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File: 1590224703028.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1053x1237, 1589516723327.jpeg)

No. 557173

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread >>545052

No. 557223

File: 1590241395101.gif (1.12 MB, 367x399, ezgif-2-1fb4db3a049d.gif)

someone on PULL said that megat0nraid had traced the rin drawing twice, and lo and behold.. (specifically the nose, mouth, and head shape on the right)

when your new icon that you change to DURING BEING CALLED OUT FOR TRACING is traced… well. you're pretty fucked, arent you?

No. 557230

It’s honestly hilarious at this point…

No. 557232

Istebrek is a cow that threw a giant fit and broke a brand new ciniq on a for of rage on camera because he couldn't get it to work. She screamed and smashed it. She also through a fit in a now deleted rant about the last Final Fantasy because the men in it looked and acted too 'gay' as she is a religious nut who hates gay people and think they are ruining the art community.

No. 557252

Do you have the exact video/stream of the tablet, or some of her homophobia-
Like, I knew she was a bit up her ass, but wow

No. 557271

The livestream she breaks it in has been deleted but you can see it in pieces on the floor in her rant

No. 557275

File: 1590248031772.png (793.17 KB, 1024x576, Screenshot_2020-05-23 Screw Yo…)

screenshot for those who don't want to give her views. listened a little into the video and she is nuts.

No. 557277

If you read the first three artist salt threads they have more on her I’m too lazy to find it for you. She was a prominent cow at the start of these threads. She’s learned to shut up recently so she doesn’t come up anymore but she’s insane.

No. 557284

Oh my god I remember her now! She claimed anyone who drew women with a line down their abdomen was making it because it's not real or something even though it's just part of abdominal muscles…she's an idiot lol.

No. 557285

File: 1590248917618.png (98.91 KB, 503x383, Screenshot_2.png)

You want to know if an artist is tracing?
Look at how the head doesn't match up with the body. The shoulders are wonky, the neck is too short, it looks like she's hunched over but not really.

Christ does NOBODY in her hugbox have fucking EYES???

No. 557289

Honestly I would be careful with the evidence you plan on posting about her. She could've easily just heavily copied the pose because let's face, this overlay misfits in so many places. If you want to prove that she is tracing the proof has to be 1 to 1 match, not "well it's close".

No. 557293

get off her dick for a sec you're not making sense

No. 557307

Just cause I think this piece of "evidence" is garbage, doesn't mean I'm riding her dick. I've been the one giving pointers this whole time about how to approach this, since I've called out tracers before and I can tell you but if the evidence shows even smallest possibility that it's just copied and not traced, it's gonna discredit the whole thing. People will use any possible excuse to defend her and if the evidence is bad like in that gif (it doesn't even line up) people will just take that as you (the accuser) being jealous bully and won't care about the rest of the evidence, even if that evidence was valid.

No. 557354

honestly just scrape the previous thread for comparison gifs, talk about how sus her process videos are, make a compilation thread, and if people still don't believe you… leave it up to jesus

No. 557461

nta the most effective way would be having artists call out what tracing is. esp popular artists because her hugbox are sheeps. i see people convinced more by rokuro saito's response than the stand alone comparison gifs. if soejima himself told her to cut that shit out, her hugbox would be kising his ass.

No. 557474

No. 557505

i already had one of her simps bother me about it, but honestly i still believe it's evidence. if you look st the nose and mouth, they match entirely. on the same twitter i literally say that the whole thing doesn't have to be traced to have tracing in it. that most tracers WON'T trace the whole thing, just parts. and yet they ignore that entirely.. if they're choosing to be dumb blind bitches, that's on them, and doesn't alter the fact that the piece is definitely traced (at least in the parts i mentioned.)

nobody could convince hardcore hugboxies anyway, so it's not FOR them. they would argue her fucking confession. it's for people with eyes who aren't ridiculously biased towards a thief.

No. 557684

File: 1590290961310.jpeg (130.36 KB, 716x503, CA504915-52A2-4CA3-B746-5AC45A…)

Is this a self-post? Regardless, it was a bit boring, pretty basic opinions.

vid summary:
1) black and white conversations (example is tracing, either good or bad)
2) how defensive artists are (example is art styles being "copied")
3) over monetizing (example is palette and species adopts)
4) people nitpicking tutorials for not showing fat people
5) contention between artists who draw ugly and pretty characters

No. 557686

I posted the video and honestly I just really dislike everything about the video maker. They're pretty unremarkable and are so obviously cherry-picking controversies to comment on for clout. I've seen a message from them on one video about YanDev I had watched where she gloated how even though all her fans wanted her to, she refused to draw Yandere-chan.

She's just kind of boring and a clout chaser, not a cow quite at this moment but could possibly be in the future.

Also it was another fucking Sailor Moon redraw because this bitch needs attention.

No. 557691

>kind of boring and a clout chaser
sums up the channel pretty well. it feels like there are way too many art channels like this.

No. 557697

Personally, I don’t like tracing, no matter how you do it, you won’t learn unless to eye what you’re trying to trace and draw it.
But I guess I can see where she’s coming from, even if clout chasing. I mean, she traces in the vid for this art piece, and it hindered her piece. The right eye is incredibly bigger than the other

No. 557716

Sure, tracers do not trace the whole thing but honestly when it’s just a nose that fits and not even that it get’s a bit iffy. I do think she does trace but frankly even I don’t think that evidence of yours is good, I also don’t see how the mouth matches as it really doesn’t. You can do what you want, ultimately but you’re not just trying to convince her hugbox but normal, decent people too but with that it creates more disbelief than anything. Just because someone is a tracer doesn’t even mean they trace every picture and you since you got clearcut evidence, it would be better to stick to that.

No. 557758

This. Finally someone said it. She traced some things but that doesn't mean every single thing she draws is traced, but the video proof was very suspicious

No. 557761

I wonder if megatonraid is ever going to apologize or admit. Judging by her friends i dont think she will. I still feel sick saito had to see his work stolen.

No. 557768

He saw it?

No. 557781

File: 1590316307281.png (392.21 KB, 729x1201, 1590178822668.png)


ntayrt, but yeah, he did. raiko hasn't posted anything since that clown minato a few days ago, either.

No. 557820

File: 1590328721142.gif (2.15 MB, 1080x1066, 02.gif)

No. 557821

File: 1590328940461.gif (1.82 MB, 707x1000, 00.gif)

No. 557822

more of that tracing persona artist 'works'

No. 557831

File: 1590329724050.gif (1.89 MB, 755x800, 03.gif)

tracing since 2013

No. 557871

Jfc these are shameless. Sora is just entirely traced. The only thing she changed is the keyblade, which is all crooked. What's even the point of duplicating something this exactly?

No. 557880

it's a shame. if she stopped tracing long ago tried to improve and learned anatomy, basic lighting and stuff, i bet she couldve done great art now. kind of a waste she chose to be lazy. esp considering her age now

No. 557886

It worked for Ilya Kushinov

No. 557890

Oh fuck dude.
And I bet this was a commission too.

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 557919

lmao this is the best one yet and highlights how tracing is a piss poor ""learning"" tool. The only part she didn't trace (probably traced from a different image lbr) is the head of the keyblade and notice how it's not lined up with the rest of the keyblade. Tracing doesn't train your eye at all and I don't know why any aspiring artist would want to fuck themselves over by wasting their time tracing.

You become addicted to the way you "draw so well" when you trace and get depressed looking at your art without a trace so you go back to tracing bc your braindead followers don't give a shit either way and when social media is dead and gone and you have no one to kiss your ass anymore you'll just be left with yourself and your inability to draw. So many years wasted when you could've been genuinely getting better. Oh well

No. 557938

So many years wasted indeed when you consider the fact she's 30. From the looks of it, I'm pretty sure Raiko's been tracing ever since she started drawing.

No. 557941

She is 30??? Holy fuck. For some reason I thought she was mid 20s max.

No. 557958

File: 1590347177760.jpg (825.29 KB, 2172x3862, 20200525_030626.jpg)


Her age was outed a few threads back and her first drama involved two other artists (crezz and some other artist) who if i recall were classmates with her in the past. They were the first time who called her out on tracing because Raiko traced over crezz art and the other artist defending crezz basically said "you'd think that 30 year olds would know better but i guess not."

Pic related on the tracing.

No. 557976

wait whos crezz?
so she trace other artists works too? not just official?

No. 557978

official art is made by another artist too and in the previous thread there were a few examples of her tracing other artists posted.

No. 557981


Crezz is infj_crezz on twitter. She could probably elaborate more on this and act as personal witness too to Raiko's tracing.

No. 557984

what the fuck.

No. 557986

Hey, you got the full image of the image on the top right? I plan on using this.

No. 557988

File: 1590350590213.jpg (124.2 KB, 1017x1000, D1BFKEtXQAAsBp2.jpg)

found the futaba one

for the art crezz did… i cant find it anywhere

No. 557993

File: 1590351967017.jpg (168.72 KB, 1000x1000, D0aY5MgWwAEhiVi.jpg)

Had to do some digging. Here ya go.

No. 558000

Was there a twitch art thread or am I tripping? Used the search function and just want to know what’s up with yagurlshelly and this Russian woman

No. 558001

Forgot to sage

No. 558008

thank you!

No. 558010

These both look heavily influenced by tetsuya nomura's style too. I'll never understand the need to copy highly recognizable popular styles you will always look like a cheap knockoff

No. 558111

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I couldn't tell if these were general art threads or just about drama only. What art sites do you guys use? It's ok if it's something that isn't super popular. I just don't like sites like Instagram and Twitter because so many of the people you end up interacting with aren't even artists. Something like deviantArt would be so nice, but their latest redesign is so difficult to use I have to wonder if it was on purpose. There's also the issue of most of the userbase/front page being degenerate content. I'm lost and just want an art community.

No. 558112

I sympathize with you very much, anon. I have the same issue, floating on the internet to try and find a place to go.

There are not many art communities out there anymore, sadly. But I'll keep an eye out.

No. 558120

Depends,what do you draw?are you a digital or a traditional artist?

No. 558125

The closest I could recommend is art station.

No. 558138

I just post my art to various discord servers but that means I don't have a following.

No. 558140

hey guys, do you have any recommendations for watercolors? sets specifically, sketchbooks/ brushes too if you have any that pop out. looking to find a go-to

No. 558156

art anon here. for watercolors, i recc Koi watercolors. it's handy and can be brought anywhere

for sketchbooks, try canson watercolor pad. it's great.

No. 558162

I wish I could get inside the minds of the people who redesigned deviantart's new layout update, just to see what the fuck they were thinking. It's so unusably godawful now, I hope they feel the looming mass exodus in their wallets.
There really isn't a good place for artists to post their work and amass a following now. Tumblr is dead, Instagram is formatted for undetailed shit work with their tiny, no resolution squares, and Artstation just feels like a portfolio holding space for professionals, with no community or space to grow for amateurs and hobbyists.
It's really a shame. Somebody needs to take advantage of this lacking market, a quality online artist's platform would make big $$$ right now.

No. 558202

I like cotman ok, they’re the student grade version of Windsor Newton’s but I like using tube colors over pan colors. Arches blocks are the best because they’re pre-stretched, lots of YT videos forget loose watercolor paper has sizing in it until you wash and stretch the paper onto a board.

No. 558228

I feel you. I hate the new layout so much and I'm happy to see others agree. It's frustrating because I just came back to deviantart a couple months ago, before they changed it and started uploading there again. I just miss a good platform for artists to grow and connect with other artists.

As the anon above said: W&N cotman is nice for on the go. It's not too expensive (at least where I live) and more then enough to work with.

No. 558262

i recently started using newgrounds and unfortunately from a community standpoint i can't really recommend it because as a new artist there i've yet to feel in part of something. i do like it though, it has a decent tagging system, the layout makes sense and you can rate art and not just have the option of like or dislike.
i feel a lot more at home on the discord art servers i'm in, it can be kinda hard to find a good one so i always recommend searching for 16+/18+ servers so you can maybe find more mature people.

No. 558278

Yeah anon the least the da staff could do is atleast give us the option to change back to the old site but noooo

Its a LITTLE bit tolerable when using your computer but is super confusing and frustrating on your phone i hope they realize this mistake they made

No. 558306

The new DA layout makes me think I'm mentally challenged because I can't search specific tutorials like I could before. If I can't use it, how can their younger audience? I hate it so much, now if I want to find a photoshop tutorial I need to just Google it and then I can only find videos.
Can anyone recommend a good alternative source for photoshop tutorials?

New grounds is a good platform but the userbase only cares about fanart, porn or if you're creating sequential content. It's not the place for original works.

No. 558308

what's your budget, anon? Koi and W&N are okay for beginners but they're not lightfast (they will fade off after a year or two)

No. 558312

>New grounds is a good platform but the userbase only cares about fanart, porn or if you're creating sequential content.

every website where people share their creative works is like that, your original works just need to be good and interesting enough to draw in their own audience.

No. 558315

Art anon here
for koi
Maybe it depends where you put the piece you painted. If you display your works in sunlight yeah most likely it fades but if its just kept in your sketchbook like mine, its been 3 years and its still nice and vibrant

although yeah, if you really want a quality watercolor that depends on the budget

No. 558316

If you don’t care about getting a lot of attention, I would say tumblr. Most of the obnoxious users left for twitter after the porn ban and the tagging system is good for organizing stuff. A lot of good artists still use it.

No. 558317

why do you announce that you are an "art anon"? almost everyone in this thread is an artist, also learn to sage.

No. 558319

Seconding Tumblr. It's gotten a bad rep because of all the SJWs and certain other questionable groups of people, but it genuinely is a good place for creators to publish content because of its tools. If you're not looking to become Insta-famous, definitely try looking into Tumblr, you won't be as bothered by annoying art trends and the hype of Insta and Twitter artists.

No. 558320

Get some high quality paints and make a split primary kit. I recommend against using really cheap sets because they work against you

No. 558323

I politely insist that new grounds really does care less about non-sequential OC. The site still has much of the original userbase that came there for hentai games, webcomics and parodies of popular series. The newer users came for porn.
Tumblr is still better for single OC works than NG

No. 558325

Twitch Fb and DeviantArt is what I’ve made the largest following through using but it could just be I improved , I use tumblr too but the metrics can be wonky and some posts gets thousands of notes and others only get a couple hundred.
DeviantArt is my favorite and I wish it would grow to be more widely used again.

No. 558326

I’m can’t stand Instagram or twitter and never get a very good reach on twitter and Instagram is full of toddlers asking for free art

No. 558330

what would you say is a better way to approach twitch? is it easier to come onto it with an established following that wants to watch you work, or it doesn't matter?

No. 558331

Twitch staff is biased asf so I wouldnt rec

No. 558332

Saged because stupid post that has nothing to do with drama or advice;

Despite how chaotic, filled with trolls and how many times in-fighting and bitchfests have occurred
I feel like this thread has the best advice for art-related things given to you by understanding artists who are actually nice about it. Rather than those who want to keep all their secrets because they don't want the competition.

Kudos, Artist Salt/Discussion thread, all of you can be pretty cool sometimes.

No. 558367

Tumblr's been better since most of the worst left for Twitter. I've been getting good, relevant traction and I've been enjoying posting there again. Even my online shops have gained good traffic from it. I think they've also finally fixed whatever issue they've had with their tagging system, too.

Paper Demon is a good option. It's small but if you're looking for a real community experience outside of a furry community, it might be worth checking out.

Honestly, these threads have motivated me more than the entirety of /ic/.

No. 558380

I'm assuming you're asking about transparent watercolors here and not gouache:

I've been using Schmincke Horadam for a long time and they're still my default. I started out with a small empty box and selected colors I like but if you're unsure about that you can also get a pre-selected set- I think smaller eight to twelve color sets will be absolutely fine for starting out. I live in a country where Schmincke colors are easily available so they're also easy to replace which is important if you plan to use them a lot and for a long time. They're kind of expensive (about 5€ per half-pan) but they really do last a long time, I actually still have many of the pans from my first selection. If you do paint a lot (or larger, I mostly do smaller paintings) you can also switch to tubes and refill your pans yourself which is cheaper.

I'm recently trying other brands as well and I'm pretty sure that most high quality brands are comparable but in general I would second paying for higher quality if you have the money. I think something like the Daniel Smith (that's an American brand) split primaries set could work quite well for starting out.

I've only ever bought one pan of W&N when I was in a pinch and it might well have been a bad apple and not typical for their quality but I loathe how it behaves compared to my regular paints of the same tone I stopped using it.

For sketching you can pretty much use any papers that are not too thin and smooth. There's fancy watercolor sketchbooks, too, but personally I feel inhibited a bit by overly expensive sketchbooks so I have used some cheaper watercolor sketchbooks but I haven't tried anything like etchr or whatever.
For more ambitious paintings I do think the designated watercolor paper is required if you want to utilize the unique quality of the colors and enjoy how they work. (Idon't go under 300g.) In general the highest quality paper will be 100% cotton. If you don't have a texture preference yet it's best to try some different ones until you figure it out. Hot pressed is smooth, cold press is textured, rough is the roughest. There's lots of brands and the best options will heavily depend on where you live. You don't have to start out with Arches, in any case.

No. 558412

Question for the art server recommending anons:
Where do you go to find the art servers you're currently in?

I know there are sites that explicitly link you to servers via a bot, but a lot of them I'm not sure if they're worth being in.

No. 558420


Following the advices, ressources and critiques I can read here, I feel like I'm improving little by little even if I have still a long way to go. Glad those threads exists

No. 558428

Is art made digitally real art? I've seen folks online dissing the medium for feeling artificial or not as legit as it's more traditional counterparts. Some folks even go as far as to say that it's cheating. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid as hell as even some of the art discourse on here comes off as somewhat elitist in some cases. However, I can get where people coming from.

No. 558431

>you won't be as bothered by annoying art trends and the hype of Insta and Twitter artists.

God am I the only one that finds art trends absolute creative cancer. It's like art junk food that everyone jumps on for clout and followers, the recent sailor moon one is the worst yet it's void of all creativity. I think social media like insta and twitter have turned art into a consumable 5 sec experience. When was the last time you sat with someone's art for a good half hour just absorbing it in and looking. Everyone is already looking for the next new thing

No. 558445

I can’t wait for that Sailor Moon one to die out already. I love the show but so many people are doing it for clout it’s ridiculous. The same goes for the people doing Ghibli screencaps because they think they’re special for not doing the SM one.
I think what really made me groan was one posted to AANI recently on SPS with Usagi switched up to look black for more woke points and of course everyone there ate it up. Yeah it was drawn nice but Jesus fuck I’m sick of seeing it. God forbid you publicly say anything about being tired of the trend because then you’re automatically wrong and hate fun.

No. 558462

I saw someone with a large following on instagram trying to continue the trend, proposing a new sailor moon screenshot to redraw. It didn't catch on though, because her hand was in the frame and half of these people can't draw hands.

No. 558491

Digital mediums are just a tool like any other art medium. Quit being paranoid. Lots of artists use both of them together, myself included.

Some art trends used to be good exercises and just for fun, but now they're exactly as you describe them. I like the junk food analogy. Look what happened w/Inktober.

No. 558510


The worst thing about this is that most of the people totally dismiss the context of the scene the frame was taken from so 90% of the time Usagi is just bimbofied.

No. 558528

whats the context?

I gotta agree with >>558445, this challenge is SO BORING, if only it was maybe at least more interesting frame or anything honestly. But it seems like it's almost dead anyway.

No. 558534

File: 1590455626594.png (3.34 KB, 223x52, EY55RTKU0AAtVhD.png)

it seems megat0nraid might go DFE mode. she already did pic related to her youtube and disabled comments on almost all videos. her instagram and facebook are gone, and her patreon seems to be wiped clean.

also, her media says 529 at the moment, but there is definitely not that much in there, so she's been hard at work deleting things (although it seems she was deleting even before the callouts).

i wanted to provide some archives just in case. considering she was regularly posting before now and has gone absolutely silent, i thought it was worth doing.

carrd: https://web.archive.org/web/20200430085613/http://megat0nraid.carrd.co/

twitter: http://archive.is/bntQf

deviantart: http://archive.is/4HIPl (inactive since 2018)

youtube: http://archive.is/UQNn1 (pic related)

tumblr: https://web.archive.org/web/20200430144519/https://megat0nraid.tumblr.com/ (inactive)

https://www.instagram.com/megat0nraid/ (dead)

No. 558535

Do you post original works there anon? I plan on branching out and making another account on tumblr for posting original stuff after the shit they pulled on da. I already have somewhat of a following for fanart there so maybe it could work but im not entirely sure since i tried posting original works there before but it doesnt do as well as fanart for obvious reaso ns

No. 558538

Hey there! Do you have any recommendations on tablet PCs? I was looking on Ipad pro but i think it's too pricey so herei'm looking for less expensive alternatives!

No. 558540


Usagi is pressured by Mistress 9 to give up the Holy Grail and has to watch her friends get strangled. She‘s starting to cry in that frame although it‘s barely visible.

No. 558545

I'm a gigantic fan of sailor moon and not to sound like a boomer hipster I hate how Sailor Moon the character has become a quirky instagirl pastel aesthetic character. I see her drawn so much from people who don't know shit about the anime bc her hairstyle is cute and Teh 90's!!1! Maybe that's why the recent sm redraw trend irks me so much. People who don't care about the character or the context of the show drawing her for clout. Then some idiots have the gall to call some redraws "white washing" and change her look because it's not woke enough. It's all so soulless.

No. 558549

File: 1590460266524.jpeg (404.01 KB, 750x851, 1DAC3ADC-D091-4FCA-A587-B75C78…)

Drama in the haikyuu fandom

Fans of a big name artist accuse smaller artist of not crediting, even though their styles are completely different. The only thing kind of similar is colors but you can’t copyright pastel wtf

No. 558569

Fanart anywhere will do worse than original art, unless your original art follows some kind of generic Instagram drawing style. Keep posting your original work anyway.

If you want to make your original work known, be sure to interact with other original creators as well. Tumblr has a group chat feature now, so it's a good opportunity for you to find groups of similar interests and chat with other creators.

However, make sure you're connecting with them because you want to, not because you're hoping to get something out of it. It's painfully obvious what people's motives are from how they talk to others.

No. 558579

Fuck you Viz Media!!!!

No. 558586

Holy shit I just looked at her commission prices

I really feel for the chumps who paid 70 dollars for her traced shit…

No. 558589

File: 1590466277855.jpg (460.08 KB, 1013x1103, hmmm .jpg)

In the last few years anyone notice that Vicksigh has been declining in her art and had a sudden artstyle shift?

I'm not accusing vickisigh of tracing but I noticed there's a close similarity between styles and subject matter between her and vaccumchan

Can someone tell me if I'm just a tinfoil-chan or just nitpicking, I've been inside for too long.

No. 558594

Did you miss out on the #redgirlrevolution ? Its nitpicking.

No. 558597

It's all just basic boring pretty girl instagram art, you could pull pieces from any artist in that niche and they would pretty much look similar to what you posted. There's no copying happening here, just unoriginality.

No. 558601

Yeesh these look like they were drawn by the same person..

>There's no copying happening here, just unoriginality.

I don't know if it's just me but I'm starting to seeing more and more of that. Like, don't people get tired of seeing the same shit rehashed over and over again in similar artstyles?
Do you guys think we'll start to see a shift anytime soon where people will start to seek out something different?

No. 558607

ayrt, I don't think it's going away, at least not on Instagram. This style of drawing is mostly technically simple and aesthetically pleasing - perfect to glance over for a couple seconds, double tap, and keep scrolling.
Instagram also has a high concentration of amateur artists (I don't mean to sound snooty by this, I'm talking about mostly highschoolers) and this "cute semi-anime girl's head with ethereal hair and acoutrements" thing looks like an achievable goal to them. Anything more advanced and they'll become discouraged and feel like they'll never get to that skill level, but this trendy style is easily recreated if you pay attention to the colours and motifs that are used. It pulls a lot of likes and follows for the artist, and the cycle continues.
I probably sound like I have my head up my own ass, I'm just speculating on why it's so widespread now. I'm bored of it too, but it's pretty harmless.

No. 558637

How does she mange to make something look so bad even when she traces the reference. Also the amount of supplies she has is really something

No. 558647

I don't think it's a case of copying, her art has just become very generic. It's a pity because her old style was a lot more distinct and interesting.
I've noticed that this happens to a lot of artists as they become more well known, unfortunately.

No. 558651

Agreed and also there’s the thing too where they’re also either influenced by each other cuz no doubt both are probably following each other or appear on each other’s explore feed, or take away the same things from a similar influence like there’s major Utena vibes and shoujo anime vibes from both. I think it’s similar to meyoco clones tho not overtly, like the subjects are pretty generic and have been around forever, in that they’re clearly artists who know what will get them the most likes with their audience and IG is very like driven with its algorithm.

I don’t think there’s going to be like a large shift cuz people drawing sad pretty girls will always get likes (like I completely forgot Audrey Kawasaki was still around and her art looks the same from like ten-twelve years ago), but there’ll be definite shifts in subjects and styles. Like imo there’s a lot more cottagecore/soft styles now vs like, everyone doing art nouveau rips like fiveish years ago and like, I’ve definitely seen a lot less like pastel lolita kind of stuff.

No. 558662

I feel sorry for the smaller artist. It’s annoying to have to deal with that shit when you’re just trying to have fun.

There seem to be a lot of call-outs about “idea-copying” recently but christ I can only think of one recent incident where the 2nd artist blatantly ripped off an idea, but said artist wes only 14 and didn’t know any better.

No. 558665

Honestly I’m probably only one here who doesn’t hate them, mostly because they’re one of the few socially acceptable ways to advertise your work online. Sure they’re not the most creative but at this day and age, it’s super hard to gain following online, unless you shit out art daily and cheat the system. Social media is not like it was before, it’s very oversaturated and the algorithm changes all the time, these challenges give smaller artists even a sliver of chance to reach to a new audience without using any underhanded methods and I like it.

No. 558687


What really pisses me off is in her comments all her fans are falling all over themselves to tell her how amazing she is and how they can't draw the other eye or even a stick man. Well neither can this bitch, she literally just traced in front of you.

No. 558750

File: 1590506188998.png (2.03 MB, 1440x900, hellspawn.png)

sometimes i wish i was born blind

No. 558754

File: 1590506318578.png (299.83 KB, 423x447, Screenshot_4.png)

You'd think if she traced it, it might've been ya know…
A lot better.

But alas.

No. 558818

AYRT but not often. My work is 70/30 fanart/original. But Tumblr still seems to be one of the best places for original works since I get equal feedback on both.

That said, my original work covers more generic themes and features animals instead of the usual character art, so it has wider appeal. Like with anything else, it just depends on what your original content is.

Don't let any of that deter you; you never know who may like what you have if you don't put it out there. Be more concerned about putting in relevant tags than whether or not to post. More irons in the fire and all.

From what I'm seeing, most of the people who stayed behind on Tumblr are there for the creators and less for the politics. You'll find a place there.

No. 558821

That's actually really helpful, thank you!
I've been essentially frozen in place with where to showcase my art because of how Twitter's going to shit lately so it's reassuring to know that Tumblr is still a viable option for artwork.

No. 558870

You're welcome! Not a lot of people like to admit it (outside of lolcow), but the porn purge has been the best thing for artists on tumblr. Take advantage of it!

No. 558899

He traces?

No. 558932

Honestly, some of it is, but I think anons exaggerate their claims because some of it is a homage to the original piece ((looking at the spirited away/kiki delivery service))
It was also years ago, and he hasn’t done it since (I’ve only found 4)

No. 558935

Most of the "tracing" was honestly just him doing screenshot redraws before it was cool, though there were some actual cases of him ripping off some smaller artist by essentially plagiarizing their works but that was a long ago.

No. 559162

File: 1590543838266.jpg (647.03 KB, 2048x1846, 20200527_084027.jpg)

Any thoughts on sasuchi95?
I cant believe many ppl still supporting her boring front facing, monotonous composition

No. 559165

Their art is fine. Just wish they'd put some variety into their work and experiment more.

No. 559178

I agree anon, i've been following her ever since i was young, yet she never did such complex compositions or backgrounds. As a fan, i have very high expectation on her art journey…
I still dont get it why do there are ppl who still commission this boring artist.

No. 559222

ntayrt, but I think the draw for commissioners with an artist who never changes or improves is that you know exactly what you're going to get.

No. 559227

Is it just me or Super Rae dazzle is a trash artist deserved to be cancelled?? Like there are tons of better artist, farrr better than her does but they didn't get recognition as much she got

No. 559228

File: 1590548992997.gif (1.87 MB, 400x610, B5FE6413-C062-4B91-A107-3B51F1…)

No. 559233

File: 1590549256542.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1518x3189, 928CD9AE-EFD5-4159-BB31-83AE9C…)

No. 559234

File: 1590549401699.jpeg (277.93 KB, 900x823, 3F5AF651-2E38-4E89-B554-366674…)

No. 559237

File: 1590549528611.jpeg (1.21 MB, 988x4007, 2341537B-65A7-4565-ABF7-2C12F6…)

No. 559239

For this one, I still able to point out some differences on the head and hand. Clearly there are some similarities on the entire pose especially the legs

Bruh He didn't even try to change the face from the left one

No. 559240

File: 1590549693946.jpeg (529.56 KB, 800x1131, E2D2F346-46B8-4846-8CCA-2A2A71…)

This is what his art looks like without a reference to copy.

No. 559246

File: 1590550198013.jpg (62.42 KB, 765x627, TCvM9zN.jpg)

The irony, he accused someone of plagiarising his fav artist on a critique on deviantart

No. 559252

What exactly is going on in that third panel? The camera angle is so off.

No. 559282

Anon half of this looks like screenshot redraws
Like, do we know the age of him for half of these, because this: >>559228 is the shit I did in school.
And is there anything recent, all I see is stuff from 2010-2011
I don’t care for the guy, but if you’re going to accuse someone of tracing(as though he continues to do so), be more solid and recent like with megat0nraid

No. 559302

I see. Thank you for the advice anon! I'll try to post there soon

No. 559304

File: 1590556847840.jpg (375.38 KB, 1080x1539, Redraw.jpg)

I was impressed until I saw the years

No. 559312

God i hate it when artists regress

No. 559320

He's so damn pink in the 2020 one.

No. 559338

I’m convinced that part of the reason regression is so common in redraws is because people are just doing it for the clout and not putting effort in, so you see artists doing a 15 min redraw of an old piece they puts hours into.

No. 559344

This makes sense, and also redrawing an old piece is boring so they probably rush them. It's just easy clicks and likes in the Thing –→ Now Thing format.

No. 559350

makes sense but it's also dumb af, way to represent yourself as an artist.

No. 559371

most of these are redraws and not traces, an anon literally pointed this out yesterday.

No. 559378

After reading here I'm kinda convinced to make an art tumblr again, but one thing I want to ask is should I just keep it strictly my art and wips etc or should I add some  blogposts and non-art stuff?
Also should I retweet other people's art and non-art stuff or would it clog my profile?
Sorry, I just have no idea how to properly use tumblr for art in an effective way.

No. 559381

The thing I’ve seen work is doing art responses to popular posts and drawing things people suggest, but it all depends on your niche.

No. 559384

Anon, just because it's old doesn't change the fact that he DID trace and in some cases (Faye) sold his traced works for money. IIRC >>559234 was a commission work, as well.
and >>559228 was kind of lulzy because he claimed he drew a cosplayer he saw on the train lol.

He did apologize for it on dA in the past but now he's deleted the apology. I don't think it'd be a stretch to say he got a lot of his popularity from his redraws (that he didn't specify was redraws until called out), and just because it happened in the past doesn't make it okay now. Especially since he thought to change his handle after backlash + delete his apology.

No. 559396

as boring and untalented as she is she never did anything wrong. The edgiest thing you'll find is she follows and comments on blaire white's videos.

No. 559404

Are there any other art discussion threads on lolcow or is this the only one?

No. 559406

the horrible art thread might still be active, but as far as i've seen it's more of a really low hanging bad art spam thread over actually discussing why the art is bad.

No. 559407

This thread is pretty dead but it’s what you’re asking about


No. 559430

>”just because it happened in the past doesn't make it okay now”

I understand your point anon, but you do understand that he DID apologize and we don’t have current information that he does so today. If all the art pieces that were traced are on his current profile, I would understand being mad about it, but if it isn’t then why is it still an issue?
Wouldn’t it signify growth for him to stop tracing and remove the pieces that he did trace, all the while recognizing that he did so?
Sorry but I want to understand why this is still an issue for the artist- even after 9-10 years ago

No. 559431

I think it's nice you have so much faith in people, anon, maybe I'm just a shitty pessimist, but the fact that he changed his handle, deleted those pieces PLUS deleted his apology felt more like him pretending it didn't happen+admission of guilt rather than
>recognizing that he did so
If he was recognizing his mistakes I think the very least he could do was leave the apology up on dA. Also, the callouts were back in 2015, not nearly a decade ago.

It was a big issue because he made bank off it while claiming they were just "studies". Admittedly some of the evidence is flimsy (actual redraws and not traces), but the few that he did traced+made money off on is enough to justify people randomly calling him out even now imo, lol.

No. 559438

File: 1590591900855.jpg (967.8 KB, 1080x1412, 20200527_220047.jpg)

Thoughts on Yueko/Meltedbuns?

No. 559440

File: 1590592189388.jpg (66.99 KB, 1000x447, Yueko photobashing.jpg)

Isn't that the chick who got screwed over by some tattoo artist in Canada?

I like her work but I hope she does more environment pieces like this.

No. 559444

I remember the time when a big company who also screwed over her art, then a tattoo artist, more than one tattoo artist also

Her art's lot better compared to lots of famous artists on the net.

No. 559448


Not meant to be bashing, but i pity her personal life with her family. Like generic other talented artists, they have "experienced bad parenting"tm. It tells a lot in her side acc of vent-ish art of her childhood. Like a popular artist, often share their bad childhood and ofc a lot of ppl would send condolences to her and so… I mean it's her right to share those personal life things that not all ppl would care but share what you like.

No. 559477

this username is gross for some reason

No. 559499

cancelled? for what? did she commit genocide or something? jfc she's just mediocre, nothing to make an enormous fuss about

No. 559650

There used to be this DA famous artist called ocean-tan - is this her?

No. 559781

Ocean-tan has the whole differences on her

No. 559819

I don’t know her anon, you tell me

Sounds like meltedbutts

No. 559845

Cancelled for having more followers than that anon, kek.

No. 560034

More like cancelled because she have shitty art like do you anon, idk what does your art look like but i think you have bad art like hers or worse

No. 560037

Okay. Can you post your art?

No. 560044

File: 1590654777687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.85 KB, 1650x1167, IMG_20200528_112039.jpg)

There was this arist I was following on twitter because of his beautiful rendering and storybook-looking illustrations. But I found something sus in my timeline, started looking into it more and lo and behold, the person who exclusively draws little girls is actually a lolicon (his patreon tiers are also labelled as "loli" and he owns loli figures so I'm not throwing accusations). I feel disgusted with myself and feel stupid for believing these were innocent childbook-type of illustrations and not pedofuel. It disturbs me how realistic he portrays children too.

No. 560046

He draws hardcore loli too and i am sure he's an actual pedo, i followed him on fb and he reposted a lot of pictures of little girls. He's from my country too. Kinda sad he just went full patreon coomer, he could have made a career of illustrating for books but he went the easier route and now draws tickle fetish porn for cents.

No. 560049

Yikes. This gives me a nasty skin-crawly feeling. Do yourself a favor and block his ass.
It’s really a disappointment when an artist you think has really cute art turns out to be disgusting! Sadly it’s very common…

No. 560052

She's very talented but she comes across as extremely insecure on her twitter sometimes. 'I don't give out my brushes' and 'If you copy my style you are discrediting hours and hours of work' etc

No. 560060

File: 1590659079252.png (319.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200528-054104.png)

Looked him up and his fans are even more disturbing.

No. 560062

The way he talks is embarrassing.

I like her art, but personally I can't stand her personality most of the time because of the fact how much she overshares on Twitter, even comes off as a way to get attention.

No. 560084

>Very Insecure on twitter

I can see that, i've been following her. More and more oversharing stuffs may get you get popular quickly but somehow it' annoying as it gets longer

No. 560090

This is so disgusting, pedos need to all be jailed. His art is seriously disturbing to look at.

No. 560096

Fuck, no. Fucking pedos.
Disgusting, disgusting man…
It is so gross that he is so open about his pedophilia.
He has good art but I can barely look at it without feeling like puking.

No. 560111

File: 1590671986638.jpg (618.45 KB, 1080x2340, 20200528_200918.jpg)

Remember the time when paid-feature are in the verge of rising on insta?

There are 3 of them, one shown on the picture (inactive), shiranou (taken down by insta last year), and artworkfeature_

Shiranou was a content partner with artworkfeature_ and and chocoartft_. They are highly nitpicky when featuring artists, they need small accs to pay quite amount of money which unguaranteed prone to scam, while they frequently feature popular artists

Y'all calling out tracers, yet shiranou was much worse. She leeches of artists hard work reposting the artworks putting her username first then the artist's credit as well. Yet her reposts gained twice of the likes than the original post, this made me furious af. Worse thing is, many ppl miscredit the reposted artworks as her the artist. Thank goodness that bitch got yeeted

No. 560122

File: 1590675066482.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.8 KB, 466x659, images (7).jpeg)

Oh god i remember favoriting some of this artist work. After scrolling at his gallery i was shocked with the obvious pedo bait

He draws quite alot of topless toddler girls

No. 560139


Fuck, that's disgusting.
Tell me again about "That's drawn so it can't be childp0rn!!!" FU

No. 560145

File: 1590676323882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.29 KB, 850x601, __gwendolyn_tennyson_ben_10_dr…)

I have been following him for a while he has always been pretty transparent about being a pedo, he doesn't straight up shout it but it's very obvious. From what i know about his fb his mom knows too and is okay with it.

No. 560174

what a waste of talent

No. 560190

I used to follow that artist on fb, there was a drama with him like 2 months ago or something because people started noticing his pedo drawings. If you look in his patreon you will see some of the pedo porn he has drawn, is actually disgusting. Also, when i had him in fb he used to share pictures of little girls with captions like "I want one".

No. 560192

File: 1590680285609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 347.98 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20200528_103815.jpg)

Some disgusting shit from his pixiv as well

No. 560194

most of the time i can dismiss loli shit because weebs are weebs but it's so obvious that this guy consumes actual cp. is it possible to report him?

No. 560212

When I hear 'drawn cp', this is what I think of. Holy shit, this is disgusting. This person needs to be flayed alive and boiled after being rolled in dirt. Go medieval with the punishment on this one.

No. 560221

I love that picture. I can see the art behind it. You act as all nudity was porn.(bait)

No. 560222

Oh god he seems like the type of guy that creeps on his underage neighbour's daughter

No. 560224

Yeah. Except that theres a difference between artistic expression and pedo baiting. He draws too much of this shit anon and has drawn sexualized underage girl fanart and probably porn

No. 560225

Found the pedo sympathizer.

Nude art is and feels different, and I've never seen nude art of a toddler with their genitals as the centre of the picture. This is a drawing made by a pedophile for other pedophiles to enjoy. Maybe I'm ignorant, but that's what I think.

No. 560228

File: 1590683200927.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 15.13 KB, 554x554, images (8).jpeg)

No. 560230

File: 1590683299274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 10.07 KB, 320x320, images (7).jpeg)

No. 560233

alright. we dont need to see every single one of em

No. 560234

fuck off pedophile

No. 560238

If this is as serious and grave as cp why are the people reposting it not taking the basic precautions of blurring/censoring?.
Hell I'm pretty sure if someone found cp they wouldn't even think of reposting it at all.

No. 560245


lol What?
Those are pedos and they feel safe in their own little circle and probably don't think of it as wrong. They'll repost this shit as long as they are not called out for.

No. 560248

NTA but I'm sure >>560238 meant the anons reposting these in the thread not censoring/blurring the pics before reposting here.

No. 560252

I don't mean to attack you, but posts like this "Thoughts on…" are getting to me. If you don't have milk on someone, don't post about it. If you want milk on the person just go search for it, read their social media or whatever. When someone posts this kind of shit I can only imagine it's done by some lazy ass or it's a selfpost.

No. 560253


Okay, my fault. Thx.
… But blurring it wouldn't make it less problematic, would it?

No. 560255

It's jarring how many talented illustrators are raging pedos. They put in this much energy into getting so much of the fundamentals down-pat, from design and layout, to final rendering, to make this shit. It's like some deal-with-the-devil level of coomer motivation.

No. 560267

Having watched a lot of documentaries about csa and historic abuse scandals, the thing with pedos is they'll choose a career and revolve so much of their life around suiting their sexual desires. It's ridiculous. From teachers to pop stars to artists, It sure motivates them.

No. 560274

The fact you came across this cp art and repost it here is disgusting. You are equally fucked up as the artist, and by saving the art and posting it onto here, you’re spreading the vile art.

YOU are part of the problem wtf.

No. 560275

Usually I don't give a fuck if some pervy weeb draws anime lolishit because they rarely even look like actual little girls with their tits and matured child-bearing hips but this straight out looks 100% like he's tracing off actual child porn images, especially because his style is so inconsistent. Big Yikes.

No. 560276

Take your meds anon, you sound like you're projecting an awful lot

No. 560293

Why do you say is inconsistent? Looks very consistent to me, more than most artists.

No. 560294

the pedo art is disgusting but >>560274 and >>560238 have a point.

if it's rendered so much to where it literally looks like it was referenced from actual harmful images, why are we sharing uncensored versions of that art here? it's just further perpetuating the spread of that content. surely someone can do a crop to still show this creeps work without showing almost realistic renderings of underage children's bodies to anyone who opens the spoilers

No. 560303

I'd love to see the pedodefenders come and try to defend this shit. People who draw this shit deserve only the worst in life

No. 560306

File: 1590693220062.jpg (35.37 KB, 625x626, cVNZTvD.jpg)

report for shit tier bait and move on

No. 560311

He's doing well and isn't hurting any real people, while you're hiding as an anon wishing bad things to people just because you feel that they draw doesn't fit with your morals.

It's not that hard to defend honestly.

No. 560312

Pixiv.net is a fucking mess but sometimes i find hidden gems. too bad you can't sort by popularity without paying

No. 560313

Stop posting those fucking drawings, whoever is the retard posting them.
I said I felt like puking seeing them and the mf replied with yet another fucking pedo masterpiece.


No. 560314

you dont need to say saged or even sage in /ot/

No. 560317

File: 1590694358616.jpg (370.5 KB, 504x772, 20200528_152835.jpg)

I've been looking for a new art community and ran into the Artnoodle (now Artgrove) milk. People found out that the former owner admitted in a dA journal that he was dating a 14 year old when he was 19 and now shit hit the fan.

No. 560318

Not to start the pedo war again but from what I saw, most people were usually defending the highly stylized, fictional "loli" art, where the lolis had the proportions closer to an petite adult rather than an actual child but in here it's a very clear cut case of appealing to actual pedos by drawing very realistic depiction of kids in very suggestive situations and poses. I'm not personally phased by most of the loli art myself as I just cannot see them as "real" but these are obviously not just lolis but very closely trying to emulate the look of real life children which makes this very disturbing.

No. 560321

lmao go back to twitter, you can go cry there

No. 560322

While I would not really advice anyone to date someone as young as 13, especially when you're 19, these things can get very complicated to all parties involved. It might be disturbing to an outsider looking in and it should but while we would like everything to be as clearcut and easy as "wrong and right" sometimes it just isn't. I've personally known several people who I was friends with as a 14 y/o and seen them date people even 20 years their senior and while I was and still am kinda horrified about it, some of those couples are weirdly still together with children and stable family. Ultimately I think it might be a bit late to for this person to get nailed in the wall for dating an underage person if they're still together and happily married.

No. 560325

those kids were groomed, anon. thats why theyre still together.

No. 560326

>defending child grooming on an artist thread on lolcow
What a life you lead anon

No. 560338

Not trying to defend it don't get me wrong, I wouldn't ever approve of this kind of relationship and I have always found them very disturbing myself it's just that when you've seen it happen around you, you kinda realize how different every case can be from the next and that it's not something that will have easy solution. I know for example of one relationship with a bigger age difference where the dude was literally the mental age of 10 and at that point it just becomes all kinds of weird in multiple ways, honestly though both parties were highly mentally ill and I have no idea why the parents approved of it. This is what I mostly meant by things not always being so simple and while it would be nice to not have these things ever happen, sometimes they still do, because reality is very A moral.

No. 560339

>the kids who are brainwashed and groomed into entering relationships with adults are still brainwashed to this day! Weird right?

Some big brain takes ITT today.

No. 560347

The artnoodle guy deactivated all his accounts but there's a trick to see old content on dA as long as the deactivation has been recent. I believe if I post it here it can be archived


He deserves to be shamed for it not defended any more than he was. Every single person in the journal i posted was kissing his ass. Absolutely repulsive.

I feel bad for the girl, from what I've seen she has good art and I don't know why she is still with this pedophile but then again I know nothing else about her.

Oh and you can see with the dA trick that he's posted multiple loli porn pics on there too, who's surprised? I'm not posting them since this thread has suffered enough today.

No. 560357

>not trying to defend pedos grooming kids, just saying that its normal when pedos groom kids
ok anon

No. 560385


I'm not familiar with this artist so I don't really know what platform he uses, but I'm surprised that doesn't break the TOS of whatever website he uses.

With things like anime the characters don't even look human so it's not as disturbing. But this guy's stuff is so rendered I feel like I've been put on a list just from seeing what was posted here.

No. 560402

Choke pedo

No. 560441

sage for ot

How would anyone even go about creating a new art platform? I’m new to uploading my art on the current social media platforms, and each and every single one of them have trends that I genuinely don’t understand lmao and most of them you can’t even grow on without milking the fuck out of those trends.

Time to learn how to code and learn website design lmaoo

No. 560459

File: 1590708222135.jpg (17.51 KB, 360x450, Jeff_the_Killer.jpg)

Lavender towne looks like this

No. 560460


lol good luck anon. Coding might actually be feasible, and it's doable if it's just for yourself, but for a new sns website server costs will most likely screw you over. and crowdfunding for development will probably not work at all after the infamous anipan trashfire.

No. 560462

File: 1590709325878.jpeg (704.35 KB, 1242x1010, 818C9EAE-97F3-41D0-BB27-311C31…)

No. 560468

Aw man that sucks. Looks like I’m too much of an optimist for my own good.

No. 560475


deviantArt and pixiv are dying out due to their new shitty UI updates, so there may be hope yet! (just make sure it's smartphone-friendly)

No. 560479

Idk why everyone recommended cotman.I would even recommend prang, a dye paint over cotman as the tinting strength is so poor. personally enjoyed using van gogh, student grade or white nights, artist grade they're both pretty cheap. or as someone else mentioned a small primary set of artist grade paint would a great option as mixing is an important skill to develop and they produce less muddy colors.

No. 560498

I didn't know that Pixiv also updated their UI and holy crap it's fucking TERRIBLE.

Agreed, there's a serious demand for an art publishing site that isn't absolute shit.

No. 560531

The pixiv/Deviantart UI for me is doing ok. I also think that there should be an art site with good UI. But I never made my own website so I don't know.

I understand why you feel that way anon, I thought the Sailor moon redraw trend is cute for a day or two, now it's mostly really repetitive altogether.

No. 560556

Are art prompts not cool anymore?
Previous years big artists on instagram were doing daily art challenges like mermay and misadventuremay, but this month the big artists I follow can't even push out 1-2 pieces.

Are they all just collectively burnt out or what?

No. 560559

It’s a mixture of the inktober controversy making everyone wary of art challenges and people being depressed from quarantine.

No. 560565

Added to that, all cons have basically been cancelled until 2021 so that probably factors into why some people haven’t been producing a lot of stuff. Like if you were planning to make a zine with a mermay, you don’t have anywhere to sell it other than online, which means you have to set that up and everything too. I’ve seen more people finally start up their patreons and stuff at least but there’s a lot of income insecurity I feel for a lot of artists now.

I know a lot of these artists too that used to do challenges have day jobs and they’ve either lost their jobs entirely or transitioned to WFH so like especially if art is their day job, WFH is a new beast and like since u don’t have a change of scenery anymore then it adds to the stalled production and depression

No. 560580

I entirely understand your sentiment anon

But like original poster was addressing how easily she was duped into pedo art from the artists generally sfw art

There ends up being a blurred line between general style and pedo intentions in some of this art we've been seeing, I think its important to discuss..

But idk I get it uh

No. 560586

I think the thing that really turns my stomach is how much the rendering/anatomy/composition feel like they were drawn from reference.
I regret mousing over so much.

No. 560587

Let's be real it's because of animal crossing

No. 560602

this is the first place i've heard calling the new pixiv ui bad and honestly this is a weird take. it had a kinda old look for a while and needed an update, they barely changed the placement of things, and actually for an english browsing experience became better cus i've seen way more of the tags having little translations besides them.

No. 560612

Has anyone here tried Reddit's new streaming feature?


No. 560678

Bruh don't accuse someone of a crime.

No. 560680

bruh why not?

No. 560704

>I think its important to discuss..
pretty sure this has been reiterated multiple times in past threads but if you want to keep talking about this so bad you should make another thread. Frankly I’m tired of having to dodge CP art and seeing the same discussion being circled around in these threads. This isn’t the place for it.

No. 560711


Mermay is the most boring art prompt of all times Jesus I'm so glad this shit is finally dying. I think most people are getting bored of doing the same shit every year for 30 days. See a lot more art memes nowadays that only have one drawing, are new and 'fresh' but still get a lot of circulation (KK album redraw, Sailor Moon redraw, etc)

No. 560732

What’s WFH?

What other anons have said but I think it would be fun to make a prompt a week or something. They did have quarantine monthly prompt but that burned out a lot of artists too.

No. 560736

Nta, but Work from home I assume

No. 560795

nekooosupport is another as well. They were an artist who jumped ship and made a new acc because they thought their profile had been shadowbanned. Constantly complained abt engagement and whined about wanting to start over, now they use their old acc for paid features.
recently they featured an artist with 220k followers so just more circlejerking.

No. 560817

File: 1590777921813.jpg (309.69 KB, 2048x1536, EZHv8-5UEAAHZ85.jpg)

Is this where I can post black Link?

Yes people said it, Yes the artist hid the tweets.

No. 560837

I don't see the problem with changing a main/playable character's appearance to conform to your own. Why are people bothered by racebending and not genderbending, as opposed to twitterfags who get really mad at genderbending because its transphobic

No. 560849

I think this guy is part of that 1% that doesn't draw the same boring UwU Pretty Girls as mermaids for the entire month. They're a little too fish-like for my taste but at least they're good designs.

No. 560855


I don't see any issue with this. In general, sperging about racebending a character is kinda stupid.

No. 560863

Usually hate this kind of shit because it’s just a grab for diversity likes but this link is cute af, cheers to the original artist

No. 560868

problem with racebeding is lot of the time the artist does it for internet woke points, and draws the character so ugly besides changing their race that it does a 180 and starts feeling like a caricature. there's also the version where they change an already poc character's race because anime characters are apparently white.
i do think this one in particular is pretty good though.

No. 560877


Same anon you're replying to. I 100% agree. This rendition of Link is really well done and is not a good example of typical woke-approval seeking artists.

No. 560879

This is like the old-school Black Bart style pallet-swap stuff, not the woke points where they make the character look like an unrecognizable racist stereotype. I can still tell it's Link.

No. 560982

I wouldn’t mind people doing this rendition of racebending. This link looks really good and I’d rather see more of these than whatever destinytomoon shits out of her ass.

No. 560990

TA, WFA= Work From Home yes. Couple of my friends are industry so all their studios have transitioned to WFA in various degrees since a lot of it is digital anyway. But they’ve also had trouble with personal work cuz of it. You don’t get the separation of work and home as easily anymore

No. 560999

I bet. I am not a professional artist yet but it’s still hard to create personal art at home and also work from home.

This is a good example.

No. 561017

File: 1590793469453.jpeg (66.23 KB, 621x484, EZMO509U8AIyTob.jpeg)

Jen Bartel deciding the best way to resist and stand up against everything that's happening right now is to… ignore it and play Animal Crossing.

No. 561029

I’m glad so much of artist twitter is calling her out on being performative and fake woke now cuz the last time where she said she was progressive for drawing baby hair on black women correctly she started blocking anyone who blocked her or followed any black artists (lmao she blocked me and I’m a nobody, she definitely is running a bot of some kind to get asspats)

No. 561045

Remembering when last thread people said people talked shit about her because she’s successful and we’re jealous, no anon she’s just fucking annoying

No. 561052

Does being in comics make you out of touch? I’d say ink fumes have rotted her brain but she does mostly digital right? Wtf kind of “resistance” is drawing free advertising, what a moron.

No. 561066


This is so fucking stupid I'm in awe. Like I know this is going to sound tumblr as fuck but holy shit as a white person it isn't her place to promote comfort and complacency right now. Looking away when things are uncomfortable is part of the problem and she's showing her privilege (and her ass) by presenting this as her ultimate act of martyrdom.

Jesus fucking Christ Jen, you're only able to turn your back and ignore everything to keep posting about Animal Crossing because people who look like you aren't being murdered on the fucking street and being arrested while holding media badges. Maybe recognise that you have the ability to ignore what's happening, not because you're a hero, but because you're white.

I wouldn't care if she wasn't posting anything about the protests, but acting like she's PaRt Of ThE ReSiStAnCe for doing below the bare fucking minimum is disgusting and hilariously out of touch.(tumblr, inTeGrAtE)

No. 561076

Barrel isn’t white. Otherwise, I agree

No. 561077

tf are you doing, mods? FREE WOKE ANON 2020

No. 561078

I completely agree. Her "resistance" is just another form of complicity cause she just decides to sit there and play games and draw. There isn't an inherent issue with not making a change in the world or being outspoken 24/7 but when theres real problems happening to already oppressed groups you literally can not have your head in your ass and also think you're some beacon for hope. Your animal crossing doodles arent helping anyone. You arent helping anyone Jen. Donate to a cause or something before making a half asked statement like that.

No. 561079

the spongebobtyping deserved a redtext but "tumblr" was over the top

No. 561100

Like other anons have said this actually really cute and i don’t see any issues with it?

No. 561105

Racebends are dumb imho but this one isn't terrible. The art is pretty good and it would work well as a design on its own even if it wasn't LoZ fanart. He actually looks black while not looking like a stereotype.

No. 561112

This is really cute. Who's the artist?

No. 561119

I missed the drama what did Jen do exactly? This tweet is ignorant and dumb but she's not speaking out against black artists or blm. There are plenty of fake woke people all over twitter. Public tradegies are a perfect time to gain followers and likes that's what I've learned from the twitter crowd

No. 561122

I actually like this. It's really well drawn, not arrogant and woke, and doesn't look like a racial caricature. If more racebends could be like this I'd be in heaven!

No. 561150

For me, I’m a bit iffy with racebents because it’s normally one-sided. But I agree anon, I actually like this piece. It’s a nice style and all around seems to just fit :)(:))

No. 561151

Very generous of you, anon

No. 561159

Lol you're already a homophobe anyway might as well go all the way Karen

No. 561161

You're the one acting triggered like those idiots on Twitter for a nothing tweet. Stay green boo it's a cute look

No. 561166

What? Did you confuse me with someone else or what? Besides, I'm gay but maybe you're onto something…

No. 561169

sorry but you're a homophone now bc anon said so

No. 561189

File: 1590818136968.jpeg (635.58 KB, 1178x1227, DBE46F02-F711-4677-BC41-A14A0F…)

Jen pretty much always has been a person who needed to step off of twitter and like go outside and get a hobby instead of inserting herself into like ALL conversations on the internet, like look at her twitter and you’ll get an idea. she’s pretty much known for like “woke” media and same faced static women but comics loves her for some reason (Jen is also Korean and married to a white man for background)

But the first twitter fallout thing was in 2018 around the time when Black Panther came out, she had an interview with io9 on drawing the women from BP and basically said that because she drew black women’s hair “accurately” than that is deserving of praise. When it came out, understandably black creators called her out on her statement both on the absurdity of drawing black women “correctly” is just as important as black representation, even though like Marvel/DC have a track record of not hiring black/poc creators for titles starring them, and the inaccuracy (she deleted the tweet but I remember it said something akin to “drawing baby hairs is important for representation”). She also does not use her platform or any of her statements to lift up or retweet other black creators in her industry.

The biggest thing came from the artist/game designer Chris Kindred, who called her out in her statements there and before, and the thread is here (but jen has deleted her incriminating tweets) where she dm’s Chris about being taken incorrectly cuz of the amount of followers she has making it difficult to converse with peers, Chris emailing her back explaining why he made his opinion public, Jen doubling down on her statement of “accuracy = representation”, Chris responding both to her and her friends (artists Irene Koh and Paul Reinwand). https://twitter.com/itskindred/status/1050146916149940224?s=20 note: Chris was not the only one calling her out on this, many black creators and artists in and around on twitter did as well. Chris puts it succinctly in a tweet at the end where, at this time, they did not hate her but they wanted her to know how statements like this made them all feel

In the end, Jen blocked Chris and basically blocked any body following Chris, calling her out on her performative wokeness and not understanding that using black bodies does not equal the same as representation or helping elevate black artists in an industry and parallel industries with her own social clout. Basically blocking nearly all of black creative twitter for critiquing her.

Fast forward to today, she tweets what >>561017 posted, pretty much like saying she has the privilege of ignoring the resistance currently with the riots in Minneapolis (and she lives there) and her resistance is being able to draw fan art of FF7. Which rightly has angered not just black creative twitter but creative twitter in general, I added the screenshot of the tweet I’ve seen get traction the most here https://twitter.com/theshenners/status/1266383368331067393?s=20 . Jen and her friends yet again doubling down on not listening to black people, especially as PoC as well who have more privilege, and conflating action as wooby soft fan art

No. 561193

She's always causing trouble, I can't remember exactly the situation but there was a whole thing involving her and the creator of Snotgirl comics? Let me see what I can find but I do recall she was defending hardcore and blocking people over anything.

No. 561195

File: 1590818531357.jpeg (774.33 KB, 1246x1450, 7EF2AD44-C053-480F-84D9-053818…)

This reply sums it up the most as to why her fan art tweet was yet again another performative action https://twitter.com/DapsDraws/status/1266428064503869441?s=20

If you also search “Jen Bartel black” on twitter you’ll get tweets from other people frustrated at her tweet (she has also since deleted it) and the extent of her blocking everyone who has opposed her, like I said I’m blocked from her tweets cuz I either follow Chris or retweeted him cuz she runs block chains. A lot of prominent black comics folks have called her out as well, but also probably in parallel or direct opposition, there been campaigns to also boost black creatives on twitter today as well

But basically she’s been a performative tumblr sjw forever and people are pretty much waking up to the fact she’s insufferable and like on Karen levels of not listening to others

No. 561196

I remember now, Leslie Hung an artist for Snotgirl comics basically drew incest fanart and when everyone was calling her disgusting Bartel was one of the first people to instantly defend her, stating that it was some kind of purity thing.

The whole situation was shit but I've never trusted Bartel since, she just defends any of her friends and then jumps ship when things come at her or blocks.

No. 561197

Yeah pretty much! I used to follow her on twitter but god she really needed to go the fuck outside cuz ANY little discourse that happened on twitter or something in art twitter, be it like tracing discourse or diversity discourse or lgbt stuff, she ALWAYS had to insert herself into. And she has stans as well, like if you have that many followers then yeah you’ll get them, but she’s so clueless about what having that many followers means on a platform that like she constantly sticks her foot in her mouth.

the biggest thing I remember is that she got a tumblr and then uploaded like FIFTY images in a row to populate it, like so anyone who followed her on tumblr, their dash was just nothing but her art. So of course people on twitter asked her to stop cuz she was flooding the dashboard and she quote tweeted some rando being like “it’s MY tumblr, you don’t have to follow it” so of COURSE her stans went after the poor person who tweeted and she basically targeted

No. 561199

Oh and I also know before Bartel started jumping into anyone's conversations or anything that she actually was blocking some artists at an early start. Basically if you are an artist and her fan and can draw better than her blocked. And if you're an artist who doesn't even know her or interact with her, blocked.

No. 561200

Pretty much yeah she has a “clique” of people and she and they have always been people who act like they’re the cool kids who are too good for stuff. I’ve known lots of people who have met her at cons or professionally that were put off by her standoffishness irl . It’s a shame cuz they’re all decent artists but like, they need a hobby that’s not like being on twitter all the time

No. 561211

yup, like twitter does give you more tools once you become verified or reach a certain number of followers so u don’t HAVE to interact with that many people on your feed but also like, maybe use your own self restraint to not be on so much as to be affected? But yeah, I think her art is super bland and all her faces look the same but comics has a boner for her work for some reason even tho she draws the same looking stiff women all the time. The whole baby hair thing was stupid too cuz she had video of her drawing it and like shuri’s braids all by hand super zoomed in but like she printed it out at like 11x14, nobody can see it if it’s that small

No. 561213

Wanted to add before anyone starts demanding screencaps, Jen quickly deletes shit when things go bad and buries it all. Might can find some things but several blogs that had the caps are locked to me and currently right now she is doing damage control again by apologizing and re-tweeting a bunch of other posts to cover her ass so I'd get to saving anything shes recently said cause shes gonna delete more shit soon. (She's already removed the original tweets anon posted)

No. 561221

Can anyone explain by Jen bartel is famous? I see her rants RT’d all the time and name dropped by industry folks but I literally don’t know what she’s notable for art wise

No. 561230

Listen… i would be against them for any other fandom

But thinking incest is the most problematic thing with the devil may cry series is absolutely hilarious. We just gonna ignore all The Other Canon Satanic Shit ?

No. 561232

Not this meme again. It's just fiction anon, get your head out of your ass

No. 561233

File: 1590823336476.jpeg (3.18 MB, 1668x2002, 6765BFB4-C58E-4BBC-9634-7D4266…)

She’s a comics darling for basically having a large following for her art. Just google her and you get tons of examples of her work but she’s done covers and series for marvel, dc and image and books for publishers like chronicle which she did the cover for a big women of Star Wars omnibus. Her coloring style is pretty recognizable if you’ve seen it before but imo she’s pretty much just like one of those IG artists who draw pretty, sad women and then have a billion followers

No. 561234

File: 1590823637372.png (582.47 KB, 490x600, 107C96E8-7286-474A-9404-A6EDF4…)

This is the black panther drawing in question from the first incident in 2018.

Yuppp, I think now people know and are more unafraid to screencap when she says dumb shit. Luckily Chris Kindred didn’t hide behind his statements and that thread is still up but creative twitter pretty much is a master of subtweeting and keeping the petty receipts between each other. Creative industries tend to be really small and people tend to know one another really easily, especially if they do the comic con circuits like she does

No. 561240

That ring the top girl is holding in her hand, I really can't make out which way it's facing.

No. 561248

I still don’t know why people were fawning over this piece when she posted it when it’s the blandest shit possible. The poses are extremely stiff and she cannot draw hands to save her life apparently.

No. 561251

File: 1590827270983.jpeg (332.91 KB, 1995x3037, 44AADA15-023A-41B4-9A24-4E1436…)

The thing she wanted praise about in the first shit that got her in trouble on twitter is drawing Nakia & Shuri’s hair ~accurately~ was representation in comics. She’s done covers for Black Panther before too for Marvel as well, but it’s also a systemic problem because there aren’t really a lot of black artists who work for big comic companies

No. 561284

no im with you

i like DMC, i recognize its fiction, a lot of people on the internet apparently dont

No. 561297

wow this is flat as fuck, I've seen less stiffness in dress up games

No. 561305

What is with these nonexistent facial expressions. Theres no personality to these women lmao. Its honesty looks like she copy pasted the faces and made minor changes cause that's literally how empty they are. The art is nice but it's just boring cause it's so stiff and devoid of personality and energy

No. 561337

i'm not sure why the fuck anons always feel the need to diss someone's work when the artist in question makes an ass of themselves online. it comes off as less legit, more "finally got a chance to talk shit about this person so let's also exhibit my salt at her earning more/being more popular for her art than me"
like there's no way anyone can defend the hands/shoulders here >>561251
but what the fuck is >>561240
"i can't make out which way the ring is facing" seriously? that's your salt against someone who literally said "animal crossing is an act of resistance" lmao
i'm not saying she's a god-tier artist and us plebes can't say a word against her, i'm saying nitpicks of perfectly average art don't do anything to help legitimate arguments against cowlike behavior

this however i would love to know more about because what the fuck lmao
how insecure do you have to be with a following of i dunno – nearly 200k on twitter? what?

No. 561339

i hope you understand anon that you are coming off as a complete stuck up bitch, nitpicking people's understandable criticisms of her art is way more salty and off topic for this thread.

No. 561346

This art is as stiff looking as Baylee Jae's prove me wrong. She's good at drawing pretty faces and one body type but there's no character behind any of these ladies they might as well be mannequins

No. 561402

Hey anon, I hope you’re not the same as: >>557307
This forum isn’t made to distinctly ‘cancel’ cows. It’s made to literally post opinions, even if it’s as retarded as: >>561240
There are other forums/sites that look into fixating on and formulating/demonstrating why “so-and-so” is a bad person rather than being a run-on open forum site

No. 561420

megat0nraid has a new twitter account. All the followers are her cronies.


No. 561429

Dude chill we're not the same anon, like what even made you make this reach? I mean OMG 2 entirely different people having a similar opinions? How could this be?

I'm the one who pointed out the bad evidence btw and I have said nothing about jen, as I didn't know of her before this and her art doesn't interest me either. You said this is for people to have opinions but it's kinda weird for you to instantly try to lump 2 randos together for having a differing opinion from you, this place isn't a hivemind, even if it sometimes tries to be.

No. 561449

Lmao someone is defensive. At least the other anon could continue the discussion without being butt hurt about it

No. 561453

I think other anons have mentioned her second pregnancy before. But yeah Emily Artful had her second kid and surprise surprise he has issues too. Seriously, she is a former junkie with health problems who had already given birth to a kid with medical issues. Why have a second one when you know your body's fucked? I hope her kids stay healthy and fit their problems to be minor but that's just irresponsible. I understand having one kid but a second one's just too much

No. 561455

File: 1590863616580.jpg (446.66 KB, 1080x1545, 20200530_225610.jpg)

Shit forgot pic

No. 561462

Me making fun of you for being stupid is not me being butthurt, in fact it seems kinda like you're the one being buthurt over this. The whole megatron discussion already came and went, so I don't understand your need to go pulling people back in by trying to be some master detective and figure out who is who, as if it even matters.

No. 561488

Jen Bartel’s art is still stiff as shit. Jesus.

also kek at new megatron account. Ah well.

No. 561490

Oh jesus christ. Her approach now seems to be copying another smaller artist shes collaborated with in terms of being poetic and shit with her carrd info. Forgot dude's name.

No. 561495

If you remember the name, let me know.

No. 561496

>understandable criticisms
try harder

Yeah, no one's looking to cancel anyone anon. my only complaint was that going on about "but the hands doe!" eclipses potential/legit milk and is generally annoying as shit, especially when it escalates from "those hands" to "yeah the entire art is complete garbage". it happens every thread and it always ends up looking almost personal with so many anons kek
No wonder the thread's in /ot/ though, cheers and to each their own

No. 561497

File: 1590866643309.jpg (232.09 KB, 2896x2896, 20200531_032242.jpg)

The last person she collaborated with was an artist on twitter named Kanonushi. She coloured his art. Also i checked their cards and… copying. Even to the writing. How unoriginal can you get Raiko?

No. 561521

Is she still tracing?

No. 561525

So, if what you say is true, she really just fucking refuses to learn how do draw by herself.

No. 561548

I really love they're art so glad you like them atleast.

No. 561571

HAH. I can’t wait to see how far she goes under this guise.

No. 561582

File: 1590873945533.jpeg (1019.54 KB, 1274x1579, EBB5E388-2465-4DA9-98B0-A85E28…)

So echoing >>561213 she’s quick to delete and bury most controversies she’s been in on twitter, if you search people said she had some beef with Charlie Bowater (a book artist, I think because Jen did some sailor moon art that looks surprisingly alike to Charlie’s), and some stuff against antis and CP on twitter (if you search her name, people are digging up those tweets like on here) https://twitter.com/ArachneOenomel/status/1266481117739311104?s=20

She pretty much also just spends all her days like name searching herself and liking tweets she’s in, that’s why a lot of people are blocked by her too because she runs a script that’s available on chrome called blockchain where you can mass block a large string of people, like someone’s followers. She hasn’t deleted this but she buried her explanation and apology in a tweet to the artist Elicia Donze and is currently trying to make up for it by retweeting stuff but the damage is done

No. 561637

File: 1590880661665.jpg (131.19 KB, 848x1199, EZNsgaAUcAArYI7.jpg)

i'm not sure she's tracing there amazingly, because her anatomy is shit like it was when she didn't trace on main. however, i'm still sooo pissed she won't just.. acknowledge it or apologise. own up to your theft, for fucksake

No. 561639

File: 1590880701955.jpg (120.14 KB, 1013x1440, f6a71e44_original.jpg)


who does she think she's fooling with this shit?

No. 561750

Saged for non milk and a bit late since this was posted 2 days ago

Meppity finally did a follow up after her last horrendous hazbin hotel vid that was posted here before. That video had good points but the redesign themselves are bad which is a huge disappointment. The new ones however imo are great and i wish these were actually the designs we got. I like how she addressed all of the critism against her pretty well too. HH fans are fucking insane

No. 561834

So much of that video just feels unnecessary because of how dumb some of the criticism she recieved is. "nooo you can't compare HH to FAMOUS shows!" is a pretty stupid defense of the show. No point in arguing with a horde of angry 12 year olds.

No. 561836

File: 1590901510246.png (14.81 KB, 740x532, May31_2144.png)

holy shit she ran

No. 561837

That is ACTUALLY hilarious.

No. 561850


wow, that was fucking fast. hilarious, considering she spent a few days creating all the art for it.

archive of this very short lived runaway account:

and the carrd

No. 561879

She wasn't even the one that drew it, her friend did and all she did was joke that she made one of the suggestions for the drawing. But because the friend wasn't well known, people flocked to Leslie and said almost nothing to the person who actually drew it. Sage for old-ish.

No. 561912

I had a gander through the original video she made and she made a lot of good points about the show and its bad writing, and the fact that the character designs just aren't very well thought out. But man, those comments were vicious. She apparently deleted most of the comments that were death threats, but hazbin hotel stans surely are something else, it seems.

No. 561921

File: 1590918457420.png (416.58 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200531-174056.png)


I think its valid that she deleted those death threats if they upset her but srsly. DEATH THREATS OVER AN ANIMATED PILOT?but what did i expect most her fans are kids theyre as mature as the shows humor

No. 561922

The designs in this video are actually really nice, I'm impressed.

No. 561926

File: 1590919392591.jpg (44.5 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

I still don't understand in what part Lavendertowne's art style people found interesting or amazing? Her artstyle looks so meh and basic with her clickbait-y thumbnails that will brings you dissappointment

No. 561927

>death threats over an animated pilot made by a nobody and already forgotten
FTFY, who even cares about Hazbin anymore? It's been months and there's been zero news about it continuing, only random "BUY OUR MERCH FOR A NONEXISTENT SHOW" videos once in a while.

No. 561928

Oh damn, fuck Hazbin Hotel. Fuck that fandom swarmed with cringey ass kids. Im personally not interested much on the show, since western based fandom. Westerners and kids… guaranteed to love ruin each other on the fandom. Drama… Cringey marysues… etc.

No. 561936

Angel and the grey girl are alright but the rest of them have a lot weaker shape design wise than the originals. I hate Hazbin Hotel but honestly I hate all the people trying to redraw it just as much, because they always look right past the skills Vivzie has to make character designs that can get popular and be appealing.

No. 561946

yea, this is definitely an improvement compared to her original redesigns, but still quite boring and they don't even look like they are from the same show. i do like how she redrew the deer guy's head though, it's more unique and creepy.

No. 561947

File: 1590924446014.jpeg (20.31 KB, 529x443, images (4).jpeg)

Really? I heard alastors design is a design viv made back in highschool and in all honesty its extremely cluttered and it shows

No. 561954

Most of her points were pretty good, but I can see why people would react negatively to her. Not only are HH stans not really the sanest people, she's pretty condescending in general. It might just be a natural thing about her, some people can't help that.
I kind of dislike that she made Alastor markedly less cutesy (I feel like the "cute but creepy" appeal is one of the most important, uniform aspects of HH's designs), though, and I want her to admit that she redesigned Vaggie like that because she relates to that kind of look more, or wants to cosplay as her.
She got way too defensive about the character's body being "fat", and she even does her own eye makeup the same way she drew Vaggie's, lmao.

No. 561957

> I want her to admit that she redesigned Vaggie like that because she relates to that kind of look more, or wants to cosplay as her.

Kek. Okay anon

No. 561958

Is anyone else so fucking tired of this whole "roundness for friends, edges for enemies!!" character design tips? I get the principle behind it but it became so predictable with these wannabe calarts students, just like how edgy black and red colors are always used for enemies. Everyone takes that advice to an extreme and now it's so predictable and annoying, especially people trying to produce Teen and Up themed webcomics, like I'm not a 5 year old, you don't have to make your main character a circle, you can subvert my expectations it's fine.

No. 561961

I love how she's like 'I dont understand how limiting access to my profile hinders their work' when she used to talk all the time during comicsgate about how she withheld job opportunities from good artists because they were 'mean' on their twitter TL. Saging because I don't have the screencap, it was like two years ago.

No. 561962

This isn't a 'calarts style' thing, this is a universal design strategy across most character design for cartoons. It's been happening since the golden age. That being said, having these design stereotypes in mind, it makes them easier and more fascinating to break.

Consider that Ursula from the Little Mermaid is a villain created using a lot of round shapes, but she still reads as a villain. That has to do a lot with queer coding, sure, but it basically undermines the idea that all villains are sharp and all heroes are round. It's called 'shape theory', and you see it through a lot of character design.

That being said, a lot of shows don't follow this rule at all. It's a base, and you take from it and expand from it how you will. But at least having a basic knowledge of shape theory will help someone understand better how to craft strong silhouettes or interesting character shapes etcetera.

No. 561964

I just dislike when people try to apply that to eastern fanart. I don’t care that you can turn a bunch of anime characters into abstract triangles and ovals

No. 561988

There's just like…no reason to make a skinny, tall character chubby and short to be "strong and confident". That was some bullshit. In fact, if we're going by the shape theory of roundness being for friendliness, suddenly making her chubby and less physically imposing (rather than say, more angular/muscular, and also taller in stature) would actually undermine her strength. That was the only character whose body type she changed, too.
Sorry, it's just suspicious. Many of these internet fandom people are obsessed with self-inserting.

No. 561990

Implying that old vaggie was physically imposing

No. 561994

old vaggie is just this spindly strange skinny bean, just like the rest. It might be stronger to make charlie smaller and 'rounder' and vaggie taller and more 'imposing' or whatever. In a way that might make Charlie stand out even more as a main character if everyone else is big and she's little.

Though honestly meppity's character designs tend to lean towards long limbs spindly people too, so I see why that ended up being the style for 3/4 characters in these redesigns

No. 561995

File: 1590939334469.png (216.56 KB, 860x1205, 87-877488_vivziepop-hazbin-hot…)

True, the original design isn't imposing, but she's definitely pointier and more angular.

No. 561999


Quit using sockpuppets, Kristia.(imageboard)

No. 562001

I like these designs but she blatantly made Vaggie look like Amethyst from Steven Universe and I'm laughing that no one is calling that out.
>literally stocky short purple palette chick

No. 562003

To be fair she did mention that in the video

No. 562004

File: 1590941330600.png (254.71 KB, 916x802, 351afbddcdc2162423bd44755db2b2…)

looks like megat0nraid's having a bit of a spaz.

No. 562005

File: 1590941461501.png (13.78 KB, 565x139, 6eb4d3071cc813a777621efa36f229…)


for anyone doubting its her

No. 562010

Holy shit she's going all out.

No. 562011

>”Abusing megat0nraid to suicide”
Honestly, seeing more of this makes me sick because there’s a line where you can’t tell if they’re serious or if they use it as an excuse for pity points ((still looking at the god awful squizzy for the slazo event))

No. 562012

to be fair, even though I hated HH, animation can take a long while even with a team of people and I highly doubt Vivzie had an actual plan. She probably didn't even finish the entire story ahead of time.

No. 562018

File: 1590943245690.png (140.26 KB, 623x710, 34g34g34f34f3.png)


the screenshots are really old, so disregard posting times

No. 562019

File: 1590943268196.jpeg (291.03 KB, 750x761, 02C000BE-A6BD-45BC-9518-9AB9B6…)

Sorry to ruin your flow anon but I found this ironic
>Her real name is Avie
>was sent 12 Mins apart

No. 562025

really loving your analytics button, akechylovemail

No. 562034

Oh yeah, there's no doubt about animation taking a long time (especially HH's, with those designs) or Vivzie's planning lol, my point was mostly about the lack of news/ WIPs about it continuing, anything about the actual production over just "hey, give us your money" Vivzie's been vagueposting about ~big things coming soon~ for ages but she seems a lot more excited to work on Helluva Boss than HH.

No. 562036

File: 1590945426404.png (39.83 KB, 598x384, 3ec4d5296bbd9cf1463be6da33f3a6…)

No. 562038

File: 1590945555632.png (153.14 KB, 593x551, 61a3a60990fc70e4026406f4d26852…)

No. 562042

I don't want to come off insensitive, but…given the political climate on social media right now, is it a bad idea to post art?

No. 562043

no, post art if you wish anon

No. 562044

Why would any time be a "bad" time to post art?

No. 562046


id just say watch yourself if its even slightly controversial or features police in any way anon but other than that post away

i imagine anon is afraid of getting accused of taking focus away from current events etc

No. 562048

I don't think still posting your art on social media would be in bad taste unless you try to pass it off as activism when it's not. And like >>562046 said, avoid subject matters that are even slightly related to current events.

No. 562076

File: 1590948631806.jpg (139.92 KB, 921x484, WhiteSaviour.jpg)

another instagram artist preaching fake woke "activism" with obvious pandering.

No. 562081

File: 1590949157909.png (38.01 KB, 597x341, 2d16213fb1b5ca0256e64cb07e9ae2…)


according to miyanoai on twitter, a friend of hers, it isn't her. she apparently has personal issues going on at the moment and is staying away from twitter for that reason.

No. 562083

I feel that anon, but I feel it sometimes when looking through this forum. It makes me paranoid of my own work despite not tracing or being heavily into controversial subjects

No. 562095

if you use social media for branding, it is; interaction is much lower with not-blm posts right now, from what I saw. Also if you don't express political opinions people will think you're complicit or a fence-sitter, even if you're foreign

No. 562099

File: 1590950564720.png (78.23 KB, 915x374, 7772b01d5c03ff30c5ca7a0f583a00…)


gone like the fucking wind

No. 562123


@AkechiGoro4 just changed it's username to @AkechiGoro7…

No. 562126

Omfg this person, I cannot.
Hey clan of Metr0raid’s gascious fumes, if you’re in contact with her, for God’s sake tell her to just apologize. This running away, acting like nothing ever happened is so bad that you’re literally digging your ditch rn

No. 562164

What are the best platforms to post your art and how would you got about getting it noticed? This question has probably been asked already but i’m genuinely curious. I wanted to do art as a career but can’t really get my art any attention.

No. 562171

File: 1590958055093.png (39.91 KB, 508x522, Screenshot_5.png)

Wow, now we REALLY know you were a sockpuppet. Why use your own art as the profile pic???

No. 562189


Twitter and Instagram for not only sharing art but interacting with other artists and growing a fanbase as both an artist and "influencer" which is growing more and more common. I get the majority of my work through word of mouth from friends and fans so there's no denying having a relationship with those who follow you matters a lot.

ArtStation is great as well for more of a portfolio website though it's geared mostly to concept art and IDK what the engagement is like.

Tumblr is still alive and it won't hurt to cross post there though it's a bit of a meh website nowadays. DeviantArt is definitely dead and y'all need to accept it.

No. 562199

File: 1590959861529.png (176.31 KB, 616x444, 1.png)

No. 562200

From what I gathered from >>472832 and >>474145 Kristia/Avie/Loki/Raiko's trail of usernames are
@edgy_asketchy (accused of tracing nomura and crezz and rebrands)
@megat0nraid (accused of tracing soejima and rokuro saito and rebrands)
She's prone to angry meltdowns and siccing her fans/friends on the haturz. They bought her a switch apparently lmao

No. 562201

Oh yeah she’s a real hypocrite cuz she’s CONSTANTLY spouting her mouth off on twitter and deleting it. Luckily people do remember and are screencapping now but like comicsgate and extreme fake woke sjw like her are so similar in their rhetorics sometimes. Like of course they’re on opposite sides of an issue but they way they thirst for validation and praise from their followers is so alike.

She’s definitely trying to appease people by showing she’s so progressive and concerned but like, shut up Jen you have just as much white privilege as white people when you show your ass like this. Get a dang hobby

No. 562238

Engagement won’t be as strong for a while for art and non BLM stuff for a while, anon, so like if you depend on it and can hold off I would. But if you can’t, don’t put like that it’s there as a “break” from all the news or something, the last thing you want to be is anti BLM or pro cop right now. and don’t tag it with any trending hashtags related to the protests either (I’ve seen people do that and it’s SO tacky)

No. 562240

Nah go ahead and post it. Not everyone can be mad about what's going on in the news all the time. Some people just want an escape.

No. 562248

Anon 1) learn to sage and 2) you're in the wrong thread. Take your advertisements elsewhere. If we wanted to look up and find these types of posts we'd look for them on here ourselves.

No. 562251

>Take your advertisements elsewhere

No. 562252

I actually laughed out loud at this post, jesus christ. Can't wait until the extra woke summerfags will be back to school.

No. 562257

it's only a bad idea if you're going to use it to pretend you actually care about POC people. like pretty much everybody making art for the black lives matter hashtag. Did you forget that artists are some of the scummiest fuckwads online? They'll use any tragedy for clout. I'm pretty sure if 9/11 happened today there'd be artists drawing the twin towers for clout.
saged because nobody actually cares

No. 562334

These characters don't really look the same at all, aside from the fact that Vaggie's skin is more purple than Viv's design.

No. 562410

Oh god dont even get me started on that. An artist i follow who i will not name with a big following got pressured into spreading the word of this blm shit. She never said anything about it so people took offense to that but really she just never really heard anything about that till now.

She doesnt even live in america its kinda disgusting when you force a non american to join in your activism as if america's problem is everyone's problem, you dont see much of these fuckers spread awareness to this scale over other injustices in the world. She made a post about this giving her reason why she didnt bring this topic up and apologized but did put donation links and people still wasnt satisfied and they ripped her to shreds in the comments she just eventually deleted it. This is why i dont mention anything about this in my account i dont want to be part of this political toxicity plus plenty of people are talking about it anyway

No. 562454

File: 1590976411530.png (238.68 KB, 470x697, yhtuzhkwv0cx1etkkghc.png)

love this, it reminds me of racebent Tifa.

No. 562460

Ugliest character design I've ever seen,not certain why almost everybody is going gaga over a a cheap shitty EdGy hot topic knockoff of the Once-ler

No. 562463

lmao why did they make her thiccer

No. 562465

Nikolas Draper-Ivey is the artist behind this piece and his work is pretty solid. This image from three years ago.

No. 562572

Maybe a dumb question but i’ve never really used twitter for art or at all. How would one even build a following there? I rarely see anyone use hashtags or anything

No. 562612

not op but you could try drawing fanart (using hashtags for that of course).
Fanart of other people’s oc’s. People usually eat that shit up especially if the art is decent and above.
challenges, and prompts. (Hashtags again)
If you have a following on other platforms you could inform them about your twitter too.
If you want a following real quick on there you could sellout and make woke art lmao

that’s all I can think of, any anons got anything else to add to this?

No. 562663

You can’t do it off twitter alone, it’s too fast of a platform to build a following solely through it, but think of it more as a supplement to engagement with people rather than, an online gallery cuz art disappears and rarely comes up on there. If you want to be known for art there, make sure your art is in your banner and icon as well as links and contact readily available or pinned to the top (like I’ve gotten jobs from people who find my email in my bio). Post often and participate in trending art hashtags like Portfolio Day (it is quarterly) and there’s sometimes signal boosts for people of a particular race or orientation for portfolios. The main thing of twitter is to connect and network to people, so like if you have a fandom you’re in, it’s the easiest to talk to fans there (it’s also easy to show your ass so be careful) and also you can engage other artists and stuff on there as well. People will also spread your work around with retweets and I find those a lot better for sharing than like IG, but it’s easier to build a following through art in IG

No. 562671

Hashtags don’t work the same on twitter than as IG or other things. On twitter they’re more like a way to categorize your tweet into something? And they trend depending on how many people participate.

The biggest one is portfolio day and it’s quarterly however I think because of that, people get really confused. But you see a lot of engagement just by tagging a tweet with it. If you identify as female, the Visible Women hashtag is where people got a lot of traction, it was set up by Kelly sue deconnick and is meant to promote women in comics but has kind of expanded to women in the art industry in general

No. 562757

tbf, she acknowledged she was trying not to make it look too much like Amythest in the video

No. 562808

Participate in trending art challenges, draw fanart, actually talk to people and participate in the community like you'd do on any online forum. I've found on social media your personality is just as important as your art so don't be a dick. Acting like a woke SJW may get you quick followers but it's not worth it in the long run. You'll be expected to speak out on every issue, even ones you don't care about. You want followers who are there for your art, not your political opinions

No. 562878

When people ask for your opinions say it's personal. Usually a bunch of ass kissers will then yell at everyone not to pressure you and it's your right bla bla.

No. 562903

File: 1591020085887.jpg (25.98 KB, 396x396, WgmQ032.jpg)

On webtoon, there's an artist called uru-chan who for some reason pisses me off. she always gets praise for her artstyle but it's honestly just manga. Also, what is up with all these cute girls in frilly clothes? looks like a character called emily howard from little brtiain.

No. 562936

>cute girls in frilly clothes

Sounds like Lolita shade

No. 562941

does anyone else randomly redline other peoples' art and critique it? I have no intention to actually show the redlines/critiques to the artist, I just do them for fun/to learn

No. 562945

In my head, yeah. I don’t go out of my way to make them if I’m not going to post them.

No. 563041

Sometimes I’ll check if someone is tracing, to make myself feel better. It’s petty but I haven’t been wrong before. I just keep it to myself.

No. 563084

Find anyone ITT?

No. 563161

Who doesn't get constant praise for their artstyle on Webtoon?

No. 563163

No, it’s from local artists. They’ve shown and told me they’ve traced for a number of reasons but for art they don’t talk about tracing I still like to double check because they’re lying to their fans, really.

I won’t say anything about it publically but it’s strange to me that they have no issues with tracing what so ever.

I guess it works if you want to get into comics (I’ve heard they trace a lot because of deadlines) but for an illustrator you’d think they wouldn’t do that.

Who knows, maybe all pro illustrators and artists trace.

No. 563214

Okay I just have to ask, does anyone here actually like Twisted Disaster's Art style? I feel like a jerk for being judgmental about art style but TwistedDisaster's art is just so unnerving to me. I like her coloring and inking but the way she draws characters is just so unappealing. I was listening to one of her older videos where she was talking about her books that she's working on and I won't lie, the premise sounds interesting to me but then I look at her art and it's just like… It takes me out of it. Her characters just look so derpy and I can't see her books catching on if she uses her own art for the covers.

But I feel like maybe I'm just being nitpicky and that there must be someone out there who likes her work since she claims she gets so many commission though to be honest, I feel like most of her clients are kids who are in Middle School and High School. Because I can't see many maturer aged people into her stuff.

I feel that perhaps the reason why her art is so unappealing to me is because it reminds me of Steven Universe and I personally find that show to be hideous and I'm guessing she's trying to make her art like that? Either way just thought I'd ask because I do watch her videos from time to time and I've always had these thoughts on my mind when I watch her draw. Like she was working on some adoptables a few days ago making vampire characters in her style and I was just thinking that they would look so much better in a more polished style.

No. 563235

File: 1591046297946.jpg (2.53 MB, 3206x3264, collage.jpg)

It looks like she has a weird case of same-face syndrome. Her characters look different from each other, but in a way that makes them look uniformly ugly as hell. I just looked at some of her art and they all have some type of potato nose and huge lips, so none of them really stand out.
Her style is unappealing, she doesn't experiment with any kind of out of the box coloring/shading, and she seems to only draw the same 3/4th point of view characters over and over. It doesn't really make for very interesting content.

No. 563248

Right, yeah I totally get what you mean by the same face syndrome thing. It's like her characters do look different but yet still the same because of the big lips and huge nose. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is irked by this because it's the thing my eye gets drawn to and I think it's what makes her characters look derpy. I mean like if you were at a book store and came across her "Ticks and Turns" book and saw her art as the cover, would you be enticed to pick it up and read it?

No. 563323

She also overrenders for such a simple style. Theres a reason her lineart looks leaugues better than her finished pieces.

No. 563384

I fell into the trap of baylee jae vlogs. I enjoy watching the process of how artists send off their art to people but I know there are better art youtubers who aren't so lazy, annoying and boring to watch.

Can anyone recommend YT videos about artists fulfilling & packing orders?

No. 563391

trickywagon and joysan do longer artist vlogs. i hate baylee's art but her vlogs are actually nice to watch and sometimes she has useful information about dealing with manufacturers, shipping, packaging that you don't have to sit through hour long vlogs to get to

No. 563414

Is there anything worse than fandom artists with egos? These idiots who claim only their headcanons are good but don’t you dare copy them or they’ll send their hounds after you for any perceived “rip off”.

Bitch, sit down, you only draw fanart because nobody gives a fuck about your original art and you also have failed to make a career from being a legitimate artist. Sorry the painful reality of that makes you snap over stupid things.

No. 563425

Some of this work are actually collabs TD did with her friends. They all have a similar style, but their coloring process is different. It’s actually pretty shocking when you look at her work compared to ppl like Zodiaclord and Arofexdracona, you can see how much a simple coloring process can hinder an artist’s appeal

No. 563429

>because nobody gives a fuck about your original art and you also have failed to make a career from being a legitimate artist.
kek sorta reminds me of an artist in the P5 fandom who thinks she can do freelance work despite having regressed with her anatomy.

No. 563431

Leigh Ellexson does those about once a month iirc

No. 563498

Katnipp and applecheeks. Chey Barton does packing vlogs too when her store is open. Katnipp especially, she mixes in packaging with her studio vlogs with very good insight about running a business and now she has employees. She also runs her business out of her home in an office space so it’s nice she has that separation.

Oh dude, no, baylee parrots a lot of what other, more successful artists do to the point where the baylee board thinks she’s blatantly copying katnipp illustrations down to the pastel aesthetic. Like, baylee is too lazy to find alternatives to vistaprint even though she’s had hackers take her account so she shadily creates sub accounts instead of using other print houses or looking for one locally. She actually pays more to print her prints cuz she insists on using non-Canadian companies so she pays hundreds in customs to import them, AND she admitted in a vlog she paid a pin manufacturer as friends or family on PayPal even though she admitted she knew it was risky cuz you can’t get your money back if they messed them up (because she didn’t want to pay the extra like 20CAD in buying as goods fees)

Plus idk what you’re watching cuz I stopped watching baylee’s vlogs cuz she barely does anything for hours and then you watch her cats eat all her shipping materials and barf it up on the floor while she films and leaves it there cuz she thinks it’s cute.

No. 563518

File: 1591082658099.jpg (75.61 KB, 900x685, bKemF5H.jpg)

Eh personally I think Arofexdracona's style is much more visually appealing. I feel like she's able to put a more serious spin on her characters and they don't come out looking as derpy as the way Twisted Disaster's tend to turn out. I think she has a better sense of anatomy as well, she seems to be quite varied with the bodies she draws and her monster designs are actually quite good.

I feel like out of the trio of TD, ZodiacLord, and Arofex, Arofex is the best of the two. Not that it's a competition or anything but it's clear that Arofex has the much more engaging style while ZodiacLord is kinda catching up. She used to do the same derpy Steven Universe-esq style like TD did but after visiting her gallery, I think she's trying to branch away from that.

No. 563558

To be fair the pastel aesthetic is nothing original. I'll check out katnipp though thanks for the rec!

No. 563709

File: 1591107447042.jpeg (8.77 KB, 242x208, B66E5D5E-119C-4632-99BD-8055E9…)

True nuff. Baylee just tries too hard to where her hair is breaking and falling off in clumps cuz of the pink and now she’s gotten into wearing old lady nightgowns so she’s turning into the pink haired version of this character from the oblongs.

No. 563840

#Blackouttuesday cucking artists around the world and trending on instagram

Genuine question, Will people get mad at you if you try to post something other than that black box? most of the artists i follow are doing this bandwagon

No. 563859

The only art I've seen is either from Russian artists and they didn't seem to have gotten any backlash, or art that have a black characters on it. Most artists I follow posted a black box though.

If you really want to keep it save just wait a bit with posting.

No. 563860

There's an artist in the Dark Souls fandom who only draws the Nameless King and Ornstein as very ethnic dudes, it's so weird it looks like both fetish and virtue signaling, and she (?) acts all high and mighty about this.

No. 563909

I was actually going to come here and talk about this;

If there was ever a time to get your art out there, now is the time. All the top artists that flood the tags with bullshit are being silent and SJWing for a few hours and clearing the tags out. They'll be back, since most of them really don't care and are doing this for clout and image, but it's a few hours to push your art a little further that it would on a regular day.

It's free real estate.

No. 563916


Yeah, and people assume you're a dick.

IMHO Russians are mostly racist and anti-lgbtq+ so it's not surprising they keep to their normal routine.

No. 563919

I have yet to see anyone actually get any hate for not posting a black box. It seems that with everyone's feeds flooded with them, they can't tell who has and who hasn't. Lord knows I can't.

No. 563938


I've seen some comments that posting only a black box ain't a good idea. They say it's silencing black people/ #BLM. It's better to keep posting where people can donate money or take part in protests instead of only posting a black box and a hashtag for performance. Also nobody seems to know where the idea to post a black box came from.

No. 563952

Depends on where you live or who your audience is. Most brands I’ve seen have no politics but other artists have blacked out their IG and when they used the #blm tag they got reprimanded for it. Sucks for them.

I think it’s dumb. They haven’t been active since 2015 and now this? A bit sus.

But if you don’t post about it and promote something else instead you’ll probably be harassed as an American

No. 564050

There's Twitter drama going on with an artist named Vika

No. 564058

can we self post on this thread?

No. 564062

yes you can ♥

No. 564065

File: 1591131838872.jpg (1.9 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

since this is the only active art thread i know of, i was wondering if i could get some help! this is a sketch of mine where i tried to get the pose as close as i could, but something looks wrong! the face looks all sorts of bad but that wasnt really the focus so is there any way i can get my poses to have more fluidity?

No. 564086

Maybe you should post in this thread >>>/ot/243951
Also, take a screenshot, don't take a photo of your screen.

No. 564089

If you post in the redraw thread I’ll help. You need more motion (C curve) or action lines to your figure.

No. 564102

Well? Tell us anon.

No. 564107

A lot of black were saying that the black boxes do nothing and are more of a performance piece than actually doing something like donating and signing petitions. They also clog up the tag so you can’t get updates on what’s happening with the protests.
The black boxes were stupid to me at the beginning imo. It makes more sense to post about things that are actually helpful rather than post a black square and go “well that’s enough activism for today”

No. 564112

EXACTLY. I understanding sharing your support, but art pieces right now about said subject and reposting “yeah the police forces is fucked” does nothing. If you have a following and you actually care, do fucking charity commissions or at the very least share charity campaigns aiming to protect the rights of those who are actually risking their lives for these protests.

No. 564114

I posted it!

No. 564325

IMO I think the black boxes are fine if artists are posting helpful captions with them, other than #BLM and #ACAP like they are doing the world some grand favor by not taking part in real activism.

No. 564424

IMO it's better to just post nothing instead of the black box. The point of the box is to show that you're staying silent so relevant people's voices can be amplified, so why not just…. post nothing instead of a performative "blank" post? (Sorry for OT)

No. 564433

The black boxes were 4chan incels' idea. They wanted to drown out all the relevant posts by black people and about election day, and people were stupid enough to fall for it.

No. 564501

There's an artist called Octoplum on Instagram who has made, among others:
>1 doll of a black character
>A sculpture of an albino character with multiple cherubs of different races around it
>Currently working on another sculpture of a black character.
>Currently sculpting the face of George Floyd which she says she will auction for charity

She's a body positive artist so these were all naked sculptures. It has dawned on me that perhaps it's fetishizing rather than supporting. She is white with 130k+ followers and decided now was the time to be silent for a whole week, also locking her account, with the excuse of the hashtag #muted and #blackouttuesday

Poc and white people have commented to say speaking up is better before she locked everything down. This is insane to me since she literally profits of black bodies and even has NSFW art of black women.

No. 564504

File: 1591173315378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 406.23 KB, 1588x2176, il_1588xN.1872133364_k8w5.jpg)

Here's the most memorable NSFW art of a black woman, but there's plenty more nudes and sexual art. When she posted this without a NSFW warning, a shittton of people complained that they opened up Instagram at work or school and this popped up. She at the time, doubled down and refused to censor or put up a slide, but now puts more effort into censoring photos.

#muted #blackout

No. 564512

File: 1591174430085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 662.41 KB, 1080x1080, black bodies.jpg)

It's crazy to me to make black bodies your main motif, and then when it comes time to use your largeish account to help, you opt for silence.

No. 564515

People were memed into thinking clogging up the feed with useless spam with zero information attached, amplifies black voices. It's the most lazy virtue signaling attempt I have seen in my life so far.

No. 564516

Genuinely not even surprised at this point. This shit always happens with poc and especially black poc. A lot of white people like to use us for their aesthetics and love to fetishize us and our culture, they love to appropriate everything we have and do but when theres a genuine problem suddenly they turn the blind eye. Either they say nothing, say they're not political or just say it makes them uncomfortable. Like how are you going to benefit off of black bodies and then when they're dead in the street it's not your problem?

No. 564520

but she does use her account for it? She's even making a sculpture to auction to donate. Her story has been full of resources and on her profil she posted, her linktree links to several organisations

No. 564523

The linktree link was made by someone else, and posting in stories is not as effective as posting to your feed. 24 hours later those posts are gone. Plus story viewcounts are always way lower than post counts. Once this is over, there will be a total of maybe 3 permanent posts about it made, on an account where the main motif is black bodies. Just seems wrong to me.

No. 564524

Plus she was a bit too ready to jump onto the suspicious "muted" trend when she could be sharing permanent posts to her feed about what's happening.

No. 564525

Right, this is what rubs me the wrong way. You really see people's true colours in 2020. Never assume a positive reason for something without proof.
(Also she doesn't seem to have any black friends based on photos she's posted, so all this art is kinda like viewing black people as pretty aliens rather than friends imo)

No. 564527

>Also she doesn't seem to have any black friends based on photos she's posted
Maybe I'm just self projecting because I live in an area with very little black people yet still support blm, but I don't understand this complaint. If she just supposed to find one, force a friendship on them and then wheel them out for selfies?

No. 564529

same anon, i live in a white majority country with a non-black poc minority, but if she lives in an area with more black people than i understand being weirded out that she doesn't have any black friends.

No. 564530


>Currently sculpting the face of George Floyd which she says she will auction for charity

This sounds really fucking weird.

No. 564546

Yeah, normally all the stuff above, I’d say is weird, but if the money is able to go to charity, I’m all for it

No. 564568

At this point, whether or not people want to say it with these posts, they’re jumping on the bandwagon for clout. I think it’s pretty common sense that the ‘right side’ is the protestors (not rioters or people who participate in violence), but the need to post stuff like ‘Blackouttuesday’ is pretty retarded because the only support shown is one that is silent.
Like, where’s the trend of a person saying how they just donated to the NAACP or some other charity(while providing a link to the website to donate)????

No. 564569

I had to unfollow her way back when because every single face she draws or sculpts is identical- to her own face. What a bore. Her artwork is neat, but it hasn't improved or even changed slightly since like 2016

No. 564574

She lives in Shepherds Bush in London. Shepherds Bush is directly beside Kensington, which is where the Notting Hill Carnival is held.

I used to live around there as a kid, and went to school in that area, and it was an entirely multicultural school.

No. 564575

Wait, so when white artists are not featuring any characters of color in their art it's bad but then if they do… it's also bad? Please explain.
Also how do you tell a difference between fetishization and stylization?

Concept of having to make black friends for a sake of having a token black friend is also completely ridiculous.

Literally the only thing is weird is that George Floyd face sculpt, idk why would she do that, even if it's for charity it kinda sounds like attempt to get attention first and foremost.

No. 564586

I remember when I first saw her stuff and noticed all her art looked like her. Now she's sorta created a black woman character to sculpt instead, but everything is the same character. I kinda think it's a self-insert character since some of the NSFW art features a skinny white partner for the black character, and her boyfriend is skinny and white. Plus they all have her bodytype.

There's a woman posted in the art cow thread on /snow who had a black self-insert oc which makes me wonder. People also assume her characters are bodypositivity intended to support x bodytype when it's all just indulgent art of her own bodytype. I've never seen her post anything in support of women's rights or anything, only cow blogposting. She even claimed to not know what "white feminism" was while being one.

No. 564589

This should be the bare minimum, but in a climate where body """positivity""" artists always draw the ugliest fat goblins, it's nice to see her doing natural, even nice looking fat bodies.

No. 564606

>where’s the trend of a person saying how they just donated to the NAACP or some other charity
Cosplayer Yaya Han posted about having donated $1000 to the NAACP and got attacked for it. Honestly it feels like there are no right options right now.

No. 564660

Basically this, I'm not American and I feel like my feed is hungry for art that isn't virtue signaling crap or ~blackout~ bullshit. Now's the time to strike if you live in ESL circles.

No. 564680

Sorry for the slow response I’ll redline it today.

No. 564685

You’re making too much sense anon. But they’ll still call you racist somehow. You’re dammned if you do or dammed if you don’t.

No. 564694

Why the fuck all artists are under pressure they can't post art because if they do they're racists? Wish this would end, fuck america.

No. 564696

Ok, so now those people are dumbasses.
I wonder if they’re the same people who just repost the same “pro protest” shit without donating

No. 564707


Yeah, exactly. You have no black friends? Oh, so you're a racist. If you have them though, it doesn't matter and you're a racist for bringing it up as if it somehow doesn't make you one.
If you include people of color in your art, you're stealing, you're appropriating, you're cherry-picking. If you don't, however, you're racist.

I don't see how this sculptors work is in any way inherently racist though. It's not like she's making borderline mammy statues or something.

No. 564712

I’m so confused about her getting hate. The NAACP has been a trustworthy organization for decades…

No. 564718

Writers are going through the same thing too. Extensively research and try to write about a POC during X era? You're not a part of that culture and will never understand! Include POC as characters in general? They weren't written well enough!

They tell these authors to write what they know, so when they do write about medieval fantasy or whatever with white characters, they still get shit because no POC. You literally can't win.

No. 564720

Some people of the LGBT community are like that too. Despite all the research an author can do, it’s never good enough because they’re not a part of the community. I don’t know when this kind of gatekeeping started, but it’s getting annoying.

No. 564742

File: 1591196839609.jpeg (579.12 KB, 1125x1605, 561D23D0-1A0C-4C0E-AAA5-938F80…)

Does anybody know who this is and what they’re talking about? I’m kinda curious

No. 564750

didn't some anon spam post about this drama in the previous thread?

No. 564753

Really? Is there a link or something to the thread

No. 564755

I think this is about someone copying another‘s style, which was dumb because the first artist said this other girl was taking her color palette when they’re both meyoko rip-offs.

No. 564761

sorry if i'm linking wrong, but this is where this anon starts posting literally every post having to do with this drama.

No. 564763

BLM is an American movement, and since twitter/instagram/facebook are social media based in America it makes sense that many are focused on this. If it bothers you so much that people are taking a few days out of the year to focus on racism take a social media break until this blows over

No. 564764

No, you are the ones bothered, fuck you

No. 564765

hahaha. how is it them when youre the ones complicating it? just take a social media break and stop being such butthurt pussies

No. 564771

k, i dont know if this is the right thread,but gd is leonas workshop annoying. I wanted to watch someone paint a cute resin kit,not watch a bunch of dumb skits.

No. 564781

No, you can't read. I said artist are pressured to paricipate in this and if they don't and still post art they're shamed

No. 564783

Sorry if this isn’t the right thread, but is pixiv a good social media to post art on? Or is it mostly dead?

No. 564784

Wait it's now racist if you post art on your social media during this BLM shitshow? God americans are so insane I feel like posting a ton of art just out of spite how stupid that sounds

No. 564785


Learn to read. If you're worried,just stay off social media. If you don't care then post art. No one gives a shit.

No. 564788

If you do stay off social media it’s “your silence speaks volumes” and people start digging through your feed to see if you have any black friends.

No. 564789

Stop being so butthurt over non-amerifags not giving a shit about your stupid politics

This. I've literally seen tweets basically saying that "staying silent just outs you as a racist" so you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, there's no winning in this shitty game

No. 564791

Literally no one has said shit about people posting art right now. They only care if you're being a dick about it. So post or don't post no one cares.

Bunch a fucking hammertoes in here.

No. 564803

"silence is support/indifference to suffering" is becoming a big slogan right now, anon

No. 564804

well, do you know japanese? gonna be hard to engage with people there as an english speaker.

schoolfags are starting to get real annoying here.

No. 564805

Why do you care so much about what twitterfags say? People are tense right now, just ignore it if it’s affecting you so much

No. 564807

Sage for non-milk, more of an art rant/sperg;

So, yesterday everyone was posting their little black boxes, virtue signalling that they care and what not, flooding everyone's feeds, and honestly, it makes me want to delete Instagram now. With it being non-chronological, I am still getting black boxes I apparently haven't seen, literally posted a day ago. It says so in the timestamp that it has been over a day, and I am still getting 'new' boxes. I'm tired of it. It makes me kind of proud to follow so many foreign artists that don't care about American bullshit, since I still see some of my favorite art, but when it is post after post after post- Like, I get it, your mad or whatever, but Instagrams non-chronological feed is more frustrating now more than ever. I bet I am still going to be seeing black boxes posted yesterday days from now due to this bull.

No. 564811

Been saying this, everyone in here shitting themselves over the black boxes or worried they won't get their normal 3 likes on some art are clogging this thread up. Either post or don't.

No. 564815

Go destroy and steal some shit if you are so passionate instead of micro-managing what weebs post on their art pages

No. 564845

That happened to me too and I thought it was just my feed. The same post from the same account showed up twice in my feed (the black box). I don’t think their algorithm is intentional but it makes me tinfoil a bit that they did it on purpose.

No. 564889

Why is she whining about people mistaking figures for dolls? They’re basically the same thing to a lot of people.

No. 564906

Im guessing because dolls are "girly" and shes ~not like other girls~

No. 564908

I got one of her sailor moon videos, recomende to me, she is so anoying , we get it you are oold perv weeb, also Figures are like dolls for a lor of people so i don't get her crying over it?

No. 564916

We get it you're racist and hate that people are talking about racism Calm down and realize that this shit will be over in a couple of weeks if not days. Did you get this offended when the Australian fires happened and people around the world were talking about it? Just block words, mute accounts, and take a break you're in control of your online experience. The only artists who have been expected to speak out are Americans with gigantic followings. And even then I can name dozens who haven't said anything. Do whatever the fuck you want I promise the scary blacks are not monitoring your online activity

No. 564917

File: 1591221047058.jpg (594.49 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200603-164925_Twi…)

Kristia's going nuclear again

No. 564920

File: 1591221350149.jpg (279.2 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200603-164934_Twi…)

No. 564924

She's running on empty at this point. People keep finding her back up accounts and shes basically screwed.

No. 564933

Yeah this literally happened to me. I made an insta story about making some art I was proud of and instantly got a DM from someone I'd helped before (finding a manufacturer for something) telling me I was being insensitive and that I shouldn't be posting that.

I just liked her msg and shoved some BLM shit in my stories to shut her up. Thought police wtf. People use the internet to escape real life bullshit. I don't even live in America and don't watch the news so I didn't even realise this shit was happening until I got that angry message lol.

No. 564938

Same, I posted some art a couple days ago, lost 20+ followers and someone dm'd me saying they were "concerned" and wanted to know my thoughts on everything going on

No. 564941

B-But anon, even if you don't live in America, racism exists everywhere!!!
I don't think the people bitching about this kinda shit understand that artists often don't just post their art for the lulz but because it's literally their job.

No. 564943

This. If anyone's getting shit right now, just pull the I literally need to make rent card and moralfag right back at them, don't be afraid to post art if you need to do so right now

No. 564953

File: 1591225830108.jpeg (435.76 KB, 750x1055, 22CD4103-95AF-4E35-B833-301575…)

This person responding to Megat0ntrace has a wild moral compass when it comes to tracing, Also fat kek that she says that tracing isn’t illegal because “she doesn’t HuRt tHe oriGinALL artists finAnciALLy” . Dumbass twitter handle doesn’t know what plagarism is or the fact how morally shit her reason is

No. 564959

Wasn't she on her 30s? She legit acts like a teenager. That's not how quotes work girl.
Either way she would be fine if she just admitted and stopped throwing a pity party for herself. She is digging a bigger hole for herself.

What is the point of defending someone who traces? Just go enjoy the original content she traces from, you are just getting a bad version of someone's else work.
The length someone goes to defend her is uncanny, she was getting paid for this crap.

No. 564991

At this point, mega better be happy that the Twitter isn’t fully tied to her or the Megat0ntrace May have more content that isn’t just tracing

No. 564995

File: 1591234291500.jpeg (54.98 KB, 1024x682, 987A7F2E-11D8-43A9-BC13-5F3D3A…)

I was looking through the megat0nraid tag and uh… yeah anyone who does their makeup this badly has to be unhinged

No. 564997

I think she missed the point that selling traced artworks is illegal..

No. 565002

File: 1591236938849.png (80.14 KB, 600x756, 1.png)

No. 565004

Why is she referring to herself in the third person???

We know it's you on this account.

No. 565005

File: 1591237282815.png (84.22 KB, 599x756, 2.png)

No. 565007

File: 1591237504088.png (17.04 KB, 600x150, 3.png)

Seriously.. no one wants herself killed..

No. 565009

Oh we're a cult now are we? Nice. Where's my commemorative jacket?

No. 565019

Is there… something up with the Akechi cosplayer’s nose? Is it makeup?

No. 565021

File: 1591240431423.png (49.33 KB, 430x892, Rossdraws Kickstarter damage 1…)

Seems like the delivery for RossDraws' Kickstarter has been pretty rough, the first ones couple of backers have almost all reported damaged goods.

No. 565022

File: 1591240649524.png (20.08 KB, 388x471, Rossdraws Kickstarter damage 2…)

No. 565025

Lol, can I get mine too?
this account, who is most likely run by Megat0nraid, is sad af. I’m actually staring to cringe at their replies:
>if she chooses to apologize directly to the people who commissioned her
This person is so dense

No. 565136

I really dislike baylee's artstyle but the convention videos and general art buisness videos are very satisfying to watch.
Just started watching trickywagon since she's from the UK (like me) and I feel her pain about shitty UK conventions.

No. 565159

>don't forget to account for cost of shipping materials

Ok but who sends a hardback book out in an envelope? Cardboard offers much more protection and only weighs slightly more. Plus if he's using Fedex for overseas customers they will also get slugged brokerage fees. People prefer waiting another few days if it meant better packaging imo.

No. 565160

People who assume that if you're not posting about getting your eye blasted out in a protest it means you're a KKK member are the problem. It says more about them than you if they want to think posting art = racist

No. 565161

Also I notice it is entirely SJW white people doing this, and their own content about it is the most shallow copypasted shit you've ever seen

No. 565179

The amount of posts I've seen saying that white people are the soul instigators of the rioting and all we should be doing is using our bodies to shield black bodies is astounding. Like you said the majority is coming from white people. I guess self hate is the chic.

No. 565184

>calling out tracers and simps mean you have a fragile little ego that needs to be appealed

>she didnt trace!!! trust me because im her bff

>so what if she did? tracing hurts no one!!
>ok its wrong but she doesnt owe anyone apologies!!
wake me up when they move goalposts again
>she apologized guys! get over it!

No. 565199

Well then, she also has to return all the money she recieved from people who commissioned her, because jfc she charged so much for TRACED SHIT. Unbelievable.

No. 565236

Saying a person's first name is not doxxing, especially when the person them self posted a gofundme link to their twitter which has their full name there. Retard.

No. 565243

no idea about other countries, but at least in mine shipping in envelopes is waaaaay cheaper so it's worth it for books, but also envelopes go up to 2kg in weight so they could have used some extra padding to prevent damaging.

exactly, honestly i'm getting tired of this shit on twitter. not of the protesters who rightfully demand change, but of the people who want to police every little thing about the movement, """how to be a good ally""", and just the us government and police system in general.

No. 565267

File: 1591278552433.jpeg (223.52 KB, 828x809, 0AAFB4C4-898D-40E0-9B1C-C43096…)

What do you guys think about the whole Aaron Blaise is cancelled thing?

No. 565270

File: 1591278614722.jpeg (141.41 KB, 750x1334, 24427481-D78B-47DA-9049-94570F…)

No. 565272

File: 1591278649260.jpeg (134.85 KB, 750x1334, 134E2DF3-3556-4739-8E80-7FA893…)

No. 565273

File: 1591278693100.jpeg (138.22 KB, 750x1334, C862471D-5083-46D2-B416-8C7261…)

No. 565274

File: 1591278737437.jpeg (142.58 KB, 750x1334, A33FF262-7D60-477B-90D2-9707AF…)

No. 565277

File: 1591278781616.jpeg (142.89 KB, 750x1334, D6EAC878-CD48-4AFE-A342-76A5E8…)

No. 565285

Insensitive but Twitter mobs are insufferable autists. This was a retards attempt to pander to them and he failed miserably. Autism all round.

No. 565302

exactly, i haven't seen the artwork so i don't think i can fully comment on it, but in concept it sounds kinda insensitive. but he could have just made even a really short apology tweet and then pointed out how he has been supporting the cause.

No. 565326

File: 1591286405251.jpg (69.6 KB, 1100x525, EZn-v8mX0AcJJA6.jpg)

literally worse

No. 565327

i think the 2017 one improved a bit, but the 2020 definitely regressed. love how the biggest change is just the size of the cleavage though lol.

No. 565329

I feel weird for saying that I like the 2016 one, or at least the head. The body was stiff (could have used the 2017’s shading on the chest)

No. 565346

How can someone possibly make so little progress in 4 years?

No. 565395

artist has chosen as an example sth far to simplistic to really show an obvious improvement but it's clearly there and I don't get how y'all can't see the latest version is superior to the previous ones, the shape language, understanding of anatomy, even composition with body leaning in a very natural way to the right and hair balancing the frame out on the left. Sure, it's nice to see more variety in color on the skin in the 2018 but the way the light is painted, expecially on the boobs and hair, doesn't make sense; when it it's much more logical and consistent in the 2020 version.>>565326

No. 565397

No improvement in 3 years, ouch. The earliest one is definitely better, colour, composition and pose/mood.

No. 565398

Being technically good by following all the "rules" is not the same thing as appealing to our monkey brains. 2016 is pleasing in how the detail is situated in the upper quarter, it makes the less detailed hair lengths and body convey a certain mood. Plus the face feels more expressive. Sometimes something can be overworked, and think that's what happened to this artist.

No. 565426

I literally dont see what half of yall are talking about lol 2020 is so much better than the other two. It has a better composition, the pose is neutral but not completely static and your eyes flow through the piece. Sure the 2016 face is "better" but if the main focus was just the face she would have just drawn a bust lol

No. 565447

Heh, her boob looks lip-sided and her hips look broke in the 2020 one

Hey op could you give the artist’s name? It looks like all they draw are busts with stick bodies

No. 565469

I don't think it's so bad, it's bland, standard twitter art and the time it took to get to that is pretty pathetic, but it always seems like the people in this thread just hate seeing women being drawn at all. Like stop purposefully seeking out drawings of obvious coomer art if you hate it. There's nothing to critique other than "I don't like it when men draw big boobie so therefore it's bad." There's plenty of male artists out there who draw women respectfully, calm your tits and seek them out.

No. 565472

File: 1591303016385.jpg (313.22 KB, 1986x1277, anatomy ref.jpg)

That's what breasts look like though

No. 565481

File: 1591303689738.jpeg (43.4 KB, 367x525, 8CCC0CCE-F04F-4424-979B-C65F8C…)

Guys, I get the feeling that this image is superior than the rest for its shape language and understanding of anatomy /s

Honestly, I think it was better for the piece if she stood still and her hair did most of the movement for her

No. 565484

Yeah wtf are these replies? The anatomy is abysmal.

No. 565485

where are her nipples

No. 565497

this please

No. 565499

I'm a woman critiquing a fellow woman for shitty anatomy. Am I not allowed to do that now?

No. 565502

File: 1591304935733.png (372.05 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20200604-230330.png)

Not op but the artist is pantieschan, tbh I quite like her art even though all the women she draws look the same.

No. 565510

Was about to post the same tweet, I think it explains why she stagnated like this.
All she seems to draw are character commissions and rp characters, usually just with lineart and flats, no backgrounds, simple poses. She doesn't need to improve her colours, anatomy, or really anything because that's not what commissioners/patrons would pay money for, or she wants to be as fast as possible.

I know this thread gets mad about the idea of some artists treating their art more like a business than a skill they should always improve, but it just works for some people.

No. 565550

I've got some salt. Look I support BLM and have shared links and donated all over my Twitter, but on my Tumblr I didn't bother because I have a smaller following and it's just generally quieter. Anyway I just got a callout from a mutual because I posted art today but haven't mentioned anything but art on my blog. I'm just so pissed they don't know anything about me but because I didn't post anything on my side fandom blog I'm being 'shamed' by some little white girl. People need to spend time and energy on something more productive than shaming artists for posting art. Sorry just needed a vent…

No. 565567


Wow anon, that mutual was watching you like a hawk waiting for you to post just so they could do that callout i can imagine, a lot of people are doing internet witch hunts right now just eager to burn "racists" at the stake

No. 565571

did the post gain any traction?

No. 565596

I'm late, but
I used to catch one of Nerdecrafter's videos every now and again on craft kits. They seemed fine, benign, and decently-informed. Lately, however, she has introduced her sister into more and more videos with her. I wouldn't care, but they joke around a LOT more, and everything is more unfocused. The videos go on for longer, and it's not because her sister has any input further than what NerdE already says. I wouldn't mind if I found them funny, but I don't.
TL;DR NerdEcrafter's videos are less concise now and I think it's shit.

No. 565629

No I PM'd and she deleted. She half apologized and said I should post on my Tumblr too as well as my Twitter and I blocked her.

No. 565711

her videos have always been shit anon

No. 565757


I'm pretty sure all the rude jokes are because she wants to be able to say that her show is not for kids without changing her content to something that doesn't attract kids. She was pretty upset when Youtube demonetized content aimed for kids because it's obvious she's only in it to make money these days. Even the longer vids are so that she can cram in more ads.

No. 565766

File: 1591338467564.jpeg (412.08 KB, 1280x1280, 7BC0DB0F-454C-4941-84A9-52CB8C…)

I live in LA and started seeing this ugly shit all over the place.
She apparently has a boutique now and I don’t see the appeal. All she EVER draws are these badly proportioned ugly 3/4 pictures of “hot” deformed girls

No. 565768

i hate those eyelashes

No. 565775

File: 1591339415304.jpeg (378.87 KB, 750x1292, 68EC9733-F3AA-468A-A9FD-CB0E7D…)

Definitely the worst part. She actually gets displayed in art shows/galleries.
I get it’s bc she is a female minority street artist but damn, all her work is THE SAME.

No. 565777

Yeah but if one character is cool and distinctive, people will want to see the cool and distinctive style again like do you want her to start lashing watercolors onto street walls for variety?

No. 565782

It’s just boring , ugly, and repetitive. Looks like bratz fanart with the same expression 95% of the time. There are so many more interesting AND talented artists that can be showcased.
Drawing one thing over and over shows lack of imagination and skill. And gets boring real quick. You’ve seen one of her drawings, youve seen them all.

No. 565784

File: 1591340121045.jpg (74 KB, 465x599, 465px-Kotakoti_aspiring_artist…)

why do these remind me of dakota's drawings kek

No. 565802

Why do these drawings remind me of Myspace? This style seems so dated to me, like the kind of stuff you would have seen on DeviantArt fifteen years ago.

She must do a good job of self-promotion and being productive. Mediocre artists can get pretty far if they put out lots of content and market themselves effectively.

No. 565805

Living for the implication y2k culture isn't experiencing a revival especially during a pandemic when people turn to it for comfort.

No. 565808

This art style is what every early 2000's chola would doodle in their notebooks.

No. 565809

This deserves a spot in the bad/hideous art thread

No. 565859

Not wanting to participate doesn't make a person racist, and if you have a following you will be judged for it.

No. 565904

File: 1591365217220.jpg (803.76 KB, 810x3109, Screenshot_20200605-085223_Twi…)

Not sure what's her endgoal here. If Kristia could stop larping and apologize and quit claiming being doxxed, it will all end. Putting your name out in public and someone saying your name isn't doxxing, you psycho.

No. 565910

File: 1591366022719.png (643.51 KB, 470x593, gfhhy.PNG)

I find it very odd that all of a sudden white artist are hoping on the blacktavist wagon to show solidarity. Seems pretty fake.

No. 565915

Every corp in the current woke capital pushing the BLM narrative is fake. I'm ditching all services and products promoting the "message" with the exception of those related to work like Slack.

No. 565924

Loish has been drawing PoC since before diversity became a trend, is it so hard to believe that she actually cares about the things she is making an effort to promote on her huge platform?

No. 565939

What the fuck kind of analogy is that, Australian forest fires are in no way comparable. It's people losing their homes and livelihoods plus a whole fucking continent burning is a pretty global issue. The more fitting comparison would be being worried about the looting and violence in American neighborhoods but you're supposed to root for these criminals, it's like you'd cheer for the forest fires because they're killing t-the white ppl.

Don't give in to them. Even if you post BLM shit as an apology they just get a rush of power and start pushing their luck further. You give them an inch, they will take a mile. It's not even limited to BLM, artists get bullied all the fucking time for being ~insensitive~ just because some salty faggot has a domination fetish and thrives on making others feel small and miserable. Female artists in particular are generally quite sensitive and easy to boss around, so they're treated as common punching bags. I literally stopped posting art publicly and packed my bags to fuck off social media because I got too tired of seeing this happen all the time, genderbents are now transphobic and drawing only white characters is racist.

I let out an ugly snort at how accurate both of these descriptions are, holy shit

No. 565949

You’re damn if you do and you’re damn if you don’t. Make up your mind.

No. 565953

Dude think of it this way, she has a massive following and provided ways to donate in this post. Do you want her to instead follow the blackout trend?

No. 565961

I don't think the Yoko one was even referenced from that cosplayer. The poses aren't that similar.

No. 565962

If you're aware of, and intentionally don't improve whatsoever in three years, why post an improvement comparison on the internet?

No. 565966

It's distinctive because it looks like mutant Betty Boop drawn by a child, what do you mean?

No. 565968

Jen's tweet was moronic but the sentiment in this tweet is pretty dumb too though. "You can't just donate money and then go chill out and play video games, you HAVE to be constantly uncomfortable until the protests end or you support racism!"

No. 565986

Yikes this literally looks like bimbo fetish art lol

No. 565990

File: 1591380395158.jpg (668.18 KB, 1080x1080, comments.jpg)

Mab graves writing a whole lotta nothing in regard to BLM, because heaven forbid having an opinion about the hundreds of videos of police hitting, shooting or gassing protestors. This "listening" stuff is a cop-out, as is the suggestion there is anything confusing about this that requires research.

No. 565993

File: 1591380549804.jpg (245.1 KB, 1080x727, Whole lotta nothing.jpg)

Note the cowardly choice to have comments switched off despite the fact her comment section is usually filled with giddy stans who I couldn't imagine arguing about this.

Also the irony of posting this with an image of handwritten text "listening" (cropped to save space here) then switching off comments.

No. 565998

Also pretending to have no internet access in America in 2020, a very 00s excuse which isn't gonna fly here. It takes a few minutes to scroll Twitter to get a handle on what's happening.

The white women's guide to getting the fuck outta there when it comes time to saying a single supportive word about the rest of humanity

1. #muted listening
2. Act like this is an incredibly complex issue which requires 15 years of study before a reaction is possible
3. Do not comment about the riots or anything that's actually happening
4. vaguepost about yourself and your family
5. no call to action, throw some shit in your stories because heaven forbid you ruin your aesthetic
6. done

No. 566006

What's wrong with not posting about it?

No. 566010

Seriously. Opinions about the riots don’t need to be shared, they aren’t awed to the audience. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. Neither do I, I’m sick of hearing about it.

No. 566015

I’ve also seen protestors maimed and killed cops. Of course there’s going to be gassing when there’s tons of looting and violence around.

No. 566019

It's better to post nothing than these type of cop-out posts where they try and act like there is some higher reason for having no opinion, not giving a shit or even having an "unpopular" opinion. How does a post like this help anyone? It's just a PR move, the same as all these companies who use slave labor making their state sanctioned #BLM post. Saying nothing is infinitely better.

No. 566024

No. 566025

this is an image board, post screenshots

No. 566056

and those are all videos, anon

No. 566057

Nah she's right, linksperging is bad for the board, she can directly link the videos, upload them as a webm etc. but just constant links to places outside lolcow is stupid. We're here because the info is supposed to be on here

No. 566070

This has nothing to do with artists anon. The links provided includes police brutality videos

No. 566085

>I find it very odd that all of a sudden white artist are hoping on the blacktavist wagon

I sure fuckin don't. It's the same formula every time ffs.
Just like what people did with Qinni. Lots of artists online depend on their audience for income and support. Of course they're gonna join in and try to get as much positive attention as possible.

No. 566120

The videos have nothing to do with art.
Reasons why most artist are posting or not have more to do with social media backlash than anything.

Agree, americans are a very big audience and consumers of art online, so it was expected that even foreigners would fall into the same formula to please them.

No. 566145

>2. Act like this is an incredibly complex issue which requires 15 years of study before a reaction is possible
For anyone outside of America or even Americans who aren't black it is a complex societal issue that requires first hand experiences and extensive knowledge to understand. Think back to that recent viral video where some white boy is showing a thumbs up from his window to the protesters and the protesters throw an object through his window glass and he starts screeching "WHAT THE FUCK WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE". You think you understand but you don't, most of the people rioting are so mad they don't want whitey pity points.

You people demand everyone to post spicy takes about the BLM movement but still pitch a fit when they share a narrative based on their limited knowledge and one which clashes with yours. Of course if you just want copy and paste black box "im listening hurr cops are pigs white ppl should shut up" even that isn't enough because you actually have to add a "call to action" despite being told to shut up and ~listen~.

No. 566184

considering that people are going around and calling out artists who don't post anything BLM, of course some of them seem fake, they're forced.

No. 566231

Anon shut the actual fuck up you crazy bigot I am the anon that got called out and like I said I support BLM. Go back to looking for the Antifa boogy man like those freaks that almost lyched people in Forks yesterday. You're all delusional.

No. 566254

>This is what white guilt does to your brain
Keep licking those boots then, don't come here to complain when you slip up again with something innocuous and get devoured by your own permanently to the point there's no coming back any more

No. 566259

Anon, I'm 100% with you. I hate the current state of everything on the social media. I think of just quitting.

No. 566318

Jesus Christ. I know this person always makes really edgy stuff. But her character’s basic information sounds like a 14 year old wrote it.

No. 566368

someone needs to tell this artist that making EVERY SINGLE oc super edgy and a special snowflake makes them less interesting. how many "last of her very rare species, very rare shapeshifter, very rare mutant, very rare experimented on child, very rare abilities" can there be in a single story jesus christ lol. at least introduce a couple of ordinary characters to make the other ones stand out.

No. 566373


No. 566411

You can tell this person is a Tearzah fan. They'll probably grow out of this.

No. 566425

All the white artist rn .

No. 566426

Doubt it. They're a whole ass adult and they've been doing this for years.

Find it hilarious how she condemns YouTube animators for being "basic" and "uncreative" when she herself is uncreative in the edgy way.

No. 566484

File: 1591467392265.png (23.76 KB, 799x394, Capture5.PNG)

She's 19 and her art looks like this? That's pretty sad.
repost bc forgot to sage

No. 566616

Not really? They’re a hobbyist, not someone who’s intensively improving themselves.

No. 566647

anon what does this mean. what are you trying to tell us. are you trying to imply she's jealous of this lavendertowne tier art?

No. 566667

No. 566678

>whole ass adult
>only 19
She's just barely out of her teens, anon. Even Tearzah is still in her 20s, kek.

No. 566711

I actually enjoy her videos with her sister, i find them really comfy and i like how they interact with each other. I do not like her crafting videos though, i feel she isn't really good and never teacher or tries something new or is that entertaining by herself.

No. 566762

Are there any good places to post to get people to commission you? I dont have a name for myself yet but would really like to get some extra cash. A friend pointed out Furfinity to me if I'm willing to do fursona portraits.

No. 566763

File: 1591515562801.jpg (Spoiler Image, 237.7 KB, 1209x1661, 1582305366588.jpg)

Such a shame this guy is a raging pedo, his use of colors is damn impeccable. I've come to accept at this point that talented men are all highly likely fucked up.

No. 566770

Anon it’s been brought up before but stop posting pictures of his pedo art, his art has already been extensively discussed earlier, we all agree he’s gross. There’s no point to keep posting his pedo shit just to point out his rendering is good. Move on.

No. 566773

Oh I didn't notice, I guess it popped up in everyone's mind at the same time lol

No. 566775

>I've come to accept at this point that talented men are all highly likely fucked up

I'm in a few artist groups on FB and you can always tell when the art is done by a guy especially in a macabre art group its always over-sexualised women or just really off

No. 566785

Again with some mf uploading the pedos gross work here. We get it, the degenerate is talented but I'm not even impressed by the art anymore since it is all fucking tainted. Stop uploading his work, please.

No. 566805

Who's the guy? I'm not an artfag and couldn't find his handle from the thread

No. 566823

File: 1591533332348.jpg (227.17 KB, 1400x990, 1579624137451.jpg)

alkemanubis, comes from buenos aires
great artist, just wished he could stop with the pedoshit, because he is incredibly talented.

No. 566833

Holy fuck, you guys weren’t joking when you said the fucker only draws children. I can’t help but cringe at most of his art pieces

No. 566836

in a way i hope this sick pos gets out his fantasies by drawing and doesn't go after real girls but you can never be sure with degenerate men :/

No. 566839

It's good he is not hiding his true vile nature. Now we know he's a horrible person. And maybe he won't get professional jobs because he is open about it. It's always a thing with these fuckers that they can't help but flaunt their degeneracy. There are many more talented artists on earth that we don't need to praise this motherfucker and his shit. Hope he wrecks his hands so he can't draw anymore. Let's stop posting his shit though, whoever is saving his works, keep it to yourself. We get it, 'he is sooooo amazing at art u guizeeeee'.

No. 566886

File: 1591549277839.png (2.25 MB, 1440x1419, octo.png)

Update on this, she has posted several BLM posts to her main feed so I consider it redeemed. I see a lot of people only posting to stories meaning there will be no trace on their main account.

Also noticed a couple of people saying the sculpture is a weird thing to do which I saw here. I don't think it's weird, but I do think donating it to the family or giving them the sale price is weird, last time I looked they were on 12 million so I think they're good. Most funds stop accepting donations past about 10 million so I think the sentiment would be lost at this point.

No. 566887

I hate the way she shades. It reminds me of old DA Shading tutorials where they tell you to airbrush all sides which results in gross pillow shading.
In my experience, Twitter has been a decent experience getting commissions but Discord is really where I've gotten a lot of my commissions. try joining a bunch of art groups on Discord, that's where your best chance of getting noticed is imo bc if people like your work you can plug your less noticed blogs.

No. 566891

You shouldn't judge a person who doesn't live in america if they don't participate in this

No. 566893

When they draw an adult's stomach on a child's body, you know that's when it's bad.

No. 566909

I think this affects everyone; plus obviously eurofags are going to have to tailor their content to the US since most of their viewers and customers will come from there. But while US cops are definitely absolutely cray on a level unseen in the UK, It's not like the UK is a racism-free haven.

No. 566910

It's tragic to see a pedo with such art skill.

No. 566911

Am I the only one who isn't impressed by his artwork?

No. 566929

I'm not either, standards are low as shit here… Then you look at the "fixed" art thread and you understand why.

No. 566970

are there any specific art servers you'd recommend, and would you say bigger or smaller servers have gotten you more commissions? i also don't really have a name for myself, but i'm not sure i would have the energy to hang out on a lot of discord servers just to push my art.

No. 566976

File: 1591563915984.jpeg (116.13 KB, 640x561, 7D18F86A-B567-495C-BD64-09ACD0…)

Octoplum responding to criticisms of her George Floyd sculpture

No. 566977

File: 1591564020805.jpeg (155.37 KB, 640x705, 6FC6F4BD-F38E-42EF-AF81-A5C3A1…)

No. 566983

Setting the cows hilarious response aside to sperg for a minute
>It lacks some essence of beauty I can see in him
Holy fuck people are retarded. He's just a random ex-con who was unfortunately killed by a racist cunt. There's no need to make him out to be some kind of angelic being, he doesn't have an "essence of beauty" jfc.
What's the point of making this sculpture anyway? Is she selling it and donating the money?

No. 566991


I think that was her plan she said she’d auction it and donate the money to a BLM cause but people are advising against that since someone could easily bid high and destroy it once revived, she’s talking about sending it to the family I think that’s pretty fucking tasteless in their time of grief honestly, she’s being so melodramatic about the entire thing it’s almost as if when you do something quite controversial/tasteless people are going to respond brutally

No. 566992

You're proving their point, idiot.

No. 566993

Wtffff lmao

No. 566994

The comments are a garbage fire, people are humoring random trolls way too much. That girl plainly just wants to argue and is unfamiliar with octoplum's work, she accuses her of making "white fairy girls" and caricatures.

No. 566997

why would you even sculpt a human being based on a distorted selfie?? it simply won't be that accurate and i don't know how she even thought it was a good idea..

No. 566998


She was talking about it like she was doing it to cope, she’s also coming off as massively making it about her

No. 567000

File: 1591567607518.jpeg (292.84 KB, 640x909, BE67E6C0-8948-4742-B2BC-4F352D…)

Her full caption

No. 567001

File: 1591567671403.jpeg (384.62 KB, 640x855, 64EA2FE7-F22C-40E3-81DF-55AC60…)

The rest

No. 567002

did she draw a kawaii girl holding a gun for the second amendment UwU these girl videos are getting boring now…

No. 567004

I think she meant there're something not quite "there" with OctoPlums statue. Kinda almost uncanny valley mixed with her usual interpretation of Floyds features. She's used to drawing big-eyed white people and effeminate brown people and not actual black man based on her portfolio. Like her art, but this ain't it sis.

No. 567012


Yeah I understand she was trying to show support but this really isn’t the way to do it, it’s also a incredibly
fresh wound right now she started sculpting very soon after his death iirc so it makes her seem rather clout chasey

No. 567018

Totally agree. It come off as clout chasing and pretty tone deaf. Now her dumb ass has to deal with the logistics of what to do with the sculpture. I wont lie I'm loving the trash heap of a comment section with the hilarious irony that a black woman critiqued her work and everyone's dog-piling her because poor widdle Octo can't take the heat.

No. 567019

The whole sculpture was a bad idea in the first place. It's just weird and tasteless to sculpt a murder victim's head and then sell it to someone, even if the money will go to a good cause. She didn't need to do this in the first place, she's acting like she was bestowed this assignment by god and is now being persecuted for it. Just sign some petitions and donate to some fundraisers like the rest of us.

No. 567022

She's now hidden both posts which show the sculpture, so she's maybe given up on it after the garbage fire it caused.

No. 567026

Ok, but has theis girl’s art changed AT ALL in the last 4 years?
I feel like it’s digressing, but then again, all I see of her art are these posts

No. 567027


It’s weird to me that she’s acting like she didn’t expect backlash? She’s completely playing the victim here with her “I want to die” shit how manipulative can you get?

No. 567031

It hasn't. I would even say she's regressed.

No. 567036

She's now deleted her whole account…lol this is exactly what people mean about not centering yourself. The muted thing turned out to be a better idea. I don't think anyone was nasty, I'd say the issue was just that some people were uncomfortable with the sculpture existing due to various reasons. It's not really a big deal, plenty more people liked it, it was at over 9k. Interestingly one girl arguing in the comments said she should keep the post up and that it was building bridges right before she deleted.

No. 567041

For added context, people also had issues with her Sailor Moon illustration which she removed comments, took down, then put back up again. So it could be people simply not liking her style when applied to a known person. I have never seen complaints about her ocs.

No. 567043


Her oc posts don’t bring in as many comments and new people as any fanart stuff she does so it seems like once she gets interaction outside of her hugbox bubble like constructive criticism or people voicing their options on her art she flips out and takes it very personally, like with the whole “I really want to die” thing just earlier she’s definitely done that in the past before over something she’s drawn I don’t remember what off of the top of my head though

No. 567046

I think that's exactly it, fanart generally is recommended as technique to bring in new people, but in octo's case this is a big mistake since she can't take critique. I've noticed she generally blocks any dissenters, this is the first time I've seen her keep the dissenters and just delete her whole account instead.

No. 567050

lmaooo the way she tries to represent diversity with the black girls but never gives them lighter palms. also not at how she portrays the 2 more "aggressive" amendments(with one even holding a gun) as black and the 2 more calm and quirky ones as white

No. 567054

File: 1591574395024.png (1.19 MB, 1250x1030, 257100.png)

I dunno. You tell me.

No. 567055

Are you really bitching that she didn't give black characters lighter palms when she doesn't even give white characters lighter palms?

No. 567057


well yeah cause the contrast is more apparent in black palms. its a part of all black skin coloring

No. 567062

I've noticed those BLM pieces with two hands clapsed always use flat color on the darker-skinned character, you can't see the palm in that motif but you should be able to see lighter fingertips and nails. It's always one color for the whole hand. Glad I'm not the only autist who's noticing these things at least.

No. 567063

It just seems like an exaggeration to say someone failed to represent diversity because they didn't include realistic palm coloring when it's not even part of their style.

No. 567108

I mean, I don’t watch Craig of the Creek, but I think they have pronounced African Americans without white-ish palms

No. 567153

There is more than Europe and the US in the planet. I get your point but it's not that simple, expecting the same reaction from foreigners is egoistic of Americans imo.

No. 567159

I don't think most Americans care if foreigners care. Aside from the crazy ones, of course. And they're often the loudest on social media.

No. 567215

Can someone post the designs I don’t want to give her views

No. 567241

yeah probably whiteknighting but i can totally understand octoplum for acting how she did, she said multiple times that the statue is still a work in progress but people being tone deaf and then arguing that it lacks life and looks plain is just very exhausting especially if you have severe depression like she has. i do not think that it was a good idea to do a sculpture of his head but she said that she doesn't have much money and wanted to contribute something and that is by far better than a lot of people do.

No. 567242

File: 1591606087787.jpeg (682.98 KB, 2048x2048, 283149D8-3177-494B-86DE-4B6173…)

You're welcome anon. Sorry if it’s low quality, I didn’t want to spam and post them individually.

No. 567251

The top right one’s design makes me want to die. The other designs are alright, but god the top right is so… ugly….. The entire video concept was a bad idea to begin with tbh, especially right now. I get that she’s educating her young audience on their rights and all, but doing it with “cute girls” seems a bit tasteless.

No. 567286

File: 1591611935318.png (280.01 KB, 1736x1162, jkbn.png)

Never subscribed to her, but her apology showed up on my YT homepage and I decided to take a look.
Apparently, Lovely Lauren got cancelled on Twitter for being "transphobic" and "racist".

No. 567287

they're all cancer aside from the bottom left.
even then there's nothing about her that represents free speech/press in her design itself

No. 567289

This is the video that got her in trouble, I guess.

No. 567291

File: 1591612032841.jpeg (113.37 KB, 907x672, EZ4NwwwVAAAkqUn.jpeg)

No. 567295

File: 1591612315376.jpeg (214.26 KB, 838x2048, EZ4bT8TUEAEJ0js.jpeg)

They're also reaming her and sent death threats over her drawing pic related, and making fun of non-binary/genderspecial people on Tumblr.

No. 567299

yepp this is exactly what I thought. Like sure the sentiment is nice, but it's kinda weird that the corpse isn't even cold yet and she's….sculpting a portrait and selling it.

No. 567301

how long until she gets cancelled for making the right to bear arms black considering everything going on rn? lmao

No. 567320

Yeah, that's a really stupid choice. Could have been actually progressive and made justice the black one (lady justice representations are always pale af, it would be an interesting take), but nope.

No. 567341


This seems somewhat tone-deaf.

No. 567344

She did a wrongthink. Idk why you would express these opinions online.

No. 567345

>innocent cop

Loool she needs to watch some videos on Twitter if she thinks innocent cops are a thing

No. 567349

File: 1591620077879.png (586.55 KB, 1438x2194, Backup.png)

I noticed people are doing the are u ok hun thing on her backup account now.

>tfw you make the blm protests about yourself

No. 567359

Also worth looking at @artistnakazzi account on Instagram. She made a post tagging octoplum and a few other people, and interestingly one of the r u ok hun people is in the comments, crawling to the same girl who trolled octo.

No. 567363

lol she turned off comments

No. 567394

Some of the people she tagged don't even make sense or lead to active accounts. It's like a boomer or an AI made that post.

No. 567410

She's definitely acting like a boomer, her main issue seems to be that octo is white which means she isn't allowed to make art of non-white people apparently.

No. 567416

You'd think they'd be more lenient considering this is a joke on Jessica Yaniv, who's an actual pedophile and ACTUALLY did this irl.

No. 567430

And not just jessica janiv but the gamestop tranny as well, who btw is also a pedo and has seen smoking weed in the present of his own son. There are also apparently rather questionable photos that he has taken with his own 10 Y7o son. I know this is super ot but I don't understand why people flip their shit for making fun of these fucking degenerates. These people are the bottom of the barrel kind of shite and should be made fun of.

No. 567439

File: 1591630383959.jpeg (170.03 KB, 750x396, F1CFCB20-96A8-4712-8AFE-A7CFEA…)

Reading this Twitter is pretty fucking nasty- the girl doesnt deserve this whole “cancel” post
>being transgender isn’t a mental illness
>looks up gender dysphoria on DSM-5

No. 567442

nah, there's plenty of shit she's shown to be nasty about in that thread, but with how young and dumb her audience is, it doesn't matter she took down her twitter her yt channel won't be effected.

No. 567451

Like what, I’m curious anon

No. 567456

I mean what's transphobic about calling out these degenerate men like It's Ma'am Guy and Jessica Yaniv???? Do gay people claim the pedo priests that molest young boys? No. If the trans community want mainstream acceptance they need to start loudly publicly calling out their degenerates and stop acting like crackheads to the general public. This is why voices like Blaire White are so important and it sucks that trans people have to be lumped in with men with autogynephilia

No. 567462

Sorry but I am just blown away, can you imagine traumatically losing a loved one and recieving a carefully rendered BUST of that person.. from a stranger? How jarring it would be ?

No. 567523

There’s a million artists you can find on artstation with similar painting style and who are not pedophiles. He’s not a unique genius savant, even going “omg but he’s soo goood too bad hes a pedooo” serves nothing but massaging his ego. Since smoothly rendered digital art is not a niche, you can easily find alternatives, it’s stupid as fuck to mourn this shit like he’s picasso, instead of your run of the mill digital artist, it’s cringy as fuck.

No. 567525

File: 1591639971895.jpeg (188.59 KB, 750x493, B9B0DD9F-20A7-422A-AD79-5810B6…)

Anon I don’t know what you mean by that, the only valid point the thread creator had was of the drawing of the girls’ ocs being nasty.
Like, the thread creator is REACHING

No. 567528

i'm obviously not talking about these lame ones, but the ones where she is acting like ~straight pride parade~ is just a joke and not people legitimately trying to take away from the one month gay people have for themselves and the other one shitting on it, and her general dumb disposition to the protests. also "coal-like skin" is one of the dumbest things i've ever heard and i'm not sure why a normal person would use wording like that.

No. 567535

This is what made me stop taking that entire "callout" seriously from the jump, lmao.
The most problematic thing about her IMO is that one character with fluffy hair who gets bullied for being "charcoal-skinned" and is portrayed alongside literal monster children, basically implying very dark skin is monstrous. That's some golliwog/zwarte piet bullshit.

No. 567545


Might want to watch the video first.

No. 567549

This is pretty tame, kek. By the way, did she ever do a face reveal or talk about her cultural background, or are people just assuming some things about her?

No. 567564

Dude, looking at her likes: >>567525
Of course she’ll like this retard humor.
I really don’t think that makes her an overall racist jfc

No. 567566

File: 1591647457842.jpeg (441.17 KB, 750x1015, 8A4ED713-8489-4E77-8E60-2F1392…)

>make the illegid racist-transphob say sorry for all of their misdeeds and then they can be welcomed back into society UwU

Honestly, I just looked at this twitter thread to see the evidence for myself, and honestly wow, fuck the creator of that twitter thread for using shit piece evidence: HUMOR that can be misconstrued in a number of different ways and not understanding the context of >>567295

No. 567570

Smafagging b/c I for to post this but the amount of entitlement that comes from reading the thread is pretty nasty.

No. 567575

This is so cringey Jesus christ. I don't even know where to start.

No. 567592

So many Karens here lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 567597

That literally doesn't mean anything.

No. 567627

I see, I was seeing so many comments on foreigners art posts I got that feeling, but you are right, a few crazy ones can really stand out and paint a different picture from reality.

No. 567636

If I only knew America by American TV and people on social media, I'd probably hate it too.

No. 567687

File: 1591677949607.png (243.52 KB, 600x698, 1.png)

No. 567688

She's…really losing it isn't she?

No. 567690

File: 1591679036732.png (1000.88 KB, 602x2152, 2.png)

No. 567693

She sounds like some kind of really bad anime villain. I've never seen someone lose it this bad.

It's not even really funny at this point just incredibly sad and pathetic.

No. 567700

Kek I'm starting to like her, even if only ironically

No. 567707

To be honest, if she humbled herself just like Rossdraws did, then she can continue drawing as megat0nraid..

No. 567708

I mean…it wasn't a secret. I think we all know.

No. 567727

File: 1591689728042.gif (1.07 MB, 245x160, translation.gif)

No. 567734

I think she’s just doing this for attention. After she got called out she tried to flip the narrative that she was the one getting bullied but since she deleted her accounts, nobody bothered to care anymore, so it literally just became her yelling into a void. She’s trying very hard to gain even sliver of attention back from all she lost.

No. 567739

So is it megat0nraid or her 10yo WK? I swear, the way this twitter account acts makes it seem like as if the author is less than 14 years old.

No. 567769

It's very obviously her larping as a crazy fan. This is the same person who weaponizes suicidal tendencies to garner sympathy.

No. 567777

The egde here damn… it would be a lot simpler for her to admit she traced and start drawing on her own. She's embarassing herself.

No. 567791

she probably feels like it's too late for her, and since she's been tracing for forever she wouldn't feel confident in her art if she stopped. she's in her mid to late 20's, i think?

No. 567799

I still don't understand how mid 20s people tend to have a kid/teenager mentality nowadays. Is that because they were addicted to internet through their whole life? I keep meeting mid20s-late20s unstable im baby-chans IRL, but they would always have a history of ''not going outside for x-years now, only spending them on internet and videogames while crying about how depressed they are''.

No. 567800

yeah it's probably severe internet poisoning, unfortunately the next few generations are going to be full of people like that who grew up on the internet and are emotionally/socially retarded. i don't think it's completely the fault of these people for staying on the internet too long, mental health awareness and treatment is still not very good in most places. depression and anxiety can make finding/keeping friends hard, and long winded isolation can really fuck someone up.

No. 567868

she's 30 iirc

No. 567937

i remembered something like that, but thought it might have been an exaggeration. damn is that way worse though.

No. 567940

File: 1591733339567.jpg (754.72 KB, 1080x1843, screen-destinymoon.jpg)

Does anybody have anymore info on this? Apparently destinytomoon faked being trans lol

No. 567942

did some digging, and apparently kiwifarms found her birth certificate, which says her gender to be female. there are claims by several people that they actually got the wrong address so it's not even hers, and also that the gender can be changed on the birth certificate, but i don't know enough about chile's laws. i do think it's weird she deleted her accounts if the claims were false, but she's the artist who's claiming to be nb and trans at the same time so this is a conclusion people should have come to sooner.

No. 567945

a lot of people say they're nb and trans at the same time because they equate being nb to being transgender (transitioning from cis to nb). honestly i don't buy it, kf isn't super reliable. tbh i understand her deleting her acc due to the fact that this kind of attention and attempt to doxx her birth certificate/address/etc can be very alarming for most people.

No. 567948

honestly never seen anyone call themselves nb and trans at the same time, doesn't even make sense. someone gave a tutorial on kf on how to access her birth certificate, i haven't been able to completely figure it out yet since the websites are in spanish, but it seems legit. don't think i can link the post here, but if someone wants to double check i don't think it's too hard to find it on her thread.

No. 567956

Anyone know what happened to doodledate? They havent posted in a long time.

No. 567960

They predominantly stream on twitch due to YouTube classifying the channel as kid friendly. They stream a lot and you get to see a lot more of their progress as well.

No. 567961

ntayrt, you see it all the time on tumblr and the like. they see non binary as being "under the trans umbrella" because apparently they're not cis, and therefore that makes them trans. it's very common.

No. 567967

I don't get why you guys keep going on about the trans-nb thing, that's the least interesting thing about this situation. Also tumblr has always been bad with LGBT and mental illness stuff, so using that as a standard is dumb.

No. 568164

Ugh that baby in the corner makes it even worse

No. 568225

File: 1591802089979.png (257.52 KB, 1080x1083, 20200610_111413.png)

Any idea which one of her many tracers/copycats this is about?

No. 568228

File: 1591802462846.png (932.4 KB, 620x875, volcano_01.png)

I support her on patreon and here's the piece she hasn't released yet, just to help figure out who did it.

No. 568236

File: 1591805881867.png (2.7 MB, 1500x1500, mioree.png)

I've been lurking here for a good while, and I've been wondering what do you think about Mioree? She has had (up until very recently) a pretty bad case of sameface going on, yet I never see it discussed on any platform. Her rendering is lovely but I've always wondered, why would anyone spend 100s of dollars on a commission that has the exact same face as every other one.

No. 568247

>same faces
>same expressions
>bimbo lips every time
kek why even bother? I bet I could find at least ten other artists with her exact rendering style but more variety. At this point I'm avoiding artists who drawing female faces this way like the plague. They're so boring.

No. 568261

File: 1591809949427.jpg (925.11 KB, 1080x2019, 20200611_001513.jpg)

Does anyone know whatever happened to artofphillydelphy? Her art is amazing and gorgeous. Sadly she stopped uploading at 6th of December 2019, her facebook account got deactivated as well. I saw one of her posts on Instagram that she mentioned she was undergoing medications… I'm worry about her…

No. 568270

how sad is it that artists can take such a range of characters from different ages and ethic backgrounds and give them all the exact same face. Like holy shit, if someone showed me this collage and it was my artwork, I'd be so embarrassed.

No. 568273

I just looked at her Instagram and in one post she mentioned she has depression and BPD and apologized for being away for so long, so this is probably not that unusual for her.
Also, side note, but the way she draws these super childish faces on characters with their tits out makes me uncomfortable lol

No. 568281

Well you can see clearly why she draw like that on her bio. Himegyaru and Lolita dolly art style is her preference.
It's just a drawing, you think a fictional matter could affect reality? If you dont like her art, why don't you just leave away. Istg anons are so stupid here

No. 568297

Could've sworn this is the artist salt/discussions thread, not the "I need to love every artist that's posted in this thread" thread.
Look at the actual pedo art posted earlier in here if you think that a fictional matter couldn't affect reality btw

No. 568300

what the fuck is with this reaction, did you feel personally attacked or what

No. 568305

saw that she deleted a lot of her art in twitter

the only ones left are the recent ones made this year plus some few ones from last year.
scared that people might dig up more proof of her tracing maybe?

No. 568326

File: 1591818704001.jpeg (289.76 KB, 750x687, 4D57597C-10FC-4EB0-AB82-838DA4…)

To add onto the destinytomoon discussion, I found it funny that this twitter handle used the creator of Sonichu as a trans icon kek

No. 568331

All of them are wondering if they left the stove on when they left the house

No. 568338

Anyone else loving the creepshow callout? Love that her response is basically feel bad for me I was homeless uwu

No. 568340

I’m not saying agree or not or w/e but the people who say they are nb and trans just mean if you aren’t born intersex your sex is biological, therefore your gender is nb so you are trans because you were assigned a gender at birth based on your sex.

No. 568341

Links and screenshots, anon.

No. 568346

Neither himegyaru nor lolita involve baby faces with tits out, though.

No. 568357

The callout. What I’m loving about this girl is that she is better at Shannon in every way lol. Not saying she’s amazing but it’s funny that she’s a better artist and commentator with a similar humor.

No. 568359

Shannon’s response. She implies she was homeless for years?? She was couch surfing so occasionally she was in her car for a night but she wasn’t living on the streets out of her car for years like she always implies.

No. 568362

File: 1591824093005.png (3.85 MB, 1477x1497, 83432948.png)

Exactly. I can understand uguu~ moe anime faces with huge eyes but this just looks bad

No. 568366

Her style is very reminiscent of old maple story designs, I wouldn't be surprised if that was her inspiration.

No. 568371

she certainly learned whatever she learned about lolita and himegyaru from maplestory.

No. 568378

Could care less about Shannon anon, it was only in time before ppl finally realized that she’s fake af, and her only support is blind ass children

No. 568388

The creator of Sonichu is as trans as I am a man. And last time I checked, I wasn’t a dude.

No. 568444

Is anyone else mad that people are destroying monuments? I am scared for the future of art

No. 568448

This feels more like damage control.
All of the things mentioned in the call out video were already addressed to Creepshowart in Tweets or DM's with her. There have also been many videos stating the same points against Creepshowart.
But now, when there's this video, where the only difference is that it gets really popular and compiles all the claims at once, she responds?
Not to mention starting out with the whole, "I was homeless and it was terrible and I could potentially have PTSD"?

No. 568455

How about the fact that she doesn't understand the concept that when you compare someone to their estranged father (which they probably hate or did bad things to them), they would be hurt and insulted? As well as it just being a generally fucked up thing to do.
How dumb is she?

No. 568478

I'm not educated in art in any way, just a commoner who likes looking at art, so idk if there is a certain term for this, but like… I feel that some of these e-artists feel that good character design = adding as many bells and whistles as possible. Add more colors, more shapes, more accessories, add wings floating around them and glasses and purses and weapons and vines and stripes and scars and… You get the point. This is also how I feel about the Hazbin Hotel characters.

What I think a good character design is, something that is simple yet iconic. Like maybe a character that has 1 or 2 really cool features that stand out, but not ALL of the features. Take the top right girl for example and take away some of the things - no words up her dress, no scar over her nose, no faded roots. Tone it down a little. It'll look far less cluttered and be a better design imo. Having "No" and X's in like 5 different places is just overkill.

No. 568483

this person made a Kimba the white lion video, turned off comments when the YMS video on it came out, and complained that she got rape threats on Twitter for her video
weird that creepshow didn't do the thing she does with everyone else and made a video on her critic for that

No. 568498

She’s just covering her ass cuz that video makes her look like a fake vapid bitch. Which she is. I’m not gunna go back to how I was uwu. Living on the streets changed me uwu She didn’t address half the shit she said and did about people making shit up it’s pathetic.

No. 568501

Shannon, about someone estranged from their father for nearly ten years: This girl’s dad has done bad things no wonder she came from his sperm makes sense she would be bad too.

Everyone else: ??? That’s messed up Shannon.

Shannon: Um I see where you’re coming from but you see I don’t like her? So…I stand by what I said.

Lmao fucking clown

No. 568503

Dude this comment should get highlighted, the amount of people on YouTube who are like this (spechie/speggi, madame) are only increasing. They’re entitled shits who think their life is harder than others. They bully, lie, and exaggerate claims, then when their words are against them, the cry out until they do an apology video, and then people claim ‘how much they’ve grown’.

No. 568506

I feel like she only made an 'apology' video because she got backed into a corner. If she did anything else, she would only give everyone fire to make more videos on her and prove them right.

No. 568507

Truue. I just meant that in my post highlighting madam/spechie/Shannon
Their Apologies videos are the worse. They don’t really apologize, because they still don’t think they did anything wrong. they word it in a way that blames some underlying issue and dissociate themselves from their actions

No. 568516

I'm so sick of these fake ass uwutubers. Why are so many popular creators shitty, immature people?

No. 568523

This rendering is amazing but the proportions of her body aren't appealing, there's little value hierarchy in the composition, the arms look floaty and detached from the body. It's kinda scary how good you can get at one aspect of art and lack so much in others. You really need to level up all your art knowledge consistently or you end up with wonky drawings

No. 568526

I can't speak for all Youtubers, but for drama channels like Creepshow, maybe it's because drama is an inherently vapid topic. Drama channels like these are basically just over glorified gossip shows. Therefore, the people who are likely to consistently make drama content would be people who like vapid content. And if they like vapid content, it's likely they're vapid themselves.

No. 568527

But have you seen that the pedo artist discussed on this thread asking nudes from minors? If he is, that's an actual pedo. Dont just call out without research of the artist. Just he draws lolis he got called as pedo kek

No. 568549

I think that's what pissed people off though because they subbed and made her channel grow for story time and edgy but uwu relatable commentary but she slowly evolved into a drama channel for more views and her original audience is feeling like they were conned by her fake personality at the start of her channel which she now claims was just a result of stress from being homeless? And who she is now is how she grew from the experience? Thats a bs cop out Shannon you changed for money and clout or you were always a bitch and the uwu shit was just to get gullible art kids to sub to you when you have 1 no art skills 2 no editing skills and 3 no actual content besides gossip. Now you make up fake click bait and spread false gossip. Stop acting like a victim.

No. 568563

If you're attracted to prepubescent bodies rendered that lovingly and painstakingly, you're a pedophile.

No, it doesn't automatically mean you'd act upon real children, or you'd download real child pornography. But yes, it means on some level, you are attracted to minors.

Where do we draw the line? If you say "It's just art," what about a sketchbook recreation of a real nude of a child? What about real child nudes with a sketchy filter overlayed? At some point, "it's just art" doesn't cut it anymore.

Our porn consumption doesn't always reflect something we'd do in real life, but on some level, we do desire what we're seeing on the screen. There's no reason to draw sexy children if you don't like sexy children.

No. 568566

File: 1591853196912.jpg (79.34 KB, 1200x751, EYWBCMMWsAAWwjz.jpg)


while i would find it hilarious if it was her, one of her friends has said she's taking a break from the internet due to a loss in the family, so i'd like to believe that myself. however, remembering the screenshots from her discord when it got leaked, the whole 'anime villain' mentality is hard to forget. (she's loki)

No. 568569

No, go study history of art and find out why bootlicker

No. 568580


No. 568586

Yeahh… I've seen worse than those art as well…

No. 568589


Not meant to be racist or anything, since i looked up that the artist comes from Argentina… and it's in South America… There's another artist from South America as well used to be known as Cristali… which is way blatantly disgusting as Cristali asking minors mostly of his fans to send nudes even sending his nudes to them. I've heard him that he also sold traced nudes in his Patreon.

Thank god Cristali got arrested last year for distributing CP and he's now in jail…

Why do they both are sickos

No. 568592

>>"it's just art" doesn't cut anymore.

Have you seen pixiv yet? There are far worse art than the artist posted here, but still ppl there doesn't think it's concerning yet a lot of them still like them… Yeah worse, more suggestive, and icky… I don't understand-

No. 568597

because girls w pretentious uwu-voice (that u can easily fake) remind neckbeard weebs and underage people of lolis, and pretenting to be an uwu-chan is the least an attention whore can do if they don't have the looks.

No. 568601

Shoot, is that why Shannon never shows her face?

No. 568681

>girls w pretentious uwu-voice
This in combination with that snobby overly "breathy" kind of voice (hard to describe) drives me up the wall. It's the main reason I can't listen to 90% of these art/gossip/commentary channels.

No. 568686

I've seen one selfie of her on Twitter. She had so many blurry filter on it to try and disguise she looks like a fat lunch lady and she's only 24 or something lmao. Caption was super insecure and fishing for likes. So pathetic

No. 568688

Those and the grindy voices of people like EmilyArtful and ReadytoGlare are just the worst

No. 568690

File: 1591875188552.png (207.06 KB, 640x416, 798222.PNG)

"all the criticisms made in this video against me were valid"
>still has her Twitter banner the comment from Karuna, which is something tobi called her out for since it's petty, immature, and stupid

No. 568740


It's a Japanese site, and Japan has a weird relationship to minors in art imho. Doesn't matter what some people on a foreign internet side do when it's illegal in your own country. Bet the people beeing creeped out but such art here are anything but Japanese.

No. 568774

File: 1591887377156.png (56.44 KB, 862x459, mewtripled.png)


Mewtripled getting called out for being performative.

No. 568789

Is mewtripled the same as mewdoubled? because i remember her from her making fanime back in the day

i remember her being kind of a bitch but not racist. wow.

No. 568801

Same gal

No. 568807

A note on the ‘homeless in Portland’ thing about this; I live here. I lived here when she did. No one here has an issue with people living in their car on public property. In fact, Portland can’t seem to move on what to do with our overwhelming homeless population. Shannon complaining about all the things that happened to her, in the safety of her car that can drive away, falls on deaf ears.

Also, if she was in Portland the last few years, working 2-3 jobs, at part-time, she would be making at least 2800 a month after taxes since the minimum wage has been increasing every few months to eventually hit 15$. You can easy find an apartment within budget for that. You just have to go 30 mins out of the main city. And with Portlands robust public transport, she doesn’t even need to drive.

She is whining and complaining about a situation that was easily fixable, but she doesn’t have the braincells to realize that. Maybe in that Vegas heat, her shit will start to stink.

No. 568814


so did anyone figure out who the loish copycat is in question?
i checked miorees, cyarins, and lord_gris' account and none of them had anything similar so I'm confused who she's referring to that's big enough to be on her radar for copying

No. 568843

File: 1591896912890.jpeg (203.87 KB, 750x536, 7B0F4C6E-10AF-4769-A74E-6A3CA7…)

I’ve been reading the twitter thread, and it sounds like the artist IS young, and possibly is using Loish’s patron to learn but also use their ideas- hence: >>568228

I assume that the artist who stole the idea probably took down their image in fear their name will get out. But from what it sounds, theyre a replicant of Loish’s style- it doesn’t narrow anything down, but there is a possibility that they also took other ideas from loish’s patron

No. 568845

Maybe I am stupid but these criticisms feel kind of petty and blown out of proportion?

No. 568849

this is so petty , what the point of all of this? bad if you talk about it bad if you don't you can't never win

No. 568850

Yeah this seems like they chose one popular artist to take down for minorly unwoke shit a lot of people are guilty of. It will probably blow over pretty quickly.

No. 568852

Bold of you to assume a male artist who draws only unclothed preteens isn't a pedo

No. 568855

I find this thread interesting because the main reason anyone would subscribe to loish's patreon is to find out The Secret to popularity (/s) and learn how to copy her. I wonder why this one artist sent her over the edge when there are hundreds of loish clones.

No. 568868

File: 1591901599193.png (13.68 KB, 816x152, mm.png)

This Andrea seems like a huge attention-whore bitch.

No. 568874

It’s because, as loose claims, they took an entire concept that she had on patron before she could publish it- mimicking the style and idea to a ‘T’
But then again, no one knows the artist or what the post looks like so

No. 568879

>they harass poor innocent trans people uwu
People losing their shit anytime KF is mentioned will never not be hilarious.

No. 568886

File: 1591904862057.png (709.84 KB, 1080x1334, 20200612_034640.png)

She's still active in her AtticRen account on twitter. It isn't new that she sockpuppets and fakes her identity

No. 568887

File: 1591904998895.jpeg (260.62 KB, 1448x2048, DxWd2DxVYAAHYN5.jpeg)

A quick look at the old art kristia posted on atticren and you can tell its her just by the lines and colors alone. (Plus tracing)

So yeah she's been scamming people for so long and asspatting herself kek

No. 568906

So Megat0nraid popped back up with another account and is still commissioning with traced works? Sad kek
I guess she thinks it’s ‘safe’ now that “it’s awfully quiet”

No. 568910

File: 1591910752645.jpeg (150.43 KB, 828x1792, E0217DC9-C922-4B04-9D62-4D369A…)

While I’d love to see any bna get dragged down… this person is purely being petty and even if she had one point that lowkey made sense… she’s exaggerating way too much lmao
I’m even surprised michelle replied to her in such a calm way lmao

No. 568911

But can we really believe the word of her friend?

They could very well be an asspatter, a white knight, or someone who just wants everyone to get off their friends' back.

I would've thought she'd at the very least post about a death in the family on her main before going awol since she obviously enjoys the attention.

It's not to say that there isn't an inkling of that happening to be true – condolences– but there's so much evidence of her lying and cheating others from the price of her commissions that are just straight up traced to the barely visible video trying to prove herself.

No. 568921

>I'm gonna get back to this later. I'm veru mad how you deliverd this message too

thats juts so childish, the call out is reaching to make this artist look bad for a like in a post and voice she cast in a old animation for he class?

No. 568927

Didn't she live with her boyfriend while homeless, who also had a job?

No. 568931

File: 1591915165710.jpeg (363.31 KB, 1608x1124, EE9A378C-17DA-4726-A12E-B9F232…)

Now, it could just be me, or this girl running this whole crusade is straight up delusional

No. 568938

File: 1591916433512.jpeg (444.72 KB, 750x1060, E2862161-5481-43FC-A446-866BF7…)

No. 568939

>But can we really believe the word of her friend?
I wouldn't. They don't even live in the same country. The Miyanoai cunt is being played hard.

No. 568940

>White Asians
The only way this could make sense if she was talking about Eurasians

No. 568942

But she’s calling herself brown, classifying herself under the black lives matter movement, despite being near translucent. Hell, I think she’s “whiter” than Mewtripled

No. 568943

What the hell are "white" asians?? Like biracial? Colorism is a huge deal in Asia so it's not like this isn't an issue but "white asians" is an incorrect and lowkey racist label. There are pale/lightskinned asians who are racist towards darkskinned asians, this is true even in predominantly brown asian countries like India, I hate that white is even mentioned here being a racist lightskinned asian doesn't make you white

No. 568944

This feels like some sort of petty personal vendetta she found to opportunity to do after unhealthily obssessing over them for years

No. 568945

File: 1591919091788.jpg (29.34 KB, 671x1127, Di3gNOaVsAIe59b.jpg)

She even pretended to be some cosplayer too

No. 568946

Honestly, I wanted to write that down when looking at her twitter. Her art and animations are mediocre, and it appears that she too followed the trend of BLM, not once mentioning it before.
But in her posts, She tries to make herself sound like a victim for racism, calling herself “brown” since only “white Asians and East Asians have (put her)down” despite appearing to pass as a ‘white asian’.

No. 568948

Yes they were literally only using the car for storage while they couch surfed. She is overplaying her experience to the max to justify being petty and spreading false accusations.

No. 568950

Wasn’t that years ago too??
Like, from the beginning of her career on YouTube when she was saying how her mom and sis were “”””abusive”””””

No. 568951

I've seen another Filipina girl use the term "white Asians".
People in the Philippines just seem to call pale-skinned filipinas/filipinos and other Asians "white Asians" a lot.
I think it's nitpicky for anyone to get huffy about this, it's clear they don't mean "white" in the western racial sense, just their literal skintone. It's not that deep, IMO.

No. 568952

I understand that, but the girl is calling the other one racist while calling herself brown and how she’s apart of the BLM movement. She’s purposefully highlighting the other one as “white” in comparison to herself. The nitpickiness to educate “those whites” is really kinda racist on her end

No. 568954

File: 1591921057993.png (421.7 KB, 599x621, b03a5b560133d6c5da621cec0021a8…)


here she is pretending it isn't her..

No. 568955

File: 1591921081462.jpg (257 KB, 1080x2220, Delru-XVQAElQwD.jpg)


the art included

No. 568957

File: 1591921275124.png (233.3 KB, 721x509, dc1vjdhaog031.png)


and compare it to art she posted on main..

No. 568958

File: 1591921883630.jpg (174.52 KB, 630x1024, EYWLTZWX0AYV4_6.jpg)

not to mention, when this was posted, people like that lala escargot rp account who is friends with her didn't try to say that some of the art isn't even hers while they vehemently defended her. you can see it posted on atticren, not megat0nraid, here:


No. 568960


as you can see, the goro joshua drawing is watermarked with 'avie', a known previous alias, and also the name on her deviantart..

No. 568965

Exactly. Brown and south east asians are not black and it's weird that she's trying to equate whatever discrimination she faced with the systematic racism black people suffer from in america which is what BLM is about. I agree that this seems like a personal vendetta against Michelle for petty things like the way she speaks but having a tryhard personality doesn't make you racist

No. 568967

being homeless and having abusive family are really fucked up things to exaggerate about

No. 568980

File: 1591927697968.jpg (266.16 KB, 1080x1132, wtf.jpg)

Interesting how she cancels Michelle over a character speaking in AAVE when she herself drew pic related.

No. 568999

>>568980 Oh man that's the least appealing thing I've seen in a while. Imagine turning in that garbage for a crit/grade.

No. 569013

the ear is detached from the body and a different color…i couldnt figure out what it was at first

No. 569035

Well, I wonder how it's like to be batshit insane and not do anything in your time to learn to draw instead of tracing.

Is there any confirmation on her age? I swear she larps way too much about this game to be considered healthy. Does she think she is a highschooler?

I swear every single account she makes she puts up a ko-fi with it. I know many people live off drawing fanarts and shit, but does she legit plan on ripping off Soejima's and other weeb artists work for life? ffs the delusion.

No. 569055

File: 1591947291939.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1235, 172BA92A-A462-4850-8F29-523FE2…)

I think the dullness of these character designs really encapsulates the mediocrity of pizzabacon's art. she had so much from the source material to work with, and this is what she came up with?

No. 569056

File: 1591947360613.png (549.93 KB, 1424x1998, 2020-06-12 12.32.07.png)

This is so symbol drawn how can it meaningfully help any beginner?

No. 569057

Wow, that is underwhelming. What a waste. All three look like the same woman too.

No. 569062

I know this is a rhetorical question, but it can't. They won't learn anything except how to draw the same lips one-dimensionally. Studying and drawing real human lips and mouths first would be far more helpful. This is a garbage tutorial for people who want instant gratification.

No. 569066

Wow. I'm actually impressed by how bland these are.

What a shitty tutorial. It doesn't even show you how to draw those ugly instathot lips properly.

No. 569068

Idk if this is just me but I'm tired of this "aesthetic" trend where everyone is drawn like they're mixed/ethnically ambiguous. Everyone has to have big colored white girl eyes, but also the thicker lips of a black girl, and the tan of an Asian. It feels like it's pandering, while simultaneously being kind of fetish-y and unrealistic. It's also just kind of lazy and boring.

No. 569100

File: 1591957790413.png (4.23 MB, 1800x1764, CBD08BDF-FD3F-4BCD-B932-5BE32D…)

I know everyone is sick of seeing the Sailor Moon redraw shit already but this guy has bugged me for a while (which is why I blocked him on IG because he kept showing up in the explore section, now it’s being suggested to me on twitter). He literally traces a fuck ton of Sailor Moon art/screencaps and has the audacity to sell it online. The pic above was his “redraw”…

It’s just incredibly annoying seeing these types of people gain followings.

No. 569102


This is gonna shock you but there are white people with tans.

No. 569105

She gave such a shit defense for it too.
"I just say things in weird ways to be uwu quirky, so I don't think it's weird to compare someone to their father that they clearly resent"
saying things in a weird way and saying someone is just like their estranged father are completely different. fucking moron

No. 569110

lets be fucking real. if her family was actually abusive, she'd know why saying what she said was disgusting

No. 569143

yeah but i don't think that's the point op was making. every one of these "attractive" posts always have the same features. you can look at pictures done by hundreds of different artists, and all of them look like the same people because that's the "style"

imo, it always comes off as trying to draw "flawless" people, that either appeal to what the artist wishes they were, or appeals to the viewers who think it's "so pretty omgggg"

No. 569172

File: 1591973719766.jpg (279.58 KB, 1400x1754, image0.jpg)

megat0nraid using her sockpuppet from the last controversy.

No. 569177

Kinda off-topic, but I checked out the artist behind "Draw A Box"… and his newer art look pretty stiff and muddy. The course seems to be very good for beginners like me, so I was somewhat surprised that his art was just meh.

No. 569186

File: 1591976798985.jpg (259.33 KB, 2048x2048, ZHC.jpg)

ZHC's new video features his assistant "Johnny" stealing the art work of a smaller youtube. First is from the youtube video and second is the instagram artist.

No. 569193


I can‘t stand this fucking guy and his friends. Hope they get a lot of shit for this.

No. 569197

File: 1591977275878.jpg (665.24 KB, 1280x735, hektorfactory.jpg)


I wouldn't call his art awe-like, but you saying his concept art is 'stiff and muddy' is making me really question what your own art is like.

No. 569198

Clearly they're two very different original characters. The one on the right has horns, so it's a new character design now like Sonichu

No. 569199

Maybe I searched for the wrong artist. I thought this was the guy's website: http://irshadkarim.com/

Could obviously be older work, but didn't find anything new on his artstation etc.

No. 569201


Oh, I realized that was his art (from 2014). I guess it is the newer art I don't find too interesting then.

No. 569212


hardcore agree. ZHC seems like such an annoying piece of shit, literally the ricegum of art youtubers pandering to actual fucking children, and he's such a pompous dick. him, his friends, and his gf.

No. 569227

File: 1591984760415.png (89.98 KB, 299x310, Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.58…)

please tell me im not the only one who finds soniastegemanns work to be completely mediocre, uninspired, and lazy af?

No. 569240

sounds like a petty asian bitch jealous of a successful petty asian bitch imo

No. 569280

Looks generic to me

No. 569291

I'm so fucking tired of the Mermay bandwagon. This just makes Inktober a lot more interesting and I never even liked Inktober.

No. 569302

I didn't even recognize that was a mermaid until you said it was

No. 569307

Yeah it looks like tight pants and weird furry shoes lol

No. 569310

Calarts is really shitty…. honestly the skills needed to get into the school are insane but then what, you get to turn in bullshit like this as an assignment? Wtf….i seriously don't understand

No. 569316

after the civil war, confederate soldiers destroyed their flags and patches etc. these statues were made way later very quickly and cheaply as a way to discredit the civil rights movement. look up 'the lost cause'
they dont have much if any historical value

No. 569327

Wow, that's quite the self-own

>some masterpieces for inspiration

>result: blurry instagram girls

No. 569333

The oversized, shapeless feet and round lip shape are a big giveaway this artist is inspires by Bratz dolls. I also think this is the cause of the racially ambiguous art everyone makes now >>569068
and even possibly the inspiration for Kylie Jenner to originally go ham on the lips and inspire all the copycats.

No. 569367

I personally love the racially ambiguous characters the most. I don't see it as pandering any more than drawing any other color/shape of waifu, it's just what some people find attractive. You may be tired of it but on the flip side, tons of people are tired of non-mixed looking characters.

No. 569382

Jackie is just impossible to watch now, she's so incredibly childish and her clout chasing is beyond taking the piss now. Supposedly this video "featured" Moriah Elizabeth it didn't she just watched some of her videos while calling Moriah her friend every five seconds. My eyes nearly rolled right out of my head.

No. 569408

Considering the fact that her thumbnails more recently look similar to Moriah Elizabeth's (almost identical sometimes), do you think they have actually became friends, and Moriah has given her advice to use her name and thumbnail designs for clout,
or do you think they aren't really close or friends at all, and Jackie is just incredibly tackie and uses people she barely knows for clout?

No. 569416


Moriah Elizabeth recently did a q&a. At about 18:25 she mentions that "the art community on youtube, I don't know them. I dont know if they even know who I am."

Idk if that means she isn't actually friends with Jackie or not, but it does provide some insight.

No. 569417

She also says that she wants to do more collabs moving forward. impossible to glean anything from that specifically
Jackie has used people's names she wasn't friends with before, though. e.g. using Simply Nailogical's name when she just has a cutout of her

No. 569425

Do you think if an artist just draw kids once made the artist a pedo? Maybe its just your westerner mindset where everything goes free where you can express your kink to everyone in real life. You think fictional affects reality? No. It's just art doesn't cross the line anymore you said?
Liking a show with a kid as a main character makes you a pedo? No. Drawing fictional kids? No.
Y'all just busy accusing artists while real life child trafficking happened real life. If you really concern on real life, stop reporting those fictional stuff

No. 569427

Yeah, the art there's multiple times weirder. But you cant blame them since their mindset is different than westerners.

No. 569428

Ever heard of Julia Vickerman the animator of twelve forever? This woman's creepier than the pedo artist posted here.

No. 569429

I remember seeing a twitter post by FBI (or CPS don't remember which) that told people to stop misusing the report function on people who aren't actual criminals or breaking laws. The truth is that the whole loli/shota has already been researched heavily across all countries; Japan itself even issued a ban on those subjects in the early 2000's, but they realized that it doesn't affect the number of cases of child abuse. The earliest conclusion was from 2012 by Denmark that explicitly state that weeb drawings don't lead to pedophilia.

Also I remember some fat dude who had those stereotypical hipster soyboy looks, who got busted for child abuse. He tweeted constantly about hating animu (and calling anyone who likes anime a pedo) and the next day he would tweet creepy shit, being near a nursery school and taking pics then calling himself "pedobear" it was legit disgusting. There's certainly a trend here of these weirdos who do more harm to society than the people they call out for drawing impossible tentacle porn hentai. I could write up a big essay on anime/cartoon not being a good reference for your sexuality but nows not the time. (sorry for the vent)

No. 569430

Westerners like to ruin each othwr istg

No. 569436

Someone mentioned earlier he reposts real little girls on his facebook, why do you imagine that is? He has an innocent fascination with pretty little girls? Come on bro, even people who do love kids, like teachers and moms, barely repost random kids, that's just weird.

When are you going to believe someone who dedicates their life to drawing naked little girls might have an interest in little girls? When they repost actual child porn? Or is photography and film just "art" too now?

Btw nice strawmanning, literally no one said you're a pedophile for watching kids cartoons, they said you might be a pedophile if you spend your days drawing 9 year olds' vaginas as they sit on pool floaties and other childish activities.

No. 569440

They're both creeps.

No. 569442

He's a pedo though. I am part of his patreon and he posts all his porn stuff there, plus he is very transparent about it. I personally don't mind because that's not something one can control, i still like his art and if it helps him with his problem then good for him.

No. 569445

Omg, I can’t believe I looked this up. Why are so many people in power pedophiles??

No. 569449

Getting a bit off-topic from this thread now but I really, really believe Dan Schneider of Nickeloden fame is a pedo. Why else would he have suddenly cut communication with the outside world and gone into hiding after a prolific career at Nick.

Anyways, the sad thing is, people who have a sexual interest in little kids probably have an excellent interest in how to entertain little kids and understand their state of mind as far as TV shows, cartoons, etc. I am not at all implying that anyone who creates content for kids is a pedo, but it's not surprising that the industry would attract some nasty people for the wrong reasons, both the cartoon industry and live-action kids shows.

No. 569451

I remember her. Didn't she make a bunch of weird Kristen Stewart fetish art or something? Amongst other things. I haven't heard anything about her in years though.

No. 569452

There's literal proof of it being traced from someone else? What are they going on about?

No. 569455

Did you see the dan Schneider video by blameitonjorge? It made me so much more convinced that the child of the zoey 101 girl is his daughter.

But yeah, I think you’re right about how they take advantage over these poor kids. It just makes me sad that the whole pedo ring in Hollywood is most likely still happening and may not stop because how much power they have and how there’s just so many

No. 569456

File: 1592025922162.jpg (329.29 KB, 916x1935, 23.jpg)

Absolutely inappropriate and creepy behavior, I just googled it.

And before anyone tries to defend this, there is a big difference between finding children cute and delightful, versus following them around irl, trying to photograph them, and commenting on their "tight pants" and calling them "UUUNGH HEAVEN."

I've been hearing so much about various famous cartoon creators being creepy. Truly disappointing.

No. 569457

They’re probably ignorant of it anon, or choose to ignore the obvious trace

No. 569462

Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if this is why Cartoon Network didn’t accept her..? I’ve always found it weird that even though the pilot on CN did really well, it never aired until Netflix picked it up

No. 569466

File: 1592027389599.jpg (77.81 KB, 720x857, 0c3816e4b40670031b89afe2bad84c…)

I though this was a big exaggeration but from her twitter posts and the episodes she's worked on, it might be true

No. 569467

File: 1592027449946.jpg (52.79 KB, 750x603, tumblr_6110c520b371a823fc6346b…)

No. 569473

File: 1592028076251.jpeg (118.65 KB, 1239x553, 2C000954-2B48-4CF1-A23F-A6C4C2…)

Oh boy here it comes

No. 569475

Oh boy

No. 569479

I'm sorry but artists or famous people deserve to get "cancelled" when they do stuff like this on their public social media. Just keep your page apolitical, or post nice messages that can't harm anyone (Stay safe everyone, thinking of you all uwu)

Literally just be smart and cognizant about what you're posting for others to see, or go on an anonymous website to sperg. Just keep posting the ugly ecchi artwork and no one gets harmed.

No. 569483

The worst part about her reviews is that she doesn't do any research and then blames others when she fails. Like here she uses a blue shirt even though the technique works best on light fabric and then acts like there was something wrong with the tutorial.


But the thing is that Moriah and Jackie have done a collab before


No. 569487

File: 1592030162204.jpeg (341.47 KB, 1242x1159, C539BC60-321F-4D05-ACB3-92829B…)

I wasn’t arguing against it or rolling my eyes, just stating this has started to go around and twitter is gonna have a field day with this one because a lot of people (me included) detest her art, and now there’s a tangible moral reason to openly hate on her.

And yeah you have to be incredibly dumb to do that in the current political climate, if you wanna be racist or pro-cop just do it in your private twitter, not in the giant one with 600k followers, it’s like asking for a callout to happen.

With that said I don’t think she’s gonna be as affected as jen bartel because she has never marketed herself as woke or progressive, and a lot of her fans are edgy weebs who agree with those sentiments.

No. 569490

I got confused and thought you meant another Italian guy who actually does the official sailor moon arts like for the dvd sets and stuff but that guy is Marco Alberio. But yeah, he’s one of those people who are “graphic designers” that thinks it’s totally ok that you can trace work in illustrator and claim it as your own cuz you can use the pen tool, so fuckin lazy

No. 569496

She would warrant a thread if she was more vocal but she doesn’t say anything

No. 569509

why should someone be cancelled just because they don't support a specific cause
it's not call-out worthy. it's just someone having an opinion

No. 569512

lots of people, especially lolcow anons, are desperate to see sakimi fall. Something about her mediocre-but-extremely-successful makes losers' blood boil.
Twitter is only used by 20-30% of internet users, though, I'm sure she's fine and won't give a shit.

No. 569513

It's one one thing to not support a specific cause ie: donating an hat not but she's openly agreeing with one side and no matter what people say; Political opinions can say alot about a person's morals. I'm black and haven't been into Sakimi's art in years because the quality went to shit real fast but, her liking those tweets (especially the right's little coon darling Candace) shows what side she's on of a very polarizing issue, especially with Sakimi not even being black at all.

No. 569519

I think people put too much emphasis on opinions. Obviously it's not good for business to have an opinion one way or the other on polarizing issues, but that doesn't make her a bad person. That doesn't make her cancel worthy.
Her art is shit. If you think she's shit, then that's enough. You don't need to go digging for reasons to hate or cancel her (unless they're actually cancel-worthy things, like being a pedo, scamming people, being a legitimate racist, etc.)

No. 569522

I get your point, but honestly I would still dislike her art even if she was a great person. I don't like her art, couldn't fucking care for her opinions. I just feel that going through her likes is a bit of a reach. You can still hate her and her art, but there are way worse people out there, like people posting the stuff etc.

You said it all anon.
I understand people wanting the ones look up to to have an opinion on stuff, to resonate with them and all, but still… they value unqualified people's opinions too much.

No. 569523

Idk man, maybe I'm too much of a raging liberal, but I think it's fine to dislike someone if they're having political opinions that disagree with yours, on their business account.

Plenty of people have black loved ones, or ARE black, and it'd be fair that they don't want to give financial support or follow someone on social media if they're perceived as being anti-black.

As they say, you vote with your dollar. I'm sure there's plenty of mediocre pro-BLM artists people could spend their money on.

No. 569525

Disliking someone for their opinions is fine. Not giving someone your business because you disagree with them is fine.
Cancelling someone for opinions is completely different.

No. 569533

the original photo of the cosplay is from this guy's facebook account https://twitter.com/thatmeanbeanguy, his name is Vinni. From megat0nraid's p5 group photoshoot. I checked the page of the photographer in their shoot but the guy deleted the p5shoot album so i couldnt get a proof, the original face of the photo is faced up. if you look closely, the eyes nose and mouth doesnt line up/fit with the angle

basically, The guy is also a friend of Mega irl

No. 569560

I think you're reading into it too much, I think it's more like big lips are trendy and considered attractive, and lots of online artists are influenced by anime/cartoons so they like to give characters big eyes. The girls in op hardly look tan to me honestly

No. 569561

Lots of east asians are just as racist against black people as white people are so this isn't surprising. There's a difference between being against rioting and supporting the police, and liking racist propaganda from the right. Her fanbase is predominantly degenerate men so this won't affect her at all (it might even get her more support)

No. 569570

yea she is really nasty, but i want to point out that the current director of twelve forever is a completely different woman, not sure how soon she got switched but that show should be okay now.

No. 569576

File: 1592054207079.png (459.09 KB, 584x589, adamsketches.png)

not traced, but it is copied with no credit on his Instagram

No. 569584

Anon, she was the executive producer of it, being a director just means that you get things in order, Julia is the one who chooses what goes down in the show. Which means, because she was the main runner for the show, and because Netflix’s contract is also differ from other companies, she’s gone.And because of the whole debacle, the show is most definitely cancelled with no plans to continue it.

No. 569634

File: 1592062688679.jpeg (160.88 KB, 865x828, EaYby8VXYAE8iVQ.jpeg)

Looks like Sakimi actually made an "apology".
Funny how she states she's only on twitter "for the art", but at the same time she didn't think about liking those tweets in an account with such a massive following without expecting people to cancel her.

No. 569647

What's funny about it? Everyone is retweeting about BLM. Her liking a bunch o posts isn't the same as retweeting and being super vocal about it. There are worse people than her in this whole situation and she at least addressed it. You said it, she didn't think about it. I doubt she liked that shit as a secret plan to influence her audience.

The only part that bugs me is when she says she doesn't follow American politics closely as if she was so far away from its reality. The girl lives in Canada , doesn't she? I am pretty sure there are protests there too.

Anyway I'm glad she will proceed focusing in the positives she has in common with her degenerate audience and keep those distorted hentai bodies coming!

No. 569649

I don't like Sakimi's art but to cancel her for liking boomer tier black conservative post is extremely frightening. No one deserves to be canceled over listening to the "wrong" kinds of black voices.

No. 569653

another scandal that could've been easily avoided lmao. and idk why people are so worried for her this is at least her 3rd time being "canceled". she will be fine.

No. 569664

File: 1592066300460.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1546, 2020-06-13 09.37.24.png)

my instagram is absolute cancer full of woke types that draw shitty pictures and call it activism. at this point if i unfollow everyone that posts dumb shit no one would be left

No. 569666


bored of people throwing the word "cancelled" like it actually happens all the time. it doesn't tend to even work.

No. 569669

This. Nothing ever happens.
She's making $25k a fucking week. Degenerate coomers will not care whether or not she is racist.

No. 569671

Maybe it's just me but, I don't see the problem here. They only referenced the pose and you aren't required to credit for that. Referencing a pose isn't like tracing, taking a character idea, or an outfit design. You only noticed because it's the same character. If they had used the pose but drew an oc or other character it might not have been as noticeable.

The real crime is that they had a full body reference and still managed to muck up the anatomy that bad.

No. 569678

exactly, i'm surprised she even bothered to write the apology since the offended people would never be her customers, many saying they had her blocked for years or so.

No. 569682


Referenced not copied but still ugly. He's stagnated so much just the same face anime school girl in a sexy outfit each time.

No. 569685

Thanks for clearing that up. I watched that video and her claim of being "homeless", I felt that she was embellishing a bit. Couch surfing isn't homelessness because at least you have a place to stay for awhile, it's not comparable to having to spend weeks to months genuinely living on the streets. It's like the Twisted Disaster thing all over again where she will say every now and then how she was "homeless" when she literally was just living in the garage of her husband's father's home for like a week until they finally moved to their apartment. What is with these people and lying about homelessness? Is it to get extra cred or something?

No. 569687

I get what you mean anon. It's the prhase of "too much is more" going on which you either like or you loathe. I'm of the same opinion that I much prefer simpler design without going to overboard on accessories. It's why The Kingdom Hearts designs used to really aggravate me lol.

No. 569691

"Breaty" voice? Hm do you mean a voice that sounds like Creepshow or even Tobi (the girl who did the commentary on Creepshow)

No. 569699

How is this fine? It looks like an abusive and toxic relationship to me…

No. 569702

One of the videos was from a radical puppet who emphasized that George Floyd deserved to die because he was not an ideal citizen

She can have her beliefs but it shows how twisted she is

No. 569731

Honestly? Yeah. It does. I used to have a friend who acted like for three years. Had to get rid of them because my personal life was getting worse due to their actions.

No. 569733

i feel like this could make sense if there was some context given and not just one dialogue box of preachy shit. your partner calling your emotional reaction to something "white tears" is really fucking shitty, though i'm assuming this is an argument over personal matters. still wouldn't you be more patient with your partner to explain this shit over throwing around buzzwords?

No. 569750

sorry if this isn't the place to ask but i'm at my limit… does anyone have recommendations for good artists that DON'T post every dumb thought and opinion that crosses their mind? getting really tired of accounts that were previously art-only getting uppity that people don't care about their slacktivism

post em from anywhere, they can be on twitter, instagram, tumblr, hell even deviantart. i just want to look at purty picturs dammit

No. 569751

i really don't get why people expect artists to not have opinions on anything, it's not even slacktivism to speak your mind on an issue once in a blue moon. you should just start thinking of artists as people and not content providers.

No. 569754

if their account is a business account aka 100% art and commissions riiiight before they realize they can post a shitty BLM doodle for more clicks then yeah it's annoying anon. i'm an artist and i wouldn't blame people for unfollowing me if i start posting things they did not originally follow me for. i don't expect people to not have opinions, it's the holier-than-thou attitude they take when they "call out" the people that unfollow them

No. 569755

if you use twitter mute words like blm and trump.

No. 569760

I call bullshit on the "I also don't follow American politics closely"

Either you're straight up lying because you're liking shit from people like Candace Owens who is notorious for spreading alt-right misinformation. Or you're so irresponsible and stupid to not look further into what you're liking. All the dumbass coomers in her replies going "DON'T APOLOGIZE!" are just as bad because they don't want politics to invade their jerk off material. Like an anon said above, no matter how much people try to say "You can have different opinions with someone and still be friends!", your political opinions are a reflection of your morals. Point blank.

No. 569805


>your political opinions are a reflection of your morals. Point blank.

That‘s why I don‘t understand why people are so afraid of „politics“ as if it‘s a desease. I get why you want the biggest audience possible but damn I don‘t want racist people to follow me as example so why should I care if something I say is political and hurts their feelings. Screw them. Having morals and beeing (not overly) vocal about it keeps the crowd away you don‘t want as your followers in the first place.

No. 569854

Is it just me or do the least talented/most generic artists tend to be the loudest about credit?

The tweets I see from people going nuclear about reposting art usually aren’t even very good artists. Seems like they just want to feel important

No. 569862

File: 1592098367618.jpeg (257.92 KB, 1988x1093, DHYwG9CVoAAEzUX.jpeg)

I have a friend who works in a foundry where metal statues are made, and I guarantee you copies and molds of those monuments still exist. You know all those famous statues from Greek and Roman antiquity? Well, most of the ones in museums today aren't originals; they're recasts, apprentice studies, and copies made during the Renaissance. The fact of the matter is that originals rarely survive the test of time, but that doesn't mean their existence goes undocumented.

Also, these statues don't have much artistic value in the first place; as another anon mentioned, most of those monuments were erected between the twenties and the sixties, and are not particularly impressive sculptures in the first place. Robert E. Lee himself was opposed to civil war monuments. What these statues stand for is an incredibly ugly side of U.S. history, one that should not be glorified in monuments. If these statues must survive, they should be in museums, not in front of government buildings.

No. 569866

nta but I think anon was referring to people wanting to remove the Churchill memorial

No. 569889

successful artists don't need to whine about being credited because they tend to have very distinct styles that are recognizable at first glance. i think the issue is smaller artists being bitter that they don't have as large a following as others. "i mean, they do art, and i do art, so why aren't i as popular???"

it's easier to say you WOULD have a larger fanbase… if only people wouldn't steal your commission opportunities by cruelly leaving out your twitter handle

No. 569921

File: 1592106393483.png (6.34 KB, 806x44, Screenshot_8.png)

Beloved by…who? Their simps???

No. 569924

that's a way to say her art is popular anon

No. 569925

this is boring and stupid

No. 569927

The exclamation marks make the whole headline sound sarcastic.

No. 569947

Depends. For smaller artists, it's understandably frustrating to see your art get reposted without credit, especially if they don't get even a fraction of the attention, but if it's someone who already has a large social media presence (artists like gigis_lab come to mind), it seems like they're just trying to make a mountain out of molehill by throwing such a hissy fit

No. 569974


That video is by the Quatering. Aka, professional dumbass.

No. 569980


Agreed. Also jumping in to say it's disheartening as a smaller artist to see your art stolen and claimed by someone else. idk it just felt like someone was taking advantage of the fact i was unknown as making it easier to get away with passing it off as their own?

In my case, due to my small following, reposting/theft made my comfy circle of followers feel dodgy, like an acquaintance came over to my party and pissed on my couch. oh well.

No. 570018

Turbo clickbait bs. Neckbeard reactionary famous for sperging about Shera

No. 570057

>All the dumbass coomers in her replies going "DON'T APOLOGIZE!" are just as bad because they don't want politics to invade their jerk off material.
to be fair here they say that because it's a scenario repeated again and again where an artist apologizes but the apology is never accepted or "not enough", and the incident is brought back after an year or whenever it's convenient.

No. 570118

I’ve seen it multiple times. The apology wasn’t enough, apparently. I read it. It could’ve been worse. I’ve seen shittier apologies, personally. Also read from someone “you only apologized after you got caught”.
The art community is a big heaping pile of shit, sometimes. Drives me up a damn wall.

No. 570161

File: 1592143045478.png (177.61 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20200614.png)

Does anyone actually go through these threads looking for random people to give money to just because? I highly doubt these do anything.

No. 570162

I used to really like Jackie but you're right, lately she's been insufferable. I always found her a bit cringey, but her audience is a lot younger tbf. But lately it's like she looks specifically for bad craft kits. and the name dropping, god.

This video was particularly bad. She hardly did any research and then acted all disappointed that things didn't turn out properly. not outright blaming the kit, but still acting confused even though she didn't heed any of the advice she got from that moriah video.

No. 570167

Oh, whoops lmao. Unfortunately I'm an Amerifat so I can't really speak on that.

No. 570168

I can't be the only one who thinks this blatant race-begging is really embarassing

No. 570172

I find all of this e-begging embarassing but it's even more ridiculous when it's in artist circles. Sorry, I may be white but that doesn't make my artist ass any less broke. Plus you must be either dumb or very rich to donate substantial amounts of money during a huge recession.

No. 570173

if this said something like commissions or stores then it would make sense, but not even generous people would donate to artists they don't know at all. might as well have made it a normal art share thread.

No. 570293


All those youtube creators that are doing it more for entertainment (Kasey, Jackie, Waffles) than for art (arleebean, in liquid colour) can't be assed to do their research. I mean they can't even do the research how brand names are pronounced. How do you expect them to do their homework how stuff actually works. Failing and ranting get them more views.

No. 570300

I haven't liked any of waffles' videos this year. I like her sometimes and others I just find her annoying. She gives me second hand embarrassment and she seems to just draw girls with ugly hands….

No. 570335

I used to really enjoy Waffles but nowadays her stuff is just boring. It's just the same thing over and over again.

No. 570370

File: 1592168917219.jpg (1.9 MB, 1920x2560, Au.jpg)

Her art in the last month.
It's just mostly girls standing around or posing awkwardly.

No. 570372

Oh man, this is LavenderTowne-tier static

No. 570416

She’s hinted that a lot of bad stuff is going on in her life right now so idk if she’s really focused on improving her art versus just making herself draw

No. 570427

File: 1592179141766.jpeg (265.44 KB, 750x894, 5A6641B2-99F1-4928-A066-35B51C…)

I really want to know what happened lol

No. 570449

"No one else was in the room when it happened…"

Man now I'm incredibly curious about what they've said.

No. 570453

Yeah if you go back to her old craft kit reviews from like 1.5-2 years ago, she was far more enjoyable. Now she just just seems to be getting entitled and bitter. She seems entitled from how she acted in her meeting Youtubers at a convention video, and bitter just because she goes out of her way to find the most negative shit. Also her sculpting skills are shit lets be real.

No. 570456

Same anon but, she also has that #notlikeothergirls personality that gets really fucking annoying.

No. 570458

so far, nothing interesting.

calling out on 'hypocrisy', being 'disgusted as it became less about exposing her tracing in a respectable way and more about publically shaming her as a human being, not an artist'. going on about the name even though it wasn't a doxx. complaining they were 'dogpiled' that it was done under good will. false information (that we interrogated her friends for her new @, soullaire) and spreading a narrative that we're all horrific bullies and whatnot.

i want to hear them out. currently waiting for a response back.

No. 570460

I don't think I've seen anyone even say anything about her personally, it really was mostly about the tracing. I lurked on both Twitter and here and nothing came up other than her being 30 and an art thief

No. 570461


the most her fans can come up with saying she was attacked/harassed is someone saying 'i hope rokuro saito sues her.' and that's it. there has been no harassment, ill will, or fucking 'death threats' as was mentioned in her discord i think. everyone has been rightfully civil, except this clown.

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I’ve never understood the mentality of saying “there’s no death threats because I have never seen it”. Like, ofc not, the people sending the death threats are not going to be public about because they KNOW it could backfire on them and would prefer to privately contact the person because that makes them an “easier target”.
I don’t believe that in every case there’s a death threat, just personal dm saying how said user is very disappointed, but it just rubs me the wrong way whenever people(an outsider to the drama) say that there wasn’t one because they didn’t see it. It’s kinda like abuse, not everyone is going public about it, especially if the account is a dead/anonymous account.