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File: 1519871021654.jpeg (170.33 KB, 1080x1350, 19C7FA7E-F496-4F73-BAA9-4220BE…)

No. 517304

Prev threads:

"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, and begun seeing model luke storey

She has broken up with tyler and severed all business ties

Her new branding is wholesome, healthy, and metal health woke, the validity of this is debatable

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face along with vague brand collaborations


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 517637

Idk if this is relevant but in reply to the Tracy cap at the end of the last thread who is this Billie girl and why / how tf is she so famous?

No. 517644

She’s a singer whose Ocean Eyes single has blown tf up recently.

No. 517687

File: 1519919635674.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4331.PNG)

Jesus she's delusional

No. 517690

Seek medical help chili corgi.
What happened to your house and car in LA? Your record deals? Your hotmail music management business?
No one puts out shorty music on purpose. You’re a pathological liar and this is why I remain hella skeptical that you and peep even slept together. And for the love of god don’t try to “prove it” to me.

I bit the bullet and listened to the song. She can’t even stay on beat it’s a mess. I had a good laugh but had to turn it off because being so off beat was actually disorienting. And not in a good way.

No. 517691

Oh stfu potato. The only think shaking is the ground beneath you when you walk

No. 517705

I listened to Chelji's new song and I really like it.

No. 517708

File: 1519920924492.jpeg (124.38 KB, 750x1174, 90BBB1AD-6029-44C0-B4B8-B678BC…)

While we’re on the topic of Chelji, look at this cover art. Why is the girl crying sperm? Tf. She also has a line in this song saying “pain pills fucking up my mentality” but she literally said before that she doesn’t do drugs. Why sing about shit you’ve never experienced? Does she think that glorifying drugs is gonna make her “up next” ?

No. 517711

beat and production isn't bad but holy fuck is her singing flat, and you're right, she cannot stay on beat to save her life.

what a shame. this is the production equiv of someone buying a $2000 surfboard off the bat with no surfing ability

No. 517714

File: 1519921560085.jpeg (163.42 KB, 1124x1502, 83568157-9235-4AC5-A3E1-A0E9F7…)

I found this post a while ago about how she stays stealing artwork

Her “EP” art

No. 517715

File: 1519921584583.jpeg (196.18 KB, 1124x1487, 9716468F-190B-4AC4-B290-531B41…)

Peeps cover art

No. 517731

File: 1519922663045.jpg (56.56 KB, 1280x720, 4fdc6307e588a27380f6f1650942f3…)

I am not trying to back seat mod but this thread is about toopoor. All these chelji posts are off topic. >>517637 Does that person have anything to do with toopoor?
No? Then it's not relevant. If you guys want to make a separate thread for peeps leaches, go for it.(mini-modding)

No. 517734

The thread name is literally Layla Shapiro and general Soundclout.
Not only you are backseat modding, you are also wrong.

No. 517735

Jesus Christ how many times does this need to be said.
scroll up just a little and read the last couple paragraphs of the description of the thread.

No. 517740

File: 1519923151594.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2129x3000, B406DD41-1E10-481C-AC1C-C91069…)

No. 517741

File: 1519923163685.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, mybad.gif)

My bad! Sorry! >"This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe."

No. 517755

If you don't like the content feel free to leave

No. 517778

>Why is the girl crying sperm?

Because the song is about cumming. Yeah, I know. Aside from that, the font/artwork on this is horrific (and dumb); I wasn't even sure if the word was "cum" at first.

No. 517808

Why is the song listed as “Cum Or Cry” but the cover art has an ampersand- “Cum & Cry”? I know this is nit picky but like….is it really that hard to get even tiny details right?

No. 518012

lmao her song made me lol, she fucked up a pretty good beat. does her music give anyone else that 2007-youtube vibe?

No. 518033

Sage for OT but I feel like I literally heard this song several years ago why is it just now blowing up? This bitch's aesthetic is so try hard like you're a small ass pasty white girl stop trying to dress like a huge ass thug with all the baggy ass men's clothes

No. 518034

File: 1519941865326.png (683.01 KB, 600x589, Screen Shot 1.png)

Grandma Peep wasn't lying about these snakes in the grass y'all. These idiots stole a majority of the clothes Peep brought on tour as they were taking his dead body off the bus. Are they for real with this shit? What garbage people. Like, even if they weren't close and were just using him for clout to go through his shit and steal from him as they are loading up his dead body is sociopathic.

No. 518036

File: 1519941890145.png (597.81 KB, 600x597, Screen Shot 2.png)

No. 518037

File: 1519941905118.png (613.9 KB, 600x602, Screen Shot 3.png)

No. 518040

File: 1519942098084.png (637.33 KB, 600x599, Screen Shot 4.png)

No. 518044

Looking at these makes me feel so sick how could you be ok wearing clothes you literally STOLE from a dead man while he was in the same bus and then post about it as if youre honoring him

No. 518048

Several years? The song was originally released in 2016. It's blowing up due to be remixed by other artists.

Also GTFO with the race baiting

No. 518064

this is disgusting. i wish peep's family would take these negligent, thieving garbage kids and peep's management, esp, to civil court.

and all his clothes look trash on them. none of them are tall or thin enough to pull off his clothes and it looks mad stupid.

No. 518084

Luke and Layla in Mexico City and looking for tattoo artists… I predict another matching tattoo…

No. 518148

LOL she deleted the song already

No. 518199

these are all of bexey who had a youtube video showing the old apartment he shared with peep and how he was boxing up peeps old clothes to send back to his family. maybe this is the stuff he never gave back or he was gifted them? i don't remember him being close with his family so i doubt it was a gift.

and yeah i feel like bexey is and has always been a peep skin walker which is why even if he gets clout from this he'll never be up next. if he distanced himself aesthetically people may have followed him because he brought something new, now he'll always be a knock off. sucks he knows it.

No. 518237

Bex has been doing this for longer than peep has tho, like years longer. Plus peep and bex have know each other online since before peep popped off irrc,

No. 518253

File: 1519953765736.png (780.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-01-22-18-18…)


No. 518283

OH my fucking god THANK YOU for being the first person to call it out
Being a music student, I wanted to post about this but didn’t want the first post on this new thread (nobody had posted yet) to be about her so I waited. I listened to maybe 40 seconds before turning my screen off and deciding I was done with the internet for the day. Whoever did the beat was fine but most of her notes are flat and she really sings off the beat and not in a good syncopated kinda feel. It’s just genuinely zero knowledge of when and where to come in and sing and the intonations for ending the phrases. I couldn’t get past her accent on the song either. My teachers remind us to not sound American or Really English for words as well, which she doesn’t have a grasp on.. If you’re singing “shit” and “sheets” in the same song, you should really make it so you can tell the difference.. Hahahahahahahahaha
I love SoundCloud for the underground scene and all but I hate that it’s given so many people like her this warped view that if you can find someone willing to give you a beat, you can record anything and make it
Just lmao, this is not the career choice for her, holy fuck. It makes me wonder who the fuck in her life did her so wrong by gassing her up and telling her she could do this.

No. 518360

File: 1519961357829.jpeg (548 KB, 750x1165, CDB8314F-4D80-4B00-B2FB-40947F…)

Lol sorry to interrupt the potato party but did anyone see Luke’s recent Instagram story? In one he is clutching a bottle of wine next to his head… at least it looks like wine, like rose or something. If they are both trying to be sober I find that sorta odd.

No. 518364

usually in the residences here in Mexico there are always liquors or drinks in the refrigerators … is it like the attention of the place?

No. 518376

Luke was also on Layla’s Instagram live answering questions. Anytime someone asked him if they were dating ect he would try and ignore it ha .

No. 518379

ew, this song is trash
doesn't even sound romantic, it's just creepy

No. 518382

mackned. the answer is mackned did. mackned gassed a bitch. @mackned. it was him, mackned.
i'be been saying this from the beginning, i swear he got her to fuck with the case for him and went after GMA peep for him. he probably told her all these things about her capability so she would perform the needed tasks for him, then he ghosted. now she's trying to prove people wrong and replicate the attention she got from him, which will never fucking happen because it was a scheme.

she needs to just stop and admit to herself she's fucking young and naive. if she got taken advantage of so easily she may have a good heart (deep down) but she's also shown herself to be a nasty cunt and that hatred and obvious self hatred needs to be addressed. it's not charismatic or attractive no matter what career she chooses and definitely not music.

No. 518383

the girl pictured is crying sperm did you really have to listen to determine that it was creepy

No. 518385

i'm talking about the yung tide song if you are paying attention

No. 518398

Idk why they won't address it, tbh I thought they were really cute together. Luke seems like a good influence and was quite charming. Someone asked them to to North Carolina (Tyler's hometown) and Layla was very vocally like "no, we are not going there" lol

No. 518418

I thought that screenshot was about her being sober from one thing only.

No. 518422

You are beyond late, it has been open to SoundCloud trash since thread #3. We are on #7. Keep up if you are going to play pretend mod.

No. 518427

Small? I said, "Bitch, whhhhere??" lmao

No. 518432

i find luke and layla's new romance kinda pathetic. not nearly on the same level of pathetic as tyler or god forbid chelji.
i listened to the song and i don't fuck with the beat and none of you were lying about the off beat shit. her voice is grating, has that godawful accent, has no melody or appealing lilt. i genuinely didn't think any human being can be that deluded about their own talent or ability.

No. 518433

Sage for not having a way to post an ig live… but while Luke was answering questions they discussed how Luke wants to stay in Mexico, but Layla has them going to Milan, London, and Paris before they head to LA. I didn’t expect her to return so soon and it’ll be soooo interesting to see how she deals with being surrounded by her old life/lifestyle

No. 518437

I thought the live was actually really cute. He was making her laugh a lot and she seems happy and they both addressed sobriety and mental illness. And they are obviously dating… they talked about having sex.

No. 518455

It was definitely cute and good for her but I feel like the live displayed more of Luke's personality and he's not as genuine or nice as I kind of thought he was. He seemed to really get off on the part where people were sending in serious problems and advice requests like suicide, drugs, transsexual type topics and he was just quickly answering each one with no genuine empathy as if he was on a game show and needed to answer each one as quick as possible. He even said giddily I'm fixing everyone's problems!! Or some shit like that. I mean idk why I really thought she'd be with a completely normal guy but I guess the vibes from the pics and short snaps I thought he was less narcissistic but obviously not. Still a huge come up from Tyler but it will be interesting to see how this turns out. These people are so immature posting their sex towel though the cringe level was off the charts

No. 518463

…it wasn’t actually a “sex towel”, anon. Layla spilled an energy drink, wiped it up with a towel, then he said it looks like the most disgusting sex towel.
Also it’s instagram live not a real therapy session so anyone seeking actual advice on that platform deserves a stupid answer.

No. 518476

Bit of an idiot, he seemed annoyed (with her or just in general?) in her most recent snaps “do you have any mints my girlfriend’s breath stinks” “we are doing this for content/internet content/this is internet content”
Also it rubbed me the wrong way that he was rude to the uber for not speaking english, dude you’re in mexico maybe brush up on conversational spanish ?

No. 518480

The bottom right photo… Is Bexey a dwarf? I mean look at those legs

No. 518495

File: 1519973436262.jpeg (157.2 KB, 750x1109, E96151D2-10A5-4DFE-8786-835A11…)

Oh my god ahahaha I just had to go scroll through bexeys IG to get some sort of resultion
But it seems like him and peep are actually the same height, so I don’t think it’s the same pants either; and/or he looks like he has them down reaaallllll low

I think? I agree with you
They seemed really calm-happy together
Someone asked a question (can’t remember about what, I think it was to do with heartbreak and moving on) and he said a few things and then said something along the lines of “look what can happen, you can find someone like her” referencing layla and looking at her.
She also made a point of telling everyone on the live that in real life Luke is actually a great comfort to her and that she cries to him all the time, and gets advice from him all the time about her issues etc and he’s a good listener etc.
He didn’t seem rude either; someone mentioned self harm and he seemed genuinely taken aback in a sad/shocked kind of way, and though the live was all fun etc, he turned serious and told them to seek professional help because obviously he’s not a fkn psychologist and that’s a lot to put on someone so abrasively via a damn IG live????!

No. 518496

I meant resolution etc*

No. 518498

Yeah I thought it was really cute too, I watched the whole thing and they mentioned they were dating/in love several times. I’ve never seen Layla so happy before, she laughed so much!

Luke seems kinda arrogant but in a charming way, lol. Annnd the accent definitely helps

No. 518506

Yeah they kinda talked about it a little in the live - I think they’re sober from like heroin, coke, pills etc but still smoke weed and drink occasionally

No. 518596

ive met bexey, hes definitely shorter than peep, not even 6 foot

No. 518659

i've done a fair bit of digging and apparently luke's family has a lot of money, his mom is a very successful award winning fashion designer and his dad is an architect who also worked in finance

No. 518661

and he was either born in 1985 or 1986

No. 518677

He posted something the other day about his grand father too. He’s a famous playwright who’s won awards and shit. Definitley has a lot of money.

No. 518695


she remade cum and cry i think

lyrics still seem to be the same but she changed the cover photo for it

she also posted a new song

the lyrics to that one intrigue me very much

No. 518744

Is this a fucking joke? Shit sounds like a 12 year old boy's first youtube video.

No. 518753

I wonder what makes her think her songs are good they’re so off beat and her voice is muffled. She probably thinks because she has a catchy beat that it’ll blow up.

No. 518759

I have also met bexey and peep and can confirm he’s definitely shorter than peep

No. 518772

Not sure about that. During the live someone asked Luke if you didn’t do anything but smoke weed, are you sober? I think they said basically “does weed count?” And Luke was like it does it does…

No. 518787

File: 1520011538132.jpeg (261.84 KB, 1124x1740, E13CD561-3EBB-43FA-B128-33AC02…)

Layla just posted loads of old photos of herself on her twitter. Posting some now before they get deleted!

No. 518789

File: 1520011564720.jpeg (270.14 KB, 1124x1762, 8B729671-17E3-4402-B220-C7144C…)

She looks like your typical early 2000s scene kid

No. 518790

File: 1520011597664.jpeg (234.47 KB, 1124x1807, B3A3E02E-DADC-496E-BB18-467FDC…)

No. 518792

File: 1520011619576.jpeg (263.25 KB, 1125x1842, 479B38A7-1009-4E6C-A8DB-2EDCD6…)

No. 518793

File: 1520011640877.jpeg (252.62 KB, 1125x1829, 192B158F-35B3-4C40-BDBD-CF8F70…)

No. 518795

File: 1520011783819.jpeg (602.33 KB, 1125x1712, AAD382A1-138A-4902-B114-74A154…)

No. 518850

That headband! Lol that was such a bad trend…

No. 518872

jfc layla is ugly, sorry but jesus.

No. 518897

Of course… so basically Luke is a rich boy whose free loaded off his parents and then got a modeling contract. disclaimer I'm not stanning but out of everyone discussed on here peep really seemed to be the only one who was self made. His dad or grandpa or whatever never spoke to him so the fact that they taught at Harvard is irrelevant plus a tenured professor is not the level of rich / famous people like Luke and mackned come from. Even if you don't like him personally you have to admit peep really did work his way up from a very middle class situation to an impressive level of fame / notariety / money.

No. 518901

Peep was barely what many would consider mainstream, I don't think there are that many people that are impressed with the level of fame he achieved. Boy didn't even have a million instagram followers til he ODed.

No. 518902

The fact that he's over 30 is kind of ew imo…. like he doesn't look it but this dude is acting and living the life of a 20-22 year old at an age where loads of people have families and serious careers. Interesting how Layla went from a 19-20 year old to a 32 year old

No. 518905

True but it's still impressive that he was able to do what he did without a bankroll to start him off. It seems like every single one of these people are just kick started by some insane amount of money or family connections nice to see anyone do something for themselves

No. 518910

Would have have reached the level of fame he did if he didn't connect with GBC though?

No. 518925

File: 1520022991194.jpeg (260.79 KB, 1123x2191, 5276A3D8-652F-493B-9B4C-9E2632…)

Sage for being way OT but I’ve checked in on Philomena and co. here and there since the Enzo scandal broke to keep up on any milk. Anyways. Looks like Philomena got shipped three hours north to Prescott AZ. Her fellow peepette/Lena The Plug wannabe is currently in town visiting her… along with Sam. Sam is the ex boyfriend (?) that “exposed” Philomena on YouTube with iMessage receipts showing her saying “believe it or not bitch I slept with a famous wrestler” or some shit. (Video is posted in previous thread. #5 iirc) Philomena herself just posted a q&a video (gag) the other day where she was asked if her and sam are friends again - she said no and pretty much called him trash. So why the fuck is he driving three hours to go visit a bitch?

I really think these kids thought they could get internet famous off of this whole Enzo/toopoor/Tyler scandal and their drama could pick up a little fan base. Fucking pathetic. It’s already obvious with the way she blames and mentions TP before the guy who actually assaulted her. Then Sam coming out with receipts saying he sent them directly to Layla herself and gaining some internet clout. I dunno this just sorta seals the deal for me that this story is at the very least partially fabricated as a sad attempt to get known.
Photo is from Sams Snapchat @samcook000. This is @lilprincessp and @motelroses

No. 518946

File: 1520026129686.png (321.51 KB, 1125x2436, 52965C32-5316-42CA-BF42-66FCB2…)

Probably not, Ned and gbc worked for years to lay the groundwork for what he set off, but it was mutual glo up, gbc would have likely not gotten as much attention from the type of people that peep had a pull on with out him

Also this is interesting

No. 518949

sorry i just assume all trash songs relate back to chelli is some shape or form my b

No. 518955

he seems like an asshole but layla has a ton of issues to work out so how could she expect to find the right guy now?
have they said if he's moving to la with her? also weird how they're traveling all these places but aren't doing it in the most logical way, if they're already in europe why go to mexico city ……. then back …….. then back to north america ……

No. 518965

I've been under the assumption that their travel plans were being dictated by his shoots, but after Layla's live I don't really get it either.

No. 518971

yes he did?
he got his portrait projected onto Parliament in England when he died for fucks sake and is now compared to Kurt Cobain. Like it or not he was iconic and just turned 21.

Peep made some mention of being a model though when he was younger, i don't remember the video or i'd post it. but i know the women in his family are very accomplished too, he was a high functioning alleged narcissist that came from a long line of very intelligent people. so he may have financially been middle class but he had a lot of things going for him that most don't have (i only cite the narcissist thing as a thing going for him since he clearly was a fame seeker and that mentality helped him always put himself first)

No. 518975

No he didn't.

No. 518979

him being 30ish and living the life of someone 10 years younger kind of suits layla, since she’s mentally in the place of someone about 5 years younger than her, to be honest. i’m glad that she is on her self love/recovery/whatever shit right now and is apparently making good money doing whatever she’s doing but still, she’s gotta thank her ig following for all the gigs she lands and let’s face it, that following is not going to be useful when she’s older.

No. 519111

A round-the-world ticket maybe? that dictates the direction you must travel. but I'm sure she doesn't want to be in LA yet.

No. 519112

I'm pretty sure their travel plans are linked with the MTV parties they're playing, that seems to be the common theme from their last few gigs

No. 519140

>and is now being compared to Kurt Cobain

Kek thats some 13yr old white knighting.

No. 519159

difference is, people knew who the fuck Kurt was when BEFORE he died.

No. 519166

TBH I really think Layla should get a nose job. She definitely has the money for it and all her best pics she edits her nose anyways so why not? It really is so unfortunate to her otherwise unique / cute face. Sage for OT

No. 519194

Luke has money. Rich people don’t have to worry about those things lol

Also it seems like Layla’s traveling for business so her flights are probably paid for

No. 519207

Sounds like something a cow would say. She should, realistically, just fucking learn to accept her nose

No. 519236

She would run the risk of a botch job. Most likely it would turn out fine but there is always that chance. Alot of people are rightfully wary of elective surgery for that reason.

No. 519240

Yeah I’m with you anon. What she really needs to do is just embrace that shit. She’s not the worlds most beautiful woman but I’m not going to sit here and says she’s ugly. (Like… have you guys been to rural America??)
I’d rather see her just rock a strong profile with confidence. Fucking with beauty standards is kinda on brand with her anyways. I think she could get there in time, admitting she shops her photos is a step in that direction.
With all that being said, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised with if she does it eventually… especially if she’s trying to make it big.

No. 519243

File: 1520047425173.jpeg (167.42 KB, 1125x527, 07D4F715-66C4-4420-B68A-8A5C7B…)

lmao someone gas him into dropping PLEASE

No. 519317

Dear God, Christmas in March, pleeeeease

No. 519322

File: 1520052222982.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 289280C4-41C9-48A5-B97A-794104…)

for i love you i guess

No. 519334

My god those neck tats are 6 months old and aging like trailers park scratcher shit

No. 519377

layla, i'm assuming you or your new wallet/bf can afford good tattoos but you choose to get the fugliest shit in the worst places.

No. 519383

Couldn't agree more. With someone with as much tattoo freedom in terms of jobs as Layla it's sad she's wasting them on just genuinely low quality ink. The content is very ehh but literally the quality and style is just so cheap and horrific. If they were well done they'd look cute idk why they can't find legit artists ?

No. 519385

Correction some would look cute

No. 519396

lmao bitch really, short by 486
by the time the news actually got around he probably had 1 mil

No. 519398

Just watched a lil bit of Layla’s dj set on her live. If girl wants to come up as a dj she needs to practice before her gigs… not during. Yikes.

No. 519412

Her dj skills suck, theres no originality whatsoever, just playing hits

No. 519441

damn the people under her last photo are unnecessarily rude. “i liked you better with peep” uhhh he’s dead. “tyler deserved better”’ why? because he was an overweight shut in heroin user? come on

No. 519474


Does she use effects? Looping? Mix? At least beatmatch?

No. 519578

No one cares but you peepette.

No. 519579

File: 1520090645319.jpeg (466.22 KB, 750x911, 1E1D6A00-D9D0-4B70-933A-B67464…)

No. 519582

Leave, we don't speculate dead men's fame in here(mini-modding)

No. 519607

File: 1520092286299.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-03-12-23-21…)

No. 519608

File: 1520092349976.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-03-12-23-26…)

… fuck

No. 519620

File: 1520093151820.png (313.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-03-07-39-58…)

No. 519621

File: 1520093194721.png (323.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-03-07-39-50…)

No. 519643

If she really did love him then it must drive her mad seeing all these people use Peep’s name as a way of gaining some notoriety just for being a cum dumpster

No. 519657

She's talking about this site and the people here.

No. 519669

Lmafo I thought this was Cody and bella and was so confused about why you were posting them contextless.

Honestly we’re pretty nice to her now, especially about peep, lik aside from one or 2 people that are dead set on the peep hating or being used by all his friends/gfs narrative. If people are really going in like this >>519441 we’re nothing.

No. 519695

File: 1520099382724.jpeg (141.74 KB, 750x394, 2D99C62C-40A7-46A3-A92B-21367A…)

jenny commenting in layla’s recent pic of her and luke

No. 519698

Nah. It’s def the comments section of her latest insta post. Not gonna lie it’s really brutal in there, Hard to read tbh. Hardcore peep/pepper fans are prettyyyyyy disgusting
Even Gma peep made an appearance to lessen the sting and try to calm shit down.

No. 519710

Damn I thought people here were heartless but these comments are on a whole new level. These people are insane like she obviously likes blonde white guys but luke is not a peep look alike to me the fuckkk

No. 519720

lmao he and peep look nothing alike, his stans are crazy. just because he has a couple tattoos and is thin and peep happened to have blonde hair for like a month does not mean she is actively looking for someone who looks like him.

No. 519773

I’m happy gma peep is here for Layla this is gut wrenching to read tho.

Part of it is prob that Luke is a non clouty dude so he's just Layla’s new man to this crowd and he has no fans of his own to Stan the relationship/offset the angry tyler stans, idk the influx of psycho peepetttes tho did one of the conspiracy theory instagram post her?

No. 519866

The comments aren't even that bad imo, she gets hate comments nonstop I don't see how these are that bad? They're just calling her out for being a groupie ho who uses every guy she can because they're dumb enough to let her. She really has absolutely no room to argue that all she is is a dirty fuckhole.

No. 519876

I dunno why people think this luke is a good guy and cute. Honestly he seems like another fuckboy just not on drugs and hes definatly not attractive

No. 519983

No. 519993

File: 1520123885965.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_2018-03-03-21-21-45…)

No. 520016

lol she’s just dating a new guy after (thank god) breaking up with tyler. i’m not even a fan how is she a groupie when she has more clout than both luke and tyler?

No. 520094

This is so similar and sad. Be that as it may, Layla is the only one who can suffer for Peep. I do not even like Layla but it is not necessary to be a big fan to realize what Peep's possession and obsession towards her…

No. 520119

this is cute annnnnnnnd he looks a lot like peep

No. 520123

this shit is so fucking cringy. both these couples were fame chasing druggies, but layla and peep's relationship was a goddamn joke. people were actually fucking laughing at their childish dumbass antics, together and apart they were both milky and stupid as shit. layla is obsessed with him even in death and gus seemed to be indifferent to any of his hoes, just being angry when a past hoe would move on cause it'd mean he'd longer have control over them.

No. 520130

really wish she would just @ people at this point but i can see how it's 'classier' if she doesn't. she just has every right to and people like arzyalea fucking suck and are legit sociopaths. and idk if anyone noticed but bella thorn likes arzyalea's photos of her and peep it's fucked up.

but i can see the other side of it where peep was well aware of who he was fucking and maybe layla needs to open her eyes about that and forgive herself for getting involved with a man equally consumed with his image as the girls he dated. i'd hate for her to carry this her whole life

No. 520135

File: 1520133384165.png (55.19 KB, 746x482, IMG_1689.PNG)

No. 520140

you can't even spell definitely with auto-correct your opinion doesn't mean shit.

you understand that all the misogynist language you use is just a reflection of your nonexistent self worth, right? who hurt you? peep was "just a dildo" to so many women who now romanticize him. it can work both ways, why are you mad layla dated some well known dudes, why are they on such a pedestal? peep literally fucked RANDOM girls constantly and if he didn't pass anything on it's a miracle. layla isn't dirty or a groupie, she does some silly shit but it's pretty fucking standard to date others in your friend group. get over it.

No. 520199

File: 1520139102883.jpeg (72.44 KB, 750x815, A066E2C2-7568-4EB1-B916-5EE4F4…)

No. 520201

File: 1520139411015.png (882.91 KB, 1125x2436, D30C2486-C3EC-49A7-9880-17F76C…)

No. 520203

what a trash piece of shit, i hate him so much

No. 520219

I saw this … wtf how could the FBI shut down a show? Is he actually delusional or is there some legal shit he's involved with rn

No. 520226

File: 1520142707864.png (138.63 KB, 1276x538, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 23.5…)

Next picture I'll post is the comments from this tweet.

No. 520229

File: 1520142745764.png (141.58 KB, 1270x584, Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 23.5…)

(Comments from previous post)

No. 520269

File: 1520146430095.jpeg (475.16 KB, 1125x1863, 3626351A-38E7-44B8-870C-3A7F63…)

His show in nyc got shut down as he was supposed to go on stage 2 weeks ago and he got either locked up or sent to psych hold no ones really sure on the details, some ppl say coke possession others say a gun scare, but he was actually gone for a concerning amount of time. These are from Jan 15

No. 520286

what the fuck is it with cokeheads that end up being pedophiles who also joke about shit like mass shootings. i hope he gets fucking sectioned he's a proven danger to kids and now he's threatening this for recognition. hate his ass.

tyler is a duckweed with no idea of how to improve himself, once a bitchboy always a bitchboy. he has no where to go but down. after his fake suicide stunt i hope karma truly fucks him over.

No. 520364

File: 1520167743606.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 137.29 KB, 640x1136, D93F6A1A-B09F-4D8F-8CBB-7D0A27…)

Did anyone see the live where Tracy said this?

No. 520366

Jesus fuck, Tracy really is a piece of shit. Peep kept terrible company.

No. 520732

File: 1520206890410.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1517, AAA88C9B-D365-40BF-836B-86B727…)

lmao Layla smoking a cig on a red carpet

No. 520740

Wow, I never realized how large her head is. She looks like a little old lady. They both look terrible.

No. 520770

Lol they just went to look at the Red carpet as spectators. but for the Mexican press their looks and so strange way of dressing was reason for him to pose there. for the same reason he was allowed to light a cigarette and they were invited to an interview …

No. 520776

She looks like a midget how tall is she O_o

No. 520788

5 foot 1 iirc

No. 520863

File: 1520219325224.jpeg (140.27 KB, 750x1334, EE80841C-B652-40AC-AC63-AE38AA…)

did anyone see who was on adam22s live? he said he wants to check her music out and seemed interested

No. 520897

lmao shut up chelji. This dude makes a living off of telling SoundCloud nobodies he’ll check out their music.

No. 520913

>>520863 Nice try chelji, now get out of here

No. 520969

File: 1520229845455.jpeg (198.9 KB, 1124x766, 72E90FB0-A5D2-4940-A2EA-01DF60…)

I wasn’t gonna post about it but this bitch is on her twitter bragging about going live with adam22 like it’s some sort of accomplishment.

Adam asked her what kind of job she had to be able to have face tattoos, asks if she has a private snap. She says “no I make music but I’m quite shit at it” he says send me some tracks I might listen. Meanwhile comethazine (some soundclout rapper working with Adam) is in the comments straight roasting her, but of course she grabs the screen that shows a comment about her getting “famous” for being in the live.


No. 520971

File: 1520229947574.jpeg (197.36 KB, 1124x858, 3D3FC956-99E6-490F-8577-36CD86…)

Comethazine read her as a try-hard so quick

No. 521126

File: 1520253815274.jpeg (387.33 KB, 1125x1964, 975251E0-7E8D-46B9-95ED-31C1DF…)

Fish narc getting on the defensive from peep stans accusing him and GBC of shit

No. 521167

File: 1520259904481.png (84.26 KB, 800x800, 20180283_469379.png)

Is chelji's new song about peep and how she was just a cum dump for him?

No. 521172

who did she send this to?

No. 521187

No. 521190

it’s because you look like you have fetal alcohol syndrome, chelji.

No. 521244

Rofl chelji live on a aging rap fanboy pedophile's channel. Watch out, world!

No. 521290

File: 1520272127375.gif (383.38 KB, 320x200, fun_size.gif)

Hyper feminine. I bet she loves it!

No. 521509

When you gonna drop those poems, grosso?

No. 521523

We accept opinions on Layla when they aren't horribly racist. You can delete your comment or get banned for a week, as I have reported it.

No. 521536

Thanks for doing the lort’s work anon

No. 521539

That person is lame but I thought racism was chill as long as it’s not explicitly racebaiting

No. 521547

It wasn't even racist. Laylas Jewish and they called her a Jewbag for boating bout stealing shit….

No. 521548


No. 521597

Lol motelroses is posting her nudes on reddit right now. Thought you had to pay for her private snap for nudes? Lol(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 521633

Do you know what an IMAGE BOARD is? Fucking morons I swear

No. 521643

File: 1520296802825.png (333.45 KB, 800x1280, 1520275666153.png)

Bragging about how sloppy her work is and how they put no effort into it

No. 521644

File: 1520296892635.png (Spoiler Image, 124.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3571.PNG)


No. 521651

I feel weird looking at this because she has the body of an actual child

No. 521654

Same also the fact that she's looking for sd's on REDDIT wtf

No. 521655

File: 1520297430886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 262.44 KB, 1932x2576, zvzmbthghuj01.jpg)

No. 521665

And is marketing herself a lolita. This is just gross. Also, is she aware she can make money other ways then showing her nudes to nasty old men? This girl is a mess

No. 521679

Her voice is auto-tuned beyond recognition. Sounds like a robot.

No. 521696

New cleji song is out and she retweeted adam22 doubt he's gonna peep it Lol

No. 521702

File: 1520302044174.png (52.32 KB, 610x343, chelji.png)

Smokeasac just denounced chelji on twitter lmao

No. 521716

File: 1520303317741.jpeg (327.27 KB, 750x964, 76E89FCD-33CE-47A5-ACAB-3A496E…)

This girl is absolutely pathetic. What was said doesn’t even count as defamation lol

No. 521717

is she forgetting the part where she can’t afford a lawyer?

No. 521719

Let's play a game with a lawyer?? lol. She can't even threaten someone convincingly. She is so embarrassing.

No. 521725

File: 1520304109176.png (26.77 KB, 800x143, 15279942.png)

So chelji is a neet?

No. 521738

her song is actually really good. chelj is next.(no one cares)

No. 521740

Fuck off and learn to sage for the millionth time

No. 521754

File: 1520306843495.jpeg (138.29 KB, 750x1045, 596DE2DB-4ED5-48FF-B37F-AB8EA1…)

No. 521755

File: 1520306860234.jpeg (240.94 KB, 750x841, BD953B2D-7702-4172-A1C7-832E72…)

No. 521758

File: 1520306906219.jpg (49.4 KB, 640x959, fishbuttlol.jpg)

I called fish narc out on this post in his dms he claims Gus fed him half of one the fentanyl laced pills so he overdosed on the tour bus too, he also claims the label's lawyers told them not to speak about it and that's why GBC hasn't made a statement but it doesn't add up

the police report saw no signs of fish narcs overdose, according to Jenny he was punching walls and screaming at the police while claiming he was Gus's manager

he is also continuing to push the blame on Mariah Bons despite the investigation dismissing her implication

No. 521760

File: 1520306994862.jpg (109.89 KB, 637x1030, fishbutt.jpg)


hoping the police report to becomes public soon we find out what really happen that night

No. 521779

File: 1520309640296.png (501.65 KB, 998x824, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 22.0…)

She ofc deleted this tweet already. She should quit music and work at a circus magic act. Already looks like a clown freak and is really good at making shit disappear.

No. 521781

You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re wrong.

I’m LIVING for the smokesac exposé. I’m sorry to all the anons that hate having her discussed on here, but its been so satisfying watching this dumpster fire progress.

I wonder what made smoke come out of his social media break to publicly denounce her?

No. 521788

corgi you fucking idiot you responded to him publicly instead of messaging him 'like an adult'. i wish she actually would never talk about peep again. if you take their personalities out of the situation it's kind of shitty for smoke to hate on corgi when no matter what peep just manipulated the fuck out of her and used her, a part of him was still attracted to her and enjoyed having her around in some capacity. i wish she would log the fuck off and figure her life out but peep chose this idiot.

everything about this makes me regret trying to humanize her, but she's uneducated, poor as fuck, and comes from a bad family. i don't know why she's trying to spotlight herself at this low point in her life though?


adam is gas lighting her, that's what he does he would genuinely get off on destroying her life.

this is like bexey levels of blame shifting, they all thought they were untouchable and now they're acting like children trying to put it on some teenage girl for delivering pills. doubt he overdosed if he was up punching walls saying he was peep's manager when the cops were there.

No. 521798

I've literally never seen anyone arise to this level of internet embarrassment and hate within a sub group of famous people. This bitch is crazy there's really no more succinct way to say it. She needs to get tf off social media like yesterday. How does she not realize she's just digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole? It's still literally mind boggling how people follow her and go along with her facade. Hell this bitch is so crazy that when this all happened before the truth on her was exposed I legit thought they were actually friends or whatever. She's really pulled some insane ass scheme for her 15 mins of infamy but someone needs to get their potato

No. 521800

Wow she literally referenced / said the word spotlight in this new song. TBH maybe that's what set smoke off I really can't imagine this getting more cringed unless she name dropped him In a song which I wouldn't put past her

No. 521805

File: 1520313734757.jpeg (348.46 KB, 1125x941, A98E231E-5FAB-4ECD-B56D-2FFAAF…)

aaaaaaand queue downward spiral

No. 521808

File: 1520314037471.png (235.38 KB, 1168x828, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 23.2…)

"so much good shit"
"I hope I die"
OK Pepper

No. 521810

What the fuck is with these nerds not being able to handle their shit without IMMEDIATELY mentioning death/suicide?! Grow the fuck up and learn how to process your emotions. Stop deflecting and start reflecting you absolutely idiotic, pathological spud.

I vote to tie corgi and pepper together and fling them into the god damn sun.

No. 521811

File: 1520314495371.png (46.3 KB, 726x172, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 23.3…)

Chili cheese's clout court lawyer just ordered her to release this official statement.

No. 521824

File: 1520316987507.png (53.65 KB, 878x176, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 00.1…)

Just embrace the fact you were the equivalent of a homemade pocket pussy with a built in heat source & fck the haters grl xo

No. 521840

Agree, I pity her to some degree, but the guy was also high 90% of the time, so I question how much he really liked any of his 'hoes, and all of his grieving girls kind of really need to realize their relationships were more than likely mostly manipulation and narc fodder anyways. I wonder why Dylan decided to go off.

LMAO this is fucking hilarious, really. Does Dylan still associate w all of the guys that stole a dead man's clothes? He seemed like a pretty legit friend, comparatively. I don't like chili, but if he's any kind of friend, he needs to denounce and back off his association w all these literal skin walking vultures that peeled his clothes off his tour bus and dead body

No. 521850


two threads ago i did the same to layla and was the one who kept encouraging her to move to another big city and get sober. she did all the work so it's ok when the supportive shit i wrote ended up reworded in her IG stories. these people are so painfully insecure it's obvious they lurk here but at least layla internalized what we said and changed.

corgi doesn't get defended and it's for good fucking reason. she acts like she didn't make official statements about peep's death, argue with his own fucking gma who he adored, post creeper pictures of him, constantly namedrop and spin the story about how they spent time, wear his stolen clothes and post about it here, get the played out fetish term 'good girl' he used on her as a sideburn tattoo, dickride mackned until he was done using her as a mouthpiece, steal artwork, and shamelessly re-appropriate love gang from horse until he called her out and STILL DIDN'T REMOVE IT FROM HER DAMN USERNAME, all of this what within the past month or so?

and now she's pulling a fucking pepper ann and talking about suicide when she has NO history of it. people who really suffer from that shit try to help other people from what they're going through and prevent other people from suffering, not further the stigma that suicidal people reach out for "attention" which is exactly what she's doing.

everyone in this thread established adam as a predator and this fuckwit decides to hit him up while actively insulting her own music so he knows she's spineless and clueless as shit. can she direct herself to the kiki kannibal thread because that's the future her garbage attitude is going to earn her.

No. 521852

Excuse you kiki at the every least had real relavance and tragedy in her life when she was a scene queen. Chel is just pathetic on all levels, I doubt Adam even wants her, he has standards.

No. 521856

for fucks sake corgi just apologize to smoke and make an apology for your behavior, take a few weeks off, never speak about it again. you are a fucking asshole and always have been how do you expect anyone to take your side you are so fucking unlikeable I'm driving myself insane trying to reason her shit because i just feel bad about insulting someone this stupid. i have a high threshold for this but i think she's the first one i truly cannot stand.


very true, i have empathy because he was a junkie but to whatever capacity he did choose them. it's very likely he was burnt the fuck out and used her because she has no self esteem and posed as completely nonthreatening, especially compared to the girls he used for their images.

haha you're right, i just meant is very generally. kiki had a trash attitude and was fucking hated for it, i think corgi is trying to recreate that 'haters make me famous' brand not realizing how meticulous kiki was and yet it got her no where despite it being a novelty at the time. I'm positive adam is disgusted by her but would love to gain narcissistic supply by crushing her. he is subhuman.

No. 521865

File: 1520325615342.png (100.96 KB, 639x1014, IMG_3573.PNG)

Yes Corey expose her love of shopping for the gram

No. 521904

you are a 19 year old with three incredibly shitty face tattoos ingrained on you forever and you're using a recently deceased man's dick in efforts to elevate your delusional soundclout career that is very obviously relying on your iphone mic (and not even in a cool self-made lofi kind of way, it's just fuckin shit mate. you can't even stay on beat)
it's hard not to judge, really

No. 521908

“my sober streak of 5 years” so you got “sober” at 14? lmao classy

No. 521920

Damn. I can't believe I'm older than chili. She really ages just as fast as Layla

No. 521924

I hate when people who have only smoked weed refer to themselves as "sober"
You don't know how hard it is to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, Chelji. You're just straight edge

No. 521933

File: 1520339269953.png (33.73 KB, 576x571, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.2…)

by the time i tried opening the picture she had deleted but basically it was a dm from the nobody she's collabing saying "i've privated the song due to what's happening with you and smokeasac. can't risk reputation"
i'm high key living for this karma that's finally catching up

No. 521935

File: 1520339416044.png (122.16 KB, 1178x398, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 06.2…)

No. 521974

File: 1520343509307.jpeg (141.79 KB, 1125x878, 9ABCE85F-9C38-44FD-A864-585B45…)

YOOO she posted the song on her SoundCloud page anyways!!!
Holy shit what a fucking idiot omg corgi I wanna tell you to stop to protect your last shred of dignity but this is toooo good.

No. 521985

Yh,lol because she hardly appears on it!

No. 522015

File: 1520348471075.jpeg (563.92 KB, 750x1291, F54693D0-88BC-49FD-A10D-B6B4C3…)

Chelji literally just had an article posted Bringing up her conflicts with too poor, Jenny, and Smokeasac. This is absolutely pathetic. She’s milking all her drama for attention.

No. 522023

File: 1520349270948.jpeg (338.1 KB, 750x1030, C4BF0701-324C-4D77-A34D-D84E3B…)

Layla has responded.

No. 522025

File: 1520349326497.jpeg (118.14 KB, 750x373, 29C00B96-2644-4FED-82CF-306FA8…)

No. 522026

LMAO she’s done for with multiple people calling her out. All those face tats for nothing.

No. 522027

File: 1520349670825.jpeg (240.4 KB, 750x861, 062F4CEF-2105-41CD-8A30-45576E…)

No. 522029

File: 1520349794974.png (92.18 KB, 597x424, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.23…)


No. 522031

She posted something about peep this past month and wasn't she saying she was going to London to beaut up layla when Tyler called her out? she needs to just apologize if she wants to give her already terrible music a fighting chance to make it. Right now shes burning bridges like crazy and no one will won't go work with her, and connections are really important in the music industry. As go Jenny, she was the one helping her solve peeps murder but after how nice his family was to her, even wanting to come defend her here, she decided to publically call her out. She literally ruined her own life.

No. 522032

File: 1520350216432.png (138.12 KB, 640x1050, IMG_1711.PNG)

This is the whackest shit i have read, what kind of 'interview' ends like this? bitch probably wrote the whole thing herself and sent it to the blog lmao i mean the shit spelling alone adds up.

No. 522041

File: 1520350661370.png (96.21 KB, 580x438, Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.28…)

jello is still butthurt about layla unfollowing her lol grow up

yeah and where's this stuff about exposing like 10 people?

No. 522044

File: 1520351083442.jpeg (84.41 KB, 1125x371, B9E0DAD2-0F1A-47EE-93A4-2BF2E8…)

Layla’s gotta be in here keeping up with this shit show. HI TP! Thanks for adding to cheljis shitpile downfall.

Corgi you’re fucking canceled.

No. 522047

File: 1520351810732.jpeg (68.71 KB, 1242x608, 5BEBD40C-F5EA-4FBF-B509-CBE09E…)

No. 522048

forgot to add, she deleted everything to do with the situation

No. 522052

File: 1520351996530.jpeg (131.78 KB, 1125x329, F8FA835A-7C3A-4AB4-A1A9-257323…)

Please let this be the one time she tells the truth

No. 522053

File: 1520352066877.png (77.64 KB, 597x487, 853279963.png)

Chelji's liked tweets

No. 522054

File: 1520352092036.png (41.8 KB, 599x247, 577532467.png)

No. 522057

File: 1520352480751.jpeg (49.43 KB, 575x1024, DXncUQpWAAAt2WD.jpeg)

No. 522077

File: 1520355405137.jpeg (281.25 KB, 1125x590, A7269B4D-4ABC-4C19-8971-AE3E72…)

She removed it from her page too which is weird because stealing art is like, her thing

No. 522104

Smokeasac tweeted he didn’t affiliate with GBC and is with moneyposse

No. 522106

I doubt no jumper will be interviewing this train wreck any time soon

No. 522143

File: 1520360892435.png (665.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4983.PNG)

It must suck to be the only utmost uneducated person in the world, to not know the difference between fame and infamy.

No. 522144

We are only reading the article for a good laugh on the toilet, baby

No. 522147

literally while im getting paid to be in the bathroom at work lmao

No. 522149

File: 1520361096062.png (68.25 KB, 800x1280, 83725627263.png)

What impact lmao? Most people probably read the article because layla was retweeting about it.

No. 522179

Anyone notices how everyone chili has reached out to has been kind to her (tp, grandma etc.), but after some time they hate her. Gee, I wonder why. 🙄

No. 522191

I legit am starting to wonder if something is up with chelji's mental capacity. It's like she can't keep from making a horse's ass of herself at every turn. Then when people call her out on the shameful, embarrassing shit she does, she still has the unmitigated gall to pull out the "i'm not afraid to speak my mind, fuck the haterz" is it medically possible to be born without self-awareness?

No. 522192

this bitch is ruthless and disgusting. I wouldn't want to leave my house if I were her, she's lucky this is still kind of an underground issue if this was a major mainstream artist person she would be in such a worse position. Watching a bitch ruin her life and image permanently over the past few months has been quite entertaining but enough is enough. She literally could have just stopped after the memorial and stayed polite and no one would bother her. There's SO MANY another bitches who had a one night or two nights with peep that posted once about his death and haven't been heard from again. Hell there's probabaly dozens who never said anything. This cunt has swerved so far out of her lane there's no getting back. There is no other explanation other than downs at this point. Peep would literally kill this bitch if he saw what he was doing to his most loved people just disgusting

No. 522202

I really don't feel bad for Chelsea/Chelji. I know she's young and has a lot to learn, but she's a compulsive liar that's dug her own grave. She should have kept her mouth shut… but at the same time, her life must be extremely boring - which only proves that the time spent with Peep was likely the highlight of her existence. She should get a job and stop trying to hustle kids off the internet. She ain't nothing but a potato looking cum dumpster.

No. 522223

Chelji just looks so old… Like I looked at one of her pics and I thought she was 25 tbh….

No. 522233


No. 522239

please stop associating chelsea with beautiful beings such as corgis

No. 522240

dude layla is being a fucking SAINT right now, corgi is the dumb whore that peep cheated on her with. i have absolutely no fucking idea why layla has always been so nice to her ?????????? but then again she's never said anything shitty about anyone besides peep (correct me if i'm wrong please). maybe she's actually a really nice person or a huge doormat i can't tell but, respect. though corgi deserves it.

No. 522246

layla is an enormous doormat

No. 522259

DAMN. I'm trying to decide what the best part of the potato's epic meltdown was - the ridiculous blog "interview" written by one of her dozens of 14 year-old fans or Layla finally giving her the dragging she's been asking for since this whole thing started? Either way, wow. Chelji you might be the cringiest person in the SoundClout universe right now, which is a very high bar to clear. Way to go!

No. 522277

Stop praising layla so fucking much lately damn. She's only pulling this "nice" fake positive, love urself crap because of all the horrible shit she's done the past year or so. She's not a nice person, she's a toxic jerk who glorifies mental illness/ addiction when she's a dumb white girl who can't handle her drugs so she plays this manic,psycho broken girl after peep left her ass because she was toxic as fuck and probably the worst thing that happened to him. People still trying to "ship her n peep as this perfect relationship that wasn't the case at all, peep hated layla before he died, she was sending him stuff regarding her and Tyler just to fuck with him the day before he died…layla is a horrible person, That's it.

No. 522307

She's not great and I do think peep resented her, but he deserved her fucking w him w the way he humiliated her knowing how obsessed she was w him. Sorry, they were both garbage. Only difference is that peeps talent could partially offset his horrible behaviour

No. 522312

again a Peep fans talking shit ….

No. 522328


Literally none of the people in this thread are angels. Not peep, not layla, not pepper or any of them. Relax, drop the stan goggles and just enjoy the milk.

No. 522331

File: 1520373666302.png (2.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180306-140009.png)

Lol tylers "friend" with toopoor's pillow. lmao

No. 522369

Just waiting for layla to do some dumb shit tbh

No. 522395

Never sent him anything of me and tyler to clear the air. You don’t know me. At all. or what any of us have been through. and sue me for trying to better myself and use my voice for something positive for once. after getting the help i needed i wanted to be able to provide that to kids who look up to me. that is all

No. 522398

I don't know how much of this thread you've followed but most people seem to agree that you're doing good.

No. 522403

How bout instead of using your "voice" (you smoke so many cigs you ain't gonna have a voice very long) you shut the fuck up because nobody cares. Oh getting flown out to London and mooching off of the first random you find is turning your life around???? What a great role model LOL

No. 522409

If you don't care, stop posting

No. 522412

I'm convinced the anti- too poor posts are from cloutgrubbing potato. Yall see she interviewed herself? Kek

No. 522418

Are we supposed to believe this is Layla?

No. 522423

I mean, this is still a gossip site. Layla still has a lot of people that don’t like her, even if at this point they have to be stupid reasons.

I’ve personally been rooting for her for awhile but the revisionist take on Layla and peep is pretty funny since when it was happening everyone on here was calling Layla a manipulative bpd bitch, it was a part of her brand at the time even to be “crazy but worth it” and Corey called her abusive. Peep ovbs wasn’t an innocent party and didn’t hate her when he died tho, they were still playing the stupid jealousy/power games they played with each other up until he died I’m sure.

No. 522437

Layla was a piece of shit, is still a cringy attention whore who can't function without a man w money, buuuut that's nothing compared to chelji. chelji is the definition of useless and the only thing layla has going for her is that she's at least handling everything involving peep's death with respect. chelji, we know you read, just stop this shit and go to school and do some shit with your life, you have no talent, your tattoos look fucking ridiculous and bad, and stop trynna play this dumb ass clout game with pedophiles and junkies

No. 522666

Sage but most people who have been here since thread 1 now think Layla is a good person at heart so if you’re a new jack or downs potato/pepper Ann/peep stan then feel free to fuck off. GO LAYLA! We support you!

No. 522674


No. 522679

YES ROOTING FOR YOU LAYLA. keep it UP. Potato go down in hell

No. 522686

File: 1520389951034.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1282, 6363583C-C333-4D38-AC08-099ECC…)

Photo shoot Layla and Luke did today for a magazine in Mexico. Posted on Layla’s insta story.

No. 522760

this is fucking potato can her posts PLEASE just get marked this is ridiculous

No. 522825

Fucking god. Chelji is about as cool and interesting as colon cancer yet legit thinks she is an entertainer. She gets dragged to hell so often that i almost think she enjoys being humiliated. Potato, we are not laughing with you, you terribly tattooed dingbat

No. 522834

she got good girl tattooed as a side burn of course she loves being humiliated

No. 522859

Please no, it would only serve her deformed ego and they are easy to spot already.

No. 522897

Idk personally, I still don't like her but it's not because she's doing anything bad it's not even just her it's most of these SoundCloud people and underground scene people I just don't like them for their contrived fake dirty living I don't like people who come from middle-class living or the suburbs and then act like they've been poor and struggling and like they're just naturally like that because they're not it's just an image
I hate their style and the clothes they wear how they keep their homes it's all just so contrived and fake, most of them are all privileged white assholes, that have never seen true Financial struggle and just like to look poor and dirty because they think it looks cool?
Its insulting to ppl like me who really did live that life
But nobody wants to hear my blog lol sorry

No. 523004

oh my fucking god this is exactly how she types I'm dead dude

No. 523016

stans are the worssst

agreed she's improved a lot and even if there are people who are sus that she's still going to go back to her same old habits there's no real reason to rip her apart right now when she's actively trying to fix herself

proud of you layla

No. 523017

Ugh, and to think that she told Jenny all about that just after she had lost her grandson but was kind and gracious enough to be interacting with fans and so called friends….

No. 523018

Sorry, forgot to sage. ;)

No. 523064

File: 1520431204561.png (2.4 KB, 232x85, ukla.PNG)

sorry if this has already been mentioned & i missed it, & also sorry for bringing up chili dog when she doesnt deserve it (at all) but i cant get past the fact that she went and aimlessly wandered california for a week or two… and now she's got LA in her bio reppin it like shes got property there or somethin. delusions are such a treat arent they!

No. 523091

Did she plan on completely relocating to LA and fail miserably or was it a planned 2 week trip?

No. 523095

She said she had a record deal and was going to buy a house and car when she got to LA.
Ended up sleeping in a car and hotel lobby for most of her trip.

No. 523100

File: 1520437499955.jpeg (193 KB, 1125x1627, DDF640BB-D0F8-41EC-B02C-B57186…)

More people profiting off his death

No. 523102

File: 1520437523164.jpeg (296.81 KB, 1125x1726, 53235A7A-4579-48F0-86EF-F53F96…)

No. 523103

File: 1520437551979.jpeg (227.49 KB, 1125x1833, 4A38F21A-0745-4566-A106-A45207…)

I find it odd Spotify let this be posted as an album

No. 523108

She posted a screenshot that said she was approved for her visa but conveniently cropped out the part where it said what kind of visa she had. Hyped up her trip for so long despite her not even buying her plane ticket yet. Said she was going to help her friend find a house once she went to la, presumably because she was going to "buy a house" in la. I think she knew all along that she wasn't going to stay there long term and that it was nothing more than a vacation, but she pretended she was moving there to make herself to seem more important than she is. And her record deal was bullshit. She stayed in her hotel room most of the time. A hotel that was probably so shit she had to go another hotel and post pictures in their lobby and outside of it, despite her geotag on one of her insta photos showing that she was staying at a different hotel. Literally went out like twice, and neither of them was at any studio or music related.

No. 523111

File: 1520438106091.jpeg (193.05 KB, 1125x446, 8352D9D2-02DA-43C4-A8BC-B58A59…)

Chili has one of her child stans brainwashed into thinking she’s getting so much shit right now because her song is too “fire”.
I FUCKING CANT. someone admit this bitch into the psych ward. iirc you have to have a break from reality to be considered psychotic…. and she clearly has NO grasp on reality.

No. 523112

The whole scene is so shambolic you can forgive Spotify for not knowing what's legit.

No. 523113

>Literally went out like twice, and neither of them was at any studio or music related.

Lol never forget that one of them was to get naked for rawska on a pile of his shitty T-shirt’s…. and she cropped her own face from the photo.

No. 523119

File: 1520439369290.png (13.14 KB, 598x64, 64433457.png)

No. 523144

We'll let's not forget that she literally GOT ARRESTED a few days after she got here, maybe she planned to stay longer but got her ass deported, which is 10x funnier

No. 523153

File: 1520442918842.png (163.29 KB, 856x460, potato-salad.PNG)

you gotta be acting dumb outlandish to get yourself arrested in california, the most lenient place in the united states. how you get arrested when ur cooped up in a motel/trotting about on foot all day? aint got no car to pull over. pot is rec now so i can't see how it'd be that. she had to of been walking around open intox with a pint of fireball in hand or something. can't think of anything else. i tried searching for mugshots, yielded none. however i did find this twitter account for 'chelsea dann' that isnt active and has spam/bot activity from the past but strangely enough the avi looks like a young toejam.. sans the shit stain face tatz. thoughts? or am i too, delusional…

No. 523159

No. 523161

That’s her, I’ve tagged her in it on ig when she posted a pic of me to try and get her followers to attack me over a decent selfie lol. Then she posted it and said it was her

No. 523163

Apparently her internet friend lolabunny(?) who she hooked up with stole a car!

No. 523165

Her friend stole a car and got arrested. Chelji was in police custody for a few hours because she was with her car stealing friend at the time she got caught. Chelji was let off the hook because she didn’t know the car was stolen, so there is no mugshot. Top kek

No. 523169

>>523165 How could you possibly know this?

No. 523173

Chelji posted about being arrested….she deletes stuff all the time tho

No. 523263

not that i miss her or anything, but has anyone else noticed how hotelshrimp went from posting a million ig stories a day and hinting at a youtube channel to not posting anything ever on social media? did her face go dorian gray on her completely or what?

No. 523269

Whoa weird I was just thinking that!!!

Corey posted this dig at cass’s obsession with photoshop. She hasn’t been in his story lately either.
She mentioned in her Japan stories that she was driving Corey crazy. Wonder if she annoyed him so much that he left her as soon as they got back?

Layla was on Luke’s live last night when someone asked if her and Cassidy were still friends. She said “idk do you unfollow your friends on Instagram?” Wish I had a way to post lives, I know it’s an image board, I’m sorry. Saging for no receipts

No. 523295

Know who else has gone pretty quiet? Pepper… at least on Instagram. Still posting about hoodies and Paris on Twitter though…

No. 523314

Probably because he’s obviously losing the post breakup flex.
Layla went and got a hot dude and started traveling the world, doing photo shoots, DJing MTV gigs, the whole Mexican Grammys thing… This is the life he pretends/wishes to live but really he’s still eating fast food, smoking H, & selling bootleg T-shirt’s.

No. 523320

he looks sooo nasty rn he's probably hiding himself away lolll

No. 523367

File: 1520453947004.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 2160FC14-EFB5-4122-8D8E-F048C1…)

Do you guys think this a sponsored post?? She’s behaving pretty unprofessionally during the video but the hashtags seem fishy/sponsored. Also yikes that bald spot.

No. 523375

File: 1520454365128.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2683.PNG)

Maybe it's for the better that she went into hiding, she looks absolutely hideous. I can't believe how much she's changed considering she used to be really hot just a few months ago and now she's a total fucking mess. I'd blame the drugs but she spent last month+ in Japan and apparently it's hard to get any drugs there

No. 523379

it's a shame she's sober and looks that dried up. the stark difference between the shooped pictures she posts and the thin-lipped bird beak nosed dry pasty skinned videos she posts of herself on her stories are eerie. i don't think it's a sponsored post at all though, i think she just liked staying there

No. 523415

Well he's going to be completely insufferable when the tour starts so perhaps this is just the calm before the storm

No. 523417

People always nitpicking her appearance in the harshest way possible… always makes me wonder if it's potato…

No. 523430

Watching her walk around on the bed/sheets with shoes on and screaming HELLLOOOO out the window omfg I can't with this, she's so annoying SOBER too. she was like a million times more insufferable to watch while she was on drugs or drunk but god she just pisses me off everything she does is so fucking obnoxious

No. 523436

>>523417 not everyone that doesn't like layla is chili, they're both awful, just different types and levels of awful. nowadays, layla is mostly just awful to look at

No. 523439

THANK YOU. are we supposed to act like being loud and acting like a brat is charming?

No. 523443

All of these girls smoke so much… even juul is not good for your skin. Plus drinking… she needs to hydrate.

No. 523458

File: 1520458329956.png (914.09 KB, 800x1280, 754246.png)

No. 523459

File: 1520458351115.png (606.15 KB, 800x1280, 6643255.png)

No. 523460

File: 1520458360844.png (39.61 KB, 585x226, 632289.png)

No. 523463

Who cares, why is this worthy of posting

No. 523474

Has anyone come across tp’s old YouTube showershoe yet? There’s loads of videos of young tp, Rachel, & old friends. Kinda weird to see her so young.

No. 523483

I don't even know what I'm looking at and why are there like three potato posts in a row… sus…

No. 523484


I can't believe she didn't take at least a day off the internet after the world-class dragging she received yesterday. And LOL @ her acting like she is going between LA & the UK after she was here for like a week and did literally nothing but lurk in a hotel lobby alone and complain about how bad America sucks because she wasn't handed a record deal and millions of dollars the second she stepped off the plane. The delusion is real.

No. 523487


I think people are mostly confused as to how/why Chelji even has fans after she has been proven to be completely full of shit about pretty much everything.

No. 523526

i think it’s pretty obvious at this point that chelji and her “fans” are promoting her in this thread.

No. 523527

just link it.

No. 523534

Honestly true just surprised I haven’t seen any acknowledgment from grandma or mama peep about it

No. 523535

No. 523553

Damn, how did you even find that?

No. 523596

This is fucking hilarious

No. 523597

oh wow, she used to be kind of endearing. still annoying, but she was a kid and it was kind of funny that she's been on the Internet trying to get attention or trying to put herself out there for that long.

No. 523622

Aw these are kinda cute.
Saged for opinion

No. 523623


I saw it a few weeks ago when a Layla fan account popped up in my explore. I was mostly just shocked at how fat Rachel was then. She's not tiny now but she's definitely at a healthier weight.

No. 523654

File: 1520472993814.png (179.66 KB, 1170x691, img1.png)


No. 523657

File: 1520473245284.png (103.51 KB, 750x1013, IMG_0337.PNG)

sage for old post, but wtf does this even mean, she's straight edge right?

No. 523659

File: 1520473300300.jpeg (70.43 KB, 1125x515, 7ABC12A3-171E-4ABE-AA42-7E4EE0…)

No. 523662

digital druglord is an album by blackbear lol

No. 523663

File: 1520473380993.jpeg (126.55 KB, 750x946, 4A8007EF-F4D8-4DA3-A72D-08E0C4…)

“as a hardcore tupac fan” i’m cackling

No. 523665

File: 1520473489884.png (931.99 KB, 1242x2208, 1DEEFBDC-DE9F-4176-BEAA-407CC0…)

I wonder how many times she had to message Keef to get a response.

No. 523686

ot but layla’s evolution is really interesting to me. she glowed up, looking back at her old pics till now.

No. 523693

Damn girl! Wash your face, drink some water, and moisturize, for God's sake! What is she, like 20? Shame, she has a lot of potential to be really hot if she tried.

No. 523697

agreed. I hate the fake white trash thing. like you said, even how they decorate their apartments and houses is contrived. they try to come across as trashy and poor but the difference is that people who have that "aesthetic" naturally, come across as earnest in how they present themselves. these people are just so damn fake. "it takes big money to look this poor"

I agree layla has improved her public image. her behavior after Peep's death has been that of a publicist's dream client. but I can't bring myself to like her bc I know if she wanted to, she could run home tomorrow back to her cushy normie life and be fine. I don't believe the majority of her "I was TOO FUCKING POOR" pre-fame lifestyle story that was posted earlier in this thread (or maybe at the end of the last one?) I think it was extremely exaggerated at the very least

No. 523700


It's deleted already which leads me to suspect that she made a fake DM. There are literal apps that do that for you and if anyone has enough desperation and time on their hands to do so it's Chelji.

No. 523718

I honestly don't think layla was ever truly addicted to anything. she prob got drunk and took xans a lot especially during her peep phase but I'm not buying this whole addict in recovery thing she's pushing on us. it seems to be a less extreme, less corny version of spud's "I hope I don't break my 5 year sobriety" thing. YOU WERE NEVER AN ADDICT THO

No. 523743

File: 1520479931560.jpeg (464.15 KB, 2896x2896, 1518480066440.jpeg)

didn't an anon in the last thread debunk it? pic related, they made it. i've been assuming her referenced "sobriety" is just re: heroin.

No. 523754

File: 1520481396691.jpeg (330.47 KB, 1240x1538, C6112C33-A70D-48E6-B352-492B6E…)

No. 523757

This was already posted. Read the thread.

Layla’s drug use, especially during the time she spent with Tyler, has been discussed at length. Read the threads.

No. 523814

Honestly though what standards are we using? She definitely isn't a trust fund kid with a benz truck like many kids in LA whose parents are millionaires. Above average middle class at most. I feel like we should really set a boundary for what rich is because having to deal with kids wearing Cartier bracelets every day really just prevents me from seeing Layla as "rich." She has more money now then her or her family ever did imo

No. 523824

Layla is definitely upper middle class. Comfortable, not hurting for anything, but definitely not a lot of dispensable money.

No. 523825

No. 523830

The ungroomed brows make her face look especially droopy, aside from that she has a bloated alcoholic face with awful skin.
she'd look a lot brighter and fresh if she tapered the ends of her brows, exfoliated regularly/did peels, and drank a lot of water+green juice and stayed sober for a few weeks.
(You're welcome shrimp pussy)

No. 523835

what part of the country are you from because like >>523814 anon is saying, LA rich is kids with Cartier bracelets and trust funds. it's really like no where else in the country besides NYC. no one posted in this thread is truly LA rich.

also layla grew up in palmdale where it's a planned community and a lot of military families, really just google it bc i do not know what you are thinking. her family was probably slightly upper middle class before the 2007/2008 financial crisis like every other suburban white person, but her step dad or whatever idiot male figure took the 10k her family saved (again, no where near rich kid status) for her and she was on her own. she's also a community college drop out, if her family was anywhere near rich they wouldn't stand for that.

she's just average then got cut off. she was legitimately poor and tried to make it work in the city, like every other college age kid. everything else is posturing

No. 523852

File: 1520494744170.jpeg (46.24 KB, 406x507, 7348E05D-EB08-4BD4-A3DB-4CBD38…)

smellji is beans.

No. 523854

oh my fucking god i have no words for how perfect this is rip chelji
beans forever

No. 523859

Yeah Rachel was chunky. But she was a kid plus baby fat. She looks great now though

No. 523889

Not her but you guys are nitpicking it literally said she had a night out and went to bed without washing her face, hence ugly selfie as evidence. She was showing off how bad she looked like calm down. Not everyone is constantly preoccupied with their physical appearance

No. 523894

The girl literally photoshops the hell out of herself, why would she if she didn't look that hellacious pretty frequently?
She IS that preoccupied with her appearance lol
And she deserves to be nitpicked, she's a vindictive, venomous human being who flaunts shit not because she's happy, but to torment others with it.
Torment is extreme verbage, but you get what I mean. She sucks, why are you defending her?
We all know we don't look too hot after a night out, but normal not-trash people don't parade it around on the internet. They get up and wash themselves and move on with their day.
I never get the point of people on this shithole of a website policing others on their opinions about how someone looks.
It's obviously not the main focus of what makes someone a snowflake, but damn it's great when people look as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside.

No. 523918

File: 1520511874169.png (522.85 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_2018-03-08-09-01-32…)

the spotlight woman is male. and is a friend of toopoor

No. 523921

File: 1520512011418.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_2018-03-08-09-11-54…)

He owns shoph3aven and friend of 2015 from layla. that's why all the similarities to it.

No. 523922

File: 1520512037520.png (852.84 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_2018-03-08-09-10-10…)

No. 523926

File: 1520512580806.png (1.54 MB, 1834x786, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 06.3…)

Grown up Beans (Steven Anthony Lawrence) is in the Marshmello x Lil Peep "Spotlight" video.

No. 523929

Aw come on. Not everyone wants a family or a serious corporate career at 30. Also I'm not from US/UK but where I live a fair deal of people dress/act this way if they work in media and they are doing just fine.

No. 523932


I don’t know photoshop etc but can someone pleaSE JUST photoshop blonde hair, and red lips onto beans ahahahah how unfortunate looking is beanji

No. 523986

File: 1520520505000.jpeg (549.01 KB, 705x800, beansinparadise.jpeg)

i dont have photoshop on my work pc only gimp. i refuse to spend more than 20min on this but its been real yal

No. 523995

I LOVE you for extending the forehead. omfg

This isn’t a place to be nice….

No. 524016

I think I woke my housemates up by laughing, thank you

No. 524018

When people take shitty selfies AND POST THEM ONLINE they deserve to be critiqued. Look at where you are. Are you lost? Need a fucking map home?

No. 524020

Holy fuck YES

No. 524083

Layla looked fucking terrible with choppy bangs/ no eybrows

No. 524092

File: 1520533347534.jpg (86.72 KB, 1000x500, m3iy4ksU6zUx.jpg)

I actually like the short hair on her… reminds me of Natalie Portman in the professional.

No. 524096

Natalie Portman couldn't look bad if she tried. Layla just looked like an angle-faced ghoul

No. 524117

i don’t even think layla is ugly or unattractive but comparing her (or anyone) to natalie portman.. come on

No. 524157

Layla looks like a gargoyle took a frying pan to the face everywhere except where her nose/beak is. Lollll comparing her to anybody is just insane.

No. 524194

yeah everyone who does that haircut tries to emulate her (see: orangecitrus), layla, etc, but if you dont have beautiful cheekbones and facial shape, you really cant do it. laya doesn't have prominent cheekbones and a nicely shaped head. her head is actually really abnormally shaped and she needs to use whatever few hair strands she has to cover that shit up. her forehead is so severely recessed in comparison to her chin that she looks microcephalic. she can't pull off the matilda cut. she can look pretty, but ppl like natalie can cover herself in shit and look great. layla cannot. layla needs strategy.

No. 524210

Yeah honestly her head is so bizzare it really could be microphallic. I get people are about to reply to this with defenses but she doesn't have a strong profile her nose is literally a beak. All the pictures she looks the best in are the ones where her nose looks normal. Her eyes and face are cute and unique, I truly think she should invest in a nose job if she's serious about furthering her career. All the videos show the truth that the pics hide and it's not a good one

No. 524217

Why should she conform to bullshit beauty standards? I kind of like that she rocks a strong nose and doesn’t give a fuck about fixing it for other people

No. 524228

I wish she actually rocked her strong nose, all she does is hide it. She never posts her side profile and she photoshops her nose like crazy.

I also wish luke would shave his nipple hair. His bare ass chest with strong dark ass nipple hair is distracting

No. 524253

i screenshotted this on sunday and forgot to post it but i just thought it was funny how tyler thinks a signed model is trying to look like him lmao

No. 524254

File: 1520542538907.jpeg (72.84 KB, 1242x363, 688D5B15-A158-4444-B96D-82A8AE…)

No. 524323

File: 1520546053258.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, 1520544421116.png)

Somebody posted Some screenshots of layla and Tyler's "foil art" after doing H on the holli/lillith thread. so there's some actual proof that dirty ass was doing heroin, lovely!!!

No. 524325

File: 1520546104674.png (6.21 MB, 1242x2208, 1520544504370.png)

No. 524359

and in pictures where other people take her photo and she can't shoop, she covers her beak with her hair and tries to make it look like messy post-sex hair, but it looks just dirty/greasy and stringy.

No. 524363

HmmmmmmMMMMMmM, so shrimp pussy gets wrecked in this thread after posting an ugly ass selfie, (immediately gets defended l o l) and now multiple posts are going in on Layla?
Damn, totally not a coincidence
Sure does smell fishy in here.

No. 524366

Lulo isn't male, you dimwit. They're non-binary, it says clearly in their bio. Not whiteknighting because I don't know anything about this Lulo person, but don't misgender.(no one cares)

No. 524367

you're really in the wrong place, bucko

No. 524372

no1 care

No. 524379

old news

No. 524398

File: 1520550661647.png (25.63 KB, 549x84, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 3.11…)

Is this a message to Pepper?

No. 524407

i hope she never speaks of him, i think it's Beans. Maybe she dropped in here on Anon to bring that fire cause it p much did shit on her whole life.

No. 524414

File: 1520552274779.png (158 KB, 500x654, remember-beans-from-the-even-s…)

Lmao I didn't know where Beans came from so I googled and found this… and now that I see it… I think Potato and Post could be related

No. 524433

lol nah she's still tacky as hell

No. 524458

File: 1520557139621.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, 9A4664D2-01C2-447E-B02F-C37D0D…)

Apparently Layla has been housing her while in London?

No. 524471

Lol lulo is transs

No. 524473

File: 1520558702563.png (148.34 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_2018-03-08-22-24-41…)

No. 524495

Chelji planning to buy up Layla's shit and working out how to get the lease on that apartment.

No. 524512

>>524495 i'd die. Chelji is in her own way, a Layla skinwalker, she wants the life Layla had in LA but like, as a quasi musician. It's pathetic as fuck. On that note, where the fuck is Too Poor gonna go when her and Luke inevitably break up before the end of the year? How many people are delusional enough to believe this newest guy is her one true love lmao

No. 524520

did she get a visa to permanently live and work in the UK?

No. 524530

yeah thats my question too, as far as i know those are really difficult to obtain? i know she's doing general modeling/appearances/DJing but they only know her as peep's ex girl.

No. 524611

File: 1520571691912.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1553, 2C75236B-DD07-4F13-8923-845F20…)

She has returned. Is it just me or is the shoop between her thighs really awful…

No. 524612

I have a strong feeling she got an extended work visa

No. 524613

LMAO is she trying to have the body of nightcore

No. 524615

the waist looks fake af too.

No. 524621

That waist doesn't match that log of a forearm lmao

No. 524622


No. 524626

waist is blurry af on the left side while the rest of her silhouette is higher res. the dark wooden floor panel that leads to the arch in her foot and the few behind it are curved / warped. unless her floor is made of magical bendy wood, i ain't buying it.
the fact that the edges of her legs have such a sharp shadow outline instead of a smooth gradient reeks of photoshop's pucker tool. that left leg is a completely different size and the shadow is inconsistent and bumpy but nice try.

saged for drawn out csi investigating. couldn't help ripping that botch job apart.

No. 524630

Wow how pathetic. Do any of these bitches post real pictures? It's scary that legit anyone can just trick idiots with photoshop now adays. At the very least post your down damn body bitch

No. 524631


she's not even fat, but compared to this body she's inventing if she posts a real photo people are going to think she is.
these girls make it hard for themselves to live up to standards they're creating by making unrealistic faces & bodies. it's fucking dumb.

No. 524655

There's plenty of guys in London.

No. 524705

Fat arms and no neck doesn’t add up sweetie.

No. 524708

File: 1520595367700.jpeg (318.11 KB, 1210x1856, A43468A8-F6DC-4AAB-9652-24835D…)

your "lil" head? oh no, honey….

No. 524765


why do girls always post pics in messy ass rooms …. like having a messy room is fine, it happens, i get it. but why so brazen about it. you look like a pack rat, take the pic somewhere clean, the heck

No. 524767

it's a shortening of little and is not uncommon. what makes you think it mans anything in this context?

No. 524772

Ntayrt pretty sure they’re just calling out Layla’s massive head for being oversized and in no way ‘lil’.

No. 524773

They're saying that she has a large head. It looked pretty big in the last picture she posted with Luke, I think it was discussed here.

No. 524788

File: 1520609519564.jpeg (253.9 KB, 750x700, 2043FFE2-3ABF-4F8F-8E80-7CB2C8…)

I’m surprised no one posted this cringey nonsense. Why she’s so obsessed with seeming so edgy and trashy when she’s just a boring middle class airhead is beyond me. I’m also really annoyed by her “oh I’m just a little white girl in such a dangerous place!” schtick. Didn’t go anywhere culturally relevant. She just wanted to flex her edginess for the gram.

No. 524799

Edgy and trashy is her brand, how she got followers, and how she makes money. Why tf would she stop? It seems as though you don’t understand that when you make money off of being famous, you kinda need to stay famous and relevant to make a living

No. 524801

File: 1520611139059.jpeg (178.26 KB, 640x760, AB1813E1-C991-452A-A184-817F1D…)


This cringe is nothing compared to what Layla’s boyfriend Luke posted, in comparison to him she’s eloquent. He also made a post about being sober from alcohol/cocaine on Instagram days ago. He’s claiming his sobriety is all because of Layla. Which I doubt, she’s been flexing her sobriety as much as she glamorized her drug addiction for years until now

No. 524812

so, what kind of visa does she have to move? it must be one from work right?

No. 524833

i don't understand what he's trying to even portray himself as with this post

No. 524852

two cringy white ass pussies acting hard cause they went to a dangerous part of mexico. they're pretty much acting like they tough for being tourists with a bodyguard lol
and layla, sit your flat ass down about a reality show! that is the most cringe shit she's said in a minute

No. 524876

LMAO it's legit like a fan fiction. like i get how that sounds interesting, maybe if they included thoughtful/creative pictures of the experience it would invite their audience in and it would actually translate. it literally reads like a middle schooler bragging about doing drugs for the first time, but they're drug addicts so that's who they are deep down, they've always had that desperate urge to be seen as cool.

cool how they were like "hahaha people get stabbed here u can buy body parts hahahaha" as if those aren't people's family members that were kidnapped and tortured over drugs. as if all the women probably weren't raped first. layla lost her fucking mind coming out of an abusive relationship yet that hasn't taught her any empathy for the fucked up situations of other girls/women. i like how they didn't brag about the sex trafficking and prostitution there, too.

but hey anything for >authentic mexican food

ps. hope you guys LOVE your fake gucci and "louis vitton"(nice one Luke) because fucking children made them!

fuck them both.

No. 524882

it's irrelevant because although he was born to talented, intelligent, and creative people, he is a fucking dumb ass white boy and despite his desperate intentions he will always come across as a rich kid who grew up in such a bubble.

this makes me appreciate peep more just because he didn't make hood shit such a novelty, the way he brought it up was just different. i'd probably give credit to his mom and gma for that though, he was a young white boy that would have turned out even more narcissistic without them. i think the communist upbringing just gave him more respect for working classes, or at least some functioning of how not to glamorize ghettos especially as a white person. correct me if i'm wrong though

No. 524908

I completely agree. He never did any of that nor claimed to be from the hood/ghetto like so many of these rappers who actually did not at all. I really wish there was more stuff to compare the two relationships but it seems like compared to luke there was barely ANY Layla / peep content that showcased the relationship (i get there's a lot of messy fighting stuff but I mean stuff from when things were good)

No. 525036

File: 1520632586239.png (45.63 KB, 688x174, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 15.5…)

Is it already time for the apocalypse?

No. 525043

File: 1520632986367.jpg (50.88 KB, 512x381, ok.jpg)

todays hard work included unfollowing everyone on twitter to look important and embarrassing the fuck out of herself

No. 525053

File: 1520633578794.png (560.43 KB, 774x482, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 16.1…)

what unfortunate genetics.

No. 525061

I knew the world was going to end this year

No. 525168

unless it's someone relevant putting her on blast or her trying to involve herself with gbc i don't think she should be posted, maybe there's another thread for general internet cringe? i know this issue comes up a lot but she's ALWAYS going to say stupid shit, it will just keep getting worse the more she gets posted here.

no one actually cares, it's just nice when GBC says something against her since she insulted GMA peep so heartlessly. the rest is just her trash marketing strategy of saying dumb shit for attention, including fake suicide/ending fake sobriety shit. all i'm asking is for beans posts to please be considerably thinned out.

shrimp is back right before layla's goodbye party, and her and corey's relationship is on the rocks so i'm sure there's better milk. tbh if there was a temp ban on beans she would lose her mind.

No. 525196

agreed, you only feed her ego/delusions if you post about her when she does something that doesn't involve layla or gbc in any way. if you take them out of the equation she's technically considered a nobody anyway so…

No. 525210

I’d love for her to get banned too but it’s not fesable with out getting farmhands involved, even if the next op had a “chel is not to be discussed in this thread” clause or something it’s not really our place to make decisions like that I don’t think and it would be hard to inforce because she still is contributing to milk when actually relevant people talk about her even if it’s just to slam her(which is all people do, no one fucking likes her, not even in the fun way, just in the “why doesn’t she just go alway” way.). If tempcow was still I thing she could have been banished there but I don’t think that’s a thing anymore.

No. 525221

JFC for what it’s worth—Thirded.
How much of a loser she is that people hate even seeing her name in a hate thread

No. 525384

File: 1520664794319.jpeg (547.79 KB, 1125x1949, BB5548BC-5B55-47E3-B87C-F163B8…)

Can we all look at day three… Tyler grosso and Paris? I’m sorry WHAT is pepper gonna do? write fake suicide notes and throw T-shirt’s off the stage? Also noticed his name is listed first lol what a self obsessed nerd

No. 525389

I'll be there that day. Very interested to see what Tyler will be doing. I'll report back here when it's over.

No. 525398

Who else is curious to know what’s going to go down when she comes back to LA for a few days. Like is Tyler gonna show up and harass her or try and win her back, is Luke coming too? What a shit show that’d be if Tyler and Luke went at it

No. 525413

I want to hope for the cloutyboy showdown we were supposed to get between peep and tyler w luke instead but if Tyler tries to bother layla(really doubt it, fucking coward) Luke will probably just call the cops or get him escorted out of the building.
But we haven’t really seen Luke antagonized and he drinks so maybe he’ll be reckless with a temper and try to fight, that would be soooooo beyond satisfing to see.

No. 525431

My money's on more Tyler suicide threats.

No. 525440

the article has been deleted, does anyone have more screenshots?

No. 525669

No1 curr pls stahp

No. 525704

File: 1520711963192.jpeg (486.76 KB, 1077x1892, 2EAF3E3F-8FA2-4E82-A5FB-1DCCB0…)

I can’t remember if this has been discussed in the previous threads but did ya’ll know this was his mom?

No. 525712

Im just imagining how embarrassing must it be introducing a new boyfriend every few months who looks worse than the last one but almost identical. I kind of feel bad for Luke, laylas followers are stupid 15 year olds harassing him on everything he posts. "Ur not peep/Tyler" "u better take care of layla, that's my MOM" (CRINGE ASF) etc. But the "Ur gf is a whore" on his posts are funny though because she is.

No. 525856

i wouldn't say they're identical, but yeah, she's got a type for blonde douchey looking ""punk/grunge/emo"" boys with shitty tattoos and a small IQ. The only worse than 15 year old TP fans are 20 something year old TP fans.

No. 525882

Yep, & his dad is Ishmael Butler, Tracy's real name is Jazz Butler. I think the extent of something like this being previously mentioned was that Tracy and Mackned (&maybe some other GBC affiliates) all came from a music money upbringing. This was brought up when discussing the authenticity of Peep's content/image in regards to how he was raised,how much money his family had & the dynamics etc.

No. 525901

File: 1520726332757.png (1.7 MB, 1098x1052, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 17.5…)

When you forget to shoop your forearm so now it's wider than your bicep, making your entire elbow look like a fucking warped boomerang.

No. 525910

That picture reeks of stds and halitosis.layla must smell so bad holy crap

No. 525936

layla here - everything is photoshopped but my arm. nice try. how are you guys doing btw? what’s going on with you guys? i really wanna chat those dudes who went to meet ron jeremy, i was thinking about that today. can’t believe you actually thought i had any affiliation with that dude, just asked for a selfie on a red carpet lol. he didn’t know of me until you brought me up. good story to tell my friends. loved the selfie you took with him. (referring to like, three threads ago)

No. 525937


Hi Layla, most of us think you’re doing great. Keep up the good positive lifestyle you are repping right now.

No. 525938

Yeaaaaah I’m not buying it. Sorry.

No. 525950

File: 1520729466187.png (135.73 KB, 416x321, Chicken-Wing.png)

Kinda looks like a chicken wing. Maybe she needs the extra elbow flap to fly.

No. 525951

i understand judging my actions, and poor behavior / decisions. (not really) but judging my appearance is a low blow. can’t help how i look - i’m just working with what i got.

No. 525956

Layla you literally went on a whole thing about how Ron Jeremy took you shopping and posted a pics of sex toys and some selfies with him. Why lie? It’s all in the first thread.

No. 525963

if it's you, layla, please stay away from clouty, abusive men. have you ever considered a normal life if efame stops being profitable?

and in the event that it's you, just curious, was peep good to you when you guys were together? you seem to be heavily drawn to emotionally abusive men and he obviously humiliated you publicly, but i'm just curious what your private life was like, soz

No. 525965

i tweeted saying he was my daddy, as a joke. followed by a tweet saying look what daddy got me. not implying it was ron jeremy. it was a giveaway suite. those items were gifted to everyone at the party. it was a pink dildo and a pink vape. nothing else was every mentioned. you guys ran with the idea that he was actually my daddy. then i saw a post how he bought my car. i drove a 2004 beat up nissan sentra from craigslist. i think he’s capable of something a little nicer

No. 525966

File: 1520730583134.png (619.74 KB, 974x628, D2282AA8-F886-40D4-A3FE-146CD6…)

No. 525973

File: 1520731528443.jpg (98.97 KB, 700x900, shakez.jpg)

Hi Layla. I remember you from tinychat in like 2009. it's been a bit weird to see the drama unfold. I dont k now how you you give so much of yourself to the world.

anyway, good luck on your journey…

No. 525994

Layla, someone here asked u abt peep, will u answer it?

No. 526014

my bad i don’t remember but i was following up with the joke that i saw him that day and got those things. can’t remmeber what i ate for breakfast so i’m not gonna remember what i tweeted three years ago

No. 526017

anyways - no more answering questions. carry on

No. 526033

edgy and boring, huh

No. 526052

It’s extremely innapropriate to be prodding her about her deceased ex. She is still grieving. She is not going to want to talk about if he mistreated her. Why is it so hard to understand that people on the internet are PEOPLE. Layla I understand how hard it is to get sober and I’m rooting for you, I hope you’re happy with Luke and don’t forget, for every idiot like this there’s 100 more people standing behind you.
Anonymousity on the internet has ruined people’s morals.

No. 526058

Lmao it's one thing to root for her, but the dramatics and excessive wking in your post, jfc

No. 526059

>can’t help how i look

You can help not shooping yourself to strange proportions and giving yourself deformities you don't actually have irl.
Kind of weird how you'd rather go along with pretending you have a beefy elbow the size of your face rather than admitting you touched up your arms. What's wrong with you? Hah.

No. 526067

Fr. Layla doesn't give a shit about anyone on an image board, people look silly as fuck pledging their undying support for her.

No. 526074

I wonder what peep smelled like tbh…I bet layla smells like roses

No. 526097

File: 1520745176865.jpeg (36.4 KB, 1075x1053, received_10214121748989597.jpe…)

No. 526099

in that case, you should've shooped the arm too. either Layla is really that self-obsessed that she tries to gain sympathy and likes from her own lolcow forum or her fans are really that weird that they pretend to be her on her lolcow forum.

No. 526109

Stop relying on guys for happiness you need to find it in yourself and your independence. Hoping from relationship to relationship isn’t healthy. You’re jsut filling the void…

No. 526127

White knighting? Where? Learn definitions

No. 526128

File: 1520748616117.png (546.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2733.PNG)

No. 526129

File: 1520748652274.png (115.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2734.PNG)

No. 526130

File: 1520748671401.png (113.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2735.PNG)

No. 526143

yeah im honestly sure that wasnt layla and surprised that her crazy fans go that far

No. 526144

>1 has signed
So is it Chode or Philomena

No. 526147

>complain about anonymity ruining morality
>on an anonymous imageboard
>that’s only banned doxxing in the past 6 months

You got this website all the way fucked up man

I sincerely hope that wasn’t Layla tho, y’all are embarrassing and she’s doing terribly if she’s trying to prove herself to the harpies on here, especially since the last few times she acknowledged this place publicly she was like in the middle of various crisises

No. 526213

File: 1520760139215.png (1.08 MB, 860x796, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.0…)

"i’m just working with what i got"- what you really got is a normally proportioned arm (Exhibit A included). Which tbh is already thin- but instead you choose to deform it to appear malnourished. No one told tp to go on a photoshopping spree with limited funds in the form of attention to detail. TP forgot to butcher the wingette. period. One would think Layla would have a degree in FaceTune by now, but clearly she can not even commit to doing that properly.
PS I'm not responding to this thinking you are actually Layla in the slightest. i don't believe that for a minute. I'm responding to you, the creepy wanna be skin walker that feels accomplished pretending to be a cow on an anonymous forum. Supremely pathetic. Save face and just make a StanGram if you want to feel closer to layla. Still pathetic, just a little less. maybe. not really.

No. 526215

File: 1520760268174.png (1.67 MB, 1004x1084, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.0…)

Exhibit B

No. 526243

File: 1520768104857.png (261.61 KB, 500x324, A0B2E560-44EF-4999-8DB9-CDD417…)

>>Photoshopping spree with limited funds

Anyway I can’t believe anyone thought that was actually Lay defending her photoshopped selfie & not any other shitty thing discussed in these threads

No. 526268

You peep stans are embarassing gtfo. So quick to shit on layla but as soon as she MAY be on the board y’all clamber for her attention/answers

No. 526296

why do people care if layla shops her photos? considering people on this forum have been mocking her appearance since the first thread and commenting on everything from her head shape to her speculated weight gain/loss, her profile, tits and ass it makes sense she would try to touch herself up and mitigate the damage

she's done some dumb shit but the amount of attention paid to her appearance is kind of ridiculous

>gets mocked when an unshopped photo pops up

>gets mocked for shopping her photos

chicks can't win

No. 526302

Agreed. Even when she was ratchet and doing some questionable shit I've never really paid attention to her appearance. She looks the way she looks and considering you all seem to think she's deformed she's done considerably well for herself. (not saying she is for the record)

The people on here telling her get work done would also be the first to rip her apart if she went the plastic surgery route and started to look fake. She obviously has some insecurities but hasn't let anything get to her enough to go under the knife. Let the girl live.

No. 526304

yes lmao people make fun of her nose but then they make fun of of her shooped nose wtf
talking about the cringy stuff she did was way better

No. 526354

File: 1520787956296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.75 KB, 639x1136, IMG_20180311_205940_961.jpg)

Tbh even though she looks bloated she does look a tad bit healthy as in her weight

No. 526365

You would think these guys would have more connections to get their music out there and to make better music… guess their parents don’t want to fuel their drug fueled lifestyles. Who is Mackned related to in the music industry?

No. 526369

Tony Gable, he taught Kenny G (played in his band as well) among others.

No. 526370

Now deceased.

No. 526372

No. 526652

Potato doing whatever it takes to get noticed, even if it’s hopping on a track with Bryan fucking Silva.


She’s trying to pass it off as ironic and all “hahaha I’m hilarious I did a track with a bad meme lol” but we all know she really is that desperate

No. 526670

Who… cares…

No. 526692

Hoooooly shit just why

No. 526753

please lets follow through with the beans ban no one wants her here. i know there's an instahoe thread with like lillith lordosis and all them? she could belong there, it's just cringe. they'd be insulted being posted with beans too hahaha. but please, she lives for this, and then she's just going to show up and self post like a dumb fuck pretending to be high.

the world has shat on this girl enough and i just hope she gets a fucking clue. i know she's gunning it for 'revenge' but she slandered peeps gma, stuck up for mackned who couldn't give a fuck less and killed peep, fucking came after layla of all people who was a saint after peep cheated on her with potato (maybe because she's so unfortunate she felt bad? idek), and is just a shitty person. no one came at her to start any of this, she had no right. she's not really milky just a fucking asshole trying to extend her 15, let's not give it to her please(mini-modding)

No. 526758

when layla was with pepper ann she started posting all these 'I'm ugly but ugly girls deserve love too' etc. posts. i think he was comparing her to other girls or something like that to make her hella self conscious and control her. he's a weak wormy little bitch.

that's probably why she's face tuning so much. i mean she came out and said it which literally no girl does so she's being really cool about it. i genuinely think she's just trying to look her absolute best to come out on top of the pepper ann mess, and she deserves a pass on it i think. we still don't know the whole story and she left the country because of him, i think between him and peep cheating constantly and being an asshole to her she's just trying to have a spine and present well.

she should consider doing it a lot more subtly but whatever. i think criticizing her weight is wack, she's a midget so any weight she puts on shows immediately. she's been showing off how thin she is in videos anyways, even though she eats mcdonalds? i know it's showing up pepper, but the weight stuff isn't cool for her younger fans tbh.

No. 526761

Agreed, like literally no one cares and it’s so cringey, not milky it’s not even entertaining.
It’s laughing at a literal retard. No fun in that.

No. 526784

Shut the fuck up and go make a hate page for Layla rather than policing who we talk about it THIS GENERAL SOUNDCLOUT THREAD

No. 526805

Yeah but no one likes hearing about her and she’s a nobody when someone relevant isn’t hitting it or telling her to go away.

No. 526817

but lolcow is sort of like a hate page…. you're in the wrong place if you're a stan. and yeah, soundCLOUT. you have to have clout in order to be talked about from the soundcloud group. dumbass

No. 526820

Most of the time she's not relevant, sometimes she is. Why not just stick to posting her… when relevant? mindblown.jpg

Not really digging the thread policing either side.

No. 526822

Layla may have admitted to photoshopping but the post she made about it is deleted. How honest is that?

No. 526856

Layla and Luke are getting FUCKING DRAGGED on her latest pic with him, it's awesome. The people who don't like her are ruthless as fuck in her comment section.(post screenshots)

No. 526888

File: 1520832778292.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 351CD418-770B-48B3-B8E9-FADE56…)

I don’t think this was posted and I had to share. Her bags are shocking to me

No. 526889

Post a SCREENSHOT this is an imageboard

No. 526910

I dont get why all of these peep stans are attacking her for "cheating" on gus, like he didn't have side hoes or full on girlfriends in every single place he visited. With proof even. But layla sucking a dick according to peep when he was trying to put her down and destroy her self esteem is valid. Hell even if she did suck a dick and show him, it isn't like he didn't deserve it.

No. 526913

They are all commenting that but none of them want to acknowledge the fact that he cheated. Honestly it’s all the same comments

No. 526916

File: 1520836785217.jpeg (214.55 KB, 750x1063, 2F37F488-11AA-4F2A-A5E7-B332F4…)

it’s definitely bait for people that hate them though tbh. surprised to see that j8yce liked it, you guys think she’s a fan?

No. 526930

File: 1520839869048.jpeg (156.55 KB, 386x407, 74B12A04-031A-45BC-8DDF-FC5053…)

did you forget you have human teeth there cass?

No. 526944

Why would you want to make yourself look like you have FAS?

No. 527044

Know what no one else cares about? mini modding. She’s not a banned topic so I dunno where you pulled that from.
It’s not like it’s a post about some dumb tweet her or a stan made. It’s about music, which she posts on SoundCloud, and for the millionth fucking time this is the soundclout thread.
The only thing more annoying than a chelji post is the people complaining about it. Scroll along and shut up. Quit clogging the thread with whining.

No. 527053

i don't think it's bait tho
i think she's genuinely getting over what happened with tyler and peep's death
and it must suck to have a bunch of 15 year old peep stans talking shit when she's finally doing ok i guess

No. 527116

yep, it's really fucked that 'progressive' gus pushed that on her public image too, knowing it'd affect her income/persona, and knowing he was cheating 10000x worse at the same fucking time. i really wish we knew what their private life was like. i get the feeling he mostly walked all over her in private, too, but he also seemed kind of sub? it's weird.

she seems like the type to claim "you dont know how he treats me in private" but still take the emotional abuse and still idolize the guy that ditches them and humiliates them in the end.

i get layla loving him but i wouldnt tattoo myself in honor of a guy that shit all over me in the public sphere, even if he was talented. luke seems like an ok rebound guy but i really think it'd benefit layla to just live a normal life. none of this can be healthy and she doesn't seem to be living the perks worth the constant internet abuse

No. 527189

I am only interested in leyla because of peep. I never knew who she was, before.

No. 527195

Layla is a nobody and she knows it. Without peep she'd be nothing.

No. 527196

I think she's trying to look like anime/Bratz doll or something…

No. 527212

File: 1520875933011.png (178.19 KB, 623x674, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.3…)

No. 527231

oh come on. 90% of what she did was edgy shit for likes and attention.

No. 527234

Wow! Shocking!

No. 527235

>mackned who couldn't give a fuck less and killed peep
>Without peep she'd be nothing

Is being insane a peep-Stan prerequisite or something

No. 527237

what's up with this poster lmao

No. 527244

I think cheli killed him.

No. 527245

File: 1520878088222.jpg (117.16 KB, 1000x1000, 61mCI8KfSdL._SL1000_.jpg)

I get nothing but bad vibes from her.

No. 527247

Yeah what the hell is going on, am I tripping

No. 527248

Just post without the peep vids, christ

The 'minimodding' anon you linked wasn't this peepette/peepster, I don't think.

No. 527264

go fuck yourself u prick

No. 527317

File: 1520884098322.jpg (224.63 KB, 1439x1209, Screenshot_20180312-124643.jpg)

No. 527433

File: 1520894160986.jpg (273.74 KB, 1082x841, lolwut.jpg)

Her responses have me dying from hysterics at this point
Just don't fucking post the photo and retake it if you're doing promos

No. 527476

File: 1520896068013.png (78.03 KB, 1426x454, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 17.5…)

CW: Chili Cheese Dog
"..clout to grow over 8,000 loyal followers on Twitter"
"over 8,000 loyal followers"
"over 8,000"
from this 'interview' →

No. 527485

lol chelji stop lurking and get out of your mom’s house, for fuck’s sake.

No. 527505

chili is terrible but she has like 11.9k on insta, that's probably what they mean. not that that means anything but yeah

No. 527542

no one cares though, so there's that.

all these 'interviewers' are just showing what hacks they are.

No. 527753

Great then leave.

No. 527782

File: 1520919092287.png (596.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0052.PNG)

is this fucking arzaylea i'm losing it

No. 527787

If so, then nedarb and wiggy are shit friends too. Already figured wiggy was from him posing with peeps grills in his mouth like a trashbag.

No. 527806

thats not arzaylea. some of y'all dumb asf i swear..

No. 527821

that DOES look like her tho

No. 527830


Nobody is saying shes rich thats exactly the point, so maybe her stepdad did take cash or whatever all I'm saying is it seems like she could go home to family at a moments notice and be alright, all I'm saying is that her and all the other soundclods just adopted this babytrash style out of nowhere like it was natural all along, idk where anyone else is from but i come from one of the most "hood" places in ny in the South bronx and honestly its real insulting to someone like myself who've seen a real hardknock struggle and personally seen and been around people who are poor and they're all appropriating this lifestyle like its cool, they wear their makeup and cloths to make themselves purposely look like filthy drug addicts, ive seen that life, in my family and in the streets, hell my only brother fucking overdosed in a grimey building in jersey last year,and its fucking damn insulting its all just a game and a fucking "fashion" sense.
Its fucking annoying
Sorry it got so personal, i know people dont like blogs but its just purely rage inducing for me.
Totally agree, it makes it really hard to like her for, regardless of any good thats come out of her she's just a big fucking fake just like everyone in this retarded scene

No. 527855

Yh, Nedarb dragged her on Twitter when she did the merch drop so doubt he would like Tracy's pic if it was Arz.

No. 527856

No. 527959


Once again heres this white bread ass hoe from the fucking suburbs using addiction and the ghetto as a fucking hot commodity for the gram, good for her for getting out of an abusive relationship but shes a shallow ass bitch and these ppl have no fuckin shame whatsoever

And lol @ Tracy's family looking like a nice lil family while hes looking like a drifter they took off the streets as a charity case
This shit is insane lmao

No. 527977

File: 1520955340227.png (173.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2024.PNG)

"What are you his backup dancer or something?" 💀

No. 527991


Fucking Pepper anne the sucidal backup dancer

No. 527996

well peep did die because of this lifestyle. they're still addicts, every addict thinks it's cool for a moment and they crash; that 'look' they have is just from not being able to give a fuck because all you care about is drugs. you already know that i'm just suggesting it has a lot less to do with where they're from and more to do with the fact that they have legit no coping skills and an obsession with validation. i don't think it's very calculated, however i will say from peep's 'awful things' video, i think he was bringing up how prescription pill addiction and heroin has definitely fucked up suburbs too. you don't have to be from the "most hood places" for drugs to fuck your brain up into this. none of these people have actively repped any cities, i don't think it's like that.

layla obviously has some underlying disorder, we don't know what, but drugs make it so much worse. sure she could go home, but to what? a single mother trying to live her own middle class life out in the desert? layla is doing work so she doesn't have to rely on that, and we don't know her circumstance. that's a last resort for most people, and tbh some would rather overdose at that point than go back to their parents strung out.

No. 528001

my life's mission is to get him to acknowledge the nickname i gave him

No. 528004

layla wasn't an addict before she got with peep. she started up with all that shit to impress peep and his crew/fit his image. i dont think she's an addict now. the entire thing is for show. she has a personality disorder for sure. peep seemed genuinely ill/addicted, though i'm not sure why he wouldnt try treatment.

No. 528054

layla was known in the party scene way before peep showed up in la. peep didn't try treatment because it's also an image, it's definitely not exclusive to layla. he said his hometown was full of heroin and he used to deal shrooms, but he came from an upper middle class family with prestigious connections. his father leaving probably made him resentful enough to trash his life, but layla went through the same thing only her dad stole the money that was left to her (10k, which is hardly a trust fund comparatively). i'm not defending either one, just that they came from similar situations. addiction can fuck anyone's life up regardless of class, i think layla was just trying to 'make it' with whatever she had and glorified her drug use - same as peep. maybe less so because every single one of peep's songs is about drugs, overdosing, "being on his own since he was 9" etc. she may have been more open with it to fit in but that's also a junkie mentality.

i agree they're putting on a show, but i think layla's actually trying to be sober and having a reasonably hard time with it. she did do heroin with tyler and i believe she did quit it with luke. peep really tried to fucking ruin her so i don't blame her for turning to drugs tbh, he had almost a million followers and dropped her as soon as he met bella and arzaylea.

No. 528058


I agree with some of your poimts and perhaps i may be projecting due to grief and life experience but idk to me it really does seem calculated, because a lot of these people didnt look or act like this before the fame, it seems to me they chased the fame and started the look to fit in and when they gained traction, when they finally did get into the lifestyle, thats when they started forming addictions, because fuck its all around when you have fame like that, and a lot of the times when you finally have everything you want you're empty. and im speaking for everyone who appears in this thread, these lifestyles and fashion choices don't seem like a natural progression for any of them not even peep, not only that but everyone is a basically a clone of each other so what does that tell you, the artistic pictures in dirty houses and graffitied up alleyways, to me it all seems very calculated, I don't know any of these people personally I'm just an outsider looking in but in my honest opinion they don't seem like people who are already broken,and somt care, because image is a huge part of what they do and the young kids today just eat that shit up. I know it's not about where you come from I know that really nice places can also be fucked up by drugs, but they look like they're trying to be bout that life when they're really not


Agreed, to me she seems just like Courtney Love who came from a good home seemingly like she was very well taken care of and then just all of a sudden inserted herself into this scene for the fame and then she started doing all these drugs, again I don't know her personally but she doesn't seem like any addict that I've ever seen/met I mean come on we've seen her do so much for the gram she's sucked dick for the gram she's done Coke for the gram she's pissed on the ground for the gram she's lied on dirty bathroom floors for the gram to me it seems like there's nothing she won't do to look like this hard gritty persona when she's just a nice small town girl
And consider this if she's been off of heroin supposedly for 6 months why doesn't she look any healthier than she did before she still looks like a strung-out junkie and that's purposely Her Style and to me like that's very obnoxious and ignorant and insulting, she was not that person before her Gram Fame, just like hotelshrimp and just like corgi potato, there's proof of who they were before the gram. personality disorder or mental illness or not, they're fake, manufatured personas.

No. 528070

yes, but party scene =/= junkie. she didn't play up junkie status before peep. peep had it tougher than layla, from all appearances. peep had the persona, but layla is ALL about documenting the 'grit'. she can't be pictured without a cig. peep made drugs a huge part of his public persona, but there weren't pills and shrooms and cigs in every picture. i don't know that peep's immediate family is upper middle class. his gpa is a tenured professor, but that's not his mom. there obviously was no support from his dad. his mother is only an elementary teacher. i'd say they were solidly middle.

ffs, layla posed w tyler as kurt and courtney in front of kurt's old suicide house. layla's is all an act. i do think she enjoys doing drugs, but i don't think she's addicted or ever has been. she's addicted to attention, that's all.

No. 528081

Sage for OT but emma is still continuing to play the grieving widow despite seeing him twice maybe in the year before his death. No one at all should be denouncing Layla's tats or anything she spent a large majority of the last year of his life with him and she hasn't posted a fraction of what emma is. She's literally become semi famous from this and it just strikes me as really attention seeking tbh

No. 528083

Courtney Love's early life was really dysfunctiona though. She was brought up on hippy communes. That song "Pee Girl"s about how she'd get teased for stinking of piss. Then her parents divorced, lots of stepfathers, yada yada ya.

No. 528092

layla didn't spend a large majority of the last year with him? they dated in like november of 2016, lived together for like 2 months, broke up in early early january, iirc. they were apart pretty much all of the time since then, aside from when he brought her on tour for like half a week and they were together for a week or two.

the entire toopeep romance that seemed to last a year was an online fantasy. it only seemed longer than it was because layla spent so long mourning over their relationship ending and begging for his attention constantly, and only every so often would he cry for his toy back, all because he wanted to feel wanted.

the entire relationship lasted a total of like 3-4 months and she barely spent any time with him, iirc, after like, january. it must feel intimate to have lived with him for like 2 months, but ultimately, that really is all that was? emma's relationship with him was a thing of the past, and layla's relationship with him was not a long term relationship by any means.

lbr, whatever guy friends he lived with and dabbled in dicksucking with, were probably closer to him than layla or emma.

No. 528151

I feel that fans migrate towards Emma because she stayed positive for the most part and has a very uplifting personality. Just because you don’t see someone doesn’t mean you aren’t emotionally invested. Your first love lasts forever, if I found that my first love ODed it would kill me. I think we all need to open our eyes to the fact that people deal with trauma in different ways. We all need to drop this “peep belonged to this person not this one”

No. 528165

All of these people acting like Peep n layla were this big thing need to stop. He hated both her and Tyler the second they started fucking around up until the day of his death. He talked about her being just a thot on lives/tweeted shitty things about her to humiliate her, etc. And she did exactly the same back,one of the things she did that really really struck me was when she made a voodoo doll of Peep (she made it exactly like him with the tats he had and everything) and posted a video of her burning the crotch, swinging around the voodoo doll and just fucking it up however she could and telling all of her followers she hated him and he was a piece of shit. That shit made me furious, not only because now he's actually dead and she better regret making that stupid doll because alot of people still remember the video post, but also aren't voodoo dolls something that a bitter child would make just to feel as if they were in control of something? Layla is a stupid little child who will never grow up and I just can't stand the things she's done and how she's the victim every single time, it's sickening.

No. 528166

I do think she was probably the victim of that relationship and he obviously cheated on her constantly so I can understand her being pissed. It's a risk to your health – but yeah, she handled that relationship very poorly, especially being like 4 years older than him. Still, after that, she should've tried to just let go. Their relationship was not long lasting at all and her and her fans really tried to blow it up into something a lot more meaningful than it really was. All of these women were stepping stones to Peep. He was a young kid that was having fun and they all wanted him for keeps.

No. 528195

File: 1520973991632.jpg (783.57 KB, 1429x1618, Screenshot_20180313-134604.jpg)


No. 528287

I think a lot of people also forget Emma grew up with Peep and they were good friends all his life she’s going to be heartbroken regardless of whether you think she’s playing grieving widow or not. If the girl wanted to use peeps fame to her advantage she would have done it waaay before now. The only reason people even know of her instagram and what not is because of Jenny and mama peep. She was kind of just handed this audience and she probably feels uneasy about just telling all these his fans to not bother her

No. 528341

Emma and Layla both have valid reasons to mourn for a very long time imo, Emma was the obvious first love/best friend/I'ma wait for u gf who he probably truly felt the deepest for, Layla was that quick, passionate, let's fuck each other up and good relationship. He was a kid getting tons of attention and probably hurt them both plenty, but Layla and him I think shared similar emotional issues and both expected the other to "fix" them a little, (Peep cause she was older/Layla cause Peep comes off more intelligent and had goals ish) and instead they just further destroyed each other. Makes Emma look good, but really they're all just a bunch of kids.. besides Layla who just acts like one

No. 528342

I just hope something positive comes from his untimely death. these girls, or GBC, someone needs to use this temporary clout for the greater good so his death wasn't entirely meaningless. I like what Layla's doing to promote mental health, at least

No. 528399

File: 1520986263079.png (163.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2037.PNG)


No. 528577

File: 1520998626569.png (769.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4880.PNG)

Probabaly the most delusional thing to be said yet not counting chili. Bitch really thought he loved her? In 6 hours? I'm really dead like our if everyone she was the least relevant least amount of time… also this is about the same guy who tatted Layla's name on him within 48 hours

No. 528585

no, she just thinks it'll get her somehwere being quasi deep and 'hot' (shes not even remotely close to being hot but w/e). i dont think she really thought peep gave a shit. i hope he didn't, at least. i can't even tell who's worse, her, or chili?

No. 528639

It's a close race. She seemed to have chilled out for a bit but now that the 4 month anniversary of it happening is about to be here she's clout whoring hard af. This whole situation has been disturbingly eye opening just how pathetic and attention seeking this crowd is- literally still sucking his dick and not letting him rest months later solely for their own personal gains. Sad af

No. 528716

Seriously? She is all over his instagram, shared time and love with him, and is allowed to reflect on a past relationship.
Cheljoke took a photo of him while he slept and has attacked everyone whom he he was close to and has used his name almost daily for attention, Arzaylea might post something related to missing him every few weeks and the photographs she shares are at least ones she actually took OF him with his permission. I cant stand either of these woman, but it's obvious that one of these humans has more of a right than the other to grieve publicly.

No. 528787

chelji is arguably worse, but arzaylea scammed his fans and literally used his name for money when she sold the peep hoodies, argued with his family just like chelji did, and as people pointed out, she always posts about peep when her follower count goes down. she also mentions peep on twitter and when she does it’s blatantly because she’s clout hungry and wants to remind people that she was his last gf. they dated for a month while he was on tour and broke up the day before he died, you can tell from their interactions she posted herself and from what all his friends say that he didn’t care about her that much. he posted about her to make layla jealous since he was bitter at her and grosso dating.

No. 528893

File: 1521035914523.jpeg (100.85 KB, 750x169, 217C9416-21CA-4511-841E-400933…)

it’s been deleted, of course, but i hope someone takes pepper up on this

No. 528988

peep used these girls for appearances too. he fucked with arzaylea because she was already a groupie with a really high follower count and a plastic face. same with bella thorne only she was an actress. he was with too poor when she had more followers than him.

peep switched up constantly for his image. i don't think he would steal their shit or argue with their family members if they died, he'd just immediately move on because they meant nothing. he's just a narcissist.

No. 529019

What you're saying is true but in Bella's case I'd say she used him just as much or more than he used her.
Kept him around long enough for a TMZ moment and some selfies and he was quickly kicked to the curb. Instant clout for the ex-Disney girl.

No. 529055

Oh sweetie, Bella didn't need to gain any cloutfrom being with Peep. She was with plenty of guys before him that were far more well known.

Even in the articles about Peep's death, they refer to him as "Bella Thorne's ex" rather than discussing any of the other women he dated. Because the media outlets are wise enough to understand which of the two is more recognizable in the mainstream.

No. 529106

File: 1521050888872.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, DAD1F0C2-A4C6-4FA7-9094-2AE7F1…)

Tyler out here being a fuck. Not to mention last night he was on IG live looking for lean and girls. “Let’s cut to the chase where the thots at” was his words.

No. 529124

i think that anon means like, underground clout. disney stars aren't going to be so respected in the underground soundcloud rap world. any fame is worth something, obv, but it's different trying to get underground clout.

exactly this. i dont think he was a terrible kid, but they definitely were stepping stones for him. i don't blame him – he wanted to be rich and famous, and being with tp did help him gain a following, too. he was bound to seriously blow up regardless, but it helped his image. every relationship he had been in recently was all about using each other for clout. arz is disgusting though.

which is why this highly romanticised toopeep crap is nothing but a fantasy. he dropped tp when it was no longer convenient for him, tho it was extra cruel to humiliate her for no reason. it's obvious that the only thing he was committed to was making money/getting famous. he wouldve stuck with bella longer for fame if she hadnt dropped him for whatever skeevy rapper she found next

No. 529134

Well good for him for asking for help, if even temporarily… I hope his friends saw and take it seriously.

No. 529150

and I think it's laughable that anyone would think that someone that has the following, fame and money that Bella has wants "underground soundcloud clout".

Peep gained far far more from the TMZ coverage than Bella did. That anon is delusional or retarded or both

No. 529156

Arzeleay w/e her name is out here posting on her insta pics and a 23 sec video of peep.. Smh HE WASNT INTRESTED IN YOU!!! YOU WERE A CHEAP SIDE HOE LOLLLL!!!(learn to integrate)

No. 529304


he flashed her like a prop all over his insta. she’s still all over it with his cutesy hashtags and pet names. not saying she wasn’t mostly a piece of ass but he held her in higher regard than just a “side hoe” as you so eloquently put it, babydoll. she was his girlfriend even if it was just a month. no one other than layla, maybe Bella for that week they dated got as much publicity on his account.

No. 529307

Exactly. Now if Babydoll✨ said that about potato face, that would be accurate.

No. 529359

File: 1521064526212.png (25.26 KB, 388x116, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 2.55…)

This dude is truly pathetic

No. 529412

Eww no one wants to hang out with you grosso. You look like you smell like morning breath and eat your boogers.

No. 529451

File: 1521073253837.png (23.48 KB, 588x108, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 5.17…)

Well, you DID have a few dozen 14 year-old stans but then you alienated all of them by unfollowing everyone for no reason other than to make yourself look important and then acted like a haughty stuck up bitch about it, so….

No. 529467

File: 1521075304745.jpeg (35.59 KB, 750x198, D72202F0-08D3-4048-A83E-6AE3A9…)

Tyler tweeted this, but it is now deleted. This is particularly surprising because dog food is a slang term used to refer to heroin.

No. 529469

File: 1521075364984.jpeg (25.17 KB, 360x283, C3C22565-C016-4DD1-A5CD-2D68F6…)

No. 529479

Pepper Ann is on a fast track to being the next OD in the cloutasphere. Calling it now

No. 529481

File: 1521076385774.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x2159, F6BE5A43-81A0-4951-97B2-AC988D…)

Still hiding his bloated face

No. 529519

He looks like his clothes all smell like mildew. Does anyone else think if he would clean up and wear better clothes and fix his hair he would be presentable? I don't understand how some people think looking dirty and motherless is fine and dandy

No. 529572

Wtf are these clowns wearing

No. 529583

Did not realize Pepper Ann was a manlet?

No. 529689


stay the fuck away from ny you don't belong here pepper

No. 529696


No. 529739

Looking at Tyler gives me second hand Bloating and embarrassment plus a fee shower skips but Chelji is all around gross instead of her flaunting her childish figure like its some hot shit why doesn't she do something about her tats?? She won't be able to work anywhere her music is shit layla put her on blast smh nobody will want to fw (except maybe Tyler) her she should just give up and try and work at McDonalds

No. 529740

Few* ops(namefagging, emojis)

No. 529753


All you newfags need to read the rules of the board like yesterday.
-no emojis
-learn to sage
-ANONYMOUS board, no usernames
-no double posting to correct mistakes. Just delete and re post with the correction. Or idk, proofread before you post???

No. 529853

Anyone see TP’s story this morn? Luke in bed saying “because you’re a financial solvent career driven charismatic go getting money maker, independent woman, go make your money, I’ll miss you very much” I gotta say I like this type of positivity vs pepper like complimenting her eyelashes, lol

No. 529858

He was also on Insta story this morning asking for "the plug" in Texas… sheesh

No. 529865

File: 1521130101760.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, 985777E4-1ACC-4949-96B2-C1E8A6…)

lmfao hurt

No. 529901

No, I think Tyler straight up got dealt a shitty hand in the looks department. He’s painfully average - soft jaw line, bad complexion, short, willingly has a neckbeard…. maybe he should go back to South Carolina where he could be considered a 7/10.

Wish I could say he makes up for it with his personality, but we all know that’s a bold lie. Can’t even say he makes up for it with artistic talent; He’s a straight up culture vulture. Does he actually create any of his SR designs? I swear I have a T-shirt I bought off of red bubble like… three years ago, and Tyler used the same graphic in his Christmas drop.

No. 529909

What was it before? I’m confused

No. 529912

File: 1521133579914.jpeg (161.18 KB, 1120x1042, 1D7101F1-BCAC-4ECE-BED2-EE4660…)

Ok I answered my own question. Proof that pepper basically uses clip art for his superrradical designs.

Here’s the shirt I got off RedBubble over three years ago

No. 529915

File: 1521133615720.jpeg (990.45 KB, 1125x1391, 95EF4BEF-65C6-4BED-84B4-E4106F…)

And here’s pepper shitty vectored version. Fuck him.

No. 529917

I like how he threw that shirt over someone's headstone for edge points. dumbass

No. 529927

File: 1521134340375.png (7.2 MB, 1242x2208, 498ED6AB-EBDC-432A-B215-51809C…)

I think a tiny little FTP which pepper has too by his hairline

No. 529939

File: 1521135805179.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, AEFD163A-D564-4A24-A896-910201…)

i think we already got it, emma..

No. 529983

I was just gonna post this. This is literally a classic late night text a fuck boy who just binged on coke or molly and is up all night sends you. Nothing about this is truly deep or meaningful and it was also from 2016. I honestly feel bad for these girls who think he loved them. The only women he loved were his mom and gma. These texts were 100% sponsored by drugs not legit emotions

No. 529998

whether it’s a late night text or not, her peepposting has gotten excessive. he died 4 months ago today so i understand why she would post stuff but she posts about peep directly or indirectly every other day, more than his mother even. i feel like she has gone past the mourning/remembering posting and is now trying to prove her new fangirls that she was his one true love. WE GET IT

No. 530016

omg this is so embarrassing. she thinks he meant any of this? this is literally how all of our bfs in our late teens texted us inbetween cheating. this is like classic emotional manipulation and meaningless lovebombing. lmao how can anyone believe any of this? how layla, esp, can believe this guy loved her is amazing. she was 24 and believing this kind of bullshit from this deceitful, basicass little boy, but worse. at least he didn't publicly humiliate emma.

No. 530088


Oh come on. Her best friend/first love died a “tragic” death at a really young age.
She obviously didn’t take these texts seriously, you guys do remember she was dating someone else at the time of his death, right?
She’s grieving, combing through old messages, because that’s what you do when you can’t talk to someone anymore. I work in IT and I see old people fucking cherish the shit out of voicemails from dead loved ones, Emma’s behavior is super normal.

The only thing abnormal about it is her broadcasting it to a big audience. But she didn’t have mad followers until peepettes found out about her, started focusing their obsession on eMmA & GuS, and now that peeps gone and not generating content, they’ve focused their obsession on her. She’s not trying to get clout or advance her “career” (a la potato). She wasn’t even flaunting their relationship while he was alive, so it seems pretty harmless.

No. 530169

when he died she was in another relationship, but those texts were sent in 2016, and not like being in relationship means anything. layla was with tyler when peep died. does that mean she didn't expect to be w peep?

if emma didn't believe them and figured they were insincere, she wouldn't have posted them. they're just not flattering texts unless you believe them. she could've just posted the "my tat is too big isnt it" text, but kept in the rest about them living together/being together for a reason.

liza and jenny really do believe, and have been pushing the narrative for, apparently, ever, that they would ultimately be together, so ofc hearing that constantly at their family functions before he died and after his death, she probably does/did believe it. layla, too, would always say "just know i'm waiting" and "i'll wait forever" about/to gus. he strung these girls along and they believed it. lay's relationship w tyler and those few dudes she dated before tyler trying to get over peep didn't stop her from believing wholeheartedly that they'd get back together someday. that was what gus wanted – to keep their hopes up and keep them on the backburner.

like i said, if she took them for the embarrassing tweets that honestly show peep in a negative light to anyone with any sense, realistically, she wouldnt have posted them. they're not flattering to gus' memory unless you believe he was being sincere.

No. 530172

I think the fact that she didn't post about him much when he was alive indicates her motives here may be to get fame/clout.

I cherish the fuck out of a voice mail I still have from my mother that died 3 years ago. I don't post that shit on social media. Don't act like this is how people grieve. Many people keep that shit very private.

No. 530229

ya'll she didn't even respond when he was sending the messages! she clearly knew he was in a fuckboi stage of his life, that doesn't mean their relationship or love was over all meaningless, come on now. you can love someone at 20 and treat them like shit out of selfishness. you guys must be either very young or very bitter

& she's obviously enjoying the attention, but who wouldn't like a bunch of tweens chanting about them being the one true love of their ex they never got over lol it's prob satisfying to the say the least

No. 530250

Yeah I mean her motives make sense but the fact that he never posted her once and I've said this before is soooo telling to me. She wasn't some potato to hide, she's decent looking and has an edgy style so why wasn't she posted? The only logical answer is that they weren't really in communication and she probabaly hadn't seen him at all recently. I wish we could have been able to see what would have played out with all these people if this hadn't sadly happened to him but my bet is he wouldn't be marrying emma. The narrative is almost like propaganda for the tween fans and it's honestly annoying to see from a pragmatic point of view. She is 100% acting as if they had been in a serious committed relationship until the day he died which we all know isn't the case and honestly that's misrepresentation and clout seeking annoying behavior

No. 530392


Not whiteknighting, just sharing an observation.

If you look at the time Emma received the texts (1-4AM), it's totally possible she didn't receive or respond to them until she woke up! It's also possible that she edited her responses out for the post. Regardless if Peep were fucked up or not - he was pouring his young 'heart' out to Emma. That's a vast difference from what he sent Arz (LOL).

Emma knew Gus for a long time, and no matter how you spin it - there was real love there. Not only love, but a friendship and that's something that's difficult to let go of. They may not have been together or even happy with one another - but that doesn't mean the love between them was gone. It was just changing.

I speculate that Peep & Emma didn't post much about each other when they dated because like most musicians trying to build a fanbase, he had to 'appear single' (which likely worked in his sleazy favor). On top of the mountains of poetry/songs and other comments he made - Peep made it difficult for Emma to really ever let go. It's like he kept her on a string… hoping that they'd get back together and 'get married' after they 'explored'.

Emma doesn't seem like the type to want fame or clout. Peep fans ultimately 'fell for her' because of her speech at his memorial, and his family validating that he loved her and most of his early work was written for her. It must have been overwhelming for her to receive so much attention regarding Peep. It's not a normal situation - and definitely not easy.

Two months into the newfound clout, and Emma posted an IG story of how she didn't ask for the attention/doesn't know how to deal with it/and is still grieving. She even tried to use this attention to promote charities, which in my opinion, is a great thing. Granted, Emma has been posting more Peep related content on her stories - but she's giving her new followers what they want. She's not gaining any real fame - she's not modeling.

All in all - this is what young love is. LOL. We'll never know EVERYTHING. We don't have to, but until I see Emma acting like ms. potato head… Emma is allowed to post her memories of Gus.

No. 530397

Just cause you say you aren't whiteknighting it does not negate the fact that you are.

Also learn to fucking sage.

No. 530433

>doesn't seem like the type to want fame or clout
>posts screenshots of texts w/peep nonstop
are people really so dumb that they don't realize there's a way to mourn someone WITHOUT airing all their shit out for everyone to see? it's fucking annoying. i know it's blogposting, but when my boyfriend died there was nothing worse than all the random exs he literally despised suddenly posting the same few photos they had left of him for sympathy online, and to keep doing it whenever the feel the need for some attention. sick of it.

No. 530443

In nearly all the texts that Emma posts, it’s only him texting her and her saying nothing. It’s obvious she ignored him most of the time so I honestly don’t get why she’s posting the texts now with captions like “lol” if she couldn’t even take the time to write back? She must be feeling real bad about it now.

No. 530451

i feel like emma is the most harmless from all of peep’s exs/side pieces. she’s known him for ages and they were in a relationship at some point so even if she was in fact after some clout i dont think peep would mind cus hes always wanted the best for her. everyone grieves differently, just because tp doesnt do it as publicly doesnt mean that she suddenly became an example of “mourning the right away”. theres no rules for that. at least emma doesnt look as petty as arz who tries to sell her a month long hook up with peep as some modern romeo & juliet shit. i wont even mention his groupies cus lmao.
anyway moving on

No. 530464

I have this same shirt, anon. I thought the same thing when I saw his design.

No. 530484

File: 1521157873357.jpeg (88.17 KB, 1123x775, B654F6AA-252B-4DB9-BA81-64E342…)

Wow drugs kill people huh

No. 530502

Let it happen pepper anne

No. 530582

Lol she most likely deleted them. He said and she admitted he was the one ignoring her for months at a time.

No. 530656

peep knew he was dying but didn't get help soon enough; it was in all his songs and he knew he needed rehab after that tour. he did try multiple times to detox at his moms place, but he was a musician that was on this international come up so drugs were constantly around him.

it might be around paris and by extension pepper ann, but talking like this after peeps death without any solid plans to go to rehab is one of the most fucked things. like yeah it just killed "your brother" and you've already straight up joked about suicide (with ZERO prior history getting help for it or attempts to end your life at all) and now he wants to make it about an out of control drug issue. no one is out there doing anything to him to make him want to escape this way, his clothing does well and paris got signed, fucking boo hoo bitch. you blackmailed your ex and abused her in other ways, i think this is just guilt tripping people. fucker is sick and needs to be committed.

next time he says something legit about suicide i am calling the fucking cops. i have my personal experiences with it and watching him do this on such a public platform is disgusting.

No. 530675

Luke looks like a weirdo but I hope we’re wrong about him and that he’s actually good for her.
I’ve really grown fond of Layla over the past several months and I just want her to be healthy and happy. I want to see her succeed because she’s shown a remarkable amount of self awareness, reflection, and growth over the past year. The ability to internalize what’s wrong in your life and actually change it is actually pretty rare and the fact that Layla is working on bettering herself deserves kudos and encouragement. Too few people who have been profiled on this website have shown the growth/initiative she has. I hope she stays strong, sober, and on the path to success.

No. 530709

This is all I see.

No. 530710

No. 530715

File: 1521173539122.jpg (61.09 KB, 800x480, lil-peep.jpg)

Nice flip and switch. I don't buy that bull for a second.

No. 530745

iirc, she said it in his memorial speech.

No. 530751

Meh. When you have a person in your life who’s an addict sometimes the only thing you can do is distance yourself. You know that they’re eventually going to kill themselves with their habit and it’s just easier to just not be involved. Maybe Emma’s overcompensation now stems from guilt to make up for all the times she wasn’t there for him.

Plus it seems like she was the only girlfriend/side piece that didn’t actually enable his drug habit. Hell, on the flip side maybe Layla is mum about it because she was one such enabler and (rightly) feels responsible for his death. Who knows, though.

No. 530765

The way Tyler looks and acts really shows that he's the type of person to expect a girl to suck him off even when he has a smegma.

No. 530778


Like who the fuck actually makes a conscious choice to look homeless
He looks like he smells like ass

No. 530910

Layla should feel responsible for his death? Bitch please.

No. 530913

This website is so full of armchair therapists.
No one is responsible for Gus’ death. Drugs were his decision, even if he didn’t die that day he wouldn’t have stopped. It was inevitable.

No. 530922

File: 1521209695335.png (688.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-16-11-13-04…)

No. 530923

File: 1521209786722.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-16-11-13-41…)

layla in greece

No. 530959

File: 1521215152653.jpeg (366.71 KB, 1125x1750, 2D67F24A-6A93-4223-A82B-B8E4A2…)

Chili talking about BURGERS in her philosophical rant I fucking can’t

No. 530965

Who's paying for all this?

No. 530967

she’s modeling for some alt clothing brand apparently

No. 530970

“i always complete what i set out to do”.. like what? what has she accomplished? she is a literal neet..

No. 530973


She’s doing a shoot for goodbye bread. The brand is advertising heavily to the soundclout crowd. They sent intellectualchica and silverlilcat swag bags in exchange for shouting them out on their accounts.

No. 531053

File: 1521224746799.jpeg (33.91 KB, 583x325, 152122495671714560.jpeg)

lol what is this bitch talking about?

No. 531058

File: 1521225031551.jpg (52.15 KB, 575x594, photo_2017-11-16_09-31-10.jpg)

She took advantage of peep the day he died. She considers that an accomplishment. He probably didn't even consent.

No. 531201

what in the fucking world is she talking about the metaphor she's attempting (everything in moderation???????) is butchered as fuck and i have no idea how it correlates to her life and her having nothing to contribute to the world and being a straight up bad person

i bet gma peep didn't want to mind your horrible opinion after her fucking grandson died but you forced it on her publicly then wouldn't stop posting about fucking someone you literally now refer to as a "dead guy"

she's a younger girl and generally i can try pretty fucking hard to find something redeemable about them because the world shits on women and girls don't exactly have great role models; but oh my god.

chillidog. take a couple months away from the internet and get a voice coach if you're serious about your music, then come back and be official about it if that's what you want. literally no one is upset with you attempting music, they're mad you trashed so many people that didn't start anything with you. you need to stop writing these dumb fucking statements and just apologize because you started shit with them. there's nothing for you to defend, just let it go and reflect on your life.

No. 531256

File: 1521240216597.jpeg (139.57 KB, 1236x674, 49DA843E-084D-44B8-8F97-9C6822…)


No. 531282


i thought this was from a music video??

No. 531288

no idea if this is real, but there's a special place in hell for fucktards who take photos of deceased people at funerals and then post it to social media for attention. Fuck outta here. saged

No. 531293

just wanted to clarify that this is NOT real. this was a photo taken of peep while he was recording a music video, which is yet to be released.

No. 531295

File: 1521345165973.jpeg (239.37 KB, 750x1197, 9AC10049-4883-4D79-8ECE-4FEE52…)

She’s using so much photoshop to the point where she doesn’t even look like herself anymore.

No. 531307

No. 531309

oh my god layla, stop. don't pull a kota and lose jobs. i dont get why these insta models photoshop themselves to oblivion. it's not like their employers arent going to be shocked when they see them irl. they have eyes.

No. 531311

that was terrible. wtf was that

No. 531354

it made some sense that they'd ask Layla to model cause Layla is an Instagram ""goth"" whore, but sending shit to silverlilcat? she's a literal nobody.

No. 531365

damn, Layla actually photoshopped herself pretty. keep it up, TP.
in all honesty though, it'd benefit her greatly to save up, stop buying fake designer, and just get the surgery to look the way she photoshops herself. that nose is nightmarishly bad.

No. 531387

This shop is insane even for her standards which we know she prob spends hella time doing them. This literally looks nothing like her. It's like she grafted her general features onto a prototype of a typical model face. imo really sad. Shopping the nose is one thing but to completely change your whole facial structure ? Please stop. She was hired because she looked different this is literally just a basic bitch in "goth style." Unrecognizable out of context besides the tats

No. 531395

This is clearly a photo of another screen I bet this is from another photographer and she snapped a sneak peek. TP has been upfront about her shopping her nose and limbs longer for artist purposes though

No. 531426

No matter what surgery she may get someday, she will never have skin this nice, smooth, or youthful. Ive see her IRL and while she’s not hideous, the constant chain smoking has made her skin so so damaged/ leathery and her eyes are so sunken in.

No. 531427

I think she just looks professionaly styled with different eye makeup. she's pretty. and this is from the job.

No. 531438

anon the nose, jaw, forehead, lip shape, and eye size are completely different, and those are just the obvious things. if you look at that photo and aren't immediately struck by how shopped it is, you either haven't looked at her unshooped pictures very much or you're not very visually observant.
she's not even shy about shooping her pics in the past and it doesn't mean she's ugly if she doesn't really look like this.

No. 531511

File: 1521359154519.png (586.03 KB, 786x586, jksi.png)

This should probably be saged but i found it funny that this bitch literally denies ever photoshopping her pics..

No. 531517

>I would never…!
>hair bending in around her waist

No. 531518

File: 1521360148064.jpeg (646.07 KB, 750x930, BCD0202D-C6C2-4E9C-99D3-C4130E…)

I thought this was cheeky joke but her photoshop style has become so weird, angular & sloppy lately

No. 531525

File: 1521361692495.png (112.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2214.PNG)

From some comments on her insta it looked like maybe she and Peep had a thing? Hmm

No. 531531

I don’t know. I like her, like there’s something refreshing about her attitude and it doesn’t seem like she pretends she’s some perfect hot ig thot. She seems honest or like a genuine human being? I just don’t get why she’s still being nit picked. I also don’t see the shoop there, how is she milky at all? Not white knighting I just don’t get the hate

No. 531535

How old is she?

No. 531536

All of her photos are massively photoshopped, she lies about almost everything, and stole her best friends ex boyfriend of almost 3 years a week after her ex boyfriend passed away. You must be new here.

No. 531543

All of them? Uh I’m just confused, not new. Yea she “stole” someone’s boyfriend after hers died.. ok. So what? What else? I legit swear about 75% of her pics don’t look shooped in any way

No. 531547

She was a nobody, she met toopoor, became best friends with her, changed her entire look to mirror laylas, and a week after peep died she went in on another one of laylas ex's. There doesnt need to be a "what else" are you retarded?

No. 531549

File: 1521364189173.png (642.44 KB, 499x566, a.png)


No. 531551

File: 1521364356577.png (700.41 KB, 533x549, c.png)

…To this, and you see no photoshop? lol

No. 531556

where is that dress from please it's actually cute

No. 531559

I see angles and posing. Why would she keep “unshooped” pics up if she was hiding something?

No. 531561


Hey Cass, anyone with eyes can see how terrible your shoop skills are, also learn to sage.

No. 531562

her eye brows in that left shot lok like they are about to fly away

No. 531563

It’s not Cass lmao. I’ve been reading this thread for a few months and I just don’t get the weird obsession with her in here and the photoshop nitpicking when she is obviously not hiding the way she naturally looks. Who cares??? No milk

No. 531564

Obsession where? She's rarely talked about because she is that cringe worthy, it's just amusing that she has denied shopping her pics, can we stop talking about her now? She is pathetic and not milky in the slightest.

No. 531572

"obsession" is really quite a stretch. she's barely mentioned and she's only talked about because she used to associate with layla, that's it. she has such a stale personality that she's otherwise boring. but when she denies her blatantly obvious photoshop to her "fans", it's funny to watch.

No. 531604

File: 1521374096123.gif (469.29 KB, 480x270, lilpeep.gif)

That was funny af!

No. 531625

No they didn't have a thing, now stop posting this shit in every fucking thread Lilith nobody cares

No. 531644


Harpo, who dis woman?

No. 531646


Shit, just realized she's wearing circle lenses too.

No. 531713

File: 1521388692223.png (120.2 KB, 640x749, IMG_3597.PNG)

Noooooo lmao

No. 531715

File: 1521388876949.gif (2.96 MB, 500x418, haha.gif)

Dumb bitch.

No. 531723

>>531713 omg where does she find all these terrible ideas for tattoos… it's just so fucking ugly

No. 531725

It's literally a graphic from goodbyebread, the company she is modeling for rn

No. 531743

Omg she gets the stupidest tattoos. Get pretty things tattooed!!! Not cartoon graphics. Lord.

No. 531790

Wtf is going on with that dick paw?? I'm assuming this is a scratcher job but if not then please tell me it's done with a fine line sharpie as a publicity stunt, no amount of money can hide the awful there.

No. 531822

Also out of curiousity why all the peep gifs it’s throwing me off

No. 531833

File: 1521397150388.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, E97716E8-F2F3-4314-A5B7-408D57…)

Philomena has apparently overdosed on fentanyl. Died and had to be rescucutated. She really does idolize peep

No. 531844

literally couldn’t care any less lmao

No. 531869


>needs lung surgery and just od'd

>still needs to post it on snapchat

No. 531881

File: 1521401875036.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, 4029C900-764A-4CD3-8B20-A2541F…)

Is this for Tyler? He used to lovebomb Layla with photos of his teddy ”missing her” (grown man ffs)

No. 531933

>Not using drug safety to prevent yourself from suffering the same fate as peepers.

No. 531937

karma for ruining an innocent mans life and career

No. 531939

File: 1521405318703.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5012.PNG)

Sry to bring her up again but this is literally worse than chili. Intentionally making CERTAIN that she's showing off her cuts. This bitch is insane I cannot believe the wrestling organization took her seriously

No. 531964

Decided to listen to peeps music and I’m sorry but it was terrible…. reminded me of good charlotte but with 8th grade reading level lyrics. people sometimes on this thread act like he was some musical genius and now that he’s dead he some sort of legend. His music sucked.

No. 531969

File: 1521407968144.jpg (299.56 KB, 863x521, 19D-863x521.jpg)

I didn't like his stuff until he died tbqh.

No. 531981

Hilariously enough Good Charlotte covered Awful Things.

No. 531990

File: 1521409385563.png (52.88 KB, 614x395, haha.png)

No. 532023

Layla and peep seem like the type to grow up in upper middle class suburbia and think listening to good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne make them punk .

No. 532055

File: 1521413625984.jpeg (631.09 KB, 2048x2048, 9D49071B-1A54-4557-BAB8-4B0522…)

this was briefly mentioned up the thread a bit - but layla’s shit facetuning is out of control. her image is what she’s selling, so why is she wearing someone else’s face.
it’s not even consistent, this could be three different people.

No. 532111

At least she's honest about it

No. 532114

so honest that she deleted the post admitting to it? yeah no

No. 532128

Lol she's on live now bored in the hospital

No. 532131

File: 1521417823102.jpeg (269.85 KB, 750x1334, B346AC86-F1D9-41E6-96AA-91250E…)

She unarchived it.

No. 532142

Wait why is she in the hospital?

No. 532146

holy shit scroll up, it was posted earlier today, not even that long ago. would you like a complimentary diaper change too? I swear..

No. 532159

I don't think anyone acts like that. The shit was catchy. For a kid not educated in music production, his vocal melodies, at least, were excellent. Yes, it's basically 2006 emo on top of 808s but it's not trying to be serious. It's definitely guilty pleasure shit that creeps into your brain.

Again, I don't foresee this kind of shit ending well if she's looking to make it big. Look how embarrassing the ultra facially shooped branding went for Dakota. If tp wants a different face, she should probably just get surgery so the catfishing doesn't affect her career

No. 532180

Peep was very serious, I think it was discussed in Layla 2.0 that while almost everyone else in gbc & other emotional trappers pull heavily from nostalgia and are to a degree tongue in cheek peep was dead serious & sincere in making his music/ trying to make it with his music was it was

No. 532193

thought she was talking about TP ooops

No. 532199

His shtick was partially ironic. I dont mean he wasn't serious. I mean like, you can't take this kids music seriously and compare it to serious musicians. He made decent music and he 100% enjoyed all that terrible emo shit (tbh I think his music was better than the music he took from despite the people he was inspired by being obviously trained musicians while he wasn't). My point is that you cant take his music too seriously. It is what it is. It's catchy af and that was his ultimate intention, for it to be catchy. The kids shtick was pretty ironic and nostalgic tho. He wore Ed hardy bc of nostalgia and irony, etc.

No. 532203

you're straight, sorry i didn't mean to rage like that.

No. 532252

she’s not beautiful but she’s not ugly. She’s average pretty but without conventionally attractive facial features. I think her facial features go well with her aesthetic and that’s what makes her look stand out from all the other basic ig goth goes. She’s pretty in a Lady Gaga kind of way. She should capitalize on it instead of shopping her face to look basic

No. 532277

So did i and didnt understand why someone was getting their ass chewed for asking why tp was at a hospital.

No. 532296

File: 1521426677180.jpeg (490.3 KB, 1125x1211, E0644CF6-9C25-4517-8B6C-A82CA6…)

I’m not buying it for one fucking second

No. 532297

They never claimed to be "punk".

No. 532299

File: 1521426811004.jpeg (505.72 KB, 1125x1335, 4584AC0B-663E-4E3C-86FE-533D70…)

Asks for suboxone in next tweet…

I’m having a real hard time believing he made 4 million last year like… how sway

No. 532300

I know it’s an image board but could you like…. not with the irrelevant photos?

It’s a dead giveaway as to which posts are yours, which I’m p sure is against the rules? don’t want you catching a ban

No. 532302

File: 1521427112839.gif (362.64 KB, 500x221, qWrrfVs.gif)

I get banned all the time. I'll probably get banned now. Whoo! Inb4 I get banned.(stop photofagging)

No. 532307

Layla, if you'd stop smoking your eyes wouldn't look so baggy, your skin wouldn't look so grey and aged, and your lips wouldn't be dry and thin. furthermore, you have plenty of money to fix that beak, solvable problems.

No. 532321

File: 1521428270614.png (127.47 KB, 640x1136, B99F6AA6-4859-4B42-9E9E-9D8332…)


No. 532448

Did anyone see Layla's sc story it was some type of screen shot off of peeps album but then she deleted it all? She's definitely been subbing him a lot lately with all the anarchy signs and you're everywhere I go … it's still so much more lowkey that could be expected from someone who made that infamous airport live

No. 532511

File: 1521436520635.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, image1.png)

is this the one you mean? if so, she was in an uber in london with a screen on the back of the front seat and she was playing save that shit by peep. she hasn't deleted it tho

No. 532589

What infamous airport live?

No. 532695

Was wondering the same

No. 532742

Well yeah that one from peep but also the one where Layla was on like however many drugs acting literally insane in an airport/plane

No. 532788

Anybody got a vid?

No. 532803

What are u talking about???

No. 532848

I remember that live, it was extremely embarrassing and the most obnoxious shit I've ever seen. She was literally hollering and yelling at people walking by her in the airport,and acting like she was unstable blabbering nonsense loud as FUCK

No. 532919

File: 1521487584095.png (50.06 KB, 635x398, IMG_3601.PNG)

This fucking clown

No. 532945

3 sit ups isn't going to do shit on that ugly baby man body and taking vitamins and being "vegetarian" isn't going to fix that face or that rotten ass personality youve got there gumpy

No. 532985

File: 1521492655774.png (38.85 KB, 586x165, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 1.50…)

And is this in response to that do we think? Lol

No. 533478

What happened to TP's music career? That one song honestly was catchy she should be releasing it while people are still interested.

No. 533595

File: 1521531656289.png (Spoiler Image, 905.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-113852.png)

Actually terrified

No. 533596

Silvercat deadass looks like a dude smh.. Those "tits" don't help her at all

No. 533607

why is emma liking this

No. 533756

File: 1521554848221.jpeg (44.79 KB, 640x334, 7D884CAA-565A-40B1-8383-6927BC…)


Because Lylah comments on every one of Emma’s Instsgram posts. Silverlilcat is like a little retarded kid. Always in the comments of anyone associated with Peep talking like she knows them. How embarrassing

No. 533858

File: 1521562645992.jpeg (506.16 KB, 1125x1530, A3357488-BD08-45F8-9E49-2B9330…)

All this is cryptic af but I’m gonna go ahead and call it… Luke ended things with Layla.
Sage for conspiracy theory

No. 533859

File: 1521562664179.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1125x1997, 8563B1EE-7BD8-41C8-B5D7-12517F…)

No. 533869

well.. that was short-lived

No. 533871

Idk why i felt this coming on while she was in greece!!!! But i cant tell who broke up with who?

No. 533875

I don't think Luke and layla are over they could just be on a break or smthin bc their pics they took together are still on insta :x

No. 533876

And doesnt she have to go back to LA to get her shit, if her and luke are done i have a bad feeling grosso will try and snake his way in again and fuck with her head once more

No. 533878

IF this is actually what’s going on, I feel like he broke up with her.
You know when you can tell someone’s about to break up with you? Or has bad news in general? I feel like that’s what her “I’m psychic” tweets are about.
The hour she said to wait is probably the time it took for him to get to her place and do the deed.
The photo of him is probably his commute back to bed post breakup.

No. 533970

Maybe they're just on a break? Possibly they got into a fight and are just taking some time apart. They're pics they took together are still there so maybe its just a small fight or break.

No. 534023


You’re showing your age anon. Not deleting old ig posts doesn’t mean anything and breaks aren’t real. The phrase “You’ll understand when you’re older” applies here.

Besides, it’s all speculation. Well have to wait and see, but the whole going back to LA thing has me nervous for her too.

No. 534028


I feel like if she and Luke broke up she would stay in LA when she 'goes back'. I feel like Luke was her motivation for living in London.

No. 534032


when she was with peep or tyler she would delete them whenever they broke up. so i don’t think it’s a matter of that age mentality

No. 534043

File: 1521575995213.png (39.96 KB, 155x275, 1498779496715.png)

i'm looking through the threads trying to find it now, it was before she got with pepper ann and peep was being a fuuuuuuucking asshole to layla. it's a major trip watching people be straight savage to layla when she was single and had been talking about suicide and trying in this sad high school girl way to get peep's attention while peep was just torturing her and laughing about it. i know dickheads like pepper ann use suicide as a manipulation tactic, but girl obviously wasn't getting any help and peep was just exploiting the fuck out of it. she clearly shut down in a real way and was even posting here for a moment.

I'm dying to know why we changed our opinions so drastically about layla since then. Was it peep's death or that she left pepper when he was abusive? I feel like things changed when she called him out on the abuse, then we all just wanted to side with layla because fuck tyler, or it could be that she stopped reading here so much and was able to be herself more?

and what, if anything at this point, would change the perception on tyler? he's obviously never going to change lol but for those that follow these threads because they're psychologically interesting…

No. 534047

lmao i don't like her but it actually got her connected to emma

lil homie hustlin her ass out her mama's basement!!! LOOK AT HER GO

No. 534057

it was peeps death. she handled it really well and i think a lot of people had newfound respect for her for it. even on here, right after peep died, a lot of ppl were saying they really loved each other (lol, as if peep ever gave a shit) and she's handling it w dignity, etc. her growing the nads to leave pepper cemented it, though.

realistically though, and i mean, she's still an annoying cloutwhore, but peep's death did seem to help her. beyond him 'releasing her', or somehow becoming her husband, she'd have fucking humiliated herself for the next 30 years trying to get any morsel of his attention, just begging for him to send a tweet that references her hair while he was probably plowing some greasy skank backstage as he was typing it. she was so obsessed with that kid. he wouldve loved to see her run herself into the ground/accidentally kill herself, all for him/because of him.

No. 534062

File: 1521577343093.png (539.41 KB, 808x597, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.21…)

I hope it doesn't happen but this is total relapse talk. The fact that she's talking about it openly is a good thing, though.

No. 534082

yeah but shes always talked about it openly for attention.

she needs to stop with that auschwitz leg shooping though. her lower legs are already really thin. just looks weird

No. 534092

Layla talks about everything openly, the hell are you talking about? Girl can't take a shit or piss without blasting it on social media, she's not doing anything different lol. She's either going to relapse or do something semi dramatic to get people to feel sorry for her dumbass like she always does.

No. 534094

File: 1521579035712.png (56.08 KB, 584x247, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.47…)

The shade of this tweet…. and thread is great

No. 534109

Loved seeing this! Love conor

No. 534122

File: 1521581150780.jpeg (180.37 KB, 750x1000, 39635E13-248A-43B3-8AAA-9F3029…)

That was only a day ago… I don’t think cryptic tweets prove they broke up…

No. 534153

Kitty pryde retweeted this then started being really upset about other stuff does anyone know what her deal is? She’s constantly going off about her old music friends but still defends creeps like riff raff so I’m not sure what her angle with all that is.

No. 534166

Pretty sure she was raped when she was younger by someone in her (local?) scene. The adam22 stories are probably pretty triggering as he was an abuser in the hardcore scene

No. 534259

File: 1521588172166.png (142.08 KB, 640x1136, 1FB53781-6B3A-4262-83B1-B239ED…)

Sure ok Adam

No. 534278

Ew he's a slimy loser

No. 534284

He’s so fucking stupid. There’s proof of him in his own words saying he beat a girl and that he almost killed her. He’s nothing but a low life scumbag.

No. 534285

File: 1521589588159.jpeg (149.98 KB, 814x1024, DB62ADD5-18BC-409B-B42A-B396FD…)

No. 534287

File: 1521589618420.jpeg (83.99 KB, 640x640, C5FB55C9-201A-4396-8B6D-1E4FA2…)

Checks out to me

No. 534294

File: 1521589849506.jpeg (437.78 KB, 1242x1988, 006320FF-52AC-4FE8-BBE4-F00184…)

Well the theory that they broke up was wrong

No. 534328

File: 1521591413685.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, F6B25927-D7D6-4752-9002-52152C…)

adam22 cashing in on the peep tattoos

No. 534334

This guy is so fucking gross

No. 534335

Peep was a huge fan of Adam tho.

No. 534338

>>534335 I kind of doubt he knew about the rape allegations though

No. 534436

File: 1521597240947.jpeg (386.85 KB, 1242x1027, 2AA23EAB-FE72-40F5-B102-177F70…)

how classy and unpredictable, the “he didn’t abuse me so it must mean he never abused anyone ever” argument! wow!

No. 534458

He literally describes it in his blog in his fucking own words LOL what reality are these idiots living in

No. 534459

Honestly I’m a little surprised Adam hasn’t gotten all these things taken down, it’s a stupid easy process. But not too surprised because he’s pretty cocky(and has not reason not to be) maybe he just assumes nothing will come of this, again.

No. 534463

Lets not act like peep was some huge activist or that he had “no idea.” He was in the soundcloud community. Many people he hung around have similar allegations against them

No. 534760

Thank God someone is finally exposing this nasty fuck! I've always gotten the grossest vibes off of him and this just confirms my suspicions that the misogynistic ass shit he says is not just confined to a fake internet persona.

Of course Lena is defending him. Everything she does just shows how desperate she is for his affection and approval, even though you can tell that he doesn't respect her at all.

No. 534764

Hmmm, in the Schemaposse interview in, I think, 2016, I got the impression that Peep didn't really like Adam….just a vibe, Adam would ask him stuff and Peep seemed a bit distant and monosyllabilic with him. That was before Peep blew up tho, J Grxxn was more famous than Peep at that point,and did most of the talking.

No. 534796

peep was blatantly anxious and intimidated in that interview and he barely knew adam. in the other more recent vlog he literally kisses adam on the cheek and tells him he loves him or some shit.

No. 534859

File: 1521641252213.png (989.6 KB, 1057x1327, 2018-03-21 11.05.56.png)

Did someone notice this? Layla while listening to Right Here by Peep

No. 534867

What are we noticing?

No. 534870

File: 1521642300587.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1116x2199, 669E7626-6366-4272-947D-AFF697…)

Finally getting some real help. I’m here for it.

A while back in a live she mentioned that she’s trying to keep her personal life separate from her online persona. This is a huge step for Layla and honestly one I didn’t expect her to make. Let’s see if she can stick to it once times inevitably get tough…

No. 534882


The face on her tattoo caught snapchat’s attention and she was trying to imply that peep’s ghost was with her

No. 534904

“Finally” that mans had to make a whole damn video “explaining” himself because people bring it up so much. He and his fans just direct people to that now. Fuck the last thread had almost all the receipts going around rn.

People don’t care. Not even “woke” people in the scene. 1 of the girls in that nyt article exposing vice, who posted photos of her bruised up Body after a date rape, and constantly shit talks vice and the people who let that happen to her is still super tight with Adam, even though she’s known about Adam since this summer. The closest I’ve seen to a person calling him on his shit was when lil Arron, another omg woke~ figure in soundclout, said him making that “13 years old” comment about bahd bahbie was weird and that he should know better, but they kissed and made up immediately after.


Peep “begged”(his words not mine) Adam to debut his video for come around before he blew up, this was before the schema interview. He would hang out at the melrose shop semi regularly. He literally kissed Adam in one of his vlogs. They were definitely friends.

No. 534916

wth are you talking about

No. 534918


after that snapchat of her in the tub she said “notice how it keeps detecting a face as if someone was there” or something along those lines while she was listening to peep

No. 534930

it's nice that she's getting help and all, but acting like Peep's ghost is following her is fucking silly. first of all, she believes in ghosts and that's funny enough. second of all, she believes that Peep loved her enough in his last days to visit her? if ghosts were real, don't you think he'd reside by his family, not some clouthungry ex gf that he mentally fucked with and publicly made fun of? Layla has a right to grieve, but goddamn everyone grieving Peep rn is so fucking nuts and acts like Peep's spirit is still sucking their toes (ahem Silverlilcat)

No. 534945

lol she never said she was the ghost of PEEP. She just said that she did not know how face detection had appeared on the filter she was using.

No. 534963

peep referenced himself as lisa so adam gets lisa in the same position peep fucking died in for hours failing to breathe while his nonexistent friends kicked him and filmed him ON HIS FACE because he can't just get it somewhere clothing can hide because he's literally the most clout hungry human being on the planet

and holy fuck i've never seen so many forehead wrinkles in my life, sick nonexistent jawline and widdle chubby neck there. bet gma peep and mother peep love the design

No. 534964

Peep wrote songs about "fucking bitches" and "break[ing] a bad bitch's spine" when they're passed out are you new

No. 534976

File: 1521654032639.jpeg (742.35 KB, 1125x829, 646EBEAF-DE21-41D6-B992-86177A…)

Anon you’re fucking cancelled. At least know what you’re talking about when you talk shit.

No. 534987

“when they’re passed out” you’re so wrong. peep was openly against rape and any form of sexual assault. Can we stop making him out to be someone he wasn’t? Seriously.

No. 535013

lmao it’s implied that it could’ve been peep, that was the point of the separate snap

No. 535025

File: 1521658610672.jpeg (602.15 KB, 1125x1962, 19C07555-49BE-4118-9124-82A1D4…)

>Heavily influences to do things I didn’t want to do
I’d like to think this is heavy shade at pepper. Remember when she ran away from the superrradical photo shoot at Tyler’s apartment? Hmmm..

No. 535120

Layla's actually looking pretty good in the videos from the goodbyebread shoot in her latest IG posts. I can tell someone else did her makeup and styled her cause she actually looks pretty. admittedly my eyes kept going to the crooked shnozz, the lighting and the fact that she wasn't hiding behind a big greasy emo bang really showcased how big and crooked it is :\ but the rest of her features look quite nice. keep the MUA's number in your phone!!

No. 535125

Why the hell are people constantly going after her nose. What do you expect her to do about it

No. 535129

I don’t care about her nose but what the hell is going on with her hair. Can’t believe she purposely looks like that

No. 535150


it's updated emo 2000's sex hair DUHHH anon

No. 535156

lmfao are you defending adam or did you read that wrong

he copied peeps neck tattoo and got it in the position he was found dead in for hours while his friends ignored him, and tattooed it on the side of his face for fucking clout. i don't know how much more clear i could have been, adam is a piece of shit.

i was talking about ADAM'S wrinkles, nonexistent jawline and chubby neck you dense peepette tween are you blind

No. 535161

>Okay, I pull my cash out, shawty pass out
>Take her ass out, then I spaz out
>Okay, yeah I hit that, shawty, get back

cool you skipped over the physical abuse part, underage posting is not allowed here.

No. 535165

if layla had the balls to start calling out tyler for his abuse why didn't she do the same to peep? right before tyler during the suicide stuff where she was SO desperate and extra she was getting ridiculed by everyone with access to her meltdown. why not just out him for toying with her constantly?

No. 535170

physical abuse part? where? you obviously don’t get what’s being said here. “yeah i hit that” does not mean physical abuse. you don’t understand slang i guess LMAO

No. 535171

physical abuse where? Clearly you need a translation, "yeah I hit that" as in 'I had sex with that' ….

>Okay, I pull my cash out, shawty pass out

He takes out his money and she passes out because apparently it's impressive.
>Take her ass out, then I spaz out
Takes her out with all that cash, then he goes nuts.
>Okay, yeah I hit that, shawty, get back
Nails the chick he just went out with, then tells her to get away from him- 'cause he got what he wanted.

Still not a saint, but these particular lines are not in favor of your argument.

No. 535175

i said that peep was openly against rape and any form of sexual assault. you bringing up three lines in beamer boy doesn’t disprove what i said in any way shape or form. stop this foolery.

No. 535181

Double check who you're responding to. You meant to respond to >>535161. Please delete & repost with the correct tag

No. 535182

File: 1521670203534.png (778.34 KB, 750x1334, 7625C268-F114-429C-932E-45013A…)

No. 535184

where is the lie tho?

No. 535188

No. That's in The Pull Off like I posted.

Gimme that body
I'ma put it on mine
I got a 12 gauge shotty with my name on the side
When I pull up to the party all these bitches gone run
I'm going so retarded that I might lose my mind

Schemaposse in this bitch
You can tell by the fire
You don't want to find out that we got nothing to hide
I'm a mosh pit God
I got black on my eyes
Break a bad bitch spine cause my (bleeped out)
I'ma pull up on you tonight
I'ma let you know how I feel
Maybe we can have one last fight
I ain't trippin' I'm just keepin' it real

She said
"Am I going to hell?"
One look in my eyes she could tell

Gimme that body
I'ma put it on mine
I got a 12 gauge shotty with my name on the side
When I pull up to the party all these bitches gone run
I'm going so retarded that I might lose my mind

No. 535190

HAHAHAHA yeah so against it like 3/4 of GBC are rapists and pedophiles OOOOOKKKK what an ally! making real changes!!!!

No. 535193

The person you are responding to was responding to the anon using Beamer Boy lyrics. Seriously guys it costs $zero to pay attention to who is responding to what…

No. 535197


No. 535218

“3/4 of GBC are rapists and pedophiles” this isn’t true & im not even a fan.

No. 535226

Omfg did you follow the thread, take your own advice.

I made the original statement he talking about "fucking girls when they're passed out" and "breaking a bad bitches spine" for rape and abuse in his lyrics.

said he verbally called out rape/sexual assault (yet still repped a clique mainly and openly composed of them, highlight yung goth for forcing himself on an underage girl, getting her pregnant, then leaving her/ lil tracy being a known pedophile)

My response >>535161 was the first set of lyrics I remembered involving that (interpreted it as her having her ass out because he "spazzed out" in response to her ass/hitting, not taking her out on a fucking date), then I pointed out the anon I responded to didn't refute the claims of lyrics about "breaking bad bitch's spines".

misunderstood what I wrote - I didn't say the physical abuse was in Beamer Boy, I literally quoted "break a bad bitch's spine" which is obviously not there. Because it's a completely different song and I was waiting for the OG anon to respond to why they didn't respond to the abuse lyric claims. That's why I posted The Pull Out.

No. 535227

they are notorious for fucking underage girls, statutory rape is valid fuck you

No. 535240

This is all rather stupid… but do you even know how many people are in GBC?

No. 535258

Goth was peeps long term friend, but he was never in gbc, if you’re gonna be an autist about it might as well get your facts straight

No. 535297

Wicca phase is the one who created gbc in the first place. After hearing about yung goth’s horrible ways, he acknowledged that it was wrong and cut off all contact with him. Same with Coldhart and even Peep while he was alive. Do you think that someone who is against rape would let people into his circle who have sex with underage girls? Absolutely not. It’s obvious that some people in this thread know nothing about GBC or its members, but constantly wanna make stuff up about them to look bad for no reason at all.

No. 535351

Peep was good friends with Pouya ans Fat Nick, who both have allegations of sexual assault against them

No. 535355

Missing the days when TP had her own thread tbh haha this shit is painful to read.
Why is she still thrown in with soundcloud gobshites?

I think her cryptic tweets is deff something to do with pepper, I'm so glad to see her blossoming while he's sat in a pile of his own dick grease smoking heroin still.

No. 535421


i agree. even though her thread has become lumped in with soundclout, it’s so unnecessary to have lyrics being posted and analyzed here. old milk and speculation. who knows and who cares? peep was progressive to an extent, for the genre and scene he was in. but he and his buddies still blatantly and publicly mistreated women

No. 535422

File: 1521682502906.png (1.77 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180321-203233.png)

I haven't been keeping up with this thread but can't see anything posted about this. Have I missed something? Layla's friend Aubrie had dinner with Tyler last night at the same place he used to take Layla. Layla & Aubrie just posted ig stories facetiming each other a few days ago.

No. 535429

I love grosso milk

No. 535450

Layla and Aubrie seem to have stayed friends despite Tyler and TPs breakup, probably because Aubrie hangs on to anyone with clout, and Layla probably keeps in touch because she doesn't have a lot of friends. Aubrie and Tyler have been friends for a long time, way before Layla

No. 535488


Oh my goodness finally someone said it I did the same thing the other day and I was not impressed to say the least if you want emo rap done right you go for suicide boys

No. 535496

went veg right? with a plate of chicken or fish in front of him ahahaha

No. 535603

Wtf is going on in this picture? When is her birthday?, someone give her a photoshop lession for present

No. 535604

No. 535606

File: 1521704527665.png (152.06 KB, 750x740, IMG_1693.PNG)

wtf going on this picture? when is her birthday, someone please give her a photoshop class in present, this is painful to watch. (And insert her voice, painful to listen to aswell)

No. 535632


all i see is the terrible upper thigh shoop

No. 535647

File: 1521715177848.png (250.76 KB, 305x339, 68589594.png)

Her non-existent chin just ruins her otherwise decent face. I don't even know whats going on in pic related

No. 535649

her indistinguishable jawline that blends into her neck makes her look like an earthworm

No. 535657

Yall really nit pick at anything, ones's jaws too big, ones too small, someones nose is too crooked, then someones nose will be too straight.
Like please stop pretending you aren't all a bunch of gremlin faced weirdos with extra belly and get back to some milk.(no1curr)

No. 535658

No. 535663


No. 535674

Like we can discuss the bad photoshop without having to tear them apart like wtf

No. 535740


yes THANK YOU i never ever post on here (except to share my chili-beans gimp masterpiece) i strictly observe, but i've thought this on so many occasions. by all means critique their shop and their slop, but why so critical of the looks they were born with i would LOVE to see what the lot of ya'l look like lmaaaaaO(no1curr)

No. 535774


i can’t believe arzaylea voluntarily engorged her mouth with lip filler, it’s accentuating her small chin. she is a constant abuser of photoshop on the gram, and compared to the proportions a model should be, her body is dumpy. i haven’t seen a photo of her where she hasn’t photoshopped herself to have a small waist, big ass/thighs, etc. or photoshoots with someone else taking the picture. what happened to the 15k arzaylea made from bootleg lil peep merch? it hasn’t been mentioned since, and his family said the money was supposed to go to oxfam. was the merch even manufactured? what did people pay for and where did the money go?

No. 535780


nice self post. there is a point in what you’re saying, because the talks of nonexistent chins and layla’s nose are so excessive and irrelevant. this is an anonymous thread, it isn’t about what we look like, nobody has thrust their face and name into the spotlight like the cows being discussed here. ignore the posts and get some milk

No. 535783

Me too

No. 535824

File: 1521739097604.jpeg (648.84 KB, 1125x1507, 4DC51A48-29CC-4EC7-A9E1-73F182…)

Uh…. this thread is horrifying. I know Adams disgusting blogposts have popped up on here, but now there’s tons of first person accounts of his abuse. This dude is sick, and Lena’s coming to his defense.


I’ll also post some screens of adams defense tour.

No. 535825

File: 1521739138250.jpeg (682.37 KB, 1125x1316, F25081ED-A60E-4983-8A65-991AA8…)

No. 535826

File: 1521739167793.jpeg (698.73 KB, 1125x1812, 3A541A55-5B32-4EAF-9E71-DD3D11…)

No. 535837

me thinks the douchebag doth protest too much.

No. 535839

I’m gonna post the twitter thread link again so it doesn’t get buried in with the screen grabs. i know some posters on here need some uh…. help navigating the ways of this site.


Saged for posting same link twice.

No. 535940

I hope all his endorsements eventually get pulled, I hate this shitbag

No. 535957

File: 1521752217033.jpeg (562.01 KB, 1125x1488, B40A7E45-0835-439A-9FDA-6CDD0F…)

Of course Chelji defending a rapist

No. 536050

Was thinking about one thing when Layla just now went live on insta. She lipsmacks in the exactly same way that amphetamine-user does.. been noticing her doing that several times the last couple months. Earlier this evening she went live with Luke very quick, and it seemed like she was drunk and that the livestream was a misstake and she closed it very quickly. Anyone else noticing?

No. 536053

Been noticing Layla lipsmacking in the exactly same way amfetamin-user does. She just went live on insta doing it again and ive seen it for months… besides that she seemed drunk in that livestream earlier tonigh, it was up for like 10 seconds and seemed like a misstake. Thoughts on that?

No. 536092

Might be her tongue ring.

No. 536111


This is extra hilarious because she was stirring the pot BIG TIME when the Philomena thing went down with Layla and Grosso. Hmmmm wonder what that's about. Go fuck yourself Chelji.

No. 536126

File: 1521760286887.png (1.63 MB, 1125x2436, 046CF74E-3DFF-40FD-B395-72F3DC…)

Desiree (from the underage Girl in Canada story) came out with a statement on Adam22. Yikes.

No. 536131

this is delicious. god, i hope this gets traction and this shitstain is taken down.

No. 536173


Boo, just because nobody ever agreed with your posts lol.

No. 536215

ok but how do we know she actually wrote this? i could have gone on that forum and posted a statement writing "desiree wrote" above it just the same

No. 536245

Layla posting all this poor little me im so sick-posts, to be in the insta-live 5 sec after burping and being goofy with that ugly clout seeking guy. Its kind of hard to take her seriously when talking about mental illness. Im starting to see her as a spoiled attention whore.

No. 536271

say what you want about Layla, but she's clearly dumb as fuck if she's getting tattoos of a graphic that some clouty Internet clothing brand puts on a shirt just cause she got put on their website. it's so goddamn unfortunate that she's that brainless

No. 536275

are….are you new here? Layla is a spoiled attention whore through and through lol we don't know how good of a human being she is or how honest, but we do know she's a spoiled attention whore

No. 536294

She could be bipolar, but generally speaking rampant drug use really fucks your brain chemistry and takes MONTHS to come back into balance. Very common in early stages of recovery to behave erratically/have weird mood swings.

Another thing is It’s valid for her to talk about her mental illness (her self destruction is a clear indication) and it’s cool she’s doing it in a “this is what I deal with” type of way. People that are genuinly ill don’t have the option to “make sense”, parts of your brain actually shut down in responses to trauma. She’s always used th internet for validation but now that she doesn’t have heavy drugs to cope she probably talks about I openly more.

If she’s all of a sudden happy she could be putting on to show Tyler/the legions of hateful peep-stans that she’s unaffected. Or feels a slight release from her mood cycling and she runs with it, trying to focus on keeping it light. Seems like a lot of people here are mentally ill, im sure it’s not hard to relate to wanting to die while forcing yourself to move forward in your life in positive ways.

No. 536318

I was so excited to see the b9 be lit as hell again but it’s still only regulars posting

No. 536388

Ok Layla is answering questions on IG I’ll compile th bet answers there’s thousands of comments soooooooo we’ll see how long I can go

>why are you so hot

>photoshop and makeup

>what are your thoughts on hentai

>indifferent (hahahahaha)

>are you goth?


>do you miss peep?


>would you ever do porn

>probably not but could be fun

No. 536413

>what’s your biggest fear in life
>vomiting (wasn’t she bulimic?)

>a fan says she gave Layla her Hulu info on Snapchat in exchange for a hoodie, neve got said hoodie lol

>have you ever had a bad relationship with food

>yes every day



>fave color


>have you ever got your ass ate


>How did you get over your worst fears and your addiction? you can help many of people. ily.

> still not over my fears. recovery and higher power gets me thru addiction. unfortunately i’m an addict. i’m addicted to everything and anything - doesn’t even have to be drug or alcohol related. which u learn later

>did u drop out or finish high school

>I completed homeschooling (was she bullied, do s anyone know about this??)

>fav peep song

>suck my blood, 5 degrees

>do u care about your fans?


>do you smoke pot


>if you had to forget on person who came into your path who would it be

>this is easy just don’t wanna say it

>will you get another face tattoo


>who in ur opinion is the baddest bitch on IG



No. 536431

File: 1521781189439.png (5.12 MB, 1125x2436, C3703B81-3DEE-4004-91EC-F45291…)

Class is on live right now too and the comments are pretty funny

No. 536432

File: 1521781236168.png (5.65 MB, 1125x2436, 4A8D008B-248A-401C-9A03-0BECCA…)

No. 536440

DAMN dude her fuckin hair
And lol she didn’t steal shit she went full skin walker and necro’d laylas high school ex when peep died because she is the weakest bitch ever
I have no idea how she lives with herself, with the social shit and the photoshop and the changing of her personalities and styles. Borderline is thrown around here but I read a few books on it to support a friend and she high key fits that shit, from what we’ve seen

No. 536491

File: 1521793369690.png (2.67 MB, 1125x2436, 774CD1BF-8200-49A9-A410-457B70…)

Miss Gucci witch OD’d and has a ton of twitter drama. She has turned on her only friends posting their nudes and home addresses online

No. 536492

File: 1521793400483.png (1.31 MB, 1125x2436, 4EE366B0-6195-472C-B8B2-69F293…)

No. 536493

File: 1521793430663.png (2.51 MB, 1125x2436, 007D9439-04ED-4514-B224-C68E08…)

No. 536494

File: 1521793579420.png (1.64 MB, 1125x2436, 047B8CA7-90BC-4DA2-B3CF-9C589A…)

No. 536498

File: 1521793689034.png (644.09 KB, 1125x2436, 2B44EC0D-4D0B-49E3-8B39-2C5F58…)

This is all about Philomena btw, the girl that accused Enzo of rape, and called out toopoor and grosso for being accomplices

No. 536509

Ugh why revive though? When god calls you, you fucking answer Philo !

No. 536548

File: 1521805824037.jpeg (400.49 KB, 1125x1635, A4FEF884-C373-41EF-9602-1D68C7…)

Anyone get the rest of these/what Tracy was saying to Layla

No. 536549

File: 1521805844093.png (2.92 MB, 1125x2436, 301C0E36-40B4-49F9-930A-C4114F…)

No. 536551

yes, so "hard" for them that they had to steal the clothing off of his body and tour bus. so traumatized!

No. 536639

Jenny?! It that you? Sis you need to get off the internet.

No. 536675

Maybe she just genuinely liked it and it wasn’t about the modeling or website? People really reach here lmao

No. 536676

Jenny’s been here for a minute. Let her live. She’s hilarious and got a good insight.

No. 536716

Wish Layla had her own thread. I don’t know who any of these sound”clout” people are and I don’t care.

No. 536761

Thanks for sharing

No. 536767

Can we talk about how Emma "blew up" and started to become so full of her self after peeps fan base got hold of her? I think this is the attention she always dreamed about when peep was alive, but got handled over to layla. If he cared SO MUCH about her and loved her soooooo much then why never a single word about her from peep when he was alive? He was the kind of guy who would get shitfaced drunk on social media and post all different kind of emotional rants, therefor i cant get this to match up. I honestly think he was ashamed of her because lets be honest, shes kind of ugly.. Her instagram feed has dramatically changed to only posting selfies. Enjoy the "fame" while it lasts i guess.

No. 536788


Emma was featured in Lil Peep’s music video for “Come Around” posted by No Jumper in 2016. It lines up with the text messages she’s posted recently between her and Gustav, they would have been dating at the time. I’m sure there’s overlap in the relationships he’s had. His music video features them snorting cocaine and prancing around with each other. Her introduction to his fans was as a human prop and another one of his girls, after this she was no longer mentioned or featured

You’re accurate in what you wrote. Her Instagram now and before Peep died is revealing. All the asspats, fans, and sudden fame isn’t great for a personality. I wouldn’t doubt she’s more narcissistic than ever before, it’s obvious in what she posts and talks about

No. 536798

Lilsilvercat a clout whore and shes nasty af..Im surprised Anthony aka Ionlycryblood actually tapped that yikES!(no1curr)

No. 536805

File: 1521835076828.jpeg (290.6 KB, 2048x2048, A7D4D56B-9E08-4BC7-948A-6F96A1…)


Here are some tragic screenshots, it is old milk.

The music video was unflattering, and unsuccessful compared to Peep’s other projects. It suited his image, but didn’t present Emma or their relationship in a positive light. Now, that same relationship is being exploited and romanticized after his death.

Who would want a video of themselves snorting cocaine out there for anyone to see? It’s a move Layla has pulled.

No. 536806

This chick just doesn’t give up. I’m surprised she still had people to give a shit about her. Well that’s gone now lmao

No. 536813

Is the video still up? (emma and peeps relationship)

No. 536825

I must admit that i find it pretty odd that Emma keeps up conversations with silvermusky cloudcat and on top of that posing in clothes that this chick marilyn designed and sent her. No need to be rude to them, thats not what im saying, but why does she even give them her attention?? I think its because in some weird kind of way emma wants sooo badly to be a part of this "peep underground instagram world", the world he never fully let her enter when he was alive. And i mean shes honestly ugly so i think shes really enjoying the newly found attention shes been given. With that said; starting to think shes pathetic.

No. 536828

Why, he's gross as fuck too and skinwalks everyone's favorite dead gothboi

No. 536846

This. Her current boyfriend is a Soundcloud rapper, he only has 320 followers and his songs sound like Peep mixed with $uicide Boy$ outtakes but she deff has a desire to be part of this scene (or was already on the fringe of being part of it.) Does she even have a job? All she does is post photos of the ocean or weird zoom in and outs of her face with a pouty expression.

Here's his page - https://soundcloud.com/rahkgee

>>536813 Yes it's on the no jumper channel.

No. 536850

whats the name for the lilpeep and emma video?

No. 536878


As stated above, the music video is “Come Around” by Lil Peep, posted on the No Jumper YouTube back in February of 2016

No. 536902

Don't bring $B into this fuckery. They actually have talent

No. 536951

File: 1521849089172.jpeg (77.89 KB, 474x607, BEA1669B-BA25-46F8-840F-1917B2…)

okay but this is such bizarre, staged, picture motelstank decided to post on instagram

from the painfully obvious photoshop, chinese food carton, weed grinder on the windowsill, and the only photographs on her fridge are of her and Layla’s friend of over 10 years. which cass made sure to have in the shot. tragic.

shrimp, stop trying to flex your shooped body and dried up boyfriend

No. 536964

i'm sure this is shooped cause cass shops so many of her photos, but i don't really see the shop here? can you point it out? all the lines are clear/nothing is particularly blurry… are you just assuming

No. 536973

The lines on her inner thighs are a complete disaster what are you talking about?

No. 536974

not that anon but between her thighs looks hella bumpy
also sage your shit

No. 536978

samefag I replied to the wrong one but still…you sage your shit

No. 537054

First tip to know is that humans don't actually have barbie-doll shaped bodies. Second tip to know is that bodies don't change shape from pic to pic.

She has posed in front of the fridge because all that white is easy to warp and edit. Also it's probably the only clean spot in her place.

No. 537099

Tyler was just on live practicing DJing and it was sooooo bad. Someone commented “Layla and Luke” and he said “Fuck Layla, fuck Luke.”

No. 537102

File: 1521861799742.png (486.53 KB, 589x498, Screen Shot 2.png)

No. 537103

File: 1521861822998.png (199.81 KB, 636x620, Screen Shot 1.png)

No. 537127

>remember cringe fans are not factors. Don’t post nobodies.
ionlycryblood is a nobody. This isn’t milk

lollll already demoted “manager” and trying to do whatever he can to stay riding paris’ dick. This record company doesn’t give a fuck about him and will kick him to the curb sooo fast. Besides, isn’t @glorellana his dj? They’re inseparable so it’s obvious who Paris would choose if it came down to it.
Pepper is such a slow moving train wreck and it’s gonna be beyond chilicheesepotato levels of sweetness when it all goes to shit

No. 537130

File: 1521866850885.jpg (1.29 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180316-214143.jpg)

I am so tired of shrimp being such a try hard fake. I live for the tragically unedited candids of her in his lives like this one. She really let herself go lol

No. 537131

WHHYYYyyy are we still taking about this?! There’s been like 5 conversations, the same things said over and over, and none of it is milky. This and arguing over who peeps tRuE lOvE was are the worst topics on this thread.
Sorry for whining but just.. do better.

No. 537151

I was one of the anons who posts an awfully cringehard pic of cass in a bikini and in the background the bricks were shopped.

Still can’t believe this fugly hoe still shops herself unrealistically. Gosh you can see the shop spaghettifying into the fridge.

No. 537172

We been over run w peepettes that’s why

No. 537180

>she has no evidence
always the most suspicious type of denial

No. 537183

This thread really went to shit(sage)

No. 537362

Honestly I love seeing adam22 go down on flames, same w Tyler and I love seeing Cass' shit being dissected sooo

No. 537428

>this is my conversation today with the girl people are saying i assaulted
>a girl i dated 10 years ago is saying that i raped and assaulted her

love your work adam. what's the t though?
honestly i cannot stand him and i'm enjoying his fall

No. 537585

Who’s Adam

No. 537600

That’s not even half of the shit in this thread tho, people are literally dissecting peeps lyrics, ex’s and random Stan’s like that’s interesting or relevant to anyone who didn’t wanna give peep the hyuck hyuck themselves

Literally read the past 2 threads

No. 537696

I meant those specific things were all I wanted lol and sometimes chelbeans making a fool of herself

No. 537737

File: 1521940735261.jpeg (161.61 KB, 1125x895, 64B816FB-2F72-4779-8E26-B59BE6…)


No. 537740

how is this "letting herself go" lol this is literally what 99% of white girls in a starbucks look like

No. 537746

two fugly whores worshipped on Instagram by cringy teenage "goth" girls stan each other, yowza.
but honestly, what do you gain from saying cringy shit like this online? besides letting everyone know that you're stanky, skanky and have horrible taste in porn stars?

No. 537752

File: 1521942846933.png (947.6 KB, 640x1136, 234CC009-DA71-4744-843E-9C18A7…)

fat nick is throwing obvious shade at mackned

No. 537778

File: 1521946257922.jpeg (371.15 KB, 1125x1773, 8C635148-F14B-4917-8F74-35E6F9…)

He posted the same thing on twitter and fish narc is getting heated in the replies

No. 537779

File: 1521946290512.jpeg (321.15 KB, 1125x1439, D85B51BD-E37C-4CC4-857D-3C4D99…)

lol @ hogwash

No. 537815


Wasn’t the fent that killed Peep laced with the percocet Mackned gave him? Lol @ still trying to blame “Mariah Bons” Mackned pinned it on her real quick. That’s so suspicious

No. 537816

OT but the OP looks like how Jessi Slaughter would look now (if she hadn't grown into a fat transmunchie).

No. 537818

OT but the OP looks like how Jessi Slaughter would look now (if she hadn't grown into a fat transmunchie).

No. 537836

Honestly even though all these people were dumb af and basically let him die by not checking on him or knowing when someone is in respiratory distress there is NO MOTIVE. Even if he was leaving GBC all their careers are non existent shit now especially mackned. Peep wasn't bringing his name fame I think the situation is sketchy but I can't get over these people constantly saying he was intentionally murdered like !!! No

No. 537837

the indirect & free shoutout ?

No. 537864

fucking THIS, she only has 33k fans who seriously gives a fuck because the only people who care are just overly empathetic people who want to see Emma do well after being involved with peep, and psycho fans bitching about it here

she's not tying to market anything to these new fans, she just posts the same shit about her life? she's nothing compared to arzylea, like completely harmless. i never knew that was her in the come around video and now it just seems like he was a shitty influence to her and strung her along to maintain a "girl back home" narrative because he was an insecure little boy.

let her live, most of GBC minus thraxxhouse OG members rode the fuck out of peep's coattails, these girls sucked his nasty junkie dick they deserve that shit who cares.

No. 537868

“Og thraxx members” lmafo peep and doves are the only ones that weren’t in thraxx but go off ig

No. 537943

Can we please talk about luke and layla?? If layla was sooooo creative then why posefor identic photos as with peep and tyler??? Im talking about her flanting her ass and then boyfriend of the months hands all over it. Its burning in my eyes, so fucking embarrasing. I find luke the most embarrasing as hes over 30 and posts this kind of teenage-crap on his insta. A quick guess its layla orchestrating all this ass-pic-shit. luke doesnt seem to have any mind/personality of him own, all his latest pics on insta looks like really bad copys of peeps signature poses… -and those poses does not suit a 30 year something old man. He looks ridiciolus. Lets not even start with that hair. Makes him look like a schizofrenic clown that stuck his fingers into the electric output in the wall. (Sorry about my english, not my motherlanguage, trying my best!)

No. 537952

i don't think luke is a bad guy or a bad influence necessarily but at this point it's kind of clear he's in the same identity crisis boat as tyler and layla. it feels like all these ex addict types are obsessed with flexing branded shit (gucci, lv, balenciaga, whatever) on instagram, have no real job/career/direction but are still wealthy enough to get away with being half-assed djs and freelance models in their mid-20s and early 30s without having to worry about paying their rent et cetera. and yeah layla really doesn't have any creativity when it comes to taking pics with her boyfriends lol that pic of luke holding her butt is identical to the ones she took with tyler

he's better than peep and grosso i guess but layla is still uncapable of being single or dating someone who is stable and hasn't gone through the same stuff she went through

No. 538043

Again, what is the obsession with appearances with you people. Are people supposed to primarily wear tweed jackets after the ripe age of 23?

No. 538051

yeah he's not good people only say his shit was good because he died and i guess he was conventionally attractive aside from the hideous tattoos. it's pretty stupid. no disrespect to the dead but he never would have made it past soundclout fame, his music was garbage.

No. 538152


read the OP.


No. 538172

okay calm down a bit first.

also luke comes of douchey looking, and yeah layla should be single for awhile but all the trainwreck idiots she dated before luke, she seems to be happy and genuine and i think luke is making her legitimately happy for who she is on the inside. vs what she was with before who didn't seem to care about the inside and just shut her up with gifts and attacked who she was as a whole when she wanted out of a relationship or when she spoke up against not wanting to be treated like shit, and he also doesn't relish on making her lose her mind and get kicks off her going crazy begging for his attention/love

No. 538290

oh my god can these fucking peepettes stop already or at least learn to sage, peep is dead and he was creative in the same way layla was creative, all they did was wear the same trendy shit just with attitude.

layla isn't "flanting" her ass, it's a dumb IG story only you are talking about. If it's burning your eyes and embarrassing you so much you can see part of her ass go back to bible study. only half a year ago tyler was eating out her ass, tbh it's a power move she poses with these guys worshipping her; huge step up from her being spun out on getting the attention of an abusive narcissistic ex, your god, peep. she has a job where she can post playful things like that and if it's SO OFFENSIVE to you i can't tell if it's because of your age or repressed sexuality.

i went through luke's IG to see what you were talking about and there is literally no noticeable change in what he posts between now when he's with layla and the past. he has not copied one signature pose which is the funniest part of your rant, because luke is an actual fucking model and those generic poses are ones he does for a living.

No. 538292

I stan GMA peep p hard and am living for the idea that she was the one who said Arzaylea looks like an earthworm
but i care for her heart and wish she wouldn't read here, as much as i'd love to know which posts were hers. peep treated girls like garbage and shouldn't have to read about us calling him out as a narcissistic abuser.

No. 538321

File: 1522023427604.jpeg (961.02 KB, 1125x1902, 8111458B-FBA1-4BC2-974A-B88DFF…)

this time on “oh no baby what is you doin”

No. 538329

Jesus is she outsourcing her caption writing to wattpad?

No. 538350

File: 1522026665236.png (358.64 KB, 1279x668, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.07…)

Looks like the story is picking up a little traction.

No. 538352

File: 1522026778312.png (82.36 KB, 309x491, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.12…)

No. 538353

File: 1522026790143.png (102.71 KB, 314x501, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.12…)

No. 538354

File: 1522026805809.png (95.41 KB, 328x511, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.12…)

No. 538357

File: 1522027034770.png (348.52 KB, 666x662, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 9.16…)

No. 538366

underrated post lmao

if it's hit pitchfork, i doubt the issue will sink back into silence. get ready to have a (pitch)fork stuck in ya, adam. you done.

wasnt it confirmed the xanax wasn't laced, but that the roxy was actually what was laced? either way, his management, his family, etc, everyon knew he was asking fans for drugs instead of either getting them prescribed (totally possible if he wouldve just made trips to florida, or something. plenty of pill mills around to do it properly), or at least had test kits on him. everyone around him totally failed him. he used to say he liked "getting drugs for free" instead of paying for them, but i cannot believe his management wouldnt step in and get them for him as many managers/companies do to ensure the safety of their talent/their cashcows

No. 538367

Tired of the “everyone failed him” comments. He chose to do drugs. It’s his own fault he’s dead. It’s no ones job to babysit him. He was a grown ass man.

No. 538378

File: 1522029283058.jpeg (85.76 KB, 1125x373, 06701614-3BDB-47F3-A8FA-A7E776…)

No. 538383

wow, amazing insight. yes, he was an adult over the age of 18, but in the entertainment industry, it's in the best financial interest of their management to babysit them, and they typically do, within reason. they dropped the ball big time on their own investment. management obviously has a vested interest in keeping their assets safe and you know, alive. and young adults are not magically mature because they're legally responsible for themselves. adolescence is now considered to last until age 24, neurophysiologically, for a reason.

No. 538392

>adolescence is now considered to last until age 24

Is that why everyone’s so fucking retarded now then?

No. 538394

Shouldn’t be allowed to vote, drive, or drink until then if that’s that case. Shouldn’t be allowed at uni either, might get into trouble.

No. 538396

>guilty of murder
wew that's some hyperbole right there

No. 538418

So his management is supposed to care more about his safety than he cared about his own? You sound silly. We are accountable for our actions. Sure, management had a financial interest in him being alive, but drug addicts typically get better or die. This one does. It is no one else's fault

No. 538430

No one is saying they're legally liable for his death. Letting someone down =/= legally responsible. His management didn't meet typical industry standards for protecting/safeguarding one of their cashcows. Pill testing kits are super common.

No. 538445

I mean honestly people, of course his management was supposed to care more than him? dude was a self loathing drug addict with no concept of self care who said himself he'd take any drug that's free. he was lost as fuck, just look at his damn face. how no one thought to intervene, or at least STABILIZE the situation baffles me. peep was with a bad crowd and it killed him. straight up. the drugs would've got him eventually if he didn't find inner peace on his own, but it would've taken a lot longer if he'd been with a better team/smarter peers

No. 538461

File: 1522040979464.png (220.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6853.PNG)

Another friend of mackned's has died of a drug overdose.

No. 538463

Lmao, I know, right? Yes, unimpaired adults that aren't suicidal drug addicts, that are financially benefiting off of suicidal clients, should care about their safety more than those suicidal clients do. Fucking middlemen profiting by doing nothing couldn't even be bothered to provide the basic necessities to possibly prevent mentally ill drug addicts barely out of their teens, that flaunt that they like taking sketchyass free drugs, from ODing. There are a million ways to get legit drugs in that industry, or just provide testing kits, or an on tour minder, etc.

I don't think Mackned killed Gus, obv, but the dude is sketch and gross. Who talks like this about their recently deceased friend that died of another OD, esp when the heat has been on about you giving your friends pressed pills?

No. 538513

How could you trust your own gut about a pressed pill being sketchy but feel comfortable enough to provide one to your friend? And then do nothing when he was passed out and unable to be woken up? And then to steal his stuff, wear it to his funeral, and lie to his grandmother's face about it? Jenny takes it a little far by saying he's guilty of murder but it's pretty close to that and at the very least he's a total monster. I'm not surprised more people around him are dying of overdoses.

No. 538574


People like to do drugs and there is nothing immoral or shameful about it.

No matter how many laws there are, no matter the social taboo, people enjoy getting high and they should have the right to get high safely. Peep and his team were not educated about safe drug use because we as a country have not learned to accept that people like to get high and will get high despite the risk. Why not accept that fact, be more progressive, educate users and save lives?

Because it's not just "degenerates" and "losers" who use, it's successful, intelligent and creative people whose lives have value, people who add meaning and value to other people's lives through their creativity and contributions (tom petty, prince, peep- all died from fentanyl).

Even if wanting to get high was a genetic flaw (which it isn't, even wild animals like to get high) shaming and blaming drug users does not prevent them, or other people, from getting high and it sure doesn't prevent them from dying.

Let's move past blaming people, accept that they like to get high and help them by educating them and ourselves so we can prevent more unnecessary deaths.

No. 538583



What kind of "friend", hell, what kind of person, gives someone a pill they thought looked dangerous? That alone is suspect and at the very least unethical and inhumane.

What kind of person lets their "friend" nod out without telling someone or checking on them? I wouldn't even treat a stranger that way, let alone my "brother" who is giving me exposure and a free ride.

And to then steal his clothes as they are loading his dead body off of the bus and then wear those stolen clothes TO HIS FUNERAL in front of his family and then lie about it when they confront you is seriously unhinged.

And as far as I know, no one (not arz, mackned, nor Bexey) have returned his clothing to his GREIVING family!!!

You may not agree with Grabdma Peep about Mackned "murdering" Gus but u can at least understand where she is coming from. If someone is willing to steal Gus's clothes, moments after he died, wear them to his funeral in front of his family and lie about it, then why would you think this person cared at all if Gus died in the first place?

No. 538590

honestly? i support it

No. 538659

why are you and the OP you referenced saying that Mackned and the others wore the clothing to the funeral? His family never said that there was a funeral and if there was, do you really thinks his family would invite those people?

No. 538667

I think that anon means his memorial.

No. 538671


My bad, I meant his memorial, which was basically a public funeral because apparently he was cremated. So still just as sick as wearing that shit to his funeral.

The evidence:
Top right photo, Rayn and Mackned wearing clothing they stole off of the tour bus as Peep's body was being removed. These photos were taken on the day of the memorial.

Bexey at Peep's London memorial in the leather jacket he stole.

His family were happy to have his "friends" at his memorial until they started realizing that they were being lied to. I think it's been mentioned here a few times that Grandma Peep first knew something was up when Mackned wore one of Peep's iconic leather jackets to the memorial. When she asked him where he got it from Mackned first said Gus gave it to him, which she knew was a lie because Gus had purchased one for her so that they could be "style twins" at Thanksgiving. Then Mackned said the tour manager told him they could each take one article of clothing to remember Peep by, which also turned out to also be untrue.

No. 538699

Unpopular opinion, but can we stop debating who/what killed peep unless new info comes out? I’m getting tired of reading the same points rehashed over and over

No. 538703

File: 1522084330573.png (33.29 KB, 528x175, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.1…)

lol - at least he is somewhat self aware

No. 538714

Seconded. So boring/speculation verging on whiteknighting since it's all about Peep.

No. 538731

File: 1522089899971.jpeg (108.1 KB, 1125x428, 8FD824AA-42D1-4A86-8003-8A70DE…)

Posting this as an update that other popular soundclouters are speaking out against mackned, NOT to rehash who’s guilty of what.

No. 538738

File: 1522090852006.jpeg (802.4 KB, 1125x1629, 06278730-AD90-45B7-A2B1-0B53B5…)

Clap backs from GBC

No. 538742

It’s so stupid, peepettes ruined this thread

No. 538813

File: 1522097240393.png (441.68 KB, 750x1334, CDA297EE-227B-4E84-8AB6-1BA989…)

No. 538840

Layla just went on the most bizarre live. U dont behave like that if ur not either on drugs/drunk or having a manic episode. (She was noticble red around her nose like s typical junkie.) She was sucking her feet like it was some kind of pornshow w the grace of ending it with picking her nose witht the feeth (??) her personality honestly discusts me..

No. 538902

any proof or screenshots? also she’s been weird like that when she’s sober. lol learn to spell

No. 538928

I know this isn’t a thread to praise Layla but you come here often (I’m assuming it’s you because your spelling and the way you type is the same each time with posts like these) complaining and nitpicking Layla and luke and unless it’s new REAL material and not the same she shoops or you think she’s back on drugs unless there’s proof she is or random insults about luke, like just calm down????
Same thing with all the fucking peep shit

No. 538931

discusts isn't a fucking word.

No. 538950


*edited to include that all of these are allegations

No. 538951

Tyler, is that you?

No. 538977

at least sage your responses if you are going to be SUCH a fucking cunt. "drug addicts get better or they die" do you not understand how many times addicts overdose before they get better? you very clearly do not understand the nature or psychology of addiction, or have ever dealt with it yourself or had a loved one go through it if this is how close minded you are.(infighting)

No. 539008

File: 1522110319962.jpeg (373.65 KB, 1241x1699, 44FDB25A-F3AF-4DDB-9518-8BBD3B…)

If she doesn’t like getting called out why does she keep posting???

No. 539019

She needs to stfu about being poor. Being a young adult and having to pay for your own shit and bills does not make you poor. It just shows how out of touch with reality she is.

No. 539023

She’s listing all these things she’s gotta pay for like it’s going to make us believe she’s poor. Just the fact that you have enough money to move to another country, pay for a visa, pay for a totaled car, pay rent and pay to ship your shit shows that you’re not even close to being poor.

No. 539025

The point is that people are nagging her 24/7 about calling herself toopoor and being famous, because to young people “popular” is synonymous with “rich”

No. 539029

After a couple months sober she has a couple grand? That’s not a lot. And everything she listed is pretty damn expensive. She doesn’t even really do ads on Instagram, that’s how most Instagram hoes make money.

No. 539030

Cool. She’s still not poor.

No. 539031

Well I’m sure she didn’t think about her future finances when she started her Instagram

No. 539035

can you chill out? that’s her brand name like come on

No. 539040

I'd love to have a couple racks, i have 30c in my bank account, shes ridiculous.

No. 539041

That's an insane thing to be jealous of. She's not broke right now.

No. 539043

>poor my whole life
(in this 'interview' @ ~54:47)
>I grew up really wealthy
she didn't become p o o r until she was 18 after her stepdad's fraud incident/imprisonment….but ok sweaty we'll feel bad for u for your lifelong $TrUGgLe.

No. 539046

that's what that anon is saying? having a couple grand cash in your bank account isn't poor. poor is paycheck to paycheck, broke.

No. 539049

i wonder if all these instahoes are just living off their parents' money to run around LA in nice apartments every day? like cass has a nice apt and only started working at a 'real' job like a few months ago

No. 539063

Exactly. It’s her brand name. She’s trying to capitalize off of poorness, which she’s not and never has been. Idk. Maybe with her bad life decisions she’ll end up on welfare someday like she’s always dreamed of

No. 539140

It's like many of them follow the Ginger Bronson template. Uni abroad and mad money to spare but meth houses and street corners for ~aesthetic~

No. 539152

y'all it's a dumb brand name. why are there a few people getting touchy as fuck about a name she came up with when she was broke, things fucking change. do you expect h