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File: 1555685113951.jpeg (648.17 KB, 630x790, 1552760392613.jpeg)

No. 798932

HollyBRown is a bad artist, YouTuber, webcomic author, and fujoshi popular with edgy children for her "no bullshit" attitude despite not accepting any criticism.

She beleives she's known for her three webcomics:
Purgatory, her oldest and worst comic, about two gay teens in a cult with lots of rape: https://tapas.io/series/Purgatory
Paranormal Plague, whose most-drawn character hasn't been introduced, with rape DLC: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague
Chroma Prince, her newest Patreon-only NSFW yaoi comic about alien sex slaves, not updated in a month at currently four pages: https://www.patreon.com/hollybrown (shut down)

She's actually most known for ranting about the CalArts admissions process being unfair even though she was DEFINITELY accepted:

WEBSITE: https://www.hollycbrown.com/
(OLD) https://www.youtube.com/user/hollyistotallycool
(NEW) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnPk2t3AcJJzPX5qshKMwSw
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/h.c.brown/
TWITTER (currently deleted): https://twitter.com/HCBrownart
TUMBLR: http://bullshitshitpostmainaccount.tumblr.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1802876351/purgatory-print-copies

>Got caught tracing an anime screencap for a painting she intended to sell

>Locked her Twitter and scrubbed her social media
>Reappeared with a video saying it was just a placeholder for composition, contradicted herself constantly
>Dug herself deeper in the comments and is now sharing her views on rape (they're bad)

>Organized a for-profit BnHA zine with over 60 different artists to sell at SanJapan

>Complained they didn't meet her abrupt deadline then dragged her feet for weeks
>Didn't label any submissions so artists were unidentifiable
>Committed to printing them at home, realized that was hard, so closed the zine shop without alerting any of the artists
>Sent each artist $20 to blow it over. Some artists got another $20. Some people who pulled out of the zine still received the hush twenty
>Accidentally leaked names/addresses/phone numbers of almost every artist in an unlisted but accessible YT video
>Took too long to fulfill zine orders, downplayed the zine on all her social media to dissuade anyone from ordering more
>Still refused to get the zine printed professionally or even send out a PDF copy
>Meanwhile her own webcomic rape yaoi doujinshi was printed professionally in time for SanJapan
>Had plenty copies of the BnHA zine herself for SanJapan
>Zine artists are now posting photos of the copies they finally received and they have misaligned, poorly cut, and upside-down pages
>has still failed to apologize
>deleted her twitter and pretended her instagram got reported and remade because she got called out
>over 50k in debt
>Created new channel
>Made a kickstarter for purgatory that made 10k (CAD)
>spent some of that 10k on a lazer printer
>Now plans to be a one woman lazer printing merch factory
>deleted her patreon

No. 798964

I think the OP pic confused Damien and Hitler's kid but I can't tell the difference between them either so idk

No. 798978

Honestly I don't know who's who so looking at the pages is a fucking tripe. Like surprise, which one is it?!

No. 799003

Yeah lol the nurse is Damian when really Damian should be the one the gets the news delivered to him that simon got raped, not Damian delivering the news to hitler kid. But they have so much same face syndrome that its super easy to confuse them for each other

No. 799014

As the anon who made it, this was before damien was told that the rape happened. I made it when the panels first came out and hitler's kid was being told

No. 799079

The confusion makes it even better. Thanks for the new thread anon. Can't wait for SanJapan 2: electric bugaloo and the launch of her laser cutting biz.

No. 799126

It would help if Hitler Jr. was visually distinct and not just Damien with slightly different bangs.

Ffs Holly, give them a different body types and facial features. Hitler Jr. should be portly like his dad.

Also, I know I've mentioned it before, but if she wanted Salmon's rapist to be a complex, morally grey person, maybe don't make him look like the most evil human being in history. Making him literally Hitler is a great way to turn him into a two-dimensional cartoon villian.

No. 799133

Honestly thought they were the same character until I saw them in a frame together

No. 799166

File: 1555767759715.png (316.34 KB, 1000x1000, this_is_my_headcanon_holly.png)

A bit late to the party, but I had to make something with this. Sorry for the shitty mouse drawing.

No. 799167

I agree 100% that she should have opted for another design for Hitler. I could never take him seriously ever since I first read Purgatory. (I mean, a lot of it is hard to take seriously, but having a literal genocidal figure as your "bad but sad" dude is fuckin hilarious)

No. 799301

In response to her dying her hair black and then green is she fucking stupid??? What possible realm does adding colour onto black hair work? I don’t think she has a brain.

No. 799302


I've never dyed my hair before so I wouldn't know but, I have dyed fabric for cosplays and I know sometimes people will dye another color ontop of black to get a mock iridescent look but, I don't know if that works on hair or if that's what she's going for considering she said she wanted dark green; which in that case she should have just gotten dark green dye.

No. 799330

To get a dark Green you either mix black and green (assuming you use a green that can go along with the same developer as the black) or do a really light bleach and then apply a dark green colour.
The closest to what holly did would be, and mind you that would only add a tonality or green to the highlights. That’s done with some specific products that are applied during the shampoo and are non invasive. The same way as people using blue shampoo to get rid of yellow hair, just to make myself clear.
The problem stays the same: “ if professionals can do it then how hard can it be?” Is everything she can think of when tackling her ideas. She’s not saving up that many money, too, especially if she’s going to dye or bleach again after this failed attempt.
I do like her with darker hair anyway, I hope she keeps it.

No. 799427

she was literally just trying to dye it reese-colored, which i think is supposed to be black with green iridescence? it's a dumbass idea either way.

No. 799518

Why is she do against googling instructions for things? It would take her five minutes to search how to dark green hair but instead she just decides what makes sense to her even though it's wrong. She's like this about everything. You think it's cuz reading is hard for her? That isn't me being mean btw I'm serious.

No. 799663

Kek. Thats a amazing anon

No. 799689

File: 1556026276072.png (608.73 KB, 1023x831, newp.png)

New pages, fam!

Ten points for the bulges, minus five points for actually showing actions instead of using nudge nudge/trust trust lines.

No. 799690

Damn you beat me in posting this anon

Im so bothered by those thicc legs and small arms

No. 799691

KEK That fucking gun tho, it looks so freaking busted. Where the hell is the trigger? Where is literally anything that makes a gun well, a gun?

No. 799693

File: 1556027702667.png (211.25 KB, 735x503, dislocated sholders are my kin…)

Jesus Christ, why does every shoulder she draws look so broken? Every single one is dislocated to hell and back.

No. 799698

File: 1556028652352.png (94.44 KB, 243x648, bod.png)

Oh god, Damien's deformed shoulder has to be some kind of new low, why would anyone do this? It's just cruel.
Have some more thicc legs for good measure

No. 799702


That legs look broken asf

No. 799705

This foot are even on the same plane, tha5s just pure lazies.

No. 799713

is it normal for a boy that age to sit on their dad's lap? i mean maybe it is?? dunno but. like there's no call for it here on a rugged hunting trip? and considering the author

No. 799735

>>799713 Simon is ~ uwu so innocent tee-hee ~ of course he's on his dads lap

No. 799743

I’m getting the feeling that this is going to end like one of those lifetime movies. The ones where the abused outright kills their abuser.
This scene is going to establish how Simon doesn’t want to kill things because of how violent it is and then it will be a parallel to him finally facing down his abuser with/without his boyfriend and then coldly taking the shot out of revenge. And then they all escape and live happily ever after.
I mean, if holly could weave themes in her stories then that would be why she’s focusing so much on a gun, and simon using a gun.

No. 799759


I hate. Hate. The way her characters interact. Maybe it's just a pet peeves of mine but it just drives me up a wall that this chick can't for the life of her figure out how to make her characters look like they belong anywhere. Look at fucking Simon, his legs are planks of wood. And is his dad sliding off the stone wall or something?? For the love of any self respect you have left, Holly, PLEASE learn proper perspective, anatomy, and poses. You have no idea of much easier any of this will be for you.

No. 799763


honestly, same. The interactions just IRK me. The characters don't look natural at all.

And don't get me STARTED on the dialog.. I can't imagine someone fucking up so hard on DIALOG. It comes across as robotic, like it's not coming out of anyone's mouth. So. Bad.

No. 799767

I honestly wonder what Holly gets out of making comics. She puts so little effort into every single aspect of the art and the storytelling that I can't imagine she's having fun doing it. Every page looks like she begrudgingly scribbled it in five minutes and uploaded it without looking at it twice.

No. 799775

I agree, the way she complains about drawing pages also makes me think she doesn't enjoy making comics at all. From how she talks about her characters (and spoils her own comics way ahead of time), I think she just likes thinking of character backstories, AUs, ships and the like, and maybe she's too "proud" to do that as fanart, so she has to make her own original comics to make AUs and silly sketches for.

No. 799795

File: 1556055470431.png (177.04 KB, 494x363, screen-shot-2013-09-09-at-10-1…)

Please tell me this ends like pic related in the future update

No. 799801

Ironically, if I remember correctly, I think Holly said she was inspired by Moral Orel.

No. 799857

The way she talks shit about art trends and making comics, I can say with some confidence she absolutely hates making them. She never really has a good thing to say about art in general outside of what she's excited about at the moment that she thinks will make her money. She's forcing it. That much is obvious. I don't think she knows it's just OK to talk about characters and concepts that are floating around in headspace. People do it all the time and get a response. She's mentioned just about everything under the sun regarding Reese and the teen fujos eat those scraps up like candy. There's nothing left. But I think in her mind making a comic 'legitimizes' her endless rambling, and bonus points for being able to make the excuse of 'working hard'

I remember her saying that in some vlog or other too a while back. Not gonna do a deep dive for it but I definitely remember.

No. 799957

I think holly enjoys the feeling of putting pencil to paper, it’s like a soothing thing for her, but her love of anything else art related stops there.

No. 799961

Nah that's a reach imo

No. 799963


Tbh I sympathize alot with that sort of "I need to produce something or else x will be seen as completely worthless" mentality, only because it's something I personally went through some years ago and still struggle with today. And ultimately I think it might speak to Holly's neglected and rapidly declining mental health. Because for ME, what that mentality was connected to was lots of anxiety and self worth issues.
But who knows, Holly's sort of mess a of inconsistency and double standards, so maybe I'm completely wrong.

No. 799972

well, if you are well in your twenties, dropped out of school, shat on your degree, get most of your self-worth from 12-year old fujos online, draw badly and without guidance, are shit at writing stories, splerge all the money you have ever earned while still living at home and talk bad about anything you don't like while being a insufferable know-it-all - you simply haven't done anything worth looking back to. At that age and with how many chances she already had it IS a metaphorical certificate of her own laziness to see where she is at now. There is a difference between feeling worthless when it's undeserved and there are cases where someone REALLY should take a good look at their own actions and learn from their mistakes.
She had so many chances, so much good advice which she choose to ignore, so many possibilities with her craft - he fact she still CHOOSES (yes, deliberately) to cintinue like always really doesn't speak for her character or her work ethic. She is not a child anymore, she has a home and is obviously loved, I can't her the rants anymore about how shit her life is cause her brother is stupid or, gasp, she's not rich, as if everyone else would have such a perfect life or how "fat" she is while being perfectly financially capable of going to a gym or just eating differently. Everything "wrong" with her life she caused herself, I don't feel an ounze of sympathy.

No. 799990

I honestly think Holly likes the idea of drawing more than actually drawing. Also I think she thinks she is more talented than she is and when she gets hit with the harsh reality that she's mediocre at best it really depresses her. Watching her livestreams she admits plenty of times that her panels look like shit but she's always like " am I gonna fix it? No, I don't care" and when she tries to explain something she's talking about through drawing it always comes out as wonky because she has no fundamental knowledge of drawing. She knows how to draw symbols but has no actual understanding of anatomy, perspective or anything else, art is basically a souless job she does, she's not even an artist that loves the craft but works on stuff they don't really care about to make money, she literally has all the time in the world to do whatever art she wants but has no passion whatsoever for her craft. She might as well go work retail, she'd make better money without half the effort. And through her livestreams you can tell she has some weird sexual frustration going on because every livestream ends up in her talking about sex, she probably just wants to draw weird porn but she's not talented enough to create porn that is sexually arousing or appealing in any way.

No. 799999

File: 1556130009982.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, F5817606-49B1-43A4-8A66-2B81AA…)

So it’s finally here. The infamous laser cutter we’ve all been waiting for. She already did a test run with some default(?) settings. It’s also super loud. Like holy shit…I knew it was going to have some noise to it but I can’t imagine living in that household.

No. 800000

File: 1556130147489.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 4C9A02BF-4760-4C07-B2EC-481C30…)

I honestly can’t wait for the finished product of this.

No. 800013

File: 1556132455059.png (1.01 MB, 1166x827, etsy.png)

Well, R.I.P. the cats and all hail the laser saga I guess. Holly updated her etsy a little while ago, sadly no 300 $ cat paintings this time though. (also bouns picture of the Herschel laser charm)

No. 800019

Wooden charms are the less appealing merch ever to me. I don’t know what it is, it just feels cheap and I tend to avoid them like the plague even if it’s the only affordable thing on a booth

No. 800051

I love that she writes original on all her pieces as if this was fucking deviantart lol

No. 800075


To be honest the Hershel charm doesn't look too bad but, like I said in the last thread; There's not going to be much of a demand for these things to be manufactured so good luck with trying to make your money back.

No. 800120

I was under the impression she was selling the originals as opposed to prints anon that seems like a standard way of differentiating imo

No. 800130


Yeah that's definitely how shops make the distinction. Usually there's only 1 original piece. But if it's a print you'd call it such.

Oof can't wait for her to not sell charms… I agree about them being unappealing. They are the first things to snap in half as opposed to other materials. Just how thick is the wood she's using?

No. 800163

Oh whoops you're right anon my bad. I thought she meant original vs fan art

No. 800394

I don't get why she doesn't just bulk order wooden charms online if she is so set on selling them. There is no way she'll make back the cost of the machine.

No. 800401


Because she wants to become a manufacturer for others that sell at cons; Which is so laughable because she doesn't realize the amount of work you have to put in to run a legitimate business.

No. 800406

In Holly’s defense she does seem to enjoy printing things more than actually painting and rendering on her own. This could be a great way for her to tap into her creative side without doing the mental work of actually creating a story. The problem is her history of shoddy print work. Let’s never let her live down that upside down zine page, please please please.,

No. 800407

As soon as she loses interest in the laser there probably will be some sort of wooden charm version of the upside down zine page though, and if there isn't she's still going to have to worry about customer service type of stuff, it's not going to end well either way

No. 800416

I hope whoever thinks about using her as a printer does some research first.

No. 800474


What makes it even more hilarious is she barely has con experience herself. She either has no idea, or doesn't care that wooden charms do not move well at all. All she thinks is that if she can make it, surely the merits of her 'hard work, fam' will make other artists (other working professional artists) want to choose her service over a tried and true manufacturer.
And if other sites are giving more options, I highly doubt it's wooden charms they'll be choosing.

It'll be super interesting what she thinks she'll be charging folks. Once she's open I'd love for someone to get a quote from her.

No. 800487

Mostly excited for like a Jellie Bee situation going on here where she thinks she can handle all this manufacturing, takes all the money, and then gives up and never responds or refunds anything.

No. 800519


Shit, I forgot about the JellieBee debacle. I remember at one time I wanted to get stickers for a con done through her because her prices were so good. Does anyone have any info on her where she said she would stop producing or anything that happened with that situation?

No. 800527

Nope she quietly dropped it just like her Kickstarter when she realized she had to actually do work.
I keep a close eye on jellie bee because she says she's gonna do a whole lot of shit, takes the money then ghosts. Said she wanted to do planner stickers and 'run an etsy store' for that too.
She says a lot of things.

Off topic tho. Point is they're both flakes.

No. 800532


I just checked to see if Baylee's video of her promoing Beespoke with the stickers was still there and I can't find it lol. It's kinda sad how people think they can just jump right into something as serious as being a manufacturer with barely any prior experience. Holly is more than likely gonna go the exact same route, never make her money back for the laser cutter and just like BeeSpoke print have bad reviews written about her and then more than likely; quietly kick it under the rug and act like nothing ever happened.

No. 800609

I don't remember where it was but I do remember at one point her mentioning selling her print business to her mum. Not sure what happened after that.

No. 800706


As someone who’s close to Jellie I know what actually happened. Her ex told her to get orders in, promised to make the stuff and then decided not to. She had to refund people out of her personal funds and couldn’t face it any more. I’ve been chatting to her a lot about going public about her ex, because he’s the one that caused the shit with Kickstarter too. I think she’s just too scared right now.
It’s frustratinf because I know it’s none of her fault but her keeping quiet is helping no one. She’s really bad at keeping people updated because she’s so ashamed of her past.

I asked her if it was ok to post about this, she said yes.

I’m mostly concerned about the fucking cat with Holly. I also think wooden charms look shit tbh.

No. 800710

To veer off topic for a bit. She ain't doing herself any favours by ignoring it or not responding or leaving shit undone. If you are close to Jellie Bee it's best to just tell her to stop sweeping shit under the rug and face it head on. She's already what, left people in the dark for years? So it's about time to just talk about it.

Okay back on topic. I think laser cut charms can be cute but they are not the most popular convention item that's for sure, it has to be very specific designs. Even printed wooden charms that you can get from zap are more expensive per piece than acrylic charms, yet will sell for less usually. Mostly because people are like "Ah yes acrylic is waterproof"

No. 800715

I told her this again today. She’s told me and her discord etc that she’s recording a video today about the whole thing.

No. 800766

File: 1556384980964.png (164.83 KB, 440x405, lzr.png)

No. 800767

Both items look so tacky. Who the hell wants a WOODEN paint palette?? What's it going to matter if it warps and gets grimey? And I hate those fake plastic plants she thinks makes the display look cute.

No. 800769

I'll give it a week before she starts bitching. A month before she decides to quit.

No. 800774

File: 1556388902906.png (139.15 KB, 608x436, design is my passion.PNG)

the text in the logo is so off centred, how does she give her art lean to legit everything?

No. 800780

File: 1556390362010.jpg (44.77 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.1456838653_hzg8.jpg)


TBQH, I like wooden charms and things, I think they look cute. However, she needs to coat it, or they'll break/get moldy quickly. Apray matte coats are best.
I don't know if she did that already.

But uh… watercolor palettes? Unless she, again, coat it with a super impermeable varnish or something, how is this going to work? Especially considering that this looks like low quality wood.

Also, now that I think of it, is that palette the kind you put paint on or the kind you mix paints on? If it's the second one, good luck. It's too small to mix paints in, you can't see the color exactly and, once again, the water problem.

No. 800782

I highly recommend to read the descriptions on Etsy

No. 800791


We'll see how she responds to this because like the person above said; It would have been much better for her come outright and say that she was having personal issues instead of just keeping people in the dark.

Back on topic; I'm no graphic designer but, that design seems to be slightly needlessly complicated. The laser in the middle of the blade is unnecessary as well as the highlights at the bottom of the blade. Logos need to be able to be scaled down or up very easily which is why the 3d logos we used mainly back in the early 2000's faded out and gave way to flat 2d logos.

And also…Wooden water color palette???? That name alone is a paradox. Unless she is sealing it with like 10 coats of polyurethane spray, the wood is going to rot and get warped and moldy.

No. 800800

I cannot think of a worse thought out business venture. she might as well have just set fire a few thousand dollars instead for all the use she will get out of this.

No. 800801

File: 1556402179829.png (1.57 MB, 1116x798, pd2.png)

It might be nitpicking, but everything about the presentation just looks so nasty.

No. 800806

I agree, and I feel like the palette would be terrible to use. Paint really seeps into wood, and the star-shaped holes have nooks and crannies that would be difficult to clean out.
The whole point of palettes is to give you a surface where to mix your colours, too, which this thing doesn't have. I don't understand how you're supposed to use this.
It feels like she just bulk-bought the containers without knowing what she'd use them for and settled on a palette to seem artsy.

No. 800810

No. 800815

the wood choice is still awful and will always be awful compared to plastic or metal. Also, it would have been easier with 3-4 square shaped holes, but i guess those aren't cute enough for her? this is a mess

No. 800816

File: 1556406749565.jpeg (56.35 KB, 828x355, E368F963-AD45-43FB-856C-8F4C6D…)

Can someone confirm if that even makes sense?

No. 800819

File: 1556407179009.jpeg (172.78 KB, 828x1178, 6CEBE0F1-1FDB-43A8-832B-95E5AA…)

Was reading the comments and saw a kid asking Holly to interview her as a professional…

No. 800828

File: 1556411054836.png (36.98 KB, 466x356, doink.png)

Lol off to a good start - if you carefully type in "razorlaserofficial" you're gonna be scratching your head why you get the not-found page. Cos you're not thinking like holly BRown

No. 800833

is that shit even wood? it looks like that reconstituted pulp shit but worse. it looks it was lining a shipping pallet in some alley

she says in her ig comments it's 'finished wood' (in response to concern about soaking) but if she cut it then it's not finished anymore right?

No. 800840

I mean if it were finished it wouldn't warp or anything unless there was crazy water damage, but if she's buying finished wood and cutting into it, the cut parts are no longer finished! unless she's finishing the pieces herself when they're done, this makes no sense

No. 800842

anyone else noticed that she's not using her name on this account? seems fishy to me. maybe she's just trying to make it more of an "offical" business, but it just seems like she knows that if people google her they won't like what they see

No. 800843

It would take having literally ONE friend to proofread her shit like oh idk the website where she means to conduct business?? Someone take pity and help this girl

No. 800861

File: 1556420590208.png (1003.41 KB, 1351x717, Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 11.0…)

"I can move my bed…" What bed??

No. 800863

She just has her first name on her etsy, probably because it's a requirement, but i think she's low key trying to pull in people and hope they won't notice it's her.

It doesn't matter whether or not the wood is finished, having wood be a paint palette at all is still the stupidest idea and a waste on all counts.
No one cares that the inside of the palette is 'cute'. They care that it functions like it should. She's all style and no substance.
It would also be useful to know details like what kind of finish, if any, is on the wood (probably none) and how thick the wood charms will be. I didn't see any information on that, but I also haven't watched her dumbass vlog yet.

No. 800864

I really wished there was a buyer beware forum or something for popular/yt artists who pull shit like this, I know there was/is one for commissioners that dates back to LiveJournal days but is mostly furries.
Outside of this thread, nobody really knows about all the shit she's pulled, and I wished there was a more public way to inform people to avoid doing any kind of business with her.

No. 800867

Real talk I hope she gets no customers.
Then she'll really have to eat her damn woodcutter, just make the same sad-ass wonky shit in wood charm form that'll just sit in her room for a year. Just have tons of inventory she can't move.

No. 800916

>"I'm broke as a joke. I've got to save money to move out. I've got to save money for a car. I've got to save money to help my mom out."

Girl if you're broke as a joke don't buy a god damned giant laser printer and all the expensive hoohah that comes with it because YIKES.

No. 800949

The way she stacks shit on top of her screen tablet and rubs the metal tin across it drives me insane,how can she be so careless with such an expensive piece of tech? Fuck

No. 800971

She doesn't respect anything in her possession, you see how she keeps her room. Also, wasn't she given that tablet? Not like she spent any of her money on it.

No. 800980

I think it was given to her by the company but for someone who is broke as shit, 50k in debt and still wasting money on dumb business ventures wouldn't she try to not damage something that is really expensive to replace? But she does this with everything, I still remember her old MacBook laptop being used as a coaster for soda and paint water, I don't get how you grow up poor and still treat the expensive shit you have like it's worth nothing

No. 800990

Maybe cause she knows her stupid sheep will have her back for crowdfunding another one? They give her money for other expensive shit she doesnt use, like that animation program.

No. 800996

She used to treat the Cintiq she bought herself the very same way, and it drives me insane. If you don’t have money and grow up poor you know damn well that what you manage to get must last at its best for the longest time possible, I’ve personally only seen people mistreating their stuff so badly when they knew it was “just a thing” and they could buy a new one in case it stopped working/ got ruined. Everyone is different but if she really was that desperate for money she’d think twice about possibly breaking her main work tool.

Also fam, she’s live.

No. 801000

Linking it here in case anyone is interested. Hopefully she will avoid talking about her love life and having a pity party this time, that's probably a little optimistic though.

No. 801019

'I don't hardly read' Holly. We can tell.

No. 801025

I thought I was a messy person (I'm an 'out of sight out of mind' person when I get into weird moods) but holy CRAP how do you WORK in that space like it would drive me INSANE.

No. 801030

40 seconds in and you already get a look at her disgusting nails.

No. 801047

I'm not one to speak on keeping my room tidy but holy fucking hell, no wonder she's so anxious and depressed, she barely goes out and spends all day in that pigsty of a room. I honestly see no future for her, she has no artistic talent, no writing talent, no degree, is too high and mighty to get a normal job. She will continue to live at home, blow money out of her ass on new shiny toys she'll forget in two weeks and produce crappy art. It's pretty depressing to watch her livestreams nowadays, it's like seeing a car crash in slow motion.

No. 801077

The Amberlynn Reid of the art community?

No. 801105

Watching Holly livestream and ALR gives off the same feeling of pity, disgust and anger.

No. 801122

whats the point of a 'wood' charm if its textureless mdf shit

No. 801137

File: 1556537056203.png (336.26 KB, 328x586, charm.png)

No. 801138

Amazing to see how neither TwistedDisaster the professional commission artist nor Holly BRown the professional comic artist and illustrator thought putting a copyrighted logo on a mass produced product was a bad idea.

No. 801145

the eye is really drawn to the bloated leg (?)

No. 801149

File: 1556543302822.png (1.11 MB, 853x495, oooof.png)

Be careful about what you show on the internet, kids.
Idk if she uses return labels on her packages since I've never ordered anything physical from her before, but I found her house with 0 effort at all just from stuff she's shown in her latest vlog.

No. 801154

Ok thanks for being creepy? We don't need to know what her house looks like so feel free to delete your post.

No. 801156

Well, it's not against the rules since it doesn't show her house number or street name, but if the admins want to, sure. Go for it.

No. 801159


What a cluttered looking mess of a charm. Of course Michie would be up her ass.

No. 801175

is it the machine's restrictions or just classic holly putting the loop hole on the side of the charm like that? it's going to hang off the keychain crooked. she did this for the Hershel ones too.

No. 801178

File: 1556553525316.jpg (43.82 KB, 1079x203, Screenshot_20190429-165812_You…)

damn Keith, bit harsh?
amazing how he's still around though

No. 801179

Wow from her description and how she keeps her room I thought holly lived in a shittier place than this. Unless brother comes back I really can’t see her ever leaving.

No. 801181

Nothing really major but Holly changed her "offcial" RazorLaser Instagram name to razorlasercustoms. Was worried she took it down because her original link wasn't working. Here's new one for anyone who wants it.

No. 801183

The brother has returned already but was re-arrested. Holly last said that she has no clue where he is (in jail or on the streets).

No. 801186

>>801149 Is that actually her in the top left window? Christ, Holly. Be more careful.

No. 801190

It could be her mom.
Iirc from her vlogs, her room is on the ground floor

No. 801191

Be more careful? She is just standing by the window. Instead tell creeps to stop taking photos of her house and posting them online

No. 801194

Where the fuck are her hands?? Also yeah if she brought this to con there is a chance she won't be allowed to sell it because of the cup. Some cons are a bit more lenient but it does break the rules technically. You're allowed to sell fanart as long as no logos (and sometimes even character names) are depicted.

No. 801234

my dude, it's the google street view of her home lol

No. 801238

damn you know shit is bad if even Keith thinks her room is disgusting

No. 801271


I feel bad for the interior of that house, it must be a total shit hole.
Not that it'll be happening any time soon but imagine her trying to move into a smaller apartment with that three foot laser cutter and all its peripheral bullshit. She definitely wouldn't be able to use it without getting noise complaints. But let's be real: she bought this piece of junk with no intention of moving out. She's way too comfortable and knows she can get away with whatever hare brained idea interests her.

No. 801474

That's a really nice looking house.

She was the one who revealed her address. It really doesn't take much effort to plug something into google.

No. 801477

So according to Holly's last stream she wants to do Paranormal Plague…again. This would be the third time. She really doesn't know how to move on.

No. 801494

Do it again as in 'redo'?

No. 801500

Holy shit what is wrong with her lol

No. 801502

Greeeeeeeaaaaaat, because seeing the same content redrawn with the same wonkiness and even less effort is totally what people want to see. Why develop your story or characters or actually be productive in any capacity when you can keep regurgitating the same content with a shoddy new paint job and maintain the illusion of productivity? Genius.

No. 801504

i dont want to skim through 417 pages of that shit, i just want to see the porn she draws cause it'll boost my own self esteem. someone please tell me the pages(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801506

its not in that, it was a separate comic. google images this to find the threads with it:
>holly brown "trust trust"

are you all talking about pp or actually purgatory? what does "do Paranormal Plague…again" mean?

No. 801509

She wants to start over the herschel and reese and ash comic. Remember she did it first in color, then said no i want black amd white? Now she wants to re do it again lmfao

No. 801513

Holly is the literal definition of working harder not smarter. Almost any webcomic artist will tell you that going back and redrawing pages to match your improvement (using that term loosely for Holly) is a huge waste of time since you will continue improving the longer the comic runs. She's addicted to redoing shit so she can act like she works so incredibly hard but it's just another example of how she's incapable of finishing any of her projects or seeing anything through to any sort of conclusion.

No. 801514

Oh I know. She has Paranormal Plague, Purgatory and she also had that other one, Chroma Prince, was it? That’s treated like it never existed though. I was basically saying how she’s gonna give PP the same treatment she gave Purgatory. Basically she’s just gonna redraw the same crap. But that’s also assuming I understood >>801477 correctly.

Nah, there are two rapes scenarios, one is Hitler raping Simon in Purgatory, the other is Reese raping Herschel in that kidnapping doujin. Don’t remember the name of it. Also don’t know the exact pages other anon. But check out the “trust trust” images anyway, it’s hilarious.

No. 801515

I'm >>801477. She streamed twice on the same day. However, the first stream where she made the announcement got cut off on her end. (Seemed like she was having tech issues and lost that stream?)

She then reconnected. When she started up the stream again she started where she left off and said she wanted to do a redraw of PP because she doesn't like how it looks and hates Princess' current design. Someone in the comments complained apparently and Holly responded along the lines of

>It's only 20 pages. Calm down.

If you want to hear the second stream where she talks about it again it starts around: 1:40.

No. 801517

surely there's not porn drawings of the man fucking the little boy (i mean not released, of course she has em in her bedstand drawer)

No. 801520

>Reese raping Herschel

b-but he wound up liking it so it wasn't rape uwuuuu /s

No. 801523

It was called 'seize', she got it professionally printed after fucking over the zine and got caught trying to sell it with cat stickers over the 'naughty bits' at last year's San Japan, what a shit show.

No. 801524

Nah, it was supposed to be dramatic and sad but ended up as exploitative and lazy, here's the start of the scene: https://tapas.io/episode/668240 (beware of the cape)

No. 801525

So I'm just going to dump more info from a few of her last stream(s) that I haven't really seen get brought up here.

>Holly still wants to move out even after buying the laser cutter. (Rent a house apparently.)

>Wants to use her new cutter to make clocks(??)

>If those clocks sell well she then wants to sell them at San Japan (an anime convention because that what the teens are into now-a-days. Clocks.)

>Someone bought one of her items from her new ETSY shop.

>Made some more concerning comments about eating.

>Days she "doesn't eat" she says she would eat two snickers bars and replace that as a meal.

No. 801526

Bless you fam, I stfg those livestreams are hard to sit through. Selling clocks at SJ sounds like the actual dumbest idea ever, do you have a timestamp or anything for that part?

No. 801527

Here you go. This was two days ago. Starts at 30:30 for clock info.

She has already bought clock parts.

No. 801528

Thanks! They are probably going to sell well online to Keith/Keithesque people, but at a convention? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 801529

>Days she "doesn't eat" she says she would eat two snickers bars and replace that as a meal.

jesus christ holly. i wonder if she's gonna go full on anachan and still be calling herself fat at a size 2 or something.

No. 801531

>Wants to use her new cutter to make clocks(??)

The only way those will sell is if she uses copyrighted characters and assets…

No. 801567

She gives off such an unprofessional atmosphere, it's unbelievable - I mean, i get it, it>'s good to be relatable as an online artist and interact with the community, but she just laughs about her characters and comic ideas, and honestly, it's probably good advice NOT to be your own biggest fangirl.

No. 801600

At this rate she's gonna get diabetes before she gets obese.

No. 801604


She expects to save 10k and move out to rent a house??? She'd blow through that money faster than she thinks. Hell she'd spend a good chunk of that money on the move itself. And then she thinks she'll be able to maintain a steady income making shitty art and failed business projects. Her expectations are too high. She's not moving out any time soon.

No. 801629

Doesn't she have an ED? She's more likely to have heart failure before either then.

No. 801756

I don't know why, but I always thought she lived in a trailer park. She just… looks like a trailer park girl.

In any case, I fail to see how a picture of her house is relevant/milk.

No. 801771

Maybe it was milky because I too thought she lived in a trailer. It’s not exactly humorous but it is cow behavior to trash up a room so bad people are shocked to see a house at all.

No. 801777

Now that I think about it, wouldn't a trailer home be a vaguely realistic goal if she is dead set on living in a separated abode rather than a shared walls apartment?
From what I have seen in the American TV shows about Romani people those trailer homes look fairly sturdy and decentfor those who can't/won't get a house.

No. 801789

I don't know if I wanna open it.
Title is: "set off my fire alarms"

No. 801794

God she's trying to make artist alley displays and keeps saying it's impossible to make them collapsible and they cost quite a lot and they have to be glued together. And honestly what she made looks more like a freakin' desk organiser than anything, and a chunky on at that.

Like honestly what's the point of making all your pretty badges and charms and sticking it in an ugly MDF stand when a plastic box would be easier to see, less distracting, and cheaper

No. 801802

File: 1556811637315.png (341.16 KB, 456x476, pegboard.png)

I have one of these IKEA pegboards and it weighs a ton with my merch on it.
those wooden "stands" would snap or collapse within minutes of people actually interacting with the display.

No. 801803


Not even a week in and she's already fallen off her shit with purgatory and the Kickstarter, lmao

She's already made shit too complicated. Now she wants to make artist alley displays. She really should be testing them out before selling them but she can't Wait to get that money I guess. I hope whoever is suckered into this has fun trying to assemble a wonky ass stand with messy glue. She really isn't thinking any of this through. Wood for art supplies isn't as sturdy as plastic. And because she's making them, they're not really cheaper either.
This entire video was a jumbled puke of half baked ideas she thinks other artists will 'kinda want, idk' . If you thought she was out of touch before, she's completely off the radar now. The way she pitches the ideas don't exactly inspire confidence in her, either. And so far not one comment mentions being interested.

No. 801804

I guess this is what she's bringing to the table this year for SanJapan; wooden shit. Just so she can show off the fact she has a laser cutter. No one cares, honestly, how much money you spent making something, people care about whether they want it, if they like it, or if they can't just get it somewhere else, cheaper, and in a better material. Showing off your basic laser cutter projects isn't going to justify people spending money on your shit just cause you decided to sink a ton into a piece of junk, holly.

No actual art for her table I guess just ugly unfinished wooden stands and charms. Maybe a comic or two if she can manage to shit those out in time.

No. 801805

her black hair is so ugly.
it looks so oily

No. 801809

those copic boxes not only completely off trend, but just straight up fugly.

No. 801817


It is actually painful how much wood she is wasting… Instead of thinking "Oh I'll add a bar," she should really be using a design program or 3D modeller to figure out the best ways to making something like that stable. Otherwise she's just gonna keep doing a rinse and repeat method which wastes wood, and her money.

No one is gonna buy this spur of the moment shit. Actually spend time to figure out whats is 1) in the market, and 2) find the least cost effective and sturdy way to make them. Oh wait. That requires effort.

No. 801818

File: 1556816733444.jpeg (383.54 KB, 1818x1818, 47AA5A8F-6913-4172-9E74-479DD7…)

In the vlog bRown says “It’s not math but it’s measuring” or something like that

No. 801819

jesus fuck. at this point i feel nothing but pity for holly. she's so god damn oblivious it baffles me. she needs serious help

No. 801821

Artist that sells at conventions here.

Any experienced vendor isn't going to want to touch those displays with a 10ft poll because just looking at them, they look flimsy as fuck. I use the wire grid storage cubes to display my products which aren't only more sturdy but, more customizable and easily transportable. She's just throwing shit at the wall at this point and hoping something sticks when it comes to her buying that laser cutter and trying to find shit to make with it aside from charms.

No. 801836

Gotta be honest; I've never seen someone make so much useless crap at such a rapid clip before or since.
I can already see all those materials sitting in another corner to collect dust after san japan is over. She moved her entire bed out of her own fucking room to try and make this a thing. It's not going to be a thing, holly.

This is just like all her other manic, compulsive obsessions. Animation, comics, art materials. All of it, junk. She doesn't know how to focus her efforts on making just one really good thing. She wants the thing that just might make her money the fastest.

No. 801883

This is gonna take up so much table space it's ridiculous, like oh my goodness

No. 801899

A smarter human would take 2-3 weeks to learn the machine to come up with a few solid designs, but watch holly do 3000 things poorly in 1 week.

No. 801928

Alcohol markers are supposed to be stored horizontally to avoid nibs drying out and keeping the ink properly distributed. It can also make flakes inside the marker on the side that dried. Just saying as someone who is currently looking for copic storage for my own modest collection, I wouldn't want her boxes for that reason alone. Not to mention the wood color is ugly and the feet stand thing? Why? It clashes so much…

No. 801930

File: 1556848948661.jpeg (146.54 KB, 893x1463, 86A521BE-C112-4FC2-9B9C-7283B3…)

Her nails. Her fucking nails. Please Holly, go clean them.

No. 801952

has she ever even looked at crafting videos? like i don't do crafting myself, but there are some channels on youtube i enjoy watching for their videos. the second she pulled out the wooden cement i was like "oh g.d this won't end well" and sure enough, "i took some off my skin off with this shit"

i am flabbergasted by the lack of research she does. if she decides to include this stuff in the orders she gets, i sure hope she labels it properly and includes the warnings that come with it, bc i don't want people to hurt themselves bc holly is too dumb to do proper research.

No. 801953

also, just a question. i know i am approaching this with too much logic probably, but if she plans on redrawing/redesigning paranormal plague, why, exactly is she making a fuckton of ash charms with the old design?

No. 801957

Since when did Holly use common sense?

No. 801977

Lmao I love how "too much logic" for holly is literally just common sense

No. 801997

Two years ago Holly made her first Ash and Hershel charms from the first iteration of PP that at the time had 5 pages out. Somehow 24 months later she has only gotten to page 20, has redrawn it twice, has made a non canon side comic with more pages than the actual comic, and is making the third round of merch for said comic. Someone….talk to this bitch. She seems legitimately unable to make good decisions.

No. 802002

Wait she's been working on pp for two years?? With how little content she's made it felt like its only been half a year Jesus christ

No. 802011

My favorite part about pp is how reese hasn't shown up in the comic yet has a doujin and merch

No. 802052

…any actual news on her Kickstarter in her recent videos? If I remember correctly it said everything would be shipped in Mai?

No. 802077

She probs won't say anything and hopes that no one remembers that they pledged for content thats never going to happen

No. 802079


She mentioned somewhere in the middle of her last vlog that she was supposed to take the comic to print like a week or so ago but got majorly distracted by her laser cutter. So who knows if she's actually sat down to do anything regarding her comic since she got it. She'd been slowing down on comic stuff the closer she got to when she received the cutter.
Wouldn't be surprised if it took her another 5 years to get even halfway through paranormal plague.

It's her next purgatory.

No. 802124

No. 802134

Why would anyone have a gigantic laser cutter in their freaking bedroom ffs? The dust and noise and stench must be colossal. What a fucking mess!

No. 802135

File: 1556970478101.jpg (174.8 KB, 940x1308, ew.jpg)

No. 802139

when you slap someone but it's more like you're shoving their head down i'm just so confused

No. 802140

File: 1556974332661.png (121.95 KB, 472x318, 2019-05-04 22_51_32-Purgatory …)

this is cracking me up for some reason

No. 802172

these look so fucking cheap and flimsy.

No. 802176

Not only that, but the hole is in such a weird place. It’s not balanced and would hang weirdly off of whatever you clipped it to. Not sure that matters to anyone else but I would hate that.

No. 802179

It's beautiful how she doesn't know yet that her stuff won't sell at all. Apart from the question if wooden charms are even popular, people who want professional work are goint to be appalled by her whole atitude, that only leaves her fans - majority of them is underage and can't even afford to have 50 charms printed. The whole thing is so baffling…

No. 802180

that's the main problem. She actually starts a business which aims at semi-professionals, who are artists themselves. That's not her viewership (apart from 1-2 people) so there is no success on the horizon. And no random artist will ever commission her.

No. 802182

File: 1556987154492.png (290.07 KB, 803x361, Unbenannt.png)

I love the fact she's selling her original pieces for literally nothing at this point - I mean, you get more if you draw something for a teacher in middle school, for fucks sake. I guess she's REALLY desperate for money, but this won't even get her a single room in a shared apartment.

No. 802194


I'm so confused. Is that Damien or Hitler's son? The comments seem to imply Hitler's son, but I've got no clue

No. 802197

It’s hitlers son, wouldn’t blame you for not being able to tell the difference. Because the only one is that his hair does some stupid curl bang directly into his face.

No. 802199

Fantastic. As much as I hate Damien's dumb anime hair, I almost prefer it to the sameface syndrome.

No. 802202

Her stupid baby talk is annoying and cringey as fuck to listen to.

No. 802207

So hitlers son is a gaybo aswell or wut

No. 802225


Plot twist they're all gay.

No. 802255

I am shocked. My goodness what a twist no one saw coming ever ever.

No. 802300

Can anyone tell me why the charms are spaced so far apart? The amount of wasted wood seems crazy to me

No. 802309

Cuz holy has the big dumb

No. 802322

I honestly want to watch her try to brush it under the rug this time, she got money over her original goal.I'm 100% sure most the money was spent on useless shit.and the ones who gave her money are I gonna get shit products.
but to a degree, she does need to be called out for not delivering on products we saw that she learned nothing from the zine at all, except for blaming the other artists for having "unrealistic expectations " when all Holly could have done was have better communication.
it is going to be the same thing bad money handling and bad communication

No. 802336

She’s not even going to ship the books quickly. She’s going to be too busy spazzing over making dumb artist alley shit.
Honestly with her following, she should be pulling in $1k in profit per convention AT LEAST and $600 a month in online sales. She doesn’t have work ethic cause she’s the biggest stereotype of “I have ADHD ooo LOOK a shiny” I have ever seen.
She gets motivated on a project for a week or two and then she gets bored.
I’m placing bets that she sells the laser cutter by November after maybe making barely half of the investment back (including all the wood, cutting boards, wood stain, ventilation and other added bullshit)

No. 802358


This is an almost exact repeat of last year, beat for beat. Last year it was the bnha zine and San Japan. This year its… Laser cutter and San Japan. She thinks she can just suddenly materialize things to sell and she thinks people want it when she goes to table.
She may either end up fucking up the entire laser machine first before trying to sell it, or it'll be a huge paperweight, I'm placing a bet, for way before November. Like maybe August.

No. 802479

She did say that it was an investment in that the laser is something she could resell if I remember correctly.

No. 802487


Good luck shipping that thing lmao.

No. 802503

So basically after repeating the BHA zine incident with her new Kickstarter, Holly is going to repeat the whole TVpaint arc with her new toy? Are Holly's fans literally brain dead to keep throwing money at her?!

No. 802541

I like how he's just lying there with his arms neatly at his sides instead of being sprawled out after, you know, being shoved off the fucking log. Looks totally natural.

After the whole callout debacle last year I was really hoping she was gonna turn over a new leaf for real. Instead she's the same old holly fucking up more than ever. It's so depressing.

No. 802615

>After the whole callout debacle last year I was really hoping she was gonna turn over a new leaf for real
Why tho

No. 802645

It's annoying how she keeps repeating how she's changing the wooden kickstarter charms that she originally design because "it'll look stupid if it's that big" like have you heard of sizing down a vector? And she's all like "oh with MDF you can get more detail in!" and you know in that case…. just size down the drawing?

It just makes no sense. Like people get these things from kickstarters not to use anyway, it's just for decoration most of the time. It's a novelty thing. Anyway it's just really dumb. Waiting for her to get bored of it.

No. 802676

File: 1557163734645.png (236.18 KB, 350x297, f.png)

no one wants a keychain of an OC that looks so generic but also wonky (that left arm I scream)
Also hes like??? sad?? who fucking wants a depressed boy charm???

No. 802689

I thought that was one of the designs for the KS charms but I could be wrong. I mean if people are paying for three books worth of sad boys then some wooden charms of sad boys must be appealing too.

No. 802777

Is that material paper? The quality looks awful

No. 802783

It's not even funny how unappealing these are.

No. 802784

it's medium density fibreboard aka mdf, the shit you have probably seen used for backs of wardrobes or bottom of drawers. real hq stuff /s

No. 802793

isn’t it fucked up how holly makes simon look like his mother to appeal his rapist and simon just rolls with the look.

No. 802804

It's weird that she is so insistent on wood charms when those aren't popular in AA. Isn't her machine capable of making the acrylic charms? Those are huge what is her deal

No. 802806

Acrylic is way more expensive to produce, and probably a lot more complex. She'd have to consider how she's going to print onto plastic, coating options, etc. Things that are all way out of her paygrade. it's probably more chemically hazardous too. I'm not sure what goes into it, but there's a reason people don't typically just 'make acrylic and wooden charms at home' They'd cost way more to produce and the end product would have to be way more expensive. She's not thinking, but that's not new. She's always several steps behind and out of touch with what people want.

No. 802810

I went to a convention a few weeks ago, and didn't see wood or acrylic charms, but saw other types of charms and pins. Stickers actually seemed pretty popular besides the actual prints.

I'm gonna just go ahead and accept the fact that Holly refuses to learn about what people are interested in buying at these things.

No. 802819


Haven't you heard? Enamel pins are all the rage nowadays! wait till Holly tries to start making those at home, even though that's particularly illegal

No. 802821

she’s not even correct in saying medium density fibreboard would allow for more detail. it’s the opposite. fibreboard is made up of small particles of recycled wood and has literally zero structural integrity. grade 1 or 2 SPF (spruce pine fir) would be a slightly more expensive but more durable and attractive option that would allow for more detail because of the way wood cells are organized. if she was aiming for super high quality she’d use dense sheets of planed down oak, but that’d be expensive and better used for something that’s actually nice to look at and not just a shitty comic book character on a piece of “wood” equivalent to what you find in craft packs at the dollar store

No. 802825

Holly's logic is actually pretty simple. SHE likes wooden charms and wooden shit in general, so of course everyone else should like wooden shit, so she's bound to make profit, it's foolproof in her eyes because wooden charms are just so cool. I think it's tied to her immaturity because she can't see much beyond what she wants and what she likes, so market demands flies over her head.

No. 802862

She could maybe get some success from this at "mixed" conventions that aren't anime specific or places like craft shows. Wood products seem to do better in places like that, from what I've seen.

But, that would mean she actually has to start making generic stuff that normies would gravitate to instead of shitty charms of her original characters that no one cares about. It would also help if she didn't make shit out of particle board.

No. 802946


From selling at conventions I can tell you from low to high how popular and how well certain products sell.


There's going to always be market for prints but, most people that attend conventions (especially anime ones) are going to be teens that have pocket change and want to buy small cheaper things they can use/wear. I've seen a few people that sell for one particular niche like a con I went to a few months ago had an artist that was selling only mugs with her art on it and another was selling only clocks and both were sold out of alot of their products b just day 2. You know what I don't see ever? Wooden charms. Because they're not only unappealing and lowkey ugly but, they don't appeal to the demographic you're aiming for. She is NEVER going to make her money back on this laser cutter.

No. 803005

I've never been in an AA to personally sell my art, but as a paying customer in cons that loves supporting other artists in any way I can, your list checks out. Why the hell would anyone bring flimsy cheap wooden charms to an anime/ comic con lmaaaaoooo, Holly keeps reaching new levels of stupidity

No. 803006

Well if they were dirt cheap I'd get them. You know. Just as a little memento. Merch gets expensive.

No. 803031

She's probably going to sell even less because she's not as popular as she used to be.
Stranger things have happened, though.

No. 803100

I would buy wooden charms if they were done right. Like maybe small sakura blossoms or charms of iconic weapons from popular anime. Unfortunately I would probably stick to buying colorful acrylic charms for characters.

No. 803103

I mean there's always Groot charms I guess lol

No. 803144

I think wooden charms would suit earthy flowery things or animals or even at a stretch Pokemon like Bulbasaur/Ivysaur or Bellosom. Generic characters not so much.

No. 803151

You'd buy some random chick's OCs as a memento? Because that's what Holly's making

No. 803171

Maybe she should lean into that generic wood shapes market that moms who shop at Michaels for their kids like so much. Flowers. Bees
Ladybugs and shit like that. You know. Generic scrapbooking/decor shit. That's the only way I can see her MAYBE turning a bit of a profit. But she won't because that's not her style lmao.

No. 803344

She could def make a Karen attracting Etsy with wood block project pieces.

No. 804209

NTA but I think anon means if someone she is a fan of sold these she would buy them purely because they're cheap but still have something on them.

No. 804270

File: 1557454133560.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 0A29D19F-85A9-496B-AC27-4F6982…)

Oh boy! What a mess. The face is a scribbled mess. That back leg looks…lol. It looks like he doesn’t have bones and looks so disproportion. She also couldn’t even give us a clear photo. It’s so bad.

No. 804289


Jesus fuck. I would say she might be headed in the right direction with acrylic standees because they're another thing that sell well at conventions but, she somehow managed to fuck that up too. First off they're clear. Acrylic standees are always colored and function well for people who can't afford anime figures, also the base is always acrylic not wood? Wood might work well if it were colored but, with it being clear it's just distracting not to mention WAY too thick, it would be better if it was about 5mm thick because that should be all it needs to stand up, it's not that heavy. Once again she manages to fuck up something that might have been a good idea. Also vapors put off from burning plastic are 10xs more toxic than burning wood so I pray to GOD she's getting proper ventilation.

No. 804306


What is the point of this? What is she trying to make, paperweights?? I seriously don't get it. This isn't unique or different, it's sloppy. Why take a gamble investing in this mess when there are actual businesses that make this their main priority? It's not even colored.

I knew she wasn't going to be satisfied with just wood. I knew she was gonna try for acrylic. Burn thru that Kickstarter money, Holls! That's all you're good at doing!

No. 804480


Oh god the cut line is so awful and jagged and uneven it's actually making me cringe like my GOD….

No. 804590

she had a tutorial about making transparent charms at home, so my question is did she follow her own tutorial or actually use the lazer, because those edges look extremely messed up

No. 804662

File: 1557503529864.png (390.02 KB, 450x647, puzzy.png)

Oh dear god please no

No. 804677


It's already hideous.

No. 804909

File: 1557525483540.png (281.84 KB, 759x510, Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 5.57.…)

say what you want about holly but at least she doesn't clickbait

No. 804915

Is this the start of her final mental breakdown?
Holly please, seek help. I know you think you're on top of it but you obviously aren't

No. 804920

Seriously hols it’s about time to grow up. Ditch the emo yaoi trash and get real interests

No. 804925

>can't even afford a $15 haircut and tries to haphazardly shaves it off herself
>shaves her head because she is too lazy to take care of her hair
>"Wigs 'seem' like they are easier to clean
>tries to thin out her $40 lace front
>looks sloppy
Holy shit

No. 804927

Can't embed the video correctly, sorry

No. 804932

>Look, my hair is long now!It's a normal colour!
Holly wanting instant gratification for whatever stupid decision she's made this week strikes again, she suddenly wanted different hair but she HAD to go the extra mile for it

No. 804935

Oh my God, she's really gone off the deep end.
She half-asses everything she does, including impulsively shaving her head and styling wigs. Her laziness and commitment to never doing proper research know no bounds.

No. 804937

I’m not sure why she would shave her head and get a wig when she’s just gonna leave it as a rats nest. She could at least try and comb it out…

No. 804939

she can’t even use “I have curly hair it’s hard to comb” excuse anymore. Really shows how lazy she is.

No. 804953


Impulsive as always. But hey those orders that someone else made with the cacti are pretty cute. Basic, yes, but that's the kind of stuff that people would buy because it'll probably be cheap. Hopefully. Who even knows.

No. 804969

God she is going to regret that decision so soon. Also, wigs are much harder to take care of than your own actual hair. Good luck with that, Holly.

No. 804971

she looks like a guy with short hair lol

No. 804975

Why just draw yaoi boys when you can BE the yaoi boys?

No. 805023


>it looks like Barbie.

Don't do Barbie dirty like that. That doll has gotten more shit done in her lifetime than you and still manages to take care of herself. And she's not even real.

No. 805024

Oooh, that lacefront though. there's no redeeming that. It's like she grabbed a bunch of straw and glued it on her head.

She's going to keep spending $40 on wigs to experiment on.
now I can totally see her as this middle aged woman with a dusty room full of those mannequin heads for all her wigs and cats around them. The laser cutter, a coffee table. or a night stand.

No. 805028

No. 805057

Excuse me what the fuck

No. 805074

tinfoil, but does anyone else think she might have gone full brittany and done this because of the comparisons to her oc reese?

No. 805094

why do people who don't even go outside or have any human interaction fuss so much over their presentation lol

No. 805116


This is it ya'll. She's finally going Brittney and in a few months she'll probably be screaming at cars that pass by her street

No. 805141


Probably quite a reach. Just seems so fickle. Also if she doesn't want to deal with hair, just keep it short and shaved

No. 805144

Lol nah. Watch her get a green wig to be more like her beloved self insert in her next video.

No. 805192

She looks better with a shaved head than wearing that fake looking wig. That hairline is so unnatural…ick.

No. 805227

Im not an expert on curly hair, so can someone tell me if holly even know how to care for it properly or does she just hate it and is in denial?

No. 805244

Curly hair definitely does take some effort, I'm not really sure what she did, but brushing curly hair is not the proper way to take care of it. So it's probably denial and laziness. (The "CG Method" has pretty good guidelines for how to take care of curls)

No. 805253

File: 1557582103532.png (14.03 MB, 1242x2208, F7961ABF-C01D-450D-84FE-C10FEE…)

Who the fuck would want to buy this?

No. 805279

that looks absolutely horrifying, holy shit

No. 805292

the linework is so choppy, is her machine shit or is she this bad with illustrator?

No. 805297


My first guess will always be her poor skill. I'd never blame a tool for lack of care or technique.

No. 805309


Oh lord this is awful. The stroppy lines come probably from the fact she uses the brush tool on illustrator (rip). Also like honestly the clock now just looks like it's been fully painted, so what's even the point of the cutter? Honestly like you can't even tell the time.

THis reminds me of school when we had these like building classes and we made these crappy laser cut clocks.

No. 805320

I remember some misguided anon in the micky thread saying white girls dont need to pluck their (wig) hairline because the only reason you do that is to marry light fabric to dark skin like no that BLUNT ass lego man hairline is why you pluck no matter the skin colour.
Also for someone you have heard say some real racy shit about women she sure had no issues matching her mom body with a classic non-binary, self doxxed bpd, imbisexualbutonlyfuckmen bald moment.
(The pointers for the cat clock are awful colours and the red looks disgusting over the muted purples)

No. 805340

I expect to see this clock on the wall in Hell’s waiting room.

No. 805346

I hope satan doesn't put that in his room when i visit hell .

No. 805430

Damn, and I thought her black hair look like shit and was a bad idea but I really just can’t ever judge how far we are from rock bottom with Holly. I’m almost impressed with her ability to always make things worse. Does she think caring for a wig will be easier than dealing with her own hair? Or did she just realize that going black was a horrible mistake and she couldn’t be bothered with actually trying to correct it?

No. 805438

That line work looks like it was done by hand with a sharpie, those weird ass tapers look like they were hand done and not in illustrator…

No. 805444

By how she's been wording it, she didn't like the black. Any normal person would have dyed it back or let it naturally fade but nope…not Holly.

No. 805557

is a keratin treatment really that expensive? if she likes straight hair she could just do that…i dont have curly hair but with the ammount of money she wastes it could have been worth a shot

No. 805643


Not to go off topic but I have wavy/frizzy hair and it costs quite a lot to get rebonding/keratine treatment. Not to mention it takes over 3 hours if you have long hair. Essentially it's just a huge sink of money and time, and it took years to grow my hair out again to get rid of the chemicals. I found the best way to combat that hair is to get good shampoo and just condition the fuck out of it. And also not wash it every day.

Or you know, chop it short. But I ain't about to put a wig on because like if you're gonna shave off all your hair, own it. A friend of mine with pretty much the exact hair texture as Holly did that, and she never looked back. If you're too busy to take care of your hair get rid of it!

No. 805662

It looks decent when you can't see the hairline, but as soon as she pans up…yikes.

Poorly shaving your head in your room in the middle of the ngiht is such a classic mental breakdown move.

No. 805699

Is no one going to mention how she didn't put any towels or anything around her for her hair to fall on?
She shaved it right on her dresser and you know she won't bother cleaning it up.
I don't understand how she can live in that filth and walk around barefooted

No. 805702

It is whit like this that makes me never want to buy any products of hers. Or now any products produced by her for other artists.
I know artists who make their merchandise at home might not work in the same super clean environment as let's say an acrylic charm factory or printing press, but holy shit at least they don't work in a literal pigsty covered in piss and hair both pet and human. I don't want to think about all the germs that are cultivating on every surface of her room.

No. 805798


I've always taken issue with this! She's so fucking grimy.
People ordering shit from her obviously know how she lives because they watch her vlogs. And even if they didn't, half the pictures of her holding shit, her nails are NEVER clean. And we know it's not from art supplies because she doesn't fucking paint much.
She's so dirty. More people should call her on it.

No. 805800

File: 1557682547853.png (1.33 MB, 604x1088, Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 6.32.…)


Also found the artist who actually ordered those cactus charms you see in this video. Gotta say, these charm things (I think they're pins, they don't actually have a charm loop) are pretty cute with the paint on, not that that's any of Holly's work.

So I guess MDF is a great option for people who want to hand paint all those darn charms… Either way real tired of Holly using Herschel over and over again as her damn test sample for all her charms.

Also she's going to start selling Purpleheart charms. They cost like £100 for 50 charms. Which is c r a z y.

No. 805810

They're a generic cute, she honestly could've gone to literally anywhere else for this shit if she was just gonna painstakingly paint over all of them.

No. 805812


They're cute but if you were just going to color them anyways why didn't you just order acrylic charms???

No. 805816


Was legit thinking that ordering printed wooden charms from Zap would be cheaper in total if you include the cost price, the paint price, and the time price………

No. 805854

She looks really nice tho! Her face slimmed up shes actually pretty

No. 805870

File: 1557691011421.png (358.33 KB, 969x251, Unbenannt.png)

Please, for the love of god, don't tell me anyone would ever spend this much on a cutting board…

No. 805892

Is it even safe to have a cutting board like this? I feel like it would be more annoying to clean with the engravings

No. 805896

I think at most people would only be able to use it as cheese board or for serving appetizers. But you can find better looking ones for a LOT cheaper in stores. No one is going to pay for ugly overpriced garbage like this.

No. 805911

I would like to mention she wants 160(?) for 14 cutting boards in total, not for one. To keep it fair. Still kinda expensive.
Btw, I like the visible Ikea label on the bottom.

No. 805959

File: 1557699829272.jpg (151.59 KB, 1079x952, Screenshot_20190512-232249_Ins…)

checked out those boards and of course holly "I love spelling" brown strikes again.

No. 805965

File: 1557700209686.jpg (418.04 KB, 895x1178, Screenshot_20190512-232831_Ins…)

samefag but jesus, that stand looks horrific, his face! maybe she should limit using clear acrylic to signs only or something. who on earth would want this?

No. 806022


Her cramped, cluttered designs are the worst examples for these items and even then, the materials are ugly as sin. Clear acrylic with wood? Those clock parts on that ugly ass cat face?

She's always had poor to no taste, but it's on full display here now.

No. 806033


It's not just about the quality and the ideas, the mere fact she mostly wants to produce for people who will sell their charms/whatever to their costumers is just a huge mistake on her part and in her calculations.
So far she has made 7 sales, even if we are really generous and take the most expensive option at about 100 dollars (not the cutting boards, since they are a recent addition), she has made a maximum of 700 bucks so far, which isn't even a faction of the laser cutter price, especially if you consider the shit ton of materials she must have gotten. It's a given at this point that she must have spent most if not all her Kickstarter money on this "Project", for some reason believing she will make a profit. The distribution of her Purgatory books is quite questionable at this point, not to mention she surely hasn't finished the new pages and the prologue.

No. 806034

pardon, the epilogue

No. 806048


In her last vlog, she kind of mentioned purgatory as an afterthought. All the pages she's supposed to be working on are in a drawer, which she opens, briefly mentions not wanting to work on them and then shuts it again.

The prospect of those books getting made any time soon is not looking good.

I guess she figured "oh, if I spend that money on the laser cutter then double down on only my laser cutter "business" I'll turn enough profit to get the books to print and shipped. They'll never know the difference!

Except that's not what's happening. She really thought she was going to turn a profit the moment she started down this path, when almost no business does out the gate.

This isn't what her backers paid for. They didn't pay to fund her half baked business ventures. They (lamentably) paid for a physical copy of her comic.

I forget the due date but it's fast approaching. She's got her grimey fingers in too many pies to pull any part of this off successfully.
I'd argue it's worse than last year.

Next year it'll be a paranormal plague Kickstarter and a shiny new toy for her to set her sights on to fund with that money. She hates art so fucking much.

No. 806058

i'm not saying holly knows what she's doing but if you invest in something for a business you don't expect it to pay itself of after two weeks. If it takes two years it would still be considered a good investment

No. 806084

Like shes actually going to keep it up for that long? She's in this for the instant gratification, get rich quick on shitty art and shitty smut.

No. 806130

I honestly didn't think it looked that bad at first glance. But then I started looking at it for more than 5 seconds and it got so much worse.

No. 806131

File: 1557726901444.png (245.14 KB, 506x440, Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 12.5…)

When you realize you've been drawn by a shit artist.

No. 806151

even so, she used money not meant for that purpose to finance her business. I highly doubt it will be successful in 2 years time, not only because she doesn't keep anything up long enough, but because she pretty much starts out as unprofessional as you can get. Her products aren't thought through, her asvertisement lackluster, not to mention she uploads herself shaving her head in a mental breakdown-mannder (scaring off any potential customers who look into her, before wanting to pay her prices)

No. 806208

where is that from?

No. 806217

No. 806219

You can check what she's sold on Etsy, if you're interested.

No. 806229


Lots of those old Rose sketchbooks that she sold. Surprised she hasn't gone round trying to make wooden sketchbook covers yet. Next venture perhaps?

I'm also so surprised someone bought that ugly ass clock like what in the world.

No. 806240


>"I don't think people can read regular clocks anymore."

>"Do they teach kids how to read time nowadays?"

Oh my god……
Also watching her paint the lines in is killing me like she can't paint in the lines and they're ENGRAVED my god.

>"That's kind of the point of it being engraved"

honey why would you engrave something and then paint them in that doesn't make sense.

Also they're $40. And someone bought a clock. That is one expensive fuckin' clock.

>"I want to make something that's physical and useful or at least for display. Like the acrylic stand, it's kinda pretty and stuff and not just a flat piece of artwork"

Oh my god…. As if having 30498290423 herschel charms is useful.

But she's admitting she likes designing products. Maybe she'll just go into that in the future.

No. 806261

File: 1557761023114.jpeg (228.63 KB, 739x1258, EF2FED10-FE2D-461D-BF5C-B3E98C…)

The deadline is this month and she’s not even done with the comic itself yet. Instead of working to finish it at the very least she’s playing with a laser cutter….

No. 806263


Unless she's been doing things behind the scenes that we don't know about, there's no way she's gonna meet the deadline. She's gonna miss it and end up making excuses that her drooly little teenage fans will no doubt eat up.

No. 806272


Here's a question.

If she has spent the money she got from the kickstarter on the laser printer, cant she get in trouble for that? Especially if the date is this month and it looks like she's nowhere near completed with the comic, let alone the epilogue.
If she can, seriously hope she does. She cant keep leading on her teenage fanbase with the 'new shiny thing' and not deliver what shes promised. What does that say to her fans? Soon there will be loads of mini Holly's doing the same shit.

No. 806273

File: 1557762711491.png (694.21 KB, 1280x720, shaq spicy.png)


All I'm getting from this.

No. 806424

Aside from maybe being called out by people I doubt she would get in much trouble. Still, if she was called out again, maybe she will finally lose the last few people that devotedly follow her.

No. 806429


Exasperated by the fact that spending money you earned on Kickstarter for anything else besides the project, unfortunately, isn't exactly penalized either. At least not as much as I think. There are scammers out there that keep making projects and collecting money then not following through.its probably hard to tell where that money goes even if it is obvious to everyone else.

I don't know. She'll probably get away with it again because she's not as high profile as she was before. But nobody is getting books by May. It's already the middle of the month and she hasn't addressed anything, not even an extension date.

She's so dishonest. Once she has their money, unless it's about her own self-interests, it's radio silence.

No. 806461

Was anyone with any sense really expecting her to deliver on this though? I mean, REALLY? I assume her fans just don’t care since they must be intimately familiar with her history and track record with making good on promises.

No. 806683

File: 1557815468656.jpeg (347.57 KB, 750x1247, 41C74CC3-E617-4185-86AC-FCC6C9…)

Here’s her update list for the Kickstarter, obviously these weren’t written at the time they were suppose to happen or the comic would be done so take it with a mountain of salt

No. 806684

File: 1557815489165.jpeg (330.61 KB, 750x1255, 14BEF98D-35EF-4692-9866-DD13F2…)

No. 806691


No. 806724

File: 1557828851604.png (790.52 KB, 720x1044, 20190514_181241.png)

Seriously who would want this?? Plus since this is a cutting board wouldnt her design get fucked up eventually?

No. 806725

I think she's designing a lot of things that she doesn't actually use, so she doesn't think about the practicality of her designs. You wouldn't be able to use this to knead any kind of dough since your flour/oil/dough would get stuck in the engravings. As for cutting things, not having an even surface could cause what you're cutting (or even your knife) to slip.
I've seen people use fancy-looking cutting boards as decoration though, maybe that's what she wants them to be used for.

No. 806727

if she doesnt reseal the board or at least seal the engravings wouldnt food and bacteria seep into the wood? gross- not to mention would ultimately ruin the board? maybe i dont know enough about wood but i am sure i wouldnt trust cleaning food out of it with small fine shapes and details everywhere…

No. 806760

This is such an ugly and disorganised design, why would she post something like this

No. 806761

File: 1557837697218.jpg (67.92 KB, 487x553, killing vermin.jpg)

No. 806763

I re-calculated her earnings from her Lazer Etsy (didn't know you could see the sales individually) she has made about 170 dollars in total so far. That probably doesn't even cover the material cost?

No. 806765

I'm so confused, I know Hitler's son got thrown out but how did he go from being the loyal, homophobic, fully indoctrinated son to a progressive rebel joking about killing his own dad ?

No. 806776

that rifle butt tho

No. 806784

I couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing at first

No. 806786


Okay but….. what the fuck is up with the lettering you can't just make a double bubble like that and not even split up the text?! This is so weird. Also it's skewed.

No. 806809


bitch she's gonna make wallets now skldjslfkdklfs

No. 806814

everyone's shitting on her designs but i understood it as these are just demos to show how something comes out on cutting board/charms/clear plastic and she's selling a service where people send their own design, not actually selling simon bike standees, packs of 70 herschel heads and shit tattoo jumble cutting boards. ?

No. 806832

well, she still does make most of these designs in big batches and to sell on a con or similar - so the critique is valid in this case. Even if something else was etched into the cutting board, the fact that actually using it in the kitchen could potentially become quite a hassle remains true as well.

Overall, she really doesn't sell herself well, especially by putting her god-awful designed OCs on all of her mockups.

No. 806844

File: 1557847991040.png (105.69 KB, 431x361, noones.png)

Quality content

No. 806887

Such realistic dialogue if the character is mid-stroke

No. 806973

wow this dialogue is just terrible. Does she ever talk to people in meat space?

No. 806993

I know it’s been prevalent for ages but what the hell is his expression? He’s smiling, but also looking down kinda sad(?) but his eyes are wide as hell?? And this weird face is the one he has when talking about something that’s supposed to be a serious, about an escape plan which is supposed to have their lives on the line? I’m not even gonna touch on that dialogue. And this isn’t even the worst case of her weird faces but my god can she even do any other expressions other than these weirdly broken ones or snarling/angry ones? Is this the limit of her facial symbol drawing?

No. 806994

Wow, she could not make it more obvious that she doesn't care about doing a decent job. Not only does she never bother with checking her spelling, she clearly doesn't read her own dialogue back to herself even once to make sure it's coherent.

On another note, I feel like once she stopped drawing massive jaws/chins she started going too far in the opposite direction. She's been placing her characters mouths weirdly low on their faces lately. I'm growing nostalgic for the chin phase.

No. 806995

I didn't actually read this until I saw all the comments complaining and honestly I thought I was the one having the stroke, not generic dad

No. 807038

>No ones sees

He looks absolutely out of his mind. Completely batshit

No. 807121

i'd rather she gave all her characters ditto faces, instead of whatever this abomination is.

No. 807182

File: 1557920263476.jpg (222.34 KB, 784x853, vermin.JPG)

as you wish

No. 807185

Wayy better

No. 807244

I still can’t get over how she couldn’t be bothered to reference a shotgun/rifle holding pose. She has no problems with tracing shit as we’ve seen before so what was stopping her this time other than complete laziness?

Also, Ditto faces actually enhances this lol!

No. 807285

He looks like he’s hiking a cardboard cutout of a gun. holy shit lol

No. 807352

bless you, anon. many keks

No. 807435

Her terrible grammar is considering at this point

No. 807447

Now this.. THIS is art. Eat your heart out, Holly.

No. 807512

Okay, I'm confused. Top left is Damien (undercut, black shirt), top right is Hitler Jr. (anime hair, white shirt), and bottom right (anime hair, black shirt) is… who? Did Hitler Jr.'s shirt change color?

Why is the text in that last bubble all tilty?

Don't even get me started on how bizarre it is that this kid randomly wants to fucking murder his dad. Instead of like. Going to the police and telling them his friend's been raped.

No. 807660

Judging by the haircuts alone (because yes, I'm pretty sure Hitler's son's shirt changes colour halfway through the page because Holly don't curr), Damien is on both panels on the left, and Hitler's son is on both on the right

No. 807661

These look so fucking terrible

No. 807734

She probably just copied and paste one of those Hitler Jr's in. She's been known for a while of just being a lazy artist.

No. 807745

Why dies she always use this ugly dark woodstain and why mix acrylic and wood like that? It just doesn´t look as fancy as she thinks

No. 807746

Didn't she already have colic holders last year before she purged them?? Why does she keep getting rid of them when she's just going to buy more a couple months later

No. 807747

Copic* stupid auto correct

No. 807749

I'm a fan of rustic looks when it comes to containers, I think they often have charm to them. But that being said, using the cheapest wood she can find along with acrylic sheets just make it look like something I could buy at Dollar Tree.

No. 807765

Not going to lie, this is what she /should/ be selling. The copic stands look fine and her prices aren't extremely high.
She was shooting herself in the foot making ugly charms and cutting boards, so this is a step in the right direction.

No. 807792

I would like the idea of a cute rustic (good) wood clock with beautiful numbers. She should set herself apart from the fandom audience and try to focus on a more general one if she wants to gain something out of it.

No. 807801

because it's the Holly Cycle.

1) develop an obsession with a certain product.
2) spend copious amounts of money to obtain said product.
3) use product for a week, claim to be a master at it.
4) get bored after a month, say product is actually shitty and you never liked it.
5) sell product so that you can buy something else to obsess over for a month.
6) rinse+repeat.

No. 807840

Oh god anon you're right, we're at stage 3 where she claims she's the only person to make 'good' copic cases.

Honestly the wood stain is awful and the chances of this case breaking in shipment is so high. Perhaps a fully acrylic stand would actually look better. People like to see their things.

No. 807852

>I'm terrible at staining

Even if you are, you shouldn't point out what you've done wrong in a product you're trying to sell. Imagine trying to sell a painting while talking about how you messed up the values.. No one else notices. Just shut up.

No. 807854

Everything she made so far with her laser machine is terrible… It's almost painful to look at her wasting her money in garbage kid-tier crafts.
What the hell is that clock design??? And how can't she see how crappy is that acrylic standee?! Why in the world would someone pay 160€ for a freaking IKEA cutting board? And that copic holder looks like it could break so easily.. God damn, she's such a trainweck, how many time before she realizes she fucked up buying that expensive laser machine?

No. 807902

…not a single word about the Kickstarter, right? Not that I'm surprised.

No. 807923

My take on the holly cycle
1. Ignorance - Shes a professional comic artist / illustrator/ AA Artist and they spelled her name BRown cuz haters just wanna hate. Also she’s not like other girls or YouTube artists.
2. Blame something else - oop my bad lads gotta stop the presses had to buy a washer and dryer / it’s not me it’s my brother makes me crazy!! / quitting YouTube because mah depreshun
3. Shiny new art supply - im back on YouTube grannies!! /I’m starting a comic!! / I’m starting a nsfw elf man strongboy comic!! / omg laser!! Clocks!!

No. 808005

File: 1558119891863.png (22.63 KB, 443x261, Unbenannt.png)

someone asked, seems like they are being printed already?! No idea at what point she finished the second book, the epilogue AND the redraws of the whole first one, but here we are.

No. 808008

She's so full of shit those books won't be done and sent until July at the earliest

No. 808021

Kickstarter update

No. 808022

File: 1558122026530.png (45.51 KB, 695x549, Unbenannt.png)

(sorry, forgot to attach it)

No. 808044

Or maybe you could just deliver on the promises you made before rushing to spend all of your time and effort on something else? Does no one actually call her out on doing specifically laser things instead of prioritizing the people who gave her the money for the laser?

No. 808190

Oh yeah, working so hard on getting that book ready and totally not just fuckin around making ugly tat with her new shiny toy. People fucking paid you for a product, Holly. When other people's money is involved, you do not have the right to put it on the backburner so you can make shitty cutting boards that only appeal to you.

No. 808301

You're supposed to store copics horizontally so the ink will be distributed evenly to both tips, and not flow to one side. Storing them at an angle like that doesn't solve the problem. I guess the various ink one is not bad though.

No. 808321

File: 1558172207576.png (1.26 MB, 887x890, cc.png)

I feel stupid for thinking that the first cat clock was ugly, because this (and the fact that someone bought it) is genuinely haunting.

No. 808359

This is actually my favorite clock design. Without the dollar tree paint job it wouldn't look half as bad imo

No. 808374

i dunno why you guys hate the cat clocks so much except the colors aren't fully harmonised, but i do think it's funny there's no need for/benefit from them being engraved or laser cut

No. 808435

Man, I would really like this one if the colors weren't so bad, honestly. I have a weakness for interesting clocks.

No. 808552

This one isn't that bad. This one >>805253 is a worse design with horrible colors. This one, despite its shoddy paint job, at least doesn't hurt my eyes to look at.

That aside I don't understand the appeal of cat clocks or the need for them to be engraved.

No. 808600

These clocks still look terrible though. The ones you guys consider decent enough still looks as if it were rushed. Imo it just looks lazy. I know she rushes projects just so she can make money as fast as possible but I wouldn’t want to buy something that looks like an afterthought.

No. 808866


False, Copic say you can store them either way. They literally sell them in vertical sets that you can use as storage.

No. 808909

Not false, source: gravity. Dumbass lmao.

No. 808950

Lmao you can also set the copic case on its side.

But that was my other question.. don’t most people buy the sets and just use the case that came with it? I don’t like buying individual markers cuz it feels like they’ve been used up already

No. 809014

Copic themselves disagree but ok go off

No. 809073

File: 1558288353397.png (119.63 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_2019-05-19-12-50-25…)

Here. Now let's stop talking about it now lmao

No. 809086

Buying them in sets you get them $6 each at the cheapest, buying them individually you can get then $4 with coupons or on offer up (or for $5 on Blick). Tldr it's cheaper.

No. 809087

Copic disagrees with gravity okay noted lol. Primsacolor say they are light fast do I blindly believe that too?

No. 809356

Storing alcohol markers vertically causes crystylixation and streaks. The inside is just plastic so if there is empty space the nib on the top will particially dry out and has a shorter life span.

No. 809444

File: 1558338198862.png (Spoiler Image,175.92 KB, 446x460, penis stickers by BRown.png)

>goes to page 9 on the listing
>sees this

No. 809449

That's sad, even yaoi penises look better than BRown's ones.

No. 809452

How and why is she so bad at drawing dicks?? Is she scared to reference one???

No. 809454


…this is just…bad…it's so, so goddamn bad. Nobody that isn't seriously disturbed wants bad, semi-realistic dick stickers. Maybe if they were more simple I can see the humor in it but just…what the fuck

No. 809464

Lel the head on the top left one is backwards.

How can a straight woman in her mid-twenties not know what a penis looks like.

No. 809475


No. 809477

They look deformed… I feel bad for the people she referenced.

Like who is Holly's audience even? The attempt at things like the 'cutesy' cat clocks suggests she's aiming at teenagers but then she posts gross stuff like this…

No. 809486

I wish I had never seen this cursed image

No. 809491

has she ever actually seen a dick that wasn't in her yaois

No. 809506

Dude even Yaoi dicks look better than this atrocity.

No. 809511

Disregarding the nauseating dicks (which is nearly impossible), gotta love that weeb humor that totally isn't outdated as hell. How bland is her sense of humor lmao

No. 809553

Dear god why??

No. 809575


top right looks like a giraffe bending down for a drink I'm fucking dying

No. 809581


I normally actually like dumb crude shit like this, I have a set of enamel pins of two chibi dicks with one holding it's balls up to look like boobs but, you have to be able to do it RIGHT. To do something satirical like this you have to make them look more cartoony and not super realistic, the fuck. Not to mention they just look disfigured and broken so they fall in the uncanny valley

No. 809583

Yeah I mean step one: know what a dick looks like. Can you imagine being so stupid you continuously draw dick heads on backwards??

No. 809601

Wow I thought exactly the same anon

No. 810033

File: 1558416511748.png (366.7 KB, 357x669, repomansdream.png)

No. 810036

Oh boy…

No. 810114

Did she even get her license? How long before it gets repossessed since Holly has no understanding of money?

No. 810163

Bye to the remaining of that Kickstarter money. She bought a car and she still has to send comics to print, bet the books will be extremely poor quality, rushed and delayed to the end of times.

No. 810196

Why would you get a car before getting a place to move into???

Its not like she has to go anywhere to make money

No. 810298

And it's fucking huge for no reason, too….. That's a traffic accident waiting to happen, honestly

No. 810318

There’s no way her aunt didn’t help her out with this. But they’re soo poor guys.

No. 810355

Holly is so incredibly stupid. She could’ve gotten a keratin treatment or a chemical relaxer if she really was that sick of straightening her hair everyday. Detangling and taking care of wigs (especially one that you’ll be wearing almost everyday) is incredibly time consuming, my god. It would’ve been easier if she got a keratin treatment and just shampoo/conditioned her hair ever few days.

No. 810397

Just caught up with holly bRown and I think I got whiplash

No. 810409

I’m curious how she’s going to keep up with those car payments. Don’t know if the mom is going to be helping her out or not. I’m assuming yes because Holly has been blowing off her Kickstarter money left and right and this ain’t a hand-me-down car. She has major confidence in her laser hobby.

No. 810425

Are we actually sure that everything she said so far about her family is true? At this point I might expect them not to be that bad and her aunt to be her real mother/no crazy brother and she figured this way of acting generates pity for her from people so she can actually manipulate them. I feel this is tinfoil level but I'll do researches. Can I be the LolCow Unsolved?

No. 810475

no idea why, she has had 12 sales total so far, making about 200 bucks. Sorry, but that's nothing for a "business".

No. 810476

I don't think she got one, she would have splurged about it in every single video. But hot damn, can't wait until she decides it takes too much time/effort and tries to sell the car in a few months, probably without even finishing the payments first (IPad, anyone?)

No. 810560

It looks like a Honda CR-V which is on the cheaper side when it comes to cars. I'm not an expert but after looking online it seems from 2013-2016 so it's probably used. I don't think it all that unreasonable a choice for her tbh. Having a car here in Tx is a huge necessity… as far as her choices go I think this one is actually pretty good? Her mom definitely had to co-sign at the very least.

No. 810720


Not to wk, but unless it goes 'viral' , no business just absolutely takes off that fast.
For Holly, she lost a chunk of her followers after she burned as many bridges as she possibly could, deleted her Twitter and changed her yt channel. She'd shot herself in the foot so many times, that it's going to be difficult to see her succeeding past six months with her current bullshit.


How much you wanna bet she's going to start bitching about other people using her car, trying to do maintenance on it herself, then going 'guys I made Herschel and Reese decals for ur cars, idk I think that'd be cool, just to make them.'

And then a month later she's coming up with something like,

'i'm thinking about laser cutting some seatbelts and steering wheels. You know cause I drive and it's for people with cars, idk. If you don't know what a car is, it's basically–"

And still nobody's gotten their comic.

No. 810911

This is so accurate anon

No. 810927

back a few threads somewhere its mentioned I think through Instagram or a now-deleted video that she in fact has her divers license.

No. 810955

I’m calling a yaoi bumper sticker

No. 811113

Well her mom seems to have a decent job so unless she's also up to her eyeballs in debt they shouldn't be struggling. I mean that would make sense seeing as Holly has a spend now, worry about it later attitude so maybe she got that from her but yeah it does look a bit suspicious.
Even if it is all true it seems a bit tone deaf to run a Kickstarter and then flaunt that you spent the money on things nothing to do with the Kickstarter. Honestly if she was more popular I would expect her to be getting a lot of flack by now but we're only talking about a couple of hundred backers who are more invested so they seem to be happy with letting her get away with it.

No. 811151


No. 811158

Holly is livestreaming commissions again, she said she forgot to account for stuff in her bills. She also destroyed her old wig and bought a 140$ human hair wig.

No. 811159

she's also job hunting. whoa

No. 811161

This is is scarily accurate, anon.

"Forgot to account for stuff"… Is that what we're calling splurging with kickstarter money now?

No. 811163

that's literally what she said word for word

No. 811167

That's not surprising, it's all so weirdly predictable though. Who acts like this? Hol(l)y shit

No. 811179

I read that in Holly's voice

No. 811263

You made my fuckin' evening, anon (and I also read it in Holly's voice)

>Hol(l)y shit
You two lmaaaaooo

No. 811373

File: 1558575446442.jpeg (830.82 KB, 1145x1125, 4400437F-B106-4DEB-A5B4-B80587…)

She’s showed her new wig during the livestream as well

No. 811413

tbh its trash

No. 811416

Wait, is she actually going to go outside the house with lego hair or is it not done yet? Also how did she even manage to ruin the first wig so quickly? The laser arc keeps getting weirder, fam.

No. 811482

White girls wearing wigs is a big no no. It’s not that damn hard to manage curly hair Holly. You’re not “special” for having messy hair that’s hard to control. Do the logical thing and tame your ratnest of a scalp instead of throwing on wigs that look horrible on you.

No. 811511

Is she doing this to look more like her self-insert? Holly has become pretty unhinged lately, more so than usual. I’d be worried if she wasn’t such an asshole.

No. 811544

Go back to Tumblr. Anyone can wear wigs- the issue here is that Holly's is ugly and she doesn't know how to take care of it, not that she's white.

No. 811621

Oh my god shut up Tumblr really are you 12

No. 811653

So she couldn't handle basic care of a synthetic wig, so she chucked it and spent $140 on a human hair wig, which will require even more care?


Also she should at least learn how to wear it properly. I've seen amateur cosplayers wear wigs better than this.

No. 811658

I’m almost certain she couldn’t get this without someone co-signing and I just hope the co-signer is prepared to essentially pay for that car themselves at some point. Her income likely isn’t anywhere near consistent enough to keep up the payments and other costs that having a car incurs.

Also wayyyy to accurate Anon omg my sides

No. 811704

Why the hell does she even announce all her spending like this… people have literal numbers to throw in her face the next time she complains about being "broke" or when she starts making excuses about the Purgatory books being too late because "they're more expensive than I thought, idk"

No. 811731

Chill the fuck out I said white girls because 98% of them don’t have a need for them and don’t know how to take care of them. Like Holly clearly doesn’t if she already ruined ONE.

No. 811775

Can this not turn into a race thing

No one wants to talk about "how certain ethnicities shouldn't wear a wig" cuz that's bullshit, many people of all races wear wigs (for fashion choices or from hair loss) and if you want this to devolve in retarded race baiting by saying others don't have the right then you can fuck off or have others report you

No. 811811

You’re taking what I said too seriously- it’s a joke and fact that most white girls like Holly don’t know how to take care of wigs. That’s it. Stop being autistic over the word white and get the thread back on white girl Holly.(hi cow)

No. 811817

She needs to be called out on this by her backers. I just can't understand her logic of flaunting these big purchases to her followers and then needing to open up to commissions because she "forgot to account for stuff?" ie: now she can't afford to print the books.
Dear lord, learn how to budget woman and read some books on business or podcasts or something at least.

She really did expect to make her money back quickly on the laser cut orders. The business may be good over time but her followers aren't really made up of many people that need this kind of product.

No. 811838

I’ll never understand how she doesn’t have the common sense to just make sure she orders the books first so she knows that’s accounted for- and then do whatever she wants with the excess money if she’s going to be shitty. Especially when she’s waving her laser printer around while everyone waits for their orders.

No. 811856


That's what really pisses me off, too. It's not just the laser cutter but all the dumb shit she makes with it, and all the excess material she buys that probably won't even get used. Now there's a car in the picture. The thing of it is, nobody but the backers can really call her on her shit, and Instagram isn't the best place to do that.

if she still had her twitter, she'd be less likely to get away with it, but she has before. This isn't even new.

Her supporters with money are too dumb or too scared to figure her out and call her on it. It isn't like she's got the same audience pull like she used to. So no one should be scared of calling her a scam artist by now. She's gotten away with it one too many times.

No. 811876

That would require her to actually finish the books first and not jump between other projects like laser cutting shit and shaving her head. She’s still got the comic itself to finish plus an epilogue and all the other backer rewards too. But laser projects take full priority because it’s instant money over the money she was already paid and having to deliver on her KS. Chances are the KS money is almost all spent with the laser, wood and the car.

Those books are never going to be sent out at this rate. She ran with her fans money again.

No. 812066

That's exactly what I was thinking. Knowing Holly, she's probably not even self-aware enough to realize that she's unconsciously making herself into an exact copy of her fantasy counterpart.

No. 812076

I follow another artist on twitter and it seems like they are considering making a holly video

No. 812107

It's not lacking awareness she literally tweeted when she dyed her hair blond last year it was to look like her self insert Ash. That tweet is the only reason we even know Ash is confirmed self insert

No. 812145

Same for why she badly attempted to dye her hair dark green to look like Reese

No. 812511


Which artist is it?

No. 812869

File: 1558826193476.png (718.63 KB, 876x694, vproductive.png)

When are we getting custom wood wigs though?

No. 812871


After we get Purgatory "remastered" in wood engraving

No. 812900

Imagine thinking this is good enough to engrave. The dad has no fucking hands and Simon isn't even touching the rock he's 'leaning' on. This is so…bad just how…

No. 812955

What’s even the point of this story she’s so obsessed with. Religious boy gets molested?? I know it’s been talked about over and over but I’ll never be able to understand her obsession with this comic that’s all about underage rape and drawing it everywhere. It’s so disturbing.

No. 812957


I thought it was established that this is one of her fetishes.

No. 812997

I don’t know why she keeps hold of it either. It’s a concept she made in high school. It was bound to be less than stellar, but rather than scrap it and think of something better she seems to think that if she just keeps going with it that it’ll somehow become as the masterpiece she so desperately wants it to be. But a train wreck that doesn’t stop only gets worse. More for us, but I don’t get how she can’t realize that. Just let it die BRown.

No. 812999

Lol a few weeks ago I was wondering when she was gonna start making wooden laser cut sketchbooks a la her Rose mass produced ones. Turns out that was a very apt prediction.

No. 813062

She really needs to let purgatory rest considering the peak of her comic was when she started it in highschool

No. 813194

>dropping 140 on a hard front wig that looks like a terrible grown out dye job
Holly, you shaved your head for this?

She thinks it's subversive social commentary or some shit, according to how she talks about it. Also >>812957

No. 813290

File: 1558922350870.jpg (229.44 KB, 940x1308, purge1.jpg)

Speaking of Purgatory

No. 813291

File: 1558922391103.jpg (253.66 KB, 940x1308, purge2.jpg)

No. 813293

File: 1558922419274.jpg (312.6 KB, 940x1308, purge3.jpg)


No. 813295

File: 1558922457813.jpg (265.51 KB, 940x1308, purge4.jpg)


No. 813308


No. 813321

Holly should’ve used some KS money to get a decent autocorrect system.

No. 813338

the art on these pages, holy shit. she's really given up so she can shit the books out faster.

No. 813356

File: 1558933603133.png (200.53 KB, 592x682, 20190527_130619.png)

I cant get over at how bad and broken this looks holy shit

No. 813357

File: 1558933639126.png (101.47 KB, 434x345, trolled.png)

lolol thanks for posting these. it's becoming reminiscent of comics by aspie kids that go viral for the quirky language and art

No. 813358

File: 1558933661402.png (153.2 KB, 720x416, 20190527_130654.png)

His reaction is so awkward too

No. 813366

Oh my God, she’s hit a new low with these pages. Hitler looks so bad and weird. That deformed claw knocking on the door—why couldn’t she just quickly reference a clenched fist?
Every-goddamn-thing about that panel of Damien running away from Hitler is a fucking mess.

No. 813367

This might be the funniest thing Holly has ever drawn, it's just so perfectly stupid.

The faceeessss. It's like she tried to do something realistic and dramatic, but ended up with shrivelled fruits. This update feels like some sort of weird recap, jesus christ.

No. 813369

File: 1558936677133.png (122.45 KB, 315x474, 2AD83932-D45A-4DD9-BD76-099C1E…)

Definitely a mood.

You’d think for the money she received to finish the comic that she would at least TRY to put a tiny bit of effort into it. But that’s too much to ask of her apparently. She wants only to play with her lasers and make mediocre marker holders. If this isn’t a big “fuck you” to her fans, I don’t know what is.

No. 813372

this pacing is so tragic, that scene should at least be 3 pages to build up tension but clearly holly couldn’t care less about quality at this point.
She just wants a finished book at this point

No. 813396

I'm wheezing at these, this is so unintentionally comical. Most comics get better as they progress, but you can really see her losing steam as it progresses.

No. 813398

File: 1558945153990.png (126.53 KB, 940x693, 2019-05-27 10_17_23-Purgatory …)

Holly's fans are wild.

No. 813400

Wow, this is disgusting and stupid. Seems like many of Holly's fans share her thoughts on consent though, and a lot of them egg each other on to become ever worse.

No. 813417


I'd be pissed too if my arms were always sliding out of socket

No. 813432

File: 1558953036833.jpeg (99.58 KB, 750x969, 92587C07-837C-43BA-8030-622299…)

Interesting how hitler got a black eye out of nowhere

No. 813442

It literally reads like a transcript from Hollys infamous streams so im not surprised lmao

No. 813454

It still blows my mind how Holly is so cocky about her inking when it's always so sloppy and ugly, there's not much to be proud about her art, but inking? Really? Those lines look so frail and messy and ugly but she thinks she's some godtier inker? Inking is a hard to look good because you have to constantly think about line weight and shadow placement and it's very obvious if you half-ass it.

No. 813460

File: 1558960278667.png (32.2 KB, 139x149, Screenshot from 2019-05-27 14-…)

Oh my god I can't get over how fucked up this face is. Holly are you okay?? Every time I can't think she can't get any worse and every time she continues to surprise me.

No. 813496

The pissed off expressions look exactly like her expressions in her vlogs

No. 813555

Honestly bless you anons that post the Purgatory pages, I never would see them otherwise and I'm always a slut for a good laff

No. 813653

I hope dyingfish gets out of holly's fanbase. she doesn't need that shit after dealing with tha

No. 813968


This is the wildest fucking thing I've read in a while. did Holly reply or ban the second person? >>813398

No. 814174

Anon, of course she didn't. That said she very rarely seems to respond to comments, not sure she even reads them all.

No. 814235

>the assumption that holly doesn’t agree with reply

No. 814284

File: 1559069640466.png (1.06 MB, 897x735, skel1.png)

This 1000 %, she can't say it out loud anymore because there would be consequences, but this is extremely similar to things she has said in the past, birds of a feather and all that.

In other news: Coffee skeletons, hip with the kids!

No. 814303

Lol the right side has a different number of ribs than the left. Still, this isn't as awful as some of her other stuff.

No. 814367

Wonky as usual but I can actually see someone buying this rather than a sketchbook with her sexual abuse victim OC engraved on it.

No. 814567

File: 1559091551100.jpeg (131.49 KB, 750x1334, B48698AC-45A0-4655-AF18-C41052…)

She’s really trying to avoid working on her comic isn’t she? She’s just constantly spamming new items for her “shop” and is just wasting her time instead of giving the books people paid for. Don’t know if she was being serious or not when she said she wanted to

>make new designs everyday.

No. 814595


I honestly would buy this. It appeals to a wider audience instead of her dumb ocs and the art is actually nice.

No. 814605

perhaps i'm just a cliched thinker but i thought the whole point of ever having a skeleton drinking is to show the drink sloshing straight through the jaw

No. 814974

>that whole page
oh I am laffing

No. 815230

File: 1559181644413.jpg (260.05 KB, 699x1123, 20190529_215901.jpg)

what is she trying to say here

No. 815253

No. 815257

File: 1559186606934.png (3.47 MB, 2208x1242, F8F7A423-5FFC-437A-A68F-DE3EF9…)

Already complaining about having to fulfill other peoples orders instead of building up stock for her Etsy. Then maybe don’t set up a business to cater to other people’s needs for custom orders and just focus on your own shit… like the Kickstarter comic you still haven’t finished yet. My god she is insufferable.

No. 815260

the wig looks so bad oh my god

No. 815279

ufff she said she applied for Amazon warehouse work, could you fucking imagine her actually doing that lmao

but also this one is making my blood boil a bit with the whole "I don't want a REAL job" spiel, followed by her irritating tittering. the wig is horrendous btw

No. 815282

lmao her fucking wig, the fact that she won’t fix it too because she’s a whole >hadurrs cow

No. 815324

She's talking about a dog walking job that pays 15 an hour and she thinks that she's most likely going to get bit. Like… Holly… have you met dogs?? They nibble sometimes but you'll get scratched more from your cats than you will get bitten by a dog… It's more the picking up dog shit but I doubt she'll actually do that.

No. 815326

samefag but holy shit I did not expect the wig to look THAT bad.
Also I can't believe I predicted the whole custom wooden engraves sketchbook bullshit…. god….

No. 815335

This is coming from the same girl who refused to go to an actual campus for college because of “the protests” from left wing students and she didn’t want to bother. I s2g she just comes up with reasons out of nowhere as an excuse not to do things or challenge herself. If she does get this dog related job, I bet within the week she will find a reason to quit it and complain about how terrible it was for her during a stream and how it hindered her “real” job making shitty laser engraved wooden crap.

No. 815406

It's impossible to watch this with that amount of "um"s, there's one every 30 seconds (but well what's new, it's Holly)

No. 815410

three different parts of the video she attempts to set out why she spent 20 thousand more dollars than necessary on the car (note - it's financed so it will be repossessed before she actually pays that much) and each time she realises what she's about to say doesn't actually add up so she changes the subject.

No. 815417

nice, so now she's already 70 grant in debt. Quite an accomplishment for someone who is maybe 24 years old and has nothing to show in terms of degree or career. I'm looking forward to her excuses why the professional printing company (as if) produced wonky books, once they release in a few months is at all.

No. 815447

The worst part of all this is her Kickstarter and the amount of followers she has could have been a starting point for an at home art career if she hadn't fucked everything up with the laser shit. A shop and a comic patreon is doable with her following but naw. She's too fucking stupid and lazy to even make art a "real" job.

No. 815490

>I hate putting my social security number on applications!!!

This is how you know she hasn't worked too many jobs or even applied to many. Maybe she forgot but she had to do the same thing when she applied for that job at Michael's. Every large corporate job will require this of you, for records and background checks. Dumb bitch.

No. 815509

Oh noooo, she was serious about not fixing the lego hair? Except now it's greasy lego, fantastic.

No. 815526

She should just embrace the buzz cut instead of getting these insanely fake looking wigs. Especially nowadays it's not that weird.

Noticed that too, I don't get why she'd offer custom items if she doesn't want to make things for other people.

No. 815603

b-but holly can’t look like a lezbian dyke liberal!! that would ruin her reputation as a fujo “ally”

No. 815630

I can’t wait for her dumb fucking car to get repossessed. I LOTHE this bitch so much omg. My 2015 Honda Civic only is 140/month wtf is her credit score?!?!

No. 815678

The car payment is like 400 and the insurance 140?? I spend less on my half of rent every month jfc what an idiot. The Obama car bullshit was so fucking stupid just get an older car it doesn't have to be falling apart but she didn't need a 2015 ffs.

No. 815691


She probably got it on her mom's dime. It'll probably be filthy like her room within a month

No. 815707

god, I can't even imagine what the state of the inside of that car will be like in a few months after she gets over the novelty and just starts using it for more storage.

No. 815713


I'm expecting tons of filth. And since the seats are cloth I'm expecting TEARS and STAINS. Especially if she's going to be driving a kid around. Why oh WHY did she not get leather seats… Clean up would have been EASY.

No. 815755

Her car payment is already astronomical and it's not even nice. Imagine the price if it was an upgraded model with leather. The dealer must be fucking laughing all the way to the bank

No. 815771

late here- but what's the point of lazer engraved cutting boards when you can only buy them in sets of 14? It's way too many for anyone who would just want an engraved cutting board for themselves, and most other artists probably aren't jumping at the idea of selling cutting boards with their art on them.

No. 815779

she needs to hurry the fuck up and buy some seat covers before it's too late.

No. 815794

File: 1559273442796.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 67B9884C-017B-479F-9093-1F6230…)

Holly got a job everyone! Good for her. She’s applied to a few locations. Though I’m going to assume this might be the Amazon job she mentioned at one point. Can’t imagine her sticking around for that job since the working conditions will not be the best and she’ll be expected to hussle nonstop.

No. 815795

I give her a week before she quits.

No. 815803


Will someone please help this bitch with her wig. She looks so fucking ratchet and the hairline on that wig is screaming for help from the depths of tartarus.

No. 815813

That’s being generous. This schedule is going to completely fuck her routine and she’ll complain that it’s interfering with her “one true job”. If it really is the Amazon fulfillment center, she’s in for a rude awakening because those places are notoriously hard on their employees.

No. 815835

Lmao the hairline is adjusted so low here that I thought she was wearing a hat at first.

No. 815849

If she is working at a fulfillment center (judging by the hours, I assume she is?) I will be shocked if she even finishes orientation. Amazon warehouses are basically prisons. You literally have to jog - because walking is too slow - around to different isles to fulfill orders and they time you to the second, and if you take too long you get chewed out. Holly can't even work a normal retail job, let alone something as soulless as Amazon.

No. 815860

OOF that's similar to mine, I'm curious as to how she'll adjust to losing daytime interactions

No. 815866

don't worry she is not going to finish one shift. Search up people's experience with this job and imagine her trying to do that. She chose the hardest job out there so after she quits she will say 'ok, jobs are out' because she'll assume they're all like that

No. 815886

It's kinda worrying because she said she wanted the Amazon job so she wouldn't talk to anyone because she hates people. Putting aside the emo edginess, she's just sinking more and more into having no social contact which is terrible for her mental health. Retail would be better than an Amazon warehouse and she would get basic human interaction at least.
Holly's becoming pretty tragic, she is massively in debt, has no degree, is not a good artists by any means, has no social skills and her following got slashed because she just couldn't escape drama. It's pretty bleak.

No. 815964

I really thought she was turning a new leaf with the car, but it looks like she chose the most bullshit job just so she can never apply anywhere in the future.

Also holly amazon ships art and you ship art don’t you see them as a direct competitor wtf??

The dog poop cleaner job would have been great for her. No human social interaction, but still being around some other living breathing things would be nice.

No. 815970


>Also holly amazon ships art and you ship art don’t you see them as a direct competitor wtf??

What's that got to do with her art? The key difference is Amazon isn't a failed business attempt. She's not even in the running as competition on a basic level.
This is like asking an artist "why do you work at michaels, they also cater to other artists." like..No shit? Dunno if you were being sarcastic here or not but that's a pretty stupid argument to make.

Anyway, she's ALREADY bitching about her hours, she's not gonna last. She might as well still be job hunting at this point because that's not a job for someone who's been outta work for 3+ years. Hell, it's not a job for most reasonable people who want decent treatment at work.

She's going to be too tired to do much else when she gets back at 6AM, and then she'll be bitching about how she hasn't gotten to work on any of her laser stuff (Purgatory who?) and once she figures she can hide behind her shit job, her fans are gonna stan her for "working SO hard!" again.

It's $15 an hour, if it's Amazon, so it'll be interesting to see how long she'd be willing to last for that money. She won't find too many other options better than that for her basic skill set. So if she goes looking for another job after she quits she'll be acting like she's entitled to that and more.

No. 815982

>when you’re an artist renters won’t let you have a place

What??? I’m full time freelance and I got a place no problem. Is she fucking retarded? It’s all based on credit scores, background checks, and they ask your yearly income. Which, yes Holly’s credit score is absolutely SHIT, proved by her fucking asinine car payment. She applied to this job so she can quit it and complain.

Also Holly get a real fucking wig? One that costs like $50+ Budget wigs always look like shit. Also clean it? god. It won’t look like you’re a fucking forest troll

No. 815993


What boggles my mind is that she thinks getting a car is harder than getting an apartment. She REALLY doesn't know much. Any fool (herself included) can get a freaking car. But if she thinks she can sustain off of $15 an hour without a roommate and a hemorrhaging laser business, then she might as well just live out of her car since she's so determined (read: she's not) to move out.

No. 816001

Her problem is that everyone around her just enables her. Nobody is sitting her down and having a realistic talk about what she needs to be doing to be on her own and improve her life. No one is telling her "hey, Holls, maybe running off with kickstarter money and getting an expensive laser machine isn't the best decision".

She made two huge purchases (laser and car) RIGHT after getting that money, and now she's scrambling to get a job and commissions so that it looks like she didn't blow it all in less than a month, but she isn't fooling anyone.

Shit, I almost forgot all about SanJapan. She hasnt really mentioned that either, and I'm guessing shes going to leave everything to the last possible minute.

No. 816014


I can tell you unless she sells actual fanart at SanJapan this year, she's just going to loose money like she did last year. I did the same thing she's doing when I was 18. Sold at my first con with a bunch of my original characters and obscure shit that no one wanted and I ended up loosing like $500 because I didn't really sell anything. Now years later I'm smarter and know what sells and what doesn't and what popular media to make merch of. Sure she might think she looks more "professional" or whatever selling her own original things but, teenagers at anime conventions DO NOT WANT YOUR BADLY WRITTEN YAOI MERCH. I'm eager to see if she actually does relevant fanart to sell this year instead of her irrelevant characters. If she doesn't, she's just going to loose more and more money. If she was smart to she would also try and advertise to the tables and artists around her that she has her own laser cutting buisness that they could use in the future but, I doubt she'll do that either.

No. 816034


Well that's gonna be rough for her because she swore off fan art. We'll see how she keeps to that though. She'll probably shit out a few pieces just before the con anyway.

No. 816098

Yeah, I was wondering why her mom doesn't sit down with her and have an adult conversation.
She knows about her debt right? I mean she wanted her to go back to school

No. 816118

I wasn’t being sarcastic, just thinking that since amazon is kinda notorious for putting mom and pop shops out of business, they’re more of a threat to Holly’s career than a michaels, which doesn’t compete with anything she’s doing in any way, so I’m not sure why you used that in your example.

No. 816134

if her mom was going to speak to her she would’ve about 2 years ago. If anything she’s enabling Holly’s milk

No. 816164

I'm glad she's not working with animals considering how she has 0 empathy for them. Whenever she talks about her pets it's either "I hope he dies soon" or "lol isn't it funny that he died!??" Not to mention her entire room is a death trap for her cats and she doesn't give a shit.

No. 816231

Can you imagine Holly living with a roommate? I doubt it would go well for anyone involved.

Her family situation seems pretty messed up, I doubt her mom and her have the kind of relationship where that kind of conversation would happen.

No. 816250

Speaking from unfortunately personal experience, rooming with a hoarder is a living nightmare. I feel bad for whoever winds up living with her - assuming that she ever moves out anytime soon, which I doubt.

No. 816305

The fact that the mom works with autists like holly makes me sad she doesn’t see that in holly and try to intervene. But I’m guessing with how manipulative holly is with her fans, that she manipulates that woman too. Looks to me like aunt mom either gave up a while ago, isn’t that smart, or just never gave a shit to begin with.

No. 816312

Let's be fair, Holly is an adult and it isn't her Aunt-Mom's responsibility to make sure she doesn't do stupid shit. Her Aunt-Mom has gone above and beyond what's expected of her by giving Holly a rent free space to stay in as long as she needs. Hell, I'm pretty sure the Aunt-Mom might have even co-financed the car Holly bought since Holly probably doesn't have a good credit score to get it herself.

No. 816314

Holly's aunt was the one pushing her to go to school, according to Holly it was "go to school or get out" so she seems to have been striving for Holly to do something with her life. She's most likely fed up with her shit and has given up on guiding her since Holly bullshits everything - bullshits going to school by enrolling in an online degree from a worthless online school, bullshits her supposedly art career by jumping from endeavour to pointless endeavour and bullshits her mental health by being a shut-in. According to Holly's vlogs, her aunt is also pretty old so she most likely is tired of putting up with fuck-ups.

No. 818128

File: 1559699445730.jpeg (166.99 KB, 749x664, 85F14979-F984-466D-AE5E-3FE090…)

Minor update but some important info.

>sister moved in the house (with baby)

>Holly still wants to rent a house (good luck since she also has $400+ car payments to meet)

>Working a night job.

>books are being printed already?

Which is odd considering that online the story isn’t even done. And she also promised an epilogue. So I’m guess she rushed through it and submitted the files to be printed and is just slowly updating the comic online??? I honestly don’t know.

Though I will say that reading the text was almost depressing. I feel like I can hear the depression in the writing.

No. 818132


Sister moved in house with baby? God things are going down hill more and more

No. 818133

File: 1559699610669.jpeg (128.94 KB, 750x904, 4A56A88E-0E1B-4EC2-BDB1-DEF648…)

She’s really going to abuse the cat face now.

No. 818263

Can't wait for the "toddler breaks lazer printer" fiasco

No. 818278


It's strange but I can't stand looking at this thing. It's hideous. The cat looks like it's got crazy eyes, I dunno, I can't look right at it, it's just that ugly. She wants it on clocks and sketchbooks. Her designs are so mediocre…

No. 818313

The eyes are identical to the eyes she draws on her human characters and it makes the cat so fucking unsettling lmao, it looks like a human- animal hybrid

No. 818437

this could be so cute if the linework wasn't so hideous.

No. 818579

Why does she force herself into such hectic lifestyles all the time?

Like she can never seem to just chill out and have a few things going on rather than a dozen at a time.

If she just worked on her comics while doing a part time job she would probably feel so much better compared to always being stressed by thinking of paying rent, paying for the car, working on products for the store, working on a book, doing commisions, and doing youtube all at the same time….
Holly, just pick a couple, theres no need to rush everything and do it all at once

Her posts always sound so tiring and depressing

No. 818627

Also whyyyy does she suck her teeth in every 30 seconds in her podcast?

Its so annoying and makes me click out within a couple minutes, does she just always have a mouth full of saliva that she just has to swallow down? Is it a nervous tick?

Idk but its annoying af and i have no idea why people are able to tune into her 5 hour long live streams without going insane.

Sorry for the full out sperg attack, but god damn she just keeps setting herself up to be more and more insufferable

No. 818749

Because she thinks working all the time somehow makes her more successful and worthy as an artist.
I get the impression that she thinks if you are not working every waking hour of the day on something then you are just not doing it right, you're not serious enough about it. She doesn't seem to get that working hard is only part of the equation. You have to be smart about it.
Redrawing her comic over and over is only going to give her diminishing returns but she's so obsessed with getting it right that she can't move past it.

No. 818910

It just hit me how wonky that cat looks

No. 819666

Thread is kinda dead at the moment. Guess things will start picking up again around SanJapan. Speaking of which; she might have mentioned it since I don't follow her anywhere but, has she even mentioned getting prepared for SanJapan? It's only 2 months away and when I sell at cons I make sure to get things ready months in advance. Prints, stickers, charms, anything?????

No. 819685

I havent seen any mentions of it at all, my guess is that she doesnt and wont have anything ready and will just deny that she got a spot this year

No. 819759


Either that or she'll half ass some random shit at the last minute and complain to her followers how "overworked" and "stressed" she is.

No. 819821

on last night's stream she spoke a lot about her sister's child and things going on in her life currently, and she sounded actually somewhat happier with her life. The issue with the KS is bad and she shouldn't have put so much shit on her plate because she's juggling too much, but I am glad to see her kinda happier/ healthier mentally

No. 820002


Thats good. Tbh she probably just needed some social interaction to fix alot of her out bursts.

Now that shes with people who will most likely talk to her multiple times a day her mood will probably become a lot better since she wont be socially deprived (which can really fuck with your mind set and life choices)

No. 820435

I totally disagree anon I think she sounds sadder than ever. Talking about “she has ptsd from how she’s responded to on YouTube” and when she’s out in public she can’t talk to people, so now all she can do is “stupid proof” jobs like moving boxes. No holly you aren’t stupid you just have no self respect or any idea how to set up personal boundaries. I’m surprised the thread is so dead after that livestream it was a real milky one imo

No. 820442

nobody posted it, nobody's seen it.. where is it?

No. 820630

No. 820643

Lmao every time i skipped forward in the video i just heard her munching on food. 10/10 great stream

No. 821577

I bought the BNHA zine from a girl at Nekocon and she had art of a character that looked suspiciously just like this cat's face, heart mouth and all. I could be wrong, but it's how I found out about Holly, I bought that dumb zine.

Side note: The girl at Nekocon last year was selling the bnha zine for $5 each cause she said they were all defective. it feel apart and I ended up keeping a few of the pages to use as posters and ended up chucking the rest of it.

No. 821630

File: 1560428296328.jpg (253.55 KB, 940x1308, purge1.jpg)

Thread is slow, let's look at the new Purgatory pages!

No. 821631

File: 1560428329995.jpg (261.95 KB, 940x1308, purge2.jpg)

I feel like these just keep getting worse

No. 821632

File: 1560428383364.jpg (291.21 KB, 940x1308, purge3.jpg)

Idk what happened to that panel

No. 821633

File: 1560428414851.jpg (249.34 KB, 940x1308, purge4.jpg)

10/10 action art

No. 821634

File: 1560428451904.jpg (264.76 KB, 940x1308, purge5.jpg)

>stomp stomp

No. 821635

File: 1560428499327.jpg (328.34 KB, 940x1308, purge6.jpg)

What the fuck is even going on here?

No. 821638


Thanks anon, haven't laughed this much in days.

Whatever tiny amount of dramatic tension she was going for is just gone on this page. That last panel feels so empty and goofy

No. 821648

why is the text so misaligned….

No. 821650

THIS is contemporary art. The tension that was cut off by Holly's inability to draw expressions in the right time and lack of good planning. The first panel where Damien is running. It's a masterpiece. This page alone is comedy gold

No. 821652

>Hitler literally has his dick curb stomped
>somehow isn't completely incapacitated and puking all over himself


No. 821653

File: 1560429868476.png (237.61 KB, 858x396, punchpunchstompstomp.png)

I am overwhelmed by comedy gold

No. 821657

Just a guess but maybe she resized the speech bubble (possibly so it wouldn't partly cover Hitler Jr's head) but didn't bother to re-align the text in it?

No. 821662

Thank you so much anon

No. 821665

Soo… she didn't notice she used the word "okay" three times in two sentences.
"Just stay quiet in here,okay? It's going to be okay"
"OKAY, […]"

No. 821699

this is a person who wrote
twice. so it's not even a visual mixup

No. 821702

How does she keep getting worse Jesus fucking Christ, I thought nothing could top those last pages but this fight scene is just embarrassing. Everything looks off, it's so goofy to look at, kinda reminds me of that paine v Naruto fight that was animated like loony tunes so all dramatic tension went out the window. Holly really just gave up on this comix didn't she wow

No. 821714

Thanks for the laugh, anon, I needed it keeeek

No. 821753

File: 1560450140567.jpg (337.77 KB, 780x926, HollySeparateTheEyesPlease.jpg)

i think one of Holly's ongoing issues, especially when trying to draw more "cutesy" stuff, is the eyes are always too close together. Sorry if this counts as redlining but i just wanted to see how this would look with the features moved around a little. It's the same issue on her OC's, their faces are so smushed together

No. 821755

I think what makes it so creepy are the tiny pupils, it makes it look like the cat is about to go on a sadistic killing spree

No. 821814

HIs dick and balls omgggggggg how is he not violently shrieking in AGONY its become a PANCAKE

No. 821872

File: 1560464526555.png (155.33 KB, 381x611, 3225813E-EAF5-4650-BB8C-4F3203…)

Was he supposed to say something here or…? With as sloppy as these pages are, it’s safe to say she doesn’t give a shit about this story anymore and just wants to move on with her laser business. If the people that backed her KS ever get their rewards, they can see how little effort and enthusiasm went into it. Hope it was worth it!

No. 821930

File: 1560467763132.jpeg (131.99 KB, 750x456, 4FF007B4-AA40-4150-B3DC-3D0B0E…)

This should be a banner or something I audibly lol’d fuck

No. 821948

Damn, is he gonna cut his dick off too?

No. 822088


I love this page because I hav absolutely no fucking clu what's happening like did the guy run into a room? Were they always in the room?? WHAt"S HAPPENING

No. 822107

I'm so fucking lost. What the fuck is the other black haired kid doing wandering around while Hitler's chasing them? How the fuck is this house laid out? How did hitler not notice 2 kids abouta jump him in that cramped ass room? Where did the knife come from?!

No. 822108

File: 1560504987282.png (422.53 KB, 1115x724, brk.png)

It's probably fairly safe to assume that the Kickstarter money has officially run out, brilliant.

No. 822109

The other kid is Hitler's son, the one with Hitler at the begining is Damian.
I know that Holy has been pretty vocal about worlduilding being a waste of time but Jesus… A floorplan, at least? Basic notions about how this world and religion works. But let's be real she just wants to draw boys making out and fucking. Even the latter, I'm not sure if she enjoys drawing porn, she seemed so embarrassed while working on Seize

No. 822140

Car payment had to come from somewhere!

No. 822220

anon, what part makes you think she likes drawing…… At all?? LMAO
I can't believe she took money from her fans to halfheartedly deliver this absolute garbage to them.

No. 822375

I think whats happening is that hitler chased them into their house and they ran into a bedroom and while simon and hitlers son ran to a closet to hide (for some reason???) Damian ran to lock the door so hitler couldnt get into the room they ran into.

So the first panel is damian running up to the door to lock it while the other two are being pussies and hiding in the closet

No. 822457

Anon, your attempt to detangle this mess is a noble one, but one in vain.

No. 822502

Wtf is up with his body?

No. 822506

omg guys what’s up its your boy zhc here and today i have a creepy story to tell you o//w//o
so i was just drawing and i decided to go to YouTube to upload my clickbaity video as always. as I did, all of a sudden, my computer screen showed hyper realistic blood and then there was a hyper realistic scream. then a heard a woman’s voice say, “omg Calarts is so stupid am crying and shakin rn” aNd then she said “tik tok” But I did not know what the fuck that was and then a hyper realistic hollly brown came onto my screen and killed me with her long chin and then some edgy fujoshi anime song came and then I died and bled out hyper realistic blood and then she said “666”
ps: you’re next ;(((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822521

gtfo with your autism

No. 822617

Remember when she bragged about getting over 100 comissions and we only ever saw three?


No. 822693


Oh shut up this isn't even so bad it's funny.

No. 822866

You have to wonder how many people she probably stiffed on those commissions.

No. 823242

File: 1560791033307.png (271.86 KB, 1138x822, IMG_7363.PNG)

Maybe it's just me,but her old purgatory art looks more visually interesting than her newer stuff

No. 823243


It is, especially the first one. You can see there is a lot more passion put into it compared to what she puts out now. It's clear she just wants to end Purgatory and move on, but doesn't it also seem like she's not so bothered about the laser now either?

No. 823277


Nothing frustrates me more than seeing Holly’s old comic because there’s so much wasted potential there. It looks genuinely interesting, like If I came across it at a store and leafed through it the art style would grab my attention and maybe get me to buy it.

Her odd proportions and the weird hair even work in it because it suits the wonky cartoon style where as in purgatory's current boring, flat state, it just looks amateur

No. 823319

File: 1560804037441.png (31.97 KB, 1071x97, hmmmm.png)


No. 823379

She keeps taking fuckloads of commissions, decidedz after like 2 if them it's "not fun" or "not for her" and refunds. Rinse repeat. It's absurd how she's completely incapable with sticking to anything unless it gets her a quick buck. I don't know how her audience is stupid enough to keep giving her money.

Oh, is she bored with the laser cutter too now? What a surprise.

No. 823386

The thing about the commissions is that (unless she's selling them though IG as well) she's only sold one, so yeah… Not all fans can be Keiths, I guess.

No. 823414

But in her livestreams her commission to-do list seemed decently long, so she must've sold more than one. Unless she was doing most of those for free, which doesn't sound like something she'd do.

She's regressed significantly in terms of aesthetic sense. Her old version of Purgatory was unpolished but had a lot of character. What's funny is that she gets mad when people compliment her older work, as if people only say it to disrespect her and all of the 'progress' she's made since then.

No. 823425

Damn the left one is actually cool, any source to see more of her old stuff like this?

No. 823443


This is so infuriating. She couldn't just focus on getting her backers their rewards and instead decides to go and play around with a laser cutter, buy a car, and other dumb shit. And now she's more than likely, run through all of the kickstarter money like Drano and is having to resort to commissions to get cash, I can't wait for the "My Car Was Repo'd" video inevitable to come in the future.

No. 823464

Going by my memory of watching older vlogs of hers the very original version of Purgatory (the left one) was never uploaded to be available for people to read. The pages are kept in a binder somewhere in her room along with the rest of her traditionally inked comic pages.
It's a shame because I also think the OG Purgatory was the most interesting and artsy to look at.

No. 823572

Oh, I didn't know about the livestream, hopefully she actually draws them this time then, but that might be a little too optimistic.

No. 823861

lol she got fired from Amazon already

No. 823864

What time does she talk about amazon?

No. 823867

And here I thought she would be the one quitting like how she quits anything else that gets in the way of her professional artist life.

No. 823870

A few minutes in, I think. She was ten minutes late on her first day because she went to the wrong warehouse (there are two in San Antonio) and parked in a no-parking zone not very long after. She says Amazon has a “two strike” policy.

No. 823872

she's talking about lolcow now. says reading it makes her "sad," goes on to say farmers tried to hack her facebook?? around 32 or 33 min.

No. 823875

Someone in chat asked her about her car, she said she was merging over when going to Hobby Lobby with her family and someone hit her..twice. Didn't mention damage to the car.

No. 823893

Random midly interesting bits from stream:

>says she hates patreon, likes "schemes" better

>had one scheme where she'd flip shit she got for free on craigslist - didn't work out
>crushing on some married dude at a bookstore
>"I'm not attracted to most men"
>some sperg was posting mild hate in chat so she modded a paypig to deal
>doesn't want to do twitch because the kid is noisy
>"What happened to the positive Holly at the beginning of the year?"
>talking about how her life is bad and she's become a social recluse
>chat criticizes her for being lazy
>"You guys don't understand how hard I work, my life is very hard"
>"I make bad decisions but I do genuinely try"
>says she lives with her sister in a "hoarder house" (her aunts?), trying to move

It got too depressing to listen to after that.

No. 823895

Umm how do you mess up that badly. Wasn’t she only working there for a week or two? Or did she get fired on her first day? How do you mess up ? This is very depressing.

No. 823897

She didn’t get fired on her first day, I don’t think she said exactly how long it lasted.

Honestly, I think that if Holly was actually as hardworking and detail-oriented as she thinks she is, she wouldn’t have gotten fired regardless of her fuck-ups.

No. 823900

She only has the motivation to be hardworking and detail-oriented when she is working on her art/hobbies. She does not have the maturity to take pride in a job where she works for someone else, no matter what profession it is in.

No. 823905

As a young artist myself, I work a full time job, I would love to be self employed, however that route of life is extremely difficult for now, and it’s a path that I have to grow from. Her life will be extremely difficult if she can’t contain a stable enough job or to learn how to manage money correctly. This is going to be really unfortunate.(blogging)

No. 823913

"going to be", already is

why else do you think she has so many lolcow threads already

No. 823922

She's saying her original characters are more real to her than other artists so that's why she doesnt really care about her fans making her fan art.

No. 823926

'I can't talk to other artists. Other artists drive me insane. Art is subjective and so are their opinions.'

No. 823929

She's going off about getting critiques from other artists. She says it's a dick measuring contest and not helpful.

No. 823931

Oh boy now she's talking about Reese and Ash looking the same and she's like "Yeah but I don't have to change them because I like them looking pretty"

idk it's just…. like she keeps making excuses for not improving.

No. 823932

I can't get over how butthurt she is at other artists telling her her stuff looks like shit. She basically just said artists that care TOO much about fundamentals aren't even making real art anymore because they are too technical.

No. 823933

"The art industry is a joke." lol okay Holly.

Anyone else think it's weird she attacked Patreon? She basically implied it's a job and not the same as drawing what you want because you have people expecting what they paid for.

No. 823940

I'm not surprised she hates Patreon. She hates it for the same reason she hates doing commissions, fanart an school assignmnets - she has 0 discipline and no passion unless she's drawing her shitty OCs.

No. 823963

usually I have her livestreams in the bg while doing things for mild entertainment but God, is she so infuriating in this one. so entitled and lazy, jfc. "art jobs are just jobs" no fucking shit you absolute idiot. and the whole spiel of how some people are alright with menial labour bc they're soulless, while Hols could never! and also hates bosses bc bosses (insert awkward laugh here). she's the protag while everyone else is npc sheeple.

No. 823964

>some people are alright with menial labour bc they're soulless

What the fuck, timestamp?

No. 823967

It honestly sounds like she's trying to justify to herself why she's a failure at every job.
"It's not like I'm bad at art, it's just that I don't like other people's characters and concepts because mine are way better and I'd rather work on that"
"It's not that I'm a bad worker, have zero discipline and can't follow rules, it's that people are stupid and I hate bosses because I know better"
"It's not like I have no social or practical skills, it's that mennial labor like retail only appeals to souless people"
It comes from a place of being emotionally and socially stunted, along with being coddled for a skill she thought made her godtier and now realizing she's mediocre at best because she didn't put in the work. Reality is really hitting her hard, realizing she has no job prospects on the art market. And it's not only because of her mediocre art, plenty of mediocre artists get jobs, I think most of all her downfall is her abysmal attitude because she's stuck in her teens. Her life is becoming an existential nightmare tbh, but she laid on the bed she made - no friends,no work , debt, that's all on her, and maybe her enablers.

No. 823975

>her enablers
since she never really had irl enablers the culprit here is the youtube algorithm/ecosystem that made her crappy video viral. how many young people's life paths are gonna go wrong by going viral in something they have no talent at

No. 823976

File: 1560945715829.png (10.02 KB, 469x106, 405207365.PNG)

Like round 16 minutes (rough transcript)
>what I like doing omg, shit. yeah, I-I dunno, when I make artwork for money it's just that you know? you can't really pay me to care, you can only pay me to fulfill a job, cos if you can pay somebody to care, that's a lot of care, the only way to do that is to pay them to do their own thing. i guess some people don't have their own thing so their job is a lot of meaning to them because they don't really create much themselves right, which is like really dark I guess but like, for example, people who don't like write their own characters and stuff, they'd love to work for disney or something, cause they have no desire to make their own characters, they just want to do it for disney or do it for this, you know, and some people are like that, like they literally don't want to make their own thing and want to work for someone as in a team. and you know and that's not how I am haha and I know I'm not like that like I literally hate people so like… the concept of me like having to constantly battle with people over my ideas and constantly having to justify art decisions or be challenged on something or like.. but I dunno if it's a means to an end and you know it is, as opposed to trying to care when you don't care, it is a lot easier. for example, if someone is like "can you draw 14 swords, can you do it?" I can do it, I can do those things, but if you're telling me to care about the story and plot and world and universe and you're telling me you're hiring me for that, then it's a lot of emotional labour I suppose huehah you know what I mean, I don't know if that makes sense but I invest a lot of effort into the stuff I care bro, like a lot, like i'm grossly obsessive as you all know, if I feel like there's something wrong with the project or story or something, I'll probably let them know huuuahah and they might not like that shit ahah or like i'd probably get disinterested because I'd be too scared to tell them something you know?

But then she goes on that she'd rather be a cog in the machine, while also expressing a distaste for it ("I'd prolly be a colorist, like, here, Holly, take my grunt work, I'll be in the car"), which one is it then, Holly? just her entire tone during that part is so insufferable, she comes across so snotty and arrogant.

also this is the only comment lol

No. 823978

Bless you, fam! This level of delusion is just unbearable, imagine writing stories that turn out like Purgatory and then thinking you have some kind of gift, it must be nice.

No. 823979

Holly can't be paid to care about commissions, but she also can't be paid to care about the quality of her own comic that she's "obsessed" with. She doesn't even proof-read it.

No. 824001

I speaks for her level of delusion and her lack of knowledge regarding the industry - nobody pays you to "care", not getting too attached to characters/subjects is pretty much the first rule if you want to work creatively AND earn money. Alternatively, you have to be damn good at your craft (and, even better, have made a name of yourself) THEN you can maybe take the time to focus on your OCs, as shitty as they may be.
Currently, she is no better than any other 14 year old who wants to live in a fantasy world rather than work a job they don't like or face any kind of consequences. That's not how you make a living, plain and simple, considering she doesn't even have a degree she should take any job she should get and be happy.

No. 824004

I still think she should have taken the dog walker job. That way if she did her job badly, she’d get peed on or bitten. Girl needs consequences.

No. 824023

She's so full of shit lol. She can't get an industry job because she doesn't know basic fundamentals but she refuses to learn because it's her 'style' (she even said something in the stream about how other artists that are 'too technical' don't understand style).

She had a Patreon she could have built up. What's your excuse there Holly? Isn't that you being paid to draw your own comics with your own characters? Oh but then she'd need to work consistently and she's actually just fucking lazy.

No. 824055

>She had a Patreon she could have built up. What's your excuse there Holly? Isn't that you being paid to draw your own comics with your own characters? Oh but then she'd need to work consistently and she's actually just fucking lazy.
You hit the nail on the fucking head right there, anon

No. 824115

Keith replied to that comment wondering the same thing.

No. 824160

File: 1560984368683.jpeg (165.77 KB, 1242x873, 349EF19F-B31B-4378-8703-039557…)

Maybe her followers are finally getting fed up with her constant complaining and general negativity. When she was drawing the commission on stream, she kept talking about how bad it looked and was just going to finish it anyway. I’d hate to be the person who commissioned an OC that was halfheartedly finished like that.

No. 824162

She doesn't like messing with other artists? Good, other artists don't like her piss poor toxic attitude either. I feel for anyone that has the displeasure of selling next to her (probably making more money than her) and having to deal with her bad vibes. I know she's more than likely reading this since she's said she lurks. She probably still hasn't done jack shit for San Japan either. I sell at conventions every year but, even I'm able to hold down a steady job to help fund things and have a safety net to fall back into. You can't just have art as a job unless you're going to multiple conventions in a year which, you don't have the money nor motivation to do. So I urge you to continue to think other artists are soooooo much worse than you because; You can believe we're all avoiding you like the plague too.

No. 824170

That's not going to happen until they grow up/she murders someone, the subscribers she has left after the shitstorm pretty much only consists of very dedicated tweens judging by her tagged IG pictures.

I always wonder if Keith knows he's a bit of a fam favorite over here.

No. 824206

I would say Hollys Laser Business has officially failed. She made 18 sales in total so far (most of the items being around 30 bucks or less) and she doesn't seem invested enoug anymore to do some self-advertising. Can't wait for San Japan.

No. 824284

>only 18 sales
it might have been more except she said on stream she recently had to refund many sales. so many that she is braced for a torrent of bad reviews. Audio seemed to break on the bit where she was saying why she had to refund, presumably because she didn't have time to make the shit with all her other bs

No. 824690

Probably cheese but @1:04, never saw this tweet before lol

No. 824692

Pretty sure she has autism lol jfc that was cringey

No. 824693

To clarify I don’t mean Holly I mean the person that made the video

No. 824734

fuck off with your self-post, you're not going to get lolcow to make you go ~viral~.

No. 824780

Wasn't it supposed to be a bit cringey?

No. 824846

Was this made by that same retard who made the 30 minute holly brown episode that was just as bad as this? Yeah please stop posting that shit here, we dont care

Its not even relevent here except for the single holly brown tweet

No. 824935

You should post it on the youtube artist thread, it would be more relevan than here.

No. 825118

i appreciate you youtuber for compiling lowlights from within the depths of holly's streams etc that i don't have time to watch

No. 825423

When you’re somehow more cringy in 5 minutes than Holly has been in the last 2-3 threads.

No. 825457

Timestamp in latest vid: 4:04:30

When asked about the kickstarter she blames the distributors for the book delays and she’s using Amazon’s KDP service. There's a red flag in what she says about the comic printing.

>It was suppose to be sent to me now, but what they decided to do ship them all at once as oppose to three separate shipments.

I’m going to butt in and say that I’ve used their service before. I've never heard KDP (the printers) doing this. KDP is Print On Demand. Basically you send in the files and they print it right away. The fact that they are still not printed is not on them, it's more than likely Holly because she probably still has not sent out the files yet. Then a few moments later:

>I was also I was late on getting the file out…

There's the truth showing. She’s probably lying so people won’t get mad at her for the delay in orders. She spent so much time obsessing over her laser that she forgot about her comic and is now scrambling to get the books printed. Blaming KDP is an easy out for her.

No. 825476

It's easy to forget how she freely lies. I mean, this is the person who made a video saying she got into calarts. There was nobody putting her on the spot panicking her - she premeditatedly made the video. In the second-to-last stream she said she was ten minutes late to the Amazon warehouse. She blamed herself. A few minutes later she was starting to work herself into indignation that actually it was unreasonable she got i fired. she said
>because I was FIVE minutes late? five fucking minutes??

i feel kinda weird after listening to her streams though, i realise that everything we drag her for, she knows. she knows but she can't stop/can't change. and she made the point that many people with her background would be a junkie or dead by now and i think to some extent that's a valid point.

No. 825480

Cue sad violin music. Holly does nothing to actually address any of her problems. She whines about her circumstances and the situations she got her self into, but never does anything to properly fix it. There are tons of people in the world with her exact background story, or worse, and aren't a piece of shit who are trying to scam (the actual term she uses) people. Holly can change. She's making no effort to do so and isn't seeking any mental help. Which this girl badly needs at this point.

No. 825486

Keith hired Holly for a commission and Holly started trash talking his character design and even call the character a "school shooter".

Keith doesn't take it too well in the live chat. Keith says the character is for his webcomic and that the character is a punk and is nice.

Holly proceeds to keep talking shit of Keith's character. Imagine hiring someone to draw your character and they publicly say this shit live on stream.

No. 825490

Holly replaced a drug addiction with a shopping addiction so is she that much better off? She is in a position where she could save so much money and build an honest career but she throws it away every time by either mouthing off like a fucking idiot or spending her cash as soon as it hits her bank account. She's better off in that she isn't dead or in jail but that's about all she can say.

Addiction definitely runs in her family and I sympathize, but she could be getting therapy and saving money while creating content. Instead she's hell bent on halfway ruining her life any time the opportunity arises.

No. 825493

>> 825486
Seriously Holly? She doesn't even have room to talk since her character designs look like fucking horse shit. Like even if his designs looks weird he's giving her money to draw it not to bitch about it. How the hell does she expect to get more money if she treats her customers like trash?

No. 825496

File: 1561264316724.png (16.84 KB, 831x101, Keith no.PNG)

She shits on your character design right on stream after taking so long to draw it. Like how can you still like her Keith???

No. 825498

Time stamps please

No. 825505

>"School shooter" and "hot fuckboi" in the same sentence.

Honestly, Keith and Holly are made for each other. He really does have mental issues and is willing to overlook what she said because he's got such a hard-on for her. She's surrounded by nothing but enablers. That's a pretty sad existence if you ask me.

No. 825511

She starts trash talking the character design at 36:32 and says the school shooter part at 36:48

No. 825518

>"I don't really like punk people, they scare me" "Even if they wear tight pants it's like 'oh'"

Jeez holly i guess she only likes the emo kids?

No. 825523


A little late, but here are some highlights that haven't been mentioned yet from the stream

1 hour in:
>Regrets shaving her head
>Planning on making a video on screen printing
>Acquired a new heat press recently
>Wants to make a video using the heat press with vinyl
>Not interested in watching any youtube content because it’s overly saturated with drama
>Thinks that she might have psoriasis
>Rants about hating having curly hair for 10 minutes

2 hours in:
>Sister in the room with Holly hole punching sketch books
>Going to sell wood earrings on etsy
>Talks about how her sense of humor gets her in trouble
>Doesn’t like when children younger than 12 go to conventions
>Acknowledges that people think Reese is her persona. Retorts back with: “that literally makes no sense contextually in the story.” (2:51:45)

3 hours in:
>Says that the laser shop is doing both “good and bad” and that she's preparing herself for the bad reviews
>“I literally don’t like most artists and I don’t want to be apart of any community anymore” (3:39:18)
>“My characters are literally like always just desecrated when some people draw them.” (3:41:51) very humble hols
>“Fun has left the building really in terms of art” (3:48:57)

4 hours in:
>“The things that I care about are just not exactly what is in those technical books. The things that I care about are, are………they’re not always the most technical but they are the fundamentals of comics I guess. Like panel readability, character expression, um panel layout.” (4:00:32) TOP KEK
>Now hopes that the printed Purgatory comics will arrive by the end of the month now. Kickstarter rewards are getting delayed even longer
>“That’s the problem when you literally use the cheapest book printing place. But like, I don't know. I couldn’t afford the other ones. You know what I mean?” (4:05:06)
>“I slept so much today. I slept like 5 hours today. Like I seriously can't be tired.” (4:47:29)

Once the fifth hour hit she mentally checked out

No. 825532

>Couldn't afford it
>Ran outta money
>Scrambling for commissions
Jesus Christ, hOw could THIS have HAPPENED?? /s

No. 825534

Holly isn't even cringy funny anymore, she's just tragic and depressing. Truly the definition of a trainwreck in slowmotion.

No. 825536

Like we didn't see this coming

Get your shit together Holly

No. 825546

>Doesn’t like when children younger than 12 go to conventions
Pretty sure those kids are more mature than she is tbh
>"My characters are literally like always just desecrated when some people draw them.”
LOL she's saying this as if her character designs actually look good
>Acknowledges that people think Reese is her persona. Retorts back with: “that literally makes no sense contextually in the story.”
None of her so called "story" makes sense
>“I literally don’t like most artists and I don’t want to be apart of any community anymore"
They don't want you either Holly

No. 825595

Holly really dislikes lesbians doesn't she, like especially butch lesbians? Probably why she freaked out when someone said they shipped Ash and Princess. Very typically fujo tho.

No. 825619

You shoulda seen her when someone thought she WAS a lesbian. Very offended. Insisted she's very feminine and loooooves the color pink. Not to mention this latest vlog she kept saying she should have a /husband/ so she has someone else to pay for shit. So much for being bi lol. No one ever believed you Holly. If she ever tries insisting she is because people call her a fetishy fujo istfg.

No. 825691

>Acknowledges that people think Reese is her persona. Retorts back with: “that literally makes no sense contextually in the story.”
Holly, there's "literally" no story to speak of, Reese hasn't even been introduced to the comic, how the fuck is anyone supposed to know anything about Reese in the story "contextually"??

No. 825768


I'm willing to bet literally no one has said this to her. The only time that gets brought up is in these threads, no one gives a shit about whether or not Reese is her persona.

No. 825780


Wait, she got a heat press? Not only is that her once again spending money frivolously which makes me want to stick an ice pick in my skull, but is she now gonna try making T-Shirts? She probably doesn't know that heat transfer vinyl is really temperamental with laser cutters as opposed to die-cutters but, she sold her Cricut so it's her only option at this point. She claimed to be "starting anew" with making a new channel and trying to be less negative and shit but, she's only gotten more vile and negative and is still spending money like a dumbass teenager. Annnddd still nothing about SanJapan. Typical.

No. 826048

Wait when did she talk shit about lesbians? I didn't watch most of it because I can't stand listening to her

No. 826094

She was talking about her hair and how she looked ugly with a shaved head because she looked like a butch lesbian and she grew up looking like a butch lesbian and always wanted long straight flowy hair. She tried to save face by quickly mentioning there was nothing wrong with being butch but you can tell the disdain in her voice. She's done it some times before, you can tell she thinks women only have worth if their feminine, it's another of her weird hangups.

No. 826112

Holly hates feminine women too though, because "they are sooo shallow and I'm sooo weird stfg", her mind works in mysterious ways.

No. 826127

Yeah that's actually true, she's pretty much like those 13 year old girls who constantly need boys to approve of them so they say other women are catty bitches if they're feminine or hobgoblins if they're masculine, shes a social malajust who has no clue how to talk to anyone so she despises women and worships men because she's so uwu different lmao

No. 826204

She does it cuz she's a desperate loser. She wants male attention because she doesn't get any but she's obsessed with men. She obsesses over what men find appealing and also with drawing men she finds appealing having sex with each other and her self insert. Her comics almost feel like coping mechanism for her loneliness.

No. 826216


She doesnt even have any friends, because she never has anything good to say about anyone. Not even herself. She can't take her head out of her own ass for just one fucking second to appreciate someone else's company, let alone other artists. This is why she's so miserable, and socially inept. She's built herself a little protective shell online and stayed there for so long that she became out of touch. The only time she interacts with others is when she's trying to get their money.

Not sure what she's even still doing or why she even bothers with art any more if she's obviously miserable doing it.

Someone mentioned she already lost her car/job? Tough shit if true, but she made no effort on any front.

No. 826226

She lost her job and her car got into an accident (but still sounds like it’s running). She didn’t go into too much detail of the car accident but from the small parts I heard it sounded like the accident was her fault.

No. 826266


So soon.
And another couple bills to pay, too. If she's at fault and she JUST got the car, her current insurance might drop her, AND her mom/aunt's insurance increases if holls is under her name. So, yeah. Cool move, holly.
Outside of just scraping by to pass the written and driving tests, she probably got no practice or lessons in between that and the time she got her license. States like texas sort of just hand licenses out to anybody.
This is all just me guessing though. But she's definitely out more money.

No. 826354

It feels weird to say this, but all this crap surrounding certain members of the Art tube community was what really made me realize just how few youtubers care more about enjoying themselves and connecting to an audience than about the money and views. Holly for instance, is the only one I know who clearly comes from a super shitty impoverished background, and she could have given a lot of younger artists in similar situations hope if she didn't constantly make the kind of stupid lifestyle decisions that ppl w/ no common sense and who are from uneducated rural areas are often expected to make. (And which ultimately just continues the cycle of poverty and debilitating mental illness.)

Remember when she said she wanted to go into business for the moolah?? Honestly that could have been worth it alone just from her being forced to take classes on finances and maybe, POSSIBLY learning a thing or two about how to manage her own. Clearly she doesn't learn from anyone in her family, or from fucking up on the internet for all to see, OR from losing tons of money all the time bc she doesn't have to worry about suffering consequences like, y'know, homelessness and starvation. (The real kind, not the short fasts or whatever she does where she can still afford whatever junk she wants when she feels like eating again. The kind where you're scrambling for cash or to find somewhere that will give you free food bc otherwise you'll literally die.) I mean, obviously I don't want that kind of thing to happen to her nor would I wish it on anyone, but it seems like a possibility if something ever happens to her aunt and she has to make it on her own rn. Or even if she roomed with her sister and the baby, it's not a stretch to imagine her barely paying the minimum of her half of the living costs or even less than that and expecting her sister to pick up the slack somehow, for whatever dumb fuckjng reason she comes up with. "reee I went 2 days w/o food, so can you and the kid!!" "No I can't watch ur shitty kid while u go work an actual job and I sit on my ass drawing deformed alien dicks all day, tf??? Lol wouldnt even care if they got into the toxic wood staining supplies or the laser cutter, wish my cats would do the same and die!!"

No. 826355

That’s cause Art is the purest thing out there and they basically found a way with YouTube to finally expose all these little individual artists to the world en mass, and these non traditional individuals got celebritized. When they commercialized it It was really obvious how it started to suck. Compared to music and dance and theater communities where people are more extroverted because their art forces them to work together, it seems like individual artists are more antisocial, secretive and competitive. TLDR; antisocials wouldn’t have the platform they do today without antisocial media to blame

No. 826359

>"who clearly comes from a super shitty impoverished background"

Holly comes from a middle class/lower middle class background. Sure she is really bad with money but that doesn't mean she is poor. Holly can afford to not work and focus solely on her art. Many artists would kill for that opportunity.

No. 826376

please don't comment if you don't know fuck all

regarding rent and moving out - there was a weird bit in her stream where she started saying - i presume practicing a lie to see how plausible it sounds - that she pays all the bills at that house and that's the motivation for moving out. She implied that 'her family' (her aunt?) will struggle without her. no idea of the timestamp sorry

No. 826382

she was also complaining her aunt was a hoarder and calling her house "hoarder house" which is funny considering how holly is literally a fucking hoarder.

No. 826384

Holly literally gets IPads for Christmas, never had to work while attending College (no, her shit show doesn't count), had anything from gym memberships to driving lessons and has in theory an incredible amount of freedom for choosing a job/lifestyle.
If that's not middle class I don't know what is, being bad with money and/or a hoarder doesn't change that one bit.

No. 826386

this is her adult life not her upbringing. her parents were junkies and they died

No. 826414

She was raised by her aunt and based on the shit she DID have growing up (Mac computers and a private art focused high school come to mind) I don't think she was poor. She also lies a fuck ton so don't forget that. Holly probably thi ks the difference between lower and upper class is Rich and poor and it's not.

No. 826415

Lower and upper middle class that is *

No. 826458

She didn’t really grow up around her parents so I don’t see how that is relevant. Her Aunt-mom basically provided her with everything she needed and more so get out of here with that ‘improvised artist’ bs.

Seriously I’m pretty sure Holly pushes the whole ‘I’m a poor artist’ story so more people buy her stuff out of pity.

No. 826478

whatever the truth is doesn't really matter because the original anon's point was that holly makes decisions that are classic poor people decisions
"give a poor person a hundred dollars, and they'll buy five plastic snowmen" so she isn't inspiring any currently struggling artists

No. 826505

I grew up in poverty and unless she had some talent or high grades so that a school like that would want her there I doubt she is poor.(no1curr)

No. 826527

Speaking of Holly's dishonesty, she seems like a pathological liar. Imagine lying about getting into a school, and then having been called on your dishonesty and you haven't even attended.

she shit the bed right out the gate. And she went on to be dishonest for an online school. Her current Kickstarter is a lie, she kept everyone in the dark for that damn bnha zine until the last possible minute, then sold them and pocketed money off everyone's hard work.

I have to say though, she's got some nerve to be continuing to demand people pay her for her shitty projects and half baked ideas.

No. 826550

I haven't seen anyone complain about this kickstarter yet, I wonder why
People complained about the bnha zine being late, but not this. Do her fans really believe her that much?

No. 826563

Does she even have fans left after that whole zine fiasco?

No. 826578


It be amusing to find out that her brother is actually quite nice, decent job and comes home now and then to check on the aunt because he's worried about Holly fleecing her.

Also didn't she say she was bi too?, so why was she disgusted of being thought of "butch" lesbian?. Oh right because she's a liar.

No. 826669

Two factors, I think. One is that she had more followers during the zine era, and the other is that in this case nobody cares about the actual product. People only support Purgatory to support Holly. Most readers found the comic through her channel, not the other way around.
Fans who've stuck around through the zine, the tracing, and everything else aren't going to be deterred by anything she does.

No. 826692

She said she was 'straight by all means' but she might date a girl if she's a 10.

No. 826871

yeah, but then in the last stream she said "i'm bisexual", "i've dated men and women", etc.

No. 826912

The only time Holly mentioned dating women was AFTER the backlash she got about fetishising gay guys. That was why she made the writing gay characters video which was supposed to be a how to write then video but just ended up being her explaining why she doesn't have a fetish and oh by the way I'm straight mostly but I'm sort of bi and date women but not really so yeah idk I can't be homophobic against myself uwu

No. 827157

File: 1561555350536.png (493.94 KB, 449x771, sure.png)

No. 827276

Professional artist, everyone!

No. 827545

I wonder what she means by "dated" because I genuinely can't imagine her in a relationship with anybody.

I can't believe she's sticking with that "I'm bi" bullshit.
She specifically has said, with unconcealed disgust, that other young women in the artist/convention community have flirted with her or mistaken her for a lesbian. A women who is genuinely interested in other women wouldn't be annoyed/disgusted by their attention.

No. 827570

Tired of bringing up and dwelling on her sexuality and her lying about it, could we just agree that she's a lying homophobic fujo piece of shit? Milk's stale on this front and it doesn't need repeating every thread.

No. 827628

Holly just hates women period lmao

No. 828305

No. 828314


Can't stand more than 3 minutes of her voice, can someone summarize?

No. 828321

is actually really depressing- shes trying to get work to help support her sister during her divorce and make money so her sister can keep her daughter from a toxic environment.

No. 828330

I think it’s disgusting that in the comments, people keep telling her to open a Ko-Fi, post a PayPal donation link or create a gofundme to throw more money at her. Like she didn’t create all these problems herself by squandering all her money as it is and from the Kickstarter no less. We all saw this coming since she first posted the KS campaign… I don’t know how she manages to still get so many people to feel sympathy for her after all the shit she pulled.

No. 828338


She cries wolf so much I find it hard to believe her story.

No. 828506

She keeps changing the story about the Kickstarter printing situation. I swear it was something different last time she mentioned it.

No. 828527

Wasn't sure about it before, thought maybe she just wanted to print all of her projects at home just bc she enjoys manufacturing shitty stuff, but now I'm positive that she doesn't pay a seperate company to print things like the kickstarter or the bnha zine just bc she wouldnt be able to make as many excuses for not sending out the copies sooner. Not to mention how many copies were probs never sent or how most were completely defective for the zine. She can spout a million personal problems like she always does and her followers will eat it up, never mind the money they wasted. Which is weird, considering how ppl have jumped on other artists for not fulfilling their kickstarter goals in the past (everyone probably knows who I'm talking about).

No. 828530

She can't just stop fucking lying. Just admit that you blew through the Kickstarter money on your toys and you thought you'd get the money back in this little stupid business venture you thought could not possibly fail. But that would make her look like the piece of shit she is, messing with money that's not hers.

No. 828674

File: 1561728187697.png (302.6 KB, 931x511, Unbenannt3.png)

…does she WANT princess to look this ugly?! Also, asking her underage fanbase for work can only end well, right?

No. 828770

Is Herschel supposed to be showing off his non existent muscles lol

No. 828785

Curves, Holly. Use CURVES. Everything of hers is so stiff and planky.

No. 828821

File: 1561740347660.png (66.61 KB, 325x311, wat.png)

It looks like she put his armpit right in the middle of his arm.

No. 828827

His arm to got damn long.

>What ever you think I'm qualified for

You can't even finish a comic without drawing it a million times over.

It's funny how she's asking for work now, even though she knows damn well she doesn't work well with others, and isn't interested in anyone else's projects. Literally a year ago she was trying to hire someone to help her with her work then just shat on him.

There are some parts of her life I'm sure she doesn't deserve, like, sometimes you just get dealt a shitty hand, but she fully deserves whatever backlash she gets from a social/artist standpoint.

Ever since she deleted her Twitter she's been scraping the barrel for whatever relevancy she can get.

And >>828527 is absolutely right, it is strange she got as far as she did.
I think how she expressed herself out the gate really helped.
She started off playing the "I'm trash, I'm pathetic, but I work so hard, and I am so relatable and "real" card, so she's amassed a following of younger people who feel rebellious, so they "stan their queen" because failure and irresponsibility are "so relatable".

No. 828853

I am so so tempted to ask how much is her quote

No. 828870

Shouldn’t the muscle be on top? Looks more like an arm flap.

No. 828894

File: 1561748765367.jpg (4.92 KB, 260x280, powerful-muscular-male-armvect…)

references for muscular men are so easy to find. does she still use pose dolls?

No. 828952

Um. It's her style? uwu

No. 829029

LOL his arm looks bad and his fingers look fucked up too.

No. 829030

Also the pose she drew princess in looks weird and awkward.

No. 829142

File: 1561811466525.png (1.25 MB, 1664x1186, Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 14.30…)

God, I know it's already apparent without the redline but holy shit does Holly not know how to use perspective grids? It's the most basic shit ever and she manages to completely fail at it.
And all those goddamn b r i c k s

No. 829146

Holly 'eyeballs' perspective. I mean some artists can get away with eyeballing perspective but Holly is so bad at it that her pieces look escher-ish.

No. 829153

it HAS to be that he's doing a magic spell that disappears muscles. like, that's what the diamond things represent.
her art is bad but i can't quite accept that she would just forget to a bicep on a guy who's one feature is that he has muscles and who's doing a muscle pose and gesturing to his muscle. i will fuckin laugh when i'm wrong though
and i dunno why the spell turns his skin into folded cardboard too

No. 829154

B-but overly muscular guys are gross! Twinks are where its at!
-Holly probably

No. 829163

Is princess afraid of pipes or what

No. 829177

Tbh i have no idea whats supposed to be going on in that picture or why Holly even thought to draw it, like why is she in a dark alleyway or is she actually in the sewers?

Also from a thumbnail look at the picture it looks like shes smiling and holding a flower, but on closer inspection her face and expression is butt ugly and shes holding a belt thing?

Idk all of holly's work is okay from a glance but shit when you actually try to look at it

No. 829205


Buuutt she got in Calarts!!!!


Another lie that she got exposed.

No. 829221

I think she's holding a pair of earphones?

No. 829446

there's plenty of curves, all over the ground. it looks like princess is walking on a fucking bouncy castle.

No. 829511

Am I the only one who thinks her output isn't impressive at all? Not talking about quality, but quantity. It's very obvious (and shown through her videos) how little actual time she spends on paintings compared to other artists, so in theory she should be able to put out a shit ton of new artwork every week/month. But judging from her non-existant comic updates and her slow instagram she really doesn't do that much, considering that's her only occupation. It makes her claims to be so incredibly hard-working all the more funny, since she obviously has no idea how much she would have to work if she had to actually keep up with the industry.
(and I doubt she holds any artwork back, so far she has shown every shitty doodle)

No. 829527

>Am I the only one
…no? is it your first day?

No. 829538

I've been thinking about this, her whole thing seems to be how she's so productive even if she sacrifices quality, but she's not productive at all. She has a miniscule attention span and jumps from project to project and can't finish anything, coloring stuff in with a tiny brush instead of a quicker method like lasso+fill is not being more productive or working harder, it's actually a huge sign of procrastination, but instead of watching Netflix you creat more work by being inneficient and deliberately having slower and more cumbersome methods

No. 829549

She seemed slightly more productive when she was in school (if you take into account that she was also doing a lot of homework that she didn't always show), but it's definitely slowed down in the past few months or so. At least when she was uploading new content almost every day, she could claim that she was productive (even if it was hard work, not smart work). Now it's just like, if you aren't doing art and you're not working on your kickstarter rewards, then what the fuck ARE you doing, BRown?

No. 829552

Shes probably just watching anime in the background but keeps getting distracted by it while trying to do work, so by the time the day is over she's thinking "whew! I worked all day on this single frame" when in reality she could have finished it hours ago but got distracted with watching videos

No. 829573

We got a Purgatory update! I can't upload right now, unfortunately.

No. 829580

File: 1561909444767.jpg (566.45 KB, 1080x1497, P165.jpg)

I gotchu

No. 829581

File: 1561909525933.jpg (418.05 KB, 1080x1502, P166.jpg)

No. 829582

File: 1561909578480.jpg (556.53 KB, 1073x1516, 167.jpg)

No. 829583

File: 1561909606388.jpg (545.87 KB, 1080x1514, 168.jpg)

No. 829584

File: 1561909649237.jpg (696.05 KB, 1080x1500, 169.jpg)

No. 829586

File: 1561909819527.png (274.65 KB, 432x849, rainbowdash.png)


No. 829590

You can tell she really lacks confidence with all the non-onomatopoeia she uses. Not sure you drew a kid being grabbed and strangled correctly? Let's label it just in case! Show, don't tell, Holly.

No. 829592

it took me forever to figure out what was going on in the 3rd panel

No. 829593

She has to EXPLAIN what's going on with WORDS describing the actions because she can't draw them! Asdhffkdj this is so baaad. Why even be a comic artist if you can't draw??

No. 829594

Is there a reason the house so huge and empty? The fact that she details every plank only highlights the lack of furniture around.

No. 829607

Wait so was there a time skip between this page and the last? Or not? Is Simon and hitler still in the house?
This page gives no indication of whether or not time has actually passed or not.

No. 829610

Lmao, like that porn comic where she literally wrote out "thrust"… I mean, trust. Still makes me laugh.

No. 829620


She doesn't know the basics of panel and page layout for comics, can't draw dynamic poses because she's too lazy to learn proper gesture and basic perspective, and much more. She thinks you have to have a bunch of panels in a page to get the point across even when dealing with action. If you look at the best Mangakas out there like Yusuke Murata; He draws all of his action scenes more like a animation storyboard with little to no words at all even to describe movement as well as only having 2 or 3 panels per page or action and making those panels extremely dynamic and detailed. Aside from her art just being shit, she might as well just write novels of her stories at this point because she doesn't really use the medium of comics for what it's supposed to be used for: Expressing stories through art instead of words.

No. 829625

Omfg these are laughably bad. How can any fan of this series read any of this as dramatic or tense? Does purgatory even have fans to this day?

No. 829628

Judging by her awful spelling and grammar, I'm not sure how she would manage writing stories with words instead of pictures…

No. 829633


Legit thought his head was growing out of his chest. I think he's supposed to be propping him up to listen for a heartbeat/breathing lmao.
>strangle strangle strangle!

I'm so glad but also kind of sad this is almost over. At least we have paranormal plague to look forward to.

No. 829636

Samefag but I kind of miss when holly was bold enough to think that her nsfw junk was good enough to peddle around, even though she was giggling like an immature brat Bout it the whole time. That part was annoying.

No. 829645

I could have fucking sworn that Hitler broke Damian's neck on the last panel hdgsjfbfj

No. 829653

File: 1561922376925.jpeg (65.75 KB, 497x486, 06901315-EFED-4421-AD4C-C489FD…)

Give ‘em the ol’ Razzle Dazzle

No. 829670

Yeah I wish she never found this thread. She hasn't learned or grown and now there's less milk cuz she's embarrassed by her own ineptitude.

No. 829711

File: 1561929384090.gif (1018.65 KB, 240x182, 56EB65FA-98F1-4A9F-A4FF-1131C9…)

Oh boy we getting more boypussy rape?

No. 829773

i feel so uncomfortable looking at the scenes in this house i'm like- is she actually conveying their distress well after all? but then i think that the distorted perspective and unending lines of emptiness impart vertigo and existential dread. if only that were on purpose, but seeing as her more positive scenes have it too, i dunno

No. 829817

That guy shouldn't be out for the count just because he was stabbed in the arm, right? Especially if there's adrenaline. Would've made more sense if he got stabbed in the gut or something.

No. 829848

at this point she really is just drawing purgatory for us

No. 829899

not much milk besides trashing the rose quartz sketchbooks she made last year, am sure people watching who bought them feel real good about that kek. also is thinking of offering custom sketchbooks kinda like mossery does with engraved names and all, possibly her only semi sensible product idea bc those current designs are ugly af.

No. 829920

the perspective on these pages is making me nauseous.

this gif killed me, thanks anon.

No. 830021

that's not a bad idea for brown, but I give her 2 days before shes done doing custom work for someone else .
or she'll spell their name wrong even when she has it i written form etc.

No. 830023

I bind all of my own sketchbooks and sometimes sell a few of them. Judging from the price of the equipment and the materials she's using, she is absolutely making no money back on these sketchbooks.

I'm sure her followers love having to spend only $10 for how much they're getting but Holly has to be aware she is digging herself into a seriously deep hole financially.

No. 830039

File: 1561998377625.png (349.02 KB, 638x356, Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 12.2…)

No. 830070

>that spacing

jesus christ Holly.

No. 830076

>doesn't know if product has demand

No. 830083

Not to be a stan but a lot of times old gravestones would spell "lies" like that, in that weird old English way. I've seen it at old grave sites myself. So this time she's not rly fucking up she's going for a certain theme based on the dates.

No. 830084

>DEC, 1ST, 1501-
>MAY, 5TH, 1544

holly pls

No. 830130

There comes a time in an artist's life where reality has to set in. That reality hasn't set in for her yet.
I think she needs a level of detachment from her art. She's always pretending like she's going to get a job and do other activities but then finds some excuse not to so that she can dive head first into the sand and try to make things she thinks will make her money.
She needs several degrees of separation from her art and re-figure out why she even enjoyed making it in the first place.

That requires some degree of sacrifice though, and she doesn't want to miss an opportunity to scam a few more bucks out of her dumb audience.
Something's gotta give eventually.

No. 830358

I sincerely wish she would get a steady job and just start doing art purely for fun and the enjoyment of the process.
Guarantee that would greatly help if not solve many of her problems.

No. 830573

New Video - She tells us its the printers fault the books aren't done jet, while inking the pages for the books. Makes sense Holly - maybe the books aren't printed yet, because you didn't even Finish inking them lol

No. 830699

Can't watch the video right now but if this is true, what the fuck is she even saying?? What did she sent in for print if the second book is not even done yet????

No. 830701

I tried looking through the comments to see if anyone said anything and no one seems to notice?? It's all just mindless praise?? How stupid are these people she's still inking the comic that went to a printer two weeks ago??

No. 830729

Anon are you deaf she says in the video she fills in the blacks digitally after she scans in the basic inks so they have been finished digitally just not traditionally

No. 830734

Wait, so she does her inking traditionally AFTER finishing it digitally? What sense does that make.

No. 830740

If I understand correctly she's just inking her originals traditionally (to sell them, keep them or whatever), this isn't related to the files she sent to the printer. Those were inked traditionally, scanned, finished digitally and sent to the printer.

No. 830746

That…. is the most massive waste of time and energy I've ever seen. She's basically drawing and lettering the comic twice?! Holly don't you have some… y'know, commissions to do. To earn some fucking living money

No. 830747

I must have mentally tuned out, when she said that. Also that sounds like a hella weird way to do it. And sry but i don't trust her until i see the books.

No. 830778


I'm one of the anons that talked about bookbinding my own sketchbooks earlier and while I think her making custom sketchbooks is a good idea because there will be a demand for them, I have a few issues with it. 1) while there will be a demand for it, there won't be people wanting multiples made and probably only personalized ones for themselves or to give as a gift. 2) I would make them out of leather instead of wood because it'll be prettier and also be more durable. When I bind my sketchbooks by hand I go to a local leather supplier and wrap the cover myself. The glowforge even has demonstrations in their commercials of laser engraving leather and it looks really nice. 3) Lastly if she's not buying ready made leather sketchbooks then she'll have to make her own which will create more work for her having to make a text block, wrap, and bind them on her own. I would recommend she actually make the sketchbooks herself because then she'll be able to customize paper types and charge more for very specific customization. Overall it's a good idea if she handles it correctly (which she probably won't) but, it won't make her money back for the original purpose (the charms and what not) of the laser cutter like she originally intended.

No. 830806

I straight up don't even believe her.

No. 830887

I mean…that sounds like great advice, but I doubt anyone here can use it, so either write it to her or make good use of it yourself.

No. 830897

File: 1562101728435.png (431.74 KB, 1245x715, Unbenannt.png)

Lord almighty, she is selling them for basically nothing (that's maybe 5 dollars). She's staining them by hand even punches the holes on every individual page herself….that's not even amateur-deviant-artist level of selling her work for cheap. If she would, instead of "working", simply laze around all day and not buy any equipment she supposedly needs, she would probably make more money than right now. That's not only sad, that's batshit crazy.

No. 830901

The logic her followers use is astonishing - "You have so much more experience with comics than other people who are "professionals", so your opinions are like totally cool and valid! uwu" while she basically shits out a few pages here and there, no coherent story, characters or artstyle.
Is uploading half-assed art a rarity nowadays or what do they think…? The fact that maybe 10% of her origina fanbase has followed her to her new channel is somewhat calming, at least.

No. 830954

At this point she probably would make more if she spent that time flipping burgers instead of making sketchbooks…

I guess Holly is desperate to make back the kickstarter money she blew? I mean she probably realizes that she can't afford to lose what's left of her audience if she wants to continue using youtube/art as her main source of income.

A little off topic but I can't see this ending well for Holly. It looks like her YouTube career is coming to an end soon and she doesn't seem to have any back up plans for her life after YouTube. Her art (and attitude) isn't good enough to really get any work in the industry and she doesn't have the business skills to make it in the convention circuit. If Holly at least got the degree she sunk so much time and money into she could have went for teaching but she shot herself in the foot by not completing that either. Holly's future looks bleak.

No. 830982

File: 1562110061712.jpg (277.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190702-192252_Ins…)

No. 831003

I have literally no idea what I'm looking at.

No. 831004

They’re arrow heads.

No. 831018

Wouldnt it be kinda hard to draw or write in such a tiny format on a spiral-bound book? That's a weird size too. She could have just made it a 5x5 square or 8x8 or something. Literally why does she always choose the wonkiest ways to format/make things. "Unique" doesn't always equal better, holls, especially if you're trying to get as many sales as possible.

No. 831047

that's not her recent product. look at the video thumbnail

No. 831066

Maybe she's doing the Epilogue in the video and isn't done yet she is printing the vol one and two but will make an excuse and claim the Epilogue is still at the printers

No. 831083


She keeps talking about the '180 rule' in film and acts like she understands it and she says "You don't have that in comics"
It really shows how little she actually knows about comics and the art of composing comics when she believes that the 180 rule doesn't exist. Surprise! It does!
She also thought the 180 rule means that in film you can't go from the back of a character's head to the front…. surprise! You can! This is kinda infuriating honestly

Then she continues to ask for comic jobs and work as if her followers can actually hire her? Apparently she's opened a deviantart just to show her comics in a portoflio? Because she doesn't want to spend money on a website because comic jobs don't pay a lot?? Jesus just… get the website.

No. 831088

She used to actually have a website, why isn't she updating that? Also lol @ her wanting to suddenly work in comics now when she can't even be assed to do a couple commissions without whining about how she doesn't care about other people's characters and you can't pay her to care, now she thinks she can work on entire issues of other people's shit for money? Absolutely delusional.

No. 831106

I actually like the pages better without the black fills, the fills on things like clothes and even hair sometimes make everything look so unbalanced and clunky because it screws up the line weights of the characters in the scene when things like clothing folds are so darkly shaded with thick looking lines while the backgrounds or aspects of the characters have that fineliner outline makes everything looks so disjointed and inconsistent.

No. 831158

well, it's not like she knows what she is supposed to fill in in the first place. Her all-black background panels are pretty random, so are her tones in general. It's pretty obvious she has seen the mixture of black, white and screentones in her favourite manga and tries to copy that, without actually knowing how it works. Pretty sure most beginner comic artists do that, but you shouldn't get stuck in that phase - and not call yourself a friggin' expert, if you can't be bothered to look deeper into the topic, like Holly so humbly does.

No. 831191

How many comics has she made?
I know of purgatory, paramormal plague and chroma prince.

Was there anything else?

No. 831207

Seize and prince of eros (?)
Prince of eros or whatever it was called, was old gay comic she made. There has been pictures in the previous threads.

No. 831411

Totally forgot about the prince of eros one, but isn't that the same exact thing as the Chroma Prince one? "Alien twink slave gets fucked by sort of buff commander/master"?? Except they might have been elves in the old one.

No. 831439

Chroma prince, eros and pp probably don't have 20 pages together so can they even be called comics?

No. 831453


off topic but im wondering if her father bought these or just found them lying around. the cloth suggests the former

it feels racist to refer to them as "cursed artifacts" but this is nothing new with holly

No. 831471

in an old vlog she said that her dad collected them I think. She was gonna make this into a table for her new house. not sure why she says they're "cursed." Either she's being racist towards Native Americans or she didn't like her dad.

No. 831496

huh, I read "artifacts" as "remnants of my dead old man", not something racist. I honestly doubt she was referring to native americans

No. 831589

She hated her dad, it’s in past threads but she said he was a drug addict and had nothing but contempt for him when he passed away.

No. 831593

I might be wrong but I think these don't belong to her actual junkie biological father but probably her uncle-father? if I recall correctly he is the one that died and she thoroughly complained about the funeral expenses while her mother-aunt was probably a mess with grief

No. 831733

I think they meant the cursed part ,not the artifact part.
since most people equate old native American stuff as being cursed ect

No. 831783

Sounds like you're hanging out with a bunch of hipstery racists then, most people don't equate native american stuff as being cursed.

No. 831788

It's true, though. The 180° rule is explicitly for movies (or any type of video media) because you only have one constant frame, hence if you break the rule it gets confusing. However, in comics, because you can see the whole page all at once, multiple frames, it's not the same issue.
Sure, respecting the rule when making comics as a beginner probably will help you make more readable comics by removing the possibility of fucking up in that aspect from you, but it really is not something to consider much when you're a (good) comic artist. Open any good comic book, you'll notice the 180° rule is never consistently applied, if applied at all.
In Holly's case, whether she respects the rule (that she doesn't even understand) or not doesn't really matter: her panels and framing are always stale as fuck.

No. 831796

Sage your shit and stfu it's a common stupid thing people said in the 90s it's in like five sitcoms it's not a ""hipster uwu"" assumption.

No. 831798

It isn’t explicitly for movies though. This article explains the 180 degree rule better than I can:


It’s true that it doesn’t need to be followed for each and every page but it does help the flow and readability of a comic. It’s pretty basic knowledge tbh. Not that we expect Holly to understand even the simplest techniques for comic creation. I really wish she’d stop talking like everything she says is fact and professionals don’t understand their jobs.

No. 831802

This is actually funny to me there was an entire Parks and Rec episode centered around white people being believing native American curses on artifacts to be a thing and it was hilarious and here we have Holly being an actual stereotype lol

No. 832101

Has she mentioned SanJapan like at all? Seriously I'm almost wondering if she just flat out forgot about it at this point because she's rushing to grt her kickstarter shit under control. It's a little over a month away and nothing. She hasn't mentioned any new fanart, prints, charms, stickers, NOTHING.

No. 832107

She can’t multitask to save her life so I fully expect she’s either forgotten or has decided not to attend. If she’s still planning to go she’ll be scrambling to make merch maybe a week or two beforehand because she can’t time manage.

No. 832207

Knowing Holls she'll probably try to sell her spot to someone.

No. 832223

This would honestly be the smartest move. She'd spend the money on something retarded immediately but at least she won't LOSE money like she did last year.

No. 832227

She’s mentioned San Japan. She said she’s going to be selling wooden Ouija boards there.

No. 832229

File: 1562319128124.jpeg (528.96 KB, 640x1025, 16ED9D20-11C8-4224-8343-DB039F…)

Oh boy

No. 832234

What the FUCK did she do to that wig???

No. 832250

Who the fuck buys a ouija board at an anime convention? Is she drunk?

No. 832256

She's live now. Currently talking about how she doesn't have empathy for her sister's situation.

No. 832258


Popped in just to listen and she's already blaming her sister on why she didn't move out and complaining that she was 'so close' to having a new place and that there's nothing positive in her life. I dunno she kind of DID splurge on a big ol laser cutter….. so it feels like this is a bit of a dumb pipe dream.

>"It's nice to have your family rely on you sometimes"

>"It's super not nice for it to be literally all the time"

I mean… if you're living at home, rent free, you're kind of expected to do at least the littlest bit. It's just a bit stupid how much she's blaming everyone and everything. She claims to have had no help to get to where she is now, as if people contributing to her kofi for TVPaint and donating etc wasn't help. It's becoming a really tiring cycle.

No. 832265

>"I like her presence like a sister but as a roommate I do not"

Then why tf are you moving in with her??

>"My sister is just dicking around and I was like 'You could get a job or something'"

Pot, kettle.

Seriously. How much was that printer, over 3 grand? But sure, it's your sister's fault you can't move out, not your insane spending habits.

No. 832266

Sometimes I remember that anon that said something like "I always thought she was a gremlin but…. she's a babe" Like…. bitch where lmao

No. 832272

Nta but she could not be a gremlin if she put in literally any effort. I’m not even talking about makeup and shit, just taking basic care of her curly hair (before shaving it) and maybe got her eyebrows done. Her face in that picture isn’t a weird shape or anything, it’s the ugly ass wig she doesn’t know how to care for it wear that takes away from any beauty potential she does have.

No. 832274

File: 1562326750320.jpeg (225.47 KB, 1242x876, AEDA47C8-BC0B-419E-A5ED-E09B9B…)

People pay money for this? Dear lord that shoe…

No. 832278

File: 1562327723812.jpg (18.3 KB, 368x450, 45089503-stock-vector-cartoon-…)

Pretty sure she wants to draw this posebut can't tell which hand is which

No. 832280

Holly ain't a gremlin either imo, but she's a looong way from babe lol

No. 832282

rip fugly wig-chan,she was never given a chance

No. 832283

File: 1562329011056.jpg (353.02 KB, 1016x1080, How.jpg)


No. 832295

She managed to make her expensive wig look as shitty as her real hair did before she buzzed it. I'm impressed!

No. 832408


Does she draw feet like this on purpose???? It's been literal years by now she should have realized how shoes and feet bend by now

No. 832429

Oh god you're right I can't unsee it. He looks like he's clenching his foot mid stride

No. 832438

Holly is currently on stream explaining how African Americans have lighter skin than people ACTUALLY from Africa. This after her explaining what a Chollo is and saying the Philippines is the Mexico of Asia. She keeps saying she knows shes probably being racist but she doesn't know how and is too lazy to 'research' how

No. 832440

>Wastes a shit ton of money on useless junk she'll never make her money back on,

>Uses family as a scapegoat for her spending addiction and "why oh why" she just can't seem to move out.

Speaking of addictions, for all the shit holly talks about her brother being a drug dealer/addict or whatever, she's got some nerve with her shopping addiction, which makes her a leech.she's comfy at home probably not paying rent (despite her insistence that she is), coming up with a new way to wring money out of what little following she's got left.
This is a real problem she's never going to address.
When has the money she gotten ever been invested or gone into something beneficial to something or someone else other than her and her addictive behavior? Never. Yet people keep coddling her and enabling this pattern.

She has some nerve, begging for "emergency" commissions then constantly blaming her family for problems she put herself in, after she successfully funded her half baked wonky-ass comic on kickstarter and running off with that money to buy a $3k cutter.

Sorry for sperging but I wish someone would stop her irresponsible ass.

No. 832446

File: 1562350418617.jpg (279.61 KB, 720x1186, 20190705_200634.jpg)

According to her post she somehow needs to cough up 720$ worth of bills. Really I wonder what the fuck she splurged all her money on. She must be a living nightmare for her accountant.

No. 832458

Maybe it's a payment on the car or some other stupid shit she never needed. Maybe the school is finally trying to collect on that 50k in student loans. Who knows.

No. 832463

The fact that she neither uses a professional-sounding email nor paypal invoices really rustles my jimmies more than usual. Anyone who isn't already a blind fan is going to find that scammy as fuck

No. 832469


No its some medical bill she had that was sprung on her.

No. 832472

How many comissions has she gotten so far? Four?

No. 832473

Ot, but I`m fairly certain that she's used that email for everything she does on the internet (instead of having a separate personal email and a business one), so it's no doubt just as disorganized as the rest of her life is. Partially explains why she's had so much "trouble" getting in contact with people over so many things. (Kickstarters, zines, YouTube comments about ppl buying from her online shop, etc.)

No. 832519

Was that mentioned in a live stream or something? If so that explains why I missed it. Can't stand listening to her. Anyway, thanks for the info then.

No. 832534


No its some medical bill she had that was sprung on her.>>832519

Yeah it was, some one asked. She also explained being fired by Amazon.

No. 832579

Does anyone actually believe that though? She likes to play the sympathy card so how do we know that she actually needs the money to finish the Kickstarter or whether she just spent money on her latest interest instead of her car payments?

No. 832583


I don't believe her really. I do pity here though.

No. 832588

Part of me wants her to get her act together and succeed because she seems quite lost but then she starts blaming everyone else for her problems and makes poor decisions with money/plain just takes advantage of her fan base and I just want to shake her.

No. 832593


Yeah she never takes any responsibility at all.Even when she was fired from Amazon she was making excuses, but the fact she then takes jabs at her sister is pretty low.

Regardless I think she knows she's not getting any better, her views are stagnating and unless something drastic happens artwise the writing is on the wall.

No. 832616

It KILLED me when last night Holly was shit talking her sister and saying that she should get a job. Girl I know you think redrawing the same shit over and over for YouTube pennies while pretending you make a profit on all the expensive tools you buy is a job but it really fucking isn't. Drag yourself out of your eternal pity party for 2 seconds and actually make an honest effort. There's no shortcuts to making a good, steady income unless you win the lottery. Fuck.

No. 832627

The car payment kills me. Why the fuck did she buy a near new car and set herself up for paying 400-500 a month on a car. There are running cars for $3000 she’s so fucking stuuuupiiiiid

No. 832636

Hearing Holly tell her sister to get a job is fucking rich coming from a broke lazy ass like her who has nothing worthwhile to show for shit tons of expended time and money. Someone who is also so desperate for $720 after burning $3000+ in free money from her fans on shit she that wasn’t her Kickstarter project that she’s begging people to hire her for commission, something she has stated numerous times that she hates doing and doesn’t care enough about to put any real effort into. Someone who can’t pay their own bills and bitches about living rent free.

Sorry for completely unnecessary sperg but Jesus Christ the hypocrisy

No. 832644

when i tuned it she mentioned insurance which sounded like the car insurance which she has complained about being huge before

No. 832645

She's a brand new driver under 25 AND she just got into an accident, of course her insurance is astronomical. I don't know what she expected.

No. 832683

Holy fuck, the gall. Holly's sister has a toddler to care for, she can't just work whenever. Holly however has no such responsibilities.
She barely even uploads videos/art anymore, what does she do all day?

No. 832748

Not to mention that Holly's sis (as far as we know) didn't get herself into several thousand dollars' worth of debt w/ no degree, kek.

No. 832754


She's also for hire as an uber driver too:)(emoticon use)

No. 832782

Wait, are you joking? Can you imagine having someone as spastic and shitty/new at driving as your Uber driver? It does seem like something she thinks she can do, though.

Also why is she offering to mail the commissions… aren't they digital? Even if she's just doing the ink digitally and then coloring it with markers or something, surely it would be more cost effective to not have to ship them afterwards.

No. 832804

Holly is selling laser engraved birch wood sketchbooks on Etsy for only $10. She has no idea what "cost effective" means.

No. 832816

I think she will ink them traditionally and then ship them off. She was doing sketches for them in the stream

No. 832826


No I'm not, itwas in the live stream after someone asked her about being why she needed funds and she went into more details. It was when she was drawing a girl holding a cat and when some one mentioned also in the comments that her fore arm was too long and she laughed it off

No. 832832

Starts at 6.45 on wards, talks about amazon but later she talks about her other jobs. Can't be bother to listen again but it was definitely around that time


No. 832880

Those people are never getting their commissions then. By the time Holly gets off her lazy ass to ship them she'll just wind up totalling her car on the way to the post office or something.

No. 832899

File: 1562428520500.jpeg (328.63 KB, 1242x863, 2783FA77-1A94-4215-9201-85D438…)

I am pretty sure CSA is making a video about holly. She said in an Instagram post that her next video is on an artist who has stolen thousands on Kickstarter and I asked her about it and she was cryptic.

No. 832900

Its defibently gonna be about holly lmao, shes scammed so many people and hardly anyone whos gotten scamed actually seems to care

No. 832908


Yeah I dunno about if she has "stolen" thousands yet. I do believe she's really late, and that's typical of plenty of Kickstarters and its been a few months not years in some cases. Its cool to bag on Holly but we know she's erratic.

No. 832914

I don't like Cringeshow, but I'm down with this

No. 832920

This is going to be horrible, she's way too reactionary and hungry for views to make good commentary videos. Also, having Holly as a uber driver is genuinely stressful to think about.

No. 832927


I still don't care enough about creepshow, I wished she'd stop cropping up everywhere. Her video's going to be so fuckin stupid like every other thing she makes.

No. 832929

I guess she's figuring she's not getting enough attention lately so she's digging for shit to make videos on to get her some more drama. She obviously lurks here. i just want her gone and irrelevant.

No. 832936

I don’t think she lurks anymore. Someone posted screenshots of talking to her and she said something like how she trolled lolcow so now we don’t talk about her, likes she’s a master mind

No. 832943

While I don't care for her art, I actually really like her commentary because we share alot of the same opinions and I find her amusing to listen to. Since I can't stand Holly, I'm actually looking forward to this because Holly is more than likely going to comment some dumb passive aggressive shit like she did on D'Angelo's video.

No. 832948

Her commentary is regurgitated garbage and she does no actual research so she's constantly posting untrue things and never fixing her bullshit heresay lies after the fact because she only cares about views.

No. 832949

But yeah I am looking forward to the milk for sure

No. 832951

I know it's probably the lowest quality commentary you can get form Youtube but, I still enjoy it lol It's good to listen to while drawing for me

No. 832956

I don’t She’s ever talked about something that’s needed research, has she? She’s just a bad pyro clone

No. 832958

Can we just ban all talk of creepshow because I am 99% sure this is all back and forth self posting..?? Or give her her own thread to sperg out alone in. This is just sad

No. 832961

If Holly can have teenage dumbass fans that'll kiss her ass even after she's taken all their money; Is it really far-fetched that someone that makes mediocre content to use as background noise would have atleast a few people that like her that post here? Not self posting just basic logic. CreepShow isn't really milky enough to get he own thread anyways.

No. 832965

god you’re annoying. people can like and not like her and sometimes, becauses she a gnat and gets into shit, it comes up. none of us are her.

No. 833017

File: 1562443180412.png (729.33 KB, 894x661, ouija.png)

Huge nitpick probably, but the eyes in the bottom corners look terrible. And the engraving looks sort of… Patchy?

No. 833044

the hand on the right, the index finger isn't even fully engraved and i can't tell if that's a mistake or a stylistic choice
tho that's just a nitpick from me

No. 833045

some numbers and letters look off too

No. 833054

I used to think holly was ok at product design back when she made stuff like the thumbnail books. I mean those books were so simple but still seemed like they would appeal to her audience of preteen artists. Unfortunately her new products just show that she has absolutely no idea what she's doing.

No. 833058

I'll be honest, I think this is actually kind of cute. I can see someone who's into this stuff collecting it for the novelty factor. Displayed on a shelf amongst crystals it would fit right in.Whether she can market it to the right audience is another matter.

No. 833096

Maybe I'll sound like a wk but I think it's pretty good…

No. 833102

File: 1562453520992.jpg (387.47 KB, 2500x2500, il_fullxfull.1808645762_7qz2.j…)

It looks cute til you realize there's ones of much better quality on Etsy.

Link here. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LadyMaggies?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=689878881

And if you look, on maggie's featured items list, she's also got an engraved cutting board. I don't know how common these are to make for people who have laser cutters, not saying she's ripping entirely, but….

I Wonder how many etsy listings she's looking through to pull ideas from. Holly is known for hating the woo-woo witchy shit. So this is really out of her wheelhouse. At this point she's creatively bankrupt and scraping for ideas.

Just stick to wonky cat merch, holls.

No. 833110

I honestly hate that Holly wasted so much money yet she can't even optimize her settings so she doesn't do shit like burn the ever living fuck out of said engraving.
No matter how cute the design could have been, she has no care for the wood or the actual machine she uses. Its sloppy and looks like something she digged out of a tester pile.

No. 833123


This looks way too busy and cluttered, like a lot of her work. Her art just doesn't translate well onto merch. She's always doing the most.

And those hands are hideous. She always draws the palms like fucking flippers. The thumb part that connects to the rest of the hand is like two different segments…why…Everything's just a hot mess.

No. 833203

I don't think it looks TERRIBLE, but it's cluttered for a palm-sized product, the wood looks a lil burnt, and is it just me or did she photograph it at an odd angle? As if she's trying to hide other tiny flaws like the hands at the bottom corners not matching. If it's like $5 though, then I wouldn't complain honestly. It's fine as a cheap knick knack and not something you would cherish or show off a lot.

No. 833211

Besides the fact that the design looks sloppy as hell, it looks like it could easily be broken. Looking at those holes specifically, they look like they would snap off after one time taking it out.

No. 833526

If you just regurgatate the same shit gossip every other commenter does without looking into any accusations you run the risk of contributing to rampant lies that snowball. James Charles is an evil gay sex predator, Spokter is a pedophile that solicits nudes from minors and steals artwork. Both of these are lies that were easily debunked by people actually looking into the false claims and finding they were based on lies that ended in two teenagers on YouTube accused of being sexual predators. Shannon is an irresponsible stupid bottom feeder that will take notes on an equally degenerate youtubers video with no fact checking of her own and vomit the same info back to her audience with her basic as fuck ""opinions"" that are literally just edgy flavored average opinions most people share.

No. 833670

Shannon wasn't even a channel during the spoctor shit and made an apology after the James Charles shit came out and deleted her initial video on it saying she no longer agreed with it. I like her, but know she's done some like "I'm not like other girls shit" but how are you going to be upset with her for something that she acknowledged? She even refused to talk about the slazo situation because of James Charles. Why the fuck are we still talking about her on this?!

No. 833737

Ok while im super relieved that i have no idea what this YouTube trash you are talking about is, Maybe you should consider that an apology doesn’t just make something ok. That apology/explanation has to be judged as legitimate or not. I still feel like I’m speaking to Shannon here bc I don’t want to believe anyone else on this board could have such a shit understanding of normal interpersonal relationships

No. 833743

I've never seen someone want so much attention from lolcow so bad…

No. 833779

I don't like her that much but that's such a reach for me I can't. Also everytime someone says anything about csa everyone thinks it's her immediately and unless someone wants to make a thread I say let's just not talk about her

No. 833787

I thought this was a holly brown thread, not a Creepshow one
if you want to talk about Creepshow go to the general artost salt thread pls .

No. 833802

File: 1562609969316.png (14.71 KB, 604x154, lmao nice try.PNG)

>5 pages a day
She gave up after day one. What an inspiration

No. 833806

Sage. Also STFU defending creepshow nothing she says in her videos is thoughtful or interesting. She's a degenerate and so are you.

No. 833838

shut the fuck up about creepshow and get back to holly

No. 834004

did she really buzz her hair off?

No. 834027

Yeah, a month ago. Video of her doing it here: >>804927

No. 834045


She cut all her hair off 'cause it was too hard to take care of her curls but it seems like she can't even take care of her straight wig, either.

No. 834190

Y'know, her hair didn't look so bad short. She should've gone with a pixie-cut or something if she found it that hard to deal with. Short curly hair requires almost no effort at all. But doesnt she think any girl w/ short hair is a lesbian or something stupid like that?

No. 834209

She's live atm talking about how you shouldn't try in high school because it doesn't matter for college. Because a college drop out the person to talk to for school advice, of course.

No. 834224


Near the end of the stream she gets infuriated that her cat has additional fur between the toes and tries to cut it with a scissor. Luckily, the cat escaped. Even her own chat called her out for this attempt at animal cruelty.

No. 834228

Some cats can get matted between their toes but it should be shaved by a professional or someone who knows what they're doing. Not a careless sadistic womanchild with fucking scissors.

No. 834229

Welp, she is fucking crazy.
>mad at their cat for having fur on their feet
>wait but why

No. 834245

I agree it's stupid to get upset at additional fur on your pet, but to be fair to Holly the cat didn't even escape, it just removed its paw and continued sleeping after she stopped joking around with the scissors.

Happens around 1:25:20 for those who want to see it for themselves.

No. 834314

just gonna leave this here ,if you dont do good in highschool and you plan on going to college it will mess with your class placement you might have to take more if you didn't do good on the ACT etc (yes even if your an art major at uni )unless your going to art school then you can say to heck with it.But you will be missing out on scholarhsit opportunities
but i'm not surprised Hollys says this kind of shit ,jduging by her record with college and highschool shes probably bitter etc

No. 834336


The fuck is wrong with this woman? Can someone just report her to her local authorities for animal abuse and show them this stream? That would be a few keks(this is cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 834357

For me I think it depends how early a person makes the plan to go for art as a career. If that decision was made around 16-17 like is most common then grades would probably come into play. They’re probably it gonna have a portfolio good enough for art school anyway. Someone at 13-14 though decides to dedicate their abundant amount of free time to serious study and getting gud. Thats a very real, and much less expensive possibility to be a successful artist with no formal education.

No. 834360

Why does she let such a harmless thing bug her so much?? Poor cat. It's not even an issue unless it gets matted.

No. 834363

Holly seems pretty clueless about hair care. She says she can't get her hair straightened since her's is too dry, but since she seems to throw money around she can easily get pretty good products to help strengthen her hair enough to get a straight perm. I have the same kind of hair, and it's more than manageable if you make the effort.
Honestly, if she's complaining about how weak her hair is that just may be due to some form of deficiency. It's just weird that she blames her hair type.

No. 834399


She's just looking for an exuse to spend money on something.that she doesn't have to leave her home to do. Perms require talking to a hairstylist. And actively leaving the house. You know, basic social skills.

No. 834418

Because god forbid she need to interact with other humans or put effort into literally anything. Who wants to actually solve their problems when you can throw other people’s money at them instead? Ugh.

No. 834426

considering how disordered her eating is where she doesn't eat for days then binges on french fries and soda, she absolutely has a deficiency or 2…

she was saying scholarships come WHILE in college and if you aren't valedictorian of your high school class don't bother, lol.

No. 834502

She tries to present herself as a "jack of all trades", but she's below average on knowledge and experience in ALL of her trades, this especially. Why is a college dropout in 50k+ debt lecturing about getting scholarships? It's also funny coming from the girl who got a decent grant bc of her income status and then (presumably) lost it when her grades dropped.

No. 834586

Yeah, and she wasn't even specifically talking about art school. She was saying in general people should just bum their way through high school and then hope for the best in college.

No. 834617

she got mad at her own head for having additional hair and clipped that too

No. 834907

As someone who draws/paints for a living (not comissions, actual degree) it's quite hard to believe that someone who constantly uses various tools to finish a picture is still THIS shaky when drawing simple lines. There is absolutely no flow in her drawing, she barely moves her hand as if she's scared she could do something wrong. That's something you should learn automatically, not need a teacher or course for. Not to mention she takes ages for inking, when it's basic handiwork, once the sketch is finished.

What she does is not always "art" but sometimes mindless work (part of the industry, nothing wrong with that), it's fascinating to see how she thinks taking forever is alright. Since she asked her followers for jobs in colouring/inking etc. I guess she really thinks her speed and results are anywhere good enough. I know it's been said many times but I connot see her making it anywhere in the comic/animation/concept art industry. Especially if she so desperately wants to keep her "style", as if she would get paid for that, when most studios need workers with great knowledge of art fundamentals (non-existant for her) and even better cooperation.
There is literally no chance for her - she won't be able to get by via YouTube money forever, certainly can't finance her life via kickstarter (lol) and seems absolutely unable to grasp the simple but important fact that NOBODY gets livelihood money for drawing damn-ugly OCs all day and acting like a total bitch.

Yeah, long rant, sorry, but as someone who actually works in the very industry Holly so desperately sees herself as a part of I just REALLY am flabbergasted sometimes how this woman-child can justify being an absolute insufferable dumb-shit when she has no diligence, no hard work to back her up (she doesn't, her "skills" prove it), no idea what she even talks about and still expects to be treated like a friggin' raw egg, despite literally not managing ANYTHING.

No. 834920

she did say 'i swear when i'm not streaming i do draw a lot faster'. Depending what part of the streams you catch, sometimes she talks like she would agree with most of your post - for example i heard her say that she thinks people commission her so that she will talk to them. she said people like hearing her voice more than they like her art (part of why she doesn't draw them efficiently)
but then other times of course her art-ego will swell

No. 834986

I feel like she likes to be down on herself so when she does act like an arrogant tool she can fall back on all the bad things she's said about herself

No. 835185

Honestly, I used to be completely stunted in my art for YEARS, and it took so much soul searching to realize it was fear of messing up holding me back from studying and trying to improve. I could dish art advice and criticism but could never take it, much like Holly. Holly internalized the idea that her style will one day be desirable and unique enough that it'll outweigh the need to learn the fundamentals. She wants the easiest and comfiest way to get a career, but no career based in skill is ever that easy.
Every career needs adaptability. You don't get hired at a bakery because you're just good at making brownies, barely okay at cakes, and little understanding of how to make cookies, macarons, and everything else. You have to understand the basics and be able to adapt to whatever your employer wants, and to do that you need to understand the fundamentals to improve your mechanical skill.(for anyone curious: this is prime blogposting)

No. 835296

Sage your shit. And no one fucking cares.

No. 835379

calm down lol

No. 835422

As someone that annually sells at conventions, (another field she tries to get into) her behavior towards it really irks and blows me away as well. She pushes shit to the last minute and puts out years old dated art, doesn't have any cohesive collection of products and just throws random half-assed shit together, thinks people want to buy things with her OCs on it when they can go a few tables down and get cute merch of their favorite character, has so little products at her table that it looks empty and has no idea how to display said products in an appealing manner, and much more.

Granted some of these are common first time mistakes but, she makes no effort to see whats the proper way to go about things. She makes mistakes that I did when I was a teenager starting out for the first time. Being in the con scene is hard because it's so competitive but, it's almost garunteed that atleast one person will buy your shit. If she fixed things and did multiple cons a year, she would actually pull in good money. She constantly tries to sound like she's the aficionado for something she's either completely new to or has no real knowledge in.

No. 835706

Well, she technically isn't a first time seller. Aside from her being at cons as a regular attendee before, she's sold at one or two before her last SanJapan fiasco (can't remember where she said it was, but it was in one of her older vlogs where she was complaining bc the guy next to her had "crappier quality" prints than her yet sold more).

No. 835779

Yeah she had videos for it on her old account but they were removed. I remember her really ugly Gibli prints that she ordered tons of and sold very little

No. 835784

File: 1562870037588.png (170.34 KB, 720x734, Screenshot_20190711-113151~2.p…)

No. 835785

File: 1562870063685.png (97.44 KB, 720x571, Screenshot_20190711-113156~2.p…)

No. 835800

I mean…I gueaa I agree with Holly, but since she's a "defeatist" despite having every possibility in the world I don't think it's her topic to preach about, really.

No. 835825

Holly is a fucking sheltered woman child with no friends, no hobbies, no job, no life, who quite literally lives in an echo chamber of political opinions she wants to hear as in she watches YouTube videos by reactionaries ( I don't believe for a goddamned second she reads anything) why do her followers expect her to know anything about a nuanced topic like race is beyond me.

No. 835840


saged for rant but this opinion pisses me off because it shows how narrow her view of the world is.

I'm from a thrid world country. I've met a lot of people there who no matter how much they try, they will never get out of poverty because the system is so fucked up it is impossible to do. I'd like to see Holly working 12 hours a day, getting only 10 bucks a a month, and talk about "well, if i just keep trying, i'll make it!"

i dont understand why she feels the need to be so condescending about everything, even topics she has NO idea about. Holly, focus on fixing your mess of a life before you lecture people on what they're doing wrong.

No. 835841

*third, i cant type for shit

No. 835896

It's probably how she was raised. Be opinionated and rude but overly defensive about yourself because you can't see anything beyond your own life and thoughts.

No. 835908

Exactly. A discussion about not being pessimistic isn't bad per say, but she fucked up bringing up race and class into it, especially considering that she's the exact type of defeatist she's talking about who's had opportunities for better income and future living situations and has already screwed them up. Maybe if she takes her own advice in this case, that would make sense, but it definitely doesn't apply to everyone. (Also listen when people who've directly experienced these issues try to tell you what they know, holly, ffs.)

No. 836025

It’s like Holly found nihilism in 8th grade and never looked back

No. 836046

Imagine being told by a southern white girl how minorities should get over racism.

No. 836175

File: 1562907660603.png (585.01 KB, 1000x800, 1562907446762.png)

saw this on Instagram and lost my absolute shit, why does the first pic look like EVERY twink Holly tries to draw

No. 836253

The picture on the right also looks like some of her older drawings thanks to that CHIN

No. 836258

Kek, Belle looks like current Purgatory, and Gaston looks like the cat clocks.

Hearing Holly speak on any kind of issue relating to systematic oppression is always delightfully cringeworthy.

No. 836364

This is one of the few times I am reallllyyyy tempted to reply to this bitch because I deal with this shit on a regular basis. Most people do want to improve their situations but, unfortunately systematic problems exist to where you literally CANNOT DO SHIT and racism is one of them. This woman is white and has lived a mainly middle class life her entire life and actually has the gall and try and tell someone not to use race as an excuse? Give me a fucking break.

No. 836494

Anon don't you know? Hills grew up so poor uwu she couldn't buy whatever she wanted at the drop of a hat. She had to wait until holidays for her toys! The gall.

No. 838263

File: 1563154162604.png (573.63 KB, 954x1332, Purgatory_pg_170.png)

Purgatory Update!

No. 838264

File: 1563154356317.png (772.52 KB, 944x1322, Purgatory_pg_171.png)

>Wrap Wrap

Are those supposed to be tears on Sebastian's eyes? They look like fucking pimples

No. 838266

File: 1563154601162.png (682.3 KB, 941x1312, Purgatory_pg_172.png)

Those fucking hands in the second panel

Is that one panel supposed to be empty? It looks so fucking sloppy

No. 838268

File: 1563154673651.png (547.98 KB, 938x1314, Purgatory_pg_173.png)

What is this page I can't even

No. 838271

File: 1563154986471.png (1.09 MB, 941x1296, Purgatory_pg_174.png)

omfg this is fucking gold

No. 838272

File: 1563155025508.png (926.16 KB, 940x1297, Purgatory_pg_175.png)

No. 838275

This is so confusing, what's with that sudden timeskip? Hitler Jr just told Simon's dad that his son got raped (I think?) and we're not even gonna see his reaction? Also, why is the whole fucking cathedral suddenly collapsing, I get she was trying to ~foreshadow~ it by showing the cracks in the ceiling but it still seems a bit over the top??

No. 838277

File: 1563155763073.png (30.83 KB, 782x164, HollyBrown_Description_pg_174.…)

And to think this is the description she has for the cathedral collapse scene

Like, no??? I didn't??? Like, considering what JUST happened in the previous pages it seems a bit too convenient that the cathedral would collapse right after Simon gets kidnapped by Fat Hitler. It's so out of left field.

Also, it looks like there's only debris in the altar area, but there's a whole bunch of blood spewed everywhere in some of the pews?!

No. 838284

watch out he's got a broom

No. 838304

>The repairs must’ve not been enough.

>Hopefully I can down in time.


No. 838320

It is like a badly translated visual novel.

No. 838324

Why is her lettering so bad. The text have no room to breathe in those bubbles/boxes

No. 838334

File: 1563165885127.png (73 KB, 320x264, MittenHand.png)

My lord, his hand's a fucking mitten. And on top of that the line work is so atrocious.

No. 838343

Jfc the hands in these panels.

No. 838344

>Hopefully I can down in time.
Omg I'm crine
Also when the hell did they go from being in Simon's house (or whatever the fuck, idek) to being in the cathedral? That needs more of a transition.

No. 838355

File: 1563168210787.jpg (57.13 KB, 709x480, 1514508430524.jpg)

Its was mentioned as an obvious foreshadowing before. Honestly can't fault anyone for not even keeping up with this mess
>Grabs the knife from the blade instead of the grip

No. 838393

Why the fuck is he grabbing the knife blade instead of the handle??


Wtf are those multiple dead bodies? And why does Simon's dead just act like oh wow look the roof caved in guess that's totally not a big deal just lots of blood and screaming.

No. 838400

Where did he pull the sash thing?? His ass? He's not wearing it in one panel, the next he's taking it off his shoulders??
So he arrives in one page and the next page everythings crashing down and breaking? What happened between those pages. Jesus, set the scene! Also I like how people in the left side are just sitting there , no reaction, nothing, just sitting and watching the blood in the pews from the non existent falling debris holy shit.

People paid for this? People paid to get this in print? Are teenage fujo girls really that desperate?

No. 838401

Where the fuck is Damien? Is he just laying on the floor somewhere?

No. 838408

You're paying more close attention to Purgatory than Holly herself

No. 838469

File: 1563202049389.png (476.57 KB, 918x896, 3129071574011.png)

Yeah, you're right about the foreshadowing, Anon. I was just more baffled by how the cathedral collapsed right after Simon got kidnapped, and yet it might as well not have happened because Sebastian is just so blase about what's happening around him. This update is hilarious in its incompetence, but it's also so confusing in regards to what's happening and why.

>You need to wake up Damian and wait in the car for us.

Apparently Damian's in their car with Hitler Jr, but I can't imagine it's that easy for someone to bounce back so soon after getting choked out like he did.

No. 838481

File: 1563204511558.png (4.21 MB, 750x1334, 8A56CD97-FF5F-46F4-B3C8-CEAC58…)

Holly has a wig with bangs now.
She looks so different and more mature. Maybe this is good sign that Holly’s getting her shit back together. Doubtful but a new hairstyle can be a good thing sometimes.

No. 838489

Wow, that wig actually suits her, too bad she'll probably ruin it in a week like the last ones

No. 838497

Did that knife slice an artery or something? Blood shouldn’t be spraying out of a wound on your arm like that, Hitler Jrs going to die from blood loss at that rate.

No. 838533

What are these people wearing to church? One guy has a gardening hat/cowboy hat, two men are in sweat suits, and women are wearing strappy high heels. Shouldn't cultists have special uniforms to wear to church? Also is this the first time Holly's drawn any background characters in this entire comic? I read most of it about a month or so ago, but I remember it being weirdly empty of anyone else besides the main characters. It is a very forgettable comic though.

No. 838614

Sad that no wig can help her busted potato face. It’s only fun to pick at her looks knowing she’s just as shitty on the inside as she looks on the outside.

No. 838623


Why is it that every time holly does the bare minimum with her look, people here are like "wow maybe she'll actually change! I doubt it, but maybe!"

Have y'all not learned?

Anyway she looks like an even more awkwardly shaped Kasey Golden with those bangs.