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File: 1546647052635.png (499.79 KB, 952x975, 1546226782000.png)

No. 349208

Post art you find hideous or bad.

previous thread >>268249

No. 349210

File: 1546647273264.jpg (736.61 KB, 1100x936, dcw6shi-2ffa9f91-5949-4f1f-801…)

i already hate anthro ponies and this person went and drew them with ugly muscles

No. 349212

File: 1546647446886.jpeg (113.71 KB, 967x1200, 53920C5A-57D7-4780-BCC4-73C80D…)

No. 349257

File: 1546650050367.jpg (101.62 KB, 1154x692, __cheap_adopt_batch_2____open_…)

What exactly is the point of adoptables?

No. 349260

my understanding is that, the design of the character you adopt belongs to you and you can claim them as yours/draw them/whatever? idk.

No. 349267

File: 1546651259097.png (339.46 KB, 571x563, dcsmm1e-2c990ffc-7f3b-4950-8f5…)

No. 349275

This isn’t that bad, but I don’t understand why they outlined the nose shadow.

No. 349285

It took me a long time to figure this out but I think it’s just selling a character design. Then that person can make an OC with it and use that image as a reference to commission other artists.

No. 349312

ugh, another reason why i don’t want that shitty ship to happen

also fuck steven universe for popularizing the bean mouth

No. 349330

File: 1546661719455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.76 KB, 730x1095, creepypasta_oc_goatface_by_biz…)


ah, okay. So when you draw that character in the future, instead of saying "This is Anon's character" they can say "This is MY character!"
And then, they can pay even more money to other artists to draw porn of it, or whatever. Sound about right?

pic not related

No. 349341

File: 1546663084489.jpg (99.68 KB, 1242x1692, sq06b9muio901.jpg)

I hope this is a phase.

Also I never remember being this hardcore cringy as a teen like vampire freaks was the max to my edgy days.

No. 349343

File: 1546663135613.png (554.07 KB, 883x1200, CISVybLUwAA2nyY.png)

No. 349344

File: 1546663166476.png (386.02 KB, 798x1001, tumblr_kun_by_miss_zi_zi-dc9x7…)

No. 349352

posting a Rory is cheating

No. 349456

This is what happens when someone copies anime style without understanding what the lines are based on. The outlined nose part should mark out a shadow, but instead, she highlighted it.

No. 349485

I will NEVER wrap my head around the appeal of adoptables.

I get artists and writers having OCs but the whole culture around it is so strange. They're treated like collectables almost.

And then there's buying/selling rights to a SPECIES, which is even weirder.

No. 349510

Ugh i hate this ship, i hope toby doesnt go with it

No. 349512

File: 1546697051121.png (345.29 KB, 509x1029, 20190105_220234.png)

No. 349513

File: 1546697103262.png (233.76 KB, 581x930, 20190105_220314.png)

No. 349583

Got the Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff edit?

No. 349633

Get ready for the crossover of the century, y'all!

Is this…fanart of Mahouprince?

No. 349634

File: 1546723616620.jpg (105.8 KB, 900x1236, scp_tale_au_ref__d_class_subje…)

dropped pic

No. 349725

File: 1546741859080.jpeg (406.79 KB, 1662x1846, 10907DEF-CB1F-4A88-BE23-A585E4…)

I know what you guys want, something sexy right? Well, you’re welcome.

No. 349741

This was satire made by Miss Zi Zi to make fun of SJW art.

No. 349742

No. 349751

File: 1546755664485.jpg (126.29 KB, 960x640, pride_day_by_miss_zi_zi-d8yxdb…)


still ugly tho

No. 349756

File: 1546758823930.jpg (1.98 MB, 3072x3742, 20190106_150935.jpg)

'Gay anger'

No. 349757

I don’t get it

No. 349759

Well, that's the point.

No. 349879

File: 1546781133897.png (Spoiler Image, 54.64 KB, 1231x1160, dayzagz-08cc757d-5112-471d-826…)

No. 349938

Most artists are in for the money (depending on your popularity, there's a ton of money to make easily), most buyers are impressionable teenagers, who love to show off how many OCs they have and/or how much money they can piss away for this kind of crap.

Same with the closed species thing: the artist can make a shitton of money without drawing porn. I've never met an artist with a closed species who was not in just for the money.

No. 350010

anon is stil fucking ugly art don't mater if is a parody , is ugly art

No. 350134

File: 1546816006089.jpg (722.76 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190106_230943.jpg)

Not a bad artist because of a creepy factor, but bad because I would draw cartoons on MS paint as a 10 year old on Windows 2000 and it still turned out better that the shit this 30 year old woman does.

No. 350185

File: 1546818196953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.47 KB, 800x998, um ew.jpg)

No. 350192

Her shirt says it all

No. 350469

File: 1546889710304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.24 KB, 360x582, AS-01.jpg)

i dont understand this ~equating yourself to food~ trend tbh
its not cute

No. 350529

File: 1546900720374.png (79.64 KB, 1378x374, KEK.png)

that's funny bc tumblr used to reeeEEEE over describing skin color with food

No. 350577

File: 1546907256941.jpg (134.89 KB, 540x540, ugly.jpg)

"it’s canon that peter parker is Jewish so i decided to draw his bar mitzvah! complete with a rainbow tallit and red-blue kippah!

reblogs are soooo appreciated! follow me on insta as jungkyard!" , the art is so fucking ugly you can even tell is peter fuckin parker lmao

No. 350579

what gets me the most is the lack of form on the scroll. how lazy can you fucking get?

No. 350602

why is peter black when they could have drawn miles morales who is canonically a person of color? not only that, but this shit looks like a rugrats art style.

No. 350618

Because it doesn't matter to these people if the character is POC, it's not THEIR POC so therefore it is wrong. Nothing will ever please them

No. 350627

is that supposed to be vomit? what the fuck
this is the first post on this thread to actually trigger me, fuck. it's so inconceivably ugly.

No. 350885

becase Miles is not a latino jew like they will like, is aslo funny they make peter parker black becase is not a real reason to make him one, but tumblr only care abute woke points so how cares, at las is not a trans peter parker huh?

No. 351159

File: 1546986331393.jpg (248.98 KB, 1300x1298, 333.jpg)

i can't stand these art styles that have fat elephantiasis legs
bonus blackwashing as always

No. 351218

I really like this style, I guess I'm a tumblrfag, but the thigh gap seems a bit hypocritical to the bodyposi vibe

No. 351315

It's so easy to tell when people make characters 'poc' so they won't get backlash for only drawing characters with pale skin. Imo, it makes no sense for most of the characters to have the same skin tone, then throw a random brown person in there, unless it's based off of real people or someone from a show or something.

No. 351340

File: 1546995019189.jpg (124.36 KB, 680x1000, 66.jpg)

the characters are from tokyo mew mew and they're all japanese
but every japanese magical girl group needs to have a black one according to these artists (and usually a fat one and a trans one too)

No. 351590

File: 1547041944742.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 720x898, 20190109_214951.png)

This is just fucking wierd

And that face just looks so dead

No. 351655

It's weird that they always draw fat girls pigeon toed because in my experience every fat girl I've known has had legs that are wildly splayed out at the knee.

No. 351696

File: 1547054936851.jpg (560.18 KB, 1080x1195, elvira.jpg)

No. 351868

I actually dig this, whose the artist?

No. 351871


No. 351873

File: 1547089186087.jpg (160.79 KB, 1200x1200, Dk92jVyW0AYqAkc.jpg)

No. 351881

Cringy but interesting style and good drawing overall.

No. 351887

File: 1547090453710.jpg (166.79 KB, 1400x1938, uwu pastel guro monstergirl.jp…)

ghoulkiss on twitter

No. 352029

I actually like this…

No. 352295

this is very well made but who the hell looks at Bart and thinks "that'd make an hot teen"

No. 352523

File: 1547167231439.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.36 KB, 1023x723, atomick_boy___daddy_daddy_plea…)

No. 352525

File: 1547167268081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.42 KB, 752x1063, neko_neko_afraid___by_puercagi…)

No. 352529

File: 1547167315712.jpg (154.93 KB, 1024x768, dbx8lds-0b2c6384-d2af-4433-abb…)

No. 352534

File: 1547167522806.jpg (202.51 KB, 1828x2416, knightofbunnies.jpg)

You ever look at someone's art and wonder if they might be colorblind?

No. 352535

That's so bad it's actually hilarious.

No. 352536

>not understanding monochromatic art

No. 352541

File: 1547167716207.jpg (587.73 KB, 3203x2522, DveNtuLX4AAYyt8.jpg)

This isn't good, fam.

No. 352556

But it's not really bad either, just kind of stiff. It's an okay drawing.

No. 352560

You think those color choices look good?

No. 352562

They are meh, it's not gorgeous but not like the person is completely clueless.

No. 352603

This is the bad/hideous art thread and that’s not bad or hideous.

No. 352766

They're ok, not super beautiful but it's just a stylistic choice. Not everything has to be technicolor.

No. 352799

They're fine, anon. Not my personal taste but from a theory standpoint there's nothing wrong. The values are cohesive, and the colour story is making use of a clean analogous palette with the warm mustard and brown hues contrasted by the teal.

No. 352822

maybe you're the colorblind one, anon. looks fine.

No. 352828

Smells like vendetta.

No. 352838

That's what I'm thinking too.

The colour scheme in the first one is pretty great actually.

No. 352865

I don't get it, is it bad because it's Bart? This artist clearly has a professional level understanding on character design
Maybe a little boring but it isn't bad. The palette seems intentional and part of the mood

No. 352895

File: 1547230681591.jpeg (39.26 KB, 288x450, CAE9B060-30C2-4F2F-9938-06CD85…)

Let’s get back to the real stuff now mkay

No. 353053

File: 1547261790068.jpg (265.13 KB, 776x1199, DwfqyhHX0AAf.jpg)

No. 353054


No. 353059

It looks fine.

No. 353060

Especially compared to the way this genre of comics are it's skillfully done and delivers the point without feeling like an unnecessary virtue signal. I don't see the problem, there's not even a tumblr nose in sight!

No. 353069

File: 1547266821107.jpeg (173.06 KB, 1159x1500, A0726539-0983-45EA-9CC8-F7FF3E…)

No. 353087

The issue I always have with things like this, is that the reason the artwork/media is so white centric is because it’s from a white majority country. I never see people giving a shit about the fact that non-white countries have art and media centred around their majority ethnic groups

No. 353103

Yes this is a skilled guy who obviously has had a lot of art education.

No. 353104

oh my god please post this

No. 353105

Holy shit, this is humanized gender bent Cars fan art isn't it

No. 353120

does it change your mind this artist is one of those asian guys who resents asian women for dating white guys

No. 353121

Maybe there should be a thread for art you hate but isn't necessarily bad?

No. 353128

ntayrt but nope. Speaking as an Asian woman myself Asian women who obsess over white dick and shut out every other race including their own are real, common, and pathetic.

No. 353129

I vouch for this, there’s a million borderline-bad artworks I wish I could bring up. Maybe a Art Nitpick thread?

No. 353139

What is the point of making fun of art made by amateurs?

No. 353140

They should call it the vendetta thread instead because that’s all it would be at this point.

No. 353144

I mean there's plenty of art I don't like but that doesn't mean I have a vendetta against the artist

No. 353145

Yeah, is this a thread about art that is legit shitty from a technical point of view or is it about artists you dislike for personal reasons?

No. 353150

i'd say the comic is really well drawn but has a shitty regurgitated concept, so this qualifies for bad art, it reminds me of a subreddit where people post tacky horrifying ideas that are masterfully executed !

No. 353259

File: 1547315167106.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.88 KB, 576x813, oof.jpg)

No. 353323

File: 1547323111315.jpg (129.43 KB, 1024x566, alkins_family_photo_by_sinewyp…)

>Sorelle took inspiration from Vincent's massive triceps to start up their own croissant bakery.


No. 353358

i'm the one who posted it, forgot to mention that i like the art, it's just cringy. i guess it doesn't go here? my bad if so

No. 353361

File: 1547327838599.png (153.18 KB, 500x411, tumblr_pkw14lnPlc1v1qgzn_500.p…)


No. 353382

I'm so tired of monkey ears

No. 353385

I thought it was Nagisa and Rei from Free! …

No. 353505

dan Nicky your bobbies

No. 353557

the art is ok is juts the tipical "i'm and artist but i'm ASIIAN AMERICAN artists uwu i need to draw only poc becase white people look dead lol, why are white/cis/het so boring lol?" like dude stfup go and study art in asia if you want to draw only asian/poc people

No. 353559

Noodle looks blazed as fuck

No. 353562

i can smell the autogynephilia on this

No. 353577

I'm "Asian" in the broader sense and still find his theme annoying and racist. It's a weird superiority-inferority complex you find in subs like aznidentity how they're better than anyone else.

He's got a good technique, but remember that 3d perspective was invented first in art from 'the west', that's why we got 'dead white men' (mostly Italian, which is at one point wasn't at the same level of whiteness as anglo American) as the old masters here. And if you come to my country, the traditional art style is much more upholded as being superior, morally too.

Also is that a drag queen for extra wokeness

No. 353581

What subreddit anon?

No. 353659

No. 353695

Me too

No. 353700

this dude makes similar shit like this when he's not doing comic book art, which isn't even better because he feels entitled to draw only women. his older comics depict women in sexual situations. now he's SO WOKE.

No. 353856

no wander he now makes this shit i love when man do this like "look i'm WOKE and OPRESS JUTS LIKE U GUYS!!!"

No. 353904

I would probably agree with the point he's trying to make if his examples weren't conventionally attractive skinny people with different skin colors and samefaces, so progressive

No. 353907

I would probably agree with the point he's trying to make if his examples weren't conventionally attractive skinny people with different skin colors and samefaces, so progressive

No. 353908

I would probably agree with the point he's trying to make if his examples weren't conventionally attractive skinny people with different skin colors and samefaces, so progressive

No. 353909

I would probably agree with the point he's trying to make if his examples weren't conventionally attractive skinny people with different skin colors and samefaces, so progressive

No. 353952

File: 1547429798591.png (816.8 KB, 720x910, 20190114_093539.png)

This art is as trashy as this ship

No. 354056

since they "drae ur otp like" poses become popular bad artist thing they can juts badly recolors it and call it a day, also lmao the fucking ship, is a fucking triangles and teen / kid dear lord

No. 354140

Pfft, ha i know right

No. 354165

File: 1547467056164.png (226.71 KB, 720x799, 20190114_190317.png)


The pose ref they used btw

No. 354227

File: 1547476375320.png (250.17 KB, 720x732, 20190114_223207.png)

The perspective looks wack af

No. 354237

even from that angle, it wouldn't give them humpbacks. so bad. that thimble sized right hand…

No. 354243

File: 1547478445111.jpg (173.1 KB, 626x718, 20190114_223705.jpg)

>give me trans mystery twins or give me death
>Then perish.

Honestly wtf. Im gonna be salty for a minute but-

Why does this au exist…

I have NO idea who is who. I know that 'dipper'(?) Referred to'mabel'(?) But i can srsly be just wrong. Are they like switching identities or something?? Uuugh, i really dont like this tranny au

And this drawing sucks i hope it just stays in tumblr and no more art gets produced in this au

No. 354314

oh this au, i remeber how people got the idea that dipper was trans and that he heated been a women , becase in the cartoon they are identical twins so in ther main one of them MUST be trans, the funny fart is mabel and dipper are base on the autors sisther and in hin self is so stupid also is creepy that you have to post teen/kids in underwear to make a point abute trans kids like yeah lest not…

No. 354443

File: 1547512945582.jpg (136.44 KB, 1200x1200, Dvq5UdvU8AA_9ON.jpg)

Remember that cute little game called Cuphead that got everyone hooked like 2 years ago? Yeah, the fandom was fucked up. Think of a FNAF kinda situation, lots of weeby kids (and autistic adults like with pic related) doing strange sexualized fanart and weird edgy AUs

No. 354445

File: 1547513077777.jpg (94.86 KB, 1200x1200, Dvey0KUUwAAG1N_.jpg)

No. 354446

File: 1547513175819.jpg (60.79 KB, 623x490, sWRDff34.jpg)

No. 354458

File: 1547515073609.png (743.11 KB, 640x960, A2CE675C-FAB4-44F9-A20D-D863CB…)

No. 354462

Yeah i know about that, its so stupid, it just goes to show that the lgbt will go out of their way to push their agenda on everything

Wow just because their twins both have them MUST be the same gender RIghT?? Dipper isnt manly enough?? BOOM hes trans ((Guys you do know dipper and mabel are based off of real ppl right?)

I actually met someone online who has the whole dipper is trans headcannon, i disagreed then they just admited that they only wanted to believe it because it makes them feel validated…-_-

No. 354502

Sakura looks like a man

No. 354535

Sniff God, whyyyy. I hate when PC artists try to colorize/PC up my fandoms. Complete disservice.

Sasuke looks like a gigalo.
/Sage for minirant

No. 354746

Please don‘t tell me that aunt May‘s tallit means she is trans.

No. 355520

File: 1547797340867.png (1.75 MB, 1000x2852, daxbblc-0111cc11-6c1d-405e-83c…)

You'd think this is some young artist just starting out, but she's about 22 and has been drawing like this for years (she's even in school for art I think…?)

No. 355560

At least she's realistic about her prices. Maybe she picked up on art just a little later? I don't think that bc someone is 22 they're necessarily even better than a child's work bc it is ultimately a skill you develop

No. 355561

File: 1547815274591.png (347.96 KB, 720x559, 20190117_110436.png)


Most of the comments in this piece agrees too. It couldve been good but those fucking thighs killed that chance. Her abdomen looks like a stick compared to those massive thighs

Sure the hands in the new one got better but this artist honestly regressed

No. 355562

File: 1547815378583.png (310.79 KB, 660x780, 20190117_123108.png)

"Genderfluid Bill Cipher"

I smell tumblr

No. 355571

File: 1547816671510.png (441.17 KB, 720x831, 20190118_203945.png)

Everything is bad

But that tail is BEYOND FUCKED

No. 355574

Her art is good in 2014 but got worse in 2018 imo. This thicc trend makes artists blind to balanced proportions.

No. 355575

Unless this was made by some autismo adult with 50,000 more followers than they deserve, I don't really see how it's that terrible. Looks like a 12-14-year-old drew it

No. 355577

It's not just the proportions. Her abdomen is at an angle that does not work with the angle of her pelvis and legs. The body doesn't work like this. Thats a shame.

No. 355578

I just randomly saw this on pinterest

No. 355580

File: 1547818883647.jpeg (127.97 KB, 353x498, tyler 2.jpeg)

What's worse to me than bad art by nobodies, is bad art in large franchises owned by large companies. The need for speed's official mobile app art is SO BAD. This is an actual game published by EA.

No. 355581

File: 1547818934957.png (1.52 MB, 655x1220, _almost__all_need_for_speed_no…)

More characters. They're all horrific. It's so unbelievably bad. The worst part is that the rest of the game looks great.

No. 355587

Good example of artists who distorts female anatomy in an attempt to make it look sexy, but it just looks repulsive.

No. 355890

i honestly dont think it looks that bad

No. 355960

File: 1547867900873.jpg (148 KB, 1200x1200, Carousel_JAMES_7_6f163124-9232…)

No. 356038

Omg im dying anon

No. 356635

File: 1547953868047.png (475.35 KB, 720x713, 20190120_110919.png)

Wtf is up with that gigantic head

No. 356636

File: 1547953917081.png (505.45 KB, 720x934, 20190120_111000.png)

No. 356693

File: 1547963362926.jpeg (127.01 KB, 749x766, F7CB1563-867F-4B91-9E2E-ADCC84…)

The nose is bothering me so much

No. 356746

File: 1547976956084.png (1.97 MB, 2304x1180, bad art timeline.png)

No. 356749

This isn't too bad. Coloring, shading and line artis pretty good imo. Regarding the nose situation: She's a furry, what do you expect?

Look at the feet. She somehow managed to get worse in those 7 years

No. 356752

Who would draw Raven for 7 years straight

No. 356753

Obviously it’s a furry, but the nose still doesn’t make any sense on that face - it’s just floating there

No. 356756

File: 1547978308944.png (295.41 KB, 500x1156, comic page numbers.png)

it's all apart of their Teen Titan's fan-comic series

pic related is the number of pages for each comic

No. 356764

How do you draw that bad without improvement for 7 years and not lose your mind. Do these people even practice?

No. 357654

File: 1548063871999.jpg (57.46 KB, 831x961, persona_tired_blue_boy_by_tire…)

No. 357935

haha the leg hair keeps him warm

No. 357960

No. 357962

what I don't understand is how she's supposed to be a trauma surgeon AND a superhero? Do you know how many hours trauma surgeons work a week, let alone having to be on call nearly 24/7? they barely can take holidays or time off let alone have a whole other job. Unless it's a metaphorical superhero for being a doctor and saving lives in that way?

No. 357968

calm your autism

No. 357969

File: 1548119922824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.04 KB, 1080x1080, ew.jpg)

Ya'll haven't recognized the untapped potential of shitty sex art on Instagram

No. 357974

>those teeth
>the dick and scrotum somehow are just emerging from the jeans without any material being folded over
>those neck lines
>her abdomen blending in with her vagina making her look even more deformed

A dude drew this right? At least he captured the deadness of the eyes from whatever pornstar he referenced well

No. 357979

File: 1548121406931.jpg (Spoiler Image, 291.77 KB, 720x821, 20190121_204051.jpg)

There's so many much worse than the one you posted too.

No. 358008

File: 1548124643538.png (136.95 KB, 600x600, AB37ED71-4EF2-4320-9E7E-3AE894…)

All their effort went to the eyes, if you’d like to makey your own ugly beautiful man, then here you go ladies

No. 358010

File: 1548124898884.png (114.5 KB, 600x600, 5428_AYWj3NWL.png)

No. 358012

File: 1548125272544.png (139.31 KB, 600x600, 2A4B80C6-A232-48AE-B59A-118E87…)

me bursting an artery

No. 358015

File: 1548125816648.png (142.55 KB, 600x600, 5428_xqSYmPoT.png)

loving the randomize feature

No. 358022

Wtf is that thing under the dick supposed to be?

No. 358029


No. 358072

File: 1548135159637.png (172.96 KB, 600x600, 5428_rduVzl3Q[1].png)

i raise you

No. 358228

File: 1548164035426.jpg (420.23 KB, 2433x3162, DiHVJbfX4AApquR.jpg)

why are the artists spawned from tumblr so hung up on masses of disgusting freckles

No. 358232

because freckles are unique and speshiul.
also fits in perfectly with their sjw desires since freckles aren't beauty standard

No. 358237

I’d say this is really a non-issue, freckles are pretty common and I wouldn’t think most people find them disgusting
I don’t see how freckles are sjw virtue signalling unlike giving characters something like vitiligo

No. 358241

Yeah, but… when everyone's doing freckles, wouldn't an artist recognise how they're just blending in? lmao

Red head tier level of freckles are not that common

No. 358246

Can we stop with posting mediocre art and start posting bad art? Not everyone feels the same way about freckles as you do.

No. 358249

Freckles as a trend is a valid point tho

No. 358275

trapezoid ass-chan is not fucking "mediocre.

No. 358289


My new favorite reaction set. Thank you based anon/s.

No. 358292

the miracle of art school in action

No. 358318

File: 1548178266668.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_2019-01-22-09-26-33…)

No. 358319

File: 1548178364808.jpg (737.46 KB, 1076x1697, 2019-01-22 09.29.16.jpg)

i'd make fun of this artist but if they're willing to post crap art like this because cartoon characters smoking weed makes bank then more power to em

No. 358354


5,000 people collectively sharing one brain cell

No. 358359

It feels bad to be a hardworking artist on instagram and compare your likes and followers to people like this.

No. 358572

File: 1548214555541.png (735.53 KB, 720x761, 20190123_113414.png)

No. 358686

File: 1548248625110.jpg (53.01 KB, 540x405, tumblr_inline_pkfhtdA5ai1vnjk0…)

No. 358687

File: 1548249025228.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1416, Screenshot_2019-01-23-08-03-39…)

What an improvement

No. 358696

Face got a little better, doesn't look so fucked up. Still looks weird tho.
But what is it? 2 months improvement?

No. 359166

File: 1548300981302.png (164.96 KB, 720x706, 20190124_113540.png)

No. 359176

I mean, they made her look like a monkey just like the show did

No. 359213

File: 1548312322510.jpg (105.41 KB, 599x754, d9hdhn6-1b13e822-0852-4c3c-850…)

Cross dressing cartman

No. 359217

File: 1548312464117.png (1.25 MB, 720x897, d9i1wjp-622df46b-6bd5-46b9-bf8…)

No. 359218

File: 1548312501843.jpg (85.81 KB, 632x632, d9krs0g-7af80a20-7346-4186-b27…)

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