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File: 1530848752410.jpg (254.28 KB, 1125x1404, IMG_0002.jpg)

No. 629937

Previous threads:

This thread is focused on Layla (TooPoor) Shapiro and the rest of the SoundClout Negaverse.
The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew
Please take the time to read over previous threads, lurk, and become familiar with the shitshows in the SoundClout LA scene.

The usual cows are:
@tylergrosso/PepperAnn - SoundClouts most hated. and not in the cool/edgy way he hopes. Runs superrradical and leeches off his friends success. His most recent ticket is @prodbyparis. Tyler is melodramatic, self obsessed, and delusional.
@prodbyparis - Industry plant who shit out an album in 2 days - Obviously being used by his record label to profit off the postpeep wave. Constantly putting his foot in his mouth on social media/biting the hand that feeds. Loves to subtweet other artists and deleting and soon as he catches heat. Typical dudebro/frat-fuckboy personality, frequently shotguns Bud Light.
@gtshields - Obviously clout starved (peppers girlfriend. gross.). ex of lil xan and possibly @arzaylea (prob for the likes). Bad lip injections and highly questionable taste in men. otherwise boring and basic.
@arzaylea/Arse - Peep's most recent ex at the time of his passing. Shady groupie who hops from musician to musician. Also has really bad lip fillers. Holds two world Records: most annoying voice, worst poetry in human history
@hotelshrimp/Cass - A Layla skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating TPs ex 2 weeks after Peeps passing. Cass is known for terrible anatomically impossible shoops, bad makeup and painfully cringey coke fueled twitter rants. TPs ex has cheated on Cass multiple times, still seen desperately trying to hang out with Layla's friends.
@lukeystorey - Layla's London ex who's too old to be getting Pikachu tats and starting a SoundClout career. Posts cringey Brit raps and is just generally weird af. Speculated to be on the spectrum.

New milk:

Pepper&Paris barely finished the Beerbongs&Bentley's tour. Details are unknown, but Pepper seemed to have fallen off the deep end at the end of the tour. He posted and ironically deleted a tweet stating he's "brave" enough to admit he needs to go to rehab. He quickly retracted his statement and is still posting pictures of his sweatpant/whitesock combo in his apartment. The images smell like Doritos crumbs. He's been keeping a low profile on social media after taking multiple Ls, getting into embarrassing twitter fights with stans, and being roasted on his own lolcow special edition thread.
He's currently back together with @gtshields, probably until he buys her another pair of Versace boots.
Grosso wrecked his porsche like a week after buying it and proceeded to take aesthetic pics of the crash. (never forget)

Layla is back in LA and back on her bullshit, just sober this time. Got back together with ex @joeirazook almost immediately after touching down at LAX. Does DJ gigs here and there and spends most of her time shrieking about McDonalds with @sp00kybabyy/Aubrie-Elle. Allegedly just finished an album with producer/neighbor @whynotcordell. Has stated that she now has a manager and seems to be taking her following to the next level.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months



When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors, DON'T POST NOBODIES.

NO PEEP PSYCHOANALYSIS. diving into his psyche or speculating how he actually felt about his flings is strictly prohibited. let the man rest in peace. Milk surrounding the investigation and SoundClout fallout is still allowed.

DON'T EXPECT TO BE SPOONFED!, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules. Lurk until you feel comfortable joining in on the discussion without being an annoying newfag.

Again, READ PREVIOUS THREADS, catch up on new posts before posting.

SAGE ALL NON-MILK POSTS - This thread is currently on auto-sage until we can get our shit together/ all the children are back in school

Chelji milk is strongly frowned upon unless she does something hilariously embarrassing. Before posting about her, ask yourself: "does anyone really gaf about this spud?

All lolcow rules apply. Read them and integrate. Don't be annoying. No infighting.

No. 629944

Wow I can finally breathe again, ty op

No. 629947

no one. go to sleep anon its passed your bedtime you fuckin creep.

No. 629952

File: 1530849732247.jpeg (178.89 KB, 1125x565, 96718B28-B379-4F45-B7DB-89FA06…)

Why do I feel like this is a pepper subtweet… pouyas taken lighthearted shots at him before.
Tyler did post that self-gratifying “happy birthday posty” shit to let everyone know they’re actually friends by showing off photos and screenshots. classic pepperann clout reaping.

No. 629960

Speaking of pepper – I see gtshields made a miraculous recovery after being soo miserable posting on Instagram in the hospital all those days

No. 629961

formatting on point OP

No. 629962

why do we want someones intellectual property or IP address again?

No. 629964

>>629960 with Pepper at postys bday looking for more drugs no less

No. 629968

How long were peep and Alize a thing?

No. 629972

File: 1530850785658.jpg (37.28 KB, 288x512, adb3a43c-e75f-40f6-a949-a2ed76…)

No. 629973

File: 1530850807512.jpg (46.86 KB, 288x512, 17ede5e1-b2cc-4cca-936d-a24a5b…)

No. 629979

This thread is on autosage for the next week due to the constant derailing, infighting, and lack of sage. Read the rules/usage information and integrate better.

No. 629996

@fish_narc is sperging on his ig story about Mackned. Saying he’s “seen real shit” and been through more than anyone else. “He doesn’t even like to hear fireworks going off ok?!”

No. 630097

File: 1530867748945.png (292.26 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180706-031143.png)

Pouya been in some type of mood lately

No. 630099

File: 1530867777624.png (391.91 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180706-031047.png)

he wylin'

No. 630101

File: 1530868524050.png (34.5 KB, 480x289, Screenshot_20180706-041442.png)

No. 630105

Daaaayum he’s on one so hard that fat nick is telling him to chill haha fuck pouya for real tho

No. 630106

pouya is an idiot for this honestly, he probably hates on layla because of that cheating allegation which probably isn’t even true when he knows his homie peep must have cheated on her with a billion different groupies. by doing this shit he’s basically inviting the neckbeards that follow him to go and insult her as they have already done. i guess his gf having cancer didn’t make him a more positive or kinder person at all

No. 630108

he commented yesterday btw even though tyler posted the picture 3 days ago

No. 630109

layla has also posted on her story about how brave babycoco is and they both follow each other……. even smoke is chill with toopoor

I honestly don't understand where this is coming from. I saw someone comment about how it wasn't about peep but about grosso bc tp "fucked him over" but like then he goes and comments this >>630099

what's his deal fr

No. 630147

I think it's hilarious tbh

No. 630149

File: 1530879871610.jpg (599.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180706-082455.jpg)

wtf are these 2 on tho

No. 630150

File: 1530880185968.jpg (475.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180706-082948.jpg)

No. 630162

she’s so desperate for attention

No. 630172

Sounds like pouya is a confirmed piece of shit if he’s taking Grosso’s side in anything. Even he admitted he was abusive to her.

No. 630175

File: 1530884619342.jpeg (240.44 KB, 750x1126, 91733288-3E32-4B40-AB84-D7B487…)

Where do these rumors even come from? They feel like 13yo fan fiction.

No. 630176

File: 1530884695020.jpeg (230.72 KB, 1125x576, 47B6E2FE-74FE-49D8-8679-E80D35…)

She says she’s not going live anymore either. I understand why, but she’s gotta be careful. Oversharing on the internet is what got her this far, if she distances herself too much she runs the risk of becoming irrelevant/boring. I don’t envy her, that’s for sure.

No. 630177

>she runs the risk of becoming irrelevant/boring

she's already like half there lol

No. 630178

I’m so sick of peepettes trying to figure out what pills came from where. It really truly doesn’t matter. It was an overdose, it’s no ones fault. Give it up. I personally think he was passively trying to kill himself that day but that’s a discussion for a different site.
Idk, these kids are weird and obsessive.

No. 630181

i also don't get why anyone is supposed to care lol she acts like she's this huge figure when the average person on the street isn't going to know who she is. i follow nobodies from reality tv shows that have just as many/more followers.

No. 630182


Exactly. I dont know about u americans but in my country there is such thing as the responsibilty of ur own actions. He was a grown man.

And yes layla is starting to get boring. Release the god damn music already, or go back to livestreaming.

No. 630185

Pouya the rapist's hateboner was mildly funny at first, now it's just sad. Dude's on tour, with a girl dying of cancer and seems to care more about Layla than anything else. Move on dude.


It's Peep's fault he died. No one forced those pills on him. He took them willingly. These silly kids need to move on.

No. 630186

>>630149 "White pony" is street slang for cocaine.

No. 630188

lmao @ "street slang"
i'm aware. he didn't say anything about white and i'm pretty sure he was saying something about a pony because he's got grace by the hair and her ass is backed into his crotch.

No. 630192

and grosso clearly prefers downers. weed, sipping lean, smoking heroin. speaking of which, tired of his high horse “I DONT SHOOT IT, IM NOT A JUNKIE” shit. smoking heroin makes you so much better bro. totally don’t need rehab bro.

No. 630197

at least he's halfway attempting to facetune out the opioid-induced scabs and shit he had all over his face, likely from itching/picking at his skin

No. 630202

>>630192 Sheahan: "I MET TOO POOR and did coke with her Tyler and f–k their friend."

No. 630203

>>630188 He also thinks he's super clever so could be referrign to both.

No. 630209

Can we also make a rule of thumb to just ignore newfags and people obviously looking for attention? We don’t have to write it in the rules or anything but how about we just let them cease to exist by ignoring them?

No. 630215


This is an old photo. His hair is shorter and brown and he’s holding an iphone 6s. This is just pepper reminding everyone that he has (had?) friends.

No. 630217

yeah this is like a 2 yr old photo

No. 630226

File: 1530890211361.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1125x2011, 50380517-DCAE-4AA6-92DD-E1559A…)

These designs… woof.
Superr sports? Really? What are we, 12? I’d rather buy an And 1 Big Dogs shirt, thanks.

No. 630227

If you have to make a rule to ignore trolls tbh you’re just as much of a newfag. Just about every other person itt needs to learn how to sage and integrate, shit is on autosage for a reason.

No. 630233

File: 1530890728733.png (3.17 MB, 750x1334, C8D07968-6246-4044-93E2-B5944C…)

he literally said it was 2 years ago and you cropped it out. wyd?

No. 630234

Looks like the screenshot is from an ipad, snapchat is wonky and often leaves a bit out due to screen size and the platform was built for mobile devices

No. 630241

File: 1530891301366.jpg (178.69 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(11).jpg)

What a creep ew

No. 630243

sad because crimewave actually does some really cool prints

No. 630246

File: 1530891571881.jpg (111.33 KB, 750x1110, Image-1(12).jpg)

>peep exes

No. 630374

Fuck dudes who do shit like this. Take no for an answer, you cock.

No. 630389

File: 1530907080267.png (41.96 KB, 632x421, 2018-07-06 15_58_01-TYLER GROS…)

guess he's trying to improve on his last "lookbook" by not using his methed-out looking "assistant" this time

No. 630407

File: 1530908714038.jpg (158.52 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(15).jpg)

Fucking lol

No. 630410

im fucking done lmao

No. 630414

File: 1530909283362.jpg (992.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180706-163139.jpg)

Why does his "signature" look like some kind of tp merch ripoff??

No. 630429

File: 1530910834742.jpeg (592.57 KB, 886x1191, 534FFBAD-119B-4E01-A273-16DDD3…)

because it’s a peep merch ripoff lmao

No. 630446

Lmao wow I knew it looked familiar. Great work as usual, pepper.

No. 630493

Marilyn liked the "two of peeps exes dating" comment bc ofc she would

No. 630496

File: 1530918779833.png (50.8 KB, 480x435, Screenshot_20180706-181252.png)

No. 630500

TP literally posted this after Pouya's "I hate this bitch" comment on lil xans photo. Then he decided to comment it again on the maxdotbam photo a few days later bc once wasn't enough apparently.

@youngbabycoco control your mans

No. 630501

You're reaching af if u think Peep was the firsf person to do a frowning face with X's as eyes.

No. 630502

she's fake for this lmao she knows pouya is the reason for the recent influx of hate

No. 630506

He's not but lets be real that's totally where pepper jacked it from

No. 630516

saying this isn’t where pepper got his “inspo” is the real reach

No. 630519

films her dancing and then creepily pans down to her ass

luke is pervy old man confirmed

No. 630527

she looked so uncomfy with it too like why the fuck are you recording her dude fuck off

No. 630539

I didn't see the video initially and this is an urgent detail to share lol what a creepy fuck

No. 630625

Op did a great job on the thread. The “the images smell like Doritos” comment literally deceased me.

No. 630658

File: 1530935139710.jpg (67.09 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20180706-234532-1.j…)

No. 630669

LOL which one is it Tyler?!

No. 630681

He probably just wants the photo to get more reach so more people see Pouya's comment and hate on Layla

No. 630697

File: 1530939235637.jpeg (660.16 KB, 744x1021, 45C33F54-2374-4312-8A60-521674…)

She doesn’t even remotely look like herself in this picture. What’s up with her face?

No. 630707

File: 1530941187632.jpeg (45.13 KB, 640x320, 84D33530-9CBA-4AC7-8DAD-18DB83…)

Yes, just what he needs.

No. 630711

uggggh, fucking hell. And i 100% bet he's buying from a shady breeder too. Why do people get dogs like accessories??

No. 630721

>>630697 Is she wearing tights? Seems like she faceswapped with some random model she found online. Shrimpies, be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

No. 630741

Did anyone else go on spookys live and catch Layla creeping on Cass.. someone asked her to check her DMs and she went to open IG and this exact picture popped up lmao should have capped it oh well

No. 630789

File: 1530951260146.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 1530842442547.png)

same bottoms lmao the shoop is real

No. 630793

She's admitted to stalking all her exes social media so I'm not surprised. Girl loves to lurk.

No. 630795

she looks like a drugged out chipmunk and her thigh / lower stomach creases give her actual size away. thin girls don't crease like that lmao

No. 630805

No those folds are just her skin

Same top too these were probably taken the same day one no shoop one shoop. The juxtaposition is jarring

No. 630820

File: 1530956247299.png (51.98 KB, 822x292, 839237rt39rtr3.png)

paris is so gross. he tries to replicate peeps tweets but he makes my skin crawl with his attempts in being edgy and sexual. barf. pretty soon he is going to come out as being grey in his sexuality.

No. 630879

I wonder what Laylas going to do when she can’t get a real job with all her face tattoos by the time she’s 30 and no one cares about her anymore

No. 630889

File: 1530970587596.jpeg (61.95 KB, 750x320, 7163A857-7512-4160-A863-ECA0FD…)

Corey must be boring in bed if she’s falling asleep lol

No. 630892


If Laylas incapble of getting a job, I dont think it was the face tats standing in the way.. Did you just arrive here from a time capsle and the 60's?

No. 630943

What is it with Americans not being able to write cursive anyway

No. 630961

I was wondering the same thing. We had several courses in cursive writing in elementary school, so what the fuck is this?

No. 630963

Lmao that's not an actual thing, eurofag. Americans that can't write in cursive are just retarded.

No. 631004

She should be expanding her merch line and making it more about toopoor the brand rather than toopoor the persona. As it stands now only stans buy her stuff but if she diversified it and came out with more interesting designs normal people could buy them.

Ex: you don't have to be a Pepper Ann stan to rep superrradical

My brother has some of his stuff and he doesn't even know who tf he is

No. 631014

in some places they stop teaching cursive after kindergarten.. its not a big deal if u dont know how to do it who tf cares u fucking losers

No. 631030

a lot of places accept face tats/tats in general now lol where you been?

No. 631031

File: 1530989737261.jpeg (74.29 KB, 1125x533, BBC72F74-2D1C-41ED-BF98-510909…)

Not including Marilyn in the “usual cows” section is my biggest lolcow mistake.

No. 631037

File: 1530990183910.jpg (179.34 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20180707-115836_1.j…)

No. 631045

if you had a hobby or some value in your life you wouldn't stay this pressed lay

No. 631053

Honestly what the hell is this bitch going through and where are her friends. She’s been feverishly reading this place for over a year now but why is she dead set on “trolling” the like 50 people that post here when for the past 6 months it’s vocally been mostly team Layla.

Like even in this thread the Tp content is minimal.

No. 631109

File: 1530996782665.png (1.41 MB, 1125x2001, C72D3C03-B729-4C3E-BF52-F752B5…)

think the nose comments are getting to her?

No. 631111

>>631109 LAYLA, don't do it! People like you because you don't look like a barbie. If you go through with plastic surgery, you are going to look like a generic LA girl.

No. 631135

I hate when people pull this holier than thou typea shit like they aren’t partaking in the very same thing they’re talking down on.

Lay you’re on here posting just like all the other anons. I’d say you’re ‘one of us’ but you keep a tab open in your browser ffs. We don’t even care that much

No. 631137

i agree, don’t do it layla. the generic little round nose + lip fillers look every girl in la has is tragically basic, you look fine

No. 631141

Well tbh it wouldn’t be bad if it would be shaved off a little. Not a totally new nose but if it’s subtle she can work it

No. 631146

i hope she ends up getting botched

No. 631150

On one hand I really don’t think her nose makes her ugly, like yes it’s beaky but she pulls it off?
On the other it would probably make her a lot more comfortable with herself to remove an insecurity and not have to Facetune as much, it would probably be relieving.

Just remember that people will still find something to shit on you about, so do it for yourself not cunts on the internet lol.
A 10k nosejob could be better spent traveling the world or enriching your life in other ways that nobody can take away from you.

No. 631152

File: 1531001479517.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 75710FD1-7570-4FCE-9748-296541…)

here we go again

No. 631212

fillers would be a temporary way to try it.

easy there, edgelord

No. 631228

These are all examples of posts that should be saged. Put the word sage in the email field when you reply.

No. 631273

Please don't ruin your face, layla.

No. 631398

dont get plastic surgery, layla. it isn't needed. you look pretty. work on your extensions/hair, that's all. though it is a little annoying the way she's acting so victimized by us, like… she has way bigger assholes to deal with, like pouya or tyler. like, we don't even rag on her that much at all

No. 631410

File: 1531025768998.jpeg (772.32 KB, 1125x1514, 76BEBC3C-FFE0-4143-90FE-69F9F3…)

This honestly makes me sad. Really not trying to whiteknight, dickride, etc.
sometimes general common decency outweighs that shit… lay ur beautiful just the way you are but happiness is most important. Do you.

No. 631414

Right? Like we’re honestly so nice to her and have been since peep died & ty was abusing her like girl wyd. We even actively discourage and mock her weird hate stalkers. She really that hurt by people calling out her personal failures that she’s gonna go fixate on the like one physical nitpick on here, idgi. Hopefully whatever hanger on she’s bffs with right now can talk her down.

No. 631419

File: 1531026700244.png (251.65 KB, 480x475, Screenshot_20180708-000937.png)

If she really is dead set on this she should try fillers first. They even you out without you having to go through surgery. It's amazing what they can do non-invasively

No. 631420

File: 1531026949735.png (189.29 KB, 750x1334, DAEFF982-BC69-452D-BF52-9DE874…)


No. 631429

This is p heartbreaking

I can honestly see why she'd want to get it fixed after going through that. I just hope she's smart about it and does it for herself not for the lone troll on here who constantly goes off on her nose. I wouldn't even consider most of the farmers trolls just lurkers

Last thread was a dumpster fire tho ngl

No. 631436

damn this is depressing as shit. Layla you’re basically screwing over every girl you claimed to want to help by being this shallow. don’t do it.

No. 631437

If she's actually serious about this then she should go to someone who specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty. They reshape but don't give an unnatural creepy little button nose that doesn't match your race/face. I'm not trying to play devil's advocate here but I'm afraid she's going to go for "perfect" when she has a very unique face. Look at arz and gtshields they look like busted ass clones of each other. Not sure if this is just her having a bad week or whatever but I hope she thinks this through

No. 631439

Any microgram Of respect I have left for Layla will be demolished if she gets her nose done tbh

No. 631444

She doing that thing she did when she broke up with Tyler and tried to make her past seem really bad when it was just melodrama from whatever she was going through at the moment

No. 631445

She’s just saying all this shit to seem relevant so people come on here and pity her. she shouldn’t even care about this thread as much as she does

No. 631447

Layla talking about plastic surgery on live last night @3:10

No. 631448

I knew someone was missing lmao. The description is the best so far imo and there's always next thread


Right? It's her face she doesn't owe us anything. Her life is interesting but I'm not going to be salty if she decides to alter her own damn face

I mean her attention seeking personality didn't come from nowhere. She probably did have a fucked family life imo

No. 631452

i dont know, it looks so ethnic. she probably gets shit on for having a jewish last name and a very 'jewy' nose, i just feel like this is the same as her "i've been held at gunpoint like a million times" shit. it doesn't look like what happens when you leave a broken nose alone, just a really ethnic one. i feel like this might be a lie to stop the annoying race based comments.

her nose is nice for her face though. you can't even tell it's big from the front at all, and even from the side, it's nice. i totally get the pressure though and won't lose respect based on this (she has done a lot of shit lately that's way more questionable), but it's just not necessary.

No. 631453

She has every right to get reconstructive surgery if this is true

It could also just be a reaction to all the Pouya spam but she's not gonna go off on him because he's soundclout royalty

We ain't even that bad lay chill

No. 631457

Maybe she's exaggerating so the racially insensitive comments will stop but I'm pretty sure the majority of her appearance boils down to just her race

Pouya's a grade A dick but between his clouty status and his gf having cancer he's pretty untouchable rn

No. 631459

>>631410 at least she is being honest about it and not trying to get it done and pretending her nose always looked like the facetuned one she's been using forever. I still think she shouldn't get it though. is she going to start asking her followers to paypal her money for the new nose?

No. 631464

same, i've seen tons of broken noses that have been left alone and she really doesn't have that. she doesn't have severe asymmetry/crookedness, she just has a bridge that projects very far, which isn't that uncommon given her background.

No. 631465

Ok now that I would judge her for (paypal), but I agree at least she's not trying to pull a kim k

No. 631467

File: 1531034238249.png (132.61 KB, 480x595, Screenshot_20180708-020723.png)

sage for repost but it's sad that the hate finally got to her

cass is a weak bitch for going after her appearance considering her fatass looks nothing like her shoops

No. 631470

File: 1531034561795.png (412.64 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180708-022152.png)

No. 631471

Cass is irrelevant lol

Spooky a G for this

I would never but like damn way to support your girl

No. 631473

Maybe she's wanted to get it done forever but didn't want to face the backlash. If that's the case than fuck it go for it but if this is a reactionary thing she should probably wait on it and see how she feels after a few months.

Rushing into plastic surgery and trying to get it done quickly and without enough research and doctor vetting is how botch jobs happen.

No. 631477

she's mad boring to me but she's definitely been a good friend (spooky)

let's hope their friendship is as permanent as those tats and doesn't have a shelf life of 2-3 months

No. 631487

Lmao you guys virtue signalling over tp wanting plastic surgery is hilarious. Let her fuck up her face if she wants. She's been so attention-starved the last week it's been ridiculous.

No. 631490

File: 1531038343342.jpg (2.48 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20180708_042526219.j…)

Why does this sound like something a high school kid would post to sound cool?

No. 631496

Bc Tyler's brain is perpetually 14

No. 631516

The only problem I see is that she was just complaining about having “$11” in her bank account so I don’t see how she could justify dropping a few grand on a new nose.

If it wasn’t for that tho I wouldn’t see a problem with it. I’m around her age and almost everyone I know would get some sort of minor plastic surgery if we had the money. And she lives off her appearance

No. 631527

I actually thought this was regarding this thread bc people talk about her “beak” all the time. I actually like Layla and have followed her a long time, I started reading these boards for peep and SoundCloud drama a while ago but I can’t help but feel like this board played a role in this so I’m pretty surprised by all the people saying they’ll be mad if she goes through with surgery. Not to derail or start an argument, I just feel bad for her and I definitely did when I saw these tweets. She also REALLY needs to quit smoking before hand as this will play a role in the healing and is frowned upon. Also I find it weird she got banned from here as other cows interact with their boards and are marked.

No. 631543

this is the song they played when i crashed into the walll

No. 631564

As far as I can tell, she got banned because she would kind of identify herself but not follow through with it - a shit or get off the pot type of thing?

The small number of cows who had their posts marked were notably breaking site rules.

Hopefully, Layla goes the filler route first >>631419 so she can see how she feels about her nose changing irl.

No. 631567

Everyone on here has been making fun of toopoors nose for months and now that she wants it done everyones saying she shouldnt and they will lose respect for her. Is it really that serious??

No. 631577

No. 631597

Everyone? You mean the trolls? K.

No. 631598

What did cass say about her appearance?

No. 631600

Grace is still in the hospital and he’s doing this? They are made for each other. Sleepy greaseball abs stupid clout whore

No. 631614


in the last thread…but someone commented saying something like cass looks like she's trying to be Layla and cass responded with "I have big blue eyes and a small nose." Layla clearly saw because she tweeted you right basically.

Cass is ugly as hell on the inside so she has no room to talk about anyone else, especially Layla since she clearly wants to be her. Cass is such a dumb cunt I can't handle her.

TBH I think it's cool Layla is being open and honest about photoshop, getting plastic surgery, and being insequre of her nose. I know I wouldn't call attention to my biggest insecurity and talk about it like that. I hate plastic surgery, but honestly my sister was hella insecure of her nose and she lives a better life now. So much confidence and freedom now so whatever do you lay. And Cass if your reading this, go fuck yourself bitch too bad you can't photoshop your personality.

No. 631624

Im curious, how can anyone be so sure that cass boyfriend has cheated on her??

No. 631633

File: 1531067679059.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, FCD5044D-FE1D-4F9E-B73A-8F9B24…)


No. 631640

Everybody became so far up laylas ass on this thread it's a fucking joke. Her nose is disgusting, her personality is disgusting. Whatever surgery or procedure she decides to go with won't cover her terrible personality and most likely can't fix that horrid beak she's rocking (aka shooping) honestly let her fuck her face up even more, i'm all for it. She can't look any worse but then again, yes she can. I can only imagine how unhappy she is with her image, let's see how bad she fucks herself up if she really does anything.

No. 631653

jesus christ, not this sperg again. we don’t care

No. 631657

shut up you fat fucking cow

No. 631667

jesus Christ this anon is literally insane and delusional.

No. 631670

Why does this fedora douche have such a raging tp hate boner? I know He’s said he’s in contact with Layla’s dad but like…. why

No. 631671

Because she’s talked about it before? Just read the threads jfc.

No. 631681

File: 1531075180203.jpg (153.83 KB, 750x1076, Image-1(17).jpg)


No. 631682

Lol in the video Corey pans down her piss stream and then you can hear her say "now back to me" lol so pathetic

No. 631693

Lmfao @ that waist, goes from being built like a box in her story and then suddenly she has some shape lmfaooo embarassing

No. 631699

ur just super bitter huh? i used to hate layla too but fuck man, that’s mean shit to say

No. 631700

I’m confused how is Cass copying Layla? The only thing is that Cass is dating Laylas ex. People were saying Cass copied Laylas dark long hair but Cass actually had that first. So how else is she copying Layla?

No. 631702

File: 1531076819195.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4783.PNG)

how do u know corey cheated on cass??

No. 631704

read the old threads

No. 631707

she posted tweets and ig stories that made it pretty clear. read the threads.

No. 631709

cass doesn’t even keep up with lay
lay was caught lurking on her page in aubries live
if anything lay is copying cass
also how else would lay know that cass said that stuff about her
lay stalks cass’s ig 24/7

No. 631735

omg her jowls. she looks like 40… she literally looks like a newport beach surgery mom that goes too heavy on the makeup

she even shoops her limbs a lot, yikes. this difference is too stark. at least layla is actually really skinny tbf, even if she does change her shape to be more hourglassy.

wut? how did cass have that first? her hair was fucking natural blonde in like april of 2017 and layla's had been dark forever. she copies everything layla used to do and her whole personality/image/habits

No. 631741

Cass, get out of here. No one likes you which would be super apparent in your IG comments if you didn't constantly delete all of the negative comments.

No. 631743

this isn’t cass dumbass

No. 631753

lmao excellent find anon. So fucking cringey. I always imagined this is how it goes down when she has Corey film for her but seeing it in action gave me secondhand embarrassment. Cass is a try hard. Fake af.

No. 631765

this is def one of her cringier shoop jobs. no normal waist curves in that sharply lmao…

No. 631768

Lmao how is it virtue signaling if it's fucking anonymous? Like who are we signaling to?

This photo isn't even milky. Did cass post this? Also if you go back a thread or 2 all the receipts are there are you new or what

No. 631769

>her nose is disgusting
>horrid beak
>let her fuck her face up even more, i'm all for it
>she can't look any worse
>let's see how bad she fucks herself up

Calm tf down neckbeard are you an incel or what. Holy shit you seem miserable

Your life must truly suck for you to rip her for her appearance and simultaneously want her to "fuck her face up" you sound ugly and sad anon

No. 631772

Right? I'm all for lurking and enjoying the milk but some people on here seem hell-bent on personally destroying some chick on the internet's self-esteem lol grow up

If you had a life you wouldn't be this pressed

No. 631774

what got deleted? can anyone give me the rundown?

No. 631777

it was the dommy d guy and he posted screenshots between him and tp

No. 631778

learn to sage Cassidy

Imagine airing out all your dirty laundry online and then being salty everyone knows you got cheated on

No. 631784

He need to get a perma/long term ban tbh

No. 631788

Agreed. He's trash.

No. 631840

File: 1531088779601.jpg (245.01 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(18).jpg)

His daddy's boy schtick is so creepy

No. 631858

He posts every five minutes what the fok is he talking bout

No. 631863

File: 1531090174510.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, F9922208-2291-4304-9589-E22D3E…)

Speaking of Luke, here are a few photos from 2016 showing him quite literally being the Tyler grosso of London from the article in the picture

No. 631865

File: 1531090208473.png (3.5 MB, 1242x2208, B7F297B5-EBD6-418B-AD04-65476D…)

Luke Grosso #1

No. 631866

File: 1531090238096.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 45CAD28C-D711-432F-9730-F7C455…)

Luke grosso #2

No. 631868

File: 1531090322205.png (3.39 MB, 1242x2208, A313CC11-DC83-48E5-B5D3-742A8D…)

Luke grosso #3

No. 631869

File: 1531090350322.png (493.38 KB, 1242x2208, 9E50235E-9C8B-40BD-B02B-F68F57…)

Luke’s comments on his brand. U so deep, bro.

No. 631874

File: 1531090809791.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, A73F2F77-5C4C-43E2-B810-D0CD02…)

I googled Britain’s DMC under 18 championship and found some gems of our friend Luke at a young age. The years haven’t been kind to him. Do we have a definite age for him? This website is from 2002. http://old.britishhiphop.co.uk/ukhiphop/artists/dj_iq.htm

No. 631886

File: 1531092734478.jpg (192.96 KB, 750x1181, Image-1(19).jpg)

What deformity would she have to have that puts her ass way up her butt and make that thigh gap? Her coochie is missing

No. 631891

>her coochie is missing

Lmao anon came here to say the same thing. Don't shoop and do drugs kids

No. 631894

This is cute tho, I thought he was a party kid that picked up djing because it made going out every night seem legitimate, it’s rare to see rich club kids actually care or have a long term interest in the culture behind djing & the art of it.

No. 631924

These designs are so fucking basic and derrivive Jesus fucking christ. Looks like clearance section at a forever21

No. 631934

>what it means for me, to be human

Who thinks they're revolutionary for putting awkward on a t-shirt and why do all these dudes trying to start streetwear brands have 0 designing ability

No. 631935

Yea how did he turn into such a cringe monster I wonder what happened there

No. 632009

File: 1531104724869.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, B05D91BB-6709-43DC-B10F-BF99A0…)

Does she usually cover her nose like this? I don’t pay enough attention to her story anymore. If she’s doing this bc of the comments here then jeez

No. 632027

I think she’s just covering her face because she has no makeup on. I’ve noticed when she doesn’t have any on she always tells people not to show her like on lives and shit.

No. 632061

File: 1531110948179.jpeg (146.11 KB, 750x704, 5FB221BA-88A2-48CA-A2B2-18E9E2…)

In most of the pics with fans from the lil xan show she kept covering up her face like this

No. 632070

Kinda sad tho, she really doesn’t need facetune to look good looking on pics

No. 632088

File: 1531115212479.jpg (731.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180709-005302.jpg)

Anyone see this on irl.mami's story? Was Tyler at her place recently or is he just posting old photos to hide his bloated condition? Saged because who cares.

No. 632089

File: 1531115235048.jpg (734.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180709-005334.jpg)

No. 632095

damn i forgot she existed

No. 632110

Thats a new photo based on his shoes, weird shes would screenshot and post, maybe to make GT pissed?

No. 632115

I think it's weird gtshield comes and goes to the hospital so often. Like is she getting chemo or antibiotics I don't get it

No. 632116

File: 1531119912667.png (41.59 KB, 652x264, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 02.0…)

unrelated to the mirror pic, but regarding irl.mami- apparently joji produced a track for her? are they friends or..? I wouldn't think she'd have the funds otherwise. Idk, I guess the 2 of them just seems like a really weird connection. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk3fpIGFIxL/?taken-by=irl.mami

No. 632120

File: 1531120197712.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 17366CC3-00CE-483B-A915-6180A8…)

This is soooo awkward.. I honestly feel like corey is gay or something or maybe he’s just not into her cos damn the secondhand embarassment is real in this one

No. 632134


His tits look nicer than shrimp’s.

No. 632138

Layla was playing one of her songs on her IG story.

Her and Aubrie sound like some elementary school girls whose dad is a producer and made them a song, so they could sound cool at school.

These lyrics though…

"I make boys cry, wish they never met me"

No. 632140

File: 1531122216115.jpg (25.44 KB, 288x512, 2018-07-09.jpg)

No. 632142

This is literally a lost audio file cut from abby brown's nightmare rap and there is nothing anyone can say or do to convince me otherwise.

No. 632145

File: 1531123286818.png (1.78 MB, 984x1058, 3828ty4.png)

Is Arz pregnant? Lot of speculation in the comments about her belly and the way they are posed.

new guy https://www.instagram.com/pearcewilliam/

No. 632167

this dude is so vanilla and non-clouty, weird for arzaylea to go this route

No. 632168

he's just a rich MAGA Chad. Could her gold digging be any more obvious?

No. 632170

I dont think arzs new boyfriend is that very good looking.. he must be rich i guess

No. 632188

ofc arzaylea is a gold digger but she basically lives off her dad's headphone company money, after all she has her own apartment in la and always hangs out in restaurants with her rich friends despite never working, i didn't think she needed that

No. 632206

omg stop plugging this chick, it's so obvious. how is that first cap proof of anything beyond her capping his feed? and why do we care about her "career"? seriously.

No. 632216

SoundClout General- I asked a SOUNDCLOUD related question considering JOJI has a hefty sack of CLOUT & was curious how/why tf he'd be professionally involved with a nobody, I could give less than a fuck about her ass personally. If you don't have an answer to the question, then just don't say anything…? Orrr stay pressed about a saged post, go off girl.

No. 632273


i just dont understand how you can be this bloated while sitting around and snorting coke all the time. how. time to woman up and take care of yourself shrump, or just accept your average ass size & stop trying to fool everyone into thinking you're some delicate waify svelte instangel when clearly not the case. i can't even imagine all the eating disorders and drug habits/curiosities she is inspiring in the young-impressionable-self-destructive idiots that follow her. such trash i cant wait til she gets caught pissing in public & has to register as a sex offender. like go find a bush to hide behind and some grass at the very least, instead of making a fucking mess on the concrete for all to see. she probably rolls around in the puddle when she's done

No. 632277

That's exactly why she's bloated the coke is making her retain so much water weight

No. 632292

File: 1531147966275.png (821.66 KB, 1030x1050, 40t842t042.png)

>>632277 If she was bloated, she would have shopped the photo, but she kept it as is, so that's why it might be a sign she's prego.

Also, she's already changing his look to go with her "brand".

No. 632295

nta, but pay attention to who they're replying to. they're talking about cass having coke bloat, not arz…

No. 632318

>>632295 sorry, this is what happens when I post before coffee.

No. 632330

who is this lmao and how is it relevant to who you're replying to

No. 632331

not to discredit or invalidate ya - but i've never ever heard about a correlation between water weight retention and cocaine. i've had the habit myself & have never experienced it, i can't find anything on the internet supporting this either… it just doesn't make any sense. you sniff and you have 0 appetite, and whatever water you do drink is being feverishly sweated out of every pore on your body. either she's not as heavy of a user as she'd like everyone to think (i mean how can you afford a habit like that with seemingly no job), or she's eating like a cow and drinking 4x her weight in alcohol when she's not inhaling. iirc she actually used to be on the slimmer side? what happened. in any case, sad. with her habits she could easily look as gaunt as she shops herself to be but has 0 impulse control when it comes to anything at all i guess. i cant decide who's more embarrassing, cass or grosso. i'd honestly love to see them date, what a time that would be

No. 632333

>>632330 It's Arzalea's new guy:


He's looking very different from his earlier IG posts hence "…she's already changing his look to go with her "brand".

No. 632478


I ship it

No. 632515

yeah idk i also had a pretty heavy cocaine habit and was the most bloated i have ever been in my life. lots of known coke heads get fat and bloated. see: elvis presley, janice joplin, etc. I think if your like JUST doing coke and like drinking water maybe you get thin but homegirl is obviously heavily drinking as well and coke allows you to drink way more than you normally would hence coke bloat.

No. 632520

100% true, I use cocaine pretty often and also drink/ rarely eat and i'm the highest weight/ most bloated I've ever been in my life tbh.

No. 632522

File: 1531166131032.jpg (833.55 KB, 1440x2645, 20180709_125600.jpg)

Here we go!

No. 632525

quickly peeked. seems this guy's cousin is a wilhelmina "model". as is arz if i recall? con-nection?

interesting i stand corrected. the alcohol correlation makes sense. i always preferred cranberry juice w/ it so i wouldnt know

No. 632527

>>632520 It's different for everyone. When I was using, I was the most motivated in my life - Ran five times a week, kicked major ass at work and was about 105 lbs. Just depends on the person and their lifestyle.

No. 632577

already been posted

No. 632583

Her weight gain could also be due to the antidepressants.

No. 632584

Ok where

No. 632585


Here >>631410

I swear to god, read the damn thread and stop expecting to be spoonfed

No. 632595

It didn't have the plastic surgery tweet soo that's why it was posted again…

No. 632597

Girl, read the thread and you’ll see it’s been covered already

No. 632720

File: 1531179360515.png (1.9 MB, 1670x1068, byesugarbearsigotasugardaddy.p…)


guy comes off like a southern California entitled, rich kid, douchebag.

arz is trying to dump sugar bears and get a sugar daddy.

looks like he bought his last gf https://www.instagram.com/camilaforeroo/ a range rover last September with the money from a company he started with his Colombian ex's dad. seems fishy.. maybe some kind of money laundering or something. he would be a good front with his straight laced style and empty eyes. yeah, yeah, I will take my tin foil hat off now. but you never know.

No. 632722

stop expecting people to spoon feed you information. Read. The. Fucking. Threads. The information is at the tips of your fingers

No. 632737

File: 1531180823009.png (1.76 MB, 1668x976, 93322464424.png)

>>632720 It's a miracle that this girl turned out kinda cute. Maybe the miracle of plastic surgery, but her dad did not help her out at all.

No. 632782

She is a 10, ngl, the boy downgraded.

No. 632838

She cute but a 10? With that nose? Nahhhhh.

No. 632853

Why is everyone here so obsessed with people's noses? She looks fine.

Arz has tweaked herself so much she barely looks human.

No. 632855

I've honestly never once looked at a picture of Arz and thought wow that girl looks good. She is very unsettling to me. Some uncanny valley shit going on I swear.

No. 632856

File: 1531195079815.jpg (50.2 KB, 640x1136, liverun.jpg)

Paris was on live earlier (still posted) out in Redding for a run in 110 degree weather saying he's going to start exercising and wants to get healthier. He was actually being pretty motivational and encouraging. Said he doesn't like how he's been glorifying drugs/alcohol to his audience while/since on tour & he wants to change that.
Some quotes to get the gist in case you can't/don't want to watch:
"Fuck drugs and alcohol day 1,"
"If you wanna make yourself better, there's no day like today,"
"I'm done being a piece of shit,"
"If I can do this you can too,"
"If I slow down, tell me not to give up,"
"Today was the hardest day, but it's over."
To me it seemed genuine & I hope this is more representative of who he truly is and that he was able to redirect himself from going down the typical burnout path of the company he keeps. He mentioned that it's the first time he's been alone in 3 months (since tour) and he wants to take the time to reflect & think and not be influenced by others to get fucked up. He did say there is a time and place to party and do those things (so I don't think he intends on full stop & sobriety) but that he wants to show his audience less of that lifestyle and more of taking care of yourself. Which is actually a really realistic message imo.
Do I still think he's a typical clouty fuckboy whose image/music/career was completely manufactured for profit? Definitely, but regardless he still has a platform for influence and it's nice to see someone use it in this way. Tyler, take notes from your 'bestie' and go to fucking rehab. What do you all think- Hopeful for positive change, or not buying it?

No. 632875

Oh my god, a freaking Paris stan is on here now. If Paris told you to jump off a bridge, would you?

No. 632884

Everything Paris does is an act lmao

No. 632889

Can you read? I basically just said he's a fake douche,
>but regardless he still has a platform for influence

That's all this is about. Whether I (or anyone) think he's deserving of that following doesn't matter- he fucking has one. (Newsflash- I don’t think anyone on this thread deserves one and yet here we are lol).
All I'm saying is his little speech seemed genuine on the surface and I'm standing by out of curiosity to see if he'll follow through or if this is just part of the puppet show. Either way, a bunch of impressionable kids got to hear a pretty little message instead of a coke sperg. I don't see how acknowledging that it's neat to see any semblance of personal accountability in the scene makes me a stan..? No one is shilling "Check out this positive message DESPITE his multitude of negative aspects!” More like, "Well in addition to being shitty, this is better than striving to have absolutely nothing of value to offer other than a warped message to young fans" (a la Tyler, Cass, Marilyn, Arzaylea, Luke, Layla is historically in this category but lately teeters this line with her occasional positivity, which always comes across as fake and from a place of 'poor me :( , i feel soooo deeply & i wanna help ppl’).
Don’t forget how low the bar is set for cows.
If you still have your doubts I'll say it clearly for ya: I think Paris overall is a fucking lame.

No. 632891

Half of these posters are soundclout-adjacent plastic surgery thots, that’s all. They’re why we’re on autosage.

No. 632900

File: 1531202051073.png (60.05 KB, 480x334, Screenshot_20180710-005200.png)

anyone peep his new bio?

No. 632902

>>632889 this is the equivalent to a gym selfie times 1 million.

No. 632931

So fucking true lol

No. 632975

This kid is going to be sucked all the way dry by the time he is released from his contract. These fools really don’t know how the industry works, damn.

No. 633000


This is an article about his mum from 2007 which mentions Luke being 21. In one of Layla’s lives from Mexico he was asked his star sign and he said sagittarius so he’s born at the end of the year. So he’s born in 1985 and is 33 this year, so cringey for his online presence

No. 633005

File: 1531225957467.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 5D421C78-2FFD-4C63-A70C-B09D44…)

I think it is wild and rather hypocritical that Xan is promoting an anti-Xanax movement, but there’s pictures of him sipping leans all over Instagram and this photo was from yesterday. I know dude has some bugged eyes but clearly he is under the influence is well over half of the photos on his IG.

No. 633045

Arz deleted all her posts with Peep

No. 633050

read the threads, already mentioned >>624006

No. 633086

Xan going “anti-Xanax” was just a marketing move by his management team to make him more palatable for younger audiences and easier to promote, especially post peep. I’m sure he doesn’t actually give a fuck. It’s all just to make money - he’s obviously and openly just a lil corporate money maker.

No. 633098

i just noticed how arz lost like 40k followers since the peep fiasco, i guess he didn't quite bring her the clout she wanted so badly

No. 633113

Thats so disrespectful

No. 633129


I truly believe that if 69 doesn't get popped first, Xan is going to be the next SoundClout casualty. He is NOT equipped for fame and it's really, really obvious that he is deeply unhappy and hates being tied to a label/management team. He's pretty obviously back on drugs (if he was ever off them to begin with) and really seems to be spiraling.

No. 633143

>>633113 she's making room for her new man…

No. 633144

>>633143 and is probably trying out a new image for herself to match his better.

No. 633162

I couldn't agree any more with you. He went HAM about being a slave to his management (video for reference) he seems to have gone off the deep end and regressed back to self-destruction ways

as >>632975 said he is going to be sucked completely dry before he finished his contract. He is mentally unstable and masking his illness with substances

No. 633173

Thats just plain bratty behavior, typical dramaqueen

No. 633191

His team put him in a headlock ON LIVE for complaining.

The guilt trips and emotional manipulation are par the course but idk what kind of back alley team Diego’s got but this mess is just made them look bad. You can’t even fault him for acting out because 80% of what talent managers do is damage control, like it’s their job to handle these strong personalities and you don’t do that by getting physical. They need to take the L and admit either Diego isn’t worth it or they’re bad at their jobs. I really don’t like him but that’s all on them.

No. 633303

Yikes. Once the money stops coming in and he’s older/forgotten he’s gonna be the craziest crackhead on the block.

No. 633333

damn, that's sad. she's really gross.

No. 633335

On one hand it’s disturbing how predatory manager, labels, and promoters in the industry can be. On the other hand, the people who want the fame in the first place are so unlikeable and opportunistic themselves that it’s hard to feel sympathy for them.

No. 633341

>>633162 >>633005

totes agree with you. anyone know when his contract ends? I understand being young and not knowing what all a contract entails but at the end of the day you chose to sign with them

No. 633411

I dunno if he was exaggerating her condition, but he also posted something about his mom in the hospital not too long ago. I could see that pushing him back to drugs too (not that it should, though).

No. 633420

Layla on IG asking for people to send her $1 on PayPal…

No. 633438

File: 1531265137855.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1730, 7490C768-B3E9-4487-9E05-C4EBDE…)

She said “send me $1 I’ll tell you why later” then posted this.

No. 633441

Video on insta of tp trying to eat a salad
>healthy mfs are weird
>y'all eat full on branches

No. 633453

File: 1531266215158.png (139.62 KB, 480x243, Screenshot_20180710-184122.png)

No. 633456

Is it tho? At least this is unedited and not shooped to hell

No. 633469

Lmao she stays pressed trying to "troll" lolcow

No. 633473

File: 1531267732585.jpg (308.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180710-200808-1.j…)

Never noticed her third nipple before this tho

No. 633479

pretty sure it's just a mole but idk

No. 633480

we're not even trolls tho lmao literally a majority of the people here have been saying she doesn't need plastic surgery idk why she's been so pressed lately

No. 633481

There was that one anon samefagging about her nose but honestly the dommy d and pouya fan spam has been way more vicious than anything I've seen here lately

Layla here are the attention tokens you asked for

your "dirty lil trolls"

No. 633483

tbh everyone's stomach and tits look better when you are reaching up high and up on your tiptoes. and even then, her tits are still resting on her stomach. she looks hot, don't get me wrong. just want to point out that she's not fooling anyone with the "oh, i just happen to be on my tiptoes reaching my hands up high so my nips slip out".

No. 633496

You'd think she wouldn't care about it as much right now with the thread being autosaged

No. 633566

File: 1531277045882.jpeg (545.86 KB, 1125x1769, AD4664D9-7257-49A2-8469-17749A…)

That didn’t last long

No. 633570

File: 1531277856887.jpg (638.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180710-225820.jpg)

Lol, just… Why?

No. 633574

She’s getting really unhealthily, creepily, annoyingly obsessed with her physical appearance and trying to prove to everyone that she’s attractive.

No. 633575

right, like why do this? Way to empower women Layla lol

No. 633601

>>633570 Great example for her followers (sarcasm). First, she's five foot nothing, so 104 ain't that little. Second, she is in her early twenties. Wait five years and she is not going to be posting half naked vids/pics with the giant McDonalds body she's grown into.

This makes me think a lot less of Lay. It's a type of body shaming towards her followers that struggle with weight issues/complex/etc.

No. 633604

>>633566 Paris on IG thanking a bunch of people for "everything they do AKA who wrote his album for him while he stands there and looks "pretty".

Also, has anyone noticed that in all of his regular pics, his eyes are just regular poop brown, but any of the more professional ones, they always mess with the color. so they look green, amber, red, etc. I really don't think he is cute at all. That photo has me dry heaving.

No. 633613

Considering how much she “struggled” with body image you would think she would try not to promote/glorify a super skinny body type. Plus she’s sucking in so hard in that vid idk what she’s trying to prove

No. 633615


Paris looks like a gay vampire.

No. 633651

Her body is just her body so I don't think her taking bizarre lewd videos or just existing as a thin person is glorifying anything but the weigh in is super problematic

No. 633653

any fan of hers who has an eating disorder or just plain dysmorphia is going to be triggered by the number on her scale and feel fat by comparison

think before you post is all I'm saying

No. 633658

File: 1531291919527.png (504.41 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180711-014944.png)

Shrimp is sick and asking people qs in her story and her answers are pretty abysmal

No. 633660

How do you go to work when you're feeling depressed?

"I'm unemployed"

Do you have a degree and if so what is it? Or are you planning on going back to school?

"no no and nooo"

No. 633663

Her skinwalking disease has progressed to the point where she no longer has any ambitions or goals beyond instathotting


No. 633664


Layla, if you're reading this, and I know you are: This is fucking gross. You know you have tons of teenage girls that idolize you, they deserve better than this and so do you. Be kind to yourself and stop putting this toxic shit out there.

No. 633665

*answering qs

100% this, thank you anon

No. 633667

File: 1531292876113.png (463.12 KB, 872x1364, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 23.4…)

Is it just me or does literally everyone else that's serious about making music PAY people for their beats & not expect ppl to just give them away..?

No. 633669

maybe she wants to hear them before she buys them hence asking for their info

isn't that the normal process?

No. 633672

You clearly don't know the music industry…. if she uses a beat she either buys it up front or the producer gets royalties when the song is published

No. 633742

File: 1531309728491.jpg (635.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180711-074903.jpg)

No. 633744

File: 1531310001380.jpg (1.28 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180711_075403447.j…)

No. 633757

This makes me so angry. Idk, maybe seek professional help? Instead of waiting for teenaged stans to reach out?

No. 633775

File: 1531316302201.png (10.31 KB, 523x105, Noshedont.png)

She deleted this post but then posts this on twitter. If she really posts only for herself, then she wouldn't be asking people for money via PayPal? That just doesn't add up. She seriously needs to get some help.

No. 633788

File: 1531319622355.png (26.83 KB, 638x190, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 01.3…)

Her response to someone all ~inspired~ by her sobriety and who asked if she's in AA. Is this the first time she's stated being in NA, or has she mentioned it in a previous live/story/deleted post or something?

Second response was to someone asking if she still smokes weed.

No. 633795

the song she was singing In this video is also up on her story rn and… yikes. I hope all her stuff isn’t like this. It sounds like late 2000s MySpace music ala the millionaires

No. 633804

idk what's worse: the song or the "sexy" voice she's always trying to do

No. 633818

Well according to Aubrie they're going to "change the game in the music scene for the girls" lol their shit sounds like complete garbage, just whiny and basic as hell

No. 633823

File: 1531323852536.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.19 KB, 953x594, Dhy08OIUwAAYRry.jpg)

I thought this was toopoor for a second

No. 633827

That is terrifying

No. 633831


"Everyone come see how good I look!" (Ron Burgundy voice)

this is pathetic. go find something to actually be proud about yourself instead of this vapid number, layla. between this and those gnarly xxxtentacion praises, i'm not rooting for you anymore.

No. 633844

File: 1531326376209.jpg (126.43 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(21).jpg)

Marilyn is on her IG story answering questions in that weird cringe British accent she has and revealed she is rolling around in bed with some clouty looking fucker, anyone know who he is? Think she makes him do peep roleplay? Lol

No. 633879

Why is everyone doing a Q&A all the sudden? Also, your joke about 'peep roleplay' is wack.

No. 633885

i think it's just a new feature on instagram

No. 634024

What joke? She's bananas and would pull some batshit ~twin flame~ crap like that

No. 634085

File: 1531355943285.jpeg (495.46 KB, 1125x1001, 50A872EA-BA3E-42AD-BA19-1FBE82…)

What is with peeps flings writing bad poetry?

No. 634100

>literally speaking to the audience she's """not""" posting for

No. 634102

Rehashing old news but does anyone think Xxx paid off people to kill him? There's multiple videos of him "predicting" he would die by being shot and the kid obviously had severe mental health issues. Don't know, just feel like he knew it would bring him/his family more money and he maybe didn't want to live anyway. The whole set up getting shot like that in a car is strangely random

No. 634111

Layla had a whole post saying how she struggled with eating disorders, weighed under 100 at some point, all while framing it so everyone was like aw we feel sorry for you and are proud of you! And then she goes and posts this?! This is beyond disgusting and insensitive for her young fan base and just screams "I have an eating disorder!" I wanted to like her so bad, but she is honestly just a cry baby attention queen. When she's with a guy, she gets on her high horse and acts like she's the shit. And then when they inevitably crash and burn it's all poor me I'm a precious victim. No sympathy for this bitch anymore between the XXX comment, jumping into a new relationship so soon, and this. Like hop off lolcow, stop trying to convince the internet you're awesome, and get some help and self love. We're only interested in your life because it's more dramatic and cringey than a reality show, and who doesn't watch a train crash. And BTW, when you spend so much effort convincing us you don't care it really shows the exact opposite.

No. 634112

It might be random but it's not unheard of. IMO he was just a small guy who was in the wrong place being too flashy and made an easy target.

No. 634115

But he wasn't that flashy. He didn't even post much on the internet. I know he was a shitty person so he probably pissed a lot of bad people off, but I don't think the whole thing was as "random" as the media/family all trying to make it seem.

No. 634117


He was driving a BMW i8, pulled up to an ATM and withdrew a huge amount of cash which he then put in a Louis Vuitton bag. The dude that murdered him saw him do that, waited until he left the dealership and accidentally killed him in the process of robbing him. How in the world is a botched robbery more inconceivable to you than him orchestrating a hit on himself?

No. 634123

He wasnt flashy online, but he was leaving a spendy motorcycle dealership alone,carrying a Louis vuitton bag and pdriving a (roughly) 150k car all while looking like a 16 year old. That sounds like an easy target to me.

No. 634124

So you're saying these random dudes just happened to see xxx do all that? And how is it even possible to get shot in the back of the neck when sitting in a car if you're being robbed at gun point?
Also it's very probable to me that xxx would set up his own death because he's just that type of narcissistic "fake deep" "I'm a martyr for the people and will show y'all the light" type of person. He knew he wasn't going to win his court case and he's a fucking piece of shit, probably legit had borderline personality disorder. He had everything to lose so he went out the way he knew he'd be most infamous for

No. 634126

The dude had a death wish, and he "foreshadowed" his death by shooting multiple times. The dude was very transparent

No. 634127

As far as being shot in the back of the head.. it's pretty simple, his attacker would be coming from the back of the car and x's head is the most readily available target. If he had a weapon in the vehicle he could have reached for it, been putting the car in park/gear, been on his phone.. who knows. Seems pretty easy to me.

No. 634146

You’re extremely sheltered if you think shit like this doesn’t happen. Take the tin foil off anon.

No. 634192

We're a gossip thread and solving this conspiracy you're positing is beyond us.

No. 634226

oh no baby what is you doin

Real talk tho, you can excuse and dismiss everything we say on here but regardless you have fans to adhere to and that is the sentiment Layla I know you're feeling better about your appearance but don't hurt your pro-ana base in the process

You're skinny just give it up. Enjoy your body get some injections while you're at it because of the cigarettes

No. 634244

File: 1531388707306.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2013, A6E82049-0541-4D41-B89E-375462…)

I’m deceased. The pepper shade is on point.

No. 634246

LOL pepper AND gtshields shade

No. 634281

File: 1531396370840.png (1.94 MB, 1125x2436, A7CF97B0-B654-4B2C-9CB2-56B0CE…)

The thread has looked like this on my phone for days, all other threads are fine, anyone know why some posts are missing??

No. 634286

I was thinking it looked like pepper looking at Paris lmfao

No. 634290

That's what I thought too.

No. 634297

You're hiding saged posts.

No. 634299


I believe you have the saged posts hidden, it is an option you can choose on lolcow. It’s at the top of the page might’ve pressed it by accident

No. 634300

File: 1531398466482.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180712-082731.jpg)

Lmao wat

No. 634303

Where do you get gtshields from this and why would Layla care enough to try to shade her?

No. 634307

Apparently his car has been in the shop for 3 months and no progress on them fixing the wildass damage he did. Truthfully he doesn’t even deserve a Porsche so I’m just going to watch this unfold.

No. 634313

File: 1531399941592.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 445.88 KB, 640x1102, 45FD53BD-ADAA-4005-989D-D41543…)


LMFAO Layla stays lurking she’s an insufferable hoe. I never thought this old loser would become even more of a degenerate than when she wanted to be a heroin addicted Courtney Love and suck on Tyler Grosso’s toes on Snapchat

Layla is an ugly abusive woman with no morals and psychological problems she’s forcing onto her boy toys and teenage followers. Everyone on the internet and LA knows she’s a joke and how nasty she was before peep died. Layla stays flexing her sobriety off heroin when she only started smoking dope with her white trash boyfriend to forget how publicly spiteful she was to Peep right before his death and all the problems she caused for herself as a stunted adult. No one should have ever praised this womanchild. Layla had that karma coming to her and still lacks any self awareness.

Get some fucking help instead of going to a therapist in London while dating an ex-junkie oldhead clout chaser and then fucking off to your old behaviors and lifestyle

Before peep died he had discussed Layla’s drug use on Instagram and how she wasn’t an addict, this is related to his conversation with Lilith Levisis several threads ago. Grosso and Layla wouldn’t do either dope/crack after talking a big game. Peep has said that Layla was always given fake drugs and xans and she would only realize when they didn’t work. Layla had something to prove and issues she didn’t want to cope with. She’s a whiny baby that won’t help herself yet screams about recovery and sobriety. I’m surprised her fake ass wasn’t the one who OD’d

No. 634331

what an idiot. suing a dealership for 'fraud' because his car has been in the shop for an extended amount of time??? good luck with that. you bought a porsche dumbass, you'll be lucky if you get it back in 3 more months from now. the pepper has been pickled. he really has no clue how anything at all works

>>634313 that sweet karma

No. 634336

File: 1531402944707.jpeg (189.75 KB, 425x567, 1449152760561.jpeg)

i feel like bringing this back. hey lurky layla, pls get a reality check

No. 634345

Damn, layla got you feelin some type of way lol

No. 634350

>the pepper has been pickled

Fucking lol thank you for helping me start my day with a laugh

No. 634357

File: 1531404480149.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4942.PNG)

Is he in some sort of middle life crisis??

No. 634359

his whole life is a crisis and tbh im about on the same level seeing posts about him now as i am with chelji

No. 634361


Even though Layla’s drug use escalated after his death, what Peep said about Layla’s addiction coming from someone who was drugged out and tatted before his 18th birthday. It’s obvious he was an addict for a long time, no matter how much his family denies it. It’s different from 24yr old Layla recording videos of herself snorting coke on the gram. She changed her image, she didn’t change herself. This is a woman who has posted photos of men cumming on her baby pictures Layla is just disgusting to me

No. 634365


Ratty orange hair and skin and wrinkles and eye bags holy fuck. There’s a woman out there for every shitbag but his music is ass and I doubt he’s even employed

No. 634367

He literally looks like a hobo

No. 634368


Lurky Layla lol. Does anyone have the photo of the shitty headphones she used to make on Etsy? She put string on the wires. Those were hilarious. Stay humble Lay don’t forget where you came from

No. 634375


Been lurking these threads and nobody else will say this. It’s all petty criticism and whiteknighting and people believing the front Layla has now. Don’t forget about who she is and what the people who know her say about her

No. 634378

>posted photos of men cumming on her baby pictures

ugh i forgot about that :|

No. 634385

File: 1531406956270.jpg (145.67 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(22).jpg)

Wtf brand is she besides boring white girl snorting herself into oblivion

I guess that's what the tweens are into

No. 634387

File: 1531407112222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.37 KB, 750x1008, 4436AD73-6C82-454F-A082-32EC2D…)

Could’ve been from Twitter too but no doubt she’s still lurking here

No. 634390

File: 1531407477875.png (202.49 KB, 750x1334, 675692B2-90BC-4342-855E-CD03BA…)

Meanwhile on Emma’s twitter

No. 634391

File: 1531407488979.png (186.78 KB, 750x1334, 871918BD-480F-4B97-9BAD-C4733D…)

No. 634392

File: 1531407500839.png (184.27 KB, 750x1334, 1EFF44CB-F3C0-49AA-9A61-37B90B…)

No. 634396

>>634391 Him and Layla started dating October 2016, right? Damn, kid was literally never single.

No. 634401

Right, that's why he wouldn't even claim her back in their home town. Didnt she say he wouldn't even hold her hand or be affectionate with her in front of anyone? She comes off as a girl following him around like a puppy, who was always there to fill his loneliness and to do it on his terms. So many of the things she thinks are cute or sweet that he did are really just shady and hurtful. But whatever makes her feel better. I dont doubt they had a special friendship.. how could you not, knowing someone almost your whole life? But I strongly doubt the emma and gus love story.

No. 634402

Yup. Can’t help but feel a bit bad for Emma. Must’ve been hard to see your ex so far away and with another girl so quick

No. 634403

This all adds up except for the parts where she insinuates he left her for her own well being. Nah sis he left you for his own sake. He was an up and coming clout god and had groupies by the bushel. I do believe he loved her like a sister but she's ignoring the fact that a few months before he died he commented "I'm planning our wedding" on one of her insta posts. Dude was selfish on some level and her trying to explain why he did the things he did retroactively after his passing is dumb. Also fuck any of his fans who give her shit for moving on lol like what she was supposed to stay loyal and waiting for his dumb ass when he was out and about whoring it up? Idiocy on all sides with this.

No. 634406

Her name sucks even toopoor's name makes more sense. "I was poor" vs "I misheard song lyrics" how do turn something so meaningless into your whole identity like it's not even a cool story

No. 634409

Right? I love how he gets a pass for moving on so quick but she doesn't

Peepetes are mad dumb

No. 634413

I never understood why she did this. If she wanted to shame these perverts then she should've added names but instead she just posts them with no context if anything this encourages them

Dumbest thing she's ever done imo

No. 634414

I cant help but get the impression peep was really good at telling people what they wanted to hear. I'm just surprised so many people believed every word he said. The guy was on drugs, getting tattoos he didn't even remember the next day.. why is it so inconcievable that he'd say a lot of shit he didnt remember or mean? Benzos are notorious for having that blackout effect. Idk.

No. 634429

She's the milk monster. I was wondering if she was acting up on purpose bc she likes being milky (ex: nip slip insta post and her bragging about buying a salad with her paypal money) but then her weight being posted and her not deleting it exposed her imo. I thought she was being dumb and once she realized the potential harm it would cause she'd delete it but she didn't. This goes beyond "trolling" lolcow she's just self serving on some level. After she was so open with her body dysmorphia, photoshopping, addiction and mental health issues I thought maybe this cow is actually just extremely mentally ill and acting up because of it and does have a heart but the proana shit makes me sad bc it shows how self serving she really is.

I even gave her somewhat of a pass on the xxxtentacion shit bc she promptly deleted it which I misread for guilt.

Extremely disappointing experience rooting for a cow and watching her revert back to her old ways. Layla honey get some help this isn't about us it's about your fanbase and the hypocrisy of discussing having an eating disorder and then posting something so potentially triggering.

No. 634437

I think she's focusing on her body bc she's so self conscious about her nose rn but I agree she shouldn't have posted her weight

No. 634440

I don't disagree with you but inb4 peep psychoanalysis kicks in bc I know that's the direction this is gonna go in a second

remember the rules peeps
(and peepetes)

No. 634444

I'm extremely thin and I have friends with eating disorders and I would never in a million years post my weight because of this. You can like being skinny but there's a point where self love becomes I'm better than you and I think making it numerical does that

No. 634447

Honestly I feel like it's to throw it in Cass' face that she has to photoshop herself skinny

No. 634449

It's because it creates a hierarchy. I weigh less than you is easily translated to I'm better than you in the mind of someone with an eating disorder.

No. 634452

I was thinking the same thing. Cass's "I have big blue eyes and a small nose" was a cheap jab and so now Layla's being all extra about being a twig

No. 634456

File: 1531411308100.png (269.5 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180712-110038.png)

This isn't her post but she reposted it and then deleted it. Maybe something someone said here clicked.

No. 634469

She stays pressed calling us trolls but imo there's more constructive criticism going on than actual trolling. The amount of people telling her she doesn't need a nose job and to not rush into surgery is proof of that

Can't say the same thing about earlier threads but her and peep were such a shitshow honestly who could blame us

No. 634474

You're forgetting

>her and cass's terrible friendship

>grosso tp kurt and courtney skinwalking
>coke posting 25/7

No. 634476

what happened to joei lmao

No. 634477

File: 1531412315632.jpeg (332.6 KB, 1125x605, FDA4FEBA-D2CD-4A44-AC99-B27898…)

Yeah pepper, the whole world is waiting for you to save rock n roll. biggest eye roll ever just because you’re not involved in a scene doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. “Rock n roll” is doing just fine without him. Has this human oatmeal cookie ever been to even a basement show? If he did he’d probably get laughed out. And him saying he can’t find a guitarist to convey his message or wtf ever is hilarious. He’s just out of his element and isn’t actually connected to real musicians.

goes to show how out of touch he is. Still having those grandiose delusions I see.

No. 634478

He ordered her a cookie yesterday I'm pretty sure they're still together

No. 634480

"human oatmeal cookie"

Hahahaha i love you for this anon

No. 634489

if she's the milk monster her and peep were a goddamn dairy farm

taking his kurt cosplay to the next level wonder if he plans on offing himself at 27

No. 634490

I honestly wouldn't be surprised

No. 634505

File: 1531414649422.png (2.05 MB, 1125x2436, 8933420B-2DEA-4B2B-B73F-6412D1…)

No. 634508

File: 1531414763090.png (1.72 MB, 1125x2436, D6A907D3-ADD0-4FD6-97E0-A078F8…)

Who the fuck pays all cash for a car without test driving it first? (Answer: someone who only buys a car based on how cool it’ll make them look)
this all sounds hella sketchy to me. No dealership is gonna sell a car with no brakes.

No. 634512

>may 11
>3 months later

No. 634515


Nobody can walk into a dealership and pay in cash. There are policies with dealerships that one must use a Cashiers Check when wanting to purchase in cash due to the possibility of 'dirty' or counterfeit money. No way in fucking hell he threw stacks in the table and walked out.

I can confidently say the dealership did not sell him a car with 'practically no brakes" he is out of his fucking mind and looking for someone to blame for his own recklessness

No. 634524

File: 1531416317391.png (35.07 KB, 661x272, 22222.png)

So he says 3 months…

No. 634565

>>634524 bc expensive cars have expensive parts and everything is likely on backorder from germany, dumbass. not to mention you smashed it to fucking bits. also not to mention, the service department probably fucking hates you so your vehicle isn't a priority compared to their other actually wealthy and respectable clients. fuckin idiot oh my gyud

No. 634571

Was just gonna comment the same thing, anon. When you buy a luxury item, servicing that item is held to a higher standard. It’s not like a fucking Honda Civic where they shit out parts and sell them at your local auto zone. Luxury cars have parts that need ordered,imported,etc. hence the name “import car” what an idiot. He just HAD to get a foreign to flex for the gram tho.

I just think it’s beyond hilarious that he’s trying to blame the wreck on the car. Next level cow shit right there. Dude can’t drive or do simple math.

No. 634588

I find it strange Potato has been so silent about Peep she’s usually the one causing drama

No. 634590

Whatever chili we’re not all about to praise you for finally shutting the fuck up about being a groupie.

No. 634596

Preach it,Anon! Bye Chili

No. 634607

File: 1531422787869.png (Spoiler Image, 300.09 KB, 395x618, 22222.png)

Y'all gotta stop feeding her this hilarious shit. She done went IG story the pic. I cant even deal

No. 634620

if you have to put a disclaimer that you weren't drunk or high then your accusations are immediately going to be taken 1000% less seriously

No. 634629

Also, dude drove it around for 4 days without claiming a "brake issue." dude crashed his shit and wants someone to blame. p

fuck off pepper, seriously his bullshit is getting old, dude is 24 years old and cant take the blame for his own mistakes. Go take a shower, check into rehab and face the fact your actions cause your own consequences.

No. 634647

File: 1531425989507.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 0CC260DE-896C-42F5-BF9E-CD9F87…)

Side note … but did anyone see rose’s Instagram story answering questions last night? I think she takes the cake for most annoying voice. Watching her videos was basically unbearable
Sage bc she’s irrelevant

No. 634652

Idk Marilyn does all these weird voices that go in and out its actually creepy but mostly cringy

No. 634745

File: 1531431213633.png (38.09 KB, 629x302, 2018-07-12 17_33_56-TOOPOOR on…)

when the shoop game 2 strong

No. 634771

You think everyone Is her shut up

No. 634789

File: 1531433317997.jpg (1.16 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180712-180847.jpg)

No. 634876

File: 1531435753150.png (573.36 KB, 1080x1594, 20180712_184737.png)

No. 634877

File: 1531435816565.png (608.64 KB, 1080x1630, 20180712_184704.png)

Oh my good djkhd peep

No. 634888

Holy skinwalker

No. 634898

Oh me? Specifically? That’s super weird since we’re all anonymous.
Stop trying to infight and sage your bullshit. At this rate we’ll be permanently auto saged in no time.

No. 634914

What, did he buy his porche from some skeevy used car dealership? I wouldn't be surprised. Any reputable dealership will make sure a car is thoroughly up to date before they put it up for sale.

No. 634917

He cant even handle something as simple as buying a car or getting it repaired like an adult. But hes SO business savvy. Lol.

No. 634924

Y'all really gotta stop posting this disturbing picture. Lol

No. 634935

File: 1531437777349.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180712-192158.png)

They are idéntica.

No. 634941

Its really disgusting the amount of people trying to look EXACTLY like peep.. to basically be him. Did he have this many skinwalkers before he died? It's one thing to be inspired by someone and to emulate their aesthetic, but this shits ridiculous.

No. 634950

File: 1531438713237.png (1.24 MB, 1076x800, juststopit.png)

>>634941 He should just call himself a Peep impersonator. I think it's too soon. I get the Elvis impersonators and such, but he is trying to make a music career by jacking EVERYTHING Peep. Look at his tattoos!

No. 634952

File: 1531438765636.png (1.34 MB, 1076x798, noreally.png)

>>634950 is this the guy Marilyn was with?

No. 634953

I’m high rn and this is tripping me out on so many levels. This dude looks like his fucking twin! Who the fuck would blatantly steal someone’s style like that? I don’t give a shit about the ethical aspect but how fucking lame and poorly thought out to attempt to come up in this niche crowd by literally becoming a copy of one of its more prolific memebers.

The sheer stupidity and creepiness of this is making me howl. I am loving this milk! Lol

No. 634956

File: 1531438912520.jpeg (29.43 KB, 499x238, 3FFB13C0-763D-4F3F-BE0E-6F0FE1…)

Peep v.s. Silent X or whatever his name is…

No. 634975

"Not on drugs"

No. 634978

File: 1531440789263.jpg (432.76 KB, 1080x1152, 20180712_171333.jpg)

The timing of these 2 posts lmao

No. 634993

>>634975 wow, dude is nodding off so hard. no one believes you tyler!

No. 634997

>>634950 His photos start in March and all of his ink is really fresh. Such a pathetic skinwalker.

No. 635069

>“I’m not on drugs!! Stop saying I’m on drugs!!”
>nods off

This was actually comical af. No ones buying it bruh. Stop thinking you’re smarter than everyone and that no ones gonna call you on your obvious bold face lies.

No. 635079

This reminded me that Post is definitely on his European tour rn. Looks like Tyler lied about going with him. Shocking.

No. 635098

Layla posted a screengrab of this video on her IG. There's multiple photos of her with blood on them or being burned. Who is this band? Any insight? I might be dense, but can't tell if this is a fuck you to her or admiration.

No. 635100

File: 1531450760728.jpeg (431.53 KB, 1125x2017, 2BE8BAA3-5DC7-4B47-85E1-799E5F…)

Do y’all think Bella is shading Matt? She talked more about Matt abusing her a few weeks ago when she announced her visa. said he was really manipulative

No. 635107

You’re not dense anon. I have no clue what this video is trying to get across; It makes no sense. I think it’s just supposed to be edgy but came off cringey instead. Is all of LA really this lame now?

But idk, I spotted 6ix9ine in there and he’s not that well liked.. so I guess it’s a fuck you? Idk it’s hard to apply any kind of logic here

No. 635115

File: 1531451752641.jpeg (942.78 KB, 1125x1750, DF5AC6FE-681F-4755-8FC5-D6D6EF…)

Wait no, this dude plugged her before it came out.

No. 635127

Why can no one sage amymore. All you have to do is put sage in the email slot.

Sage all non images

Sage images that aren't new milk

Sage images that aren't recent or relevant

It's not that hard people

No. 635130

Was responding this post btw

No. 635132

File: 1531453356527.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4947.PNG)

is his delusional??

No. 635137

When I’m doubt, sage your post. - ancient proverb

No. 635142

Eh I kind of liked it if only because it's the SoundCloud aesthetic but with actual musicians. Dudes think if they adopt the aesthetic they can bypass the talent hurdle. Looking a you Paris.

No. 635145

More than half these people decided to become SoundCloud artists on a whim because they know someone in the scene and want clout. There are some that are really talented artists that spend a lot of time on their shit but a lot of them just whine over a beat about lean and girls and get way too many premature face tats like it's a sure thing and they'll never have to settle for a normal job.

No. 635158

sage but i genuinely think lil peep ruined everything. he ruined fashion, music and social media. he fuckin ruined human interaction!! pre-lil peep this shit would not ever fly, even 2013-14 yung lean didn’t have this many skinwalkers

No. 635159

Sage goes in the email field ffs. Not just in the post.
Also, ruined human interaction? lmao take your meds anon

No. 635161

I just want to give him a wet wipe for his mouth.

No. 635172

fuck sorry i was so spooked to reply that i didn’t write it in the email box

but ur right, social interaction isn’t the right term. i just feel like if we didn’t have lil peep (and maybe a whole slew of other rappers) we wouldn’t have that toxic instagrammy clout culture that seems so relevant now. sage again

No. 635181

You're giving peep away too much credit.

No. 635186

Yeah, it ain't peep. It's that whole generation of people who grew up in the internet and it's depressing

No. 635195

Don’t gotta announce the sage either lol

No. 635202

I mean before peep there was pump and yachty. Peep just added his depressing sad boy vibes and a little bit of early 2000s emo/pop punk nostalgia. If anything yung lean is the godfather of soundclout culture. He was the original aesthetic internet prince. I think the problem is moreso everyone imitating everyone else and not being original.

No. 635205

Same thing with art girls and insta hoes. They're all imitating each other so they all end up being the same

No. 635224

*arthoes give actual artists some credit lmao

No. 635329

>human oatmeal cookie
he's just the dough that gives you salmonella

No. 635349

Let’s chill on the musical merits talk before it spirals. Not trying to mini mod, just trying to help pull this thread out of the shithole we’ve been in since “soundcout skankness” shudders

No. 635358

File: 1531488684682.png (473.52 KB, 931x445, 2018-07-13 09_31_28-Lay (@toop…)

lmao this is going to be so bad

No. 635367


Gonna be? It’s from this >>635098 video that’s already out.
For fucks sake read the thread before you post. omg we really are gonna be auto-saged forever.

No. 635373

who gets this bent out of shape over a saged post? you'll be fine.

No. 635390

The person that accuses everyone of being Chelji is the same one that’s constantly complaining about people not saging. Stop being so fucking annoying(or you could learn to sage)

No. 635393

Lmao as you’re not saging your post. The irony.
Read the rules or stick to lurking. What’s more annoying is people not saging, infighting, and autistically contributing nothing to the conversation by posting shit that’s already been discussed. It’s literally how the site works so if you don’t like it spend your precious internet time elsewhere newfags.

No. 635407

File: 1531493339590.jpg (262.36 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(27).jpg)

God she's dumb but at least she finally figured out she's better off blonde (watch her go red though kek)
Probably because she follows this thread closer than most of us do.

Maybe shes just trying to commit to the Aryan nation look she's been bragging about

No. 635427

File: 1531494600394.png (166.12 KB, 485x912, 2018-07-13 11_10_00-Stories • …)

No. 635429

File: 1531494629028.png (781.92 KB, 483x906, 2018-07-13 11_10_22-Stories • …)

No. 635432

File: 1531494756441.jpeg (233.17 KB, 1125x483, 497B06AB-F2CC-4091-86B5-4AC924…)

Putting people in blast for not working with him. But like, so business savvy. Hit him up for business and marketing tips.

No. 635434

okay… so… pay him more??? isn't grosso always bragging about how much money he has?

No. 635446

File: 1531495320190.jpeg (637.06 KB, 1124x1583, DC9716D3-ADFD-4E93-A05D-34688E…)

No. 635447

File: 1531495370256.jpeg (41.88 KB, 1125x333, 763AF8A0-183F-4524-A610-5E19D5…)

I can't stop laughing at this comment. But also what the hell Paris

No. 635450

Same pose as Lay lol >>634789

No. 635451

>>635434 x-pac probably just doesn't want to be associated with Tyler The Shit Show.

No. 635452

>>635407 brags about her hair never falling out and not knowing anything about hair… can't wait for her hair to fall out and she's going to do a Brittany. girl is going to look amazing with a shaved head sarcasm

No. 635456

>>635446 His teeth make me nauseous. Even when he doesn't smile, those snaggles still stick out. Probably catches lips with those teeth traps when kissing.

No. 635481

Thread is now unsaged. Remember to use sage if your post is not contributing to milk. If you don't know how, I'd suggest reading this link https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 635511

>>635407 i cant wait for her hair to fall out, i give her 8 months tops.

>>635429 looking busted and obese. pls can peppy and shrimpy get together. what a grand wreck id love to see. i know yal r reading this. make it happen, dance monkeys!!

>>635447 holy shit thats def one of those submissive doggyboy butt tails. reminds me of the time i was at rave and someone wearing a mask and that exact tail growled at me as he walked past on a leash. maybe paris and cass would also be a viable option, shes got plenty of experience handling the gays™ they would flourish

No. 635522

File: 1531502847471.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1720, 20180713_132634.png)

Holy shit is so similar…

No. 635550

X face timed everyone famous dude must've just done it whenever he was bored or some shit at this point I'm not impressed like at all

>was gonna do
>he declined

No dude it means you did NOT work with him so get his name out of your mouth lmao

Who tf brags about trying to work with someone and getting turned down

No. 635551

Paris only dates girls for the for the clout and the aesthetics and cass is too fat and basic

Not saying it wouldn't be hilarious but I doubt he'd go for it. If Corey is any indication of the league she's in Paris is way above her even though I personally hate the guy

No. 635554

Humblebrag: I knew him before he was famous lmao I bet they talked like once max and grosso still ended up posting about it like they were best fucking friends

No. 635556

He's always trying to leech onto other people's talent. Bet X was just smart enough to shake him off. Dude's a parasite.

No. 635567


Last time Tyler was associated with a wrestler, he ended up getting rape charges against him so no fucking wonder X-pac declined.

No. 635581

File: 1531508110998.jpg (443.41 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(28).jpg)

For some reason I cant imagine her reading a whole book.…

No. 635585

it's 1000% for ~aesthetic~

No. 635588

Yes u look like an Italian version of peep ok we can all tell you're self posting. A la "is" instead of "he's"

No. 635589

>cringe fans are not factors
And whooooooooo boy is this the cringiest

No. 635601

File: 1531510635601.png (1.39 MB, 586x1139, WTF.png)

Nothing is wild about this skinwalker. But what the fuck is up with TEDDY? Homeboy fucking made a bullshit colab and is literally trying so hard so be peep.

No. 635602

video post since unable to add both to one post

No. 635623

It's a little wild that he does look like peep, facially. Teddy doesn't.

No. 635629

File: 1531512548119.jpeg (939.77 KB, 1125x1876, F177EE7D-BBCC-4573-BA29-BE5C6A…)

Did she… make her tit bigger?

No. 635631

>>635602 Was this a planned collaboration or did he just rip Peep's lyrics and make this?

No. 635632

sort of looks like it but hard to tell. girl just can't stop smoothing her face can she?
actually really like her skirt tho tbh, which is rare for me lately.

No. 635640

File: 1531513314025.jpeg (56.13 KB, 750x246, 28860617-B169-4B7D-9925-AF59C4…)

lol at this comment. layla liked

No. 635646

File: 1531513786955.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4274.PNG)

I fucking hate this dumbass ugly fucking smile that he does. I don't know how he gets any girls ever

No. 635647

File: 1531513791008.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1125x1796, 0CE1C741-B7F9-4FE9-92D0-C2F235…)

How long after joei goes back to Ohio until tp is hanging out with this guy? (music video dude)

No. 635659

Very obviously gay

No. 635662

File: 1531514532356.jpeg (217.44 KB, 1125x590, 1FA13965-ECC4-47F8-B48F-4F893A…)

lmao Layla stop posting shit then hopping on here immediately after. You starting to look like the loser girl your obsession isn’t healthy

No. 635669

it's so funny because i follow so many cows on here and none of them are so blatantly obsessed with their own threads. at least don't be so obviously pathetic if you're lurking this much.

No. 635672

“lukey” posted a really strange and wack “freestyle” … do we/should we care?

No. 635678

I am not sure. There is his article about it. This Teddy dude has done stuff with ILOVEMAKONNEN and Rich The Kid. So who knows?


No. 635679

File: 1531515854797.png (21.79 KB, 592x222, 2018-07-13 17_04_27-Instagram.…)

lmao this stan

No. 635685

File: 1531516817318.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, EA81B580-7B19-4481-BA42-815172…)

Did some digging. Seems like it was legit. His IG has a good bit of photos together. Like this for example

No. 635694

File: 1531518107805.jpeg (171.99 KB, 572x736, C907A27A-FB95-4201-B893-A1F144…)

ngl Cass gettin thick

No. 635701

lol that is not cass. i can't remember her name but her ig is all her skateboarding.

No. 635716

File: 1531520484268.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, F5177847-2848-4473-B39F-6C0B64…)

Listened to like a farmer once.

No. 635812

amateur lmao that stack is way too big you can tell she's never been to the library before

what does this caption even mean and why was this posted

No. 635813

when he makes his mouth smaller his whole head just ends up looking fatter

No. 635818

All the more reason he should go for his own look. None of these people are going to blow up just because they look similar to someone who was marginally talented. I dont even understand the logic behind it. Here's hoping he crawls back under the rock he came from.

No. 635820

Watching Layla's IG live and her jowls are already falling. That's something that doesn't usually happen to women until they are at least in their mid thirties.

Also, wtf kind of accent does she put on here? It sounds like a California girl/fake ghetto/I'm a baby voice. Really annoying. Layla, just use your normal voice. I can just imagine all of her teenage followers trying to sound just like her. Ugh, this world is going to hell.

No. 635823

It makes him look like a deranged serial killer. I think he imagines it's cute but hes so so wrong.

No. 635825

The answer is no we dont.

No. 635826

I thought we already established this

No. 635836

>>635672 he's an unoriginal, old version of The Streets. It's been done Luke.

No. 635837

>>635836 "you can't be a pimp and a prostitute too" - best line of the whole rap and it's not his line…

No. 635850

it's her attempt at a sexy voice lol

No. 635861

jesus no wonder she baits so hard, some of the shit in this thread is so dumb and summerfaggy. nasolabial folds anon, is that you?

No. 635863

File: 1531533493053.jpg (16.26 KB, 400x229, JOWLS.jpg)

>>635861 Nope, not nasolabial folds.

I meant jowls

Smile lines are a sign of a life where you were happy and I find pretty on anyone who is a tad bit older. She has JOWLS showing how hard she has lived so far.

No. 635877

Stop embarrassing yourself

No. 635888

File: 1531536023784.jpg (35.61 KB, 288x512, july122018888888.jpg)

>>635877 dude, wtf are you talking about? that anon is using the correct word while you are embarrassing yourself with your lack of understanding of the english language. get a dictionary or learn how to use google.

jowls: the lower part of a person's or animal's cheek, especially when it is fleshy or drooping.
"she had a large nose and heavy jowls"

the fighting between anons on this thread is ruining it. screengrab included to show the receipts.

see >>635877 how something was included to the conversation instead of a bunch of arguing? someone please ban this summerfag.(nitpicking)

No. 635891

nobody was debating the meaning of jowls. when anon said "nasolabial fold anon" they were referring to the reaching that people on this thread do about Layla's appearance. jowls included.

No. 635894

well fuck me. i had no idea what that anon was talkign about, so idk.

in other news, does anyone think layla is paid as an influencer type for these bands she is posting? arz is pretty obvious in her suggar bears but wondering if tp does this but more in the alt instahoe cultrue? that band post and her appearing in it seemed like a lot for something that maybe wasnt paid for

No. 635910


No. 635913

nasolabial folds are a meme here, may I suggest you blend in before policing.

No. 635916

File: 1531542798066.jpg (647.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180714-003333.jpg)


No. 635917

>>635913 can i suggest that the bickering stop? it's seriously clogging up the thread with bullshit. this place would have 50% less posts if people were to just shut the fuck up and stop shitting on each other. if you don't like it and have nothing to add to the thread besides just arguing, kick yourself in the face.

So… tp is posting with Maggie Lindermann. these girls piss me off so much. they want to wear the aesthetics of the alt girls but they are just pretty much katie perrys with tattoos.

No. 635918

the cows are dry lately so everyone is ripping on each other instead.
layla was right though, 'u can't photoshop a video' which is why she looks like a chipmunk preparing for winter here.

No. 635919

Photoshop…the only way theres a smile on her face.

No. 635930

This is my first time posting on this so idk if I'm doing it right but I just had to say, does anyone else notice how fucking long peppers chin is when he smiles like this???

No. 635932


your sage is on point. if you click on the post No. you're replying to / commenting it'll auto link above your reply so people can follow.

and yes he has the face shape / complexion of 'the juggernaut' from 13 ghosts here >>635646

No. 635933

Omfg I'm dead. What an accurate description, ty anon

No. 635941

File: 1531547206711.jpeg (688.69 KB, 750x1098, 4A2ACF92-25E2-46EB-A53C-23BB98…)

No. 635942

File: 1531547223425.jpeg (179.88 KB, 750x597, ABF5BB78-EC67-447B-BE5C-65B8F0…)

she big mad

No. 635945

Her hair looks fried as shit lolllll “I’m not a hairstylist idk how it looks so good after one bleachhhh”
Girl it DONT

No. 635953

that’s southernshorti not cass
they do kind of look alike though

No. 635955

File: 1531550120774.jpg (707.88 KB, 1077x1843, 20180713_233515.jpg)

Not actually the first time… smh

No. 635956

File: 1531550153977.jpg (487.47 KB, 1080x1816, 20180713_233500.jpg)


No. 635959

she probably does know how to balance on a board but I doubt she's all that into skating or she'd have posted shit about it by now

congrats you can get from point a to point b keep scoot scoot cruising along Cass lol

No. 635963


100% she saw these checked the girls page saw how badass she looked and decided to hunt through her garage for her dusty old board lmao

little miss "I never leave my bed" ain't slick

No. 635965

These cows are so transparent. Good dot connecting anon.

No. 635968

Wow she reads she skates, what doesn't the bedbug do!!!

No. 636016

I figured she was just trying to get some cardio in to burn off those love handles after TP’s pro-Ana parade lol

No. 636056

i'm actually curious to see what books she got lol, i spot chuck palahniuk at the top and joan didion

No. 636086

didnt peep blow up way before pump?

No. 636100

is nobody going to talk about her complexion compared to the rest of her body kek flashback as fuck

No. 636104

I guess they actually came up around the same time span since Peep is older than Pump. Pump just went mainstream quicker. You right my b

No. 636112

wow Cass! You mean you're able to kick kick push while you follow around Layla's ex while he skateboards. such a skater girl! why does your face look like tinman tho(learn 2 sage)

No. 636132

Lol @tinman but learn to sage so you don't get banned type "sage" in the email field next time

No. 636188

File: 1531585439372.jpeg (55.7 KB, 960x960, 1531554911657.jpeg)

This guy cheats on you wyd

No. 636211


oh wow, such a skater yet someone is holding her up on the fucking thing. bitch over exposes every aspect of her life. if she actually skateboarded we’d have heard or seen all about it while she tweaked out. transparent af.

No. 636223

File: 1531587254227.jpg (701.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180714-125456.jpg)


No. 636231

Aka ex-girlfriend graveyard

No. 636252

>>636211 were these all deleted? can't seem to find them… girl must have had a sober moment and seen the ridiculousness of it.

No. 636282

she's wearing high heels in the vid and also no one cares stop defending shit skateboard shit culture

No. 636291

File: 1531591309942.jpeg (187.74 KB, 749x1175, 3D8FA5FC-9A84-42C7-B4AB-8AFEFE…)


the original sk8 post is still up, this comment slays. guys, she posts her skate vids allllll the time!

No. 636301


this comment sounds shrimpy. people care enough to call this idiot out, if you want to defend her highheel bullshit this might not be the best place to do it, js

No. 636396

File: 1531599988874.jpeg (635.19 KB, 750x1071, 07F49B3B-77D4-42EC-BDCC-FA0DD2…)

L o fucking L

No. 636403

Time to make changes? I thought he was supposed to be making changes like last week. If he died it'd just be natural selection. Let's see how this goes lol

No. 636409

File: 1531602681608.jpeg (143.14 KB, 1125x469, CE631FC6-C1D6-496F-BA39-69475F…)

Looks like pepper is laid up too (paris is in nyc rn). What the fuck is with all these nerds being incapable of taking care of themselves? Grow the fuck up. Drink some water.

No. 636413

HAHAHAHAH of fucking course his damn kidney is acting up again. couldn't let grace or paris get more attention. how many wake up calls do these people need jesus christ. and if you've ever thrown up while drinking that's alcohol poisoning. how drunk you have to get to be hospitalized. I hope he woke up there in a diaper pussy probably would like that kinky shit

No. 636422

old milk but never seen this posted. found this screenshot on reddit apparently from grosso from 2015 admitting he's a scammer(don't post phone numbers)

No. 636427

I wonder if this has any connection with how he always does mass drops on one day at a certain time. maybe he's buying and selling mass amounts of his own merch this way because there's no way THAT many people buy his shit clothes. nothing he sells is expensive. it would have to be a ridiculous number of people buying from his, because nothing he sells is really expensive

No. 636429

So much for that healthy living. Lol.

No. 636432

God that whole group and all their hospital visits. Gotta make sure to post each one.. wouldn't want to miss any chance for attention. The whole lot of them is pathetic.

No. 636467

File: 1531606670490.png (529.64 KB, 472x1368, tumblr_p1qx7diUS31r5gn1to2_128…)

Jana Sterbak, Ethics, Virtue, Sexual Fantasies, and Reputation, 1987, embroidery on cotton

No. 636514

This has been posted

No. 636528

when was cass ever this thin? is this recent?

No. 636530

The video was posted last summer.. who knows when it was filmed.

No. 636575

File: 1531615444042.jpg (183.57 KB, 750x1235, Image-1(30).jpg)

And then you shopped it to hell.. What is that arm?

No. 636577

Girl seriously need to learn to color match her foundation.

No. 636582

I’m struggling to understand how this dude was worth throwing away her friends/social life.

No. 636585

He's worth it because he's the only guy who will date her boring & crazy ass.

No. 636586

lol more like begged the poor random girl to take a picture

No. 636689

anyone know who this girl is actually? she’s a babe

No. 636691

Read the thread, it’s been posted.

No. 636692

her IG handle is posted literally less than 20 comments before this one. you guys really need to read.

No. 636698

Not relevant but this bitch can’t skate either. All her videos are of her eating shit and occasionally doing something mildly interesting. Chick sucks too.

No. 636701

File: 1531623808845.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, A54A4189-E723-4D81-A001-3C564E…)

Anybody realize Layla got another peep tat? Wtf is this?

No. 636704

Side note.. are those scars on her wrist?

No. 636705

I think it’s very apparent they’re from cutting. No need to dwell on that, all look healed and no fresh cuts or scarring. They look years old.

No. 636706

Was a legit question. I never knew she did that. Obviously they are old.. they are scars.

No. 636707

so thats like four now? imo its a bit much considering his penchant for humiliating her everywhere he could

No. 636708

that’s not even layla

No. 636715

File: 1531625881681.jpeg (1.65 MB, 982x1865, 0F3DC7ED-5BEB-458D-82AF-917EFB…)

Other than the lumpy injections… what is on her lip

No. 636717

File: 1531626235097.jpeg (138.89 KB, 1125x998, CF469D64-0C7A-4ECD-B141-88D408…)


No. 636718

Sure it is. Look at the nsppy red hair, the heart tattoos on the face and oh yeah, she’s fucking tagged in the pic.

No. 636720

Layla’s tattoos are on the LEFT side. She has more than hearts on side and neck. She also has way more tattoos on both her wrists. (Fragile, Lover/Loser, Gustav etc) Her hair isn’t that red. The profile it’s on is the girl who has the tattoo. Do your research.

No. 636721

File: 1531626779705.png (8.11 MB, 1242x2208, 7CF6FC1B-7505-4886-AAB4-E4C722…)

No. 636734

8 months RIP lil peep this shit ain’t even milky anymore(learn 2 sage)

No. 636747

Lol this girl got a tattoo that says crybaby too and then got a couple little hearts like Layla? This generation is so scary man. Not a single ounce of originality.

No. 636748

Samefagging but she’s also only 17. And not to blogpost but I think those scars look relatively recent. I cut with a razor blade as a preteen and teenager and I’m in my twenties now and you can barely see them, I’d assume that these are like a year or less old bc there are still red tones to them.

No. 636754

she posts a lot of wipeouts but I also saw some ramp work and tricks idk she might not be all that but she actually seems invested in it unlike cass

she's going to a shit doctor this is what happens when you don't inject deep enough

lol what even I didn't see it can anyone explain this?

No. 636928

Those lips look horrendous

No. 637137

File: 1531671399328.jpeg (345.02 KB, 1125x2194, 885A355C-2A0D-48A2-88C6-083496…)

Oh arse….

No. 637164

Lmao this sounds like it was written by a 12 year old

No. 637192

File: 1531673390024.jpg (99.64 KB, 719x1280, photo_2018-07-15_18-46-50.jpg)

Saging because no new milk but I just saw this on a local tattoo parlor's instagram. Weird choice for a tat imo but to each their own. I removed the name of parlor/artist.

No. 637230

Is that supposed to be a halo of pills?

No. 637245

Yeah they're bars, what a nice tribute lol

No. 637261

The eye is done shitty as well

No. 637338

i literally can’t stand this bitch’s ape-like footlong philtrum. girl instead of getting injections, get a fucking lip lift, you look like a literal primate with those 3 inches of space between your nose and mouth

No. 637405

File: 1531684785927.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x2031, ABB1195A-176B-4989-B61C-26934A…)

Shrimps entire ig story are shots of her torso while lying down. Looks like someone’s been lurking and has something to prove…

No. 637431

Lmao I'm a size 8 and even I look skinny in this pose. Shrimp, please.(no1curr)

No. 637574

Classy. Also doesn't look like peep.

No. 637576

File: 1531698246880.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, image1(2).png)

Is she actually wearing glasses to look smart while she holds a book or does this girl actually need reading glasses??? This photo is so try hard and hilarious anyway.

No. 637577

File: 1531698301604.jpg (147.04 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(31).jpg)

Also fucking lol

And is she reading some twilight shit or what? Super intellectual

No. 637586

Bad case of hot roots, it lifted unevenly, and it needs to be toned, proteinized, and moisturized desperately. This hair is worse than a cosmetology school bleach job and that is saying something.

No. 637591

But…the book is upside down.
too poor just posted a Instagram story video of someone licking her nipple ring. Disgusting

No. 637593


I was just going to mention this. Did anyone see her live with the mask? She was prancing around showing her under boobs and humping Joie. Could only watch a minute and turn it off as it was making me nauseous. Looks like they've entered that part of their relationship where she starts to pretty much start doing soft porn on her social media with her new guy. I remember her doing it with peep and tyler, but not with luke. Did I miss that or was that Luke's frigid Britishness that prevented that?

No. 637607

Pretty sure that was layla licking joei's nipple? She deleted it but her nipple rings aren't black and rounded, they're silver bars.
Ya she kinda did the same with luke I remember her being practically naked on live with him

No. 637620

I think it was his dick/dick ring -_-

No. 637624

I watched that live, after she humped him she said "my little pony" lol reminded me of this >>630149

No. 637657

They don't put the barcode on the front over the title hahaha I'm fucking done

No. 637668

Well the library does sometimes but CLEARLY that is not the front. This bitch is so stupid. I can not. Like obviously we’d be able to see the title if it’s as big as in the second picture. Lmfao.

No. 637698

File: 1531705842297.png (741.58 KB, 666x1142, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 6.44…)

>>637668 she posted "proof" that the book was the right way up… the bar is pretty fucking low when you are trying to prove to people you at least know how to properly read a book. she still probably spent more time posing for that photo and stylizing herself than reading the book itself.

No. 637713

File: 1531707052633.jpg (104.6 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(32).jpg)

Who is this guy Marilyn keeps posting herself cuddling with? Looks weirdly like joey but not even a little cute

No. 637726

Well congrats on reading "midwinter blood" cass your tween book club meeting is going to be spicy this week

No. 637727

I wonder if she's mocking pepper

No. 637730

I love how big of a deal it is for her to actually read a book. Those reading glasses are hideous she probably rarely uses them though so it doesn't matter

No. 637732


No. 637738

probably just hid the front on purpose bc she knew her book was lame

weird to take a picture of a book and not include the cover js sayin'

No. 637740

I've never seen her explicitly post genitalia so I doubt it but hey there's a first for everything

No. 637748

File: 1531709209309.png (390.08 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180715-214225.png)

thinks he's a badass for blantantly stealing from another artist and rightfully getting banned for it

No. 637749

he looks like a crackhead also what was he banned for idek didn't bother to listen to his garbage I've heard enough already

No. 637754

He stole a beat from Kanye and Kid Cudi's RECENT collab lmao fucking dumbass he probably did it bc he knows his shit sucks so he has to steal from a relevant song so it can carry his weak bars

No. 637755

anyone notice his poses became increasingly more peep-like after he dated tp? not that peep owns any of those poses but there's a noticeable shift in his feed

No. 637761

File: 1531709655243.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 7E6587ED-75E5-40FF-91B4-DB824D…)

Anybody notice the fleshlight at the bottom of the picture?

No. 637766

if you watch his story he tries to justify it by saying "a lot of people use other peoples beats for freestyles"

first of all that's just for freestyling not making an actual track and promoting it as your song

second no they don't it's called sampling and it's an entirely different process no one blatantly rips the entire backing from another track labels it a "freestyle" and gets away with it

God he's fucking stupid

No. 637768

i feel extremely dumb, please correct me if i’m wrong— is the book printed from right to left?? as in you read from right to left? why is the back of the book (with the bar code) on her left side? it doesn’t make any sense unless the book is printed wrong or the book is upside down and she moved the barcode.

No. 637769

Yeah… That's the joke…

No. 637770

yes and he looks like a complete idiot. he tries to dress the same now too

No. 637771

Yea it's obvious

Did anyone peep his story where he facetimed his rich daddy to whine about how unfair it is lmao entitled rich boy

No. 637773

File: 1531710119372.png (303.89 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180715-220235.png)

photo for reference

No. 637775

Maybe she flipped the photo to get a better angle on her face dunno but we're tinfoiling at this point

No. 637777

This right here explains why he's the way he is. You can't steal a beat without paying for it dumbass. Rich kids think they can do/get whatever they want and their parents instill them with this mentality. I've seen some raised right but a lot turn out like cringey forever boy benjamin button ass luke over here

No. 637782

Lots of peeps old music is stolen from other artists just sayin. It's just cause Luke put it on YouTube. They're really strict on that

No. 637786

Well he's an idiot for that

Never seen an artist whine so much about being caught, you know what you did just take the L

No. 637789

I assume you're referring to young Benjamin Button who looks crusty as shit but is actually a child in which case spot on comparison

No. 637794

I hate his fucking wannabe British notorious BIG put on way of "rapping"

No. 637797

I was and ty

No. 637798

He's old and out of touch and it's painfully obvious

No. 637818

Any adult male who calls himself lukey is a perpetual man-child.

No. 637827

File: 1531714054518.png (1020.39 KB, 840x1062, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.05…)

>>637770 I swear the idiot even tries to smile like peep. And those teeth… use some of daddy's money to whiten them. Re-enforcing English stereotypes with those tea stained teeth.

No. 637854

??? How do you smile like peep.. I think this is a reach lol

No. 637865

File: 1531718477015.png (506.27 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180715-214430.png)

Maybe buy some beats or produce your own shit since you have a background as a fucking DJ? just a thought

No. 637870

File: 1531719857720.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-094414.png)

No. 637876

ew ew ew

why would you subject me to this anon

No. 637877

delusional and a mockery.

No. 637914

Damn he looks like someone's dad you find at the pub every afternoon

No. 637964

File: 1531732046140.jpeg (24.76 KB, 256x310, 2381532C-0B1B-4D56-BE10-B55899…)

Damn Grace’s lips look so fucking gross how can she not see it herself? Looks like a butthole

No. 637969

The skin of her lips is stretch just about as far as it can handle. Lips are not meant to look that smooth.

No. 637970

File: 1531732955662.gif (1005.55 KB, 245x255, giphy.gif)

No. 637972

Just imagine how stupid she looked in the rest of that pic. Lol

No. 638019

that's a stolen pic, not her lips

No. 638032

luke's overall look reminds me of bella thorne's boyfriend modsun, which is not a good thing. just tragic

No. 638082

File: 1531747330287.jpeg (522.81 KB, 1125x1488, 5B3A643C-FBB7-4748-8CD3-A53E63…)

Interesting. He’s saying the account wasn’t hacked so I wonder who took it down …

No. 638102

Maybe who ever is side managing the account?

No. 638106

File: 1531750825925.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, 4BE437F1-D2CA-4212-8C32-F57A83…)


Pic related is from when Cass went to Tokyo with Corey a few months ago. She went box black after this only to bleach again recently. She’s tryna gas herself up by saying it looks so good and insisting her ratty uneven hair didn’t fall out. She’s a natural blonde who could have lifted to platinum and had healthy long hair. Instead, Cass decided to skinwalk her only friend immediately after Peep’s death and bring gay boy Corey into the picture.

Now she’s a cokehead insisting she loves men who do anal on Twitter, hanging out with all of TP’s friends with TP’s ex boyfriend. He obviously cheated on her months ago too she made a big stink and then came back saying they’re engaged. So where’s the ring?

Cass is such a joke and Corey looks like ass on her Instagram story, his mouth and voice is pretty disgusting yet she kept zooming in on it. She was talking to him and he wouldn’t even reply to her. They were playing Uno in a park LMFAO she threw away her social life for this

No. 638107

File: 1531750843258.jpeg (296.51 KB, 1125x902, 11C021DD-497A-44AF-AE24-37FF47…)

Well apparently if you skip Tracy’s part you’re a racist lmao

No. 638113

Oml, these fake woke retards. Tracy is a terrible rapper, and so is nedarb. They're both basically impossible to listen to and it has nothing to do with race.

No. 638126

nedarb is not a rapper, he's a producer and in my opinion he's pretty good at what he does

>gay boy corey
lmao. homie reminds me of a snail or something. i don't know how cass manages to fuck him, it ust be true love i guess

No. 638131

yeah what's up with corey's awful 80s lesbian hair?

No. 638149

He looks like male Shayna/dumbdolly lmao

No. 638166

>>637870 she probably paid someone on fiver to do this and then made a fake profile to post it.

No. 638204

Ned hasn’t rapped since like 2016 and admits it wasn’t the best when he did.

And that was p clearly a joke, he makes fun of stupid fans all the time

No. 638252

it doesnt read like a joke to me but alright

No. 638265

Yeah I wouldn’t say the joke is “p clear”. Based on the comments etc. it’s fairly plausible that it wasn’t a joke since he’s frequently talks about “woke” shit.
Also, let’s all chill with the musical merits talk. No one cares if he’s a good producer/rapper or not.

No. 638421

File: 1531772373897.png (769.68 KB, 611x945, 2018-07-16 16_19_34-Instagram.…)

grosso looking as greasy and strung-out as ever

No. 638424

> iM juSt tIRed

That crustache… woof

No. 638548

He need some milk

No. 638552

File: 1531783218157.jpeg (107.09 KB, 1024x1024, 1531783164324.jpeg)

Anyone else peep this weird shit (pun intended)

It was posted on his insta

No. 638565

Tired of all these postmortem Peep projects he "planned" on. I buy the susboy collab since there was a date for the collab and it was already completed prior to his death but between the terrible marshmello song and video and now this shit it's getting ridiculous.

He's dead stop it. None of this is his work.

No. 638566

Right? Also lol at it being an anti smoking campaign when he was an out and proud junky who did every other drug under the sun

Doubt he would've went through with this due to the hypocrisy probably just a dumb idea he had when he was high

No. 638625

File: 1531787123411.png (902.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180716-192217.png)

When ur bf exposes u for not being the super skinny queen u shoop urself to be. (Btw idk if this should be saved? Idk when to sage or not so I did anyway)

No. 638628

If it's new milk or hasn't been posted here you don't have to sage. But if you repost old photos, screencaps tweets etc than sage

No. 638633

Ehhh she's clearly tilting her hips back and working her angles to look thinner

I think this >>630789 was much more revealing

No. 638665

File: 1531789896016.png (56.39 KB, 994x188, Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 5.14…)

No. 638696

File: 1531792355469.jpeg (364.74 KB, 750x1247, 65554074-86D9-455C-800F-2096E9…)

Yup I totally believe he was starting a stop smoking campaign.

Get fucking real. So gross.

No. 638700

Can’t wait to see the edited version.

No. 638725

Who is making this shit up. Gus was popping pills and posting it on insta. This is his mother's brainchild. I highly doubt he wanted anti smoking to be his legacy.

No. 638770

File: 1531799399422.jpeg (521.73 KB, 750x1106, AAC8B8BF-BC56-46CB-9ACF-7713D0…)

I didn’t think this was her at first. Yikes.

No. 638781

I would 100% lose an arm wrestling match against her.

No. 638789

I wouldn’t have recognized her if it weren’t for those busted ass margiela’s. The shoop game is strong with this one. But that hair though! Get some toner, or better yet a professional.

No. 638790

Thought she had dreads for a sec, her hear looks gross

No. 638793


While I still think this is weird and 10000% the doing of his estate, I don’t think it’s actually about not smoking/anti-smoking campaign. I think it’s just a dumb name he/they thought sounded cool (ie “no smoking section” on his merch page). I mean, the photo they used is of him smoking a joint. I think you’re taking it too seriously but wtf do I know

No. 638808

File: 1531802236823.png (557.18 KB, 813x604, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 12.3…)

someone commented on cass's insta "how do i get that body" and i responed "photoshop" and IT was instantly deleted lollllllsss

No. 638812

File: 1531802451094.png (32.49 KB, 950x311, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 12.4…)


No. 638818

lmao wow touchy subject for shrimpy I guess. It’s funny because your response didn’t really imply that she shops, but that the commenter could shoop around to look like her. we (and cass!) obviously know better tho

No. 638829

File: 1531804224855.png (12.28 KB, 542x82, tooooo.png)

>>638818 but she keeps this one…

No. 638830

File: 1531804300694.png (1.24 MB, 664x1168, 0235r3725823.png)

>>638829 Yikes…

No. 638831

L o l at her shooping tf out of her eyes, those oblong pupils

No. 638832

File: 1531804621026.jpeg (156.5 KB, 1125x251, 553FDAB4-1AC0-4C17-9422-78D7D6…)

No. 638836

Y’know what’s fucked up is she makes herself look so bad by photoshopping her body, if she didn’t shrink her waist so much her actual body wouldn’t look THAT hammy by comparison

No. 638839

DAMN she lurks hard lol

No. 638851

man she really doesn’t know how to spell or form sentences

No. 638860

>>638832 yeah, yeah, yeah Cass - But you left this comment up because it serves your self interest. You still have the comment about how you are better than TP, BUT you get to pretend to be the better one by talking like a feminist. Why don't you keep all of the comments up and explain to your followers why you feel the need to morph your body into society's ideal body instead of just being yourself? You are not fooling anyone. And stop lurking here. Go get some real hobbies instead of fake ones that you can use to further your "brand".

No. 638865

As if a split second ago she wasn't all "I have big blue eyes and a small nose" get real you fake ass bitch lmao the hypocrisy is rife with this one

No. 638940

File: 1531820788342.jpeg (143.87 KB, 750x1035, EB4ECD8F-5E52-4168-9DBF-9AEB8F…)

Lmao in her new vid “I’m so sophisticated and smart”, shade thrown at shrimp

No. 638961

Did y’all enjoy autosage or something? Keep cowtipping and I’m sure mods would be happy to bring it right back.

No. 639018

of all the threads i follow, this is probably the one that deserved autosage the most tbh

No. 639095

That got removed from op tho & doesn’t violate global rules, so it would be annoying but permissible no?

No. 639114

I definitley didn’t mean to omit that from the OP. I think it’s a good rule that keeps the thread from devolving into a music forum, this site is for gossip.
If I’m the one to make the next thread I’ll add it back in. My bad y’all.

No. 639376

File: 1531856983004.jpeg (565.56 KB, 750x1244, DFB2C595-2202-4629-BF4F-A12B28…)

the shoop continues

No. 639392

File: 1531857655029.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1684, 768BCDEC-2555-4560-9DC5-91C91A…)

lmao here’s lay with the same caption, posted a month earlier. Keep trying to be original shrimpy you’ll get there one day!

No. 639539

That miss piggy nose tho

No. 639546

right? like i know this is nitpicking but also the neck lol who has like a 3 inch wide neck

No. 639571

KEK omg that fat/round face and jawline combined with the alien skinny neck and shooped skinny body is just too much. her face looks like a midwest tubby mother's pasted onto that body, lmao

No. 639581

Lmao esp when compared to >>638770
She is so dumb tbh I'm glad she gained a bunch of weight because her appearance is finally starting to match her rotten insides.

No. 639604

Layla we get it. Stop stalking Cass

No. 639610

File: 1531872420276.jpg (156.4 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(35).jpg)

THIRD face tat dedicated to peep

No. 639645

File: 1531874202813.png (1.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180717-161143.png)

Highly doubt that's Layla, we all think those things too. But here you go, merry christmas, the Shrimp Exposed photos you've been waiting for. Found on a super small scale site she modeled for. Face is cut off but you can tell it's her from the jewelry, it matches in the photo on her IG in the same fake Burberry dress

No. 639646

File: 1531874230876.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180717-164249.png)

No. 639659

Haha, not layla.

No. 639666

I like how she tried to use “I have a small nose” as a jab when it’s literally a bulbous, upturned pig nose
You are not one to talk, girl

No. 639691

Fucking bulbous lmao. Yeah I can't believe cass would say that and then be like coMpARInG WoMEn iS GrOSS shut up u ugly cow you know you like it when strangers think you're better than layla. Wanna talk about physical features at least layla knows how to do her eyebrows.

No. 639712

can we please stop posting marilyn? her weird beady eyes and constant need for attention freak me out. i’m pretty sure every time you post her here (esp without sage) she just feels validated in the creepy shit she does in the name of her hyped up non-relationship with peep. like this just feeds her big ass ego. she needs to be exiled just like chelbeans

No. 639721

File: 1531879363992.jpg (125.77 KB, 996x996, hotelshrimp_36772213_179943225…)

Omg I'm glad someone finally mentioned her meatball nose

New shoop yall

No. 639724

File: 1531879528066.jpeg (117.92 KB, 1125x454, 2C8A0E18-03D0-40B2-BDE7-552764…)

Yes hit him up he needs someone new to leech off of!

No. 639729

I feel like this thread does that to all of them their all just obsessed with themselves and their online image

And she exhibits high cow behavior so

No. 639738

I like the Marilyn posting. She's so embarrassing, but at least she's not an evil person like chili. It's pretty milky and funny. I mean, sad too, but mostly funny

No. 639758

i wonder if he'll ever go to rehab or if he'll OD before that happens…sage for straight up speculation

No. 639763

File: 1531882395054.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1862, 4C9BD328-D734-44E9-92A1-2558B7…)

nooooooo she looks like a clown

No. 639768

as if she didn't already look like a clown. lol

No. 639769


That’s not how it works, site rules don’t need to be in OPs and shouldn’t be added. This OP is pretty good as it is.

Jesus Christ I cannot wait for the upcoming hellweek. This thread has so much potential but it’s been chock full of absolute retards especially since X died.

No. 639770

I’m trying to get better at spotting shoops. Would a kind, smart anon mind pointing out what I should be looking at here? Sry if this is newfaggy

No. 639775

Well the body looks nothing like hers does in most photos taken by others, for starters.

Blurry edges around her figure would be the dead giveaway here, if you hadn’t seen pictures of her before. You an also see how the sidewalk lines skew in perspective - see how they bow outwards around her tiddies and ass? Plus, there’s a girl walking in the background with more definition to the dimples in her skin and the form of her muscles than the overly smooth skin and body in the foreground. Various areas on Cass’ body are in and out of focus in a way that makes no sense compared to how actual depth of field works in photography.

No. 639777

This is a good guide for beginning shoopspotters. Sorry for double post and slight OT, just figured it’s fairly relevant in threads like this with a number of relatively new-friends.


No. 639786

Thank you so much! You are doing the lort’s work!

No. 639791

Has Layla said anything else about plastic surgery recently? I really hope she’s not still thinking about it. She has such a unique look

No. 639832

Bye Layla, nobody cares if you shave off a few milimerers of your beak.(hi [cow])

No. 639834

Actually there were a handful of people in here saying she shouldn't do it. So, people do care lol.

No. 639861

File: 1531894154412.png (151.73 KB, 1064x518, paris.png)

Paris retweeting Paris Hilton's tweet… I just can't.

No. 639892

File: 1531896545351.png (1021.6 KB, 812x1386, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 01.4…)

>light brown
I mean they're regular brown but if it makes her feel less basic then aight ig. Sad (but also hilarious) that she has to lie about her eye color to feel special lmao

No. 639897

File: 1531897214675.png (7.71 MB, 1242x2208, 2E69951C-8554-4974-AC77-12C364…)

No. 639901

Is this for real? I have "regular" brown eyes and hers are a lot lighter than mine. Not trying to defend her but dumb shit like this makes me wonder if this is cass posting.

No. 639903

>>639901 yeah, i agree. she could have described them as mahogany, caramel, chestnut etc if she was really trying to be special.

No. 639923

paris always seems like a 40 year old normie posing as a 22 yo alt soundcloud 'rapper'. it's really awkward. he seems so stuffy and like he's begrudgingly taking small sips of fireball at the behest of pepper and all of his faggy 'friend' influencers then slipping into hospital beds while security isn't looking for the big payoff of being able to snap about his 'alcohol poisoning, pray for recovery :('

No. 639976

Ha! I’ve always seen him as the Venn diagram intersection of “frat boy” and “Kate Gosselin.”

No. 639984

Lmao they're just fucking plain old brown. The retarded WKing for no reason is so hilarious. Just because someone itt doesn't think Layla shits gold they're automatically Cass?

No. 640027

Eh, no. I wouldn't be on this site if I was a fan of layla. That post is literally just retarded and I wouldn't be surprised if it was "big blue eyed" cass. Aubrie has plain brown eyes, lay's are literally light brown there's no milk there whatsoever.

No. 640068

File: 1531927589674.jpeg (852.86 KB, 973x1174, 8B35AC8D-63C7-4F88-8FBD-FBE7A4…)

Why the fuck is this a discussion. Her eyes are brown. Just brown. Posting this photo because she enlarged her eyes so y’all can see they are regular normal ass Brown, compared against a “light” brown eye color. Stop it.

No. 640071

ty based anon, jesus christ.

No. 640076

File: 1531928051969.jpeg (255.48 KB, 1064x1476, 98A8256F-E358-4D00-B2AF-EB4182…)

Light brown to me?

No. 640077

even if they /are/ brown, why does it matter lmao? jfc… this discussion is getting dumber and dumber by the second

No. 640079

File: 1531928225171.png (977.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180718-103539.png)

THEY ARE LIGHT BROWN LOL this is so fucking retarded

No. 640087

We’ve done discussed how heavily shooped her entire face is in this photo. Congrats, you played yourself.
Basically, stop whiteknighting/accusing negative comments of being from Cass and we can avoid every future dumbass discussion. Can summer be over yet?

No. 640091

For real though. Hellweek can't start soon enough.

No. 640096

File: 1531929448783.jpeg (286.04 KB, 1242x877, E1D93C1C-A0D4-489C-B74F-522D0A…)

She wears light brown contacts. Her real eye color is dark brown

No. 640112

oh lord let this dumb ass topic die. ever consider that lighting and camera quality affects what variation of brown your eye turns up as in a photo? brown/light brown it's virtually all the same. nobody with brown eyes is going to wear brown contacts. if she was going to wear colored contacts you can bet her ass would be wearing green or red or purple or black or white something stark and worth spending money on

No. 640119


Seriously, this is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. SoundClout cows and their drama are dry AF lately but does a conversation nitpicking someone's eye color really need to be had? jesus.

No. 640144

File: 1531934034597.jpg (234.81 KB, 750x1181, Image-1(36).jpg)

Lol those comments

Girl maybe you got your face tats first cuz you're a decade older than post but good job showing your catty side, intellectualchica.

No. 640205

File: 1531939721231.jpeg (226.41 KB, 750x1076, 2634064C-EC36-4759-8DC0-24AD4B…)

jfc didn’t know she was that big

No. 640210

She’s not even big…

No. 640213

Normally I’d be like “ur all crazy / pro-ana, she looks average” but then I remember the comments on her posts from teenage girls lamenting that their bodies don’t look like hers. Suddenly I’m all for dragging tf out of her.

No. 640241

Honestly this is such a fake and negative thing to do. I get being insecure, and I agree that her real body is perfectly fine, but photoshopping yourself into something that’s unattainable to like 90% of girls is just shitty, and not the brand she’s trying to sell. She and Layla are both gross with their fake-positivity shit. Hypocrites.

No. 640277

At least tp admits she alters her photos. Cass will block you for even thinking of the word ‘photoshop’ while in her presence.

No. 640302

File: 1531943048732.png (65.66 KB, 462x136, 153194299733866376.png)

Tear drop tattoo's. Is this bitch serious?

No. 640320

I think that applies to like criminals who have done time. I think she got the teardrops to further convey her "sadgrl forever, I battle depression on the daily but I so badly feel the need to let everyone know" image

No. 640323

Kinda sad when you look at Marilyn a few years back she used to look kinda good with her tats but now it's just getting too much, it looks ridiculous

No. 640349

>I think that applies to like criminals who have done time.
Yes. Tear drop tattoo's are a universally known criminal symbol and code. She can try and twist it anyway she wants but it is what it is. lol.

No. 640441

File: 1531949356470.png (942.98 KB, 750x1334, A5A34DF7-4A50-4C04-B6B5-E082F7…)

Can’t help but think youngcoco is so fucking annoying. Like now she put 4 stories of her & pouya driving where all she does is scream like a kid.

No. 640451

Layla is deleting all of her posts

No. 640453

File: 1531950204493.png (163.28 KB, 750x1334, 6EA80121-6825-49BD-9607-C23945…)

Yep it’s all gone

No. 640454

File: 1531950258966.png (20.76 KB, 531x97, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 4.43…)

I'm sure they are just archived. She's also being moody on twitter.

No. 640523

havent read the past threads but whatever came across this thread (so funny) anyway I KNEW LAYLA IRL she literally is still on her bullshit. she fucking copies everyone she meets, doesn't give you credit, if you tell her a funny story she'll borrow it as if it happened to her. no originality whatsoever
also have a hilarious photobucket w really old pix INCLUDING some racist myspace comments + cringey #imnotlikeothergirls type myspace bulletins if anyone is interested. the light brown eyes thing triggered me lmaoooo #imnotlikeothergirls

No. 640527

everyone on Aubries live was telling her stuff like “it’s going to be okay I’m here for you” and a bunch of other people kept asking what happened and what was wrong with Layla. I wonder if they got in fight

No. 640530

If you have the milk spill it gurl. Also sage.

No. 640531

lmfao another “i knew layla irl”

No. 640547

does anyone know where tp and sp00kybabyyy's music is posted online? saw someone in her comments saying they listened to it somewhere…

No. 640555

Looks like Layla doesn't follow Aubrie anymore.

No. 640561

It's still showing that she does for me

No. 640570

stop trying to start shit between them

No. 640573

Yeah they still follow each other on twitter too, it has to do with joei she was saying she’s alone and in a relationship with herself in her tweets

No. 640580

stop trying to start shit with her relationships too

No. 640582

maybe like stop assuming and trying to plan out her entire existence and worry about your own fucking life and not some loser social media bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 640590

layla, you're the one that sounds obsessed

No. 640591

taking a break from sucking la tinder dick and popping laced xans? learn tos age before you make yourself obviously a white knight or cow mentioned in this thread

No. 640604


She's still following spooky and joei and visa versa. Y'all are cancer just hush up and stop pretending you know what's up

inb4 "stfu layla" bc you guys are clogging up the thread with blatant lies and speculation when you don't have any receipts

No. 640650

Layla goes from “I admit I shoop I am insecure I am just like you” around a merch drop feat. positivity hoe slogans, to posting scale photos flaunting her low body weight as a jab at her curvier ex-friend. She’s not better.

No. 640656

ur looking too deep into it

No. 640662

maybe ur not looking deep enough

No. 640663

You’re right, Layla. I do have a bad habit of thinking there’s more to you than there really is.

Quit ban evading.

No. 640665

Lmao this is how you get your posts revealed, Layla. Keep it up!

No. 640667

Misinformation is annoying but how is posting a potentially broken follow on an anonymous imagebaord “trying to start shit in her relationships”

No. 640669

I wish farmhands would step in and expose her already or start being tougher on impersonators cause this is ridiculous

No. 640672

right? its been like 2+ years of her posting and still nothing

tbh i think it was slimy and inappropriate considering her fanbase but i dont think it was a jab at cass, she has genuinely seemed insecure lately

No. 640673

it's not. she just wants something to blame us for while she continues struggling with her sober mind.

No. 640676

I wanna know what the message on her ban was tho, cause she aped out about it lowkey

No. 640679

Hopefully something about her being an obsessive narcissist, but who knows.

No. 640688


Please Admins expose this ugly hoe! I’m tired of impersonators and Layla self posting without consequence. It would bring such fresh milk to label everything she has posted. This thread is shitted up because no one will ban the shit posters and confirm all of Layla/Tyler’s Lolcow posts

No. 640689

Ask on /meta. I agree with you.

Spill it! Especially screen grabs.

No. 640694

layla here- ur all just really nitpicking everything and tearing me down at a weak point. just chill out and stop bullying me

No. 640695

like u drive me to insanity

No. 640696

let’s bully the girl til she kills herself. make u guys feel a little better(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 640697

Stop obsessively checking and BUMPING YOUR OWN THREAD TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE lmao dumb bitch

No. 640698

layla no one is asking you to read here

No. 640701

it's an anonymous message board don't invest tm emotion into it

worry about your sobriety and your irl relationships

No. 640702

File: 1531967476000.jpeg (316.56 KB, 1125x741, 9FE449FB-C0E6-4865-B4B5-9C6FFA…)

Girl just stop coming here. What we say really doesn’t matter.

No. 640703

Threatening to kill herself on lolcow… New lows even for Layla

No. 640718

The what 50 people on here that think your an annoying joke? Girl get some friends or a Therapist, most cows know that have a thread and aren’t this pressed

What you even mad about sis, ppl telling off ur weird stalkers? Roasting the dudes that hate you bc of peeps lies? Telling you to get away from Tyler? Giving you space in the aftermath of death? the catty bitches on here where ready to let you go last thread, is this some weird acting out bc ur mad some of the only people who call you on ur shit are moving on?

You can’t comment on an even vaguely cloutly friends ig post with out getting hate replies and u still out here, don’t act like you have thin skin.

Like here’s the attention, from faceless trolls, you ordered go get some help

No. 640730

File: 1531968985346.jpeg (221.18 KB, 1125x1269, 92DC135E-4C97-4C3A-8C08-A852EA…)

Careful guys! she’s close!

No. 640735

Jesus Christ ~the drama~

No. 640737


empty suicide threats accompanied by a watergun emoji. grow up.

No. 640738

If someone is holding you down, strong arming you to type in the lolcow url, and reading you all these posts out loud while prying your eyes open forcing you to see all the screen shots, then it sounds like you need to take up your grievances with them- not us. If that's NOT the case, then idk, get a fucking grip? How do you invest your entire life online and not know how the internet works lmfao pathetic.

No. 640742

File: 1531970391733.png (2.22 MB, 1636x828, 30275208752.png)

Paris is delusional. If anything, he is the blonde haired normie girl in the photo/relationship.

No. 640743

Whatever is going wrong in your personal life right now has nothing to do with us. Lately most of the posts haven't even been about you and people on here have actively defended you against nitpickers and creeps numerous times. Stop blaming 50 or so anonymous people for your mental state. You choose to take every negative thing posted to heart and ignore everything else

Stop using this place as a scapegoat and seek help

No. 640748

If someone is really thinking about killing themselves they’re not gonna post about it online for thousands of people to see. Stop being so fucking thirsty for attention jfc

No. 640751

She must be drinking that Grosso "my mental health is bad rn" Kool aid

No. 640752

All. Of. This.

No. 640790

Scapegoat is 100% the right word choice

No. 640812


I actually completely agree that people talking shit about your nose and eye color is ridiculous, your appearance is fine. But when you do shit like defend an abuser like XXXtentacion for clout and instagram your weight to your largely impressionable and young female audience you are perpetuating some seriously toxic behavior and people are gonna have something to say about it. Remember when you were in London for the first time and everyone was rooting for you? yeah.

No. 640846


here for this comment. her praising that abusive piece of shit and then clapping back when decent humans were put off by it made me lose any newfound respect i had for her.
i guess she could only put on the up and up facade for so long, she's fully back on her pity party bullshit.

No. 640870

It's the classic poor me toopoor mentality

Pity party in full swing. Either our opinions are stupid and wrong in which case she should laugh them off for being so baseless or deep down she realizes some of them are valid which is why they get under her skin

Maybe self reflect and question why some of the things said on here bother you so much

No. 640874

Exactly. Layla we're not your stans. You're not infallible and when you act up you're going to get criticism. You can take take it constructively or choose to ignore it that's on you. No one forces you to read these threads.

No. 640889

I’d LOVE them to tag her IP so we can see what other threads she posts on, bust that positive ~girl like you~ imaage real quick

No. 640892

Unless she verifies she has a right to anonymity same as us.

No. 640894

I also find it really funny that she’s posting all this after someone coming to this board saying they knew her IRL and had tons of receipts and a photobucket full of shit from her past hmmmmm

I think someone is afraid of being exposed, and I say this as someone who was rooting for/supporting her the last few threads

Her pro-ana bullshit put her right back on my shit list, so many teenage girls follower her and probably skipped their fucking dinner that night

No. 640897

File: 1531982581927.jpeg (63.22 KB, 1125x355, C3D56774-BB6F-4EDF-9D9F-F6D253…)

I really really doubt she posts anywhere else

Posting abt yourself in the third person is the chief reason people get their anonymity stripped

She back tho

No. 640900

File: 1531984143851.png (112.1 KB, 1266x550, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 01.5…)

She retweeted adam licking her ass lol . Still supporting/buddies w/ misogynistic, abusive, man children? Ya know, layla and Tyler not working out really is an enigma- he really seemed to check all her boxes. But lemme get this straight: shitty "men" are cool and good so long as they're not fucking up your life lay? But when you get mixed up with one you wanna role play as an advocate for women..? It's fucking criminal for impressionable kids to have access to your bullshit.

No. 640912

Seconded. Usually selfpostng has to be pretty egregious or malicious for posts to get marked, otherwise anonymity would be meaningless here. So unless she’s been extra shitty or extra sly, it’s unlikely that admin would go to the trouble of marking them all/undermining the anonymity of the board.

Besides, revealing posts can sometimes halt a cow’s milk production altogether, and that’s certainly not the point of this. The point is lighthearted entertainment. Don’t get too involved, y’all.

No. 640913

Whoops, meant to reply to >>640892.

No. 640995

File: 1532004391799.jpeg (271.9 KB, 1125x588, BC72EFAE-7E3E-4630-BEA3-20B683…)

It’s cool guys, it wasn’t actually her.

No. 640998

Still not willing to take responsibility. Shocker.

No. 641015

lmao oh 'defender of teenage girls' is here layla isn't responsible for anyone else eating disorders. people are responsible for their own actions. i understand influence, but you can't undermine layla then ascribe her so much power over people like that. layla isn't the issue it's men and other women having those body standards in the first place wtf.

i left after peep died and it's sad layla is still talking about suicide. she shouldn't read this or give it any power. i was here for lighthearted bullshit but people are tearing down each others characters and exposing dumb shit just to feel power in their empty lives. that's sad you have to come on a message board for laughing about bad outfits to nitpicking someone into getting a nose job. i love dumb lolcow shit but why are women here so mean to other women instead of keeping it fun and funny

No. 641029

File: 1532008988576.png (Spoiler Image, 8.12 MB, 1242x2208, 2567F242-CA6F-491E-A93D-5214CE…)

did anyone else see scrimp post this in her story after her beach trip? not WKing but her bod looks a bit more believable here.. in shit at spotting out shoop so plz correct me if i’m wrong. but if she’d just own up to her real size which isn’t even thaaaat bad we’d stop roasting her ass… like the sun did to her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 641036

File: 1532010098480.jpeg (120.15 KB, 835x538, AA1A0A1D-90D8-40DB-AD5E-62C188…)

So pepper is hanging out with Ash Stymest and Fat Nick said exactly what I was thinking. This photo shows the bloat/weight gain.

No. 641048

lmao he actually looks so much like fat nick in this picture it's hilarious

No. 641051

Can someone tell me why this user got banned? Is it because they didn't label the image as spoiler?

No. 641053

That pic just highlights how little her skin sees the sun.

No. 641054

I was wondering the same thing. I posted this >>634607 and didn't add the SPOILER label and for some reason, all the posts with that photo have been labeled Spoiler? Weird

No. 641058

I cant tell if his weight gain is from alcohol consumption or cutting back (obviously not quitting) H.

No. 641063

Nudity must be put under a spoiler.

No. 641098

Thank you whiteknight for your divine wholesome wisdom. We will all ascribe to being more like you.

No. 641099

Layla, chill. this is an anonymous board where there are hundreds of people literally waiting day and night, through 13 threads (so far), to see and comment on every move you make because they are lonely and desperate to belong somewhere, there are legitimately 20 or so posts dedicated to how light of a shade your eyes are or are not, obsessing over every person you have ever come into contact with, from all of your ex boyfriends to your ex friends, to fucking friends of those friends.. for months on end. Why do these people's opinions faze you? Do you. Life is shit whether you're talked about or not.

No. 641100

Anonymous now No. 641093
>:ayla isn't the issue it's men and other women having those body standards in the first place wtf.

Go back to Women’s Studies 101. Eating disorders have nothing to do men & internalized misogyny, they’re about control and an OCD-level obsession with numbers. And anyone who’s actually struggled with an eating disorder, like Layla claims to, knows that - and knows how triggering it is for a struggling person to see someone who flaunts/ figure they envy also flaunting the low body weight on the scale that goes with it. People are responsible for their own shit, and she’s responsible for keeping her toxic nonsense to herself if she’s going to use her issues with her appearance to be relatable and make money off self-esteem posi merchandise that she sells to younger, more impressionable girls who are willing to give her money because they relate with things like struggling with eating disorders.

Like gee, yeah, it sure is easy to sell a whole mess of “I am more than enough” merch to a bunch of teenage girls who adore you, when you tell them they’re great with your words, but make them feel ugly and push the buttons of their insecurities with your actions.

Since you read here too, Layla - now you know, so own that shit and cut it out.

No. 641105

> hundreds of people literally waiting day and night

Uh… I really don’t think anyone is taking it that seriously.

No. 641109


Im quite sure yall are, someone posts in these every 20 minutes, if she hasn't done anything, its onto whoever in her past is doing something, if they arent doing anything, it goes back to re-talking about an old subject that was milky or one of her ex boyfriends friends ex girlfriends tone of voice.

No. 641110

File: 1532016170298.png (4.49 MB, 1125x2436, C61084A8-EB99-43BB-8D28-275CD1…)

Add Emma to the list of peeps exes that have launched a soundcloud career since his passing. I really want grandma peeps opinion on this

No. 641112

Ok so, you could just like… not come here?

No. 641113

If the posting here is so pathetic, it’s gotta be even more pathetic to come in here and white knight about it, huh?

No. 641118

But…the various levels of obsession are entertaining.

You seem offended, maybe don't come on here if an opinion sets you off.

No. 641121

Lmao if you’re entertained by it then what the fuck are you blathering on about? You’re a wholesome ideal anon who is far superior to the “hundreds” of others who visit this thread. Congrats!

No. 641125

It's not that crazy because her boyfriend is a soundcloud artist. As far as peeps family is concerned, it seems like they think she shits rainbows and can do no wrong so they probably support anything she does.

No. 641127

Just a little truth tea that you obviously couldn't handle. Americans…..

No. 641128

The songs on his soundcloud.. it's kind of terrible.

No. 641162


Your derailing and white knighting are boring, gtfo.

No. 641175

Fuckin for real. The white knights are coming out of the woodworks because layla basically threatened to off herself because we "bully" her. I wouldn't consider it bullying but if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. I don't understand why she visits this site as often as she does if she's so sensitive.

No. 641180

I hope you got it out of your system because any further whiteknighting or virtue signaling will be banned. This is not the place.

Also, don't interact with the cow. Don't encourage her to ban evade even more.

Layla, if you read the rules, you know what happens if you keep doing this.

No. 641348

File: 1532031335835.jpeg (242.8 KB, 1125x1186, 55AD9705-8059-406D-AB73-D2635A…)

She deleted these two

Imagine having your breakdowns involve freaking out at this tiny group of internet strangers.

I do actually hope she gets some help as funny as this is this isn’t even the first time she’s posted on here then threaten suicide and ended up hospitalized.

No. 641359

I just think it’s ridiculous/hilarious that she’s been banned but still can’t stop reading this thread. Whiteknights and tp wanna call anons pathetic, but that’s some seriously obsessive behavior. So much for “graduating”.

No. 641372

Can this shitty thread be shut down???

No. 641375

Lol nooooo never

No. 641424

Sometimes I wish there were a unique visitors counter. If I'm not mistaken, a lot of people come on lolcow. I know it shatters the cows' and snowflakes' delusions that it is only one or two people hating on them and posting here, a card they always play. Because for their narcissistic selves it's too hard to believe that its actually a lot of people who are coming here to laugh at them. Bonus points when its their own friends who come here to post about them.

No. 641461

eh, even if that existed there are a lot of the same people that use different devices and proxies

No. 641486

i was the one to post that picture. i thought i had read the rules correctly but apparently no. i’m sorry farmhands, i’m trying my best!! am i banned for good? newfag here, sadly i’m still stupid even after reading the rules.(ban evasion)

No. 641553

if you were banned your url would be banned and you couldn't post

No. 641602

*IP address, wow I'm an idiot

No. 641788

Woahh… he straight up looks like a neo goth arin hanson

No. 641807

I’ll never be able to unsee this

No. 641819

You’re missing the point of an anonymous imageboard.

No. 641821

Even the farmhand got offended, wOw. Sorry, not everybody wants to encourage a mentally ill woman to potentially cause harm to herself. Keep being pathetic and ban me for all I care, but be able to deal with it when someone's opinion differs from yours, or get off the damn internet lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 641826

File: 1532051511399.jpeg (716.67 KB, 1202x1216, 87F5696E-1D29-4E02-985C-2648C7…)

Bitch you have no room to talk, you got a different face in every selfie.

No. 641855


seriously. layla you can't even keep your nose to eye ratio consistent in your facetunes and wanna harp on others' post-editing misfortunes?

No. 641897

smh there are only 5 toes. ya feet swell when you're pregnant, the "sixth" toe is just the meaty part of her outer foot.. this is ridiculous coming from Miss dOn'T niTpICk mY aPpEaRAnCe gUisE

No. 641957

yuor devil

No. 642275

File: 1532094877551.jpeg (307.14 KB, 1124x1552, 04F5A1EE-8802-40A3-9FE0-5DEB07…)

Lol. I guess Paris thinks he was the first person to ever paint their nails

No. 642276

File: 1532094896235.jpeg (54.29 KB, 1125x379, F49832CB-8C37-4435-89E2-68343F…)

No. 642296

File: 1532096673923.jpeg (351.95 KB, 1125x685, 25017D66-B3AA-4672-856F-B399D4…)

Ugggh she tries way too hard

No. 642299

Lmfao this is some trifling shit a 15 year old edgelord would write, I seriously can not with this dumb bitch. She is so cringy it’s not even funny anymore.

No. 642301

tbh her face looks like a poorly molded piece of clay

No. 642315

>>642301 I agree. Especially here >>639376 its her nose and chin that just looks fucking weird. Truly, I think her chin in this looks like pepperann in this >>635646 so gross

No. 642365

File: 1532102171956.jpg (185.58 KB, 750x1104, old cass.jpg)

can y'all believe she used to look like this? oh, how the tables have turned…

No. 642372

how old is this? looks like she's aged 20 years

No. 642381

literally just one year ago

No. 642432

This is just sad, she could’ve been beautiful

No. 642451

File: 1532108947761.jpg (613 KB, 1045x1333, 20180720_104802.jpg)

She needs to lay off the drugs.. badly

No. 642477

File: 1532110330940.jpg (466.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180720-141051.jpg)

Who gets this offended over people being concerned about them? Jfc

No. 642483

Honestly the way she shoves her sObRiEtY in everyone's face is so frustrating, dude we get it. You're sober. You still go out and party. Everyone is aware you're sober but you still act like a fucking retard in every aspect of your life. She needs to be the center of attention for everything, it's so annoying.

No. 642494

She's still pretty, she just decided to fuck all and go trashy. Sad

No. 642505

>your concern over my very public life choices are putting pressure on me to not go get fucked up.

is she trying to say if she relapses it's basically everyone else's fault for asking about something she's very open about?
lay if you go back to drink & drug it's no one's fault but your own. go see a councillor or go to a meeting if you feel you're on the cusp of a relapse. stop making excuses and blaming your instagram followers.

No. 642521

"watch the fuck out" what are you gonna do cassidy, photoshop everyone's waist?

No. 642532

She makes every dime she has over keeping people overly interested in her life choices, what more does she want, the ability to literally program how they respond? Fuck off Layla, everything comes with a price. If you don’t like the prying, then get a real job and don’t make your living as an accessible public figure who overshares.

No. 642649

I bet post is secretly super annoyed by everything he does but is way too nice to say anything. He doesn't seem like the type to be into drama and telling people off.

She was wylin' out all across social media and on here of course people are going to be worried about her sobriety. People usually act like that when they're on drugs or going through withdrawal. She was straight up acting like pepper ann fr. Sis js take the L tell everyone you're fine and thank you for their concern but you're still sober. You can't throw a public temper tantrum and then guilt trip everyone for giving a fuck about you.

Lol right? She acts like she's such a bad bitch but she's actually just a bedbug wino who spends her days playing Uno in the park with her cheating skinwalker accessory boy.

No. 642657

>implying he didn't jack this from peep who jacked it from somebody else

God I hate Paris

No. 642676

yeah dude it's sad cause like… what does cass expect to do with her life? she has neither an education nor a job, and her entire "brand" is a travesty of layla's

she's 21 now, but…

No. 642954

Its so hard to believe shes only 21. She looks so harsh and haggard I thought she was a lot older. Shes not going to age well at all if she keeps up this lifestyle. At a certain point her looks wont recover from the abuse she puts her body through.

No. 642966

Tbh she doesn’t look like she’s going to age well either way, but yeah. I thought she was much older, too. I would have guessed 26.

No. 643008

File: 1532144374929.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1603, E96C634D-E30E-478F-BBAE-96946B…)

Omg another peep tat. Someone get their girl…

No. 643010

This is so Borderline. She's the poster child for her disorder.

No. 643011

File: 1532144872566.png (546.49 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180711-014921.png)

She's already fallen prey to the insta hoe clout trap. She no longer has any life goals besides romanticizing her drug habits and refusing to educate herself or do anything productive with her life because the I don't care mentality is in right now. Layla has somehow managed to turn it into a brand maybe because she actually went to school for awhile and knows how to market herself unlike Cass who is just a try-hard. This kind of behavior won't age well.

No. 643015

Her rapid fire romance with Corey after Peep died backfired hard. The fact that she was picking on someone right after their ex died and trying to ruin them. What was her end game? Did she think her and Corey were clouty enough to usurp her? Did she want to drive her to overdose?? Good think Layla doesn't give a shit about Corey bc all this did was expose shrimp as an awful person. I was neutral on shrimp before all of this but she's actually such a slimey terrible human being. No wonder no one liked her in her hometown.

No. 643017

she can't get an actual job at this point the internet is full of her love of sticking things in men's bum holes coupled with her coke problem

No. 643019

I kind of wonder if part of the reason Layla's been acting out is because shrimp has been getting way more hate spam on this thread lately

Layla honey part of the reason we hate on shrimp is because she's a backstabbing skinwalker asshole. Focus on your sobriety and stop being a dumbass for attention unless you sperging out lately is actually a result of your mental illness in which case seek professional help bc it does a load of good trust me

No. 643020

does she have an actual therapist? bc if she doesn't I kind of fear for her ngl

No. 643021

She must. Maybe she doesn't mental illness is in rn clout post her meds like shrimp but c'mon. If she doesn't post about her therapist it's the smartest thing she's done. Having a tertiary person to talk to who is uninvolved be in your life is a blessing fr

No. 643036


Honestly I think LA is terrible for her worst habits, she was doin pretty alright when she was in London and actively in recovery. Maybe she still is, but the scene out there sure doesn’t seem to be helping. If she was still acting like she did when she was in London, i’d probably still be rooting for her.

No. 643042

Sure she has a life goal. She wants to be a junkie on the streets of LA in 10 years. I'd say shes right on track to achieve it. Girl, follow your dreams.

No. 643051

London did seem better for her I'm still rooting for her sobriety regardless of how she acts out, but fr it did seem like the change of scenery really did help her mentally

She's a basic playing dress up as someone who matters. NEWSFLASH: You're not Courtney Love you have no talent. You're just a sad mess thirst-trapping attention online

No. 643057

TP on live filming her mom clean her house while she sits there "bloated n can't get up bc I jus ate dinner" then she has the nerve to tell her mom she doesn't care about her. Bitch she just cleaned your entire house. It was intended to be lighthearted but it really irked me. On the live her mom is being really supportive of her new merch and music and laylas just fucking sitting there like a helpless slob

No. 643059

Why would layla act out because shrimp is getting shit on. I'm sure she'd love the attention on here to focus on anybody else but her. We're bullies, remember?

No. 643066

“Everything wrong with toopoor” YouTube vid coming soon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 643073

That’s really weird anon

No. 643197

both courtney and kurt knew how to lie and work the hell out of marketing themselves and their aesthetic. kurt was a pathological liar and all of his bullshit was exposed by other credible musicians he grew up with, but the press doesn't give it play because kurt as a tragic figure obviously brings in more money. courtney's own father and exes have exposed how borderline, manipulative, psychotic, and calculated courtney was both growing up in juvenile hall, when she went to london just like layla and faked an accent, to how she planned the murder and has been milking the press for decades. layla is too stupid for all of that, but she's legitimately just as shallow and only concerned about her brand which is weird because she's not doing it for money and certainly not doing it for class so other than being aggressively talked shit about i don't understand what her end goal is either.

they're all junkie losers lusting after a cool image and kurt would've been picked apart just like pepper ann if the internet was around to expose their bullshit then. layla at the end of it all publicly humiliated and ruined her name for a narcissist sex addict who openly cheated and hated on her, courtney got away with murder and the best plastic surgery. the people playing this clout game are so fucking stupid compared to the factors in the 90s, cass is literally a fart in the wind she's so lame

No. 643199

what a fucking giant cunt. peep was abusive but he was at least really rightfully respectful and generous to his mother, i wish he was around just to shame her for acting like that. that really speaks to her character and how she hasn't changed at all and doesn't give a shit about women when she treats her own mother like that. she will become a middle aged woman soon enough and understand too late to spare her mom. i supported her when she came out about pepper ann's abuse and have supported her here but that blew it. she can fuck off.

No. 643218

Idk that could just be her mom's personality I think you're overthinking it. My mom would make me a snack randomly or clean my room without my knowledge at any time of the day. especially if she lives on her own her mom might miss doing things like this for her. It's really not that big of a deal imo

No. 643238

File: 1532178959318.jpg (1.3 MB, 1063x1683, 20180721_061516.jpg)

Looks like aubrielle and layla either worked things out or weren't actually fighting. They were together last night looking all buddy buddy.. and hanging with bella Thorne too..

No. 643257

Okay whiteknight, the point isn't that she cleaned her house for her. It's the fact that she acted so unappreciative afterwards. How is that looking too deep into anything.

No. 643283

Not a white knight you're just being nitpicky, like she doesn't record every second of her life how do we know she's not appreciative of her mom? Idk I feel like you're just looking for problematic behavior at this point

No. 643287

>unappreciative after

How do you know what she did after??? Lmao dumbass

No. 643288

they were never unfollowing each other some anon was just being an idiot

No. 643311

People do those videos all the time. There’s thousands of them. How is that weird?

No. 643315

Did you even read the original post? After her mom was sweating her ass off scrubbing her dirty bathroom she says "you don't care about me" which seems a little unappreciative, no? After that she called her an uber home. I know what happened after because I watched the live?? Dumbass

No. 643330

Read the rules. if you want to do that shit nobody here can stop you, but this isn’t the place to discuss it.

No. 643352

I didnt watch the live and it seems kinda rude based off what you've said but I'm pretty sure she doesnt have a car so of course she would call her an uber.

No. 643959

Looks like Aubrie deleted her ig.

No. 643974

no? it's still there

No. 644056

File: 1532261140730.jpg (335.62 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180722-080211_Ins…)

Doesn't look like Aubrie to me. Did she change her handle?

No. 644063

its because its 3 y not 4. Seriously.. fool.

No. 644092

File: 1532268788547.jpg (782.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180722-071225_Chr…)

No. 644282

I can not with her 2005 era arm stocking like come on, girl. You’re trying too hard. I cringe every time.

No. 644291

File: 1532282574967.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, 28DA47FA-D776-4CE7-876A-783869…)

Another SoundCloud rappper robbed and beaten. He lived though

No. 644306


Aubrie has the worst style in the SoundClout game, bar none. I know fashion is hella derivative in general but she just looks like she exclusively shops at Hot Topic, there is nothing actually elevated or edgy about her *~aesthetic~* at all. It's just fucking corny.

No. 644327

Agreed! That and her terrible contour. She looks like a basic white bitch playing dress-up..

No. 644383

We would have been better off if they killed him. Dudes a piece of shit.

No. 644586

File: 1532307433803.jpg (230.94 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(40).jpg)

Did she decorate the book she's reading?

No. 644588

is she actually that thin?

No. 644590

More importantly… is she pretending to read naked in an empty bathtub?

No. 644591

Every picture I've ever seen of her she looks consistantly thin. So I'd say yes.

No. 644599

I'd bet you anything she didn't even read the book. Just put ridiculous makeup on and stickers everywhere and tried 30 times to get the perfect selfie.

No. 644605

is he that pedo dude?

No. 644607

is she actually that thicc though? she's pretty thicc for a sort of stick

No. 644618

There is nothing thicc about her lol

No. 644622


You guys are trying to start some weirdo drama. She’s just a boring moonpie.

No. 644628

That could be literally anyone in this scene but yes he filmed himself with an 14 year old.

No. 644716

what's trying to start drama about asking questions? i like her body shape, i'm just trying to discern if it's real or not. she looks thicc to me for being so thin, but maybe it's shoop

No. 644719

No. 644793

Right on schedule for his single coming out with Nicki Minaj. I wonder if this is even real.

No. 644802

I certainly hope it’s staged otherwise people are gonna start looking in Chief keefs direction and Sosa doesn’t need that. He already said 69’s working with the police & he bowed out of the feud but hearsay could get him in trouble

No. 644804

File: 1532319582272.png (1.35 MB, 896x1400, Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 23.1…)

trying to manipulate and guilt her mother into getting 'too poor' tattooed on her. attempts include bribery w/ money and LV, "if you love me you'd do it," & "I have your name tatted on me" (referencing her 'MOM' tattoo).
her obsession with branding people is fucking weird.

No. 644816

File: 1532321240372.jpeg (304.2 KB, 1125x666, 3C3AED52-E573-4A4E-9AEE-E24452…)

>Asked her followers for suggestions on ways to convince her mom, posted multiple videos about it, went live about it, posted the conclusion.

She was like totally just kidding

No. 644823

Pretty sure shes kidding around. Even if it's not milky.. at least shes hanging with her mom, fucking around instead of doing heroin and sucking Tylers nasty balls for LV..

No. 644834

I'm truly perplexed by some of you guys idea of thicc.

No. 644837

pedophile douchebag prime soundclout tier

No. 644887


This. Would whoever thinks she is "thicc" please explain where you see this and how? She literally appears to be a few kilograms away from anorexic to me.

No. 644888

File: 1532331554158.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, F8E104FC-15BE-4009-8D4D-8FAC0E…)


she ain’t funny. layla shapiro corny as fuck. big ass head but doesn’t have a brain

her nasally valley girl hoodrat voice was annoying asf pestering her mom on the gram tryna brand her like she did to grosso and every retarded dude before/after him. layla closer to 30 than she is to 20 but still acting like a teenager that refuses to take accountability for her behavior and actions

layla needs to humble herself this bitch acting like she wasn’t smoking heroin off tinfoil and sucking tyler grosso’s fungus feet less than a year ago. all to make 20y/o peep jealous when he trashed her reputation and publicly clowned on her. farmers here all newfags and soft.

layla’s got no jokes she is the joke

No. 644895

That shit looks nasty af

No. 644903

Hi my name is cass and I like to read books topless in my bathtub with a full face of makeup. It's so obvious she just never reads. No one who reads with be this extra about it. Lol at her decorating her book with stickers like the prop it is.

Whoever decided to start talking about Audrie's body in the first place is a dumbass. She's just a normal thin person there's no milk there

No. 644905

It's like she contracted grosso the virus. I bet she shudders when she thinks of this era. I know I would

No. 644908

ehhh she still acts mildly retarded at times but her now vs her in this pic kind of just reinforces how much better she is now

she's still a cow but a much less milky one. to go from smoking heroin and sucking tyler's toes to sobreity and anyone who is not tyler grosso is kind of a big step in the right direction

No. 644909

File: 1532333553825.png (1.05 MB, 1226x570, boobs.png)

well her boobs come and go i guess, but she looks pretty thicc to me. her hips look enorme and her ass looks huge in the far right pic, considering how bony the rest of her is, and her boobs look huge for her figure every so often, so yeah, she looked thicc to me considering

No. 644911

She’s just skinny, let this stupid conversation die already. this is almost as stupid as debating layla’s eyecolor

No. 644916

It's called cutlets and it's why flat chested models have cleavage in all the fashion ads. I literally have the same boob size as her and can make my tits look like that easy. Stop tinfoiling


You're being creepy anon.

No. 644941

I have absolutely no doubt she shudders when she thinks of this era and wishes all the evidence would disappear!

No. 644958

i just joined layla’s live and idk if she was totally joking or not but she said that she is breaking up with her man and then said „does anyone here suck ass or can suck my toes? slide in my DMs, i’m single” WTH LAYLA

No. 644974

Ew her toes prob always dirty and stank

No. 645016


Please Don't Forget to SAGE your posts if they are non-milk.

No. 645121

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving hypocritical POS.

He also posted a photograph of fellow rapper XXXTentacion, who was killed in June, adding: 'As crazy as it sounds.. yesterday morning I had a feeling that it was my day to die.'

'May GOD strike me dead if I’m lying,' he said. 'Everything happens for a reason.

'Nothing materialistic is more important [than] LIFE. I live to see another DAY. I get to see my daughter another day. No Hate Charge it to the streets.'

The rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, spent months bragging about how he was the 'King of New York' and 'untouchable' after numerous squabbles with other singers.


No. 645197

I wonder how much she regrets that cringe ass photo shoot at Kurt’s old house after everything

No. 645208

File: 1532368125975.jpeg (119.09 KB, 1080x1350, 00DBD92A-1E57-4FE1-9DAB-1CCDDC…)

And all of this shit. Gross.

No. 645253

Pics for reference

No. 645268

File: 1532372332204.jpeg (220.31 KB, 750x743, 7D9C4A41-1C62-4CD4-966E-0BA8CE…)

No. 645307


wow i forgot how embarrassing this photoshoot was.

No. 645310

and how fuckin weird her legs look here

No. 645335

File: 1532375609471.png (75.23 KB, 461x690, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 2.51…)

October 19th is Arz's bday, and she's still obsessed with being a Scorpio. Bitch, you're a Libra.. you can fake your lips, waist, and lashes but NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY. Good grief.

No. 645336


she didn't have the practice she has now. girl erased her entire left calf, but forgot to do the right one.

No. 645352

Scorpio season literally starts October 23rd lol she needs to stop

No. 645366


bitch has changed everything else about herself, why not botch her birth certificate too.

No. 645374

File: 1532377449418.jpg (66.13 KB, 596x724, Capture.JPG)

how long til he crashes this shit again

No. 645409

File: 1532378942181.png (913.92 KB, 1034x661, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 3.47…)

Just gonna leave this here…

No. 645412

File: 1532378991419.png (22.48 KB, 527x97, Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 3.49…)

And this… looks like we are getting some kind of toopoor reality show

No. 645425


lmfao he’s wearing the shirt he was “stabbed” in like a week before this embarrassing ass photoshoot. edgy.

depressing how this was the prime of grosso’s sad life, besides being asap’s white trash assistant. tyler relished that peep and toopoor attention, yet he was still never relevant lol

No. 645478

Perhaps she’s talking about her moon or rising sign

No. 645504

she is but no one cares also she's still not a Scorpio

No. 645508

They dated for a like a week 2 max and didn't she cheat on him lmao. God I hate Bella Thorne. She'd be a cow if she wasn't actually an actress at some point. Clout posting dead people is so slimey.

No. 645514

File: 1532388176878.jpeg (88.74 KB, 750x448, DB073458-2BD0-43F3-B901-6AA9E1…)

Under Tyler’s most recent pic

No. 645515

File: 1532388190259.jpeg (246.77 KB, 750x981, FF41D323-BF98-4EDC-A593-340A8D…)

No. 645536

File: 1532389669696.png (167.25 KB, 500x658, when-you-buy-all-the-tattoos-f…)

>those digits.

No. 645546

File: 1532390073599.jpg (32.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Wanting the death car back. lol. Why tyler? WHY?!

No. 645561

>didn't she cheat on him lmao.

She was a disney STAR child prostitute. She got dan schneider-ed.

No. 645576

Stop adding dumb pictures and videos to all your posts that aren't related and don't matter

No. 645587

layla+lilpeep, checking them dubs, bringing up the disney dan schneider meme. What isn't relevant here gramps?(read the rules)

No. 645599

A week isnt dating. They hung out for a week.. even less impressive. If all shes got to say is some dumb ass comment about her ugly ass sunglasses posted with a paparazzi photo.. she should just stay quiet.

No. 645603

Wonder how many other ailments hes going to come out with. That guys such a dick, cause we all know Tyler is so healthy conscious. Lmao.

No. 645606

Tyler… you are a drug addict. Even if you do manage to get and stay clean.. you're still a drug addict. Dude needs to get real with himself. People think these things of him because he put this shit out there. How he acts like people are just making it up is so stupid.

No. 645620

Lmao I love the tantrums he throws anytime someone brings up the shit decisions he used to brag about. Also the excuses… I highly doubt he has heart issues, but he certainly has drug issues. Funny how he left heroin off the roster…
I’m just really for everyone commenting on how shitty he looks.

No. 645630

File: 1532394976494.png (529.59 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180723-201209.png)

tp is that you

No. 645668

File: 1532397972281.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, F7E876F9-558D-47D6-9BD3-AB47BF…)

So, did she ever do porn or?

No. 645685

>'May GOD strike me dead if I’m lying,'
ie. something liars bring up because they can't help themselves. This is a stunt tied in with the Nicki release. He knows he's a public figure of hate and ridicule and that people will cheer for him getting a beating, he's giving them what they want. Dude's an ultra-narcissist.

No. 645698

Jfc its a nicole dollanganger ref, that one should be obvious. The bitch has her own thread and one for her followers.

No. 645746

sp0000kybaby is on live right now and someone asked if she ever dated peep. she says "yeah. life doesn't revolve around him."

No. 645772

She was on live weeks ago and someone asked the same question and she said "yeah I dated him for a little while and he was an angel I just don't talk about it" yet she still makes sure to answer the same question every time it arises lol ok moonpie

No. 645777

if she’s off about her sun sign she definitely doesn’t know her fucking rising. What a total and complete poser

No. 645873

i think it’s so funny how the clips are really holding back nothing lol it shows how much a skinwalker she is

No. 645877

Are there articles about this anywhere??? I didn’t know

No. 645929

Here’s an idea- google it. It’s all right there.

No. 645970

i would just love to know the timeline and duration of this lol i can't believe that layla really has no close friends who haven't fucked at least one of her exes. also if this is the case then why does aubrie literally keep recycling that picture of them from that video? where's the rest of the proof??? how did aubrie become her bff? so many questions

No. 646087

File: 1532452306719.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1572, BCED0A48-803E-4004-BAFA-4D7EFB…)

I thought this was a picture of arse omfg

No. 646143

Please, Sage posts like this because it is not milk.

No. 646160

Its a photo that hasn’t been posted before but ok thank you mini-mod I’ll do better.

No. 646180

he would make a pretty girl

No. 646214


the photo wasn’t posted before you because it isn’t milk. read the rules and use sage for your nitpicking next time, know-it-all

No. 646219


Paris has such a bloated assface. Arse has that look from fillers/photoshop but wtf happened to him?

Can’t wait until his “career” crashes and burns. This untalented wannabe was chosen to be on a relatively popular tour by drunk white trash idiots. Because of that poor decision now Paris thinks he’s the shit, clout went to his head when he’s ex-firefighter that shit out a Peep album in a day. He had fatass junkie Tyler Grosso as his hypeman at every show on the Post Malone tour lmfao

No. 646230

lmao my nitpicking was saged thank youuu very much.
Stop. Mini. Modding. Apply to be a farmhand if you enjoy policing so much.

No. 646294

>>646160 lol, just like >>646214 said just because it hasn’t been posted before unless it is milk, Sage it. Read all rules/new user info.

No. 646320

File: 1532465997327.jpg (1.58 MB, 3264x3030, same.jpg)

>>646087 twinsies

No. 646364

You’re both infighting like retards, and pious self-announcing oldfags are just as irritating as sage-dropping newbs. Besides, just because you don’t consider it ~tru milk~ doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look and a snicker, plus it’s a new photo and Paris looking like a literal woman is a new development.

Christ, y’all really love autosage in here huh.

No. 646400

Looks like Demi was eating your dog food, Tyler?

No. 646422

But for real did he get his nose did or something? Botox? What is happening here because this isn’t normal.

No. 646478

File: 1532479872694.png (652.48 KB, 1242x2208, D0335886-DFA4-4841-8EFB-2CAA00…)

When you have to bribe your followers to defend your shitty “streetwear” brand lmfao

No. 646488

And then literally come for some teenager on twitter lol what a petty fuck

No. 646700

Diego looks a mess

No. 646760

No. 646812

File: 1532526759670.png (266.29 KB, 600x1087, Untitled.png)

So, I was scrolling through twitter and came across this. Aparently, she will block you if you comment anything negative.

No. 646815

..seems like.. normal behavior?

No. 646854

No shit being a dick will you you blocked

No. 646963

File: 1532539981298.jpeg (330.09 KB, 1125x1512, 2B30862B-0C8D-45C2-8A36-2BDDAA…)

Shrimp on yet another fake deep twitter tirade. Probably got cheated on again.

Saging because idk if this is ~tRu mILk~

No. 646965

File: 1532540055407.jpeg (242.39 KB, 1125x557, 67C64BD5-4387-4EFD-B982-AB6580…)

Part deux

No. 646969

how long did she and horsehead date? was that serious?

No. 646973

wow i never knew it was possible to hate a cow this fucking much. way to cheat the mental heath care system you fucking cunt, stop doing drugs to normalize your brain chemistry you useless fuck you don't deserve the psychiatrist's time who has REAL fucking patients staying sober and trying to mother fucking change because they have REAL problems.

i literally wish she would get hit by a car holy fuck i am fucking literally hexing this cunt tonight i am SO MAD

No. 646976

does anyone know her psychiatrist i swear to god mail them what she does online, stupid fucking bitch trying to fucking play the mental health system like actual crazy bitches aren't watching her STUPID FAKE ASS I SWEAR TO GOD(cowtipping)

No. 646978

see her as brag about drug use then her ass is about to meet reality REAL FUCKING FAST

No. 646986

what really happened

Shrimp: I drink a lot and take a bunch of drugs because I'm a literal useless piece of shit

Psychiatrist: Here's more benzos, make sure to take them while you drink so you choke on your own vomit, get the fuck out of my office cunt.

No. 646987

No. 646990

God, I have been waiting for her and Corey to split. Dude doesnt seem like a bad guy, he just seriously needs to leave this cow alone

No. 646996

i doubt they've split; their pics are still up on their respective instas, and this isn't her first cringey twitter rant about boys/heartbreak

No. 646998

I’m so curious to see what she does now. She gave up all her friends by getting with Corey. then her only friends were Corey’s friends. Hope it was worth it shrimpy cause I bet you’re feeling real dumb and alone rn.
But let’s me real, she’ll find some other slightly clouty dude to latch on to.

No clue but he’s currently dating someone with cow potential. Her name is Rene aka @cultmaker. She runs a meme page @vaporcult and recently broke up with @mattyghost who collars with Blake vapes aka @blakewebber. She does some prettyyyyy cringey stuff.

No. 646999

uh no Shrimp probably took the only opening my Psychiatrist had and I don't have medication, I'm legit in LA and I'm fucking mad as hell over dumb bitches like her who fake mental illness to get benzos just because she did too much coke and had to talk about it online because she is a blackhole and drain on society. fuck her

No. 647015

If they really split, She will sit and sulk in her self-pity then ask TP to be friends again. It'll backfire and she'll leech off someone else

No. 647187

File: 1532551503677.jpg (558.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180725-134305_Chr…)

It's still abusable but in one of her old instas she showed shes actually on gabapentin which is not a controlled substance.

No. 647197

Shes definitely just trying to be edgy.

No. 647214

Looks like she has Kaiser. They don’t do same day psych apppointments anon.

No. 647226

File: 1532553522465.jpeg (380.16 KB, 1125x1824, F8AF08C1-4B95-41D4-8849-6B7CFA…)

yes PLEASE get a face tat! Also what’s up with this fat nick font

ps arse is Scorpio shitposting in her ig story rn. No caps bc annoying

No. 647239

it sounds like she was trying to get help with her substance abuse and ended up being ignored and given more but go off

No. 647257

Nah the comedown from all the fucking blow she does and the fallout from her tp friend breakup made her "sad" so she decided to go get some mild anxiety medication for clout. She was so eager to post a pic the day she got her aesthetic lil orange bottle. Skinwalker extraordinaire needs to jack mental illness too bc underneath it all she's just some basic who doesn't want to work and would rather take bathtub pics and shoop herself to oblivion than ever go to school or be of any benefit to society

No. 647259

The biggest joke in all of soundclout hands down