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File: 1590224703028.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1053x1237, 1589516723327.jpeg)

No. 557173

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread >>545052

No. 557223

File: 1590241395101.gif (1.12 MB, 367x399, ezgif-2-1fb4db3a049d.gif)

someone on PULL said that megat0nraid had traced the rin drawing twice, and lo and behold.. (specifically the nose, mouth, and head shape on the right)

when your new icon that you change to DURING BEING CALLED OUT FOR TRACING is traced… well. you're pretty fucked, arent you?

No. 557230

It’s honestly hilarious at this point…

No. 557232

Istebrek is a cow that threw a giant fit and broke a brand new ciniq on a for of rage on camera because he couldn't get it to work. She screamed and smashed it. She also through a fit in a now deleted rant about the last Final Fantasy because the men in it looked and acted too 'gay' as she is a religious nut who hates gay people and think they are ruining the art community.

No. 557252

Do you have the exact video/stream of the tablet, or some of her homophobia-
Like, I knew she was a bit up her ass, but wow

No. 557271

The livestream she breaks it in has been deleted but you can see it in pieces on the floor in her rant

No. 557275

File: 1590248031772.png (793.17 KB, 1024x576, Screenshot_2020-05-23 Screw Yo…)

screenshot for those who don't want to give her views. listened a little into the video and she is nuts.

No. 557277

If you read the first three artist salt threads they have more on her I’m too lazy to find it for you. She was a prominent cow at the start of these threads. She’s learned to shut up recently so she doesn’t come up anymore but she’s insane.

No. 557284

Oh my god I remember her now! She claimed anyone who drew women with a line down their abdomen was making it because it's not real or something even though it's just part of abdominal muscles…she's an idiot lol.

No. 557285

File: 1590248917618.png (98.91 KB, 503x383, Screenshot_2.png)

You want to know if an artist is tracing?
Look at how the head doesn't match up with the body. The shoulders are wonky, the neck is too short, it looks like she's hunched over but not really.

Christ does NOBODY in her hugbox have fucking EYES???

No. 557289

Honestly I would be careful with the evidence you plan on posting about her. She could've easily just heavily copied the pose because let's face, this overlay misfits in so many places. If you want to prove that she is tracing the proof has to be 1 to 1 match, not "well it's close".

No. 557293

get off her dick for a sec you're not making sense

No. 557307

Just cause I think this piece of "evidence" is garbage, doesn't mean I'm riding her dick. I've been the one giving pointers this whole time about how to approach this, since I've called out tracers before and I can tell you but if the evidence shows even smallest possibility that it's just copied and not traced, it's gonna discredit the whole thing. People will use any possible excuse to defend her and if the evidence is bad like in that gif (it doesn't even line up) people will just take that as you (the accuser) being jealous bully and won't care about the rest of the evidence, even if that evidence was valid.

No. 557354

honestly just scrape the previous thread for comparison gifs, talk about how sus her process videos are, make a compilation thread, and if people still don't believe you… leave it up to jesus

No. 557461

nta the most effective way would be having artists call out what tracing is. esp popular artists because her hugbox are sheeps. i see people convinced more by rokuro saito's response than the stand alone comparison gifs. if soejima himself told her to cut that shit out, her hugbox would be kising his ass.

No. 557474

No. 557505

i already had one of her simps bother me about it, but honestly i still believe it's evidence. if you look st the nose and mouth, they match entirely. on the same twitter i literally say that the whole thing doesn't have to be traced to have tracing in it. that most tracers WON'T trace the whole thing, just parts. and yet they ignore that entirely.. if they're choosing to be dumb blind bitches, that's on them, and doesn't alter the fact that the piece is definitely traced (at least in the parts i mentioned.)

nobody could convince hardcore hugboxies anyway, so it's not FOR them. they would argue her fucking confession. it's for people with eyes who aren't ridiculously biased towards a thief.

No. 557684

File: 1590290961310.jpeg (130.36 KB, 716x503, CA504915-52A2-4CA3-B746-5AC45A…)

Is this a self-post? Regardless, it was a bit boring, pretty basic opinions.

vid summary:
1) black and white conversations (example is tracing, either good or bad)
2) how defensive artists are (example is art styles being "copied")
3) over monetizing (example is palette and species adopts)
4) people nitpicking tutorials for not showing fat people
5) contention between artists who draw ugly and pretty characters

No. 557686

I posted the video and honestly I just really dislike everything about the video maker. They're pretty unremarkable and are so obviously cherry-picking controversies to comment on for clout. I've seen a message from them on one video about YanDev I had watched where she gloated how even though all her fans wanted her to, she refused to draw Yandere-chan.

She's just kind of boring and a clout chaser, not a cow quite at this moment but could possibly be in the future.

Also it was another fucking Sailor Moon redraw because this bitch needs attention.

No. 557691

>kind of boring and a clout chaser
sums up the channel pretty well. it feels like there are way too many art channels like this.

No. 557697

Personally, I don’t like tracing, no matter how you do it, you won’t learn unless to eye what you’re trying to trace and draw it.
But I guess I can see where she’s coming from, even if clout chasing. I mean, she traces in the vid for this art piece, and it hindered her piece. The right eye is incredibly bigger than the other

No. 557716

Sure, tracers do not trace the whole thing but honestly when it’s just a nose that fits and not even that it get’s a bit iffy. I do think she does trace but frankly even I don’t think that evidence of yours is good, I also don’t see how the mouth matches as it really doesn’t. You can do what you want, ultimately but you’re not just trying to convince her hugbox but normal, decent people too but with that it creates more disbelief than anything. Just because someone is a tracer doesn’t even mean they trace every picture and you since you got clearcut evidence, it would be better to stick to that.

No. 557758

This. Finally someone said it. She traced some things but that doesn't mean every single thing she draws is traced, but the video proof was very suspicious

No. 557761

I wonder if megatonraid is ever going to apologize or admit. Judging by her friends i dont think she will. I still feel sick saito had to see his work stolen.

No. 557768

He saw it?

No. 557781

File: 1590316307281.png (392.21 KB, 729x1201, 1590178822668.png)


ntayrt, but yeah, he did. raiko hasn't posted anything since that clown minato a few days ago, either.

No. 557820

File: 1590328721142.gif (2.15 MB, 1080x1066, 02.gif)

No. 557821

File: 1590328940461.gif (1.82 MB, 707x1000, 00.gif)

No. 557822

more of that tracing persona artist 'works'

No. 557831

File: 1590329724050.gif (1.89 MB, 755x800, 03.gif)

tracing since 2013

No. 557871

Jfc these are shameless. Sora is just entirely traced. The only thing she changed is the keyblade, which is all crooked. What's even the point of duplicating something this exactly?

No. 557880

it's a shame. if she stopped tracing long ago tried to improve and learned anatomy, basic lighting and stuff, i bet she couldve done great art now. kind of a waste she chose to be lazy. esp considering her age now

No. 557886

It worked for Ilya Kushinov

No. 557890

Oh fuck dude.
And I bet this was a commission too.

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 557919

lmao this is the best one yet and highlights how tracing is a piss poor ""learning"" tool. The only part she didn't trace (probably traced from a different image lbr) is the head of the keyblade and notice how it's not lined up with the rest of the keyblade. Tracing doesn't train your eye at all and I don't know why any aspiring artist would want to fuck themselves over by wasting their time tracing.

You become addicted to the way you "draw so well" when you trace and get depressed looking at your art without a trace so you go back to tracing bc your braindead followers don't give a shit either way and when social media is dead and gone and you have no one to kiss your ass anymore you'll just be left with yourself and your inability to draw. So many years wasted when you could've been genuinely getting better. Oh well

No. 557938

So many years wasted indeed when you consider the fact she's 30. From the looks of it, I'm pretty sure Raiko's been tracing ever since she started drawing.

No. 557941

She is 30??? Holy fuck. For some reason I thought she was mid 20s max.

No. 557958

File: 1590347177760.jpg (825.29 KB, 2172x3862, 20200525_030626.jpg)


Her age was outed a few threads back and her first drama involved two other artists (crezz and some other artist) who if i recall were classmates with her in the past. They were the first time who called her out on tracing because Raiko traced over crezz art and the other artist defending crezz basically said "you'd think that 30 year olds would know better but i guess not."

Pic related on the tracing.

No. 557976

wait whos crezz?
so she trace other artists works too? not just official?

No. 557978

official art is made by another artist too and in the previous thread there were a few examples of her tracing other artists posted.

No. 557981


Crezz is infj_crezz on twitter. She could probably elaborate more on this and act as personal witness too to Raiko's tracing.

No. 557984

what the fuck.

No. 557986

Hey, you got the full image of the image on the top right? I plan on using this.

No. 557988

File: 1590350590213.jpg (124.2 KB, 1017x1000, D1BFKEtXQAAsBp2.jpg)

found the futaba one

for the art crezz did… i cant find it anywhere

No. 557993

File: 1590351967017.jpg (168.72 KB, 1000x1000, D0aY5MgWwAEhiVi.jpg)

Had to do some digging. Here ya go.

No. 558000

Was there a twitch art thread or am I tripping? Used the search function and just want to know what’s up with yagurlshelly and this Russian woman

No. 558001

Forgot to sage

No. 558008

thank you!

No. 558010

These both look heavily influenced by tetsuya nomura's style too. I'll never understand the need to copy highly recognizable popular styles you will always look like a cheap knockoff

No. 558111

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I couldn't tell if these were general art threads or just about drama only. What art sites do you guys use? It's ok if it's something that isn't super popular. I just don't like sites like Instagram and Twitter because so many of the people you end up interacting with aren't even artists. Something like deviantArt would be so nice, but their latest redesign is so difficult to use I have to wonder if it was on purpose. There's also the issue of most of the userbase/front page being degenerate content. I'm lost and just want an art community.

No. 558112

I sympathize with you very much, anon. I have the same issue, floating on the internet to try and find a place to go.

There are not many art communities out there anymore, sadly. But I'll keep an eye out.

No. 558120

Depends,what do you draw?are you a digital or a traditional artist?

No. 558125

The closest I could recommend is art station.

No. 558138

I just post my art to various discord servers but that means I don't have a following.

No. 558140

hey guys, do you have any recommendations for watercolors? sets specifically, sketchbooks/ brushes too if you have any that pop out. looking to find a go-to

No. 558156

art anon here. for watercolors, i recc Koi watercolors. it's handy and can be brought anywhere

for sketchbooks, try canson watercolor pad. it's great.

No. 558162

I wish I could get inside the minds of the people who redesigned deviantart's new layout update, just to see what the fuck they were thinking. It's so unusably godawful now, I hope they feel the looming mass exodus in their wallets.
There really isn't a good place for artists to post their work and amass a following now. Tumblr is dead, Instagram is formatted for undetailed shit work with their tiny, no resolution squares, and Artstation just feels like a portfolio holding space for professionals, with no community or space to grow for amateurs and hobbyists.
It's really a shame. Somebody needs to take advantage of this lacking market, a quality online artist's platform would make big $$$ right now.

No. 558202

I like cotman ok, they’re the student grade version of Windsor Newton’s but I like using tube colors over pan colors. Arches blocks are the best because they’re pre-stretched, lots of YT videos forget loose watercolor paper has sizing in it until you wash and stretch the paper onto a board.

No. 558228

I feel you. I hate the new layout so much and I'm happy to see others agree. It's frustrating because I just came back to deviantart a couple months ago, before they changed it and started uploading there again. I just miss a good platform for artists to grow and connect with other artists.

As the anon above said: W&N cotman is nice for on the go. It's not too expensive (at least where I live) and more then enough to work with.

No. 558262

i recently started using newgrounds and unfortunately from a community standpoint i can't really recommend it because as a new artist there i've yet to feel in part of something. i do like it though, it has a decent tagging system, the layout makes sense and you can rate art and not just have the option of like or dislike.
i feel a lot more at home on the discord art servers i'm in, it can be kinda hard to find a good one so i always recommend searching for 16+/18+ servers so you can maybe find more mature people.

No. 558278

Yeah anon the least the da staff could do is atleast give us the option to change back to the old site but noooo

Its a LITTLE bit tolerable when using your computer but is super confusing and frustrating on your phone i hope they realize this mistake they made

No. 558306

The new DA layout makes me think I'm mentally challenged because I can't search specific tutorials like I could before. If I can't use it, how can their younger audience? I hate it so much, now if I want to find a photoshop tutorial I need to just Google it and then I can only find videos.
Can anyone recommend a good alternative source for photoshop tutorials?

New grounds is a good platform but the userbase only cares about fanart, porn or if you're creating sequential content. It's not the place for original works.

No. 558308

what's your budget, anon? Koi and W&N are okay for beginners but they're not lightfast (they will fade off after a year or two)

No. 558312

>New grounds is a good platform but the userbase only cares about fanart, porn or if you're creating sequential content.

every website where people share their creative works is like that, your original works just need to be good and interesting enough to draw in their own audience.

No. 558315

Art anon here
for koi
Maybe it depends where you put the piece you painted. If you display your works in sunlight yeah most likely it fades but if its just kept in your sketchbook like mine, its been 3 years and its still nice and vibrant

although yeah, if you really want a quality watercolor that depends on the budget

No. 558316

If you don’t care about getting a lot of attention, I would say tumblr. Most of the obnoxious users left for twitter after the porn ban and the tagging system is good for organizing stuff. A lot of good artists still use it.

No. 558317

why do you announce that you are an "art anon"? almost everyone in this thread is an artist, also learn to sage.

No. 558319

Seconding Tumblr. It's gotten a bad rep because of all the SJWs and certain other questionable groups of people, but it genuinely is a good place for creators to publish content because of its tools. If you're not looking to become Insta-famous, definitely try looking into Tumblr, you won't be as bothered by annoying art trends and the hype of Insta and Twitter artists.

No. 558320

Get some high quality paints and make a split primary kit. I recommend against using really cheap sets because they work against you

No. 558323

I politely insist that new grounds really does care less about non-sequential OC. The site still has much of the original userbase that came there for hentai games, webcomics and parodies of popular series. The newer users came for porn.
Tumblr is still better for single OC works than NG

No. 558325

Twitch Fb and DeviantArt is what I’ve made the largest following through using but it could just be I improved , I use tumblr too but the metrics can be wonky and some posts gets thousands of notes and others only get a couple hundred.
DeviantArt is my favorite and I wish it would grow to be more widely used again.

No. 558326

I’m can’t stand Instagram or twitter and never get a very good reach on twitter and Instagram is full of toddlers asking for free art

No. 558330

what would you say is a better way to approach twitch? is it easier to come onto it with an established following that wants to watch you work, or it doesn't matter?

No. 558331

Twitch staff is biased asf so I wouldnt rec

No. 558332

Saged because stupid post that has nothing to do with drama or advice;

Despite how chaotic, filled with trolls and how many times in-fighting and bitchfests have occurred
I feel like this thread has the best advice for art-related things given to you by understanding artists who are actually nice about it. Rather than those who want to keep all their secrets because they don't want the competition.

Kudos, Artist Salt/Discussion thread, all of you can be pretty cool sometimes.

No. 558367

Tumblr's been better since most of the worst left for Twitter. I've been getting good, relevant traction and I've been enjoying posting there again. Even my online shops have gained good traffic from it. I think they've also finally fixed whatever issue they've had with their tagging system, too.

Paper Demon is a good option. It's small but if you're looking for a real community experience outside of a furry community, it might be worth checking out.

Honestly, these threads have motivated me more than the entirety of /ic/.

No. 558380

I'm assuming you're asking about transparent watercolors here and not gouache:

I've been using Schmincke Horadam for a long time and they're still my default. I started out with a small empty box and selected colors I like but if you're unsure about that you can also get a pre-selected set- I think smaller eight to twelve color sets will be absolutely fine for starting out. I live in a country where Schmincke colors are easily available so they're also easy to replace which is important if you plan to use them a lot and for a long time. They're kind of expensive (about 5€ per half-pan) but they really do last a long time, I actually still have many of the pans from my first selection. If you do paint a lot (or larger, I mostly do smaller paintings) you can also switch to tubes and refill your pans yourself which is cheaper.

I'm recently trying other brands as well and I'm pretty sure that most high quality brands are comparable but in general I would second paying for higher quality if you have the money. I think something like the Daniel Smith (that's an American brand) split primaries set could work quite well for starting out.

I've only ever bought one pan of W&N when I was in a pinch and it might well have been a bad apple and not typical for their quality but I loathe how it behaves compared to my regular paints of the same tone I stopped using it.

For sketching you can pretty much use any papers that are not too thin and smooth. There's fancy watercolor sketchbooks, too, but personally I feel inhibited a bit by overly expensive sketchbooks so I have used some cheaper watercolor sketchbooks but I haven't tried anything like etchr or whatever.
For more ambitious paintings I do think the designated watercolor paper is required if you want to utilize the unique quality of the colors and enjoy how they work. (Idon't go under 300g.) In general the highest quality paper will be 100% cotton. If you don't have a texture preference yet it's best to try some different ones until you figure it out. Hot pressed is smooth, cold press is textured, rough is the roughest. There's lots of brands and the best options will heavily depend on where you live. You don't have to start out with Arches, in any case.

No. 558412

Question for the art server recommending anons:
Where do you go to find the art servers you're currently in?

I know there are sites that explicitly link you to servers via a bot, but a lot of them I'm not sure if they're worth being in.

No. 558420


Following the advices, ressources and critiques I can read here, I feel like I'm improving little by little even if I have still a long way to go. Glad those threads exists

No. 558428

Is art made digitally real art? I've seen folks online dissing the medium for feeling artificial or not as legit as it's more traditional counterparts. Some folks even go as far as to say that it's cheating. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid as hell as even some of the art discourse on here comes off as somewhat elitist in some cases. However, I can get where people coming from.

No. 558431

>you won't be as bothered by annoying art trends and the hype of Insta and Twitter artists.

God am I the only one that finds art trends absolute creative cancer. It's like art junk food that everyone jumps on for clout and followers, the recent sailor moon one is the worst yet it's void of all creativity. I think social media like insta and twitter have turned art into a consumable 5 sec experience. When was the last time you sat with someone's art for a good half hour just absorbing it in and looking. Everyone is already looking for the next new thing

No. 558445

I can’t wait for that Sailor Moon one to die out already. I love the show but so many people are doing it for clout it’s ridiculous. The same goes for the people doing Ghibli screencaps because they think they’re special for not doing the SM one.
I think what really made me groan was one posted to AANI recently on SPS with Usagi switched up to look black for more woke points and of course everyone there ate it up. Yeah it was drawn nice but Jesus fuck I’m sick of seeing it. God forbid you publicly say anything about being tired of the trend because then you’re automatically wrong and hate fun.

No. 558462

I saw someone with a large following on instagram trying to continue the trend, proposing a new sailor moon screenshot to redraw. It didn't catch on though, because her hand was in the frame and half of these people can't draw hands.

No. 558491

Digital mediums are just a tool like any other art medium. Quit being paranoid. Lots of artists use both of them together, myself included.

Some art trends used to be good exercises and just for fun, but now they're exactly as you describe them. I like the junk food analogy. Look what happened w/Inktober.

No. 558510


The worst thing about this is that most of the people totally dismiss the context of the scene the frame was taken from so 90% of the time Usagi is just bimbofied.

No. 558528

whats the context?

I gotta agree with >>558445, this challenge is SO BORING, if only it was maybe at least more interesting frame or anything honestly. But it seems like it's almost dead anyway.

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