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File: 1503962285040.jpg (117.89 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_8688.JPG)

No. 381948

Creepy puppetmaster behind Mars Argo and ThatPoppy. Was arrested on 4 seperate charges in 2010. Mars said their relationship gave her PTSD and now he's creeping on Poppy instead.

Insta/twitter: TitanicSinclair
YT: Titanic Sinclair
Wiki: http://the-mars-argo.wikia.com/wiki/Titanic_Sinclair?comments_page=1

Did he abuse both/either of them? [x files theme]

No. 381956

Why was he arrested and can you link where Mars Argo has confirmed this?

No. 381970

Jesus I've been waiting on someone to start a topic on this guy. I'm thoroughly annoyed that he whines about other people "copying him" (they dont) when he blatantly copies so many other artists like Warhol and iamamiwhoami (specifically her BLUE album and it's visual storyline)

No. 381973

quit your namefagging

No. 381975

File: 1503963549261.png (9.76 KB, 1056x232, 2c92eec730449e2c7570cd590bec0c…)

Not op but

The story (to what I know) is :
Something between Titanic and Mars went down (I've heard him cheating to him being abusive)Dustinmartin on Reddit explained why they broke up (Caps posted below)

Mars changed the keys to the apartment, deleted all the videos, and kept the money to herself. She does small time acting. She used to follow littlesunnybiteyoppy on insta and take pics, but ThatPoppy and Titanic took some pics with her and mars stop following her. Now she's doing something in a movie

Titanic is still super salty about all of this, he shits on people who are fans of mars and constantly calls them fake fans.

No. 381976


Oh my bad, it's 2 seperate charges in 2 different states. One is driving without a license, the other is mysteriously 'unknown'. I figured DA or something heinous.

I can't find where Mars said the PTSD thing.

No. 381977

File: 1503963635049.jpg (39.58 KB, 374x473, Screenshot_20170828-163809.jpg)

No. 381979

Namefagging? No dear just a person who used to be a fan of titanic work until he started attacked artists like k Perry and Melanie and even paramour for the same shit he does. I lost all respect for him after the whole "Katy Perry stole my idea for her bon appetite video (even though I stole the idea from a Tokyo photographer names hal". I don't see how that's namefagging when I have no affiliation with iamamiwhoami or Warhol for that matter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 381980

yeah he's like the most unoriginal edgy thing

No. 381984

Good deets but are you sure that's about Mars and Titanic, not Duncan and Natasha?

No. 381988

I guess an alternate theory is that the fame and the fear of internet cringelords gave her the PTSD. Not unheard of with girls who suddenly have all of 4Chan obsessed with them.

But that doesn't explain why she broke up with Sinclair too.

No. 381990

Yeah the ask was about mars and titanic.

They said they met because they where all mutual Duncan Trussell fans. The fact on them breaking up was probably saying

"Yeah even though they where close they broke up, even Duncan and Natasha broke up, love is hard"

No. 381994

don't give a shit who you are, read the newfag rules https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 382119

>musical genius
>star quality

No. 382362


myspace tier

No. 382372

Isn't that kind of his persona, though? Just like Poppy is a cross between AI and generic teenage pop star?

It's hard for me to take anything he does or says seriously. I assume it's all persona.

No. 382406

>had girlfriends
>sounds and looks gay
im so confused. his new awkward lob haircut really bothers me. either cut it or grow it out bc that shit only looks cute on women.

No. 382517

he's a neo-nazi that supports nobody doing shit about trump for "the art"

No. 382533

"Waaah he's a nazi"
Caps or stfu and find a better blanket insult.

No. 382545

op here, back with his reddit history. https://www.reddit.com/user/tsinclair

No. 382564

'Again, nobody outside of me or Poppy have anything to do with Poppy. Anyone claiming to know us or Mars is lying. If my best friends can't get a hold of her, I guarantee some random has no chance.'

This is creepy af - 'only I get to communicate with the girls I'm blatantly grooming'

No. 382567

He's he type of hipster that thinks he's woke and better than everyone else so he gets a kawaii gf and blog posts her online while drinking herbal tea lmao mooky

No. 382609

File: 1504026829815.jpg (42.05 KB, 600x570, thatpopp.jpg)

Titanic Sinclair is pretty unoriginal, the whole "dead personality, edgey pastel chic" has been over done already. His work is just apart of that style, he's a dumbfuck if he thinks he made that a thing, Poppy is cute I guess. It's just the kids seeing this kind of stuff for the first time who think "IT'S SO COOL, DIFFERENT AND ORIGINAL!"

No. 382704

Why ban someone new who might have information?

No. 382951

I like titanics old stuff , back when he did little comedy skits and what not. His new stuff is just slightly different variations of the same thing . Boring!

No. 382967

damn his ego is in pluto

No. 385849

Didn't OG Admin reveal that Sinclair self posted a couple of Poppy threads on here when she was starting to release videos and it correlated with her being posted on PULL?

No. 385856

I remember it

No. 385984

I want to know more about this

No. 386850

Legit thought that was Emma Roberts for a second.

No. 387271

this is some boring ass comedy. who does this appeal to, 12 year old shut in tumblr kids?

choose one. she looks like tit picked up any random bitch from the street and was like "im gonna make u a star by grooming you" and then her dumb ass just fell for it.

No. 387483

Why does he look like a convicted child molester?

No. 390302

File: 1505981311029.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.67 KB, 683x1024, image.jpg)


No. 390314

>>those clothes
>>her nipples and saggy tits
>>her smirk
This just annoys me all around.

No. 390378

I don't understand what's wrong with her

No. 390424

I think she's qt, but I'm not into their content.

No. 390439

Does Poppy have saggy breast

No. 390440

Or are they normal breast

No. 390443

You sound jelly, she's like a teenager.

No. 390651

No. 390697


sage for tinfoil but i wouldn't be surprised if this was titanic posting like this on purpose for the "irony" or as part of his social experiment bullshit

No. 390751

Moriah Pereira, That Poppy, is born in 1994.

No. 390784

Silly anons, this tread is obviously self-promotion. Titanic wants everyone to think that he is a creepy, mysterious puppet-master. It's just a part of his persona. I actually like his music and I find him kinda hot, but my taste is generally pretty shit.


No. 391935

if you find egotistical manipulative neo nazis hot

No. 391953

This entire thread reeks of selfpost

No. 392033

love yourself a little bit, anon. this thread is shit btw and it should be deleted or at least autosaged until there's some actual good shit going on.

No. 393128

It's kind of embarrassing how much he wants to be known as this creepy mystery. Have you read his tweets? Dude is a total edgelord.

No. 393180

wot. how is he a neo nazi?

No. 393263

Likely, he's not. It's either some sour girl using the current worst insult ever, or titanic himself using it to stir up attention. This was commented earlier and no caps have been provided so I assume it's baseless.

No. 399982

just to revive this thread a bit, a while back I used to be huge into the whole Mars Argo/Poppy scene and I used to watch Poppy's videos a bunch. Anyways, I came across a comment containing a link to a dropbox folder which had a bunch of old Mars Argo videos (AKA the ones she deleted.) Check it out: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/140j5dluox94b9l/AAA__VjbDNlyEV6Rx7gBFo32a?dl=0

No. 400024

I follow mars on instagram, and I was particularly bored one night, so I went through her whole ig. And I went through titanic’s. This situation is a whole big web, however, people often assume that mars left and then titanic started working with poppy. But, mars still followed and liked photos of titanic from when he started working with poppy. I know he likes to take credit for essentially making poppy- but that’s not the case at all. He may have a lot of influence now, but if you care to scroll as far as I did, you’ll find a post of him thanking someone for letting him collaborate on a poppy video which I assume was the start. Mars even liked the post herself. As well as, titanic is definitely reusing old ideas. There’s a post on either mars or titanics instagram from before poppy of big pink fuzzy letters, similar to what poppy is just now using. My tinfoil on this is that mars is probably in some way still involved in this, but probably didn’t do well with being so much in the spot light, so she stepped back and tried to disappear. Which is probably why titanic defended her when she asked that her old things she deleted not be shared.

Sage for obvious tinfoiling going on.

No. 400035

Same person, so obvious sage. But I typed that all out from memory. I did dig through again and have screen shots now. The fuzzy letter picture is on titanics insta. It’s from November 14,2012. He first posted about working with poppy on November 14th, 2014. However, that’s not the first time she has appeared on his ig. Before she was blonde she appeared in a photo (not tagged) with him and Debby Ryan (who is tagged) and to be sure it was poppy and not some other basic looking brunette, I went through Debby’s instagram. She has photos with poppy (where poppy is still tagged) and she looks identical to the photo on titanics ig. However, after posting about working on a song with poppy, mars was still following him for quite some time and liking his posts AND he was still promoting the music video “using you” with mars Argo. The last photo I saw mars liked was April 13,2015. So titanic seemingly was working with the both of them for quite some time before mars disappeared.

Also- mars didn’t like the poppy picture, but she did like the using you video promo. If that means anything to anyone.

No. 400111

this outfit is embarrassing wtf is this? going braless is pretty much reserved for girls with small, round cute nips, not sad droopy pepperoni dishplates

his gf isn't even white. hes not a neo nazi

No. 400284

File: 1507484356176.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 6C1C655F-0BB9-4A18-AE19-69A9A9…)

Fuzzy pink E. I believe this guy is why poppy is using fuzzy pink letters. This guy I believe directed “using you” with mars Argo. So I believe he’s friends with Corey himself.

Sage for incoming photo dump

No. 400285

File: 1507484409702.jpeg (110.08 KB, 750x816, 1663983A-2411-43CC-98E7-C5EA89…)

Pink poppy letters made by same guy with fuzzy pink e.

No. 400286

File: 1507484465339.jpeg (220.81 KB, 750x1086, 04F04265-6666-4562-8F3F-A6C752…)

First post with poppy in it. I’m thinking Moriah and Debby were friends and Debby introduced moriah to titanic.

No. 400288

File: 1507484525343.jpeg (126.75 KB, 750x1015, 9800AF8C-889D-4EFB-B95E-EF9AAF…)

Moriah and Debby before titanic

No. 400289

File: 1507484542387.jpeg (145.34 KB, 744x1025, 80BFAEBE-40B2-49F0-964B-C17D4E…)

And again

No. 400291

File: 1507484598967.jpeg (180.15 KB, 750x1093, A0B3F7FC-8968-4B4A-8A22-5B6ABC…)

Titanics post of working with poppy. November 14, 2014

No. 400293

File: 1507484667302.jpeg (147.87 KB, 750x1033, 10F77ADC-6AB3-449F-8D89-44AA0F…)

Still promoting mars Argo in January- liked by mars.

No. 402504

File: 1507818839603.png (125.69 KB, 750x1006, IMG_7531.PNG)

Dear lord.

He retweeted this.

No. 402904

File: 1507876643229.jpeg (97.64 KB, 634x557, 6D231BAE-1B3D-4812-B0F0-8C3EF7…)

That’s because he really did pull her around in a glass box…

No. 493542

debby ryan and poppy have been best friends since childhood. Is there any proof of him being abusive? Everyone keeps making jokes about it but I want to know where it came from. Sorry to bring back an old thread

No. 493561

You forgot to mention they DMCA'd their own posts too lel. Also they shill themselves regularly. If it wasnt for titanic spamming her 24/7, nobody would care.

No. 493652


Lol, I love reading these threads but ya'll must think 99 percent of the population is hideous or something because every girl ever posted in one these threads is apparently ugly.

No. 493696

Get a life titanic sinclair

No. 558101

Titanic is getting sued by Mars Argo. I knew 2018 was going to be a good year. I can’t believe this day finally came. Fuck abusers and fuck men who think they can control a woman’s career.

Necro-d for major news.


I recommend you read the whole document. She alleges he punched her in the face, broke into her apartment multiple times (she has picture proof), and sent her harassing texts. I want this asshole to go down in flames.

No. 558105

File: 1523999038430.jpg (274.65 KB, 1536x864, 23799743a76d46a3a2d25ef3e1621e…)


Like two years ago Max Landis spilled all of this on twitter! i remember some people saying it was all lies, but everything he says seems to be related to what mars is claiming. so they were clearly close and he was trying to defend a close friend.

i believe mars argo's story. i thought it was common knowledge that poppy is just the copied version titanic had to make after the breakup… anyways, mars argo's music is ten times better and titanic cloning her was creepy as hell. hope she wins

No. 558119

File: 1523999546998.jpg (40.67 KB, 515x518, WO5YD1J.jpg)


also someone hacked titanic like two years ago and foud these dm's. hurr durr its all lies, sure but see the pattern? the dm's echo the same shit that the lawsuit and max landis are saying. titanic was abusive and a dick to mars. he creates poppy as petty revenge because mars ago ended. he a weirdo. sage because it can't be confirmed, but i think its funny that there are multiple source claiming the same thing about titanic.

No. 558125

File: 1523999615904.jpg (119.77 KB, 467x740, C8hZ9BM (1).jpg)


more on the cheating.

No. 558132

File: 1523999795383.jpeg (177.39 KB, 750x1045, E6173033-A2C0-4626-9C58-2D4FF4…)


Just checked Titanic’s Twitter and it’s being flooded with this news. I’m giddy. Honestly, terrible men getting their comeuppance is like a drug to me.

I remember those tweets from awhile back but like you said, most people dismissed them. His fans are waking up now, finally!

No. 558136


Holy shit, what an asshole. She deserves way better. Idk if Poppy is complicit or another victim? Are they in a romantic relationship or just professional?

No. 558145

File: 1524000201888.jpeg (453.43 KB, 750x1173, 22360232-3917-410F-95D1-EC116E…)

Mars just posted this on insta

No. 558150

Mars also posted on her tumblr today saying shes ready now; http://marsargo.tumblr.com/post/173031554261/ready-now

No. 558168

File: 1524000863304.jpeg (240.84 KB, 750x556, D710CABC-BDD8-40CD-BA23-00FFD7…)


No. 558175

Somewhere in this interview with Poppy, even though she was clearly in character, she said that she is not dating Titanic Sinclair and that Titanic loves someone else. Sage cause I don't remember which part of this interview and it's over 30 minutes long and I can't be fucked to find the part where she says that

No. 558181

Who is Brittany? Is that Mars?

No. 558188


Been waiting for this day for so long. Ngl, I love Mars.

When you compare Mars to Poppy, it's so, so evident that Poppy is meant to mimic not only her "character" in the Computer Show, etc., but the way that she speaks and behaves irl. Right down to her fashion sense. It's nauseating.

No. 558191

File: 1524002010443.jpeg (67.88 KB, 1164x732, 2D06E994-E794-43DD-B36B-5F66A1…)


Yep and when they ran out of Mars content to steal, they started stealing other artist’s work/style as a “parody.” They’re unoriginal and untalented.

No. 558198

File: 1524002447655.jpeg (91.07 KB, 750x244, FC86FB51-6B19-4FA8-B4D8-0D97ED…)

Dumping some tweets for posterity and to show how much of a shit bag Titanic is.

No. 558199

File: 1524002474800.jpeg (187.83 KB, 750x586, D6757604-54A1-4229-BCE4-404800…)

No. 558200

File: 1524002491288.jpeg (300.37 KB, 750x890, 7990C736-5141-4537-8D9E-BD98BD…)

No. 558202

File: 1524002507756.jpeg (368.96 KB, 750x1054, 2BCB13EA-40B3-4388-AC17-C9B046…)

No. 558203

File: 1524002523001.jpeg (209.96 KB, 750x608, 069F7B18-1915-437D-86C5-37D864…)

No. 558205

File: 1524002537838.jpeg (271.43 KB, 750x791, 7B86CD3A-7F8A-4BDA-A889-EFB9A0…)

No. 558206

File: 1524002560763.jpeg (231.59 KB, 750x703, A608F786-5827-45F1-9952-A86CAE…)

No. 558208

File: 1524002573668.jpeg (357.61 KB, 750x1058, B42590D8-42EF-40CB-98DD-40C7E0…)

No. 558210

File: 1524002723920.jpeg (331 KB, 750x887, F3E666AF-DA4B-4B68-8E13-8F6470…)

No. 558213


he is the definition of projecting

No. 558214

>she played no instruments on any Mars Argo recordings

Uhm?? Here she is playing the keyboard??

No. 558217

The irony. I'm screaming.
Glad to see things tumbling down for this shitbag. I've always had a gross feeling about him and the whole "Poppy" project.

No. 558218

kek. i wonder if he's salty that the poppy explained videos highlighted mars so people discovered her and didn't let her fade.


>he was angry that ms. sheets had joined some facebook group
who the fuck gets this mad about facebook? this ugly as fuck fish looking ass. i've been waiting for this day and i'm going to thoroughly enjoy it.

No. 558219

File: 1524002901488.jpeg (240.05 KB, 750x866, 6A04F270-6258-4A84-AC27-51A8CB…)

He definitely projects

No. 558226

>"she's a very angry human"
>breaks into your home, punches you in the face, smashes all your wine glasses
>"she's just doing all this to fuck me over :///"
So ready for the Corey Mixter/Moriah Pereira is Over Party. Abuse and abuse apologist trash.

No. 558227

File: 1524003238578.png (253.14 KB, 619x633, titanicdouche.png)

you forgot this part

No. 558231

Poppy's always been an ugly, boring little puppet anyway. There's literally nothing cute or original about her. She's a tall shapeless noodle with saggy titties, fucked up teeth, uneven lips, sid the sloth eyes, and a giant gash of a scar in the middle of her forehead. And her voice is forced and shitty. Probably just went along with literally everything Titanic said, right down to bleaching her hair to become an ugly ghost of his ex.

No. 558233

Calm down Corey.
She looks cute.

No. 558236

NTA, but if Corey was in this thread, don't you think he'd be defending his creation and trying to besmirch Brittany, if anything?

No. 558243

She isn't even as cute as the average girl you can find walking around LA, let's be real here. Titanic was just antsy to find a replacement for Mars and picked literally the first chick he could get onboard with being a complicit copy.

No. 558247

She's that pathetic girl who goes along with everything a guy says to make his ex jealous.

No. 558266

still reading the pdf so i'm not sure if more is revealed but how do we know she isn't also abused the way brittany was? the compliance in ripping her style is inexcusable so fuck her but idk what if?

No. 558267

was pleasantly surprised to find a thread about tits scumbag and then we have this wonderful milk??? that confirms all the rumor were true. the leaks were legit. i am living.

No. 558271

thats true. are titanic and poppy a couple tho? id say yes but thats just gut feeling

No. 558283

Mars' music was far superior, too. Not everyone's taste but not just generic pop music in the name of being a ~parody~

I hope with this news she'll come back to the music scene and drops some new tunes.

No. 558285

yeah i've seen that but how can we be sure he isn't controlling all of poppy related social media deleting and blocking mentions of her? if brittany was smart enough to keep him locked out of the youtube etc. he might have poppy content locked down so moriah can't do the same thing. not excusing her shitty behavior either because there is no excuse for going along with this and i've always thought the rumors were true just based on social media responses but she could be another victim too. i'm sick at the thought of anyone else having to suffer like brittany did. he should have done her a favor and made good on one of his suicide threats and left her in peace. spineless scummy asshole.

No. 558290

What gets me is that it never stopped, he’s obsessed with terrorizing her. The fact that he has an entire project mocking her entire persona aside, but he continuously shows up, stalks her, tweeted about the places she’d tweet about to imply he’s there or watching or whatever - completely drove her off social media probably due to fear that he was stalking her…….
dude is a full fledged fucking stalker, abuser and I’m so so thankful she got the courage to speak out and take action

No. 558291

Wow…this is fucked up. I always felt that there was something off with Titanic Sinclair, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Hopefully Mars gets the justice she deserves.

No. 558293

File: 1524006342111.png (621.93 KB, 1494x918, mars.png)


I'm pretty sure she had to leave the damn country to escape him.

No. 558296

I'm savoring all this scrumptious milk here today

No. 558300

File: 1524006657903.png (49.53 KB, 759x349, titanic.png)

He recently tweeted this. Wonder if related or just passive bitching?

He's also recently tweeted a bunch of pro-gun stuff. The guy is a scary nutjob.

No. 558302

File: 1524006704818.png (149.25 KB, 793x835, titanic2.png)

more Titanic being an asshole

No. 558314

what an asshole. please vanish, corey.

No. 558332

Lol Corey. All your followers are idiot 12 year olds, and any "fame" you have is derived from terrorizing (and stealing the intellectual property of) your ex and peddling carbon-copied, uncreative bullshit you stole off Tumblr.
Most would rather be a 71 follower no name than live like that.

No. 558334

They're in full damage control mode now. Delicious.

No. 558337

He really is a nut job

Holy shit he’s actually worse than onion

No. 558340


god, she's so sketchy. a lot of of her fans are defending her too. just because poppy didn't beat up mars argo doesn't mean that she's a victim. she met argo and made a calculated choice. just really sickening.

No. 558349

Pretty sad if blocking is all they've got. It won't stop people talking.

No. 558353

(First time commenting)
After recently getting caught up on all this, it is now obvious to me that their new YouTube Red Poppy episode was a personal dig at Mars Argo. With the manikin, in the video, being obsessively jealous of Poppy's stardom.

No. 558355

the entirety of poppy is a dig at mars. its truly sickening.

No. 558360

File: 1524011428502.gif (5.41 MB, 480x264, giphy-5.gif)


No. 558363

She can disguise herself with a sweet voice (which isn't even hers) and meek disposition, but the truth is out there. She is an enabler and a charlatan; she deserves to be punished.

No. 558365

She literally played a part in harassing Brittany. She and titanic both stalked Brittany. Poppy is no saint and she's a lot more than an enabler in this situation

No. 558370

poppy had links to the music world and her and titanic exploited that with their knock off mars argo shit.
even without knowing all that, poppy is the kind of thing you tire of very quickly. it's cool at first but it's so fake deep and following the "plot" feels like waiting for a punch line that never happens. you can see theres no heart in it.
eh maybe the lawsuit is the punchline

No. 558379

Fuck. I'm really worried for Mars. I'm afraid things will be similar with the Melanie-Timothy situation. Melanie's fans harassed and still harass Timothy to no end and so will do Poppy's.

No. 558387

Ehhhh. The Timothy-Melanie situation was sketchy as all hell and proven to be sketchy, like it didn't answer any burning questions that fans had had for years.

This isn't sketchy at all. It actually clears up all the mystery surrounding Mars Argo.

No. 558388

I’m not so sure. There are many people already who’ve been supportive of poppy on twitter who’ve stated they’re grossed out after reading the case etc. Mars has many many fans who’ve been supporting her even throughout her disappearance or became fans after they were popular… maybe I’m just hopeful tho haha

No. 558392

many people actually came to know mars through poppy. mars is just more charismatic and all tits has done is give her new fans kek

No. 558395

File: 1524015244305.png (705.62 KB, 1274x801, mars2.png)


1.) Mars is accusing a man, Timothy accused a woman. Like it or not, those are two distinct things

2.) Mars is classically beautiful, has a sweet voice, and feminine persona.

3.) Titanic doesn't have many fans, its Poppy who has all the fans. Whereas Melanie has legions of fans.

4.) People have been obsessed with the mystery of Mars for years. Lots of people are invested in her and her story. No one even knew who Timothy was, really.

No. 558398


titanic sinclair
>punched her in the face
>cheated on her
>threatened to commit suicide if they broke up
>after they did he broke into her apartment drunk/on drugs and broke shit
>created poppy and copied everything about her old project with margo

mars argo
>changed passwords to the youtube account because she wanted to delete the videos she made with abusive ex

who is the villain here?

No. 558406

File: 1524015910681.png (303.26 KB, 2114x712, password.png)

I don't think she ever deleted the videos, it sounds like she changed passwords so he couldn't delete them

No. 558409

she did delete the videos, or set them to private, because there are only 2 or 3 left on their youtube

No. 558413

File: 1524016320886.png (4.2 KB, 904x66, lmao.PNG)

No. 558417

File: 1524016841929.jpeg (233.64 KB, 750x666, 0AC72952-D25E-4CE4-930C-9BE43C…)


Wait his Reddit account is a goldmine

No. 558418

File: 1524016854838.jpeg (111.99 KB, 750x464, 6A141F98-10F2-4261-AF9B-8604F4…)

No. 558430

File: 1524017253083.jpeg (309.37 KB, 750x1031, C825BAC5-47FF-481B-BD45-A93D1C…)

No. 558451


>the most traumatic situation of your life

but… you hit her… and cheated on her two different times… if that was traumatic to you it must have been ten times worse to her. you crazy narc.

he probably thought he could get away with vague shit like this two months ago but not anymore. corey, she suffered way more than you did. don't twist what happened. you are no victim.

No. 558457

This man is such a whiny child lmao. Boohoo you abused your ex-girlfriend so bad it gave her ptsd and she essentially went into hiding. It must have been sooo hard on you :'(

No. 558459


Imgur album detailing how Poppy/Titanic stole from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, another pop-star.


Literally nothing about their project is original in any capacity

No. 558463

anon it was traumatic to him because she didn't want anything to do with him

No. 558470

That link is mostly just a bunch of huge reaches. it's clear Poppy/titanic were inspired by Kyary - they literally worked with the same producer as Kyary. I really don't think anything that Poppy's done could be considered a direct rip off of Kyary - people are allowed to take inspo from other artists. The only thing that I'd say is a bit too similar would be the whole deal with the eyelashes in the Bleach Blonde Baby music video being a little too similar to the Tsukema Tsukeru video (though I wouldn't say the lyrics are overly similar). Poppy IS a direct fucking rip off of Mars Argo, that's for sure.

No. 558472

File: 1524020293044.jpg (53.8 KB, 765x728, 29089025_515662312164441_21119…)

No. 558476

File: 1524020788862.png (2.04 MB, 1920x540, 8P5yir4.png)


I mean, you're entitled to your opinion. Mine is that after they ran out of Mars content to steal, they started stealing from other sources. I don't think they're reaches, especially considering how uncreative they both are.

No. 558480

ehhhhh…. kyary doesn't own eyeballs as a motif… it's not blatant enough. it's like saying all people who wear gold chains and flash stacks of money in videos are blatantly copying others - they aren't, some motifs are just fairly common. Eyeballs are a common creepycute motif.

I'm not saying Poppy is a original genius, or even really trying to defend her or Titanic. I think they're both reprehensible. But I also think the Kyary inspo is just that - inspiration, rather than copycatting.

No. 558488




I have a very strong impression that this asshole did indeed copy KPP, but implies "parody" to protect his little project.

No. 558492

Titanic cherry picks his ideas from several artists. He mostly mocks mars Argo, that is the theme of his project with poppy, to mock his ex, but like another anon said, he uses things from other people here and there when he's running low on ideas (it's gotta be hard to keep coming up with ideas about someone who's gone into hiding/m.i.a). He most certainly copied kpp. There are many comparison videos that are undeniable. He also stole some ideas from obscure artists like jonna lee, mostly from her audio visual project iamamiwhoami (like the shadow dancers for example)

No. 558501

File: 1524023829412.jpg (187.19 KB, 1080x1349, hBzwRRF.jpg)


Sorry, not to go back and forth with you, but I disagree. Sure, eyeballs on their own aren't able to be stolen. But the same could be said about Mars' blonde hair, which Poppy clearly copied by dying her hair blonde after meeting Titanic.

To me, its about context. If it was just one coincidence, or one inspiration, that's different. But if someone has habitually copied from other artists, to the point where people can make entire albums about the "references," then that's an issue. Its the culmination of all the different pieces which makes it art theft or a copy or just fucking uncreative and lazy, whatever you wanna call it.

And given the blatant evidence of Poppy/Titanic copying Mars (3:36, film style, Delete Your Facebook, clothing, voice, composition of frames, hair, etc, etc) that gives more context to them stealing from other artists.

Mars doesn't "own" blonde hair, just like KPP doesn't own eyeballs, but in the context of all the other nuances and who Titanic is as a person (a piece of shit), it makes the theory of theft more credible.

No. 558502

Sage for tinfoiling but in the lawsuit it says that poppy was around Brittany before shtf with the mars argo project which I believe and I've always wondered if it was poppy who was holding the camera in this video. Peep the ending
Poppy is a creepy ass skin walking bitch

No. 558505


No doubt. Not to mention Altar is clearly about Mars/Titanic, too. He's such a whiny bitch in his lyrics.

>She'll take you straight to the bank

>Don't marry that gutter skank
>I know the pressure is high and she's gonna cry
>But that old news needs to die

>I know that she has a gun, it's an emotional one

>And in your vulnerable state, she loves to manipulate
>And when you're weak and in pain, she comes around again

I wonder if Poppy is one of the women he cheated on Mars with?

His chorus on Guppy is

>All I ever wanted to do was to love you

>And to need me the same way I needed you


No. 558507

It's not just about eyeballs. There are certain scenes from kpp ponponpon video that poppy copied shot for shot

No. 558508


Right, that's what I'm arguing. The person I responded to made the point that KPP "doesn't won eyeballs as a motif." My point is that in the greater context, the eyeballs have significance

No. 558516

Anon you replied to. I can actually see your point now. I guess it is in the sheer number of stuff that makes it suspect…

I'm still kind of sad about the whole thing in all honesty. I'm a huge fan of Mars Argo, Titanic, and Poppy. I always assumed/hoped that Mars was directly involved with all the Poppy stuff and it was sort of an elaborate publicity stunt or a weird artistic thing that all three were involved with. The truth sucks.

No. 558517

Exactly . I wanted to reiterate your pov. You'd have to be real ignorant not to see it

No. 558525

File: 1524025734549.png (1.62 MB, 1180x874, poppy.png)

oh man, i found something super creepy. one of poppy's first videos is a cartoon of the three of them (same guitar as >>400286) being happy and friendly and it's cute and they drink a kale smoothie. mars argo's character says 'everybody wants to be poppy', putting words in her mouth as an obvious attempt to make her jealous, meanwhile she's packing her bags to leave town because of his stalking.
this guy is a total sociopath.

No. 558528

File: 1524026346623.jpg (56.27 KB, 549x601, b87fdb3bfb56ee5d06092a9b94fac6…)

"She had plans to release a death pop album called Guppy Feels (she still owns the rights to guppyfeels.com) with a darker tone, and did photoshoots with the Computer Shows cinematographer Tony Katai, but cancelled when Titanic found out and wrote a song about her called "Guppy""
- http://archive.fo/CSZtF

No. 558531

He is gaslighting the hell out of her. I can't wait to see poppy and titanic crash and burn for this

No. 558532

i understand how you feel. there were a lot of theories that the mars/titanic/poppy art was an intentional take on illuminati and pop music conspiracy theories. it's real disappointing to find out the truth behind it is dark. i always liked moriah better before her poppy transformation too, back when she wasn't being a character and could inject a little life in her performance. knowing she was skinwalking and at least in some ways complicit in corey's abuse and torment really changes a lot of things.

i'm kind of let down that there wasn't a poppyisoverparty today.

No. 558537


Ah, my bad then.


I had no idea there was a cartoon. That's so embarrassing. I'm surprised they haven't taken that down.

No. 558539

Reaching levels of cringe I never thought was possible

No. 558540

i must warn you, it's pretty hard to watch.

No. 558545

File: 1524028132467.png (89.18 KB, 367x273, corey1.PNG)

i remember reading an interview with sinclair about how poppy's videos were intentionally uncomfortable, like as an art thing. but it turns out that no, it's just fucking creepy, and for good reason.

the titanic has sunk.

No. 558546

File: 1524028363848.jpg (41.27 KB, 539x588, C9jeQzYXYAAL-4_.jpg)

Here are all of the alleged hacked chat logs, for reference. It's possible they're fake and nothing else was ever posted, but they sound pretty genuine to me.

No. 558552

File: 1524029154211.jpg (30.04 KB, 511x513, C9jeRK4WAAAZ9ma.jpg)

No. 558553

File: 1524029176941.jpg (68.21 KB, 455x724, C9jeRaEXoAE7F_l.jpg)

No. 558564

this is really the only log that makes me feel kinda sorry for titanic…

No. 558574


Sorry for him because he was a cheating scumbag? Doesn’t make sense to me personally

No. 558581

why? he cheated on her and then he throws out this biggest mistake i was such a fool bs and you know he doesn't mean any of that because of how he treated her. it's stupid to cheat, say you don't remember, and acted on hormones. if he couldn't control himself and his dick he should've ended the situation or broke it off with brittany first. he's a manipulative pos.

No. 558588

Getting major Social Repose vibes from their chat logs

No. 558593

I feel like its worth pointing out that nost likely, it's Sinclair managing Poppy's twitter account. I have my doubts any of the tweets are actually by her. I followed both of them for a long time and their activity is similar.

No. 558636

I LIVE for this shitbag getting what he deserves and Mars telling the truth about the hell he pulled her through. I remember reading through the Mars Argo reddit like 2 months ago and people thinking she might never come back cause she's just not interested in siging anymore. Turns out it was all Titanic's fault. Read the chatlogs before as someone on a forum dedicated to pop music made a pretty comprehensive guide about the abuse. They hinted at the Mars/Poppy similarities, but wasn't convinced at the time. Now I'm 100% on board. Love Mars Agro and her music, I'm so angry about Tits stealing her life and career from her.

No. 558696

Trying to understand why anyone would feel sorry for him at all. Ever.

No. 558833

P-O-P-P-Y she's cancelled

No. 558848

File: 1524067595078.gif (1.41 MB, 266x200, 200.gif)

litterally everything that's been tweeted at poppy and tits since yesterday is about the lawsuit…. they're gonna have to acknowledge it at some point. WE'RE WAITING come on out scumbags

No. 558855

lol this is clear as day manipulation and bullshit, with no remorse. feel sorry for your future if you're this easily emotionally manipulated by cheesedicked men

No. 558864

kek very nice

No. 558867

I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn Moriah in this. I do believe any Poppy social media is controlled by him and I wouldn’t put it past him to use Poppy as a patsy in all of this to mitigate the things he’s done. If Moriah was smart she would realize now is the time to officially disassociate with Titanic before he takes her down with him, but she may be in over her head too with his emotional abuse and manipulation.

No. 558877


Come on, she obviously participates in this willingly. She dyed her hair blonde like Mars and immitated her voice and style of videos. Moriah is a fame hungry creepy skinwalker, not a victim.

No. 558880

i'm cautious to say too much about her as well out of fear she might have been subjected to his abuse or still is. she's not entirely innocent though because she knew brittany and corey before. she didn't have to bite brittany's style and skinwalk her. she didn't have to start speaking higher to mimic the way brittany's voice is. she didn't have to be in videos that were stolen from brittany's project. she and corey could've come up with their own video ideas instead of the exact same thing that had been part of the mars argo project. she could've spoken up and said she didn't want to do those things or dropped out of the project. there are a lot of red flags that were waving in her face. she at least had a hand in it.

No. 558885

Samefag to say a tiger doesn’t change his stripes, and when >>558224 is his “managing” style, I just always imagined him telling Moriah she had to do things a certain way in order to “make it.” I mean he controlled her image, come in, the whole popstar Illuminati shit was so fake-deep and 100% Titanic Sinclair signature. I think independently Moriah wouldn’t have gone that route because anyone (besides kind narc Titanic) could see how fucking stupid and paper-thin it was.

No. 558890

Yeah, he always made sure to mention how everything about Mars Argo was his idea so the two of them looking and acting similar is quite likely not her fault. I mean if he managed to bamboozle Brittany he probably did it to Moriah as well, I've seen many guys who figure out an angle to get to a girl and then keep using it in every relationship until it works.

No. 558892

no i don't think moriah would've gone that route on her own either but she didn't have to commit to the project and do this when she knew everything about them before. idk if the leaked texts are real maybe he fed her some lies to brainwash her into thinking brittany was the fucked up and unstable one but when he started stealing her aesthetic shouldn't moriah have been like wait a minute?

it's a scumbag move of him to trash brittany's family's wealth and call her a trustfund baby repeatedly when they're the ones who gave him a loan and supported his ass by giving brittany money. how ungrateful can you get?

No. 558893


She participated in the stalking too. She and Corey enrolled in the same class Brit was in. She’s not innocent

No. 558898

If he is abusing her, now would be a good time to say something and get out of this. I really liked (past-tense) poppy as an actor, and hope she doesn't go down with the ship.

It's probably just someone who works for them, you guys should expect that in this thread. I'd be surprised if he hasn't posted in here yet.

No. 558901

File: 1524070773264.png (131.88 KB, 664x387, tinfoily.png)

yep, and these are the only remaining videos out of 90+.
was mars trying to subtly explain the situation to fans? or perhaps send a message of advice to poppy?
he is using you - delete your social media - run away

No. 558905


see >>381975

"On one afternoon in September 2014, Ms. Sheets found Mr. Mixter sitting in her courtyard and he seemed jittery. He demanded that she delete all of the videos on their YouTube channel. His behavior and mannerisms frightened Ms. Sheets, who immediately changed the passwords to the Grocerybag.tv YouTube account to protect their work."

it's mostly likely she removed them for fear of retaliation and further stalking.

No. 558909

File: 1524071154868.png (313.82 KB, 720x722, Screenshot_2018-04-18-13-01-21…)

Corey wants Poppy to look like a perf pastel lolita doll and yet she looks rough, tired and gaunt? He invested in her clothes and hair but not on her face and skin? Someone get this girl some face and undereye fillers and a nose job. Though the Poppy boat is sinking now so idk if there's still a point in trying to make her look 100% like the fantasy she's trying to sell.

No. 558910

sure but why leave these 3 videos in particular? seems to be fitting to her side of the story. also might just be her favourites tho lol

No. 558911

the robot illuminati schtick got old real fast anyway. i think even without the lawsuit poppy and tits would have been forgotten by next year. only thing that could keep poppy relevant right now is if she was to come out with some fresh milk about tits

No. 558921

i think the eyebags were part of the image theyre trying to project. the whole thing is about poppy being like brainwashed or whatever, so her looking tired and all dead eyed just adds to it

No. 558959

File: 1524075568476.png (1.25 MB, 2902x1200, news.png)

Loving that multiple news sites are reporting on this. I hope it picks up momentum.

No. 558960

Nah that’s reaching. She’s just tired and haggard.

No. 558971

Why don’t any of these articles mention in the headline that it’s not just about the identity, but the sheer amount of crazy abuse she went through at the hands of Titanic?

IMO that’s a lot more important than intellectual property but go off I guess.

No. 558981

There are two that mention Titanic and abuse and three that bring up the copyright infringement about Poppy. I'd say it seems about right.

No. 558983


Do you not see the ones citing "psychological and emotional abuse?"

It was mentioned earlier, but here is the link to the youtube red episode. Its so fucking bad. Bad acting, bad writing. Proper shit


No. 558996

people are overly defending poppy on this discord and ignoring any proof

No. 559000

File: 1524077604114.png (12.88 KB, 369x156, untitled.png)

jesus imagine being this edgy about people not wanting to associate with an abuser just because shes a popular youtuber

No. 559002


whew, people will go to unbelievable lengths to defend their idols, no matter what they do, even if they are handed proof.

No. 559009


Just finished watching that shit-show. At the end, Titanic is the only one with Directing and Writing credits. That's what happens when he has complete creative control. Absolutely awful. I haven't seen a "show" that bad before.

Also, it says "Starring: Poppy Chan." Not Moriah. So she doesn't have writing or directing credits, and her stage name is "Poppy Chan." This girl is going to have no career when this shtick is over.

No. 559018

only watched the beginning where a blonde girl is being told that she's been replaced and then killed… feels like a dig on mars.
acting is awful, cinematography is basic, ideas are cliché… had to stop when poppy started singing, too corny

No. 559023

Sheesh, my reading comprehension is truly shit in the morning apparently. My bad, thanks for pointing out where I missed it, anons.

No. 559024

shady? wtf is this child going to do? mock people's usernames? sorry your fave's about to flop.

No. 559034

all it would take is for him to decide he's done with her and then he'll just take everything and start over with someone new.

No. 559038

She obviously has some kind of eating issue. She's gotten skinnier and skinnier since working with Tits.

No. 559051

Titanic is the one who's ruined. Everyone knew he was a shady, shifty asshole and now there's proof what a manipulative and abusive piece of shit he is. He's over. Poppy may be able to recover as Moriah if she cuts all ties with Sinclair now.

No. 559060

god that angel girl is insufferable, why does she end every sentence with xx and use such shitty slang

No. 559065

She's aging fast. I thought she was pretty damn cute a couple years ago but everytime I check back in i'm shocked at how much older, exhausted, and square she looks.

No. 559066

File: 1524083183588.png (96.07 KB, 643x553, untitled.png)

jesus as soon as the girl came back she immediately backpedalled.


No. 559070

>tfw you really liked the show

I'm super sad that I won't get to see the rest of it, since I can only assume they won't be producing any more after this shitshow. I have shit taste though.

No. 559072

If Titanic isn't broke, he can always start a new project with some other chick. He'll just have to give himself a new stage name.

No. 559076

>people paid to watch this
Lmao, awful

No. 559087

I would not be surprised if he controls what she eats to stay thin.

No. 559088


It seemed like a worse Scream Queens tbh

I'd be surprised if the rest of the "season" for the show hasn't already been made? Is it only the one episode, then?

No. 559091

it's so embarrassing watching him trying to cash in on 5 yrs late tumblr aesthetic, but money is god i guess

No. 559093

what the fuck is she doing? business as usual then? now is the time to speak up moriah. the longer she waits the worst it seems

No. 559098


New poppy vid, seemingly related

No. 559100

what has poppy supposedly told us about? i dont get how it's related. its only been what 2 days? since the new broke out about the lawsuit. they would have recorded the video before then no?

No. 559104

File: 1524085431683.png (510.27 KB, 1391x581, videos.png)


I'm not sure how in advance they film, but she has posted more in the past week than she did last month. Considering their length and the standard set-up, I bet they could bang out a video the same day they record it.

No. 559109

continuing to make videos digging at mars would be the absolute worst move for them to make. i hope they are indeed doing that.

No. 559147

im so thirsty for this milk. do you think pop and tits will react soon?

No. 559151

we shall now call Poppy, Coppy.

No. 559230

I don't think Poppy will have any public reaction. If anything, it will be Titanic who responds publicly

No. 559271

Wow everything about the original aesthetic is just so much more natural and prettier. The vintage, lofi thing Mars had going on was easy on the eyes and then Poppy's manface and duplicated poses and props with a modern camera look like garbage.

No. 559274

i think in an interview somewhere he said the production cycle for most videos is all done in one day, including posting them. i wouldn't be surprised if he continues to be petty about this and makes fun of the lawsuit. he'll probably be laughing all the way to the bankruptcy.

No. 559328

File: 1524092652716.png (582.54 KB, 1325x865, twittermoment.png)


It's a twitter moment, now.

No. 559335

OT but this girl really sounds like her, found it on reddit.

No. 559362

Interesting how they are pumping out all of these videos now that they're in the process of getting sued. I guess they gotta get some of that youtube coin to pay for their lawyers and what not kek

No. 559402

how can she not respond tho? look at that twitter moment, it's her picture along with the article. she is directly involved. titanic is the bigger asshole, no doubt, but she still has to adress it imo

No. 559426


this has already been posted. In fact, it was in the post that necro-d this entire thread. Screenshots of it have also been posted.

No. 559432

sorry, anons. forgive my incompetence

No. 559439

I just wanted to say that poppy has enabled titanic's behaviour. Not only has she agreed to mock Brittany through her public platform, but she has essentially been titanics pick-me girl since day one. Even before they started the poppy project there were conversations between mars and titanic where ts was trying to gas light her by saying poppy and a few other friends agree with him and they can't all be wrong basically insinuating that she was the crazy one . Brittanys rebuttal was something a long the lines of " oh well they haven't been punched in the face by you before" so even before the poppy project, even back when mars and ts were starting to fizzle out, poppy was there meddling in their business and enabling titanics behaviour. She is a disgusting skin walker and opportunist. It infuriates me to see people elsewhere trying to down play her role in this. While titanic may be blatantly in-your-face type of evil, poppy is definitely a sly conniving type of evil

No. 559448

i think you're probably right but we don't know the full story. the screenshot you're talking about is in >>558546. it's possible he was gaslighting mars and claiming his friends all agreed mars was crazy when he was actually just putting words in their mouths.

that plus the japanese class thing does make her seem really shady though.

>In April 2014, Ms. Sheets began studying Japanese language at the Fuji School in downtown Los Angeles. Later, in 2015, Ms. Sheets stopped attending when Mr. Mixter and Ms. Pereira became students there as well.

No. 559459

I cannot for the life of me believe that the amount of people that still want to defend poppy in some way shape or form. She is just as guilty if not more so than Titanic she has enabled him since day one she knew what type of person that he was and she still wanted to be his pick me girl so she could wiggle her way into being his next Muse. She reminds me of the type of girl who will infiltrate your group of friends and try to turn people against you so she can steal your place in the group. We may not know every single little detail of this case but what we know so far does it make her or Titanic look very good at all. To hell with the both of them

No. 559461

File: 1524096301885.gif (797.98 KB, 450x311, ezgif-1-8b9343c984.gif)

tinfoil : what if, every time she's said "they", she was referring to titanic sinclair.

also, her new video… what a great way to respond. wow.
this is gonna turn into a trainwreck real quick, i can feel it.

No. 559462

*doesn't make them look good
Also, sorry for the other typos I'm using speech to text and sometimes it comes out a little jumbled

No. 559473

Don't forget to watch this with Hooktube instead of YouTube to avoid putting a dollar in Titanic's pocket, anons.

No. 559482

I'm on the fence as far as Poppy's involvement, it's definitely shady and I'm leaning towards her being a class-A cunt, but let's not say she's any more guilty than a man who psychologically, mentally and physically abused a woman. There isn't much lower than Titanic Sinclair.

No. 559486

Can't we just throw them both away?

No. 559489

we don't know what went on at that time though. he could've told moriah lies about mars and tried to isolate her from all of her friends. it could've been he was lying about the feelings of those people to make brittany feel like she didn't have any friends in their core group to not reach out to them. it's obviously a very gross and abusive situation and that makes everything questionable. who knows how far the abuse from him spirals out? and it's entirely possible moriah is being abused and gaslighted to no end by him and doesn't know it herself. that doesn't take fault away though because she obviously knew of mars argo and what they were doing so it's pretty fucked she came around as a mars stand in and continues to be a part of it. she has to know a lot of their content is taking jabs at that poor woman. maybe she's been lied to and feels justified though which is a real cunt thing to do and shows a lack of maturity. doesn't matter if it was for the fame, it's cunty. maybe she's oblivious because tits controls everything. at worst she's a skinwalking bitch who gleefully participated in damaging another person, at best she's been abused and pulled into this and has gone along tightly controlled the same way poppy the character is. either way this is going to cause a lot of fans to split and stop supporting them. a lot of tweets about poppy right now are calling for that and not positive at all. they're going to suffer for it at least a little.

where's that 14 year old to come at me for leaving the discord i forgot i was even in until i saw the post?

No. 559495

She is just as guilty though because she participated in harassing Brittany in many ways. I wish you Papi stands would stop trying to downplay her role in all of this. Like I said just because Titanic Sinclair is more in your face about it doesn't mean that Poppy isn't just as bad she's just lie and conniving about it

No. 559496

Not to mention poppy literally profited off harassing and mocking Britney

No. 559498

Honestly, I think Poppy is even worse than Titanic. Underhanded sly shittiness is worse than blatant shittiness.

No. 559500

Omg poppy sly
These typos are a real problem when I'm using this speech to text. Sorry you guys I would type it by hand but I'm driving right now. But I think you all are smart enough to get the gist of my post(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 559505

I think people should keep in mind that "Poppy" was all of 19 yrs old when she got sucked into this. And this guy is a grade A manipulator. She may be complicit in certain ways, but none of this was her idea, I'm sure.

No. 559506

This, honestly. Fuck Floppy. Unless there's some proof she really was manipulated, let her feel the burn with Titanic.
They both played a role in psychologically abusing Brittany. In fact, Floppy might even be worse because she didn't do it because she had a dog in this fight. She just wanted to be famous, and was willing to be the ultimate pick-me for it, to the point where she'd aid and abet harassment of another woman.

No. 559509

I'm 19 and I wouldn't do any of this shit, lmao. Don't act like she's particularly sheltered and naive, either. She moved to LA at the age of 15 all to find fame. She knew exactly what she was doing, and until she comes out with tangible evidence that she too was a victim of abuse, it's Occam's razor - she is scum, and sees no problem with walking all over someone to get what she wants.

No. 559510

Again, stop trying to down play her role. Any 19 year old has plenty of since to know right from wrong. Any 19 year old has the ability to be as sly conniving opportunist. Hell I have done plenty of shady shit to benefit myself at that age. "She was only 19" oh puhlease she was a fucking adult

No. 559511

And at 19 she literally participated in harassing and taunting another person. Am I still suppose to feel bad for Poppy? There's literally no proof that poppy is being abused but there's plenty of proof that mars was

No. 559514

Yes preacher take me to church!!! I don't mean to samefag here but god damn you said it so well

No. 559516

I think Poppy may be complicit and manipulative, but at the moment, we can't tell if she's been coerced to do all of this. I can imagine her meeting Titanic and believing everything he said about Mars, agreeing to be his new star, and not realizing what he's doing until it was too late. Especially with the world tour it's possible that she hasn't been able to detach herself. A bird doesn't change its feathers; if he did it to Mars, it's very, very likely that he's doing it to Poppy. If she doesn't use this opportunity to speak out though - in the very very near future - she can get fucked too.

No. 559520

idk them joining the same japanese class as brittany is pretty unsettling. that's actual stalker behavior that makes it seem like she was at least a little sadistic in it all. even if she didn't know she was there until she showed up, why wouldn't she tell him he's an actual stalker? she at least realizes some of this. with their videos she could've asked to do something else instead or read different lines so that they weren't taking jabs at her. i don't think she's completely innocent in this at all. it really does make her look like a mean girl.

No. 559524

Not to mention poppy meddling in their relationship and being in titanics ear when they were in the process of breaking up, putting her two cents in and enabling his behaviour. I know its hard for some of her fans to believe it but she has shown her true colors and it's not pretty

No. 559526

File: 1524099678732.jpeg (28.63 KB, 320x320, 221DC7C9-0E39-4DFB-9BBF-B0E103…)


Is that true? She’s not pretty or talented enough imo to be a Hollywood breakout star. Id have assumed Titanic met a random naive girl he could mold by coincidence. The fact she actually moved to LA at 15 is sad and delusional.

No. 559530

Yes she was friends with Disney stars before meeting titanic so it's not like she was some sheltered girl who was introduced to the Hollywood life by titanic, she was well immersed in the scene which is how she met him in the first place

No. 559531

ive heard that moriah was on the back burner of island records and was basically waiting for a good project so that explains why titanic latched on to her.
he used mars for her talent, charisma and her family's money and he used moriah for her ins with the industry.
still was bitchy for moriah to go along with the jabs at mars but he used them both

No. 559534

She is clearly a social climber and will try to get famous by any means possible

No. 559535

I lean towards that side too, I do think he probably convinced Poppy that it was all the other way around (I enrolled us in this class and look who showed up!)

But in the end, you're probably right. I just don't like jumping on her when Titanic is clearly the bigger abuser (Poppy didn't break into her place, beat her, mess with her devices, break her shit) and Poppy was just his tool/potential next victim. She sucks and needs to come clean and take responsibility either way, but she's an accessory.

No. 559536

I suppose being 19 yrs old has different meaning to different people, depending on how close they are to that age. Obviously 19 yr olds are mentally sophisticated, and are able to distinguish right from wrong, but they are relatively inexperienced, and someone of perhaps less intelligence that is a few years older has a significant mental advantage. If you are around this age now, you will have a very different opinion of yourself at your current age in just a couple of years. Teenage girls that want to be famous being taken advantage of in L.A. happens constantly. That's literally Poppy's story, ironically.

No. 559537

This whole time that I've been a fan of Poppy, I've assumed Mars was involved behind the scenes. The fact that the entire project was a jab at Mars, and after the information that has come to light… Poppy can get fucked. It's clear and obvious that she's in on this. Butting into a floundering relationship and sadistically stalking a dude's ex while you join in on becoming an "improved" version of said ex??? Taking joy in it, being so heavily involved as the Poppy character… Moriah is a meddling megacunt in all this. I wouldn't be surprised if she fucked with Mars personally.

No. 559538

The fact that she'd been trying to break into the industry and hung out on its fringes for 4 whole years tells me she's just as shady as any other fame-thirsty, selfish young person.
If she was some "plays guitar in my bedroom" type of small-time, starry-eyed girl that he picked off the internet or something, I'd be more inclined to believe she was naive. The way things are now….No. She knew. It was a business deal on both their ends.

No. 559541

Seconding this. She didn't need Titanic, she was legit already on the path to fame. She wanted in on the stalking, and she was more than happy to become a skinwalker. That's not normal at all.

Ugly girls like Moriah often want to "one-up" pretty talented girls like Brittany. This situation is just a way more intense version of this trope.

No. 559542


It's easy to downplay her involvement because to me she comes across as a vapid puppet, with TS as the creepy mastermind behind it all.

There's no way this was ALL her idea, but the fact that she went along with this knowing the past between TS and Mars shows that she's not completely innocent. We won't really know until the lawsuit.

Listening to Poppy's songs about how she "ran away at 15, broke and alone" strikes me the wrong way. Sort of like something she and TS chose to harp on because Mars was, in his words, "A spoiled rich girl"

sage but I remember discovering Poppy, thinking, "Eh, she's kinda creepy and I like it." Then coming across TS and trying to enjoy his shit, but it just wasn't happening. He gave me an awful feeling that I couldn't explain. Then I discovered Mars and everything made sense.

No. 559545

Yes 19 year olds have the capability to distinguish right from wrong. Stop acting like she has the mental capacity of a 5 year old. Hell,my class of 8 and 9 year old 3rd graders can distinguish from right and wrong ffs. Trying to excuse her actions is getting quite old from you , poppy stan

No. 559547

that's what really makes this difficult. it's clear titanic was a monster who abused her, broke her things, broke into her home, showed up uninvited and terrified her. if he can do that to brittany he can do it to anyone and it's not uncommon for abusers to create situations where the people they're abusing can't collude against them. him telling brittany all those people agreed with him that she was crazy could've been a part of it or moriah was actually saying things and going along with it. i hope the poppy stuff all fails and has to come to an end at this point and that titanic gets his ass handed to him.

i read that a long time ago too. even before the project started she was trying to make it as poppy just in a different way. her old website had her with her old look and music before it was scrubbed to become the mars argo knock off.

No. 559548

File: 1524100615215.jpeg (45.78 KB, 500x700, 9B7D9DF6-E872-4860-AAA8-A9BD97…)


Also not to be a shallow bitch but Mars is far more attractive and talented.

It’s so bizarre how this whole thing has played out. A jilted man turned his new gf into a carbon copy of his ex who he had abused, stalked, and attacked. He then achieved moderate success with said copy gf and used that platform to continue to harass his ex. After years of enduring this harassment, his ex finally surfaces with a lawsuit. This is like a movie, not real life.

No. 559554

get off your phone when you're driving wtf

No. 559555

Interview of her out of character, right after Lowlife was released in 2015

Describes her style as “Barbie Kawaii Child” gag.

Crazy how she jacked Mars’ style even when she wasn’t in character. Before Titanic molded her, she was a weird skater-esque girl.

No. 559556

I don't have a horse in this race, actually, but after finding out who this guy really is, and finding out she was a teenager when this started, and that he was several years older, and he already spent years manipulating another young woman, I am inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt. She clearly does whatever he says, and says whatever he wants her to say.

No. 559611

Thanks for agreeing, I feel a bit alone with this opinion lol. I thought the whole Poppy channel was a vapid, uncreative mess in the first place, but seeing what Titanic did to Mars breaks my heart. I've had very similar things done to me and it makes you want to scream and cry but you can't do much while this person is slandering you to everyone and parading around your work. It's heartbreaking and I'll stop blogging now

Interesting lyric from Using You:

>I was afraid to put myself on the line for a boy

>Until he put me in my place and showed me how to enjoy myself
>I think I need your help, I think she's coming back
>I love you and I hate you and I'm losing my mind
>And you tell me all the time that this will pass and that I'm gonna be fine
>We're such a mess together, you make me lose my temper
>Someday we'll both be older
>I wonder if we'll be together looking back on the past
>But I don't care if I don't live to see another day
>I love you in the worst way

No. 559642

>Until he put me in my place and showed me how to enjoy myself

I always liked that song, but the lyrics put me off a bit because it sounds like glorifying an abusive/controlling relationship. Knowing what we know now, it's pretty obvious this song was about her and Titanic, thank god she got out of there too. I'm really looking forward to her bringing he and "Poppy" down.

No. 559658

Stop downplaying, Jfc we all know that lainey is a skinwalking manipulative bitch and she got with grease at 16/17 so age is not an excuse. Bitch knew what she was doing.

No. 559659

He's horrible, but I don't really think it's that big of a deal that he somewhat ripped off her image. Artists rip each other off all the time and it's not like Mars was even original to begin with. She's just another "quirky" edgy blonde girl.

No. 559676

This isn't just a case of intellectual property though. This man created an entire ARG, a YouTube channel, a world-wide touring artist act, all to mock and humiliate an ex-girlfriend he beat up, abused, stalked, and tormented.

New link about her lawyer's former cases, she seems to have a good one

No. 559678

It's not just "copying" her. They were taking jabs by blatantly referencing her. 3:36, delete your Facebook, spitting up blood, chewing bubblegum
It's one thing to take inspiration, it's a whole different ball game when you do what they did. It was a sick and twisted way to torment her and make money doing so

No. 559703


Another interesting song is Wasting Away

>You might lie and I might cry

>I'll wipe my eyes, never mind

>Wasted away with you
>Tasted 'cause you wanted to
>On and off and on with you
>Off and on, in love with you

From 2014

No. 559707


maybe read the thread before commenting stupid shit? titanic was abusive to mars argo.

No. 559718

Somewhat? He ripped off everything. He took her style and put it to Poppy and then called Melanie Martinez out for "copying" Poppy. An idea he stole entirely. It's not just about that anyway. He stalked her and tormented her for years, so bad she has PTSD and largely disappeared because of it. That's way worse than just jacking someone's idea.

No. 559741

ALSO they basically copied these lyrics for Poppy's song Software Upgrade

>I turn you off, I turn you on

>And off and off, and on and on
>And off and off, and on and on and on

No. 559742


This. Not to mention that a huge part of the lawsuit deals with emotional/psychological damages. It's not some ploy to get money or youtube views

No. 559745

>It's not some ploy to get money or youtube views

She (mars/brittany) doesn't NEED money and isn't starving for fame like titanic and poppy. Her family is well off. She just wanted to create art.

No. 559755

I'm really loving this twist in the tale. I had assumed Argo had gone along with it all/was involved, or that her image was 100% Titanic, so blatant was the recreation.

Only a psycho (which Corey clearly is) would so blatantly create a character to skinwalk an ex without her approval/violating her copyright, since obviously breaking into her house, punching her in the face and stalking her online wasn't enough harassment for him

No. 559757


That's exactly what I'm saying. Some anons and some news sources seem to think that Mars is suing them just for stealing and making money off of her image, but that's not what's going on.


This is what gets to me. She just wanted to be left alone, but TS kept pushing more and more in his twisted fucked-up fashion. And I sincerely hope that with the lawsuit, it comes back to bite him in his ass. He reminds me of Margaret Palermo so much it's not even funny

No. 559777

I'm really looking forward to Titanic getting his ass sued. I could tell from the first time that I went on his twitter that he was an asshole. Even before this drama most Poppy fans hated Titanic, it's so ironic that he sold t shirts of himself even though literally no one ever cared about him and it was always about Mars and Poppy.

No. 559778

>A jilted man turned his new gf into a carbon copy of his ex who he had abused, stalked, and attacked. He then achieved moderate success with said copy gf and used that platform to continue to harass his ex. After years of enduring this harassment, his ex finally surfaces with a lawsuit. This is like a movie, not real life.

I have a feeling this happens all the time in the movie and music industries. Titanic is just so small-scale that we have access to everyone involved, and their histories, online. Usually there's a team of people involved with every celebrity, each of those managers, writers, producers, editors and directors having their own histories, vendettas and beef with x amount of other artists and people in the industry. Ironically this project was supposed to be satire about the music industry and that's exactly what it's become.

No. 559812

saw this on the snow frontpage idk who this is but i like their gary numan shirt

No. 559920

His stage name is Titanic Sinclair and yet he pronounces it as Titanic Saintclair, does he know how to read??

No. 560004

File: 1524152470199.jpeg (181.01 KB, 640x1039, 810CB984-6770-4BD8-8114-61E576…)

Now that Mars is coming back I wonder what Titanic and Poppy will do. Because she’s already omg sueing then for taking her persona.

No. 560011

You don't say??? Try reading the rules and the actual fucking thread you're replying to

No. 560022

This is an impressively stupid post.

No. 560024

File: 1524153736602.png (83.31 KB, 761x749, twitter.png)

It's like their version of damage control is to ignore it completely. Idiots.

No. 560025

Didn’t this idiot make a self post here before? he looks like a misshapes reject and someone who lurked livejournal rating communities

No. 560049

No. 560056

most embarrassing behavior

No. 560110

jeez anon hitting me with the nostalgia. i forgot all about misshapes. titanic looks like he would've tried hard to get in with that crowd.

No. 560201

Leigh Lezark would have forgotten his name in 4 seconds.

No. 560259

Neither of them are even natural blondes. You sound jealous about something. And britney was abused, you piece of garbage.

No. 560352

No. 560353

New Poppy vid. Still hasn't addressed the issue at all.

No. 560360

Friendly reminder:
>right click
>copy link location
>change "youtube" to "hooktube" so Poppy and Titanic don't get ad revenue

No. 560361

he restricted playback on this site?

No. 560363

No. 560366

apparently we hurt his fee fees

No. 560367

omfg topkek

No. 560371

honestly knowing he read us bashing him and it upset him enough to go and do that is hilarious and deeply satisfying.

hey tits so you have time to play these lil games but youre not commenting on the lawsuit, i see how it is.

No. 560375

File: 1524184952837.jpg (456.2 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180419_204003.jpg)

Sorry for these awful screenshots from a YouTube video, but did anyone catch this? It's not the first time Tony Katai has responded something back to a fan of this nature.

No. 560379

He's such a greasy, obnoxious loser. How does it feel, Tits, that you have to use women to gain any form of success? You tried to do the "Poppy" thing on your own without her and no one cared about you then. Even with the lawsuit, people want to defend Poppy, but never you. Without these women you'd be nothing and once this lawsuit goes through…

No. 560393

Tony Kartai is biased. He continued to work with titanic and poppy after mars Argo faded into the background. I feel as though he's also gas lighting mars and trying to downplay the trauma she's endured "the court case doesn't talk about how mentally unstable she was at the time " oh, but it literally does though, tony. That's a major part of the court case, is how she walked away from the abuse with ptsd, something she's still getting treated for. He says that as if titanic wasn't the one who drove her to madness, anybody who's being stalked, gas lighted, mentally and physically abused is not going to be in a good head space.

No. 560400

Dude you included so many details about the band I'm sure titanic can figure out who you're referencing. Guy is insane but is into that kind of music too.

No. 560402

You're right. I should just delete that shit now, lmao.

No. 560408

File: 1524188205825.jpg (28.72 KB, 720x687, 60ff1f054e6187dcac6f9af6de81ae…)


Of fucking course she wasn't mentally stable? She was being stalked, harassed, and fucking punched in the face by a cheating mooch. Toxic people like that can really fuck you up.

Considering she's gone on to live a drama-free normal life while Titanic has made petty jabs and replaced her with Poppy proves he is still obsessed with her to this day, which says it all. He's publicly proved her point for her. He abuses his own fans on the daily ffs. If he's like that in public, it's easy to imagine what he's like in private.

No. 560480

File: 1524195366280.png (133.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-233414.png)

What's up with her socialblade? Why is her live subscriber count hidden?

No. 560487

File: 1524195461280.png (140.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-233438.png)

Titanics subscriber count isn't hidden. I'm surprised he hasn't lost more than he has these past few days. Anyway, why and how is poppys hidden?

No. 560501

There's an option to hide it in settings, my tiny channel has them hidden too.

Re: Poppy I'm sure it was to seem more mysterious. Based on views she/they are at 1mil-1.5 mil

No. 560824

File: 1524241896886.jpg (40.02 KB, 600x600, 326b562e785e2a3ddbfa72fa379ec6…)

almost irrelevant to the to the current state of affairs, but for as long as ive known mars, shes given me major vibes of allison harvard. for those who dont know, allison harvard was popular on 4chan in the 00s, known as "creepy chan" due to looking especially creepy and she having a fixation on blood. the look is pretty damn similar to me. i thought this was worth enough to bring up, as i havent seen anyone else mention this before. any thoughts?

No. 560832

I think the doe eyed innocent smol girl with doll dresses and gore has been a theme in music and media for a long time. I mean, you could argue there are courtney love undertones to Mars as well. But there's a lot more to this girl than her outward appearance. I think she's pretty talented and one of the biggest tragedies of this whole thing is the world was deprived of a talented female musician for years because of a bitter male ex.

No. 560853

Tbh I think Allison Harvard/creepychan is the originator of the alternative weird fashionable girl stuff. Everyone else wants to be copies of her.

No. 560859

File: 1524245956906.jpg (44.21 KB, 400x534, cqocypuqjnesa79luxzjikcxo1_400…)

In appearance, I can see it, but creepy-chan's style was a lot darker.

The appeal of Poppy for me was how she was so innocent and cute with sinister undertones. If she had been acting, pulling off both those emotions at once would be pretty impressive. It's a shame that the creepiness turned out to be totally valid and not an act.

No. 560878

They’re starting to block people on Instagram who mention the lawsuit. Girl, just break away from this creep before your career is completely fucking ruined.

No. 560908

File: 1524250699075.png (79.4 KB, 393x304, temp.png)

Poppy is titanic's flying monkey. You can gather what that means from what it's referencing but it's also a specific name for a specific type of behavior specific people use. (google it) It literally doesn't matter if she knew, if she didn't, if she meant to, if she didn't, etc. Based on the outcome, she is an abuser by proxy regardless.

image for posterity.

No. 560924

She was the one with a label deal even before Corey entered the picture, so it's weird to me that everything became Titanic Sinclair Productions once Poppy caught on.

No. 560928

File: 1524252816365.gif (608.05 KB, 400x220, 26891455-FC4D-4989-A3B2-7BFB34…)


Nah it’s been a trope for a long time. Think of how popular Harley Quinn is when she’s just a blonde, hyper, sinister villain side-kick. Everyone romanticizes Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Luna Lovegood is a sweet, spacehead blonde who does the whole “I see dead people” thing but with magical horses. Wednesday Addams is a cute child who is into beheading her dolls and little bother. Etc etc. I don’t think you’re going to be able to find the “first” because I think it’s just been a long evolution. People like cute and/or beautiful woman doing weird and creepy shit. The juxtaposition is interesting.

I think both Mars and Poppy fit this as well


The difference between all my examples and Poppy/Mars is obviously the extent of the similarities and the difference between outright copying an idea versus being inspired and incorporating it into your own.

No. 561032

File: 1524266473833.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180420-191831.png)

ew here he is wearing Brittany's coat on January 18. pathetic

No. 561036

File: 1524267075304.jpeg (98.14 KB, 750x959, 06965477-A89C-4329-9CAB-CF5ACF…)

Poppy fans are the worst. They’re just gonna drool over her stumpy legs and ignore all this

No. 561038

File: 1524267144661.jpeg (89.44 KB, 742x977, 7968D2EB-E75E-49D3-9DA9-961A85…)


This is the pic they’re commenting on. She’s in ridiculious heels and the angle is from below in order to make an optical illusion of longer legs. Idiots

No. 561052

I doubt it. Before her was Courtney Love, before Courtney was Katie Jane Garside, before Katie was etc etc.
Weird, wide-eyed white blond alt girl is an age-old trope.

No. 561055

Not a thirsty poppy fan, but literally how are her legs stumpy.

No. 561056


them shopped legs though

No. 561064

File: 1524269888730.jpg (76.67 KB, 500x673, asdasd.jpg)

right?? whoever photoshopped this should be fired.

No. 561075

File: 1524271005261.jpg (53.53 KB, 1000x563, you know who.jpg)

>whoever photoshopped this should be fired
>whoever photoshopped this

No. 561080

honestly Poppy doesn't really have the cute, sweet, but weird thing going on anymore. She's kinda morphed into weird and bitchy. The videos we've seen of her concerts and her interviews in recent months have made it clear she has changed.

No. 561083

Every girl I've seen that likes her is a megabitch (tm) with a side of anachan. They relate to her. I wonder why.

No. 561087

i dont know if they photoshop her to look like that, but she looks way too skinny on a lot of her insta photos. the kind of skinny that makes me worry for someone's health.
fuck her tho

No. 561088

Yes the does seem to have a smug aura about her now

No. 561091

File: 1524272529943.png (1.93 MB, 1334x750, 751FB38B-C133-4DC5-9515-832078…)


Have you watched her videos? When she’s not wearing stupid heels, being photographed from below, and getting photoshopped to plastic… imo they’re pretty stumpy.

But I’m just a hater so probably biased against her.

No. 561108

Her legs and her skinniness are literally the only things she has going for her. No ass, saggy tits, HUGE nose (and not the good kind, the kind that should be fixed), uneven lips, jacked up teeth, and a generally haggard appearance. It's so obvious that Poppy/Moriah is, herself, a sadistic piece of shit. Titanic could have found a million prettier, more talented girls - but had to settle for Poppy's wrecked self, because pretty girls with talent don't need to make a career based on stalking and bullying.

No. 561113

Just watched her live for the first time, three songs in, and I noticed something… Her backup dancers are totally copying Die Antwoord's. The masks, the dance moves, even where they're standing on the stage. Exact same shtick. Guuuuurl.

Poppy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ysb6CYJZ1w
Die Antwoord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1VIq1foEqQ

No. 561117


Holy shit that sounds bad, too. Especially the verses. I can’t believe people pay for that shit

No. 561138

Holy shit there's nothing original at all about these two fucks is there???

ALSO, holy hell… She really cannot sing or perform in any way, can she? What the actual hell? I can't believe people paid for this "performance"

No. 561141

idk poppy is more stealing from kyary here imo, kyary's back up dancers often wear fluffy skirts and masks.
https://youtu.be/C9BcT3gPmEI here's a kyary example, skip to around 2:00 minutes. Poppy's live looks like a low budget kpp dance cover

No. 561150

File: 1524276104418.png (190.91 KB, 750x1334, D6E3F4F2-188E-4EA0-81C4-BEBABC…)

LMAO When you’re known to be a douche bag on social media so you have to make shirts that say that you’re nice to people on Twitter and then find a way to coerce people to buy them

No. 561154


There's literally zero doubt he's a sociopath. Being a weird jerk is my quirk! It's my USP

Ok fam

No. 561160

Tbh, she always seemed smug to me. It's why I never appreciated her/Titanic's content (that and the obvious lack of originality). They just rubbed me the wrong way, and not in the "quirky creepy mysterious" way they were trying very hard to invoke. They just looked like a couple of fraudulent, trifling bitches from the start.
Now that this has all come out, I feel entirely justified. They actually turned out to be shitty people, and those of us who saw right through them weren't just "haters" after all.

No. 561163

Is…Is this his form of self care? Is this how he tries to convince others/Mars/himself that everything is fine?
This is the equivalent of him flailing wildly, and looking into the mirror, murmuring to himself "I'm not sinking. I'm not sinking. I can still get idiot children to buy my faux-ironic merch, see?! I've still got it. Titanic Sinclair for life, baby. Everybody wants to be Tita-I mean Poppy. I'm a genius."

No. 561169

File: 1524278006625.gif (13.5 MB, 600x338, ezgif-1-cd3eea0dac.gif)

DA's 'thing' at pretty much every show is to have two oddly dressed dancers in masks literally flailing around, with different choreography but in sync, usually behind them forming a triangle.
Poppy's dancers are doing the exact same thing/concept, except dressed like gay unicorns in tutus and off-sync because they're terrible.
Poppy is just trying to imitate Japanese idol dance. It's too lazy to look anything like KPP, IMO.

No. 561179

He copies a lot of people

No. 561184

No. 561185

No. 561189

Idk I think she's cute and pulls the look she's going for off much better than most cows on here. I just think her being complicit in this whole thing is what's ugly. Sage for no1curr

No. 561191

I agree , and I think her performances are a mix of da and this person
Ff to about 10 mins to see live performance similarity

No. 561195

No. 561197

No. 561236

Give her music to any other pop music basic bitch and it'd sound the exact same. Her ~~quirky persona~~ is the only thing that sets her apart, but pretty girls like her are a dime a dozen and her shtick is completely derivative from legitimately talented artists. If she doesn't speak up than she's admitting she doesn't give a shit about Titanic's actions, and if she does speak up, she has to break character, won't have Titanic to tell her what to do anymore, and will likely kill her career. She's fucked either way and deserves that tbh. I find nothing redeemable about her.

No. 561307

This is so bad. The dancing looks retarded, the song is dumb, and the closeups of her trying to do sexy face are killing me. This is like Kiki Kannibal "DJing" in her room levels of bad.

No. 561316

The first one's pretty obviously a blatant rip off of whoever that chick is but the other two I don't see it at all, especially in the last one since it's just two people holding a computer/tv.

No. 561319

Poppy's music gets worse and worse every album. I honestly love bubblebath but everything after that is trash. Her voice sounds like it's on the verge of tears here.

No. 561348

she is so obviously out of her comfort zone. she needs those backup dancers because she has no stage presence

No. 561371

'Uneven lips' is such a dumb thing to criticize and her nose isn't 'huge'. Not a Poppy WK, but you sound ridiculous.

No. 561374

That first video totally looks like a copy. Good find, anon. I don't know of any other artists that use full-body suited dancers for creepy effect, so it's totally possible they stole both

So obvious when someone has no idea what they're doing

At this point, I'm pretty sure Titanic has no original bone in his body. Everything that made Poppy interesting was probably stolen. They don't even remix the ideas, just copy and paste.

Not that we have to name every one… But I wouldn't be surprised if she was also copying FEMM, with the 'is she a robot' thing. They were pretty big in 2014-15, right before Poppy started. (reposted for better video)

No. 561403

Ha iamamiwhoami/jonna lee is insanely talented. Copying her is such a mistake when she’s so original. That and some people are stupid enough to think she’s not well-known enough for people to notice. Demi Lovato has copied iamamiwhoami also, I’m sure there’s more

No. 561439

Omg I definitely see the similiarites

No. 561442

everyone is entitled to their opinion, however if you don't see how titanic stole the idea to have shadow suited figures in the background from iamamiwhoami then I'd say you've got to be blind or maybe a little ignorant lol. Iamamiwhoami has had a whole project surrounding the shadow figures which is why the extended version was posted

No. 561483

No that's Boh Doran at the end

No. 561505

File: 1524330766171.jpg (49.57 KB, 432x767, gross ppl.jpg)

if you buy titanic's merch, you get a shit drawing done by him. can't entirely be confirmed, but this was apparently one of them

No. 561506

in fall 2017

No. 561718

This looks so incredibly cheap, tacky, and sad. Seriously looks like a Kyary dance cover performed at a small time anime con ballroom, shit DJ and all.

No. 561724

Her (photoshopped) legs are nasty looking, reminds me of an alien chicken and looks ridiculous. She's definitely not a cute girl, but not for any of the reasons you mentioned. I think her skin, ugly tiny droopy eyes, and degenerate, saggy facial structure are her biggest downfalls. She's aging like shit already too.

No. 561736

She looks like the female version of titanic which is why I think he fancies her so much kek

No. 561738

her legs are definitely not stumpy, and she is pretty cute. she has big eyes and a cute face. she's not classically pretty or gorgeous by any means, but she is thin and has large eyes. they offset the odd nose/odd facial shape. she has aged terribly, though. it's really weird.

No. 561739

So much cringe….titanic acts more like a robot than poppy does in this. Like she’s just being weird on purpose but he legitimately has no idea how to interact with people or act on camera.

No. 561742

what the fuck is he doing when he's mouthing at the camera while the lady is talking

No. 561744

Can we not derail a thread about some pretty horrifying abuse with nitpicking of his accomplice? This is still a Titanic thread, not the Poppy Cringe Show

No. 561745

It could also be said they copied Andy warhol’s famous “Andy eats a hamburger” video. One of the first videos they posted on the poppy channel was “poppy eats cotton candy” and is pretty much the same thing. Eating silently on a plain background with awkward silence

Titanic is not original or creative and he never has been

No. 561746

File: 1524350792139.png (255.45 KB, 575x639, tinfoily.png)

did she really just retweet a 3:36 reference right now. when it's discussed at lenght in the lawsuit. that they haven't even commented on yet.


No. 561750

LMAO what the fuck was he mouthing her teleprompts?

No. 561754

I wish they’d quit letting him go on with her cause literally no one knows who he is. Or if they do, they don’t really care about him. But I bet he refuses to let her go on alone.

Poppy just looks bitchy in this interview and TS is cringy and trying way too hard

No. 561766

yes that's exactly what he's doing lol. Honestly I love the trainwreck that whole video is.

No. 561780

I was so excited about her solo interview with Zach Sang until I realized you can literally hear Corey's creepy ass in her earpiece at a couple of points

No. 561814

That's intentional. It's part of the project of Poppy being controlled. The Wired article about Poppy mentions hearing a voice during their interviews too. There's a compilation of times when you can hear him talking to Poppy during interviews. It's pretty dumb. Look at sites where people actually believe people like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, etc. are being controlled by "handlers." You never actually see the handlers present and telling them what to say, it's just one of those theories that it's people in the industry. Corey isn't even in the industry, so him latching on to his "star" and using her to gain popularity for himself is obnoxious. No one gives a fuck about this drug-addled piece of shit. That was the biggest mistake in the Poppy project actually, for him to start craving the attention and putting himself out there.

No. 561832

this guy is the embodiment of every stereotype about gross sleazy manipulative creative managers out there. i don't think his reputation will ever recover from this.

he was also caught shilling and sockpuppeting on lolcow. some can say that's all "part of the art" but when you're revealed to genuinely be a douchebag who controls people, the joke or the "statement" kind of lose their weight and you just look like an asshole masking your desire for power and control with a pretense of high art. i'm sure part of his reason for making these projects is to give him an outlet to be manipulative in an acceptable way since "that's the point bro!!!!!"

he also seems very narcissistic. check out this interview with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l81ienfgzss

in the interview he repeatedly implies he's the modern andy warhol and acts like everything he does is the most creative and experimental and innovative thing ever. as if the music, visual art, and story aren't cookiecutter lolimsoquirkyandrandom in this day and age. seriously, take a shot every time he compares himself to andy warhol or another famous artist.

i think his projection onto andy warhol also plays into his abuse a bit. he seems to have seen andy as being very deliberately ironic and perhaps a bit "joke's on you i was only pretending to be retarded" (except warhol actually executed it well). titanic justifies his constant puppeteering, astroturfing, and influencing of poppy under similar logic that the whole point of the project is to make an artistic statement about artificial pop stars in the modern age who try to get internet/meme famous. but beneath that facade of irony and critical analysis or whatever, at the base level it really is just a lonely, bitter guy trying to make money and get famous by manipulating women into being pop icons and controlling their every move and word and making "weird" videos to turn them into a meme and sell more records. i think there is a word for this kind of "ironic bad behavior as an excuse to freely commit bad behavior", but i'm not sure what it is.

i think he's extremely deluded, and probably pulled poppy into his delusion. he probably sees himself as the victim here.

No. 561850

I think you're onto sth here

No. 561879

No. 561962

I said the same thing He probably wouldn’t let her go on alone if he had the choice
I was so embarrassed for him when he was waving at the crowd lmao

No. 562033

he looks like a janitor who follows her around to clean up after her but suddenly thinks he's omg so famous.

No. 562099

Literally don't understand how people are still defending Poppy. Even if she isn't directly involved, she knew from the start that this was a copy of something he's done before and she willingly went along with it.

People are being delusional about this just because they like Poppy.

The only thing I can agree with is the possibility that the copyright claims won't go far since that's normally a very hard claim to prove/make in general. However, the abuse case is certainly going places and I wonder how that will affect the project he has with Poppy. I can't imagine that will continue without him as she would probably put into danger of similar stalking but also she wouldn't have a 'partner'

No. 562165

I get the impression that most of her biggest fans are very young. If I was 14 and Copy was my favorite artist, I'd have a real hard time wrapping my head around what just happened. Most of em prolly don't even have the life experience to understand why its bad yet.
It doesn't help that P&TC retweet these girls and encourage them. Artists have to set boundaries for their rabid teenage fangirls, and it doesn't seem like TC has any.

No. 562241

I didn't say her legs are stumpy. They look too long which is disgusting and not aesthetically pleasing in any way. I'm gonna assume thats the horrible photoshop though. And on what planet are those beady round fish eyes consodered big? There's no width to them at all. They look vertically squished and droopy which are the exact opposite effects you would want on a beautiful eye shape. Stop stanning.

No. 562247

Okayyy poppy has thick eyebrows that do not compliment her small wide set eyes, deep set eyebags, sagging facial muscles, a big pointy bumpy beak nose, a square face and horrible over bite. So0o0o0o cute kek

No. 562272

I think she(Poppy) either was manipulated by Corey or had a lot of emotional weight on the project especially once it got popular and people really liked her.I don't believe she was like corey because before she meet corey and when she was a lt younger she talked about being bullied alot and even not wanting to go places because of that.It seems to much of a dramatic change to happen in a matter of months plus not only that but corey had a few months with poppy before she ever met brittany so of course she would trust what corey would say about her over brittany herself.I just wanna say there's still a lot more questions that need to be answered.I would also like to say i'm not poppy biased i actually prefer Mars over Poppy i just wanted to point something out.

No. 562278

Lots of girls who were bullied become the bully when the reinvent themselves. It's not uncommon for girls in her position to want to one up another girl once they get some self confidence. Poppy stans go back to Reddit because nobody is going to circle jerk with you here

No. 562280

Also , titanic and mars met poppy through Debby Ryan who was poppys roommate at the time so you're wrong about that. He didn't "have poppy for a few months before she met mars"

No. 562291

I completely agree with you, the Poppy stans saying she's cute can honestly fuck off. I wouldn't even say Poppy is average, she has too much wrong with her face for average-status. If Poppy is a cute girl than Titanic is a cute guy (which he fucking isn't).

No. 562294

I just think she didnt knows the full story

No. 562295

or she was given a impresion that she was the bad person in the relationship and that it was his creation not mars just speculation tho

No. 562298

Not a stan, but the nitpicking is spergy as shit and kind of devalues the actual conversation. There's a Dakota board for that level of conversation.

No. 562304

thanks for telling me I didnt know that but i still dont think she would intentionaly do this to a girl if she knew her boyfriend punched her in the face broke into her home several times and brake her items

No. 562315

vkh kdv qrw ehhq wdonlqj qrupdoob iru d uhdvrq.

No. 562325

Shut up this is lolcow where we talk about everyone's looks. Poppys unfortunate genetics were only brought up because her stans would rather ignore the lawsuit and drool over her cute hot adorable face and body uwu

No. 562329

Poppy is a pick-me girl and a social climber. She wanted fame and was willing to do anything to get it. After being an ugly duckling that got bullied for so long, she had no problem putting another girl in mental anguish if it meant the spotlight would be put on her. Don't kid yourself

No. 562335

iv been bullied , hurt ,beat, i have scars over my body but i wouldnt hurt anyone like this.poopy was a lot like me i dont think she would do this if she knew the full story shes not completely innocent but shes not mentally unstable enough to do this to harm mars like corey

No. 562341

Honey this isnt about you. Just because you wouldn't do that doesn't mean other mean girls would hesitate. She is a pick-me girl for titanic, willing to do anything for him if it means she gets her 5 minutes of fame. Stop stanning for someone who is complicit in harassment and enabled titanics behaviour. You should be ashamed of yourself

No. 562351

watch old interviews of poppy before she knew corey.. she's very shy looking off and just can't really do the interview well
seems he gave her more confidence


No. 562355

>>562335 im a 14 yr old boy by the way so pls dont call me honey it makes me feel wierd
i wasnt making it bout me its just hard to believe she would do that specificaly to harm her like that even if she did know there was no guarantee of fame especially when if she knew she wouldn't do it because theres to many fans to backlash at her they had over 2 million fans at the time if she was a bad person

No. 562357

Go back to where you came from newfag "johnny"

No. 562359

She moved to Hollywood and made friends with people like Debbie Ryan because she wanted connections and she wanted fame. Lolcow is no place for a 14 year old. I swear these dumbass kids just can't accept the fact that their idol is a piece of shit. Take off your rose colored glasses you and stop being an autistic retard

No. 562361

im Sorry did anger you pls let me know if i offended you.I actully like mars more than poppy i just wanna know everyone perspective

No. 562365

Go back to where you came from. We can tell you're not a regular around here, poppy stan. You're such a dumbass.
>claims their not a poopy stan while defending poopy
>obvious newfag

Top kek you're pathetic. Where did you come from, reddit?

No. 562368

poppy is not my idol i prefer mars every time,i just think everyone should be given a chance to have thier part of the story told so that we have the full story >>562355

No. 562369

also im Johnny

No. 562373

omg please stop posting

No. 562375

Doesn't matter what the full story is. Poppy decided to go ahead with a project that was a clear rip-off and enabled stalking behaviour of said producer.

She fucked up.

No. 562376

Yea I can tell your johnny. Where's an admin to ban this 14 year old dumbass in here namefagging when you need them

No. 562387

i really do like mars better i just want everyone to explain im sorry if i got you angry i just think the whole case is incomplete without p and ts input.i like to keep a opened mind on this.i wish Britney the best of luck and hope you all have a nice day
oh and pls don't call me artistic or retarded i four mental disorders and a unspecified neurological disorder

No. 562388

File: 1524427155908.png (40.39 KB, 715x327, asdasd.png)

the mods are at church rn, prayin for y'all.

in other news,,,

No. 562393

Honey, stay off of lolcow . Nobody cares about your literal autism lmao. Go back to that poppy Reddit and circle jerk about how perfect she is with the rest of the retarded stans there

No. 562394

Lmao i bet the comments are rich

No. 562406

File: 1524428096455.png (697.26 KB, 607x821, asasa.png)

It's nothing personal, buddy. You should probably read the rules.

They sure are. Looks like they're trying to block people but having a hard time getting everyone. @marsargospam is my favorite.

No. 562415

I don't think this will have a impact everyone thinks it will have.Titanic wont really care hes a drugged up physco. There will always be fans that prefered the poppy project and will hate mars for this.the only person really who is hurt by this and will truly regret it is Poppy and anyone could have filled her position.

No. 562416

File: 1524428567501.png (545.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180422-160729.png)

Comments are delicious

No. 562419

File: 1524428591828.png (92.42 KB, 615x856, marsargooo.png)

It looks like even her fans are starting to get upset, too.

No. 562433

Yea I've seen lots of her fans upset and disappointed that they have invested so much in her only for her to be a steaming pile of shit behind her facade

No. 562435


with all this in-fighting we just let this slide??

No. 562442

you know what fuck poppy I have no remorse

No. 562445

File: 1524429614970.png (99.84 KB, 637x353, Screenshot 2018-04-22 at 1.39.…)

poppy fans be like

No. 562450

File: 1524429787556.png (23.17 KB, 639x190, dssd.png)

we missed these, too

No. 562451

File: 1524429822896.png (49.21 KB, 524x280, asdf.png)

poppy fans be like

No. 562455

It's delicious seeing them lose fans in real time while trying to play "unbothered" on social media.
Hemorrhage, heauxs.

>this delusion
Kek, guess they still have the autistic die-hards trying to cope for now. Next, they'll be saying the actual lawsuit was totally part of the plan, too.

No. 562458

I wanna punch a wall the WKing in twitter is so ridiculous, victim blaiming, delusion, denial, you name it. Reminds me of the retard Melanie fans way too much.

No. 562476

File: 1524430871042.jpg (45.79 KB, 600x471, 28vwq9.jpg)

Corey at Brittany's door be like

No. 562491

No. 562492

I'm dying.

One of the theories on r/Poppy is legit that this is all a very planned out prank and Mars is working with both of them

No. 562500

File: 1524431537242.jpg (54.37 KB, 502x353, 28vxk9.jpg)

No. 562503

File: 1524431704456.jpg (82.83 KB, 750x500, 28vxqf.jpg)

No. 562509

You new here, fam? Yo girl ugly af and we all gonna talk about it.
>calling a thread a board
Heh, of course you are.

No. 562517

Wtf? This is genuinely cringey and they were both rude and disrespectful.

Pretty sure he was talking to Poopy hence why the second time he's talking to her, he's still kinda talking and turns his head towards her. It was rude to the show.

No. 562523


I'd say the exact opposite considering how obsessed he is with Mars to this day

No. 562526

I can fix that

No. 562527

>read the rules
Please take your own advice. Sounds like you need to calm down if you read that as not calm. Sorry I hurt your fee fees.

No. 562528

File: 1524432787229.jpg (82.79 KB, 750x500, 28vyse.jpg)

No. 562529

that lol makes u look upset. stop posting. no1curr if poppy is ur idol

No. 562538

It isn't derailing though. Do you know what site you're on? Why are you minimodding and typing like you're in 1st year? Stop angrily shitposting.

No. 562546

Chill out with the backseating nonny. Do you look like her or something

No. 562557

oook. sorry for sticking up for that other anon.

it's funny that her fans are treating it like "fake news"

No. 562589

She looks like a penis with a cross-eyed hillbilly. A+ job anon!

Too bad he didn't OD at Coachella. The world does not need this trash picker.

Oh no, it's retarded.

Again, retarded. You don't get TMZ to cover something like this as part of a "project." TMZ would laugh in their faces. Not to mention there's actual abuse and stalking in those papers which if it was fake would make light of abuse victims. There would be a lot of outrage. No one would willingly go along with something like this where they're made out to be a drug addict, stalker, and abuser. It's not a good look. Of course Poppy stans don't have reasoning to understand this.

No. 562595

File: 1524435644391.jpg (76.09 KB, 936x1024, DbYmowJVMAAvYX7.jpg)

samefag, but i'm probably just grumpy that the abby thread got derailed to all hell today. please take this meme as an apology

No. 562596

This so much. The entire Poppy project is just to get back at Mars, which shows how fucking bothered Titanic still is and he's probably still in love with her

No. 562668

The education system is faling Generation Z, you poor fucktards. You're 14 years old and you communicate like a 7 year old. Go fucking study.

No. 562685

Acting like a pretentious twat. He’s not good for much else.

No. 562731

File: 1524441153437.png (468.36 KB, 796x1002, creep.png)

This video from two months ago seems pretty relevant now. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=M3H_1RYuIDc

He looks like a creepy sex offender wearing a shitty, fried wig in it.
Seriously, his hair is wrecked.

No. 562736

he looks so haggard. my guess is that his drug use escalated. might be why poppy is so skinny too

No. 562782

The do coke. There have been interviews where he has erratic, fidgety behaviour and keeps trying to clear his nose like he's on the verge of getting a drip lol

No. 562868

Moriah's so fucking fake and not even in the intentional pseudo-deep way that Poppy is. It's clear from watching this interview and other interviews of Poppy being in-character that she's doesn't care about making music/art that she actually likes. Moriah's a famewhore who doesn't care about Titanic's being a psychotic narc as long as he continues helping her become successful. I'm reluctant to believe that she's a victim in this whole situation.

No. 562894

File: 1524448895244.jpg (612.23 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180422_215729.jpg)

I wonder what happened when they moved to LA. I know everyone says they got a bad vibe even from earlier videos of them, but to me the dynamic between mars and titanic seemed so different. I watched a few of the vlogs with them in Chicago and he seems really gentle and caring. It's like they got to LA and he sold his soul. Even his eyes look empty and hollow.

No. 562899

Agreed, nitpicking every facial feature is overkill and just makes you look autistic. The issue here isn't with her looks. Stop de-railing to rehash how ugly you find her and give us some real milk.

No. 562957

Damn, he used to look alright, wth happened lol.

No. 563025

I completely agree. A lot of the older Computer Show episodes that are still up, there's a lot of sweetness between him and Brittany.

My guess is that he started doing coke and just became an addict. Addiction can turn previously kind people into toxic narcs.

No. 563038

Def still in love with her and also probably wants to be her. I find it so creepy that he basically has the same haircut as her, the same length, that he keeps it blonde pretty much and he wears some of her clothes and doesn’t try to hide it like the there is a picture of him in that leopard coat on that one girls bed with pre/early poppy moriah and something else I forget what atm. What a tool tho I always got sociopath vibes from him. Not to mention Poppy has also worn that coat again but dang

No. 563054

Makeup. Mars styled, made up, and created the composition for the shoots. Allegedly.

No. 563062

I thought that was creepy too. It makes me think of Jessicka Addams' story about Twiggy stealing her look to fit in with Marilyn Manson while he was abusing her.

No. 563076

He seemed like a normal kid. Wonder what happened. Cocaine theory probably right.

No. 563121

He's pretty obviously on something, but what drug is he on? Either way he looks disgusting.

No. 563123

He reminds me of someone I met who started wearing makeup, dyed his hair the same color as mine and wore some clothes i did (not the exact items). Only for a couple of months

Also same dead eyes. It's just a narcissist personality. Saying it's love is giving too much credit, both he and poppy are harassing and skinwalking Mars Argo. It's about abuse and control, definitely not love

No. 563127

Yeah I really think we're right about the cocaine thing. Both Titanic and Poppy (but mostly Titanic) seem like cokeheads. It's one of the only hard drugs that people can abuse regularly without incredibly obvious signs - cokeheads are easy to spot once you've dealt with enough of them and/or watched someone fall into cocaine addiction. Cocaine also tends to make people emotionally and physically abusive whether or not they're high, and the fact that cocaine is relatively normalized in the music/entertainment industry just compounds the issue. Cokeheads are some of the last addicts to ever even admit they have a problem. They also develop illusions of grandeur, they feel invincible, so that'd explain why they're both just ignoring the lawsuit.

No. 563203

Had a roommate who sold it. I can spot a coke head from a mile away, is definitely say he's is using it

No. 563216

File: 1524504629028.jpeg (266.7 KB, 1935x1290, 6B8F97EB-BD50-4E05-9D5E-45DCB0…)


That’s so sad. It took me a minute to identify which one was him. He really fucked himself up.

No. 563237

Haven't seen this discussed much since everyone is so focused on the law suit. However, it seems like Titanic has fucked over a lot of 'fan' accounts that reversed videos or made videos with theories to further promote the channel or be petty.

No. 563279

File: 1524508342838.jpeg (362.59 KB, 2048x2048, 34722D5B-EABA-4CE3-A8BD-42B0B9…)


He was quite attractive years ago. I’m sorry for doing riff raff dirty but I can’t unsee

No. 563526

File: 1524520554237.png (49.05 KB, 872x413, p.png)

he's still keeping up the façade on both accounts

No. 563541

File: 1524521606735.png (617.34 KB, 1296x729, p1.png)

someone found proof of them stealing from deviantart

No. 563542

File: 1524521620608.png (307.97 KB, 1290x648, p2.png)

No. 563553


Holy shit. They steal literally everything then. And I really liked the sprites in that video. They need to sink.

No. 563574

lmao he looks like a late 90s boybander there. how did he get bug eyes suddenly?

so professional and artistic of them.

No. 563579

Copyright claims might stand a chance if Brittany reaches out to these other people?

No. 563592

it definitely looks bad for them. show they have no remorse doing it to someone else >>563579

No. 563594

No. 563676

File: 1524530211169.png (438.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180423-203510.png)

The irony

No. 563844


That's already been posted. Please the thread before you post.


No. 563876

File: 1524541684118.jpg (29.13 KB, 596x239, cokehead.JPG)

>how did he get bug eyes suddenly?
Pic related

This is especially infuriating. I really really hope all the people Poppy and Tits have used to cash in on get some sort of reimbursement.

FFS, with all the shit these two have stolen, they might as well have a fucking class action suit against them.

No. 563902

File: 1524542446018.png (104.24 KB, 1334x411, Capture _2018-04-23-22-55-40.p…)

definitely seems like theyre using the mars case as bait to trick people into signing up for poppy's shit. nice one tits

No. 564053

The only thing that sucks about this being a legal lawsuit and not just a public statement is that we wont get anything from the Poppy camp regarding this for a really long time. I know that's horribly selfish but I'm dying to know what they would say if they could say anything outright. People are demanding statements but seem to forget they probably cant say shit until after the court date which could take forever. I'm a nosey bitch eager for info even if its probably BS. TS is probably gnashing his teeth reading comments about him he cant do anything about except delete.

No. 564074

File: 1524548842422.png (373.03 KB, 567x1007, c.png)

Copy released a new video today. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=DiscpMQTuRA

She's so skinny! You can see her bones ffs. I bet they have been doing so much coke the past couple days, trying not to freak out.

Also, her dancing almost seems out of character. Normally she hardly moves at all. It looks like Moriah is dancing and not Poppy.

No. 564088

File: 1524549301203.png (59.08 KB, 693x827, thejigisup.png)

Huh. She changed the video's name from "The Jig" to "The Boogie".
I guess the jig is up.

No. 564114

File: 1524550698564.jpg (433.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180424-021633_Twi…)

Vague posting through kanye

No. 564121

>I bet they have been doing so much coke the past couple days, trying not to freak out.

These were my exact thoughts when I saw the video. She looks like she's been coked up for days on end at this point, with very little sleep. However IMO she's always this skinny, I think the difference in this video is that she's dehydrated. That's my educated guess.

No. 564145

>>564074 She got the moves like Muppets

No. 564159

True, she's always looked like an ana-chan. Her collarbone is literally sticking out of her chest at this point tho. Must be the guilt eating away at them.

No. 564162

File: 1524555987275.png (70.58 KB, 908x412, ts.png)

hey titanic, if you're reading this, stop doing so much fucking coke

No. 564275

So… copying Brittany's work back from 2013 in 2017? https://marsargo.bandcamp.com/

No. 564280

is that true? i thought they'd be allowed to at least acknowledge it's happening and say no comment or smthing
if there is an anon with any law knowledge it would be nice to know how it's supposed to go.
how long til they actually go to court?

No. 564325

That was Mars’ logo. He was asking her to “come home”.

No. 564332

They have a number of days (idk california law) to respond. Could be up to 90 days. My guess is that they're gonna plead not guilty and countersue for defamation of character, and try to drag it out for as long as possible.
They're allowed to comment on it, but they're trying to make their posts look innocent as possible rn.
I wonder what the judge will think of them running a "cult". Lol.

No. 564337

They have 30 days to file a response.

No. 564343

So you think she has a case based on the lawsuit? I heard that it might not hold up.

No. 564346

i honestly can't say if the copyright violations is legally valid since titanic owns part of the ideas, but she for sure has a case for emotional/physical abuse.
i see the copying as part of the abuse, so even if that part doesn't hold up it strenghtens the abuse accusations

No. 564371

Nice. That’s a rly good point ab the copying being a part of the abuse. Hope he sinks

No. 564396

File: 1524587191041.jpg (239.86 KB, 455x800, fdas.jpg)

It'll be interesting for sure. She definitely has a case with the copyright violations IMO. If not that, then the Right to Publicity. It's a unique case tho, so hopefully they get a good judge.

I can't wait.

No. 564419

Her head looks wrong for her body omg

It seems like they're going to milk the situation to get more money as it is - more interest about this law suit, more people watching, the lack of response with subtle tweets/videos means people continue watching.

I think he could get done for copying if Mars came with more people who he has stolen ideas/sprites from. Though part of me thinks that the whole thing is important to her because this is essentially daily emotional/psychological abuse to her.

No. 564426

What is actually the meaning of 3:36 anyway?

No. 564430

mars made this video with tony katai, a film maker that her and titanic used to work with. they ended up not releasing it at the time it was made.
last year, katai uploaded the video on youtube without mars' consent. heard a rumor titanic asked him to do it but i don't think it's confirmed.
released at the time it was, the video makes it look like mars was in on it and killed herself and was replaced by poppy in the grand story orchestrated by tits. lots of fan speculation.
mars later had katai remove the video.
3:36 is the videos lenght and poppy started to reference it a lot after the leak, reinforcing that it was all part of the plan for mars to disappear.

No. 564432

Smartly done even if you hate the guy.

Poor idiot just got caught in the lie and deservingly so.

No. 564436

This who concept is so fucking extra

imagine being THIS hung up on your ex that you have to build a whole act with the intent on destroying her. It says a lot that he can't/won't focus on his own artistry

No. 564437

It helps that the whole Mars Argo project is/was financially backed (and it seems that the brand itself seems to be owned) by Brittany and her father.
Titanic is basically a work partner gone rogue.

No. 564441

Katai's an enabling prick who defended Titanic's abuse. At best, he's a useful idiot. At worst, he's trash too.

No. 564445

File: 1524591555059.png (170.78 KB, 552x681, tinfoily.png)

i saw this screenshot of him being unequivocally team tits but i can't find it on his twitter.
anybody can tell if it's fake?

No. 564465

File: 1524593659451.jpg (65.3 KB, 431x767, titan.jpg)


He also dm'd fans shit-talking her. I bet he drank the Titanic koolaid and thought she was the crazy one. She seems really sweet and pretty passive (saying that his showing up at her door was "rude" rather than freaking the fuck out). I have no doubt he shit-talked her to all of their mutual friends and played the victim.

Tony Katai seems like an idiot who just bought the shit Titanic was peddling.

No. 564509

youtuber repzilla is supposed to interview katai soon. i'm looking forward to what he has to say. repzilla is fully team argo afaik.

No. 564515

This is so convoluted and excessive. Who the fuck cares about any of these people enough to have "conspiracies" about their public personas or follow the drama in their personal lives to this extent? Like the lawsuit is interesting because Titanic is a pretentious dipshit who need to be knocked down a peg, but otherwise, this is dumb. Poppy barely has any notoriety, and even then it's just because she makes some YouTube videos that are kind of weird. Mars Argo certainly wasn't a commercial success either.

I know this is kind of hypocritical because I am curious to see what happens, but I don't understand how there's an extensive mythos between all these unknown and talentless people.

No. 564520

idk i actually really like mars argo's music. a bit like an indie/emo no doubt vibe.
conspiracies and clues and hidden messages is integral to poppy/tits concept so i don't think it's far fetched that tits would do something like that.
also the 3:36 video is actually mentionned in the lawsuit as evidence so it is relevan

No. 564527

a lot of it came from the mystery around poppy when the whole thing started. it probably doesn't help that there are videos on youtube trying to figure it out and making it out like it's an arg. poppy would never be an arg because args end eventually and that's not the goal for them.

No. 564555

i found their stylist and in one of her instagram posts is an outfit that's in the lawsuit, credited as her styling it: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLj1V37heRG/?hl=en&taken-by=samanthaburkhartstylist

she's also credited as styling the video w poppy wearing the jacket mars wore (https://hooktube.com/watch?v=oQMZ1yItXng). idk what to make of it. i wonder if she'll be mentioned in court.

i'm fully on mars' side as a disclaimer. just new info thought i'd share.

No. 564574

i know this might sound like a reach or another convoluted mars/poppy conspiracy theory, but i THINK (i don’t remember where so sage for zero credibility) there was a thing at some point where tony katai’s identity came into question because his name is very similar phonetically to titanic and someone had questioned whether he was just an alter ego used as a fake third party source so that it wasn’t just titanic posting those mars videos. do we have any photos of katai or proof he exists/ isn’t just titanic? genuinely curious about him tbh

No. 564582

Katai has been in some videos on grocerybag.tv. I know there was an old vlog reuploaded and he can be seen in that. Guns are illegal was also reuploaded and he can be seen in that. So yea he's a real person.

No. 564605

File: 1524603064742.png (23.65 KB, 628x251, p.png)

i kind of agree? the 336 thing seems kinda like a wild goose chase. i don't doubt that everything they do hurts mars, but maybe they just like the number.

it's something they know, but you don't, and that makes them feel special. just like all the illuminati references and bs.

it's worth noting that AFI also released an EP titled 336, and there was a whole mystery about 'why 336' that was never answered.

speaking of which….

No. 564614

File: 1524603843107.png (23.68 KB, 632x372, 336.png)

not to derail, but AFI also did an online ARG shortly after the release of 336. i don't know if they stole this idea, but it's funny that, yet again, someone has done the exact same thing before.

No. 564709

i'm not sure but i think this is a burn on pop and tits

No. 564743


M5 is a weird copy cat of Poppy. I don’t think they’re relevant here tbh.

No. 564755

looks like they're escaping to Mexico

No. 564760

she has a concert (can it even be called that?) in mexico on the 27th

No. 565115

It seems that Poppy was Poppy before she and Titanic started to work together, so the character is not made by him. The Poppy character started to copy Mars after Copy and Tits got together tho, so I don't think Poppy is all that innocent, she seems like a vain bitch. I would pay anything to be a fly on Titanics and Poppys wall and watch this shitshow.

No. 565116

File: 1524657048149.jpg (202.47 KB, 750x729, e1e694fadfb47c4819a638c6c741f8…)

Samefag, but I always got such bad vibes from her and couldn't explain why I didn't like her

No. 565166

Yeah, I totally agree lol
I mean, it would make it more interesting if it was indeed a orchestrated plotline or ARG like lonelygirl15 or sth, but now I'm just in it to see if that douche Titanic gets what he deserves

No. 565175


I did as well. I think it's because her character sounds so… forced, and not in the way that it is meant to. The way she strains her voice to achieve a high-pitch and sound ~innocent~ or cute is transparent and comes off as being ridiculously try-hard.

Mars (to me, at least) executes the whole weird, wide-eyed, dolly thing effortlessly - I think she's actually like that. Poppy comes across as desperate and decidedly cringey when she attempts the same act. She wants to be something that she's not, and it's uncomfortable to watch.

No. 565200

File: 1524668307230.jpg (421.32 KB, 1024x1024, PhotoGrid_1524668104853.jpg)

Honestly tits fans are so stupid and blind i can't believe what i'm reading

No. 565365

ha ha domestic violence so funny ha classic tits

No. 565367

there is something seriously wrong with their brains

No. 565536

File: 1524688241329.jpeg (346.86 KB, 750x1054, 521CE634-05E6-43E9-88A3-56DB6F…)

He retweeted this tweet from 2017 and added another. Jackass. I guess this is how he’s responding.

No. 565549

it really goes to show what kind of people they attract
i'm almost starting to think these kids are actually brainwashed like they claim to be

No. 565575

these two asshats are just using this whole thing to get more attention. I hope it blows up in their faces.

No. 565633

i think they have to respond within 30 days to the public. their pr and legal team is just having trouble coming up with something positive to say about them both. lol.

No. 565708

File: 1524698409042.png (30.89 KB, 398x377, wow.PNG)

They didn't even try.

No. 565818

File: 1524708187832.png (240.86 KB, 851x589, summons.png)

failtanic got a summons yesterday.

No. 565822

File: 1524708450430.png (87.94 KB, 1367x817, p.png)

sorry for shitty quality, i found it on youtube. there's these too but unfortunately they're all behind a paywall

No. 565827

This whole concept would have worked better as an ARG tbh, Moriah is already aging out of the role

No. 565841

I think they indeed copied her but I think they(together) started out as them fucking with her and took it to a whole other level, rightfully infuriating her to the point of her getting legal advice.

No. 565842

What is this from? What is it?

No. 565850

randomly found it on google. i'm guessing the site will update when there's something new, so might be a good source to keep an eye on.

No. 566000

Ugh I hooooope that Mars wins this and the Poppy empire and Titanic sink like the ship. I love watching smug shits get put in their place

No. 566207

do yall think it's fake? It looks legit to me.

No. 566244

nice trips. also agreed. this is so satisfying

No. 566247

File: 1524755380593.jpg (286.29 KB, 726x963, ts.jpg)

he deleted a bunch of tweets yesterday.

No. 566249

File: 1524756159453.jpg (120.32 KB, 636x306, failtanic.jpg)

more dumb vagueposting about the case

No. 566267

haha love how ppl are unfollowing him. but yeah, i wonder what the tweets were. i hope there was an archive.

No. 566301

I get how they can say the pictures aren't definitive proof, but I haven't seen anyone try to defend the texts. Are they just conveniently ignoring their existence?

No. 566389

That’s a good find right there anon. I’m keeping an eye on this closely. I’ve lived in West Hollywood my whole life and I’m married to a lawyer so if there’s anything, or any word anyone needs to know just ask. From reading this it looks like the Mars camp made a grammatical error by putting the words “et al” in the subpoena so they had to do in again. ALSO: be advised that if Poppy/copy is signed to a major label that the label with be providing above par legal representation. Can anyone tell me who she is signed to? I heard she was in Atlantic, but also I heard she was on Geffen.

No. 566398

Wikipedia says she's signed with Geffen and Island Records which is a division of Universal Music Group.
The history of the case names Matthew Donald Umhofer as her attorney and you can look him up. He seems to have represented some big cases and was named "lawyer of the year" in California Lawyer magazine in 2013, but idk how if that would gage anything relevant loll.

No. 566399

wow he sounds so much like he's been doing some hardcore drug for days, the paranoia in those tweets is undeniable
the facebook screenshots?

No. 566446

guys hold on this might change everything, i just found out that in court when you accuse someone of something without any evidence besides random, out of context, easily edited pictures and "your word against theirs" its called "hearsay" and is basically useless. this might have huge impacts on the case… what do you guys think? I really hope mars wins because ive always been jealous of how skinny poppy is and this girl in my class who i hate likes her. Im worried for mars :( (a girl ive never met and barely know anything about)(learn to integrate)

No. 566448

How old are you?

No. 566454

File: 1524771761739.png (363.18 KB, 993x759, d.png)

new copy video up.

it's helpful to have a legal-anon in here. i don't know much about the right to publicity, do you think she has a case with it?
according to discogs she's on mad decent and island records.

No. 566591

it's a shame titanic was actually kinda hot in the kind of dude I'd make wear my dresses sort of way before he got all fucked up on coke and became a mystery-tier shitposter

No. 566661

you fail at trolling anon


No. 566692

I skimmed through and I didn't think I saw this noted
>I wish I was a dumb Pop Star
>I'm a dumb Pop Star in my own right

No. 566719

just found this, do Coppy and Tits have no shame?
Poppy (aka COPPY!) - Fuzzy (written by Titanic Sinclair): >"…my life…"
Mars Argo - Using You (written by Titanic Sinclair):
>"…my life?"

No. 566724

lmao tits is watching the thread like a hawk

No. 566735

Corey, go get your dick sucked and do some coke with Moriah, it'll make you feel better than lurking here and pissing yourself off

No. 566742

Fuck off back to Twitter. You/your idols are haggard, derivative, abusive white trash.

No. 566751


I don't think she's released anything with Island since Bubblebath in 2016. All her releases on Spotify since then are either Mad Decent or I'm Poppy Records.

No. 566768

you can check this for deleted tweets. there's another site out there that will show deleted tweets and how many were deleted on certain days but i can't remember what it was. maybe someone else does.

No. 566780

Geez. I liked Poppy a lot more when I thought she was just some illuminati-created homonculus. The truth is just not as fun or cool and is infact a lot scarier tbh.

No. 566789

Same. I was really in love with Poppy and wanted to see her live, it's really disappointing.

No. 566838

My opinion is that this lawsuit can be won with the right combination of things. The first being that she has an ace lawyer, check- she has that. The right judge/jury who has the ability to see what we see- this will be known at the court date. Also remember that this is a civil suit, nothing can be punishable like in a criminal case. If they do not show up on the date Mars team will automatically win the amount she asks for. This whole case can be over at anytime beforehand IF Poppy/copy decides to settle out of court. It’s VERY important to know WHO her record label is atm to know what is going on. Them erasing tweets makes them look guilty AND it will be shown in court providing the judge allows it. This case is sort of like the guy who taught his girlfriends dog to do the nazi sign, as there’s been nothing like this before so it should get interesting and could be groundbreaking in that we will see many many more if Mars win….

No. 566840

Samefag here again. There is a chance she has no record label atm, maybe she is in between? Maybe she got dropped? If so THEY ARE FUCKED. Mars may know this and may have waited until now to file suit knowing that Poppy/copy doesn’t have the funds it takes to get a proper lawyer. This would be excellent news!

No. 566869

I'm pretty sure she's currently signed to Mad Decent. Which… isn't a huge record label… I don't see them actively defending her tbh

No. 566874

File: 1524800628050.jpg (37.23 KB, 770x343, Dbt6-rVX4AA13K6.jpg large.jpg)

poppy deleted almost all of her tweets

No. 566877

deleted even more since this was posted. suspicious.

No. 566880

wow yep i just watched her go from 72 to 53 tweets
talk about deleting evidence

No. 566887

They know they're fucked, it would actually be less suspicious if they didn't mass delete but they know they're totally fucked.

No. 566889

File: 1524802227108.png (10.16 KB, 452x179, mexico.PNG)

Lol they're probably fleeing to Mexico

No. 566890

File: 1524802342683.jpg (45.76 KB, 524x174, 336.jpg)

yeah her stans seem pretty concerned about it. kinda funny to watch them freaking out on twitter rn

also why delete all posts but leave up these 3:36 mentions? like that makes any sense

No. 566891

the mass deletion is like new to the internet 101. deleting everything doesn't matter, there will be archives and it sounds like mars kept screenshots so they are fucked.

No. 566899

File: 1524803678138.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1536x1957, 0660A4BC-2966-4862-A6E9-68C214…)

She is. On their website she’s listed as an artist. Also the founder, Diplo sometimes comments on her posts.

No. 566934

well diplo's a garbage person also so maybe he would. although they might not have the funds.

No. 566946

File: 1524808546211.png (33.66 KB, 720x476, Screenshot_2018-04-27-01-53-34…)

On Coppy's wiki she has Jpop and Kpop listed in her genre, how? I never knew saying Konnichi arigato for 1 song makes you a Jpop artist. Avril Lavigne must be the Jpop queen then kek

No. 566948

File: 1524808802407.jpg (329.45 KB, 457x1800, 3336.jpg)

64 tweets now. she un-deleted a couple, and left up five references to 3:36 in a row. that can't be a coincidence

No. 566959




in what fucking world?

No. 566985

File: 1524814822225.png (219.76 KB, 1850x710, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 3.39…)

I made a tweet on my personal account saying I was glad to see titanic getting called out (didn't tag anyone) and now I'm blocked lmaooo

No. 567008


Titanic Sinking is really going all out on these search terms to block and delete anyone remotely triggering him
It must be eating away at his soul knowing that he can't just lash out

No. 567038

New commenter, been lurking this thread since I heard about the lawsuit. I’m so fucking down about this. I never really liked titanic sinclair, but I really loved Poppy and her style. I didn’t think her obsession with fame was.. actually pretty close to her real personality lmao. How depressing.

But yeah.. I could never really put my finger on why I never enjoyed listening to Altar, but knowing now that it’s probably about Mars Argo…. ugh.

I’m assuming corey runs her twitter as well, which would probably be why stuff is getting deleted from both their accounts. I doubt Poppy has any actual contact with fans without his direct control. Didn’t someone post something earlier where he said no one has contact with Poppy outside of him? Creepy as hell.

No. 567091

(S)he removed everything but 2 Poppy.church related tweets and a couple of Zo ads, which obviously may not be deleted because Microsoft paid for that, so I bet it's to foreshadow the release of Poppy.church.

No. 567095

She's signed to Mad Decent, she's listed as an artist on their website

No. 567100

File: 1524837307930.jpg (276.57 KB, 615x878, baleet.jpg)

we're down to 31 tweets this morning.

i can't wait for poppy's new video, 'Delete Your Twitter and All Other Forms of Incriminating Evidence'

No. 567103


Hey and welcome! If you don’t have new info to add, please type sage in the email bar.

I actually liked Altar but knowing of the abuse now, I don’t think I can listen to it the same. I think her newer album was trash and I hope church is too tbh. Such weird overproduced music which drowns out her voice, which I think is pretty nice. It all sounds like Titanic’s Trust Fund now imo

No. 567104

Strange, I can only see 5 tweets

No. 567105

I think she sounds so weak in poppy.computer. She should sing within her own vocal range like the mostly did with Bubblebath and her old covers

No. 567108

same. tbh i think whatever app they used to delete the tweets is glitchy because some of her tweets got deleted, undeleted, and then deleted again last night.

anyways it's funny that they probably wanted to delete everything but had to keep the sponsored ads up.

No. 567172

Did this get posted already? Because Jesus christ, this is so embarrassing

No. 567178

Lowlife is reggae-ish. But yeah, a huge stretch to say she does reggae.

No. 567179

anyone know how old he is?

No. 567185

No. 567224

Damn, that's an insane drop in quality. Mars was unsettling and weird, Poppy just always look bitchy and dumb as a rock.

No. 567229

I love how Titanic is sinking like the ship lul

No. 567259

sometimes I wonder if these similarities are a result of Tits purposely making references to things Mars did or him just recycling old ideas because he has no new ones.

No. 567282

>vkh kdv qrw ehhq wdonlqj qrupdoob iru d uhdvrq.

This post came off as weird to me, so I looked for cryptoquip solvers and found one here: https://quipqiup.com

Result 31 for me is as follows, I can only assume it's correct given the context of this thread: she has not been talking normally for a reason.

Sage for autism on my end and probably attempts at obsfuscation on the part of the original poster of this puzzle.

No. 567334

woah, that's creepy. good find anon

No. 567492

Titanic Sinkliar

No. 567676

I honestly feel bad for Poppy even though she's awful. Can you imagine having such shit self-esteem that you stay with a guy who is totally yandere over his ex and allow him to turn you into a replica of her?

No. 567691

I don't feel bad for her cause I assume she's just as crazy, if not more crazy, than Corey

No. 567692

I didn't even see that post. Wonder what was meant by that. My money's on it being more obfuscation from Tits.
Trying to sell your abuse as a performative puzzle doesn't work on anyone above the mental age of 12, Corey.
Either that, or some more lurid details are about to come out.

No. 567781

Me seeing Poppy live was actually what got me starting to feel jaded about their whole shtick, tbh. I fell in love with Bubblebath, and thought Poppy.Computer was kind of a flop but I enjoyed her enough to stick around and hope that maybe it was just a phase.

The show I was at was the one where someone screamed out about Mars Argo, then Poppy threatened to end the show. They then rushed out all the last songs, cutting out all of the transitions and audience involvement parts that were part of the show, and made the show half as long as usual. The heckler yelled it out while they were showing the 3:36 video though, and all I could think is if they were so overly sensitive about Mars, then why the hell would they keep showing the videos that were directly referencing her? And cutting off the show early because of one person just seemed like a real overreaction. But if you can't even grow thick skin as a performer, why keep setting up scenarios where it'd be brought up?

The parts of the show I did get to see were pretty mediocre and I pretty much felt no different than had I just watched her MVs. All lipsync, no interesting choreography, nothing to differentiate it from her videos.

Honestly, if it wasn't for seeing how they acted in person and slowly getting jaded, this lawsuit might have come to me as a shock. But honestly? It wasn't.

No. 567830

File: 1524900070536.jpeg (171.11 KB, 745x965, 47B4232C-DBBE-4E64-BBF5-E9974E…)

There’s cracks.

No. 567831

File: 1524900096061.jpeg (108.93 KB, 750x922, 741479ED-D61A-4F5A-985F-6131DA…)

No. 567833

File: 1524900118610.jpeg (132.06 KB, 750x1033, FBC797A2-8A3D-4488-A5C1-4FB449…)

No. 567838

It was only a matter of time until he pulled something like this and started talking about it, he couldn't contain himself.

He's so pathetic and fake deep, it's like every sentence he can come up with came out of some edgy teen cult classic indie film. Cringe.

No. 567839

It's time to stop tweeting you fucking cokehead.

No. 567856

No joke. All his tweets read like he's on some manic coke high. Dude is clearly bothered and losing his shit.

Reminds me of Onisions narc rages tbh.

No. 567875

I think this is all a stunt. 3 of them are all in on it. I know it's been mentioned already but this is so the type of shit he would do to seem Different, Against The Grain, <3Nihilism<3 and Existentialism~ but mainly - drugs. Loser.

No. 567886

The irony is that they never denied the whole Mars being the 'original Poppy' theory a lot of people believed. If they don't want to associate with her they could have easily ended the theories long ago, it wouldn't take THAT much brain power.

I watched a live performance of her doing the Bottle Blonde song? Wtf was Titanic doing in the background is beyond me - it's like he wants to be on the so people know he's to be credited.

No. 567887

idk that seems like it would get them in trouble to make a fake lawsuit and involve law enforcment.

No. 567900

Boy, that reasoning didn't work for Kojima and it sure as hell ain't gonna work for you.

No. 567934

As someone completely impartial to these three, it’s kind of amusing watching a few of the people ITT rave about how ugly Poppy is and how much prettier Argo is when in literally any other situation you’d be dating the opposite. Mars Argo isn’t cute either, and all of you would be tearing her apart otherwise so it’s interesting watching you Stan for her just because she’s the lesser of three evils.

I think Titanic is a narcissistic, annoying creepy fuck but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he really did create Argo’s entire video persona. Doesn’t justify anything he has done, but I must admit her lawsuit absolutely does not hold up in the court of law.

I don’t think Argo is evil and I think Corey is full of shit but I also don’t think it’s particularly fair to shit on Poppy’s looks as if Mars looks any better cuz she sure as hell doesn’t lol.

No. 567937

What can we say? Ugly actions take you from a 5/10 all the way down to a 3/10.
Also, you're not going to convince anyone that >>559526 looks as good as >>559548. That's just not how it goes, Not Moriah.
>the lesser of three evils.
No…I'd say this is a pretty cut and dry case of two evils and one decency. But please, explain how Brittany is also in the wrong.
>her lawsuit absolutely does not hold up in the court of law.
This is what you want to be true. Ultimately, it's smarter to trust her actual lawyer (a professional who's actually successful) who took on the case and wait for it to actually go over than believe the reaches of internet backseat lawyers who need to defend their haggard, derivative clone waifu.

No. 567938

>posts extremely flattering photo of mars that is edited next to extremely unflattering image of poppy that isn’t edited
Yeah you sure showed me
>this is what you want to be true
Chill the fuck out you tinfoil stan, I wish her the best but simply saying “he hit me although I have no proof of it and feared reporting it” and “he showed up to the saw Japanese school I did” aren’t very usable in court. I don’t say that with any ill will, it’s just cut and dry the truth you weirdo.
>backseat lawyers who need to defend their haggard, derivative clone waifu
You are way too invested in this. I’m just a random farmer, take your meds.

No. 567945

I didn't post either pic, but even in professional pics, you can see she's strung out with lines on her face and aged fast, while Mars is like 30 but still manages to look younger than her.
>Chill the fuck out you tinfoil stan, I wish her the best
You're calling people "tinfoil stans" for pointing out that it's smarter to trust actual lawyers, lmao. I think you're the one who needs to chill. I don't even listen to Mars' music, it's just very obvious to anyone but Tits, Poppy and their stans how obvious this shit is.
>but simply saying “he hit me although I have no proof of it and feared reporting it” and “he showed up to the saw Japanese school I did” aren’t very usable in court. I don’t say that with any ill will, it’s just cut and dry the truth you weirdo.
Looks like you didn't actually look at the report. Or, like I said, you want it to be true so you're trying to downplay things. Either way, not gonna work.
>You are way too invested in this.
I'm referring to the Twitter autists, but nice projection.
>I’m just a random farmer, take your meds.
You're the one who got in their feelings because people were pointing out Mars is more attractive, kek. Go snort a line, you're obviously on edge.

No. 567947

>stans poppy
>doesn't sage
>>"I'm just a random farmer"

Lmao sure jan

No. 567948

I’m not in my feelings but you clearly can’t handle the concept of someone disagreeing with your fanatically tipped scales. TL;DR. Boo hoo I said that Mars is just as ugly as Poppy, there’s absolutely no chance I’m one of the handfuls of farmers that agree with that statement and I must be Corey.
Sage your autism if you’re going to be this quick to jump at a gasp opinion that doesn’t align perfectly with yours.

No. 567949

Even if some of her claims don't hold up well it seems like she has some proof of the dick Titanic is. I'm also pretty sure they could get attendance records from the school? It should show all of them as enrolled if it comes to that.

At the end of the day, Poppy is fucked even if this goes away. Titanic will run out of ideas and now that other artists have found out that he took their work… rip. One day or another an artist will come out and be done with it, expose this piece of shit and y'all Poppy stans will be doing this whole defence thing again.

At this point, there is really not a lot to defend them for. I'm sure if we looked further into their music videos, ideas, whatever we'd find more plagiarism or very close 'inspiration'

No. 567950

I did sage you stupid fag holy shit what is happening to this website

No. 567951

Go back to Reddit to your poppy echo chamber

No. 567956

File: 1524920311927.jpeg (45.31 KB, 346x362, C0F676F7-375C-47B5-A58A-BA5359…)

….You’re doing a pretty bad job at pretending to be a farmer, kid.

No. 567959

Are there any updates on the lawsuit?

No. 567960

Says the person infighting, not saging, and sperging out over majority of farmers not stanning poppy kek

No. 567962

No as far as I know poppy and titanic have been summoned and have a certain amount of time to respond so we wait

No. 567964

>make dumb, obviously bitter post
>people call you dumb, and say you might personally have dogs in this fight because most farmers are not this stupid or emotionally affected by an objectively shitty person being called ugly on an anonymous forum
>"UGH you totally just CAN'T HANDLE other opinions >:((("
Lol. You're not very good at this.

No. 567967

All of those posts are saged you dumbass. Nobody in this thread is stanning Poppy, you’re just far too childish to accept that not everyone has to like Mars Argo as well. Is this entire thread supposed to be everyone saying aw, poor precious smol Britney! So beautiful and pure! Get a grip. Not worshiping one doesn’t equate to stanning the other, you have to be 18 to post here and impartial discussion is perfectly doable, not that you’d know anything about that.

No. 567968

Honey let's just leave him be, he is not worth our time or replies. Poor lil tink tink must be coming down off of his coke high and feeling a little aggressive today. Funny how were getting these types of replies from a "random farmer" after he spergs out on his Twitter. LMAO clearly on a war path today

No. 567969

Even that (and >>558293) looks marginally better than >>558909. Literally proved yourself wrong.

No. 567971

Yyyup. It's like the way a bug starts to thrash around after it's been sprayed. Let's just let him sink.

No. 567973

All it took was saying Mars is just as fugg as Poppy and that means I’m Corey.
Amazing. An entire board built on varying opinions and disagreement and you couldn’t handle one opinion.

No. 567975

Actually, I thought you were just some retard from Reddit but you keep saying "you guys think I'm corey" lol

No. 567976

File: 1524921267139.jpg (15.59 KB, 329x359, Db2CB0sVAAA_MHb.jpg)

From his twitter replies kek

No. 567979

Anyway, how long do you think it'll be before Tits deletes these narcposts? He and Onion should collab and become a creative team, lmao. That's a trainwreck I'd love to see.

No. 567980

>conveniently ignores the multiple sperg posts saying that I’m Corey for saying Mars looks like ass
Yeah k sure, you poor sheltered sensitive freaks have to hiss and ankle bite at anyone who doesn’t agree with you, that’s fine

Not gonna lie I’ve been getting maximum satisfaction out of the amount of shitposting he’s been flooded with. And the fact that he pulls Tyler Grosso levels of “I’m so happy!!1 Best days of my life!!!11” when you can practically hear his voice cracking as he breaks down into inconsolable sobs.

No. 567983

This. No one called them Corey. At best, there was a "Snort a line" comment and I called them Not Moriah. And now they're trying to fit in by joining in with the Tits dragging. Suspicious, kek.

No. 567984

File: 1524921895926.jpg (147.45 KB, 1605x1196, Db2KeOwU0AAot9T.jpg large.jpg)

No. 567988

Must get really itchy under that tinfoil hat you allow to bake on top of your head all day while you camp out in here and completely sperg out over someone saying your has been waifu isn’t cute. You’ve got to be underage if you can’t swallow the fact that you can say someone is ugly and also think a person who abused them is far more ugly.
You bitches are sad, and must not venture out of this thread at all kek. Reality is a tough pill to swallow, I know. Dogpile anyone who doesn’t rim Mars Argo’s ass.

No. 567989

That's a pretty long, angry, possibly drug-fueled response that I stopped reading after the word "tinfoil". I recommend therapy.

No. 567991

Try harder.

No. 567992

While we are trying to stay updated on the case and social happenings, this guy just wants to infight and derail until hes blue in the face. Must not have anything better to do but whine about how poppy is better than mars and how he's not corey kek let's just ignore this pathetic stain on society he's wasting our time and thread posts

No. 567993

Samefag some more and pepper your posts with “kek” so people will think you’re a farmer and not some obsessive fan

No. 567994

I'm same fagging for wanting to stay on topic and not derail the thread because of this poppy stan? Honey I'm the person who has said for the second time now to ignore the infighting so I guess I'm same fagging myself for wanting to follow the rules kek but go off sis

No. 568000

File: 1524923404731.png (494.34 KB, 640x745, 88.png)

Here's Titanic sperging out about someone making fun of Poppy's looks in a similar way. He really went digging through a complete nobody's Tweets for who knows how long to try and "expose" them as a hypocrite for saying Poppy is ugly or whatever (as if anyone cares, or like hypocrisy is new to the internet) Coke does things to people.

No. 568006

I’m telling myself that there’s no way you’re an actual farmer and are just one of the crazies obsessed with these three characters that was drawn to this thread. There can’t be any way someone who has actually integrated into this website could possibly screech HI TITZ so loud over someone saying Mars is also ugly. Shit like this is said about literally everyone else on this whole board constantly, because hundreds of people with variations in perspective post here.
Get over yourself newfag.

No. 568008

Holy shit. I wasn't even talking to/about you anymore, I was trying to get the thread back on topic. Now I think you really must be him, or just certifiably unhinged. No one loses their shit this hard over absolutely nothing.

No. 568009

Imagine coming to a titanic thread on lolcow of all places and being salty that people don't like him or his work (ie poppy project) lmao

No. 568012

inb4 that Tweet "mysteriously" disappears a few days later lmao

No. 568016

Nobody ITT was defending Corey you dumb bitch. What are reading comprehension skills? Do you have selective eyesight?

No. 568017

^The mental gymnastics this one keeps doing is unreal
Anyway, back on topic, I wonder what his response to the summon is going to be. Doesn't he gave like 30 days or something?(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 568019

They'll probably agree to show up in court, but try to say as little about any of it on social media as possible. They know they're fucked.

No. 568021

Ignore cokeposter attacks, sage cokeposter threads, do not reply to cokeposters.
I found this post that really exemplifies why Poppy/the Poppy project as a whole tends to leave a bad taste in people's mouths, in stark contrast to Mars Argo. I'm not particularly into either (from what I've seen, MA especially made some underwhelming music and content that just wasn't crazy interesting), but Poppy was definitely the more off-putting of the two for reasons I couldn't articulate very well until now, so I found this a breath of fresh air.

No. 568044

Boo hoo hoo, tons of people disagree with you and see Moriah for the ugly psycho she is, while we can appreciate Brittany's cuteness. Is Brittany drop dead gorg perfect goddessu??? NO but she's cute, and above average. Poppy is simply not, there's a reason most Poppy stans are girls and guys don't find her attractive (whereas most guys find Brittany to be, at the very least, cute and interesting looking). Poppy is bland and honestly looks like some sort of hillbilly.

Do you look like Moriah or something, is this why you're so upset?

No. 568051

Maybe you should try meth, it lasts a lot longer than coke and is a lot cheaper!

No. 568066

File: 1524930899416.jpeg (74.35 KB, 770x685, E5C2730E-2395-456E-81EC-FC7058…)


>people ITT rave about how ugly Poppy is and how much prettier Argo is when in literally any other situation you’d be dating the opposite. Mars Argo isn’t cute either, and all of you would be tearing her apart otherwise so it’s interesting watching you Stan for her just because she’s the lesser of three evils.

Wrong in so many ways. Only replying so I can post this pic of cutie Mars.

No. 568109

Nobody is upset, you’re the losers who dogpile over somebody saying your fav isn’t cute. I didn’t even know who the hell Moriah was. This whole thread is just spoon feeding Britney like she’s a fragile child. Nobody likes Poppy or Corey, nobody. There aren’t any Poppy stans here OR Corey stans. You delusional children however have your heads so far up Britney’s ass it’s cringe to watch. It almost looks like Maisie Williams shitposting.
>awwwww de baby butthurt so mad so bothered reeeeeeee
Nobody is hurt, you’re so easy to rile and you never shut up or move on. Everything is bait to you.

No. 568114

File: 1524935185268.png (138.77 KB, 500x380, tumblr_ole21xDeeb1vkc2lho1_500…)

I'm starting to find Mars more attractive, mostly because I now know it drives these two crazy that people notice the obvious downgrade.
Moriah could never.

No. 568124

sage your autism, you’re contributing nothing.
Underappreciated post.

No. 568126

Well if nobody cares why are you here

Be where everybody else is. I like mars and I like her music so I wanna be updated on this case. I hope she’ll heal and make more one day. If you don’t care, just leave. I’m not being mean and I know you don’t care, but I rly think it might do better for you to care even less if you see what I’m saying. I’m not even sure why you’re so combative.

No. 568133

File: 1524936669407.jpg (74.95 KB, 540x360, tumblr_p5by9vq3vd1wwmmejo1_540…)

Joke's on you, both those posts are by me.
Anyway, it's interesting that Tits deleted so many Tweets, but left up the ones where he trashes Mars, probably because he knows they're already known about.

No. 568144

When you go from young Jarvis Cocker vibes to whatever the fucking hell he is now… bad times.

No. 568149

They were so damn cute together. I kinda hate knowing what an abusive piece of trash he is in reality.

I also hate that he let himself go, it's annoying and amusing at the same time that he seems to think he's still hot shit. Sorry Tits, you're not a cute 20-something indie emo kid anymore, you're a washed up, tryhard old cokehead.

No. 568376

stop infighting you dweebs lmao.
there are a lot of newfriends in this thread but as long as they're talking about failtanic i could care less.

he's so convinced that he's in the right… just keep on riding that coke train to delusional dopamine-ville where everything is perfect, it'll make it even funnier to watch you get hit in the face with reality when you're walking into court in three weeks.

No. 568409

File: 1524955610936.jpeg (41.75 KB, 320x400, CDA2D2FC-C04A-45D1-9520-C8F763…)

No. 568410

tbh, i was a pretty big fan for a few months there. they totally sold me on the lie that their creepiness was an act. like when you watch a horror movie, you don't expect what's going on behind the scenes to be horrifying too.
like the shining, for example. amazing actress, except for the fact that she wasn't acting.

glad i never saw them live tho. their backup dancers are embarrassingly bad. she has no stage presence either, just stands there like a princess and expects everyone to shower her with attention.

they seemed so rude at that show you were at. everyone thought mars argo was part of their "ARG", so that fan was just playing along.

i had the same thing happen with crystal castles. after seeing them live, their legal drama was the biggest not-surprise ever.

No. 568425

Why does he talk like every wanker who’s ever taken philosophy 101. God I hate this guy so much.

No. 568429

File: 1524956824296.gif (1.18 MB, 382x256, 727562C7-EABC-46E0-AB1C-507000…)

>she never played any instruments

No. 568435

i cant find the fucken video right now but it's on youtube. its a radio interview with mars and titanic and they're asked "what do you do in the band?"
mars says she's the lead signer and titanic chimes in saying "and you write, too"

No. 568492

File: 1524960067219.png (299.42 KB, 647x597, charlotte.png)

apparently his alt twitter thinks something is funny.

No. 568499

File: 1524960271626.png (23.5 KB, 539x261, skele.png)

by the way they write, i think skeleton is poppy's alt and charlotte is failtanic's alt.

No. 568631

He's looks like he's going to tell his father about this, Potter!

No. 568834

found another thing they stole.

mars argo: "i am an independent artist, and i am culturally relevant."
poppy: "i am an independent artist. i am an important artist."


No. 568885

https://youtu.be/u9c4bEOunAU not sure if this was posted but here's a clip of poppy singing everybody wants it all also in the everybody wants it all video Mars is talking about chewing gum

No. 568895

It's actually mentioned in a video above; the Poppy referencing Mars Argo for 9 minutes one!

No. 568909

Req for Failtanic/Copy>Lucius/Draco edits

No. 569245

No. 569249

File: 1525025666869.jpeg (54.74 KB, 640x640, 2B8D28F2-A197-4987-BAD2-3B1FDB…)

He’s such a shit person

No. 569257

His dickishness is so prevalent he'd end up erasing his entire Twitter if he had to hide it all, lmao.

No. 569284

File: 1525030042456.jpg (579.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180428-112427_Twi…)

Dis anyone catch this twitter exchange?

No. 569425

hurrdurrdurr, yeah right. can't fuckin' wait, corey.

No. 569449


tbh i snickered

No. 569747

File: 1525059463834.jpg (461.16 KB, 1200x670, kek.jpg)

I tried to shop some, but honestly Corey already looks so much like strung-out Lucian Malfoy during the later movies.

Is this not him coked up out of his mind, grooming "Poppy" for their next video?

No. 569751

File: 1525059526316.gif (740.87 KB, 692x345, breakingwineglasses.gif)

And this is him breaking them wine glasses.

No. 569998

Sage for no new info but I was listening to some Mars Argo songs and can't help but notice something.

Now, I haven't heard all of their songs so I can't say how many times they've referenced this, but.

So in A-okay there's a line that goes "mommy told me to marry a man for his money", and then in Using You there's a line that goes "they tell me 'find a wealthy man' but they don't seem too happy"

I can't help but feel like because Mars comes from a rich family, Titanic feels both bitter and smug about her choosing him. Bitter of her family's wealth and smug because she could have been with someone much better.

Idk…just found it weird.

No. 570194

That's pretty much confirmed with the way he's writing songs bitter about Brittany being a "trust fund baby" meanwhile her family gave them a loan for their project. Completely biting the hand that feeds. I don't feel sorry for him. Brittany and her family were entirely too nice to this fuckwad and he knew he was a piece of shit the whole time.

No. 570402

it's so weird watching this now. they were cute together and there obviously a lot of affection and chemistry between them.
why u gotta be like this tits

No. 570450

I hate Halsey, but that's just gross.

I know armchair psychology is lame, but I think he has some serious pathology that goes beyond just being a dick. He has the majority of behaviors found in BPD and he seems like he might be a narc as well.

No. 570455

… aren't vocals technically considered an instrument? And even if they're not, it's delusional af to act like vocals are nbd. Let's be real here, singers are the least replaceable member of a successful band. Especially when the band is named after them.

No. 570458

There's a video of Mars playing an acoustic for the song "suicide birds" by herself so she can play insturments for sure. It even looked full sized which is really difficult for such small hands.

No. 570459

Yeah, I know she's played instruments. I'm just pointing out that even is she didn't, she's still the most important contribution to the band.

No. 570825

File: 1525153003648.jpg (65.45 KB, 967x668, poppy.JPG)

Sage because nonsense, but did anybody catch Pewds getting this ad during his Poppy video? cue X-Files theme


Hell yeah vocals are an instrument. Titanic trying to discredit the weight of Mars' influence is so transparent and stupid.

With or without her father's money (which he would so love to believe is the only thing she ever had going for her, because the jealous fuck has been trying to convince himself he doesn't care that he wasn't from money even though he has Poppy sing about how "fabulous" it is) Mars is talented, charming and genuine. Titanic, on the other hand, is pretentious and spiteful with an overinflated sense of self-importance.

No. 571018

File: 1525186617808.png (202.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180501-095335.png)

Now they're deleting their most recent tweets after posting them.

So she still wants to talk to fans, but leave no evidence? The court will totally understand, I'm sure.

No. 571132

Pretty sure they're deleting tweets to draw attenion to poppy.church, I don't think it has anything to do with the lawsuit imo.

No. 571134

How wealthy is Mars' family?

No. 571136

just did a bit of lurking on facebook and her mom and dad seem to own the company InvisEquine, they sell things for professional jockeys/horseriding.

i don't know how big the company is tho

No. 571153

I think they own a stable as well, Brittany regularly posted videos of her horse riding on her old instagram

No. 571156

I've never known a poor person with horses. Even rednecks with horses are rich rednecks. They're probably super classy old money.

No. 571159

Oops sorry I meant Vine, not instagram. Here's some of them if anyone's curious

No. 571199

if this site is accurate ( http://www.buzzfile.com/business/Invisequine-Co-989-799-0617 ) their annual revenue is about 55 000$ which is good but modest.
you're probably right that they are old money

No. 571213

ok ive been looking on findagrave.com and it is mentionned on the granddad's obituary that her dad don is a veterinarian. her paternal grandpa and great-grandpa worked in a factory of some sorts.

cant find anything about the mom without knowing her maiden name but the wealth doesn't seem to come from her dad's side

No. 571322

Vets usually make pretty good money, if he's an equine vet then he likely is pretty wealthy on his own, and the 55k extra a year from the horse business is just extra. But there's still a chance her mom is wealthy/comes from money.

No. 571324

She's so effortlessly adorable. Moriah fucking wishes.

No. 572085

File: 1525296173138.jpg (27.87 KB, 623x839, why claire why.jpg)

If there was any doubt about Grimes and her horrible taste in internet after Nicole Dollanganger etc.

No. 572092

File: 1525296382625.jpg (25.97 KB, 620x720, free promo.jpg)

No. 572106

>Nicole Dollanganger
>Ginger Bronson
>Now Poppy
I swear this bitch does it on purpose, lmao. I'm sad she's supporting people who abused another woman, though, I like some of her stuff.

No. 572385

that fake ass "cute emo boy" facade is always so sickening to listen to. he sounds just like richie and greg, maybe just a little bit better at putting on the act. this is your typical manipulator/narc fake chemistry and nice wholesome boy persona that naive girls always fall head over heels for.

No. 572565

Titanic has dragged Grimes before on twitter… does she not know or not care?

No. 572620

going through the #Mars argo tag on tumblr, some poppy blogs actually turned into Mars argo ones and stopped supporting Coppy. I hope this will happen a lot more as the evidence comes out to the public

No. 572647


No. 572689

File: 1525359744755.png (4.83 MB, 2436x1125, 94E9CBCE-AC02-4B52-8B1F-431C6F…)

He HAS to be on drugs

No. 572752

Her mom could be where the money really comes from, but I wouldn't be that surprised if it turns out they're not that wealthy. A lot of people shit on you for being a ~spoiled rich girl~ when you're not even rich, just better than average, especially if you live in a very low earning area like Michigan. I got shat on for being wealthy when my parents combined barely made past 100k. Corey totally seems like the type to shit on someone for being a ~trust fund kid~ just because their family is somewhat high earning.

No. 572756

God, I wish society looked down on people more for having strong opinions on shit before doing any research at all. I keep seeing all these Poppy supporters who obviously haven't even read the lawsuit (or even a synopsis of it) harshly criticizing Margo and siding with Titanic, demanding proof. How sheepish can you be?

No. 572778

I saw this on Tumblr and said something about losing respect for Grimes and got an earful from her stans.

I don’t really get it. As much as a self-drag as it may be, I really do think Grimes is a creative genius. I don’t understand why she would collaborate with someone as unoriginal and two-dimensional as Poppy. She’s pulled a lot of really interesting and talented artists and creative designers into the spotlight. Sure, there are some duds like Ginger Bronson and Nicole Dollanganger who are annoying and cringy, but at least they aren’t complicit in the physical and emotional abuse of a fellow artist like Mars Argo (who actually deserves respect.) No one wants to see Poppy. If she needs to pick a Tumblr nobody I would rather see Grimes flailing around while Molly Soda queefs into a harmonica than watch Poppy awkwardly bob side to side in a pleated skirt. Yawn.

No. 572786

Oh shut the fuck up you absolute drama queen

No. 572864

File: 1525378101262.jpg (35.74 KB, 713x414, ts tweet.jpg)

I hear there's more but I can't be assed to find them

No. 572876

Grimes abused someone??? What did she do??

No. 572891

Re read slowly & carefully anon.

No. 572893


Tbh, I've always gotten the impression that Grimes is sort of internet illiterate when it comes to things like this. I also think she's the creative type that's off in her own little world, genuinely wanting to create art. I doubt she follows any sort of drama online.

This is really disappointing, but at the same time, I think if she knew what was going on she wouldn't participate - maybe this collab with Poppy has been in the works since before the lawsuit, and she's obligated to see it through. Who knows. Hope she sees all of the negative comments people are leaving her and realizes something is up.

No. 573004

Oh, sorry man.
I think I remember reading something where Grimes just makes music by getting high and sitting in the dark with her keyboard. She has to really be living under a rock if she doesn’t know about the pop tits Mars Argo lawsuit. Either that or she doesn’t care. She’s making herself look bad. Again.

No. 573222

They seem fairly wealthy based on seeing mars's family home in mv's and promos. In a vlog they put out, she lived in what seems to be a nicer apt in Chicago while going to fancy art school. Although you're right, wealthy in Saginaw might not be wealthy in LA.

No. 573224

Calm down, anon. How does complaining about all the people stanning over Poppy and Titanic who obviously didn't read the lawsuit being a drama queen? That makes absolutely no sense.

… Unless you are Titanic or one of those Stans.

No. 573315

I think her mom works in real estate

No. 573573

File: 1525443864662.jpg (28.24 KB, 564x536, a6e81c20cdfbb86120b9db529be659…)

No. 573783

File: 1525461658553.png (61.5 KB, 777x564, mars.png)

No. 573792

File: 1525462347808.png (327.49 KB, 701x894, mars2.png)

No. 573795

Oh boy, the law suit is going to get more exposure.

No. 573812

Yall need to get a grip. There are hundreds of threads with people just as bad and even worse that this whole situation, and you're whining because, what? People don't agree with you? Boo hoo. You sound like 14 year olds. The melodrama.

I can't stand Titanic and any trashbag man like him, and I definitely don't give a rats ass about Poppy, but some of the stuff going on in here is…a bit like watching 13 year olds sigh over the objects of their obsession.

No. 573828

ok cool make a whole post infighting instead of discussing milk great idea please continue

can we please just ignore the derailing angery anons

anyways, found a video of moriah pre-poppy. she seems like a totally different person

No. 573843

This was the first thing i ever saw of Moriah, when she was still "thatpoppy" and I really liked it. I remember going back to watch it or show it to a friend a few months later and it was deleted and i couldn't find it anywhere on the internet lol
Crazy how things come full circle. I was a huge Mars Argo fan in about 2009-11, and i had no idea what all had happened until I realized "That Poppy" turned into "Poppy" and I figured she was Titanics new girlfriend and new project but wasn't interested. Poppy didnt have the same feeling as Mars Argo which will forever hold a place in my heart.

I remember a vlog or something, some sort of artsy video maybe of mars and titanic in chicago, saying how much they liked better than Michigan (maybe they had just moved there together iirc), it and it made me want to move there, they got me interested in filmography, they really had a big impact on me when I was 15-18. I used to rewatch back all their videos for comfort and inspiration my first year in college, in the dorms away from home hahah. So sad to see this is what the reality was, or what it turned into.
I can't wait to see what Mars does with her career, I really want to support her in any way i can.

sage for blogposting

No. 573858

Holy shit FIRST BOYFRIEND? I don't know why it's so surprising but it is. Imagine your first ever boyfriend ruining your still fucking up your life YEARS after the fact. What a bitter likke cockhead Tits is.

No. 573918

>>573812 you are the same person as

Get out if you're so triggered by this thread

No. 573935

what a dork lol

does anyone know what school she went to in chicago? i seem to recall seeing something about SAIC, but can't find it.

No. 573936

Drama channels have gotten should of the story. Rich lux was in the comments too so I wonder if he will make a video too

No. 573938

*gotten a hold

No. 573965

School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have a couple friends who go there, it is by no means an affordable school

No. 573967

Wow, I've never seen this until now. Honestly, it's a shame she got caught up in Corey's bullshit. It may have brought her some fame, but it really dumbed her down in the process too. This is actually pretty good.

I was surprised by the "first boyfriend" thing too. Mars is pretty cute, are they highschool sweethearts or something?

No. 573982

File: 1525478586964.png (85.03 KB, 489x696, titanic-is-sinking.png)

Views dropping. grumpycat Good.

No. 574006

looking at the timeline i think they got together when she was about 19 or 20 years old.
she is cute but she's also from a small town and seems like a bit of an eccentric person. makes sense to me that he would be his first boyfriend. its so sad i hope she had better experiences with romance since then

No. 574072


i remember reading somewhere that they met through myspace?

which if true, makes the line "through a screen i saw her face / and knew that she was my escape" from 'technology is a dead bird' kinda creepy, knowing what we know now about titanic

No. 574178

Titanic is guilty. Poppy is guilty. Mars put a lot of work into her Mars Argo persona and Titanic deliberately made a Mars 2.0 to get back her for leaving him professionally after breaking up with him. Mars wasn't his sole creation; she feels very much 'stolen' aside from the abuse claims. What he's doing copying just about.. everything into Poppy is a violation of the rights to her stuff. Mars is suing Poppy too because according to her, they knew each other and Poppy was very much aware of what was Mars' and went along with it anyway.

Neither Tit or Poppy are victims when it comes to that. It doesn't really matter if TS started doing the same things to Poppy, although I doubt it. The situation with Poppy isn't the same as the situation with Mars. He isn't necessarily psychologically abusing everyone he works with.

No. 574192


No. 574204

Phil DeFranco is so annoying. the comments on this video are fucking depressing too; people seem to think the lawsuit is “frivolous” and has only to do with “copycatting.” Can’t even read that shit for more than a few minutes. How tf does Mars deal with this stupidity.

No. 574265

Dude is problematic himself, he's certainly not the right person to raise awareness

No. 574325

the real thing of interest in the vid for me is that he reached out to titanic and he apparently said he couldnt comment, but that they would soon comment publicly.

i don't understand why tits and pops havent done that yet, theyre taking their sweet time

No. 574389

same, anon. it's one of the best art schools out there.
it's so funny to me that while she was going there, titanic was dressing like the most stereotypical SAIC student ever. that haircut and black turtleneck are pretty much a uniform for guys going to the nice art schools in chicago. but he couldn't afford to go too, so he dresses up like it and hopes that people won't ask questions.

this is so good

No. 574531

>School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Did she get a degree? Please tell me she didn't drop out for Tits.

No. 574573

Poppy doesn't look old to me tbh. Mars doesn't look younger, she looks older. But she is older, so that's okay. If Poppy said she was 20 and all I had to go off was looks I'd buy it.

I think Poppy looks btter with brown hair and the look she had when she was singing country. She isn't so pretty now.

No. 574595

File: 1525553195001.jpeg (35.56 KB, 664x374, 889AB061-1048-4B98-9B46-B337B4…)

Disagree. I think she looks haggard as fuck irl. In the YouTube videos she’s blown out with lightning and filters. Watch interviews with her

No. 574597

That's not haggard…

No. 574602

I agree I think poppy looks like she's in her 20s (which she is). I don't really get where people see haggard, she just looks like an average girl in her 20s.

No. 574612

I hate the comments on the article. This is DM’s fault for using “YouTube’s biggest star” as that shit clickbait title. I don’t even think mars said that herself. Gives the wrong impression of her motives here

No. 574632

Not a Poppy fan. I don't think Poppy looks "old," but I do think she looks sickly. She's been losing weight and they've stopped concealing her dark circles or they are new, too. At first I assumed eating disorder or Titanic's obsession with teenagers (see in the lawsuit, when he told Mars she was old and washed-up at 26or something). But drug use would not surprise me either.

No. 574643

Haggard by definition is tired or unwell-looking. It is not synonymous with old.

No. 574644

lol everyone knows on lolcow "haggard" means not looking 13 year olds forever

No. 574647

Sort of OT, but Poppy's last name is Portuguese/Brazilian. Any info on where her family comes from?

No. 574683

she is brazilian.

No. 574695

how long has she been wearing wigs? this clearly isn’t her hair.

No. 574699

Maybe her parents are, but in her wiki bio It says she was born in Massachusetts. Also nothing on her reflects that heritage, brazillians are usually very proud of their music.

No. 574745

File: 1525565152309.jpeg (155.27 KB, 838x1390, 11F87F55-C9AD-4260-B0E4-1DE780…)

It’s been speculated on here that Titanic does drugs. Pics of him have been posted and people have called him haggard and washed up. Why the bitch fits when it’s Poppy? If he’s doing drugs, she’s more than likely doing them as well. You can see how quickly her looks have degraded in just a few years. She’s definitely too thin as well and her face looked a lot better when she was healthier.
Attached pic from 2015. She looks way more awake, fresh, and with it than in the other pics. Just like Titanic.

No. 574752

guess im crazy because all i see is someone who has aged…does she look more tired in new photos ok because that does happen over time. i dont even know who these people are tbh im just so over this obsession with the word haggard on this website when someone has bags under their eyes like a normal adult lol

No. 574763

File: 1525567532017.jpeg (59.93 KB, 401x600, A99C904F-C279-40C0-B929-0C42E1…)

She’s a 23 year old singer, not a 35 year old mother of three. She looks exhausted or pissed all of the time now. You might be sick of the word “haggard” but I’m sick of wks coming on and defending her looks. She and Titanic are clearly living a rough life, either drugs or not eating properly, or whatever.

No. 574769

Sorry if this has been bought up before but isn't it weird that there are virtually no stories/pictures from people who have seen moriah out in public? I guess it's possible that she looks so different without the weird clothes and makeup that no one recognizes her but still. Makes me wonder if he really does have a very tight leash on her.

No. 574771

File: 1525568672475.png (647.3 KB, 926x775, F2DE37ED-0BA8-4EEF-A383-9AA80D…)

Tits and Poppy are probably involved in litigation right now, so if they say shit about Mars or even address this on Twitter besides “we are being sued”, Mars could enter that into the lawsuit as evidence.

lmfaooo, I bet Corey has been SEETHING he can’t shit all over Brittney. I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

No. 574810

File: 1525573128479.png (305.84 KB, 593x570, money.png)

ah, so this happened a few days ago.

it would be great if anons in this thread could quit fapping over titanic's sex robot gf, and help look for milk.

but anyways, this is good news

No. 574814

apparently failtanic decided to acknowledge the lawsuit on philip defranco's show, of all places.

at 7:55, says he can't comment yet, poppy's tweets were deleted for promotional reasons, and that he hasn't deleted anything from his twitter, which is a lie.

No. 574822

I don't think they would bring even a drop of Brazilian music into the project, even if she were proud of it. It just doesn't fit the style. That being said, they did go with satanic Reggae for the first single and it somehow worked out fine lol.

Pereira is extremely common here in Brazil but I've never met someone named Moriah.

No. 574833

File: 1525576969455.png (79.91 KB, 687x565, nanalew.png)

Okay, so I remember Moriah Poppy back in like the internet heydays of like 2010-2011, and obviously I didn’t screenshot these things back then cuz I didn’t know she would become Poppy, but I think I have some proof to back up some stuff.
So I learned about Poppy because I used to watch Meekakitty’s videos. Meekakitty was really good friends with Nanalew, and Nanalew made a video with one of Moriah’s songs on it, titled “Doesn’t Have to Mean That I’m Wrong.” I’ve since tried to find Nanalew’s video with the song, but she took it down. I’m assuming Poppy wanted all her old stuff scrubbed off the internet. But I have a tweet acknowledging her that she used Poppy’s song.
I remember I found Poppy’s channel from this. She used to do covers, when she had brown hair. She did covers of “Animals” by Miike Snow and “Cannibal Queen” by the Miniature Tigers. All of those videos have been deleted, however she used to hang with heyhihello because they were also friends with Nanalew, and they have singing videos with Poppy still up, but the comments are disabled. Probably because Poppy made them or something.

Video of Nanalew acknowledging her friendship with Poppy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN7WqVI5AFs

Lastly, I remember Poppy had a Formspring, which has since been deleted. I have no screenshots or proof, but I 100% can recall Poppy saying she was homeless. Something like she had a disagreement with her parents and either they kicked her out or she just ran away from home. She was really young. But yeah, she claimed she was homeless because she didn’t get along with her parents. I’m not sure if this is true… I didn’t realize she and Debby Ryan were friends since childhood, and again I have no receipts, but the lyrics to her one song “Money” include:
“When I was only 15, I packed by bags and said
Goodbye to mom and dad
I was afraid and alone, living without a home
Got rid of all I had.”

It could be part of the Poppy persona, but I swear on everything that she posted on Formspring that she got kicked out/ran away from home when she was young. I’m not sure if any of this information has been posted before, but this had to have been 2010-2011, not sure when she and Titanic met.

No. 574836

Does anyone remember that website that was up a while ago about titanic sinclair called sinister tint or something along those lines? I remember it had his mugshot and said stuff like the truth will come out and stuff. What was up with that and if you remember it , do you think it relates to his shitty personality and sketchy abusive past?

No. 575192

>brazillians are usually very proud of their music
Not really.

No. 575556

repzilla showed the email titanic sent him some months back because he didn't like that he's making videos about them.

tits is incredibly creepy, like who the fuck behaves like that

No. 575570

He seems like a total narcissist and control freak. Though, the dude does take obsessing over his ex to an entirely new "skin walking" level…

No. 575635

Holy shit, the fact that he's indirectly threatening his family is fucking insane

No. 575663

Guys like that often go for impressionable girls who don't understand what a real relationship should be like. It's insanely common for an abuser to be someones first boyfriend for that reason.

No. 575781

No. 575782


Wow, poppy copy is even more of a bitch than i thought.

No. 575783

Holy projection, Batman.
I’m really curious to see if her claims will have validity against Mars’.

No. 575784


The claim is basically "n-no…SHE'S the crazy one!!!" and "she's working with my abuser!" Which is incredibly weak lmao.

No. 575787

File: 1525697192542.jpeg (416.71 KB, 750x1085, 33862772-B310-448A-BD16-13FC32…)

This is an image board. Post screenshots next time, please.

No. 575794

I'm confused. Who is Poppy's abuser now?

No. 575796

I have a screenshot but couldnt post it because im at work and didn't have time to crop it. Be glad that you got some milk and quit bitching/mini modding

No. 575801

This shit sounds like Titanic wrote it lmfao

No. 575832

I dunno why this statement is trying to make abuse a zero sum game.

100% I believe that Mars was abused. I can also believe that Poppy was abused too. It’s not a competition, sit the fuck down

No. 575840

>Is collaborating with Mars' abuser
>Accuses Mars of collaborating with a 2nd unnamed man who is Poppy's abuser
>Even if that was true it's irrelevant because Mars' career is in stasis and nobody has heard of the 2nd man
>However Poppy is literally collaborating with Mars' alleged abuser right now and benefiting from it
>See: the whole context of the case

Nice Gaslighting Titanic

No. 575907

File: 1525712233094.jpeg (707.19 KB, 1493x2048, AEBA879C-99BA-48CE-BD25-83E3DE…)

Poppy posted these scans of the restraining orders she and titboy have against Josh Moran. If your reaction was, “literally who?”, you’re in good company.

No. 575909


just like he wrote rejection emails for other projects proposed to mars. lol

"blameless" is beyond reaching or overselling. go home, corey. you're insane.

No. 575917

Why are these forms both the same handwriting? My guess is Corey filled out the restraining order for Moriah and himself. Does he really monopolize everything for her?

No. 575922

So much evidence of his harassment towards Brittany is already out in the open, saying ALL her accusations are false just makes you look like a fool. Like some obvious Pinocchio lol.

No. 575924

who here can't wait to see tits and copy get their asses reamed in court? just thinking about that haggard, slimy looking, bird beak nosed fuck getting shat on makes me smug. i can feel these coke heads panicking. also looking forward to brittany's new music. sage for being petty af.

No. 575949

i didn't think i could like the tit pop duo any less and yet, here we are. what absolute poppycock. hue

No. 575958


I wish there was a livestream of the court session. I want to watch this cokehead narc getting dunked on live.

No. 575962

Can someone explain to me wtf the facial expression in the OP is supposed to be? Or is that just the face of someone completely whacked out?

No. 575963

What the hell does poppy’s experience with this random dude have to do with the lawsuit? They’re just trying to deflect all the Attention off themselves but I hope anyone with a brain can see right through it.

Pretty rich of them to outright deny the abuse on mars. She has proof, what proof does poopy have?

No. 575970

>I have never spoken publicly before as Poppy
what does that even mean? that someone else manages her account?
>was not interested in our lawyers first having a serious discussion about the merits of her claims
kek what? why would Poppy/Tits lawyer's opinion on the "merits" of the suit matter? You don't need someone's permission to sue them, and you don't need to talk to them first about it
>legally documented trauma is something I never wanted to make public…Sheet's publicity campaign has made that impossible
No, it hasn't. No one mentioned Poppy's abuse, no one had to know. She didn't mention it at all. And having been abused doesn't mean you can't be dating another abuser.
>in an attempt to manipulate me psychologically
Holy projection. All the Mars "clues," collaborating with Sunny Brite, wearing her fucking clothes! All of that is actual manipulation. Working with some guy no one has heard of and a google search doesn't reveal is not psychological manipulation. How does she even know who Mars is working with?
>bitterness and a desperate grab for fame
If she wanted a grab for fame, she would have done this when Poppy was actually relevant.

Just because you've been abused in the past, doesn't mean you can't abuse. Just because you've dated an abuser once, doesn't make you immune from dating an abuser again. Just because you've been abused, doesn't mean you can't be sued for abusing.

This statement was proper shit.

No. 575972

File: 1525717875585.jpeg (432.91 KB, 750x867, B9D5F9D9-5464-47FA-8C3C-BA758F…)

So the protection order was filed Aug. 25th, 2015, the hearing was 9/14/15. I’ll dig deeper when I get home, but here’s a start.

>friends with Tits and Pops

>p.o. filed/hearing 2015/unfollows their social media in 2017 (according to fan wiki)
>Mars Argo collab after (??)

I know a fan Wiki isn’t a credible source of information but this might be how they knew each other: http://marsargo.wikia.com/wiki/Josh_Moran

No. 575973

File: 1525718295587.jpg (45.36 KB, 500x500, sundrones-Edited-500x500.jpg)

Pic of Moran. His twitter is private. Tits retweeted Poppy's statement but hasn't released his own, why bother when he wrote Pops for her?

No. 575975

I'm not sure why Poppy seems to think it's impossible for Titanic to be abusive if she was abused by someone else. More than one person in the world can be abusive.

Abuse victims are actually very likely to end up back in abusive relationships. Those behaviors become normal to them. Poppy suggesting that being abused once means you can somehow magically detect bad people is a huge insult to a lot of victims.

I am guessing this was actually written by her lawyer or Titties, but fuck whoever thought this was a good idea

No. 575988

File: 1525719263147.jpg (32.97 KB, 271x557, Screenshot_20180507-134504_Chr…)

They posted a video of Tits getting the shit beat out of him by this Moran guy. Mars wasn't involved as far as the video shows.

No. 576012

I mean.. once again, this has nothing to do with Mars' case.
If they have issues with this dude, make a separate lawsuit, but don't try to bring it up as a way to invalidate what Mars is saying. How does that make any sense?

No. 576015

Maybe he beat the shit out of Tits for Mars lol.

Found his SoundCloud https://m.soundcloud.com/moshjoran-1/mosh-joran-what-its-like

No. 576018

I think they're bringing it up as a point of hypocrisy from mars but I agree it's like they're grasping for straws

No. 576023

Titty probably had his ass beat for being an ass who also beats on women tbh. Real mean can't stand domestic abusers

No. 576027

Which is such a backwards defense. Being hypocritical doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being a victim

No. 576030

I bet Corey deserved getting his ass beat lmfao.

No. 576034

is there a link to this vid… lol

No. 576039

Samefag but I just saw the vid and I bust a fucking gut when Josh THREW Corey like a rag doll lmao. Whatever the fight was about I'm glad a woman abuser piece of shit like Corey finally felt how Brittany felt when he broke her shit and hit her lmao. The way he cowers before Josh. Coward.

No. 576048

your wish is my command. Unlisted video reupload

No. 576058

so are coppy and tits trying to pass off this incident as if mars was involved. Pathetic

No. 576070

i almost hate how much i love this. hahah excellent.

No. 576084

File: 1525726153212.jpg (121.07 KB, 1200x675, sadtrumpet.jpg)

lmao their case against moran was denied due to lack of evidence
(courtesy of repzilla on twitter)

No. 576085

File: 1525726258714.png (133.13 KB, 741x737, moran.png)


Moran has spoken out about it as well.

No. 576087

File: 1525726307269.png (285.82 KB, 749x843, moran.png)

No. 576096

Making claims like this can't possibly sit well with their lawyer/s. Especially with an account associated to the role she is playing.

No. 576102

I feel like this is such a bad move. It ruins her credibility, its further insulting and attacking Mars, it drags in another person. This is for her fan's benefit and her image. They are all going "See POPPY was the victim all along!" But I don't know what thats gonna look like in court. Any one with half a brain can see how stupid and irrelevant her "statement" was.

No. 576107

it just looks silly, and why is poppy speaking out while titanic is silent? it's not even her place to comment on the abuse accusations tbh. stay in your lane poppy

No. 576108

samefag but i mean, even if titanic had always been normal in front of poppy, you never know what goes on behind closed doors so she truly doesn't know what went on with tits and mars while she wasn't there

No. 576164

Hmmm how convenient the parts of her “receipts” that would tell us her and tits restraining order requests were denied and dismissed in court are missing. It’s almost as if she’s full of shit or something…

No. 576170

Not that anon but when I clicked your link it just gave me an error every time, so, yeah. Could be an issue on my end, maybe, but screenshots are always better and it's not some personal affront to state that.

Thank you screencap anons

No. 576198

File: 1525735591797.gif (11.85 MB, 600x394, ezgif-1-749986f2a5.gif)

they were sitting calmly for several minutes, and then tits must have said something to set the guy off. i wonder what it was.
since they most likely took this video to court in 2015, and still got denied, tits must have done something to deserve it.

No. 576201

xxtreme tinfoil but what if he was standing up for mars and tits said something way over the line

No. 576212


i actually think this is likely. im really shocked the restraining order was denied after seeing this. josh has to have some sort of proof or justification that made a judge see him as innocent. my brain is fried

No. 576218

that is the most satisfying shit. Woman beater gets beat. Why is it when woman beaters get into it with real men, they crumple like a paper towel? The fact the other guy backed up and left while Tits was on the floor shows restraint. He could've put him in the hospital. I bet he was provoked by something Tits said and saw red. We all know the shitty things Tits says so that's not hard to believe.

The fact neither Poppy nor Mars are even in this video shows a lot about how irrelevant it is. Its just two guys having a pop. Only Titanic would bring this back up three years later when he's getting sued.

No. 576220

they think they're introducing a new vilain but all i see here is a hero

the way tits literally cowers like the fucking coward he is, he didnt even try to punch back or anything

No. 576227

I am 90% sure they only showed this video to distract on how faulty their argument against mars is. If they show their "UwU creepy kawaii" king getting beat up it distracts the young fans from right or wrong.

No. 576231

Tits can beat up a woman half his size, but the bitch ass loser shatters like a wineglass when it’s a real fight.

No. 576244

this is pretty weird. Whether or not he had it coming(and I imagine he did, but I have no idea what's going on here), this is an assault. I don't think you can normally use "he had it coming" in court.

No. 576245

This is a video of a video, edited by corey. (See: that artistically fuzzy-round-the-edges capitalized-n-drop-shadowed helvetica.) my favorite scene is “MIXTER OFFERS MORAN A SEAT”. What a fucking gentleman you are, Corey.

No. 576252

Sure, titty, if you say so kek

No. 576255

i'm only guessing here but if they were asking for a restraining order, it has to be proven that the abuse/harassment occured several times and that the accused was refusing to stop
if moran showed up that once, beat tits up over something very offensive, went on his way and stopped contacting tits then, they would'nt have cause for a restraining order

No. 576262

When are they expected in court? I long for the day when Titty Taintclair and Copy are destroyed in a courtroom and Mars reaps the rewards.

No. 576266


what i find incredibly annoying was that this moran guy keeps saying "it was all dismissed because everything they both said was a lie"

Like why the fuck doesn't he say what those lies are? We all can see that he did hit the tits, the important shit would be to say what was that justified the beating. Why wouldn't he tell?

No. 576294

this is a good point.

>filmed at specific angle, right above patio Corey just “happens” to OFFER MORAN A SEAT (lol) at

>”We have unfinished business, I don’t want any trouble.” No preceding or follow up texts from Tits, lmao, okay.
>spergs about synthesizers/muh sound engineering but can’t directly rip desktop, films with phone

I don’t buy it. Speculating hard as shit, but it was probably thrown out due to “lack of evidence” or created scenario.

No. 576306

Kind of ott rn but will brittany and her lawyers bring in more evidence when they go to court? i dont recall seeing the infamous texts (where she said "they havent been punched by you") and maybe pictures of bruises from being punched (if she got any…corey seems like a limp wrist bitch lmao)? hope corey and moriah get what they deserve.

No. 576311

Idk if anyone's addressed this, but the lawsuit says "DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL" so I'm thinking they will have more evidence and much more to say as well as a jury to help make a judgment.

No. 576314

nah, pretty much all the evidence of abuse is insubstantial or easily fabricated. She has plenty of convenient reasons why she never filed any police reports or actually documented any of the abuse first hand. It's mostly to damage titanics reputation and character

No. 576316

Ok tits.

No. 576321

Mars doesn’t need to “damage” Tits reputation. He did that himself. Peep the twitter screenshots in this thread.

No. 576325

He's cute, and they're probably just jealous. Regardless, turning it around on him is really low.
>'B-But I can't be abusive! Someone else is abusive!!! I swear!'

No. 576336

File: 1525743090380.png (108.25 KB, 855x792, Screenshot at May 08 03-28-50.…)

No. 576368

Respectfully disagree. Restraining orders are pretty easy to get. I mean, most don't have documented video evidence it's a matter of hearsay. He must have had something much bigger on Tits to get it thrown out. Maybe Tits threatened him and that's why he lashed out? We don't know since Poppy omitted 90 percent of the information in the case (like it being dismissed.)

Her claims that Moran abused her is going to come back and bite her. She has zero evidence and has now opened herself up to a defamation lawsuit. I swear they are so dumb.

Also it's gross for her to call out Mars for working with the guy when she's dating and working with Tits.

No. 576369

Not at all, if this video is the most incriminating thing she has on this guy, she's asking to get sued for defamation against this guy.

No. 576371

are they dating for sure? ive never found confirmation

No. 576374


It's an open secret, in Edwins most recent video he mentioned having sources that confirmed this. I know he's a cow but I feel like Tits and Poopy would have struck him down if it wasn't.

Also they refuse to confirm or deny it which is telling and the way she emulated Mars too.

No. 576375

File: 1525745860610.jpg (47.06 KB, 575x1024, tits.jpg)

No. 576379

Whose Snap is this?

The way this video was shot is very suspicious. Isn't it convenient that they just happened to be talking on the balcony above to car, as if to make sure everything would be in plain sight? Anything could have been said in those two minutes, and this is pure speculation of course, but I could see this being a provocation to get dirt on the guy.

No. 576381


debby ryan posted it. she was friends with both of them and i think she was poppy's roommate.

No. 576386

This is honestly…kind of gross. Moriah has potential to look cute but then she's juxtaposed to this haggard af druggie. What scummy people.

No. 576390

Exactly how I feel. It's not hard to get an injunction on someone so the fact that their case was thrown out says a lot. Let's not forget, it's tittys job to edit and film videos. How do we know he didn't hire an actor and create an edited video to frame this guy. While that would seem far fetched for a normal, level headed person, this is a guy who created a whole internet persona for years just to torment and spite an ex so I honestly would not put anything past him

No. 576432

i got a pfa (protection from abuse) which is a little different than a restraining order but it’s pretty similar. you can file a pfa and you will get a temporary one. the judge listens to what you say but you don’t necessarily need to have evidence. then it goes to court. the defendant has the opportunity to defend themselves with evidence, but if they don’t, the plantiff is likely granted the pfa. the thing is, you probably won’t get a restraining order from someone beating you up one time. especially if you’re not married to the person or in a sexual relationship. pfas/ restraining orders are typically granted if the person who abused you is still stalking you, harassing you, or constanly messaging you online. if this dude beat tits up and then never spoke to him again and never threatened him, a judge might not see the point in restraining order. so yes even though there IS video evidence of him beating tits up, it doesnt necessarily mean anything

No. 576435

an interesting look at some early computer show dynamics between mars and tits

tits answers the question "where would you like to be doing in 5 years" and he sais "the exact same thing we're doing now"

No. 576444

>punches manipulative, woman-bashing cokeheads
>stays classy and keeps himself out of the drama when he could easily just be messy and spill tea on Floppy + Tits being liars
I see no problem here.

No. 576473

Damn, I am so disgusted. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any worse. They were better off keeping silent than this "statement" which Titanic obviously wrote. It's signed "poppy" but begins with "i've never spoken publicly before as poppy" shouldn't she have signed it "moriah" if it was really her who wrote it?
Poppy isn't a person, Poppy is a business entity. Like signing something "Walmart"
jfc. The fact that he is turning it around and using the same tone and language we have been using to describe him is so disturbing. "manipulate me psychologically" sounds pretty fucking familiar.
This honestly further proves guilt.
And the whole first paragraph of, 'boo hoo she took this public before talking to me personally alone' is bullshit, why on earth would she? There is no legal reason Mars would need to "discuss accusations" before filing a lawsuit. IM HEATED.

No. 576561

Fighting words are still VERY much a thing and are often used successfully in court. There's certain shit you legally can't say to someone and not expect to square up afterwards.

No. 576562

You stupid cokehead, go away with your delusions of grandeur. Get help, go to rehab, it'd look good in court!

No. 576576

File: 1525758987548.jpg (197.69 KB, 1388x672, GGRPhHge.jpg)

you vs the guy who beat your bitch ass.

excuse my shitposting.

No. 576596

And they’re both ugly. Your memeing sucks.

I worry that Brit will get sued for defamation because the evidence we’ve seen isn’t substantial enough. I’m hoping she has more that she has no intention of sharing on media because if not, there’s a pretty big chance the backlash from Corey (sorry I’m not 5 so I’m not calling him tits) will cause her problems in court.

This manipulative freak will more than likely put on some big juicy woe is me crocodile tears and sue her for ~muh genius ruined career~.

No. 576613

>they’re both ugly

No. 576620

I think they're both handsome. Or at least Titanic used to be handsome, but ruined his looks with his current fashion and hairstyle. And I guess that despite his looks he was always rotten from the inside. Such a shame when handsome talented men are like that.

No. 576624


I feel like they are both attractive in their own ways. Titanic has gone downhill since his coke addiction, now looking scrawny and rattish, but in his really really old videos, he has a really young Jonny depp look about him with the big eyes and thin face.

No. 576649

all I can see here is snape and luna

No. 576771

File: 1525797254591.jpg (35.14 KB, 747x381, DcrR8QjX0AAaFiC.jpg)

sending good vibes for mars today, good luck on the hearing for restraining order against tits

how does it work exactly? are they all gonna be in the same room together?

No. 576774

My asshole is clenched so tight for Mars right now holy shit. I hope she wins.

No. 576780

Does anyone knows when will we know the result? I really really hope that Mars wins

No. 576783


does anyone know when titpop's restraining orders were made public after being denied? maybe it'll be the same wait time with mars? anyway i hope she wins. you know if she loses titty and poppy copy will rub it in her face.

No. 576786

they will undoubtedly try to use it if they do win, but at the same time, if they discredit mars' claims because the restraining order was denied, it discredits pops statement as well since their restraining order against moran was denied too!
pips and tots are so dumb, theres no way they can truly benefit from today's hearing either way

No. 576787

All I see in tits’ recent pics is jimmy urine

No. 576791

Philip de Franco covering the story never really properly talks about abuse and stalking. Most of the internet things the lawsuit is just about copying and mock Mars Argo. It's pretty shitty.

Not that anon but I don't get it. She looks absolutely beautiful and young in that photo. Your standards are ridiculously high or you spent too much time looking at her face and it looks weird to you now.

Not defending anything she and Tits have done of course.

No. 576795

timeline of tits, pops and mars social media accounts along laid out with the timeline in the relased court documents from mars lawyers. music is annoying but interesting watch
at 8:32 is that josh moran in the picture with poppy and titanic?

No. 576847

Are they making jabs at Mars Argo?

No. 576852

File: 1525803325834.png (150.04 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_2018-05-08-14-12-50…)

No. 576854

No. 576857

Instead of giving these people money just watch it here instead: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=xda5VESj6eM

No. 576859

Holy fuck. If anyone doubted that both Poppy and Tits are on coke… The smug ass smile isn't even typical of her videos. This is so passive aggressively smug and vile that words can't describe it. Any victim of psychological abuse would feel chills watching this and knowing even a bit of the context…

No. 576868

No. 576869

It should go without saying that this is not the behavior of someone who was hit with a frivolous lawsuit by a person partnered with their abuser.

No. 576872

File: 1525804342905.png (20.03 KB, 338x446, asdf.png)

holy tripleposting anon lol
thanks tho, they must have access to the records somehow.

i hope everything goes well for mars today

No. 576873

im raging at the fact that they literaly post this video on the very same day of the hearing with mars. perhaps even while tits is in court.
i don't understand their stans at all, every move they make just makes them look worse

No. 576874


> Some people become famous but most people do not

> It's not difficult to watch other people become famous

> I like being famous

They are definitely trying to make fun of her

No. 576878

not to nitpick, but at :17 she literally twitches. she looks nervous as hell

No. 576883

Honestly, I'm starting to think a lot of their videos might have just been smug jabs at Mars this whole time. People assumed it was all part of some cryptic lore and social commentary because of the presentation, but it was all just passive-aggressive, fake deep bullshit from a manipulative drug addict. It'd certainly explain the stagnancy that even their fans are complaining about.

The "Delete Your Facebook" video in specific where she (supposedly) just repeats that over and over could've been a low-key admission that Poppy was practicing how to copy and eventually replace Mars, at Tits' behest.

No. 577003


someone PLEASE make this a new lolcow banner holy shit

No. 577006

seconded! it is a rare and precious thing to witness a cow getting their ass beat

No. 577007

If Moriah says that her abuse is legally proven, then we should be able to find something more about it besides the denied restriction order. Why would she lie about it, even though she's facing legal consequences? She's just digging her own grave

No. 577037

I can't wait to see how the whole trial unfolds- I wonder how we'll get updates on the proceedings? Everything just keeps getting milkier as the days go by.

No. 577066

One word: cocaine

No. 577164

Jesus, they are absolutely disgusting with a big dose of stupidity too.
Way to not only completely miss the point so they can have a smug attitude towards it but also fuck up their retoric.

No. 577172

>”Everyone likes to imagine what famous people’s lives are like”
>Posts intentionally vague legal documentation to stir shit on twitter

No. 577173

Finally bothered to give it a watch. Yikes.

She looked like she was having a difficult time with the script even though it was incredibly basic. She usually makes direct eye contact, and her body movements are very steady. However here, she's twitchy, making jerking movements, and constantly blinking her eyes. She even stumbles over her words quite a bit. It's weird to see the facade that is "Poppy" crumbling a bit.

This would be amazing.

She's probably just doing whatever Titanic is telling her to do, like usual. She tends to him do all the thinking for her.

No. 577201

File: 1525834494786.jpeg (86.57 KB, 372x388, CE795155-9402-4769-BD62-EF0369…)

They should make a vid about titled “I love Cocaine”

No. 577219


This is the most satisfying thing I've seen, a woman beating abuser finally getting what's coming to him
And to state that this was thrown out as evidence? As much as I would like to see sources of this claim, I'm certainly hoping it's true.
To think it is however, there was considerable proof to defend this attack and I am certainly glad there was.
I'm willing to bet Titanic Sinking said shit about Mars which escalated things to this point.
Satisfying nonetheless, it couldn't have happened to anyone more deserving.
Fucking pussy can't take a proper fight either, he can only attack and punch women

No. 577229

When the only guy you're closest with now is high on the drug binge, the offering is one thing you'll take up on when this amount of shit is hitting the fan at once

No. 577230

this shit is so juicy I'm sad there's like an ounce of milk every day or so…I so desperately want to watch Titanic's meltdown in real time.

No. 577242

Okayyy I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that courtroom lol

No. 577245

File: 1525839887297.png (Spoiler Image,109.78 KB, 849x1356, mars_TRO.png)

bless, Anons. Here's the court records for today. Hopefully we'll know tomorrow; the judge hasn't made a decision yet.

No. 577264

these things take years unless someone pledges guilty or withdraws the charges so you should take a sit

No. 577297

Found on reddit, made me chuckle. Mixter has as much talent as Wiseau without being entertaining to watch.

No. 577308

…Except that’s the request for the restraining order, not the lawsuit. TRO = Temporary Restraining Order. YOU take a seat, Tits. Oh, wait, Josh knocked your ass out of it.

No. 577357

Lol no honey they can take a few months at most

No. 577381

The comment section is mostly people dragging Poppy and Titanic kek.

No. 577451

The delete your Facebook vid was just a copy of one mars Argo already made

No. 577453

I came here to say I know josh Moran IRL and we are from the same town

No. 577455

Oh okay, that's nice Anon. How's he doing with them trying to drag him in it?

No. 577463

Yeah, but didn't Mars actually have lines and display a personality in hers, while Poppy's was just her saying "Delete your Facebook" repeatedly, as if mimicking Mars on the surface level?

No. 577464

taking the bait, is he a good dude?

No. 577465

Idk I don’t know him personally we just have mutuals and he dated my friend. Probably poorly

No. 577466

damn anon you're right, that's hilarious


so it appears that #marsargoisoverparty has become a thing on twitter… look it up for some pure cringe

No. 577470

File: 1525886779973.png (123.59 KB, 513x827, uhh.png)

"mars argo hate account"

where are these kid's parents smgdh

No. 577474

File: 1525887075979.png (120.37 KB, 520x618, joshmoranisoverparty.png)

and then there's this guy, trying to start his own hashtag haha wow

No. 577476

He was polite to me. My friend said he’s a dick but she cheated on her bf with him so he probably got mad. People think he’s alright. He was in some pop punk band for awhile in like 2007 that was decently popular. That’s about all the dirt I have. Just interesting to see someone from my hometown on here

No. 577478

File: 1525887828011.png (20.21 KB, 581x98, __.png)

Accurate, lmao.

No. 577492

I actually like this quite a lot. It's semi-unique in aesthetic/execution, and the song she covered fits her voice. It's a perfect middle ground for her. The earnestness, simplicity and "realness" of the basic brown-haired chick she started out as, blended with the eerie mystery and quirks of the blonde pop singer she is now. Even the emotionlessness and shallow affect she has throughout this video somehow doesn't come off as tryhard, vaguely passive-aggressive and irritating like it does in the "That Poppy" videos.

If she had continued down this path instead of becoming a shitty, sterile copy of Mars with a Tumblr-derived aesthetic, maybe she could've become a decent artist.

No. 577502

File: 1525891614776.jpg (590.46 KB, 1284x1037, MARSCOPPY.jpg)

This shit annoys me so much, the fact that they're trying to make their stupid fandom to believe it was Mars fault and that they're so angelical and innocent, i call bullshit, Tits is the biggest sociopath in youtube,he litteraly tried to project the whole persona of his ex girlfriend on another person, poppy was just a white canvas to Tits, i feel like kinda sorry for her but she gives me this bad vibe and all the evidence shows how mean this girl can be so it wouldn't surprise me if she let Tits to play with her with the objective of gaining his affection, coppy is just an homunculus of what Mars Argo was

No. 577505

Right after, Poppy looked so much more like Mars. They cut her hair blonde and had it a little wavy like Brittany's. I didn't even know that. I just saw the long blonde hair.

Ohh, you have an example of that. Yeah. What the fuck.

No. 577506

Poppy is quite ugly isn't she? I take it her only fans are teenagers because you can even see in this video she's embarrassed by what she is doing

No. 577532

File: 1525894914645.jpg (1.6 MB, 1595x1681, coppy2.jpg)

funny thing is, if you do a quick research of moriah's older pictures you can say right away the pure and clean blonde pastel harajuku fashionista wasn't even her style AT ALL, it was all done by Tits influence

No. 577548

Her "true" self was rather typical, bland and unimpressive, so I can sort of understand why she'd willingly become a skinwalker. She was the type of girl you scroll past when you see her in your feed, and she makes no real impression at all. Corey probably saw that in her, too, which is why she made such an excellent clone.

This article was originally posted in the Shoe0nHead thread, but I think it describes the dynamic between Corey and the girls he chooses perfectly. Corey is the "narcissist" (obviously), and Moriah is the "borderline". It's like Corey sees himself as the cynical male protagonist in a 90s film, and he needs his female companion to be a blond, big-eyed, quirky Manic Pixie Dream Girl who dresses like a doll.

I'm not entirely sure if the same dynamic applied in his and Brittany's relationship, but note that Brittany went back to her natural brown hair and started wearing natural makeup instead of the dolly eyes/red lip look after they split up for good.

No. 577567

I think mars changing her makeup style has more to do with her being 30 than anything

No. 577572

No. 577588

God, Mars is so cute.
Tits can change Poppys style, hair, personality, and makeup as much as he wants, but she'll never be Mars. And I'm sure that kills him on the inside every day lol.

No. 577598

She just seems like she has no distinct identity. I feel bad for her because titanic came along and just handed her a personality which must have made her feel like she finally knew who she was. She probably met Brittany and envied her strong creative persona and tried to emulate it. She went way too far though. Clearly fame-hungry and can’t control her thirst.

No. 577599

File: 1525899713348.jpg (42.57 KB, 583x729, a554a27dcbce6a0769a1a2db4bc55b…)

Can you imagine being 15, looking like this, and moving to LA because you think you can become famous. Only to get your wish by completely morphing who you are as a person and becoming famous as someone else. It's a modern fable.

No. 577601

File: 1525900151192.png (3.04 MB, 2498x940, poppy.png)

and her style change happened so abruptly. She went from the attached image to this in a year or so


>describe your style in three words

>barbie, kawaii, child

No. 577607

People do it in LA pretty frequently

No. 577608


i think it's because she had to. she probably felt like she was going to be hounded by corey no matter what, so stay off social media and make an attempt to heal until she was prepared to fight.

No. 577629

He likes to have control on everything for sure, you can see it in this video while the interviewer is handling the microphone straight to poppy and actually you can see his face cracking everytime he does that.
I'm way too sure of this too, Tits must be so obsessed with Mars up until this day so he must be fucking coppy and calling her Brittany

No. 577630

jeez. that's compelling. lol no wonder she's sticking by titanic. she knows she couldn't have made it as far as she did without someone else's help. she knew titanic wanted her to play mars and she actively decided to do it, because i'll bet she wasn't getting any better offers.

wow she's totally culpable what a bitch.

No. 577640


These pics highlight just how boring and uncreative Moriah is without a puppet master. She's literally the most forgettable and uninteresting girl I've ever seen. She looks like she thinks she's super cool for listening to the Beatles lmaoo.

No. 577649

right lol she seemed like such a boring girl.

i think corey really needed someone basic to take brittany's place. he knew he couldn't start from scratch with another creative partner on equal footing. so why not steal his ex's act

No. 577690

He looks like he's tweaking off a fresh line of coke lmao

No. 577694

File: 1525908184079.png (372.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180509-192250.png)

Lmao that comment

No. 577702

How dare you insult Jimmy like that

She's pretty but definitely bland. Like you wouldn't notice her on the street but if she walked right up to you, you might think "oh she's okay looking, yeah". She's lost that becoming Poppy, though. Titanic making her into Poppy probably made her finally feel "unique" and "interesting" for once in her life, she definitely latched onto anything that might make her stand out which is really pitiful. Imagine being this boring you got excited to become something like the Poppy character. Yikes.

No. 577713

Both Tommy Wiseau and Tits are delusional, pretentious, and arrogant dumbasses. The difference between them though is that Tommy mannages to be weirdly like-able whereas a potted cactus has more charm than Tits.

No. 577714

File: 1525909197561.gif (6.95 MB, 480x160, tit_gets_hit_banner.gif)


Samefag, sorry, but here you go. Saging.

No. 577718

right! i was gonna say the exact same thing.

so what you're saying is…. poppy is a normie? reeeeeee.

also i wonder if their charlotte character is another way to make fun of mars. i don't know much about the storyline but it seems pretty telling that it includes poppy getting copied and mocked in a similar way to what they're doing to mars. if it isn't a direct jab at her, then it's gotta be psychological projection or something.

No. 577719

this turns me on

No. 577721

I want to see this banner up immediately lmao

No. 577724

I almost wonder and hear me out on this tinfoiling
But if the poppy character is supposed to be mars, could Charlotte be moriah before before she hooked up with titty? Their hairstyles are similar and Charlotte really wanted to be famous and copied poppy (mars) all The time.

No. 577727


Thanks for sharing, Anon. I really like the style that Moriah has going on in this video. I don't really dig the "wElCoMe To My KiTcHeN" indie girl voice she has going on but this concepts seems to suit her more than her Poppy persona. Just from the other images posted of her pre-Tits, her style used to be a little more alternative and darker rather than the pastel Harajuku android thing she has going on now.

I mean, you can still hear traces of the old Poppy in this cover of My Kind of Woman, but you can tell that she's already at least mid-way to becoming a pop princess wannabe in there.

No. 577730

File: 1525910499157.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180509_200113886.j…)

No. 577732

i could watch this all day. pls admin. he would be so mad lmao

"if she's hired a legal team they would probably advise her to stop talking"

it seems like charlotte is always mean to poppy and tries to bring her down by talking about copying. that's why i feel like she represents mars. gonna do some digging tho

No. 577737


Do you guys not know about the Charlotte singles/eps that tits has been putting out?



No. 577738

found this link from somebody on twitter, not sure if it's legit? but it seems to be a post on reddit from titanic asking for advice right after moran beat him up


"So I get a text yesterday to come outside and "settle unfinished business." He is visibly shaking and sounds like he is about to cry when he talked. I extended my hand to shake his and he lifted both of his up to his head saying "nah man it isn't like that." I offer him a seat and ask him what the situation is. He accuses me of owing him money, which I explain is not true. He accuses me of "ripping off his idea" for a video I wrote and directed and I show him examples from 2007 and 2012 where I did the same video effects as the one I did for him in 2014 that he never used and told his management (and my friends) he hated. And finally he says "so you're going to look me in the eyes and say you don't owe me anything?" I told him after he threatened the lives of my friends as well as mine, I don't owe him anything. And he just snapped. Next thing I know I smash through the lawn chair I was sitting in after he sucker punched me and I am doing everything I can to get this 6 foot 3 monster off of me. He ran away and I call the police, file a report, etc. The neighbors saw it go down and called 911 as well."

thats how he says the fight went down and he also explains why it happened (money & tits hanging out with presumably moriah)

No. 577739

Banners get updated in like 24 hours so here's hoping. Imagine his face, coming back to his lolcow thread like the narcissist he is, and seeing his ass getting beat over and over.

No. 577746

Idk I tried reading the lyrics but they are cringe and couldn't make it through the first song lol

Idk I just feel like, and again I'm just speculating, that before moriah hooked up with titanic she was boring and looked just like everyone else..much like how mannequins all look the same. Charlotte is hungry for fame and doesn't think poppy deserves it and is , frankly, quite hostile towards poppy (mars) Idk people say that Charlotte could be mars but mars isn't nasty and rude and fake like Charlotte plus, Charlotte doesn't even look like her, Charlotte looks like moriah before she became a skin walker

No. 577749

Oh shit thanks detective anon

No. 577759


>6 foot 3 monster

he's tall too? swooning

No. 577766

So he stole his girlfriend, Moran was Moriah's ex. He was probably a shitty boyfriend too. Certainly lacks emotional control. However much glee you might take in watching Titanic get his ass kicked, you really don't want guys like this around.

No. 577772

We're not starting a fan club, Corey. Relax.
We're just glad to see that someone gave a shitty person a well-deserved thrashing. Tell Moriah to start spilling some tea on his alleged abuse if you want us to stop having a giggle so badly.

No. 577784

I just watched most of the videos, and I feel like Charlotte is like, a projection of T&P's insecurities, the shadow from Jungian psychology. She talks about drugs, spending too much, violence, wanting to be more famous, and… copying.
These quotes from her more recent videos sound kinda relevant if you change the names.

"(mars) is too afraid to do it. so i will. i am not copying (mars). (mars) would never do this. i am not afraid to show myself to the world. this is who i really am. let's see (mars) try this."

"no, this cannot be happening. why is this happening to me. what did i do to deserve this. this is not fair. don't they know who i am. i am (mars), dammit. i am a real person."

And she has the exact same hair style as Moriah, it's like they're demonizing who she used to be.
(reposted cuz i fucked up lol)

No. 577793

Moran seems like another POS. I’m still glad he kicked the tits out of tits tho kek

No. 577794

Yes thank you . You articulated that better than I could lol I couldn't quite describe it very well

No. 577797

File: 1525914033195.png (74.21 KB, 586x356, hmm,.png)

Yeah, I agree. Reading this sealed the deal for me.

No. 577800

Yess that’s too true. Couldn’t hide everything, Corey. The truth is indeed out there.