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File: 1529507080265.jpg (147 KB, 640x642, image.jpg.20366f67a45057f689ad…)

No. 615886

Previous threads: >>>/snow/66660

Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered here today to declare that Layla Shapiro aka TOOPOOR has graduated suma CUMlaude from lolcow shitversity. This thread will still follow Layla, but she's seemingly moved on from her typical histrionic antics. She's become sober and relatively stable, thus less milky.
Since fleeing the country from her toxic dumpster fire relationship in LA, she has passed her Cow title on to her ex Tyler Pepper Ann Gross(o).
May this thread be his penance for being an abusive fuck.

The thread is still open to the general soundclout scene.

New milk(sorry if I forgot anything big):

Pepper&Paris were seemingly booted from the beerbongs and bentleys tour. The reason is unknown. It's speculated to be related to his crew begging for drugs via the internet at each stop. A fellow anon reached out to peppers "assistant" and offered to provide a plug ine xchange for entry to the show, as promised. The expose confirmed their drugs of choice (redneck-esque pills) and that they are, in fact, cheap, ignorant, and egotistical.
Tyler seems to have been dumped by his instathot/richgirl fling @gtshields. She's been noticeably absent from social media following their breakup.

Layla is now back in London after a brief stint in LA. She's working on an album with her neighbor/producer @whynotcordell and trying to make new friends. She's said she no longer wants to permanently move to the UK.

During her time in LA, she brought her London boyfriend, Luke Storey, along. They broke up a week after arriving. Layla claims Luke "ran away" Luke claims Layla is "crazy", but he also was struggling to stay sober in LA.

Tyler Grosso continues to make an idiot of himself on social media, desperate for validation. he's had several "mental breakdowns" on his social media accounts and gloats of his drug abuse and overdoses.
Grosso/Pepper showed up three threads back to answer some questions, confirmed it was him on his Twitter. While in the thread, he confirmed his shitty behavior (i.e. treating Layla like shit and refusing to let her mourn peeps death). Layla has also repeatedly confirmed that Pepper was emotionally and mentally abusive and claims he is the reason she left the US. He continues to show warning signs of grooming in his current fling. It is confirmed that he still lurks here and publicly spurges about lolcows opinion of him.

Still releasing clipart t-shirts.

Grosso wrecked his porsche like a week after buying it and proceeded to take aesthetic pics of the crash. (never forget)

Old milk overview: "goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA. Has begun to get more serious gigs since going to London and starting a music career. She's begun to release SoundCloud mixes and has been seen recording with others in the LA scene

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Is now sober/preaching a healthy lifestyle.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing and has since been a TooPoor skinwalker.

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, and begun seeing model luke storey

She has broken up with tyler and severed all business ties

Her new branding is wholesome, healthy, and metal health woke, the validity of this is debatable

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face along with vague brand collaborations


The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.

The most recent news: xxxtentacion was shot and killed. All of soundclout is posting their “RIPs” and exaggerating relationships with him, a la Peep’s death. Nobody in the scene is too bothered by xxxtentacion’s history of abusing women & hitting up underage girls.

Layla is currently in LA. She was among those to express sympathies for X’s death, and was rightfully dragged up and down for calling on people to look past his “mistakes” in death. Because imprisoning your girlfriend and attempting to rape her with a barbecue fork is apparently just a “mistake.”

Grosso has announced a charity sale, farmers doubt any charity will see a single dime.

Luke continues to be an absolute fool on social media.

Layla has recently posted pictures of herself spending time with Joei.

No. 615913

Marilyn sounds exactly like layla on her latest live, its almost like she imitates the way layla speaks. Embarassing as hell

No. 615926

Don’t wanna be that guy but you did a shit job of editing the OP. Pick a recent photo and clean up the intro - remove non relevant things like old milk, etc. there’s two sections of “new milk” on here.
You misspelled clout in the title ffs

Guess there’s always next time.

No. 615942


What's the green text in the title? Is that a trip code identifying too poor as the thread maker or is that something else?

No. 615944

The last few threads have all been started by people that don’t know what they’re doing. I think they just accidentally tripd

No. 615947


i wish OP had used this as the thread pic lmao

No. 615954


No. 615973

File: 1529516610117.jpg (169.92 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180620-103550.jpg)

Wtf was there a riot in the streets over temptacion or

No. 615976

File: 1529516685062.jpg (205.11 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180620-104511.jpg)

No. 615980

Yes lol, that 'memorial' was organised by adam22, I think grosso was there too, based on his insta story
Riot police showed up to get rid of them. Here's an article/videos
(too long to screenshot)

No. 615984

Any ig livestreams you know of? I have some of the Florida one I’ll upload and link ina few

Xs fans are just as bad as him tbh. When peep died it was just a lot of kids of various clout degrees crying in parks.

No. 615991

File: 1529518498219.jpg (59.84 KB, 678x381, chimp-out.jpg)

You mean a chimp out?(racebaiting)

No. 615992

I genuinely feel that if our 'youth rappers" display support for gang related activity (not saying XXXtentacion did, but others of the same soundcloud bullshit) and use social media to display actions of domestic violence, etc. the youth view these KIDS as 'idols/gods' and 'role models.' THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH FANS

for example, those who set fire to Geneva memorial bullshit did this out of spite for what they view as "accusations" of charges against X, which in fact TRUE but considered accusations as he was awaiting trial.

They are a bunch of TEENS out of school for summer while their parents are at work trying to 'save the scene." this is some SHIT.

No. 615996

x never really encouraged gang activity. he was one of those edgy wannabe school shooter types.
its why his fans are so fucking retarded

No. 615997

compare a yg fan to a x fan.
yg fans r just ratchet.
x fans r try hards that think theyre soo misunderstood but still try to act hard

No. 615998

Yeah literally none of these people actually talking about gangs.

No. 616001

No. 616004

all this stupid ass riot/protest bullshit just takes away the focus on 'figuring out who shot X."

I just do not understand ones mental ability to support someone like X. This is just a whole bunch of shit that in 2 months will be solely children posting 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, and so on since you've been gone posts.

No. 616139

it should be soundclout general btw

his fans are as volatile as he is all this commotion is just going to make it harder for the police to carry out their investigation

No. 616141

File: 1529528684091.png (101.95 KB, 320x247, 07e4097e89af01a1e703278a946eb3…)

sHe LiEd AbOuT bEiNg PrEgnaNt thO

~x fans

No. 616147

She had to escape the house days after that and run to the police bc x wouldn't let her leave to go to the hospital. The police were involved how tf do his fans think she just "made it all up" there's a litany of proof. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually was pregnant and retracted her statement out of fear.

No. 616149

Well was accused of witness tampering and going to see her when he had a restraining order so he probably did threaten her or apologize and offer her money to shut up. All his fans can seem to regurgitate is that these are all just "allegations" as if because he never made it to trial it never happened. Dude had like 12 felonies and wanted to fight everyone. Fuck his faux-woke positivity. It's called damage control.

No. 616154

File: 1529530002908.png (731.77 KB, 640x1136, 81EFC3D2-1F1F-46A6-BE6D-60FF41…)

Lukeystorey’s raps are so fucking awful. Who tf is gassing up this ugly ass 30 year old white man? He’s untalented and insufferable and has such a cunty voice for someone making “music”

Luke needed to get smacked down a long time ago. He’s a clout chasing wannabe

No. 616160

File: 1529530425819.jpeg (274.1 KB, 640x806, BD6707F2-463C-433B-A6B9-BBF328…)


Geneva Ayala’s gofundme was posted almost 2 years ago and didn’t reach the goal until recently. The donations were for surgery so Geneva wouldn’t be blinded from her injuries. So did Geneva already have the surgery done without the donations?

Why is anybody giving her money when her injuries have healed and she was not left blinded/disabled?

No. 616162

who is talking about donating money to her? i think everyone is just saying that the circumstances surrounding the two are still a mystery

No. 616167

>and now I'm a rapper nobody wants to play

Lmao no one in the scene even gives a shit that you exist luke grow tf up

No. 616173

Considering the only people who knew about these 2 were his rabid fans it makes sense she never got the money. I hope she found some way to pay for it. He could've fucking killed her. I can't believe he slithered into the dms if young girls after all this. Dude was a straight up super villain.

No. 616178

File: 1529531074330.jpeg (49.62 KB, 524x524, 1529530088165.jpeg)

People need to start spamming these on twitter so all the praise stops

No. 616185

Layla is you're reading this I am beyond disappointed in you. You can't speak out against abuse and then ignore shit like this.

His fans won't give her peace. After Peep passed people attacked you and wouldn't let you mourn well now they're doing the same thing to her and your more concerned about his legacy than his still suffering victim?

Alice Glass had the right idea

No. 616189

I'm absolutely baffled on her stance on all this. Did she read any of the very very incriminating evidence or was she just posting out of her ass because he was cute and she liked his music?

No. 616200

I liked his music then I read up on him and realized he was garbage but I still think he had some bangers.

You can separate art from artist. Liking someone's music doesn't mean you have to support them in all their endeavors. I'll never understand ride or die fans that excuse everything their fave does just because cognitive dissonance.

No. 616208

again, layla didn’t specify her tweet to x. it was a broad statement about bringing up your wrongs verses rights. she has a lot of friends in that scene and who knows how she’s handling this. i’m not stanning her or her decisions but she wasn’t justifying his actions. she was more so calming the storm of a dead man regardless of his past. with tyler, she didn’t say he was abusive. she just raised awareness of abusive relationships which we all know peep and tyler were both highly capable of emotional abuse. we never doubted that until now

No. 616209

I wish more victims would come out to support geneva though just to balance out his crazed stans and spread awareness about DV

No. 616210

File: 1529533311511.png (100 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180620-172041.png)

x straight up denouncing everything in a kodak feature

did she lie about the bloody eye and the brusing too?

No. 616211

funny that maggie lindemann posted this, ever since bexey started noticing her she’s completely switched up her aesthetic and turned into this anime-loving, layla-wannabe “”””goth”””” girl. not surprised that she went to the memorial

No. 616212

even if she lied about being pregnant those injuries are real

she literally fled to the police with those injuries

he's gross for trying to denounce her after he beat her to a pulp and prevented her from getting help

I really wanted this trial to happen but I bet if the police, doctors, and everyone else involved had testified against him and gotten his ass locked up his fans would still be like "he didindu nuffin" and maintain that "she made it all up"

No. 616213

Now that the trial won't happen they can just ignore all the evidence and claim it's all just accusations because he never got charged

Kind of worse for her honestly

No. 616218

Yes. She was thirsting hard for him after peep dropped her (at 24, thirsting after a barely 19 yo wtf). I'm sure she's disappointed she won't be able to fuck him. She stans abusive shit which is really pathetic and annoying, especially for someone over the age of 19, and in livestreams w peep she would boast about bdsm choking bullshit to his/her impressionable fans, so I'm sure she's one of those dumbasses that's like "if he hits me it means he loves me!!".

No. 616220

you can be into bdsm and not stan abusive shit

dv ≠ bdsm

No. 616226

>Eroticizing abuse directed toward women means it's magically not abusive!!!
Lmao, it's sad that people are this softheaded. And beyond her annoying meme "choke me daddy" bullshit that she'd make public despite knowing most of her fans are impressionable children, she still romanticized abusive dynamics, soo…

I don't have much of a problem with Layla otherwise, but she tried to romanticize being a doormat. She's emotionally feeble and a terrible influence to her teenage followers, and continues this by instead of championing abused young women, she puts her public image on the line to defend a dead abuser that almost beat a man to death for no reason and had no problem with torturing his girlfriend. The woman apologizes for men way too much.

No. 616260


You are oblivious. I was not referring to anything that was posted in this thread.

There has been a large influx of donations to Geneva’s Gofundme after XxxTentacion’s death. People who do not support X have been advocating and encouraging others to donate to his victim, and it worked. The Gofundme has been up for two years with no updates on her condition, it did not reach the goal for surgery until yesterday.

It is evident that Geneva was not blinded without the $ needed for surgery and does not need the eye surgery currently, it might have been already preformed. In that case, what are these donations going towards?

I smell a scam. Sis just raked in almost $40,000 dollars from idiots. Lmao

No. 616264


before X died i remember seeing photos of medical papers that stated Geneva was not pregnant. could have been doctored by fans, but does anyone remember this or have a screenshot? i’ll try to find it

No. 616267

I donated $$ to Geneva's gofundme yesterday. What happened to her was awful and it is absolutely disgusting what is now happening in the aftermath of X's death, so if she can cash out and get some stability in the horror show that is her life RN perhaps some balance can be retained in the universe. If you read the profile the Miami New Times profile from a couple weeks ago she talks about how she can't go anywhere or hold down a job without people harassing her. If you look at the comments on her page that is totally believable. It's like these fucking idiots don't know that you can appreciate the art of a shitty person without being a completely shitty person yourself and they're hellbent on perpetuating the absolute misery and suffering this dude inflicted while he was alive. Sorry for the rant just everything about this whole thing is so next level appalling and depressing.

No. 616290

she makes money from sex work and is choosing to still live in florida, which is xxx fan central. i really dont understand why she doesn't move somewhere. she isn't tied down to a specific job, works online it seems and there's retail/customer service jobs in literally every state. I highly doubt anyone in middle america would ever recognize her. she doesn't seem to have a good family life (from the miami new times profile). so why not just move? really? idk. sage.

No. 616291

File: 1529539250307.jpeg (143.03 KB, 627x710, 1DE8EC84-9F3E-474C-BC35-4626B9…)


October 13th 2016

Gofundme was made the next day.

Stars are where Geneva’s name and the pregnancy test is. It says negative. She could have miscarried before going to the police, has she said that before?

No. 616292

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but context is a very important part of language and communication, they don’t always literally spell it out for you. Please take your aspergers to another thread, it was clearly about X.

No. 616299

You must be either super young or super rich. Emergency surgery is performed quickly, and then people are left in debt for the rest of their lives, or they just go bankrupt. Injuries like this can absolutely ruin a young person’s life, forever, if they don’t have well-employed parents with good insurance. She should have eventually been able to sue X in civil court to pay for it, but obviously that can’t happen now. People who donated to her aren’t idiots, they’re decent and empathetic people.

No. 616308

Moving out of state is very costly, while her ability to earn an income was already damaged, and obviously she had a lot of debt already from medical billls. Her entire support system is probably in Florida, too. And on top of that, she’s pretty young - not a teenager or anything but still probably very reliant on her network of friends and family. If that was your situation, you would probably find it extremely difficult if not impossible to move, too.

No. 616311

Layla im so dissaponted at you, You just recently started to grow on us all. Cant believe u support this kind of abuse.

No. 616314

Um have you heard of medical bills

No. 616328

You guys are fools for letting her convince you she still isn't the biggest piece of shit on earth.

No. 616331

File: 1529542100902.png (1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4203.PNG)

GTshields on some story. Wonder why shes nothing hanging out with m pepper Ann while in LA

No. 616335

It's from November 2017 clearly…

No. 616354

Like extremely clearly at that. This board has had an influx of people who can’t read, haven’t read the old boards or done any research, and also scream self post about every goddamn post. I’ve literally been accused of self posting as three people who have been brought up in this board

No. 616372

File: 1529545170036.jpeg (379.35 KB, 1125x892, 3E00B75F-0D84-4DCA-A22C-8D5484…)

You read that right guys. The worst thing to EVER happen. ever. In the history of the world.

No. 616379

… peopel

No. 616391

i can't say i hate the genre bc i really enjoyed/enjoy peep's music to be honest but this meme that soundcloud rap is gonna SaVe tHe YoUtH or whatever has to stop. xxx's "message" if there even was one was so entry level self help shit that even a middle schooler could have birthed it. in fact middle schoolers are the only ones impressed by it and make up the majority of his fanbase

No. 616397

File: 1529546715851.jpeg (920.13 KB, 1242x1995, B398DDC7-BDE1-44A4-A6AC-779515…)

surprisingly hotelshrimp is taking somewhat more of a woke approach to x’s death than layla. later she replied to someone saying that he didn’t deserve to die but she was judging people’s priorities. she also posted a lot of info on her ig story about contacting your reps re: immigration policy, there were multiple posts about ways to help

No. 616401

Not only that but fat nick has to be one of the worst influences of all of them. Besides the fact that he’s also an alleged rapist, his album is literally called drop out of school and the album art is literally just him and pouya standing in front of a badly photoshopped burning school. His lyrics are trash, tbh most of this scene’s songs are all just the same basic reworded shit with their crew name thrown in a few times over a shitty trap beat made in GarageBand but that’s another conversation. These dudes are literally out here thinking posting pics with jewelry, guns and lean is something that the youth should experience I guess bc that’s what his content consists of.

No. 616403

She reads this thread I'm sure she's capitalizing on layla's fuck up. She's still a cokehead who slept with her best friend's ex.

I'm not a fan of either of them atm.

No. 616404

Damn the generic brand is doing it better & kinder than you layla. My esteem of cass went up a lil

I’m not that anon & I didn’t think she was a great person all of a sudden but I thought she was better than defending an abuser like x.

This bitch lEFt ThE cOnTInEnT tO EsCapE TyLer but can’t muster up enough brain cells to understand why we don’t mourn x publicly or the humility to acknowledge her mistake.

No. 616405

Fat nick is basically a living meme I will never take him seriously

No. 616406

she doesn’t support that behavior but she does sympathize for death considering she just lost someone and the dude is in her scene.

No. 616408

she never said rip x or defended him or his account or his music she just didn’t want to see the hate on her timeline towards someone who was murdered. a lot of people do shitty things but the entire world doesn’t know about them or what they’ve done, unfortunately this dudes faults were on display doesn’t mean he DESERVES death. maybe jail time but not murder. even the victim is grieving.

No. 616409

"In her scene"
W t f ? LOL what does that even MEAN

No. 616410

She’s still a voice of reason on a very serious subject so even if it’s insincere it’s still good to see someone actually standing up to the cult apologism in soundclout rn. I’m sure she burning some bridges in doing so too.

No. 616411

For real, and I agree, but how many kids do you think there are who do? Tbh I’m scared to know. Reading the comments on the collective SoundClout crew’s social media is scary tbh. This generation of teenagers literally will defend anyone over anything and rationalize everything. It’s scary.

No. 616413

she’s met him and her friends produce his music. he’s not a complete stranger to her. death is scary and seems to be surrounding her. she probably didn’t think before tweeting but she wasn’t defending his abuse.

No. 616417

I agree she should've owned up to her fuck up. Read the court docs swallowed her pride and issued something about abusers in support of geneva or abuse survivors in general like Alice did.

It's gonna take me a sec to believe Cass is any better after all this.

She dealt with Peep's death respectfully but this is just a massive idiotic step backwards. After all of her abuse awareness I thought she'd be better than this. I really was rooting for her after all the shit she went through with peep dying, pepper being abusive, and cass skinwalking and fucking her ex immediately after peeps death. It's a shame she hasn't learned anything after everything that's happened.

No. 616418


Get your stan ass head right and read the thread or leave. She literally did the same “it was a MISTAKE” reducive bullshit these other groupies are doing she’s just a coward too a deleted it. >>614384

No. 616421

Thank you for this. If she didn't want to engage in negativity she should've just avoided the topic. Calling people who aren't ignoring domestic violence "fucking sick" is pretty fucked up imo.

You know what I think is "fucking sick"? Beating a women to a pulp. Harassing a victim to the point where she can't live her life or even mourn properly. That's what's got me feeling ill. Call me crazy

No. 616423

File: 1529548960334.jpeg (449.92 KB, 1125x1846, E47FA7BA-8E70-42E0-B72E-94FD79…)

Marilyn's idiotic hot take on it. This girl is a toopoor skinwalker to the extreme but dumber

No. 616424

File: 1529549039730.jpeg (271.29 KB, 1125x1155, 6E276034-2476-4B59-A9E1-8A0976…)

No. 616425

"I feel like a broken boy" yes a broken nearly middle aged boy

No. 616430


Like how self-centered and myopic can you be? Marilyn is so fake deep and lame. "My experience was this so my perspective applies to all victims of abuse." Fuck you.

No. 616436

File: 1529550403081.png (722.73 KB, 1125x2436, E8C20F4B-C9D8-4BCB-AA9F-2AE9AA…)

Juicewrld made a song or two about peep and x. These guys are really quick with the clout chase off dead men

No. 616439

omg, such drama. Hahah this is pitiful. Peep and X weren't heroes to anyone. They didn't change shit.

No. 616443

This is very intense cringe. He just sounds like a lost person.

No. 616447

File: 1529552283682.png (1.49 MB, 1112x1056, ewww.png)

Ew, he's in my city.

No. 616456

So because she's fucked in the head and would do all kinds of abusive shit herself, then no worries? Actually, some people come out of abusive homes and would not hurt another person intentionally.

No. 616470


I feel you anon. Sadly he’s performing down the street from my house and I’ll have to hear that shit from my bedroom

No. 616484

Exactly. Like, if you come from an abusive home and you realize you have those tendencies in yourself, then you get some help if you’re not a piece of shit. It’s called “therapy.”

No. 616492

tp has a live up of her eating soup but saying “tonight’s dinner is dog food…puppy chow”


No. 616495

are you guys fucking stupid????
x literally fought people his whole life ON SOME GANG SHIT, went to jail for it, and was known for bashing in a gay cellmate's head UNTIL HE DIED and he laughed about it to the guards and regularly referred to him as a faggot.

X is a legitimate psycopath, like charming as fuck and literally no fucking remorse. you fell for it good job fuckwit.

No. 616498

All I got from this is that you don't know what an archive is…or what year it is.

No. 616501

File: 1529557854478.jpeg (253.6 KB, 1125x2058, D6A484CC-F922-4EC4-BBEA-880BB8…)

Arse snatched herself another mans

saged because I don’t think anyone gives a shit

No. 616503

>>616501 god i hate that plastic pig snout she seems so proud of

No. 616508

EXACTLY. My mother did all of what hers did & more. I couldn't imagine doing the things she did to ANYONE. It wasn't okay then and it never will be because you don't fucking treat your own children (or anybody) that way. But what I have gained from my experiences with her is how to be better person- do the opposite of what she did to me. Sorry for the blog post, but fuck you Marilyn. I can't believe she dares speak for victims of abuse in the way she does. "It's okay 'cause we're all fucked up now!" Just because you're mentally & emotionally stunted, doesn't mean we all are and can no longer differentiate right from wrong. When my mother dies, I won't fucking cry.

No. 616519

wow another bpd sufferer who inflicts their suffering on others and blames mental illness

i am totally shocked

No. 616520


It also seems like she is basically encouraging victims to "forgive" their abusers instead of outing them i.e. actually holding them accountable for their actions.

No. 616523

this thread full of people condemning X's abuse is a bright spot in a sea of internet clout whores and stans defending him

it's honestly so sad to see people say that people only hate on x bc he's a black male or that "people make mistakes" instead of being worried about the downpour of hate on his victim

sage for irrelevant but a lot of people really let me down on this one

No. 616524

Where are there posts saying people only hate him bc he's black?

No. 616525

File: 1529559912574.png (44.88 KB, 480x337, Screenshot_20180620-235502.png)

No. 616527

File: 1529559998799.jpg (17.66 KB, 640x270, 1529402327102.jpg)

meanwhile x couldn't give less of a shit about black girls or any girls for that matter

No. 616529

File: 1529560033242.png (179.08 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180620-230042.png)

bonus terrible content bc wtf not

No. 616534

This is actually fucking hilarious like who said exclusively white girls hate him? I'm mixed and I hate his guts

>death to darkskins

>darkskin hoes look like cockroaches
>i dont date black girls

xxxtentacion ladies and gentlemen

No. 616546

File: 1529562216872.png (732.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-21-01-23-38…)

Lmfao, literally

No. 616547

I know second paragraph was regarding X and Geneva, but totally sounds like a description of pepper, kek

No. 616555

Totally possible she miscarried. I mean 1/3rd of abortions happen naturally and being in the abusive situation she was increases stress and increase the chance of natural abortion.

No. 616565

File: 1529565132652.jpeg (575.21 KB, 1125x1871, A6CC98E3-9C75-4238-B641-EA8306…)

Bruh you both fake deep n she using you for clout

No. 616569

File: 1529566064580.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 34A3326A-9C3F-4105-A085-121236…)

layla saying she is eating dog food tonight hehehe top kek

No. 616570

File: 1529566221915.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 19BE5056-E468-4FBE-B517-7C3295…)


No. 616572

File: 1529566258403.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 7A366EE2-61E9-4A2A-B34C-FF0635…)

tp talking to the girl from spotlight video

No. 616582

this isn't really milky just layla being layla

I really wish she hadn't tweeted that shit her antics haven't been harmful at all lately

No. 616584

probs bc that soup looks like literal dog food

also probably a tongue in cheek reference to her and peppers terrible times together since she's in la

No. 616592

File: 1529568106779.png (Spoiler Image, 2.7 MB, 1125x2001, 1077CAF4-A411-4C5C-8F41-AA9CA4…)

While on the subject on fat nick, in 2016 he was supposed to release an album called “dear chandler” which is about a girl named chandler from Portland who is a hardcore heroin addict. When he was with her he basically changed his entire aesthetic to align with hers, but something transpired that caused him to basically delete everything related to the album, along with a “poem book” and video he was supposed to release. Chandler has a large following on social media (@chandleraallen on Twitter) but has been absent for over a year for unknown reasons… It was well known that while he was with her he was using heroin too which no one seems to talk about. I’m wondering if he will ever release his ~poem book~ or dead chandler album… Pouya also tweeted “I’m 'm starting a petition for fat nick to not call his album dear chandler one rt = one signature.” There’s so much milk here and there’s no threads for it… Lastly chandler’s cousin Jazzy (IG 503jazzy) is dating Don Krez, who she met when chandler met fat nick LOL

No. 616594

K as much as I dislike Pouya he probably just didn't want his boy romanticizing his heroin addictiion with some gold digging cloutwhore/junkie. Nick probably realized he was being stupid and listened.

No. 616597

Who the hell is this?

She and lulo have known each other for years

No. 616605

whoever said x was on some gang shit is a fucking moron. he wasnt in a gang, wasnt even affiliated with one. he was on some PUNK shit. He was a punk ass bitch. not a gang member.

No. 616613

You can answer your own question if you read the last thread. She wasn't even discussed that long ago.

No. 616617

If they lack the basic info, I dont get why theyre even here to begin with.

No. 616634

Really disappointed that SmokeAsac is taking Paris' ex's bait. Yeah, she pretty but damn she's using him for that Peep clout.

No. 616642

Smoke's last gf looked liked a cloutwhore too. I like smoke but he's high-key susceptible to these clout hungry females. Maybe he's just new to getting easy pussy and can't contain himself. None of these girls are wife material.

No. 616650

implying smokeasac isn't using peep for clout too since he tweets about him every fucking day

No. 616653

One thing: peep had sooooo many best friends and was always surrounded by homeboys but still rapped about being lonely, that he was a loner, and having no one. It doesnt make sense? The reality is that many people only have 1-2 friends…..

No. 616654

Not really defending him, but if you look back on smokes instagram, literally all his pics from 2016 to peeps death were of him and/or peep so like… it's not like he just started doing that once peep died

No. 616655

Being lonely ain't about being around people. It's a state of mind. It just makes it a lot worse when you're surrounded by shit people who don't even care if you're alive or not. Like peep was

No. 616667

I high-key agree with this, I know lots of extroverts that feel alone because people are into them for their hype and not for who they are

No. 616671

I think people like Bexey and Mackned seem fake to me idk but smoke seems genuine he was even in the awful things video and he didn't need to be. I think Peep and smoke had something genuine as far as friendship is concerned. Not saying he isn't being an idiot rn

No. 616672

I sometimes find peep being narcissistic. Maybe im wrong.

No. 616673

File: 1529580993546.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4220.PNG)

Words from someone that doesnt get booked anymore. Pathetic loser. Extremly cring cring here.. hes coming close to tylers level soon

No. 616679

Luke is worse in my opinion. Not sure why. Maybe because he's older. At least Ty is younger and when he fucks up it's a little more endearing and hilarious. Also he's been pretty quiet as of late. Luke is pure cringe on Insta. Just found his twitter and it's not as bad. https://mobile.twitter.com/iamDJIQ

No. 616698

i wonder what "aiming higher" means to him exactly.. trying to become a rapper in your 30s? playing dj while traveling with your rich mother's money? who knows

No. 616706

why does he look like a 40 yr old cracked out woman??

No. 616709

This isn’t milk…. no one cares about peeps psychoanalysis. Find a different thread/forum

No. 616711

File: 1529587202402.jpg (24.85 KB, 736x548, sideshowbobthesimpsons.jpg)

all i see

No. 616718

File: 1529587959048.jpg (120.14 KB, 633x585, Laul.jpg)

Does anyone else find this as cringy as I do? It just is creepy and she looks so fucking weird.

No. 616730

idk who this bitch is but i looked at her twitter and found a video she made crying over this dumb asshole's death because he was so "kind and encouraging". why have none of these young (she's at least of age) attractive social media influencer-type girls not see the pattern here of him sliding in all their dm's with "kind and encouraging" words. i'm sure he tried to escalate things "romantically" with all of them (wasn't the anon in the last thread saying he was trying to meet up with her?). wonder how many of them got taken advantage of just because he was a little famous?

No. 616735

did you seriously just call tyler’s toxic abusive bullshit “endearing” and “hilarious”?? luke is a loser but he’s a harmless loser.

No. 616740

was gonna comment the same - tyler is genuinely a horrid person, luke's just a bit of a loser.

No. 616754

When I had a miscarriage I had hormones reading I was pregnant for a week after. The day you miscarry you will have a positive pregnancy test. She did lie about this, that is a fact

No. 616758

But how do you know this test was RIGHT AFTER her miscarriage? what if it was over a week?

No. 616767

this discussion is stupid and pointless tbh and total speculation

No. 616768

No. 616785

File: 1529594454914.jpeg (326.93 KB, 1125x2012, 9DA18B07-B6CA-4C13-B875-05AB46…)

No. 616790

oh yeah it’s so saaaaad to aspire to be a model. How pathetiiiic, it’s definitely not just you being salty that you were unsuccessful in the modeling world….nooo…totally not that.

No. 616807

>>616673 when did he decide to get red hair..? copying layla..? whats going on i dont keep up with this fuckin frump, how lame

No. 616808

Her medical exam was done in oct 13, 2016. She was beat, held captive and escaped prior to oct 8,2016, which is the day X was arrested. I really don't think she lied about being pregnant and miscarring, doing so would take away alot of validity from her testimony

No. 616834

Dumb as shit.
I'm glad that cunt is dead. One last masochistic abuser in the world.

No. 616837

>I really don't think she lied about being pregnant and miscarring, doing so would take away alot of validity from her testimony

No. 616839


Here is a quote from an article you can visit here. http://www.miami.com/miami-news/xxxtentacions-ex-girlfriend-responds-to-attacks-on-social-media-191696/

"XXX opened up to the Miami New Times about his early life and his mother who told him “Give the girl three warnings; if she keeps hitting, you have to handle it,” when asked if he could hit a woman back. The next time a girl bothered him, Onfroy “slapped the sh*t out of her and kneed her,” noting how serious he took the statements of his mother, “Her word was my bond,” he said. He not only listened to his mother’s words, he also fought other students to get her attention. Perhaps his early life shaped him and led to the events described by his ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala"


No. 616854

Well looks like she seems to be alright after someone burnt her stuff for X.

Heres a video of her fighting at the memorial


No. 616882

Don’t get me wrong - I think fighting is some low class shit, and this abuser is not worth anyone’s tears - but in a certain light i kinda don’t blame her. They did burn her shit and treat her like a villain.

No. 616885

AGREED. Fighting is some middle school childish bullshit, but I DO understand her reaction and wanting to whip someone ass.

No. 616888


who cares if genevas a little hood? she was probably a somewhat emotionally weak person which made her an easy victim not saying she deserves any of it but I wouldn't have expected her to be stable

No. 616891

>openly discusses how okay he is with hitting women

X's fans: she made it all up he would never

No. 616892



No. 616895

Wonder how they know it was him? I'm still betting on soldier kid, kek. The Geo tag from hooks fish & chicken tells no lies

No. 616898

this and also everyone handles grief differently, especially victims of abuse

No. 616902

I posted >>616768 and I am thinking the same thing what proof points to him?

Also, I seen this article as well there they are looking at Soldier kidd due to his location during his time.


I bet $1000 he is associated with the WHOOOOOLE murder due to the photos ('hints') he posted. Bet you he hired this known criminal some how or another.

No. 616937

This is so extra in the worst way, wtf…like, why?

No. 616945


No. 616955


Well then this appears


Here is a video of the dude who killed X and posted a video with his money and backpack. Seems like he just saw him at the ATM take out oodles of cash and waited for him to leave the dealership and ended up being a botched armed robbery and surprise, dudes dead.


No. 616963

could you imagine if people were out here dressed like steven hawking or anthony bourdain to "honor" their memory? this shit is fucking weird. brainless groupies doing the absolute most for attention.

No. 616964

stephen* oh no, i'm dumb too lmao

No. 617019

The boy* from the spotlight video. Lulo ain't a girl

No. 617050

What is Lulo's full name?
gotta do some digging

No. 617097

Even if she did lie about being pregnant, she probably told him that to protect herself from more abuse. And he STILL violently abused her, thinking she was pregnant, knowing he’d be hurting their child.

No. 617107



No. 617120

File: 1529612601082.jpg (114.15 KB, 658x1000, DAMN DUDE.jpg)






No. 617123

eh at least she looks good. i think his mom posting bikini pics on social media was the least of his problems.

No. 617126

She looks good as hell for the life she’s been living. Still a deadbeat tho.

No. 617131


sure at least she 'looks good' she is 35 years old and being a hoe ass on social media and from interviews, SHE WAS A DEAD BEAT MOM


SAID IT 100%

No. 617155

can you stop sperging and typing like that please

try to integrate

No. 617246

Lol, sorry no can do. You’ll be okay and get over it or leave. No worries here.(or you could learn to integrate)

No. 617258

lmao why are you so hostile

No. 617264

LMAO, if somebody doesn’t want to use mamma and use all capital letters, please leave them alone. You know what they are saying and you’re totally fine. Lol, leave them be.

No. 617265

this thread attracts so many underage newfags that don’t read the rules it’s ridiculous

No. 617283

Isn’t that the damn truth. I research and keep up with the shit on my own and have been posting since WAY before peep died. I’m serious comtemplating being done posting on these feeds and stop feeding the child trolls.

No. 617285

Newfags: read the rules and learn to integrate. You're less likely to be banned that way.

No. 617290

Okay, since the Shiloh/She Goes By Doll thread was locked…here's more screenshots.

No. 617293

File: 1529617559649.png (428.26 KB, 696x1108, keepdefending.png)

Never admit you're wrong, girl. Never back down.

No. 617298

youre really bored & thirsty for shi, arent you?

No. 617301

File: 1529617698198.png (856.07 KB, 704x1212, workwithsomeonewithempathylooo…)

lmao why would her gangang wanna work with someone who opposes pieces of shit?

No. 617302

i wanna discuss her finally

No. 617304

Anon is discussing a soundcloud rapper in the soundcloud artist thread. Directly relating to her current music career posted 1 hour ago. What more do you want?

No. 617305

No. 617306

i hate xxxterminated too but like, youre really taking this far, other people are defending him too and i dont see u giving urself sodium poisoning over them

No. 617307

wtf is Shiloh the anti-Queen of lolcow or something?

No. 617310


SEE >>617285
How hard is it to read the rules and not shit up the thread with unsaged posts

No. 617311

Them to have clout lmao. Anyone can make a soundcloud.

Op says don’t post nobodies or explain who they are and this person looks like a nobody vendetta post.

No. 617312

What fellow artists? What producers? She's not producing shit.

No. 617314

I don't understand her Soundcloud. She has way more content yet she only puts up ONE track?!?!

No. 617315

They made a vendetta thread, couldnt provide actual milk aside from her defending xxxterminated and 7 year old drama and now theyre mad the thread got locked, thats all it is

No. 617317

Holy shit. Learn 2 integrate. shiloh has history with onision who is a pretty popular cow on here. It’s like pepper and all his little dumbass friends just come on this thread to stir the pot I’ve never seen this amount of newfaggotry. I’m not particularly keen on talking about shiloh but you need to lurk more

No. 617320

I'm pretty sure anyone who is a human being and a woman who hates violent men who beat women hate his guts. But people always gotta make it about race. Pisses me off.

No. 617321

What does any of that have to do with soundclout, this is for people in a very particular scene not some 40 year old YouTuber

No. 617323

Oh, give it a rest. It was moved from the Onion thread after being told so. It was harvested in /pt/ for two days and then it was created in /snow/.

Everything is vendetta vendetta vendetta with you.

No. 617324

sorry for shitting up your shittalking pal

No. 617327

He was sexist, racist (to his own race even) and a homophobe and people will still defend him. what a fucking world we live in.

No. 617328

Could it be Onion? It's confirmed he has been lurking. Sorry, tinfoil.
I didn't think anybody cared about Shiloh. I don't know why someone would go so far to have people talking about her.

No. 617329

i forgot to post what started it

No. 617330

File: 1529618562862.png (584.83 KB, 720x1228, mourningforattention.png)

She misses you X.
She never met you, but she misses you so much!

No. 617331

maybe bc she's relevant and a soundclout artist? shocking

No. 617332

Some people cared if they made a thread, and came crying here bc the mod locked their thread bc it apparently was warranted for defending an xxxtinct asshole

No. 617334

File: 1529618619954.png (576.41 KB, 724x1144, defend.png)

No. 617335

The farmhands told them to come here…

No. 617336

File: 1529618649268.jpeg (344.28 KB, 1125x2436, AEAADACC-E017-4E82-AB70-1CAEDC…)

Tracy is going on another rampage on twitter. What’s his beef with juicewrld? Even before he dropped that song he was so aggressive to him. Extra lol @ him going at smoke(who imho deserves it)

No. 617337

So since y’all want to talk some mad shit and this isn’t even a post about too poor anymore I’m going to delete this post and y’all can make a thread related to XXXTENTACION. this isn’t a feed for X so make one.(don't mini-mod)

No. 617338

some people just refuse to let go of their years old vendetta kek

No. 617342

We don’t want these cloutless losers.

No. 617344

lol this thread has been soundclout general for a long time, it's not just for too poor. X was a famous soundcloud rapper, so people are gonna post about him here

No. 617347

File: 1529618942285.jpeg (400.22 KB, 1125x1733, 608F1CEF-5495-4163-8333-D23F76…)

What Tracy beef. He didn’t blow up on lil xan for that infinitely worse photoshopped pic

No. 617348

If y’all could read the morherfucking rules:
>When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Wish 90% of you’d catch a ban. This is the worst thread yet.

No. 617356

File: 1529619131865.png (871.73 KB, 676x1222, SHEAHYPEBEAST.png)

OOOOOOH she a hypebeast now mama!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 617358


> Then, a 17 year old Canadian suburbanite Pop singer groomed and abused by Ogreason.

> Now, a 25 year old stoner Soundcloud artist and tagger #sadgirl
> Extremely manipulative and calculating

Most recently, told her entire fanbase to fuck off if they didn't support her mourning a psycho masochistic rapper she never knew or met that nearly killed his pregnant girlfriend and a gay dude. We're on day three of this shit.

Social media:
https://www.instagram.com/shegoesbydoll (personal)

No. 617360

cringe fans are not factors

No. 617364

You want us to care about someone with 8k followers and no famous friends.

No. 617372

you're literally describing every man in this thread right now what a world

No. 617376

Juice wrld's two songs he put out at epretty pathetic and it's obvious some manager or producer told him to make these songs. He's directly making money off these dead people. And god I never realized how much Juice sounds like Post Malone until I listened to those songs.

No. 617377

File: 1529619941479.png (486.84 KB, 790x1124, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.25…)


Is this bitch fucking insane? Does she want people to hate her?

He killed his own child by beating the mother to the point of miscarriage.(ban evasion)

No. 617381

I'm seriously gonna throw up. I'm exiting this thread if I have to keep seeing this evil woman beater

No. 617388

what? I've seen no evidence that she even had a miscarriage
Also I doubt shiloh's gonna get much hate, there's a crazy amount of people supporting x

No. 617389

I never realized that. A lot of the other goth bois were being friendly with him
Because he was being nice to them.

No. 617396

File: 1529620376674.png (41.5 KB, 1056x152, waaaaaa.png)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 617406


meh so what if she had a baby at 15?

No. 617424

if you’re going to mini mod at least call threads threads and not feeds whew

No. 617442

not to go full sjw or anything but it’s not like women magically stop being sexual beings once they have children

No. 617448

This the dude who has what looks like literal child porn on his tumblr. Pepper Ann is better than this shit

No. 617449

File: 1529622763258.jpeg (397.88 KB, 1125x1975, 9DCDB2D8-8A00-42A3-A921-E4C90E…)

Hello fellow kids

No. 617450

File: 1529622893555.jpeg (312.85 KB, 1125x2011, 69411CB3-E4A6-4F49-B5C7-48BD95…)

Previous post said “never let someone make you question your own worth”

No. 617452

Her insta stories are always so fake deep and bullshit she wants to seen mysterious but she ain't

No. 617453

vendetta newfag coming in hot with the no sage

whose tumblr?

No. 617455


No. 617470

you’ll lose that bet considering he wasn’t even at that location, he was an hour away. do some more research anon

No. 617474

Nah, he wasn’t even close to the motorcycle store x was shot at. Some idiot put the wrong one on that map. That kid had nothing to do with it.

No. 617484

File: 1529625068437.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 302x230, this isn't working luke.gif)

No. 617485


No. 617496

File: 1529625866765.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, how-do-you-do-fellow-kids.png)

>hello fellow kids
That meme suits him.

No. 617533

so ot from the shit show going on in this thread…
bella (igirl since the newfags will scream who is she and blah blah) made a fucking soundcloud lmao i knew it would be a matter of time with that ugly bf yungcortex it will probably be shitty and totally cringe worthy like any of her wigs or youtube videos

No. 617561

It doesn't matter if she has a fucked-up character. The injuries are documented, the escape from the house she was basically kidnapped to is documented. No amount of discussion about her messy life would change those cold hard facts.

Whether she just thought she was pregnant or really was, they both did actions based on thinking of her being pregnant so it's the same difference. He still threatened to kill the foetus whether it was real, a false positive, a result of a psych issue or of imagination.

Let's face it, only someone with BPD or something equally severe troubling her would stay with a guy who started massive beatings less that two weeks into the gig. There was nothing drip-drip-drip about this DV situation, she was at risk of death every day she stayed with him.

No. 617572

Can we get some storyline and context to the caps otherwise it's a waste of everyone's time.

No. 617575

File: 1529629611777.jpg (699.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180621-205756.jpg)

Looks like grosso and gtshields are reunited and he's finally realized it's for the best if he obscures his face as much as possible

No. 617627

gotta say fattys skin looks a little better

No. 617631

They’re a banned vendettafag, I wouldn’t engage they might try to evade their ban again.

No. 617658

That filter smooths your skin

No. 617778

straight up this is because onion abused her and she was groomed so young by someone who also made her miscarry.

I'm not blogposting but i have an abusive history and have this fucked up love for him, and peep, that i never ever talk about but that's why i read this so i get my weird fill and learn to be around better people. i see this shit in marilyn, layla, and chilli-jello-whatever too, they're all fucking defending this with their weird love because they all have histories loving abusers. X probably showed love through abuse, he's all their fucked up father figures or first boyfriends or whatever.

this is obviously a very mentally ill person and i recognize it after seeing it in myself and working on it. i'm not freud anon and i'm sorry but all these girls may as well be columbine roleplay lovers at this point it's the same damn kind of fucked up.

No. 617785

i lowkey fucking love how crazy tracy is
>Tracy, you're a GOOD pers-


No. 617853

File: 1529653670557.jpeg (286.54 KB, 1111x1228, 82401E8D-9F24-4E11-B92E-09220C…)

She still (rightfully) getting flack for the abuse sympathiz/apologizing or she just saying stuff

No. 617856

File: 1529654056588.jpeg (156.23 KB, 1125x638, 0315B59A-5861-4F8B-8C85-0CEB79…)

>Tfw your own healing and journey~~ involves calling another women’s battery a mistake
>tfw you’re too much of a coward to genuinely acknowledge or apologize for what you’ve done and just make some cryptic sry not sry for my GROWTH & JOURNEY tweets

No. 617857

never called that a mistake

No. 617858

you guys are so literal

No. 617862

Sure abt that boo?

No. 617896

Honestly. SO many of her fans responded to that tweet in a way that made it clear everyone got that message, regardless of what she might want to claim it “meant,” now. Even IF it was an innocent miscommunication, it’s not hard to say “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant, I would never stan an abuser or call domestic violence a “mistake,” or whatever it is that you could conceivably twist out of it. The reason people here started rooting for her is because she was able to admit that she fucked up and was fucked up, and improve herself. It’s just a shame to see anyone move backwards from that into a more egotistical place.

No. 617899

(And YES Layla, making it all about your journey and your growth and “you don’t have to follow me if you’re not here for this” is very childish my-way-or-the-highway stuff, even if you put a positive spin on it) - sorry for double posting.

No. 617941

File: 1529662741508.png (77.57 KB, 610x372, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 6.19…)

mhm. i'm sure it'll be absolutely thrilling pepper.

No. 617960

This bitch really thinks that the people who disagree with her are being hostile for ATTENTION? Not everything people do is for attention, though I shouldn’t expect an attention whore to understand that. People are rightfully angry about her defending a woman beater but she wants to pretend it’s more shallow than that. Im shocked that tp stans really thought she was better than this.

No. 617994

KEK Paris is finally tired of him trying to get all the attention on his channel? Can't wait to see this cringy mess!

"mistakes mistakes mistakes" I'm so over this word rn. You disregarded the abused victims for attention. Too bad it didn't go your way.

Beating up ur pregnant girl and keeping her captive so she can't go to the police isn't a "mistake".
Nearly killing a gay man and boasting about it on a big podcast isn't a "mistake". His horrible tweets are not "mistakes". He did all that happily and was not apologetic about it.

Look at us not give a shit next time u claim abuse Layla. You obviously haven't experienced anything like that yourself u dumb cow.

No. 618003

She is really shocked that what she wrote is getting backlash?

She's trash. She defended a woman beater and got backlash. Rightfully, so. If she cant own up to that, she's still as childish as ever

No. 618004

man child who crashes his own car while high and misses his court date, begs for drugs online and dresses like a greasy tramp is going to be giving us business tutorials…ha ha ha!

No. 618018

File: 1529675052609.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 7A37FADE-BDBD-4D7B-AB2D-CECB5B…)

guess she changed her mind

No. 618024

Who is the song no respect about?

No. 618036

File: 1529676048675.png (283.64 KB, 962x775, 2018-06-22 09_58_48-Lil Peep –…)

it's alleged to be about layla


No. 618046


Wrong forum friends

No. 618048

nah, i've been here for a while. just clearing it up before it spirals out of control as the peep talk normally does. thanks.

No. 618050

File: 1529676937812.png (38 KB, 632x308, 2018-06-22 10_14_07-TYLER GROS…)

we stan a humble queen

No. 618051

I’m in Vegas tonight and I’m tempted af to crash

No. 618056

File: 1529677358378.jpeg (283.09 KB, 1125x1961, 0C43842D-6731-4FDA-96D5-7B5352…)

Is joei actually good looking and not cringe? I can’t tell?
He’s from a small town outside of mine that is notoriously trashy but the dudes from there are always inexplicably hot.

No. 618068

he's honestly the only guy layla's dated that i actually find attractive (ya, didn't think peep was that cute either). from what i've seen of the two of them on her recent lives, he actually seems really respectful to her and like kind of a kind/gentle person? Hard to tell tho. When she was live yesterday he was smoking his weed out the window for her and it seems like they have a real friendship, but who ever really knows.

No. 618077

lmao please do. the milk has been so stale since xxxtinct died.

No. 618128

they're definitely fucking lol

No. 618136

Vegas fag here, I can not wait to see what he claims is a $3,000 room.

No. 618181

again - these tweets have nothing to do with anyone’s death or past tweets. stop playing detective and acting like you know a thing or two

No. 618201

well obviously yeah but it seems like they get along as friends too, which is honestly the only way to have a real relationship with someone lol

No. 618312

lmao I remember this shit hated him ever since I wish they received more backlash than they did for faking that for attention

No. 618313

I'm pretty sure she also had a miscarriage, or they claimed she did at least

No. 618317

File: 1529693044660.gif (992.42 KB, 500x399, C13C8559-51BF-4099-9278-C00751…)


Shiloh was a teen that he groomed and then pranked into insanity.

She was fucking retarded but he pushed her so far I’m surprised she didn’t kill herself

The baby wasn’t hers and if she did have a miscarriage it was her exes child when she was in Canada.

Idk why she’s always brought up when we are close to milk

Sufddenly photos get deleted and the thread is derailed x100

No. 618321


ugh. am i the only one that couldn't give 2 shits about this and whatever onion drama surrounds her?

No. 618323

If the derailing over Shiloh's past doesn't stop long bans are going to be given out. Current milk only.

No. 618324

I don’t give a fuck either anon.
Also, how do we get peep to be a banned topic next thread? I’m cool with the “investigation” and drama surrounding his estate being discussed, but I seriously can’t take another delusional discussions about his emotions.

No. 618327

No it’s some random that’s confused about who this thread is about. I don’t see why they’re choosing to sperg on this thread either we have “someone died” tier milk rn.

No. 618350

File: 1529695000384.jpeg (536.98 KB, 1125x1892, 9E32E85D-A745-479B-A798-BBBD61…)

that face shoop tho

No. 618353

lmao what the hell is this? looks like a straight-up face swap

No. 618359

File: 1529696013180.png (2.4 MB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20180622-203250~2.p…)

No. 618360

crop your icon, anachan

No. 618361

If you’re gonna shoop that obviously, at least fill in your damn brows.

No. 618363

Old video, but never knew Paris' teeth were so gross. Did he get them fixed or does he just smile in a certain way to keep his jaggedy teeth away from offending people?

No. 618364

File: 1529696300066.jpeg (504.25 KB, 1241x1826, AC8A607D-EA74-4480-8076-7ADFC7…)

No. 618365

File: 1529696314265.jpeg (494.91 KB, 1240x1849, 0A144F68-DB4E-411C-907B-343A4E…)

No. 618366

>>618363 teeth horror at 2:43

No. 618371

when were these posted? i don't see them on her insta….

No. 618372

>society has fucked up my perception of myself
well… maybe if you didn't post a picture that looks like the head was copy and pasted from something else people wouldn't be crying photoshop

No. 618373

Lmao must’ve rage posted/deleted

No. 618376

File: 1529697055427.jpeg (88.77 KB, 1125x707, 86BD975F-43DE-46CE-AB3C-B34A6B…)


No. 618386

If so, great reflexes to the anon that capped them. This is hilarious.

No. 618389

All she has to do is stop lurking this thread. I don’t see any photoshop comments on her op on insta

No. 618391

No. 618395

File: 1529698393079.png (1.02 MB, 1197x963, 2018-06-22 16_11_33-Lay (@toop…)

am i just retarded, or…?

No. 618398

Her Photoshop is funny because she goes way too far and ceases to look like herself sometimes. It's not even that I think she's hideous she just goes waaaay to hard on the editing to the point where it's comical

No. 618402

File: 1529698775722.jpg (54.48 KB, 585x267, toopoorcalledout.jpg)

I went to her Insta and it has been removed. So then I went to Twitter to see her dramatic post of not knowing if she can go on anymore and saw this.

This chick went in and called her out lol. I am sure she posts in these threads, LOL lets know who you are, let us know!!!

No. 618420

I don't know why she's so upset about people pointing out her editing I mean she's far from the only person on insta who does it and the x post seems like much more of a reason people are judging her rn

No. 618426

She didn’t even look bad before the edits

No. 618427

File: 1529699656576.png (72.07 KB, 480x588, Screenshot_20180622-152708.png)

Marilyn coming in hot with some fresh idiocy

No. 618431


LOL, funny as hell.
but please do not double post


No. 618435

I touch up all my uploads a lil bit as do most of the people I know but I still laugh at people who blur their faces to the point where they look like clouds with eyes

No. 618437

cropped my icon out

No. 618454


lol you wrote this tweet. we can see the ‘see tweet activity’ icon.

No. 618455

No. 618458

LOLOLOL fucking foolish, reeked of self post to begin with I’m glad you caught that

No. 618460

Serious question: did Tyler ghost write this caption

No. 618466

damn, that's embarrassing

No. 618467

File: 1529703547453.png (65.53 KB, 583x369, 2018-06-22 17_38_09-Stephanie …)

lmao this cow just can't resist posting lolcow screenshots on her twitter

No. 618470

File: 1529703777866.jpeg (282.55 KB, 750x960, BC24DEC6-A3B6-436A-8DE7-B2B03D…)


No. 618474

Prob just another creepy layla stalker trying to get clout, nothing interesting

No. 618476

This the same girl who posted Layla's address on twitter that one time

No. 618477

Relapse imminent. She’s starting to lose control emotionally and she’s giving herself excuses to say “fuck it” right now. Layla, from one addict to another, now is a really good time to stop reading garbage on the internet, and double down on your recovery.

Srry for semi-blogpost and being a little white-knighty.

No. 618480

i'm confused did layla post this on here or did the blonde?

No. 618482

the blonde self-posted

No. 618487

File: 1529704720221.png (744.07 KB, 654x1110, twins.png)

These girls saying the same shit. It's like they move the sentences around, add in some of their own words and post this woe is me bs.

pic 1/2 briseppe IG story

No. 618489

File: 1529704752718.png (63.05 KB, 1064x214, samsies.png)

pic 2/2

No. 618494

Lol toopoor all ur scene is about is poverty tourism and using

No. 618503


"Don't forget to pay attention to MEEEEEE!"

I used to like Marilyn and followed her waaaay before she was in the SoundClout universe but she is just absolutely insufferable 100% of the time now.

No. 618506

She literally lurks every single one of toopoor and toopoors friends social media all day it's insane

No. 618544

File: 1529709716626.jpeg (163.82 KB, 1125x458, 18745019-E7AF-42C4-8C90-915D00…)

This meme has been going around and it makes me think of like every time I see it

No. 618548

laughed irl

No. 618582

you'd get cheffed in zone 2 pussyo

No. 618595

Just take the L girl

No. 618606

Geneva keeps posting and then deleting pictures and videos of/with x. I feel for her but it’s also so annoying to see.

No. 618622

Hoping Vegas anons provide tonight

No. 618648

He hasn’t posted any details. Prob had his “assistant” lurk and saw we were gonna infiltrate

No. 618660

File: 1529720503744.jpg (818.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180622-222126.jpg)

These fucking pants are back, of course

No. 618682

>>618648 It's going to be a more boring version of this. Switch Aubrie and TP out with boring Grace and ghetto Briseppe. Prob same shit though.

No. 618711

File: 1529725907192.png (1.03 MB, 1654x900, ummm.png)

Paris deleted all of his photos on IG except this one… Does anyone know what happened?

No. 618713

Yikes I forgot how gross and degenerate him and Layla were. Joei seems way more respectable. What even happened between them that they fell out?

I've read all the others threads I'm just blanking on their history

No. 618715

>>618711 Comment on the photo "im at the vegas show rn & they shut him down 4 songs in…. :( tyler said theyre kicking us out so thats all i know."

No. 618716

Lol ok xxxtentacion

No. 618720


Right? Paris is sooo corny.

No. 618721

Maybe post's management has finally had enough of their antics

No. 618725

>>618720 He also deleted all but three on his babysuplex. I feel like most of the drama shit he does is publicity stunts. Who knows. Vegas can fuck with your mind.

No. 618726

>>618725 One he left is the "everyone has face tattoos and smokes backwoods…" plus some of Briseppe. I bet she got him into the drama. Seems like she has a big mouth.

No. 618728

Hahahaha this is amazing

No. 618729

File: 1529726888039.jpg (81.79 KB, 562x1000, unnamed.jpg)

>>618725 pink throw up all over the streets of Vegas

No. 618731

>>618729 Vegas anon, hit that DM

No. 618733

They look like a bunch of homeless meth heads

No. 618743

File: 1529727512757.jpg (48.36 KB, 562x1000, unnamed-1.jpg)

>>618728 more comments

No. 618744

File: 1529727534378.jpg (62.24 KB, 562x1000, unnamed-2.jpg)

>>618743 and more

No. 618750

Lmao wow, didn't even need the anons to come through with the milk

No. 618752

>>618750 They milk themselves

No. 618757

>>618752 I guess that 30 days of sobriety Paris was talking about on the no jumper vlog never happened. I could see Brisepee being into some hard shit and bringing Paris down.

No. 618760

I didn't cap, but earlier on his insta story he and whoever he was with looked like they were strung out reeee'ing all over the place and jumping down flights of stairs in the hotel, so not really surprised this escalated

No. 618766

File: 1529728350899.png (895.81 KB, 1014x1380, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 23.3…)


No. 618768

I hope all this is happening out of embarrassment

No. 618771

>>618768 This whole thing just happened, so he is not sober and is probably heading further away from it to drown his fuckboi wannabe peep sorrow. Vegas anon, please go to the party. It's def going to be a shit show now.

No. 618773

File: 1529728638207.png (92.83 KB, 1172x354, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 23.3…)

No. 618775

>>618773 Avocado bush head is not good for him. He was doing fine until she entered.

No. 618780

File: 1529728849360.png (48.41 KB, 708x206, stinkhead.png)

>>618773 Post commenting on it…

No. 618781

>>618780 Ah, my bad. Not him. I should get kicked off my computer for being less than sober.

No. 618786

Lol I feel this

No. 618791

>>618760 Did anyone get receipts for this?

No. 618798

Paris pretending he had 0 clue who Peep was when he spent so much time with grosso and tp is laughable

He's such a fake bitch

No. 618801

>>618798 They groomed him to replace peep. It was a power play while he was still alive.

No. 618804

File: 1529730256052.jpeg (273.64 KB, 1125x1661, 1AF1FB6A-B7EC-49FD-90E6-5E00B7…)

No. 618805

>>618804 Sounds like total BS

No. 618806

>>618804 He couldn't come up with something better than a fan throwing water?

No. 618815

File: 1529731033339.png (189.06 KB, 1644x1198, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 00.0…)

Forum Tower Emperor Suite at Caesars Palace is the room in that "i thought i could fly" IG pic. Breaks $2k per night only on weekends. Pretty pathetic that he had to lie about it being an extra rack lmfao

No. 618827

Yeah nah… they’re not gonna cut a set short because someone got on stage and threw water. lmao he really thinks everyone’s dumb af

No. 618832

>>618827 Through his H goggles, I am sure it was the best show ever. Guy is in never never land.

No. 618854

File: 1529735007313.jpeg (312.47 KB, 1125x661, D71B82EF-EC66-42A7-8849-946036…)

k… even if someone threw water on peppers laptop, the shows not gonna get cancelled. He’s pressing play ffs. I cant think of what other equipment he could be talking about

No. 618859

File: 1529735878989.png (46.78 KB, 912x232, vegasanon?.png)

No. 618882

If they were damaging the PA or soundboard their asses would get tossed out in half a minute. It was probably something like that.

No. 618893

File: 1529739954974.png (110.33 KB, 640x1092, IMG_4407.PNG)

Layla is literally taking PayPal donations rn after claiming she "only has $11"

No. 618894

It was probably his dumb ass spilling bud light let's be real

No. 618896

You're so right. I figured it was some get rich quick scheme to cash in on his death but it makes more sense that the gears were already in motion. Things happened waaayy to fast for it to not have been premeditated

Bets he was stoked to capitalize on his death while pepper fake mourned and made it all about himself (per usual)

No. 618897

she literally just told someone her ratty hair extensions cost more than their rent after they called her fake or something (i can't remember if it was capped/posted here or if i just saw it on her social)
Busted ass bitch hahaha

No. 618898

She's reverting back to her old ways and I'm so not here for it

Stop playing poor layla your fans are impressionable young people who probably need that money more than you

No. 618900

Maybe she shoulda kept the Depop open then.

No. 618904

She literally splits her time between LA and London lmao if she's struggling that much she should sell her designer or make more merch. She has the means to make money now she doesn't need to do this anymore.

No. 618905

Maybe she was joking when she said she had only had 11 dollars and her dumb stans just started emptying their pockets.

She should tell them to stop if that's the case like they probably think they're doing her some huge favor but maybe they're in much worse shape than her financially.

No. 618907

Yo Layla give the money to DV charity on behalf of geneva. I know you follow her. X said he donated 100k to a DV charity and journalists followed up and sought out the charities he mentioned and he straight up LIED. Dude drove a lambo and was out buying a motorcycle in cash… He was all talk. He only "changed" bc he was in hot water and in danger of losing his fan base during the #metoo era where celebs get blacklisted for shit like this

No. 618908

If she's following geneva maybe she's actually looked at all the evidence on here that he was a terrible human being and feels somewhat bad (not that she'd admit that though). Doing something for DV would be great. I know she's spammed a lot of abuse information but actually getting involved in the cause is different than tweeting. It's easy to spew positivity, look at X.

No. 618909

File: 1529741847723.png (69.31 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180623-021221.png)

sage bc old but I went on Geneva's tumblr and some of it's pretty heartbreaking. She seems really mentally ill no wonder she stayed with x

No. 618910

oh i agree that there's nothing wrong with defending yourself, but that's not what I was trying to point out. I just find making her defense about having "more money" than a stranger immature as fuck. Especially when she ends up throwing herself a 'poor me i haz no monay' party not long after.. just makes the whole thing even more laughable.

No. 618912

Sorry deleted bc I realized how immature it really was of her especially in light of her recent e-begging antics. Didn't see your response beforehand but I high-key agree

No. 618913

File: 1529742317712.png (84.63 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180623-021214.png)

Geneva's tumblr part 2 she's literally afraid to post things it's so sad

No. 618916

She will probably never tell his fans he manipulated/paid her off bc she's scared of them and now that he's dead she's romanticizing what they had and probably doesn't want to slander his name. It's like people don't realize victims can love their abusers and that trauma bonding is a thing

No. 618933

Was there, someone ran onto stage throwing water (Mid-song) then they cut the music while Paris was performing. Him and Pepper had their arms up no idea what was gone. Then they blacked out the stage but of course Pepper came back out and screaming something to the crowd saying they couldn't play because some kid threw water on stage or something like that. Just wanted the spotlight after they were kicked off. Show continued after they were off stage. Yikes for them

No. 619030

File: 1529760189139.jpeg (282.86 KB, 750x937, 5E26C913-EE19-4C86-9EFF-9E8C33…)

this is honestly the prettiest i’ve ever seen her. minimal makeup and the light brows/hair makes her eyes stand out so much in a soft way.

No. 619031

Yeah, I'm sure the facetune helps as well

No. 619043

Ehhh… I mean, good for her for having the courage to post with basically no makeup on, but she does not look cute here lmao

No. 619059

File: 1529762629122.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4245.PNG)

Intresting, cassidy continues whoring around in laylas group of friends

No. 619063

File: 1529763060627.jpg (310.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180623-094111.jpg)

No. 619071

If it’s a big venue, the sound board is gonna be out in the crowd. If it’s the PA, the whole show is gonna get cancelled.

No. 619098

File: 1529767103990.jpg (738.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180623-111852.jpg)

No. 619104

who is this

No. 619117

File: 1529769301902.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 6C4786B8-9F28-49A2-A209-91C3F3…)

Her nose looks so different irl

No. 619123

Wowee that whole insta story was stuff related to Gus. Blegh. I just really wonder how Layla honestly feels about Marilyn and all that. Also why would a "friend" put up such a shitty video of their "friend"

No. 619152

File: 1529774323448.png (765.65 KB, 750x1334, 7D9EA4AD-3A2E-4B23-AC18-EE835F…)

why would u keep milking him many months after his death?

No. 619193

She clearly never went to college that's why. Plus this is the first time she's had any clout

Her and Marilyn are gonna jerk themselves off over their affiliation with him for all eternity

No. 619194

We all know grandma peep has an opinion about everything, i wonder what she thinks about emmas obvious self centered transformation on instagram. shes so clout hungry

No. 619197

She literally had a whole ass bf when he passed. I used to think she was his most respectful ex but tp doesn't even post about him that much now that she's had her chance to mourn. Everyone following her is only doing so bc they're peep stans and she knows that. She depends on her association with him to stay relevant. I wonder what she was even doing with her life beforehand

No. 619200

Maybe she has a soft spot for emma bc gus left her when his clout went up and sought other prospects. On some level his family had to feel bad for her if they were as close as they say. She would apparently meet up with his mom even after he left. They're the one's who pushed the narrative that she was his one true love after all.

No. 619201

True, if she is a clout monster now they created her

No. 619203

File: 1529780339730.jpg (328.79 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180623-115036.jpg)

When cows collide

No. 619204

>>619197 I asked Emma on a past live (sorry - no cap) what she does for work and she said that she didn't have a job and was making money off her depop. she said she used to work in a hair salon and babysat but hated it. soo… without her followers she'd be fucked

No. 619206

Layla looks awful here, looks like she picked up that awful rat's-nest-styled hair that seems to be popular in the uk kek

Samefagging but look how hard Cassidy is trying

No. 619236

File: 1529783381963.png (984.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-23-14-48-07…)

Expectations vs reality toopoor tattoo part 1: expectation (1/2)

No. 619237

File: 1529783403283.png (731.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-23-14-48-02…)

2/2 reality

No. 619240

Head shape on point tho

No. 619257

i wish the instahoes general was still around, died after lilith got her own thread and the other ig general isn't the same

has duck ever been mentioned on a thread here? lost her arm in a DUI, keep that part dl and got clout for it ultimately

No. 619268

a DUI,jesus. do you have any more info on that?

No. 619272

>>619268 Who is duck? Any info…? Social media links, etc? Come on guys.

No. 619277

she isn't really relevant in this thread

but if you google "carlsbad scooter crash" you'll find some articles naming her as a 'dui suspect', there's been buzz about it being a DUI on twitter too but she always denies it.. i followed her before it happened and she was tweeting about being drunk/fucked up like the day before the crash, so i believe it

No. 619279

The tattoo looks more like her irl than the photo

No. 619293

File: 1529786696537.png (455.37 KB, 534x528, noooo.png)

>>619279 Just one of this girl's bad tattoo decisions it seems…

No. 619314

Kek so true

No. 619358

Agreed. I still think it’s stupid that there are four separate threads for Clare, Melanie, instagrathots, and torpoor/soundclout. It makes no sense.

No. 619359

Agreed. I still think it’s stupid that there are four separate threads for Clare, Melanie, instathots, and torpoor/soundclout. It makes no sense.

No. 619361

Sorry for double posting, tried to correct that spelling error & delete, but for some reason it’s saying wrong password even though it’s been less than five minutes. My b.

No. 619398

File: 1529794853931.png (423.98 KB, 1242x1996, IMG_0726.PNG)

also this… since when was Rachel and Cass close? Kinda shady of Rachel to stay friends with her after she got with Corey

No. 619430

It's partly the hair but she's never looked more like a juggalo

No. 619447

those pix are all but cass sucks rachel’s pussy

No. 619479

I mean you deserve your karma for even seeking out such a tattoo.

No. 619561


Jesus these are seriously some of the most regrettable tattoos I've ever seen, I'm not even being melodramatic. This is straight-up sad, she is like 18 years old and has a pretty face. Girrrrrrl you need to stop.

No. 619563

those apps are dangerous because you lose track of how much you've changed because it's just fixing one "little thing" after another.

layla got outed for texting peep saying she was into him treating her like shit, her fetish for that/low self esteem is obvious and she actually admits it, so why do people get mad when she fixes herself and it gets out of control? we know she'd probably sell herself for a nose job and tbh i'm surprised she hasn't considering she brags about money and cares this much about her looks.

if she admits body dismorphia and acts like a person with it by changing her entire face why is anyone mad? not a stan just someone with those issues and idgi

No. 619565

why the fuck does this stupid bitch have to 1up and take credit for everything she had NOTHING to do with. your faux woke is showing just shut the fuck up be grateful and get some damn bangs

No. 619571

tana mongeau had her “tanacon” this weekend and it was a total scammy shitshow. Twitter thread has all the details. (Orf course adam22 was a featured guest for a con directed towards teenage girls.)

@tanamongeau is related to the soundclout scene for being friends with @lenatheplug and @adam22, aka top tier clout scum and (allegedly) fucking lil xan. I’m p sure she’s been mentioned here before.

Saged because idk if anyone else will find this as hilariously pathetic as I do.

No. 619573

Here she is ugly crying about it on some deleted snaps.

No. 619584

she has her own thread

No. 619687

Did anyone just the part of toopoor's insta story of going out to eat with rachel for her birthday? She deleted it I wonder if it's bc of cass somehow. I was gonna screencap but it mysteriously vanished

No. 619689

File: 1529814249450.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180624_002410394.j…)

Fan chimes in kek

No. 619690

I don't know why she would delete it. Maybe she doesn't want cass trying to hang out with them since apparently rachel is still ok with cass. Also cass would def try hanging out with her just to piss Layla off bc she has no life

No. 619714

she’s with her now it’s not deleted?

No. 619725

Got I hate that bitch. Idk where she fits in tho. She dose have clout and hangs out with the soundclout scene online & irl but idk she also doesn’t do anything beside have one arm and be a Twitter girl.

No. 619766

I wish the instathot thread was useful, but it’s gone to shit with a bunch of other threads ever since farmhands started issuing bans for ‘mini-modding’ and stopped issuing bans for derailing and unsaged bullshit, so now retards have the wheel on half the board.

No. 619783

I think my phone tweaked bc I can see it now my b

No. 619787

I doubt she would care if cass saw it or not. She's hung out with her before. But it's up still so yea

No. 619795

jfc just fork out the $30~ and commission someone to do it
so pathetic

No. 619814

>>619795 She's trying to compete with briseppe and prove she has fans that will draw shitty artwork of her too.

No. 619816

File: 1529827396556.jpeg (619.08 KB, 1125x1925, 555A0BBC-9370-4E31-9F44-101BB6…)

Sorry if someone already posted this but why the. F. UC K would you advertise a party where there's alcohol for all ages like wtf and why do they need to advertise parties in the first place

No. 619826

How else are they going to get underage girls inebriated?

No. 619851

File: 1529836652791.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1125x703, B3C1610E-8E8D-4A7F-800C-C94D1D…)

Paris ex girl is so damn annoying and so thirsty for another SoundClout Bf

No. 619912

I’m sitting here giggling at the fact he has it titled “A Night in Paris.”

Paris Hilton is going to sue his ass for stealing the title of her sex tape. Haha.

No. 619944

A few weeks ago someone on IG called Shiloh out for saying the N word and she sent them suicide threats via disappearing DM and then bragged about it on her story

No. 620029

How the fuck else would you advertise a club event? Email? Post cards?

No. 620061


I'm seriously amazed that Tana was even able to conceive of and organize an event, albeit super half-assed. She is a notorious flake and can't even be bothered to show up to film with people like 80% of the time.

No. 620076

Uhh it’s not the advertisement itself that’s the problem.
It’s the
>all ages allowed!
>free drinks and beer pong

No. 620094

Post receipts or shut up about her lol

No. 620109

Go post about Mongoose in her thread. Not here.

No. 620209

File: 1529874418316.jpeg (333.41 KB, 1125x888, AD607A06-3083-4542-8AD1-C13937…)

Oh cass….

No. 620259

>>618896 I think they were trying to make a point that they (Tyler and Too Poor) made Peep who he was, it had nothing to do with Peep and they could do it with anyone. Then Peep died, TP bailed and it turned into what it is now.

No. 620270

that should really be an eye opener for her, not a funny joke… wew

No. 620273

No one cares go talk about it on onionboy's thread. Shit's irrelevant.

No. 620275

One night in Paris. So is Paris into getting porked? The innuendo only works if he's gay or a chick

No. 620278

watch paris jack peep's sexuality too

No. 620288

Lol another anon >>619912
already made the joke. You’re a little late

No. 620443

Cass your boyfriend is gay

No. 620650

File: 1529895211214.png (687.14 KB, 1178x1260, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 21.5…)

> I put my soul out there.. and no one fucks me
This is an old video that she posted on twitter back in Feb. It was a joke about not getting dick. Nothing to do with TanaCon.

No. 620700

>>620650 No one cares here. Post on her thread.

No. 620702

File: 1529900423164.png (39.6 KB, 726x333, ass.png)

No. 620704

File: 1529900630223.jpg (57.52 KB, 736x736, 78a4c90832741cc70c0626864a1c93…)

No. 620705

I agree, I don't care for the topic either. I only posted the clarification because it was bad info and I didn't wan't that vid to turn into a discussion on here by the losers that do care but are too dumb to look shit up before posting. Hopefully it's the end of it. Always fight fake news.

No. 620734

Lol at pepper thinking he's the reason Peep blew up. Also Peep was already making vids when he met tp and in GBC. They're honestly both so stupid.

No. 620737

He surpassed them both bc he was better at doing what he did than they were at doing what they do. Plain and simple.

No. 620740

He surpassed GBC for the same reason

If it wasn't for Ty's weird obsession with pissing off Peep Paris wouldn't even be a thing he's so clearly manufactured

This "all ages" thing is really fucking gross. Everything Paris does disgusts me

No. 620744

Lol so true

yo babe can you stimulate my prostate but ewww I don't want to have sex with you because excuses

I've never heard of a couple going camping and not hooking up in the tent like sex in itself is hot and sweaty you think spending the day outside is going to make it completely unbearable? Unless you're rolling around naked in poison ivy and shoving bugs up your cooch it's not going to make a difference

Congrats cass you're a wig

No. 620751

File: 1529905839964.jpeg (226.29 KB, 1125x1467, 217D10A6-3959-4004-92A6-B494CF…)

Lol that third comment ….

No. 620759

File: 1529906821321.jpeg (122.24 KB, 750x591, 494D6A79-F4A5-48EC-8A00-A50E26…)

No. 620764

File: 1529907427767.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, EEE40ABD-C23C-4096-AFC5-0312D4…)

No. 620765

File: 1529907483351.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, D80CF389-B531-4A8A-912D-03D6D7…)

Wonder if Grosso will visit her

No. 620799

tp follows geneva but not x found that kind of interesting

No. 620800

I laughed

No. 620811

Is she also on drugs?

No. 620833

what's the use in following a dead man

No. 620883

This is the second time she’s beenat the hospital in the past month or so. Somethings definitley up. And it’s prob drugs.

Or maybe she has one of those gastrointestinal parasites from peppers bootyhole.

No. 620916

File: 1529936340425.png (34 KB, 675x368, DFDSFDSFDS.png)



No. 620929

she can't decide whether she prefers the rich girl aesthetic or the poverty porn aesthetic

No. 620931

She tweeted this right after releasing her merch. I'm guessing she sold 20k in merch, that doesn't equal 20k in her pocket.

No. 620936

20k in merch or 20k in pocket, still doesn't make sense why she would only has $11 dollars left. boohoo

No. 620937

Agreed, was just giving another example of these idiots flexing when they have nothing to flex about

No. 620943

but guys her hair costs more than ur rent

No. 620981

ew guess shes still pretty gross then. her "i only have $11" is bullshit and i figured so when she was boohooing about only having a couple of racks in the bank rn a few months ago, like… most people are working poor and have $100 in the bank after their bills are paid??

No. 621058

File: 1529944888176.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, DD8F430C-6431-4782-990A-475BFA…)

I wonder what’s going on with gtsheilds

No. 621063

Did anyone forget that layla is a dj?


No. 621081

i don't know, but the attention starvation is real when you start posting from a hospital bed

No. 621086

LOL I was thinking the same damn thing.

No. 621098

Not fulltime. She plays gigs what, every other month?

No. 621116

Then book more gigs? or get a fucking job?

No. 621143

shouldn’t even be posting these, you’re just giving her the attention she desperately wants. this is like those people who used to go on facebook back in the day, write sad statuses and then not say why exactly they’re being emo when questioned.

>until they can operate

grace, put up or shut the fuck up. don’t sit around feeling bad for yourself and asking for prayers for your ~operation~ when you’re clearly well enough to be taking selfies. people who are actually in pain don’t have time to beg for attention.

No. 621157

they probably haven’t paid her out yet

No. 621171

File: 1529951705116.png (21.81 KB, 529x81, Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 1.35…)


No. 621177

lol, I am confident all these shitty internet famous people we talk about is well aware of these feeds and keep tabs on what we say lol

No. 621181

No. 621186

seems like we're always getting blessed with cameos on the tp threads

No. 621189

…don’t type like this

No. 621192

If this is TP, then please show us that is actually is you. I have seen fake posts from people claiming to be said person but without proof, it is not believable.

No. 621198

>we all troll
No one trolls or does any cow tipping. The cows give out the milk for free. We just sit back and watch the shit show unfold.

No. 621212


What did >621183 say? It’s been deleted but I’m guessing it was a cow claiming they troll us here

No. 621214

I just wanted to say that luke seems mentally retarded and looks the same w his hair

No. 621216


no it was an anon being obnoxious claiming wE troll THEM, but we don't. we're just the commentary lol

No. 621221


I just want to know IF IT IS TP OR NOT.

No. 621225

I bet if it is her, she is taking the time to read ALL the posts and feeds from last time when apparently saw them to update herself on how RIDICULOUS she is

No. 621227

This thread was open on one of her IG lives some weeks back. Girl doesn't have much going on in her life - She's reading this thread multiple times a day just like Tyler, gt and all the other cows.

No. 621231

Damn, I wish that I got to see that IG live. So she is well aware of the cause and effect of her actions has on these threads and she still continues? If she is, in fact, sober for whatever weeks/months I truly think that it is a matter of weeks/days until she relapses and the "old" cow is back. Damn dude.

No. 621233

>it is a matter of weeks/days until she relapses and the "old" cow is back.
That reminds me of peppers comment saying how toopoor is going to relapse and die. That's fucked up if pepper actually wishes for her downfall and death. Is that you pepper anne?

No. 621237

tyler didn’t say that. luke did. and i’m not relapsing.

No. 621238

110%, not Pepper. I was just making an observation and an opinion in the posts that she "Doesn't know how much longer she can do this", "the internet is stupid", "I am not a role model", "I can only provide so much", etc. posts that she is on the verge of a 'breakdown' and relapse is common for those who have a history of drug use

No. 621240


No. 621246

Yeah she’s kept an eye on this place since she found out about it. I do think the last time she was on here was after her 2 am non-apology >>617857 she replied with in minutes of the tweets being posted here.

Idk why she’s so fixated on her thread tbh whether she posts or not it’s been a year or so since she found out about it. You’d think a friend would have stepped in and told her to stop reading it or it would just get old.

No. 621252

exactly why I do not think it is TP, yet someone just saying "we do" and, "Luke said it, not Tyler" and everyone is asking for proof it is Layla yet "she" won't post said proof? its just someone who said "we do" and boom we all give them the reaction they are looking for.

Again, unless there is proof then nobody should worry about if it is her or not. Bye girl.

No. 621261

File: 1529958034900.jpeg (998.74 KB, 1125x1223, 12C51960-E0B7-4F17-B2E7-5FDE79…)

how often does this keep pepper up at night lmao bet this is why he begs for the bluecheck

No. 621274

tbh unless proof is posted somewhere I think it's more likely that it's some weird anon pretending to be her

No. 621277

point exactly

No. 621278

cool nobody is not 'chill' where'd you find this on twitter? link plz

No. 621281


I'm sorry but who is this and why is it relevant?

No. 621282

It’s not. At all. This anon is just sperging out accusing everyone of being Layla like it’s the red scare

No. 621284

meh, this shit is getting too ridiculous for me. I am moving on to other internet drama that is actually Milk worthy

No. 621285

autismanon deleted so I’m deleting my shit too. Basically, stop assuming cows are here.

No. 621287

lol that anon didn't accuse anyone of being layla?
it was just a joke because not being verified is something that bothers tyler

No. 621290

No need to announce your departure sweaty

No. 621291


No. 621294

Dude can you at least sage

No. 621388


No. 621393

>>621058 I'm guessing she needs emergency surgery on her lips… They are about to explode and rain down a rainbow of clown shaped confetti. Or she has some routine surgery she is blowing up for sympathy. But probably the former.

No. 621406

File: 1529968629167.jpeg (382.58 KB, 1124x1734, 2AFA153E-A700-4747-984F-9FB233…)

Speaking of those lips… I came across some “fan art” and cackled over how accurately lumpy the lips are

No. 621420

Major tinfoiling but it would be pretty funny if she was getting some kind of cosmetic surgery but playing it off like it's something else kek

No. 621460

>110%, not Pepper
>Just v critical of Layla reeee
So it's pepper then. Get off the drugs, you oversized turnip.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 621513

Oh you mean like Kelly Eden? Lol

No. 621540

There's literally proof tp has been on here. She posted it in one of her lives

No. 621573

File: 1529984223313.jpg (430.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180625-233651.jpg)

No. 621577

File: 1529984797577.jpg (207.36 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20180625-234307-1.j…)

On her most recent pic lol

No. 621605

File: 1529987607744.jpg (494.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180626-003336.jpg)

Whoops I dropped this

No. 621622

Is that so? Because I seem to remember Layla dating Joel for like 2 seconds during one of her & Peep's many breaks and it sure looked like she dropped Joel immediately and got back together with Gus like the second he wanted to get back together.

No. 621624

I’ll believe it when he actually checks in and stays away from social media

No. 621626

She's just saying that Joei didn't appear out of nowhere this time. Before he was def a rebound but now not really Not that complicated. Did none of y'all have relationships

No. 621627

She literally few the dude out

No. 621631

it seems like he's just posting to get screenshotted here lmao. that's sad but if he actually does go get help good for him. maybe he'll stop abusing everyone around him and realize he's the problem.

No. 621633

wait did she pay for his ticket because what the fuck

she was just talking about how she can't be alone and suddenly he appears after she went on this whole rant about self care and shit. she's full of it and can't not be in a relationship even if it's fake as fuck which is so weird to me, why does she always waste her time on some dude for her self esteem?

No. 621645

he flew himself. she didn’t pay for it.

No. 621646

Not this time I don’t think but last year she sure made it seem like she paid for him to come visit her >>275761

She got back with peep within a week. He obviously felt a type of way about her getting a rebound and if you weren’t around for that just read that thread and see how aggressive peep got after she got Joei to la

No. 621647

he was in la before layla came back from london and she talked about how excited she was to see him while she was in london via lives

No. 621651

>>621646 He had a bunch of old TP stickers all over his laptop on her IG live today. There's something kinda weird about her dating a fanboy. I guess she sees him as being safe. He might still run away though.

No. 621652

he’s not a fan they dated last year she probably gave them to him then

No. 621654

File: 1529991406331.png (10.74 MB, 1242x2208, 0FF222C9-FD65-48A3-9B3E-C2EDAE…)

meanwhile shrimp

No. 621668

>only a matter of weeks/days until she relapses

yikes can we not? as much as her xxxtentacion sperg annoyed me she hasn't done anything destructive enough to indicate relapse and even if she does I'd rather not decide it's an inevitably, kinda fucked imo

she did get sober and stay sober while pepper chugged lean and shrimp devolved into a skinwalking crackhead

No. 621674

I'm p sure the reason the x tweets got under her skin were because she knows she's tweeted some shady shit in her past and that no matter how clean and sober she gets a lot of people are still team fuckTP

No. 621677

this photo isn't even remotely milky

No. 621681

I like joei and her more than her with peep or tyler. No dramatic twitter antics or possesive shit like property of tyler grosso. They seem chill idk call me crazy. He's also her best looking prospect imo

No. 621682

I like how you just straight up forgot luke bc he's so irrelevant lmao

No. 621690

Crazy how Luke is the oldest and probably richest one but he is the biggest clout demon out of all them. His latest Instagram stories sheesh

No. 621701

He's been trying to wear his hair in little pigtails like peep. I cannot

No. 621710

not the richest. mommy pays for him

No. 621711

Yes, I meant the richest because his family is loaded. Seems real posh

No. 621721

Nothing wrong with being a trust fund kid as long as you don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

No. 621723

Sp00kybay is rlly too nice.

No. 621725

File: 1529999982764.jpeg (113.29 KB, 1125x822, 1B656C50-F87E-4C69-94EB-5B1B8E…)

No. 621747

holy shit is today the day you first discovered the internet? "sweaty" is a fucking meme dude, nobody spelled anything wrong grandma.

No. 621764

File: 1530005031708.png (3.53 MB, 1243x1604, F805C87A-DB0E-4A11-95D1-C011B1…)

Looks like Paris’s exes are comparing notes.

No. 621765

I know all these SoundClout ppl post 24/7, but do they not realize if they post on here and on Instagram at the same time, it kinda obvious. Especially when they then delete the post on here. Entertaining, to say the least.

No. 621767

Hella corny

No. 621768

File: 1530005148640.png (408.4 KB, 1247x1821, 637ECA0C-9E1D-44FE-9553-37103C…)

Pt 2 - Paris is starting to sound like just another creep.

No. 621771

Layla - why you co-signing this bullshit who's trying to leech off peep

No. 621794


New Video where no jumper makes multiple homophonic remarks and throws shade at Post Malone lmfao

No. 621799

Homophobic… lol my phone keeps autocorrecting that

No. 621827

how is this co-signing? she is saying she loves seeing his exes get together to piss him off. she obviously doesn’t like paris

No. 621831

I think it’s more supporting her best friend

No. 621835

I just am of the opinion that Rose and Paris are very similar people in regards to skin walking

No. 621915

Ew. Paris is so fucking creepy and gross. Typical douche bro fuckboy.

No. 622012

File: 1530028882202.png (2.23 MB, 1510x1072, truf.png)

This comment - "I don't work I just lay around and look like an idiot"

She looks like a ghetto Ronald McDonald to me.

No. 622051

like a damn hot cheeto that's been on the movie theater floor since last summer..

No. 622053

She had some incoherent rant on her ig story yesterday about how no one can tell her shit about herself. Fake deep pseudointellectual bullshit. Just sounded like she can’t take criticism like an adult mixed in with a lot of “y’all ain’t shit”

No. 622108

File: 1530038388854.png (441.66 KB, 750x1334, image1.png)

Marilyn posted this article about how taking antidepressants can make you suicidal

Not real milk so sage

No. 622109

File: 1530038428783.png (304.45 KB, 750x1334, image2.png)

Stop projecting??? Really though???

No. 622115

File: 1530038635942.jpeg (159.32 KB, 1124x944, 726020A1-B970-4EDE-8C00-9FE390…)

Hoping this is shade at Paris

No. 622118

Girl you aren’t a doctor, you probably didn’t even graduate high school. Marilyn is the literal epitome of arrested developemenf.

No. 622166

As shitty as Fat Nick is (with and without allegations) I'm not gonna lie, I'm here for his call out game.

No. 622203

kek as though lil peep was really something special.

No. 622224

File: 1530044928838.png (2.08 MB, 950x1198, Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 15.2…)

when you shoop your waist to be smaller than your microcephalic dome lmfao

No. 622233

>>622224 its like she doesnt even care or realize that she completely warped the guy in blue behind her. his left leg is double the size of his right, and his hair has been smudged directly into her waist. and she probably thinks it'll pass as some "he was moving & photographed blurry" bs

No. 622234

File: 1530045600717.jpg (269.11 KB, 750x1243, Image-1(2).jpg)

The caption/joeis comment

No. 622237

I feel like she posted this just for us to tin foil away at it

No. 622260

this has to be a troll with the stretched to fuck guy in the background??? right????

No. 622276

File: 1530048407360.jpeg (135.58 KB, 750x1334, 5B487D48-E059-4019-BFE3-905EA1…)

No. 622279

um he knows you dont look like that cass?? also i love the no response and just sending of a coupon. so is it confirmed that he cheated on her a bit ago?

No. 622295

Uhhh post this straight up. I’m trying to see

No. 622300

File: 1530050131370.jpeg (34.43 KB, 750x265, 66ECDD51-2C4C-4907-AAB3-D385C2…)

Yep! Just so we can tinfoil lol

No. 622301

the coupon code is probably on retailmenot

No. 622303

lmao yeah… you really got us with that one

No. 622307

Where did she post this?

No. 622308

File: 1530050322600.png (233.37 KB, 582x606, 2018-06-26 17_58_18-hotelshrim…)

No. 622310

Samefag but yeah wow we really lost it over that one what will she do next? Pee on the ground? Or is that just Cass's thing now?

No. 622311

shes been acting the serious cow lately. how did she "get us", exactly? layla, wtf are you doing? by publicly embarrassing yourself to your audience to specifically target, what, 50 of us on an anonymous imageboard by making yourself look stupid? lol okk

No. 622312

what is the point of that lmao

No. 622313

Its depraving.

No. 622314

sometimes i feel like she just wants her thread to be bumped

No. 622317

You can't troll a troll.

No. 622318

nobody else is going to know that she’s trolling us, she’s basically just another basic IG hoe negatively influencing young girls that she claims she helps by shopping her waist into oblivion …

No. 622322

lmao but she has to deflect with "it was jus a joke!!" to escape embarrassment. she's a terrible influence on young women and girls with her defending of men and downplaying abuse, then this, etc

No. 622324

I'm gonna double up that tin foil and say she posted this >>622224 "for real," saw this >>622237 & after getting a couple shop comments on ig, tried to save face w/ >>622300

No. 622327

File: 1530051013406.jpg (316.46 KB, 2048x2048, Image-1(3).jpg)

Marilyn is just posting photos of hospital rooms? She needs a tumblr

No. 622332

it was posted less than 20 hours ago…

No. 622333

Someone did >>621605
You just can't read?

No. 622336

Nigga I just wanna see that puss and nipples. Fuck a coupon code.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622342

Ya, it was a joke

No. 622353

Wow Layla epic troll. You sure showed us with your bad photoshop!
But for real, you look fine without it. Save yourself the “omg shooped” comments by just not doing it.

No. 622364

why the fuck is everyone forgetting homregirl was just going off and off about her being scared to be alone and 'that she was totally enough' and now suddenly has to have a boyfriend to feel complete when she clearly had SO much work to do on herself alone and should NOT be in a relationship right now, per her own words. wtf

No. 622366

LMFAOOOOO i vote more luke stories legit this shit is so fucking funny

layly what the f u c k girl look what you did(learn 2 integrate)

No. 622368

have you ever even met a trust fund kid because that's all they do

No. 622370

What does this bitch do for a job if she can afford two pairs on black and white of the same corny tryhard boots? She must be the escort.

No. 622383

I wonder the same thing all the time about shrimp also. Aubrie is particularly amusing though bc her style has only recently been this aggressive. If you google her, her depop comes up and it’s basic as hell. Shit, if you google her, her old pics that she deleted off her IG come up too. She’s just cashing out on this aesthetic I guess paired with being Layla’s only real friend.

No. 622416

Sp00ky either got rich as hell parents or she def sells herself

No. 622533

Did anyone else see Sp00kybaby and Paris hanging out on Paris' live Sunday morning about 4:30am LA time? Legit in her bed. When I woke up I couldn't view the live anymore. To me it's just more evidence of how the girl drama and sad boy stuff is fake

No. 622574

File: 1530074300109.jpeg (513.74 KB, 1125x1849, D6CEC73D-B73B-432A-9AF2-524B2B…)

Is she serious with this skeletor lookin ass body she shooped up? extra lol when comparing to >>621654

No. 622582

that’s not paris that’s a fan account

No. 622585

File: 1530075628773.jpeg (109.15 KB, 683x678, C0FC6F59-18BE-4E52-83F5-7C7506…)


No. 622586

File: 1530075642923.jpeg (163.92 KB, 1125x1195, 171B6E0E-5B91-4661-A951-96CB9B…)

No. 622593

File: 1530077129344.jpg (30.33 KB, 288x512, kindacutttte.jpg)

>>621681 I'm not a huge fan of Joei, but he looks like he adores her.

No. 622629

This is extra creepy because this rose bitch literally looks exactly like Marilyn before the tattoos. Who is she and why how is she known? I feel like I'm wondering this about all these random ass hoes…

No. 622630

How do this briseppe girl, Marilyn and rose all look eerily alike? Anyone else thought this

No. 622632

They're all boring ass clones. Boring ass personalities. Boring boys like boring safe pathetic girls

No. 622635

File: 1530083424572.jpeg (385.55 KB, 1125x1802, E0AB7069-9366-4617-9EF5-89A087…)

No. 622637

File: 1530083612614.jpeg (211.56 KB, 1125x1256, 5045B253-6C6E-4CC8-922D-7BAFBE…)

Wonder if Smoke is ignoring her irl or just on the internet lmao

No. 622661

>>622629 I actually thought it was an old photo of Briseppe before her stupid hair.

No. 622662

File: 1530087821896.jpeg (253.73 KB, 1125x1287, 47D87892-F325-48A7-A345-772DA8…)

This is the dumbest fucking shit I've ever read. Xxx is already RICH. He don't need help. And fuck uzis profile pic. Why don't these ppl give their OWN money to kids who actually need it.

No. 622717

File: 1530101907912.jpg (663.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180627-081636.jpg)

No. 622719

Looks like rehab didn’t go so well

No. 622727

Didn't go at all, more like

No. 622738

His “face-tat” looks like a fungal growth.

No. 622740

A charitable foundation does not usually look after the interests of one single child or family. How braindead is this concept.

No. 622741

Why does this dude who "supposedly" has a child on the way. And had like four homes need a foundation. Why does his family need money from anyone. Wack dude, wack family, wack idea

No. 622742

x was extremely successful, like 10 times as peep was. why would his family need money is beyond me too.

No. 622759

File: 1530108469404.jpeg (193.92 KB, 640x888, 7915D899-1254-40BD-9C21-680E9B…)

ik people hate when chelji (i hate that queef sounding alias — her name is chelsea dann and her mother is a criminal lmao) is posted but kek at her new ugly ass face tat. she deleted the photo real quick

this piece of shit is on her body forever. wtf does it say? i’m sure like the rest of her tattoos and curdled milk body, it won’t age well. she has some fat calves too

No. 622760

how do you know her mom is a criminal? caps please.

No. 622761

This has literally turned into a shitty ass British soap opera of shitty irrelevant exes… but Luke's insta story. There's a video of him boasting of his DJ "gig" and he fans himself with his money… and then he has a picture with some girl where it says "We are polyamarous" like for fucks sake you probably had a private dictation and you can't spell polyamorous. I'm sure he's just doing this to get mentioned on here or wherever on the internet but it's still eye opening to see a 30 year old act this way.

No. 622763

It’s been posted in previous threads.

No. 622765

Education not dictation **

No. 622767

Wow this white girl really went out and got Arabic tatted across her face. Lmao yeah, def not regrettable.

No. 622768

I kind of like Rose, she's from my hometown so I might be biased but she seems harmless and sweet. Hopefully the scene doesn't swallow her alive lol.

Also fukken kek at potato's face tatt lmao wow, anyone knows what it says?

No. 622772

Go read the previous threads.

No. 622773

Read the rules..

No. 622776

I think it says “sacrifice”….

No. 622789

File: 1530111817150.jpeg (237.08 KB, 1092x1591, 897F2C72-A6B3-4543-9F04-A8F823…)

Adam 22 lame ass making gay jokes and shade at post Malone

No. 622791

File: 1530112255394.jpeg (415.79 KB, 1125x1024, 48B70541-03D1-4AB6-8865-A6750C…)

Lmao looks like chelji

He also made some really dumb, bad, painfully not funny jokes about being at tanacon. I know we’ve all said it but for real why the fuck do people like him?

No. 622798


lmao nice

No. 622827

Congrats on sharing something that was already posted >>621794

No. 622837

File: 1530116799337.jpg (54.53 KB, 1163x696, Capture.JPG)

No. 622843

lmao wow

No. 622844

Sorry for off topic but is that why it got shut down?

No. 622845

she has her own thread, look there

No. 622847

It was just because too many people showed up so it had to be shut down for security reasons

No. 622849

File: 1530117850848.png (432.88 KB, 666x728, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.3…)

Not defending him but that is not the same one, look at how the chain connects to the pendant. I still don't believe he dropped as much as he said he did. He lied about how much his Vegas hotel cost just a few days ago:

The one he's wearing isn't even a design LV currently carries. So it's likely either from an old release or a fake (I'd bet my coins on the latter)

No. 622854

No. 622860

File: 1530118935585.png (13.15 MB, 1242x2208, 0F3D1B0E-86C2-4A8D-A043-122FB0…)

Wait a minute… Layla has the one in the picture lol. Peppers is probably fake

No. 622874

either fake or vintage
for some reason i don't feel like he's the type to be into vintage with how much ugly trendy shit he comes out of gucci and lv with usually

No. 622981

File: 1530129035381.jpeg (110.6 KB, 750x1077, D3368147-21CF-475C-9AB6-6DC3DE…)

Pepper and Paris changed the party to 21+

No. 623075


lookin mad spudly per usual

probably hooked up with him then regretted it bc he's a fuckboy

No. 623099

File: 1530140684753.jpeg (336.55 KB, 1125x1899, CF543806-2DBF-4D98-B1A4-1EEDC2…)

Layla why you copying him? What do u have to prove? He's so lame

No. 623101

File: 1530140700866.jpeg (204.5 KB, 1125x1220, 7BC57718-2FBC-4C87-9E9F-8EECB0…)

No. 623104

File: 1530140901703.jpeg (497.48 KB, 1125x1748, 0489E1E5-AEF1-4B85-8AE5-8585D7…)


No. 623105

File: 1530140916967.jpeg (121.73 KB, 1125x989, 9A2F0308-07A5-40F5-8049-17B8F3…)

No. 623111

Peeps or peppers shirt?

No. 623114

Uhh prob Peppers since it's Nirvana. Also if she gave away Peeps shirt to anyone, that'd be pretty fucked.

No. 623116

Or Luke's skin walking ass could've went and bought one exactly like it I wouldn't put it past him

No. 623120

File: 1530142207540.jpeg (338.23 KB, 2048x2048, image1.jpeg)

That lip chap though… Does she only drink water when she posts a video of it and tells everyone to drink more water like layla used to do?

No. 623121

She a craxkhead bruh she pick at her lips

No. 623122

File: 1530142278294.jpeg (274.89 KB, 750x1137, 2F94FC22-5798-4A34-912F-E8DF65…)

more proof tp lurks here constantly

No. 623128

she posted that before the thread

No. 623144

File: 1530144608037.png (117.39 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180627-190904.png)

Geneva posted this with a video of her throwing out her razors I fuck wt it

No. 623147

i've liked everything she has said post-x's death so far.

No. 623187

File: 1530149362454.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4388.PNG)

Its also these days layla look like cassidy.. same here and so much more. Weird. Why would she wanna look like that ska**

No. 623188

*same hair

No. 623196

are you forgetting that cass is layla’s skinwalker?

No. 623205


No. 623212

File: 1530151081271.png (5.35 MB, 1242x2208, 594FF2F2-63EC-4B35-B276-CC83B5…)

Lol 40 going on 17. This dude needs to get a grip. The Juul completes his “hi fellow kids” look.

No. 623214

Too late when they already invited all the little girls in town. Who's going to check IDs? Paris? It will still involve getting teen girls drunk and fucking them, they're just covering their tracks.

No. 623227

No she didn’t? lol

No. 623229

Are any anons going to this? Plz, plz report back.

No. 623230

File: 1530152261637.png (96.91 KB, 1100x362, soooo.png)

Chances on him making it to rehab?

No. 623260

Isn’t he supposed to be going to Europe with post? Or was that just another pepper Ann delusion of grandeur?

I’d say zero, but he could actually go to save face. I doubt he’ll stay sober after rehab. Being fucked up is what he’s built his entire persona and all his friendships off of. (Remember his whiny “no one appreciates me I’m done buying my friends shit” posts?) Like what does he have to offer if he’s not the plug? He knew this was his way in and he worked it to get to where he’s at now

No. 623278

File: 1530156508075.jpg (2.41 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20180627_232746705.j…)

this girl out here trying to cow tip grosso again

No. 623286

rehab for clout is when you say you’re going to rehab to get a reaction or attention and not fucking go. or even going and having to announce it to your “fans” because again, you love the attention.

No. 623292

File: 1530157659875.png (93.6 KB, 430x307, pepper.png)

>what else does he have to offer
Does pepper understand that he's a tool?


No. 623302

These crackheads are still going at each other

No. 623307

Is this a selfpost? Why are you explaining the term to us? Grosso already knows we exist, he's been here.

No. 623309

Rehab for clout seems made up and fake af. I appreciated the definition for this new kind of "clout".

No. 623315

"IM GOING TO GO TO REHAB EVERYONE!- SIIIIIKE!" That would be funny if that became the new memeclout. I want to watch it all the action unfold!

No. 623355

Late but it’s orobably a vintage LV luggage lock (and prob a knock off, but even if it’s not you can find them everywhere for around 100.00) on cheap ass nickel gold plated chain.

No. 623449

Lmao. Self post or not this shit is still hilarious

No. 623488

I don’t think it was said as a new term.

No. 623563

File: 1530200790448.jpg (185.16 KB, 750x1099, Image-1(5).jpg)


This is so embarrassing

No. 623570

Cass’ makeup just gets worse

No. 623594

her eyebrows are so bad.
And for the life of me I can’t understand why she thinks she looks better with dark hair. I guess if you’re purposely trying to look like a crack head, then sure.

No. 623604


the facetune on her eyes to make them bigger is seriously hilarious. wow.

No. 623617

File: 1530208429877.jpg (126.98 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(6).jpg)

No. 623621


Damn girl get a grip

No. 623638

this bitch is so deep in the throes of her own psychosis wtf is with the obsession???

No. 623667

>>623315 All rehab tweets are deleted, so I am guessing those plans got cancelled. Is Paris going with Post to Europe still?

No. 623698

Accidentally posted on the last thread but ik the girl who Tracy’s dating. She went to high school with me and graduated a year before I did. they met after his Boston show. I’ve lurked on here since the 3rd thread so If anyone’s interested I have recites

No. 623706

File: 1530215061841.jpg (541.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180627-235712.jpg)

Here's a cap from his now deleted sperg that I forgot last night. Thought it was funny cuz I'd have to assume this is what he thinks of lolcow as well kek

No. 623722

i asked cass once in the comments why she draws on her brows in facetune and she deleted my comment loool

No. 623751

The blurred fake grass around her shooped butt and boobs oh my god. Does she not care anymore if she looks shooped or not? Do people in LA not pay attention/not care if other instagrammers shoop bc everyone does?? I’m so confused on her thinking this is ok and looks anything but fake

No. 623775

Sure. What juice do you got?

No. 623803

Funny how he's bashing us like he isn't the grossest person on earth. Pretty sure anyone on here has more hygiene than he does.

No. 623836

It says My Sacrifice I think

No. 623992

File: 1530242047313.jpg (20.24 KB, 724x474, burberry.jpg)

Oh honey no!

No. 623996

>wtf is with the obsession???
You just answered yourself.
>this bitch is so deep in the throes of her own psychosis
Yeah. I think you get it.

No. 624006

File: 1530243364194.png (98.57 KB, 1710x912, butwhocares?.png)

Soooo, looks like Grace deleted her Instagram?

And Arzaylea deleted a ton of her photos…

Meh, but thought it was interesting.

No. 624135

I learned about hotelshrimp during enzo scandal. I assumed she was an escort. I actually came to this thread to ask if Layla was escort. so I will expand my question to -are most of the girls in the soundclout thread escorts? I am a sub. over the pass year I have ran into these girls on social media and see them out but I cant tell if they are just partying, role playing, or escorting. one of hotel shrimps Instagram posted looked like an ad. I assumed you are suppose to contact her friend to set up the meet. however now that I know she is "famous" maybe she was just roleplaying an escort? I think I will start screenshotting instants that make me think they are advertising.

No. 624145

hotelsnake isn’t famous.

No. 624163


The vast majority of SoundClout girls are rich kids, not escorts.

No. 624169

File: 1530262916031.gif (3.28 MB, 480x319, receipts.gif)

>The vast majority of SoundClout girls are rich kids, not escorts.

No. 624170

They're mostly already well off girls(family but sometimes sugardaddy) who most of the time quit HS just to social climb through tours, parties etc cause they have the money and time to do that shit since the abandonned pretty much anything else

No. 624173

y’all don’t know anything about any of them. or their parents.

No. 624176

This is extremely true. Most of the SoundClout girls are from rich, white, families, private school, nice houses, trust funds, etc.

Some are cut off from their parents money, some choose to live by themselves and faux slum it, sugarbaby, trust fund-with-poor-aesthetic, etc.

But the MAJORITY are from wealthy families. Mostly the females as opposed to the males in the scene. Layla comes from a rich Jewish family as well.

No. 624178

you can find their fams on fb if you search enough. & a quick google search for others, jfc it’s not that hard anon.

No. 624179

File: 1530264523402.png (1.29 MB, 1440x1440, b25.png)

The soundclout scene seems to be a boys club. Where are these so calleds popular soundclout females?

No. 624180

>SoundClout girls

No. 624189

File: 1530267017832.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 03E0758E-F000-423F-91D3-087479…)

They’re all so rich yet they cant afford decent hair extensions

No. 624190

Most of the girls are clout chasers who climb through the soundcloud guys who have a big following or is on th upcoming carreer wise (even if it just looks like it ala Grosso who will die soon and prob Paris too)

No. 624276

File: 1530284690609.jpg (195.16 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(7).jpg)

What is wrong with him???

No. 624277

File: 1530284751653.jpeg (393.27 KB, 750x1100, image1(1).jpeg)

>what are your addiction

Creepy fuckin skinwalker

No. 624283

lmao she is not pulling this look off at all

No. 624284

Wonder how much Lil Xan paid to have Toopoor "DJ" at his xanarchy thing? And how much to promote it on social media lol

No. 624291

I doubt he paid her much, if anything, to promote it, he has a much larger following.

No. 624303

This fucking brows. That lipstick.
Cass stop trying so hard

No. 624330

Agreed. She probably reached out to him to promote her DJ persona since she’s so “broke”

No. 624338

because she's wearing lipstick? she's strung out as hell, at least she tried. is this whole thread written by layla

No. 624342

Yes. Lmfao

No. 624345

…you think that looks good? yikes.

Of course she’s trying too hard. She’s a fucking skin walker. She’d actually look decent if she’d just be comfortable wearing her own skin. I thought her look during her Tokyo trip was the best and most natural she’s looked in quite some time.
Then she went back to LA, started binging on coke and regressed right back to skinwalker.

No. 624347

dude you don't have to be layla or a stan of hers to tell bad makeup from good makeup

No. 624352

xan and tp go way back. they’ve been friends a long time.

No. 624374

who said it was good? it's on her face and i'm giving her credit for putting it inside her lip line. she clearly has mental issues and i don't get why she's posted here, she dated horsehead forever ago and her and craig have run out of milk.

what "look", shrimp doesn't even remember her own face.

No. 624383

White knight elsewhere plz

No. 624389

We post her here because she is literally copying TP with her every move and she dates TPs only longterm boyfriend who she hooked up with during peeps wake instead of being there for her friend Cass is a straight up goblin
You are the only person to complain about this too…Cass? Is that you?

No. 624392

can you show me references because I do not have any knowing if this

No. 624395

File: 1530294411019.jpeg (929.73 KB, 1125x1113, FE4CE9BA-B722-4FFA-A6FF-7FD692…)

No. 624396

File: 1530294426416.jpeg (887.22 KB, 1125x1129, 6002DC73-4983-43A7-9E56-3CD263…)

No. 624399

were are these from and era?

No. 624400

Cassidy Jane Hill

Lol I just googled her I didn't know she had her own PULL thread

No. 624403

LMFAO did you just search "toopoor and lil xan and pull this from Deskgram from a user called "toopoorsboobs"

No. 624404

File: 1530294989277.jpg (175.83 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(8).jpg)


Practically an encyclopedia dramatica entry

No. 624409

Not that op but why would it matter?

No. 624414

I literally did a google image search since >>624392 couldn’t be bothered to do the same. so… idk?

No. 624460

Sooooo, I am just curious to know how they go way back in addition to two pics?

No. 624483

they are from the same area. inland empire

No. 624486

Thats not true? Layla is from Palm Springs

No. 624497

riverside county. palm springs is only 30-40 min from redlands.

No. 624535

Meh, I would just like to see more than 2 pics of people "who go way back." Especially since Layla is 4 years older than Xan. Keep in mind Xan is 21 and Layla is 25. I am not sure how far back two can go of being close with that age difference.

then again, I could be mistaken since she was with peep who was the same age. Who knows. She is still gross for chasing kiddos.

No. 624556

they’ve just always been friends dont let your head run wild

No. 624560

File: 1530306905756.jpg (2.96 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20180629_141530354.j…)

No. 624576

File: 1530307606876.png (6.43 MB, 1242x2208, 04B6903B-F31A-4557-8814-2836FB…)

No. 624590

There people in the thread Layla has literally know for 4 or 5 years if not longer. Don’t blame people for needing context or proof to “Goes way back”

No. 624614

Dude do your own research. No ones doing your homework for you, esp since you’re the only once concerned.

No. 624634

you can literally tell when peep died based on her instagram. the difference between her posts is embarrassing, it’s so obvious. maybe she didn’t do it intentionally but it’s still gross

No. 624640

File: 1530312694787.jpeg (40.54 KB, 750x196, BDE335F8-DDDB-4DF9-9F22-537ACD…)

No. 624690

Chasing kiddos? Wasn't peep 21 when they were together?

No. 624731

I do truly feel for her as peeps first real love and relationship and as somebody who was clearly important to him & vice versa but this post is very cringey of her tbh. I don’t know tho seems like an easy way to make money so Can’t say I blame her

No. 624748

File: 1530316093711.jpeg (209.96 KB, 1242x1815, 699EDFFE-F294-4B7F-AA65-E9DA3D…)

Interesting water bottle shape

No. 624762

she deleted and blocked me for calling her out

No. 624764

File: 1530316433379.jpg (392.14 KB, 2448x3264, CNsRV4I.jpg)

Good catch!

No. 624815

can somebody pls explain what is interesting about it?

No. 624830

really obviously photoshopped because the bottle looks so wonky

No. 624929

LMAO. wow. Not even trying to be discreet

No. 624977

The comments section is fucked. Full of “body goals tbh” and “how is your body perfect” and “I wish I was you”

No. 625049

Why is lil xan giving away all his new off white shoes lol

No. 625070

its hilarious because aside from the obvious shoop wrt the water bottle/her surroundings, the way she shooped her body isnt even remotely anatomically correct. it looks so off.

No. 625134

i commented “that’s a really odd smart water bottle” then she deleted it and blocked me lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 625421

Why did anon get banned for that?

No. 625430

Legit question

No. 625432

>5c Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 625486

File: 1530369858491.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 55925BC2-3F56-41DF-BAB3-E3BDC8…)

Does Aubrie really think she created grunge?

No. 625548

Who else does the stupid crosses with eyeliner?

No. 625585

File: 1530375851809.jpeg (135.44 KB, 750x663, BDBAC83A-2566-4BC6-8951-D9CC61…)

No. 625595

Ok so… can the hoards of peepettes get banned too?
Anons pretending to be cows/accusing everyone of being cows?
anons who refuse to read old threads and expect to be spoonfed?
Cause that’s the shit that’s actually annoying/disruptive

No. 625635

File: 1530378925293.jpeg (182.35 KB, 1597x849, 3600D954-A296-454C-ACD5-F6D267…)

Lol be careful! Don’t criticize the mods OR ELSE.(ban evasion)

No. 625658

File: 1530380583696.jpeg (110.76 KB, 749x594, 2F1CD3C1-ACAC-4B53-9058-03D671…)

This girl must be related to pepper

No. 625666

no one else seems bothered by this small fact besides you, what's it to you?

>don't blame people for needing context

huh?? these are threads to gossip about internet characters. either do your own research to form an opinion or stick to lurking.

No. 625916

Wow that’s…really fucking weird of them, I’m sorry anon

No. 626039

File: 1530410929823.png (923.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180701-060917.png)

No. 626051

lmao that’s the name of a creed song.

No. 626099

File: 1530418313032.jpg (973.37 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180701-001058_Ins…)

What a fucking blimp

No. 626133

Tbh it looks drawn on digitally on a lot of her pics. Also she def ain’t the first and won’t be the last

No. 626137

Lmfaoo I’m dead. It’s a creed song and it’s her “sacrifice for all of us for all that she does for us!!!” Wow thanks Chel! Don’t know what we would have all done without your generous sacrifice!

No. 626152

so the soundclout girls are old timey "ladies who lunch" or "bright young things". they are just stupidier and have worse drug habits. I mean these girls do all sorts of cheap drugs.
there parents are starfuckers just like them. any parent that would send there kid money just so they could get famous off of cheap gigs are nerds.

if she is from the usa–never heard her speak- hotelshrimp is an old hooker term. I guess in some regions it may mean something else but most people know it as a hooker term. at 21 yrs old maybe she thinks it means something else. is she that edgy and well read to call herself "hotel shrimp".

No. 626186

Lmao didn't she always say the name hotelshrimp is like a random inside joke thing? I don't see her being smart enough to know any historical facts that girl is dumb as hell

No. 626199

It was because she thought some song was called hotel shrimp instead of the actual name, can’t remember what
It wasn’t that funny of a joke and it always struck me as weird that thats what she rolled with as her “brand”, how boring do you have to be to drag something like that out
Like not much must pass through her head ?

No. 626233

/Snow/ has become a dumpster because of arbitrary bans on longtime farmers and unmoderated weeb and summerfag spergs. The culture here used to somewhat self-moderate but apparently this is leftbook now - mods don’t do their jobs but GOD FORBID anyone else try.(take it to meta)

No. 626371

Find another thread to talk about this is

No. 626441

File: 1530466481093.png (47.2 KB, 814x298, ok.png)

Who is Paris talking shit about?

No. 626448

File: 1530467228207.jpeg (386.48 KB, 1125x1323, 189E344D-B292-4444-9C0C-DA59F5…)

Prob smoke/Dylan. Rose and him are “officially” a thing or something.

No. 626599

No. 626681

>>626448 I guess she's not Paris' biggest fan… He seems pretty butt hurt for a guy who's super into briseppe. Rose is way hotter.

No. 626695

File: 1530490917328.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 545.01 KB, 750x1168, D7E4D2A6-630F-469A-B305-87449B…)

No. 626716


Yeah and Smoke is pretty much Soundclout royalty, whereas Paris is a nobody, affiliated to Grosso, to boot. He's gonna be forgotten as soon as his touring with Post is over. Good for Rose lmao

No. 626755

Paris is a Peep ripoff and by saying he's better than Smokeasac, he's saying he's better than Peep since Smokeasac was a huge part of Peep's music. Paris is a puppet. Smokeasac actually makes music. So dumb.

No. 626757

File: 1530496077144.png (1.02 MB, 852x780, so.png)

I vote Rose

No. 626765

Rose is a try hard wanna be. Why do you think she climbed the social ladder so quickly to get as close as possible to peeps dead body

No. 626767

All of these soundcloud hoes are try hards. At least she doesn't look like a muppet.

No. 626768

Her crybaby tattoo makes her look like a fucking muppet

No. 626769

File: 1530498308965.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 7584051B-D979-4F3F-9E34-F2795F…)

this was a promo for a clothing company, rough

No. 626773

>>626768 Ok Brisepeeee

No. 626779

Just because I can see exactly what this Rose bitch is doing, doesn't mean I'm nasty ass Briseppe. Rose has been obviously plotting this for a while now. Rose used Paris, which I don't care. He's a piece of shit but Smokeasac is an idiot for falling for it. TooPoor and Aubrie are using Rose to get back at Paris for their own personal reasons.

No. 626792

>>626779 In the real world, people meet people through friends. This whole soundcloud scene is inbred as shit. Everyone is sharing their dirty stds, but that's just life. I still think Rose is less obnoxious as Brisapeepee.

No. 626795

File: 1530501331491.png (168.01 KB, 688x612, rehab?.png)

Tyler must be in rehab now. Or at least doing drugs on the dl, so it looks that way.

No. 626800

>>626792 Briseppe is nasty and ghetto af. I think Paris was using her to look less like the fuckboi he is. His comment on being better than smokesac just confirms that he doesn't give a shit about any of them and they are all just stepping stones for him to validate himself as something he is not. The dude is jock wannabe musician. I highly doubt he wrote any of his music and def did not produce any of the beets. He's a puppet dating a muppet ghetto bee.

No. 626801

why does it always look like her lipstick is smeared underneath her mouth

No. 626808

>>626801 It's the tousled sex hair version for her mouth. Girl wants to pretend she's been sucking d.

No. 626816


Why do you think they're using her?

No. 626832

It's pretty obvious too poor doesn't fuck with Paris. Probably because he fucked Aubrie over. So they're getting back at him by having his ex join their little "girl gang" and encouraging her and probably hooking her up with Smoke. Sorry that most of y'all aren't capable of thinking like this, but girls do this kind of plotting

No. 626836

he was on live earlier today wrapped in a blanket on his couch looking sick as hell, first claiming it was allergies then saying he caught a cold from a mic on tour lol. He got super defensive when people told him to get help for his drug problem.

No. 626838

i saw someone ask why grace is in the hospital? anyone know more? her ig is back but private

No. 626839

>>626838 Does anyone follow her?

No. 626840


She hasn't posted anything new. Her story shows her arm with an IV but that's it.

No. 626842

>>626840 I'm guessing she got some melons strapped to her chest.

No. 626861

does this bitch actually have an avocado tattoed on her shoulder hahaha ooof none of these tattoos compliment each other whatsoever

paris is a fungus who 100% used aubrie, then rose, now brispeepee I only feel bad for aubrie tho bc it looks like she dated him for non-clout related reasons

going in for plastic surgery, hiding it, yet being unable to resist posting sad woe is me hospital pics is peak cow behavior

No. 626865

Or it's something super embarrassing but she STILL wants attention for it so she's just being discreet

Has there any proof she does drugs like Pepper? I don't recall her directly posting anything sus

No. 626870

anyone know how old Rose is?

No. 626876

Every time I think I couldn't be more disgusted with Paris he proves me wrong

Poor Aubrie she actually seems upset by him and how he's acting to be posting emo shit like this. She totally could've gone the classic instathot route of trying to date some clouty pseudo-famous dude but instead she went for some nobody who in the end was just as clout hungry and was actually the one using her to ladder climb

No. 626878

inb4 whiteknighting bc I've never been all that into her or her tryhard 3dgy aesthetic I just think Paris is fucking slime

No. 626881

Honestly seems/looks old af

No. 626890

Brisbee seems like she's 40.

No. 626892

Has anyone seen any social media posts from Pepper Ann? Maybe, just maybe he went to rehab.

No. 626907

Ok Rosie. Goddamn I know u think I'm Briseppe but I'm not. Quit shutting your britches over an internet anon who doesn't like u

No. 626908

Think he posted a live yesterday but other than thAt, nothing

No. 626935

You think layla is still sober?

No. 626957

Nope, even if she actually was sober she's excruciating to listen to either way, she's better off on drugs because she cant handle herself whether she's sober or not, she's truly pathetic.

No. 626970

i’m sober. and i take pride in my sobriety.

No. 626972

like do u even kno me????? no. u can’t make assumptions.

No. 626973

No. 626988

Are you done??? Lmao we've been through this. If you're not gonna bother identifying yourself then be gone already. Literally nobody cares.

No. 626989

It's pretty obvious it's her dude. She never capitalizes bc she uses it on her computer and she never sages lmFao

No. 626990


No. 626991

Also I love how this person has been following this thread for this long yet is literally telling the person this thread is about to fuck off. Grade A shit

No. 626992

Computers can still have auto-correct/auto-capitalizations. I'm on a MacBook right now. Just saying, your theory has a few holes.

No. 626994

It really isn’t that obvious but ok.
If you wanna think it’s Layla then have fun.

No. 626995

I think he’s prob just staying low on social media.
He made those rehab claims and obv didn’t mean it (deleted all rehab tweets), so he’s prob taking a break from posting and hoping everyone will forget/stop calling him out on it.
He also prob got sick of being called out here and stopped giving us milk. Basically pepper can’t handle the consequences he brings upon himself.

No. 626996

I don't understand how you want her to "prove" it's her … She's told Tyler and all her other little friends about it, and we have proof of that. Why wouldn't she be lurking on here. She's always on the internet

No. 626998

Meh, its pointless to go back and forth over if it is her or not.

The real thing is lets talk about her DJ set last night and how she continues to use peep's songs for clout and how awkward and uncomfortable it is.

No. 627005

I'm the op, if that is Layla I'm just irritated that she keeps trying to come in here and act like this is supposed to be some kind of echo chamber for her lol these threads aren't FOR her, they're ABOUT her and she seems to have trouble seeing the difference by allegedly coming in here and trying to "defend" whatever questionable behavior of hers gets called out or an assumption she doesn't like gets made

No. 627011


I think both her dj-gig and storys from the night are a bit crazy… in a bad way. Cringe

No. 627012

File: 1530540777122.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4712.PNG)

Her hair looks awful

No. 627014

Lmao the entire back side of her skull where the extensions are attached looks disgusting

No. 627030

calm down ana chan

No. 627048

for real, she looked better when she had the platinum blonde with no extensions. either get good extensions or don’t get them at all, it’s not like she’s balding and can’t do without them anyways

No. 627050

No OP but she actually looks like a blimp compared to her shooped photos

No. 627120

again - making assumptions. i use my cell phone and my letters are set to lowercase.

No. 627124

y’all just say crazy stuff. i don’t like my personal things to get twisted. anything involving my family or my drug use in a negative light is not cool with me. that’s all. talk shit about my appearance and my shitty hair and whatever else you guys are pissy over but when it comes to that shit it hits hard for me and i’m going to say something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 627126

well tbh if you really are tp, then that's just kind of embarrassing that you're paying that much attention. it's your problem if it gets under your skin, not ours

No. 627128

a lot of people read this stupid fucking thing and believe everything written in here. i like to make the corrections - no biggie.

No. 627129

i’m done now. continue ur shit talking

No. 627130


Again, unless you want to prove it is TP then stop posting.
Also, sorry 'you' chose to publicize your entire life on the internet, specifically your drug use, then it's only bothering YOU that we all are skeptical of your 'sobriety."
bless your heart.

No. 627136

how the fuck do you expect anyone to even believe your "corrections" if you can't even bother showing proof it's you lmao 12 threads and you still don't get it

No. 627137

smoke is 24

No. 627147

File: 1530555681133.png (43.24 KB, 810x190, Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 13.2…)

unless you don't know how to do math either..? Anything else we can spoon feed you?

No. 627152

>>626441 aaaannnnnd deleted. Haha, must have been getting a ton of shit for that tweet.

No. 627156

File: 1530556314727.jpeg (275.05 KB, 1125x602, 9C74DC62-8087-4A13-893E-A9AC86…)

Bitch literally anyone can be you, the fuck?

Next cass is going to write “I am more than enough” on her mirror with red lipstick.

No. 627159

File: 1530556637064.png (1.06 MB, 868x1354, Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 13.3…)

lol wut

No. 627162

>>627157 No wonder she deleted all her IG posts about Peep.

No. 627165

Paris trying to come off as insightful is top kek. Nice word salad, but he didn’t get there through hard work lmao all these people are so delirious

No. 627166

Your opinion stopped mattering when you openly supported an abuser.
Pretty sure you were never abused to begin with.

No. 627173

File: 1530557788827.png (111.78 KB, 588x624, sureeee.png)

No. 627175


I'm definitely NOT anorexic and I was making a point that she looks nothing like her obviously shopped pics. In all the candids from Corey's lives, she looks at least 20 pounds heavier than she shops herself to be.

No. 627186

File: 1530558622747.png (331.17 KB, 750x1334, AAAED479-30FF-4ADA-9ED8-9B975C…)

Nah they tagged the wrong person

No. 627189

You called her a blimp. That’s way different than just saying she’s bigger than her shopped photos.
Which is true, she looks nothing like her photos.
But she’s not a blimp, ana chan.

No. 627199

File: 1530559672520.jpg (202.28 KB, 750x1243, Image-1(10).jpg)

Hmmm maybe getting a little schizo affective due to the coke and who knows what its cut with..

Lol Marilyn.. Pls teach me about the 5th deminsion when your personality and ideas are 2 deminsional..

No. 627201

File: 1530559808663.jpg (193.24 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(9).jpg)

>yes I am a girl and ctemplare suicide

Is she seriously not a try hard edgy 14 year old building their vampirefreaks profile???

No. 627211

I think it's this guy -


Who the f is this?

No. 627218

File: 1530561838433.jpg (29.92 KB, 288x512, 2018-07-02-1.jpg)

No. 627219

File: 1530561855029.jpg (31.66 KB, 288x512, 2018-07-02.jpg)

No. 627226

>>627211 He owns part of a car rental company… with his gf's dad. Um…

No. 627237

File: 1530563413372.jpeg (395.49 KB, 1120x2060, DA06C0CF-A62D-442F-965C-79DA35…)

What an absolute fuckboy

No. 627239

File: 1530563487602.jpeg (352.17 KB, 1125x739, 4443DE68-4143-44C3-805C-65C3A8…)

Meanwhile, smoke is completely oblivious/unbothered

No. 627242

File: 1530563844683.jpeg (169.9 KB, 1125x371, C59E9DA9-E363-47DC-8295-2C3EC3…)

lmao paris is cancelled. Soundclout elders aren’t fucking with him

No. 627249

File: 1530564611040.gif (636.67 KB, 275x206, tide.gif)

>sick and tide

No. 627279

File: 1530566605205.jpeg (551.11 KB, 1125x943, 23782C8F-58A2-471C-AA0A-8D38D3…)

Now he’s doing damage control

No. 627302

>>627279 what he said had nothing to do with his ex gfs. It had to do with smokeasac being less than him. Paris is an idiot.

No. 627310


Oh for fucks sake. If you get tattoos all over your face, sometimes people might ask you about them. Also it's 2018 most people DGAF about tattoos, there are tons of heavily tattooed girls out there so stop acting like you're the specialist most unique girl that has ever existed please. I really can't stand this chick, she is an annoying fake deep attention whoring narcissist of the highest order.

No. 627339

LOL. This is so fucking hilarious. What's funny is like… Paris didn't even say anything that inflammatory but all these weirdo twitter freaks have made it into a big deal and Paris didn't help himself by deleting the tweet. What an idiot. Lol at bex

No. 627362

I bet rosie is having a field day over this. Probably thinks she got clout from all these loser dudes fighting "about her"

No. 627365

He dug his grave by deleting the tweet and then talking about his exes. This confirms the deleted tweet was about smokeasac.

No. 627366

File: 1530573962238.png (95.48 KB, 1116x476, hahahah.png)

No. 627367

This the dumbest drama ever. All over a girl and some subtweets. Lame. They all too old for this

No. 627371

You're annoying lol

No. 627372

lmfao by media i think she means us these people are so L A M E

No. 627385

File: 1530575330033.jpeg (233 KB, 1125x519, 7675E77E-E28B-485B-BBCA-F21A3D…)

Found this in the replies. Wish I knew the tea on that.
Saged for tinfoil

No. 627393

>>627385 briseppe deleted a ton of photos on her IG, so maybe it was her… https://www.instagram.com/briseppe

No. 627417

Being OP doesn’t make you threadlord, this is an ANONYMOUS image board. And you made a really shitty OP at that - you tried THREE TIMES (once in /pt/ kek) and it still sucks. Please spare us and do not make the next one.

(Sorry for making such a late reply post, this anon just fucked up the OP so bad and still thinks it’s something to brag about).

No. 627443


It’s extra funny because >>627124 got banned, prob for pretending to be Layla

No. 627445

Umm… I meant I was the op that anon was responding to. I didn't make the thread. Calm down lmao

No. 627451

The OP of this thread was total shit tho. Soundcout skankness is almost too embarrassing of a name to justify reading these anymore tbh.

No. 627513

Op was a self announcing freak too they literally threatened to delete this shit thread once before >>617337 I don’t blame you for thinking anon was them again

No. 627540

I'm sure tp is loving all this retarded infighting

No. 627588

prove it Paris

No. 627606

I don’t think TP would sit here and make a thread about herself but yeah. Glad others agree. I love how we made a thread Tyler edition and by the end of this one, his milk is all dry. I also am really interested in how aubrie is standing her ground to all these scene related people, I love that she keeps calling Paris out lol. Her and fat nick have both been on some call out shit so it was funny to see that he called her edgy lol

No. 627607

File: 1530591007729.jpeg (564.24 KB, 750x853, C57EBEC8-4E1B-4D57-88D3-9279EF…)

How’s this girl look so fucking rough at 19

No. 627608

Edgy as in her outfits but not calling people out, just wanted to clarify. All of these people are always on 10.

No. 627650

Is… is that tuna melt-chan

No. 627687

It’s nothing to do with the thread imo. It’s just the end of tour, GT isn’t shiny and new and exciting anymore, and Superrradical isnt getting much hype, so his unstable ass is crashing. (I’ve said it before - his moods always track with his situation; bro is BPD af, and not the less stigmatized/more sadbro label of “bipolar” that he claims, but that’s armchair shit and I wouldn’t stan the opinion enough to debate it, so let’s not.)

No. 627800

File: 1530619646966.jpeg (111.26 KB, 749x786, B08BA6A8-54D1-4EEC-9310-AD7143…)

i actually feel bad for tp

No. 627803

No. 627845

uhhh. why?

No. 627848

media. as in social media not 'us'…don't be fuckin weird.

No. 627850

i dont lmao

No. 627855

looool everyone was talking about how she's supposedly the "special" one who's truly hurting but here she is milking peeps death by all the connections she made thru ppl reaching out to her

No. 627859

this is SOOOO true. I have no doubt that she was heartbroken but She is milking the fuck out of this

No. 627862

Yeah I was on team “leave Emma alone” until she said she doesn’t work anymore and gets her money through her internet presence.
She said herself peep wanted to keep her hidden. Funny how once he’s not around she’s cashing in on their relationship.

No. 627868

Samefag but I wonder how Jenny feels about it? She’s been really vocal about hating people cashing in on his death but also helped push the “Emma+Gus=true love” narrative.
She’s been noticeably absent from the internet since she turned on Liza tho

No. 627886

You can read the threads.

No. 627928


Who is an admin in this thread? people get banned for silly stuff so someone is seeking the posts. If everyone is all worried about if it is TP or not, why not have an admin look at IP address where posts are coming from and BOOM there ya go.

No. 627930


Like >>627443 already pointed out, that user has been put out to pasture, so I think it’s safe to say it was not Layla.
Y’all are really bad at reading.

No. 627931

Go to /meta/

No. 627936

File: 1530636863359.png (34 KB, 645x277, toopoor.png)

Well, yesterday she posted this on twitter after the defensive posts and saying
"i’m done now. continue ur shit talking"

I mean like RIGHT AFTER

No. 628002

File: 1530644268393.png (213.18 KB, 739x723, IMG_4718.PNG)

Wtf im gonna have nightmares about pepper anns face

No. 628007

LOL TRUE THAT! He looks like an 8-year-old girl who got a razor scooter for Christmas who didn't brush their hair before presents

No. 628014

Grace is either buff as hell, or Pep's arms are superrrscrawny.

No. 628015

File: 1530645160084.png (128.27 KB, 750x914, IMG_4717.PNG)

not brushing ur hair seems to be a theme

No. 628017

Damn, twinning

No. 628019

Look at that fucking nose,holy shit she's an actual toucan

No. 628024

File: 1530645738702.png (333.42 KB, 510x442, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 14.2…)

Winnie Sanderson WHO? Ever since she got that awful red hair I cannot stop seeing the resemblance.

No. 628027


he looks like Peep's UK cum receptacle extra hard in this pic.

No. 628032

no she didnt, it looks the exact same here too >>628015

No. 628033

that…that is literally the exact same nose as >>628015
Tell your momma to make you an appointment at the optometrist asap.

No. 628035

i think layla is very pretty from the front. it's kind of amazing how often shes able to hide her beak, actually. i like strong features, and i really dont even think it looks that bad presently, but i feel bad for her because this level of projection from her nose is def going to age her a lot. i like that she doesnt get a nose job though. its cool.

No. 628038

I think strong features are attractive as well, but this is too strong. It wouldn't hurt to get some of that shaved off and her looks would be good to go

No. 628041


i dig that she hasn't gone under the knife too but all that facetuning helps her forward-facing photos. she shaves her nose down quite a lot.

No. 628042

File: 1530646951966.jpg (85.06 KB, 663x837, 1ca92da5aa69372d5393415984203f…)

If that is her nose then whose nose is this?

No. 628048

facetune, why is this constantly getting brought up as if we don't already know she shoops her face? she admits it all the time and we all know she does it

No. 628052

idk i think the majority of the facetuning that helps is the face slimming and making her head more normal. she has a wide face even when shes thin. when shes on snapchat she still looks pretty good with the larger nose imo but the biggest difference to me is the facial shape change. i know she cant do anything about it but she does look better with a slimmer face ngl

No. 628058

File: 1530648547470.jpeg (178.43 KB, 1125x530, 024974C5-0A0C-423E-9929-8F41AE…)

If he were a lesbian he’d be kinda hot

Cap shows him missing the peak of his clout that he leeched off tp/peep. He’s been downhill ever since.

No. 628060

Shit, at least he knows it. No more peep, no more toopoor (for now) for clout. He's just a junkie and he's well aware.

I give it 18 months or less and he will OD.

No. 628094

Are you going to lose your shit over a post when someone >>628077 already said to "stop self-posting we still remember you"? Chill the fuck out.

No. 628096



this is just an old ass pic of layla holy fuck you guys are thick.

No. 628098

Sorry if I sound stupid, but are you for real? I never thought she'd be that "thick"

No. 628115

By shitting on her actual appearance and knowing she will read these is probably what makes her facetune.

No. 628121

File: 1530652323971.jpg (476.6 KB, 1437x2418, Screenshot_20180703-141157_Ins…)

This is the best thing I've seen all day

No. 628132

Legit took me a while to realize that the person on the left isn't a girl

No. 628145

Oh no a rapist hates her. I am sure she's shook up by it

No. 628152

lol this is what i thought too, but she’s also friends with adam22, fat nick and yunggoth, so it’s not like she’s above befriending abusers and pedos really

No. 628156

You guys still really think those rape allegations are true? It's been a long time since those claims popped up and then nothing happened ever again. If it happened, I can guarantee that somebody would be in some sort of custody?? And don't you think its weird that this person claims she had her phone taken away from her before she was in the room? Don't you think if somebody did that you would feel maybe it's a bad idea in the first place? But instead she just goes in and "gets raped"

No. 628163

Oh sweaty it's cute you think rapists get caught all the time, but they don't

No. 628165

Layla is a stones throw away from being an active misogynistic women, theres no way she cares about that. but it is funny that pouya has a problem with her, I wonder what his bullshit reason is.

Next op need to put the white knight clause back in for you people jfc

No. 628166

File: 1530654876150.png (91.31 KB, 249x330, ohrly.png)

Who da fuuuck Tyler think he is?


Literally, “after me, the deluge”. Attributed to French King Louis XV[1] or his mistress Madame de Pompadour.[2] Sometimes quoted as après nous le déluge (“after us, the deluge”).

Used to indicate indifference to events that will happen after one’s death, or to indicate one’s own importance in maintaining order

No. 628175

Layla’s accusations were cleared. Pouyas were not.

No. 628205

Fuck you all for making fun of someone's appearance. You can talk and laugh all you want about their life choices and their posts and whatnot, but to mock someone for the way they look makes you so much worse than all of the people you talk about on here. And I don't give a fuck if I'm a "stan", Layla has always been nice to me and given me advice and I get that your lives are sad and boring but come on… don't you feel a lil bit bad for mocking her cause of her nose or her head shape? It's funny cause all of you can talk shite about her without showing your face. Grow the fuck up and find something better to do. I genuinely hope people will make fun of you for the way you look just so you know how it feels.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628212

he was crying too hard to actually type "apres peep le deluge"

No. 628213

that sentence took me all kinds of places until i remembered chelji's lowly existence

No. 628261

I'm fucking dying this comment had me in tears

No. 628270

Girl…. you’re on the wrong website.

No. 628309

damn you should have put up a warning to preface your post "Caution: White Knight shining so bright, vision protective gear required to proceed."
I'm fucking blind now, thanks.

No. 628313

i’m not even one of the noseposters but you should understand that expecting people on here not to make fun of others is like going on 4chan and expecting people to be feminists, just leave.

No. 628320

File: 1530669464592.jpeg (162.34 KB, 1125x521, E7676BF7-EA17-4339-9E45-7601E0…)

idk if anyone’s been keeping up on the ghostemane and bones drama (it’s all been deleted from their twitter accounts).
Pouya chimed in with another top notch response. Too bad he’s such trash because otherwise he’s low key hilarious

No. 628327

i fw Ghoste's music but not really his presence. He doesn't seem like the type to beef with anyone so i'm curious about this thing with Bones. Since you said it's all deleted, could i please get a quick run down? tia

No. 628335

I didn’t catch most of it but it was pretty cringey. Bones used “top kek” in a tweet ffs.

I’m not entirely sure what it was about, but one of bones dudes hopped in to tell ghoste if he kept it up he’d get his ass beat. Ghoste said he prefers to resolve things with words rather than violence like Neanderthals and I’m pretty sure hats where bones “top kek” came into play.

I think it was over ghoste “copying” bones style but I could be wrong.

No. 628340


This dumbass wrote it wrong, there's no s in "moi". What he wrote translates to "after month, the deluge" Nice one.

No. 628342

File: 1530672072770.jpg (963.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-224111.jpg)

He's so gay lmao

No. 628344

Someone mistook an x wulf song for ghostmane so bones tweeted something and ghoste got annoyed after the kek comment I believe ghoste said "you're so corny" bout kek then it somehow turned into bones talking shit about ghoste and his gf (she's a suicidegirl) then bones said something snarky bout "model gf" or something idk it was a big mess, then it was gone from Twitter and apparently pouya spoke to them both and the issue is resolved..

No. 628394

It is so fucking awkward when these clouty white boys try to use black slang, it has the complete opposite of the intended effect. Let’s be real, if anyone brought Grosso to a gathering black enough to be called a function, he’d be nervous.

No. 628397

File: 1530678857880.jpeg (50.79 KB, 750x263, D5BFE1D8-073A-4C52-B7E0-573E3F…)

i don’t mean to sound like a loon, but y’all arent getting the reference he’s making. He’s just being edgy as usual. That phrase was used as a senior quote by serial killer Andrew Cunanan who killed Gianni Versace among others.

No. 628404

So you think that the serial killer is the originator of the phrase? Ummmmmm….

"Après nous, le déluge" ("After us, the flood") is a French expression, attributed to Madame de Pompadour, the lover of King Louis XV of France.[1] An alternative form, attributed to Louis himself, is "Après moi, le déluge" ("After me, the flood"). The saying came after the Battle of Rossbach in 1757, which was disastrous for the French.[2]

The expression has two possible meanings: "After me, the deluge will come", asserting that if the revolution ended his reign, the nation would be plunged into chaos; or "After me, let the deluge come", implying that he does not care what happens after his disappearance.[3][1]

Karl Marx wrote in Das Kapital (Vol. 1, Part III, Chapter Ten, Section 5) "Après moi, le déluge! is the watchword of every capitalist and of every capitalist nation. Hence Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the labourer, unless under compulsion from society."

The phrase "Après moi le déluge" was adopted as the motto of the Royal Air Force 617 Squadron, which carried out the "Dambuster" raids on German dams in the Ruhr region on the night of 16–17 May 1943.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628407

Well obviously he didn’t create the phrase. I’m just suggesting that it’s where Tyler got that from because he’s a total edge lord. No need for a long post

No. 628409

That sucks. I’m not the biggest fan of bones but I def wanna see him/sesh beef with ghostmane

Didn’t this man assault a fan on stage lmao

Girl you coulda just gone on the sesh reddit those boys can’t take a shit without it being dissected over there.

https://m.imgur.com/gallery/8AnihGx Someone capped everything. I didn’t realize how hard Elmo doubled down on the “14 yro channer edgelord” thing. Mans was keysmashing and called ghost a chad like what even

No. 628417

Since when is the word "function" a black word slang ? LMFAO get off tumblr goddamn

No. 628454

File: 1530683574979.png (176.9 KB, 1172x438, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 00.5…)

Lil House Phone shading Paris & Braden/Nedarb liked it lmfao Them boys are full of salted beef lately.


No. 628464

lmao anon omg

this outfit looks like it was purchased at forever 21 in the women's section… tyler… just dress like a fucking normal person. you're too short and stocky to even remotely pull any of this shit off.

good. ot but nedarb makes some HORRIBLE music though. like, it's almost a talent to make music that shit.

No. 628477

Lmfao talking about “the function” is 100% some shit kids like Grosso picked up from black twitter memes. Go take your meds, pepper Ann.

No. 628485

File: 1530687359857.jpg (3.42 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20180704_025639096.j…)

gtshields and grosso are at post malone's bday

No. 628491

so rehab never happened…

No. 628494

>>628485 I bet he's looking for dog food as well

No. 628496

File: 1530689251778.jpg (472.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180704-032314.jpg)

Nice virtue signalling. Wonder how many extra positive comments he got from people wanting free shit after this

No. 628516

Lukey still making Instagram stories "rapping" about exes and wearing Tyler grossos nirvana shirt lol

No. 628520

He said it wouldn't happen till after Europe.

No. 628521

Any cringey lyrics you can post?

No. 628527

"I'm expensive it means that I'm pricy. My new girlfriend walkin out on me, this time it's timely. Oh what a relief, her new man I wouldn't wanna be. Fascinating when I see her IG. And not in a good way."

Everything this dude does/says is cringey. I don't get it. Damn toopoor

No. 628528

File: 1530697264063.jpeg (541.62 KB, 1005x2026, EA3DD94E-D39B-4BD7-A101-E1EF79…)

How bad you wanna be peep, bruv?

No. 628533

hello, old man.

No. 628536

Soooo is Pouya just gonna act like he doesn't take horrible advantage of his female fans and treat them like less than human just to shit on tp for "cheating" on his homeboy (peep) as if peep didn't cheat on her and as if he didn't continuously cheat on coco with fans?

Wow fuck this guy. I wish the girl who he fucked up would come forward publicly with this shit but I'm sure his and coco's fans would jump down her throat like fans always do

No. 628542

it’s funny to me how tyler claims post malone is “one of his best friends” and he has actually toured and partied with him but he still calls him post malone and not austin.. why

No. 628545

Fr tho Peep was dead wrong for dragging layla like that and spreading false shit especially since (as she claims) he was the unfaithful one not a huge fan her and her annoying antics but yikes those kind of public accusations are p fucked up and can ruin someone's name

No. 628555

File: 1530700648159.jpg (37.79 KB, 608x463, image001.jpg)

No. 628558

>Crashes a Porsche into a tree days after buying it outright.
>Hems and haws about finding a rehab that’s worth the money.

Tyler, you absolute child.

No. 628573

because she is trauma bonded, she probably wishes she was with peep while he was alive and she cherishes every little thing connected with him, she couldnt mourn him because of grosso, she is mourning him right now and then there is Emma who is getting money off of peep’s dead body, must be hard for her, yet she actually should go and see therapist instead of linking pictures and videos of her&peep

No. 628580

File: 1530704618221.png (8.05 MB, 1242x2208, 08EFFE3B-0B05-4C17-A998-775D3F…)

I mean is anyone surprised? Lmfao oh my god. This is the worst. 40 and doing this shit. Also someone was talking about how ugly he was on the comments on one of joei’s pics I think it was the one of them together lol

No. 628581

this guy is so lost, this is what happens when your family pays for everything and you don’t have to develop an identity or struggle or learn to do anything. you end up in your early 30s trying to be a cloutboy.

No. 628583

Sorry for miniblogpost but my parents are rich enough that my shit is fully paid for, same with most of my peers, and we still all go out and get jobs and real adult lives. Even people who are in fashion and media don’t literally try to be in scenes with people 10 years their junior typically. Luke just has personality problems, he’d be a weird try hard even if he was a poorfag.(blogposting)

No. 628584

Is she jewish? her last name is a common jewish last name and she has the stereotypical "jew nose"

No. 628586

Dude lurk more. Obviously she is, it has been established multiple times, and it really doesn’t matter one way or the other. The spoon feeding in these threads, I swear…

No. 628685

>>628542 was paris there?

No. 628688

>>628558 Tyler would be at home hurting if he was off that shit, not at a party. His rehab twitter rant was just a meaningless rant of a druggie coming off shit.

No. 628691

Not that I could see

No. 628715

I’m starting to realize the scene is dead and none of this is relevant anymore. There is no milk - just a bunch of lames creating drama on Twitter - it ain’t even drama worth mentioning. Why do we give a shit about these irrelevant talentless people?

It was nice following this thread - but I should have stopped as soon as PepperAnne made his first appearance. Good luck y’all. Yawn*

No. 628726

No one cares. Bye.

No. 628810

He deleted this lmao dude is embarrassing himself on pretty much a daily basis at this point

No. 628837

File: 1530733383758.jpeg (279.32 KB, 994x974, 35810468-4D33-4AF1-BAE4-5DEFBD…)

Ew why is he referring to himself in third person?

Layla and cass are going to the same party tonight. This could get good

No. 628894

Does tyler grosso have a thread??
Honestly his drama is more interesting.

No. 628910

The last thread was dedicated to him but I honestly think him having his own thread would blow his ego up from the sheer amount of attention

No. 628948

you're both fucking wrong pepper ann flower-pants stole it from peep's gravestone

No. 628955

>>628948 How do you know what's on his gravestone?

No. 628959

Ummm this a joke rite lmao

No. 629017

Peep was cremated I doubt his family bought a plot for his ashes and if so and it was known to the public it'd be tatted on every instaho's ass from here to Uranus

No. 629024

File: 1530750266931.png (8.13 MB, 1242x2208, 818F5CEF-6ACD-408B-A128-F8DDC7…)

Lol these people are such try hards I feel like she was totally trying to pass this off as hers

No. 629025

File: 1530750291698.png (679.19 KB, 1242x2208, 43C1021F-2A0B-4B55-BADE-075448…)

The comments from the dollhouse picture

No. 629056

File: 1530753218110.png (2.53 MB, 750x1334, 26A88C0F-2E68-41DF-96A6-515359…)

tp is at bella thorne’s house lol

No. 629077

i kinda like that they’re friends lol. one thing i can say is that tp doesn’t shit on peep’s flings

No. 629107

File: 1530758865247.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, E9312010-C347-4E64-BCA1-F76334…)

She looks rough in person

No. 629114

i DMed bones a nude once and now i am wholeheartedly regretting that w o w is all this bitch can say, i am a lesbian.

does anyone actually fuck bones and where are the groupie stories on any of these men honestly, how do these women get called out for having fun and i can't judge the dudes on their dick size

No. 629131

Of course she is. Soon she'll be one of Dani's regulars.

No. 629153

ya anyone can pause a video when someone is speaking. y’all corny

No. 629154

Why would you send bones nudes

No. 629155

Why would you send bones a nude if youre gay?

No. 629180

yeah we can lol you still look rough that was a questionable outfit

No. 629188

no i'm gay now that i know he's such a fucking dork. and i sent him nudes because i thought he was hot, i was bored. why wouldn't i. i don't know what to say i'm bipolar.(autism)

No. 629191

i have no idea what her leg is doing or why khakis just HAVE to be clout but she looks cute who cares. worlds better than cathy or pepper.

what happened to pepper's suicide bullshit btw? he got no professional help and suddenly this asshole is fine, fuck his ass.

No. 629214

actually sp00ky had a "house tour" on her insta snd she included this pic lmao

she's just another uncreative lame trying to come across as original

never pegged her for an art thief tho

posting art without tagging the artist is a supreme act of disrespect so shame on you sp00kyidiot

No. 629215

bones assaulted a fan on stage???

what's the story there yo spill

No. 629216

she reeeeeally doesn't look that bad here idk ya'll reaching

lol @sp00kyidiot

No. 629217

I thought Layla stopped smoking cigs for awhile but she's puffing away on her insta story. She never publicly announced it or anything I just noticed she was using juuls for awhile and that they were noticably absent. Maybe she just slipped up and had a party cig like lots of people do (even people who don't smoke) but she really should quit for her skin's sake

No. 629220

y’all need to stop acting like this b’s mother she’s grown she can smoke whenever let’s b thankful she’s not on heroin

No. 629233

File: 1530771779728.jpeg (283.97 KB, 750x1043, 16DCC8B0-FED6-46E0-B064-4D4CA1…)

shrimp’s not going to the party afterall. assuming she chickened out knowing layla’s there

No. 629248

what a boring conversation. this girl is so dull. her druggy persona is even more manufactured than layla's, and i gotta admit, that's a feat

No. 629251

File: 1530775547421.png (668.96 KB, 1068x1266, wtf.png)

Paris so hard, he beats his own phone up? The guy is slipping.

No. 629257

Forgot i can just post the video smh anyway shit on that emaciated tarzan lookin' ass bum cause he deserves it but thats just a refference to this meme if im not wrong

No. 629307

NTA but it’s pretty weak if the bar for anyone is as low as “at least she’s not on heroin.” If she didn’t make such a big fucking deal about even the most minuscule positive or healthy decision, no one would care. It’s just a bad look on her. No one wants to be her mom, I assure you.

No. 629332

What are those pants is she a soccer mom?

No. 629343

File: 1530795363119.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, AAE1E607-E31F-412C-B6B1-51E1ED…)

Looks like they did end up going later. I thought Corey was there without Cass then heard her dumb voice saying she didn’t know anyone there at the end of this story.

No. 629345

File: 1530795507290.jpeg (328.1 KB, 750x1003, 584025D7-F513-4ACA-A891-C71127…)

No. 629350

Her style is not looking good right now. Hair, clothes… everythings looking rough

No. 629358

If TP is hanging out with Bella, she will soon be back on coke within the next 2 weeks

No. 629364

She looks like London chewed her up and spat her back out tbh

No. 629370

sage your autism. just because she hangs out with some moron doesn’t mean she’s automatically going to relapse. this thread is so dead these days, summerfags shitting it up to the max.

No. 629377

File: 1530800597240.png (3.19 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20180705-102133.png)

Who's the girl next to Layla? I don't think I've seen her posted here before, if she was I apologize!

No. 629379


Same fag, I figured it out.

No. 629384

The pants look like Dickies, or something similar? It’s a 90’s skater girl throwback looks. It’s not flattering on her, but I see what she’s going for. I think the pant legs are just rolled up because of the swimming pool? I could be totally wrong.

No. 629385

I might be tinfoiling here but I noticed Cass using Juuls in her story more so maybe that’s why TP is going back to cigs more often

No. 629389

tp ran out of juul pods in london and started smoking cigs again. she mentioned it in a live before coming back to LA.