more passion" than the other, you're just looking at it based on what interests you more. I'd be more biased towards original work because when I think of original work i think of something like a comic project or whatever, not the sameface pretty girls all over IG. Both have their merits and there's tons of artists who, if they're lucky, don't get pigeonholed into fan art. Once they start moving on to their own ideas some people actually do stick around. Of course they'll lose some folks but that's just the nature of fan art communities, they're capricious.

The only thing I'd say is that some folks who started off with fan art, ran in those circles for a long time, establishing themselves first before moving on to their personal projects.

Personally I think that's a sizeable chunk of time they used that could've been just to make their own stuff. But not everyone is out here trying to make personal art. Sometimes it just legit is for fun. And if their fun is fan art then that's cool.

No. 391360

File: 1553657520395.jpeg (305.25 KB, 1125x1505, 2015BE4A-E0A4-4A5C-AB98-CCD2F5…)

Why complain?

No. 391373

tbf trying to get some art supplies in australia blows.

No. 391375

I didn’t say fanart itself is illegal, making PROFIT off of others intellectual property is. I also stated that majority won’t go after small artists that do this, but it’s still a shitty practice

Especially when people do it to indie franchises like that huge thing that happened with Undertale a few years back.

I have absolutely no issue with people creating fanart, as I stated in my original post, I purely have an issue with people making money off of other people’s success from an ethical standpoint. I’m not sure why this is apparently such a controversial opinion to have, I’d be pretty fucking upset if I made a popular series/comic and then people went and made money off of it

I at no point said that making original artwork is a statement nor that people can’t succeed without selling fanart? I swear some of you guys misread things just so that you can argue

No. 391388


>I’d be pretty fucking upset if I made a popular series/comic and then people went and made money off of it

If it's that popular that other people are making money off it, you're probably making enough money off it yourself.

Society is built on money and you need it to live. Obviously if there's an easy way to get it, people will go the easy way.

No offense anon, but that statement comes off as weirdly selfish. A lot of these fan artists likely aren't making as much money as the popular series or comic creator already is. If they are, then I agree with you - sucks for the creator, and they should feel cheated. But I doubt this is the case most of the time. And even in this hypothetical situation, the creator honestly should know better than to give out free content when they know it can get stolen.

No. 391404

>No offense anon, but that statement comes off as weirdly selfish

How is it selfish? I can see where you’re coming from with a lot of your other points, but this makes no sense. In what way is it selfish to not want others to make money off of your hard work and success? It’s not like I’d be bitter because ‘oh, that’s money I could be earning!!’ it’s the fact that this is something I’d be slaving over, pouring hours upon hours of work into, marketing it, tweaking details and the like, and then someone comes along and with little to no effort (because let’s face it, even if it’s a doujinshi all of the foundations have been laid out for them) can come along and make money off of something I made into the success it is. And me being upset that someone is making money off of my ideas isn’t somehow taking food out of their mouths, there’s nothing stopping these people from just getting a regular job.

Again, I don’t have an issue with fanart itself, it’s just a massive fuck you to the creator to profit off of their labour even if you genuinely enjoy the franchise (obviously this is a much bigger issue when it’s an indie franchise than say something like Marvel). I’m beating a dead horse at this point so I’ll just leave it at that

No. 391432

I recently decided to check out the older/beginning vlog videos of the really big art-tuber channels. This is probably already known to most of you but it just shocks me to see how much many of them have let themselves go in terms of health. I guess it comes with the job when you spend all day sitting on your ass painting/printing/pressing buttons/packing orders and don't have time/prioritize time to excercise.

I know calling out an artcow's appearance is not really what we do here so I won't name the ones that are steadily growing into a spherical shape, but I will applaud Draw with Jazza and Holly BRown for taking action when they realise they are letting themselves go.

Holly's diet is absolute shit tho. She may slim down but unless she smartens up she is sure to develop nutrition based illnesses.

No. 391437

Yeah, bloggers kinda remind me of office workers. I mean, it’s not at all surprising, majority of their vlogs are them just sitting at home. Only the vegans seem to stay slim but that honestly may just be from the lack of junk food unless you’re down with just eating potato gems 24/7

No. 391453

Makes me feel kind of scared, you know? Deep inside i want art as a career, but i'm scared of my health going to shit. The slightest possibility of becoming these people physically and mentally is nerve wracking.

No. 391455

thats something that I've noticed a lot too. artists going out of shape

No. 391460

I think it's totally do-able to have art as a career while also keeping yourself in shape. However, adding video editing to the mix, especially if you're also doing it yourself, is probably one of the reasons why their health is getting fucked up.

I've done both before for work/school at different times. Can't fucking imagine having to do both at the same time.

No. 391478

This is the main thing that keeps me from taking the step to become a full merchandising art-tuber. I am more scared of getting fat than I am of my art getting rejected.

I see the comparison to office workers, but then an office worker does their 9-5 and then have the rest of the day to spend on other things. Art-tubers trade down when they choose to focus fully on their art. They get full-day job hours and a steadily declining physical and mental health. Fuck me with a frying pan if I ever tell you I want to choose that path in life.

Being a full time artist is of course a dream of mine, but I have enough sense to know that having it be a healthy job while maintaining financial stability is unlikely.

No. 391544

It takes self discipline to maintain your health along with a career like that. It isn't as difficult if you know how to dedicate your time to different aspects of your life properly.
When youtube artists get too comfortable they tend to rest on their laurels instead of staying active. But there are ways to balance things like that if you are dedicated enough to striking that balance. It's not all drawing and video editing and sitting on your ass. We just have very few examples of the case being otherwise regarding popular art youtubers.

I find that the people who don't call themselves art youtubers, are more likely to be healthier because yt isn't a priority to them.

No. 391551

Noone cares that you don't care, you're not forced to read her posts
Tumblr may well be a dead platform but just searching "commissions" or "commissions open" there can lead you to a lot of examples, both of what to do and what to avoid
In a pinch you can also search the /cgl/ archives for artist alley threads, also /ic/ but they're usually too busy with repilled racebaiting or discussing which furry hentai Patreon artist is tracing to actually have useful discussions. Their drama isn't even interesting I stg.

>caring more about getting fat than the success of your art
Memes aside though I totally agree, this kind of thing is another reason why I think it's bad the way we encourage very disordered people into following their creative outlets as if creative work is somehow free from the same struggles of regular work. So many people think that they can follow the art dream into the sunset but instead end up with no work/life balance, isolated, without guaranteed long-term stability and and solely responsible for more labour than they would have had if they'd followed a 'normal' path. Unless they hit lucky, it takes a very proactive person to be a own boss successfully without running themselves into a ground.

No. 391648

I’ve noticed that Kasey has been toeing the line of making her thumbnails I guess raunchier lately, and it makes me wonder if it’s maybe an attempt to age up her audience a bit. Although I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if it in fact just gained the attention of more 12 year olds. But she has complained about the young age of her audience quite a few times in the past

No. 391653

did she really think her style would attract an older audience? like, I understand her frustration, children are kind of a sucky audience - they don't buy stuff, they're super entitled, and they make it awkward to explore mature themes - but when your style is as cartoony as possible that's just your fate. and since she's impossibly resistant to practicing any other styles or doing studies, it's never going to change.

No. 391654

I don’t think it’s her style that attracts kids as much as the whole 500 prompts series tbh, it’s predictable and kids like schedules they can rely on

Plenty of cartoonists have majority adult audiences, having a simple style doesn’t mean kids are gonna be drawn to you

No. 391659

kids like cartoons, and kasey's storybook style + her little characters like hatch etc are a huge draw for children. combined with her edgy attitude (that kids also think is sUpEr CoOl, see how holly is also popular among kids).

No. 391664

I can’t but feel that the edgy persona she’s put out there with her young audience is just gonna push away any potential publishers that have any sensibility, and doesn’t she want to do children’s books as an end goal?

No. 391683

Is anyone feeling burnt out from all the Arteza videos? I feel like every art video in my subscriptions has something to do with Arteza shilling, and it's getting old. Have any anons tried the stuff before and if so would you say it's worth all the hype around the brand?

No. 391693

Arteza has been brought up time and time again and we keep coming to the same conclusions:
A) yeah, we’re all fucking sick of seeing it everywhere
B) no, they’re not good quality

No. 391694

I had two videos that included Arteza in my subcription back to back.

No. 391695

File: 1553748742918.jpeg (245.19 KB, 2048x1534, D2nKMPrXcAUNn0G.jpeg)

Was browsing twitter and came upon ZodiacLord, who I'm pretty sure is an on/off youtuber?- Anyways I just want to say I am physically repulsed by the guy (girl?) on the left's close up face.

No. 391696

i love when these 'inclusive' artists draw PEEOHSEES but they end up drawing all of them so fucking ugly

No. 391698

That broken leg tho

No. 391701

File: 1553750056376.jpeg (55.29 KB, 620x325, 4E4F7646-3746-4759-8935-7AF652…)

Oh my god, yes! They’re almost always really fucking ugly compared to their white characters! Makes me cackle how in their attempts to not be racist they often end up being racist. Kinda reminds me of skits like pic

No. 391710


God I hate this. This is basically a caricature of a poc. Like they were trying way too hard. What's with the dead fish expression?

Also, iirc, zodiac lord is the one who roomed with Holly and twisteddisaster last yr at San Japan I think. Had I not seen the name I would've thought this was another ugly piece by twisted, but I have to remember she only does bust shots of characters lmao.
10/10 awful.

No. 391721

>Makes me cackle how in their attempts to not be racist they often end up being racist.
Because she/he has big lips and rasta hair? Stop reaching

No. 391726

It was a collective ‘they’

No. 391731

Why is it that every month TwistedDisaster makes a video or livestream where she says that for some reason or another she wasn't able to get any work done this month, but next month she'll do it for sure? I get that this month she was hospitalized and therefore has a completely valid excuse for not being able to work, but it really highlights how she does this over and will blame even the littlest thing for her not working. It makes stuff like her getting this sick seem trivial because she's using the same script to explain it. This is the first time in a while where I feel like there was an actual outside force keeping her from making art rather than her lack of time management skills and an inability to be her own boss.
Yet still she mentions in her videos that her biggest pet peeve is wasted time and that she's good at staying on top of herself and making sure she gets her work done. It just astounds me that she doesn't realize that her illness actually prevented her from doing her job, but that in October she was talking with the exact same seriousness about how she couldn't work on Inktober commissions because she'd just moved and realized that her tap water was really high in Calcium (genuinely one of the main reasons she cited). Her time management problems don't bother me as much as her horrible money management problems, but I couldn't get through more than a couple minutes of her most recent livestream of her talking about all the "wrenches" life has thrown in her face with no sense of irony whatsoever.

No. 391735

I occasionally listen to her for BG and that's all. I've also noticed this " oh i couldnt get my work done because of X!" mentality and it pisses me off. She likes to think she's in control but any small roadbump frustrates her enough to stop altogether."I was dog sitting!" Ok? You chose to do that in exchange for money. Like, I watched a vlog where she was complaining about how the people who hired her were messy and they didn't take proper care of their pans and I was flabbergasted at how ungrateful she was, mind you they left food for her- hell she said they BOUGHT food for her. "My father in law is a meanie!" She's had livestreams where she has complained about her Bipolar father in law like- you yourself said he has mental problems, he's set in his ways and not well mentally, expect people like that to be erratic? Also the fact she said that the fact he hurt his back,and considering he's an older guy that must have been debilitating, that it was karma for kicking them out of his house was just??? He probably said that in a manic episode, like dang sorry he was mean to you but don't feel smug about the old bipolar gay man getting hurt. "We were homeless!" She was living in her fiances grandparents garage with access to Wifi ,electricity, running water and all her necessities were met. As much as I don't like talking about creepshow art I respect her keeping to her schedule despite ACTUALLY being homeless, yknow living in a car and needing to use public facilities while having an actual job.
I dunno.
TwistedDisaster just seems like a bitchy passive aggressive californian chick who never had to depend solely on herself,so she doesn't understand how the world works. But she acts like she does. Wonder how she would react to actually having a 9 to 5 lmao.
"B-but boss I couldn't get my work done because the air conditioning was too warm and it irritated my nose-"

No. 391752

>"We were homeless!" She was living in her fiances grandparents garage with access to Wifi ,electricity, running water and all her necessities were met

This always fucks me off so much, this is by no stretch of the imagination homelessness. It doesn’t even qualify as couch surfing.

No. 391779

Please tell me she didn't actually say that her father in law hurt his back because of karma from "kicking them out" because that would be some next level bullshit.

No. 391780

She did, I heard it in one of her livestreams- cant remember when/which one exactly but it's probably still up.

No. 391819

Not that there was any doubt that she is kind of delusional and unhinged after the dodgy stuff with Holly, but… Wow.

No. 391824

its not a reach if it is right.

ways to draw a poc character respectfully: wasabi from big hero 6, lana kane from archer, the entire Proud family, storm from x-men.

ways not to draw a poc character respectfully: this.

big lips and hair do not a character make, but how you apply said characteristics does ride that fine line between a valuable character design, and 1950s racist cartoon.

also, notice in the original image, the large lips are excluded in the side view full body, and are only drawn in the profile 3/4ths. this person is only drawing poc for brownie points, and using what they think these characters should look like, not how they actually do.

so no, calling this racist isnt 'reaching'.

No. 391829

She says it about 12 minutes into this livestream from right after she moved in (the story takes an hour because everything does in her streams). The man fractured his back in three places and it's karma/something to be celebrated because he was difficult to live with. Granted all the stories from living with her in-laws sound horrible, but my g-d he's a human being. Getting that hurt is a horrible thing to happen to anyone, even people who aren't nice to you.

No. 391849

OMFG. How many times do I have to sperg rant about this stupid cunt's entitlement. 'Oh but it sounds like living with him was terrible' OKAY? She is 25 fucking years old and she lived there for over a fucking year she didn't HAVE to she just refused to get a minimum wage job like she has for 8 fucking years post high school as she has been mooching off other people and living in their houses for free since the moment she became a legal fucking adult!!

Gee it sure is a coincidence that every single person who pays for her ends up the bad guy and there is ALWAYS a reason she can't do any actual work.

No. 391851

I’m honestly waiting for her to get a divorce and make a sketchbook storytime to the effect of ‘my ex husband was ABUSIVE ?!?!’ but all it talks about is how she refused to pay for, like, groceries or some shit and he got sick of her shit.

No. 391852

I know we're not talking about this anymore so sage for sperg but 60 year old fan art is legit for sale on eBay for upwards of $100 via the never ending Star Trek fandom so check yoself child.

No. 391853

Uhh anon Star Trek came out 53 years ago so no not 60, and most of the stuff on eBay you're talking about is self published zines of both fan art AND fanfiction. But yeah it can be like $100 if it's rare. Most of it's like 40 years old though so chill with the hyperbole.

No. 391854

We need to pay more attention to this cow I have a feeling she's more milky than we realize. She makes me think of Amberlynn Reid lol

No. 391855

It would really do TwistedDisaster a lot of good to cut down on her commissions and instead work a normal job. It doesn't even have to be full time, and it would provide her with so much valuable perspective and social experience.

Knowing that your set hours at your part time job provides a certain sum of money each month would also be such a stress relief for the both of them rather than knowing that one of the adults in this marriage may or may not sell enough commissions to pay their share of the monthly expenses.

No. 391858

Nah, because then she'll threaten to sue the haters for defamation again, it's just too risky!

No. 391859

Does anyone watch this ZodiacLord person? Cuz if they are milky too then we have a whole little group of cows lol. Holly, Michie, them. I'll have to give them a watch cuz we're way too low on milk lately tbh.

No. 391865

Honestly Morgan's just boring. The only time his content is milky is when he's interacting with Holly or Michelle (which happens a lot to be fair) and even then it's mainly the other two that are worth commenting on. The rest of the time it's just bad art and rambly videos that don't go anywhere.

No. 391875

File: 1553796973362.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.05 MB, 3024x3024, 9F8F623D-3695-460C-8F67-1398DC…)

Oh we’re finally shitting on TwistedDisaster. I used to enjoy her videos as background noise but lately she’s been acting self entitled with her mediocre art and laziness. Old milk but her livestream with Holly talking about rape was so fucking uncomfortable, she’s been dick riding Holly for the views ever since San Japan.

No. 391889

Not the anon you're replying to but i notice this too. So many people have fallen for the "PoC coding" meme that they straight up draw racist caricatures now. It's all american-centric too, if you actually go anywhere else in the world you'd find black people that look nothing like how tumblr thinks they look like. These people look like fucking clowns when they say you should draw all black people with afros and big lips, or any other ethnicity.

No. 391944


You misinterpreted what you're replying to. I'm lolling because fan art is well beyond 60 years old.
But who's keeping count really.

The only time twisted is milky is when it's amplified around Holly. Although she is implied to be a witch or practice witchcraft, so her little 'karma' comment isnt far off from her normal bullshit, and like any other new age bullshitter, she's using the term 'karma' incorrectly.
She's such an entitled little brat who just sits around all day drawing adoptables and ranting about trivial shit literally everyone goes through on yt. She's only ever popular because she complains and because she's in Holly's orbit. Not because her art is any good or that she earned any of it on her own merit, but we all know that's not how the internet works.

No. 391965

I mean isn't renaissance painting just basically biblical fanart? Who thinks this is a new thing?

No. 391974


That was the point.

No. 392098

Holly is goin to SanJapan this year so I’m betting ZodiacLord and Twisted will attend too, so there’s more milk there

No. 392111

Am I the only one who finds it really fucking cringey when Instagram artists will pay to promote their artwork on the platform? Just comes off as really sad to create ads for drawings, especially so many of the artists that do it are young and have hardly any followers usually

No. 392117

I’ve noticed this too. The sponsored art posts I see are usually like… teenage weeb on deviantart tier. Why are they paying for attention when they could just idk, work on improving?

No. 392127

When you advertise on Instagram you get to choose who your targeted "audience" is. It’s really helpful for getting customers, but unfortunately it’s so cheap that even mediocre artists do it for the views. Kids being ripped off cause Instagram won’t stop shoving its promotion feature down our throats lol

No. 392168

what do yall think about kelly elle , prsonally i dont care about her. her art is very generic and gives me major jacline deleon vibes. same face syndrome, UwU witch girl drawings. evry character she draws is the same just with diffrent skin tone.

No. 392172

File: 1553863968709.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1233x1806, F0F4A328-7BB2-49B1-88AA-FCB95E…)

Eh, she’s just boring. As far as I know there’s absolutely nothing milky about her, just your average ‘pretty’ girl Instagram artist

No. 392245

kind of on topic, but art like this instantly makes me assume that the artist is the type to take 'i cant even draw a stickfigure' as an actual compliment and not an annoyance.

No. 392253

This is petty, but it annoys the shit out of me when you see those comments. I get that people who don't draw much or at all think it's rELaTAbLe but it's like, m8, no one gives a shit.

No. 392254

Ok I just don’t get this kind of thing. To me it seems it is solely for aesthetics fetish purposes.. If you have to like the specific style to like the art, it seems more like porn at that point.

No. 392289


Honestly, I'm a really big fan of the art you posted. I realize it isn't the pinnacle of talent, but it's clean, sharp, and aesthetically pleasing.

No. 392385

File: 1553897324661.png (6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 51712A20-B975-4234-8D61-54ACF9…)

No. 392393

Yeesh. Let’s hope she doesn’t end up in any of the wedding photos, the hair and makeup are so atrocious

No. 392400


No. 392403

File: 1553900631854.png (1.52 MB, 1079x1544, Screenshot_2019-03-29-23-58-24…)

This is wrong on so many levels. The shoulder, neck, arms, hips. Did this guy ever saw a real human?

No. 392408

Why do you never actually reply to anyone!!! We never know who you’re talking to or what you’re on about! You have posted ITT and the Baylee one so many times, why have you not yet learnt how to reply to anons!

unless of course you’re someone different then excuse my sperg but there is one anon here who consistently is just seemingly talking to herself because she never replies to specific posts

No. 392409

Lmao is this what happens when Ross doesn’t photobash

No. 392413

Yeah it's super obvious when he's not tracing, sorry, "photobashing."

No. 392416

This might actually be karma

No. 392420

She kinda reminds of Baylee, but not haggardly pastel. They have the same face shape, lifeless hair and bug eyes

No. 392439

A thousand pardons, milady. Unfortunately I am just a first time offended so your quest for the real slim shady continues on.

What in the everloving FUCK is that makeup that TwistedDisaster slathered on her face? How could she think it looks even remotely good?

No. 392459

this guy actually sells anatomy tutorials. Let that sink in

No. 392479

You can’t color dodge and same-face your way out of bad anatomy. Also her hips give me Rory vibes.

No. 392518

Am I the only one who finds it kinda weird that his ‘thing’ is colour dodge? Like, of all the things that could make your style recognisable as yours, why colour dodge

No. 392536

remember when colour dodge was the fucking devil and even thinking about using it made you a bad artist? so weird how it's made a comeback in recent years.

No. 392564

redline anons, this is your chance!

No. 392582

I'm not making fun of her appearance because that's a shitty move… But I consider makeup an art of its own and GIRL- JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD AN EMO PHASE IN 2010 DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO SLATHER EYESHADOW AROUND YOUR EYES ALA RACCOON IT'S NOT 2007 MYSPACE ANYMORE- also foundation- concealer- face cream- hell even taking in some sun would better your complexion, you live in california you literally have no excuse- watch some youtube makeup tutorial videos- buy some good eyeshadow and eyeshadow brushes, it seems that she's the type of person that uses the shitty foam tip applicators that come with cheaper palettes which is why its so uneven and chunky looking- not a makeup expert but I genuinely know she could look so much better if she TRIED- ugh this hurts

No. 392593

just- ignore the fact this looks like absolute shit, even if it did look good, the fact she is wearing it TO A WEDDING is beyond gross

i sure hope the wedding is either her own or themed cause this is NOT what you wear to a wedding. showing up with your emo headass, trying to be the anti-bride, fuck sake.

No. 392611

I mean, at least she doesn't have to worry about looking better than the bride.

No. 392644

>I'm not making fun of her appearance because that's a shitty move…

Showing up to someone's wedding looking like that is a shitty move.

No. 392693

File: 1553941611140.jpg (100.71 KB, 728x1098, nima_portrait_by_rossdraws_d72…)


It sucks how Ross is actually a decent artist, but he's pumping out so much content, hes becoming a lot like sakimichan. I mean, I cant complain because if I could make money with half assed art, I would. But I really miss his old stuff. The picture here is an artwork he did of his OC, before he become super popular.

No. 392694

File: 1553941794988.jpg (578.34 KB, 700x871, dcqqpjy-c68b1ede-ceee-494c-83f…)

Samefag. Here is a recent picture of the same OC Ross did recently.

No. 392696


Looks like he just referenced an insta girl really hard

No. 392719

File: 1553946258454.jpg (278.03 KB, 766x1056, birdii.jpg)


Honestly compared to Michelle Hoefener, this isn't even what I'd consider bad (though it is indeed slowly going there).

Here's her work from 2011.

No. 392720

File: 1553946314101.jpg (1.49 MB, 1469x1086, tailii.jpg)


Versus 2017.

Honestly though michelle's whole gallery is absolutely horrifying.

No. 392724

You could call him sakimiman now.

No. 392728

Lmao he wishes he earned millions a month on patreon. Now that was fucking wild, she must be set for life. I am utterly bamboozled as to how she managed to gain so much financial success, like I know people loved her work but it’s such an insane amount of money

I’m not sure how much she earns these days though

No. 392729

Fuck anon, that's actually pretty sad. She regressed pretty hard.
I mean, she could've continued with her pretty girls in her 2011 style …

No. 392732

I saw sakimi has a whole thread on pull
Her sameface is so bad i'm pretty sure she just has brushes with her most used expressions and stamps them on a la holly

No. 392743

File: 1553951732162.jpg (415.17 KB, 855x952, d20cub0-5960bfd4-6412-407d-b55…)

I always had a thing for Michelle Hoefener's older (this is like 2009 era) insanely clean pencil work. Her newer stuff is so blah and messy. Did she go pro and lose all her soul or something?

No. 392784

I'm genuinely trying to reconcile how this can be the same artist 8 years later like wtf.

No. 392848

Holy shit this is gorgeous. Can more of her pencil art be seen somewhere?

No. 392862

No. 392906

File: 1553973118570.png (112.39 KB, 494x403, Screenshot (416).png)

Apparently her husband did her makeup, which is such a strange choice when you're going to a wedding.

No. 392910

then why not mention that on twitter? i think she's just saving face after people told her how shitty it looked at the wedding lol.

No. 392916

This has more life to it than his newer style, but it still feels unoriginal in a way? It’s not a crime to use references, but this picture looks like he just copied some girl’s face. It kinda looks like Cara Delevingne to me.

No. 392930

She posted all of these images of her on her way to the wedding 22 hours ago. Seems like she posted them all at the same time, so I don't see how she would have gotten so many comments within one hour of posting that tweet and instagram story about her appearance that she felt the need to "save face".
This screenshot was also from a discord with less than two dozen people in it, so it's a pretty shitty place to be posting things to save face in.

No. 392942

did she mention going to a wedding in discord?

No. 392966

Yeah a couple messages up.

No. 392985

But why would anyone let their husband do their makeup? Especially for a black tie event? Retard.

No. 392992

It is perfectly fine to let your husband just for fun or for a video/social media content, but actually leaving the house looking like a clown really makes me question her sanity.

Also I think it is so trashy of her to attend a wedding looking like this. I know there is no way she will outstage the bride with this look, but people sure as hell will be looking at her more than the main lady. I would be so embarassed if one of my (mentally functional) friends showed up looking like that on my special day.

No. 392994

File: 1553984176861.jpeg (825.78 KB, 3456x4608, 1A3D2EBF-4F72-4841-9A1A-17D3F5…)

gonna just chuck this here since this is the only active artfag thread and honestly we should just make this the art general next time around

Well, now I know just how goofy people would look if they actually had 4 fingers like I draw them. So many things that look cute in art don’t irl, like red noses/cheeks and yellow raincoats. Sage because obviously not salt or anything but I always find it interesting to be confronted with just how goofy stylistic choices would look irl

No. 393011

I will defend yellow raincoats with my life
This hand is disturbing though, somehow reminds me of a chicken foot?

No. 393032

I love yellow raincoats and god I wish they were actually cute when worn, but they only ever look good on children or drawings, especially if they’re paired with yellow gumboots (not talking about fashion ones obviously, but the stereotypical yellow raincoat you’ll see in cartoons and stuff)

No. 393035

File: 1553989358525.jpeg (42.51 KB, 640x480, 1ABF36B1-F285-4154-9B9E-A921B8…)

Samefag but this is what I mean - it looks so appealing in drawings and is disappointingly not on actual people, even if the person themselves is cute

No. 393040

File: 1553990263123.png (11.36 KB, 572x103, Screenshot_40.png)

No. 393049

Who even is this

No. 393051

this looks like PT if PT had her shit together and also had rosacea

No. 393056

No. 393079


I thought Jonas from Dark looked cool in a yellow raincoat. Made me want to buy one for myself.

No. 393189

Sauce for the gif
Hope you don't mind anon

No. 393223

I've always wondered what people get out of copying another artist's style to the T like this… it's one thing to be inspired by their art but what's the point in replicating it to the point where it's hard to differentiate between the two? And then acting all surprised/upset when people call them out for it.

I do think that 'style copying' is a grey area and plenty of people have different opinions on what is ok and what isn't, but this is a straight up rip off down to the colours/the way she draws the flowers/the little diamonds around the drawing. Surely a fellow artist would understand how sucky it would be to have someone rip off your work like that.

No. 393227

Not same anon, but pretty sure that's from Tiger and Bunny.

No. 393230

I personally think style theft is a petty complaint spoken often by people who have nothing else to offer. Like if the only thing that makes you "unique" as an artist is your style, then there's something you're doing wrong.

Only times where I think it matters is when you not just copy the artist style but their whole art identity, meaning concept, characters, angles, themes, etc. This shows heavily when you think of say sakimichan and all of her copycats who not just copy her style but draw exactly what she draws in the exact same way as she does.

People worried about style theft are more worried about other people doing what they do but better than they do. Even with sakimi, while all her copies are getting really annoying as they're everywhere, they're still just copies who never live up to the original. But there's many artist to whom their style is all they got without any other outstanding skill and losing that would mean death to them.

No. 393240

>Like if the only thing that makes you "unique" as an artist is your style, then there's something you're doing wrong.

Style is what makes all artists unique from one another though..? What else is there to make people different from one another anon, style is literally all encompassing; colour choices, subjects, composition, mediums used, level of detail, how realistically something is portrayed, abstract vs figurative, etc. - this is all style. You’re just talking out your ass at this point.

No. 393242


I think you're misunderstanding what I said on purpose here as I think I was being very clear that I was talking about drawing/art style in raw sense of the word. Like yea all things you mentioned are technically part of your style true but when we as break art apart into categories, style is usually it's own category from things like subject and composition. Like for example, you can have unoriginal style but unique compositions or bland style with great subject matter. When people talk about style theft, it tends to focus specifically on visual drawing style, that's what I'm focusing on here too.

Having just a good looking style with good coloring and linework (or brushwork however you like it), alone isn't enough to keep you on top of your game. Like for example you can have 2 artist, both with identical art styles but one has great compositions with knowledge on perspective and use of light while the other one just has the pretty style with no other notable skills. Hope you got it this time.

No. 393244

Hmm let me think, what else is there in an image besides aesthetics? oh yeah! An actual message or meaning. It's ok though anon it's easy to forget this if all you look at is insta art.

No. 393247

You’re specifically talking about stylisation here, but go off

No. 393248

Two artists can create something with the exact same message and it will be their stylistic choices that will make their pieces different.

No. 393259


You're confusing stylistic choices with a vision here. I could say for example to imagine a child in a swing and everyone will get the image to their head but every single image will look different from person to person. There's no need to be satisfied with the first image either, you can actually compose that entire scene and that's a skill no one can just come and take from you. If you had 2 people with same style making same aesthetic choices, this vision would still be unique between the 2 and the images would turn out different.

I can draw a crystal in the exact same style I've always drawn, with same lineweight, same colors and same shading but the shape and size can still be unique but that's only if you're willing to make it unique.

No. 393275

Eh, who says art HAS to have "an actual message or meaning"? If someone is a hobbyist doing what they love and not claiming to be a pro, what's wrong with making art for the sake of aesthetics alone?

No. 393290

Nothing but then you can’t complain about people stealing from you, if you were just like everyone else to begin with.

No. 393721

File: 1554095251043.png (635.86 KB, 720x1226, 20190401_123324.png)

What do guys think of teakip? Her attitude (i dont care im using female pronouns, no ones gonna convince me that thats male) with people asking her about her gender, which is reasonable because she doesnt even make an effort to look like a man anymore, she gets very hostile and aggresive with replies regarding those

Atleast her art us different from all those instathots, i like that her art is very expressive but some of the colors she uses nowadays are just eye bleeding which is just a turn off for me

No. 393723

File: 1554095320986.png (86.48 KB, 720x448, 20190401_123706.png)

No. 393724

File: 1554095442966.png (161.78 KB, 720x935, 20190401_123801.png)

No. 393725

File: 1554095588698.png (162.15 KB, 720x959, 20190401_123855.png)

No. 393727

File: 1554095879809.png (146.38 KB, 720x937, 20190401_123930.png)

Wow trying to stop violence by using violence

Transgender people sure are peaceful!

I do have more screenshots of this behaviour of hers but im not sure if other anons want to see

No. 393729

If you check this post, some comments are just nasty and toxic

No. 393733

No offense but I'm having a hard time people have beat her up for being trans. She just looks like a slightly androgynous woman…

No. 393735

Oh fuck right off with this, majority of the trannies that get beaten are either prostitutes or they instigated it by either a) lying to a sexual partner about their sex resulting in rape or b) they were starting shit with someone because of their horrid cluster b personality disorder

People don’t just beat them up because of muh transphobia, if anything it would be homophobia because they read as gay.

No. 393740

She's lying. Nobody would mistaken her for anything but a woman.

No. 393748

I believe she has a boyfriend

No. 393749

Lol this is so embarrassing

No. 393751

I love how I'm supposed to see a "man" on the right when she just looks older and edgier.

No. 393757

This dumbass is an idiot but yall be yikes af lol. Lolcow is full of terfs tho so no surprise there.(Y'all be taking your ass back to tumblr)

No. 393777

File: 1554108969734.jpeg (31.69 KB, 500x317, A0564123-A918-4552-9681-F155D5…)

>actually using the word terf in derogatory way

Has there been a wave of newfags? Been seeing anons throwing around terf recently and reeeing about tranny rights

No. 393835

>Thinking lolcow is the place to virtue signal
>Thinking lolcow is anyones safe space

No. 393892

Stop being so fucking sensitive lmao

No. 393909

You a tranny or something?

No. 393912

Lmao what

No. 393914

Not sure how this has any relevancy to the thread topic…

No. 393927


This thread is also a general artist salt..

No. 393929

Not the anon you are talking to, bur i post a lot here and respect transgender people and the others in the lgbtq+ community. I wouldnt bother trying to change your mind though because thats a waste of everyones time so can we all move on?

Is this person an artist? I haven’t heard about them before. Anything milky ? I dont consider identifying as trans as milk, especially on an art thread (the art world -drana, visual arts, and performing arts, are filled with people that are lgbtqa+ so thats really not milky.)

No. 393950

File: 1554130300586.png (7.06 MB, 1668x2224, 26DFB74D-EBF2-4C5F-95B8-A4F400…)

Honestly like anons aren’t even referring to his art, just him being trans. Like we get it you hate trannies.

Anyways here’s his art and it’s average. It doesn’t look like someone whose 20 made it and the color choices scream your typical queer artist.

No. 393951

What about these colours is supposed to scream ‘typical queer artist’..? I’m really failing to see what’s wrong with her colours here other than being muddy and too close in value

No. 393952

Samefag but why are so many artfags obsessed with artists age, majority of people aren’t above mediocre by 20 - that’s extremely young in the grand scheme of things.

No. 393956

>Twitter, YouTube and even Tumblr are better platforms to focus on
>if you're looking to make money/connect with artists/find a job I think twitter/YouTube work better because you can actually interact with people there

sorry to reply to month old posts but i was catching up on this thread and saw talk about how to use instagram to get your art noticed and some anons recommend twitter. how does one get noticed on twitter? do tags work at all? i never see posts with a million tags there like on instagram. is it just interacting with other artists? it feels disingenuous, and wouldn't a bunch of retweets of other people's art be annoying to sift through? or is it for people who already have a following elsewhere who can follow you on twitter to retweet your stuff? idgi

No. 393959

File: 1554133150667.png (171.64 KB, 436x361, 1511744461879.png)

Twitter is okay. Unless you already have a following you're not going to grow, tags are hard to navigate and twitter compresses the hell out of images. Doesn't mean you can't post on it though, it's excellent for interactions but you should keep your media tab clean. If it's full of reaction images, people won't bother to look deeper.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have a pixiv, instagram, twitter, tumblr, artstation, etc to cover your weak points because not every art platform is perfect, everything from your style, ability and interaction frequency is going to vary output in each platform.

No. 393976

Here's some salt:

>Industry pros: minimal to no fan art in your portfolios!!! We want to see your own ideas and how your mind works!

>Also industry pros & recruitment:…

So we liked your portfolio full of fan art, -
would you like a job?

No. 393984


>Also industry pros & recruitment:…

So we liked your portfolio full of fan art, -
would you like a job?

said no one ever

No. 393985

File: 1554136798379.png (613.25 KB, 720x1102, 20190402_003911.png)

The comments are gone now for some reason

No. 394037

no one cares, drop it already.

No. 394061

Eh. I've heard of people being "discovered" on IG with accounts full of fan art but I have never heard of anyone formally submitting an actual portfolio full of fan art & getting hired. Your pro portfolio & social media feed are two different things. Keep the fan art to the latter.

No. 394079

Yeah i don’t care for their art, i dont care that he is trans, this isn’t milky at all. Thanks for posting the art anon

No. 394083

zzz the trash can painting art gag "omg i bet youve never seen anybody do this" is a very bland boring april fools thing. BORING

No. 394093

credits to kasey for being smart enough to see her audience is dumb enough to actually think 'painting with water' is a thing, her comment section is full of fucking retards. its just a bit more creative of an april fools joke than 'omg a TRASHCAN!!!!! NO ONE has EVER done that before!!!'

No. 394108

Who did the trashcan painting besides baylee and waffles?

No. 394118


monique renee, emily artful, lucid reema, doodle date, mira byler

No. 394127

Plenty of big names in the industry were found through their fanart anon, and it happens all the time - especially if you want to break into animation

No. 394132

I don't understand how any of them thought painting on a trashcan is a "prank." Nothing about it is funny, in fact it sounds like something gimmicky half these artists would do on any given day.

No. 394140

Yeah I know several people who got their job through posting fanart on social media. I don't think their portfolios contained fanart tho

No. 394173

No. 394203

File: 1554174206030.jpeg (86.7 KB, 1242x790, 93399F92-A895-4BBC-949E-ED82CD…)

I knew her audience isn’t the brightest but..

No. 394207

this is honestly the only good prank that came out of the artube community, since the rest of them painted trashcans or jazza just rehashing his "goodbye 4ever" video.

No. 394232

Yeahhhh, the "Goodbye *paints over mural" only works the first time. Rehashing it only 2 weeks after for April Fools was dumb.

No. 394241

I think this is a joke too…

No. 394259

I honestly don’t know because it just seems so sincere and was in a sea of ‘oh my god, I’m so dumb, I kept trying to see what you were painting!! XD’

No. 394275

File: 1554198197930.png (8.95 MB, 3678x2550, D3138143-6A13-4A94-B755-DCDB96…)

>References another artwork for a pose
>Art is of the same character as OG art in the same alternate costume.
>Doesnt expect it to be blatantly obvious to fans of the character/series?
You can’t just take any art and “draw this in your style”

No. 394281

Did they claim that it’s entirely their own? There’s nothing actually wrong with redrawing things with your own twists as long as you don’t take full credit

No. 394299

Referencing is fine. If they'd traced over it that'd be one thing, but every artist on earth uses references, particularly for poses and anatomy.

No. 394305

What's the problem here? It's not traced, details are changed … I don't like the style but it's not even that bad.

>You can’t just take any art and “draw this in your style”

Why not?

No. 394308

I think this is fine anon, but i understand your concerns.
On the other hand, i hate this trap trend that a lot of artists are doing nowadays. Not only the artists but now there's a bunch of spergy autists expecting every artist to draw femboys.

No. 394314

Lauren Tsai is the most overhyped artist, doesn’t understand perspective or anatomy, and rips aesthetics off the thirsty neckbeard hypebeasts who “mentor” her. Her profile infuriates me!!

No. 394322

File: 1554211349898.jpeg (63.07 KB, 619x495, E0940221-724D-4FCB-9D43-DFFD80…)

Had no idea who you were one about so I gave her a quickie google, and I dunno I dig this

No. 394331

OT but OUCH that looks like chemical burn.

No. 394334

Lol qq more bb

No. 394354

Sage for nonmilk, are any of you patrons of Leigh Ellexson? Does she do anything special on there? Because her YT has been going downhill recently, cue mad cringe in her most recent video. I've got a lot of respect for her because she's basically made it as an artist living from her craft, but what the actual fuck was she saying and doing whenever the camera was on her

No. 394363

This trend of “beating up” your artwork a la hi fructose is a little disgusting to me. If you want to get into a gallery you need black eyes, bdsm collars, sad childish faces and tears streaming. I thought this edgy emo shit went out of style in 07.

No. 394371

File: 1554222439063.jpg (335.44 KB, 1080x1080, Dnmx1TfU4AAqvbS.jpg)

Hate this pin trend. It's always non-japanese asian artists who bank on this aesthetic to turn around and screech cultural appropriation when someone else does it. Artists who make these merch scream lack of personality and identity to me. If you call them out on this shit they claim its their childhood culture but I don't see anyone making milo or shrimp cracker pins lmao. It's so transparent.

No. 394372

I'm not one of her patrons, but I do really like her videos. While some parts might be a bit cringe, I like how she shows timelapses of her paintings since they give me ideas of what I would like to incorporate into my own work, like harsh texture next to smooth color.

No. 394379

Oh that reminds me of a mid-tier art-tuber that recently showed a picture of some upcoming pin designs. One of them include a saying (think "c'est la vie") and it is misspelled so it means something else. They clearly don't know, and nobody has pointed it out. I feel bad for them but then if you choose to mass produce something with words on it I feel like you should be better with your spell-checking and quality control…

And yeah, I am also getting bored with everyone and their mother releasing pins. At least they are vaguely more interesting than buttons.

No. 394381

Artists that always REEEE about cultural appropriation and how everyone hates their ethnicity are so boring. They're the ones always doing the #DrawingWhileX shit too. I don't feel the need to hammer my ~exotic~ ethnicity on whatever i draw, and i don't know why anyone feels the need. It's just a grab for publicity, right? I hope nobody thinks they're actually special.

No. 394388

okay yeah but i'd kill for a milo pin like a tin of milo with the guy kicking the football

somebody here take this idea and run with it, it'll be great

No. 394391


She's only popular because of Terrace House, and she wasn't even that interesting when she was on it.

No. 394486

Not a patron, but most youtubers that open up patreons tend to go downhill - they start to invest all their time into it and all you ever hear about in their videos is about how grateful they are for their patrons and how they’re working on rewards. That said I do still really enjoy her videos, I think Frannerd balances patreon/YouTube very well (still thanks patrons but doesn’t produce primarily paid for content)

No. 394545

File: 1554263888374.png (632.09 KB, 589x756, Screenshot_42.png)

y i k e s

No. 394562

You just ruined my perfectly perfect morning Anon
Also, I'm a newfag, how do I reply to other anons?

No. 394565

Click on their post number

No. 394599

Oh god, Baylee gives me so much secondhand embarrassment with her ugly photos

No. 394603

And you're not going to tell us the saying/typo or provide a screenshot?

No. 394630

File: 1554295961682.jpg (154.68 KB, 1080x604, SmartSelect_20190403-134800_Tw…)


No. 394636

How would we know

No. 394658

Monique Renee. A pin with the saying "Memento Mori" misspelled as "Memento Mori."

No. 394669

bet it is something stupid like "some youtuber wont collab with me, wah!" and then proceeds to not name the artist in true emily artful style

No. 394687

Eh she doesn’t really strike me as someone to do that. If she did I’d be REALLY shocked

No. 394717

Im rereading the words letter by letter and you didn't write the misspell, anon
Also>>394630 Steph doesn't seem like a person to namedrop others or being like Emily. Maybe her beef with whatever she has on is genuinely worth of concern idk

No. 394721

For Emily if she says something like this it’s like the boy who cried wolf so I wouldn’t give a shit if she did say what steph said. But steph never really mentions anything dramatic and doesn’t seem to be the type to actively seek out drama

No. 394728

Sorry, the misspelling is "Momento."

No. 394781

I thought Kasey lived in Vancouver though?

Nice of Baylee to put up a big warning on what to avoid in Vancouver.

No. 394795

I'm the 800000th person to say this but i genuinely hate baylee's icon. Reminds me of my Epic Random!! XD phase

No. 394797

Maybe it’s about her copycat

No. 394801

Kasey lives in Victoria. like a 20 min flight from the island to vancouver, or a 1hr 40 min ferry ride to vancouver.

No. 394808

This video is so fucking embarrassing. Despite going on a long tangent about it at the end of the video, Michie doesn't seem to understand why people don't share stories they're ashamed about
Also that title. I couldn't even fucking read it 'til halfway through the video and it still doesn't completely make sense to me. She just vomited words onto a page.

No. 394813

That title, combined with her general behavior, makes me wonder if she legit has some learning disability.

No. 394821

Someone gimme a summary 'cause I'm not going to watch that.

No. 394825

She bought a closed species adoptable from an artist, decided to make another character in that closed species, asked the original artist's permission after making the character and got turned down, the original artist found out that Michie had made the character already and got pissed, Michie did a petty livestream where she and her friends bitched about the artist, artist was lurking in the stream, and the artist ultimately blocked Michie a couple months later for art style theft.

And honestly that story wouldn't be all that embarrassing if it weren't for the way Michie tells the story. She says that she's totally over it and that she and the artist were both in the wrong here and repeatedly stops to say that she doesn't blame the artist, yet she still manages to sound incredibly petty and annoyed the whole fucking video. And she ends the video with a long point about how people can change and she isn't the same person she was back then and, even though she was 21 when the story took place, she wasn't really an adult yet. I sort of get her point, but she did a livestream a couple months ago where she was petty and bitched for an hour with her friend about her father-in-law (linked further up in the thread). She is still doing the same shit and hasn't changed. I don't know how she'd react to the closed species situation today but we all fucking know that if she were accused of art style theft she'd passive aggressively mention that person's comment in a livestream within a week. This whole video just made her look bad and I'm amazed that she couldn't anticipate that it would have that effect.

No. 394831

Closed species are a mess, but I don't know how she can say they were 'both in the wrong' when she knew beforehand that she wasn't allowed to make that character anyway.

No. 394835

Thanks for a summary, I usually try not to rip into people's looks or whatever but something about her voice just made my ears wanna bleed, so no way was I going to listen to it for 40 minutes.

Also how is 21 not an adult? I really don't get what do these people consider an adult to be if they think 21 is not yet adult? Sure some people that age can be fucking immature for sure but the moment you turn 18 you're an adult with adult responsibilities. I listened for a bit and she said "I was sort of adult but not really" or something and I thought she meant she had just turned 18, not fucking 21.

No. 394837

Closed species shit is so stupid that I think this story is nothing but equal parts funny and sad.

No. 394860

You could make the argument of science for the age thing. 18 is a legal adult in the USA but technically humans are not completely matured until 25.

No. 394912

same, the entire concept of 'closed species' is moronic and just another form of 'original oc do not steal', except people found a way to make money off of it, and scream 'ART THEIF' when they see the tiniest of similarities. i dont know which is more embarrassing, someone that buys this crap, or the people who make it.

No. 394971

Actually a human brain develops till 25 true but that doesn’t really just turn you into an adult either. Like there’s so many retarded +30 years olds that you can never really put an age on maturity. That’s why to me, anyone who tries to make themselves sound like some young teen when they’re twenty, really need to do some growing up.

No. 394973

You're delusional or 20 yourself if you think most 20 year olds don't act like kids and aren't essentially still 18.

No. 394977

No they definitely are, I just don't think it's an excuse.

No. 394984

File: 1554373760823.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1562, 20190404_122239-1.png)

Since there is no good milk atm…
How did she got 25k followers on Instagram? And all of her posts are reaching about 1k likes, and more than 100 comments.
All she does is copying either Happy D. or Tanya Shatseva

No. 394987


Probably bought em.


I used to be into closed species and every single community I've been in is total shit, it's got this sort of cult like vibe to it that I don't like. If you aren't spending enough money or a good enough artist you're basically nobody. And there's the 'oc do not steal' bs within the community because people make similar busy designs and shit.
Also encourage, as mentioned up the thread, addictive behaviors.

No. 394991

Could have sworn that thing on her back was supposed to be a butterfly, I should get my eyes checked

No. 394995

Bandages and tears are some of the least original imagery that you could use. It’s Hot Topic tier. Her sketchbook is entirely like this, emo skinny white girls with no actual features and badly drawn animals.

And if you look at James Jeen art, it’s the same but better.

No. 395004

in one of her old videos, she said she had a hard time learning, primarily with spelling. I think it was her high school video or why she dropped out of high school

No. 395009

to be fair Instagram isn't really a website for artists, you can have a huge following but the user interaction is off,

No. 395053

Or she is in one of these like booster engagment groups on telegram.
Anyway, she wont make many sales with "art" like that.

No. 395067

I thought it was a butterfly until you said it wasn't and had to look again. It's not a butterfly.

No. 395077

It's an elephant

No. 395094

ok, instagram artist here with over 15 k followers. it's pretty easy to see when someone has bought their followers. if someone has 10 k, they should be earning about 1-4 k likes per post. if she has 25 k followers, but less than 1 k are liking her posts, she bought them. or bought a lot of them to appear like she's something

No. 395108

thank you so much anon, its very helpful


i think, that many people started to copycat sakimi's art is because she started to sell those guides , so many people just started to use that to start drawing like sakimi and i always hate it , because then we just started to see "sakimi style art" everywhere, i mean, its okay if skaimi wants to sell those guides, but the problem is that many people just use that to copy her
sorry about my english is not my first language

i dont really like when artist do this, because that means, people just gonna take their art style and not making something original

i know this isnt thread related, but, where i can find art discords?

god lord jesus save us

even if she told jews or other religions, is not important, she is just an asshole

just use adblock maybe?

No. 395154


Are you sure? I read that about 5% of your Instagram follower are liking the post.
In that case her likes would be real. But the comments are way to much, even Artists with 100k dont get 100 comments per post.
But I have to admit Im jelly about the 1k likes

No. 395163

File: 1554413134840.png (281.59 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20190405-082302~2.p…)

The comments are basically all telling her "stop doing challenges, they're boring, do some actual art".

No. 395169

I agree, but also art social media (instagram in particular) is more about marketing. You can draw like absolute dogshit but still get likes if you're savvy. There are some great artists out there that could easily get thousands of likes but don't, take notice of reposting accounts in which all of their posts have consistent 1-5k likes. But when you go to the artist's pages… 5, 20, 100 likes, something like that. Usually people who don't know how to work the algorithm and are a little bit more silent (probably social anxiety but who knows) get taken advantage of. Also, yeah. You could also buy followers. You don't need to buy that many though, usually just enough to get yourself on the radar.
Doesn't mean you can't rise to the top if you're skilled and not willing to pander though, it's definitely still possible and will always be.


The art community has never been perfect, but i feel like nowadays it's easy to get followers even if you're shit if you just make some low effort uwu pride art, and dicey headcanons of the new hottest anime characters. Follow it with a woke progressive statement.

No. 395210

File: 1554428452052.png (145.32 KB, 612x1249, 2019_04_05_12_30_14_Rae_Dizzle…)

Voice of reason in the comments got Chloe shook because she's out of a job if she has to try and actually create art that's not "i UsEd wIsH mArKeRs To DrAw MiCkEy MoUsE" for the 100th time.

Seriously, do these talentless hacks not realize that people get views and subs doing "normal" art all the time? I can name a bunch of channels off the top of my head that do voice overs/story times while drawing or speed paints. The gimmicky shitty challenges are a crutch for these artists who don't actually want to make art and yes, your 13 year old audience will eventually get tired of seeing you struggle to make a basic sketch using dollar store art supplies.

No. 395219

Its ~~lowbrow~~~

No. 395220

Can't you also buy likes though?

No. 395228

I have about 21k and not necessarily true. It's based on how active and aggressive you are. Depending on the post I only get up to about 2-3k likes and that's only once and a while. Normally my engagement is only about 700-1k.

No. 395238

File: 1554436072420.png (54.75 KB, 689x408, wew.png)

does anyone else think this artist comes across as unhinged. I like her art but she seems off

No. 395277

It's funny because Rae and Chloe can't draw lol

No. 395279

File: 1554444729668.png (237.51 KB, 593x576, 2019-04-05 17_10_08-Twitter.pn…)

who is she shading? did some drama go down in the arttube community recently? (picture says good artist =/= good person)

No. 395280

I think she comes across as a pseudo intellectual most of the time but I enjoy seeing her crazy posts/thoughts. lol

No. 395285

I remember following her a couple years back and she's done a complete 180 in terms of how she thinks

No. 395287


I'd say she's played herself with this picture, but she's not really a good artist either.

No. 395288

The algorithm is a beast. I opened a new art account and had 80 followers. Made a post, probably well algorithm designed. Got 1.3k likes and I gained 200 followers
Tried to repeat it and failed ahah never gonna grasp it

No. 395289

Maybe is the same Drama Steph was talking about?

No. 395304

How so? I'm not familiar with her

No. 395311

How many likes turned into sales? That’s the only part I’d worry about. And if you don’t have any sales anyways then it doesn’t really matter how many likes it got tbh

No. 395312

Closed species reminds me of farmville.

No. 395318

She would purposefully say controversial things for reaction. She still sorta does that but now she's gotten suddenly super social justice-y on her Twitter which is really fucking strange. If you check out her older comics you might see what I mean?

No. 395358

Just a couple from my print shop, so I cannot complain tbh

No. 395362

samefag, I'm sorry I forgot to sage the previous post.
So I came across a DeviantArt phenomenon called YCH (I was looking for references) that I never heard of. It sounds even more gimmicky than the whole adoptable thing. Anyone has ever used it/can provide more details?

No. 395371

YCH stands for Your Character Here. Basically you come up with a base, somebody wants