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File: 1535598850557.png (123.25 KB, 500x552, altcow.png)

No. 676104

The latest escapades of:

Adora BatBrat
Drac Makens
Jake Munro
Kat Von D
Erin Micklow
Jimmy Mercy
Sebastian Columbine
ReeRee Philips
Avelina De Moray
Alison Eckfeldt

Etc, etc

Old Thread >>612283

No. 677158

When is this thread going to be used?

No. 677163

My thoughts exactly. It’s been weirdly empty for days now

No. 677801

Did they miss the link or details in the old thread? I guess it's still open.

No. 677855

TT's harry potter haul, does she not know how to describe anything other than "cute"? she's so superficial, no meaning behind anything she likes, just as long as it's "cute" and "pretty"

No. 677980

File: 1535829754839.png (204.23 KB, 1536x1527, IMG_2197.PNG)

Adora trying to make her ex husband jealous?

For my taste she is trying to hard to come off sexy and seems more and more cringy.

No. 677989

I agree. Adora is over the top slutty nowadays.

No. 678017

Has she addressed splitting from her husband at all? Stopped following her months ago when she was still gushing over him.

No. 678030

Speaking of divorces, IBF said her parents split when she was 1. Could it explain why she's not great with relationships (the ones we've seen, anyway)?

Sage for armchairing

No. 678049

I really don't like this thread image, can we get a new one?

That's Ras' head covered with that image right? Definitely trying to make her ex husband jealous

No. 678064


OP did not announce the new thread when they posted it.

No. 678066


Just like comments, OP cannot be edited.

No. 678112

Armchair lmao a bsby with 1 year old doesn’t understand relationship da fuck

No. 678114

LOL still can't enter the UK. not proper enough. I dont think Freya will ever be content. Keep dreaming… she won't be able to return the to UK. Bad behaviour is not tolerated.

No. 678149

Did you have a stroke writing this anon?

No. 678239

Yes they did, it was posted in the last thread but now it's gone

No. 678246

File: 1535862939247.jpg (163.43 KB, 1439x1228, Screenshot_20180902-002136_Ins…)

I can't post this on the Raven thread because it's reached its limit and I don't want to make a new one but I had to share this.
Omg so it turns out that Logan is fucking Dorian's gf. That whole family is fucked up! Logan was Dorian's stepdad for all intents and purposes (even though that marriage was a sham and wrong on all levels) for 5 years and now they're sharing the same girl that wants to be a boy (she goes by Issac and "he" now but I think it's just for attention)? I used to like him but this is wrong on so many levels. They were family for 5 years and now they're sharing a boy/girl. I'm the anon who used to talk to him when Gravy first left Nz until she got him to block me. Now you couldn't pay me to touch him.

No. 678251

How did you find out, and does Dorian know?

No. 678261

File: 1535864865779.jpg (662.81 KB, 1435x1400, Screenshot_20180902-010650_Ins…)

Eh. He looks like a douche now

No. 678262


Raven's signature font detected.

No. 678263

They all live together so I assume so. I follow her on Instagram and she posts pics with them both and I got curious and asked him. I was afraid to write him in case he blocked me again but he didn't. I know Dorian is a jealous person and he never approved of her wanting to screw around so I wonder how he's handling having to share her in his own home with the guy who was married to his mom

No. 678267

File: 1535865244412.jpg (640.98 KB, 1439x719, Screenshot_20180902-011151_Set…)

I liked the font after anon named it so I bought it. I'm not Diana. My name online is Kit and that's all I'm going to say. I used to post when me and Logan were friends and was trying to get info from him for the site

No. 678290

Are you fucking kidding me lol. The background of ravens phone was some dumb galaxy landscape in videos. I remember a video a few mnts ago during the split up where she picks up her phone and exclaims logan's still soo in live with her. I want to say it was the one before they went to the mall for that ugly bear. You cant clearly see her phones screen with that font and background.

No. 678313

he literally always did look and act like a douche. did he lose weight? he was getting so fat with raven.

No. 678324


sad if true. we were all rooting for lovely gf and dorian. he deserves to be happy and not succumb to narc-caused chronic depression. he seemed to be doing so well, better than we expected given his fucked up life. poor kid. damn man this bums me out

No. 678334

I wonder how he's handling this, poor guy. I remember from her screenshot video he had issues with his gf wanting to get too close to her male friends back then. He can't be enjoying having to live like that.

There are roses in this picture and goff queen Craven wouldn't be caught dead with anything flowery, remember? They're not dark and evil enough (I remember her bitching about that in one of her tattoo videos saying she would NEVER EVER GET A ROSE TATTOO BECAUSE gasp! ROSES AND FLOWERS ARE SO CLICHE AND GAY

No. 678341

Even that idiot isn't stupid enough to post about Logan's transgressions here. All that does is tell us that he was probably interested in lovely gf and she in him, the entire time. Maybe they were already plotting to get together behind her back, because with the porn and now this it's obvious he wasn't happy in that marriage and was already looking elsewhere. We used to think he was interested in that girl she tried to adopt and maybe we were right. Maybe this is the real reason why she turned on Dorian in the end and why she hated Isa so much. I doubt this is something that she would want us to know, so thanks anon for the info. I've been missing my Raven milk, and this at least gives me something to lol at. She lost her entire family to one girl! That must be killing her!

No. 678345


it is said that victims of predators tend to give off a certain vibe other predators can pick up on so it wouldn't surprise me if unfortunately Dorian is a magnet for sack of shit users and abusers.

No. 678348

File: 1535873352438.jpg (437.54 KB, 1439x1864, Screenshot_20180902-032542_Fac…)

I'm so tired of these kids pretending to be trans. You don't just wake up one day and decide that you want to be known as the opposite sex. Those of us who are actually living and struggling with their sexual identity don't deserve to see it being used as the trend of the day. It's a real struggle and a nightmare of a life that no one should have to suffer through!

No. 678354

Lovely gf ain't so lovely now. Even if she's really poly (which I doubt), you don't go after your partners best friend

No. 678362


>That's Ras' head covered with that image right?

No, but you know owner of that head

No. 678365

>Those of us who are actually living and struggling with their sexual identity don't deserve to see it being used as the trend of the day. It's a real struggle and a nightmare of a life that no one should have to suffer through!

So much this, It's tiring to watch all these apache helicopters pretending to be different model every few months.They are doing disservice to literally everyone themselves included.

No. 678368

It's not only raven, the whole family is fucking weird

No. 678385

Damn. This really just made me sad. Dorian should move far away from any country and people that have any relation or ties with raven in anyway, if he ever wants a chance to heal from his shit selfish mother and everything/everyone she infected with her shit.

Logan is a fucking douche, and looks like a massive faggot tool now.
Not only does he betray, fuck, and marries his mother. But now after all the shit Dorian’s been through, Logan’s doing the same to his girlfriend? That fucking stepfather/stepson is disgusting. Technically Logan is also the father in law of not-so-lovely-gf.

He needs therapy, or else everything that raven did and ruined for him will haunt him and replicate in every facet of his life, even 10+ years down the road.

I now honestly hope Logan gets back together with raven, they deserve each other.

And kek at raven going on and on about how Logan isn’t interested in girls aka “sluts” and that he wasn’t going to date anyone and how he doesn’t want any females contacting him.

The only good thing that will come out of this is a massive hit to raven’s ego bc you know she still thinks she has her hooks in Logan and hates the gf. I highly doubt she even knew, or we’d see a sperging like no other. Cue the “I told Dorian she was a slut!!!!!!!1111 all girls but me are sluts!! That’s what he gets for being so ungrateful to his loving and wonderful mother!!11”

Damn we had such high hopes, this is such a bummer. Dorian has been the victim in this entire cow-tastrophy, and he still is getting fucked over even after his narc mother skipped off oceans away to suck couch dick. I always feel the worst for the children of cows, it must be a nightmare.

No. 678391

This is something I literally do not understand. Freyja is a NZ citizen, no? She doesn't NEED a visa to go to the UK. I don't believe that looking a bit goff in Immigration was ever going to stop her getting into the country. What is the real reason?

No. 678394

Yeah it's quite sick…Dorian always seemed like a nice kid stuck in hell life with that narcissistic mum Raven..agreed he is more likely to be a lifelong victim than future control freak abuser which Logan could be turning into..
Maybe they all ended up living together for economic reasons as well as all being " trama bonded"..AFAIK Logan still works and rents a house? So this was a way for isa/Issac(transtrender) and Dorian to leave her families house and have more " freedom" living with Logan.There could be a back story there …
Also didn't Dorian and Isa marry? His status to stay in NZ would be very sketchy otherwise..I assume that Dorian is now legal to work or claim benefits in NZ? So he is not dependent on Isa or Logan for a roof over his head. I wish him strength to leave this " poly relationship" if he is unhappy. It won't be easy with no support network..

No. 678396

I know that a good portion of the time, when people go to the UK, they have to have purchased their ticket for their return flight home, before they enter the UK. So immigration doesn’t think your planning on over staying, or planning to skip out and live their illegally, mainly for younger females they’ll suspect that your going to try to live with a boyfriend there with no intention of leaving, even searching diaries, social media, and phones in some cases to try to find out your real reason for visiting. And you’re correct, NZ citizens don’t need a visa to go to the UK, and can stay on holiday there w/o visa for up to 6 months. And the UK has tons of goths, so being a NZ goff would never be a reason for immigration to not let you into the UK.

No. 678397


Online Goth is lately overrun by whinny idiots trying to use "support of trans people" as an excuse for their snowflake roleplays and seeing nazis everywhere - like in this recent reddit thread for example https://old.reddit.com/r/goth/comments/9c5xjg/wgt_2019/

where poster is pretending that Leipzig is no longer safe for goths and in discussion there there was suggested that if you do not agree with that you are far right agent. And of course combat boots and uniform means you are sieg heiling at least 5 times a day…

No. 678406

Freya went to UK again what 2/3 years ago and was refused entry.She lived in Scotland approx 8(?)years with a bf(before mr owl)…did she overstay the 6months visa? That would have flagged her up at immigration.. as the other anon said they are on the lookout for younger women doing this..She wouldn't tell them WHERE she was going to stay this more recent time! Even if you are staying with friends you must provide names/phone numbers..all the while acting polite and grateful that they are letting you in!!!Book into a hostel or be prepared to tell them names of who you will be staying with! Have a flight out of the UK..UK immigration is extremely strict!This fact is well known. Especially strict on anyone under 35 who isn't here on student visa ..Freya stone walled them/acted insulted/ put out/ huffy and got deported..played victim.They are dicks! But you must play the game by their rules..no exceptions.IMHO she should have toned her look right down for important borders(common fucking sense) but her deportation wasn't down to her being goth queen.

No. 678415

I'm not sure of the latest rules, but NZers aged under 27 (it used to be) could stay for up to two years for a working holiday, and heaps of people would extended-dance-mix those two years by constantly going on trips out of the country. If Freyja has a British grandparent - and a lot of Kiwis do - she would have been eligible for a UK Ancestry visa which let you stay and work for five years and apply for residency.

Overstaying might have done it.

No. 678429

I watched Freya latest "poor me"video..she is desperate to live in Scotland again(I think she is romantising her time living there)..debatable if she will be let back into UK and staying longer term ain't cheap( application fees and nowadays they love refusing ppl residency..unless you are very very rich or at least have a high earning straight career) is Mr owl going to be able to stay in UK longer term( British grandparent?)…seems like many hurdles to jump but clearly returning to NZ is last choice for her.I do think if a couple is solid they can be happy living anywhere. It seems it's all about what she wants..I wonder if owl is bothered about living outside NZ? Also I pick up a vibe that Freya is keeping her options open and isn't ready to settle down with this man..She is very restless and unhappy..looking for External solutions for her internal issues.

No. 678437

Its alwayssssss about her. Nice work Sherlock. Mr Owl is a safety net. Shes pathetic.

No. 678451

The poor kid is miserable. Look at his eyes in every picture. He looks like he's barely holding on

No. 678456

Julia is dating an old woman again apparently, sorry for link my pc is fucking up and I can't screenshot.


No. 678463

File: 1535895454978.jpg (1.11 MB, 1432x2544, Screenshot_20180902-092927_Fac…)

This girl must have a magic vagina or something because she's not attractive, and her attitude sucks. Her pretending to be a gay male pisses me off. I've seen a lot of people bullied to wanting to take their own lives just because they were gay and she thinks it's a joke. I hate people like that.

No. 678481

Yeah these trender types are annoying af,,insulting to LGBT ppl who fought to get full acceptance. Do Logan and Dorian both identify as bi now, since they are both fucking "him"??? Maybe both guys have zero confidence to socialise/meet girls and/or they think being with a "boi"is hip so ISA gets extra cool points.. let's see how this plays out..a few of these trenders occasinally do end up transitioning for real( I mean beyond getting a short haircut)..tho for 95 percent it's fashion!

No. 678503

File: 1535898940843.jpg (935.53 KB, 1439x2302, Screenshot_20180902-103305_Ins…)

Adoras makeup is really bad when you look at it closely. I don't understand how a grown woman is comfortable scribbling on her face and gluing random crap to her forehead

No. 678508

let's see. july 24th makeup and miniskirts. july 30th suddenly decides to go by "he" and pretend to be a gay boy. i wonder if logan and dorian are fucking each other too, ya know, since they're all bois in the house

No. 678527

Her skin has been blurred to high hell.
It looks like 2D white printing paper.

No. 678530

she's cute but she's pathetic as hell. isn't dorian like, 24, same w logan? how old is this girl?

No. 678536

If Logan was married to raven, and became dorians step-father, and Dorian married her, then doesn’t that mean that this girl is fucking her father-in-law?

Or did she and Dorian not get married?

No. 678549

UK immigration story, but I overstayed my student visa by like 10 days because that was the soonest I could get a flight back to the US (I was trying til like the very end to find work basically), and was super concerned about ever being let back in. I go back twice a year to see my partner, and get a barrage of questions every time, which is fine. One of the questions you get asked every time is if you've got a job in yr home country. My guy's bro's ex-gf ended up not making it thru when she came to "visit" because she had no job in her country. Maybe youtube doesn't count as a job the way accountancy does idk, because you can do yt from damn near anywhere. But yeah it's totally possible that Freya also acted like a dick in immigration and got properly deported. She seems the type to be drama about it, even to their faces.

I'd like to live in Scotland again too because that's where my partner's at, but probs the best way to do this is to be very good at my job so I can have a good employment record and good references, and maybe get more qualifications, keep those dollarydoos saved so I can prove I've got money, and just keep looking for the work opportunities that employers are having a hard time filling. You're right, good career and/or lots o' money is probably the only way in at this point.

No. 678551

I read awhile on kiwi farms (raven thread)that Isa and Dorian married(likely so he could stay
In NZ?) for sure she is a couple years younger than him/Logan..

No. 678552

go away, no one cares (still) you don't like her makeup style

No. 678554

Edinburgh property prices are getting up there at London levels these days. Not the same as it was even a few years ago. Is she wanting to move to Glasgow?

No. 678559

She might be 17-18 now. She was 16 when raven left


That's exactly what that means kek

No. 678562

ew, creepy.

No. 678570

Not believing this for one minute. I can almost guarantee that Logan is no longer supporting Raven financially. Logan is living with his mother. Let alone, this would be the type of scheme that would make Raven relevant and get heat on her son (whom she hates) and His gf whom she also hates and bringing Logan back into the mix because maybe, he finally moved on with someone else. This reeks of Ravens fat fingers sloppily making up stories.

No. 678571

Why don't you ask him then? It's all over her page. I'm so sick of people ruining good gossip by pretending it's made-up. Someone please contact him to verify.

No. 678572

File: 1535904903534.jpg (1.06 MB, 1439x1960, Screenshot_20180902-121214_Ins…)

Well theres this. Her fb is https://www.facebook.com/IsaDenneyStrother and this pic has her insta name. His is lunaxrot or something like that. She's listed as poly. Going on dates with him. He verified it. Dorian is a doormat.

No. 678576

that's beyond fucked up, she knew the situation with raven/logan/dorian now she's just repeating it. poor dorian

No. 678588

kind of dont feel bad for two dudes that are like 24 and dating/wifed up a 16/17 yo. sounds like dorian is starting to take on diana's tendencies tbh

No. 678596

I bet Raven is smashing the trailer of love to pieces over this. Someone better send her some slim Jim’s stat.

No. 678667

She is 16 or 17? Jesus! So its doubtful her and Dorian are genuinely married ..how can Dorian stay in NZ legally to work/ study/ claim benefits or whatever he does?..did that rich NZ metal head Raven married( before Logan her schoolboy lover arrived) formally adopt him?

I don't think it's THAT wierd Dorian dates Isa, he seemed very emotionally young for his age in ravens vids…and yes a sweet kid,not dickish ..Logan was pushed into working by Raven.So you'd think he might have more " adult mindset" than Isa/Dorian does and prefer a sane girl his age( if he can get one)..Dorian is probably really stunted due to his life experience with Raven..Logan probably is lazy ,. just going for easy pussy ona plate.

Whole love triangle scene repeating itself thing is freaky af..this time with a young girl instead of old Raven ..even odder Isa is American (!) What are the chances..can't be that many Americans emigrating there..

No. 678688

Is this the same Dorian gf that came to the farms to talk about Raven?

No. 678695

File: 1535913920119.png (144.42 KB, 750x1024, IMG_5819.PNG)

TT and Jake went to London Edge, she looks significantly more "goth" in this photo. Think she has been reading all of her own milk about how she's been dressing like a child recently? Seems like they're making a big effort to be xxGOTHxx

No. 678717

Probably more to do with going to London Edge and wanting to be the most gofffickk person there kek

No. 678718

She is the same girl.Her and Dorian were together before Raven left New Zealand

No. 678758


ah yes, because there is NO ONE as goff as her and Jake in Belfast. kek
has to prove it, esp after that god awful photo of her meetup with Emily and those fans yikes

No. 678768

File: 1535919498241.jpg (Spoiler Image, 579.97 KB, 1080x1342, 20180902_211710.jpg)

I mean its a look i guess

No. 678781

I always wondered if Lovely GF was too good to be true. Never imagined she'd turn out to be a transtrending cuckmaker. Torn between feeling sorry for the guys that this is their life post-hag and it still fucking sucks, and feeling like they're lost causes now and I may as well save the sympathy for someone else. what a twist in the tale.
as for 'Isaac', she can fuck right off with that shit.

No. 678797

I feel bad for Dorian and I even feel a little bad for Logan, but if this is legit I'm very excited to witness the Rage That Was More Than Rage when Raven finds out this girl she hates is fucking her ex.

No. 678798

I was just about to post that pic here. The outfit is actually kind of cute. Does she look like she's lost a little weight?

No. 678802


Either way this thread reeks of thirsty, jealous stalker samefagging. If it was started by the girl who was crushing on Logan, she is obviously not over him.

No. 678810

If he blocked you, how are you messaging him now? Or is it just you Hargraven?

No. 678824

I'm over him and have been since he blocked me but I see him on Instagram where he didn't block me and he only popped up because he was on my recommended people. He's just as twisted as Diana but the opposite way no way do I want to be involved in this dirty triangle

No. 678825

It suits her well, her hairstyle is cool. Now it's time for her to start dressing up like a grown-up all the time, not just for special occasions.

No. 678835

I wonder what truly happened with Adora and her ex husband. I think he must have been the one who left because she simply won’t address the issue, and all this happened around the time she met that Ras guy and was always posting videos super drunk (she almost doesn’t do that now), she gives likes to the comments that say that they have gotten divorced and that’s all.
I do think she has something with this Ras dude, they’re kinda the same age after all, it’s hard to figure out from the photo but it seems to be someone with light hair or light colored hair… like Ras.

No. 678842

Jake's instagram story of the pink haired stripper that looks like Kelly Eden was interesting

No. 679605

Is this if herbs and altars Dorian?

No. 679625

What do you know? Who is it then?

No. 679628

No. 679633



You can delete your comment and repost it with the correction, as per the rules.

No. 679717

Wow, she is really thirsty for attention. I think this outfit is great for a photoshoot, but in public? Too much… Still better than the ugly pink clothes.

No. 679723

Agreed.. suits a photoshoot or a club, but not in damn public

No. 679739

I mean, it would be weird if she was wearing it in public as in walking down the street dressed like that, but it was for an event so I would consider a clubwear type outfit appropriate for that (depending on the event ofc), but I've never been to London Edge so maybe I'm talking shit

It's a little risqué but it's miles better than all the tacky pink Hot Topic-esque shit imo

No. 679744

she use to live there with a bf and had work and for whatever reason got kicked out (probably because she lived there illegally), so now shes moaning because she wants to go back instead of being on her little shitty island (as she sees it)

No. 679780

the last thing edinburgh needs is this attention seeker parading through the streets with her selfie stick, I hope she isn't allowed back

No. 679781

anybody noticed that Freyja's views have plummeted?

No. 679790


Yep she's struggling to hit 100k in the last couple of months, needs to put out some decent content for a change.

No. 679796

I can't stand Kaya and her bright kiddie poo tacky fashion..Completely shocked that they both look pretty cool & punky goth recently( esp her,he just coloured his hair ,,she went all Su Catwoman!)for this London edge event..it seems to be for designers to sell to fashion buyers..are they aiming to get modelling work??? Or do they fancy themselves fashion presenters/tastemakers? They keep popping across the Irish sea to promote themselves but no one seems to be buying other than fat mall goths..

Sadly Freya's views haven't gone down enough for my liking..as soon as she stops with her pity parties and does another killstar unboxing or Gigi gorgeous reaction video(vom) she will get 298 k views again..

No. 679800

No. 679924

oh my fucking god! I can't believe people STILL can't fucking understand that in this thread we do. not. care. about grown people using alternative aesthetics such as drawing on their faces with makeup. Honey, I assure you that most anons posting in this thread are alternative, a lot of goths. "Oh my gawd adora's makeupz iz so exxagerated yew guuuys!" is not milk. "Adora just posted a pic on instagram of someone sucking on her tit and she's still trying to create mystery around whom she's fucking. also, where are her kids?" IS milk.
did this bitch lost a lot of weight? It looks like it. Also, first time I see her looking like an adult goth, not a retarded child who likes my chemical romance and thinks that this is goth is about.
The outfit is cool, I'd just put a bra or a cami under the fishnet top, the x taped boobs is tacky as fuck. Which year is it? 2004?

No. 679937

Tits like that she is brave. I look at her and all I imagine is what her dad looks like.

No. 679964

You can still see the fat rolls under that skirt kek

No. 680034

There are more cities in Scotland than Edinburgh and Glasgow.

No. 680056

honestly, not the greatest pair of tits I have ever seen but there's nothing wrong with her boobs, they look cute. I don't even like her but I think that she finally is at a weight that flatters her. If there's no photoshop (or similar apps) in this, she's looking good. 5 less kilos and she would be looking great

No. 680253

Yeah she's looking so much better lately, I am glad she is more confident and happy in herself. Hopefully Jake can improve along with her (personality too) since he seemed a nicer guy when they met.

No. 680565

What's with all the TT/Jake ass licking just because of her outfit/weight loss? They're both still shitty, arrogant, attention seeking scammers kek

No. 680579


Yeah, it just makes me cringe. Going on about hating goth from Jake, and both hating elitists but then wearing what the people they despise wear?

I don't have a problem with TT's weight, but I don't think she's lost anything she's just not wearing loads of layers and baggy clothes for once.

No. 680598

File: 1536067192294.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1621, D2D3ABD5-6C1D-49E2-A1DE-37D902…)

They got married it seems, and a month later they got an apartment with Logan, moved in July. As for if she can, she turned 18 this year.

No. 680610

I hope he will fuck off and she thrives without him.

No. 680613

This is the same girl anons fawned over and called lovely… she's fucking him over. Pretty obvious ly a narc soaking up all the attention here back then, but it wasn't cool to say at the time.

No. 680628

He's the only one that gets her out of the house tbf

No. 680843

why so bitter, anon?
it wasn't "obvious", she was connected to the cow and gave us a lot of answers we wanted. I can't speak for other anons, but while I did not fawn over her, I did give her the benefit of the doubt because I wanted things to be better for Dorian. And we really had no reason to judge her otherwise at the time. Shit that has happened since changes the picture a lot, obviously.

No. 680927


Dorian and Logan are both adults and are in a consensual poly relationship with her.

None of them are eligible to be subjects of this thread. Quit trying to make them subjects and take your thirst elsewhere.

No. 680975

Yeah anon, because it's perfectly normal to be having sex with your ex stepsons wife. There's at least 7-8 years between them, not too much but considering Dorian was in his 20s and dating a 16 year old who is now dating his ex stepdad it's wrong on many levels. They were family for over 5 years. Notice they got married 2 days after Cravens wedding, I think there's also milk there. I sense a lot of untapped drama here

No. 680982

File: 1536099479979.jpg (932.62 KB, 1434x2528, Screenshot_20180904-181531_Ins…)

This bitch is a borderline cow herself. "Gay boy"? Get over yourself and grow up, "Isaac". Stop pretending to be a gay guy you attention whore.

No. 681000

File: 1536100679501.png (20.29 KB, 795x210, alt.png)

loses a tiny bit of weight

No. 681001

File: 1536100776601.jpg (67.16 KB, 675x1200, DmQppZnX4AA5t3g.jpg)

Jake liked this post some desperate girl sent him

No. 681048

Not if you want some kind of scene. You could go Stirling, but no one in their right mind wants to move to Stirling.

No. 681061

The cathouse just at Glasgow train station would be pretty hip. If she can stand the 16 year old scenic boppers

No. 681073

Aberdeen has a scene, and local band(s?). Plus all that drear granite has got to be pretty Goth, right?

Stigmata at Ivory Blacks is where its at

No. 681080

In order to do that he would have to be goth or alt.

The only thing he could advertise with his image is a pot noodle.

No. 681130

they've been subjects for a while already mini mod so untwist those panties and move along.

I'm starting to feel like they're a lot more damaged than we thought, and it is playing out in a fascinating and fucked up dynamic.

god, wtf happened to her. she seemed relatively together, and now she is going full tard. did she start watching Lainey and decide to skinwalk her or something, jfc

No. 681175

She doesn't need a gothic scene. For what? She has been in several European countries and has never participated in the local scene, except for some festivals.

No. 681261

File: 1536122956355.jpeg (234.8 KB, 749x1118, 5230C1A7-3C5B-416A-A5C8-4E8291…)

Is this position really necessary? Why not do other ones that have the benefits of yoga without risking the safety of a fetus? Oh wait, then it wouldn’t an attention seeking photo op.

No. 681276


>beloved husband

>beloved yoga instructor
>beloved cat

Bitch needs a word a day calendar, damn.

No. 681283


She's been on the poly transtrender train for a while.


Accusing her of "fucking over Dorian" completely denies him his agency.

No. 681288

I never said a word in that thread as I didn't want to compromise those answers she relayed to us. But we don't all have to think the same way. To me, she also basked in that glory and loooved being called "lovely gf" while making pronouncements about Dorian's therapy and plans. Information that she could have kept private, we are just a bunch of anons afterall. She went from relaying messages to writing his story in a way. People who labelled her "lovely gf" just fed it. If you think she's not now proving to be an attention whore based on what we're seeing here I'd love to hear your reasons for why. It's my view that people don't just suddenly become cows, they pretty much always are.

No. 681325

I completely agree with this. It's quite a regular occurrence when someone comes to a thread with milk, and the poster usually turns out to be a cow themselves. I'm glad someone sees it that way too.

No. 681337

I spoke with her a few times during her time on the thread, feeding her compliments and encouraging her to continue to give us dirt. From the things she said to me, it appears that she felt by offering milk here it automatically made her safe, and the more she gave us the safer and more loved she would be. She embellished dorian's responses and strong armed him into allowing her free speech here by making it out to be their key to never being posted themselves. One day she stopped posting and I wonder if he finally got the balls to make her stop. Imo the whole family is fucked up and deserves to be here. Diana was a horrible mother but she did have a few points when it came to him not wanting to work, shower, or take care of himself. From memory, Isa was bullied out of America for being a pretentious windbag, and Logan should know better than to get himself into another milky relationship. They all deserve each other and I only wish there was more to post about on the whole situation like back in the good days of Gravy-splerge meltdowns. I don't think any of them are innocent in their respective situations

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 681351

You're a better cow psychologist than me.

I still extend a lot of slack to Dorian because he's had a very neglectful and abusive life, everyone he's depended on has hurt him badly. It's not unusual to emerge as a young adult from that completely apathetic. I'll wager he's deeply depressed. The problems don't go away because the abuser has (see Venus) and when the abuse is this profound and a support system nonexistent, it's a hard road in life.

These guys are gravitating towards a girl who I'll wager is a 'baby Raven'. It's a shitty dynamic they know and feel comfortable with. Raven did the grooming for years then bailed, and Isa can swoop in and exploit these damaged souls.

No. 681382

She has no idea lol. I cant stop laughing…

No. 681386

>Adoras makeup is really bad when you look at it closely. I don't understand how a grown woman is comfortable scribbling on her face and gluing random crap to her forehead

Bad? She is better than 90% of the scene xD(xD)

No. 681388

Her content is on its way out just like her. Pfff…. next.

No. 681389

File: 1536143510244.png (1.38 MB, 1200x1194, ss.png)

plus her makeup is pretty typical for 80s inspired one

No. 681400

That's exactly what it seems like she's doing. She's obviously an attention whore- coming here to give dirt even at the expense of her boyfriend's privacy, pretending to be a gay boy, and now having sex with the both of them. She wants all the attention no matter the cost and she's taking advantage of a boy (Dorian) who simply lacks the capacity to stand up for himself out of fear of being alone. She's an abuser-in-training, moving up to be the next Raven.

Does this mean that Dorian and Logan now identify as gay themselves, and are they also having sex with each other?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 681415

He is a man child raised in an abusive situation. His mother mocked him for his skin colour and interests, then fucked and married his high school friend. There is a half truth in raven calling him out, he is mentally younger than his age because of her shit.

You really think that he made the correct choices jumping on the first girl who was willing to house him? He can have his agency and still be in a fucked situation. We know from Raven that he wasn’t ok with the poly life with how she picked up on it to hurt him. But we also know the he literally has no one in his life besides Logan and his now wife. Sadly not surprising he married someone similar to his mother.

No. 681427

I know he wasn't ok with the poly life but I don't recall her picking on him over it, only getting angry because he pretended she was the one with the issue instead of addressing it himself. All of that was stuff that should have been privately handled.
We all know Raven is a lost cause but I wonder what Isa's excuse is? She's a child who is already on a bad path and who only cares about herself. I wonder if she always had her eye on Logan, and that's why the feud with Raven was started, and as soon as she saw her chance she used the poly excuse to get him and keep Dorian on the sideline, helpless and too weak to speak up against it. I wouldn't be surprised if he kills himself one day. Imagine finally feeling like someone wants you only to have them fuck your ex stepdad right in front of you?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 681428

rofl, i love you

yikes, if he falls on her, he could kill the baby, but whatever, i guess?? She isn't planning to vaccinate him anyway

No. 681440

She’s 18 ffs
have you met an 18 year old before, they mainly only think about themselves

I agree what she’s doing to Dorian and to a lesser part Logan is terrible, but I genuinely doubt she has the capacity to see how this situation will effect either of them besides short term fights

And why should she? It’s not her job to fix Dorian or Logan. If they disagree with her, or have a problem with their relationships—then it’s up to them to say so and establish their own boundaries

No. 681449


Her full name appeared in one of the screenshots posted in the Raven thread. I looked her up then and found those articles and more which raised some red flags regarding her speshul snowflake level, but I didn't say anything at the time because anons were in favor of preserving her anonymity.


As much as I dislike Raven, I am unable to believe that her immaturity, disdainful personality, and abusive nature developed without a childhood of at least some instability and abuse. She made the same wrong choices in relationships, but anons held her completely responsible. Why the double standard?

Alternately, what if it was Dorian taking advantage of Isa, latching onto her primarily as a way of escaping Raven? He could just as easily be following Raven's example of exploiting others.

Do we know that the scope of Dorian's social circle is limited to Isa and Logan? The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.


She has been upfront about being poly and a gender snowflake, so it's not like Dorian and Logan didn't know what they were getting into. Perhaps she pressured them, but they still acquiesced.

No. 681450



Didn't he "model" before with TT when they were both significantly thinner? It didn't work out for you then Jake, it won't now. He's so fucking full of himself

No. 681515

I watched all of her life story videos before she removed them, and her childhood was unbelievably messed up. It's almost inevitable that she turned out the way she is, and also why she's a perpetual child. There's something about her that rubs me the wrong way though, and I feel the same way about her son. Even so, it's interesting to see someone else acknowledge that on here.

No. 681520

I also did some digging on her at the time and tried to gently discuss whether or not she was as lovely as anons claimed her to be but got shut down, frustrating at the time. So tried of transtrender softboi shit, bitch you’re not a boy, you’re just not wearing makeup. And yeah it’s real heady to have two dudes sniffing after your shit but you’re tacky as hell.

Logan is…whatever, but I don’t blame Dorian for falling into the same trap. He has never really had a parent who would care for him and make sure that he’s safe. Kids like that end up needing years in therapy and even then the problems associated with narc parents can last for a child’s entire life. Sad as fuck and Raven is of course the biggest piece of shit imaginable.

No. 681525

File: 1536163786073.jpg (1.07 MB, 1436x1576, Screenshot_20180905-120558_Fac…)

He does not look happy with his life. She looks like she's 12! What's the appeal? Maybe she decided to be a boy because she can't cut it as a girl kek

No. 681529

File: 1536164116250.jpg (634.16 KB, 1431x1616, Screenshot_20180905-121314_Ins…)

Logan is a mess

No. 681531

a lot of that was fabricated, raven just likes to play the victim

No. 681547

File: 1536165561542.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2960, Tacky.jpg)

She's a narcissistic attention whore, covering herself quickly in tacky tattoos, has poor fashion sense, and is taking advantage of guys that aren't equipped to make the right choice in life.
Raven 2.0 kek

No. 681552

tbf she could be just as damaged as them, but she also might not be. she's young and i wouldn't completely fault her because an 18 year old is like a 12 yo, in effect, tbh, but all of this is definitely shady and i would love to know what dorian and logan are actually thinking.

it's weird that logan is such a pushover that goes for these weirdo tumblrinas and someone like raven, who, though she isn't a feminist, uses men to the fullest, because he has demonstrated such hatred for feminists, and has said some pretty (iirc) violent/really angry stuff about them. he seems like a very typical reactionary young, very dumb white boy, just one that's saddled with more issues now than most.

strange that he should go for this girl. does anyone know where dorian stands, politically? i'm just curious.

No. 681555

Sorry but no one knows that for sure, and people who knew her irl have corroborated her stories. Remember a few years ago when she reconnected with a younger sister and her sister had become the one to take her place and got abused once she was sent off. I know we all don't want to give that cow the benefit of any doubt but facing facts she's just the product of her past too. Her problem is she's over 40 years old and should have done something by now to be a better person and do something with her life but she doesn't have any interest in bettering her situations. It's a viscous circle that her son has been caught up in and he shows no signs of wanting to better himself either, and now being married to a Mini-Raven that kid doesn't stand a chance. I hope that he doesn't have any children with Isa/Issac because that baby will be twice as fucked.

No. 681561


While she was prone to hyperbole and histrionics, nowhere in all of the threads here and on KF was there evidence to refute her having had an unstable childhood and poor role models. Her mother jumped from relationship to relationship and married three times.


She has at least two of the same tattoos as Raven.


Look at Logan's mom's relationship history. It has not been the most stable, either: from his dad to stepdad to lesbian. And what drove him to want to escape his family at a young age?

No. 681575


His account shows that he is working on his own art, exploring his interests, taking photos of the outside world, and interacting with his peers. But go ahead and post a single photo as if it represents the totality of his life.

No. 681587

i just realized she reminds me so much of a white javi marroquin from teen mom 2, kek. like, exact same face.

>And what drove him to want to escape his family at a young age?
i'm sure his childhood was fucked to some degree, too. unless he was just a kid with a raging attraction to middle aged women (happens, but we've seen that he seems just as attracted to young women), no 16 yo boy would've willingly signed up to marry a nightmare like raven. she was fat, divorced many times, with a child the same age, and no ability to support herself. you have to be completely destroyed in the head to marry that, even if she did pressure him. i mean, there was nothing for him in that relationship. he's obviously screwy in the head, but it's so weird how he can justify these relationships considering his politics.

No. 681590

is there a name for the type of narc that picks up the scraps of narcissistic supply of other narcs? like they find a narc that's outed and despised, and snatch the opportunity to be positively contrasted against them to get the supply from that narc's victims. if it's a thing it makes so much sense for her and a lot of other people i can think of

No. 681607

A narc. Sorry but that’s basically it, I mean, these people can practically sniff a person who’s already been abused by a narcissist out of a crowd. It’s much easier to continually get with and stay with the same type of person for them.

I feel for both Logan and Dorian. Dorian needs to make a clean break from all these people, there’s too much history and baggage there. The girl is nasty imo because she knew how bad the situation had been for Dorian, and chose to repeat it, with herself at the apex of the triangle. Logan is too dumb to know better and frankly I think he was just as groomed as Lainey, but time’s running out on excusing his shitty behavior.

No. 681609

Do we need to open a new thread for discussion of this situation? I’m not saging because I’d like the people who generally use this thread to weigh in, I feel as though we’re taking it over and it’s probably annoying. Maybe the thread should be Isa/Logan/Dorian? It’s definitely a milky situation, but I’m not sure if it would make Raven happy to see us talking about it at length and maybe it shouldn’t happen for that same reason.

No. 681619

Probably should. I’m sure she’s lurking here too

No. 681621

i don't think she'll be happy to be reminded that logan is moving on while her life is increasingly in the shitter, so i say make the thread.

No. 681738

I agree. All that will matter to her is that Logan has moved on and with someone she hates. It might be enough to finally make her step forward and give us the rage we know is coming

No. 681742

I’m thinking the same. She will flip out.

No. 681762

File: 1536180403749.jpg (470.26 KB, 1439x1431, lol.jpg)

His "art" looks like kindergarten scribbles, and by "hanging out with his peers", you really mean fucking his stepsons wife kek

No. 681792

Ibf just uploaded ANOTHER haul. Jesus christ give it a break

No. 681904

OP anon here. I have the next thread prepped with a summary of the last. I won't be able to post it until after work if anons want it.

IMO milk is limited by only having access to Isa and Logan's IG accounts. How much more can their triangle be analysed and speculated about at this point?

No. 681960

File: 1536192395471.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 813x2237, KNkkqqA.png)

Hey thread Anon, I went digging and here's some more of her links:

'ISAAC' SPARKS / "Lovely GF"

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwflJ34_0I0hBMVR4tM6V0g

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsaDenneyStrother


Tumblr: https://floatingwafflesworld.tumblr.com/

Ramonamag Contributor page: https://ramonamag.com/contributors_post/isa-denney-strother/
Ramonamag Article, "Gender": https://ramonamag.com/2016/12/i-am-not-your-argument/

Hope this helps add to the new thread. Link when you're home!

No. 681983

i'm into it. post when can, pls. at this point she's at least a calf and there will definitely be a milkfest when this shitfest falls apart and we should be prepared

No. 682069

She’s a Kelly Jean fan, snerk.

No. 682107

Thank you anon! Goldmine of cringe. I can't wait for the thread and to see what milk will flow from this calf

No. 682142

this article is gone. has she caught on? was this cached or did she just delete it?

No. 682154

>she did have a few points when it came to him not wanting to work, shower, or take care of himself.

so, you've never heard of conditions like major depressive disorder, or ptsd? OK then.

>Logan should know better

and you know nothing about psychology, excellent.

All three seem like fucked up units, but one is definitely the leech taking advantage of two very damaged boys.

it might not be her job to fix them, but what kind of creature do you have to be to create a situation like this? definitely seeming like a mini-raven.

I hate to break it to you anon, but fatso is a serial liar. all that tragic shit about her childhood was story time, tana mongo style.


actually, people do know it for sure, and no it wasn't corroborated kek. sure, she had an unstable childhood. but let's not forget stories like being splayed naked on the bed while guests came over as some weird punishment.

all of this.

No. 682162


Google+: https://plus.google.com/102069373046505668124


The direct link worked for me, but when I tried to archive the rest of the articles, I got a server error. Ramona Mag might have archive.is restricted.

(Done with links, I'll post any others in new thread when that kind Anon is done at work)

No. 682193

Thanks for all the digging you’ve done, anon.

On another note, I think getting the thread up sooner rather than later is a good thing. There’s much to be discussed and honestly, I feel like Raven gets away with murder by not having an active thread. I’m not sure why the thread proposed in /pt isn’t going to be a Raven and her spawn thread, as Isa and her shit triangle is what I’m most interested in right now and not so much Raven herself, but we’ll see, I suppose?

No. 682194

Why the fuck did they move in with Logan? The hell?

If anons who speculated that Dorian was originally the one crushing on Logan were right all this time…wew, that could explain some shit.

No. 682199

How do you or anyone else know for sure? I remember it differently and I remember it clearly because it's the only time that I had any sympathy for that bitch, and it was most assuredly supported by her sister

No. 682213

Another unboxing!! Hahaha WOW so much cringe. Every time she opens with foul language it just suits her so well. YES you just do unboxings… show us to indicate otherwise and you might have some credibility… or never. Yep, real goth. Killstar tragic. Another tour, more black and living room banter. Can't get over this recycled cheap shit is surviving. Most of us wore pet store collars because we never cared for labels. I hope that 'space' in the middle of that dress covers the rolls.

No. 682215

that mirror looks really cheap. antiques are better. i wonder if it will crack.

No. 682285

OP anon here. My area has been experiencing a severe weather event with power outages. While I wait it out until I can access the OP files, should we get in agreement with anons on /pt/ thread request regarding the scope and subjects of the thread per >>682193?

Thanks for compiling links >>681960. What are Dorian and Logan's accounts? Can you download the article texts as the webpage html?

And an archive anon should back up the most recent videos.

No. 682299


I'm on board with that. I'm not following the Logan/Dorian stuff and it's getting annoying seeing it clutter up this thread all the time, especially as it's rarely image based milk.

No. 682316

I’ve been an avid reader of the Raven threads and I don’t remember it like this at all. Everything Raven writes about herself is histrionic fan fiction with her as the star/victim.

No. 682321

That was posted on her Facebook around 3 or 4 years ago. I don't like to give cows any sympathy but when I see evidence of abuse or a reason why they are the way they are it gives me pause. That still doesn't excuse their refusal to improve their lives or break free from their situations (which is why they're cows) but some of them have had pretty messed up lives, and go on to mess up lives.

No. 682325

We'll be out of your hair soon.

There are no videos on her channel that I can see.

No. 682326

why is it only you that remembers it that way? why do you keep trying to deflect for her? and why do you keep bumping the thread with this shit?

No. 682328

>posted on her fb
wew lad

No. 682432

If you're talking to me I only said that once. I'm not the original person who mentioned it, I just remembered reading about it. A cow is a cow because of their actions but if they had a horrible or traumatic childhood, why lie and pretend they didn't just to keep them at the bottom? Admitting they had a rough life doesn't make them any less of a cow so I personally don't see the harm in agreeing with the person/people who remember that her past was indeed backed up by her own sister eyeroll

No. 682460

OP, what’s up, apart from the weather? You have the links in this thread to copy paste into your own thread and clearly you’ve been able to get online to post here, would you rather someone else make the thread? Not sure why an OP post about ‘lovely gf’ can’t be put together and placed quickly in snow to allow us to leave this thread. Not being bitchy but it feels a bit like foot dragging, if you want someone else to do it just say so.

Apologies to the rest of the thread.

No. 682497

All I know is if that is really outline of someones head someone else fits better that outline than Ras. But maybe I'm just seeing things that I want to see. But once again every time I look at that image I have that particular person in mind. Also what is all that point of making such a big secret who it is if she is teasing the "general public" with images of every younger alt guys that happen to wear a truckload of makeup and do not do instant tactical 180° retreat after noticing her presence. She is very confusing at this point of being half open half secretive. If she would openly say she is fucking with men in their 20s and 30s or keep it private it would not raise as many brows as current "secretive reveals" on instagram and in the videos are rising. At least I personally would just shake my shoulders. So she is having a certain intent in provoking publicity of her social media and us included, or I'm just not getting her intentions and all her photos and videos with different situations where most even alt "progressive" people would assume sexual context with other man are just a massive trolling.

No. 682521

The Raven OP has always been a total sperg tbh, they always act like this and it’s a pain in the ass. Just make the damn thread already and quit acting like you need to conduct a feasibility study about it first

No. 682546


The next OP file is on my computer. Can't post it if I can't turn it on.

Is it to be the next Raven thread in /pt/ or the love triangle thread sans Raven in /snow/?

No. 682567

Start off the love triangle in /snow/ and mods will move it to /pt/ if warranted. Unless we have something showing Gravy as directly involved with the current milk between the three of them we should keep her ass attention starved.

No. 682598

No. 682638

Btw Good ole Gravy Monster is going by the name she had before she left
“Diana Perez”
If her and Ape man are truly married, there should be a legal certificate somewhere.

No. 682639


Anons seem split 50/50 on whether to include Raven; another group is discussing it on thread requests. I agree with >>682567.

I always posted the OPs promptly unless anons proposed starving her. I wrote the summaries as the threads progressed so they were always ready.


The two new videos on Raven's channel.

No. 682646


It's Raven Sparks on their marriage certificate in her video.

No. 682660

Then it’s a fake. She legally couldn’t use Raven Sparks here in the US.

No. 682667

lmao keep trying. you were so close.

then just post the fucking thing and lets get out of here. we've shit this thread up enough, and I have this funny feeling Raven is just busting to get into a thread focussed on the boys and Isa so she can play the victim and only made a few mistakes and see, they were the real monsters!

No. 682668

No one is split, they want you to post anyfucking thing so that we can get the fuck out of someone else’s thread, you’re kidding me with this shit.

No. 682669

This please and thanks.

No. 682673

As an Anon who doesn't care about Raven, stop waiting on power cut Anon, and someone else can make the thread. I'd do it if I knew what any of you were talking about. Put it in Snow for now since that's where conversation is currently occurring.

No. 682720

Okay let's get moving to the new Isa/Logan/Dorian thread and let the altcows thread get back on topic:

Can you please bring any links or info you can think of over to the thread. The OP is basic but we had to move on, we can fill the rest of the story in with comments.

No. 682757

>His mother mocked him for his skin colour and interests

Lowkey funny to me because he literally gets his skin color from her. Raven lightened her skin and apparently seems to think lightening her skin will stop her original skin tone from passing on to her kid/s.

Is she getting paid to do this? These videos are so boring, where is the DIY, or at least thrifting videos? Killstar and Dollskill remind me of Instagram "goths" who run in the Soundclout circles. It's no wonder her style is so easy to copy, it's very cookie cutter, sad.

No. 682918

File: 1536297159926.jpeg (158.03 KB, 746x988, 1396A455-BE2B-4D2E-88E8-7A4CF9…)

No. 682968

Hoe Lee Fucking Sheat

No. 682980

this is stupid af. idgi if you don’t even like the music, half the fun is dancing at goth clubs and if you think the music sucks why bother wearing the fashion.

No. 682994

what the hell? As annoying as Drac comes across, I always thought she was goth because she seemed to be into the music. Turns out she's just another darkly inclined poser, eh…

No. 682995

I personally have never thought Drac was goth. She comes off as those girls who "become" alternative to hide the fact that they aren't attractive (like Henrietta from South Park, but I mean, at least Henrietta likes goth music).

Anyone else remember her video for babybats? If I'm remembering correctly, in that videos she was saying you don't have to listen to goth music to be goth, but you just have to "know your shit". It's like a "metalhead" saying "oh no, you don't have to like or listen to metal, you just have to know your shit!".

She's a Mansonite. Always has been and she always will be, it's probably why her goth facade has been somewhat good, she just came off as someone who has mallgoth styling instead of a poser. I also don't believe the bottom part of her text, she's given glimpses into her music tastes before and "surprise, surprise" (not really tho) it's mostly metal.

No. 683008

You have no right to talk about me or any of my relationships! What goes on in our house has nothing to do with any of you. If Dorian wasn't happy he'd leave, now leave us alone!

No. 683009

you are not even very secretive about it, nothing surprising people are talking about that

No. 683014


Somebody tipped the cow

No. 683044

>If Dorian wasn't happy he'd leave

You mean how someone can "just leave" their partner if they're being emotionally and physically abused? Because it's that simple right?

No. 683045

He's not abused he knows exactly what's going on, you people don't have any right to violate our privacy! I'm not going to tell you again you better take down all of my information

No. 683046

Your selfposts should go in your own thread. Cheers >>>/snow/682714

She's said she lurks anyway

No. 683051

FUCK you mate

No. 683064

You’re just attracting more attention to this thread by bumping it.

No. 683065

This isn't her first time on lolcow by a long shot. She just needs to find the correct thread to vent in, which is >>>/snow/682714

No. 683078

I'm not going to give you what you want. This is illegal and I'll be looking into my rights

No. 683082

Plz go to your own thread, I don't care about you or Dorian sucking Logan's cum out of your coochie.

No. 683083

You won't be the first, nor are you going to be the last to threaten to call the Internet police on a website for talking shit. Now be a good girl (boy? boi? fakeboi?), go to your own thread, and continue to entertain us.

No. 683086

apologies to this thread but I need to laugh at this dipshit.

This is no more illegal than when you dumped on raven. and the idea of it being illegal to talk shit about people is fucking hilarious.
see you in your brand new thread! >>>/snow/682714

No. 683517

This is an old video but thought it would refresh everyones memory at how oblivious IBF is to the law. If you overstay the UK will not allow you back in. Saying you were rejected based on your appearance is not only childish but detrimental to those in the scene. The tantrum that she pulled also wouldn't have helped. She deserves to just end up in NZ pregnant and a nobody. No one cares anymore… your goth card has expired luv.

No. 683530

Im still trying to find a way to refund peoples money for the wedding fundraiser of my first engagement to mister owl.

No one got their money back…. she used it for a one way ticket. Now failed marriage at 43 mister owl still waits. Freya is such a user who always uses excuses and puns to convince her subs shes a good person. Sooooo selfish.

No. 683536

Maybe this has nothing to do with the thread, maybe it does in a way? But I watched this videos a while back, and I think what the women, in the beginning, are saying is still relevant, what do you guys think?

No. 683538

Oops, forgot to post the vid, sorry for my autism.

No. 683756

Oh if these girls could have looked into the future… The difference from what posers were back then to what they are today is insane. Also the amount of them. Especially since Instagram.

No. 683769

>The difference from what posers were back then to what they are today is insane. Also the amount of them. Especially since Instagram.

Mind to elaborate more on that?

No. 683797

I'm not the anon who posted that there are way more poseurs these days then back in the 80s..I support that farmers contention tho..it's bleedin obvious ffs. Why do you contest this fact?
Instagram is all surface..and encourages poseurs.

Pre-internet punks or goths had only their local gig/ club scene.. or doing fanzines .subculture was far more an actual community that was music and culturally based than now.Goth is more known now by the masses, but only as a fashion.Far too many supposed Goths out there(exemplified by TT) that don't like the music let alone any deeper culture signifiers exist just to attention whore on Instagram!

No. 683819

Thank you, I couldn't have said it better. Not to forget the amount of clothing companies that pander to all these instathots and their audience who only care about the image. It all very much shows to what an extreme the "store bought" gothic look has evolved.

No. 683838

OMG what an entitled ho!
"watching my dreams dangling in front of me… and then to have it snatched away for nothing" like sorry dear but that really makes it sound like you intended to overstay again for another eight fucking years.
I feel terrible for laughing but fuck. UK immigration is a pain in the ass, and it's debateable whether or not they're "just doing their job" sometimes, but she's handled this like a huge baby.
Like you've went into the country with no clear plans, intending to stay for "three months" having overstayed for a long period once already, with no real obligations to return to in your home country, and like idk what yr financial situation is like either but gosh. Sorry but she deserved it.

No. 684165

Yeah, if you intend to stay for three months these days, you better have evidence of how you're going to support yourself and a name and an address of where you're going to stay, and a return ticket with a date on it. Given IBF's history in the UK it's just imperative to do it so right it's shinier and cleaner than a brand new refrigerator, unfortunately.

No. 684166

Having said that, I bet she could go to Ireland and once there, zip up north and ferry to the UK. Nobody asked for my passport when I was ferrying from Belfast. Do it now while the border is so soft as to be invisible.

A risk but a nice trip anyway. Ooh and she could visit TT and Jake!

No. 684305

Ugh don't give her ideas.
Republic of Ireland is in a common travel area with the UK, yeah, but that just means you get asked questions when you go through border control in Ireland. For me going thru Dublin (it's an easy airport to get around just in general), they always ask where I'm going in the UK, how long I plan on staying, who I'm going to see, have i booked a return flight, have I got a job back in the states, etc. They're a bit nicer about it, although the fact that it's been the same guy at border patrol 4 of the 5 times I've gone that way might have something to do with it, but the questions are still there and you still need to have concrete answers for them. I imagine to just land in Ireland and stay there, or pretend to just be staying there as the case may be to just ship up north, you'd be asked similar questions.

No. 684311

welp, a farmhand locked the Isa thread for 'obvious vendetta posting' without specifying what the fuck that was supposed to mean (there wasn't much posting and no 'obvious' vendetta) so it looks like we're coming back here. sorry, thread.

No. 684314

You're a prime cow, complete with gendertrending uwu, mental issues, and going for worse tats than Craven, collecting the broken, dysfunctional doormats of men Cravy left in her wake, and we can't laugh at you? "This is illegal" Laughing at morons is not and will never be illegal. Writing three way "gay" fanfic about Logan/Isaac-the-boy-with-a-pussy/Dorian wouldn't be illegal either. Are you on testosterone or just being a tumblr boi for internet oppression points? Because that'll make you even crazier.

No. 684315

Maybe obvious vendetta meant Craven was in the thread? She loves to stir up shit, and Isa is enough of a cow without the old fatty adding her own twist.

No. 684316


I assume locking the thread was in response to >>>/meta/6463

No. 684321

i think mods are trying to say the girl that wanted logan in the past was vendetta posting? but how is it vendetta posting? isabella is legitimately doing all kinds of weird shit to skinwalk raven (sleeping with/seducing her ex-baby husband, getting literally the same tattoos as her, getting married on the day after raven, etc). the shit is WEIRD, whether or not that anon wanted to fuck logan previously.

No. 684362

Yeah well tell us the posts came from Craven Town then, or from NZ, or form another place. The rest of us don't have a vendetta, I'm the OP I don't have one, isn't that usually the bar? Mira's gotten redtexts before for example, why can't vendetta anon? This girl is prime cow material, if vendetta posters are redtexted we can step around them. Not happy Jan.

No. 684367

Hey maybe don't post that shit here so this doesn't get locked along with it.

No. 684369

"80s industrial"
Bitch has no fucking clue who Einstürzende Neubauten or Throbbing Gristle or NON are. Guarantee. Skinny Puppy is great, but you can't say you like 80s industrial if you like one band. Front 242 isn't insustrial they're EBM. Fuck.

She likes stater pack goth and doesnt bother to delve into more shit. Even though i consider fields of the nephilim starter pack goth.

I like trip hop too, but why bring it up when talking about goth? She probably thinks that goth isn't a punk subgenre. Excuse the music snobbery.
I want her to make a video about that. She's very nice in person, but what a shitty thing to do. At least refund people's money (why did these idiots donate in the first place?). I used to really like her, but now I'm really on the fence about her. Especially since I'm friends with mr. owls ex and aquainted with matthias.

No. 684384

So true anon..ppl on you tube in general ( not just IBF) need to be held accountable! Too many are getting away with fundraising for a specific purpose then using the cash for something else.

I'd love to know what Matthias has to say about Freyja.. WHY the marriage ended from his perspective. We are in the dark really..

Re:Mr owls ex, many here will guess that she says the man is a total pushover and his relationship with Freyja is on the one sided side..all about her needs/ wants/career on you tube..

Re:the locked Isa/Dorian/Logan thread..can a mod tell us if Raven was posting on it? Thanks

No. 684385

Freya does whatever she wants for attention. She seems to think gaining efame equals success. Not to mention using anyone to get what she wants. Life isnt about being a goth queen sideshow and filming your life and beloved story telling (true or false). She is literally in a country alone and has no direction. She also laughs at her fans. I also know her true character. Absolute bitch.

No. 684387

Being paid to live by strangers to travel or raise money for things is ridiculous. Get a job and earn it. Parasites who prey on the people who are dumb enough to give them money!

No. 684451

Speaking of preying parasites, what happened to TT and Jake's pins? They made a big deal announcing they now have shitty pins up for sale and the last I remember it mentioned was in a months old TT video about how they are "delayed" or some bull excuse like that. Now? Nothing. The site they were selling them is down as well, so did they just take a bunch of orders/money and hoped everyone would magically forget? WHY does no one call them out on their scamming shit??

No. 684453

>WHY does no one call them out on their scamming shit??

Ggoths are known to be easy to get scammed - they don't protest or fill complaint to the police - look how easy Andreas Nicholas scammed goths 3 or 4 times with his pikes producing companies that typically stopped delivering orders after about 1-2 years without any notifications or returning money. I guess goth community is so socially awkward they are ideal target for scammers.

No. 684454

Im sure if there were people who paid for them have said something? Perhaps someone needs to make a video about these things? Kaya and Freya are both parasites.

No. 684455

I have see TT retweet photos of people who have received their pins etc. More importantly, why aren't they being called out for the MAG Kickstarter they did about two years ago which they didn't deliver on ?

No. 684472

Oh, so people received the pins then, at least? I'm confused, as someone is saying the site is down, etc., which seems pretty suspicious.

No. 684525

> I also know her true character. Absolute bitch
Do you have dirt on her you would like to share?

No. 684647

I think the mod has a hard on for gayboy/poly/snowflake raven 2.0

No. 684652

Are you really friends with Nadia?
If so, did Mr. Owl dump her without question when IBF decided she wanted him back?

No. 684723

Oh, fuck. That just recently happened to a friend of mine. Plus his pikes fell apart on me at wgt last year. Cheap shit.
I am. Basically, yeah. They split up before ibf announced that her and matthias split and she was back with barnaby. She's pretty over the whole thing now.

No. 684962

File: 1536547421879.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, CFF256EB-1A7A-4B6F-A632-57B1FF…)

Any guesses?

No. 685000

god shes so unattractive

No. 685047

Stuff like this kinda confirms the vendetta.

No. 685086

I’m so glad she’s over it.
It just came across like Nadia was a bench warmer and was dropped once IBF decided she wanted Mr. Owl back. I speculate that there might’ve been emotional cheating between them until they broke up with their respective partners. The situation is just shady all around and I hope that IBF doesn’t find another person that she thinks is better(for a U.K visa) and leaves Mr. Owl in the dust again.

No. 685104

I don't think IBF's fans will be dumb enough to invest in ANOTHER visa busbando
If she tries it at least it will be funny to see who continues to stan her

No. 685128

Yes. I guess it can be difficult to draw the line re emotional cheating if you stay friends with your ex, but there must come a time…

I have imagined it like this:

IBF via messenger: "Things are not working out with Matthias. I think we're going to break up sniffle"
Owl: O RLY OK. breaks up with girlfriend So we are both single again gosh… maybe we should reunite.
IBF: I want to but I live in Germany…. what to do what to do… oh what the hell eh.

No. 685129

Yeah, if IBF tries to fundraise for another wedding that will NOT be a good look.

No. 685149

She wants a FANCY wedding this time, according to one of the latest videos. Lmao in other words a real one and not a weird registry one with no guests where she cries into her selfie cam the whole time.
Not trying to derail but that video killed me with how freaking awkward it was. I felt sorry for her purely based on the weird disconnected autism of it. I kept feeling like "why not get a CAMERA MAN at leaaasstt UGH" and the priest (???) pretty much told her to please put the stick down at one point.
Pretending, for the sake of argument, that she was trying to pass that off as a real non-visa based wedding, why the hell would anyone ever settle for such an embarrassingly bare-bones wedding. I'm not a showy person by any means but that's the day you sort of want to be BIG and dramatic- goth weddings are the most fun ever- that was just soooo sad.

No. 685152


Take the discussion to KF, then. They don't believe that Isa is dating Logan.

Oh wait, you failed to screencap the evidence before they locked down their accounts.

No. 685161

Something interesting about Jake's new blog is that Kaya and Jake don't share a bed. One was sleeping on the couch while the other took the double sized bed

No. 685162

Someone that everyone seems to worship is Jessica Lovecat/imastaythatbitch/mizyree (or however the fuck she spelt it). But i cant stand her.

She went from gringo chola to deathrock to some basic cunt with a bolt thrower shirt and leggings. Her personality is working out and getting high. She's such an attention whore. She wants a monogamous relationship, but posts nudes and half nudes everyday. It's clear she just wants male attention. And where does she get her income? She shows off her house and spoopy bathroom, but doesn't seem to work? Child support from her ex? Why has no one mentioned her on here?
Daddy didn't give her money to buy the latest creepyeha pink harness.

Did she get a mullet? D-beat phase, when?
I remember someone said she looks like marilyn manson without makeup nack in the tumblr days. I still laugh about that. Even her body is like a square. "I've always been underweight" lol
There was absolutely emotional cheating going on. It's gonna be fucking awkward when Freyja moves back to nz.
They're dumb enough. Who ebegs for a fancy wedding anyway? It's so tacky.

No. 685177

File: 1536572303383.jpg (87.57 KB, 1120x394, tooclose.jpg)

at least there's one thing we know freezer isnt lying about

No. 685204

Not surprising, I doubt they have any kind of sexual relationship either. They're basically roommates and should just fucking break up already

No. 685212

No it doesn't. A lot of people here saw the cow for what she is and are unhappy about the thread being wrongly locked. The fact that they locked their accounts down proves that they were lurking here and possibly posting, and there are screenshots of the convo and pictures to back every thing up as much as was possible, but others saw more on their pages but didn't get a chance to screencap before the lock down. Kiwifarms are retarded for ignoring all the proof that was posted.

No. 685217

Oh fuck. I thought her skin was better kek. But can't be when you sleep with your fucking make up on every night because you're an insecure autistic goth queen who cares about looking good when found dead (being only 30 years old btw!). I guess that's more important than taking care of your skin to, you know, prevent getting wrinkles and pimples while you're ALIVE.

No. 685221

Her skin is indeed very bad, looking at her older videos she was naturally pale and her skin looked way better than it does. But now, it looks irritated and is bright fucking pink underneath her clown white face paint, it even shows through her makeup, lmao.

No. 685229


Screenshots such as >>678572? Epic farmer fail for not capping the full posts to include the "date night" captions.

Without access to their accounts the thread is dead.

No. 685235

File: 1536584599213.png (417.55 KB, 1080x922, prefer couch over double bed.p…)

May I say that I absolutely hate his shitty clickbaity titles in caps. They are all the same.
He's trying to make the viewer interested in what's going to happen in the video but these vague titles just scream clickbait to everyone who knows YouTube and bore people as soon as they see them. I'd rather click on his vlogs if he included what the vlog is about.
Funny thing is that this video's title was about them tricking the hotel employees into giving them a room earlier because they acted like tramps and hung around and fell asleep in the hotel lobby lmao.

I'm giving them the benefit of a doubt about sleeping separate because it looks like they were fighting over the couch for a nap. Still strange cause I'd rather take the comfy bed.

They are also such mall goths for literally going to the mall and eating at restaurant chains. Why do they even vlog this?

No. 685244

Yes! I followed her on Tumblr a few years ago cause I liked her look. Her personality quickly came through and I unfollowed her. Her husband or exhusband, not sure what he is now, beat her and she posted a shit load of pictures of the bruises and whatnot. Then a short while later, posted a pic of them together and smiling, and it wasn't to bring attention to the battered woman thing either cause she defended him big time when people were like WTF ARE YOU DOING? She was a mess.

No. 685248

They could've just asked? I've been hours early for check in at hotels before and they'll usually give you another room if it's available. The toxic twosome are really fucking pathetic

No. 685259

I didn't know who Jessica Lovecat was until you brought her up, and I have to ask, is she going through a midlife crisis or something? She looks like one of those SoundClout girls on IG. She and her husband (or whatever he is to her) are such obvious tryhards, she reminds me of Erin Micklow, who she's probably copying tbh.

No. 685292

File: 1536597275460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.18 KB, 586x596, Screenshot_5 (2).jpg)

How is this not a milk-laden cow? There's so much there for the taking!

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 685322

So what happened?

No. 685324

File: 1536603427424.png (878.67 KB, 750x1334, F2286848-85F2-49A6-9507-73770C…)

She posted this shortly after but I haven’t seen anything else yet

No. 685325

Who is this?

No. 685329

OK, so what is the point of the post then? She posts this just to make people concerned, then refuses to talk about what actually happened. Attention whoring to the max.

No. 685397

Leaving heavy makeup, especially as much as grease paint for literally days on your face is a recipe for skin problems. And numerous examples of vlogers are excelent proof of that fact. That is not a rocket science.

No. 685615

No. 685859


I followed her on Instagram last year. She posts the exact same selfies in the exact same angles over and over, always with a cookie cutter look. The few times I read her captions it was always a rant against her ex or some typical inspiratonal quote about not giving a fuck. She seemed tacky and trashy af.

No. 685885

Haggraven is back again on yt, time to get the new thread up an running so we don't spam this one to death.

Long update vid with prommisess of more.


No. 685968

File: 1536687739239.jpeg (226.31 KB, 746x1224, D598ABA4-A78B-4CB6-8E98-6D496E…)

Kat Von D and Leafar are making a documentary. About their love or their veganism? I don’t know but I already hate this level of narcissism.
Link to article: https://www.livekindly.co/vegan-kat-von-d-leafar-seyer-documentary/

No. 685970


The new thread was posted 7 hours before your post.


No. 685996

Imagine being so darn up your own ass you make a feature film on your “twu lub” despite having 11 previous relationships, all lasting years and one being a previous marriage. Of course “the one” is the guy that knocked her up, I’m betting all her exes are glad they dodged this bullet

No. 686045

File: 1536695670009.jpg (64.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-11_204222.j…)

I'm new here can I just say how do TT and her waist of time Jake get people to give them money for noting they on twitch now looking for money they not one bit nice what I don't like that they give goths punks bad name and Jake is not goth now he wonts go into modeling dear god if his head gets any bigger last week he was looking to move to London he keeps putting Belfast down but did stop both of them at BBC studio today .they think there only goths in Belfast.

No. 686047

File: 1536695819169.jpg (52.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-11_203943.j…)

TT Head big oh god whish she give up on those thighs

No. 686088

File: 1536702113011.jpeg (185.46 KB, 738x1117, C8580C8F-90B0-439D-9FC5-1B87FD…)

Baby Leafar doesn’t need a documentary, he needs vaccinations! Will they really forgo Vit K? That’ll be a fatal mistake.

No. 686099

I briefly checked the stream twice within the last hour and they keep playing fucking Linkin Park. This is the same guy that complains his music taste is unpopular. Yes dude we're not in the early 2000's and this music has always been shit and normal people have outgrown it. It's also NOT metal.

They are playing the sims 4 and created uber goth characters (I think themselves), it's super cringey

No. 686107

File: 1536704999543.jpeg (254.46 KB, 746x742, 2BCE4488-4537-45EA-B3AF-FC0CC2…)

Due in November??? Really??? That’s gonna be a huge baby then.

No. 686131

we'll see how his first year of life goes with zero vaccinations. But is she really pimping out this baby before he's born? documentary? I thought a lot of people cancelled KVD

No. 686142

she looks like a MTF that managed to get pregnant off a womb donation or something. tf. i know pregnancy makes you bloated but damn. she really looks like she's got some gestational diabetes going on (which would support bAbY lEaFaR being so huge).

No. 686144

Total cringe and I think they both think they look like them I'm shocked she not in pink .also see were Jake hoping for killstar to give him some free men clothing .I can't Waite see what shite he puts up on second part of when they both dress same .sooner people wake up and see that they use people as ATMS.better she going on about how bad her skin is and need new foundation like you face need clean and leave makeup off she sitting there with face all made up both pain and toxic as hell .(namefag)

No. 686145

Without the vitamin k supplement baby has a big chance of dying or being a vegetable.
Kat will blame whatever conspiracy meme she last saw on Facebook instead of herself, milk the media, then repeat the process.

It’s the kids who end up losing in this. People like that don’t deserve to have them.

No. 686147

it's actually so fucking depressing how people can just have kids and literally throw their lives away because they're selfish pieces of shit who are high on whatever earthy-crunchy bullshit they saw on facebook.

No. 686154

Forever mad that because they’re stupid enough to believe in magic and granola it’s not classed as child neglect and endangerment when it very obviously is.

Kat honestly seems like she’s just jumped on the wagon to stay relevant which is even worse imo. She’s gonna refuse to provide an infant with medical care and proper nutrition in order to stay on trend and maintain an audience.

No. 686166

File: 1536709807473.jpeg (304.55 KB, 750x1111, BCF2ED02-EF1B-4356-BAEE-91D412…)

I hate that it looks like this documentary seems to be about praising natural home births and shaming mothers who either choose or need hospital care and drugs. I bet KVD is one of those people who looks down on women who had to have a c-section. Like it makes them less of a mother.

No. 686167

Yeah, she sounds like a bitch who would down on mothers who opted to go to the hospital in case of any real complication. I can't wait to see this train wreck

No. 686173

~positive vibez only~
fuck's sake, ppl should know the pros and cons of birth b/c it doesn't always go well and ignoring that won't change facts. the doc sounds fucking stupid, she's acting like the first person to ever have this kind of birth and i can't wait for all the 'uwu look at my vegan baby' posts.

hey newfriend, you don't have to put your name or email, just sage in the email field if not providing new info.

No. 686182

Until she needs one, then she’s gonna talk endlessly about how brave and amazing cesarean births are and how that’s like, way more powerful than anything she didn’t do.

Makes sense that she’s becoming one of those women who think having a kid made them magical. She’s fucked up every other achievement she’s made, gotta patch into something to fuel her sense of specialness.

No. 686246

"Our bodies are beautifully designed for this" yeah it's not like there are hundreds of ways that birthing can go wrong for the mother and child or anything. Forget the thousands of years of women dying or losing their babies, natural birth is the best because it's natural!

No. 686298

File: 1536721938998.jpeg (246.11 KB, 750x934, C3B46E0C-4581-4D73-BC1F-8CF084…)


Can a knowledgeable anon tell us if this is truly a 6 1/2 - 7 month belly? She looks like she’s about to drop that baby right there on the pavement.

No. 686300

It looks a lot more like 8+ but I can't call myself knowledgeable. No way is that 6 months

No. 686306

Isn't it kind of hypocritical that somebody whose entire career has been focused around things that are unnatural to the human body is saying this?
Also, this is the kind of shit that gets people killed.

No. 686422

Lol, I've noticed this too! People with tats, extreme body mods, and a lot of plastic surgery going vegan because "muh healthy lifestyle", I think most of them are full of shit.

I'm tinfoiling, but I think Kat is probably going to vaccinate her kid, but wouldn't dare tell her fans, as that's oh so horrible. If she doesn't take vitamins and doesn't vaccinate her baby when it's out, and the kid comes out somewhat normal the poor thing might die as she clearly doesn't know what she's doing from bad diet. Kat will probably be feeding it quinoa milk and soy milk, and not formula either.

No. 686447

I fucking can't stand Toxic Tubs and her self-absorbed fat chav asshole of a boyfriend, both are just a pair of low life scammers exploiting their fans. TT will never lose weight because she's a greedy bitch, be it with food or money. Disgusting. And why is Jake so adamant on being labelled goth? Even if we were just going by looks, he doesn't even DRESS "goth". At most he looks like a hipster skater or some shit, no one would look at him and think goth. It's going to be glorious when they get older, their fans out grow them and they'll be nobodies who actually have to get a proper fucking job. Sage for rant

No. 686449

Toxic Tubs lol!!!

No. 686460


You're not meant to put your actual name and email on anon boards lol

No. 686461


The only people I've seen who are that big at 6-7 months are either carrying multiples or they're overweight and carry most of it on their belly. She's obv just lied about the conception date because she cheated on her last boyfriend

No. 686463

File: 1536744904024.png (562.09 KB, 457x538, goff.png)

former goth model
or disgusting spotty alien?

No. 686465

File: 1536745315001.jpg (85.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-11_211602.j…)

Don't forget she only goth in Belfast on god when she gos on BBC her head get bigger .I to can't stand them

No. 686467

File: 1536745541553.jpg (66.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-11_211157.j…)

Sorry people I'm new to this she has to be like Kelly eden as did she do something on TV ad other day she post then next TT on BBC she so won't to be Kelly .one day people see true them

No. 686473

To look like this around the 7. month you need to gain a lot and I mean A LOT of weight from the very beginning of your pregnancy (or even before).
It appears she has in fact gained weight (look at her chin and neck in >>686107 ) but she doesn't look wide enough in general and her tighs are still pretty small so I'm also guessing she is furhter in than she says.

No. 686479


can you fuck off or learn how to spell and use grammar correctly

No. 686504

I bet she's taking a lot of pictures right now to post in the time she has to disappear from instagram because her baby's birth date is earlier than she announced

can she visit a dermatologist ffs

No. 686510

File: 1536754890712.png (531.07 KB, 544x508, gothcows.png)

These are easily my favorite D-list celeb lolcows. They're both dumb as rocks. Rafael looks like a fifty going on seventy year old junkie, he's younger than Jared Leto but too-edgy-for-thou to try and stay in shape. He has a pancake-assed, pot-bellied, skinny limbed body like some old man, and now that she's all bloated and eating for two, they look like a farmer walking his cow. They don't even need scientology to look like a retard like Tom Cruise, they're their own little cult. And they're going to raise the baby vegan and without vaccinations; that baby will be lucky if it lasts two months. I hope that documentary clears the sinuses of CPS and their baby gets taken to a safe place.

That is not normal. People who keep their diets in check sometimes don't even show noticeably until they're six or seven months along, some don't need maternity clothes until they're over eight months. She looks full term and ready to pop. That baby won't even get vitK, but she gets to eat whatever she wants? What an abusive cunt.

She could end up not just killing the baby, but herself, if there's something wrong after birth and she bleeds out. Imagine growing up with a washed up, single dad in his forties who still does the edgy spelling his name backwards thing.

No. 686518


If she's due in November then she's due at the same time as me and she is a fair bit bigger. I'm not small either, I was a bit overweight before I got pregnant. She seems to be gaining weight all over which some women do, but I bet her diet isn't exactly peachy. From 7 months though my bump fucking came out of almost nowhere so it really does size up fast at this point but I remember in her wedding footage she was so much bigger than I was at that time. But It's so insanely different for everyone that none of us can draw a conclusion from her size.

No. 686520

Double posting just to ask if anyone knows if she has posted her actual due date. Could be the start or end of November and that month in progress where she is now makes a big size difference. She revealed the gender and name and all.of her other plans so if she's keeping the due date of all things a secret I wonder if it really is for the reason people are speculating.

No. 686536

Seeing photos like this is quite an anti-ad for pregnancy.

No. 686538

I mean, I agree with your opinions on TT and Jake, as far as I've been able to understand them, but you really need to work on your grammar and spelling, as your posts are quite painful to read.

No. 686560

Going vegan isn't all that bad because at least it's good for animal welfare and the environment, but a lot of the ~natural~ new agey shit that a lot of them get involved in is a scam at best and dangerous at worst, case in point.
>She could end up not just killing the baby, but herself, if there's something wrong after birth and she bleeds out.
If she's creating a documentary then there's a good chance she'll at least be a factor in the death of a pregnant woman or her baby. Hospital births do have their issues, but there's a reason why infant and mother mortality rates have plummeted in Western countries with the advent of modern medicine. Telling women that a 'natural birth' is the only way to go is completely irresponsible on so many levels. And who even gives a shit if a woman takes drugs to not be in excruciating pain during delivery? As long as the baby is healthy then it doesn't make a fucking difference; these idiot granola parents focus so much on things that have little to no bearing on what a child develops into while neglecting the things that actually matter. This is on par with boob nazi shit.

No. 686647

English might not be her first language?

I was bored watching TT videos, the amount of times she makes excuses for her fingernails being dirty jfc, "oh excuse my nails I was spray painting the other day" "ignore my nails I just dyed my hair" filthy bitch clearly doesn't bathe often and has to lie about it every single time. How hard it is to scrub them clean when you know they'll be up close on camera? No wonder her skin is shit too

No. 686745

Yeah, probably not. I was trying to not be rude about it like the other anon. But I really had trouble understanding what she was trying to say sometimes.

No. 686778

I am always astounded when I see people on Instagram asking TT how she keeps her skin looking so great. Are you blind or stupid?

No. 686862

She used to date a woman as old as her mom, but it seems it wasn't enough. She's on grandma territory now.

No. 687005

File: 1536807520646.jpeg (201.87 KB, 750x1085, FF89E3AA-7A5E-4B4C-88A9-139D56…)


No. 687044

I… Sweet lolita ???? melanie martinez??? I hope it's the latter so freezer can get cancelled lol

No. 687045

This is similar to what she used to wear all the time, don't know why she's acting all horrified. Anyone who has looked at her Myspace knows this is exactly how she used to look, minus the soft pink. She used to wear hot pink.

No. 687056

Gah! Didn’t even recognize her, she looks horrifying. She should practice her makeup more and go into the transformation side of YouTube, she clearly has the face to turn into other peoples faces. also
>pls let this not be lolita fashion, just leave us alone

No. 687110

Where is the milk? So far I see only anons talking about their insecurities about pregnancy.

No. 687111

I would be very uncomfortable if I was her mom. Her mom has been in her videos and it seems they are close with a healthy relationship, I don't know why she wants to bang old women unless she is a sugar baby to them. She can definitely get a young girlfriend if she wanted

No. 687113

yada yada yada, yeah, every girl is supossed to fuck girls her age yada yada yada

No. 687116

Hi, yes actually you can get a young girlfriend. Why have an old woman when you can have a sexy young one? I don't get it.

No. 687119

>Hi, yes actually you can get a young girlfriend.

Breaking news

>Why have an old woman when you can have a sexy young one? I don't get it.

Coz muh prefferences? People preffering partners older then themselves is nothing new. Especially for women.

No. 687129

Its nasty from a relationship aspect, physical aspect and general mental aspect.
Its never healthy and 9/10 has some form of sugarparent aspect to it which again aint healthy and is straight up escorting kek

No. 687133

Older ain't the same as old, that woman looks significantly older than her lol. She can do whatever she likes but going for a woman that's old enough to be your mom kinda sends out mommy issues/sugar baby signals.

No. 687143


>altcows dressing slutty and half naked - no fucks given

>altcow boy fucking older women - no fucks given
>altcow girl in relationship with older women - ay way, that's disgusting


No. 687145

Ratings are down. Lets play dress ups because Im bipolar.

No. 687154

Its not the same anons every time and bold of you to assume thats everyones stance lmao

No. 687157

>Its not the same anons every time and bold of you to assume thats everyones stance lmao

The last is predated by former, so it's very well versed, not just a bold assumption lmao

No. 687167

Im bored. Another unimaginative plea for attention. Just because you live in Germany doesnt give you goth status… cant believe how someone lives for comments to boost her ego. Step into the real world she wouldn't last 5 mins.

No. 687214

Is she even alt? She looks like a "pastel goth" poser, I don't care about her sucking the dust out some old woman's pussy, sux4her. Grandma is probably rich, the young girl is waiting for granny to die so she can take all of her money, probably.

No. 687219

Or she just like to fuck older women. I fail to see any reason for her to be posted in this threads so far. Some anon just posts here every time she gets new girlfriendm which has nothing to do with this thread.

No. 687248

Y'all, what the hell happened to Snowy? She went from a tradgoth look, to some weird normalfag mess. Did Angela's video affect her that bad? Lmao. I don't think the makeup is bad, for normie makeup, tbh. It's just so sudden how much she changed.

No. 687253

Her terrible music is also a reason for her to be here

No. 687267

she's a retail artist for charlotte tilbury now so she can't really do the goth look for that.
can we stop posting her too.
there has never been any milk on Snowy and it has always felt like selfposting to me whenever she shows up

No. 687288

She also seems to have started to change her look when she began to date some creepy fuck in his mid-30s

No. 687338

This smells like a self post if anything

No. 687355

File: 1536857852074.png (117.99 KB, 1080x982, muh metal.png)

Says the guy who listens to Linkin Park. I love how he completely denies that any good pop music exists but he's also someone who hates David Bowie so there's no hope

No. 687357

File: 1536857976941.png (450.3 KB, 1080x1042, kaya.png)

Kaya's reply

No. 687385

> It's just so sudden how much she changed.

Sudden? It started around her haircolor change and progressed rather smoothly.

How is that supposed to be milk?

No. 687392

Ah yes, the post I was trying to respond to until I got a horrible 5 second ban! Clearly, the farmhands are ableist, muh ADHD! (Pls, no hard feelings farmhands, it's not your fault ik)

On a more "serious" note, I would've enjoyed this video if she had her grandmother gf as the other lesbian stripper (that's what they're supposed to be, right?)

He probably also listens to shitty metalcore, judging by his band. Even Prayers is better than his band, lmao.

I was judging based on her Youtube, even so, it seems you're right. It's still weird to me, she used to be super into the tradgoth thing and now she, like an anon in the last thread said, looks like a random unknown beauty blogger on Youtube. Oh well, at least she's happy.

No. 687406

File: 1536864259227.png (897.27 KB, 1080x1028, snowy.png)

Maybe it's because she's only friends with normies. When you look at her insta there are some photos with them and she always stood out. Maybe she wants to fit in more idk. When she turned platinum blonde it still had 80's tradgoth vibes but now that's gone.

No. 687660

Maybe the whole trad goth thing for her was an image thing. It's not like she was really into any of the interests that go along with a ~goth lifestyle~. I'm an old goth and this happened with one of my clubbing friends. She was full on image and music but not interested in horror, occult, blah, blah, then she met a normie guy, got married and when I saw her after two years she looked like any random on the street and was big on Cher. CHER!!!

No. 687669

Adding, when I've searched for people I knew from clubs in the '80s, I'd say half of them went the way of Snowy, but it's the ones who never really seemed to be into the thing for more than the image.

No. 687720

I'm probably going to sound like an uber elitist (I really don't mean to), but I find with some people it's obvious sometimes that they aren't authentic, even when it comes down to their style. With Snowy, I felt the same way but ignored it because I thought she looked cool. Also, because she liked the music. But it was always something unauthentic about the whole thing, yeah her room looks ~*spooky*~ with goth icons all over her wall, yeah she likes the music and has the 'look' down (Uh, had) but something was just off. I hate to sound like I'm selfposting as this chick isn't really well known, but I get the same feeling from the IG user tibby_sioux, she's a cute girl but I can't shake the feeling that something is just off. It's the same thing with Erin Micklow even though she seems to like the music, surrounds herself with punks and supports their events/festivals but the whole thing is just so obviously fake with her, she's really just a parody of a punk girl.

No. 687725

Hey now…Cher is kind of awesome.

(sorry for not really adding to the conversation)

No. 687741

Ha, I tried to word it so I didn't sound uber elitist, but fuck it. That's what I would've written if I hadn't self censored. One thing that sets my unauthenticgoffdar off is tacky objects and jewellery. Shitty coffins and plastic skull things.

Back to trying to be nice, I suppose it really is a phase for some people.

As for Cher, I don't like her pop but she's hot as hell in Mask.

No. 687756

>I'm probably going to sound like an uber elitist (I really don't mean to), but I find with some people it's obvious sometimes that they aren't authentic, even when it comes down to their style.

Sure, that's true. I'm personally living in a country where rarely anyone dresses stereotypical goth way, even despite the fact that quiet some did back in 80s/early 90s here. Just generic darker "rocker" vibe and some of that crowd are into the scene since decades. None of them is obsessed about the look, yet they will emanate gothness wearing just pink pants. Most can recite lists of goth rock bands in dozens.

The most obsessed about look here are mostly some generic "dark" girls who rarely knows even more than few entry level bands but their wardrobe is always "perfect" and they probably eat black bread only and that sort of things. They typically wear victorian and when asked identify as goths, cruise around most generic dark events and festivals. They mostly disappear from public sight around turning 25, rarely some make it up to 29 years old.

No. 687765


>Ha, I tried to word it so I didn't sound uber elitist, but fuck it. That's what I would've written if I hadn't self censored.

I don't see anything uber or even basic elitist in what you said. It's normal that for some people participation in subculture is just an episode in their journey trough life.

>One thing that sets my unauthenticgoffdar off is tacky objects and jewellery. Shitty coffins and plastic skull things.

Well this depends on time period and general "wealth" of population and of course individual execution of them as part of wardrobe. I'm from poorer part of Europe, so it's nothing sensational to be spotted with artificial jewelry pieces or some cheap imitations of some other accesories, yet some manage to keep them within "punky" context, other don't. On other hand you can look fake even wearing 925 sterling silver, so… not to mention polyester victorian dresses some love so much… yet some manage to look quiet ok in them for some arcane reasons.

>Back to trying to be nice, I suppose it really is a phase for some people.

Well, yes. I agree. "It's not just a phase mom" originated because that is indeed a phase for many people.

>As for Cher, I don't like her pop but she's hot as hell in Mask.

Well, she also stand(ed) out in nowadays generic popstars crowd even if it's just because 80's had a much higher technical requirements for singers. Lack of digital mastering was much less forgiving than nowadays when you can have no singing voice at all and record multiple albums with proper mastering and management/advertisement.

No. 687923

Noooo I didn't mean cheap jewellery like that. I mean how they stock up on the crap at Halloween from pound/dollar stores and it looks really try hard and sad, like putting fake cobwebs on their windows. That nasty stuff and they take it seriously.

Wearing rosaries was a big thing back then. Maybe Madonna put goths off because I don't see that much now.

No. 687943

I’ve been following Jessica lovecat on tumblr and insta for years and she can be super milky but mostly it’s just sad because she’s really mentally ill. She’s autistic and can’t work because of behavioral issues so she gets social security every month. Her husband and her are back together for the 1737362639th time after he was extremely physically and emotionally abusive to her. He’s supposedly mentally ill too but she’s mentioned before that he just copies the way she acts so he can get on social security too

No. 687967

But isn’t it that he’s a former addict instead of simply mentally ill?
I remember her from the Vampirefreaks times back in like 2006 when she was the most rated and popular girl on the whole site, she stayed #1 for years and everyone kissed her ass, but she was not really that much of a drama person back then, she used to take a lot of pictures with certain goth aesthetic, more going to the melancholic or ghostly gothic style. There were people who talked to her regularly and always said that she was so smart and stuff but nowadays it’s so cringy to see her, read the things she writes, and the way she is, I wonder if she got hardcore into drugs too and her mental health got affected by it, there are too many drugs that actually give you mental issues that you can’t revert.

No. 688058

Sorry I don't know how to embed videos but some poor soul donated $1000 to MAG last night

No. 688069

I don't know who's worse, the Toxic Twosome stealing peoples money or the people who are gullible enough to donate to them… Why is this shit not illegal? It seriously disgusts and angers me

No. 688074

What the fuck. I know people can spend their money on whatever they want but how do you justify giving so much money to two lazy "content creators" instead of donating it to a charity?

No. 688087

But they are charity cases anon!! Don't you know TT has such a tough life what with her laptop and hard drive breaking every few days for the last 4 years!! Neither of them have any money to eat I mean look at them they're so thin!! How can we expect some of the same exhilarating videos Jake puts out of his ridiculously awesome trips to the post office and laundromat?! I know I wouldn't be able to live if I couldn't see those.

No. 688100

File: 1536937355227.jpeg (196.53 KB, 750x1040, 8D193CC3-C1AB-442A-A689-103151…)

lovely shit splatter makeup look, vicky

No. 688103

File: 1536937944226.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 1465D44E-FB5D-4744-A8B9-92B83B…)

sorry for double post but had to share this one as well. her new skull tattoo looks like something from the lesser key of soloman and apart from being super edgelord something always rubs me the wrong way when people get this kind of thing tattooed on their body. probably a dumb superstition of mine but demonic and satanic tattoos are like mere mortals fucking around with big shit we don’t understand idk.

No. 688165

Okay, this is my first time posting on lolcow so if I mess anything up I apologize! I will try saging in case this isn't milk.

RE: Kat von D lying about her due date–this has been intriguing me since I'm pregnant and due mid-november and her dates just don't add up. I went to her IG for some time stamps and found the following:

Sept 11th she posted she had 11 weeks left until spawn releases. This would put her due date around the end of November. (Roughly the 29th)

Since she's going the super hippy route I doubt she would subject the baby to additional scans/tests beyond the standard, which when you're pregnant you most often find out the gender of your baby at the 20 week scan, yet she posted 'its a boy' on May 8th, well over a month before she'd even get that scan. (I found out early-mid july since i'm due mid nov)

She started posting pics of herself in baggy clothes starting in March, right around the time she would have likely conceived or shortly there after and not even known she was actually pregnant.

It doesn't add up. The only way she could have known the gender of the baby that early is if she did a blood test. Even if she did an in depth 12 week scan and got lucky by finding the gender out that early it wouldn't be until around the end of May. Something just doesn't add up.

No. 688177

Ooo anon congrats, I'm due end of November! Agreeing with all you've said here. I never followed her so I didn't know at what dates she said these things but it definitely makes it feel more sus now. Jeez it took till the end of March for me to even find out I was pregnant.

Regarding the gender thing, I am not American myself but have known a lot of American couples to find out much earlier than the 20 mark but that's usually due to a blood test. Maybe among all her hippy dippy granola shit she was able to justify something she'd seemingly hate, in their rush to find out the gender.

Also I really don't agree with dragging a pregnant woman for her size, ever, but basically if this is correct and she's due around the 29th then she's due at the exact same time as me and looks a hell of a lot bigger than me, and I'm not a small lady. Idk.

No. 688185

Yes, it's a dumb superstition. Also, non-milk. You are in the ALT thread.

No. 688196


Congrats to you as well! <3 I live in California, my doctor said if we wanted the blood test that determined the sex we'd have to pay for it out of pocket. Apparently it's just a small part of a comprehensive blood test and only covered by insurance if you've got a proven family history of certain things. She's very well off, so she may have just paid for it and not thought twice-who knows!

I also agree, not to drag her by any means, especially since every woman experiences pregnancy differently, but she looks pretty big, almost as if the baby has already dropped more in preparation for expulsion. Her belly is bigger than mine and i'm not a small lady either and this isn't my first pregnancy.

More than anything it just strikes me as odd that she's sharing so much of her pregnancy with her fan base but is coming off as really deceptive about when the baby was conceived/due.

No. 688236

ever since she got rid of her hair she looks like she has a bobble head. also funny how she says she loves it but then complains dudes don't find her attractive. none of her tattoos make sense, she mostly goes for edgy shit for the sake of looks and is going to be a mess before she's even 30

why do ppl care about kvd's concception/due date? for all the bitching that goes on in this thread about non milk, i really don't get why this is such a discussed topic.

No. 688271

Her head would look less abrupt if she didn't wear such extreme make up. Having such a severe haircut like that with the make up is only going to make it look even more abrasive. Also, that septum jewellery is utterly retarded and it looks like someone did a wet fart on her forehead. She'd probably be somewhat decent looking if it wasn't for that and the edge lord tattoos.

No. 688361

Maybe because she was dating someone else very close before she started dating Prayers. If the dates don’t add up, that baby could be someone else’s…

No. 688449


tbh, it seems like since she's spent the better part of the year travelling australia and asia, she's really changed? i mean, she's a young person who was mostly into goth music and some fashion, took a break from the community, travelled, went home and decided to change her life? it's not out of the ordinary for young people who get out of their comfort zone to change. I have never really doubted her sincerity when it comes to what she likes, but people change, anon.


Snowy has always said that she really likes 80's music and tradgoth music? I mean jeeze, nobody is ever satisfied. Goths who age into the goth scene are called immature tryhards, and those who move on are called posers and fakes. theres truly no way to win.

No. 688485

Snowy was never goth. She was a teenager living with mummy and daddy in her English home all cosy imitating Siouxsie. She worked in retail so there was NOTHING steet cred or edgy about her at all. It was just a fashion experiment. Little girls like that annoy the fuck out of me. Snowy deserved that video from Angela. What a poseur!!!!! Check out her Friends… hmmmm edgy.

No. 688493

>I would've enjoyed this video if she had her grandmother gf as the other lesbian stripper

Didn't listen to the music but skipped through the video and had the same thought. If it's Tru Luv then why put a young sexy woman in the video and not grandma? There's also plenty of girls in the comments offering themselves up to Julia. So why has she gone for an older woman a second time?
Should be noted that her first girlfriend in Brazil was a girl her age, and they got hassled in public, which I assume is what the music video is a dramatic retelling of. (nobody died irl)

No. 688495

>How can we expect some of the same exhilarating videos Jake puts out

It's amazing they have such dedicated fans tbh, impressive almost. She is nice but dull and he's unbearable.

No. 688690


You can't help where you live or work. She liked goth music and dressed the style, what more do you want? My best friends aren't goth and idgaf doesn't change anything. If she wants to change her style she hasn't given up anything, she's living her life dressing however she wants. You don't sign any blood oaths getting into a subculture.

No. 688709

lol that's the dumbest thing I've read. So to be a real goth you have to have alternative/goth friends and work as a fucking mortician?

No. 688712

Not that anon, but I agree with what they said. She didn't sign a blood oath because she was never part of a subculture. It was all about hair and makeup for her.

>Thank you to who requested this video! I had a lot of fun making it :)

So much fun, she decided to do it full time.

Now she's back and itching to do youtube I bet she starts liking ~spooky~ stuffs again.

No. 688718

Yeah I mean I agreed with them too (re Snowy not really being goth) but the rest of their statement was dumb

No. 688736

You sound like such a fucking womanchild.
>You can't be a REAL goth if you're a young adult who actually has a job, hmph fucking poser not even edgy >:(

No. 688769

File: 1537019223946.png (625.66 KB, 1036x613, Screenshot_5.png)

>Goths who age into the goth scene are called immature tryhards, and those who move on are called posers and fakes. theres truly no way to win.

How? Not in these threads at least. I've never seen anyone call an "eldergoth" in these threads an immature tryhard. I could see it if they looked like TT for example, as she is an immature tryhard but someone like Angela, for example? How?

Ugh, it's just so unauthentic. I'm speculating here, but I think I'm right as I've seen this same thing play out a couple of times. Snowy is just a weirdo (not an insult, for my sensitive anons). She likes goth music, she seems to look it, but it's not real. Snowy, in general, is simply a weird girl who doesn't fit in with her normie friends, instead of just being herself and not labeling herself at all she tries to fit in with her surroundings. It doesn't work because it's simply not who she is.

This is why I don't get posts like this, if she were goth, why is she changing herself just to fit in with her normie friends, surely she would've came to terms with the fact that she isn't normal already? No one has to look like Jonny Slut or Siouxsie Sioux's twin, it's very easy to tone down your look and still "emanate goffness" (lol) when you're actually goth.

I agree, but not with the retail part. A toned down look can get anyone a job like that, only idiots who have to reaffirm to themselves "I AM DA GOFFESS OF DEM ALL!" by going OTT every day and ruining their skin by clown white face paint and looking like retards in general, aren't going to get a job like that.

>>687756 's >The most obsessed about look here are mostly some generic "dark" girls who rarely knows even more than few entry level bands but their wardrobe is always "perfect" and they probably eat black bread only and that sort of things. They typically wear victorian and when asked identify as goths, cruise around most generic dark events and festivals. They mostly disappear from public sight around turning 25, rarely some make it up to 29 years old.

Is accurate, these OTT people are simply tryhards, they probably look in the mirror daily telling themselves "I am goth, I know who The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy, and Siouxsie and the Banshees are. My hair is fried and I have ruined my skin with chalk water, no one is more goth than I."

TL;DR, major goth sperg. Possible elitist? Oh no! Oh well, at least I saged. My excuse is it's 8:47 am, and is about to rain here.

No. 688797

Anybody who whacks on a "The Cure" shirt and thinks they are suddenly a goth now. The Cure aren't even goth to me, a lot of what entry level "goth" is were considered pop music at the time.

Snowy is absolutely someone who decided that because she doesn't match the Stacey friends that she's now a Goff, which is ridiculous. She blatantly tries to be "more" gothic to humor the viewers, then gets back into her normie gear afterwards.

No. 688817

lol mte who even still talks like that post like..2004?

No. 688871

Early 00's documentary featuring among other known personas - Aurelio Voltaire.

No. 688898

File: 1537036020552.png (465.9 KB, 907x345, money pleeeaassee.png)

imagine giving these two idiots £1000.
you might as well have flushed all that money right down the toilet.

I hate to admit it but Jake really is too good looking for Kaya. She really just does not care about how she looks anymore

No. 688899

File: 1537036039116.png (353.18 KB, 728x510, shoes.png)

already putting that £1000 to good use

No. 688914

File: 1537037387584.png (251.05 KB, 588x653, uhhh.png)

New shows alongside a 'Retractable Masturbation Cup'

>I hate to admit it but Jake really is too good looking for Kaya. She really just does not care about how she looks anymore

It's sad because Kaya can look really pretty when her weight is under control, she looks so weird now. As for Jake, he looks kinda chubby so I think he's average. I won't deny it though, if he wasn't a bit chubby and stopped trying to be a metalhead and goth poser I do think he would be more attractive.

No. 688923

And what the hell was she searching for in order to find that?

No. 688948

>pls let this not be lolita fashion, just leave us alone
You called it, anon.

No. 688954

I'm so disappointed about this video because she could have used this chance to wear ACTUAL LOLITA FASHION, I think she's probably really like brands like Atelier PIerrot, Alice Auua, Boz, H.naoto/h.blood, etc. like for real the EGL scene has so many AMAZING brands that would really fit her style but she's over here in a cheap wig and circle lens. :/ smh.

No. 688955

>I won't deny it though, if he wasn't a bit chubby and stopped trying to be a metalhead and goth poser I do think he would be more attractive.

That and if he had a complete personality transplant. He might be just slightly better looking than Kaya on the outside but they're both equally ugly on the inside, tl;dr they're fucking fugly

No. 688959


>The Cure was pop music at the time

When and where? Not in the US. Not during the early 80s. I had to order most of their albums as imports via Burning Airlines.

No. 688960

Not to mention that blatant misinformation at the beginning of the video.
>I can't pull it off because I'm old and not a tiny Asian girl
>lolitas are supposed to look like children and also only Asians can be lolitas lol
Please, just stop.

No. 688988

>When and where?

In Europe I kept hearing "Friday" and occasionally "Pictures of you" like up until mid 00s on the mainstream commercial music radio station. Also their concerts here usually collect quiet a mainstream audience en masse.

No. 689021

Yeah in Europe and the UK specifically it is considered pop/mainstream, maybe not in the US.
Since Snowy is from the UK I can say for sure the Cure are considered semi normie here. Friday I'm In Love and Lovecats are pop/rock mainstays.

No. 689102

>Not to mention that blatant misinformation at the beginning of the video.
>>I can't pull it off because I'm old and not a tiny Asian girl
>>lolitas are supposed to look like children and also only Asians can be lolitas lol

And she does have some points here but she kinda has a face for it. Some lolitas her age I know about look like crossdressers at her age despite they were looking just fine like 7 years ago in same makeup and style. Well OK, maybe they should alter the way they apply makeup because of that. Their faces changed a lot. And also Asian women skin ages somewhat slower because it's thicker than caucasian female skin.Well you can wear that clothing even when you are wrinkled 90s something, no one is gonna stop you but certain aspects of general lolita style will be missing and clothing will only underlight how much you aged. Take a look at Strawberry Switchblade duo trough their career and how changes in their faces started to develope changes in general feel of their look at the end. There is a problem with certain styles that they are somewhat aesthetically hard to mix with with ceratin characteristics of body type and age (too young or too old - not yet/anymore possessing certain physical aspects that such style are designed to highlight, or having traits that these style unintentionally highlight/reveal).

No. 689109

She should have tried a aristocratic style over the sweet style, she actually has the face to pull of the mature more "queenly" looks you get from that style of lolita.

The pale pink and white sweet lolita look is horrible on her,she looks dead (er than normal) I thought she was going to try for a pale goth look or something but I guessed wrong

I wonder if she thinks Lolita is all just cake prints and pink everywhere

No. 689119

>I wonder if she thinks Lolita is all just cake prints and pink everywhere

I think she's trying to escape her past as a weird v-kei wannabe weeb who failed at lolita by pretending she doesn't know anything about it.

These videos are pointless to me, but they get a lot of views from dumb people on YT so that's probably why she does them. I think an interesting transformation video from her would be a video on how she used to look, like around her Myspace days (it'd probably be just as boring let's be honest)

No. 689133

File: 1537060388487.jpeg (177.15 KB, 744x1098, B5E2B760-331B-428C-AB26-C64F66…)

I guess Snowy isn’t the only one going normie.

No. 689147

Thanks I hate it

No. 689151

I mean, it's possible to tone down your look at work while still staying true to yourself and then express yourself fully outside of work. Not everyone has to do this, but a lot of people do and it's ok. It doesn't mean she is going full normie.

No. 689187

I mean, Drac just has her look going for her in terms of being part of the scene. She doesn’t like the music as proven here >>682918
So if you don’t have the music or the look, are you a goth or a normie?

No. 689263

Sweet isn't for everyone but she doesn't look that bad, and lolita brands have released things that absolutely will fit her; plus, if she can afford all these hauls, she can afford a headbow and a blouse secondhand to at least make it look like she tried.
Having seen plenty of people who aren't Asian and don't look "child like" being made over into sweet lolita successfully, I can say it has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with knowledge of fashion and makeup, but I guess she didn't want to dedicate any actual effort into it.

No. 689334

She won't be paying for those hauls.

I totally get not spending money on a garment you know you won't wear for anything other than a video shoot.

No. 689335

The thing that makes me angriest about TT and Jake getting the £1000 is that they never once thanked the person that donated.
I guess they just expect to be handed that much money without actually doing anything

No. 689357

>So if you don’t have the music or the look, are you a goth or a normie?

No liking of the goth music at all - not a goth. Elaborate complicated style clothing and makeup is just an addition that was created by decades of clubbing events by goth music community and was not that big part of of the scene initially when t was very simplistic mostly. And in many countries outside UK and USA it was mostly about wearing dark toned clothes.

Vidrel - Drac's video from 2015 "Goth for beginners" - presenting her outlook on the definition what goth is in her opinion at the time.

No. 689362

And here example of pretty much minimalistic style of the 80s band Siekiera from communist Poland - looking like a cross of factory worker with state secret police with choppy chaotic haircuts and vocalist that faceplanted into a puddle of white paint.

No. 689398

File: 1537102025913.png (129.22 KB, 1080x478, 20180916_134432.png)

Says don't trust people who listen to pop music
Likes Evanescence

No. 689402

Exactly. As someone who has followed lolita fashion for years, there are some legit beautiful brands, esp for gothic lolita. But some reason uninformed as hell people like Freyja think lolita = SWEET LOLITA and nothing else. It's obnoxious and lazy.

ew, that's so gross. She needs to stop

No. 689416

Uh god. Jake and Kaya are nothing more than mallgoth posers, simple as that. I hate that she is one of the top "goth" YouTubers that young people new to the scene will find first. Even worse they both scam their fans out of money. Absolutely cannot stand the pair of them.

No. 689488

File: 1537115524270.jpg (39.5 KB, 495x283, blitz-club.jpg)


The Blitz Kids of the late 70s would like a word.


No. 689491

File: 1537115637765.jpg (22.99 KB, 333x500, 82dbd215ee553b8e84ec491fdd9382…)

No. 689494

File: 1537115856781.jpg (20.39 KB, 280x439, dcd635d48e432d805cbb91094df87b…)

No. 689499

Ah yes, New Romantic tribe. But in what sense "like word"?

No. 689502


Abbreviated English idiom, "They would like a word with you."

No. 689517

OK, but about what exactly would they like to talk about with her?

No. 689530

File: 1537119528727.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180916-142724.png)

>my beautiful #vegan husband
There's no need to say anything further

No. 689574


Not literally. It's an idiom.

No. 689578


I get that it's the idiom. Just curious what provoked it's usage - was it look or something she said in the video?

No. 689709


They are saying that what she says in the video is proven wrong/myopic by the existence of the Blitz Kids (presumably because they didn't limit themselves to dark toned clothes).

No. 689714

This. When I was newer to the scene, I came across Toxic Tubs and Freezer. Impression was goff = buy stuff. At least Freezer knows her music.
Granted, they were less milky then, but with what's accumulated now (scamming, etc) it's shitty they are the "big names".

No. 689896

I think IBF's video was better for beginner goths. She went right to the point, we aren't emo, and goth is a music based subculture. Drac's video is unnecessarily long, should've just titled it "How To Be A Goth Poser" tbh.

And damn, I've said it before but it's really obvious now that I'm rewatching some of her videos, she truly is a Mansonite. Even down to her makeup lmao. I also hated that video of hers where she was basically saying you don't have to like goth music, but you have to know the bands so you don't get called a poser.

No. 689994


It was in response to

>Elaborate complicated style clothing and makeup is just an addition that was created by decades of clubbing events by goth music community and was not that big part of of the scene initially

No. 690071


She wasn’t goth in the first place, it felt like she just hopped on the trend as quickly as she got off it. Heck she was the one who said you don’t have to listen the music to be goth in the first place. Just another poser.

No. 690078

Drac, ReeRee and TT all have "how to get into goth" videos when none of them are goth, kek

No. 690137

File: 1537188987721.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1788, why.png)

Ugh why is he so obsessed with pulling down his pants when he's showing off his body? It's so uncomfortable lmao. I wonder what Kaya thinks. There is absolutely no need for that except you're trying to be sexually suggestive.

No. 690142

File: 1537190381762.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1787, freezer.png)

In other news: Freezer finally got her UK visa

No. 690193

What's there to be proud of here? He#s untoned and pudgy. I honestly think they don't have a sexual relationship at all, it might explain why she found this >>688914 kek

Oh god, keep away from us in the UK. Is she gonna dump Mr Owl for a British husband now?

No. 690371

He looks like he has some muscle, but alas, it is hidden under fat which is fine as you'd assume he's been bulking - but I can't see him ever cutting enough to get the ripped look he wants. These two never seem to eat properly, which is good if you're doing a dirty bulk (kinda) but not if you're after that defined look which Jake seems to think he has going on.

And yes please. The UK does not want Freya back. I wonder how she wangled that one.

No. 690449

Kaya just put out a collab video. I guess she had less control of angles (or her diet kek) cos her double chin is huge.
And there was the London Edge picture upthread making me think she lost weight.

No. 690512

File: 1537221333561.png (387.16 KB, 532x545, pic.png)

Kaya said on Twitter that she was upset editing her new video because she looks fat in it even though she insists shes losing weight.

The camera doesn't lie Kaya

No. 690513

didn't he say before that he had his six pack back….

No. 690561

File: 1537224992326.jpeg (217.6 KB, 746x1000, A1FA6B1E-C380-4D90-B779-71FEE9…)

Ahh yes. A time of need to fill her empty cupboards. Yet she can afford to goto the uk!

No. 690713

If Mr. Owl is in NZ, why is she going to the UK? Now I'm sure she's about to leave him again and get a British goth hubby.

New video by ReeRee. Inb4
Yeah, but she's still alt tbh.

No. 690726

Huh, what does this mean? What time of need? Is she going to pretend that she doesn't even have money for food now in order to get more Patreon bux? And is she also unable to cook for herself? Jeesh.

No. 690832

Oh gosh he’s such a pussy

No. 690839

This video was all about her miscarriages and the one she had a few months ago. Nothing about goth or anything just her mental and where her mind is at from the miscarriage.

As for Friday with her “time in need” yeh. It’s her crying too poor to fill her cupboards with food

No. 690856

Literally. I'm #notagoth and back in the days when people thought I was a goth, I was also #hotagoth, BUT the alternative scene from early punk onward had a HELL of a lot to do with aesthetic. Creating an individual and dramatic look was paramount. And the music that was enjoyed in the Blitz and clubs that emulated it was very eclectic./coolstorybro

No. 690885


Saged for no milk, but where does the nickname Freezer come from?

No. 690903

Did this autist really encourage a 14 year old who is dating for "over a year" a 28 year old?


No. 690908

No really, I don’t think I’ve seen worse eyebrows in my life. They make her face look as big as a planet.
But she insists.

No. 690955


It is a dual pun on her name and dig at the fact that she is asexual.

No. 690959

Nothing weird about age gap relationships even if one of them is a child!

She's sticking fast to the stance even in ridiculous cases, it seems.

No. 690996


I hate how she says it's illegal but she still encourages her. Even if she is in an age gap relationship she is an adult but literal 14 year olds have no business with guys in their late 20's.

No. 691017

What are the local laws there BTW? Here anyone can legally fuck someone who turned 15.

No. 691022

Wow! Any normal person would tell her to stay the fuck away from a 28 year old. There is no case in which that is okay ffs. 14 year olds aren't mentally developed enough for relationships with adults and it's forbidden for a good reason. What a dumbass.

No. 691114

Jake and Kaya posting about how much they NEED the new Killstar clothing knowing full well they'll never hand over a penny for any of it and just want more free shit

No. 691122

File: 1537296202711.gif (2.72 MB, 524x470, 2883f5924b2c080a7273cb11799adb…)

I always wondered what irks me so about Dres face… something that made her look just weird. I shopped her face shorter and the difference is dramatic.

No. 691139

What an ogre. I really can't stand her cause she's the epitome of a mallgoth/emo who only wears hot topic and killstar

No. 691215

Yeah idk you just made her look like an alien kek

No. 691218

yeah i don't think she needs a brand new skull. she just needs to lose some weight and her features won't look tiny floating on a doughy face.

No. 691224

You gotta be blind. The edit looks WAY better than her original face, in fact it looks her original face is some kind of shrek ogre edit.

No. 691317

>vegan vegan vegan

imagine if this was your entire identity.

No. 691766

People have to fill emptiness in their life somehow

No. 691787

She’s totally going to find a uk beau and dump mr owl again, another goth/alt wannabe influencer who wants to ride her coattails and be a power couple or whatever. Wonder where she’ll try to stay for the 180 days

No. 691801

File: 1537360272074.jpeg (258.82 KB, 1080x1133, 44266BF7-AA3B-4E72-AF4A-503212…)

Anyone familiar with this flaming fuckface? Stole this screenshot from a Facebook group I’m in, it’s getting a lot of traction and shares right now. Tried to go to her Instagram but it’s private.

No. 691802

Lol at TT doing a collaboration vid with "Roly" that guy is a "non binary" narcissist and one of the most annoying prats on YT. They deserve each other!( Couldn't bear to watch it,anyone want to fill me in?)

Who will IBF stay with/ freeload off in UK?…hmm. My money is on various adoring fans here there and everywhere..which ever ones have a spare room and treat her as a queen. Could her potential new man be amongst them?.. unlikely ,,,based on the people who turned up to her meet and greets.(most were female)..
I don't doubt she will meet guys into her..depends on how desperate she is to stay long-term vs.how in love she actually is with Mr owl.

My mind draws a blank as far as any UK male goth/alt you tubers who she will team up with for content. I think Sweeney deville should run a mile! Possibly dark alt types involved with the performance art club scene ..they are normally total fame whores ready suck devil dick for any attention…actual goths? Not so much..

No. 691814

>skin color is on par with music in importance
>being part of a subculture based on music and aesthetic by choice is the same as being born black or tall, or working as a model
Wasn't familiar with this rule. I love that the first line in her IG bio is "FUCK OFF fake goths", lmao.
What do the comments look like?

No. 691821

This just screams troll to me. It's too perfectly designed to make people mad.

No. 691839

I saw it in the group Goth, Gothic, Gothics and people are PISSED. But maybe >>691821 is right because it does seem pretty trollish

No. 691875

File: 1537370892211.png (477.87 KB, 1080x1489, begging 1.png)

I tought I'd add the screenshots here. damn they are so greedy. Aren't they sponsored by them anyways? I guess it's never enough.

No. 691876

File: 1537370910836.png (367.41 KB, 1080x1055, begging 2.png)

No. 691938

And look at that, a killstar haul soon after. Where the hell does she keep all this stuff?

No. 691948

I can just imagine as soon as she's done filming she tosses everything aside into one big pile then puts that pile onto an ever-growing mountain of shit in her wardrobe and just leaves it there. Notice after every haul you never see her actually wearing anything from them? She just wants to keep getting free stuff, like when she did the witches unboxings (witch box, moon box, whatever it's called), she's not even a witch, she has no interest in it and has shown no desire to learn yet has done around 10 of those damn unboxings already. She doesn't even care what it is as long as she gets it for FREE. She's worse than the "scummy chavs" she and Jake rant about

No. 691973

Lord, is this why people have been ruining their skin with white greasepaint? I would say it's real, due to her IG now being deleted, but it honestly looks like a really bad goth copypasta. It also sounds like something a boomer would make, even though the woman in the profile picture is clearly some kind of millennial. If you guys see something like this, plz make sure to archive it so these people can't say "Hehehe, T-that wasn't me! See, there's no proof of me saying that whatsoever. Clearly, that image is fake."

No. 692103

I remember the whole tumblr shenanigans. Had no idea that was her on vampirefreaks. It makes the whole disrocker thing even funnier.

I know she's autistic so she just clings to what everyone else around her is doing. Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't kiss her fucking ass.

I was a heroin addict and then an alcoholic. I had the DTs horribly the first few times i tried to sober up. My short-term memory is fucked up from it and I feel like it worsened my bipolar disorder. I can imagine her drinking doesn't help her mental disorder.

She mentioned being fat at one point. She could have lost weight through tweaking. I know a lot of former drug addicts get addicted to working out.
Goth is just a subgenre of punk. It was a bunch of homeless kids on drugs who wanted to make punk, but darker. Then new wavers branched from punk. The 90s fucked everything up. From the music to the fashion trends. I cant stand the term baby bat. Was it coined by Jillian venters? i wish she never wrote that fucking book or acted like any kind of authority on goth.

No. 692138

File: 1537390581891.jpg (965.22 KB, 1433x2152, Screenshot_20180919-165247_Ins…)

Here's some new evidence from some old ish milk. Getting proof as the idiots post

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 692154

What proof is this? No one cares about your vendetta.

No. 692173

I know this sounds like a reach but self-pitying people are eating this "viral" story up right now


It's definitely a staged attempt.

No. 692185


Do you have any milk on roly? Is he as scummy as kaya?

No. 692221

Well now we know why the toxic twosome got £1000…

No. 692262


The thumbnail hurts my eyes. Which one thought that looked good??

No. 692335

Pasty? Ah, yes, looking like an overweight cookie is not that rare among goths.

No. 692508

File: 1537431742508.jpg (51.93 KB, 475x700, Esme_Hoggett.jpg)

Sage for no milk.

For years I wondered why Kaya's voice was like nails on a chalkboard and so bloody annoying, then I realised it's because she sounds EXACTLY like Mrs Hoggett (Farmers Wife) in the movie Babe. Same weird whining sing songy old lady tone. Sorry just had to share.

No. 692516


Don't come for Mrs Hoggett though she is absolutely precious

No. 692542

What normal person does this? What brain process between them lead to such a stupid fucking idea like "if someone donates $1000, Jake will shave off his eyebrows!" and why do people still follow them blindly?! Even if you disregard these two selfish brats exploiting their fans, shaving your eyebrows off is hardly a big feat is it? He had drawn on eyebrows before in his Jeffree Star wannabe cyber emo days anyway. Apparently it's fucking $1000 worthy.

sage for rant

No. 692575

Again, Jake looks annoyed throughout the whole video. The body language between them is pretty clear. He can't stand her.

No. 692583

It's not even like he has a job where it will be embarrassing to be seen without them or any friends where he has to go out in public looking stupid without them anyway

No. 692638

There's NO way they have sex. He's always like that to her. She is always trying to be affectionate and he's like an ice block and acting annoyed. They seem like one of these longterm relationships where all the love and excitement is gone and they just stay together because they can't be alone/are afraid of change.

No. 692693

He’s so vain, for no good reason. Eyebrows grow back fast.

No. 692695

Just look at his likes, he's always giving attention to young thin cute girls. Who do you think his thirst photos are for, not his girlfriend.

No. 692779

and she was recently posting about some weird vibrator thing kek

No. 692850

I seriously need to up my makeup game. If this ogre (as seen on twitch live stream excerpt included on the video) can look like a semi attractive woman on youtube videos, literally anyone can do it. I seriously wonder how the fuck she live streams looking like that, she used to be so self conscious about appearance. You don't need to look like a top model Kaya, but looking like actual garbage is taking it a notch too far.

No. 692879

File: 1537473266298.png (582.84 KB, 973x537, kkkk.png)

does he actually even like Kaya.
There's no chemistry whatsoever it's really sad.

No. 692889

File: 1537473856020.png (1.02 MB, 1279x718, crawlinginmyskin.png)

I think he got with her to get some of her fans, tbh. He probably would've got more fans if he was with IBF, but she's actually goth so I doubt she would want a wannabe metalhead/goth poser.

No. 692905

not a vendetta he's fucking his stepsons wife/husband who thinks she's a guy which makes him and his stepson gay. it's a sick twisted family and i dont understand why you guys aren't jumping all over this circus

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 692914

I want to say he was purposely acting miserable because he was about to have his eyebrows off, but he acts this way all the time with her so I genuinely believe that's just how he is. Remember in the Killstar haul video with him where he tossed the clothes at her when he got up to leave? He's such a dick. Is she really oblivious to it or just lying to herself? They're as bad as each other but she's really better off without him

Also I'm not one to attack someones looks but she's REALLY let herself go hasn't she? Not just in terms of the weight gain but her overall appearance, she's just really not attractive anymore. I wonder if it's a result of him making her feel shit about herself

No. 692920

File: 1537475928497.png (1.72 MB, 1279x721, oof.png)

>Also I'm not one to attack someones looks but she's REALLY let herself go hasn't she? Not just in terms of the weight gain but her overall appearance, she's just really not attractive anymore.
>I wonder if it's a result of him making her feel shit about herself

I wouldn't doubt this at all. When he was still a mallgoff he always looked like her twink little brother. Perhaps he knows this, which is why he's such an ass to her.

No. 693009


>implying that jake and kaya AREN'T the 2018 version of mallgoths. Tbh I think we need a term for mallgoths now that nobody goes to the mall anymore. internetgoths? Instagoths?



Well, that's how Kaya got the money for the new killstar items.

No. 693025

I'd feel sorry for Kaya if she wasn't such a scammer.

No. 693042

File: 1537482568032.jpg (124.77 KB, 1200x852, tttt.jpg)

her biggest problem is how she's doing her makeup these days.
putting thick layers of white foundation all over acne is never a good look.
she's also just older. her skin has aged so everything looks a bit cracked and weird

No. 693049

File: 1537483303584.jpg (304.6 KB, 396x596, DSC_1514.jpg)

No. 693051

File: 1537483514161.jpg (49.05 KB, 518x778, IMG_4188.jpg)

sad that she was on her way to having a pretty successful modelling career if she worked harder

No. 693056

REAL goffz r PASTY!

No. 693063

jfc the side shaves do her no favors whatsoever

No. 693071

holy crap what a difference, she used to be so pretty

The shaved sides just make her look larger, as do the shorter eyebrows she insists on drawing. She looks a lot better with her hair down and longer eyebrows. That extreme cat eye look doesn't suit her either. I know people can do whatever they want if that's what they like but she is always complaining about being fat so why does she do everything that accentuates it?

No. 693086


instagoths is perfect. Or gothots, is that already a term?

No. 693147

Goththot is a tag on Instagram

No. 693216

because no one but you cares about them, you retarded autist. this is for alt cows not cow adjacent uwu vendettas.

No. 693246


Not only that, vendetta anon is shitting up the Raven thread.

No. 693264

No. 693276

File: 1537505604635.jpeg (58.58 KB, 750x413, B7C0779B-1F0F-4DEB-9972-4CE519…)

When you’ve got no control over the angles.
And fuck are her teeth just as bad as ibf

No. 693288

You need to stop posting this stuff in this thread, no-one wants to read about it here; go to Raven's thread if anything >>>/pt/573602 We had a specific thread for the Isa situation but staff locked it due to vendetta posting, and who knows that's probably what you're doing.

No. 693291


Vendetta anon is already shitting up the Raven thread.

No. 693343

omg. how revolting!! did she really think the metal in her mouth and those lace pants made her look attractive? it's a landslide…. big future kaya. BIG future.

No. 693344

File: 1537517295527.png (819.2 KB, 654x627, delicate feet.png)

I must just have really delicate feet. HAHAHA this made me cry.

No. 693349

Successsful modelling? On what planet? LOL! Let's start the benchmark at … hmmm suicide girl audition. It's not vogue.

No. 693355

File: 1537517949070.png (744.24 KB, 659x637, steamer.png)


No. 693359

File: 1537518269623.png (1.06 MB, 915x641, hangs.png)


No. 693363

File: 1537518432539.png (212.43 KB, 497x228, tag.png)

This is my favourite part.. the tag hanging out of the back of the jumper. The level of care is below anything one would hope not to video. Has anyone noticed how she models and stands like she's being frisked by police or something? Her arms hang out to the sides like she's a scarecrow. Who does that? Then she stands showing each side like a police lineup about to get her mug shot taken. I'm crying.

No. 693365

Aww wish BBC Belfast would have highlighted how much she slags off where she is from.

No. 693408

He has that same dead-eyed look as Logan. He's to her like a pink toy poodle is to an aging rich divorcee. Poor accessory boy.

She's fat and dumpy, it's not just her face that is sagging. Good goths, or goths that age gracefully, tend to be boney. The meatiness of her throws off the look. Goths need cheekbones.

If by modeling you mean porn, sure.

No. 693449

Uh why her though? She bashes Belfast and actual goths all the time

Well, I mean, she's just trying to show how the garment looks from every angle which is fair enough, but she doesn't have the greatest posture nor does she even try to make herself or the clothes look presentable. Showing the clothes in motion, or even a lookbook, would be better than her frumpy ass just stood doing a 360 degree turn…

No. 693471

>They don't go out to the goth clubs

Bitch neither do you. She's so full of hypocrisy and contradictions in this it's fucking laughable

No. 693472

>And fuck are her teeth just as bad as ibf

Meaning not bad at all, just natural.

You amerifats are really ridiculous with your thinking that artifical whitening means "good teeth". kek

No. 693479

>Successsful modelling? On what planet? LOL! Let's start the benchmark at … hmmm suicide girl audition. It's not vogue.

Well she was slim and alt. That means there were at least few people ready to fap to her sets.

No. 693658

>She's fat and dumpy, it's not just her face that is sagging. Good goths, or goths that age gracefully, tend to be boney. The meatiness of her throws off the look. Goths need cheekbones.

Is this the the lady__ crow chick that said all goths need to be pasty?

No. 693662

Hey Dorian I thought you hated lolcow.

I am inclined to believe this is him though. Between hating fat people as much as everyone else in this forum and his recent tyrade on insta about how obsessed Americans are with basic good oral hygiene, I gotta say I really believe this is him.(Hi cow)

No. 693693


She was so, so pretty and it wouldn't be too hard for her to fix herself up a bit. There was a photo posted a few threads back with her hair in a long plait and just minimal make up, wearing a long black coat. She looked quite elegant. A bit of weight loss and fixing her skin/posture would go miles for her - also ditching that heavy make up. I know it's part of the look and everything but fuck me, she does not suit it

No. 693703

Australian and no. They’re fucking bad and it just shows how much she edits her EVERYTHING. And honestly, if you’re teeth are THAT yellow, that’s just poor brushing mate. Goto a dental hygienist and get a bloody clean.
Even the side angle was horrible. Didn’t know how bad her acne actually was

No. 693709

File: 1537559039235.png (452.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180921-204315.png)

No. 693759

rofl, he looks dead inside

No. 693840

She looks awful here. For being on BBC news could she not have put in a bit more effort. Talking to her about the goth scene in Belfast is hilarious too because she never leaves the house. She doesn't know anything about what's going on in Belfast goth scene these days

No. 693977

Brands won't touch her because she's DUMB and has no idea how to present. She's completely unprofessional and not polished. Get a grip.

No. 694005

Yeah, IBF seems to have no trouble getting brands working for her, possibly because you never see her without her full look going on and regardless of any milk, has appeal to their potential customers.

No. 694035

She has a 'big' number but lately her views are not equalling that. She's not that 'big' anymore. I think people are getting bored. She's always been a one trick pony.

No. 694050

also Aussie and lmao you can barely even see them in the photo being discussed, let alone determine their colour. don't be retarded over teeth, anon.

No. 694077

Ya, this thread is overrun by muh clean and comfy normie aesthetics freaks. Their "arguments" are mostly milky enough that only their anonimity stops us from dedicating a separate thread to them.

No. 694100

Which Dorian are you talking about here? Ofherbsandaltars or Raven's son?

No. 694108

Lol at the top comment on BBC's YT channel video.
>BBC is covering everything. Next time they will do "How porn movies made"

No. 694217

some people are speculating she's american too kek

No. 694288

File: 1537640076674.jpg (25.85 KB, 534x402, g98yGef.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 694313

Someone needs to maintain their under arm garden

No. 694409

TT has yet ANOTHER haul i bet her house looks like a hoarder's storage place ffs

No. 694414

Is it just me or is that pit hair green?

No. 694489

"I just have one lil tiny complaint, the shoulder came undone (ripped) the first time I tried it." - I hate that this bitch is a sell out, that doesn't mind conning her subs to go and buy overpriced shit quality clothes just so that she can get sponsored. This is the kind of thing I imagine someone like ReeRee would never do, hence why I respect her. (and before some stupid fag points it out, no, I´m not fucking Reeree, get over youself)

No. 694603

She needs to size up, she would look so much better.
Her hauls are depressing, make an effort, get out of the house and show us how the clothes move, how do you style them?

No. 694610

Oh dear

No. 694652

TT uses the word 'cute' 19 times in that video.
Someone needs to send that bitch a thesaurus in her next haul.

No. 694654

File: 1537671661527.png (863.57 KB, 1080x893, 20180923_035841.png)

Is she fucking serious? Can't even be bothered to straighten her bow / collar or at least reshoot when she realised they needed fixing?
Why the hell are these companies using her to showcase their clothing?

No. 694663

I don't need to watch this video to know it's a waste of time. This chick is just sloppy, unimaginative and boring. If she does bother to look at this site, after the pages of 'advice' - she's as good as it gets. There's no helping this person try to be better at anything. She's just stupid. Sorry, but it's true.

No. 694672

the sunflower in the background is the only redeeming quality about this video

No. 694690


Is what we see behind her the results of her gothic gardening? It's as haggard as she is.

No. 694875

Is that a dress or top? It looks too small for her either way

She's just lazy. As long as she gets free stuff she doesn't care about making an effort or being totally honest about the products she gets.

No. 694913

Im trying to think of a word that means more than lazy. Tell me what that is and thats TT.

No. 694933

>"Will Pottery Barn sponsor me?"
>"I hope to do more hauls with EMP"
>"I want ALL the Harry Potter stuff from EMP"

Paraphrasing as I can't remember it word for word but she said that. Why is she SO fucking greedy?

No. 694956

She's clearly got a gluttony problem and also personifies slothness.

No. 695014

Breaking news, humans (women included) have armpit hair.

FFS, can you stop your look nitpicking? You not liking makeup, teeth, hair whenever possible, nails, toes, fingers, tongue, brows, eyes, tattoos, shape of etc have nothing to do with the matter of this thread, board and even whole farm.

No. 695312

Love it how you think this is one person.
I hate tts teeth. Another mentioned some ransoms underarm hair.
But now that you’ve had an autistic fit about people’s opinions, get that shit lasered.
Why must you insist on being unhygienic??

This is a board to bitch about people and it’s clearly getting to you. Maybe, Iuno, fuck off??

No. 695328

Armpit hair isn't unhygienic though.

No. 695340

File: 1537739965782.png (833.63 KB, 1164x719, BIRTHDAY.png)

Imagine making a 17 minute video asking your viewers to buy you things off your amazon wishlist. she was cow even back 4 years ago.
A lot of people seem to think that TT and PeachMilky are both sweet, nice people but their both really bitchy and mean. PM is great at hiding it but once she has a few drinks in her she shows her true colours. TT used to post on hate forums making fun of fat people so we all know what she's really like.

just makes me angry that people still donate and buy things for TT when she's the least deserving person

No. 695350

What did PM do?

No. 695428

That's just a pointing out that anons here are milky too.

No. 695436

Also curious about PM, she seems nice but since she's friends with TT I get the impression she's just as bitchy as TT when off camera. Any info?

No. 695445

File: 1537747525690.jpeg (152.24 KB, 750x769, A692F933-F309-4122-AFA0-F42032…)

The amount of photoshop. How? And why?
We know what her face looks like. I just don’t understand

No. 695537

First time in this thread, saw peachmilky mentioned. I would like more info, been watching her for awhile she seems sweet

No. 695595

Video for all these annoncows who think goth is a beauty contest

No. 695740

kek nice try hiding the double chin kaya, we all know it's there

No. 695759

File: 1537789140253.png (629.54 KB, 718x609, 88484994.png)

before she got her nose done she was really shy and quiet. she saved up every bit of money she ever got from the age of 8 or something to pay for her nose job.
After she got it done she changed into this different person.
She is friends with TT for a reason. they thought they were the hottest things walking in Belfast. PM is a gamer so she thought she was so special and Kaya being a goth she thought the same thing.
anyways these days PM make fun of all the guys who obsessively send her money and gifts over Twitch. She thinks they're all creeps

No. 695867

Didn't she actually have two nosejobs? Wasn't satisfied with the first one and wanted to go even smaller?

No. 695909

I mean I agree with him that goth makeup tutorials are dumb, probably why IBF has clones roaming about as she gives them tutorials on how to look just like her. I would rather get inspiration from ancient art or a different culture lmao.

But an 18:28 video of him rambling and then to end on a "gawd not real (tips fedora & vapes)" mini sperg? I kek'd. And are we going to pretend dude didn't look like the dollar store version of Nik Fiend? Anyway I wish Cemetery Confesssions was just as unapologetic like this dude, sometimes they seem like oversensitive fags over there.

No. 695984

>anyways these days PM make fun of all the guys who obsessively send her money and gifts over Twitch. She thinks they're all creeps

but I mean, they are creeps? It's lame that she'd make a career out of catering to creeps and then complain about said creeps but it's not any different to any other female twitch streamer. They're thots, the lot of them.

No. 696006

Yeah she had two. Even now she has serious hang ups about her nose. She was never bullied for it or anything but she always thought that she'd make it big as a model of she had only got her nose perfect. She's a working model in Japan so I guess it was true!

No. 696128

Man I didnt know who she was before you posted her, looked up her Twitch account and she has a really annoying voice.

No. 696139

Who the fuck cares about armpit hair? Not shaving is pretty common among alt people.

No. 696153

File: 1537827349564.jpg (16.4 KB, 518x425, why.jpg)

I'm just always disturbed that her face is so saggy and her double chin so out of control. I don't get why. I weigh much more than her and my chin doesn't sag like that, she's not even that chubby.

No. 696157

From side view shots she looks like she has a small chin and an overbite (somewhat..?) which can make even thin people look like they have a double chin, so imagine someone Kaya's weight…

No. 696184

she needs to stop doing her makeup like this because it only highlights her new penis-shaped head more

and does she just not have eyebrows anymore?

No. 696445

>I weigh much more than her and my chin doesn't sag like that, she's not even that chubby.

1.You look less chubby from your POV than from the side
2.Everyone store fat in individual way.
3.pale makeup + strong light from the side = well visible shadows due to the contrast

No. 696447

>And are we going to pretend dude didn't look like the dollar store version of Nik Fiend?

Well Nik Fiend always had a dollar store look anyway xD

No. 696452

still can't believe that's how she did her makeup to go on BBC.
I'm pretty sure Jake thought that he was going to be on this too. he seemed really hyped about it before it got released. must suck that he has such an ego but is always in his girlfriends shadow

No. 696457

I can imagine him fronting like an angry rooster as they shuffle him away to a room on the side. Nobody wants to see you, fella.

No. 696476

Is there any milk in KinaShen or ObsidianKertu? I've never seen any of them here

No. 696722

>I've never seen any of them here
Probably because they aren't goth. Obsidian is another alt girl who wears mostly black and thinks that makes her goth. KinaShen is similar to that, but she's never labeled herself as goth, she's just a Chinese shoop queen who wears all black tbh.

No. 696758

I would feel bad for her bc of looking like this and how obviously it fucks with her if she wasn't such a vapid retarded cunt

No. 697823

This is an ALT cows thread though, not a GOTH cows thread.

No. 697845

True. In that case, I don't really consider it milky, but KinaShen literally shoops herself into her IMVU avatar and her lips are constantly changing from bigger to thin. Obsidian, in general, is just a tryhard, but isn't she a Dollskill model? Probably not, but it seems she only shops from there if she isn't (true goths only shop at dollskill, didn't you know?) if she is, it's only fitting that she's a tryhard. You'll probably find more milk in Obsidian, I think KinaShen is just pandering to edgy weebs.

No. 698127

File: 1538025375196.png (659.17 KB, 1014x960, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 7.15…)

Are you ready, kids?

No. 698130

Wait till we get some sort of tt colab

No. 698278

File: 1538036825198.jpeg (456.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-26-18-53-48…)

I've been following this insta model Mary De Lis, and she is really naturally pretty and makes decent photoshoots, but yesterday she posted this, and well, no comments.

No. 698280

File: 1538036872279.jpeg (450.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-26-18-53-46…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 698338


Does she have fillers? Her lips look all wrong

No. 698348

I thought Pete Burns was dead.

No. 698354

File: 1538044939431.jpg (118.63 KB, 750x937, 40705762_229137821292802_33890…)

Usually, fat people's heads are the smallest thing on them, (unless they're Tammy and Amy Slaton) proof of that is the fat girl angle, shoulders up you can't tell they're fat. But with Mary De Lis, if she does a fat girl angle, she looks fat when she's actually not. Odd.

No. 698370

you just explained why "fat girl angle" is not a "fat girl angle" and even supplied a proof

No. 698545


Anon thats some obvious overlining

No. 698568

File: 1538067050270.jpeg (130.85 KB, 1009x2076, received_2197586120565019.jpeg)

Begging again

No. 698631

I assume she's going to collab with TT. I had a feeling she'd come to Dublin now that she lives in the UK, it was just a matter of when. I've seen TT in the wild plenty of times and I'd love to see IBF. Where do you think she'll go while she's here? O'Reilly's? The Gypsy Rose? Christ Church? Dublin Castle? Farmphobia? Or just do nothing Gothic at all…

No. 698726

She will probably do more in a few days than TT has done in her whole life.I bet TT is intimidated by her tbh

No. 698812

Yeah, I can't really see them collaborating tbh. Sure they're both scammers, but one is a poser and the other is not.

No. 698824

bitch doesnt have a job and we KNOW she doesn't keep house, so what the fuck is stopping her?


idk if I'd say that is the difference. Say what you want about IBF, she knows how to film decently, has an actual education in film production, and is engaging w/ her viewers.

No. 698855


All it takes is an hour out of your day to batch cook for the week. Maybe spend less time begging online and more time in the kitchen and looking after your body, Kaya.

No. 699170

IBF is not a poseur, in comparison with TT..fair point.She likes some goth music at least.. while not as completely empty and scammy as TT..IBF isn't a good representation of what goth culture is all about…fame whores/ebeggers like IBF drive thoughtful, intelligent goths mad! she is very shallow..no cultural insights or creativity,totally materialistic, ..and dumb as a box of rocks. perfect for the masses darling!

Who will she collab with in Ireland/UK..not anyone "Goth". My money is on whatever LGBTQ performer with a big channel who digs her look…drag/club performance is a parellel genre to her goth cabaret!

Or maybe she will just do boring travel blogs of tourist sights..she may have given up on getting famous by collabing with Gigi gorgeous or whomever.I hope she has..people like her and Voltaire are an embarrassment.

No. 699232

>IBF is not a poseur, in comparison with TT..fair point.She likes some goth music at least.. while not as completely empty and scammy as TT..IBF isn't a good representation of what goth culture is all about…fame whores/ebeggers like IBF drive thoughtful, intelligent goths mad! she is very shallow..no cultural insights or creativity,totally materialistic, ..and dumb as a box of rocks. perfect for the masses darling!

I don't recall her being ostracized when I have seen her on few WGT in last years. So what is the basis of what you wrote here?

No. 699336

File: 1538138570976.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180928-134045.png)

Stuff of nightmares

No. 699339

Too lazy to even put on eyebrows now.How much money are they trying to get this time? All of these goals they set for the streams never seem to come to fruition yet people keep on giving

No. 699348

Have you seen a dog with brows? Plus why shall they care about putting brows at all? Isn't punk that they aspire to be (yes, goth is punk genre) supposed to be about not giving a fuck actually?
Appearance nitpickers are cancer.

No. 699357

File: 1538142431517.jpg (36.94 KB, 500x667, c4907577a372c21c3ea70cad4b59eb…)

No. 699404

>Have you seen a dog with brows?

And you call us nitpickers, kek

>Plus why shall they care about putting brows at all? Isn't punk that they aspire to be (yes, goth is punk genre) supposed to be about not giving a fuck actually?

Uhm, no.

No. 699408

Yeah, because making a salad is SOOO difficult and time-consuming.

No. 699412

>Uhm, no.

Poseur, leave →

No. 699697

File: 1538169782264.png (4.4 MB, 750x1334, CC77185E-E413-4022-82D6-4AF22E…)

Who fucking guessed it?!
She’s on a “mission”. Guess she’s moving to Ireland! Hopefully they don’t allow it

Does she mean finding some to legally marry and live with again?

No. 699714

Irish passports are pretty easy to get if you have an appropriate grandparent.

No. 699758

Isn't Barnaby, in NZ? Why is she even in the UK at all? I'm going to guess she's going to get a goth British bf, and if things go wrong she'll go crawling back to Barnaby.

No. 699827

She wasn’t allowed in the uk before so they’re not easy for her

No. 699834

This. Freezer even said they split in the first place bc she loves travelling and Owl doesn't. Seems she still wants to travel, but now Owl is her free safety net if she gets stuck.
Is Owl a doormat or?

No. 699844

Legally being the operative word. What is home? Where do I belong? Should I marry another person to secure a roof over my head? This chick needs a job. Work it out…

No. 699845

Barnaby is studying at the moment. In his 40s. He obviously cant offer her a lifestyle she wants at the moment so she'll bide her time elsewhere until it suits her. So much for supporting your one true love. Its never going to be Mr Owl until it suits her. If ever.

No. 699867

Barnaby must be push over, he took Freyja back but it's like she doesn't have time for him.

Yeah he might not have money to travel. But Freyja is like "hmm where can I live" when he has a house. Couldn't she have a house with him?

No. 699988

i think there's about 10 years between them. She's still not prepared to settle. I don't think she has the mental ability to just 'be'. She's pretty text book when it comes to flitting about. It's sad because I'm not sure what else she's expecting from visiting places with no one to share it with. Seems pretty hollow. There's only so many churches, galleries and food on a stick you can buy at festivals until it all gets a bit repetitive. It appears Germany have probably caught up with her and her no longer marriage to Mattius. She best get her shit together. Don't hold your breath!

No. 700035

Freya is clearly keeping her options open…So hopefully Mr owl is as well! Going back to NZ is an if all else fails scenario for her. Doesn't sound like romantic love,more like they are old friends. Not knocking that! Seems like she played up the romance for views? The key point is neither party is changing their lives for the other..nothing wrong with being independent..But this isn't a love partnership.

Good luck finding Mr Uber goth with money Freya..Love to know what she gets up to next in Dublin..

By the way, like many in NZ she has Scottish ancestry not Irish. But it might just be possible for her to get a UK( Scotland is still part of the UK) or Irish passport( if there is a fairly recent Irish ancestor as well..you can hire specialist firms to research it,lots of ppl want an EU passport in the wake of Brexit )..if she is prepared to do a lot of genelogy paperwork and jump thru hoops/ shell out a fair bit of money.. especially in the case of getting a UK passport..it's a total cash cow for the government.

No. 700039

I know nothing concrete about the rules in Ireland in regards to foreign nationals marrying an Irish person and gaining permanent residency thru that.

I bet it is somewhat less strict in Ireland than in the Uk.. the rules have changed here and the person you marry has to be pretty well off to get you in.so she can't marry a guy who is a student or works an ordinary low wages job..let alone someone on benefits.

I think the greener pastures for Freya are in Ireland..

No. 700093

She is so weird , I don't feel like she and Mr owl are going to marry honestly, and it wouldn't be surprised if she starts a new life (again) in another country, she just seems to hate to live in NZ, , she makes such impulsive life choices, "im going to live in Germany"," I'm going to marry this guy that I barely know","I'm going back to my ex", mmmm better go and live in another country again, seriously at this point I won't even be surprised if she gets back with her ex or starts a new relationship with some other random ass goth guy in another country , it seems like she can't live in one place for too long

No. 700115

It still requires her geting divorced 1st

No. 700122

Are there any actual semi famous goths in Ireland that Freezer could latch on to? Or any festivals?

No. 700132

The goth scene in London is way bigger than in Dublin. other than the virgin prunes( back in 80ies) there havent been many Irish Goth bands or Goths.There is one club night in Dublin( in a pub). No festivals.Other than Kaya toxic in Belfast can't even think of any Irish you tubers,even small channels.

No. 700169

There's very little music scene in Ireland compared to the UK, but obviously she likes travelling so I don't think she'd care about that.

No. 700225

Looked how how annoyed Jake looks.
God Kaya is so ugly even with a dog filter hiding most of her face.
I couldn't imagine looking at her acne covered face for hours on twitch

No. 700266

She used to take care of herself somewhat, but after getting fat that went out the window.
Can't post pics atm but she has some on her old blog: http://xtoxictears.blogspot.com/?m=1

No. 700280

she never has any friends no matter where she goes so probably not

No. 700282

What I don't get is like she's so obsessed with Scotland and the UK but NZ is probably the closest you'll get to that in terms of weather and culture. Isn't there a huge Scottish influence on Dunedin, NZ? Like just move there lol. To me its like watching an American romanticize Canada and try to bust a mission to get there, like yeah there's some differences in culture but honestly it ain't that different.

No. 700290

File: 1538243351923.jpg (19.25 KB, 210x280, 2013-04-08 14.53.18.jpg)

Lmao, this can't be Jake, is this him?

No. 700311

It is lol

No. 700424

So he used to shave his eyebrows off? He seemed pretty pissed when he shaved them in the vid upthread.

No. 700533

File: 1538261456656.png (58.55 KB, 798x416, scars.png)

Don't spots only leave scars when you pick at them? she only uploaded a picture the day before yesterday and her skin looked awful so I'm not sure what she's on about here

No. 700741


Visa Marriage part 2: gothicboogalloo.

Bitch has to realize that moving across countries and dick hoppin isn't going to fix Whats wrong with her. The problem is her anxiety and emotional state built on shallow validation. The problem is inside her.

No. 700749

stfu Diana and stop trying to impersonate me. Lmao

No. 700768

I think we all know that but her life and ramblings are getting very very tedious. I'm so bored.

No. 700839

Any milk on Ch527kerosene?
She is a rave girl but she dresses like goth/alternative, made a photoshoot with Psycara for attitude Holland and she has almost 900k subscribers on youtube.

No. 700893

He stopped shaving brows like umm around 2 years ago?

No. 700894

She doesn't even know she has a problem, just tries to fill the hole with goffic guys (in both senses kek… Or does she still claim to be ace?)
She needs something to slap her and wake her up, or she won't stop. Will she get that in Ireland?

No. 700896

Huh I would also be Interested to see if anyone knows more about her. I only ever watched her hair tutorials and thought she seemed really cute and kept to herself, but I don't follow her other social media

No. 700938

Do you wanna it with French fries and a coke?

No. 701122

There's a Bram Stoker festival in Dublin at the end of October. Surely TT will go ? Then again, I doubt she has even read Dracula.

No. 701182


She hasn't ever bothered to go to Whitby Goth Weekend, despite it being the biggest goth festival and it's twice a year. I think she'd be scared if someone asked her what her favourite Sisters of Mercy song is.

No. 701184


I mean she hasn't bothered to go to the biggest festival why would she go to Dublin?

No. 701227

Her main gripe is that there's ' no scene in NI and everything is too far away..Dublin is only a couple of hours away on the train but of course she will find an excuse anyway

No. 701243

She's too lazy to travel more than a few minutes unless it benefits her somehow. So since she isn't into the actual goff scene, she won't care about events out of easy lumbering distance.

No. 701292

She'd just say Lucretia My Reflection, that seems to be the only one she knows, kek. She's abused the bass line in like what, several videos?

No. 701599

If she was going to do something like that, she would have done something for Culture Night. They do free tours of old libraries where you can look at manuscripts, former hospitals, Georgian houses decorated to look historically accurate, Gothic churches, a Victorian Freemason's building and live musical/cabaret/theatrical/acrobatic performances. It's like the biggest celebration of Irish arts and culture of the year (and yes, it's all over the country and Belfast had various things happening too) and it would be a field day for a goth if they even gave the slightest shit about history or culture. But it's pretty clear that neither TT of IBF have a huge interest.

No. 701600

kek she'd struggle with naming a Sisters of Mercy album or any other song besides Lucretia, My Reflection and This Corrosion. Totally a fan you guuuyzz.

No. 701986

TT is just a haul/hoarder channel at this point. After she gets the items she dumps them aside, its obvious she won't use them again.

Why does she keep buying shit she doesn't need? Maybe use the cash to fix your 100 broken gadgets or your shitty "garden".

No. 701999

is she the goffick pixielocks now?

No. 702359

Oh god not another witches box unboxing. She still shows NO interest in it, she just wants to keep receiving free stuff. What's the point when you don't like or have no use for half the stuff? No wonder this bitch will never do a house tour, her home must be infested with all this cheap tat

No. 702380

She isn't buying these subscription boxes, she's getting them for free. Totally agreed that she's a hoarder at this point, it's pathetic.

No. 702385

Does any of these "goff wychys" have any non shallow level of knowledge? Many cases of them look like they have it even more shallow than many "online wiccans". Jumping from system to system taking what aesthetically pleases them what ends with "pagan" witchcraft summoning christian angels (tru story) to help in rituals or similar clusterfuck. And later they wonder why their lifes brings some issues for "unknown" reasons.

No. 702493

Kek so some of these uwu witches try actual spells and end up fucking themselves, just for aesthetic? I kind of want Kaya to do this just to see the dumpster fire.

No. 702589

Dunno if "just for aesthetics" but some of them mentioning their practices that contradict their declared world views - like declares being against the christianity and into certain indoeuropean pagan form, yet summons angels and incorporates some practices from religions quiet far away from Europe and India.

The main question remains what for? What is the aim of their rituals?

Summoning entities (I don't mean regular religious practices) for achieving goals is quiet advanced level that can get even long years (meaning longer than some of altcows are alive) practicing occultists hurt. Imagine damage to someone who just started interest in occult just few years ago at best.

No. 702805

Only person I’ve seen is unicornpies. She doesn’t get then for free either. I’m being bias though as it’s hard to find an Aussie YouTuber that’s alternate and not another haul/make channel

No. 702817

Hallelujah a different type of video… as boring as hauls.

>>clips of her dirty garden
>>rambling about garden

Sure this might be her first time gardening, but there is 0 depth like most of her videos. She could use a backbone. Has she always been shallow?

No. 702873

>talking about this shit as if it's real or will have any consequences for the people doing it

Of course it's just for aesthetics, none of them believe it because you have to be an actual headcase to think any of it is real. If any of these cows were that delusional they'd be a lot more interesting.

No. 703074

File: 1538546244593.jpg (158.02 KB, 659x623, freezer.jpg)

lmfaoooo Freezer blacked out her face but not her hog body? Why even show yourself at all? God she goes on and on about "keto" and "losing weight" is it possible she was an even bigger cow than this?

We can't tell it's you, Freyja. I personally thought it was the Monolith from Kubrik's 2001: A Space Odyssey

No. 703089

Kaya is traveling to Dublin to see Jeffree Star today.
I hope she knows they're not going to be handing out free makeup kek!

No. 703146

Let's hope for some pictures she's in where she has no control of the angles

No. 703317

Wow so many cows in my city all at once, I feel so privileged.

No. 703379

I’m honestly so fucking grossed out that Kaya supports such a vile person.

No. 703400

And why would people take pictures of a nobody? She'll just take some of herself in an awful outfit with Jeffree and ignore the actual makeup.

No. 703501

Idk maybe we spot her in some pictures of the croud or someone tags her on Instagram

No. 703503

File: 1538601058800.png (1.02 MB, 1080x967, 20181003_221005.png)

Awful outfit confirmed

No. 703506

He has no definition to his face cuz he's so fat. Wow

No. 703557

What's the milk with Jeffree Star? I'm not very familiar with him in all honesty besides the racism thing and the petty drama with Kat Von D

No. 703561

is that the only outfit she owns?
those stupid pink shoulder ruffles is all she ever wears.
she gets sent free Killstar clothes constantly

No. 703563

File: 1538605269938.png (650.35 KB, 667x557, shoes.png)

what the fuck is up with Jake's shoes??

No. 703574

File: 1538606241330.jpg (108.83 KB, 576x1024, DoncGj3XUAAhQXA.jpg)

No. 703576

File: 1538606327589.jpg (156.73 KB, 675x1200, DonhM4iXgAAVe0D.jpg)

she photoshopped the photo >>703574

sorry here's the original

No. 703579

ahaha omg, nice try kaya

wonder what jeffree thought seeing that pink beast

No. 703580

You see spring platform New Rocks 1st time in your life or what?

No. 703583

> If any of these cows were that delusional they'd be a lot more interesting.

At least 3 goff youtubas do seem to actually believe.

No. 703589

Kaya, my grandmother would like her ruffle curtains back from off your shoulders.

No. 703604

My god, she even towers over HIM

No. 703608

File: 1538609179504.jpeg (58.77 KB, 640x343, 611E7C0D-E9A6-4BE5-9487-864F7E…)

Holy shit, how tall is she?

No. 703625

No. 703635

Not when you have a “vegan husband” with a “vegan child” and confirm yourself as being anti vax. After Kat confirmed she was anti vax, the hate shifted to her and rightly so!

Saged for ot and put your tumblr butthurt somewhere else

No. 703659

Or we could recognize them both to be trash?

No. 703667

Oh, you want some milk on KVD?
Well if you’ve got the time to listen to a two part podcast of her and her gangbanger husband then here you go:

From what I can discern is:

Rafael/Leafar always plays the victim. He’s constantly being fed words by KVD cause he’s not eloquent at all.
It’s clear that he trapped her by getting her pregnant. Kat didn’t want kids until she found out she was pregnant. Did he mess with her birth control?
Rafael says that he’s working on his relationship with his daughter but from both their social media that seems to be a lie.

The worst part of the podcast is that they spread the misinformation that hospital births are horrible and nasty while home births are safer and almost a heavenly experience. They practically shame mothers who choose/need to have hospital births.

p.s If you’d rather talk about how tall Kaya is because she wears platforms on top of her natural height instead of discussing how she openly supports someone who is a known and proven despicable person; I can see myself out.

No. 703681

TheGothicAlice is a witch who seems to pander to trannies occasionally on her blog (can someone into this stuff explain this? Doesn't sound really natural for a dude with fake tits to join into a mostly female thing, why are they accepted in witch circles?), the others like Kaya think it will make them seem more gawffik because Fairuza Balk in The Craft was a Goff witch. IBF and Angela don't claim the title, they just like spooky stuff.

No. 703792

File: 1538626865781.jpg (205.46 KB, 312x620, gross.jpg)

things i didn't need to know. so is this an all the time thing, b/c that would be super gross after the gym.

No. 703815

Homeboy needs to pop some squats.

No. 703917


>TheGothicAlice is a witch who seems to pander to trannies occasionally on her blog

I din't knew she has anything to do with witchcraft

>(can someone into this stuff explain this? Doesn't sound really natural for a dude with fake tits to join into a mostly female thing, why are they accepted in witch circles?),

Wiccans are divided on the subject depending mostly on "denominations" as they created quiet few branches during the decades since wicca originated. And not wiccan nut just self proclaimed witches think about such subjects whatever they want.

>the others like Kaya think it will make them seem more gawffik because Fairuza Balk in The Craft was a Goff witch.

I see

>IBF and Angela don't claim the title, they just like spooky stuff.

Yet their interest seems to be at least little bit more than just interest in spook.

No. 703930

>dude's booty cheeks almost out
Why do you do this, Jake?

No. 703942

This ugly fat fuck is so desperate for attention, I wonder how Kaya feels with him posting thirsty shit like that

No. 703951

Has he made any recent racist remarks? Not trying to excuse it but the video everyone refers to was when he was 19. No one brings up that KVD dated a racist herself far more recently

No. 703959

His ex hairstylist recently leaked texts where he called a black woman a n* and a gorilla. The texts were from sometime last year.

No. 703975

His pecs droop and he doesn't have collarbones, if he's going to use a filter to slim and lengthen himself he may as well just photoshop a fake torso. You're fat and short Jake, deal with it

No. 704021

I have a theory that they’ll break up eventually because Kaya finds out Jake has been sending pics like this in DMs with his fangirls. Just my theory and gut feeling though. He’s so fucking thirsty.

No. 704071

I think he will milk her 'fame' for as long as she will let him….I bet she would forgive him if he did this anyway

No. 704073

I know it's be cowtipping but it'd be so funny if someone catfished him using pictures of a girl that kind of looks like Kelly Eden.
Just stroke his ego for a while and he'll totally go for it

No. 704075

Within the past month he shot his holiday ad campaign where he wore cornrows and grills. Not a good look for someone trying to distance themselves from their racist past. Besides that, a 19 year old should know not to chase strange women down a street calling them N**r.

No. 704084

Uhhh.. You guys know magic isn't real, right? She's not gonna "fuck herself up" or "hurt herself" lmao

No. 704112

That's your opinion. We see it differently. In any case, no need to come here like a douche and say magic isn't real like you'd be able to know for sure.

I really doubt it goes beyond the aesthetic, they probably just see anything related to paganism as fitting for their goth aes. It's just the spook.

No. 704113

File: 1538668173850.jpg (43.14 KB, 640x640, fat cringey fuck.jpg)

Jake's photo with Jeffree.

No. 704138

That is the cringiest picture I've seen in a little white, if I'm honest. The lenses, the eyebrows and the hat, not to mention that teeny bopper facial expression. I'm half surprised he didn't get his arse/tits out .

No. 704243

Please go back to Gender Critical, it's really annoying to keep reading your sperging about "trannies" in every thread.

No. 704245

Lol your filename Anon. He legit looks like a dangerous hobo here.

No. 704247

LOL, this is terrible. And I thought Kaya's photo with him was bad.

No. 704263

>>posts a pic trying to show off ass
>>has no ass
He's so thirsty for compliments like he knows he's shitty and can only scrape the bottom of the barrel for them.
No wonder he stays with TT, her low self esteem must make him feel great.

No. 704327

sooo ReeRee decided uploading a video on her explosive diarhea story would be a great idea

No. 704405

Maybe to try and look more human instead of dull and boring

No. 704416

Wot. This is the first time I’ve said it in this thread. You mean someone else, pls try to recognize the correct poster next time. Always remember, this is an imageboard. Do you get offended by terms like newfag, samefag, or normalfag, too? If not, why get offended by “tranny”?

Pretty sure I recognize that poster, that dude selfposted a video of himself last month.

No. 704730

I’m somehow more disturbed by Jeffree here. Wow his face is like a mile long and he looks so far from human, and I mean that in the worst way possible

No. 704757

I find Jeffree's butt implants disturbing.

No. 704771

Wait those are implants? I thought he was just wearing those padded butt enhancer pants. Oh dear…

No. 704773

File: 1538740485046.jpeg (95.78 KB, 1200x630, fendi-Brown-Logo-Short-sleeve-…)

I've seen that fendi hoodie irl. It's not as saturated.

He fucked with the photos saturation a lot to make his skin and eyes paler and the black blacker. That's why Jeffree looks like the devils incarnation.

Pic related, couldn't find the exact same one but this is what the colour is irl.

No. 704804

File: 1538747060070.jpg (23.02 MB, 728x408, slcOe1B.jpg)

I know this meet up happened a while ago but I came across this and was shocked at their behaviour. They have NO right to say alternative people are treated badly when they do this kind of shit to strangers.

No. 704819

This is honestly how the 'alternative' kids in my area act at the bus station. They're usually school kids but there's always some weird older ones. Attention starved twats maybe theyd feel more obnoxious in bright emo attire like their idols TT and FatMunro

No. 704915

File: 1538763405441.jpeg (334.97 KB, 1242x518, 7C10EF2A-9CFA-4D9A-8887-E3FC94…)

Well now we know where all her hauls go.

No. 704975

Is she that lazy she can't just use Google?

No. 705002

or just do the smaller loads herself. Why does everything NEED to be done at once?

No. 705003

I think she lowkey wanted to show off that she has so many clothes.
But that's stupid, since she doesn't wear them or even sell/do giveaways. And yet, she always wants more. Lazy and greedy.
Remember when she was hyped to make the attic a recording studio? Well now it's just a storage room for hoarder Kaya.
I wonder if Jake hoards as well? Or if he puts up with it for his e-"fame"?

No. 705022

Weird how I can keep stuff in the attic for years and never have any problems with "musty". Sounds like she has a mold/damp problem and those clothes are fucked. She should try selling her hauls from an alternative (as in different) account on eBay or wherever rather than letting them go musty somewhere.

No. 705026

Looks like someone let them out of the asylum for the day. Nobody over 15 should be acting like that in public

No. 705047

Mildew and mould (fungi)is the cause of musty smell. I've stored things in the roof space/attic of a place built in 1795 for 3 years in boxes and there wasn't even a hint of a nasty niff.

No. 705054

I'm curious to know how much she spends at the Laundromat. They always seem to be there in Jake's videos. and they have to pay to have an uber bring them there and back.
it would be extremely strange if their house didn't have a washing machine. It's pretty much in every house and apartment in ireland.
is she unable to do her own washing…oh wait don't answer that I already know the answer

No. 705063

She mentions in that post that her washing machine is "tiny". Which still doesn't exactly explain why they need to go to a laundromat.

No. 705070

there's only the two of them. how much washing do they let pile up before the wash their clothes? I have a pretty small washing machine but I keep up with my laundry so it's never too bad. her laziness is unbelievable

No. 705093

Absolutely revolting

No. 705389

Just when you think Kaya couldn't get any lazier.. she tops herself.Rather than ebeg constantly and hoard clothes you don't wear..SELL off the clothes from your hauls, plenty of them aren't to her taste or are too small.,I guess taking a few photos and putting up listings on depop or eBay is too much work for her.

Amazed IBF didn't go meet Jeffrree Starr( if she is still in Dublin?)..he would be perfect to increase her viewership and get her to the next level..hahaa Jeffree is even more famous/ and even more "goth" than Gigi gorgeous, Freyja missed a trick by not turning up!

No. 705391

How hard is it to just be organized? Kaya could do giveaways for the clothes she isn't wearing or don't fit, sell them on or donate them to charity. If her washing machine is "tiny" then keep up with washing your fucking clothes and that shouldn't matter. I can just imagine her house is littered with piles of pink and black smelly clothes covered in mould. Gross.

No. 705434

File: 1538839657651.png (1.69 MB, 1024x1320, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 5.23…)

Shes calling this home instead of NZ where she grew up and lived most of her life and her "true love" old fiancee/recycled bf is. I really hope she ends up overstaying her welcome for some new juicy drama or perhaps reunites with her "abusive" ex.

No. 705444

yikes, hope she gets kicked out, we don't want her here

No. 705519

File: 1538852743734.jpeg (255.21 KB, 750x1114, 0F5BE250-1E42-481F-8E93-46A2F0…)

At least we know for a fact she’s staying with other random people. I honestly do wonder how long it takes for her to hook up with some old bf and “realise” she loved them all along

No. 705526

D-did she take a flight from Ireland to Scotland, seeing as they won't let her in at Heathrow?

She always has a cunning expression since she rekindled things with Mr Owl.

No. 705554

She DOES, though! I think she once described Mr. Owl’s name as “fitting, because owls are very cunning”.

Could just be the way she draws her brows, though, but lord does she look smug.

No. 705586

So instead of a hotel she just shacked up with a random fan, who'd obviously accept because "omg muh goffic kween!!"

Oh and TT, looks you're not the only goff in Ireland after all.

No. 705610

They're definitely some type of implant/injection. A while back he posted a pic of himself wearing just a thong on his twitter.

No. 705633

If i remember right, the whole loundery thing was about K being fed up with Jake Couse he left his weat clean cloths in the washer for daaaaays after the mashines was done.

No. 705636

Gross. They deserve each other.

No. 705668

File: 1538875319345.png (286.89 KB, 477x380, homelesss.png)

I noticed Jake feels the need to video tape his good will. Why? It's actually pretty low to do that. Imagine if that homeless person could see his video… despite giving to the homeless. Why video that? Idiot.

Most sincerity doesn't need proof but he obviously wants people to know he's a good person… But still brags about getting a skull bag from Kreepsville at wholesale - WHO CARES!!!

I love how he paused when Kaya wanted to stop for waffles… hahahaha he must be so over it.

Get into that take out Freya… MacDonalds? Hows the keto thing going? Its a good look - black victorian and a brown paper bag eating on the street.

Vamp Annie has been climbing goth celebrity for a long time. She's all about the clothes and not much else. It's pretty obvious now she's managed to offer a place for IBF to stay. Hey I look almost famous and Freezer gets a place to stay (for free)…. why are we not surprised by her ability to leech?

No. 705846

Oh god did he actually shove his big camera in that poor man's face. I bet he only gave him 20c too. Looks like a small amount of change in his fingers.
People who film or take pictures of themselves doing good deeds are so full of themselves and are really shitty

No. 705871

File: 1538909813608.jpg (136.43 KB, 849x579, QuqvAj5.jpg)

Notice how he will ONLY respond to comments that aren't positive.

No. 705872

I don't understand how two unemployed people feel the need to complain so much about tasks most people complete daily. Taking clothes out of a machine and hanging them up on a clothes horse takes 10 minutes. Do their live streams really take that much out of them they're layed up for days unable to complete domestic tasks? The two of them always have to alert the public when they're overtired or have to pull another all nighter to fix their poor sleeping habits. They're in their mid to late 20s and can't even manage their sleep schedule. Wtf do they sit and do all day

No. 705873


He says thousands like it’s 60,000 and not 4 thousand viewers who are most likely just watching to catch a glimpse of Kaya.

No. 705877

What I imagine these two do all day…

Kaya - stuffs her face with junk food then cries about how she can't lose weight

Jake - admires himself flexing his fat ass in front of the mirror

That takes up a lot of the day anon!! They have no spare time for such luxuries as washing their clothes. I bet they hardly wash themselves too.

No. 705891

The commenter even added "apologies jake" but he has to whine even more, as usual.

No wonder they have 0 time for basic chores/hygiene, they're too busy whining about doing it.
I feel sorry for their cat, and the 10 other pets TT showed once and never menioned again.

No. 705892


No. 705936

he only gave the homeless man a pound.
isn't this the same guy that got £1000 just to shave off his eyebrows?

No. 705938

File: 1538923390514.png (550.22 KB, 532x511, fffffff.png)

the peak of goth fashion right here

No. 705942

I presume this is the only outfit that gets washed and those tights have surely been overused by now

No. 705944

that's why they're full of holes.
she wants you to believe it was done by her but it's obviously from wearing too much kek

No. 705945

I don't think it was 10 anon, but I remember she had a few snakes. Yeah, what did happen?

No. 705950

That or they ripped as she was pulling them over her fat legs…

No. 706063

This whole outfit's been over-used to oblivion. I've seen this skirt, tights and dumb armbands so much it's like she forgot about all her hauls.
No wonder her other clothes rotted in the attic…

Yeah the snakes are probably dead. As for the cat, I'm surprised she doesn't milk it for YT videos.

No. 706074

Anyone know if Kaya bought that frighteningly tacky pink outfit and dreadful furry boots? Her killstar haul clothes are more tasteful/ flattering(anything..even a bin liner would be)

That outfit she wore for some event in London when she and Jake had purple hair looked decent,even good..wear that again Kaya..honestly she needs to burn the furry boots/pink cutsey stuff on bonfire night!

No. 706114

she hasn't mentioned her little spider Tonks either in months and she was obsessed with it when she first got it

No. 706204

She had those furry things from her cyberpunk days.
Kek she'll take care of years-old clothes but not new stuff…yet she always wants more?
This is legit a hoarding addiction.

Now combine this with fickleness. She's always said, she gets into something then drops it quick. E.g. >>706074
Her house will be a storage shed in no time.

Now to all that, add junk diet, Ubers, and Jake.
How tf does she fund it all? YT/freebies. No wonder she e-begs for basics.

Not a great way to live. But she's lazy (bitch whines about the washing) so doesn't want to change. And Jake is a douche, no help from him.

This cow won't change any time soon. We'll just have to wait for her YT to decline before she lifts a finger to self-improve. Rip.

No. 706229

No she's had snakes since forever but she's only had Tonks for about a year(?) or so

No. 706309

Doesn’t need youtube when idiots are forking out 1k to shave off jakes eyebrows on twitch. That shit needs to stop before they actually do anythinb

No. 706535

Yeah wtf what was going through the donor's head? Sure it's their money they can spend however, but Jake's eyebrows will return and the 1k won't.

No. 706703

I think Annie is going to hate IBF after this, I bet Freyja won't even get a job while she's living with her.

>Vamp Annie has been climbing goth celebrity for a long time. She's all about the clothes and not much else. It's pretty obvious now she's managed to offer a place for IBF to stay. Hey I look almost famous and Freezer gets a place to stay (for free)…. why are we not surprised by her ability to leech?

I noticed it a bit while lurking through her IG, she has tagged quite a few Instafamous goths who usually have nothing to do with what she's posting, what does one get out of being an e-famous goff? Does Annie have a Youtube? I think she's mentioned it before, but I can't find it.

No. 706721

What will Vamp Annie get out of being insta goff famous..? Free clothes,makeup, jewelry..and/or potential income from selling the barely used items (also income for shilling for brands) income from a patreon if she has one/can convince ppl to join that.IBF does very well out of patreon..

Instagram is a potential way to promote and sell her music, writing,art,clothes designs etc if she does do anything other than look beautiful and " spooky"..?

Most of these gothic beauty types are average dull people in heavy make up and purely want attention /money for their image,no different to conventional sexy insta models .. especially as she is mates with IBF doubt she says/ does much of interest other than fame whoring..

I do wonder how long IBF will stay in Scotland? Unless they are super close and/or she is giving the girl some money to stay I can't imagine her crashing with Annie more than a week..

No. 706888

Am I imagining it or did she say at some point she also had a pet scorpion?

No. 706892

I think you got the anon links the wrong way around there, friend.
But I agree, she has quite the collection. Instead of e-begging to fans she should do them give away. Well, after cleaning the clothes.

No. 706915


Annie does seem to be chasing that instagoff fame, IBF makes it look easy. Talk to a camera and get free stuff. I bet Annie was the one who reached out to her, for uwu fame tips or something.
And yeah IBF will probably just do vlogs, and leech off her.
But will Annie mind, as long as she can brag on insta?

No. 706931

IIRC, Tonks was amblypygi, not spider, people call them tailess scorpions or whip scorpions.

No. 706973

Not all goffs get a good Patreon following. I’ve only seen ibf with a good Patreon, I mean reeree hasn’t reached 100$ yet and she’s had hers for months, maybe a year now?

No. 707063

It looks like what that chick sarasyn said got to his head

No. 707065

What do you guys think about her? I used to watch her haul videos but this video totally looked like a desperate attempt to show off her body…

No. 707118


Use the Youtube field.

No. 707221

IBF cannot work in the UK on a tourist visa so why would she "get a job"?

No. 707225

File: 1539062617568.jpeg (143.23 KB, 1242x508, AF1D064A-0A4C-40AC-9691-9B5BB7…)

Adora. That is so cringy and needy. Also, her kids must be very proud. This is a public post, so everybody can read this.

Whenever Adora posts those „I‘m oh so sexual“-posts I cannot stop thinking about Stifflers Mom.

No. 707270

Re: Adora,words fail me. Queen of the attention whores,doubly cringey at her age.

Yeah IBF does well out of patron ..why??? She isn't offering perks or asking for cash to fund a specific thing(like her wedding or an artistic project)..some other goth channels ( not huge) did ok from patreon or go fund me (Caligo Bastet, to develop his clothing line)not sure who else..?

Sadly most humans are idiots..so they give Kaya/ Jake or IBF patreon money rather than cemetery confessions or even more commercially minded channels like Tilda beinhaus/caligo which at least have interesting content.

No. 707309

Yeah afaik Friday doesn't have rewards apart from blog posts/showing a video early. Plus she never paid people back who funded that cancelled wedding. Yet, she still has many patrons. And one of the tiers is £500 a month.

TT and Jake's only "reward" is a private discord chat. They did some uncensored Sims porn thing too once, no mention of it now. Jake even said a porno of his and Kaya's sims wasn't off the table. I hope it didn't happen.

No. 707311

Samefag, this is one of their videos about sims porno.

No. 707312

To clarify: What i mean is Caligo and Tilda channels are more commercially minded than cemetery confessions( which Im glad exists but "the count" can be a bit pompous..esp as he isn't a grad student or lecturer,just a wannabe one)…anyhoo..

i certainly didn't mean Caligo/ Tilda are more commercially driven than IBF or Kaya ( god forbid)..

I dont mind Tilda ( just an example, I don't think he is that active currently ..I think fewer alt ppl are doing YT now especially anyone intelligent/ quirky )shilling for a wigs company as his content has a bit of depth to it..it isn't just wow, look at me..

That trashy Northern English girl doing the tattoo tour..urrrggghh..perfect example of an Instagram "goth" or alt model..just grim..but yeah as the mall goths used to say " normies scare me"..

No. 707313

Fuck me that's crazy! 500 a month??? She thinks a lot of herself to even offer that..she needs to come down a peg

No. 707324

Can you imagine this in reversed? A Dad publicly bragging on the internet about how he‘d never „done a chick with tits smaller than a DD cup“?

No. 707331

I get why she wouldn't want to be in NZ though. If she stays in Europe there are more festivals for her to go to, a better chance of seeing the bands she enjoys, and more content for her channel.

No. 707334


Dorian has been happier and healthier, regularly posting a mix of stories, woodland adventures, and hauls. Is she the only one to have purchased everything she reviews?

Sadly DogDog died a few months ago. She has deleted her videos which included Phryne and videos about the abuse in her family.

No. 707341


Notice that Freezer doesn't thank or @ Annie on her own Instagram.


She was staying with her in Dublin.

No. 707366

Anyone know if Freyja is staying with anyone in Scotland or is she prising open her purse for a hostel?

No. 707415

>Notice that Freezer doesn't thank or @ Annie on her own Instagram.

No big news, after she also ignored comments warning about the Gothic Shoe Company scam under her video with review of their pikes both on instagram and on youtube. So did ReeRee Phillips BTW last time I chcecked. Like nothing ever happened.

No. 707519

Hmmmm..I can see IBF and ReeRee don't want to get involved in any "controversy" that could alienate their sponsors,,but I doubt it would hurt their flow of freebies if they took down the gothic shoe company review videos..it's sad they haven't.. if anyone needs convincing they are totally selfish and self involved..there you go.

No. 707623


At 5:30 in the new video Dorian happens to address the mass deletion of videos from the drunken disaster period of last year and denounces the "relationship".

At 21:40 "Weirdness" at Tesco's.

No. 708018

Yes Kaya, keep adding yet more new shit to the moldy, musty pile of clothes you already have. I'll never understand how she lives the way she does.

No. 708110

She could give items she doesn't use to her fans, but instead does the opposite and e-begs them for stuff.

She always links her gargantuan Amazon wish list, too.
I did a Sort by priority high-low, on top was basic shit like memory cards (buy that yourself?). Sort by price high-low, there's a kid's doll for £148.

No. 708680


>"I don't love everything in this haul"

Yeah but you'll keep it all anyway. How does she move around in the sea of unused stuff, when she is bothered to move that is.

And kek when she shows the clothes:
>"they're wrinkly cos i hate ironing"
>"this is wrinkly they must've sewn it wrong"

No. 708728

Pretty much figured out why she doesn't wear most of her clothes. She's too busy doing nothing to iron. God Kaya at this point standing to do the ironing would count as a work out for you, you can stand to burn the extra calories

No. 708736

Good for her. I'm glad she's not going back to that "relationship", it was truly a mess.

No. 708861

I've been following vampannie for a while and she seems to have racked up followers pretty fast. I'm almost sure she started her account over from scratch either the start of this year or last year and she's up to nearly 25k again already just posting photoshoots to insta.

Apart from being fame hungry, using heavy blur on her photos, and being a little oversharey about her BF I'm not sure if there's much milk there, but I'll stay tuned and see if anything notable happens.

No. 709108

Oh Gods, my eyeballs melt from amount of filters on her insta…

No. 709229

She is too lazy to do anything. Too lazy to do her makeup, and when she is doing it, it is just a very thick line of eyeliner because blending out black eyeshadow takes much more time and effort. She is too lazy to do her laundry too. It's crazy. What is she doing when she is not filming? Does she cook or cleaning the house for hours/day or why is she too busy? Kek

No. 709240

File: 1539209144141.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20181010-230415~2.p…)

How has this not been posted yet

No. 709250

I was literally just about to lol

I hate how Kaya is trying to be “the cool girl” and allow Jake to thirst on Instagram. He’s so gross and disrespectful to her. What is he even trying to accomplish here?

No. 709254

This is the last thing you see before you die.

No. 709260

File: 1539209830279.jpg (87.99 KB, 960x678, 43524481_1411729242263081_7631…)

Yours for a mere 90 Euros.

No. 709277

Jake and Kaya have been to London 4 times in the last month and they're going to Barcelona next week.
How can they cry about having no money when they live this kind of lifestyle.

No. 709368

They have no money for basics, which is what they cry about, because they keep doing shit like this. But instead of saving up, they keep doing impulsive pricey things and so keep whining.
They have no sense of looking after money.

No. 709832

>before you die

before a "little death"?

No. 709864

File: 1539244991924.png (334.96 KB, 1080x2220, received_2180659065589045.png)

Didn't he have this as one of their Twitch goals not long ago?

No. 709897

He has his moments in art. BTW if you ever go to Leipzig on WGT you would find "art exhibitions" with quiet stereotypical themes (yes, over 9000 skulls per painting etc) for quiet few hundred (and even entering area of thousnads) euros. So his prices are not that high.

No. 709953

Aaaand…. his pants are "falling off" again. Thirst level 9000.

No. 709955

kek such a beggar, "I will do anything" aka SOMEONE GIVE ME MONEY TO GO. Absolutely pathetic

No. 709981

Probably hoping another idiot will sponsor him to get his arse out or something

No. 710041

An anon said they were going to Barcelona soon, why is he e-begging to go somewhere else now

No. 710101

Fucking vomit inducing. That saggy man tit, he really thinks he's the shit doesn't he? You're ugly and fat Jake, at least the mask covers some of that kek

No. 710104

sorry samefag

>I hate how Kaya is trying to be “the cool girl” and allow Jake to thirst on Instagram.

I don't even think it's that, I think she just doesn't care. They don't seem into each other at all

No. 710107

when's this deadpool video coming? he raised £500 to make a video with the suit not to make me fucking gag with gross pictures.
he shaves his pubes too it seems

No. 710326

And?? What is with threads thirst for body hair??

No. 710422

Not that anon but I feel like Jake only does it so he can show off the top of his dick and it’s gross lmao

No. 710425


So you developed taste in Auschwitz survivor body fat level?

No. 710603

File: 1539306559377.jpeg (245.49 KB, 750x1142, 69C3C7B8-6876-4562-B1EE-40B864…)

Oh, wow. I don’t know what to laugh at more.
Looks like we will be seeing more begging and hauls from jake! Worst part is, I can see him actually wearing the clothing compared to kaya who just complains the entire video

No. 711026

>old goth boi status

Cringe, you were never goth Jake and you clearly never will be. "Getting dressed up" doesn't make you a goth you fucking idiot.

No. 711079

looking like a chav dressing the same outfits for 3 last years was a fashion experiment?

No. 711208

So shaving his eyebrows off suddenly made him want to go back to his old, emo meets visual kei look? Sure. Who wants to bet he's just wanting to attract some skinny tall gofffick girl so he can dump Kaya?

No. 711262

Or to attract Kelly… Have they talked much after LA? I don't follow her.

No. 711280

Got paid to shave eyebrows, got sent black clothes, and suddenly he's goff again.
What happened to "I hate the music but I'm a goff cos i said so"? Now it's the clothes i guess.
Maybe he'll copy TT and become a begging haul channel kek

No. 711351

I personally get bored by TT channel content around the time they moved to the current house. Decor video was somewhat interesting, later it turned into unboxing after unboxing after haul after some random walking trough the malls/city.

No. 711354

Kaya looks haggard as hell in normal lighting.
Yeah…another haul video…p sure she pays for spookily overpriced box though, i don't think they do sponsors.

Black Friday's YT meanwhile is silent? I thought she would make travel videos about Scotland or something.

No. 711360


>Black Friday's YT meanwhile is silent? I thought she would make travel videos about Scotland or something.

She vlogs less and less with every year.

No. 711366

I wonder if she is breaking very much or not that much the Law of Jante of current Swedish society. They are really wicked even when we take a look at an average member of that nation from the point of view of non-Scandinavians.

No. 711390

I thought this was gutterface at first. ick.

No. 711418

I suspect she's generally quite depressed and/or distracted in ways she wasn't in NZ.

No. 711419

Speaking of Gutterface, she now goes by Faern Lief Grey.

No. 711431

Yeah what happened to twice or thrice weekly? Her Patreon supporters must be pissed. Another lazy af you tuber getting paid to make excuses for lack of content.

No. 711470

She'll record a bunch of boring vlogs then drops a shitty clickbait reaction video/makeup tutorial and stops uploading for a few weeks. Something is off about her recently, too I think she's giving up her fake sugary sweet persona

No. 711561

Who knows. But if she doesn't work she could at least honor the income she is getting from the public. Leech. If you say your job is a youtuber… turn up for work bitch.

No. 711573

IBF's Insta hasn't been updated for weeks either. She had the odd "story" - the latest is a picture of a dessert, put up 9 hours ago - but none of her usual type of thing.

It's weird because she's been in Ireland, and Scotland, and possibly other places where you would think she could do some updates. Is she waiting to get back to Germany and her studio to do them so she can edit nicely? It just seems very strange for a person whose sole income is from YT and Patreon.
What could be going on?

No. 711671

I'm thinking she didn't bring a laptop with her and is treating this as a 100% holiday.

No. 711781

It's particularly weird since vampannie posted pics of the two of them together, they even ended up on the insta of a Dublin alt shop, but Freya hasn't event mentioned any of this. I wonder if they'll keep in touch?

No. 711835

… what does this even mean?

No. 711919

google Law of Jante. Basically basis of all the mental disorders of Scandinavian culture.

No. 712063

Ibf has stated more than once that she will not be uploading anything as going to the uk is her working on her life choices and up rooting her life.
I hope they don’t allow her to live there and move from Germany. She needs therapy or to stop acting like a child.

No. 712067

File: 1539463241427.png (4.74 MB, 750x1334, F05B7A0D-AE68-4CD3-99F5-F169FF…)

I wonder if tt is jealous and this is why she has become such a mess?
He loses weight and she can’t

No. 712082

This seems pretty insensitive on his part. If he knows Kaya is "struggling" with her weight then why make posts bragging about how much weight you've lost?

No. 712149

She needs a wake up call. He will eventually get what he wants and leave. If she thinks that's not going to happen she really is as dumb as she looks.

No. 712192

Yeah, the wake up call is to wake up and leave Jake. She's not fat. She's just not an anorexic tween anymore. She's dating a literal fat gremlin who makes posts like this. She needs to dump him asap.

No. 712235

They both live unhealthily tbh, and yeah that includes their relationship.
They live in the same house though, to really break up she'd have to throw him out

No. 712274


Whom are you even talking about?

No. 712289

File: 1539486943465.jpeg (478.5 KB, 2048x2048, 2CFA51BD-5EEC-4026-B0E6-0DFF02…)

If my S.O were to be thirsting like this on Instagram, I’d feel extremely disrespected.

No. 712461

Adora ofcourse.

No. 712463

I wonder who is doing their photoshop retouch

No. 712570

Gods this is dull. You'd think that going to Dublin and Edinburgh and not posting for weeks, she'd do better than a monologue filmed in a hostel without even basic editing.

No. 712744

This is great. She’s straight up saying that Edinburgh feels like home and she’s making secret life changing plans right now. She’s 100% planning to move to the U.K. and become a resident and leave poor mr owl in the dust yet again. How long before she e-begs for residency permit cash or a job?

No. 712783

She is definitely moving here. Good she's trying to get shit together after Germany, but what if Edinburgh is just a repeat of Germany?

>I didn't vlog because i didn't have makeup and my hair wasn't done
Your sooper goff image won't be tarnished if you're not dressed to the nines every day…

No. 712835

I'm not a fan of hers( to say the least) but im glad that mental health wise she seems to be making some progress ..if she was able to tour around Ireland for a week w/o the chalk white face paint on that's positive..

She seems so gleeful..I do think there is a new guy in the picture..if not yet.. there will be soon.

Wonder if she is going to the big party at slimelight (31st anniversary) in London next weekend?

No. 712931

I think she would have a new boyfriend soon too, she confuses me, but I think as soon as she divorce Matthias she is gonna leave Germany

No. 713022

Why so quick to assume Owl would not also be UK bound? At least part time.

No. 713080


If he wants to stay longer than 6 months he'd need a work visa, which can be difficult to get depending on your history. Also isn't he studying in NZ at the moment?

No. 713111

Exactly the same with her, though.

And you can study in Scotland. I have no idea what he's studying but there are programmes you can get into as a foreigner.

No. 713131

There is lots going on behind the scenes which IBF isn't sharing.

All of us anons are purely speculating..based on previous statements she made it makes more sense to me she is moving to Edinburgh for the 6 months without Mr owl..and she will enjoy some fun and male attention while there…last hurrah before becoming a yummy gothy mummy..she seemed so smug and giddy in the current video that it's easy to believe she is belle of the ball and making up for being self pitying/depressed whilst in Germany
I'm sure she said outright that mr owl wanted to stay in NZ and heavily implied she was going back there herself..perhaps to have a child… owl isn't working,he is a broke student..
BTW studying in the UK costs a complete fortune for foreign students.Id imagine his course is cheap or even free in NZ and he is fine with living there as far as we know..but .. maybe lots has happened as IBF said (?) And Mr owl quit his NZ course/ rustled up lots of cash and will join her.. getting in for 6 months is easy…staying longer is much,much harder.Even if BOTH of them have a Scottish or English grandparent(very common with NZ citizens) the fees to get residency aren't cheap.

Freyja better be sure to work hard(ha)to keep those patron bucks rolling in..

No. 713148

So boring

No. 713181

Wait, hasn't she talked about having a kid? Is she country-hopping again as a kind of last freedom, before she pops one out with owl? (or with someone else?)

No. 713711

so she explained about hair

black hair = she was young and insecure

now she is old and secure

No. 713992

LOVE the crying thumbnail. More emo bullshit. Her hair looks particularly emo in this video as well. I bet her 'stay' in Germany has been revoked. Final apology to her meal ticket patreon supporters…. how does she sleep at night? Not well. In a hostel lol.

No. 714053


She is still wearing the engagement ring from Mr. Owl.

No. 714060


Jesus anon we heard you

No. 714121


she's so fake.

No. 714172


obligatory "in what world this is goth REEEEEE"

No. 714175


obligatory "in what world this is goth REEEEEE"

No. 714236

>Jesus anon

I didn't knew he is still lurking

No. 714275


>posts a bitchy reply to duplicate comments that resulted from a known technical issue

>doesn't delete bitchy comment after duplicates deleted

The site has been glitching for two weeks now. Posts don't go through so users try posting again and again resulting in multiple posts when the site comes back.

If you are so offended by duplicate comments that were posted due to a technical error, lodge your complaint in Meta.

No. 714309

No. 714891

They're totally banging eachother, just look at how he looks at her the whole time. Then again, Adora also seems like being a tease so I guess we will never know who the fuck she's seeing, Simon, Ras or Gabriel, or maybe all of them.

No. 714903

She surly leaves little place for imagination


No. 714918

She keeps insisting both in swedish and english that she isn't with Simon, She kisses friends for shock value but not because of feelings and generally skirting around acting like her and simon really are just regular old platonic friends.
Adora can suck my ass first of all until close to when your (ex)Husband was found as single on fb its gone from her grinding on the chick she did music with to posting about male centric attention like post sex selfies, fuckiny skinny dipping with simon, general increased amount of sexual themes and thirst as if shes free of something.
Friend is a nice word for fuckbuddies when you have a fandom you can't decide if you wanna show them every nasty aspect of your cooch or nah.
I am however lowkey glad it seems the husband spends most time with their kid considering she acts like a mall goth cept refers to herself at "old lady" once in a blue self aware moon.

No. 714928

To me, it seems like she's much more into him than him into her. He looks kind of uncomfortable whenever she gets too sexual.

No. 714939

He is also in most of her instagram materials, even when she is with kids. If for some reason they are really not fucking each other (so far she did everything to suggest that they do) what is his role in her life? That's really curious case.


> He looks kind of uncomfortable whenever she gets too sexual

He also does not seem to protest. If one side is uncomfortable some borders need to be drawn.

IMHO not actually fucking but making allusions that she does fuck all these guys (I have no doubts that she turns on many guys even in their 20s) is nowadays more shocking than actual participation in sexual activity even with all of them at once. Because it suggests it's all done for attention for a sake of attention.

No. 714943

No. 714946

ok, I read it again and noticed that she measn her kids

No. 715026

Sigh. She's so immature and attention-whorey. And how old are her kids? I know some of them are in their teens, but some of them still looked pretty young. She sounds like a shitty parent.

No. 715368

She has three. The oldest is 15 if I’m not mistaken, the middle one must be 12-13 and the boy is the youngest one. Her oldest kid is the one who seems to be super annoyed by her all the time and apparently she was the one who told someone on IG that her parents were divorced.
To be honest I’d be pretty ashamed of my mother thirsting after guys who could be my brothers. And all the “I only take big dick” references together with her favorite sexual poses. I wonder if she’s permanently drunk or some shit.

No. 715377

She has three. The oldest is 15 if I’m not mistaken, the middle one must be 12-13 and the boy is the youngest one. Her oldest kid is the one who seems to be super annoyed by her all the time and apparently she was the one who told someone on IG that her parents were divorced.
To be honest I’d be pretty ashamed of my mother thirsting after guys who could be my brothers. And all the “I only take big dick” references together with her favorite sexual poses. I wonder if she’s permanently drunk or some shit.

No. 715841

No. 715869

I guess she posts stuff like that really just for shock because it doesn´t look attractive at all? her body looks like a skinny guy body

No. 715874


This is an image board.

No. 715895

> her body looks like a skinny guy body

not at all tbh

No. 716305


Well that link currently goes to a picture of her make up. Post the image next time.

I think the image you want was of both her and coalcandy skinny dipping somewhere taking pictures. Legit, who is she fucking? Or all of them?

No. 716308


Well that link currently goes to a picture of her make up. Post the image next time.

I think the image you want was of both her and coalcandy skinny dipping somewhere taking pictures. Legit, who is she fucking? Or all of them?

No. 716413

that's exactly what it is supposed to link to. And learn to sage.

No. 716489

File: 1539915678832.png (91.56 KB, 293x245, theteaiswaytoohotforkatvond.pn…)

this randomized clickbait ad was too real.

No. 716710

NEVER thought for a second this chick was goth. A fad. A phase. A moment where she thought it would be edgy. Hmmm sounds like 99% of under 30s on the internet.

No. 716833

Yea something always irked me about Snowy but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I was never drawn to her as a goth YouTuber, she never seemed authentic.

No. 717286

I think Adora is fucking all of the guys mentioned in this thread. She always expressed her need for sex in social media.

That being said I still miss her on YouTube. I'm happy Simon (Coalcandy) started making regular high quality videos where she stopped.

No. 717413

File: 1540019405614.png (1.28 MB, 1378x2048, Screenshot_20181020-170714.png)

Any idea who's hands are on her boobs? She's shying away from discussing it in the comments and even going so far as to (poorly) cover up a tattoo that could give the person away. It doesn't appear to be Simon (Coalcandy)

No. 717566

Isn't her eldest son like 12-13? He most likely has an IG himself even if she doesn't know about it. I'm sure he's embarrassed that his mom is on the Internet showing off her boobs, people cupping her boobs, posing naked, and talking about how much she likes big dicks.

No. 717687

Wait, what? TT and Jake are in Barcelona? Was this another sponsored thing or have they somehow accumulated enough money to go on holiday yet will still e-beg for basic shit?

No. 717731

If I remember correctly it´s just vacation. It´s been mentiond in a post above when Jake was begging to get a sponsored flight to London

No. 717797

What happened to Jimmy Mercy?? He deleted his instagram and seems to have pretty much vanished from the internet

No. 717966

There is also the upper body of the „boob-holder“ visible. Are you sure this is a guy? Also, there is a ring on the persons finger, where a wedding band would go. Considering the shape of hands and probable wedding ring it could be Gabriel aka SirPlague, as he is married. But he doesn‘t habe a tattoo on his underarm.

To be honest, I don‘t think that Adora is fucking any of these guys. I think she wants people to speculate about her wild sex life and that‘s all. Wouldn‘t be suprised if she hadn‘t had sex in years. Just remember: this is the woman who let everyone to believe she had daily sex with her husband and that they never had a fight in their relationship und a second later they were divorced.

No. 717970


So a link is posted to her make up and crap on about her having a boys body??
Did you have a seizure?

No. 718380

He was exposed for sending an Hispanic goth racist DMs on IG. It was something along the lines of "I'll show you who the master race is beaner" and he deleted after that.

No. 718545

It's hilarious how most of these militiant antiracists ant antifacists came out to be racists and facists at the end of the day, both online and in real life.

No. 718553

kek, you really don't see what may be the point about the photo that anon posted a link to?

No. 718587

File: 1540202298126.jpeg (501.73 KB, 1223x2110, EE205B0D-E5F3-40E5-9A64-71D9B5…)

What the heck is a work therapist? Also, do you think Adora started working on a regular basis or is this just her annual job at the Halloween store?

No. 718592

My guess is that Adora is a form of state benefits which " tops up" the earnings of self employed " creative "people..and a condition to keep getting the cash she has to attend meetings where they coach you on how to make a real income ( supposedly)

No. 718611

I think she is dating Ras and maybe some fwb with coalcandy. I also think she was doing it before the divorce. I think she slept with the guy she is in a band with (not Simon), then posted pictures of bruises all over her body and black wigs for a week and said she wanted to be "ugly". I think this was when her husband had enough and had angry sex = bruises and she had a crisis. I never saw bruises before or after that. 6 months later they're divorced.
I don't think she slept with Simon before the divorce though, their relationship is different now.

No. 718627

Ras states on his facebook page that he is single, but of course he could be lying.
Also Adora once wrote that her husband was totally vanilla and that she would like it a little bit rougher, but he wasn‘t up for it.

No. 718628

Oh and do you remember when Adora posted on her Facebook that she and her husband were shopping at Ikea? In retrospective this must have been shopping for their separation/the new flat. It‘s so weird that she used that for a posting on social media.

No. 718632


NTAYRT, but the confusion over which image anons are talking about would not have happened and dragged on for days if >>714903 and >>715841 had posted screenshots like they were supposed to.

No. 718796

File: 1540235390601.jpg (460.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181022-200910_Ins…)


No. 718861

As an ace, I think it's stupidity that ruined her relationship. Obviously in our society sex is expected between adults with romantice feelings, and you have to be upfront about being asexual with potential partners. Like its literslly asexuality 101: not everyone is ok with a sexless relationship and stringing them along is cruel.

No. 718944


>Obviously in our society sex is expected between adults with romantice feelings

"Your society" means which one? Scandinavia? USA? Eastern Europe? Every single one of them has different point of view on that topic and some don't give a fuck if you fuck like rabbits or not at all until you exclaim it loudly.

>Like its literslly asexuality 101: not everyone is ok with a sexless relationship and stringing them along is cruel.

And it takes at least 2 digit IQ to figure it out. And some pinch of empathy.

No. 719172

"Destroyed my life" seems a bit extreme. I mean you can be asexual and just have friends instead of romantic partners, much like hetero and gay non-ace people who don't meet The One and would rather enjoy quality friendships with or without a side of casual sex outside those friendships, can you not?

I guess if you want a romantic relationship without sex that is potentially tricky. But only if you insist on having romances with people who can't work with your lack of sexual interest. And plenty of non-asexual people have sexless marriages FWIW.

No. 719772

>all i can be is proud of who i am
>i just want people to be proud in a time i cannot
Also why not date an ace, since they might understand. If bdsm-loving sebastian's really ace, that is.

No. 720003

Literally. The way she's talking she's acting like she's a gay person furious that the straight people she fancies won't date her and calling that oppression. Quite offensive really

No. 720015

What's the whole point of posing naked and half naked if you are an ace and not a body builder?

No. 720017

Beside working as a stripper or porn actor/model of course.

No. 720091

Didn't she claim that she's supposedly "asexual", yet practices BDSM and gets turned on by it? So was it actually BDSM that destroyed her relationship, lol?

No. 720114

"Turned on" means sexual sense. You can be asexual and masturbate, practice BDSM and whatever, but it won't lead to being turned on, If something turns you on - it's negation of the concept. So she is not really asexual or she is using the wrong word.

If it really turns her on and leads to orgasm but she can't reach it outside BDSM practice - like during casual sex it means she is pure clinical example of masochist, not an asexual person.


No. 720282

Makes me wonder if she's using the asexual label for sjw points. Perhaps she'll ditch it later, like she ditched the goff label (or is she still using that?)

No. 720418

Yep they went Barcelona.
Can't post pics on mobile, but she's tweeting like they're back now. She'll milk the shit out of tourist hauls.

"one of the things i really enjoyed…is that we could walk to get to almost everything <3"
She's so lazy that walking is a tourist attraction to her kek

No. 720420

(Talking about TT)

No. 720544

File: 1540430146327.gif (12.18 MB, 765x428, wtf.gif)

TT posted another stupid haul. I don't think that trying new stuff with her "posing" (instead of just stiffly turning around as usual) does her or the products any favors though.

No. 720733

Hate how TT uses bleeding cowboys font for her thumbnails. So trashy.

No. 720734

File: 1540447734363.png (402.23 KB, 609x278, really.PNG)

This does not look good

No. 720828

Kaya's dad works in Barcelona and he's been asking Kaya for ages for them to come over.
Jake says they've been too busy…busy doing what? they're both unemployed. you have a place to stay in Barcelona and you get to visit your dad and she puts it off.
seems strange to me.
also Jake is a massive twat throughout this video and keeps randomly putting on an american accent or something?

No. 720829

File: 1540468437876.png (718.63 KB, 1055x583, twitch.png)

this is where their "fans" twitch donations is going.
on disgusting cigars for Jake to smoke because he thinks it makes him look classy

No. 720830

I wonder if they see vids like IBF's and get jealous that no one takes pics of them. Well, I would think it'd be Jake who'd be getting jealous that no one is taking pics of him.

No. 720834

While watching, I noticed that Kaya has definitely lost weight and I'm happy for her. In fact, both look like they've lost weight. But it'd be nice to see Kaya gain some more confidence and leave that asshole.

No. 720997

Does anyone here watch mirrorsandhaze? I know shes not goth but "alt". I use to think she was quite cool until she started working with Kat Von D and heavily promoting her make-up. After the whole anti-vacc statement, I cringe whenever I see people promoting her.

Also in relation to this video - wtf are these clothes? I like layering and strega inspired fashion, but this brand just looks like it produces black knit sacks. It would look so much better if she defined her waist while wearing them… i think it just looks lazy.

Also she gets quite preachy over veganism and against fast fashion. Not everyone can afford indie ethical brands, even if they did want to support.

No. 721001

I really question if she gets to choose some of the products she promotes because they always look like the kind of pieces that wouldnt suit her shape or size.

Or she's just bad at picking clothes for herself.

No. 721006

My bad for the video link again, my retarded ass didnt delete it.

No. 721089

Never heard of her, but I do like her style. Unfortunate that she stans Kat Von D.

Kinda OT but the brand she's promoting is a unisex brand which might explain why everything is so loose and sack-like. I do agree she could have styled it better, though.

No. 721137

"too busy" = excuse not to go? We all know Jake doesn't do anything unless it benefits him.

As for his accent, he used to have a normal English accent (vid related) idk why he changed it

No. 721159

"something sweet and cold… like a dead chick" I want to die

No. 721199

he probably wrote that down ages ago and thought he was so smart he had to use it in a video

No. 721207

If he saw a real live (not live) corpse, he'd probably puke and/or shit himself.

No. 721277

Why does Kaya dress like a 5 year old? At least put some of your musty haul clothes to good use

No. 721333

File: 1540514464180.jpeg (101.02 KB, 750x519, AE50E7BD-A6A7-4C9B-B637-7FBB75…)

Disappears for weeks on end without posting aaaaand she comes up woth yet another haul!

No. 721345

both TBF and TT have new punkrave hauls

No. 721346

meant to say IBF

No. 721358

i know that the climates between ireland and spain are probably really different, but they're both dressed in black and complain about hot it is. the looked ridiculous, jake was pointing at things as usual and aside from the few architecture shots, the vlog was the usual boring stuff like getting on transportation and time lapse crowds. some facts about the places they went would've been nice, and he was such a brat about not wanting to go to the aquarium.

No. 721585

He'd probably a pull a Logan Paul kek

No. 721640

What if he already seen dead bodies?

No. 721878

Pull something out of a box and het paid by lost children who worship a vacuous emo. Get a life…. and don't call yourself goth. It's embarrassing.

No. 721896

>The mentioning of emos

IBF does have a ton of underage emo fans, which was surprising to me when I first found out about them. What attracts them to her? Is it her OTT goth caricature look? Or the fact that lately she seems to be giving people the impression that goth is simply fashion and all you have to do is wear black to be a goth. It's weird as she only plays goth music on all of her videos, not like she's blasting out BVB, P!ATD, and MCR.

No. 721905

It's all about the attitude. Give me stuff. Feel sorry for me. Self centred behavior is so emo. So selfish!

No. 721916

I think it's both. Most tweens love to buy stuff, and her channel makes it look like alt is just buying clothes (and by this logic her outfits make her an alt god). But yes she does knows her music, I guess the emos just ignore it.

No. 721918

They seem to have so many clothes sent to them and other things but they dont do give aways. Angela Benedict seems to appreciate her audience much more. She did a wig guveaway and a few others. The big you tubers dont care. Fund my wedding. Fund my holidays. Pay me to sit and talk about nothing.

No. 722419

TT uploaded another bloody haul. Won't even bother putting it here, it's all just "look at this pretty thing". Is this all she knows how to do? She doesn't even use the things she gets?

No. 722504

Who doesn't like free stuff? Her channel is just an ad for companies who give her free things in return. It's nothing new to YouTube. It's her scams that make her a cow.

No. 722714

File: 1540724273783.jpeg (164.69 KB, 750x1008, C2B26EF1-6FC3-40D6-ACEF-806FA2…)

Well, at least we now know that goth to everyone is now about the clothes only and not about the music.
This meme page always rips into tt but they link this post…
The fucking white knights of tat coming out and some are trying to say that JAKE out of all people, listens to goth!

No. 722980


>youtube - goff isn't about music, it's about killstar hauls!


>tumblr - goff is about being more pansexual, feminist, transgender, vegan than you, you cis scum rapist freak!

>reddit - goff's do not talk about politics, if they do they have to bash right wing and people who criticize far left are nazis, even if they criticize nazis at the same time, so shut up you nazis. Soviet Union was not a real communism BTW. The same leftpositive redditers apply right wing rhetoric of "defending the subculture from alien influences" of nu goth/pastel goth/health goth/all black called goth, and if you do not agree with them you are not a real goth because you do not understand what that subculture is about and shiet. So fuck logic, who needs a consistency?

>instagram - look at my boobs and makeup I put on using Kat Von D products, also take a look at my 100% #vegan #glutenfree #kosher #halal #lowcarb #fatfree #killstar clothing that only Chinese workers were hurt producing it, but they are not cute fluffy bunnies so who cares, right?

>vampire freaks - X is dating Y, sleeping with Z and in relationship with Q having platonic feelings toward V while in friendzone with W and would like to cuckold K.

No. 723014

she's answered your prayers, with a crappy d.i.y.!

>also take a look at my 100% #vegan #glutenfree #kosher #halal #lowcarb #fatfree #killstar clothing
Kek thank you for this anon

No. 723020

Honestly, I’m just happy it’s original content. Her makeup looks nice here too.
I will support anything that moves her away from haul videos and streaming with that POS Jake.

No. 723035


Next video will be a haul. And then washing clothes with Jake and eating shitty food. Also wish she would stop wearing dresses that don’t fit, does nothing for her body

No. 723038

>Jake listens to goff guiz!!!
Jake shat all over 70s-80s music, he doesn't even like the entry level bands lmao, and has never mentioned any from the 90s and after. The idiots probably think Jake crying to Evanescence makes him goth. He mostly listens to garbage fake metal and 00s skater music.

Ah yes, goff Reddit. That subred is pretty much a safe space it seems, I remember some bland alt chick posting a pic of her favorite band, which was a metal band, asking if anyone recognized the band shirt and some dude commented something like "Oh, didn't know metal was goth now." And triggered some people. Pantera/Burzum is goth, I never knew.

No. 723065

I’d like to support her doing videos that aren’t just hauls, but goddamn that dress is ugly.

No. 723095

Still not wearing a bra I see. Wonder if she realises wear one will make her body look better instead of some saggy old lady

No. 723145

The more I browse her tumblr the more I doubt about her proclaimed asexuality and aromanticism, she seems to be demi/gray at most, especially when taking in account her comments toward Bowie in the Labirynth movie and few other sympthoms


No. 723196

She couldn't have at least done a simple stitch on the edges of that panel? This thing is going to absolutely mangled in a very short amount of time and it'll have to be hand washed to avoid pins coming off and fucking up her washer/dryer. Would've been better off just wearing the damn band tee as it was.

No. 723237

She'll be asexual until she finds a pretty, skinny, straight guy who will put up with her.

No. 723240

oh dear

No. 723288

Anyone who thinks toxic tears and it's black Friday do haul videos ONLY for free branded goth clothes or free crappy " witch boxes" or bath bombs and there is no money paid… NEEDS to watch the YT vids on sponsorship by " pretty pastel please" she explains in great detail the different kind of sponsorship, that it isn't just" famous " you tubers getting paid..how to find the zillion apps that offer payment..how ppl get around the law etc etc..she makes lot of money herself shilling for cheapie Asian fashion but she is HONEST at least..so far NO ONE talks about this..think she is gonna piss a lot of ppl off..

You do not have to have huge numbers of subs to be PAID or get haunt furniture free as product placement ( IBF I mean you)..
White trash mall goth Raven and herover priced skull engagement rings..of course they were free and she got a fee for the rave review too! they are all at it,big and small " goth and alt" you tubers.

It isn't about the free clothes..Angela Benedict shills for cheap Chinese clothes that are cheaper than anything to buy.. Of course she got paid.Anyone can afford the clothes she fronts for!

Hiding that you are sponsored is one thing..what is worse is TT and IBF constantly pleading poverty and boo hooing when they are raking it in.

No. 723318

I think they're pretending to be poor because they do have cash, but spend on surface level goff shit, so they can't afford basic needs. Their sheep fans will always be happy to help.

No. 723322

/r/goth? They get triggered on almost everything. And forget about even trying to discussing politics If you don't agree that Trump is a literal Hitler trying to oppress you together with every (of course awfully bad and nazi per definition) person who voted him. Not to mention quiet visible group of middle class "die-comfy sofa-hard non ironic communists" believing in seizing means of production and fighting against capitalism while drinking Starbucks coffee and browsing reddit on their iPhones. And forget about nihilistic jokes, at best you would get downvoted into oblivion or even get banned.

Can you post a shortened version what it's about?

No. 723327

Well, goth originates from from a pretty left-leaning culture, so it isn't surprising that most of them aren't going to like Trump. Not really shocking, tbh.

No. 723341

>Well, goth comes from a pretty left-leaning culture,

I know of plenty 80's punks who were there when punk was blooming and would object to such claims. More "fuck everything and piss everyone while awaiting a nuclear holocaust after rain of H-bombs". If you mean that "punks were left leaning" in sense they were not giving a fuck about quiet a lot's of things like are you gay or black or do you prefer to wear safety pin in your jacket or your nose, the things that current establishment of the times happend to care about and happened to be more or less right wing in the West it's not "being left leaning" per se. There was punk movement in countries with left wing communist governments as well and it was fighting with that establishement too. You can be quiet right wing and not be homophobic and wear studded Perfecto leather jacket. Personal freedom of expression is not per se left wing sympathy or conflicting with having predominantly right wing mindset. Also to be honest no one ever did actual research on their political sympathies , so all these "we wuz left since beginning" is mostly a wishful thinking of left wing leaning punks at best. Take a Sex Pistols for example - Rotten back in days was criticizing socialist sympathies of the Clash, and Lydon did quiet recently criticized many aspects of present day left wing hysteria and witch hunting. Ramones were more or less 50/50 on left/right wing. Punks and goths to the east from DDR were fighting with communism on the daily basis and were seen as enemies of the state by communist regime (which means arrests, beating, tortures and being constantly watched by state secret police). Cold Waves bands of USSR and it's satellite states and Yugoslavia were having more or less camouflaged anti communist lyrics and incorporating religious and patriotic themes. Not to mention that WGT organizers are constantly getting shit for not being far left oriented from local far left groups in Leipzig, because they dare to invite bands that do not fit their "seize means of production" mentality but go for diversity instead. Such far left lunatics call WGT "a Nazi meeting" (I'm not even joking). For far right it's of course "Meeting of faggots, tranies and other deviants".

>so it isn't surprising that most of them aren't going to like Trump. Not really shocking, tbh.

But believing he is literally a nazi is outrightly hilarious. It's a trivialization of what Third Reich nazism really was.

No. 723399

It's quite obvious IBF isn't as broke as she claims. She can afford to roam all over Europe and eat at pretty expensive looking restaurants. But oh no, she's broke. And she needs you guy's donations.

You can't even be slightly right-leaning on there. You could be a modern day conservatard who accepts anyone and anything because of big tentism, and you'd probably still get shat on lmao. It's funny they act like being a furfag with a dog fucking fetish wouldn't get them in the oven under Stalin. Little do they know, they'd most likely be shoved in the oven quicker under Stalin than they would under Hitler. There's one dude in particular on there who seems to be a wannabe communist, he looks like a goth blobfish.

Every Tumblrtard/FB warrior calls Trump a Nazi, he has Jewish grandchild and the flags are flying half-mast for the victims of the synagogue shooting. He even said the shooter deserved the death penalty (well, indirectly, but he pretty much said it) But oh no, he is a Nazi. I'm sure Hitler would've done the same thing.

No. 723515

>You can't even be slightly right-leaning on there.

I wonder how they would react to vidrel.

No. 723589

No. 723637

Yes and no. Some try on videos are sponsored but not the majority of them. Most of the time they will make some money along with free stuff, but it's usually with affiliated codes or special links. They make commission from people purchasing products using their links to visit the site. You have a to remember brands like killstar or punk rave might have a lot of money but not at the same level as an estee lauder makeup company or hot topic level of money and I doubt killstar values TT as someone to spend thousands of dollars on to review clothes when she would clearly do it for some product. Plus, when a video is straight up sponsored on youtube or instagram, they have to disclose it in the EU.

No. 723667

I mean I call bullshit, but I like most of her vids.

No. 723751

The problem is if this is a BS story, basically any of her stories could be so too. As it was pointed before, she is an actress after all. She could as well record a video about her adventures in 1800s London as a Vampire minion of count Dracula with the same straight face she talks about her visit to a grocery store.

No. 723772

Eh, I believe her, this face changing is a known trick. I learned it from a 19century book about spooky party tricks (you know, pretending that ghost is moving a table etc.) but I guess you can find instructions on the internet nowadays. I think "Bloody Mary" trick people do in the USA is the same, but you look into the mirror instead of other person's face. Naive teenagers will freak out when they see it. My friend misremembers those tricks as some spectacular paranormal experiences too so I don't blame her for this. Her problem is that she believed obvious druggie instead use google. Astral plane stuff was popular among LSD crows when I was in school, it's just relaxation and autohypnosis method, but those idiots thought they are leaving their bodies on will and meeting spirits lmao.

No. 723777

.key points are the influencer industry is huge, and growing and it's very murky. Anyone deeply interested,do research ,watch the PPP videos..go on all the apps mentioned see how many types of products pay you tubers with only 5k subs to shill..I won't be develing deeper myself/ tracking their moves haha myself but the info is there..I'm not a fan of the hypocrisy of TT/ IBF when they plead poverty on their pateron… no time to fully research and " prove " my opinions.those who disagree with me that's fine.

Various goth you tubers have shilled for jewelry,bath bombs,wigs.. not just goth clothes brands..ever thought that maybe these cheap jewelry/ bath bombs / wigs companies are a division of big companies that can afford to pay niche you tubers..? Unlike tiny cash strapped killstar haha

the companies sponsoring you tubers don't want viewers to know it's a paid advert nor do the you tubers want their fans to know ..so they work together to keep it hidden….the laws about disclosure vary from country to country and ppl do get around this by filming in other countries while on trips and uploading the advert videos where they don't have to disclose…or shock horror they break EU law..there are many loopholes..
I can't prove TT or IBF get cash payment in addition to money from their fans purchasing using offer codes from killstar / punkvrave site..I respect other opinions on this..both of them work a lot of angles and imho they both do very well out of sponsorship..if killstar/ punk rave haven't given them cash payment for fronting..other companies have and it's surprising how few subs you need to make a couple of k to shill..

No. 723837

File: 1540905472736.jpeg (678.62 KB, 1242x1584, 745994EF-3A01-4448-852E-EB737C…)

Finally someone points out the irony of her making fun of fat people in the past.

No. 723843


How much of butthurt is there in comments?

No. 723941


From what I understand the instances from his past when he would shout racial obscenities at people were in response to them harassing him on the street for being gay/queer/a tranny - whatever they felt like calling him in a derogatory sense. He's never denied these instances and has said that his racial replies were the worst things he could think of to say in response. I saw someone mention tests about a hairstylist. Would need proof from that one. Stuff like that can easily be faked. There's video proof of him shouting that stuff from when he was like 19 though.

No. 723944

so basically sjw hysteria bout edgy teenager past? i thought it is no more in vogue to dig that dead case out of pile of trash since like 2016

No. 723947

Jeffree has ABSOLUTELY said more racist shit recently and continues to do so, but we should take it to the youtube guru thread since he’s not even remotely goth and most of his recent transgressions have been discussed there.
Sage for who the fuck cares

No. 723948


Lol why do people keep sperging on whether or not someone is goth. This is the ALT cow thread. Don't care if we talk about Jeffree - just find it hilarious how people keep forgetting the title of this thread. It's not just for goths.

No. 723991

Probably loads. That Stephanie chick who posted the original memes posted them on IG and triggered a bunch of people, it's ridiculous. "Umm… did u really have to use the word retarded :(" And people are calling her an elitist, rofl.

Also, there's a chick in the comments on the photos saying we shouldn't call ourselves goth because it's a genre of music. Instead, we should say we're ~*gothic*~. Don't know about you guys, but calling myself "gothic" makes me cringe. It just sounds dumb, and I don't know why.

No. 724113

Adora just posted some “snippet from her music video” and I only can say, who the fuck told this woman she can sing? I mean, I get