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File: 1531788556424.jpg (465.64 KB, 750x1111, 1530021181499.jpg)

No. 638649

23 year old plastic surgery addict/instahoe/sexworker/model.

>A true narcissist, posts before and after pics of her surgery literally nonstop

>"Doesn't care what you think" but will sperg at the slightest rustle of her jimmies
>Obligatory ~BPD~ sufferer
>Will stop at nothing to look as fucked as possible; just got her boobs done and is already planning her next surgery
>Begs her followers to buy her private snapchat where she lisps incoherently for hours through her clown mouth

Links: https://www.instagram.com/plasticandproud/
"ASMR w/ PlasticAndProud | Dolls Kill"

No. 638653

Apart from looking terrible what exactly makes her a cow? I smell a vendetta(Derailing )

No. 638654

File: 1531788862490.png (296.94 KB, 314x396, rashyasshoe.png)

A gem from the last thread, PAP exposes her ass rash in public

No. 638657

the mods approved the thread since she was taking up the whole instathots thread.

No. 638699

The term rash is too forgiving for that thing on her sphincter. That’s like a sore or a boil.

shaygnar status

No. 638708

she called it “road rash” herself

No. 638720

File: 1531794396699.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 66014709-CE8B-4219-96E3-4DD4E2…)

No. 638721

File: 1531794407346.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 2C3BCACF-CE03-48BD-9E29-5E44C9…)

No. 638722

File: 1531794430238.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 9018EF93-77CA-40C4-BCD6-BC6A9C…)

No. 638723

File: 1531794442813.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 130310A1-A7D4-4C55-A1BF-DAB89E…)

Absolute gold

No. 638724

File: 1531794461674.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, C39F096A-ED1F-4346-93DC-382EC3…)

No. 638727

File: 1531794570958.jpeg (208.28 KB, 750x937, D361057B-E7F5-4368-8018-0E788A…)

No. 638728

File: 1531794607416.jpeg (187.12 KB, 750x1010, CF413211-3B0A-44D4-B3AB-8F4A2A…)

Unrelated but funny

No. 638771

her story is so messy right now.. I'm laughing so hard. If you can stand to watch what's been going on for an hour get ready for a shitshow. otherwise ,they're all videos of her crying about her dysfunctional family like a 14 year old. She's hitting rock bottom quick..

No. 638775

Does a tree fall in the fucking forest if P&P doesnt hop on insta to rant about it while you look up her nose?

No. 638784

How lovely, a witch goblin transformed into a tranny

No. 638810

File: 1531802347043.jpeg (169.59 KB, 719x1006, 83F93694-396C-43A5-8469-30CD89…)


She really didn’t look that different before her surgeries, if anything she looks way the fuck worse now. She just digs up the most unflattering and low quality pics she can find to feel good about her ~transformation~

No. 638814

she still looks like the image on the left much more than the image on the right, in that "ASMR" video for dollskill. sad.

No. 638819

File: 1531803279622.png (771.12 KB, 750x1334, 8621A5F2-FB3C-41D8-BFB0-DFC0B2…)

She admitted to being drunk while driving during her rant about her mom, how has she not gotten into an accident yet

No. 638820

Jesus Christ what a fucking idiot

No. 638821

Hope she gets a DUI

No. 638822

File: 1531803586404.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 6440905B-521D-458B-8DF6-7020A6…)

mom sperg

No. 638823

File: 1531803607495.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 52D07E74-3D39-4B82-8BB4-405EA8…)

mom sperg continued

No. 638835

Her voice doesn't match her face at all lol. She sounds like Louise from Bob's Burgers

No. 638844

her voice doesn’t match her face because that’s not her face lol

No. 638859

Dont insult Kristen Schaal like that

No. 638886

informative image

No. 638914

okay so the tragedy here is:
>papa has a new gf and makes her sit between him and Ariana
>mama complains about fam
that's it

and she dares to say she's "mentally stable"…

No. 639021


She also admitted to doing too much coke on her Snap when she hung out with Mia the other day. She claims that she still has some. Should be interesting.

No. 639035

She should've kept the nose normal, she let her insecurities ruin something interesting about her.

No. 639087

File: 1531839698502.png (1.16 MB, 1082x528, dk.png)

Those lips really make her look 23 going on 40

No. 639097

File: 1531840471227.png (658.1 KB, 654x960, 37239737_1795587357176455_3254…)

a living meme,
scorpioasshoe on instagram >>639087
scorpioasshoe on tagged pics - pic related.

also, this is how her "better than professional makeup artists'" make up looks like irl.

No. 639255

File: 1531849842351.jpg (1.72 MB, 1920x2560, 18-07-17-13-42-14-987_deco.jpg)

Even compared to a few months ago she looks drastically worse. It's like gaining e-fame made her ego grow and now she is just impulsively getting procedure after procedure. One of the most annoying things about it is she insists she loved herself before any proceduree and INSISTS she thought she was beautiful. Bitch how? If you think youre so beautiful you don't need 3 surgeries and consistent fillers and skin treatments. If you think you're so pretty and don't need validation you wouldn't be on the internet all day posting selfies after selfie, constant before and after side by sides, just speaking about every detail of every part of your life so candidly??? This girl has severe mental instability issues, body image issues, attention seeking issues. Like she us such a mess and just because she is ~open~ about it instead of seeking help she gets praised for it. How much can her therapist be helping if she doesnt even look like the same girl she was 3 months ago.

No. 639258

File: 1531849963732.jpg (802.53 KB, 1059x1646, SmartSelect_20180717-135151_In…)

Her attitude is repulsive

No. 639283

I think she started doing harder drugs and that's why she looks so much worse. She recently asked where to buy blow and now anon said >>639021
She looks like a trailer trash junkie auntie more and more

No. 639284

File: 1531851065802.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180702-134321_Ins…)

No. 639285

File: 1531851092060.jpg (423.25 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20180716-151423_Ins…)

So stuck up

No. 639286

File: 1531851124661.jpg (924.08 KB, 1080x2081, Screenshot_20180717-140824_Ins…)

No. 639305

It’s confirmed via Snap that she got and did blow when she hung out with Mia just the other day. Friday?

According to the Snap, she still had some after they were done hanging out.

Just a month ago she was getting ready to have a baby with her fiancé.


No. 639311

>don't care, don't know you, don't value

ah, she cares so little that she wrote a whole essay about how much she doesn't care.

all that plastic surgery won't make that ugly ass personality go away. though at this point I'd say her inner and outer…"beauty" are starting to get about equal. her insecurity is as bloated as her face

No. 639451

her eyebrows make me nauseous

No. 639453

File: 1531860764645.png (910.97 KB, 750x1334, 1849A9C1-8E84-46DF-A8AD-19821F…)

all’s well now tho, he got her drunk !!!

No. 639454

File: 1531860803147.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, BF5373BC-7CD2-4AA0-9206-98D7BF…)

your favorite bonding activity with your dad is/was smoking weed together ? Healthy.

No. 639551

File: 1531869125949.jpg (965.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180717-191145_Ins…)

No. 639697

this girl really has such an addict personality it’s unbelievable. the plastic surgery addiction/obsession is the most egregious tho

No. 639732

File: 1531880434671.jpg (89.68 KB, 357x357, 20180717_221919.jpg)

Fucking kek

No. 639748


damn in this photo she genuinely just looks like her pre-surgery self. that nose job tho …

No. 639750

File: 1531881788919.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 314x314, 1530621904139.gif)

some old photos from the other thread

No. 639751

File: 1531881799146.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 332x332, 1530621986319.gif)

No. 639752

File: 1531881836275.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 332x332, 1530622073180.gif)

her and @babytrash

No. 639753

File: 1531881850318.jpg (505.25 KB, 750x1103, 1530767340596.jpg)

No. 639754

File: 1531881864710.jpg (519.01 KB, 750x1081, 1530937746846.jpg)


No. 639755

File: 1531881882650.png (6.43 MB, 1242x2208, 1531009455342.png)

her asking for coke

No. 639756

File: 1531881900908.jpg (60.98 KB, 275x206, 1531449999131.jpg)

just some general gold

No. 639785

File: 1531883847480.jpg (950.6 KB, 1073x1831, Screenshot_20180717-231428_Ins…)

No. 639789

File: 1531884153517.jpg (736.5 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20180717-232212_Ins…)


No. 639790

File: 1531884229969.jpg (782.97 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_20180717-232322_Ins…)

Did they have a foursome

No. 639792

File: 1531884374905.jpg (813.31 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20180717-232505_Ins…)

No. 639796

yeah there's a gif of her getting DP'd lemme see if i can find it.

No. 639797

this was all covered in the instahoes thread. sage your old stale milk.

No. 639800

File: 1531885555858.png (70.53 KB, 1344x136, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 11.4…)

can farmers actually confirm if this was actually ariana in the instathot thread?

No. 639804

File: 1531885767624.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 332x332, 1525700443619.gif)

No. 639806

File: 1531885805706.jpg (499.54 KB, 750x1099, 1527827578364.jpg)

so ironic because like a month ago here she was sperging about never getting her tits done.. smh

No. 639817

I'm actually reading this in her damn voice. The abuse of "y'all" kind of gives it away. The most shocking thing is the apparent grasp of using image boards correctly i.e replying to other users and not putting some dumb name into the name field. Wonder if she will catch on to this thread or even lurks her. I cant imagine she could resist calling out the haterz though.

No. 639830

sage for bullshit post but that is…a really long dick

No. 639836

she already directly calls out any and all sort of haterzzz as a profession on her instagram so maybe, maybe not. if that was her, she still couldn't sage her bullshit!

No. 639997

Ugh she actually looked fine til her lips exploded

No. 640089

File: 1531928779182.png (550.85 KB, 750x1334, 1A6BD6C6-6F3B-419A-BF0F-AEBF65…)

No. 640090

File: 1531928799814.png (815.97 KB, 750x1334, F527A9EE-8632-46F4-9406-400150…)

Should’ve added “scammer” to the OP

No. 640098

lol, she deleted that persons comment. she thinks every comment that isn’t kissing her rashy ass is a personal attack. i feel bad for people who have to deal with her irl

No. 640162

File: 1531935507864.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, E88E05FF-9C01-4A87-9D87-B0F885…)

she is so fucking annoying lol

No. 640165

File: 1531935753234.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 09C39130-33F7-432D-93F5-46C4E0…)

No. 640322

File: 1531943538502.jpeg (147.06 KB, 750x526, C5849DBD-36F8-4FFC-839B-BF92FD…)

No. 640368

>learn how to read
>try google
this is so weak lol she must be high

No. 640413

File: 1531947594476.jpg (284.86 KB, 750x1245, Image-1(37).jpg)

No one likes her not even her fans

No. 640439

they don't keep dangerous uncontrollable dogs at shelters they actually know what their temperments are like jeez isn't a puppy hard work for a "little grandma" anyway

No. 640512

But this literally is true. It only works if you have a following and can get many people to download the app with your referral code. I got the app (not with her code lol fuck her im not helping her get a dime) because I wanted to see how this app actually works. You "get" 5 dollars when you link a card but they will only transfer you the money once you've accumulated $20. So you need to get at least three more referrals to make any money. Then those people won't make any money after you tell them they will. Unless you have hella followers like she does!! So ~technically~ it's not a scam but This bitch knows it is. Cmon

No. 640534

Okay but why did she even need to explain this under a selfie? You could help your grandma get a pet shop dog and idk…not put that online because literally nobody asked for that info. Its like she wants to open herself up for debate so she cant fight on the comments.

No. 640541

Can fight in the comments* sorry for the double post

No. 640587

Glad someone finally made a thread, if there’s ever been someone deserving it’s her. I’ve witnessed her be so grossly nasty to people and then right around and talk about how bullying is sOoO wrong.

No. 640674

File: 1531965649190.jpg (184.41 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(38).jpg)

The concept of growing up astounds her
Also ew wtf?

No. 640675

File: 1531965691846.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, image1(3).png)

More about her cousin..

No. 640678

File: 1531965807958.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, image2(1).png)

I can't imagine what a chore it is to be around her

I don't have her snap but I assume she's just been on IG constantly as usual being petty and trying to start shit

No. 640685

File: 1531966737102.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, B9B8E8FC-8C56-4D43-B282-665918…)

I mean he’s not wrong.

No. 640687

File: 1531966847957.jpeg (507.11 KB, 750x1001, ECB5558B-FABB-473E-B74E-017F96…)

lol damn

No. 640711

Lmao at least someone irl told her

No. 640715

but the haters will never get to her lol

No. 640764

You people are insanely pathetic- I’m sure nothing I could say could make you hate yourselves more than you already do :) have nice sad little lives you lil goblins(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 640765

She is spilling whole life story on live

No. 640766

Get over yourself.

No. 640769

Ah honey, posting in this thread only shows how much you google yourself. Do something important with your life please

No. 640771

No. 640785

who cow tipped?

No. 640788

This definitely was her in the insta thot thread. Ariana, stop lurking, get your lip fillers removed and learn to keep your thoughts to yourself instead of all over Instagram.

No. 640924

no one had to, she lurks the instahoes thread, that's how she found herself previously.

No. 640932

That is disturbing. Could be hard drugs, but really just looks like she’s out of filler in her cheeks/nasolabial zone. See how her cheeks are full three months ago, and hollowed/sagging now? She’ll be paying tons just to keep up with fillers

No. 640935

Compared to 6 months ago, she really does look like she got herself hooked on crystal meth. She looked good, she really should’ve cooled it with the procedures. And goddamn girl. For someone who compares past photos of themselves so often, you’d think she’d notice how bad those brows and hair make her look.

No. 640936

File: 1531991250302.jpeg (173.05 KB, 750x1165, 98B70E01-7A5E-41AC-ABFB-8883E3…)

Forgot pic. P&P just six short months ago.

No. 640938

She wants to "302" her mom have her hospitalized… Cuz she talks shit?

She also touches her lips a lot like trying to reform them ew

No. 640940

I don’t even know how she talks. She looks like she has a round-the-clock fat lip. Not even aesthetically appealing in the ~plastic~ way, it just looks injured or infected…

No. 640946

Should have stopped here, I think she looks really good around this time.

No. 641152

Wow this is a good look and still within the relm of being believable.

No. 641228

File: 1532023029378.png (875.99 KB, 952x618, Capture 2.PNG)

Found this gem. Anybody else catch how often she knocks other peoples tattoos whilst walking around with this shit on her arm? YIKES GIRL.

No. 641229

File: 1532023337930.png (891.24 KB, 595x598, Capture.PNG)

Also dug this up. This is previous-Matt. They have a matching tattoo together that he got covered up but she left. It's song lyrics that he wrote for her. I bet it's so heartfelt lol.

No. 641258


I wonder if he got a nose job too. Looks different in more recent pics.

They're literally basic ass teonies named Matt and Arianna going nowhere in life.

No. 641259

It’s her ex.

No. 641267

damn that bear looks like it’s melting and not in a good way lol

No. 641270

her live from last night is still up if you wanna check it out. mostly just her ranting about how hard it is to be around her family since they’re SOoOoooOo mean to her. lol

No. 641276

File: 1532027443605.jpeg (518.58 KB, 750x1078, 21447041-C44C-4620-83E5-FB434F…)

No. 641279

File: 1532027473767.jpeg (320.83 KB, 750x917, F1F152C1-2719-4842-A781-090D05…)

she was literally calling herself a troll last night in her live. Projecting much?

No. 641288

File: 1532027735641.jpeg (367.55 KB, 750x970, FE08665A-4ECA-4641-9D4C-C70A36…)

this post from her plastic surgeon is from July 12 so it must be something else.

No. 641289

File: 1532027760361.jpeg (215.11 KB, 750x481, D4C6A9A0-14F8-470E-8567-13C62C…)

caption for more context.

No. 641301

No wonder stupid bitch can’t move her mouth when she’s talking lol

No. 641302

She has a pattern- act happy and say “my life is perfect” for a while then break down and post crying vids and say things have never been worse. I really think she needs some help. Her behavior is really self destructive

No. 641304

“Perfect lips” bitch where

No. 641313

There’s gotta be some horrible side effect of all these injections long term!! It can’t be good for lips to constantly have needles and substance stuck in there

No. 641316

It’s amazing that as soon as someone comments something negative she is the most positive, “I love myself you can’t bring me down” ass bitch. Any other time, she rants about how she’s a piece of shit (no argument there) and how her life sucks (which is what happens when you quit your job at 24), and how her family relationships suck (she fucking abandons them 99% of the time the have plans). At her age you’d think she’d try and own up to her own actions and get her shit together but some peoole don’t age past 17 mentally

No. 641320

Anon yes that is precisely what I mean! I feel bad for her but I’ve also watched her relentless bully dozens of people and claim it’s just defending herself. I use to follow her tumblr and be a fan, she was nice then.

But with the Instagram fame, she totally changed. I unfollowed because everything about her was so negative.

No. 641847

I wish she would stop referring to one of her cousins as "the one who shit himself"

Why would anyone need to know that info?

And I thought she didn't give a shit about what people think of her…she sure is hurt enough by what her relative said to make a million posts about it.

No. 641889

File: 1532055646554.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, D057CFFA-1E19-4710-B044-FC762B…)

No. 641890

File: 1532055678071.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, FBFE2C9D-E8B3-4600-AAE1-6FAF54…)

No. 641891

File: 1532055705777.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, B7FDBE83-62FE-49AD-BD19-D4D0EA…)

No. 641893

she’s going off on this person on IG live right now

No. 642453

You can post screen caps but that doesn't mean we can hear what she's saying

No. 642935

she was basically just saying that they were jealous of her, and that anyone who criticizes her is just jealous of her - kinda made it sound like she was talking about lolcow a little bit.

No. 642938

File: 1532139837046.png (498.67 KB, 810x529, Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 10.2…)

to your point…..

No. 642939

File: 1532139868465.png (611.52 KB, 927x513, Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 10.2…)

to your point as well.

No. 642946

What's supposed to be cute about the stark red nose? She looks like fuckin raggedy ann

No. 642951

makes her look like she has a bad cold tbh

No. 642956

Yep and don't even get me started on the bottom of that sock

No. 643077

i really can’t stand her fake freckles.they make her face look dirty & she looks so much better without them

No. 643301

She posted on Snap that she’s unhappy with her boob job because they’re uneven.

No. 643414

Same!! The fame freckles bother me soooo much because she uses dark brown eyeliner it looks like and she doesn't even try to make them look real. They look obviously drawn on. Like she splattered a makeup brush all over her ~amazing and better than pro level~ makeup

No. 643859


No. 644198

are you dumb? people can see screenshots you take on snap. theyd get blocked so fast

No. 644217

File: 1532278420425.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1742, Screenshot_20180721-001323.png)

The fact she's doing coke and binge drinking like not even two weeks after her surgery (and she thinks its so cool, bragging on insta) makes me laugh so hard. Bitch gonna die early lol

No. 644270

File: 1532280923190.jpg (296.7 KB, 799x1192, 20180722_103503.jpg)


Pic is the comments on the post where she was bitching about her cousin calling her out for being an instagram ho. She's so pathetic running to instagram for validation after he rekt her personality kek

Her comments sections are always full of nastiness and rudeness. I guess like attracts like

No. 644285

Screenrecording software is your friend.

No. 644366

File: 1532288480300.jpg (163.92 KB, 1440x2308, Screenshot_2018-07-22_143940.j…)

No. 644367

File: 1532288525897.jpg (177.16 KB, 1440x2308, Screenshot_2018-07-22_143944.j…)

No. 644384

yeah and the next day she's going to be like I'm a bad bitch you can't kill me. Instead of procedures she needs to invest in some good therapist

No. 644397

I really think she needs help, she has those extreme ups and downs. But if you point that out to her you’re a “jealous hater” or “bitter.” I guess I can’t fathom why it’s either “life is garbage” or “life is perfect you can’t touch me haterz”

No. 644497

“I have a husband” no bitch you’re engaged. chill.

No. 644503

she has such classic BPD and BDD symptoms it’s honestly sad. she’s like a walking diagnosis. I doubt she’ll ever realize that her plastic surgeries will NEVER make her feel okay about her body/appearance for longer than a few weeks at most. she’ll always find something to obsess and pick at, regardless of how much external validation she receives through her IG fame(don't armchair)

No. 644557

she is engaged? She seems to be very much only concerned with what she is doing, and the only time her man comes up is if he is driving her somewhere or buying her food or basically doing things for her.

No. 644624

File: 1532310943118.jpeg (354.86 KB, 750x1041, 2E36886A-1497-4DF8-82A2-16FDF4…)

No. 644625

File: 1532310962097.jpeg (434.12 KB, 750x1087, 96D93A7E-4ECB-40BB-8A71-D987A7…)

No. 644626

File: 1532310983144.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, A5C24BB8-17F6-4BE8-9CA6-2F2916…)

No. 644627

File: 1532311025257.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 9BED3046-7297-4E2F-835E-4601BA…)

she posts shit like this for attention then gets mad when people give her…attention. classic cow behavior

No. 644629

File: 1532311039959.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 8044DDA1-16F0-4548-9807-F9B1D2…)

No. 644630

What? I dont see how this is armchairing. It's kind of an obvious observation.

No. 644632


yeah she’s admitted to having BPD and BDD multiple times

No. 644636

File: 1532311617293.jpeg (499.14 KB, 750x1083, DA24CD4D-5180-47B1-B556-6BE36D…)

is she trying to bill herself as some sort of ~content creator~ because she has a private snapchat? if she is, she’s already making excuses for not posting….rolling my eyes

No. 644684

File: 1532313795043.png (4.7 MB, 1242x2208, 8C549913-7211-44F8-B474-3EE2D5…)

if her relationship is ~sooo perfect~ why does she give a shit

No. 644797

right like this is weird

No. 644832

File: 1532322752096.jpg (731.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180723-010859_Ins…)

I hate her wording its so passive aggressive

No. 644849

File: 1532325376418.jpg (672.55 KB, 1078x1802, Screenshot_20180723-015518_Ins…)

Wow… so intelligent. People who dislike me obviously do so because they hate themselves

No. 644931

ANYONE who says something along the lines of it being completely useless to people who don’t have a big following (which is 100% the truth) she replies back with that they’re bitter and don’t want free money. annoying and retarded

No. 644935

File: 1532337310394.png (5.64 MB, 1242x2208, 6CDF6DE5-F551-4E26-A5BC-64E425…)

“pay me 30$ to ask me questions & have me call you lazy and tell you to google it”

No. 645088

she seriously has the worst attitude ever. how does she have any followers

No. 645136

File: 1532362250272.jpeg (94.63 KB, 750x393, 096E88B2-B4DB-4B0C-B23D-5B5A00…)

No. 645160

its weird how she projects her laziness by calling other people lazy for not "using google" when she herself is an unemployeed bum doing nothing all day

No. 645165

This chick is on Snap ranting about her BFs finances and how she wants to leave him because he's not good with money.

BRO - you don't even have a legit JOB.

She said she's taken control of all of his finances so that he can save money.

Why? In case not doing shit for a living doesn't pan out.

No. 645179

I wish she would leave him, the fall out from her losing the one person who puts up with her shit would be gold once she eventually realizes that instathotting isn't sustainable when she starts looking 40 at 24 and those Dolls Kill "modelling" gigs stop coming in.

No. 645186

Wait is she actually saying she wants to leave him or joking? Because let’s see here- who has spent countless dollars getting a nose job, boob job, lip lift, facial injections, drugs, tattoos, and much more in the last 2 years? But HE is bad with money? That’s so disrespectful to discuss publicly, serious couples who respect each other deal with financial things behind closed doors

No. 645187

Also can you imagine if HE told HER what to do with her money? Oh my god the wreckage, the injustice! He is a person too and he can make decisions for himself. I feel so bad for him tbh

No. 645199

She comes off as purely mean-spirited. I have no idea why she has so many ass sucking followers. It's just cuz they're insecure chi ks who want the surgeries she has probably

No. 645200

File: 1532367684043.jpg (823.31 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20180723-134039_Ins…)

Lmaoooooo honey, just because some of the fillers has dissolved, doesn't mean your prolapsed anus lips are real

No. 645205


She said that they already broke up over this ONCE at the beginning of their relationship, so I think she's probably pretty sincere.

What a fucking asshole.

She put this dude on a budget. Giving him $180 bi-weekly for himself. My God.

No. 645210

This unemployed bitch is ranting on her ig story yet again about how you have to pay her for her attention or to even ask advice or questions. Like.. where tf does she get off? She makes her entire personality and entire ig page dedicated to her ps transformation but when people ask about things in the comments she's so rude??? And apparently you have to pay to ask people questions and not recieve a rude response. She really thinks she's some kinda celebrity or somehow thinks she has valuable expertise that she deserves money for???? I just don't get how someone can be so swept up in their own ego they lose self awareness and rant about the most mindless shit. I used to follow her but I unfollowed months ago when she started talking about how no one should approach her in public because she doesn't owe anyone time just because they're obsessed with her and wanna be friends. It was just so narcissistic. Whenever you call her out she either blocks or is like lolzimascorpiololz

No. 645211

But she can get treatment after treatment and 3 surgeries… k

No. 645213


Now she's on Snap again talking about how she's going through the drive thru for fast food even though her man isn't allowed to eat fast food.

No. 645215


comparing her likes from this time last year to now, it's most likely she got popular when she was friends with Kaycee (babytrash). I used to follow Kaycee on tumblr and ig and they were gassing each other up so much, it was obnoxious.

then they had a really bad falling out (shortly after their foursome, who saw THAT coming) where they were shading each other on social media for like a week, Kaycee even going so far as to say Ariana was trying to skinwalk and how she put her on. a lot of those ig brands like goodbyebread and WIA follow Kaycee so naturally they started featuring PnP and sending her shit.

No. 645216


I believe that Kaycee got jealous of how much her dude was paying attention to Ariana. I remember that being a thing.

No. 645219

I don’t know exactly what happened but allegedly babytrash’s man kept contacting her and “harassing” her and wouldn’t stop? I don’t know. I think kaycee seems much more nice and sincere than scorpioasshoe or whatever we are calling her. The fallout was ugly and they BOTH talked about it for like 6 months on social media like it was a contest to see who cared less

No. 645222

If Matt stays with her he will have to understand that she will always hold the power. He will never be allowed to be his own person. She will always do what she wants but at the same time try to control his money and actions.

No. 645227

She is on insta rn saying to get her Snapchat so she can “help you live like she does and afford surgeries and live without working” like….. I unfollowed her a while ago and even just looking to see what she is up to makes me sprout a migraine

No. 645389

File: 1532378133691.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 197176AE-D09F-48AD-9FCA-4425AE…)

from her 5 minute long ig story rant of her lispy screeching about having to pay to ask her questions lmfao

No. 645408

She is also apparently on a seeking arrangement site? It’s on her story. And she is I think creeped out by the messages from old men she is getting but literally what do you expect from sugar daddy sites? It’s full of people willing to PAY for… idk! It’s gonna be creepy!!

No. 645441

Theory: she films at this dramtically unflattering angle because it's the only way you can actually see her Appalachia Teeth

Also bc she's driving while filming herself like thw insufferable idiot she is

No. 645495

File: 1532386552660.png (600.16 KB, 750x1334, ED782BFD-D41C-4368-BB27-64D14E…)

No. 645498

File: 1532386767452.jpeg (558.47 KB, 750x1090, 5AD00AFE-C99B-4C9A-9E12-905E19…)

No. 645499

File: 1532386792179.jpeg (483.16 KB, 750x1103, 05B4F94B-E7B0-4742-BCE3-D58F8B…)

No. 645524

She cannot stop posting her tits on insta- how is that not breaking some sort of rule? I swear her account shows so much nudity and they don’t care. Or maybe no one has reported it

No. 645526

File: 1532389153806.png (456.89 KB, 750x1334, AB7089CB-070A-4FF4-B12D-CDA90B…)

No. 645527

because she’s covering up her nipples it doesn’t count as nudity to Instagram. go figure.

No. 645531

She lives to call these people out it’s sad, these are like middle schoolers being put on blast to almost 70k people. Pretty sure if this girl didn’t have the internet she would implode in half a day

No. 645578

Plus that person was just asking questions lol yeah they weren't stroking her ego but damn Ariana gets so defensive so quickly. What an insecure cunt. Stop projecting your own flaws onto what you think others think of you,it's pathetic

No. 645662

File: 1532397741373.jpeg (499.92 KB, 750x934, 058B712A-B6F0-4FC0-B834-F8244E…)

No. 645663

File: 1532397774202.jpeg (299.92 KB, 750x590, 7B6BCC59-02E8-4829-A32C-C44CC7…)

Ariana back on her “I’m the baddest bitch alive you can’t kill me” bullshit that she was never off of in the first place

No. 645664

limiting your significant other who works a full time job to 90$/week when you urself don’t have one is borderline abusive and definitely controlling as fuck

No. 645678

File: 1532398631871.jpg (58.05 KB, 201x337, SmartSelect_20180723-221212_In…)

Don't do drugs, kids

No. 645680


As she’s on IG talking about getting more tattoos with no steady income. What a cunt.

No. 645718

why would you want to boast about all the greasy men you're fucking to your MOTHER? why would you want to be half naked around your MOTHER??? this is not slut shaming. pretty sure it's quite normal to not want to think about your offspring sexually, but ok. really illustrates her lack of character and self esteem

No. 645761

titties and eyebrows parted further than moses parted the red sea

No. 645765

Yup, totally a crazy mom for not wanting her daughter to be in shitty porn. Totally crazy for disliking that her daughter took the lesson "treat your body like a temple" and turned it into "totally alter and change your body to an almost unrecognizable state". Also crazy that she wouldn't want to hear about her daughter's sexual conquests and potentially thinks that fucking random strangers isn't synonymous with loving yourself
This post is a riot

No. 645771

File: 1532405456255.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 7FF48AE8-23A6-4F2F-9A84-62ADCE…)

She’s getting girl crushes now?

No. 645848

doesn’t shock me seeing as 90% of her followers are girls and are the ones who vaildate her all day lol

No. 645903

Instagram doesn't give a shit unless it is cp or genitals. Even if something is against their rules, they won't take it down. Especially if the person has a following.

No. 645933

I just saw that pic- the mirror one with her pants down- and was immediately so relieved that isn’t my life lmao

No. 645946

Also per that status, I wonder what she’s done that’s been so “impressive” to herself. Gotten surgery? Taken away her boyfriends money? Unsure which of these are huge accomplishments

No. 645983

Instagram doesn't give a fuck. I reported the account of an underage girl that posted similar pictures and full nudes (with nipples and genitalia covered by an emoji) and nothing happened, makes sense that they're gonna care even less if an adult does it

No. 645989

File: 1532443225738.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 522.53 KB, 750x1116, 6D95F6D9-CA83-41A0-ADDC-83925B…)

maybe she’s proud of her “sex work”? Or her e-begging? no idea.

No. 645991

File: 1532443258492.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 618.49 KB, 750x991, A3C6E2AD-57F2-4DC5-AC60-2B46EF…)

More e-begging from a few months ago

No. 645992

File: 1532443275048.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 296.13 KB, 750x1101, F20DFE75-DB6E-475F-B001-647BB4…)


No. 645994

File: 1532443314841.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 332x332, 6B2636E2-46A1-4A32-B2FD-141E16…)

yeah this is definitely something to be proud of for sure. Baddest bitch evaaaaaaa

No. 646001

I remember that, she was begging for money for her dog while the next day or week she went in and got lip fillers!! I feel for the dog but honestly who would donate to that?? She CHOSE to spend her money on surgery and not vet bills. Then resorted to begging with all these sad pictures. It wasn’t right.

No. 646002

But…. I know…. “my boyfriend is so bad with money!”

I’m sorry I still can’t get over that, it’s so RUDE to publicly discuss your relationship finances and also a sign of an abusive relationship is controlling the money. I feel so bad for him

No. 646009

Ew, is she putting her crusty infected ass on her relative's sink? Sick

I can't wait till her bf leaves her

No. 646025

File: 1532446536994.jpg (162.98 KB, 1440x2308, Screenshot_2018-07-24_103120.j…)

I know it's been said but I'll say it again, this bitch needs help. Get ya mental health in check before worrying about what's on the outside. Doing coke, drinking constantly,being on pain meds, and smoking pot instead tho really helps. Dumb cunt, she makes everyone with BPD seem like such a joke.

No. 646027

Oh god she just posted that she is meeting a sugar daddy tomorrow!!! WHY is she going down this path?? Does she think it’s easier or something? This is going to end so badly. And I’m sorry if it’s not “feminist” but I don’t understand how any man would be ok with their gf having a sugar daddy

No. 646028

Tbh I don’t think her bf will leave her, he’s always seemed like a total pushover
She’s gonna leave him the moment she finds better paying guy to cuck
God she is the worst representation of BPD ever, the type where narcissism is the biggest part of their personality. I wish the bitch would stop claiming it tbh…
This is the “crazy ex gf” poster girl that all the BPD victims websites write about.
Followed her in the beginning bc I thought it was cool how she seemed open and genuine with her mental illness but really all of is just oversharing with no shred of boundaries or self awareness to be found, a walking thotting cohort of terrible borderline stereotypes…

No. 646029

She’s meeting a sugar daddy tomorrow.

I would legit be pissed to be in a relationship shit with this bitch.

No. 646033

She always posts about how their relationship is “perfect” and they never fight but then she talks about leaving him because he is bad with money?? So many red flags. They do NOT have a healthy relationship

No. 646041

File: 1532448766702.png (896.5 KB, 750x1334, DD05F89C-5A7F-41A1-A875-3A23C0…)

No. 646042

File: 1532448864520.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 5BD759BC-A98A-4BF5-8AB8-FEA1D1…)

Where’s “find a sugar daddy” on this list

No. 646063

>health insurance:-)

how she buyin a house? with sugar daddy money?

No. 646077

File: 1532451301741.jpeg (103.15 KB, 750x401, B159D03C-69C9-4685-BC57-E7B8B4…)

matt’s ig bio. how embarrassing tbh

No. 646082

Calling it now shes gonna get
>A spenda time waster
>Goaded into having sex immediately
>Hella scammed/ghosted, did she at least get payment Before meetup??
>Mad cuz he literally gives no fuck about her uwu mental illness and tragic lyf
>Told he wants her to change something about her appearance
We’ll get a million story sperg about it either way, maybe even a sexual harassment allegation

No. 646092

oh my GOD she doesn't even have health insurance.. this girl hasnt got a single clue or a single priority. good luck with that house, dumbass

No. 646138

I can absolutely guarantee that her “sugar daddy” experiment is going to fail SO miserably. And I’m sure she will make 5 million up-the-nose rants about it.

No. 646205

That crusty ass on those makeup brushes makes me want to hurl

No. 646232

File: 1532462488618.jpeg (197.76 KB, 750x477, 4166ED24-46C2-449E-92F6-D99F6B…)

So triggered ! Yet she was posting her food diary on her IG story less than a month ago - pretty sure there are screenshots in her old thread or the IG thot thread. I’ll try to find them.

No. 646233

We all know he didn’t write that himself LOL

No. 646239

Yeah when she was on tumblr she would always list her food. I think now she just acts appalled when people ask because she needs to be triggered about something, might as well be this

No. 646255

File: 1532463932947.jpg (631.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-160917_Tum…)

No. 646257

File: 1532463950539.jpg (552.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161012_Tum…)

No. 646258

File: 1532463972333.jpg (504.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161038_Tum…)

No. 646259

File: 1532463990059.jpg (555.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161114_Tum…)

No. 646261

File: 1532464003897.jpg (354.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161147_Tum…)

No. 646263


She definitely wants people to think she has an eating disorder for sympathy. She’s said multiple times that she doesn’t diet or exercise and that she just has a very high metabolism (which is why her lip/cheek fillers dissolve so quickly)

No. 646264

File: 1532464016452.jpg (504.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161203_Tum…)

No. 646265

File: 1532464042154.jpg (530.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161942_Tum…)

No. 646266

File: 1532464093013.jpg (420.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180724-161234_Tum…)

No. 646287

I’m assuming this is all babytrash’s blog after Ariana and her had that foursome that imploded. very good milk, thanks anon.

No. 646288

Theory: she got insanely jealous that Matt slept with kaycee, who is gorgeous and confident and intimidating, and then created a reason to sever ties with Kaycee and her man so that Matt and Kaycee would never interact again. Thoughts?

No. 646292

sounds extremely plausible. Ariana is obviously extremely insecure.

No. 646295

Also worth noting that after she got all kaycees tattoos she copied her exact hairstyle and started dressing more similarly too. Although I suppose that “insta” style is fairly trendy

No. 646301

Kaycee is also cool, friends with some semi-famous people, and had a large following when Ariana met her- at which time Ariana’s Instagram had like 2k followers. I remember when they become friends- it was 100% what Ariana’s life was about for months. Then the foursome happened and it fizzled.

No. 646310


Imagine being a fly on the way for those fights.

No. 646317

can someone post side by sides of the tattoos kaycee is talking about?

No. 646398

File: 1532471848659.jpeg (894.88 KB, 2896x2896, DFFCB891-8B2C-48DF-8B3D-468DFA…)

pretty sure i got them all, Ariana’s is the left side and Kaycees is the right

No. 646406

File: 1532472112195.jpg (151.65 KB, 1440x2308, Screenshot_2018-07-24_174033.j…)

that's pretty sad she thinks that's a lot when that's what a normal, clean, and functioning adult should do

No. 646407

Maybe she's going through depression? I'm not up to date witht this thread so ignore me

No. 646416

She also has no job… she keeps posting about how she “never wants to work again” and that’s why she is getting into the sugar daddy stuff. Imagine being willing to do…. THAT just to avoid a job? I shudder

No. 646431

Plus isn't she engaged lmao
I know you can be a sb without fucking sometimes but I can't imagine Matt is 100% okay with that. Idk, just my opinion

No. 646433

That with the change in hairstyle and clothing makes her look like such a skinwalker omg

No. 646434

Maybe my view of relationships is old fashioned but I don’t think it’s healthy To ask him to be ok with it. Whether he is or isn’t, we likely will never know because he has to maintain his perfect bf* status online for her image. I feel like he doesn’t get respect though, and she walks all over him.

No. 646435

She is meeting her sugar daddy tomorrow and she said she will be recording most of it on her Snapchat. If anyone has her snap, definitely try to get some screen grabs if possible

No. 646442

she doesn't have health insurance??? holy fucking shit lmfaoooooooo what a stupid cunt

No. 646459

File: 1532477575988.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, A28701C0-AD53-4DEA-99E5-4EDD44…)

she says right before she goes on her sugar daddy date tomorrow. Lol

No. 646460

still can’t believe people actually pay 30$ to watch this bitch on snap. Craziness

No. 646461

>3some 4some cuz she b-b-bhad
>can’t handle it
>if I would just skinwalk some girl my bf dicked then he won’t leave me
Lainey is that you??
It must suck a whole fuck to harbor this amount of insecurity, you know she would split into oblivion just by being in close proximity of another girl she perceives as attractive. Like it’s obvious but this bitch HATES herself…
I’d be compelled to feel pity if her coping mechanism wasn’t being a massive narcissist

No. 646462

i know, those scorpions look almost exactly the same and the rose placement is legit the same too.

No. 646464

I do notice that she has no female friends who are conventionally attractive, or attractive by her plastic surgery standards. Not that I don’t think they’re cute- I’m imagining as if I’m her. Kaycee was naturally everything she wanted to be. I agree, anon, I don’t think she likes herself very much

No. 646509

What FRIENDS in general does she have? Someone please enlighten me.

No. 646562


Wow this lazy bitch lol. Like how fucking hard is it to walk dogs or clean the toilet?

Ariana, you literally have no nonbiological abilities. No skills or value that are not related to your body. You have no creative output, no education, and no job. Outside of the Instagram screen, you are literally a fucking loser with no friends.

It's gonna be so funny when you get older, beauty is a depreciating asset, you will sag and be left with nothing to show for it.

No. 646603

Her only personality trait is that she has plastic surgery. Change my mind. Lol

No. 646617

lmao she's so wack…this seems extremely mild for a message on a sugar daddy website tbh what's her problem

No. 646713

File: 1532509282910.jpg (670.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180725-045505_Tum…)


No. 646730

File: 1532513823532.jpg (187.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180725-060304_Tum…)

No. 646731

File: 1532513869224.jpg (315.94 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20180725-060215_Tum…)


No. 646809

Her insta story right now is all “get you a man who would go to the store multiple times when you forget things and who you can wake up at 3 am even when he works early!” Ok so a man who doesn’t respect himself and lets you walk all over him? I would NEVER wake my man up at 3 it he worked in the morning because it’s disrespectful as fuck!! She just continues to prove that she does NOT care about him at all, and that she only cares about how HE can help HER

No. 646898

File: 1532534189444.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 475B36C4-7404-4047-B27C-D7CE9D…)

This is an image board anon post screengrabs pls

No. 646906

Does she not see that you’ve screenshotted? Was my only concern, obviously images are best

No. 646916

there's free apps for screenshotting, no rooting required. my lord

No. 646918

Lmao oh sorry I’m not a skilled stalker I’ll try to work on that

No. 646977

She’s gonna give sd updates on sc so snap anons come thruuu get ya a screen recording app duh

No. 647086

File: 1532546155242.jpeg (249.07 KB, 750x1071, 850CB173-EC16-46F3-9B83-2DBC00…)

Putting your mentally ill mother on blast to your 60,000+ followers because she “slut shamed” you is beyond pathetic

No. 647090


There’s no way he’ll keep her as his sugar baby after meeting her shit personality and getting recorded on snapchat throughout their meet up

No. 647091

File: 1532546491617.jpg (623.11 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20180725-064233_Ins…)

She seriously needs a new lip injection specialist…. the placement is horrendous and unnatural

No. 647094

did she get fillers on her jawline to make it that sharp or just weightloss? from the comparison pic in the op her face shape looked 100% different

No. 647105

File: 1532547125496.png (2.17 MB, 1868x1202, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 2.29…)

I'm pretty sure it was a procedure that shaped her face, something non-invasive. Pic. from her surgeon

No. 647117

She did get fillers in the cheeks to make her face look more angular!! Without them it looks kind of flat and weird. And yeah honestly what kind of “sugar daddy” is gonna be ok with being filmed??? Unless she is doing it without his consent??? Gasp

No. 647120

She should take some of the money she's spent on plastic surgery and get lessons on how to apply makeup. Those brows. That contour. Horrendous

No. 647123

Omg that woman is her mother??? What an asshole!!! I can’t beleive she would do that to her! Like yeah I know she hates her but her mom is mentally ill

No. 647125

Oh no anon haven’t you heard!? Her makeup is PrOfESsiOnal QuAlitY eyeroll looks like she sharpies in her brows and the countour looks like mud

No. 647134

anon, a tip for you to integrate better before you get a ban - don't post like it's a group chat, try to contain everything in a one post. And use a replying function.

No. 647135

File: 1532548736339.jpeg (225.83 KB, 750x811, AE253861-AEB7-4F7C-95A8-5B5B18…)

She has the worst comebacks lmfaoooo

No. 647136

File: 1532548780793.jpeg (107.89 KB, 750x404, 33C5E655-FC7C-4C7C-9B64-B29731…)

Pretty sure she deletes/blocks or sics her delusional followers on anyone who comments negative shit under her pictures.

No. 647137

this is so fucked up, besides we all know that Ariana would look just like her mother in 20 years if she didn’t have a face filled to the brim with filler

No. 647140

@ rulebook anon- link to where those actions are in the useage rules and regulations?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 647142

File: 1532549321592.jpg (84.13 KB, 282x422, SmartSelect_20180725-064346_In…)

Wym??? This isn't pro level???? Lmao

No. 647144

File: 1532549429281.jpg (405.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180725-045031_Tum…)

Also from Nate (kaycee/babytrash's husband)

No. 647146

What’s crazy is that her selfies may look a certain way but her candids don’t look anything like the image she tries to put on- she looks exactly like she did pre-surgery when she smiles or laughs

No. 647147

her face looks like inflatable furniture from the 90s

No. 647277

can someone get her snapchat i’m interested lmao and also where is she exposed

No. 647286

File: 1532556787781.jpeg (350.34 KB, 1241x1977, 96CC945E-CDE5-4AE1-B937-A94F90…)

how is it IGNORANT to assume a fucking sugar daddy would touch her? and i hate her use of emojis it really amplifies her middle schooler comebacks

No. 647292

really want to see what the sugar daddy wanted then make her make him a cup of coffee wtf

No. 647333

No sugar daddy my dudes. Sorry, I’m not savvy with the stalker apps but you know she’ll corroborate me on IG soon enough.

They both blamed it on bad weather. It’s barely raining. Waiting for IG now.

No. 647358

File: 1532561357179.jpg (213.82 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20180725-192527_Ins…)


No. 647491

File: 1532569298794.jpg (742.76 KB, 1077x1850, Screenshot_20180725-184008_Ins…)

Just about a year ago…

No. 647499

File: 1532569516126.jpg (543.18 KB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20180725-214223_Ins…)

No. 647535

Are these post nose job? She looks exactly the same.

No. 647536

nothing on IG yet. Download a screen recording app

No. 647551

where tf the anons at that wasted 30 dollars getting her snap so we could get milk? :(

No. 647553

Yes, both post nose job. She looks the same but her nose is more proportionate

No. 647562

lmao right I want the milk! why doesn’t anyone know how to screen record

No. 647571

I don't think it's only that. Lol most people probably don't wanna pay 20-30 bucks or whatever to see her lisp about how great life in plastic is

No. 647576

File: 1532572934759.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 63A3C971-E630-4BA3-B253-14E6B0…)

this girl is high or drunk nearly every day does she ever get through ONE day sober?

No. 647585


not to mention she’s literally driving in that pic. her story rn is pointless vids of her singing along to the radio while drunk driving.

No. 647590

Matt is driving but easy mistake.

No. 647591

File: 1532573863539.jpeg (69.35 KB, 750x293, 3ED75D80-B920-40BA-A097-A43F48…)


No. 647593

Yet she has claimed numerous times that she has her stuff paid off lmaoooo

No. 647596

File: 1532574047793.jpg (677.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180725-223316_Ins…)

She's doing a shego thing since she mentioned it in her story yesterday I'm assuming

No. 647597

80% of adults are in debt ? For plastic surgery? I don’t think so Ariana. Try again.

No. 647602

Yes lmao I deleted my posts then saw ur reply my bad

No. 647604

File: 1532574537069.jpeg (290.95 KB, 750x1067, BF215C61-AD7B-42BA-A2AA-EC7A4D…)

She just looks so trashy I can’t

No. 647621

calling it now, she’s gonna get her ass done too. she made herself look top heavy with the implants.

No. 647665

tbh she looks good. i hate that i like her look, facially. stylistically she looks like total shit though

No. 647675

she only looks good facially because she bought a new face. lol

No. 647681

We all know that, don't be salty

No. 647682

File: 1532579537219.jpeg (177.21 KB, 750x607, F956701D-287B-48FD-8398-7FAC36…)

why does this read like Ariana wrote this

No. 647684

yeah the middle school comeback lol

No. 647702

They're so grossly snobbish. Not everyone wants to fuck this bitch like wtf

No. 647706

File: 1532582583452.png (306.23 KB, 488x556, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 10.2…)

Her face doesn't even look good though. All the surgery and makeup is like trying to polish a turd imo

No. 647783

File: 1532593909763.jpg (718.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180726-043051_Ins…)

No. 648259

File: 1532637937083.jpeg (494.98 KB, 750x1060, 520E8990-7336-4611-B43E-DBF95A…)

Jesus Christ

No. 648288

this is the most self aware she’s ever been

No. 648300

i like how all of her stories are taken when shes laying in bed you can really tell this bitch just straight up does nothing all day

No. 648305

What happened with the sugar daddy tho!?

No. 648350

those fucking nails… oof oh my god bitch, u got all this money invested in ur look but u got nub ass fingernails.. i kno u read this Ariana so please DO. YA. NAILS. u look like a nervous 12 year old out here. i charge 30+ for a set of acrylics, how embarrassing ):

No. 648355



No. 648367

Said on ig she’s seeing sd tonight and to buy her Snapchat. Commented on how sd may not want “no tumblr thot” then showed she had to fill in hairline because bangs are so short.

No. 648426

File: 1532653438632.png (10.81 MB, 1242x2208, 165B3663-3C33-4A25-9834-7C06E8…)

looks like sugar daddy might’ve backed out

No. 648436

File: 1532654176803.jpeg (348.63 KB, 750x1078, 06CCABCE-8791-4F3D-BF0E-05B623…)

Lol she definitely didn’t meet up with him. Apparently she can’t handle the rejection “is this what getting curved feels like?”

No. 648438

File: 1532654235101.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 66A551F8-417A-4C21-B435-274117…)

Sure he did

No. 648443

most adults are in debt because of student loans/medical bills/etc. not for plastic surgery omfg. she's in immense debt and all she has to show for it is her ugly fucking face?

No. 648487

She drunk

No. 648490

So she’s full on just making shit up (sugar daddy) to scam people in to getting her dumb snap…

No. 648543

Lol you can tell she’s at some cheap steakhouse like cattlemans. Sure picked a good sugar daddy.

No. 648547

Her fiance took her there lolol
Apparently the "sugar daddy" stood her up initially, she went out to dinner with Matt, then recieved that message she talked about in her story

No. 648549

Also adding– what kinda SERIOUS sugar daddy cancels over poor weather and then stands her up for over an hour the next night??? Somethin's fishy. Either she is full of it and lying or neither parties are sure enough of what theyre doing to go through with it. PLUS i dont see her as a sugar daddy type

No. 648559

Most sugar daddies are fucking timewasters who get off on jerking girls around. If she did 2% of research on sugaring she'd learn how to weed the idiots out. But nope. Sorry/not sorry. Sexwork isn't easy money and it's more sales skills and charisma than anything else.

No. 648560

I know they could use the same language but she says "curved" here as well…why her bf so spineless

No. 648590

File: 1532668193909.jpeg (245.99 KB, 749x1104, F4AD73E5-5671-4912-A7C6-82AA1B…)

No. 648592

File: 1532668254030.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, A0561FFC-753E-4BC8-AFBF-12F48E…)

No. 648593

File: 1532668283549.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 6D1A17A8-71FC-4D94-BD9A-26D92A…)

No. 648603

whom are the 3 salty vendetta-chans in this thread trying to milk this dry cow

No. 648611


she’s definitely not the sugar daddy type. i don’t know how she expects to find a SD that pays to her standards with her tattoos/green hair/makeup/botched face/obnoxious personality, refusal to have sex, and her fiancé bringing her to her dates

No. 648616


I was just about to post something along the same lines. Came across this thread and it looks like it's one fool proactively posting on here lmao. This girl is extremely lackluster and i can find tenfolds of other girls on ig exactly like her. And to whoever posted that last photo of her and her fiancee, what of it? Oml where's the milk?

No. 648637

>And to whoever posted that last photo of her and her fiancee, what of it? Oml where's the milk?

right? it's so obviously personal.

No. 648639

Right? She's just a boring plastic surgery junkie. I thought she'd be more milky

And yeah, their dead relationship is powdered milk at best

No. 648652

Different strokes I guess bc I love discussing this trainwreck of a human being. The thread is already made so no use bitching now imho

No. 648674

so hide the thread? or at least sage your replies so you don’t bump it to the top. there’s like 10 pointless threads dedicated to random escorts in japan but one self contained thread is vendetta?

No. 648680

It's def not a vendetta but is a tad dry to be fair

Sage for the fact im just responding with an opinion not milk

No. 648694


it's funny how anons complaining in this thread can't even sage.
Lurk before posting maybe, then you'll realize you don't have to personally approve the thread for it to exist. She's milky enough.
Hide the thread and chill.

No. 648733

I always expect snow to be way less milky and I'm mostly fascinated by the fact that we're the same age and she's already completely changed her face/body. She's not that interesting otherwise; just the typical instathot

No. 648762

>trainwreck of a human being

she's an ig thot with bdd and despite how apparently milky she is the only object of conversation in this thread is her face and how she was somehow cuter before. it's salty. most threads on snow are vendettas but they're people who have been around causing drama for longer with actual tea worth spilling. my guess is it's the girls she dropped from her sex worker days jerking off in this thread.

No. 648785

- she bases her entire identity on the fact that she changed her appearance, then tries to spout some bullshit about how she always loved the way she looked
- got clout from riding the coattails of another ig thot, going on to become her skinwalker after severing ties
- claims to “not be bothered” about people in her comments but at least one post in every row of her ig has a long ass caption contradicting that
- quit her job to do absolutely nothing, doesn’t even have health insurance
- private snapchat is a scam
- in debt because of her procedures but then talks shit about her doormat fiancé and how he’s bad with money
- now trying to be a sugar baby and got stood up the first date
- literally has a bag of dog shit for a personality and doesn’t seem to understand why her personal relationships are always short lived or fractured

she’s an insecure fraud and a scammer, she milks herself. it’s entertaining to see her go through her sad life completely unaware that she makes her own damn problems.

the thread has been made. there’s a hide option. it seems most of the people bitching about the fact that she has a thread don’t even know how to use the fucking board.

No. 648814

no one could have said it better

No. 648817

agreed. There are at least 7 threads for random Japanese escorts yet people are mad about this IG thot getting a much deserved dressing down for her ridiculous behavior?

No. 648838

i’m pretty sure all the people getting their panties in a knot over this thread are girls who have something in common with P&P and hate it being called out. that, or they’re really just too fucking stupid to understand this site

No. 648842

Exactly this. There’s always at least 10 posts every time she’s mentioned being like uwu vendetta no milk uwu when she’s pretty fuckin milky and generally insufferable. I genuinely don’t get it. this happened in her last thread too. Maybe it’s her minions?

TLDR if you don’t think she’s milky that’s fine, don’t read the thread and sage your complaints

No. 648902

File: 1532712612100.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20180727-102432.png)

Imagine walking into the store to get your drunk, ugly-on-the-inside girlfriend who only went out with you because her potential sugar daddy flaked a fucking slurpee or whatever with the money you wake up early to go earn (and even earlier to satiate her desperate need for attention and validation) and as you walk back to the car on your tired feet, she is pursing her prolapsed lips and appalachia teeth and admiring her reflection looking THAT smug.

Also I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys this thread and will continue to contribute! The more useless bitching posts show up, the sooner a second thread will need to be made so keep complaining I guess

No. 648925

I don't get why she keeps her hair like that when her whole deal is centred around her appearance?

No. 648971

Her bangs don’t look good. Not sure why she cut them.

No. 648994

bpd = impulsive, impulsive = bad hair decisions

No. 649111

File: 1532733074229.jpeg (200.32 KB, 750x1086, BD5F41B7-F858-4A99-95B9-C1E4F4…)

I found this kinda funny

No. 649135

how am i even slightly surprised at this cow mashup?? that's hilarious thank u anon

No. 649414

arzaylea often likes and comments on Ariana's shit, too. Ariana would fit in this crowd perfectly…
Btw judging by the comment she made, what are the odds that shrimp is the girl crush Ariana posted about on her story? That'd be mad hilarious

No. 649746

File: 1532812119692.gif (6.71 MB, 442x640, SmartSelect_20180728-170627_In…)


No. 649970

File: 1532832863104.jpg (641.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180728-212140_Ins…)

Not sure if anything was in the pervious instathot threads, but now I get why she's so worried about his money if he works for the United States Postal Service. Unless he's been there a very long time and in certain divisions he won't make a lot, especially if he's basically supporting two people.

No. 649989

Maybe she should…ya know…get a job?

No. 649993

She’s drunk again and says she’s going on live tonight if anyone wants to watch this train wreck milk herself

No. 649999

i used to feel for her like, yeah ppl put themselves into 150k debt for school, u got a nose and are feeeling good! Respect that- you’ve got a good job and someone who loves u unconditionally, that’s great. Once she quit her job over petty shit and now she’s shitting on her fiancé on sp and controlling his finances- you see her true colors. Shits fucked. That’s not an ok way to treat some one who’s so good to u.

No. 650035

She’s on live drunk right now.

No. 651068

File: 1532962662325.jpeg (633.83 KB, 2157x1284, 6E41BBF5-6A91-4369-9959-7F8808…)

No. 651081

She’s talking about amethystbby.

No. 651087

File: 1532964245183.png (2.72 MB, 1440x1978, Screenshot_20180730-102023.png)

Those mega short bangs really brings out that mile long fivehead. :/ Poor thing

No. 651089

File: 1532964547612.png (2.83 MB, 1440x2130, Screenshot_20180728-161157.png)

Also, this. Add her to the list of instathots that's posted a pic of themselves pissing in public. The caption makes it, though. Pure trash. Can you imagine being related to this thing?

No. 651090

How do you know? And how’s that girl copying her?

No. 651095

Can you imagine this bitch asking her man to take a pic of her pissing on their lawn?

No. 651099

“Babe will you take a picture of me peeing on our lawn so I can get cool points for the gram?”

No. 651131

did she go into the house to get toilet paper and then come back out? lol

No. 651137

There's no way she means amethystbby, that girl isn't copying her

No. 651141

File: 1532969136927.jpg (1.41 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180730-094442_Ins…)

Nice herpes ya got there

No. 651161

Yikes. Shoulda put a spoiler on that lol

No. 651162

looks more like a staph infection, gross either way

No. 651165

Imagine being so pressed about some other ig thot that you make faces at your phone in your bed in the dark. Then you type feverishly on top of the pic, then you post it to your story. Then you read the influx of replies and do it all over again. Really imagine the process. What a sad angry little person. She's not even intelligent.

No. 651184

No. 651207

that's hilarious coming from her when it's clear her whole "look" came from kaycee

No. 651238

I lurked and couldn’t find one similarity in their personalities. Reaching much

No. 651425

This is so fucking hilarious. This girl is delusional. In what world is that “amethystbby” girl copying her…jesus Christ. She really is delusional.

No. 651427

File: 1532988191823.jpeg (33.04 KB, 750x120, E418DD45-BB61-4F74-9596-356E9A…)

Nothing has changed lol

No. 651476

File: 1532993833375.jpg (208.86 KB, 1200x1200, bbg.jpg)

dat nose contouring

No. 651520

she literally looks geriatric when she talks because her overfilled top lip obscures all her teeth. like she forgot to put her dentures in. fucking yikes

No. 651529

She thinks her doodles are worth over $100. Some dumby will probably pay for them though….

No. 651530

File: 1532998505380.png (731.68 KB, 750x1334, A9A88C76-856D-40C2-9929-8A6786…)

No. 651539

File: 1532999932678.jpg (1.62 MB, 1920x2560, 18-07-30-21-18-15-969_deco.jpg)

Not a shred of humility lol

No. 651541

File: 1533000067860.jpg (270.89 KB, 610x716, SmartSelect_20180730-212035_In…)


No. 651548

Has she presented any of this high class art yet? Lol this is a Tuna in the making

No. 651571

File: 1533004311258.jpeg (526.73 KB, 750x740, 61F6172E-D84B-4091-9DE5-7F5ED1…)

she destroyed her lips, they looked fine before she got a lip lift

No. 651572

40 minutes on 2 draws alone, making 20 minutes on each drawing by itself.. is this bitch serious? Some artists take days to complete their work and she thinks she can charge $100? I hope nobody is stupid enough to buy them

No. 651577

where are the actual pics of these drawings?

No. 651583

File: 1533005181614.jpeg (522.64 KB, 2896x2896, 542560FF-49CC-4DFA-ACA7-CE19D0…)

she hasn’t posted a clear picture with the cat and broom but that moon literally looks like a chocolate chip cookie

No. 651584

Sis really must be hurting for cash. Get a job!!!!!

No. 651585

These were made by a 23 year old? Wtf sad

No. 651586

>$150-200 for amateur pen sketches on tear-off sketchbook paper

luna slater who???

No. 651613

Damn she really does photoshop the shit out of her face too. Never really noticed that. Crazy how not even plastic surgery will fix your glaring insecurities /s

No. 651760


I think she copied her bangs and eyebrows from chevleia

No. 651792

Is that a herpes sore in the corner of her mouth here??

No. 651878

File: 1533031872371.jpg (913.73 KB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20180731-060559_Ins…)

Most likely did copy chev. She's been following her for a year and hardly likes a single post. I think Ariana is jealous of girls with natural beauty

No. 651987

File: 1533041937219.jpeg (388.23 KB, 750x761, 6CB3BE0C-3404-422D-981D-B997B2…)

that wolf

No. 652171

It's a wolf? I thought it was a cat lmao

No. 652172

That's a black cat. Still really poorly done. As someone who id actually working on becoming a tattoo artist, none of her designs seem useable or practical. For tattoos, at least. Def worth morr like $50 a sheet because most artists are better hehe

No. 652176

LOL I see it now, oops. regardless of what it is they’re pretty awful and cannot have taken more than 15 minutes to do. she’s trippin

No. 652180

File: 1533059185122.jpg (879.82 KB, 1920x2560, 18-07-31-13-46-09-851_deco.jpg)

No. 652190

File: 1533059948981.jpg (1.53 MB, 2461x2149, 18-07-31-13-56-30-483_deco.jpg)

This bitched danced for like 3 days then claimed that pole dancing is what helps keep her in shape lolll

I thought she was a stripper for a while the way she talked about it but I guess she danced for barely a few months. Yet she talked about it in almost every post around that time lol this bitch always needs to gloat about any mildly interesting aspect of her life. She's so pathetic

No. 652236

Social anxiety, first time naked in front of men? Iirc there are porn videos of her even in this thread.

No. 652298

File: 1533065536250.jpeg (159.15 KB, 750x540, 2E1407E7-0F7B-4D2E-9915-330A35…)

>“I’d rather be ugly as shit than someone who does that”
>loses her mind and hurls asinine insults at every commenter not praising her prolapsed mouth

No. 652307

File: 1533065876739.jpeg (473.31 KB, 750x921, 692220E5-5099-42E3-AE78-9A9C25…)

makeup so nice you don’t even bother covering that herp looking scab

No. 652325

Feel like she lurks here so hard because >>651613

No. 652333

their eyebrows look so similar lol even the way they both do their makeup…crazy ass skin walker. Then Ariana has the audacity to accuse some other IG thot of copying almost everything she does….girl you have lifted your entire personality / persona from other IG thots (see: babytrash)

No. 652364

File: 1533068179806.jpeg (127.66 KB, 750x249, E33DA226-2B28-4386-8597-51A9B0…)


No. 652456

$100-$150 for this garbage? i'm sorry but you can't get plastic surgery on your artistic skills. she's absolutely deluded that anyone would pay that much for this shit. her followers throwing out those suggestions are just humouring her clearly.
the thing is, you could easily get a really good tattoo for €80-100 an hour (not sure in usd), and that's with the artist drawing up the design and tattooing it. or you could pay her to draw some garbage cat that a 12 year old could draw better and then pay a tattoo artist on top of that to fix and tattoo the design. because, let's face it, if you brought that retarded cat to a half-decent tattoo artist, they would completely redraw it. no one with any shred of decency would tattoo that as is.

No. 652593


No. 653347

U.s is about the same. Tattoo artists charge about 80-125 an hour and based on experience, even more. No artist would buy her shitty flash tattoos. The designs are hardly applicable.

She hasn't mentioned anything else about that Sugar Daddy right?

No. 653489

Smells like a selfpost

No. 653637

No, I'm definitely not Chev lol and I doubt she knows who Ariana is

No. 653650

How though? The only similarity is the bangs

No. 653652

Bangs, makeup, the fact that Arian commented and has been following girls like Chev and Kaycee long before her style change lol
Do your research, damn

No. 653671

File: 1533150023224.jpeg (187.06 KB, 662x1026, 9570A260-DDDE-49F5-BD8A-ED5052…)

Sage because this isn’t new milk, but here she is after nose job, when that was the only surgery. Her “insta thot” style DEFINIELY evolved after she met Kaycee and even more so after the threesome

No. 653675

File: 1533150164485.jpeg (275.21 KB, 700x1066, D5E3E02D-2C75-4D27-AE1A-35A1C9…)

Anyone else who has followed for a long time notice that she used to post with friends and actually have friends but now there’s no one? This is her feed pre-all surgeries, even nose job.

No. 653690

she really should have stopped here. her instathot look makes her look sf greasy

lbr her only friends are her plastic surgeon(s), her fiance, and her photographer friend (wonder why). she's been getting close with another girl lately, let's take bets on how long that'll last lol

No. 653721

She absolutely should have stopped there, I thought she looked great at that point. This happens with a lot of people who get plastic surgery- they go too far and don’t know when to stop.

No. 653724

File: 1533153121830.jpeg (148.49 KB, 717x1067, 898BF840-835F-4C07-97F1-5DABBF…)

I wonder if she was ever serious about becoming a doctor? Obviously not now…..

No. 653946

File: 1533162978485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.55 KB, 750x1000, 8ef6b36b-c4bf-4e77-a51d-805444…)

Talks crap about Babytrash and her husband yet Matt looks like her drunk uncle

No. 653951

File: 1533163037705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.77 KB, 929x1280, cb81fdae-be58-463a-a78e-0763a0…)

No. 653952

File: 1533163083275.jpg (240.43 KB, 961x1280, 4b31b581-8ff0-4452-97ba-eb1d0d…)

No. 654030

notice her phone on the table; she was staring at pics of herself lmao. a true narcissist

No. 654039

File: 1533167254858.jpg (23.31 KB, 275x300, s-l300.jpg)

bitch looks like a japanese demon mask when she smiles

No. 654192

File: 1533174544373.jpeg (200.96 KB, 822x983, 695A8D4D-378C-41A0-ABB3-D12332…)

I just wish Matt would practice some basic hygiene and brush his fucking teeth. Can you imagine the smell from all that tartar buildup? Grosses me out so much every time I see a picture of him smiling or them kissing.

No. 654202

that’s far past what brushing can fix. you can literally see the hard plaque deposits in his gum line, he needs a hardcore scraping from an aggressive and determined hygienist to salvage those fucking corn teeth

No. 654215

Wow I really regret zooming in on this. Wonder if Ariana will put it in her boyfriends budget to go get his fucking teeth cleaned

No. 654239

Damn she used to have friends and a job. Now she’s wasting away in bed with her bong and fake tits trying to desperately sell middle school level tattoo flashes to her tweenage Instagram followers to make a quick buck. What a cow.

No. 654627

Probably not, she controls every penny he makes!! Poor guy probably couldn’t get a tooth cleaning because she is using his money for more lip and face fillers

No. 654630


Notice how SHE’S still allowed to eat fast food but her fiancé is not. Even though he’s working and she’s not. LOL.

No. 654635

File: 1533220939219.jpeg (224.58 KB, 750x823, F2ABAAAA-D5FE-43FC-B0ED-5251CF…)

Here’s some photos from when she was in Seattle with Kaycee and Nathan

No. 654636

Wait what do you mean "allowed" why???? Also isn't she anorexic?

No. 654637

File: 1533220988838.jpeg (167.29 KB, 742x876, DBFA4262-2236-4959-B225-D3D2F0…)

No. 654638

She FORBADE him from eating fast food!! And unsure about that, she used to list all her food and admit she starved until nighttime so she could have a flat stomach all day. To me it’s been unclear if she has an eating disorder or not. It’s seemed like she binges on whatever then just doesn’t eat for long periods of time but that’s just based on her posts

No. 654658

It’s pretty common for people with BPD to also have an eating disorder or at least disordered eating. It’s because BPD can make you feel disconnected from yourself and your identity. This is why she’s crazy on plastic surgery. It’s not just about the BDD. She literally has no sense of self which she’s touched on many, many times.

No. 654665

Ah now I feel sad

No. 654671


She’s mentioned that it’s the reason why she’s always changing her hair, style, playing with makeup, plastic surgery, etc.

I feel bad for her in a way but her overall personality is pretty horrid.

No. 654701

She looked so good here, it’s sad how she went downhill. The fillers really fucked her up.

No. 654743

he looks like a chubby stick lmao

No. 654745

Looks like tyler grosso here.

No. 654751

In the time I have followed her she has been a horrendous bully, so while I do feel really bad for her, I think it’s not okay the way she lashes out at people. I also feel like she only posts side by side pics to start fights.

No. 654752


Picking fights lines up with BPD.

No. 654754

File: 1533234630338.jpeg (306.9 KB, 750x1113, 7174DE2A-B341-4BF7-85AA-4E05DC…)

Her attitude has really changed since all the surgery and sudden social media fame. And the plastic surgery. She was never super sweet but it’s now worse because she has something like 70k people applauding her bad attitude daily

No. 654774

having bpd doesn't give you a free pass to be an asshole

No. 654784

lmaooo anon i spit out the water i was drinking

No. 654791

Mental illness just shouldn't be an excuse. When you have problems that cause you to be delusional and irrational, you should try extra hard to keep tethered to reality

No. 654807

File: 1533238112946.jpg (256.65 KB, 625x541, SmartSelect_20180802-152758_In…)

So white trash lol

No. 654826

LOL. Like it’s that easy? Well that fucking solves EVERYTHING. Get out of here.

Nobody is making excuses for her behavior. It’s just a fact.

No. 654830

File: 1533239597718.jpg (601.51 KB, 1080x1428, SmartSelect_20180802-155309_In…)

No. 654837

Are you dumb as fuck? Where did I say it was easy lol

I struggle with similar problems and it's hard af. Stop being triggered because I made the point that she should actually try since she knowingly has disorders. People with that mind set are why society mollycoddles anyone who says they're sad. It's pretty evident Ariana hardly tries to help herself. If you know you have body dysphoria, you should fight impulsive symptoms instead of giving in constantly then posting it online for impressionable people to see.

No. 654842

There's a difference between struggling and choosing

No. 654862


Are you dumb as fuck? Not everybody is you.

Shed some knowledge since you’re the expert here.(derailing)

No. 654916


Lol get lost, you're being as annoying as PnP.

No. 654918

I may be wrong, but I would think that with her disorder, you shouldn’t get constant plastic surgery because it will just make her worse. Sometime in 2017, she posted on tumblr that her therapist “fired” her because he didn’t think he could help her. It was after she started getting lip fillers. I guess the therapist was urging her not to get more surgery at that time. Sorry no image, this was about a year and a half ago

No. 654944


No. 655089

File: 1533249908340.jpeg (321.87 KB, 750x1072, 3E8AB643-3779-4957-BA3C-447FDD…)

>I don’t wanna be seen
>posts 4 selfies

No. 655132

So strange that she picks apart the face that she pays 1000s of dollars to change lmao really makes you see how much she actually hates herself, she can't stand who she is or what she looks like so she destroys herself with surgeries and picking her face off

No. 655155

this is getting more sad by the day. she has no self control, no self awareness, and somehow everyone around her enables her self destruction (the ones like her grandparents and parents that say her decision making skills are terrible, she's distances herself from)

No. 655159

It seems like the only person she really has in her life is Matt, who is a physical embodiment of a doormat/beta cuck so really this girl has nobody to check her.

I wonder what medication she’s supposedly on or if she sees a therapist at all.

No. 655176

I don’t think Matt is a bad guy but I think they have a really toxic unhealthy relationship and he is always “gassing her up” and so “supportive” (her words) that he won’t call her out on her awful behavior or intervene with her surgery problem or bullying. I don’t know if he thinks he is being supportive but he is actually enabling her to act in a destructive way.

No. 655179

If Matt said anything about her bad habits he would be “abusive” and “toxic” so yeah she doesn’t really have anyone based in reality because she has probably gotten rid of them because they’re haters who are just jealous

No. 655600

File: 1533311445377.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 57AFE2E7-37C1-4411-B993-29B087…)

She sounds like shayna

No. 655602

File: 1533311538565.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 8FEFA467-5131-4E74-998E-178567…)

No. 655603

who does this bitch think shes fooling didnt she model for dolls kill like once lmfao

No. 655604

File: 1533311765228.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, F5838DE5-203E-4359-8AA5-FCB070…)

No. 655612

…..but the extent of her "work" IS flashing her tits safely at home on snapchat…I dont disagree with her stance in general but girl, you dont put in work. She couldn't even make the SD thing work.

No. 655629

bUt iM nOt a SeX wOrKeR

make up your fucking mind ariana. and stop lying to everyone lmao everyone knows dolls kill horribly underpays their models and no one is buying your shitty flash. 70k. buy yourself a damn health insurance package then

No. 655654

I think it was ~ two whole times ~ that she modeled for doll's kill so you know she is an authentic model gorl

No. 655673

File: 1533316593541.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180803-131359_Ins…)

Why does everything always come back to how everyone is jealous of her, she has more money and she's pretty. Like that's all she values in herself. Her bank account, face and body. Good for you. Not everyone is insecure about their job lolol

No. 655676

this was literally the 7th post up from yours and you didn't even sage. we don't need a repost.

No. 655697

>“i make 70k a year!!”

“i’m in debt”

which one is it ariana lmao those surgeries added up together are way less than 70k so…

No. 655699

She made 35k a year doing the dog sitting thing. Her and Matt’s combined incomes allegedly USED to be about 60k, but with her having no job, I would imagine she makes next to nothing now. Certainly not 70k or anywhere close

No. 655811

I obviously didn't see it but I'm not gonna delete it because you're a bitch

She is alwayss bragging about being rich when people come at her yet still complains about being broke? She clearly uses her "accomplishments" as a defensive mechanism.like You can't hurt me because I'm pretty and make money

No. 655834

I honestly do not think she has much money to her name for a few reasons- the main one is how she lives! Hates her apartment but can’t leave, fast food a lot, idk. Just don’t get the vibe that she has the means to live differently. She controls her bfs money and gives him an allowance. It’s easy to say you make 70k online to win an argument but I just don’t see it.

No. 656179

File: 1533351061453.png (1015.49 KB, 750x1334, 561A76B1-44F4-4D27-A096-42E7F0…)

She’s in Maine right now seems like she’s visiting Matt’s family.

No. 656288

If she has so much why would dhe need a Sugar Daddy lol

No. 656362

I wondered who she was visiting that she was complaining so much! She was saying that no one was taking her out to eat or catering to her and she was bored and basically just whining the whole time. Another example of her constant disrespect for her relationship with Matt

No. 656381

File: 1533390870820.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, 19E0FDCD-471B-4779-BFA0-1944A3…)

No. 656382

File: 1533391152792.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 2DC41FFD-93C8-4478-9CE7-31E68C…)

Like alright dude not everyone is gonna cater to your every whim

No. 656391

File: 1533392321538.jpeg (415.23 KB, 750x886, F479B7C1-DAB0-43BC-BB2E-8962E6…)

She met up with one of her followers to smoke

No. 656405

i bet matt’s family thinks she’s a real treat to be around

No. 656428

"Real food"? Doesn't she constantly eat junk food herself, but now is suddenly so offended by a pizza and pretends like she goes only to Michelin-star restaurants? Bitch, please. She really sounds unbearable.

No. 656506

Exactly does she want Matt’s family to kiss her feet the whole trip?? They probably want to see MATT and aren’t that thrilled to see her anyways lmao

No. 656628

Why not just order something if you're so pissy?

No. 656808


We know why….shes BROKE lol

No. 656979

File: 1533447722490.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, F1A9835A-5039-443B-A4EB-2D4855…)

Always working on getting a new surgery !

No. 657121

File: 1533470771221.jpg (762.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180805-075403_Ins…)

>70k a year
>makes people pay to ask her questions on snapchat

No. 657127

And also, who would want advice about basically anything, when it's coming from this trainwreck of a person?

No. 657128


young people unfortunately.

No. 657129

Typically I only take advice from people who have their life together? What could she possibly advise me about? How to not have a job? How to get in tons of debt? How to treat my BF badly and walk all over him? Oh!! I know. How to alienate myself from all friends and family and make an ass of myself online.

No. 657131


congrats on having an identity. many of her younger followers do not and idolise her because of her looks. just look at some of the dms she publishes. it's always young girls.

No. 657251

U right. I’m guessing most of her followers are young impressionable women, which is sad. She is no role model.

No. 657485

File: 1533512432729.jpg (566.88 KB, 1073x1440, Screenshot_20180805-193749_Ins…)


No. 657531

File: 1533516113286.jpg (841.86 KB, 1080x1740, SmartSelect_20180805-204127_In…)

No. 657534

Wait so her nose really is that red normally? Her face is weird cus she's kinda photogenic but not good looking? like imo anyway which I know she hates lol like none of her features are pretty, she looks like jeffree star to me kinda

Back to bed?

No. 657583

File: 1533520416761.jpg (528 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180805-203248_Fac…)

No. 657607




No. 657633

Of course she worked at hot topic lolololol

No. 657636

"70k a year"

No. 657640

File: 1533524711449.png (2.61 MB, 1440x2446, Screenshot_20180805-220102.png)

I can't believe this is the same person bless u anon for the fb

No. 657641

File: 1533524882860.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_20180805-220125.png)

she went from no lips to the botched anus look and just… kept going and is still at it…

No. 657645

File: 1533525219905.jpg (1.82 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-05-23-13-08-186_deco.jpg)

No. 657655

very prestigious minimum wage retail jobs that would surely lead to a 70k a year salary

No. 657659

Why does her face look so shiny and gross?

No. 657697


probably retinol

No. 657744

Can you imagine if her and Grosso ever dated though? That would 110% be a train wreck I could not look away from.

No. 657832

File: 1533559660525.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 3A38799D-F365-41C5-AC34-592EAF…)

Can she not see the irony

No. 657885

she literally calls people ugly every day

No. 658042

File: 1533582477604.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 6E968497-982C-44EB-8AF0-746EA9…)

The shade

No. 658052

File: 1533582865744.jpeg (216.56 KB, 750x831, 03049C84-413E-4122-BB65-C3405C…)

Looking like a drowned rat

No. 658060

all I'd be willing to do with some hoe off of Instagram

No. 658077

File: 1533584858421.jpg (914.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180805-220523_Ins…)

"I don't care about physical compliments"

No. 658084

>continues to lash out on anyone who comments negatively on her appearance

No. 658087

''You don't always need to wear make up'' is a more polite way of saying that your make up looks like shit. A lot of instathots can't grasp this concept, it seems.

No. 658090

File: 1533585346034.jpg (307.07 KB, 675x850, SmartSelect_20180806-155313_Sa…)

She looks like dynastyloveyou from ig

No. 658126

On her latest IG stories she says she found another sugar daddy and is meeting up with him this week. Who wants to bet it won’t work out, just like the last one?

No. 658128

She looks like, if anyone remembers her, Felice. Complete knock off

No. 658149

It’s a video so I can’t post but she says, VERBATUM: “I can’t wait to get paid… to eat food” because apparently she thinks that’s all sugar daddies want. I ALMOST want to break down and get her snap just to watch this train wreck unfold

No. 658161

File: 1533590108850.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, B32D39CD-0888-4C38-B5E3-CCABF1…)

Please get it. For the milk. Would do it also but too broke.

Also Kaycee stop lurkin here bro

No. 658163

Ew, I can just imagine she’s one of those people who has no table manners and chews with her mouth open, especially with her anus lips and baby teeth. SDs don’t wanna see that shit

No. 658164

LOL obvious lurk

No. 658166

At least spill the milk if you’re gonna lurk Kaycee!

No. 658167

The delusions of this girl to think she won’t have to do anything but sit and eat and look “good” to get paid…but she makes 70k a year??? why does she need a sugar daddy then?

No. 658168

Someone probably sent her a SS of >>658042

No. 658169

Good point

No. 658171

How would she know about the debt and her "pretty on the inside" bit then?
I'm pretty sure those were taken from here.

No. 658173

Cuz those are two very obvious things Kaycee probably knows about??

No. 658178

Why would she know? Does she stalk her page or something? You'd only know about her debt if you looked into her story and page, lol.

No. 658180

They knew each other after she had surgery and obv got more so assumed shed be in debt and she's just a shitty person you could say lots of true shitty things about her

No. 658185

suspiciously defensive there…

No. 658221

Not gonna speculate to whether Kaycee lurks or not (I would if I were her) but Ariana had been in Lots of debt for a long time from surgery and she has definitely shown Kaycee of all people that she isn’t pretty on the inside

No. 658233

tons of people would come to either side when one of them would start talking shit about the other to tell them. not ruling out kaycee lurking but being as close as they were ariana’s debt was probably well known to kaycee. and kaycee knows damn well how ugly ariana is on the inside, she ruined their entire friendship because ariana got jealous.

also sage your shit jfc

No. 658358

Probably already including that SD allowance!

No. 658409

WTF is this bullshit. She’s ranting about bad drivers when she’s on her fucking Instagram posting Insta stories while she is in her words “zooming”. Get off your phone you garbage human…

No. 658431

Yeah she’s hardcore sperging right now. Says her sugar daddy doesn’t want his face shown because he’s very discreet AKA married

No. 658433

she posted on her story that she’s tired of people asking her how she met her sugar daddy and that you have to “pay her for her secrets” (even though she posted a screenshot of Seeking Arrangment a few weeks ago kek). The fucking entitlement…

No. 658437

You know this is an imageboard right

No. 658439

She’s talking on her IG stories, I’m not wasting my time recording the video

No. 658460

File: 1533611468476.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, E916346E-F202-4EE6-A214-C0997C…)

No. 658475

File: 1533613952285.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, C4380217-CC80-487B-A238-A8BA65…)

She’s back to pestering Matt awake

No. 658476

File: 1533614024460.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, 97401985-F178-42E2-8B4B-AEAF10…)

She seems to use this as justification often

No. 658477

I can't imagine being able to stand her for more than 2 days.

No. 658527

Why not? You wake up, go to work. She lays in bed all day, gets drunk/stoned. You come back from work, fuck her, go to sleep. Not much she can contributie to the relationships anyway.

No. 658576

School photo uhm.

No. 658577

File: 1533634728164.jpg (63.62 KB, 720x1280, JCxyZz9.jpg)

No. 658578

File: 1533634790147.jpg (146.72 KB, 1072x1440, z8Qp18s.jpg)

No. 658579

File: 1533634860921.jpg (106.83 KB, 1072x1440, Vfs2zCs.jpg)

No. 658580

File: 1533634924123.jpg (143.9 KB, 1072x1440, 37rY1Vv.jpg)

Her mum had the same nose

No. 658598

Kaycee most likely lurks. When I found the posts about the foursome, you could search through both her and Nate's tumblrs. Now they turned that option off

No. 658624

No. 658651

The nose job was a good idea, she used to look like some kind of witch but it's kinda weird to post pics of her as a kid

No. 658654

this makes me realize how much she had changed her looks…. although when she smiles she still looks like this

No. 658670

Damn I guess the kids at school were cruel lol

No. 658712

Most likely her facebook.

No. 658714

More like, get woken up by her at 3 am, get forced to do something, go home, get about 2 hours of sleep, wake up early to go to work, work your ass off while shes at home drugging herself up or drinking, come back, fuck, go to sleep. Repeat.

Not to forget, getting forced to eat a certain way as well. The only thing she really contributes to the relationship is sex. My best guess.

No. 658719

Cause you know she isn’t cooking for him or probably cleaning either. I don’t understand what she does with her time besides sitting on instagram and “hustling” whatever that means… probably complaining on snap

No. 658747

nice poorly photoshopped-on eyelashes
you can see it going over her hair on the left of the pic

No. 658777

the top left corner literally says its a filter, anon

No. 658787

the rest of her face looked so busted i didn't notice

No. 658910

File: 1533673958291.jpg (65.38 KB, 649x960, 38744620_1356704171099621_5077…)

She used to be so pretty

No. 658927

God… Comparing that to now is like a normal person to a circus clown. Too bad time machines aren't invented yet.

No. 659028

She keeps getting bitter in the comments when people say she was pretty here lol

No. 659172

File: 1533694765998.jpg (586.46 KB, 1080x1058, SmartSelect_20180807-221710_In…)

"I think it's cool I freehand with microns"
Ya, we can tell

No. 659177

The fact that she’s ready to sell this for over $100 is just distasteful lol

No. 659178

It's worth more like $20

No. 659182


It’s worth nothing.

No. 659185

U right lol

No. 659188

File: 1533695952981.jpeg (158 KB, 750x470, 24632698-9DEB-4C3A-B31C-4C17F6…)

No. 659191

I thought that was her before the liplift and with wayyy less injections

No. 659196

File: 1533696240107.png (7.21 MB, 1242x2208, 8B5C77E0-27EA-483F-87CE-605CF9…)

Hmmm. Maybe about PnP? I follow them both and I noticed that PnP is no longer following her. She had been previously even past the post of her talking shit on Snap.

No. 659199

They don't follow each other anymore, so most likely lol

No. 659201

You would be correct

No. 659204

File: 1533696711006.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, B957A59D-628F-4446-A63E-CE4B52…)

A true artist

No. 659222

File: 1533698862491.jpg (946.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180807-232524_Ins…)

Her art just needs more work before she starts selling it. The lack of creativity or fluidity are the biggest issues. It's well done but not professional like her fans keep hyping her up. You can tell she just copies other drawings she's seen online because the proportions and placement is off and they just look awkward. Like she was trying too hard to draw a specific image without having much knowledge of how to draw the specific subject

No. 659224

She wants to sell copies of these? To tattoo artists? I don't understand
$100 and I really don't think she means the original or am I mistaken?

No. 659228

Yes, she wants to sell flash sheets for $100+ a piece

No. 659259

File: 1533702169043.jpg (1019.04 KB, 1077x1854, Screenshot_20180808-002203_Ins…)

She's such a lazy artist lol. Anyway, she's selling prints or possibly stickers. Yay (sarcasm)

No. 659263

File: 1533702542492.jpeg (372.17 KB, 750x706, B477EF13-A766-4C2B-9C50-2147ED…)

No. 659272


No. 659275

"it's the same girl about 900 days ago u freak!!!! i just did my makeup differently uwu"

It's pretty fucking obvious she didn't have her prolapsed asshole lips then, I think the comments saying she looked better back then (which she does) are triggering her, maybe she knows it's true.

No. 659280

File: 1533704258712.jpeg (501.01 KB, 750x1050, F37D6853-D515-4275-9B20-9CC65D…)

She deleted the “flash” and posted this.

No. 659310

File: 1533706646793.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2208, 81C22C7B-43A6-4D53-A559-490CF1…)

basically you can’t do anything but be positive towards everything and anything she does or else you have to deal with her being ~fragile & sensitive~ and somehow get guilt tripped for probably giving honest critisicm

No. 659444

I think she's so sensitive about her looks cus she used to be really ugly and had to make herself a new face so any criticisms about this new face are just reprehensible to her. She's is so abrasive though, I feel bad for the people in her life

No. 659445

File: 1533735162599.jpeg (2.28 MB, 3264x2448, FD40090F-F880-476D-BDBD-D05A68…)


No. 659448

File: 1533735309065.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180808-024417_Ins…)

Look at the fancy meals she splurges on to treat herself like the skinny queen she is

No. 659449

LOL she can't even handle the slightest of criticisms

No. 659450

Did she already get the lip lift/fillers here or is it just post nosejob?

No. 659455

she was always really ugly

No. 659462

Just the nose job and some fillers I think

No. 659463

That's some ugly food.

No. 659465

That image is right after her nose job with no other surgery I believe. I think she is getting super upset because she realizes she went too far and she can’t go back- a lot of the surgery is permanent, like the lip lift. Not sure about filler.

No. 659467

This verified that she doesn’t even want honesty! From Matt or anyone! She just wants him to kiss her feet. I bet you anything she will rant about how he is “toxic” or just treat him badly for the following days or weeks

No. 659475

She just wants positive validation for her BDD and shitty attitude and people who refuse that are the enemy. Then she uses the excuse of "that made me sad so you can't do it" to manipulate Matt into not being able to speak his mind even about a dumb drawing. She is very verbally manipulative and always paints herself as a victim or a self righteous hero who knows better and wants to teach others.

No. 659483

File: 1533738974005.jpg (738.72 KB, 1080x1158, SmartSelect_20180808-103528_In…)

Why does she think this print is worth forty bucks??? I've seen better prints by amazingly skilled artists for like 20

No. 659488

That soft feminine face shape she naturally had suited her, why on earth did she pay to get that man-jaw she has now (like here >>658460) is beyond me.

What she did to her lips is nothing compared to how she ruined her jawline.

No. 659561


very well put. the creative inspiration & spark isn't there, and it's not really something that can be taught.

she's drawing a collection of symbols that vaguely fit the manufactured aesthetic she's attempting to convey. it's a series of cliches, not an image unified by creative vision.

skin deep, like the rest of her existence lol

No. 659573

I feel like her drawings are just trying to match her physical “spooky” aesthetic, or play into her wannabe edgy persona. Made them even more cringe to look at.

No. 659580


i guess she deleted the comment but someone asked what filter she used and she said there was no filter just “a lot of setting powder” hahahaha

No. 659583

Filler and botox aren't permanent thankfully, so she can easily go back to that picture by just waiting 6 months or so. Lip lift usually looks good because they just lift your upper lip a little, if hers is a swollen mess right now it's only because of fillers.
I think she's only mad because her body dysmorphia is so bad she can't believe that her standard of beauty doesn't fit other people's. "What do you mean by saying that prolapsed anus lips don't look good?"

No. 659593

Agree. I think the filler is really detrimental. Her lips looks so big, at times, I wonder if it’s even safe. I don’t know a lot about injections and fillers and stuff, but I honestly think, for her own sake, she should stop them

No. 659622

She said on her story that she’s buying a laptop to start “camming”, which she said will just be her sitting in her underwear & smoking. I hope she doesn’t expect to make money off of that

No. 659627

I thought the same thing! Why does she think people are just going to throw money at her for this? Along the same lines, Whyyyyy does she think a sd will pay her just for going to dinner? This is delusion

No. 659690

File: 1533752559876.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, C2EBC4C2-D0EC-4C33-96BF-9E671C…)

>70k a year
>shameless money grubbing

No. 659724

oh man she's turning shayna levels of cringe. can't wait for that travesty

No. 659750

I think part of the reason is that when these insta and tumblr girls decide they don’t want to work jobs, they try and make a living off the internet which usually results in begging for money and basically using your followers for profit. Smh

No. 660104

File: 1533780618153.png (6.31 MB, 1800x1800, 2B806587-245E-403D-AFE8-495F60…)

Cheek fillers were such a mistake. The hallowed cheek look ages her so much. I hope she just lets them dissolve because god damn that’s sad.

No. 660141

I wonder if she’s going to keep getting plastic surgery and will eventually fuck up her face so badly that there’s no going back

No. 660151

She probably will.It's like her 'thing' now and she gets lots of followers from it too so I assume she'll just continue to get work done for attention and to make herself feel better even though she claims she's /totally/ confident

No. 660152

File: 1533782620409.jpeg (260.88 KB, 750x477, 3FAB266E-AE5A-459C-89F1-0B7142…)

No. 660154

Oh god, lmao. We don't post about you on here because we hate ourselves, we do it because your lips are fucked and you're an asshole.

No. 660168

When people say stuff like this it's like you know they're just trying to force their self to believe it. We think you look ridiclous rn and act like a bitch, it's so simple

No. 660183

Right, exactly this. She’s projecting her own bullshit back onto the ~haterzzz~ who is she trying to convince? Herself?

No. 660229


I don’t think she’s talking about this thread though since her first thread was only 3 months ago. Plus she’d definitely go on a detailed rant about it and respond to posts on here trying to defend herself

No. 660284

She’s the one projecting so fucking hard lmfao

No. 660472

What I don't understand is why she feels the need to share are these details about their relationship, about every little thing that gets her upset, etc.? Attention whoring to the max. It almost seems like she's fishing for a new partner, the way she publicly treats him.

No. 660489

B-But anon, it's a "chiseled modelesque look"!

I'd like to know which shit doctor accepted to do her lip lift anyway, her philtrum wasn't long at all and any reputable surgeon would've refused to do the surgery.

No. 660572

I’ve thought the same thing. She’s made serveral comments that I personally feel are disrespectful of him. She is very hypocritical and I don’t know how he can stomach it. She has openly said she doesn’t like his music (on tumblr) but loses her mind when he critiques her artwork. Their relationship seems very unequal and Matt doesn’t receive the same pristine, angelic treatment that she for some reason believes she is entitled to.

No. 660701

She was on live on instagram about an hour ago, here's the TLDR since it was particularly MILK:

>"Why do men just suck?" (implying she and matt are not getting along)

>says she's doing her makeup because she's going to meet her sugar daddy
> bought an 800$ computer last night but is going to return it so that she can convince her sugar daddy to buy her a computer in exchange for her giving him free Skype dates whenever he wants
>she's holding off on getting more fillers even though she says her face looks "deflated" because she wants a fat transfer which she says are "basically like permanent fillers" and she's "trying to pay off [her] debt" ("I want my smile lines filled in, I want my lips done, my lips are small as shit")
>"What do I do for work? I hustle. I'm a hustler."
>obsessing about how her contour is "bad" for like 30 minutes and asks her viewers to tell her if it looks ok - one of them says yes she goes are you lying to me?? i feel like it looks weird" (BDD QUEEN)
>says her sugar daddy has already given her $500 before them even meeting in person
>talks about how "weird" it is that people have started recognizing her in person even though its only happened about 5 times - "I feel like everywhere i go there's at least one person…like 3 people did in vermont! What the fuck!" (famous kween)
>"Do you date black guys?" Uhh I date a white man for the rest of my life
>(talking about her sugar daddy) "I don't think he's texted me I'm scared…I mean like, I know it's legit I'm just…"
>(talking about sugar daddy) "He told me he has a son, and I was like 'how old?' and he didn't tell me, probably cause his son is my age, that's probably why"
>"am I scared? no,no…I feel like once you've been a stripper you can do anything. That shit is so hard. first of all, can you do a hundred squats in a row, because pole dancing? that shit is so hard, pole dancing is hard, it's not like a fucking jungle gym…not only do you have to be physically strong, you have to be mentally strong you have to deal with people telling you you're ugly, men shoving their hands down your pants, so going out to dinner with someone?" "no, no one said that i was ugly, i saw this other girl get called ugly and like bawl her eyes out and run to the lockers" "my friend - whos not my friend anymore - used to work at the same club as me, and somebody punched her…like in the arm? but a grown man punched her, not jokingly" mutters "stupid bitch"
>"are you and matt still together?" *flashes engagement ring "i mean…STUCK together! we STUCK together now"
>"i never had thin lips, they're just not as big as i wanted" "yeah these are my natural lips, i don't have any fillers in right now, i haven't gotten any fillers in months. no, these are my normal lips, i've had fillers like this whole year but i'm saving my money to get fat transfers which is like permanent filler"
>"yeah i'll make a youtube once i get my computer, i'm returning this shit, the guy played me, let's see if my sugar daddy will buy me one"
>"does my nose look normal? i feel like it looks weird?"
>"thanks, i like my jaw too"
>"i bought a nice ass webcam since that's what i'm basically gonna be using it for" (talking about the computer again)
Literally leaves the live running while she goes to poop
>comes back complaining about how her stomach hurts
>"what did i eat? taco bell fries, ramen, some pretzels and mints" (anachan)

i got bored and stopped watching but basically that was it.

No. 660718

Hahahhahahahahaha BLESS YOU anon for this rundown! I can’t watch her live, her cadence, tone, and lisp make it unbearable for me. But you the real mvp

No. 660798

File: 1533850937917.jpg (107.11 KB, 1056x506, SmartSelect_20180808-164643_In…)

No. 660799

File: 1533851059711.jpg (98.93 KB, 1069x487, SmartSelect_20180808-164611_In…)

No. 660823

Her life gives me depression

No. 660839

File: 1533855814669.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, FB7F9822-9720-4381-8234-F075A5…)

No. 660868

Oh vomit! She is trying to make her depressing situation look enviable.

No. 660887

Oh no girl…twenties?! That’s like 200 and change.

No. 660913

To Anon mentioning her extreme dewiness of her face… it's glossy and sweaty due to sunscreen use, hopefully.

No. 660926

File: 1533863500363.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, image1(7).png)

Why would they think anything? Were you sucking his dick under the table or something? Probably something along the lines of "what a cheap hooker" based on what she was paid
>70k a year

No. 660927

File: 1533863597676.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, image2(2).png)

No milk just this face I couldn't help it

Is it confirmed she lurks here?

No. 660954

File: 1533867700932.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 98EF6D51-D0C8-4A22-95A4-095346…)

Boo hoo

No. 660955

File: 1533867810521.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 7A66C584-E62D-4C8C-A2A7-B65C35…)

No. 660962

so just fuck matt right??

No. 661044

Who took the pictures in her ''SD" place anyway???

No. 661090

is she trying to say she doesn't like uncut cock?

No. 661151

File: 1533886553769.jpeg (600.79 KB, 750x1115, A66566B8-9356-4842-A046-182852…)

She’s fighting randoms on a kardashian pic

No. 661160

No. 661161

He gave her $500 yesterday and $360 today….. either she's doing something extra or she's lying about the 500, most Sugar Daddies aren't looking for hot friends

No. 661162

And I really doubt she just got that kind of money to sit there and eat.

No. 661163

File: 1533889600803.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 025206C9-CD37-40DC-B208-6D81A0…)

No. 661170

There is a screenshot of her waving her money already posted, I counted 360. Then she claimed in a livestream he gave her$500. Why comment if you don't read the thread?

No. 661172

I was talking about the 500, which wasn't posted.

No. 661173

And I just told you it was… because it was…. and you can't sc a livestream omg(sage this)

No. 661174

Yup right here^ anon posted she claims her SD gave her $500 beforehand

No. 661249

I suppose. That was not SS of a video her response was literally that image of her deli meat face.

No. 661259

She disrespects Matt so hard. So much more lately than ever before. I give it like 6 months before she leaves him for someone else.

No. 661488

shes going to leave him for dat sugar daddy life

No. 661574


Someone asked her to choose Matt or her dog and she chose her dog bc it “holds a special place in her heart” Oof

No. 661596

Bahaha I saw that, if it’s true keep it to yourself, but admitting to 70k people that you like your dog more than your fiancé is humiliating. I would leave a relationship if that ever happened to me no joke. It’s publicly degrading

No. 661609


You do know if he doesn't like being disrespected he could just leave? Except he won't because he is a cuck who likes being walked all over while she goes out with her sugar daddy…

No. 661622

Honestly he must like being walked all over because the way she treats him is appalling. But ya like you said, he chooses to stay

No. 661707

File: 1533939943539.jpg (950.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180810-021942_Ins…)

No. 661740

File: 1533942319459.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 52D9413D-F3E3-4625-9FEA-325803…)

Sugar daddy related for sure

No. 661753

Yeah definitely, I think. She's been going on about how you can get the full sugar daddy story on her private snapchat.
Also I think it confirms she lurks here because anons have been discussing how disrespectful she is towards her own relationship. Part of the disrespect included openly bragging about meeting up with a Sugar Daddy.

Tinfoil but they hit it off and something sexual happened which she was compensated greatly for

Or he just gave her some more money lol

No. 661810

File: 1533946988465.jpg (668.47 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20180810-201951_Ins…)

Get you a man who enables your BDD and the symptoms!!

No. 661884

lets all pitch in for her private snap so we can access the heinous details(stop.)

No. 661886

I can’t believe her hair hasn’t fried off yet

No. 661891

So close to just caving and buying it. Where’s that Snapchat anon when you need em?

No. 662010

She lurks so you guys are just giving her ideas

No. 662074

Snapchat anon here! The Snaps are already expired but there’s trouble in paradise.

Matt’s been lurking a girl on Instagram that he used to like before he met Ariana and she found out and freaked out. To which his reply was he’s INSECURE about the SD to which she replies, “it’s my job.”

She also went on to call him “slow” and basically mentally incompetent because his brain isn’t “as fast as hers.”

She’s also still mad about him not saving money. Meanwhile she still doesn’t have steady income.

Sorry not proof here guys.

No. 662105

We need to see them new titties!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662110

File: 1533993938819.jpg (52.23 KB, 1080x257, SmartSelect_20180811-092516_In…)

Lol do they stilk talk??

No. 662113

Ok after reading this heinous shitshow I may actually get her snap, this sounds hilarious

No. 662116

>She also went on to call him “slow” and basically mentally incompetent because his brain isn’t “as fast as hers.”

Not to be a whiteknight, but that's basically the definition of "slow". However, the fact that she said it to him is not cute.

No. 662117

that's fucked up to say to your partner, there are nice ways to tell people they aren't being responsible or thinking something through

No. 662119

She treats him like dirt. Lower than dirt. I wouldn’t even say that stuff to my exes. He has every right to feel the way he does and she just shits on him.

No. 662126

why is her nose ring on the right pic only in her nostril? seeing this photo as a comparison pisses me off cos it's been butchered. just cos she has red eye and bad lighting doesn't make it candid or "real" ffs

No. 662128

They really should break up. If you're engaged to someone, why would you take on a job you don't have to do that you know makes your partner insecure and uncomfortable?
She could find other jobs if she decided to act like a normal, unentitled person. This hoe just wants to pull off a get rich quick scheme so badly she doesn't consider the consequences. She doesn't even seem to understand that to make money in any independant field, you have to put in work. No one is going to pay 100+ for art that took you like 2 hours of work, no man is going to consistently give her money without expecting extra, she isn't just going to start camming or stripping because it's just so easy for her now that she paid to be pretty. I hate that she acts like the surgeries improved her life or body dysmorphia. The surgery made her much, much worse because now she acts purely on impulse, let's her mental problems rule her life and is completely deluded about it.

No. 662130

(Same anon)
Plus she treats her "fiance" like trash and shit talks him to people that paid to see her private, super cool, super interesting snapchat. At the core she probably treats him crappily because she thinks she deserves and can do better. Why else would she need to constantly talk down to him? And do literally whatever she wants without any regards to his feelings but he can't do anything without running it by her. Plus she criticizes him constantly only to throw fits when he makes the most minor of comments about her mediocre flash sheet she worked "soooooo hard" on.

No. 662171

Tbh when I first found her account I was like wow seems like their relationship is really perfect? But it’s so clear now that she just makes people think that, because it’s SO dysfunctional. She has no respect for him

No. 662311

Wow thanks for the milk, saved me $20 for a while

No. 662312

Completely agree with all of this.

She’s textbook emotionally abusive to Matt (not trying to armchair)

I really wonder who the girl that he’s been creeping on is …. but Ariana is so insecure this girl could be totally hideous & Ariana would still be threatened

No. 662314

totally reasonable for Matt to be insecure about her having an SD, even though she’s been absolutely screaming all over Instagram that he’s totally fine with it.

I guess anything to protect her “woke sex worker” image despite it ruining the only meaningful personal relationship she has lol

No. 662318

It's fucked up because she acts like she HAS to be a sugar baby or do camwork. Pre-surgery Ariana has potential, friends and hobbies. She should focus more time on what she loves rather than what she desires to be. Scroll through her page and you'll see that she used to go out with friends, cared a lot about science and animals, smiled more. It's just fucked up she truly believes her and Matt's lives have improved much. Like, yeah you can say you love someone all you want but that doesn't exactly prove that you're good for that person.

No. 662374

File: 1534021422732.jpg (782.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180811-165945_Ins…)

Just uploaded this to her story not sure if it's old or not, looks like a recent self portrait lol. She also is looking through old art claiming she's amazed at how talented and creative she used to be but all of her work looks like she probably drew it from a reference. Nothing special. She also said she's going to be selling all of her old art even though it's unfinished af

No. 662378

Her right leg… do you see what I see?

No. 662561

File: 1534044015964.jpeg (464.7 KB, 750x1048, 98BFEC56-19AA-444C-9EA0-A79F13…)

Luna Slater tier pricing on her sketches which are on “recycled art sketch paper” smh

No. 662566

File: 1534045307963.png (1019.55 KB, 1242x2208, 04258F07-C9F9-46B3-B62C-9AE5C5…)

Gross someone bought one.

No. 662571

Drawing with references is fine. All artists do that. However this girl knows nothing about anatomy, shading, and hand sketching techniques. She obviously doesn't have the drive to learn drawing properly and is obviously delusional since she can't take criticism and thinks she can even sell her drawings for a rate of 20/hr. Why not one of you guys send her constructive criticism in the nicest way possible and see how she reacts lol

No. 662668

Yeah I totally agree. References are normal… as long as you still actually know how to draw what you're drawing. Why sell shoddy art?

No. 662670

File: 1534066122675.jpg (668.77 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20180812-052748_Ets…)

Look at that title, she's truly a creative innovator. How does she do it?

Lol seriously tho I hope she at least frames them or something

No. 662679

I like her dragon/snake drawings

No. 662680


yeah cus she is one in the soul most likely

No. 662697

from the thumbnail I thought this was a woman birthing a demon

No. 662863

File: 1534092278727.gif (8.94 MB, 446x640, SmartSelect_20180812-124154_In…)

Ya, probably shouldn't start stripping lol

No. 662870


No. 662878

File: 1534093595265.gif (919.84 KB, 300x300, EDC7BB43-F615-4560-8CE5-E4AC9E…)

No. 662879

Jesus Christ I didn’t think this could get worse lmao

No. 662882

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that she hasn’t lurked here because if she knew about this thread, she would make a BIG stink complaining in her story and call participants “sad loser haters obsessed with me” or something along those lines

No. 662893

The hips on this thing are thoroughly fucked up. It looks like her legs are sprouting from a bean.

Me too, anon

No. 662919

She already posted in here once >>640764 she’s definitely still lurking. Just my opinion tho.

Don’t think she would post about it on her IG either just cause too many of her followers would flood the board with mindless defending
or see how fucked up she is & stay

No. 662941

File: 1534098116937.jpg (863.84 KB, 2560x2323, 18-08-12-14-20-10-961_deco.jpg)

Angry little girl, too bad she can't get surgery on her personality

Btw i accidentally liked that person's comment while screenshotting lol not that it matters

No. 662953

Ugh it’s like she’s determined to prove how ugly she is on the inside. She attacks people at random with no rhyme or reason

No. 662979

does she realize no one isn’t putting a gun to her head and making her respond to anything?

I legitimately don’t know what’s worse, her attitude or watching her followers desperate to get on her good side that they dogpile onto every harmless comment

No. 663020

It's seriously so cringey how many of her followers dickride her whenever someone says something even vaguely annoying.

Also she deleted the comment thread from the guy who told her go back to blonde. Probaboy realized she acts like a piece of shit.

Anger is a defense mechanism in this case. She is a self loathing narcissist who lashes out at anyone who she percieves to be telling her what to do or how to live or go forbid questions her behavior.

No. 663179

File: 1534115687341.png (6.37 MB, 1242x2208, 77668BEE-1BAE-4812-AFE8-EF6C51…)

100 bucks she posted this herself or told him to post it

No. 663183

File: 1534116028310.jpeg (257.93 KB, 750x930, 57D240C9-CFF6-40E0-AD7D-2DE8E6…)


No. 663208

File: 1534117506102.jpeg (580.09 KB, 750x1097, E367E1EF-3E5F-41D2-A06B-B0001C…)

The delusions of grandeur continue as she sits at home, jobless

No. 663211

File: 1534117617592.jpeg (185.86 KB, 750x596, BE6086C2-40DC-4891-8935-386C56…)

Could the tides be turning away from people mercilessly dickriding everything she does ?

Does she just delete any and all negative comments she gets after giving them a snarky response?

No. 663222

Ah, yes, every woman who looks at her the wrong way in public is clearly a jealous h8r

No. 663225

My account lol. She deleted my comment where I said how is posting while I take a piss a hobby?

No. 663231

Ew this makes me vomit, I’m betting she physically typed it out on his phone

No. 663242

File: 1534120491645.jpg (922.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180812-192359_Ins…)

Dem uneven nips

No. 663243

File: 1534120617765.jpg (409.04 KB, 1080x1631, SmartSelect_20180812-153836_In…)

No. 663284


Snap anon here. She’s definitely fixated on the unevenness of the boob job.

I’ll grab some milk next time she talks about it.

No. 663355

hahaha that’s so classic. Guess her surgeon “trying to even them out” backfired

No. 663577

I wonder if she has straight up access to his Instagram account and posts/comments as him….

No. 663598

That's what I was thinking too because sometimes Matt suddenly starts typing like her. To be fair though, people in relarionships do adopt habits and quirks from other their partner such as the way they communicate.

No. 663696

Good point. I could just be tin foiling to the extreme

No. 663708


Snap anon again. She does have access straight to Matt’s profile. She likes to “lurk” and this is how she found the search for the girl she’s threatened by.

Will post milk when I’m off of vacation.

No. 663716

File: 1534186085668.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 023FD46F-A095-4325-8D36-5736B4…)

“I’ll straight up shank a dog”

No. 663733

she seems like the type to have a misbehaving dog herself and is quick to blame other owners rather than herself. also, really? there's better reasons to call the police than an owner walking his dog without a leash. if this bitch ever tried to mace my dog, i'd pop those fake titties and lips real quick.

No. 663744

"I would never wanna see a person or dog het hurt"
"I'll straight up shank a dog"
"No point in screaming at people to care for their dog"

I understand the leash law, it's common. Why wouldn't she explain the context tho, she is acting like it's someone just walking around down the street with their dog off of a leash, which I highly doubt. She is right about being careful but that doesnt mean the person doesnt care for their dog. She is so black and white

No. 663746


This proves she doesn't have half the balls irl as she does online. Such a fiery scorpio bbaddie

No. 663747

Something tells me she's lying about everything here.

No. 663751

File: 1534187930851.jpg (67.59 KB, 300x308, SmartSelect_20180813-151806_In…)

Dat nose edit. She loves herself so much clearly

No. 663850

That's nightmare fuel

No. 663860

lol her nose is literally gone

No. 663873

File: 1534198745280.jpg (94.18 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 663936

File: 1534203794277.jpg (590.13 KB, 868x1302, SmartSelect_20180813-194045_In…)

Holdin em up and they're still uneven 😂

Also why do her fans think everyone who hates her is jealous? I know people who dislike her who are literally gorgeous models… she had to pay to be a model and still barely books gigs and probably will never be able to again with those ugly bolt ons

No. 663976

Shouldn’t the scars be underneath the boobs so as it heals it’s disguised by the crease? Wtf even happened here…

No. 663977

wear gloves when you dye your hair you sloppy bitch

No. 664053

Can she delete her insta like she did her tumblr. Girl needs to step back and handle her brain. Mental illness is tough, having all these people validate her disfunction seems like a bad choice but she’s good at making those I guess.

No. 664055

She mentioned that she never wears bras and doesn’t wear the post-op bra most people wear. I don’t think any doctor would tell a patient that’s okay to do.

Tinfoiling but I feel like she’s doing this so they’ll “drop” faster for her stupid IG before/after pics and in the long run get saggy. They already look crazy.

No. 664060

I remember she claimed in one post that her doctor told her she doesn't have to. She also claims they don't need to be replaced either.

Which makes no sense because I know multiple people with boob jobs and they all said they need them redone every 10 or so years, obv it varies. Also they all still wear bras lol… boob jobs don't prevent sagging, no matter what kind of implant or method of installation

No. 664068

Maybe hers are made from gold. I just googled wearing bras after surgery and going braless does make them “drop” faster according to one doc for under muscle implants. Probably why hers are all crooked now.

No. 664069

File: 1534217894983.jpg (810.71 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_20180813-233734_Ins…)

Tinfoil? But could this be a fake fan account ran by Ariana herself… idk lol it just seems weird

No. 664070

Of course she's going braless so they can drop and fluff, those two words are all she can say when she talks about her boob job anyway

No. 664113

Err… the scar from the surgery is supposed to be in the inframammary folds, and she has it like in the middle of the bottom half of her tits. Something clearly went wrong.

No. 664125


it seems like she's just pulling them up really fucking high it stretches the skin

No. 664174

There are other photos where she's posing topless without any stretching, and the scars are way up.

No. 664175


lol guess it's some karma, then

No. 664481

Kek, the other surgeries Ariana's had are mostly non-noticeable and/or reversible.

But now she's ruined a perfectly good pair of god-given tits for cliche mandala tattoos, plastic baggies, and giant scars. All by her own volition. It must feel terrible to have made yourself so ugly.

she had such a snap impulse decision to get a boob job too, one week she was like "i love my tiny breasts and walking dogs", then she went 180 and decided she wanted to be a sex worker with plastic tits (who hates big dogs and makes '70k per year').

she has no convictions, that's another reason why her art is so bland and uninspired.

No. 664493

She's just another bland white girl who is so overwhelmingly consumed and obsessed with being unique and standing out yet has no personality or creativity of her own so she must borrow, steal, or mimic what she see's on others and take it for herself.
And when people see through her plastic, mangled facade she gets super defensive because maybe people will see that she's as plain as white bread with the attitude of a spoiled child.

You could easily reach into a pile of edgy ig thots and pull out 5 girls who look exactly like her and draws exactly like she does. She has nothing to offer except her body as a canvas for surgeons

No. 664550

Her body art and look were basically stolen from Kaycee anyways. This is all so spot on. She’s got nothin to back up her “aesthetic” which is just a facade to seem cool.

No. 664555

She's claiming on her insta that she's "spilling tea" on snapchat rn… idk if it's bait or not but if snapchat anon could fill us in that would be cool. Or if anyone else bought it and wants to check..

No. 664566

File: 1534281820739.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, B4005B89-926C-4630-B0D4-54283D…)

To your point

No. 664649

this is insane… you guys.. keep tabs on this girl… you update this things constantly.. some of you even PAY to see her Snapchat just to talk shit.. the only reasons you guys have for not liking her (that I’ve seen) is 1) her plastic surgery isn’t good. 2) she doesn’t deserve Matt (which is pathetic all on its own… why do you care about a random persons relationship???.. sounds bitter and lonely) 3) she copies other people. that’s literally it. And let’s say all those things are true. Maybe they are. But who the hell cares??? Why do you follow someone so religiously who clearly upsets you… how can you not see how that makes you pathetic.. don’t you have jobs… or lives… I mean what the fuck.. and you guys are going to say I’m some fan or whatever or that I’m actually her on here “lurking” however you want to twist this.. but just know.. you guys are lame.. lamer then her even if all that shit about her is true x10. You guys are straight up creeps and I’m willing to bet money you’re all fat and ugly.

No. 664669

your wk manifesto means nothing. go back to suckling on ari's lopsided udders

No. 664671

It’s actually her shit attitude plus that. Nice book tho.

No. 664682

"u guys r lame fat n ugly!!!!don't u have a job!!!" im crying at this essay oh my lord do u realize how upset this person was while posting this .oh honey…no… do u realize there's gotta be at least 20+ people posting in here ?. how can u blatantly assume omgggg im laughing so hard u came on lolcow to defend a person who is ugly as shit on the inside as well as the outside………. pretty sure that's on some lame shit but OK girl

No. 664695

somehow I knew you’d all miss the point.. I’m not sucking her ass or nothing.. like.. I agree she is rude.. how do you think I found this page? Clearly I was looking her up myself and I’m not mad? I’m just kinda confused.. because when I hate someone I block them and try to stay away because they put me in a bad mood.. plus she’s not that bad. there are sooo many people that are far worse and you guys drag her through the mud everyday over literally anything the bitch can’t even doodle without y’all being like LOL FUCK THIS CUNT lmao like idk.. I know I’m just going to be attacked.. I’m just wondering if you guys know just how bitter and sad it looks.. like rlly.. and sorry if all these words hurt your eyes I know reading can be real tough sometimes.

No. 664699

No, no. You miss the point. We don’t fucking care what you have to say lol.

No. 664701

File: 1534293613782.jpeg (71.9 KB, 537x399, 47F29D84-1E34-4452-81F8-8FCF44…)

do you know what website you’re on? lmao

No. 664704

You just have to understand that she openly acts like this on a VERY public forum- this is simply a place where people discuss the bad behavior. Is it really worse than Reddit or a tabloid? A lot of people are posting here, I highly doubt they’re all “fat ugly and pathetic.” Just people who are noticing the same pattern in someone and discussing it- nothing more, nothing less. You yourself are here on this page. Consider climbing down from the high horse for a moment.

No. 664722

I guess I get it. Idk though lol if I were her and I saw this I’d probably kill myself lol y’all go hard

No. 664726

>there are sooo many people that are far worse and

spill it then sis

No. 664729

the way this website works is that /pt/ is the wall of shame for cows who have actually done shady fucked up shit whereas here, /snow/ is simply for whoever enough people want to talk about. a lot of the cows in snow aren't that bad, haven't done anything truly reprehensible, but a lot of people find them fun to gossip about. PnP specifically used to be in an instragram general thread, but got her own thread not because she did anything particularly bad or even scandalous, but simply because she was taking up the general thread and obviously people wanted to talk to her. If you're against petty gossip in all forms that's one thing, as long as you understand that's all that /snow/ is really about.

No. 664733

I definitely don’t want that or anything bad to happen from this thread. If I’m being honest yes it’s fun to gossip about her but I want to see her get better, like I would for anybody. It’s clear she’s in pain, although that doesn’t excuse the way she acts.

No. 664740

I almost want her to find this thread because she seriously needs to be called out for the way she behaves & treats people. Obviously her feelings would get hurt but I don’t think anything “bad” would happen other than a snapchat rant. She has thousands of dickriding followers that will defend her and continue to feed her ego.

No. 664795


honestly, its for entertainment? why else do people gossip? this girl milks herself and there's nothing bitter and sad about watching the trainwreck "and sorry if all these words hurt your eyes I know reading can be real tough sometimes" you sound just about as petty as pnp herself….. thanks for shitting up the thread


n girl needs a major wakeup call, people with bpd (like myself lol im not talking out of my ass) need to be called out because they lack self-realization sometimes, and that's the honest truth.

No. 664809

Lol read up the thread. she blasted a clearly mentally ill follower of hers who said her surgeries made them feel poorly about themselves/wanted to die because they couldnt afford them personally. She put her own fucking mom on blast to her thousands of followers with a picture of her face and everything. I'd feel bad for her but shes just really fucking mean and the kicker is that she probably just thinks shes "smarter than most" and "savage af".

No. 664845

I don’t think any of us are claiming to be great people. Like what we’re doing is petty and pretty lame but she’s kinda just a shitty person and we want to talk about it because everyone else blows air up her ass and we see through it. It’d be one thing if we actually DMd her our thoughts or god-forbid someone sent her a link to this. Like we don’t bring our hate to her, we just share it in a small community that allows us to. I don’t see how that’s wrong as long as we don’t actually fucking spread our hate to the person…but that’s just me.

No. 664860

>I’m willing to bet money you’re all fat and ugly.

Why is this the go to insult for WKs just a question

No. 664885

It's funny too because they blast us for bullying but insinuate anyone who posts here is fat, ugly, broke, single, etc. As if those are the worst things someone can be lmao. Not only that but they can't accept normal, sane people could possibly dislike their behavior without hating themselves as well

No. 664912

Yea, I'm soo mad about some random botched stranger

No. 664915

File: 1534311215486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 791.56 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20180815-012202_Ins…)

It was sarcasm? I meant to attach this with it

No. 664918

But why would anyone word it like thar if they were being serious?

No. 664919


No. 664935

I’m late to the game but woooww get off your fucking high horse. At lease we have the decency to keep our thoughts away from pnp. We aren’t angels but it’s not like we are actually telling her all this to her face. You have some audacity to tell us we’re pathetic in our own forum and act like you’re some WK for doing so. Can you not see your own retarded hypocrisy? You’re a fucking mess. That makes you more “Lame” and “Sad” than us.

No. 665077

yikes that unevenness bothers me greatly

No. 665134

I agree with you. I honestly think this girl seems like a bit of a twat but the extent people girl to on this website is crazy.

No. 665141

I agree with you. I honestly think this girl seems like a bit of a twat but the extent people g0 to on this website is crazy. >>665134

No. 665165

Is it any different than the people who follow the Kardashian’s but hate them. Everyone have people they love to hate even if they don’t admit it. Also I’m not fat and ugly, how much you betting? I could use a few bucks.

No. 665865

File: 1534384421726.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, F3333DF1-C3BA-414D-9883-2E02AC…)

It seems she’s gotten two new tattoos. Matt was also seen being tatted on the arm/elbow.

No. 665868

File: 1534384583876.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 1AC7F18D-E847-4EA2-8CDD-426730…)

No. 665891


Calling it right now, these will be matching tattoos

No. 665978

wonder if she knows her only real talent is making the worst choices

No. 666038

Seems angry herself if she's letting random "teenagers online" upset her.

No. 666159


Can anybody tell me what that actually is? Like it has wings and there's a couple swords sticking out of it, but it looks like a chicken from behind. Does it have a head??

No. 666161


it's fucking disgusting is what. looks like it could be a fucked up coat of arms?

No. 666168

File: 1534420391805.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180816-075209_Ins…)

Don't forget, if you want any questions or advice from a self proclaimed insta thot, you have to pay for it! She's an expert thot, after all!

No. 666175


I bet she ignores loads of messages on snapchat too.

No. 666195

It’s a bird of some sort, with it’s beak roped to it’s legs for some fucking reason with edgy swords in its back, legs an neck.. it’s about the dumbest thing you could tattoo on yourself, let alone your stomach, and if it’s follows any of her other tattoo trends it will be only black inked. Maybe super edgy points it’s it comes out being a raven or some shit.

No. 666202

None of her tattoos look good together lol

No. 666406

File: 1534446751649.jpeg (228.42 KB, 750x1334, 260BEDA8-8BFA-4BD6-83C2-57CBE0…)

No. 666430

so…girls like her? ariana your dad chose his new gf over you lmao

No. 666495

File: 1534452218517.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180816-075140_Ins…)

She spelled delusional wrong

No. 666504

her face looks even fucking weirder in the direct sunlight

No. 666604

Her nose is really oddly shaped. Wide at the bottom and can-she-even-breathe narrow at the bridge.

No. 666642

I think she actually does have problems breathing or something structurally wrong with it. She’s mentioned before hating that she’s going to get it redone at some point.

No. 666719

File: 1534470570771.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 5E10527F-9488-400C-8C3D-79850A…)

How’s that no job thing working for you Ariana lmaooooo

No. 667011

>wants to be self-employed
>asking people for help instead of getting off her ass and being proactive which is what you need to be doing every day to be self-employed
this is gonna go great

No. 667025

She looks like a blow up doll

No. 667059

woe anon u just fucking bodied her holy hell im laughing so hard… nothing could be more accurate

No. 667089

I wonder if she’s going to pay them for this advice, kek

No. 667140

70k a year!!!

No. 667154

on her live she said she was gonna meet her sugar daddy. wya snap anon?

No. 667271

Its so deeply pathetic that she considers herself an influencer for posting before and after pictures of her busted mug and expects to make a full salary off this shit
There are so many actual artists with twice her following that make barely any money off of ig and aren’t completely deluded about it. Her fame complex is so sad

No. 667381

Different snapchat anon here, to sum it all up she had a date planned for today, he sent her $250 prior to the date. she starts to get ready but can’t fix her nose contour so she cancels on him (lol) but then ends up being able to fix it, goes on a 30 minute date comes home drunk. then talks about how he’s chill he doesn’t want a relationship just company, he’s in his 40s (maybe 48 i can’t remember at the moment) and is balding. she used the word “pure” to describe him frequently

No. 667513

I'm sure that will last lol
I bet a lot of Sugar Daddies say that at first and then after the tenth timeq giving some blow-up dollesque, lisping cunt hundreds to watch her get drunk and tune him out, they end contact and realize she won't eventually see through their balding, aged exterior and slob on their withering knob with her babboon ass mouth

No. 667745

File: 1534618127954.jpg (256.69 KB, 1080x1407, IMG_20180818_204229.jpg)

I know her being rude is nothing new but dude. She's so next level mean.

Context: someone asked (very politely) what procedures she had


No. 667746

File: 1534618174711.jpg (189.96 KB, 1080x1095, IMG_20180818_204216.jpg)


No. 667747

File: 1534618406978.jpg (229.37 KB, 1080x1090, SmartSelect_20180818-044909_In…)

Different anon but yeah she literally can't help herself. She talks down to anyone she deems lesser than her… she is extremely ugly inside and out. Doesn't matter how many likes or followers she gets… acting like an arrogant piece of shit makes you one

No. 667767

File: 1534620616501.jpg (417.54 KB, 1080x899, Screenshot_20180818-152659_Ins…)

Tbh her fans roast her without even knowing it

No. 667789

>plastic and proud!!!!
>how dare u tell ppl what procedures I had
She’s so unlikable? Her lips, nose and cheeks are obviously altered, common insta thot practices. It’s not like they’re accusing her of idk removing her ribs or something. Being fake is her whole brand but this bitch is triggered for some reason. Just the way she says lmao after being a cunt is insufferable.

No. 667791

She is so blatant about it. Obviously people online shouldn't have to owe their time to their followers, but she calls herself an influencer and her plastic surgeries attract an audience that will have questions. If she's wants to keep making money (if she even is making money) off her followers, she has to deal with these questions or at least have a FAQ/resources to point them toward. That's what being an influencer entails.

No. 667808

she will die alone because she will have chased away anyone who could have possibly cared about her

we're seeing it with her family already, I for one welcome it. she's terrible and deserves noone.

No. 667841

File: 1534629009843.jpg (220.61 KB, 640x640, 18-08-18-17-48-03-409_deco.jpg)

Ariana after a long day of wrecking internet h8rs with passive aggressive commentary and ranting at her walking, talking doormat of a fiance

No. 667873

anon lol that's beautiful

No. 667974

She's just trying to be a bad bitch but "google" is her go to snarky remark so it doesn't work v well

No. 668157

File: 1534664662871.jpeg (115.35 KB, 1125x2125, E3C4FC3A-9537-49ED-8FC7-94A126…)

Matt deleted his IG?

No. 668164

seems like he changed his handle to maleman.mp3

No. 668172

Why is this uncanny omg

No. 668290

She posts photos of before and afters constantly as well as her boob job? Her username is plasticandproud for fucks sake. How is it creepy that person said what is most obvious? I’d get it if they were like “botox in the side of her head every 2.5 months” but damn get a grip girl, how is someone open and also completely ignorant and closed off about their plastic surgery

No. 668436

File: 1534714615968.jpeg (476.28 KB, 725x818, E37FB8B9-61DA-4CE6-B6E5-0C63E1…)

She copied her friends spider tattoo.. what a weirdo

No. 668438

File: 1534714641679.jpeg (160.86 KB, 750x1092, B12AC926-AA83-448C-9BA0-4F473D…)

No. 668439

File: 1534714657625.jpeg (194.57 KB, 750x1107, 5F5052E6-29F0-4880-A28B-AD93F4…)

(check the dates)

No. 668444

File: 1534715167882.png (505.7 KB, 750x1334, 86B2E738-1ACF-4316-BBCE-C1C8DE…)

No. 668445

File: 1534715218061.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, FB815487-0892-41C2-890C-BCE8B6…)

No. 668461

its so sad when a problem could be 100% solved by just not living your life thru the internet

No. 668530

File: 1534720801612.jpeg (519.54 KB, 750x960, 78A7C2DD-239A-413E-B9E6-F2064F…)

No. 668598

It’s fucked up that someone is seeking her out to send her hurtful shit. She says she doesn’t know why she’s gets so much hate though? No, you don’t deserve messages like that but you get hate because you’re nasty and hateful yourself, Ariana. Doesn’t excuse the fucked up nature of those dog death/miscarriage messages.

No. 668631

File: 1534732636535.jpg (19.97 KB, 464x212, W1zk4ZF.jpg)

No. 668818

How do we even know she's telling the truth here? She may have other reasons to want to get this account taken down. Also, would constantly changing the nickname really help someone avoid bans on Instagram (I'm not an Instagram user, so I don't know, but seems much too easy)?

No. 668997

Holy fuck is she really going off about people drawing her haggard ass self? Get over yourself you fucking asshole.

No. 669033

she really thinks she's some sort of celebrity lmao

like, taylor swift went around giving c+d letters to etsy shops for using her likeness to sell fan made merch but this bitch is nowhere near having taylor swift money or even that sort of influence, lmao she was begging for help last week! an artist using her face for prints is essentially like googling stock photos to use for reference.

she really isn't cut out to be an internet figure. go back to school ariana. your dumb ass needs it

No. 669075

I can’t believe she’s saying what she is about her fucking face & I was the one on here defending her ass the other week but literally wtf??? Like she’s the one who quit her job because people were “mean” to her now she desperately makes money anyway she can and now she’s trying to SUE some innocent artists trying to doodle n shit, Bitch that ain’t even your face anymore. She paid big bucks to look like some beta fish now she’s mad.

No. 669103

She’s sitting there ranting and raving about how you’re not allowed to profit off of someone else’s image and how illegal it is .. bitch have you been on YouTube? I know it’s not drawing related, but there are thousands of channels that literally bank on reacting to other people and “riding off their clout”. She’s delusional and is trying to scare people with the whole “it’s illegal” bs. She’s no one special to be sueing anyone for using her botched ass mug.

No. 669123

lmao she’s literally comparing her face to toopoors merch…

No. 669124

What seems rich to me is that she gets mad about people capitalizing on her face and whatnot and saying they're taking money away from her…isn't that what you're doing to tattoo artists who want to sell their flash? Just because it looks like tattoo stuff doesn't mean it's actually tattoo stuff…way to support the community..

No. 669236

Demands money from followers for her stupid advice. Yet she asks her followers for free advice??? Shouldn’t that go two ways?

No. 669239

And honestly how is matt cool with anything she does really? She’s obnoxious, rude, controls his finances but doesn’t have a job so she’s clearly a gold digger, etc . And not trying to sound judgemental but just personally, i could never continue dating someknow knowing they’re actively seeking a SD and they had porn of themselves on the internet.

No. 669298

speaking of matt, i am one of the snapchat anons and i believe he was trying to find hereditary to watch online for free and she said to him that she knew more than he did, he wasn’t trying hard enough and sure maybe it was just her being playful but he looked so beyond over it

No. 669302

That’s the thing. A person can only deal with their significant other being an asshole for so long. After a while it gets old. How is he okay with her controlling his finances though? Giving him a budget when she doesn’t even work? I can’t imagine his friends and family especially liking her.

No. 669307


On top of that I don’t think he appreciates Ariana filming him constantly for her snapchat and profiting off of it

No. 669318

If i were him i would lose my mind tbh

No. 669329

File: 1534824071102.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 0138261C-4605-44C6-AD92-61058D…)

Cursed image

No. 669352

She’s now posting google, wiki, and quora screenshots to further prove her point that the artist cannot legally use her “likeness” for profit without consent.

No. 669362

File: 1534827119809.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 504E51FD-CE35-4CF8-B3BF-4E9755…)


No. 669363

File: 1534827145910.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, AE516103-E6AF-41AA-8F43-A3D5C3…)

No. 669422

Sometimes I wonder if this girl is having the most intense manic episode ever. How does she even have energy for this useless clout shit? She is nothing and nobody in the real world. It’d be hilarious watching her try to incorporate into a real, professional career. She’s going to crash and burn, she should seek help kek. Those delusions of grandeur are on another level, if I was someone who actually cared about her I’d intervene. Her poor family kept trying, seemingly

No. 669423

She calls everyone who upsets her in any way ugly, which just screams “I’m insecure about my appearance”, she’s plastic, sure, but obviously not proud

No. 669426

Her nasolabial folds make me so mad, how are they so deep even after the god-knows-how-many injections she wasted her loans on

No. 669429

it's interesting how she mentioned toopoor when there's people selling tp merch on redbubble and I've never seen her take issue with it. I've also seen people sell their drawings of tp on depop, I can assume without permission.

and is she really trying to say you need permission to just paint her face? making a profit off of it I can see where she's coming from, but just to make fan art? in what world is fan art taking away from your hustle

No. 669469

ngl I am living for this narc rage

go off girl this is great fun

No. 669543

Agree she is seeming manic right now. Watching her poke and prod and harass Matt while he is asleep is really just painful. I feel so bad for him.

No. 669556

File: 1534858969857.png (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 1394x2140, Screenshot_20180820-134106.png)

she's definitely manic as hell right now. BPD anon here n it really bugs me how she's promoting this. she said on ber story she's too depressed to go five minutes down the road to get her meds. this lazy bitch bothers me. she is so ugly on the inside and doesn't give a fuck unless it effects her looks.

No. 669570

If someone draws a picture of you it's theres because um they made it unless you copywrite your likeness? and lol this'll stop anyone tryna be nice by drawing fan art again

No. 669572

But guys don’t forget: she’s a hustler. She scams all her followers daily but she’s a hustler, guys. Matt is so proud of her hustling aka gold digging all the money he has left. Putting your man on an $80 weekly budget is hustling. Remember she stays home 24 hours a day but she’s entitled to control his money and post about her finding a sugar daddy daily. It’s all in the hustle

No. 669577

Im sure matt is cool with all of it. I’d be so proud of my significant other for hustling aka robbing her young impressionable fans on the daily. What does he tell his friends honestly? I don’t understand how he could speak highly of her ever. She probably shows up to family events half naked taking selfies the entire time. It’s actually really sad if you think about how mundane and ridiculous her life is.

No. 669580

Can’t exactly hustle when you’re thousands upon thousands in debt over bad plastic surgery lmao. She needs help. This thread is becoming depressing to read

No. 669581

And the videos of her bothering him while he was asleep are terrible. My boyfriend would have flipped the fuck out if i did that shit and he’d have every right to. Why would you intentionally wake your man up every single night to torture him knowing he has to go to work in a few hours. Selfish.

No. 669584

First of all the tv was blasting and second she was recording him on flash while he was obviously asleep. She reminds me of dasha honestly.

No. 669599

It seems that as time goes on, she exposes herself further and further as a really really not-nice person on the inside. Her comments sections are always acidic and toxic, she badgers matt daily, and she just seems so unhappy

No. 669635

Agreed. I used to have a friend just like her but he was a man. He acted the same way. Extremely selfish and vain. Treated his boyfriend like absolute shit and cheated on him. I don’t know if ariana is cheating on him but sugar daddies aren’t going to pay you to eat most likely. My friend had multiple SDs too and was actually living at this old guy’s house rent free and the guy would buy him whatever food he wanted. He let him use his car too even after getting into multiple accidents. There’s no way he did all of that for free without some sort of compensation…

No. 669685

when people boast about not taking their medication for pitty points it makes me so fucking mad… just take the fuckers you know you’ll feel less shit after so WHY

No. 669738


No. 669742

Lmfao y’all are so sad and childish. Get a life. You’re jealous ya’know?? It’s disturing how infatuated you trolls are. Yikes. If you don’t like someone, be an adult. Remove them from your life and move on. Why do you obsess over her? You’re jealous that she has followers, of her fiancé, of her life….if you weren’t you would be able to watch and keep moving. Go live YOUR best life. Get off the internet for once

No. 669746

Ari. Stop googling yourself.

No. 669749

how could we be possibly be jealous of a half deflated blowup doll with an ugly, mean personality and a life that's going absolutely nowhere. she's a fucking train wreck and it's so funny to watch. maybe you should take your own advice, ariana.

No. 669754

It’s a train wreck. Hard to look away. Jealous of her fiancé? Her followers? Her life? Nope on all three counts. I don’t know about others here but my fiancé and my life are hella better. Couldn’t care less about insta fame. That’s shits not real and it fades. You can’t make a living forever. You need a 401k fam. Looks fade and with a nasty personality, no ones sticking around for long.

No. 669766

Then stop worrying about her life? Keeping tabs on someone you claim to not care about is very concerning. Move on with your life. Do better. Calling someone ugly really says a lot about how you feel about youself. Y’all REALLY weird😳

No. 669771

don't worry ariana we're not worried about you, you're just a hilarious train wreck that's too cringe to look away from

No. 669772


No. 669777

if you can’t take the heat, get off the internet ariana. you’re no stranger to saying shitty things to total strangers either lol

No. 669781

hard to be jealous when i have an actual job, an actual spouse, and that sweet sweet health insurance package. sorry, i don’t define my life by how many teenagers kiss my ass on instagram. stop while you’re ahead sweaty

No. 669787

I only speak for myself but have never called her ugly: my comments have been mostly about her behavior, as most of them are.

No. 669790

So jealous that you paid actual money to look like Lord Farquaad? Lmao nice reach, ari. We’re actually laughing at you, not with you.

No. 669792

I’m torn as to whether or not it’s her, because I feel like even she wouldn’t say “get off the internet for once” because she lives online. But who knows.

No. 669794

sigh, you're right, I wish I was a bad bitch influencer without health insurance

No. 669813

It’s so funny how WKs and cows always think lolcow is obsessed with them and is jealous. It’s the lamest insult ever.
There are threads with 3x the traffic. People here probably check this thread once a day without even going to her ig while waiting for new milk from other cows.
The internet just simply loves it when thots make a fool of themselves.

No. 669816

Shitty personality and looks like she smells like cheese. If i were Matt I would be so proud.

No. 669817

Also who is the girl matt was lurking on?

No. 669849

File: 1534885645562.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 7B3D9963-6510-4027-8B4D-AC1554…)

>”I hustle. I’m a hustler”

No. 669855

the story count of a busy person

god no one pay her please that's just obnoxious pricing

No. 669873

She’s out of her mind.. her artwork is straight up not good and an actual tattoo artist wouldn’t even charge that much. It would be one thing if she had a unique & impressive style but she has the skill/creativity of a middle schooler

No. 669878

File: 1534886609606.jpeg (190.09 KB, 750x381, 652D50FF-768E-4CB6-9FEE-AEA8AC…)

She must really be hurting for cash

No. 669879

File: 1534886632789.jpeg (391.11 KB, 750x1003, 8F92368F-2160-405A-A4B4-63259A…)

No. 669881

File: 1534886644994.jpeg (561.22 KB, 750x923, 0F768EC9-7190-476D-9219-010CB6…)

No. 669883

File: 1534886688996.jpeg (356.26 KB, 750x1117, 0BB1A989-A625-4285-A5F7-3900E8…)

Smh who would pay 50$ for this shit when you can find really similar images for free on Pinterest or Tumblr

No. 669919

she deleted the post LMAO thank u anon this shit is terrible yet hilarious

No. 669924

this is the tattoo she just got?

No. 669926

I admit I did. I stand by it.
Your nose is fucked up, girl.

No. 669934

Giiiirl these can not be translated into tattoos unless someone gets a gigantic piece they’re gonna lose so much details and look like a damn blob, especially if the tattoo artist is mediocre with a standard gun
Tattoo art is supposed to look sophisticated and detailed while using few lines and simple shading as you can to maximize ease and accurate translation on skin you dumb bitch

No. 669938

PRIME example of how no artist is going to translate her shit onto real life human skin. How much do you want to bet she argued/was pissed when the artist had to argue her out of that exact design?

No. 669950

She’s so entitled to ask for that much for her shitty drawings lol

No. 669956


No. 669967

File: 1534893929414.jpg (229.9 KB, 1080x1049, SmartSelect_20180821-192426_Fa…)

Not milk, just funny

No. 669968

I agree they would be literal blobs on your skin. She’s ripping ppl off by selling the idea that these are authentic flash art tattoo designs.

No. 669993

File: 1534895879922.jpg (154.27 KB, 1080x758, SmartSelect_20180821-195704_Fa…)

No. 670000

File: 1534896729808.png (234.05 KB, 1354x1224, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 5.08…)

Old milk but I like how she can afford multiple injections and surgeries but begs for hand outs for her dog's surgery. All nitpicking aside, I beg she is a scammer

No. 670004

File: 1534897125159.png (458.47 KB, 944x774, lol.png)

someones wanting a little recognition these days lmao

No. 670011

im crying holy fuck

No. 670055

>I don’t need validation or acceptance from the internet

Mmmm, that’s not what your post history says girl

No. 670086


No. 670128

They'll end up looking like her bear tattoo.

No. 670138

I just got a super detailed Korean style tattoo that the artist designed for me and took 3 hours, in an award winning tattoo shop. It cost me like 350, including design and time to tattoo. Wtf is this 50 dollar deposit on art then she will charge more after?!?! The fuck.

No. 670162

Her behavior and all of her posts are so manic, it almost seems like she’s on uppers. That video of her poking Matt in his sleep is still haunting me, she seems really mentally ill in those ones. It’s disturbing.

No. 670192


is she literally retarded or do delusions of grandeur really be like this?? she can't see how shitty these look? i would be humiliated if i hyped my ~tattoo art~ up and it came out like this. i would NOT post it and i'd hope everyone just quietly forgot about the hype. how in the world could she be like "yeah, this is good, i'm posting this"

girl get help

No. 670262

She is deluded about her art the same way as her “pro level” makeup and franken face. But at least she’s actually drawing and not straight up tracing and thieving art like she did Babytrash’s style and tattoos so she’s got that going for her.

No. 670433

File: 1534959360423.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-22-13-32-28-185_deco.jpg)

Some tumblr milk I found after searching an old username of her's.
@inippleny if anyone cares to know.
Apparently PNP had a Taylor Nicole Dean-esque phase on tumblr

No. 670435

File: 1534959423783.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-22-13-33-34-542_deco.jpg)

Some more I found after searching her username under each blog that replied to the first post I found.

No. 670442

girl's a literal who for me
doesn't even sound believable that she would have multiple threads about her when she's working with a measley 3k followers

No. 670495

newfag alert

This is probably before your time anon, but emilyologist/Emily Crocker was known for selfposting here on lolcow two to three years ago, and was generally a huge shit-stirrer in every other community she inserted herself into (tumblr, PULL, ect.)

Emily and another attention-whore wannarexic Ember Whann feuded with each other incessantly. The harassment Emily is crying about in that comment is probably just their constant vendetta posting of each other over the years.


Plasticandproud fits right in with all the other scummy attention-starved girls, tbh.>>670442

No. 670538

File: 1534969370067.gif (1.07 MB, 250x250, 0C75685D-C7CE-46A9-9827-611F65…)

Found some gold on wayback machine

No. 670540

File: 1534969403326.gif (1.06 MB, 250x250, F35242C0-40F8-4A6C-B5AF-1E7505…)

No. 670543

File: 1534969526319.jpeg (36.84 KB, 539x346, C8CB0CC4-9020-47F1-9728-C36EEF…)

Why doesn’t she try seeking help for her body dysmorphic disorder instead of turning it into an identity

No. 670572

File: 1534971044888.gif (1.75 MB, 500x225, what-white-nonsense-is-this-gi…)

No. 670636

She’s honestly a gross human being. Inside and out. She looks like she doesn’t even bathe yet she feels entitled enough to treat her followers and anyone who doesn’t agree with her like shit. Including her own family and her “boyfriend”. She’s not special at all. Looks like lord farquad. Maybe she can do a tattoo of that.

No. 670639

I honestly cannot wait for her boyfriend to break up with her and fuck the other girl he has been lurking on. He probably already has because ariana is insecure, plain stupid, and unbearable. I’d definitely cheat on that.

No. 670655

not a newfag I just don't read every thread/threads revolving around ED cows. funny a girl that fakes her own importance on gossip sites would be a fan of pnp. she really just attracts those types

No. 670661

She looks like Cinderella's sister, the one with red hair

No. 670672

How is matt with ariana after she cheated on him? Plus she has videos getting DP’d on the web LOL. Like how would anyone be proud of that? Im not even trying to shame but come on. Who wants to be with someone who has been with everyone and also publicly talks about it. Fuck whoever you want, it just crosses a weird line when you start bragging about it especially online. How can she expect to not get criticized for that? She literally seems like the worst girlfriend and worst person in general. People do so much less and get so much more hate from it. Sorry ari, you’re not exempt from criticism just because you got a face transplant. She’s just so entitled and jealous of every woman who poses a “threat” to her. I hope you see this because you obviously lurk this thread LOL.

No. 670673

File: 1534977051067.gif (5.2 MB, 606x640, SmartSelect_20180821-181226_In…)

Ariana after lurking too hard and getting her feelings hurt

No. 670679

File: 1534977367764.png (626.01 KB, 640x1136, A68BA6DB-D263-4DE9-B51C-45BD0D…)

No. 670680

File: 1534977385411.png (166.79 KB, 640x1136, 075D9031-6AB8-4D12-81B8-1A62F0…)

No. 670681

File: 1534977398414.png (163.11 KB, 640x1136, 3C466310-5684-46C7-8805-E49FF1…)

No. 670682

File: 1534977416489.png (162.71 KB, 640x1136, 44336276-C2F6-4CC5-B348-DBCA11…)

No. 670684

File: 1534977431005.png (165.03 KB, 640x1136, 938D1F84-11B5-489C-A7FA-34D407…)

No. 670686

File: 1534977445403.png (164.9 KB, 640x1136, 72334C68-BECC-4C6C-A864-A66E54…)

No. 670687

File: 1534977456532.png (157.41 KB, 640x1136, F05F61AC-29DB-4A29-9C29-1F6C1D…)

No. 670693

She abuses animals, great. Another thing for her vapid followers to kiss her rashy ass about. Because let’s face it, someone is going to defend her no matter what. Just because she has a following and because people actually think she’s pretty LOL. How does a gecko simply break his jaw? That doesn’t even make sense. She obviously did something to cause that.

No. 670697

No. 670728

File: 1534980119981.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20180822-191949~2.p…)

So…you let those comments really dig under your skin eh?

No. 670730

I don't blame her for getting that honkin thing fixed tho damn

No. 670737

does anyone have the videos of her nsfw gifs?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 670781

how did she delude herself into thinking she was hotter than other people even before she got the work done whew

No. 670784

I don’t think she did. She was clearly very insecure (still is) and was just saying that to appear happy with herself.

No. 670789

File: 1534984505532.png (4.37 MB, 750x1334, C6EF7663-B0B0-49C7-BE17-2F79D2…)

She posted 5 pics of this drawing so she must think it looks good … is someone gonna tell her that this is not what hands look like

No. 670886

File: 1534992705449.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, 497BB012-94D3-48AB-B99C-47DAFF…)

No. 670889

Hey PnP! Read the thread. This stuff is honest. We have nothing to gain from making up shit about you.

No. 670892

File: 1534993141967.jpg (233.68 KB, 837x1200, Superimposed1534988076723.jpg)

Rare couple pic

No. 670899

her priorities in drawing frustrate me. she spend all her time stippling and not any time checking to see if the hands look remotely anatomically correct. she's hoping people will be distracted by the wood and barbed wire and stippling and not notice that it kind of sucks. i'm not even just trying to tear it apart. i think she actually has some natural talent but not enough where she can get away with just freestyling shit and putting so little thought into it. like you can tell she tried to just get drawing the hands over with so she could move on to mindlessly dotting. it happens but it's not the least bit impressive.

i think she has awful self esteem so she thinks it's a posi counter-force if she gasses herself up all the time. but the thing is not everyone knows what your self esteem is like so it just makes you sound like a narc who can't take any criticism if all your positive self-talk is out loud.

No. 670905

I can’t believe matt cheated… LOL NOT. He should do it regularly.

No. 670907

think people were just laughing about matt posting that you shit yourself when you were drunk once? and how they were disturbed about how poorly you treat him

No. 670911

She always looks like she gets DP’d on the regs. Sweaty gross and smelly

No. 670920

File: 1534995344272.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 11B3B9C6-ED03-4F1C-B5BC-A01B93…)

A new favorite! She is doing high pitched screeches on her dog walk with Matt.

No. 670957

>>670886 nobody spends hours here p&p… we check on this thread when we’re taking a dump, or a break at work for a quick laugh. Then we go back to our real jobs, decent salaries, and fulfilling lives knowing you’ll continue making an ass out of yourself online, and there’ll be more entertainment the next time we’re bored and feel like observing a train wreck.

No. 670973

File: 1535000546795.jpeg (298.29 KB, 746x1082, 943DC2CF-A8DA-4F9A-A681-9E017C…)

Guessing she’s throwing shade at this thread kek

No. 670975

My favorite thing cows do to deflect criticism after lurking is act like they actually love when people gossip about them. Trying to come off as if she doesn't care what we say is hilariously pointless. She literally addresses the h8rz every time she lurks. Every time. Then she gets all high and mighty as if the real reason people post about her is because she is a successful, happy e-thot with "great" plastic surgery lmao classic. Insecure people always protect their feelings and reasoning onto others. Must be why she assumes all of us spend hours talking shit and the only possible explanation for that would be jealousy because we are all ugly and fat (two things she could never be)

No. 671040

If any of you think you could really fuck over a Scorpio think again

No. 671043

File: 1535014667852.jpg (143.86 KB, 1278x720, autism.jpg)

I feel like all of you e-famous people are very boring and insecure outside of the personas you all put on for the internet (mainly IG and Youtube). I get a very strong "I wasn't popular in middle school and/or high school and blended into the background" vibe from you all. Btw, hi Sadie Decoite!

No. 671047

Tell me is it really so hard? To be a good person?
First of all what the fuck gives any of you the right to even stoop this low and be this creepy have NO RESPECT and no she doesn’t “beg” her followers to buy her a private Snapchat she simply asks when someone more exciting is going to happen / vent but now she can’t even do that because one of your stalkers / “spies” WILLINGLY bought her private Snapchat? :) I thought she begged her followers but someone willingly bought it to spy on her ??? :) yeah ok
you all are a bunch of psychopaths do you not have LIVES? Trying to ruin someone else’s how the fuck does that help your life? At all? By any means? Please let me know I’m having a hard time understanding why your heart is filled with negativity or how any of you take EVEN SECONDS out of your day to talk shit about her or try to ruin what she has going on, don’t BASH ON SOMEONES ART!!! OR TALENT I can’t even DRAW I can only draw STICK FIGURES & she only just got bad into drawing she’s going to need practice but she’s better than I’ll ever be even with practice & “BPD SUFFERER” WHAT THE FUCK
IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS, WHAT DOES HER “”””illness”””” have any thing to do with this forum you have no idea what BPD is like until you’ve experienced something like that YOU DON’T EVER GET TO SPEAK ON IT EVER, and how is she a thot? Or a hoe? Because of how she dresses???? I bet you WISH your boyfriend would let you dress like that. if I even had the confidence I’d dress like that, and don’t bullshit yourself you would too unless you’re ugly on the outside too and have no taste. it’s a fucking style HER style and in my opinion is not disrespectful towards Matt she’s literally SO LOYAL IF YOU KNEW Scorpio’s you’d know that they’re loyal as fuck.
And if you actually listened to her, and so WHAT IF SHE GETS SURGERIES???? how can you be so PREJUDICE, I really hope all of you can FIND PEACE and Positivity in your heart stop wasting your SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS. Talking shit about her looking at people talk shit about her change yourself for the better WE HAVE SO MUCH NEGATIVITY IN THIS WORLD WHY ADD MORE TO IT, from what I’ve seen she has a pure soul, “bitch” or not she’s never wronged me and I bet she hasn’t even wronged HALF OF YOU ON THIS FORUM!!! Don’t be a follower be your own human being but BE A NICE PERSON WHILE YOUR AT IT, how can people be SO BITTER TO TRY AND RUIN HER RELATIONSHIP??? Are you all a bunch of single lonely ass little girls? Because don’t worry sweetie they’re literally 7 million people on this planet go pick one :)
WTF WHO RAISED YOU????? DEMONS?????? Y’all are children

No. 671049

File: 1535016223002.jpg (58.28 KB, 500x500, avatars-000084859360-hdjo33-t5…)

No. 671050

you put more time/effort into writing this than the majority of people in this thread put into posting about pnp

No. 671053

Why would someone put such a terrible photo of themselves online?

No. 671060

Awww how cute they found 2 old pictures of my face, it looks like you still haven’t learned
how to be a decent person

No. 671079

Idk if this is a bait / troll post since you literally embedded a Logic song yikes but you lost your own argument the moment you compare someones integrity/loyalty/morality to what fucking starsign they have, so while I respect we all have our different beliefs etc.
Thats the dumbest shitpost I have seen in a while and I hope you know you're embarassing yourself online for an Insta thot while screeching about "iF oNly You KnEW ScoRpIOs!!!!"
Nah bruh I don't cause I am not blatantly retarded and ready to let the universe decide if im a good person of not lmfao
What will cause larger negative output abusing your gecko, getting plastic surgeries but not going straight to a vet when your pets jaw IS BROKEN, obsessing over what other people say about you while you claim to be #notbothered and claiming innocence(innocent people don't behave this way) I mean the list goes on and unfortunently chronicling the failiures, discussing/critiquing and sometimes even commenting(rudely at times too!) on the misadventures of 1 out of 9271919 vile insta thots/fuckbois usually does the world the favour.
Letting people stay informed or giving people a place to talk on serious wrong doings other individuals have done is proactive to society you widdle dumbfuck.

No. 671082

I doubt she's a troll, her blog is full of dumb shit like that. I guess all the weed finally fried her brain, kek. She also has a Facebook dedicated to Layla (toopoor) which is inactive, and occasionally posts images of Layla on her current FB account. Shit is weird to me, but she just has an obsession with IG thots, she probably wants to be one.

No. 671088

No one cares about your astrological sign, sadiedabs710@gmail.com


>Are you all a bunch of single lonely ass little girls? Because don’t worry sweetie they’re literally 7 million people on this planet go pick one :)

WTF WHO RAISED YOU????? DEMONS?????? Y’all are children

Lol what happened to all that fake positivity, ~don’t be negative~, “I’m not a bitch to others daily! I swear!!!11”. So positive guize.

>how is she a thot? Or a hoe? Because of how she dresses???? I bet you WISH your boyfriend would let you dress like that. if I even had the confidence I’d dress like that, and don’t bullshit yourself you would too unless you’re ugly on the outside too and have no taste.

KEK who needs permission from their boyfriend to dress like a blind crackwhore? Like, that not a good thing lol he’s either trolling you, has a by-proxy-humiliation fetish, or is afraid you can’t take criticism. If he really cared, he would be honest and tell you that you look like a hot mess who robbed a hobo prostitute of their clothes.

>muh bpd

You’ve been a bitch to many, many people, stop using mental illness to excuse your shitty embarrassing behavior….again….for the 400th time. We get it, you think your immune from criticism or any responsibility of your own actions and words bc of ~bpd~. Shout it from the rooftops next time, I don’t think the 135,688th person you’ve been a bitch to can hear you from over there.

It’s always the most insecure girls that get the most defensive. You decided to post your life publicly on social media, you decided to post every nasty, cringey, retarded thing for hundreds of thousands of people to see online. Would you prefer we lie? You’d have no problem if we were kissing your ass, lying, and giving you fake compliments. But you get your jimmies rustled as soon as someone says what they really think of you, and gives honest opinions, direct facts, and screen caps of your own posts, that you made publicly. Then turn around and claim that you hate “fake bitches” and that you “keep it real” gurl plz.

Many people see through your BS and think you have shitty behavior and look ridiculous, and that’s what your afraid of. This thread wouldn’t exist for as long as it has, if many people didn’t think this shit about you, including your followers and “friends”.

“You all must be jealous of my ETHERAL beauty!!!!11” ….yeah suuuuuree, keep telling yourself that, whatever make you feel better about your gross makeup, embarrassing “fashion”, wonky plastic surgery, narcissism, rude-faux-confident attitude, and constant e-begging. Have fun struggling to get a job and stay financially afloat in the future lol

The delusions of this cow, whew lad.

No. 671090

Confirmed that she found the thread. She has been video ranting in her IG story about specific topics posted here.

No. 671093

Oh and now she's ranting on ig about how anyone who posts on here is a raving psychopath lmao bitch is allegedly diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Stop projecting, Ariana. No one is obsessed with you, you're a walking, talking joke to us.

Also LMAO @ everyone who comes here and assumes we are all fat, ugly, single, broke, lonely, etc for exposing how shallow their standards really are

No. 671103


The use of caps is pretty revealing. I feel like I can read this as if it's just an instagram story that someone transcribed from you, Ari.

If I have to hear about how your horoscope is a tell-all for what a piece of absolute garbage you are, I might genuinely lose it.

No. 671112

Lmao are you ESL or something?

No. 671115

and i hope you learn to love yourself and realize defending a terrible person is just embarrassing

No. 671117

File: 1535028585776.gif (2.47 MB, 414x271, 89280709-5104-4B97-BB0E-5720F0…)

Stop talking about yourself in the third person, it’s embaressing.

Pic related is a current pic of your dumb ass lurking this thread

No. 671121

Stop being mean to people on the internet. Care for your pets, etc. This thread would NEVER exist if PnP weren’t so fucking mean and nasty to people in the first place. I googled her to see if others felt like I did (that she’s mean, etc) low and behold there’s a huge thread talking about many of the things I’ve thought. I followed PnP because I thought she was pretty, but her insides don’t match.

No. 671128

You’re all literally no better than she is

No. 671137

ahhh criticizing the farmhands. nice.

No. 671139

those of us that aren't neglecting our pets and emotionally abusing our significant others actually are better than she is tho

No. 671140

OMG EVERYONE GO LOOK she said Matt’s not her Fiancé anymore

No. 671146

delete your first post before you revise and post it again with more comments you dumb fuck

No. 671157

LMFAO abusing any substance everyday for years on end WILL be detrimental to your brain activity, pleb

No. 671161

nta but that was an obvious joke lmao nobody here actually thinks weed fries your brain. you're not cut out for this and you need to go back to facebook or wherever you came from.

No. 671181

Sadie Decoite, pls go

No. 671182

of all the fuckin cows to stan

No. 671185

Ariana, this is our platform to talk about how we feel about certain people and topics just like your IG stories are your platform to talk about what you agree and disagree with. "don't like it, don't look at it" sound familiar?

No. 671186

Screencap the posts in this thread, she’s baleeting like crazy

No. 671188

…alright I’m not gonna lie she kinda burned our ass with the whole pro life analogy..

No. 671189

awwww matt isn’t your fiancé anymore? How sad LOL. I wonder why? He probably lurks this thread too and finally realized what an idiot he has been. Can’t turn a self-proclaimed “thot” into a housewife. Go fuck an actual woman who isn’t going to steal all your money and then play the victim. she abuses animals for fucks sake. What happens when they have a kid and she spends the money on her stupid injections as opposed to using the money to pay for doctor visits? If she’ll abuse an animal, she’s abuse a human being. She already abuses matt soooo

No. 671190

WHAT omg what happened with her and Matt I’m so out of the loop

No. 671192

Y'all… ProlapsedAnusLips isn't the one sperging out in the thread. It's her dumb ass stan, Sadie Decoite. She literally used her real email on here like the autist she is, why she's still posting here hours later, I will never know.

No. 671194

She said he wasnt her fiance but her "husband". Anon up the thread gave bad info.

No. 671197

I’m 99.9% sure she’s posting here as well, since she’s sperging like a mofo on ig now about this thread and she can’t contain herself from running her mouth. She most likely sent sadie here and told her shit to say. Reminds me of dasha and her crazy stans.

No. 671201

This post was made by pnp herself
So I’m sure there’s many others

No. 671202

was it? i thought it was in response to someone posting pics of another chick? >>671049

No. 671203

Yeah i just saw her insta story and she said she’s going to call matt her husband instead of fiance.

No. 671206

Shit my bad, needed to do a double take, thx anon

No. 671208

eh it wasn't really anything interesting.
some bitch going on about how pnp is so innocent and we are the big bad meanies and such terrible people. ban evaded like crazy with a "haha ever heard of a vpn??" thrown in to up the autism levels. then a post explaining the medical merits of "cannabis". she rounded it out with a post that said "This page should be DDOS'd!"

No. 671210

What is most humorous to me is the fact that she actually believes that she’s intelligent LMaOOO

No. 671213

No one is envious or wants to look like you Ariana lmfao people aren’t hating, they’re commenting on the bullshit you put out YOURSELF. Please go back to school or get an actual fucking job. Why would you intentionally sit on your ass all day knowing that your man works and that you essentially rob him. You refuse to get a job as if you’re some pristine princess. You’re so busted and annoying.

No. 671214

What's the point of shooping your pictures so much when at the same time you regularly post stories that reveal your real face?

No. 671216

damn this turned messy as hell

No. 671220

ugh, girl. why are you literally ASKING to be doxxed? come on now.

No. 671221

fucking love this anon sorry for dp but i had to say something

No. 671222

good luck with that hurricane in hawaii, too.

No. 671224

Oh and even old gross men wouldn’t be desperate enough to pay you for fucking having DINNER with them. Get your head out of your ass. You’re fucking other men to get money and that’s how you hustle. You act like your relationship is so solid and trusting. But how would any human being be okay with the shit you do daily? Like i would be so embarassed to introduce you to anyone. Friends and especially family. They would all be so grossed out with her personality.

No. 671225

No. 671226

It's incredible how she will completely go on a tangent over not focusing on things that bother you and to remain positive yet in the same breath intentionally do things to upset the "h8terz" and have her reaction to the negative feedback here sole focus on her platform

No. 671228

very confused on ur reasoning to continue to check this or put an email in the first place

No. 671229

Wake up matt

No. 671233

File: 1535034775040.webm (3.84 MB, 639x1136, horrible forum boolies.webm)

Message to us psycho h8erz, we are horrible boolies. I will try to post these, they're a pain to convert.

No. 671234

farmhands pls start banning all these new spergs

No. 671235

is there a lolcow bingo card out there anywhere?

>hate forum

>obsessed with me

No. 671236

File: 1535034925481.webm (3.88 MB, 639x1136, 1852232480876561429_322065972.…)

No. 671238

>i charge people to see me post about my psychotic tendencies on shapchat and now i'm scared because they're talking about it with other people


No. 671239

File: 1535035118916.webm (3.85 MB, 639x1136, 1852232625973805629_322065972.…)

No. 671241

Matt said she doesn’t even pay rent. Lol so she literally sits on her ass all day and contributes nothing to the relationship.

No. 671242

File: 1535035226614.webm (3.87 MB, 639x1136, 1852232778773353119_322065972.…)

No. 671244

she obviously doesn't realize how retarded she sounds saying she assumes everyone that gives her money has good intentions? i don't understand how none of these people have ever heard of hate following.

No. 671248

Hey, dumbass. Since you read here so much here's some advice:
Log off the fucking internet and stop acting like anything to do with your life is "need to know" information for anybody.

No. 671256

I could barely sit through all of her shit without focusing on her dumb ass lisping getting in the way. Glad to see the only fucking thing you took from this Ariana was HEALTH INSURANCE.

No. 671257

She’s acting like we ONLY comment on petty things such as her appearance but there are so many extremely valid criticisms of her on here that she chooses to ignore. She treats her “husband” like shit, abuses animals, is incredibly rude to everyone, rips off her followers, etc etc etc. We aren’t trying to pick you apart for irrelevant things, Ariana, we think you seriously need to re-evaluate how you act.

No. 671260

i'm watching her most recent sperging on her IG stories and I'm so confused as to how one moment she's like "omg i have 70k followers, u don't even matter i don't care if u unfollow" to looking like she's crying saying "I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE FOLLOWS ME MY LIFE ISN'T INTERESTING"
like, bitch. you live to make your life seem interesting to people on the internet lol what else you got going on?

No. 671261

i feel like she's going through the exact same process as toopoor did when she found out about lolcow
how long til she starts addressing us directly?

No. 671265

I think she just learned the word clout recently and is really gravitating towards that term. She clearly likes to imagine herself as someone that people look up to for advice and guidance because it's important to her esteem. Whether its make up, or art, or relationships, or money. She only denies liking having a large following when it's negatively clouding her ability to focus on actual ambitions that a healthy creative person would have


No. 671283

File: 1535037914601.webm (3.88 MB, 639x1136, 1852232928551400656_322065972.…)

Fellow "psychos", I'm back. (My internet went off, no I wasn't doxed. kek.)

No. 671284

File: 1535037974327.webm (3.06 MB, 639x1136, 1852233051746416087_322065972.…)

No. 671286

File: 1535038042230.webm (3.97 MB, 639x1136, 1852234113627392533_322065972.…)

No. 671288

File: 1535038113519.webm (3.8 MB, 639x1136, 1852234259756944928_322065972.…)

Uh, we want to assassinate her, apparently.

No. 671293

File: 1535038706527.webm (3.86 MB, 639x1136, 1852234553257393407_322065972.…)

Oops, meant DDOSed, not doxed.

No. 671297

File: 1535038887599.webm (3.82 MB, 639x1136, 1852234404132276529_322065972.…)

This one actually goes before the previous one, so srry.

No. 671302

File: 1535039079707.webm (3.88 MB, 639x1136, 1852234698070018942_322065972.…)

No. 671303

File: 1535039152879.webm (3.95 MB, 639x1136, 1852234862402751992_322065972.…)

No. 671305

File: 1535039276245.webm (3.95 MB, 639x1136, <