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File: 1564286628118.jpg (385.75 KB, 2048x996, h.jpg)

No. 440519

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- creepshowart must never be spoken of because that's giving her attention, which makes the farmers ree that this particular attention-seeking cow might seek attention and bring up lolcow like every other discussed cow has.
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.
- Yes, Copics are worth it if you use markers. And yes, they are rediculously overpriced.
- No, this isn’t a TRA safe space, so don’t ree when you see the word tranny. And no, some retard discussing their pronouns doesn’t count as art milk, you turbo autist.
- If you have beginner questions, want to know what art books to start with, or generally need to know how to begin with art, use these links

Welcome art tuber, enjoy your visit - we hope you find enough content to hit that 10 minute mark, because we are VERY empathetic to how it’s oh so hard to actually create artwork and have a personality in order to create your own content for your channel xoxo

Previous thread >>>/ot/425109

No. 440526

Reguarding the picture, the top row is LavenderTowne, Chloe Rose Art, DrawingWiffWaffles' Hand, Katelyn McCaigue, and Monique Renee. Bottom row is Kasey Golden, NerdECrafter, Baylee Jae, and Mira Byler

No. 440544

Huh, didn’t realise we’re going to be using my salty OP in every thread and just add shit to it. Regret not being more witty

No. 440600

Your intro's witticisms are legible and concise.
No improvements needed.

No. 440658

>>440600 is right. It covered/called out most of the reoccurring bullshit from these threads and tbh I just like the way it was written. I sorta hope other anons continue making it the description of future threads

No. 440718

Saged because it's not particularly milky, but I thought this part on Danica's latest video explained a few things about how boring she's been:
>I don't necessarily think it was the best way of encompassing the theme of Phobia, it would've been a great chance to really push it and make a very extreme emotion in my piece, but I do think this fits a lot better with what I actually do want to do with my artwork long term, so I guess there's kind of two sides of the coin- I can always do better to fit a theme but I can also do better to fit what I want to do with my artwork

No. 440719

Frankly I find it a bit boring. It was funny the first time but now it’s just meh. I found it more fun when the new threads would pick highlights from the previous thread but now it’s just general bullshit and the whole charm is lost. Half of the things really only applied few threads ago rather than for the current one so the whole joke is lost.

2/5 stars, not impressed.

No. 440727

All of her paintings look the same to me.

No. 440751

This would've been a good piece to try and add some sort of strong expression, but nope. And is it just me or is there not a whole lot of difference between how she draws male and female faces? I agree with >>440727

No. 440789

>makes a painting about the absolute definition of terror and fear
>lady just standing there looking slightly sad like she spilled some coffee on the floor

No. 440796

This has been bugging me for a while but i can’t stand how she draws hands. I dont even know what it is but they look off. Too long? Spaghetti like fingers?

No. 440805

I enjoy waffles videos but it's so frustrating that her sketches are almost always better than her final result. They have more character, movement, etc.

No. 440914

What's the right price for a YCH commission? Bust/Full Body

No. 440924

Depends on a lot of factors
- material cost
- time spent
- stylisation (dependent on your stylisation certain audiences will be drawn to it, some are willing to pay more than others)
- popularity
- scarcity (people are more likely to pay more if it’s an impulsive purchase, people thinking that it’s a limited resource makes them more likely to be impulsive)
Honestly anon I’m not sure if anyone can tell you without seeing samples of your art, which is obviously not a good idea. Just remember to never go below minimum wage + material cost

That said I often see bust up YCH going for around $50 USD

No. 440942

So basically, she's saying
>M-muh style! I can't draw anything other than thin waifs just standing there but I'm pretending that all my drawings are like that by ~artistic~ choice!

No. 441098

Anyone here watch Khan Taya?

I love her studio vlogs and appreciate she doesn't just draw pretty girls but I feel like her sketches always look better than polished drawings

No. 441105

I can definitely appreciate the variety in the sketchbook! I feel like sketchbook drawings looking better than finished illustrations is a common problem when you sketch more often than finish an illustration. Any anons got any tips for that? Its one of my struggles too. Do more finished illudtrations?

No. 441107

I love her art and her videos. Her characters used to literally the same face, but she's been working to alleviate that.. . And she's been switching up what she draws lately too (plants, vehicles, etc), which is nice.

I wonder if she's still working on her comic though, she used to have one and I haven't heard much from her about it…

No. 441135

I love their art and watch their sketchbook tours for inspiration. To me it's nicely stylized in a way that isn't too far (for my tastes that) while still being cohesive. She can be same facey though so I can't tell her characters apart sometimes

No. 441190

File: 1564437224299.png (1.67 MB, 971x1220, daninca (Fear the Dark).png)

This was her first attempt. What really surprises me is that she didn't push this original concept so much more, and she put even less into the 2nd. Both are so serene it actively hurts the idea she was going for and if I didn't know, I'd have mistaken both of these for any of her other works. Danica is quickly becoming one of my least favorite YouTube artists, she is so deep in her comfort zone she's unable to draw anything that isn't "mild emotion girl or effeminate looking guy".

No. 441202

What phobia is this suppose to represent? I've been looking through a lot of this YTAC videos for phobia and none of them really seem to fit the theme.

No. 441238

Never 4get that time the theme was "Magical/ Mythological Characters" and her contribution was a 20-something twink -from the neck up!- for Hades, that somehow looks exactly like her watercolour pieces even though it was in oils, and had literally zero connection to the character (seriously, would you have guessed it was supposed to be Hades if you weren't told?)

No. 441240

I'm wondering what she thinks phobia means? Someone sitting calmly or wading calmly through water while serenely gazing, a potentially frightening thing existing next to her which she is entirely unaffected by. Kinda the opposite of what phobia means.

No. 441242

I should add that I really like this artstyle, it would be far better if it was kinda mysteriously posted somewhere without description. Trying to attribute incorrect meaning to an image kinda dulls the effect.

No. 441254

That's kind of how I feel about her work. You could put her stuff up in a collection of a few pieces, name them all "Untitled" and you'd glean more from it than all of her dry, technical over-explaining in her videos. Her color work is stunning, if not a bit too saturated from time to time (not everything needs to be bright), and her painting technique isn't bad. Her storytelling needs work though, and that's where she seems to be lacking because she put all her energy into technique.

No. 441255

and when I say technique, I mean, for painting, not for drawing. She obviously likes painting more.

No. 441260

Does anyone have any videos or tips on recreating some of the stuff that WLOP did in this video like how he made the snake scales or the tattoo?

i have a character with patterns and it's hard to keep them 100% consistent, I can keep the main points of their pattern consistent but not the rest of it and i've been hesitant making characters with tattoos and the like for similar reasons. i really like how he composes his pieces but i have trouble figuring out how to recreate them in clip studio paint

No. 441262

Saged cuz thus isn’t milk and is old but it’s a pretty good video. Thoughts from you guys?

No. 441273


is this self post?, because is a 1 hr long video, i'm sorry i don't have the time to waste it this, but i don't thing is even that good

>Spechie is not that bad uwu, she was taken out of context!!!

>cometeros are mean and bad they one want attention, they don't know shit and use mean words

No. 441283

No lol I can see you’re beyond logic. This video has 70k views it’s not a self post ffs. She points out the fallacy of a bunch of autistic edgelords arguments (which I can see you might just be partial too lol) She also mentions Spechie traces but this is a video critiquing the fake criticism of morons not Spechie.

No. 441286

I thought it was pretty concise. Turkeytom and Daftpina are literally degenerates.

No. 441293

sorry i don't have the time to lost in a hour long video were she chould make her point more clrear, but we have a treat on Spechie that jave show us that she is aa pice of shit so i don't like people how defente her lol , but call me edgylord

>>441286 no idea who are they are i only know the right opinion.

No. 441303

I don't see much wrong with Daftpina. Hes beating a dead horse, but I never seen something extreme enough for him to be degenerate.

No. 441320


What is going on here.

No. 441373

I havent tried it myself, but schmoedraws mentioned a technique of copy pasting a pattern you painted, then applying that to a new layer and erasing and warping it to fit around the object. idk if you can do that in your programs but there should be a transform/warp/skew option.

No. 441380

Mild Emotion Girl is my favourite superhero!

No. 441383


This debate continues with everybody and their mom tweeting their take on it

No. 441395

Lol so you reacted to the video without having watched it with the most base information making you sperg like this? You seem like the target demographic tbh then

No. 441396

hey look, another argument i will continue to ignore since it accomplishes nothing! it is an black-or-white crowd vs shades-of-grey crowd. it is a dumb debate.

if you see something you dont like, block it. if you see things you do like, follow it. take your media consumption into your own hands, like a fucking adult. why does everyone forget personal responsibility when these debates happen?

No. 441397

Daftpina made a conspiracy video claiming that Jaidenanimations is bipolar (with no evidence) faked her eating disorder and a whole bunch of other complete horseshit under the guise of 'critism'. It was a shit show feel free to Google it.

No. 441414

Not milk, but youtubers creating videos like this help young and beginner artists find good learning materials. While the video itself is a very condensed version of the information, it helps push people into the right direction and helps guide those interested into further study

I wish more art tubers that aren’t industry veterans created more informative videos similar to this, breaking down the lessons of someone much more knowledgeable than themselves rather than spouting bullshit and passing on bad habits

Granted this video isn’t perfect but I think it’s a good, informative video from the perspective of an intermediate artist so kids and beginners wouldn’t be intimidated

No. 441420

this, all the way. i didnt even learn there were different kinds of watercolor paper till a rando youtube grandma making videos for her craft store came up in my recommended. imagine my glee when i learned how smooth hot press was verses the standard cheap cold press shit i bought. so much money wasted, and not a single one of the watercolor/ink painting art tubers i watched mentioned this.

No. 441424

because they'd rather purge the internet of everything they don't like because it is problematic than to be an adult and take personal responsibility for their own media consumption.

they make it the responsibility of everyone else to make them comfortable and it's funny because it's ONLY when it makes them uncomfortable that it gets purged.

like vore makes me uncomfortable so you know what i do? i block it and i don't follow people who post and create it. Problem solved, no vore on my feed. I don't go around saying how people who draw vore are literal cannibals and should be responsible for some maniac killing and eating another person.

>fiction is reality/effects

We literally had this shit argument back in the 90s when they were trying to ban violent video games. why the fuck is it back??? like yeah media can influence someone which is why it's important to be aware of what you consume and why but that is entirely different than being salty about people liking weeb bait and you don't.

No. 441493

File: 1564490987347.png (674.69 KB, 1136x640, 80D21E6F-20EA-4781-906F-7440FF…)

I watched this video and liked it! I watchrd part 2 as well but i think she could work a bit more on drawing profiles. The jaw looks a little off and disconnected from the neck. I still think these tutorials are perfect for beginners tho

No. 441501

Thank you anons. Do you know any other good youtube channels for beginners? Whenever I search, I get mostly Draw with Jazza and some other popular artists that may not be the best way to go. Or I get something on an academic level.
sorry for offtopic

No. 441504

File: 1564491991719.jpg (203.94 KB, 1022x1280, IMG_20190730_150231_628.jpg)

Is pixel art really harder than regular art? I'm looking into trying it out, but I can't see why should it be harder than painting, just more time consuming at worst

No. 441508


Can't you just do a regular digital painting, run it through some filters, lower the resolution, and touch it up?

No. 441512

Pretty sure there are pixel brushes you can use if you want to paint like that

No. 441516

Wtf anon maybe give it half an ounce of effort? I recently got into watercolor and the first thing I did was type “beginning watercolor tutorial” into YouTube and probably the top listing was an incredibly popular series of tutorials where watercolor paper was discussed in like the first episode or two.

There’s plenty of resources and recs, people are just too lazy and retarded to gather info and even if they get spoonfed the info too lazy to put in the effort. That’s why I don’t really blame YouTube artists who give generic advice bc they prob get asked all the time and the real answer isn’t enough for them

No. 441521

Lachri Fine Art has some good tutorials if you’re looking for specific materials (colored pencils, water color pencils, inktense, etc) the only problem is that her videos are long and repetitive. but i adore Kirsty Partridge Art and her tutorials. They are very helpful and i think they are perfect for beginners. Mind of Watercolor has some good tutorials that focus on watercolor.

No. 441545

Look I know you're being outraged and shit but you can't say fiction doesn't effect reality and give one example you've previously heard of debunked as an end all be all. Not saying I agree or disagree but some research into something is always better than comfortably relying on confirmed bias.

No. 441641

Yes, it is, but research into other aspects is limited. However, CNN did mention that they found no link between someone consuming loli/shota and being a child abuser. Given that video games are fictional, as are many other things that we consume, it isn't that much of a stretch for people to be affected by media, but not so much they'll replicate what they see in it. Plenty of people love breaking bad, but they haven't become drug dealers. While there isn't much formal research, you can make the observations in a lot of cases for yourself.

With the limited research we currently have, we've found that fictional content does not increase or have a correlation with child abuse, rape, etc. Not to mention, logically, it makes no sense that video games have no correlation between someone being aggressive and violent but reading or consuming certain types of weeb bait correlates with someone being an abuser.

No. 441645

I'm loving these channels already! Thank you so much anon!

No. 441664


Nerdecrafter Jackie did a salty review on Jazza's Art Box. All she did was nitpick how weird it is to use Spectrum Noir brush tips, and kept comparing them to her precious Copic markers.

No. 441679

File: 1564522218428.gif (74.07 KB, 526x1000, idracula_robotica_bigx2.gif)

I think the confusion about pixel art being difficult is due to the divide between casuals who enjoy the aesthetic of crisp edges and the retro-vibe, vs traditionalists who value the limitations of the medium.

For example, the piece you linked has 62 colors. Traditionalists would tear it to pieces over that. It's pretty, but is starting to cross the border between pixel art and (low res) painting. Although the two mediums share many fundamental principles (color, edges, shape design, texture), pixel art pushes those principles to the extreme.

A single color can read as many, if you know what you're doing. Some edges need to be softened via manual anti aliasing, but done too much, and it will come out muddy. The placement of a single pixel can dramatically alter the design and readability of an element. Dithering can add texture and soften the transition between colors, but too much and the image is lost in the noise.

Furthermore, on such a small scale, the margin of error is significantly reduced, resulting in the magnification of any errors.

What makes pixel art so difficult imo is that you can't leave anything to chance, but you have to make it look as if you did. The world is beautiful in its imperfection, and trying to express that through the strict medium of crisp pixels in a limited palette isn't easy; but when done right, the results speak for themselves.

For further reading, the articles here are very good:

Here are some popular forums:

No. 441700

That isn’t the argument people are making and vore is very different from drawing fictional kiddie porn

No. 441717

To be fair i thought it qas weird too considering Jazza never uses Spectrum Noirs. Or colored pencils. But i get it. Its what artbox could afford, but to me it jusf felt very depersonalized

No. 441740

I like pixel art specifically because it reminds me of old videogames, so when "pixel artists" make art on huge canvases with huge palettes it's, eh

Not counting people who make complex, colorful pixel art that is intended to look like game backgrounds or opening screens. Just like "here's an apple" and the canvas is 1000 pixels wide

No. 441741

I can't believe this shit is still going on. Reminder that this started over someone in animation drawing a frog holding a girl and they're blushing lmfao

No. 441753

File: 1564535939587.png (528.56 KB, 900x501, 23ggggggg2.png)


i'm not sure if i would use it in a work i'd publish, but this clip studio auto action is pretty cool for visualizing a pixel-ified work. i think it would be good to study how it looks, at least, especially the colors and anti-aliasing techniques.


No. 441754

slightly ot but man i used to haunt pixel joint every day for years, you nailed exactly what i love about it. the challenges people would do using as little colors possible for maximum effect or just a simple limited pallet was always super impressive.

No. 441758

Are there any other iterations of this? I'd like to use something like this, but I don't really want to pay $50 after 30 days lmao.

No. 441763

You guys seem to be forgetting that pornographic material of kids is exceedingly often used to groom kids. And even if it wasn’t, why the fuck are people sexualising kids to begin with

No. 441769

Fictional kids often have basically nothing in common with real kids tbh
Anime 10 year olds look and act like young adults have the time, and since they're drawings, nobody gets hurt if my brain sees a Pokemon character and says "yeah he looks 22 I'd hit it"

No. 441770

Child molestation is often committed by family members, family friends, etc. Grooming is based in trust among a few other factors, but a child is more likely to be groomed by their parent or sibling than they are some weird ass porn.

No. 441771

>inb4 teaching isn't that hard

Jackie did say that she was a teacher. Idk how it is in Canada where she lives, but teaching can be an emotionally and physically demanding job. From what it seemed like, it wasn't supposed to be permanent retirement but it could be. Idk much about hashimoto's disease but like a lot of others i'm pretty sure it can impact people differently.

No. 441773

OT but you’re acting as though kids aren’t groomed online, a huge portion are. Yes, they’re not molested, by they’re still sexually exploited and abused.

Regardless why does this topic seem to come up every single thread, no one’s going to agree with one another and honestly I don’t come to this thread for heavy shit like child abuse - just want to complain about the art community and swap advice

No. 441776

Anyone feel like jazza looks really tired lately? His eyes have been looking bloodshot. I hope he's doing alright. I get the impression from his vlogs that he tends to overwork himself.

No. 441778

File: 1564543727301.jpeg (215.97 KB, 2048x1152, 2vy96xFp.jpg:large.jpeg)

i dont thnk nerdecrafter should be allowed to review markers, the way she swatched them looks abysmal

No. 441779

Doesn’t he have a toddler? They’re exhausting

No. 441782

It’s such a nitpick but I hate ugly swatches in product reviews, especially when they try really hard for it to be near but it just gets worse and worse with each pass of the supply

No. 441784

not to my knowledge, but i recommend signing up for clip studio's discount notice. it goes down to half price rather often, and it's 100% worth it.

No. 441793

To me it's just about normalizing it for young people getting into porn. Little girl/boy rape porn is big in anime and it just seems to desensitize older teens that grew up online falling to kiddie rape. Then suddenly their 21 lusting after their nieces. I know it's a strawman but…I knew one weeb that raped a 6 year old so I can't help but be biased I guess. I'm not about to go on Twitter and screech at pedo weebs but it does gross me tf out.

No. 441868


Agreed. Also, while most cases of abuse do come from family members/friends, online predators are a very real threat and sharing pornographic drawings/photos is one of the ways they use to groom kids like you said.

I joined websites like twitter/tumblr when I was 12 and looking back there were a lot of cases of people older than me trying to get close to me. At the time the interactions seemed innocent (like linking each other fics or doing selfie memes) but looking back I can see how some of them were people clearly trying to get me, a literal child, to talk about sex and send photos of myself to them.

CP, be it photos or drawings, endangers real children and feeds into the hands of pedophiles. To me there is no universe in which it's acceptable TBH if it's "just a drawing" to people then why the fuck can't they go find something else to fap to?

People act like it's somehow a fucking hardship to NOT draw little kids having sex like damn just go to therapy and shut up.

No. 441911

I dunno, I had the same experience but the adults were linking me to fics only involving adults and we RPed fully grown anime characters… I don't think fapfics need to have kids in them to be used to groom kids, and I don't think people should be barred from using fiction to explore trauma

No. 441931

File: 1564582193744.png (59.64 KB, 720x218, Screenshot_20190731-085917(1).…)

I swear to God these people are begging their followers to pay more attention to them on social media than their own friends.
IDK man maybe your art just sucks and you should probably have an actual job instead of begging for exposure and your friends to pay for your rent.
If your art is actually good and you know how to naturally work with social media, you mostly likely won't have to do this. Also it's funny because there is no literal new "algorithm", you just have to change a simple setting.

No. 441938

Here is the thing. Anime directed toward children does not have such imagery. Just because a series has kids doesn't mean it is for kids. Most people think because animated series have bright colors and young characters they are age friendly but if you take a second to actually check the rating, you'd see. And if a kid watches let's say a "grown up" show the fault is with that kids parents or guardians and not the artist.

Sorry about your experience anon but you where way to young to actually have accounts on those platforms. I'm pretty sure they have minimum age allowed. Anyway, I don't know why other anons defend it. But for me it's all about storytelling and character portrayals. And I want to keep it possible for creators to make all kinds of weird shit.

No. 441942

I love sketchbook tours, but if you've been watching Waffles' videos regularly you will have already seen like 70% percent of this sketchbook.

Also is it seems to me she's finally gonna switch from the illo sketchbooks

No. 441954

Oh my goddd I absolutely hate these kind of tweets as well. Pretending to be such a good spokesperson for all artists while in reality they're just desperate for more attention

No. 441964

I know, like I like her but I could not finish this video it was so boring she draws the same thing over and over

No. 441984

>Anime directed toward children does not have such imagery.

Don’t be retarded, anon

No. 442010

The acne self-portrait was interesting. Gives some insight to why she wants to keep her face off the internet. I feel for her. Adult acne is rough on your self-esteem.

No. 442014

While I agree with most of your post, there is one thing I don’t. The part about kids media not having suspicious content is absolutely wrong. You don’t have to even go to anime to see it, just look at Western shows. Saberspark on Youtube has an entire series going about ‘strange kids show episodes’, and there were shows where the entire premise was to be outlandish and touch really awkward subjects. One that catches me eye in modern kids media is the Steven Universe episode with Kevin, the racing one, where he flirts with the Steven and Connie fusion even when he knows they are kids. I stopped watching after that. I mean, Teen Titans Go make a mockery out of Raven’s abusive father and makes her seem like the bad guy, and I only know this since I have siblings in that demographic. You know what they watch when they are tired of cartoons? Greys Anatomy, Thirteen Reasons Why, Game of Thrones, etc. And they have no issue with what is on screen, or at least say they like it. I mean, I went from loving Life as a Teenage Robot to loving Mass Effect, a game series where you can commit genocide at least twice. Young kids media is a stepping stone to other media, you can bet it has sketchy shit in it.

And this is where I still agree with you; even with all that and more in young kids media and art, my sisters watched what my mother watched with them. I watched with them, and when something like Kevin hitting on two kids came up, we didn’t wail for the children and cover their eyes. We talked to them. We asked what they thought, if they understood what they just saw. And they gave good answers, kids aren’t just mindless drones mucking about. They can logically comprehend what they see if you let them. And if they don’t, be a fucking parent and teach them why what they saw is wrong. It requires talking to your children, I know, strange concept, but it actually works if you treat them like growing people and not pearl-clutching innocent angels in need of swaddling.

No. 442033

Sharing ornographic images with minors is an arrestable and predatory offense. but, they can do that with normal pornographic images.

The issue with saying something should be banned because it feeds into the hands of pedophiles is that predators literally use everything to groom kids. Hell, they can use porn of fully grown adults and be like "See? We can be all grown up like they are." and other gross as fuck shit. Maybe it's just biased because I was groomed online but they used something else other than fictional porn and I've had friends say they were groomed through other means as well. One even just got groomed using actual porn.

If you're banning things to stop pedos and predators from grooming kids you have a lot of shit to ban and it's very clear that banning it or whatever is just a bandaid for an underlying issue that won't even put a dent in the problem. Actual child porn is illegal because it's created through abuse. There is no way you can get that kind of stuff out of a rl child without severely harming them mentally and emotionally, taking years off of their life and traumatizing them.

and even more so I'm noticing the worrying trend of pushing internet safety onto random people and creators on the internet and blaming them or saying that they're the ones who cause someone to be abused, not the person who abused them. Nor are people encouraging parents to be proactive in monitoring a kid's online activities. Therapists even recommend using graphic media and fictional to cope if it is something that helps you regardless of what it actually is.

No. 442041

Like, at least with the first attempt it has an unsettling vibe. If she pushed the emotion I could see how it could represent fear.

No. 442059

nta but just media has kids doesn't mean that it is for them. A popular fandom at the moment is SatsuTen AKA Angel's of Death and that show is not something I'd show to kids just because the main character is 13 when the plot revolves around a serial killer and some other graphic murders and how she herself murdered her own parents. Yet it's super popular with tumblr kids even though the rating is literally R and those same kids complain about the fandom being full of adults. young people really shouldn't have access to porn, but when you give them unlimited and unregulated internet access that shit happens. ngl but i was on sites like youtube when I was 11, too young to be there and no parents to monitor me or my access there and I had unlimited internet access until I got a virus on my computer. I found a bunch of worse shit than just fictional porn.

Between seeing two girls one cup and three guys one hammer, being sent IRL gore overrunning a NSFW blog, etc. that kind of stuff is some of the least phasing you can see on the internet. Hell, there was a subreddit /r/watchpeopledie where you could as the title says, just watch people die. desensitization isn't inherently bad as it is how people like doctors and paramedics get through their jobs, it's bad when you think that it's something okay to do to someone because you have been desensitized, but that's probably a different word other than desensitization altogether.

Children really are responsive to what they watch if you'd talk to them about it and help them understand what they're feeling/understanding and why it is/isn't okay. But too many people push that responsibility on content creators than parents. It makes me wonder if these types just didn't have parents to look after them so they seek it from any adult they can find.

I signed up to be a content creator, not to be a babysitter.

tl;dr: The internet is dangerous for kids even without the fictional weeb porn.

No. 442061

TIL smooth watercolor paper exists, thank you anon

No. 442086

I hate that face nerdecrafter makes in all of her thumbnails

No. 442089

Honestly at this point people know how to support artists and to like/et/whatever. We don't need anymore "educational" tweets about it. If your audience isn't supporting your work it means they don't like it. You're not entitled to people's clicks, you're the one who decided being an artist on social media was a good career path. The most successful ones actually bother to learn how to market themselves and how social media works instead of begging and cajoling.

No. 442090

it reminds me of when people saw Aggretsuko and started screeching about how people are sexualizing a kid's show when they discovered porn of it exists even though Retsuko swears, drinks, talks about taxes, getting married and having a job. i can only assume it's because it was made by Sanrio even though Sanrio has dabbled in adult-oriented products like undergarments.

Most anime towards kids doesn't have pornographic stuff in it. It may be a little more risque in some aspects because it's nudity, drinking, and the implication of sex is more acceptable but it doesn't have outright porn in it.

No. 442101

Do you think that's the reason? I always thought it was because she doesn't want to be recognized because she's shy (or, she seems shy, she may be super extroverted irl) This way she's keeping a degree of anonymity

No. 442107

File: 1564613014438.jpg (155.43 KB, 927x1200, whooo.jpg)

I might sound kind of rude, but I'm burnt out from 'art pity/vent' culture. From what I've seen those who bitch the loudest about art block, bad algorithm, not liking their art, and those 'things that annoy artist' are all usually done by people bad at art. I've good artists retweet and make posts like that, but the main audience for those posts feels like teens and beginners.

Also her biggest problem, imo, is that her twitter feeds a mess. You have to scroll through 10 random retweets just to find one artwork from her.

No. 442133

File: 1564616843416.jpeg (276.32 KB, 2224x1216, 93631EF9-F9F0-487E-9C91-23C939…)

These artist support threads are so annoying and useless. Aside from the fact it’s the same people spamming their art, the threads are always made by smaller accounts so you don’t get that much traffic

No. 442135

I'm pretty sure Kevin is a teenager and Connie and Steven are both 13. You need to chill omfg of all the examples. In anime teenage girls being spied on naked by old men is treated as completely normal and every day and you're using fucking Steven Universe.

No. 442139

File: 1564618502497.png (205.53 KB, 2048x1537, EAekQ7iU0AIYWzh.png)

and both of their art can be described as 'polished turd'

No. 442140

OMG what the fuck is with that knee!

No. 442143

Looks like the stub of an amputated leg that's been cut below the knee.

No. 442145

Out here abusing the dodge tool like they think they're wlop

No. 442161


These threads are getting to be insufferable. They're on my tl every other day because some artist I follow liked, RTd or commented their info in some thread or other like it.

It's just a thinly-veiled attempt at spreading their own work. It's ultimately self serving because they most likely turn around and turn off notifications an hr after it blows up , after lying and saying they'll retweet every one, or comment. That's what pisses me off, they want the engagement so this has been an easy way to get it lately. I've only seen a few professional artists do it, but only for jobs/other professionals.

I can't wait til the trend dies down but I don't see that happening any time soon. It's easy engagement. For the one that makes the tweet, everyone else wasting their time commenting is just chopped liver.

No. 442175

I've been binge watching threesibo's videos lately because her recent vids are cute and creative and fun to me. I kind of dislike the repetitious animu art style but she's been representing it in diff art forms (like sewing it, animating, making a small minigame/tattoo, etc.) so it doesn't feel as stale. Major plus that they're mostly done very well, too. I only wish there was a bit of english (yeah, I know she's korean) vocal commentary so that I could play it on a separate screen and not have to read the subtitles to know what's going on when I glance over.

This is a weird request, but would there happen to be any english-speaking youtubers that are similar in their creative diversity? I mostly only find those sadly drawn musical animatics, "animated" storytime vlogs, or the typical one-theme-drawing-on-paper vids around tbh.

No. 442204

I got into that trend before and I thought it was pretty fun to interact with new artists so I followed a bunch of them. Then the fun was over when I started to notice a bunch of people unfollowing me, but they keep increasing their following count. While it was nice to have more followers, I realized that it was mentally exhausting, especially when the same people are bitching about not getting enough engagement.

Eventually I started cleaning out my TL so it's just me and a handful of friends now. Took a lot of weight off and I don't hate being on Twitter as much.

imo artist positivity is fake and they only care about gaining popularity and creating a clique of people with a lot of following. Most of the time, they're skill level is intermediate at best and usually don't look to improve.

No. 442242

A great resource for those into painting, specifically plein air. Can learn a lot from his channel just by observing, he also has a pleasant voice and good use of simple language which I feel like is always a marker for a good teacher

Not saging so that resources are easier to find

No. 442245

There are so many ways to groom a kid. For me, was just through talking, there was no cartoon porn involved…just a close and inappropriately sexual “friendship” between myself and someone ten years older.
It just seems odd to focus on one specific possible method of grooming when it’s often more insidious

No. 442246

People still use the dodge tool?!

No. 442264


Is it really that weird so say drawings of CP are bad and should be condemned? Is it //really//?

Just because there's multiple evils doesn't mean you shouldn't try to at least fight one, especially when that evil is, specifically, drawings of nine year olds being raped.

Just saying, sometimes people argue in favor of child pornography like it's some kind of bastion of free speech and not art of small children being violently raped lol

No. 442284

Agreed anon. Even if it doesn't make pedos go out and assault kids it's still beyond disgusting and the people who draw it/view it should be hanged.

No. 442293

Yeah, I really don’t see how it’s controversial to say that pedophilia is wrong, there has to be something genuinely wrong with someone to even humour the idea of sexualising kids

>inb4 they don’t even look or act like kids!!

You know they’re kids. You’re drawn to the child character. And these are both arguments that irl pedos use to justify their desire to harm and rape kids. How does the idea of children being raped (regardless of whether it’s fiction or reality) not churn your stomach?

No. 442329

if it's a drawing and it doesn't look or act like a kid then it effectively isn't a kid. it doesn't have a real age for you to make a moral decision based on and it's normal to be attracted to something that looks and acts like an adult.

in other words art of aged up or ambiguously aged but adult-looking anime characters probably isn't pedo while loli babyfur art where the artist says "btw this character who looks 3 is 18" is still pedo

No. 442384

More boring girls from the one and only
I swear she sounds just like all her art looks; bored and unaffected.

She's been doing more digital art lately, but I kind of miss her traditional art, muddy as it can be. I wished she had more to say about what she makes but I guess it's just another day another drawing.

No. 442398

The anatomy in that thumbnail is stiff, poorly proportioned and foreshortened. It's like if all you draw is boring girls why can't you at least get that right.

No. 442453

Another missed opportunity. There sure is a lot of fun posing you could do with rollerskating of all things.
Is it just me or do the majority of her girls just sit? If it's not a bust shot it's them sitting and looking pretty and bored.

She could've done so much more with an activity like skating, but I guess the process of tying up skates, actually skating or skating with friends, is just too much for her, or not pretty enough. She might as well be sitting at a window with a cup of tea or something.

No. 442499

Didn’t say that at all, drawn CP grosses me the fuck out but the entire furor over this shit started over a drawing that was PG at best with two fucking cartoon characters blushing at each other. Comparing it to actual pornography, drawn or not, is ridiculous

No. 442534

I used to like Jacquelin's art but she hasn't really improved in a long time. And this drawing is especially bad, I used to think she was pretty decent with anatomy. That right shoulder is completely unhinged, and the hips don't seem to connect properly to the legs or the torso.

It's just such a missed opportunity. Also watching the procreate timelapse reveals that she draws lines by doing really short lines (i.e. sketching on the clean lines), which is fine but I thought that usually lead to stiffed art because the lines are less fluid

No. 442587

There was a thing in the last thread where that Japanese artist who got chased off of Twitter by art babies that basically was short lines = unconfident, inexperienced vs longer lines= more confident and experienced. Jacqui’s stuff really is like a lot of that self conscious, anxious inexperience in a lot of ways cuz she definitely has that comfort zone she’s afraid to get out of. So it makes me wonder what her book for DC will end up being

No. 442649


Apparently she made a comic before though, for her university project (Sirens of something I think), so it's not like she's never done a comic before.

But… looking at her art now and how absolutely unexpressive it is, it's going to be… a rather boring looking comic. I don't know why DC is hiring people like her honestly, she'd be better suited for cover art, and even then there are tonnes of better "youtube" artists who could do better cover illustrations than a bored girl staring out into the distance.

No. 442669

It feels like DC is doing a thing where they’re hiring very social media savvy artists for their young adult and kids series to be either more diverse or appealing (or both) and in some ways, it’s nice to see a major publisher hire more women and PoC in general but like, they could try _harder_. Most of the artists on announced books from their YA/kids series are people who aren’t super well known for comics but do things like girls standing or covers better

No. 442779

These guys are kind of their own circle an don't crossover often with standard art youtube, but does anyone else here like the doll and toy custom part of youtube? I especially love Dollightful's vids.

No. 442815

I love doll customizing channels

however I dislike when they start posting speedpaints of bland anime girls in their mediocre style.

. They should stick to what they're good at or keep their other art off their youtube channel.

No. 442817

I like Dollightful too especially since she really toned down saying “ann-yeong” in a baby voice before her videos. Her style for her dolls is really cute when like, half of doll YouTube makes kind of ugly dolls. Nerdecrafter has done project trades with her and it feels quite unfair when she gets a really nice doll from dollightful and dollightful got this MASSIVE sculpture that broke in transit cuz she packed it like a third grader.

I like moonlight jewel’s dolls but I can’t stand that she cannot balance her voiceovers and she speaks with a soft voice (she’s gotten better at it now vs past videos)

No. 442833

I don't even know what I was expecting but I'm still incredibly disappointed. Dollightful deserved so much better.

No. 442907

Lavender towne’s newest character designs are shit.

No. 442924

I know it's stylised but the sideways mouth looks so awkward.

I really like Poppen Atelier, she's a cute Belgian lady and something about her videos are very comfy to me.

No. 442926

Ugh. Her art was never perfect but it had charm and I actually liked it, I don't know why her new artworks look so bad. Maybe it's because I was younger, but I don't remember her doing such atrocious decisions on color palettes before, plus (based on her video thumbnails) I see her making more anatomical mistakes than before. I wonder what happened.

No. 442929

Her shading has suddenly changed a lot since when I first started watching her. Makes things look really muddy. Prime example being the way she does the blush on the human Alexa.

No. 442934

I know these vids are for fun but her designs are fucking terrible, if you want to make designs that are actually good… why not plan them before?! Look at references, try other colour palettes! It's obvious you don't know any colour theory because you've used red before to shade on green…sorry for being salty but I just don't get why she calls herself a character designer if all her designs look terrible or awkward…

No. 442945

File: 1564776232676.png (141.25 KB, 558x378, ooof.PNG)

Yeah. I think the main change is the fact she started suing the airbush more. Her older work was more cell shaded.

Also rainbow hair. Really?

No. 442947

Why do all of her characters look stick thin?

No. 442948

That hat is just sad.

No. 442953

I have no idea who this is supposed to be and I refuse to watch the video to find out.

No. 442999

Eeuugh, Jackie does decent product reviews, but her sculptures fucking suck. It's not the worst I've ever seen, but that's not saying much. The concept for the sculpt doesn't make a lot of sense either. Why make that large of a sculpt when you know you're going to ship it to someone far away, and fudge up a lot of the detail work as well? The glossiness also makes parts of it look really plastic-y and fake, rather than life-like.

No. 443023

human siri's skin does not look rose gold, she legit just looks like she has a bad sunburn, which lavendertown apparently did notice but decided not to do anything about it :/

No. 443026


they way the thigh is thicc af but the calfs are stick thin annoys me to no ends like just pick one, trying to make a character attractive by forcing all aspects that are "attractive" into them negates the purose entirely

No. 443047

It's her own insecurities. She has wide hips it's why half her characters do. But they are all somehow also skinny lol. Variety is only variety if it comes in more than two shapes Lavendertowne.

No. 443062


As much as I enjoy her salty reviews as background noise, her recent Crayola review made me pretty salty. kek She does so much Unboxing/ reviewing of weird stuff instead of actually sculpting and working on/ practice her skills – and the Crayola one was just utter shit. Chloe already did a video about them, twice, Jackie included snippets of it… so what the heck was she expecting? Why burn so much money? So stupid. (And I already thought her video on those Geek Mystery Boxes was shit. As an adult with just a light sense for finances one could imagine they're smelly. But, well, Jackie proved again and again that she likes to burn her money on shitty products so she has something to be salty about… )

No. 443093


I cant get over that tiny arm

No. 443096


yeah but like if she wants to draw thicc thighs then the calfs should still be proportionate to it like those calfs would snap under the weight of the thighs like toothpicks

No. 443122

The way she shipped it, it’s like really?? You’re gonna spend a ton of money shipping it to Korea but she doesn’t use anything like void filler or thicker boxes or styrofoam? And you couldn’t even read “this side up” on it cuz of the box and her childish writing. It probably cost upwards of 50 dollars to send it too, why wouldn’t you package it like it’s gonna be thrown around?

What gets me is that Dollightful is pretty open about saying she lives in a tiny ass Korean apartment with three cats and her husband yet she sends this big, ugly vase with a shitty platform she built that immediately broke? Like if you’re gonna send a sculpture, why do you have to attach this shitty vase to it?

No. 443125

File: 1564805961336.png (1.83 MB, 894x894, F7E87D36-3D8B-4BB9-A40B-DC7EF2…)

lavendertowne has a deviantart apparently. I kinda like her old stuff better tbh. Too bad she doesn’t draw guys as often anymore :/

No. 443159

But Jackie's sculpture is worth 500 dollars, you guys! I remember rolling my eyes at her delusions about her own skills when she first posted this.

I used to like her reviews, but now its obvious that she deliberately picks bad kits to review or complains about irrelevant details like a kit not including a spoon when it says "includes everything you need" because her brand is to be salty. Shes become one of those Youtubers who only care about views and money.

No. 443345

I’ve never watched her videos before but she comes across as extremely delusional when it comes to her skill level. I wouldn’t buy that if it were $50 let alone $500+. It looks like a child put it together.

No. 443380

Ross Draws book is out.

Does he ever finish any artworks? They all look like sketches or unfinished imo.

No. 443391

Putting $500 worth of materials on crap doesn’t magically make it worth $500, jackie

No. 443392

FYI, this isn't the artbook from the Kickstarter. This is a completely different side project.

No. 443399

How many models did he trace and not credit for this one?

No. 443438

Who the fuck would pay more than 30 for this thing

No. 443444

File: 1564877538778.png (9.33 MB, 2208x1242, 23C426EE-7EAC-4C6B-9297-3A3647…)

For those who don’t want to watch

No. 443488


She should have just picked one pokemon and spend more time so it will look better, then making an unstable looking clusterfuck landscape. Also, the fact she thought that she will be able to ship that unharmed to South Korea when it looks like it will break on its way to the states…

No. 443501

the vase is the best looking part
I would be much less likely to buy Jackie's improved version than the original vase if both were the same price

No. 443611

File: 1564918555506.jpg (94.52 KB, 894x894, a_good_time_by_harisaysmeh_d9d…)

I looked through some of her old art and i kinda like some of her works, even tho a good chunk of it is badly executed atleast the concepts are interesting enough

No. 443612

File: 1564918618500.jpg (75.04 KB, 664x1204, dance_class_romance_by_harisay…)

I think these are decent tho

No. 443613

File: 1564918660307.jpg (55.75 KB, 600x777, i_m_feeling_unwell_by_harisays…)

No. 443635

when i saw dollightful opening this sculpture i just thought 'why is that cheap ass vase on here?'. so why is it? i don't understand the thought process of buying a cheap ugly looking vase for an art trade, making it worth 500$ (yeah right) by gluing some badly made figurines on it and shipping it unprotected

No. 443717

Ballerinas legs are killing me.

I hate that strobe light shit she puts on everything. Also shitty perspective.

I have to admit these seem a bit more thought out but really not much. She makes the same mistakes it just looks like she spent more time on these. She is really stagnated now.

No. 443732

What about these concepts is remotely interesting to you anon? Demon sidekicks and stereotypical lesbians have been everywhere for the past decade

No. 443744

Yo, I kinda wanna redesign that.

No. 443760

What the fuck is going on with her right ass cheek

No. 443770

File: 1564945226110.png (30.3 KB, 602x584, main-qimg-30ce386f7ca213c5acd0…)

Was anyone here a part of the pixel dolling community (or just remember it)?

It was my first introduction to digital art and, honestly, it was really sad to see that community die out. Maybe it was just because I was a kid at the time, but it felt like one of the only art communities that didn't have a bunch of scandal and drama. For the most part, the biggest drama there was, was tool shading vs pixel shading and people claiming tool shaders were cheating because they used blur tools to shade.

I wonder if anyone still makes pixel dolls.

No. 443793

File: 1564947743561.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1304x704, ShitECrafter.png)

This is so embarrassing

No. 443805

Newbs don't seem to understand that pricing per hour only counts if people would actually buy it lol.

No. 443880

She should have just put the Ivysaur in the scene instead of having it be disproportionately giant at the bottom and having the whole thing on stilts

No. 443912

Still more interesting than her actual stuff tho.

No. 443921

Does she have so sense of composition? She should’ve made the Ivysaur the base, and make the (preferable smaller) vase the pink bulb on its back. She make too many little things that add nothing to the piece instead of focusing on the biggest thing there: Ivysaur. It looks so botched and the wires for vines was a lowkey lazy and off putting. She could’ve made them with clap and thicker.

TL;DR: Poor execution, could’ve been better.

Honestly same

No. 444068

Anyone read what cutiepatoodieart posted on her insta? Like she states that she has 20K in her savings and wants her fans to give her 20K more??
Like I'm sure 20k is more than enough to rent a place and move out. But she's being ominous and it's straight up weird?

No. 444082

Um wtf. Shit she’s living with her rapist?
That is plenty of money. Maybe she’s in debt as well or something.(newfaggotry)

No. 444125

that's the third time now she's asking for money? The first time she asked even people like Loish donated if I remember correctly

No. 444185

If she really worried about getting out of that situation, wouldn’t she just leave to an apartment for a bit?
I mean, I know that specifications, should not be given to randos on the internet, but 20k is a lot, especially when you already have 20k

No. 444273


I'm honestly going to try to give the benefit of the doubt considering her situation. Do you know if the 20K she mentioned is in US Dollars, European Euros or Croatian Kuna? She may be looking to have enough money to leave her native Croatia for another European country and if that 20K is in Kuna, then she won't survive for very long.

20k Kuna is roughly 2600 Euro. Monthly rent coupled with moving expenses and food, she'll out of money probably after the first two or three months.

No. 444274

Minnie Small is SO OVERRATED

effing hell, how does she get all the sponsorships, gigs, and 300k subs

No. 444279

Well edited videos, great personality and draws often in her videos. Her landscape paintings are especially pretty nice. Meh, I would rather see Miinie get more recognition than Baylee Jae or Lavender.

No. 444302

The thing I don’t get about Minnie small is why is she doing art at all. She doesn’t come off as enjoying what she is doing if that makes sense. And those tiny landscapes were all sooo bad.

No. 444338

File: 1565036232080.jpeg (339.43 KB, 750x999, 5738D9B1-8971-44B5-B86B-F91BCA…)

Ugh Kaseys art gets more and more off putting to me. This is disgusting

No. 444344

Dunno anon, that looks humorous to me.

No. 444346

What the fuck is that thing even supposed to be.

No. 444378

She mentions that “we sold some property” so it seems to make sense that it might at least be in euros

It doesn’t matter now she’s back peddling and deleted her post. IDK how much “crap” you receive if your comments are disabled
Anons she seems very milky to me

No. 444384

File: 1565042902195.jpeg (192.56 KB, 1785x842, F2D26FC4-A77C-4590-81A6-693DF3…)

Another hysteria has exposed in art Twitter. Now retweeting your own art gets your shadowbanned which is the most paranoid thing I’ve ever hear from artists

No. 444412

File: 1565046934251.png (69.47 KB, 464x277, 2007.PNG)

Oh is this why deviant art is trending? lmao
I do miss platforms just for art though, ig and twitter are shit for it.

No. 444418

File: 1565047958327.png (78.06 KB, 720x392, Screenshot_2019-08-05-19-21-01…)

Like usual, the angrier they are about this the worst their art is. I feel that the people most affected by this are the people to bad for artstation. The main thing that annoys me about this 'twitter/insta is screwing us over' is the narcisisim of it. When they say stuff like that they're implying "twitter/insta should make their software around us" and "I cant be the problem".
Also I found this train wreck of a comment on their profile.

No. 444423

No matter whether you're actually getting ghosted or not, posting that you will potentially block people in the middle of a commission transaction is uhh…not the smartest move lol. Almost sounds like you're just asking for someone to claim that you blocked them after they paid you. Also, how far along in the process are we talking? If you're having issues with clients ghosting after you waste time drawing up an initial sketch or something, then you should start asking for a $5 fee before drawing anything, or something else that's similar to a deposit to ensure you won't waste your time. I don't do comms, but even I can figure that out.

No. 444424


Seeing posts like these is just really fucking tiresome. I'm sick of artists wasting their energy whining instead of just making the art they think needs views so bad. Twitter's been absolutely infested with posts like these, and it's the same sort of shitty guilt trippy shit that was on Tumblr, it's really not any different anymore.

No. 444428

I sort of wished Pillowfort took off as something more than just some flash in the pan outburst on Twitter when Tumblr shit itself. It's dead as hell, and has been for a while. Not even worth the $5 admission. If its servers had been ready for the overwhelming amount of people clamoring for access to it, maybe it wouldn't have hit such a shit tier low and stayed there.

No. 444429


nah I get that it'd be annoying if people kept ghosting you when youre tryna make money but

a) whats the point in saying youll block them if theyre already ghosting you? how's that a threat? or are you saying youre preventing them from replying after a set amount of time? if so, then tell them about that condition before deciding theyre assholes for not replying when you dont know what their situation is

and b) this is legit what prepaying is for? like? just have them pay a percentage of the cost before you start working on the commission. making a post about how you're "sowwy" instead of taking countermeasures is pretty unprofessional in and of itself

No. 444445

Is this actually a real thing? I've seen a lot of legit artists RT this (not just MUH ALGORITHM crybabies).

No. 444450

Not sure. looking through the replies no evidence has been shown, only people asking for it. If any LC artists have an art account where they retweeted their art they could check it if they're shadowbanned

No. 444455

God same. It seemed like such a good idea, people minding their own business on a platform made for fandom and blogging. Livejournal meets Tumblr with an ao3 style management. Ah well. Guess it's Twitter until further notice

No. 444531

After the tumblr fiasco they really should've opened up a kickstarter or patreon for more funding to get the site off the ground quick. HUGE missed opportunity. The way they're limping along now isn't sustainable at all. The site's concept is perfect, but the people running it have no idea what they're doing.

No. 444559

I have friends who have been shadowbanned, and you can check whether you are with this https://shadowban.eu/

Others are saying that you have to RT a lot to be shadowbanned though, which would make more sense. It's just a dumb move by twitter in an attempt to reduce spam accounts and I think people are definitely blowing things out of proportion.

No. 444565

This is true. People are getting shadowbanned. I've been shadowbanned even though I only retweet my own art once a day after it's been posted, and honestly there's no other reason I can think of that would be annoying enough to get me shadowbanned.

Twitter's really cracking down against self-retweets and self promotion. But they're also doing all sorts of stupid shit like making it more likely to get shadowbanned if you interact too often with people who aren't following you. Like sure people can say twitter wasn't made for artists, but like… who is it for? For famous people to just say dumb things and everyone never to interact? weird.

No. 444944

It's for celebrities and corporate brands to say dumb stuff on and for everyone else to react to those dumb posts. That's literally what's making them money. Not much money mind you, but someone out there is buying a those engagement boosts and ad space.

No. 444968

File: 1565123547279.png (992.53 KB, 1078x1494, Screenshot_2019-08-06-22-30-48…)

She made a painting out of that gross sketch…I want to puke

No. 444992

Imagine seeing this hanging in someone’s house

No. 444993

A woman drew this? What the fuck. Does she own a vagina?

At least the art evokes emotion, even if that emotion is pain…

No. 445091

File: 1565144586507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,66.89 KB, 1278x647, C3A8D56C-F316-402E-92B2-EDD19E…)

I don't know why but this vaguely reminds me Emily's vagina portrait from A Simple Favor

No. 445146

so she lovingly makes sure that the face, the socks, the arrows in the vagina are fully rendered, but the tag on the ankle- who gives a shit, we here for mutilated pussy, nobody looking down there anyway. nice.

No. 445260

Why does D'angelo keep deleting his shit? I wanted to check up if he improved from that wonky king picture so I went to his insta. He deleted all his art from their. I went to his twitter, but he also deleted all his art/tweets from their (he only has 17 tweets up and he deleted all mentions of lolcow). Went to his deviantart which had some art, but it was still missing a few sketches. Went to his artstation and it had most of his art (excluding stuff he did for youtube videos. Like following a wlop tutorial, drawing tati, his other challenges)
Sage because it's not milk, but just weird behavior

No. 445285

Probably because he realizes chasing trends, mentioning lolcow and memeing only gets you but so far and that he has to buckle down and actually study his art if he wants to rebrand and wants to be known for that.

No. 445319


This guy talks so unintelligible. I cant listen to that.
And his art is not more than medicore. He would have to practice a lot until it would become something "good"

No. 445326

Dangelo is the guy that everyone pretends to like but no one really does. He tried to get in tight with a lot of them, and because he talked about drama and made holly look like a tool, they befriend him for safety.
I think holly sucks, but before hud video came out, no one in the community said shit. Then she decided to rebrand and delete, and is pretty much at zero still. Their all scared of that

No. 445329

Probably because people were starting to point out how unskilled he is as an artist. There were a few threads about him on /ic/ in the past few months that were mostly negative about his artwork and I get the feeling he lurks there.

No. 445330

File: 1565201372609.png (108.34 KB, 594x490, ddd94eaa642b793f41152d282f0a76…)

No. 445334

Deeerrp deeeerp. Someone’s butthurt.

No. 445343

TFW the only content worth posting you have is whining about your haturz

No. 445347

I wasn't even stalking. I was just confused on why he deleted all his work, but oh god he has to lurk here. No one can reply that fast 2 times in a row (he was mentioned a few threads ago where he also posted lolcow screeshots extremely fast). If you think about how he made the holly brown video by using lolcow and he just stuck around. Fuck I don't want this site to have an invasion of his fans. Look at the comment section of this video this is what the art sat thread will look like once he makes the video. We also know he isn't going to respond to why he deleted his art. he's just going to sic his fans on us
This aged badly

No. 445363

File: 1565205206905.png (20.83 KB, 198x250, hvm.png)

Why is it always the art ranters who are the worst at art? Lavendertowne, Kasey, and co. could at least make good art some point in their lifetime, but don't because of stagnation or regression. Art ranters on the other hand never had the ability to draw good (solar sands, creepshow, atari, and d'anglo) Art tubers who don't make 'what me describe what I sketch' vidoes and instead make 'watch me describe whats going on in the art community' always have the worse art for some reason.

No. 445366

Even the artists we talk about on here (like Kasey Golden or whatever) who respond to the thread with "I'M NOT MAD, YOU'RE MAD" are better than… whatever the hell he does.
Like, what, you're the guy who talks shit about everyone, but you delete all your vids and also don't like being talked about because you lurk the thread for your name? You're the guy who makes legitamate art, but also doesn't because you delete all your shit? You're the guy who likes using others for views and clicks and outright say it like a Jim Sterling knockoff to ""troll"" people, but then you pussy out or you don't go all the way (like with his favoritism in the tier vid or recanting his statement at the end of his 'critiques' of other artists)?
Idk what he thinks he is but honestly he just makes my skin crawl with how inhuman he feels, like an alien skinwalking a human youtuber, just pretending to be all of it at once while being none of it at the same time.

No. 445367

Ignore him.

In other news, can someone tell Rae you’re able to mix any of these paints with coloe theory? Also her painting was the biggest Yikes i’ve seen in a while.

No. 445368

File: 1565206285993.png (1.7 KB, 208x38, tiktok.PNG)

I clicked 'see more' on mistake and found out she has a tik tok? Why?

No. 445370

alright, since i know you are going to read this since this is the 2nd time you have been lightning fast in posting screengrabs of this thread, im gonna level with you.

so, dear mr d'angelo wallace, this is why i am on lolcow-

you are in a community that reaches for inclusive ideals, for a pure environment free of harsh criticism and opposing viewpoints. you are in a community where politics are left and only left, and when artists clash on ideals, hate mobs ensue, on both sides. you are in a community of hobbyists turned professionals, not due to degree, but due to popularity. this environment you are in creates stars of the craft out of the generic pool of at-home creators. along with the building of this community, the essence of the craft has been lost. this is art, not a competition. youtube artists, like yourself if you want to be called that, have built a cult of personality, and this thread demeans, criticizes, and throws shit at that.

art is subjective. art is to the eyes of the beholder. and the platforms being used do not support the outright expression of ideas, but the competition of audience. that is a load of bullshit. and the sizes of the some of the audiences being conglomerated by the mediocre are baffling.

best example of recent months to explain the point i am trying to make is when kasey golden painted over those paintings she got from goodwill. it left a bad taste in many people's mouths, not because it was her that did it, or because this thread rips her art to shreds, although that did happen at this time as well, but because of the principle of art seemingly being broken. that principle being consented collaboration. yes, the art in question was mass-produced, generic, the artists family perhaps all being dead, countless copies of the painting existing, likely given away and sitting in that goodwill for a long while, but the principle is still there; no matter who or what the art piece was before. it is better to ask for a collaboration than force one. no one likes their work being touched by someone else's hand when it isnt asked for, so as a general rule of thumb, just dont do it. this thread is that negative reaction, concentrated.

you, of all people, understand that words do have meaning, have power. and twitter, instagram, all these platforms is increasingly becoming a hivemind environment, where if someone says something opposite the individuals with the large audiences, they get dog-piled. that is why this thread is here. we wanted to enjoy the art being made, but we cant, either due to level of skill, subject matter, or simply the individual making it. and this thread is to discuss that.

i would love to actually speak with you and talk about this, but i honor my anonymity, and wont try to contact you. you have no respect for me, or anyone of this thread, so i cant expect a decent conversation to come of this. and likely, this post will be mocked, and i wholly expect that. but since there is no other way to get your attention other that the most obscure of avenues, i implore you to read this as a genuine expression of why i am on lolcow, and why this thread exists. that seems to be the foundation you are missing when it comes to this thread, and my hope is that by leveling with you, you gain more perspective to form your opinions.

i, speaking as an individual separate from this thread, want to enjoy videos and art that many artubers create. but i cant. and i cant say why on places like youtube or twitter for fear of being hatemobbed. so, i am here, doing what this thread is for; unedited criticism.

No. 445394


The mummy brown was just Sepia and I have the other two colours or at least very close matches in my watercolours.

No. 445419

Exaxtly. And she could have mixed that purple by adding some more red to the premade purples, you can also mix that green. I like learning about history and paint but its clear she doesn’t know much about color mixing.

No. 445421


All of these colors are looking like they werent grind/mulled enough. Or Ray just butchered them with to much thinner.

No. 445423


She states so often how much she loves History…but she seems to know nothing about it!
She just read "Mummy" oil paint and her eyes saw the clicks.

No. 445450

File: 1565215484383.png (1.29 MB, 1136x640, 387A6E96-0ACF-4FDA-8E03-57DDC5…)

The painting, btw

No. 445473

Jeeesus fucking christ what a jump. Like I get some people have different opinions and hate him (I like his videos myself) but to call him an alien and get this worked up? Chill lol.

No. 445478

Hot fucking garbage. The worst part is she can't even speak properly so her deciding to follow the views and becoming a commentator is hilarious.

No. 445489

I think she speaks fine… what do you mean?

No. 445496

what tumblr fiasco?

No. 445497

most likely tumblr banning porn

No. 445500

Someone uploaded child porn onto Tumblr.
Apple responded by removing Tumblr from the Apple app store.
Tumblr responded by basically nuking the site of any and everything that could be considered NSFW.
Porn and fetish artist (and their fans) jumped ship and headed to Instagram and Twitter.

No. 445520

…how did Rae get to 1.1M subs

No. 445532


This might be opening a can of shitworms but I wonder if anyone here has like, tips? Like if this anon was thinking of starting an art video channel what do y'all think is a good idea or niche other ppl arent doing? Tbh my art is traditional but I try to draw a variety of themes.

No. 445543

…did she ever have to take a painting class in college? I could see her drawings being passable in a classroom setting (even if they're not great on a technical level), but she knows so little about paints, no matter whether it's acrylic, oil, or watercolor. Does anyone remember what exactly her degree was and if she would have had to take at least 1 painting class?

No. 445545

If you're good at art make tutorials. Not the silly 'how to draw in my style' stuff, but hardcore 20 minute plus 'how to draw complex figures in perspective' type videos. It might not rake in the views, but it'll rake in the patreon bucks (doing personalized critiques is what usually attracts people). The best example I have is lavendertowne vs. Moderndayjames. Lavender has 3 times as many youtube subscriber as James, but James makes 4 times the money on patreon. The more complex tutorials also tend to ward off the more annoying artists, like the 'my style' types tend to avoid those videos.

A realistic art reviewer would be nice too. One who isn't obviously bribed, lists the pros and cons, goes into the technical aspects.

No. 445547

Because children love mediocrity and youtube rewards it.

No. 445556

how much paint thinner is she using to make them that liquid???

No. 445562

She has a speech impediment and has trouble enunciating. It's rather jarring and annoying to listen to.

No. 445572

File: 1565242929666.jpg (320.8 KB, 1073x610, 2019-08-08_01.40.44.jpg)

I see no difference

No. 445576

I never noticed so it cant be that jarring. I always thought she was trying to be funny whenever she fucks up a word

No. 445578

the painting looks like she used onision as a model lmao

No. 445587

according to her she graduated a public university with a major in oil painting

No. 445590

Oh that’s sad cuz she paints like drunken wine moms in one of those drink and paint workshops

No. 445625

Nitpick but the way she drags the tubes on the canvas to get the paint out was so stressful. Like please just put your tube at an angle and squeeze

No. 445660

I love how she just painted a purple blob for the body instead of actually painting his clothes. Lazy at best.

No. 445754

Creepshow can you sage please

No. 445761

So we're still doing the everyone talking about creepshow is creepshow meme?

No. 445768

Not a degree in Fine Art? Like, she literally received a B.A in Oil Painting?

That sounds like one of those churn and burn kind of schools. Get them in, take their money and push em out to make room for the next batch.

No. 445794

maybe fine art with a focus on oil painting? i just recall her saying she has a degree in art, major in oil painting.

No. 445797

File: 1565291901944.png (41.84 KB, 890x110, Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 21.1…)

sage for doublepost but she went to ENMU, so i'm guessing she has a bachelors in visual arts. ENMU is a public university that has an art department and not an "art school".

No. 445798

aaand i forgot to sage. moving on..

No. 445813

Am i the only one who sees a serious lack of progress here? His syle hasn’t really involved since highschool. Seeing how theres little to none fundamental studies in his sketchbooks im not surprised

No. 445819

I'm doing an art major in the same state that she graduated from and the art programs here are pretty much shit. You don't really learn composition or technique, it's just a heavy focus on concept and honestly as long as you can bullshit a response about why your joker fanart is a societal critique then you'll get at least a B+. I don't go to the same school as her but we only have 2 major universities statewide, I go to the highest funded school and our art program is still shit. There's so many people I know in my program that are honestly terrible at their craft but pass classes because they show up. Sorry 4 blogpost but honestly I've seen even worse artists come from these programs so I'm not surprised she has no idea how to improve.

No. 445826

i mean , he did his first life drawing session back in 2017 or 2018 (he made a video on it).. maybe it was even online (from pictures)? He just never seemed to study at all and just polished his "craft" of superhero comics that a 11 year old would draw (idk how to speak)…

No. 445913

I've never thought Jazza's style was terrible, even if it's not my cup of tea, but anon is right. This is the perfect example to show someone why you should practice the basics and study often if you really want improvement. Otherwise, you could fill up tons of sketchbooks over 15 yrs and not improve much. This happened to me the first 2 or 3 yrs I started drawing because all anyone ever told me was that you had to "draw every day", without regards to how or what you're drawing. I still enjoyed making art of course, but it was frustrating at times when I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting better. Sage for slight blog posting, I'm sure a lot of others have similar experiences with art improvement.

No. 445937

>>445913 (I'll also try not to sound too blogpost-y, sorry!)

Totally agree, and I think that some artubers are so concerned with uploading consistent videos (e.g Lavendertowne's "Turning X into CUTE GIRLS!" videos all the time) that it never even occurs to them to think about improving the basics. And if they do decide to do some sort of "practicing anatomy!" video it tends to be a one off thing instead of a persistent effort to improve.

I know >>445545 mentioned Moderndayjames earlier but I rewatched his perspective videos and have been diligently following those techniques in little exercises recently and I've already noticed an improvement in my backgrounds, something I've kinda plateaued with for a while. Sycra has some nice videos on composition iirc that I'd recommend watching if any else is in a similar rut.

No. 446093

The entire art community in general is really bad with helping beginners even with all the 'support new artists' stuff they spout. If you're a professional artist you could A. try to phrase your 'holly shit everything is wrong, go back to fundamentals' critique in a constructive way for the 20th time in a day (also for free mind you), but end up in a 30 minute debate on the merits of someones style or B. Work on improving your art. They would obviously choose B. This leaves the only people left in critique circles professionals who haven't burnt out and beginners who'll praise anything no matter how shit it is.
This is a blogpost, but I was in a critique discord like that. To sum it up I stagnated for a year and whenever I vented about 'why aren't I improving' on the server all the people there could only say 'art should be fun', 'just draw', 'have you tired pintrest tutorials', etc

No. 446116

People say “draw everyday”, but if you draw mindlessly no one would ever improve. Even copying refernexed mindlessly without critically examining that reference won’t do much for you. There are some good anatomy books/videos that will help you improve if you pair that with figure drawing. Its easy to dismiss realism, figure drawing, and studies if you’re drawing cartoons, but doing all those things will only help people improve

No. 446118

File: 1565374604144.png (295.36 KB, 652x656, sigh.png)

Found another artist via Instagram explore to add to the "not a horrible artist, but no where near good enough to justify them having over a few hundred followers" pile.
I can't believe this person has 14k followers.

I think my biggest pet peeve with artists like this is that with the amount of following they may collect, they might get asked how they draw certain things by younger kids and take it as an "okay-go" to start making drawing tutorials, when in reality they don't even have the technical foundations.

>>445547 Youtube AND Instagram apparently.

No. 446128

>I think my biggest pet peeve with artists like this is that with the amount of following they may collect, they might get asked how they draw certain things by younger kids and take it as an "okay-go" to start making drawing tutorials, when in reality they don't even have the technical foundations.

Ironic because she made a video complaining about how she hates getting so many 'how do you draw X' questions. The worst part of all this is one of her tutorials is a shameless ripoff of another art book (force life drawing). I hate how art tutorials are just usually shamless rehashes of Loomis, vilpu, gurnney, or any other fundie book. Just tell us to read the book don't tey to simplify it down for an insta tutorial

No. 446145

>ever liking Jazza
Consider suicide sister.

No. 446152

sage your shit, sister.

No. 446188

Sage your shit newbie. Also i never said i liked him? His art style is just too stuck in the late 80s early 90s for me

No. 446239

has any one posted about emily artfuls past of being an "antifeminist anime loving im not like other girls" girl? here she is essentially trying to impress a bunch of neck beards while they talk about anime girls they want to have sex with

No. 446269

In my opinion it's worse than either of those eras; it's early 2000s newgrounds style.

No. 446274

(sorry im a dif anon new to lolcow idk how this works lmao) but thank you for pointing out that moderndayjames exists because holy shit his videos look so beneficial and I had never heard of him before!!

No. 446277

>that first guy's cartoonishly stereotypical nerd voice

No. 446278

This is probably a dumb question but what’s a good exercise to “critically examine” things? I’m trying to draw from life more but I’m still doing a fair amount of symbol drawing

No. 446279

This is probably a dumb question but how do you know when you’re critically examining things? I’m trying to draw from life more but I’m still doing a fair amount of symbol drawing

No. 446300

Actually looking up and examining things like the anatomy of what you're drawing helps a ton sometimes. Like, if you draw people, know what bones and muscles should go where. Same with animals and different animal species in comparison. If you do landscapes, understand how mountains interact with the atmosphere, different types of clouds, various flora and how it changes depending on the area, and so on. That way, you're not drawing what you think is there, but what you know is there, and even what's underneath it. Idk, hope that helps, anon

No. 446316

Keep proportions in mind. It helps to stop and look to see if you're making certain things a certain size or length because you've convinced yourself its supposed to be that size. Often times if youve been teaching yourself with stylized cartoons you're making facial features too large and necks and bodies too small.

No. 446345

Thanks you two, these are good tips

No. 446358

I was thinking that too. His style personally reminded me of that god awful GoAnimate software.

No. 446372

Continue drawing from life cuz it trains your brain to interpret 3D to 2D and don’t think about style. I find that most people who learn from like copying pictures tend to lack a lot of volume and get rally flat in their art because they don’t see things in 3D and they become more like human copy machines. Also learn basic anatomy if you’re drawing people and how those muscle landmarks work on a human

No. 446394

File: 1565433942822.png (161.96 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20190810-204206~2.p…)

soo this whole thing is just more MUH ALGORITHM hysteria from the same whiny artists who think they're entitled to your clicks and have a tantrum whenever a post doesn't do well?

No. 446419

You already got some great tips so im just going to add onto it! When you’re looking at something try to break down into different shapes. The video im attaching is about perspective, but you can examine things in your day to day life and break down how you would draw them. Its also good practice to do this for color, what colors would you mix to get to that specific tone? You can get get an premade color (like those color swatches they have at stores that sell wall paint) and mix paint to match that exact color. It trains your brain to think about shape and color instead of just mindlessly trying to draw what you see.

No. 446438

I was going through the previous threads and I noticed people talking about copying art styles/drawing the same stuff.

I think that it doesn't really matter if people copy your aesthetics or whatever because your followers are interested in YOUR art, if someone steals your totally original idea but does it equal in quality to you or better it just means that your idea wasn't that original, that you're not very skilled or they're pretty good. Even if artwork is similar there are usually enough differences that it's not worth crying over.

Unless you think that they're going to steal fans away from you then you're probably just crazy.

Also you guys are way too puritan and tend to pearl clutch over nothing. You stop that.

No. 446447

The general consensus in these threads have generally agreed that the concept of stealing a style is stupid. We've always made fun of people who whine about it.

No. 446457

>if someone steals your totally original idea but does it equal in quality to you or better it just means that your idea wasn't that original, that you're not very skilled or they're pretty good.

…….sooo what you are saying is that if another artist redraws one of your original concepts* in a prettier or more technically advanced way than you did then that means you suck? The core message I am getting from your post is that if your art sucks you should aknowledge that.

If I am wrong, can you try explaining it better and without a run-on sentence?

*"Nothing nowadays is ever truly original", bla bla, etc.

No. 446462

If someone draws the thing you drew better don't get your panties in a twist.

No. 446475

File: 1565449622634.png (573.5 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_2019-08-10-10-40-04…)

What do you guys think of magic poser? Its an app in which you manipulate 3D models to help you out at art. Do any of you use it? Because so far the only artists I see using it are total beginers or people trying to get their work advertised on the magic posers insta page. Also the community has a growing 'magic poser is for references' and 'magic poser is for tracing' divide

No. 446478

Sage. looks unbelievably crap.

I think only beginners are fooled into using posers (or those anatomy dolls) to copy poses.

It's a much better idea to draw from real life. Or from reference photos (although it might be difficult to find the pose you want).

These programs could be useful if you want to trace and crank out like comic pages or something at a fast pace.

No. 446480

I know two people who use it/something similar, and how they use it really makes a difference.

One constructs his more complicated illustrations with 3D models, focusing on setting up his perspective, finding the most interesting angle for it, using it as a tool to make sure his objects and characters are all correctly sized, the background's lines are accurate, his light sources make sense, etc. He then draws his sketch using this and other references.
The other guy basically traces the characters. His lineart doesn't look the worst, but when he gets into any sort of rendering you can tell he's mindlessly setting down his colours like they're on a flat surface, and it looks awful.

So basically it could be a good tool if you already have strong fundamentals and know how to use refs, but if you're a beginner, you probably won't learn anything but how to trace/copy.

No. 446485

Pose dolls are a one way ticket to stiff anatomy for beginners. It will benefit so much more to learn anatomy in and out back and forth instead of wasting your energy copying shitty dolls and gaining to useful knowledge.

No. 446488

I don't mind posing tools, they have their uses, but that image specifically looks like a terrible one. Like, first of all, the drawing has better posing/anatomy than the 3D image (which I'm willing to bet they actually took a drawing, then posed the 3D models into the same general position, rather than the other way around).

Honestly, even good posing tools are best used for setting up composition or just finding a pose you want, they aren't really good for reference.

No. 446496

File: 1565454277164.jpg (51.88 KB, 661x900, D-TsCCfWkAADooj.jpg)

It's when beginners trace them 1:1 and it looks stiff and awkward. With the rise of programs like these, you can really tell who traces them because the proportions are "passable", but the lineart/rendering are abysmal.

No. 446499

Id much rather use photographs/live models as reference. Those pose dolls are already stylized. I like taking real people and then stylizing them. Pinterest has tons of picture references and if you know how to google proper reference pictures you wont need the pose dolls

No. 446500

I use my posing doll if I want to draw a very complicated perspective/pose and I know that I would spend hours looking for a pose reference that is unlikely to actually exist.
However I prefer referencing actual photos of real people.

No. 446505

Lol one of the legs is longer than the other and one foot is missing (not at the right angle for it to be hidden by the other leg.)

This is a good example of how it can hinder beginners.

No. 446525

File: 1565457465756.jpeg (676.41 KB, 1412x1872, BBCA18CB-CF9C-4ED2-8C37-6B59DA…)

What do you think about Par0llel’s art? She’s pretty popular and she has 190k followers on Instagram.

No. 446538

Personally I’d be embarrassed to open that at work but I’m not a weeb

No. 446548

File: 1565460537598.jpg (172.17 KB, 1439x1012, Parollel Machina.jpg)

I like her style. Her work doesn't feel samey. I feel like it's a good example of someone doing their own thing with the "anime style."

Is there anything milky about her?

No. 446554

File: 1565460969864.png (213.63 KB, 1008x326, 1557640556035.png)

Is it just me or does Kasey give off major awkward nerdy virgin vibes.

No. 446556

Can we talk about how bad Chloe rose’s art is ? She just copies Disney shit

No. 446566

File: 1565462743181.png (894.63 KB, 1096x588, iplci.png)

>>446525 i think shes decent but you can clearly tell when shes heavily referencing someone elses work

No. 446569

is this person a girl? are they 29? they look like a 14 year old minecraft youtuber.

No. 446570


she's literally married and has been for years lmao not to mention nerds are just as horny as everyone else. find another bone to pick.

No. 446572

She's married. But um. Yeah, lol.

No. 446573

Not my thing but the colors are nice and linework is good. Objectively visually pleasing. I'm not a fan of anime style like I was when I was younger though.

No. 446575

We have though? Plenty of times? Her only decent work is when she copies something, and she has no knowledge of basic anatomy or any other fundamentals for art. Disney artists draw from life and a lot of them are masters at what they do so i dont get why drawing for disney is her ultimate goal; i dont think they’d ever consider her stuff.

No. 446576

It looks hideous, just another tumblr-like style.

No. 446578

Hurr durr I have no good crits so I just call it tumblr

No. 446582

Not objectively good… both examples posted are very flat, there is an interesting shape language but no underlying forms to create depth. Not to mention the colors are clashing, the value range is meh, and the concept of tiny baby girl holds big weapon is male gazey and unoriginal

No. 446583

Not that anon, but she's right and you seem weirdly butthurt. There's no range in values, the texture on the gun looks like plastic, there's no actual composition, the face and hair accessories are not drawn as 3d objects… Like all those stereotypical "tumblr" artists she seems to be copying. I wouldn't call it "hideous", but it's very lazy.

No. 446585

…do you perhaps…know where you are

No. 446587

I said objectively visually pleasing but go off. I'm sure your oh so many followers disagree lol

No. 446588

Makes me think of Takehito Harada.

No. 446595

File: 1565467890694.png (257.24 KB, 324x429, hhghggh.PNG)

how has no one mentioned this hand lol

No. 446608

That's honestly egregious lol. how do you learn to draw people but not know how bones work. Unless it's a 'style' choice somehow

No. 446612

>how do you learn to draw people but not know how bones work
Symbol drawing, which is why everything in this drawing looks so flat and disconnected from its surrounding elements.

No. 446617

>>446612 i don't even think its a case of symbol drawing it just looks horrendous

No. 446626

Ffs the kids only 16

No. 446628


Their stuff looks good at first glance but the more you look at it the more you see them hiding behind colors and false dynamic angling.
Plus, there's no weight to anything in the picture. She's holding the gun so delicately like it's a damn fork and knife.

No. 446631

And that matters because…?

No. 446634

Cuz you retards are critiquing a small child who is still learning over stupid shit that you are likely unqualified to even speak on

No. 446636

Anon, no one is attacking her or condemning her for making mistakes.
If this girl is a bit too young and immature to learn from critique that's completely fine (and understandable), but anons in this thread might reflect on their own work based on these critiques and improve it. Sharing knowledge, tips and advice IS supposed to be one of the things we do in this thread, you know.

No. 446637

Oh no, how will this small, 16 year old, literal child ever recover from everything but asspats on lotsoflovecow.farm? Anon, are you listening to yourself? Kek.

No. 446646

It's more the point of view of a kid finding out their art is posted on what is by in large viewed as a bully website. It being embarrassing to a teenager is understandable. But the anon above you makes the better point. In the end these threads have an audience for a reason and that is why I like coming here.

No. 446659

I’m pretty sure she’s just riddled with the ‘tisms

No. 446660

I've been wondering lately just how some artists are able to get by and make bank just selling merch of their OCs that they don't really have stories for. Like, they just catch an audience and show up with OCs that attract a lot of fans. How does that end up happening? Is it luck?

Using Trickywagon as an example real quick. She made fanart too but she gets by on a lot of her own stuff. I wonder what the fanart to original work ratio has to be. I don't wanna turn this into an "original VS fanart" thing I guess my question is how some artists make characters that just click. Or do they just keep posting them and people just think they look pretty.

Cute plushie though. She's always trying new stuff which I like.

No. 446662

> a SMALL child

Anon she might be a kid, but are you honestly suggesting a 16 year old is at the same mental capacity as say a 5 year old, lmao?

How is it that even in this thread we get anons that feel the need to be overly passive, female socialisation and the art community jfc.

No. 446664

Gotta be honest anons, I’m sick of the OP, I didn’t really write it with the intention of it being reused so it falls flat now.

Sage for dumbass shit, by it’s been bugging me that OP didn’t just write something new that reflected the old thread

No. 446674

"what do you guys think of x artist" posts with no milk are almost always selfposts.

No. 446688

i think a lot of Trickywagon's success comes from people who enjoy her as a person/watching her vlogs. Similar in a way to Baylee, people buy their stuff because they like the artist themselves. Trickywagon also draws cute guy art and a lot of girls are into that so I think that's a big draw as well.

No. 446707

I know right it's crazy when people with different opinions go and ruin your safe space of lolcow.farm however will you cope

No. 446709

She's also just very aware if IG and teen culture her stuff is just very in line with the aesthetic that teens and ya women will pay for.

No. 446717

Yeah even people who symbol draw usually know that knuckles don’t look like serrated knives

No. 446722

Yeah I started following her on IG cuz I do like her vlogs and she’s also keenly aware of improving as an artist too, like she’s been doing the “eat your veggies” artist challenge for a while and went to schoolism lectures so even if she slows down she has a good foundation (and I think she’s said she majored in something unrelated to art in school) and I respect that about her shit. Like she does know her audience like Baylee but doesn’t stunt her own growth as an artist because of them. Like I kind of like that her videos are pretty much monthly or semi monthly cuz I don’t need to know ALL aspects about her life like BJ but it’s a nice look at her stuff

No. 446727

Who is the artist who made the right pic?

No. 446732

I think it’s a little bit of luck but also I think she spun off of what worked in her fanart, like she has voltron + dbh stuff and was a major artist in kingsmen fandom, into her OC’s. Plus her drawing and coloring skills are solid and a popular style. And luckily there is a large market for people way into handsome boy/BL kind of stuff.

like tbh I get it why drawing cute girls are easy and a comfort zone for most people but the real bank is just like, learning what your market is into paired with solid skills. And also handsome, non threatening boys

No. 446736

inplick on twt

No. 446753

generally speaking i think art style theft is stupid. However, I think it can be apparent in some cases like that one girl who not only traced over Slugbox's artwork, but copied his style 1:1 and even considered herself a "cheaper alternative" for slugbox. Like okay that's just straight-up art style theft combined with actual theft.

Not like, using the same type or kind of eyes as someone else like that one girl who would draw super big eyelashes on her characters would claim whenever someone else did the same style eyelashes.

the cheap knockoff won't be like the original, and I've seen a lot of popular artists having their style copied 1:1 with practically the same subject matter and a lot of the "knockoff" artists will pass themselves off as "cheap alternatives" for if someone wanted a commission from say Kawacy but didn't want to pay 200+ dollars for a Kawacy commission, they could go to them and get it for like 20 bucks.

I find it akin to copying someone's handwriting because art styles are effectively brands to a certain degree. Like Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura's art styles are similar (because they're both shoujo) but you can still tell the difference between them. Even if one part of the style is the same, there are color differences, subject matter differences, etc. When it comes to other artists, the same thing applies. Sure you can't really trademark a style, but copying a style 1:1 and selling it is similar to intentionally copying someone's handwriting and it comes off as attempting to slide in on their profits and/or undercut them at the same time.

No. 446771

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she did art on the side until she was financially able to quit her day job, and having a degree means she can easily jump back into the field if she ever needed to, which is sensible. Her vlogs can get a little boring, but they make good background noise at least. And she's very helpful in sharing info about what sites she buys merch from, how she runs her shop, etc.

This too. She got popular as a fandom artist long before she really delved into her original content, which is part of why she has a decent following. And it may just be bad luck on social media for me, but I feel like I see way less drawings of men than I do women, especially good ones. (Like ones that aren't either overly buff power fantasies or uwu soft boi that just looks like a tomboy). So maybe I'm overly grateful for handsome well-drawn guys when I see them.

No. 446779

>Not a virgin
Press X to fucking doubt. No one has smashed that and everyone knows it.(necessaryspeed4)

No. 446783

You're probably right, considering the butthurt. The critiques given were completely harmless.

No. 446787

Yeah right, men would fuck anything. I seen them gassing up girls her facial mediocrity all the time so dont pretend like scrotes got standards.

No. 446806

That's quite an impressive blanket statement you got there.

No. 446850

Do you have to be a YouTube artist to get sponsorships and sent products for review?

Sometimes I just can’t see myself associating with many YouTube artists

No. 446858


No. 446860

Interesting language from someone who pretends to be anti-sexism.

No. 446932

Keep up your delusion that mens sexual interest is worth anything to push a woman down with lol
Desireable women tend to make statements like this the most, so L.

No. 446973

You're not even making sense anymore lol. Also I'm a lesbian I don't care about what men find attractive.

No. 446978

Its not a blanket statement to say men would fuck anything, which makes the OP comment stupid as fuck.

No. 446979

So we're just gonna ignore that some men have specific preferences, then? Okay.

No. 446996

Sounds like you’re the virgin here. Also it’s funny that all of you guys are talking about improvement while shitting on other artists. Okay then.

No. 447008

I'm surprised ZHC doesn't get as much shit as Jazza. Everything Jazza does ZHC takes to a whole new level of grating.

No. 447014

DAW said it best when he called this guy the ricegum of art YouTube.

No. 447021

I think the secret is to start as a fandom artist and then slowly bring in the OC stuff. She was popular in the Kingsguard fandom and some other series. She also continues to have some presence in popular series like Voltron and DBH. Because of that, it brought the right audience to her - people who like cute boys and BL.

The other thing is her merch is very unique. It's super easy for anyone to make a charm or a button or sticker. But making a plushie is different and difficult to find a supplier for. She's also done moleskin-type sketchbooks, leather mirrors, pass cases, etc. It makes her stand out more than other artists.

No. 447054


It's dumb and boring watching people throwing money around like candy.

No. 447058

No. 447076

File: 1565576536445.jpeg (374.52 KB, 640x1043, 37E39107-CD0E-4EDC-8854-77D977…)

I cant stand the guy, the way he brags about money is so uncomfortable. I don’t think his art is awful but i hate the way he shades things. He uses highlights and then one dark midtone.

No. 447104


what a douchebag. The whole point of the video was to show off that he has money and literally nothing else. Fuck these people, youtube was a mistake.

No. 447139

What's up with the shitty anatomy,specially the arms and clown feet, and his crotch migrating to his thigh lol?

No. 447140

I think the shading is fine but the anatomy is horrible.

>Shit anatomy

>Cape shit
>Can't draw feet

Holy shit, it's Rob Liefeld 2.0!

No. 447144

thoughts on lavender towne's new video?

No. 447190

Not talking specifically about that poser. Never heard of it until today. But what's the difference between using a poser for a pose and a reference, so long as you're not tracing?

No. 447202

Like >>446485 said, posers often look stiff.
If you wanna draw people, look at real people not anime dolls

No. 447207

There’s no weight like if the pose is propped up on its arm the doll won’t wont have that strain on it’s arm and the body won’t rest into it, it will just float there effortlessly

No. 447220

I’m no expert but her brush work seems.. sloppy for that thumbnail art

No. 447221

Needs more pouches, but basically yeah

No. 447227

Oh my god just when I tought Lav's wouldn't hurt my eyes more

No. 447312

Is she still not using a line stabilizer??

No. 447315


Like >>446480 stated. Posing software is best used for testing out and correcting a composition. Tracing it will leave you with a super stiff drawing.

If you have decent fundamentals and understanding of anatomy, rely on that and just use software like poser for testing unique perspectives and forming compositions.

Her drawings actually seem to be getting worse with time.

No. 447331

I'm sorry but her painting looks like Rae herself in joker makeup

No. 447332

In one of her videos she said she purposefully doesn't use one because wobbly lineart is part of her style

No. 447333

… which is ridiculous lmfao

No. 447334

Same, that and those Law for Kids PSA comics

That said, I do think Jazza has some talent. His sculptures and 3d models usually come out much better than his drawings for some reason.

No. 447340

Which would be fine if it would actually work with her art style… Its too detailed for wobbly lineart in my opinion, it just makes everything look lazy. If she wanted to use wobbly lineart then maybe she could try a more childish art style.
Also i fucking hate her shading

No. 447491

From an "ethical" standpoint, there's nothing wrong with it. If someone wants to use a pose doll, that's their choice. But from a technical standpoint, it's not smart.

Pose dolls are worse because you're not dealing with actual humans, and these programs can't perfectly replicate human limitations and gravity. The only exception to this would be things like Anatomy360 where you can't pose the models, you can only turn the camera and change the lighting and so on.

I'd say using a pose doll is similar to using someone else's art as a reference. Because you're already dealing with a deformed source, it's going to result in a misinformed product. 3D software can have some incredible uses, especially when it comes to planning pieces, but I don't think posers are a good idea for beginner artists. It will give them the wrong idea of anatomy.

No. 447519

It’s good to use poser dolls in conjunction with a very good and solid foundation of how anatomy works and how to draw real people and the only way to get that first is to draw real people a ton, from life and not just from pictures. Like poser dolls are useful for like, if you have to pose the person in a weird perspective, but you need knowledge of anatomy to know if the pose actually works with a real person with bones and muscles and stuff.

Plus you need to draw people from real life and not just pictures so you can understand volume and form, like what someone said earlier about figure studies from pictures looking flat. Like Baylee is the biggest example of this with these studies, she is not paying attention to actual volume and just renders without knowing form so they are really inaccurate in regards to actual anatomy, volume and 3D form

No. 447520

Baylees a good example of this. By referencing pictures and pose dolls without learning about the anatomy you get some really wonky anatomy drawings. She focuses too much on the outline of the drawings instead of building it up slowly from form.

No. 447566


The bad thing is those models don't even have good anatomy to begin with.

Nothing will substitute a good foundation in anatomy, figure drawing and gesture mileage if you want creative freedom, that's not to say you should not use reference in a piece but for the best approach will always be to sketch the thumbnails first, do the photo shoot yourself with real people and/or better yet, create your own 3d model if you have the option to do so, if not at least doing a crude manequin with polymer clay would help you more in your development than relying too much on other people's models. Its also great figure practice to learn to sculpt by hand or using zbrush. If you are poor i won`t tell you to pirate it or anything, but i mean, you do you.

No. 447569

Something about Baylee makes me feel ridiculously uncomfortable. I don't know what it is, but I rarely watch her videos because she unnerves me.

No. 447607

Her art looks pretty “childish” to me

No. 447610

she looks like a frog, her hair is limp and nasty, and she acts and draws like a child. Her weird obsession with her hot guys series is really off putting in the weird ways that kasey’s kind of gets sometimes where they’re adult ass grown women but they come off as very immature and try-hardy

No. 447664

Her art is so childish, and not in a way that's even remotely charming. The rendering itself isn't too bad, though. She just…she has potential but chooses to stay right where she's at - making bootleg disney art and not realizing her hair color is so similar to her skin color it's uncomfortable to look at, at least in my opinion.

No. 447743

The faces are just becoming more and more fucked, how can she forward with rendering in oils which can take literal days when her faces are becoming progressively more grotesque

No. 447781


I often feel like artists' obsession with perfect anatomy is annoying as shit but I'll admit the face here is pretty ugly and weirdly fetishistic.

No. 447835


What are some youtubers that you think have grown over the years? A lot of them haven't grown much at all

No. 447861

File: 1565722850081.jpeg (51.89 KB, 600x600, F1B425EF-6A03-42BC-A23D-AD2C41…)

It looks like a Dakota Rose shop

No. 447863

File: 1565723115293.jpeg (162.38 KB, 750x687, ACEA1FEF-08F9-48B6-8A12-B17264…)

What do you think about Sugar.gutz art? I generally don’t like it and everything in her gallery looks the same.

No. 447869

Should we know this person? Looks like generic weeb shit.

No. 447871

Nah, I just kinda hate this type of art style. The cutesty stuff that is easy to get likes. It’s super generic.

No. 447872

Everything in her gallery has the same face and mediocre-to-bad anatomy. How do these people get 70k followers?

No. 447888

i mean i dont really love the look but it's literally just stylized.

No. 447893

Honestly it's kinda awfully stylized 'cause if you would take the features out of the face the head itself is totally normal shape and size. She just fucks up the other features and frankly to me it doesn't look very smart way to stylize your work. She's probably aiming for the type of asymmetrical look that can look attractive if done right but this just looks like an attempt gone wrong. In fact most of her art look like that.

No. 447896

The only people annoyed at other artists for caring about anatomy are the ones too lazy to study it properly.

No. 447901

The lines of the face are all over the place and I don't mean the stylization. Nothing lines up and her body is just terrible. Also the claw hands. The fish are the only good part of the piece to me. Also in the video she says the theme of the piece is this girl is friends with the fish and it shows their bond. I'm sorry what? Those fish are ornaments to yet another blank faced child like pretty girl staring into the distance there is no fucking story there and she can't force one in. She just sounds unintelligent and pretentious.

Her work ethic advice was pretty solid though. She is a good painter. She just lacks substance imo.

No. 447910


There's so much forehead on all her subjects. I don't think it used to be this bad, but slowly the way she drew faces started looking like all the features are sliding off.

No. 447916

File: 1565729473148.png (2.77 MB, 1366x1372, erkjkda.png)

As a naive 4th grade artfag, I bought a "How to draw manga" book from the scholastic book fair and I just found it again among my old stuff. I wanted to look up the artist (Ben Krefta aka Bomu) to see if he had improved since 2004. Not only has he not improved in 15 years, but the "best" quality work in his entire deviantart gallery are his porn star portraits he calls 'realism' that are obviously traced. It's sad because he has more than one published how to draw book and kids who didn't know any better (like myself) give up their money and actually use them and pick up bad habits. I hate these Chris Hart-tier artists who do this shit.

No. 447918

File: 1565730190258.jpg (239.56 KB, 1287x1961, f8ac6be6001dc13dbd4c9beab9e817…)

sorry for samefagging but I was thumbing through the book I have and this legit looks like some shit Holly Brown drew lmao

No. 447920

What could he possibly teach anyone, other than how to fuck up human anatomy?

No. 447923

Honestly this is why I absolutely loathe Baylee's how to draw book. She gives these idiotic advises to people without even knowing what she's talking about herself. She has this line weight "tutorial" where she just told people to "make the line thicker on the chin" and literally nothing else. Like why on the chin? it's amazing how she doesn't even know herself. The whole art book just proves how she puts 0 thought into her own art and why things are done the way they are yet dares to charge people of that garbage. When she was asked why she teaches others while she can't draw, she basically just told people that it was just because she had the opportunity. Like bitch you selling people shit that you KNOW is shit and you're not even ashamed. The chick has no pride as an artist and I hate that kids treat her as some sort of goal. Poor them. If you wanna make a regular art book then go ahead but don't fucking make a how to draw art book when you know you can't teach, that's a fucking scam and you're a fucking scum.

No. 447932

File: 1565733687492.jpg (72.12 KB, 750x750, 60748357_1317959578351190_7711…)

I agree. When artists who take 'fake it til you make it' too far actually get regarded as professionals by children, dim-sided fellow 'pros' and companies or pro artists that just want to get to their fanbase, they get the big head and think they actually know what they're talking about, and even if they know they don't, they also know their minions will believe and defend their every word anyway.

Apparently someone is getting something out of his art…somehow.
This man has 48.6k followers on his instagram (@benkrefta) and looks exactly how I thought he would.
"I'm not a model, the camera just happened to turn on while I was sketching."

No. 447933

You didn't expect him to look more like Chris Chan? Because I did, to be honest.
As a kid, I requested one of his books as a gift from grandma cause I somehow though it would be good. Instant regret.

No. 447939

At first, but once I saw his DA account, I was 100% expecting him to be preppy douchebag Kyle once I saw the blow up doll lips he draws. Just felt the vibe.

No. 447943

Oops Meant to reply to >>447933

No. 447946

Found the ebook version if anyone curious what baylees book is like

No. 447950

File: 1565735748547.png (388.13 KB, 830x773, ballee.png)

See this summarizes baylee's art perfectly. She draws these stiff lifeless pictures then tries to draw these pathetic "guide lines" that are all wrong and in weird angles. She doesn't have any idea how they work but she just has to make it look like she does. This is the peak of her teaching.

No. 447959

You can cheat anatomy for stylistic purposes but you need to have an understanding of how anatomy actually works and functions before stylizing it in a logical way

No. 447986

File: 1565738516678.jpg (301.32 KB, 750x687, 2019-08-13_19.13.02.jpg)

I hope this doesn't come across as pure autism but the number of fused/stolen edges and tangents in this really bothers me. I just felt like pointing out a few of the places where lines seem to follow the same curve even if they're supposed to be in front of/behind each other.

No. 448133

File: 1565754064879.gif (718.79 KB, 500x384, 1556456273081.gif)


Look at Egon Schiele, his stuff is very stylized and yet the logic of the anatomy is sound and looks believable. Its not about "perfect" anatomy, is appreciating that a certain knowledge is present and it adds another layer of character to a picture.

I have to agree on some level though and i see it incredibly often: No amount of anatomic knowledge will save face for bad perspective and bad composition, is the most common thing in the world for beginners to skip perspective because is boring and they want to got straight ahead to characters, this has the counter productive effect of elongating that "akward beginner who knows a few things but can't actually create a cohesive piece" phase.

No. 448137

I’m always surprised when artists don’t notice tangents in their work, they drive me crazy.

No. 448294


So you mean the vast majority of the world's population? Not everyone's target audience is art snobs who look down on others for not spending 4h a week drawing hands and skulls.

No. 448404

Believe it or not people can just do it for fun

No. 448425

Lol apparently an expectation of human anatomy for an artist that draws humans makes me an 'art snob'? Sorry if I struck a nerve anon but you should really study human anatomy if you plan to draw humans. Unless your end goal is to like Holly Brown, TwistedDisaster, Baylee, ect. If so your attitude def has you on the right path lol

No. 448427

A vast majority of the world's population are not artists. If you consider yourself one I pity you tbh.

No. 448428

Did you know that after studying and practicing anatomy you draw like 4x faster? Gee I sure hope I don't waste 4 hours drawing something I could draw in half an hour if I knew basic human anatomy. Then I wouldn't have to charge people a stupid amount of money for mediocre art that took me an entire day while complaining online about how hard being an artist is.

No. 448429

theres more to the speed of an artist than just anatomy but ok

No. 448434

Its really not a lot to expect professional artists who draw humans/characters to learn proper anatomy. I dont think mostof us are shitting on hobbyists.

No. 448438

Anon you implied that people are wasting their time spending four hours a day drawing 'hands and skulls' you're clearly a beginner that knows shit about art kek please stop trying to make a point you just look like an idiot.

No. 448441

Lol anon now you have me curious. Name a YouTube artist that is good, draws quickly, and doesn't have 'perfect' anatomy.

No. 448442

Nta but no one was talking about just anatomy. This applies to every skill an artist has. If you practice backgrounds a lot eventually you'll become a lot faster at them because drawing them becomes more subconscious than conscious. Anatomy is often talked about because most of the people who start drawing, start drawing people or animals. I've hardly met beginner artists who started drawing because they loved scenery or architecture. Anatomy is the core of the people and learning anatomy doesn't have to be a grind. You can practice while doing regular works. There's no wrong or right way to learn and studies are optional. You can also practice anatomy in parts like I personally do. Practice anatomy, then move to something else, then go back to anatomy. Learning can be fun and enjoyable if you make it that.

No. 448445

There is a wrong way to handle critique and that is imply that people who call your anatomy shit 'art snobs'. I agree that practice and study don't have to be a grind though. Honestly if someone dislikes drawing that much they should consider being a hobbyist and give up on being a professional. Most professional work more than four hours a day lol

No. 448458

I mean sure, but specifically speaking about human anatomy, if you are drawing humans in multiple poses then learning anatomy will make you much, much faster. Holly and Spechie are good examples of this as they can't work quickly without tracing because they don't know how to draw in more than one or two poses and always have limbs too long and muscles/bones in the complete wrong spot. If you have practiced and studied you can bust out sketch after sketch in multiple poses in a matter of minutes.

No. 448475

Took her under 24 hours to switch the thumbnail to one where it is not zoomed in on the face. Hello Happy.

No. 448480

Isn't that basically what I said tho? To me I think only misconception is that people think that studying means grinding "4h a week drawing hands and skulls" like the anon said above. That surely is a one way to go (and 4h a week is not a lot tbh) but there's also things like learning from observing and learning by seeing your past mistakes and trying to fix them next time. Overall I guess for me the whole "studying is too hard" mentality for artist amazes me, because isn't part of the fun of being an artist getting better? Now for me every work I do is in a way a study, that's why I rarely do more traditional forms of studies but my way works for me. Ultimately staying the same skill level for me would be a personal hell and I don't get why a lot of the artists are satisfied my mediocracy but each to their onw.

No. 448481

Oh okay yes sorry I think I misread your response. I think beginner artists that have trouble facing their own flaws just don't want to keep at areas they struggle with so they just do what they think they are good at and improve a single area so they can be praised for it or get likes. The problem is they can reach a point where they are unwilling to grow where they need to because it's not fun or worth their time to improve (in their eyes).

No. 448530

Something about these big ig artist thinking they are too good to reply to their followers really gets to me. And I’m taking about accounts with less than 100k. I get that messages/comments get a lost if you have a massive following. But @0073.uv has 500k and she still manages to reply. And then they complain why their engagement is low.

No. 448553


I'm like you- learning is what keeps things fun and fresh.

I think half the problem is that people lack the ability to reflect, assess and critique their own work or process. That's a skill in itself that needs to be developed, but unfortunately not everybody considers it essential. Yet if you can't figure out the areas you want to improve, you're just wildly stabbing in the dark.

Not everybody necessarily has the mindset to assess their own work either. I reckon this is why I think some people benefit more from having a teacher there to help jump start that process.

No. 448554

Sage because it's not milky, but a bit salty I suppose.
Do any artists here get sent private messages from people asking for personalised help (critique, tips, you name it)?
How do you respond/How would you respond?

It's nice that people apparently value my opinion or experience enough to want my help, but I don't have time to give anybody who messages me free private lessons. Not sure what to think…

No. 448557

Just politely tell them you don't have time, or maybe direct them to some good resources (like actually informative art YouTubers). I'm not gonna tell you how to feel, but if I were you I'd be kinda flattered that people think I'm good enough to ask for advice from.

Most people message with the intent of "a response would be greatly appreciated!" As opposed to "I'm entitled to your time!" If that's what they think, that's on them, not you. Don't worry about it.

No. 448558

Ugh her and zunich(?) Art style anoy me. Both follow kroked glasses and their style reminds me of hers from 2013 but more "anime" like. Like from the line work style to other thingd

No. 448621

If they're polite, you could point them towards places where they can get what they want. Like if they want art advice, point them to some videos/websites with resources you like. If they want critique, point them to Wetcanvas, conceptart.org, etc.

If you're getting the same questions on a regular basis, it might help to have a FAQ. A lot of artists use instagram stories to put up an FAQ. I'm not sure about Twitter, but maybe you could make a carrd.co page with an FAQ? Then you can just tell people who ignore it "It's in the FAQ."

No. 448625

Didn't conceptart.org shut down or something?

No. 448628

Oh shit, you're right. Well there's always Wetcanvas. Or reddit I guess?

No. 448634

wtf is the whole wamen thing about?

No. 448644

PewDiePie made it up. People on the internet use it to discredit the opinions of women. Usually it implies men are white knighting or women are being unreasonable or sexist.

No. 448753

File: 1565857705836.jpeg (520.71 KB, 2334x1633, 1583CC68-E495-4CAD-98D8-C71EC0…)

Imagine paying $250 for doodles drawn in Starbucks

No. 448760

What the fuck is this price. Does this person have any cow qualities?

No. 448769

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but imma try anyways. So I pre-ordered a fan-made art book (focused on a specific anime/manga) from an artist I won’t name back in April. The listing for the product on their store said that pre-orders ended on April 20-something, and that the books would begin to be shipped out 40-50 days after that. I live in the US, and I’m pretty sure the artist lives somewhere far away, so I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I still haven’t gotten the book though, and I paid something like $55-65 in total (including shipping). I also emailed them almost a month ago w/ no response. I’ll email them again today, but does anyone have any tips on what to do in this situation? I’ve also thought about msging them on Instagram, but emailing seemed like the more business like thing to do first.

No. 448783

If the package is international, and sendings were meant to occur 40-50 days after purchase, then the fact it is mid-August with no package means 1 of 3 things; package is lost and likely won’t be recovered. Contact through email or messagers to get a refund or a resent product, if possible. 2nd option is you got scammed. 3rd option is the package was sent, but you won’t get another one or your money back because the artist is a shitty artist. In which case, post screenshots everywhere and blast their ass for shitty practices.

If the package was in-country, it should have delivered within a week after July 1st if the artist sent at minimum 40 days. Maybe longer to accommodate the 4th being a federal holiday, but not till mid-August.

Try to get a response from the artist, Instagram may be your best bet.

No. 448785

Two of these drawings are identical, and one is just a headshot. This is essentially $250 for 2.5 sketches, how many followers does this person have to justify this price?

No. 448791

Honestly you two are total cheapskates, 250 for multilpe sketches for 2 characters is in fact very cheap. An indurstry professional would charge that price of single sketch of a head so I really don’t understand what you’re whining of. This person can draw, the anatomy is fine and the characters are actually interacting with each others. Those would already be a plenty of reasons to let the price soar but instead they went with a cheaper price. I honestly feel like you guys have never drawn in your life if you think 250 for custom work is a lot.

No. 448796

They must at least a minimum of 10 hours on the collage if they want that price to be valid.

No. 448802

Those anons are definitely the type of people who expect artists to work for exposure.

No. 448804

Luxury items aren’t priced by minimum wage per hour, you do realise that right? And artwork is nothing but a luxury

No. 448805

Art is skilled labor, skilled labor is priced higher than minimum wage. Artist fees by the hour differ wildly but most unions will suggest anywhere between $30 to $70 per hour, depending on experience and skill level.

Let's take the lowest possible rate then, which works out to just over 8 hours. Which seems about right for a colored and inked piece with multiple characters, foreshortening and full body shots.

No. 448808

File: 1565873350283.png (375.32 KB, 899x673, HMM.PNG)

This Artist doesn't Understand what referencing is it. The fact this post got many like is concerning

No. 448810


Hard agree. This artist does not have the skill to charge those rates, much less for a lazy service. These are barely doodles with flat color and not even particularly well done.

I don't know were other anons are coming from thinking is cheap, maybe they live in a upper class bubble in the first world, some people would pay 100$ for a snickers bar and not think they are being scammed, so i guess cheap or expensive is relative to who is paying.

No. 448812

i used to be "friends" with this person, their art is good but also.. so boring, and very lazy? they can draw these kinds of drawings within minutes, without an undersketch and everything. i do think they can afford to charge more since they have a big following but this collage probably took them 20 minutes.

No. 448813

link is dead i think

No. 448814

Dude I'm a dirt poor but custom art is not the same as a fucking mass produces snickers bar. Art is a luxury it's not even meant to be something that you can just afford out of your fast food restaurant's minimum wage. How fucking entitled if you think that. Art is more comparable to a yacht than a fucking food that we need in order to survive.

Honestly how much this took them really doesn't matter. To be able to draw that in 20 minutes takes years to learn and artists should be able to charge for what they see their art as worth rather than just the time it took to make.

No. 448815

yeah definitely, as i said i think it's totally fine for him to charge that much. my comment sounded a bit too negative maybe, while his art isnt my cup of tea anymore he's definitely skilled and art from professionals will always be more expensive even if it's something simple

No. 448817

Art, or any service, is priced according to demand, not your salty subjective assessment. If she has a fan base that's willing to pay her 250 bucks for colored sketches then guess what, the price is right.

Just proves this thread is filled with envious failed artists who are mad that they can't get commissions for more than minimum wage prices. How do you react to impressionist art pieces that some artist spent 10 hours painting is sold for 1 mil to some saudi prince? Literal 10.000 dollars an hour wage right there.

No. 448818

I can totally see how it's now your type of art. It's not mine either but I gotta say if they can draw that with no undersketch, they got some really good foundations. To some their art may look lazy but it's actually super hard to make such out standing figure with so few lines. Every line has a purpose and curve and nothing is wasted. That takes a long time to learn and a a lot base knowledge.

No. 448825

thanks for your help! i was looking through their storefront again and noticed they have 2 storefronts; one that’s international (which is what i used obviously) and one for vietnam, so i’m assuming they’re from vietnam, aka a long ass distance from me. I’ll wait a week, and if I haven’t gotten a response for my 2nd email, then I’ll msg them on instagram. (and blast them if i have to/if they’re shitty, even though I love their art and really just want the artbook or at least my money back lmao, like come on man, you don’t have to scam me.)

No. 448833

>Just proves this thread is filled with envious failed artists who are mad that they can't get commissions for more than minimum wage prices.
Honestly this. This thread is constantly full of people being cunts about commission prices artists with a following place, if someone wants to buy a furry OC design or sameface anime waifu prints for $400 then that's what they can charge. Similarly I've seen artists crying about other keeping their commission/merch prices being too low because people are going to "the cheaper alternative instead of buying my amazing art", maybe get better and promote yourself more if your shit doesn't sell? Or accept that most people don't care about sentimental value you place on your art and only want what their eyes find pleasing? Most people buying from popular online artists aren't art hobbyists, they're people who don't care about anything else but aesthetics they find pleasing on a surface level. They don't give a shit if it's unoriginal or if the anatomy is slightly wonky. Yes it might feel unfair that someone with a smaller range and lesser talent can make a mint with their art but I bet there's at least one thing in your world as well where you only want basic functionality and semi pleasing looks instead of having a tism fit over nuances and the production techniques. That's what art is to a lot of people not in the ~know~.

No. 448840

Who are these characters? They look so familiar but I can't place them

No. 448843

There's a reason anon why she disabled her comments is cause she can't receive criticism herself and doesn't want to be corrected. It's baffling that she even has 51k followers??

No. 448844

She is Such a Drama Queen

No. 448856

Does anyone here know Rei_17? She seems to be this chinese artist who bullies anyone who's getting more popular than her and also copies other people's artworks but then accuses people for copying her.


No. 448858

Oh man this is hard to take in, I really liked her art. It's sad to see someone so talented being uncovered as an asshole.

No. 448861

I can see that. I didn't know of her before this but her art is good which, I can imagine makes this all more disappointing.

She also allegedly makes companies black list certain artists she doesn't like (she supposedly has a lot of influence in china) and locked a person she was staying with out of their own house because that person liked BL.

No. 448876

ive been wondering about this for a while. what makes someones art look online-y? the western style or anime artists that just look like therye online fandom artists even if skilled?
kidchann and sachinteng are two i can think of with anime inspired art that look like proffesional illustrations and not online fandomy

No. 448905

Can you post examples? Are you talking about digital art specifically?

No. 448907

been wondering about this myself and even tried looking up about this. Like there's that certain polish makes the art look "professional"?

found a slightly related cgl archive ages ago but it was mostly them talking about how there's a certain nuance in anime-styled art that you can tell it was definitely drawn by an east asian artist in comparison to something that was obviously drawn by a westerner

No. 448931

i think theyre just his ocs?

No. 448933

It might all be in my head, but someone bad at art who gets their work published is usually diffrent from someone bad at art who posts online.
I hate to invoke it, but if one has the 'tumblr style' or obviously rips off another insta style it looks less proffesinal, imo. Not because I hate the style, but because the style was started on the internet and only now is it getting featured in official media. One could probably subconsciously assume 'american comic style = proff' and 'generic insta = not proff'.
Also all the artists you linked are good at rendering.

No. 448936

i just found out who this is and i was right with that style

anyway depending on which clique you belong in the vocaloid/utau fandom he could be qualified as one

an anon in the vocaloid thread mentioned he aped a japanese artist's style then bullied her off tumblr

No. 448944

>locked a person she was staying with out of their own house because that person liked BL.
Wait but rei_17 draws smutty BL sometimes herself doesn't she? What's the source on this?

No. 448948

this whole thread but I cannot confirm that this stuff is true which is why I said it's alleged. It is a pretty interesting read though and more get added all the time.

No. 448949

File: 1565895564764.jpg (2.18 MB, 1500x874, q01.jpg)

im glad im not the only one who wonders about this! yes, something about the polish or publishing? i meantioned the previous artists as examples because i dont think its simply an american versus anime influence.

i took some examples from boom studios comics to show a variety. bottom row is what i consider online fandomy and top row not so much. imo the ghosted in l.a. art is good but closest to the online style im thinking of. ymmv and its not to be insulting. i think both rows have good and bad art.

No. 448953

It says that she locked the BL artist out, not because she liked BL. It doesn't specify the reason why she did that. But holy shit what a big bucket of dirty laundry, she is actually ripping on Miwa Shirow and Pako? If this is true then fuck her, but I'll have to wait for receipts before jumping onto conclusions. It just lines up a bit too well with her artwork being just released in FGO so it could just be a hearsay vendetta.

No. 448967

Oh yea I read that wrong. She does seem to hate guys who draw bl though so I drew the conclusion there. Also it might be hearsay but I sort of doubt it. Some of the stuff has seemingly been translated from chinese forum or something where this has existed a long time but only got translated now. But yea I would be a slightly skeptical too, it's just very interesting to follow.

No. 448979

Imagine being a gay man and making romance comics and then some insane fucking straight woman makes a statement about how it's not for you. FFS.

No. 448982

I think that might be the peakest fujo I've ever heard of.

No. 448985

Works for me

No. 448987


Wow, and I really liked her artwork and was excited to hear she was the layout artist for Rossdraws' Kickstarter artbook. It's always sad to hear someone who's actually skilled turn out to be a horrible person.

No. 449022

File: 1565909232205.png (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1077x1530, Screenshot_2019-08-16-00-44-40…)

Sorry guys, last time I annoy you with this shit.
She sold the original for about 900$ if not even more lol.
But there are still prints available

No. 449038

Comments like this is why you don’t let clients see how long it takes you to create a piece - people somehow fail to understand that it isn’t just the time it takes to create a piece they’re paying for, it’s the years it took you to get to the point you are at now.

Art is a trade, and it’s a trade that produces exclusively luxury items. You don’t price it the same way the labor of a retail worker is priced.

No. 449044

It's not a problem if an artist "overcharges" though, nobody is entitled to their art and people that like it can already consume their public stuff online for free. If other people think it's not worth their money then they just won't be commissioned. If they wanted to shit out more commissions for as many people as possible then they will put their price down like every other teenage artist on deviantart.
Overcharging is honestly fine, it's undercharging which actually leads to problems for other people. >>448812
Good for them? Signatures from celebrities take less effort and go for more, it's not about the time taken itself it's all the other context like the success of an artist or rarity of their work

No. 449072

File: 1565924474051.jpg (639 KB, 1078x1445, inCollage_20190815_215922134.j…)

The cleavage looks like butts.

No. 449087

No. 449092

What the fuck, that's sort of crazy to hear, since Rei_17 is so established and has a lot of influence (like the the desaturated skin tones with the high chroma mid-tone scheme that's popular now)–you'd think at that level, they'd be sane and not start up drama.

Anyone have tips on how to avoid tangents, especially when it's a more realistic/detailed style? I start getting confused once I start having to overlap clothing with complex patterns or other things.

No. 449093

What do you personally consider the strongest and weakest of each row? I personally want to stray from “online fandom-y” type art so it would be good to keep tabs on what to avoid.

No. 449096

Omfg when she rants about people implying she has money and says anyone can do what I do she sounds so fucking stupid.

No. 449100


i don't see whats so special about her art to even bother. Teens being teens.

No. 449109

I was wondering what happened to Lamia. This video is grating as usual.

No. 449114

Yea he is are Revelocities on Twitter. He art style really does look like the typical Japanese artist online so I’m not surprised that would happen but do you know how it went down?

No. 449116

i know that! i’m an artist who sells commissions as well. i just wanted to give some perspective.

No. 449133

Use tone/value if it’s a thing like a pattern on clothing and just keep aware of when things cross each other to avoid tangents. Like if it can overlap, make them overlap rather than make the tangent even if like you’re copying from life, you don’t have to copy it exactly

No. 449139

>Anyone have tips on how to avoid tangents

The only trick with dealing with tangents is simply being aware that they are a thing.

Other than that not much, better awareness comes with practice, just take a step back and observe for them every now and then, if you are already minding value structure, focal points and the visual lines in your composition you don't have to stress that much harder and you'll start noticing problematic spots. Without even thinking you will notice a kind of mental noise as you gloss over out of pure habit.

And also, make sure you flip the canvas often. If working digital map actions to a hotkey to do it faster, if traditional use a mirror.

No. 449152

I hate how these people can only draw passionate poses involving males and anything with females is always hypersexualized porny bullshit. Women cant get anything good in artfag nerd circles.

No. 449169

Are you really unfamiliar with slash and BL? m/m art is by women for women (or by twans melems for twans melems which is the same thing). When m/m artists draw f/f or m/f they usually make it too fluffy and safe, not hypersexual and porny.

No. 449217

I haven’t watched the vid yet, but just from looking at that thumbnail and from seeing some of her other recent thumbnails, her art has really…not improved since I stopped watching her a few yrs ago. Dunno if I’ve just gotten more critical/better at seeing mistakes, or if she’s totally stagnated, but her colors look so muddy and the features just feel off. Then again, she’s never been great at mixing watercolors, whereas her marker and colored pencil stuff was more vibrant.

No. 449237

The idea that a straight woman would imply that a man making m/m porn of any kind, including m/m porn targeted toward mostly women, is 'disgusting' is fucking stupid no matter what period.

No. 449243

File: 1565968531351.png (Spoiler Image,91.58 KB, 423x411, a09074cd85d465fd0622331f9e7074…)


ah, revolocities. i always remember him for this weird rape-y pedo shit he posted (source: https://revolocities.tumblr.com/post/103616161404/what-a-troublesome-child )

No. 449244

File: 1565968722954.png (Spoiler Image,402.54 KB, 718x588, 25h2h2h.png)


and this. i don't know the character but i looked him up and he looks nowhere near this childish, so.. why the age down? on the right is how he looks in the show.

also i know these were posted 4 years ago, but i still find them really creepy.

( source: https://revolocities.tumblr.com/post/106783930306/i-really-really-like-arakita-lmao )

No. 449251

There are women that write and direct lesbian porn and I don't see any spergy straight men shouting about it on pornhub. Probably because that's really stupid and says so much about fujos tbh. China is pretty homophobic so I'm not even surprised lol

No. 449255

I mean this really. I have no problem with price discussions and whatever, but screaming that something is too high because it doesn't take a long time to do pretty much is the same logic of "It only takes you five minutes to do, why should I pay you to do it/pay this much for it?" which only leads to undercharging because people think they should charge what people ask for and/or how long it takes which overall just drags down the entire community because the masses really don't have a distinction between "hobbies who charge 2 bucks because it's a side gig." and "Professionals charging 200 bucks for a sketch because it's a job." and they think they're the exact same.

and part of the reason is because of hobbists (because they're more abundant) undercharge because they don't actually rely on art as a job, therefore, they can charge 2 dollars for something that takes them a couple of hours to do because they don't have to worry about a source of income with art. I don't wanna be elitist and say only professionals and people serious about their art should charge money for it but like… At this rate, only people who are more serious about their art or at least charging liveable and decent wages for their art should charge money for their art. If you want to do artwork for people for practically free, just fulfill requests instead of having 2 dollar "commissions".

As someone who wants to be a professional artist, doing sketch portraits (with flat colors) for 20 bucks when it takes me 2 - 3 hours start to finish (7 x 3 is 21) only to be told they're only worth 5 bucks is just straight up disheartening. Not to mention, I just straight up don't want to do 20 sketch portraits for 100 bucks when I could just do 5 and get the same amount of money charging 20 bucks instead of 5 for them instead. Especially since doing 20 portraits to reach 100 dollars takes more time than just doing 5 of them to reach 100 dollars. and I can't help but think it's because people see commissions being done for like, 2 bucks for a full-body character and whatever and then look at a 20 dollar one in disgust, even though 20$ can cover food for a day.

No. 449265

They look like that because muh style

No. 449268

lmaoo audra auclair went on a little rant in her insta stories about people copying her and I noticed that absolute_ama unfollowed her

No. 449272


It reminds me when there was drama from the artist elentori, people acccused Her for drawing child porn of the ship billdip but she just reasoned that cant draw adult bodies very well yeah.. thats what i remember from back then
>i still think its creepy

No. 449313

her style is over beaten by so many people, it's laughable that she thinks her style is original

No. 449315

…most do irl too, its just two lumps of fat pushed together

No. 449334

File: 1565988250334.png (Spoiler Image,278.63 KB, 600x600, snap,crackle,pop.png)

That's a new level of broken anatomy

No. 449336

Wtf am I looking at lol. This is just laughable

No. 449352

File: 1565993413788.jpg (806.14 KB, 1500x1000, 16.jpg)

Do people unironically do this? I was going tablet shopping and the company had a ton of pictures like this on their site.

No. 449354

Not exactly like that because that's just uncomfortable but some artist do use a tablet alongside a smartphone. Really, this is just meant to show the fact that the tablet can work in conjunction with android art apps which is useful if you have a Chromebook.

No. 449355

She broke her spine and neck, also could work if the artist had gone for a creepy drawing but this just looks bad.

No. 449371

The fucking "U STOLE MUH STYLE" shit should be art career suicide. It's embarassing that there are adults who legitimately think that.

No. 449406

“Drawing iconic horror characters as generic anime boys at a 3/4 angle”

No. 449412


shes slowly becoming baylee jae

No. 449419

Thumbnail looks like fucking goth onceler.

No. 449425

I love how fucked up his jawline is.

No. 449451

I do occasionally

No. 449453

File: 1566013133008.png (731.13 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190817-113736.png)

The full thing

Its like she barely even tried tbh

No. 449460

Thanks, anons, especially about breaking from what is accurate versus what is readable.

No. 449463


whats the point in putting a heart on the mask?? wouldnt be hotter and yknow, make sense, for the mask to be scary and reveal a hot face underneath?? and why remove all the clownness from pennywise?? shes so lazy wow

No. 449464


whats the point in putting a heart on the mask?? wouldnt be hotter and yknow, make sense, for the mask to be scary and reveal a hot face underneath?? and why remove all the clownness from pennywise?? shes so lazy wow

No. 449485

the only time i watch her shit now is with adblock. it’s just …. so lazy. she got offended with D’AW criticizing her art but ,,, he wasn’t wrong.

No. 449502

im probably reaching, but this reminds me of the whole 'the columbine shooters are so cute, true crime is my life uwu' community. characters depicted as mass murdering, disgusting people that commit the worst act a person can commit should not be depicted as 'cute', unless that very aesthetic is meant to emphasize the horror. can we not woobify mass killers, fictional or otherwise? thanks.

No. 449503

File: 1566023291557.jpg (31.89 KB, 172x193, abomination.jpg)

oh god you're right, 2012 deviantart flashbacks

No. 449506

File: 1566026982537.png (33.32 KB, 774x308, what..PNG)

If you join the youtuber membership, does the creator get the payment, or does it go to youtube? I only ask because on Lavendertowne's htm custom emoji video, she says that she doesn't get money for the membership premium shit, but that sounds… fake.

pic related.

No. 449510

File: 1566029484621.jpeg (849.3 KB, 2048x1536, 8vcEF2aC.jpg:large.jpeg)

No. 449512


thats not premiere but I think there are ways to monetize premiere too

No. 449514

unless im a moron, premiere is kinda treated like a livestream, with a live chat and everything. i think superchat applies here, like normal livestreams too. might be wrong, though, too lazy to check.

No. 449517


I think it's to do with the membership, because in the video she talks about how she's making the emojis for people who join her 4.99 per month membership thing on youtube. I remember seeing this back when she posted the video, and I screenshot it on my phone because it sounded like a lot of work if you weren't going to get any extra income out of it.

No. 449524

This is what happens when you reference the face and the body separate and perspective and proportions don't match. The 3/4 face looks forced af.

No. 449649

If the head was tilted upwards a little bit it would look much less broken.

No. 449707

Why is “hot pennywise” a child?

No. 449708

File: 1566080303412.gif (2.91 MB, 368x368, sqert.gif)

Agreed. I had to unfollow Stephanie Sarley because she went off for days about her work being ripped off, 2 separate times. She snapped at everyone telling her to chill out, too.

You finger fruit, calm down.

No. 449710

So Emily artful uploaded a video about creative burnout. And it got me curious. What is it that makes YouTube artist talk so much about being burnout?
Correct me if I'm wrong but most of them make one video per week, some of them have online stores or sell originals. Usually that's about it. Normally people work 40 hours a week and honestly I don't think these girls put more than that into their work. Especially when you consider how some of them combine work. For example, they make a video painting, they turn it into prints and sell them alongside the original.
Also most of them have dedicated spaces so they don't have to constantly set up and take down their video recording setups and if they are careful with their productions the post production editing won't be difficult.
I'm genuinely confused, is there more to it than that? do they work crazy hours like 70 hours a week or are they just entitled or can't manage their time?

No. 449715

I like waffles but I did not like this video.

No. 449733

They've never experienced real burnout so they mistake their inability to be disciplined and self-motivate as it. The toughest part of self-employment of any kind is the ability to kick your own butt to work when you're feeling lazy. Most of those types of 'professional' art tubers just lucked into success and never even made daily work schedules for themselves, and any time they'd rather go partying or play videogames than draw for a video they just say they're burnt out. And most likely believe it themselves too. I've known a lot of these kinds of creatives, usually they end up squandering any success they stumbled upon and then get bitter about it.

No. 449735


It's psychological I think. Beeing selfemployd isn't that easy with the constand to burden to not know how much money you will make at the end of the month. No month is the same. Also you have more paperwork to do than your usual employee (keeping books and stuff). Also every video can be a hit or miss, the constant judgement by an faceless crowd can also be draining. There is a reason why people are taking hiatius from Social Media.

No. 449747

Honestly I don't think you can really compare a creative field to a normal job. A normal job while certainly can be stressful usually repeats the same working pattern, so after you get a hang of the flow, it barely ever changes. A creative job requires you to constantly work your brain to come up with ideas and be innovative where in normal job you don't really have to. I've worked in festival food stands and I once had a one gig last the entire 24h where I jumped to a train 7 in the morning, prepared the stand and the equipment with a co-worker, started selling food during mid day when the festival started, hit rush hour at 3am and collected the stand 7 am again. Now those kinds of gigs can be tiring, especially when they tend to last a whole weekend so it's a lot of work with little sleep but when you get hang of it, it really is the kind of work where you can just turn your brain off and let your body do the work. Now ofc those gigs aren't same as 9 to 5 jobs but the work flow is similar, you do one few things you repeat over and over and that's it. With art basically everything is always new even if the act of drawing is the same the picture itself changes and finding ideas for your work and topics for your videos can be mentally taxing. It also forces you to uphold a certain persona and bring your work into your personal life in a whole new way which will understandably result to burnouts, especially since most artists or social media famous kinda feel like they never really have a time off from work. For artists it's a same, your home becomes your workplace and that means a lot. There's a reason a lot of famous artists (who can afford it) buy a separate studio to work in.

No. 449758

emily artful uploaded 2 videos trying to explain her absence, when in reality she left because her views are terrible. before she left, she was tweeted and deleting about how bad her views were, becuase no one wants a podcast of her talking with other artists. people want fake storytimes from her, and thats it. that's why none of her other content breaks 100k.
so she makes a video saying she almost killed her child 2 times because she got him sick, then when no one cared, pretended it was creator burn out.

No. 449762

People like Emily burn out quick because their views and income are not predicated on their skill or the quality of their artwork, but clickbait and shilling and fictional storytimes. When they hit the end of their rope of WaCkY ChAlLeNgEs or can't figure out what retarded story to make up next, they don't know what to do because their artwork was never the focus. So they just call it burnout.

No. 449771

No. 449773

I mean I dislike kasey as much as the next person and have some personal bad experiences with her but everything kasay draws is borderline ugly so I just really don’t see how those differ from her usual stuff. Just kinda feels like a reach, like wow someone draws big lips on a black person, super racist!!!

No. 449774

Jfc those lips tho. Kacey probs thinks they jus quirky uwu

No. 449775

I mean they look like Jim Crow it feels pretty tone deaf and some sheltered tism thrown in.

No. 449776

File: 1566094127626.jpeg (58.98 KB, 315x433, 8823C62A-F5DD-4DCF-8175-3EDD65…)

I mean I found this after 1 minute of googleing her drawings and this looks normal to me. She’s also drawn those types lips on white people so I feel like this is some hard case of picking and choosing.

No. 449793

File: 1566099386273.jpeg (51.8 KB, 468x655, B3A1D6FA-00EA-4971-9D82-63BEBA…)

Your mistake here is expecting anything other than baseless accusations from tumblr. Since when does ugly count as racism?

No. 449806

I'm not saying she's racist just willfully ignorant.

No. 449817

File: 1566106799167.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20190818-003855(1).…)

I mean… She's drawn those lips on non-black characters as well.

No. 449819

nah, it aint racist. she is just a dumbass that didnt bother to pay attention in high school
history class when they talked about jim
crow propaganda. a lot of her shit has that gross fish mouth thing, even her white characters, but for them it just looks like a freshly fisted asshole. it just comes off as racist for black characters due to previous historical art that i cant expect kasey to give a shit about. reminds me off the concrete controversy with the steven universe artbook.

i’m ready for the ‘the haters are at it again, im not racist :)’ post from kasey’s twitter. she seems like the type to care about this.

No. 449840

didn't cr**pshow get into this kind of shit as well? but with hers, it was just cause someone direct messaged her that drawing black people was racist. i think kasey's shit is way worse, and there is more of a case to be made that it's racist

No. 449899


I call bullshit on the "willfull inorant" crap. I'm a white southern european who has never studied american history and even I know drawing the lips like that is a racist caricature. This ain't rocket science. Anybody with 4 brain cells living in a western country knows this. She's just playing a fool and hoping to get away with it because she's ~quirky~ like that.

No. 449900

I didn't mean to compare it to non creative fields. I meant it as YouTube artist vs. Studio artist, book illustration artist, art teacher .. etc. You know the type of artist that work with other people either at a studio or a school. But to your point people who work for/with others don't always choose what they do so they don't need to be super 100% creative 24/7.

That sounds more plausible that what she could come up with. I guess you're right. If people don't watch the videos for the art but for the (possibly fake) personality, then freaking out and claiming burnout wouldn't be that absurd.

Thanks anons. I've been thinking of starting a YouTube channel for a while. But videos like Emily's kinda scared me and make me not want to do it. But I guess it wouldn't be that bad if I had a plan and a proper timeline that is if I can actually get people to watch.

No. 449945

File: 1566129520643.png (541.32 KB, 703x704, nopples.PNG)

You should be thankful anon, she put nipples on TOP of the cleavage in her original piece on her story before she posted this one.

Example of placement

No. 449947

she's an edgelord, so if she is doing it on purpose then it's specifically to get a rise out of people so she can snark about it on twitter.

No. 449954

Willfully ignorant is a good way to describe it, I think.

I think she has weird, arguably bad taste in art, so I think she probably just likes how it looks for some reason and probably doesn't care about the implications. I find it hard to believe she doesn't know at all, though. I mean, come on.

No. 449995

RossDraws and Lexxy got labeled scammers in the latest Creepshow vid. Lexxy seems to fit the bill but Ross has been keeping his backers in the know so I wouldn't call him a scammer. For the record, I am a backer on his NIMA artbook.

Ross responded in the comments section.

No. 449997

File: 1566137929248.jpg (75.12 KB, 728x567, 1215-prada-bag-black-face-phot…)

racism is so ingrained in slightly older american culture (blackface in old movies, gollywog imagery everywhere around 1940-1960) as well as gollywog and blackface imagery continuing to creep into 2019, like the gucci and prada doll and shirt. that I think american girls just tune out of it and think it is inoffensive and cute. Like the gollywog-style doll baylee had as her "assistant" for a while before people noticed and she had to retire it

No. 450002

File: 1566138917128.png (97.99 KB, 647x631, Screenshot_2019-08-18-10-31-05…)

I didn't watch the video, but I kind of hate it when ranters or youtubers kind of overstep their boundaries. You can tell when a ranter just doesn't understand the actual weight of their accusations and that no matter how many 'dont attack any one mentioned' warnings they put their fans wont listen. Do you think her fans will grow out of her and backlash or she'll just pitter into obscurity

No. 450008

I didn't watch the video so I cannot comment on it but calling people scammers or thieves is kinda big accusation, especially since reading after reading the comments it seems that ross does update his backers and has ability to refund them (not sure he would but he has not touched the money) if needed. I don't really understand what the issue is, creepshow said it's because the story wasn't already in the making when the kickstater got made but that's always been the case for everything. People have idea and want it to be made reality that's kickstarter. It just seems like Ross delivered a blow on her and she's desperate to defend herself so she makes these stupid points to make her video seem more valid. Like wow you work on other book at the same time as with Nima's book, that's not fair for your backers, as if there isn't plenty of people who've run multiple projects.

No. 450018

I agree with her points actually and I really hate her. He made a kickstarter and told all his backers the art was finished and it would be ready to go in a year, and kept telling his backers everything was going well until it was close to the release date. Then he said there was an issue and he had to postpone another year. And now hes doing it again, refusing to send refunds to the people who are asking (which are a lot if you check the kickstarter comments) and then released a separate book, that he apparently was working on at the same time. My mom gave to the kickstarter because she loves him, but when he announced his other book, even she was annoyed.
Theres a reason why most of the comment are positive and he gets really defensive about it. He didnt plan it well, and while i dont think he scammed anyone, I think he fucked up and should give people refunds

No. 450020

I'm personally not offended by it (like, those weird clown-like things with the big red lips are supposed to resemble me somehow? lol, ok retard). It's just so…ugly. Not only does it have a bad history with all the racism, it's not even aesthetically pleasing. What is there to keep? What gives someone such poor taste as to like it?
Whoever designed that thing for Prada needs to be fired for having bad taste. Racism aside, why would any self-respecting person want that shit hanging off their bag? There's so many cuter characters and possible designs, but they went with that? I just don't get it.

No. 450021

File: 1566141703870.jpg (640.96 KB, 650x1142, Ross Responds.jpg)

RossDraws' response

No. 450028

Why didn't this YTer call out Omocat for this (see: the Omori project)? They even mentioned Lolcow by name. Do people really not know?

No. 450030

Yeah this doesn't sound like a scam to me. Just Creepshow being creepshow and embellishing everything for teh viewz

No. 450031

I generally agree with you guys, but I will point out that if we're taking >>448796 seriously, then they're still suggesting the artist would be paid WELL over minimum wage. If they think for that artist's pricing to be "valid" they should work for at least 10 hours, that's 25 dollars a hour.

No. 450032

Creepshow is such an idiot. Ofc she rushes to get clickbait out and omits facts because she's legitimately too unintelligent to do proper research.

Also that bullshit 'dont attack people in vid thanks uwu promise I'm not a bully I'm the hero uwu' disclaimer shit these children put at the front of their videos is so punchable.

No. 450045

I feel like 1 of 3 things tends to happen
First is confusing creative block or general stress with genuine burnout. Burnout is often talked about, but I think until you've genuinely experienced it, a lot of people don't actually realize just how catastrophic it is. So I think a lot of people say they're burnt out when in reality, they're just a bit stressed.
Second, there's always people who want sympathy, or just cover talking points as they feel is necessary. Burnout is hard to understand but easy to discuss.

And lastly, there's a strong possibility that even if it doesn't seem like a burnout situation to you, they may be genuinely experiencing it. I mean, like others have mentioned, creative jobs, even if it's only one video a week and managing a shop, is stressful. But I also think you underestimate how much YouTubers and social media artists actually do behind the scenes; video production can actually be surprisingly life-consuming. Some of it is also community management, which can be a lot for some people! Plus there's the fact that even if you were in the same position and would find it really easy, everyone deals with different things in different capacities.

No. 450052

Yeah making YouTube videos isn't what I would call hard but it is time consuming work. YouTube artists that have legitimate businesses in addition to weekly videos essential have two part time jobs.

No. 450053

Well the working for others and not having to be super creative is one of the reasons I would say. I tend to work better when I'm told what to do but when I need to come up with ideas myself it gets instantly harder. There's ofc the other things I also mentioned like the fact that youtubers tend to be kinda forced to lock themselves in their homes which is actually a huge burden for someone's mental health. Someone else mentioned uncertainty about the future which ofc plays a role, etc etc. There's a lot of reasons.

I also have a YT channel but it's more like a hobby than anything since I tend to post once every two weeks then disappear for couple of months and repeat. If you wanna do a youtube channel then go for it but I would probably recommend just doing it for fun rather than going for tight schedule. What I've noticed myself and why I stopped trying to fit into the youtubes algorithm is that the once a week schedule kinda forces you to lower the quality of the art you want to do. At first I tried to do a video once a week, so that it would push me to draw more but soon I realized that I couldn't really draw stuff I actually wanted to. You can take a look at any arttube channel really and notice how the full detailed illustrations turned into sketch sessions and other gimmicks.

No. 450072


Her whole channel is about creating drama, she's like the other cunt Keemstar. Fuck off Creepshow.

No. 450095

File: 1566151984302.jpg (241.92 KB, 682x500, 1a82380f5e5376fcd9ba5208be76e5…)

No idea who this artist is but lets be sad together

No. 450115

the old pic is so nostalgic! It's clear it was drawn by a teen Arina Tanemura fan. The new one is just sad…

No. 450128

I'm just sad they spent 10 years learning next to nothing. It's oddly motivating though.

No. 450133

so, they got a tablet, moved from the copying the original sailor moon to sailor moon crystal, but didnt improve in those 10 years at all. fascinating…

No. 450136

hey, keemstar deserves better than that! he doesnt beg his follows for b-roll footage in his videos! he makes it himself!

No. 450158

Keemstar is still cancer

No. 450172

I like the old one. It may not be technically impressive, but the style is so nostalgic and endearing. I unironically wouldn't mind seeing more "amateur" art like that.

No. 450193

The right arm on the newer one got me tripping

No. 450195

I'm surprised there isn't more talk about Omocat. She basically took the $203,300 raised from the Kickstarter and used it to create an overpriced clothing brand. It's been half a decade since the kickstarter and they still haven't released the game or had any substantial updates…and it's just an RPGmaker game, it shouldn't be that hard lol.

No. 450212

I feel like an asshole for posting this, but I'm getting really tired of seeing artists (in my case, one in particular) post constantly about their abusive family to plug their merch. I get it, you're in a bad situation and need a means to escape, but posting daily about how you want to kill yourself and how people buying your stuff is the only thing that stops you from putting a bullet in your brain is getting old. It feels so insanely manipulative.

So many kickstarter scammers get away with it. Kickstarter doesn't actually hold creators accountable, so people just use it as a get rich quick scheme with 0 repercussions.

No. 450214

File: 1566167051429.jpeg (48.55 KB, 463x620, E0C0A8AD-CF69-4F19-A857-100017…)

Isn’t this supposed to be a chimp? Hence the ears at the very top, the very long arms, and what looks to be an exposed tummy with belly button

I mean, Gucci and Prada are also both Italian, so I don’t know why you’re viewing their actions through an American lens when rich Italians couldn’t give less of a shit

No. 450220

Lol please tell me ur joking how can you be this sheltered

No. 450224

File: 1566167810878.jpg (60.79 KB, 750x651, 48423106_2542575759302108_8846…)

Uh, anon..
>Gucci and Prada are also both Italian, so I don’t know why you’re viewing their actions through an American lens when rich Italians couldn’t give less of a shit
I never really understood this excuse. I'm pretty sure they're both international brands with large stakes and ties in America. It'd make sense if they only existed in Italy, but that's not really case (and even then, it's not like Italy doesn't have its own brand of this sort of shit and is some sheltered, isolated island totally cut off from the rest of the world).

No. 450227

You’re forgetting that artists don’t get tipped, which other workers that rely on minimum wage have chance to receive. I also don’t see why skilled labour with no purpose other than luxury SHOULD be anywhere near minimum wage, it’s not something you get trained for within a day like retail workers do - it more closely resembles the training and polishing of skill that tradies like carpenters do.

Dont know why so many ITT go on about commission prices, they’re usually not that bad. The only commission prices I’ve ever seen that have made me remotely bitter are photographers, god damn do I wish I actually found photography interesting and could rake in big ones taking photos of people’s pets and babies.

Unpopular opinion; digital art is not worth as much as traditional art is. It is a file which can be easily reproduced so it no longer has scarcity value, it has relatively low cost to create, people prefer physical items so they’re willing to pay more. The artwork itself isn’t lesser than traditional by any means, but it’s like charging the same amount for a kindle book as a hardcover.

No. 450232

I’m not sheltered, it’s just that when I see a monkey doll my first thought isn’t ‘that’s a caricature of a black person!’

It’s not an excuse, it’s something to keep in mind - don’t view something other people do through an American lens when they’re not American. This reminds of that H&M controversy a while back with the black child model

No. 450253

Neither of those anons, but of you seriously think that thing looks more like a chimp than a blackface caricature like the one in >>450224 you are being willfully obtuse. Also, considering they are international brands who market/sell largely to Americans, we are absolutely within reason to view it in an American lens. Knowing your audience is business 101.

No. 450255

C'mon. Stop shouting at each other over old milk. Prada already pulled that thing from selling.

No. 450259

I mean, I actually do agree anon, I wasn't suggesting artists should be paid only minimum wage. It really is based on demand, simple as that. I'm just pointing out that the other anon wasn't saying that they should only be paid minimum wage either. Like…suggesting you think a specific artist should only be paid 25 dollars an hour is far from suggesting artists shouldn't be making a fair wage.

No. 450275

Ah, sorry, that’s how I read it. My bad

No. 450276

You’re right anon, it’s not like Prada is a global luxury brand with majority of its buyers being in Asia, specifically China - they should definitely zero in on specifically the American market.

I acknowledge that plenty of people saw it as a caricature rather than a chimp like I did, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that all brands must first and foremost take into account the feelings of Americans when they’re not only international, but also a global brand.

No. 450314

There are so many amazing free RPGmaker games out there that anyone having a kickstarter for one is laughable. Granted, maybe if it was a game as long as most console RPGs which are 10hrs at least, that would make more sense, but otherwise, nah.

And yeah, I’ve seen a couple successful kickstarters but I’ve also seen way too many where people are fucked over, to the point where I don’t support them anymore. Even independent artists screw it up, whether they’re working by themselves or with a company/group. Speaking of which, didn’t something happen a few yrs ago with yuumei’s cat headphones kickstarter? I remember hearing that the headphones were all cheaply made and broke easily or something like that. It’s slightly worrying since she just mentioned another project involving these light-up realistic koi fish decorations that may or may not be kickstarter. As cool as they look, they’d probably also be expensive like the headphones and have production issues.

No. 450325

With all the drama that has surrounded Kickstarter I’m not sure why anyone supports projects on there anymore, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get fucked around

No. 450497

As one of the backers, I'm so absolutely disappointed lol. At least I got my rewards (I backed $135 for the sweater and artbook, rip me) but the whole thing has left such a sour taste in my mouth that I don't even want to wear the sweater. So many of my friends love her shit, and I'm afraid if I voice out my concerns that they'll just gang up on me with that "she's so busy!" garbage. She took $200k from this. She could've definitely taken some time off from some collabs, paid her team and herself, and done this full time for a while and put out a game. But who am I kidding? We were supposed to get a DS port and technical issues aside, Nintendo has basically replaced (if not basically killed off) the DS, so the port is useless.

It sucks that this isn't a bigger stain on her career. Every time the Omori twitter posts a shitty tiny update, I see so many unknowing people get so excited about it and I wish I could tell them she's just a filthy liar and disappointment, but they're probably all too far up her crusty asshole to listen to reason.

People have put out a lot of really great games for a lot less. I don't even know if I want the game anymore, I don't even know if I'll play it. Even the homestuck game ended up being vastly different than intended after a fuck ton of hurdles, but they put something out at the very least. What hurdles has Omo had? Some NDA issue they couldn't discuss, and too busy taking money from collabs rather than fulfilling the thing she had already her fans money for?

Sorry for sperging but I'm still so mad about this lol. Even if the game is somehow great, I'll never be able to fully enjoy it because of all of this.

No. 450553

america is the largest economy in the world, china is only worth 2/3rds of america's market. that isnt by numbers of people in the country, that is by dollar amount. not only that but america is 18% of versace's online market engagement. china isnt even in the top 5. all i did was google 'versace main markets' to find that out.

population means jack shit if the people can't afford the product. your 'global market' is not the number of eyes, it is the number of wallets, and america has the most number of wallets in the world willing to spend on artsy fartsy shit. so no, versace has no excuse of not catching this blatant and historically charged artwork, and you trying to discount america's position because 'well, i dont think it's racist!' is just willful ignorance on your part.

No. 450591

Thank you yes exactly. I don't have a problem with people asking questions or even pushing back when someone says something is racist or whatever, but this weird obsession people have with proving people wrong because they are convinced they have all the facts is just annoying because they never back it up with logic just opinions. Anti SJWs and SJWs are all emotion driven morons that can't take five seconds to critically think becuase it might hurt their feewings to be wrong.

No. 450594


Is there a video or link explaining the whole situation?.

No. 450597

Has the Zodiac Lord come up before? I can't stand their style

No. 450605


The thumbnail had me thinking this was michie/twisted disaster. She also draws those crazy eyes.

No. 450606


Because people like seeing ideas and projects come to life.

Of course, in the case of Yuumei's headphones, it wasn't so much as it was a SCAM, but the biggest flaw was the speakers on the headsets and how easily they could break from regular use. However, I had a pair of them (I got mine from brookstone) and they were decent quality and a lot of other people (people who do headphone reviews) review the sound quality as decent.

Of course, the first alliteration of a product will probably not be the perfect or best one. Hell even those Viviva watercolor sheets weren't perfect when they just got out of kickstarter nor was that travel watercolor pallet that has the two water wells that you can place over your thigh. Unfortunately, you can't foresee flaws that take months to appear or that take heavy use before they come to light. Just because a product had production issues, doesn't mean that it was necessarily a scam. the first release of anything probably has production issues, especially when the person isn't experienced in production. Hopefully those koi will be better than the headphones, and when I last emailed her, she and her lawyers were looking into the issues with the headphones esp since now Brookstone is going out of business.

No. 450616

File: 1566246483678.png (116.99 KB, 822x630, Piper Sweeney.png)


According to Piper Sweeney, Brookstone was mainly responsible for Backers getting those failed headsets and kept the better models for themselves to sell on their website.

No. 450636

File: 1566251434838.jpg (Spoiler Image,763.37 KB, 1665x1133, 1566250016670.jpg)

yes, she has. it doesn't seem like she is milky by any stretch but looking through her art and especially the redraw video is just fucking sad because even when she used to have that deviantart-tier stylized look it had some life in it it, while now it has lost all charm. pretty sure she is massively influenced by twisted who is the worst artistic influence she could possibly choose. now it's just long-ass faces with perpetual grinning sidemouths, balloon shaped limbs and bodies that i think are supposed to be "curvy" but are incredibly stiff. she did have these issues before but now it looks like they were turned up to the max. maybe I'm cherry picking here but man those fucking faces

No. 450641

>nor was that travel watercolor pallet that has the two water wells that you can place over your thigh
Oh shit, does anyone remember what that one's called, I think it was named after its creator? I was just thinking about getting one recently

No. 450642

Oof. This is hard to look at as you can see potential but muh style bullshit is stunting them big time.

No. 450643


Portable painter! I have one and I like it a lot.

No. 450665

Oh no, that downgrade. Obviously she might just be busy with work now that she's older, but God it's not too hard to put another hour in a drawing to get almost exactly what she used to do.

No. 450666

It's not unforeseeable production issues that are the problem with kickstarter, but the sheer amount of funded projects that never actually get made/are scams, with no accountability or consequences.

No. 450677

God these art styles are the kind of one's where you can tell a whole artist's personality just looking at it.

No. 450690

Oh my god I feel the same kek it's just somehow palpable

No. 450726

I never did understand why he was friends with the twisteddisaster. He normally would give an interesting perspective, would elaborate and explain his own rants/ideas, while twisted can barely hang onto the convo without blathering about herself or about what said other YouTuber said- which for some reason their opinion is held higher. Twisted just doesn’t think for herself

No. 450727


damn that's actually really sad, her art used to look semi-decent but now it just looks like stiff ass tumblr art

No. 450731

big yikes. in that case, i don't think she can or should be really held responsible for the shit brookstone did unless she actively knew thats what they were going to do.

Just for clarification, Yuumei still owns the rights (copyright, etc.) to the headphones themselves, but Brookstone just owns manufacturing rights… although given they're going out of business, probably not for long. Hopefully the next alliteration if there is one will be much better.

Yeah I get straight up scams that are the issue. But a lot of people put unforeseen production issues (lower than expected quality, unforeseen flaws and issues, general product failures, etc.) in the same bucket as straight up scams which makes it hard to explain or express something being a scam vs just unforeseen issues and shitty circumstances.

No. 450733

Is Rae intentionally a dumbass or intentionally screwing up some hacks?

No. 450739

Jesus she’s lazy, what the fuck are those clouds, she didn’t even try.

No. 450754

File: 1566275425569.jpg (464.93 KB, 1076x1475, Screenshot_20190819-212637_Ins…)

Dunno if it's cool to mention doll artists but culur is getting majorly called out for repeating previous behaviours many ppl are majorly disappointed

No. 450756


Nope, there's no videos on OMOCAT whatsoever. There is a thread on her here, but none specifically on the Omori disaster, just general salt about her brand and her personality. >>>/ot/15930

If you want a summary, basically:
OMOCAT launched a Kickstarter for an RPG maker game back in April 2014. The game was based on Omori, a depressed shut in character that had gained some popularity due to her making an art blog for him. The goal of the Kickstarter was 22k USD, it earned 203k USD. The estimated release date was supposed to be a year later, May 2015. OMOCAT was supposed to do some of the art assets, while she hired out the programming and music to a team.

Once OMOCAT got the money, she went radio silent for months. Meanwhile her clothing brand began to pick up steam. She as giving regular updates on her clothes but absolutely nothing on Omori. No one knows for sure, but the general consensus is that she probably dumped all the Omori money into her clothing brand, or otherwise pissed it away a long time ago. While she was raising funding for Omori, she got an LLC for the OMOCAT brand and, shortly after it was successfully funded, really doubled down on brand expansion.

Part of the stretch goals and tiers included other things as well, like sweaters and an art book. Also there were goals to get the game on the 3DS and PS Vita (now both dead platforms). In 2017, she sent out the clothes and pins she promised, with no real news on the game.

Eventually they did post a little bit, every several months, but nothing substantial. They released a demo in April 2018 and that's all. The last Kickstarter update was in April 2019, telling backers about their Instagram/Tumblr. But it's all old stuff, sketches and doodles dating back to 2014 and no actual new content.

In the /snow/ thread, an ex worker came out with some information on the team. According to them, the team all hates eachother and were basically only brought on because they were friends of OMOCAT. They're just leeching onto the brand and couldn't care less about Omori's success, they just want to be associated with the brand. Instead of working, they just goof off and procrastinate.

As far as I know, that's the whole story. Apparently OMOCAT and people in her circle are all very nasty as well, though that goes beyond the scope of Omori.

No. 450767

File: 1566278891952.png (299.08 KB, 1280x926, tumblr_inline_p1e4omSKeu1ufimb…)

Okay, here's a guy I've been checking on for quite some time. Meet Momo/Nullmeat/Damos. He begs for money on a constant basis for "groceries and rent", but ends up blasting it away on toys and Second Life. Not just toys you can buy in a Walmart or K-Mart either, but expensive as shit imported Kamen Rider belts. Hes also one of those furries who begs for pity art because "I'm sad" or "muh depression."

Pic related.
Yes, it's just the marker tool in MS Paint.

His "fursonas" aren't even original either, they're literally just the shit anyone in Second Life can just buy and slap together.

FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/damos/

Tumblrs: http://juju-burger.tumblr.com (Main)
http://hypermooteki.tumblr.com (Art)
http://choice-chops.tumblr.com (NSFW)

Twitters: https://twitter.com/nullmeat/ (Main)
https://twitter.com/brokencow1 (Private)

No. 450772

What’s “real” burnout? Honest question

No. 450774

lmao, how the mighty fall. Whatever is your opinion on recasts you cant say your against it and then not only buy it but re-sell it as well.

No. 450784

lmao is that Cats/It crossover fanart

No. 450806

I was thinking the same when watching the video earlier. I think she tries to be funny by acting silly but it just feels stupid.

No. 450809

File: 1566294858477.jpg (429.33 KB, 2289x1526, PicsArt_08-20-04.46.09.jpg)

Mia draws is getting lazier. She doesn't draw the body for her adoptable.Instead she bought an art base from another artist. Lazy 100%

No. 450812

I have a friend trying to become a professional artist with this problem. She keeps complaining to me that she's losing jobs because she's missing deadlines, and I don't know what to tell her. She gets up at 11am, does one hour of work, and then goofs off for the rest of the day.

No. 450833


Why would anyone give their money to art pewdiepie? You are being scammed even if you get the book lol


Even 4 hours a day can go a long way if you at least are being consistent, if you only work whenever you feel like it for whatever you feel like it you are in for some shit. I´d also usually prefer it if artists were more honest with the deadlines, a lot agree on very short deadlines because they think it helps the sale but if you are just going to repeatedly fail to deliver or ask for extensions then you are only harming yourself. Better to give longer deadlines but always deliver on time than being known as the asshole who cannot be counted on to deliver when you promise.

No. 450835


>I've been working crunch time for several years and i'm still broke and i wanna die

> 1 year straight working overtime for a big break project that ended up shelved and you can never show that work to anyone because nda, why even live.

kinda like this maybe?

No. 450837

NTA, but I think true burnout is often brought upon by stress and overworking oneself. There's other things, too, like untreated mental illness and such. I feel like this is a big thing in the video game industry with crunch culture, where people are working ungodly hours to meet an unrealistic deadline.

Tbh, I could see some burnout hitting YouTubers who actually care. There's a big amount of pressure to make the next video a 'hit', plus there can be pressure to make something that their audience would like (and that targets a profitable audience). Plus, with it being a social media position, there's the risk of work and personal life blurring. But that's different from people who don't want to work at all, or who don't know how to manage their time as a self-employed person. It's not easy to be self employed and there's a big risk of becoming lazy. That's not the same as burnout, though.

No. 450849

>Better to give longer deadlines but always deliver on time than being known as the asshole who cannot be counted on to deliver when you promise.

Exactly. I said this to her a while ago and she said nobody would accept longer deadlines. But I bet they'd be more likely to accept longer deadlines than short deadlines which you never meet and eventually get kicked off projects because of. I don't get her logic.

No. 450868

Burnout is basically when you reach a point where your stress is so overwhelming that you "crash and burn." You hate everything you do, even if it was something you loved before, you'll often hate or resent yourself, and your motivation to do anything is gone. Just the thought of doing the things that resulted in burnout can cause a person to panic.
The biggest thing though is that it will manifest physically, you'll be exhausted, and many people become sick (because the stress reached a point where the immune system was screwed).

No. 450947

Why do some of you care about these literallywhos with boring art? This is such nothing.

No. 450982

Game grumps keeps pushing the membership thing specifically saying that it makes them money

No. 451033

can someone point me in the direction of some good comic artists? I'm at a point in my art where I'd like to get a general idea of what style I want to develop but I'm having a hard time finding one's that aren't awful

No. 451043

I second this. I've been searching for artists as well but haven't been able to find anyone that's actually good. So I recommend going old school and either buy books on the subject depending on what style you want or self study. Pick a few artists you like and completely break down their works. Hope this helps.

No. 451045


Specially when she has 'no recasts' in her damn bio, culur really dropped the ball but so many stans are still supporting her and attacking this person for calling her out. Doesnt matter how many times people do greasy shit if they have good art/face ups I guess.

No. 451066

What kind of styles do you like, anon? If you like more animation-inspired or lineless styles, indie comics are a better bet. If you like art that incorporates lineart then try checking the covers of the latest Marvel and DC releases and seeing what appeals to you, then look up who did those covers (not always the same people involved on the insides).

No. 451087


Juanjo Guarnido and Barbara Canepa, look into Blacksad and Skydoll.

Also, fucking Moebius, he is amazing, i also like Mike Mignola a lot. As for manga look into Takehiko Inoue and Otomo

No. 451095

Culur has done shit like this before; passing recasts as legits. She has a huge complex about herself that she can never do wrong because people like her artist BJDs she created (which are obviously a copy of some other artist dolls). I swear I've seen a story where she called herself god once.. I'm surprised she doesn't have some sort of thread on here because she's overall a huge, bloody mess and just overall a huge liar who think she can get away with shit so easily.

No. 451106

hi i used to follow this artist on instagram years ago,she used to draw mostly girls by pencil,all monochrome,the eyes in an elongated shape,they seemed always empty somehow,their design reminds me of geishas,and i don’t remember her name and i don’t have any of her pictures,but if any of this rings a bell let me know

No. 451118

File: 1566338820796.jpg (115.66 KB, 1080x1080, 15-06-38-39698956280_2b90b37a8…)

Is it ozabu Anon?

No. 451126

How does this person have 53k followers? Their art looks like a 9 year old drew it.

No. 451149

her art style reminds me of those kids that would go "gaiz I animated xD xd" but then uploads a video of them on flipaclip sliding frames

No. 451161


Very curious about what kind of art you guys find acceptable if you genuinely can’t find any comic artists that aren’t bad. Like, what comics are you looking at? What are your standards?

No. 451163

That's kinda what I was thinking too lol. Lower your standards a little maybe? Story is a big part of comics too.

No. 451204

Dustin Nguyen has always been a favorite comic artist of mine.

No. 451205

Does nobody here know how to sage?

No. 451225

absolutely no idea what that means or how to do it

No. 451232

Artfags really are the worst anons

No. 451236


No. 451240

Read the rules and stop being obnoxious.

No. 451241

Am I retarded or is there actually nothing about sage-ing in the lolcow rules?

Honestly, I’ve never gotten why this place relies on sage so much but I’m also a filthy catalog user.

No. 451247


no lol, i just looked and couldnt find anything about it.


if you want people to do something, you should probably explain what it is rather than bitching about people not doing things lmao(it's literally at the top of the rules page)

No. 451249

No. 451254

Actually there are plenty of artists that I look up to and absolutely love. I took the anons word as artists who have made legitimate tutorials or have made breakdowns of their own works and give solid explanations.
In my comment I mentioned studying the works of a favorite artist like everyone else pointed out.

No. 451258

I wish more artists from places like ArtStation shared their process. I'm in love with the painting style of league of legends splash art, and in general the painterly but kinda anime-esque style that you see a lot even on art station from people like TaeKwon Kim, Bach Do, Zeronis, etc.

I am working on developing a similar style but I always get stuck going from sketch -> painting because I want to work on keeping everything it's own layer but have nothing to merge the sketch into.

No. 451271

please understand anon reading the rules is very hard

No. 451279

A lot of times they probably can’t because stuff done for companies are locked behind NDA’s and contracts. Like I wish Kekai Kotaki was able to do online demos cuz I saw one of his live and he’s a very good speaker, but because he does work for GW2, he really can’t even print or collect a lot of his work cuz the company owns it. A lot of those artists u mention tho are on patreon with tutorials and demos and psds, it’s pretty standard nowadays that shit is behind paywalls now

No. 451281

thank you for the reply but it’s not her,they are somewhat similar though,but it was more simple and without such intense shading.
for me ozabu is god tier and i can not comprehend how she can draw like that with only a mechanical pencil and graphite

No. 451288

Could it be Shardula on instagram? She used to do small pencil portraits of girls. She still does some but is focused more on the resin art currently.

No. 451320


There's a gazillion gumroads, and suddenly every other artist is a youtuber or is selling some overpriced online art course, if anything too many artists are sperging about their process.

The best way is to just focus on fundamentals and if you like an artist try doing master studies, individual process timelapses are not that informative as they may appear except for catching a quirk or two.

No. 451336

Would this be the place to ask for non capeshit comic recommendations? I’m looking for a general adventure or sci fi no fluff or slice of life please

No. 451415

Look up 'Unsounded', Kill six billion demons' and 'stand still stay silent', my favourite adventure comics right now. And I think the artists for all three make them full time so they update regularly and on time. Ava's demon is interesting too but goes on hiatus way too often

No. 451579

Avas demon is bullshit. The characters are insufferable and last I read (recently), they barely are out of the first arc and the comics been going a while. It's just pretty storyboards. And the Fandom drama, while easy to ignore, is really idiotic.

No. 451597

File: 1566402886877.jpg (50.19 KB, 759x384, minne.JPG)

I burst out laughing at this clip.
At this point it's clear she hates making art and only does it for attention.

No. 451599

If you don’t mind them being manga Planetes, Blame! and Saturn Apartments are absolutely fantastic scifi

No. 451604

File: 1566403334190.jpg (340.66 KB, 887x596, Screenshot_7.jpaisdg.jpg)


The Incal, XX century boys, Blacksad, Nikopol Trilogy, Sandman, The Invisibles.

No. 451607

I'll add to the list (really good recommendations btw) Salambò+Loane Sloane and Monster (manga).

No. 451612

Paper Girls
Beautiful Darkness
Rat Queens

A few of my all time faves

No. 451614

File: 1566404211868.jpeg (61.2 KB, 443x693, 48CB0B5C-F9C9-40D5-AE1C-A44353…)

Samefag, but I wholeheartedly recommend SAGA above the others. It’s ongoing and has a lot already written, but I can be truly heart wrenching at times

No. 451615


Thanks anon, i haven't read Salambo and Sloane Sloane, those look really interesting, i'll be checking those out.

Forgot to add Katsuhiro Otomo´s Domu too, probably my favorite manga ever.

No. 451659

Agreed. The art is pretty, but that's about all it has going for it. The artist is constantly going on hiatus for months at a time, despite it supposedly being her full time job. The comic was started in 2012 and yet the plot has gone absolutely nowhere. The characters are awful, I gave up after the main character legit committed genocide and then we were meant to feel sorry for her and remember how much of an uwu Soft Girl she is.

Pretty sure the artist did some Homestuck work and that was how she got popular at first. Seems likely that's how she got inspired to format her comic (both in length and style). Only difference is Andrew Hussie finished his entire comic in 7 years, while Ava's Demon has been going at a snail's pace. Looking forward to reading the ending in 2040 lmao.

No. 451702

Maybe it's just a british illustrator thing, but I mash her and Holly Exley together for being Youtube's most boring artists.

No. 451757

For the attention and the $$$, she's already stated pretty explicitly that her only other option is retail and our girl ain't gonna do that

No. 451758

Planetes is some good hard-ish sci fi, World of Edena is weird and gorgeous, same with Airtight Garage if you can find it, Empowered is technically cape, but it’s not DC/Marvel so it ends up being really out there and silly, Vinland Saga’s got some really amazing fight scenes if you’re into historical dramas and Vikings

No. 451813

Nitpick but I absolutely hate the breathy whispertalk they do, it reminds of women who put on uwu highpitched giggly voices on all the time

No. 451825

No. 451913

Well, id personally recommend Fables ( the 2002 version ) and American vampire ~~ they are my all time favs

No. 452008

Bullying in fandoms is ridiculous but the Voltron fandom is seriously cursed

No. 452041

What are some decent but cheap watercolours for a total beginner at painting? Preferably that I can just snag off Amazon.

No. 452068

Having seen Baylee's blatant Wish shilling video, I was wondering how you guys feel about such sponsorships. What standards do you think they should have for them?

No. 452108

All I know about Voltron is that apparently people get called pedophiles for shipping two adults together somehow

No. 452128

There are Cotman tubes and half-pan sets on there for under $20. I like the Shinhan Professional a little more than Cotman personally, and they’re about the same price. I’ve heard good things about Van Gogh too, never tried them. Tubes will last you a long time, but you’ll need to have a palette to use them with, whereas half-pan sets already come with a palette. Plastic palettes are cheap anyways, so it’s just whatever you feel like getting. I think thefrugalcrafter has a vid or 2 on cheap wc and she knows her stuff.

No. 452215

I just don't trust most sponsored reviews in general. If I was looking for a review for something, first I'd look for a review made by someone who's an experienced professional (e.g. not Baylee). Also, make sure the person has actually been using the product for a little while as opposed to a first impressions vid.

No. 452340


I started out with W&N Cotman Sketchers' Pocket Box. With an additional brush, because the small one that comes with the set quite sucks imho, they are good for beginners.
But keep in mind, that good paper is also necessary.

(However, I soon upgraded to Schmincke Horadam since they are easier to get where I live. And if one only buys the primaries that's enough and can be cheap, too.)

No. 452402

Hey if you don’t have any milk you sage your post by typing ”sage” into the email field. This makes it so that the thread won’t get pumped up.

No. 452416

Watching Creepshow struggle so much with drawing those fucking muppet feet both gave me cancer and cured it. Fucking hilarious imo.

No. 452494

… she didn't draw that. in the first second it says the art is done by someone else. she is doing a cool thing where she has her fans send her speed draws so we will stop making fun of her

No. 452510

Lol what a baby

No. 452512

Watching someone bad at art speedpaint is always as interesting as seeing someone good at it. It's like being a forensic scientist figuring out what went wrong. You can also figure out how something looks without insane turd polishing.

No. 452617

keep in mind, she got confronted by a fan about this, and asked if she was paying the fans for the free b-roll. the original post asked if her fanbase liked the footage, and the commenter's post said that 'for exposure' isnt valid payment and sets a bad precedent for artists. creepshow responded with 'im too poor to pay but im going to continue asking anyway.'

she then proceeded to blast the comment on her instagram, uncensored so the user was clearing shown, and basically framed it like she was the victim and an angry fan was making her feel bad about doing it when every other comment on the post was supportive. she literally nitpicked the single negative post.

i know ya'll hate talking about creepshow cause she isnt worth the time, but as far as shitty practices go, this one is in my 'tried to start a witch hunt and failed' category.

No. 452625

What a fucking hypocrite lmao. She can climb the fuck down her high horse and make her own damn ugly ass art if she doesn't wanna pay dumbass newbs.

No. 452671


I despise her, all she does is stir shit up, moan and is always the victim. She's a fucking moron. Her response to Ross is a perfect example of why she's a cretin.

No. 452775

How did she respond?

No. 452839

File: 1566587372079.jpg (726.31 KB, 650x1300, Creepshow responds.jpg)

in response to Ross' response to her video >>450021

No. 452848

File: 1566589134283.jpg (21.39 KB, 660x440, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

Just stumbled into this thread and thought y'all were talking about Ross O'Donovan

No. 452861

Oh god another one.

No. 452866

She’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to try to be relevant kek

No. 452870

She's such a fucking tryhard. "people came to ~me~ about it" lol. She really wants to be That Bitch in the art community who isn't afraid to call people out and have artists scraping to avoid being in her super important videos, but really her 12 year old fans have boosted her fragile ego to the point where she thinks her criticisms are valid or wanted. She won't use her own speedpaints in videos anymore because her feefees get hurt, but she WILL shove her nose into anything that might squeeze out a few drops of content and make sad attempts to humiliate them. She can dish it but absolutely can't take it.

No. 452876

>>452861 god cant wait for all the 12 wannabe lavendertowne artists start tracing mc screenshots…

No. 452897

Professional Artist Too Afraid To Put Own Art on Shittalking YouTube Video

No. 452898

Damn right

No. 452900

I sometimes miss /ic/ insane dedication to the PYW work rule. Half the stupid drama in the art community could end with PYW

No. 452902

Elaborate wtf is that

No. 452907

On /ic/ people who know nothing about art shitpost or make overly harsh critiques out of jealousy. Asking someone to PYW, post your work, is asking them to post some art they made to show they actual know what they're talking about. If PYW became big creepshow and co. would most likely lose all respect.

No. 452923

>Half the stupid drama in the art community could end with PYW

The community would implode as it would become very obvious no one on ic/ can fucking draw.

I only go on ic/ when i look for a link on google and it shows a post on their archive in one of those resources threads. Download the artbook or video or wathever, close it and forget about ic/ again.

No. 452934

File: 1566605571014.png (1.77 MB, 1334x750, B6FF7079-2868-48FA-8BB2-B61F90…)

This one seems especially lazy. How is the girl on the right’s wrist bending like that? Why is she holding it so casually (not to mention how weightless this makes the axe look)? Why is she colored in a way that makes her blend into the background?

No. 452948

the “composition” of the 1st piece is absolutely garbage, especially with that tree right in the middle of the stream. She couldn’t find another place in the game to screenshot and draw vague outlines over? This could have been way more interesting if she included some of the game’s creatures and tried to make it more cohesive, but no, let’s use this as an excuse to draw more wonky skeleton-thin girls with weird designs. Literally the only “minecraft” part of the art is the background which might as well have been a background pic from any other video game or from rl that she referenced. (albeit, the minecraft background would easily be the blandestof them all, but I could see her still somehow screwing up a beautiful landscape when translating it into her style).

No. 452957

Lol she even admitted it looked like shit.

No. 452994


the composition is so weird like why is one girl looking at us but the one closer to us looking somewhere else? and the girl on the right isnt bending her neck or body but her face is looking directly down at us, how does that work? it annoys me that she visibly cant do dynamically angled figures but talks like shes a pro at it

No. 452999

I don't know whether it's because she actually tried to make a 'composition', but this looks worse than her art usually does.

No. 453044

File: 1566630127772.png (474.11 KB, 706x542, weird.png)


what is up with this girls face? It looks like part of her forehead is large than it should be, like a forehead or something.

No. 453108

i can't believe i somehow failed to notice how big the left thigh is compared to the right…does she even put any effort into her art these days?

No. 453190

Technically you didn’t fail to notice it but yeh agreed

No. 453332

Cuntshow goes full on sperg at the start of this. She goes on an absolute rant about her followers not liking her drama videos and scolds them for implying her call-out videos featuring more morally black people versus vapid gray is completely different and justified and how dare you tell her she can't make call out videos about pedos and predators.

No. 453370

I've never watched any of her videos nor do i care about her, but I'm glad more people are making videos about this pedophile degenerate.

No. 453431

How did she get popular in the first place?

No. 453432


her thumbnails are all cartooney and has bright colors, which i assume would stand out to children, most of whom could care less about the quality as long as it looks 'fun'

No. 453441

Why does one of them have a four-fingered hand but the other one has a five-fingered one? I mean it looks horrible to do both in the same picture.

No. 453445

I mean I don’t disagree with the sentiment but her throwing a fit at her viewers because she’s on a crusade was pretty cringe. She’s super self righteous considering she gained popularity and makes money making what is mostly gossip videos lacking substance or research.

No. 453450

I dont think shes in the wrong here. She says that she does hit on drama but this isnt that. Which I agree with. It's a child predator. I'm more annoyed that shes again using someone elses art in her videos

No. 453465

I'm not saying it's not wrong to bring attention to it I just think she comes across as disingenuous. She's essentially a gossip magazine and she profits from these videos whether they're exploitable serious subjects or frivilous poorly planned accusations.

No. 453468

You know I almost feel like it's damage control. She's offended that people are equating her to a drama stirring call-out post channel but ..that is exactly what she is. She's just so convinced she's morally right about everything. After the Ross video people seem to be catching on that she's actually just a basic bitch with attention whore tendencies.

No. 453536

>After the Ross video people seem to be catching on that she's actually just a basic bitch with attention whore tendencies.
That video currently sits at a 97% upvote ratio, thousands of thumbs up versus not even two hundred down. The only people who took offense at it were Ross stans who will forever believe they will get their rewards one year, and people in this thread (Im suspecting a lot of overlap there).

No. 453538

This bitch is so grating, i cant fucking stand her.

No. 453551

I dont understand this comment at all. Shes annoying as fuck but shes still gaining a lot of subs and shes hasn't been in any controversies. Theres nothing here to say people are catching on.
I think she just overreacted and made fake drama to serve as a promo for her video.

No. 453552

she really has a hard time articulating herself and a terrible voice. you know how mrrepzion phrases himself very poorly and doesn't make sense/sounds like he never writes a script or plans what he says? she does the same. it's very irritating.

No. 453579

This is what I dislike about her (and lots of other commentary channels). It's just her unoriginal, unscripted opinion. There's no screencaps or clips of whatever she's talking about, and there's nothing about her insight that makes it more valuable than any other random person's. I don't understand why people like her think their opinion is so important that everyone on Youtube needs to hear it.

No. 453584

It's only because it makes money. If she wasn't earning 500$ per video she would shut up

No. 453633

It's not about like to dislike ratio the shit talking is mostly on discord. It's not like Baylee Jae gets tons of dislikes but there is a lot of shit talking involving her all over the internet.

Exactly. Holier than thou is pathetic when you're just regurgatating common view points with a "quirky" edgy twist for money. She's a fake tryhard who is so literally talentless she can't even use her own art in her own videos

No. 453649

She makes call out post videos and drama videos and you're saying she isn't hated by the art community because the responses on her OWN videoes are positive? Okay lol

No. 453673

Sage for no milk, but I’m honestly surprised there’s anyone here willing to waste their energy discussing shitshow. Her name comes up so consistently here when everything’s dead I’m 99% sure at this point these are creep self posting back and forth. I motion we ban talk of shitshow since she is not a cow

No. 453692

The only concistintly annoying thing that happens when she comes up is anons like you (or maybe just you) trying to police the thread by discouraging talking about her. There are multiple anons discussing her and you come in saying we shouldn't. If you find her so uninteresting say so and move on no one here has to curtail their lolcow experience to fit your preferences.

No. 453693

Sage for personal vendetta, but why are so many art reviews so bad. A lot of them come more off as 'watch me draw' or entertainment than a rigorous interrogation of a product.

No. 453695

"I don't think creepshow is a cow uwu stop talkin bout her uwu" okay Shannon

No. 453729

It's a combination of not knowing/understanding the product, barely knowing how to even use the product/medium, and a lack of desire to educate themselves on it. A bunch of them think that just because they went to art school or took a class, they're suddenly experts, but very few instructors actually teach differences between products, brands, and grades of quality. I've seen people do amazing work with shitty products, but also explain why the product sucks despite having a good outcome. And then you have most of the art product reviewers who produce shitty work with high grade products, but claim they're 'not that great' because they don't know how to use it in the first place.

No. 453732

File: 1566760924046.png (285.62 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20190825-212135~2.p…)


Is it me or looks a lot like Holly Brown art style?

No. 453735

no, HCB's art isn't as good as that

No. 453737

File: 1566761966593.png (48.25 KB, 651x492, Garbage.png)

I honestly stan the fuck out of Creepshow art. Waffles only good content in the last year is drawing with everything in (X color).

No. 453753

Shes an annoying, bitchy teenager with a superiority complex who severely overestimated the worth of her own opinions.
She went on a 10 minute rant about her jessica yaniv is not a real twanny and no twans pewsown does anything bad EVER uwu

No. 453762

she's 25

No. 453765

That doesnt make her appear better… yikes..

No. 453767

>She went on a 10 minute rant about her jessica yaniv is not a real twanny

I didn't even watch her JY video because I knew she wasn't smart enough to have an opinion any more thought out than "B-B-BUT HE'S NOT A REAL TRANNY, AWESOME TRANS GALZ ARE THE REAL VICTIMS!"

Kind of pleased to know I was right on the money.

No. 453776

We can tell edgelord. Sage your autism.

No. 453777

LMFAO. Fucking pathetic.

No. 453780

File: 1566768265848.png (645.35 KB, 720x983, Screenshot_2019-08-25-14-08-50…)

Im actually concerned with kaitoonist mental health. She just randomly apeared on my insta feed with one of her 'artist rant' comics and looking through her insta most of what she makes is artist rant comics (algorithm sucks, Im not improving, the usual). I hate to self diagnose her, but she feels like someone who just went into art without really thinking it through. If this sounds like projecting it most likely is. I've seen so many artist like her. Kind of aimless or have a 'passion', which they didn't do much research on, so they said 'why not art'. They didn't take art serously when they where young and they still struggle to so they lag behind their classmates. They end up making a ton of art rant posts online, drop out from burnout or graduate with an useless degree because the only places that accept them are degree mill schools that don't grade on art quality, but on your ability to pay for your classes on time. Kait looks a few months away from a mental breakdown.
I thought she was 16 wtf.

No. 453785

That does seem oddly specific, anon. But yeah, maybe she's just caught up in social media in general? Or depression? Or maybe she just likes whining. There could be a million reasons why…
Weirdly enough I think these kind of comics generate clicks because people like to complain about this shit all day every day. So it also might just be because of engangement.

No. 453797


Maybe it's just me but it looks like she's trying to mimic mewtripled's overall style/theme. I haven't looked deep into her ig profile, but I'm always kind of iffy about artists who only make 'relatable' content. She doesn't seem happy making just that, but knows that's what pulls in the clicks.

No. 453828

File: 1566778781265.jpeg (344.2 KB, 1137x1950, E464707E-C433-446D-88C7-1041AE…)

No. 453854

10-15k likes per post seems like a good amount of engagement lol also who cares

I hope this literallywho grows out of this boring shit and into a better art style

No. 453856

The video was insanely difficult to follow.
I attempted to twice, gave up and got information from other sources.

No. 453860

Oh boy I remember when I used to follow her;
I thought her art was simple and cute and that she was drawing sensitive stuff that appealed to me but Idk at some point she started having a big head and the way she talked seem like she was full of herself so I stopped
Also she posted something on her account and basically told people to go witch hunt someone tracing her or something to her followers lmao
I understand she's young but Jesus she could've handled it herself

No. 454013

Kinda off-topic but why do some artists keep reposting their old art. Not even for a re-draw. Keeps making me think I timetravelled

I can name an example of an artist if anyone wants

No. 454015

So they don’t have to make anything new, it’s kinda a no brainer

No. 454017

Oh. Lol nvm then

No. 454037

…that's it?

No. 454047

im gonna sound fucked up for saying this but shes asian and a lot of asian artist tend to be lolcows . she also scammed people a while back and thinks she invented animal masks / heads

No. 454089

'Asain' covers so many different types of people so I'm just going to take a shot in the dark and guess youre a little white girl with lots of edgy opinions. Pretty sure every art cow we discuss here to any frequency is a white girl so okay. Anyway be sure to sage your bullshit next time.

No. 454093


you're not wrong.

No. 454101

You anons honestly think being Asian increases someone’s likelihood of being a lolcow despite all our threads being about white women? Please explain I’d love to hear it

No. 454107

You been holding out on us anon? Where’s all the milk from this supposed abundance of AZN cows?

No. 454108


i'm worried your blood pressure will reach boiling point if we elaborate, it already seems pretty high.

No. 454119

How about you read the rules and stop race baiting.

No. 454125

Stop trolling man jaw no one currs

No. 454131

Lmao 'we' you're the same anon you idiot. Nice try tho same fag

No. 454139

imagine being this retarded

No. 454143

Every time there’s a visible women tag on twitter it’s always the same people retweeting each other and getting the engagement the tag is made for, I’m so bored from just seeing the same stuff every time this tag comes around, what’s even the point

Sage for rant

No. 454157

They do it because instagram/social media requires interaction and they dont have anything new to post

No. 454163

nta but she's literally the dumb, talentless, annoying, fat, lispy, Jonas brother/Naruto loving fangirl everyone side-eyed in middle school; and now we get a peek into her inner dialogue as an adult looking back on it all. It's entertaining as hell. I'm not into the drama videos, so I can't comment on them, but I'm fairly certain most of her following came from the story-times.

Personally, I can't imagine legitimately hating or getting irritated by a retard that isn't doing anything except making themselves look like a fool. I know it's the artist salt thread, but imo it's more fun to laugh at this shit.

No. 454166

The tag’s not even made for getting engagement, it’s specifically for people in the comic industry finding work. I think Kelly Sue Deconnick created it, there’s rules and guidelines to what you’re supposed to post and why

It’s just been taken over by all sorts of artists who just, idk, want to make another pinned tweet or get more followers. Which is fine but… if you’re already working in your chosen industry and have 65k followers you don’t need to be any more fucking “visible”

No. 454168

File: 1566851934165.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.94 KB, 500x620, trevorbrown.jpg)

Trevor brown's art is disgusting. I really don't understand why more people don't point this out. How did he get so popular?

No. 454169

File: 1566852060661.jpeg (556.23 KB, 1242x1683, 9C08BB7C-560D-4321-A78A-F03786…)

Been thinking this account traces for a long while now, but That Hand is telling me otherwise

No. 454171

seems like the type that's popular among people who are into guro styled art. tbh it's really no more disgusting than most other stuff you'd find like that unless guro is a personal squick for you.

and someone doing something that is just squicky ain't milk so sage ya shit

No. 454277

Reminds me exactly of those creepy sad children in bathing suits paintings pizzagaters always post.

No. 454320

those of you with drawing tablets, are the programmable buttons a necessity? I want to get like a $30-40 drawing tablet to mess around with occasionally and I saw one that didn't have them.

No. 454345

What tablet is it? (Just asking cuz there’s a lot of “tablets” floating around amazon that are actually light boxes and not digital tablets so their listings are deceiving) I never use the buttons on my older cintiq, I mostly use keyboard shortcuts and I’ve has friends reprogram like the buttons on a gaming mouse or a game/number pad for shortcuts instead. So it depends on your workflow

No. 454366

My first tablet didn’t have any buttons, and it was fine. Since I was so close to my computer anyway, I could just use the keyboard shortcuts when I needed them.

No. 454444

So nothing huh

No. 454459

this art always reminds me of those 'disney princesses if the stories were REAL/HORROR/EDGY' and i hate it.

No. 454684

No, it's not needed. I've used tablets for years and I just recently started using the programmable buttons a few months back. As long as your close to your computer, you should be fine.

No. 454726

YES THANK YOU, I was trying to pinpoint my issue for ages now and you put it into words

No. 454759

She's friends with Ready To Glare and Syren Cove.. So she's piggy-backing off of them.

No. 454835

She has more subs than syren but I see your point. She nonstop talks about them and I doubt they talk at all. I've never seen either of them reply to her.

No. 454844

I can’t stand Syren either she’s just as grating with flat pointless content. Ready To Glare is less annoying in that she acts like an actual adult but she’s still makes some pretty shit content. Some of it isn’t terrible though

No. 454910

It's always half "NB" people who would scream at you if you called them a woman on any other day too.(>>>gendercrit)

No. 454976

I'm of the same opinion as you anon. I still remember when I first discovered Syren years ago and thinking she was just a harmless camgirl but boy did she turn into an annoyingly pointless commentator. She really just spouts off common sense yet thinks it's so different.

And then Creepshow came and she's just as worst because she really lays on that try-hard "2 deep for you" style that never looks good on anyone.

ReadytoGlare is probably the better of the two but I haven't watched a ton of her and I only caught awareness of her during the Kat Von D drama. What would you consider her "shit content"?

No. 454985

She makes these really stupid and pointless videos where she reads obviously fake Reddit posts and comments like they happened lol. Also some of her subjects are just so stupid in the same way they just feel forced so she has a new subject but I guess that makes sense if she makes a job out of it. If you're a commentator for a -living- you're going to run out of things to voice your opinion on that has substance eventually I guess. Most of her stuff is okay researched but I usually only get through half of her videos all the way.

No. 454991

Ah okay, that's fair. Yeah I've browsed through her channe land some of the video topics had topics that were so dumb that I can't find it enjoyable to listen to so I get what you mean there lol.

I guess I can just appreciate her more than the other two because she's not being a tryheard edgelord like Creepshow or nauseating like Syren. Like you can tell she is educated and applies this to some of her videos which makes them easier to listen to.

No. 455023

File: 1567014594649.jpeg (169.59 KB, 720x1280, 53BC1E65-0F5C-4BF6-A0AF-6374ED…)

lanajayart y’all

No. 455028

It's a no from me dawg

No. 455120

She's so boring, basic and has big head.
Girl didn't even try at all with the make up.

No. 455124

Aren't reddish lips and strong blush kind of a stand out feature of Frida's look? I mean those eyebrows aren't even connecting ffs, that's just a basic makeup look with slightly larger eyebrows that usual

No. 455227

File: 1567046411426.jpeg (48.85 KB, 400x600, Salma Hayek Graphics (33).jpeg)


White bitch trying to be mexican. She'll never be as close as Salma hayek was though. And yes, bold lips were a big look for Frida.

No. 455247

>hint of a unibrow
>flower crown

muh frido khalo cosplay yall

No. 455271

People are always afraid to go full unibrow when they dress up as Frida, it’s hilarious.

No. 455327


Lana already has big-ass eyebrows. Those things take up half her forehead.

No. 455342

>Dream Imagine Believe on wall
ah yes, definitely basic white girl
Lana is one of those fake "uwu all body types are beautiful" but can't even comprehend having a monobrow or look unconventional

No. 455345

How many computers/laptops has Minnie been sent now?

No. 455358

because they dont truly respect her , her art and the fact she said 'fuck you' to a lot of society standards of beauty and what it means to be a woman. People only want woke points

No. 455419

That's very true. If your art is not the main focus of the videos and it's just something that is either fake (the storytimes) or a niche topic that you've talked about for a good while, it can be very hard to keep that success (views) up and people will get bored and go elsewhere.

Speaking of this subject, I just got done watching TwistedDisaster's latest video and while I do agree that self-employment can be a challenge, I just have to sit her and ask does anyone actually think Michie's art is that good to buy? I've seen her prices and they're just… I dunno. I feel bad for saying this because art is subjective at the end of the day but I take into consideration how Michie says she's trying to have a book published where I'm sure she'll be using her art as a cover and I just have to ask would any of you be intrigued by her art to check out her book if you saw it in a Barnes & Noble?

And something that always bothered me with her is how she makes it seem like she has finally made it to "support" herself with her art without having to work a regular job but the reality is that it's all because her husband happens to have a good job to support them both. If she wasn't with him or he didn't get his lucrative dream job, there is no way she could support herself on her art alone and I guess that is just something that always lowkey annoyed whenever she talks about her lifestye from a financial perspective.

No. 455450

God she is so fucking cringe. Shes lived her entire adult life free loading (and is extremely entitled about it if that fit she threw when her father in law told her to gtfo out is anything to go off of) and now she comes out with a video explaining what its like to be self employed as if shes some expert when in reality shes an actual child making bad DA anime XD art that nets her less than min wage while someone else foots the bills. Shes a joke.

No. 455483

I appreciate someone acknowledging the reality that being a self-employed artist is not an easy career by any means, but like other anon said, she’s not the person to talk about this subject lol. Also, on the book thing, there are lots of bad books and/or bad book covers that still manage to get the green light. Baylee managed to get her book into bookstores, but that’s moreso due to her popularity as a “youtube star.” I’m betting on Michie self-publishing on Amazon if she does publish at all, since that’s the easiest way to do it (especially for people who don’t want a company trying to alter their text in any way or having a legal hold over it). I hope it has just as many grammar and spelling mistakes as Holly Brown’s comics lmao.

No. 455516

I know a lot of people say that it doesn't seem like Minnie Small is enjoying doing art, but I think it's because of the calm way she speaks without all of the random giggling, snorting, squealing, etc. that other YouTubers do. Like even though I enjoy waffles, you still hear the random snorts and giggles when something goes wrong or gets messy whereas Minnie just stays pretty calm throughout her videos.

I think because of that, it comes off as her being bored. But for me, it comes off as pretty calm and mature. like i enjoy other youtubers as well, but sometimes the randomness in their videos can get a bit annoying esp if I'm not in a particularly good mood and the curt and straightforward way that Minnie tends to talks makes her come off as disinterested.

No. 455517

File: 1567113697547.jpg (73.69 KB, 752x1062, true_loves_kiss_by_twisteddisa…)

She's an adult? Because of her art I always assumed she was a teenager.

No. 455522

I need to know whose commissioning her, she feels like a troll.

No. 455523


Hell no I wouldn't buy her dopey looking art, much less a book of it. All the characters she draws faces look puffy.
She only got popular piggybacking off other artists. She wouldn't be much of anyone if it weren't for that and her whiny videos. Yall remember her gross sobbing and simpering because she had to stay in a basement for like A month? Some people don't even get that as a backup plan and here she is crying for money, but then saying "oh no, I'm fine the wedding is paid for"
I can't stand her.

No. 455528

Shes 26

No. 455533

It’s weird to think that TD and Creepshow are both older than Holly Brown.

No. 455550

Didn't Purplekecleon/Glitchedpuppet (infamous nonbinary pedophile and dogfucker) used to use the visiblewomen tags?

No. 455553

Same, her style looks exactly like the standard cartoon shipping fanart style that 15 year olds on tumblr use

No. 455555

fucking hell,

No. 455557


To be honest I really despise this kind of people especially when instead of being proactive they just make these whiny posts on Tumblr. But I got pissed when I got a message asking for donations from them and we never spoke.
I mean, find a job, that commissions are just out of pity

No. 455563

Yeah, even when she actively claimed (and still does) to be nonbinary or something

No. 455567

same. i get why people might be bored of her or her art, but her voice is soothing and she’s not milky. even Juicy Ink, whose work I like and who makes great vids, can get a little annoying with the giggles. or lachri, she also has solid content but I can’t listen to her voice for a long time bc it’s almost grating.

No. 455583


Get. A. Job. Holy fuck.

I have been able to do more with my art then ever before since I got a basic income flowing into my bank account. I don’t have to worry about balancing art and paying rent because my job pays my rent and my food and my bills, while my art pays for supplies, my internet, and any random thing on Amazon I happen to want that day. It is amazing what you can do when you act like an adult and support yourself, and not rely on strangers to donate.

No. 455589

her final poster has strong "school project" vibes, not really like a movie poster we'd see in a regular theater

No. 455631

Oh my GOD just get a job at Walmart or something! You would really rather live on a piece of carpet and ebegging and pretending that doodling on MS Paint is a living? Shut the fuck up.

Honestly I am so sick of seeing e-begging in general online. Seems like everyone thinks they deserve handouts because their life was a little hard at one point. Sorry your parents spanked you when you were 5 but I'm pretty sure you can at least get a part time job and start saving up for your escape. Jesus christ.

No. 455636

Yeah I mean if her husband is okay supporting them both then it's not much of a problem but I just wish she had more self awareness of her situation and that it's mostly luck because again, if her husband didn't make enough to support them both, there is no way she could support herself with her art alone and I wish she would just understand that and try not to act like she's some expert in this because she really isn't.

Oh I understand that any person can post a book these days. I haven't read Holly's comic but I've heard a lot about it and seen some snippets of it, just… Oi lol. And hey maybe Michie's book won't be bad but I dunno, if I was just someone passing through a book store and saw her book with her art as the cover, I don't think it would catch my interest. That's why I asked if anyone else would because surely maybe someone here likes her art style? I mean the coloring is okay I guess but just the way she draws bodies and faces just irks me

Yeah she's 25 going on 26 I believe.

>All the characters she draws faces look puffy

Thanks anon, "Puffy" is the right word to describe the faces. They just don't look all that appealing. Like don't get mYall remember her gross sobbing and simpering because she had to stay in a basement for like A month? Some people don't even get that as a backup plan and here she is crying for money, but then saying "oh no, I'm fine the wedding is paid for"e wrong, you can have a cute style that is also nice to look at but Michie just seems to miss the mark in my opinion.

>Yall remember her gross sobbing and simpering because she had to stay in a basement for like A month? Some people don't even get that as a backup plan and here she is crying for money, but then saying "oh no, I'm fine the wedding is paid for"

Yeah I remember all that and I remember lowkey being annoyed (I watched the livestream right when it was happening). She even went as far to say she was "Homeless". Are you kidding? At least they let them stay in the basement and turned it into a somewhat living space, that is not being homeless. Is it a bit uncomfortable? Sure but it's better than being on the streets. For Pete's sake they even let them use the internet in there. That just really aggravated me because some people really aren't as lucky. And all she cared about was the wedding when they were in a financially good area… I mean I know it all worked out (fan donations…) but still eugh…

No. 455638

I feel like if Twisted studied anatomy more or tried drawing in a different style that wasn't this dopey, chibified, pseudo Steven Universe looking style, she would see more improvement.

My honest guess is that most of her commissions come from teenagers.

Agreed anon. I currently work a part time job while doing art and even though my mental state isn't the best in terms of how I get a lot anxiety around large crowds of people, deep down I feel good because despite this, at least I have some stable income on those months where I'm not getting much commissions.

If these e-begger artists just got a simple part time job, it could really make all the difference until they are able to support themselves through art.

No. 455649

The worst part of that entire basement situation was that she and her husband had been living with her father in law for a year and he had ask them to leave but they always had a million excuses why they couldn't, and then they started planning their wedding and buying pets while STILL LIVING in someone ELSE'S home and she threw the biggest fit and made him seem like an awful person for wanting to give his extra room to someone else in need. I always found her annoying but that just showed me how insanely self centered and entitled she is.

No. 455679

File: 1567146659452.png (12.95 KB, 527x106, gggg.png)

He finally spilled the beans on his Dragoncon blacklisting.

"I was blacklisted for just applying to the artist alley back in 2000. I guess I'm prOblEmaTic"
I think your work probably sucked back in 2000 and you got butthurt that you got denied a table so you blame them.

No. 455681

File: 1567147444342.png (1.59 MB, 1580x593, setup.png)

I love when he talks shit on other artist's setups and gives barely a fuckin effort on his own shit.
Some people actually want to make money, dumbass. If you look like every other comic dude with a stick up your ass no one will give a fuck about you.

>He has said on multiple comic con vlogs he barely makes table, travel, and lodging expenses

>thinks people who draw cute stylized feminine things or anime are shit
>Seemingly hates women being in his field of work.

If you watch any of his vlogs you'll just FEEL the cringe.

No. 455683

I just took a peek at their archive and wow they've been homeless apparently since January and ebegging daily since then.
honestly thats so pathetic looking, please get a fucking job and go shower.

No. 455687

This video annoyed me so much for a lot of different reasons but I want to specifically draw attention to the fact that she says she took extra care to always do her patreon work, because, as a former patron of hers, I can assure that that is not at all the case. I was a patron of hers for seven months and I got the individual request reward once for the first month I was a patron. Then it was just a cycle of her barely posting anything for a month followed by her the next month promising to do double the work and then… not doing it. And she never mentioned the fact that she didn't do the previous two months work. Not once did she suspend charging on her Patreon for not delivering rewards.

I feel foolish for ever supporting her because 1) I knew about her terrible work ethic. I'd complained about her shit attitude and commission schedule in earlier threads because it annoyed me to see her say her pet peeve was wasted time when she gets nothing done; and 2) I don't even like her fucking art. I'm just easily drawn in by patreons with physical rewards, which she gave up months ago (without notifying patrons) in exchange for digital rewards that she said would be much quicker/easier on her and she didn't even get the rewards out after that!

The idea that she's going to finish off her commission queue is also laughable to me because she was taking in new commissions like a week ago. She doesn't give a shit about getting people's commissions because she has no incentive to do so. Like, hey, Michelle, maybe you should wait to get payment for commissions when you actually start working on them instead of when they're first ordered. Then you'll actually have a monetary reason to work on them instead of letting them sit in your commission queue for a Year while you take on new commissions because you ran out of money.

No. 455688

File: 1567151432027.png (4.9 MB, 2156x1461, why.png)

How do you guys feel about artists that steal assets from shows and put them on shirts and stuff to sell in the artist alley?

I also suspect this person probably heavily references other's work for hers 50% of the time do to how inconsistant her art style is. Her art is very messy up close, lots of messy lineart and the coloring is bad.
She also works in the comics industry as a cover artist with IDW.

No. 455696

These people are the reason people think fanart Is bad. They think we just slap stuff from the original serie on merch and sell it.
I don't like it. Want fanart? Draw your fanart. Or get licensed to use the original images

Sage for sperging

No. 455716

please tell me no one bought those shirts.

No. 455718

If it looks like the company or original creator could have made it, you shouldn’t sell it.

No. 455743

I 100% get where you're coming from (I especially agree about Waffles' rAndUm snorts and giggles that make up 50% of her videos), but I still disagree about Minnie. She's a pretty unemotional person to begin with, but there's things you can tell she's passionate about, like her travel vlogs (can't remember what she called them), or her how-to-fill-a-sketchbook-series, or her haunted houses Inktober. The only time I remember her having any emotion in her voice recently was when she was talking about going on holiday. Every other video is a deadpan "I'm going to paint this random thing today just so no one can tell me I've given up on art and my channel, oh, I know, I'll paint my PLANTS" Seems to me, and I'm just a lowly anon mind you, that she's just doing art for the sake of doing it nowadays.

No. 455745

In the QnA with her husband she admitted that he pays rent but “if she didn’t live in California she could support herself on her own” but like…how many commissions does she do a month? She said she didn’t get any done one month Bcs mental health, and her trello has a super long list of refunds

No. 455812

Oh I didn't know all of that but yeah it doesn't paint a good light on them. Why would you plan for a wedding and buy pets when you're not in the most stable living situation? That is just not smart at all and they should've made moving out a top priority if the father in law really wanted them out.

I remember in the update video she said something about how she wasn't getting help from her family because they didn't see the point for them to have a wedding since they had been together for so long and then how she exaggerated when she said that she was "literally told they shouldn't have children". I'm pretty sure she exaggerated the situation because with how they weren't in a good financial situation, I'm pretty sure that they just meant they aren't in the best place to be having a wedding or having kids, they can barely get by with pets when it comes to emergencies, that should be saying something.

>This video annoyed me so much for a lot of different reasons but I want to specifically draw attention to the fact that she says she took extra care to always do her patreon work, because, as a former patron of hers, I can assure that that is not at all the case. I was a patron of hers for seven months and I got the individual request reward once for the first month I was a patron. Then it was just a cycle of her barely posting anything for a month followed by her the next month promising to do double the work and then… not doing it. And she never mentioned the fact that she didn't do the previous two months work. Not once did she suspend charging on her Patreon for not delivering rewards.

Oh wow are you serious? So she wasn't being truthful about being on top of Patreon rewards. I feel like she's the kind of person who takes way too much on at once (assuming she was still doing commissions) and then either forgets or hopes people (her patrons) don't realize it.

>The idea that she's going to finish off her commission queue is also laughable to me because she was taking in new commissions like a week ago. She doesn't give a shit about getting people's commissions because she has no incentive to do so. Like, hey, Michelle, maybe you should wait to get payment for commissions when you actually start working on them instead of when they're first ordered. Then you'll actually have a monetary reason to work on them instead of letting them sit in your commission queue for a Year while you take on new commissions because you ran out of money.

See that's why you shouldn't take on more than you can chew. I suspected somethiing was up because every time she would steer a video into talking about "her job", she would always be saying how she's far behind on commissions and isn't it weird how she gets sick so much? I'm just at a loss because even though I didn't like her artwork, I did enjoy listening to her videos as background noise and I thought she was harmless (until I learned about this thread and noticed her being mentioned here).

At the very least, at least you wisened up and stopped supporting her. If she's gonna be pulling crap like that, she doesn't deserve the money.

Yeah that's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

That is bull, even if she lived in a state like Ohio and was only doing art, I have a feeling she would still struggle. And if what >>455687 said is true, then I'm even more inclined to believe that because she doesn't have a good work ethic.

No. 455818

I wouldn’t really say that. I watched the video and she talked about the plants she got and she even named them. I would say she’s pretty interested in her plants and just didn’t go the route of “I’m gunna do this random thing so no one can say I’ve given up.” She seemed pretty passionate about her plants… I mean idk anyone who actually goes as far as giving their plants names like like they’re pets and referring to them as such.

Cause Bailey does the random thing and getting mad when people point out she’s given up or something. With Minnie it isn’t quite like that, then again I’m a pretty unemotional person myself so idk if that has something to do with it.

When you’re already unemotional you just come off as disinterested unless you show more interest than usual for something.

No. 455837

Everything on this table is traced or a screenshot. These are bootlegs and most cons have rules against them. Sad thing is, if you try to report they usually do shit about it despite it being against THEIR rules. It pisses other artists off like no tomorrow tho.

No. 455863

You're proving my point: Minnie CAN be passionate about things like her plants, you can tell she's really into them. You can't say the same about her and art. When was the last time she was super into one of her art projects instead of "I'm only doing the bare minimum to keep my channel alive" or "I was sponsored and I needed that sweet $$$ to go on holiday (a holiday from what?? Sitting around her house and painting her plants??) so I had to"?

No. 455876

Why is it so common for artists to put their dream of making a living out of art at their top priority to the point where they would prefer barely getting by and living in dry conditions. I always see people e-begging with a donation link pinned to their profile or them saying “it puts food on my table”. Like, I’m young and so I probably don’t get it, but is it from entitlement or just pure laziness?

No. 455918

lmaoo so shes gonna do a video on composition when she herself cant do it for sht

No. 455943


This isn't helpful in the least. She wants to talk about composition but everything in the video she draws is flat and dead-on. She doesn't cover even the most basic shit for visual composition, yet isn't even clear about what someone 'shouldn't' be doing.
Her audience is eating it up though and she doesn't take criticism, so, pointless video.
It bugs me how much artists get away with misleading others just because people think their art is cute. Lavendertowne is so vapid, I haven't watched one video of hers where it wasn't below basic, wrong shit.

No. 455975


Okay, I've been thinking this for months but never actually mentioned it - does anyone else get annoyed by the fact that she fakes her voice? She always uses this soft, high pitched, cutesy voice for the first couple of minutes but after that she gives up and sounds completely different.

No. 455989

Practice what you preach Lavender, talk is cheap.
Yeah definitely, her vanilla voice is too try hard, makes it almost unbearable to listen to.
I wish lavender wasn’t so stagnant with her art, there’s no shame in branching your style, I’m sure you’re audience won’t shit their pants over it.

No. 456055

I hate her trees even if it’s stylised

No. 456095


legit how does the thumbnail even make sense for composition like its the exact same composition, just with simpler qualities

No. 456130

"Here, let me give you a good example of composition!"
>>basic-bitch centered composition with tons of unused space for half the canvas, massive tangents all over the place, nonsense proportions on the trees, basically what she just said not to do, justifies her shitty choices by saying "I did it on purpose, tho!!!"
Good job, great example, Lavender, totally looks like it didn't come out of a beginning drawing class

No. 456141

File: 1567226175535.gif (401.7 KB, 320x179, giphy.gif)

>gif related

at least say cramped or cluttered once in a while..

Also, she's making beginner mistakes with tangents and strange overlap which is throwing off the sense of depth, which is a pretty major element of composition. Focal point is only one element but seems to be the only thing she knows about, and she can't even get that right.

No. 456144


also I think shes too ingrained into the whole "do this not that" format that its taking a till on her content like just give examples of how a 'clautrophobic' composition could be benefit from, or what benefits can be found from a certain composition instead of "ok avoid this but its ok here cause im doing it on purpose"

No. 456177

what a fucking retard

No. 456211

File: 1567254369021.jpg (179.17 KB, 1200x1200, tom and jerry and willy wonka.…)


Her droopy/swollen looking art style is giving me serious "Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" flashbacks.

No. 456259


I was trying to find the right visual example for her art and this is it, thank you anon.

No. 456260

File: 1567268518298.jpg (69.42 KB, 800x800, 1567254369021.jpg)

No. 456269

JFC is she twelve?

No. 456272

File: 1567271047370.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190831-130423.png)

Has she never seen a pencil before

Also, this is the finished sketch for anyone who doesn't want to watch the video

No. 456289


that neck is so fucking off-center

No. 456292

File: 1567275106882.jpeg (209.87 KB, 828x1792, C36852B4-B51E-45B1-B567-93BA9B…)

I found this site last night, trying to find some hate on creepshow (as much as I’m not a big drama fan) and I’ve to say I was not disappointed. While I don’t agree with much of the hate and criticism that goes on here, I am very much in agreement with things being said toward creepshow. The moment she uploaded that video, I unsubbed and immediately messaged Ross. It was me lol. He was really surprised about the video and disappointed that people who didn’t back the Kickstarter were making so many accusations. He said he would follow up on the accusation but I never expected him to actually comment on her video. I thought he would make a video or something to let his backers know.
Anyhow, that’s all I wanted to say. XD

No. 456296

Fucking hell, that's awful. Her stuff makes Baylee look like an Old Master.

No. 456299

jesus christ, this is the most insufferable thing i have ever read. however bad creepshow is, you are just as annoying and obnoxious.

No. 456308

Holy shit I forgot about this. Freaking unsettling LOL But yeah I think you hit the bullseye on this comparison lol.

No. 456310

You don’t know a damn thing about me. Might want to look up that definition because I think you’re describing yourself and the toxicity of this forum. This is place is trash.

No. 456315

No. 456318

did you comment back to the wrong post? like i said, annoying and obnoxious.

No. 456319

Damn, the emoticons are sending me. Are you from 2010 or what?

No. 456328

I’m probably way older than any of you but who cares. I grew up using emoticon text. You’re going going to judge me for that? What does that say about you? All kinds of hypocrisy radiating off of you, an obnoxious person calling someone else obnoxious? I’m not the one living and thriving on a forum, throwing hate around for no reason. And I should have known to relay this kind of valuable info because there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable kind of person in here. I regret my decision. I don’t regret contacting Ross because I felt he deserved to know what drama was happening. I don’t agree with people accusing others without having substantial evidence. Overall, unless someone can prove me otherwise with some decency (if there is such a thing here) to a newcomer, , I’ll continue to see this forum as a wasteland for filthy human garbage.(pure autism)

No. 456330

you said you sought the forum out to shit on one person, which means you are no better than anyone here. the fact that you're proud of yourself shows how absolutely ridiculous you are, mix with the fact that you have no idea why no one here likes you. you are just as desperate as creepshow, if not more so, because at least she's the least bit self aware

No. 456331

Was not directed at you but the person calling me obnoxious. Mind you, this is a bit of a confusing place to make replies on a cell.
Again sorry. Was not aimed at you.

No. 456335

Wow. You sure do blow things out of proportion, child. I was curious to see if there was anyone throwing hate. It doesn’t mean I was desperate to bathe in hate.
Damn, the hypocrisy. And you don’t look shitty for shitting on random artists here? Desperate for hating, are we?
And I never asked for your approval. Don’t care if you don’t like me. I wanted to share some info that it was not merely coincidental that Ross stumbled upon her video.

No. 456337

dont care if you don't like me = continues to cry over forum not liking them

No. 456338


did you expect us to all scrape the floor and lick your feet? this isn't gurugossip, get going if you can't handle board culture.

No. 456339

Anon, why in the world are you so angry? Some person called you obnoxious, is that gonna kill you?

Kek, this.

No. 456340


i can smell the butthurt jfc.

No. 456389

i've followed minnie for a long time and i've always felt like she got basically traumatised by the zine/paypal drama and just hasn't been the same since.

No. 456427

I don't see how? She drew her plants, something she's passionate about.

like i said, I think the issue is that she just doesn't talk the same way as other artubers so it makes her come off as disinterested. She talks a lot about her process in her youtube videos, something that someone who is completely disinterested doesn't do.

Like, you have people who are fully disinterested in their art like Baylee Jay. She's done everything she can to distance herself from doing art and literally does the bare minimum and is constantly bouncing between new channels and whatnot. Minnie tries out new materials, talks about her process, etc. so i wouldn't say she's just doing the bare minimum or disinterested.

given what ik of that situation, I would be too tbh. Paypal basically froze her funds for month and refused to even help her. Given that paypal is like, the largest and most common payment processor, she probably lost a lot of revenue and ways of generating funds.

No. 456474

Plenty of art tubers aren’t over the top and have calm videos, and you can still feel the passion and love for their work radiating off of them

Mateusz Urbanowicz is a good example of this, even in his videos where he isn’t painting

No. 456478

Can you salty art anons learn to sage? This thread is constantly bumped with no milk.

No. 456479

Anyone who says they don’t like drama probably loves drama. I mean, isn’t that part of the point of this forum?

No. 456526

What do you guy think about this enamel pin craziness? Do you guys buy it? What do you look when getting them? What price you want to pay?

Sage for my autism

No. 456573

I feel enamel pins are proof that some people will collect anything for the sake of getting that 'purchase buzz'

No. 456574

i have yet to see an enamel pin worth any money. they are all the same aesthetic/fanart bullshit. i typically unfollow artists that start to sell them, because then their stories and posts are either adverts for sales since they arent selling enough, or just reposting that they have a store full of them. that, and wearing pins just looks tacky. same thing with jackets covered in patches, just looks trashy to me.

No. 456599

I like them. A lot of them have designs which I personally find neat, and I also think it'd be cute to put on your bag or pencil case. I have yet to own any though, where I live, most of them are way too expensive for me to even consider buying.

No. 456601

Fair enough, I am asking because I made my first batch but never advertised it beside the launch and I still made a few sales. I was confused if just people don't like it or my designs are sad or what to do ahah I mean, I still turned a profit but I thought 50 were easier to sell.
I never saw anyone selling embroidery patches

No. 456628

Enamel pins can look cool if the design is good. However I find them unethical to use as we can't know if the manufacturers force their Chinese workers on the production floor to work with harmful materials. Lead has always been a regular component in enamel paint and while the western world is strict with the useage of it China gives 0 fucks as long as they keep getting that sweet sweet cash.
And it is not like artists who have pins made have the tools to test their products for lead either. I don't want to wear lead in my accessories, and I don't want some poor soul to cut their life short for my vanity.

No. 456629

Wow I didn't know about this issue, do you think it would be possible to ask the manufacturer for proof of not Led or hazardous materials used in their production?

No. 456648

You can certainly ask but it is easy for them to either ignore you or provide false documentation. You as a private person holds no authority oveer them. They don't owe you a clear answer.

No. 456681

Ntayrt but I agree with you. Minnie is just lifeless. Personally I consider her a cow just for doing the whole YouTube thing and having the gall to call herself a full time “artist”. She’s a photocopier at best beyond her aRtSy 1cmx1cm abstracts. The calm and collected attitude is actually what turns me off. She’s only been doing this for the last few years yet seems to have this attitude like she’s made it.

No. 456682


When the enamel pin craze was big, I bought quite a few. But I soon realized I didn't really have anything to do with most of them. I only have so many jackets and bags, and it starts to look tacky if you have too many. Also, that $7 - $12 price point starts to add up over time.

Other problem, imo, is everyone in their grandma is selling them. It's an oversaturated market. I dunno, I wish people would sell merch that was a little bit different. I like to support artists, but I also don't want to fill up my house with useless trinkets.

No. 456691

And what would be a different kind of merchandise?
Sorry for the questions!
I saw the plushie that tricky wagon made but 70$ is a bit of a kill
Plus sending from Europe to the States it becomes quite expensive and tricky
I don't know I think that enamel pins are neat because small and cute
Who knows what the next big thing is gonna be

No. 456692

Forgot to sage sorry

No. 456693

Some of the first small pin sellers I really noticed were those putting woke messages on their pins, fast forward a couple years and now they're all talking about the environmental impact of enamel and it being unethical etc

No. 456703

I have both enamel pins and an embroidered patch of the same design in my shop. The pin sells a lot better, there’s less of a commitment to pins than a patch cuz people can always take a pin and put it on a cork board or something and you can’t remove a patch as easily.

Pins, especially hard enamel, just feel like nicer and higher end to like paper goods, but it annoys me to see people who have bad designs think they’ll translate well to a pin or they do it in like soft enamel and it looks cheap. The market is over saturated so it’s harder to move them but like, I’m a member of a pin manu group on FB and it makes me scream whenever someone row “I’m new to pin making, how do you do this/make a kickstarter/ have money?” cuz they all think it’s an easy market but the cost to make them still is pretty high and they’re all high schoolers without jobs.

I’ve seen lots of people think about doing plush but once they realize how many thousands of dollars goes into it and how long it takes, most of them don’t. Like I think trickywagon’s price for her plush was pretty average, she probably isn’t doing a MOQ higher than 100 and the smaller MOQ you go, the more expensive things turn out.

I think the next new thing are gonna be custom sketchbooks, TW has some and people like lanajay do too (tho she was stupid and had a big fiasco with shipping). The big square ones perfect for Instagram. The only problem I’ve seen is most of the group orders I’ve seen, unit price is like 5$ each and trying to sell a notebook for like 30$ is hard.

No. 456710

I personally don't see how "talking about your process" makes you super passionate about your art (Danica Sills, anyone? Clinically detailing what she's doing while drawing the same thing over and over?) but go off, anyone can narrate what they're doing, even if they're cleaning toilets- I think you're projecting on Minnie because you relate to her (and you have a bit of a vendetta on Baylee, you keep mentioning her for some reason), it's literally impossible to deny that she's a shill who looks bored with her life 90% of the time

No. 456713

Thank you a lot for your in depth comment. Yes the problem of funds is something I had but I just run a preorder to break even to then order the pins
I feel that enamel pins are a cheap trinket that everyone can afford and that makes sort of a statement
It's pretty cool but yes it's a saturated market although the generic kawaii stuff sells pretty well. I see many Kickstarter that get funded in like 3h or less

As for plushies I contacted some manufacturers and they told me less than 100 is a no go, I wasn't criticizing her price but more how can people spend that amount of money for a plushie? I don't know

As oh sketchbooks, I think those are kind of hard to sell? I saw many very cool ones but they all go for around 40$ which is a lot for a sketchbook
Also I think for those the best option would be a local printing company, definitely more affordable and cheaper
Gotta look into watercolor sketchbooks

No. 456714

I saw people making necklaces and rings for ships too >>456713

No. 456721

I would love to buy a fancy unique sketchbook, but yeah 40 bucks (plus shipping as a eurofag) is waaay too much when you go through multiple a year. Watercolor sketchbooks sound interesting though, good luck anon!

No. 456742

i hate how everything has to be a fucking enamel pin nowadays and how accessible production has become they're starting to look like bad aliexpress bootlegs

No. 456743

File: 1567367569318.jpeg (137.71 KB, 499x700, BDD7EBE9-08D1-4A99-8A02-4F893B…)

>>454168 ive always loved guro art so I hate when this guys work comes up, the blatant pedophilia is too gross. I think braindead idiots just like it because it’s shocking

No. 456748

File: 1567368310720.gif (3.2 MB, 640x800, BA.GIF)

Literally what are these proportions? I despise this style

No. 456749

>liking guro
>not a pedo
pick one.

No. 456752

Good luck anon! Yeah, enamel pins usually have a higher price point depending on how you want to go, like I like dealing with a middleman rather than going directly to a factory so I’m gonna pay like about 2-3$ each a pin. I feel like most people shouldn’t go KS right away to make pins, you should still make a name for yourself on social media and build an audience then fund your first pins orders yourself before going ham.

I have friends who make plushies and work to make plushies as a middleman too, 100 MOQ is really impossible at a reasonable cost. A friend helps fund hers with Kickstarter but she started with enough to fund the first run and went from there, but she also does like a con every week or so in addition to fulfillment (she does herself). Another friend is a middleman, she does it for companies and a realistic MOQ is over 1000 or so and all the fees associated with customs and shipment (especially now if you’re US based, tariffs will make everything 20-30% higher from China suppliers) make it really a big investment from an artist who is like 1 person doing it all themselves.

I haven’t sold sketchbooks yet myself but as a consumer, I don’t like spending more than like 20$ on a nice one and it has to have quality paper, I don’t care about the covers (I put stickers on them). They’re also quite heavy to ship as well.
People have been doing really interesting things with acrylic and acrylic charms imo. They seem easier to do since you can do fandoms and crap and don’t require a high price point like metal pins but they’re a good, higher end looking item to have on like an artist alley table and stuff.
I’ve seen tons of people get into apparel too, especially cropped hoodies and sweaters. I think that’ll be the new thing

No. 456761

File: 1567371086777.png (116.16 KB, 229x172, this face.PNG)


it reminds me a little bit of this picture because of the face. also those yaoi hands though…

No. 456812

SAGA is a pretty enjoyable comic but I can't fucking stand The Will.

No. 456865

File: 1567387072363.jpeg (447.82 KB, 750x1055, 053BAD42-E129-4D31-8959-B3BEB8…)

It sucks that Twisted went through that,, but for once, can she not think about herself and actually consider that telling he authorities may enable them to look out for the theft, who could be targeting other artists, or be able to look into the cameras to find her location?
Seriously, dumbass

No. 456867

And she wonders why bad things happen to her, she literally enables it, doesn’t take her own control and try to do something about the situation, she just sits there and tweets about it

No. 456908

She definitely hits me as someone who just sits on their ass and whines instead of trying to change things. I used to watch some of her vids about a year ago about her 'horrible' living situation and other past things and every problem seemed to just be "I couldn't be bothered to do something, so now I'm gonna cry about it on Youtube". Like, if it wasn't a big enough issue for you to do shit, then obviously it wasn't a problem for you, you're just blowing it out of proportion now so you can get internet sympathy points.

No. 456954

Peter Sotos is a legitimate sadosexual pedophile and it's been an open fact for years. H

No. 456971

Well, to be kinda fair, it's hard to put value on art in the type of professional world we have. This isn't always the case, but generally speaking, creative jobs can't really be copy/pasted to the same format as jobs in fields like medical, business, STEM, or others.

With art careers, every artist (ideally) has a unique voice and every artists' work is (ideally) different and unique to them… So striving for an art career is hard when you don't also have the personality, the marketing knowledge, connections, and/or the sheer favor bestowed upon you by God Himself in order to succeed.

All that can make some (insecure or immature) artists without these things feel lacking as they see other artists rising up.. and so the desperatism sets in.
Plus, when your entire identity is centered around you being an artist, having to settle doing art as just your hobby while working a deadend job makes you feel even more like you've failed as an artist. According to them: With art careers and professional jobs comes validation of your art and skill as an artist. Whether or not it's true (it's not) is irrelevant to the desperate artist who wants it so bad.
I think most artists experience this at some point, but for the more immature, it results in some serious temper tantrums and desperate e-begging gimmicks.

No. 456972

File: 1567411687979.jpg (108.67 KB, 1280x720, sure.jpg)

She couldn't PAY ME enough to take one of those ugly ass charms. Nice story there, but that totally didn't happen. "feel bad for me"

No. 456977

File: 1567412498920.jpeg (461.31 KB, 1536x2048, fsyUlQsD.jpg:large.jpeg)


am I the only one who doesnt see a pikachu charm anywhere?

No. 456982

File: 1567414133971.png (678.53 KB, 687x380, sksksksksk.png)

You need a microscope to see them they're so tiny. I wouldn't be surprised if it just fell off and got kicked and trampled.

No. 456985

File: 1567415023235.jpg (334.69 KB, 1200x1197, ois.jpg)

What's your opinion on Ocean from Ocean in Space?

No. 456994

It looks so… generic. Maybe it’s because sameface looking pastel chibis aren’t my thing.

No. 456995

File: 1567418646963.png (169.36 KB, 686x136, hmm.png)

other than the characters doing the same faces/poses at least there are different themes. At least better than those horrid Omocat shirts. I've seen these being worn around but never seen them sold before.

No. 457005

It's a no from me but I'm not a 14 year old weeb so

No. 457022


TD is that blob right?. Didn't she was say she was sexually assaulted last year,, but many were saying it was a pat down by security.

No. 457043

I love her stuff and I think she's really hard working despite being disabled? She mentioned some serious health issues and I think its admirable that she's been around since deviantart days and still has an avid fanbase?

No. 457058

I see it as connected to the current workaholic "be your own boss" culture that prevails right now. I draw in my spare time and if I mention that to anyone, even nonartistic types, their reply is always asking if my goal is to be a full time artist. Everyone thinks it's the logical conclusion and that if you don't want to fully monetize your passion then you either don't like it enough or you're not very good at it.

No. 457081

If you mean the blob in the photo >>456977
No, that blob is Holly Brown. TD is a the blob beside her, not pictured.

No. 457089


Yeah I know the hag is HB but this is about TD and Sanajapn last year

No. 457108

I get this a lot, but I also see the other side a lot more. I fucking hate my job, I work at ungodly hours, my schedule doesn’t come out till the day before the next week of work, and the amount of stress on my body is not worth the minimum wage I make. But, with only a 2-year degree, I got nothing else going for me. Can’t afford uni since I only make minimum, and my schedule allows so little time for art, I can’t even hope to try and open up a small art business. I would give my left nut to be my own boss and make art for a living. That, I think, is the appeal to be a full time artist, but I simply cannot afford to. I’m not looking to be the next Creepshow and flaunt homelessness, I want to keep a roof over my head, ya know? It’s just annoying so see people beg online to live that lifestyle and not realize that not everyone can be their own boss. Sometime, you gotta hang your head.

No. 457156

Word of advice- don't take things so personally, especially not on an imageboard. And lurk more and learn the culture before you post.

No. 457157

>owo tips plz
Child lingo

No. 457174

File: 1567468473204.jpg (323.16 KB, 720x1211, 20190903_005153.jpg)

Starheavenly found us

No. 457175

File: 1567468525908.jpg (262.19 KB, 720x983, 20190903_005209.jpg)

(rest of the thread)

No. 457177

Who even is that lmao

No. 457187

File: 1567473013935.png (36.02 KB, 590x293, heavenley.PNG)

she's loving the attention lmao

No. 457197

literately who

No. 457199

how the hell is this and why we should care for her?

No. 457202


I hope this isn't some kind of self post.

No. 457203


this one definitely sounds like a self post

No. 457211

If you need a lolcow selfpost for some internet points, well that is super sad

No. 457221

Who is this nobody artist lmao
Only someone who googles themselves to find validation would selfpost that nonsense for the drama

No. 457224

>4 months ago

googling yourself I see

No. 457260

I like how the screenshot is in girltalk LMAO

Defs not a farmer, guys!!

No. 457327

just a fuckass selfposter, who cares she only has 600 followers. kek

No. 457329

sounds like you need to do like Baylee Jae and just find a man that makes really good money so you can just do whatever you want

No. 457345

Not gonna lie, she’s living the life. Has the freedom to do whatever - too bad she’s too lazy to actually utilise that privilege

No. 457361

I love how the comments and her are expressing how overdramatic these posts are from these screenshots, like, apparently they can’t read that most of the anons are describing the original post as uninteresting but a bit strange that her Twitter being unknown is being posted here lol

No. 457376

All I can say about her is that I hope she got over her "I'm a lolicon and I wish I was 12" mentality that she had back in her deviantart days.

No. 457424

her using girltalk makes it obvious she's a farmer. trying to use lolcow for clout won't work, starheavenly.

No. 457428

Just hate watched NerdECrafter's latest video. I don't get why she always has to mention she doesn't do cute things on her channel? Like, yeah we get it, you're not like other women you chubby, greasy haired weeb.

Also, this sofubi she made is for a friend, oof.

No. 457435

File: 1567529700035.jpg (295.08 KB, 960x1200, ECrd-ofXUAADA3u.jpg)

She seems to have normal hair now and dresses like a grandma.

No. 457436

She’s alright, I like the premise around her channel. Gives parents an opportunity to not waste money. Not really a fan of her sculptures.

No. 457516


jesus the faces she makes in her thumbnails always piss me off.

No. 457559

This face reminds me of the grumpy, sour elderly fucks that are always pissed and hate seeing anyone happy. She’s prepping for her golden years.

No. 457584

ugly girls pull these faces because they think purposely trying to look ugly will make them look cuter.

No. 457586

I noticed a lot of these successful artists that are always trying to give advice about their success are usually married to someone who supports their lifestyle or come from rich families.

No. 457611

The annoying thing about Jackie imo is that she always makes sexual innuendo, like her audiences are kids

No. 457632

Where can I get a man like that?

No. 457679

I looked into this girl and she is exactly what you'd expect. Art school drop out that went to college for less than a year and became a Youtuber with her mediocre child art.

No. 457688

Oh great, another "my art teacher hated me" video. Just kill me now.

No. 457701

This girl whines that her parents didn’t send her to a college that she wanted to go into?
Fucking scholarships, jobs, she was able to live on campus, chill.

No. 457702

File: 1567566630896.jpg (42.6 KB, 640x562, humm.jpg)

the video was so boring oh my, wellp


I HATE her videos, i like the idea or trying kids kits but the way that she does it is so , bad? and i hate how she always have greasy haired urgh her art is not even that good,

No. 457703

She also needs to relax because your first two years in college is basically meaningless, the professor probably knows this and didn’t want to deal with students, who I presume don’t enjoy art.
You have to take more art classes to get what she was imagining art class to be like.

No. 457726

So essentially she just went reverse loli

No. 457735


My heart goes to the art teachers that have to deal with these kids.

No. 457764

Drawing 101 made her drop out? A drawing class meant to cover the boring, the rules, the standards, and the most basic, barebones take on art, made her drop out? With a teacher which, from the sounds of it, could see who needed credit and who wanted to to art, and was weeding out undesirables like the nursing major?

Sounds like the ‘bad grades’ she was talking about were passing grades, for the kids that just need an art elective to get it and move on to the desired field. That is what all my beginner professors did. I got amazing grades because I clearly had a passion for the art, but the kids in engineering or nursing got passing passing grades, at least a C or higher. And that C was likely just attendance, probably like the college this chick went to. Beginners art classes are super hard to fail, and a ‘bad grade’ literally meant you didn’t follow instructions. And showing other people’s art or drawing on their art in a beginners class is super common. How else are you going to show someone fundamentals if you don’t draw with them, and show the class? Growing a backbone to handle harsh criticism is likely what this teacher was doing. Also, the fact she spent three months in college and quit shows she has zero dedication to art, but a full commitment to popularity. Her art style is a Calarts knock-off, with no fundamental understanding of anatomy. That beginners class was exactly what she needed, and she quit. Honestly, good riddance, the class did it’s job and weeded out someone that simply wouldn’t cut it in a professional artistic setting. She can keep making keyframe, sprite-swap storytimes on Youtube all she wants, because without proper education, she isn’t going to be going anywhere else.

No. 457776


Yeah glad I;m not the only one, she mentions her homelessness all the time.

No. 457784