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File: 1435462068073.jpg (112.73 KB, 500x500, 1433114769429-0.jpg)

No. 128373

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath/snoopyfemme/HackerOnHacker

This girl is starting to become my new favorite lolcow, as are her social circle of edge lords.


Basically, she and some online friends plotted out a "valentines day mall massacre", where they were going to gun down as many people as possible. Thankfully, one of them chickened out and tipped off the cops and Lindsay got arrested while Gamble committed suicide.

She had a massive online trail, where she was a bigger fedora wearing edgelord than any I've ever seen before.

>>Glorified mass murderers, Columbine shooter fan girl

>>Self proclaimed Nazi despite being a massive degenerate
>>Bragged about being a necrophiliac and drew shitty porn of herself fucking corpses
>>Friends with other well know edge masters and nazi paraphiliacs (Slavros, Torture-Device, ect)
>>Bragged about massacre plot(and made a poster for it) on Tumblr
>>Disliked among other facists. Dated the owner of IronMarch, Alexander Slavros, who apparently was only dating her for the lulz. When he broke up with her she wend mad and threatened suicide, and was reported to have never been the same since.

And the hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper the further you dig. There is so much lulz in this one.


Above link has big info on her online musings and background.


And here is Kiwifarms thread.

No. 128377

File: 1435462251942.png (494.6 KB, 1107x636, Selection_416.png)

No. 128381

File: 1435462417770.png (1.01 MB, 1353x618, Selection_496.png)

No. 128383

File: 1435462516131.png (1.42 MB, 1040x4645, gays.png)

She got banned from DA for this comic. Yes, that's a fedora and a trench coat.
>>Homosexuals are degenerate
>>lol I want to fuck corpses

No. 128387

She doesnt look white to me

No. 128391

That's what I was thinking… is she?

No. 128393

File: 1435463658076.jpg (44.19 KB, 784x463, 21c72ap.jpg)

On that note, one of her edgy DA friends, TD-vice, has been accused of being a female on ED.


Here's their DA

I spit out my drink when I heard about it because I had been familiar with this person for a while. Aside from being a Nazi "Russia centrist", he/she also drew and said some pretty misogynist things about mutilating women and shit.

Here is the ED thread on them, this person seems like a lolcow as well.

They used to go by "Deathwisher" and have a lurkmore.


I though to myself at first that it might just have be a guy who posed as a girl with fake pictures on another account, but picture related is them while claiming to be a boy and it looks shockingly similar to the pictures of the woman on the old Russian account. Some people turned up the lighting in this picture to try and make out the facial features and they seem to be wearing eyeliner. I'm going to lol if it's a tranny because they're rampantly anti-gay.

Here is some edge.


Breivik did nothing wrong


Joseph Paul Franklin was cool

No. 128394

If I remember correctly, she's some Asian.
>tfw happened in the literally no one gives a fuck province of my country.

No. 128395

File: 1435463783293.jpg (55.92 KB, 618x408, 1430287645060-1.jpg)

Hard to tell. Is that her on the left? Someone on /cow/ said it was.

No. 128397

It is.

No. 128408

File: 1435465820299.jpg (66.11 KB, 634x469, article-urn publicid ap.org 67…)

maybe native american or filipino?

No. 128409

What if
What if she's a Eurasian?

No. 128416

shes asian and on top of that shes a woman. she ruined her life because something that wouldnt benefit her anyway.

No. 128417

Found this girl's blog on Tumblr one day, but never realized she was such a lolcow. This is great.
I'm looking forward to more laughs.

No. 128428

Aw shit, I went to kiwi and read up on her thread and actually remember her. We were a part of the same creepy community. I remember reading her creepypastas wondering if she was fucked up crazy or the perfect balance of crazy to become a decent horror author. Well question answered. Although I didn't know anything about the nazi shit.

No. 128440

is indeed half asian
Were you the Asian Nazi Girl on Deviantart?

Heretics on Holiday
Yes, to an extent (only half Asian). Left DA some odd years ago, though.

No. 128442

So are all Eurasians mentally ill shooters now or

No. 128443


i read something on the crackpot subreddit r/hapas that struck a chord. something about how of all the ethnic groups, hapa girls were the most represented in the porn industry & how rejection from both their asian and white cultures led to cultural alienation that would often lead to this kind of fuckery. it made sense at the time LOL

No. 128447

File: 1435470134409.jpg (34.24 KB, 500x476, 7b78JPc.jpg)

this is the hotdog of one of her minions who was supposed to help with the shooting but pussied out and committed suicide

No. 128448

File: 1435470208049.gif (1.57 MB, 221x509, 39ckxOh.gif)

so hard core

No. 128463

That's actually super fucking hot. I wanna suck that hotdog.
Pretty gay though

No. 128464

Who did he send this to?

No. 128465

its on his tumblr

No. 128467

lmao wow
I wonder if there are any nuder of her? She used to skypesex with two edgey faggots she dated.

No. 128469

File: 1435472607119.jpg (37.8 KB, 549x504, tumblr_niazu5bFUd1u5yc90o1_128…)

No. 128470

Ancestry from Laos

No. 128471

Cultural alienation happens all the time from mixed people. Black and asian comes to mind, because I'm one of those feeling that kind of rejection from both black and asian communities. We're not overrepresentated in porn though, dunno how that fits in.

No. 128472

File: 1435474025553.jpg (28.51 KB, 131x362, qAc0AEP.jpg)

No. 128473

Hope he doesn't cut himself on that edge.

What's his tumblr?

No. 128475

File: 1435474805301.png (69.28 KB, 745x305, HQxIW75.png)


No. 128485

No. 128491

What is kiwi?

No. 128517

Oh god so much cringe. I love this

No. 128521

Her dad's the Asian one, is a businessman or something. She noted it somewhere and also said he didn't approve of her Nazi shit (lol, duh)

I just read through the whole kiwi thread and it's crazy— there are tons of people who knew her or met her somehow She's fucking insane. Went through her blog, James Gamble's (the dead dude who's dick is in this thread), and Randall Shepherd's (genesistogenocide). Also she's apparently Vietnamese, not Laotian?
Anyway. She's fucking crazy and her e-paper trail is huge. The most insane thing is probably the fact that she had around 5 other blogs (aside from cockswastika) dedicated to random shit like the Sims and Neopets (she was selling neopets plushies so she could fly out to Canada for the massacre, Jesus) but there was also a blog completely dedicated to creepy photoshops of her ex's new girlfriend (at the time).

Also if you want to see some interesting shit search her name/URL, James Gamble's name or URL, and Randy Shepherd's name/URL on tumblr. The Columbine freaks that they were friends with feel sorry for them (well they feel more sorry for the 2 boys, honestly, they don't give a fuck about Lindsey even tho she's the most interesting one) and they achieved at least obtaining a lot of columbiner-cred/admiration, which is fucking disgusting but probably something they wanted.

No. 128528

Another lolcow forum

No. 128548

Look at this fucking video she made of Slavros new gf, holy fuck it's creepy.

No. 128552

ohh noooo someone just reblogged this captioned "dead dick is the best dick"

No. 128553

No. 128569

Holy shit. She's batshit. I have no words.

No. 128574

No. 128575

the hate tumblr she made for her ex bfs new gf

No. 128579

File: 1435505174516.png (238.24 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n53k9yVY2E1tya3guo1_500…)


No. 128583

File: 1435505291167.png (223.15 KB, 500x638, tumblr_n4q1sg1MmK1tya3guo1_500…)

No. 128599

File: 1435506675301.png (347.93 KB, 500x600, tumblr_n3zchyEXc51tya3guo1_500…)


No. 128621


the fuck? she must have some form of autism.

No. 128622

File: 1435512584318.jpg (22.76 KB, 656x372, B97456322Z.120150512212800000G…)


No. 128624

Alex Slavros was her ex she was bitter about (and it was only an internet relationsip?)

No. 128625

File: 1435512901957.png (361.45 KB, 547x1511, part2.png)

oops, forgot pic

No. 128626

File: 1435512958143.png (433.19 KB, 1077x875, part3.png)

She is like an edgy version of pixyteri when it comes to relationships, boyfriends and other girls

No. 128628

File: 1435513016945.png (126.25 KB, 1076x850, part4.png)

No. 128631

File: 1435513339001.png (33.42 KB, 517x453, part5.png)

Alright it's more like PT mixed with Elliot Rodger.

No. 128632

File: 1435513373315.png (11.55 KB, 521x148, 6.png)

No. 128635

File: 1435513416211.png (10.42 KB, 523x123, 7.png)

No. 128636

File: 1435513456587.png (17.18 KB, 528x214, 32.png)

No. 128639

File: 1435513507020.png (34.37 KB, 527x468, part6.png)

No. 128642

No PT to see here, that's some classic Eurasian rage. 100% female Elliot with more edge.

No. 128643

Her autistic rants about relationshit and skin problems remind me of Asha. Her fedoracore "stories" and way of typing remind me of Tharthan. Her faux "superior" behavior and lame edgy aesthetic remind me of (old) Charms and Creepyyeha. Her latent bitterness is that of both PT and Elliot.
H-Have we found a lolcow hybrid?

No. 128645

No. 128649

These seem pretty on-point to be honest.

No. 128653

She's too ugly lol

No. 128661

I thought she was cute until I saw her irl pictures WTF dude. She looks so different.

No. 128662

wow. why do racist dickhead keyboard warriors all look ugly af. are they all related? lmao.

No. 128671

Oh lawd that acne. I would bet that her ugly has something to do with having been in custody. Still, the change is shocking.

No. 128710

File: 1435523772624.png (307.86 KB, 546x700, back to tumblr.png)

>complaining about racism
>on a chan board

No. 128712

……..what? pls stop.

No. 128716

they weren't complaining about racism though, they pointed out a common occurrence among racist people, which is they they are not attractive

probably do to all the inbreeding to maintain the the sanctity of their race

No. 128717

wasn't even complaining just an observation. nice try attempting to be funny though.

No. 128720

point still stands, you're on a board based around one of the most racist places on the internet and you' triggered by racism

No. 128731

no one was triggered. you're probably just a summer newfag. 4chan isn't "the most racist place on the internet." who's the whiner now?

No. 128743

>board filled with women and tumblr uses
>"w-we're not triggered by racism"
I don't believe it

No. 128744

File: 1435525566589.jpeg (49.35 KB, 704x441, based descartes.jpeg)

4chan was only memetically racist to keep oversensitive faggots out. The problem is that actual racists came and believed they were in good company. It got so bad /pol/ was made as a containment board.
There is literally nothing wrong with complaining about racism.

No. 128747

oh my god just fuck off faggot.

No. 128750


pretty sure >>128720 is one of the idiots

No. 128755


lmao she wanted to model for AA with its "legalize gay" stuff when she made comics like this >>128383

No. 128764

bet if she actually became a model she'd drop all this neo nazi stuff. deep down she just wants to fit somewhere.

No. 128769


Kek at the JTHM style. So goffik.

No. 128774


The video isn't actually creepy, it's just dumb. What IS disturbing is how much time and effort she put into photoshoping all those images of her. What a loser LOL!

No. 128784

I knew the way that entire comic was put together reminded me of something. JTHM looked leagues better though lmao

No. 128803

Has this cunt been to trial or sentenced yet?

No. 128808

Holy shit,I can't believe she's 23 and still acts like an edgy teen neckbeard because of her online-ex-bf.This is too much.She's not batshit,just straight up mentally retarded.

No. 128852


"Each is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit arson, illegal possession of dangerous weapons and making a threat through social media, none of which has been proven in court."

100,000 pages of evidence to go through

No. 128883

File: 1435541310594.png (Spoiler Image, 152.3 KB, 853x764, KbiNPmX.png)

Go back to PULL you stupid cunt, getting pretty tired of your shit.

No. 128894

File: 1435541905541.jpg (14.09 KB, 560x400, 081413lauraprepon1.jpg)




No. 128928

There's ironic racism, then there's real racism, then there are murderous self-proclaimed Nazis like Lindsay and her friends. Calling her a racist is pretty fair.

No. 129044

I don't really think she was a Nazi. Her and her friends all seem more like people who think Nazis look cool rather than actual Nazis. It also seems to me that the reason she wanted to kill was because of relationship butthurt, hence Valentines Day.

No. 129046

And being butthurt about it is Tumblr PULL faggotry. Go make another post on twitter about it.

No. 129114

I think that's what most people find creepy about it lol

No. 129158

holy pizza face

No. 129160

Nuts. She looks quite pretty in her online pics, I am shocked that >>128395 is really her, she doesn't look anything like these pics at all.
Did she ever meet the girlfriend of her ex bf or does she just hate her solely because she can't get over the past relationship?

Plz just shut up. Your posts are so autistic I had to reply after reading this thread. She is a self fucking proclaimed racist anyway, why do you have so much sand in your vagina because someone said what she is. Stop getting off topic, I'm going to take a page from your book and tell you to go back to leddit xD

No. 129209

Oh my god now I know where "snoopyfemme" is from
I used to browse and post on the complaints forum on dA back in the day all the time and this bitch was constantly on it, she was a really active user
This is surreal, holy shit

No. 129226

File: 1435593060966.png (72.26 KB, 1550x671, Untitled.png)

No. 129237

This was actually kinda funny.
If she wasn't an autistic edgelord, I could see her writing YA books for tRoUbLEd XxDarkAndEdgyxX hxc teen girls.

No. 129239

File: 1435595758768.png (19.79 KB, 1497x194, parents.png)


No. 129244

really? i find it banal.

No. 129247

I'm a teenage girl, so maybe that's why

No. 129249

aaah. i appreciate the honesty.

No. 129258

File: 1435598483532.png (1.2 MB, 795x1038, 1425492983161-3.png)

Have some self-insert nazi necrophilia.

No. 129377

Lmao, man… I used to frequent a Columbine forum back in the day because criminology and psychology was a hobby at the time.

These kinds of people were a fucking dime a dozen, especially the younger teenage girls… Every day or so there were new posts about how much Klebold and Harris were martyrs of their generation and how much they'd like to "finish where they left off" and post selfies of themselves dressed in similar garb to the shooters.

Grew bored of it and left eventually, there were more angsty fan posts than real academic content.

A lot of them migrated to Tumblr to post their thoughts after the popularity of messageboards nearly died out.

No. 129648

File: 1435667705399.png (399.45 KB, 359x750, zHuxCk2.png)

Damn this bitch is embarrassing af. All those FB updates makes me think of an angsty 13 yo lol.

Also, i cant get over this outfit. The coat looks like some cheap halloween/fetish gear. Did she actually wear this shit out in public? And the boots…. wow top kek!

No. 129652

What's with those ribs and plastic tits?

No. 129657

she's trying so hard.

No. 129691

But didn't get so far.

No. 129716

and in the end, it didn't even matter.

No. 129728

File: 1435683652843.png (641.51 KB, 626x800, Screen_Shot_2015_02_15_at_8_37…)


No. 129729

File: 1435683921606.png (467.76 KB, 603x800, Screen_Shot_2015_02_15_at_8_38…)

Fun fact, she wore the trench coat to the airport for the shooting.

No. 129738

File: 1435684999284.png (779.32 KB, 459x798, Tw9OAiO.png)

I heard someone say that all the flattering pictures were from when she was still in HS and that she stopped taking care of herself and started drinking heavily.

No. 129749

Are there any caps of her posting about planned shooting?

No. 129767

File: 1435688904060.jpg (654.43 KB, 575x1629, edgycap1.jpg)

Heres a little something.

No. 129851

File: 1435702329342.png (797.03 KB, 1600x1149, 2445k4j.jpg.png)

No. 129856

>still wants a wedding
>maybe in next life

how can someone be so butthurt over break-up with some online boyfriend who hides his ugly face behind a mask

No. 130124

the craziest/saddest level of desperate, i suppose lol

It warms my heart to think about how these douches (gladly) failed so hard.
I wonder if shes fantasizing about her notoriety in jail, thinking shes the baddest bitch now, while in reality even tumblr-columbiners hardly give any fucks about her. lol

No. 130139

seriously, a failure in all respects.

No. 130228

Loving Descartes there, literally

No. 130245

i agree with >>128463
pretty hot, honestly.

some of these are just fucked up.

>intense punk rock phase
>6th grade

No. 130594

How long is she facing in prison?

No. 130653

>intense punk rock phase
>6th grade
good stuff

No. 131357

"Each is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit arson, illegal possession of dangerous weapons and making a threat through social media, none of which has been proven in court." - cbc.ca

A conviction carries a maximum life sentence.

No. 137408

Full of edge

No. 137487

No. 137704


No. 161830

File: 1439825111128.jpg (63.12 KB, 880x587, owl-photography-2__880.jpg)

No. 164033

Everyone's info

Tumblr: http://skeletonmeme.tumblr.com/

Political Gates article: http://politicalgates.blogspot.ca/2015/02/revealed-lindsay-kantha-


Terror Tortellini: http://terrortortellini.freeforums.org/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=148

Iron March profile:

Lindsay's FB:

Randy Sheperd's FB

http://phallocentricfascism.tumblr.com/ (deleted, see archives below)

https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/36642747/ <- bunch of her old DA crap in there

Less interesting stuff:

No. 164039

No. 165662

>mfw she's got pictures of ben jarvis on her tumblr

Finding the same guy cute as a neo nazi almost-shooter is weird and sorta jarring. Like, she's technically a normal person with preferences for normal stuff too, but after all this shit she's pulled, I can't even see her as anything else than a psycho

No. 166047

Funny because JtHM was made by a mexican guy

No. 166111

File: 1440154067105.gif (423.53 KB, 267x200, 1410621457524.gif)


Jesus fuck all that edge

It will forever amuse me how obsessed mainly non-aryans are about the aryan race idea when they're clearly not white in the slightest, or even trying for that matter

No. 166351

Actually, this quote comes from some internet user, who posted it around 6 years ago: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1011498.

Also, the man pictured is not Descartes, it's Voltaire.

No. 166434

No. 166471

File: 1440198232591.jpg (64.1 KB, 462x600, aii135312.jpg)

nah an upside down cross isn't satanic, it's just saint peter's cross. st peter was crucified upsidedown because he didn't want to be crucified the same way chirst was. the satanic cross looks kinda phallic
that trench coat reminds of that one in american pyscho. or alternatively, hannibal's murder suit

No. 166906

>white supremacy supporter
>not even white
is she for real? if she lived in nazi germany she would be considered an "undesirable" and killed

No. 167373

File: 1440301385647.jpg (47.65 KB, 500x500, 4f5.jpg)

>is she for real? if she lived in nazi germany she would be considered an "undesirable" and killed

No. 167501


Yes, there is. I know Slavros and her shared their nudes together. She was the one who leaked his micropenis to the internet.


Her dad is from Laos. I don't know his exact ethnic makeup though. I remember in Skype once, she tried trolling a German-American guy by saying that her people in Vietnam killed white Americans or something autistic.


Yes, it was only an online relationship. However, she really wanted to meet him in real life, but Slavros wasn't interested.

Something that's kinda related, but off-topic but people from one of Iron March's autismal circlejerks released a bunch of embrassing stuff about him here including a leaked Skype call: http://real-life-villains.wikia.com/wiki/Alexander_Slavros

Here's one of Slavro's edgelord videos from the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gb6tjx4nGY

There used to be a video of him slitting his wrists on the mountain where Julius Evola's remains were burried.

No. 167503


Yes, it's true that she became alcoholic. After she broke up with Slavros, she used alcohol as a form of antidepressant.

I forgot to mention in the last post that Slavros had the money to visit her, but he never did. The relationship wasn't serious for him, but Lindsay was autistic so she couldn't read between the lines.

I know a lot of people from Iron March have a lot of embarrassing shit on her and other Iron March members via chat logs. So, maybe they'll release it. I'd recommend contacting the guy who uploaded the Slavros video onto YouTube, and see if he's interested in releasing shit on here.

Also, if anyone is interested, Iron March has a hidden forum for its user and a lot of embarrassing stuff regarding them and Lindsay is hidden in there.

No. 167518

Doesn't look that micro to me. Maybe average. >>167501

No. 167520

Oh I fucked up I just realized that that is Gamble's penis, not the other guys

No. 167544

The Nazis didn't just kill everyone who wasn't white you fucking retard. They killed those who were a threat to German society, like Jews and Gypsies. They didn't even send blacks to camps. National Socialism wasn't against other races so much as it was pro German, unless those races were shit like gypsies or kikes.

No. 167554

Brb, making a profile lol

No. 167556


No. 167558

It's a shame that these kids are giving up their freedom and lives over dumb shit

No. 167560

File: 1440335201329.jpg (9.53 KB, 247x248, 1364034240004.jpg)

>mfw slavros is a turk

No. 167579

Not the guy that poster is talking about.

No. 167889

Nig detected

No. 170818

File: 1440727308542.png (424.36 KB, 1330x1184, skype.png)

Some caps from /cow/.

No. 170820

>They didn't even send blacks to camps.


Black soldiers of the American, French, and British armies were worked to death on construction projects or died as a result of mistreatment in concentration or prisoner-of-war camps

Bait harder troll.

No. 170821

No. 170822

No. 170828

>Get on Iron March
>Slavs everywhere
>No actual Nords
>All teens
>Self admitted /pol/ posters
>Edgy fags everywhere

All kinds of fucking ewww.


No. 170907

No. 170945

her drawings are so bad…

No. 171131

File: 1440787987302.png (856.71 KB, 843x830, 1412224269527.png)

The worst part is that you can tell she probably had a tablet.

No. 171132

File: 1440788055301.png (550.98 KB, 1141x621, 1412217056841.png)

No. 171140

Nice dick tbqh.

No. 171149

Wow I could cut myself on that edge

No. 175321

File: 1441483578168.png (105.75 KB, 970x1254, Untitled.png)

Oh fuck, I just found this lol

No. 175322

File: 1441483617977.png (609.41 KB, 524x752, 1424016609388.png)


No. 175335

Damn what a waste of a nice dick. Fucking idiot.

No. 175341

File: 1441485819193.png (2.41 KB, 209x250, homestuck.png)

For some reason she reminds me of this edgy girl alien from homestuck

No. 175372

they'd kick her ass tbh

No. 175437

At least Vriska has a reason to be an edgelord, due to her race and insecurities coming from it. This kid is just a tryhard.

No. 176354

File: 1441659049293.jpg (59.26 KB, 580x803, dalek.jpg)

Every fucking time I see this picture just reminds me of pic related for some reason

> Exterminate

No. 176381

I think she looks like she threw her back out and is desperately trying to convince everyone that she's ok despite being in horrible pain.

No. 177160

Vriska isn't edgy.

No. 177840

File: 1441871011134.png (11.87 KB, 529x138, 10.png)

No. 177842

File: 1441871111427.png (37.67 KB, 800x119, Word_up,_dawg.PNG)

No. 177843

File: 1441871191169.png (59.08 KB, 800x278, Racist_Black_Asians.PNG)

I guess there was some drama involving her and this girl way back in the day

No. 179644

> odd for a little girl to be a Nazi

Um, is she talking about the other girl here or herself? She's technically Asian herself.

No. 179645


No. 179757

U.S. black soldiers were put in the same camps as white americans though

Hitler was pro-East Asian, remember?

No. 179758

(The board) used to be better before it went fucking edgelord

No. 179821

yeah, but he sure as hell didn't want them in Germany, and she's south asian anyways.

No. 179929

Da fuck? Am I not allowed to post here anymore? This whole site has gone to shit tbh.

[The square brackets mean it's a label, not a ban.]

No. 179931

nice to finally see the face of the fucking idiot. i live right next to the mall she was planning to shoot up. /;

No. 180554

Hitler was pro "Aryan" race he saw everything below that as sub-humans..

No. 180635

yeah I live right by there too and I couldn't believe it. what a coupla newbs. they didn't even pick the big mall that everyone goes to across the bridge

No. 180693

thats what i was thinking, lmao. micmac is way bigger with more people.

No. 184258


did they give an explanation for why that mall specifically?

Was it proven if those two ever dated?

No. 184310

??? im pretty sure hitler respected the japanese didnt he

No. 184323


lol i hope every criminal's neopets account from now on is exposed.

No. 185060

no idea, considering halifax stanfield airport is closer to mic mac than halifax shopping centre.

No. 185070

File: 1443063308878.jpg (538.93 KB, 1600x1200, nazi diversity.jpg)

You're thinking of the jews.

No. 185074

Tip to wannabe school shooters wanting to start a race war:

Stop going after the suburbs and churches. If you want a chance at a "race war" you'd have to go to chaotic war zones like Syria to start some shit.

No. 185554

So, am I going to get my posts labeled from now on?

No. 202070

File: 1447111049585.jpg (115.92 KB, 905x288, l.jpg)

Found this on an AskReddit thread about the weird kid from high school.

No. 202072

Jesus. Why the fuck are crazy people like this allowed to be a part of society when there are numerous warning signs?

No. 202099

i saw that too. they seem oddly nonchalant about it

No. 202145

Someone on /cow/ also claims to have known her.

No. 202230

File: 1447135834493.png (658.33 KB, 1352x367, cvbfc.png)


No. 202231

File: 1447135904692.png (57.04 KB, 1360x264, kiwi.png)

Her posts on kiwi

No. 202233

No. 202234

Is it just me or is it always the worst examples of any given race who subscribe to this shit?
She's a mentally ill half-Asian edgelord who spilled all this info about her shooting plans and ended up getting caught because of Tumblr (of all places), and several more Neo-Nazis seem to literally be white trash with poor to no education. Hardly stronk Aryan material. It would be into the gas chambers with these fuck-ups if Hitler's opinions were a thing today.

No. 202244

File: 1447138163379.jpg (148.42 KB, 528x292, 1396731350974.jpg)

No. 202365


She makes a very good point with this post tbh.

No. 202633

File: 1447209965252.png (52.15 KB, 863x342, Screenshot from 2015-02-17 16-…)

No. 202634

File: 1447210533575.png (390.34 KB, 444x639, bawwww.png)

No. 220170

File: 1452028756642.png (1.03 MB, 1300x714, palmiagem.png)

Can someone check if the ethnic of her parents.

No. 220203

The one thing I agree with happas on is that there's less of that need to be more "masculine" with an Asian father and white mother. Even when the white father isn't putting any pressure on them there's this need to prove themselves to them. It also doesn't help that a lot of white men go for foreign Asian women instead of Asian-American women. Whereas the majority of Asian father and White mother relationships end up being an Asian-American father. A lot of Asian cultures still go by the logic that the women should be submissive and I think their children misinterpret that as being weaker compared to the father. (Because in a America most people consider both partners to be equal.)

But I could just be pulling this out of my ass. I wish there was a bigger chart comparing interracial couples by foreign-raised and American-raised.

No. 220205

File: 1452035787811.jpg (27.44 KB, 476x358, brandonlee.jpg)

Samefag but I forgot to add that this chart needs Brandon Lee. Because he was a happa God. RIP sweet prince.

No. 220206

Samefag again, her father is white because her last name is "Souvannarath"

No. 220214

What? Souvannarath is not a white last name, it's Laotian (meaning Asian)

No. 220223

Really? I guess I never met any Laos people. My mistake.

No. 221502

Looks like a beta white guy

No. 221505

Shut your whore mouth.

No. 221507

I second this.

No. 221510

I hope you slip, fall and die in all the edge that's been provided in this thread, cunt bag.

No. 222772

File: 1453061000870.jpg (81.28 KB, 1115x742, pt.JPG)

b-but pixyteri

No. 222802

Does she has nudes?

No. 222812


Fuck off /r9k/.

No. 223122

wait holy fuck the mall I worked at was under threat due to an lolcow?

small world

No. 223137

Are you fucking retarded? Read the thread. Her dad is from laos and her mom is a slav.

No. 223141

Eurasians shouldn't be allowed to exist. White losers who seek gook whores need to be exterminated. Their unborn children should be ripped from the womb of their gook whore mother and burned alive right in front of the parents. Then, they white father and asian mother should have their genitals sown together and left in the forest to be killed by the elements. How's that for racial tension? They're disgusting psychopaths who selfishly breed despite natural selection working against them. They are the anti-evolution, the true enemies of humanity, using whatever mean possible to breed more sick fucking psychopaths into this world. The breeders of these dangerous criminals need to die just as much as the violent criminals themselves do. Look,


No. 223142

File: 1453169145084.jpg (930.23 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nh3yzlNqv91tp9y9vo2_128…)

Imagine feeling that tongue rubbing against your clit. I'm totally writing to her. Maybe prison life will turn her bi.

No. 223150

Lol stfu lindsay.

No. 223152

File: 1453176849719.jpg (193.52 KB, 634x469, 2016-01-19 04.13.49.jpg)


Uh, you can have her Anon.

No. 223163

File: 1453180419646.jpg (15.07 KB, 253x199, rthtrth.jpg)

Try and stop me cunt

No. 223204

Thought you were in prison, Lindsay

No. 223235

That doesn't make sence. Lindsay is in jail and there is no way I could have broken out to write that message you stupid fuck.

No. 223239

No. 223253

They have internet in Canadian jail.

No. 223269

This pose is the douchiest douchlord pose I ever did see.

No. 236432

Hello Harkness, officer hotness
I know you're no one's property but I'l be your harness
synthetic parts, throbbing heart, maximum condition
you know I came to hunt that down like I'm on a mission
though I'm under suspicion
I've got the ambition
to show you submission in every position
A3-21, come on up and give me some
I've got Sexy Sleepwear and I'l trade it for your plasma gun
hit me on the flight deck, we'll make these rivets creak
'til the drunkards at the Rudder know Miss 101's a freak
I've more than just A Quick Fix,
hit and get addicted,
you can call me Psycho 'cause on me you're going manic,
Mister Biomechanic
Bring me down like a runner though my body' organic,
I like I'm synthetic and I know how to get it
show no mercy, Sugar Bomb pussy

a thirst rap she wrote a while ago as mc mind0ws, i regret not saving the audio post

No. 236433

here's one of her many insane rants about zipporah:

The world would be a much better place to live in if it were guaranteed that wicked men died as virgins. I’d like to be able to point at a typical bully, abuser, or thug and taunt that no woman would ever want him. It’s the only thing they understand. They have no conception of morality, unable to perceive humanity as having any purpose beyond feeding, fighting and fucking. Especially fucking.
We’re taught that women are the arbiters, offering future offspring to those whose genes should be passed on. We’re taught that they drive the process of evolution by selecting only the best and the brightest men.
Oh, I wish.

No. 236434

Why bother trying to better yourself as a person when there are thousands of battered, raped, psychologically broken and easily manipulated BUT TOTALLY HOT girls turning eighteen every day? They’ll even do anal if you verbally abuse them enough!
I try to keep fighting. I try to deliver punishment whenever I can, within the bounds of social decency, which doesn’t get me far at all. Any argument I can try to lay down is always met with “Yeah, well MY GIRLFRIEND…”
One day, I’d like to be able to respond “Too bad, son. I’m putting her down. Step aside, I’m a professional.” Of course, that’s a lie. I’m not a professional. But I have to start somewhere. If you don’t treat your toys nicely, I throw them away. Because that’s all that these girlfriends are. Toys.
I cannot see them as human beings for they offer nothing to the human experience. They will create no art worth seeing, write no tale worth reading, have no thought that couldn’t be gleaned from Nicholas Sparks novels and trite ‘inspirational’ posters. They have the intellectual curiosity of a germ. They believe that ambitions are something for other people.

No. 236436

File: 1455322889394.png (206.9 KB, 305x271, aryan.png)

They seek happiness in nothing but the love they give to others, believing their relationships to be divine and meaningful rather than something that is easily replicated by a Labrador retriever. Therefore they do not know that they are endlessly rewarding the evil deeds of men unworthy, and thus inadvertently weakening society. And quite frankly, they’re not even pretty. Nothing is lost if I put them down. In fact, we have everything to gain. But her mommy and daddy will be sad. :’C
I see them all the time. They are constantly smiling, not because they are happy, but because they wouldn’t want to offend anyone by not smiling. They are unaware of the fact that they are prey animals, and that I hate them. They tell me they love my outfit, that I’m so very pretty. My replies are terse. I have no business speaking to them. Their existence drives me to nihilism, and they’re asking about my weekend plans. They think I’m shy when I’m just ignoring them.
Of course your girlfriend isn’t like that, I’m sure she’s a beautiful and unique snowflake. She’s had some troubles in the past, but learning to trust you has made her so much better. Please. there is no such thing as a cute couple none of you fucking fucks are cute you’re all stinking sweating bags of meat propagating a race of pig-apes in the absence of a benevolent god who has either fucked off to another universe or been buried under a pile of innocents lying cold and rotten in a mass grave and here you are making gifs of yourselves kissing as the value of human life continues to deteriorate i would sell your souls for a pistol loaded with a single bullet this is how much i hate you this is how much i hate a world that you exist in my prayers for annihilation dissipate into the empty cosmos and die as you ought to your story ends here

No. 236444

File: 1455324088482.jpg (455.44 KB, 1200x1600, skele.JPG)


here's a rare lindsay and a blog detailing a trip to thailand with other drexel students. apparently she would not shut up about her nazism and insisted on being referred to as Lilith.

No. 236448

she's half korean and adopted

No. 236450

Are you dumb? >>220214
she's like half laotian or something. not korean

No. 236454

She's hot fams

No. 236474

File: 1455330188811.jpeg (65.29 KB, 618x408, image.jpeg)

For sure

No. 236481

would you say lindsay's an undead who sustains herself upon talking about stomping on zipporah's neck? she hasn't been able to chat about that hebrew hussy at the facility, and under close scrutiny without access to photoshop to blast those early signs of decomposition away, is slowly beginning to melt >>128622

similarly, taylor swift is a reanimated corpse that feeds on the life energy of her exes, that's why there's so many songs about ex boyfriends, why they're ex boyfriends, and why her face looks so judgemental and angry all the time. she's looking for the perfect soul to prey upon, but she also knows that she's running out of time.

No. 236683


"OMG SO EDGY!!1!" "EDGELORD, hurr hurr!"

Why is everyone who ever write that a hipster dildo?

I´m not very metal myself but I ain´t hatin on those who are and I don´t need to dismisse others beliefs as mere being shock value in order to feel comfortable.

No. 236684

Lindsay pls.

No. 236685

File: 1455378406934.jpg (1.07 KB, 100x100, lowquality.jpg)

No. 236686

File: 1455379893728.png (105.2 KB, 275x275, Fixed.png)

No. 236689

File: 1455380196664.jpg (66.09 KB, 500x666, Truth-2.jpg)

No. 236693

Did you just get out of jail

No. 236697

File: 1455381542948.png (819.61 KB, 1278x852, Truth.png)

You can call this post lq bait or whatever the f* you want but it doesn´t change what you are and you know it. -D

Just reminding you that your own lulz does not go unnoticed.

No. 236700

File: 1455381706903.jpg (71.69 KB, 260x173, esl.jpg)

>Why is everyone who ever write that a hipster dildo?

No. 236706

File: 1455382732764.jpg (27.63 KB, 625x626, 1442542695791.jpg)

No. 236812


We're not calling her an edgelord because of what she believes in or what music she listens to (shit though it may be), we're calling her an edgelord because she subscribes to those views (Neo-Naziism, school shooter idolatry, etc) exclusively for shock value.

Not once has she ever explained why she thinks these things. She just wants to look like a badass.

But 8/8, I actually replied to you.

No. 236861

"Lilith revealed her true colors!!
So today Niko and Alessa went off by themselves to eat. Which meant Lilith followed the rest of us around. And listened in on our conversation about how we are not fond of Alessa and Niko. When we arrived at the classroom, she was putting the final touches on a doodle of a horse on the white board. Then she had the horse saying "sometimes you get mad and often speak words" which we all realized was directed at us. And it came straight from the horses mouth.
Unfortunately, I can see Lilith being bashed more and more on here as this trip goes on. It's really hard to live with someone who seems to hate us all but forces us to be around her. The only good thing so far is that she has not talked about wanting to kill us all because we aren't of the Aryan race.
I think I forgot to mention she's a Nazi. Who hates black people.
And we get to meet some of her relatives when we visit Laos. I think I'll just go to the hotel and hide under the covers."

oh my god

No. 237110

File: 1455425382760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.33 KB, 422x750, tumblr_njgj1kBx5S1ssye0oo1_500…)

Holy fuck, I actually agree with her a whole lot. I hate stupid whores who sleep with shitty men, wish I could drag them into my basement or something.

No. 237139

We complained about Lilith and Donna told us the funny story of how at Multicultural fusion orientation, where every African American freshman was, Lilith announced that she hated black people during her introduction. If you ever wanted a stupid idea, here's one of the dumbest ones ever. She has not been invited back since.


>Lilith has gotten on everyones last nerve. Including Drexler's. It's a good thing we're coming home in a little bit.

>If you are wondering why Lilith didn't go with to return the suitcase she accidentally took, so are we.
>She decided to wear her hooker shirt today to meet her dad's family for the first time. Hope she doesn't regret that later on.
>Had to sit by Lilith. Again. I'm starting to believe that I am put in charge of her, that Drexler thinks I can handle this responsibility. It's actually because our last names are at the end of the alphabet.Thankfully the flights are less than an hour or they have movies to choose from so it's easy to ignore her.
>Perhaps getting sick suddenly would be the ideal way to deal with meeting a family of Nazis. This is her first time meeting her dad's family so we are expecting her to hate them immensely and the day to be awkward or they will make her their new leader. Who knows, maybe they'll be completely normal and fun and we'll have a good time.
> In the elevator today Lilith, Deanna, Donna and I were about to ride up to the room. Then mischievousness struck.When you get out of an elevator it is a common prank to push all the other buttons. Instead, I pushed all the buttons on the way up to our floor. Deanna and Donna took it as a joke but you could feel the loathing rolling off Lilith in waves so much it scared the others. I am not sad to say it made me happy to make her angry. I am a terrible person, but she is worse. One story the host students keep talking about often is how when Lilith showed up at her host's house she asked for potato chips. When none were given she asked to be taken to the bar. Now that she has gone back to the hotel today the girl said her parents are much happier and she is telling everyone she survived. I wish I could meet that host and shake her hand for how well she handled Lilith.
>Watched Drexler try to talk to Lilith about some issues that she has been causing but we watched their body language get more and more closed so it was probably not successful.
>Lilith was her usual charming self while eating. It resembled the Beast during the breakfast scene from Beauty and the Beast. Actually made me forget what I was talking about mid sentence
>Your group gets your own room and you can scream or dance your heart out for as long as you want. I got to show off my Gangnam Style dance skills and sing "Beauty and the Beast." Lilith spend the whole time sitting on the couch glaring at us all.
>One thing I did edit out was how completely disgusting and rude Lilith was today. She actually belched at one of the Vietnamese students. Her behavior ranged from obnoxious to 'I was raised in a cave by monkeys'. The students were very concerned that she wasn't having fun.
>Another happy(ish) flight to Vietnam. Except I had to sit by Lilith who dressed herself as a hooker. If my grandma saw the way she was dressed, that would be the first word out of her mouth. She bought some platform high heels that don't have a heel. I will take a creeper picture when I get the chance because they are so outrageous. They look like Lady Gaga shoes as a better description
>Lilith, who's half Laotian and this was her first time visiting Laos, spent her time in her room on her computer. Again I wonder why she came on this trip.
>Lilith did not join us this time (my prayers have been answered!!) so she will be forced to go to yoga or something else. Barbara is the type of teacher who believes that if we talk to her we will realize she's just shy, not a bad person. This makes me remember she has a Hitler poster in her single at Coe. I don't think we'll be painting each others toe nails and gossiping about boys any time this lifetime. Or the next.
>Lilith grossed everyone at her table out by hogging the delicious fried chicken, eating it with her fingers, and dipping her spoon (the only utensil that goes in your mouth besides chopsticks) into the soup
>it was so tight that my foot accidentally brushed Lilith's leg and she immediately had to wipe away any trace I may have left on her. She looked constipated the whole way back and took off immediately after getting out of the songthaew without thanking Barbara for paying for her. She was also disrespectful to the Tai Chi teacher. We are hoping that her behavior towards people isn't what they remember of our group when we're gone.

No. 237146

File: 1455429027907.jpg (432.13 KB, 1600x1200, 1455428912594.jpg)

>I have really tried to like Lilith but after two weeks with her I can't. My thinking on it is she hasn't given a reason to like her. It's more like she tries to complain, storm off, be rude, and ignore the rest of us as much as she can. Her special skill is that she can walk anywhere in high heels.
>except Niko and Lilith because her boyfriend broke up with her today. Most of us had to take a moment to go "You had a boyfriend??")
> I was forced to put Lilith's dishes away because she doesn't do anything. Ever.
>I was woken by Lilith in the bathroom being as loud as possible. She was greeted by one of my glares as she came out. And went back in. I realized that I was not getting any bathroom time so I headed out for some food. As previously mentioned, the monastery did not have toilet paper so I bought some for myself and Donna. Which Lilith helped herself to, even moving it on a couple occasions. Without asking. There were other issues with her over the course of the weekend that are not making it into this blog.

No. 237152

Holy fucking cringe. I need a shower.

No. 237165

File: 1455432102857.png (4.87 MB, 3300x3300, edgycoloredbackground2-01.png)

No. 237173

No. 237177

File: 1455434619464.gif (1.16 MB, 250x250, 1454559034396.gif)

Duuuuuuuuude. Where did you find this?

No. 237186


Nope, not her, not even close!

No. 237199

Nice email

No. 237283

Wow, what a cunt. Why did she even go on that trip if she was just going to be an unpleasant Nazi edgelord?

No. 237360

I'm not sure, but it seems like Slavros broke up with her while she was on the trip if I'm understanding correctly. Either way, cuuunt. I'm also starting to think she was telling the truth about walking around town in a nazi uniform, she's incapable of giving a single fuck about anything.

No. 237406

Damn, how did you find this? It doesn't even say her real name

No. 237407

friend's detective work

No. 237519


My guess is her dad forced her to go seeing as her and the rest of the traveling group met her father's side of the family in Laos (I think, I can't remember which country it was). Based on the blog post of that day, she did not seem all together interested in the visit and dressed like a 'hooker'.

No. 237541

What Slavros video are you talking about?

No. 238635

Holy shit, I remember that. Thanks for saving it.

That was from an old tumblr account she had called Nazi Viking Space Marine. I believe that was written pre-Slavros or perhaps during her relationship with him.

No. 238647

I found this poem she wrote,

'I am the very model of a Nazi necrophiliac,
A goose-stepping, baby-eating, corpse-fucking maniac,
I never try to hide it and I’m proud to sport the swastika,
My icon causes seizures and will slaughter your pars optica;’

No. 238667

No. 238682

didn't she post this on the KYM forums under a pony alias

hyperborea something

No. 249135

People are saying she's an aspie, but honestly, it's obvious as fuck she has borderline. My grandma has it and she reminds me a lot of her.
>Identity issues
>hates people for no reason or for reasons that are incredibly petty (zipporah hadn't even said two words to her)
>experiences extreme emotions, rage instead of anger, grief instead of sadness, ect
>Impulsive and reckless as fuck
>Black and white thinking

And so on and so forth. Aside from all that, she's too creative to be a sperg. It gets ignored a lot, but most spergs are void of creativity. Lindsay's stories often took place in fantasy settings that she invented on her own, she also produced lots of original contend when shooping zipporah.

No. 249166

Spergs can have creativity sometimes (I have a super artsy sperg friend) but I do think borderline fits her better imo.

No. 371994


No. 372022


Did the trial take that long? How long is her sentence ?

No. 372194

She will be sentenced October 5th or 6th.

No. 372338


ED claims she was sentenced to 10 years on April 12. Pastebin link of court proceedings: https://pastebin.com/5jwZ8v5d

No. 372730

That entire proceeding relates only to Randall Shepherd.

Lindsay's sentencing was scheduled for October 5th or 6th, but now that she pleaded guilty, it will probably be announced sooner.

We'll see how this proceeds in the months to come:

No. 373095

No. 373333


Don't know how reliable the site is because I'm not Canadian, but it mentions that the sentencing /was/ scheduled for Oct and now it 'removes the burden of conducting a lengthy trial'.

No. 373480

The Star is a legit newspaper, kinda biased sometimes, but the facts should be okay. Sage for not super important info.

No. 374913

torontonian here, the star is v good and reliable. reporters broke stories on rob ford

No. 391181

I'm from halifax and i seriously hope this cunt rots in hell, MY FAMILY AND I COULDVE BEEN AT THE MALL THAT DAY

sage for blog/sperg

No. 419488

how did this bump up the thread when it was correctly saged

No. 419521

someone probably made an unsaged post then deleted it

No. 419524

ya mb, i saw the 2 months and misread it as 2 minutes

No. 421290

File: 1502269849679.jpg (19.6 KB, 238x275, 1496212130325.jpg)

>>130245 im a working class 34 year old and i can safely say rats like this are the people that bring a bad name to punk as a whole,

No. 422097

Who is still punk at 34??

No. 422415

lol a lot of people. you really didn't know that? 34 isn't even old for something like that.

No. 424706

What does she look like now? I hope shes still in prison, she is a deeply disturbed person with violent fantasies.

No. 445409

So does anyone have her nudes?

Purportedly, IronMarch and Null does.(don't necro without milk)

No. 448854

File: 1507800528743.png (195.35 KB, 504x452, d4c.png)

I-I can't hate Lindsay and her friends.
Who prays for this girl? Who has had the common humanity to pray for the first victim in this story?

I don't think they were serious about the mall mass murder. I mean, when you truly want to do something like that, you don't give up your plans all over the internet. They wanted to get busted, you can smell the deathwish issues from here.

Back to the time I was on DA, I had some interractions with her. I thought the nazi attitude was just the lamest trolling attempt ever.

The more I think about, the more I'm sure she was just…sad. She was angry at everyone happy because she knew she'll never be happy herself, she knew something was fucked inside her. And she hated the whole world because of that.

She should be in an asylum, not a jail. I hope she'll have a probation. Any way to send her letters in prison? I live in France and I don't know how penal system works in Canada.

I'm not admiring the abomination, I know she was a living hell for everyone included herself but I'm really having complicated feelings right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448877

thanks for not saging with your whiny, pointless post. Lindsay is getting what she deserves. Leave this fucking thread alone unless theres actual milk. nobody cares about your post.

No. 448882

I checked and Canada is pretty strict about information. You would need to have a level of importance (journalism etc) to request more information or the likes.
Then go to your police station, get finger printed for Canadian forces to look up any files you might have etc.
That's all I could find being a Yurofag myself.
Even tried American inmate search records just for the lulz and zilch

No. 448909

Maybe instead of threatening to kill innocent people she should have threatened to kill herself instead if it was just a cry for help.

Shooting threats are not anything to be taken lightly and she's getting what she deserves, purposely outing herself or not.

No. 448928

She and/or her friend was caught with firearms on the day they wanted to do the shooting ffs, sounds a lot more than just a cry for help.

No. 449915


don't project your self pitying thoughts on this dumb broad. she's disgusting. if she had gotten her way and killed multiple people, we wouldn't be having this conversation cuz everyone would be aware that she's trash. you're just as bad as those pathetic guys who supported her psychotic shit because they wanted to get in her pants. what a stupid fucking comment. you've clearly never lost anyone close to you thanks to incosiderate bastards like this bitch. grow up, stop feeling bad for yourself

No. 449934


She isn't sad. She's a fucking psycho. She has always been a fucking psycho and will always be a fucking psycho. She's like a dog with rabies. She has bad chemicals.

Boo-hoo, I'm a Nazi and I planned to murder as many innocent people as I possibly could because no one will give me a crown or recognize my superiority as a Spectacular White Nationalist who also happens to be not white. I can't even achieve my own dreams of terrorizing thousands of people and shooting little kids and grandmas in the head, so I have to recruit two horny geeks to help me. Please think of my super deep feelings and look at my pretty shooped pics that hide my horrible cystic acne and ice pick deep pock marked face. I am an just innocent victim of society and a middle upper class suburban life, dontcha see how hard this shit is?

Do you think the vegas shooter was also sweet and misunderstood and just kidding too? Or are you just a sexist douche who thinks that women aren't capable of being just as fucked in the head as any man is or ever could be?

No. 455629

File: 1508826513371.png (725.57 KB, 508x922, 3aY5159.png)

(learn 2 sage)

No. 456593

Wow!(learn 2 sage)

No. 456621

Now I can see why she wanted to kill people
Her tits are small and her self confidence is low.

No. 459795

is that even her? her tits look huge in some of the pictures above

No. 460500

The one thing I can't make fun of her for

No. 478887

Fuck, thanks to whichever anon somehow bumped this to the first page today. This was a wild ride of a thread.

No. 478921

reading about her from that travel blog was fascinating, tbh.

No. 478932

Nigga same took me forever, but an odd read
I totally forgot about this chick

The real crime committed here is that hot guy with the nice dick in >>128447 had to die over all this. Like the biggest shame, truly.

No. 479255

anyone got nudes of her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 479271

Have you seen screencaps of his blog? Dude was glorifying nazis as well as the Columbine perpetrators. He was very eager to kill without the girl's influence. If it's true that he was the one who called police, indeed it's a shame that he killed himself, as maybe he could have gotten over his murderous fantasies. Maybe.
No reason to go all ~precious bby angel~ on James just cause he had a nice dick. He made his choices and payed for them.

No. 479289

I don't really want to check out his blog again, but I remember he striked me as a depressed edgelord. He was quite tumblr-famous within his circle, lots of thirsty followers, maybe he was into it or maybe that whole school shooting aesthetic was just to feed on attention. Didn't he message them with something like, he doesn't want to kill anyone, just himself? Meh I don't mean to defend him though, idc
That was a nice thread

No. 479316

You don’t need screen caps, his tumblr is still up to this day. I think he was popular in the school shooter-aesthetic scene bc of his self made gifs & his signature scream mask shit. I mean if he hadn’t called the police on this whole thing could’ve ended so much worse, he came off as a huge edgelord, but the kind that hates themselves, as opposed to Lindsay, who hates everyone else. But come on, you gotta admit…. he was a qt3.14 and I blame tweedle dee and tweedle dum for taking his hotness away from the world.
>inb4 thirsty anon

Though I wish we could see the court transcripts, it’s basically impossible to get the mugshots unless you work for the Canadian police, but I remember a case with underage Canadian rapist/murders and only the transcript was available, but the whole thing at least. I wonder if she tried to plead insanity. Or how long the guy (her co-defendant) was sentenced to.

No. 479577

File: 1515169407498.jpg (46.06 KB, 570x423, o-LINDSAY-KANTHA-SOUVANNARATH-…)

Have you seen her face?

No. 479624

Dumb bitch should have gotten some Accutane prescribed instead of planning a mass shooting. She neither would be in prison nor still have that pizza face.

No. 508715

She was sentenced to life in prison.

No. 508719

File: 1524275149069.jpg (44.51 KB, 960x540, 818.jpg)


No. 508720

No. 508731

File: 1524279085190.gif (142.81 KB, 479x538, 420.gif)

Happy 4-20!

No. 508738

I’m sorry but that’s hypnotic.

No. 508740

she always had to play D&D as a Nazi ghost?

well then.

No. 508741

File: 1524280990370.png (39.17 KB, 454x84, omg.png)

No. 509044

I'm new to this thread. What the hell is this video?

No. 509080

It's a very short thread and story, why not just read it. That video was posted two years ago so anon is probably not going to answer you.

No. 509688

sentenced on 420, ironic

No. 509979

still think shes hot

No. 510043

It says she's eligible for parole and 7 years or so, does that really make a difference for a life in prison sentence?

No. 510199

File: 1524657636043.jpg (138.65 KB, 980x552, 120411015926-ac-charles-manson…)

No. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe it makes a difference.

No. 510211

File: 1524658926221.jpeg (15.55 KB, 306x372, 152465903032583670.jpeg)

Cool story bro.

No. 510213

Oh dear looks like someone doesn't know not to drink the juice or eat the cake in jail. Her skin is like wooooof

No. 510221


She will be eligible to petition for parole in 7 years, she still may never be granted. However, she's probably on her best behavior in there though because I bet she acts tough until she gets into some shit.

No. 510243

That's exactly what seems to be the case, I think I read this from some other article that was not linked here but she was described as a quiet prisoner who keeps to herself and participates in Books Behind Bars.

No. 510509

File: 1524704874536.jpg (33.19 KB, 864x117, suuuure.JPG)


How do idiots raise a kid like this and have no idea that they're necrophiliac nazi fetishists?

No. 510514

File: 1524705065157.jpg (99.5 KB, 883x667, halifax.JPG)

Samefag but

>“We know in our hearts that it was her loneliness and desire for friends that led to her online relationship.”

Yeah, surely it wasn't her being a nazi that made her want to exterminate innocent people.

No. 510656

They need to wake up and smell their precious lonely daughter's disturbing Facebook posts. She's psychotic and absolutely capable of what was planned. She took the first step in raising the money to fly out there.

No. 510714

>She's psychotic and absolutely capable of what was planned.
You are aware that you contradict yourself with this, yeah?

No. 510723

File: 1524749881605.png (110.2 KB, 533x173, 152475052788475115.png)

Lindsay and her accomplice hoped to get a body count higher than columbine. Nicolaz Cruz went through with the "valentines day massacre". He succeeded and pulled in a body count higher than eric and dylan. He also made sure to make the massacre happen at his former school. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/02/the-death-toll-in-the-florida-school-shooting-has-exceeded-columbine.html

No. 510806

psychotic doesn't mean mentally incapable of determining right from wrong.

she's clearly a nazi sociopath, and sociopaths are definitely able to understand that killing is wrong.

No. 510813

File: 1524765755720.png (56.87 KB, 300x302, 7c8b79b588a91323fbbf3930054990…)

I knew what you meant. ;)(emoji use)

No. 511705

File: 1524929163920.jpeg (35.62 KB, 673x500, thatsweater.jpeg)

That sweater triggers me. Toilet seat neck.

No. 511742

File: 1524931464998.jpg (90.78 KB, 942x1600, 24853_20_287_29.jpg)

No. 511816

uhhhhhh okay

No. 511821

File: 1524935047857.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, cwsCI43.gif)

No. 512009

Similar but Lindsay's is a mess. Instead of draping to end near the waist as intended, hers sticks out over her boobs and just quits there.

No. 512055

I don't think they give you a full length mirror and time to style yourself where she's living.

No. 512105

File: 1524974878428.jpg (138.74 KB, 907x1400, gogo yubari.jpg)

She looks like an ugly Chiaki Kuriyama.

No. 512139

Don't do Chiaki like that, anon.

No. 512153


>>On February 17, 2015, while being transported for court purposes, Souvannarath had the following exchange with an undercover officer posing as a fellow prisoner in a transport


>>Lindsay Souvannarath: I love that shirt so much 'cause it looks like something Eric Harris would wear.

>>Undercover Officer: (laughs)
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: And - yeah, we were - .
>>Undercover Officer: And Eric Harris is?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Uh, one of the Columbine shooters.
>>Undercover Officer: Okay, that's what I thought. I didn't know his last name, but I thought I remembered Eric.
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah. And so I would be Eric, and he would be Dylan.
>>Undercover Officer: (laughs) You had that all figured out, huh?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah. We'd planned this a long time ago. (laughs)
>>Undercover Officer: Oh yeah?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Mmm.
>>Undercover Officer: How long ago?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Urn, we started planning things in, like, December. Like, somewhere around Christmas. Oh yeah, and I also had a skull mask that I was going to wear, and he had his scream mask.
>>Undercover Officer: (laughs) You guys were going to wear masks?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah!
>>Undercover Officer: Hey, go big or go home, eh?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah. We would have looked so perfect.
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Uh-huh. 'Cause I have no idea how I'm going to go home and tell my parents, hey mom and dad, me and this guy I met on the internet - we had plans to shoot up a mall and then kill ourselves.
>>Undercover Officer: (laughs) Oh shit!
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah.
>>Undercover Officer: You mean you were going to do something like that?
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah!
>>Undercover Officer: Oh!
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: That's what we were planning.
>>Undercover Officer: Fuck, I thought you just wanted to kill yourself.
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: No, more than that.
>>Undercover Officer: Holy shit.
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah. It was going to be a Valentine's Day massacre.
>>Undercover Officer: Yeah, I guess, huh? Fuck. You guys really thought about everything.
>>Lindsay Souvannarath: Yeah.

No. 512157

More keks for my fellow anons:

>>[38] Souvannarath landed at midnight in Halifax. At 12:10am on February 13, 2015, she presented herself to primary immigration and spoke to a CBSA agent. For unknown reasons, the national lookout, previously put in place by the CBSA, did not raise a flag at that time.

>>[39] Nevertheless, the CBSA agent who processed Souvannarath was concerned by her.

>>[40] The officer was concerned that Souvannarath may have been attempting to bring drugs into Canada. His concerns revolved around the fact that she advised him that she flew to Canada on a one-way ticket, had only $33.00, and did not know where her boyfriend, James Gamble, lived. The officer noted “she had very bad teeth and her complexion was very bad with sores on her face. This made me think she may be on drugs (crystal meth/crack cocaine).”

>>[41] The officer directed Souvannarath to a secondary Immigration examination as well as a secondary Customs inspection.

>>[42] Souvannarath was questioned at secondary Immigration by Tracey Eisener. Ms. Eisener questioned Ms. Souvannarath and confirmed that she did not know where she was going, had a small amount of money, and did not have a return ticket to Chicago. Ms. Souvannarath indicated that she was in Halifax to spend a “memorable” Valentine’s weekend with her boyfriend, James Gamble, who she had previously met online. She further advised that Randy Shepherd was at the Airport to pick her up, this was subsequently confirmed by CBSA officials.

>>[43] The contents of Souvannarath’s luggage were subjected to inspection. Ms. Souvannarath had little with her, aside from some make-up, her “death outfit”, and two books on serial killers.

No. 512161

>when your edgelord behavior just incriminates you more

No. 512170


her hair is always so greasy yuck

No. 512236

officer thought her bad skin/acne was drug sores. kek

No. 512274

your post gets conveniently ignored

No. 512292

To this day it still gives me chills knowing I was mutuals on tumblr with James for a good two years. Talked occasionally, I was admittedly and shamefully quite involved in this circle of serial killer worshipping edge lords. Still love true crime, but I keep that shit to myself now

No. 513212

Shit, so she literally could have gotten away despite the police knowing that she was coming? And she STILL fucked it up by being a total autist? Christ almighty, how stupid can a person be?

No. 513304

what do you mean? she didn't get apprehended in customs, she got arrested in the airport proper.

No. 624847

She is trying to appeal her life sentence.


>>An American woman who plotted to go on a Valentine’s Day shooting spree at a Halifax mall is appealing her sentence of life in prison, calling it “manifestly harsh and excessive.”

>>Lindsay Souvannarath was sentenced in April after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in a plan that would have seen two shooters open fire at the Halifax Shopping Centre food court in 2015.

>>A motion to set a date for the appeal hearing is expected to be considered next week by Justice David Farrar of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

>>In her notice of appeal, Souvannarath argues that her sentence of life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 10 years should be revised to a fixed sentence of 12 to 14 years.

>>The Chicago-area woman provides five grounds for appeal, including suggesting that the presiding judge committed an error by imposing a burden on her to prove she was remorseful and had “renounced anti-social beliefs.”

>>She also argues that Supreme Court Justice Peter Rosinski was wrong to compare the conspiracy to a terrorism offence and conclude it was equivalent in “moral blameworthiness, gravity and danger” to the public.

>>The 26-year-old woman added that the judge offended the principle of parity by imposing a dramatically lengthier sentence on her than on co-conspirator Randall Shepherd.

>>Souvannarath pleaded guilty last year, several months after Shepherd – a Halifax man described in court as the “cheerleader” of the foiled shooting plot – was sentenced to a decade in jail.

>>A third alleged conspirator, 19-year-old James Gamble, was found dead in his Halifax-area home a day before the planned attack.

>>The conspiracy can be traced back to December 2014, when Souvannarath and Gamble began an online relationship, exchanging explicit intimate photographs and a fascination with mass shootings.

>>Thousands of Facebook messages between the two provide details of the conspiracy and Souvannarath’s obsession with Nazism, the 1999 Columbine shooting and a plot she nicknamed “Der Untergang” – a Valentine’s Day shooting rampage at a Halifax mall.

>>The massacre was to end with their own suicides.

>>Souvannarath left her home in Geneva, Ill., on Feb 13, 2015, and flew to Halifax on a one-way ticket, allegedly carrying her “death outfit” and books on serial killers in her luggage.

>>But the plan began to fall apart before she landed in Nova Scotia.

>>Acting on a tip, police surrounded Gamble’s home outside Halifax. He agreed over the phone to come outside, but instead shot himself in the head.

>>Meanwhile, Shepherd went to the airport on a city bus to meet Souvannarath, but was arrested while waiting.

>>Officers also sent online photos of Souvannarath to border agents at the Halifax airport, instructing them to detain anyone matching her description arriving on a flight from Chicago via New York.

>>When Souvannarath arrived, she was detained by the Canada Border Services Agency.

>>The arrests made international headlines and shocked Nova Scotians. The spectre of shooters opening fire in the food court of a popular mall threatened thousands of shoppers and workers and unsettled the city for months.

>>One judge noted that it was difficult to imagine a crime more damaging to a community’s sense of peace and security, while a Crown lawyer said the “horrible plan would have changed the face of Halifax forever.”

>>Rosinski cited the explicit intention to create mass panic and undermine the community’s sense of security as an aggravating factor in the sentencing.

>>“They intended to maximize dead and wounded casualties,” the judge wrote in his decision.

No. 629273

Holy shit I remember her from Twilightsucks, she was a massive edgelord back then.

No. 639228

>Why bother trying to better yourself as a person when there are thousands of battered, raped, psychologically broken and easily manipulated BUT TOTALLY HOT girls turning eighteen every day? They’ll even do anal if you verbally abuse them enough!

Fuck I WISH that was true(Your incel is showing)

No. 639286

>muh word of the week
>I'm a catty bitch who thinks everyone who gets laid is mentally damaged

Spotted the salty femcel

No. 639732

>They have no conception of morality, unable to perceive humanity as having any purpose beyond feeding, fighting and fucking. Especially fucking.

This part is true though. Men are barely human.(Your femcel is showing.)

No. 639741

File: 1550071773218.png (307.46 KB, 1273x921, LyndsayPod1.png)

She has been interviewed in prison for this new four part podcast. Parts 3 and 4 to follow.



No. 639808

Thank you for posting this! So interesting.

No. 640385

Yeah, that's a great interview. Pretty enlightening, I'll say.

I surmise the primary motivation for committing such acts of terror is to become judge, jury and executioner just for a moment; a final act of defiance or perhaps narcissistic self-gratification. Rejection, alienation and/or estrangement are recurring themes with many of these people, and even a cursory through this thread confirms Lindsay is no exception. It's common for those shunned by a group to then go over the top and say, "Yeah, I'm going to reject you harder!" It's a coping mechanism for cognitive dissonance to be sure.

As much as she claims to choose Fascism for the greater good, I fail to see how any person with decent prospects, talent or promise would choose extreme acts of unprovoked violence on complete strangers as means to better political ends. At the absolute most, the tragedy would be subject to a media circus for an indefinite period of time, and politicians would exploit the events as justification to pass gun control legislation. Within a couple generations (perhaps less), the event would be forgotten, and business would continue as usual. The events certainly could be cited to clamp down even harder on free speech, so I can only see this as a losing battle.

As to what would happen if such acts would inspire greater political violence should she survive the initial acts and walk free to commit more acts, I speculate people like Lindsay would wait for someone more competent to assume control and then take the next step. It's obvious Lindsay has neither the leadership skills necessary to organize a movement nor the charisma to earn even a small group of followers who'd cling to her every word. At most, she's a talented misanthropic fiction writer with a fetish for authoritarianism.

No. 640469

this is fantastic. thanks for posting it

i find it terrifying how much of myself i can see in her. i never got into nazism or columbine fandom or anything like her, but pretty much every single thing she listed otherwise could apply to me. i even used to talk to a guy named james about serial killers and how we wanted to become them when we were older. of course i'm positive it was a different guy, and it was just edgy teenager talk. incredible how it just… wasn't, for her

it also amazes me how well-spoken she is. i didn't hear a single "um" or "uh" in her replies. she's very straightforward and blunt. it's fucking insane how she reveals zero remorse for the crime or the lives she could have taken. even in prison, she says she doesn't care about others dying as they are worthless and "unimpressive". doesn't even attempt to pretend she's sorry. she mentions she's not "active" as a columbiner or writer anymore solely because she cannot get access to her computer.

what a cold person. i think she's a legitimate antisocial personality disorder case, or a "psychopath" by the nonspecific definition. she has massive, massive delusions of grandeur as well. narcissism, maybe? she deserves to rot in jail but she also fascinates me. i want to hear more interviews.

No. 640634


It's almost hilarious that she is so vocal about how other people must contribute to society to have any value, when she had no plans of working or literally contributing anything. So much protection. Mental illness is sad. She's in the right place, that's for sure.

No. 641678


The creator of the podcast has been posting on the KF thread:

The Story of Lindsay Souvannarath - Part 3 - Lindsay, James, and the Valentine's Day Massacre will be released first thing in the morning on Feb 20th.

In this episode, which is very difficult to listen to at times, I use excerpts from a series of prison interviews with Lindsay to provide an unapologetic and graphic telling of the events that start with her first meeting James Gamble (her co-conspirator) and end with her being formally charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

This episode will share many new details, and elaborate on many already known (or speculated on).

I'm looking forward to visiting this board after the release of the episode to hear the reactions of those who know this story well.

The episode will be available on Nighttimepodcast.com, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and basically everywhere else that provides on demand audio.


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