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File: 1563945171975.jpg (624.79 KB, 1381x1658, HollyBRown18.jpg)

No. 843247

Holly BRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She believes she's known for two webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

She also wrote Chroma Prince, a Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves. She only did 4 pages before shutting down her Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown (shut down)

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted:

WEBSITE (currently deleted): https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycoo
(NEW): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
(ART): https://www.instagram.com/hcbrownart/
(PERSONAL): https://www.instagram.com/hollybrownprivate/
TWITTER (currently deleted): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR (currently deleted): http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1802876351/purgatory-print-copies

In the last thread:
>Got her laser and started making ugly, useless crap such as cat clocks, wooden sketchbooks, wooden charms of her OCs, acrylic stands of her OCs, wooden watercolor palettes, etc.
>Updated Purgatory several times and the quality continued to get shittier and shittier
>Shaved off all of her hair because she was tired of taking care of it and decided to wear wigs instead. She has destroyed several wigs at this point.
>Got a new car
>Has delayed her Kickstarter project for printing Purgatory, which was promised to be ready by June. She keeps blaming Amazon as the reason why the books are late.
>Got a job at Amazon, and was immediately fired.
>Her sister and young niece moved back in to her mom's (aunt's) house, which is where Holly also lives.
>Openly complained about her sister to her followers
>Lost a lot of her money due to medical expenses and begged for commissions on Instagram stories and YouTube livestreams
>Announced that she's planning on moving out of her mom's house into an apartment in October. As a result she's going to sell her laser after having it for about 2 months.
>Got a 9-5 job related to graphic design, but quit after 2 days because of "depression" and "panic attacks." She also complained about having to use Corel Draw instead of Adobe Illustrator at work, and whined about being payed $12 per hour.
>Asked about how to become a prostitute on a (now unlisted) livestream and said she considered being a camgirl but she's "ugly and her boobs are bad"
>Is now gonna do "freelance"
>Going to open her 3rd Patreon in an attempt to support herself
>Said on a livestream how she picked up an X-acto knife and contemplated cutting herself again.

Previous threads:

No. 843256

Reposting the stream from last thread. Apparently she's sold all her copics yet again except for 1 grey. She is also still talking about becoming a camgirl.

No. 843257

whoa tuned in and she's already immediately talking about how she's overqualified for all the jobs she applies for and that she's great at stocking groceries.

>"I'm surprised I'm not known as the complainer one"

She really is… It's just really tragic, honestly, to see how she's spiralling. She seems to truly believe that she's overqualified for all these minimum wage part time jobs. She even says how she'll show up to work, after getting fired from Amazon and quitting a graphic design job super quickly. Clearly she's not got a good track record.

No. 843259

File: 1563948873339.jpeg (30 KB, 326x277, 3F773F53-F9FC-447D-B9BA-EA420E…)

Fucking disgusting. She’s one of the few people I’ve seen that actually resemble the sole of a foot, just thinking about her camming makes me want to vomit.

No. 843267

apparently her sister moved out (lives in Dallas now).

No. 843270

File: 1563950666301.png (215.05 KB, 1047x1149, Screenshot_2019-07-24-01-41-44…)

I love how this popped up on my tl while all this is happening kek

No. 843272

She made a foot fetish instagram to sell foot pics from. fucking christ.

No. 843276

Holy FUCK she will do ANYTHING to get out of doing real work. She's whining and trying to justify to her followers why she's doing it - "b-but I can make 20 dollars a piiiiic!!" Jesus christ.

No. 843277

This is the worst fucking timeline she's talking about profiting of her feet… while also talking about how dirty they are. I fucking hate this

No. 843279

Apparently the name of the account is feetfootstomping….I'm scared to look. Someone take one for the team.

No. 843283

File: 1563952156239.jpeg (774.71 KB, 1242x1359, 498FD4D3-566E-49C0-A4EC-D14173…)

I got you fam. 1/3

No. 843284

File: 1563952214938.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1242x1872, 061DAD0C-7849-4637-8CC8-BCD2A2…)


No. 843285

File: 1563952323553.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1242x1830, BB6D35DC-CD2D-4146-97BE-01F60C…)


Jesus fucking Christ Holly. She would do literally anything to make a buck as long as it takes little to no effort whatsoever.

No. 843287

why. just why.

No. 843288

I know it doesnt qualify but kinda wish that was all under a spoiler, jfc. Why would you tell your followers about this. Is she hoping there are some more Keith's lurking about that would actually pay her for this shit? Hell I think even the original Keith is getting real tired of her by now.

No. 843289

No. 843290

I think Keith got tired when she insulted his oc cause i have not see him in any other livestream after that.

No. 843291

Even autists have their limits, I guess. That thirsty ass Holy Hand Grenade guy was in there talking about wanting to pound her "sweaty vagina" the whole time anyway, so she's still got some orbiters left.

No. 843292

File: 1563954521926.png (46.77 KB, 1056x232, Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.4…)

Here's the overview on her Patreon:

>I've tried making a consistent living through art for years, doing multiple things, failing multiple times. So I wanted to create this patreon to simplify my goals and to show people exclusive content.

I mean… good for her for being honest about her fuck-ups I guess? But it'll also scare away a lot of potential patrons if she tells them up front that she has a history of fucking up constantly.

No. 843293

File: 1563954711860.png (63.85 KB, 528x934, Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 12.4…)

Also she spelled tier as "teir"

No. 843303

I would find this pretty funny if it weren't for the fact that she's doing this because she absolutely shamelessly fucking refuses to work. She's so frustrating – as someone in a similar situation struggling to land a job, it's aggravating to see her actually land decent-sounding jobs and then immediately quit them.

No. 843305

Went to sleep and woke up to Holly's foot pics what the fuck

No. 843310


Word, me too, talk about a left turn.

No. 843315

Jesus Christ, her patreon is such a trainwreck, it's all about how SHE'LL be stable and happy and fulfilled. Patreon isn't a cash cow to satisfy your needs, it's not about what YOU get out of it Holly, it's about what you can offer to those who support you. It's so obvious this is another half assed thing, there's no structure whatsoever in her tiers, for 10 dollars she'll mail you a random sketch?? When she reaches 550 a month sh'll have her car payments covered?? I don't care about this as a possible buyer,it makes people feel like they have an obligation to support you because you're struggling and patreon isn't about that, if people are going to pay a monthly fee, they better well get their money's worth, not pay you out of pity so you don't have to work a job like everyone else.

No. 843324

"feetfootstomping"? Everything about this looks like a parody account, this timeline is cursed in so many ways. I give the foot fetish scheme two weeks at most.

No. 843328

aaa my car payments so hard without job..
why doesn't she just give the fuckin car back since she only got it to drive to the job lol

No. 843330

I feel like quitting school was one of the worst things that happened to Holly, it gave her a structure, even if it was really bare.

No. 843362

I don't know if I want to laugh or cry, seeing that she has laser-made stuff as rewards - the rest literally consists of throw-away sketches and access to her "artwork". She really thinks she can make money like this? Even people like sakimichan have to offer tutorials, psd files and brushes to make the rewards attractive.

No. 843364

I agree. And if you're going to be in 50k worth of debt, you might as well have a fucking degree to show for it. Instead she has half an education that she refuses to apply to her existing work.

No. 843366

How will she keep up with her rewards if she wants to sell the laser printer?

Also throws out any chance to get experience in her field

No. 843431

This ride is a wild one, excited to see what happens next.
Can it get worse than this?

No. 843442

I honestly don't understand why she can't just do a comic page a week she already has a following for her comics?? I would kill to be able to afford working exclusively on a comic Patreon and here she is acting like a lazy imbecile with foot photos.

No. 843455

I interpreted it as she will give away some random piece of existing items made from the laser because we know she went overboard and made a shit ton of stuff she thought would sell but didn’t and this is her way of offloading it.

No. 843457

Okay w h a t. No I need fucking links for this.

No. 843460

>- monthly sketch mailed to you (taken from my sketchbook) You can't choose the sketch, but its a drawing every month
Why the hell does she think she's so likeable that people would want just any random sketch of hers??

No. 843474


Holly talks about cutting and self harm from 3:15:15 to 3:27:43 and says "burn scars look so wack" bc cutting scars are SO much better. Her followers are CHILDREN and she's showing off how much she knows about self harm and she's not even talking about it in a healthy way. She talks about it like she misses it.

No. 843501

I thought her cutting off all her hair was drastic but JESUS CHRIST. This is officially the worst downwards spiral I have ever seen in my life.

No. 843517

File: 1563991752731.png (712.53 KB, 1385x2048, Screenshot_20190724-130455.png)

No. 843520

Welcome to the era of "If Holly Ever Had Standards, She Definitely Doesn't Have Any Now."
I wonder how long it will take for her to realize how embarrassing she is and deletes the insta.

No. 843541

Requires too much effort. She tried that once before with her alien sex comic and only lasted a month before giving up.

No. 843545


If this isn't shooting herself in the foot (no pun intended) I don't know what is.

If this comes up when a prospective employer googles her, I imagine she's going to have a much harder time finding a job.

No. 843546

Considering these instagram pictures are almost 2 weeks old and they remain the only ones she made I think we can safely assume she won't continue. Too much effort, I guess.

No. 843553

I'm personally betting on someone's weird requests/ comments freaking her out. As much as she likes to pretend that she's super kinky and that nothing fazes her, she's a fucking virgin prude, we all saw her oh-so-kinky-bdsm trust trust comic

No. 843557

File: 1563996898798.jpg (311.9 KB, 1062x532, mcr.jpg)

Anyone find it odd that the main couple in purgatory looks like brothers Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance?

No. 843568

Considering the fact that she's talked about writing MCR fanfic and being in the fandom in her teen years, it's not so out of the question.

No. 843632

That foot thing is a troll, where is the evidence that its actually her. Even the one person saying much he loves it is a troll with his comments, and of course he has a SU avatar too.

No. 843636

She talked about it on her stream last night. At around 3:45:30 she pulls the account up on her phone. The comments on the account are all people from the stream chat. >>843256

No. 843639

File: 1564007883417.jpeg (77.92 KB, 1242x276, B7ED12AD-C614-472F-83CC-E4D3BC…)

It’s not really hard to look up the account and see for yourself, anon. One of the comments left on the most recent photo during the stream.

No. 843669

Lmao the funny thing about sex work is that any lazy bitch thinks they can make money off of it- when in reality you have to have something that sets you apart and makes you stand out. There’s thousands of people selling feet pics and millions of free foot pictures online. What makes her think she’s special and anyone will bother to blow money on her? Just shows how stupid she really is if she thinks it’s easy money or that she’s even appealing to that audience.

No. 843693

It's honestly really sad. There was a point after the tracing fiasco where she went dark that I thought she was really pulling her shit together. She's worse than ever now. I want to enjoy the milk but it feels bad after I was kind of rooting for her.

The comments from holy_hand_grenades are also from her number one thirstposter from the chat.

No. 843700

agreed. I feel like holly is slipping. her mental health has been deteriorating for some time now, and watching it all happen has gotten more and more depressing. I genuinely hope she gets her shit together and starts actively trying to better herself, but it's not looking good.

she should get a part time job. even holly can manage ~20 hours a week, I'm sure.

No. 843706

Holly couldn’t take 2 days worth of work without spiraling into depression. What makes you think she’ll last 20 hours a week working for others? She’s stuck in a mindset where she hopes she can just keep doing her thing without any real responsibilities. I doubt it’ll change soon unless there’s serious intervention from her family. I don’t see this ending well for her.

No. 843710

From how she talks about them it sounds like she has zero respect for anyone in her family, so unless they threaten to cut her off I don't think they can help her. She was getting nervous at the end of the stream because she hadn't told her mom she quit her job yet, and that her mom will call her irresponsible, so you know that this is a conversation that's come up in their household many times to little effect.

No. 843718

File: 1564018227217.png (3.47 MB, 2412x1678, Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 6.29…)

Here's a screenshot of her showing it off to her followers during the stream

No. 843723

File: 1564019659862.jpg (32.98 KB, 542x540, 1480340452945.jpg)

Been following the HB saga for a while and had no idea that she would start doing foot porn.
Seriously, Holly is reaching historical lolcow status.

No. 843749

absolutely. she was SO close to graduating. she's really gone off on the deep end

No. 843756

Seriously. Every time I think she couldn’t possibly go lower she digs six feet deeper and it’s glorious.

No. 843784

I had a theory she didn't drop out because of money but because she was failing her classes. She constantly mentioned how stupid her teachers were toward the end and how much she did not want to do her hw because she didn't care about it plus the very ambitious 8 minute animation she wasn't even close to finishing that she was supposed to have done that year. Also she made digital art for a traditional art assignment (an anon that was in the same class as her posted the proof quite a few threads back) so honestly add that to how often she lies? She very likely dropped out because she was failing and she didn't want to face it anymore.

No. 843791

this, it's so obvious once you get familiar with her lies
>bfa 99% complete but - on further assessment, it's not a good use of funds
is her narrative that you shouldn't buy, any more than you'd buy
>got into calarts but - on further assessment, it's not a good use of funds

No. 843818

Oh nooooooooo

No. 843821


I think you mean six feetfootstomping, anon.

No. 843837

I wish people here and herself would stop mentioning mental condition. I suffer from depression and anxiety as well. While its a factor I really feel like she's using it as a shield to deflect from criticism and to run away from her problems. Never in my crazy mind would I think cutting myself was ever cool or glamouring like she does. It doesn't add up

No. 843875

She's making her mental illness a big part of her personality so she doesn't have to make an effort at being a responsible adult. It's not about getting better with her, it's about enabling herself to be reclusive and irresponsible because anything that isn't completely self-serving is "too hard" for her.

No. 843877

The worst part about dropping out (or failing out) is that Holly completely threw out her only real back up career. It's obvious Holly is not going to be able to work in the art industry with her history and attitude but if she was able to get that degree she could have possibly gone into teaching and possibly even gotten a job because of her Aunt's connections.

No. 843878

I don't think her mom's connections would get her anywhere. Iirc she works with mentally challenged kids, Holly wouldn't have patience with that

No. 843881

iirc Holly did say she 'helped' her mom out before so that would be nice padding for her resume. Also I think Holly would do better with teaching mentally challenged kids even though she complained about that in her last stream.

No. 843888

I feel like she cares even less than she did before. She always talks about making a concentrated effort to do better but always fucks up when she realizes that's actually too much work. She's not interested in bettering herself or her art.

She just wants to find the fastest way to make money and banks on the hope that her followers are still willing to drop money on this month's newest bullshit.

She doesn't enjoy working or the pride that comes with working on a project. And she hasn't got the discipline to follow through or treat it seriously. I'd call her a hobbyist at this point, but I've seen hobbyists with better work ethic, so that'd be doing that title a disservice. She's just a NEET leeching off her guardian for as long as she possibly can.

She's probably at the end of her rope with the foot fetish account though. IDK what foot fetishists find attractive about feet in particular or if there are certain types they like but either way, it's not going to last.
Nothing she does ever lasts.

No. 843889

I just realized the only comic she's been able to complete in the last 3 years is that fucking Seize comic. A damn doujin based on a comic that doesn't even have a complete chapter out.
The zine she royally screwed up doesn't count.

No. 843895

So she has a Patreon now. Did she delete the former one(s) entirely or just deactivate or something? I'm just wondering that if Chroma Prince was a Patreon exclusive, did that disappear entirely?

No. 843908

File: 1564070232601.jpeg (708.12 KB, 750x1093, EBC60B8F-4A6D-49C7-B166-9AF10F…)

It all comes around. At the beginning of the HB saga Holly was making sketch books and selling them. In terms of Holly making money with her skills this was pretty successful. Now she’s back at it and I don’t understand how Holly thinks anyone would want to buy this. I don’t doubt that some of them will sell but it’s just so hard to see Holly waste so much time and money.

No. 843915

How can't she ever see how there's no composition of these themed objects for sketchbook covers…? Like she just slaped it on at random

No. 843916

That layout is so horrid.
Will she fix it? most likely not, the only way this works as a "test" is to see how many folks will be willing to empty their pockets for her subpar notebooks.
The color is not too bad though, I'll give her that.

No. 843923


How the hell did she get hired as a graphic designer in the first place?. This is terrible.

No. 843930

File: 1564073991367.png (218.26 KB, 1056x888, Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 9.57…)

New Patreon Overview:

>I have been having a lot of people tell me that I should try patreon again, I've tried before and it didn't work out as well as I had hoped because I had put too much expectation on it and I've never really made one just for my YouTube channel, just my comics. So I decided comics are something I do on my own, but since most my audience is YouTube it does make more sense to make this for my channel. I will post a bunch of stuff on here, sketches, doodles, ( a private discord) and early access videos, and when you're a patron you can be apart of polls to decide future videos and challenges.

For a while I've kinda avoided doing things in fear people will be mad at me or think I'm a sellout, but patreon is completely optional and a service I want to provide for people who like me and want to support me, not a requirement. The support will make it possible for me to function and also produce a lot of art, content and products, and hopefully financially and mentally stable in the future. Thanks so much for being a patron, I will post as frequently as possible, and link any time I'm going live on youtube.

No. 843940

Can we get a collage of all her "items randomly placed on a blank backgrounds" products and artworks because this is getting to be too funny

No. 843942

Her hatred of Patreon always confused me. How tf is having a Patreon being a sellout? Most webcomic artists with followings have Patreon.

No. 843951

She mentioned the foot fetish account on her latest stream, she was surprised/mad that it only got 2 likes and said that she wasn’t going to use it again. I think this is a new record of how long it took for her to abandon yet another get rich quick scheme again.
She should really just stop with the schemes because this one is the most embarrassing. And I really don’t want to know how she could go lower after this.

No. 843962

File: 1564079180417.jpg (13.42 MB, 9419x4644, HB_Collage.jpg)

I gotchu fam

No. 843966

Did she really fucking think that people would be falling over each other to throw ridiculous amounts of money at her for her two (2) extremely low-effort foot pics in "feetfootstomping" that genuinely looks like a parody account? She didn't even try, for fuck's sake

No. 843971

Really minor nitpick but it really triggers me how the food have no actual theme, usually with food-themed stuff you'd get a set of Japanese food, a set of fast food, a set of cakes, but she just throws Japanese stuff with pizza with fries and it just looks so lazy.

No. 843972


Imagine just a little bit more thought into these. Everything is the exact same size, same spacing. Your eye doesn't go anywhere. Something like the cutting board could look pretty nice if she arranged those objects in an interesting way.

No. 843976

That's my issue with it too kek. I'm a basic bitch so I sell food stickers at cons and usually group them into like sweets, beverages, bbq, etc. The only one that's actually cohesive is the top row on the far right with the vintage items. I actually quite like that one. But, then she fucks it up on the second row by adding things like a rubix cube, high tops shoes, and a hair dryer.

No. 843993

it was most likely something like a printing place or a content farm, pretty much anyone who can use photoshop can get a job in those places.

the graphic design industry doesn't have very high standards

No. 843998


I'm curious if she's tried any MLMs yet- and if not, how long it will be before she tries one.

Seems like she'd be the "ideal" candidate for one- she's looking for a get-rich-quick scheme from working on her own terms, from home and using the internet/social media.

She's already shown she's willing to toss a lot of money into new business ventures too.

No. 844029

Holly trying to shill something like Herbalife or DoTerra? That'll be the icing on the cake.

No. 844046

I could see her trying to shill it online to her fanbase since she's too lazy to go door to door and has no friends.

No. 844052

File: 1564094512505.jpg (496.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190725-184222_Ins…)

No. 844060

>>844052 Why is punching a hole in papers seems so Stressful to her?
merch's production or dealing with weird people in con is more stressful than this

No. 844070

Oh look she remembered that SanJapan exists. I'm willing to be that after she makes an abysmal amount of money there it'll be the final nail in the coffin of her mental decline and she'll REALLY go off the deep end then. Something along the lines of "No matter what I try, I don't make money back" and she'll officially become a camgirl.

No. 844072

Too much effort. Don't you know how incredibly stressful it is to pull levers and move small stacks of paper from the hole puncher to a table. I feel exhausted just typing about it. /s

In all seriousness, anything that requires being responsible is too much for her. She needs some professional counseling because eventually, her family are going to start demanding she pull her own weight around the house. As she currently is, that might legitimately cause her to have a mental breakdown. She isn't prepared for the real world the way she is.

No. 844076

Yeah I know she thinks moving out will solve all her problems but she's literally incapable of the least demanding tasks, ever, so how the fuck does she think she can be responsible for bills, rent, and upkeep on her own apartment? Homegirl can't even keep her bedroom clean. She lives every month not knowing from what crevice she's going to pull out her next car payment, let alone utilities. If she thinks living alone is going to lessen her stress when she is, by her own admission, not functional, she's in for a rude awakening.

No. 844088


I hope she's actually joking about becoming a hooker and not half joking. The bit that would worry her most is getting arrested, nothing else. Really?

I want to assume it was just talking shit but after the foot fetish stuff I don't know what to believe. She seems to be on a bit of a self destructive path right now.

No. 844096

Wow never before have I seen such a slow moving Trainwreck before. I used to think Holly was cool and down-to-earth, but now…oof.
I also used to think she was a better artist than me because she went to art school, but blowing on that kind of blew that thought out of my head like a cannon. How does someone as privileged as Holly fuck up her life choices so bad? (bc lbr there are people with far worse than her not only making through college and work and doing their art, but doing so with a great attitude towards life and their peers.)

No. 844104

She’s just running from her problems instead of solving the root cause. Nothing we haven’t seen before. If by some miracle she’s able to move out I wonder how long it’ll take before she’s served her eviction notice. I guess it depends on how nice/sympathetic her landlord is.

I doubt she’d be able to dive into that not only because her concerns are horribly skewed but more so because human interaction makes her so uncomfortable and for all her talk she couldn’t handle the sexual comments. She might think she’ll feel safer behind a screen hence the cam girl talk but she’s way too thin skinned.

No. 844165

holly really needs to return or sell the car, it's just going to get harder for her to pay if she keeps going like this.

No. 844183

Tbh I thought the colour was the worst thing about it, since its food related maybe a soft cream colour since there's sushi, milk, and onigiri so the colour would work if its closer to white

Like why would you want a bright purple pizza, that is the most in appetizing colour for pizza and fries and fucking milk

Whats wrong with hollys eyes

Also the foods aren't even fully related

The fries and pizza would work well with pop and burgers

The sushi would go well with other Japanese foods and drinks and if she wanted she could do a third one for movie snacks like popcorn soda and candy bars

Like she could have actually made cohesive themed sketch books that would have actually been cute had she thought things out ad took the time to make things match and make sense

Sorry for the rant it just annoys me so much seeing all her mistakes when a solution with an outcome of many products would be really simple

No. 844202

This. Rather than buying a vehicle she can barely use, she should have either moved somewhere where she can use public transport or walk a lot, or she should have practiced more with her mom's car or something. I know she got her license by then, but if she got into an accident (or was it more than one?) right after getting on the road, then she def doesn't need her own new shiny car. Not to mention the whole, y'know, not having a job to pay for it too. That's her mom's fault though if she actually did help holly finance it. If Holly thinks that shit is bad rn, wait until her mom finally stops enabling her and cuts her off or something similar.

No. 844221


No. 844225

Gotta love how she tells people she lost weight because she’s poor and can not afford food AND because she’s feeding off of bento boxes, even though she started making bentos something like last week and there’s no way in hell her mom would let her starve.

No. 844233

Don't know about that, that holy hands guy in her stream chat literally never stops going on about how he wants to graphically fuck her and she never tells him to stop, nor does her mod.

No. 844270

the whole point of buying feet pics is that the person they're attached to is attractive. VERY FEW if ANY of the people selling them are anonymous/don't show their face/at least their body. (this is coming from someone making 900-1300 a month from foot fetish business & patreon lol).

holly couldn't make someone fap to her feet if she paid THEM

No. 844329

holy shit teach us your ways

No. 844455

Holly won’t even take advice from professional artist so I doubt she’d take advice from a profession foot model.

No. 844549

File: 1564183110824.png (1.87 MB, 920x1764, Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 4.16…)

Holly got a new green wig. And she's once again bitching about shit. 1/2

No. 844550

File: 1564183135276.png (1.94 MB, 914x1790, Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 4.17…)

No. 844555

Christ, that tangle. She looks like a 10-year-old

No. 844557

Did she also cut the bangs? They are very uneven

No. 844571

she wants to skinwalk Reese so bad lol

No. 844577

That's the upgrade, 2.0 bitch!

… I kinda want to see if she'll go as far as to get an actual tan to resemble her precious wanton degenerate.
Vitamin D could do her some good

No. 844609

My standards are pretty low when it comes to Holly, but this is an improvement. But she needs help styling her wigs.

No. 844612

She can’t style a wig worth a damn can she? Then again she couldn’t/wouldn’t do as much with her own hair so I shouldn’t expect as much. But if she thinks she looks bad in dark colors but wants “fun” colors then just try lighter colors?



No. 844616

File: 1564193560918.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190727-091240.png)

No. 844621

I thought that was a ms paint edit for a split second, my brain was like "it can't look THAT bad, can it?" But nope, it does. Those are clip-ons, right?

No. 844622

jfc she looks like a fucking homeless person

No. 844625

She looks like a discount store, 50% clearance, insomniac, 40 year old disney channel side kick character that has child support due in a week and drinks half a bottle of vodka before bed every night. Get that shit out of your hair and get a job.

No. 844648

they're clip ins, they came free with her wig order apparently.

I think she looks kind of cute here but it's only a matter of time before that wig becomes a matted mess like her old one. I don't even know how she manages to ruin them so quick.

No. 844651

To the anon who said she didnt look like a 40 year old mom, do you see it now?

No. 844678

Not really lol sorry. She def looks sleep deprived though.

No. 844680

Seeing her complain about money and then buy more and more useless shit drives me mad.

No. 844694

Exactly what I was thinking, she keeps crying on streams about how she's too poor to even afford food and now she's just blowing it on wigs? Jfc man

No. 844700

She has to be in so much credit card debt (aside from the student loans).

No. 844708

Everytime Holly moves her wig someone is saying it’s an improvement when she looks literally no different.

No. 844751

She gets wigs without even considering how they might look on her then bitches about how shit they look, like, you are surprised???

I hope it's becoming more obvious where the money people are supporting her with is being blown, but I'm not holding my breath for a deadbrained fan base like hers.

Where's her patreon link?

No. 844758



Here you go. She got 7 supporters the first night and only have gotten one more since. Sad she got any since she’s going to waste their money and not keep up with the rewards.

No. 844760

>$1 teir
>$5 teir
She can't even finish a thought, holy shit.

No. 844777

She's not even trying, that's tragic. If she really wanted to earn a living from Patreon, she could have gone for a more appealing page, choosing a nice banner, adding a little drawing to each tier, illustrations to her introduction to show her work, etc. This patreon will die soon for sure. She has zero passion for what she's doing. Girl, get a therapist first instead of digging your own grave by spending your money without thinking and quitting all your jobs.

No. 844787


What does everyone talk about her mental health?, she does not seem as unstable as many think. But what do I know, only a mental health nurse.(blogging)

No. 844788


I miss when she was blonde, this color isn't very flattering. She looks SO much older than when she had lighter hair.

No. 844793

i think she unconsciously wants the patreon and several of her latest ventures to fail, so she can be forced to give up the car etc. she doesn't want to actively give it up so she is putting in already-sabotaged effort saying 'you never know, someone might drop a million dollars on my footsite/patreon if i make one' but knowing …not really

No. 844810

Because for no reason she spazzed out and shaved her head for no reason… Whether you're a health nurse or not, thats not something normal people do when you watch how she went about doing it and how manic she acted

Plus she seems to be very unstable when talking about how she wantd to harm herself and keeps talking about dying which is not what normal people think about on a regular basis

No. 844811

I mean, she has a history of self-harm and is now going through trouble after trouble, contemplating cutting again, picking up and dropping jobs and projects, is in debt, bumped her new car… just the way she talks about her life right now is concerning, and even us who are not just mental health nurses can see it.

No. 844814

It seems most patrons are in the 5 dollar tier, so I doubt she has to do much with it. Also noticed keith is a pledger.

I feel like lately her mom has become more frustrated with her and is putting pressure on her to get a job and now Holly must face reality that her art won't really get her far.

No. 844829

File: 1564246609879.png (12.64 KB, 271x313, Unbenannt.png)

…maybe it's just me, but could she present herself in a more unappealing way?

No. 844836

>producing daily
Not on your current diet, Holly

No. 844841

anyone here wanna take the fall and get the $5 tier for discord access? It's gotta be a train wreck. I'd love to see that.

No. 844843

It's probably not much worse than her stream chat (although her chat is never great) maybe a little bit worse/weirder if she's in there a lot

No. 844844

you're probably right about that on second thought.

No. 844888

It wasn't for no reason exactly. She tried to dye her hair dark green like Reese's and it turned out horribly. So she shaved it off, which tbh wasn't the worse decision. It was super damaged.

You're either new to HB or bad at your job.

No. 844891

Yeah thats true that she had a reason to shave it, but she still did it in a very sporadic way that definently makes the viewer watching it think shes unstable

Shes definently distressed at the moment so anything could set off a break down, hopefully she'll be able to get some help before she she ends up doing something detrimental to her safety
Like I know she's done alot of shitty things but watching her spiral into such manic states is pretty concerning

No. 844902

She's talking about cutting again.
She cut her hair for no good reason, said she doesn't regret it and then two days later starts spending money on wigs.
Complains that she has no money and then makes sudden hugely expensive purchases that she's obsessed about for a while and then loses interest.
Apparently has panic attacks working a normal 9-5. Not just doesn't enjoy it like many don't but actually wanting to do anything to get away from there including self harm.
Says that the only thing that worries her about sex work is getting arrested. Not her health or safety. She said she literally does not care about that.

Some of this could be explained by poor judgement or just her being over dramatic and making excuses but when you put it all together it doesn't exactly paint a healthy picture.

No. 844905

Not to mention her incredibly disordered eating habits and obsession with weight.

No. 844914

So I take it there's a difference between what you do and what a phycologist does…this girl is clearly unstable. Bipolar maybe, definitely manic. Self harm, eating disorder, shaved her fucking head. Is she lazy and entitled? Yeah she fucking is. But who says those can't be symptoms of her mental health state? You can't help someone that refuses to help themselves so you may look at her with scorn but she definitely is not mentally stable. It is her own fault she got there though.

No. 844920

If you're not in the middle of an active psychotic break you're "not that unstable" I guess.

Her history with self-harm and desire to continue it is more than enough to be alarming, even if you ignore how far she's fallen in the last year. She is incredibly self-destructive. She might not be at the point where she should go inpatient (unless she does self-harm again) but that doesn't mean she's well.

No. 845019

File: 1564280358196.jpeg (111.47 KB, 570x1217, 306CD87D-6391-4515-8EC9-84C95F…)

Holly the last thing you should be doing is mention doing zine work since most people know you as the person who made the train wreck bnha zine.

No. 845039

With the outcome of the recent Kickstarter and the BNHA zine…she should stay for away from anything that needs to be printed

No. 845055

I can't even get over that she mentioned future zines. She said over and over she wasn't going to do it again after the disaster if True Colors.

No. 845134

guess we have another proof she lurks here, since she changed the description overnight

No. 845141

guess someone changed their tier too, since she earns 20 bucks less now - I don't see a future for her patreon, if her fans wanted to support her this way the had probably done that already.

No. 845145

nah the zines etc text just moved to goal 2, $1200

No. 845196


I think she mostly means self published zines, since she mentioned she never wanted to do a collaboration like that again.
Which is probably a good idea with the way she mismanaged every step of the way. Meanwhile her personal comic got the professional printing treatment. I'll never forget that and the way she treated those artists.

No. 845362

She's live right now. She broke her fucking laser cutter.

No. 845364

What?? How??

No. 845374

File: 1564357355904.png (9.61 MB, 1668x2224, 0F3CD76B-845C-475A-8DAE-F354F7…)

No. 845375

File: 1564357392577.png (8.78 MB, 1668x2224, 86717D3C-4A3C-4367-B57F-F86D85…)

No. 845376

The interior CO2 tube exploded and shattered. She just had it for 2 months. She blames the exterior tube to be faulty but my bet on it she overdrived it and it overheated.

No. 845377

File: 1564357491599.png (9.37 MB, 1668x2224, CE67F2A2-4D9A-42BF-9027-1C9D1B…)

No. 845379

Shes just oversharing,"i wanna kill myself hahajk"," should have gone full out prostitute hahajk", being quIrkY, saying her usual catchphrase "i'm such a bitch lol" and ye old self deprecation.
Her stream is also flashing and she doesnt seem to know because quality control.
I can't listen to her more than 2 minutes because its an adult who sounds like a 13yr old peak edge and she truly doesnt change. The giggles she does are autistic.

No. 845403

Am I the only one who thinks she's being fucking immature about this? Like, I get being frustrated when expensive stuff breaks but if it's genuinely the company's fault and she's still under warranty, just tell them fix/replace it and get over with it. Don't shit all over them in front of your audience before they even responded. Unless she actually knows it was her mistake and is trying to do damage control now.

Also, bitching about how much you hate doing fanart when you plan to sell it at a con seems kind of counterproductive? Why woud anyone want to buy something from an artist who admits that she halfassed the whole thing as a last resort

No. 845407

She's bitching about fanart because she doesn't want to be a 'sell out' by making it. I guess she doesn't want to be like 'other artists' lol.

No. 845408

I actually want to die, she managed to break a $3000 dollar laser cutter in 2 months. How the fuck does she manage to get worse and worse with every passing day. Also, "Against my best judgement I may to fanart to maintain the costs"??? Bitch you're going to have to do fanart to turn a profit AT ALL. Even if you're doing generic shit with cats, dogs, and food, you'll still need something relevant and fan related to get customers interested because no one wants to buy your shitty comic and ocs. I pray to god that she contacts the company and they tell her that she has to pay to get it fixed and she can't and ends up having to sell a broken laser printer at a complete loss. I have absolutely 0 empathy for her anymore.

No. 845410

Holly just claimed she "isn't like other Millennials" and doesn't waste her money on Avocado Toast. But right after she starts claiming art school was the worst investment.

No. 845411

File: 1564359958217.png (2.03 MB, 920x1780, Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 5.25…)

No. 845412

Also she said she wants to make money by buying and renting properties, are you fucking shitting me? At least move out of your aunt's house first before planning to get into real estate.

No. 845414

File: 1564360238352.png (81.94 KB, 278x294, Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 5.29…)

Ha, she just said that she loves drawing hands.
Considering this is the hand she drew just now I can't even…
Like, I'm not sure what finger is supposed to be what, or what they're supposed to be fucking doing rn
I mean, it is just a sketch, but it's just soo bad…

No. 845416

why the fuck does she has to do everything in the most snobby way possible.

will we ever see the day holly humbles herself???

holly, theres nothing wrong with doing fanart. stop acting like it's beneath you

No. 845417


>I lost all my artistic integrity wahhhhhhhh

stfu, Holly. You never had any to begin with

No. 845420

Don't worry guys, when she makes an abysmal amount of money back at the con, every other artist selling fanart will have the last laugh all the way to the bank.

No. 845421

File: 1564360859475.png (219.65 KB, 402x420, 1553359231639.png)

The beginning of her new channel
>"I'm going to change, be more positive, and mature"
>repeats the same stupid shit like years prior with still as large ego refusing any fault, and thinks doing something like getting a job or making fanart is for peasants

No. 845425

File: 1564361824694.png (17.71 KB, 582x72, Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 5.57…)

Hey, Keith is back.

No. 845428


All of this is coming off like she doesn't have friends/a support network that she can healthily vent to. So instead, she directly vents to her audience/target market on social media.

Not a smart move, it makes her look unprofessional and desperate. She's attaching negative emotions to her products and brand by being reactionary. Which no doubt is going to put people off buying her stuff.

No. 845431

File: 1564362635821.png (126.36 KB, 540x405, future holly.png)

No. 845434

KEK I think we found our header image for the next thread

No. 845437

>like she doesn't have friends/a support network So instead, she directly vents to her audience/target market on social media.
she said this is exactly the case. and she said therapists tell you not to do it and that she will anyway because .. i can't remember, i think because she didn't have any other way to cope
Remember she's also aware that all of her base are there to hear her voice and not her art so, if it's bad for art sales she may on some level not care

No. 845440

Someone should really let Holly know alvocados cost .99 and a loaf of bread is $2. Meanwhile she spends hundreds on complete bullshit every other week and can’t hold a single job.

No. 845444

I thought the reason that most people did fan art was just because they enjoyed it? I mean yeah, people who make simple charms of every main character from a show or something similar probably didn't LOVE doing it, but there are a lot of prints and such where the artist genuinely enjoyed putting their spin on the characters. You don't usually see people making fan art for characters they know nothing about or don't care about lmao.

Plus, holly HAS made fan art in the past that she seemed to at least like making and that wasn't for sale. At least, I vaguely remember that she's done sketches of various characters from shows and a couple crappy pieces just for fun.

No. 845455

She's just being pretentious. Most AA artists that don't have ongoing comics do fan art and the ones with comics generally have followings. Holly might have comics but she isn't good and they suck so she can't make money that way. Amatuer comic artists in AA can either take the loss in profits for a chance to promote their series or they can also do half fan art because that brings people to your table long enough to notice a series they've never heard of. They aren't going to see her OCs and be instantly drawn in. Especially because her art is shit. Too bad her fan art isn't even likable lol. Also why is she acting like she didn't trace shitty Cowboy Bepop and FMA prints last year for San Japan? She's such a fucking idiot. I with I did cons in Texas just to watch the shit show and ask other artists about her lol.

No. 845466

fuck holly
shes talking about how she hates artists
and wants drama
and hates girls with high pitched voices

god her streams are insufferable

No. 845468

now she's saying "ive always felt manish, i was never girly, ive never felt what its like being small"

"i felt like a man more, i relate to them more

"growing up i always felt like a dude, but im not trans"

yeah ok holly

No. 845470

File: 1564374348280.png (69.58 KB, 448x506, Capture.PNG)

Bryan Loren sounds like he lurks in the forums.

No. 845474

Please tell me she responded to what he was saying even just slightly.

No. 845475

Yeah she responded to him quite a bit. He said that she doesn't put in enough effort. She disagreed,
saying she DOES put in effort, just not in the way Bryan wants (whatever that means), and that she's doing everything her way and doing what she thinks works. She also admits that it takes her forever to learn, she'll make the same mistake a million times, and if someone continues to give her criticism she'll just see that as a challenge and will keep making the same mistakes out of stubbornness.

She also says she'd rather make art that speaks to her instead of making art that's "perfect"

No. 845476

what do you expect from a hatful goblin-like holly ?

No. 845478

it doesn't get any more millenial than 50k worth of college debt but keep telling yourself you're so much better than everyone, holly.

>doesn't whine
all she DOES is whine! this entire stream has been whining about her stupid fucking printer, her last stream was whining about money and depression. she never fucking stops.

No. 845482

That's the problem, "her way" fucking sucks. She doesn't get that doing things her way has gotten her no where and will never get her anywhere. She can make art that speaks to herself all she wants but, she better not expect to make any money from it.

No. 845487

File: 1564382843292.jpg (35.46 KB, 390x502, cow.jpg)

Wait, what? Holly ranted fairly recently about how people on here are sad and hateful because we don't have friends, and she doesn't need to vent on forums because (unlike people criticising her) she has friends, but okay then… She's a mess

No. 845502

>if someone continues to give her criticism she'll just see that as a challenge and will keep making the same mistakes out of stubbornness.

She's sincerely an idiot, isn't she? Like sub average IQ.

No. 845506

This is kind of old but what the fuck - https://youtu.be/iS13L7nVjuQ?t=9330 "people think I'm black because a lot of white girls do not have opinions"

No. 845514

>ppl think im black cause white girls dont have opinions
>i feel like a dude cause im not like the other girls
>women are literal drama whores (not me tho)
>Rape is just the result of not fighting hard enough/Sometimes they liked it but dont wanna admit it
>Hahaha neighbourhood cat got irl tortured and died that was weird lol
>I wanna kill myself but hahahjk im not actually suicidal like those losers im just sad and almost started prostituting for quick money but HAHAHJK guys!
>insert lots of new and old misogynistic, racist,zoophilic and otherwise ignorant statements clocking in every stream she does

Only reason her live streams are worth a damn is because that woman has the IQ of half a Trailer park boy but the ineptitude of all of them. Uncensored holly = listening to what can only be a woman who dropped out of middle school to pursue her own MLM's.

No. 845518

>people think I’m black because most white people dont have opinions

What the hell is this even supposed to mean?

No. 845521

Am I the only one (almost definitely not) that thinks the laser cutter breaking is very suspicious? She JUST talked about selling it because she didn't make bank with it like she hoped, and now it's suddenly and conveniently broken?

No. 845526

Why would she brake it on purpose? She can't sell a broken laser

No. 845528

who is bryan loren?, is she a friend of Holly's?

No. 845531

So she can get something under warranty. Now she can blame the company instead of herself and her poor life choices.

No. 845532

White GIRLS* anon, white men are still very deep and relatable and totally not like those dramatic femoids

No. 845533

File: 1564402869581.png (59.21 KB, 947x334, Screenshot (47).png)

No. 845534

shes just a self hating white girl like all tumblrfags. im not surprised she can't get shit done because she's exhausted from all those mental gymnastics

No. 845543

>”I’m fully capable work and do jobs when art doesn’t pay the bills”
>couldn’t hold an art related job for a single work week
>still complaining about money problems that would’ve been alleviated by keeping said job

Ok Holly.

No. 845545

What exactly are you expecting her to get under warranty? All they're going to do (assuming they even cover it) is send her a new tube. It's not like they are going to give her a brand new cutter for free, the machine isn't defective, it just has a broken part. Manufacturer's warranties don't typically cover shit breaking due to user error, which her situation almost definitely is, we already know she can't use the thing for shit. She's just a dumbass and trying to act like she didn't fuck up, as always.

No. 845547


It be just the tube from experience but god knows what she has done during that time?.

No. 845548

She went on and on about how no one could understand how "whack" her life is and that literally everyone in her family was mentally ill. I'm not sure why she's so hell-bent on being the most hard-up, pitiful person on the planet. There were a lot of her followers in the chat giving their support but she ignores them and even bitched about people giving her advice. like she's the only person on the planet that had an alcoholic dad. I will try and find the timestamp later but it was about and hour into the stream iirc.

No. 845550

I'm not "expecting" her to get anything lmao, what I'm saying is that she's HOPING to get a refund from the company, cash that she thinks is guaranteed instead of trying to search for a buyer herself.

No. 845555

https://youtu.be/iS13L7nVjuQ?t=12540 Saged in case no one else cares, but I just had to link this stream segment where Holly and TD talk for AGES about their lives being hard and about how misunderstood they are by "normal people" who don't have real problems. Queens of empathy, truly. "do you not know how trauma works???" Interesting how they change their tune so fast when it's about them.

No. 845562

Its unbelievable how this bitch expects to make a profit at a con just based on her oc’s. Literally deluded.

No. 845599

TD is the worst example to follow she’s a joke she spends so much time complaining about how hard her life is and all her mental illness meanwhile her entire adult life she’s freeloaded barely worked and claims she can’t work because [insert mental illness here] so she couch surfed until she met her now husband who’s job pays for her rent, but somehow going to AX every year was top priority.

As for the laser breaking being suspicious, I actually thought so too but not for getting money back, it’s an excuse to not fill her Etsy orders until after San Japan. Maybe she can’t afford materials so she’s prioritizing San Japan merch. This gives her the perfect excuse to hold orders until after the con. Plus she still has to make keychains for her Kickstarter backers.

No. 845650

You know, it's astonishing how much time she wasted bending over backwards trying to make a couple extra dollars here and there, but then immediately blowing all of it on shit she didn't need.

She wasn't patient enough with herself and she's not patient enough for any of the projects she cooks up to follow through on any of them.

All that time and money she wasted on the next new shiny thing she distracted herself with, could have been time gone towards truly cultivating her art, her project, her audience, etc. But instant gratification and a shopping addiction is a hell of a combination.

Dumb bitch.

No. 845656

Unlike her I can safely say that I'm not $50,000 in debt with a degree I do jack shit with, am actually able to make money off my art while holding a steady job, actually have friends (most of whom are artists themselves), and know how to fucking clean up. Sorry for the self rant but, many artists make it in the world. She's just too stubborn and idiotic to take the necessary steps to better herself.(blogging)

No. 845658

She's $50,000 in debt WITHOUT a degree, anon

No. 845659

This is why you don’t wallow in your self pity. You become brainless and narcissistic .You’re able to work if you have mental illness, mentally ill people work all the time, unless you a crippling depression, which holly doesn’t have . . . . This isn’t an excuse.

No. 845660

Oh shit really? Well that just made everything 3000xs worse

No. 845661

I was actually stressed out and a job helped me a lot, I’m not sure what she means by “needless stress”.

No. 845662

Yep, she she had the choice of either paying for her remaining years out of pocket or quitting
Naturally, she quit

No. 845664

>needless stress
anything that involves telling her to do something, anything really

No. 845665

So she says. I still think she failed and got booted

No. 845670

I seriously wonder how people can be attracted to feet of all things. Fricking gross, Holly seems desperate for cash.

No. 845687

It's such a common fetish too, she still couldn't go through with it. Nobody wants pictures of her gross ass feet, probably not even the biggest foot fetishist. She cancelled that shit real quick, she was embarrassing herself.

No. 845689


That's her problem, she's got no anchor. She's wasted so much time, energy and money (and OTHER people's money) floating from scheme to scheme. She's been in a corner for EVER.

No one cares.

No. 845720


Yeah. When someone asked if she was trans in the stream she got butthurt and then asked if they meant MTF or FTM. She was ready to make a comment on it but then used her brain for once and shut up.

It's like she doesn't know what being a tomboy is pretty common but that's Holly. She's "not like other girls".

No. 845731

It's probably because she has Mkay and Gray in her chat sometimes. Their a couplr that makes webcomics and has a channel and one of them is trans so she probably didn't want to offend them because they are nice to her. I'm honestly shocked she used her brain to filter herself before she could shove her muddy feet in her mouth.

No. 845751

Alot of people can say that, that's why we're all upset over her saying its hard when she just needs to stop acting like a baby

No. 845792

She posted on Instagram that they will send her a new Tube for the laser. So she ranted about them for nothing last night.

No. 845793

The way she laughed like a spoiled rich girl after that comment really made me cringe hard, like the thought of someone mistaking her for a black person was such a shock to her, ugh

No. 845803

Unless it’s all so she can delay her order obligations. Still not convinced it’s really broken

No. 845805


I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did. She's so heavy handed and never takes care of her shit. It's either broken, collecting dust, or both.
She fucked up her normal printer how many times, now?

No. 845807

File: 1564457468527.jpg (62.73 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n8f4st8Zi41qf24ngo8_500…)

Cool story. Any other humblebrags you want to shit up the thread with?

No. 845808


yeah that was bryan that asked it. i hope he sticks around, he gets good rises out of holly

No. 845814

You both must have reading comprehension issues because the only reason I brought it up was because she said the people on this fourm are sad and hateful because we don't have friends. Learn to read.

No. 845820

File: 1564460026272.png (4.25 MB, 1242x2208, 6FAB88BF-1FB9-43F3-A36D-3E1899…)

The messed up bike spokes never fail to make me laugh.

No. 845821

File: 1564460148490.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, E39205C1-E693-4897-AEA6-A71BA1…)

Did she mysteriously get her Amazon order already?

No. 845824

File: 1564460594069.png (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 750x1334, A0B17EEA-7D9A-4D99-AB15-44398C…)

I dont really get why she keeps making these. Nobody wants them. She is wasting wood, time and money. Only Purgatory fans would buy those, but they are just a bunch of kids who only like her comic because they don’t understand how bad it is. And im pretty sure they wont buy it. She really has the chance to make something actually relevant with this goddamn laser and make some money but she just delusionally keeps making these

No. 845829


I thought the main appeal of merch like this is to make you as a fan visible to other potential fans.

Doesn't serve much purpose if the comic has a very small following and the characters or style aren't especially memorable in any real way.
The stickers aren't particularly cute in a decorative sense either so it's not like a non-fan would find them appealing.

Surely stickers of food - similar to the designs she's shown before - would be much more popular. But I guess there's a lot more competition for that sort of stuff.

No. 845833

Wait a second, I thought they were just replacing the tube, why does she think the whole thing is getting replaced? Either >>845792 was wrong, something suddenly changed or Holly is misrepresenting/wording things poorly again?

No. 845836

Not only that, but it seems like she's going to stream that solely so that she can point at the stream later when ppl say they haven't gotten their orders yet, as if to say, "see!! I packaged orders for an hr! I did work!!" Probs also because she's lurked here and knows we'll be on her immediately when she fucks this up.

Little late to ask, but that part about the tube on her laser printer exploding sounded…uhh… pretty dangerous? Dunno what kind of shit is in those, assuming it probably has glass that could have exploded into tiny sharp fragments. I hope she cleaned up the mess somewhat and kept her animals away from it.

No. 845839

it's her miswording shit.

No. 845880


Nah you were here for brownie points. You can't just blog and try and make it somehow tie into Holly and how much better you are than her. Again, no one cares. We've got 18 threads on better, smarter things she could be doing, but doesn't, without the personal shit. Go blog somewhere else while you learn…to read the rules.

No. 845912

File: 1564486349525.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-182736.png)

I always wonder why does holly have such a big ego as an freelance artist but never work in professional original project (zine doesn't count).

No. 845925

I can't believe she has the nerve to tell other people to get a job when she gets a mental breakdown from needing to use a different art program

No. 845926


Best advice she could have said is not to listen to her.

No. 845927

File: 1564490377063.jpg (111.03 KB, 1476x524, stopwatchdisholly.JPG)

sage for non milk but holly stop watching this garbage and definitely stop putting it in your art playlists. lmao

No. 845952

that isnt holly, i think anon is just posting it as an example.

No. 845964

Kinda Off Topic
This is Not Holly's InstaStory. This pic from rafagrassetti's q&A Instastory.

No. 845979

Does anyone knows if she live-streamed yesterday? It seems like she unlisted her videos.

No. 845991

Pretty sure she unlists most of her livestreams because she doesn't want people to go thru them for info.

No. 846018

She didn't livestream yesterday, even though she announced a packing Stream for the Kickstarter rewards.

If she really got a crohn's flare up Like she assumed two days ago, she probably can't stream depending on how Bad it is.

No. 846237

Wtf why would you watch this and why would you put it in a public playlist

Hee mental state is definently lacking…

No. 846259

She likes to shit on fat people and pretend she's better than them with her 5 bites a day french fry and diet coke diet, so I'm not surprised she watches this sort of shit.

No. 846288

Ppl with eating disorders look at fat ppl videos/pictures to keep themselves from eating.

Im not surprised she’s watching this tbh.

No. 846328

File: 1564539617443.png (2.55 MB, 1056x1800, 10F1E216-890A-40C5-BF3A-12A7FC…)

No. 846335

who is this cartoon character she's obsessed with and who wants to bet it's because he's a greasy purple reese

No. 846356

File: 1564543085932.png (605.26 KB, 1366x768, I_Am_Dendy_screen150.png)

Never seen the show but apparently the charater is, "Professor Venomous", the father of K.O. from "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes"

No. 846385

Oh look at all the shit no one is going to buy. This is so disappointing because with a laser cutter she can make so many cool products and the stickers actually look really well made even if the actual design is lazy as fuck (white and black stickers? Really? How lazy can you be christ). But no one is going to buy anything with her shitty OCs on them unless they're already a fan and 1. I doubt alot of her fans live where they can go to SanJapan and 2. She sliced her fanbase in half when she moved accounts. I can't wait for the shit show that follows when she doesn't make any money back.

No. 846520


How on earth is she getting a new laser?

No. 846543

Well she follows Amberlynn too, I'm not surprised.

i don't think she's getting a new laser, iirc she just got the tube replacement. They'll probably do it for her so she has to ship it off to them

No. 846547

Let me get this straight:

>bitches about selling her laser.
>breaks the laser a few days later.
>Bitches about the laser breaking
>has to send out the entire laser and not just the part to get it fixed.
>bitches about shipping costs
>wants a new/fixed laser
>…. So she can sell it???

Am I missing something? Or is she just being a dumbass.? Is she keeping it or selling it?

No. 846567

I'm still skeptical.

No. 846648

File: 1564597023251.png (3.49 MB, 1242x2208, 61842FE1-6857-4DE0-8CD9-32E48C…)

She’s being intentionally vague about what’s actually being sent out to get fixed. She makes it sound like she has to send the entire thing. That doesn’t sound right.

No. 846652

is this the Reese wig lol

No. 846655

Wow, that wig doesn't suit her at all. Stop trying to become your OC Holly, just get one that actually complements you

No. 846700

File: 1564605200238.jpg (79.6 KB, 759x343, 1392541339481.jpg)

Wow it does look a bit like anon's edit>>845431
Also on the livestream, she said she is not a virgin??Having doubts she had sex if she draws flipped penises and rather does sex work than draw fan art

No. 846738


>Not a virgin

Press X to fucking doubt. No one has smashed that and everyone knows it.

No. 846745

It's been like 3 days and that wig already starting to look like it's been through the wringer. What the fuck did she do to the fringe?

I also find it hard to believe they are sending her a whole new laser and not just the tube, I wonder if she's being vague so when she goes to sell it later she can act like it's brand new and get more for it (even though it'll still be used …)

No. 846828

>not just sending the tube
it's presumably not something the user can service/replace themselves like how they can't just send you a phone screen.

No. 847039

So according to what she said in the Livestream, they are really sending her a new Laser and she is sending her defective one back.

She also talks about how she got diagnosed as bipolar after having several mental health appointments since the start of the year. She now takes moodstabilizers for a few weeks? ( I think) and hopes they soon kick in, so she is less manic.

She talks a lot about how looking Back it was obvious she was bipolar and how she did a Lot of dumb shit in mania. Even going on tinder and meating up with random guys, If i understood that correct.

Thats Just the stuff i remember

No. 847047


Lol I meeting people i.e speaking to men online in other words. I take everything Holly says with a huge grain of salt.

I reckon she probably said to the laser company she has a huge following and landed a replacement because of it. There's no reason why she shouldn't get a replacement tube

No. 847072

I'm gonna feel a little sad for her if her first sexual experiences (assuming she wasn't lying about no longer being a virgin) were with some fuckboys off tinder during a manic phase. Just gross all around.

No. 847076

Tbh I think this is her best wig yet, imo alll the other ones were really bad but personally I really like this one

No. 847088

A bipolar diagnosis would explain a lot. I hope she sticks with the medication and is getting good support.

No. 847138


Why would anyone say they're not a virgin on a live stream?. She's such a prude that I feel she's just lying so people would get off her back.

No. 847140


Why would anyone say they're not a virgin on a live stream?. She's such a prude that I feel she's just lying so people would get off her back.

No. 847146

Honestly, I agree. I think it fits her… she just needs to learn how to actually style a wig and not just slap it on her head without at least brushing it through.
I wear wigs at least 2-5 times a week and the care for wigs isn't much… you just have to make sure you wash them every few weeks and use things like fabric softener to condition synthetic wigs, or powder to take away the shine.
The quality of her green wig isn't that bad, she just needs to take care of it.

No. 847159

I don't think I believe her about seeing a therapist and getting diagnosed. Between this and getting an entire laser replacement it all feels very fishy. Why hasn't she mentioned she's been seeing a therapist for weeks if she's been livestreaming and telling us absolutely everything for two months now? Has she mentioned the two months late Kickstarter orders at all recently? Feels like a great way to redirect blame to mental illness.

No. 847169

File: 1564681777638.png (5.66 MB, 1800x1538, 678F1F0B-ADCD-4D9B-8579-AE4F15…)

Well that was fast…

No. 847172

Okay…Now I think I see what she did. She faked the laser being broken to have an excuse as why the kickstarter rewards are so late and quite possibly to have an excuse for not making as many things for SanJapan too. That may sound tinfoil-y but, this is just too fucking suspicious.

No. 847176

That whole thing seems fishy as fuck.

Even if she's not full of shit and actually managed to destroy her lazer, it means she was shitting all over the company for nothing, considering they not only fixed the issue but actually sent her a brand new laser. Goddamn it Holly, get your fucking shit together

No. 847178


At this point though, what's the point in making excuses? Her fans hardly question what she says anyway and would probably just wait for the rewards

No. 847199

File: 1564684768964.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, EA21A6F0-E13E-4FEF-B68C-D3A7BC…)

AAAAAnd again she is making shit nobody is gonna buy, basically wasting time and material. Honestly she could just make cute keychains and shit that are simple and “kawaii” i guess like a cupcake or shit that people would really get hard for. She literally has thing thing she could make anything with but she chooses to make her ocs. Like GIRL you have serious financial problems and you could earn easy money with that thing. I feel like she is trying to fail on purpose

No. 847218

I hate hearing her slurp up her spit

No. 847252

Holly can’t keep anything to herself, we know every crazy detail as soon as it happens because she’s complaining or bragging about it on sm or her livestreams. We would have definitely heard her bitching about her therapist if she was actually going to one or talking about how she’s “such a pro” when it comes to sex now since someone finally pounded her and giving unsolicited advice. (the same way she treats everything new like animation or the laser) plus she hasn’t had her car very long, so how was she meeting up with guys to fuck? It’s hilarious how pathetic she is to lie about something so stupid

No. 847288

File: 1564694597675.png (5.56 MB, 1242x2208, 9CAA710A-10FC-4485-8318-799D09…)

She seriously needs to stop making OC merch no one will give a shit about. The fact she complains about not having money but blowing resources on this just infuriates me. She’s completely delusional if she thinks these will sell at the con.

No. 847306

I can tolerate that she makes merch for her OC's despite their very limited worth to anyone else but herself, but the fact that she makes merch depicting characters from a comic that doesn't exist yet is so fucking stupid. Like sure, the purgatory merch won't sell well but at least they make sense. The only reason anyone would want paranormal plague stuff is if they're somehow able to get a connection to any of the characters solely trough Holly's live stream rambles.

No. 847307

I can’t believe there’s a whole stream of holly talking about how bad her mental state is and have her go on about what her unhealthy lifestyle is doing to her, it’s pretty sad that she really thinks that talking to her audience and asking them questions about medications and if meds can ever make her happy again instead of just not wanting to kill herself is appropriate… She says she has friends to talk to, she should talk to them and not make a video to her audience of teens that say edgy shit and might make her feel worse about it.

Also her Tommy Wiseau laugh is very annoying

No. 847346

I'm willing to bet that, after she sells an abysmal amount at the con, she's going to complain that the con attendees "just want fanart" and get on her high horse on how "she's not a sellout for not selling a bunch of fanart". Shit on fanart all you want honey, the people that make bank off of it get the last laugh in the end.

No. 847379

That was ridiculously fast… Wasn't she JUST sending back the old one a couple days ago? This is the same company she bitched about for days because the laser took too long to arrive.

No. 847395

File: 1564708713752.jpg (547.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190801-211732_Ins…)

god holly please learn how to spell

No. 847399

Terrible spelling aside, this would be one of the few things I would actually buy from her. The hands are atrocious but, I like the concept of a mini ouija board and it's vague enough that other people will probably buy it as well.

No. 847408

Love yourself anon.
There are much cuter versions of these without loops that'll snap in the mail before it even gets to your house. And you can read them.

Here's one another anon linked to before https://anony.link/https://www.etsy.com/shop/LadyMaggies?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=689878881

No. 847409

There's def something sketchy with the laser stuff. Wasn't she literally packing away the broken one a couple days ago? When replacing something like that most companies wait til they receive your broken one before sending out the replacement so you don't pull a fast one on them.

ngl I love purpleheart stuff, but there are ouija board keychains all over etsy that are 10 million times better than Holly's.

No. 847418

I don't think the laser was broken. I think she was just trying to buy herself some time.
And even if it was broken,
She was being vague about it and probably just needed a replacement part. It's the same damn laser.

No. 847419

For reference, I go to the same University that Holly dropped out of. It genuinely is a nice place, albeit expensive. The teachers are helpful and I've had nothing but positive experiences so far. I can honestly believe the theory that Holly dropped out due to her poor grades. University is completely different from high school, and some of the classes here are hard. But it's an art school. What do you expect? Considering the way Holly acts, it would make sense that she failed, maybe one test, and just gave up.

No. 847426

Not to cape or anything but doesn't that school also have a notoriously shitty online division? Which is the one she did?

No. 847429

Didn't she say in a video that she attended MCAD? Or was it somewhere else?

No. 847440

Did she ever say what brand or kind of laser printer she has? Like if it’s a cheap one sure it’s gonna break.

No. 847441

It's a Glowforge. I'm not sure about the quality of Glowforge lasers though.

No. 847445

Tried to sit through her latest stream, but the slurping of her spit and her obsessively talking about her new diagnoses was too much.

No. 847464

from what I know Glowforge doesn't produce cheap crap - but Holly has broken quite a few things over the years, including tablets and Apple products, so I don't think durability matter much with her.

No. 847468

She went to MCAD in person before, she went back home and changed to an online course

No. 847469

The school she dropped out of was Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design.

No. 847498

College* not "school".

She must have dropped out relatively recently, because I had a class with her only a year ago.

I go to RMCAD, and that's true. The online program is bad imo, though I admittedly don't have anything to compare it to.

It's a shame, because they in-person program is pretty good. Not sure why it's getting lost in translation.

No. 847500


Her friend TD said she made a lot.

No. 847533

File: 1564757457069.png (729.15 KB, 489x545, sketchbook.PNG)

Out of all the absolute garbage merch she makes, I actually like this? If I saw it in an AA, I might actually stop and look at it. All the other sketchbook covers are shitty and there's one shown in a video with the same cutout feature but they're just weird cut outs of mouths and shit… it looks fucking stupid and is poorly put together like everything else she makes.

A lot of the artists I follow will even put up polls to ask what fanart they want to see them sell/is the most popular at the moment because that shit sells. I wish Holly would realize that it isn't selling out- it's just business. You need money to pay bills, put a roof over your head, and food in front of you- even if that means selling art of some popular series that you think is absolute trash but people will buy. Hell, I've bought some sort shitty art pieces in an AA just because I loved the series so much- Holly might be able to skate on by with her shit tier art by series popularity alone.

No. 847554

Of course TD is going to say that because
1. She's her friend
and 2. She tabled with her and doesn't want to admit she probably didn't make much either.
Holly herself admitted to putting around $4000 into SanJapan and only making back around $1500 so take everything TD says with a pinch of salt

No. 847632

File: 1564767620379.png (134.57 KB, 1243x301, Unbenannt.png)

Just because it may be interesting - based on Socialblade she earns practically nothing with YouTube at this point. The "real" sum is usually somewhere between the lowest and highest. Not to mention that she hasn't even a quarter of her original following of her first channel back. So YT is definatelay no option for income anymore.

No. 847633

Are we expected to consider TD, Holly's closest (probably) friend and cow-ish herself, a trustworthy source or what

No. 847643


So assuming she gets the highest a month of $160, add the $22 she gets from patreon, she (if she's lucky) makes about $188 a month, lowest is $38. Adding on what she sells on Etsy, kinda hard to estimate but probably around $150-200 a month.

There is no way she is ever gonna be able to afford to move out with that amount of money. A bunch of that will have to go onto her car. Cons clearly don't work for her either. I get she doesn't want to work cause of mental health, but there is no feasible way she can live on that much money.

No. 847656

She would probably be making more if she didn't flee from her old channel. That was probably one of her biggest mistakes because very little of her subs followed her over to her new channel.

No. 847663

I work in yotuber relations, so i can provide more of a breakdown. For ever 1k view holly gets, she gets one dollar. If she has multiple ads on a video, like one ever 3 minutes, she get 3 dollars per 1k views. From what I've seen, she just let's YouTube auto place ads, so shes earning one dollar per 1 k view. This doesnt include any revenue her fans can give her during streams, but we usually recommend youtubers dont stream because most people dont watch those. A YouTuber who can get 24 thousand people to watch a video is going to get less then 1k people on the stream, and they most likely won't donate. Streams lose you more money because business' who want to work with you will see your average views per video drop significantly.

With my metric, I've determined that holly made less than 30 dollars last month, give or take. She might have earned a couple dollars streaming, but shes not making any money from YouTube

No. 847664

Yep. She shot herself in the foot moving channels AND deleting her Twitter. Besides her new channel, Instagram is where she is almost exclusively and she's not nearly pulling the numbers she would from before.

I guess it's easier to bullshit people when you have less social media presence.

No. 847670

I haven't been a regular on this forum for very long, who is TD?

No. 847671

ntayrt I suppose they're referring to "Twisted Disaster", Holly's friend.
(also, remember that unless you're bringing new info to the forum you should put "sage" in the email field!)

No. 847943

File: 1564834891184.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, 1F7D7FE7-006C-4F9B-A55E-E59232…)

No. 847948

what happened to fanart being a breach of her artistic integrity or whatever

No. 847965

I'm interested to see how San Japan turns out. This show and this character so far is the only fanart I've seen her preparing. I'll be attending the convention, so I'll definitely stop by her booth.

She also mentioned she really likes this cartoon now because she relates to a character on it who has two personalities apparently? She said ever since she was diagnosed with bipolar, she's really gotten into it. Mentioned it in her last stream.

No. 848022

with her being diagnosed bipolar, just wait till she starts going around saying she's got DID and her characters are alters…

No. 848037

File: 1564850573132.png (63.2 KB, 1290x314, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.38…)

I refreshed Purgatory to see if there were any updates, and I got an error screen saying the latest page didn't exist.
Turns out, Holly deleted ALL of her pages and is going to reupload the comic with her redraws.
Here's what she said on the first redraw page:
>Uploading the redrawn pages now cause I realized I'd have to post 70+ pages then delete them again just to post the redraws. 20+ pages a day for a week XOXOXOXOXO

No. 848046

She probably is starting to realize she's not going to make jackshit unless she draws fanart.

No. 848049

File: 1564851414396.png (634.69 KB, 530x1212, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.47…)

Here's her new pages. I think she might be uploading them out of order? She begins at a new part of the story and she has a weird chapter break in the middle of the scene. So she has either heavily edited the story or severely fucked up, and I'm thinking the latter

Page 1

No. 848051

File: 1564851525617.png (1007.02 KB, 942x1328, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.47…)

Dammit wrong screenshot sorry

Page 1

No. 848053

File: 1564851546871.png (805.58 KB, 946x1312, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.48…)

Page 2

No. 848054

File: 1564851647406.png (603.43 KB, 942x1312, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.48…)

Page 3

No. 848057

File: 1564851743328.png (738.98 KB, 948x1312, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.48…)

Page 4

No. 848061

File: 1564851850795.png (713.96 KB, 944x1318, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.49…)

Page 5

No. 848066

File: 1564852122049.png (476.83 KB, 972x1314, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.49…)

Page 6

No. 848068

File: 1564852221568.png (614.14 KB, 944x1312, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.50…)

Page 7

No. 848073

File: 1564852625065.png (711.24 KB, 958x1314, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.50…)

Page 8

No. 848075

File: 1564852739236.png (752.95 KB, 948x1284, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.50…)

Page 9

No. 848079

File: 1564852874562.png (846.33 KB, 948x1222, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.51…)

Page 10

No. 848080

Apart from that this reads super ESL, too. Is Holly even lettering these anymore, or is she outsourcing them to some third-world kid?

No. 848082

File: 1564853009384.png (832.1 KB, 946x1296, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 9.51…)

Page 11

No. 848083

File: 1564853205612.png (585.37 KB, 946x1316, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 10.2…)

Page 12

No. 848086

File: 1564853412598.png (646.85 KB, 956x1324, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 10.2…)

Page 13

She's uploaded up to page 27, but I don't wanna keep spamming the thread with more of Holly's redraws unless someone requests that all her new pages be uploaded here. Otherwise it's all there on her Tapas.

No. 848092

Apart from the atrocious writing, her new "style" is so incredibly boring and soulless now. Literally every page looks the same, they constantly switch between the same 3 facial expressions and her ditching the grey tones just makes everything look SO much lazier.

No. 848106

The clip art trees are so distracting.

No. 848141

for whatever reason these pages are slightly easier to follow than other recent ones. maybe cause they arent action panels.

No. 848143

Out of context I feel like I'd have a difficult time discerning whether this should be read left to right or right to left because of how blandly composed the pages are
I love that in the first panel it seems like she was too lazy to finish drawing the pillow and bookcase behind him. Just doing the bare minimum.

No. 848161

The perspective on this is so obviously fucked, how did she miss this?

No. 848163

That sidewalk tho…
She doesn’t have any passion for art anymore, that’s why she doesn’t notice. I honestly don’t know why people still support her comics when it’s clear she gave up on them a long time ago and is only pushing these pages out to finish it as fast as possible.

No. 848191

Feels like a completely different room in each frame.

No. 848204

File: 1564871792914.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, 1AAC107A-F199-4CCC-ADC7-17284F…)

No. 848208

She can't spell basically to save her life.

No. 848209

She can’t spell to save her life.

No. 848210

Repairs? Did she get a new laser or not?

No. 848213

Get your lies straight Holly I thought the company "Replaced it with a new one"
I'm gonna laugh my ass off if she does a video and the broken laser is sitting in the corner next to her dirty qtips

No. 848259

>costs of the laser repairs
I thought she was under warranty???

No. 848287

File: 1564881999300.png (149 KB, 534x522, Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 6.25…)

Speaking of not being able to spell to save her life

This is on page 15 of the reuploaded Purgatory. Seriously, Holly?

No. 848291

Maybe she's trying to recoup the cost of shipping but she's changed the wording so much on this printer shit that it's pretty sus.

No. 848372

Ngl, that Simon on the bottom right looks really good to me, aside from the tiny detail where the end of his glasses is hiding behind his ear (though i`m 90% certain it's a traced head). Damian looks as awful as usual, but Simon would have a good hairstyle if there wasn't a giant lock of hair randomly hanging over the middle of his face. There are aspects of this that I tolerate more than the original at least.

I can sort of see how these re-draws could be considered "improvements", what with the somewhat cleaner lines and the fact that Damian isn't wearing fucking booty shorts anymore, but like other anons have said, there are still some huge issues that Holly should have fixed before ever considering re-drawing the comic, both with her drawing skills and with the story itself. Not to mention that it was right near the conclusion anyways, wasn't it? That'd be like a mangaka suddenly stopping at the next to last volume of a series and saying, "Oh geez, guys, I know the manga's almost over, but I've decided to re-draw the entire thing now that I've improved my skillz!!"

No. 848374

wth does the black haired dude laugh at everything simon says.

No. 848386


Not to veer completely off topic, but it isn't the first time I've seen a webcomic artist purge their entire webcomic only to start posting the remake. It's irritating because it can take years to get to a climax or to a plot point, only to have it just… deleted. Agents of the Realm did that, but it's not like the artist improved drastically between the remake and the original, and she did it right after finishing volume 2. So it's just extra faff for no story!

Okay that's a stupid rant. Anyway it's just really dumb to remake and purge a comic to repost it, because then people are forced to read the whole god damned thing against instead of reach the conclusion.

No. 848387

Really the only thing Holly needed to do with purgatory was go back and have someone fix all her terrible spelling mistakes, sure her style has changed since volume one but no ones going to bitch about that. Also it’d save her a ton of unnecessary work, but yknow it’s Holly “work harder not smarter” BRown

No. 848521

I know it's completely awkward and stupid how does the think this is how anyone interacts.

No. 848522

because shes fucking autistic and doesnt know how real people interact?

No. 848550

Is there anyway to read this that won't give her the views? Or is there no cloud/hooktube option?

No. 848575

As a person who is autistic and can get related to Holly at times, but holy shit. She is just awful as a person. I've seen autistic people that tried but Holly herself is a selfish brat that just get spoon fed constantly.(no one cares about your literal autism)

No. 848579

Holly doesn't have an autism diagnosis. This is just a combination of her not interacting with many people and not wanting to put effort into writing anything that isn't a rape scene.
In general Holly's just rushing Purgatory as much as possible. I wonder what she'll do once it's over; redo it again? Or finally draw some PP (and get stuck in a redraw loop on that one, too)?

No. 848587

File: 1564943440402.jpg (94.95 KB, 950x919, 1491664847381.jpg)

something I came across when looking through previous threads. Is it just me or has she REALLY gotten so much worse? She was never anywhere near goo, but the comparison is jarring. Especially the fact that she has gotten so lazy, she barely colors anything now.

No. 848596

Ash (Ashe?) looks painfully like Holly here and this is pretty awful but CHRIST it's not as awful as the things she shits out now

No. 848615

It seems like Holly gave way more of a shit back then. Like you said, she colored things back then, she bragged about 'accidentally spending' an entire day on a thumbnail for a video, and did all those challenges. Now all she does is make half-assed merch and comic pages she doesn't bother grey shading or fully completing, both story wise and in the inks.
It doesn't even matter that her art looks slightly better now (at least with Simon and the chins), because she can't be bothered to use that skill at all.

No. 848637


Thank you, people making excuses for her when she's just an ignorant and secluded person.

No. 848659

is it weird I kind of like her old coloring style? like of course her proportions, line work, shadows, 'muh style', etc is terrible - but she has a little bit of an eye for color schemes at least so it looks cohesive at a passing glance?

No. 848706

Ah, the old long face chin phase. At least Hershey didn't have 300 animu hairflips back then.

No. 848726

This was back when Holly bashed anime/manga style. Now she's the opposite and leans heavy into BNHA

No. 848745

Truly, we had no idea what was in store for the future. Out of all of Holly's phases, random floppy anime hair going any which direction has been my least fav.

No. 848781

File: 1564971440397.png (1.42 MB, 1874x902, Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.16…)

New Instagram Posts (1/2)

>Hey dudes- if you backed the purgatory Kickstarter stuff is shipping this week so whatever email you bought stuff with will have a shipping number - sorry about delays I honestly just should’ve set up the Kickstarter to anticipate delays- anyways while working and packing orders this week on the tapastic page I’ve been posting the redraws- took literally 3 hours to delete the 400 pages of the old art and so everyday I’ll be posting 25-40 pages so we can finish this baby - thanks for support, I’m gonna be in full swing on social media’s soon, I know people have been annoyed with lack of content, I have hella ideas now that I’m gonna have more free time soon. Xoxoxoxoxo

No. 848783

File: 1564971492356.png (1.46 MB, 1630x1204, Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 7.16…)


>I wanna post some panels that I like so sorry but I want my feed to actually have my my comic work in it sometimes - considering 99.9 percent of people don’t see my comic work haha

No. 848838

How many times has she restarted this comic? I remember the old one with red actually had an interesting style. Would've been nice to see that style get refined rather than… this.

I thought they were the nicest looking parts of the page to be honest.

No. 848866

Wait so are the Kickstarter backers getting the old pages or the new pages?
Also I'm glad purgatory seems like it's done now if since she mentioned the Kickstarter rewards. Then again I wouldn't put it past Holly to redo the whole thing in a month or two.

No. 848925

Damn Queen is still struggling with perspective, remember when she made that cheap art supply video and she said that her T shape ruler made her understand the perspective lmao girl the drawing that she showed to be perspective was all just paralel lines like holly shiiiit(don't use emojis)

No. 848935

This would be such a cool establishing-shot if it was just fucking executed better. Jfc, it's one-point perspective. Draw a fucking grid while you're sketching, it's not rocket science.

No. 848951

The three skulls just copy pasted in different angles makes an already cheap image even worse. "Inking queen" kek

No. 848958

File: 1565006881814.jpeg (109.15 KB, 640x445, 8F518993-E81B-4A1C-833E-DD66EB…)

I still can’t get over this reasoning.

No. 849015

One of his arms is long and the other is short. She needs to really know measurements in anatomy body. The problem with her drawing is that she focus on finishing detail to make illusion to look good, but the more you look at it the more you realize how bad their body looks.

No. 849089

It happens alot in anime and since hollys a weeb she does it just as much too, except she does it alot more and its usually timed really badly

No. 849110

File: 1565023481728.png (93.04 KB, 464x402, WÉ.png)

I know Holly sucks at spelling but what exactly happened here??

No. 849127

I mean this is a really adventurous perspective to try in my opinion but I’m a total beginner I always have to remind myself holly has been doing this for years jfc if you can’t do it don’t do it holly or at least wait until your skills match this type of stuff it just looks God awful

No. 849134

can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this is probably what will be printed in the final books, without anyone proof-reading? Damn, I hope someone from this thread pledged something, I need screenshots of this mess.

No. 849167

File: 1565030045210.png (1.46 MB, 1336x1870, Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 11.3…)

Boy, you said it. Holly uploaded some more pages a few hours ago. This is page 58. Is it just me, or is that cup changing size between panels?

No. 849168

LMAO not only did she make the usual spelling mistake, but she also forgot to colour in his right arm. Amazing. RIP backers

No. 849170

It is. Also dear god, that wooden floor looks atrocious. I know we joked a lot about Holly putting way too much detail into wood but I actually prefer that over whatever kinda botched job she did here.

Also lol "damians safe". I like to imagine a bunch of Damians all bunched up in a room, far from Holly's awful art, writing and spelling. At last, they are finally safe.

No. 849171

even with the "wood" textures you can tell she don't care anymore,she's a sad cow now

No. 849181

File: 1565031057394.png (43.08 KB, 868x180, Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 11.3…)

Here's this priceless description on page 49. Wtf is with Holly and drawing every single fucking brick?

No. 849225

File: 1565035193748.jpg (109.29 KB, 812x486, keith.jpg)

oh shit lmfao

No. 849344

Along with Simon's fucking right (in his perspective) aRM UMMM

No. 849368

File: 1565054050221.png (2.91 MB, 918x1766, Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 6.13…)

New Instagram Story

No. 849380

Damian's hair also looks like it wasn't finished.

No. 849384

Olive green is one of my fav colors, and it kinda looks like that was what she was going for, but that just looks like shrek vomit girl.

No. 849417


She genuinely doesn't know how colors work and she sucks at taking photos of her products. Everything she makes always looks so unappealing, garish, and unprofessional.

No. 849428

Her personality is awful as well. She LOVES to talk trash especially other art that does a lot better than she does. She never grows up with this personality and she does more harm than good. I actually feel bad about her aunt/mom either it was also her fault or not. But she'll grow old and will die someday. And once that happen Holly will be in the streets in seconds unless she becomes a leach to another person.

No. 849482

Wooden cover notebooks are cute even if somewhat impractical, but in the hell would pay for this puke green color.

No. 849491

File: 1565088695724.jpg (34.2 KB, 392x281, paintbrushwater.jpg)

no wonder its cheaper

No. 849515

The really round moon that is tangent to the tree is really bothering me….. it just looks really off, and the colour is not great. It could be a nice colour but with the brown undertone it's really gross.

No. 849592

File: 1565112366293.png (2.43 MB, 918x1756, Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.2…)

New Instagram Stories (1/3)

If you're not going to make this into a print for San Japan than what's the fucking point?

No. 849594

File: 1565112410025.png (2.47 MB, 916x1768, Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.2…)

No. 849597

File: 1565112552838.png (2.56 MB, 916x1766, Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.2…)

No. 849605

what the fuck is that shoulder?? or how her hands connect to her face?? the rest isn't absolutely atrocious if it wasn't for the chicken scratch linework

No. 849627

Holly would never be Insta FAMOUS HAHAHAHA. Instantgram is the worst website to post art nowadays. I'm glad I dont use that trashy website.

No. 849647


Get ready for an off brand oc of this guy for her to throw her 3 fujo self inserts at.

No. 849657

I for one can't wait for the non-canon comic where he gets kidnapped by an ugly escort and trusts into him.

No. 849675

Why would you buy this when you could go outside and drag your sketchbook through the grass for the same effect?
The brown in the engraved lines are still visible and clashes with the grass-stain green and it’s gross.

No. 849693

It's such a cluttered soupy mess, like a lot of her art. She doesn't vary up the linework. Everything she does is so damn heavy-handed.

No. 849727

This isn't as bad as some of her other spelling/grammar mistakes, but
the word she is looking for is "affect", effect is the noun.

Plus the lack of apostrophe with "damians safe". These aren't major issues in casual discussion, but here it just looks unprofessional and rushed. Which pretty much describes her "style" nowadays.

No. 849828

that definitely makes it looks like she didnt seal the wood lol

No. 849927

Can you tell me which other sites you use?

No. 850091

sage, both of you

No. 850176

San japans table assignments were just rolled out. Holly BRown is there for sure so we should be hearing more about it soon

No. 850235

File: 1565235977340.png (140.52 KB, 804x804, Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 8.45…)

Sage for nothing super milky, but I was curious about who Holly was following on Instagram and the first listing made me gag.

No. 850248

File: 1565241736105.png (963.1 KB, 640x1136, 8CB241BF-3830-494B-9398-CD3D05…)

No. 850254

Last minute print-ordering=shocker! Which also means she's wasted some of her money on that Express option. With how close she cuts things, it wouldn't be surprising to hear her say she's getting the prints the day before San japan or something.

Btw, How late are the kickstarter books now? I doubt any anons ordered one, but I`m curious to hear from the few ppl who'll call her out online for missing orders.

No. 850255

They were supposed to ship out in May(?) so she’s incredibly late. Maybe if she hadn’t bought that damn laser on impulse and wasted time making useless crap with it, she might have finished by now.
I honestly don’t know how her followers/backers keep letting her off the hook for this. None of them hold her accountable when she pulls this shit.

No. 850290

well in a really old vlog before her purge she did say ash was her ideal self. the similarities aren't imaginary

No. 850293

File: 1565259489255.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, F941D8DA-195A-4FCC-A709-A4BA1F…)

No. 850407

Yeah both Reese and Ash are obvious self inserts. Reese is who she is and Ash is who she wants to be. By putting both in the same comic with her made up husbando she gets to have her cake and eat it too.

No. 850440

File: 1565288809598.jpg (11.5 KB, 754x87, Holly BRown Alto.jpg)

Pretty funny that her name is still written down as Holly BRown on San Japan's AA website. Even funnier that the link under her name leads to some illustrator named Ho-Seh Esquivel.

No. 850448

> litterally

No. 850451

File: 1565289949440.png (24.22 KB, 1725x415, yep.png)

Seems like it got mixed up, this person has her ig linked…

No. 850504

File: 1565295707687.png (465.36 KB, 476x916, 01.PNG)

No. 850505

File: 1565295748648.png (493.94 KB, 491x906, 02.PNG)


No. 850512

Can Holly fucking fix her grammar for once?

No. 850525

Man, Holly is gonna get extra stressed when she finds out OK K.O. was cancelled and there’ll be no more Dr.Venomous for her to latch on to lol.

Holly can’t even be bothered to fix her art before posting it let alone attempt to proofread anything she types.

No. 850527

>litterally am budgeting the best i can
>buys a laser printer
>buys ugly wood stain colors
>has to spend a fuck ton of money to ship laser back after breaking it
>has to pay for express shipping for prints

uh, you might want to take a look at your budgeting holly lol

No. 850535

File: 1565297556432.png (299.61 KB, 936x551, 01.PNG)

After this she posted the micro cat shaving art as a print, micro cats with fast food and then the old Kiki's Delivery Service bakery art.

No. 850565

File: 1565302602430.png (1.43 MB, 1874x1204, Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 3.15…)


No. 850566

File: 1565302728582.png (1.46 MB, 1874x1202, Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 3.16…)


Ugh, is it just me, or are the color choices here super bad? I feel like I'm in Hell when I look at this piece.

Also, what's with the werid template for making her prints look like they're taped up to the wall in a half-assed way? It gives off a very unprofessional vibe.

No. 850568

File: 1565302781718.png (1.45 MB, 1876x1202, Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 3.16…)

No. 850569

It sounds like she would be better off and save more money by just not going. She didn't make a profit last year so why would she make one this year? Also I love how she's STILL shit talking fanart even though it's her only hope if recouping her losses.

No. 850580

>using a template to advertise and sell prints
I’d understand generated 3d mockups for books or more complex products, but for prints?

No. 850600

>is it just me, or are the color choices here super bad?
I agree, the colors could work for something more serious but they don't fit at all with the cutesy motive she was going for. I feel like her coloring has become worse in general

No. 850602

If she’s this stressed out about being unprepared for a con and pissy about resigning herself to selling fanart, why not just sell the table to someone if it were possible in the con rules or just get a refund? Those tables are given by lottery and could have gone to someone who actually needed it instead of this overgrown woman-child who can’t handle even the simplest task without breaking down into a depressive spiral. Her followers need to stop coddling her because she’s getting worse.

No. 850605

I honestly like this piece. Holly's style lends more towards stylization rather than realism, which is why her early drafts of purgatory look way better than her current style. But, will she PLEASE stop shitting on fanart. Don't go to a convention if you don't want to sell fanart. You have to have a HUGE following to go to a con and not sell fanart or simply do generic bs.

No. 850638

What pisses me off is she doesn't seem to understand that as con goers, we WANT fan art. I am not walking through AA with OCs on my mind I want fan art that is why I'm there, at an anime convention. I'm not there for shitty webcomics no one cares about.

No. 850647

Who would even like her OCs. They are boring as hell.

No. 850656

Exactly. The only times people will buy a product with someone's OC on it or buy their printed webcomics are either 1) it looks interesting at a glance and is super cheap or 2) the artist is popular and the customer already likes their work/comic. Since Holly's not as popular as she used to be, the only congoers who will stop by her booth are likely not fans, but rather ppl who won't spend too long looking over her wares if it doesn't interest them enough. (And considering that she doesn't even have a 1st book of Paranormal Plague out to get ppl interested in merch of those OCs…yeah, I don't see them selling much, if at all. Still don't know how she sold copies of the rape mini comic when there were probs plenty of better drawn doujinshis hanging around the con last time.)

No. 850662


I also recall her wanting to have the first volume of paranormal plague out by this time so that she could have it for San Japan but, I gotta say,

That laser cutter really fucked her up.
It set her back so much and nobody even wants anything she makes. It's kind of sad, but I kinda don't have any sympathy for her. I wonder if she's still going to attempt selling those ugly clunky wooden Copic stands at the con.
That's where she tends to fuck up, she seems to think that her marketing towards other artists is where her audience is at but the reality is, other artists don't really like her, no one respectable anyway. The only people eating up what she's doing are teenagers and teenagers are broke, for the most part. She needs to rearrange her entire strategy but she's terrible at it.

No. 850677

And the only people dumb enough to buy those crappy stands would be inexperienced teenage beginner artists or kids who are usually the type to attend anime cons. But, that's not what people go there to buy. Like Anon said above, people go there for fanart. Hell, I'm in my 20's and even I want fanart.

No. 850702

File: 1565322592892.png (1.66 MB, 996x1910, Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 8.49…)

New Instagram Story

No. 850703

Onto her next scheme, I see. I feel bad for anyone who has her for a driver. Also I thought you couldn't work at both Uber and Lyft because they're competitors?

No. 850705

I've seen lots of cars with both Uber and Lyft stickers so I don't think that's the case, but I could be wrong.

No. 850712


You can definitely do both, but it is pretty scary to think about her being a ride share driver when she's barely had her license for 2 months.

No. 850713

I'm surprised that's even allowed. I thought they hired you based on driving experience; a new driver who has already been in an accident is a huge liability.

No. 850718

I just hope Holly doesn't hurt anybody.

No. 850726


It states for both Uber and Lyft that you have to have been a licensed driver for a full year.

So either she's outright lying again about another job, or she used her mom's license to apply.

Either way it's pretty sketch, considering her recent accident. If that in itself is even real.

No. 850732

Yeah this is a woman that got fired at Amazon after 2 days.

No. 850735

I have a hard time believing the girl that got upset about being told what to do at her job is now working a job that requires her to go places at the request of the rider. What if, god forbid, they have specific instructions on how to get to said places??? I’m sure after a week we’ll never hear about it again because it was “litterally” too stressful lol

No. 850736

What are with all her posts with this weird character? Just take a selfie or make a twitter post like a regular person.

No. 850740

Because Holly is a horny ass fucker that would never get a guy at all due to her creep personality.

No. 850746

A selfie, sure, but she nuked her twitter ages ago. I doubt she’d ever make another one after all that, at least not any time soon.

No. 850751


Did i read in a thread that she made a video about how to do comic panel layout or am I high

Plz tell me im remembering wrong b/c this all just so.. smackjeeves

No. 850780

Pretty sure she's made multiple of those, unfortunately.

No. 850785

Holly is the kind of not like other girls where she majoratively attracts neckbeards but ofcourse shes turned off by that because she expects some Herschel type dude to step down from the heavens, her her laugh about animal torture, sexual assault and these loser women who "clearly" are "crazy bitches" to which he immedietly falls in love.
Shes the epitome of a legbeard. Wants a disney prince while she has the personality of a literal illwilled swamp witch with not a shred of compassion or intelligence to her for that matter but she has the biggest mouth in the world when it comes to any topic.

No. 850806

who in the holy hell would ever want this as a print?

No. 850809

Holly has no idea what potential customers want.

No. 850823

What do potential costumers want that she could offer?

No. 850856

Doesn't Holly realize that being a artist seller is like a business? Artist gets popular for drawing things that are mainstream or hype during it's time AKA fanart. As much harsh and sucks for that ideal, that's the ONLY way to make profit to sell stuff at cons.

No. 850871

It is possible to sell mainly original stuff and make a decent profit at cons. You either need a specific niche or already have a decent following. Fanart just helps to attract people to your table at first instance. The issue is that Holly has no idea what would be attractive for anyone to buy besides her shitty oc's.

No. 850873

well, she starts selling merchandise for comics she has barely uploaded pages for - if she were skilled in any way shape or form, she would know that's not exactly how you get people interested in your characters. If she actually took the time to develop her stories, instead of redrawing them for the fourth time or making merch she WOULD gain a following.

No. 850901

File: 1565368662003.png (2.32 MB, 912x1762, Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 9.36…)

New Instagram Story

No. 850903

File: 1565368735145.png (824.46 KB, 1872x902, Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 9.37…)

New Instagram Post

BTW there's some spoilers for OK K.O. in Holly's description, so if anyone cares about that just avoid that area of the image.

No. 850926

you could've stamped this with a spoiler warning, anon.

No. 851033

I thought that was a hair on my phone screen for a sec, eugh. There are also a couple weird lines on the right side of his head that I can't tell whether they're just faint sketch lines or whether they're actually minor scratches on the screen of her drawing tablet.

Oh, and his hand is a literal sphere. There's that too lmao.

No. 851129

File: 1565403811177.png (10.7 MB, 1125x2436, 7C76BAFD-3545-444D-8BAE-0065D9…)

Newest Instagram story. Guess she’s making vaporwave pants. Great way to prepare for San Japan

No. 851133

SanJapan is gonna be such shit show I can't wait

No. 851134

Mustard yellow was definitely not the color you should have used here, I thought vaporwave used only neons not ugly ass midtones.

No. 851150

yellow in general isn't really apart of of vaporwave color pallet, that's more of an outrun thing which uses neon more. Vaporwave is more pastel colors usually ranging in pinks, purples, blues, and sometimes greens. saged for mini art sperg

No. 851152


People are over vaporwave.

Side note but she's always so goddamn late to everything because she's so busy shitting on things when they're popular but then gets mad when they don't make her money when she's 3 years late to the party.

No. 851181

what kills me is that you could tell Holly exactly what would sell, how to turn the most profit, etc and she'd still refuse to so it because she's stupid and consciously chooses to be stubborn because being spiteful matters more to her than money or success, I guess. She's so desperate for money then dies literally everything to work against that goal because "lol I'm so quirky and stubborn and better than everyone else guise"

No. 851185

It's cuz she never leaves her house and has no friends. She's like nicegirls that learn about everything three years late when it makes it to Facebook.

No. 851187

I think Holly is a type of person that doesn't get interest to things that are popular or hype around it's time. She's in her own echo chamber that cares only things that she thinks it's what matters for her. She can be into some niche shit for all she wants, but her bitching for not making enough is her own damn fault for being late to fads and trends.

No. 851196

You just know that Holly is going to try to shill her shitty art to the people she gives rides to lmfao

No. 851201

Holly should try and capitalize on the fact O.K K.O ended and sell some prints of it. The show doesn’t have the biggest fandom but it has a decent following and is known within the animation community but I highly she will. But at least she seems to be making SU prints which still has a large following

No. 851273

ONE su print, not many. That's the problem, she started so late, she won't fill any niche, only have single pieces which will not draw a crowd - or do you feel compelled to buy a Pearl print which hangs right next to a picture of a foot-shaving in pov?

I guess she simply refuses to realize the world doesn't owe her money for following her hobby - nobody starts a career by publishing their very first comic. You either work a regular job while honing your skills or you friggin' finish your education and might get a not-so-great-but-not-bad-either job in the field you want. That's how it starts and works. Nobody is born successful, and nobody stays popular if they don't put in the effort.

No. 851283

bruh holly it's not 2013 anymore.

No. 851288

Another issue she faces is bringing back old prints. Most anime cons have a local crowd that comes every year and they make up most of the crowd. Most of the people who would want her Pearl print already bought it. Convention artists usually have new sets of prints every year (or at least half their stock has been cycled out into new)

No. 851331

File: 1565461185360.png (2.96 MB, 996x1912, Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 11.1…)

New Instagram Story

It's frustrating that Holly's super close to recognizing that making these pants is a huge waste of time, but she doesn't even care.

No. 851346

Please tell me she's not painting this in the hopes of selling it. I thought she was just doing it for fun since she would be wearing the pants and that would, y'know, make sense.

Aside from how shitty it is, she'd have to buy and paint on a lot of different sized jeans in order to sell many and have a decent sizing chart available on her shop and just. Ugh. Niche isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to products, but Holly honestly thinks she can sell stuff that no one in their right mind would ever want. How does she come to these conclusions? I know she's basically copied other people's etsy listings before (the ouija board keychain idea and something else recently), and that she jumps on trends way too late, but still. (Like this painting on pants` pockets thing. It's not new and anyone can find a pic online to copy and do it themselves at home.)

No. 851350

She never interacts with her audience or asks them what they want to see. She used to do it sometimes on Twitter when she had one. But she had way more of an audience then. Now she just throws shit at a wall to see what sticks, which is a monumental waste of time, energy and money, then has the nerve to get mad about it not turning her a profit.

Nobody asked for a laser business. Nobody asked for wonky stickers and ugly Copic stands. No one asked for garish prints. And yet, there she is, peddling shit no one ever asked for. You have to meet your audience half way for what they like and what you like, and then you have to divide it down further into what they'd actually be willing to buy off you VS some other chucklefuck.

But she's too lazy to do any of that.

No. 851436

File: 1565483474254.png (2.33 MB, 1294x1802, Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 5.30…)

Redraw Purgatory Update

pg 61

No. 851438

File: 1565483539916.png (1.29 MB, 1292x1800, Screen Shot 2019-08-10 at 5.30…)

No. 851441

Took me too long to realise Damien is upset about what he read in the programme and not because he saw Hitler's son.

No. 851445

She didn’t even bother to skew the perspective of the bricks so they line up with the rest of the architecture. Even her redraws are lazy jfc Holly.

No. 851446

The facade of that building looks so one dimensional, it looks like they're just walking through a cardboard cutout into a white void

No. 851456

File: 1565486500089.png (439.24 KB, 1223x359, 80A8C2FB-4A7A-48A5-8A7D-B7026D…)


She also forgot to erase the bricks off this portion here… What’s the point of redoing the comic if it’s going to look even sloppier than it did previously?

No. 851464

File: 1565489099409.jpg (55.21 KB, 310x268, PenroseTriangle.jpg)

watching holly attempt perspective is like looking at one of those optical illusion pictures.

No. 851483

File: 1565491190472.png (6.75 KB, 984x69, Untitled-2.png)

Just checked san japan website for who's in the artist alley and apparently holly is listed there with a link to a gallery of another artist. Wondering if it was her fault to provide some random link

No. 851492


This anon >>850440 already talked about that, another person has holly linked for theirs so I think it was the fault of the people on the site rather than something holly did to herself

No. 851538

The decorations on the wall are so lopsided and asymmetrical. Even the ones she copy and pasted look awful because they still don't mirror the other side like they should (due to said lopsidedness). A bunch of grandiose (if you can call it that) detail on a shitty cardboard cutout of a wall doesn't change the fact that it still looks like a shitty cardboard cut out, BRown.

At least the crowd of people is better than last time. Is it great? No, but she actually put some detail into them when I think they were just faceless blobs last time (and crowd pics usually don't have a ton of detail anyways, unless it's an illustration like a where's Waldo or something).

No. 851544

Didn't even bother drawing all the bricks this time

No. 851591

The left circle decorations looks so uneven to the right.

No. 851712

File: 1565555167526.png (1.81 MB, 1416x1838, Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 1.25…)

Purgatory Redraw Update

pg 63

No. 851736

File: 1565558337969.png (1.2 MB, 916x1778, Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 2.18…)

New Instagram Story

No. 851740

So have the Kickstarter orders been sent out already?

No. 851759

Those pews look pretty empty despite the huge crowd that was walking in earlier. If holly took the time to get her perspective right, these would look ten times better even if the rest of the drawing isn't so great, but nope.

No. 851884

>>851712 lmao that giant white spot on the pews in the bottom left of the first panel. The lineart of those pews is astounding.

What gets me is this 'mystery religion' of hers. It's a bit of a hodge podge of existing religions, which is totally fine–BUT Holly doesn't integrate different religions together and fill in the gaps to create her own so that it's believable. She just takes random elements/imagery of Catholicism, Baptists, Judaism, even fraternity orders (the random fez?), and religious cliches floating around in her brain and mashes them together in the most random ways possible. And with little worldbuilding to explain any of it, it hard to get a feel for it as an established religion.

No. 851888

I feel ashamed that I used to watch her stuff and think she was pretty good. her house usually looks like shit, garbage and ramdom stuff everywhere, I'm surprised she's still even doing this

No. 851907

File: 1565606848880.png (192.42 KB, 484x475, Capture.PNG)

Umm so does Damian get a hair cut in purgatory or holly doesn’t know her on characters and just marry Simon with Hitler's son.

No. 851915

It annoys me to no end how Holly will redraw shit to make it look better but also can’t be arsed to put some effort and not copy and paste everything (windows, praying dudes bodies)

Like, if you wanna redraw it then commit to it and take a day to make sure your perspective is right and the details are nice, the lines clean and joined etc…
it’s like she has those grandiose ideas and inflated sense of talent then gets overwhelmed/bored and rush through it

No. 851918

Damian gets his hair cut, these are redrawn pages where his hair is long

No. 851976

When,in the stream where Holly says she thinks white girls don't have opinions,does she talk about rape?

No. 852068

She is streaming

No. 852077

Watching These streams and seeing her running into the next idotic idea starts to get more depressing than funny.

She talks about how she only has those 4 prints, leftover purgatory comics and sketchbooks. And now she is painting jeans?!

No. 852080

What kind of paint is she using?
Will the paint on these jeans even hold up to machine washing?

No. 852081

forgot to sage.

No. 852085

looks like acrylic. you can make it machine washable by combining with textile medium but I doubt she's done that

No. 852087

File: 1565638863534.png (270.82 KB, 720x460, IMG_20190812_223705.png)

If Holly's redrawing Purgatory entirely… why isn't she redrawing the title card? Also I wonder at
what point she'll stop the redraws and repost the newer pages, or if she's just going to redraw the whole thing.

No. 852103

holly is gate keeping depression and I cant.

No. 852108

>She talks about how she only has those 4 prints, leftover purgatory comics and sketchbooks. And now she is painting jeans

I’m not surprised. I’d love to see the reactions of people who came last year seeing her peddle the exact same garbage

No. 852121

Like I predicted, her table is going to be so fucking empty lol.

No. 852135

She IS selling the painted paints at an anime con fucking shoot me this is what she does instead of making art prints. I low-key hate her rn I got waitlisted at my local con and this cunt gets a table, knows about it for literal months, and she is bringing four prints and used pants.

No. 852136


I watched for a while and hoo wee holly.

>Was using tinder but hated it

>Someone suggested bumble instead but she thinks it for "teh gays"
>Realises it isn't but says it's a stupid app anyway because of the name
>Wants to make fabric patches for Jean pockets that people could stir h on themselves
>Isn't selling the jeans at a con, they're going on Etsy
>Jeans are her old ones from when she was fatter
>Wants jeans to become popular with "insta-thots" so she can make them full time
>Would buy the jeans for goodwill
>Says she's screwed for San Japan, spent all her money on sketchbooks and can't buy materials to laser cut anything else
>Claims she's dated a few girls but they always sterotype her as butch
>While saying this sounds as get as a person can be
>Goes on a depression gatekeeping spiel

No. 852145

That's funny she previously only claimed to have dated one girl (after saying she was straight and getting fujo backlash of course.)

She's talking about how arttubers now show their faces and get popular by being pretty who tf is she even talking about

No. 852147

she…sells her old jeans? For real?

No. 852153


Watch as she sells the jeans for $200-$300 because "they're unique." Then she keeps dropping the price when no one buys them

No. 852188

The jeans are her newest venture. She got tired of the laser cutter ridiculously fast.

No. 852210

What the ever loving fuck is wrong with her and her need to make shit literally no one asked for?! Of all the things she COULD be creating to make money, she does the complete opposite. The anon from earlier is right, it’s like she does this just to spite people but she’s only hurting herself in the end. I hope SanJapan is a complete bust for her, then maybe she’ll pull her head out of her ass. But that’s wishful thinking.

No. 852228

Did she really screw herself over for not going San Japan? Like if she didn't spent her kickstarter money on car, laser, and her other stuff that doesn't help. She would've still at least afford to go. Holly never changes.

No. 852230

I watch this >>852068 insufferable thing and here are some timestamps:

>3:11 she is not excited to see people at the convention but she will act like it

>5:20 wants to make embroider pockets so people can iron them
>8:26 can’t be a prostitute or a insta-thot because she got ugly boobs
>11:23 Watching art youtubers give her cancer
>15:43 “I Don’t fuck fuckboys all the time just when I’m bored”
>16:43 apparently a lot of couples on Tinder want her for a threesome
>18:30 Bumble is for gays
>19:20 thinks if pathetic when youtubers talk about their problems
>29:00 A terrible explanation on how muscles/exercise works/rant about lifting weights
>41:00 Pants are not for San Japan but her Etsy
>42:00 she is shipping her kickstarter now
>43:00 Not enough wood for merch she only got enough for hers and TD Sketchbooks (consider san japan a loss)
>46:07 “Vaporwave is hella anime”
>55:47 the mental health of artist like Van Gogh
>1:00:00 gatekeeping
>1:08:00 start taking about relationships
>1:15:20 she is bi, a lot of woman are into her but because they think she is a butch lesbian, will date anyone, wants to smash some trans man.
>1:23:42 “don’t date me if u just want to smash”
>1:27:51 “U can get peen anytime, but can u get love and affection… no I can get peen in like 2 clicks”
>1:28:58 She just want to fuck her friends, try to avoid it
>1:34:51 like girls but they are mean to her, she says she is super gay right out the batch to any female friend, complaints that girls are hard to date , they are annoying , they make her boobs worse (Cause girls know what a boob is supposed to look???) this goes on and on
>1:44:15 She want the to smash a hot guy from half price books but he was married
>1:53:30 she is doing a jacket next (only have done one pant so far)

No. 852258

it sounds like she’s really sexually frustrated. i doubt at least half of the stories she’s telling, especially since she didn’t go on and on about her dating life in the past like she does now. reading all of our posts about how she’s lied about her dating experience has probably made her lie about it even more, lol.

No. 852276

Same ano >> 852230
Soo youtube update the stream, and now is the full (2:20:39) thing so all the timestamps are wrong here’s the update …

>4:50 Said that a guy assaulted her, in her uber job and she pull a taser and him, she is doing the pants because she saw some insta artist do it. Thinking of selling them for $60. Is not quitting San Japan cause TD. Thinks thot will like her pants

>14:30 hates meat and is taking more iron
>18:40 her Sister is coming to celebrating her birthday with holly and her mom but holly is poor so no gifts from her.
>23:50 she is not excited to see people at the convention, but she will act like it
>25:25wants to make embroider pockets so people can iron them
>29:09can’t be a prostitute or a insta-thot because she got ugly boobs
>32:00 Watching art youtubers give her cancer
>36:25 “I Don’t fuck fuckboys all the time just when I’m bored”
>37:20 apparently a lot of couples on Tinder want her for a threesome
>39:10 Bumble is for gays
>40:00 thinks if pathetic when youtubers talk about their problems
>45:50 A terrible explanation on how muscles/exercise works/rant about lifting weights
>1:01:30 Pants are not for San Japan but her Etsy
>1:02: 40 she is shipping her kickstarter now
>1:03 :40 Not enough wood for merch she only got enough for hers and TD Sketchbooks (consider san japan a loss)
>1:06:50 “Vaporwave is hella anime”
>1:16:20 the mental health of artist like Van Gogh
>1:21:00 gatekeeping
>1:30:08 start taking about relationships
>1:38:05 she is bi, a lot of woman are into her but because they think she is a butch lesbian, will date anyone, wants to smash some trans man.
>1:44:17 “don’t date me if u just want to smash”
>1:48:25 “U can get peen anytime, but can u get love and affection… no I can get peen in like 2 clicks”
>1:49:50 She just want to fuck her friends, try to avoid it
>1:55:35 like girls but they are mean to her, she says she is super gay right out the batch to any female friend, complaints that girls are hard to date , they are annoying , they make her boobs worse (Cause girls know what a boob is supposed to look like???) this goes on and on
>2:04:52 She want to smash a hot guy from half price books but he was married
>2:13:50 she is doing a jacket next (only have done one pant so far)

No. 852290

I feel sad if someone is gonna buy her used pants. She probably did something with them if you know what I mean.

No. 852312

Her reasoning for getting a hotel instead of an Airbnb was so confusing? Because it's easier? How? It'd be cheaper to do an airbnb. She says she would sell her San Japan table if she could, but she's responsible for TD. Why can't she sell it to TD? I don't know. It seems there are solutions to her problems but she has more fun complaining about them than fixing them.

No. 852313

File: 1565669880861.png (2.74 MB, 1872x1206, Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 9.17…)

New Instagram Post

No. 852317

File: 1565672566861.png (4.28 MB, 2582x1568, Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 10.0…)

Here's the listing for the Vaporwave pants on Holly's Etsy. It says the pockets are painted with acrylic. I guess that means it won't wash out, but I think it would have been better to use fabric paint since from my experience using a lot of acrylic paint on fabric makes the painted area super stiff.

No. 852324

The paint is going to crack and peel especially without a sealant. These are worth $20 at most not $45

No. 852337

File: 1565677823783.gif (594.52 KB, 260x317, 1393017664848.gif)

>"date me, coward"
Got a feeling it was Keith

No. 852361

wtf is her obsession with becoming a sexworker. she must think it will be easy money because she has desperate thirsty men swiping right on her. barring her shitty personality there is no way she could be a prostitute because she'd have to pretend to like her clients and do what they want, and she can't even do that for art….

No. 852376

The only part I'll admit that I like about these is the water effect on the right pocket. It's just too bad the sky and sun are fugly colors. That meld together. If these were mini canvas paintings or prints I could see her making a couple dollars of them. But used pants? OK Holly.

No. 852416

anon there is literally nothing wrong with reselling used clothing. at least it’s less wasteful than going out and buying all new pairs just to paint on.

No. 852429

technically you are right, but we are talking about Holly here. Some one who literally can't be bothered to take care of her hair so she shaved it all off. Who lives a hoarders life. Yes, her selling worn pants IS highly questionable.

No. 852454

Sure there are plenty of people who buy second hand clothes, thats not the point tho. She’s going to have to find someone in the con willing to buy these jeans (which i doubt holly washed), that LIKES the stupid painting on the back pocket, AND that fits those jeans. Thats literally such a small percentage. The jeans could be too small or too big. Makes no sense to sell them in a con.

No. 852455

they're not for the con. get it together anon

No. 852460

Whoops. Still a very limited market to sell these online, so my point still stands

No. 852463


She's a proven liar, cmon guys remember her calarts video when she got in and then got exposed.

No. 852464


I didn't say there was anything wrong with that, although I can see how what I said could be misunderstood. Apparel isn't an easy thing to push as an artist unless you plan on going to a print shop for it. Even then, keeping track of stuff like details, colors and different sizes are all factors. This seems like a one-off "let's see if this works" thing rather than something planned, like a lot of the bullshit she makes. She wastes a lot of time trying so hard to think outside the box that she doesn't consider what remaining audience she has left, and what they might want to see let alone buy.
But secondhand pants with a sloppy painting on the pockets? That's not it.

But even so, I wouldn't even be surprised if they sold/she lies about selling them.

No. 852472

I think she might've had a better shot at this if she chose to paint the pockets on pocket tees. Not saying anyone in her audience or even random con goers would like it anymore than the pants, but if I was a random con goer who liked that shit, I'd be a lot more open to buying a baggy shirt than baggy pants. At least you can style baggy shirts.

But of course she didn't think of that and just wanted to waste con prep time using old thrifted pants she had.

No. 852518

It's not Keith. There's another creepy orbiter that shows up in every stream of hers and comments in all of her videos that is so creepy he even makes all of her other followers uncomfortable. His name is Holy Hand Grenades. IDK how Holly hasn't blocked him yet, he blatantly sexually harrasses her every single stream spamming the chat and he's creepy as fuck. I guess deep down she likes the attention.

No. 852520

Honestly, she probably would have had a better chance making money if she just made iron on patches.

If she just took care of her printer from last year then she could have easily printed digital designs onto fabric and cut them out either by hand or using her cricut that she sold for no reason

People buy patches all the time, its alot easier to find an already fitting/comfortable clothing piece that the customer already has and ironing on a little design onto it then it is for someone to just buy a pair of over priced pants that will only fit a percentage of her audience who even consider to buy her art

Holly please, just make patches and stickers where you could make some of your money back rather than trying to do weird stuff that might not even end up selling

No. 852534

How on earth does Holly break her expensive shit so fast? I own my old Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet from 2011 and it just died a few months ago. :/(:/, no1curr)

No. 852538

Idk if this is worth discussing or not, but what do y’all think about Holly being an enneagram type 1? (Strong sense dictating what’s right and wrong)

Here’s the description: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-1

No. 852577


Oh please, hey we go random anon tries to diagnose Holly. When in fact she's just not a nice person who's art isn't good.

No. 852593

Nobody cares

No. 852605


Sorry never mind!

No. 852678


I wonder if she's painting the jeans as stock to sell, or as examples so that people could potentially order from her.

Selling this type of thing seems like it'd be very difficult. You have to strike lucky with your audience and hope that both the style and size suits is what they're looking for.
I also personally wouldn't want to sink $60 on something I can't even be sure fits well or is comfortable (and I don't know how Etsy's refund policy works).

Patches seem a lot more versatile. Even painting to-order seems like it'd be a better investment of her time.

No. 852701


She's selling them on Etsy right now and yeah, this definitely a waste of her time considering San Japan is in about two weeks. She only has like four new prints she's bring to SJ and she's spending time on painting jeans that she isn't even selling at the convention.

No. 852703

File: 1565745259986.png (2.51 MB, 1868x1202, Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 6.14…)

New Instagram Posts (1/2)

No. 852705

File: 1565745284251.png (2.42 MB, 1874x1206, Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 6.14…)

No. 852709

Holly its not the muscle placment that mainly shows the gender of the body but also the bone structure on top of muscle and fat placement

Guys have tapered waist where typically the shoulders are wider and tapers down in a triangle with their hips being the smallest

Women have the hips usually just as wide as the shoulders or slightly smaller or slightly wider where the waist tapers inwards creating the feminin shape

If she wants to make Reese have a more masculine body shape without taking away from him thin figure all she has to do is make his shoulders a lityle wider amd his hips a little more tapered in

She doesnt have to change his face shape, she doesnt need to do add muscles, she just needs to chnage the bone structure

No. 852731

Those lines on the guys arm has that Holly trait.

No. 852814

> I reference my own body a lot

OK Holly.

No. 852848


>feminine women are valid

Does this person not know that Reese is a male character?

No. 852891

If so that makes this post all the more hilarious

No. 852932

File: 1565796116306.png (119.29 KB, 672x746, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 8.21…)


It's just a typo. Still funny though.

No. 852989

File: 1565805168263.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.76 KB, 400x600, 89b2838c87e3bd6f4348b7cea6a35b…)

She is even lazy for searching a good reference. If she want to draw Reese more masculine , put effort for the reference. Stop relying on your body holly. Do she even know site like a Pinterest or Behance exist??Or just Google "skinny guy" if you lazy enough.

No. 853032

feminine isn't referring to someone having breasts, but rather a certain slim build mixed with typically female gesturing. Potentially soft facial features too.
Either way, apart from Reese having no discernible body type at all, I wouldn't call him female either.

No. 853112

File: 1565821704380.png (1.19 MB, 1296x1806, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.23…)

Redraw Purgatory Update

page 64

No. 853114

File: 1565821736293.png (1.07 MB, 1290x1688, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.24…)

page 65

No. 853115

File: 1565821867373.png (1.25 MB, 1296x1808, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.24…)

page 66

No. 853116

can those people sitting see anything lmao

No. 853117

File: 1565821916758.png (1.41 MB, 1296x1802, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.25…)

No. 853119

File: 1565822013634.png (849.7 KB, 1296x1802, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.26…)

page 68

No. 853121

File: 1565822105701.png (2.15 MB, 1296x1806, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.26…)

page 69

No. 853122

File: 1565822196301.png (871.38 KB, 1296x1732, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.27…)

page 70

No. 853123


Ughh the perspective is nasty

No. 853124

File: 1565822359301.png (1.43 MB, 1298x1808, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.27…)

page 71

No. 853125

The way she draw the rope in this panel it's irritating. The gravity law doesn't exist in the body and the rope

No. 853132

Did she have a fucking stroke writing this?

No. 853135

"Contubruted" too… can't you spellcheck your damn comic even for a serious moment like this? This shit will be immortalized in all of her physical copies which will be sent as kickstarter rewards. I can't believe the redraw is even worse than the first version she posted, at least when it comes to the art and orthography. The rushing shows.

No. 853139

Can she write or…?

I highly doubt two people can lift gallows like this.

Why are the seats suddenly so close one to another? She didn't even bother drawing heads, it seems she got tired at the first range. Also, a dark haired man is hang while on >>853115 the selected "memembers" are a woman, a grandma and a bald man.

Holy shit, this remake is a trainwreck, she's not even trying…

No. 853220

I was under the impression from >>851712 and >>853112 that the seats were arranged radially around the center, but are they actually supposed to be straight on, like in >>853117?

Her perspective is such a mess

No. 853229

This is why I have no problems with people tracing 3D renders for their backgrounds. If you know you can't wrap your head around the rules of perspective or have no time, then use the fucking tools available and save my eyes.

With so many panels lacking a background, it makes it even more jarring when there finally is one. And that last panel? It looks like it should be two, but I think it's supposed to be an inside/outside view of the porch, but nothing lines up right?

No. 853296

File: 1565841109852.png (772.46 KB, 1880x746, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 8.50…)

Holly must have heard you, Anon. She updated the title card with the redrawn art style

No. 853324

Pissing myself @ the dead looking baby page 71. Who holds a (tiny infant?) baby with one hand while smothering its face into a shoulder? The mothers hand isn't even in a position to support the baby, it either weighs nothing, or she's about to drop it.

No. 853433

Damien's mom is just him with eyelashes and boobs

No. 853434

Lol wait so is Simon's mom

No. 853449


Because she run out of ideas. Its easier to redraw and get away with it with her fans which some are dumb as rocks.

It must suck to know if I was Holly I was making bank a few years ago and now she's come down to this. Now she's trying everything to reclaim her glory, its almost embarrassing.

No. 853461

The lady in the weird hat seems to be pretty happy about being sacrificed on pg 62 and then shocked about it 4 pages later. If Holly had an ounce of interest in the world/religion she was building it could have been an interesting insight, but alas, rape-hitler it is.

No. 853478

I think this looks alot better than what it was before tbh

No. 853486

I would say she traded bad for equally bad but somewhat different. Both styles are hideous, lack any form oh cohesion or skill. The former one had more charm but no clue on what she wanted, the new one is as barren as possible.

The title card is the worst so far, it's like she has absolutely no idea what picture could be appealing here - the one she has chosen is so painfully uninteresting and definately dowsn't draw you in.

No. 853488

File: 1565880520772.png (1 MB, 1204x1676, Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 7.47…)

Redraw Purgatory Update

page 72

No. 853489

File: 1565880553036.png (1.23 MB, 1210x1678, Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 7.48…)


page 73

No. 853490

>don't think it's plausible to function
Sounds like Google translate lol

No. 853499

New Video

No. 853506

Does anyone have the original drawings of the redraws in her comic?

No. 853510

apparently books are shipping out right now

No. 853511

i cannot wait to see those.

No. 853512

"Hello everyone, to the summer solstice." (page 64)

No. 853541

"As the cathedral maintenance and local church chord member"

Lord Jesus, that grammar

No. 853565

So it's been months since I was in these threads. Can someone explain the purgatory re draws? They either look the same or worse. So what's the point? Did she have a stroke? Most artists improve, not get worse

No. 853591

Holly 3 days ago: I'm gonna sell painted jeans, guise!
Holly now: Disregard that, I'm just gonna throw them away, lol
>"But it was fun, I guess"

No. 853617

ah yes, so same as last week and last month and about 3 months ago. Books always shipped but miraculously they get shipped yet again. I'm honestly flabbergasted her fans are literally too dense to realize nothing she says adds up.

No. 853664


Patches… Holly has already put a lot of money into the laser. Yes, patches will be far more desirable than some weird wooden box to put a limited number of markers in, but she has poured so much money and time into the laser and it's clear shes bored of it. She says patches are the for the future and for her own sake I hope she decides against the idea because it's just another "This is cool, I'm going to do it" thing that will either go nowhere, or she will pour even more money into it, not make a profit and give up. She really needs to just find her shtick and stick with it…

No. 853775

I have pages 1-374 saved, so feel free to compare the redraws.

No. 853798

i thought she was gonna sell the laser, so why are patches for "later" now?

i dont think she's ever claimed the books were shipped before, but she did claim that she sent them to the printer on a bunch of different occasions (the printer of course being the reason they're late for Mysterious Reasons).

No. 853804

My friend's in Holly's Discord. In one of the private voice channels, she apparently said she feels like giving up and that the laser was a terrible investment, but she feels like she has to do something with it otherwise her "haters" will be right, which will crush her "mental esteem".

No. 853807

Maybe someday she'll learn that ruining her life just to spite strangers on the internet isn't actually worth it.

Also we all know she's going to sell that laser eventually, it's just a matter of when. If she wants to shoot herself in the foot by waiting until she's even more desperate and broke it's just more milk for the haterz.

No. 853832

No one cares about what "my friend said". Post a screencap.

No. 853835

>of a voice call

nta but did you even read the post you replied to

No. 853857

Sorry, I didn't notice that. But I still won't believe that this or that person just happens to be in Holly's discord without some proof. It's just hearsay, not milk.

No. 853891

But she's literally said this stuff on stream before, so there's no reason to believe she wouldn't talk about it in private either.

No. 853899


How is Holly so productive, not only is she banging her brains out, San japan, Etsy and still making comics /sarcasm

No. 853925

Holly will get less "haters" if she doesn't act so high and mighty. And actually work her shit out and not thinking about spending her Kickstarter on her lazor/car.

No. 853939

File: 1565970949678.png (786.69 KB, 914x1756, Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.55…)

New Instagram Story

No. 853941

does anyone else find the irony that she shat on steven universe for being a cartoon network show with "bad anatomy" despite it being a stylized cartoon, but she's obsessed with this show? Which style wise, looks like a lower budget version of Steven?

No. 853945

It's because she wanna be horny on that calarts husbando guy.

No. 853969

I still can’t believe she’s trying to get everyone to think she’s fucking people on a daily lmfao. She’s so pathetic. Being a virgin isn’t a bad thing Holly. Grab yourself a dildo and shut up.

No. 853971

lol, didn't OK KO got canceled?

No. 853981

File: 1565977035025.png (1.34 MB, 906x1752, Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 10.3…)

part 2

No. 854032

Yeah, it's currently airing it's third and final season. The finale will be in September.

No. 854100

According to Holly. She thinks sex is important and only think of people as objects. How shameful.

No. 854104

She used to be a big fan until it became the edgy kewl thing to hate SU online cuz SJWs like it uwu

No. 854111


While there's definitely nothing wrong with being a virgin. There's no fucking way Holly has ever had sex in her life. She couldn't sound more transparent even if she tried, trying to flex in front of her young fans is sad but while I did feel sorry for her she's a pathetic human being.

No. 854144

She’d have some idea about what a penis looks like

Or what sex SOUNDS like

Or just understand human interaction even the slightest bit

No. 854169

Seize is definitive proof that Holly is a virgin

No. 854197

tbf she might have gotten laid since seize, since it's been like a year. her new obsession with sex and sex work makes me think she probably did get some strange off tinder a couple times and now she thinks she's a sex goddess or something.

No. 854207

>she probably did get some strange off tinder a couple times and now she thinks she's a sex goddess or something

Considering how she does this same exact thing with art mediums where she uses them a couple of times and then claims to be a master at them, this is super on brand for her.

No. 854297

File: 1566016715667.png (896.22 KB, 916x1764, Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 9.38…)

No. 854327

Where can I read that Seize comic?

No. 854331

No. 854344

File: 1566040885413.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

i wish i hadn't clicked on that. it's so ugly. I'm 100% shes a virgin

No. 854353

Did people really paid money for that?!

No. 854354


oh man wish someone would reupload her nsfw insta.

No. 854356

File: 1566046270674.png (175.48 KB, 602x351, wat.png)

her characters feel the same about the comic as we do, kek.

No. 854357

File: 1566046382659.png (Spoiler Image, 67.46 KB, 317x196, ytho.png)

This panel in particular highlights her skill and attention to detail. Just wow.

No. 854358

>trust trust
Still cracks me up

No. 854360

File: 1566046811989.jpg (15.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 854380

File: 1566054635008.png (8.69 KB, 76x100, cursehand.png)

This is how a 3 year old draws hands.

No. 854388

im particularly fond of
>oh omg god

No. 854463

File: 1566066386032.png (2.7 MB, 914x1774, Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 10.4…)

New Instagram Story

Once again Holly spent money on shit she doesn't need. Also, the arrangement of these stickers makes me wanna vomit.

No. 854485

Milk's gotta be dry if buying some stickers is ~scandalous~
Also pretty sure she just set them out for a picture, not stuck them all on her tablet in that arrangement.

No. 854514

It's not scandalous but anon has a point Holly is always talking about how poor she is while spending money on shit she doesn't need like stickers and wigs and online shopping sprees

No. 854521


My eyes went straight to the grimy-ass edge of her tablet, why can't she do the simplest shit to keep her stuff clean. Vomitable offense, but not surprised, given she can't even keep her nails clean.

No. 854523

>>854331 wtf is that acne on the ugly twink's face or what?

No. 854524

>>854331 wtf is that acne on the ugly twink's face or what?

No. 854525

>>854331 wtf is that acne on the ugly twink's face or what?

No. 854588

File: 1566087384464.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.45 KB, 620x808, 4673078c-9600-4c4b-8347-7c922d…)

Still the best page imo

No. 854635

Sage for old ass video but can we all just take a moment to be depressed on how little Holly has grown since high school? The more depressing part is how much she used to actually try. Wonder what happened to her.

No. 854639

Ok, I was gonna reply saying that they're just cheap little stickers and don't amount to the cost of her wigs so who cares/not milk, but I came to the conclusion, as someone who's never seen the appeal of stickers, that she is wasting money on that tat.
>"Should I be saving money?"
>"No, I should be buying haha le funny meme stickers and weeb garbage to further trash up my room and electronics!!"

I'm having war flashbacks to her covering her cintiq (I think?) with stickers (and then she sold it like that iirc). She just needs to stay away from stickers omg
(I still think her buying stickers isn't milk, but my distaste for stickers prevails. Sage for my retardation)

No. 854642

I don't understand why she doesn't just go back to her old account. It's been 7 months since she left and people forget about drama pretty quickly on the internet. The 200k+ sub account would probably give her the attention and validation she obviously craves. She could milk so much more money from her old hoard of dumb fan.

No. 854644

she did this like a year ago and it looks the same as her current work. peep that improvement

No. 854646

"oh omg god don't stop" is still the height of good writing.

No. 854653

I think she mentioned a while back that she was locked out of that account. Not sure how or why though and that’s why she’s been stuck on the current one.

No. 854670

it doesn't matter if you have 1 million subscribers if only 20k people watch the videos. people do not look at their subbed channels and youtube does not put videos from your subs in the recommended vids.
if you have 20k views per video, you have ~100k actual subs who occasionally watch. which is the same across her two channels. 900k other people having your icon in some list who will never even see one of your thumbnails again, doesn't do shit

No. 854689

I'm so baffled by Reese's right leg. Is this a horrible attempt at foreshortening? Is his foot broken? WTF is happening?!

No. 854691

File: 1566104304340.png (Spoiler Image, 787.08 KB, 776x536, 1517705121768.png)

Mega Genie again
Wish granted
Doubt anyone has her first porn comic

No. 854736

Oh God my eyes. She needs to stop drawing sad dicks

No. 854752

Ntayrt, I also don’t think buying stickers is oh so horrifying, but those large custom ones are a lil expensive (like $3-4 a pop on redbubble, probably more at that tea shop) and so buying 13 or more stickers suddenly becomes more ridiculous than you’d think. (around $55-65 at least)

Shaming poor and struggling ppl for buying an occasional “luxury”/item that’s not absolutely necessary is a shitty thing to do, no doubt, but Holly does this every other day and then complains about her finances while being a NEET, so I feel no shame in judging her spending habits, as if any of us ever have on these threads lol.

No. 854800

Surprised this didn't get posted sooner. Creepshow posted a video calling Rossdraws and Lexxy scammers. Disclaimer, I'm actually a backer on RossDraws' Kickstarter so if anyone wants to see the updates he posted on KS, I can post them.

No. 854804


Creepshow can fuck off, she;s just in it for the clicks. Ross isn't a scammer, he's probably overwhelmed as most KS are and late. its Kickstarter for fuck sake.

No. 854814

Nobody cares. This is a Holly thread.

No. 854866

No one in this thread wants to give Creep any attention. This is a Holly thread not a Creep thread. If it’s not relevant to Holly then no one cares. It’s not like anyone takes anything an attention whore like Creep has to say seriously anyway

No. 854875

File: 1566144602402.png (1.17 MB, 1206x1578, 74.png)

Redraw Purgatory Update

pg 74

No. 854876

File: 1566144645283.png (1.01 MB, 1208x1672, 75.png)

No. 854877

File: 1566144747682.png (1.07 MB, 1206x1672, 76.png)

No. 854879

File: 1566144853880.png (1017.77 KB, 1206x1676, 77.png)

No. 854881

File: 1566145022697.png (1.11 MB, 1204x1696, 78.png)

No. 854882

Is there ever any explanation to explain why ANY of them moved to a murder cult town???

No. 854883

Maybe Damien was the original Holly self insert and Simon is some sort of MCR oc knockoff

No. 854889

File: 1566145389806.png (2.12 MB, 1200x1708, 79.png)

No. 854890

File: 1566145486205.png (1.65 MB, 1204x1690, 80.png)

No. 854903

What was this suppose to be? Is it a staircase that ended up looking like one giant pineapple ring or the worlds most dangerous wheelchair ramp? Also either have the columns pierce through both levels of this thing or just put them in the inner and outer circles of the weird floor ramp. It looks inconsistent and less structured otherwise.

No. 854918

File: 1566151691836.jpg (88.1 KB, 720x571, spiral staircase.jpg)

Crap like this is where 3D software can come in handy. The entire staircase looks like it has no support on it's outer edge so it's about to collapse.

Hell, spend more than ten seconds looking at it and you'll notice that the spiral going off panel doesn't line up with the curvature of the whole staircase.

Matter of fact, she could've just chosen a better composition that would've better displayed the spiral staircase like this.

No. 855108

I love how she was right at the climax of purgatory when she stopped updating and started uploading the redraws like even though it's garbage I was on the edge of my seat for the clumsy manner Simon's dad would run in the crumbling cathedral to find his son getting raped for some real subtle symbolism and now I have to wait god knows how long.

No. 855118

The self-insert talk was funny at first, but now we’re just applying it to every one of her OCs that shows 1 or 2 similarities to her. I will admit, Ash is more obvious than anyone else, but isn’t it common for a creator to have different characters with a couple similar traits to themselves?

No. 855125

In general for artists/writers this IS true, but Holly is also the type of person who isn't just putting parts of herself into her characters to make them more genuine, she _lives through_ her characters, so they are basically vehicles for her instead of individuals with personalities. It makes them all seem more self-inserty when compared to the oc's of stable people who don't do that.

No. 855127

Yeah when Holly and other terrible writers insert themselves as characters. They only portrayed themselves being right all the time and never try to developed or challange in any way because they only see them as WOE IS ME type of characters. Pretty much reflect Holly herself.

No. 855141

idk why but I see quite a few webcomic artists do this. I semi hate-followed two webcomics that I found through this board and they both ended just before the climax for no other reason than 'burnout' or they got 'bored'. Like, how hard is it to just finish it? And shouldn't the ending be super exciting to write/draw since it's, yknow, the climax? Feels very shortsighted to me, but that's a usual Holly staple.

No. 855146

Also Holly is the sort to self insert write so often that she never explains things because she just assumes you know what they are thinking because it's just her living her fantasy and we are along for the ride vs consciously writing a cohesive story with fleshed out characters.

No. 855164

“At least if I make things before I die I will have made a difference” (fixed the structure as much as I could) THIS is the key to Holly’s outlook on life. Except I think she won’t admit to herself it looks more like :
“At least if I make things before I die people will THINK I made a difference”

making art doesn’t make you interesting or a good person by default holly.

No. 855173

anon this is probably the most pointless and nonsensical criticism of a cow I've ever seen

No. 855184

Most of the time webcomics burn out right before the climax because the writers never planned the story out beforehand. I have a feeling Holly had a vague idea for the ending ages ago but now that the story has evolved into what it is Holly has no idea how to get to the original ending she had in mind. That would explain why she is buying some time with all the redraws.

No. 855226

File: 1566229982898.png (2.73 MB, 912x1760, Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 8.52…)

New Instagram Story

No. 855270

Wtf anon, you just turned her quote from "cup half full" to "cup half empty"

Everyone has something that pushes them to keep going whether its realistic or not, i agree with the other anon that nitpicking and trying to correct her moral beliefs and outlook on life makes no fucking sense

No. 855271

….that's going on her Etsy, huh?

No. 855327

God same, I was kinda looking forward to seeing the conclusion to that fucking trainwreck soon, like I enjoyed seeing the dumpster fire that was Chroma Prince from page 1

No. 855414

That "Holly Brown the Art Scrub" was well made and funny. Was the original video got reported?

No. 855449

There’s a reupload floating around Youtube somewhere but that video was cringe, that person is somehow more embarrassingly edgy than holly. Don’t give them attention

No. 855479

Yeah agreed.

No. 855601

But what is it…? Just a block of wood??

No. 855746

File: 1566326747306.png (2.39 MB, 914x1754, Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 11.4…)


No. 855747

File: 1566326856396.png (2.48 MB, 912x1774, Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 11.4…)

No. 855757

That’s a nice crisp $100 from the girl who claims to be in dire straits financially. Please put that money back into fulfilling your Kickstarter rewards Holly and not anymore useless shit.

No. 855790

I better not see or hear any more "I'm so broke guys pls commission me" bullshit out of her. She usually shows off her money through the pointless shit she buys, but this is just bold. Sure it's "only $100" but it's $100 more than her slimy ass has ever worked for or deserved.

No. 855870

“Everyone has something that pushes them to keep going whether its realistic or not,”

I guess that’s true anon. I just tried to point out how for holly that -something- is her narcissism and “at least I’m doing more than you” attitude.

I guess we should all stick to the same backward penis comments lest we hit too close to home for some anons.

No. 855976

You know that shit is already spent. This is the same girl who found 20 bucks in her pocket one day and immediately spent it on scratch offs. She is incapable of saving money.

No. 856110

is it me, or is holly the female andrew dobson?

No. 856112

File: 1566405574974.png (2.69 MB, 918x1758, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 9.37…)

New Instagram Stories


No. 856113

File: 1566405710423.png (2.38 MB, 914x1754, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 9.38…)


Correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't need to export a 4K resolution video for YouTube, right? Doesn't the platform only go up to 1080p? Why would she waste so much time exporting a super high-res video if YouTube doesn't even allow it?

No. 856115

File: 1566405842855.png (2.56 MB, 918x1762, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 9.38…)


Sorry to tell you >>855790 Anon, but Holly is begging for commissions again to help cover the costs of San Japan.

No. 856120

San Japan is less than 2 weeks away. I don’t know what else she needs to cover the cost of, unless she put everything off until the very last second. (Of course she did)

No. 856134

i wonder if she'll stream it again

still can't spell besically

No. 856187


it’s basically.

No. 856189

my bad, lapsus linguae

No. 856224

Huh, of course YouTube supports 4k? I mean, i don't think she would need to have her videos at that resolution, but that's quite some nit-picking, anon.

No. 856233

Youtube supports up to 8k video actually. You can just go and type in 8k or 4k videos and they're right there.

No. 856238

Instead of wasting money on the lasor to print wood that no one ask would've been a better route to save money.

No. 856322


Well shit, no surprise there, then.
At this point, all I want from her is to just spell "basically" right, my expectations are very low for her.

She's probably trying to scrounge up money for last minute shit like transportation. Probably trying to help TwistedDisaster since she's dragging along again too.

Nobody wants to see her shitty art in 4K, at this point the jokes write themselves, she isn't even trying.

No. 856329

Omg she IS. Same problems, same spergy cow behavior, and same weird fetish for lesbians that Holly has for gay guys.

No. 856337


Thanks for info, Anons. I just wasn't super sure since I've never seen those resolutions available on YouTube before.

Sorry if I came off nitpicky, but it seems pretty silly to me that Holly is wasting so much time exporting to 4K when 1080p is perfectly fine. It's like her working at 600 dpi for some goddamn reason.

No. 856388

I don’t see many vids in 4K that aren’t made by people with over a mil subs. I can understand why people like it, but at the same time, some ppl have such shitty internet that the best they can watch is 1080p lol (I have to go down to 720p sometimes). Streamers also don’t really output above 1080p for reasons I don’t know exactly, but I’m assuming it’s again related to viewers’ internet connections and data shit. Holly’s obsession w/ having ultra hq equipment/specs while her art is the equivalent of dog shit still doesn’t cease to amaze me.

No. 856461

new video

No. 856464

She's livestreaming right now

No. 856473

Watching the way she sketches is irritating. Her strokes are so short and quick, it’s the way little kids draw when they’re beginning to learn how to properly hold a pencil. Please Holly do some drawabox exercises.

She also doesn’t look/pay attention enough to what she draws. That plant pot sketch looks nothing like the actual reference. A lot of her art would be 10x better if she just CARED about what she’s drawing

No. 856474

Just started watching and I'm so frustrated. She is going in circles. Nothing is changing!
>complaining about wanting a job
>Complaining about having no money
>Complaining about sister

No. 856475

>the only thing I wasted kickstarter money on was the laser because i'm selling it

??? so did she buy a NEW laser to replace the broken one to sell it again? what.

No. 856477

The kickstarter rewards were charms, which she needed a laser to make…so she just helped herself to buying a several thousand dollar laser JUST to make rewards, instead of offering something she could make with the equipment she already owned.

No. 856480


Apparently according to >>856461 that's just a pencil case she made for herself. She hasn't even put it on her fucking Etsy. Why would she waste time with this shit, especially with San Japan being just around the corner?

No. 856527


Youtube allows for 4k videos but it should be noted that the vast majority of people don't have screens that show 4k lol

You need a fairly recent AND high-end television or computer to see 4k. Anything else just doesn't have the pixel amount so there's really…. no point.

No. 856558

When I get wish ads, I tend to get them for art supplies or cheap electronics because they're using my search history and cookies to try an entice me to buy something. What must Holly be looking at to get "gross wish ads"?

No. 856559

“how to make money with a foot fetish account”
“how to not draw backwards dicks”
“mcr yaoi lemonz xDD”

No. 856603

"When you draw your own character alot you think they look fugly"

Holly. Most people think your characters look fugly.

No. 856705

I don't understand why TD doesn't seem to be paying for anything during the con? Holly is even buying her badge? Not sticking up for Holls AT ALL but I don't see why TD can't pull her own weight

No. 856717

I see Holly's very annoying habit of misusing quotation fingers is as rampant as 2 years ago. She really is Michael Scott levels of stupid.

No. 856718

That's how she has lived her entire life lmao

No. 856725

At least Michael Scott had a sweet and well-meaning side to him. Holly is just a bitch.

No. 856729


TD is a freeloader and a cow in her own right, but she doesn't quite warrant her own thread. She's just a good supplement because all she does is piggybacks. If I recall correctly, Holly is most of the reason why TD was even able to make it to San Japan in the first place. I remember some gushy tweets from her thanking Holly. She never pulls her own weight and right now I don't think she's any more or less popular than Holly is.

No. 856730

She wants to make the first few books of purgatory introductory before the plot actually starts?

No. 856731

Jeez. This almost makes me feel sorry for Holly. Almost. If I were her I would just drop TD like a hot potato if she's just gonna mooch like that, but Holly is probably so desperately lonely that she's willing to take that kind of bullshit if it means having any kind of friendship.

No. 856739

Holly's season one Michael. Let's see if theres in character growth lol.

Omfg there's a part around 27 min. where she starts talking about needing to get better at perspective and then describes the people who do perspective the 'analytical way' (which I'm guessing means using..perspective grids??) Einstein types. Like it's genius level difficult.

Holly you gave up on studying perspective five seconds into trying and you know it.

No. 856741

Does Holly think she can make a living constantly begging for shit all the time?
Holly's so inefficient and lazy how is she going to deal with shit when she's too old to pull of this desperate and pathetic doomer-failure-adult?

No. 856835

So apparently Hershal is a werewolf? Or was supposed to be but might not be? Shes been talking about these characters for two years and still doesn't seem to have a story set up yet she's already started it?

No. 856948

And yet she can't be assed to finish the one comic that's already basically done lmao

No. 856953

Probably. She's incredibly naive. She's still talking about moving out before the end of the year like that's even remotely plausible.

No. 856958


To be fair TD is carrying a lot of weight.

No. 856973


Apparently he can also cure paranormal in the like 20 so pages of PP. If he is still a werewolf, along with a healer then what other things can she cram into Hershal?

No. 856979

that’s the only reason I can think of, bc remember how much holly has complained when anyone in her fam needed some money for actually important things like a washer/dryer? she’s willing to gripe about anyone who’s freeloading but herself. it wouldnt surprise me to hear that she has some shitty opinion about “all immigrants being on welfare and wasting taxpayer $$” or some bs like that, esp. since she’s said some shit like that before. wasn’t it something about all of the >insert racist description here< mexicans she sees around where she lives?

No. 856997

File: 1566561669394.png (276.18 KB, 586x634, 1433101279321.png)

No. 857019

She said she supports Trump and his wall becuase there are a lot of illegal Mexicans in San Antonio. It def sounded fucking tone deaf when she said it lol. I think it was right after talking about how Hershal is Mexican, and how he breaks stereotype becuase he isn't a stupid violent gang member.

No. 857039

Yo what in the world

No. 857040


>L O R D

No. 857042

Holly still complains being desperate for work but i wouldn't be surprised if she's been blacklisted in the art industry by now.

No. 857044

wasn't there a twitter screenshot in one of the old threads where someone mentioned she was already blacklisted?

No. 857045

Yup, allegedly she's already been blacklisted, can't remember which thread the tweet was from though.

No. 857046

Holly still complains being desperate for work but i wouldn't be surprised if she's been blacklisted in the art industry by now.>>857045


I just got back to the drama llama so I'm tryna catch up.

No. 857049


From what exactly. Is this going on what holly has simply said.

No. 857050


From what exactly. Is this going on what holly has simply said.

No. 857055

File: 1566576875705.png (1.24 MB, 1464x1134, Blacklisted.png)


Here's the Tweet about Holly being blacklisted

No. 857056

Here's the link for the original tweet too:


No. 857060

File: 1566578307129.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, E3524E4D-6D3E-41EF-9FA7-D0BB66…)

New Instagram story.
Holly’s being “funny” and “relatable” again.

No. 857090

I find this hard to believe if only because Holly has never been terribly relevant so why would a bunch of studios notice a small-time artist like her?

Also, I'm curious what will happen if/when Holly does move out (since she admitted she does the opposite of what the haterz say just to spite them, even if it's a terrible decision that actively hurts her), will she really buckle down with a job or consistent work to avoid eviction or will she just desperately attempt a bunch of quick money schemes, fail, and get evicted after 2 months?

No. 857095


Exactly who the heck is this ghost kelly, is she someone important who works in the industry. It just seems like some random just sniping at Holly

No. 857096

She got already been blacklisted ever since she shits about Cal Arts.

No. 857104

I wouldn't be surprised if she was already blacklisted she was very active on Twitter for two years shitting on various industry topics and being low-key edgy racist plus she has a few videos that had over a million views with stupid rude humor. But we have no actual proof so no way to know for sure.

No. 857151

Is there a re-upload of her calarts video?

No. 857154

it's linked in OP

No. 857177

My bf works in the animation industry and Holly’s name comes up sometimes in their circle. She’s basically a joke at this point and used as an example of what not to do as an artist. That’s pretty much her legacy now because she’s pissed off a LOT of people by running her mouth.

No. 857215

This is absolutely hilarious. All of this could have been prevented if only Holly had studied seriously and didn't spend beyond her means. But no, Holly knew better.

No. 857222

She made a Youtube video that got over 1mil views so it's actually not too farfetched that she would be blacklisted. Not to mention, individuals could also contact companies and warn them of her.

No. 857228

Now that you've mentioned it, what do people in the industry think about the big youtubers?

No. 857269

Apparently Reese is a prostitute to avoid anxiety. lol k

No. 857277


Not much, more likely than not. A lot of big art you tubers are not much more than background noise or someone interesting to subscribe to, unless they're already working professionals.

Holly ticks none of those boxes. She's not even as big a YouTuber as she used to be. She shot herself in the foot, burned her bridges and then expected to be able to turn around and cross that chasm as if she had a chance anymore.

It's not really surprising she's still even entertaining the thought when she can't just sit and work. She has to run her mouth.

At this point she should just Mae a video talking about her comic ideas because she's never going to get them done.

No. 857279

Holly sounds like she hasn't even got a story down for this story. I could only imagine the milk if she tried roleplaying with her ocs with how poorly done they are. Or tried to make a comic with someone else.

No. 857292

So her followers in chat bring up the Kickstarter and Holly says she still has stuff to do even though I thought she said she shipped the books out? Also she says she had a loss of funds despite the Kickstarter money and her followers were like, how? and Holly just says its because she had to print them twice but then goes on to blame her sister for draining her of money during that time. But like. She used the Kickstarter money for the laser I'm not insane right? She makes no mention of that whatsoever and neither do her followers and I'm feeling gaslit up in here how does these absolute morons not see through her lies and bs??? Ofc tho it's her sisters fault. Not miss $400 monthly car payment, useless laser projects going no where, and shaved her fucking head so she bought five wigs she immediately destroyed. Smh.

No. 857294

Later in the video she does mention the laser was bought with Kickstarter money. Her followers definitely don't seem to care though lol

No. 857308

She's is straight up claiming she added the laser to the Kickstarter because she made those charms part of the tiers? But if I remember correctly the charms were added on AFTER she failed to deliver the books on time. So now she's saying it was smarter to buy a laser because it would cost the same the make the charms as it was to buy the laser according to her 'math'? It's starts around 1 hr 40 if anyone wants to listen to her lie her ass off to cover for her bullshit.

No. 857314

lmao holly what?? no one thinks their ocs are ugly lol. she is so agonizingly self-aware sometimes

more dick

No. 857338

She spends a long time talking about how making indie comics isn't a way to make an income because she only charges $12 per comic and doesn't take the time she spent making the comic into account with her pricing so she makes little money. Most webcomic Kickstarters of her book length would be 20$ min plus she did two books? I mean her art is awful so a bigger price seems silly but she doesn't seem to understand at all how this works. She told her audience not to make comics just make prints and Etsy stuff lol.

No. 857352

The fucking thread pic makes me laugh every time I see it. Who the fuck puts Hitler getting curb-stomped in the dick in their "serious" comic about child rape and pedophilia?

It's the kind of goofy bullshit I'd expect to see in Oglaf or something.

No. 857401

Is anyone going to be at san japan? I would really like to see what Hollys table setup and stock look like.

No. 857430


Didn't she have some hospital bill she to pay too which was another BS excuse she gave?

No. 857431


Well how much would such a service cost?.

Plus what was the brand of the laser, someone should email the company and let them know she's committed fraud.(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 857440

>someone should email the company
huh? they just sell people the lasers. what do they give a fuck

No. 857443


Well weren't people saying she got a replacement laser because of damage she likely caused due to misuse so the replacement she was going to sell as new?

No. 857454

First time contributing but I'd like to mention that Holly has a massive distaste for anything Mexican/Hispanic. I can't provide evidence because it's too risky but she firmly believes that Mexicans can't draw/Mexican art is ugly (word-for-word). Another thing I find super funny about queen Holly is how often she makes fun of people's art in private messages. I understand criticism and think its necessary for improvement, but Holly doesn't critique. She just straight up calls it ugly and she has a massive "holier-than-thou" ego, but that's nothing new.

No. 857455

1) sage
2) too "risky"?? We know she's said this several threads back. Or at least I swear I've seen her insinuate that she doesn't think Mexican or Hispanic artists are good. It's not some big secret that she's an idiot racist. You aren't risking anything saying shit people already know.

No. 857463

Ill be going to San japan so I’ll see the wreck first hand haha

No. 857466

The risk was uploading the evidence anon, think before you type and wasting space on thread. Didn't need to sage if I added new info. Sometimes people on here come to release their pent up anger and it shows. Sage for no milk

No. 857479

Her hate/envy of Jacquelin Deleon is still going strong I guess lol

No. 857481

Take pics if you can lol

No. 857509

I second this

No. 857529

Except it isn't new information and you haven't put any milk in your post. So you still need to sage. Literally no one cares about information that you claim to have that you don't share.

No. 857602

So in the stream chat someone said that Hollys Kickstarter was mentioned in a drama video does anyone know what video that is?

No. 857643

It’s most likely from Creepshows vid on scammers, she barely mentions Holly and doesn’t outright call her kickstarter a scam.

No. 857648

Settle down, it's an anonymous board. Posting screenshots = outing people. Holly lurks here, let's not forget.

No. 857649

It was pretty hilarious to watch her immediately become annoyed at the mention of the video. It definitely struck a cored with her and she didn't seem to shake it off the rest of the stream.

No. 857682

I think you meant >>856464 but Holly really doesn't get what prostitution is if she thinks it's a way to avoid anxiety.
Then again at 22:45 in that stream she talks about how being bisexual fits a healer character.

No. 857690

Well she seems to think becoming a prostitute will solve all of HER problems, so…

No. 857717

If Holly would ever become a prostitute. She would expect some hot guy to pay for her but in reality it's gonna be mostly unattractive people she would not want.

No. 857735

Wtf what a fucking moron. Can she be anymore transparently straight. It’s not a fucking star sign lol

No. 857758

File: 1566715531277.jpeg (386.51 KB, 1242x1211, 0644B58F-9688-41AA-906F-C3E18D…)

She hasn’t shipped everything out yet. I honestly doubt she’s shipped anything at this point. (From her recent IG post)

No. 857773

She's also a laughing stock in every artist alley circle I've been acquainted with. Everyone mocks her for having literally 0 business sense and we all hate her for even taking up space at cons when someone who actually TRIES could be getting that spot.

No. 857820

File: 1566739442656.jpeg (99.38 KB, 640x705, 20DBA8DA-194E-4FB2-AFFB-10E2A9…)

Some Etsy reviews 1/2

No. 857821

File: 1566739510200.jpeg (116.12 KB, 640x768, AB0EB217-F174-4168-A617-0D1061…)

Looks like she just leaves her customers hanging instead of talking to them like a normal human being.

No. 857824

She makes no money off of YouTube after she torpedoed her last channel, makes little money on commissions because she constantly has to refund them, and cant even make money off of etsy. Shes a disaster

No. 857847

This really is starting to go the JellieBee route and I have to laugh.

No. 857863

File: 1566749837674.png (2.35 MB, 1290x1802, 81.png)

Redraw Purgatory Update!

pg 81

No. 857864

File: 1566749892912.png (1.5 MB, 1294x1846, 82.png)

No. 857865

File: 1566749996897.png (1.67 MB, 1298x1848, 83.png)

No. 857867

File: 1566750096961.png (1.74 MB, 1296x1836, 84.png)

No. 857870

File: 1566750215820.png (1.43 MB, 1304x1864, 85.png)

No. 857873

File: 1566750518724.png (1.89 MB, 1292x1822, 86.png)

No. 857874

File: 1566750729292.png (1.92 MB, 1296x1852, 87.png)

No. 857876

File: 1566750897110.png (1.93 MB, 1296x1838, 88.png)

No. 857880

File: 1566751026592.png (828.75 KB, 1144x1596, 89.png)

No. 857883

Purgatory as a title doesn't make sense to me storywise, but in context with Holly's life it's perfect.

No. 857891

Holly started a new YouTube channel so she can change and become a better person and artist. But she has proven that nothing has changed. She still wastes money, does nothing to improve her art, and still has a shitty personality.

So is she forever stuck in her ways or do you guys think she still has a chance to change? Or perhaps her reputation and past actions did too much damage for her to be taken seriously?

No. 857895

Holly should just rename paranormal plague to development hell since that’s how PP’s been for the past year or so.

No. 857909

Lol so purgatory is about the love story between two boys which, in that society, is a huge son, and that is its main drive, yet in every scene these two have together, damian is being borderline creepy and Simon is either annoyed or uncomfortable. Such passion! I know Holly's writing style is just ripping off really shitty anime but you have to show that they actually love each other. I swear to God all of her character relationships are derivative from really bad anime tropes.

No. 857926

That is exactly how Holly writes. Anime tropes that have the dialogue of bad translation (not just grammar wise but clunky dialogue that doesn't work the way it would in Japanese).

Bibical? Does this totally not Christian religion have Holy Bibble?

No. 857928


?? is this a way to write III that I don't know about?

No. 857939

And the sad part is, it's such a cool concept. A story about two gay kids in a cult where they'll get killed if found out and one of them is the head priest's son being trained to take his place, is such an interesting premise it would make for really gripping drama if handled correctly.

No. 857944

The only way I can see Holly becoming a better person is if she gets her ass up and off the internet. She searches for too much validation here to become an adult and have some self reflection/responsibility. She hides behind her screen, deleting everything at the slightest hint of conflict, and can't even be assed to respond to people paying her for her stuff. If she went outside, got a real job in a physical location, made some irl friends, got a boyfriend, and socialized with people in real life in general, I think she would see that all her issues are from her own isolation.
As for her art, idk man, but I think her shitty work ethic and skills are stemming at least somewhat from her shitty attitude, so if that changed maybe the art would get better? It's hard to say. Honestly, I think it's more likely for her to drop art entirely than her becoming some sort of great artist. She always seems to hate making it

No. 857950

I think Holly hates making art now because of burnout, it’s clear that in the past she’s enjoyed making art but now that she does it as her major source of income she has to shit out art she doesn’t even like. Getting a job and shelving art for a few weeks would do wonders for her motivation and growth as an artist.

No. 857952

Sage your shit people, it's not that hard. For future reference, heresay is NO new milk, not even if you're "acquainted with artist circles" or if it's your first time here.

No. 857954

Lol, good catch, that literally doesn't mean anything - not that I'm surprised, it ties in perfectly with the already lit candles in Simons hideout, the brickwall which vanishes into a fourth dimension and totally not wanna-be-edgy coffins standing randomly in this totally secret place.

No. 857966

why does she keep calling her mom a hoarder? has she seen her own room? what the fuck does the rest of the house look like?

No. 858014

File: 1566769274948.jpeg (239.42 KB, 1242x792, 841A86EB-7929-4BC7-A09D-F5CAC4…)

Holly should probably remove the college tidbit on her Etsy bio because people think it’s because of her “studying hard” and “working tirelessly” that items are shipping late or not at all. Besides the caps another anon posted of the reviews on her shop, I dug through them and there’s a LOT of people mentioning extremely late orders, her being non responsive or just not shipping them at all. If Holly wasn’t such a money grubbing gremlin, I’d suggest she just close the shop indefinitely or until she can get her shit together… which will be never at the rate she’s going.

No. 858021

is…is it just me or did none of those pages have any spelling or grammar mistakes? i thought for sure she would mess up on certain words, but i don’t think there were any. wow.

see, that’s the thing. holly has little patience for things that aren’t immediately fun. we’ve gone over this again and again, and it’s getting sad by this point. she supposedly has a driver’s license and she’s tried out a couple of jobs, but she hasn’t stuck w/ them for more than a couple weeks. most people give a job a month at the very least, enough time to see if you can adjust to the routine and the workplace, and then put in your notice if it’s not working out. she’s def one of those ppl who would benefit more from doing art as a hobby rather than a job, but she also doesn’t really have any passions besides drawing, and she equates fulfillment only with passion and not hard work. (as in, some ppl may not LOVE their job, but can still feel good after a day of working hard, especially if they’re helping other ppl. not so for holly.)

No. 858043

This is so awkward to read, sounds like she got hit in the head before she wrote this or something.

No. 858060

Yeah the IIV stuck out to me immediately. At first I thought… ok maybe she just made the "I" thick for some reason but it looks dumb, but then I realized there already was a book with "IV" in the background.
And you are correct that roman numerals are only preceded like that if it's a difference of one. So it should be III.
This is wholly different from her weirdass misspellings. She had to draw that so it was deliberate. What I wonder is why the hell she'd USE roman numerals when she is unaware of how to write FOUR in them.

Naturally she didn't do some very basic research just to make sure.

Agree. Also it's worth emphasizing that being late is far more understandable than being unresponsive (mainly in addition to lateness as she should be more aware of the situation and pending orders). Maybe she's stressed and is trying to put it out of her mind entirely, avoiding it. In which case she really needs to close, just for starters on the long list of things she should do for her own benefit.

I genuinely felt uncomfortable reading those pages for the reasons you said. Damien's flirting isn't even alluring.

No. 858083

disgusting that she can't humiliate her little boy oc's enough with the gay shit she has to go so far as to draw them in a dress with tits. i know it's "his mom" but she drew this to get off

No. 858094

Tbh this is a weird take. I think she just can’t draw.

No. 858096

No. 858149

Damn, simons mom is uggo, like i know shes supposed to just look like simon in a dress, but from the viewpoint of her just being a normal girl she looks so ugly

No. 858175

To be sorta fair yaoi anime have bad stories and manipulative male on male relationships.

No. 858185

For every bad yaoi anime (a lot) I can point out a het romance that’s just as terrible. Both genres are saturated with trash cliches and romanized abuse. These cliches being “normal” does not give her or anyone else an excuse for mediocrity.

No. 858218

Yeah, I'm not sure how she managed to take a halfway decent premise and totally gut it. I guess it's the shitty pacing and the bare bones "plot".

Why does she do this to herself? She whines about how broke she is but doesn't even do the bare minimum to make an income. It's not difficult to pack a couple of boxes and take them to the post office.

No. 858235

Such a shame she went back to redraw the old pages. I was looking forward to where the story was going. Not for the reasons she intends, mind you, but it was at least really funny.

No. 858241

So Damien is on the verge of panic and extremely distressed over what happened just recently, is known to be uncomfortable in the catacombs and had to be strong-armed there, and now… he's just being all suave and shit. Consistent character? I don't know her

No. 858244

File: 1566809988672.jpg (29.66 KB, 500x375, class of 2015.jpg)

No. 858288

Peep those skull archways. It's one obviously-traced skull copy+pasted twenty times into a stack, then the stack is copy+pasted and mirrored. The cherry on top is the one shitty looking skull in the pile that she obviously hand drew kek. Then she pastes that same stack like five times in the next panel, and the way she skewed it makes it look like skull wallpaper instead of actual pillars made of skulls.

Holly, if you feel so rushed that you're tracing and copy+pasting, stop dicking around with the lazer cutter and focus on the damn comic! Don't half-ass two things– whole-ass one thing.

No. 858289

haha wait what they're meant to be pillars made of skulls? I definitely did not catch that, I thought they were like, weird crevices where they left specifically just skulls

No. 858291

File: 1566821653608.jpg (266.04 KB, 1024x766, 1024px-Cripta_Cappuccini.jpg)

I think she used pic related or something similar as a reference/inspiration, so yeah, they're meant to be stacked.

If you're curious, this is the crypt of the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, a Catholic church in Rome. Spoopy.

No. 858293

What is going on in the 2nd panel? Is that a tree or what.
Went back to look at the skulls and yeah, the shitty Holly-drawn skull does stick out. Also these just look like gaps that a bunch of skulls are falling out of lmao.
2nd panel is so lazy. Nothing on the walls, and I don't want to try to make sense of the columns' alignments.
Top floor is hella skewed if you compare the curves of the floors and their stairs. Kinda hurts my head if I try to make visual sense of it.

No. 858347

well, whoever made this banner probably didn't think it through (looks like IV but is actually I and V), but either way it's written correctly. Any reason you posted this?

No. 858362

2015 is MMXV, idiot. That's why it was posted. Learn how to roman numeral.

No. 858365

No. 858447

And Holly made this, or what? If you take the numbers separately it's not wrong, there are like a million ways to write years these days. Use your brain before posting something unrelated.

No. 858451

anon you're embarrassed, that's okay. let it go

No. 858463

Simons moms design is the worst one, she doesn’t even look like a woman and more like Simon in drag and that’s fuckin hilarious since her death is one of the main plot points in this thing. Holly can draw women that are feminine enough to look like women and didn’t take the redraws as an opportunity to fix simons mom. Did she think we wouldn’t be able to see the family resemblance without copy/pasting the exact same face?
She made Damien’s mom look like a woman related to him just fine, but couldn’t do that with Simon too?

No. 858476

anon calm down you sound like the freak

No. 858527

Anon…thats not how it works….

No. 858561

I think she got too hung up on the whole “Simon looks just like his mom and that’s why hitler raped him or whatever” thing. Well that, and her bad drawing skills, but like you said, she’s drawn another mom that doesn’t look exactly like their son. It would have made more sense if Simon didn’t look like a carbon copy of her, but still had a similar hairstyle and glasses, which is enough for the readers to go “oh yeah, maybe he does resemble his mom a good bit”. She’s not the only person who does this, granted. too many characters in cartoons look exactly like one of their parents.

No. 858639

nayrt but I seriously hope you’re trolling.
If not you’re just as ignorant as holly.

As for Sasha’s design, of course she had to be Simon in a drag, holly thinks he’s feminine enough to make that anime trick work. And I mean sure girl with masculine traits exists but that’s not what she was going for AND both the hairstyle and clothes are particularly ugly. Just like in her business, she doesn’t THINK about what’s best, she always cares about what she thinks is good based on her limited view of the world. She thinks it’s hilarious that they’re identical and that’s it, you do not even adapt the similarities, just slap the same face on two characters and call it a day. Why? Because that’s the only way she wants to play this thing.

No. 858728

File: 1566912529846.jpeg (73.8 KB, 473x648, images (3).jpeg)

The old one

No. 858733

Wow, I had no idea her art was this bad. Also her character design. I can definitely see some improvement now, even though her art is still ugly.

No. 858745

It was wonky but so much less stiff, and she at least tried to do backgrounds. She just seems to be churning the pages out as quickly as possible, nowadays.

No. 858803

I hope we can agree that Damien's hairstyle and Simon's glasses are a definite improvement.

No. 858807


If there's one thing I prefer about the old page though, it's the layout. The layout of the old page is a lot more straightforward, while the layout in the new page (and all of the newer pages in general) has weird choices in regards to the varying panel size and the gutters are often too big or nonexistent, making the pages look empty and haphazard.

No. 858869

Anon the best improvement here is her using a brick texture and not drawing every single one in herself.
Too bad she can’t be assed to draw backgrounds in all the frames despite the shortcut.

No. 859000

Is it just me or is the lettering in this fucked? Was Holly looking at her screen at an angle while lettering the page or what?

No. 859167

San Japan is starting up. I’ll be there all days so I’ll make sure to update about holly’s display and items.

No. 859174

Godspeed anon! Your efforts are appreciated. I’m wondering if she’ll try to sneak her porn comic back on the table this time since she got told to put it away last year.

No. 859246

Take pics if you can you brave soul. I can't wait to see this crash and burn.

No. 859335

File: 1566961527037.png (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 904x1756, Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 8.05…)

New Instagram Story

No. 859354

She is so fucked.

No. 859362

This is what happens when you dick around with a laser you never should have bought in the first place instead of making product. Take notes people because she is going to lose so much fucking money.

No. 859373


No. 859492

I wonder what wig she'll be wearing

No. 859508


Her lack of backgrounds is so off-putting. I honestly way prefer the old version. Yeah the anatomy is shit, but it's just as shit in the new one.

At least the old page has a bit of heart and real love put into it. Sounds silly, but it's so clear when you a creator actually cares for their work and when they're just making shit for the sake of making it.

No. 859511


Her lack of backgrounds is so off-putting. I honestly way prefer the old version. Yeah the anatomy is shit, but it's just as shit in the new one.

At least the old page has a bit of heart and real love put into it. Sounds silly, but it's so clear when you a creator actually cares for their work and when they're just making shit for the sake of making it.

No. 859537

Nah, the art in the old one is so distractingly bad that I can't even pay attention to what's going on. Of course I do wish she kept the old art and just finished the comic instead of redoing it for a 3rd time. Even the best art in the world couldn't fix the train wreck of a story Holly has.

No. 859583

Way to instill confidence. Holly if you’re “pretending” to be prepared it’s best you don’t admit that you aren’t prepared. Not like you don’t do shit wrong straight out of the gate all the time but come on.

No. 859768

File: 1567021203888.png (1.69 MB, 920x1766, Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 12.4…)

New Instagram Story

No. 859841

>when you can't worm your way out of this particular responsibility with panic attacks

No. 859855

In relation to >>859768

Art anons who sell at cons, do you find art of OCs (like some of Holly's stuff) sells well enough to profit off of, or is it mainly just fanart that sells?

No. 859858

I sell at cons regularly and OCs are an EXTREMELY hard sell unless you have a popular comic/webcomic or if the design/aesthetic is something the general audience of the con might like. I’ve sold OC pieces solely because people liked the design and composition of the illustration. There is nothing appealing about Holly’s work so she’ll be lucky to sell a couple charms during the weekend if her fans show up. I can’t wait to see pics of the table tbh, you can almost predict what she’ll have to sell based on what’s been posted through the Kickstarter fiasco. Laser engraved cutting boards anyone?

No. 859859


If you're in a convention that allows fanart, the fanart sells well for sure. In England, the big conventions have a section which is only for indie comics, i.e. original work. Because of that, the likelihood of people buying original comics is higher. But that's because they judge based on the art and how much they want it rather than on their fave being drawn.

that being said… we all know fanart sells. Most people only just about make table on original work, but it's less about making huge profits and more about exposure and reaching a larger audience in conventions if you want to sell originals.

No. 859887

In my experience they sell well at comic cons, which started with indie comics in mind and originals are encouraged and valued more to this day. Anime conventions began in Japan, with fan art being what was mostly sold. Companies in Japan are okay with this as they see it as free advisement as long as it is art and not mass produced merchandise. In America most congoers go expecting fan art to celebrate fandom which is likely why they are at the con in the first place vs comic cons which are to celebrate comics themselves.

That being said I have sold at both and Holly isn't going to make much money. I've actually had the thought that she should consider trying a comic Con but she's pretty mediocre so idk if she'd make much more without her teen fan base.

No. 859896

I sell at cons regularly and selling OC related merch is risky and honestly downright stupid at anime conventions. The most common thing people that do it is; mix OCs in with fanart to draw attention in the first place. People usually don't just sell their oc art at anime conventions and nothing else unless you A. Have vague aesthetic related things that fall into a certain category , or B. You have a huge following that will buy your product just because. I used to mix in OC art with fanart but, it didn't sell well so I did the logical thing and stopped doing it which is something Holly hasn't seemed to learn yet. She can turn her nose up at fanart all she wants but, she's never going to turn a profit at something like an anime convention. Like anon mentioned above, she would be better suited for just going to a comic convention for her indie work but, people there wouldn't give her the time of day either because of her poor art. She also lacks any sort of social skills you need to engage customers at a con so I don't know why she bothers.

No. 859900

I sell at cons quite a bit, and have a lot friends who do. OC stuff usually only does well between artists. I always have a bit of OC merch to just give to friends. If you don't have aesthetically pleasing OCs your'e done fucked though. I dont do comics though, so I could be completely off, but that has been my experience with cons.

No. 859912

don’t forget, holly would probably refuse to go to any con that’s not an anime one bc she hates western comics lol. and she knows she won’t fit in w/ people genuinely working hard in order to create and promote their artwork.

No. 859925

How in the world can someone look down on fanart but love anime conventions? Fan created work is a large chunk of anime fandom culture.

No. 859951

You know anon i really dont think she does like conventions. In her last vlog she was talking about how she doesnt like the people that go because they are loud and social awkward which makes her uncomfortable.

No. 859954

Honestly she doesn't like conventions but, just like the laser printer and her past ventures; she's sees them as a quick money grab but, like all her past failures she has no idea what she's doing so she fails miserably at them. She has a bitchy personality and has no idea how to actually interact with people so she has no business trying to go to conventions.

No. 859966

It's a poor investment of time and money, just like everything else she tries. She's delusional thinking there's a shortcut to making quick money with art.

No. 859967

Samefag to add that it's possible but people actually have to like what you make in the first place. All her shit's a hard sell.

No. 859972

And yet her art doesn't even look like Japanese manga at all. Looks too Tumblrish.

No. 859995

It’s not even tumblr style. It’s just bad.

No. 860012

File: 1567055740647.png (1.66 MB, 640x1136, 3B4BC308-E28B-4CC0-B59E-1C7D9A…)

No. 860040

We already know that Holly isn't going to turn a profit regardless. Even though she was pretty prepared last year, she still didn't make enough money to break even. This year she's already admitted she has nothing ready for it except a bunch of the same prints she sold there last year and some stupid wooden charms.

No. 860045

Last year she had her yaoi booklet and the zine at least, yes? Also a few prints (Cowboy Bebop, FMA, Steven Universe, I think) and probably some trinkets and notebooks (correct me if I'm wrong). This year she has keychains, acrylic stands, maybe some prints, notebooks, Copic stands?

No. 860055

Don’t forget the cutting boards! Who wouldn’t want a shoddily etched cutting board at an anime convention? lol

No. 860130


Didn't Holly say games were a "time suck?" Also of all the games she's willing to play its MtG and of course she goes Black/Red. Wonder if that is her deck or if she's borrowing TD's, cause if it is her own, wonder how much money she would have poured into booster packs

No. 860132

She said video games were a time suck, not sure if she included card games or game boards. Its stupid though. She could actually learn more about story telling, character and background design, through video games if she wasn’t so stubborn about it.

No. 860139

I mean it's quite possible TD and Holly just bought one of those premade double decks from Target or something. I do that all the time when I want to introduce someone to the game and have some time to kill.

No. 860210

I’d be surprised if holly was into card or tabletop games because they require sustained focus and logical decision making.

No. 860261

I mean, she doesn’t HAVE to like video games, but it does seem like she sees no value in them despite all the things you just listed. she does watch game grumps but that’s more for comedy than gameplay obviously.

No. 860287

It's true that Holly doesn't have to like video games but the games industry is pretty profitable for artist. If Holly had stronger skills in graphic design and knew a game engine, she could find a UI job. It's just sad to see an artist with some potential not have a dependant income at her age.
She's so desperate for income I wouldn't be surprised if Holly reconsidered a job in the games industry. I mean Holly lives in Texas. There's like 3 game companies there.

No. 860329

Yeah, no, it's pretty hard to get your first job in the industry (speaking from experience), especially without a University-based internship to get you off to an acceptable start and Holly is too lazy to even work for friggin Amazon or as a clerk, so of course she shouldn't even consider video games. Her technical skills are sub-par for UI (she can't even center her own "company" logo, for fucks), let's not even get started with Concept Art.

Working for a game studio is extremely different from working as a freelancer at home, competition is hard as hell and you have to be at the top of your game OR have some experience under your belt to even get you in there. She wouldn't even pass a mandatory art test for any studio (usually you get a very straight-forward but time-consuming task and about 48 hours to make the best of it).

While it may be a profitable solution I'm sure she couldn't even be bothered to write enough applications or make an acceptable resumée.

No. 860362

Anon, I understand that might be your experience but in generalities, the game's industry isn't as toxic as you make it seem. I've been in and around indie studios, mobile, and even triple A and the teams that are assembled there aren't as competitive as you say since they have to work together as a team to finish the product.
Thus, it wouldn't be a good environment for Holly since she has a problem with "Melvins".

I agree that Holly's resume and website aren't what is required by a studio to get hired but I've met some studio team members with what less than desirable skills. Usually wanna be hybrids. I'm just saying that someone might see something in a artist that resonates with their project. You'd be surprised.

No. 860478

Ntayrt but the other anon is right aboutthe video game industry, its not toxic like you seem to think it is, but it is veey fast and hard driven which i doubt holly would ever be able to do

No. 860497

So is this the only way Holly writes 'romance'? Because they feel similar and equally cringe. No one acts this way and there is no lead up beyond 'awkward random flirting from no where have you become the gay yet?'

No. 860513

The problem wouldn't even be her getting her foot in the door of video game art. She couldn't even last a week as a graphic designer, you really think she would take direction from someone?

No. 860519

Still can't get over the fact that she threw away that graphic design job. It should've been perfect for her but she's such an immature dipshit.

No. 860524

it would be so much easier for holly if she wasn’t a know-it-all who refuses to take orders or advice from other people. i get that some people aren’t cut-out for most conventional jobs, but the only recurring theme in brown quitting various types of jobs is “i don’t like working, i don’t like having to be on time, etc.” tough luck! it’d be great if everyone could get long breaks during their workdays or if they only had to do the things they felt like doing, but that’s not how it works. i honestly hoped that she would stick with the graphic design job for longer since it was more related to her field of choice, but nope. you’d think that the comfort of some financial security would be worth the monotony of a 9-5 for her at least.

No. 860576

File: 1567141604625.png (2.86 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190830-150443.png)

Her table from her IG story.

No. 860600

I fucking called it on the cutting board lol! Also, TD’s art is as terrible as ever.

I honestly don’t know why she was freaking out so much over having to make product when she knew she was going to have half a table to fill. It’s not like she needed a lot but she complains about doing the bare minimum for anything. I also have the feeling she won’t interact with attendees and just hide behind the table again.

No. 860622

Good god, is that thing dead center supposed to be Pokémon Go trainers? Because the anatomy there is all levels of fucked. Who would buy that?

No. 860623

ugh EVERYTHING here is so dark and ugly.

No. 860642


They're the trainers from Black and White 2, but either way yea, not the best drawing. It's very devoid of life

No. 860651

the fucking cutting boards lol

No. 860671

How much does anyone want to bet on someone mistakenly thinking the cutting board is a yaoi paddle and gets her booth reported? (Since they’re banned in most cons, especially anime centered ones)

No. 860697

So she only has 4 awful prints? I know we all hated the kikis delivery service painting since it had zero composition, but the fact that she removed the background and pasted black on it hurts my eyes

No. 860706

To be fair I'm pretty sure that's TDs print. Looks like Holly is just reusing stuff from last con and some stuff from her online store that didn't sell.

No. 860725

Holly has really shit art but TD's is such a whole new world of buttfucking ugly, deformed blobs that it makes Holly's art look good by comparison

No. 860743

The only vaguely interesting one is the creepy dolls with pink flowers one.

No. 860744

So what does the middle grid supposed to be filled with? Postcards? Charms?

No. 860747

Is Holly selling her ouija boards? What about Purgatory Books?

No. 860762

This is one of the saddest booth displays I have ever seen. 4 of her own prints, cutting boards, the thing in the middle which I'm assuming is the copic display case, ugly journals, and ugly wooden charms. TD atleast has charms and buttons that are colorful. I'll be surprised if Holly alone makes more that $200 for the whole con.

No. 860770

There's also the original pink Jiji painting peaking out on the left. She'll do anything to get rid of it at this point lol. I wonder how much she's selling it for.

No. 860824

And that print is not even Holly's kek

No. 860917

is she so desperate to sell it just bc she bought a frame for it already? bc otherwise she could just throw it away if she really didn’t want it anymore. idk why she still thinks anyone would buy it for more than maybe $40 (frame included)

No. 860920

not if you're playing rakdos or red in general (black-red, as she seems to be playing) source: am regular rakdos player. With the right strategy you can just throw down cards and destroy your opponent quicker than they can rebuild it. blue takes far more strategy.
sage for mtg sperg

No. 860932

How much you wanna bet she's not doing SanJapan after this. Last year was a train wreck and at least entertaining… This year is just pathetic.

No. 860958

Oh, I doubt she'll do any conventions after this. She hates people, sucks at producing product, and just consistently looses money

No. 861013

Was at the con. Holly is wearing her god awful green wig

No. 861014

Oh boy… Just wear a hat, Holly. That wig is probably all matted from neglect. Any update on other things she put out on the table, anon? (Also, thanks for scoping it out for us)

No. 861050

Cutting boards, sketchbooks, I think stickers with TD, u can buy her original Kiki print for $50. She’s taking commissions.

No. 861051

File: 1567222692018.png (928.25 KB, 640x1136, ACF5BAD5-3D00-4121-9F4F-441782…)

One of her commissions.

No. 861053

File: 1567222736851.png (698.38 KB, 640x1136, D4DE50C8-30F3-4715-B3DD-C948A3…)

No. 861076

something about this anatomy really bothers me… i feel like it is something about the torso?

No. 861085

File: 1567224196801.png (2.49 MB, 942x1822, Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 9.02…)

Don't forget this commission

No. 861097

Yeah, it's way too wide. Her art is so stiff and awful too.

No. 861122

This is easily the worst one. Also the fact that she's taking commissions at the convention is pretty telling. She was whining on stream that she didn't want to/hates doing it. She's probably not selling shit.

No. 861131

At first I thought the leg and torso anatomy would make the third one the worst but jfc I feel sorry for whoever paid money for this.

No. 861152

As someone who does sketches at conventions, you can use your phone to look up references… Jesus Christ was she doing this from memory or something? The hands and torso bother me so much.

She must not be selling squat to be focusing on commissions for a change. And lol at the $50 Jiji piece. It went down from how much? $300+?

No. 861181

File: 1567236556687.png (2.39 MB, 940x1812, Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.2…)

New Instagram Story. Can't really tell if it's another commission or a personal drawing.

No. 861188

I assumed it was a My Hero Academia sketch because it vaguely looks like Aizawa and the outline of Toshinori’s hair.

No. 861230

Definitely them, you see Aizawa's scar there. Does she ship them or something? She hasn't talked about MHA too much for a while (maybe because the zine was a trainwreck)

No. 861493

File: 1567279508552.png (2.42 MB, 916x1768, Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.2…)

New Instagram Story (1/2)

Follow up to this >>861181 WIP

No. 861495

File: 1567279541328.png (2.35 MB, 914x1754, Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.2…)

New Instagram Story (2/2)

No. 861529

Also MHA. I guess these are on-spot commissions for congoers.

No. 861580

These two aren't that bad tbh. Atleast she's making SOME money back because god knows she ain't selling jakckshit. Part of me is cracking up over the fact that she's probably internally seething about having to draw fanart though lol.

No. 861668

File: 1567300984324.jpeg (676.11 KB, 1536x2048, A370B316-7824-496F-81FE-68245C…)

Here’s a better picture of the booth at San Japan with Holly also in the picture. Found it on TD’s Twitter. You can see some things a bit better and even the commission info. I also notice the original pink kiki painting is now gone. It either got sold (doubt) or she took it down.

No. 861703

The only thing on that entire table I would even consider buying is the Gourgeist sketchbook. Everything else is either uninteresting or too wonky-looking

No. 861724

I hadn’t seen much of TD’s art until now, but holy shit, she actually makes Holly’s only look half-bad in comparison. What are proportions and shading???

i have no doubt that most of holly’s earnings will be from comms. I could see her taking 1 or 2 normally, but as many as she has been? that’s got to be bc she’s not selling anywhere close to what she was hoping.

also, unfortunately I could see someone stupidly buying the $50 Kiki piece what with it being an “original” and framed. it is funny considering how cheap her comms are in comparison tho, and how she’s on an hr time limit for them. is that included inking and shading, bc if so that def explains the “quality”, oof.

No. 861734

Hmm… I wonder if this >>861493 was a personal piece, considering the commission info says she'll only do drawings of one character. Or does that sign mean that it's 20 dollars per character?

No. 861757

>that wig

honey no. also the cutting boards are gone, so she either actually sold them or hid them in embarrassment.

knowing how ambiguous/shitty holly is with her wording in literally everything, who knows.

No. 861770

No. 861808

Holly looks so old in that photo, maybe its the wig. Her booth looks so sparse, I hope TD is paying for some of this as it looks like its TD's table and Holly is her spare

No. 861815

I highly doubt it, TD is a freeloading leech. I’ll be amazed if she offered to pay half on the table or at least offer to buy food/split on the hotel.

No. 861823

Ofc they have a tip jar. That's so fucking tacky as an artist.

No. 861861

File: 1567325279808.png (571.11 KB, 452x808, lalcaw.png)

Another commission drawing.

The emptiness of the tip jar really adds to the sad aesthetic of their booth though, it's a nice touch.

No. 861863

was this a farmer?? lmaooo

No. 861872

doja cat

No. 861923

They are both so equally tacky that it is hard to know whose idea it was. Got my hand on Twisted tho.

No. 861941

To be honest Holly should make some acrylic charms and cool fanart standees on commission using the gliwforfe and/or design some random edgy enamel pins.
Is impossible to fuck up those designs

No. 861958

Pretty sure she was asked to remove the cutting boards because they seemed too similar to yaoi paddles.

No. 861963

Most artists there have tip jars. Seems silly to nitpick at that. Also yeah her paddles are gone but her ouija boards are still there. Also idk if anyone saw, but her business cards were wooden.

No. 862005

wait…were those holly’s cards on the bottom left part of the table? I couldn’t tell what they were. but why wooden??? you can’t shove that in a wallet for future reference or anything, it’s just over the top and dumb. i guess maybe if you liked the art you could display it or something, but it still feels like such a waste to spend money making it wooden rather than the normal way.

No. 862009

File: 1567352221972.png (2.39 MB, 910x1764, Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 8.37…)

Here's this commission that's now finished.

No. 862014

Looool that tiny tyrannosaurus arm, amazing

No. 862038

File: 1567357723224.jpg (2.43 MB, 4160x2080, 156735763855945744778957338027…)

No. 862042

How in the heavens could she think this was a good idea?

No. 862057

I'm someone that thinks plastic business cards are overdoing it. This? This is just a waste of time and resources

No. 862084

I visit cons regularly so I've seen my fair share of booths and honey…. this just ain't it

No. 862088

Looks like it would give you splinters. This is just sad

No. 862091

The design doesn't look centered at all. I don't understand how she looks at this and says it's okay to give out.

No. 862118

Honestly, this just screams “I have money to burn but I have no idea what I’m doing”. These are shaped like fucking coasters.. people are just going to rest their drink on your business info, Holly…

No. 862144

Look, I get what she was going for, she wanted to stand out, be special, be memorable, "that girl with the wooden business cards, never seen THAT before, man" but Christ, is the execution of that plan a complete bust on all accounts, you hit the nail on the head with the fucking shape, they don't even look like business cards

No. 862153

File: 1567366415701.png (2.32 MB, 916x1782, Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 12.3…)

New Instagram Story (1/2)

No. 862154

File: 1567366557080.png (2.54 MB, 910x1756, Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 12.3…)

New Instagram Story (2/2)

No. 862155

There are so many things wrong about this, and what I'm going to say is the least of them, but where the FUCK is the light source?

No. 862157

Why exactly is she shitting on an art commission
I'm in disbelief

No. 862159

Hasn't she criticised Keith's OC's design in a stream while being paid to draw it? She probably thinks it's edgy and cool to insult the things people pay her to draw.

No. 862161

sooo…holly had tons of extra wood to burn after realizing her laser cutter business was making jackshit, and somehow thought that THIS was a good idea? i mean they are a good shape for coasters so someone be more inclined to use one (and thus have holly’s info there for future use or for other ppl to see) except for the fact that they don’t have any art on them. it’s just holly’s shitty profile pic. who would want to display that?

onto another issue, I’ve never commissioned someone at a con, what are the usual prices for a 1 character sketch? (whether it’s a bust or full body whatever) bc i can’t wrap my head around why anyone would pay holly $20 for a piece like that when there’s got to be at least 1 other artist at the con who could do a much better sketch for around the same price (and that kaminari isn’t full body). it’s not like holly’s inking or shading skills are anything to boast about.

No. 862163

I get being weirded out by some commissions but shitting on them in public like that just seems so unprofessional?

No. 862166

I hope the person that commissioned this from her got one of her cards and see's this and calls her out.

No. 862172

I also don't really see what's wrong with this? To me it looks like a kid admiring an action figure in a display case. That's not so weird, and it certainly doesn't warrant Holly shitting on the person who commissioned it.

No. 862176

Mineta's supposed to be a pervy creep but given Holly's track record, is that really a problem for her?

No. 862198

Price-wise the commissions are fine/on the cheaper side. Also it seems like Holly's turnaround time is pretty fast for a con commission so I can see why people would pay her for art.

No. 862203

If she's talking about the atrocious quality of the commission, then yeah, wtf indeed

No. 862354

The proportion seems fucked up with his head
The Pose is so stiff ( where the line of action)
I think she give up for drawing the figure in the box.The boy directly see it (look at his eyeballs).She draw it facing to the arm of the boy.
I don't like her making fun of the commissioner, she seems doesn't appreciate and take the job seriously.No wonder many studio blacklist her.

No. 862383

I think its just a joke based on the character someone asked her to draw, no one really likes Mineta and he's always being called out by the fandom.
I think its kind of ironic that Holly is trying to be 'above' it though

No. 862399

I'd rather pay 2x as much to someone else and get something a lot nicer. $20? That's laughable but honestly, thats all they're worth anyways

No. 862401

I mean, she's a deformed blob so I bet she bases her work on her lard-ass.

No. 862445

File: 1567431579364.png (957.73 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190902-233606.png)

2-3 jobs? For what, a week? With the rate that she acquires and quits jobs she's going to wind up burning bridges with every employer in her area.

No. 862450

She can't even apologize for good
>I'm sorry I'm so disappointing y'all
kek, I'm curious on wether or not she'll "disclose" her earnings from the con

No. 862475

Well I don't follow her socials so I have no idea if she had any other commissions that she did that she may have posted but, not counting the Hershal drawing; She had about 8 at table commissions one of which was two characters so let's say she made around $180 from those and plus the KiKi Print; She made around $230 from what we know but, we don't know if she sold an other merch so that's a rough estimate unless she comes outright and says how much she made.

No. 862499

File: 1567443656994.png (436.82 KB, 914x424, Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.59…)

Sage since this is nothing super milky, but I noticed that the story of her shitting on that one commission is gone, even though she posted it alongside the Hershel drawing so it should still be up. I wonder if people called her out on it so she took it down to avoid more criticism.

No. 862534

I'm really, honestly wondering what those "2-3" jobs are. I highly doubt she even has ONE job.

No. 862579

im gonna take a guess and say that she considers all of her different tasks as “jobs”. so rn that would be etsy commissions, kickstarters, aaaand…i guess dealing with post-con finances and leftover merch? let’s be real, she’s never going to keep a job (even part time) for longer than 2 weeks unless her aunt seriously threatens to kick her out. which, even if the aunt wanted to, i can see why she wouldn’t go through w/ it bc how is she going to force holly to pack up her vast amount of junk? like most ppl who have to forcefully kick someone out will put their stuff in the driveway so they have no excuse, but if it’s just the aunt, idk if she could do that. and again, if she co-signed on holly’s car and holly doesnt make payments, then she might be screwed over as well.

No. 862642

Isn’t she doing Uber now?

No. 862663

I wonder if it's because she reads this thread. It's not the first time that her bad attitude has been pointed out on here only for her to do an about turn.

No. 862703


Its why she's trying to date most likely. Trying to find someone like TD's husband where she doesn't have to work really and do art.

No. 862770

Yeah the way she talks about sex work and shit I think she's really hoping for an easy out like a sugar daddy who will let her sperg and do nothing all day. She could probably trap some sucker IT virgin if she played it cool enough, but I think even she's too socially inept to pull that off.

No. 863088

3 jobs:

>Uber (I think)

>maybe flipping burgers! She does live kinda close to a Mcdonalds

No. 863142

Holly legit thinks she’s too good to flip burgers even though it would be a good way to stabilize her and give her a decent income. If she does get a job like that it won’t last for three days. She would rage at the thought of someone customizing their burger.

No. 863238

Ok obviously Holly has to be lying about some of these jobs she's getting. There's no way for her work turnaround to be this quick from her so-called graphic design job to work at Uber.

Either that or her resume/interview skills must be god-damned amazing.

No. 863347

Even IT virgins could do better then Holly and that’s not even saying much. There’s truly not a single thing attractive about her. Looks wise or personality wise. She’s just a hideous person.

No. 863420


But TD got married so there's hope.

No. 863439

lmao tru