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File: 1516218678133.jpeg (167.13 KB, 945x711, camgirls thread 5.jpeg)

No. 473609

Thread for discussing problematic and otherwise lulz-worthy camgirls who don't warrant their own threads. Most notably:

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/Morgan Hofmann
> claims to have come from a broken home where there were "literally needles all on the ground outside"
> been put on blast for gaining her original MFC popularity due to catering to pedos as katsumichan
> blew hundreds of thousands of dollars she made her first year camming and is now "rebranded" and desperately trying to beg her way back into wealth
> recently has been 'dating' (see: weekly breakup) Kyler, a polygamist who used to be a fat fuck, who she made a sex tape with, claimed she was done with him, put him on blast on cam for "cheating" and has now been posting screenshots of her begging him for attention
> nice

Receipts of old Pumpy drama: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmvD0oGcqhTiH3tOCjVFXQQ/videos

Kyler's (private) Twitter: https://twitter.com/kdoms_?lang=en

Megan Marie/megvnmvrie
> claims to be a camgirl but cams like…once a month? If we're lucky
> also claims to be a neurochem student, chinese, vegan, etc.
> video previews are golden
> tumblr is also golden. Recently called out on tumblr by iamjalisaelite for her fetishization of black men
> vehemently denies any racism and claims she's going on a "social media break"

Call-out Tag: http://iamjalisaelite.tumblr.com/tagged/megvnmvrie%20is%20trash

Other notable camgirls:
> just fucking ugly
> has found her hidden talent of dildo-ing herself using only her feet. Mom is so proud!
https://www.youtube.com/c/BabyZelda (very awkward, worth checking out)

> has been recorded kissing Pumpy's ass (while Pumps was spending money on her)
> most likely ana-chan

Previous Threads:

No. 473707

File: 1516224300707.jpg (146.34 KB, 1180x1138, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.19…)

Pumpy continues to be pathetic, HE DOESN'T WANT TO DATE YOU

No. 473718

I don't understand her hair. Is it so hopelessly damaged that she is not allowed to style it anymore? At this point she should just shave it off, seriously. Wear wigs on cam or rock the Tank Girl look with good makeup.

No. 473870

someone at the end of the last thread mentioned her ears look painful and inside out so i thought i'd chime in here.

It's a combo of her ears being stretched incorrectly and in too small a space of time (whenever she did them) and of her lobes being thin, which can be from what I just mentioned or the person who initially pierced them accidentally piercing them too low or just too low for stretching.

If she had any common sense or actually wanted to maintain the longevity and health of her stretched ears she'd downsize, or at least switch up the sizes, sleep with them out, go through proper care and shit but she has to keep the bigger size in for edge points. sigh.

sage for stretched-eared-anon-sperg

No. 473908

File: 1516234735034.jpg (21.44 KB, 337x598, IMG_20180117_161449.jpg)

What the fuck is this? She looks horrible oh my god. She should hide out until this mistake washes off holy shit.

No. 473918

In addition, she's already had FanCentro delete her account in the past. She got pissed off that they refunded someone who paid for her SnapChat and then she blocked him. Once a scammer, always a scammer.

No. 473922

did she ever post why she got a spraytan?
it's common knowledge that getting a tan makes you look slimmer than being pale, so I assume that's the reason

No. 473951

File: 1516237421287.png (569.52 KB, 585x936, 20180117_170015.png)

2018 is looking like a nightmare for pumpy, just when you think she cant get worse…

No. 473979

Fucking Christ, where is she?

No. 474003

Either her own apartment or someone else's. She said she was getting her makeup done by a mua for her "shoot" today. Can't wait to see how these lulzy alien-esque photos come out.

No. 474322

She kept dying her hair over and over after it was already damaged and breaking off, like every few weeks she would bleach and then put a new color on top of that

No. 474334

File: 1516266181728.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.61 KB, 1090x811, pumpkin-spice-cam-211-1090x811…)

I wish she would go back to the long blonde extensions she had a few years ago (pic related), I legitimately thought she was really pretty back then.

No. 474351

File: 1516268611580.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1080x1079, 20180118_014124.png)

Anyone else see the uncanny resemblance?

No. 474354

I don't think that's a possibility for her at this point. Her hair is so dead and those were tape in extensions. Since her hair is so frail and unhealthy it would start to fall out from the root and she's already balding. Theres no way her hair in its current state could handle the weight without causing more damage and tension alopecia.

No. 474463

File: 1516290016929.jpg (38.12 KB, 694x520, IMG_20180118_153819.jpg)

This pic looks nothing like her

No. 474528

She went from a passably cute girl-next-door money whoring camgirl to mid 30s gold digger porn star that sleeps with middle aged men

No. 474536

An anon in the last thread was asking about stormy's ear - she has a blowout. Basically if you stretch your ears incorrectly/too fast they sort of… prolapse? you end up with a lip of excess skin sticking out that should be on the inside of the hole. It's not uncomfortable unless it's really bad, some people say theirs itches more. It's pretty easy to fix as well, just downsize jewellery and moisturise/salt soak.

No. 474577

File: 1516299129934.png (3.5 MB, 1242x2208, 208D4674-35D5-45B2-8566-ED76C6…)

every pic of her with the new tan is somehow worse than the last

No. 474617

How does one go about making a homewrecking video after claiming to get cheated on and trying to claim monogamy is what she really wants? She deserves to have her shit wrecked over and over again. Actually the dumbest broad I've ever seen. Girl is constantly wanting monogamy from someone who was a cheater to begin with since her goal is to find a long term relationship out of homewrecking and it wreaks desperation. I can almost bet that whenever she sees a guy treating their girlfriend really good it infuriates her and makes her jealous because she will never have that in the type of relationships she goes after.

No. 474623

One of the things contributing to her super unfortunate look lately is tjose godawful contact lenses, she looks like an emotionally void alien hag when she wears them without bangs and good hair

No. 474627

I thought the MUA did a good job on her hair and makeup all things considered (see the pics of her before going in). It was funny how mad she was getting on cam last night though when people said she looked better than normal. After every compliment someone tried to give her she kept telling people she hated it and her MUA made her look like a slut. Pumpy mad she cant make her hair and makeup look half decent on her own if she tried.

No. 474637

File: 1516303120950.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, B3249AB7-99AF-4BE8-BDB2-240FE1…)

Transcript: “And eventually you’ll get bored of her after serving me, and making me happy and you’ll realize that this is what you want…”
Bitch can’t even get her own boyfriend to leave his hoes for her. Whose home are u gonna wreck, your own? because your parents blame each other for having conceived you.

No. 474646

Aw stormy trying real hard to shed her pedo bait image by bimbofying herself. She’ll lose all her current fan base and the living sex doll community doesn’t want a whiny bitchy self absorbed skelly

No. 474654

Except I can actually respect mid 30’s gold-digging porn stars who sleep with old men bc all those things require actual effort and personality lol

No. 474724

Pumpy ringing in 2018 with a chav bussiness model, nice. The fried hair, awful tan and blunt brows just give me all kinds of 'didnt finish school, im on disabilities' aesthetic.

No. 474762

I know Stormy is genuinely stupid but how hard is it to realise that Kyler has exactly 0 reason to leave his (considerably more stable) side hoes for her only? This isn't rocket science. Right now he's getting pussy on demand from a bunch of insecure sluts but only one of them is threatening to kill herself and putting him on blast every few days. She literally has nothing to offer him over the other 2(3?). They don't make drama or rock the boat about sharing him. They shut up, spread their legs, and then make gooey Facebook posts about it afterwards.

No. 475098

File: 1516328909522.jpeg (372.83 KB, 750x1105, 484584AB-2E98-48A3-8E18-E24238…)

Do you think she’s jealous?

No. 475099

File: 1516328958758.png (Spoiler Image,276.58 KB, 570x366, addition.png)


No. 475104

more like delusional
honestly who buys this garbage

No. 475152

lmao pumpy the valedictorian

No. 475158

Ok wait I’ve read thru all the stormy shit in all the threads but I didn’t see anyone posting about her real twitter vs the shit posting one? I’m so confused. “Bratty stormy” vs just “stormy” - and the troll one (bratty) has way more followers???

No. 475174

NSFW photos need to be spoilered.

No. 475175

LMFAO bratty stormy (@stormysofficia1) is an account dedicated to trolling on her main account @stormysofficial. She has a findom twitter named Bratty Stormy (@brattystormy), but no doms in the industry take her seriously and it barely has 5k followers.

No. 475179

File: 1516336700041.jpeg (30.02 KB, 854x480, 3CF3D384-7AE6-48C1-8D31-C11314…)

wowowowow she looks so terrible :(

No. 475180

How did this makeup and tan age her 10 years? How did anyone think this looked good? She looks like the type of woman who smokes two packs a day.

No. 475185

File: 1516337110500.jpeg (244.99 KB, 1242x829, 7C9B9CD8-1C27-4E5D-AA5A-D7A886…)

It doesn’t even look like it’s “officia1” it legit looks like the same URL as her actual twitter haha. I went looking for her twitter and this one popped up first. Also bonus trolls at this trumpkinspice one

No. 475193

I didn't know this existed xD Literally over twice as many followers

No. 475201

The trumpkinspice one is basically like our threads here but on twitter. Maybe with more info even. Good bored evening reads

No. 475211

File: 1516338759056.jpg (46.18 KB, 640x383, lisa-robin-kelly.jpg)

What I see

No. 475214

File: 1516339047067.jpeg (38.67 KB, 310x310, 1AEC7310-7BBF-4C39-B9DD-EA9AB3…)

More like.
(Feel kinda bad actually because this poor woman died thanks to addiction but you get my point)

No. 475336

File: 1516364425580.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.99 KB, 2730x4096, IMG_20180119_121909.jpg)

Oh dear.

No. 475337

She should stop bleaching her hair and just dye it black

No. 475357

she would actually look cute here if her hair wasn't absolutely destroyed..

No. 475364

Those jeans have absolutely terrible fit on her.

No. 475368

If you put your finger over the tits, it’s actually a pretty cute picture

No. 475387

She could cover the surgery scars up with concealer or is that some type of fetish?

No. 475452

why do ppl think this is a solution to damaged hair? first of all her hair probably wouldn't even hold the color b/c it's so fucked, it would turn murky really quick. she would have to use a color filler and a semi-perm color b/c putting any more peroxide on her hair isn't a good idea at this point.

like others have said she should either shave it to start over or wear wigs and let the shitty parts grow out.

No. 475507

I've never seen a girl with a boob job so okay with showing off their surgery scars, it's nasty. Most actually avoid angles that show them when they're semi fresh. Almost every other camgirl kept them covered up when working and doing shoots until they faded after a year or so. She's so lazy and careless with it, its gross. Even if someone does like fake tits, showing off the scars is cringe. At the very least she should have put effort into covering them for the videos she sells.

No. 475530

I'm not 100% but it does look to me like she's going for a sort of alternative bimbofication vibe and the scars being visible is a trend in that style from what I've seen.

Also, I truly don't understand why she doesn't get a very short pixie cut and just grow all her hair out again. A very cropped pixie would look good on her tbh. I am so confused by her new styling though.

No. 475542

File: 1516389753770.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.41 KB, 750x684, FE6CBA8B-F174-4288-AA7C-3F3520…)

I agree with you. Pic attached is a screenshot from a week ago. She spent the entire stream just leaning back in the tub showing off her scars and talking about how her “eyelash extensions were her favorite purchase, next to her boobs.” Like >>475530 said, but maybe that’s her way of sticking to her anorexic pedo-bait self? By constantly reminding everyone her tits are fake (and also keeping her flat-chested cam work in circulation) it just reminds everyone that she used to be flat as a board and she can keep that clientele. Maybe.

It is nasty though. It makes me never want a boob job if they’re going to be THAT prominent.

No. 475552

File: 1516390374114.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180119-192921.png)

She used a face mask and it ripped all the fake tan off her face looool. Can it get any worse?

No. 475571

I saw her mention that she also hasnt done any scar aftercare and she doesn't care because she's happy with them because "the scars arent as bad as some girls"

No. 475591

thats hilarious lmao

No. 475600

I've seen her get extremely upset over them live and say she shouldn't have to cover them because that's not what she got a boob job for and that she's just going to pay for laser scar removal. I notice her scars front and center every time before I notice her tits. They draw more attention.

No. 475637

Those two balloons staring into your soul you don't notice first? Lucky…..

No. 475761

Stormys on cam right now trying to get her room to feel bad for her telling everyone that Kyler cheated on her and she had no idea, but her entire room isn't having it and are wanting to know why she was desperate enough to go back to him and try to make him jealous by telling him she slept with someone else she met on tinder. They called her out on trying to manipulate him and she's losing it.

Nvm banned and she said they dont know the context and no one asked for her chats opinion. Oh pumpy, thank you for always oversharing every detail.

No. 475766

It was hilarious how much she was raging at the guy after she banned him. Someone please go in there and call her out on her BS. There are multiple tweets of her claiming she knew he was in a relationship with the other women.

No. 475767

"The lady who did my piercing on my nose knows Kyler so she texted him and told him she was doing my nose and he told her good luck you might as well kill yourself now" LMFAO

No. 475773


She literally can't let Kyler go, Jesus she is pathetic

No. 475777

She just said the reason the spank me tattoo on her ass is so messed up is because she was going through puberty when she got it

No. 475787

All of these guys in her stream are like HOLY FUCK PERFECT but like… her BMI is around 14.8 and she's a fucking mess. This is so gross.

No. 475792

She just had to convince a cuck that she is not a pro hooper. The world no longer makes sense,

No. 475824

File: 1516409954380.png (Spoiler Image,824.64 KB, 1080x1714, 20180120_005817.png)

Holy shit what phone does she have cos her skelly figure makes it look like a fucking tablet!

No. 475826

Her white ass old woman hands too, wow wtf.

No. 475878

No. 475982

File: 1516432510303.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1703, 20180119_231313.png)

I am LIVING for this shit right now. Found another girl of Kylers.

No. 475987

ew, and to top it all off, hes so fucking ugly. why are all theses hoes on him?

No. 476097

File: 1516453274855.gif (2.72 MB, 360x467, tumblr_p2upapy9OS1tvky6qo2_400…)

Meg's nails are fucking grim. I don't understand the super long pointy style, it looks vile.

Plus how can she do anything, and when your job is based around touching your own cunt then ew.

No. 476131

File: 1516460176583.jpg (319.71 KB, 1066x1711, Screenshot_20180120-145157.jpg)

Is it weird that kyler follows big lottes?

No. 476145

Maybe it's time to back off from Kyler. This is supposed to be about the cringey camgirls. Unless we're saying that sex tape makes him a "cam model" as well.

Besides, the man stuck his dick into something so incredibly toxic, it probably has superpowers now.

No. 476157

Pumpy is still talking to him so I guess he's still kinda in the picture.

No one would be surprised if they "got back together"

No. 476204

Is he in California here visiting Pumpy? Idk when this was taken

No. 476220

if he was visiting pumpy she would be all over fb/twitter/instagram gloating about it so no I don't think he is lol

No. 476221

13th June, pre-pumpy.

No. 476223

I vote we give him his own thread.

No. 476243

Why meg thinks anyone in the world is interested in watching her journal "set-up" she's lost her mind.

No. 476319

Not everyone needs their own thread, he's only worth talking about because of Stormy.

Charlotte follows him back kek

No. 476325

File: 1516481610607.png (267.77 KB, 1080x1700, 20180120_204953.png)

Oh lawd. Does she not realise if she didn't post about all her personal relationship on twitter to her porn fans people wouldn't know shit.

I wonder what things she's told him, she's been pretty open about cunty things she does/has done, how fucking bad does it have to be to be a secret?

No. 476331

Am I missing something here because that definitely says “addition”

No. 476348

I believe the word she was looking for was "edition"

No. 476393

She has caused Kyler so much trouble, blasted him and his friends all over the net, talks shit about him every cam session, plasters him all over facebook and twitter and now decides that she is scared he will say something about her? He has every right to and I hope that he will. As usual, she has brought it all on herself. Karma!

No. 476447

File: 1516493024603.png (364.2 KB, 492x822, Capture.PNG)

Well, what does that make her then?

No. 476453

File: 1516493423952.png (20.77 KB, 730x136, Capture.PNG)

>goes out with a guy for a month or two, breaks up 50 times
"wow! I totally understand whats it's like to break up from a relationship of 5 years!"

No. 476455

File: 1516494103789.jpg (25.85 KB, 615x395, Cypress-McConnell.jpg)

Any UK folk watch take me out? This Cypress girl reminds me of a less downsy version of meg.

No. 476601

Kyler just simply doesn’t give a shit lmao this dirtbag got Stormy twisted around his finger (or cock rather) lol he should get contacts or lasik though. Them bottle bottoms make him look downy.

No. 476632

Is she doing the voice over? Pretty appalling fake America accent, boarders on Russian. Fucking nasty claws as well.

No. 476634

Well honestly the fun thing is that it makes Pumpy lose her shit. I don't think she knew about Erin until we found out about her, because before that she only talked/worried about Lex. The more girlfriends he has the better.

No. 477129

Yeah idk what the fuck she's doing with her voice. She's from Leeds ffs.

No. 477153

As a british northerner myself I cant describe how im disgusted with our accents sometimes tbh

No. 477250

File: 1516580497114.jpg (593.59 KB, 978x1536, Screenshot_20180122-001736.jpg)

Despite this diary having the same questions every day she has failed to read it correctly, she's put past tense things in a future question.

Plus she writes the same shit in every one, what is the point?

Meg with her dumb bullet journal and pumpy writing the same shit every day. Oh camhoes.

No. 477304

What does she mean by !I am 20 lbs heavier"? She said on cam that she was 75 lbs

No. 477386

And how is that an affirmation?!

No. 477447

Pumpy just said that Stormy was her mom's stripper name and that's where she got it from lmao

No. 478205

So apparently in megs journal, her goal is to save £5000 a month.
The lengths this girl will go to lie about her life and income.

No. 478207

Way to go Pumpers, taking your name from the stripper mom that you claim to hate. lmao

No. 478280

Stormy on cam just now: "I don't focus on relationships, it's not healthy. I just want to work hard and make money. Growing up, my mom was so dependent on men to pay her bills, so when she didn't have a boyfriend, we were homeless. I don't want to be dependent on men."

UMMMM?????? Isn't your "job" literally relying on men to pay your bills? I'm not knocking it, but don't claim it's anything other than what it is. This delusion!

No. 478296

File: 1516668808451.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.04 KB, 337x355, IMG_20180123_005205.jpg)

Her caption to this: "looking like a heaven sent angel tonight".


No. 478439

File: 1516674360421.png (2.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180123-022459.png)

Holy cringe.

No. 478490

File: 1516679515668.jpg (33.51 KB, 407x600, 1429670527506 - Kopie.jpg)

I know pumpy isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but…

No. 478560

Pumpy is on cam talking about how she almost dated one of her current chat members but its ok cuz he found kyler

No. 478592

Dear god, she just said she wants her boobs to get redone so she can go even bigger

No. 478624

so did she confirm that her and kyler are together again and shes just not allowed to make it public, orrrr?

No. 478815

oh no she almost took her career seriously

No. 478884

I lost track of her after so many name changes, jesus christ what happened. It's like she's pandering to bimbofication and skelly fetishists at the same time.

No. 478990

File: 1516730847120.png (147.89 KB, 430x398, lol.png)

Good job being illiterate on camera, Meg.

No. 479043

This particular cognitive dissonance seems to exist in all levels of sex worker, right down to girls who sell nudes. They seem to think they're sticking one to the man when actually they're completely at the mercy of what guys want. Bizarre.

No. 479048

Last night on cam she said she's not giving up on kyler and that she knows they're meant to be even though they're not together anymore. She went on for 30 minutes about how they're soulmates, how she feels so special around him, how she knows their connection is one of a kind and how she knows he feels the same way. Then she pulled out a weird cheesy letter he wrote her before they met, sniffed it and goes "omg it still even smells like him" then read it out loud to her entire chat. Someone told her it sounded like she was trying to force him to be with her and her mood flipped, she got mad and defensive saying it's not even possible to try to force someone to be with you. Triggered af like she's heard that before from someone else.

No. 479060

>Neurochemistry student
>Can't spell January


No. 479072

File: 1516735282345.png (168.76 KB, 496x559, 20180123_191234.png)

She still talks to the granny scammer lol

Only things in her calendar are him and her family's birthdays and when a TV series comes back lmao. She literally has nothing going on does she?

No. 479073

File: 1516735333525.png (1.25 MB, 1466x1080, 20180123_192154.png)


No. 479162

Jus WHY would she get on cam to gush about some guy who doesn’t want her. Does she want her customers to know that no men irl would want her for a relationship. Are they all cucks. I can’t handle the secondhand embarrassment.

No. 479170

File: 1516740601446.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 750x1334, 0C37F1B2-F1A9-4CBA-AD06-133DCE…)

So blotchy… bitch just get in the tanning bed

No. 479205

Bitch needs to go get her nails filled in lol so tacky and cheap looking just like all of her videos.

No. 479514

File: 1516754290393.jpg (145.27 KB, 977x604, Screenshot_20180124-003738.jpg)


I'm dying, what the absolute fuck was that?

No. 479519

File: 1516754385074.png (939.92 KB, 1440x2560, capture.png)

i'm just going to say what everyone already knows, but she should stop with the tanning and all the stupid body modifications (piercings, tattoos, surgery..) I mean, we all know she's trying to make up for lack of mental and emotional sustenance with the material and physical but try giving her any decent advice and she'll go mad, pic related

No. 479610

Lotte's 'girlfriend' Darcy(Insyndra) is online now, I thought she was so gorgeous from her pics but suffers from potato head syndrome and barely shows her face on cam lol. Nice body though.

No. 479630

File: 1516759725434.png (2.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-020804.png)

She dyed her hair again.

No. 479635

How long has she been fucking with Kyler now? 5 months? She's been turning herself more alt~~~~ to please him this whole time. cant get more pathetic

No. 479649

HOLY FUCK. rip my sides.]

No. 479842

File: 1516770799558.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180123-210958.png)

This looks like something out of a saw movie not porn

No. 479881

File: 1516772344740.png (909.96 KB, 962x934, kyler.png)

https://www.instagram.com/kylerpiercings/ Kyler's insta is public again. How many posed selfies can one straight guy take wtf. Are all the girls just copying him with that damn mirror lol

No. 479890

File: 1516772751759.png (631.11 KB, 952x620, munchkin.png)

also she got the same breed of purebred cat kyler already had

No. 479894

He legit does the same mirror selfie… and wears the same outfit nearly every single day. it's actually disturbing. (Even on his disney land/world vacation, he wore a polo and slacks)

No. 479896

LMAO ANON his lips in the second pic!!!! And wtf he looks demented, like peeking into his phone…”hello Kyler, nice to see you again” “thank you Kyler, I like your polo and slacks”

No. 479930


>piercer with more pics of his socks than of piercings that he has done

No. 480118

File: 1516806205053.jpg (28.87 KB, 600x338, IMG_20180124_150243.jpg)

No. 480152

He looks like a bull dyke and I don't mean the cute ones REEEEEE

No. 480165

Her lipstick has got me fucked up. Also how is it I can only see her bottom teeth and not her top? Wtf is wrong with her mouth??

No. 480479

The hollow, echoey sound is triggering me

No. 480507

File: 1516836782525.jpeg (235.29 KB, 1242x495, FCF778ED-1F7F-47F0-B9FD-6B65F7…)

All his likes consist of sleazy subjects

No. 480518

Not to mention another anon finding Charlotte Charms as someone he follows on IG and/or Twitter.
Kat makes more sense when you consider Kyler is a camgirl-admiring pile of loose skin barely held in place by shapewear.

No. 480539

File: 1516838452347.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 2A2CCC63-D4D5-47CC-BDC6-07CFC6…)

Stormy appeared to splurge a bunch of money recently and I think she cleaned up nicely for AVN. The dark hair is an improvement!

No. 480540

Disagree, everything about this new look is a tragedy. She needs to go the Cat Marnell way and just commit to wigs already.

No. 480543

File: 1516838606786.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, B54E84D9-4B98-4ECB-90B3-25A6C2…)

And this is a good outfit. Is it just me or is she trying to gain weight? If so, good. Hope she does something lulzy soon though.

No. 480546

Compared to the matted deep fried patch of a mess before, this is better. If she’d just leave it be, it’ll improve.

No. 480557

Yeah it made my dog start barking, dunno what she's playing at.

No. 480560

Yeah but anyone with brown hair over blonde is usually an improvement. Especially if it's dead as fuck.

No. 480585

not be a party pooper, but can we leave kyler alone? all he did was stick his dick in crazy. he doesn’t deserve the same hate pumpy gets imo

No. 480614

Seconded. Let him be his average poly hipster douchebag self unless he out there causing hilarious cow meltdowns.

No. 481182

All she talked about last night on cam was Kyler to the point of almost crying, I don't think anyone is gunna stop talking about him till she finds something else to talk about and stops fighting with her chatroom about her break up. There's lots of milk to be spilled, but people WK for this dude every time he gets mentioned.

No. 481339

I mean it's probably a few of his side bitches, trying to defend him kek

No. 481348

File: 1516916633618.gif (Spoiler Image,14.11 MB, 950x534, 0725286001516914410_ef5e41e2d0…)


No. 481357

Also lastn ight on cam she decided at 21 years old to go to her first OBGYN appointment and found out her test came back abnormal and how she's gonna need all this money by the 15th for her appointment(conveniently the same day as payout on mfc). So her new low is either pretending to have an STD for money or she really did catch something from Kyler. Serves her right for boasting about how she only has unprotected sex lul

No. 481380

She only went for one a week or 2 ago and was bragging about being clean lol. She has not seen kyler since so it's either from some rando (the person she fucked and tries to rub it in kyler's face?) Or she lied about being clean that time or she's lying now but seems like a fucked up thing to lie about but then again why would you tell your cam viewers that, they don't wanna know that you've got a fucking sexual disease, that makes you so undesirable.

No. 481387

I believe pumpy potentially does have an std after fucking Kyler (poly but doesnt use condoms??) but an abnormal result could be from a papsmear as well.

No. 481389


If she specifically used the word "abnormal" she is probably referring to Pap test results showing cervical dysplasia which is usually caused by HPV. A follow-up appointment is required to assess its severity and determine treatment.

To be fair, the majority of people who are sexually active have been/will be exposed to at least one strain of HPV. HPV is spread very easily, even without intercourse, and condoms do not protect very well against its spread.

Determining from whom and when HPV was contracted is impossible in most cases since dysplasia can take long as a decade to develop. Testing for HPV is not included with standard STI tests. Women are not usually tested unless they request it at the time of their Pap test. There is no test for men.

No. 481403

Haven’t seen anyone wk Kyler but ok lmao him in context of Stormy/other flakes is one thing. I just can not give a shit whose pics he’s liking and/or discussion of his loose skin and beady eyes.

No. 481414

File: 1516922342665.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180125-151240.png)

Man shes aged hard over a couple years in her face. Her hair is a wreck whether dark or blond. It only looks passable when a stylist does it.

No. 481415

she should just get a damn wig. It's not like she can't afford a good human haired wig.

No. 481446

Bitch needs some korean skin care to clear up that face. How is she not self conscious walking around with a fucking pizza face. wtf

No. 481461

I went to high school with Morgan

No. 481475

Post proof or gtfo.

No. 481559

File: 1516933331702.jpg (144.58 KB, 1152x1324, Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 6.21…)

she's so fucking pathetic. every day she surprises me with how low she'll go for that dick that she's obsessed with. she has no self worth.

No. 481575

Tinfoil: a few days ago on cam she talked about how she was sick because her "cheating boyfriend" caught something from one of the "sluts" he cheated on her with.
Wonder if she'll try to claim she caught something from one of them.
Other tinfoil: she over douched before the appointment and probably screwed with results.
She bragged about how fresh and clean her vagoo was for her appointment.

No. 481604


uh milk please? Proof if possible.

No. 481660

Anon PLEASE post milk and proof I will live for it

No. 482071

File: 1516995123573.png (259.67 KB, 1080x1283, 20180126_192530.png)

So she's saying her drink was spiked at AVN

No. 482190

Apparently a camgirl was roofying a lot of other camhoes there, idk who it was or if anyone knows at this point.

No. 482219

File: 1517007673184.gif (2.73 MB, 700x394, f9f99c55-af41-4bd8-8006-b8c25c…)

Jesus is meg like the missing link in evolution?

No. 482220

File: 1517007789810.jpg (234.55 KB, 1075x1077, Screenshot_20180126-230218.jpg)

This caption when she lookin like a god damn chimpanzee

No. 482293

Did she put foundation over her lips? She's doing that retarded thing with her lips too. I've never seen a person look as much like an ape as the girl.

No. 482294

She looks like a white middle aged mom of 5 who lives in a trailer park out in a poor rural area ..you know, the kind who smokes Marlboro and wears pajama pants and a worn out baggy t shirt every where

No. 482296

oh my god i heaved
she's wasted in porn. she should be doing low-rent horror instead like kiki

No. 482377

File: 1517022996245.jpeg (239.09 KB, 750x1334, 3C014390-2597-4DF8-940A-5268FF…)

Sorry, new here. Same person that went to school with Morgan. She’s from Louisville, Kentucky and went to Eastern High School. We had the same group of friends so I saw a lot of her. Not sure how to post proof except for the amount of mutual friends we have on Facebook. We weren’t close.
She was annoying as shit, weighed like 60 pounds and was in the same scene phase everyone was in in 2012.

No. 482382

that's a pretty bad attempt at censoring. Also you don't need to write Anon in the name section, you can just leave it blank. I'm ready for T. Any interesting or memorable stories?

No. 482391

Thanks. She always talked about how fat she was. Shrill as fuck voice, always screaming. She was a huge thot at school, always dating and hanging over the next scene dude. She would “meep” act like a cat etc super cringe stuff

No. 482486

so im guessing she wasnt valedictorian like she used to claim?

No. 482638

Thot how? Anything controversial? Cause being a cringe sceney weeney pos in hs isn’t milk. Old pics? And was she a valedictorian?

No. 482685

File: 1517069716786.png (883.75 KB, 750x1334, 7B34D43B-97DC-477C-A6E8-F77F4A…)

Drunk tweeting lol please take it down several notches

No. 482693

>Just got abnormal result from test
>Eat my pussy!

Nah, we good.

No. 482694

Lol Kyler probably left her drunk nudes in their text message chain on read lmao

No. 482695

File: 1517070734263.jpg (47.51 KB, 640x480, 10339577_649653911783969_65560…)

Wait a sec, didn't Morgan go to Doss High School?

No. 482733

Stormy on cam: "I've never really had sex with someone I'm not in a relationship with, I don't know. It makes me feel gross. More power to you if you can, it's just not my shit."

Also Stormy: "I've really only been in 2 relationships in my life"

Also Stormy while telling OBGYN number of sexual partners shes had: "Woo finally in the double digits!"

Also Stormy: >>482685

No. 482741

File: 1517073676104.jpg (253.26 KB, 769x694, 20180127_090543.jpg)

Pumpy went to get matching tattoos with some other girl and I'm failing to see how they match at all. Here's Pumpys.

No. 482743

File: 1517073795614.jpg (334.92 KB, 779x843, 20180127_090515.jpg)

Here's the other girls. Is Pumps a dandelion and the other girls a sunflower?

No. 482782

This one is like 100x better than hers.

No. 482790

Pumpys looks like the cheap knock off version. Id be mad af. They had the same artist too.

No. 482802

what the fuck is going on with that teeny ass petal thats growing from the center? hope she's already scheduling a cover up appt for this mess

No. 482837

Looks like Pumpy had been drinking and/or taking blood thinning medications for her tattoo to look so much more washed out than her friend's.

No. 482913

She was deffo drinking the night before. Would that still effect it?

No. 482948

I don't think being drunk has anything to do with it, but Pumpy is a retard and doesn't know how to take care of her tattoos. Her "spank me" tattoo spilled because she didn't take care of it.
When you get a tattoo you're not supposed to touch it for a week or two at least (unless you're putting moisture on it, which you do really gently). No way did she not sit on her bony ass when she got it.

That's why I'm not surprised if this one looks like shit too lol

No. 483329

No. 483330

Jesus. She was in no way valedictorian. Last I remember, she lived in the rich part of town. Here, to go to a school you have to be in their school district based on zip code. Eastern didn’t bus to “the hood” and I never heard her say anything negative about her family until she got famous.

No. 483335

I started high school in 2011. and she was there from 2011-2013 which is when I left. Maybe her living situation changed drastically after I left, doesn’t seem likely. Sorry 2 double post

No. 483966

It's sad seeing this picture and then seeing where she's been and headed

No. 484000

>>483966 I know what you mean and I agree. let's remember though that not only did she choose this journey for herself, she's often said how pleased she is that she's accomplished so much and managed to escape from where she was.

No. 484037

File: 1517162152190.png (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 750x1334, 795764C3-AB1B-428A-9D69-19C684…)

valedictorian can’t spell week

No. 484077

she's as dumb as a fucking doornail, it's one of the reasons why she is still lapping at kyler's asshole

No. 484725

File: 1517194369168.jpeg (48.46 KB, 637x325, B93BCD63-70D4-4563-9884-A7D031…)

someone commented this about stormys porn with Kyler. i’m weak

No. 484771

Damn I get that you must rlllly h8 Kat but THIS ISN’T FUCKING MILK. SAGE. Newfags I stg.(mini-modding)

No. 485644

File: 1517260566062.png (85.65 KB, 638x742, StormyVsDerek180129.png)

Anyone have milk on this whole Pumpy / Derek stuff? Far be it from me to believe ANYTHING that pathological narcissistic liar spews forth, but I don't know this story and I'm betting other people do.

No. 486045

I could be wrong, but isn't that the H3dron guy she was leading on from mfc and twitter for a while? I think he went by thirtythree or some shit on mfc.

No. 486174

File: 1517276877318.gif (Spoiler Image,862.58 KB, 500x281, d44dd8dc-fb31-48df-9f35-9dbb41…)

Meg right on time with a Christmas video days away from February

No. 486184

File: 1517276973909.gif (909.47 KB, 500x281, d598749c-372b-498e-b70a-5c1758…)

Always wanted to see ya molars

No. 486187

File: 1517277019841.gif (Spoiler Image,1019.21 KB, 500x281, d8f0baf6-6d6d-48b6-b83f-a2ef61…)

Is she autistic tho?

No. 486198

Man there's like a full inch of extra lipstick, you can see where her real lips end. What an absolute mess.

No. 486445

stormy just got online - https://www.myfreecams.com/#Stormy

the brown hair looks significantly better than the gross dirty greyblonde, props to her for fixing that at least

No. 486476

she just whined that nobody is in her room, she is doing nothing, when someone tipped she quickly said thanks then continued to be on her phone posting whiny snapchats about nobody being in her room..

No. 486530

File: 1517289589469.png (Spoiler Image,2.29 MB, 1242x2208, 3D6C2453-6CF6-4C02-B9D3-6E9CBC…)

I’m shocked this hasn’t been posted yet. This is a… haunting image

No. 486924

Bruh with that twig ass body, bolt on tits, out of place toplessness, awkward posing and dead stare I straight thought this was an IMVU pic

No. 486928

File: 1517333207561.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180130-171856.png)

She's delusional about her bolt-ons with very obvious scarring

No. 487011

Oh my god you just found her new target audience/fetish niche!

No. 487722

I think because she's never actually had tits she doesn't know what they look like

No. 488220

File: 1517418669924.jpg (182.8 KB, 978x626, Screenshot_20180131-170916.jpg)

Still clinging to kyler's asshole like the turd she is.

No. 488262

She’s gone from “I’m the best bitch with the best pussy he loves me most his side hoes are just jealous and psychotic” to “the only time I get to see him now is in my imagination and I’m going to thirst-tweet about it publicly.” Sad!

Like actually, who cares? Her fans don’t care about the name-drop and clearly his girlfriends don’t care either if they couldn’t be phased when she and him were actually “dating.” She’s already posting a screenshot a day of him leaving her on read with her nasty ass “fantasies,” so he doesn’t care either. So who is she doing this for? It’s so embarrassing.

No. 488369

There she goes again begging for some floppy dick that never wanted her in the first place. She tries so desperately hard, its disgusting. Stormy has hit an all time bottom feeding low and its hilariously tragic.

No. 488382

I notice Lex has taken all mention of Purity Body Arts and Kyler out of her bios. The huge Lex vs Pumpy battle was for nothing.

Saged for shit post

No. 488596

File: 1517436643608.jpg (160.16 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180131_220944.jpg)

Why is she wearing these flesh coloured fishnets with this? Looks retarded.

No. 488677

this is beyond sad. she acts like she's this unattainable, above everyone, hot, kinky, best manic pixie tattooed alternative girl who makes other girls feel bad when she walks into the room, but she makes a fool out of herself like this. You're completely displaying how desperate and tryhard you are, posting shit like this so often and the saliva thing she posted a while ago. This guy doesn't even treat you half decently at all and you go to these lengths in public on the internet to prove yourself as bottom bitch? Just highlights that she has nothing to offer but sex to him. She has no other personality.

No. 488970

File: 1517457381678.png (Spoiler Image,574.87 KB, 1080x1091, 20180131_195040.png)

This Stormy bitch has a disgusting pussy rash

No. 488976

File: 1517457516396.png (Spoiler Image,660.57 KB, 1080x1075, 20180131_195340.png)

No. 488982

That doesn't look like normal razor burn or ingrown hairs.. really makes you wonder about that abnormal smear test of hers

No. 488990

Looks like her snatch is leaking fluids too. That discharge is probably what's causing that cluster of bumps around her vaginal opening. Fucking gross

No. 488994

you know healthy vaginas discharge, right? it's part of how they keep themselves clean. something is definitely up w her snatch but a vagina being wet is… pretty normal for vaginas.

No. 488998

This looks exactly like Shaygnar/Dum Dolly/Shayna's cooch, what the fuck, they need to commiserate about their fucked up cunts.

No. 489001

OT, but I don't shave specifically because i don't want my snatch to look like either of theirs. Is there a way to shave without it looking fucked up with bumps and ingrowns?

No. 489005

The most important question is when does this spoopy skele pull that grave over her? Fuck, she's thin now. I haven't checked in on her in forever.

No. 489010

I think it's because they're shaving non-stop, like, every single day. I actually let the length get to a 1/4 inch before I shave again, so I don't have this problem tbh and I doubt you will either. This is like years of neglect and over-shaving, I think.

No. 489019

don't h8 but I sometimes think megan looks like björk, now that she's fat and old.

No. 489029

What other Anon said (let it grow a bit each time) and exfoliate with a good body scrub before you shave…. also don’t get any herpes or warts and ur good to go!

No. 489030

Yes healthy vaginas discharge however, healthy discharge doesn't cause a rash near your vagina. Also, who oozes like that when you're playing with your pussy? That thing looks infected

No. 489041

If you play with vaginas, that is a thing that happens. They get wet. Discharge both cleans and lubricates. Agreed though that it looks like she has some kind of infection.

No. 489046

Is Meg selfposting? No one is talking about her. No one cares. She is forgettable. Yet she keeps popping up.

No. 489048

Stormy is that you? Girl lol listen honey when you get wet you have clear discharge, not runny milky shit oozing out with a questionable rash near the opening.

No. 489087

Not her, just confused that you're complaining about what looks like normal discharge to me.

No. 489095

vaginal discharge can range anywhere between clear to milky
only thing that looks abnormal down there is the rash which looks like it can be from shaving or heat rash, the vagina skin gets irritated pretty easily so it's not like she has a ~rare case of unknown herpes and will die soon~
I can guarantee you every grown woman to walk the planet has had irritation down there at least once or twice, even those perfect smooth innie pink pussies most likely had irritation at least once

but I realize it's lolcow, and vaginas are an easy target to make fun of because chances are unless you're having tons of skin treatments done, whitening, and fat injections or botox injected into it, it's not going to look ~perfect~

No. 489183

She's 21 anon

No. 489187

I think anon meant Bjork is old and fat, not Meg..?

No. 490682

File: 1517596035582.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.47 KB, 687x717, 918e0be9-b3b2-4678-901c-048148…)

Meg's butt looking like a shriveled up peach

No. 491714

File: 1517676525345.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1334x750, 974C4C5D-6C4C-49AB-8F58-59C6A9…)

So Stormy just made this video free…it’s a Team kat video which costs like…too much ($50-$100?) to be a part of. They get a monthly video and this was one of them, it was ok until this shot where her unmade face and hair come in?!? What are you thinking Kat??? This video is for her TOP TIPPERS and the whole thing is basically her writhing around for 7 minutes (3 of them are topless and 1 of them is nude). You could claim she’s a great tease but I think it’s more likely she’s just fucking lazy!

Link if you want to watch the snooze fest:

No. 491754

I legitimatly thought Stormy was actually 25 and not 21

No. 491829

Her body is just terrible

No. 491961

File: 1517693843364.png (742.62 KB, 750x1334, 8A70B068-9333-4884-A81E-A65D8E…)

Jus sum pumpy sperg 1/2

No. 491969

File: 1517694013010.png (936.28 KB, 750x1334, E979402A-B835-4D92-B396-F1C302…)

>apparently incapable of separating love and sex, gets obsessed with anyone who sticks it in her
Men b warned.

No. 493219

she has a nice apartment, what happened to her boob implants though?

No. 493364

Thats not her apartment, its a hotel she stayed in with one of the photographers she was banging

No. 493826

File: 1517845936531.jpg (1.08 MB, 3000x2000, IMG_20180205_155046.jpg)

She looks like a proper tag-along

No. 493834

"Don't embarrass me liking average girl pics" -Pumpy, 2018
Now I'm sure she talked about herself

No. 493835

Tbf both of them on the left do. The other 3 look like traditional adult workers… you know, women you can understand people fantasising about.

No. 493848

I dunno, I think Stormy looks out of place but still pretty (especially compared to how she normally looks). Her makeup is way better than usual and I like her dress.

No. 493872

File: 1517849976823.jpg (152.73 KB, 491x736, kwiz1g31_medium.jpg)

If you look through the galleries there are some absolute potatoes.

No. 493873

File: 1517850025160.jpg (183.61 KB, 736x491, cv8737ds_medium.jpg)

Ooft, that belly

No. 493874

File: 1517850070729.jpg (198.2 KB, 736x491, bkqrwx25_medium.jpg)

No. 493894

I wonder how it feels to know that the only men that find you attractive are ones that have objectified you into a weird fetish.

No. 493896

All of these girls are “but that one feature”. Like, they could be attractive, except for their nose/chin/eyes/etc. Why have none of them put any effort into their looks? Surely this is a great networking/marketing opportunity??

No. 493903

Kek the girl in the leggings and t-shirt and boots. Damn she must be feeling overdressed bless her.

No. 493904

I think the best part of these porn/camgirl events are the wide range of dress code. You literally get some girls glammed up like this is a red carpet, some girls in a hoodie and leggings like they just woke up, then you pepper in the girls who are just wearing as little as they can and round off with potatoes wearing bras and animal ears like above

No. 493915

File: 1517852497751.jpg (165.25 KB, 736x491, ambxzh73_medium.jpg)

Just goes to show you don't need to be attractive to be a camgirl.

Dumping some convention pics

No. 493916

File: 1517852516312.jpg (168.15 KB, 491x736, xd17le26_medium.jpg)

No. 493917

File: 1517852530177.jpg (171.52 KB, 736x491, h4f7ojnd_medium.jpg)

No. 493918

File: 1517852542728.jpg (177.42 KB, 736x491, lo0qw1d7_medium.jpg)

No. 493919

File: 1517852558869.jpg (156.66 KB, 491x736, 27ttffux_medium.jpg)

No. 493920

File: 1517852571827.jpg (155.9 KB, 491x736, 5rnbxyv8_medium.jpg)

No. 493921

File: 1517852589217.jpg (181.97 KB, 736x491, a8n8svjl_medium.jpg)

Pumpy spotting

No. 493922

File: 1517852599652.jpg (156.97 KB, 491x736, frlr44rw_medium.jpg)

No. 493924

File: 1517852643442.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.72 KB, 736x491, 6yd0txow_medium.jpg)

And some nudity

No. 493941

File: 1517853057637.jpg (162.57 KB, 736x491, 3fjq2hlr_medium.jpg)

This is awards night so this is their "best dressed"

No. 493942

File: 1517853075433.jpg (146.4 KB, 736x491, 26x8kzod_medium.jpg)

Potato club

No. 493943

File: 1517853086754.jpg (157.48 KB, 736x491, tdoscoix_medium.jpg)

No. 493945

File: 1517853098706.jpg (158.16 KB, 491x736, 7lfc961t_medium.jpg)

No. 493947

File: 1517853116888.jpg (191.81 KB, 491x736, 4qbg01oy_medium.jpg)

The slippers lel

No. 493948

File: 1517853128623.jpg (123.31 KB, 491x736, fdoqvmwm_medium.jpg)

No. 493949

File: 1517853148569.jpg (115.57 KB, 491x736, s8h2rfez_medium.jpg)

Those tits

No. 493950

File: 1517853159724.jpg (183.82 KB, 491x736, k58r8i02_medium.jpg)

No. 493961



WTF do any of these people literally not know where to shop for real clothes made from actual fabric?

No. 494001

Why does she keep making herself look way heavier than she actually is? If I was as thin as her, you sure as hell can believe I would show it off and not wear a fucking curtain

No. 494009

Seriously, all these dresses look like $5 Chinese knockoffs. So awful

No. 494012

They're probably all trash from Amazon cos most their income is in the form of Amazon vouchers

No. 494111

Is that Ellen Page with a cap

No. 494207

wow these girls are literally all angles, lighting, and makeup.

No. 494290

File: 1517868521674.jpg (205.45 KB, 736x491, pp2ja47y_medium.jpg)

I like the ones where you can see all the beta males who attend these things

No. 494292

And yes you can see every girl has those light discs attached to their laptop.

No. 494316

File: 1517869706599.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180205-222258.png)

Is this girl wearing false teeth or am I high?

No. 494331

File: 1517870051633.jpg (132.45 KB, 491x736, azomeo75_medium.jpg)

I wanna know who the potato girl is.

No. 494341

God you know it's bad when Pumpy actually looks like one of the more attractive ones out of all these convention pics.

Ew. Just… So much ew. Imagine the smell of so many incels in one room.

No. 494358

Dear god, so many of these girls are dumpy looking trailer trash. Does porn not pay them enough to afford anything fancier than Walmart evening gowns and Hair Cuttery stylists? Surely they could find a better paying job waiting tables where they wouldn't have to take dicks up their ass 10 times a month.

Guy on the left with the dark facial hair looks like the type of guy you'd see holding a Pepe the Frog sign at an Alt Right rally.

No. 494368

File: 1517872230030.jpg (178.82 KB, 736x491, 257zwjwz_medium.jpg)

The guy in the middle has murder in his eyes

No. 494414

File: 1517874331089.jpg (233.52 KB, 330x1672, this peter pan lookin bitch.jp…)

>so that's my home where dreams are born
>and time is never planned
>just think of lovely things
>and your heart will fly on wings
>in Never-Never Laaaaaand

No. 494515


All the camgirl pictures from the AVNs are in these albums if you want to keep cringing and cringing at terrible fashion/hair

No. 494665

Even more so in >>494290 I can't imagine sitting in front of my laptop and webcam while getting to see the actual reality of who's behind their screen names staring at me.

No. 494788

Ok anachan
Believe it or not most people are actually repulsed by the sight of scantily clad skelly
I fully encourage pumpy wearing clothes that make her look fatter

No. 494928

Are they all male or something? The one in black is the only feminine looking one.

No. 494968

>All the above pics related
Ffs you can tell that 99% of camgirls are just girls that never get attention IRL and did it solely to make themselves “interesting” and “desirable”.

No. 494969

File: 1517919796419.jpeg (78.86 KB, 736x589, E3E98B9C-5F8F-43F2-BC09-80356A…)


No. 494971

File: 1517919873750.jpeg (80.82 KB, 736x589, F5F54A5B-610E-4D45-A5EB-DD9B37…)

No. 494972

File: 1517919889190.jpg (3.53 MB, 3000x2000, n0cf0g4b_orig.jpg)

i swear to god, this girl in the middle looks like a completely different human face was grafted onto her skull

No. 494973

File: 1517919934857.jpeg (72 KB, 736x589, D7A8B74F-C4B7-46C9-B7C7-4F26C8…)

No. 494975

File: 1517920220936.jpeg (162.18 KB, 491x736, E15D5BA3-2A57-46C6-81B4-AC054A…)

Are you actually kidding me

No. 494976

File: 1517920270955.jpg (2.8 MB, 2000x3000, 66o5cw33_orig.jpg)

i raise you one… whatever this is

No. 494977

File: 1517920373750.jpg (3.31 MB, 3000x2000, fyyagcnw_orig.jpg)


No. 494978


I'm not following this thread, but scrolling past - these images are the worst possible advertisement for myfreecams.com. They probably should've reigned in the advertising a little with that backing image

No. 494979

Same as girls who get into fetish modelling.
The guys in the photos look pissed off; imagine paying to see these girls naked for months and then getting a glimpse of the irl versions.

Also they've all entirely forgotten how to dress which says a lot about their lives.

No. 494983

Omg some of these people look like the types you'd find propositioning truckers at an interstate truck stop…

No. 494990

File: 1517922374713.jpg (446.38 KB, 1102x1766, fx343w90_orig.jpg)

Can anyone explain what the absolute fuck is going on with this girl's ass

No. 495002

Left looks ok if she wasn’t 5 months pregnant

No. 495029

I did wonder but then I thought I was being harsh. Wow.

No. 495074

Dove Cameron on opioids

No. 495081

Holy beard

No. 495083

File: 1517931517622.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180206-153111.png)

Nightmare fuel

No. 495088

File: 1517931959264.jpg (Spoiler Image,652.47 KB, 1069x1440, Screenshot_20180206-154107.jpg)

I looked her up and dear god.

She only has 7 followers on Twitter lol. Imagine going to an avn when you've probably not even want enough for your first paycheck

No. 495093

Kek that’s Harlow Money on the far left if anyone lurks here from the dumdolly/Shay-gnar thread. Some goddess she is

No. 495125

File: 1517934801449.jpeg (35.66 KB, 310x592, 12CE08D4-4426-48D0-8D0F-5652F1…)

Those seven followers must really like spongebob

No. 495131

She reminds me of Jessi slaughter

No. 495143

are fat polynesian boys camming now?

No. 495269

File: 1517941759214.jpeg (64.56 KB, 736x589, 1DA7888E-44AD-4EDD-AD2C-E1DD0F…)


No. 495271

File: 1517941800011.jpeg (65.04 KB, 736x589, A1B7C785-E789-4BCD-9EB6-4CEEB6…)

I’m fucking dead at Daisy’s face, Peach was kinda cute by herself but oh my GOD she looks like a cherub compared to Daisy here

No. 495284

She's making enough to be sitting in a pretty nice bathroom. Pisses me off fugly bitches have the nicest houses.

No. 495325

File: 1517944317008.jpg (Spoiler Image,309.69 KB, 1046x1175, Screenshot_20180206-190955.jpg)

Well it looks like a damn mess from her "I'm online" GIFs. It being a tip doesn't help.

No. 495338

File: 1517944957730.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.27 KB, 854x480, IMG_20180206_191717.jpg)

I found potato girl


No. 495343

Truly, bless those of you posting these con pics. I'm sick and they have genuinely made me laugh today.
Looks like tess holliday in the background lmao
I know this is a retarded thing to sperg about but I can only see her fucking clubbed brachydactyly thumbs

No. 495348

“Lollipoplarge” would be more accurate

No. 495369

Oh god, the face of the right one. It's like someone put an incel's face onto a woman's body.

No. 495375

File: 1517947375625.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.15 KB, 750x403, 5A06C42D-1122-4481-BB53-0E4BEF…)

Who buys this shit…?

No. 495383

I honestly don't know. I'd be interested to know how many people have, if any.

No. 495387

This girl constantly looks like she wandered into the wrong convention and is low key looking for an exit

No. 495628

File: 1517962550865.jpeg (146.6 KB, 750x878, 9199BEA9-7A02-4F8E-B778-DD9668…)

I looked up this toilet breaker and thankfully not all these photos are of camgirls. This might've just been a photo wall opportunity at the MFC booth.

No. 495631

If they have a thing round their neck with a name and it says "myfreecams" underneath then they're a member and officially a camgirl right? Plus she has loads of MFC I'm online tweets so what is she on about?

No. 495913

Kitten_Sophie is now on cam telling some guy that anything that Stormy says to him is to manipulate him for money, my mind keeps skipping back to her crying about how "amazing" "Kat" was.

No. 495962

Why TF is everyone jumping on calling themselves bitcoin this and blockchain that… weirdest 'trend' yet. Can bitcoin just be a form of payment and the blockchain just be a conceptual way to build things again? Jesus.

Stormy is online and I am shocked how different she looks with these 10 lbs on her, she went from deathly emaciated to almost normal looking?

No. 495995

Wow. Pumpy is really talking about her ex again. Like I come here to laugh at her but wow… Give it a rest child. Talking about how she only fancies guys once she gets to know them. How he was sleeping with other girls and how she has nightmares about it yadda yadda wow…

No. 496048

her ass looks fine it's just her dumb fucking pose and not hooking up her garter in the back, it looks like it might have came off though so who knows

No. 496053

who's the chick on the right? she looks awfully nervous or that may just be her face

No. 496070

File: 1517982717374.jpeg (141.78 KB, 750x771, 819FC1E9-B6B1-43BA-A6AC-A10373…)

Well at least she’s honest about it…

This is one butterchin hair away from needing a spoiler tag.

No. 496092

File: 1517983250348.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5162.PNG)

She… She has a full on bum fluff chin. Omfg. Anyone can make money on mfc…

No. 496112

>when u gotta buy Metformin but have no insurance

No. 496116

She's on the non nude section CamYou, she's always singing or something - she creeps me the fk out cos she looks like a child but could potentially be 50 or something.

All those pics of the models in the pics look like they're from Aphex Twin's 'Window Licker' video. I'm embarrassed for MFC this all looks so cringe. Kati3kat looks BAD irl, what the actual fk?

No. 496128

MrzBlockchain and anything to do with her needs to be spoilered. She's worse than EB somehow. How?!!

No. 496354

they did no one justice in the photos

No. 496589

It doesn’t matter as long as she’s quirky, out going, nerdy and suuuuuper awk u guyz!

sage for jealous/baffled rage at Kati3’s massive fucking success. Is it just luck?! I heard she was tumblr famous when she was younger and also heard she used to advertise in other camgirl’s rooms “every day is Kati3 day” type thing

No. 496597

Seriously though, this is top tier disillusionment. Why would they put giant fluorescent lights overhead when it was supposed to be a “sexy” sort of convention where girls would be wearing heavy makeup. Other panels I saw in the background had soft beauty lighting.
Did mfc have an “official” photographer for the event? If they did, that person sucked! The flash photography is out of control. The fucking angles. They managed to make skellys look fat and their “hottest” girls look like shit. I’m triggered.

No. 496691

File: 1518029557046.jpg (130.86 KB, 491x736, 5z03oj21_medium.jpg)

She's not bad looking she's just got a bit of a witch face and I honestly can't picture what she actually looks like underneath the makeup, false lashes and contacts.

No. 496701

File: 1518030272460.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x267, RMSwdUHh.jpg)


This is kati3kat before camming. Still wearing makeup but hadn't perfected her 'look'. She's nothing special, just great at doing her hair and makeup.

No. 496702

File: 1518030324833.jpg (438.13 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180207-190431.jpg)

I think the most unflattering photo came from last year

No. 496710

File: 1518031234879.jpg (60.09 KB, 500x348, f4cb2eeb-0583-42cc-95c0-ed0173…)

I feel like I may of seen some of her selfies back in the day from emo and scene obsessives

No. 496715

how is this the same person as this >>496701?
she looks like sue heck here. the person here is really cute >>496710

No. 496737

File: 1518033334454.jpg (59.28 KB, 500x358, 05da6552-22dd-4061-873d-ffb6de…)

Angles.she obviously has a better portrait than face on.

No. 496789

Yeah. I remember once she turned her cam around and I peeped her light set up, it was two floor IKEA lamps on the outside left and right, two umbrella lights on the inside of those and a ring light in the middle

No. 496880

kati3kat’s fingers are permanently stained blue because she always touches her hair and it transfers. Makes her fingers look dead.

No. 496889

It should come off, it's not even permanent. I get red fingernails for a bit cos it makes my head itchy but it goes away. But I presume the upkeep on that blue head means she dyes it really regularly, I've never really seen her with it faded a bit.

No. 496940

File: 1518045307552.jpg (187.7 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180207_231359.jpg)

Even her "bff" is taking the piss out of her and not taking her saying she's really depressed today seriously.

No. 497249

Yes yes yes times 1000. Whoever did MFC's lighting sucks ass and whoever did MFC's photography sucks ass. Also…the MFC "swag" clothes (the green/white tank tops, short shorts, hoodies, socks, bags) are really unflattering and cheap looking.

I can't believe a site making so much money seems to care so little about their public image to the industry. They're supposed to be selling a fantasy of these girls, right? Just yikes.

No. 497315

Honestly tho MFC is amateur hour when it comes to everything. The guy who made it seriously was at the right place at the right time. If a competitor with better business sense and features for models/users got big VC funding and paid some of the successful models to move platforms they could take over.

No. 497334

Jesus her side profile is hella cute here, portrait is a little unfortunate for real tho. >>496702
Witch face is accurate also. She's hit and miss in pics, she ain't bad.

No. 497534

I think they used to not accept every girl who signs up, like you had to meet some sort of attractive standards but now you got goblins with beards and literal potatoes on there.

No. 497636

She looks cute like a young Sprouse twin here

No. 498520

Lol I feel like everyone who posts on this site is either one of those chicks who has to think every other person with a vagina is ugly or those virgin incel type dudes who's standards are retarded, because you guys literally will call anyone unattractive. Someone can be a bad person and not-ugly.

No. 498524

You must be new here. Learn how to sage.

No. 498525


I've just been lurking the last few weeks realized as soon as i posted though rip

No. 498685

File: 1518186833203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,283.86 KB, 1125x1756, 2F68E5ED-8991-4F7A-A5F4-1B535E…)

Stormy looking more and more average by the day

No. 498790

Being a cow makes you 999% less visually attractive. We ‘virgin incels’ do try to not nitpick appearance but cows really be doing it to themselves lol so just have a laugh and lurk harder before posting.
Does anyone think she’s gaining weight? Like she’s been looking less disgusting to me despite being so boring lately.

No. 498808

yeah, she's definitely gaining, and the brown hair actually looks decent. the thing is, her gaining weight just shows all her bullshit all these years about "not being able to gain weight no matter what!!!11" was – well, bullshit indeed. i still say bulimia although pumpy will deny it to death.

No. 498851

File: 1518197509970.jpg (388.82 KB, 2044x1544, Stormy_07022018_0524_MyFreeCam…)

She's still tiny but by pumpy standards it's an improvement.

She appears to be doing "look I can get my fingers round my skelly arm".

She's still far from a normal weight.

No. 498985

File: 1518207458385.jpeg (98.38 KB, 986x715, 836697A2-5976-4547-9CF4-C1622B…)

Pump’s face says it all, she’s gaining

No. 499128

Not gunna lie shes looking a lot better with the dark hair, weight gain and fixed teeth. Nothing she does is gonna fix that deep down shit personality though.

No. 499328

make no mistake, I hate pumpy's attitude and behaviour and she has looked god awful but she looks great in these recent pics to me. the extra weight is refreshing to see on her and she looks way healthier especially with the darker hair, god she looked her worst with that sparse blonde dry tumbleweed

why does it have to be a cow I dislike who visibly improves and not one of the few I'm rooting for deep down?

Also a while back someone asked if meg was self posting for attn and I doubt it, I actually liked seeing her stuff pop up in between other gossip, she's like the comic relief gif in between pumpy sperging about her bf

No. 499775

File: 1518280581115.jpg (1.36 MB, 3000x2400, omg.jpg)

No. 499778

File: 1518280839666.jpg (1.51 MB, 3000x2400, gfthyjk.jpg)

No. 499785

Lol she looks straight of some redneck heroin den

No. 499826

File: 1518286048265.jpg (51.3 KB, 625x789, nintchdbpict000287712756.jpg)

No. 499891

I like her looking average tbh, she looks cute

No. 500146

She definitely gained a little, but it honestly looks good on her. This is the first time in forever she doesn't look like a skelly or terminally ill. Hell, if she keeps up the hair/skin maintenance even, she could be pretty cute.

No. 500164

File: 1518305135004.png (Spoiler Image,306.91 KB, 1440x1111, 20180210_151556.png)

Then he broke up with you and ignored your insanely desperate attempts at trying to get his attention and stayed with the girl he was in an open relationship with from the start. Meanwhile you cry yourself to sleep, tell everyone he traumatized you so bad you have to see a therapist because you "have nightmares", and throw a pity party for yourself every single day in attempt to make some lonely fool feel bad for you and give you money. You knew what it was from the start. You aren't a bad bitch. Stupid as fuck to say stuff like this while spouting off some bullshit about how you're so monogamous and that's all you want from someone.

No. 500166

no offense but you sound like one of his gfs with how angry you are at her lol

No. 500168

nah that rant was beautiful, anon. i'm here for it. and for kyler's thots to dish dirt about pumpy, too.

No. 500169

>>500166 his gfs don't give a shit lol

No. 500345

File: 1518322752923.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180211-141924.png)

Some more pumpy sperg

No. 500377

All his other girlfriends knew what the deal was. Pumpy is literally the only one who had a problem because she thought she could just steal him away from them all lol. Sad that she's on her way to Hawaii and she can't even enjoy herself because she's torturing herself over some dick.

No. 500393

she still follows his gf on instagram? wow pumpy i didn't think you could get more pathetic

No. 500409

uhh it's like basic common sense that you get pissed at the guy who cheated on you, you don't bring the girl into it. The guy betrayed you, not the girl. Also nothing screams deep rooted insecurity like "penny he lost a dime to".
He also didn't"lose" you girl he never even tried to remotely hold on to you lol you were the one talking about your fetish for him spitting on you because you were running out of his ways to grab attention and feel like #1 hoe

No. 500467

Wow this is so pathetic. She knew exactly what the deal was and acts like she didn't. What a loser

No. 500471

Did someone ever figure out what’s so great about this guy? Is he rich?

No. 500477

Well I'm pretty sure he owns that piercing/tattoo studio so he probably has decent dollar. Maybe he's just a master manipulator.

No. 500480

No idea who this guy is, but he looks like a toe in >>500345

No. 500482

most likely, and alt girls tend to jump at the first alt guy they see even if hes an ex fatty who lives in a city that's mostly hood and rich white people

No. 500483

Lmao holy shit as soon as we compliment pumpy miniscule improvement, she acts like this. How tf could you possibly not know?? Weren’t people actively pointing out to you that he’s undeniably seeing other women?? He didn’t lose you over Lex bitch. You’re (were) the “new” piece, the side hoe, he was never gonna break up with other girls and move you in lmao wtf was you Actually that delusional?? He fucked you while laughing with his multiple girlfriends about what a nasty toxic piece of shit you are. God the humiliation, I can’t.

No. 500493

But is it really cheating of she knew he was dating other people but still chose to date him? She knew he was dating lex and still decided to date him and then got mad because she was just a side piece

No. 500494

Does anybody have milk on Cortana Blue? Apart from her bitching on twitter and her broadcasts all the time, asking for offline tips to support her disfunctional persona and that she broke up with her ex not so long ago — therefore more bitching. They said it all started with fake boobs and her ego got enormously enlarged with those implants.

No. 500497

ayrt and valid point, I just couldn't think of another way to word the situation. Literally everyone involved was completely aware of what was going on including ol' Pumpo but she was fully convinced it was like in Gladiator where you knock people off podiums with big cotton buds and she'd be the last bitch standing.

She's posting porn and saying "I fucked your boyfriend and I liked it" which she probably thinks is sly and sexy and proves he loved her DA MOST!! when in reality it just.. well it just shows she's a psycho really

No. 500499

File: 1518349034115.jpg (82.66 KB, 601x638, wahwahwah.JPG)

jesus. do you know who she's even bitching about here? ngl at first I saw "YOUR TINY APT AND YOURE A BITCH" and my brain glitched to "shaygnar" lmao

No. 500590

Yea, she's posting porn of her and that guy and I'm pretty sure she didn't even get a "model release" form or whatever is needed to make it legal to sell. At this point, it's probably Revenge Porn and ILLEGAL and I hope he gets pissed enough at her constant bitching and whining and LYING and asks MV to take the vid down.
You should NEVER consider Pumpy as "improving" - it is a constant downhill spiral. Additionally, she's in Hawaii again and sold "pre-orders" of "all the content she films while there". Once again, we expect she'll get NOTHING done and have NOTHING to show for it and have MANY upset cucks who paid money to get NOTHING in the end.

No. 500735

she looks way better than usual! the combover/angle is disguising her weird hairline and it looks like she's gained weight.

No. 500768

BabyZelda claims to be Swiss and "Asian" - is she forreal or is it just a part of her act? She scares me.

No. 500782

Poor old Pumpers! She'd still be going strong if she didn't stop with her loli shit. But I guess a poopy personality is hard to hide as there are others just as skelly and doing better…

No. 500805

She got a lot of hate when she was sweet to everyone, I don't blame her for being a bitch now.
not really any milk with Cortana, she's pretty transparent? Just cams and hangs out with her boyfriend

No. 500812

Yeah, I don't think there's milk on her. I live close to them and see her and her partner from time to time and they seem very sweet with one another. Also, she's just as attractive in real life (she's pretty much my type).

I'm still mad that pumpy blocked me when Kyler's other girl posted a picture with him and I asked her if they're poly. She said they've broken up and I should stop stalking him.

No. 500846

>stop stalking him

you first, pumpndump

No. 500867

fuckin kek she's so salty she couldn't get him to leave those other girls for her

No. 501066

File: 1518406127161.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180211-192700.png)

Must be a fun vacation in Hawaii, miserable bitch lmfao

No. 501079

File: 1518407006836.jpeg (112.09 KB, 675x1200, DTc9bVoUQAAzGv0.jpeg)

No. 501080

File: 1518407050289.jpeg (105.66 KB, 675x1200, DTc8ASxUMAAKAqI.jpeg)

No. 501101

File: 1518408105916.png (438.27 KB, 720x528, youautists.png)

how does she not realize her biggest problem is making all this shit public

No. 501130

Okay well, kyler being a piece of shit confirmed?
Why is he lying his ass off about being with lex??
I wonder if he was one of her haters online and is doing this just to fuck with her, he seems so manipulative and shitty in those texts
How can he call her an idiot when she has all that solid proof of him being with lex??
I somewhat feel bad for her, if this is really what she was being fed the whole time…
Still gutter trash, but surely she could find some 5/10 with money who'd make her feel good about herself and be loyal…some genuine self esteem would probably make her much less of a cunt

No. 501136

These are old and Pumpy knew going in what the situation was with Lex. She's just pissed that Kyler wasn't going to give up Lex for her. She's sperging the fuck out on Twitter right now about Lex & him though pretty milky shit happening if anyone doesn't cap it I will for later lulz.

No. 501144

File: 1518411586890.png (921.05 KB, 1273x1850, lol.png)

Current shitstorm @11.

No. 501148

File: 1518411822351.jpeg (544.31 KB, 1242x1593, 839D0783-3149-4935-89BE-AE2CD2…)

I feel like it’s bad for business to advertise how you didn’t actually come in those b/g videos you’re trying to sell (illegally?) right now…

No. 501151

What an actual mind-fucking dickhead to both of them wow

No. 501154

File: 1518412121678.jpeg (Spoiler Image,849.96 KB, 1242x1595, 64BC6F4D-BC67-4CB8-976B-4E5C85…)


No. 501156

Wew lad, shit is getting real. I almost feel bad for pumpndump.. almost. Kyler definitely confirmed manipulative shitstain but pumpy was a prime target really

No. 501166

bitch you are on some vacation have some chill

No. 501175

When she doesn't see her therapist for 1 day because she's on vacation…

No. 501176

I just feel bad for her. She's obviously emotional unstable at the best of times, and Kyle is creepy and abusive. I would 100% believe that he lied about leaving his other gfs or some other manipulative shit to make her lose her mind this much.

No. 501278

pumpy is nuts and needs to let go and Lex is an idiot doormat but Kyler is just a scumbag fuckboy.

No. 501296

Wow, guess for once she wasn't just being a sperg.

That's just pathetic. Stop going after the sidechick and focus on the cheating tard you let nut in you.

No. 501302

yeah this is a game changer for me. this whole time i thought he had made it obvious for everyone that this was a poly thing, his only crime being not rejecting pump's desperate antics, but he's actually trying and sometimes succeeding to convince these girls that they're the only one?

No. 501398

Fml I’m sympathetic with pumpy for once, this is some next level gaslight. Kyler is a former incel who just hates women for rejecting his fatty self.
She needs to stop @ing lex though, that poor girl seems like mini Lainey lmao anyone following lex through all this?

No. 501400

fuck Kyler, he's an ugly dykey looking cunt whos feeling the fuck out of himself since he lost enough weight to see his dick - too bad for him he's gonna die alone with his nasty gunt once everyone realises he's an absolute fuckboy.

No. 501444

Kyler was a piece of shit confirmed, but honestly I can't feel sorry for her. That's exactly the kind of man she deserves, so that she can finally be put in her place. Birds of a feather…

No. 501835

File: 1518476830525.jpeg (403.91 KB, 750x480, 0C5A59D8-3C76-4E17-B47E-E8B8C8…)

Part of her act. And me too, anon…

No. 501836

There are…?

No. 501851

she's so unfortunate looking.

No. 502006

File: 1518561640940.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.17 KB, 323x194, BCF63CA2-DA63-4A82-B054-050ED3…)

No. 502044

File: 1518563069995.jpg (118.8 KB, 482x482, 20180213_104216.jpg)

Stormy: I love walking by and making mens jaw drop

No. 502178

She looks like PT if PT went through a tumblr phase.

No. 502562

File: 1518611696768.png (493.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180213-100715.png)

"all my weight gain goes to my ass"

No. 502563

File: 1518611739236.png (297.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180213-172114.png)


No. 502565

File: 1518611923553.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180214-123718.png)

Couldn't capture the right bit cos it's first frame but if you watch it her posture is fucked. She even stands like some weird ass bug

No. 502572

>He is a womanizer. A liar. A sociopath and a manipulative douche.

>At least I got him to treat the bitch like she deserves

>Look lexi, he cummed in me!!

jesus….what a dumb bitch….

No. 502580

kek. she's like a 9,968 bad episodes of dr. phil/jerry springer/ricki lake combined.

No. 502891

File: 1518642447757.png (1.69 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180214-130547.png)

No. 502898

why are her eyes always so jaundiced looking? this ho isn't long for this world

No. 502900

File: 1518642954130.jpg (749.94 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180214_131421.jpg)

Her legs are like tiny arms with giant flippers attached

No. 503066

>"I'm the woman your boyfriend thinks of when he's fucking you"

No. 503294

It's weird how much better she looks in clothes. She looks like a lanky 12yo boy here smuggling water balloons in his sister's bikini…

No. 504069

File: 1518726385944.png (1.91 MB, 940x1660, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 12.2…)

>I love walking by and making mens jaw drop

No. 504347

Lol she looks like momokun here if she lost 150 lbs

No. 504349

Yea I haven't read about her making any content at all in Hawaii. Sounds like some cucks got screwed over by ScammyStormy again.

No. 505398

Kyler has followed over 1200 girls on insta over the last 4 days, dude is thirsty as fuck lmao

No. 505489

File: 1518821624107.jpg (225.64 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180216_225158.jpg)

When she thinks she has an ass but it's just her fucked up posture.

No. 505494

Loooool, I guess 3 girls just isn't enough

No. 505563

he's gotta cast a wide net cuz his current hoes are acting up

No. 505972

File: 1518858810130.jpg (194.64 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180217_091214.jpg)

Why would anyone want to buy this?

No. 505975

File: 1518859445462.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1530, 20180217_092219.png)

Another shit tattoo

No. 506006

Couldn't tell that this was a pic of her ass at first, I thought it was taken from the front rip

No. 506028

File: 1518870510257.jpg (162.45 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180217_122725.jpg)


No. 506443

File: 1518902599367.jpg (223.47 KB, 1069x978, Screenshot_20180217-212259.jpg)

God damn this crazy ho.

No. 506496

And 43 people liked this.

No. 506512

Can you imagine having the chance to go to Hawaii, and have the vacation of your life…
Only to be miserable and petty over an ex and have it ruin the whole trip?
She needs to get over him, she's obsessed at this point.

No. 506523

File: 1518905638404.jpg (426.52 KB, 622x884, b6129d3b0863f7c4183ee6ac8bebbd…)

Why this gangly bitch look like betty spaghetty?

No. 506551

Pretty sure that if anyone's "vacation of your life" in Hawaii is being ruined, it's everyone who is being forced to interact with Pumpy.
I really feel sorry for these two other girls. Can only imagine how much of their trip has been Debbie Downer'd by Pumpster and her constant loud whining about everything involving Kyler/Lex or her "trolls".

No. 506608

The other 2 cammed together and made content together. Pumpy is such a third wheel.

No. 506617

So does Pumpy have ANY content made in Hawaii besides 4 or 5 polaroids and whatever I assume she put on her SnapChat? What did those poor cucks pay 900 tokens to "preorder/order" of "all the Hawaii content"?

No. 506635

She's not mentioned anything so presumably not.

No. 506643

File: 1518913339538.jpg (39.91 KB, 749x734, IMG_20180218_002137.jpg)

Them 2 hugging on each other, she's just kinda there.

No. 506645

Shes probably going to try to pass off these pictures Loretta took of her as "Hawaii content" >>506028

No. 506652

File: 1518913860077.png (397.26 KB, 1440x1146, 20180213_150631.png)

She sells this video for $179.99 and he calls it a music video, I'm cackling

No. 506658

File: 1518914616641.jpg (125.15 KB, 1007x600, Screenshot_20180218-004141.jpg)

Her reply to someone saying "haha you got wrecked".

We all know this is bullshit, the numbers do not add up at all.

No. 506659

Also they broke up way before Hawaii and lex is a lot better looking than her, the delusion is real.

No. 506677

Whos the girl on the right?

Kafkaesque. Does she have rickets?

No. 506679

Lex is Lainey tier ugly and just as fucking dumb as Pumpy, she just wasn't a total sperg about it.

No. 506690


No. 506692

File: 1518917232792.jpg (Spoiler Image,233.89 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180218_012418.jpg)

No. 506716

OMG I love you anon!

No. 506735

It's funny you say that because she's from Kentucky

No. 508696

Pumpy is being sooooo dramatic about this biopsy thing. I remember when I was 21 all of us had HPV and had had an abnormal pap that had to be looked into further. It hurts for a second but it's not like major surgery you are in and out and bleed like 100% less than a period.

No. 508817

File: 1519078603753.jpg (98.33 KB, 1024x901, IMG_20180219_221535.jpg)

She's basically admitting to tax dodging online.

No. 508820

File: 1519078712643.jpg (90.17 KB, 1024x880, IMG_20180219_221543.jpg)

Can we report her (UK fag so idk your rules)

She thinks she can write off everything because she may use it for camming, but you can't do that. She's legit a criminal and bragging about it on twitter.

No. 508860

I swear she's sounding more and more like cucking-obsessed incels. Perhaps she really got off of the thought of "cucking" another girl (who was most likely just a fwb).

To me they could be on the same level looks wise. I mean, Pumpy is a balding skeleton with acne, for a long time she even cammed without any makeup, in a hoodie, with her fried hair in a bun, not exactly the height of attractiveness

No. 508866

File: 1519081396005.jpg (213.49 KB, 1006x1028, Screenshot_20180219-230249.jpg)

Since when does meg speak fucking Russian lmao

No. 508928

Yeah no…that's not how that works. The only way you can write something off on your taxes is if it's ONLY for work. If you use anything for personal use then you can't write it off.

What the hell is up with cows and tax dodging? Don't they fuggin remember Wesley Snipes?

No. 508988

File: 1519086295033.jpg (168.92 KB, 1050x774, Screenshot_20180220-002318.jpg)

Someone get pumpy to human anatomy class immediately.

No. 509119

File: 1519093463777.gif (5.91 MB, 430x215, hehe.gif)

pic related lmao

so has she bounced from her hot minute phase of being tanned, bimbo-y like in >>474463 ?

No. 509297

No. 509453

Possibly. Like all clothing and makeup, anything she spends on herself, she thinks cos she appears on cam in such things sometimes that it's fine..

No. 509454

File: 1519141736813.png (86.42 KB, 1080x450, 20180220_154855.png)

Sounds like she's harassing kyler again

No. 509456

File: 1519141873866.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-155025.png)

And he's "busy" being on holiday with lex in Florida looool, she must be fuming inside.

No. 509460

File: 1519142290146.png (91.61 KB, 750x561, IMG_4352.PNG)

Any milk on this?? I got this from twitter.com/beyspinkytoe , they put pinky and Lotte on blast all the time lol
Does anyone remember charm's legal name? I wanna see that mugshot and what retail scam she pulled but I don't see anything on google for her handles…

No. 509463

File: 1519142370524.png (601.05 KB, 640x1136, 4487FBCC-1FD0-4C39-A6E5-A5C78B…)

When Pumpy says something and you actually agree, pic related

Wtf why would you not even google this shit honestly

No. 509475

File: 1519143357375.png (72.54 KB, 1080x1142, 20180220_161252.png)

I believe this is her real name, no recent arrest records, just this from 2016.

No. 509524

She said something like, “we raped each other” if I recall lmao

No. 509528

Dang Lex is the true winner here, getting to date a saggy narc that continues to smear his own name online by putting it in a batshit camgirl and literally everyone else. I almost feel as if the other girls are ‘winning’ because they don’t have to deal with his baggage and just get the d. But nobody is a winner in this situation, except Kyler because he’s probably a psychopath.

No. 509651

Lmao noo this is her new dude she tweeted at before Hawaii and has been skyping with apparently. She even said her new fetish is brown guys :X

No. 509707

File: 1519154633034.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180220-192153.png)

Oh lawd, this guy seems like a freak, pumpy might end up dead.
>pic related

No. 510095

Why she chose this pic of her looking like alien as her new universal profile picture I don't know.

No. 510164

File: 1519181337327.png (418.35 KB, 569x591, kek.png)

New guy is kind of cute (easily cuter than Kyler at the very least), but definitely comes off as a fuckboy edgelord after peeping through his twitter. I guess he's found his sugar mama.

No. 510182

he looks like a fuccboi but at least he doesn't have a gunt like Kyler looool

lex is a fucking doormat to rival Lainey. the dude just told her that they don't even have a relationship but she's still acting like he's the love of her life. pathetic

No. 510354

Sugar mama? Aren’t you trying to be a trophy wife pumpy? This dude seems boring as heck tbh
She even looks like lamey lmao

No. 510475

How is this admitting to anything? I'm eurofag, but if you're self-employed you don't have to pay tax on a lot of things you might not know about (for a cam model ike clothes you buy for a video,etc). Its pretty conceivable that if she was paying tax on all those things last year and isn't this year, she'd save a lot of money. I'm all for Onion's mc mansion getting repossessed by the tax man, but in pumper's case this just seems like smart money management.

No. 510722

Business expenses have to be for business only. So, if she buys clothes for camming, they have to be cam-only clothes, not clothes you'd wear on the daily. I can see lingerie counting, or "outfits," but not jeans, normal shirts, dresses, whatever. Things like studio equipment would count as a write-off. Sex toys, condoms.

She probably wrote off her boob job.

Apparently a regular is her tax account but then she does her taxes via Turbotax? I don't even know.

>Its pretty conceivable that if she was paying tax on all those things last year and isn't this year, she'd save a lot of money.

Yeah, but she said she put away $47k and only paid $4k. She thought she'd be owing $47k based on her income. How in the world is someone who makes, who knows, over $200k (I don't know what she makes - I can only assume it's a lot since she brags about making $15k from one sex video) only paying $4k in taxes?>>510475

No. 510793

Her brags are bullshit, people have worked out the sales as twitter autoposts every time the video is sold, she's just desperately trying to sound more successful than she is.

No. 510814

She doesn’t. She was and always will be a compulsive lier.
I second this. She’s not making bank like she used too when she used to pander to pedos

No. 510944

File: 1519250734075.jpg (801.62 KB, 978x1570, Screenshot_20180221-220456.jpg)

Lord that bald patch

No. 510956

sometimes I don't know if I'm in the cam hoe thread or the pro ana thread

No. 510960

Those collar bones are creepy as hell.

No. 510964

Where? That's an average hairline

No. 510967

File: 1519252362444.gif (2.99 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

>Average hairline

No. 510978

File: 1519252948644.png (747.47 KB, 780x1080, 20180221_224002.png)

Pumpers has had the balding hairline thing since she was like 14. I guess it's a combination of too much dying/hair extensions and it just being weak and brittle from being a spooky skeleton

No. 510979

File: 1519252987127.png (1009.48 KB, 804x1080, 20180221_223942.png)

No. 511000

File: 1519256426836.png (596.38 KB, 1080x1124, 20180221_233908.png)

Wow gently rubbing a knife point on your leg, looks painful.

She'll be in for a shock if she lets that new dude do "knife play" when his fetish is blood in porcelain white sinks

No. 511014

From "hurt me please" to wanting to "destroy your dick" with her boots in a 15-minute span. PICK A LANE, PUMPY.

No. 511017

Loool she's trying to appeal to all audiences without realising it's contradicting.
People don't want a fake sub or a fake Dom.

No. 511075


ay pumps, you ever wonder if maybe your tryhard attempts at being a masochistic doormat make it sting so much harder when you get rejected, so your rage manifests as wanting to destroy dicks? maybe your next big adventure should be vanilla.

it's like the sexual equivalent of nice guy syndrome but instead of hating women for rejecting them despite their insincere attempts at being nice, pumpy hates men when they reject her despite her insincere attempts at being their bitch. she's said before that she prefers being the more demanding one in bed, so why try so hard to go the other way if its gonna piss you off so bad when it doesn't work out?

No. 511561

File: 1519327996536.png (12.5 KB, 376x118, 8077019f-62a0-469e-9d51-7697a4…)

Meg posting cringey as fuck DMs between her and her "new daddy".

They never get past messages, she's obviously not had sex in years.

No. 511857

kek at Pumpy's Next Big Adventure

No. 512018

I mean switches exist but she’s not that. She mistakes bein a desperate doormat as bein “sub” and calls herself “dominating” for bein bitchy.

No. 512174

I want to suplex pumpy into a table every time she bitches about being tired/not having enough energy. Perhaps it's because you're alarmingly underweight?? Probably hypocritical coming from a former ana chan, but your brain turns food into energy you moron. instead of bitching about taking a million vitamins and supplements, consider eating for once you absolute buffoon

No. 512718

And now she's trying to be a vegan. Like if you are severely underweight limiting tons of foods is the worst move you can make. I know there are fat vegans and junk food vegans but I turned into a stick when I tried it.

No. 513707

Stormys on cam right now. She just said she's getting the side of her face tattooed and pointed to exactly where Lotte got her moon tattoo. Please do.

No. 513716

Omg pleeease let her follow through. She's gonna look fucking hilarious

No. 513741

File: 1519518595755.jpg (224.75 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180225_002846.jpg)

State of her fucking outfit choice.

No. 513744

I'm surprsied she's doubling down on this ~cool alt chick~ shit after kyler burned her. didn't she only pick that up when she started slobbering on his dick?

No. 513750

File: 1519519310973.jpg (Spoiler Image,242.06 KB, 1011x878, Screenshot_20180225-003110.jpg)

All you can state at is those titty scars, it's not a good look.

No. 513752

File: 1519519443160.png (Spoiler Image,277.69 KB, 497x497, 20180225_004345.png)


Dear lord that ass she claims isn't flat as hell.

No. 513753

Forgot to spoiler but it's barely an ass I guess.

No. 513767

The legs and arm are the most disturbing part. Looks like a bad photoshop but sadly is real.

No. 513768

File: 1519520710354.png (Spoiler Image,696.37 KB, 996x757, 20180225_010416.png)

It was really boring.

Is it really deep throat if it's like 5inches? 6max.

No. 513990

Maybe I’m reaching about his handle but I Spit on Your Grave is a cult film about a girl who gets raped by a handful of men and violently and elaborately murders all of them.

So yeah with >>509707 watch out pumpo.

No. 514142

File: 1519572452954.jpg (348.92 KB, 1077x1110, Screenshot_20180225-152546.jpg)

Meg confessing her love for that paedo and saying she doesn't care about the accusations. Ugh.

No. 514800

the fuck it's so tiny
how does she not fall into the toliet everytime she pees?

No. 515283

File: 1519680140684.jpg (438.81 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_20180226_212113.jpg)

God at least pumpers has put on a bit more weight then when this was. That fucking ribcage.

No. 515425

File: 1519695001447.png (5.44 MB, 2208x1242, AE1C6276-72B7-4637-A447-4077A7…)

She was just camming and she ended it by saying “When I come back on later, I hope people would’ve learned how to use their fucking finger”
Pic related- the face you make when you realise nobody gives a fuck about you.

No. 515427

File: 1519695294533.png (Spoiler Image,5.75 MB, 2208x1242, 13634806-5278-4E7D-B39E-8B8C79…)

She also heavily sighed before she left. It looked like she was either about to breakdown or lose her temper.

Sage samefag

No. 516609

File: 1519808966256.jpg (249.05 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20180228_090831.jpg)

This hairstyle doing her alien head no favours

No. 516634


Slightly OT, but is there a reason why anyone would choose to get this type of implant that leaves such ugly scars under the boob? Is there any advantage, or in her case maybe because she was too skinny…?

I feel like this is the worst type.

No. 516691

Yeah, they're not too common anymore but I honestly don't think it looks bad. It's a scar, it's not a big deal. We definitely have better things to criticize her for than that.

No. 516719

File: 1519827445877.jpg (266.13 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20180228_141737.jpg)


No. 516962

Implants don't leave scars, incisions leave scars. They have to get the implant in there somehow. Every boob job has them, some more visible than others. Hers look more intense because her implants are extremely small and she has no underboob to cover it. Most cam girls with fresh boob job scars do much more to cover them and make them less visible though.

No. 517009

Did her stylist accidentally dye her ear plugs?

No. 517037

She could have gone through the armpit.

I don't think her scars are that big of a deal, as other anon stated, and they are still new for scars. They will fade over time.

No. 517144

It's impossible to take her seriously (among many reasons) when it looks like she has boogers that are 1% of her entire body weight hanging off her nose.
Can't wait for the next phase in human garbage evolution when she supposedly gets a face tattoo. So she can claim it's another "matching tattoo" with her rapist pal Lotte.

No. 517291

Why is Lotte a rapist?

No. 517748

File: 1519923936125.jpg (204.99 KB, 1038x2048, IMG_20180301_164820.jpg)

I don't know what the fuck this new look is. Trailer trash?

No. 517754

File: 1519924461008.jpg (Spoiler Image,335.38 KB, 2044x1544, Stormy_01032018_0803_MyFreeCam…)

What is this crappy lil room she's camming from? It's got nothing in it but a phone charger. Really goes with the new ghetto trash look.

No. 517836

Her pussy is practically the same size as one of her ass cheeks, kek!!

No. 518227

File: 1519952311332.png (608.36 KB, 1080x739, 20180302_005723.png)


No. 518229

File: 1519952358286.png (679.06 KB, 1055x746, 20180302_005814.png)

She took her mongy plug out and started messing with it.

No. 518238

Because she has literally admitted it herself, its in the threads.

No. 518291

File: 1519956531114.jpg (10.09 KB, 210x240, rfhijjf.jpg)


Giving me Swan Princess hag vibes

No. 518298

She was very interactive tonight, she clearly needs the money!

She said the meatiest part of her body “is the tattoo under my ass” then she shows her ass, jiggles it about whilst lifting her skirt up.
Her ass is getting a bitch bigger, but bigger than before that’s not a hard thing to do but she’s getting there, i’ll give her that!

No. 518356

What is this? go try to suck up to her yeasty vag somewhere else.

No. 518416

Stormys on cam complaining that it's quiet then being mean as fuck to everyone who says a single thing to her without a tip. She seems pleasant to be around.

No. 518425

Is this hair extensions or what? She’s pulling a Shay here, covering up bad areas with a headband.

No. 518615

File: 1519994653472.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, IMG_20180302_124433.jpg)

Well yeah it's obviously extensions. It didn't grow overnight. Last thing she needs is heavy extensions tugging on her brittle ass hair.

No. 518721

Pumpy retweeted her chums porno and my god how hilariously bad does this look?

No. 518726

I think the concept is cute but man those fucking torso things are so creepy idk how people jerk off to videos with those.

No. 518764

File: 1520009983830.png (55.47 KB, 275x259, 1494192172262.png)


>concept is cute


No. 518875

Nothing cuter than a breaking and entering which results in you being raped. Sewwww cuuuute!!

>>518726 lol what the fuck anon

No. 518900

late and ot but i think thats just her tounge under her top row of teeth lmao, it looks weird

No. 518912

Thats inside out, isn't it? The top?

No. 518937


It's a cupped bra…nearly impossible to wear inside out. That is the design. I have the same bra. What makes you think that it's inside out? She is an idiot but not that much of an idiot lol…

No. 518938

I think it's just hideously designed

No. 518958

sage for ot, I kinda like her new look but her extensions look kind of, off? I don't know how to put my finger on it
her tattoos are trash though especially her chest one

No. 519184

I know it's only the 2nd so rank is easier right now, but how the fuck is she #19? WHO DID THIS

No. 519196

Her cucks.

No. 519298

Last night she was crying because "everyone still supports her" and her "amazing personality" and now she's screaming at people for not tipping her lol

No. 519321

Specifically MichaelAF and some guy named Cale were her big tippers that got her up in ranks. The 2 of them tipped her almost 10k combined in 20 mins.

No. 519360

Stormys on cam yelling at her cats for being around her, pouting, banning people who don't talk. tonight is gunna get interesting.

No. 519362


There's already proof she's abused her cats, so you'd think it wouldn't surprise me that she constantly berates them just for being near her, and yet…

No. 519431

She's only made about 2000$, it'll taper off don't worry
She hasn't made over 10k in a month in a long time

No. 520096

File: 1520131628877.png (43.96 KB, 582x174, kv.png)

betch you didn't quit drinking but good job on finally realizing that restricting major food groups at 75 lbs is a bad idea

No. 520098

File: 1520131657416.png (47.79 KB, 585x216, khungover.png)

She was literally hungover yesterday lol

No. 520125


She kept talking about her recovery a couple nights ago, while she was drunk.

Girl, that's not what "recovery" means.

No. 520387

She must get pissed so easily being such a skelly. I imagine she gets trashed on one of those mini wine bottles that are just 1 large glass.

No. 520459

File: 1520183636946.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.72 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20180304_170843.jpg)

Outta nowhere but y'all seen this pic of kitten Sophie?

There's so little fat on her ass that she appears to have no ass crack. It's like an asshole stuck on a knee.

No. 520464

this looks uncannily similar to the urban outfitters in my town. has it ever been confirmed what area/state she lives in?

No. 520465

She lives in vegas

No. 520481

not to sound fatty or anything but why are camgirls either borderline anorexic or chub? there's no inbetween

No. 520499

There is, they just aren’t itt. Check out NevAmore, AriaNina, Kickaz, Zia, etc
and Aspen Rae is a fucking muscle goddess, UNNNFFF

No. 520636

File: 1520198168791.jpg (Spoiler Image,381.24 KB, 1073x823, Screenshot_20180304-211145.jpg)

Lol at her trying to sell herself as an inked camgirl. Yes she is literally inked but she hardly qualifies for that title.

If you say the words "inked camgirl" I'm expecting someone covered in the them. Full body stuff.

No. 520956

File: 1520228263612.jpeg (132.63 KB, 1242x984, 992F41AA-4DEA-415F-8C86-F94469…)

New hair is looking like… something

No. 521318

File: 1520274617783.jpg (87.72 KB, 600x847, Scene-Hairstyles-for-Guys-47.j…)

This is so bad. She looks like a scene dude from 2006 but without the enormous fringe.

No. 521325

File: 1520274997599.jpg (79.32 KB, 507x437, 20180305_183632.jpg)

Nice lip sore

No. 521331

Lol, a while ago she said she would “punish” the viewers by not bothering to do her makeup or hair nicely if she didn’t get a certain amount of tips in the previous show.

That’s certainly a….uh…choice. I dunno why you’d want to delibrately hurt your chances of future income because you’re salty you had a bad night but aight.

No. 521356

Nearly smacked me off my ass with that sense of entitlement, kek. 'Punishing' her veiwers by being fugly? She treats her veiwers like complete dumbshits. But considering Pumpy's got the intelligence of a rotted trout, it's not surprising. No wonder she can't reach the numbers she used to.

No. 521383

she needs a cute wig with bangs

No. 521459

Putting permanent extensions in (not the clip ones) whilst her hair is this damaged and when she just went back to dark is going to cause some decently brutal hair loss I can't wait to see.

No. 521522

Stormys new free porn on pornhub is cringe. Wasn't it filmed by some dude who raped some other camgirls? Eli or something like that? Down voted.

No. 521838

Woah, what? Source pls

No. 522245

His name is Eli Adams and Kat worked with him and was banging him shortly after moving to Vegas. He had filmed content for a few camgirls before EmilyLynne came forward and said he assaulted her and warned people to stay away from him. Kat defended Eli through it calling Em a liar saying Eli had never sexually assaulted Kat so he couldn't have done it to Em, even though Kat was banging Eli willingly and has a gif she retweets licking the tip of his dick. The drama is all over Twitter, but it's over a year back. Eli went private with his account for almost a year after the ordeal. He filmed Kats wine fuck video and a "professional silhouette" dancing video from her old mansion.

No. 524351

File: 1520547560791.jpg (370.9 KB, 1056x1280, Screenshot_20180308-221758.jpg)

This trash using international women's Day to praise herself.

The fact she thinks selling her own porn is a "business" is laughable. What a twat.

No. 524352

"Guys I myself actually have to go on the internet, feed myself and remember to sleep! I'm so strong, how do I do it?"

No. 524436

File: 1520555070480.png (756.89 KB, 750x1334, 3383C2AF-AF38-43BA-B688-4190BB…)

No. 524437

File: 1520555136610.png (809.9 KB, 750x1334, BC69D88B-766C-49D4-8224-7AA5F2…)

No. 524440

That is such fucking bullshit. She has NO issue complaining and trying to get hard-working people FIRED for the most MINOR inconveniences they cause on her part. Don't think she's ever taken an Uber WITHOUT posting some comment about her driver.
Or the time when she tried to get a food delivery person FIRED because they were not legally allowed to go up to her hotel room and it was too much of an inconvenience to have her able-bodied friend go and retrieve it from the front desk.
But no - you keep pretending that you're such a humble and shy person, Pumpy…

No. 524823

File: 1520614368560.jpg (109.98 KB, 1021x369, Screenshot_20180309-165134.jpg)

The "boo" she's never even met? God this is pathetic.

No. 524825

File: 1520614525396.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.89 KB, 1080x720, e2fd67ab-e781-46b5-85ef-0267d0…)

What the absolute fuck is this picture?
Why would she upload this? It's awful, incredibly unflattering.

No. 524830

one boob hanging out, other being absent, those fucking hips… this picture is something else omg

No. 524979

File: 1520628840074.jpg (239.6 KB, 1038x2048, IMG_20180309_205346.jpg)

Can't fully figure out why she looks so stupid in this outfit but she does.

No. 525167

sad forehead

No. 525171

Is her giant bobble head and the 1:1 torso:legs ratio. Stay away from long skirts and dresses unless they touch the floor and your wearing really high heels underneath

No. 525475


She looks like a curtain.

No. 525482

File: 1520685953723.png (353.04 KB, 1080x1853, 20180310_074252.png)


No. 525483

File: 1520686001836.png (633.06 KB, 1080x1550, 20180310_074320.png)

Here we gooo

No. 525551

Love when people try say their ex is ugly, like they obviously don't think that or they wouldn't have gone with them in the first place.

Who didn't see this coming eh. Bring on the breakdown.

No. 525595

File: 1520702417723.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 7C6B361D-3413-4EEF-95B6-162836…)

Does she make it a point to cuck her followers? Loool

No. 525644


Why is it so hard for ppl to realize that a lot of guys are into being cucked? It's strange, but there is a market for it obviously.

No. 526076

Question, who was the cam girl that pushed poo back up her ass while streaming? Can’t remember for the life of me

No. 526086

Brina! (Sabrina Nellie) She used to be so milky a few years ago but she's really calmed down and just recently had her third kid. There are a few good posts on the Dirty about her.

No. 526245


I still follow Brina on IG. She says she is coming back to cam at some point. She seems a lot more positive and calmed down. It would be nice to see her be able to actually raise one of her kids but only time will tell!

No. 526307

>My ex was ugly lol
>Even though he was the one who dumped me, and I desperately tried to have him back in every possible way (and didn't succeed) so now I shittalk him to oblivion
The female fedora

No. 526440

Did this really happen?

No. 526445

Yes, I tried to find the video but I think she had them all DMCA'd. She was fucking herself on MFC and kept pushing her muscles and a turd popped out a little and she shoved it back in with her finger and got up and said she needed to pee. It was hilariously gross.

No. 526725

File: 1520818053482.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180312-012733.png)

Lol wtf is she wearing?

No. 526728


A cap, an off the shoulder camo shirt, some tan pants, and some black sneakers.

No. 526733


Samefag, but this is actually the very least we could criticize her on. It's boring and not really laughable considering that more than half the ppl her age dress questionably.

No. 526998

File: 1520855377168.jpg (393.1 KB, 1044x1337, Screenshot_20180312-114857.jpg)

Anyone catch her meltdown on cam? Wondering what someone said.

No. 527000

File: 1520855476546.jpg (359.8 KB, 1044x1137, Screenshot_20180312-114917.jpg)

Of course she's taking no responsibility for having anger problems like a child.

No. 527019

I agree, the way she dresses isn't super off or anything, at least she's not wearing crazy tacky holographic sheer shit and weird skirts and ripped rainbow fishnets

No. 527167

I hate reading her long tweets, she's not as bad as biglottes but her english is terrible and reads like a bot is writing them for her.
Also lol @ her crying because she gets caught having tantrums like a child.
For someone who grew up in the "projects" (trailerpark) she sure has thin skin.

No. 527420

Supposedly someone was in her room posting doxing information and/or stuff about her dad (jailbird). That is what triggered her meltdown and her statements about that aren't represented in these two pictures. Stormy is a raging cunt, but doxxing and involving someone's family members is still undeserved.

No. 528120

File: 1520967787587.png (750.9 KB, 1080x1500, 20180313_190310.png)

Pumpy still bitter af.

No. 528240

File: 1520975539012.jpg (149.83 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180313_211002.jpg)

Girl it's all just an illusion from fucked up posture

No. 528261

No surprise after her seeing Lex/Kyler's relationship was unaffected by her and they've been going to Disney enjoying life without her.

No. 528264

Does anyone know if she got rid of Parker already? She said he needed to be neutered because he was "raping" her other cats and no word since. 3k right down the toilet.

No. 528276

Yeah I've not seen him since she said that and he was usually glued to her in every selfie. Wouldn't surprise me. Something is a lil bit hard/inconvenient and she gives up.

No. 528280

File: 1520977566537.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.92 KB, 529x391, 20180313_214541.jpg)

Nevermind, spotted him on her cam from the other day, next to her flat ass.

No. 528317

File: 1520979736858.png (522.21 KB, 1080x844, 20180313_222208.png)

She's online and had this expression on her face for like 15 seconds.

No. 528327

Uuuuum…….okay????? And????

No. 528328

File: 1520980662958.png (Spoiler Image,383.92 KB, 1058x832, 20180313_223749.png)

Ass well on the way to getting g fat huh.

No. 528329

File: 1520980694707.png (Spoiler Image,401.23 KB, 1080x758, 20180313_223730.png)


No. 528335

She looks better than she has for awhile. She hasn’t gained much but a little is better than nothing. Share some milk instead of pointless caps nitpicking, I swear yall have been on some whole other bullshit lately and have no idea what lolcow is for

No. 528372

Her weight is kinda irrelevant to her being a cow.

No one hates her for being a skinny bitch. It's her personality and bullshitting so who cares if people are laughing at her doing a dumb pose.

No. 528405

>The fact she thinks selling her own porn is a "business" is laughable. What a twat.
Well, what else it is? It seems to be her job and how she finanically supports herself. I didn't know about pumper before these threads but I hugely enjoy the retards who come out of the woodwork to mock her job. How many multiples of your income must she make for you to be this salty?

No. 528425

It isn't a business. Cmon. It's self employment but she's not running a business. She has no employees. Anyone can sell their own porn, you don't need business knowledge for that. Most people do it as a side thing, not their main job.

No. 528434

Anon, what are you talking about? A business can be owned/run by one person only and only benefit that person. Why would you do something as a side gig if it earns you a full time living? That's an extremely retarded train of thought. Why don't you just call her a slut, at least thats more believable.

No. 528437


A lot of camgirls/sex workers turn their names into businesses as an LLC if it is worth it for tax purposes. Don't know if PS has or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. It is indeed a business. It's not as simple as filming yourself and uploading it. If it were, then a lot more people would stick with it and not quit because they can't make shit for money.

As anon above stated, lolcow is for criticism of ppls shit behavior/personality. Not how they dress or what they decide to do to make bank. That shit is so boring and nitpicky. There are plenty of things to criticize her on yet more than half the anons in here post daily pics of the outfits she decides to wear. Makes you look jealous. Stick to what is actually milky.

No. 528447

Her weight was kind of relevant when she was an obvious skelly. She definitely looks healthier now. I think that's all anon was saying.

No. 528451

It's always kinda been an unsaid rule that if someone is a cunt then you can make fun of their appearance. Hey isn't half the Shay thread talking about her pussy spots. That's a physical thing, but she's a trash person so who cares.
Healthier but let's not forget she's still significantly underweight and not healthy. She's always saying she's sick and having nosebleeds and that's all cos her low weight.

No. 528457


There are only so many times that you can call someone out for being underweight when they have been underweight for years and will probably remain that way for a while, before it gets boring and repetitive. But to each their own.

No. 528472

Not even calling out but her repetitive illness and nose bleeds are from being too thin. It happens. Your blood vessels are trash and just burst outta nowhere. I've never been full skelly like her but I used to have similar issues as an underweight bastard. She prob don't realise and I used to think it was people nitpicking at me relating my problems with my weight but it was all true.

No. 528492


That's all fine. I was more referring to the no ass comments that come up time and time again.

No. 528494


go whiteknight somewhere else plz

No. 528567

Can you sage your shit and bad grammar?

Did anyone ever report her to the IRS btw?

No. 528655

>who cares
The point of them being a cow is MILK, dear. This isn’t “update about Pumpkin every time she cams.” Aside from the fact that watching all her streams and posting random screenshots that show no cow behavior or milk whatsoever seems like you’re just hella gay and have a fat clit for her, you’re bringing nothing to the table whatsoever. We’ve seen her fat forehead sitting in front of a webcam hundreds of times before.
I’m not a white knight. I’m a long time farmer that’s been shitting on stupid bitches since stamina rose. Call me old fashioned but if milk is dry don’t be a desperate beggar posting irrelevant table scraps. You just look obsessed.
I don’t think she was reported to the IRS. If she was, sometimes it takes a year or two to be audited. She’ll be screwed if they do though, she burns through money so fast and moves into a different giant empty house every few months. Her camming career is in a steady downfall. I don’t think she has any plan B.

No. 528949

I know she's histronic af, but is she stupid enough to post publicly about tax dodging after hiring an accountant? Surely the first thing he would have told her is to STFU on social media about money, if she is doing anything that could get her in trouble. Although maybe she is that ignorant about money, didn't she come from a trailer park or some shit? I still think it's plausible that she is totally above board, I'm eurofag but self employed people who make a lot of money here have an unbelivable amount of ways to legally save on taxes.

No. 528981

Well, her tax accountant is a follower/fan of hers, so who knows what sort of retarded advice he gave her.

No. 529344

She's posting videos of her cats today and Parker isn't in any of them. I'm fairly certain she got rid of him instead of having him fixed. >>528280 this screencap of him in frame is from weeks ago before she got her long extensions. He's been missing from the picture for a minute now.

No. 530063

File: 1521140323065.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.03 KB, 512x512, IMG_20180315_185722.jpg)

Pumpy doing a Shay special but looking really sad about it.

No. 530086

I guess it was out of order on the screen cap website. She's still got it written as her FB bio but people often forget they even exist. Seems weird she completely hasn't mentioned it, it must be something that makes her look bad or she'd surely just say. What if he died?

No. 530116

File: 1521143286749.png (224.81 KB, 1080x1472, 20180315_194731.png)

She can't even read, got this all wrong.

No. 530199

oh my god. is she illiterate or does she just want to fight everyone?? or both. probably both

No. 530211

File: 1521146493406.jpg (224.76 KB, 1045x889, Screenshot_20180315-204112.jpg)

Even when someone explained it to her, she still doesn't get it, hahah.

No. 530281

File: 1521149509304.png (497.39 KB, 1440x1906, 20180315_143031.png)

People try to help her, but she's just daft

No. 530294

This is hilarious. I could forgive maybe the initial thing as her reading it wrong and after someone clarifying what the girl meant she stood up and said "my bad" but she is utterly convinced what she's saying is right. She could easily read the rest of the thread of replies or ask the girl directly.

I bet even if the girl directly replied saying no that's not what I meant she'd still try and maintain her stance and tell her to word it better when it's only Stormy's illiterate ass who doesn't seem to get it.

No. 530855

File: 1521191693012.png (Spoiler Image,2.77 MB, 1242x2208, CB5B7A72-CFCA-471B-9638-8B00E0…)

holy shit

No. 530856

File: 1521191817039.png (Spoiler Image,6.38 MB, 1242x2208, 116BB48A-5843-4A24-BC3C-414DCB…)

this made me hella uncomfortable and i’m not entirely sure why

No. 530865

File: 1521194216184.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180316-095711.png)

This supposed to be a good thing?

No. 530875

….kek because it looks like she’s gauging a godamn hole in her vag with what I at first thought was a croc sandal. It’s like 2nd hand embarrassment, but 2nd hand pussy hurt.

No. 530877

File: 1521196371487.jpeg (140.93 KB, 306x1246, 33749584-B735-4D95-B416-68F195…)


“I’m getting a new house, but give me money spam spam, I will totes save 10%!!”

No. 530878

File: 1521196418874.jpeg (78.03 KB, 1024x512, CA5BBFD1-58F7-409D-8BC5-96312A…)

No. 530879

File: 1521196471862.jpeg (102.29 KB, 1242x577, 6137DA8B-708D-44A8-8E32-8B00A2…)


“Sike naw jk I actually don’t heehee but donate to muh paypal”

No. 530942

File: 1521212148902.png (865.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-16-12-56-32…)

Sure Jan

No. 531009

Ha. Why is she talking in American clothing sizes anyway. Who does she think she's fooling? Size 6 people are underweight, and jeans are smaller than any other type of clothing.

She's fucking weird, why try claim to be "thicc" but that you wear the clothing of the super skinny. Makes no sense.

No. 531016


Pretty sure her point is that she doesn't fit into them and that the jeans are too small

No. 531029

Yes but we don't believe they're the size she says they are. She's a lot bigger than a size 8 too. She looks about a size 12.

No. 531037

I believe it, she's like 4"10' or something.

No. 531080

Being short doesn't mean you necessarily wear smaller clothes. According to her measurements on manyvids (probably outdated) she's borderline overweight.

One time she said she gained 20lbs but still fits in Xs. She chats shit all the time. Fuck knows what she actually is cos she won't tell us.

No. 531083

Didn't someone dig up her old Yahoo Answers account where she'd admitted to being like 5'3 or 5'4 or whatever? Not that it makes that big a difference.

No. 531095

Yeah and she went and deleted that old account as soon as it got posted here.

Lying about your height seems pretty ludicrous as a woman. I get guys wanna be taller but why would you wanna lie to make people think your like borderline midget height.

No. 531106

Also this. Her on some anime dating site from when she was about 15 posing as a 23 year old. At this time she was 5"2, and even on Tumblr when she was 17/18 she used to say 4"11.

Bitch just keeps on shrinking!

No. 531107

File: 1521229245940.png (194.66 KB, 1080x1813, 20180316_193900.png)

Forgot pic

No. 531126

File: 1521231504679.jpg (144.17 KB, 945x2048, IMG_20180316_201804.jpg)

Pumpy fawning over this.

To me this reads as "I don't wanna go out in public with you, I just wanna get my dick wet". Wow, what a catch!

No. 531190

File: 1521235479516.jpg (66.68 KB, 810x397, 20180316_212337.jpg)

Quality cringe from Meg. Oh honey no one wants to look like you, red hair and glasses is a pretty common look. The down syndrome part less so but people don't want that part.

No. 531277

>why would you wanna lie to make people think your like borderline midget height
Because nasty heifers like Meg think ~*daddy only wikes smol wittle girls uwu*~

No. 531334

File: 1521346632417.png (318.79 KB, 590x442, rings.png)

Hoop rings and plugs look so goddamn weird together. What kind of look is she even trying to achieve with this combination?

No. 531341

who is this daddy guy? that stumpy, probably abusive puerto rican? he looks like he's like 5'2… girl…

No. 531461

File: 1521353787789.jpg (386.04 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180317_125744.jpg)

Howling at Stormy's "writing"

No. 531462

File: 1521353819286.jpg (418.42 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180317_125710.jpg)

No. 531465

File: 1521353841142.jpg (441.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180317_125628.jpg)

No. 531467

Never seen anyone do such a thing in my life. You have earrings or plugs, not both!

No. 531468


>using "whom" to try to sound smart but just making it more obvious you don't know jack shit about the English language

No. 531469

File: 1521353999762.jpg (344.73 KB, 1280x1280, d0bea2de-5803-4de6-99a9-41b0f2…)

Meg's nails are absolutely disgusting. So much why?

No. 531470


"its part of whom i am"

omg all of it is so bad. literally was she homeschooled because there's no other way she coudve been valedictorian

No. 531481

nasty nails aside, wtf is up with Brits and their fetish for Burberry plaid?

No. 531484

Tbh I've not seen anyone wear Burberry since like 2007 when all the chavs had the caps.

No. 531496

She just said "you've met Malo, but not Olive," with no mention of Parker. Pretty sure it's confirmed she got rid of him.

No. 531498

She just showed all of her cats on cam, no Parker. Then she told her friend she was excited for them to meet Olive when they come visit her because they haven't met yet, no mention of Parker or meeting Parker. Parker confirmed gone.

No. 531499

Glad i wasn't the only one who noticed that.

No. 531520

I’ve seen a few people do it, myself included.

I’m pretty sure Kate Moss made it a thing 10 years ago, so bitches still think it’s “fashion”.

No. 531614

whomst've're's I am

No. 531615

how tf can she be white but have chinese as her main national heritage???

No. 531708

Cos she's dumb and doesn't understand what that shit means

No. 531912

those look so tacky, did she get them from poundland or some shit

No. 532029

If she actually paid to get them done professionally idk why they seem far too big for her fingers.

But legit how can you do anything with them so long? How is she supposedly doing a degree with those stupid things lol, you wouldn't be able to type nor use a pen properly.

No. 532806

File: 1521477579040.jpg (151.18 KB, 1024x781, Screenshot_20180319-163247.jpg)


This dumb bitch has no idea what love is does she?

No. 533182

File: 1521504468526.png (849.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-000528.png)

"we pay our taxes" except you've openly admitted you tax evade. Most do, you don't. Shut up.

No. 533188

File: 1521504553981.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-000803.png)

Love the grandpa slippers. What a look!

No. 533246

I've never understood why she takes photos in this room. What's with all this random shit in the background?

No. 533444

Saw that Stormy recently was suspended for 12 hours for harassment - anyone have a copy of what she did that got her in trouble? She blames "her harassers" for calling her out and reporting HER harassment, which means she likely had no leg to stand on other than "people are MEAN to me because I'M MEAN" or some bullshit.

Anywhoo - anyone know what happened?

No. 533870

File: 1521563685625.jpg (199.02 KB, 1122x1994, IMG_20180320_162613.jpg)

I love her "model" poses, they crack me up. It's always her insect arm flailing above her head.

No. 533872

That perfect right angle of an elbow lol

No. 533958

"maneater" when the guy she threw herself all over wanted zero to do with her and she publicly embarrassed the living fuck out of herself and all she does is post about herself telling men she loves them and getting no reply

No. 533987

Her body actually looks nice in this. Her posing sucks, but the weight gain suits her.

No. 534081

she's been looking a lot better though since she's been gaining weight
hopefully she will build muscle too to grow a bum

No. 534292

File: 1521589789313.png (188.05 KB, 1440x984, 20180320_164534.png)

"I quit drinking completely in December! Now I drink without abuse!" Did she just really…? What a fucking idiot.

No. 534303

Someone needs to teach this bitch what quitting really means. How many videos of her are there on the internet completely belligerantly wasted on cam since after December 2016? A bajillion. Like when she "quit camming" back in October, but lo and behold she's back to no one's surprise.

No. 534316

If she quit alcohol the way that Kyler quit her, we wouldn't get those sweet spergouts. So cheers, Pump n' Dump, lets drink to your sobriety!

No. 534320

I mean if this is true good for her, I get it's lolcow but assuming she really is an addict, it's good she isn't doing it as much and can control it, idk why people need to make it negative

No. 534323

Because it's not true at all she still gets hammered on cam regularly lmao

No. 534324

If you want to give her asspats for not understanding sobriety, you're a little touched yourself. We're pointing out the idiocy of her tweet, chill.

No. 534346

Lol she complains of hangovers all the time. Pretty sure you don't get those from "one contempt glass of wine".

No. 534351

File: 1521593190437.jpg (Spoiler Image,357.34 KB, 2044x1544, Stormy_14032018_0706_MyFreeCam…)

Totally not wasted

No. 534368

>18 shots average a night
>weighed like 75 pounds

there’s no fucking way

No. 534405

Where does she mention sobriety? Her post says that she quit drinking for a while and now drinks without abusing it. It doesn't seem like she mentioned sobriety at all, to me.

No. 534671

>a exclusive
Never change, Pumpy

No. 534737

>"I quit drinking completely"

What else does that mean to you?

No. 534747

Does she wear circle lenses

No. 535040

File: 1521659646168.png (238.15 KB, 1080x1831, 20180321_191212.png)

Meg defending some dude who called a black girl "sexy fat chocolate" and she didn't like that all too much.

Meg is trash.

No. 535112

File: 1521665371989.png (587.39 KB, 1080x750, 20180321_204537.png)

Idk who this girl is but for a video about sexual assault awareness in the industry she has done "white girl dressed up as native American". Way to make the cause look like a joke and you look like an ignorant bitch.

No. 535113

File: 1521665395634.jpg (426.74 KB, 1068x1567, Screenshot_20180321-204632.jpg)

Retweeted by pumpers btw

No. 535130

Thank you for posting this, when I saw it I thought I couldn't possibly be the only one seeing the problem with this.

No. 535300

Cant seem to find that video anymore; looks like Manyvids pulled it?

No. 535354

Jesus Christ. She's basically admitted she's a racist.
"You 'black woman' can't tell people how to talk to black girls despite it being racist as shit"

White pride? Fucking hell, she truly is a scumbag.

No. 535374

File: 1521680694938.jpg (238.97 KB, 1063x941, Screenshot_20180322-010147.jpg)

Wow, you mean like you have in the past multiple times and never apologised?
Obviously there's all the Tumblr shit but did any of you used to have daily booth or gifyo? She was an absolute cunt. She had a fucking swastika as her profile picture once.

No. 535437

When was this from? I got tired of scrolling. Most of the camgirls tagged in there are very successful ones and constantly fight for this(as they should). I don't get what the milk is??

No. 535609

I really hate to say this but she’s got a point. (I’m aware Meg is an actual racist though.) Most kinks - rape, DDLG, race, etc - are offensive and gross to someone. Most porn is offensive in its stereotyping as well (think interracial, Asian, BBC, teen, etc). If you’re going to do sex work and you fit into a category, you’re going to attract assholes who conflate indulging their kink with actual racism. Why do sex workers think they can kick off at people when they actively encourage this stuff by doing it in the first place? It’s like girls who post flirty nudes on IG then get annoyed when pervy guys comment on it…

No. 535677

File: 1521722886731.png (Spoiler Image,528.63 KB, 1080x1002, IMG_20180322_133743.png)

Charms new belly

No. 535708


She has her own thread


No. 536522

File: 1521799756944.png (248.78 KB, 1080x1537, 20180323_060801.png)

No. 536526

File: 1521799857538.png (281.18 KB, 1080x1434, 20180323_060822.png)

Even her tax guy is trying to help her shut up about the write offs lol
Shows that she really has been writing off stuff she shouldn't be though.

No. 536562

Legit question, can camwhoring and such be recognized as “business” so you can write shit off?

No. 536580

Yes it can be a legit “business” if you file the papers to become an LLC.
But even as an independent contractor (all cam models who don’t become an llc) you still get all the legal forms to file your taxes and make deductions and claim business expenses, etc.

No. 536646


Why specifically an LLC versus a Sole Proprietor?

No. 537003

File: 1521853038468.jpeg (886.16 KB, 1125x1725, 0EFC0997-7C9C-4395-843A-7F368F…)

>>521838 source and receipts from multiple women. Stormy called Emily a liar when she came out about what happened to her.

No. 537010

I was just using that as an example, you can become an s Corp or stay an independent contractor, anything really. Camsites will issue a 1099 to whatever info you supply, either a SSN or EIN, once that paper is in your hands it’s up to you what to do with it.

No. 537486

File: 1521919791162.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.86 KB, 694x522, IMG_20180324_102227.jpg)

>"I took control of my drinking"
>Drinking tequila shots alone

No. 537601

You can have a shot of tequila or even a few by yourself and have control over your drinking. It's about knowing when to stop and not getting shitfaced. A few shots of tequila gives me a good happy buzz and that's all I need. If she can't stop at a buzz and NEEDS to drink until drunk and sloppy then that's where the problem is. But there is no problem with having a shot by yourself…(blogposting)

No. 537621

While I'll generally agree, it's still kind of stupid for someone to have claimed to be a recovered alcoholic, but then be doing shots alone on camera shortly after making such an announcement? Shots only purpose are to get you drunk, fast. It's not like she's sipping on whiskey neat, or a glass of wine.

No. 537770

File: 1521945321175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,317.27 KB, 1038x2048, 9B1D6507-C6D2-48C6-A99E-F16955…)

Nice, shaved happy trail and pubes growing out of her bellybutton

No. 538107

File: 1522000475158.jpg (36.91 KB, 650x584, DZJp2pHXcAAXaMR.jpg)

Once again some twitter DMs were leaked from Pumpy. She admits she will play victim to manipulate people to get what she wants.


No. 538108

File: 1522000510035.jpg (62.14 KB, 576x1024, _hmv83_5.jpg)


No. 538118

She outed herself about lying about "15k from the kyler sex tape". Revealed it was less than 5 and now she's tryna take it back.

She's ignoring the Parker thing, apparently bans anyone who asks about his whereabouts.

No. 538121

That’s so weird. She has no problem lying about everything else, I don’t know why she wouldn’t just lie about where Parker is. I hope he’s alive and she didn’t just dump him at a shelter.

No. 538122

If you're a supposedly recovered alcoholic doing shots alone in your room, you're already not doing so hot.

No. 538127

Worst case scenario is he's dead. Well actually worst is she abandoned him on the street or something but I don't think even she would stoop that low.
If I gave her funding for that cat and now it's mysteriously disappeared I'd like to know what happened.

No. 538553

She's stupid for using the term "recovered alcoholic" because she obviously doesn't know what classifies someone as an alcoholic. She should have just said she drinks a whole lot less than she used to.

No. 538979

If these chat logs don't prove to everyone that she is a false, lying girl, nothing will. She's been found next to the body with the smoking gun and a sign saying "I did it" She can't escape from this. No-one should ever take her side again. She cannot be trusted.

No. 540035

File: 1522236948571.jpg (93.83 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_20180328_122839.jpg)

This picture makes me laugh, she looks like The Undertaker.

No. 541859

File: 1522440054291.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180330-210029.png)

Holy ham

No. 541873

She does literally look like a tied up ham

No. 542432

If you're genuinely concerned about Parker - please don't stop asking the question. Use tag #WhereIsParker so everyone knows you care!
(Got the idea from Parker himself)

No. 542437

File: 1522506148123.jpg (129.57 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20180331_123916.jpg)


No. 542479

File: 1522510176390.jpg (27.15 KB, 387x387, IMG_20180331_162414.jpg)

So Meg's new flavour of the month "daddy" is this YouTuber guy. Obviously not actually ever met.

No. 542481

File: 1522510235027.png (727.73 KB, 1080x1584, 20180331_163010.png)

'member when all white boiz were ugly?

No. 542501

they’re both so hideous it’s a match made in heaven kek

No. 542523

Giving me Charles Manson vibes tbh.

No. 542797

File: 1522537276223.png (345.32 KB, 550x346, walter.png)

Why does this guy look like the cult member/serial killer from Silent Hill 4?

No. 543032

Don't you dare say that about Walter Sullivan
YouTube guy is caveman style

No. 545656

File: 1522798073032.png (923.42 KB, 1242x2208, F9DB25CE-FCF3-4EF9-924E-333570…)

No. 545664

File: 1522799540613.png (204.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180403-141103.png)


Don't forget this gem

No. 545688

Walter is actually kinda hot though. The other dude looks like a crusty ginger neckbeard.

No. 545690

>I don't cum by having sex

wtf does that even mean? Does she mean intercourse? A lot of women can't orgasm through intercourse alone. She isn't special.

No. 546033

Does she not realise she's making herself sound really rapey? You can't just do that to strangers/people you barely know.

No. 546175


Yeah, consenting adults participating in kink stuff is one thing, but saying that shit to a complete stranger is creepy as fuck at best, and comes across as a genuine threat at worst.
She seems to think it's acceptable to be creepy to strangers as long as you're a woman.

No. 546242

She is saying he ate her out and gave her 5 orgasm, you retard.

No. 546319


Calm down, with pumpy it's hard to know, she changes her story every 5 seconds.

No. 546925

Lol no she isn't. She's saying she doesn't normally cum from sex but did this time.

No. 547482

Found him! Too bad he hasn't found himself… #WhereIsParker?

No. 547483

File: 1522969083710.png (207.97 KB, 1080x1847, 20180405_235752.png)

Wtf is Meg on right now?

No. 548349


Damn, dude, you got me all excited that Parker may have actually been found. :(

No. 549184

Nope - and he won't be found unless people keep asking Stormy where Parker is. Poor furball is probably dead, knowing her abusive nature.
We'd all like to think that he was given to someone else who would actually take care of him (or sold off for more fancy purse money) - but the fact that she's HIDING the information and BANNING people just for ASKING that question just screams that she did something fucking awful and doesn't want anyone to know.
So keep asking. EVERYONE keep asking. #WhereIsParker?

No. 552043

File: 1523400766509.jpg (518.2 KB, 390x3602, ll.jpg)

For context:
LilithLunatic is an unsuccessful camgirl from Chaturbate with a bad attitude. Her shows consisted mainly of her sat on a HotTopic draped set, complaining that no one was tipping her.

She had a creepy sugar daddy who looked three times her age. He would regularly talk to her during her shows, give her advice on how to be sexier and earn more, replace batteries, move lights etc. One show I caught many months back she burst in to tears because no one was tipping her. His advice was to put in a butt plug.

Since then she's been trying to win favour with other camgirls and started a job at a strip club.

Enter Insyndra, a far more popular camgirl from MFC. She bought in to Lilith's sob stories and seemingly went to great lengths to help her out, only to get burned.

Now Lilith's back to begging strangers to pay her rent (days after spending all her money on a new laptop/webcam)

No. 552057

Insyndra, as in Darcy, as in Biglottes girlfriend? What is she doing throwing almost 1k on some other girl?

No. 552070

I’m sorry but will never not get huge narc scumbag Onion vibes from someone who brags about how much money they choose to spend on someone and how ~wronged~ they were because it was never reciprocated, as if that makes them some kind of saint.

No. 552098

Who is this?

No. 552184

File: 1523410646555.jpeg (22.39 KB, 582x162, DZG1RnvVQAAR7jd.jpeg)

Lmao that page is actually gold. Posting some screenshots from it that haven't been posted of Kyler or lex calling her out in her chat comments.

No. 552185

File: 1523410682438.jpeg (48.9 KB, 596x344, DZG1Ro3U0AAa8tm.jpeg)

No. 552187

File: 1523410772594.jpeg (101.37 KB, 596x750, DZG1RntVoAAU6QV.jpeg)

I swear Kyler is a farmer who sought out pumpy and milked her for the keks because she lived near him

No. 552618

That's not Kyler. Anyone can pick any name and troll her chat room. They also live nowhere near each other. There's almost 2,000 miles between them from Vegas to New Orleans.

No. 553561

File: 1523555861447.jpg (131.55 KB, 1280x722, 99467339--upload-62447-A2F2868…)

No. 553674

File: 1523564616558.png (641.25 KB, 439x571, wildenstein.png)

She looks like if someone put a photo of Jocelyn Wildenstein through a beauty filter.

No. 554426

File: 1523623437441.jpg (229.84 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180413_134218.jpg)

Pumps new "bf".

Man must be like 5"4. Classic gym rat tryna make up for being a manlet by working out.

No. 554521

She said on twitter that he has an average dick. Who the fuck says that about their bf? And she claims she "loves" him lol… That boy needs to run fast.

No. 554536

You just know when this fling is over she's gonna say he had a small dick.

No. 554648

"couldn't please me at all" even tho she posted he made her cum multiple times or something lol

No. 555644

File: 1523736983174.png (553.62 KB, 501x503, 1869eb13085f6f8648767900ffbaaa…)

She looks cute here

No. 555664

anon please get help

No. 555667


No way, her hair is a mess.

No. 555716

Her hair looks like when you chopped one of your Barbie's hair off and it just looked like shit.

No. 556049

File: 1523783561430.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.46 KB, 694x394, IMG_20180415_092100.jpg)

Oh dear

No. 557126

File: 1523894244153.jpg (343.3 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180416_165618.jpg)

Lol at this shit drawing someone did of kat, looks nothing like her.

No. 558932

File: 1524073445225.png (256.87 KB, 1080x1822, 20180418_184208.png)

Remember when meg insisted she was getting her tits done?

And remember when she wished she had breast cancer so she could get em done on the NHS?

No. 563789

File: 1524537314831.jpeg (Spoiler Image,108.98 KB, 742x955, 8D77CE48-3CCA-4905-A064-7BE8D3…)

Came across this disaster on Insta, she calls herself “pillpowder” I don’t know her real name, her cam girl name on Twitter is CarsonMarieXXX (very NSFW) She actually expects people to pay for this body… spoilered because ham planet, she calls herself “thic” when she’s shaped like a malformed potato. She is deluded af about her appearance & is always offering discounts on her terrible photos/vids.
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/pillpowder
Link to her amateur porn account with her paid for vids in her twitter bio.

No. 563914

yikes she needs to not try to pull her underwear up in attempts of having curves jfc

No. 564013

File: 1524545879844.jpg (81.11 KB, 367x550, 23291-4549829-Felice_done.jpg)

I kept thinking she looked like someone, but it wasn't until your said circle lenses that I realized I was thinking of ole Felice.

No. 564027

she used to be in that circle of like…freelicers edrama e who shall not be named shit. was spookyhilton/spookyparis and constantly posted about her eating disorder and sh.

No. 564120

wait holy shit that’s spookyparis???????? jesus fuck, i literally just saw some of her old selfies a week ago whilst trying to see if anything new was posted about felice on the old tunglr machine. she was always rough looking but holy fuck, she’s gained a ton of weight and clearly isn’t doing so well.

No. 564155

She was always a cunt. She was never even thin, ever, but constantly whining about ~muh REAL anorexia~ and ironically obsessed with calling out Ember for being a wannarexic. I liked Heather and that ourdoughnut girl, but the rest of those “truth blogs” were just ewhores latching onto the drama trying to insert their own name into the conversation and drama in an attempt to be relevant when no one gave a fuck about them. Funny to see them turn out to be (literally) huge cows in their own rite.

But tbh knowing she’s such an attention-whoring trollop it’s likely the lot of these are self-posts.

No. 564625

File: 1524604628876.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.46 KB, 719x728, yikes.JPG)

She's always been a personal cow of mine, but I've never posted her because she definitely posts here herself and I didn't want to inflate her ego. She's been actively trying to be a cow since 2014.

Hey, Spooky, you're built like a fridge.

No. 564872

With her body shape and that wig, I legit thought I was looking at a 35-40 year old woman.

No. 566599

File: 1524781927493.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.51 KB, 939x523, dirty.JPG)

If you look at her videos it gets worse. Her butt has its own butt.

No. 566601

I…what the fuck am I looking at here? Are her thighs so flabby and wide? Are her butt cheeks that long? Jesus

No. 566716

She can't seriously be making any money off this shit… can she? Easily one of the most hideous camwhores I've seen yet.

No. 566831

File: 1524796863192.jpeg (136.08 KB, 576x1024, AF0C3958-0E37-4B0F-B21A-337C40…)

dms from stormys ex best friend/room helper are being leaked all over Twitter exposing the fact that she’s lying about her “trolls” breaking into her house.

No. 566832

File: 1524796883933.jpeg (107.77 KB, 576x1024, D7189BE1-C935-4932-8F0E-41516E…)

Pt. 2

No. 568213

File: 1524943419317.png (25.67 KB, 601x289, Pumpy-PoopProbs-180427.png)

Pumpy Tweet-n-Delete. Maybe actually eat something instead of faking / lying about how much food you "eat"?

No. 568216

File: 1524943666752.png (46.93 KB, 637x487, Pumpy-GaveParkerAway-180427.pn…)

Just an FYI - Parker hasn't been found, but Stormy finally admitted she "gave him" to another family. Speculate if you will on whether he was truly given or was actually sold, but at least everyone knows she doesn't have him anymore.

No. 570099

File: 1525100029172.jpg (59.8 KB, 640x640, 6c32f5ea-7eca-458d-92d7-b91ffa…)

Holy skelly prom stormy

No. 570137

File: 1525102518484.jpg (104.17 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_20180430_163356.jpg)

Wew $1 bills.

She looks super old here, she's been oranged up massively in the face.

No. 571296

File: 1525211885078.png (1.98 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180501-225528.png)

For the scat fetishists.

No. 571307

I don't understand how she could be so skelly and still look so normal in the face?

No. 571319

I know she can't really help it but man. She just looks like the human equivalent of a sphinx cat in terms of proportions.

No. 572842

File: 1525376529110.jpg (350.44 KB, 1038x2048, IMG_20180503_204008.jpg)

Pumpy bought a pet lizard, how long till she's sick of it and gets rid of it or it dies?

She obviously doesn't know anything about keeping reptiles.

No. 572850

I'm willing to bet she'll let the cats get at it and then act like nothing happened when people ask about it's whereabouts. She should be on an adoption/no buy list.

No. 572854

Bulimia. High sodium intake.

No. 572861

It'll bite her and she'll flip and throw it and a cat will chase it down and murder it. I doubt she'd be sensible enough to only handle it in a room shut off to the cats.

Crested geckos aren't the best for handling, ones I've encountered would rather just be left alone. She'll probably stress it out and it will drop dead.

Good luck pumpers

No. 572934


She can't even take care of a cat and now she bought a reptile??
I agree, she should be blacklisted from buying/adopting animals.

As someone who owns both cats and reptiles, I can tell you that reptiles are generally a lot harder to keep. I haven't owned a crested gecko in particular, but I have owned other lizards and snakes, and I can tell you that their care requires a totally different skill set that someone who can't even handle a cat definitely shouldn't be jumping into.

I can't wait to see its enclosure and cringe.

No. 572945

It'll have it's water bowl directly under the heat lamp or something stupid

No. 572955

File: 1525382937913.png (98.25 KB, 1080x524, Screenshot_2018-05-03-14-26-53…)

So wait, she didn't prepare at all? And since posting this she has not said a single thing about a proper enclosure. All she's talked about is going to the gym and taking a fucking nap. It's already begun.

No. 572958

Lmao??! Is it just sitting in that plastic container while she's out hoeing?!

No. 572961

Yeah saying that does make it sound like she doesn't even have an enclosure and she's just keeping it in that tub. It's only gonna end badly. She's seen a cute video of a lizard online thought "I want one" having no knowledge about the animal and how to care for them.

I'd think she'd have posted a picture of the enclosure on her Instagram story if it has one!

No. 572964

It's gonna fucking die immediately in the tub. Dear god.

No. 572968

File: 1525383395481.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-223528.png)

Oh thank God.

But yeah, what a jungle, 1 fake plant.

No. 572974

Aren't crested gecko a usually in vertical enclosures rather than horizontal because they like to be high up?

Whenever I see them they're usually at the top, if you can see em. Pumpy has got wood shavings, 1 fake plant and a water bowl I assume lol. It's bare as fuck in there.

No. 572998

File: 1525384885431.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-175652.png)

Why is the enclosure hanging off the edge of the table? She is just asking for trouble.

No. 573050

Dear God I hope she just removed the mesh top to show it off and that she actually has a top to the enclosure otherwise her cats will be in there immediately and it'll be eaten.

No. 573063

Geckos are typically pretty easy to care for and are good beginner pets. Especially as far as reptiles go. So if she does manage to kill this poor little guy off, she definitely would have to extremely neglect it. As far as the vertical tank, it is ideal as crested geckos like to climb, but it's not a huge issue as long as he has a decent amount of room compared for his size. I do wonder though, how long she'll keep it before it either dies or she "gives it away" though because these things live up to 15+ years.

No. 573413

She just showed his enclosure on cam and it's just a tank, one hide, some substrate, and one plant. And she's trying to claim she paid $600 for it the fuck??

No. 573500

sounds entirely plausible to me, she’s dumb and doesn’t do her research so i’m willing to bet she just waltzed into petco and bought everything full-price. it’s really easy to be influenced by salespeople in pet stores if you’re inexperienced, happened to me a couple of times as a teenager.

No. 573596

Crested geckos need tall tanks with multiple plants to climb on, they do best on paper towels, they dont need a heat source because they will die from temps over 85. Thhey need a source of water as well as bei being misted with water once o r twice a day. They also need a special crested gecko powdered food that you mix with water. Im a huge reptile enthusiast and keeper so i will he very disappointed if she kills this poor geck

No. 574742

File: 1525564806698.png (769.15 KB, 893x542, brightlights.png)

anyone have links to uploads of this video?probably the best thing stormy has done judging by the preview.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574880

File: 1525584282001.jpg (134.01 KB, 768x1024, trashy1.jpg)

Her trashiness knows no bounds.

No. 574881

File: 1525584302964.jpg (138.37 KB, 1024x768, trashy2.jpg)

No. 575013

File: 1525609504504.png (Spoiler Image,679.63 KB, 1080x1617, 20180506_132417.png)

Her new bf's party sausage

No. 575315

File: 1525641451078.png (94.21 KB, 1080x814, 20180506_221439.png)

Meg chatting absolute shite. No one will buy your shitty anal bids then if you hate it that much.

Why can't she just be normal and just not do it and not bang on about it and insult everyone who does like it.

I mean there's nothing gayer than fucking a WOMAN'S asshole right? What a retard. Sounds like her bf is insecure and homophobic.

No. 575317

File: 1525641479871.jpg (55.3 KB, 720x480, f106ea9e-c856-4989-ac70-f6000c…)

Looking miserable.

No. 575707

Tbh she's not wrong(bait)

No. 576007

i'd say being paranoid about something definitively straight being cay comes off more closeted than liking anal with a woman. if you know you're straight, why do you care so much?

No. 576219

File: 1525736655165.jpg (485.86 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180508_004056.jpg)

Does this scream the bullshit sleeping selfie to anyone else?

Like "Bea caught me sleeping" and you can see their other hand taking the selfie alone in a reflection or something lol.

Her other arm looks like it could be in selfie position.

No. 576233

Looks like shes deep throating a baby carrot kek

No. 576954

File: 1525810283312.jpg (220.48 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180508_211055.jpg)

Oh god, she's gone and got her lips done now.

No. 576955

File: 1525810366429.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-211217.png)

No. 576957

File: 1525810472321.jpg (273.69 KB, 786x610, 045.jpg)

No. 577011

I know people always call lip injection lips 'puckered asshole' lips but hers actually look like a prolapsed anus lmao wtf

even once the swelling goes down I can't imagine this to have been a flattering investment

No. 577191

It looks like she has two sets of upper lips what the fuck?

No. 577415

File: 1525879395260.jpg (54.39 KB, 1007x618, IMG_20180509_162045.jpg)

Damn she looks huge

No. 577416

File: 1525879475855.gif (2.25 MB, 400x225, d68700bb-5b6b-41c5-9f19-d88360…)

She's charging $50 for this 7 minute video. Enjoy your 0 sales.

No. 577426

File: 1525881398510.jpeg (281.01 KB, 1242x957, FFB3DF98-4D85-4209-973C-10F68A…)

this is so funny

No. 577429

File: 1525881507823.jpeg (73.85 KB, 1242x365, 201C6518-71D2-49C6-BEE3-411C5F…)

we think you’re both but go off sis

No. 577433

That’s actually the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

here is all my work over the years as a camewhore does anyone want it??

It’s like that “upcoming rapper” selling you his tape for donations.

No. 577450

I mean she was never doing well exactly but she's flopping so hard now, so cringe.

No. 577454

This post is the epitome of why being a camgirl/online SW is not empowering. You can't put a price ($440) on this content and also offer it up for $50… it isn't a consistent income and the job is essentially founded on begging.

-It is different if you're a high-class escort getting $1000 per sale and vetting clients. Different tiers. This is a very shitty tier. Getting naked on the internet is not the "easy" way to get rich as so many think it is. It is not a business and it has very poor prospects (only getting worse as more women hop online to be a camgirl and flood the market)

No. 577696

File: 1525908227212.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180510-002215.png)

I'll pass love.

If I had a septum I'd makes sure it wasn't crooked when I took a selfie.

No. 577729

i dont get why these girls dont just marry a guy that makes 50k a year that'll support them. like, doing this is not any more dignifying or independent than marrying someone for a solid support system

No. 577771


Her makeup is so bad in this picture. You can see every little bump. I would not take makeup advice from her.

No. 578001


Her perpetually crooked ring drives me to distraction, too. She has a gold ring with bezel set CZ balls, so the balls are too lightweight to keep it balanced.

I am ignorant of lip filler aftercare. Should she be piling on the lipstick so soon?

Also, fried hair.

No. 578181

>complains about how 100 people in her chat never talks or tips
>continually spends money on stupid shit like lip fillers and shit tattoos
Pumpy's downfall will be a swift and hard fate.

No. 578254

File: 1525978233602.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180510-194719.png)

She's now begging for a $2700 necklace saying she can afford it but is trying to be sensible not spending… Except when she's getting lip fillers and buying reptiles.

No. 578474

fuck she looks haggard

also how is her crescent moon tattoo so faded wtf it hasn't been that long, has it?

No. 578537

No. 578566

Person with a tattoo around the same size and placement i can tell you that tattoos in the area can fade quicker due to the amount of sweat, skin flaking, depends on a person's pores, and pointillism tattoos dont keep darkness too much due to its only a dot rather than a constant "injection"/line of ink being laid in the skin.

No. 578575

It was pretty faded looking to begin with cos the dot design. Don't really get it, it looked shite then and looks shite now.

I also hate when she wears a moon necklace, it just looks fucking stupid now with that on her chest.

No. 578644

File: 1525997094654.png (700.3 KB, 1080x903, 20180511_010419.png)

Jesus it's been like 3 weeks at the most? Just embarrassing.

No. 578645

File: 1525997154430.jpg (301.62 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20180511_010314.jpg)

He's ugly and has a small dick, it's not gonna end well is it?

No. 578649

She’s ugly and has a small brain, I think they’re a winning couple anon don’t be such a pessimist

No. 578650

File: 1525997800262.png (47.04 KB, 1080x500, 20180511_011520.png)

Meg with some top talk

>Americans don't have the world cup

>Soup bowl

If this isn't a joke then please kill me.

No. 578967

Why does this remind me so much of the exact path Lotte was on before her spiral?

No. 579615

File: 1526065314446.png (371.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180511-143758.png)

This just shows how fucking stupid she is.

No. 579635

File: 1526066732376.jpg (383.71 KB, 1043x1284, Screenshot_20180511-202357.jpg)

Um ok just cos you were abused as a child doesn't mean that's how it should be for everyone.

The white people comment from the most white trash girl of all.

No. 579653

File: 1526067461529.jpg (194.95 KB, 1437x1652, 5uGGZ66T.jpg)


To follow up.

No. 579654

>Different raced

What a gem.

No. 579672

>y’all need to chill

stormy, being raised by people of a different race than you doesn’t mean you’re also that race. it’s funny how she turns on the sassy tumblr speak when she wants to seem ~hood~ and ~tough~ with parents who beat her, but appear like a little rich whitewashed teenybopper the rest of the time.

No. 579687

Yeah she seems like the type who thinks she's entitled to use the n word because black friends/family.

No. 579695

File: 1526069810845.jpg (25.66 KB, 275x249, IBqhQUO.jpg)

This girl is like 4'11 and 80 pounds, literally looks like Gollum and is trying to come off as a ~tough hood gurl~? She's so embarrassing.

No. 579728

She's 5"2 and 75lbs so even lankier than you think anon.

No. 579852

File: 1526079495961.png (206.68 KB, 633x837, ThatCatGotSass-180511.png)

That cat got sass!

No. 580229

File: 1526129469051.png (117.46 KB, 1080x558, 20180512_135005.png)

Why the fuck are her feet growing as a grown ass woman? This is not normal.

No. 580798

sage for a mini blogpost but my feet legitimately haven’t changed size since middle school, maybe my first year of high school at the latest. is she… is she okay? unless maybe she’s gaining weight and they’re getting wider but it doesn’t look to be that way

No. 580920

She used to say nigga on cam all the time, one of the first reasons other girls started talking shit about her before she became pedobait lol

No. 580974

delayed puberty or weight gain probs

No. 581290

But foot size is based on length not width. Plus she's barely gonna have any physical difference in her feet from going from extremely skeletal to very skeletal.

No. 581393

Water retention maybe?

No. 584120

File: 1526426786845.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180516-002549.png)

>can I speak to the manager please

No. 584786

File: 1526477283568.jpg (230.21 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20180516_142450.jpg)

Why does she look like an emo boy?

No. 584796

Incorrect, I think she was going for the posh spice but ended up at teen boy in the 90s

No. 584803

File: 1526479103085.jpg (21.6 KB, 400x400, moMKglI7_400x400.jpg)

She looks a bit like a budget anorexic version of wrestler Peyton Royce

No. 585029

File: 1526493744216.jpg (228.11 KB, 962x866, Screenshot_20180516-185809.jpg)

This is the face of a 21 year old..

No. 585031

pumpy will never be iconic

No. 585781

I was considering 'subtle' lip filler lately but Pumpy 100% scared me away from it. WOw she looks so much older… her old lips were actually pretty good.

No. 585906

File: 1526541766771.png (68.61 KB, 206x194, marra.png)

Marra Fae/Succubus Sin/Aurora Dragonfly

Alright, so I've been sitting on this one for a while.
Started out ok enough, followed in Instagram, got into drama, went on a social media hiatus for 6 months, returns and just jesus fuck.

Since her return has become incredibly narcissistic, refers to herself in the third person/Her person of a Succubus speaking about the Human Girl Marra, and has begun charging people to be added to her social medias, not because she posts nudes or shoots or anything, just for the 'privilege and honor' of being able to see her day to rambling of grandeurs of delusion.

Claims her new goal in life is to become a famous porn star
Which, yay for goal setting or whatever, but will then claim that because black girl/white guy porn doesn't get enough love, will be a struggle, as opposed to her over-estimation of her looks (Yeah, she kinda cute, but not THAT cute) and those unfortunate horse teeth.

Daily gems include such qoutes as:
“I am just so enchanted by my own reflection. I just smiled at myself and I was like “Omg, I see why so many people want to fuck me.”
and the whole succubus thing? Yeah, she really takes it seriously. Like, really seriously.

No. 585907

File: 1526541921638.jpg (97.45 KB, 960x688, 31229900_165127590839918_69060…)

No. 585908

Her tattoos are so funny to me. She has so many dumb word ones like "Moon Child, Brat, and Good Girl" What does the words on her bicep tattoo say? "Your…?"

I see it anon. Perfect example of what she could have looked like if she had taken better care of herself.

No. 586007

Some gay quote. "Your past does not determine your future" I think.

No. 587261

File: 1526647746693.png (965.14 KB, 1057x1854, 20180518_134537.png)

Pumpys bf.

Holy baby legs manlet. Does this man have any redeeming features?

He's the cliché "I'm short with a small dick so I'm gonna lift loads of weights, but only with my arms".

No. 587277

really doesn't look like he lifts any weights even with his arms…….

No. 587295

File: 1526652533152.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1543, 20180518_150813.png)

He's supposedly a gym instructor..

Also his chest and back have got nasty spots all over em.

No. 587339

Probably steroid acne.

No. 587360


Or letting Pumpy rub her greasy face against his chest.

No. 587381

That's what I thought but he looks nowhere near hench enough to think he was on steroids but maybe that's my misconception.

No. 587430

Misconception. He must be new to usage of steroids, meaning this could be one of his first cycles, or steroids just doesn’t like his shut genetics and he can’t develop. Not everybody develop under steroids. And a lot of people get cística body acne and horrible scars with that. Even professional bodybuilders. They just conver with fake tan when competing.

No. 589039

Stormy is live and it's painful listening to her talk (more than usual). She's having trouble talking with the new puffer fish lips. Like when you leave the dentist after getting a cavity filled and are all numb and can't talk properly. Except she had it done how many days ago now? What a botched job.

No. 589047

It's always painful to hear her talk. She's been going on about how ignorant she is about British government because she heard some recent "conspiracy theory" about Diana's death. Meanwhile her friend Kristie thinks the recent school shootings were faked and a conspiracy. Stupidity certainly loves company!

No. 589606

File: 1526848285941.png (946.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180520-212937.png)

Holy God she looks awful.

The fear and loathing in last Vegas vibes are too much

No. 589609

File: 1526848374337.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180520-212924.png)

The lips were a dreadful mistake.

No. 589611

Literal yaoi hands and those lip fillers make her look awful… wow. Does she really think those lip fillers look good?

No. 589618

File: 1526848708825.jpg (833.89 KB, 4096x2730, IMG_20180520_213719.jpg)

Her poor armpit is all irritated to top it all off, maybe not lift your arm up next time.

No. 589750

irritated and hairy as fuck. She shaved before going to get laser hair removal(wouldn't they tell you NOT to shave before the procedure???) and hasn't shaved since.

No. 589752

nvm I googled and you are supposed to shave before but wew she is throwing the money out the window on more and more stupid shit every day.

No. 589996

her styling is almost as bad as dakota's, jesus christ. how is it that a number of the outfits she chooses for herself manage to make her look fat somehow? this looks terrible

No. 590655

Somebody needs to reach out to Pumpy's new "Daddy" and warn him that she'll be selling his dick over and over and he's not going to get a penny unless he gets her to sign some actual documentation.

Tell him the sad story of Kyler and the tons of money she refuses to properly give to him for her B/G vids with him!

Sign the documents and protect that money you are owed!

No. 591029


That's considered cowtipping.
Don't worry anon, she'll manage to sabotage this relationship without any help from us, and she's never going to make the money she made at her peak.

No. 592755

File: 1527169600931.png (Spoiler Image,675.15 KB, 1080x1667, 20180524_144531.png)

Pumpys bfs dick in all its glory. And she's tiny so this is a good perspective for him. Yikes.

She's gonna slam the fuck outta him for it when they're over.

No. 592802

I think meg is completely done at this point.

>Quit using Tumblr

>Twitter now private
>Never posts on Instagram and doesn't even mention she's a sex worker
>Been on cam once this year
>Last thing she filmed was in march
>Was trying to advertise her upcoming birthday with no response from anyone
>Supposedly dating some American YouTuber she's never met, when she @s him on Twitter he never responds

Oh what a complete mess. RIP meg.

No. 593749

File: 1527272549722.png (161.33 KB, 1080x937, 20180525_192103.png)

Her dumbass "bf" seems to have a phobia of ass lol.

Imagine caring if other people wanna partake in buttstuff. Get a life.

No. 593769

Not to WK but I'm pretty sure this is satire/a joke. On the contrary, he's probably one lick away from pink eye.

No. 593809

I don't think it is.
See >>575315

Clearly he has issues.

No. 594213

File: 1527319136101.jpeg (201.54 KB, 750x1069, 2BE7C769-5629-4ABD-83C7-DA7C84…)

Yeah I noticed it was a shitty attempt to try be relevant yet got like 4 likes. Such popular vlogger

No. 594286

Did he buy followers or something? How does he have 12k followers and get maybe one like per post? People with 20 followers get likes like that.

No. 595330

Tinylilfae is a saggy titted camwhore, claims to be a 32K even though her tits droop to her waist. Think she's hot shit because she takes an illegal drug that makes her lactate. Insists she's a lesbian even though she was making porn with guys not even 6 months ago. Also claims to have an eating disorder but has done nothing but gain weight since she started camming- she called herself 'tinylilfae' because she was decently thin when she started camming but now she's at least skinnyfat verging on chubby. Has a wishlist where you can buy her hundreds of dollars of shit for her overpriced shitty "porn". Her last boyfriend before she "turned lesbian" was a 45 year old married sugar daddy.


No. 595368

File: 1527454800182.jpg (789.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-215741_Ins…)

Wow pumpers looking like some greasy teenage boy.

No. 595453

Loving the fact they're in Florida during a state of emergency. Hopefully Alberto flushes their dirty asses out.

No. 595548

holy shit Pumpy leave your skin alone and stop picking at it pls. it looks so painfully red.

No. 595555

File: 1527470873328.png (77.03 KB, 580x615, faecow.png)

she had a full-on twitter breakdown today. what do you have to be stressed about???? you have thousands of thirsty orbiters paying your bills, shut the fuck up.

No. 595580

New to this thread, but this girl came into the lolcow discord months ago and had her accounts linked to her profile. Someone immediately posted her cringy porn and she left.

No. 595825

File: 1527508954267.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.42 KB, 750x557, IMG_20180528_130135.jpg)

I'm frightened

No. 595831

Lmao, do you remember what she was saying? Wish I had seen it to cap it.

>Think she's hot shit because she takes an illegal drug that makes her lactate


No. 595833


Spoiler that shit! Is she having her period or why is her pussy red

No. 595836

It is spoilered anon.

No. 595883

calm down anon looks like normal darkened genital pigmentation.

No. 596087

File: 1527538213432.jpg (92.09 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20180528-210942_Twi…)

Pumpy doing a Shay with the whole "your dad" thing.

No. 596090

File: 1527538284442.jpg (151.18 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20180528-210933_Twi…)

Being a hostile bitch and scaring away fans. Fantastic work!

No. 596222

File: 1527549133764.jpg (73.07 KB, 500x900, wot.jpg)


> I am a whole eighty pounds and that makes me super healthy, dont make fun of my weight!

What kills me is she has made fun of other for being overweight. Remember when she made fun of a girl on her snapchat for having a big booty and wearing small shorts? Hell its documented she has made fun of Emily Lynn for her weight.She even tweeting jabbing there is no such thing as big hip bones but then retweets body positivity with a picture of a bigger girl.

I can't even with her.

No. 596247

She's pretty fucking stupid to think 80lbs is a healthy weight. She's doesn't have big hip bones, she's fucking 80lbs, of course they're going to stick out.

Come back when you're at least 100lbs pumpers. (And that's still the lowest end of healthy weight)

No. 596431

File: 1527565843293.jpeg (Spoiler Image,91.56 KB, 987x742, BFC2A39C-401D-4F86-ACB2-CDCB96…)

To be fair she only has big hip bones when she’s sucking in anymore. Here’s an example, when she’s not paying attention this is her normal posture and stomach.

No. 597011

gross, how can she look so lanky yet be so short?

No. 597488

File: 1527684214893.jpg (122.64 KB, 1080x686, Screenshot_20180530-134116_Twi…)

Pumpers managed to say treat pornstars as people whilst only referring to them as a sex object in the same damn tweet.

She's something special.

No. 597985

File: 1527720784691.jpg (124.48 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20180530-235022_Fac…)

Lol this delusional bitch, no normal folk actually know who you are.

Plus most people still refer to her as pumpkin spice.

No. 597991

>pumpkin spice
OT but thanks sweet anon, I've scrolled past threads about Stormy for years and only now do I finally understood why she gets called Pumpy

No. 598426

She hasn't been using the name Stormy for too long. Somewhere around 2 years now I think.

No. 603901


she recently had a show where she dyed her pubes blue. because that's a thing that normal people do.

No. 603947


I remember watching her on cam once where she was talking about her weight. She makes it seem like its really hard for her to gain weight but she thinks eating 1800 calories a day is A LOT of food.
Bitch is just too dumb to eat.

No. 604770

File: 1528420415623.png (88.8 KB, 634x764, dfdfhgdfh.png)

She wants members to pay to get into her room and watch her do nothing.

No. 604775

File: 1528420844085.png (103.5 KB, 633x890, Screenshot (53).png)

No. 604776

File: 1528421078253.png (83.79 KB, 624x608, fghfghbn.png)

She thinks she can go on twitch and get a better audience. She is in for a rude awakening.

No. 604832

File: 1528424328736.jpg (104.1 KB, 900x1200, DfH2jqwX0AAPkZJ.jpg)

Would like to finish talking about Big Lotte's new tongue? WTF!!?? Why did she think this was a good idea??

No. 604839

My mind just keeps being blown with her. I actually sort of looked up to her(as a cam girl)when I first started. I thought she had a pretty cool/cute style and cute body. She just seemed like a normal chill girl. This was 4 years ago when she had the silver hair. It must not have been long after the Ashe situation because I remember ppl coming in asking when the next time they'd be together would be etc. and she would flip out and say she didn't wanna talk about it. The memebers would be fucking confused lol. I was never able to find a complete rundown of what happened with Ashe. Maybe there was a bit in the older threads.

No. 604846

I like extreme body mods, split tongues included. However, I think it's at the point where this is like providing extreme plastic surgery to mentally ill people? She's clearly ill and incapable of providing for herself outside of camming, which she has temporarily quit, and some sugaring, which is basically prostitution. I'm all for people getting this sort of thing done if they are both mentally and financially stable, both of which she clearly is not. What is she going to do when she can't go back to camming?

No. 604893

She's claiming she's autistic and is going to try and go on disability.

No. 604916

Yikes. It's difficult to get a diagnosis for autism as an adult woman, isn't it? Is she seriously quitting her only real source of income for a "maybe I can get on disability"?

No. 605041

>made a living interacting with strangers all day for years on end

sure jan.mp3

No. 605182

File: 1528472553171.jpg (520.54 KB, 1779x690, lotte_crazy.jpg)

Charms claimed to have had an autistic meltdown in public. The tweets are probably out of order but this should give you the gist of it.

No. 605310

Wtf is she actually talking about. As someone who truly does have proper diagnosed cptsd from actual traumatic issues in my childhood I just want to holler from laughter at this bitch. When has she EVER experienced any sort of real abandonment?! It actually seems quite the opposite for her, she is so taken care of that it's become detrimental. She is literally the most entitled cunt I have ever seen! I'm assuming ppl(her followers)don't believe that she is actually diagnosed with all of what she says. At least I hope.

I wonder if she is one of those people that just hops from doctor to doctor, telling them different stories and acting a certain way each time. When they tell her there are no signs of the things she wants to be diagnosed with she's on to the next.

The fact that someone with a supposed list of pretty severe mental/emotional issues that usually interrupt an individuals life especially financially has her own house she is getting renovated, had a car she just totalled and will have a new one asap, has loads of pets to take care of, modifies her body monthly in various different ways, smokes weed everyday, orders takeout 100% of the time and buys the stupidest shit like plushies etc. BUT DOES NOT WORK should be a giant red flag to everybody. There is absolutely no hope for her and I feel terrible for some reason.

No. 605371

File: 1528485947890.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.44 KB, 941x705, 20180605_150342.jpg)

Zoidberg (Megan) has actually started camming again

No. 605372

File: 1528485984851.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.48 KB, 937x714, 20180605_150407.jpg)

No. 605379

File: 1528486169936.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.63 KB, 945x685, 20180605_150236.jpg)

No. 605380

File: 1528486203598.jpg (Spoiler Image,264.33 KB, 952x714, 20180605_150549.jpg)

No. 605381

File: 1528486254694.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.01 KB, 940x705, 20180605_150137.jpg)

No. 605382

File: 1528486302306.jpg (Spoiler Image,475.91 KB, 2044x1544, MegvnMvrie_08062018_1503_MyFre…)

Would it kill her to find a bra that fits?

No. 605395

Check out those workout lines!

No. 605399

Holy shit. I think it's ironic that bbw catfish used to steal her pics and gifs to scam dudes out of cash and now she herself has turned into a bbw.

No. 605407

What the fuck? Did she get lipo at some point? I only ask because Moo/Mariah has very similar weird ass skin flaps on her stomach. What the hell makes a person look like that?

No. 605636

>explain to my long time SO when I have a panic attack…

So her and Mike are back together again officially?

No joke. The part where she straight up said, "I collect diagnosis like girl scout badges tbh". It's pretty obvious she's basically a mental illness munchie at this point and trying to make a living off it too?

No. 605648

This is Megan's? I used to think her vagina was so pretty. Wow, goes to show you how her filter and over exposure really made it look a lot nicer. This looks all wrong. Like literally the clit and lips look like they've been cut off and placed back on wrong.

No. 605759

File: 1528523855705.png (916.63 KB, 1192x1256, bestfiends.png)

So she's still got a sugar daddy somehow.

No. 605778

It's from her wearing too small bras. The band's so tight it's literally causing her fat to bulge out under it.

No. 605789

How many tattoos do you think this money will go to? Lip injections? Fast food? Drugs?

No. 605881

File: 1528548141695.jpg (217.63 KB, 947x718, 20180605_150256.jpg)

It's like her whole body and facial features are messed up. Still not convinced she doesn't have FAS.

No. 605882

File: 1528548219463.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.69 KB, 600x400, IMG_20180604_180550.jpg)

She is shaped like a roast chicken

No. 605883

File: 1528548270410.jpg (Spoiler Image,185.38 KB, 1038x2048, IMG_20180604_220010.jpg)

State of pumpy trying to sell this horrendous picture.

No. 605885

they look horrible? what happened??

No. 605901

please please please let this just be bad lighting and not her nipples darkening because of pregnancy

do not let the cryptid breed

No. 606157

High-rise panties do her body shape absolutely no favors.

No. 606203

File: 1528579610084.jpg (108.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20180602_213916.jpg)

She looks like a washed up sea creature with those lips and dodgy contacts.

No. 606215

Why the fuck doesn't she just buy lingerie that flatters her. Why would anyone go out of their way to look misshapen like this. Why.

No. 606219

her face in its natural state is cute. idk how she expects to make money with her body she seems to not work out or anything, and if she gets a customer whos obsessed with her and sees all the shit she spews on tumblr thats gonna turn them off of her.

No. 606222

she just got her tongue split, shes probably going to latch onto extreme body mods now

No. 606224

File: 1528581747599.jpg (248.68 KB, 943x717, 20180605_150457.jpg)

Id say her face in her natural state is retarded but ok. She's finally packed Tumblr in but still says some dumb shit on twitter occasionally. Her "bf" is insufferable and pushing his beliefs and shit on her, why she grew a bit of a bush and now goes on about how much she hates anal.

Like great advertisement for those anal videos you sell.

No. 606227

i guess i mean relaxed/not doing retard faces. her face is really unfortunate and i guess being an ugly scene kid really stuck with her. her bf is crazy as shit. i Almost feel bad for her. Almost.

No. 606234

File: 1528582119165.jpg (151.26 KB, 1080x1192, Screenshot_20180605-135019_Chr…)

I lurked a bit the other day and only 1 bloke tipped her, a few times and then she fucked off in private with someone else and this was his reaction.

It was funny but fuck she's bad at this.

No. 606239

It's hard to feel bad for a terrible human being but I get it, she's only just turned 22 and realised she has to actually go on cam lol. To actually make a proper income without another job is gonna be hard, she's a nobody in the camming world.

If she's still in London idk who the fuck is paying, London is ridiculously expensive.

No. 606382

Wew that weight doesn't look good on her.. She genuinely had a cute little body in her earlier tumblr days( sans kinda sad titties), and really gorgeous extensions (clearly can't afford them) wonder if she's really at uni. That would explain her affording London to some extent with student loans

No. 606694

File: 1528628234228.jpg (183.11 KB, 1080x653, 20180610_115318.jpg)

Bitch, what?

No. 606708

File: 1528630381534.jpg (18.4 KB, 550x550, flat,550x550,075,f.jpg)

No. 606712

>She genuinely had a cute little body in her earlier tumblr days
Nah, she's been a ham from day one. Girl's just savvy with photoshop and knows what angles work for her weird cello body.
Someone please tell her to stop talking about things she's too stupid to understand.

No. 606876

File: 1528656181921.png (101.72 KB, 300x256, Uv0lDlz.png)

she sounds like a stupid child trying to engage in political conversations at the dinner table

No. 606954

Isn't charms brother like actually autistic or something?

Meanwhile she's never once claimed autism til now and never ever shown a single symptom of it?

I'm honestly starting to question her even having BPD. She's so spoiled and doped up on unnessacary medications, never had to face reality or consequence. I can understand why they won't fill her scripts they probably see how fucking retarded it is to give her these cocktails while she only gets worse. She needs behavior therapy and an intervention. Cut the fucking umbilical cord charms mom jfc

She's like an intenser version of Jillian vessey honestly gone way further downhill way earlier

No. 607867

File: 1528750284477.png (44.22 KB, 584x145, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 1.48…)

She's sooo autistic right now, and having big autism meltdowns after a lifetime of interacting with people just fine (besides her BPS manipulative ish)

Charms brags about making a ~real friend uwu~, even with all her autisms! See, this can be her Favorite Person now because they don't know anything about her sex work or previous drama or how awful she is - yet. And this is very exciting in BPD land. Fresh meat for manipulating!

No. 607869

File: 1528750343222.png (27.51 KB, 580x92, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 1.47…)

And her sugar daddy is apparently paying to fix the fake boobs she fucked up the last time by not wearing her support garments and gaining a fuckton more weight

New boobs, next summer

No. 607871

File: 1528750411919.png (55.73 KB, 578x329, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 1.48…)

She's still recovering from getting her tongue split, but is apparently bored now that she isn't camming and scamming, so she's gonna film a YouTube video doing her makeup.

I wonder if she'll have a speech impediment after this tongue thing heals?

No. 607877

File: 1528750597369.png (45.93 KB, 579x151, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 1.49…)

Guys, you can't even imagine what it was like for her, growing up as a wealthy Jewish American Princess who was given anything she wanted by her busy parents, and ruled an army of weeby gothic lolita fans online! Her abuse was so terrible, she can't remember a thing before the age of 16, woe is Charlotte.

To this day, if she told her parents "I really fucked up. Please pay to fix my tongue, remove my face tattoos, and I want to go to real college in Europe" they would sponsor her in an instant and her life would get better. This whole abusive background / fake poverty thing she tries to pull is just insane.

No. 607914

I'm starting to think her meds are giving her so much temporary brain damage she believes this shit beyond momentary delusion

someone put her down lmfao

No. 607949

She already kinda had one from her fangs, I can’t imagine what she’ll sound like now

No. 607959

at least she finally shaved that dead rat's nest off her scalp. I remember she used to whinge about how, as a cosmotologist, shaving her head would only make the damage worse and her hair is totes fine, you guys.

too bad the rest of her is damaged beyond belief. her parents need to have her committed. it's not like they don't have the money to ship her off to a nice rehab facility.

No. 607966

File: 1528755216500.jpg (275.25 KB, 2042x1530, IMG_20180611_231340.jpg)

Sup guys, just checking in

No. 608055

Looks like she’s ready to see The Incredibles 2 with that Edna cosplay

No. 608090

File: 1528762251524.jpg (7.71 KB, 226x223, Kekeroni.jpg)

No. 608123

…her hair. stormy, why.

No. 608372

weirdly her hair is not even the most offensive thing to look at in this picture

I know people have compared her and other cows to slid the sloth a million times, but I think stormy and mira are the biggest contenders

No. 608517

File: 1528805629908.jpg (131.02 KB, 1064x435, Screenshot_20180612-131234_Twi…)

Uh oh

No. 608518


Kek how pathetic. Luckily the likelihood of this crypt keeper still being fertile is not very high. No ana-chan should be even allowed to breed.

No. 608561

File: 1528812744948.jpg (22.01 KB, 484x272, 56f0427933a7f2de8938e26871818f…)

She looks like a little lad who loves berries and cream kek

No. 608605

File: 1528816700339.jpg (545.78 KB, 2044x1544, MegvnMvrie_12062018_1310_MyFre…)

She doesn't even try anymore. Doesn't bother wearing make-up or clothing that doesn't look god awful and unflattering

No. 608634

Steroids aren't magical, some people have shitty enough genetics and take low enough doses that they end up looking like that

No. 608642

Is she not living with her parents anymore? It looks like she's sitting in a closet.

No. 608643

She's living alone in London as far as I know.

It's pretty fucking stupid to live in London and not work there, no idea how she's affording it. Even the shittiest apartments in London cost a lot

No. 608690

I don't get why non-problematic and successful camgirls haven't turned their backs to pumpy or ignored her, like others have been doing since that MFC drama

By her tweets alone you can tell she's a attention needy kiddo

No. 609431

File: 1528895621943.jpg (Spoiler Image,500.46 KB, 2044x1544, MegvnMvrie_12062018_1519_MyFre…)

Oh no, those boobs

No. 610842

File: 1529011862874.jpg (105.06 KB, 1039x953, Screenshot_20180614-223019_Chr…)

Your favourite downy is online

No. 610851

She's asking for $100 to watch her grease up her lumpy ham body kek

No. 610857

File: 1529013618249.jpg (273.34 KB, 996x825, 20180614_230030.jpg)

This is so autistic, she's listening to the same song on repeat

No. 610858

File: 1529013661433.jpg (Spoiler Image,249.19 KB, 1080x898, 20180614_230134.jpg)


No. 610861

Someone upthread mentioned Meg used to be skinny and people used to use her pics to catfish. Will someone post these photos?

I'm curious. I just can't picture it and couldn't find anything on Google.

No. 610869

I don't know about skinny but shes certainly let herself go. The person who