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File: 1617328714258.png (1.95 MB, 1241x1137, wereallcorpse.png)

No. 1199903

23 year-old ‘mysterious’ edgelord musician/rapper and YouTube horror narrator whose only characteristics are being an emo fuckboy and having a deep voice. Has a retarded fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

Possible identities:
"Randall", Ice Poseidon, Slavic Joshua, Lil Xan, Dahvie Vanity lookalike, "Hi-Tech Hustler" Gregory D. Evans, some fat fakeboi, Leafy

Last thread:
> CSI anons comb old tumblr posts and "search ppl websites" compiling a list of suspects
> Discourse over whether or not anything Corpse has revealed is true, including but not limited to a strand of hair, his birthday, age, and name.
> Corpse claims to be from Virginia before moving to California, and to have worked at an auto-shop. Claims to be 23, and named "Randall". >>1196644
> An "OG fan" of Corpse on tiktok claims that he used to show his face very early on and there are fans that do know what he looks like. >>1195997
> Corpse makes various claims that his celebrity look alikes are Andy Biersack, Joji, and Lil Xan. >>1198231
> Appears on Anthony Padilla's show and insinuates some of the much more flattering fanarts of him are "scarily accurate".
> Gives Sykkuno his personal (size Large) hoodie to stir up the fangirls. >>1193620 >>1192770
> He and "asexual lesbian e-girl" Emma Langevin post pics of him choking her to social media, seem very close. >>1198616
> Sperg anon larping as Corpse spams thread with low tier bait and self harm photos.

>Super shy emo uwu guy with social anxiety that never shows his face
>Began on YouTube in 2015 narrating horror stories on his channel, had his music debut in 2016
>Got recognised outside of his music/ horror audience in 2020 after playing Among Us with the likes of Pewdiepie and Pokimane >>1059619
>Friends with the likes of Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, Loeybug, Glam&Gore, Sykkuno and Pewdipie
>Constantly sadposts on his socials and gets thousands to millions of likes for posting singular emojis

>Makes horrible music with shitty lyrics that only appeal to horny/edgy teenagers, with creative titles like ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ and ‘Cat Girls are Ruining My Life!’ >>1059724 >>1059933 >>1078775 >>1135034 >>1135035 >>1182561
>Posts pictures of his veiny hands/arms to appease begging fans and to quell rumours of having 6 fingers >>1056622 >>1058464 >>1076069
>Flip-flops between hating his e-fame and stan culture loving it, constantly whining about it and then perpetuating toxic stan culture by applauding fans for clapping back, gloating “if they shove me, you shove back ten times harder” >>1159287 >>1078699
>”Chronically ill”, claiming fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD and depression. Searches for pity points often, says his illness has been “so bad that I couldn’t lift a spoon to my mouth” >>1135930
>Claims his GERD has made his voice deeper >>1159287
>Is such an edgelord he wears an eyepatch because screens hurt his eyes >>1159287
>Releases song and puts a random tik-tok e-thot that reacted positively at its release on the album cover without her consent >>1059200
>Has a drinking problem, saying he’s “ruined every drink for himself” and that he’s “never felt more like doing drugs in my entire life” gets sad and plays VR drunk >>1135287 >>1135311 >>1159287
>Has claimed to be of several different ethnicities, claiming Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, then decides he’s Mexican, Native and Irish >>1134888
>Incorporates fragments of Spanish in his raps to try and keep up the Spanish heritage lie, is learning Spanish in VR >>1135636
>Posts autistic violent outbursts where he smashes glass, screams and stabs tinfoil, laughs manically to questions about his mental health, loves “inciting chaos”, tells BrookeAB to “shut the fuck up” in AmongUs to the discomfort of everyone >>1056626 >>1134060 >>1134088 >>1159287 >>1134102
>Peaks his creepy factor by posting a soundbite of himself breathing, fans go wild and it trends on Twitter under #onlybreath >>1128060
>Close friendship forms with Loeybug - posts cringe screencaps with her and Corpse calling each other “baby”, visit each other in ACNH to sit on a bench and “boot feets”, says he texts her more than anyone else >>1133215 >>1133245 >>1136002 >>1159287
>Claims to be in debt on his mom’s side and his own, says he grew up extremely poor and that he dropped out at the age of 12 and proposed if he wasn’t big by age 21 he’d kill himself >>1187999 >>1187436 >>1159287
>Glorifies self harm, cut his face with razorblades 10 minutes before Among Us streams >>1159039 >>1186404 >>1186460
>Is confirmed as fat >>1138161 >>1138186 >>1138202
>Shoves Valkyrae in last-minute for the Daywalker music video because he doesn’t want to be filmed, said costume & manicure staff were on-hand, she does a “making of” vlog for it and shows no staff were present has to do it all herself, visibly annoyed & uncomfortable

YouTube (main): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFNTq9XKHDNy_1-2lL0kqCg
YouTube (gaming): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0uJ8rlpTU0HwDTVBJdizA
YouTube (music): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZPtWDsczOuztPMUr0mmpw/featured
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/corpse_games
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Corpse_Husband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corpse_husband/?hl=en
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/corpse_husband

No. 1199904

Previous thread >>1190167

No. 1199942

File: 1617332015453.png (170.47 KB, 511x833, egirlsgold.png)

E-girls went gold?

No. 1199943

File: 1617332064816.png (515.59 KB, 514x914, chreposts.png)

There's no way this guy isn't a neckbeard

No. 1199944

Maybe it's a joke.

No. 1199954

Farmers are ruining my life

>dox me, like I hid my face

>but you found me
>lowkey pretend GERD made my voice deep
>saw me on the archives from my emo blog
>anons, I'm not the one you should a-log

No. 1199955

those lyrics are better than corpse can put out

No. 1199971

File: 1617334693871.jpeg (324.69 KB, 828x745, FF12F693-DF85-4C00-8E57-29E9F1…)

Found this on a fan’s account . It could be him. The fan seems to know a lot about him based on their tweets.

No. 1199974

Nah, this is what his stans wish he looked like

No. 1199975

Kek, Anon, I'm pretty sure that's Danisnotonfire

No. 1199976

Anon that's Dan Howell

No. 1199987

File: 1617335875901.png (178.77 KB, 409x422, whywouldyoudothistoyourself.pn…)

Because yes, this is going to age well. Apprently, Corpse even liked the tweet.

No. 1199988

Thankfully for her, it'll be blurred beyond recognition in 5+ years

No. 1199989

How young are you cunts to not know who Dan Howell is. Get fucking banned for your retard tinfoil.
No one gives a fuck about random mentally ill stans. This is not a calf thread. Post Frog only newfags.

No. 1199990

No. 1199995

Yeah these are really old danisnotonfire selfies lol anon pull yourself together

No. 1200005

I'm sorry but some anons are so braindead in this and the previous thread, not getting sarcasm and tinfoiling so hard to the point of embarassment. In the previous thread someone took the leafy shitpost seriously and was looking into it. What is this autism lmao

No. 1200009

Thanks anon for the new thread. Also the autism in this thread is so bad its good.

No. 1200029

File: 1617339850386.png (8.42 MB, 2000x2800, regrets.png)

The good, the bad, and the regrettable.

No. 1200038

topkek anon

The autistic identity tinfoils are giving me life. Definitely more entertaining than Corpse's lame edgelord bs.

>The good, the bad, and the regrettable.
More like the bad, the worse, and the regrettable. Only a couple of these are well done, but just imagine when CH's inevitable "he groomed minors" scandal drops or they find out he looks as bad as Cry. lmao

No. 1200066

Thread anon, great work but your summary is a little bit off.
Corpse was joking about his name being Randall and being from Virginia.

He did not say the flattering fan art looked like him, he said there was one that looked like him when Anthony asked him.
I absolutely agree. At this point I could post a random man suggesting it was on a website, and 2 anons would argue the rest of the thread that it was actually him.
It’s sad.

No. 1200072

Like 90% of these are gonna blur into muck The first on from Nik already looks 5 years old kek.

No. 1200080

What drives people to behave like this? Not enough bullying in school? not being molested but wishing they were? Fluoride in the water?

No. 1200081

There is something so genuinely funny about a girl getting his avatar tattooed under her boobs. She’d be unfuckable at that point

No. 1200087

Sorry I'm lazy, but does anyone have any info on Corpse's political opinions? If he voted, we can look through a data base of registered voters (for Joshua Grant because that's one of the only names we have) and trace back.

No. 1200092

He says he had a lot of medical debt iirc so I assume liberal

No. 1200095

Samefag but I'm crying this has to be bait

No. 1200096

My bad, I kind of skimmed the last thread and might have taken some posts a little too literally. Thank you though!

Ngl, he strikes me as the kind of guy who is a "male feminist" but generally "stays out of politics". I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't voted.

No. 1200097

california voter records aren't public so not gonna happen

No. 1200100

samefagging but here's a bunch of sites for this kind of autism

No. 1200102

Ah yes Medical debt for all his super real medical issues.

No. 1200115

Good sites and good luck searching anons!

No. 1200116

>"Hi-Tech Hustler" Gregory D. Evans
Dying at the thought of him finding this thread and wondering wtf is going on

Corpse is a weeb right, did he mention ever going at a con pre-2020?

No. 1200120

I cant see him attending any cons there's no way his frail ego could handle hearing actual deep voiced guys like big voice actors or even some 15 year old weeb with a deep voice. In that minecraft video posted last thread the moment a guy with an actual deep voice joined the call he immediately shut down. I cant see someone that insecure being able to remotely handle cons where he's just one of a zillion edgy losers.

No. 1200203

File: 1617363011833.jpg (127.28 KB, 1200x900, Y2pegPv.jpg)

This one is the worst

No. 1200258

10/10 for creativity anon.

No. 1200260

Did this person seriously tattoo his HAIR STRAND onto them. topkek

No. 1200276

File: 1617374101433.png (1.14 MB, 2035x2048, Screenshot_20210402-083133.png)

Some confirmation about Corpse sending shirtless pics. I think people did save it but was so long ago that they didn't think to hold onto it.

No. 1200279

christ on a bike I don't know which is the worst! the underboob ones look so painful lmao

No. 1200285

No. 1200289

Sort of on the fence about this because it's still very odd for a guy with a following to be sending his fans such stuff, plus the fans not saving it doesn't automatically mean that it wasn't remarkable

There's a few instances where shit happened that would now probably be seen as grooming and would have been 'normal' back then or during the time that Corpse talked to his fans

What sticks out to me is some random fan (someone posted in last thread) that said he asked her to show random stuff around her house. It's weird, and really if they continued he could probably lead it on to 'send me a pic of your body' with the behaviour being seen as normal because of the previous texts + their 'friendly' relationship

I also wonder what fucked up shit he did for him to see a face reveal as damaging, beyond obviously being ugly af

No. 1200306

how can someone enjoy having fans like this?
i'd die of second hand embarrassment just knowing that these are the kinds of people that glorify me.

No. 1200307

The most delicious thing will be when he gets outed as a pedo/groomer by one of his teenie fan girls. Seriously the disaster this will cause, lol tattoo removal clinics will be rolling in cash once this happens. Ah I can't wait for his demise

No. 1200317

Oh, Oh no.
So many of them look like they were done by scratchers. I feel sorry for those with the big ones in dumb places, those are going to be a nightmare to either cover up or get removed.

No. 1200352

>he would be in a compromising position if his face is shown
the more I learn about corpse the more i tinfoil he’s probably some “canceled” content creator or influencer trying to rebrand under a failed old alias he already had in the works
I really don’t understand how a dude who is reading creepy pastas or spooky stories and having a smaller audience goes from where he was to having extremely high profile youtube and streamer friends out of nowhere
sage for absolutely insane tinfoil but I really have a feeling he’s someone already established outside of his CorpseHusband brand

No. 1200357

Imagine if he was a registered sex offender.

No. 1200366

he probably just has agent or publicist parents

No. 1200368

Sage for dumb question, but why are they so many anons questioning his voice, how could he fake his voice during the interview with Anthony Padilla ?

I'm asking this because of >>1200352, if he was a canceled content creator then we would at least recognize partially his voice (even if it was lowered because of alcool, drug or whatever sickness he claims to have)

No. 1200371


It's not that he's completely faking his voice, he just accentuates how deep it is. You can hear vocal fry in some of his speaking that shows he's just pushing it down deeper than it naturally sounds. He probably has a fairly deep voice but definitely makes it seem deeper than it really is.

No. 1200373

it seems like he's been friends with boyinaband for a few years, probably same goes for jacksepticeye. they were the ones who invited him to play with pewdiepie i think?
he's been friends with anthony's gf (the fat horse pic is one he took for her) so it's not impossible that they'd help him cover up

No. 1200380

Any anons know of any of their friends that suddenly disappeared?

Assuming he is a cancelled content creator, he must have had a bit of an existing following already

No. 1200381

This video shows his real voice being fairly consistent from 2015 to 2019, with admittedly some increasing rasp over time, just to suddenly pitch all the way down to “coverup murder witness interview” in 2020. Only literal children would be fooled.

No. 1200387

File: 1617381200314.jpg (64.14 KB, 1178x324, gymNArQ.jpg)

probably a reach but we could try and find the touring schedule of this band in 2016 and see if they were even in california. maybe someone recorded bits and pieces of the show?

No. 1200390

I’m going to disagree on this one anon, the thing is that he’s genuinely just butt ugly. By keeping his ugly face out of his brand, he’s given ample space for girls to project whatever fantasy they want onto his voice. This is why his popularity has grown. He’s terrified of showing his face for the simple fact that he knows he’s so ugly it will ruin the fantasy he’s allowed to build up. This is also why he’s spent so much time training and damaging his vocal cords—the voice is literally all he is.

He’s so paranoid and hung up on being ugly that all he does is sit inside and drink, and I’m assuming that’s all he’s done for years now.

No. 1200394

With all that YT money, can't he just fly to Korea and get some plastic surgery? Lose weight (not hard to cut calories for men at all)?

No. 1200396

2020 sounds like a demon voice modulater when directly compared to 2015-19 lmao he had that lispy david dobrik voice before

No. 1200397

File: 1617381863573.jpg (63.07 KB, 659x730, sesh.JPG)

I don't know if this is the same group but we have a match for Salt Lake City

No. 1200400

Dark world aka derpy-bubbles would be a great example of that.

No. 1200402

I’m thinking that’s a plan of his anyways, but covid put a wrench in it. He’s probably even paranoid about the doctors recognizing their work however, I’m sure he’s probably went over his options a million times in his head. I think he’s doing dental work right now though, it takes longer but generally has more natural results and will do gradual, subtle work that simply getting double jaw surgery can’t do. I’m thinking he has one of the newer dental devices. Probably playing the long game.

….Or alternately, he’s so paranoid that he’s scared to even get work done. He seems that counterproductive and dumb.

No. 1200403

Yeah, it’s incredibly blatant. Personally I think he had a nice enough voice save for the rasp, as in nice, but nothing really to write home about. My most merciful tinfoil hat is that his alcoholism + gerd fried his voice so much it’s unlistenable now without the voice changer.

No. 1200407


No. 1200415

He sounds exactly like post-stroke Tim Curry to me.

No. 1200419

ugh I keep fucking up but "all of SESH" = Seshollowaterboyz and it looks like they were touring around (at least) several states in 2016.

No. 1200420


I am watching this one atm(imageboard)

No. 1200421

This is so sad. It looks like a horsehair worm.

No. 1200423

File: 1617383720168.jpg (348.57 KB, 2048x2048, shit_piss.jpg)

Seems like this is one of the only consistent things about corpse.

No. 1200424

good find anon, this looks promising. it's an hour drive from murrieta

No. 1200426

Im really baffled someone can listen to this and not realise they are being duped. It’s out in the open, his fans have like mass delusion.

No. 1200430


God, there are so many sweaty edgelords in that crowd. I'm REALLY hoping it's the guy in the blue t-shirt at 2:12, kek.

No. 1200443

Giving thanks to anon who created thread on kf.

No. 1200449

I believe his voice got fucked up when he took that almost year long break from YouTube. He said he made one of his songs while he was drunk for seven days (yikes)

No. 1200452

I hate that I like this art kek

No. 1200453

File: 1617386428690.jpg (55.39 KB, 594x623, sesh2.JPG)

I tried to look for Seshollowaterboyz and I found this

Also what did he mean by "saw all of SESH live" Does it mean he went to several shows ? Because we have 4 shows in a row in California

No. 1200454

File: 1617386434128.jpg (243.29 KB, 1920x1080, 26918.jpg)

Ah yes, a concert.
Nice agoraphobia you got there corpse

No. 1200457

File: 1617386512929.jpg (77.62 KB, 1178x242, 1TqmjwY.jpg)

another thing from his twitter. it's likely lies knowing him but worth putting it here. i don't think there is a list of people shot?

No. 1200458

He probably went to all the ones in CA
Defo went to the one in San Diego

No. 1200460

Yes anon, I saw this tweet too but no, there's no list of the wounded only the people that died.

There was a wounded woman named "Evans" who gave an interview about surviving the whole ordeal + another guy with Evans as a last name that helped victims there, but they were both from the UK

No. 1200462

that's the band, dates for a few shows check out with their wiki page. from what i've gathered this group is 4 random rappers and they don't always perform together. they were all there for the fox pomona show i think. found out that it's better to look up SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ instead of teamsesh

No. 1200467

Have you guys tried to locate the apartments he lives in? KF was able to locate dream’s house just based on his kitchen lol

No. 1200468

this guy is such an obvious misery collector for attention. he seems to have the same problem that catfishes have where all the worst things happen to them because they seek validation

No. 1200470

since he's @ing the fox theater in his tweet i'm pretty sure he was at that one.

No. 1200476

anon he's @ing a user named foxhallpca, not the fox theater kek

No. 1200480

I think it's he's ugly and he's lying about his age. I truly think guy is late 20s early 30s and is desperate to not be outed. His obsession with early 00s weeb animes like Naruto makes me think that was his starter in HS. sage for tinfoil

No. 1200484

Weed helps agoraphobia per Google search.

No. 1200492

File: 1617389230796.png (931.34 KB, 1152x1152, clayton.png)

They also found his ugly mug from when he was 13, the associated Twitter account just got restricted today, kek. I wish all you corpse anons the same luck

No. 1200502

File: 1617390463212.png (828.22 KB, 721x675, Untitled.png)

God I wish this was him.

No. 1200503

File: 1617390675068.png (50.36 KB, 751x282, 303030.png)

Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere. The phone number associated with his Steam account using "corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com" ends in "30" and the email associated with the corpse_husband Soundcloud account is corpse.h.music@gmail.com. Saged for uselessness but good luck.

No. 1200506

File: 1617391042376.jpg (99.11 KB, 850x770, uuur duur.jpg)

>able to locate dream’s house just based on his kitchen
mfw the only thing that we have is part of his living room in black and white + his kitchen having a marble counter

No. 1200510

File: 1617391687391.jpg (39.74 KB, 789x334, 6.jpg)

double post but found this

No. 1200513

could you run his other email addresses through this website too? maybe we can find something out from the IPs

No. 1200514

File: 1617392238829.jpg (49.31 KB, 672x484, 7.jpg)

Then this.
Geolocation of IPs isn't 100% (doesn't exactly pinpoint someone’s location), but the accuracy is pretty good
sure imma try

No. 1200517

Don't forget the Google headquarters is in Mountain View.
Idk if it's possible to find someone's location based on email.

No. 1200522

for corpse_husband@gmail.com and CorpseHStories@gmail.com

for Corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com
> (Florida - Tampa)

and yeah >>1200517 probably not worth a lot, but here you go anyway

No. 1200523

same body type. kek watch it be him

No. 1200528

I was thinking this too

Whoever his old horror friend was from like 2015 is in his 30s today. Them being close back then seems a bit odd even if they're technically in the same profession

I was wondering who else he would have been friends with back then since someone suggested looking into his past friendships, it seems like he wasn't as private when he started out so I reckon they'd know what he looks like or would have possibly let something slip

No. 1200569

I'm an oldfag millennial so riddle me this anons. Why do so many people have a parasocial relationship with this faggot? Most of his songs are typical coom shit and coupled with his hidden identity he sounds more like a pervert predator than a deep uwu sensitive soul. Like when I was a goth teen if I wanted an edgelord with a deep voice I could flick the bean to Peter Steele and his documented shredded body and massive dick. Feel bad for the kids of today

No. 1200571

He's the new Cry. People love some mystery and girls imagine him as the most handsome bishounen they can because he hides his face. His uwu softboy act + not being a big celebrity makes them feel like maybe they have a chance. Plus he's lied so much to be 'special' that they see him more as an edgy character than as a real guy. With this much hype, he can't but disappoint when his real face/personality comes to light.

No. 1200573

sagging the shit out of this but i needed to share it with someone that knows who this faggot is
i pride myself on liking bad/shitty/weird music so knowing the milk of this dude i gave his songs a try and holy fuck i didn't last 10 seconds this is genuinely bad and impossible to enjoy what the hell are his fans smoking

No. 1200593

sage for speculation/minor tinfoiling, but i think with regards to him intentionally deepening his voice: a very simple reason for that could be that, as i've seen other anons say, he's clearly speaking with his chest voice. assuming he has gerd, it could potentially hurt his throat to speak with his normal voice (since for many people their standard voice is their throat voice), and/or it's so hoarse/weak that he can't speak normally, especially considering his alcoholic tendencies.
but while that's super boring, it could also explain why all his friends insist that it's his 'normal voice' and 'what he really sounds like', because it's possible he just genuinely can't really talk normally anymore cos of fucking himself up so hard. the way he talks is pretty low-effort/strain on the throat and vocal chords

completely bizarre to me though how many people just blindly believe it is a 'normal' way to talk

No. 1200633

Sage is not a free pass to blog and armchair.

No. 1200672

shut up, bitchy-chan

No. 1200688

>>1200569 18tween anon here. I feel bad for us too.

>>1200522 Ngl, searching into the IPs made me more confused. They're in the same place right now: Kansas. I used some other tools, but the locations were hella vague and stuff.

172: https://tools.keycdn.com/geo?host=
199: https://tools.keycdn.com/geo?host=

Coordinates to the place: 37.751 (lat) / -97.822 (long) and yes, the location is from today, now time. Leads to the Cheney Reservoir.

No. 1200702

speaking with vocal fry hurts more than just speaking normally though?
nonnies like you listen to >>1200381 and start finding all the excuses in the world for his voice to go from relatively normal to OmG SO DeEp totally REAL guiz he has GERD in just 1 years time kek

No. 1200705

No. 1200708

Damn. The only other places they lead was Google's building in wherever and the New York Hall. Back to nothing, but at least we can still live track him with geolocation?

No. 1200724

It’s not out of the realm of possibilities. Hardcore fans do tend to follow their favorite bands/artists depending on how much they love them. It’s kind of a flex or a more unspoken true devotion within various music scenes. It’s weird, I know. But it happens.
Given this day and age, and how private Corpse wants to remain I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s using a VPN. If he had a brain, he would.

Also, unrelated to the above, it appears that the Facebook link that came up in Joshua Grants tumblr was a bit of a theme function auto set up, but the kid obviously didn’t delete it.
It never had an external link.

No. 1200738

>>1200724 I hope he isn't so we can track him, but he has… half or so of a brain. Maybe a quarter.

This is a stretch, but if we get specific concert days he went to and if there are videos recording the crowds, it's possible we can use manpower to find the fag. That is if we find any.

No. 1200757

Peter Steele and that massive boner did it for me back then too. But so did his voice. Of course the mental image of that sword cock was always behind it.

I have nothing to add about this corpse guy. Just validating Peter Steeles cock. I did admittedly just start liking this E Girls.. song after hearing it on the film Promising Young Woman. Didn't realize dude was a cow until now.(you're on /snow/ not /ot/)

No. 1200795

Wtf anon why would a paranoia enhancer help with agoraphobia

No. 1200801

Based anon.

I can see this dude getting exposed in like 5 years like Dahvie Vanity. Turns out when you demean women in your lyrics you also like doing it in life

No. 1200802

So what is the actual justification of doxing him?

No. 1200805

File: 1617424484158.jpg (41.45 KB, 498x379, corpseisasexpest.jpg)

No. 1200807

I can't speak for every autist in this thread but I think most of us just wanna see his face. We don't care to dox his address or tax info or whatever the fuck. I guess you can boil it down to the fact that the more that someone hides something, the more people wanna know.
It especially doesn't help that he used to tout the idea of doing a face reveal eventually and was a relatively normal creepypasta reciting youtuber but is now a tryhard mythomaniac who cries about how hard his life is and how the world is too meeeeeean for him to be himself. he isn't the worst cow on here, but stirring shit up in fandoms we aren't a part of is a group past-time here on lolcow dot farm

No. 1200809

He's… himself, a Munchhausen manlet fag, and I want to see the internet in a critical meltdown over Corpse being a obese manlet groomer. I don't really hate him, but I'd love to see the meltdown. But anyway, we're on /snow/ so I don't think anyone's looking for justification.

No. 1200810

Echoing all this, also adding that the fact that his fan base of deranged femcels that are bigger cows than him makes the milk all the more delicious. Plus he uses them as a child army, which is fucking creepy. Plus there is just the simple fact of the matter that he is fat moid making money off a predominantly female fan base while not possessing any talent beyond being an entire planetary system of cringe.

No. 1200817

sage for no contribution, just saying corpse thread is the most fun, enjoying the investigation and absurd tinfoils anons lol. also can't believe anyone takes his music seriously, at first i thought corpse husband is some parody or lame social commentary like "lyrics" are some absolute total shit. can't believe lil nas x or anyone else would like to collaborate with this sobbing in the dark froggy creep

No. 1200821

Marry me

No. 1200836

For lulz of course. What other reason does one need you massive faggot.

No. 1200843

>lil nas x
I can anon, I can.

No. 1200887

Did his tumblr get removed from the wayback machine?

No. 1200889

Nope can still access it
it is a vpn

No. 1200892

Lil Nas is best buds with James Charles, despite all the accusations about him and joked about fucking his 4 year old nephew, so maybe rethink your opinion on him.

No. 1200893

For people who don't like it when we are in ch's business, they sure like to be in ours..

No. 1200896

Fuck off back to twitter, retard
Like most faggots he’s a misogynistic piece of shit too, I’m sure he and ch have a lot in common
If he doesn’t use a VPN then he’s an even bigger sped than we think

No. 1200943

>wasting their talent on drawing garbage like this

No. 1200973

Guilt by association, huh?
And where did you get the impression that they're "best buds"?

No. 1200982

No one cares about you stanning a degenerate faggot and learn to sage

No. 1201035

his music reminds me of blood on the dancefloor but the 2021 version, we are truly in a never ending cycle of media culture. leading 12 year olds into singing cringe as fuck overly-sexual lyrics on top of shitty produced instrumentals, let the groomer accusations commence

No. 1201052

All of CH's tiktok videos and the Sykkuno meeting have a certain kind of carpet in them. You can see a little bit of the room that they are in: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMePRsEAP/

I also think that tumblr pic and the foil video were made in the same room, but that is still a theory. The set-up is too similar to not be the same place.

No. 1201068

That's what I've been saying. Hypersexual lyrics tied up in a bow that lonely mentally ill teens will enjoy (in this case anime shit and sadboy hours twitter posting) never bodes well. Those of us who have been around the block have seen this before. That's why I'm all for his identity being revealed. I'm sure he's already done some degenerate shit.

No. 1201078

it most likely the same place with how sykkuno doges the question in this clip in regards to meeting him, even fans in the comment section think it's CH's place so you're probably onto something

No. 1201118

is it known where he lives? After listening to this, it sounds like he's from NY/NJ/PA?

No. 1201165

anon idk if ur okay with it but we can see your tiktok account with the link

No. 1201180

He lives somewhere in SoCal. His PO box was in Murrieta, he claims to have been born in San Diego, and in a livestream he says he lives in SoCal.

inb4 CORPSE LIES!!!!

No. 1201201

Holy fuck his normal voice sounds just like Chills that's why he has to fake it

No. 1201203

Don't think anons ever said that he lied about where he lives, at most it's just annoying to be dismissing potential people who could be him because their accounts from 2013 said that they didn't live near his PO Box

No. 1201204

Because he's so clearly a fat manlet emo fag who has kept this emo alt fuckboy daddy fad for so long and we wanna see his retarded horny fangirls react to his true appearance

No. 1201220

ah it's too late to delete it now
it's not an active acct but thanks. sad that I have ruined that username though

No. 1201230

SESH isnt so much of a band but more of a rap collective (think sadboys or draingang type shit), the most proeminent member is Bones. It's also edgy raspy deep voice type shit. They're also all based in Cali, most of them in LA so I think it would be hard to find which concert he went to.

No. 1201233

File: 1617484196777.jpg (285.65 KB, 1080x1311, 20210404_000849.jpg)

hope not..

No. 1201256

The whole clutching at straws trying to figure out who he could be is pretty annoying. Where's the milk?

No. 1201275

What else do you want in the thread? This is lolcow. You don’t have to register to post here. There’s obviously going to be annoying tinfoils and shit posts. Get over it.

No. 1201298

There's no fucking way he is 23. He is much older than that.

No. 1201319

i am 26 and listened to his narrations years ago, and i swear to anything he said he turned 23 or 24 back then.

No. 1201338

he doesn't talk like people in their 20s. i mean, i think so. i'm not in my 20s and don't talk to many of them

No. 1201347

Everything about this dude gives me late 20s former scene kid. His raps are very "how do you do fellow kids" and the death note and naruto references are VERY hot topic in 2008. His screaming tiktoks give me onision vibes no joke. So there's my tinfoil

No. 1201359

Based on his friendship with Mykie who's around 30 iirc I really think he is a similar age. I can't see her hanging out with a significantly younger guy, her other male (and female) friends and partners are all her age or older. From what we've seen of him I would also guess late 20s.

No. 1201360

Samefag, an example of someone she met up with a while ago is boyinaband who was born in August 1987 according to his wiki (so he's 33), incidentally I'm putting in my bet now that boyinaband is significantly better looking than corpsey.

No. 1201362

>His screaming tiktoks give me onision vibes
LITERALLY! The 2008 youtube nenergy is noxious. No fucking way he's not at least late 20's. Him hanging out with boyinband checks out agewise since boyinaband gets on with millennial dudes like Ian and Felix.

No. 1201369

came to the conclusion that sykkuno and corpse have many similar traits no wonder they're besties atm since they, constant sympathy bait to their fans, overly played up persona's with sky being a uwu anime boy (he's practically pushing 30) and ch being this mysterious anxious edgelord eboy when he's probably some scuffed ass millennial irl. both being just staight up liars and projecting the same isolated "i'm a loner with no friends :(((" image to their desperate coomer fangirls. birds of the same feather flock together i guess lol

No. 1201386

samefag but it checks out that he said when he was younger people used to say he looked like andy biersack. probably because he styled himself that way. i will die on this hill. dude is an emo faggot who couldn't hack it on myspace because uggo and never got over his suicide girls fetish so he now scams on the modern day equivalent, the e-girl

No. 1201476

I think an anon pointed it out before but that could still make him 23. I myself was a scene middle school kid with that kind of internet knowledge and I'm 23 now
I consider him to be older but not because of the above reason, his hands look too old to me, he's hiding his face which could be another sign and the boyinaband thing. Him being a failed 33 year old emo kid would be hilarious though and I'd love for it to be true kek

No. 1201490

lol calm down, it's not that deep. Of course there's going to be tinfoils and shitposts but did you read the first thread? Or this one. Dan Howell could be CH! It's embarrassing.

No. 1201491

Blog but I’m 24 and went through the scene phase as a middle schooler.
There’s no correlation here.
His videos from 5 years ago all match to what he claims now, unfortunately.

No. 1201535

>telling someone owning you in a precise and simple way to calm down
Have you no reading comprehension? As anon said, of course the thread is going to have cringe. Literally anyone can post here. The man has embarrassing, cringey, mostly underage stans. I’m going to agree with anon and tell you to get over it, you sound like KF whining about the lack of quality of lc threads when again genius, literally any person anywhere can post without making an account. Relax

Context clues. There’s too many factors that lean toward him being older. It’s not like that is the only one ie his voice when he isn’t trying as hard to change it, his hands, his innate paranoia, his doughboy body, like …everything about him.

No. 1201536

calm down

No. 1201571

File: 1617545669226.png (719.22 KB, 1489x547, Untitled.png)

I mean even the KF thread is a bit… dull.

As on his age, someone posted his old horror-channel friend last thread - his name is urmaker - who's 34 at the moment. That's a huge age difference if we consider the fact that they were friends as early as 2015. Just seems awfully odd.

Also, it seems like the guy also took the white shirt picture?
Cropped a part of the picture because I'm too lazy to edit out my profile pic

No. 1201579

He almost exclusively hangs out with millennials. That's the biggest indicator to me that he is also one.

No. 1201581

Nobody is gonna care about the KF thread until Corpse actually does something super lulzy.

No. 1201595

>>1201581 I'm begging for good milk. Man, I just want to see him say something politically incorrect and watch the hordes of rabid faggots dogpile him. But I guess if we want actual milk we'll have to find him.

No. 1201601

File: 1617549334499.png (28.24 KB, 601x234, umch.png)

Not milk but Urmaker has made some posts over the past year about Corpse not talking to him anymore since blowing up. Apparently they were good friends before. They've done collabs on youtube as early as 2019, seems like Corpse is a shitty friend unsurprisingly

No. 1201602

Without a name its gonna be very hard to find him tbh. KF was able to dox dream because he gave away his first name.

No. 1201607

The age tinfoiling is so autistic, why would he fake being 23 instead of 26-30? His fans wouldn't stan him any less hard, because they're teenagers who have no concept of age, look at how they baby sykkuno who's 28

No. 1201637

He's 28?! Damn. I didn't know about him before this thread and I thought he'd be like 23.

No. 1201640

He also literally cried on stream because he got killed first in an among us round

No. 1201644

But that's the point. Corpes' appeal is that he 'appears' to be a bit older rather than younger. When you're 30, the 'daddy dom' vibe just isn't the same if your fanbase is on average, and if we're being kind, only 18-20.

Plus, if he has talked to his fans on snapchat in any way, including asking for pictures of their rooms or whatever, that's also a bit more of a yikes than a 18-19 yo talking to people similar to his age.

Also, if the age tinfoiling is true that reflects really badly on all his friends

No. 1201648

I feel that if he were lying about his age he would have slipped up by now. He has been constant about it since 2015

No. 1201660

i don't even think that white tshirt picture is real. it's edited to shit i know, but i feel like it's CG

No. 1201661

yeah 18-20 is extremely kind. his fans have gotta be 90% in high school

No. 1201664

sykkuno's ex gf once exposed some stuff about him and she claimed that he really has no friends but at the same time he refuses to meet new people, but i guess it changed since his blowing up on twitch

No. 1201670

I dunno, probably because he wants more access to teens? A lot of them would be more creeped out by a 28 year old than a 23 year old. Teens think 30 is ancient and the daddy shit is not as popular now as it was on tumblr in the early 2010s. He seems to have arrested development and you get a lot more leeway sperging about muh depression and outlandish ailments when you're in your early 20s as opposed to a 30 y/o manchild

No. 1201674

File: 1617555911131.jpg (61.79 KB, 940x940, 758404ebc522ce0beff7f02e59fdaf…)

It's an obvious joke you fucking retard, he's implying that this meme with dicaprio is in fact Corpse. Why the fuck those CH threads are magnets for unironic autists?

No. 1201689

See with sykkuno, he only needed decent filter to blur the shit out of his acne and wrinkles since he isn't fucking hideous.

No. 1201700

File: 1617557805395.jpg (15.92 KB, 275x252, 1606315708880.jpg)

it's still funny to think people are cooming to this mf lol

No. 1201706

I believe he started doing makeup because of facecam streams

No. 1201714

sage but syk is not cute poor dude

No. 1201743

compared to his new face it looks like he has done jaw fillers, skin treatments for acne, a minor rhinoplasty and maybe even lightened his skin (but its hard to tell because of the brightening filters)

No. 1201747

its makeup + good angle + shitty webcam
just by doing eyebrows you can change a ton in your apperance and in that pic his are nonexistent so yeah

No. 1201749

>young sykkuno
that picture is from 3 years ago max kek

No. 1201775

He sure tries to be with all that cute uwu anime boy gestures. The Corpse hoodie video is peak cringe

No. 1201806

KEK. The thin hair.
His fans would definitely stan him less hard. It's like stanning a known manlet. Knowing someone is 30 and doing shit like this is infinitely more disgusting to teen girls (and that's all his fandom is) because 30 is officially old man status and is hella creepy.

No. 1201815

There are other pictures of him from last year, dude haven't changed. Same hair and rough-looking face.

No. 1201883


It's amazing what some eyebrow stencils and video filters can do, he went from the local hobo to the cute Asian bf fantasy

No. 1201952

Tfw the real reason Sykkuno came over is to give him masterclass in cat fishing but it couldn’t save him. Sadge

No. 1201973

damn this is sykkuno? he must be putting on a fuckton of makeup before each video, like that kind of makeup that takes an hour or more

No. 1201976

Tapeworm looking mf

No. 1201994

Nah, he just uses a filter that smooths his skin, makes him paler and then actually fills in his eyebrows and does his hair.

There's so many programs that can help people smooth their webcams these days, no need to spend hours on make up.

No. 1202038

Wow big whoosh anon, seems like you’re the retarded one here

No. 1202123

So what info do we have since we ruled out Times Square being Emmas friend? (Haven't actually got any photo confirming whether it actually is him or not?) >>1198942

The only concrete thing we have is his chubby body on Anthony Padilla.

No. 1202178

File: 1617634172008.jpeg (78.78 KB, 1242x255, B43CA6FD-C3B8-4658-9B01-252726…)

No. 1202190

Solid proof men can do the bare minimum and get rewarded just for existing

No. 1202191

Why are the gays celebrating corpse did he save them from holy week or something?

No. 1202201

did he come out as pansexual or some shit?

No. 1202216

lgbtq aka straight girls who are labeling themselves pan or queer.

No. 1202237

i think he'll just keep it ambiguous til the end of time. he's straight but flirts on streams with guys

No. 1202265

Trendsexual girls are the fucking WORST. This is y'all's gay icon? A man who raps about his "bitches"? Just because he stars in your fujo fantasies it doesn't make him lgbt. God I fucking hate women always celebrating straight men instead of other women and piece of shit ones at that. Rant over

No. 1202287

They are not gay, they are all rainbow-haired fat e-girls who pretend to be bisexual or pan for attention, lmao.

It's like a weird conga line of mentall ill zoomers with daddy issues.

No. 1202362

…imagine a 'celebrity' doing the bare minimum and being accepting of lbtq folks when it's already pretty acceptable in the West

Wow, absolutely earth shattering

Also, I love that people never call these people out for queer baiting, which is what this weird friendship between him and 30 year old soft boy is

No. 1202376

men doing the bare minimum is the equivalent of go girl give us nothing lmao

No. 1202484

“pretty acceptable in the west”
> conversion therapy
> hate crimes
> gay bars being shot up
> religious folk preaching against them
> discrimination within health practices

Just because the gays are able to marry, doesn’t mean the US is a magical place of acceptance.
Was this trending outside of the UK?

No. 1202491

File: 1617670927888.jpeg (153.28 KB, 750x939, C07D84D4-F359-417B-AD27-F8B725…)

how did this GERDtard even make it onto jimmy fallon’s radar

No. 1202499

that sounds unbearably boring to watch, especially for the older crowd who watches Fallon and has no idea who the fuck these people are or what Among Us is

No. 1202502

this is so cringe. why would boomers and the other type of people that watch fallon give a shit about twitch streamers and among us

No. 1202509

What are the odds the entire stream is just gonna be Jimmy Fallon and the stranger things actors like 'oh my god Corpse dude how is your voice SOO deep haha'

No. 1202513

the only reason a nobody like him is on there is because no actual celebrity is promoting anything due to covid, jimmy is grasping on straws with trying to appeal to gen z since his rating are probably tanking. that whole addison rae doing tiktok dances was cringe but this is a different level of autism…

No. 1202517

Anon, adult women are not stanning this creep.

No. 1202519

what the fuck does this mean

No. 1202537

Idk man I was so high

No. 1202538

that post makes perfect sense anon maybe your reading comprehension skills are just shit

No. 1202548

right, i understood that completely. and learned the word trendsexual

No. 1202550

I don’t know how to make compilations but if you look at the hashtags (either #lgbtqforcorpse or #lgbtforcorpse) practically all of them are women, and most of the profiles I saw seemed like adults. Twitter ToS considered, the only accounts I saw with their ages listed were adults but most were in their 20s with a few in their 30s.

No. 1202560

sadly anon, there actually are many grown women who are diehard stans of gerdboy. wasn’t heather the altcow a fan of his at some point? or maybe i’m getting my wires crossed with someone else.

No. 1202622

Pretty sure most if not all of the tattootards in >>1200029 are above 18 kek

No. 1202632

can an amerinon drop the link when this trashfire airs? also god, they shill millie bobby brown so hard, if it's her I'll kek.

(side note, the thread pic makes me genuinely cackle every time I see it, well done anon well done)

No. 1202644

Yes because a man giving his audience a “safe space” online is really going to change how things behave in the real world

Online, in most Western countries at least, LGBTQ stuff is respected and catered to by most “celebrities”. Sure you have a bunch of idiots who don’t like it but that goes with everything and they’re easy to block or ignore. However, Corpse (and many other celebrities) is doing literally nothing against these irl issues

No. 1202695

This. Declaring support for LGBTQ+ is probably the easiest and least controversial PR move for Western celebrities and companies out there and they don’t even need to do anything beyond make a superficial statement or slap a flag on something. Unless your audience is mostly made up of religious conservatives, which is obviously not the case for Chonk Husband, it pretty much guarantees positive engagement and net follower gain.

No. 1202709

Actually, Corpse's stans are probably the oldest compared to other twitter fandoms (I'm talking about fandoms mostly popular among girls and not shit like football etc). Dream stans for example are generally 13-16 years old while Corpse stans are above 18. Also, there is a lot more shit going on than in other fandoms, constant drama and countless grooming accusations between them, funny to watch.

No. 1202723

Peeked in to see if he'd done anything milk worthy of getting his own thread and instead it's just a bunch of autists doxing a dude and digging in years old archives hoping to find a drop of curdled milk to justify their obsessive need to find out where he lives, his real name, and his actual appearance.

Like damn I know his fandom is annoying and he's everywhere on Twitter right now but this makes Chris-Chan's die hard Kiwis look slightly less weird.

No. 1202736

y'all feeling bad for him or something? it's only a matter of time before he fucks himself over and gets cancelled for something, nonny. idk, consider this an anticipatory thread

No. 1202820

i agree tho lmao

No. 1202855

Agreed kek though skimming this thread is pretty entertaining at least

No. 1202901

ok? post milk or hide the thread. complaining about the thread shits it up just as much so who cares.

No. 1202949

No one gives a fuck how you feel. Go back to analyzing some bitch’s facetune. A scrote gets a thread and pickmes lose their minds.

No. 1203030

I’m not with the doxxing personally at all, or constantly accusing him of very serious misconduct, but him as a cultural phenomenon is pretty fucking funny. I’m not understanding all the hate, he’s so random and people making the choice with their own free will to believe his voice and turn him into somewhat of a sex symbol because of it is so goddamn funny. He’s just a dork with the worst possible music that’s winning with typical issues of people in their 20s of substance and identity issues. Idk I really can’t take him seriously and don’t understand literally any extreme reactions to him, or why he elicits them so much.

Also random but he loves SoundCloud rap and suicideboys made a pact with each other that if they weren’t successful by 30 they would kill themselves. P sure he copied that, and my theory is this all started because he tried to imitate/recreate bones’ deep voice lol. I also think he’s older, because really why would a male who already had apartments and women who loved him enough to live with him die at 21? That age wouldn’t make sense, and most likely if he was below that age and such an edge lord (while obviously not being really suicidal) we all know he’d pick 27.

No. 1203042

Here you are. I have a feeling this stream will produce some awkward moments. Let’s hope so, anyway.

No. 1203054

They are being really annoying lol. I like Gaten though.

No. 1203074

File: 1617754197560.jpg (36.17 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpg)

Hoes mad

No. 1203076

>suicideboys made a pact with each other that if they weren’t successful by 30 they would kill themselves
lel him copying them makes him seem like an even bigger wannabe. poor guy lifted his entire gimmick

No. 1203080

This is so annoying to watch. Jimmy fallon is really doing the 'how do you do fellow kids' meme

No. 1203085

his botox face looks like simon cowell went into space without a helmet

No. 1203093

you are such a fucking retard kekw

No. 1203113

No. 1203123

Literally nobody cares newfags this isn’t /ot/
go cry over there
And maybe brush up on your vocabulary and comprehension because how are we doxxing if we don’t even know his name

No. 1203134

Right lol and that’s how they got their group name, from that pact, and unfortunately based on how they described their lives and issues I believe that they likely would have actually done it, and 30 gives the illusion of enough time to make that decision to someone in their 20s. Corpse just does internet edgelord shit that isn’t actually believable or fitting at all to people that live it, but other edgy gamers wouldn’t know. Hardly anyone is “successful” at 21, and him voicing scary stories or whatever isn’t exactly a great thing to bet your life on. Maybe try fucking rehab before then idk.
He’s so late to the kind of music he’s doing and it’s clear he thinks being omg drunk is an excuse for it sucking when everyone in the first wave was a straight up addict. If he was part of that younger age group he would know that too. The fact that is as big as he is also perhaps literally is so funny I can’t get over it. Idk why people can’t stand him and want actually bad things to happen to him, it’s literally not his fault people Stan actual idiocy and can’t let themselves laugh about it. He’s such cultural commentary

No. 1203136

What a shit show at the end especially, Jimmy's staff ruined the game for everyone. They all kept their mics on the whole time, and in the last round valkyrae killed questlove as imposter, so questlove just immediately started loudly whining that she was the killer. In the middle of the meeting the dead players took over the conversation to chant her name and Jimmy actually snapped at him for ruining the game by naming the killer.

Incredible how video games turn grown men into 5 year olds. dude was technically on the job too, what an unprofessional look

No. 1203153

I skimmed just to watch what you were talking about and kek what an awful game. Props to Rae for still being a good sport through it all though.

No. 1203160

seriously, like did he forget where he was and the point of the game? such an idiotic move, she handled it as gracefully as anyone could have. plus everyone was clearly trying to ignore him, she was laughing it off, until they forcibly took over the game from the people who were actually still in it. Jimmy was pissed

No. 1203170

Imagine all those boomers that usually watch Jimmy having to sit through some bs computer game they are seeing for the first time, with some glorified nobody boys screaming over most stupid things. wtf Jimmy you won't get zoomers to watch you, the younger the zoomer the less tv they watch

i'm surprised with the speed of CH's fame and propositions he gets. if he gets more famous it'll get harder for him to remain anonymous

No. 1203178

When will late night TV die once and for all.

No. 1203215

Can you time stamp it? I'm not sitting through that shit.

No. 1203238

it's around the 56 minute mark

No. 1203261

He’s not going to fuck you, sis. Take your salt mine back to the camwhore or instathot threads and seethe over there. Wanting to out this loser for being an ugly 3edgy5u incel larping as a cute eboy for the sole purpose of getting asspats from mentally ill girls doesn’t equate with doxxing, you absolute sped.
Not soon enough, anon
Jesus Christ, this summary alone gives me second hand embarrassment on behalf of anyone who was involved. At the risk of asking a question that’s both stupid and rhetorical, why the fuck does this cringelord scrote have any fans at all? What is he contributing to the world? He has no discernible talent. He’s fat. He’s almost certainly fugly. What’s the appeal? I don’t fucking get it

No. 1203273

I just don't understand his entertainment value

Dude literally hardly talks during the game or during the discussions on who's sus or not. He's just there.

I don't really get the appeal of a lot of Twitch streamers in general but at least they talk and interact with the chat

No. 1203275

It's wild to me Corpse is going places. He's been interacting with mainstream celebrities lately, Halsey, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X, Logic, Jimmy Fallon, the Stranger Things kids. Not to mention he's hanging out with top YouTubers and streamers. Maybe I sound bitter but I really don't get it. This random dude with no talent, no entertaining personality traits, nothing special about him is getting all this clout just because he has a deep voice. I don't understand why legitimate musicians are associating with him, he can't rap or produce and his songwriting is absolutely horrible. Every verse he's written is very try-hard. He needs to tone it down with the most cliche anime and fetish references, it's really cringy

No. 1203277

His only remarkable skill is his grasp on how to market to angsty teens online. His choices of anonymity are pretty smart on his part because a large amount of his following would lose interest in him over the loss of mystery and the high possibility of him not being a real life anime boy.

His references really are always the most cliché stuff possible, making me think he's probably only ever seen like 1 anime in his life and just using weeb shiit for the convenient aesthetic

No. 1203289

the common denominator between all of the people you just listed is that they are known bottom feeders

No. 1203334

This, it’s not him that they like, it’s his fanbase that has potential to overlap with their own.

No. 1203453


His references are cliche so he can appeal to the most possible people. If he only referenced obscure anime that only 4 people watch he'd have no fans. As opposed to referencing the mainstream anime that literally everyone has seen at some point

No. 1203474

Thread was fun but is now boring. Post corpse fan cringe

No. 1203605

what the fuck lol? yes sir, right away sir
post something fun yourself, anon

No. 1203664

I don't get it either. I'm not jealous of his success or whatever, but it's weird to me. That other streamer called Eret, who was posted in the previous thread I think, has a voice as deep as Corpse except he doesn't sound like a burping frog, but he doesn't have the same cult-like following. He came across as way more chill and entertaining than Corpse in that Minecraft video. Part of it has to be the mystery around him allowing people to see him as their own idealized version of whatever they want him to be. But he just seems really boring. I know Cry was a creep but he had a way more entertaining personality. I watched the stream yesterday for a bit and got bored of it fast, but Corpse barely said anything. Having a deep voice and no face is not that special lol. And his lyrics are so laughably bad, I get what he's trying to be but it's just so cringe.

No. 1203685

Sage for blog, but I’ll speak to give a little insight as a former fan.
It’s embarrassing, but his edginess is attractive if you’re a degenerate that never grew out of your edgy phase (me). His music is appealing because his voice isn’t like anything else and his music is obviously marketed to very relevant things / current times which makes it a little more relatable. I can’t imagine listening to it as a 14-15 year old because I would’ve loved it as I embarrassingly loved Broken Cyde/ BOTDF/ Jeffree Star.

People like the feeling of rebellion and listening to shit that isn’t super PC or pop-esque. It’s embarrassing but he has a monopoly on the market for streaming and music solely because of his voice and elusive behavior. That naturally draws people in. Is it talent? No.
His screaming vocals are decent but nothing revolutionary.
It’s stupid, I’ve seen the light but hopefully that gives you and others a bit of understanding.
Jimmy is debatably more embarrassing than me. I can’t believe he’s playing video games with a bunch of young kids.

No. 1203715

Ok good so u can fuck off now right tourists? Not a calf thread.

No. 1203735

File: 1617854496934.png (701.59 KB, 1280x948, Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 12.0…)

i think corpse's face will be something like this. (stock photo, it just best illustrates what i'm picturing for him)

No. 1203835

It's interesting but I feel like there are a fair amount of artists who now walk that 'edgy' line and are fairly mainstream. Plus, they're more talented than Corpse will ever be

Suppose it's not enough since those artists are showing their faces/are a bit too mainstream, but man at least you'll have the chance to see them live

No. 1204030

where did he say something about killing himself if he wasn’t successful? sorry if i missed it itt but that’s hilarious

No. 1204063

See >>1159287 it’s somewhere in there. The whole q&a is as edgy as it gets.

No. 1204134

Damn, all because he fakes a deep voice.

No. 1204226

I think corpse is a thing mostly because of the scary stories and seeming vaguely with it because he bites SoundCloud style that was a thing years ago, but kids would think is edgy. Way too many sheltered idiot girls on Twitter stanned tf out of that killer guy from You, Bundy, etc, and romanticize abusive relationships to be edgy, he just fits into that and serves as an avatar for them. He really can be anything they want, it’s just a very misguided attraction to safe danger. Only he’s not dangerous like at all, just has meltdowns and likely imagines himself as an actual anime villain. There’s no way he’s had an altercation with a man. I think the pandemic has people attracted to insane shit tho too.

Idk who that is but add black hair dye and nail polish and I’d fully believe it. Curdled milk mf.

No. 1204316

it's a stock photo i got from searching "curly haired fat man"

No. 1204491

Hiding in plain sight, timeless strategy

No. 1204534

>I think the pandemic has people attracted to insane shit tho too.
Sage because this is extremely ot but yeah this is so true. I've never felt attracted to a youtuber before like halfway through the pandemic and then all of a sudden i'm finding objectively ugly youtube guys sexy for some reason. It's fucking weird. I'm so glad I finally got vaccinated and can rejoin society again because this pandemic has been giving me internet poisoning.

No. 1204715

Corpse is like an eboy version of Belle Delphine but for women instead.

No. 1205463

What age did he drop out at again? I remember him saying 11 years, 12 years, and eighth grade.

No. 1205659


He claims he dropped out at 12 y/o which is probably a lie. That would be 6th or 7th grade.

No. 1205713

it’s possible. I got pulled from school at 13 due to family/financial problems. It’s rare but it happens, but why would he have dropped out i wonder?

No. 1205776


Sage your shit.

He supposedly left school from bullying. Apparently the others made fun of his voice because I they thought he was on drugs. Sounds like BS to me but it’s earlier in the thread.

Lurk more.

No. 1205803

Can't wait for his OnlyFaps content then

No. 1205813

It's just him selling pictures of his hand/arm and hair strands

No. 1205853

tried to watch his videos and he's not even fun? he just does the fake deep fake cool guy voice and pretends not to care. he's like a kid nobody likes acting out the part of a "cool person" at summer camp

No. 1205869

i also "dropped out" at 12 by leaving my current school and starting homeschool…maybe he's being hyperbolic and that's all he means. being homeschooled was considered uncool for a long time (maybe still is idk) so maybe he doesn't wanna hear the jokes or whatever. just a tinfoil.

No. 1208654

while some people here have good points a lot of you come across as incels with the comments that just complain about his voice or people being horny over him like people are over every person with an ounce of ''''fame''''. where's the actual milk in half of these replies?(integrate)

No. 1208680

Lmao his old voice really does sound like Chills. Throughout this entire video I was half-expecting him to say
>B U R G E R K I N G F O O T L E T T U C E

No. 1208689

Where is your milk anon, or are you just a fucking retard that can't sage?

No. 1208704

we're all women you teenage corpse orbiter. why do you have such low standards? go outside and lust over a man who at least allows you to know what he looks like

No. 1208718

File: 1618452787583.jpg (18.37 KB, 287x284, 1615752923955.jpg)

Reading all the comments from his simp whores makes me want to blow my brains out.

No. 1208743

>who at least allows you to know what he looks like

That's the thing though, he knows that even if he were really attractive, as soon as he face reveals he will lose fan girls, because he no longer is a blank slate for them to project their fantasy guy on.

No. 1208761

cope harder, no-standards-chan

No. 1208863

sage your shit retardicus maximus

No. 1208901

File: 1618477142971.jpg (43.14 KB, 567x496, th-12668186962-567x496.jpg)

Learn the word femcel and sage your shit instead of bumping a thread that didn't get any new posts for the last 4 days. The thread has no milk, it's mainly spergs and tinfoils, which is fine.

So far our best bet would be to find an appartement in SA/southern California looking like this >>1200506 so yeah, good luck with that. That'd be proper poltard "capture the flag" level of tism.

No. 1208947

Love when it’s blatantly obvious that one of his stans have arrived.

No. 1208956

If only we could weaponize that level of tism

No. 1208977

No. 1209151

File: 1618505160440.png (291.47 KB, 1474x1209, A273612A-E5FF-4AAC-9DA7-66A607…)

i went to his old website (corpsehusband.com) on the wayback machine, but if you try to go to it now it's now owned by a record label called buttery records. could anyone look into this further?
(also the layout is fucking atrocious)

No. 1209383

No. 1209399

>crediting kiwifarms instead of us
so rude

No. 1209519

fixed now lol

No. 1209530

File: 1618534011214.jpeg (52.22 KB, 640x441, FF150AE4-999C-45EC-A507-80862B…)

Someone on KF pointed this out, lmao:
“Corpse may have paid someone to write up a Wikipedia page for him, which is apparently a no-no.”

No. 1209801

File: 1618578572868.png (11.23 KB, 271x124, image-3.png)

what a loser

No. 1210498

Sage for slighly ot, but wtf, i don’t understand Loey? Is she lusting over corpse or is she dating the Emma chick? I don’t understand these clout chasing idiots and their tweets.

No. 1210502

obese divorcees need attention too anon

No. 1210864

lol caring enough to pay someone to write your own Wiki page… or editing it yourself. and liking your own tweets. So odd to associate Corpse with her but ngl that's so Emilie Autumn vibe kek

No. 1211720

apparently he had a mental breakdown and also relapsed

No. 1211727

hes so annoying. like, go get therapy or something.

No. 1211924

wouldn't surprise me if he faked a suicide attempt next

No. 1212264

The comments basically saying he deserves his fans because he's depressed

Great reasoning, time for like half of the population to start faking a deep voice? It's just so stupid

If there are any fan lurkers out here or past fans, explain to me why this dude actually deserves his 'fame' and what notable things he has done outside of his shitty music

No. 1212463

He makes my pussy wet.

No. 1212592

Finally admitted to making his condition worse.

No. 1212607

God at this point I don’t even care, he’s a broken record of attention whoring

No. 1212633

>simping for a scrote who is so atrociously ugly he’d rather be dead than have his face shown

No. 1212638

boo hoo i’m so autistic and depressed
i’m definitely in physical and mental pain bawww

you’re an internet famous millionaire who’s going places over doing nothing, if you’re really mentally ill just seek therapy and stop acting embarrassing online. does he think having such public meltdowns make him hot and cool? it’s cringy

No. 1212640

Oh you know he does. Dude thrives off of being so ~mentally ill~ with his munchausen ass.

No. 1212644

File: 1618882592727.jpg (229.68 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20210419-213525_You…)

very rational people

No. 1212689

… What? I’ll never get enough of these stan delusions lol.

No. 1212705

File: 1618889425417.png (217.41 KB, 1246x1002, Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 10.4…)

No. 1212773

Lol yes because a doctor would recognize and give a fuck about mUh secret identity

No. 1212803

do you think he realizes that some people are catching on?

Catching on to the fact that:
1) GERD does not lower pitch of your voice
2) someone with GERD who takes their health seriously doesn't brag about getting trashed on a regular basis

Even the doctors were getting sick of this mf kek
I forgot which livestream but he said that at some point, doctors thought he was faking symptoms just to get pills.

No. 1212804

He's more scared of a doctor leaking what a fucking tard he is and how much he lies about everything. And or fans wanting proof of doc appointment and doxxing it and revealing his ugly mug. He's built up this perfect anime boy persona and terrified of anyone casually revealing him even if they don't know him.

No. 1212898

Doctors have confidentiality agreements surely?

If a doctor was to leak something and he was able to prove a part of it/all of it (idk the laws in America regarding this) he could get money and basically ruin someone's career

It's more than likely that he is just faking stuff and doctor's have caught on >>1212803

No. 1212908

GERD doesn't drastically change your voice like he claims, it's just a weird excuse for the way he deliberately lowers his own voice pitch. If he actually has GERD, doesn't take care of his health and the voice he puts out all the time isn't his real voice he'll fuck up his throat soon.

No. 1212946

Yes we have HIPAA which are the patient confidentiality laws, he's just a faker, and stans are strange

No. 1212951

>Excruciating pain 24/7
Bitch he's depressed because he can't get over the fact that he's ugly and doesn't go outside. He's not a fucking cancer patient, his shoulder just hurts sometimes (propably because he doesn't do excercise).

No. 1213015

Why does he and his fans make out like GERD is some debilitating untreatable cancer? Boy will just take his ppi & swig some gaviscon. Is he trying to convince people that his stomach acid has eroded his vocal chords & that’s why his voice is the way it is? He’s not Batman

No. 1213021

I had a semi mental breakdown myself just looking at those comments. I can't believe we have this many retards alive on this earth.

What bothers me most is how much the retard plays into the whole GERD thing as if it's some type of cancer, yeah. I have it myself, it's not as bad as he makes it seem, pop in some anti-acids at the first sign of heartburn, it will help alleviate symptoms. It took it seriously and started avoid shit like alcohol, sparkling water, fizzy drinks and lots foods that I know might trigger the acid reflux because I DON'T want it to get worse. This moron just goes out of his way to make it worse for himself by constantly getting drunk and exposing himself to the exact type of thing that will make the acid reflux worse.
And on top of that, your voice won't get damage to the degree he claims it to be. I'll have a hoarse voice mainly in the morning when I woke up IF it happened to have acid reflux while I was asleep, because you know, it comes up in your throat and it irritates your vocals chords, but then it goes away after that. The whole thing is completely manageable and any serious or permanent damage is very unlikely to happen unless you've gone with it untreated for years on end.

No. 1213153

Nta but GERD is serious if not taken seriously. Knew someone who had their stomach acid eat a hole through their esophagus. But yeah you're completely right. It's manageable and trigger foods can be avoided. Dude is just a dumbass who wants pity points for making things worse for himself.

No. 1213263

if anything fan attention is the last thing you need if you're depressed. basing your emotional health on customers/audience size is like one of the top three reasons celebrities go crazy

No. 1213516

In the Covve (contacts app) databreach corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com appears under "Sheamus Blaikie" and a Massachusetts number, though that name appears nowhere else on the internet so saged as it's likely fake. Also Have I Been Pwned says that email's in the River City spam list, I don't have that list though so I can't check for what info is linked to it.

No. 1213664

>ugly chink
but he's a beaner

No. 1213849

He isn’t even actually a beaner. He’s white.

His name is Eric

No. 1213862

Could it be a deliberate misspelling of a real name? It's normally spelt Seamus, so…?

No. 1213864

How do you know his name is Eric?

Man, imagine if Corpse Husband turned out to be an alter ego of Internet Comment Ettiquette Erik.

No. 1214120

File: 1619094486698.jpg (111.35 KB, 1200x675, average fa meetup.jpg)

I know this is bait, but that would be hilarious considering how cursed edgy white men named Eric are

No. 1214123

Yeah, it could entirely be. That data means he was saved in someone's contacts under that name. Although given his whole "mysterious" persona wouldn't surprise me at all if he gives fake names irl too

No. 1214238

that bloody tshirt/5-fingered-hand pic is 100% CG, right? it's definitely not him, but i also think it's not even a photo. i'm not an animator so i can't explain why but it looks so "off" in so many ways

No. 1214324

it's probably photoshopped to hell and back

No. 1215420

It’s just a shopped webcam pic

No. 1216909

Not really milky but,
Corpse uploaded this to tiktok
Fans think it’s him

No. 1216918

don't have a link but i remember him reposting this on his instagram story. it's some sort of fan tribute so not him (plus too thin to be him)

No. 1217109

It also says animation in the hashtags, that’s a clean animation though - hard to tell between if it’s realistic or animation.

No. 1219323

What do you guys think about this?(imageboard)

No. 1219335

File: 1619664040087.jpeg (31.68 KB, 564x680, fake_corpse.jpeg)


This is an image board. The picture originates from Instagram (don't know which account specifically) that claims to know him. Highly doubt it's him though

No. 1219352

That mention a video of him accidentally showing his face on stream. I wonder how true that is tbh. They mention it keeps getting deleted

No. 1219425

Looking peak soy. I love it.

No. 1220839

no way that's him lmfao
dude looks like a 15 yr old

No. 1221853

I don’t understand her either, why are so many younger egirl types like emma friends with her? I honestly just feel bad scrolling through her account it’s like she’s desperately trying to fit in with a group she has no place in at all. I mean if you go back even a year ago on her videos she used to wear camo hunting shirts and classic country shit, now she’s trying to look like a 22 year old egirl kek

No. 1222092

File: 1620015276989.jpg (295.55 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20210503-001145_Tik…)

I've had this guy pop up on my and he does the corpse voice. I can't help but think that corpse is crying bc he wished he looked like this guy kek

No. 1222834

Why would he want to look like that?

No. 1222979

Because corpses' teeny bopper fans are swooning over this guy now. And he has a nice body, too.

No. 1223417

File: 1620153502873.jpg (279.49 KB, 2590x1024, tinfoil.jpg)

If we wanna talk about Corpse and fans then I'll bring this one up.

Someone mentioned forever ago that there were fan rumors about Corpse having an alt to interact with fans. Here he is liking low follower e-girl selfies on his alt.

If it only goes as far as a like it's still weird, but it makes you wonder what else he gets up to on his alt.

No. 1223531

like fuck Ethan Klein and all, but that's an example of a person who has serious gerd and he doesn't do any of that shit

No. 1223624

i think ethan klein has a few weird health problems that he never talks about &agreed he's dumb but doesn't make his identity some stupid imaginary illness

No. 1223755


your feed shows you tiktoks similar to what you like to watch anon. way to out yourself on your cringy e-boy interests.

No. 1223872

I don't think that is him either. Almost everyone who uses an anime character as a profile pic is usually very unattractive, whereas this picrelboy just needs to grow up. Men have better self esteem regarding their appearance than women overall, so it must be particularly bad

No. 1223901

No. 1223999

Loey most likely has some weird fantasy about being one of the fellow young epeople, she’s friends with MamaMax who’s pretty attractive and fits the bill of who she wants. She stopped complimenting him and calling him cute once he revealed his attractive and not fat girlfriend kek. Saged for tinfoil and no milk.

No. 1224382

Yeah it’s pretty weird, i get the aame feeling. A couple years ago she was really close with some other girl she called her sister and suddenly they just stopped appearing in each others videos. Sage for ot.

No. 1224695

it looks to me that he might be dating that Tinakitten girl, idk, they have some strainge dynamics. i'll sage myself for tinfoiling, but… just wanted to check if I'm alone in this

No. 1224711

i'm getting the same vibes. Someone already said, how he's way into asian girls. Google search suggests she's 22 but she has that cutesy high pitch voice little girl thing going on, that CH is into.

No. 1224726

she also had recently broke up with her bf amidst playing in nearly every single CH's among us lobby. wonder if the edgelord himself has anything to do with them splitting up

No. 1224735

and now they're streaming together too

No. 1224758

i doubt that he would make any relationship public, because it would throw his fans off. His stans are so much in denial about potential relationships, any tinfoil of this kind gets reported and deleted immediately

No. 1224860

so is anyone going to leak how he looks like one day

No. 1224898

yeah, tinakitten when they break up lol
no but seriously, it can happen any moment

No. 1224908

does any anon happen to have any milk on tina while we're at it? she was at the billboard too, btw. idk, seems like a small lead, but nontheless…

No. 1224911

tina was at the billboard.. I think she lifes in LA tho. She flew out to NY just to look at a fucking billboard

No. 1224914

Honestly, I think influencers nowadays have the people they date sign NDAs for sure. Unless they think a messy public break up is worth the attention.

No. 1224979

File: 1620338124054.png (810.36 KB, 758x758, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 5.54…)

wow i've seen pictures and gifs of this girl and 100% thought she was some new famous porn actress. people unironically watch shit like this play games and think they have any claim to dignity?

No. 1225002

He's playing Resident evil Village with her rn
He's getting so many 100 dollar superchats

No. 1225033

how does the look like a porn star…? She also streams in way less makeup and doesn't act sexual at all yes I've watched among us streams, I know, cringe

No. 1225050

i just saw pic or gifs of her being uwu/looking like a shitty actor in a bare room, seemed porny to me

No. 1225206

I don't think Corpse & Tina are dating. He recently played games with her ex.

No. 1225211

well people say he called her "babe" on stream, idk if any of you anon's can be bothered to scroll and confirm this shit, I know I can't.

No. 1225216

learn how to sage your goddamn posts.

No. 1225287

Stop bumping this thread when there's no milk. Jesus

No. 1225576

File: 1620421552352.jpeg (114.13 KB, 828x335, F99E6322-E779-4F20-A846-0ABEDA…)

we need a thread for corpse fan cringe. there’s an abundance of it.

No. 1225665


No. 1225666

>way into asian girls with cutesy high pitch little girl voice

Idk but I’m kinda grossed out by the mental picture of this. Mouth-breathing otakus with Asian fetish piss me off.

Not your fault, she is deliberately playing into the amateur porn aesthetic. Japanese porn actresses look like her.

No. 1225676

File: 1620429969175.png (4.07 MB, 828x1792, EEA5AA27-5692-47B5-91C8-CFD259…)

>attractive and not fat girlfriend
Max’s girlfriend is a cow in and of herself, granted she isn’t as freakish as loey

No. 1225724

lol i had no idea she was like that, wtf. he is out of her league

No. 1225788

AYRT and yeah, she looks exactly like a japanese porn actress. i don't know why other anon didn't see it

No. 1225935

Ive been following her for a while now, her insta is a goldmine. Constantly suicide baiting and posting humiliating stories whining about girls hitting on Max, and would constantly sperg on her Twitter about mental health and how oppressed she is as an asexual for attention. Massive NEET also who boasts about Max being her sugar daddy. Huge freak overall

No. 1226024

KEK so glad other people noticed it. Her depression and mental illnesses are her only personality trait. She was my personal cow in the fact that every time she would sperg on her story about how she needed a brain scan… it’s so pathetic. Attention whoring at its finest.

No. 1226036

My favourite thing about Paulina is that she constantly brings up being “asexual” for attention and oppression points but literally has a playlist on YouTube called “sex songs” and talks about having sex/being horny on her socials all the time. Such a weird attention whore

No. 1226098

File: 1620505896647.png (6.97 MB, 1242x2208, 094E1B01-2991-45CB-AB5C-DA2394…)

So special we must feel so bad for her that she needs a brain scan to see how depressed she is… give me a break.

No. 1226114

File: 1620508598719.jpeg (313.63 KB, 828x1464, 6E1B587B-65DA-4B0C-A659-EEAEB0…)

So cringe, this bitch has such cow potential. I’m cautious of bumping this thread unnecessarily, is there another thread she fits better in? Maybe e-girls or YouTube general?

No. 1226297

saged cause its not important but i dont think he's lying about his age, watched his resident evil stream and in the beginning he doesnt even hesitate when saying he was 17 when he started his channel, and again doesnt hesitate when he says he's 23 gonna turn 24. i just think that if he was lying it would at least take him a second to calculate his age

No. 1226468

wow i had no idea, that’s funny af. guys his age date “asexual” girls? lmao no wonder she is afraid of him cheating. he seems too old to put up with that bs, however something about Max gives me cow energy as well, even though I like his videos he seems to have some kind of savior complex, so maybe that’s why he’s with her lol

No. 1226476

Lmao, what? Some people genuinely have no interest in sex and derive no enjoyment from it.

No. 1226481

Only a tranny would say this. Fuck you S C R O T E

No. 1226485

so does the 1:59:48 sound like "babe" to anyone?

No. 1226487

if he was lying about his age he'd probably make sure to memorize certain false dates since he has a big platform involving streaming live and could get asked oh what year did you leave hgischool at or whatever at any time

No. 1226492

really doesn't mean shit, I always need to manually calculate my age and I am not lying about it to anyone lol.

No. 1226495

>not interested in sex

No. 1226498

kind of but that doesn't mean they're dating? it seems like he calls people pet names regularly

No. 1226524

I am saying you are a scrote, because your posts make it obvious that you are male!

No. 1226543

if that's the right time stamp she says "rope? we need rope" and he responds "alright uh"

there's nothing there that sounds like babe. is it at a different time in the vod?

No. 1226552

it's sort of around 1:59:05
sounds like "hey babe, can I get back?" or like "hey but can I get back?" and autists in the comments are arguing lol

No. 1226556

why are people even concerned about this? even if they are dating, i doubt he'd announce it because it might put a dent in how much his pubescent audience fawns over him.

No. 1226557

i used to get so mad at old people for getting years/dates wrong but once i passed 30 i had to look up when i graduated high school, moved to this country, and on one occasion the year i was born. i think your brain poops that stuff out so it can hold "important" things like whatever you learned in grad school

No. 1226562

must be tiring faking that voice for 5 hours kek

No. 1226592

File: 1620585116579.jpg (1.87 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_05-09-11.28.57.jpg)

If loey quit pigging out maybe she would finally be corpse's dream e-girl and her friends wouldn't have to edit themselves into pictures because her fatass took up most of a bench. Not sure if she is genuinely proud of being morbidly obese or if she's trying to cope

No. 1226616

is that snitchery? i didnt know she was friends with that group

No. 1226619

Kek Emma looks like she's dying under Loey's weight

No. 1226622

FUCKING KEK her friends literally edited themselves into the picture because her fat ass took up most of the bench

No. 1226647

it's always a cope. if fatties could make a wish and look like a normal fit girl its the first thing they'd do.

No. 1226676

File: 1620591446232.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.1 KB, 586x739, H23594df963634c7b9173a790a8309…)

She looks like a proper Innsmouth critter, I'd be desperate for some deep voiced loser attention too

No. 1226687

Does anyone look at that and actually think it's attractive?? I almost vomited

No. 1226695

i have visited the suburbs and yes. the men who look like her will date her. in some places "normal-looking face + bathes regularly" counts as "hot"

No. 1226697

no way corpse would look at her when he has actually hot egirls throwing themselves at him right kek

No. 1226698

File: 1620592610491.jpg (188.64 KB, 700x987, weirdershadows-illo-fb.jpg)

excuse me NO she looks nothing like everyone's favourite little sea monsters

No. 1226700

Snitch and Looney were recently roommates

No. 1226799

He doesn’t even follow her on Instagram KEK the only woman of note he follows is loey… his girlfriend posted a cringey story complaining that another girl was flirting with him and said some shit like “respect me and yourself”, maybe she was referring to loey?

No. 1226854

is he the same max who's australian or something and used to show up in filthy frank videos sometimes?

No. 1226925

i wouldnt be surprised if she dated a manlet like him, did you see her ex? kek so ugly, bet even corpse would be an upgrade. also in the stream he was like "this is why i dont date" like SEVERAL times, like lol if theyre actually dating or whatever thats gotta hurt

No. 1226956

No. We’re talking about the youtuber MamaMax kek stay updated.

No. 1226961

Holy shit I forget how big this beluga is. It’s sad that someone pretty made themselves that disgusting. How do you just let yourself get that big? Her excuse is that she had anorexia and then decided that she’s destined to be a fatty or something. I think it really means she needs a dietitian in her life since she doesn’t have a balanced relationship with food at all. She must have gained 150 pounds since 2015.

No. 1226966

File: 1620619694908.jpeg (760.52 KB, 1242x1238, CFB1E16E-A881-4C02-93F4-383190…)

not trying to derail but just had to point out how sad it is that her fat is consuming 40% more of her face at this point. She also just made herself more attractive back then.

No. 1226979

kek i googled him and seriously could not tell if it was the same max or not, that's why i asked

No. 1226980

maybe she really likes that feedee life? the money might be worth it?? i'm as bewildered as you are tbh

No. 1226986

that's the thing, she broke up with him after getting close to CH lmao, sus

No. 1226992

Wow she went from
>30 year old beauty blogger and mlm advocate
>Twitterfag teen egirl larper

No. 1227010

they look nothing alike anon

No. 1227144

they're both white men with long hair! i'm not a youtubefag so i only remember seeing max on my roommate's screen from across the room

No. 1227157

Probably, if I’m being honest I’d be upset too if a hambeast didn’t respect my relationship boundaries. But Paulina is 100% angus beef cow so the way she handled it isn’t surprising.

No. 1227242

File: 1620667113497.png (130.31 KB, 1076x539, PicsArt_05-10-10.17.32.png)

Will corpse go into hiding now? Or better, will Paulina hide her man?

No. 1227320

Why does Tina talk like a baby? Is that her "thing" that got her popular?

No. 1227501

File: 1620694323869.jpeg (769.46 KB, 828x1540, 2F93389E-1636-4888-A8CB-7CB816…)

Speaking of Paulina, I know this video is semi-old but does anyone else find the way she and Max live fucking nasty? When you look at her ig stories or tiktoks it looks like they live in a gross dingey room, further evidenced by her letting his dog put its slobbery chew toy all over their bed. I mean, I love dogs but this is rancid in my opinion

No. 1227640

File: 1620711050963.jpg (34.96 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

have you seen CH's new (alt) twitter handle? definitely his apartment, same light switch/floorplan it seems. what a cringy mofo

No. 1227645

File: 1620712723184.jpg (255.52 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20210511_075834.jpg)

No. 1227671

No. 1227681

Just saw a Tiktok about CH grooming allegations (no info in it beyond that they exist). The milk we waited for is coming…

No. 1227687

imageboard. where's the link

No. 1227694

well yeah, but the layout kida does look the same, idk

No. 1227695

you can't just say that and give no tiktok link

No. 1227699

i saw it on my bfs for you page, if i had a link i would have provided. i checked the tiktok hashtag but couldn't find the vid, sorry. if it pops up again i'll post

No. 1227706

this is what we bitches were waiting for all this time and we lost it kek

No. 1227742

I’ve actually followed MamaMax from his Content Vigilante(?) days, which was basically an edgier version of Content Cop. He already had quite the “saviour” complex then, but I didn’t mind coz I genuinely found his content entertaining.

I also remember he dated this girl from NZ during that period, and I remember their breakup wasn’t a very amicable one. I also remember his ex also did a fundraiser for a boob reduction lol

anyway sage for non-milk

No. 1227807

Maybe check Twitter. Shit always goes down there

No. 1228033

lol it’s funny because he doesn’t sound as attractive as he looks. he has that scrote 4channer voice

No. 1228237

Thread about a cringey male influencer. Ends up being derailed to call a bunch of women slightly connected to him fat whores lol. Pathetic website

No. 1228253

No. 1228270

i agree. please get this thread back on track and post more cringe from the fat burp-scrote

No. 1228272

They are fat whores tho. Maybe provide some milk yourself nonnie

No. 1228351

No. 1228375

Off Topic

Paulina has interacted with a couple of cows before. I first encountered her when she started dating IHateEverything's little brother (@JamieBeltman) in 2017ish. I was a fan of the JARcast at the time and Jamie used his podcast-twitter to go public with pau. I looked at her Twitter and she was a big Dasha stan. A lot of her tweets were of her interacting with Dasha and other Dasha fangirls, and kissing Dasha's ass. The Dasha simping seemed weird to me at the time. Around the same time, she and Jamie went public, she posted a couple of videos on youtube. In her videos, she seemed very shy UwU, and she talked about politics or something. The youtube is still up, no videos. And I cant remember her Twitter, but I think it's deleted.

I would have forgotten about her, but a year later (2018 or 2019 IDK) I saw her in shoeonhead's replies. I didn't fully recognize her at first, but after going to her profile I realized who she was. She used her Twitter to exclusively simp for June. She was also a part of June's discord. Her earlier youtube videos made more sense now. I never would have thought I would see her again. She always attaches herself to YouTubers and internet people.

No. 1228462

What a clout chasing cow LOL. I guess when you’re a huge NEET you have no choice but to attach yourself to more successful people and leech of them as much as humanly possible.

No. 1228599

What’s her YouTube?

No. 1228660

No. 1228825

Yes! Please!
Has anyone come across new milk? He did stream resident evil village. One of the parts is over 5 hours long. Who on earth sits trough 5 hours of this guy and tinakitten?

No. 1228828

the first part is sponsored by Capcom. 5 hours of streaming. Wasn't it edgelord husband himself who claimed to be too sick to sit in front of a screen for extendet periods of time let alone play more complicated games that require aiming etc. because of fibro?

No. 1228931

It's always E names like eric or Ethan or J names like Jared or Jason

Didnt have a husband in the military at some point? I remember something about her army wife life she had early on then he just completely disappeared and she never mentioned it again

No. 1228943

Team Sesh isn't a singular band, it's a collective of really underground artists mostly working in genres like chill trap and ambient experiential electronic music. This is what he more than like means by having seen "all of sesh".

No. 1228954

Whats his longest stream and how much talking does he do? I can see how faking his bullshit ass voice would be too hard to do for 5 hours.

No. 1228982

Can't imagine stanning for this dude. He provides NO content other than gaming with his friends. I pray the e-celeb will die out with the next generation. He's not even fun to hate on because he contributes NOTHING

No. 1229073

I mean that's his whole shtick at this point and he has to be kinda aware of it.

He's a one-trick pony on his own and he has to have someone to play off of, it's even better if it's a girl so he can turn on the e-charm and give his female viewers a self-insert lol

No. 1229190

Lol probably, they haven’t interacted on twitter as much as they used to lately either.

No. 1229604

File: 1620945374037.jpeg (794.79 KB, 828x1480, C9E462E9-B2EA-42BD-AB1A-AEBFF3…)

Cry me a river

No. 1229683

wow she has a nice dog being her friend and can't even be happy about it?

No. 1229694

They really haven't which is odd. He used to like all of her stuff/reply and she did the same thing. I wonder if her new tweets on her alt account are about him.

No. 1229696

Why are people posting about this chick still on a forum about Corpse.

No. 1229819

She’s associated with Max and therefore corpse’s group of scary story YouTubers like Loey, if you’re doing to complain about thread etiquette at least sage

No. 1229858

Good that someone has noticed the same. They used to interact/flirt a lot just a little while ago.

No. 1229865

File: 1620988316751.png (16.57 KB, 744x133, hoeybug_lol.PNG)

might be

No. 1229947

File: 1621003840782.jpeg (562.83 KB, 828x1449, 216D6001-FE6D-413F-A33E-84AAC2…)

Another loey indirect maybe? Her astrology obsession is so cringe and delusional

No. 1230040

what do her tweets on her alt account say?

No. 1230110

File: 1621017918993.png (192.72 KB, 1008x1154, PicsArt_05-14-11.44.36.png)

No. 1230125

Yea, quit the tinfoil and dox a mf

No. 1230261

File: 1621027276738.png (4.85 MB, 1668x2224, 435CFB3B-13ED-4201-B3D1-EC79C7…)

Found a sound cloud profile under the name Joshua Randall Drake, images show possible match to a small chin large nose, dark hair guy. Went down a bit of a rabbit hole


No. 1230277

File: 1621027932342.jpeg (173.78 KB, 428x539, F38298C0-6037-4A4B-B177-71552F…)

No. 1230285

kinda checks out for the dollar store joji/lil xan comparison

No. 1230289

File: 1621028906269.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1443x1903, B75633BE-C269-4443-8EDA-EBD0D0…)

The kid is a bassist, they played a gig at rocket town in Nashville TN not sure how that matches up with locations

No. 1230307

I’d believe it

No. 1230309

File: 1621030455441.jpeg (598.28 KB, 1665x2132, 4ED8B1D4-2D8C-4FB8-BEC5-D28AC2…)

Found a Pinterest account under Joshua Randall, interesting pins , could be a total confidence though. Or the beginning of anonymous face art inspiration

No. 1230316

Another interesting Pinterest profile is Joshua Randall (wolfshield) possible alt online name

No. 1230328

File: 1621032019684.png (8.86 MB, 1668x2224, 372122C0-0A5A-413D-8D99-6ED3EA…)

Can anyone confirm or not whether this is the “scary accurate” art talked about ? Because it’s similar to those photos

No. 1230356

good find ! when was this photo taken ? Didn't he use to straighten his hair ?

No. 1230357

File: 1621034429280.jpg (25.4 KB, 538x411, 235f0d28cef23e6a293187be1f9fe0…)

>the beginning of anonymous face art inspiration
nonnie, you genius

No. 1230359

Does anyone know a round about date of these pics? He seems thicker than this.

No. 1230361

File: 1621034965267.png (461.53 KB, 700x720, qfghj.png)

Am I stupid for thinking that these two look similar ?

No. 1230363

I want to believe

No. 1230368

No milk but they’re both equally cringey and act like human memes https://youtu.be/qA1q_UVFB1U

No. 1230369

Fuck forgot to sage pls be kind jannies

No. 1230372

That guys facebook shows up as the first result on Google, lives in TN, has kids, is much older now than in those band pics. Clearly not corpse.

No. 1230373

Delete and repost instead of samefagging, it's not hard kek

No. 1230375

Being retarded is a terminal illness, sorry

No. 1230409

I listened to the song posted by the user and it sounds a lot like corpse…

No. 1230410

Also hasn’t corpse been saying he’s always wanted to go into music? Or that he’s wanted to for a long time? These songs dated 2018 are consistent with that claim

No. 1230428

Please let this be him. This is worse than I imagined AND he's put on pounds since. Were you able to find this guy's age?

No. 1230448

I love this nonitas but what if this is just another random guy? Imagine you just minding your won bussiness and a bunch of retards in a mongolian weaving board decide you're a cringe uggo

No. 1230453

Anyone find the profiles of the other guys? If they post anything Corpse-related it would help confirm it.

No. 1230492

Not that he wouldn't hide it and lie, but, didn't he say there isn't a picture of his full face on the internet even before his youtube channel started?

No. 1230493

I don't get why he still hides his face. If he's trying to do music he isn't going to get far faceless. It's not like he is friends with the most attractive people in the world. He can't be much worse off than them and girls are still all over those dudes.

No. 1230494

I find it weird it took him years to show Mykie and Loey his face but it only took months for him to start meeting up with these new friends. He's even going to meet Rae already. More clout have to do with it?

No. 1230499

No. 1230584

Japanese artists get away with it I guess lol

No. 1230606

Maybe I'm missing something, but what about this sounds like him exactly? I've checked out most of the songs posted on his account and I didn't notice anything similar really

No. 1230645

fucking kek

No. 1230751

Anon, you obviously haven't heard of the guitarist Buckethead. He has stayed pretty much anonymous his whole career but I guess it's easier when you are extremely talented.

Corpse doesn't have anything going for him so outstanding that warrants keeping his identity hidden long term. He should just reveal his face now while there's still interest, if he does it when the intrigue dies down it's just going to look like he's trying to stay relevant

No. 1230789

i saw someone saying that there was a picture of him on reddit and that he was extremely average but has been deleted.dunno how true it is

No. 1230793

The hype is already dying down tbh

No. 1230826

This dude (like many other gen Z artists) has absolutely no idea how to promote himself and capitalize on the attention he's getting. He should be putting out an album right now. Instead he's doubling down on being a streamer. Way to grow your fanbase homie

No. 1230909


Agreed. He's currently the same thing as Alex from target. Brain dead teens hyped him up, thirsted for him and then he was forgotten.
Except corpse is the edgy and average Alex from target.

No. 1230991

if he’s ugly he’ll lose fans
He should stay hidden imo

No. 1230999

Seeing Rae in Bella's video for build a bitch makes corpse look like a piece of shit for not giving her a costume or somebody to do her makeup.

No. 1231004

It was shitty of him. I've seen a video of her talking about the shoot and how corpse repeatedly said how no one on set would care about Covid. Rae was concerned and already had health issues. He made it look like the people involved were so cool for being ignorant and for not giving a fuck. Rea is way to sweet and put her own well being at risk for a pretty bad music video. Corpse is such a bad friend.

No. 1231011

File: 1621125992954.png (51.6 KB, 691x278, 3486305863245.png)

Since a lot of CH fans that have been following him for awhile claim that he did a face reveal in one of his old videos or live streams, I think combing through his old videos on the wayback machine might be the best shot we have at exposing his mug. Right now I'm looking at an old archived live stream that seems to have been privated on his YT channel when I enter the URL into the address bar, and I think if he really did do a face reveal in the past he probably would have privated the video after he blew up to keep his face a secret.

No. 1231081

File: 1621138618160.jpeg (401.7 KB, 1242x1206, 22330749-62DE-4485-8F83-1865CB…)

What a dick

No. 1231329

If that's the one that looks like him he might've not wanted to bring attention to it, or acknowledge it.

No. 1231331

True but how ugly can this dude really be? It's almost like he is hyping his "ugly" too much. Karl for instance isn't the most attractive but girls are obsessed with him.

No. 1231352

This woman is like 35, has been married and is acting like a pre-school girl. Embarassing.

No. 1231369

people have high expectations at this point if he’s anything less than a god he will be ripped to shreds lol

No. 1231438

id believe it, i know this makes no sense but ive seen alot of guys that look like this who have deep voices, one of my high school classmates looked like this and had a deep voice.

No. 1231550

I have a feeling he would be stalked irl if he showed his face

No. 1231563

His real name must be really unique for him to not even reveal that. They were able do dox dream with just his first name lol

No. 1231566

Anon, I know lolcow might seem weird and unfamiliar after spending so much time secretly simping for ch on twitter, but learn 2 fucking sage

No. 1231582

he’s already stalked and had been in person, and it involved his family. i don’t blame him.

No. 1231651


No. 1231666

stalk him urself and find out on ur own, scrub

No. 1231732

He depicts himself as a hot and edgy emo boy who's ripped. If he didn't want people to think he was hot, he should've made his persona an uggo.

No. 1231893

File: 1621257314483.jpeg (478.01 KB, 1242x1195, 61EFE6A7-94F0-47D1-907A-B75F6E…)

If Loeys tweets are about Corpse, they’re creepily obsessive and aggressive. Any one else agree? This woman is almost in her 30’s and constantly posting about a guy who has said he doesn’t want a relationship multiple times.

No. 1231896

She’s a whale who’s latched on to the only “attractive” guy (by her standards) to pay any attention to her. It’s what all fatties do

No. 1231904

Did you just trick me into listening to your band, anon? Not even mad.

No. 1231915

Her behavior is embarrassing. She comes off as desperate. Just admit that you hate being fat because you don't receive enough chode and lose the weight already. Her following keeps enabling her morbid obesity by claiming that she's beautiful and that they would date her, but c'mon now. No one wants the fatty infested with cellulite.

No. 1231922

Before he blew up he used to flirt with multiple heavier women. Wonder if that's his type.

No. 1231959

are there any leads on his identity left, that are worth looking into? Or were they all dead ends so far?

No. 1231988

or maybe they were the only ones who paid him any attention back then kek

No. 1231991

so far the only clue we've ended on is this one
wonder if anyone can trace this pic and find out more about the guy

No. 1231992

kinda looks like different noses imo

No. 1231996

but then how would he be able to get money from lonely infinifat femcels

No. 1232051

File: 1621278150507.jpg (31.18 KB, 750x373, E1iTNJgXsAQl6K9.jpg)

yeah seems accurate

No. 1232247

File: 1621291489247.png (2.02 MB, 1242x2208, 842B2BB0-ECF9-4423-B96F-317198…)


No. 1232248

File: 1621291511058.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, E92E1D58-F9CB-466D-B8A6-FC4890…)

2/2 oooo she really gottem

No. 1232252

Can someone remind me why we're bitching about some fat egirl(?) rather than corpse? Make a loey thread.

No. 1232261

He has to have done something to himself in the last 6-7 months because his speech impediment was still there in September, but the more popular he got the less issues he had with his "s's".

No. 1232280

Feels like every Mexican guy is corpse lol

No. 1232317

a ton of ugly dudes do it because fat girls are the only ones who will not reject them

No. 1232320

I'm shocked none of his ex's or hook-ups have said anything about him.

No. 1232322


Well now that he blew up he barely acknowledges them anymore.

No. 1232372

you think he pays them to keep quiet about it? or maybe he's never actually dated or been with anyone kek wouldn't surprise me if he was an incel

No. 1232389

I remember a fan account on Twitter mention that he posted a picture of him and his girlfriend on Snapchat. The account seems to suggest that they know what he looks like but who knows.

No. 1232460

looks like that snapchat was a goldmine, anyone know someone who had him on there? maybe they can confirm or deny the stuff that was found

No. 1232513

one of the clip channels somehow managed to dig up a who knows how old clip of him chilling with his friends on a stream, describing his eye color. the source of this is interesting, i think wherever this was found could hold some answers, idk?

No. 1232518

Man, sykkuno tries too hard to be an uwu soft boy. Can't stand when he covers his face while giggling like a retard


Because some anons suspect that she's chasing after corpse's chode. Paulina is being discussed too, so..

No. 1232520

Supposedly he covers his mouth because he's embarrassed of his smile or teeth or something, I don't know.

No. 1232523

this is interesting because in later streams i clearly remember him always dodging the eye color question. the clip must really be old. also, wtf is happening on the background….

No. 1232525

tards in the comments are also screeching that this shouldn't be shared. fuck i wish we knew where this is from lmao

No. 1232530

back when he first started his youtube channel i was friends with him on snap and we interacted a bit every once in a while, it continued until he got really popular and then he stopped viewing stories and opening messages up until the account was deleted. i have vague recollections of some stuff he posted, mostly videos of him doing parkour and the stuff people would send him in the mail. i don't recall him ever posting a girlfriend, but he did talk about her in one stream and a few times on snap stories.

No. 1232533

looks like all we have is your word anon, which isn't a lot, no offence

No. 1232542

Back in the day, when corpse actually made decent content, he was on his friend Eden's channel a lot. She did narrations and art videos. I think this is from a live stream… They were called "Eden's Bonfire" and were mostly Eden and her friends hanging out and telling scary stories. I don't remember much about what corpse said about himself, but there were girls stanning him back then already.

No. 1232543

wonder if it's possible to find the streams with him now… wayback machine wouldn't work, they're all privated. looks like the poor girl never made it big and was eventually forgotten by CH, huh

No. 1232550

i also remember people speculating on how his nickname actually lines up with his name, so his initials are also C.H, and that somewhere he confirmed that his name starts with a C. could be a big load of bull anyway

No. 1232566

Can imagine him sweating, nervously wringing his hands as of late. It's only a matter of time before he's uncovered or someone like the narrators gets fed up and spills stuff. Pretty sure it'll play out like the Invisible Man of Hotel Transylvania which just released a trailer for 4. People simped for him cause they could project fantasies and his human form ended up just a balding fat ginger.

No. 1232575


So possibly something like "Carlos Hernandez" lol

No. 1232632

I made a tiktok making fun of him and got a bunch of hate calling me an ableist cow :333

No. 1232635

literally no one cares. learn how to sage, stop using cringy emojis.

No. 1232668

That's my guess. He says he was in a relationship for 2.5 years and the other one was 4 so basically his entire adolescence, and not a single peep has been said from them. He also talks about hookups and somehow they don't say anything? Hard to believe.

No. 1232754

i did previously read that he did some parkour stuff before, he also mentioned he danced? maybe if can we find anything related to that in south cali it'll lead us to a clue

No. 1232790

Why is this instance of talking about his fans being retarded not allowed? They're the milkiest part of this shit

No. 1232799

I think you pasted the wrong one, retard

No. 1232846


Was he any good at Parkour? Someone said he was a sponsored athlete at one point. I’m curious if he was actually that good. And if he was that seems like it would be pretty easy to find.

No. 1232849


It'll be amusing if he ends up being just being a chunky average looking guy who thinks he's too cool for school due to the forced vocal fry. He should just come out already before he gets exposed. It'll eventually happen
If not because of us, someone else will spill the beans.

No. 1232959

It’s going to happen eventually so he really should do it on his terms instead of waiting for some random to do it for him.

No. 1232973

No. 1232988

Im with you on this, just found this "collab" and I actually cant pick apart when one stops and the other starts

No. 1232990

No. 1233118


he used to do creepypasta and 'true horror story' readings all the time for other channels, it's how he even got a following to begin with, so you're point is… they're the same person?

the first one isnt him, very obviously someone else (the channel creator) who knows how to speak normally and has a very different way of reading. it's much softer and he has different inflections for his words and you can hear the difference in >>1232990 a collab he actually did for the channel

the graveyardgirl one was before CH forced the vocal fry all the time so the frog voice isnt very prevalent, yet, but still pops up from time to time

No. 1233126

Anybody else think he hooked up with Mykie at some point?

No. 1233187

Has he described where he lives, other than just San Diego? I live there too but it's huge, and I know he said he wears a mask and doesn't talk outside so not likely at all for anyone to notice him. I would just think he'd talk somewhere and someone would eventually notice.

No. 1233189

File: 1621384561044.jpeg (123.68 KB, 910x809, 0D87F9C2-03A6-4075-8AA9-A8E0F4…)

found this on twitter, could it be him?

No. 1233203

I heard it in a rando yt video but googled it, it’s on this page/shrine: https://youtube.fandom.com/wiki/Corpse_Husband

> One day, somebody knocked at the door of Corpse Husband's house. His mother opened the door where she met a stranger who claimed that he was affiliated with a gas company and needed to get inside. His mother let him inside and he left shortly after. When Corpse Husband came home, his mother told him what had happened. He then called the gas company, who stated they weren't aware of the situation.

>The next day, Corpse Husband and his family were out. When they returned home, they noticed somebody by a car parked in their driveway. The man acted like he was checking out their car then left shortly after. The next day, when Corpse Husband was in his room, he heard loud talking outside his house. He and his family brushed it off when suddenly they heard a crash. They went to the backyard and saw a tattered up couch. His family started freaking out when somebody started kicking the front door. At the same time, cars were driving away and people were screaming outside of his house. When he and his family opened the door to confront whoever was doing this, they were gone. Since then, there have been multiple other occasions in which people have stalked his house, and every time one of his family members come out of their house, they speed off. Since June 2016, Corpse Husband hasn't mentioned more incidents like this.

Idk if true but people are fucking crazy so I believe it. It would make sense for him to not talk about further incidents though because jealous and edgy incel worms would try to outdo each other. Which is sad because it’s just a vocal fry lmfao.

No. 1233217

Where is this from? Pretty sure he's a lot paler.

No. 1233225

he says thats one of the reasons why hes more of a homebody than he was before, cause hes scared of being recognised

No. 1233260

Have any anons tried running his email addresses, IP addresses or even just corpsehusband through dehashed or some other password/info database? That is usually my go-to, but I'm too lazy to renew my subscription. You can search for IP address to find all accounts associated with an IP to see if he had any non-corpse accounts registered under a similar IP (or at least it used to be this way).

No. 1233265

Yeah, in the first thread.

No. 1233389


Has anyone here dealt with a stalker? What if he did have a stalker? I know there’s no way to verify that but it would feel low, even for lolcow, to expose him (unintentionally) to other crazy stalkers. It just seems like one of those things where lolcow detectives might provide best milk but then he gets outed to people who might legit want to harm him? Maybe he’s so paranoid about it because he has a criminal history or something, or fucked someone over in his personal life, or someone is actually obsessed with him / threatened to hurt him.

Even with self absorbed people, it any of that was a possibility, I don’t think that CH would expose people to that information just to get attention/monetize it. So, probably no proof beyond a story, and if showing his face did actually present a threat to his personal life, he probably wouldn’t post about it…

I don’t even know where I’m going with this, you know what I mean anons?

No. 1233397

File: 1621407695143.jpeg (129.19 KB, 1835x1217, 0829604B-A3ED-49DD-B4F1-1FB3B3…)

Found this on twitter as well, could this be him?

No. 1233405

Anon lmfao

No. 1233444

File: 1621416971366.jpg (177.21 KB, 1024x1024, 20210519_023520-COLLAGE.jpg)

Newfag here so apologies for my retardation, but I really believe this is him imo; similar stocky build, same hands with bulging veins and stubby ogre fingers/nails, brown eyes, Hispanic looking, curly hair, he tweeted that he looked like a pelican which this dude comically does, and, I'm stretching here, but the muscle definition on the arm and the amount of arm hair is similar as well. On the question of the clear skin tone difference, take a gander at my nifty collage I made; dude doesn't leave the house and has fattened up so it makes sense he can be as pink as a rose, but it could also be lighting. Wonder if the resolution on that certificate can be increased to read it, might have his last name.

No. 1233455

KEK anon I love you

No. 1233473

File: 1621420012640.jpg (81.39 KB, 1024x566, 20210519_032354-COLLAGE~2.jpg)

-Hand comparison. The same?

No. 1233478

That’s Richard Ramirez the serial killer. Definitely not him

No. 1233484


No. 1233486

I'm going with yes

No. 1233487

The resemblance is uncanny holy shit

No. 1233490


While the body matches up, this guy has a very pointed chin, albeit rather small. Doesn't fit the descriptions of his chin/jaw issues at all. Unfortunately, "this man has similar man arms" isn't really proof enough. Are there more photos/evidence or is this it? lmao

No. 1233491

the long nose fits the pelican comparison, tho

No. 1233493

File: 1621423013681.png (299.65 KB, 611x408, realcorpsehusband.png)

Anon. You cracked the case.

No. 1233494

True true. Could b he over-exaggerated for sympathy points (if you take in account discrepancies with his GERD), but that's just baseless speculation, no way to know. And you're right, there's no concrete evidence.

No. 1233497


Where on twitter did this picture even come from?

No. 1233507

Idk I'd take photographic 'evidence' (albeit sub-par) over froggy's word, who profits off his GERD and pandering to the emotions of his fangirls

No. 1233511

File: 1621425234557.jpg (88.79 KB, 522x1024, 20210519_044942-COLLAGE~2.jpg)

He said he has small airways, do we know if this causes a recessed jawline or just a small chin? (Internet comes up with nothing except sleep apnea). I do see a bit of Joji in this guy (with the narrow eyes), and a little Andy Biersack (I'm sorry Andy, I'm just reaching!) with the small chin, sharp jawline, long nose, and eyebrows. No lil xan though, but maybe if we saw the guy's face in front-view.

No. 1233518

File: 1621425728811.png (182.26 KB, 388x426, lill.png)

fucking kek, pretty sure if he looked like an absolute copycat of Ramirez he would have boasted about it, especially considering he's an edgelord.
>imagine being so ugly that your only brag is looking like Lil Xan

No. 1233519

andy biersack and guitar guy from twitter look nothing like lil xan.
These guys are very diffrent types. I mean lil xan has very soft features like a chubby toddler who got a bunch of temporary tattoos

No. 1233520

imagine that weird long nose, small chin thing andy biersack has going on with those droopy eyes and missing cheekbones like lil xan

No. 1233524

Yeh but just bc the guitar guy has a sweet pfp, doesn't mean his face is actually attractive like Ramirez. Guitar guy's brows are sparse and his nose might be wide. I can imagine his face being easily fucked up. Corpsey is just all kinds of inconsistence, how can he compare himself to both Andy and lil xan whose defining features are opposite (Andy has sharp features, lil xan a doughboy)? And it's not like it can count for his curly hair and brown eyes. It's possible he could be referring to him then vs now, he said he was compared to Andy when he was young which he could've been in guitar pic, but has since started comparing himself to lil xan and Joji bc he's a fatty who got soft in the face

No. 1233525

*Profile not pfp

No. 1233532

Who wants to bet the manlet's mommy compared him to Andy offhandedly once and now the discord mod looking mf thinks he looks like that god? Kek

No. 1233536

File: 1621428977898.jpg (204.91 KB, 905x1280, tumblr_o3p3ca2hnn1ucmywio1_128…)

Both Lil Xan and Andy have a weak chin, might not be as shocking with Andy since he has an actual jaw.
Lil Xan has the typical mouth breather profile caused by type 2 malocclusions. I know this has been already said but
>Corpse complains about breathing issues
>Malocclussions give you breathing issues and lead you to breath through your mouth
>Corpse says he looks like chinless guys (and tries to cope by also comparing himself to Joji)
>Malocclusions and breathing through your mouth gives you that classic chinless profile
>Conclusion: Corpse is Leafy

No. 1233537

File: 1621429102415.jpeg (94.25 KB, 581x385, main-qimg-adb9f13b3f4c2254ab0d…)

I see it too, his nose bridge looks kinda flat like a brontosaurus and sorta hooked, can see it being slightly flared. I've seen like 1000 Mexican guys who look like that, nothing to physically retch at but sure as hell ain't no Richard Ramirez

No. 1233545

ty for reminding me of how cursed adrian brody looks anon

No. 1233554

>>1233189 I fully accept this as being Corpse Husband. I can't take not knowing what that Pillsbury doughboy looks like. Now I can finally rest. Peace ladies

No. 1233560

Anon where did this come from?

No. 1233561

What if we're running around like headless chickens trying to rationalize how the picture isn't him bc he claims he has a recessed chin, when irl corpse is just some guy who had a naturally deep voice then discovered what gerd was and used it as an excuse to deepen his voice and now he's uber paranoid abt his privacy bc then his lies would unfold? Seems like someone took that photo of guitar bootleg Richard Ramirez, maybe someone who knew corpse and is exposing him bc he's a lying piggy? Yes I have my foil hat on

No. 1233567

I just don't know why you'd claim to look like Lil Xan if you don't. That is one ugly motherfucker. There are other ways to throw people off the scent than to claim you look like a prepubescent boy with FAS

No. 1233569

The only thing that throws me off is he said he doesn't look Hispanic at all. The clothing style also doesn't add up.

No. 1233570

Top kek wtf anon

No. 1233572

Maybe because it would help cement the point he's trying to make of having a slack jaw and small chin from his gerd gerd gerd, poor baby! (kek) And lil xan is an extreme case so it would help his case. This is why I'm inclined to doubt him so much because of the numerous counts I've read from people on the CH threads with gerd who call bs (I don't see how extreme acid reflux dramatically alters his anatomical structure anyway, but pity party?).

No. 1233575

I'm sorry but there is no fucking way he can claim to look like Andy Biersack and say he doesn't show his face because he thinks he's ugly.

No. 1233576

What does 'looking Hispanic' even mean? I mean, I think of thick dark hair and dark skin, but features seem to very so who knows wtf he could mean.

No. 1233578

No. 1233580

You're giving the male of our species too much credit. No man would falsely claim to have an incel chin just to keep up some munchie ruse. It's on par with having a small dick. think he came up with the GERD to justify both the deep voice and the receding jaw. Women can't reject me for my chin, they are literally ableist

No. 1233581

wanted to respond to master tinfoil >>1233561
also, who'd be retarded enough to think that GERD gives you a mouth breather profile? I know his fanbase is braindead but come on. Breathing through your mouth (because of a jaw issue or not) can however give you GERD

I just think he meant he was light skinned

No. 1233584

He said he looks like him at certain angles so we can probably cross of him having actual features of him off the list. I'm thinking just his poor bone structure, but really anybody can look like that degenerate mouth breather retard from an angle if they just go slack-faced

No. 1233586

That's good, but if that mf was insecure enough about his miniscule chin, I doubt he would need an excuse for it because he'd be terrified to show his ugly mug. I think he's retarded enough to orchestrate a shitty ass lie that will unfold quicker than a fat kid with a candy bar. Feels like it could've began as a white lie to appeal to his scary story telling channel then he got big and now he's freaking to avoid being outed.

No. 1233592

File: 1621432426646.jpg (56.87 KB, 611x676, 1.jpg)

Fucking dead, I was browsing reddit to find realistic fanarts other than >>1230328 and >>1198261
and found picrel. Which one of you did that

No. 1233602

Holy shit is that Corpse as the kiddy killer? I must kek

No. 1233614

Anon reveal your secrets and tell us where you got this mysterious photo

No. 1233620

I know it's not really reliable evidence, but I just spent 30 minutes looking at pictures of men's veiny ass 'attractive' (according to the internet's brain rot generation) grampy hands, studying them, and I have observed that no pair of male hands are exactly alike. I have come to the conclusion that these two hands are identical, like same exact vein placements, same hair color/thickness, and same exact muscle definition. It's uncanny. Fuck all that other chin, jawline, asscrack whatever, because these are the same mans.

No. 1233627

Common, anon! Tell us where exactly this is from. Post the link already

No. 1233629


If we're going by "vein placement" these two don't look identical to me.

No. 1233631

File: 1621435599471.jpg (248.82 KB, 1300x1099, 510022.jpg)

Well anon, idk
>The layout of blood vessels, arteries and veins, are almost consistent in all people. There might be slight variation based on genetic heredity or environmental factors such as nutritional deficiencies or diseases. But for the most case the structures are the same from person to person.

Also no idea if Corpse plays the guitar like Ramirez bro, but he has guitarist hands.

No. 1233646

I think if we can find out if he does play the guitar, that'll prove it some.

No. 1233648

Love that you just posted some random pic without source and everyone's going mad here kek

No. 1233663

File: 1621438542528.jpg (88.71 KB, 1024x566, 1621420012640~2.jpg)

I'm not sure, I didn't really see it so I tried color-coding the parts that I think look a little similar. Lighting and slight variant in position should be taken in account.

No. 1233665

File: 1621438574352.jpg (20.07 KB, 275x232, 1621435599471~2.jpg)

I color-coded the other random hand as well.

No. 1233668

sorry for late reply anons, but heres where i got it from

No. 1233679

why does the third pic look like will toledo’s evil brother

No. 1233684

All I know is that he doesn’t play an instrument. People have asked before and he’s said he would like to (I believe it was piano or something) but doesn’t.

No. 1233689

I've heard him say (Q&A livestream maybe?) specifically that he can fuck around on guitar but he wouldn't consider that the same as being able to play

No. 1233692

You know veins are located the same on every hand, right? Sage your obsessive tinfoiling, he'll get doxxed sooner or later but this isn't how you're gonna find him, you're just gonna get the thread closed with this newfaggotry.

No. 1233706

File: 1621441021960.jpg (69.65 KB, 614x862, corpse.JPG)

Archived it in case the account gets deleted. No other posts at all, no followers, I call this is fake

No. 1233707

File: 1621441124003.jpg (59.58 KB, 626x876, 2.JPG)

No. 1233708

yeah theres no way this guy is him lmao

No. 1233712

you newfags cant be serious, its not him its a fan wishing that was himand CH is fuking mayo on white bread in comparison to this guy

No. 1233736


Most of these look like they were taken from videos (possibly skits) + ealier phone cameras, It could litrally be some random 2000s youtuber

No. 1233738

File: 1621443268455.jpeg (39.3 KB, 480x588, night-stalker-suspect-richard-…)

I know it's him, he's even in California.

No. 1233745

It's probably fake.
If it was some angry ex or friend from his past, there would be more context for sure, but it would explain why the pics look old

No. 1233777


if it was him he looks to be in his mid/late 20s in these photos, and we still have no idea if he's lying about his age or not or when these where taken

this could be anyone, hell these could be from crappy quality facebook videos of some rando hanging with his friends and someones just trying to bait fans or us

ill believe hes richard romirez before i believe this is him

No. 1233801

you don't go from being fit, tan and looking like a country music singer to being a basement dwelling edgelord it just doesn't make sense. there's no way this is him.

No. 1233825

I can't remember his name for my life but I remember this guy being on youtube over 10 years ago. He was this age then so there is no way this is Corpse.

No. 1233848

File: 1621449545775.jpeg (80.56 KB, 640x579, 56B92C09-39C5-45A7-A792-8A39F8…)

Thats Joe Hawley

No. 1233903

No, anon, I believe this is him

No. 1233911

Well, there we go. No way Husbando would be hiding his face making shitty anonymous clout rap if he played guitar and looked decent. You are all fags. If he had a music past, it's much more likely he was in a shitty core band like this kid >>1230277

No. 1233928

The twitter profile the guitar guy picture came from ist an obvious troll. Anon who shared it probably created the profile to troll. Both posts were within the same hour. Anon should have waited until the tweet got more attention

No. 1234023

KEK i had to look up the post because i was curious to see the comments and half of the comments weren't even butthurt that he was compared to the sandy hook shooter but because "he hates it when fans predict how he looks" . are his fans really that gullible or what.

No. 1234032

Holy shit, I think it's him (if we've concluded that guitar boy is corpse from the hand comparison thingy); same profile with the sharp jawline and sharp nose, but anon was right, he does a fucked up hooked flared nose. Eyebrows match too and so do the narrow droopy eyes. Hair is definitely curly black as well. Same build as well, if you look at the one where's dressed in all black. Skin tone matches too (tan in some pics, paler in others). Matches up to when he said he looks like his pfp (a really fucked up version). He also said he doesn't really look Mexican which is true for this dude, but this guy doesn't really look white either. Think it's him guys

No. 1234036

He's an old YouTuber anon and he's actually attractive, it's not him kek

No. 1234047

If Corpulent Husband looked anything like this Richard Ramirez-looking scrote, you best believe his face would be plastered all over his social media.

No. 1234048


sage your non-milky shit

No. 1234051

kek you think his dead brain retarded fans would know who that is?

No. 1234052

File: 1621463818285.gif (197.53 KB, 220x124, 838372662.gif)

>Corpulent Husband

No. 1234066

File: 1621466198030.png (749.73 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210516-010039.png)

No. 1234070

File: 1621466611288.png (276.26 KB, 748x600, Screenshot (48).png)

No. 1234076

samefag from >>1234070

i'll also add lazy is british (?) and sounds NOTHING like CH

No. 1234209

File: 1621480758809.jpeg (662.63 KB, 828x1551, 9807470E-6E19-49A9-913E-40F9D5…)

Has anyone been keeping up with Paulina’s tiktoks? They’re super unhinged, she’s sitting on the kitchen floor whining about being asexual and everyone hating her, and in another says her boyfriend is concerned about her substance abuse. Almost makes me feel bad for Max for having to put up with her kek. And what is it with every bitch on tiktok with no personality claiming to have BPD now?

No. 1234216

Just make a different thread for this girl already jesus christ.

No. 1234273

Sorry but is the "Richard Ramirez is hot" thing a meme or are there multiple anons itt who are being serious about that lol?

No. 1234283

you mean thats still a thing? wasnt that some weird tumblr edgelord thing girls did in like 2010 to get attention?

No. 1234319

lol that's fine, i didn't think to screenshot dude's stories five years ago to post them on lolcow in 2021. silly me i guess.

back when he was posting from what i recall he was decent at it, but not the best. there might be something there if there were parkour events in the murietta area during the 2016-2017 timeframe.
he also seemed to be a lot thinner back then based seeing pictures of his body now. so i'd hazard a guess that the girl left him, he got fat, stopped doing the parkour and started claiming muh fibro when really he just needed to go outside.

No. 1234444

I remember him saying he bulked up to 200 pounds and then dropped to 160, and now I'm assuming based on pictures (like you said) he put it back on. He said he can't workout but I have friends who have fibro that workout often so I'm not sure what is going on with him.

No. 1234448

I think the stuff about not being able to exercise is related to the nebulous nerve problem he has with his arms, which is separate from the fibro

No. 1234451

Ahh, okay! That makes sense.

No. 1234548

Like other anons, I just want the mystery of his face to end. So… could you maybe draw him if you did indeed get to see him?

No. 1234900

Is he average looking? I expect average looking, not ugly or hot lol.

No. 1234948


corpse is leafy kek

No. 1235097

richard is so fucking sexy beautiful and gorgeous

No. 1235100

No. 1235119

File: 1621604762323.jpeg (40.98 KB, 500x718, richard-ramirez-c96c2ade-1741-…)

>being a bad person means you're ugly!!!(hybristophilic derail)

No. 1235132

Anon this isn’t making the point you think it is

No. 1235133

File: 1621606878922.gif (802.96 KB, 465x355, original.gif)

No. 1235137


He raped a little girl, please kys

No. 1235140

No. 1235142

yeah maybe you could draw him…

No. 1235148

you know he like barely showered right? he smelled putrid too

No. 1235181

how did we go from corpse husband to husband corpse

No. 1235191

You forgetting about his mouth full of rotting teeth?

No. 1235200

Stay on topic. If you want to fantasize about the child-rapist with rotted teeth, go back to Tumblr. This thread is about Corpse Husband

No. 1235397

File: 1621633547915.png (37.27 KB, 896x246, YIKES.PNG)

whos gonna tell them

No. 1235457

"flips knives"
the bar for scrotes really is this low huh

No. 1235467

its the chipped nail polish for me

No. 1235512

Didn't he say he had some shitty tattoos of overwatch or some other game favorite of scrotes? Kek his fans are delusional

No. 1235513

bitch you're sick go to therapy

No. 1235514

File: 1621645362887.jpg (55.1 KB, 720x720, DEVDAr8XcAAaEgG.jpg)

The man USED to do parkour. All I'm hearing now is he's an emo piggie in eyeliner with a smoker's voice. Whew, watch out ladies!

No. 1235575

She literally just described kingcobrajfs

No. 1235690

File: 1621681390578.jpg (43.85 KB, 725x219, copium.jpg)

Comments are as funny
>friends said he looks like an anime character
Kekd so fucking hard, my god

No. 1235744

the thought that he might look like kingcobrajfs is ending me KEK

No. 1235799

File: 1621701543963.png (73 KB, 1591x748, corpse store.PNG)

(saged for nothing useful)
thought id run a whois on corpse's online store domain, can anyone make any sense of this lol like can we get any info out of this?

No. 1235869

I wasn't around when his first surge of popularity happened so I'm just wondering if he is still at that level or is he losing it?

No. 1235872

File: 1621711403350.png (146.92 KB, 978x1270, Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 3.22…)


nope nothing useful here. his domain registration is private, so all personal information is redacted from whois databases and replaced with default info

No. 1235896

>>Great taste in music
Meanwhile his songs are some retarded shit: choke me like you hate me. Lyrical genius, guy really knows his craft kek. Sage for nitpick.

No. 1235968

You could rap every Dahvie Vanity lyric over some shit distorted trap in a burp voice and there would be no difference.

No. 1235983

wait why specifically the Murrieta area?

No. 1235996

That’s where his PO Box used to be.

No. 1236212

File: 1621776085355.jpg (36.66 KB, 340x620, pattern.jpg)

This is a great suggestion anon!! Forensic scientist Sue Black has a ted talk on exactly this!

No they aren't. This is a perfectly fine way of confirming identity, it is even being used in forensic science. Please look up vein pattern recognition.

No. 1236381

Fucking kek. Anons are going to find him by using his owns veins against him.

No. 1236406

File: 1621799518386.jpg (91.18 KB, 1073x1091, huh.jpg)

thoughts? he is that really him? he looks thin but that was 2 years ago after all, anyone wanna investigate this twitter account?

No. 1236431

He likes pictures from that account all the time. Not sure if that means anything. She might just be referring to the fact that he dresses like that.

No. 1236571

File: 1621817813032.jpg (172.92 KB, 1024x1024, 20210523_093506-COLLAGE.jpg)

That's great news, anon! I made up another collage to compare Joe Hawley's (the guy who the other pictures from the account are of) hands/arms/veins with mystery 'Richard Ramirez look-alike'; pretty distinct difference with Joe's lean arm muscle mass, taller build, skin tone (that's neither Corpse's tan nor peachy pink), vein placement, and even his arm hair seems finer (which may also be in par with Corpse being of Hispanic descent, that he would have thicker darker body hair). So maybe there's still a slight chance it's Corpse, considering no origin of the photo. Sage for obsessive tinfoil, don't worry.

No. 1236579

Samefag, and, nitpick, but Joe's fingers are also bigger and more normal-looking with a spoon shape, while the Richard Ramirez knockoff has very tiny, stubby little nails akin to Corpse's.

No. 1236671

You guys are using vein analysis to identify a fat mall goth alcoholic u “totally don’t care about or understand the crazed fans stalking him”

I hate to break it to u but you’re fucking fans

No. 1236682

You look retarded calling us fans for wanting to out the ugly over-hyped fag to his conglomeration of autistic egirls who think he's some irl anime character messiah, when you're on this thread about Corpse Husband in the first place. The way you're bitching about it makes it obvious you're up Corpse's ass like an anascope.

No. 1236728

File: 1621844353452.jpg (396.08 KB, 1079x1130, agony.jpg)

>So maybe there's still a slight chance it's Corpse, considering no origin of the photo.
Anon, pls.
>>1233928 >>1233848

No. 1236831

"Anon who shared it probably created the profile to troll." They're just guessing too, anon. In case you haven't noticed, there isn't anything to do -but- speculate here, and work with what little possible 'evidence' we do have, as retarded as my methods are.

No. 1236872

Murrieta/Temecula has a parkour gym that opened in 2014 and they have a youtube channel called Freedom in Motion

Sage because I haven't seen/heard any likely candidate yet

No. 1237160

The dude sounded depressed as hell on his stream today.

No. 1237163

No. 1237173

Are we surprised? When he’s not at #1 trending on Twitter he thinks the world’s forgotten about him lmao

No. 1237174

He isn't releasing anything, barely streaming and barely interacting with his fans. Not sure what he expects. You can't continue to stay relevant if you aren't putting out content.

No. 1237273

His stream today had some of lowest views since his blow up of popularity

No. 1237274

How many viewers?

No. 1237289


It seemed to average about 40,000 so about less than half what he did four months ago.

No. 1237320

his fans would love it if he pulled an "i'm outing myself so you can't". he'd probably get more fans from the impressed normie community, too. so all I can think of is that he must be way older than he claims. because even if he was ugly, he's not THAT fat. i can't imagine any way that showing his face would backfire unless he's at least 35.

No. 1237327

well that was based.

No. 1237337

After he blew up his brand became about people thirsting after him. If he shows his face and is Short fat and ugly his brand is basically done. Not doing it sustains it, and he is never doing it himself.

No. 1237343

File: 1621914717627.jpeg (160.32 KB, 1600x1200, 48C0E743-137F-46FF-A6C0-A4092C…)

I’m willing to bet corpse was an onionson fan at some point

No. 1237346

40k is still pretty big but losing 40k viewers is huge too. Do streamers usually retain viewers longer or is it bc he doesn't stream regularly?

No. 1237435

like all trends, he went out of fashion

No. 1237439

I predict he'll face reveal to save his dying brand

Unless he's had some real big lies that will be revealed with his identity, in which case he'll be in an interesting dilemma figuring out what to do.

I think downpitching his voice isn't a big enough secret for him to let his fame die.

No. 1237447

just go get plastic surgery and fix your teeth damn dude it ain't that hard with all your shit ass sympathy money

No. 1237452

apparently he's terrified of being recognized when he goes to a normal doctor, imagine trying to go to a plastic surgeon lol

No. 1237610

Terrified to go to a normal doctor or a therapist but goes to physiotherapy.

No. 1237629

What he’s saying now is that he’s also avoiding physical therapy because of his fear of being recognized.

If I were him, I would have moved away from Southern California already, without mentioning it publicly. That way I could go to the doctor in Montana or whatever, and no one would out me because they don’t expect me to be there.

No. 1237699

It sounds like he's making excuses to me.Couldn't he just wear a mask outside? plus aren't there hippa laws to protect him at the doc or whatever and PLUS nobody even knows what he looks like in the first place. Everything he says sounds so whiny to me.

No. 1237704

he said it's cause his voice is easily recognizable

No. 1237736

does he think he's so popular that doctors, possibly older ones, would know who he is? I think they're a bit too busy being, you know, doctors to pay attention to some twitch streamer who's popular with zoomers.

No. 1237779

say that to his paranoid ass kek

No. 1237814

No his doctors wouldn't give a shit even if he's worried about other staff or patients recognizing him most real people don't know who any of these internet personalities are, also what would stop him from having an interpreter with him or hiring a security guard. His fans and any person with two brain cells to rub together could and have figured out solutions so its prob just bullshit to maintain his sad boy persona after all he got his ass to the appointments to diagnose whatever his issue is just fine

No. 1237907

File: 1621975364037.png (27.84 KB, 851x168, cringe.PNG)

fucking cringe, someone help this attention seeking cow kek

No. 1238345

this landwhale really is disgusting inside and out

No. 1238478

At this point it’s giving very much “I am clearly in love with this scrote please everyone ship us”
Like I lam openly loving with my friends but the way she goes on and on and ON about him?? Calling him Bunny and shit, it’s just cringe how she says she doesn’t want him then posts things like this.

No. 1238488

Their relationship really confuses me. He used to tweet how he is single but she is the love of his life.

No. 1238511

I give up. Almost none of these guys speak, and I'm seeing hand veins and pelicans everywhere.

No. 1238516

everyone looks like a pelican if you try hard enough

No. 1238596

Anon it is possible to have different loves of your life without it being romantic. It would just be a different variation of love. But I agree the relationship is crazy confusing. I’d say he’s more consistent with what he says, while she is all over the place.

She comes off clingy AF. If he had/has any interest in her at all he’d probably back out quickly. Especially if she’s being forceful with him, which is always a red flag. Ever since she moved to LA she’s been going on and on, it’s ridiculous and desperate. Might as well get a tattoo on her forehead.

No. 1238668

It’s funny to me that CH never even responded to this. He use to respond to all her cry’s of affection.

No. 1239172

>Emma langevin simp
Do you think loey will start skin walking as that girl for corpse's attention

No. 1239344

Avoiding medical care because of fear of getting recognised… in southern California? There's nearly 24 million people in southern California. It's the same population as Taiwan, a whole fucking country. He's just not that famous.

He's either lying or a moron or maybe both.

No. 1239415

No. 1239431

but he wants to be a musician or singer of some kind, right? pathetic lmao
he clearly wants to be a musician if he compares his face to joji (forever only filthy frank to me…) and lil xan

No. 1239438

I really think his alcoholism makes his anxiety that bad as well as any rationalism or connection to reality. He also is bombarded by psychotic people that are doing everything they can to stalk him, however if that was him in the Times Square pictures, I’m shocked and don’t know how he managed that. He could have been drinking the whole time though, but he still would have to go to the airport. I think he knows if he goes to a doctor they’ll tell him to stop drinking and he’s not there yet as an addict.

No. 1239452

When did he ever give off the impression he was an alcoholic? If you're an actual alcoholic you can't function day to day without drinking. People love to overuse words these days.

No. 1239462

it's either documented in this thread or previous threads. he bragged about being drunk for a week straight, he talks about how he's "ruined like every alcohol" for himself due to binge drinking until he gets too sick to stand it anymore. he definitely has substance abuse issues if not currently being shitfaced 24/7

No. 1239490

this might surprise you but some people like clinginess. not saying it's the case with these 2 and idgaf about either of them at all, but clinginess isn't always a death sentence

No. 1239493

kek no turning back now.

Don't forget the picture of himself with wine spilled. I can't remember which livestream but someone said he should visit Ireland and his idea of a good time in Ireland is getting drunk in the woods

No. 1239504

Archillect is a bot meant to feed off of interaction (lots of people like a post > bot searches for more images with those tags > more people like it > etc) that is generally described as mimicking the posting style of a teenage girl. At least, in between bouts of hornyposting and occasional edgelord shit that's swiftly deleted by its owner. It's not actually him, it's just 'ha ha look goth it's you' cringe.

No. 1239511

He could be playing it up too because it sounds edgy and "bad". The way he brags about it has the same energy as the edgiest of a group of sheltered teens bragging to their friends (that wouldn't know any better) about how dark and rebellious they are

No. 1239522

Playing up alcoholism is a dangerous game. He has young fans that most likely look up to him and think he’s “cool”. Therefore thinking anything he does is cool. Glorifying excessive drinking makes these impressionable kids think it’s ok and not a big deal when it is.

No. 1239526

Oh give me a break. Rock star used to shoot heroin into their dicks and get half the criticism he does for drinking the average amount of a early 20's male. I'm sure there are many things he can be criticized for but the overblown use of "alcoholic" is just stupid.

No. 1239536

I'm personally not criticizing him for drinking and I also haven't seen a lot of people doing it either. Being drunk for a week straight doesn't sound like the average amount for a male in his early 20's either. That's a problem, a problem that literally destroys people daily. I'm simply saying that talking about it like its no big deal can give off the wrong impression. The music industry itself is over saturated with glorified substance abuse as it is.

No. 1239539

no it doesn't surprise me at all. there is a difference in clinginess though, the ok kind and the I'm a psycho stalker kind. she gives me the psycho stalker kind of clingy vibe.

No. 1239635

It doesn't give him clout, that's the point. Although your rock star comparison would probably flutter his moobs.

No. 1239822

It didn’t sound like that person was talking about clout. It sounded like they’re saying it’s stupid he’s getting critiqued for drinking like a early 20s person. I’d agree that he’s drinking like most 20s people I’ve been around. Now if he hits 30 and can’t wake up without a drink that’s an actual problem.

No. 1239953

he’s so mature! i can see why he has so many stans with how he expertly crafts his sentences and his witty wordplay! /s

No. 1239971

As if he would have any shred of relevancy if it wasn’t for the hoards of teenage wattpad dwellers autistically stanning his fatass. Scrotes gotta scrote, got offended because of the implication of having only female viewers.
Also why does his voice…… is getting worse. Somehow.

No. 1240030

isn't it just a tad misogynistic to be mad that your viewership is mostly female?

No. 1240031

File: 1622147675562.jpg (41.5 KB, 662x1106, corpsebdy.jpg)

Alright so i found this, and idk how useful it could be but it's the first time i see it. Thought it would be good to just keep all the real life pics of him in one place here

No. 1240032

File: 1622147736169.jpg (80.88 KB, 1125x831, E2YNWZwWQAMQmwH.jpg)

one more

No. 1240057

He looks like he has shrek’s hand lmao. Such stubby and weird fingers

No. 1240258

File: 1622165471871.jpg (12.26 KB, 258x245, 1500811831555.jpg)

Corpulent is really forcing that voice so hard it sounds like he's talking while burping.

No. 1240564

Fat midget tier hands.
I really do hope his real name is Gregory Evans, he would be our official Pregory II

No. 1240634

I'm not a fan of the guy but people clown him for the weirdest shit. They're literally normal sized hands. Anyways…
has everyone given up on the corpse husband tumblr pics being him?

No. 1240651

Honestly, I believe him when he says there is no real pictures of him floating around on the internet right now. However, there is definitely people that has pictures of him that's not public yet. With him meeting up with other creators and apparently used to snapchatting fans, it can't be long until someone outs him.

No. 1240700

Do we think the tumblr pics aren't him? Everything else on the page seems to fit his aesthetic

No. 1240736

Could be a lie, so people don’t go looking, also does anyone have a confirmed ip that we could look up on who.is ? I feel like we are reaching dead ends, and the whole vain mapping seems a bit tedious to not much reward.

No. 1240806

where are these from? didn't see those before either

No. 1240865

I actually think the Tumblr pics are him, especially since the crooked fingers in the Tumblr hand pic match the fingers in the hand pics Corpse posted himself. I wish the Tumblr pic showed the back of the hand though 'cause the pics Corpse posted show that the back of one of his hands has two or more distinct birthmarks/freckles on it.

No. 1240904

Yes we've kinda been over it, can't remember how or why

No. 1240928

this reads as he is 100% insecure to me. he’s just mad he is ugly and only fatties like Loey or dummies like ACTUAL CHILDREN fantasize about his homely, cholo looking ass. Chico feo! lol must be salty the biggest group of adults who know who he even is are us shittalking farmers.

No. 1241179

File: 1622277784341.jpg (42.38 KB, 1195x192, 1.jpg)

Really tired of seeing this argument pop-up everywhere considering it's being used as a shield divert any kind of criticism. Ironically, it also applies to teenage boys
It's not only teen girls' interests, every fanbase made of teens are deemed as cringy. Also as someone working in marketing the "teen girls are trend setter" thing is absolutely wrong, it's children and moms, kek. Pandering to teens esp teen girls is a terrible idea considering their interests and tastes fluctuate constantly + fashion trends are set by young adults, not teens

No. 1241256

I agree but the annoying thing is that men just a few years ago were drooling over egirls like belle delphine,neekolul,pokimane and whatever..

And now they are making fun of women who are also drooling over an eboy and calling them cringe and stupid I'm not defending corpse stans I think they are absolutely mental however these egirl worshiping men have no right to talk considering they are no different or better.

No. 1241283

File: 1622301336128.jpeg (619.15 KB, 828x1473, A35842F9-90D4-4C74-AF57-8060DB…)

God what a weirdo

No. 1241315

i know it pisses off some people that paulina/max are discussed in this kinda unrelated thread, should talking about them be moved to youtuber general?

as much as i like MamaMax's videos something about him read as having a savior complex or just a cow-ish personality in general. i dont care if his gf thinks like your pic related, its embarrassing to POST that… wonder why he is with her. i just know they must be so cringey to hang around and likely are immature as fuck freaks. max, wtf? reel in your bitch lol

No. 1241316

This is attention seeking retardation. She’s trying so hard to have psychosis or something kek.

As funny as it is, can it be posted in another thread? Like YouTube general or something?

No. 1241318

this is so dumb. who cares what teen girls like. i liked retarded shit as a teenager, im not offended by people dunking on shit teen girls like, they arent exactly known for being smart or having good tastes in literally anything anyways.

No. 1241320

>YouTube general
seconding this. also, didn't max say his gf has been the "child voice" in some of his predator vids? i recall it being in the description, that's how i found her instagram, but that was maybe a year ago and she seemed normal back then.
tinfoil: was she a CSA victim or something? that might explain why max makes those artsy, over the top parts in his predator videos of him "killing" "predators". like max she is just crazy break up with her lol its great you feel sorry about what happened to her but just give it up, people who post shit like >>1241283 publicly LOVE being seen as crazy, you wont fix her bro

No. 1241326

He said the way his face developed caused extremely narrow airways. Does anybody know what that means? Small throat? Small jaw structure? I tried to google it but I couldn't find actual pictures of someone that had this situation.

No. 1241331

Yeah if someone can give her an introduction on the thread that would be great. Just link it here afterwards, I wanna follow up with it.

No. 1241470

File: 1622322931412.png (491.29 KB, 486x440, chexposed.PNG)

I made this, I can't get over his name being randall (supposedly) kek

No. 1241478

File: 1622323685591.png (17.31 MB, 5112x4616, ch exposed again (2).png)

here it is in better quality with chains and nail polish, excuse my shitty paint 3d skills

No. 1241595

Paulina intro posted in yt general >>1241591

No. 1241967

Ideally, the tongue is held against the palate at rest and the pressure and muscle relationships all support normal jaw and facial development. Childhood mouth-breathing can lead to jaw and palate deformities from the mouth hanging open, which causes further breathing issues to develop because the various parts of the body are not working together properly. Recessed chin is a common result of mouth-breather posture.

No. 1242005

Kek 10/10

No. 1242198

Kek the land whale Loey standing outside of the glass doors.

No. 1242330

File: 1622402489074.jpg (135.66 KB, 799x735, lidl tess holliday.jpg)

>them legs
does Loey have a thread? Just saw this massive cope on her insta

No. 1242401

I mean she has a pretty face, especially when she's not wearing so much makeup. But at some point she has got to admit she's putting her health at risk big time

No. 1242407

When she gets a stroke is the time she might reconsider kek.

No. 1242414

She made a video talking about how healthy she was and how she eats healthy kek. It was when she was probably 20 pant sizes smaller but still a big fatty, like 5 years ago, but still. I think she’s actually delusional or is always lying to herself

No. 1242960

Loey and Corpse's lack of interaction is interesting. She was one of the only one's to not talk about his merch launch. They used to HEAVY flirt only a few months ago.

No. 1242964

She's one of the few that has seen his face and she has videos of him. I would think he would be really cautious with that friendship.

No. 1243423

File: 1622524978155.gif (2.26 MB, 368x654, cringe_1.gif)

No. 1243425

KEK he's so tryhard, but of course his fangirls are saying it's hot

No. 1243428

anyone wanna go through the frames one by one to see if they can catch any reflection kek

No. 1243430

omg this is so clownish

No. 1243432

Why are his fangirls so convinced he's hot anyways? He doesn't have the hands of a hot guy, he has the pale chubby hands of someone who never leaves his basement.

No. 1243434

Seriously, these are stubby, plump-assed dead fish looking mitts.

No. 1243435

turbo cringe

No. 1243449

>pretty face
Anon pls, she looks like Shrek

No. 1243451

He deleted it, kek

No. 1243472

File: 1622534274774.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, 1457146556.gif)

Same energy as picrel

No. 1243488

What the fuck is this tryhard doing

No. 1243523

fucking kek'd anon

never doing a face reveal. or at least not doing it until he has to get surgery when his young fans inevitably get bored of his stubs I mean hands

No. 1243538

File: 1622543466267.gif (1.32 MB, 275x275, 8E0E4D0F-AE48-459E-A19A-D984B6…)

Same energy

No. 1243546

Its a Balisong/Butterfly knife, basically a yoyo that can cut you if you really fuck up but he is just twisting it around like a spastic.
Pretty cringe but harmless hobby, obviously corpse is an exception and just wants to be dark and edgy with a knife.

No. 1243549

Dear god the replies to that tweet are fat, stumpy hands down some of the absolute most retarded shit I’ve seen on the internet, how does this useless cringelord have so much clout? There really is no hope for the human race.

No. 1243553

File: 1622546059029.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 07B701EC-24EB-4318-8767-1FA816…)

Uhh did he..draw a line on his hand to make it look like a vein? KEK

No. 1243572

File: 1622550692459.png (356.08 KB, 700x620, Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 13.27…)

confirmed he's got some kinda distinct hand freckles

No. 1243587

She doesn’t, which is why she’s also talked in here. I think she definitely is a cow of the size to earn her own thread though.

No. 1243660

Not the fupa gloves KEK

No. 1243715

Fucking KEK. The dainty hands of fupa.

No. 1244319

You all realize that you're comparing opposite hands right? Imo you have a better shot of identifying him by his moles
This is his right hand >>1243572
These pictures show his left hand >>1233473 >>1233444
Seems like his left hand doesn't have any moles and his right hand is the more distinctive one

No. 1244359

Is corpse left-handed? Why would you think the guitar pic is of a left hand?

No. 1244436

I just realized him and loey have been awfully quiet on their flirty stuff for a month or so. He started flirting with an art fan account publicly around that time and he semi did it again today. Wonder if he's dating her on the low and Loey is jealous. Could be a reach.

No. 1244439

File: 1622667818183.png (620.6 KB, 754x613, cc.PNG)

Are you talking about her? If so I got that vibe also. Even though I would be kind of shocked if he publicly interacted with someone he was messing around with because his fans might lose it.

No. 1244797

It’s a bit of a reach. She lives in Pennsylvania and Corpse has mentioned he doesn’t do long distance relationships because he’s an in person person. Probably just another girl he flirts with, it’s pretty common knowledge he’s a huge flirt with pretty much everyone.

No. 1245307

Is 'hey' considered flirting? Kek

No. 1245940

he must be ugly if this is the best he thinks he can do lmao. that girl doesn’t ever sleep or drink water

No. 1245994

I think he just has somewhat more realistic standards, considering how ugly he must be irl.

No. 1246111

Omg the cringe of it all, I fucking hate when moids try to be “sexy” kek

No. 1246439

She isn't unattractive, but she's definitely not the kind of girl someone as hot as his fans think he is would go after.

No. 1246615

He def has a type. Look at TinaKitten then this girl, they look pretty similar except for the race

No. 1246747

I definitely don't think her and tina look alike, especially in full body shots. It's like the complete opposite sides of the spectrum. They're both younger and doesn't he always talk about dating older women? That every girlfriend he has ever had has been significantly older than he is?

No. 1246751

He never shuts the fuck up about MILFs. He wants a girlfriend that's also his mommy. He really overemphasizes his mommy kink. If he keeps up the older woman narrative his younger audience is going to start believing they don't have a chance with him. He needs them to stick around to have a career lol. I guess this is the same dude that emphasizes he doesn't ever want a girlfriend again so who know the actually truth.

No. 1246839

For someone who panics about irrelevancy he rarely ever puts out content anymore.

No. 1247020

So maybe the way to find out who this guy is is through Emma. She said in a q&a from October with savage gasp (feel bad for this guy who had to basically babysit these two morons through the whole thing) that they had met on twitter but her twitter was created the following month. I wonder if maybe she had a different account that she had to delete to protect edgeboys reputation?

No. 1247597


Stop self-posting. Nobody cares about you.

No. 1248569

She did have a twitter account that she deleted, and then she remade with her current twitter. Corpse has replies on his twitter to tweets from her old twitter. Not sure why she deleted it though.

No. 1249359

Sykkuno said on stream today that tinakitten hung out with him and Corpse irl, she went on a weird giggling sperg-out like he wasn't supposed to tell anyone, then ended the call. Why does even spending time with friends have to be such a mystery with this guy?

No. 1249364

I think she's dating CH, that's probably why.

No. 1253633

Sorry for the excessive ellipses, this faggot talks too quietly. Here's a half-recap of his timeline:
>His eyesight, at 19, was apparently going out. When he got prescriptions, he was told he had 20 20, but he apparently gets 'snowballing' and can't see what he's reading.
>Has been in and out of doctors 40 to 50 times in the past six months
>Got worse Oct/September of 2018, CH started getting brain zaps and his vision would go.
>Went to the hospital, was told he had to get checked for a brain tumor, but he didn't have insurance
>He didn't know how to get insurance back.
>"Just turned 21, so he didn't know how" bonus sympathy fagging
>Eventually got MRI and tests, but was cleared off brain tumors and left wondering
>Eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but doctors were saying he didn't. ("You are a young and shaped male, you are the lowest demographic.")
>Tries saying he was right because women have it
>Fast forward to February, talking about depression and how if he didn't post/upload then he wasn't justified posting on Twitter.
>"I was just this fucking anxious mess that lived alone. I stayed in my apartment for months and started GrubHubbing food to my house everyday. I'm losing thousands of dollars per month, and like, I lost track of time completely. I was just in bed for days and days and days."
>February, he woke up one day and couldn't feel, lost feeling in arm. ("Like, I don't want to say lost feeling completely because I could still move it and everything like that. But it started in my right wrist really bad. And I was like, oh fuck.")
>Goes to the doctors, is told "We don't know what's wrong with you, as usual… We don't know why this is happening." but he couldn't click or type. Docs test for rheumatoid arthritis because it traveled from his hand to his elbow, and it was getting so bad he couldn't use it. Gets CAT scans and x rays,
>"It felt like no matter what I did, no matter how many doctors I went to, I was going to appointments every single day. No matter how many I went to, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me."
>It traveled up to his shoulder, but he was so "fuck it, but motivated because I'm gonna beat this and do good" and "I'm gonna do this shit with one hand"
>TL; does everything with one hand
>At that point, his eyesight was fucked so he couldn't read the stories, couldn't click so he couldn't edit that well, he was in bed every day and he didn't have anyone there, and he was losing thousands of dollars per month, people were worried about him, but he's was too scared to post
>Posted in March on snap saying he can move his arm, says he's gonna post a video that month, he's gonna get through everything and do it
>Middle of March, woke up after recording something the night before, and lost feeling in his entire left arm.
>"Not just in the wrist up like it progressed before, but now I couldn't move both my arms"
>"You can imagine how frustrating this was because they had no idea why it was happening. I had no explanation besides, "You're young, why is this happening? We don't really know. Maybe it's tendinitis." Tendinitis only happens if you aggravate it. So why did I wake up and not have feeling? I didn't make any sense"
>Still doesn't know why it happened, thinks it's a neck injury
>Goes to multiple hospitals and gets an offered an arm brace because they don't know, "It progressed in one week from my right wrist to my entire arms. And you're telling me you'll have a brace for me in three weeks for one of my arms."
>Whines about how he's trying to move out of his apartment, but he can't because he can't lift things up.
>Ends up buying braces off of Amazon

I only went til 9:28. Sorry, but this faggot is absolutely insufferable.

No. 1253682

If he’s not making this shit up, then it’s like he’s purposely(for sadboi points?) going to the worst doctors ever in America. Like, absolutely god awful. If his problem is truly so severe why doesn’t he ever go to a highly rated specialist in fibromyalgia or whatever else he has; I’m sure he’s made enough money off his fan girls to travel if he needed to. Sitting in his room and dropping thousands of dollars on fast food isn’t going to help anything. He just sounds whiny and tone-deaf.

No. 1253759

Sorry to medfag but he sounds like a typical psychosomatic pacient.
It's not that psychosomatic patients are making it up, their brain legit 'forgets' how to see, some people can lose almost all their hair, some people faint or lose feeling in limbs. But it's caused by mental health problems and usually fixable by therapists/psychiatrists.
He says he had anxiety, is depressed mess and so on. If all his tests were okay and he visits so many doctors in a few months I'm surprised his doctors didn't suggest this.

No. 1253772

B-but what if the doctors realise who he is and spread his identity to the internet?!?!

No. 1253778

File: 1623498780156.jpg (21.45 KB, 350x250, qlnsje8gwha31.jpg)

I'm thankful for the summary anon but oh my God. insufferable. a hypochondriac munchie with a possible pinched nerve.

No. 1253787

He could be lying about his medical issues, but it honestly doesn’t seem all that unusual of an experience with American doctors, especially for someone without insurance. There’s no way he couldn’t just throw money at them until they actually figure it out now tho
usually only hear about other women going from doctor to doctor only to get shrugged off, but I guess he’s also the rare moid exception to fibromyalgia or whatever. Really it just sounds like, if he is lying about this, he stole the whole sob story from a girl he knew.

No. 1253859

honestly if he's ever taken quinolone antibiotics these issues sound exactly like what has happened to people who have adverse effects afterwards. sharp nerve pains, tendon issues, blurry vision etc. he should take some vitamins and collagen or something

No. 1253887

that's what i'm thinking as well. i think doctors would have suggested it but he probably doesn't want to believe that something so serious could be caused by his mental state and not some rare life threatening disease. even his retelling of how bad he has it fits. he says in feb he was depressed and stopped leaving his house -> gets anxious about being a lazy shit and spending money -> wakes up one day not being able to move his arm
he knows he can milk this for sympathy more if he makes it seem like he is seriously ill and the evil doctors won't help him rather than admitting that he doesn't want to get treated by going to therapy

No. 1253954

At around 5:11 Corpse says, “I can’t believe we just played with that guy”, and proceeds to talk about how he went to high school with him in LA. Not clear who he is referring to. Hoping someone else can figure it out. It’s interesting because in the past corpse said he dropped out of school at 12.(namefag)

No. 1253966

Don't namefag

No. 1253988

File: 1623517429342.png (120.44 KB, 1737x656, dsfaf.PNG)

In the comments people mentioned that he was talking about Lil Nas X. However, that guy graduated from Lithia Springs High School in 2017, which is in Georgia. The other person on the stream he could be referring to is H20Delirious, but even that guy is from North Carolina. His narrative doesn't really add up

No. 1253990

This is tinfoil but has anyone looked into popular or semi-popular myspace era scene or emo kids? If he is older than he claims, what if he is hiding his identity so no one finds the things he said or did during that era? We all know half the edgy shit those types said back then would get them cancelled today and all of the predators and groomers that community had.

No. 1253999

It is very strange to find a male cow who is SUCH a munchie, especially when it is so at odds with his hypersexual music. I don't get zoomer online personas

No. 1254056

H2O Delirious is in his mid thirties, right? So I'm assuming he's talking about Nas, which means if he was in high school with Nas, he might have a yearbook photo. (Granted the CH isn't lying.)

No. 1254088

so CH is just an edgy "anonymous" munchie lmao. and he lives in the USA, yet isnt on his parents insurance?
he is a stupid fuck. i dont feel bad for him. it sounds like he lies about symptoms and suuuure drs are like "omg we have no idea whats going on" bitch they know you're fake as fuck and think you just want drugs.

kids are so fucking dumb. the only reason annoying tards on the internet like CH have fans. i wish kids were legally banned from going on the internet, it would help so much

No. 1254100

> and he lives in the USA, yet isnt on his parents insurance?

He's probably over the age of 26.

No. 1254167

I'd believe it, but his parents could also be white trash working jobs that don't offer insurance

No. 1254202

He probably was on the child insurance provided by the state and then when he turned 18 being a minor youtuber was in a weird place where he made too much for state provided insurance but not enough to pay all his medical bills. As far as the high school thing he said the same thing about pewdiepie so its just a stupid joke he makes.

No. 1254207


Or he's the white trash for not buying insurance. He can afford it.

Or he's lying about the whole thing for sadboi points and attention.

No. 1254503

i just can't take most of this shit seriously, it sounds like fanfiction, someone who is trying way too hard to make others believe he has problems in order to get pity points out of them.

No. 1254519

File: 1623542611479.png (28.63 KB, 1272x145, chrome_2021-06-13_03-03-03.png)

>beautiful personality

No. 1254579

Apparently his dad left when he was very young and his mother is on disability and can’t work. He pays her rent. So it’s unlikely she has any insurance he can be on from his parents. He’s literally a complete loner.

No. 1254581

He pays his mother’s rent because his dad is worthless enough to leave a mother on disability, and you guys are STILL out here saying he “fakes his problems”? Or something? He hasn’t done anything besides be socially stupid and perhaps a chungus, literally who cares. That’s a pretty cool thing to do for your family, and given he has no insurance and probably grew up without getting to go to doctors, idk probably why he doesn’t trust them. This thread is only funny because of the people who lose it to hate someone who’s already been fading, even though he pays his mom’s bills. Tf.

No. 1254584


you might be on the wrong site if you're gonna stan for a shitty faceless youtuber

No. 1254591


PULL energy

No. 1254621


Are you lost, retard?

No. 1254693

you sound underaged

No. 1254700

someone needs to tell him to investigate limbic system dysfunction and DNRS treatment, this sounds exactly like the case. It's sort of like psychosomatic /hypochondria / anxiety gone wild, I've personally been in the same boat been seeing so many doctors thinking something is fatally wrong with me and many of the people treated by DNRS said the same thing, spending $100k+ visiting doctors thinking they're on the brink of death with some weird illness when it's their brain playing tricks on them and being reinforced by anxiety.

No. 1254742

kek, yes

>pays his mother's rent
this sounds like fanfiction too, what's next, he goes out at night in character and fights crime?

No. 1254743

Away with your snake oil, shill. Obviously he’s a hypochondriac/munchie. They fix both of those in therapy.

No. 1254747

It’s not even a Stan, you guys give time to and have a raging hate boner for this literal nobody. but yeah at least he pays his moms bills that’s tight. how can you spend more than four seconds on him let alone write fan fictions about how he’s faking every single thing and not understand your sensitivity about someone pointing out that you’re obsessed with a chungus dorkus and idk that’s weird and even weirder how serious you all are about it. Like it took four of you to instantly defend me pointing out that yeah this situation is funny. you’re looking for a tubby man yOu HaTe based on scenie weenie pictures and dick vein hands, that is funny

No. 1254768


why are you here

No. 1254787

This containment thread is full of anons who have a raging hate boner for this fatty fatty 2x4 who can't fit through the fucking door, but wk'ing this moid is even more embarassing.

No. 1254808

>you guys give time to and have a raging hate boner for this literal nobody

Welcome to lolcow

No. 1254845

Not to be an idiot but what is a munchie

No. 1254848

munchausen syndrome

No. 1254934

Im laughing so hard this guy is such a pathological liar wtf. finding his actual identity and face is going to rely solely on his digital footprint. has anyone tried putting his emails and account names into those database checkers where they cross reference leaks from data breaches? i wonder if his fans are already doing this considering what dreams “fans” did recently.
ntayrt but you’re not making the point that you think you’re making kek, you’re agreeing with the anon except the anon was giving relevant advice. ofc he’s such a fucking liar that he might have been told he’s a munchie already yet is lying about it. anons need to remember that our own perspective is limited as this mfer is a moid so he’s going to be taken seriously quicker by doctors than a woman would. they’ve probably moved hell and earth for him compared to what they would have done for a woman with the same symptoms.

No. 1255396

Are you stupid? She literally said it’s a psychosomatic problem caused by anxiety lol

No. 1255432

No. 1255663

Anon, I think you’re forgetting that he’s been talking about his doctors not helping him or even knowing about the possible condition(s) he might have for years now. It seems like every time he opens his mouth he’s complaining about everyone around him not helping or even caring to. It’s annoying, I can’t believe his stans haven’t caught on to it.

I also do agree with the other anons here that it seems his problems are more rooted in his mental health.

Setting up his insurance shouldn’t be a problem either; he’s a white straight man. I have no idea why he even thought to bring that up, it’s not like he doesn’t have money. And yes, bitching about insurance that he could pay for but chooses not to for some reason while also casually mentioning he wastes thousands on take-out while the much poorer American is doing everything they can just to get by during the pandemic is incredibly tone-deaf to me.

No. 1255671

What are the chances CH wasn't invited to the OTV & friends Vegas trip this past weekend? I know he's socially retarded and wouldn't have gone anyway, but on Sykkuno's stream just now someone asked about CH and he started saying something like "I don't think he was even–" and then cut himself off and started saying something else. Sounded like he was going to say they didn't even ask him to come. He also wasn't on the list of people invited to the OTV Minecraft server.

No. 1255682

To be fair, he complained about the insurance problem years ago, before he was so popular, and before the pandemic.
Why the doctors can't help him now that he has money is another issue.

No. 1255773

I was thinking about this too. even if he was invited and turned it down because he knew there would be group photos taken, or even if the organizer reached out and said "I haven't invited you because I understand your discomfort having your photo taken and we're going to be doing a ton of that," that still hurts. To know all your ~super famous streamer friends~ are hanging out, partying, being hot (or at least trying) and getting attention for it and you're conspicuously missing from the group.

It's the first visual confirmation that he's being left behind. No more quarantine to justify hiding inside. He's gonna have to get comfortable leaving his house if he wants to stay relevant.

No. 1257283

doesn't this mean he is not dating tinakitten, because girlfriends/boyfriends of other streamers were invited even if they were not famous(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257403

kek. Why are you even bringing up his race? Who gives a shit if hes a straight white male.

No. 1258253

Sounds like he’s had a falling out with most of his streamer friends then? Why else they wouldn’t invite him.

No. 1258296

His voice is deep cause he takes testosterone, in one of his first livestream he said he had a hormonal disorder like a binding agent thing that did not work. The testosterone changes your vocal cord permanently you can watch videos on YT of transman detransition (biological woman to man to woman again) these girls have a deep voice now(sage non-milk)

No. 1258301

We need clip for these types of claims.
But it would be funny asf if he did say that. Nigga so soy that he needs T or is it just another munchie thing?

No. 1258327

its in "Corpse husband full story (health issues)" at 19:20 he didn't explicitly say he was taking it but like just the fact that his voice got deeper which is a well known effect of tret is enough to say that yes he is taking some tret(imageboard)

No. 1258424

If he's ftm I will lose my shit

No. 1258467

>>1255663 he is half mexican

No. 1258535

>He's probably over the age of 26.
currently yes but i was under the impression from >>1253633 that this happened under the age of 26.

>His eyesight, at 19, was apparently going out.

>Went to the hospital, was told he had to get checked for a brain tumor, but he didn't have insurance
>He didn't know how to get insurance back.
>"Just turned 21, so he didn't know how"

like ??? did his parents disown him lol? im 22 and have no probs with my parents insurance i just bring my card with me… maybe his parents are poor? would explain the attention seeking behavior from him… for money or fame/attention he never got? to feel like a higher class person?

No. 1258536

he gives off low class cholo vibes

No. 1258557

File: 1623919869384.png (141.95 KB, 747x920, corpse.PNG)

Does anyone have a decent list of all the "facts" he's provided about his life? Ik the credibility would be questionable but I have no other ideas of how to figure out his actual identity. I'm a neet who enjoyed watching dream go down and thought I'd try to take a crack at unmasking CH.
- KF has already looked into his emails. I found nothing for a young "Gregory D Evans" (name linked to corpsehusbandstories@gmail.com) in SoCal.
- I tried combing through his following lists on Twitter and Instagram to see if there were any normie accounts that looked like they could belong to someone he knows irl. No one fit the bill except a woman who turned out to be Bones' mother (the rapper) and then there are some rando fans he follows. He follows a number of accounts that were fans of him back in like 2016-2017.
- I tried looking up his PO box to see if there was any leaked public information as to who technically owns it. I pursued a lead with a woman's name until I figured out that she owned the PO box in 2009 for like a year. There's no record of anyone after that but there is a law in California that if someone is conducting business with a PO box then you may request information. That could potentially work?
- I tried looking through apartments in Murrieta (PO box location) and San Diego to see if I could find an apartment with a similar layout or appearance to his recent photos. I feel like that will take forever and is too much for one person, so I can compile a couple screenshots of his most recent apartment which other bored neets like me can refer to if you wanna unmask this pornsick incel.
Also I think this is potentially his side account. He follows a lot of smaller accounts that were fans back in '16-'17 but this is obscure with no mention of CH and has a few similarities like the horse meme, the typing style, similar interests, similar follow list, etc.

No. 1258637

the twitter acc responded to corpse once.
What's interesting is that they follow Tyler the Creator. The Tumblr some anons found on waybackmachine had some tyler the creator references.
Again: all of this is probably tinfoil, cause every edgy poser eboy has the same "personality"

No. 1258651

don't think that twitter account is him, went through all of his likes and seems like that guy lives in canada

No. 1258793


someone needs to pay the stans in the comments claiming to have a clip of CH from his early streams on their hard drive, to leak it.
How is it possible all of his early fans refuse to grow the fuck up

No. 1258914

File: 1623962801208.jpeg (209.67 KB, 1242x504, 884847FB-8C8D-4873-971D-E15210…)

Anybody hear about the fact that Keemstar has “credible” sources of Corpse’s and Dream’s identity?

No. 1258989

Keemstar confused OTK and OTV about their rust server like how much evidence this incompetent guy can have(sage)

No. 1258996

File: 1623968133960.png (414.79 KB, 1034x1380, questionable.png)

Nvm my bad, thanks anons. This means that he likely has no irl people tied to the CH account then. Well at least we know that he follows Pornhub kek.
Something I found interesting was limited evidence of one of his megafans who went to San Diego in 2017. He followed her briefly before then and liked a bunch of her tweets, she probably thought she had a chance or smth. I don't know if she actually met up with him, probably not because she's still a fan to this day.

No. 1259005

File: 1623968674506.jpg (700.61 KB, 490x787, OwsZDjC.jpg)

>>1258914 Keemstar also has a Corpse hoodie that was sent by Corpse himself, so I don't think he'll leak his info maybe they're on good terms

No. 1259075

That would be just chef kiss

No. 1259127

unless he pisses keem off lol hope he does.

No. 1259294

the thing that gets me about these people that claim to have seen his face is that they never say anything about what he looks like. They're so vague that they sound full of shit. If you've really seen him why don't you say something about his appearance?

No. 1259354

Probably because he's anything but attractive. They don't have anything nice to say

No. 1260002

I really don’t think they’ve seen his face because they would’ve at least described what he looks like by now. I think they’re lying for clout and to feel that they’re oh so special.

No. 1260004

And the more that I think about it, it just seems more and more likely that he’s lying about the severity of the physical
issues he’s having, and that he is just using it as an excuse to not communicate with the outside world like he apparently uses the weather as an excuse if songs like ‘agoraphobic’ are to be believed. Since Corpse strikes me as the type of person who would take a quiz on the internet to “find out what disorder he has”” and say, “omg that’s me”, I’m inclined to believe that he really doesn’t have agoraphobia either and is just socially retarded; which could be fixed with the therapy that he’ll never go to.

No. 1260102

I’m not going to pretend that I know much about agoraphobia but he has talked about moshing at concerts. I thought people with that disorder can’t be around crowds?

No. 1260418

Corpse is friends with Phase Banks who is friends with Keem so thats probably how he got a hoodie sent to him

No. 1260431

Agoraphobia can develop as a complication of other issues, e.g. an anxiety disorder. He might still be lying about the moshing, or the agoraphobia, or both, the fuck do I know? But just because someone suffers from agoraphobia now doesn't mean they've always struggled with it (or always will struggle with it in the future), so it's not much of a smoking gun either way.

No. 1260544


Anons, this is a fucking slasher meme. Jfc. He's making fun of a retarded esports reporter who tried to get hooked up with Venti by offering her friend connections to an esports team. Keem doesn't know either of them unless he follows dreams kiwi thread. He still wouldn't know CH since we haven't found him yet

No. 1260709

File: 1624177973160.jpg (26.55 KB, 756x200, a6CL6QQ.jpg)

No. 1260717

There is no way he was attending shows, let alone getting in the pit, with his alleged agoraphobia and plethora of health issues. He’s either lying about attending shows in general or lying about how serious his anxiety and health issues are/were

No. 1260806

There are tweets he made talking about going to see Bones. They’re in the thread somewhere. I think it was Karl (?) that said he’s too scared to mosh and CH said, “well when we go we’re going to change that.”

I don’t know if his phobia has gotten worse since then or if he’s exaggerating all of his health/mental issues.

No. 1261313

File: 1624284026514.png (375.35 KB, 608x533, Untitled.png)

What do you people think about tinas post on her alt?

No. 1261334

Personally I don't think anything of it. Him and all of his female friends are extremely flirty. I get the impression that he wouldn't actually go for someone that's a "public figure". Not to mention he is always going on about only wanting to date much older women.

No. 1261377


Most people with agoraphobia are able to go somewhere if they have someone with them, by themselves they completely shut down so I could see how he’d be willing to go with him but at the same dude is so paranoid he probably thinks people are gonna recognize him and expose him, nobody cares who you are at the concert unless you’re the artist, still don’t believe he actually has agoraphobia though, if anything I bet he’s got histrionic personality disorder

No. 1262036

File: 1624372026674.jpg (69.25 KB, 437x403, 1624371539116.jpg)

>Possible Identities
>Ice Poseidon, Lil Xan, Leafy
You can't be serious(newfag)

No. 1262039

Sage your newfaggotry, autist

No. 1262203

This. And since he’s somewhat succesfull still, they don’t want to get on his bad side ig.

No. 1262847

Guess he’s taking a break now.. Well, he’s differently not going to be famous, and he’ll probably be forgotten about by the time he gets back.

No. 1266370

Maybe anons were getting too close

No. 1273388

File: 1625733946077.jpg (45.29 KB, 576x528, E5pAfl2XEAYBWRW.jpg)

one more picture from twitter, people say he posted it years ago, just adding to the pile

No. 1273427

Oh this fag's still alive? Amazing how he managed to squander the genuine hype he had a few months ago. Really cements my view that his "music career" was nothing more than a ploy to attract underage ethots

No. 1273507

This obese manlet annoys the fuck outta me. His fans always try to make him trend on Twitter for no fucking reason. Also I’ve never seen an attractive corpse fan. They’re all crusty looking middle school girls who think they look like an uwu e-girl when they really just look like shit.

No. 1276867

>>1273388 Corpse looks fatty from every angle, even his hands are fat. I don't know who believes him at this point.

No. 1276869

File: 1626317684627.jpg (14.46 KB, 344x185, Screenshot_7.jpg)

I noticed that he's always trying to be closer with Grimes and Elon. Liking and commenting a lot of their posts. They had some interactions too. It may even happen that Grimes and him collaborate. This is weird, why that amount of interest in them.

No. 1276942

Sage for not 100%, but got this ad and the voice managed to reach that annoying tone that Corpse's is always at, and apparently his fangirls are all over the comments already
Possibly doing VA work for commercials? It's from around when his peak popularity was starting, and he said before he was getting into vA work according to his stans

No. 1278104

I think it's because he has a similar personality to Grimes. I didn't really notice it until he was on Tina's stream talking about conspiracy theories. Tina didn't understand or follow along because that's not her personality but I could definitely see him having a conversation with Grimes about it and being on the same wavelength.

No. 1278875

there…is a fat man under that coat. like..at minimum a 38" waist on a 5'8" person.

No. 1279393

File: 1626594348273.jpeg (84.58 KB, 500x578, E13IpV0XMAMxxGf.jpeg)

The KF thread recommended KageKamaara, another emo-whore genre guy, as a candidate for Corpsery. Kamaara is shown to be logged into Corpse's twitter, has similar music, sounds near-identical when pitched a little down, and Corpse's music is credited to him. Either he's a ghostwriter, team manager, or he's Corpse. (Picrel posted by Kamaara.)
Can the vein analyst anon do a comparison with this guy?

No. 1279438

File: 1626606403126.jpeg (309.66 KB, 1242x1553, 38132865-A9AF-468F-852E-69055D…)

I totally understand that sleuthing online can take a bit of time or be annoying.
But this wouldve taken you literally 4 seconds to look up.
This person has hairy hands, and their hands look NOTHING like Corpse Husbongodrums

No. 1279445

Funny how that anon posts all the “evidence” from the KF thread that this guy is Corpse but not the interview with Kamaara someone posted in the same thread proving he’s not Corpse. They sound and look nothing alike.

No. 1279548

"all the" it's a single pic you fucking retard. There's plenty more evidence in the KF thread that I didn't post.
Not everyone has insta, and half of the thread sleuthing is from me anyway. It's almost like I asked other anons to do it… for a fucking reason. People can shave, so the only verifiable comparison is veins. That's why I asked.

No. 1279689

you can just tell he's fishing for likes in his response to musk

No. 1279786

Interesting how he is logged into the account though. He probably knows whoever is the real corpse, so maybe it is one of his friends?

No. 1280382

Muskrat is an ugly fat fuck who never seems to struggle to find decent looking women willing to fuck him. Corpsey wants to learn his ways. Honestly I just think he's trying to remind people of his existence and stay relevant. His "career" is going down the shitter and he knows it.

No. 1281214

Nah. This dude is certainly not cringe husband, his voice has a completely different tone. Most likely he is just cp's cringe ass business partner or whatever (they work in the same genre as mentioned after all)
Sorry for posting this earrape btw.

No. 1281219

File: 1626828110131.jpg (326.72 KB, 1080x1587, IMG_20210721_033300.jpg)

Dude also whiteknighted corpse and is in collaboration with him (this explains why ch's songs are credited to him - mentioned here >>1208947)

No. 1281235

File: 1626830281170.jpg (268.9 KB, 1080x1728, IMG_20210721_040018.jpg)

Kek corpse has posted videos about his new ugly song on tiktok (which apparently consists of him whispering I meant singing """"high"""" in it).
It has /picrelated/ guy in it (he has chonky legs too). Is this our guy? What do you think farmers?

No. 1281261

Pretty sure that's a cgi person nonnie

No. 1281564

It's CGI, the first video even says who it's made by (adecitheblue).

No. 1283319

kek are you fucking braindead. It's an animation.

No. 1285520

ok this is majorly autistic. BUT I've been able to trace the tumblr back to it's current URL

for further prove, just compare the posts on wayback archive with these https://inner-peace-especially.tumblr.com/archive/2013/1
or just search the tags.

No. 1285566

Well, if that is Corpse’s tumbler I would believe that he is a younger person because it gives me major embarrassing bisexual teen girl vibes.

No. 1285756

File: 1627442829648.jpg (60.97 KB, 365x750, tumblr_0d8e29c329ec0e187567683…)

From the tumblr tagged "me" in 2019. Where's that hand vein anon at?

No. 1286719

good work anon. lmao I hope that is him, fucking kek. The tumblr has loads of edgy, horny, and sad posts. It seems like stuff he would post, but it could be just another edgy emo sadboi like him tbh

No. 1286729

File: 1627575792779.jpg (66.1 KB, 576x1024, media.jpg)

samefag, I totally forgot until now, but I found another pic of him on twitter the other day. He purged all his old tweets, but he can't purge other ppls. Someone had screenshotted his snapchat and posted it.

No. 1287024

File: 1627605335620.jpg (377.3 KB, 933x1920, tumblr_0e324df39529f04917acde8…)

Similar clothing style. Taken from the tumblr under the #me tag

No. 1287026

File: 1627605381342.jpg (322.59 KB, 933x1920, tumblr_37ef020b018b56a1a6e9b5e…)

One with a neck tattoo, same tumblr and tag

No. 1287089

he has no moles on his hand, no curly hair and no droopy eyes. it's just a random guy

No. 1287310

This, but also this guy looks entirely white. Corpse is Hispanic, no?

No. 1287446

The moles are on the side without the watch. Unless he switches sides with his watch, or has moles on both hands, I think it’s still viable.

No. 1287462

I'm pretty positive that he said he doesn't have any hispanic features/look hispanic.

No. 1287483

Have you never met a white hispanic person before???

No. 1287581


But really isn't every man just some guy

No. 1287594

File: 1627678201958.jpeg (302.04 KB, 757x780, SQ0J6H1.jpeg)

true true
Corpse have brown eyes, I had a doubt so I had to check

No. 1288034

File: 1627747806514.jpg (772.24 KB, 1075x1817, Screenshot_20210731-090450_Duc…)

I had hoped it was him, but I doubt it. This guy has skinny arms with tacky tattoos. Unless these tattoos are fake, or Corpse shooped them out of his pics and gained a shit ton of weight.

No. 1288074

File: 1627750596197.jpeg (977.61 KB, 1242x1215, B61DBD62-C476-481E-B076-0B56DB…)

No. 1288129

read through both threads and there is NO way this guy is 23 kek

No. 1288213

Found and old livestream from March 2016 with Corpse in it, I tried to pick out the highlights (there are not many). The only milky thing he says is that he is 18 and still in school, so confirmation he lied about dropping out. (~2:31:44)
Sorry in advance for fucked up timestamps or if I missed something, its an almost 4 hour live stream.
-youtubers urmaker, eden, lazy masquerade & corpse were all friendly and used to live stream together.
-(urmaker uses a blaccent throughout the vid, be warned its cringe and hard to sit through honestly)
~2:04:00 mentions something about corpse almost puking after eating six bowl of macaroni, mentions corpse was juicing. (possible ED?)
~2:14:20 corpse didn't puke after eating 5-6 bowls of macaroni, says he is "used to it by now"
~2:16:30 No one believes that he is 18 online or in person, looks and sounds older, supposedly gets offered alcohol at restaurants.
~2:18:00 despite being notified about he stream beforehand, he says he was "thrown into it" and told everyone in his house to "shut the fuck up".
~2:21:20 "mad mike" lives 40 mins away from him (idk who that is), mike is national guard? corpse grew up where he[mike] lives, then he moved. (which checks out with growing up in San Diego, I believe there is a base there)
~2:23:00 "hates being in the spotlight of anything, that's why I don't have my own stream"
~2:31:44 talks about being IN SCHOOL.
~2:45:00 talks about snapchat, worried he might accidently send something.
~2:47:00 almost showed his face on instagram, has a personal facebook and a business/yt facebook.
~2:50:30 doesn't use his legal name, even with his friends he uses different names/nicknames. Eden who is "close" with him doesn't know his real name
~3:20:00 is irritated when people say he changes his voice
~3:22:30 says he eats a lot (we know)
~3:23:30 urmaker talks about he and corpse both have GERD. (kinda interesting, if corpse does have Munchausen I wonder if this is were corpse got the GERD thing from)
~3:38:20 talks about how he eats so much (we know)
~3:40:20 music tastes likes MGK (who he ended up collabing with), Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Logic, Twenty On Pilots. Hair is dark brown/light brown and curly.
~3:44:00 says eyes are light brown, then when urmaker says his are green, brown and gold, corpse says "yeah mine too" lol

No. 1288319

someone should download this video in case it gets deleted or privated

No. 1289455

at 2:55:30 he says he has a "really bad resting bitch face" so either he looks intimidating or he's just plain ugly by default

No. 1290138

Rehabilitated stan, wanted to share some info. In an old live qna (which is now deleted/privated) he mentioned his stalker situation and how he was posting pictures of guns to his snapchat to scare them off. He didn't clarify if these were off google or his own, but he could be a gun owner. In the same qna he mentioned spending a lot of time near the Lake Elsinore area, but he moved on quickly like he leaked something. This could be a possibility of where he lived or lives. Like I said before I can't link the stream but you could probably find clips of these if you looked hard enough.

No. 1290149

posting guns on his snapchat story to scare people is so cringe lmao

No. 1290154

do you know what year the stream is from, like recently or years back?

No. 1290160

A long time ago, 2016-2017 iirc.

No. 1290453

What made you rehabilitate, nona?

No. 1290464

I got bored of him and more curious about his super secret mystery identity. He's also super fucking insufferable. Every time he opens his mouth he's either complaining about how sad he is, scaring his streamer friends with his aggression, or making them uncomfortable with his totally real sex life and catgirl fetish.

No. 1290478

yeah his whole uwu so mysterious shit is like some weird wattpad story written by a high schooler, and all the influencers just play along with it too. The only person I've seen even slightly shade him is twomad, everyone else just kisses his ass.

No. 1290509

is "qna" a slang thing or due to american illiteracy? sorry i'm in my 30s so don't know if that's how zoomers spell it now or if phones really did make you all shit at reading

No. 1290620

pretty sure he mentioned he could never grow a full beard, and that his hair is curly so you are so off bro.

No. 1290623

File: 1628078476668.jpeg (225.61 KB, 750x661, 6EFD14D0-7075-4357-8C2C-3B1DAB…)

Using Google is much more difficult than making a long winded post about them damn Amurricans and zoomers, right nonny? Kek. Literal autism

No. 1290650

nta but
>anon's post is 35 words long

Sorry you only have two brain cells, Nonny

No. 1290690

Then it just means that tumblr likely isn’t his. That’s already been said. Let’s move on.
Also learn to sage

No. 1290904

ayrt kek i know what a q&a is, i've just never seen it written with an "n" before and it looks retarded written that way

No. 1291041

There are so many newfags here derailing the thread, lurk for a bit and learn how the site works before you post. fighting about 'qna' for fucks sake

No. 1291306

lake elsinore seems like a pretty good lead, also it's like minimum an hour away from san diego maybe he doesnt even live in san diego at all and he lied about that

No. 1292569

It’s close to Murrieta which is where his P.O. Box address is at.

No. 1292825

i totally think he is a munchie

No. 1294553

File: 1628453411509.jpeg (910.37 KB, 1242x2197, 8B0DDFD0-8DD8-4C9B-A955-EC60C8…)

already checked all their stories, no other photos

No. 1294670

Damn. I'm suprised he's hanging out with Mykie publicly after she was outed as a racist last year. It's funny tho, he has this "woke" & "inclusive" fanbase but they won't call him out for hanging out with this chick huh

No. 1294687

He should start cutting himself as a punishment for stealing money from teenage girls like the trash he is. Self harm scars would really suit those ugly filthy crooked hands of his.(this is autistic)

No. 1294695


No. 1294715

looks like him and tina are holding hands

No. 1294848

File: 1628459286708.png (447.26 KB, 956x1096, tinacorpse.png)

He just uploaded a video of Tina doing knife tricks and them giggling. I called this in another thread after she broke up with Jummy and Corpse started hardcore flirting with her. Jummy said every girl he ever dated cheated on him, so… the timing is lining up.


No. 1294873

Honestly I hope they do date. She doesn't seem all too bright, I could see her accidentally doxxing him.

No. 1295288

Mykie???? LMFAO

No. 1295291

Mykie has a relationship with Anthony, maybe that's why people aren't kicking her to the curb

No. 1295400

Mykie has pretty much been forgiven by her fan base and Corpse stans jumped on her side too even though she hasn’t made her YouTube comeback yet

No. 1295435

I bet loey is pretty salty she didn’t get invited

No. 1295452

It’s so funny to me when people “ship”
him with one of these girls. If you mention their names to him he says the same thing about every one of them. “I love her sooo much”. It’s kind of weird. He’s the only dude I’ve ever witnessed talk about his female friends the way he does and nobody takes it weird. At least not in public.

No. 1295484

I find it funny that Corpse has never posted anything regarding him being around her in person or anything on her period. He’s done nothing but post about his new friend group and Emma (who has met Loey in person), videos/pictures of and with them. Yet he’s known Loey for years now and nothing with her. Makes me wonder if he doesn’t trust her to some degree to hang out with her in person. Just weird to me.

No. 1296006

this tina thing shows exactly how mfing retarded and delusional CH's fanbase is. he streams with her (just the two of them), meets her in person, holds hands with her, and they're over there "stanning" their "friendship". "oh im so glad tina is his little sister!"/ "oh so great that he has a friend like tina!" like, bitch please. are you blind? he is dating her, jeez.

No. 1296016

>Outed as a racist

Please, a deranged hour long rant by a spurned ex-friend who chose to read the worst possible subtext into every word of years-old texts does not a racist make. She was trying to be a supportive friend, but Spankie was putting all this stuff you should unload onto a therapist onto her via text and then calling her a racist when she didn't know how to respond properly.

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iirc anon there's more to it than just the spankie personal issues, mykie had posted so many at the very minimum insensitive things on the internet and never stopped after told by her fans that she shouldn't, and still defended her "reverse racism" takes until she left the internet.