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File: 1496247516021.jpg (950.35 KB, 1409x2262, 1493917567229.jpg)

No. 391397

The "More Aliases, Less Hair" Edition.

>creater of the Poop Brooch
>bandwagon cosplayer
>self-proclaimed "nombinary" and "queer bait", bisexual, has a phobia of CIS men
>pathological liar
>produces horrible DeviantArt yaoi with incorrect anatomy
>stalker of DMMD cosplayers
>has dragon spirit split personalities
>has a magical third eye with chakra reading abilities

>still claims autism as the reason for her behavior, bad job, and no life
>was going to move to DC, then to LA, has done neither and doesn't mention it anymore
>is a beauty school dropout without even paying for the classes
>still doing DIY hair jobs and butchering them
>lost room at Momocon for not paying the deposit, managed to get room back roughly 12 hours before leaving for Momocon
>suckered grandfather into paying for flight tickets
>stalked DMMD cosplayers at Momocon and yelled unfunny jokes at random strangers
>suddenly wants to be a lolita

No. 391400

File: 1496247964540.png (901.37 KB, 926x596, swag.PNG)

>boy Lolita I wanna do
>boy Lolita

She's gonna finally do it and transition from shit artist to shit cosplayer to shit lolita.

No. 391416

File: 1496250311242.png (470.6 KB, 588x595, 1.PNG)


She posted a video as well about Momocon. Her flight home got delayed and she talked about what happened Wednesday/Thursday then the video cuts out mid-complaint about how they couldn't get bellhop service.

No. 391428

File: 1496252722157.jpg (56.95 KB, 600x750, 4b410902e0d93ec6a9329a58f09528…)


so when is she going to do the britney spears hair style of 2007?

image unrelated

No. 391453

Hah. She spent so much of the con yelling at random people and yelling in general that she lost her voice. Wow.

No. 391456

OP you should link the old threads and her social media next time

No. 391484

God, her hair looks even worse in video.

No. 391547

Ah shit, sorry! Some how it completely slipped my mind. Maybe a mod could edit it in or something?

>Old thread: >>>/pt/368757

>Social Media:

https://www.facebook.com/ashlikestodraw (friend restricted)

No. 391549

File: 1496267009438.png (104.06 KB, 750x947, IMG_1882.PNG)

No. 391550

File: 1496267039099.png (79.54 KB, 750x1066, IMG_1883.PNG)

Commissions 1/2

No. 391551

File: 1496267066001.png (96.26 KB, 750x1041, IMG_1884.PNG)


No. 391557

>I want to move to Florida!
>I'm moving to my sister's in California!
>I'm going to move to Georgia!!

No. 391597

Does this mean that cosplayer in DC she was crushing on rejected her? I remember seeing comments on her post about wanting to move there that she wanted to be closer to "someone she loves" and I'm assuming that went nowhere. She probably wants to move to Atlanta in the hopes of getting with Syd, Toni, and/or that Levi cosplayer she likes. Christ she's creepy.

No. 391598

My bad, Tony is in VA, but the other two still stand

No. 391631

Everywhere she wants to move is local to a convention with cosplayers she loves/stalks. She's just wanting more access to them probably. That and the VA community hates her and she's scared of the NC community to the point she refuses to attend any NC conventions.

No. 391647

isn't she going to beauty school with the money her grandparents filed away for her?

No. 391648

She's not going. She was supposed to start the end of May but obviously didn't if she was at Momocon. She's also not mentioned anything past her failed "I'll get loans to go because my dad won't do FAFSA but I'm still going to all the conventions!" plan.

No. 391658

File: 1496283928137.png (45.33 KB, 750x411, IMG_5196.PNG)

I'll never understand why she asks for help and advice on the daily but never actually takes ANY OF IT.

No. 391661

okay. so she shaved those paint blob tool ass lines on the side of her head and she didn't even know how she was gonna make Sombra? what sense does that even make???

No. 391667

She didn't even do the right shave design Sombra has, she shaved where her headpiece goes. She can't even do the simplest things correctly.

No. 391785

Does she not even REALIZE how complicated these characters are? So many patterns and specialized fabric. Not to mention all the detail that she is no where near the level of even TRYING because she can't sew a FUCKING SEAM correctly.
GDI, she makes me so mad. And if she DOES take advice/have someone hold her hand to walk her through the outfit, she bashes the shit out of them later.

No. 391797


>japanese windchimes

anyone else getting pixyteri flashbacks?

No. 391842

If the Queen ever split herself into two beings it would be Momokun and Ashley. Together they combine into PT, especially with Ashley considering herself fakeboi trans tier and Momokun doing lewds.

So she took a safety razor to her head for nothing. She'll get bored in a few weeks and move on to her 10th costume idea of the month soon enough. Too bad she won't consider cosplaying Roadhog.

No. 392046

kek please Ashley, you could never afford to live in Atlanta, and if you think you can outrun your godawful reputation in Georgia you are sorely mistaken.

No. 392052

>"I didn't spend money till Sunday of the con to make sure I had money for food and emergencies."

Nice try with trying sounding somewhat responsible Ashley, but I saw your fat ass buying these things in the Dealer's Room on Friday. But go ahead and keep lying about stupid shit trying to make yourself sound like you're improving. Tip: if you need to lie to fake improvement, then you know you're a seriously fucked up person.

No. 392117

File: 1496378549298.png (13.1 KB, 517x151, 24869d17bc5a3b1e259a3ec1863130…)

What I can't understand is why this bitch just keeps thinking she can magically put together some large event and expect people to magically show her up and shower her with praise and attention. How fucking self-centered do you actually have to be?

No. 392130


No. 392157

>caught buying things on Friday

No. 392197


Sometimes I wonder if Ash doesn't have some form of bipolar. She frequently comes up with wild ideas that she either forgets about or half-asses and stays up late into the night sewing. That's like textbook mania.

No. 392199

Her mom was diagnosed but refuses medication, so I wouldn't be surprised if she is too. Normally I'm completely hesitant to believe Ash, but I remember a status years ago during the peak of the /cgl threads where one of her sisters confirmed it and told Ash to try and be patient with their mom. Couple that with Ash swinging between "my dad is a heartless Trump supporter" and "lol my dad is so funny and cool" and her dad's own issues, she very likely is bipolar.

No. 392217

Splitting is more of a symptom of BPD isn't it? Though I guess someone with bipolar could have severe black/white thinking too.

The hair cut too, she may claim it's for cosplay but sudden changes in appearance and style are common symptoms of mania.

Ash has problems that I think could be fixed with real therapy and medication and maybe even a more stable home environment, but it may be too late now. Things like beauty school, cosplay groups, hell, even her constantly changing cosplay plans and projects seem like ways to fill some sort of emotional void. "If I go to beauty school, I'll have a purpose." "If I make this cosplay, I'll feel complete."

One reason Ash may constantly put cons and cosplay above saving for the future is because they give a faster emotional fix.

sage for armchair.

No. 392232

File: 1496422045913.jpg (216.9 KB, 1414x828, Screenshot_20170602-124556.jpg)

In other words she thought she just magically had more money than she should have and didn't keep a written balance.

No. 392248


Ash has posted about having bipolar and people in the threads brushed it off as her lying. I'd say pretty much everything Ash does falls under pretty classic unchecked bipolar behavior.

No. 392280

Probably because she was just making up more shit for sympathy and asspats, which is the problem. She literally made up a disorder that she probably actually has. She needs to go to a real, non-imaginary doctor and have it legitimately diagnosed and medicated. But she won't. Because she doesn't actually believe there is anything wrong with her. She just wants sympathy, cuddles and pity pets, not medication or therapy. Because therapy is fake and stupid.

No. 392317

Didn't she already come up with a cosplay ball she wanted to do?

An ex-friend of mine is diagnosed bipolar and off meds and Ash acts just like she did right down to wanting to move places, buying sprees, and being unable to take any sort of help/suggestions without getting angry and defensive.

Which convention is this for? And damn, Ashley. I don't even keep a written balance of my account but even I check it after I've bought something to make sure the money went through and if it hasn't I don't buy anything else until it does.

This is exactly Ash's problem. She makes up so much stuff (especially medical/mental issues) that when she's actually telling the truth no one believes her. She even made up stories about going to her therapist for appointments for months (like her therapist seeing her dragons) then in a rant said her parents had kept her from having a therapist for year or more.
The more she lies the less people believe so she keeps spinning bigger and bigger stories to make up for it.

"I have autism."
We don't feel bad for you, here's some resource info.
"But I'm seriously mentally ill! I've got dragons in my head and murderous intent!!"
No you don't.

No. 392338

im sure its just a typo, but i love her fucked up versions of common sayings

No. 392363

>It's the gravy on the turkey
>It's like catching fish in a barrel
>I'm ready to shoot myself in the foot

No. 392395


>Ain't this a hunch of peaches

No. 392411


i can understand if it's a small purchase like 20 bucks or something and you forgot and get overdrawn, but a hotel several hundred dollars and not something easily overlooked, and usually payment is taken the next business day after the stay anyway?? it's honestly so surprising how stupid she is sometimes

No. 392412


It was a labyrinth ball. She was raving mad about it. It was durring the peak of her bad Sarah where her grandpa flew her and friends out to LA for Labyrinth of Jareth ball. She came back and basically wanted to copy it. And tried to get a hotel, even set up a go fund me. It was swiftly taken down tho. after the Akane incident and losing the Jareth she forgot all about it.

No. 392441


She set up a gofundme for that nonsense? Wtf???

No. 392670

File: 1496518101368.png (153.17 KB, 749x955, IMG_5219.PNG)

>I have no gender
I guess she's finally accepted she's so unattractive to both genders that she's basically a blob with a vagina. I love how she's tried to claim she's intersex but doesn't know an intersex person is still either male or female because of their chromosomes, it has nothing to do with their mutated genitalia.

No. 392686


In before she turns into a fakeboi.

No. 392694


This status disgusts me.

No. 392706

>Ash wanting to be a lolita

She is going to be ripped apart! Part of me wants to see her drop a bunch of money on a brand dress only to find out if doesn't fit, or it rips.
I'm not sure what I want to see more, but Ash wanting to be a lolta and looking like what she does makes me cringe

No. 392707

I would die laughing. This bitch will never get brand though and will just try to through something together and call it Lolita or better yet she try to fucking sew it.

No. 392711

Oh God I would pay to see that. And to see her approach hardcore lolita people claiming she's lolita.

No. 392741

>i don't have a sexuality
>i was in the closet for so long


No. 392759

She wants to be a boi lolita
Which will be 10000x worse

No. 392776

File: 1496538697215.png (250.42 KB, 1440x1290, icantwait.png)

How about a hammer.

No. 392780

File: 1496539698060.png (11.32 KB, 510x140, Capture.PNG)

Saw this on my dash and thought of Ashley.

She can't even put aside money for those kits to straighten your teeth. If her teeth bothered her so bad she'd prioritize them over cosplay/conventions.

No. 392781


Then stop spending money on fucking cons/cosplay and save actual money for this shit. Honestly, it's your own damn fault for not getting your teeth checked out to begin with.

No. 392784

lol what? her dentist didn't warn her that her teeth would be gapped? i'm pretty sure adult front teeth come in way before age 13.

No. 392785

Just waiting for her to make a status "my family agreed to give me money to fix my teeth! I'm going to 10 conventions this year! I hate my teeth but my stupid parents didn't give me enough money to fix them! I'm gonna ask my grandfather for money! He's being an asshole and won't give me money! Boohoo! I'm going to another convention last minute and doing 30 cosplays!"

No. 392786

I wish her parents would just kick her out or at least drop some hard rules on her. They let her get away with so much.

No. 392787

Probably because she chimps out at the slightest shit. I wish they would kick her out into a shelter or at least a Job Corps. She needs to be dumped hard on her ass and given a shock of what reality is actually like. She's such an entitled piece of shit that it's just infuriating.

No. 392800

I wonder if the reason they haven't is because they think they'd eventually have to foot the bill to help her move back in when she inevitably fails like she did in Florida. Her mom has her issues, but I feel like she genuinely cares about Ash and likely spoils her because she knows Ash is basically retarded and can't take care of herself.

No. 392806

Which is sad, given how fucking ungrateful Ashley is and how much she slings shit and hates her mom.

No. 392878


Pretty sure it's this. I know a girl like Ash whose mother pays her rent for her because the mother wanted the girl to finally move out (she was 25 when she moved out). She's very spoilt and grew up with her parents giving her and her brother whatever they wanted rather than put the effort into saying "no" or disciplining their kids, and now the parents are paying the price. Literally.

So I think it's less that Ash's parents want to spoil her, and more that it's the path of least resistance. They fucked up raising her and now it's a question of minimising the annoyance that their spoilt adult child will inflict on them.

No. 392963

File: 1496593976664.png (1017.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0306.PNG)

I kind of want her to win the wig just to see how badly she could manage to fuck it up

No. 393066

what happens to people like this (and Ashley) when they turn 30 or 40? i hear a lot about parents fully supporting their kids up to their mid-20's, but past 25 it starts to become much less socially acceptable until it's obvious to everyone they're way too old for it. I imagine that females like this end up marrying and switch to mooching off their spouse, but i don't see that likely with Ash.

does she have any kind of degree or any skill she could live off by herself? her art obviously isn't one of them.

No. 393068

I think she'll just have to suck it up and get a job at McDonalds or something

No. 393139

Doesn't she already have a job at some store?

No. 393266

She's part time at a local laster tag place and does shifts as a party host. You take little Billy out for his 8th birthday and Ash and her shitty shaved mohawk and eyebrows are there to make your life hell for the next 3+ hours.

No. 393437

>does she have any kind of degree or any skill she could live off by herself?

Don't make me laugh! Ashley dropped out of an attempt at college after a month and a half because she couldn't hash it. Now she can't even get accepted by the shittiest of schools, and she'll never get financial aid for one. If she did manage to get into a school for something, she wouldn't last 2 months because _effort is hard_ and she doesn't take ANY critique whatsoever. The only reason she has a job at the Laser Tag place is because she only puts in at most a 6 hour work week. Which of course is about all she can handle because even then she just squeals about how hard it was.

Honestly, all I want is to be able to see into her future to when she's 40, or when her parents have died, and see what's become of her. People like Ashley never marry because not only are they extremely disgusting, but their standards are outrageously high. Ashley would rather pretend to fuck dragons and leech off of her parents until they're dead while claiming everyone else is a "hater" because they don't find her disgusting attitude, pathological lying, and complete lack of hygiene appealing.

No. 393516

>I'm so sick of looking at my teeth and feeling embarassed and disgusted
Ha. Really funny that her teeth, of all things, are what she's disgusted by. Not her personal hygiene (lack thereof, rather) or her weight, or her gross behavior. Go figure.

No. 393532

People like her are the reason my conservative family members think that all poor people are lazy turds who abuse the system and shouldn't receive any assistance whatsoever (to the point that my aunt called me out for wanting to give a granola bar to a homeless person we walked by). She's going to be one of those people who squanders every bit of savings that she even has on unnecessary shit and then complains in 30 or so years when she gets extremely sick from years of putting junk into her body and can't afford the medical expenses. And then all the single mothers who are working 3 jobs just to put food on the table will be lumped in her.

No. 393989

File: 1496796001632.png (521.03 KB, 930x548, Capture.PNG)

I can't make out her username. Anyone know?

No. 394000


No. 394008

Looks like she plays on PS btw.

No. 394012

Also if anyone cares to see her OW stats

She's not very good.

No. 394013

>>102 Loss
>>43 Wins

No. 394021

Quick play can be iffy, unless you have a good team who communicates then it's mostly just fuckery.
From the looks of it she doesn't ever kill anyone or do any damage and for someone level 47 that's kinda… sad.

No. 394022

Her stats are probably shit because she fixates on a single character (Tracer, Widowmaker, now Sombra judging by her stats) rather than mixing it up and trying to find a character she's actually good at. Sombra is decent if you know how to use her, but I doubt Ash has the mental capacity to utilize all her abilities and just rushes into shit.

No. 394024

She seems to have mostly played against AI to boost her skill rather than play against other people.

No. 394026

ugh I wanna play with her

No. 394027

Same, but if she uses the voice chat like her Facebook posts claim, I imagine she'd be loud and insufferable and I wouldn't last the whole match.

No. 394028

>>in b4 I just want other girls who play on PS4 so I'm willing to settle for ash

No. 394030

Love yourself, Anon.

No. 394031

I can't believe she's bragging about a skin she got for a character she's literally played 2 minutes.

No. 394033

Probably because a lot of D.Va players seem to really like and want it, and we all know Ash loves having something someone else wants so she can brag about it.
>in b4 she suddenly becomes a D.Va main and cosplays the new skin because it's easy af

No. 394051

File: 1496804570413.jpg (38.68 KB, 326x300, IMG_9812.JPG)

Keep your filthy hands off my wife ash

No. 394090

( I know I'm late to the game but..) fuck, fuck, fuck! Is this bitch trying to jump on the Last of Us?? Would she be a Clicker? That's all I can think of her being because her face would be covered in fungus.

No. 394110

Okay so I've been been reading old OC threads, somehow I never knew her even when I was friends with Ash. I'm just curious, are the people who were talking on Ash's behalf and "besties" and shit in these threads now? Just wondering if they "saw the light" about her and now lurk here, hurt like us others she's used.

No. 394126

File: 1496819663007.png (622.09 KB, 935x599, LEDs.png)

can't wait to see how she'll fuck this one up

No. 394144

When I saw the hair in OP's pic that's where I immediately thought she was heading.

No. 394145


>> Dives head first into a project

>> doesn't know wtf she's doing

Beep beep all aboard the S.S.Fuck up

No. 394155

I'm not one of her IRL former friends (only online) but the answer is yes. Several of her ex-friends she used for money/items/etc have posted their stories here before and a couple ex-roommates from conventions have shared their horror as well.

>buys everything before even learning how to do it
Fucks sakes Ashley.

No. 394164

I never got the impression the farmer talking for Ash in the OC thread was actually her friend, more like someone collecting milk. They likely abandoned Ash after that, or maybe they're one of the people still screencapping Ash's Facebook. I used to have her on social media and it's easy to sit back and watch the shit show if you don't wear yourself out trying to give her advice.

No. 394180

Ikr there's this magical thing called Google, or, you know, actually asking people for help and not coming up with endless excuses to not follow it or getting angry when they constructively criticize you.
It almost makes me wonder if it's her bipolar disorder playing a part; don't a lot of people impulsively buy things in their manic episodes?

No. 394186

She's already admitted fairly recently that she impulse bought some stuff she wanted to return. Unfortunately for her a lot of her impulse stuff is costume related so she's got an entire hoard of "wore it once or didn't even finish it" creations shoved wherever she has room. If you rounded up all the unworn costumes, butchered wigs, and half-made props in her room right now I'm betting they'd all total up to around $500 at the very least. Mind, this is not counting the prebought stuff and finished projects. Just the ones she posted once on Insta/FB at 3am and then never mentioned again.

No. 394194

Sad, if she actually took care of her belongings (at least by washing them or not having them all strewn across her cat piss stained floor), she could probably sell some of that shit and use that money for things she actually needs.

No. 394202

File: 1496854751561.png (1.06 MB, 1197x772, sombra_ash.PNG)

It continues.

I don't play Overwatch or know much about it but just looking at Sombra's design, I can't figure out what this cover is for or what her plan is. (She doesn't have a plan I know but like…what part is she even working on?)

No. 394204

yeah I have no idea what she's using that casing thing for

No. 394207

why does martin wong follow her? isnt he that "famous" cosplay photographer every cosplay ho sucks up to?

No. 394208

He doesn't follow her. That account if it's actually even him, likes based on hashtags. A few friends of mine who are big name prop makers or photogs do the same thing and myself and others who aren't very big name have gotten likes from popular photogs and builders just by virture of hashtags. Instagram just operates that way. He probably has no idea who she is.

No. 394217

She'd be better off just buying the costume and adding to it rather than trying to make it herself from the ground up. The gradient designs on Sombra's leggings alone is impossible for someone of Ash's (lack of) skill.

No. 394220

Yep, she's frustrated at the fact that she bought a bunch of shit for a costume she doesn't have any idea how to make and doesn't even need to make, but not at the fact that she's leeching off her parents and has virtually no future because she hasn't made any real attempt to go to school or find a job with a higher skill level than working part time at a laser tag place. Priorities.

No. 394231

File: 1496862183436.png (49.64 KB, 498x463, kole hills.png)

Does this cunt never proofread anything?

No. 394244


You're mistaken anon

That's exactly what she means. It's a word, just like Covfefe was to trump. We all are just to stupid to realize the higher Intelligence of these new words

No. 394245

File: 1496865334975.jpg (157.67 KB, 1197x354, besthits.jpg)

This is the face she makes when her parents tell her to wash her clothes/clean her room. Or if they go to Olive Garden without her.

Don't forget she's blamed cgl/lolcow for her not being accepted to colleges or hired by employers. Then when she couldn't use that she blamed her autism.

>making mountains out of kole hills
Finally I can finish this collage of best sayings.

No. 394248

what is she even trying to say with kole hills?

No. 394249

the saying is 'making mountains out of mole hills'.
which means to make a something into a bigger problem then it actually is.

No. 394279

do these pictures ever accentuate how much she looks like some kind of weird gorilla

No. 394285


This is such a beautiful collage. It matches the quotes perfectly!

No. 394295

>This is the face of someone who desperately needs attention

Fuck off, ash.

No. 394296

I fucking love you, anon.

No. 394333

I laughed way too damn hard at this. Thanks Anon! I needed that!

No. 394392

this got an actual irl chuckle out of me, great work anon

No. 394394

i wish this could be a banner fuck

No. 394399

Just imagine this cow trying to do Ellie

No. 394400


No. 394424

File: 1496893943261.png (145.93 KB, 540x832, 1485285890146.png)

Someone's more than welcome to try. Her best one is 'gravy on the turkey' and here's the original context.

No. 394456

>the FBI is already in the process of performing an investigation on lolcow

Right, Ashley. Kek my sides hurt.

No. 394473


They're not gonna do shit. She's way too much all talk.

No. 394476


Or a bloater

No. 394520

File: 1496916112632.png (187.53 KB, 603x334, freakshow20.png)

she looks exactly like the inbred psycho from american horror story freakshow holy shit

No. 394696

File: 1496961542863.png (711.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0315.PNG)

More money wasted on shit she doesn't need.

No. 394700

is that the soundtrack cd, the fuck? you can listen to the whole thing for free from youtube

No. 394704


Bro. Just buy it on iTunes. It's cheaper and you can I dunno, actually listen to it where ever instead of in the car. Why CD? Why?

No. 394707


i'm not insulted that she bought a cd.

i'm insulted that the bought a The Beauty And The Beast Remake CD. what kinda trash taste??? movie was ok but who the fuck got that involved with it? like who liked it enough that they would want to buy the CD and sing along to Emma Watson's autotune? Uh??? have you not watched literally anything else?? who stans for the beauty and the beast remake during june 2017 what the fck

No. 394711

Yeah, she could have at least bought the soundtrack for the original movie. That would have made it slightly less of a waste of money.

No. 394717

But the movie makes her cry every time she sees it! It touches the deepest darkest pit in her soul that isn't inhabited by her dragons.

No. 394726

I've concluded that Ash's soul is about as deep and complex as a kiddie pool filled with spaghettios.

No. 394809

chill, i listen to the beasts' song evermore almost everyday lol i think it's good

No. 394812

These threads are so stupid and nitpicky sometimes.

No. 394944

How dare you, Dandy carried that season like no other.

No. 394951

File: 1497018311249.jpg (72.87 KB, 720x960, 18839380_1598199423538139_2484…)

It's sad when PeacockFeather does better horror sfx makeup than Ashley.

No. 394955

What the f is going on with her chin?

No. 394967


oh i don't think all the songs are bad or anything, i just don't see why anyone is out there buying the cd lol

i know she cosplayed belle a while back so i think she bought it to look like a "real fan" of the franchise or something

No. 394972

That makes it even more pointless if that's the case

No. 394973

To be fair, Peacockfeather's face is nature's horror fx in full bloom.

No. 395000

Looks like she shoved a bunch of paper towels into her eye socket.

No. 395291

File: 1497075408636.jpg (33.74 KB, 962x82, delusions.JPG)

I found this on Maul Cosplay's Last Of Us cosplay album (https://www.facebook.com/pg/maulcosplay/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1385235881553190).

No. 395292

l m a o as if he'd even humor that.

No. 395356

File: 1497100374836.jpg (242.87 KB, 1024x1536, make_up_improvement_by_asherbe…)

Still better than Ashley

No. 395359

what the fuck does she have written on her forehead in the 2015 picture, slime??

No. 395366

>ignorance rivals even Momokun
>pretends to give profound statements anyway

Plus where would she even meet them? She can't ride anything but a plane without "my parents threatening to put me in psych" and she has to beg plane money from her granddad.

Says 'smile'. Probably some Joker OC fantasy.

No. 395367

Sorry, samefag just noticed you said 2015 one. Looks like "Hime" aka princess. Or "Him" with a vaguely e shaped fake blood blob at the end.

No. 395369

don't worry about it anon!! if it's any help, i wouldn't be able to tell what the 2012 one says without the quote…

No. 395396


It's smile but flipped backwards from front facing camera and she clearly fucked up the "s" and kind of scribbled it

No. 395397


I'm pretty sure he ignored this message cause it sounds like a dream that will never happen.

No. 395408

Maul is kind of an egotistical dick, so he ignores most messages, but I don't blame him for ignoring that one.

No. 395431

File: 1497125038924.png (245.29 KB, 495x750, IMG_3592.PNG)

It says "smile" because she's trying to re-create a wound known as a Glasgow (or Chelsea) Smile, like the actor Tommy Flanagan has.

No. 395469


to be honest, if i was a cosplayer of his caliber, even if i wasn't a dick i also would ignore a random nobody who said "we should totally cosplay," not as a wish, but as a demand.

No. 395510

File: 1497140512427.jpg (271.12 KB, 1386x823, Screenshot_20170610-201922.jpg)

The kind of machine she wants is several thousand dollars, there's no easy she can sell her current abused equipment for that much.

No. 395518

How much you want to bet that most of this stuff is older than dirt, barely works and smells like cat piss?

No. 395519

what sewing machine is 7,000$??? mine is 200 dollars and works fine, it's like she wants to spend as much money as possible for no apparent reason

No. 395521

Embroidery machines are the ones that can cost thousands. A dual function sewing and embroidery machine can easily reach into 7000$ and over.

No. 395522

File: 1497142485894.jpg (49.23 KB, 604x404, IMG_0317.JPG)

And yet no money for school or an apartment?

No. 395524

File: 1497142848402.png (697.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0318.PNG)

Guis, this movie is like sooo #deep

No. 395530

File: 1497144087597.png (132.22 KB, 750x1084, IMG_5266.PNG)

>implying anyone will want to marry you
With her horrible social skills, impulsive money habits, and complete inability to function as a basic adult, Ash would OBVIOUSLY be the perfect spouse!

No. 395540

But Ashley, the Beast was cleanly and somewhat handsome. Not a catpiss scented pig with a sheen of grease over every inch of his body except for cracked and flaking lips. Don't even get me started on her obese Jabba the Hut body going down an aisle as Belle. Ha! The only aisle Ashley will ever walk down is a junkfood aisle at a Walmart. If anyone ever even wanted to marry Ashley, they'd have to be twice as hideous and have an impossibly nonexistent level of self-respect. And be blind, deaf, and unable to smell.

No. 395552

This is twice now she's posted crying selfies after watching the movie and this time she's in the living room instead of her bedroom. Poor family. I don't know why she sees this as some bragging thing that she somehow is more dedicated/has a deeper connection than anyone else because she cries more during the movie.

No. 395553

File: 1497151702420.png (364.08 KB, 540x756, Screenshot_2017-06-10-23-27-06…)

What even is this?

No. 395554

Maleficent, maybe?

No. 395560

File: 1497152944876.jpg (35.7 KB, 500x240, tumblr_inline_nz8s1yhFGT1sl6jq…)

Its this

No. 395561

File: 1497152977466.jpg (48.05 KB, 347x351, 4616630630_28c6094180_o.jpg)

Oh fuuuuck no, she's doing Dark Lily from Legend. How is she going to fit her hamplanet self into that costume?!

No. 395565

File: 1497154123159.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, 1485972270811.gif)

Ooooh god, Ash with a boob window.

No. 395574

No, no, no, no, no! Please don't destroy one of my favorite childhood memories!

No. 395590

File: 1497178506244.png (459.41 KB, 921x380, Capture.PNG)

Why does she need MORE make up anyway? She's got an entire box full of Nyx and Kat von D as it is without buying more to cram in there.
Looks like she's back to lurking as well since we all comment on how she never wears mascara in her pictures and there she is with a handy excuse as to why.

>Took me months to get mascara because I kept having expired ones or I was out despite never wearing it!

No. 395641

dear god she's fucking up my favorite scene from legend. Though … it makes me wonder if she's going to include the unibrow. Still have no idea why they gave this character a unibrow when she "turned evil"

I'm calling it now though that she's going to use puff paint to make those lines on the dress.

No. 395680

Implying she'll ever get married. hahaha

No. 395694

I fucking LOVE Legend as a kid. This really sucks

No. 395780

File: 1497231090620.png (61.45 KB, 505x425, it got a 17 on rottentomatoes.…)

Of course she loved that awful shit and wants to cosplay from it. Is there anything she doesn't want to cosplay from? If there is a woman wearing something even mildly risque, she wants to cosplay as it. I get body pride, but she goes overboard with trying to push her disgusting, unwashed self onto everyone. Ashley, maybe if you didn't live exclusively off of junk food, got some exercise, and washed your fucking body and hair, then maybe people wouldn't be so disgusted by you visually. Too bad there's nothing you can do about your shitty personality.

No. 395783

This bitch needs to stop.

No. 395784

I want to know why she wants to cosplay from every single thing. I'm starting to think that it's a tactic. That she exclaims "I just saw (insert title here) and I wanna cosplay from it!" in the desperate hope that someone out there will say "Oh wow! I want to cosplay with you!"

No. 395787

File: 1497231744920.png (57.45 KB, 504x427, shit likes shit.png)

Ashley would love any garbage.

No. 395788

>inb4 she wants to cosplay the new titty mummy

No. 395789

File: 1497231942667.png (310.07 KB, 509x358, how arrogant.png)

Here's another drop of milk from the pail. Look how fucking arrogant this piece of shit is.

No. 395792

File: 1497232546495.png (799.52 KB, 508x819, OnlyTheBottomRight.png)

Last from me for now. I kek'd so hard. Literally the ONLY one that applies is the bottom right because all she does is live off of junk, trash and garbage. It's true what they say, you are what you eat. I can't believe she thinks she has a brilliant mind. I'm laughing so hard. And you know she does because she thinks every idea from faun horns to decoden nails is some totally new and innovative incredible update she came up with on her own.

No. 395796

>unhealthy food tastes good and healthy food tastes bad

This pisses me off. This is such a fat person mentality. I dont know what Ash eats, but fresh fruit and veggies always tastes better than fried foods and processed crap. I bet everything she eats is out of a box and into a microwave. She takes me as someone who has never had delicious strawberries, watermelon or blueberries for the summer season.

No. 395802

She's claimed tomatoes and basically any fresh vegetables make her physically gag, so I imagine she's spent her whole life eating nothing but processed foods.

No. 395805

What a fucking pig. Too bad her entire body makes everyone gag.

No. 395815

reminds me of that woman that physically gags and nearly faints when she eats anything other than cheese smothered potatoes

No. 395843

I feel like that woman has a legitimate physical issue since she's eaten literally the same thing for so many years, her body probably actually has a reaction to anything else and I can feel a bit of sympathy for her. Ash, however, consciously chooses the unhealthy options; she could easily buy her own food but she'd rather blame her parents (as usual) instead of make any attempt to improve herself. Back when we used to talk, she'd completely vilify her parents and their diet, saying they ate "nothing but unhealthy shit," but when I would suggest buying herself some easy, healthy options for herself, she had all these convenient bullshit excuses that somehow was also her parents' fault. I gave up after that, but sometimes entertained the idea of being her roommate since all I buy and cook are fresh veggies and fish and I'd secretly love watching her meltdown.

No. 395854

That woman also chose to eat an unhealthy food for so long too like?

Are you that dense lmao. Pls.

No. 395911

True…And like Ash's parents, hers didn't intervene and just enabled it. But I mean mostly that I could believe her body has a reaction because she's only eaten one specific food for years, whereas Ash eats various junk.

No. 395953

File: 1497287331608.png (111.02 KB, 640x1066, IMG_0325.PNG)

No. 395960

File: 1497289307393.gif (6.09 MB, 320x240, 676123.gif)

She looks like a fat dyke feminazi

No. 395977

what the hell is on her ear?

No. 395986

Oh.. my god. Just when I think she can't get any worse she thinks she should go out in public like this. Just imagine what she looks like without the filter.

No. 395987

A chandelier.

No. 395989


Different anon than you responded to, but it looks like she has some sort of shiny pointy thing. Is it a cuff to make her ears look like an Elf's or something?

Honestly, if she left off the ear shittery here, she wouldn't looks too bad. But she's always one step beyond. One way to cope with her severe case of over-accessorizing would be to dress up the way she wants, and then get rid of 5 or 6 (or more) things she thinks she needs to add, either jewelry or makeup or whatever. That ear jewelry, which she appears to be wearing only on one side (and which seems to consist of three parts), is eye-rollingly dumb.

No. 396000

Sorry, as hard as I look, the ear thingie(s?) just looks like she donned a mini chandelier.

It's incredibly silly. Might look better with totally different clothing and style. Would look best on a ceiling.

No. 396027

File: 1497307426497.png (117.15 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0326.PNG)

Here's the ear fuckery in better detail

No. 396030

idk.. this would look if you would want to rip of a cheap elf queen cosplay… but……… oh lawd

No. 396036

oh wow
it's so much worse than I thought

No. 396053

Well the facial hair one also applies…

No. 396087

holy shit I thought the "my dudes" thing was just a momokun meme I didn't realize other people esp others cows like Ashley said it

Is this the ear jewelry she used to make and tried to sell on etsy?

No. 396128

Inb4 ash announces shes cosplaying bayonetta

No. 396137

She and Moomoo have a lot in common.

No. 396192

i can't remember what meme it came from but my dudes/my guy became a thing a lot of people started saying around the beginning of this year especially on twitter so it's not really an exclusive cow meme the thing that sets mariah apart with it is how she uses it almost exclusively in a passive aggressive context
sage for no real contribution

No. 396193


sage for meme anthropology but 'my dudes/my guy' was originally a meme from tumblr, popularised by that one dude who wears goggles making vines with the phrase. it's been kicking around since like, early 2016 i think

No. 396194

>tfw u say ur gonna sage but u forget to sage

No. 396200

File: 1497354022152.png (655.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0327.PNG)

A year isn't that old. I feel like she should be saying something like that after maybe 10 years.

No. 396217


At least she bought it?

No. 396381

I love the eyeliner all over her cheek.

No. 396410

I thought that was a dimple or something :/

No. 396414

File: 1497396056776.jpg (233.08 KB, 1429x894, Screenshot_20170613-191852.jpg)

Again with the talking in first person.

No. 396415

some buys you food and you're angry at them? how ungrateful.

No. 396417

Just buy your own food then fatass.

No. 396432

this is the most ungrateful thing i've ever heard in my goddamn life, then she had the nerve to write about it in 3rd person….
kill me. just. end me.

No. 396442

I hope the starving children in Africa see that post. I'm sure they'd love it.

No. 396446

Hey a year is a long time for Ash. Her other pets probably die or run away

No. 396492

Probably trying to curb your habit of buying expensive meals and not paying for them. Unless you're footing the bill you have no right to complain.

No. 396631

what a fucking twat

No. 396718

File: 1497458489143.jpg (790.31 KB, 1386x1513, Screenshot_20170614-123931.jpg)

I think I'm going to vomit?

No. 396726

that bathing suit wouldn't even look good on someone who isn't a size 0, let alone a whale.

No. 396774

Kek at the thought of Ash actually getting off her lazy ass and exercising

No. 396826

>exercise and lose weight
>get my teeth fix
>move to DC
>move to GA
>move to CA
>go to beauty school
>get a car

No. 396834

You forgot to add 'become cosfamous'

No. 396912

and get married

No. 396951

And become a successful yaoi smut mangaka

No. 396954

…She has no reason to ever buy this.

No. 396955

She had no reason to ever dress up as bad ending Aoba, but guess what happened -_- I will never unsee that…

No. 396962

Honestly she had no reason to ever try cosplaying anything from dmmd, she's just ruining a game with an already biased bad rep for being a yaoi visual novel, the fans don't need any more reason to be made fun of due to her shity gross ass preggo cosplays

No. 397424

File: 1497585340390.jpg (753.44 KB, 1428x2418, Screenshot_20170615-235351.jpg)

"god like design" sure.

No. 397427

The colors are absolutely terrible and there's so much copy paste I can't even fathom.

I'm tempted to redraw this with colors that would actually look decent. This is just…so so so bad.

No. 397441

why does everything she touch turn to shit

someone actually paid for this

No. 397464

Why did she leave the sketch layer visible? How can anyone look at this and think "yes this is good enough to give a patron" Ashley how

No. 397479

oh my fucking god she made no-face a fucking uke boy in a pink dress SHOOT ME

No. 397486

can someone please explain what the actual fuck is going on with the face

like why is there just a big rectangle of light grey then a disjointed, black chin?

No. 397548

Because Ash logic = take something popular and either do a shitty cosplay about it and constantly about how big a fan you are of it while simultaneously getting even the most basic details of the character wrong, or make shitty fan art of it turning every popular character into a femme uke boy

No. 397555

What the fuck is this even?!
I can't even… I can't .. not no face .. this is the worst fucking thing

No. 397607

If it weren't for the mask face I wouldn't have a clue who this is. Why does she have to add jewelry and chains to everything??

No. 397635


because of "her AESTETHICS" i presume?

No. 397694

File: 1497640470395.png (228.66 KB, 506x428, NONE.png)

How about none? What in the actual fuck is with this dipshit? Why can she not prioritize life over trying to go to as many conventions as possible?

>I hate the way I look and I want to fix everything!

THEN STOP GOING TO EVERY SINGLE CON AND SET ASIDE A SAVINGS FOR YOUR MEDICAL SHIT!!!!! FFS Ashley! You are the biggest, most childish piece of shit!

No. 397695

Don't worry, it's not her money she'll be spending. She'll be spending her grandfather's money, and her parents' money, and the money of those she tricks and traps into rooming with her.

No. 397703

File: 1497642019373.png (216.1 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0336.PNG)

No. 397717

What in the fuck does this have to do with Steven Universe?

No. 397723

I think its genderbent pearl, albeit, badly done. Im cracking up at the copy-pasted rose in the center of the damn picture however

No. 397726

File: 1497645115417.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170616-153100.png)

Is she just starting to care about this???

No. 397729

She could also try improving her diet, drinking enough water, getting adequate sleep, etc, but no, just immediately proceed to try the most expensive remedy possible.

No. 397730

Suddenly caring about her skin but not her hair. She looks retarded.

No. 397732

Her wording here is really weird too, before I go to work I apply one of these every three weeks. I wish she would learn to punctuate properly, because this sounds like she only works once every three weeks.

No. 397734

Do it! It would piss her off so much.

No. 397814


she also copy and pasted the headdress/headband?? this thing is wearing. why would someone pay for art like this

No. 397827

It's actually just Pearl, she wears a suit in one song.

No. 397828

>"as a cosplayer"
How about as a normal fucking person you cow

No. 397857

this is her going the extra mile so that she can be a positive role model ~*cosplay-senpai*~

too bad the extra mile is doing what she should already be doing as part of her regular hygene

No. 397859

please let's not have this turn into a 'look at how much better my art is lel' thread like the one about that other fujoshit artist. we all know it's bad, all you're doing by redrawing is begging for attention. redlines to show just how bad something is or how it should be are great, but redraws are unnecessary attention grabs.

also, if you have any sort of online art presence, consider the risk of someone recognizing your style and calling you out as a lolcow poster, esp on someplace like tumblr…

No. 397911

shouldn't you apply masks at night before bed? doing it before work opens your skin up to so many pollutants…man, the logic in this one

No. 397921

Do you think she actually has a clean pillow case? Time doesn't matter with her, just more wasted money.

No. 397936

File: 1497677218371.png (146.25 KB, 505x425, gonna cange your skin color to…)

Nothing is safe. I wonder if she'll try and change her skin color too.

No. 397937

No wait, you don't understand. Time does matter to Ashley. That's why she refuses to take any time for proper hygiene, proper diet, even working on her "cosplays" with slightly slower hand. She doesn't want to spend a few minutes washing her fucking face so she doesn't get blackheads and whiteheads, or buff off that disgusting dead skin or even remove her old makeup, caking the layers on instead. She doesn't want to improve her skin or body by eating something that doesn't take 3 seconds to nuke in a microwave. She would rather just slather on something she can rip right off and pretend she has a skincare regiment.

I just love how she tries to make it sound like she's been doing this for months and caring for her skin ~so well~ for ~so long~. I s2g I can't even wrap my head around why she acts like such a piece of shit and has to be the center of attention all the fucking time, always trying to talk herself up to make her sound so much better than everyone else. Where in the hell does her unbelievable superiority complex come from?

No. 397957

Why not Pua?
>Moana was an uninteresting generic character and Ash doesn't look like her anyway

No. 398010

Ash doesn't look like any of the characters she cosplays

No. 398018

She especially doesn't look like a Polynesian island princess, is the point.

No. 398026

File: 1497715689693.png (542.56 KB, 499x743, myeyes.png)

What a masterpiece, kek. And no credit given to the stolen rose or horrifyingly reproduced hands.

No. 398027

File: 1497715805945.png (7.02 KB, 498x43, imsure.png)

Oh I'm sure they won't tear you apart at all, Ashley. I'm sure every convention will also get down on their hands and knees to kiss the ground you walk on and let you have a spot in their Artist Alley's just willy-nilly.

No. 398028

I can't believe she looked at that nose and went "yeah, that looks perfectly proportional and okay"

No. 398029

I'm personally a fan of the architecture. I mean, just look at the windows on that skyline. Flawless.

No. 398030

Also, the closer I zoom in, the more I cringe at how shit the shading is.

No. 398031

With the red nose, squinty eyes and fucked up expression, it looks like the character is about to sneeze.

No. 398032

Implying she can afford to purchase a table to sell at.

No. 398033

She would scream until her family paid for it. Or the money she skims from other people staying in her rooms.

No. 398034

I personally would love to see her get an AA table, and I would stand there the entire time just watching. I would love to see her break down after not a single person even looks at her horrible "art" and then watch her scream and chimp out the moment someone does look at it only to offer critique.

No. 398038

Her bitching about being out table money would be glorious because no one would ever split with her.

No. 398242

Don't most cons screen portfolios before accepting artists?

No. 398250

No, most cons are first come, first serve.

No. 398260

File: 1497760686273.png (352.14 KB, 559x612, IMG_3534.PNG)

Idk I saw this

No. 398274

sweet lord I want that to happen

No. 398644

File: 1497890382190.png (12.28 KB, 469x102, Capture.PNG)

No. 398676


Today on "things that never really happened"

No. 398678

I think you'd either have to be really old or high af to think that that's from an actual cartoon

No. 398695

i'm guessing the manager meant to say that the character was not original and was from a cartoon, not that her shit art is mistakable for a screencap

No. 398749


I can't get over how shitty her English is. I literally had to read this over 5 times to understand wtf she was talking about. Like bitch, take an English course. Damn!

No. 398805

File: 1497913842371.jpg (791.67 KB, 1420x2303, 17-06-19-19-07-49-847_deco.jpg)

Incoming " I hate my parents they're dead to me " pity party.

No. 398807

File: 1497913888125.jpg (928.51 KB, 1433x2195, 17-06-19-19-08-24-155_deco.jpg)


More advice she'll forget even exists tomorrow.

No. 398808

File: 1497913970256.jpg (577.28 KB, 1391x1191, 17-06-19-19-08-56-461_deco.jpg)

You've been "looking for places", for over 2 years now. Her situation is obviously so dire, people!

No. 398814

Maybe they dont want you eating their food that they bought when you have a job and could buy food instead of cosplay.

No. 398827

Her dad padlocked the icecream HE BOUGHT and she called it child abuse. This is coming from the same woman who only just recently did her own laundry for the first time and instead relied on her mom to clean after her.

She moved to Florida and had roommates and couldn't handle it. She even admitted she didn't do anything for herself and expected her roommates to clean and cook for her.

>wants people to help her pack
>has no where to go
>has no cash to rent

No. 398829

It's not even child abuse, she's 23 years old ffs. If it's so bad, she can get a job and move out.

No. 398833


No. 398839

I wish her retarded coddlers would remind her that she's not a child.

No. 398842

Ash is a lot like PT in the aspect that you have to word things gently or she spergs out and blocks you. I'm convinced anyone who comments on her statuses are just giving her asspats to keep the milk flowing, since anyone who's known her longer than a month knows this cycle of bullshit regularly repeats and she never actually does anything.

No. 398843

File: 1497919470722.png (129.11 KB, 624x1039, IMG_0337.PNG)

"I totally hate my parents cuz they're so abusive but like there's nothing I can do about it, like maybe try to make enough money to move out by getting a real job, but let me sit here and play Overwatch in my pjs while looking like a homeless person who hasn't showered in 3 weeks"

No. 398844

She's so unfortunate looking. Just looking at her makes me want to shower over and over again.

No. 398910

They added a unibrow because there's an old legend that people with unibrows are the devil's children or otherwise related to the devil/demons.
In the old days, some would cross the road to the opposite street as to not walk past someone with a unibrow in fear of bad luck.

Sage for OT

No. 399049

>if you act like a bitch you get treated like a bitch

No. 399842

File: 1498008713637.png (19.72 KB, 492x201, couchsurf.PNG)

Of course when she's offered help she makes an excuse and when they say that's fine she never responds. She doesn't actually want help she just wants attention.

No. 399844

File: 1498008763952.png (16.18 KB, 505x415, overwatch.PNG)

>complaining about a healer
>probably spams the button constantly

ashley is the worst sort of player

No. 399845

File: 1498008783583.png (14.13 KB, 482x127, yeahright.PNG)

No. 399858


real mature ashley

No. 399865

Totally showed all those 11 year olds

No. 399980

Wow, what don't you I don't know…MUTE YOUR FUCKING MIC!

No. 399983

Yeah Ashley, this totally happened.

No. 400001

Oh, Anon! Don't you know that Ashley always tells the truth and has such amazing stories that are never lies? And others always join in with her because she's SO funny! Hehe!

No. 400225

I was on comp Overwatch and I saw the opposing teams line up and I saw her PSN and quickly left the game its "redtribute19"

No. 400235

File: 1498077251838.jpg (630.81 KB, 1033x1466, Screenshot_20170621-163250.jpg)

This bitch better stop thinking she's a gamer girl.

No. 400241

Uh, excuse you. She's a gamer uke thank you very much.

No. 400276

then everyone clapped over voice chat

No. 400284



No. 400319

File: 1498089514384.jpeg (128.61 KB, 1024x1080, sombra.jpeg)

Kawaii gamer uke-dragon-healer-sombra, desu~

No. 400354


She looks kind of cute here. If she'd quit fucking with her eyebrows and hair she wouldn't be terrible looking. I think the reason here is because the headphone make her hair frame her face in a relatively attractive manner. The soft curls are flattering to her.

The affected gamer grrrrl persona is annoying af though. That story is a thing that has totally happened.

No. 400371

I like show she keeps bragging about getting play of the game or whatever but never shows any proof.

No. 400379

Can't remember, is she on PC or Console?

No. 400387

File: 1498098595769.png (27.37 KB, 363x231, Capture.PNG)

She's on console. Very badly.

No. 400575

Well I can see why she's fapping so hard for sombra now, she's the only character she's decently good at

No. 401055

>Kinda cute
Are your eyes and asshole reversed?

No. 401281

File: 1498245754952.png (133.12 KB, 612x1020, IMG_0339.PNG)

No. 401420


I second this. She does not look cute at all!

No. 401424

Man, her broke ass self makes me want to get a pair of these.

No. 401434

Well for once she's right.

No. 401436

Those axent headphones are $100 just so y'all know.

No. 401438

They're pretty terrible quality too. The mic jack loosens really easily and the microphone quality is pretty bad over discord/voice com.

They don't have much of a bass sound, or at least mine didn't. The novelty of them lighting up is great but within a few months one ear wasn't lighting up anymore for me.

Sage for headphone rant.

No. 401469

That's what happened to mine. I have to mess around the cord just so I can hear both sides of the speakers and my right side flickers the light. I think they now have a wireless one and you can change multiple color.

No. 401505

Those head phones look like weeb cat girl trash anyways
Not sure what the whole about them is since their overall actual functional components are slightly above mediocre
Sorry buy I honestly hate these headphones just as much as that trashy dog tongue filter

No. 402054

File: 1498406434617.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5346.PNG)

Apparently she tripped over her mom's tacky luau decor, but I'm more horrified at her cankle. Ash is my favorite thinspo because I can look at her and think, "I may be fat, but at least I'm not as fat as Ash" and keep going.

No. 402055

Ash is that tiny scratch really worth posting about

No. 402056

>putting your bleeding foot on your sheets
>having carpet nearly as disgusting as Luna's
>having legs as bad as Luna's

All she's lacking is a drug addiction since she already begs for money/pity.

But seriously her mom's luau stuff is tacky as fuck but how do you not see a giant tiki bar in your way?

No. 402061

File: 1498407462203.png (16.21 KB, 496x173, ash1.PNG)

Incoming cap spam.

No. 402062

File: 1498407496031.png (293.92 KB, 506x634, ash2.PNG)

Yes. She's serious. She's never even worn lolita but wants to make an indie brand.

No. 402063

File: 1498407541325.png (30.94 KB, 493x455, ash4.PNG)

I don't know if she's becoming fictionkin with Sombra or she'll add her to her list of alters next to her dragons but it's getting out of hand.

No. 402069

like ash, we get it, you play overwatch.
why cant she just like something like normal people, why does she have to go above and beyond and have to make sure the entire world knows

No. 402071

please spoiler, that leg hair triggers me

No. 402073

>Inb4 she tries making completely unfunny Overwatch fan comics

No. 402094


That would actually be pretty great, as I am a huge "fan" of her comics. It has been far, far too long since the last installment of Simpering Uke-chan and Abusive-af Seme-sama. In the meantime, one can only dream of the amazing sagas her Overwatch comic would give us.

No. 402149

Please god no don't ruin Utena for me. You can keep all the femme uke boys to yourself, but the please leave Yuri/shoujo ai/whatever-RGU-is alone.

No. 402241

File: 1498434344093.png (145.24 KB, 750x920, IMG_5360.PNG)

On the status about her foot…They actually stepped in dog piss…

No. 402244

has……has she seen her own room…

No. 402250

It's only minor because at least her mom attempts to clean. Meanwhile Ash's room is blatantly a hoarder's nest and is only contained to her room because that's the only space in the house that's hers.

No. 402275

File: 1498439404213.png (91.51 KB, 578x963, IMG_0340.PNG)

No. 402288

File: 1498441876413.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170625-200329.png)

She went live a while ago and I took some screenshots, her floor is so dirty and disgusting ugh

No. 402310


What was her live video about this time? More shitty make-up tips??

No. 402322

File: 1498447194954.jpg (57.24 KB, 960x640, Luvmonkeys_workspace.jpg)

Her floor has been nasty since the early days. I doubt it's ever been properly cleaned.

No. 402379

>between my job

you work 6 hours a week at a laser tag place. that is not taxing, ash.

No. 402391

I hope the people making $2 an hour in Chinese sweatshops see that post. I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

No. 402409

File: 1498494369810.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>surprised all I did was step in dog pee
This implies there's animal shit all over the house as well. Wonderful. I know farmers that know her personally said the whole house reeks of animals but damn, Ashley. At least clean the floors before you have people over.

>mfw last time Ashley posted videos of her barefoot on her nasty carpet

Nearly as bad as when she posted pics of her in her diaper looking undies with her legs spread.

No. 402416

File: 1498497058052.png (113.44 KB, 750x852, IMG_5361.PNG)

I'm confused…Isn't a G.I. bill only able to be used for school, and only for active/retired military members and/or their spouse? I'm always confused where all this money suddenly comes from with her grandfather, especially since she never seems to ever actually receive anything from him, not even for her failed attempt at cosmetology school that we never heard of again.

No. 402419

File: 1498497592586.png (18.21 KB, 630x134, gi bill.PNG)

This is probably another thing right up with her claiming there's a trust fund or something for her schooling and that she was moving to Cali to live with her sister.

This is also the same grandpa she threw a fit at because she said he was homophobic/transphobic.

But yes, the G.I. bill is only for education so I don't know why she thinks if he didn't use it for her schooling that he can use it to get her a place to live without schooling attached.

inb4 she checks here and alters her statement to say she meant full time schooling instead of full time job.

No. 402420

sage for samefag but if I'm not mistaken she's actually posted before that her grandfather refused to help her move to live somewhere else. Recently he's bought her plane tickets to Momocon but I doubt she's paid him back so why would he suddenly buy her a place to live ANYWHERE unless he's just saying it to get her to fuck off given how hard it is to get a full time job somewhere you don't even live.

No. 402432

Yeah that's bullshit. The only way that could ever happen is if her grandpa decided to go back to school and he gave her his housing allowance money for her rent. That would never ever work because the amount they pay is based on location of the school, if you take online or on campus classes, and full-time vs part time. Even then they don't pay you for when the school is on holiday so she would have to frent that money herself which we all know she is shit at saving.

Ash, go on indeed.com or something and do your own job hunting you lazy, lying sack of shit.

No. 402477


You know, I remember awhile ago I told her to go find a job that has benefits that way she wouldn't have to bitch and complain if how much she has to pay for meds and any other issues. But she just shrugged it off with an excuse of liking her job and allows her to go to cons easier.

Also that G.I bill your spewing Ashley, do your God damn research cause that is NOT what it's used for. Why don't YOU find something instead of always relying on your homophobic/transphobic grandfather all the time.

No. 402483

don't forget the time she begged for people to job search for her and then turned around and said she couldn't get a better job because "muh autism" and some one showed her a website that helped autistic people find jobs and she never did any thing with it.

No. 402495


Lazy af bitch is what she is

No. 402553

File: 1498523841236.png (53.62 KB, 750x411, IMG_5365.PNG)

Welcome to online gaming, Ash, where no one kisses your ass for your minimal effort, especially if you're screeching useless bullshit into the mic.

No. 402556

Aw man you know she wants to talk about it, I wonder what they said to hurt her feewings

No. 402557

Very mature, Ash. Welcome to the internet.

No. 402569

No comments yet, but I'm lurking.

No. 402596

was she not just bragging about how she shut down some "annoying little kid" just the other day on OW? kek, don't reap what u cant sow kid

No. 402632

File: 1498537245187.png (88.58 KB, 750x686, IMG_5367.PNG)

"I'm against bullying and harassment, but go bully and harass this guy!"

No. 402693

Whoa, what?! People in online games making sexist comments?! I-I've never heard of such a thing before in my entire life! Thank God Ash is here to singlehandedly rid the world of this incredible injustice! Some people want to tackle the oppression of women under Shariah law in the Middle East, but Ash cares about the real issues.

No. 402705

can't wait for someone to call out the contradiction just for her to backpedal and say
>muh bpd! muh autism! i don't make good choices all the time guise omg i'm onli humen 2

No. 402759


She's always so worried about coming up as the victim of bullying. This is grade A+ evidence she's the biggest bully of them all. And she wonders why so many of her once "friends" are on here now. Ash I hope you fucking get called out. You're a two faced bitch and making it so easy for us to prove it. Thx.

No. 402774

File: 1498578753924.png (438.27 KB, 720x528, IMG_6662.PNG)

No. 402775

File: 1498578809198.png (641.27 KB, 1280x720, IMG_6663.PNG)

No. 402942

File: 1498596815796.png (37.05 KB, 508x426, dream.PNG)

Red is the one she was RPing with in >>402063

No. 402943

File: 1498596868877.png (11.64 KB, 517x116, whinycunt.PNG)

>I'm a grown woman and my mommy WILL take me where I want to go!!

No. 402953

The entitlement is through the fucking roof.

No. 402955


Manassas is a scetchy ass place. Pretty ghetto, from what I remember. Why would she want to leave Richmond and go there of all places? Unless that's the only place she can afford.

No. 402959

Odds are someone she's into lives there.

No. 402960

I can't blame her parents for wanting to avoid the added costs and frustrations of Ash driving.

No. 402963

There's no way she could make insurance payments with her part-time job and spending habits. That and if she got her license she'd immediately start begging for a car so they'd be paying for that too.

No. 402998

can you imagine Ash if she ever got into an accident? wowowowow

No. 403031

File: 1498606900749.jpg (1.29 MB, 1403x2382, Screenshot_20170627-193631.jpg)

>can't be fucked to clean the fucking dye off boobs.

>Thinks this is in any way attractive.

No. 403033

File: 1498607106092.png (161.02 KB, 431x434, Screenshot 2017-04-11 at 12.03…)

>amazing rack
those two words dont belong together

No. 403036

how does hairdye even get to those parts of your body, ash? i mean, if you've long hair i can understand, but you have at most shoulder length hair…

No. 403040

How the fuck did she even manage to get hair dye on her boobs? This girl has the manual dexterity of a chipmunk with Parkinson's disease

No. 403115

Who wraps freshly dyed hair in a towel?! Wouldn't that affect how the color sets? She really can't do anything right, can she?

No. 403122

File: 1498618954885.jpg (1 MB, 1421x2355, 17-06-27-23-01-30-223_deco.jpg)

apparently it did effect the process.

No. 403125

i'm guessing she'll only have to redye the blonde parts for a more uniform purple, which seems to be the shade she's going for.
it doesn't seem like she's talking about bleaching the hair a second time (which seems to be the concerned comment)

No. 403144

her leg hair is upsetting

No. 403148

She'll be shrieking at her parents for gas money. Cue begging on the internet for people to give her gas money. She'll try and scam people by offering to give rides to conventions but want them to pay a ridiculous amount. Her parents know it's going to get thrown back in their faces so it's easier to not let her learn to drive.

I can already imagine the smug post about how much of an adult she is for pumping her own gas AND paying for it.

No. 403181

Unless there's a specific state law where she lives, she doesn't even have to take driving school at her age? Maybe your mom refuses to pay for it because most adults just get their permit and learn with friends/family instead of paying $$$ on classes.

No. 403224

>this bra gives me an AMAZING rack

my brain has stopped

No. 403228

>a chipmunk with Parkinson's disease
i kek'd

No. 403233

Seriously, I thought I was pretty hairy (though it's normal for my race), but I don't get that much hair. Does she maybe have PCOS or something?

No. 403248

>comment at the bottom

oh boy i hope she does redo it and she ends up with a sticky, fried rat's nest on top her head.

No. 403476

File: 1498701945509.png (12.89 KB, 493x140, theconstipationdiet.png)


Just when I thought this bitch couldn't get any stupider. I can't wait for her to try this. She'd be dead in two weeks from constipation and rotting protein in her gut. Add soda into that mix and her organs would all but implode. How can one person treat their body so bad? How can one person treat their body so bad, brag about it, and then recommend it to others?

No. 403493

Literally the exact opposite of what the Dietary Guidelines for Americans or any respectable dietician would tell you to do. Whole foods plant based (or at least mostly plant based, with very minimal red meat, processed meat, or full fat dairy and more emphasis on fish as protein) is the way to go.

No. 403514


she's talking about a diet like the keto diet where you completely cut out carbs. the idea is that you eat good stuff like vegetables but you are still allowed to eat things like meat and cheese, in moderation. it's not a "meat and cheese" diet where that's all you eat. jesus.

No. 403515

If she can't even buy her own plane ticket or cook anything that isn't from a box, there's no way she could manage this fad diet anyway. She'd have to buy fresh meat and cheeses, nothing heavily processed, and then cook the meat herself, neither of which she's capable of. Like most unhappy fatties she's hoping this is a no-effort diet that won't immediately backfire.

No. 403516

Don't forget the multiple sagas of her taking off out of anger or lust from her current fotm coscrush and getting stranded due to running out gas/getting lost/getting told to fuck off by coscrush and needing bailed out by mommy/grandpa.

No. 403542

images of her just eating kielbasa and cheddar for a month straight omg

No. 403550

File: 1498707338417.jpg (71.92 KB, 936x569, 1464195936852.jpg)

>wrecking a towel and a shirt with hair dye you haven't even washed out yet

For fucks sakes even crazy old lady Palermo could dye her hair without it looking like this.She even got it ON THE WALL and the LIGHTSWITCH

No. 403614

I had a small heart attack because I honestly thought Marge was holding a big ass menstrual clot.

No. 403646

I tried that kind of diet and I'm no where near Ash's mammoth size… And it still sent me to the hospital. No carbs will leave you with no energy.
It's about portion control you dumb bitch and cutting out all sweets/sodas.
That also means LESS trips to the buffet your parents pay for you oversized sack of lard.

No. 403647

I got a creepy cold rush, immediately thought she was showing us the guts of one of her massage clients

No. 403652

The main key is watching your macros and cutting out all the processed shit. The ideal is 50-65% carbohydrates (read: whole grains, fruits, and vegetables as opposed to refined carbohydrates/added sugars), 20-35% fat (polysaturated and monounsaturated as opposed to saturated or trans), and 15-25% protein (preferably from either lean meats such as fish or nuts, seeds and beans if you choose plant based)

No. 403660

File: 1498740399275.jpg (416.73 KB, 1409x1146, Screenshot_20170629-084236.jpg)

> aka nothing will ever come of this

> coming soon: new mysterious doctor diagnosis

No. 403666

Of course she has a thyroid person. Every obese person ever has a fucking thyroid problem. Or PCOS. Or both.

No. 403705

Didn't she claim she MAY have some secretive mystery disease she couldn't be tested for until a couple years later due to her age? and then posted 10 minutes later that she didn't have it.

No. 403739

Yes, to both. She claimed she was getting tested for it, and then apparently had it ten minutes later. So her excuse for her weight is now muh thyroid and muh PCOS, absolutely nothing to do with her shit diet.

No. 403807

To be fair a lot of thyroid problems go undiagnosed and lots of people have them but don't even know. If it's even a little bit off it can throw your whole system out of whack. But yeah they don't tend to cause obesity unless it's extremely severe and then they'd have tons of other serious symptoms, so she's probably bullshitting.

No. 403820

I don't deny that it's a common problem. I just hate that whenever these people are confronted with the fact that they can indeed change, they always go back to "muh condishuns" as an excuse.

No. 403856

I'm a person who has Hashimotos and PCOS. I'm working my fucking ass off to lose weight and restore my health, and I've met and read about many others doing the same. Ash has no excuse. If she truly has a problem she needs to get the labs, adjust the medication, and put in work. It's hard but it irritates me when people use 'muh thyroid' as an excuse like Suzy when it's possible to put in the work to help it.

No. 403926

Well, it's both physical and psychological in that sense. No need to be in a harrumph.

No. 403933

Don't be rude.

No. 404055

File: 1498810877021.png (119.99 KB, 750x925, IMG_5426.PNG)

It's imminent now. Sombra's too complicated for Ash to cosplay and now she's gravitating towards D.Va. Get ready for Ash to ruin her anniversary skin.

No. 404087

just needed to say good on you anon. same conditions, same need to lose weight. i did it. and with that keto/atkins/whatever diet: you start out eating a fuckton of greens with lean meat and fats being from avocado, olive oil and even a little butter. you CAN do well with it in the beginning, but it's still a ridic idea. i tried it and it makes you feel like complete shit. she'd give up or eat herself into a coronary.
sage for nothing contributed

No. 404096

Why don't people get that a "diet" should be a permanent lifestyle change, or you'll just put the weight back on when you go back to your normal habits. Then these people say that diets "don't work" and it's just "genetics".
Just eat less, and if you find you feel hungry and miserable all the time eat less carbs and more protein/fat.

No. 404097


Doesn't being overweight GIVE you PCOS in a lot of cases?

No. 404109

Carbs aren't the enemy. My diet is very high in carbs, and I basically eat as much as I want. Difference is I eat only whole grains, fruits and vegetables rather than refined carbohydrates.

No. 404110

No, pcos is is caused when insulin levels are too high or there is a chemical imbalance in one's hormones. Alot of fat people "have" it because it lowers the metabolic rate causing one to over eat their daily calories worth if undiagnosed, which many peoppe are. However Alot of fattys use it as an excuse to why they aren't losing weight despite not understanding basic nutrition and don't actually have it

No. 404139

Yeah, Alot of people don't realize that veggies and fruits are high in carbs and that it's not just mainly in breads/grains

No. 404144

File: 1498832071532.png (24.46 KB, 766x220, notgood.PNG)

Yet another cosplay she dropped money on and then never finished.

>I play D.Va pretty well actually

And you know that from 4 games how?

No. 404147

File: 1498833057326.png (328.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0344.PNG)


No. 404177


Glad somebody said it

No. 404311

File: 1498855603227.png (131 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0346.PNG)

That cat's just like "get tf away from me"

No. 404889

Yeah I meant carbs as a short hand for foods that spike your blood sugar like refined grains and foods with hfcs

No. 404891

Yeah. Those carbs are empty calories. Whole grains, fruits, and veggies have enough fiber that your body will absorb the glucose more slowly and they are also high in necessary vitamins and minerals (B vitamins in whole grains). Glucose is also the main fuel that your brain uses, so you definitely need to get enough.

No. 404904

>not generally true. there is ketosis, when you body uses ketone bodies as a main resource for energy. you dont particularely need carbohydrates.
And a whole grain diet isnt an all-time solution for everyone.

No. 404923

The keto diet is extremely fucking dangerous. Not only does it make you feel constantly fatigued and lethargic, but it's also extremely fucking high in saturated fats and cholesterol, both of which have been strongly scientifically linked to cardiovascular disease. And I don't buy this whole "every body is different" bs. We're all members of the same species; our ideal diets shouldn't vary that much.

No. 404924


Take this shit to the diet thread and stop derailing

No. 404979

Cam down anon, it's not their fault there's not enough milk except for discussing Ash's shit crash diet plans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 405181

She's likely at work so we'll get whining posts soon enough. Her next convention is Anime Weekend Atlanta in September.

No. 405486

File: 1499003271837.png (217.52 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0347.PNG)

She's been cosplaying for 8 years and still barely knows how to put in a zipper…

No. 405905

She… Topstitched an invisible Zipper

No. 405971

>She… Topstitched an invisible Zipper

Shittily topstitched an invisible zipper.

No. 405984

File: 1499085571783.png (13.41 KB, 488x127, Capture.PNG)

Incoming cap spam.

No. 405985

File: 1499085608372.png (14.48 KB, 488x121, capture2.PNG)

No. 405986

File: 1499085670245.png (27.15 KB, 503x308, Capture3.PNG)

No. 405987

File: 1499085722553.png (8.97 KB, 431x94, Capture4.PNG)

No. 405990

File: 1499085779384.png (10.55 KB, 505x109, Capture5.PNG)

No. 406087

File: 1499108251979.png (169.54 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0348.PNG)

This lump of cloth is apparently supposed to be a bodice.

No. 406120


This is what is so interesting to me about Ashley. If a regular person made that and then looked at it there would be some internal admission that it was a terrible job. I mean, they might not care (like Mariah), but they'd know in their heart it was a bad job.

Ashley actually looks at that and thinks it's a great job. She thinks that invisible zipper in >>405486 was put in wonderfully. She thinks the top stitching she did around the top edge was great. There's some disconnect there, that prevents her from objectively looking at things she works on (and it isn't her so-called autism). She has no ability to self-evaluate, I guess.

On a lighter note, that's really pretty fabric.

No. 406169

File: 1499122492130.png (119.39 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0349.PNG)

Of course she's cosplaying fucking Tokyo Mew Mew.

No. 406171

File: 1499122713979.jpg (56.75 KB, 720x960, 19748588_1993544450671249_7307…)

>I don't have brushes right now but I've pained several props without them!
And she wonders why they look like shit.

No. 406205

She does realize she can get quality synthetic brushes for decent prices right? Why does she insist on using q-tips? Especially for detailed pieces that have thickness variations

No. 406244

Why does this remind me of the poop broach?

No. 406246

File: 1499131732383.jpg (571.99 KB, 1047x1216, Screenshot_20170703-182707.jpg)


No. 406256

What is this ungodly abomination

No. 406259

it literally looks she broke the handle off some mini mops and stuck them on her shoulders.

No. 406264

File: 1499136611199.png (201.87 KB, 522x755, Eggman_Sonic_X.png)

I thought she was cosplaying pic related as I scrolled past.

No. 406272

File: 1499138000705.jpg (40.98 KB, 432x432, 8878-1.zoom.a.jpg)

They look like tiny hurricane mop heads. How do you fuck up so badly? Her Utena makes me so sad. It's not even fitted properly and I doubt it'll even make it to con. She'll just dump it on her floor with the rest.

No. 406275

File: 1499140057161.jpg (437.82 KB, 1391x1165, Screenshot_20170703-234615.jpg)

No. 406282

how would she even find out other than rumors between friends/ her own paranoia assuming something? animal control wouldnt release that information

No. 406290

She's probably assuming it was OC since she linked Ash's ED on PULL and has her own chan board infamy. Plus that was early on in the /cgl dumpster fire, so it was either someone who already knew where she lived or it was after someone posted her address.

No. 406343

"that child"
Hello Pot, meet Kettle.

No. 406346


Hey Ashley! Name drop this shit cause I'm pretty sure this had a very good reason for why they called animal control on you. You never take care of your pets period so I'm pretty sure whoever this person was did the right thing. Idk what made her write this status but this happened so many years ago. Like bitch, get over it!!

No. 406353

kek She won't name drop because she has no proof, only speculation

No. 406372

File: 1499152200459.jpg (125.33 KB, 720x960, IMG_4083.JPG)

No. 406391

Shit, I'm a junk food vegan. I drink a ton and eat chips and taco bell. Fuck, i even eat candy every week. But I watch my portions and work out. It's calories in vs calories out. Idk why people try to complicate it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 406395

>those mop pauldrons
absolutely mournful

No. 406400

no1curr. Sage your bragging.

It looks like she took two red buzzers and put them in the center of two mops.

No. 406403


i seriously cry every time Ash attempts a character. doesn't help her face is permanently smug as if she's saying "i've done well and i know it".

No. 406423

They look like fried egg titties on her shoulders. Big sore nipples.

No. 406443

File: 1499172375933.jpg (98.04 KB, 600x600, revolutionary-girl-utena-tenjo…)

I don't understand how Ash failed so hard in translating the epaulet design to real life. Utena's trim only goes three-quarters of the way around, the trim is thicker, and the red and white parts are broken up by gold banding.

No. 406455

Nobody will ever convince me that those AREN'T mop heads. Just look at them.

No. 406466

File: 1499177187826.jpg (79.53 KB, 540x960, 1466537667467.jpg)

I was there during that saga and it wasn't even about the damn beagle. It was when her cat was sick and she made a long post about how it had breathing issues and everything. People told her to take it to the vet and she made every excuse under the sun why she couldn't.

This isn't the same incident (because Ash references her job) but guess what? It's the same basic shit. Her animals are sick and she'd sooner spend her money than get them checked out.

No. 406479

omg is there more of this? was this recent

No. 406486

From what I believe, this is easily a couple of months old. People are always giving Ash shit for not taking care of her animals.

No. 406497

Let us all not forget that she's an actual VETERINARIAN.
But we all know Ash won't ever change because she's so fucking self centered. She'd rather let people ass pat her and her animals die before she gives up cons

No. 406508

File: 1499189125597.jpg (75.41 KB, 528x960, 1481342293090.jpg)

It's from >>>283295 roughly a year ago. It's not the first time though and we've all seen what her living conditions are like.

This is from six months ago.

No. 406513

Ash is a veterinarian what?

No. 406517

No, the person criticizing Ash for not taking care of her animals is a veterinarian.

No. 406531

Ash has complained for years how little money she makes and I can never get over how she works so little at a shit wage yet is always buying shit, going to cons, etc. etc.
She literally could not even go to any cons if she had to pay for everything and didn't use others for money/resources.

Get a fucking job Ashley. Ask for more hours or find a second job. There's no reason you can't get a full-time job even just being a grocery story bagger as you can be as autistic as you'd like.

No. 406550

Hey Ash, your animals still come first before moving out or buying a car. They fucking rely on you to care for them. If you can't put them before your selfish needs, find somebody who will love and care for them properly.

No. 406579

So at $7.50 an hour and 10 hours per week, 52 weeks a year, Ash makes $3,900 before taxes, minus 6.2% in social security tax, for $3,658 per year. That's too low to pay federal or state income tax. (If you double that to twenty hours per week, Ash takes home about $7,000.) But Ash has literally no expenses (rent, room, utilities).

Say an average three-day con badge costs $70 (this is probably lowballing) and an average con hotel costs $120 ($200 a night split among five people for three nights – again, probably lowballing). Even with Ash going to three cons a year and buying a shitton of craft supplies and makeup, it's ludicrous that Ash ISN'T saving money.

No. 406580

it honestly pisses me off so much that she is able to go to all of these conventions while making so little. i make 22k+ a year after taxes but with all of my bills (car payment, rent, citizenship papers, etc.) i can barely afford my one convention with maybe two cosplays to bring. i know that not everyone has the same expenses as me, but c'mon, she's an adult now. she needs to start looking into moving the fuck out of her parents house and being a leech.

sage for blogpost

No. 406653

File: 1499217060459.png (128.46 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0351.PNG)

No. 406656

Why's this smug cunt trying to ruin my childhood fave?

No. 406690

wow this makes it super obvious just how little of a neck she actually has

No. 406699

silly ashley, you're supposed to use mop heads to clean your filthy house, not as cosplay accessories.

underrated post

No. 406729

Don't forget to add Ashley blowing another big chunk of her money on plane tickets and useless """con swag""", 30,000 wigs, and pre-made crap cosplays from ebay. I wonder if she buys all of her fuel tankers full of Mountain Dew or makes mommy and daddy buy it. Likely the latter. I honestly think almost all of the money goes into huge amounts of fabric, wigs, makeup, and supplies that she destroys instead of using or storing properly, and the rest goes into badges and hotel costs.

No. 406756

chances are she's probably only trying to be ichigo because of all the compromising position she gets herself in (in the manga at least), that and the mary sue-ness of her character in general.

No. 406860

Well then why the fuck is she cosplaying Utena?

No. 406867

Because Akio and Touga totes creep on Utena

No. 406870

That's true, I guess, and I suppose cosplaying a complete doormat like Anthy would be considered racially insensitive (at least enough so to offend the tumblrinas)

No. 406892

Ash is 23 next month. Is she still saying she's saving up to get a car and move out?

No. 406909

Anon, don't you know that cosplay is more important than adult things?

No. 407131

Ugh, can't she leave her sick rape fetish fantasies to the shitty manga she wrote and not force that garbage to permeate series that are actually good?

No. 407245

She posted on FB recently that her mom WAS going to drive her to sign up for driving lessons no matter what her mom wanted to do. That had her grandfather magically being able to use his GI Bill (for education purposes) to buy her a place ANYWHERE she wanted if she got a full time job first so she was already picking places in Atlanta.

She's so fucking delusional.

No. 407247

File: 1499308125755.png (437.6 KB, 921x432, Capture.PNG)

More Overwatch posting and more tacky headphones.

No. 407530

Why is it that all she's doing these days is playing overwatch? I get posting every now and again but doesn't she ever at least leave the house besides from work and cosplay? Or at least do something exciting once and awhile

No. 407537

do you know what her ranked is or just stats in ow?

No. 407541


idk what any of these mean since i don't play ow

No. 407567

stats are about as good as her hair; aka garbage.
dvas kda is only 2:1 and shes basically negative on tracer and widow.
doesnt play rank and assuming she would be placed around mid bronze-ish.
why does she devote so much time at a game she fucking garbage at?

No. 407592

Nope. Literally leaves the house for work and shopping for more fabric to destroy.
She's played ranked/competitive this season if her posts about it mean anything, I can't imagine she's even mid-tier on bronze with her shit stats though.

No. 407629

She does play rank (click the "competitive" tab to see her stats for that) and, as guessed, she's bronze. Really low bronze.
Linking above because it's a similar site but also shows loss stats and percents. (So it's easier to understand her skill level even if you don't play Overwatch, imo.)
And look at that skill rating graph; you'd think with as much as she plays she'd manage to get better but she's actually gotten worse…

No. 407631

File: 1499380978410.png (150.06 KB, 502x420, catblog.PNG)

No. 407633

File: 1499380993999.jpg (84.34 KB, 720x960, 19554979_1996668483692179_6628…)

No. 407641

she doesn't even know how to drive? i thought it was just a problem of not having a car. if she's so far behind, i can see another 2-3 years passing and still be in the same place.

No. 407643

oh my god her skill ranking is actually only 3 digits she must be playing with half of her brain

No. 407649

Skill ranking is the Comp ranking but yeah, that's a pretty shitty score considering a 50/50 win and loss rating in placement gets you around 1400 in Bronze tier.

No. 407667

yeah, i play ow.
i literally never seen someone with only 3 digit sr. its like, a fucking myth to be this bad but apparently its actually real.
i just hit 2500 sr and i wonder how ash actually plays and if there are videos of her gameplay floating around

No. 407670

Isn't the gain/loss of points by whether your team wins or loses the match? She says she's constantly with people who are screaming at her so I'd like to think it's a mix of her shit skills and then the people she's matched with being equally as bad.

I'm only 1555 because my teams keep losing and it's just not worth it to drag my rank down any further.

No. 407674

Yes, and people in competitive can be pretty ruthless. Put Ash's shit skill and insistence to play Sombra in the mix and I'm not surprised her team has shit talked her. Sage for OW blogging, but unless you're good at DPS characters, your team is going to need people willing to switch up if a team build isn't working. For example I mostly main Mei, I'm better at support rolls, but if my team needs a healer or a tank I'll switch because I know I'm the weaker link in my team. Ash is probably convinced she's a good enough Sombra that her teammates should switch, despite the fact Sombra is rarely used in competitive because she's on the line of DPS and support, and most teams need one or the other. If her refusal to switch pisses off her team, they're likely to throw the match and further blame her for it.

No. 407683

yeah, people are assholes, especially to females.
sombra (the chara ash mains basically) is somewhat in the meta. she is suppose to be a main dps but since her hacking ability makes her hack health packs op koreans are using that as a main source of support/healing, making her somewhat viable in HIGH RANK plays such as diamond - top 500.
ash is literally bottom of the barrel garbage and with her mental state she literally just shouldnt play video games because of her constant whining about mean peoplesz who bulli her on interwebz! weh(learn to sage)

No. 407789

You literally have to TRY to be that bad, but then again, Ashley is also effortless bad at costume making, adulting, maintaining friendships, and accepting constructive criticism, so there you have it.

No. 407845

i dont think bronze is a good enough umbrella for 1500 sr. maybe they should include something lower for 1000 and 500 because thats just ridiculous.
sage for owfagging

No. 407852

sage goes in the email field. Don't worry though, Ash will always be in the Poop Medal tier in our hearts.

No. 407875

File: 1499449021607.png (158.82 KB, 640x1067, IMG_0355.PNG)

He's probably sitting there because she doesn't have a single square foot of clean carpet for him to sit on.

No. 407917

her cat looks relatively healthy though, might be a bit too chubby. looks fine but im sure her environment is absolute garbage filled with hoarding and just disgusting trash in general.
doesnt ash have hygiene problems such as not bathing regularly and getting mad at her appearance that she has an "episode" and ruins her body, like her hair??

No. 407922

dude being fed fine doesn't mean shit if the cats stuck in a hoarding situation.

No. 407923

Cats sleep on beds. News at 11.

No. 407926

i literally just fucking said that

No. 407927

my bad i can't read apparently, i thought you said the environment looks fine but ASH'S hygiene itself is bad. nah, it's a surprise her cats haven't gotten ill in the mess she lives in.

sage for me not knowing how to read

No. 407949

My cats sleep on the carpet during the day when I'm not there to be on the bed with them, lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 407998

does she still selfharm/shove her past suicidal tendencies down social medias throat?

No. 408128

She never selfharmed and faked all her suicidal tendencies. This is the same edgy bitch who wrote on her own journals that she had fantasies of stabbing people in her school because her alter ego wanted to and she had to stop herself from switching to her alter to prevent it.

No. 408137

God that's so fucking cringy
I feel bad for everyone who had to deal with her in highschool

No. 408145

File: 1499486576555.jpg (130.2 KB, 750x906, IMG_5480.JPG)

Can confirm. Every few months she "attempts" something but simultaneously claims she hasn't actually hurt herself. Blocked out any potential identifiers, but this is generally how all her "suicide attempts" go.

No. 408153

It should be noted I'm not on her Facebook anymore, but I hid any information just in case she figures out who I am and bitches at me. I removed her a while back, but I never blocked her in case I needed to go back in my messages to find anything.

No. 408181

how sad and pathetic. shes just a manipulative cunt. whats the point of faking suicide attempts or self harming?

No. 408240

To get attention for herself and make her "haters" feel bad about calling herself out on her shit. She has gone to Tuckers (local mental institution) before back when farmers/gulls were calling the police on her when she grandly faked that she had slit her wrists and then argued with people not to call one hospital but call another because she "liked them better" then freaked out when people actually did.

Now she just uses Tuckers as an excuse to why she can't do something because her evil family "threatens to put me in Tuckers if I leave the house".

No. 408269

has she actually been there under psych hold or just inpatient treatment? is there actual backbone to her medical claims of mental disorders or physical disabilities like her autism?

No. 408277

If I recall, she's only been to Tucker's once and it was because of the seagulls calling about her claiming she was trying to kill herself; her parents probably let her go so they could get some peace and quiet, rather than telling the police she was fine.
Her mom backs up the autism diagnosis, but that's it.

No. 408286

Considering she's claimed everything from demons, evil split personalities, and now having dragon (kin?) in her head and seeing chakras with her third eye, it's all bullshit. She's even lied about her therapist seeing her dragons and then later admitted she hasn't seen a therapist in years.

She's just forever stuck in that edgy "I'm not like the other girls" 13 year old stage where she's a walking Twilight OC that thinks she's irresistible when she's not dealing with the paranormal and turning everything she touches to gold because she's just so amazing and talented.

No. 408304

History lesson is desperately needed for this chick. There was a reason we needed to get away from Britain.

No. 408306

Has anyone been to her live streams on instagram? I went on once but it was kinda boring since she wasn't saying anything and just sewing some cosplay… does nobody talk to her?

No. 408319

File: 1499535355909.png (575.2 KB, 540x920, Screenshot_2017-07-08-13-32-12…)

She gets at most 5 people but most of the time it's only 1-2 people.

No. 408320

File: 1499535376024.png (500.88 KB, 540x846, Screenshot_2017-07-08-13-31-57…)

No. 408390

File: 1499541721562.jpg (29.03 KB, 400x565, MegurineLukaFromtheSandplaySin…)

……they're not even the same color

No. 408425


Yeah, and Ashley's dress is a blue purple and Luka's is a red purple. I mean, why wouldn't you take a reference of some sort along so you'get fabric that's at least in the ballpark.

No. 408433

don't you know, anon? ash's memory is the only reference she needs. and if it's not the same as the original, then it's only a sign that Ash's is definitely superior in every fashion. kek

No. 408439

Sagey sage but…she has friends?
I'm shocked she's not making it into a Aoba cosplay.

No. 408504

She's briefly talked about doing an Aoba lolita design. She's also talked about making her own lolita brand and wondered if "fairytale lolita" was already a substyle.

No. 408536

Why can't she just stop it with the aoba shit, I mean I get that she likes it but to obsess over it for this long is getting weird
I prey she never runs into someone cosplaying mink while she's aoba since she always states that their relationship describes herself and her own fucking mentality…

No. 408547

I need this cow to go ahead not touch Luka

No. 408578

File: 1499577611434.png (2.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170709-001944.png)

No. 408581

aobas makeup looks like they had an allergic reaction

No. 408595


Why should someone give a reason to follow you? You suck at cosplaying.

No. 408608

I must have fucking missed the middle right picture, what the fuck is that, jesus fuck are her tits out? Or is she wearing some kind of beige shirt? She seems to be sucking in her stomach and still you can tell there's rolls for days

sweet fuck

I'm embarrassed to share a shithoroscope with this living turd

No. 408614

File: 1499592417313.jpg (58.19 KB, 620x324, konoe.jpg)

it's supposed to be Konoe from Lamento in his devil form as is the picture to the right of that. I think she just wore a skin coloured binder

No. 408622

File: 1499598267935.jpg (57.65 KB, 640x960, 1491966147669.jpg)

She's already run into a Mink cosplayer at some point but she's only got eyes for that one Ren cosplayer that hung out with her at con. She posted she hung out with them nearly all weekend.

>You have to share my pic, my cosplay page, and tell the world why I'm the greatest and in exchange I'll post a tiny thing about you with three words!! kthnks it's my birthday for the next month!!!

I hate her so much right now. She's the most entitled piece of poop brooch I've ever seen.

She used a binder after she tried this mess.

No. 408638

File: 1499606259887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.52 KB, 194x259, cheese.jpg)

saw that one but she didn't actually go out with all on her tits did she?

No. 408639


If someone could keep tabs on this and post screenies of the people who are actually stupid enough to do this. It would be maximum KEK

No. 408659

Tbh I'm tempted to just so I can gain more of her trust since we're on instagram messaging terms

So if people do post pics of the people that do the s4s please keep in mind that not everyone is doing it because they look up to her but because they want some laughs of their own

Low but it's true

Sage for saging

No. 408669


The capes look like they're made out of one of those black trashbags. Like the other anon, Ihadn't seen those pics either.

I also wonder why she uses the same obnoxious smirk in every single one of her poses. I am seriously wondering, perhaps someone who knows her could chime in, does she thinks it's sexy, provocative… what?

No. 408692

No. She wore a nude colored "binder" to the convention instead. For her it might as well have been just a nude colored sports bra.

It's her default expression. She's either annoyingly smug or got the crazy eyes when she's not gotten her way.

No. 408696

File: 1499620936342.png (251.98 KB, 820x556, ash.PNG)

No. 408717

love the ears that aren't actually hers at all lmao

No. 408773

She needs to learn to draw boobs. You think, since she has a set herself, that she could see that boobs do not lie as they do in her picture. But I guess being "androgynous" trumps realism.

She really needs to get back to her comic. What would be kind of a funny plot twist is if Uke-chan turned out to be a real girl(tm) after Seme-sama fell in love with him. Her.

No. 408785

Is that a fucking elsa base pose, because its honestly look like a green elsa.

No. 408802


God no! Not the ballroom anime. Fucking hell!

No. 408911

No, no, she's long held an ambition to hold her own rip-off of the Labyrinth of Jareth ball. It is one of her more consistent delusions.

No. 408947


But you have to admit, that series would be something she'd get into cause of all the "omg I danced when I was kid" shit.

No. 409191

File: 1499720323985.png (811.66 KB, 930x593, Capture.PNG)

I just want to clean everything I see.

No. 409194

Is Ash wearing any kind of bra in that picture?

No. 409195

For Ash, the top actually looks pretty good… not good by normal standards but for her, it looks decent.
But then the skirt… did she just stuff fabric into the top? I will never understand her and refusal to improve.

No. 409200

File: 1499720892371.png (615.1 KB, 600x600, christ.PNG)

No. 409201

1) what on earth is she watching
2) i guess thats her moms luau decorations that she cut her foot on
3) good god ash why would you take this picture and post it

No. 409202

there's just…so much junk in their house holy hell

why on earth do they need a damn cdplayer in 2017


No. 409204

Are your eyes and asshole reversed? No, that does not look good.
It looks like she sewed together a tube out of fabric and then squeezed herself right into it, with squishy back fat hanging out.

No. 409205

of course
first momo hopes on the hype train and now ash

incoming vampire uke yaoi self insert drawing

No. 409227

I said FOR ASH. At least there are no puckered seams and it fits better than most of the stuff she craps out.

No. 409257

File: 1499727169777.png (218.14 KB, 502x522, asher.PNG)

No. 409258

File: 1499727237836.png (14.68 KB, 501x143, asher2.PNG)

No. 409260

File: 1499727324818.png (173.7 KB, 501x419, Capture.PNG)

Looks like no one's taken her bait.

No. 409261

Like ok we don't need to hear the whole gross details she provides in >>409258 but tbh the choice to have her tubes tied would be one of the more rational choices she's made.

No. 409263

Implying that someone would ever have sex with her in the first place

No. 409270

Also bullshit. I've been around her during her period and she's never had to be hospitalized. Ever. Fuck you, Ashley.

No. 409284

The purple fabric is so cute. Its pains me to see her butcher it.

No. 409343


More junk food and soda in her system. Where the fuck was your motivation to work out Ashley!?

No. 409421

>mainly my uterus is rotting inside
bitch if your uterus was rotting inside, it could kill you.

>I've been hospitalized during my period

and they didn't find your rotting uterus? how does that work?

No. 409440

File: 1499772971039.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, 6a2.png)

>be on messaging terms with her about cosplay

>is constantly telling me it's just her room that's messy/house is "actually clean"

I fucking new it, thanks anon for the lels. It looks like her house is constantly filled with the smell of cat piss and shit

No. 409442

she used the spray paint tool over the arms and didnt even bother to hide the fact she used a base from Frozen. truly the quality i would expect from ash

No. 409446

File: 1499777642526.jpg (42.5 KB, 480x720, 1489112202883.jpg)

>constantly filled with the smell of cat piss and shit

It is. Farmers that used to know her said as much. People who have roomed with her have said her costumes stunk and even someone on her FB recently mentioned coming over and stepping in urine.

Imagine walking barefoot on this

No. 409503

God that filthy floor. I wouldn't even walk in there with my shoes on.

No. 409583

is that a bed sheet she confangled into some apron?

No. 409601

that floor looks like if you walk on it your feet will turn fucking black

No. 409641

why does it matter since she was going on about how she's ~gay~

No. 409737

Coming in a little late to the Kagome party, but I only just now got caught up on everything in this thread.

This creature, had better stay the hell away from Nekocon this year. She has creeped on my friends (One of whom does Trip) multiple times, and since we're doing Inuyasha as a group, I don't want her anywhere near Inuyasha/Sessoumaru/Kouga. If I have to be the attack dog of the group, I will, and she will NOT LIKE THE RESULTS.

Also, guess I can scratched Utena off the list. Sure as hell don't wanna do it if THIS thing is doing it too. And considering she was watching that new Castlevania show, (Probably her parents Netflix account) I should strike that from the list of possibles too.

Ashley, you're parents are saints for putting up with you for so long, because mine would have kicked me out years ago if I was anything like you. Stay the hell away from Manassas, and get a REAL job, they're not hard to find. Maybe try Walmart? You'll fit right in.

No. 409741

Coming in a little late to the Kagome party, but I only just now got caught up on everything in this thread.

This creature, had better stay the hell away from Nekocon this year. She has creeped on my friends (One of whom does Trip) multiple times, and since we're doing Inuyasha as a group, I don't want her anywhere near Inuyasha/Sessoumaru/Kouga. If I have to be the attack dog of the group, I will, and she will NOT LIKE THE RESULTS.

Also, guess I can scratch Utena off the list. Sure as hell don't wanna do it if THIS thing is doing it too. And considering she was watching that new Castlevania show, (Probably her parents Netflix account) I should strike that from the list of possibles too.

Ashley, your parents are saints for putting up with you for so long, because mine would have kicked me out years ago if I was anything like you. Stay the hell away from Manassas, and get a REAL job, they're not hard to find. Maybe try Walmart? You'll fit right in.

No. 409761

pls sage your autism.

Double for anyone saying anything among the lines of "omg ash stay out of my fandom". She's a pig, but you fuckin' weebs don't lay claim over your weird shit, and it doesn't contribute to the thread at all.

No. 409764

Because feminine penises, anon.

Tbh, honest, this would be a good decision for her. I can't really see Ash ever being in a good enough mental state to raise children.

No. 409819

is ash's autism that contagious that you had to shit up the thread

No. 409828

Your Aoba is just as shit as hers, you're terribly fat for Haruka, your makeup skills are barely a step above Ash, and I'm sure your Kagome will be just as much of a train wreck since the only way you look even decent is the massive filtering you do to your photos. Take your autism elsewhere if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 409832

Where's the pic

No. 409845


Hello Ashley

No. 409847

File: 1499880663069.jpg (69.64 KB, 954x427, Screenshot_20170712-132949.jpg)

Did she make a new account? And wtf is up with this bio line??

No. 409850

Could be a troll account, what would be the point of making a new one?

No. 409860

File: 1499882165705.jpg (31.34 KB, 403x389, IMG_5535.JPG)

At least sage your shit

No. 409861

i feel guilty for watching two special needs kids fighting

No. 409872

No. 409962

Actually, I've never cosplayed Haruka or Aoba, or Kagome. You people are attacking someone else. And pardon me for not knowing how to link posts together, I'm new to the site.

I just don't want her bothering me or my friends again.

No. 409977

then read the damn rules you fucking retard youre just like ash but even more autistic if you think complaining on this website is gonna stop her from talking to your nobody friends

honestly ffs get over yourself lol

No. 410004

Stop attacking ash

No. 410007

Stop fighting

No. 410054


Nah, it's a fake made to fuck with her.

No. 410073


That bio line kills me

No. 410083

Can confirm new account.

No. 410086

"New" as in actually her?

No. 410087


Why did she make a new account? Doesn't she already have two others??

No. 410128

File: 1499938366796.png (35.94 KB, 750x281, IMG_4116.PNG)

No. 410129

File: 1499938392522.png (69.63 KB, 750x335, IMG_4115.PNG)

No. 410166

Cowtipping over a PS4. Great job guys!
>what are rules

No. 410180


No. 410187

"i was gonna keep it a secret" no you fucking weren't ash, you got that message and immediately thought of all your possible ass-pats from people empathetic to you.

No. 410189

The rules on lolcow. Read them, because you obviously don't know how to sage.
Anon was referring to no cow-tipping.

No. 410205

>honestly i'm trying to change who i am as a person but no one wants to give me a chance.

because you make this claim at least once a month and then do absolutely nothing

No. 410228

File: 1499962197042.png (4.87 KB, 433x92, axel.PNG)

She deactivated.
I'm wondering if she even got a message or if she just saw farmers talking about her shit stats and got mad.

No. 410238

Well shit, she actually did it. At least her Instagram is still active.

No. 410254

File: 1499964890553.png (15.33 KB, 525x381, da.PNG)

That's the weird thing. Goes to all the trouble to delete her FB but leaves her Insta and DA.

No. 410281

Eating Doritos and drinking diet Mountain Dew is definitely a step in the right direction of self improvement, there.

No. 410375

Did anyone else survive this one?

No. 410388

the sad thing is that even if she completely left all forms of social media/had no internet presence, even as she continued to fail just as she has over and over, she wouldn't learn. there'd still be no self awareness.

even as long as she keeps blaming us 'bullies' she won't improve - completely pushing the blame on an outside source is just another way of refusing personal responsibility. and until she can take personal responsibility for her retarded actions, she'll never be able to work towards stopping them, continuing this endless cycle of milky shit brooches.

No. 410473

Survive what? Her FB is still deleted.

No. 410504

She made yet another new one

No. 410548

File: 1500006385064.png (212.66 KB, 640x360, vlcsnap-2015-03-01-20h42m09s14…)


I'm pretty sure she's aware of what she does wrong. Almost every one is. However if she makes the effort to change it then I can see her life getting better.

However "Bullying" her isn't going to make her life better. And going through the threads essentially that is what we have been doing to her. Frankly would any of you like every single mistake brought up and smeared into your face every time you turned around? No. No one would. So we need to stop nit picking every little thing she does. Its not fair to her.

She's a cosplayer. not the best in the world but she is still making an effort. She has a job which is more than I can say for a majority of cosplayers. (Last I heard) She is going to school which means she is making some kind of effort to change her life.

Yea she has a bad reaction and tends to blow shit out of proportion but we all do at some point.

Anyone wanna share Body sizes? Because I know at least 4 farmers on here personally who are bigger than her including myself. So you should be the last one talking about her body size.

Long story short, Give her a damn break. if you are constantly criticized you aren't going to change and will always be defensive. so why act like she should be different?

No. 410549

Ash, we tried to give you advice–it isn't bullying if we're genuinely trying to give you constructive criticism.

No. 410553

Obviously you're not Ash, since she never actually got into school. Also, sage your shit.

No. 410554

Go somewhere else if you don't like what this thread is about.

No. 410556

She didn't go to school and her job… Doesn't she get like almost no hours? Don't make excuses for her. She's had people try to help her before and she doesn't want it. She doesn't want to change she just wants asspats.

No. 410557

r u lost

No. 410632

Fucking PREACH. I don't want to hear a goddamn thing about "oh she'll change if people give her the chance" when time and time again SHE JUST FUCKING DRAGS THEM THROUGH THE MUD.
I'm sick and tired of her ass and next time I see her I WILL go off. This whole thread isn't just trolls anymore. She's driven away friends who have tried to help, tried to give her a chance and what does she do?
Throw it in their faces and smear them to everyone else. Accuse them of doing shit they never did.
She's a selfish little brat who I am just DYING for karma to come around and bite her in her ass.

No. 410656

I guess I didn't survive the cut because my friends list just shows her old one.

She's not going to school though. She's dropped the idea in favor of a wild goose chase involving her granddad's GI Bill and her getting to move anywhere in the USA she wants as long as she gets a job first. Granddad is playing a prank on her but she doesn't even get that.

Pretty much this. People have tried to help her from the day she got discovered but she only freaks out and comes up with excuses why she's always the victim. This is the only bitch I've ever come across that will block you for suggesting she use a different type of fabric for her costume.

No. 410660

it's been that way for months, I don't think she bothers changing it

No. 410665

I highly doubt you "went through the threads" if this is your perspective. Why are you even on here?

And just because you're a fatty doesn't make being one any less a disgusting display of lack of self control/laziness. See: ash's full stick of butter macaroni, ash asking friends out for fast food ordering large portions then sticking said friends with the bill, ash scarring people's eyes wearing revealing cosplay then physically harassing other cosplayers with her whale mass, etc.

:^) give me your email and I'll gladly prove I'm not a fat sack of shit instead of inviting people to derail the thread in an attempts to justify your own insecurities.

No one makes her read lolcow and no one needs your piss poor WKing here. Did you actually think everyone would turn around like, "a bloobloobloo you're right!!!! Oh no! Better kiss her chunky ass!"? No, of course not, you just resonated with parts of her that hit too close to home for you and tried to justify her retardation as a thinly veiled attempt to feel better about your own downfalls. Gross.

No. 411046

>ash scarring people's eyes wearing revealing cosplay
Don't forget that she did this in public, in front of children, at family-friendly conventions.

>ash asking friends out for fast food ordering large portions then sticking said friends with the bill

As one of her former "friends" that she stuck with the bill after ordering and eating food at a restaurant, I can regrettably confirm.

To me though, Ash's worst quality of all is her pathological lying. It's a constant for her. Her shitting all over people who try to help her is a very real thing. In her refusal to change, she will make a billion excuses of why she can't do something, when the truth is that she won't, because she believes her methods are perfect even if she doesn't have a method and "wants advice" for how to do something.

Ashley is not a nice person who will change. She has every opportunity to change, and can easily ignore what is said here. Instead, she lurks, and actively tries to make the farmers here even more upset. She even brags about going out of her way to do so. Ashley is not a nice person because she talks shit and smears people behind their backs to anyone who will listen, even those who have not done anything wrong. She will make up stories and blow things out of proportion to validate her chimping out and her need to find something to be angry at and have someone to blame for her own faults and mistakes. Ashley is not a good person because she swindles her "friends" that stay in her hotel rooms by charging them far more than the rate of the room. She is not a nice person because she steals from people. She is not a nice person because she neglects her pets. She is not a nice person because she makes her parents drive everywhere, keeps them up at all hours of the night, and doesn't contribute to the household at all. Ashley is not a nice person because she repeatedly exclaims about how she wishes her father and brother would die, how her mother is a horrible person, how her family is abusive unless they buy her things. She is not a nice person because she makes her grandfather buy all of her plane tickets. She fakes disease and mental illness for attention and sympathy when there are actual people suffering from such conditions who would never whine for asspats and handouts. The list goes on.

Do not believe for a moment that someone who neglects their animals and steals from people the same now as they have been for years, will change if they are suddenly not being "critiqued" on their poor actions. A leopard doesn't change its spots and Ashley will always be a liar, thief, and animal abuser. This goes beyond just shitty cosplay. This is a catalog of Ashley's shit behavior. It needs to be seen.

No. 411090

Seconding this. My first attempts to help her were completely legitimate and sincere, I thought she was so young and the things they were saying about her online were horrible, I'd been posted on CGL ages ago for being a shitty person and a terrible cosplayer, but it was only once and I changed because of it, so I thought she could to if I just helped her to do what I did but there was always an excuse, and she always ended up taking and taking and taking and never listening to any advice. Hell, my friend who didn't even post here or lurk here was accused of posting here about her after years of being nothing but helpful and supportive. Now we both post here.

No. 411126

Ash drives people away to the very place she complains about.

No. 411132

This. All of this.

As an ex follower of Ashley I was horrified at how much of her own delusions she was drowning in. I would often catch her in a lie, forgetting a lie she told, and then trying to cover it up with another lie.

She would bash any and all her "friends" behind their backs to anyone who would listen. Even to people who knew the person she was going on about. And most all of what she was saying was a lie or an exaduration.

As for her behavior at conventions. It's atrocious and I'm suprissed she hasn't been kicked out. Indecent exposure. Rude/sexist/racist remarks. "Casual" sexual assault. Stalking. Trying to kick people who she doesn't like out. I don't even want to think about the poor people she rooms with. Over charging her room mates. Spending their room money. Stealing from them. Stinking up the room. Throwing her trash and clutter everywhere. If I had a choice between eternal suffering and staying in a convention room with Ashley, I'd take the eternal suffering.

Ashley fluxes between unbearably annoying to down right scary. Between the pathological lying, stealing, constant need for drama, abusing pets and people who care about her. It goes far beyond just bad cosplay. She's delusional. She thinks she's perfect and everyone is out to get her. I to tried to help her once, that was many many years ago. And the fact that she's still obsessing over "bullies" and people who called her out, instead of perhaps listening to people who are trying to help, taking real action to change and getting better, means she most likely never will.

Shell lurk and read this I'm sure. Say I'm a bully. That I don't know anything about her life. That I'm making stuff up to make her look bad. But she is. She's just bad.

And I pitty the people who have come in contact with her. And I pitty the people who will come in contact with.

No. 411139

Hey guys, you'll never guess what I found. Took a lot of digging but I found it!

I can't see much on this one but it's sidesplitting that she misspelled her actual link.

She also has a new Facebook but it's much more tight on lockdown surprisingly. Seems the other one was a decoy. Her most recent alias is "Ash Allen" and her new link is https://www.facebook.com/royalpaincosplay

You're welcome farmers!

No. 411141

I love how she keeps trying to make cosplay business aliases like she's actually a legitimate professional.

No. 411143

Farmer >411139 again, just wanting to add that if she's made another deviantart or anything else under her new "Ash Allen" and "Royal Pain" aliases I haven't found them yet. Be on the lookout!

No. 411147

>Royal Panic Cosplay
More like royal pain. Thanks for finding these, farmer!

No. 411201

>Royal Panic Cosplay
More like I royally panic when I see her at a con "abort abort aboutface"

No. 411210


Any particular reason why she remade her cosplay page AGAIN?! This is the third time!

No. 411211

First time everyone saw the name and knew who she was and her reputation.

Second time she stole the name from another more successful cosplayer in the hope that people looking for them would stumble onto her instead.

Third time she's just covering her ass with a new secret identity hoping no one would find her.

No. 411212

File: 1500153926229.png (3.45 KB, 347x160, 0.PNG)

No. 411235

File: 1500159280744.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170715-175321.png)


No. 411249

File: 1500160816081.jpg (18.33 KB, 291x173, IMG_0366.JPG)

No. 411261

File: 1500164879010.jpg (124.64 KB, 730x1095, 1350847828336.jpg)

After all these years she's as bad as she was back then. She hasn't progressed at all aside from going from drugstore to namebrand.

No. 411262

File: 1500164893978.gif (1.76 MB, 403x554, kek.gif)

I don't even read this thread and this made me laugh so hard!

No. 411263


Perfect comparison anon!

No. 411271


No. 411534

No. 411564

File: 1500259947274.jpg (119.04 KB, 1039x635, Screenshot_20170716-224926.jpg)

Wtf she thinks she can host a cosplay masquerade event complete with light crew, photography, and security. I fucking can't!

No. 411567

-it'll probably be outside
-5 people will show up
-2 will stay and one is ash.

No. 411585

>2 will stay and one is ash
Is the other one of her dragon personalities?

No. 411596

File: 1500265275001.gif (1.97 MB, 400x225, ohkfhiM.gif)

No. 411597

yeah but that one barely wants to be there too

No. 411661

Her cosplay picnic was downright awful so how does she expect to pull this off? Does she even have a venue booked yet?

No. 411689

File: 1500308616500.jpg (400.58 KB, 1008x1253, Screenshot_20170717-122025.jpg)


Oh no anon. It's a lot more than just the location. It's not even free. I have a feeling either this is already an event and she's making another event page for it or she's just dumb enough thinking she can pull this off.

No. 411693

File: 1500309280978.jpg (156.5 KB, 972x648, IMG_0348.JPG)

Is something off about her legs in this pic or is it just me?

No. 411707

File: 1500312243309.png (30.56 KB, 412x628, muchspelling.PNG)

I'd definitely trust someone hosting an event of this caliber with my money.

No. 411710

Not just you. She looks like a stilt walker in this with how bad the proportions are.

No. 411728

"35$ 45$ 55$"

I'm sorry since when did a few hour red neck costume party with no venue suddenly be equivalent to a convention?

No. 411730

So how bad will the fallout be if she takes people's money, spends it, and the can't scramble enough to pay people back?
I'm assuming the reason she's asking for money is she is wanting to rent space (guessing a ballroom) for this, plus refreshments, and a DJ.

No. 411735


Oh no at some point she'll be asking people who are coming to bring food for everyone. As for a DJ she will most likely try and do it herself so that only the uber best anime and beauty and the beast songs will play.

No. 411737


I foresee it being like the tumblr DashCon event. I sure hope there's a ballpit!

No. 411748

File: 1500321385058.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.32 KB, 800x600, ashleyeverymorning.jpg)

You guys just don't understand! All of her many dragon personalities will attend! They all way to be with their queen! Feeling up her legs with their tails and flirting with her all night! Any Jereth-cosplaying man could only BE so lucky to dance with her! Until the stroke of midnight, when she will flee from the Halloween Ball with everyone's money, leaving behind one stolen shoe as she disappears back into the night to turn back into a bloated cow.

Seriously though, I can't wait until she gives up on this a week later while grunting that the event failed because blah blah something something something venue cancelled on her, some other people she hates pushed her out, slandering people told ~EVERYONE~ that she's a lolcow and she's gonna get the police involved to ~*~ARREST~*~ them because they want to crash her event with their own event and how dare!!

No. 411761

This is the thing she is trying to copy: http://labyrinthmasquerade.com/

She attended it once and has been fixated on doing her ~own version~ ever since. I'm laughing at the fact that the prices are similar too, who in the hell does she think she is?

No. 411779

Absolutely beautiful. A tale worthy of Disney.

No. 411999

Looks like she's doing a lock down on all social media. She did the same thing on her IG. Which is sad cause I used to follow her so long ago. Too bad I can't follow her back otherwise she'll know.

No. 412007

File: 1500388826467.png (711.4 KB, 925x586, cat.PNG)

Her IG doesn't have much going. Just more video of her cat aka the only living thing she can force to love her.

No. 412009

:my cat is wonderful"
im surprised that thing can even be somewhat healthy in those living conditions.

No. 412010

Forgot to add that even in the video of her cat "being wonderful" she has to keep pestering it over and over until it finally gives her any attention.

No. 412021

Coca Cola in the background, glad that diet's working, Ash

No. 412022

In the video it's actually a bottle and an open can behind the cat.

No. 412088


Anon, update all the IG crap.

No. 412091

File: 1500399774544.png (1.11 MB, 975x598, insta.PNG)

There's really nothing going on. Everything has been posted here already or not worth posting.

No. 412462

File: 1500432032602.png (1.25 MB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20170718-213729.png)

New from her Instagram. How did she already fuck it up this hard? It looks like a bunch of rats decided to nest in a pink bumpit.

No. 412468

she's always reminded me of julie terryberry…
except less sexual and no actual abusive family/bf

No. 412477


Ew what's up with that smug look?? She needs to stop cosplaying a sexy woman like Luka.

No. 412478

I'm very thankful she doesn't have gross nudes like Shed Princess.

No. 412482


She's getting there. Check out her bad ending aoba outfit.

No. 412483

File: 1500434422949.jpg (149.69 KB, 400x563, Vocaloid Megurine Luka Sandpla…)


That wig looks like shit like bitch comb your wigs!

No. 412489

Those poor cats' litterbox is probably just a mountain of shit and puddles of piss. It's probably never been scooped since they got it. You know Ashley wouldn't scoop a litterbox. That would be ~*~work~*~.

No. 412490

Can anyone who's been into this shit-filled, piss-soaked monster den confirm this? Because I can't not believe it's 100% accurate.

No. 412499

Won't cats reject a dirty litterbox? An unclean litterbox is a good way to make a cat start pissing on your furniture and clothes.

No. 412500

Since her cats DO piss on the furniture and clothes, I think that's self explanatory.

No. 412537

Not always, I've seen some seriously horrible conditions where the cat still uses the box even if it's more waste than litter. It's cases like that that lead to UTI's in cats. Which also makes them piss all over furniture, clothes, carpet and other surfaces. So, yeah,
this. Probably a filthy box and an untreated UTI on top of it.

No. 412542

in every photo she takes in her home that's not filled with her face there's a soda in the background…how do people drink so much soda?

No. 412641

You'd be surprised. My mom used to go through like 4 or 5 cans of Coke Zero a day, until my sister and I finally staged an intervention.

No. 412688


Isn't that the wig she was going to use for Rose Quart? Whatever happened to that cosplay?

No. 413482

Megurine Luka? More like "Me Gunna Puke-a"

No. 413578

File: 1500516901016.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170719-211425.png)


No. 413582

someone on her FB said they came over and stepped in animal piss so I don't doubt it.

god I hope her eyebrows look like that for con. It's so bad.

No. 413594

No. 413601


No. 413639

File: 1500523078369.png (918.48 KB, 958x634, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 10.5…)

No. 413734

No. 413916

File: 1500576757302.png (138.96 KB, 894x894, punk_ass_by_axelash-daim9n0.pn…)

Old but I don't remember it being posted.

No. 413920

File: 1500576930720.png (870.83 KB, 920x584, nightmaresmile.PNG)

>My cat is ridiculous and needy just ignore the dozen videos I've posted of me begging it for attention and stalking it around the house

inb4 Ash becomes a furry and claims her cat is a bishounen spirit

No. 413928

the big white gap in the fucking floor, god
take her tablet away

No. 414025


The face she makes when she takes a good dump.

No. 414104

so… did she just make a selfie while taking a shit?
and wtf is wrong with her eyebrows

No. 414110

did she ever post her tumblr profile picture as a big image?
Because thats the first one Ive seen from her that actually looks reasonable

No. 414172

File: 1500601184549.jpg (146.78 KB, 850x587, Screenshot_20170720-213657.jpg)

Who the fuck captions their tumblr like this? A fucking 2 year old or maybe that's just too nice cause even two year olds could be better.

No. 414173

the queer bait thing hurts me deep down you know

No. 414183


does she know what queer bait means?

No. 414192


She's not smart so no. She wants to be fucking raped.

No. 414271

>baaaaare with me

No. 414421

File: 1500655874558.jpg (70 KB, 679x960, 19959048_198305410699194_68858…)

Ashley added 50+ pics to her bad art greatest hits album including fanart of OW characters she's not even played.


No. 414422

File: 1500655950543.jpg (85.53 KB, 738x960, 19961648_198304674032601_37236…)

Don't remember wonky-tits-uke being posted before.

No. 414443

That foot though

No. 414446


GDI MAN! WHY IS SHE SEXUALIZING A BIRD?? I seriously think this bitch has a thing for furries and such.

No. 414452

Maybe yaoi-feet are a thing now

No. 414464

Well she has made questionable comments about her dragons before. Not to mention she's gotten really into drawing animal themed OCs.

No. 414658

A very obviously stolen foot, and still somehow she jacked it up.

No. 414740

whats her tumblr url

No. 414827


No. 414833

File: 1500759813809.png (291.33 KB, 540x855, Screenshot_2017-07-22-17-36-18…)

Can anyone confirm this sudden mention of a surgery?

No. 414846

File: 1500760688460.png (283.91 KB, 540x783, Screenshot_2017-07-22-17-55-30…)

No. 414851

File: 1500760799284.png (236.04 KB, 540x795, Screenshot_2017-07-22-17-55-34…)

Another xray view.

No. 414852

File: 1500760889404.png (136.72 KB, 540x850, Screenshot_2017-07-22-17-55-53…)

She's already begging for commissions because her part time job won't pay her to be out. The horror.

No. 414853

File: 1500761081332.png (340.56 KB, 540x841, Screenshot_2017-07-22-17-56-03…)

Shit. She's leeching off Mercy players now like she's a martyr of Overwatch. Guess it's the one role she can be shit and tell them they're lucky they even got a healer to begin with.

No. 414905

she looks like a bootleg andy milonakis

No. 414947

I will never unsee that comparison

No. 414995

Finally watched the video. Will do a full transcription if needed but the tldr is hilarious enough.

>costumes be put on hold after AWA

>had surgery in 2006, may have to have surgery again
>at neighbors house, neighbors raced gocarts
>fell off their jungle gym
>fell SO HARD her screams could be heard by neighbors a block away
>gocart magically on top of her??
>magically jammed under gocart?? (she looked so confused when she said this)
>"But i just wanted to let you all know costumes might be on hold!"

No. 415477


Stop being lazy ash.

No. 415490

File: 1500905117854.jpeg (38.55 KB, 672x672, 3af8bbc7cbc8f2cff2399dd41e5058…)


best post itt. love you, anon. somehow she looks even greasier than andy too, so weird.

No. 415495

thanks, i love you too.

but the hair and growing amounts of chin is what set it off for me.

who cares if her costumes are on hold unless they were commissioned by other people ( i doubt that)
seriously doubt anything happen, she would seem like the type to say that a papercut would turn into a shanking in chicago. shes just trying to get free money when no one else will hire a hambeast.

No. 415498

It is pretty weird that with her overpowering need to flaunt her mental/body issues she's never once mentioned having surgery or told the tale of being permanently injured by magically appearing gokarts.

No. 415544


These are such horrible pics of xrays. I couldn't even tell what they were due to the overlay of the lighting from her awful house.

No. 416210

Any updates on her AWA plans??

No. 416273

Noone's gotten her personal FB info so it's slim pickings without that. Unless I'm mistaken all we've got access to is:
>Instagram (made public again)
>"professional" FB

And two of those are linked so everything on her Insta is on her FB for the most part. There are Atlanta gulls going to AWA though so we'll have recon.

No. 416333

I know one person still on her friends list. Though they're probably laying low.

No. 416338

File: 1501091475839.png (112.48 KB, 493x976, louse.png)

No. 416340

File: 1501091580082.png (17.58 KB, 507x216, sure.png)

On today's episode of This Never Happened……

No. 416342


she thinks pornhub shows a good representation of lesbian sex lolll

No. 416343

File: 1501091983162.png (35.4 KB, 502x429, trashloli.png)

If anyone gets updates of her doing this PLEASE share. These are two things that can never go together and I would die to see it.

No. 416344

File: 1501092079520.png (498.07 KB, 500x586, ShowMe.png)

Last of the milk from me for now. Here we go again with her claiming she made something she didn't. Kek. How shit of a person you gotta be? Bitch show me how you fucking made that.

No. 416346

Pretty sure it is the following:
Costume jewelry broach + glue + cheap adjustable ring

Harder for her to fuck up since she didn't make any of the components.

No. 416388

Bless you and bless your cows. It's been so dry without seeing her FB. How many friends has she got on it now?

Yeah this she probably hotglued onto an adjustable ring and said she made it. There's no way possible it went any other way.

She doesn't even WEAR lolita so how can she make a whole Youtube channel about it?

No. 416431


Then bitch fucking move already! No one is fucking stopping you!

No. 416436

File: 1501114550968.png (148.25 KB, 750x1167, IMG_5628.PNG)

Rarely have I seen anything look so unappetizing…and yet she's proud of it? As if boiling water is an achievement?

No. 416437

File: 1501114648223.jpg (287.62 KB, 978x1217, Screenshot_20170726-201358.jpg)

I just saw her video and all I can say is well if that's the case then she shouldn't be going to ANY cons including AWA for that matter and just fucking save your money for the surgery. She wouldn't be moaning and groaning if she didn't go to expensive cons like this every year. She would actually have money for her God damn health which is actually more important than a fucking convention. Ash, get your shit together but to your case, that's just too fucking hard and well it's not common sense to you.

No. 416438


Makes me wonder which bitch she's talking about. Ash, practically everyone on your friends list thinks you're a bitch.

No. 416439


I love how she keeps blaiming it on people she "cut out of her life" when from what I've seen on here it's usually the opposite. People cut her out. From what I know she goes on so many blocking sprees, it's just funny how she Blaims people who she's most likely blocked or they have blocked her who can't even see her FB or IG.

Just cuz you obsess over someone doesn't mean they can hack into FB and go around your block to screen cap you. Half the people who she's lied about/tried to ruin the lives of want nothing to do with her anyway so why would they care.

Never met Ashley, just here for the milk, but wow this chick is delusional. Like tin foil hat delusional.

No. 416447

Is she eating out of a motherfucking garbage bin?

No. 416449

There are quite a few things she can do to stop her problems with lolcow, and the first one being stop reading your own thread like??
>how is cyber bullying real lol like just close your eyes

No. 416484

File: 1501122117425.png (999.55 KB, 927x597, Capture.PNG)

>what cosplay they're for
€10 says it's for her lawleehta

No. 416492

that egg looks fucking atrocious

No. 416494

Ok OT but does anyone know where I could cop the blue star fabric underneath the skull fabric

No. 416497

Knowing her it's either Michaels or JoAnns. She's boycotting Hobby Lobby.

No. 416506

Worse, that looks like one of those bowls you microwave shitty instant ramen in.

No. 416509


Why is she boycotting hobby lobby??

No. 416515

Because her "friends" don't shop there for legitimate reasons like the birth control thing. Trashley just does it because every one else is.

No. 416539


Wow, how fucking pathetic. Hobby Lobby has a lot of things, maybe even a lot more than Michael's.

No. 416571

Her bank would be the only one to stop her.

No. 416644


Then she needs to NOT go to AWA or any con for that matter but until then, it's being raised like the baby she is cause she's scared of paying bills and dealing with more priorities.

No. 416645

She is a grown baby though. When she moved to Florida with those roommates she admitted she expected them to fully take care of her and clean up after her. She's only learned to do her own laundry and cooking in the past six months.

No. 416656


I have a feeling she is going to attempt a lolita dress. I am not familiar with it but those fabrics seem all wrong for lolita.

No. 416659


She's almost 23 years old and she still complains about moving out. That's no excuse. She doesn't need slave drivers taking care of her. She needs to get over herself and start learning to grow the fuck up.

No. 416664


Why Ash Allen, is this another attempt by her to change her identity? Does Ashley Bailey exist, or is she actually calling herself these new psuedonyms?

No. 416665

They do seem all wrong, but you know, Ashley has a ~talent~ for redefining and remaking genres and tropes in her own image.

(Actually, I do like a couple of those fabrics, but not for Lolita.)

No. 416730

She has friends call her Ash or Axel, but she's still legally Ashley Bennett.

No. 416821

File: 1501198117480.jpg (386.7 KB, 1028x1558, Screenshot_20170727-192741.jpg)

Hey look guys, another diagnostic!

No. 416829

I love it when people self diagnose themselves for attention

No. 416860


I love how she thinks she needs surgery then turns around and thinks she doesn't. Bitch you're only digging yourself into a deeper hole. You just don't wanna pay for your next surgery.

No. 416895

>physical therapy
You know that won't do shite for her unless she loses weight. If this is legitimate she'll quit after the first session when they tell her to drop a few pounds.

No. 416901



Super excited for her shitty 'lolita' in fabric probably intended for home decor, though

No. 416902

Why would she think this is acceptable to post online and share with others?

No. 416907

Yikes, I thought the fabric looked cute at first, but that picture makes it look so wonky and weird. That's disappointing, I was considering some for a pillowcase…

No. 417034

It's generally for quilts.

No. 417040


I thought that too. I'm pretty sure all the fabric in >>416484 is quilting cotton. This is gonna be some real poop brooch tier lolita.

No. 417106

File: 1501277007745.png (484.65 KB, 495x838, crypto footage.png)

A video was posted a few days ago that I managed to get access to. Here's a transcription for your enjoyment.

>Alright. I can't believe it's come to this. Iiii can't believe it. (Sighs) I'm actually really upset about this because- (weird gag noises, pause). Ok, lemme start from the beginning. I'm making a video status because it's harder to screencap a video. You can't quote a person on what they have or have not said. (Deep breath) And, found out tonight, someone on my friends list is still screencapping me. So I- (slaps leg, shakes head with mouth open, gasps in a breath) I wanna be left alone, I want y'all to back the fuck off, (gasps) I made a new Facebook page to get away from you motherfuckers. I'm trying to chaaange who I am. I don't wanna be associated (pauses) with this shit (long pause) anymore. I wanna move on and build a new reputation for myself. I wanna change as a person, but I can't do that if you're constantly holding me to shit I did in the past! (points at the camera accusingly, then covers face and gasps) Please just leave me the fuck alone! That is all I want at this point. All. I. Want. Is to be left alone. (long pause) I wanna be allowed to cosplay, wanna be allowed to have relationships with people, in fact you FUCKERS are the reason I can't have a relationship in the first place! Because the person I like doesn't wanna be (pause) targetted by people like this! (long pause and stare at gross angle) They don't wanna be targetted! That's why I'm not in a relationship right now! (unintelligable) because of YOU! (points accusingly at the camera) YOU'RE holding me back! From being happy! I-I can't do it anymore. I'm at my breaking point. And I don't like being at the breaking point. (angry face) So I'm asking you once and for all, please. leave. me. the fuck. alone.

No. 417108

File: 1501277292999.png (16.64 KB, 503x217, dead pets would disagree.png)

No. 417110

File: 1501277332341.png (113.32 KB, 502x607, internet diagnosis.png)

No. 417114

>but I can't do that if you're constantly holding me to shit I did in the past

Thing is, it's new stuff she's doing every day. She can't magically recreate herself into a respectable member of society if she's STILL swindling people out of their money for hotel rooms, still screaming at her parents that she wishes they would die, still neglecting her animals, still stealing from people, still sexually harassing people, still lying to anyone and everyone constantly. Ashley, if you actually did speak to authorities and they looked here at all of the evidence of shit that you've done to people and your animals, it would be you getting carted off for theft, sexual harassment, and animal abuse. Get over yourself. If you want to make a new reputation, then stop being a piece of shit. Listen to the people that are trying to help you instead of flipping your shit on them. Cgl, ed, and lolcow aren't the reason you're not in a relationship. It's because no one can stand how horribly you treat them, your family, your pets, your house and your stuff, and even your hotel rooms. Change your fucking attitude and others will change theirs. You get a better reputation by getting off your ass and doing better things. Not by telling people to magically change their opinions of you when all you've done is act like a shithead when you don't get your way every time. IS2G, this is why I stopped being your fucking "friend". You're a toxic bitch, Ashley.

No. 417116


slow claps

Well said anon

No. 417118

Oh my fuck, someone tell her being left alone is as easy as shutting off the social media.

Although it might be a harder pill to swallow knowing that even when the social media is gone, she still won't be able to develop relationships because she's a miserable person going nowhere.
It's easier to blame social media for why she's alone than be critical of herself.

No. 417145


Why the fuck did she make a video with shit on her face??

No. 417190

>the person I like doesn't wanna be targeted
Yeah I'm sure they won't date you because of lolcow. That's an excuse Ashley.

Did she just blatantly admit she's done stuff but it doesn't matter because of a name change? Certifiably stupid if she thinks it won't take more than one image of her face to link her accounts.

She's becoming a munchie. We joked about this day but never thought it would come.

It looks like video pixelation.

No. 417239


What the fuck, having preferences for food is normal. Are people seriously gonna act like being a picky eater is a ~*DISORDER*~ now and try to claim victim points for that as well?

No. 417244

Two of her panels for AWA were accepted….

No. 417247


You've gotta be shitting me. Which ones?

No. 417248

Welp time to send in emails again.

No. 417251


Apparently it's one about "Body Positivity, plus bullying in the cosplay community" and "Make-up for beginners" or something along those lines. I cannot fucking believe her shitty panels got accepted. Time to wait and see what kind of advice the audience gives her for giving the wrong information.

No. 417259

well she obviously is ~body positive~ because she doesn't realize how gross she looks lmao

but makeup ?? wtf she's TERRIBLE why tho

No. 417272

does anyone have access to that video that >>417106 referenced to please holy god??? i think fb videos are downloadable with a tool

No. 417273

>"Make-up for beginners"

More like "Make-up by beginners"

No. 417321

It might be in the last thread which I cba to find on my phone but this is essentially identical to that "wah leave ash alone she can't improve with you bullies" post
Which I now think was her even more so

My sides are busted she thinks the 'person she loves wont be with her for fear of being targeted' as if that's not a blatant excuse

Just from the way she talks you can see ash suffers a painfully low iq lol

No. 417339

File: 1501341004039.jpg (764.48 KB, 1021x1542, Screenshot_20170729-100845.jpg)


No. 417344

Has she even played MM? Of course she's always late to the party and MM cosplay died out well over a year ago but she's got to think of something fresh to get attention with.

No. 417358

Probably not, I bet she's only doing it for a group at AWA.

No. 417410

is she cosplaying casey anthony?

No. 417438

this is better than the andy milonaukis comment ffs anon lmaoo

ash was in a long term relationship before or just a short fling? if she can't take care of herself like basic hygenie or just taking care of her pets and house, what makes her think that she is ready for a relationship and not be a parasite??

No. 417445

Because she doesn't have a good idea of what a proper healthy relationship is. I'm willing to bet that her conception of relationships is based almost entirely on the yaoi smut that she reads (not saying yaoi is inherently a bad thing, if you're mentally mature enough to separate fiction from reality).

No. 417492

>what makes her think that she is ready for a relationship and not be a parasite??

That's just the thing, Anon. She only ever wants to be a parasite. And in order to be a successful parasite, she's going to need to find a new host before her parents kick it. Like a bloated tick, she will have a little money to get by on when they die, but then that's all gonna run out in less than a month with her horrifying spending habits. So she'll need someone else who's working for her to leech off of. Someone who will clean up after her, cook for her, and do her laundry.

No. 417609

Three months until her Halloween event and she's not put out any more details or even shown any signs of finding a venue. Good thing only 11 people were interested and 0 decided to go.

No. 417616

that's sad. those 60 dollar tickets for the masquerade ball right? it'll be hosted in a grocery store parking lot

No. 417796

no anon its going to be either held in an IHOP or a crackerbarrel

No. 417894

even better.

hows ash on social media btw? i thought she went radio silent because shes crying of ebullying topkek

No. 417964

She did a live video on instagram last night, not sure if anyone watched it though since they're boring as hell

No. 418081

What I don't understand is how she can have a price for the tickets if she doesn't a venue and doesn't know how much it's going to cost to hold this event in the first place.

No. 418161

Because she's got poor planning and will either keep the excess money or beg people for donations when she realizes that's not enough to run an event.

No. 418316

File: 1501630807076.jpg (471.84 KB, 1050x1064, Screenshot_20170801-193933.jpg)

She's going out in her MC cosplay for her "semi fancy" birthday dinner. Her lips still scare me.

No. 418360

i honestly dont think she looks too bad here. yet she reminds me of those jewish girls that wear wigs all the time

No. 418363

Omg, that's such a spot on reference. I used to work jewelry shows and I saw 10 women that looked like Ash here.

No. 418418

It's probably Cracker Barrel again. At least she's not wearing a unicorn horn there.. again.

No. 418419

ash's face is so weird. she has features that, individually, are normal or cute, but the way they're arranged on her face she just looks so off. maybe it's how she styles herself?

No. 418441

I think she over all has decent features and could even be kind of pretty if styled right. I think it's a mix of being overweight, poor styling, and her just being awkward that makes her look so off all the damn time.

Like she doesn't even look so bad here, but she's still pulling a kind of awkward smile and the wig is a bit too fake looking. Still much better than her usual though.

No. 418443

File: 1501655473851.png (381.53 KB, 1242x1826, IMG_4974.PNG)

No. 418445

>ive become a bit of a slut for nyx products

congrats on liking the same drugstore brand most people like

No. 418470

She has an entire four to five tier makeup rolling case full of make up and brushes. Why does she need even more?

No. 418474

She needs more so it gets lost on a plane

No. 418480

Those brushes look decent but I bet she has no idea how to use them.

No. 418481

Those brushes look decent but I bet she has no idea how to use them.

No. 418482

Those brushes look decent but I bet she has no idea how to use them.

No. 418498

samefag. I pressed once but my internet hiccuped. I'm sorry.

No. 418592

I like anime, but it comforts me that I will never become Ash levels of weeb.

No. 418606

her eyebrows honestly look better than previous makeup shoots?

packaging looks cheap but at least its an improvement from using dollar tree makeup

No. 419139

File: 1501885108616.jpg (472.65 KB, 978x1208, Screenshot_20170804-181724.jpg)


No. 419142

Booty short ash. I did not want to imagine this.

No. 419146


No. 419151

I don't want to imagine her in sparkly booty shorts. Not after her BDSM Aoba.

No. 419164


this will be interesting

tho maybe she just bought the shirt?

No. 419190

She'll probably still try to manically put together a half-assed Harley Quinn cosplay at 4 am and then it'll end up on her bedroom floor.

No. 419238

oh no baby what is you doin

No. 419355

File: 1501966441192.jpg (150.39 KB, 1032x1064, ashoop.jpg)

Slimming her face a bit makes a world of difference.

No. 419372

Why do I feel like she would use these shooped pictures on her profiles and stuff to try and make herself look better to people?

No. 419373

File: 1501971223795.png (10.38 KB, 501x107, stillatit.png)

No. 419384

Actually, that is a well known trait of aspergers/autism.

No. 419385


Manassas seems oddly specific. I wonder what is there that is making her think of moving there.

No. 419391

The girl she has a crush on who "can't date her because of the Internet."

No. 419410


Yeah okay ash. We shall see if that happens, especially all those other places you said you would live



No. 419456

This is her fifth or six time saying she's moving somewhere.

No. 419607

Sorry anon but if you think food preferences like that are normal you might wanna get checked to see if you have autism.

No. 419661

File: 1502037759233.png (23.37 KB, 503x263, howbelievable.png)

Now this is some Grade-A Organic Milk.

No. 419663

Ashley, you work less than 6 hours a week.

No. 419677

i'm assuming her job fired her for not working the small amount of hours she has and she needed an excuse to make THEM look like the bad guys.

No. 419683

>combo of pure exhaustion and stress
from WHAT? certainly not the place you work 6 hours a week

>find a new job before leaving old one

jfc is it even possible to find something else as easygoing as her lasertag job?

No. 419687

YOU WORK 2 DAYS A WEEK! Do you even know what a full time job is going to be like? 40+ hours and no time for cosplay. I am getting so fed up with her.

I bet she got fired or is on some probation period for too many write ups.
Losing a job suck, but I can't bring myself to feel bad for her.

No. 419709

>was told to quit my non-stress parttime job
>but I need to find a new one asap!

None of this adds up. I seriously thought she was going to say mystery professional told her to quit and go on disability.

No. 419770

she only works 2 days a fucking week and is claiming her fat ass is exhausted and stress? talk to someone who works multiple jobs just to feed themselves or their kids ffs.

what's her job again?

No. 419772

>going to the ER because you fainted
assuming she didn't stay unconscious the whole way to the hospital, wasn't this completely unnecessary? She probably has a pointless hospital bill now for nothing. Also I bet she fed that medical professional that she's super stressed because of her job, and they went along with the obvious thing to say "you shouldn't be there then".

No. 419792

How can she even be exhausted and stressed when she works barely 2-3 times a week, has no bills or schooling, and barely leaves the house? If anything she passed out because she's obese, out of shape, and guzzles Mountain Dew and other sodas instead of water.

No. 419856

I'm betting literally none of this happened, she's making up the whole thing like always as an excuse to quit her job. There is no way her 2 day a week, 3 hour job is causing her any stress. Especially when you realize that her tune has suddenly changed from "I love my job it's so great!" to "I'm DYING from EXHAUSTION and STRESS and I HATE it!" She was also whining for days now that she wants a different job, that if she gets another job then grandpa will use his imaginary GI Bill to somehow magically pay for her to move, etc etc etc. She just wants an excuse to quit her job without people gasping in horror at her quitting the only workplace that would ever possibly hire her.

Here's what I bet. I bet she was fired because of her hideous and extremely unprofessional haircut, which she would have screamed about not willing to change. She also wants to move to Manasses to be within stalking distance of her current obsession, and can't do that if she's bound to a job in Richmond. If she actually did manage to move against all odds, she'd immediately start manipulating the person she's after to drive her everywhere and do everything for her, and also try to live with them. It's hilariously stupid that she's not thinking shit through.

She's going to get a kidney stone and will have no one to blame but herself.

No. 419899

So basically she'd be Amberlynn?

No. 420519

Has her instagram been deactivated??

No. 420522

Looks like it. I follow her and it's showing that for me as well.

No. 420525

Manassas is a shithole, so it's easy to find residence there, I'm sure.

No. 420577

If that were the case then shouldn't her doctor have given her a note that she could have given to her employer? With a note she could have been given a chair to sit in.

No. 420602

Too bad it's imaginary.

No. 421714

She's been rather quiet recently.

No. 421735

Her Tumblr is inactive. her DA is over a month old post wise. Her FB is locked down. Her Instagram is deactivated.

I'm almost proud of her for finally learning to shut her shit down but at the same time I miss the milk.

No. 421747

dont worry, she will come back like she always had.

No. 421804

She's going to pissed off her current friendlist by her constant lying and bullshit. its just a waiting game.

No. 421844

Maybe the person she is crushing on told her to get off the internet and they'd consider a telationship. I know Ashley thought there was some internet-related hold up there. But if so, I think it must count as the first time Ashley ever took someone's good advice.

No. 422118


She's taken advice from someone (for the first time ever) and is trying to weed people out. I've seen the gear icon on her posts lately. So be careful farmers. She's trying to weed people out.

No. 422153


Any updates on the posts she's been making?

No. 422346

File: 1502477533010.jpg (546.9 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_5683.JPG)

Yes and no, we're giving her too much credit here. Posts relating to her moving out or finding a new job are custom because she's hiding them from her family. I don't even give a fuck if she figures out I'm posting here, milk has dried up for me and I doubt I'm the only person she's asked.

No. 422474

JFC. She's a legal adult, she doesn't need anyone's permission to leave. She can just… leave and do whatever the fuck she wants. What are they going to do about it? She says she doesn't want contact with them, so what's the big hold up?

Grow the fuck up Ashlry, this shit is exasperating.

No. 422642

Is this the sister she suddenly invited herself to go live with and had a tantrum when the sister mentioned it to their mother?

And how the fuck does she think she's going to move to a new place without her family's help? Just stuff her entire room into a dufflebag and hitchhike? She can't drive, she has no money, and she can't rent a place.

No. 422725

Thanks anon! It seems so exhausting to talk to her.

Yeah, I don't know what she's imagining. Especially because I don't think she wants to leave all her stuff behind.

No. 423183

you're the best. how do you know ash? is she always like this, even irl or is it just overly dramatic because it's the internet?

No. 423188

Pretty much melodrama 24/7. She can't even enjoy a con without orchestrating something dramatic to whine about.

No. 423305

Different person here, but I can tell you she is so much worse in person. She's loud, she screams everything she says, she constantly creates drama, she makes really horrible and insulting jokes, she's destructive and filthy, and she demands every ounce of attention every person around them can give. Even if it's negative. Because even negative attention is better than none. It's constantly drama and she never turns it off. Just look at her poor parents who have to put up with her screaming on the internet at 2am making shitty cosplay and woe-is-me videos.

No. 423308

just reading this gave me a headache

No. 423447

Is she still going to Manasses?
Exactly anon, what's her plan here??? Move out and then magically have sitcom related shenanigans with her roommates? What does she even have saved for when she does "move out"

No. 423605

>What does she even have saved for when she does "move out"

Literally nothing because she blows it all on fabric, wigs and makeup. She'll never get out the door. She doesn't even have a license or vehicle, not even a bicycle (not that one could hold her up anyway). Even if she bummed a ride from someone to get where she needed to go, I give it a week before she's screaming and crying for mommy to come get her because her roommates won't cook for her and do her dishes and wash her laundry boohoo. She won't be able to get a job with that trashy-ass haircut either, so she'll have no money for cosplay and cons. She's such an unorganized mess, I think she's just hoping she can set up shop in someone else's life, leeching off of them for everything, and using the same manipulation tactics she uses on her parents to get her roommates to do everything for her. Which is basically just her throwing a fit and screaming and making threats and fake crying, and basically driving others insane until they eventually give her what she wants to get her to stop or go away.

No. 424574

File: 1502928898078.png (20.34 KB, 500x295, gofundme1.png)

Here's some laughs for you, farmers!

(part 1)

No. 424576

File: 1502928914781.png (14.51 KB, 499x156, gofundme2.png)

(part 2)

No. 424577

File: 1502928991640.png (9.15 KB, 503x111, centerville now.png)

And then there's this.

No. 424578

It happening. The legendary Gofundme.

No. 424581

File: 1502929243566.png (13.68 KB, 500x181, shitshowinprogress.png)

Get ready guys! The Adventures of Pathetic, Frail, Self-insert Ashley Uke Boy and Rapist-senpai continues soon!

No. 424582

>grandfather broke his promise to help me
Who would seriously think he was for real when he said he'd pay for you to move if you got a full time job in that area first? It's near impossible to get a job somewhere you don't even live. He was making a joke at your expense, Ashley.

Fucks sakes they can claim her if they want on their taxes. She lives at home and she can't even get financial aid for school because she's not old enough to be an independent filer.

I hope her gofundme ends up like her Patreon with $0.00

No. 424584

>can't even be arsed to apartment hunt herself
How is she even going to pay the rent when she said she may have to quit her job??
(thank you farmer for the delicious milk. I thought she'd dried up.)

No. 424585

Them claiming you for their taxes is the least you can do for them! you don't pay any bills, don't have a car or make your own food. If you file for yourself, you'll be lucky to get 10 dollars back from how little you work.

No. 424586

>"I don't want my family to know I'm moving!"
>"Help, my family won't help me!"

No. 424587

>Refusing to let me even vent do the basics of adult interaction. 

You vent plenty already though!

>Im trying to fund up at least 20,000 to help me move out of my home under the cover of night as fast as I possibly can. 

Hahaha, $20K?! Bitch, please. Moving cross-country isn't even that much.

>I need to be out out of here especially since I discovered my father was at the Riot in Virginia fighting for the bad guys. 

Hoooooooooooooooooly shit.

>Hes also insanely homophobic and being being a lesbian you can imagine how I'm not feeling too safe.

Yes, yes, they persecute you every single day, we know. 

No. 424588

File: 1502929731559.png (887.85 KB, 1189x527, fucksakes.PNG)

She can't even taking a fucking charity page seriously.

No. 424589

Oh this stupid girl. Why is she not embarrassed by herself? Ash, your parents use you as a deductible because you live in their house, eat their food, use their electricity and water, watch their television and contribute nothing but headache because you're useless and won't work a proper job. Go get a full time job now, work, save money, leave. It's that easy. You're lucky they haven't thrown you out yet. Thank them now for tolerating you far past the point any reasonable adult would have expectations of being catered to.

Does Ash have genuine, real friends in real life? Or does she just have people who hang around to watch her act like an asshole and laugh about it? I don't know how else anyone could be in her presence for a prolonged period of time and not want to smack that idiot haircut right off her head.

No. 424594

>I need to be out out of here especially since I discovered my father was at the Riot in Virginia fighting for the bad guys.

I am 100% sure this is a lie. She should be ashamed of herself. What a selfish, ungrateful, vile creature.

No. 424595

Thing is, the whole thing with her grandfather and the GI Bill was made up, like everything else Ashley says. You can't use a GI Bill for anything but paying for college classes, and anyone who has a GI Bill knows that. She likely heard someone mention something about a GI Bill out of context and fabricated a story about her grandfather saying he'd pay for her to move using it. It's all usual bullshit and lies.

No. 424596

Notice she won't label him a neo-Nazi/KKK/white supremacist just in case someone tips her parents off about her lies and she gets thrown out over it but she'll allude to it to get pity points and money.

No. 424598

All the friends she had IRL either grew the fuck up and are too busy (something she's repeatedly been bitter about), moved, or got sick of her shit and gtfo'd. Everyone else are online friends and it's hard to tell if they're genuine or just in it to watch the shit show.

No. 424600

You know it's a lie. Everyone knows it's a lie. Her father's an old guy and isn't the area that riot took place in far from where she lives? It's so fucking laughable I'm gonna bust a rib!

No. 424602

I love that she set up a gofundme just in time for the upcoming conventions!

No. 424606

Not in Ash's defense, but Charlottesville is only an hour and a half from Chesterfield. It's probable he went IF he was actually a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist/wtfever, but Ash is most likely definitely lying and just using his support of Trump as a way to lump him in with them for pity points.

No. 424609

Conventions she's already made a stir about not attending because she might have to have surgery, no wait, just physical therapy, no wait… I'm going to suddenly move!!

No. 424613

I know there's rules against cow tipping, but holy shit I wish someone would send her mom screenshots of that accusation. It's absolutely deplorable what happened in Charlottesville, people DIED, and Ash is claiming her dad was part of it for pity points and money?! Fuck she pisses me off.

No. 424617

Yeah we can't cowtip but we can be happy in the knowledge that literally NO ONE will donate to her. She doesn't have any friends willing to do so out of the extremely small pool of actual 'friends' she has left.

No. 424618

>claiming me as a dependent
Because you ARE. You work part time and don't pay rent/utilities/etc…YOU. ARE. DEPENDENT. ON. THEM.

No. 424660

File: 1502937391622.gif (851.45 KB, 250x250, 1331515626267.gif)

Not surprised Ash is a complete retard about taxes. Living at home, not going to college, only working part time so her parents provide EVERYTHING for her, meaning she can definitely be considered a dependent they can get some money back for. If she were to file by herself, she probably wouldn't get as much back as her parents would.
Not only that, but she probably can't even file her taxes on her own.

No. 424663

File: 1502939120131.jpg (35.71 KB, 777x566, pisseddonald.JPG)

Good lord, what an ungrateful little pig. I'm surprised that her family didn't kick her ass out of the curb since she keeps dragging them through the mud just to get sympathy points from the internet. She's not even old enough to file her own taxes and claim as an independent. Would it kill her if she can actually get a full time job at Mcdonalds or something? There's no way she can move out on her own since the job market is a bitch and she doesn't even have an Associates Degree. Its not gonna be long when her parents find out about this.

No. 424671

>started 20 months ago

No. 424736



I hope that Gofundme stays at $0.00. That would be TRUE "justice for Ash."

No. 424755

Bitch couldn't even get into beauty school because she has to go to the ELITE one she can't afford and tried to play off the fact that she'd use loan money to go to conventions.

No. 424766

Yeah, that got me too. The actual "justice" for her would be if her parents told her to get her lazy, ungrateful NEET ass out of their house.

I also don't get why she wants to make a clandestine midnight escape. She's a fucking legal adult, and they aren't her jailors. From other things she's said, it sounds like her parents would be delighted to see the back of her. But I guess she neefs to ratchet up the ill feelings and the melodrama.

No. 424774

>I'm doing this for myself
>go fund me

Ah yes…true independence

No. 424775

Well she did claim she wasn't even allowed to use public transportation because her parent didn't trust her and they'd throw her back in psych if she did. But they'll let her fly on a plane?

No. 424782

That's another lie. They'll throw her back in psych, my ass. She isn't a danger to herself and others, and chronic assholishness isn't actually a mental illness. I don't believe they ever said that. She goes to cons all the time, and takes unsupervised plane trips. She's again trying to make her parents look bad so she can get people who don't know any better to feel sorry for her.

Ashley would better her own situation immensely if she ever tried to look at a situation from another person's point of view. But she won't because her head is so far up her own ass. Also, that thing she did yesterday with almost-but-not-quite accusing her father of being a neo-Nazi would be a deal-breaker for me if I were her parent. She should be kicked out for that alone. She's despicable.

No. 424807

another fucking lie. shes over 18 so she doesnt need parents permission and they just dont have in general control of her. plus she wouldve needed to be evaluated for inpatient psych treatment, which she wouldve bullshitted once again

No. 424872


Anyone have a link to her gofundme? We should write comments on this bitch's lies.

No. 424877


Part 1

No. 424878

File: 1502998613021.jpg (241.39 KB, 1033x1295, Screenshot_20170817-153448.jpg)

No. 424879

File: 1502998643382.jpg (292.35 KB, 1008x1440, Screenshot_20170817-153506.jpg)

Part 2

No. 424880


"Under the cover of night"


No. 424881

I want to know how her father's IRS problems are related to her in any way.

No. 424884


This gofundme was made 20 months ago.

No. 424887

File: 1503000167705.png (144.47 KB, 250x241, 1483332038398.png)

?my father was at the Riot in Virginia fighting for the bad guys

>be white trash

>spawn a hideous, talentless, unstable monster of a daughter
>claim to be an ubermensch

No. 424894


Maybe if you didn't use so much of your fucking money on cons and cosplays and make-up, you could've prevented this. Like seriously Ashley, common fucking sense.

No. 424902

Things that never happened for a thousand, Alex

It is actually kind of shocking to me how much she lies, and what she lies about. She has zero problem with slandering her family in the most vile manner.

No. 424906

Can't be bothered to check right now but I believe it was confirmed he has/had a gambling problem and didn't fully report his assets or whatever on his taxes.

No. 424973

shes going to naruto run her way to a new apartment, far away from the farmers and judgement of her parents

No. 424982

>at least 20,000

Is she kidding? Does she have absolutely no concept of how money actually works? $20,000 is a good savings account for someone who has been working for 20 years. Not a donation for someone to leave their parents house.

Is she planning on remaining jobless and living off the donations of strangers? I bet she won't even last a year.

No. 424994

Ash made a GoFundMe me about 2 years ago, for what I can't entirely remember, but shortly took it down. It's likely when she started this new one she just edited her previous entry rather than starting an all new one because the website is confusing for morons to navigate.

No. 425090

No. 425096

I don't follow Axel's shit but, my good friend with a PhD in Statistics had a 20k goal for an apartment downpayment in a majorcity. He spent 1½ year saving it up, because well, a PhD. This crazy NEET thinks she DESERVES 20k to move out???
Most people have the bond saved up and a JOB….

>the add-on in the end

>oh btw guys he's TOTALLY homophobic and remember I AM GAY BE AN ALLY I AM NOT SAFE!
Holy shit

No. 425112

She has to have a below 100 iq Jesus. Like if I ever had any doubt…

No. 425140

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if she was a bit slow. She says she's autistic but that doesn't really explain just how incredibly dense she is, does it?

No. 425143

To my knowledge she self-diagnosed herself as autistic. My own working theory is she's merely an entitled, selfish, ungrateful cunt, nothing more or less.

No. 425169

jutice for ash.. that made me laugh.. what a cunt

No. 425229


I can't breath! Bitch needs to think before asking money just to move out. GET A FUCKING JOB AND EARN THE MONEY YOURSELF ASH! JFC! Stop spending money on shit you don't need and think about your shitty priorities!!

No. 425387


>My own working theory is she's merely an entitled, selfish, ungrateful cunt, nothing more or less.

That sounds like autism to me tbqfh

No. 425396

>at least 20,000
is there any way somebody can ask her specifically what that money would be for? I'd fucking love to see her answer. she said at least $20k just to move out, lmao.

I made some calculations and she would need roughly $3,500 to cover everything from a plane ticket to Atlanta, to 3 months worth of rent, food, and bills while she looks for a job or two in Georgia. If she were to get a full time job right now, she could "move out in the cover of night" in 4 months with her savings.

No. 425429

not only that but she could probably earn a couple hundred or two by just selling most of her weebshit, and fucking sewing machine

No. 425487

She has an embroidery machine as well.

No. 425558

File: 1503163705439.png (827.5 KB, 1200x643, lurk more.png)

I wonder if she's lurking because she dropped the amount to almost what you calculated. She can't even be bothered to look for an apartment much less do the math on how much with would cost to move out.

No. 425576

it's been at 3k for a while

No. 425579

I don't understand how she doesn't realize how retarded and inappropriate her pic seems for this
Like I know she lacks innate self awareness but how does she not look around and see people don't use shit like that?

I have trouble believing she's autistic. I think everyone on here and cgl called her that as we were all flabbergasted with how someone could be THIS stupid and she decided to latch on, thinking it'd be a convenient excuse.

If she were my kid id have put her down sweet fuck…

No. 425654

Nah $3,000 was the first goal but in the description she says she'll need at least $20,000

No. 425745

Can you imagine what she'll do with 20k? I would love to see her justified all the spending/con trip and not moving out like she said she would.

No. 425758

Isn't there a way to place a complaint on GoFundMe if someone doesn't use the money for what they said they would?

No. 425803

Her begging for money to move out is actually the best milk in disguise. She'll get donations and then go to cons. People will rage and turn against her. See her for the liar and cry baby she really is (those that still have their heads up her ass I mean)

No. 425805

site's back up

No. 425812


thanks i wouldn't have known without this comment

No. 425978

Someone. ONE PERSON donate one dollar. Just one dollar.

No. 425990

File: 1503273821663.png (15.91 KB, 325x407, Capture.PNG)

With all those FB friends you'd think she could have suckered someone into it. I guess all of them are there for the milk just like we are.

No. 426180

What does the star mean?

No. 426579

Seems her instagram is back.

No. 426676

File: 1503397414175.png (1.13 MB, 956x615, Capture.PNG)

You're right! I guess she got tired of not getting attention from her locked down FB.

I'll transcript her videos (or at least tl;dr) so no one has to suffer her voice.

No. 426677

File: 1503398251209.png (686.99 KB, 926x596, capture1.PNG)

>"Hey guys it's Ash! I have returned to Instagram. Now I know a lot of you probably noticed "Oh my god, Ash! You took your Instagram down! Why?""
>makes smug expression and tries to talk out of the side of her mouth, winks at camera

>"Well I'll go ahead and give ya'll a little sneak peek."

>"So I~~ for the past nine years at this point, yes it's been nine years. I've been the victim of terrible cyberstalking. Terrible cyberbullying, cyberstalking, on various websites that are made to attack and demean other people." (Yet she's making her Instagram public again??)
>"I'm not the only person, there are a lot of people on there." (Yeah Ash, didn't you post your bff on here?)

>"Now this PERSON (yep, just one person on this entire website) is screencapping my Instagram account but they are also screencapping my Facebook as well and just following every action I move to the point where I can't even go to a con without people talking about sabotaging my panels and my events I want to run, for the pure fun of it!"

>"So… Well I've come to this point where I don't care anymore."

>looks smug and shakes head
>"I.. I'm an adult. I.. I'm.. I get that I've done some things that are regrettable in the past but that is in the past and.. you guys just gotta let it go."

No. 426678

File: 1503398817124.png (341.97 KB, 588x444, Capture2.PNG)

Her wonky eyebrows are distracting me so bad. I have to keep replaying because I miss what she's saying due to watching her make facial expressions with them.

>stares blankly into camera then suddenly realizes it's filming

>suddenly tries to look super serious
>"Uh.. explanation part two! In fact it's gotten bad enough to the point where a couple months ago my blueprint of my house was posted by someone who's been here."
>"I don't know because I keep my list of things of who comes and who goes very few and far between (well when your guests aren't surprised to step in dog piss, who'd want to come over?). I don't like people coming to my house for various reasons. I'm just kinda… I don't like people being in my personal business, in a way. Unless I purposefully give out that information to somebody I don't it being shared. Kinda deal."

>"There… Instead of coming to me like an adult. Instead of trying to solve your issues with me like an adult, these people go off after we've had a falling out of some kind or I do something they don't agree with and BLAST ME! When I know for a fact that a lot of them that are on there have something much better to do and have better things to do with their time."

>"I'm trying to live my life as effective as possible and as MATURELY as possible. So.. either way it's just gotten out of hand and I felt like I needed to take a break."

No. 426683

File: 1503402282402.png (227.29 KB, 517x443, Capture3.PNG)

>Hopefully this'll be the last one, I hate these 60 minute clips. But yeah, its one of those things where I just wish people would leave me alone and leave other people alone and let them do what they want to do."

>"I mean it doesn't look good in anybody's light."

>picks and pulls at her eyebrow
>"Like oh that's your business and why are you sharing it? But then it's like "Oh I didn't know they were like that." When in reality I'm.. I'm.. not any bad or worse… I'm not any better or worse than anybody. I'm just a person. A human being. I'm just someone who wants to cosplay and be a fictional character for a day or do what I want."

>"I mean.. when does enough get to be enough? Anyway.. um.. I'm gonna cut it off here cause it's almost up and I don't wanna spam you guys with three videos back to back.. or four. But yeah, look forward to new stuff and new items coming your way."

>smug look with wink and finger gun

No. 426724


Well maybe if she got her life in order then shit like this wouldn't happen. Since you're lurking here ash, lemme lay it down for ya:

1) Don't ask people for money to help you move out IE making a gofundme. If you have money for cosplay, make-up, and conventions, then obviously you're stopping yourself to move out. Don't start playing the blame game on your parents. They've done so much for you. If they didn't love you, they could've left you on the street with no roof over your head, no food to pay for, able to let you go to all of these events, and they let off with not having to pay rent even when you are 22 years old. You're an adult ash. You gotta think what's more important.

2) You always said you wanted to fix yourself like your teeth. Again, stop spending money on hobbies and think about that first. If anything, go find a different job that pays well with medical and dental benefits then you wouldn't have to worry about having to pay so much.

3) From all the stories that have been said, it seems like you're the one that needs to grow up. You need to stop saying you're the victim all the time when things don't go well for you. Stop making attention to yourself and be the bigger person. No one is gonna pick up after you or cook for you once you move out. It's ridiculous and disgusting to here how you're an adult and refuses to clean up after yourself.

4) Hygiene is the key. Please for the love of god, fix your hair, stop plucking your eyebrows and making them look like thick caterpillars, also shower. A lot of people on here have told you over and over that you smell like cat piss. If you don't have the proper hygiene, then you're not gonna get hired for a decent job.

I got nothing else to say aside from repeating myself from what other people here have said before. This isn't a fantasy world, this is reality. Sooner or later, you're gonna be paying a lot more than your phone bill that you paid one time cause those parents you hate dearly won't be living forever.

No. 426997

File: 1503445449728.png (68.75 KB, 903x394, Capture.PNG)

I give this two weeks at most.

No. 427055

it's one of the farmhands being sarcastic. Their comment was wholly unnecessary, so they get a wow well done good job yes very nice gold star

No. 427061


She needs to realize that she CAN get away from all this. Move to another state, don't make social media accounts. Boom. Nobody would know what happened to her, and nobody would care enough to find out. She'd just fade away. She'd be able to go to cons and blend in with all the other poorly made cosplays.

She doesn't need to have a social media account or post every bit of her life on the internet. She chooses to do that, and she sees the consequences. People make fun of her and laugh at her dumb ass. If she really wanted to improve her life, she'd step away from the internet, but she's proven ccountless times that she's too much of an attention whore to do that. Stop playing the victim and learn to accept the consequences of your actions, Ash.

No. 427085

so she publicized her insta long enough for us to catch the videos but then privatized?? hmmmm almost like someone wants these cyberbullying cyberstalkers to see their posts….

No. 427159

Oh wow, Ashree-sempai noticed my crappy house drawing? So… I guess that means NOTHING has changed in that house in 7+ years, if she isn't sure if it was someone recent or not. It needs help so bad. That tiki bar is so painful.

No. 427201

>move to another state
Even that won't help her. She's got a reputation now even without people knowing exactly all the shit she gets up to online. She'd have to move off the East Coast entirely to escape her reputation.

No. 427278


Done some things you regret, really ash?

Should we start making a list?

Stealing from people.
Lying to pretty much everyone about everything
Wrongly accusing people (including your own parents) of abuse or other wrong doings but never providing proof
Trying to get people kicked out of conventions
"blast" people who you don't like simply because they didn't do what you wanted
Neglected pets
Demand people to do things for you
Break promises
Continue to ask for money instead of being an adult and budgeting (I mean 5 Cosplays ago could have given her a nice spot of cash if she decided to not "impulse by" her words not mine.

The fact is Ashley. You've hurt a lot of people. Done enough wrong to gain a reputation weather it's us vocally here or the hundreds that stay silent and hope to the cosplay god that they don't run into you.

That's the thing about reputations. They don't go away unless you do. They definantly don't go away by posting some victimizing video on your Instagram.

Perhaps start with an apology and getting off social media. But no, your rep is everyone else's fault and we are all lying about you, aren't we? Grow up Ashley.

No. 427881

File: 1503598320857.png (180.37 KB, 965x864, greedy.png)

i was going to donate a $1 but apparently the minimum is $5. what the fuck. she's not worth five bucks man

No. 427923


Just write an anon comment and tell her her shitty gofundme description sucks. She should fund for this shit herself and stop putting the blame on her family for her fuck ups.

No. 428095

File: 1503620184589.jpg (93.28 KB, 617x741, c.jpg)

I photoshopped some makeup on her for fun. no liquify, just makeup, something she could do irl.

No. 428097

she looks like someone who gets her hair cut at walmart.

No. 428100

A wal-mart hair cut would be an improvement.

No. 428104

In before she sees this and goes chola as her new identity because "muh Sombra-kin"

No. 428106


Still, that's a pretty nice look for her.

You see this Ashley, you can actually look pretty. If you stop with whatever the hell you are doing to your eyebrows and the ridiculously unflattering shaved-head "hairstyle."

No. 428116


She exhibits signs of trichotillomania.

No. 428117

I think you did a good job, anon. She kinda looks like Miranda Cosgrove's chunky sister.

No. 428129

yeah, quick brush strokes to give her long hair. still better than what she had before, bottom left corner >>426676

No. 428155

File: 1503625495479.jpg (16.36 KB, 200x303, 1483920883055.jpg)

ugh dont give her another disorder to latch on to. i doubt she has trich. the horrid haircut is somewhat new. she probably thinks she looks cool and edgy.

No. 428182

She only started cutting her hair like that to try and copy one of here crushes, but failed at it miserably. Now she admittedly also does it because of Sombra.

No. 428354

She would be fine anywhere if she changes her looks aka lose weight, wear make up, get a proper wig/hairstyle. Her life could be so simple if she'd only try.

No. 428413


Her looks are honestly the least of her problems. She needs to work on her awful personality and attitude first and foremost.

No. 428546

File: 1503696485367.png (10.74 KB, 506x138, bigger as in fatter.png)

Ice cold Milk incoming!

Ashley, if you were the "bigger person" and in any way mature, and if you had actually let shit go, then you wouldn't still be whining and bitching about this shit! You can't let shit go because you thrive on drama! The fact that you're bringing him up specifically just shows you're a petty piece of shit and can't let shit go.

No. 428548

File: 1503696620068.png (32.1 KB, 506x421, i want to barf.png)

Her smugness makes me want to fucking vomit. Get the fuck over yourself. Get your head out of you goddamn ass and stop thinking you're God's gift to the cosplay community, FIX YOUR PIECE OF SHIT ATTITUDE, and you won't have a bad fucking reputation. How hard is this to understand?!!!

No. 428550

File: 1503696677300.png (151.86 KB, 508x813, weebs on ice.png)

No. 428551

File: 1503696718052.png (31.18 KB, 507x426, like the other one isn't.png)

What does this mean?

No. 428558

File: 1503696975249.png (24.15 KB, 505x421, dumpstersdontcount.png)

Lie detected. What the fuck would she have driven, anyway? If she is actually driving now, let us all have a moment of silence for the other drivers on the road. Whenever, if ever, she does magically start driving some day, I give it less than a month before she gets into an accident. It'll almost be sad when the milk dries up because she gets in a fatal collision from filming herself while driving.

No. 428559

When will she stop stealing hands?

No. 428567


Who's this "he" she's referring to?

No. 428570


I'm surprised she passed the permit test.

No. 428645

>ruin this persons reputation
>he did mine back in May
Considering she's "scared" of men, the only guy she actually knows is Stark. Can FB-farmer see if she has Stark added?

>midget foot
>bigfoot foot
>bulging belly
Is she self inserting as Mei now?

There's no way she drove. It's only been roughly two months since she was complaining her mom wouldn't let her take driving school.

No. 428675

She's referring to Ty and that childish dispute over hosting cosplay picnics at the park. Ashley blew the fuck up, Ty was petty, Ashley blamed Ty for her own shit reputation and for ruining the attendance of her stolen picnic. (spoiler alert: it was her awful reputation that ruined it because she's a piece of shit. Ty didn't have any effect on it really.)

No. 429015

See I didn't think it was Ty solely because Ash is so adamant at referring to Ty as a female and by his original name.

No. 429019

wut. Ash has never used female pronouns for Ty, at least not in my experience, and only uses Tyquwan to annoy him because he calls her Ashley and likes to pretend he's FtM and Tyquwan is his "dead name" or some shit.

No. 429246

File: 1503846266636.png (15.89 KB, 501x194, potmeetskettle.png)

Firstly I doubt this happened, like everything Ashley says happened. Secondly though,
>his grandmother
>he had no respect for her because she didn't give him money for his birthday.
Gee, Ashley. Sound fucking familiar at all? Because that is exactly how you refer to your grandfather when he doesn't give YOU money.

No. 429249

File: 1503846755686.png (13.22 KB, 502x143, youdontknowthem.png)

The audacity of this bitch is just staggering. You think a teen isn't trying to save up for a car? Or paying for the insurance because they already have a car? You think they don't have responsibilities and need money, too? What if one of those teens is working a job because they have a single parent trying to pull down enough money to feed the rest of the family? Or, whoa, here's a crazy thought: what if that teen is TRYING TO CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR HOUSEHOLD AND NOT BE A DEAD WEIGHT LEECH? God, imagine that! Imagine how selfish that person must be, buying things for themselves with their own money, instead of begging it from their parents, grandparents and friends, and blowing it all on useless shit. Obviously Ashley should get all the hours, so she can complain more about how she hates her job, and fake medical issues to get out of actually working those hours. Because fuck everyone else who isn't her, right?

No. 429251

File: 1503847309612.png (12.99 KB, 506x127, 326f63f661cf75.png)

Ashley, you are selfish. You are the most selfish piece of shit that I have ever known. I would bet money that you didn't "ask to practice", you demanded it. You screeched and screamed and yelled, with zero consideration for them. If she magically has a learner's permit, there has to be someone else in the car with her. So I'm betting that she chimped the fuck out trying to MAKE one of her parents go with her while she wastes their gas at odd hours or while they're doing something important. No one would want to ride with that dumb bitch driving anyway, but let alone while you're actually trying to do something like, you know, work or sleep or cook.

Fuck you Ashley, you selfish cunt. Ask your parents NICELY to go with you when they aren't busy or resting. You know, if this isn't all just another fucking lie to get people to think you're actually doing something productive for once.

No. 429275

Does she not realize that the g1 is purely written and in no way does one need to actually practise in the car? Unless driving laws are different in america she should be able to get her g1 all on her own. Granted, if she's claiming to have driven on the highway then she would have to have her g2 but then she would have already been given access to driving her parents car to practice for it… her statements make no sense unless laws are completely different in america, if so just ignore this post

No. 429303

But hold up this bitch said she was driving just the other day, or was it really mommy or daddy driving her ass. Because she made it sound like it was her driving.

In the states you get a permit to practice driving, your supposed to have around 90+hours with someone who already holds a license(and there is a paper/computer test you take) then you try for you license with a driving test.

No. 429305

>yes give the teenagers my hours

maybe it's because the teenagers are actually better at their job than you? and actually DO their job, which is a major part of working. when people get more hours than you, it tends to be because they are a better worker than

No. 429386

She's the one that said she had to cut back on her hours or MIGHT EVEN HAVE TO QUIT BECAUSE MUH CHILDHOOD ACCIDENT.

So she lied about driving on the highway. Figures. And yeah, you're spot on. She made a status a while back about demanding to be taken to driving lessons whether her mother wanted to drive her or not.

No. 429755

didn't she JUST talk about how she would have to quit this job because it ~stresses her out~ and the doctor told her to quit?

which is it, Ashley?? do you want to work or not??

No. 429797

Some info for people who dont live in the US/Virginia; at 19 you can walk into any Virginia DMV, ask to take a driving test, pass a simple traffic quiz, drive once around the block, park and walk out a fully licensed driver. It takes less than 2 hours at quieter DMVs. So that's literally how lazy Ash is. She doesn't need hours logged, she doesn't need to practice with and instructor, once you are a legal adult you can just walk in and get it. She'd rather just blame her parent for her problems and whine.

No. 429976

She just doesn't want to bother trying. I mean she tried to buy a car BEFORE she had a license.

No. 429977

I cannot even handle how fucking lazy she is and how much blame she puts on everyone else around her.

>which is it, Ashley?? do you want to work or not??
She doesn't want to work. She expects money to fall into her lap without lifting a finger for it because of how fucking entitled she is.

No. 430430


She's using every viral GoFundMe sob story trope possible. She probably thinks her made up story will become viral and wake up one morning to thousands of people donating to her.

No. 430554

i kinda agree that her parents are to blame for the way she is tho. kids who make selfish demands of their parents or treat them like crap, who are well into adulthood and still fully dependent on them, who have no sense of responsibility and expect things to fall on their lap, and parents who never bothered to help her prepare for adulthood by maybe getting her a driver's license while she was still a minor and now complain that she's a lazy sack of shit for not having done it already…. are probably irresponsible + enablers.

not that Ashley isn't 200% responsible for her own shit now that she's 23. but you know. you reap what you sow. In Spanish there's a quote called "raise vultures, and they'll pluck out your eyes".

No. 430612

File: 1504107526708.png (157.7 KB, 508x423, liesandmorelies.png)

No. 430616

File: 1504107607694.png (755.4 KB, 495x841, garbagebag.png)

No. 430617

File: 1504107676677.png (161.1 KB, 510x426, thirdeyeisinflamed.png)

Watch out, guys! Her Third Eye is inflamed again!

No. 430667


Idk that outfit on >>430616 is definantly something terrible. Perhaps her third eye had a delayed reaction

No. 430680

Did she make it too tight around the chest area? Idk, her boobs look kind of fucked to me

Sage for nitpick

No. 430764

What's Avail? And why is she looking for a roommate and an apartment when she's not 100% sure she's got the job?

>ouji style
It's like she squeezed into some kid's Halloween pajama pants.

No. 430767

I swear I thought she said ouij (spirit board) pants.

No. 430791


Avail is a Vape shop. I am curious to see how long this last.

No. 430858

How can one person have so much bad taste? Also, lol at calling herself a prince with her giant boobs sticking out. No, Ash, the redneck mullet haircut you got going on does not make you androgynous. Also, there's nothing royal about those nasty shorts anyway.

No. 430948

All of the filth particles on her floor makes me have to vomit. kek at her having to hold the pants together and tight in the back because she obviously fucked it up.

No. 430950

She didn't make the shirt, just the pants. It looks fucked up because she's not wearing a bra.

No. 430999

I'm curious as to why she thinks a job at a vape shop would make her enough for an apartment? Not that she'll ever find someone willing to room with her slobby self.

Hopefully she doesn't sneak a peek here and then rant wildly about how lolita and ouji is forever and how she totally invented her own substyle (remember "Fairytale Lolita", anyone?) without actually having worn lolita once and knowing nothing about it.

No. 431022


Wow, she's really going somewhere big in her life. Unless this place seems far away then I don't see why she would need a roommate and apartment. Better yet, DOES SHE EVEN HAVE THE MONEY FOR AN APARTMENT?!

No. 431463

File: 1505051085774.jpg (100.16 KB, 1020x622, Screenshot_20170910-094321.jpg)

She has a new instagram

No. 431464


Lmfao "Actor"
Since when?

No. 431469

Well. That's certainly an interesting, and creative… reinvention. I wonder why she came up with that. I mean I can see why she'd call herself a cosplayer,however halfassed it might be, but to my knowledge she hasn't acted in a single thing. It makes me wonder if there is anything she doesn't lie about.

No. 431703

File: 1505087931725.png (681.14 KB, 928x592, thefloorisfilthy.PNG)

>years of paint
Nice to know she never gave a single fuck over the years about cleaning her carpet.

No. 431706

File: 1505088020899.png (507.3 KB, 931x406, Capture.PNG)

Someone go and film this.

No. 431708


I don't even know them, but they don't do good makeup.
I've never been a part of this thread, but if I can make it (I'm staffing awa) I'll film some of it.
Just looking through their makeup isn't good enough to run a panel.

No. 431798


Good! She gave bad advice on her cosplay 101 panel. I feel so bad for all those newbie cosplayers having to take advice from her.

No. 431859

Huh, she's going to another con to cosplay. And here I thought she was saving up so she could sneak out of her evil and uncaring parents' house in the middle of the night and go work at a vape store and live in Manassas. Guess something more important came up.

No. 431935

She had her panel last year cancelled because she had a slideshow telling crossplayers that chest binders were bad and instead to use Ductape or Gorilla Tape directly on their breasts to bind.

I can imagine her makeup panel will be just as bad because she can't even do proper eyeliner on herself and has no concept of mascara or anything else.

No. 431979


I just see no point of her panel being approved since she's bad at her own. I mean what is even the point? She got so pissy when someone offered her truthful advice with her cosplay 101 slide show.

No. 432154

Has anyone ever directly asked her why she never uses mascara?

No. 432226

She made up an excuse that hers was always expired.

No. 432381

Wow Ashley, way to be cheap. These pallets are what, $5 a piece? It's sad she can't go out of her way to spend a little bit of money for decent makeup as a prize. I'll be at AWA so I'll try to sneak a pic or go to her panel.

No. 432507

Looks like she's done nothing on her $55 a person cosplay Halloween ball. Not even look into a possible location.

No. 432786

please, Ashley, you can get the same sick loot by shoplifting at Dollar Tree.

No. 432887

File: 1505263270948.jpg (824.41 KB, 1072x1464, Screenshot_20170912-203916.jpg)

Stop being someone you're not.

No. 432957

…Is this bitch for real? She's pretending to be a fakeboi now?

No. 432978


She's trying to look like one of those famous transgenders like can you not?

No. 433178

Like buying something as unisex as sweaters, cardigans, or shirts from mens department is something new or daring.
If you are looking for cheaper big shirts mens side of clothing store is the place to go. With better pockets and better cotton/wool rations to acrylics/polyester.

No. 433196

She acts like this is some revolutionary thing that she's suddenly doing before anyone else. Newsflash Ashley, just about all women have bought clothes from the mens section before.

>buttoning your flannel all the way up

With a neck like hers that's going to look unfortunate.

No. 433199

Fakeboi tryhard aside (with her enormous rack, no less), she could do herself a world of good if she'd lose that smarmy smirk. If ever there was a person with zero reasons to be smarmy, it is Ashley.

I also have to note that this "new look" of fakeboi-ishness is not going to make landing a job any easier. I guess Ashley truly does not get the concept that you only get one shot at a first impression. That shirt, comfy as it might be, is a rather unfortunate look for her.

No. 433202

Not to mention the sizing is more consistent and most of the time the clothes last longer.

No. 433233

Wow, Ash. This wonderful, bland lumberjack shirt and its accompanying unwarranted fanfare really bring out the smugness of your face, and obvious thirst for attention and credibility.

Grow up and up your fucking game; you look like a cholo.

No. 434613

Any good milk lately?

No. 434702

Probably won't be until AWA. Hopefully farmers on the ground can spot her around this year and make it to her panel.

No. 434751

Good, Ash is turning into one of those transtrenders that act like they know everything about gender, without realizing that gender and gender roles are two separate things. Yes, Ash, you're so gender role non-conforming by saying that a woman who puts on a shirt designed for male bodies is no longer a woman but some disgusting in-between. You truly are advancing society with this new and thought provoking commentary that seems straight out of the 1950s.

No. 435697

Does anyone know her cosplay line-up for AWA?

No. 435859

A walking disaster?

No. 435868

File: 1505801791747.jpeg (30.75 KB, 599x399, image.jpeg)

my sides anon im dying

No. 435909

File: 1505821311149.png (35.75 KB, 828x422, 1.PNG)

Not sure which panel is hers but here are the only two makeup panels for AWA.

No. 435930

i'd say 2nd one from how it's written.

No. 435945

it's definitely the second one based on the way it's worded and the pg13 rating. she's either showing some of her weird sfx makeup or her bondage aoba or whatever

No. 440372

File: 1506478814096.jpg (718.68 KB, 1050x1226, Screenshot_20170926-221835.jpg)

Here she goes again with her special effects make-up.

No. 440377

are you sure her skin isn't finally giving up on her?

No. 440459

Sure looks like it does

No. 440509

File: 1506503368416.jpg (5.42 KB, 304x166, download.jpg)

that piece of burned skin(?) looks like a piece of bacon is stuck on her chest

No. 440544

what if she really used bacon?

No. 440674

This bitch looks like she went dumpster diving

No. 440846

Where am I that there are trigger warnings for panels? Has this always been a thing and i missed it?

Her makeup panels are going to be a disaster.

No. 440962

File: 1506560231995.gif (989.31 KB, 499x260, DtNphgT.gif)

No way, she'd probably gobble the bacon up like the whale she is

No. 441081

Is she cosplaying Onision?

Some conventions do that now but they don't use the term "trigger warning" which just makes it sound ridiculous.

Good luck to any farmers at AWA! Hope some one can take pictures of her makeup panel.

No. 441121

File: 1506609108254.jpeg (264.88 KB, 640x846, 152B765A-6341-49D1-B4FF-849D82…)

This is actually her panel, I can confirm.

No. 441164


Blogpost but this rings weirdly familiar to me. I had to leave home before I could begin to have a life, mom was a horrible narc and my parents did the same thing with me, claimed me on taxes, didn't want me to get a job or learn how to drive.

I was gone by the time I was eighteen, but it was this creepy forced infantilization and I fucking hated it. As soon as I got out it was such a huge change, really weird.

I think Ash is a combination of bad parents and laziness.

sage for obvious reasons

No. 441219

first most, sorry for your parents and congrats on getting the heck out.

Let say Ash has something similar, she left home once and it didn't change or motivate her to better herself to leave again. Instead, she wants to be spoonfed a way out. Even if she herself recognizes her parents are babying her for their own benefits, they are doing a better job of taking care of herself than Ash is.

that just my two cent of course

No. 441249

Once again, your parents can claim you as a dependent on their taxes because they likely house and feed you and/or pay for the majority of your expenses. Ashley's parents pay for everything because she spends every cent from her four hours of work on fabric she destroys.

While your parents sound pretty bad, you had just barely become a legal adult when you got out. Ashley is 22(?) and has complained about her parents sabotaging everything for years. I wouldn't be surprised they were willing to help her when she was 16-20 in getting a job/learning to drive but she's such a fuck up they've probably given up, I know I would if Ashley was my daughter.

Also, has Ashley really always wanted to drive? I have a theory that she never cared to learn up until recently because she could easily bum rides off friends/randos to cons but now it's getting harder for her to do.

No. 441364

With how she never manages to even practice much less go take the license test she's just lazy and would rather bum rides and not pay for gas.

No. 441851

Anyone spot her? Any pics?

No. 442091

Did anyone go? Want some milk.

No. 442657

Spotted her yesterday and today. She was Aoba both yesterday and today, but looked like a stuffed sausage today. Was unable to sneak a pic, but I feel slight pity for her terrible wig and the sweater she was wearing.

No. 442807


Ewwww sounds like Minks good ending outfit for Aoba.

No. 442855

didn't make it to her panel, but she did come into a booth i was in and yell some dumb shit about the hats they had there. her voice is incredibly loud in person, i recognized her instantly. her cosplay was expectedly terrible, the infamous preggo aoba. i couldn't snap a pic, i'm gomen fellow farmers. hopefully some grade a milk will come from her panel…

No. 443039


Stop being a God damn fuck boi ash. Your preggo aob