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No. 607349

Previous thread: >>581955

Last thread's milk:
>Naya Rivera's body is found, confirmed dead
>Henry Cavill's creepy attraction to underage girls continues
>Jim Carrey and Ariana Grande sex rumors, discussion of Carrey abusing an ex girlfriend who suicided back in 2015
>Jada Pickett Smith talks about cheating on Will Smith, on television
>Johnny Depp and Amber Heard drama roars on, he told a reporter to hit the wall and called her a cum guzzler, he continues to hit the wall himself
>Elon Musk said to be responsible for Heard's cuts and bruises, not Depp
>rapid cycling bipolar Kanye West spergs out on Twitter, prompting Kim Kardashian to apologize for his actions
>John Travolta's wife dies. Will he finally come out as gay? Not if Scientology has anything to say about it!
>Grant Imahara of Mythbusters dies of a brain aneurysm
>Adam Savage of Mythbusters accused of sexual abuse by his younger sister, called himself the "raping blob"
>Jizzlaine Maxwell arrested. Is pleading not guilty and offering up information to the authorities
>In light of the Jizzlaine drama, Epstein documents from the lawsuit against Virginia Giuffre leaked
>Jizzlaine bragged about blowing George Clooney
>Megan Thee Stallion is shot, her human leprechaun boyfriend Tory Lanez said to be responsible
>Multiple high profile accounts hacked for bitcoin mining in a glorified Nigerian Scam. No milk released on said accounts
>Armie Hammer cheated on wife, is caught sexting a fan, calls himself a daddy dom
>Nick Cannon spews antisemitic drivel
>Chrissy Teigen harassed by qanon'ers who backread years to purposely cherrypick tweets about pizza
>Ariana Grande's tragic plastic surgery is brought up
>Japanese actor Haruma Miura passes away from suspected suicide
>Britney Spears remains held hostage by her conservatorship
>Kaia Gerber is dating Cara Delevingne
>Kelly Clarkson is divorcing her husband
>Nicki Minaj has been impregnated by pedo husband
>Taylor Swift drops folky album, some enjoy it, some are bored to sleep by it
>Adele loses weight while Lana del Rey balloons
>can we talk about Lana del Rey's weight?
>Katy Perry tinfoiled to be faking her pregnancy
>Ellen Degenerate's house was robbed. Former employees decimate Ellen for racism, sexual misconduct, and other inappropriate behavior behind the scenes of her show
>Elon Musk continuously posts cringe, gets into twitter fight with Grimes
>Grimes posts to reddit anonymously about their shitty relationship
>Alexa Demie revealed to be faking her age after disturbing scene in a film where she kissed an 11 year old boy
>Discussion of the fetishization of younger women in Hollywood and the jarring age gaps between female and male romantic leads
>Naomi Campbell still not cancelled despite her ties to Epstein
>Henry Cavill fangirl spergs in thread
>Doja Cat mocked Covid in March. Now she has Covid
>Jake Paul's home invaded by the FBI
>BLACKPINK to collaborate with Selena Gomez in futile effort to gain relevancy in the international market
>Disney changes 20th Century Fox's name to 20th Television. New logo looks retarded
>Cardi B joins Onlyfans, but only for "behind the scenes content", so she claims
>Drake Bell's ex girlfriend outs him as an abuser

No. 607372

To the anon who was surprised about Lindsay Lohan being an escort - a LOT of models and actresses get money this way. The Victoria's Secret models infamously offer 'extra' services for clients pre-and post shows, and the Cannes film festival also has a sleazy side - I'm sure you're familiar with the term 'yachting'

No. 607386

Rihanna is rumored to be an escort in Europe, she doesn’t just go there to promote her fashion line.

No. 607424

It's not only actors and models

No. 607427

I think Rihanna is too well known to escort, but where do these rumours come from?

No. 607446

I didn't know about Rihanna! I heard rumours abour Miranda Kerr, Yolanda Hadid (and her daughters), Melania Trump (obviously), Nina Dobrev, Phoebe Tonkin, Denise Richards and Dita Von Teese, but obviously there must be more

No. 607474

I think Rihanna is too well known and rich to keep doing that… But in the early 10s maybe.

No. 607479

rihanna's fashion and makeup brands are incredibly successful though, and she's risen to goddess status in normies' minds because of them.
she has no reason to escort unless she's secretly a damaged nymphomaniac or something.

No. 607496

Celebrities are just like regular people, some will send nudes or have sex for the right deal. The regular person works on onlyfans, the higher income person works on instagram or youtube, and the even higher income person works in TV shows or movies.

There still people, and some will need to pay for the level of lifestyle they are used to.

No. 607497

>unless she's secretly a damaged nymphomaniac
Or you know, she just wants to have more money than she already has

No. 607502

Yeah. I'd be more inclined to believe this about Chrissy Teigen, Blac Chyna, Amber Rose or Cardi B. People who don't have much business being famous, but do have inflated asses, and/or the social skills to liven up a party.

No. 607503

Some of you guys are fucking retarded


You think, with all the money she has, that it would even make a difference at this point? And isn't she dating some billionaire for exactly this reason?


Imagine being a woman who buys into the myth of a damaged nympho, lmfao

Why are normie women so obsessed with sex work?

No. 607505

Being an escort isn't easy money like Twitter would have you believe, though. It's often dangerous and messy (even for the high-class ones). There's literally no reason for someone who already has basically all the money in the world to do it.

No. 607521

I understand your thinking because that's how I'd feel if I was rich, but in reality there's no such thing as 'enough money' for most rich people, they are greedy fucks.

It might be more worth their time than we think, like they just get occasional offers of huge amounts of money from random billionaires and don't mind fucking them for a night, or they do it specifically for career opportunities rather than just money. I doubt it's as difficult as it is for anonymous escorts who don't have a ready made customer base like celebs do.

No. 607526

you have to think like people who are used to that lifestyle. You think they shop at costco and get clothes from target? Or make coffee with off brand instant powder at home everday?

No. 607736

Someone does not know their tea at all and is talking out of their ass.

Chrissy hustled and is in a lavender marriage. No escorting allowed, but she's paid for life to keep it low. Unlike beards like Munn, she secured a deal where she gets paid even if the contract ends for the rest of her life.

Blacc Chyna does anything to stay relevant, so yes she escorts allegedly.

Amber doesn't need to sell pussy, she traps like hell; go read up on the LSA tea on her. Amber doesn't really escort, she has super rich sugar mommies and daddies.

Cardi on other hand has 4 billboard #1's and has a lot of deals outside of that. She has big brands selling her insanely expensive shit for promo.

Rihanna was bussin' it up with a multi-billionaire for the last three years. I really doubt her millions in three figures ass would stoop down to it. She used to fuck Jay and a few producers but it was never escorting, it was just her fucking them because she wanted to. She's too busy hooking up with Asap "eat my ass up & fighting muslim immigrants" Rocky.

Just how fucking poor are you, go outside and get a job anon. That is super sad.

No. 607750

Lmaooo anons above me are on point; as if these millionaire women would resort to sex work. I’d kill for an arrangement like the one Amber’s rumored to have, though. Just a bunch of rich sugar mommies while I fuck off to fancy hotels and restaurants.

No. 607751

File: 1597774357132.jpg (20.74 KB, 800x450, povo bitch is povo.jpg)

>Just how fucking poor are you, go outside and get a job anon.

this has to be bait otherwise wtf are you on about

No. 607777

can you integrate please

No. 607788

The thought of Rihanna wanting more money and resorting to escorting with weirdos, which is something she could very easily be outed for, is ridiculous.
Proof we common folk have no sense of scale for these people's money.
Her and Beyoncé are doing fashion and all kinds of things to ensure their fortune /never/ falters even if they stop releasing music (Rih…) and achieve a status. Household names. Living legends. Geniuses. They want an empire, they're not grinding so the big number on their bank accounts can go up.

No. 607923

this, it's believable that a washed up actresses like lindsay lohan who can't get new jobs for a long time are escorting to maintain their life styles but rihanna?? why would she when fenty is extremely successful?

No. 608004

File: 1597785870913.jpg (140.96 KB, 828x1262, Efk-qeJWkAEeKOq.jpg)


No. 608024

kek oh my god

No. 608033

literally everything about this is so fucking funny

No. 608039

If you feel guilty become some random has-been celeb posted about food then you're retarded. But I'm tired of the people who eat fast food every day and refuse to eat vegetables who then complain about feeling shitty. And for most Americans, eating a salad isn't more expensive than eating out

No. 608046

>Miranda Kerr

Wasn't there info years ago about how the VS angels were basically a lineup of high price escorts for the ultra rich and influential?

No. 608048

There's been a lot of speculation that Justin was emotionally abused and used when he first got into the industry, and it's only starting to come out recently. Pretty sure he's had run ins with both depression and anxiety in his lifetime, him being a celebrity is kind of besides the point. He didn't say it will cure depression and anxiousness, he just said it might help because it did for him. Saying not to listen to a celebrity because he's a celebrity literally contradicts the very idea that guy is trying to make of mental health being nuanced.
>Eating better won't cure depression, it's not that black and white
> Don't listen to a celebrity, they're priviledged.

No. 608053

>nooo don't eat healthy buy medicine to keep me in business

Mental health and the gut is directly connected, a bad diet will lead to mental issues.

No. 608068

nayrt but i just think it's funny how he's telling a doctor to fuck off and managing to misspell "literally" while doing so. kek the irony of it all

No. 608075

the CEO of limited brands, Leslie Wexler, who owned VS, has ties to epstein, so I wouldn't be surprised

No. 608146

justin is litterally right

No. 608151

he's right that eating better stops you feeling like shit but it doesn't cure actual anxiety or depression. If you feel better by changing diets you didn't have clinical depression simple as. But most people that bitch about anxiety/depression don't have it anyway

No. 608155

I mostly agree with the the "dr" and I think it's really dumb that JB went out of his way to screenshot this, but I do agree that it was unwarranted. It's not like he said don't take medication for anxiety/depression, he just suggested changing your diet to help with it. Depending on the severity of a person's depression/anxiety, their treatment really should include a combination of medication and dietary changes.

No. 608158

New research shows that mental health is directly linked to digestive health. Probiotics help clinical depression short term, so why wouldn't a better diet that long term fixes your gut biome work as well? Dopamine is made in the gut after all

No. 608171

bieber takes antidepressants along with other treatments so i'm not sure what either of them are on about

No. 608174

Lmao, I don't like Justin, but he's right. Dumbass doctor was trying to clout chase by virtue signalling all over an innocuous post.
People need to stop eating garbage all day, then wondering why they feel like shit. Of course it's not the only factor, but it's a relevant one.

No. 608178

I could've gone my whole life without knowing any of this and been fine, kek. My point was they have no talent, and it'd fit their entire thing to be escorts (so I'd believe it), not that they actually do.
Also, sugaring is still a form of selling pussy.

No. 608187

yes let's give suicidal people proactiv

No. 608189

justin didn't say not to take medication tho. you can do both

No. 608209

KEK i love it. for a while now ive began to have a soft spot for justin despite hating him since his debut. i am happy to see him owning up to his past actions and discussing mental health (like others have said i do think early on in his career he probably dealt with a lot, sexual abuse by predatory people in hollywood seems likely). he takes meds and he just wanted to suggest something that is 100% true if u eat horribly you will feel like shit. good on him for this

No. 608231

ma'am they said probiotics.. not proactiv lol

No. 608248

Lol, we’re not talking about acne you goof.

No. 608254

The Netflix doc made it sound like Epstein and Lex were fucking at some point but they never elaborated on it. Can’t find much info about it in general.

No. 608257

OT?? I think??? but the epstein netflix doc sucked so much, they made the timeline SO murky and only talked about some of his connections, I was so disappointed

No. 608263

i meant activia fuck lmao

No. 608281

File: 1597809987628.jpg (281.73 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200819-000025_Chr…)

Didn't saw it on this thread so I thought I would ask, does anyone know if this true or is it just ppl using a fic for inspo again? Some ppl been saying that brendon had earlier allegation but I haven't seen anything, I can believe the whole "forever teenager rock star" thing and even that he groped some fans but the fact that this started just like other fake allegations…

No. 608292

Reads like fanfiction. I don't buy Urie as into men whatsoever. He was stage gay back in the day and now he's "pan" for social justice brownie points. I'd believe it if women came out with some stories about him. He seems like a sexually entitled douche but not bisexual in the slightlest.

No. 608300

>attempted to touch his thigh
Bruh, come back when it's your ass or genitalia

No. 608301

Why would Rihanna need to escort? She probably just likes fucking random men, I definitely get that vibe from her. Escorting is fucking exhausting I can't see anyone with over 1 million in the bank wanting or needing to escort. Though most celebs male/fem have fucked for roles, but I wouldn't exactly call that escorting. I know it's all "selling pussy" but there's a vast difference in escorting, fucking for roles, being a sugar baby and gold digging.
t. speaking from experience

No. 608313

yeah i'm not buying it. people are blasted about one of his bandmates allegedly being a predator, but urie fired him, which is what he shouldve done?

don't buy him being bi either like >>608292 said

No. 608326

Most female celebrities are high-class escorts, I think the amount of money a prominent star is offered by million/billionaires might seem worth it.
Attending award shows basically naked with some sparkles is a great advertisement for investors.

No. 608375

Sad mentality to have that popular woman must be selling her body or that revealing clothing means she is a product being advertised.

No. 608384

Some people really don't know what investing is so they think millionaires sell their pussy to "maintain the lifestyle" fucking lol

No. 608426

this is the stupidest shit i've ever heard. not only for the reasons other anons already said, but mainly because rich billionaires buying escorts don't want some pop princess or actress backed by a huge company. they want a nobody who they can potentially abuse and berate. this sounds like a male fantasy about wanting to fuck celeb women. millionaires don't need to buy celebrity women, and it's not like celebrities are special to them anyway. big events are for indoctrinating the average consumers who pay everyone's paychecks, not as some kind of thinly veiled escort "investor" proof of concept.

No. 608427

There were threads about it on LSA. Supposedly, money is not always the issue when it comes to these celebrities escorting. Sometimes they are forced to by whoever manages them.

This video might explain more but please watch with a grain of salt

No. 608436

File: 1597836433034.jpg (67.73 KB, 500x476, 2o138l.jpg)

>posted 31 minutes ago
>"Video Unavailable"

No. 608440

The video just can't be embedded, it works if you open it in another tab.

No. 608542

the ceo of the company that owns VS (leslie wexler) was reported to have made a bunch of inappropriate comments about models/wanting them to do sexual favors for him so it wouldn't surprise me, especially with how he was close to epstein

No. 609074

If you enter a secret code on Wayfair, you can get Rihanna sent to you in a cabinet.

Stop sperging you braindead freaks.

No. 609077

seriously this, go to the tinfoil thread to talk about consipiracy shit i just want to laugh at dumb drama and roll my eyes at celebritards. i don't have time for this "grassy knoll, if u kno wat i mean" shit.

No. 609095

This. I don’t mind the Epstein talk at least because it actually connects to celebrities but fuck off with the Wayfair shit

No. 609161

anon whoever made this video is likely just a bored ultra conservative who keeps seeing shadows on the walls, i dont understand how its supposed to prove she escorted??? like the rich people she met in the video all have some sort of ties that would be beneficial for her company line so it would make sense for her to meet them
it makes sense that celebrities escorting have a lot less to do with money and more to do with their manager tho, i agree with that, i just dont see how rihanna's manager would benefit from it

No. 609163

yeah tinfoil fags, rihanna is definitely being pimped out. she’s sucking big lizard dick on the reg, which is why everyone loves her brands. the water’s turning the fricking women into NAVY!!

No. 609165

File: 1597905619950.jpg (117.63 KB, 851x868, Screenshot_5.jpg)

surprise, some males do have fantasies of fucking celeb women

No. 609166

File: 1597905998825.png (68.02 KB, 817x541, hLh8lrh.png)

No. 609169

offering to pay someone for sex isn't the same as them being an available escort, retard. this doesn't even apply to any of my points. now fuck off to the tinfoil thread.

No. 609170

Bella Throne is nothing but a traumatized trainwreck, nothing new. She's been doing that for ages.

No. 609185

Fuck her parents, they set her up for this.

No. 609188

yeah. they have fantasies. that's some crazy goss you spilled right here!
fuck off tinfoil-chan, celebs get paid to attend parties all the time. anyone who adds value to the party just by being there will get paid by those rich enough to afford it.
it's impressive how you fell for the clickbait title, too.

No. 609199

I mean…is anyone even surprised by this?

No. 609210

I'm just surprised she's only 22. It feels like she's been doing 'very racy' things forever at this point, yet she's barely into adulthood.

No. 609246

That's so sad, zendaya`s career is thriving and Bella Thorne is just washed up and whoring around with Tana Mongeu starting an only fans. Off topic but she never should've gotten a nose job, you could tell she was Cuban with her old nkss. She looks like Jeffree Star now ffs


No. 609263

I though she was way older. I remember her already doing suggestive stuff in like 2015, she must've been 17 then?

No. 609271

I think a lot of the celebs rumoured to escort also have known drug party lifestyles. I think a lot of normies as some rude anon put forget that even tho these people are rich af, dealing drugs and arms is still illegal. Rihanna was dating some Saudi or whatever the fuck. When their relationship ended it seemed she was detoxing and coming off a lot of drugs and her weight went up. A lot of these women are probably coerced into sex.

Anyway there's been rumours for years about actresses and such being escorts. Chrissy Teigen for sure gives that vibe, she's literally irrelavent without being John legends beard.

No. 609392

I hate how beyonce are constantly praise as the most successful and ground-breaking black female artist when she's obviously plays dirty and put other black female artists under the bus so she can be the only one deserving that title. How can people be so blind?

No. 609402

Please, Rihanna and Chrissy are not being coerced into sex. They're just attracted to rich and powerful men and that in itself isn't escorting. Don't you have shopped Epstein flight logs to go through instead of shitting up this thread?

No. 609410

care to elaborate? not a huge beyonce fan, just never heard that accusation before. i think a lot of black female artists do that though because that's the industry, and it's really sad. it seems like that's starting to change though.

No. 609414

not to mention the factory used to manufacture her clothing line practically uses slave labor

No. 609415

File: 1597934258327.png (768.5 KB, 831x817, Capture.PNG)

No. 609416

Exciting news

No. 609436

where did you guys hear Chrissy is a beard for John legend? was there a blind item?

No. 609488

This is so baseless and out of nowhere. Is this some kind of advanced racebaiting?

No. 609496

>claims everything she does is 'against the system'
>her new song is so deep and meaningful and champions LGBTQ rights

No. 609550

nta but there was the whole Rich Harrison issue from way back. He's the producer who did Amerie's first album. That album had a somewhat large hit called 1 Thing, which Beyonce liked enough to make the template for Crazy in Love.
Gossip had Harrison under an exclusivity contract during his Beyonce work, meaning he couldn't produce for other artists like Amerie for a time. She got dropped by Columbia and last time I saw her (years ago), was trying to do makeup vlogs on YouTube.

It's more cutthroat business than Beyonce trying to smother all potential rivals, I think.

No. 609639

I forgot about amerie but I remember this single being huge, it makes sense that she was blackballed out of the industry.

No. 609647

wow, a rich woman doing drugs and then stopping after a break up, must be secret hollywood sex running!

No. 609664

Beyonce has always given me major bad vibes. She's a talented performer, but she's been around for well over a decade at this point and I still have seen no indication whatsoever that she has a genuine personality. She's just so obviously fake in everything that she does and I honestly have no idea how she's amassed so many fans other than a combination of actual talent an extremely incessant marketing.

There's a number of celebrities that I'm kind of tinfoil about due to lack of supporting evidence, but Beyonce is definitely one of them. I just feel like she's a major snake behind the scenes and that it's inevitable that someday we're going to learn the truth about some of the fucked up shit she's done/doing.

No. 609710

Isn't that ideal for a celeb, though? There are so many that are famous for nothing. At least Bey is famous for being insanely talented at singing and performing, not just being a personality. I feel like I know nothing really about her that I haven't learned through her music directly more than anything else, and I kinda like that. I wouldn't be surprised if she's somewhat snakey, but she's rich and powerful–you have to be to survive in Hollywood in any capacity. At least she generally keeps to herself.

No. 609715

Idk, for me personally, I don't trust celebrities that show no signs whatsoever of authenticity. I'm not a fan of being famous for nothing either but like, I don't really get the feeling that someone like Paris Hilton is going to play fake-nice to you an then later throw you under the bus so that she can be more successful, rich, etc. People who are famous for nothing usually got that way because they were already rich. I don't really see them as threatening in any way, just annoying.

I think it's almost worst when horrible people with little to no morals are actually talented, because people are more likely to let this shit slide in that case.

No. 609717

all i know about her is that she used to do interviews like any other celeb would then she got tired of the constant twisting of words and people trying to see deeper and deeper into her personal life so she stopped. being vulnerable and authentic wasn't worth it for her, probably.
all celebs crave attention but, imo, she at least makes art in the process. celebs who sing "imagine" for covid/lockdown make me want to jump off a bridge.

No. 609721

>she got tired of the constant twisting of words and people trying to see deeper and deeper into her personal life so she stopped. being vulnerable and authentic wasn't worth it for her, probably

eh, that's fair I guess. Idk, there's still something about her that gives me the creeps. Maybe I'm just projecting but I still wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that she is/was involved in a ton of fucked up shit that was only meant to increase her net worth or w/e

No. 609728

remember when Miley was a they/them? kek

No. 609730

Remember when Solange went nuts on Jay a foot in front of her face and she didn't even flinch? That was weird

No. 609734

Didn't he cheat on her a bunch? I wouldn't do shit if my sister went berserk on my partner for that either. I mean I probably would have dumped them, but I'm sure Hollywood politics and love? might have something to do with it.

No. 609766

I don't mean to say he didn't deserve to get his ass beat, but if someone started a fist fight in an elevator right next to me I would at least be slightly surprised

No. 609964

Also he was 30 years old and pursued a 17 - 18 year old Beyonce (though she was probably even younger tbh, but the "official" story is that they met when she was 18, of course.)
I would be pissed to grow up and realize that my older sister had been the victim of a predatory man, not only normalized within my family, but within the entire national culture as well. Nobody batted an eye about Beyonce and Jay-Z, in fact it was seen as "relationship goals," even to this day.

No. 609987

Because there was a camera on the elevator and she knew the footage could get leaked which GASP it did! And no one had confirmation of what happened until Lemonade. How tacky of her to deal with her predatory husband's cheating on her own terms.

Imagine thinking Paris Hilton who made a career out of doing nothing and saying "that's hot" has more personality than Beyonce lmao.

Idk maybe my elder millennial is showing but Beyonce used to be lively and everything in interviews, tv appearances, movies, etc. like >>609717 mentioned but understandably got fed up with being called stupid, uneducated, inarticulate, and whatever the hell people wanted to come up with a run with.

I'm really tired of the Beyonce is a boring robot narrative. It's because of assholes like you who can't just let a black woman exist and be beautiful and talented without trying to tear her down "ohhhhh, idk she's CREEEEPY does she even have a soul or personality?1?" is the new "she has a southern accent so she must be a DUMB HICK lol can she even form a sentence?? She probably can't read. She definitely take no part in her songwriting process despite having credits! Fake pregnancy!!!!"

Have you watched Year of Four? Homecoming? Both made in the last 10 years with her showing plenty of personality. Or even like…listened to her music or watched her last 2 visual albums? It's fine to not like her if she's not your taste but Beyonce haters just make it so transparent that they have no idea what they're talking about.

No. 610023

No. 610276

Go back to LSA there are plenty of more authentic black women in the industry and I’m sorry they’re dissing your illumimati plant but stop with the racebaiting

No. 610290

File: 1597997222300.gif (2.1 MB, 140x134, 1505709057155.gif)

>I'm really tired of the Beyonce is a boring robot narrative. It's because of assholes like you who can't just let a black woman exist and be beautiful and talented without trying to tear her down "ohhhhh, idk she's CREEEEPY does she even have a soul or personality?1?" is the new "she has a southern accent so she must be a DUMB HICK lol can she even form a sentence?? She probably can't read. She definitely take no part in her songwriting process despite having credits! Fake pregnancy!!!!"

You are an actual insane person. Please seek help.

No. 610300

Literally. The only narrative I've seen most people speak about Beyonce with is her being basically an untouchable, invincible pop icon.

No. 610364

I've always had the same vibe from her, anon. It's like her personality is solely just doing business in a robotic fashion. Good singer and great dancer I guess but meh. I hope her most popular days are over honestly. Her fans get so annoying whenever she releases music.

No. 610389

Can you kindly fuck off to your containment forum and stop with the reddit spacing?

No. 610460

Megan went on live and confirmed it was Tory who shot her

No. 610461

Get his ass

No. 610466

i'm pissed off that she's even trying to be "fair" with an asshole midget who didn't give a shit when he shot her in the feet. he still didn't give a shit when he got his publicists to spread lies.
JT's right. he needs to get shot back.

No. 610500

All I can think of whenever I hear about Tory Lanez is the diss track dreamdoll did on him.

No. 610862


shit like this is the reason why I can't stand beyonce and everybody who "stans" her

No. 610981

File: 1598052180756.png (373.46 KB, 793x673, foLEMsP.png)

No. 610995


No. 611012

Remember when people were acting as if she was going to get 40 years or something lmao

No. 611055

> Imagine thinking Paris Hilton who made a career out of doing nothing and saying "that's hot" has more personality than Beyonce lmao.

Kek, I hate Paris but she did way more than just utter her catchphrase. Just admit Beyoncé has the personality of a cardboard box. Celebrities here have been accused of much worse.

No. 611078

Seriously. I didn't even say Paris had more personality than Beyonce, just that I didn't get the same creepy vibes from her.

No. 611464

Paris is iconic, beyonce is boring

No. 611511

she's so fucking annoying omg, oh not her song has he/him AND she/her pronouns on it!!!11!!!! revolutionary!!111111!!!!1111!1!1111

i mean, tbf anon, she IS married to a billionaire, no one becomes a billionaire without abusing others in some capacity

No. 611905

Honestly, I could give less of a shit about Beyonce herself. I just hate her bootlicking stans that sperg out if you dare share anything other than positive opinions of her. They act like not enjoying her music is a crime.

No. 612383

lol let's say I'm a rich and powerful guy and I say hey, I'll offer you and all expenses paid trip over to my hotel and I will take you out and afterwards we will bang, it's not escorting, I just showed you a good time, bought you some things, and you wanted to show your appreciation.

No. 612442

Or you clicked and wanted to bang after spending lots of time together?

No. 612443

Paris is boring and so are you

No. 612470

In what world is Paris more boring than Beyonce? Kek you're in a deep state of denial girl. Simple Life was amazing. Can you imagine Beyonce ever? Beyonce is a series of ones and zeros.

No. 612492

things are heating up in the Paris/Bey fandoms

No. 612518

Naw just racists telling on themselves.

No. 612521

mmuuhh racism

No. 612529

Is this bait or are people just not allowed to have a mildly negative opinion on any person that happens to be black? How do you function in the real world thinking like that?

No. 612637

azealia banks > Beyonce

No. 612695

Azealia Banks > everyone tbh

No. 612699

Beyonce anon is just triggered we said her kween bee is void of personality whatsoever

No. 612743

It seems like she doesn't know anything else besides performing, which is good on one side cause she's delivers great shows but on the other side it makes her just unrelatable and boring.
Every step she takes is just so highly calculated and it throws many people off. It's like she's afraid of not appearing like the goddess her fans think she is.
I do enjoy some of her music and she's incredibly talented and hardworking but i'm tired of her twitter stans acting like she's our feminist savior when there's nothing remotely feminist about a woman who 9/10 songs sings about her body or men, has most of her lyrics written by men and is managed by men.

Won't even get into how she oftentimes failed to credit other artists she gets inspiration from and all…

No. 612796

NTA, but if Beyonce did a show like The Simple Life, racist Americans would use it as "proof" she's a horrible, clinically retarded person who can't come up with shit and isn't worthy of anything ever. It would only give her the worst kind of publicity, and essentially kill her career.
A lot of black celebrities wouldn't be able to get away with acting brainless and vapid (and proud of it) the way Paris does, for very obvious reasons. I've seen people seethe about her and say "Beyonce probably can't read" even now, without her saying a word, so the stan anon isn't entirely wrong.
I'm not into her (all pop music is kind of boring/shit, and her aesthetic isn't usually interesting to me), but I understand why she keeps her private life just that. I'd probably do the same if I were some normie celebrity.
She doesn't really owe the public anything besides songs and dances, and most celebrities are annoying when vocal, anyway.

No. 612949

Anon, have you watched other reality TV shows? There's so many black women on those types of shows who end up having great careers and them acting acting dumb back then was part of their act. And you said it yourself they'd only go after her as a person and not because of her race. People do the same shit with Snooki and even Paris herself, kek. Don't cherry pick.

No. 613022

Paris Hilton had the luck of being one of the first celebrities to do reality. She was hated back in the day too and she like Kim Kardashian was far more well known after her porno A Night in Paris or whatever. All my male mates had it on their hard drives while the girls watched Simple Life. Paris Hilton was constantly slated and for years people thought she was a vapid airhead. It's only due to the many years she's been famous she can now own her persona because she's been able to drop the act a few times.

Beyonce had personality back in the day too. She did a few teen shows when she was young. She was more outspoken in interviews. There use to be shows like Behind the Music yous get more authentic clips of her. Beyonce use to be hated for her attitude. She's less personable now because we get it, she's a perfectionist she's a hard worker but a lot of people still remember young catty Beyonce. She wasn't humble by any means

No. 613030

File: 1598263394410.jpeg (493.06 KB, 750x861, 661F1E2D-109B-4EE3-AE10-0F9014…)

No. 613033

How does this belong in the celebricow thread, friend?

No. 613034

>Election Day
close enough, with all the shit that's happened this year.

No. 613123

You sound like a total stan anon. Why would anyone use Beyonce being silly and fun as proof of her being clinically retarded? That's such a paranoid way of thinking.

No. 613255

With all of the asteroid/meteorite fear-mongering that's gone on in the US for the past few years any time something flies moderately close to Earth, and it being TMZ, I wouldn't take it for much.

No. 613259

>if Beyonce did a show like The Simple Life
The humor of The Simple Life was in the fact that Paris and Nicole were financially-stable upper class women who didn't understand some basic tasks or technology because of their upbringing. When it aired on TV, people did legitimately think Paris and Nicole were as dumb as rocks, regardless of them being white.

>racist Americans would use it as "proof" she's a horrible, clinically retarded person who can't come up with shit and isn't worthy of anything ever

…Emphasis on "racist". A racist person would dislike Beyonce because she is a member of a race which they are prejudiced against. That's the only excuse a racist person believes they need to dislike her, and her behavior would be considered secondary to that.

Are people forgetting that the general western left-wing public praised her in 2016 for speaking about racial conflict and social justice issues during the Lemonade era? Even if some of the praise was shallow Twitter praise, I don't recall anyone (who was't openly racist) saying she was stupid back then, people were typically calling her brave for tackling the subject matter. We're not living in 2003 anymore, the population's opinion on Beyonce has largely changed.

No. 613591

Clearly, you haven't read the shit people say about women who are in the public eye, but don't fit a very specific mould. It's honestly disgusting. You don't have to be a stan of anyone to see that and understand why any celebrity would distance themselves.

>When it aired on TV, people did legitimately think Paris and Nicole were as dumb as rocks, regardless of them being white.
And guess what? They're still allowed to just be, and they're considered fun and endearing.
A stupid black woman would not be smiled upon, that'd just be embarrassing clown shit. The two groups simply cannot do the same things. Blame history and the entire nature of minstrelsy/caricatures for that. America dug its media grave there.
>…Emphasis on "racist". A racist person would dislike Beyonce because she is a member of a race which they are prejudiced against. That's the only excuse a racist person believes they need to dislike her, and her behavior would be considered secondary to that.
And why give them extra ammo? If you think the backlash on Paris was bad, imagine how much worse it could get. I don't know how to explain to you that the rules aren't the same for everyone. No brainlet black women, please. There are enough shitty stereotypes.

No. 614162

This comment is so stupid it hurts. B-but people laughed at white women for being dumb! People liked Lemonade so racism is over and black women can express themselves freely speak about the pain they specifically endure without repercussions! No one has ever even been rude to Beyonce since!

If you are too young to remember Beyonce's peak pop girl years then stop embarrassing yourself. While Paris was barely conscious during the Simple Life and could have been replaced with a real doll and voice actor, Beyonce was churning out hits, making tv and movie appearances and building a fortune not based on nepotism or a goddamn sex tape. But I guess just stating facts makes you a crazy stan on this wasteland of a website.

No. 615691

I might be late to this but I had no idea Millie Bobby Brown made a movie with none other than the creep Cavill? I’m so worried for this girl…

No. 615712

I was just thinking about this, I've seen the trailer and it doesn't look bad but just the thought of Cavill being there with Millie makes me not want to watch. She already has a history of being preyed upon by older men, so - obvously just my theory - that makes her probably more vunerable for it to happen again.

No. 615757

Beyonce is a little overrated in some aspects but to compare her to Paris and come out of it thinking what Paris has is more personality and not 2 braincells + a permanent deficit on her need for attention is… It's hard not to think the hate is for some other reason than personality. I wonder what?

Imo Beyonce seems pretty normie. Boring and predictable in her reactions she might be but she doesn't lack personality any more than you our your mother. Since when is going apeshit on TV considered having a fucking personality? It might be entertaining but that can't be the quintessential mark of someone with a substantial personality, jesus christ.

People constantly shit on Kardashians for being attention whores but then turn around and shit on people that wanna keep shit private and not be retarded apes on camera. Pick a damn lane.

No. 615776

File: 1598450618977.png (422.06 KB, 802x522, JzdEZuL.png)

No. 615821

Okay, yall I got some fucking milk (?? maybe??) on this hoe.

When I was in high school, like 2011 or 2012, I was interested in learning Bella Thorne's background because on Disney, she made a big deal about having dyslexia and I was like "omg wow a celeb with a disability! lemme learn more."

So I checked her wiki and found she was a model when she was younger, I went to her modeling agency website and was SHOCKED at the pics I found. This was literally pictures of children (ages 8 - 11) dressed in like, very adult wear. Damn near lingerie. I was triggered, showed my mom. "This has to be a front for something more sinister". Okay, I forgot about it after a while. This was a long time ago.

I go back in years later to search for anything on that agency. NOTHING. I couldn't find a GODDAMN thing about this "child modeling agency". NOTHING comes up and I can't even remember the name of it. I tried searching "Bella Thorne child model". NOTHING relevant to the website that I found.

I can assume the company went down or went incognito but why was it scrubbed from her wiki and such?

HOLY SHIT. I just checked her wikipedia:

>She revealed in January 2018 that she had been sexually abused from a young age until she was 14. She did not identify her abuser.

Holy shit. This would not be surprising if it was someone at the agency!!!!

I have old screenshots that I took to show my mom, wonder if I can find them again!

No. 615828

Similar things happened to Hayden Panettiere. In BTs case the first time, she was age 6. Aged 6! It only stopped because every night, she would lock her door and sit with her back against it, wide awake.

In both cases it was their fathers. It’s a very somber topic when you realize someone you dislike acts the way they do for a reason you cannot even begin to comprehend.

No. 615864

This is just sad tbh, Bella has already talked about being sexually abused as a child, she shouldn’t be basically prostituting herself on the internet that’s beyond unhealthy.

I hope she get treatment someday.

No. 615865

her nose and lips are so damn botched.

No. 615872

Bitches will see you teleport and be like you don’t have a car

No. 615879

you'd think that celebrities with money would be able to have actually good plastic surgeons but i guess not

No. 615880

Hopefully she can buy back some of her dignity with it.

No. 615974

I'm reading she posted there "additional content for fans" which is not NSFW at all, anyone knows what is it really? I remember watching the teaser and for me it seemed like it's gonna be an erotic photoshoot of sorts, which i wouldn't categorize as "not NSFW"

No. 615978

Bitches will see a woman making millions and try to cope with how much they're seething by making fun of her very average physical appearance

No. 615995

This is celebricows ma’am if you wanna defend some dumb celeb do it outside the thread

No. 616004

Bella plz stop grooming

No. 616110

Jesus, this girl is really Lindsay Lohan 2.0.
She's even a redhead and a Disney child star.

No. 616129

I just feel bad for this girl tbh she's clearly messed up from her childhood. She needs therapy and privacy.

No. 616143

File: 1598473484274.jpg (86.69 KB, 500x750, bella-thorne-hair-113-500x750.…)


She's a brunette actually, im pretty sure Disney made her dye her hair ala Ariana Grande.

No. 616165

Why does she look so goddamn greasy in every pic I see of her? The sad thing is that she could actually be a pretty cute girl if she didn't constantly look like she just went through a coke bender.

No. 616188

Lmao have you seen this video? She basically only puts oil on her face

No. 616205

A lot of people seem to hate BT but tbh I don’t. Idk to me I think if being a sloppy slut is the worse thing to happen to you after dealing with years of sexual abuse and objectification in your formative years, whatever. It happened to many Disney girls before her, and hopefully the cycle will be broken in coming years.

No. 616332

Kek, and people still will argue pedo/pizzagate is a crazy nazi conspiracy

No. 616333

I agree with everything else but there's no way nepotism didn't play a part with Bey, like most celebs she came from a family in the busines.

No. 616437

this is the kind of news that literally has 15-17 year olds pissed off they cant have an OF while being underage. so sad

No. 616468

This reminded me of the time I was a teenager and googled Chiaki Kuriyama. I just had seen Battle Royale and she was my favourite character in it. I found some 'modelling' pictures of her when she was just a child. Granted, this is Japan, another culture, but this is still not ok

No. 616496

Reminds me when I read the "Welcome to the nhk" novel, it mentions the weird "soft-core" modelling of Japanese schoolgirls (and host of other weird CP disgusting shit). It is really disgusting to think about.

No. 616506

Christ. Hope you can find them again, anon, or at least the name of the agency so we can dig deeper. I'm not surprised at all.

No. 616509

All this talk reminded me of 10yo Brooke Shields in Playboy. How the fuck was this able to happen? The 70s weren't that long ago, you can't argue with shit like "well back then women…" she wasn't like 16/17 meaning nearly an adult, no she was a literal little child. It wasn't a secret darkweb thing either, it was in plain sight, simply published in a big popular magazine… Why??
I know that back then her and other actresses had nude scenes when underage too, but in these cases you can at least argue that the roles they portray are supposed to be fucked up (that or their bodies at least looked mature already). But what kind of "message" are elementary kid nudes in a porn mag?

No. 616520

Idk about now, but back in early 2010s this sort of thing used to be normal in Japan and it would sold out well, parents even willingly were forcing their kids to make all those 'uguu baby in school swimsuit' vids. I remember they used to sell them freely. Was pretty crazy.

No. 616524

File: 1598517591163.jpg (57.08 KB, 450x617, 7b4690505f5e73017cb8d7c7758756…)

Samefagging. I Googled "bella thorne baby photo" because I found it weird that her Wikipedia page and all sorts of news articles stress her modelling since six weeks old, but actual photos of her as a baby aren't in any of the articles.
Found this (the boy on the right is her brother, Remy Thorne). This definitely looks sketchy as all fuck.

No. 616525

Maybe you can find your way back to that website through waybackmachine or some other internet archive?

No. 616531

Parents are never held responsible in any way in these stories. I am sorry but if you're not a literal retard, you can't pretend you don't know what'll happen when you sell your daughter (or son)'s bodies for a quick buck.

See also Polanski, nobody ever holds the mother responsible (of course Pedolanski should take the majority of the brunt) but she just let her 13 yo daughter get her picture taken alone in Polanski's friend's house? tf

No. 616532

File: 1598519155505.jpg (50.66 KB, 593x596, kp.JPG)

After 84 years, Katy Perry finally gave birth

>Welcome to the world, Daisy Dove Bloom! We are honoured to introduce Goodwill Ambassadors @KatyPerry and @OrlandoBloom’s new bundle of joy.⠀

>“We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter,” Katy and Orlando told us.⠀


No. 616564

That's the original backlash I remember when Beyonce went solo. Even the cribs episode with destiny's child. Beyonce mum was the costume designer and her dad the manager. She was always made to shine brighter than the other girls and there's even the videos of her with the other non permanent members of destiny's child. Not to deny her talent but nepotism can rub people up the wrong way.

No. 616566

>Daisy Dove
Sounds like a cartoon character name

No. 616569

Celebrities suck at choosing baby names. It's not even just the American celebrities, it's a worldwide thing.

No. 616597

They all do. I still can not believe Kylie named her daughter "Stormi" lmao

No. 616702

I can easily believe you, anon. Before she blew up with that Disney show I had her on Facebook, I remember being shocked at the pics she posted. In her profile pic it was her at a stadium, posing quite maturely, and she was wearing micro denim shorts and a micro crop top. She was like 10-11 back then, and the comments were full of old men.
Something creepy's definitely up.

No. 616851

What you claim is quite likely but if you've got no evidence besides "I saw it online and now I can't show it to you" then imma pass.

No. 617018

I’m pretty sure I know what you’re talking about. She has a bunch of bikini pictures from shoots when she’s prepubescent if that’s what you mean or do you mean actual lingerie? The bikini modelling pictures are still online if you look it up but I’m hesitant to post them because some of them feel like literal cp

No. 617093

File: 1598567980188.jpeg (423.2 KB, 750x774, DFEC66D2-4986-4840-A1BF-FB936E…)

No. 617121

On the left she just looks like she put on a few pounds. Hard to tell though.

No. 617122

iirc, her dad died when she was very young and her mom is some kind of photographer who basically tried to turn all her kids into child stars, but bella's the only one who "made it"

No. 617124

File: 1598570771447.jpg (53.48 KB, 461x691, Egc0YsiXsAEcS2G.jpg)

This was taken a few days ago so that's entirely likely

No. 617136

I'm curious about how bad those pictures were but I don't wanna look up this shite. Jesus Christ.

No. 617150

Absolutely hilarious how badly the sex workers are seething with jealousy about her making so much money.

No. 617156

They're all about female empowerment through owning your sexuality they just don't want competition

No. 617181

File: 1598575992857.png (750.38 KB, 1008x882, clowns.png)

hate these two

No. 617202

I mean is she really gunning to be the next KUWKs??

No. 617211

Women literally live on tutorial island with god mode cheats enabled at all times(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 617213

Stupid wamen, amirite ladies?

No. 617217

If one of the bts members or timothee chalamet or whatever male celebrity teen girls are obsessed with made an only fans they would probably make $1 million too

No. 617226

i really dont ever want to imagine that thanks a lot anon

No. 617231

imagine if the fappening happened… but this time, with only men…

No. 617266

File: 1598586837902.jpg (27.05 KB, 425x582, download (1).jpg)

Bella Thorne was never a child model HOW DARE YOU, if it was true, we'd see proof.

No. 617267

This is so sad

No. 617280

That's not what I said but feel free to strawman. Post the sketchy pizzagate confirmed agency page if it totally existed.

No. 617283

I have no idea about the agency page but the photos are pretty easily available online if you search for her bikini modelling career or search for bella thorne fanpop

No. 617284

Anon… that kind of thing really is common. There used to be tons of clearnet sights for child models where there’d be whole pages dedicated to them and they’d be described in an odd, pandering way with a portfolio of questionable photos. There still are, they’re just in places where it’s still allowed—Serbia, Russia. I‘m not necessarily fully convinced but I don’t doubt anon off of that alone. If you’re that doubtful, you don’t have to search very long on Russian google to find them.

No. 617285

"lel its pizzagate"

post something substantive, tell me I'm wrong. Please just blow me out of the water.

No. 617287

Uhm, you could just Google "Bella Thorne child model" and see the types of pic she took. A few other anons did it and found the risque pics too. The fact that I can't find a website that was around in 2011 makes you not believe it? Not my problem.

No. 617309

There are worse photos of her on Fanpop. Shit I'm sure no "legit" modelling agency or even a decent parent letting their little kid go out with friends would allow.
I don't really feel comfortable saving this shit, let alone posting it here, but this one seemed the most sketchy to me:
This blended with the fact that you can't even find out what agency she was in as a child is suspicious IMO.

No. 617311

Completely on clearnet google.ru searching something that wouldn’t get me on any watchlist and in images found there were pics for sights for a modeling company called Silverstars for kids in bathing suits. Each had a name for a child model like Silverkatie, etc. This was literally just on google images. I never clicked any websites, tons of pics would appear in similar images underneath the photo. Bleak.

No. 617312

there’s much much worse of her than this on fanpop, like actual professional photos as well

No. 617314

File: 1598590826917.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.52 KB, 375x267, 43A3C0C5-4418-48BA-9CB8-83D7D6…)

Also adding, literally the ‘similar images’ preview alone made me want to vomit. Entire dvd collections of girls that could not even be nine years old in swimsuits, and it’s legal. Thinking that it’s a conspiracy is naive. These dvds are selling, again legally, on Japanese auction sites. This one is tame, but cropped just because this is awful. “Pizzagate tinfoil” my ass.

No. 617343

Blackpink x Selena is out

No. 617354

I like the aesthetic, the pretend badass thing is so boring and tired and this pastel cute aesthetic is a lot better. every fucking blackpink song though just sounds kind of catchy but mostly just OFF. like, unfinished or something.

No. 617356

this is my EXACT feeling about blackpink, it's like all their songs are ai generated and the beat drops at the wrong second. their music just does nothing for me.

No. 617357

File: 1598596207355.png (140.44 KB, 1008x982, hg3k1.png)

The aesthetic is cute, but the song is generic. Are these like, spam comments to inflate their engagement or something, though, lmao?

No. 617359

>every fucking blackpink song though just sounds kind of catchy but mostly just OFF. like, unfinished or something.
So true, though I'd say they aren't catchy at all (just decent sounding) and that's the problem. Teddy is seriously uninspired, they need to retire him already and get a fresh producer because he continues to disappoint on super hyped releases. A fucking hook isn't too much to ask for.

No. 617360

almost every big channel is FULL of comments like that, I have no idea if its bots or just fans being uncreative and spamming comments.

No. 617377

http://www.teenidols4you.com/picture/791/4/bella_thorne.html has some more photos, terribly sketchy name for this website, the earliest photos here are on the last page, when she was already starring in some lesser known movies. although nothing as young as >>617266

No. 617378

OT and forgive my stupidity, but how come Russian and Serbian Google work differently than the English one?

No. 617389

Because you’re getting results for Russian and Serbian sights? LOL anon…

No. 617392

What I meant is, why do Russian and Serbian Google store the underage illicit pictures of an American actress? Whereas with the English Google, you don't get those results

No. 617621

File: 1598629756026.jpg (73.55 KB, 473x1024, Q4pBUY9.jpg)

No. 617657

time to stop working for your e-pimp idiots

No. 617916

Does anyone have a screenshot of the contents of the message compared to what she claimed it was though? I keep seeing people claim this but haven't been able to find any proof anywhere.

No. 618031

File: 1598646388012.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.84 KB, 480x959, 3D7194DF-3DBC-4CF4-81E3-71455E…)

yo I had to look this up and what the fuck, this is bizarre. Her mom approved of it but later tried to sue the photographer when Brookes career took off, the judge dismissed her and said something along the lines of “these photos are not erotic and if you think so you’re a pervert”.

No. 618033

What the fuck, did Brooke ever speak about this kind of crap that she was subjected to, especially during the MeToo stuff? This shoot and Pretty Baby are so messed up to look at nowadays, I always found Blue Lagoon pretty fucking weird too.

No. 618038

This is crazy, how the hell did they justify that even at the time?

No. 618039

Isn’t OF in the middle of a tax evasion court case? These harlots better withdraw their money and start looking for a plan b while they can

No. 618044

Her mother sold her for 450$. Disgraceful.

No. 618047

This Bella Thorne thing is so funny to me. There's soooo much saltiness on social media. ONTD are flat out hoping Bella dies LMAO. Why? Because she shown all these women that sex work isn't guaranteed work? Because she's shown their system is bad?

Most people get paid monthly and have to deal. If sex work is real work that's part of it. Supply and demand, sweeties. There's an new girl in town.

No. 618052

Nobody cared. It was right after the sexual liberation of the sixties and children now were recognized to have their own sexualities, so it was not seen as obscene. Thus people just didn't think too much about pedophilia as dangerous back then (for a couple of decades at most). These pictures were made in a series about adressing the "feminity" of young girls.

Muuuuch worse happened in Germany (literal sex camp for children, etc). In France, pedos were sanctionned by famous writers and magazines in the name of free love and being against bourgeois ideas of morality.

No. 618053

What the fuck???? I didn't know what the other anon meant by her being in the magazine but it's literally CP???? Please say the white censors were at least in the magazine

No. 618056

Don't be dense anon, of course not. It's a nude photo.

No. 618058

Also in the XIXth century, cute pictures of children were very popular, most of them were completely innocent but some were not and were used by pedos. Case in point: Lewis Caroll. His "Alice" was 7 yo and he photographed her kissing him, and stopped being """friends""" with her at 12. He has lots of other """friends""" often with parental approval.

No. 618059

I know we look at these things and say it’s crazy but it was the norm at the time. It was defended as lowbrow and avant-garde, when it was just a dogwhistle. Idk why people act so obtuse about this kind of stuff, like they absolutely have to see it in order for it to exist. It’s overall harmful.

No. 618062

wow, it's every bit as shitty as i imagined

what happened to blackpink? their first album with "whistle" and "playing with fire" on it was pretty good. everything past that has been absolute dogshit

No. 618109

technically it was in another magazine by Playboy Press called "Sugar and Spice" but I still find it notable that Hugh Hefner's company publishing literal child porn never tarnished his reputation. People still view him as a hero.

No. 618117

Her makeup too though. Anons can't tell me this was an innocent thing. They tried to make her look "mature" for a well known porn magazine

No. 618132

File: 1598655483558.jpeg (168.14 KB, 442x616, 0798D569-DE6C-4D94-B4FA-1E3494…)

Here’s what the judge had to say.

No. 618176

So this thread is gonna be devoted to decades old news that we already have a hollywood pedo thread for? Take is elsewhere please.

No. 618218

lmfao the old "YOURE the pedophile for thinking my CP stash is creepy" argument

No. 618227

File: 1598662226023.jpeg (528.94 KB, 1242x1574, 9BB26AE9-87A9-4547-A0C5-C3FDCF…)

Her mom was suing on her behalf so he seems to have been trying to punish her mom in some way.

No. 618254

Is she holding a bottle of wine in that pic? In which case she’s probably not pregnant

No. 618321

File: 1598669476172.jpeg (334.71 KB, 1536x2048, 35B13C08-B95F-4651-9473-695865…)

Chadwick Boseman just passed away. He’d been quietly fighting colon cancer.


No. 618336

wow I can't believe it. I guess that explains why he looked so frail recently. RIP.

No. 618341

Then perhaps contribute something for interesting discussion, because nobody else is.

No. 618342

Wow, that is fucking awful. He was so young… really sad.

No. 618356

Jesus, that's so sad. I remember seeing a video of him looking extremely sick a few months ago, I though something must be wrong but I didn't expect this.

No. 618364

Poor guy, I had no idea he'd been battling cancer.

No. 618365

Jesus. Fuck cancer.

I saw a vid recently and he look freakishly skinny. I thought he was sick (or on drugs. Now I feel like an asshole for assuming that) but didn’t know he was dying. RIP.

No. 618383

Never knew much about the guy besides Black Panther,but this heartbreaking.May he rest in peace.

No. 618390

I'm surprised I didn't hear anything about his condition considering he is pretty famous and the last Avengers movie came out just a year before. Wonder what they will do with his character. RIP

No. 618460

It was kept well under wraps. I have a feeling only his family knew. Just last week there was a headline about him signing on for a project with Seth Rogen. And Black Panther 2 had a filming start date set and everything. I don't think he expected to go this soon. Really sad.

No. 618519

So sad. I always assumed this man was in his late 20s I didn’t know he was past 40!

No. 618530

I'm living for angry sex workers trying to cancel Bella Thorne because she made onlyfans. I thought it's ~just like any job~ so why can't rich celebrity, who has already made tons of soft porn, make a buck out of it?

Maybe you shouldn't rely your entire income to scammy porn site…. why not cancel Onlyfans instead? They started collaborating with Bella and other celebrity thots.

No. 618557

Do some research, retard-chan. I'm not a sex worker (actually a sugar mommy kek) but what she did is fucking vile. She's not just going on there making people mad by being successful or something, she scammed hundreds of people and has affected other people's ability to use the platform as a result. Hope one of the butthurt scrotes hunts her down and rapes her to death, it would be fully deserved for what she's done to other women in need.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618558

ok anon

No. 618561

Yeah no.

No. 618563

lolcow has really gone to shit huh. we don't even have quality bait anymore

No. 618564

It's not even bait honestly, amazed I've got 3 replies in the space of five minutes caping for a literal thieving whore

No. 618566

File: 1598696144066.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1593442120509.png)

>Actually a sugar mommy

No. 618568

Dedicated workers will take it to the streets if it's really their calling/saving grace in life. OnlyFans is just filtering out the wanna-bes, kek. But yeah let's totally see a woman "die of rape" because people relied too heavily on a shaky social media porn site, you absolute freak. I'm glad these degenerates are scrambling like cockroaches when the light's flicked on, and all it took was a d-list disney child actor with bad facial injections doing their job worse than them.

No. 618571

>hate women doing sex work
>don't hate scamming pick mes putting women on the street when they could otherwise have a relatively safe income

So… you just hate women? Sounds about right. Keep caping.

No. 618574

no one "has" to do sexwork kek

No. 618583

>Hope one of the butthurt scrotes hunts her down and rapes her to death,
So, we're now at the point where it's considered sensible to say a CSA victim who's been exploited by scrotes for money since she was a literal baby deserves to be raped?
Sounding like a whole misogynistic scrote, all over some simp pennies. Shameful.

No. 618600

OF is safe? Bitches are so desperate for easy money. You realise exposinf and exploiting yourself on line is going to attract a can of worms down the line. I already know of one girl who's dad best the fuck out of her once he found his daughters twitter promoting her OF.

Sex work is not empowering. Get a life and a real job

No. 618622

It’s so sweet to you to think that OF changed it’s TOS because Bella’s scam. They could have just banned her ass and refund the money.
Instead they changed their policies to benefit themselves and stupid twitter mob is attacking Bella ”because it's her fault!”
No, she didn't made the new rules. OF did.

Onlyfans is a sketchy company who does not care about ~liberation of sex workers~. They just want to save their own asses because IRS is up to their tracks.

No. 618637

Did you guys notice that before all this, OF was fucking thirsty for celebrities to join them?
I'm sure they already wanted to change their policy a while ago, but they had Bella Thorne hop on to take all the blame for it in exchange for money, both from the company and all the dumbass coomers.
People on Twitter are so fucking dumb and gullible. If this really does fuck up OF (and I doubt it will), I will be very glad.

No. 618638

This makes me feel physically sick. Poor, poor girl. I wonder how many child stars in Hollywood feel relieved as they grow older.

No. 618659

File: 1598707720391.jpg (1.22 MB, 1800x2400, 1598675714475.jpg)

I posted this in dumbass shit because I'm a sperg.

>Demand payment for low quality nudes falsely percieved as hard work

>Conjure narrative that middle class twitterfag SWs are a marginalised group
>Demand payment because Bella took mah jerb

You can't make this shit up. It's hilarious how quick they ditched sw Twitter's core tenant of "uplift other women" kek.

No. 618661

Heard this from my mum around two hours ago and I'm still shook by this news.

No. 618663

No idea what this movie is about but if I had any say I'd hire some women that are actively trying to leave prostitution and are excited to engage in anti prostitution activism (like actual prostitutes not this OF shit), set them up with a platform and financially and then laugh while these Twitter "sex workers" are still seething although I did exactly what they wanted.

No. 618665

They need to understand that they are the ones harming real sex workers by incessantly pushing their sanitized, first world version of it and centering themselves when they're the 1%. They are no better than Bella Thorne. In fact, they're worse. Bella's probably done far more in the realm of actual, literal "sex work" her whole damn life than they could ever imagine.
When people like this say "We literally need [the money]", they mean "I need the money to buy myself all the stuff off my Amazon wishlist for my mental health uwu".

No. 618707

Based anons

No. 618716

>she will not fear for her safety; she will not have to deal with customers in any real way
Is this stupid bitch implying that celebrities don't have to worry about obsessive creeps and stalkers? I guess every celebrity that has either been stalked, harassed, assaulted, or murdered by someone that felt entitled to them didn't have it as badly as the poor wittlw SWs on OnlyFans uwu. If anything, Bella Thorne would be at an even greater risk than one of the thousands of crusty hoes on OnlyFans BECAUSE she's famous. Also, the "not have to deal with customers in any real way" part is funny because OnlyFans whores also don't have to directly deal with customers like actual prostitutes have to.
>"cultural tourism"
Girl, you sell naked pics of yourself to thirsty dudes, what fucking culture?
I never liked Bella Thorne, but all of the milk she's caused from this is delicious.

No. 618734

They're getting so much hate from men too, telling them to get a real job etc. I wonder if they will learn that men will literally never respect "sex workers".

No. 618755

They hate on Bella Thorne but there are findom bitches and other girls who are millionaires on there doing the same, showing barely anything. It’s not just for poor girls especially when flexing your money is pretty much required when you do sex work because it makes you so much better than those vanilla corporate slaves

No. 618920

that’s a stretch

No. 618940


a bit of trivia: ariana grande apparently contributed to writing the lyrics

No. 618987

File: 1598743045354.png (1 MB, 952x1124, Wnz18Ru.png)

No. 618997

the aesthetic of the mv and the vaguely sexual euphemistic lyrics fit ariana's uwu baby image. after all the decent to good songs she and victoria monet helped write for thank u next I'm surprised they wrote a doozy. must be a demo reject

No. 619020

I have nothing against sex workers but I hate this glorification towards sex work on SM. Nothing is empowering about pandering to gross scrotes. What Bella Throne did was shitty but I love how people are acting like she did something so sacrilegious when really it was another example of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
>Hope one of the butthurt scrotes hunts her down and rapes her to death, it would be fully deserved for what she's done to other women in need.
I was surprised to learn that he was past 40 when BP came out. He could easily pass for his 20s up until he got really gaunt. RIP.

No. 619026

File: 1598749586787.jpeg (121.55 KB, 1242x1266, EgTnzGUWsAYeZJN.jpeg)

Bella Thorne's sister also has an OF (and she sells actual nudes). She's been responding to people's comments and defending her sister. Bella liked one of them.

No. 619027

File: 1598749634761.jpeg (116.52 KB, 1242x1215, EgTnzGUWkAEZWpV.jpeg)

No. 619029

Ok but like, has anyone been able to find a screenshot or something of the actual contents of the $200 message? At most I found a screenshot of the unoppened message.
I ask because there's the possibility that this is a case of entitled coomers, you know? That Bella was in fact nude in the pictures, maybe showing breasts but not full pussy? She once posted her breasts for free on Twitter anyway. Of course this is just a guess, but I wouldn't be surprised if coomers these days think they're fully entitled to a woman's body and pussy to the extent their penis decides and to not the extent the woman decides, and because of that they're claiming it's a scam when they probably got what they paid for.
I could be wrong but in any case I would wait to see what actually was in the message before believing that she scammed anyone.

No. 619030

File: 1598749761578.jpeg (139.65 KB, 1242x1460, EgTnzGVXgAEw0dZ.jpeg)

No. 619031

File: 1598749884304.jpeg (45.32 KB, 1242x475, EgnNzNVXsAA0wJd.jpeg)

No. 619034

File: 1598749999647.png (17.04 KB, 256x122, Egmjj3hXkAQjL0A.png)

No. 619035

File: 1598750173119.jpg (39.84 KB, 540x958, PRI_162418567.jpg)

Also, this happened.
>‘I have to address this because someone, I guess maybe a sex worker, is saying that “if this isn’t sex work, I don’t know what is. ‘“If you’re intentionally posting, promoting sexual photos and receiving payment, whether you ignore the fact men are jerking off to you or not… you’re doing sex work”.’
>Kailie continued: ‘I have to disagree. I don’t know who said this but it was next to one of my photos with a quote, so I assume that I’m being brought into this somehow so here I am.
>‘I’m a creative. I’m stealing your work because you’re not creative. All your bios say the same thing, “Insatiable slut”. Get creative and maybe you’d keep your clientele.’ ‘My point is, don’t hate the player, hate the game,’ she added.

No. 619070


[ ] At Large

[ X ] Patrolled

No. 619103


No. 619104

Katy Perry put out an anime-style music video.

No. 619108


Doja Cat did it better

No. 619168

Umm yeah, smells like bullshit. Bella might be a dumb thot but I doubt that she would announce the project without serious plans to make it. She must have a publicist or PR person of some sort.
I think the director just jumped the ship because he’s afraid of the angry lynching mob of Twitter. He knows that Bella can't say anything in public now that might fuel the shitstorm.

Oh no what a messy bitch. She should have kept her head down in this situation.
Everyone knows that Twitter has a very short attention span. They will move to next person to cancel in two weeks max.

No. 619251

Correction, Dua Lipa did it better
Still, I'm so bored of singers and even rappers doing anime-inspired music videos, I've lost count already on how many have done it. I understand anime is very popular right now and that it's complicated to shoot a music video but can't they try something else? It's boring already

No. 619264

Yawn why can't artists make a Roger rabbit styled music video? animation with live action?but since originality is dead these artists make the same shit over and over with a different name.

No. 619275

Both incorrect, Britney did it best.

No. 619403

this is so badly animated and uninspired.
this anon's so right. Even though it was an obvious ghost in a shell callback or w.e, it was way better done, and the story was far more interesting than Katy's obvious 'woke gay' persona she keeps trying to push.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more animated music videos because of covid tbh.

No. 619477

Obviously Daft Punk did it best.

No. 619509

File: 1598824028120.jpg (560.41 KB, 1080x1761, 20200830_224649.jpg)

Kek looks like bait from OF but it wouldn't make sense

No. 619513

No. 619537

my vote goes for linkin park

No. 619550

if sex work is work then this is no different than a celebrity joining youtube and making interview/hobby types of videos, which is literally what happens all the time and no one makes a fuss about it, or this bad.

i had a couple people speculate bella thorne was some sort of plant to make OF change their policies lmao

No. 619694

File: 1598855682316.jpg (75.71 KB, 750x708, YRmVtMz.jpg)

No. 619703

>implying making a youtube video about crafts or hobbies is work

No. 619713

i thought this was katy perry and it's adele apparently? what the fuck is 2020

No. 619716

what the actual fuck? you're right. I would have never realized that was adele until you said it. like um damn what the fuck

No. 619717

I like how this image is provided without any context.

No. 619719

Because stars usually have cleaners who go tell Google to scrub that shit for the US but I'm guessing they feel it's worth it to do also ask it for europe, since you have to ask differently with different claims.

No. 619721

did she lose weight snorting coke? why does she look so tired now?

No. 619722

Weight loss can be really aging to the face

No. 619730

Yeah I guess her face suited being fatter more. But congrats on getting healthier and her body looks great.

No. 619733

i know weight loss aged her face and she is 32 years old but that's just a terrible picture…why would she post this

No. 619746

No. 619748

Now I'm 90% sure she's on drugs.

No. 619764

Is she meant to be smiling in this picture? I don’t get why she would post this

No. 619795

her body and boobs look nice. I mean, she was fat for so long, seeing your own body slim like this makes you go crazy about it.
Face always looks better with more fat, more youthful and full, the fat makes wrinkles less aparent… For me, Adele looks fine, it's just a weird candid. Must be infuriating to see everyone say "you looked better fat" when you finally lose weight lol. Her body looks great imo

No. 619808

Twitter is gonna sperg when they see the Bantu knots

No. 619815

She looks like a nervous chihuahua.

No. 619820

Aw, I don't like chihuahuas but it's so cute that you made that connection.

No. 619835

Ex-fat dysmorphia. Not used to her body looking better so she was too focused on her body to realize her face made this a total joke

No. 619838

Some drugs make you look weird and can make you lose all sense of how you actually look at the same time.

No. 619853

I feel so sorry for her. At first she suffered because she was so fat, then she suffered losing god knows how many dozen pounds and now when she finally reached her body goal her face looks 10 years older.

No. 620224

File: 1598909589533.jpg (88.85 KB, 1041x421, IMG_20200831_233211.jpg)

they are kek

No. 620301

Except youtubers have been saying exactly that recently, with all the TV hosts trying to pivot to youtube. But regardless, I think she did it, she saw an opportunity for a quick bag and decided to go for the scam and just hoped the outcry would be small and manageable. She's just so out of touch she thought $200 was $2.

No. 620468

File: 1598955578090.jpg (277.32 KB, 720x1164, 20200901_121924.jpg)

Emma Roberts is pregnant

No. 620473

She's such an abusive person, rip to that child's mental health

No. 620477

File: 1598957705541.jpeg (818.5 KB, 1242x1138, 6F6BAF86-6990-4E97-B189-CFE088…)

Britfag here, the Notting Hill Carnival is a massive deal in London, it’s celebrated by people of all different cultures and most people dress up in traditional styles, eat traditional food and generally celebrate West Indian culture, it’s ridiculous and disgusting to try and twist something positive into something negative. Here is the mayor of Tottenham, a black British man defending her.

No. 620480

Wait, what's the story here? I've never read anything about her personal life so I just assumed she was boring af

Throw their cultural insensitivity right back at the wokescolds who would prefer complete cultural insulation

No. 620483

Americans applying their own lens and cultural mores to the entire world, nothing new.

No. 620487

Based mayor

No. 620490


Lammy btfo both the wokescolds and the actual racists with this based move.

No. 620495

not the millions of white americans who constantly racebait online and say the most vile shit imaginable? interesting

No. 620506

nta but what are you trying to say. Are those not actual racists?

No. 620513

She beat Evan Peters so badly he actually sued her when they were in a relationship, for some reason Dailymotion won't let me screenshot

No. 620520

File: 1598964200392.jpeg (273.86 KB, 750x1008, 633395FD-73BB-4D35-826A-ED4878…)

They were in an on off relationship for years and as early as 2013 it started becoming publicly toxic. They broke up multiple times between 2013-2017


No. 620613

Like Paula Abdul did.

No. 620646

File: 1598979297859.jpeg (97.92 KB, 640x638, 5D6233C2-021C-4483-B921-C2BDE7…)


No. 620649

the ginger dwarfs wife is pregnant by the way

No. 620652

God just what is with his face. Every time I look at it I wanna punch it and steal his lunch money

No. 620654

not anymore, apparently the daughter is out already and has been given a magnificent name of Lyra Antarctica Seaborn

No. 620657

His eyes always look like they're pointed in different directions.

No. 620748

File: 1598987791816.jpg (112.81 KB, 654x707, IMG_20200901_210812.jpg)

But she also get's lots of backlash.
I'm neither murican nor british, but adele is simply so popular everywhere that even serious news outlets in my country wrote about her "cultural appropriation" and I also saw a translated article about it on a kpop site. It seems like the entire world turns aginst black americans, I read comments like "it's safest to not interact with anything of them at all".

No. 620758

zae seems like a faggot

No. 620763

i cant tell if you agree with the tweet you posted or not but i highly disagree. not all black people are like this (im not american either so i cant speak for them), but on twitter or any kinda social media i do see all kinda of outrage from them and other sjws alike. sometimes it is very tough to interact with people who are already prepared to feel offended and attack you i dont care who it is, but anti-black? cmon

No. 620773

I get why white celebrities wearing traditionally black hairstyles rubs people the wrong way. Black hair (especially for women) is still perceived in a negative light. Black women spend a lot of money on weaves and wigs to look more "professional," but suddenly it's cool and trendy when a white person wears hairstyles meant for natural black hair.

Not trying to racebait, I don't think Adele came from a bad place, but I get why people don't like it.

No. 620775

Why not embrace the acceptance though? At this rate we're regressing back to seperation rather than progressing by going "X person can't wear/do X thing because they have X skincolor".

No. 620783

File: 1598989605811.jpg (146 KB, 1300x1300, 128823153-adorable-red-with-wh…)

He always remind me of these kinds of kittens

No. 620788

File: 1598990053507.jpg (80.65 KB, 500x756, f3cb77830e36d6fb545ba429e5cb31…)

Am I allowed to take inspiration from Björk or any standard issue 90s raver girl or will cancellation ensue

No. 620818

God, I hate Ed Sheeran. I actually have nothing against him personally, but his songwriting is garbage and cheesy yet everyone eats it up.

No. 620820

me too. i can't tolerate his music like i can with other shitty artists.

No. 620849

Super unpopular opinion but I think Ed is alright. Yes, he's ugly, but unlike other ugly males he stays in his lane. He's dating an age appropriate looksmatch who liked him before he was famous, he didn't get himself a 19 year old supermodel despite how rich and famous he is. The bar is very low but I still respect that.

No. 620853

Those aren't bantu knots honey

No. 620891

Not the neatest. But she has straight hair and that’s what Bantu knots look like with type 1 hair. Wether or not they’re “considered“ traditional knots that’s still what the style is and should be credited.

No. 620929

kek credited how? "Did my hair today! TM: black ppl"

No. 620949

Do it in your own room when nobody can see, but posting it online or wearing it in public is asking to be cancelled. If you want the 90s rave look stick to space buns, or spiking up short hair. One stupid hair style isn't worth years of stigma.

No. 620953

File: 1599006384384.jpg (65.71 KB, 470x735, 32612374-8682857-PICTURED_Aubr…)

So Aubrey O'day is getting ripped apart because she was spotted out in public having visibly gained a shit ton of weight, but is denying its her because she is promoting flat tummy tea and claims its working. She photoshops her photos so aggressively that people are shocked by how she actually looks.

No. 620954

File: 1599006479472.jpg (305.05 KB, 962x1542, 32614804-8682857-image-a-53_15…)

For reference, some of her photos, despite being shopped to an extreme, are clearly indicative of weight gain either way. Also, what is so stupid, is that she has the same tattoos and dog in the photo and shes still trying to lie.

No. 620955

anyone who would be convinced by her instagram photos is an idiot . Her face is literally just one side of her face inverted.

No. 620959

Agreed. Her face actually looks better in the real, makeupless photos than it does in her insta photos. And when she goes out post botox and lip fillers, with a ton of heavy bronzer and the fake eyelashes and shit it looks even worse.

No. 620979

not to be rude, but is she trans?? looks like a drag queen or something here and ive actually never heard of this person
same more than anything his songs annoy me so much especially the beautiful people song, shape of you, and the i dont care song. i really cant see how anyone can sit down, open spotify, and listen to that shit voluntarily…

No. 620980

File: 1599008527095.jpg (844.22 KB, 1000x1000, aubrey-oday-before-plastic-sur…)

Unfortunately, a lot of women are shopping themselves/getting surgery to resemble drag queens now. Especially on instagram. Just look at the Kardashians. The more blown up and grotesque the features are, the better they consider it.
Shes from Danity Kane btw. Shes been discussed in other threads before because shes kind of a cow in her own right. Shes more famous for her surgery and fucking donald trumps son than she is for her music at this point.

No. 620982

File: 1599008977847.jpeg (360.92 KB, 1242x1518, ZDWdGGI.jpeg)

I find it hilarious that Arab celebs have been rocking that botched + drag makeup look for ages and now everyone looks like this

No. 620983

Ayrt, kek, no I definitely do not agree with that in the slightest. Im saying you need to credit the STYLE because those are Bantu knots and saying they’re not is dumb. The cultural/racial origin is/was irrelevant to me.

No. 620995

I rocked this look for my sister’s quinceñera kek

No. 621012

oh danity kane! i havent heard that name in a long time kek that is true, but her picture is definitely odd looking she looks even more like a drag queen than a cake faced woman or something along those lines… pretty unfortunate

No. 621023

wtf is up with that poor dog

No. 621026

Its a trend to dye dogs for instagram now if you're an influencer, unfortunately.

No. 621050

Eh. People gain weight. I don’t really care about that.
What I do care about is how she fucked Donald Trump Jr. while he was still married. Someone needs to spill the tea.

No. 621051

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy personally but as an artist, he sucks.

No. 621052

Its less that she gained weight, and moreso that shes hawking fitness products on instagram shes obviously not using, and photoshopping her pics and lying about how she really looks. Like some of the cows that get posted here.

No. 621059

People are probably angry at the fact that yknow she is lying and photoshopping

No. 621080

File: 1599024587607.gif (7.61 MB, 390x276, the knockback.gif)

I get the impression he only settled with his long-suffering girlfriend because he couldn't do better. He really tried his hardest for quite a while.

No. 621119

File: 1599029356285.jpeg (386.26 KB, 750x745, A56C012F-C9F2-4D49-BCF4-9975C2…)

do either of them have the money to continue to prolong this shit?

No. 621124

I’m shocked by the weight gain but honestly, she looks so much better in this photo than her weird tranny shoops. She’s been butchering her face for sometime(in person and the FTing). No idea what she has against her nose.

Also jfc that dog…it’s like some terrible tekashi69 abomination.

No. 621130

I feel like she looks pretty objectively awful in both

No. 621144

>he couldn't do better
Rich ugly guys can always get hot women and rich ugly famous guys have it even easier. They always seem to have young, impressionable fans who are better looking than them and would kill to be with them. It's always gonna surprise me when they don't pick a 10/10 gold digger over someone who actually likes them tbh.

No. 621165

File: 1599034704466.jpeg (139.68 KB, 1125x926, 2359E3CB-B94E-4F0D-BB87-D6A2D7…)

No. 621186

File: 1599036998257.png (11.65 KB, 308x218, ohno.PNG)

If retards off- and online would keep commenting about me breaking up a boysband for over 50 years I'd be making music like this too.

No. 621187

I Stan Yoko Ono for the sole reason that she legit doesn't give a shit anymore and just brings out awful music after awful music while shitting on weird Beatles stans

No. 621191


Not gonna say she wasn't a bitch, but John Lennon was a typical abuser scrote with mommy issues and inflated ego, yet these stans always focus on Yoko as if she led John "to the dark side." Newsflash: He was a piece of shit way before he met Yoko.

No. 621256

One thing people are forgetting is Yoko does a lot with contemporary art museums. She's done personal exhibits and original music for them before so this song is probably for them too. It fails as an easy listening pop song, but it could hold up as an avant garde commentary.

Also the beats for the war-zone album aren't half bad.

No. 621263

I like it

No. 621267

This is from 2018

No. 621400

File: 1599062738668.png (629.81 KB, 876x1394, kgw6Ox3.png)

No. 621404


congrats you leeching turds

No. 621416

It’s been literally 50 years and people are STILL accusing her of breaking up the Beatles? Christ, let it go.

No. 621420

I find them so annoying… Why people are praising them anyway, especially Meghan, I'm so confused

Also this news reminds me of that videowhere Harry was begging Disney to take Meghan

No. 621442

Didn’t they make a big deal about leaving the royalty shit behind for a private life? It was all just a way to garner attention so they could become celebrities in LA?

No. 621517

No. 621571

File: 1599077116668.png (399.7 KB, 720x1439, Screenshot_2020-09-02-21-03-58…)

I don't know if this goes here so tell me if not but I just found out that piper perri (the pornstar from that meme of a white girl sat down surrounded by black dudes)'s boyfriend killed her two year old son a few years back. Is that too dark to be milky?

No. 621647

She wants to be famous so baaad

No. 621667

Well you can't say she hasn't succeeded

No. 621678

honestly, the only thing i respect about lennon is that he could've married any hot young model in the world, but chose an older average looking woman that he thought was on his artistic level. but he was god awful to be around so ig thats why he started thinking outside the box to find a woman who could tolerate him

No. 621697

he still tried dating a stacey and rubbing elbows with famous people for a while, but hes a legit troglodyte fugs tier autist and had to settle. i wouldn't put it past him to end up in a divorce and trying to go after show business women again

No. 621779

I seriously hope the royal family stops being a thing in my lifetime. With all the non-stop histrionic bs they do I would not be surprised if they were all just as bad as prince pedo andrew. Actually seeing how the rest of the family knew the shit he did with epstein they probably are.

No. 621819

i agree

No. 621836

American press bought the "britbongs are racist" but slowly realized she was a gold digger after all, lol

No. 621844

I kind of love how unhinged they both are, publically throwing shitfits. They couldn't just separate and move on, they have to drag each other through the mud like the lolcows that they are. Also god why is Amber Heard so hot despite the crazy.

No. 621856


Dude I thought this was Katy Perry 100% until I read your comment.

No. 621858

File: 1599108995901.jpg (137.88 KB, 700x519, 8-5e1da89e4c783__700.jpg)

Both can be true, lmao.

No. 621864

File: 1599109831605.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200903-000945_Sam…)

This is the cover of Star magazine this week. Not that its a credible news source by any means, but publishers like that regurgitate info to make people talk and buy. Until the monarchy is abolished this cycle will continue forever

No. 621876

Tom Hank's son thirsting for Adele

No. 621877

>new age bonding technique
lol wtf. Yeah, mothers cradling their bump is a totally new thing.

No. 621901

File: 1599116510209.jpg (55.48 KB, 735x322, yacht.jpg)

No. 621918

That woman had a kid?! Jfc her porn is disgusting, she always infantalizes herself, that is so sad.

No. 621930

File: 1599120465467.jpg (273.32 KB, 1080x1806, 20200903_150815.jpg)

Holly shit is twitter is getting worst? Pic related

No. 621941

File: 1599121799314.png (943.88 KB, 944x906, gkne2.png)

I read this and thought he said something bad.
Turns out he made a joke about his platform shoes. These people are batshit insane, lmao.

No. 621950

the fact that anyone even pays attention to the chainsmokers… they played themselves.

No. 621952

File: 1599122521281.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, C9D60C7D-A316-4524-9102-433545…)

Never thought a typical MySpace realness certificate is something that would be used in 2020 kek

No. 621960

People need to SERIOUSLY STOP being offended. You really can't say anything on twitter when you have any kind of following nowadays.

No. 621961

Lmao anon he's from twentyone pilots

No. 621965

I don't get it, what's going on here?

No. 621972


this made my night

No. 621997

What mental gymnastics do you have to do to go from platform shoes to humanrights?

No. 622024

It was a joke before he indeed went on to post about mental health and human rights, you know when dweebs scream at celebs to use their platform. That part.

No. 622132

Celebrities and other internet famous people are often pressured into “using their platforms”, aka their social media presence, to advocate for woke shit. Twenty One Pilots fans were probably asking Tyler to use his social media platforms for supporting BLM and instead he made a joke about platform shoes. Now he’s being cancelled because people think he isn’t taking BLM seriously.

No. 622252

File: 1599155133227.jpeg (252.98 KB, 828x1185, 3D5773F2-41C2-4BBD-AC66-66875E…)

kek twenty one pilots stans are annoying lile any other stans anyway this isn’t surprising at all. twitter really was a mistake

anyway i love this so much lol i should start to use this excuse too

No. 622278

fuck. hours later i find out i messed up the band name despite knowing which one he's from. oh well, they're both terrible and definitely not fit to be activists.

No. 622339



fuck, man we are getting old. I feel like it happened in 2013 or so damn

No. 622388

Princess Diana being murdered is the one conspiracy theory I am fully on board with. It just makes way too much sense.

come on, anon, ed sheeran is exactly the sort of artist who gets a pass for being ugly bc of his songs, nevermind his money

No. 622468

I’m not a fan of Meghan but the BRF and their ass kissers can go fuck themselves. Remember last week when the BRF toadies sperged when Meghan said it was important to vote in the upcoming U.S election? “Royals shouldn’t get involved in politics” my ass. Nevermind that they Queen spoke openly against Scottish independence a few years back or the fact that the royal family were a bunch of Nazi fanboys back in the 1930s. But an American talking about the upcoming election her country is a big no no apparently.

No. 622520

Kanye being obnoxious Christfag was funny at first but now it’s just irritating. Go commit more election fraud, yeezy.

No. 622533

lmao based, demanding that every single celebrity speak on politics is retarded and I hate how it's become the norm now. And >>621950 top kek

No. 622597

>harassing celebrities and companies to support their fashionable causes
oh god these people have no idea what the term "sell out" means. I guess this way of powerseeking was just easier.

No. 622613

taylor swift stan alert

No. 622669

File: 1599191270302.jpeg (391.37 KB, 1125x1740, 667A8615-3782-4A54-8D50-A064BE…)

little az banks dump from her twitter

No. 622670

File: 1599191300989.jpeg (299.28 KB, 1125x1216, 3F452264-6ACF-4933-B634-B212AC…)

No. 622672

File: 1599191361130.jpeg (376.16 KB, 1125x1849, 6CA637AF-51AF-47EC-AC90-5E17EB…)

should be before this image oops sorry

No. 622673

File: 1599191407344.jpeg (235.33 KB, 1125x1159, 8FFA8F3B-BEF7-4BE4-9C20-FFA63F…)

No. 622675

File: 1599191440374.jpeg (259.74 KB, 1125x1400, 583CE14F-7365-4E9D-89B0-08818F…)

bonus because it made me laugh

No. 622705

Yes, and apparently the kid got killed WHILE she was out shooting porn…

No. 622710

… I love her.

No. 622724

File: 1599197789652.png (714.72 KB, 1041x967, fefe.png)

He gave an interview where the bragged about fucking hot girls because he was hanging around Taylor Swift.


Her fingers holding the sign look fat lmao this is so obviously shopped and she's wearing momokun level compression wear

If you go to her twitter or insta it's so weird. She doesn't post anymore but it's like porn shoot, porn shoot, RIP my son dead 1 year, porn shoot. She's on Onlyfans though and apparently was active a few hours ago.

No. 622725

love her or hate her, she really is the spirit animal of the farms, kek every time imagining these as /ot/ posts

No. 622726

Is that boob sweat or a shadow on the bralette? Not trying to nitpick, just curious

No. 622737

Why would her lawyers need this photo of her? Lol. And it’s pretty obvious she’s wearing one of those light “waist trainers “. If she really wanted to show the haters, she’d just wear the same outfit. But she’s conveniently wearing a black bodysuit.

No. 622738

Kek, I don’t give a shit about Taylor Swift. Why would you come to that conclusion after all I said that Kanye is annoying?

No. 622749

I'm confused. This woman consciously made the decision to go out in public like this, with her tattoos showing and very recognizable dyed dog(s), knowing she looks the way she looks. What did she think would happen? That paparazzi would Photoshop her to look better? If she's vain enough to post a "proof" photo of her wearing shapewear to prove she looks better than that, why couldn't she wear the shapewear before?
I want to say this was done on purpose as a publicity stunt, but why humiliate yourself?

No. 622764

Taylor Swift just rubs me the wrong way for some reason. She makes herself come across as goody two shoes while in reality she's a snake, but people just look past it for some reason

No. 622771

(was joking)
that picture is nightmare fuel my god

No. 622774

Can you or someone else screenshot her Twitter? You need to follow her to see it but I don't even have an account.

No. 622840

this is fucking magnificent

No. 622904

Unpopular opinion maybe but this is sad. She's a mentally ill woman lashing out for any crumb of attention and her fans are encouraging it. You never see fans of other artists fanning the flames like this, they'd be concerned. She'll never get the help she needs.

No. 622906

I kind of agree, I feel like any other celebrity this would be met with concern but people just treat her like a spectacle. Maybe people are just desensitised because of how common this kind of thing is from her.

No. 622970

mental health isn't taken as seriously among famous women, especially famous black women. they're just seen as "hysterical" by others. she was openly suicidal not too long ago and her behavior continues to be concerning

No. 622972

Kanye is just a crazy but people feel bad for him.

No. 623038

when you announce that you're suicidal on twitter don't blame others for others for not treating you seriously
she made her bed

though i agree that people would react differently if she was a white dude, it doesn't mean that love and prayers for suicidal stunts are good reaction ever

No. 623044

File: 1599239725194.png (399.7 KB, 803x723, mXowsFC.png)

No. 623074

She's so fucking repulsive and annoying. I physically cringe whenever I read this shit. Imagine being this desperate for attention. I don't think this is funny at all. She's just a hateful, nasty person.

No. 623078

Preach it. I agree that black women's experiences and struggles with mental health should be taken more seriously, but as the other anon said, she made her bed. I don't feel any more sympathy for her than I feel for any lolcow who tweets stuff like "u guys r such meen bullies im gonna kill myself!!" after people point out that she regularly posts openly sexist and racist remarks.

No. 623086

I can't help but wonder what on set protocols there are for these actors to keep getting covid. I assume it'd be statistically more probable due to the sheer amount of crewmemebers and it's not like you can film in a mask but you have to wonder.

Also celebrities get to travel around and film things all willy nilly while everyone else has to self isolate and follow the rules. "Working" or not it's unfair, but that's the class divide in action, lower class people who work have no choice and if they get covid their company will care less and fire them but celebrities get covid and they have a nice wad of money to fall back on…

No. 623107

Makes me wonder about the makeup crew in particular, how do you even start to work around the risks there?

No. 623124

Exactly. I do hope that she gets the help she needs, but her hateful sperging is just embarrassing and uncomfortable to read.

No. 623127

File: 1599247063683.jpg (143.37 KB, 2470x2122, PicsArt_09-04-10.18.15.jpg)

Like this

No. 623137

why does her house look like a tornado went thru it

No. 623163

That would be kind of clever.

No. 623289

Why the fuck are they even filming during a global pandemic?? I hate Hollywood

No. 623293

Honestly, this entire tweet made my night.

No. 623334

I mean, she’s not entirely wrong here.
Yeah same. Girlie plays the victim like no other. Granted, I do think they’re are times where she’s generally screwed over/treated badly. Like the media obsessing over who she dates (although I would be surprised if she adds fuel to that fire) or the Scooter Braun thing.

Also her and Kanye both need to get the fuck over the VMAs incident. It’s been 11 years. Let it go.

No. 623423

isn't it kind of good, it's not like celebs like to interact with general public, let them stay in their containment zone

No. 623713

you know youre on lolcow right

ill post more milk when she posts it but thanks for the input

No. 623925

how dare the crews for movies attempt to continue having jobs and paychecks

No. 623984

Dumbass take. The crew should be getting benefits and staying home like the rest of the 'developed world'. I get that murica didnt do that shit at all for their people, but anon has a right to be pissed at the relentlessness of the institution: the pandemic wont just affect the crew, it affects the crew and other people by a potential factor of 10. Each. And they're hardly essential workers. That could be some makeup artists' next client. Robby Patts could have passed it on to some workers kid. They shouldnt need to be forced to work under pandemic conditions just to produce some arbitrary and listless media. In order to work. To survive. In a pandemic. I just… ?
Anon clearly said I Hate Hollywood not I Hate Malingering Makeup Crew Workers who DARE to be at the beck and call of their own paychecks during a pandemic, as per the discretion of Hollywood producers and CEOs who also wont protect them.

No. 624054

It’s easy to say everyone should get benefits during the pandemic, but realistically it’s not sustainable. The film industry has actually taken strict safety measures to protect their casts and crews. For example all cast members have to be quarantined after travelling before production starts. They have also hired extra people to enforce covid safety guidelines. Some actors have actually complained about these covid measures on their social media. Of course these measures are not perfect because someone is bound to break the rules, since there’s no 24h babysitter to watch them… But most people working in film are doing everything they can to stay safe and keep their job. They get paid more than unemployment benefits.

No. 624558

File: 1599477407405.jpg (175.23 KB, 519x904, Screenshot_12.jpg)

So Armie Hammer is apparently a construction worker now and is working for his friend. Something about the way he worded this is hilarious to me

No. 624621

File: 1599490974815.jpeg (219.13 KB, 634x1082, 964BFA5F-4179-4E00-A602-20F6BE…)

Ok so Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson broke up, then Ashley started dating Halsey’s ex G-Eazy and now Cara and Halsey are dating?
I know that Cara has slept with every bi(-curious) woman in Hollywood but it’s still kind of weird.

Ngl I stanned Cara and Ashley together and it breaks my heart that they split. Even though there is rumors that Cara is a serial cheater.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8699561/Cara-Delevingne-secretly-dating-singer-Halsey-three-months-exes-item.html

No. 624624

2020 is a blessed timeline, we get to see armie hammer larp as working class and be gay for his boss

No. 624626

Wasn't Halsey dating Evan Peters like a minute ago??

No. 624627

Did his wife kick him out?

No. 624628

>be gay for his boss
It does read like a gay love letter/coming out lmao

>Did his wife kick him out?

No. 624644

Yeah, he was a little too right-wing and ignorant for her.

No. 624675

it cracks me up that halsey insists she’s bisexual but she exclusively dates men and now she’s dating the one female celebrity who is known for being the fling of every bicurious straight girl in hollywood. i wish someone would tell her it’s okay to be heterosexual.

No. 624811


I feel disgusting and like I'm on a list now because I saw the uncensored versions of this. It's terrible. HOW could her mother not see an issue with this?

No. 624849

In the Gia Carangi biography, there's a quote from Brooke's mother Teri, something that was said at the Wilhelmina Agency they both shared. It was something similar to "my daughter is a prime piece of pussy," the point being that her young daughter was mostly a commodity to her.
Brooke took care of her mother for a long time before she passed away and I'm not sure she'd ever speak about what really went on, but you have to wonder.

No. 624938

your biphobia is showing anon

No. 624980

Why don’t you go cry to your boyfriend about it?

No. 625074

Go back

No. 625117

A bunch of kpop stans are sperging out because a bunch of anonymous twitters have been made to accuse male idols of sexual harassment/assault. One of these accounts making these accusations had google translated chinese to try and really sell it lol

No. 625133

There's no way this isn't a PR setup a la Swift/Hiddleston. Next, pap pics of them out together will "leak", followed by a quiet breakup a few months later or whenever Halsey meets some other bland ass white boy she's actually sexually attracted to.

No. 625136

File: 1599555266183.png (589.6 KB, 724x1028, PthILF6.png)

No. 625137

File: 1599555319167.jpg (39.62 KB, 770x400, iQMnyYG.jpg)

No. 625138

I hate that I read this and could instantly picture some twitter user posting "It's not Brad Pitt's gf being polyamorous that's problematic, it's the age gap between them" and instantly getting like 5k retweets

No. 625160

She looks like a bootleg Angelina lol

No. 625169

Not even close wtf

No. 625186

Really? No word on here about silento's prolapsed anus?

No. 625193

File: 1599566668536.png (130.64 KB, 821x467, bitch what the fuck.png)

wow, somebody's having a big week!

No. 625210

She looks like a mix of Angelina and the blonde kid they have.

I guess in a way, it's at least helpful in this modern age that people are so blatant about being too mental for monogamy. And the church remains focused on gay couples ruining the value of marriage. Whatever

No. 625212

Paris Hilton is planning to release a documentary about her life and childhood abuse.
Her parents sent her to Provo Canyon school, a reform school for mentally disturbed children. If anyone is familiar with what those places are really like, it's no joke.
She says she never would've ended up making that sex tape if she hadn't experienced what she did at that school, but doesn't go into detail.

No. 625213

So it was all fake? Lol

No. 625214

File: 1599569557959.png (268.15 KB, 1028x1068, 5892.png)

Samefagging to post one of many bad reviews of the school I found with a Google search, all from 2+ years ago.
It seems like sexual abuse wasn't uncommon.

No. 625216

Would be based if she had young lovers

No. 625218

Anywhere parents are seperated from children is a hub of abuse. Reform schools were normalised/even mandatory in certain cases prior to the 60s/70s so I've heard my fair share of horror stories secondhand. Now it seems like a dumping ground for unwanted children like Paris.

Like the poster alludes that's probably not even the half of it. Children's autonomy shouldn't be entrusted to strangers wherever possible.

No. 625233

File: 1599572574103.jpg (11.73 KB, 250x250, costanza.jpg)

Can people ITT really be that innocent? Paris has always been a whore, before, during and after her stay at that school.

WHo is praising these losers? Everybody hates Meghan and think of Harry as a dumb cuck

No. 625236

>Paris Hilton was a whore child before school and was a whore while being sexually molested

The Internalized Misogyny is strong w/ this one.

No. 625237

You really don't know anything.

No. 625239

Who the fuck is this clown

No. 625240

No. 625242

Who the fuck is this clown

No. 625243

implying she was sexually molested to begin with and it's just not PR. Come on, if they are going to molest someone do you think they would do it to someone from a famous family like the Hiltons??!?!?!?

No. 625247

I have no idea who this dude is

No. 625248

Anon you're making me laugh, was about to say the same

No. 625249

Incorrect, faggot. Some parents are abusive and the best thing for the kids is to be removed from their families, especially if there is generational abuse

No. 625250

Oh shit, she really kicked him out? Based

No. 625251

You're right, no one famous ever gets molested. That'd be crazy. Nothing like that ever happens.
It's not like that school has an existing reputation for covering cameras, accusing children of lying if/when they try to report being abused to their parents, filing false reports to make said children look insane, drugging them, etc. Paris' parents clearly had a lot of concern for her, sending her to live far away from them in an institution for a year that only allowed a phone call a week if you're lucky.
Even now, Paris' mom admits she didn't believe her daughter when she talked about having nightmares of the place. That shows a lot of care, I'm sure she'd believe her if she had just told her.

No. 625252

This is obviously a troll scrote, please ignore.

No. 625303

hard cope, more like got surgery to look like a bootleg Angie

No. 625310

Tf anon are you gonna be rallying for #freeparis ?

No. 625314

Nah, I just became very disturbed after going on a deep dive on that school and reading multiple people's experiences there. She's definitely not lying or exaggerating on how bad it is.

No. 625333

He is right wing? How?

No. 625341

New song from Janelle Monae. Disappointed to know it's not a single and just for some random ass movie but I've missed her voice.

No. 625378

I can’t believe I’m taking this bait but you’re a retard if you think being famous somehow bars children from being sexually abused.

No. 625404

File: 1599586375850.jpeg (853.78 KB, 2330x2987, 83857AD2-DC86-419F-B0C7-383EB3…)

She looks more like Bill Skarsgard to me kek

No. 625421

he’s so weird looking… could still get it tho

No. 625423

lmao I see this

No. 625436

File: 1599587611156.jpg (1.11 MB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-847119574-2048x204…)

>"Angelina lookalike"
Kek only after her Hollywood makeover, before she looked like every other european girl
How desperate do you have to be to let an old fart knock you up at 19?

No. 625438

It isn’t desperate, it’s business-minded.

No. 625440

File: 1599587904468.jpg (921.2 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-847123154-2048x204…)

No. 625442

She's derpy looking honestly. ot, but this also reminded me how much I hate these vilage frau style dresses

No. 625443

File: 1599588116769.jpeg (59.82 KB, 439x343, A39A10F6-6E4F-4055-948A-E730E7…)

No. 625450

Unpopular but Angelina is so ugly imo.

No. 625452

File: 1599588576827.jpeg (38.06 KB, 640x357, 47A2A066-7CFF-42C5-8064-104355…)

No. 625461

LMAO anon you are so funny

No. 625477

ahahaha quality post

No. 625480

File: 1599590589128.jpg (338.54 KB, 1400x2035, jessica-biel.jpg)


thought this was jessica biel for a sec



No. 625490

Maybe it was by someone equally as powerful

No. 625493

Also, it’s actually… not all that uncommon for rich families to basically breed for sexual abuse. Idk why people act like being rich or famous makes you immune, wealthy men are some of the most degenerate people in existence.

No. 625515


He’s cosplaying as working class.

No. 625541

kek underrated

No. 625614

Big Kathy Hilton was 100% a madame who pimped out her kids. House of Hilton is a good read, if you are interested in that kinda thing.

No. 625659

File: 1599605389957.jpeg (783.32 KB, 1242x1696, 1734458A-0F67-4F0A-918C-6F8C34…)

No. 625666

>not all that uncommon for rich families to basically breed for sexual abuse
While I don't disagree with the rest of your comment, that sounds something straight out the tinfoil thread

No. 625710

I found the video of Silento sticking a dildo up his prolapsed anus on pornhub. Raises questions. Is he gay or does he just love a good dicking?

No. 625713

Sorry I didn’t mean as in it’s common, just that it isn’t as uncommon as presumed, like with pedophilia and incest in general. Familial sexual abuse is no less rampant for the wealthy.

No. 625714

Lol he looks better with some facial hair. Plus he's tall.

No. 625738

Is it just me or is Selena’s age catching up with her?

stupid, I know

No. 625739

I think some farmers brought up this video earlier in the thread, or possibly in another thread? My memory is awful. Personally, I think it's something else, probably a worse health-related matter. Notice how her hands are slightly shaking throughout the video.

No. 625740

it's the drug addiction

No. 625743

>Is he gay or does he just love a good dicking?
Anon… looking at the state of his ass, this isn't his first rodeo. Lol.

Also, how do we know for sure it's him? I remember a video of allegedly Drake sucking dick making the rounds on 4chan about a year ago, but that was disproven, it was just a lookalike.

No. 625745

>Notice how her hands are slightly shaking throughout the video.
Idk, i've noticed the shake only when she was holding up the mirror while drawing the lines and it was an uncomfortable thing to hold up in the air so i'm sure my hands would shake too. Wouldn't read too much into it honestly.

No. 625757

Anon have you ever left your bumfuck hick yank town? Europeans aren't a monolith there's no standard.
Its drugs. She's like 27 how can that catch up with her? Dumb.

No. 625759

She looks better than the average 20 year even as a crack head. Goals. This proves that aging good is all about genetics.

No. 625771

didnt selener do DBT which is basically borderline therapy?

No. 625779

her cooking show shows she's got a tremor too, isn't that a side effect of her supposedly having lupus

No. 625783

It's because she looks 5 lol.

No. 625794

i think she looks pretty. idk i've always thought she was beautiful, she looked a bit busted a few years ago but i think she looks good here

No. 625797

Selena looks old and run down to people there’s no hope for us average and not rich girls who are 26+

No. 625799

Guys it's plastic surgery. She 100% got a brow lift. It makes her look older imo. Her fluctuating weight could be messing with her skin, but besides that I think she looks unbelievably young and pretty.

No. 625800

Do we need to do this in every thread

No. 625803

>her age
That’s pretty funny anon. I think her ghostly appearance is from all the fucking ketamine she snorts

>t-there’s no standard!
There’s nothing you can do about your horse maw anon, it’s okay.

Psh, maybe you.

No. 625805

Everything about this is so toxic and whats wrong with our society.
>27 year old woman
>has child with 60+ year old man
>dating Brad Pitt, who is in his 40s/50s whatever

And now they're poly? i hate that hollywood tries to encourage this as normal

No. 625811

idk it is strange that people think she looks bad here. if it were a few years ago i'd understand but she looks pretty and healthier than she used to, imo. she has dark circles without make up on too which tbh, made me feel a bit better about my own lol

No. 625898

agreed, the entire situation is gross. any fondness i felt toward brad pitt has left the building.

No. 625907

all these old guys are dating "models" who look like they got heaps of work done. you think they'd be able to score better than that. anachan body doesn't exactly equate to pretty face… with the amount of money they're flaunting but nah.

brad deserves this though, imagine the hell of putting your seven kids through a divorce

No. 625935

I just don't get the point of being this hot (I know anons will find something to hate about her but she's definitely at least normie hot) and still letting a bag of bones and a ghoul gangbang you like really now.

No. 625945

Have you guys seen this? NikkiTutorials did a makeup video with Selena. The whole video felt so awkward to me

No. 625982

File: 1599651897653.jpg (88.71 KB, 738x491, cavil.jpg)

No. 625985

A lot of natural beauty born women probably have the market to not settle for some famous cunt that's probably got a wealth of stds in their back pockets. The amount of model swapping that occurs in Hollywood is weird, its like they're all escorts.

No. 625986

> its like they're all escorts.

thats funny. They are escorts or beards.

No. 625996

At this point I just want him publicly outed as a creep so people can stop worshipping him.

No. 626005

She seems really out of it in this video, her eyes look dull.

No. 626014

This was still on???

No. 626018

yeah but at the same time some of them have dated good looking women in the past, or inbetween these girls, which makes it even more confusing

No. 626023

Lmfao anon

No. 626026

my tinfoil is that this is partly because Kim failed the baby bar.

No. 626063


the eyeliner is messy and uneven af

No. 626080

She did? Can she just retake it or does she need to like…keep working in law more to qualify, i have no idea how america works.

No. 626083

did anyone notice the jumpcuts/edits on this video.
I guess now selena only collaborates with people and brands if they highly edit her to make her look sober.

No. 626185

File: 1599672188998.jpg (23.02 KB, 417x466, 4y1kh.jpg)

zoomers are mentally ill. instagram has rotted your brain.

No. 626370


The minute the girl is legal he's not interested anymore? This is the definition of predatory. He really wants someone vulnerable who he can prey on. When will he be outted?

No. 626510

Freya isn't A/A- list though

millie bobby brown sounds more likely but it's sick cause she's 16

I hope other celebrities start calling him out on his pedo-like behaviors

No. 626512

It may be due to her shaky hands due to her arthritis, which is why her makeup products are designed to help those that also struggle.

No. 626514

ovi auki

No. 626523

File: 1599692021632.jpeg (910.59 KB, 1242x1832, F4734A36-966F-4E62-9804-8010DE…)


I see CDAN posted here a lot but is there any evidence that it’s accurate? From what I can find this guy seems like he’s just mentally ill and a complete liar.

No. 626531

Sick, yes. But technically in most of U.S she could be considered legal. Maybe it is mbb, because Frey’s definitely isn’t A/A-

No. 626533


No. 626543

The foreign A/A- list actor is referring to Henry, or the oldest one in this case, not the girl. But I didn't know he was a "double-threat", does he sing or something?

No. 626566

No, but he builds PCs for attention.

No. 626622

File: 1599698723876.png (Spoiler Image, 1006.59 KB, 1168x686, Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 20.4…)

I should not have searched for silento's butthole on twitter

No. 626630

Oh my god anon please warn us. I know you said it in your post but I did not want to see his nasty prolasped bussy yet again.

No. 626633

oh wow he has been run THROUGH

No. 626691

IDk if it's filler, a botched face lift, or botox but her jaw does not move when she talks and it's really unsettling

Thanks anon I am absolutely disgusted.

No. 626745

he takes tips from people and posts them. most of his posts aren't his own. theres some obvious bullshit takes but there are accurate blinds

No. 626777

File: 1599709558896.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.27 KB, 720x1280, EhCy1IUWkAEosY7.jpeg)

And then my crazy ass wanted to find the original.

I have so many questions. Why is he making that face? Who was this pic for? Was he turned on by this? Did he ruin his own boyhole with self-play? Why is there tissue residue around his asshole? Or is that lotion? Is he taking that with a selfie stick?


No. 626780

Does anyone know who leaked this? Did he post this himself to try and revive his career?

No. 626781

File: 1599709753989.jpg (88.86 KB, 734x734, 29805_1.jpg)

That can't be lotion. Wouldn't it burn? His asshole already looks raw as is. Maybe that's lube. or his cum

Anyway, pic is basically his booty for anons that don't wanna look.

No. 626794

why. just why did i try to find this. why

No. 626800

fuck hahahaha
…but also how on earth did he get his bunghole to look this way.

No. 626819

Wow Did not know he was gay

No. 626833

File: 1599722564369.jpg (280.16 KB, 1440x1969, 20200910_022319.jpg)

No. 626958

>due to her arthritis
anon, she's a user as well as an alcoholic, don't be naive

No. 626970

He's going to need surgery to get that…back into its place, right? There's no way it's going back on its own

No. 626981

He wrote about Weinstein being a perv several years before the scandal actually erupted, so I believe him. Same with Spacey

No. 626989

Not really. Most blinds that ended up accurate were already open secrets in Hollywood for years and posted on different sites. The rest is likely bs made up by bored people. The site has only gotten worse over the years with his Qanon pandering.

There were rumors about those two for years, probably even decades. Here's Seth MacFarlane making fun of him over 7 years ago before the scandal.

No. 627056

anyone else following the cardi b vs candace owens situation? i dont even know how anyone could root for cardi…. i didnt even know she had actual fans

No. 627066

Two birds fighting, nothing to see here. Not a big fan of Cardi but I wish she would just ignore Candace the bitch made her entire career off of mud slinging it would be useless to entertain her fuckery she's just going to misconstrue whatever Cardi says to say something mildly self hating.

No. 627068

I don't know how anyone could vouch for Candace's Uncle Tom ass either. Cardi would be the lesser of two evils

No. 627089

who actually perceives black hair negatively? zero people, everyone i see from celebs on down to egirls is trying to get some of it or catch shine by wearing it. if it weren’t so then you wouldn’t see people from all walks constantly trying to ‘appropriate’ it. not talking about cops right now, but people at large adore black culture and always has because we shape it and bring it to the rest of you.

No. 627093

I actually love it when people who don’t give a fuck and don’t suck up to these people get awards show gigs. How do they get them, anyhow? Ricky Gervais has only broke down these assholes like ten times now on the Golden Globes, you’d think they’d get it by now.

No. 627095

Imagine not knowing what the whip and nae nae is

No. 627097

my tinfoil is it’s confused men saying these things to make girls and women feel like shit about themselves, pay it no mind, it’s ridiculous nonsense.

No. 627098

>who actually perceives black hair negatively
Some jobs won't allow it

No. 627101

I have a hard time believing this

No. 627102

What? It's literally a thing. I think nyc had to pass a bill to make it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of hair because the issue was big enough

No. 627103

who cares about it though? first, not all do. second the kind of workplaces you’re talking about expect people to look the same like drones and all discourage creativity and even beauty, if they told me to wear a bag on my head i’d do it to get paid haha but this is OT i see most people as loving my culture period

this boy is a mess and doesn’t know what way to go

No. 627112

>if they told me to wear a bag on my head i’d do it to get paid

Anon have some self respect, what the fuck?

No. 627120

NTA but idk seems kind of cozy. I wouldn't have to do my hair, fuck with makeup or basically bother with looking like a presentable human in general. I'm basically a soulless husk whenever I'm in the office anyway. Bring on the paper bags.

No. 627131

Obviously employers do if there had to be legislation passed banning discrimination toward those with kinky hair. Quit being retarded

Gonna wear a bag over my head to work everyday because my employer won't allow me to wear the hair that naturally grows out of my head. There is nothing wrong with this at all. This website kek

No. 627140

You can literally get fired from work or suspended from school for having black hair. Do you live under a rock, anon?

No. 627144

Fuck anon I’m so sorry, I just realized you meant black hair. I thought you meant the color black. I’m so fucking sorry omfg

No. 627248

Lmfao are you serious

No. 627322

LOL how the fuck?

No. 627328

Cardi B isn't even black and doesn't consider herself so, but she attacked Candace for marrying a white man and everyone is just going along with the entire "two black political women fighting" fraud. America's a fucking joke.
I don't like either of them, to be honest.

No. 627335

tfw you're from a predominantly white european country and without this post you'd never understand what's different about black hair as compared to any other color
it's messed up though, why wouldn't a person be allowed to have their natural hair?

No. 627336

what do you mean shes not black? shes afro-latina

No. 627340

She didn’t used to consider herself Afro Latina, I’m not sure if she’s changed her stance now though

No. 627346

You do realize not everyone lives in witchhunt-blacks-USA.

No. 627351

I wonder if this is a thing in Western European countries too

No. 627352

You think it only happens in the USA? Ever heard of South African schools? Lmao.

No. 627357

Her mom is part black, and her dad isn't at all.
She used to literally attack black women and call them monkeys and roaches, made fun of a black woman's child dying, claimed to see herself just as Latino, and said she considered it interracial (for herself) to date black men.
It's just now that she's involved in popular music that she's trying to claim blackness.

No. 627359

File: 1599773223410.jpg (303.37 KB, 1200x1200, c1S0KkP.jpg)

Alec Baldwin and his wife had their 5th child in 7 years

No. 627398

Breeders are so fucking creepy. FIVE?? FIVE KIDS?????

No. 627407

I fucking hate myself I looked at this photo for 5 minutes straight thinking "there's only four children".

No. 627413

My husband is one of five. What’s so weird about it? It’s kind of nice to have a big family.

No. 627414

the way shes holding her stomach says number 6 is on the way

No. 627434

Hope the baby comes out ok
Alec is old as fuck

Calm down

No. 627447

I’m confused are you saying the woman next to him is not his wife?

No. 627450

>It’s kind of nice to have a big family.
No it's really not

No. 627456

I'd be amazed if they somehow escaped autism 5 fucking times, I mean the rates are insane at his age

No. 627457

Sorry your family sucks.

No. 627459

it can be "kind of nice" but the perks of a small family far outweight the perks of a large family. Parent's time, energy, attention and finances shouldn't be divided over five or more kids imo.

No. 627468

no like my dumbass didn't realize they are referring to the baby in her stomach as the 5th kid.

No. 627472

Yeah! he’s fucking 62 and his wife is only 36

No. 627476

If rich people have lots of kids and poor people have very few, will the classes converge into one big middle class?

No. 627505

Yea, its the shrinking of the middle class that's killing the economy.

No. 627508

File: 1599779899048.jpg (73.84 KB, 634x600, 32917454-8709787-Aubrey_told_o…)

Daily Mail isnt letting up on Miss Oday lmao. They caught her in a pool this time.

No. 627509

File: 1599779935145.jpg (53.62 KB, 634x536, 32917500-8709787-_She_was_at_t…)

This pic is sending me.

No. 627510

I feel like this is PR and she’s about to come out with a weight loss sponsorship where they use these as the ‘before’ pictures. Since when does she get paparazzi’d?

No. 627511

>and poor people have very few
this isn't true at all ime

No. 627512

She does weight loss supplement and tummy teas and wraps. Literally a bunch of weightloss products. Thats why its so funny. If she just got fat and was living her life and truth it wouldnt be a thing and they wouldnt be trying to get photos of her lmao. The Daily Mail loves when pop stars get fat, but they usually go after UK/Aussie ones, not barely famous American ones.

No. 627513

God why does every celebrity seem to have the same type of bloated face without makeup
Do they all go to the same plastic surgeon and ask to look like fat Geordie Shore girls if they got stung by a bunch of bees after a week of drinking nothing but light beer

No. 627516

Its the fillers tbh. I never thought the bad British plastic surgery slag look would be a thing in the States but here we are.

No. 627521

Kylie Jenner had that face the last two season of the kardashians. I wouldn't be surprised the TV show is ending because she's utterly botched and won't be able to carry the show. She needs to stick to her photoshopped Kylie Cosmetic Campaigns.

Fillers are starting to look not good imo. Since they became normal for average people to get seeing the same procedures on different faces truly has made the botox parts more noticeable.

No. 627523

the hell are you talking about? Aubrey's insta look and all the stupid filler is as American as it comes.

No. 627524

Diddy tried to warn her!
fillers are an american look popularized by social media peeps like the kardashians. This history rewrite kek. American women are always trying to dunk on other women to cover for the fact like all look like Aubrey irl!

No. 627525

When I saw her I definitely thought she was British. But at this point insta thots in both countries basically look the same

No. 627528

The british look is orange foundation and block eyebrows with nude lipstick you dolt. The fake ass, duck lips look is American.

No. 627531

t. assblasted slags

No. 627534

Chav culture is life innit

No. 627538

No. 627570

This is so freaking gross to me. This gorgeous woman is wasting her time with a crusty old dude and letting him come inside her. At least he’s rich I guess.

No. 627592

the creepy part for me is thinking how much time the mother spends being pregnant and breastfeeding.

No. 627599

Celebrities blatant PR attempts are so funny to see.

Another PR attempt. This woman has no credibility and will do anything to try and salvage her reputation. In her heyday she had her publicist lie about things like her cocaine use (saying the white powder that was in her nose in a pic was 'stray dessert'), and now we're supposed to believe her just because she says she was abused? She doesn't even directly say she was sexually abused, she probably just wants people to assume that.

No. 627714

Maybe I'm missing some context here but how is Armie Hammer hanging out with some random dude we've never heard of a PR move? I know there was that news about him cheating but I don't see how a post like this would fix anything.

No. 627718

Imagine spending your entire youth just being an incubator for a senior

No. 627749

I think he has a reputation for being wealthy and out of touch so this post he made makes it seem like he’s trying to be down to earth and relatable when we all know his career is built on nepotism

No. 627793

File: 1599805643601.jpg (69.55 KB, 600x360, gemma-in-greece--t.jpg)

i see it too, anon. she reminds me so much of gemma collins now.

No. 627951

>>Kylie Jenner had that face the last two season of the kardashians. I wouldn't be surprised the TV show is ending because she's utterly botched and won't be able to carry the show.

Well Keeping Up With The Kardashians is cancelled kek

No. 627964

I think that's what anon was referring to

No. 627988

She's living the definition of the tradwive life
>be young, marry old rich white dude
>get a dozen blonde children
>bare feet and a flower dress

Was this video posted before already? What a loving father, I bet his adult kids are visiting him and their half-siblings super often…

No. 628010

That and Armie got caught cheating on his wife and sending cringey sexual DM's to a female fan…

No. 628039

The kids are only blonde because they're young. The oldest one in regressing into brow hair on that picture already.

No. 628043

File: 1599841534972.gif (4.12 MB, 400x307, 93170BC0-A3FD-463D-BBC4-7E40B5…)

Ngl I think this is pretty fucking hot

No. 628048

>t. varg’s wife

No. 628074

I was under the impression that those dms were fake but idk. Not that I doubt he cheated

No. 628282


same, what's wrong with us>>628043

No. 628303

Lol anon that was a bit dense…

No. 628860

File: 1599939549218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.6 KB, 644x1292, 20200912_223722.jpg)

Chris Evans leaked his own dick pic

No. 628861

File: 1599939693117.jpg (11.83 KB, 386x381, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

This is legit? Kek i'm cackling there's no way he wouldn't have noticed his fucking dick there

No. 628865

File: 1599940043842.jpg (62.84 KB, 900x836, U57FbmC.jpg)

No. 628867

No. 628873

I was looking for this. Thanks.

No. 628874

Why are all these male celebrities suddenly having their shit leaked?

No. 628875

Saw people remember Paul Walker. I don't care about him since I learned he dated underage girls. His last girlfriend was 16 when they began dating.

No. 628877

This fella leaked it himself to save someone else the trouble

No. 628886

It's The Fappening 2, the sequel no one asked for but it's 2020 and you're getting it anyway.

No. 628887

Genuinely rushed to post it here

No. 628903

wait I don't know he context, what did he do? He showed him own album or what?

No. 628915

He screen captured a video and at the end it disappeared to show the gallery.

No. 628916

Bless you for that. He was trending on twitter and I needed to see that pic.

No. 628935

Just came to me that it could be someone else's dick too. Discuss.

No. 628946

I've been waiting for the Fappening 2 (Male Edition) for awhile now, thank you very much

No. 628954

I reckon he is gay.

No. 628961

Where have you heard that? All the gossip items I’ve read just say he hooks up with a lot of girls in whatever city he’s in

No. 628967

Just by looking at him, and seeing his camera roll. He's queer for sure.

No. 628982

anybody got the whole vid? & where was it posted to?

No. 628986

I love how lots of teen girls are telling people off for reposting this on twitter 'he has severe anxiety already, don't do this to him without consent'
…and then grown women are just enjoying the view and complimenting him lol

No. 628987

The teen girls are correct.

No. 628992

His brother is gay so it's in his DNA

No. 628993

It was on ig but I was able to find image only, if someone sees the og vid posted I hope they post here

No. 628999

File: 1599949182726.png (45.51 KB, 603x405, LMAOrightchrisevans.PNG)

you mean like this?

No. 629001

I saw one claiming he had both severe depression and crippling anxiety… crippling!

No. 629011

It's his own responsibility what he posts publically online. Not sharing it out of concern/empathy is nice but it's still his own dumb fault (if it wasn't on purpose). It's on him to be more careful not on others to not screenshot and not share it.

No. 629017

No. 629031

>it's still his own dumb fault (if it wasn't on purpose). It's on him to be more careful not on others to not screenshot and not share it
…Yeah, that's a poor excuse to save someone's personal images without their knowledge or consent. I can only imagine how farmers would feel about that statement if it were a female celebrity.

No. 629036

if they "accidentally" posted it themselves it'd be their fault just the same

No. 629037

Except female celebrities' iCloud gets hacked, or nudes were shared by exes, etc. There's always another person involved.

This one's on Chris Evans.

No. 629039

anons, is this a good or a bad dick? do people even find this shit attractive?
t. virgin

No. 629041

Of course it'd be her fault, and Chris is at fault in this situation as well. Is that an excuse to save it and share it, though? I can envision plenty of scummy men arguing that as a justification for saving and sharing personal images that a woman accidentally uploaded.

Women can accidentally or unintentionally share a personal image. It's not like that's never happened before.

No. 629044

it looks like shit. the head is too small and short so it makes it look short and not tasty.

No. 629046

The general consensus seems to be that it's a good dick and most reactions I've seen have basically been "well that's just another reason to love Chris Evans"

No. 629049

I'm no dick connoisseur but it looks like a mushroom

anon celebrity nudes have been leaked a million times before and they will always be on the internet forever afterwards regardless of how wrong it is. I don't know why this is such a moral quandary all of a sudden when it's wholesome dudebro Chris Evans. kek

No. 629058

Chris Evans is a white male Hollywood celebrity drowning in millions. I don't see how this can affect him or his career compared to your average female who may have accidentally had a technical error.
If Kendall Jenner happened to share her nudes by accident on Instagram, I'd laugh too. And it still would not be the same as to what have happened to other female celeb/non-celebs who really did had their shit hacked or shared by exes.

No. 629068

He basically gave consent when he posted it on his story, even if it wasn't intentional. You can't public social media account for all the world to see, knowing that everything you post on there can be shared and saved by anyone, and then back pedal "oh no guys you're not allowed to screenshot this" when you accidentally post something you didn't want on there. Be more caredul or don't use public social media if you don't want that to happen.

No. 629072

Does this have to become a whole discussion on morals? Y'know given the site you're on.. you're going to come across this shit.

No. 629074

My posts weren't as much about morals or even who the specific celebrity is, just the jarring difference between what some anons will or won't defend in regards to spreading people's personal images without their knowledge or consent, depending on whether they're male or female.

No. 629077

was just about to say this, can we go back to discussing the merits/faults of his penis now

No. 629078

I don't like the proportions of his dick the head is off. It's the first dick I've saw since my exes and it's making me miss it. Fuck you Chris Evans

No. 629079

i don't defend any of it but i also can't stop it and didn't contribute to it so i don't care.

No. 629080

people calling it a nice penis are delulu. the only reason why it would be any good is because it's attached to chris evans. shit looks short and bullet shaped or like a fucking pyramid, wide at the bottom small at the top. still would suck the chode just to say i sucked chris evans dick.

No. 629081

He probably did this deliberately so his groupies won't be disappointed when he takes his pants off.

No. 629083

Who is the dude in white?

No. 629085

fucking thank you. it is not a good looking dick.

No. 629086

Yeah I'm not a fan either, cut dicks and overly defined heads gross me out. At least it doesn't look thin. But I prefer bottom cap anyway so whatevs kek.

No. 629089

My irl experience is with men with alot of foreskin going on.. so it's hard for me to judge the head. The rest at least looks kinda thick?

Wish he'd leaked a better angle lol

No. 629091

Not the same anon who asked the same question but im also a virgin

I thought girth was favorable?? And cevans dick seems to be girthy??

No. 629092

as a self proclaimed slut with her fair share of circumcised and uncircumcised penises, his penis looks bottom tier. like a 2-3. because it's attached to americas ass i give it a 5.

No. 629093

I've seen such a positive reaction (just judging by twitter) that he'll probably inspire some men to accidentally leak theirs too

No. 629104

I just can't take much length so the girth caught my eye first. Looks short and thick but the perspective of the pic doesn't help us judge easily.

No. 629115

I’m erring on the side of not sharing pictures of his dick because that’s the nice thing to do and it was on accident on his part. People across twitter have been spamming his tag with cute images and the “guard that pussy” meme as well as edits to drown out his nudes in searches and reporting the actual image. Just a few hours ago it was much easier to find, at least on Twitter that it. I can’t imagine men going to these lengths to protect their favorite female actresses which is depressing.

I don’t think Evans is too cut up about it though reactions have generally been favorable. Maybe the other actors will leak their own dick pics now.

No. 629154

Apparently some ppl are saying that's his bro dick as it's possible he just recorded the video and send it like that instead of sending the vid itself, kinda makes sense since recording your own gallery for a Insta storie makes no sense, anyway the dick fat but ugly would fuck but not suck

No. 629158

There's a lot to unpack if Chris Evans was okay seeing a video that ended with his brother's cock in full view.

No. 629165

It has to be soft or something. I refuse to believe Chris Evans has a chode. I'll even believe that that's his brother's dick. No fucking way his dick looks like that.

No. 629170

If it is his he might as well start an onlyfans now. I mean he broke the ice with a blurry pic, now charge for the good shit lol

No. 629183

Jesus people really do love to waste their time on shit like "clearing searches on twitter" for a grown man who gives zero shits about them, stan culture is a disease

No. 629211

Oh, anon. Not all attractive men can be attached to a great penis. Such is life.

No. 629233

I guess he couldn't have it all. God knew he would be too powerful with a big, attractive dick.

No. 629340

File: 1599972469060.jpeg (143.57 KB, 640x632, 9C03FFC2-60D6-4986-88BB-DD22FA…)

demi lovato's fiance max ehrich was obsessed with selena gomez in the past, found this collage on twitter. really creepy imo and it must feel weird to have your fiancé obsess over your former friend

No. 629341

File: 1599972494385.jpeg (788.1 KB, 2048x2048, 50CD1AFC-2185-4BFF-B4A0-9F56A3…)

pic dump 2/3

No. 629342

File: 1599972642975.jpeg (548.66 KB, 2048x2048, 27E3963D-9718-464E-A415-AC42C1…)

pic dump 3/3

No. 629343

Ew what a creep. I wonder if he's with Demi to try and get to Selena. I hope Demi leaves him.

No. 629344

File: 1599972776688.jpeg (36.15 KB, 884x479, 9BAB20AB-E170-42B0-AACF-171E2B…)

i think you're right. apologies to everyone for photo dump but it's so weird

No. 629348

wtf….this can't be real. Even if he wasn't with her this is creepy fucking behavior.

No. 629350

fucking tragic lmao

No. 629352

Why is there Turkish text on the screencaps, I'm so confused

No. 629355

lol no idea, grabbed the collages off twitter!

No. 629364

kek remember when hayley williams accidentally uploaded her tits to twitter

No. 629405

Eh, it's average. It would look nicer if it was uncut– like anons have said, it's mushroom-y. I can't believe you guys were expecting him to have a fucking elephant penis just because he's in good shape. There are attractive men with bad dicks and uggos with nice dicks because how they look is basically random.

Honestly I'm more weirded out by the "guard your pussy" thing. The guy's buying his own hype way too hard. I think it's possible that this "leak" was on purpose. Powerful men will do incredibly stupid shit for sex/their ego, even if it harms their careers.

No. 629416

Is Chris Evans the guy from Not Another Teen Movie? He always gave me homo vibes and my gay friends back then were obsessed with that scene of him in the whipped cream.

No. 629417


Are you guys all forgetting about her being a raging alcoholic for years, and getting a liver transplant from her then-BFF bc she killed hers? The "lupus" is just a cover story for her alcoholism because it covers all the symptoms of that and liver disease.

No. 629418

File: 1599992094569.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.12 KB, 630x519, a78f37211cd5c26e57d8baa25e1bf1…)


holy shit, I forgot about it but yeah it's him lol

No. 629421

Yeah, he was in that one. Though most people know him as the guy who plays Captain America. It's current year, so I doubt he's closeted gay. I'd definitely believe that he's a repressed bisexual, though. Also probably a bottom with a sad dick+nice butt combo like that.

No. 629423

Aren't superheroes/action movies the epitome of straight homophobe culture tho. Man's got a wage and reputation to protect

No. 629424

File: 1599993421961.jpg (690.67 KB, 1687x2560, EMPYRE_AVENGERS_AFTERMATH-scal…)

Maybe ten or fifteen years ago. In recent years the comic books have been pretty gay, so the movies can't be too far behind.

No. 629434

File: 1599995280738.jpeg (90.29 KB, 561x707, 1B130D91-27D9-4E15-A0C4-9CC69D…)


It’s a shame it wasn’t young Alec.

No. 629441

I dislike it. Probably because he's circumcised, but it looks segmented like a wasp's body.

No. 629448

I have a question about this, because it struck me as weird that he has a bunch of pictures of himself in his recents, and it's a recording of a video.

Does he manage his own social media? Is it possible that this is a media manager's phone, and not his at all?

No. 629459

The man on the bottom left is his brother. No reason for his manager to have that

No. 629484

File: 1600004345788.png (950.11 KB, 1086x852, DL9wQvz.png)

No. 629491

Lmao why would someone photoshop his waist in the second photo

No. 629502

NTA but it looks like the shadows from his arms are creating the "photoshopped waist" look, not actual Photoshop itself

No. 629628

Are people commenting about there being too many kids or something? What is she referring to?

No. 629642

she seems to be slamming negative comments and feedback in general and asking why they follow her

No. 629647

gay men like a semi hourglass shape sometimes

No. 630018

Paris' documentary dropped.

No. 630020

No. 630023

Some people seem to think it's a nice dick but I don't like circumcised dicks and the glans is off, it's kinda short mushroomy, so no not my kind of a penis

No. 630026

Tried watching it, 15 min in and I want to slap every single one of them. It's pretty boring and tone deaf.

No. 630032

Same, uncut ones are cuter (so long as the guy has good hygiene.)

No. 630055

Just watched it, it's schlocky and boring but damn she looks really good and hasn't aged a bit.

No. 630065

It starts off pretty vapid, but at least she shines a light on the abusive reform school industry in the last 20-30 minutes. Children as young as 8 are sent to those places, it's fucked up.
She also talks about how she's been in multiple abusive relationships as a result of the trauma. It would've been better if the whole documentary was serious, a deep dive/expose ala Elan School, but I get that the doc is about her, her brand takes precedent and most of her fans are just interested in glamour.

No. 630079

Boarding schools just breed abuse. There's two I know local to me that people get messed up going too. A lot of people are under the misconception boarding is for posh kids but it's mostly for parents to dump their kids since they can't be fucked. The biggest inconvenience to them is simply their kid existing they could give a fuck what happens behind closed doors.

No. 630131

File: 1600092561334.png (4.36 MB, 3305x3731, kim.png)

I keep forgetting about Kim's humble beginnings as Paris friend, I'm sure they've chosen this specific footage of a fan pushing herself in front of her while she stood behing skill holding onto Paris' arm like a lost baby on purpose

No. 630163

Can Selena Gomez actually sing or she just jumped on the singer bandwagon at the time because it was very common to do so?

No. 630164

The latter

No. 630179

she was a disney kid. they force them all to sing, she's one of the few who's lasted

No. 630201

I remember she sang the theme song for Wizards of Waverly Place, standard fare for Disney girls kek

No. 630233

Finished watching it, it was really sad look at a person who can just never be truly happy and is very lonely; probably an accurate image how most of the public people feel nowadays, but I believe even "regular" people can relate how trauma from early years can ruin your life and your relationships. It's a bit upsetting to see people call it boring, was there not enough abuse to entertain?
Anyway what I think it's nice is that it seems the main point of the documentary was to raise more awareness about the boarding schools issue than focusing on promoting Paris' brand.

No. 630234

I hope she can keep in touch with her old mates/other survivors from reform school, though it looks like she still might not be ready to deal with her own trauma instead choosing to stay focused(distracting herself) on drama/work/earnings.
Also the scene with her mom saying 'if we'd only known' or something like that just made me think of how the parents obviously aren't sorry for having her abducted in the night and experiencing that abusive environment. Like if you can sign documents and invoices for having people come take your child away like that you must've had an inkling on what sort of place the school would be. They were probably just happy to get out of caring for their rowdy teenager.
If Paris would delegate her brand management and use some of her time to help work on investigating boarding schools like the one she experienced, and supporting others like her, that would probably be for the better.

No. 630247

Forgot to say it's sad that she barely knows anyone who knew her before she became the vapid persona the world knows her to be. Like her family must not be the most profound support of her as a person as opposed to her brand/legacy. Someone also mentioned that she also has a brother that is messed up mentally, I might see what that was about.

No. 630298

Haven’t watched this yet but good for her for using her platform for something that has been swept under the rug for a long time. I know several people who went to “youth boarding schools” like she did and are still damaged from their experiences. If anyone wants more info about this kind of stuff, r/troubledteens is a pretty good resource.

No. 630328

She's the Disney starlet that can't really sing. There's been highschool musical, cheetah girls, hannah Montana, camp Rock and then selena. Princess Protection Agency had both demi and selena and Demi out sang selena so much during that movie. Or I remember they all did send it on with the Jonas brothers and selena and Kevin got like matched up since they do nothing.

No. 630414

Drew Barrymores new talk-show is premiering. She’s competing against Kelly Clarkson’s show. Kelly seems more low key and relatable to talk show watchers, Drew is spastic and practically screaming every word at the start of her show. Drew is trying to be funny but no one is laughing at her jokes which makes me sad lol. I hope she can find her footing. At least this interview seems more fun?

No. 630420

Lucy Liu looks great

No. 630560

she’s an absolute goddess! the whole interview with the angels was really sweet, too. super cute

No. 630568

I went to college with her brother. He was pretty quiet and I wouldn't have known who he was if someone else hadn't told me (so he wasn't flaunting it or anything). He struck me more as someone trying to lay low more than anything.

No. 630580

File: 1600138716961.jpg (740.26 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200914-215825_Twi…)

Tbh this was a 0retty good pr stunt and/or deflection

No. 630597

Oh wow. Credit where it's due, kek

No. 630599

File: 1600141566316.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 2048x1536, 0962182F-3F09-4DA2-BED1-146E03…)

kek how can a nose job go so wrong? he is seriously Voldemort tier

No. 630601

Ew this Marilyn Manson ass mouth breathing face

No. 630604

Is this a celeb? Or is this kpop?

No. 630614

I don't think it's a stunt, or a deflection, it's just a joke. And a great response honestly, acknowledging what happened but making light out of it and getting some good pr in at the same time.

No. 630623

but just that doesn't explain at all her flunctuating weight, i'm sure selena is also on drugs but i dont doubt her lupus at all, which only makes it worse
her then bff would have known about her drug use too and i doubt anyone sane would give someone a liver if the only reason they needed it was drug use

No. 630628

RM from BTS. at this point everyone knows them so they can be discussed in this thread, right? though i don't want to see them more than once every two weeks in here kek
but geez, that looks like something someone would want revised on botched.

No. 630704

i think it would be def toeing the line even if you only wanted to mention it every now and then, since spergy kpop fans absolutely will start going apeshit. it keeps lowkey happening on the moo thread and there are definitely kpop thread veterans still lurking round here

No. 630969

File: 1600194443085.jpeg (91.22 KB, 989x712, C9028A6A-A5D2-4B51-BF17-BB8BAB…)

why did he do this to his head? it looks like boys from high school who put their snapbacks on before their hair dried

No. 630987

Existential crisis, he thinks it will make him look like an eboy

No. 631034

File: 1600198564402.jpg (579.32 KB, 2100x2520, 5b3a3b3c7928586005cbb46508019f…)

That's really sad. Imagine him trying to go back to this (even though that's when he got the most hate).
That reminds me, Miley Cyrus actually managed to pull off a Hannah Montana cosplay in 2019 or 2020.

No. 631107

File: 1600202316985.png (509.04 KB, 789x626, JVmPEWq.png)

No. 631126

I've been wondering which girl it was that finally made Cardi throw in the towel. Praying it's Masika for some dumbass reason so I can stop hearing about her antics.

No. 631142

shit maybe it was a man, 2020 is crazy enough for it.

No. 631207

File: 1600212056476.jpg (28.89 KB, 636x382, article-2542974-1AB5D159000005…)

No. 631258

The usual claim is that dreads, head wraps, corn rows are "too casual" or that it is a work hazard if it is too big or too long. I remember when I used to work at l'Occitane, I was going through our work manual out of boredom and they literally had big red x's over things like afros. But no one ever said anything about my coworker's really long, down to her butt hair that she used to wear loose all the time, which could have easily gotten caught in the doors or snagged on some of the tools we used to set up displays. Corporate and retail work culture in the US is very strange.

No. 631262

LMFAO noooooooo

No. 631279

So, is the Ellen Degeneres hate just by 12 year olds who thinks any adult gives a shit about her crappy amy schumeroid show?

No. 631284

Abuse…yawn y’all need a life.

Who’s happy the KUWK ended?

No. 631293

Beyond excited but knowing Kris they probably have a spin off in the works whenever covid lets up.

No. 631305

I mean with Kris and her lore still striving they’ll continue being in our faces unfortunately, I’m still happy they lost viewing rates, gives me a bit hope they’ll lose all-platform followers.

No. 631314

Can you give me the tldr about her? I actually haven't heard about any of this outside the first girl offset cheated on her with forever ago. Girl knew he was a cheater and that he'd keep cheating but stayed with soo lol

But yeah I haven't heard shit all about the other girls.

No. 631342

Cardi can not keep her mouth closed for shit. I feel like she's definitely gonna spill the beans about their relationship and who we cheated with after the divorce.

No. 631368

So, getting choked, beaten the shit out of, having drugs you don't need forced on you, grown ass men watching you shower, etc is like…normal for you? I don't envy your life lol

No. 631373

I'm pretty sure that same anon is going through multiple threads and posting the edgiest shit possible. Just ignore them.

No. 631462

And I didn’t even watch the video, because who cares about paris hilton? I also don’t believe a single thing she said. She is the same woman who claims to repair clocks.

No. 631465

Samefag but wtf was targeted at you
I can’t delete and edit my post unfortunately but I also wanna say that I don’t understand why such a weird woman that was just as stupid as Kim gets so much credit over a “nostalgic” stupid show. I prefer Kim at this point.

No. 631493

Have you guys seen this? The whole thing is so cringe…also that poor fucking kitten

No. 631639

Judging by the thumbnail, did Lana and Adele swap bodies?

No. 631652

File: 1600272382471.jpeg (504.32 KB, 750x1022, BAE93485-B2DB-4660-801B-0CB777…)

I found this tweet and I can't stop laughing help

I always thought malnourished Adele looked like Katy Perry

No. 631657

I literally did not even recognize her, even after reading Lana Del Rey in the thumbnail. Legit thought it was some random girl doing a parody. Even in the video she's hardly recognizable.

The bath scenes, yikes

No. 631713

kanye uploaded a video of him peeing on his grammy

No. 631720

Then you don't know shit about that school or what went on there. Google exists, anon, don't make an ass of yourself.
>She is the same woman who claims to repair clocks.
She never said this, lmao.

No. 631721

I hate how him being as famous as it gets and beloved makes people view him different than any other unhinged cow, who'd do shit like this too if they won a grammy. Im not sure how people still have respect for him tbh

No. 631722

Mental illness and attention-seeking.

No. 631727

Watched a couple of his earliest films lately and I felt bad at first for fancying that (too) young version of him. But given his own dating history.. I guess I don't feel thaat bad.

No. 631734

For how many years is he just going to act batshit? I've seen regular old broke biploar people get their shit together and sort their meds out in way less time.

No. 631737

he's being enabled by the masses you could say

No. 631777

Perhaps it's somewhat easier to fix your shit if you're broke and have no other way of staying alive. He can continue to be a piece of shit so he's never gonna have a reason to make changes.

No. 631817

You would hope that his kids would be a good enough reason. They'll become painfully aware of his illness the older they get

No. 631835

Whoa, last saw his nose in this angle a looong time ago and it certainly didn't look that fucking broken in the middle of the bridge.

No. 631898

This is so try-hard and transparent god damn

No. 631967

File: 1600301098927.jpeg (143.04 KB, 750x437, FE6BF53E-25E8-4B9F-80FF-A207E8…)

Kanye posted screencapped PDFs of all of his contracts. Holy fuck he's unhinged


No. 631983

It's not like Kanye is hurting anyone other than Kanye regarding his recording contracts. He should focus more on Sony they killed Michael Jackson.

No. 632059

I'm glad he is dead.

No. 632174

sony killed mj? excuse me what

No. 632310

Kanye is so annoying if we could go back in time and take mid 2005 Kanye and replace him that would be amazing. Going on a twitter spergout about being denied a Masters or whatever failed business venture then trying to force the black community into moving his enemies hands. His issues are his alone I hate when celebrities call for a mass protest that will benefit solely them in the long run. Fuck Kim but I'm rooting for her at this point just to shut his ass up.

No. 632322

File: 1600354278774.jpeg (115.79 KB, 750x281, C221D335-37DB-41C1-B189-F7931F…)

Not denied a masters, denied the master recordings of his own music. So like, his kids won’t own the original recordings of his music, the record company owns it, and that’s in the record company execs wheelhouse for their own assets. I know he’s crazy but this does make sense, kind of fucked he can’t even own his own music and he was right when he said tweet attached.

No. 632324

Michael wanted his masters. The record company, sony, owns them. Michael Jackson used to buy other peoples music, give them some of the royalties so they could finally collect some money from their music. Michael Jackson has talked for years about how evil the music industry is, so has Prince. The lead singer of the beegee's was a good friend of Michael's and said Michael used to tell him all the time how the record company is trying to steal their music.

No. 632349

Good on Sony for that then

No. 632360

Thanks for this funfact, anon. I had no idea, but it makes sense given what other artists have gone through. Didn't Michael also buy a vast majority of the Beatles' catalog where they owned Rick James's music and he gave the rights back to Rick James? (I heard about it recently and Paul McCartney regretted it kek)

No. 632368

File: 1600358410416.webm (929.02 KB, 404x720, ripsave - Lose yourself.webm)

is Lana okay

No. 632382

this video made me fucking dizzy

No. 632386

Wait, she's driving but is she also the one filming?

No. 632391

No. 632396

same anon

No. 632418

God I hate it when people drive so irresponsibly and then put the recording online to show how cool they are for risking theirs and others lives.

No. 632426

File: 1600362652664.jpeg (420.4 KB, 1125x1094, 860FFC9C-375F-4A8C-9840-085A78…)

That breh moment when a girl with a curly perm relates to a girl with dark skin and probably naturally curly hair
Who is even gonna read this book? Mariah should stick to what she’s doing best and that’s singing but she quit that.

No. 632432

"Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant
June 21, 1985 (age 35)"

did she get into an argument with her decrepit cop bf, get high and film this? c'mon girl

No. 632434

File: 1600363050404.jpg (52.58 KB, 480x700, 3ee0f2dac6d296ffca6ecce1113db1…)

Isn't mariah half black?

No. 632438

What an asshole, if she causes an accident someday for instagram clout I hope she won't harm anyone but herself.

No. 632442

nta but I only knew it since a few years ago because she just looks like a white woman who can easily tan. She doesn't even look like she's half black, more like she maybe has a black or mixed grandparent or something. I can understand why not everyone could have guessed.

No. 632456

You guys probably don't know who this is but a rapper Young Buck (he was in G-unit with 50 Cent) got outted by a transwoman he was sleeping with a few years ago, the trans woman leaked phone calls of the guy begging them not to tell the world and released a song about him. We he paid the TW off the TW said it was all fake.
Anyway, fast forward today the same transwomen now says they have HIV and implies that maybe Young Buck gave it to them.
This person IS a sex worker and had a horrible up bringing (a gay male, whose mother hated he was feminine, he tranned out and met tranny chaser/bisexual/DL Young Buck),So chances are they do not know who gave it to them but honestly? Women should know that he came in contact with a transwomen with HIV so that they can be safe fucking with him. I do think the trans woman wants to get back at Buck one more time.

The whole situation is sad, I feel bad for the transwomen but it's also a reminder to watch who you have sex with.
Some of these men are on the low and sleep with trans hookers and other men.

Also, this man has childern and he had girlfriends through out all of this. Watch out for these scrotes guys.
(the post is really really long and I can't cap it all) I hope this person does not kill themselves and gets help, it's just a sad situation.


No. 632457

Is she trying to piss off her ex, the cop?

No. 632464

Wasn't Young Buck outed in the 2002 rap diss track by Ja Rule called "Loose Change"? Those rumours all date pretty far back then, it's funny to see them substantiated. The HIV part is frightening though, men are so scary.

No. 632475

I have no idea, what I do know was he was liked some gay porn on twitter and people caught him doing it. I was shocked when I first saw him get outted because I had a HUGE crush on him. I hope he does not have HIV for the sake of the women we all know he's fucking or bearding with.

No. 632627

Anon you replied to. That’s a fucking perm. She’s always been so cringy about the identity.

No. 632664

Mariah Carey's father is black. Wikipedia describes him as half African American and half Afro-Venezuelan. It sounds like you're pressed because you think that she doesn't look black enough to relate to the music by Irene Cara, a popular Afro-latina singer.

No. 632668

> He should focus more on Sony they killed Michael Jackson.
This isn’t the tinfoil thread

No. 632684

lmao oh no, he had to trade worldwide fame and fortune for a record deal. He could have stayed independent but he wanted fame and all the shit that comes with it. I can't with people pitying these billionaires. Sorry his rich kids can't be richer QQ.
yeah wtf are these comments, it's never been a secret that Mariah is black?? lmao

No. 632693

Then what would you say her natural hair looks like?

No. 632701

File: 1600389374824.jpg (115.08 KB, 599x900, IMG_20200917_213341.jpg)

Liz Gillies married her groomer lmao
They met when she was 15 and he was 32, back when she started working on Victorious. He supposedly worked with Dan Schneider back then and that's how they met. That whole teen cast from Nickelodeon seems to be fucked up now

No. 632705

she looks out of herself high

No. 632720

I really wish I could fully like her. I think this documentary does a great job of showing how dark everything is around her, and how she was forcibly shaped into the icon she is (and mostly as, at the time.) Her racist comments, and trump loving shit just makes me unable to like her. I wish she'd own up, and change her ways.

No. 632794

Holy fuck she’s driving through Laurel Canyon. People die here all the time?????

No. 632802

>He could have stayed independent but he wanted fame and all the shit that comes with it.

On top of your point, he's just as cutthroat as any record executive he could mention. Toni Braxton has a lot to say about how he stole the basic skeleton and hooky sample from one of her then unreleased songs for Jay-Z's 03 Bonnie & Clyde, and there are quite a few unpaid engineers, musicians and collaborators from a recent Teyana Taylor album he "executive produced."

No. 632848

noooo not an iconic mean girl

No. 632855

Managed to finally watch it. Feelsbadman.jpg but god damn Paris just needs to go to therapy instead of sitting around sad with this stuff.
>"I wanna stop having nightmares"
There's medication for that sweetie, I would know I had to take it

No. 633116

New Gaga MV if anyone's interested

No. 633136

Aesthetically pleasing for sure, I love the costumes and location. The ending was very satisfying, it was nice to realize how this whole bizarre scene comes together in a way that makes total sense

No. 633148

rumors of bri larson & tom holland fronting as zelda & link for a netflix adaptation…..
anyone else here who wouldn't have cast either of them?

No. 633151

One of my fav songs off chromatica got a video? Yes please

No. 633163

they really want it to bomb or what

No. 633200

please no

No. 633226

Oh god no

No. 633270

You know, in terms of video game characters, being Link is much more fitting for Tom Holland than fucking Nathan Drake.

What the fuck were they thinking with that Uncharted adaptation?

No. 633294


Also has her foot on the dash…

No. 633297

Thanks, I hate it. Why choose the most average looking people? They might as well make a final fantasy movie with timothy chalamet as cloud while they're at it.
Like people aren't going to pissed enough about the last airbender.

No. 633298

Zelda has no fucking story tho.

It's gonna be so contrived and haphazardly slapped together. Like the WoW movie

No. 633326

File: 1600459996381.png (1.64 MB, 1015x2426, CBD2C858-ED37-42EA-A708-322432…)

Lol maybe Brie could pass as sheik but she doesn’t fit Zelda

No. 633379

imo they need to cast a no-name as link because he shouldnt have any lines & be mute like in the games (tho in a million years they would never do that)

No. 633424

no please oh god oh no oh god no no no

No. 633430

sounds fake tbh

No. 633478

File: 1600478045268.jpg (143.2 KB, 990x556, 20200918_rbg_2000.jpg)

No. 633510

Woof. We knew it was coming but she’s one of those figures you feel like would’ve hung around forever.

No. 633517

Mitch McConnell has already spoke on getting Trumps choice for a new justice through the senate. She wasn’t even dead for an hour. My gay ass is scared to be an American right now.

No. 633563

I don't think any actor deserves to play Link I don't think he could be done justice.
Also Zelda is a teen and don't get me wrong because Brie is gorgeous but a bit too old for Zelda, even Twi Zelda. Maybe they shouldn't do the adaption.

No. 633610

If there's a bright side, you know Kiki Kannibal is recording 600 audition tapes right now and will melt down Sean Young-style when she's ignored.

No. 633659

agreed, bri larson would be better off playing tom holland's older sister in something, not the zelda to his link (which again…pls no. hollywood realizes there are other young actors besides tom, timothee chalamet & the stranger things cast, right?)

No. 633772

American women are fucked now.

No. 633774

You think Obergefell will be overturned? That’s not going to happen.

No. 633777

American TERFs are fucked the most. Gorsuch used “because of sex” in Bostock to allow troons to gain parity with womyn in the workplace.

No. 633779

If there is a Zelda adaption Link better remain mute.

No. 633780

I don't know much about American politics, was she the judge responsible for teenagers being handed out hormones with very few checks? Tranny rights were amplified during the Clinton presedential run in 2016 it was almost her only solid platform for the presidency lol

No. 633785

Nothing on Google comes up.

Again, the justice who’s going to carry trans rights to the finish line will be Trump-appointee Gorsuch.

No. 634046

love how she's trolling her critics and haters lmfao
she',s looking good. the COCC era seems exiting!

No. 634112

File: 1600544615978.jpeg (467.26 KB, 828x905, FAEA7665-B44F-4858-ACBE-480C07…)

The guy from Cheer who’s mom died likes sexting 13 year olds despite being college aged. Way to go pushing the gay degenerate narrative…

No. 634275

She was a big pioneer for women's rights. This is going to hit America very hard. RIP for a real one… She did a lot for us her entire career.

No. 634475

This is like the Taylor Swift thing, right? Except everyone called her a hitch when she had words to say. Either way, they should’ve read their contracts before signing.

No. 634499

The difference being I think she was a 14/15 year old girl when she signed and Kanye was a grown ass man.

No. 634943

File: 1600658698211.png (2.37 MB, 828x1792, 97F3536C-CD48-40BD-BAB2-0F8553…)

Harry is butthurt his grandma decided to leave Megan out of his birthday announcement pictures and posts. I’m sorry but if your whole fucking family does not like your spouse, I’m pretty sure your family isn’t the one with the problems. He’s such a fucking whiner I swear to god, doesn’t he get tired of defending her all the time? Also she’s lucky as shit she found such a spineless weasel for a husband.

No. 634948

>the sun
>source is random writer

No. 634954

>I’m pretty sure your family isn’t the one with the problems.
Yeah, because you can really trust a rich, privileged, useless royal family to have fair judgement when it comes to other people. I'm sure they'd hate anyone they consider 'below' them in status, and that's reflects negatively on them alone.

No. 634958

Multiple papers picked up the "story", I just picked a random one to screenshot
I just think the idea of being mad your wife isn't included in birthday photos of you to be completely ridiculous, part of me hopes it's just for clicks but part of me believes the royals are that petty to do it and Harry is that much of a baby.

No. 635013

does the uk public actually give a fuck about the royal family or is the media milking drama for money?

No. 635022

File: 1600672472412.png (678.75 KB, 755x775, smeg.png)

most people are indifferent, mostly people just hate that millions of £ tax money that went on renovating their home and their wedding spectacle, what's sad is how many people lapped up the obvious push by Smeg's PR team to make her departure a racial issue.
>wants to be 'out of the spotlight'
>moves to Hollywood and signs a netflix deal
her woke bullshit is beyond fake and embarrassing.

No. 635023


but also isn't she an actress though? tbh i know nothing bout the royal family and their orbiters but if she's moving to hollywood i would assume it's for acting and not to settle down quietly with harry. i just dont understand the medias obsession with her, with kate it was all flowers and roses and a cinderella story but suddenly with meghan it's drama central, very tabloidy. even some american papers capitalize on it, im so tired of seeing these people in the grocery check out kek

No. 635025

She WAS an actress but now she's a royal and for some reason she wants to completely downgrade herself by whoring herself out to Vogue and Disney etc. when there's no need to do any of those things, and shows her intelligence and where her priorities are.
>i just dont understand the medias obsession with her
because Kate just quietly gets on with things whereas Smegs is just showing a complete lack of understanding as to all the privileges and status that's been afforded to her which makes her the MEDIA'S No 1. LOLCOW

No. 635028

>whoring herself out to Vogue and Disney etc
how dare she want to still work in the career of her choosing, only whores look for self actualization I guess.

You sound like a British boomer.

No. 635030

File: 1600674469269.jpg (1.3 MB, 4000x2569, Markle-coverage-2.jpg)

>what's sad is how many people lapped up the obvious push by Smeg's PR team to make her departure a racial issue.
It clearly was in quite a few cases.

No. 635031

>how dare she want to still work in the career of her choosing
honey she IS A ROYAL, she could literally do ANYTHING to make the world a better place and she chooses to work for pedo incorporated and sell copies of fucking Vogue. You sound like a retarded libfem.
lol how do those cliche images show it's anything to do with race and not just reflecting a portion of public opinion about her sad behavior

No. 635032

>Liking avocados? Sad behavior!
>It's okay when her white counterpart does it though
>Btw this isn't racial
Delusional, lol.

No. 635033

>honey she IS A ROYAL, she could literally do ANYTHING to make the world a better place and she chooses to work for pedo incorporated
>pedo incorporated
Wait, you mean the royals or hollywood?

yes it's a joke. your upholding of some dumb inbred criminal family as some potential beacon of good is almost cute

No. 635034

The avocado is obviously not the sad part, she has a larger catalogue of behavior that is that.
NOBODY in England gave a fuck about her race, if anything people will have been disappointed harry chose a tacky American, and she proved them right by running off to Hollywood.
kek I am not defending the Royal family, but it's like owning a diamond mine but wanting to sell cardboard for a living

No. 635035

>NOBODY in England gave a fuck about her race
I don't really know why you'd lie like this, it's not like nobody else here is British themselves, or can't just read comment sections.

No. 635036

>chooses to work for pedo incorporated
theres a literal pedophile in the royal family kek

No. 635037

Why is it so obvious when Americans start talking about royals. You all sound like retards.
Majority of British people do not care about the royal family and if you do you're considered a patriotic weirdo.

No. 635038

Remember when they thought that failed damage control interview with Prince Andrew would work out well?
I don't understand Britbong logic. Some biracial American actress is more of an outrage to them just by existing than an actual pedophile going unpunished.

No. 635041

>online threads where a couple of incels that could be from anywhere in the world yell abuse somehow reflects general u.k public opinion
sure jan, no one would have even noticed her race if the media hadn't started going on about how IMPORTANT AND PROGRESSIVE it was as if anyone cared. She looks Spanish ffs
No one wanted him to do that interview, it was his decision
>actual pedophile
a victim has said she was used by Epstein etc. to blackmail Prince Andrew so it's not as clear cut as that and maybe more sinister

No. 635042

because it's all hardcore airquotes "alleged", until dude is arrested for diddling kids so people will defend to the death. hell they probably will even if he was arrested and admitted to it.

No. 635043

Makes sense, even the anon above is trying hard with this twisted logic. It's seriously sick.

No. 635044

exactly, like what the fuck are they on? explain to me how having shitty libfem opinions and a history in hollywood is in anyway comparable to being some aristocrat pedo that drains your countries coffers. she's literally harmless but some britfags are acting like she's destroying their culture. you're allowed to hate americans but don't act like the brit media isn't salivating over megs every move and leaving lilly white kate alone because muh class

>complains about libfem opinions
>defends a literal pedophile
what is your angle here, sir?

No. 635047

kek I'm not defending him it's just pretty reductive put the whole thing down to HE'S AN ACTUAL RAPIST PEDO PREDATOR when powerful elites are blackmailing each other by sending underage hareems to each others hotel rooms, probably while they're high af on coke

No. 635048

you just don't know if he was a rabid predator himself or if he himself was being predated upon by Epstein and co. and to just ree about him being a pedo avoids the answer to that question

No. 635050

So, your precious Prince Andrew totally didn't do anything, he's just being ~*blackmailed*~ by those evil elites (because he's not an elite, I guess), and your proof is…what? And how does this justify eternally seething about a typical American being American?

No. 635053

andrew took wayyyy too many trips on epsteins little plane and island to be some blackmail victim. i mean, they were clearly buds. i know jeffy blackmailed friends but cmon, he's a prince…if shit got rough he had options. im not buying it at all.

No. 635054

Isn't Prince Andy similar in age to Epstein and Co? He wasn't some defenseless child.

No. 635056

he's literally 200

No. 635117

go defend this price is right model somewhere else. anyone with a 'lifestyle brand' is a cow

No. 635134

File: 1600692812926.gif (2.24 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

No. 635137


It's over and we've moved on to the pedophile. Put the tiki torch away.

No. 635138

who's 'we' simp

No. 635141

Whatever your opinion of OF may be let's not make light of a grown ass man beating the fuck out of a little girl

No. 635528

Ellen's back with an apology monologue

No. 635541

Can this monkey eared blood shot eyed beak nosed monstrosity please just get off of television

No. 635554

I just read through some of the transcript of the letter- she keeps saying she has no idea what happened/we will get to the bottom of this/we launched an investigation as if she’s not the fucking problem. Why can’t these celebrities afford decent apology writers

No. 635560

Oh, so she’s apologizing on behalf of her crew and not all the allegations against her? Wish Portia would put her in a home already

No. 635565

Thought she was a bitch ever since she had that cute Taiwanese kid (Feng E) on her show and repeatedly interrupted him/his translator for being "long-winded." She tried to play it off as dry humor but nah, she was legit annoyed, abrasive and rude asf. Sorry not sorry all languages aren't as succinct as yours cunt, and I find it hard to believe she would've attacked a white guest for doing the same (he wasn't even rambling). You could see the poor translator was legit startled and embarrassed after she kept ranting at her.

No. 635571

I just want her to get jumped so bad

No. 635583

her house already got robbed by her own staff lmao

No. 635585

Not good enough, I need for there to be an infliction of pain

No. 635614

at this point i am angrier at her audience than her cunty self. why the fuck do people support her still???

No. 635676

What about when her girlfriend ran away nude and was found wandering the desert? Anne Heche. Ellen has been suspicious since

No. 635686

do it yourself faggot

No. 635692

anne heche is a typical attention seeking bisexual

No. 635771

Ah, Meghan sperg-chan is back
Whatever you say, britbong

No. 635777

Britanon. Kate is most likely going to be our Queen some day because I doubt Charles and Camilla will get crowned or if they do it will be very short lived.

I personally like Meghan and Harry. I watched their wedding and cried lol. I don't get the animosity from UK press or Hollywood regarding Harry and Meghan.

Harry hates William since William cheated on Kate with some rich bitch from some other rich High society family. William is like Charles and Harry like Diana imo. It is a bit bad taste that it's Harry's birthday and his fucking wife doesn't even get a mention?? That's his wife and it's his birthday lol. Maybe the Queen is just raging about the way Harry doesn't want to do his royal duties anymore, but he's like not in succession for the throne since William has wee George.

No. 635780

File: 1600737549107.jpeg (18.52 KB, 474x327, pathetic.jpeg)

>cried during royal wedding

No. 635781

All the wealth and love brought tears to my eyes anon. GSTQ

No. 635807

>I’m sorry but if your whole fucking family does not like your spouse, I’m pretty sure your family isn’t the one with the problems.

It could also mean a really toxic family likes to blame the spouse for their poor relationship with their family member so they don't have to critically look at themselves.

I just don't understand why people who've got the most undeserved amount of wealth in history can't at least pretend to be decent to each other and do decent things out of respect for the average person dealing with way bigger problems.

No. 635817

Oh my god, I’m laughing so hard at this post. Someone really hurt your feeling, huh?

I wholeheartedly agree with you.

No. 635838

it was more about harry being a pissbaby but okay

No. 635862

You know what.

No. 635871

File: 1600760957794.jpg (991.06 KB, 4344x2896, _methode_times_prod_web_bin_3d…)

>I don't get the animosity from UK press
there was no animosity toward smegs before the wedding besides fears that she would prove to be a shallow and tacky American (which turned out to be true), millions of pounds worth of UK taxpayer money went toward their wedding and the renovations of their house only for them to turn around and reject it all in favor of some incredibly narcy cowish behavior which includes branding SUSSEXROYAL uwu and lecturing people about identity politics, what is so hard to understand?

>William is like Charles and Harry like Diana imo

pic related

No. 635873

I personally always found Meghan and Harry annoying. Don't understand how they can have WK and fans either. Why don't people fangirl about someone that's more useful?

No. 635874

Just say you wish you could get married to someone from the royal family and go, this is embarrassing.

No. 635875

As someone who's ESL and not american or british but another eurofag I just don't fucking get what's so interesting about the royal family to anyone outside of the UK. Like seriously what the fuck why would you care? Even our tabloids keep pushing Meghan drama and I find it the most boring fucking shit ever and the people sperging about her are fucking obsessed, even in my country. What is it about British royal drama that makes people go crazy? It's always been just on par with "Prince X farted, whole country in SHOCK" or something. Andrew being a pedo was at least somewhat interesting and it barely got coverage compared to Meghan eating problematic avocados.

No. 635876

Royal family spergs seem simple all around.
The particular rage at Markle and Harry doesn't make sense to me, but then again, neither does the positive obsession with these people. They do pretty much nothing of value, just live off a legacy of exploitation, colonization and normal people's taxes. It's pathetic and ugly.
Like, they're not even attractive, smart or funny. Even Kardashian and other reality show stans make more sense.

No. 635881

>As someone who's ESL and not american or british but another eurofag
Same as you and I'm gonna guess that they're an "interesting" topic for many because they're basically the Kardashians but with a stick up their asses because they barely have any political power now and they're just a tourist attraction.

No. 635883

Ukfags are extremely pretentious and have had the same dated, inbred taste for many decades now. They’re obsessed with class and have delusions that they’re posh and prim compared to other countries, it’s really all they have to offer considering that they’re the most ugly group of Caucasian people there is.

No. 635885

Im late, but a fat dick is nothing if it doesn't have length imo.
Short and fat, might as well just be a thumb lol

No. 635886

File: 1600762890464.gif (1.53 MB, 384x275, barbara.gif)


No. 635908

that sounds stupid and you seem like the kind of person i bullied a lot after high school.

No. 635909

Why would you want that?

No. 635913

I am joking I don't really, I'm responding to >>635874

how pathetic that you bullied people even after high school

No. 635917

Pulling the old trick of wearing white to look innocent and pure.
Did she forget the allegations are all directly against her? What is this 'investigating' bullshit?
Absolutely fuck Ellen DeGenerate.

No. 635929

That's all Kate wanted and she did it, the hope is not lost, anon

No. 635987

It's not like the royal family are British. All the European royals and Russians have been shagging each other to keep their anointed holy blood pure. Prince Phillip is Greek and Queen is a German. Diana was British and gorgeous! DIIIIIAAAANAAAA

No. 636012

they said outside the UK

No. 636075

You might not like his politics but Philosophy Tube has a video on the royal family that tries to break down people's obsession.

No. 636084

File: 1600785369070.png (333.87 KB, 480x320, queenie.png)

sorry but you must have actually been lobotomized to not understand people's interest in some of the wealthiest and most powerful people that have ever lived.

No. 636129


anon plz

No. 636141

ntayrt but this post makes me feel better about my celeb crush

No. 636165

File: 1600792297464.png (41.2 KB, 624x132, k.png)

No. 636166

royal spergs kys

No. 636171

File: 1600792682860.jpg (42.66 KB, 750x445, fek28vh7cp8ynqxyzlj8.jpg)

im sorry girl, phillip won't pick you

No. 636173

You should be mad at your retarded system that pays for the royals lives in the first place. The monarchy is outdated and full blown retarded.

No. 636177

He looks so fucking sickly. Can't all that wealth buy him some health?

No. 636181

PLEASE for the love of god spoiler this next time

No. 636185

File: 1600793601132.png (16.57 KB, 299x98, cj.png)

Sage for old news - I'm late as fuck to finding out that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was cancelled, all because Caitlyn Jenner uploaded a reaction video to YT and it showed up on my recommended. Anyway, pic related made me kek

No. 636189

As it should be.

No. 636192

File: 1600793762381.jpeg (17.53 KB, 442x332, images (4).jpeg)

Nta but-

No. 636193

Afraid of zombies or something, anon?

No. 636197

File: 1600793978629.jpg (35.49 KB, 445x503, GyuxRBl.jpg)


No. 636202

I agreed with you a few years ago but when you realise the alternatives are hyper commercial Kardashian types like Meg is trying to be then you appreciate them for at least representing something older and more meaningful. If we dissolved the Royal family we would just create a bunch of royal influencers.

No. 636204

File: 1600794129321.gif (1022.2 KB, 500x375, 1_lmPrYI_mFpx_mgrN5eYjkQ.gif)

Can confirm most Britfags hate the royal family, and want to cut off the aristocracy. Australia is pretty retarded though and romanticises their very existence. Kek at how we get a day off on the queen's birthday and Britfags don't. Straya'.

No. 636206

File: 1600794234472.jpg (291.78 KB, 2000x1338, meghan.jpg)

>hyper commercial Kardashian types like Meg
Isn't Meg in her thirties? Do you want her to look like an old lady or something? She looks fine

No. 636208

sorry meant to be be replying to >>636173
Meg looks great.

No. 636211

No, just delete them all. >>636192 means nothing but decay, ugliness and entitlement.

No. 636212

File: 1600794586911.jpg (13.33 KB, 228x216, 107721465_157492059197394_6495…)

take it all away. royals should get fucked

No. 636213

oh that makes sense lmao sorry anon

No. 636219

That makes more sense. I still stand by the decay comment, though, kek

No. 636222

File: 1600794917456.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.37 KB, 615x923, kardass.jpg)

>decay, ugliness and entitlement
but maintaining the royal family would be the opposite of decay?
pls see pic related to find an example of all three

No. 636223

File: 1600794937438.jpeg (43.65 KB, 590x350, absolutelyharam.jpeg)

You got that right anon

No. 636225

File: 1600794984139.jpeg (31.46 KB, 275x260, 3FE45CEC-D815-4513-86E2-4D9217…)

can't all this brf discussion be taken to a new thread

No. 636235

>but maintaining the royal family would be the opposite of decay?
>pls see pic related to find an example of all three
That's why I said
>No, just delete them all
Also, see >>636223

No. 636239

File: 1600795394457.gif (391.64 KB, 220x220, tenor (2).gif)

People worship these retards of their own deluded volition. Destroying the royal family in all their opulence will have next to no effect. Zoomers don't care about royalty, they care about tiktok fags dancing to wap, and that's who the media is going to be pandering to in the future. All futures are bleak.

Who would want a whole brf thread kek?

No. 636241

File: 1600795494810.jpg (99.02 KB, 1242x963, SC1jcTM.jpg)

No. 636242

They should behead them all then instead of complaining on twitter about them. Well obviously I'm joking but whenever I hear about British people complaining about how useless leeches the royal family is they seem to just accept it like they can't do anything about it. I never heard about protests or anything of the sort.

No. 636243

Why is she so embarrassing? Jesus Christ.

No. 636244

Just take the compliment oh my god

No. 636247

This bitch sounds like she grew up as a spoiled child. Can't she just say thanks and move on?

No. 636253

I really miss that time everyone thought she was a munchie. that was fun

No. 636261

this is hilarious, i'm crying
is she doing something to help those in that situations or does she just post this on social media expecting a pat in the back for being sooo woke~?

No. 636275

File: 1600797174210.jpeg (25.72 KB, 673x456, blaowuewjksio.jpeg)

Going by my family members the aristocracy spans in the thousands, I believe it is called peerages. It's a big interconnected web of inbreds who receive benefits simply for being born inbred (pretty sure one of our cows Isibella Karnstein/ Perdita Woodley is included in that group). I think it was abolished in the 90s in favour of simply paying the queen her sovereign grant, although don't quote me on that - it might just be wishful thinking and me remembering wrong. As to why, I think a combination complacency lack of governmental opposition towards the royals, and the perception royalty is a thing of the past because they already fought to "overthrow" the monarchy.

No. 636298

I worked with a girl like this. She quit recently, thank the lord.

No. 636304

There's nothing nice that you can say without getting a lecture in return. We've reached that point now?

No. 636305

This is so cringey. Does she reply like this to every comment?

No. 636311

File: 1600800269353.png (87.84 KB, 516x430, 2.PNG)

I was just about to post about this bitch, she's so fucking rude.

No. 636312

Maybe Phoebe Ticker was onto something in terms of Jameela Jamill being absolutely insufferable. Although Phoebe is slightly worse imo.

No. 636313

File: 1600800311206.png (28.08 KB, 491x308, 3.PNG)

No. 636316

File: 1600800428107.png (20.93 KB, 466x207, 5.PNG)

No. 636318

Absolute kek. Her therapist isn't working and neither is her brown knighting for the poor underprivileged folx she speaks for.

No. 636321

Number of underprivileged people helped by her cringy responses: 0
Seriously, what's actually wrong with her? Is this a new form of trolling where you're as condescending, fake-positive and passive aggressive as possible?

No. 636325

She's just putting on a show, the woke blue checks LOVE to do this but go home and don't care about none of this shit.
They love to tell us what to believe, how to think, that they are so relatable, that they care about us brown folx and the trans folx, but it's all just for attention.
Plus she seems like she has mental issues, she loves to agrue and talk down to people.

No. 636326

if her privilege is what got her access to therapy, then why is she telling this person >>636311 to get therapy? What if they're not privileged like her? Crazy.

No. 636327

I think she's just stupid and "not like other rich girls" or some shit? She's definitely trying to show how aware of her privilege she is. Maybe no one can tell you to check your privileged if you check your privilege yourself? Truly 9000 IQ.

No. 636331

Some of the European royal families aren't funded by their country governments. I'd be up for that.

No. 636336

I'm killing myself and blaming Jameela in my suicide note.

No. 636337

Is Jameela from a rich family? I would be surprised if her parents weren't at the very least middle class. Either way she needs to calm the fuck down. Isn't she also a munchie?

No. 636345


No. 636350

Oh… So embarassing.. I used to really like her, she was a good advocate for accepting yourself but she took it too far with the empowering obesity stuff and now it's come down to… This? Who is this helping?

No. 636358

She comes from a long line of wealth induced trauma, I think her mom got molested by a family SERVANT and it turned her into a munchie, so her mom is a raging narc and jamila also became a crazy munchie. It almost feels worse that she keeps mentioning how privileged she is, like she just sits there all day thinking about her wealth in a flagellating blue check lib way, but never passes up the chance to mention she’s wealthy!

No. 636363

She's a parody of easily offended tumblrinas, which is already a parody by itself. Does she realize how much people perceive her or she's completely oblivious?

No. 636371

That'd make sense. Her constant privilegeposting smacks of someone who feels poor and needs to remind themselves (and the whole world) that they're not.

No. 636374

File: 1600803841740.jpg (90.26 KB, 750x1075, 48oUp6J.jpg)

No. 636399

imagine being and adult and being proud over the fact that you bullied people at any point in life

No. 636421

Stupid idiot

No. 636441

I always hated this pretentious fuck but that is a beautiful dog
Doesn't this due have sexual assault allegations against him?

No. 636452

File: 1600808007019.png (200.23 KB, 396x489, jammy1.png)

from her IG story

No. 636455

File: 1600808112055.png (241.51 KB, 393x507, jammy2.png)


No. 636459

>a working class person knows a color other than "brown"
>such poetry

No. 636475

File: 1600809064987.jpg (178.88 KB, 1080x1422, EigoMJ0WsAAAy8h.jpg)

Top tier asshole behavior. This is just bragging thinly veiled with wokeness, especially bad since she's talking like this about sensitive matters like mental health. Hopefully she'll get cancelled permanently.
She could have easily said Hey thanks, you know I'm a