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File: 1536283641899.jpg (1.06 MB, 1439x1960, isa-logan.jpg)

No. 682714

Isa (now Isaac) Sparks is the young wife of Dorian Sparks, the now-adult and independent son of the nefarious Raven.

>Raven bolted from her marriage to Logan and from NZ, now lives a life of trailer and Slim-Jim luxury in South Carolina, US where she is married to her next victim.

>Dorian stayed behind in NZ and married his gf, Isa, who had already shown “poly” tendencies.
>Isa made significant contributions of information about Dorian’s welfare and whereabouts t our threads. Anons with stronger stomachs dubbed her “lovely GF” and stroked her ego to get her to produce more information. She appeared to revel in talking about Dorian’s state of mind to anons. It’s not known how much of his posting he authorised.
>Cut to now, Doran and Isa appear to be living with Logan and Logan is apparently getting him some Isa too
>Isa is now on the transtrender train.
>Gay love triangle!
>Is Isa Raven 2.0? Let’s wait and see…

Tumblr: https://floatingwafflesworld.tumblr.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwflJ34_0I0hBMVR4tM6V0g
Ramonamag Contributor page: https://ramonamag.com/contributors_post/isa-denney-strother/
Ramonamag Article, "Gender": https://ramonamag.com/2016/12/i-am-not-your-argument/

Gone or changed:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IsaDenneyStrother
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isaac_chch/

Please add Logan’s and Dorian’s social media to the thread:

No. 682724

While we've been fucking around she's either changed or deleted her insta and facebook. If you have anything of interest archived from these accounts please add it.

No. 682725

File: 1536284009049.jpg (1.11 MB, 1432x2544, isaac.jpg)


No. 682749

Her Instagram was changed
Isa - clearlybluemonday
Dorian - SparksDorian
Logan - LunaXRot

No. 682755

No. 682758

Thanks anon! Looks like Logan's changed his since you collected it?


No. 682765

Sorry about that it’s

No. 682779

What's the backstory on her life in the US and moving to NZ an anon mentioned in the Alt Cows thread?

Anons should have been archiving the moment she was brought up. Was she tipped? Dorian or Logan lurking lolcow?

She and Dorian wed on June 11th and Raven and Josh wed on the 10th, their anniversary and their second choice of dates. The last we heard she had pushed the date to her birthday in September. Did she find out they chose the 11th and decide to one up them?

No. 682781

>>682779 Isa clearly lurks since she privatized a bunch of stuff on fb. We know they posted here before and likely Logan realized the girl who crushed on him spilled the beans since she was outed by posting.

It’s interesting seeing Logan be active on insta after Raven shouted for years how he hated using anything. But he seems pretty ok with posting himself with Isa and doing his own thing. Must be good to be out of Ravens claws.

No. 682784

Isa's formal appearance in the Raven threads: >>>/pt/441966

No. 682814

File: 1536289385851.jpg (1.28 MB, 1439x2526, Skank.jpg)

She was tipped

No. 682824

Can't handle being on the other side? Kek

No. 682831

File: 1536290882697.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1621, 23644C63-4E7E-4517-8577-939092…)

Dorian and Isa’s wedding day. At least she’s not as fug as Cravey.

No. 682833

File: 1536290959190.jpeg (437.54 KB, 1439x1864, 8AF87B94-1A63-4FD9-A62C-D63B8E…)

Transtrending bullshit.

No. 682834

File: 1536291110961.jpeg (15.68 KB, 275x235, E60B62B1-F830-4985-84FC-0E7479…)

Introductory image drop and post from the Altcow thread here.

“I can't post this on the Raven thread because it's reached its limit and I don't want to make a new one but I had to share this.

Omg so it turns out that Logan is fucking Dorian's gf. That whole family is fucked up! Logan was Dorian's stepdad for all intents and purposes (even though that marriage was a sham and wrong on all levels) for 5 years and now they're sharing the same girl that wants to be a boy (she goes by Issac and "he" now but I think it's just for attention)? I used to like him but this is wrong on so many levels. They were family for 5 years and now they're sharing a boy/girl. I'm the anon who used to talk to him when Gravy first left Nz until she got him to block me. Now you couldn't pay me to touch him.”

No. 682839

is it possible dorian is into this poly shit too? i have to wonder how vulnerable he is, emotionally. feel bad for the poor kid.

No. 682841

Why the fuck do people cowtip immediately these days? Show some fucking restraint, jesus.

Big question: if, as anons of old speculated, Dorian did have a crush on Logan wayyy back in the day before the Hag stole his schoolboy affections; was this a way for him to get close to Logan again?

Seriously also, wtf is up with this Isa bitch? Why is she being such a gross pig to a kid who’s already been through the ringer, what with Raven for a ‘parent’? She’s young but not that young, and her writing over at Ramona suggests some intellect.

No. 682842

File: 1536291538130.png (659.39 KB, 640x640, 33684879_1004634809711168_3262…)

A new link to Isa's wiccan profile, and I've downloaded and started archiving Logan and Dorian's social media.

Isa's "Pagans & Wiccans" page:



Logan's Instagram archive:

Dorian's Facebook archive:

No. 682857

What the fuck is wrong with people? Unless this was one of Raven's 60 or so socks, kek.

No. 682864

Of course it is, pretty sure she’s the one who posted this milk in the first place.

No. 682865

This makes me sad. He looks happy to be marrying this pretty woman who was, at the time, pretending to be his supporter in life. It's already gone pear-shaped, she's a ""man"" and he's in a messy poly relationship at a time when he needs stability.

No. 682866

That's already been discussed, and I think the general consensus is that she wouldn't be able to control herself thinking about Logan with someone else so this most likely isn't her, but we're all waiting for her to show herself

No. 682871

It’s gross behavior on her part. Dorian needs to leave the country and make his own way. Being in a poly relationship with Logan is never going to work out. There’s no way it can be even remotely healthy for Dorian.

This kid is in so deep he has no idea of the horror right in front of him.

No. 682877

especially since, i think, logan tends to be emotionally abusive towards him, and yet again, he has to fight with logan for the main woman in his life's attention. very sad.

No. 682883

Her being a trender is such basic bitch tumblrina. In that thread where she first popped up she was so aggravating, I remember she said that it wasn’t welcoming for Dorian in the US because he’s Mexican, I guess someone pass that along to the millions of Mexicans living here?

No. 682884

Raven is a pig for putting her kid in a situation like that. She’s useless to everyone she comes into contact with.

No. 682888

and everything. let us not forget the countless animals that have languished in her 'care'.

No. 682891

File: 1536293978723.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1440x2960, 30E1B489-5AF1-4C37-9F1C-E8BDDE…)

couple more pics from the other thread

bad tattoos, copied fatty

No. 682895

File: 1536294146226.png (1.29 MB, 813x2237, BF80D243-C1AD-484A-8346-8180A4…)

“I Am Not Your Argument”

No. 682897

Logan is cucking his stepson, how nasty. Guess Raven taught him well.

No. 682916

He'll be better off in NZ where there is free social support, psych help and welfare. Being dirt poor in America is not going to go well for him. He's got no-one in America. Imagine him going to sleep on Ravey's couch and her getting Josh to thump him, it would happen.

No. 682923

File: 1536297541043.jpg (47.14 KB, 386x101, lovely.jpg)

Flashback to when Logan and Dorian were no-contact. via >>>/pt/442364

No. 682926

File: 1536297618274.jpg (428.57 KB, 524x1046, looovely.jpg)

Enough about Dorian, let's talk about meeee

No. 682928

I can believe the BPD though. Dorian would find that destabilised existence 'normal' to be around given it's all he's known.

No. 682929

kek self centered and a munchie too.

No. 682931

That’s fucking grim. Never even thought of that.

No. 682940

More delving:
>We're happy. We have our own place, we have a stable relationship, we have work and school and privacy to the point of only sharing what we want to share
>I have actually lurked around lolcow for ages because it made me feel slightly better after she threatened me and hurt Dorian
>I thought I was pregnant while I knew her and I was honestly terrified she would try to take our baby
>the worst she could do is talk to Dorian again and start to abuse him mentally (which wouldn't be hard, he's very open and honest and therefor trusts people when they say they're sorry almost regardless of anything they've done)
>our life has too much riding on stability; Being financially codependent, cohabitating, helping out friends, and on our way to starting our own family…there is really no room left for her you know?
>I like ranting here … I'm on school break and we're both sick so it's something we do to keep entertained aha. Hope you don't mind us lurking around

Also just a thought: curious that Logan's "friend" was/is from the US (AT&T mobile provider). I guess they never said, but some of us assumed they were real-life buddies. >>>/pt/444390

No. 682943

Fuck I misread, she's saying she's Bipolar but has a bunch of friends with BPD.

No. 682950

The mood swings in bipolar and BPD are similar enough that the two have been misdiagnosed for one another for years tho, so your original point isn’t all that far from the mark.

No. 682966

Does anyone know how Dorian was able to stay legally in NZ for so long after age 18,did Ryan legally adopt him in the early days? Also how can Isa stay legally,is one parent kiwi??? I think his marriage to " Isaac"is at least partially for immigration purposes..for either or both of them ..seems a bit fishy & " hetero normative" for a such a young poly/ transtrender to marry…

Yeah agree 100 percent that paragraph from Isa in the old Raven thread (going on about her various "issues" when no one asked )is a GIANT red flag that she is a developing babynarc who uses Dorian as a sounding board.

Curious who is paying rent/bills in their house..if it's all totally equal or is Logan carrying Isa/Dorian? Again a repeat pattern for Logan.

No. 682986

She's still presenting as a woman in June when they married >>682831 then in July around six weeks later, bam she's a man >>682833

The poly thing, I think she'd dabbled in that prior, but was it an openly declared poly relationship going into the marriage? I wonder if he was really able to see all this coming.

>wouldn't be hard [to abuse him mentally] he's very open and honest and therefor trusts people when they say they're sorry almost regardless of anything they've done

She's indicating nearly a year ago she knows he's very exploitable. It may be he's cool with all this, or it may be he has nowhere else to go.

No. 682988

I doubt it. He probably already had a resident visa which lasts indefinitely. There's a lot of different ways of entering the country but they could've for instance done this:

"Dependent Child Resident Visa
This visa is for you if…
… you’re a New Zealand citizen or resident living in New Zealand and you want to bring your dependent children to New Zealand to live with you. If your children are granted residence, they can live, study and work in New Zealand indefinitely."

Your children must be single, 24 or under, and rely on an adult for financial support."

No. 682996

I'm a rl ex friend of dorian's and I can shed some light on at least some of this. We stopped talking when he moved out of his mums house because Isa took over his social media enough that he had no privacy. We spoke here and there and he was really into her in the beginning but I get the feeling that it was more because of his self esteem. With his mum the way she was and his dad absent he never had much of a family and by the time raven tried to make it right (the last few years she did try to be more supportive and a real mum to him) it was too late. He always felt alone and worthless and we all thought he'd kill himself one day if he kept going on like that. Then he met Isa and being a fellow American who was a child enough to emotionally connect to him it got in his head that this was what he wanted and basically was all he'd ever get. She used to brag to him how she was a cam whore before she was 16 and had sex with a lot of people and in a roundabout way it made him feel special that she wanted to be with him. He definitely never wanted to be in a poly relationship. He's jealous and tried to tell her that it hurt him but she gave him what amounts to an ultimatum. It was either he deal with it or she leaves because she was unwilling to change for him. Hes cried in my arms in the start of the relationship because he was so lost and didn't know what to do. He started flirting with people online maybe to do to her what she was doing to him and his mum and her big mouth got involved and warned Isa saying that she was trying to help but it just hurt the relationship. Isa said that she didn't believe anything she was told but she did and got all dorian's logins and that's why he's not online much and cut off most of his female friends. Me and him used to be really close and he might have even had a thing for me in the past and I hate her for taking away our friendship. I lost one of my best friends but it's ok for her to be with Logan? And no dorian didn't have a thing for Logan he just looked up to him but Isa had her eye on him from the first day they met and she used her control over dorian to make him agree to the poly thing. He really needs to get out of there and away from her. He doesn't know what real love is and he thinks this is it but the amount of crying he's done over her isn't love. Logan should never have agreed either but he's never cared about dorian's feelings even when they were "related". Also Logan's the one who made fun of dorian's skin color. Actually they'd all 3 make fun of each other so I don't think any of that was serious?? It's best for dorian to get away and live his own life and find someone who really loves him imo. Dorian hated hated being around Logan so I can't fathom how he can pretend to be ok with this! Once again he's not the most important person in the life of someone who should have him priority. I just hope he reads here and sees the truth about her, his life and how much better his life can be and leaves before more damage is done and hopefully he can still find happiness

No. 683018

Is this Gravy herself who is posting here? This the font that she always uses.

No. 683040

No. 683050

Thanks for posting some backstory. Dorian's past and present situation is as sad as I'd expect. Controlling his friendships and social media, damn.

Also, the cow has awoken but is still to find her way to the correct thread.
>I'm not going to tell you again you better take down all of my information

No. 683052

Remember Graven controlling Logan's social media?

Isa really is Raven 2.0

No. 683066

Why the hell is she copying her tattoo's? It's like shes trying to be raven 2. She has her son, ex husband, and tattoos. Next shes gonna gain 300 pounds. She already has shitty goff makeup when she tries to wear it. Too bad some idiot tipped her or else I could share the pic

No. 683068

Sage for double posting but she also got married a day after Gravy. In response to the post wondering who chose the date first, Gravy mentioned marrying on their anniversary earlier on so I believe the original date was hers and Isa copied. She's trying to be a Gravy skinwalker and that's a terrifying thought

No. 683070

What better way to headfuck Dorian and Logan at the same time than to be a real-life Raven proxy. Fascinating really.

No. 683074

As for her backstory, she did post this herself:
>I remember moving around the world takes a hella lot out of you and some adjustment time. When I moved to America from Africa and then America to New Zealand I know I wasn't really in any state to be posting shit to the internet?

No. 683077

File: 1536320692512.jpg (35.58 KB, 522x162, Screenshot_1.jpg)

This boys life is so sad. His statuses are still up, scrolling through it seems everyone including himself refers to him as "The Mexican" so I guess he's ok with that, but there are a lot of "sad, single me" statuses, and then this. I can see how Isa was able to bully him into putting up with her shit

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 683089

that comment is from the fucking turbo retard who is obviously still hung up on Logan despite her claims she wouldn't touch him now.


Nah, Raven was posting in altcows. see the comments about how Raven had a point about this and that, how she had a terrible childhood that led her to make some mistakes, etc. She saw this thread was coming and couldn't help smashing her trotters all over the keyboard in an attempt to get that Victim status she so desperately craves.

No. 683092

>(the last few years she did try to be more supportive and a real mum to him)

lmao no

No. 683097

It stands to reason she's watching this with glee or even attempting to drive it. Bitch has endless facebook accounts and has admitted to catfishing. She's probably worked it out through social media. It doesn't make Isa any less of a cow, there's plenty of milk to go round.

No. 683098

Sorry but yes. I've met her. I used to go visit dorian (I'm the ex friend). I saw the change in her but it wasnt enough. Unlike most people I don't have anything against her, she wasn't rude to me or anything but there was definitely no parent/child dynamic there. It was like they werent even related. I dont know what damage happened in the past but they were like roomates which was weird and she used to always come talk to us like we were her peers, she didnt seem to realize she was much older and we were all young enough to be her kids but it didnt hurt us or anything, was just a bit odd and to dorian it was normal. I've been to his house after they moved 2 or 3 times over the years and did see her go from friend to trying to be a mum but it was very unnatural for her and dorian didnt like it, probably because they had gone so long with their dynamic being the way it was it was just too late to change it. Of course he never saw Logan as his stepdad and hated him for trying to be dad to him on the rare times Logan tried to help or give advice or be there for him and I think in the end thats why he wanted out so bad, he hates having someone younger than him in a father role. He just wanted out of the whole situation and used to tell me he felt like it was sucking the life out of him just being in the house, he had no will to better himself or do anything with his life

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 683102

>there was definitely no parent/child dynamic there. It was like they werent even related
What you're describing is attachment disorder between parent and child. They'll never really have a bond and if you know anything about his life, you know why.

No. 683106

If she really is as narcissistic as people have speculated, it wouldn't surprise me if she was seriously trying to style herself as the hotter, young version of Raven in order to lure Logan in.
Or alternatively, she's just another tacky, mentally unstable ~alt girl~ on the internet, which are ten a penny.

No. 683108

Except she thinks she's a guy now. Bitch is fucked in the head

No. 683121

Of course Isa is a trainwreck! It isn't so much the bi polar diagnosis/ fibromyalgia( debatable if this disease is real) or the silly transtrending proclamations it's the way she over identifies with these LABELS..like snowflakes do basically. So annoying.

There is a massive disconnect going on with her real life and her social media life..marrying at 18??? And NOT prolifeand pregnant.why do it??? What family would encourage their daughter to marry at 18? Especially such a childish girl. at first was sure the marriage was for visa/ immigration (thanks anon for info on that) I guess it wasn't.. I do not get the disconnection between Isa gender politics and the institution of marriage! Isnt hetero marriage the epitome of PATRIARCHY/ hetero normative? She had some inkling before the marriage that she was poly and " non binary" so why not just live together? Ffs it isn't 1958 no one judges couples who live together.

No. 683123

I'm so on the fence about all of this. Isa seems like a tryhard snowflake bpd abusive mess and I feel sorry for Dorian but then I think like Dorian should know better and not date a child. I mean she's no longer a child technically but there is clearly a maturity issue. Same with Logan. Like I get it dude, being married off to an old woman from the age of legality and being in a relationship with her from 16 would be taxing, but he really should have either moved on from Dorian's life once him and Raven were over OR been a good friend and helped him out and not fucked the gf. But he's a horrible opportunist for fucking the gf. I am aware she may have instigated it but she is a lot younger than them both and Logan should have had the respect to keep his dick in his pants. All in all I feel sorry for Dorian the most, but he is digging his own grave by agreeing to this poly shit and deciding to get married to this incredibly immature woman with mental issues and gender bullshit.

I am absolutely wishing I was a fly on the wall at Raven's shack though. I can imagine Josh just beating his own head against the wall while she rants. 'I DON'T EVEN CARE…LIKE I HATE LOGAN ANYWAY BUT I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE..RAH RAH RAH'

Like it would just be Raven screeching that she isn't annoyed but she definitely would be.

No. 683129

what better way to bind someone to you than to marry them. it's Raven 101 really.

No. 683137

I feel like it's either extremely extremelllly trashy people that get married straight away or very conservative christians. There's no inbetween.

Raven is trash.
Isa is trash.
They both like trashy things.

No. 683139

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts her library card got a workout as soon as she saw the discussion come up.
Oh totally agree, Isa is a huge cow. Love her posting in the altcow thread "this is illegal". Imagine trying to take it to the cops - a-a-and then … they … they looked at my publicly available social media accounts! tears

sorry but still not buying it. we've been watching her for years, and she was never shy about the abuse or cutting Dorian down.

she doesn't actually give a shit about what the labels mean, anon, just what she can use them for. I've seen snowflakes like this argue that asexual means you only feel like sex sometimes.

No. 683140

I'm pretty sure this is Raven.
But if it's not and you really are Dorian's friend, you need to try and be there for Dorian as a friend if he ends up leaving/breaking up with Isla. It sounds like he doesn't have anyone else in his life except Logan and Isa, both of questionable intelligence and mental stability.

No. 683143

Can we get a farmhand to confirm Dorian's ex friend's ip? I wanna know if it's Gravey.

No. 683147

File: 1536329971602.png (22.86 KB, 1073x378, waah.png)

Pissa posting in alt-cow thread, threatening to call internet police.

No. 683150

You typed the word mum rather than mom so I semi believe you are not Raven.

Do you have any screenshots of convos between you and Dorian? I mean seeing as you don't plan on continuing to be mates, surely you wouldn't mind sharing the milk?

No. 683154

Holy shit. The cyber police are coming for us guys!

Seriously though, this girl will leaks so much info on Raven and Dorian's lives online here, but when she is exposed for cucking her boyfriend, she whinges that it's illegal? What a hypocrite. Raven 2.0 indeed.

No. 683157

posts openly about poly and being a fakeboi and cucking bf with his mother's ex online

oMg YOu hAve No RiGht tO iNvadE my PriVacy lIke ThIs

No. 683159

I've tried to but I can't get to him with her in the way. He's too scared to lose her and maybe be alone again. He knows that I'm always here for him

No. 683167

Then you should wait until shit hits the fan and she's out of the picture. I'm sure he'll reach out when he needs help eventually.

No. 683173

There's no way this is her. She came here before to willingly share information, she wouldn't be acting like she just discovered how farmers operate much less behaving like she didn't know we had her information to begin with.

No. 683174

It could be a troll but I think she's cowish so of course she would cry about it. Cows don't understand hypocrisy.

Can farmhands confirm the i.p in the alt thread?

No. 683177


Bet you $5 this is all Raven angrily jabbing her sausage fingers at the computer keys. Who else would stalk this person's social media when no one here or even Kiwi Farms were doing it and then post it in the goth topic of all places? Everyone that's a regular here posts the updates on /pt/ in the thread suggestion topic to avoid giving her the attention.

No. 683180

Why not though? She's mainly lurked and done some attention-seeking, it doesn't mean she has a feel for the culture. She's being hypocritical because it's about her now. She took a day to lock up her info then came back to check the thread and lost it. A troll would know to come to this thread and do it. She's MAD >>683051

No. 683181

Soooo it was perfectly okay for her to throw Raven under to give us milk… Only to flip out when she became the topic? She's the one who came here in the first place. She was selfish enough to date Logan when she could have left that be knowing what Dorian has been through.

No. 683183

I think we’d need to ask them over in meta, seems like that’s the only place to get their attention lately.

Polite sage for ot.

No. 683185

I don't think all of those posts are Raven's but I definitely think some are.

No. 683186

If only Raven’s trashy, purple prose loving ass had been able to come up with a shitty romance novel, this would definitely have been it. So much drama!

You know she feels left out—I certainly hope the library is gearing up. If she’s not seething about all of this I’ll eat all the hats, everywhere. Wew, lads, just wew.

No. 683187

For some weird reason I do believe the initial drop was by the same girl who posted about Logan thirst. But I also think Raven’s lurking and posting, she probably left that awful cowtip message on Isa’s insta, the language practically shrieks granny.

No. 683191

I sincerely hope this is made up.

The reality of Dorian’s situation is too depressing, otherwise.

No. 683202

I agree. I also think the post 'bitch is fucked in the head' is Raven. I heard it in her voice as I read it no joke

No. 683233

Wouldn’t be something if this was all made up by Gravy for drama and to get people talking about her again? I mean it could be as simple as them being roommates because they are so young, cost of living or convenience. I mean Logan and Dorian we’re friends at one point, maybe they reconnected after the hurricane left its damage because they have that in common. And I can see Raven shrieking about Logan and Dorian moving on in life.
I just want a bit more proof that this is really going on. And not an elaborate scheme by our very bored, trashy “happy housewife”. She has all the time in the world to make socks and fake accounts. What else does she have to do?

No. 683259


No. 683271

how can it be made up when isabella has 'poly' plastered all over her social media??? she's a cow on her own, honestly

No. 683287

Oof I'm so on the fence about this. I feel like she's a cow in training but I'm also like she's the youngest person involved in this shitshow and needs time to mature.
But I've also had fleeting thoughts that Gravey made this up.
But then there's the photos of her giggling with Logan and they don't seem house matey.

Unless Isa actually comes here to clear her name about it being a healthy relationship, I guess we'll never know. Personally I think they are a bunch of confused children.

No. 683289

How on earth is this healthy for Dorian? Logan used to beat him up, anon.

No. 683299

Well, I think she wouldn't be openly abusing Dorian while there's a guest in the house - she's not THAT deranged. So I believe that Dorian's ex-friend probably didn't witness any abuse going on when visiting Dorian's home.

No. 683313

Oh I don't think it's healthy at all. I think it's extremely unhealthy. I was just saying the only way that we'll ever know the full picture is if one of them actually talks here.

No. 683324

It was mentioned that she felt she had a certain immunity by posting and being accepted by us

No. 683339

It makes perfect sense for them to pick another situation and relationship constellation like this. They are bonded by trauma through Raven (and each other) and their dysfunctional past. This is what they have known for years and seek. And their mutual company feels familiar and stable to them. They don't know healthy relationships and will repeat painful ones unless they seek therapy. And sadly, I don't think Dorian or Logan have it in them to make substantial, good changes for themselves.
What? New-found freedom from Ravy? Room to breathe and explore happier sides of life? Room to start carrying off some of that mountain of suffering our lives have been and start healing? Hell no, better find something to hurt ourselves with!

No. 683360

*intense therapy (that also looks critically at current relationships) … sorry for long armchair / no milk

No. 683370

it really doesn't. dorian had moved away from logan and previously had no contact w him. logan didn't want to talk to him, either. nothing from anything on their social media even suggests that they're close as friends or anything, or even like each other.

imo, it was maybe brought up out of necessity and this isa saw a way to be 'kinky' by getting the affection and attention of both boys in the household. she's still a dumb kid and i can't fully fault her, but it was very callous to do so knowing dorian's history of serious, lifelong abuse

No. 683376

one problem, anon. Isa has been here before and knows how it is. The social media lockdown says she knows about it, but where are the posts saying hey, that shit isn't me? or, Hey, this bit and that bit aren't true? she freaked the fuck out.

No. 683386

It's pretty tragic. Wasn't there really ANYONE else they could get as a roommate? Don't they have any other friends or contacts? Why return to Logan after going no contact with him? Ugh… They had a chance to start a new, happier life, but they blew it in such an epic manner that I don't know if I should be angry or laugh. What a screw up.

No. 683400

And this furthers my view that Logan has no standards. He is a low rent NZ version of an uneducated bogan. He could have said no to moving in and he could have moved on with his live with another girl but somehow ends up with Dorian’s wife/husband. Bet he is all ‘it was her choice’, like he doesn’t have an opinion to say no.

I get that the shit show is all Logan and Dorian know, but this is ridiculous. They were clear and frees and chose to go back into Crazytown really just shows how dysfunctional they are.

No. 683407


She captioned recent pics of both Dorian and Logan as dates.


She has a couple pics of other roommates, but the timeline and locations were unclear to me.

I know it was posted in the Alt Cow thread that Logan moved in with them, but is there proof? She locked down her account before I could compare her pics with Logan's.

No. 683411

Please consult >>682923 and then the OP pic. No contact to snuggling. Where there's smoke there's fire.

Gravy's fantastic stories extend to faux suicide and delaying flight by two weeks. She's not talented enough for a ruse of this scale and it wouldn't explain the cuddle pic anyway

No. 683413

Totally. Logan and Dorian are trashy for staying in this situation. Especially Logan. I get the psychology of being stuck in constant shitty situations because of trauma, but honestly he made the decision to continue being a trashy bogan.

No. 683414

>Unless Isa actually comes here to clear her name
Are you being deliberately obtuse?

I can't believe any real farmer would take this naive a view.

No. 683415

This. Why didn't she defend herself? The fact she deleted everything and privated everything is very telling.

No. 683416

I have a screenshot of her comments to her mum showing its the 3 of them, but I'm one of those people who uses a speshul font on my phone and I don't feel like being accused of being Hagraven just because of it

No. 683417


But we don't know if that's her or a troll anon. There's been no cofirmation or verification.

No. 683418

Cough up the screenshots. Who cares what font you use. People might think you are Raven, but show enough proof and we'll know you aren't her anyway.

No. 683420

Goes to bed NZ time: no more angry posts.
Wakes up this morning NZ time: "hey guys we will never know the truth because she hasn't proved it herself cased closed byeee".

Call me cycnical.

No. 683423

selfposts are rarely verified anyway

No. 683428

If you are saying that the anon that said 'we'll never know unless she confirms it' is Isa, then you are wrong because that was me.

I wasnt saying it was or it wasn't her…I just want verification from the farmhands.

No. 683432

But didn't they verify Isa when she first came here? Wouldn't the ip be the same?

No. 683434

Not if they've moved I'd think

No. 683441

proxy, vpn, dynamic ip, etc. when they id a poster, they look at a lot of stuff, not just ip.


you might wanna delete and repost after you blackout the dox, anon.

No. 683444

She'll probably come here now and say none of it was her trying to cover her splerge kek

No. 683446

No-one specifically verified her, we took the word of the anon who had the DMs with her and capped them to post them here that they were satisfied with her identity >>>/pt/441966 and then later after we already accepted it was her she sent a pic to them >>682926
Eventually she posted here herself and just said she was Isa, we accepted that.

I don't know what you think farmhands are doing but they're not running around verifying cows all day, it rarely happens. We don't suddenly need a high bar of proof just because she's fucking someone. This is a gossip site, and the subject here is gossip.

No. 683448

File: 1536361736349.jpg (494.79 KB, 1440x2960, 1536360974245.jpg)

Here's a blacked out version, can you hit delete on your post (no password needed).

No. 683449


Has Logan closed or changed his account name?

Too bad we didn't screencap the milk before they locked down their accounts.

I doubt it was Raven who tipped them. She would enjoy watching us dissect every post.

No. 683453

Yep looks like it

No. 683470

Sorry but I don't see the option anywhere

No. 683479

tick the box next to the post, click delete button.

it was that fucking dumbass who thirsts for logan and is bitter she can't have him, we already established this

No. 683481

It's too late for you to delete it yourself now anyway. I sent a report to farmhands, hopefully they'll delete it for you.

No. 683482


If Isa posted their address in comments, then she doxxed herself.

No. 683488

No. 683490

either way, dox is against the rules

No. 683501

Proof they're all lurking here. They should know that changing their names /urls won't stop them from being found

No. 683502


>Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

No. 683523

Just have an admin delete it

No. 683528

File: 1536370684860.jpg (1.9 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180907-213654_Fac…)


No. 683532

she should swap the beanie for a fedora, what a loser omg sorry but this is making me think of stef the satanist tumblr chick just awful haha

No. 683543

This thread makes me so sad. I was really hoping for the best for Logan and Dorian but they're both so fucked up by the hag that they just found a surrogate to replace her with.

No. 683548

She also posted a screencap of a text convo between her and Dorian and in doing so, gave out his phone number. She's not as clever as she likes to think she is.

No. 683552

fuck, I thought that was Logan.

same, anon. I was especially hopeful for Dorian, he's had such a cunt of a life. Seeing them with raven junior makes me want to cry.

(on the upside, it's a relief to be able to open the thread without worrying that I'm going to see the goth michelin man doing 'sexy' poses. saving a fortune on eyebleach)

No. 683596

I wish there was a way to know for sure if Gravy is lurking. So far all we have are accusations and finger pointing but no solid proof. The silence on her end is aggravating and I hate thinking we're giving her attention that she doesn't deserve. Eagerly awaiting the inevitable meltdown

No. 683609

it's pretty simple, in my view.
is she dead? then no. otherwise, of course she is. she followed along religiously for her own threads.

No. 683613

What attention is she getting? We’re talking about three entirely different people, one of whom is, unfortunately, stepping into the granny’s shoes all too well.

I never understand why some anons come over all breathless about discussing the fact that said granny is a piece of shit. It’s hardly good attention. She’s the only cow that gets ‘starved’ and frankly all it does it protect her from rightful, well deserved criticism. The hand wringing over it is excessive.

No. 683618

Giving Isa attention isn't an either-or thing. If Raven wants some too she can seek it.

No. 683634

I forgot to put a link to the Altcows thread post that started the ball rolling, in the OP. If you want to backtrack and read it, start here >>>/snow/678246

No. 683650

of course they're all raven. you'd be fucking stupid to think otherwise. she does this all the fucking time. she was contantly in logan, dorian and josh's socials pretending to be other people, even changing her typing to look like a teenager. the woman is a fucking psycho and she;s probably masturbating over these people falling for her creative writing skillz. pathetic

No. 683656

You've looked at the OP pic I assume? Raven can push it under our noses but she cant make it happen. Isa and Logan made it happen.

No. 683663

You sound like you need to calm down, do us all a favor and stop frothing, you donkey.

No. 683695

Hi Isa! Welcome back!

No. 683703

File: 1536394852578.gif (461.38 KB, 420x323, feels bad man.gif)

how about you relax a bit. Moby Goth will show herself at some point, she can't help it. In the meantime, can we get back to the actual content?

I feel like a fucking dumbass for not paying more attention to the conversations that show her fucking munchie-chan bullshit. I wanted so bad for Logan to fuck off into anonymity and Dorian to get that sweet redemptive arc … and then this.

No. 683704

She doesn't get starved the way anons pretend she is. You can hardly do anything without seeing her name come up. She doesn't even need her thread to be active to have to see her stupid name mentioned every time someone uses a font, or words things similarly, or another cow she might know is mentioned. Imo her trash should be kept in her own thread but you can't get away from it shrugs

No. 683706

Baby Craven stealing yet another page from Gravys book kek
Why don't you go get some more of her shitty tattoo's, or get back to cucking?

No. 683710

agree. surprised her video where she re-enacts The Ring, or plays Gollum, or gets a ring (from Gollum) and goes on about how fancy and expensive it is - kiwifarms rrp via amazon or something: 40 bucks - wasn't enough to trigger a thread.

No. 683725

I do believe the rrp was 7.99 kek

No. 684130

Sage for ot, but how are couch and gravey doing?

No. 684148

This thread is being locked due to the obvious vendetta posting.

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