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No. 762822

Mamma Bear is the most famous bear on YouTube. Famous for what you might ask? Well she’s famous for flashing her flat ass, saggy tits and fupa during live-streams while screaming at her haters. Is she hated? Yes. She’s used in her community to cause grief. People fill her with false information and she runs with it without caring what she does to who. She’s a known e-beggar who’ll stop by anyone’s chat to demand money for her rotting unbrushed teeth. There was a woman with a rare cancer in the community who was loved so the community decided to hold a fundraiser/auction to help her out. It brought the community together and it was a beautiful thing for a beautiful soul that raised quite a bit of money for a much needed medication for her. Old haggard Mamma Bear saw green. Envy and money. So when she caught wind of this she started running from chat to chat demanding money for her zombie teeth because “she could die”. When no one wanted to give this bitter old hag any of their hard earned money she decided to call Medicaid on her and got her in trouble for the fundraiser. During the fundraiser this maggot decided to have a live-stream of her own and the woman stopped by from her own auction to ask for peace. Well that set the maggot Linda off even more and she continued her goal of hurting this woman and her family in any way she could think of. The woman passed away in December and all Linda Dill has to say was that she didn’t even know the bitch. This woman never did a thing to anyone to deserve this living human trash pile to attack her throughout her illness and even in her passing. Now Linda Dill has a daughter that she uses as an excuse for her vile behaviour while simultaneously implying she’s a dangerous retard. Her name is Rebekah Dill and of you go to her channel she’ll tell you insightful stories of sludge dripping out of her cooter. Linda has begged for teeth, a stove, and has recently been gifted the computer she’s been begging for for the last two years. Meanwhile she’s plugging her daughter’s disability checks for her brain damage into the nickel slots at the local dive bar. It’s been rumoured that Linda is also selling Rebekah’s meds and she’s most certainly on some of her own. She also likes to preach and pray for God to strike down her haters. And don’t bother questioning her about her actions. Her little blue wrenches are quick to beat you into oblivion for even considering such a thing. She’s in Truthfully Trisha’s (of Dr. Phil fame) community and she makes Truthfully Trisha look like an angel by comparison. Linda Dill threatens to dox and call the cops and/or CPS, family, jobs or whoever she can if you take a stand against her and does so while simultaneously screaming that she’s going to get a lawyer for people who are attacking her personal life that she lets you in on every moment of. She’s YouTube’s newest joke and she’ll do anything for money. Anything.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT3dQ0Ywx9yNjcLTGGeRA-Q

No. 762829

I can tell this woman is insane drom her thumbnails alone. But anon, please use paragraphs next time, that was a rough read.

No. 762865

My apologies. I’m not sure why I didn’t.
She’s definitely worth a look though. She’ll keep you entertained if nothing else.
But you’ll grow to hate her. She’s the typical American boomer.

No. 762874

I’m new at this and have no patience for writing. Here’s a link to a channel who covers the bullshit she deletes.

No. 762882

Holy shit this woman is horrible and 100% nightmare fuel.

No. 762898

That she is. I hope this link works.
This is her in all her glory.

No. 762921


Embed Youtube videos.

No. 763007

Thank you kind Anon. It’s hard to link YouTube videos because she deletes most of her streams and flags anyone who reuploads anything of hers as well as accuses them of stalking her and threaten to ruin their lives.
But she’s streaming right now.

No. 763366

kek link goes in the YouTube line

No. 763402

Thank you. I’m learning. She’s live again talking about all the whores she knows. Like she’s not one or something.

No. 763503

I love Bottom of Youtube shit (Elvis travels, anyone?) but can you put some clips or timestamps, I can't watch two hours without knowing the payoff. Short videos can be uploaded to streamable for example. Or you can give us a guid to timestamps and what to look for.

No. 763559

I get it. I’ll find clips from other channels. She’s proudly infamous for striking channels so they’re hard to find.
This one’s 8 months old but it gives some insight into her blatant cruelty and utter lack of respect for anyone else.
She’s been behaving the last few days too.
But Satan still lives there. He’s sleeping.

No. 763560

Elvis Travels. Lol.

No. 763570

A fun clip with resident lolcows Pam and Rick of Shoot the Shit.

No. 763574

Here’s one where she’s twisting her hatred via knives into people’s backs. No one escapes her wrath. Not even Rebekah.
All because she’s a jealous money hungry drug addicted gambling whore who loves any attention she can get.
If it’s bad attention just pay her and she’s fine with being used as a doormat.

No. 763592

Painting and preaching with Bareassed Bear.

No. 763598

Lectures by Lucifer Linda.

No. 766323

Mamma Bear explains what a brown egg is. Apparently she was in the background of one of her daughter’s videos on the phone discussing selling Rebekah meds. When she got off the phone and realized that Rebekah was live she said she was buying brown eggs and it’s now a running joke. Well, Linda’s a running joke.

No. 766356

Video explaining the reason this thread was started and I’m done with the witch for now. Her rotten teeth have rotted her brain heart and soul.

Samefagging for truth.

No. 766454

Linda Dill should actually be mad at the moron - think Savage Live - that put her ass and words on YouTube.
I wonder if Linda Dill knows it’s illegal to put your ass on YouTube.

No. 767192


No. 767235

She is beyond gross. She’s eviil. She’s a liar and a cheat. She steals from the govt pretending to be disabled. She spends hrs at the casino losing her daughter money. She sells her pain pills. There is no one more evil(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 767277

Her and Savage Live are at it again right now. Savage is a ho wannabe. Her husband likes to watch her take it off on YouTube to Ricky of Shoot the Shit because he’s attractive and not a slimy hick.

No. 767278

No. 768477

Stripping on YouTube again.

No. 768497

It just looks like you're shilling for your channel, posting a current livestream like this.

No. 768504


This entire thread is suspect.

No. 768510

Yup, it's like one samefag over and over

No. 768676

Can you morons read? I am samefagging with all different channels. It’s not my problem that the bottom of YT haven’t yet gone as low as lolcow. They’re learning. I ain’t plugging anyone. They’re all about the cow in question.
If you’re not interested in this cow don’t watch. But her udders are full of milk. You’re blind, deaf and dumb if you don’t see it.

No. 768677

Slap dat flabby ass.

Samefagging because it’s funny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768763

Here’s the best clip I’ve found of last night’s Awards Show. Linda Dill the ballerina.

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