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File: 1529603566375.jpeg (158.14 KB, 640x1136, fullsizeoutput_7a0.jpeg)

No. 616901

> Then, a 17 year old Canadian suburbanite Pop singer groomed and abused by Ogreason.
> Now, a 25 year old stoner Soundcloud artist and tagger #sadgirl
> Extremely manipulative and calculating
> Faked memory loss
> Faked a sleeping disorder
> Faked a premature baby's death
> Faked sepsis/miscarriage
> Sexually shamed Adrienne ("dutty vagina") yet did sex work a year later

Most recently, told her entire fanbase to fuck off if they didn't support her mourning a psycho masochistic rapper she never knew or met that nearly killed his pregnant girlfriend and a gay dude. We're on day three of this shit.

Social media:
https://www.instagram.com/shegoesbydoll (personal)

No. 616918

File: 1529604224879.jpeg (128.73 KB, 640x1136, fullsizeoutput_7a2.jpeg)

gang gang

No. 616934

proof that she faked all the memory shit with Onion? Haven't kept up with her and genuinely thought she had lost it at that point. Not being accusatory just curious

No. 616935

This literally looks like a parody of social media culture lmao wtf

No. 616944

File: 1529605048892.jpeg (163.63 KB, 640x1136, fullsizeoutput_7a3.jpeg)

Aww, she's so smol she has to climb like a child.

No. 616959

Her hair looks like it's as patchy as shoe, jesus christ. Maybe just that picture but it looks dire

No. 616966

She reminds me of every chubby white girl who suddenly discovers hood culture. It's a bonus for her that hardcore drugs are glorified in that culture so she got a free weight loss method out of the deal as well.

No. 616971

yeah, wait so was all that mental breakdown shit with greg real or not? sorry if this was discussed in the onion thread, i don't pay too close attention to what goes on in there that often.

No. 616973

File: 1529606536986.png (1.4 MB, 2042x780, NeedsActingLessons.png)

Watch the videos, and read this: http://draculoh.blogspot.com/2011/06/memory-loss.html


"I wanna make a rainbow" "Like cookies" "Four fingers" Just the random things a child would say!

It's all bullshit. She's age four, yet she only lost three years AFTER she "wakes up". Yet she didn't forget the passwords to any of her social media? Keep in mind this was posted a few days after that ridiculous sleeping disorder video. Shiloh clearly believes in medical intervention, but she never went to the doctor for this and never had it again.

Watch the two videos. Look at the camera angles. Look at the repetition. Watch her reaction and how quickly she recovers with this total stranger and doesn't call her family. This was for views.

No. 616975

Thanks anon!

No. 616977

File: 1529606684875.png (584.83 KB, 720x1228, mourningforattention.png)

she called xxx a good person

No. 616978

I wonder if it was her idea or Onion's, she seems on his level honestly looking at her now. >>616977 Xxx was a piece of shit, everyone and their mum are claiming to have been his bestie now he's dead

No. 616984

imma gonna go with both. they're edge lords and probably thought it made for an interesting storyline. being a mentally ill fag myself i was always skeptical of her "IMm sO ranDOM" attention-seeking behavior. she should've been a little more subtle for believability lol

No. 616986


She was sperging about it on a livestream yesterday, saying that "since he touched and helped more lives than the 1 (or 2) that he hurt, it shouldn't matter what mistakes he made". Someone else pointed out this flawed logic, pointing out that Hitler loved animals, and she flipped her shit saying that that's completely irrelevant (while going on to say she wasn't "shook").

No. 616987

I don't think she deserves a thread, This smells like vendetta posting especially considering that grease did put an image of LC in one of his latest videos. Fishy.

No. 616992

She did say in a livestream earlier today that she felt she could relate to X because she has also made awful mistakes and is worried that when she dies that all people are going to remember her for is being a liar. I know it's maybe not the best reason but I did feel bad for her and understood a bit more

No. 616995

This thread screams vendetta. Besides being abused as a teenager, what even classifies her as a cow? If I didn't know any better, this is probably her ex friend just stirring shit again.

No. 616997


I mostly feel bad that she thinks her telling some lies are anywhere near as bad as beating a pregnant woman nearly to death, causing her to go blind in one eye. She was saying "You can do a Google search on ME and find tons of stories, are you saying Greg's stories are all true? You can't just believe what everyone says about X".

Girl, X is a convicted felon, he went to jail for the things he did. it's not a "he said, she said" situation like it is with Onion. He actually did these bad things. Her lies are nothing in comparison to what X did.

No. 617001

>I mostly feel bad that she thinks her telling some lies are anywhere near as bad as beating a pregnant woman nearly to death, causing her to go blind in one eye.

Exactly, the main point I got from that is how horribly skewed her perspective on herself is. It might not make sense to most people but she has been through a hell of a lot and it would be reasonable for her to still have issues with herself. It's really sad above anything else.

No. 617002

or maybe it's shreg and his army of teen brides, tbh she is not relevant or even milky enough to deserve a thread, this thread will mostly die out like in a week or so due to lack of info/milk. sure she did some shit in her past but its old news/milk.

No. 617005

Again, so what if he did? It was a coincidence, and LC has been mentioned other places. I was told that OT Shi discussions don't belong on the LGH/GSW thread. If you're a fan of hers, you don't have to participate.

No. 617006

If mourning X is the worst she's done recently, then I'd suggest posting her in the soundclout general instead. That action alone isn't enough to warrant her own thread.

I agree, anon. There just isn't enough milk here, this thread is bound to turn into a circle jerk of vendetta-chans.

No. 617007


Yeah, I definitely wouldn't head a thread about her with shit she did as a severely abused teenager 7+ years ago. If she develops into a cow based on her current actions, then sure. But her past actions shouldn't really be relevant.

No. 617022

Do people not see how insincere she is? Everything she does is a pose. Always aware of the camera. I've never trusted what she's shown us.

No. 617032

File: 1529609241954.jpg (8.36 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I've never seen so many farmers whiteknight for a cow so hard.

No. 617036

Yeah because obviously what she has shown us throughout the years has totally been in her control and has been totally flattering to her. Please.

Probably because she hasn't done anything cowish lately. Maybe a few years back I'd agree with you but starting this thread now is just kinda stupid.

No. 617039

>I think it is, farmers have been dragging her minutia into the Onion threads for years now. Derailing and infighting ad infinitum. Now we have a >>>/snow/ thread to redirect the discussion.


No. 617043

just because she's not relevant to onion anymore doesn't mean she deserves a thread though? There isn't really anything to talk about with her.

No. 617044

The thread is already made.

No. 617048

I never said it wasn't? Just that it's undeserved, which it is.

No. 617049

File: 1529609670376.png (768.12 KB, 865x807, Gtbeing this buttmad because s…)

>cant even prove why shiloh is cow-worthy
>"omg so many whiteknights!!"

lel gg

No. 617053

>Crybabies ITT: Shiloh isn't milky enough for a thread! There is nothing interesting about her now! Just move on and stop talking about her, the internet should be a safe space where all of your past cringe-worthy shit disappears and nobody ever brings it up again!

Obsessively refreshes and bumps thread.

No. 617058

Okay, explain why she deserves a thread. We're here for the discussion, so discuss. If there is nothing recent, why is the stuff from the past still relevant? Or is the thread just going to be going over the same old and irrelevant stuff over and over again which is absolutely pointless.

No. 617059

i follow her on ig and have been and the only thing is she's annoying and needs validation a lot. she did this like 15 minute live of if she should thin her eyebrows out more or not. she doesn't do anything but smoke weed and be a wannabe hypebeast and anything that happened with greg shouldn't count because he influenced it by abusing her. i do love drama though so this isnt me yelling at op of the thread its just…..she doesn't do anything and someones going to send her this most likely. chick was just talking about how she's scared about people viewing her badly and as a liar.

No. 617061

Anon, her stanning and bitching about XXX ~~is milky, and attention whorey, and that’s why we’re talking about her. The fact that she told her fans to fuck off for merely bringing up the fact that he was a scumbag—whatever. It caused her to spill spaghetti and yes, she is acting like a cow rn. This has nothing to do with what she did years ago, although her behavior years ago was also milky. She threw away a promising career, attacked other women, lied about pregnancy, and many other things. I don’t care if she did sex work, but she has been and continues to be a hypocrite and I think a snow thread is a perfect place for discussion of her.

No. 617064

If Shiloh/Shegoesbydoll is forever exempt of critique/ridicule because she was once a victim of Onision I think Lainey should be as well. Lainey is a actively beng abused but people still laugh at her.

She's interesting to me personally because she was once a Disney-style Canadian pop artist who now in turn emulates and glorifies the "soundcloud" rapper lifestyle. It's weird and hilarious. Just my two cents.

No. 617066

Just in case she goes on a deleting spree:

No. 617067

Agreed, this way we can keep it out of Onion main as well.

No. 617069

So what I'm gathering is the reasons are
- she was a fan of someone super problematic and got emotional about it
- she used to do really stupid things in the pursuit of an abusive partner

Wonderful selection

it's not that she's exempt, it's that she hasn't really done anything lately. If this was her back when she was with greg it'd be understandable just like it is with Lainey. But it's not. She's kept out of it and is doing her own thing now which might not be to everyones tastes. Big woop.

No. 617072

Why do you care? Don’t read the thread.

No. 617073

>is doing her own thing now which might not be to everyones tastes. Big woop.

the same could be said about literally any cow on this site. if people want to make fun of Shiloh why not ignore it and move on with your life? do you go on DumDolly's threads and complain she is just doing her own thing too?

No. 617074

Has she actually released any part of this song she’s supposedly working on for like six months now or is she still sitting on her ass and working on gaining clout?

No. 617075

>Lainey is a actively beng abused but people still laugh at her.

Yes because there are plenty of reasons that make her a cow (queerbaiting, transtrending, muh anxiety, so smol, etc) in addition to enabling Greg to abuse multiple teenage girls.

You seem extra salty that not everyone is on board for harassing Shiloh over actions done as a teenager whilst being emotionally/verbally/physically abused by Greg. Try again when something milky actually pops up.

No. 617077

After this discussion nobody will need to read the thread because there's fuck all to talk about.

No. 617078

Again, why are you here? The thread will either flourish or fall apart due to no one giving a fuck. You’re here to…what? Care about Shiloh? Okay. Noted.

No. 617079

Well I’m allll for this thread. Walmart knock off Avril Lavigne turned mid 20s insta SoundCloud hype beast.

Fuck her.

No. 617084

File: 1529611103665.png (108.5 KB, 551x504, Screenshot.png)

Shiloh loves to contend with the haydurrs.

No. 617088

Oh, not again. Is she for real?

No. 617090

File: 1529611610666.jpg (455.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180621-130528_Ins…)

fuck the haters

No. 617095

>>It’s a memorial
to someone who didn’t know her
but he had clout
which she wants

No. 617098

She’s not trying to talk about Rogue here, is she?

No. 617103


No - she had a baby named Zelda.

No. 617105

I can’t stand it when people ‘mourn’ someone they don’t know. It’s tacky.

No. 617129


No. 617130

I hope you remembered to stretch before doing all that reaching, anon. Really wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.

The mods say nothing when you discuss Shiloh when referring to past events with Onision. The mods say something when you discuss present-day Shiloh because she isn't relevant anymore. Onision is what made her relevant in the context of lolcow. I'm not sure how you didn't notice the pattern.

She's already been punished for the things she did. Not her fault you didn't hit her harder when you had the chance.

If she was still doing goofy ass shit (Like faking memory loss, a miscarriage, etc. not petty ass reaching bullshit like taking up for some problematic guy who died. I'm not trying to minimize what he did, I don't know what he did and furthermore, don't care) ON THE INTERNET, I could understand. Why, after all these years, would you still have such a hateboner for her? It's been like 7 years.

Anyone know if ladyflatass is a farmer?

No. 617144

oh ok can u make a thread on everyone whos defended xxxecuted or are we gonna put that all into one thread or are we gonna, get over it

i can help u
u jus gotta go outside my dude
smell the flowers
drink a water

No. 617147

lainey couldve been a victim but lmao she was a right cunt like dude do u hear urself, shiloh didnt lure in innocent gorls for grogafrog to diddle now did she

No. 617153

Thanks to everyone bumping the thread to tell us there shouldn't be a thread. Now I think its a great idea

No. 617157

thank u uve enlightened us and still given no actual milk or explanation why she shud be here aside from she didnt want to see negativity on her feeds, yhank u. how dare she. i kno. shh. is ok. im here. i love u (sometimes not really today)

No. 617163

>"i have unpopular opinion therefore im right xddddd"

that's what you sound like

No. 617170

if i catch u grieving about stephen hawking, robin williams, tupac, whitney houston and i find out i will photocopy this post and staple it above ur bed

No. 617172

this thread is fun theres so many people justifying it with BBUUT SHEE,,, SOWKEONE ID DONT LIKE, , DHJDJ ADMIN PLS AGREE

No. 617176

actually all of them were fucking problematic so everyone who mourned them deserved it, 2pac dumped madonna because he felt like he was a race traitor for dating a white woman, robin williams groped women on set, stephen hawking cheated a bunch, whitney was a cokehead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 617181

d amn youre right, anyone who mourned those shitlords deserves a thread too!!!!!! lets getem girls

No. 617182

I for one believe that nobody should die, and drugs are bad.

No. 617183


No. 617188

reported for gloryfing substance abuse

No. 617189

what the fuck is this thread

No. 617190

File: 1529615543212.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 685746854.jpg)

so the entire reason you tards made a shiloh thread is because you wanted to sperg over her, can't do it in the grease thread because the mods will spank you, and you think her x posts are worth it.

this is genuinely autism at its finest.

No. 617192

give me some substance bby uguuuu

No. 617195

anon please just let me talk about her hair and her taking excelent care of her daughter im so assmad how dare she??? support?? xxxtermination im assmad unfollowrd this woman isnt a true christian

No. 617196

Um, you’re the one samefagging and bumping in the hopes of getting the thread deleted or autosaged. Shouldn’t you be happy that no one’s said anything, anon? You sound just as crazed as Keeks, please try to get a hold of yourself. The only autist I can see is you.

Seriously, take it easy.

No. 617197

File: 1529615852484.jpg (39.32 KB, 480x270, giph.jpg)

same, I don't even give a hoot about Shiloh but keep checking the thread just to read dramatic posts from farmers themselves acting like cows kek

No. 617199

funnily enough more than one person thinks this thread is a retarded idea, because it is.

No. 617200

File: 1529615922669.gif (518.15 KB, 237x157, 76876354.gif)

if you really think i'm the only one taking the piss here you're definitely retarded

No. 617202

wepoeted for ableism

mods pls

No. 617203

Wow, someone out there is very unhappy, I guess? I had no idea that Shiloh was such a beacon for mental stabilty.

No. 617204

"there's no way more than one person disagrees with me! so i'm gonna accuse them of samefagging reeeee!!"

Anon, we're still waiting on the milk that has yet to be delivered.

No. 617205

the real cows are the dummies who are mad shiloh is sad about xxxtinction over here

No. 617206

I've been waiting since I saw this thread and funnily enough, no milk yet owo

No. 617207

literally nobody has said that, even the ones stanning her have said she's been through a lot and it's affected her life OBVIOUSLY.

No. 617208

I made this thread to cleanup the Onion one. People are being dumb on purpose….

No. 617209

Because no one actually cares about shit talking Shiloh except for you.

No. 617210

what did u expect lmfao the mods ban and slap idiots bringing her up bc shes not relevant anymore, we dont need a thread u trout if a thread was necessary thered have been one already since retards cant stfu about her

No. 617211

Stop vulturing the thread

No. 617212

>shit op
>zero milk
>swarming vendetta-chans
>too many shitposts

mods locking thread when?

No. 617216

Then prove there's actually milk here, you walnut.

No. 617217

I think the obsession with protecting her is pretty milky.

If we can't talk about her in /pt/….and we can't have a little thread here…you seem like you don't want anyone talking about lil' precious ShiShi.

No. 617218

arent u classy, posting the nudes of a chick who shouldnt even have a thread

No. 617219

You’re such an asshole for posting that. You’re the one who should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

No. 617220

5 years ago called. wants it's milk back.

No. 617224

literally all people can say about her other than dumbassery from being abused by greg is OH SHE DEFENDED XXX, Like.. dude, shes a normal ass person now, why do you care about shittalking her?

No. 617225

Or we want people to discuss her ACTUAL milk and not just keep bringing up old shit that happened years ago.

No. 617226

more like 7… this milk is drier than lainey's lips

No. 617227

more like 7… this milk is drier than lainey's lips

No. 617229

who needs milk when you can be a petty cunt for the hell of it?

No. 617231

Stop posting this shit. You’re fucking deranged.

No. 617232

dude go take a shower, u provin u nasty as hell and pretty grimy. And a shitty person xd

No. 617236

ok we get it, you want to bang her, and ur mad she has a loving bf. we g e t it. u can stop now

No. 617237

File: 1529616653699.jpg (15.66 KB, 500x500, large.jpg)

What an absolute dumpster fire of a thread. Are you vendetta-chan's proud of yourselves?

No. 617239


the people who would read this thread have probably already seen these. JSYK. They were circulating a long ass time ago.

No. 617243

It’s pretty obvious what you’re doing. Knock it off. Stop posting underage nudes and acting like a psycho. If there’s milk, it will show, you’re the one doing this and it’s creepy as hell.

No. 617248

How old was she in all of the nudes?

No. 617251

theyre mad we put them on the spot and they cant provide any real milk so now theyre just going OH, LOOK AT U, REVIVING THE THREAD

No. 617252

>If there’s milk, it will show

Dude there should be milk BEFORE a thread is made js. Totally unnecessary to make this and wait for her to be a cow.

No. 617255

oh jesus, those are underage? OOOOOOOF wow these bitches really are asking for trouble

No. 617256

You know what you’re doing. Stop it. We just had Dasha acting crazy and we’ve all seen Keeks in action. You need help.

No. 617257

After Onision-era and post child birth so at least 18+.

No. 617260

well, that clears up the question "is it a vendetta." it's pretty clear now. thanks!

No. 617262

If this thread is inappropriate for the site all anons should report the thread at the top so mods will review it and remove it if necessary.

No. 617263

She's an asshole. She hasn't changed.

No. 617267

It’s in snow. Calm down. Not everyone who has milk knows that the thread even exists yet. What do you want, people to drop what they’re doing and come here to satisfy your requests?

Her riding X’s dick for clout is milky. Photos of that were capped. Stop posting underage shit. You’re creepy.

No. 617268

show the milk then u fuckin sidewalk

No. 617269

File: 1529617121075.png (576.41 KB, 724x1144, defend.png)

No. 617271

oh wait…

No. 617272

how tho

No. 617273

yes we will marinate this thread, nourish it, bc she defended xxxassholery. yes. now make a thread on all the other dumbasses who defended him. ill be waiting

No. 617275

I'm just curious… are these still on the web or were you saving them on your hard drive for 7 years?

No. 617276

File: 1529617239624.png (428.26 KB, 696x1108, keepdefending.png)

ride high on that horse bb

No. 617278

If Shiloh has any new milk it can be posted in the Toopoor/Soundclout General thread until it's proven she has enough on her own to warrant a thread by herself. This does not mean bringing up her old milk (Onision era) as proof she needs one.

No. 617280

how tf does mourning one soundclout retard constitute as enough milk for an entire thread? all those druggie soundclout rappers deserve their own thread instead of the general by that logic

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