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File: 1530857721319.png (254.9 KB, 785x321, 1530643711273.png)

No. 541833

The lack of work and social life , as well as being painfully single has left Vicky with nothing to do but spend all her time on social media and lolcow while drinking alone and taking photos with self timer which are marked as "Frankie photography". This has resulted in a slew of angry outbursts and outlandish claims , which are usually followed by posts about how totally unbothered she is. She has also been doxxing and harassing random women, insisting they have been stalking her for years , are copying her and/or are mad that their boyfriends are hitting on her because she just can not cope with the fact that a multitude of people are laughing at her. Her fan base has dwindled down to a handful of alt right neckbeards which she is desperately pandering to with some new edgelord personality. She is also relentlessly battling bullying by telling people to kill themselves, that she wishes she could beat them up and being condescending any chance she gets.

>30 year old tattoo scratcher who works in an unlicensed 'salon' comparable to a shack, blames clients for poor aftercare when her inability to tattoo properly scars people's bodies

>Former myspace scene queen with a very poor grasp of Photoshop and After Effects
>Narcissistic attention whore who describes herself as a 'real life Final Fantasy character'
>Can't talk about herself without making claims so outlandish only a total idiot would believe them
>Claims to be well-versed in psychology, astronomy, quantum physics to name a few fields of study (despite never enrolling in post secondary education and/or never involving herself in groups dedicated to those fields)
>Posts videos of herself flailing around with a dollar-store katana because she is a 'sword fighter'
>(Poorly) fakes a British accent
>Known on Lolcow for selfposting hundreds of times in her own thread, pretending to be people who know her irl
>Tried to DMCA lolcow and kiwi, claimed the Attorney General of Canada had to be involved

Since last thread:
>Still believes she's a celebrity.
>Leaves her scratcher victims with unfinished tattoos and doesn't remember her appointments so she relies on posting Facebook statuses, hoping her 'clients' see and reach out to her.
>Bought a weeb school girl dress off wish and claims she totally has always rocked the Lolita gothic style (even tho its not even close Lolita gothic style).
>Her shooping has gotten even sloppier and she always has to caption her photos “no photoshop or make up!” with obvious bad photoshop and bountiful amounts of cake make up present.
>Oh she’s also a biker and can do tricks on a motorcycle.

Basically she’s still acting the same and she’s getting pretty damn old now (in her 30s) . Her lies are getting even more extreme and ridiculous that she seriously looks like someone with special needs.

All images property of Victoria Shingleton. All use of images constitutes copyright fair use, e.g. for purposes of critique or parody. Image sources:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial/
Personal FB: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder/

Previous threads:

No. 541890

File: 1530862140590.png (466.63 KB, 922x443, 1530643866575.png)

she looks like she's about to sacrifice the band of the hawk

No. 541911

File: 1530865669128.jpg (774.4 KB, 1183x890, wtf.jpg)

No filter because the camera disastrously has orchestrated an inferior version of a normal quality image, lacking the rendition of facial features. Any application of filters would deliver a useless pix-elated jpeg with no resulting subject.


No. 541975

File: 1530881747305.jpeg (149.69 KB, 639x723, 20250B90-EA2D-41A4-81FC-6820FB…)

Muh ~ambidexterity~

No. 541980

File: 1530883113842.jpg (479.16 KB, 1080x1774, 20180706_091331.jpg)

your skin is ~glowy~ b/c of the light you're standing in. apparently she has been waiting to show off the stomach tattoo in a ~professional shoot~. translation, she finally found her camera remote.

am surprised she showed off her teeth this much.

No. 541994


>claims to not care about how she looks

>slaps on as many filters as possible

She’s so transparent

No. 541995

Even when the image is blown out with this much light, you can still see the dark discolouring on the edge of her gums. What the hell is that? Does chain smoking turn your gums grey or something?

No. 542001


Looks like she’s getting gum disease because she doesn’t brush her teeth as often as she should. In candids where she’s smiling and showing her horse teeth they are pretty stained and yellow so her gums are suffering

No. 542074

File: 1530897344924.png (980.5 KB, 1600x1200, lumberpile.png)

lmao we all kno better

No. 542081

File: 1530898296220.jpeg (42.24 KB, 640x639, FA19267B-9835-49C3-AAF0-A4F60C…)

Those snap chat face filter eyes are frightening

No. 542130

File: 1530902462848.jpeg (35.86 KB, 640x722, 6F9C5518-1060-4D77-8A2A-7DBB66…)


What a fail

No. 542215

File: 1530910829586.jpg (804.92 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180705_154808.jpg)

I'm surprised she uploaded this. Her teeth look disgusting. So does her tongue , it looks like it's coated in something. Fucking gross.

No. 542296


The gums around the left canine tooth are so disgusting holy

No. 542341

I can't wait until she does that photoshoot with her belly tattoo. She's going to have to work extra hard to make her stomach look her usual small size without utterly distorting the tattoo she's supposed to be showing off

No. 542414

I like to imagine she's actually blurry irl and strikes fear in to the hearts of locals.

No. 542497

Looks like gingivitis.

No. 542560


I have a feeling she will use her injuries to claim reasons why she can't finish tattoos, having poor work and or cancelling on clients.

No. 542567


looks like gingivitis on receding gums

No. 542896

Imagine the stank of her breath? Plants probably wilt when she breathes around them

No. 543036

File: 1531009870221.jpg (474.43 KB, 1080x1519, 20180708_013106.jpg)

Jesus. Imagine how those meaty thighs look unshooped.

No. 543038

omg….I can't….I'm leaving earth goodbye

No. 543039

File: 1531010321727.jpeg (626.72 KB, 750x1174, 767CB67D-4EC4-40E6-92FE-524FAC…)

God the list goes on and on about what’s fucked up and shopped in this pic……… idk what to even say

No. 543040

File: 1531010369982.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, A3EE5BB4-5660-4BA2-AA4B-E07222…)

At first I thought that was a pointy nipple but no she just wrecked her extensions with photoshop pulling her tits to be wider

No. 543156

File: 1531018465388.png (941.06 KB, 640x1136, DE69A1BD-172E-4F78-9892-E168DC…)


Surprise surprise. She shooped herself into a background and her face looks painted on her neck isn’t centred and she blew up her right titty bigger than her left one. Nothing in this picture makes sense

No. 543160

File: 1531018800919.jpeg (97.28 KB, 531x473, 3A536CFB-B43D-45FC-B619-9296A6…)

Expectation vs Reality

No. 543161

This is just a candid on the beach. My sides.

No. 543167

File: 1531019363536.jpeg (111.09 KB, 631x1016, A4B9245E-7C88-46B8-AD18-EF109C…)


What’s with the random curtain? I feel like she took a picture in front of that window again like her last bad shoops. Her shoulder is smaller than the rest of her arm. The eyes are also uneven as hell. How do people buy this shit?? Imagine being this pathetic you sit at home on a Saturday night photoshopping yourself in how you wish you looked to farm for likes on Instagram to feel validated.

No. 543176

I honestly think she does these photoshops while she’s sucking back the liquor. It would explain why they are so sloppy and fucked up. But then again, it IS Vick and she’s as smart as a bag of rocks. But even that is insulting to the bag of rocks

No. 543245

File: 1531024648725.png (1.81 MB, 1421x1287, WOW GIRL.PNG)

Notice how her hair disappears behind her arm, and then suddenly reappears coming out of her arm

also, check out the bottom left, why is that bedding going into the beach? the depth on that fake beach she shopped into the pic is just all out of wack

No. 543272

the way her leg is positioned makes it look like she has a really weird wang.

No. 543279

I'm guessing she spread her legs out that much to make shooping them smaller easier. Except when she shooped them it made them look even more spread apart. That left leg looks totally fucked and large compared to her over shooped waist

No. 543371

Is it supposed to be chiffon casually blowing in the breeze? Like, she's holding it over her head?

No. 543407

Ye Olde Wonk Face.

No. 543408

I wonder if her followers really think she's on the beach. Or do they just like the pic because it's ~beautiful digital art~?

No. 543463


That stupid necklace again! Fucking hell

No. 543470

They like it because they’re Neanderthals, anon.

No. 543678

File: 1531084290501.jpeg (107.1 KB, 640x395, 8FABD165-00DA-46FC-8BFB-6F4B78…)

No. 543683


Instead of plastic surgery she just shoops away her whole body, her crimson chin, and honker beak

No. 543896

People get plastic surgery to look like someone like me!!!

She gets more and more insufferable every day

No. 543986

looks like chronic armpit hair, what a glorious fuckup

No. 544032

File: 1531109628661.jpg (267.82 KB, 2048x2048, 952207FD-BCDB-489E-AD75-E03572…)

I've never seen a more horrific laughing stock photoshop job on a set of arms,pair of boobs, or waist before lol

No. 544348

Wtf even is thar swimsuit? It looks like something Borat would wear

No. 544372

What was all that about uplifting other women and not tearing them down out of insecurity?

This is the reason why people hate on Vicky. She is the worst kind of pick-me bitch and responds in the most obnoxious arrogant way to everything. Her attempts to seem like she doesn't hate and feel threatened by attractive women are painfully transparent. At least women who had surgery can at least present a real life version of themselves unlike Vic who needs hours in Photoshop before she stops looking like the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock

No. 544539

File: 1531155510162.png (1.24 MB, 1522x1132, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 2.39…)


> has to point out that it's unedited

> has to point out she thinks she still looks 18 at 33 (she doesnt)

No. 544541

tbf to her fake british thing she does look a lot like the girls you see hanging round parks or tesco car parks in the uk

No. 544547

File: 1531156344117.png (896.57 KB, 944x984, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 1.12…)

The more I stare at this monstrosity, the worse it gets.

No. 544549

File: 1531156536148.jpg (64.12 KB, 716x540, Screenshot_2018-07-08-23-49-28…)


No. 544565


She only looks the same in the sense of never growing out of her MySpace phase even keeps her stupid scene name ~miss Vitoria murder~ still bleaching her hair to shit and wearing ratty extensions. She just looks even more haggard and more and more like an old rocker mom

No. 544696


if that truly is unedited, she has gained a lot of weight since then. her face looks pretty skinny in here, compared to now.

btw vic, it's sad if nothing (except your weight) changes in between of ages 17 and 30+. nothing to be proud of.

No. 544705


this shoop makes me feel dizzy, like im being pulled into a vortex.

the weird bent hair, the fuzzy blurry mis shapen tattoo, the wonky bathing suit. how the hell does she get off thinking people are too stupid to notice this is all photoshop lol

No. 544732

File: 1531169501403.jpg (507.65 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180709_165428.jpg)

Looks like the hair is all wonky from sloppily pulling in the jawline… which she made even more crooked than her tits. On top of that, other side of her face has hair randomly appearing out of nowhere like in >>543245

No. 544748

yea i'd like to see her retake this and leave it unedited lol. that baby face hashtag when she still looks haggard.

No. 544752

File: 1531172209215.png (1004.14 KB, 996x812, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 5.32…)

3 more things i noticed on it

1. Warping on the left black band, probably trying to reduce how much fat was poking out and left it all wobbly like her neck

2. Behind her foot she forgot to shoop in more grass, looks to be her wall from other pictures?

3. Her hand seems to be oddly long, possibly stretched the entire image a smidge to look taller / thinner, but this left the outmost edges stretched

also it's funny how bad the edges between her and the fake background look when you zoom in

No. 544809


With all the bad shoop mistakes aside…that obvious artificial orange lamp-lighting gets me the most.
Imagine having to pretend you had a shoot at a beach with your “photog.” When in reality, you’re just a sad 30 year old who wasted her prime years chasing after her short-lived teen fame with no friends, and your photog is a Bluetooth remote.

No. 544941

I feel like "Bluetooth remote" is too much credit and that she presses a self timer button then runs to pose which is why all the shots have to be edited up the ass. All the selfie shots are classic fat girl "from above, at an angle" shots while all the self timer "photog" pics are from this awkward "phone leaning back against something" shots.

No. 545036

Imagine pretending you have so many passions and talents but all you end up post about is stupid vapid shit “MUH UNEDITED TOMBOY”

No. 545237

File: 1531205571742.jpg (649.38 KB, 1124x1080, backgrund.jpg)

found the curtains/blanket re-used from another recent "shoot", credited to the notorious "frankie"

so double confirm it's self timer in her bedroom

No. 545296


I’ve noticed that a lot of women get a little bit of an early 30’s glow up, when age catches up and forces them to start taking better care of themselves. The opposite seems to be happening, here.

No. 545337

'I forgot how inked up I am'

>takes full body selfies showing off tattoos every other day

>goes on about being a tattoo artist/tattoos in general every other day

Like I get when people have tattoos for ages, they tend to forget about them, but she truly couldn't think of anything for the caption I swear. Her captions are either telling people that she's pretty naturally somehow, or shit like this. She probably thought if she mentions her tattoos, it will distract from all the terrible photoshop mistakes.

No. 545347

File: 1531229578366.png (654.14 KB, 843x427, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.33…)

She may not have changed much in style but she sure as shit doesn't look "17 to 19"

No. 545399

She looks like late 20's, early 30's in her teen picture on the left and the picture on the right she looks in her late 30's early 40's.

Vicky just because your shit hair, terrible makeup and questionable outfits have not changed since the scene era, doesn't mean you still physically look the same age.
Your maturity and intelligence is still that of a teenager, but you are delusional if you truly think you look the same as you did at 19.

What a fuckwit.

No. 545404

Anyone else notice that since the other thread a few ones back, everyone was giving her shit about her eyebrows and the last two photoshops, she's made them less crazy and pointy? She must read here religiously.
Her eyebrows look bad in the beach picture, but definitely less disney villain than usual.

No. 545405

What is wrong withher lips in th e picture on the right? They look sore.

No. 545411

She forgot to edit the way the fabric hangs off the droop of her pancake titties on the left.

No. 545436

She looks like a fucking lizard in the pic on the right. Her eyes are looking two different directions and if she lowered her chin and more her head would snap off.
Vic, you're ugly inside and out. I've seen her in person once or twice and I must say she's even more hideous (and annoying) in person.

No. 545581

She looks like an old, busted Bunny Alexander on the right. Sad.

If she looks this bad now, imagine how she’ll look in 10 years, once she hits 40–45. Yikes. That might explain all the finger-sucking, lip-biting thirst traps she constantly posts on Instagram. She knows she’s running out of time.

No. 545874

I’d pay to see what all of her original photos look like

No. 545887

she tries so hard so hard to look like Bunny Alexander who actually redeemed herself online by being honest about her mental disorders and who is years younger and more attractive than vick

No. 546017

In my opinion, Bunny isn't very attractive facially, but her body is probably half the size of Vickys. Also at least she puts her photos up resembling her actual self, unlike Vick's shooped disasters. I wouldn't be suprised if Vicky was jealous of Bunny.
Didn't they have an argument over facebook about sex workers? Or was that an argument with a different girl?

No. 546480

Same here. Who else is willing to pay to see her originals before they're edited to oblivion? I wish there was a way.

No. 546614

Once her shop gets shut down by violating code and she “inkss uppp” at her house, someone needs to get a tattoo in her house and hack her computer kek . I’d volunteer but I have a good job so a poorly drawn permanent doodle is probably a bad idea

No. 546615

>>546017 I actually think bunny is really pretty minus the bad eyebrows and tacky tattoos but she’s true to herself which is v important. I don’t think vick will ever get that.

No. 546853

File: 1531404889073.jpg (36.83 KB, 415x600, fedora.jpg)

Bunny and Victoria stopped being besties around the time Bunny became a stripper. I think Vick see's herself as superior to girls who get fully nude, because she has it in her head that sex workers are low class even though all she does is set thirst traps for male attention for free.

No. 546860


I honestly cant tell which one is vick in this picture. (left?)

No. 546872

Yeah, the left ugly bitch is Vic. The amount of photoshop and fakeness is hilarious.
The chin and neck shoop, her boob has been lifted that it literally trying to reach for the heavens, and what did she do to her arm? Omg, it's like a where's Waldo of photoshop artefacts

No. 546883

File: 1531409691721.jpg (533.37 KB, 1080x1503, 20180712_113438.jpg)

do you have any resources b/c bunny - sho is going by isabella sweet now - went thru several phases before becoming a stripper. like everyone seems to be forgetting that she pretended to be muslim to hide her fried hair which still looks dry as fuck, and while she hasn't gone as extreme as vic in the photoshop department, she's done it plenty and completely denied it.

anyway, this is a vic thread, so here's a recent post where she is claiming to have tattooed ppl with genius iq's.(derailing)

No. 546907

yea I really want my gyno to have a portrait of vicky on her arm

No. 546909

>>546853 it’s sad because every picture Vicky posts with someone else, she’s all photoshopped and the person(s) beside her look normal. Like the bridal “photo shoot” and that picture of her and her ex Adrian’s now fiance at the beach or lake. It’s really sad

No. 546912

File: 1531411699877.png (41.26 KB, 439x225, Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.0…)


> phd doctors

>> genius level iqs

sure thing vickers

in reality her clients are people looking for cheaper tattoos, even this guy (who lives less than an hour away) cant be bothered despite being a fan

No. 547037

If she was trying to hide her hair why didn’t she just wear wigs? She posted a whole thing on her tumblr explaining her Muslim phase and pretty sure she’s telling the truth

No. 547245

>phd doctors


No. 547271

Hahaha, yeah anon don't you know. All those Doctors of Philosophy doctors just come flooding into Vic's garage to "get ink".
She's actually retarded.

No. 547282

Her accent confuses me. As a brti fag that spent all life around people who speak the typical RP Brit accent which Americans like to portray, I would have thought she would have tried to speak like this as it is the easiest accent to mimic. Her accent sounds 'like' regional brit, almost as if she knows British people with that regional accent ( Kent? or somewere else south England and she stole the accent from them. If she wants to sound British she should get examples from those who live in Surrey etc. It is far easier to speak RP and I assume learn it as it is the way English is meant to be spoken so it has NO accent. people from NI have a strong NI accent so strong that children still keep that accent even if moved young, but I do not get how if she still had a NI accent, she would mimic a regional British one. She is so pretentious she would go for ' Queens English'.

No. 547284

Damn Anon, I just spat some milk shake on my keyboard ( the visuals)

No. 547431

>>546883 she’s posted YouTube videos and all over her insta and tumblr about her mental disorders and phases so instead of derailing this thread, look there instead.

No. 547435

Wait…don’t doctors all have phds? Or does vicky know of some that perform surgery in a hair salon?

No. 547523


it's not even the first time she's used the phrase "phd doctors", ie >>496324

No. 547540

The “d” literally stands for “doctor,” smh.

No. 547564

And of course she's sharing 12th of July marches on her FB page. It's amusing how unaware she is of how being unabashedly sectarian makes you look trashy as fuck in modern Northern Ireland. She's only doing it to push her obnoxious "muh Britishness", I doubt she knows anything about NI history outside of stuff she sees on her feed, like the rest of her politics.

No. 547667

File: 1531488025602.png (490.46 KB, 764x760, godddamnit.png)

my sides

beyond the fact that she's replying seriously and angrily to a parody/joke tweet, it's not "beta trickery" to lie about a freaking horoscope sign; and if a girl was basing her hook ups on lunar alignments or some shit, she's nuts, doesn't mean the guy's ugly

makes me wonder, if she's defending the retarded girl that vehemently…

No. 547679


Vicky tricks guys on the daily with her sloppy shoops and ~high iq~ the list goes on and on

No. 547686


Really fresh coming from Queen Catfish, whose entire existence is based on conning the opposite sex for attention.

No. 547757

File: 1531505467819.png (615.84 KB, 599x602, Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.10…)

This is so cringey

No. 547759

File: 1531505563602.png (530.9 KB, 598x598, Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 2.10…)

at least she's not hiding how fat she is anymore…

No. 547761

anon, what are you talking about… vicki is not fat… shes a sexy babe with big b00bies…

No. 547799

Really annoys me that she mirrored that Alice in wonderland backdrop but didn't remove the "drink me" label on the right so its backwards.

Also she gave herself collarbones that disappear from one image to the next, and the dress changes colour. The weird turquoise color she tried to shop it into is horrible.

No. 547801

silly anon, she's always been a large in boobs, it's her waist that's an xs

No. 547827

File: 1531512047716.jpg (587.34 KB, 2048x2048, B91FD091-CF42-44A8-8B9E-C882C7…)

Also totally not photoshopped ever!

No. 547854

File: 1531514253251.png (1017 KB, 640x1136, A1032070-C367-477A-8362-AC7521…)

She shooped her wide shoulders smaller than her fat forearm and she didn’t blow up the tities as much so you can see how they are sagging

No. 548105

she even shopped color onto the kitty in an attempt to make it look like the cheshire cat lol.

No. 548132

Medical doctors don't need a PhD, having a PhD gives you the title "doctor" though. So your English professor could be a doctor if they've got a PhD
You'd think a Brit would know a thing or two about alice in wonderland. And the professional "Frankie" would know a thing or two about how colours look to the human eye. That dress looks nothing like Alice and that lolipop looks so out of place. Not to mention she's messed with the aesthetic of her background with the random vibrant colours that clash with the muted dreamy colours. Also her left side looks so odd, almost as if she's hiding something under her dress there. There's something next to her leg

No. 548196

I thought that too. It's not very Alicey. She should have curled her hair and worn a black headband. Alice never had pigtails in any movie adaption I've ever seen.
Also like why not just photoshop the dress blue in every photo? Alice doesn't wear a pink dress.
I get what she was kind of going for, but she's missed the mark in so many other ways, it looks so amateur.

No. 548256

Love how she shooped herself a purple manicure because her hand was on the cat and got caught in the beam of purple terror she digitally sprayed on poor kitty. The other hand is clearly sporting bright red nails. Speaking of hands, am I seeing things or are her hands (especially the tattooed one) out of proportion in the first pic and too big for her head/ body? Also did she mirror the background image just because it fit her pose better or is this some shady copyright infringement shit off some rando artist who made the wonderland pic

No. 548434

tbh it reminds me of that cringy kerli singer from like 2010 or so.

No. 548467

Is she trying to be a cosplay weeb now? Because she’s failing horribly. First the cheap wish school girl dress and now this fail of an Alice “cosplay”. Guess she’s trying to even harder to be a “total nerd look at me I’m suuuuch a geek!” Fishing for more neckbeard attention

No. 549181

No collarbones in sight, always the biggest giveaway of a fatty.

No. 549953

File: 1531787682537.png (3.03 MB, 1430x1465, lmaooo.PNG)

oh god, another person got a Vick tattoo and its just as bad as one of her own

No. 549957

…no words…

No. 550079

Well based on the other work this unfortunate person has, I'm sure they think it's just as great as she does.

No. 550155

at least this other girl can afford plastic surgery/injections, which Vic wish she could get and lie about. If that girl knew anyone thought she looked like Vic she'd probably cry, I know I would.

No just her style is stuck with what was "trendy" (i guess in alt) when she was 18. The more she focuses on age the worse it's going to get to face the reality that she, like everyone else, is all aging. This shit makes it worse for herself and other women and I loathe delusional age focused braggers.

this bitches tour ended 10 years ago.

men. shes too FUCKING stupid to realize either men don't care and will bang/butter up anything with tits, or they specifically go after girls insecure enough to photoshop because they're easier. she's just the only one desperate enough on the planet to fall for this act for so long. tbh if she was making money off men manipulating her by inflating her ego it wouldn't be so bad, like even if she was a cam girl who showed as much as she does in her shoots but no. she does it ALL FOR FREE for anyone with a penis that claims it's hard looking at her. like bitch if you weren't so insufferable and had female friends you'd know this.

of course she reads here religiously, she has no real friends to tell her to take her ass to MAC to have them do it let alone female ones to help a girl with her eyebrows or recommend a permanent eyebrow place. i'd feel bad if if didn't lurk here because she is top tier insufferable cunt material.

No. 550295

just throw the whole person away. the googly-eyed skull butterfly thing is killing me. at least people know to avoid this shop if they don't want to have shut like that on them.

No. 550751

File: 1531925179342.jpg (874.17 KB, 1079x1771, Screenshot_20180719-003958_Ins…)

Gotta love that boil on her titty and tattooing inside her bellybutton

No. 550755

why are her teeth brown

No. 550768

probably for the same reason why her skin is yellow. and it's not because of the "lightning".

No. 550798

The edge of the top of the shorts that she's pulling down looks weird. It looks like it just cuts off.

No. 550801

Left eye is on the wonk again. Also what a weird pose. Looks like she's grabbing her own vagina.

No. 550807

her face is so photoshopped it looks like a cartoon character superimposed on there

No. 550827

>>550751 the whole image is so edited that the tattoos don't even look real. SAD

No. 550839

>>550751 that’s not a boil, it’s a mole. I’m 99% sure she copy and pasted someone else’s boobs on herself and forgot to remove the mole. Pretty sure bunny has a mole on that boob just saying. Although virtually everything in this pic is shooped, I can’t look away for the jewelry. It doesn’t even look relatively real why even bother

No. 550866

File: 1531936386905.png (1.09 MB, 1012x711, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.49…)

the floor in the background is so obviously pulled in to make her smaller, its sinking in around her. also the "yellow tan" is a obvious after effect because theres a weird spot on the front left leg where this bimbo forgot to colour it in lol. Anyone that falls for this is warp speed stupid.

No. 550947

all you have to do is scroll up to see the mole is on her boob in other pix as well.

the way she edited between her legs makes it look like her crotch is eating the shorts. and much like her other work, i can't tell what the ~ink~ on her stomach is even supposed to be.

No. 550983

This crazy bitch seriously shooped necklaces onto herself. Plus how warped the beads and feathers in her hair are.
I'd love to know how long she takes on these pathetic fake looking pictures.
The dodge tool on her thigh, there's so much going on here it's hard to form a comment about it.

No. 551016



My sides

No. 551022

She's having to branch out from emo neckbeards and fat metalheads as the older she gets and they get the less likely it is they'll still look like taking back sunday rejects so she's at least accepted she's gonna have to whore harder to catch a guy these days.

No. 551027

She needs to lay off this fake tan effect. She looks like she has vitiligo. If she insist on a fake tan, she needs to get a spray tan. She’s so bad at photoshop how does she think this is ok?

No. 551138


Her poorly shooped tits that look like they were just pasted on and her fucked up uneven eyes get me the most. The fat thighs busting out and suffocating in those socks is pretty great too. The whole body makes absolutely not goddamn sense and looks so out of whack. With all this time she spends on photoshopping herself away she could take her hamhog ass to the gym and actually be more fit in real life. But she is a lazy pathetic cow and would rather drink late at night into the AM hours and paint a sloppy as hell illusion of herself while typing shit like “people wish they looked like meeeee!!!!!! Girls get injections to have photoshoopadooped lips like miiiine”

No. 551198

She is SO BAD at photoshop I can’t believe she’s not too embarrassed to upload 90% of her pictures. There is no way that she’s so ugly she has to photoshop every. Single. Feature. Of hers. This woman must have an identity disorder.

No. 551281


she looks like luna here. what a fucking mess.

No. 551317

File: 1532015919610.jpg (147.72 KB, 514x314, the stupid hurts.jpg)

so she postseason a linked video of a woman using fireworks to defend her son against being beat up and this happens in the comments. i love how she ignores ppl's questions and replies on a completely different tangent.

No. 551358

How in the world does she think this lie is believable?

No. 551460

She probably saw it back when she was learning the inside secrets of ISIS from a fellow high up secret agent.

No. 551503

This was an actual headline in the USA a few years back, iirc. She was not there, obviously.

No. 551507

It just annoys me so much about how her "style" is alaays so damn mismatched. If you're going to go for the "rocker/metal chick" and wear a spiked leather jacket then get rid of the terrible rainbow necklace that could be found in some artsy shop made by a 70 year old former art teacher. Stop putting the feather and beads in your hair like you've gone to a festival or burning man. Stop wearing your "lolita Gothic" thigh-high socks. Put the strange hat-shaped hair clip away and use it for another photo as Alice in Wonderland - just stop putting them all together into one big giant mess. You've already got your personality like that, no need to drag your clothes into it.

No. 551609

File: 1532049243849.jpeg (130.45 KB, 625x916, 83249161-D183-465C-8445-BA2358…)

I don’t even know what she’s saying in the start of this insta video. That awful put on accent is so embarrassing. I thinks she’s saying “no fucking filters” or something. layers of filters clearly present. This video looks like something a teenager would make what the hell is this so called grown woman doing? I wonder at what age she will stop acting like a kid

No. 551619

I'd say she looks like a drag queen but that you be an insult to drag queens. I guess people used to talk about how she used a lot of filters on here so now she feels the need to say she isn't using them? when she uses like obvious photoshop on her weird ass feathers and ugly necklace photoshoots by frankie

No. 551645

File: 1532051850732.jpg (277.01 KB, 1440x925, Screenshot_20180719-215949.jpg)

I'm genuinely so confused. What the flying fuck was she aiming for here ??

No. 551647


> "aaah, filterless, motherfucker…..umm, what's everybody doing? I'm fucking bored"

No. 551648


i guess someone accused her of wearing a hat?

as usual, more of her "i'm real and natural" bullshit

No. 551649

>>551609 lolcow has gotten so under her skin that she CONSTANTLY has to say no filters in every caption and video. Though looking back on her old pics, she was almost always explaining herself in the caption. The girl clearly needs help but I don’t know if a therapist could pick up what she’s saying with her made up accent

No. 551651

>551645 so obviously this scenario never happened but what is she implying did happen? Someone called her hair fake and Vicky’s comeback was that she somehow knew said girls hair fell off during intercourse? What? & what is the purpose? She wants everyone to know she only wears extensions sometimes? Because she’s such a tomebody…just one of the boysssss

No. 551657

>I have real hair
>I'm always wearing extensions

whu? vicky your hair is tacky and fake like the rest of you

No. 551667


Fake hair is fake hair and it really isnt even a big deal, she just gets laughed at because her extensions are old , ratty and not properly installed. Instead of just getting better extensions and learning how to blend them in well, she decides to make herself feel better by accusing other women of being fake and superficial. That's why she has so many neckbeard fans. They love hearing about how the women they wish they could get are just sluts, fake, superficial etc..

No. 551725

she put this on her ~work~ page too. i know as he doesn't have anything professionalism in doing tattoos, but why not put it on her personal page lol. she rarely even changes her hair, and how is installing extensions for a lazy day, that's the opposite of not wanting to fuss about with your hair.

No. 551840

Maybe she's referring to wearing a wig. As in, there's nothing wrong with wearing one if you're 'ill or experimenting' according to her, and that her real hair with extensions is the norm. I can't understand the way she writes so I could be mistaken.

It's always something about how other women are bitches/sluts, etc and how she's not.

No. 551869


She’s so incoherent. Hair fell out because your man pulled on it? What the fuck? Why does she always have to make an angry Facebook status about how she’s so much more surperior to other woman? She’s so extremely insecure. DoN’t TeAr OtHeR wOmEn DoWn

No. 552523

File: 1532281587720.jpeg (108.18 KB, 640x889, E7E37042-A94D-49AC-B2F1-CB66C5…)

This just keeps getting worse. Looks like she added a tacky ugly necklace to this disaster too that looks like some shit she would wear/shoop on herself. I swear this is the only tattoo she’s done in the past 2 months and she’s still working on it

No. 552525

It has to be.. otherwise she would be posting them. She must get no business at all.

No. 552527

File: 1532282399555.jpeg (94.33 KB, 700x662, 4E1B09E3-A9E2-4F86-82B6-146014…)


She needs to stop tattooing gemstones because they look like muddy trash. Maybe her posting about how sUuuuUper busy and booked she is on Facebook in her mind gives off the illusion how she’s so good and in high demand! But she’s really just fishing for more victims to scar. When I compare her shit gemstone tattoos to real professionals I feel so bad for the poor person who’s getting her work

No. 552544

That's got to be one of the worst tattoos I've seen in a very long time. The necklace is way too big and out of place. And the face looks like a terrible trace job. Awful!

No. 552547

I wonder if the people who book her notice that 98% of the faces she tattoos look like her shoops on insta/fb? I mean, imagine realizing that the artist is basically tattooing their own (fake) face onto you

No. 552553

Instead of starting on that necklace, Vickie really should have finished the face! Hell, at least make a neck for the necklace to be sitting on. The whole thing is laughable and the person getting tattooed needs to stop going to Vickie. The new necklace is making the initial tattoo look less horrible by comparison

No. 552649

how is that necklace supposed to even make sense in this. it really emphasizes how off center the chin is from the nose and lips, those teeth healed terribly and the mismatched inner eye corners is just tragic.

No. 552653


good point, no tattooist just starts on a new section willy nilly like that, they finish and move on

vicky started on the face, then went to the tiger, then went to the jewels

No. 552654


This poor person’s tattoo needs fucking braces. I can’t even feel bad for the person getting this god awful monstrosity. They saw what she did the first time and came back for round two.

No. 552758

File: 1532359213923.jpeg (81.35 KB, 640x822, 6910D1C6-81AA-4D2E-828C-341236…)

That god awful line work. The necklace is warped to shit and wonky as hell. She needs to stop freehanding everything she’s so goddamn lazy no wonder she gets no clients I’m surprised that poor girl came back

No. 552760

What's wrong with her mouth tho?? Her lower lip is two inches to the left compared to the upper. And the necklace is much, much too big. Can't believe someone would get this kind of shoddy work permanently engraved onto their skin.

No. 552969

File: 1532390519596.png (155.31 KB, 918x750, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 7.58…)

how much ya wanna bet she catfished some dude who talked sweet on facebook but then ran like hell once he saw her irl

No. 552973

Is ghosted or told off by literally every dude she is involved with yet keeps insisting she's unattainable.

No. 552978

Who's willing to bet it was a dude in a relationship who was unwilling to leave his partner for old Vicks here?

No. 552996

File: 1532393936154.jpeg (73.85 KB, 600x480, image.jpeg)

i tried to facetune it
fuck this shit, just cut off the whole leg and throw it away

No. 553015


you did a good job there, the original mouth and chin are just so mangled

No. 553031

yea i agree, this is an improvement and it's not your fault that she's so terrible at tattooing. i can't wait to see how this will look when it's completed.

sometimes it seems like these people feel committed to having her finish the tattoo even if it's flawed, or are just into the 'deals' she gives b/c they're cheap.

No. 553042


I just love that Vicky claims her potato-quality photos are because she doesn’t bother buying nice phones (as if you need a nice phone to take his res photos in 2018) and yet these photos of client tattoos are in 1000x better resolution than her blurry filtered-to-shit finger-sucking selfies. Not that anyone buys her bullshit anyway but come on, Vick. At least try to be consistent.

No. 553107


Imagine being that guy, though. You see pics of this woman online and think you're going to meet a certain type of person (you'd have to be blind or stupid to believe she looks anything like her shitty shoops, but suspend disbelief for a moment), and then you meet…. sticky vicky.

overweight, fried hair, brown teeth, hideous caked face, fucking awful tattoos, mismatched sweaty 1980s leather outfit, stinking of booze and armpit and bad breath, swearing as loudly as she can to prove she's "one of the boys".

So, so gross.

No. 553134

Not to mention that embarrassing accent she puts on all the time

No. 553137

Also I know everyone here likes to say she's fat and has the body of a fridge but I dont actually think she is anymore. I'd say she has a pretty normal body now, judging from her instagram videos. It's her insufferable personality that makes her an idiot and prime lolcow material

No. 553139

Noone here thinks she's morbidly obese, but she's definitely not fit and she's quite flabby. I've seen her insta stories too, and I still think she's a bit chunky.

No. 553142


Agreed. The only reason her body gets laughed at is because there isn't an inch of it that she doesn't sloppily edit (badly) to death. She might not be a fridge but she certainly doesn't look a thing like the sloppy photoshop nightmares she creates.

No. 553150

Eh I'd say she has a normal fridge body. Not many curves, kind of wide shoulders. It's not necessarily synonymous with fat though; I agree she's average looking.

No. 553511


She posted this video with no accent? Maybe she finally realized how retarded she sounds?


No. 553532

>>553511 she's still putting the accent on, it's just a relatively short video where she doesn't say much.

No. 553708

Why dafuq did she only glue on lashes on half of her eye? Where is the other half? Does she not realize that with her 245 filters and shitty quality it looks like she burned off half of her eyelashes trying to light a cigarette or some shit? wtf…?

No. 553895

>>553511 I’m so proud looks like she’s finally listening to us with the better extensions and makeup. Her eyelashes and eyebrows look WAY less scary. At least I assume… potato photo quality and layers of filters may be a huge factor. Also is she wearing contacts for the anime effect?

No. 553897

>>553137 if she posted pictures of her true form, she probably wouldn’t even be on this forum. But alas she’s a middle aged woman who shoops the hell out of her body and tries to pass it as herself

No. 553983

oh, she'd be here, alright. what would we do without a resident astrophysicist ninja FF character etc etc. her out of control shooping of her potato sack body gets extra attention because it's part of her batshit delusions about herself.

No. 553995


It’s just a Snapchat filter that give you blue eyes fake lashes and a slimmed face

No. 554036


It’s a wig anon

No. 554343

File: 1532677691630.jpg (79.29 KB, 356x461, halloween-makeup.jpg)

is Vick going to keep wearing heavy cheapo makeup for the rest of her life? her skin is going to look like an old leather handbag, i can't imagine she has a decent daily skincare routine, especially around her eye area. like, imagine wearing thick falsies every day for YEARS. yeah, there's no way she's properly cleaning her eye area every single night. she probably has Raven's skincare routine, just sleeping in full face, yikes.

No. 554579

File: 1532734051112.jpg (48.3 KB, 718x976, Screenshot_2018-07-27-18-18-31…)

5 star chef… Sure hun.

No. 554592


> it’s actually super healthy and mainly organic.

The puddle of melted butter that salmon is sitting in is fucking disgusting. No wonder she’s such a chunker. She thinks this is healthy lmao. The fettucini looks like vomit

No. 554594

File: 1532737012795.jpeg (106.96 KB, 640x517, 2FA48F45-E4A2-48D8-B718-2F3D3C…)

Uh huh.

No. 554595



No. 554597

File: 1532737167836.gif (713.6 KB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

No. 554598

Everything Vic says is /r/thathappened

No. 554614


This is some Lucas Werner-tier food oh god

No. 554643

added the caption - omg that's a very fattening meal with no veggies at all, not even cooked veggies, the fish is drowning in butter and the pasta looks so rich, wow. i also love that she calls a meal with sea food "pesco vegetarian" honey it's pescatarian. like cut down on the sauce and butter and add a salad and that's a totally normal meal but this is your bragworthy "healthy organic" meal?! no wonder she's chunky

No. 554644

File: 1532742925196.png (105.62 KB, 640x827, IMG_1263.PNG)

fuck i'm dumb here it is

No. 554646

File: 1532743058077.png (106.1 KB, 640x871, IMG_1267.PNG)

lol omg guys i'm so sorry i have had a few drinks and i am incognito so it won't let me delete here is the full thing, i'm retarded

No. 554725

there's totally some mushrooms in there, it's a thing she invented, duh.


just say with vic, using a single french word among all the other grammatical errors is as cringey as that plate of ~super healthy~ food.

No. 554728

Imagine being 30 and making up stories like this.

No. 554785

She’s such a Mary Sue it’s sickening.
Asking a girl if she is a model is like grade D bait from fuck boys. Even if I did believe her joke of a story, it’s hardly anything to be flattered by.

>the group of men got loud and we have a laugh at how cute his comment was

This part is so made up and cringe. Suggesting she knows what they’re all thinking; I.e the comment the other guy made was “cute” to his friends.

We all know she never leaves her shack and reeks of BO and cigarettes. One gummy smile of her brown teeth and I’m sure those dudes regretted their decision.

No. 554797

Sleazy men will catcall anything with blonde hair.
It probably didn't happen, but I can tell you now, if I was out alone and a group of men asked me to 'walk past again' I'd find it quite creepy and would probably feel unsafe.
She's an idiot.

No. 554842

SALMON IS NOT VEGETARIAN! Stop vic your food looks like drunk person vomit. Everything looks overcooked to shit, the crap on the side looks like baby food and it's literally swimming in oil and grease.

No. 554846

she didn't claim it to be vegetarian tho, she wrote "pesco-vegetarian", salmon is part of that

No. 554965

“Not like other girls” handmaiden shit has reached the level of encouraging catcalling from men. Not like all those lefty lezzy feminists ruining manhood with their #metoo

No. 555136

lil fridge stompin around

No. 555743

File: 1532986229815.png (259.04 KB, 517x662, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 9.51…)

sure you're "very popular"

No. 555744

File: 1532986284335.png (191.63 KB, 497x216, Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 5.31…)

No. 555761

File: 1532988439222.jpeg (348.33 KB, 1632x1632, F43B1992-7106-41F9-89EC-FEA0BD…)

So on top of Megan fox and Christina Aguilara, lady gaga also totally copied her look from her MySpace pictures

No. 555768

Long blonde hair and bangs. Only pioneers have dared it.

No. 555770

yeah she looka like lady gaga pre all the plastic surgery if she uses photoshop

No. 555830

File: 1532997198519.jpeg (50.44 KB, 640x525, 5C393B23-C547-4CBE-8C22-1B0919…)


Those wonky shooped eyes got me fucked up. Of course she’s done everything before every celebrity ever and is the FIRRRRRST person who has tried blonde straight hair with a fringe. Why can’t she take a compliment like a normal human. It’s so insufferable how she blows smoke up her ass and how she’s BETTER AND MORE UNIQUE THAN EVERY GIRL! how many more times is she going to wear the same shirt too? Probably smells like ham

No. 555841

File: 1532997488121.jpeg (323.52 KB, 1453x1019, 6C6658DC-4C7E-400A-A192-9CDB02…)

Even with all the photoshop you can see how wide she is and how much flatter and saggier her tits are

No. 555854

It's like she copy and pastes her stupid 'I'm the original and best girl!' shtick. It's always "Hahahaha I was doing this in (insert year before celebrity's fame) but (celebrity) is SUCH a babe!!!" So fucking fake.

No. 555914

Lol she always adds 'but ___ is a babe' at the end so she doesn't sound like a bitch.
Fucking hell Vick. Just take the compliment christ.

No. 555915

I swear she actually tried to make this one look like gaga too. Noone is fooled by your posing and bad photoshop.

No. 556074

I’ve been getting the impression that she’s trying to look more “Asian?” It started with the school outfit. I think she finally realized that the scene queen stuff was making her seem absolutely ancient and is trying to appeal to younger guys who are into “nerd girls,” (since she’ll never pass as standard-hot, therefore can’t go the instathot route).

No. 556142

Hahaha I hope so. Would love to see a weeaboo Vic phase.

No. 556183


> hasn't changed her hair ever

> changes hair
> somehow had hair like this first but nobody ever saw it

No. 556323

File: 1533115570525.jpg (7.69 KB, 255x148, 145f2b37f4f2c9e1f8ab5cc5c5fea5…)

Did she just stick uncut stalks of dill on a piece of salmon?

No. 556331

I wanna see weeb Vick too.
I imagine she'd become a knockoff and more insufferable Kelly Eden but she'd fangirl more over dbz than final fantasy.

No. 556346

File: 1533132310338.jpeg (62.1 KB, 640x386, C7FB0A1E-5BD8-4A3A-8358-173D95…)

she’s the cringe that keeps on giving

No. 556356

so she asked herself the question? lol

No. 556362

She's probably projecting in this status update.
Probably playing on her phone in the bath secretly mad that whoever she catfished on tinder is ghosting her, so she's pretending to be cool about it in a passive aggressive way.

No. 556367

File: 1533139305800.png (377.77 KB, 504x838, Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.4…)

holy shit, You're a fucking immigrant . Shut up.

No. 556369

yeah love how she's always talking about upsetting "fuckboys" or whatever like you can't upset them they don't care about you, ohh but ofc she could, they're all so thirsty for stocky 30-somethings who take baths in oregano

you don't even live in the UK?

No. 556376


She named her dildo "fuckboyz". He hangs out at the photo studio with her "photographer"

No. 556383

Exactly. She tries to act like she's one upping these 'players' but doesn't understand that those types of guys don't care if you don't call them back. And on the chance they do act whiney, it's purely about wanting sex, not being stressed out about whether the girl is 'into' them or not.

She tries so hard to push these ideas that she's cold, and that she thinks and acts like a man, but she truly has no idea about male behaviour whatsoever.

The fact she finds being leered and catcalled in public 'sweet' shows how much of a moron she is. I'm not talking about finding a stranger's compliments flattering necessarily, but telling a woman to 'walk past again' is creepy as fuck.

I just imagine Vick sitting in her b.o, parsley and thyme smelling bathwater, furiously updating her status as an attempt to 'piss off' the guy she's currently banging.

Also, she's so contradictory.
She posts memes about wanting attention 24/7 in the relationship and being clingy, but then posts memes and statuses about being an intj and cold and breaking dude's hearts. The whole intj/ice queen thing is all a front.
I reckon she's the clingy type.

No. 556386

Yeah this is one habit of Vick's that mostly drives me up the wall.
Like she has to be the first and best at everything.

I feel like she was trying to get Gaga's likeness but didn't wanna be accused of 'copying' her but secretly wanted someone to point out the likeness.

Even if she said the whole 'she's a babe thing' it'd be a bit annoying, but Its WORSE because she just HAS to claim she isn't copying and totally has old photos on myspace.
It's kinda what Raven does to Emily boo, except she doesn't call her a babe.

No. 556387

God I wonder what the comments say.

No. 556442

Intriguing that she knows exactly what the UK is like despite not living there since she was a young child. Must be some strange British ESP!

No. 556444

Whenever she posts cringy shit like this I feel reiterate that this is coming from a grown-ass 30 year old woman.

No. 556545

Same anon. Honestly if anyone thinks she's younger than she is, it's because she opened her mouth and spoke to them. Her language and statuses are bizarre from someone her age.

No. 557059


aside from the obvious part of her not being British, or American….she lives in a safe gun-free town in Canada.

But yeah, mass immigration needs to stop, she fears for her safety; Canada's archaic gun laws forced her to take up the sword against the damn immigrants

No. 557221

File: 1533278416514.png (840.08 KB, 1165x964, garbage.png)

Yeah I bet you two were total bff's

No. 557252

Fuck her. I don't have any personal attachment to this guy tbh but I did just have to deal with losing someone to suicide. Losing anyone for any reason is difficult and of course her worthless ass just has to make this about herself. Vic, you are a garbage person. You're literal trash. This has nothing to do with you and you know it. Don't pretend you knew him and don't pretend this affects you in any way. You can get your fix some other way, you sad attention junkie. Perhaps you can troll around for dick then vaguebook after you get ghosted?

No. 557254

OT - but I always did wonder what that dude was going to be doing after his few music video moments.

No. 557256


No. 557321

my condolences on your loss anon. unfortunately asshats always come out of the woodwork to make suicide about themselves or otherwise offer commentary about the deceased b/c they can't defend themselves.

anyway, this is just another lie to add to her long list of trying to make herself relevant.

No. 557326

What a liar. I bet even if she did, she probably like met him for like 2 minutes randomly and he was a normal polite person. Even if you wanted to say something personally, then why say something like 'he was so nice to me'?
It's so vague and shit and clearly just wanted to brag about knowing him at some point. (Probably not even on a mutual friend basis)
If you reaaaaally wanted to post, why not say it truthfully, something like 'even though I met you briefly at the airport/pub/whereever, I remember it was a very friendly interaction, you seemed like a lovely person, rest in peace'
I worded that loosely, but even making a status like that, can be risky unless you type it very respectfully. I can see some people talking about it online in a tasteful way, but 90% of the time it comes across as unsavoury and probably shouldn't be mentioned online unless you are immediate family, and EVEN then, sometimes that can be tacky too if worded badly.

No. 557330

i seriously doubt Vic ever met him. He's from Quebec, has travelled the world and has way more of a career than she ever has/will.
Vic is a photoshopped groupie scratcher in the asshole part of Ontario who needs to get over 2007.

No. 557333

>The fact she finds being leered and catcalled in public 'sweet' shows how much of a moron she is. I'm not talking about finding a stranger's compliments flattering necessarily, but telling a woman to 'walk past again' is creepy as fuck.

If this really happened to her she would probably be creeped out too. Makes more of an argument that this doesn't happen to her and she's just trying to compliment herself since it was a non eventful night out where she awkwardly sits in a club where no one approaches her and then goes around smelling like piss and trying to get attention.

No. 557341

She made it sound like different groups of dudes, like the entire pool hall stopped in silent awe and watched her walk down the hall. In reality, noone probably paid any
attention with maybe the exception of like one or two drunk guys hanging out with their mates playing pool trying to get pussy.

No. 557375

she still lurks here constantly. She changed the caption on this post to say "he was so kind to me in our brief interaction".

She also just posted some whiny status along the lines of "ooooh im so fake wah im photoshopped dont believe everything you read on the internet (please validate me)". Way to be the ~queen of the unbothered/couldn't give a fuck~, Vic.

No. 557386

its an imageboard anon

No. 557389

File: 1533330625485.jpg (120.8 KB, 716x982, Screenshot_2018-08-03-15-59-41…)

She needs to buy clothes. She wears the same discolored Slipknot t-shirt in almost every single picture lately. Like that leather jacket, and those black socks she's using since her "gothic Lolita dress". Gosh she's cheap.

No. 557398

File: 1533331233759.jpg (331.01 KB, 607x813, Screenshot_2018-08-03-16-11-36…)

>>557389 samefag
That's also her new fb profile picture. Not all dressed up, but don't worry guys, she's still cute af.

No. 557399

Nothing about that pose looks natural. At all.

No. 557414

I wish she’d do more outlandish ninja LARPing than these constant “me in my natural tomboy state one of the guyz playing pool” affirmations.

No. 557420


What the hell how do they have exactly the same teeth? What kind of backwoods inbreeding is this?

No. 557425

a canadian pool hall sounds like such a great time

No. 557515

I read your comment before I looked at the picture and I thought maybe you were exaggerating but after looking at it, what the fuck, it's literally like someone shooped her teeth into his mouth

gnarly. I've met full blown meth skeletons with better dental hygiene

No. 557801

There's nothing wrong with their teeth though?

No. 557867

Victoria, I know you're reading this. Your narcissistic behavior is out of control. It was funny when you lied about studying astrophysics at Stanford, but this crosses a line you probably can't come back from. Your compulsive lies to make yourself seem special are and will always be perfectly obvious to anyone observing you. There was no need to lie about this and make a stranger's suicide all about yourself. At least when you lie about your education and your waistline, the only person you're hurting is yourself. When you appropriate someone's fucking SUICIDE for attention, you are disgracing that person's memory by denying and trivializing their suffering. That man chose to end his own life and the aftermath of that should be an external reflection on his life, as in you publicly voice your celebrations of his impact IF YOU WERE A PART OF HIS LIFE or let the appropriate party do that. Internally you can reflect on how someone else's decision to end their life makes you feel about your mortality and your baggage but it is basic human decency to keep that shit off facebook of all places because this. Is. NOT. ABOUT. YOU.

tldr; vicky stop being a feckless cunt

No. 557883

Fucking bitch never met the dude once in her life. She literally can't not lie. She's a garbage human being.

No. 557959

Ha! You mean besides the fact that they’re as yellow as butter, right??

No. 557960

File: 1533403440186.jpeg (109.02 KB, 744x964, 1E98D0AF-8DC2-4BDE-8793-483F3D…)

Grade-A nightmare fuel. I know, I’m super evil.

No. 557961

File: 1533403720742.jpeg (118.86 KB, 744x964, 8F9ED703-6325-4F27-9A5A-E82B76…)

I also decided to make it worse by messing with the saturation and contrast. You’re welcome.

No. 558097

It's hilarious how she keeps mentioning that she goes and plays pool and everyone there wants to bang her. I'm just waiiting for the humblebrag about her skill level.

>I sunk all the balls in the pockets in one hit and then the whole group of guys yelled at me and said 'i wish i could sink my balls in your pocket!!!' And then i laughed because he called me a model. It was soooooo sweet.

No. 558101

I love that she always refers to these ugly dudes she photographed with as her 'friends' as not to chase away future potential dick.
What's the bet she's put Brandon here in her profile pic to make someone jealous? It would make sense with all the passive aggressive stuff she's been saying about fuck boys lately.

No. 558210

I assumed it was the filter, considering the yellow tones overall. But I guess some anons are too retarded to notice.

No. 558261

That guy is so ugly, I don’t think it’s remotely possible for anyone to get jealous over it.

No. 558263

Nice try Vick. That’s not a “yellow filter”. We’ve seen plenty of other photographs of you where your teeth look yellow as fuck. No one here, besides you has an intellectual disorder and calling us retards is obviously just you projecting your own insecurities.

No. 558320

>He was so kind to ME ~uwu~

Icky you're a fucking bellend. Why would you infer that somebody who obviously felt they had no other recourse than to take their own life was a shitbag to everyone else but you? Get in the fuckin' bin you narcissistic twat.

No. 558407

They're not bleach white but they're fine, comparing them to a meth addict's mouth is a bit much. They're a bit yellow at worst, she's a smoker. Gross, but they're not rotting or insanely crooked and I don't see any dark spots. They're fine.

No. 558465

File: 1533531556154.jpg (202.72 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_20180805-215720_Chr…)

Except like where you can see the gingivitis around her puffy gums, anon

No. 558504

Yeah true, but in Vick's brain she probably thinks any guy seen in with her in her profile is enough to make the dick she's longing for jealous.

No. 558575

File: 1533572683824.jpg (644.95 KB, 1080x1970, 20180806_122124.jpg)

icky made her ig private, guess she wasn't keen on all the attention she's been getting. thankfully she reposted this on her fb. it's not the worst she's done but there's no outline on most of it and all that blue seems like it will just mush together over time.

No. 558590

Her tattoos always look like they just arrived to the early 90s. Just dull, boring and outdated.

No. 558636

File: 1533587560946.jpg (535.9 KB, 1080x1626, 20180806_162935.jpg)

right? i love the sarcastic caption but if some random came across it they'd wonder why she was saying it.

she's public again [that was fast] and hasblessed up with this new spot the photoshop mess. the balloon tits are my favorite.

No. 558641

what the actual fuck is this pose/picture

she looks like some haggard porn star who was forced to try to look young doing one of those diaper-wearing DDLG shoots holy shit, my sides

No. 558642

ntyart but this is either your first time in one of vic's threads (hence you haven't seen the gnarly, close up, candids of her teeth with thick yellowish-brown tartarbuildup and damaged gums), you're fucking blind, or your standard for teeth care is incredibly low

I know you're probably one of those anons who spouts off about "not everywhere in the world values sparkling white teeth! bleaching your teeth is actually bad for them and doesn't indicate dental hygiene!" but anyone whose used a tooth brush twice in their life can see her dental hygiene is way beyond just aesthetically-unappealing colorwise or smoking

wew, you can say comparing them to a meth addict's mouth is a bit much, but I have literally met meth addicts who have BETTER DENTAL HYGIENE

No. 558651

File: 1533591530901.gif (1.69 MB, 275x154, 9A1C0994-A2FD-4AEB-B36D-4D6B58…)

No. 558652

girl ur pussy is out…

No. 558730

This makes her look like a midget

No. 558736

File: 1533602610945.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 78C57ED7-D8AB-4B2D-B062-E75DFD…)

Loving the blurry liquid soup waist

No. 558739

Love how this 5-star chef has a completely empty kitchen.

No. 558765

That poor cat. >>558636

No. 558777

I don't read this thread religiously, so maybe I missed something, but in that (low quality) pic they looked fine. I stand corrected though

No. 558833


All I see is horse mouth, jolly Santa like cheeks and a big beak nose in comparison to her plastic cross eyed blurred face shoops

No. 558840

Her right arm (our left) looks wide as fuck. Same for her right calf compared to the other.

All that bad shoop, monochromatic beige filter, sad lifeless kitchen…whew. What a wreck.

No. 558924

The imvu tiddies are great because the fake lighting and shading makes them look like they project a foot out from her body while she lit her face completely flat. Those things are out of control and I wonder if she genuinely can't see how botched this looks? Also is she trotting out the same damn lollipop for every photo shoot now, like vic how are you storing that thing, then you take it out once every few weeks and lick it a bunch of times for a self timed photo then put it back? Or do you have multiple giant lollipops? I am glad to see she found the other tactical sock though.

No. 558995

this looks like a 'sexy' 'cosplay' of Misa Amane from Death Note.
I see a bright future for Vicky as a costhot

No. 559019

seems like it, this way she can hide her face without making it as obvious but it still looks ridiculous. would like to think she kept the plastic wrapper but she probably just sticks it somewhere and it collects cat hair until she wants to use it again.

No. 559027

File: 1533671425108.png (950.87 KB, 640x1136, FACA33D3-8B49-4176-8251-55C4F6…)

Jesus she even photoshopped the damn nail polish on and completely missed a nail. How drunk is she when making these disasters

No. 559132

She always shoops her tits into implants but also they look different in every picture.

No. 559244

File: 1533722295024.gif (1.5 MB, 540x250, 079e1761-665f-462f-a2fb-52e8cb…)


DD/lg is the last "aesthetic" this trash monster needs

vicky please get some clear skin, shaved head and laser tattoo removal aesthetic asap

No. 559291

File: 1533737808723.jpg (499.22 KB, 1080x1652, 20180808_151553.jpg)

Guy said she should do cosplay, this was her response. SURE JAN. At least she aknowledges she's old.

No. 559292

Jesus how can one be so arrogant yet so cripplingly insecure?

No. 559307

Lol he never said anything about age or anything and she blurts out that nonsense.
Vick, stop reading here, it clearly gets to you. Or if you do continue to read, maybe realise that although self confidence is good, your over the top humble bragging and lying about stupid shit is ridiculous and makes you look worse.

It's so obvious she does read here though, she ditched the giant eyelashes, changed her eyebrows, changed that status about the zombie guy's dead slightly.
Too bad with all her lurking she still doesn't have the self awareness to realise she's a stupid lying joke of a person.

She's kinda like Raven in a way, she thinks shooping her photos or changing up her look will change things, all the while continuing to lie and be a douche.

No. 559329

She just buys cheap trash off wish and all that and “cosplays” I have the same thigh high socks I got them off amazon and mine don’t look that thin on me. Her ham legs stretch them out and make them slightly see through. They really don’t fit her chunky legs

No. 559360

File: 1533759611612.jpg (196.69 KB, 544x443, cool story bromingo.jpg)

not really sure what she's trying to say with this status, why would you have to "heal" after a workout? the unnecessary edit to the lame comment, b/c we all needed to know that specifically five minutes post workout you shake when trying to chug a beer from 'going hard'.

No. 559368


You need to heal after a workout anon because Vicky pushes herself to her maximum limit every time she works out donchaknow

No. 559383

so she's having chest pains from working out? I'm sure you could start with some low impact workouts vic there's no shame in that

No. 559401


she's trying to sound like she's lifting weights, tearing muscles, pushing herself to the physical limit to encourage muscle growth.

Dont forget, she brags about bulking and cutting, though she's never been muscular or toned.

No. 559421

I get sore when I work out for the first time after a long period of laziness. She probably hasn't hit the gym in years so her body isn't used to it at all.

No. 559566

Yeah I can just imagine her flailing her swords around for a good 10 minutes and then collapsing and shaking because her body is not used to the exercise

No. 559754

Vicky please post some videos of your shake-inducing kill bill workouts so us plebes can see how real beasts train

No. 562028

File: 1534348089363.jpeg (3.96 MB, 4032x1364, DC944D66-A03D-4539-9E76-60E8E7…)

She’s lurking hard. Hey Vic, your photoshop is horrible and very noticeable. And your “shop” is a fuckin joke. Lose weight and stop talking in a butchered put on accent

No. 562029

fuck off. delete this shit and take a proper screencap, this isn't fucking instagram. we're not animals here.

No. 562030

no one said she doesn't do tattoos? lol like you're clearly photoshopped tho, triggered much

No. 565646

File: 1534717995836.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, C9680182-B697-40CF-86CF-BA5976…)

Wtf even is any of this

No. 565648

File: 1534718323545.jpeg (67.82 KB, 606x770, 8594EEED-F212-4A28-9E0E-428454…)

Her whole body is a pixilated blur. Her hand and arm just morph into her body. This is the worst edit I’ve ever seen her do

No. 565695

Love how it gets extra blurry around her crotch. Very sexy, Vic!

No. 565719


The tattoos are blurred into oblivion. It looks like when you open your eyes underwater

No. 565909

We haven't actually seen her self done stomach tattoos until now, have we? I bet she put extra blur to hide the hack job that turned out to be

No. 565998

Starting to feel really bad for mocking her, as the evidence mounts that she’s actually disabled

No. 566040


She forgot to photoshop her “tan” on the bottom right of her torso and in between the ribbon tattoo. Who sees this and thinks “yes that’s legit”

No. 566224

File: 1534857831689.jpg (67.09 KB, 519x698, thatsalt.JPG)

looks like vic is salty because her blurry, pixelated, self-proclaimed "classy" lewds aren't picking up attention in lieu of more attractive, in focus instagram models. she's always competing with other women for male attention and she's always losing. what she doesn't realize is that most camgirls don't give a shit about mens attention and are doing it for money, whereas she is just groveling for any scraps of attention the internet fedoras can muster.

"b-b-b-but i'm CLASSY you guys, can't you see that I deserve your comments and praise MORE than some trashy insta-hoe??? PLEASE I am BEGGING for your attention and validation". she's as subtle as a brick to the face. never change vic.

No. 566226

She should make a premium snapchat for her intergalactic shoops.

No. 566227


Vicky doesn’t even have a lot of Instagram followers. She was “popular” in the cringe MySpace days but now she’s just an old washed up loser who still is grasping desperately for e-fame. Everyone her age had careers and starting families while she just drinks alone making sloppy photoshops crying for validation. I don’t think she will ever grow up

No. 566242

File: 1534868732169.jpeg (307.86 KB, 1632x1632, 243DA361-0E83-433B-8F48-5F85A6…)

Jesus fucking Christ Vicky what the hell is going on with your gnashers, they look like they are literally rotting out of your skull. How does this even happen? Disgusting.

No. 566243

She may already have fillings and they're discoloring.ive had that happen to me, where an old filling got loose and as a result discoloration starts around it

No. 566244

File: 1534869294802.jpeg (304.75 KB, 1818x1818, D64F15ED-5715-462E-80A4-962028…)

Dude, the weird shadow on her gut and the lumpy sides on her waistline are horrific also lmao at the disappearing cord. This is trash haha

No. 566247


It looks like root decay, and given other anons accounts of her overall hygiene it's likely due to neglect. Not to mention how much she smokes. You would be hard-pressed to convince me that vic brushes even once a week, let alone on a daily basis.

No. 566469

I had a better quality phone in 2008 than this. For someone who is a professional covergirl and sah wealthy she cannot take a clear photo to save her life.

Hey Vick, you are a english rose woman of wealth, buy yourself a phone that can actually take clear photos. Or hey, maybe because you are sooo wealthy you coukd pay someone to shoop your photos properly so you don't look as pixelated as as minecraft character.

No. 566626

File: 1534954917668.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 2746C647-62E3-41C4-B9CF-F3B644…)


Her excuse for bad quality photos on her phone is because she constantly loses and breaks phones so she has a piece of shit phone. But judging from her mirror selfies and crap with her phone in her hand it looks like a smart phone still so this excuse is garbage. She just filters them into oblivion

No. 566683

File: 1534967150248.jpeg (29.2 KB, 220x296, 95F291D9-9684-4858-AF26-742AF5…)


Her chin has some jay Leno vibes

No. 566686

not to defend vick but shitty cheap smartphones exist. you can get $50 phones with potato cameras. i'm sure her phone is as bad as she says but she probably uses it to her advantage.

No. 566700

anon she has a good phone and edits the pics to oblivion so people can't see how she really looks

No. 566702

Do those phones still get apps like snapchat and instagram and stuff though? She always uses so many filters, she has to have some kind of editing app thing too.

No. 566731

yea they do. a phone from 2015 is going to have a bad camera but still can upgrade to the latest android systems. she obviously edits, but it's hard not to think she's using a shitty phone on purpose to make it easier, like girls do with crappy webcams. i

i think you're really underestimating how bad some shit androids can be. i'm just saying i wouldn't put it past her to use a shit phone camera to make editing easier.

No. 566769


> a phone from 2015 is going to have a bad camera

a phone from 2015 isn't going to have the pixel resolution of a 2001 webcam

No. 566773

can we stop arguing? it makes sense for icky to be using a worse camera to make it easier for her to shoop herself into a blurry mess.

No. 567028

File: 1535032628187.png (206.66 KB, 527x341, vickycow.png)

She finally admits that she is indeed, a cow. Thank you Vicky. On other news, she cleaned up her "fanpage" and removed most of her posts dating all the way to january. What is going up, she's been awfully quiet lately?

>originally somehow posted this on the Luna Slater thread

No. 567056


I think she is referring to this YouTube video


No. 567363

>What is a joke, Alex?

No. 567418

File: 1535147252599.png (312.72 KB, 750x1334, 772EF5B6-7F9B-428F-B7FA-5420B9…)

This is a little old (I couldn’t find this page right away after the last thread closed), but it’s a goodie.

No. 567421

I think this was already posted but yeah she's so fucking dumb, oh I know I'll say all these obviously true things are lies to hide the fact that I photoshop how I look hahah I so smart…poor vicky

No. 567491


>constantly states she doesn’t get bothered by anything

>makes Facebook status’s about topics posted on lolcow

Keep lurking, Icky

No. 567531

File: 1535182216423.jpg (129.96 KB, 817x600, 1525094145577.jpg)

can anyone actually ID this phone? People last thread were saying Samsung, but unless I'm dumb I'm not seeing any Galaxy matches

I'm so curious to see what her phone is actually capable of

No. 567551

I used to work in an electronics place and I'm no 100% expert but it always looks like a galaxy note to me, with the corner shape, phone size and camera placement.

No. 567572

yes because having a dirty lens takes megapixels away from the images it takes…

No. 567585

File: 1535216282914.jpg (595.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180825-070053_Mes…)

I am writing this review and posting everywhere I can as there are no business pages to leave a review for this very reason. Consider this milk.

I have been a client of hers for 8 years. Over the years she has grown increasingly unprofessional as she is more concerned with maintaining her online persona (whom she very vaguely resembles, for the record) and the facade that is her life, than she is with the success of her business.

I booked with her for the first time in 4 years a few months ago. When the date rolled around she messaged me via Facebook 20 minutes prior to my appointment to cancel claiming that she had a "stalker" showing up at her shop which I guarantee was a load of bull, so I expressed my displeasure as we were already on our way there but she just rescheduled the date and kept my deposit another 4 weeks. She showed up late to that appointment claiming that she didn't think I was coming because we "didn't pick a time" which was ridiculous considering the message just above that one confirmed "let's do 5 on the 23rd then" after she offered me that spot.
I foolishly forgave her and agreed to book again soon as hubby wanted a tattoo.

The second time was my husband's tattoo and she arrived in a taxi half an hour late, once again claiming that she "didn't think we were coming" because I had deleted her off of social media. I told her I had done that months and months ago (long before our previous appointment) because I use social media for people I'm closer with as I post a lot of personal things and family pictures. I delete people on a regular basis who don't actually interact with me.
The majority of my reason was because I was tired of seeing her fake persona and illogical posts but I don't intentionally hurt people's feelings, so simply removing her was my way of holding my tongue.
I asked her why I would send her 50% of a tattoo and then not show up?? As if that makes any sense. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when people insult my intelligence with a story that is so blatantly fabricated.

At EVERY appointment she would not only show up late but then spend the next 2 hours setting up her "shop" (I use this term loosely) and tracing the tattoo from her laptop because she couldn't be bothered to design it ahead of time. She then said it would take longer than the initial 3 hours she quoted us and charged me an extra $70.

While we were there she said she desperately wanted to re-vamp my sleeve from 8 years ago but that I needed to book something small to come in. So I booked a new tattoo and she asked for a 50% ($140) deposit. I can admit my foolishness in sending that amount of money but, at the time, I never saw this coming. A few days after I sent the deposit hubby found all of these forms exposing her for who she really is, including her photoshopped tattoos and her shady business practices. I was so uneasy about the whole thing after reading others' experiences but I had already sent the deposit. The day before my appointment I messaged her to confirm that I WOULD be coming to my appt so she couldn't cancel last minute and claim she didn't think I was going to show up. I told her it needed to start on time because we were getting a babysitter and hubby was taking half a day off work to keep me company, so we couldn't be there until late at night again because she's late and setting up for hours. She ignored the message and simply asked me to resend the $70 e-transfer from hubby's appt because it wouldn't process. I said I would cancel it and bring cash the next day to my appt then because it cost me $3.50 to cancel. She responded with "that will mess up my records" and when that didn't make sense or work on me, she all but admitted she's broke and needed the money that day.

The next day we drove all the way to her "shop" in Guelph just to find that she had called the business next door and asked them to put a sign on her door saying "Victoria won't be in today. Sorry for any inconvenience" claiming that she had an "emergency" and didn't have her phone to contact anyone but them. I messaged her and left a handwritten note in her mail slot advising that if I didn't receive my deposit back that I would seek legal recourse and provided my email for the e-transfer refund.
She messaged me back at 1AM the next morning claiming that she was KIDNAPPED. I told her that if that were the case that I would undoubtedly be apologetic, but that I would need the police report number as well as the badge number and contact info for the Constable who took the statement if she was refusing to reimburse my deposit. She claimed she would get me the info but then disappeared and wouldn't read or answer any of my messages afterwards. I warned her that if I didn't receive the money or the police report number by a certain time that I would post a review detailing my experience everywhere I could. She has still not reimbursed me or proven her claims. She is refusing to reimburse me and threatened to call the police because I am "extorting" her which is laughable at best. After that threat didn't work on me and I INVITED her to contact them, she changed her mind and said they wouldn't help her. Then changed her claim to she called the police and left a message with my information.

Do not make the same mistake I have and stay as far away from this "establishment" as you can. Do what I failed to (recently.. when I googled her years ago this information was not available) and Google her. Otherwise you'll end up like me and have to file a claim with SCC to be reimbursed.

No. 567587

Dman, girl, I'm sorry you had to be ripped off so badly before you learned she was a fraud - and I dearly hope the work she didn't isn't too horrible, most of her tattoos work has to be redone or covered within a few years because she does shoddy line work and pushes too much white into the tattoos, which fades and falls out.

I encourage you to pursue your small claims case, and to report her to The Ripoff Report.

BTW, how bad does she smell? We've heard some stories.

No. 567588

* hope the work she DID do isn't too horrible

No. 567589

Sorry you had to go thru all this shit, sadly though, this is who Vic is and always has been. She has zero respect or professionalism when it comes to her "business".
Vic is a liar, when she fucks up she will fabricate anything possible to paint herself as the victim or hero. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest she would lie about being kidnapped or cancer cause she is incapable of admitting fault or taking responsibility for her actions and behaviour.
Thanks for sharing though, I hope this is a cautionary tale for anyone considering doing work with her. I would suggest if you're willing to taking action against her as she will continue to do this to others.

No. 567592

File: 1535217882910.gif (51.65 KB, 603x67, that's our girl.gif)

>She messaged me back at 1AM the next morning claiming that she was KIDNAPPED
Her next round of fables are probably going to accuse you of the kidnapping. Sorry you had to encounter all this up close in the wild.

No. 567605

Reviewanon, did Vicky claim she got kidnapped around the time she got messages like this >>487392 six months ago?

No. 567613

File: 1535226533554.jpg (611.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180825-070056_Mes…)


No, she claims it happened yesterday. I guess hours after she messaged me asking me for money.

To those asking, yes I will be pursuing it in court. I don't imagine anyone who visits this site would want to be a character witness if they've been through the same or similar?

She is also trying to assassinate my character claiming that I insulted someone dying of cancer when I said nothing of the sort.. I work at a law firm and was simply stating that this isn't my first rodeo and just as at work, I require proof of what she's claiming. Otherwise she is keeping my deposit with no legitimate reasoning.
I can't imagine what her reaction will be when all of these messages are used in court.

No. 567638


The stories you've heard are all accurate. I don't want to comment otherwise because I'll need to bring all documentation from both parties to court.

As for my ink, it's very simple but it is good. I feel terrible for the people with poor ink from her but personally mine isn't bad and seems to have healed well. I'm not an expert where tattoos are concerned, though.

No. 567642

Oof, that is terrible anon. I'm sorry it's got this far but I hope she realises she hasn't got a leg to stand on and will do the right thing as if this goes to court she will be utterly humiliated. I did notice she tweeted " Wow. Some people have absolutely no compassion " a few hrs ago, if this was her reacting to you and trying to manufacture some kind of attack on her loved ones from what you said, that is truly pathetic.

Also not surprised that she's a dumpster person who clings onto people's deposits and doesn't deliver. She seems utterly incapable of conducting herself in a professional or even adult manner.

No. 567643

Hi friend! You should leave Vicky her first official Google review here: https://g.co/kgs/LGpF1f

Sorry you had to deal with this. At least the milk is tasty.

No. 567644


She posted the same thing as that tweet in a Facebook status. Really bothers me how she fucked someone over and then tries to act like she is the victim in this situation. I really want her to get what’s coming to her. Someone exposed her for who she really is and she’s trying so hard to do damage control

No. 567646

Oh anon, I'm so sorry for what she did to you, her behavior and lies are in another level, claiming that she was kidnapped and go back to social media like nothing happened as anon >>567642 said, tweeting to get some attention is just ridiculous. I live in a country where those things happen very often and I've seen close people reacting to a situation like that, their lives changed in that moment, and Vicky is again trying to play the victim card, all petty, tweeting and saying that her friend with cancer is gonna die (which I'm sure is another lie), who acts like that after a situation so delicated? Ugh she's insufferable.

>The stories you've heard are all accurate
Ohhh stinky Vicky kek

It sucks you're going through all of this, anyway, thanks for the milk, I hope you keep in touch and let us know how the case ends.

No. 567648


Thank you for this! I couldn't find a link for the life of me.

No. 567649


Thanks anon. Yes, she has even gone as far to delete the comments from people who were proving her claims false. Not that I'm surprised. I was sent a screenshot of her kidnapping story though so even if she deletes it, I'll have the screenshot to provide in court. I'm certain making false kidnapping claims where the authorities are allegedly involved will hinder her more than stealing my deposit.

No. 567651

File: 1535237353238.gif (1018.44 KB, 250x250, q4h5bCqoi.gif)

This is wild. Thank you for sharing. I feel bad for laughing even, I'd be so pissed if this happened to me.

>Victoria won't be in today. She was kidnapped. Sorry for any inconvenience.

What the fuck Shingles? Lmao. Did she really think anyone would believe this? Did she think you'd be sympathize with her and let her keep the deposit?

Yeah, seconding this. Drag her and sue her ass, she's in desperate need for a reality check.
Wish you all the best, Review Anon!

No. 567667

I'm so fucking glad you're suing her, girl! I love when these people get a taste of their own medicine.
I wonder why she hides so much if you were wanting her business. What a shady person.

No. 567681

File: 1535248671123.jpeg (96.05 KB, 640x661, 5C777319-0A52-498D-8FB7-05C48E…)

Why has she never mentioned being kidnaped until now?? Why are her lies so extravagant and bad. Holy shit, Shingles is seriously so fucked up. She needs to take some goddamn responsibility for her actions what a waste of oxygen she is

No. 567683

File: 1535249142661.png (324 KB, 1242x2208, 583677F3-F46C-413E-85A3-50FEDC…)

No. 567684

File: 1535249169194.png (323.74 KB, 1242x2208, E6DF4B9B-E26A-47CD-BD33-F9B362…)

No. 567685

File: 1535249189649.png (309.03 KB, 1242x2208, 1FF29654-2D0D-4513-B917-6D0567…)

No. 567686

File: 1535249211637.png (322.91 KB, 1242x2208, 29AC5516-AFFD-4014-A8C3-9C1171…)

No. 567687

File: 1535249238754.png (404.25 KB, 1242x2208, 3E7D1905-089D-4BAC-B648-FB3293…)

No. 567688

File: 1535249271837.png (324.95 KB, 1242x2208, A5F1030C-5E5E-4E4D-8385-3D607C…)

No. 567690

File: 1535249356045.png (313.38 KB, 1242x2208, 23776BAA-439C-45B7-9D9A-4F5055…)

No. 567691

Sorry for the pic dump but I thought this should be posted here

No. 567701

What’s on numerous video cameras? Her getting into an Uber/taxi? Is she claiming to have been dragged into a vehicle?

Also, using your friend’s illness as a scapegoat is a shitty thing to do. And shitty people use cancer as an excuse because it’s one of those things where if you question it then it’s “OMFG how DARE you !! My friend is DYING OF CANCER YOU POS”. So it’s a perfect cover.

I’m curious how this milk will age with time. Will we get stinky cheese or sweet sweet cream?

No. 567704

File: 1535251930396.png (395.18 KB, 1242x2208, 4DCA11CF-CC8D-4DBE-96C5-968356…)

It could be her or couldn’t

No. 567714

No. 567719

So weird. Did she see this story and think she could make up a similar event without being questioned?

No. 567725

Wait, she’s saying it’s standard for a business to take a deposit, then keep the deposit if said business bails on the appointment? Not the client, but the BUSINESS? Bitch, what?

No. 567729

Hey girl, I am so sorry she did this to you! I had a very similar experience and I wish this forum existed earlier. It took her a year and a half to finish my tattoo because she kept cancelling my appointments (once at 3am and once an hour before) and then promised me small tattoos for free because I was understanding. then she tried to charge me more for her mistake! She is a horrible person to deal with and I hope more people read these stories before going to her. I’ve since had her “work” covered up by a professional who fixes her work all the time.

No. 567731

There's 2 surveillance videos just like Vick said so it's possible she's trying to make it seem like that's her I'm the video.

No. 567739

She’s a nobody who cancels her appointments because she’s hungover. Kidnapped? Give it a rest! No one would want to kidnap you, get over yourself Vic. This is why no shop would ever hire you because you’re a hack who can’t even do simple book keeping and show up to work.

No. 567753

this is so fucking vic I can't even
>I was unharmed and managed to INTIMIDATE HIM INTO LETTING ME GO

Vic just

give her the money back, what the fuck

No. 567755

File: 1535262526443.gif (400 KB, 314x240, lfskdaj.gif)

>managed to intimidate him into letting me go
>Its on numerous video cameras

I found the footage!

No. 567758

Is it bad that I kind of hope she isn't lying so we can see this video? Haha

No. 567762

She did say in one of the screenshots that a “similar” in incident happened earlier that night. Curious if she’s actually trying to piggyback on that as an excuse. Interesting the article doesn’t mention the guy having other victims.

No. 567765

I feel like she would have made a bunch of status updates and Instagram posts if that really happened. Another thing to brag about. And yet… nope?

No. 567771

Cows are truly fascinating creatures. This saga is absolutely hilarious, thank you based anon for reviving this lately boring thread. Vicky, truly, she is one of a kind. I had a cow phase where I made up the most ridiculous crap but I was about 11 at the time. Isn't she in her late 30s or something% Damn girl

No. 567787

File: 1535277897948.jpg (17.98 KB, 340x270, suspects.jpg)

Police artists worked with Vic to get a sketch of the suspects.

No. 567788

She always deflects everything.

When she got accused of being a narc due to her retarded posts, she started sperging here that we are all narcs.

When told she will be facing court for not refunding the money, she immediately starts saying SHE is going to sue.

Honestly she's extremely pathetic and I truly hope that girl follows through and sues that asshole for lying.

Vicky, your friend having cancer has nothing to do with the way you conduct business. My own mother had cancer and not once did I take a single day off work, even though my boss offered it to me. I worked hard and helped fund her surgery while my siblings and her friends took her to chemo sessions.
You claim to love being a tattooist and always boast about being proffesional, but quite frankly, you shouldn't own a business if you cannot handle running it. Your website is a mess, you don't even book people properly, you use facebook rather than a proper appointment book.
Now instead of admitting your flakiness, you try and say that you are suing this poor woman you ripped off because she may or may not have said your friend has cancer. Shame on you.

No. 567791

I need to know, how fat is she in reality?

How did you guys fall for it all, I'm legit interested on how. Since it's so clear her photoshops are unrealistic and no way does she look like that irl.

How was the internet portrayal vs. irl Vicki contrast? Didn't that make you suspicious?

No. 567794

She absolutely would have milked that for all it were worth. There were more comments under Patricia Harte saying if she's so innocent why didn't she just provide the police report in the first place? Or do so now? She deleted them because they made her look silly.

I wish I had taken a screenshot but she also had a comment there from her "mom" (I recognized the profile picture but it looked like a fake account) saying she was so grateful she was safe and was so worried the entire time. Vic has since deleted the comment likely worried about how that will look when this goes to court.

No. 567797

This incident is also blowing her cool, calm and collected INTJ ice maiden warrior-princess persona to smithereens. She can't discuss a simple refund without dragging in her ill friend for drama points and eternal victimhood. She's such a histrionic coward.

No. 567798


She looks literally nothing like her shoops but she also wears a huge dirty Slipknot shirt to every appointment. She isn't huge and she isn't ugly so it's really a shame that she has such an ugly personality and is so insecure that she needs to create an entire online facade where she is a goddess whose talents are never-ending.

I met her through a friend and didn't have her on social media or know about the facade prior to meeting her. When I saw it afterwards I just felt bad for her. I've always maintained the thought that she must be such a sad and lonely person knowing that she's 30 years old but will likely never have a family, husband or kids because she's too busy living this online life and trying to ruin the lives of anyone who calls her out. I'm just the one person who won't allow her to get away with it. I mean.. we are the same age and I am married with 2 kids, I have a successful career as a Managing legal assistant, I've owned my home for 4 years and I don't speak online like I have the mental capacity of a 16-year-old at best.
It's funny because in her thread of comments to Patricia she steals a line from MY messages to HER by saying "it's a matter of principle" which is why I told her I intended to take this further.

As for how she acts in person.. she is the same. Without going into too much detail and only stating FACT (you know Vic, NOT libel) I will say that she talks herself up non-stop. I've never been able to roll my eyes back into my head far enough and this is why my hubby took the afternoon off to come with me because I need SOMEONE else to talk to. He stayed with our kids my first appointment and I knew I couldn't make it through another without him.

She does the two hand waist thing in person and claims that it's impossible for her to gain weight all while wearing the Slipknot shirt.

Everything and anything you bring up will lead back to her and a reason why she is an ethereal being. I have genuinely wondered how someone can make people feel SO uncomfortable but not feel the vibe whatsoever and just keep word-vomiting about why she is better than everyone else.

She lives off of coconut water, red bull & cigarettes.

She isn't bad looking. She would be pretty if she cared about how she looked IRL as opposed to her online fantasy. Instead, she neglects herself in favour of photoshopping and has what looks like alopecia from over-bleaching. She definitely does not look anything like her shooped pics and that was the first thing my husband said. He met her before seeing her online pics then looked her up after to show a friend her tattoo work and looked at me upon seeing her pics, asking why the hell her pics look nothing like her.

The accent is as fake as fake gets. My husband also couldn't get over that. One minute she will be talking in it, the next it will be completely gone. She drifts in and out of it and hubby said it was like watching a trainwreck he couldn't look away from.

It's unreal and truly a shame that I have to spend my maternity leave starting a SCC case because she cant admit she is wrong and send the money back. Or even just refund it and say nothing. The police report is going to be one of the first things he has to attach as Schedule A to her defense and she won't have it. So to allow this to snowball just to look "good".. it's beyond anything I can comprehend. It's like being in a bad movie. I really hope that having posted my experience everywhere that I have, I can save others from ever having to go down this road.

No. 567800

I believed all of this except she only lives on coconut water, cigarettes and redbull.

Like how many times did you see vick eat? Surely there was a sneaky drumstick here or there…

No. 567802

Omg what things did she boast about irl?

No. 567804

Oh my god the ~just two hands wide~ thing!!! How did you keep a straight face?

No. 567805

No shit, with that and the fake accent, I don't know how this lady didn't fucking die of laughter on the spot

No. 567806

Hope you don't mind the flood of questions but, just how much of a shack is her shop? Does she live above it? If so how does she still manage to be late?

No. 567807

When you say she doesn't look like her pics, what do you mean? Because you say she isn't ugly, but how is she different? What is the main difference of her and her shoops?


Does she smell bad? She looks like she stinks a bit.

No. 567809

I was gonna ask this too! I've always suspected she lived there.

No. 567811


She doesn't live there. She shows up via taxi from elsewhere.

I will only answer questions that allow me to respond with fact versus so much opinion as I wouldn't want her to accuse me of "bullying" (after she's called me a bad person and accused me of saying something about a friend with cancer I didn't mention or know anything about). I simply want to separate fact from fiction and help anyone who googles her name avoid ever going through what I have. Had I found these forms prior to booking, I wouldn't be in this position. Before my husband googled her, based off of her online presence, we thought we were the only ones who felt this way and saw through the facade.

She looks entirely different in nearly every way. As I said, I don't want to go into it any further (so I apologize because I realize that's what this imageboard is for, but I need to be the bigger person here) but having read the majority of these threads I can tell you that what others claim are very accurate with regards to what she fakes versus what is real. And as others have said, that wouldn't matter if she weren't so intent on being viewed online as the perfect woman. She would just be a normal, average 30 year old and everyone would go about their business. It's the way she acts and the way she treats others that warrants her name all over this site. I'll never understand it.

No. 567812

Would you say she's overweight? And when you say she would always direct conversation back to her, can you give us an example? Thanks for answering our burning questions here. I'm sorry for what you had to go through.

No. 567819

File: 1535289935985.jpg (990.08 KB, 1200x1600, pt2018_08_26_08_05_24.jpg)

I knew about that huge discolored Slipknot t-shirt!! I've noticed that for months! I mean, let's be real, we all have these clothes we feel super comfy with, but she's been wearing the same t-shirt, shorts and long socks for over three months! She's definitely broke, she can't afford anything else to wear, or maybe (tinfoil) she's just as alcoholic as we thought that she prefers to buy alcohol and cigarettes instead of taking care of herself, she has to pay bills and she has to live with that self-esteem that's destroying her, wouldn't be a surprise if she has to drink her problems, gosh I kinda feel bad for her, but I'm glad you're taking this to court anon, she needs to go back to reality someday, she can't keep this behaviour and she needs to confront the consequences of her actions. Also, Review Anon, just curious, was she wearing the same shorts too? Pic related.

No. 567826

I understand you don't wanna bitch about her appearance and that's really nice of you Review anon, I personally wouldn't hold back if she had stolen money from me.

But what was the small talk like? What does she boast or talk about?
In specifics

No. 567845


I am not sure on the weight.

Yes, he wore those shorts to our most recent appointment. At one point I was taking a picture of hubby's ink for him while she was tattooing and she lost her mind thinking that I was recording her. In retrospect I wish that I had been.

I haven't looked at most of her ink up close apart from when she was inking me, I asked about the ruby on her forearm. She said the reason it looked poor was due to her having an "allergy to red ink".

Specific examples? Hmm.. there are so many. When she asked how my husband felt about our new baby and he said he loved it and loves kids, he barely got a few words out before she interrupted talking about how she used to be a "student helper" and saved one very troubled student by creating some game. I can't recall the full story because I really wasn't listening and hubby and I were exchanging grins and eyerolls every time she walked from one room to the next setting up her shop because she was perpetually late.

Another time she turned a question about my career into how she has judged tattoo conventions all over the world and is highly sought after.

When she asked me about my kids she turned it into saying she wants to be a mom (she used to say she was too selfish to want kids back in the day..) and when she is she will be "hardcore cute af" and be the mom that outdoes the other moms by leaving cute notes and making "epic lunches".

I don't know. I'm sure I could go on but I think I block a lot of ot out, heh. It gets to the point where you feel physically ill and are desperate for the tattoo session to end. I don't know how I ever survived 8 hour sessions. She is quiet for large parts of them, though. And I'm a pretty reserved person so I enjoy the silence.

No. 567847

Her real life interactions with people sound so sad. Vic could be at a party full of supermodels and nobel prize winners and still think of herself as the most intelligent, interesting and attractive person there. She'll never realise her mediocrity and will continue to embarrass herself til the day she dies.

No. 567854

Did she attempt to flirt with your husband? The whole thing sounds terrible lol
What was she like when she thought you were recording? Did she yell?

No. 567865


In her mind there is absolutely nothing that she is not talented in. I'm more confused as to how there are so many "fans" who buy into all of this. I mean, the people who believe she was kidnapped? What reality are they living in? She is not of sound mind.

She didn't flirt with him that I noticed. We've been together for 6 years and are pretty inseparable so I think she was smart enough to know he would call her out instantly. Or perhaps there was no attraction. I can only speculate. She did, however, tell him that his moans were distracting her, heh. He was in quite a bit of pain near the end and was on the verge of screaming but they sounded like loud sexual moans which was a little funny but she just kept saying he needed to swear or something else. Not sure if it was just annoying or distracting.

No. 567867


Oops I forgot to answer the second part so sorry for the double post. She didn't really yell but she raised her voice and said "are you recording a video of me?!" and I just answered that I wasn't and put my phone away before she dug the needle deeper into hubby's poor skin heh.

She was very rude and condescending to the young man who brought a client of his own in to tattoo though. She said he wasn't supposed to come in that day and spoke down to him the whole time. I recall being shocked that he wanted to work under her.

No. 567873

I wonder if she's sharing the business space with someone then? Her tattoo gig seems to be so sporadic that paying the rent on a property just to tattoo from would seem crazy if she routinely works 3 day weeks and takes half days and is constantly flaking on customers.

No. 567892

You know how regular people, when we are asked a question about our successes or talents, feel quite awkward speaking highly of ourselves and tend to be very humble and want to quickly change the subject or at least ask the other person the same type of question?

Yeah, Vic doesn't know what humility or self-awareness are, nor has she ever experienced those emotions. I think her emotional scale ranges from narcissism, to extreme irrational anger to pity for oneself.

No. 567894

Sounds like she hasn’t changed much. She arrived (late) in a cab to my appointment when she was in Fergus. She spent nearly an hour setting up and she didn’t do a stencil - just looked at her laptop screen. She kept trying to hold conversations with me and I had to bite my tongue as in her in attempt to sound smart she just came across as an idiot. Everything is about her and she doesn’t let you get much in edge wise. She also is a “one-upper” and has to have the better story or experience. She smelled like a dirty pack of smokes and went to the corner store to buy an energy drink, chips and paper towel.

No. 567900

She sounds so nasty. Did she keep slipping in and out of her horrible fake accent with you as well?

No. 567904

No, she spoke perfect Canadian English with absolutely no hint of an accent. This was about 6 years ago.

No. 567906

Back then she claimed when you heard an accent on videos it was because it only came out when she was drunk. She graduated over the years to using it most of the time and claiming that she "used to hide it".

No. 567907

File: 1535314159902.jpeg (132.96 KB, 640x879, 3B40C33E-8C81-4B01-B247-93D3E4…)

Classic Shingles

No. 567908

She's posting this like she didn't ever tell people online to kill themselves? Ok.

No. 567912

"mentally unstable". It's almost as if she posts about herself in the third person.

No. 567929

ngl I'm eagerly awaiting Vicky's meltdown when she can't just make this go away with lies on social media.

No. 567962

I'm waiting for the police report of her heroic escape from being kidnapped! Maybe she can also show the police report when someone tried to break in or stalk her or whatever and she chased them away with a samurai sword. Didn't the cops praise what a badass she was? I bet it's in the report!

No. 567969

No no anon, she isn't suing anyone… she's sewing them.

No. 567988

I'm cackling.

No. 568012

Anonymous now No. 568009
I want to see her countersuit claim.
Hopefully she does her own legal work again.

No. 568017

Kek. I forgot she sent these to Null randomly. I can't wait for the legal documents. Dumb bitch can just give back the money. She didn't do the work so no love lost. She canceled.

No. 568029


It still cracks me up how the address is legal.report@outlook.com. As if a professional would be using a free e-mail address and not a business name domain kek

No. 568033

Thank you for reminding us all of that pure gold, anon. Everyone who googles her name now can easily find that thread and witness her pretending to be at least 7 other people including lawyers, crown attorney generals and ex boyfriends.

No. 568095

File: 1535374416824.jpg (30.11 KB, 504x192, 1525205429226.jpg)

Anyone remember all of the times she has bragged about being wealthy? So wealthy she has to beg Review Anon to resend a transfer because she needs it THAT DAY and steals a deposit. Much wealthy.

No. 568101

I’m so sorry you got ripped off. But good for you! Judging from her response, you aren’t the first person she’s scammed. Once the track record is established it will be easier to hold her accountable for shady business practices. She’s beyond delusional.

No. 568103


Perhaps you could also try calling your bank and asking for a “services not provided charge back”. Explain the situation & maybe they’ll just refund you on the spot. If she even has the cash in the account.

I wonder if there’s also a way to report her etransfer address as a fraudulent recipient. Considering she’s running scams with it… I wonder if her bank would shut it down.

No. 568104

File: 1535377422228.jpg (38.55 KB, 463x430, yep.JPG)

this is the first thing that comes up when you google her shop now, seems about right.

No. 568108

So I spoke with a lawyer who works at my firm and unfortunately he feels that the cost to litigate versus what I would recover (though he's confident I would win) wouldn't justify proceeding. Especially after I made it clear that where an Enforcement avenue is concerned, I would obtain Judgement and the firm would have to wait for her to actually be a successful person to enforce it via garnishment or lien. But she doesn't (nor will she likely ever) own property, her credit is most likely horrendous and she's self-employed with sporadic hours.

He did say, however, that I should continue to post my review everywhere that I possibly can. Tattoo forums, Facebook groups, ect. And that I would be legally permitted to protest outside of her shop and there's nothing she could do about it (though she is never there..).

Sorry to everyone I'm letting down with the lack of a Small Claims case but with 2 kids, the last thing I need is to waste more money and time though I really had every intention of making this cow plfinally pay. I will spend as much time required online to expose her business for what it truly is, though.

Also I suppose that means I can be a little more transparent now if you have any other questions pertaining to what she is really like versus who she pretends to be. I absolutely love that anyone who googles her now will almost instantly find all of this.

No. 568111

I think that Vicky uses the fact that its often more costly to try recovering money than it is to just let it go and take the loss to continue doing exactly what she did- being a small time grifter and thief. I don't blame you of course because kids come first. Some others have a point though. Is there charge back possible from the bank or card? And hopefully your description of her tactics will strike a cord with other potential clients she has. Is there a BBB That you can also report to?

No. 568115

I wonder if you could go class action? I live in the area and anyone you mention her name to has something bad to say about her and her "work". She's been screwing people over with her shitty tattoos for the better part of a decade and she needs to be stopped.

No. 568117

Have you reached out to other victims of her bad practices? This isn't the first time someone has had public complaints about her work and I would imagine they might at least be willing to share their stories as well to help validate your claims.

No. 568118

Like another anon up thread said, I'm curious what she smells like. Cigarettes and unwashed clothes?

No. 568121

if you haven't done so already, would suggest contacting how_not_to_get_tattooed on ig to see if they'd post about her. while they mainly call out shitty clients, they do also point out shitty behavior by artists and i think pretending to be kidnapped to cancel on an appointment would qualify. also the fact that her 'shop' is probably not up to par with what an actual professional would offer.

anyway, it does suck you had to go through this but it's one of the best things to happen in her thread and i really hope other ppl see through her bs to where she has little or no business.

No. 568123

LOL She's copying this pretty serious news case thats been all in the news in Toronto and the GTA the last week saying same thing happened to her . what a fucking psychopath


No. 568136

I'm not very familiar with class action lawsuits myself as I work with Civil Litigation and Court Enforcement but it may be worth looking into. I can ask the same lawyer I spoke to earlier.

I haven't, but I've had a few people reach out via friends who shared my review. Their experiences seem worse though. From infections to ink that faded almost entirely. I feel awful for them and am grateful that despite my lost money, at least I don't have infected ink. My sleeve is faded to all hell and a lot of the pink is no longer pink.. but it isn't obvious.

She doesn't smell good but it's nothing overpowering. Mostly stale. She keeps mint gum close by and uses that but I've never been close enough to smell her breath anyway. It was the yellow thinning hair that drew most of my attention when we were there a few weeks ago.

I will look into that! I've reached out to a many places but a few of them have declined to post about her as they would prefer not to post negative reviews which I understand.

No. 568138

Review anon, you're situation really sucks, but at the end of the day, you have a successful life and Vicky has nothing, just the memories of that Myspace era. I wish you could get your money back tho.
Anyway… Now that you can be transparent, how does she look in real life? Every detail if you can, please!

No. 568141

Honestly that's what gets at me the most about Vic. Not the over use of photoshop, not the lies about being the queen of everything, not the over the top narcissism and self denial, not even the fake british accent (which btw how was that? did she sound british?). No. My main problem with Vic is she does shitty work and the type of work she does can't afford to be shitty. When she lies and shoop she only hurts herself, but her shitty practises and work ethic effect others and sometimes for years.

No. 568146


Post a review in BUNZ tattoo zone its a GTA based tattoo forum

No. 568147

I suspect the problem with a class action would be similar, according to your legal advice. Vicky has no resources outside of empty whiskey bottles and memories of MySpace so it's not worth the time.

No. 568150

Seconding BBB anon here, and the anon who suggested trying to get the money through the bank itself

No. 568152

File: 1535398381440.png (317.87 KB, 475x566, Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.41…)

speaking of, lol sounds like you need to worry more about giving people what they pay for and not scamming them out of money then and less about your photoshop persona

No. 568153

She wears extremely baggy clothes so I really have no idea what her upper body and torso area look like because I haven't seen them in years but I can tell you by her legs and face that she is not the hourglass goddess that she shoops herself into online. Though I don't think many people fall for that anyway. No one looks like that. Shit, I look a lot better when I pick the angles of my pictures too but angles have nothing to do with the comical difference in her online and actual appearance. How does it not embarrass her to be seen in public after posting those shoops???

Her hair is so over-bleached that you almost feel bad. It isn't even a nice blonde in person.. it's yellow. Not sure how she gets that hair to match her extensions in her shoops but wow. It's thinning worse than my husband's for this reason. I'm sure if she dyed it brown and left it alone she would be okay but Vic can't let go of the ugly hair that brought her internet fame 10 years ago. It's also incredibly greasy/oily which she is aware of, the first thing she said when we saw her last was "don't mind my hair looking oily, it's because I have a treatment in so it will be soft af and grow even longer" while pointing out how long it's supposedly gotten. She must have noticed my confused facial expression after that because she looked at me and then said "oh I know it doesn't look long but it's in a ponytail." Yeah, sure crazy Vic. Keep telling yourself that the chunks of hair falling out are because it's getting long and soft.

What I can see of her tattoos are poorly done. She likes to brag about doing them herself and I've never understood why. They are faded and shoddy and anyone who can tattoo a reflection of themselves (I mean.. "Medusa".. ~eyeroll~) on their own body will never have my respect. Though she does have a painting of Marilyn Monroe up on her wall that's actually very good. However, hen you mention it being good she uses that as an opportunity to talk about how she was "inebriated while painting it" and how it was 8 years ago so she would do so much better now. Her narcissism ruins any compliment you ever try to give her.

She claims that when she tattoos she doesn't wear makeup but she wears lots. And that gross lipliner is the standout. Her lashes are NOT "naturally long and black" and she doesn't have a "natural eyeshadow". Though I think we all assumed as much. I don't know why she needs to pretend she has no makeup on when it's so blatantly obvious that she does. I wear makeup most public places I go too and I won't try to deny it. She looks like she sleeps in hers, though.

Like I said earlier.. she could be pretty if she dropped the Myspace look for a more natural look with no ratty extensions, no bleach yellow hair, no heavy makeup and no ugly corsets that do nothing to flatter her figure.

Completely agree! I'm honestly shocked that no one has one what I'm doing now, before this.

No. 568155

Sorry for double post too but I can also post the entire messenger convos if you guys want it. Are there any sites other than imgur and dropbox I could use? I don't want to link one by one and don't want to piss off everyone here with a 10 screenshot pic dump heh

No. 568160


Please post them anon! We would really enjoy that

No. 568164

File: 1535399884851.jpeg (111.85 KB, 750x483, F76E8037-EFEA-41FE-B606-3A9291…)

here we go again y’all

No. 568174

It baffles me that she's trying to sue all because she thinks she's entitled to keep money paid for an appointment someone made with her and she never showed up to.

No. 568176

Again with the stalker, really Vic? Also I like how she's asking other people to find her a lawyer and send HER the info.
But Vic, I thought you were super women, 5 star chef, martial artist master, grand wizard and all knowing goddess amongst us mere mortals? Why would YOU need a lawyer?

No. 568179

File: 1535401671700.jpg (31.31 KB, 485x237, ehhhhhhhhh.JPG)

not to mention that review anon is literally works in a lawyers office (from what i've gathered). She is also claiming that it is in connection with the incident in richmond hill posted above >>568123

She stated in her status that she didn't want the entire incident pertaining to her released unless it is a matter of public safety (which it is, he is armed and dangerous and has not yet been apprehended so if he committed another attempted kidnapping in another area it would have become public knowledge at this point). granted, she did say "may" be in connection so she isn't claiming it outright but regardless this feels like a real grasping-at-straws to intimidate/cover her lies scenario.

No. 568180

Hahaha love how she just HAS to mention that she 'initimidated' him. Intimidated him with what Vic, your stench?

No. 568181

File: 1535402180188.png (88.16 KB, 1198x2817, legal.png)

The last time Vick got free legal advice.

No. 568186

No. 568188

Wish you skimmed over the litigation cost part so Vic would be left lowkey shitting herself in anticipation of a court case 2bh

That lie is gonna snowball out of control, I call it

No. 568190

omg, she's like a parody of herself. I would honestly LOVE to hang out with her just to be holding in laughter 24/7

No. 568196

I remember this. It was a glorious time and Vicky clearly hasn't learned her lesson.

No. 568197

absolutely rinsed
this is great, i'd not seen it before. thanks!

No. 568198

Are you fucking kidding me? This rotten narc cunt is really making someone's very real abduction about her? Because she was too hung over to show up to her appointment?
And here I was thinking the milk had dried up with this one.

You could make an album on imgur so you just have to post a single link. Sorry about your deposit by the way.

No. 568206

File: 1535408971829.jpeg (52.96 KB, 750x378, 8AF223C3-F67F-454A-86C2-B483D4…)

She deleted the lawyer status and replaced it with this. Ah, foiled fake legal threats once again.

No. 568208

Thanks for the tip, anon.
Here is the link. This includes her most recent messages from earlier today. Sorry for the delay - busy with kids!


No. 568209


Is she speaking about herself? Because her whole life is a shitty lie

No. 568211

Thanks for taking the time review anon. This is going to be an interesting read.

No. 568214

Sorry I should have also mentioned that they should be read from left to right. I put 3 in a collage to cut down on the amount of pics uploaded.

No. 568219

jesus christ this cunt's off her rocker.

slander? harassment? i can't even…

No. 568220

>I was kidnapped
lmao, the way she just says it like that in the most convenient time. She sounds exactly like those catfish you see on TV who make up wild excuses like "i got into a car crash and my sister died that's why i couldn't meet you".

And the "harassment".. "innocent until proven guilty" part.. omg, it literally sounds like you're talking to an 11 year old who's on the dumb side.

No. 568241

How is this in any way tomboy?
The photoshopped on necklace haha. She is so poor she has to literally shoop on accessories.

The ride never ends with her

No. 568256


I honestly think that she felt I would just let this all go. With the stalker cancellation excuse I told her I was pissed but I let her send me all of his letters and pretend it happened that day. I never accused her of lying about the incident, I just don't believe it happened that day. And nothing she sent proves it did.

I believe since I let that one go, she thought she could get away with anything with me and had some other shit excuse about why she didn't show up last week. Likely "stuck out of town". But because she came online to my demanding my deposit back or potential legal recourse, she had to think fast and make up something more elaborate. Or maybe that was her plan all along. Either way, when it didn't work on me and I demanded the reporting Constable's information, that's when she chose to attack me as a person and make up some crap about me insulting a person with cancer that I knew nothing about. And now she's up shit's creek without a paddle.
It's even more hilarious to me that she deletes comments and statuses as if my friends haven't already screen cap'd what she said and sent it to me. If anyone is guilty of making false accusations it would be her, telling people that I am a terrible human who made fun of a terminally ill person.

Then she thought she would be successful in intimidating me to take the reviews down?? And threatened me with the police (who most definitely care about reviews that hurt Vicky's feelings) forgetting the field I work in?? Hell, you should add a law degree to that Stanford and Yale education Vic.

She may have been getting away with this crap for the past 8 years, but that ends now. Time to put on your big girl pants and grow up Vic. Take responsibility for your actions for once. No one is bullying you. We are simply standing our ground. Sorry that throws a wrench in your narcissistic delusions.

No. 568275

Her enablers are pathetic. 1)Her friend who has cancer goes in talking about how professional she is and hates moving appointments. You fucking know, as her friend, that's not true. Many of us had a friend or family suffer from cancer. You don't go around refusing to refund money for services not rendered. You just refund it because you don't need pity money from people when you're in a business. Her fucking friend knows she's lying about kidnapping but uses her cancer as a shield for Vicky. She should love herself more. It's pathetic. Vicky, not only insulted the true victim of a kidnapping (with her "I reacted different" Implying she was stronger), but is making up her involvement in a major crime. With all that pissing and crying she would have had a police report. I'm not sure how things are done in Canada, but due to various circumstances I got a police report by showing up to the station and requesting it by the date of the incident and name. It was a domestic violence situation. I mean, Review anon, can't you call the police station, reference the officer Vicky mentioned and ask about the incident? Vicky keeps telling you to so why not?

No. 568287

privacy laws are a lot different here in Canada. you can't just request info on a random person if you're not directly involved.

Maybe it's not the same across the board, I don't know. but, it's highly unlikely.

No. 568288

How's her financial situation? $140 isn't that much and definitely not worth having the police on her, tainting her reputation and getting tangled in so many bad lies.

Unless she's tight on money, and doesn't even have $140 anymore.

No. 568300

They won't give me any information without third-party authorization and the report number. When I'm at work it's no issue because I'm calling from a law firm but they're going to laugh if I call as Jane Doe and ask to confirm that Shingles was in fact abducted by a man who kept her just long enough to miss her 2:30 work obligation but allowed her to call the taxi company next to her to put a note on the door.


Considering she messaged me out of nowhere, completely ignoring my message above it, asking me to send $70 right away… I'm assuming her financial situation is not great. Maybe if she ran her business properly and built a solid and respected reputation she could earn a living. But that would involve showing up to appointments on time and not asking the client to sit on a couch for 2 hours while you set up and talk about yourself.

No. 568319

God she's so fucking dumb. The only person who mentioned someone dying of cancer is Victoria. How did she even make such a huge jump and stick with it over a single word? She couldn't be bothered to go back and re-read what was said? Is it really that hard for her to get her head out of her ass so she can look at something that isn't the inside of her anus?

No. 568334

I think she tried to steer the conversation that way on purpose. Anything to avoid talking about the money, and anything to shame review anon into maybe backing down

No. 568355

I feel like a bitch for saying this, but for someone who is dying from brain cancer, Vicky's friend doesn't have any of the telltale signs of going through cancer treatment.

There's a picture she posted showing a good portion of her décolletage and there's no sign of any IV port.
Which is fine because Temodar (oral chemo) is a thing so is radiation treatment…but shouldn't she be on steroids if she is actively going through treatment? Steroids produces a moon face and puffiness. Girl looks hawt AF in her photos with no sign of the roid puffiness.

So she is actively dying of brain cancer, she does not look like it. My guess is she had the tumor resectioned(removed), and ole Icky is playing the cancer card for bonus sympathy points. I could be wrong and would be happy to be proven wrong.

No. 568391

File: 1535455496113.jpg (866.75 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180828_072323.jpg)

That's 100% what happened.

She messaged me as well. I haven't responded as, if she DOES have cancer, I feel terrible for her and don't think she needs to be riding in on a white horse for a woman in her 30s who can't act like an adult. However, she did first try to intimidate me. Then when that didn't work, she sent the second message telling me about what she's going through and why Vic waa a no show (huh?? Vicky said herself she had been kidnapped.. not she didn't show because her friend has cancer) and offering to pay me on her behalf. Which I suspect is Vic attempting to have someone save her from this mess she's made with her lies. If she truly does have cancer then it's very sad to me that Vic is using her like this. And this woman is enabling her.
She also claims that Vic was contacting her during her kidnapping? As opposed to the police? Sorry, what? Am I reading this right?

For the record, when I woke up and saw her kidnapping message I laughed, turned to my husband and said "please guess why Vicky claims to have not shown up. Think of the most outlandish reasoning you can dream up.. and guess." ..he goes "I don't know.. kidnapped?"
I nearly shit myself.

(no one cares)

No. 568393

>I don't know.. kidnapped?

And not once did Vicky stop and think that she was being delusional with that lie.

No. 568394

if she really wanted anyone to buy that story why didn't she post about it literally anywhere else?

No. 568396

File: 1535456598560.jpg (405.91 KB, 1080x1678, 20180828_065310.jpg)

let's not forget that she didn't want it released because it "was not a matter of public safety", kek

No. 568406

>I told them I didn't want it
how convenient. no proof from anywhere.
and holy shit, as if they would CARE. that's not how it works. finding the guy asap using every available resource to catch him and prevent more kidnappings is the only priority of crime detectives.

No. 568408

So she is saying she has a primary brain tumor (origin in the brain itself) AND a second tumor in her adrenal gland? I am not a doctor, but I was diagnosed with an optic nerve glioma in my early twenties and had a mighty kek. Again, I could be very wrong, but that's not how cancer works and the fact that she was speaking in terms that she's the longest living person to have it makes me even more skeptical. She would be in case studies and medical journals if that were the truth. a
Adults also have a longer five-year survival than their pediatric counterparts. So yeah. It seems like total bullshit.

I like to imagine that this friend and Vicky are just lying to each other and feeding off of each other's lies.

No. 568417

I feel like Vick's friend is Vick. She had screenshots of when it was happening? Um okay.
And she keeps calling her 'Tori' like they are good friends.

Smells fake.

No. 568422

It does seem fishy, how many best friend's don't know how to spell their friend's name?
>I also have brain stem glinoma and the longest living person diagnosed with it.
I'm not a medicalfag but just looking this up shows stuff like
>Although people of any age can develop a brain tumor, the problem seems to be most common in children ages 3 to 12 and in adults ages 40 to 70. https://www.verywellhealth.com/glioma-and-brain-cancer-2860295

No. 568424

it's got nothing to do with believing vicky's friend has cancer. we don't know the friend and have no reason to question her.

it's about knowing vicky, and knowing she's a pathological liar with a loose grip on reality, and absolutely the kind of person who would fabricate a friends cancer diagnosis

also it's really fucking weird of her to offer to pay back the deposit on vicky's behalf on promise of secrecy. and why is she being secretive about messaging in the first place?

that final part about taking notes for the police ("she didn't even know!"… uh-huh) just made me tinfoil this is a sock account. the writing smacks of ol' shingles

No. 568431

agreed, all the useless info like being a single mom with kids from ivf, like why is that something you'd just randomly hand out to someone you don't even know. if this was really her friend, how come she never mentioned anything at the time of diagnosis and is just using the info now to excuse her lack of work ethic? for someone who claims to be so smart she comes up with the dumbest lies and can't ever back them up with any tangible evidence.

No. 568432


And remember this is vicky- if she had been all that involved with a friend that had serious cancer she'd have been sperging about how great she is, probably about the time she went to John Hopkins to visit the cancer ward and Saved several lives cause the doctors asked her for her opinion and they let her operate with her wicked ninja skillz

No. 568433


The "I'm the longest living person ever with this cancer" just reeks of Vicky's bragging.

No. 568441

Really don't care if I sound horrible, from all screenshots and the whole situation, I truly think this is a Vicky account. There's a 1% chance it's someone illiterate stanning for her, but the way it's written, it even sounds like Vick.

Or another tinfoil, it's Vick's mother attempting to fix things with fake account, that's why she's saying shit like 'I'll pay you back, just don't tell Vick'

Maybe she's aware her daughter is mentallt cray and is trying to clean up her mess so she won't get sued.

No. 568442

The single mum with ivf lie was included for 2 reasons.

1- to make the lady feel even guiltier and maybe even refuse the money she is attempting to get back. (Who wants to take money from a single mother with cancer's pocket)

2- so that if people try and investigate the fake 'friend' on facebook, there's no leads they can ask, like a boyfriend or husband.

It would be interesting to see the friends and details on the friend's profile to know if it is actually fake. I'm not saying dox them, but is there like giveaway things that let us know it's fake? Like only having a few friends, or only one or two photos, no statuses about their kids ect…the usual things that are telling of a sock puppet account.

No. 568474

File: 1535484204484.jpg (892.93 KB, 1564x1564, 20180828_151932.jpg)

There aren't very many public posts but it looks legitimate unless Vic really has the time to go to that much effort. Who knows. I definitely hear where you're coming from. I have family who only have one profile pic that they never change and don't make many, if any, posts public though so either scenario is plausible.

No. 568476

I wouldn't put it past her - she really does have way too much time on her hands.

No. 568485

Too bad she doesn't spend it getting her lazy ass out of bed and actually showing up on time/at all to her job. Then maybe she would only be an online trainwreck. She would rather steal money from people then earn it honestly. Gotta pay for those dollarama eyelashes somehow.

No. 568492

Dear god, if I were you, Review Anon, I would respond. I'd tell her I'm sorry about her health situation, but this isn't personal. It's a business problem with Vicky. Tell her that you only need two things from Vicky:
1) Police Report; or
2) Refund.

It's not brain surgery, pardon my insensitive pun, but her friend should realize she has a lot more serious problems than defending Vicky. If she isn't a sock puppet that is.

No. 568496

This sounds like either a Vicky sock, or a friend who is just as much a pathological liar as Victoria is. Those details are crazy excessive, and given to make you feel guilty about saying anything negative to her. She's bragging about being the Best Cancer Patient Ever just like Vic would, which is what's so crazy about this. And again, she tells you all this just so you'll delete your reviews and give Vicky a $140 donation?

Vicky has been using socks puppets since the MySpace days. This is the first time we've ever heard of Cancer Patient Best Friend - Vicky is usually adament that shes only friends with men because she's such a ~cool girl~ / such a tomboy / not like other women / so superior. But now a best female single mom friend with super special cancer shows up, just as you disbelieve her kidnapping story?

This smells like Vic so strongly, i can smell the stale cigs and unwashed oversized T-shirt from here. Sock.

No. 568504

confirmation would be great, I'm not finding anything myself
at least a shot of the page with the pictures

No. 568505

I removed my post because I think it was just a very similar name with the same Sphinx breeding business. Could just be a coincidence.

No. 568507

File: 1535490140951.png (56.48 KB, 509x329, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 4.58…)

Lol the irony

No. 568509

File: 1535490313374.jpeg (411.66 KB, 1242x2116, 0F9E8D8B-8834-4F0B-8904-ECB28B…)

She may not be a sock puppet account but her message screams Vicky. This site where she advertises hairless cats for sale. I tried looking up her Cattery that she lists in the advertisement and only found a similar business with a similar name (the one in the Netherlands). She calls it “Chauve Cattery”.
I don’t know how to look up breeders or where to go so maybe someone else can try.

No. 568510

The more I think about it the more it sounds like a sock. Likely one made ages ago and not needed again until recently. This particular woman happens to be the only person who defended her when she posted a status about how heartless I am.
The "I'm going to take legal action against you for slandering me" reeks of Vic too. Either way, neither Vicky nor her "friends" will ever intimidate me into taking all of my reviews down. I'm all too happy to expose her, and her poor excuse for a business, for what they really are.

Hope that $140 worth of Jack Daniels and doritos are worth it Vicky!

No. 568517

Collin Mcgee has got to be giving some low-key shade here. Nobody can spend any time on Vic's FB without being overwhelmed by the narcissistic monsoon that is her posts.

No. 568520

Co- signing that she seems like a sock, Review Anon. She makes the same kind of spelling and grammar mistakes Vicky frequently does and people add crazy amounts of details to lies to try to make them seem more real. If Vicky really does have a friend with cancer, that's horrible, but most everyone will be affected by a loved one getting cancer in their lives. Sure it sucks but it doesn't mean she can get to keep money for a service she did not provide. Surely a couple of hundred dollars would be no big deal for Vicky "my closet is bigger than most people's apartments " Shingleton.

No. 568527


No friend would beg like that and tell a stranger their personal problems along with saying "DON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN." It reeks of desperation.

I really wish you could take this to court, anon. Hell, if you set up a gofundme, I'd donate for legal fees. It would be hilarious to finally see Vicky get fucked for her laziness.

No. 568530

how does she have notes/screenshots if victoria's phone was mangled and was consequently locked out of all her social media during the time of the kidnapping? i mean, vic says she somehow had a laptop with a wifi connection to call the business next door to her shitpit parlour WHILE she was kidnapped, but didnt think to call 911 instead?

and if her friend had "screenshots" of a 'time' when 'tori' was 'contacting her' through said laptop, its just going to be an actual screenshot of a timestamp next to a phonecall w/o anything else to support it but her own personal notes she wrote down lmao

for once in your life, just be honest about something victoria. this is even a bigger shitshow than we know you for

No. 568534

I would also donate. Vicky is doing what many narcs do and is thinking that she's too good to be sued.

No. 568550

I too would help donate to help fund legal fees review anon, I think a lot of us would love to help get some justice against Vic after all the bullshit she spews and does.

No. 568560


Such a tempting offer, believe me. Hubby and I are seriously debating it. My reluctance stems from the fact that in the end even with people helping out, we could be out a significant amount of money while I'm on maternity leave bringing in 33% of my salary. It is fucking hilarious that she has made such a poor impression that people would pay to see her finally get what she deserves.

I know she can't afford a lawyer (I mean c'mon.. she needed to steal $140) so a lack of counter-suit would speed up the process a bit but my issue still is that she has literally NO assets to enforce against. A Judgment would screw her because it's going to prevent her from receiving any kind of lending going forward (including credit cards and a mortgage if she ever decided to grow up) but she doesn't have any assets to go after. Even if I obtained Judgment and enforced it via a wage garnishment, she is self-employed and makes next-to-nothing. Especially after I'm done exposing her to whatever is left of her dwindling client base.

No. 568561

>Even if I obtained Judgment and enforced it via a wage garnishment, she is self-employed and makes next-to-nothing.

It makes you wonder how she keeps up appearances. She lives in a (rental?) house with no visible roommates, has the storage shed of a tattoo parlor which is almost certainly a rental. Family keeping her afloat?
Cow finances can be interesting.

No. 568562

I've wondered this too. Especially since I pay less for my mortgage than a lot of people pay to rent nowadays and she definitely doesn't own whatever home she's living in.

She speaks to her mom like a spoiled little shit though so it wouldn't surprise me if her mom was helping her financially.
>"I don't need you to come shopping with me for funeral clothes mother. I am a fashionable gothic drag queen.. you do the math."

No. 568564


>claims to own tons of black clothes

>wears the same black spandex shorts every day

No. 568568

I understand your position and as someone who was fucked over by Vic in the past, I really appreciate what you’re doing. As someone who was at an age where I didn’t understand the legalities of what she could and couldn’t do, I backed off because I didn’t want to become tangled in her crazy/legal threats. You have no idea how much solace your actions have brought me after what she did to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have literally felt lighter for the last couple of days since this has come out.

No. 568580

Damn,anon. You're welcome. I'm sorry to hear she screwed you over too. I can't believe she's been getting away with it for 8 years. To be fair though, if I hadn't worked in Litigation & Enforcement the past 5 years I wouldn't have known as much I do either. She just thought she could intimidate someone who works in a law office with her YouTube law degree.

lolcow has been my nightly reading material since hubby found it though. If there were a lolcow Icky Vicky book made up of all these anon observations of her sad online presence, I would buy it.

No. 568612

Please tell me you’ve seen her original thread with her own posts marked when she infiltrated the thread. It is one of the most wild things Lolcow has ever witnessed, and one of the most telling pertaining to Vicky’s character.

No. 568622

This. Please read the first few threads review anon, it's fucking hilarious. Vick pretends to be various strangers that used to know her and she defends herself arguing that she doesn't stink and she smells like chanel and gum.

No. 568737


christ. actually Vicks wealthy women tend to give more of a fuck about their partner coming from the same economic background but just like any other fact this gets steamrolled by her need to inflate her fragile ego every opportunity she gets.

enjoy litigation, dumb-dumb.

No. 568747

File: 1535538402994.jpg (16.57 KB, 1300x118, OriginalAdmin.jpg)

Link to her first thread is broken, in case anyone is interested. It's worth it:

As a sidenote, I stumbled upon a super old Vicky thread in /snow/ that ended with pic related. Little did he know…

No. 568751


Haha yes, that was the first one hubby found and linked me to. Initially I didn't understand what I was reading and why "welcome 2 my site" (or whatever it says) was everywhere but once it dawned on me, it was pure gold.

No. 568752

Yeah it's the funniest thread ever. She's so incredibly stupid that she samefags all over the page pretending to be random strangers who have flocked to this obscure site to defend her. Every post is written the fucking same but she legit thinks that people will believe it.

I have been scammed by a pathological liar in the past. Almost identical to Vick in the way she would lie. Imagine Raven crossed with Vick but a yellow fever weeb version. Yeah, well she scammed me out of a bunch of money and I never saw it again. I hope you sue because I never did, and I wish to live vicariously through you hahaha
Pieces of shit who scam money of people deserve court.

No. 568759

Just go through small claims court. No lawyer needed and it costs less than $200 to file a claim. Small claims is also WAY easier to get a judgement as the burden is on the defendant to prove they are innocent rather than the other way around in criminal court. Thew small claims limit it 25K so just go after her for the full amount.

No. 568775

Well, if it were over $25K I would need to sue through Superior as opposed to SCC, not criminal.
This is true that I won't NEED a lawyer but being as I MAY end up a defendant after starting out as the plaintiff (doubt it.. but we've already established that she may have someone helping her financially) I don't know that I would want to represent myself. I'm educated in law but I'm a managing legal assistant - not a lawyer or a paralegal. So I'm willing to admit there is still plenty I don't know. I represented myself 10 years ago when I won full custody of my son, but that was much simpler. I will talk to hubby and the lawyer I spoke to earlier and see what he thinks! Obviously there are quite a few people who really want to see this happen.

No. 568776

This. Even though she doesn't make much, she still owns a business(which means some form of income) and the courts will most likely make her pay regardless of her financial situation.

No. 568777

You could also try posting your story on r/legaladvice and see what they say.

No. 568783

File: 1535554252104.jpg (402.42 KB, 1096x716, edit history.jpg)

the edit history of her comments is always good for a laugh. it's like she sits and thinks of more bs to tack on to make it more believable but it just makes it obvious that she's grasping for straws. there's also a version of how she intimidated the kidnapper into letting her go "with very real promises" kek.

No. 568786

File: 1535556138521.jpg (204.77 KB, 1072x554, 20180829_112113.jpg)

Sounds like even self-representing would be a waste of time and money for me. I have to admit I'm disappointed.

No. 568789

She truly is a parody of herself.

On what grounds does Vicky’s friend Totally-Not-Vicky think SHE has to sue you for slander? I would be interested to see these supposed screenshots of the incident, though. I suspect Totally-Not-Vicky might suddenly, tragically pass away from her two separate “only a week left to live” cancers. Wouldn’t that make YOU look bad! Where’s your compassion?

In all seriousness, I’m sorry she fucked you over Review Anon. I would just like to reiterate the obvious that you’re entitled to a refund when she failed to provide the service you paid for, and “compassion” has fuck all to do with it.

Also… I know it’s not real court, but how hilarious would it be to see Icky on Judge Judy?

No. 568795

This. She'll pretend the friend died.

No. 568798


Someone should make an anon tip to Toronto police about Vicky being kid napped by that guy too and say how she’s posting it on Facebook she can get in deep shit for false claims on a serious case

No. 568801


Do it. She's shameless.

No. 568809

Haha, now THAT would be an episode I wouldn't miss. I can just imagine her being ripped to shreds and then later commenting to the camera men that she used to be a Judge much more prestigious than Judge Judy, and she's presided over many cases published in the University of YouTube's law journal.

I have considered this too! I mean.. we have the screenshots even if she deletes what she's said. I would imagine a false claim like that would be very serious. Especially once they start investigating it only to find out it was either made up or completely exaggerated.

No. 568811

stop trying to cowtip.

No. 568814

File: 1535564380908.jpg (155.79 KB, 843x491, Untitled.jpg)

Can I just say I am absolutely blown away that Razor's Edge (hair salon in Fergus where Vic tattooed out of a closet) and Vicky's shack get inspected? They must give Vic warning so she can tidy up her dumpster fire.


No. 568822

I think ReviewAnon has the right idea- Since she is locally situated and close to the situation giving honest yet damning reviews of the situation to the places like us, and other places (I still think a notice to the BBB or whatever the equivalent is in Canada would be useful even if Vicky isn't a member. Some people do look there for information) Is the best route. To SCC would be throwing good money after bad. AND VICKY KNOWS THIS. That's why she thinks she can get away with that. No- leaving honest reviews, telling the people that you know what happened, and going about your significantly better life are for the best. The best revenge is to live well, something Vick will never know. And hey- at least we have archived everything- so your side is easy to prove

No. 568823

My bad. Had to read the rules again to figure out what that entailed, but I get it.

No. 568824

Yea that's a big no-no. At least talking about it here. My question- What in the HELL could take two hours to set up? I cannot see an actual scenario that would require it

No. 568825

Inclined to agree with you here. I can't do anything with BBB as she isn't listed, but Ripoff Report is hopefully enough as it will show up when her shop, or her name, is googled. Sorry to drag this topic on for so long!

No. 568831

She takes 2 hours because she talks about herself the. entire. time. She sterilizes the area (despite the actual shit show her dumpster fire of a shop, she's quite meticulous about the tattooing area) and shows you that all of the tools are brand new and packaged. But then she traces and designs the tattoo. Mine took 2 hours because she said she couldn't use an example of an ink splatter on skin, so I had to find a whole new one and send it to her then explain what I wanted while she re-designed what I made in photoshop. She took an hour to set up with hubby's tattoo so it wasn't as long, but still ridiculous considering she was already late and she's supposed to have this shit done when we arrive.

Another thing that's ridiculously frustrating about her is that she doesn't give you the tattoo you asked for. She tells you what it SHOULD look like based on what SHE believes will look best. And if you politely disagree, she will somewhat listen but still won't do what you want.
For example, I asked for a rainbow ink splatter to represent our rainbow baby who was born recently. She agreed but then, at the very end, said she wouldn't put purple/violet in because it would "clash". Bitch, it's a RAINBOW.
I argued and said I want the purple, so she "added purple" which turned out to just be a darker blue over top of a blue she already put in. I hoped it would heal a brighter purple but I'll have to get another artist to add it now because you can't see it at all.

Hubby asked for the same thing. He got a different design but wanted a rainbow ink splatter behind it. She did pink and blue only, saying the other colours would look bad. I kept reiterating what he wanted while she was inking and she said she would make it brighter. She did; she added a neon pink. But no rainbow colours. I only let it go because hubby said he liked it and couldn't handle any more time as it was a 5 hour session.

I am excited to find an artist going forward who will actually listen to their client(s).

No. 568837

I am surprised she is allowed to practice anything. Every shop I have ever been to they may make artistic suggestions- they NEVER just go ahead and do what they want. (if someone wants their arm to look bad, Caveat Emptor). As for dragging it out, well makes you feel better to talk about it, and provides us with more milk lol so I wouldn't sweat it much. Without advocating Cowtipping too much I am sure there are a variety of real world places that would be interested in knowing all this without being defamatory.

No. 568838

Review anon didn't say that they were going to cowtip, they said that they wouldn't miss the milk.

No. 568843

actually review anon, I feel like we are sorely lacking on (clear) images of vicky's fine, fine work

are you able to show us any of her work, or is that too much to ask for?

No. 568844

I'd wait for more answers if this was the only one.

No. 568847

Tell of more things she talked about haha and also, what was the state of the shack?

No. 568848

File: 1535568343661.jpeg (288.35 KB, 640x1089, 9EB53113-3417-4636-B4C4-729AF3…)

No. 568861

File: 1535570799161.jpg (537.26 KB, 851x1135, 20180829_150601.jpg)

Yeah, I will share our work I've just scratched out my son's name to avoid potentially doxxing myself. I have years of ink myself as I've been getting them since I was 16 (I only started going to Vic 8 years ago after a mutual friend recommended her) so I have 11 now, but I don't know much about what heals well and what doesn't. The sleeve she gave me seems to have healed well apart from a lot of the pink that faded.. but the rest of my ink from her is writing. I'll attach the other pic in the next comment.

This has been the only one thus far but the post is still up.

A lot of my >>567845 comment shows what she talks about. I block a lot of it out because it's honestly taxing on your brain but the majority of it is either about her "talents" and "accomplishments" or things that so obviously never happened.

One of my favourites was when she was telling me how the main guy from Walking Dead (Rick.. can't be bothered to look up the actor's name) was currently talking to her on Facebook and inviting her to a party. Kek.

When she was inking hubby she played a lot of Falling in Reverse and talked almost the entire time (as in kept repeating herself over and over for a reason I still don't understand) about how she was told she looked like the lead singer (Ronnie Radke) once in her natural "tomboy state". She also said she hung out with him before he was famous.

Keeping a straight face is nearly impossible around Vic. You have to wait until she turns around or leaves the room so you can choke on your laughter or roll your eyes as far back as they can go, to make it through.

No. 568862

File: 1535570865842.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180829-152642_Gal…)

Hubby's ink. Hoping it doesn't heal a giant blob after reading through these threads..

No. 568894

oof, that's a lot of white. hopefully it sticks around

ngl this looks alright, except for the pink that looks more like a skin irritation now
is that a K in the center?
time will tell whether it fades or not I guess

No. 568897

Sorry, just realized I forgot to answer your question about her shack.

It looks exactly like where she lives but without the painted stair runner haha. The first room is painted with those hideous renaissance patterns she puts everywhere and the second room is PURE gold. It's horrific.

The only furniture to sit on is that tacky thrift store couch she has been using for photoshoots since the dawn of time, there were garbage bags piled up in the corner that my husband joked looked like bodies, and the floor is disgusting and looks like it hasn't been swept or mopped in ages. Or at least since her last inspection in June. There is paper towel strewn around and coconut water/red bull cans are littered randomly around the shop. It isn't gross or dumpy enough to make you want to leave when you walk in as she does keep the tattoo area clean and will chop your arms off if you touch anything, but it's still doesn't look like a shop. And there is no sign anywhere so you wouldn't known what it is, otherwise.

She definitely doesn't have a secretary (and if she did they would have nowhere to sit) and it sure as hell doesn't smell like a "doctor's office" as her one status claimed. I highly doubt that interaction with a client ever happened, lmao.

No. 568898

Yeah, she was intent on adding white. I'm really worried about it too. Wish we had found lolcow earlier!

The pink IS irritation, haha. It bruised almost instantly so that's the beginning of the bruise in that area. And yes, it's a K.

No. 568909

You might get more replies if you posted it on r/legaladvice as well. It's bigger and more active than the Canadian subreddit.

No. 568963

What do you know about where she lives? Without doxxing, obvs. Like, is it dumpy? Is it her own home or an apartment? What's the neighborhood like?

No. 569025

My friend from Northern Ireland is visiting and the more she speaks the more it reminds me how much of fake Vic is. Quite brilliant.

No. 569030

I know as much about where she lives as you do, anon. I'm not her friend heh, she was just my tattoo artist a few times. I can tell you she definitely doesn't own a home so if it's a house, she rents it. It's likely a dump because if it were nice we would have seen a hundred and thirty brag posts and pictures of it but all she's shown us are potato quality videos of her medieval paint jobs on the walls and painted on carpet, kek.

Also, can anyone tell me why I just received a ban notice for namefagging in >>568898? Is it because I mentioned this site? Confused.

No. 569033

Namefagging is when you enter anything in the name field (i.e. Review Anon). Usually you'd just leave it blank, stay anonymous, and try to blend in kek. Farmhands will sometimes make exceptions when it's actually relevant to know who's posting, and they'll go as far as to verify and use tripcodes, but they apparently decided it wasn't important here.

No. 569034

it's because you're filling in a name, ie: Review Anon, instead of leaving it blank so it'll be anonymous.

No. 569039

Ah, gotcha. The name was actually automatically populating when I post I guess from using it so often in the beginning.
Guessing this post is something I would sage? I'm still getting used to the rules. Never mind me now.

No. 569041

Does Vic have anything on her “shop” walls? Like flash, photos or posters? And what’s the deal with the guy she was rude to, the one that brought in a customer? Is he a partner or just an employee?

No. 569043

Nothing but that mirror she's always taking selfies with, and the Marilyn Monroe painting I mentioned.

I honestly don't know if he was a partner or employee. She mentioned having an apprentice (which is hilarious considering she has had no training or apprenticeship herself) once so maybe that's who he was?

No. 569070

Nah, if it says /pt/ in the address then you don't sage cause there is no sage on pt.

The way she does tattoos is so so old school. They always look like they were done in prison.

No. 569143

File: 1535639118085.jpg (161.04 KB, 1080x569, 20180830_102155.jpg)

Here she is with Scott Penisfold doing that hair shit. Your insecurity is showing again, Ick. did he have to buy you drinks because you're so broke from losing all your clientele?

No. 569151

File: 1535642702568.jpeg (113.85 KB, 1080x569, 4D615718-74BA-4E73-BCF4-07F705…)


The only pose she knows. It’s so unnatural and awkward how she does this for every photo and tilts her head to that stupid angle to try and slim that chunky face as much as possible

No. 569157

Lol she must really hate herself. There is nothing natural about that pose. You can tell she's really going all out trying to hide her fat face.

No. 569158

File: 1535646665737.jpg (687.48 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180830_122143.jpg)

So I was reading through the last thread and the "gothic lolita" omgz soo xxxs and loose on my size 00 waist and wanted to show this for comparison (cropped for anonymity of course). We are using the same mirror in her shop and somehow wearing a similar skirt, oddly enough. I am NOT a size 00 waist and we look similar in size but I just had a baby. I wear a size 7 in jeans.

No. 569159

File: 1535647076010.png (686.18 KB, 930x599, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.3…)

looking old vic

No. 569160

File: 1535647124697.png (710.76 KB, 933x595, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.3…)

look at those eye bags/wrinkles

No. 569162

Such class. She's got her nasty granny bra out in the open. Why can't she just buy clothes that actually fit? She looks awful, like that cougar aunt that always gets smashed at family gatherings and makes a complete ass of themselves.

No. 569163

I'm shocked she allowed these to be posted. She looks like the Crypt Keeper

No. 569164

I'm sure once Vic awakes from her dorito and jack daniels slumber and shoos her cats away from trying to eat her corpse like body, she'll either use threaten this women with a law suit or just make a new excuse like "oh that's not me" or "she totally edited me to look older and ugly, jealous bitches am I rite?"

No. 569166

Wow, anon for a new mother you've got one banging bod. Also just the comparison to photo quality, doesn't Vic always claim its her cameras fault or that the mirror is "dirty"?

No. 569169

I choked reading this. Bless you, anon.

No. 569171

Thanks anon. And yes, she must smear shit all over the camera before she snaps the pic. The mirror is pretty dirty but my face was actually recognizable.

No. 569176

what in the world is that weird haze in the middle of a mirror? What's it supposed to do?

No. 569181

Not sure - it looked like sticker residue that she never cleaned off and now it has collected 2 years' worth of dust.

No. 569185

File: 1535655087932.png (295.09 KB, 265x594, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 2.50…)

the lost cast member to the Real housewives of Guelph

No. 569188

Is that her mom? Whoever she is she looks so beautiful compared to this imp.

No. 569189


holy keks vicky must be steaming right now, reviewsis that skirt looks is actually really cute!

No. 569190

underrated comment, thanks anon

No. 569191

thanks for sticking up for SWs anon

im a camgirl and at least i actually profit off the sad pathetic men that she egostrokes for free

No. 569201

Creeped this woman’s Instagram and the photos of Vic are gone after she likely had a fit

No. 569204

They are still there, anon. They are a multiple image post and the ones of her and Vicky are the last few you have to swipe through

No. 569226


Seeing this post is even more hilarious now because she just skips out on appointments and keeps the money. I wonder if this was another fabricated lie for other clients she fucked over and kept their deposits too. I wouldn’t put it past her lazy broke ass

No. 569233

Ahhh, i love that this thread finally got traction again, Shingles is the cow that keeps on giving. Bless you, ReviewAnon, for reviving this trainwreck, even if it cost you (both literally and figurativly). This is the best milk ever of her since "Duuuuude! Dating tips?!". Sure wish it would've been worthwhile for you to drag her ass to court for the deposit, would've been a field day with the court transcripts, a moron like her probably would've defended herself in a court of law.

Not wanting to give too much credit to Icky Vicky but you and your husbands tattoos came out a lot better than i've expected.

No. 569281

She looks like a scary mannequin next to this girl in natural lighting, what is that pose???

No. 569292

Haha, thanks anon! H&M.

ngl.. I would have loved to see her represent herself too. I can only imagine a Judge's reaction to her abduction story.

No. 569293

I can't stop looking at her dirty ass fingers

No. 569316

My bad, thanks anonymous

No. 569317

Yes and of course she’s shoving them into her mouth. Classic icky

No. 569386

Congratulations on your rainbow baby! Wishing him perfect health and wishing you swift justice for vicky's fuckery!

No. 569387

File: 1535697083327.png (230.67 KB, 540x263, tumblr_inline_oevaxfRlXN1src48…)


Oh, Christ. I'm not the classiest person in the world, but I'd be so embarrassed to show up at someone's wedding looking like a 2009 screamo band groupie…it makes me mad because she could drop this dated style and look decent. She's not hideous, but I wore pretty much this exact look to an 8th grade dance. Fried to hell and back hair + scene girl combover + ugly streak combo included. Let go of the past, Vicky…

No. 569395

File: 1535703865454.jpg (46.27 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ngperfQFAu1qa0pa8o1_500…)


>>that pose

That pose is all anyone needs to know about Victoria Shingle because it showcases her psyche so well. It is such a shining tell of her deep-rooted insecurities and low self-esteem.

That's our Xena desperately trying to hide her double chin with that hand, in every single non-candid pic. It is the non-verbal equivalent of stuttering while saying something badass.

Vicky, I'm sure a lot of sisters here have fucked up sleeping patterns, nicotine habits, energy drink addictions, and a penchant for tasty processed foods, so we get that shit feels good (while also being habits formed out of poor stress management) (pro tip: you can lower your stress by putting 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in your bath, and not scamming people) but holy shit! If you're trying to be a public figure, you need to take care of yourself better. You're fucked up on the inside, fool, so your appearance suffers.

Hit the gym, fatty. You'll feel more confidence.

No. 569398

Hey anon, leave the poor possums out of this please. They dig through trash all day and still manage to look much cleaner and cuter than Vic.

No. 569405

I'm confused as to how you knew to say 'he', but thanks a lot anon!

This is the part that baffles me the most about Vicky. She could be pretty (not on the inside though.. on the inside she's ugly) if she let go of her MySpace days and moved on to a natural, modern look. I guess she's afraid that if she did that she wouldn't be a ~speshul and yewniqueee~ snowflake, blend in with all the other blondes with big saggy tits, and disappear. Can't have the those compliments from neckbeards and obsessed fan girls who haven't seen her in person, go away. Then she might have to develop a personality. And definitely get a real job because being a scratcher isn't going to work out for her much longer.

But imagine how freeing that would be, Vick. No more hiding from the public because someone might snap a candid. No more hating on other women because they're more talented or more beautiful or less dirty. No more drinking alone at 2AM, writing cringey statuses on the net. No more balding because your hair might be healthy enough to grow back. And no more being a cow because the milk would dry up.

You could live some semblance of a normal life and maybe have a family by age 40 if you can find someone willing to listen to you talk about your astrophysics degree and eat your hockey puck Yorkshire puddings while you insist you trained Ramsay.

You could grow up. Just saying.

No. 569420

File: 1535719466495.jpg (189.83 KB, 1060x574, Screenshot_20180830-224118_Chr…)

This comment. Just amazing.

No. 569427

Not the same anon, but I think you said 'he' when referring to your youngest up thread somewhere.You haven't really posted any other identifying information, so hopefully you aren't freaked out.

No. 569436

D-Did she really say that she trained Ramsay…?

No. 569444

No, but she's mentioned them having "similar recipes" and shit like that. As if this woman has ever cooked anything that didn't come from a pouch, can or bottle.

No. 569474

Oops, sorry to creep you out! I just thought I remembered you using "he" when talking about your baby in an earlier comment and pronouns in english scare me so I tend to remember them. Genuine congratulations though!!

No. 569476

In that recent insta post with the caption "fun timess with the boys" the video is like a clip from a found footage horror movie and vicky is the love child of the girl from the ring and madonna.. covering her face with her hair, painful to watch, appears to be a solid 57 years young, fakes a British accent because of delusions

No. 569479

Haha, not creeped out.. was just confused! Didn't know when I mentioned it. Genuine thank you!

No. 569502


OT but is this woman wearing white to her mother's wedding or am i seeing things?

because of course that would be the kind of company shingles keeps.

No. 569522

>>569160 too funny, that blue streak looks like stain from purple\blue toner. That's exactly where her hair is going to break, the next time she slathers it in box bleach. The best part is, the stain is probably violet in person, showing how much someone's brightened\whitened the picture, probably to combat her nasty-ass cornteefs. The person next to her is probably a golden blonde with a healthy complexion wearing a pastel dress, but Vicky literally sucks the life out of the people around her.

No. 569533

That seems rude as hell to me, too. Unless she's a bridesmaid and the dresses are white.

This was actually posted last year so you're probably right about it breaking off during her next dye job because in person her hair is so thin at the scalp that it looks like she is losing it in clumps.

No. 569604

I can't believe people still don't understand the basics of mental illness. this is not some dumb bitch going OK, I'll try this and see if it works. this is a nutcase with serious issues. without intervention, she'll always be like this, guaranteed.
in the meantime, put aside the bafflement and stop trying to ascribe logical thought to someone inherently irrational.

No. 569605


did Vick force this poor woman to delete these photos? I can't find them on her insta. How sad.

No. 569662

File: 1535826011255.jpeg (36.11 KB, 269x397, A268AD2E-A1FE-40EC-9924-05E90F…)

I like how Vicky tries to hide herself in pictures with other people. Shows how insecure she really is and how she doesn’t want to ruin the illusion that she looks like her digital painting shoops

No. 569789

Vicky you are always covering your face with your hair and your hands, you should do an artistic photo shoot with Frankie where you slick your hair back and wear a bald cap so we can see that you're not trying to hide anything when you hold your hair over your cheeks and you can show all the haters what real beauty looks like because you don't need hair to be beautiful. They did it on America's next top model and you're a model sooooo

No. 569790

I have this theory that if you cut off all her hair she'd look like a British man.

No. 569833

File: 1535854733982.jpg (45.66 KB, 920x584, victor shingles.jpg)

No. 569860


take a chill pill anon we're all well aware that victoria is sick, lolcow exists to make fun of people and their cringe behavior like that godawful pose and her shit looks

No. 569948

File: 1535887182021.png (20.6 KB, 493x231, vicku n scars.png)

Don't know, but looks like we missed her bragging about having no stretchmarks. All her posts have somewhere in the comments her being a proper narc.

No. 569955


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there is products specifically designed to cover that stuff? You have to be talented to blend them into the skin (and this witch has 0 skill and talent) pretty sure she just seen that video of the artist who covers them up and wrote some bull shit lie of a status. Pretty sure Vic read this article and said she’s also a tetrachromat like this artist
It also says it takes 3-4 sessions and this lazy hamhog can’t even commit to ONE appointment


No. 569980

I don't have any stretchmarks either Vick, but I'd rather have some stretchmarks than any of your shitty tattoos on my body

No. 569991

was going to post that too b/c of all the ppl excitedly commenting about the scars they wanted covered. considering the hack jobs she's given other i hope none of them actually go to her.

and yes, this is more along the lines of cosmetic tattooing which someone should have the specialized knowledge and skills to pull off properly. as always she's talking out her ass like she's ever done it before while providing no photos to back up her claims.

No. 569993

not trying to defend vick but do you know what cosmetic means?

No. 569996

I call bullshit. Her weight has fluctuated enough that I guarantee there are stretch marks on that flabby body. Nothing wrong with them, of course, but this cow loves to pretend she's perfect.

No. 570000

thanks captain obvious. just annoyed with people loudly wondering why cows don't just stop being cows and fix their lives.

No. 570003

The woman who tattoos her own imaginary face on anyone asking for a tattoo with a woman in it?

Jesus H., she's gonna tattoo her clown style makeup on the first ignorant person to request permanent eye or lip liner, and then they'll look like a chola just like Vic.

There's only one place in Guelph that does permanent makeup, i guess she's decided since she's got amazing makeup skills (lol) and amazing tattoo skills (double lol), this ought to be her realm.

No. 570005


the fucking dirt on her nails and the other hand is in her mouth, b a r f

No. 570017

Never quite understood this but I have limited knowledge on tattoos. What happens if you got a tan or something?

And yeah she's going to fuck this up hahaha.
>Tattoo products designed to
You're right anon, that's her usual made up bullshit

No. 570022

You just tan, the ink can fade from exposure over time. But generally if you take care of your ink and wear sunscreen it’ll be fine.

I can’t imagine Icky being proficient enough to do a straight line without having to edit it a million times in photoshop for a stencil. Not to mention I doubt she’d be able to do actual cosmetic tattooing without some kind of esthetician license as well. Not sure how that works in Canada though.

No. 570110

File: 1535927286200.jpg (329.7 KB, 1080x1154, 20180902_181227.jpg)

hey Vicky, you forgot to add "in the event that I'm kidnapped and am busy intimidating my captor into letting me go, I will keep your money because I'm broke as fuck and most definitely NOT what anyone in their right mind would refer to as reputable".

the comments on this are even more cringey than this joke of a status. anyone willing to bet how much longer Sticky Von D stays in business?

No. 570111

Aka- I spend your deposit as soon as I get the money and you’re not getting a penny back because I’m a broke asf bitch.

No. 570117

I laugh when Vicky called herself wealthy but then admitted to review anon she really needed that 70$ because she was broke. She leads such a sad and bummy life

No. 570119

I really don’t think she understands what a deposit is for. It’s to make sure the artist isn’t stood up for the work they put in. If the artist is late, constantly rescheduling or not showing up, then the customer is refunded.
She is so gross. I really hope she is forced to stop scarring innocent people.

No. 570124

>if they are rescheduled more than once

If a tattoo artist rescheduled more than once on me then I wouldn't go to them a third time. Does Vicky really think she can just endlessly reschedule on people as it suits her and not get complaints?

No. 570125

yes. she probably does.

No. 570131

i'm…. "most reputable" ….


If you weren't so steadily unreliable with your clients, they would happily rebook appointments you have to miss for personal reasons – provided you gave them notice!

However, because you consecutively fuck up, show up late for appointments, and make a general ass out of yourself by calling the taxi place next door when you're allegedly being kidnapped, they realize how much of a joke you are and seek out better people to give their money to.

Holy hell, Shingles, grow up.

No. 570165

File: 1535938218343.jpg (528.21 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20180902-210958_Chr…)

>rescheduled more than once
I am willing to bet that she stuck that part in there because she knows there are people (myself included) who she has rescheduled and didn't offer a discount to so she has to save herself. This bitch edits every post 30 time because she posts it before she takes a minute to use that "140 IQ" of hers to think about the potential backlash of what she's saying.

Hey Icky, you should never have to "reschedule" a tattoo more than once because once YOU'RE the reason it had to be "rescheduled", you should be refunding the deposit unless the client says otherwise. But you wouldn't know that because you don't actually know how to run a business.

Yeah, Vicky can't comprehend sound logic. She also thinks that touch ups on ink that has faded entirely because she doesn't know what she's doing is oUT oF tHE gOoDNeSS oF hEr HeArT. Yet somehow I've had 3 tattoos from Bry Simms (for local anons) touched up not only free, but without having to book a new tattoo.

By the way Vicky.. here's an excerpt from an ACTUAL "reputable" tattoo shop's FAQ section. This place has a 4.8 and you have a 1. And that's only because 0 isn't an option.

>Tattoo appointments require a small deposit, usually around $30-$100 depending on the size of the tattoo. This deposit is subtracted from the price of your tattoo on your appointment date. If you don't show up for your scheduled appointment or if you don't give us 48 hours notice of cancellation, then you may lose you deposit.

"30-100 dollars". Not $140 you scam artist whore.

No. 570167

And how to prove those reasonable, personal, emergencies? Just take the word of said Ivy League, astrophysicist, psychologist, tetrochromatic, realism tattoo artist.

No. 570301

Note also that the deposit is only forfit without proper notice from the CLIENT canceling - if the artist cancels, the deposit is to be returned.

No. 570362

File: 1535981895071.png (12.95 KB, 517x142, thingsthatdidnthappen1.png)

Taking things that didn't happen for a 100, Dave!

No. 570366

Yep. And proper notice for Sticky canceling is apparently when your appointment starts.

For the record, I was going to snap some candids and videos during my appointment to post here so she's lucky she decided to be kidnapped that day. I mean.. how unfortunate and scary that "incident" must have been.

No. 570369

>please remember that if your tattoo artist is kidnapped you will not receive your deposit back! I can't believe I have to say this

No. 570573

I don’t mean to be rude, but In the beginning you said you didn’t know about lolcow/Victoria and that’s why you repeatedly booked with her, and now you’re saying you had plans to sneak candids/videos just to post here during that appointment? When you’ve never apparently posted before until this thread?

No. 570777

No, I said I found lolcow (actually, hubby did) days before my appointment. But I had already sent the deposit and wasn't able to cancel and find a new artist so I had every intention to finally show everyone how far her lies stretch.

No. 570787

File: 1536066707823.png (32.33 KB, 515x186, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 8.48…)

ill take "things that never happened" for 1000 alex

No. 570788

Even if it did happen, it's only because no one from around here wants her to tattoo them. I hope she enjoys her 1-3 clients year flying down to be "inked up" because she's not going to be able to keep her shack open with that. Her reputation is destroyed around this area. Keep lurking though Vicky! It's all too obvious by your last few posts that you're triggered by this lolcow thread.

No. 570798

Why would you go ahead with a tattoo from her if you'd seen this thread prior? It's not a great reference for her work.

No. 570799

she say days before it happened, not before she planned it. and if you read any of the thread yourself you'd know she was probably worried about vick not refunding her for bailing.

No. 570812

Where are the photos of your magnificent tattoos, Icky?

No. 570813

Man her spin control isn't even realistic ffs. Oh I had someone fly in from barsoom mars to get inked up!

No. 570815

She also teleported to Mars to do a tattoo for Curiosity.

No. 570827


Despite never completeting an apprenticeship and having no formal training she’s also judged tattoo conventions internationally! (It’s funny how she has no pictures of her or references to confirm these conventions/competitions she apparently judged)

No. 570828

File: 1536084456428.jpg (627.39 KB, 1080x1864, 20180904_140114.jpg)

she posted a video of this super mario themed piece a couple days ago. nice to see her actually using color but it doesn't seem like any of the figures have an outline so it's hard to tell what they're look like over time.

No. 570867


I’m so confused why she never outlines anything. That big boo ghost will fade into nothing and that toadstool will fade to shit as well

No. 570868

File: 1536093409493.jpg (1.21 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180904_162538.jpg)


I can show you how her work heals over time. I had the first 8 hour session (light colour/lining/shading) done 8 years ago. Then the colour session done weeks later. Third picture was taken today. So much colour has faded out. I upped the contrast anand saturation on the pic I took because it looks like that's what she has done on hers but it doesn't help it much. I'll have to get it fixed by a better artist at some point. Until I found this thread I didn't even realize how poorly it healed because I hadn't seen those pictures in 8 years. Found the album when an anon linked it!


Anon in >>570799 answered this pretty well but apart from how my sleeve healed, I had no idea she didn't know what she was doing or have any training. 100% my foolishness for not googling her but when I started out as her client 8 years ago, I took the word of my best friend who spoke highly of her. I really wish I had found this thread before I booked again (or even before my watercolour because I'm afraid it's going to fade to all hell now) but unfortunately we found it too little too late.

No. 570902

Poor Toadstool looks like a corpse.

No. 570906

Exactly! She never outlines anything so it fades into itself.

No. 570914

Holy shit that color fell out like crazy, and the linework looks like the "linework" on a stick and poke tattoo I have that's almost 25 years old.

She really doesn't know what she's doing at all. Some of her work doesn't look THAT terrible when it's fresh, if she just got a bit of training she could improve technique. But of course, she's the best freehand tattoo artist ever who knows everything about tattoos and if her tattoos all go to shit, it must be everyone else's fault because she does everything perfectly.

No. 570917

File: 1536101667665.png (476.36 KB, 810x593, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.53…)

Guise, she just woke up like this, color blown out, filtered and pixelated. What should she do??

No. 570929


Can’t say best friend has to say GUY bestie because she’s NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS!!!!! can have a male bestie!!!! So unique

No. 570933

She woke up with extensions on too.
I imagine it was more like "when you wake up alone, stumble over your cats, put on make up and extensions and just edit the fuck out of a photo to get 5 spambot to suck your ego dick" #thatssovicky

No. 570938

>guy bestie and his gfs place

that just sounds so stilted
just say friends, wtf

No. 570941

Cause a) Vicky doesn't have friends and b) Vicky desperately tries to make it seem like people (men) can stand to be around her for more then an hour.

No. 570959

Everything always looks so goddamn fuzzy, it hurts my eyes when I look at this thread.

I'm gonna bet good money that she doesn't do linework because it requires you to have a steady hand and talent and you can spot a clear crooked line a mile away. Ironically, Vicky seems so full of herself and so insecure at the same time.

All of her tatts are blurry mess so that no one can eyeball her incompetence.

No. 570961

Mario looks like he's on bath salts and yoshi has a five o'clock shadow… Seeing how blurry it is even though it's fresh it's gonna fade like crazy.

No. 570974

He just needs more white

No. 570981

File: 1536112451390.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, B5FA70D1-EB56-44AD-B760-B95563…)

No. 570983

>just lipstain from the night before
>clearly has lipliner on

wtf does she say at the end of that video? also it's gross to sleep in makeup to try and pretend it's her ~natural beauty~.

No. 570987

does she smear vaseline on her camera lens before taking pictures?

No. 570991

That plus shes so smart and hi tech she found the time to lurk dasha’s thread and learned about the abysmal snow app + filters in between her international tattoo booking clients! Vicky is superwoman

No. 570998

You could take a better picture on a flip phone from the 2000s than this. She's either smearing something on the lens or fucking around with the graphics to make it as cryptic sighting quality as possible.

No. 571035

That's the most hilarious part for me about her claims to have judged tattoo conventions. If that were true, she would have about 1000
fuzzy, low quality pictures and videos, never-ending brags about how amazing she was and how everyone wouldn't stop telling her that her body was art, and statuses about the most mundane things she did while in Argentina.
>hi guyzzz, this is me sharing a hotel room with my guy bestieee. no makeuppp or filterssss just waiting for the ink gods to summon me back to the conventionnn so I'm taking a video of me obsessing over me. but you have to squint until your eyes are almost closed to make out that I'm hereeee

No. 571036

It really makes you wonder what she really looks like without all the filters, editing, and blurring of her photos. If she's deliberately making her photos look like shit quality, then you know that something must really be wrong with the way she actually looks. It's either that, or she has a very extreme case of body dysmorphic disorder. I personally think it's both.

No. 571037

Also, I'm surprised that no one has said anything about her leg in >>570981
It's freaking huge for someone who claims to be a size 0/small/sooooo uber tiny. 🙄

No. 571072

File: 1536168935405.jpeg (99.25 KB, 750x1225, 01F86988-E4B9-4C2A-AFDD-B80A52…)

Imagine being so insecure you blur and filter yourself THAT MUCH. I see she’s wearing those same spandex shorts again. Imagine how bad those things smell? Her chunky sweaty ass squeezed into those things all day everyday barf

No. 571143

She really needs to skip alcohol for a day and buy new shorts/clothes, it's disgusting.

No. 571166

File: 1536185785811.jpg (194.26 KB, 1080x733, Screenshot_20180905-180549_Chr…)

But Vic.. your personality is just as ugly as your outward appearance because it's just as fake. Writing a status to reassure yourself isn't going to change who you are or how insecure you are about the way you look. All the filters in the world will never fix the fact that you're ugly on the inside.

No. 571176


Says the woman that made herself look like a melted barbie in that last pic.

No. 571269

File: 1536196203682.jpg (478.74 KB, 809x1523, Screenshot_20180906-110356_Ins…)

>self tanner on the old stuff so it looks lighter than it is
okay vic. there's no shame in a tattoo fading over time, but I guess you can't admit that since it's only a few years old.

No. 571290

some of her work doesn't look like total trash, but this is just terrible. I assume the awful, faded mess is her work, too?

No. 571315

Don't worry about the "self tanner", Vic. The new trash will resemble the old trash very shortly. No sense even going over the old shit.

On a serious note, no artist worth their salt would ever praise her for this and if she were at all in touch with the industry, she would know this.

No. 571323

Love the greasy rat tail you’ve left unedited Vic, also funny that your camera doesn’t seem quite so potato-tier, good thing your face or body aren’t in this shot!

No. 571324

>self tanner

doesnt she claim natural ~porcelain skin~? what use would the self tanner be other than excuses?

No. 571335

yup, i've seen better self done tattoos but she's gotta pat herself on the back since no other decent artist is going to.

that high pain tolerance tag, oml. also funny how she had no problem immediately showing this off but we still haven't had a full view of her 'tummy ink'. and while having a little blood during a tattoo is normal, one shouldn't be "bleeding out", no wonder the healed work looks so shitty.

also, who is that dude she tagged? his ig is mostly tattoo memes and the link to the shop didn't work.

No. 571336

lmao this is gonna blow out like everything else she does. seeing her lines this close up is just damning, and we have another anon's photos of their aged work to account for it, too.

No. 571415

Vicky is the only tattoo artist I know of who doesn’t make a point of/take pride in being mostly tattooed by other artists. I’m sure she’s not the only one out there, but it seems like a big part of tattoo culture for artists to build relationships in the industry by tattooing other artists, and using their connections to collect some of the best work.

No. 571431

>Her own tattoos heal as shitty as her clients' do
>Still acts like she's an actual tatto artist and continues to ruin the bodies of others
>Lies about the reason for her shit quality tattoos by saying she wasn't as good back then or she's allergic to red ink

Vic, you gonna cover up your self-portrait too? It's a dead giveaway for your narcissism

That's because in her mind, no one will ever be as amazing as she is. Either that or she knows their work is going to look far superior to anything she has already done on herself. Plus she won't have ~omgzz #highpaintolerance~ bragging rights if someone else does it.

No. 571434

Very new to tattoos, what exactly is wrong with this one? It doesn't look bad to me.

No. 571458

Because she lacks proper training, she treats skin like canvas and mashes ink into the skin in layers, like acrylic or oil paint. That’s why she’s swollen and bleeding out. It’s also why her work heals like a bag of dicks.

No. 571486

File: 1536251258395.jpg (401.48 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20180906-122333_Ins…)

Like this poor man. I reckon this is going to look like shit in a few years

No. 571494

Lol she thinks we only make fun of her for her looks.
Lol no. It's her outlandish lies and awful tattooing mostly.

No. 571508

Ahh I see, thanks anon

No. 571541

Wait a second! Did she just say she uses self tanner?? Ummm….isn't this the same woman who claimed to be so proud of her "porcelain" skin? She used to brag about it all of the time and would fervently decry the act of tanning as being utterly beneath her.

No. 571578

Exactly what I thought, but Vic can switch up her motives to suit whatever fiction she's pushing and as she wasn't making a pick-me post targeting Breitbart loving neckbeards with viking chick fantasies at the time, she decided to use fake tan as an excuse for bad ink.

No. 571588

Not only that, but fake tanner wouldn’t fade ink in this way. If anything it’d make the colors look darker/more saturated.

So Vicky, were you lying to hide the fact that your home tattoos are faded and blown out to shit, or are you for some reason slathering yourself in foundation—not fake tanner—and then tattooing without wiping it off? Either way, it’s fucking daft.

No. 571625


Bless this persons poor soul. This fresh tattoo already looks aged

No. 571700


I find it hard to accept the fact that someone can spout the amount of blatantly absurd bullshit that she does without any awareness of the fact that it is entirely fucking implausible to anyone with half a brain. I can’t decide if she is psychotic delusional or her “fans” are all legit mentally handicapped or both. I think I’m gonna go with both.

No. 571702

And when you think about it, it’s not even her true form that we are making fun of most of the time, it’s her potato selfies and retarded shooping that looks like it was done by Helen Keller.

No. 571714


If you ever look at the profiles of the people who comment on her photos they are either old crusty ass creepers or just straight up ugly as hell losers. Yet she still relishes in their compliments and takes it as pure praise. I wonder if that Tyler guy got sick of her facade haven’t seen him mentioned in a while by her it seems she can never have a friend stick around for long they get sick of her shit pretty quick

No. 571757

What a miserable existence. Imagine being so out of touch with reality/insecure that you’d rather invest all your time and effort into cultivating a bullshit online persona instead of trying to sort out her issues and work on forging some irl relationships. But y’know, is she did that then she wouldn’t be a milky ass cow anymore. Never change, Shingles.

No. 571758

Someone should ask her if she tattooed herself with tanning spray on. That's absolutely disgusting and unhygienic. Or… she's not wearing self tanner at all and her tattoos are just crappy.

No. 571784

File: 1536313195304.jpg (185.93 KB, 1079x608, Screenshot_20180907-053719_Chr…)

Now Vic is a rap expert. "Mgk had some good raps" jesus fucking christ hahahah

No. 571797

Lmao of course she thinks he "had some good raps".. they're both white trash scumbags with zero self awareness of their statuses in the respective industries they've forced their ways into

No. 571824

File: 1536328102697.gif (1.07 MB, 500x225, 0EE71E75-CF86-4CBB-B85A-9030CA…)


>had some good raps

No. 572385

>he had some good raps

This post is perfect, because it portrays everything of why Vicky is a legit retard.
>Eminem tried to get MGK's label to drop him and to get him blackballed
>Eminem disses him years later on Kamikaze again
>MGK calls him out for it
>Vicky thinks it's because Em is old and that's why they are having "some good raps"

No. 572598

File: 1536471677919.jpeg (268.25 KB, 750x669, CF23A280-E14E-4B07-A9F3-7EC07E…)

The comments left on the blurry potato shot, kek this lardy uggo is pressed. Your autism is showing, Icky.

No. 572663

File: 1536492202350.png (32.44 KB, 507x403, VickynRap.png)

Vicky has been on a roll lately.
>Denzel Curry
>Jay Z
>Snoop Dogg
Now that's a combo. Three rappers everyone and their mum knows, I'm surprised there's no Ice Cube there. Especially since G-Eazy and Denzel are rappers who are currently charting, makes you think that… maybe Vicky doesn't actually listen to rap at all and is trying to be relevant?

No. 572664

As if she listens to any rap. I bet she listens to Taylor Swift but pretends she likes metal for edgelord points. She’s such a basic bitch.

No. 572672

She is always so triggered when someone calls her out on trying to hide her ugly with potato quality videos and pics. I think the only one crying here was her. Who reacts like that to a simple question? That's the reaction of a 12 year old kid. You're such a soggy old cunt, Shingles.

No. 572680

And the excuse is always that she didn't clean it. Personally I'd rather admit to having a shitty camera than have people think I live like a pig and can't be bothered to wipe off stuff before using it.

No. 572720

omf that humble brag about healing fast yet she was out of commission from tattooing for weeks b/c she fucked up her wrist. or that was another lame lie to miss her appointments.

No. 572806

File: 1536524145791.jpeg (86.19 KB, 750x437, D65F7F38-4DCB-40FB-A8F2-5A5EF5…)

Vicky is the only girl in the world to get a tattoo of a rose on her neck and everyone just copied her!!!

No. 572841

Oml. She bitched about this forever at one of my appointments. Even if there are other women who got the same thing because they saw it on her, it's her own fault for plastering her highly shooped body all over the internet because she's a self-proclaimed "celebrity". Someone is bound to copy it. Like you almost definitely did when you got it. You're not original Vicky. You're just crusty.

No. 573041

Indeed. Even a flip phone wouldn’t take a shot that blurry, she has clearly made herself as indiscernible as possible to hide her fug. As if anyone will believe it’s all the camera’s fault.

>don’t give a flying fuck

Yet this was the only comment you responded to Icky, just to reeeee about how you don’t care. surejan.gif

No. 573342

File: 1536613577989.png (52.04 KB, 291x313, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 9.30…)

Lol don't do it! don't do it!

No. 573462

File: 1536631416947.jpg (233.13 KB, 514x560, red ink allergy.jpg)

the lengths she goes to pretending tattooing herself doesn't hurt but other things do is hilarious. still claiming she's allergic to red ink so ppl don't point out how shitty it heals. also doesn't know what t cell are, kek.

No. 573488

She is as dense as a bag of rocks. Her education is wikipedia based. Hence why she ordered a tattoo gun off the internet in the first place. She knew she could never go to post-secondary or eventually have an actual career.

Not shocked she doesn't know what T cells are, lol. This is the woman who googles a synonym for every other word she uses in a post in an attempt to sound smarter but ends up using most of them out of context and sounding 10x more idiotic than she would have, had she kept the original wording. It's painful, really.

No. 574225

Vicky u a award winning internationally famous tatooter pls go on Ink Master!!!! Or at least post some side by side comparisons of your portrait work and nikko hurtado's so we can see what real photorealism looks like an d u can make his work look like a 5 year old did it

No. 574230

That alice cooper portrait she did looks like owen wilson cosplaying as The Crow

No. 574279

File: 1536764178382.jpg (626.64 KB, 1080x1547, 20180912_105321.jpg)

This is an older pic but I'm just seeing it now. Why the hell are her "icy eyezzz" different colours?

No. 574280

She has brown eyes in person so she likely shoops them all the time to look more "icy"

No. 574282

Brown or hazel? Does she wear contacts for her videos?

No. 574284

Probably trying to be a special, ninja, best tattooist in the world by having two different color eyes.

No. 574286

File: 1536764927527.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, B6C66F04-9A1B-4A89-87FC-CF01C9…)

Definitely not icy here

No. 574300

File: 1536767816739.jpg (28.86 KB, 718x271, Screenshot_2018-09-12-10-49-59…)

Hmm you're right Anon, I went through her tagged pics and comparing to this girl her eyes are not ~icyyy~. Actually they look kinda dark even tho the lightning is good. Maybe she uses some kind of lamp right in front of her plus the abuse of filters in her videos to make them look like that. I don't think she's too smart to think about wearing contacts, but who knows.

No. 574328


Every photoshopped picture her eyes are wonkey as fuck. A lot of her pictures her eyes are hazel she doesn’t have ~icey eyes~ just another photoshopped facade like her size 0 waist. Her hand is so chunky there she has man hands.

No. 574330

File: 1536773155398.jpeg (159.09 KB, 750x1211, DCCB9F88-EAA5-44B8-A5B2-83EFE3…)


Jesus Christ. Look how huge that unfortunate forehead is! She needs to stop bleaching her hair. No wonder she still rocks the scene kid comb over bangs. She’s hiding that tenhead she has.

No. 574346

Maybe she's wearing a shitty wig? Her real hair is probably one hell of a mess because she keeps bleaching it

No. 574364

File: 1536778321419.png (274.25 KB, 1330x434, 1476811112722.png)

As someone who saw her in person just weeks ago I can confirm that her hair is the literal epitome of a damaged mess. She barely has any left.

Also, came across this screenshot earlier on one of the old threads and almost lost my lunch laughing. She is pissed that people are making fun of her for gaining weight and claiming it's due to to a "thyroid issue". Yet during my appointment she went on for a good 10 minutes about how it's "impossible" for her to gain weight. In her words: "it's as if my body just caps out at a certain healthy weight. I can eat like a man but I can't get fat. I just look super toned due to how fast I can swing my sword when I train."

No joke guys. Real shit that has come out of her mouth, that I had to grin and bear knowing full-well the body she was hiding under that giant Slipknot shirt. No one cares that you're not a IMVU character, Icky. Weight means very little when you are an authentic and kind person. It's just that you are a shit person and you pretend that you're something else. I'm convinced that you somehow believe it now.

No. 574379

My god this is Kiki levels of forehead. Whit happened to "my gorgeous tresses are all my own, don't be mad cuz your hair fell off when your man pulled on it"

Vic is lucky she can't keep a romantic partner long enough to pull on her already-dropping-out clip ins.

No. 574380


It’s not a wig it’s when she dyed her hair blotchy and horrible ~cyan~ around Christmas. Bitch has a mountain for a forehead

No. 574413

File: 1536782512899.jpg (314.83 KB, 1079x1183, 20180912_155802.jpg)


Kek. This poor dog looks depressed. Like it knows it will melt into a blob of indiscernible shit in a few years. Why is she proud of this?

No. 574416

The shading, the nose and the mouth are wonky too.They don't match up with the way the dog's head is shaped.

No. 574546

Lord, imagine being the fool who is forced to live with this monstrosity. How the fuck does she get any business?

No. 574671

File: 1536819044603.jpeg (862.35 KB, 1242x1910, B2014222-1713-494E-BC2F-A1E6CB…)

Really Vicky?

No. 574687


>height of my sword workouts

Sure, Jan.

No. 574725

File: 1536841771230.jpg (83.77 KB, 626x757, 1479944196863.jpg)

In other words
>look how toned and skinny I look thanks to photoshop - I mean - sword workouts

Don't forget what you really look like, Shingles.

No. 574726

She looks like a nasty biker bar blow-up doll. Yikes.

No. 574737

File: 1536843113104.jpeg (279.04 KB, 1127x1258, 4BB17067-0277-4DB6-82A8-38A675…)


Even badly photoshops her mirror pictures. Look how the mirror in the back is warped and her right tit is a different colour. Also the way the top is sitting is so stretched out her arms are a wobbly blur. Too many fails going on here

No. 574741

wtf is going on with her left tit?? did she forget to blend?

No. 574759

I wonder if it started life as the phone shadow but has been warped into oblivion.

No. 574760

I'm going to assume she takes blurry photos/videos so her neckbeard fans won't be able to notice her photoshop. (Let's be realistic, they wouldn't be able to notice it even if the pics were high quality) She reminds me of those terribly bad catfish on the internet who pick blurry photos instead of clearer, better quality ones. If I didn't know these were her real accounts, I would've guessed it was someone catfishing as her.

No. 574764


holy crap look at the floor and left side of the wall… unless you live in a house of mirror's floors don't blend downward into your butt and waist and walls don't angle inwards like that…. its actually worse when you look at it from a bit of a distance :/

No. 574822

lol that stink face, looks like she got a wiff of her own stank. Just so much is wrong with this picture, the prolapsed anus mouth, the tit edit that makes her hand and elbow look swollen, the butt shoop, the awful wig, her terrible makeup and eyebrows, the waist shoop, and the pixel potato quality. I imagine Vic spent HOURS editing this picture and probably thinks it looks amazing, poor girl, not only is she ugly she's stupid too.

No. 574824

Oh god I forgot about this picture, I fucking love when chicks fold their hands over their waist to make it look like "I'm so smol when i put my hands on my waist my fingers touch, teehee" when in reality people can tell by their third chin, hammy arms and obviously forced hand position that they aren't as smol as they'd like people to think they are.

No. 574826

Also don't forget that the store posted this dress on their social media after the event and it was a size 10. Nice try on the size 0 Vic!

No. 574829

Even the size 10 looked too small for her. Not to mention she looked like she was 45 going on dead.

No. 574838

File: 1536857309825.jpeg (105.44 KB, 721x1112, 0BBEB4B1-19C9-4919-B47A-F23195…)


Her boobs are small and kinda flabby. Also this is the monster I see at the end of my bed when I have sleep paralysis

No. 574852

"chicks" do this? I'm a woman and I honestly thought that was just a Vicky Shingles staple. I've never witnessed another person do it my life - pictures or otherwise.

No. 574855

Sorry for samefagging but this is probably one of those photos she claims were "warped" to make her look "bad" by a ~jealousss haterrr~

No. 574857

There is no way her thighs are larger than her waist. She would have to be killing herself at the gym 6 days a week for 3-4 hours a day with an incredibly strict diet to even come close and we all know she lives off of Red Bull, cheetos and KFC.

No. 574861

File: 1536861250873.jpg (556.37 KB, 1080x1673, 20180913_135245.jpg)

Anyone gonna critique this one? I'm not a tattoo snob so this one doesn't look too bad in comparison to a lot of her other scratcher hack jobs. And the video isn't superblurry and pixelated as it normally would be

No. 574899

anon…she could just be fat you know. pear shapes have huge thighs and smaller upwards.

No. 574931

File: 1536874437610.jpeg (24.97 KB, 440x166, 9018F52F-C12D-4C5D-9CF2-E12E2A…)

Lol size 0 ;)

No. 574950

meh, video quality still isn't great and the lighting plus redness makes it hard to see the details accurately. what i don't get is who starts a front piece like this besides icky. not sure if the other side is going to be the same or what, if so it'll be fun to see how she matches things up. anyway, there's only a few dark areas so once this heals you probably won't see a lot of the shading which will make the whole thing look wonky as fuck.

No. 574994

Didn’t realize it’s video. I thought it looked shopped by the pic.

No. 575107

File: 1536892740262.jpeg (156.26 KB, 750x786, 7300ADA4-1E43-4D9D-A423-2C1722…)


!! HATERS WILL SAY ITS PHOTOSHOP !! it actually only takes Vicky 2 months of flailing her sword around to get her body like this!!!! Not only is she a master healer but her body gets cut and fit at alarming fast rates as well! Personal trainers and doctors HATE HER

No. 575108


Where the fuck are her shoulders

No. 575303

lol @ "thick". Fat girl, you're fat.

No. 575579

I mean that last comment isn't a lie, she just forgot to add the words 'in Photoshop' to the end of it.

No. 575920

File: 1537074246282.jpeg (134.55 KB, 688x750, 8E2CEDE1-0D8E-4F82-9559-56762D…)

Another butchery. Fresh tattoo looks like the ink is blown out already and the mouth of the dragon is a nightmare. This is going to get so bad with time

No. 575962

Yikes, that linework. And that overworked skin. This is going to scab so badly and experience massive dropout. How the fuck is she this clueless? She has no sense of proportions either. What a mess.

No. 575977

It always looks like she copied shit from a photo that someone fucked with the stretch tool on paint. Like it's always off somehow.

No. 576011

She most likely did judging from what review anon said.

No. 576025

File: 1537118342131.jpg (182.12 KB, 480x595, yikes.jpg)

she actually thinks this is even remotely traditional japanese, my sides. watching the video on ig, there's these weird red lines that look like she tattooed this poor person with no ink. the back is such a mess, the water has rounded ends and then suddenly points, and the choice put them in the bend of the pit like that, holy fuck.

No. 576041

wait, Vic made those red marks? tbh I thought this was a coverup tattoo and those marks were the old one

though they are red and look freshly irritated…

No. 576042

Oh my god that looks so irritated. Wtf is going on with the red scratches. This is really bad and somebody should shut her down because she is scarring people for life. Why the heck do people let her come near them with anything let alone a needle.

No. 576049

Oh man. Look how brightened/contrasted to fuck that image is and the guy's skin still looks gnarly. It must be as red as raw burger meat irl. Every time I see one of these things I picture Vicky hunched over her clients bearing down as hard as she can. If you see her drawings on paper shes heavy handed as fuck with a pencil,you do not want to trust this woman with your skin.

No. 576089

She probably read our thread where we called her out for never outlining anything so now she’s going balls out on the outline which is also wrong. She shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere near someone with a tattoo machine.

No. 576094

It looks like she only uses two different needles where she could have probably used 3-4. She didn’t use a liner small enough so it looks all blown out. I bet it’s hard to get tattoo supplies when you’re a scratcher

No. 576110

Those red lines on the left look like cellulitis. That is not how a fresh tattoo should look. But I bet it the customers fault and they didn’t take care of it.

No. 576116

File: 1537137169560.png (6.31 MB, 1125x2436, C66CCD17-8771-4B18-8F87-C0C83D…)

Oops missed a spot!

No. 576122

That’s some shaky af line work

No. 576138

It’s embarrassing. What was she thinking posting this as her work? She has zero clue about anything. Isn’t she queen of photoshop? Everything looks different in pics than how they look irl.

No. 576172

This is so fucked up, how the fuck does she have any customers? I hate this fat cunt so much. Legit surprised there hadn’t been a class action over how many people she has butchered.

No. 576187

I have no idea these days how she's still getting work because of all the bad shit floating around about her. I think most of the people who get tattoos from her are either extremely trashy people who are mates with her mates on facebook and the other ones are naive and don't know her history.

The anon that came here didn't seem to know anything bad about Vick prior so I'd say there's a lot of ignorance about who Vicky really is.
If I saw her work I'd immediately be like NOPE, but Vick always states in the captions that it's healing or not finished so perhaps people don't realise what they are getting themselves into.

No. 576193

Also she filters, fucks with the colours and photoshops the tattoos after taking a picture with a 1 megapixel phone so I can see someone who doesn't know shit about tattoos being like 'oh that doesn't look too bad'

I didn't think that realistic Bull terrier one on her youtube was that bad until anons pointed out how warped it looked and how things were wrong. Then I was like actually wow I see what they mean.

No. 576205

Her followers are clearly dwindling as her messed up Japanese tattoo she posted yesterday has 400 or so views and no comments and the half lion she did on that one dude she posted five days ago only has five comments. Guess the bots she paid for aren’t commenting enough

No. 576223

Or inmates. They look like prison tattoos.
The left red line looks like cellulitis. But that’s probably the “customers fault” or “bad after care”. She dangerous, a public health hazard.

No. 576336

File: 1537203541420.jpg (352.66 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180917-125724_Chr…)

Vicky is starved for attention again and these empty-headed neckbeards feed into it

No. 576338

Fuck me, the cringe. I’d say she needs to stop with the blatant fabrication but then we’d have less to laugh about. How can someone be this delusional?

No. 576371

Getting drunk and then swinging a sharp object around…truly a genius, guise!

No. 576389

xcuse me this is vicky we're talking about of course regular people might be in danger but I'll have u know that she's stared at danger right in the face and convinced her sword to not harm her

No. 576390

>me too lol

No. 576482

>I intimidated the sword into not hurtingggg meeee… lol

No. 576485

And if she did accidentally cut her arm off it would totally heal in nine minutes. She loves that about herself ya know.

No. 576487

She’d just photoshop on a new one

No. 576494

>my male friend and his gf wanted me to go to the emergency room but i was likee no wayyy! and i regenerated the missing armm. pic is me and my new armm, no makeup only lipstain from night beforeee

No. 576500

File: 1537233959121.png (303.99 KB, 680x680, H2Xp2G7.png)

No. 576591

In her head she's painting this image of this badass, whiskey drinking, sword wielding, blonde bombshell and it's hilarious because most people see it for what it really is, some sad drunk alone woman in her 30's swinging around a weapon in order to look cool for internet points.
The people that believe her are either desperate for pussy or mentally ill stans like privatbomboni or wtf her name is.

No. 576607

And fuck knows why she thinks any of that is appealing. Like, who gives a fuck about your sword and what you do with it? Bragging about being a drunk who swills Jack Daniels straight from the bottle is trashy as fuck. Between the whiskey, cigarettes, the same festering slipknot shirt and spandex shorts she squeezes her greasy fat rolls into every day, imagine how rank she must smell

No. 576620

Oh yes. I'm betting she's still single and posting cringey status' at age 40.

No. 576637

I wonder where they think she flails for sword around? Her personal gym off her multi million dollar home. Some people will believe anything as her followers have proven. She should take advantage of that and claim some jealous stalker stole her identity because they wanted to live her sought after, globe trotting, tattooing, final fantasy, sword flailing, super model life. They tried to kidnap her first but she was able to intimidate them into releasing her. But now she can’t make any money because the stalker has taken over her life and tattoo shack. They look like lady Gaga, she’s a babe, but Vic did look first and has a British accent. Rest assured though the attorney general of Canada is on the case. Send money.

No. 576666

I figured it out…She takes her horrid blurry pictures to replicate "beergoggles". And in that aspect she is a resounding success. cause there is the whole coyote ugly thing in the diff tween what she looks like and what she looks like after a whole bottle of whiskey.

No. 576819

File: 1537318702941.jpg (446.21 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20180918-205622_Ins…)

why does it feel like she shopped her hair this color, lel. the dark strands sticking out the bottom always cracks me up.

No. 576822

i think she's trying to pretend it's a gradient? this taro gradient thing was popular like uuuh 3 years ago.

No. 576837

File: 1537321045822.jpeg (349.16 KB, 750x612, 4185F52E-43E0-44C5-9C52-51955F…)


The fake plastic flowers melted into her skin it seems

No. 576839

I'm not a regular in this thread, but I know she's notorious for shooping. I had to laugh when I scrolled by this cause it looks like she even shooped her big toe/foot to be smaller

No. 576897

Her fingers look like swollen sausages

No. 576915

Why tf are her eyes two different colours? I wonder how long she spent on this trying to make herself look ~tiny~

No. 576949

File: 1537329210853.jpg (17.55 KB, 220x480, vicky.jpg)

Friend was looking to get a tattoo and found this in the local artist's portfolio. Looks like Vicky is inspiring artists even abroad with her majestic visage.

No. 576968

kek that streaky as fuck fake tan (which is probably shooped too)
>but muh natural porcelain skin!!1!!11!

No. 576986

File: 1537342826018.jpeg (34.42 KB, 479x307, 8B6FF62D-1352-4A29-A1E8-9F20D1…)

Dat prolapsed anus mouth tho

No. 576991

File: 1537344417768.jpeg (336.31 KB, 750x747, 51DE33B2-61B1-490D-839D-1791A6…)

Ffs shingles if you are going to insist on shooping yourself into orbit at least make an effort. Not that your fedora-tipping fans will notice the difference

No. 577011

Why are her arms as wide as her calf, how didn't that make her go Hmm maybe I should fix this????

No. 577042

File: 1537360140269.jpg (62.16 KB, 297x214, 1537318702941_2018091913192179…)

The longer I look the worse it gets, originally I was just routinely horrified by the orange palms and fake tanned dirt ingrained knuckles but then I noticed more and more, it's like looking at a visual representation of the tell tale heart, with every beat it becomes more warped.. Complete lack of inner elbow or wrist and what the fuck is that square on her toe?? I-is that supposed to be a nail??? Every image she uploads should be critiqued complete with crossings out and question marks and swiftly reposted to her comments with "do better shingles" scrawled across it.
Seriously, do better icky. Wear fucking gloves at least.

No. 577048

Nail brushes work wonders too. Those toes though. Yuck. At least try and shoop out the dirt underneath the nasty nails. Plus chubby fingers give you away.

No. 577058

where is Frankie? has he given up? has he moved on to another tripod?
also, the most hilarious part of this shoop for me is that she has probably been working on it for days. you're so gross, Shingles. wash yourself.

No. 577070

File: 1537367676584.jpg (596.03 KB, 1080x1551, fixedvicky.jpg)

tried to fix it for her.
The only way to fix the baboon lips was to overlay another womans lips on top….

No. 577078

It's crazy to witness how truly delusional she is, seeing how much better this looks versus what she thinks looks good. Holy shit. Those baboon lips are terrifying.
I'll give her this though - at least she isn't stupid enough to get them manufactured to look like that in person. Either that or she's too broke to afford it.

No. 577091

Nail polish is so cheap, yet she shoops in fake nail polish that looks like garbage. And those dirty finger and toe nails? Ugh. She is anything but attractive here.

No. 577097

Thanks for the fix up anon, the original was such an avalanche of terribleness i hadn't noticed she'd shop'ed her eyes two different colours. Icky it's embarrassing for everyone at this point. Pls stop.

No. 577099

I think that’s her thing now. Speeshul snowflake with two differenttt colorr eyess.

No. 577525

Why do you think she's randomly clutching a sheet with a shooped in rose

She's holding Frankies remote

Pls treat urself to a treasure hunt by looking at some of ole toria's digital paintingsss and spot the awkward and super creative ways she tries to hide Frankie's little appendage

No. 577552

Donald Trump called, he wants his bloated Cheeto paws back

No. 577564

Kek, I was more referring to the fact that she didn't watermark Frankie Photography on the pic. It's been a self-timer for ages because no one wants to photograph this conceited hag

No. 577748

I think she fake tanned herself and got it all under her nails. That was her excuse with the hair dye.
I sure hope the bitch actually wears gloves when she tattoos, because if not, she's gross.

No. 577760

Her nails are always dirty. Even people that work with tar don’t constantly have dirty nails. She’s just nasty all around.

No. 577788


She needs to learn how to wash her goddamn hands. I can smell her poor hygiene with every shitty shoop she posts

No. 577795

What’s with the pounds of feathers, beads, braids, and whatever other garbage she has there on the right side? Just, why?

No. 577801

She looks (and no doubt smells) like she crawled out of a dumpster.

No. 577802

File: 1537498531284.jpeg (507.56 KB, 750x949, A1A3C64F-0036-4B36-8E92-88498D…)

Shingles put the poor moggie down before he catches fleas from you, ya skanky hag

No. 577844

That wonky eye LOL

No. 577864


Wow. How does she have the cognitive dissonance to exist irl looking nothing like her shoops?

No. 577865

File: 1537512535612.png (619.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-21-13-17-49…)

You can really see how stubby and hammy her fingers/arm are here. Nobody with a normal weight looks like that, from that camera angle.

No. 577871


The cat is so embarrased to have been forced to pose with her, it hid its face.

I'm surprised she didn't shoop one onto the back of its head.

No. 577874

And wft does this caption even mean? Not that it’s anything alarming, given her inability to speak proper English in spite of being ~British~. I swear 80% of what she says is a sequence of random words she has picked out of a thesaurus. Never forget this priceless word salad gem. Imagine being this stupid and cringey.
>I’ll watch the stars like immortal specters and see them fall to dust…i’ll play in crystal constellations, and hope it holds my infinitesimal heart in it’s intricate web of glowing beauty, like luminescent fireflies in it’s inverted heartcrushing paroxysmal complexity.

No. 577881

This looks like the cheap shitty sword I bought myself on amazon for $30

No. 577897

I can’t get over the size of her hands. You’d think she’d shoop them to look smaller like she does with the rest of her body, but evidently not.

No. 577901

File: 1537533843280.jpeg (122.82 KB, 750x1173, D6BD19B3-F5D2-4ED3-B974-5F9708…)

LMAO Harvard black belt in photoshop y’all

No. 577906

that's just a glitch in the matrix, anon.

No. 577907

Even though she shoops like crazy, I'm starting to think the one eye higher than the other is actually her face.

Girl has a bad case of the Shannon Dougherty. Her shit makeup probably emphasizes it. I mean there are attractive people with the same thing like Ryan Gosling, but even straighten out the eye and she is still quite the beast.

No. 577910

kinda makes it seem like she stabbed the cat

No. 577923

It does. Such a strange sequence of photos. I get that with the caption she was trying to aim for 'look I can be cute AND deadly' but it seems very bizarre to post a picture holding a cat and then in the same outfit and hair in the next photo holding a sword with fake shooped blood everywhere.
Like if she'd taken it in a different setting or outfit or posted the pictures separate from each other it wouldn't be as creepy.

No. 577926

I don't think her hair is shooped. I think it's just patchy as hell and looks darker in certain parts where she hasn't bleached as light.
The same thing happened with her cyannnn hair. It was blue in some parts and green in others.

A girl I know irl has terrible patchy bleached hair and when she dyes it unnatural colours, literally the same thing will happen as Vick's hair in these pictures. She'll have purple in some parts and greyish ashy brown parts where the purple sits on top of the darker bleached shit.

I bet when her hair is just bleach blonde, irl it probably looks orangey/yellow in some parts. She probably photoshops her hair lighter. When I first bleached my hair yellow (it took two processes) it looked barbie yellow and awful, but in photos on snapchat and on my phone, it looked platinum blonde not yellow.

I bet her christina aguleira hair is yellow as Bart Simpson's penis.

No. 577932

I don't get it. Why would an amazing warrior have blood on their hands if they have such amazing sword skills? Seems like a bit of a shit swordsman if more blood lands on your hands than your actual sword. Like geez Vick you could have at least photoshopped the fake blood onto the sword.

No. 577933

I laughed because I get a hammy midget vibe from this photo. Trisha Paytas-esque. Dwarf…hammy…midgety vibes.

Anyone catch my drift?

No. 577990

File: 1537560850642.jpeg (153.14 KB, 750x1218, 6A30E6DE-D82D-4AD8-AE83-11A453…)


Her iris is stretched and warped her nose is so poorly shooped and blurred and her hair just seems to melt into a blurred mess. The nose makes me laugh the most. Nothin can fix that honker beak she has in real life. Stupid sad smelly girl

No. 578012

I really dont understand how she can live like this. It’s not even a life when everything is embellished to this extreme. We all know the truth about icky but she continues to live a lie. It’s really pathetic. Harvard, realism tattoos, intj or whatever, Frankie, her “model” looks, fake British accent, sword skills. Everything single thing about her is fake. And we know she reads here. Im sure it smacks her in the face when she does but she doesn’t even try to do things differently, she does double down on her lies though. Ick doesn’t even seem to be pleasant to have a conversation with so she must not have any friends very long. What a sad, lonely life. I’d almost be sympathetic if she wasn’t such an ass. Pity is all she deserves.

No. 578078

It’s insane. It’s Ogreasion tier narc delusion manifested in a slightly different way. You’d think she’d go “hmmmm, I have no friends, I can’t get a mans, the internet incessantly drags me for being thieving compulsive liar, maybe I should work on being less of an asshole so people don’t hate me”, but alas here we are.

No. 578097


She’s been lying for so long it’s too late to start being herself. She’s too tangled in her web of extravagant lies she’s stuck faking an accent for the rest of her life. Imagine how stressful that must be? Imagine her by some miracle getting into a long term relationship and she can’t even speak how she normally does? And just has to keep up the ridiculous facade for life. And that’s why she will forever be alone

No. 578110

Imagine not even knowing who you are, having no personality or skills and being so narcissistic that you cant admit it and you have to make it all up. She should be studied for science. She takes compulsive lying to the extreme. I’m embarrassed for her.

No. 578134

File: 1537583760509.jpg (22.05 KB, 206x275, 1474407410578.jpg)

She's a class A catfish. She spends all her time showing off to people online what she wishes she could be/look like, in reality she's just a bitter aging women that was once popular on myspace and is desperately trying to hold on to whatever little online attention her sausage fingers can get.

No. 578142

it's very sad. I can't even feel bad for her though because she is a truly horrible and selfish person with zero genuine relationships. it must be lonely but she's done it to herself.

>she should be studied for science

this killed me. kek.

No. 578155

She’s in her 30s and acts like a teenager. Has accomplished jack shit in her sad life and still relies on mommy and daddy (no way she pays rent on her shack and place with the little work she gets) if she was hurting so bad for 70$ like review anon said because she was broke I find that extremely pathetic. I highly doubt she has any savings at all and will never ever grow up. She will forever be staying up late in the am hours drinking and doing shitty shoops for those valuable social media likes from a bunch of nobodies and LARPing the life she wished she had.

No. 578238

File: 1537615591308.jpg (386.25 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20180922-070940_Chr…)

Does anyone else find her profile particularly pathetic and hilarious? No real accomplishments or education to mention there so we have:

"radio personality" aka 'I am annoying and ignored on a few of these loaded radio shows before I get kicked off entirely for having nothing of substance to input"

"magazine cover model" aka "I self-submit pics I've taken with a timer that are shooped into oblivion, to internet magazines that only know me to be the fake success that I pretend to be" also linked to her own name because even Facebook thinks that putting that in there as a job is sad. can you imagine what Icky's resume would look like if she were to make one?

"professional tattoo artist" aka "I have never had any formal training but I did read my mom's books and she was not a tattooist and taught me all I know. I also didn't apprentice because I'm naturally gifted in ruining the skin of others" ..you can't call yourself a professional if you don't understand the definition of that term, Ick. the people who are actually professionals in your line of work use you as an example of how NOT to get tattooed.

No. 578248

I actually love how tragic and cringey it is, never fails to have me at my toppest of keks (>>577874 has me perpetually wheezing). She is so delusional, it’s hilarious.

No. 578261


No. 578334

Nailed it anonymous! She has literally nothing to show for her 30+ years on this earth except her shittily compiled web of lies. She is a sad and lonely person and she has herself to thank for that. 40 is going to hit her like a ton of bricks!

No. 578380

File: 1537653630331.jpeg (100.65 KB, 750x315, E24DA521-3AB9-417E-84DF-7A595D…)

I don’t think this has been posted before but she claims to have a secretary? Holy shit this made me howl when reading it. The extravagant lies she spews out and the facade that’s she’s so successfulllllllllll and busy that she has her own little assistant. You fucking wish, shingles. You washed up old scene kid. I’ve never seen someone lie so much about everything. She sounds like she’s schizo living in her own fantasy world

No. 578388

>>578012 as noted in >>578078 it's narc delusion taken to the extreme, meaning she can't change even if she wanted to. She's also dumb as a rock, which obviously doesn't help anything.
She'll always be like this.

No. 578409

No. 578411


>my system no longer allows

implying she even bothers to transfer her appointment information outside of facebook messenger lmao

>my secretary

considering she's rarely in her studio, always late for appointments, had to get next door to leave a note on her door when she was being kidnapped, & couldn't even afford the taxi ride to tattoo-anon's appointment without her deposit, i think its safe to say she doesn't have anybody on payroll

No. 578438

Oh my holy hell I wish she hadn't removed that so I could comment it. That's hilarious. She probably got called out on not having a secretary and being full of shit. She probably just saw this thread and was triggered knowing how accurate it is that she will die alone and still act 16 at age 40, with nothing to show for it. So she needed to reinstate her ~I'm so successful~ facade. Icky, I know you're reading this. Give back the deposits you've STOLEN, admit that no one in their right mind wants to work for or with you (apart from that poor boy who wanted to off himself sharing your shack with you), and stop pretending you actually have people book with you. You don't have many clients. You don't have ANY money. And you don't have a SHRED of success or anything to be proud of in this life. Grow up Icky. Or don't. I enjoy cringing at your lies.

No. 578439

Sorry for double post but I'm just seeing this is from 2017. My bad. My other comments still stand though.

No. 578442

File: 1537665189367.jpg (866.76 KB, 1818x551, 20180922_210900.jpg)

>an reschedule
what show is she talking about and how is that relevant to offering "mega deals" to try and book work for herself?

unfortunately there are ppl who go for cheap tattoos regardless of quality and i feel like that makes up a significant amount of her clients.

No. 578452

I don't even see how she's "cheap". She charges $140/hour and even if you get a small piece it's $140 because she claims she's "keen on detail". She overcharges for her crap work. Especially when all of her clients will need to pay to have them fixed or re-done because they've faded down the road. Or because she didn't listen to what her client wanted.

No. 578462

likely just her misspelling 'shop'. or not. who knows with her.

No. 578483

>mega deals

jfc the thirst on this hambeast, she’s so desperate for work and no one wants to pay standard price to be mutilated by a fleabag scratcher in a decrepit shack that is basically a giant petri dish of undiscovered mutant strains of bacteria

No. 578613

Am I supposed to know who this is?

No. 578647

No. 578887

>>577865 she photoshopped her fucking roots lmfaoReally, Momo?? Attacking the fanbase while spreading positivity my dudes??

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 578954

oh, i didn't know that but was more referencing the amount of times she's offering 'deals'.

derp, was slow on interpreting the vicky speak.

No. 579224

File: 1537779936555.jpeg (435.67 KB, 750x1012, EF6F3664-E8D6-4D99-AC9E-665F99…)

The editing here, especially her nose, holy shit. It looks nothing like her at all, save for the overlined chola baboon ass lips. Also, her blowing a kiss with those greasy lips and tombstone teeth made me throw up in my mouth a little.

No. 579266

jfc I hate when she blows kisses in a video. it makes me physically cringe. and yeah, that looks quite literally nothing like her. how did she manage that with a video?

No. 579271

File: 1537801600264.jpg (425.74 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180924-110500_Chr…)

Run while you still can, appointment lady. She won't show up and steal your deposit. She's being kidnapped tomorrow!

No. 579272

just download the snow app and you'll see how it completely changes your appearance

No. 579280


Lmao at the “you’re so beautiful I haven’t seen a bad pic of you yet” yes that’s because every single picture is edited into a completely different person.

No. 579306

File: 1537806571511.jpg (154.18 KB, 937x855, vic.jpg)

This is one of her worst shoops yet. Check out dem icy eyes and that plump face.

No. 579317

Where's her other leg

No. 579318

She forgot to shop in her pink nail polish that she had in the first photo from this "shoot". There is also a lot of blur and he eyes look very strange.

No. 579332

File: 1537809495189.jpeg (129.8 KB, 750x1163, 2A92A948-7EA8-43FF-9045-781876…)


Her waist has its own gravitational pull and blurs everything around it

No. 579339

This looks like a woman who has facial burn scars that were badly photoshopped away. And why is her nose disappearing?

She ate it.

No. 579439

I know, right? The way she blows kisses is so disgusting. Even with the snow edits and whatever else she still looks and sounds like a deep fried lot lizard. I feel like I can smell her through the screen, she is possibly the filthiest cow after Luna slater

No. 579444

That couch has seen some shit for sure. I will never understand how she thinks these insane shoops look good, much less realistic. Everyone knows you’re a fat, stinky uggo Shingles, quit playing.

No. 579549

fucking kek, the left side of the couch is perfectly normal and the right side is shooped to all shit from her pulling in her ham rolls

No. 579556

Her face/head is HuGE is this photo! Did she forget to reference her older shoops when she did this one? I just imagine her Cheeto covered fingers pounding her laptop keyboard well into the night trying to make herself look good.

No. 579585

File: 1537844795572.jpg (766.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180924-225708_Ins…)

Does she think it isn't obvious how many filters are on this crap? I've shown some of the guys at work her pics and videos (I'm also a man so no jealousy here Vicky) and they usually ask why she looks so fake.
So I'm not sure who she thinks she's fooling but it has to be a small minority of her half-witted, desperate followers. These guys didn't know who she was but didn't think she was at all attractive. Most comments and questions are about the possibility that she's a man in drag.

No. 579588

Holy kek, she has basically erased her huge honker with the blur tool. And that caption, the subtext is “I’m suchhhh a tomboyyyyy haha, no makeuppp and no filterssss”. Yeah, okay shingles.

No. 579589

And who the fuck wears a full face of slap including ginormous false lashes in bed? The retardation is palpable.

No. 579592

File: 1537845481966.jpeg (609.89 KB, 750x1248, 2C0F68BE-43E5-4259-897F-CEAA57…)

This nose edit, I’m howling

No. 579600

She looks like a whole whale in this. Holy fat neck.

No. 579713

File: 1537871523628.jpeg (191.72 KB, 750x1122, B6C18580-FF8D-493D-A4C5-D64C28…)

This is fucking hilarious. Most people get better at things with practice, but in the space of five years she has actually got worse at shooping.

No. 579714

File: 1537872088149.jpeg (421.81 KB, 750x964, 776CC5EB-903B-43EF-872A-029F81…)

>lives in Canada
>claims she was born in Northern Ireland
>puts on cringy fake accent and insists she is “British”
>spouts xenophobic shit about a country she doesn’t live in
>”a country who”

Maybe learn to speak English before you criticise migrants who are probably better educated than you, Victoria

No. 579723

File: 1537874962233.jpg (584.55 KB, 1080x1676, 20180925_212326.jpg)

it really is something to behold. there's a weird glitch line across her neck, hair and hand, a missing nostril, her knee looks like pacman eating the couch and some weird black line over her leg tattoo (probably pen she hasn't washed off)

No. 579744

lmao, you know you're hammy when you even have to edit your knee into a blurred mess

No. 579754

File: 1537880278246.png (246.81 KB, 739x257, Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 8.55…)

Obvious photoshop is obvious lol, but you nevvvver photoshop your pictures right victoria? lol

No. 579767

I think people arw finally starting to catch on to her lies due to how her shoops have grown worse and worse as opposed to better. there are only 11 comments and she is probably torn up about it. her face doesn't look at all natural or appealing here but she's so proud of it she posted a close up.

No. 579770

Why do cows always shoop shitty body jewellery onto/into themselves? Between the unfeasibly thin yet overly mobile lip ring (somehow painted over in this image!?), the earring gauge septum ring complete with the tiniest medusa she's just a whole mess of don'ts.

No. 579783


t’s a Snapchat face filter that gives you a septum ring and a Medusa piercing lmfao

No. 579910

File: 1537921374278.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1195x1726, D4F972A7-2C39-49F6-8CB8-61F8D8…)

Her forehead is….inspiring

No. 579911

>>579585 she still looks so round in the face even with layers of filters so I’d hate to be catfished by her. So scary

No. 579918

The ham roll multiple chins and fivehead, my sides

No. 580037

The one of her on the sweat shirt is a Snapchat filter (Slims the face,piercings, and eyelashes)

No. 580049


>Slims the face

Bitch where? She’ll need a lot more than a filter for any part of her to look slim, kek

No. 580134

File: 1537991747392.jpeg (81.98 KB, 689x678, C7AD948B-9BED-4F90-9E53-B836AC…)


The nose on the face filter is so funny in comparison to how her beak actually looks.

No. 580358

Vicky bizarres me because while she's certainly no stunner, she could look normal or ever nice if she grew proper eyebrows, ditched the garish makeup, chopped her hair short and dyed it a warm brown colour, and just wore a little bit of soft neutral makeup. But she's obsessed with pretending she looks like a Final Fantasy character even though it looks so bad on her. I mean, I desperately wanted to be a lolita kawaii aesthetic when I was younger, but I'm muscular, tan, and tall and it would have looked absurd on me, so I didn't do it. Why does she sabotage herself?

No. 580359

she's insane

No. 580376

File: 1538044865471.jpeg (184.84 KB, 750x855, 9E61BB49-940F-447A-B6A1-187E12…)

More fishing for attention from her devoted neckbeard fedora bro fans with vague status updates

No. 580377

The power of neckbeard attention on social media makes boring women do abnormal things. Icky Vicky is boring in rl, she just scratches people up in whatever shack she's in right now, she should make pandering to neckbeards her job by creating a Patreon account.

No. 580398

No. 580400

Oh shit

No. 580403

This is one hella fucked up family!

No. 580411

Wonder how Vicky will try to spin this? My guess is to slut-shame the children.

No. 580425

Her neckbeard followers don't know her real name so my guess is she won't have to. because Icky only cares what the people who obsess over her fake image, think.

No. 580429

Was this the creepy alt-right brother? If it was it would be hilarious because she clearly mirrors his views.

No. 580435

File: 1538066977955.jpg (445.09 KB, 1080x1681, 20180927_124712.jpg)

trying to low-key ask if anyone will date her in a hammy state

No. 580450

How can you continue with this delusional egomaniac brainlet shit online when your bro is all over local news for being a fucking pedo!! Rhetorical question, just blown away by Vic's idiocy. She obviously reads her thread here, I wonder if it will prompt her to publicly respond to laird's conviction

No. 580497

File: 1538076318696.jpg (45.02 KB, 476x383, jesus chris vic sit down.JPG)


Vicky is defending him and claiming that "his ex girlfriend who has mental illness" framed him despite the fact that he has ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED. What an absolute whackjob. If trying to defend a convicted pedophile doesn't turn her few remaining fans on her nothing will.

No. 580504

Jesus, this is so trashy. Of course her first instinct would be to blame this on a woman.

No. 580506

I believe this is her brother's ex Mel, the one that took the photos of Vic at the wedding dress runway show.

There is absolutely no excuse and reason to defend someone who is into child porn and there would not be a criminal trial if there wasn't enough evidence. One flash drive wouldn't be enough.

No. 580508

not to defend vick, but yeah it would be. this stuff is taken very seriously in canada. possession is enough evidence for arrest. not saying this is true of course, but in regards to trials, yeah, just possession would be enough.

No. 580544

Where did she post this? Did someone mention the news on her page?

No. 580555

Making excuses for someone busted with kiddie porn is is going to really work in your favour Victoria, people all over the world will be clawing each other’s eyes out in the mad dash to get “epic tattoos” by a pedo apologist.
>inb4 “I’ve had clients reschedule… so I’mmmm offering mega dealssss if anyone wants inkedddd”

No. 580574

not that i believe any of this is true, but if her brother was dating a girl into "acting like a little girl" that doesn't fair well for him. she really doesn't think before going on poorly worded tirades, and what happened to not tearing other women down.

No. 580576

She criticizes other women for “tearing her down” if they’re not gushing over her and complimenting her. As soon as she has an opportunity to lash out at another women and claim (false and delusional) superiority she will take it. It’s narcissistic behaviour, not tactful in any way mind you but that’s what makes her such a trainwreck to observe.

No. 580580

I'll give her some slack. People are usually blind to their family members and think they know them best.

Thing is, if he uses that defense, computer forensic experts can locate the meta data on the files, where they came from, when they're accessed, etc. I'm American, but work in the legal system and one case had cp on a defendant's computer. Fortunately for him, it was never viewed and was probably downloaded in bulk with the rest of the pornography which was all consensual adults.

CP cases actually have funding and it's pretty easy to do thorough forensics on it. If it indeed came from an ex's flash drive they can trace it and even see how many times he opened the files and at what times as well as it's origin. These results come back in minutes so if we see these charges aren't dismissed than we have ourselves a Shingelton pedo.

No. 580591


I know we all praise mama shingles for being gorg and pity her for being walked all over by Vicky, but damn if she didn’t raise two complete duds.

One delusional narc and a pedo who’s got a little girl kink.

No. 580602

This is hilarious. So in her fantasy this ex just shows up to the police station with a flash drive of CP?? She shouldn't have even acknowledged this. Actually, why did she? Did someone she personally knows ask about it?

No. 580629

Not about Vic, but here is her brother's GFM page ebegging for $5,000 to finish a motorcycle:

No. 580632

Not about Vic, but here is her brother's GFM page ebegging for $5,000 to finish a motorcycle:

No. 580633

Not about Vic, but here is her brother's GFM page ebegging for $5,000 to upgrade a motorcycle:

No. 580637

File: 1538106597027.jpeg (178.63 KB, 750x821, EA9704FB-855F-444A-9524-FC44F4…)

>moshi moshi tinfoil desu

She’s still lurking here and is getting flustered over the lolcow boolies being mean to her so she’s reposting this shit as a form of vaguebooking so the fedoras can commence asspatting

No. 580692


I know Mel is aware that this site/Vic's threads exist, but I'm not sure if she regularly keeps up with it. I hope she sees this and does something about it, because Victoria seriously can't get away with serious allegations like that. It's disgusting.

CP is taken very seriously in Canada and no doubt their investigation lead them to linking said flash drive with Laird beyond hearsay.

No. 580700

There was this incident from 2 years ago (just after Shingles got outed by admin for samefagging and self-posting), I wonder if it’s the same girlfriend


No. 580731

Pretty this is her Dad anonymous. He races bikes professionally (sorta?)

No. 580739

Maybe she’ll piss mel off badly enough to where she’ll post pictures of vicky irl. One can hope

No. 580742

Yes! Would love to see the real images from the bridal show

No. 580743

take your own advice icky. you literally just dragged someone else's possible mental issues onto your public fb to defend your brother. you're the biggest asshole in your life and too full of shit to ever see it.

No. 580963

No. 580998

If you look up Melynda Von kraven you can see her hilarious posts about Victoria…

No. 581008

File: 1538174533515.jpeg (437.12 KB, 750x1130, BA17E015-B1C6-4713-8D78-7C980D…)

kek, this is Mel, looking like a legit alt model who gets booked for actual shoots and not an obese, putrid old hag who spends her life shooping selfies and pretending someone else took them while stuffing her fat face with Cheetos in her trash-filled shack. No wonder she’s a salty cunt, I hope she gets dragged to hell for this slanderous shit

No. 581028


I think that’s the wrong Mel, anon. I’m pretty sure her name was Mel rose

No. 581040

It’s the Mel that this anon was referring to >>580998

So it would seem that there are two Mels who’ve got Shingles in their bad books, I hope that the brother’s ex-girlfriend who posted in the thread a couple of years ago (see: >>580700) visits us with some more milk

No. 583394

File: 1538361131416.jpeg (557.99 KB, 750x1177, 266B253E-3A1B-4E74-B002-73D311…)

Good to see her overworking the skin and trying to incorporate what she thinks she looks like into her tattoos as usual. Bonus points for:


Never change, Shingles

No. 583406

That white feather in the front will look like hot garbage in a matter of days. #needsmorewhite

No. 583464

Uh image board. At least link it.

No. 583485

it's in the picture she posted…

No. 583508

File: 1538405841789.jpg (35.54 KB, 517x200, vic.jpg)

Any tattoo artist worth going to is going to have at least a month wait list with some having over a year! This just shows that Vic is running out of customers and needs to hustle (and offer discounts) for more work to try to pay for her shack.

No. 583574

what a hot mess. she's done three sessions on this and it's still not done, added a bunch of crap on the one side - maybe to hide that stand of hair that didn't make sense - and idk if she's leaving the necklace like that but it looks incomplete. the white highlight on the one eye really emphasizes how mismatched they are, she just puts it wherever and it rarely ever does what it's supposed.

would like to see her participate in drawlloween or inktober to show off her drawing skills haha.

No. 583613

Shouldn't all her tattoos be discounted then since they're all terrifying? Stuff of nightmares

No. 583674

It’s hilarious that she says money off but doesn’t say what percentage off or what amount of. Seems like a way to scam more people into getting mediocre tattoos with a lot of white ink and no proper shading.

No. 583778

File: 1538446792974.png (186.71 KB, 750x1334, EFD10973-4495-4949-AFED-FB6F02…)

Tfw Vicky is about to get schooled in the actual meaning of the word slander…

Imagine having your brother arrested for CP and then finding the time to fake an accent the next day in a video going on about your sword fighting skills. If I were her, I’d deactivate my Facebook and crawl under a rock.

No. 583784

If this means Icky is finally going to get what's coming to her, I am SO THIRSTY for this milk. Anon, you need to ask Mel Rose to casually upload un-shooped bridal shoot pics too. For educational purposes.

No. 583787

File: 1538449012092.jpg (697.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181001_225533.jpg)

guys I'm crying what is this garbage

No. 583788

What a seriously fucked up family! We all know Vic isn’t right in the head, but it appears the whole Shingles family is messed up. I met a girl who dated Laird (not Mel) at a bar once and she confirmed how crazy they all are.

No. 583792

is that what those shapes are supposed to be, omf. this already looks blobby and is just going to get worse over time, the tear drop thing on the bottom right isn't attached like the left one. the one above on the side, the point doesn't meet the line, that's like basic stuff. not sure what "need balancing [and] refinement means" - probably adding white kek - but i don't think it's going to make them look symmetrical.

No. 583794

left isn't her worst work, but it's going to fade into oblivion soon.

No. 583796

File: 1538451003189.gif (2.11 MB, 424x240, FFDADBCB-3094-42AD-A188-405C3A…)

Please please please let this be more than an idle threat, Mel!

No. 583809

Those thick black line tho

No. 583880

File: 1538472066766.jpeg (475.12 KB, 750x1055, B41FFAAF-7A21-428D-86A8-2810BF…)

She has edited her face into someone else’s entirely in this heinous clip addressing ~Da HaTuRz~ who think she can’t swing a sword. And that accent, holy shit my sides are in outer space.

No. 583881

lmao who tf is that even
some of her shoops look a little bit like valeria lukyanova that russian barbie chick, i know its probably a reach but does anyone see what i mean?

No. 583886

kek, I can see it. Her stratospheric shoops are the off-brand dollar store knock off to Valeria’s Barbie (which itself is fucking horrendous). Seriously though, not only does her potato resolution hurt my retinas this looks nothing like her at all. Except maybe her disgusting greasy baboon ass overlined lips and trailer park teeth. Those nasty gnashers are the only legit British thing about her.

No. 583892

thank you for the validation lol esp all her final fantasy katana fruit ninja fantasy edits are kinda on par with valerias like "fan" edits
i want to see her animorph out of her pre historic scene kid image into a instathot of the now
is vick finally catching up?

No. 583904

File: 1538479780236.jpeg (190.23 KB, 750x1000, 8D463A7E-E364-4023-8024-36A266…)

She fucking wishes! Don’t try to bump saying she looks like a fucking human Barbie. Maybe the plus sized animated shopped knock off version looool

No. 583924

I actually met this girl. She was flirting with my brother at a show; I came over and she was low key cunty to me, even after my brother was like 'yea, this is Anon, my sister." Gonna see if we have her in any pics from that night.

What really made her memorable is she kinda looked like the Bette Midler character from Hocus Pocus. You can't see it in a lot of her pics cause she's angled or to the side but dead on, its pretty uncanny. We were cracking up about it on the ride home then I sorta forgot about her until I found these threads.

No. 583938

File: 1538491990569.png (482.91 KB, 469x569, Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 10.5…)

I can see it. this is her future, like a english fish wife. saggy milk bag hanging off a nail titties and all

No. 583989

File: 1538500154903.jpeg (138.26 KB, 750x1334, 49807F46-F457-4B2B-9344-DF1168…)


I like how she has always shooped even her fingernails. Nothing about this cow is real lmao

No. 583992

File: 1538500412430.jpeg (146.18 KB, 696x857, FADC3D70-C021-454E-B17D-D74D02…)

She makes such hideous faces in her videos. Also, check out those jowls and clown-like overlined bottom lip.

No. 583993

File: 1538500466846.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 583DB180-3B89-4B8C-A258-80027C…)

No. 583994

File: 1538500497264.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, DD1FC448-5CE8-4D66-A668-EE22F8…)

No. 583996

File: 1538500590674.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, E8922101-78CD-4EAD-B221-45086A…)

No. 583997

Her age is REALLY starting to show so I imagine that the amount of videos she puts up are about to significantly decrease or she will somehow put even more filters on them

No. 584001

File: 1538500959661.jpeg (120.28 KB, 740x907, F9715A94-E11D-4560-8745-3A276B…)

Hey Vicky, this snap chat face filter is doing NO favours for you. Also you flail around a shitty cheap replica like a cringey neck beard. Not a real sword. Get over yourself and grow up. This video gave me second hand embarrassment.

I agree, anon. She looks old and ragged more and more. She needs to learn how to take off her makeup before going to bed. Imagine waking up and doing drag queen make up with spider leg eyelashes to not even go out but to sit around your room making cringe videos for social media to ~stick it to tha haturzZz~ in a botched accent and show how totally NOT bothered she is.

She makes herself look crazy she posts so many statuses and videos of how she soOoOo doesn’t give a shit but it clearly stings her if she keeps posting about the shit we post here. Keep lurking icky Vicky. Your life is a sad yet entertaining one

No. 584013

her hand is so stubby and short looking, doesn't even look like it's her hand…yikes

No. 584027

>nasolabial folds meme

not this again. everyone gets this when smiling even children.

No. 584028

File: 1538505983563.jpg (77.66 KB, 738x960, 7e7960bdeb7c014c3071d23a0b4da9…)

uuh, have you seen the girl anon is talking about? she doesn't look like "human barbie" she looks like a PS mess.

No. 584043


Does this grimey creature ever wash her hands? Her fingernails are always filthy with dirt under them. Yuck! I wouldn’t want my tattooist to not be able to practice basic hygiene

No. 584074

i'm just now realizing this woman shrunk her lips at least 20x their normal size/length. how the fuck did anybody ever fall for this.

she is naturally prettier than Vic though.

No. 584076

Are you okay, anon? She has had so much surgery it’s insane. She also claims humans don’t need to eat and can subsist on fresh air/photosynthesis. She’s a lunatic. She and Shingles would probably get along, they’re both crazy racists. We all know that Shingles would get surgery if she could afford it. And maintain that it’s her ~nachooralllll beeyewteee~ after the fact.

No. 584103

..everything you wrote after the first sentence is irrelevant as fuck to what i said. and i still think she looked better than Victoria, pre-surgery, no PS and no makeup.

No. 584104

anon, she's saying that those tiny lips are not photoshop.

she may have looked okay before surgery, but sure doesn't know.

plus the after is what vick keeps trying to emulate.

No. 584110

She “contoured” her nose so heavily it looks dirty and like she’s wearing someone else’s face.

I also hate this weird orange filter she obsessively uses.

No. 584165

Look at how warped her hand looks! Where are her damn knuckles?

No. 584166

File: 1538533409547.jpeg (70.42 KB, 464x700, 189554B2-0941-4408-9ACA-352954…)

I mean she shoops everything, but this photo makes her fingers look longish whereas that video gave her stubby sausage fingers. Must’ve used some sort of weird filter on the video that changes the size of everything because her fingers shrunk.

No. 584170

That wonky rectangle iris, Wtf?

No. 584190

hwelp - she might think she's a fox, but this here's proof she's really a goat.

No. 584215

In before Vicky posts a selfie on facebook calling herself a G.O.A.T. because she lurks here and wants to prove she isn't BOTHERED

No. 584218

Just fucking stop trying to be better than every one u can even edit your shit people do! But why be fake about it even professionals will admit and profit off of some of their secrets you just hoard, you think it’s all about u! And my bf thought u were drunk when u tried hitting him up? If he liked u why would he need to come back to me?! Get real?! Be the friend u wannna see in your life if it’s not to late! Just fucking stop being fake! And people won’t care! No ones ever gonna run out of content as long as u keep all this shit up, my suggestion delete your accounts and start over as YOU maybe even change your name! Dye your hair a nice healthy colour and get a respectable apprenticeship! People from your past still care about u! But are seeing u go down a pretty dark road sis :(

No. 584219

Also theory…. Maybe she’s on the wrong medication? Straight up the bloating the mood swings. It would explain it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 584237

You seem pressed, namefag anon. If you know Shingles in person please feel free to spill the milk.

No. 584238

Anon, leave the name and subject field empty, are you saying icky tried to shag your bf? Ewww I hope you were both able to overcome that terrifying ordeal. If you/he have any images you'd like to drop (purely for research purposes only obv) then please do!

Edit ninja'd by >>584237 but sentiment still stands.

No. 584300


I've been saying this for a while icky's been known to sleep with any dude she can get her hands on including married dudes and dudes who have long term girlfriends she's a well known slew. its not that she's extremely desirable she's just a extremely easy lay.

she's not well liked in the toronto scene because this dumpy little troll sleeps with just about anyone -with their beer goggles on or who falls for photoshop traps- who will take her home.

No. 584323

What's hilarious is how much she insists she's "one girl you don't have to worry about around your man" when she's notorious for glomming on to anything with a y chromosome and acting like a dick to their girlfriends. She's actually right that they don't have to worry, but not for those reasons.

No. 584430

but that's the loophole, anon. she's obviously talking about one of the many different girls in her shoop'd selfies and not her IRL.

maybe all of vick's selfies are characters! that's why she has so many different careers and educations. one is a physicist, one is a sexy super model, one is a kendo/samurai master, etc.

it all makes sense now as to why she tells such outlandish stories and never shoops herself consistently.

No. 584569

the weird thing about vic is she's actually retty, she's just unbelievably tacky (barfly aesthetic much?) and insufferably narcissistic and neckbeard

No. 584588

Well, bad teeth and extra chub aside she’s not objectively ugly, but she has no clue how to work with what she has as opposed to shooping herself into another person entirely. I don’t know how someone can be so lacking in self awareness.

No. 584604

because she can't stand to just be average. she needs to be the type if woman to make "men hit sign posts"; who lust after her. and the thing about her appearance isn't that she's pretty.. it's that she definitely COULD be pretty. but because her hygiene is downright terrifying and her personality is absolute shit, she has no hope in that category. I'm curious to see how long she keeps up this charade.