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No. 417732

LIVE THREAD: https://temp.lolcow.farm/b/18076

Social Repose is an emo/goth youtube musician with almost 1 million subs.

He's been mentioned in Onision threads for their ongoing feud. Dated Ayalla (the best friend of Onision's failed polyamory girlfriend, Billie) and cheated on her repeatedly, causing Onision to go on plenty of spergout rants about how monstrous cheaters are to get Ayalla on his good side.
When Richie started dating youtuber Jaclyn Glenn, Onision warned her multiple times she'd be cheated on as well. It has recently come out that Richie has indeed cheated on Jaclyn for the entire duration of their relationship, citing a fear of commitment and the relationship moving too fast even though he previously had a commitment ceremony with her in Las Vegas, then gave her a real ring and started calling her wife instead of girlfriend.

>dates a girl named Lexi for 2 months, they break up

>dates Ayalla, 19
>cheated multiple times, asking random people on FB for hookups
>they break up
>continues to make "ex-gf" videos with Ayalla and plans to have her act the main role in a music video for a song he wrote about their relationship
>meets Jaclyn, 29
>asks Jaclyn to be in the video in Ayalla's place
>adopts Ayalla's chosen nickname "Empress" as his album title and Twitter name out of pettiness/muh artistic intent
>dates Jaclyn for almost a year, broadcasts their relationship, marries her in Vegas, gives her a ring, plans to take her to his family for thanksgiving
>meanwhile still fucking Lexi on the side
>begging for nudes to hold him over until he can see her for a week in which he says he will fuck her twice a day
>also fucking other girls
>asks Jaclyn to come on his EU/UK tour with him
>day before they leave, Jaclyn finds nudes and sexting on his phone
>fails to mention that there's more to it
>Jaclyn is willing to forgive him
>they fly to Scotland
>Jaclyn reads the rest of the conversation and finds out they've been doing it all along
>she cooked for this girl while she was hanging out at Jaclyn's house with bandmates, they were friendly with each other
>he texts her as soon as he leaves Jaclyn's place, talks badly of the relationship
>Lexi also has a long-term boyfriend
>Jaclyn flies back to the states, visits her family for support, makes a video statement
>Social Repose's subs drop like flies

Other known cows have weighed in, like Blair White >>>/snow/192045 and Shoe0nhead >>>/snow/393335.




Lexi's boyfriend

Previous threads

No. 417737

No. 417739

Can you please provide a summary for those of us who are in class right now?

No. 417743

Admins dont like live posting but a summary would be great anon

No. 417745

I'm recording to upload later.

No. 417748

File: 1510094678158.png (346.54 KB, 530x513, ayalla.png)

She's crying and saying he seemed sweet at first, making her feel special and that he would be different for her

No. 417753

Can I suggest liveposting on tempcow anon? That way we dont piss off farmhands.

No. 417759

No. 417768

So far Ayalla has confirmed that he has also cheated on her with Lexi, they were all on tour together and he hung out more with Lexi than Ayalla (who was selling his merch with Billie and quit her job to come with him). She flew home and after he returned, he wanted to talk, but made out with her instead, then he threatened suicide when she didn't want to get back together. They did, but he wouldn't let her talk about being with him and hid FB statuses from her.

They broke up a second time because Lexi called her and told her about everything because she did not previously know they were together.

No. 417775

This Lexi chick seems like a home wrecking extraordinaire.

No. 417778

I hope he falls in love with a girl in the future, wants to settle down with her, stops cheating. And then, she cheats on him with multiple ugly dudes.

No. 417781

Leafy (inb4 who) calling out SR on his "apology" video

Lol, when Leafy, Keemstar and Onision call someone a shitbag! this is incredible

No. 417789

File: 1510097183641.png (14.2 KB, 841x106, horse.PNG)

So far this is his current sub drops from his Youtube. I honestly hope that SR wont harass Ayalla or do anything to her for speaking out as well. I wonder if Lexi will ever show her gross face again and apologizes for what she's done.

No. 417791


I think he will make an attempt to harass her but I don't think it'll go over very well. His subs dropping being a great example of why that might be a bad idea.

No. 417793

Lexi seems to be exactly as sociopathic as Richie is. Maybe in a fucked up way, that's why he keeps going back to her, she's the only bitch crazy enough to "get" him. I can't see either of them ever feeling actual remorse or apologizing.

No. 417804

File: 1510098140769.png (169.7 KB, 500x276, 5C062288-98AD-414B-BC64-760323…)


No. 417821

Uploading Ayalla's stream. He left his fb open once and there were like 20 conversations where he was messaging random girls and fans to ask if they'd turned 18 yet and if they can drive. He's truly Onion 2.0.
Merry milkmas

No. 417823

File: 1510098887166.png (247.39 KB, 477x535, ayallaaaa.png)

Ayalla concluding the stream with "Before he cheats" by Carrie Underwood

No. 417853

Half an hour to go on the upload, sorry

Transcript Anon from the tempcow thread provided a detailed summary:

>richie was controlling

>got mad at her for not texting back
>would get mad/argue often
> she felt special because of everything he was doing for her
> together for 6 months but involved longer than that
> distracted by chat question about jaclyn
> shit started going south quickly
> made plans to see a movie in early part of relationship, older sister called her earlier in the day and had lunch, tried to reschedule so she could see her sister
> he said "yeah sure whatevs, it's fine, you haven't seen her for a while"
> he became angry while they were out, texting her about what was happening.
>Saying that Richie went on YouNow and started chugging vodka with a blank face because she decided to go to movies with her sis instead of hang out with him
> She thought it was her fault he was doing these things.
> 6 weeks after the movie saga, her (not old) uncle died, her and her entire family drove to Wisconsin to comfort her aunt,
> the day after her uncle's funeral, her and her cousins decided to go out and try to have fun together
> she stopped texting Richie for an hour
> he made her feel like "utter shit about it"
> told her that she didn't care about the relationship, accused of her cheating, asked if she wanted to break up with him
>First time I found out he was unfaithful to me was on tour. We were publicly dating when I found out.
>I found text messages in his phone, very similar to what happened to Jaclyn. It was him texting one of his ex girlfriends.
>I had quit my job to go on that tour with him. I told him before hand, that, like, I was no gonna have a job when I came back if I went on this tour with him.
>I just feel like, at that point, he should have said something.
>I actually went on tour with him and Lexi.
>First tour, Lexi was at the whole tour. The entirety of the tour Lexi and Richie hung out. And I was doing merch with BillieDawnWebb. I dont know if they were cheating, but she was with him more than I was during that tour.
>Me and richie did break up once because he was talking about hooking up with her behind a strip club. (Lexi)
>That was a rough one.
>First time we broke up on tour, I flew home.
>When he flew back, he came to my house to grab his stuff.
>He wanted to meet up and sit down and talk.
>I agreed to it because Im an adult, was willing to have a conversation with him.
>Half way through he started drinking wine. This is after he tried to make out with me.
>We made out.
>I removed myself saying "I cant do this, I need to go" I told him that twice.
> I told him "This is going to be a cycle, I dont want to do it."
> He walked me to his car and told me he was going to kill himself
> He walked off into the woods.
> Its true. He threatened to kill himself, and ran off.
> "I couldnt leave"
> He ran off into the woods to a place where he previously told me he was going to kill himself.
> I ran after him into the woods.
> I couldn't go, I have a heart. I didnt want him to be hurting just because I was hurting.
>I told him I would stay, that night, I would stay with him.
> I told him a lot of stuff. I figured if he was so burnt up about it, then he really did care.
> He made it seem so geniune
> After we broke up on tour, and got back together, we didn't tell anyone
> He didnt want to ruin his chances with other girls he was trying to hook up with
> He didnt want to give me, any power to tell people about the shit he did
> He was so angry I told anybody at all in the beginning.
> He didnt want anyone to know, because if she told anybody they wouldnt care.
> Its so fucked up.
> He didnt wanna look bad.
> I gave him a second chance.
> Fast foward, for once, he started hiding his posts from me.
> He would post Facebook status about who wanted to go see movies with him. He would post that he was free this weekend.
> The internet didnt know we were dating, so he would hide these kind of posts from me.
> fast forward a couple months he would start hiding his posts from me, he would post facebook statuses about who wants to go see movies and hangout so he would hide posts from me because the internet didnt know we were dating
> the reason we broke up the second time was because lexi called me about the stuff he was sending her while we were still dating.
> and I was just completely completely completely retarded i was slow to realize you know in the wrong situation even after that happened he contacted me calling me begging me because it wsa only TEXT (emotional cheating jfc) and i was like yeah whatever i took him back again (3rd time) he made it so clear he didnt do anything, i knew in my head he was cheating on me
> one night i was sick i was vomiting and i knew he was cheating on me i was physically sick and i called him the next day and he gave me the same talk
> "Did he cheat with the same girl" - more than 2-3 people doesnt know the final number because he never told the truth about any of it
> The reason we broke up the 2nd time, is because LEXI CALLED ME
> Lexi told me about the stuff he had been sending her
> He wasnt telling Lexi they had gotten back together.
> When Lexi found out we were still dating, she called me and told me.
> I really respected Lexi for that
> After that, we broke up again.
> After the 2nd breakup, I was completely retarded.
> You cant say that word, but I was. I was slow to realize that I was just… just in the wrong situation.
> Even after that had happened. Richie contacted me and called me, begged me to get back together.
> He said "it was just text messages". He said he only messed up because he only sent text messages.
> I took him back again, because he made it very clear he didnt actually do any of these things
> We dated for a few more months
> Things were fine… sort of.
> In my head I think I knew he was cheating on me
> One night I got really sick, I couldnt sleep and was vomitting
> Like in my head "You know Richie is cheating on you"
> I was physically sick annd I called him the next day. I told him I was physically very sick about thinking he was cheating on me
> He made me feel crazy when I told him I was becoming physically sick over fear he was cheating.
> Richie cheated on me with more than one person, more than two. Maybe more than three.
> I dont know the final number, I just know its a lot more than I know about.
> Obviously, he never told me the truth about any of it.
> I had to find out randomly.
> I would just find out from random girls months later
> When we broke up the final time:
> We stopped dating, it wasnt the stop of us sleeping together for months later
> I wasnt even his girlfriend but we slept together.
> Rages Sorry Im very upset with myself.
> So the last time we broke up, I went to his house to hang out.
> I got there before he did
> His facebook page was open.
> It was his messages wide open on the screen
> His open facebook had at least 20 conversations from a quick stroll
> With random girls from facebook
> He was messaging fans seeing if they turned 18 years old yet
> Barely 18 year old girls
> Asking young girls if they could drive yet
> Seemed predatory
> When we first started dating, I was freshly 18
> I didnt realize at the time it was a theme/pattern
> I wish I wasnt so young when I met him, so I would have known better.
> So we broke up after the Facebook discovery
> Never got back together after that
> That was the end of July
> If you hooked up with him between Feb-July 2016, hahah that was my boyfriend
> It makes my whole body cringe. I hate this.
> I was wrecked after the final break up. Completely fucking broken.
> I had never experienced that before.
> I've never had someone ruin everything I was
> Not even on a relationship basis
> "Just so much" trying to collect herself
> i helped him move after we broke up and i worked for him for free for a week straight i did furniture and paint because he told me he had no one to help him
> I helped him move, after we broke up
> After I found out he cheated on me, I worked for him
> I worked without pay for a week straight painting for him
> He told me no one would help him.
> I offered to help
> One of the girls he cheated on me with, almost showed up while I was there
> He gave me a whole shpeal about how it wasnt like that
> He still wanted my help (painting his house)
> Eventually, we started sleeping together again.
> Because…. he told me that he hadn't been seeing anyone when he was by himself.
> He told me it was just me.
> He told me he fucked up.
> He kept me around as long as he could.
> So fucked up, it was so fucked up.
> Then things really fell out because he got in a fight with me on my 19th birthday.
> and then things really really fell out and stopped because he got in a fight with me on my 19th bday
> i was recording an album in ohio and it had been a month and a half and richie wanted to drive up and spend my birthday with me
> On my 19th birthday, I was recording an album in Cleveland
> It had been a month since we broke up
> Richie wanted to spend my birthday with me
> I didnt think much of it, agreed to it.
> He brought it up again closer to my birthday. I didnt know why he wanted to drive 7 hours to see the girl he cheated on for her birthday
> On the day of my birthday we got in a huge fight
> Told me he didnt remember it was my birthday on the day of my birthday
> Made me feel like shit
> Just a bunch of shit. It was awful
> I was supposed to be in the Filthy Pride video because the song is about me.
> Day of my birthday, he told me he was going to replace me in the video
> Literally and figuratively
> He was angry at me and didnt want me to be there.
> "It would be too much work"
> Said he body would be too distracting
> Didnt want the comments to be about her body, and not his music.
> He dragged it out. Made me feel like shit the whole time.
> He cheated on me, and lied about.
> He continued to lie about it
> He lied to me about cheating on her with Jaclyn
> So that sums up everything
> Hes a cheater
> Hes manipulative
> he'll take everything good about you and smash it
> its scary
> im still crying because im still scared
> hes going to come at me and make me feel like shit again because of this
> i know i shouldnt
> im going to get shit for this too.
> is crying
> Did he try to blackmail me? Yah He did.
> Thats another thing I guess
> Whenever I said anything publically
> I didnt even go into detail. What im saying now is the most detail ive given
> He would flip out
> would send me long awful messages about how he was going to make me look shitty on the internet
> told me he had the following to do it
> that no one would give a shit about me
> told me i had to feet to stand on
> you know what fuck it. i have two feet to stand on and im doing just fine
> so fuck you richie
> breathes a sigh of relief
> i feel so much better.
> I know that filthy pride and villain are about me.
> specifically about all the fucked up shit he did to me
> another reason why i was so offended by him putting jaclyn in those videos
> when he talked about jaclyn, he acted like he had changed for her.
> I feel like what he did to her was worse.
> He never put such extravagant ideas in my head
> He never made me feel like it was a life plan
> I dont know how you can do that someone.
> He started off with marrying her in vegas
> He made me do things I regret
> I wish I didnt play into his shit
> I wish i didnt believe what he told me.
> He likes control
> He likes to be able to judge what youre going to do and change your actions
> Its just shitty. I wouldnt wish it on anybody
> I really wish no one else would do it.
> Not to say I tried to warn you - but I did.
> I tried to say "hey, this guy is fucked up."
> He will find the only soft parts of your body, and he will crush them.
> Before Richie, I wasn't this emotional
> I wasn't like this before.
> It feels shitty to me to shed tears
> He doesnt deserve my tears. I don't care about him.
> Its been over a year. I could not be farther from it.
> Its terrifying to talk about this
> There'll be a 20 minutes video about "how im trash"
> "It will be my fault cause I went to like 2 parties EVER"
> A year ago, he told me he was going to come after me for speaking out
> If he comes after me, he comes after me.
> I dont feel bad saying this, because he's still doing it to better people than me
> I think I deserved it because I was a bully in high school. Richie was my Karma.
> Do you think he intentionally does it for content?
> "He does"
> He himself will tell you he intentionally causes drama to help him create better art
> Re: Dear Future Girlfriend
> I dont like the video
> I dont think it was respectful.
> When he had Jaclyn react to that, it broke my heart
> She reached out to him and told him it really hurt her feeligns
> "How can you have her laugh at those things" that really happened to her.
> Well shit guys. Thats it.
> Thats all I have to say about Richie.
> Im going to turn this into a regular broadcast now
> If you have any other questions, I will answer them now.
> I actually spoke to Jaclyn, to talk to her about stuff.
> Did he cheat on billie? laughs he never dated Billie
> He didn't have a crying fetish laughs at the idea
> He would occasionally make me cry sometimes
> He said he could tell he only cared about her when she was crying
> which doesnt make sense to me
> told me the only way he could tell i cared about him was when I cried
> He would tell me I should eat way more
> to get curvy
> i never thought he was being entirely serious about that
> How do you feel about Greg?
> Fuck Greg
> Hes being mean. His intentions arent good.
> If he had good intentions he'd be like "Sorry things are messed up for you right now"
> Its not the truth and fax, its rude and insensitive
> Would you ever consider collabing with Jaclyn Glenn?
> Sure. If she wanted to , I would definitely do it.
> She's a better woman than I.
> First in girls (YouNow) ? All I had to do was cry!
> I've asked Greg multiple times to not talk about me
> In this recent drama he has been respectful in not talking about me
> Jaclyns comment: "I was in tears watching this. You’re very strong for talking about this ♥️"
> He was sexting Lexi while we were dating
> But Lexi told me when she found out we were still dating
> How do you feel about him losing 20K subs
> "Thats kinda cool"
> When I started getting subs, he didnt want me to break 100k subs on Youtube because it would make him feel shit about him
> Thats all I wanna to do, is break 100k
> The new Jaclyn and Ayalla hashtage is "Jayalla"
> When I first met him, I thought he was like how he was ( a total dickhead)
> He spent so long convincing me otherwise.
> Why do you continue to talk to richie at all?
> Realistically, I dont talk to him at all anymore. I blocked his number.
> Jaclyn Glenn just gave her 800 likes
> Re: Ex writes lyrics to a song
> I sent him old lyrics I had
> It would be too easy to make a diss track
> Tell him to mail your stuff to you Jaclyn
> Dont fall for that trap. I fell for that trap.
> He wants you right infront of him
> A summary? He's manipulative and a cheater.
> He has all her (Jaclyn) fan gifts from tour
> Says she will accompany Jaclyn to go get her stuff if needed
> Did he ever apologize to you directly?
> For cheating on me? Umm maybe. Maybe. I dont remember. He said a lot of things to me that werent true
> So even if he had apologized shrugs and laughs
> I think apologized to me once for cheating, but it was a long long time after.
> But I think he was apologizing to sort of pull me back into it, instead of showing he actually felt bad
> No, hes not really damaged. Hes not really damaged at all.
> I'm sure theres SOMETHING wrong with him
> No would keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results
> But he does it to himself.
> Outside of being depressed, I guess, and being lonely, like most of the shit he does to himself
> The fact he's lonely and depressed is because hes fucked over all his friends, and his fans.
> On tour, he would scream at us and throw stuff at us.
> Not that billie was well behaved on tour, but him and billie got into a huge fight.
> He would get mad at us because he lost stuff
> Would throw things in the parking lot
> Sometimes he was nice, sometimes he was the worst person.
> Is this being rude?
> I dont care
> I never go to talk about this shit
> Now here i am! I'm venting!
> Whenever we broke up, he'd play the victim so much, people thought I cheated on him
> They would hear "they broke up from cheating", and because of how he acted, they thought I was the one who cheated.
> They would say "Oh ayalla broke his heart, how could she just leave him alone?"
> How could you sleep with like 6 people?
> I went out of my way to do stuff for him. Like OUT of the way.
> Like I quit my job to work for him for free.
> I put in so much effort. I would drive to him four to five times a week and he lived hours away. An hour and 20 minutes away because he never wanted to leave his house.
> And it didnt work out, and now I'm happy
> I have been tested for STDs since then
> Happily im clean
> Would fight with Billie on tour because he was being very disrespectful. (earlier said Billie was being high maintenance tho)
> 44 hours a day we were working for him on tour.
> Billie doesnt do well in stressful situations. He was always angry and pissed off. If he wasnt happy, nobody was happy
> If you get snappy with Billie, she snaps back. She doesnt take shit. They would fight back and forth because Richie is the same.
> Is he different behind the camera?
> Oh ya. But he's different depending on his mood.
> If hes happy or sad or angry, he becomes very different people.
> Did he ever get physically? Physically abusive? No.
> I dont think he could have even if he wanted to. Hes not a big guy.
> I'm not that small. People assume I'm small. I'm not a small lady. We're practically the same weight, we're pretty even in size.
> Was he ever sweet?
> He was. When you hang out with him by yourself, you think he cares about you. You think he's sweet and soft on the inside
>Then you find out later he's not. He's just not
> He'll do anything to convnce you he's sheltered and shy, and doesnt go outside because "people are too much for him"
> Hes not like that at all.

No. 417865

Ayalla is heading off but Jaclyn commented saying that she would have guested, had she not been out with her dad during the broadcast.

No. 417893

Update: Ayalla confirmed Richie also slept with Natti. We were only half wrong

No. 417900

Someone said that Natti told her boyfriend that she never slept with Richie and if that was a lie.

Ayalla confirmed: "yep! thats a bold face lie!"

Ohhhhhh shit! And Brandon thought he was a "pissed off boyfriend" BEFORE.

No. 417901

arguably the better looking of the two tbh

No. 417918

Here's the video. Short version from another tempcow anon:

> They broke up three times, all three times from cheating

> When she couldnt hang out with him once, he went on YouNow and started chugging vodka with a blank expression
> When they first broke up, he ran off into the woods to where he told her previously he was going to kill himself
> She got back together with him, but he wanted it to be a secret
> Second time they broke up, she found his facebook open with 20+ conversations with barely legal girls
> Richie was asking girls if they turned 18 years old yet
> Richie wanted to know if they could drive yet so they could come to his house
> She slept with Richie after they broke up for some time.
> He would threaten to ruin her if she ever spoke up
> Richie didnt want Ayalla to get more than 100k subs on YouTube because it would make him feel bad about his accomplishments
> Would frequently tell her to eat more to be more curvy, but she doesnt know if he was serious about it
> Told her he didn't want her in the Filthy Pride video because her body would be too distracting
> Told her people in the comments would talk about her body instead of his art
> She is not mad at Jaclyn.
> Her and Jaclyn are considering a collab
> Sings
> She went HARD on Natti.
> Said that even tho she slept with Richie she'd try to still be all cute and airheaded to Ayalla.
> Said Natti told Ayalla she'd bring her flowers on warped tour (remember that rose she gave richie in the instagram photo?)
> And that when Ayalla saw Natti at warped tour all she could do was pretend to throw up everytime she saw her.

Jaclyn will go live soon, unfortunately I can't be around to record.

No. 417920

I feel bad for Natti's boyfriend. It's bad enough to have a significant other be accused of cheating. It's even worse to find out that it's only half truth. He even said here, SR and Natti were never together. Poor guy.

Man, this drama has fucked a lot of relationships.

No. 417925


He also said he sincerely hopes they two of them never have to associate with Richie again. Yet Natti has made a youtube video calling him her friend and defending him. Also straight up lied to him and said they were never together.

No. 417929

That's how cheaters do.
And they're totally remorseless in this case, which makes it all the more fucked up. I hope he gets dick cancer and falls into a volcano after suffering with the dick thing.
The toilet slut Lexi can become riddled with dumpster AIDS and be allergic to the AIDS medication. In a perfect world … this is what cheaters deserve.

No. 417931

In the name of Jam Bon Jibi, I sincerely thank you for the video recorder anon.

No. 417935

I agree. This Lexi chick sounds like a piece of recycled garbage lmao

No. 417936

Some anons posted her Tumblrs, she's got issues out the ass.

No. 417941


Yep. Ayalla said he was planning to fuck her behind a strip club. Like. She's trash.

No. 417942

To be clear if people dont read the whole summary, ayalla said she didnt know if he cheated on her with lexi during that tour, and later on she respected lexi for telling her richie was sexting her when lexi found out he was still with ayalla. No wonder ayalla was still friends with her. She probably thought lexi never cheated with richie when she knew ayalla and him were dating. And that she was nice for telling her about it.

Sounds less "nice" of her telling ayalla now. I dont get why they dont just date each other. They've been cheating on their SOs with each other for YEARS.

No. 417943

Damn Ayalla is ugly af without makeup on. She looks like a Russian peasant woman.(nitpicking, no sage)

No. 417946

Can you imagine a pair of side bitches actually settling down with each other?
"I only really liked you when it was dangerous"
"I only liked your butthole in the smashed up loo at my concert"
"You're boring when there's nobody to catch us"
"Just realised you're ugly enough to turn around and plow but not to take to Thanksgiving"

No. 417947

we're getting all this steamed milk and all you can talk about is Ayalla's face? sit down and bathe

No. 417949

back to your thread greg

No. 417952

Well, Lexi is a scumbag, Jaclyn asure it,she was awared he had a relationship and still go on, i think she was in trying to be diferent at the moment she confesed but her old habits won.

No. 417954

This wasn't a one-time thing. They frequently planned out how to fuck around not getting caught. They probably got real good at it.

And the fact that he kept Natti around to be the Empress in one of his videos with Jaclyn right there, even IF they didnt fuck while he was dating Jaclyn, is fucked up.

Especially when the girl isn't being honest about it happened. You know he wasn't either.

No. 417957

When is Jaclyn going on Younow? I NEED more milk!

No. 417959

Can someone explain this empress role play? What is the significance of being the empress? I understand it's from his music video but what does it mean to be the empress? So many girls in this triangle so it's hard to keep track of theories sorry

No. 417964

In this video it is mention Natti's cheat?

No. 417965

yeah how evil is natti to agree to be the "empress" in the video knowing shes cheated with richie on his gfs and likely during when he was with jaclyn too.

I remember seeing the empress video before jaclyn and richie broke up and thought it was incredibly weird and awkward that he made this other girl the "empress" and not jaclyn? The song is about him following the "empress" who will guide him and that he cant resist her beauty.

No. 417966

According to temp cow the person recording stopped after Ayalla started singing (she was singing for a good while with no milk) and so they did not catch Ayalla mentioning Natti

No. 417967

i saw the blargh in the chat when the natti thing happened so maybe they caught it

No. 417971

Ayalla chose the Empress title after they broke up. Richie 'stole' it to use as his album title, song title, music video concept and Twitter name (Empress Mothra)

No. 417972

Sheesh. What a cunt. Thanks for clearing it up

No. 417987

I love how you can literally put anything after the word "Social" and people will know who you're talking about. Social Reject, Social Retard, Social Rimjob, etc.

No. 417995

Jaclyn is retarded for being 29 years old with a commendable university degree and yet willingly subjecting herself to a guy who is perpetually sixteen years old and playing emo dress-up.

Maybe I'm one of the few guys in this thread, but I've tried listening to his stuff as a "soundtrack" to these threads and it's honestly straight garbage. A grown adult woman finds this stuff catchy enough to go to all his shows and help out with his career? What the fuck, how do you not see this shit is terrible? It's a guy with major emotional problems messing around in GarageBand.

Her track record of getting involved with shitty guys who fuck with her emotions is just the icing on the cake.

At the same time, I absolutely sympathize with her and cannot imagine what she is going through. Ritchie most likely has Borderline Personality Disorder. I saw someone talk about Ayalla mentioning she went to a movie with her sister and he became so distraught he went on YouNow chugging vodka. This is what people with BPD do. It's a rare disorder for guys but go down the rabbit hole and you'll see it describes Richie pretty well.

This will be what ends Jaclyn's YouTube revenue stream as I don't envision her being on social media in the future. Dude this guy was casting her in music videos and SINGING about how he was going to treat her. That's next-level sadistic shit. That's not something you pop up on YouTube two days later and be all "hey guys, wats new LOL XD" over. This is months of therapy at the very least because this shit sucks the life out of you.

Richie is a fag. I hope his "band" abandons him and he just sort of burns out. I look forward to pictures of 12 people at his shows, or people chanting Jaclyn or some shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 418003

Can we talk about how Richie didn't want Ayalla to hit over 100k subs on her Youtube because it would make him feel less accomplished?

What a pathetic, sad person. He desires absolute control over people.

No. 418007


In Natti's defense, it's entirely possible that she didn't sleep with Richie during the Jaclyn Glenn saga. But Ayallah said she DID she when Ayallah was dating Richie. And at the very least confirmed that they slept together.

So at the very least, she lied to her boyfriend, who is under the impression they were never an item.

No. 418010


An Empress is someone who lets you fuck her into a dirty bar bathroom and behind strip clubs. Therefore, Lexi. Lo

No. 418014

A complete sociopath

No. 418018

That was so pathetic and cringeworthy, like holy shit. Add him preying on barely legal girls and the picture gets even more disturbing.

No. 418020

I am so sick of every single cow having some ignorant faggot saying "THEY MUST HAVE BPD!" It's a fucking meme at this point that's why it's a banner, also you sound like Greg. Literally no one cares that you're a guy, what does that have to do with ANYTHING you said?

No. 418028

and ayalla says she has BPD so i doubt she wants to hear the "richie has BPD" shit. He seems like a narcissist anyway, not BPD. i feel like people just think BPD = crazy cheaters and put that on every single person who is a crazy cheater.

No. 418034


Too bad she can't fall for a nice guy like you.

No. 418035

Why does it ALWAYS come back to BPD? Some people are just shitty.

No. 418036


She said several times that he's not messed up like he claims. She said other than depression and lonliness, he purposely creates problems for himself because he thinks its makes him more creative. She also noted that his depression and loneliness only come from the fact he's fucked over almost all his friends.

No. 418040

Well, he may not have BPD (And I agree that it's way over internet-dagnosed) but he's definitely got some sort of Cluster B issue going on. The description of the things he said and did during his an Ayalla's relationship was horrifying, and well being "Just a shitty person."

No. 418052

BPD affects 2% of the population, or 1 in every 50 people. It's just THAT common.

No. 418053

Quit the armchair psychology

No. 418062

Jaclyn must feel so bad about making a mockery of that "Dear Future Girlfriend" video. Ayalla said that really hurt her feelings to see Jaclyn laughing about stuff that actually happened to her. Wonder what will happen to all the videos with Jaclyn in them on SR's channel?

No. 418067

I can post them on vid.me if you guys think he will delete them all

No. 418074

That would be great, anon!
I doubt he will though, he didn't delete any of the ones with Ayalla and his channel seems more important to him than anything else. But I could imagine Jaclyn claiming them.

No. 418075

Please do so, but I doubt he's going to delete anything. We're talking about a guy who put an add on his 'explanation' video. Surely he wants all the cents he can get.

No. 418077

any idea which video to start with? I will just mirror everything from that video to present and comprise a list of vidme links, not gonna make anything public because muh dmca

No. 418078

File: 1510108027648.png (12.56 KB, 517x120, WOOOOOOO.png)

This makes me happy.

No. 418083

Maybe these ones:
"I Got Married"

"I got her a real ring"

"My Girlfriend reacts to "Dear Future Girlfriend""

"I'm tired of middle aged men hitting on my wife"

and the original "Dear Future Girlfriend" one?

No. 418085

I don't know much about him, but seen a few things on his channel and that's a punchable face, especially in those acapella videos where there's 9 of him jfc.

No. 418087


If you have the time, would you mind mirroring the video Natti Gabrielle made defending Richie? I feel like she might delete this soon now that Ayalla outed her.


No. 418089

File: 1510108598513.png (50.58 KB, 981x481, brattiresponds.png)

Natti responds to Ayalla's allegations

No. 418094

the best part is he was so close to 1 mill before this happened.

lol this girl is lying. Ayalla has no reason to lie. This girl however, has every reason to lie.

No. 418096

thanks for posting this anon, and to transcript-anon also!

No. 418097

I already did, it's in the tempcow thread

via https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/16378#p17690

roger, 5 mins

No. 418100

You're the best, anon! <3

Why would she even still be involved in this drama? She's obviously following it, probably to see if her secret gets out.

No. 418101

File: 1510108892617.png (39.55 KB, 1027x284, nattilies.png)

Straight up lying at this point.

No. 418105

Yeah she blatantly lied with the "idk what lolcow is" Bitch your boyfriend was on here yesterday. You know what it is. If you're going to lie about that, then you clearly just lied about everything

No. 418106

>I Got Married.
>I got her a real ring
>My Girlfriend reacts to "Dear Future Girlfriend"
>I'm tired of middle aged men hitting on my wife
>Dear Future Girlfriend

No. 418108

submit any links you want mirrored as a response to this post and I'll do my best to accomodate.

No. 418110


She said in her video there was a "4chan like site liveblogging everything I said". And on her YouNow you could hear her asking her boyfriend if there was new info. She's probably here now. Hi Natti!

No. 418118

It's hard to rewatch those videos because Jaclyn clearly has real feelings about everything and he was faking/lying the whole damn time.

No. 418129


Natti defending Richie video mirrored.

No. 418146

>I don't know what that is
Wasn't her boyfriend openly posting here and asking us to stop cyber-bullying her because we awful anons started the rumor that she was the side chick?
Um, yeah. She knows.

Natti you're getting exposed, get over it. You'd save face if you stopped lying.

No. 418154

Im seriously fucking tired of all the different thread wtf
Is this the main one or what??

No. 418155

Sorry anon, was a mistake tag u

Btw it looks like Natti deleted her Twitter or maybe she just block me lol can someone tell me?

No. 418156

first, sage your shitpost

second, as far as lolcow goes the only ~official~ word was in a grease thread that casual conversation/liveblogging/liveposting be directed to its thread at

a similar thread exists for dick giese here

personally I am treating all temp.lolcow.farm threads as catchall for anything I want to nitpick or insult, or otherwise doesn't contribute to the thread.

because of the high traffic and amount of derailment in these threads when significant events happen, it makes it easier to filter out the shitposts from quality posting

No. 418158

Her Twitter is still up.

No. 418161

makes more sense for this thread to be talking about richie drama/his cowness and jaclyn thread for ppl who want to hate on jaclyn, probably going to overlap until they are no longer related.

No. 418201

File: 1510115414460.png (203.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171107-222818.png)

We may have video of it, at least someone confirmed an interaction with Lexy and Richie at the event!

No. 418220

literally nothing. either shillposting or selfposting, either way, don't post or involve people without a direct link. we are capable and culpable of collateral damage and this is just furthering that

No. 418224

She's saying now the video isnt up. She's leaving it to Jaclyn if it gets posted.

No. 418227

File: 1510116339318.png (26.02 KB, 653x219, Screenshot.png)

literally kekking

gregs claim was always he and richie were the same height

ayalla didn't say how tall she was in her stream when asked just "I'm not small or short girl"

this girl in the youtube video posts pic related. is this confirmed SR and greg are menlets?

No. 418229

I support Jaclyn on this but this is kind of getting out of control, why would you want or need that video….?

No. 418230

File: 1510116422714.png (355.77 KB, 449x537, lexi.png)

Looks like Lexi goes up to Richie around 3:44 in this video


No. 418232

Jaclyn upload the video!!!

No. 418236

I am going to mirror the raw videos for SR/JG/onion clan permanently and I have several free domain registration credits for various hosts. you guys have an idea for a name of a website that's just raw video files? throw them at me

No. 418240


Ayalla said she's 5'6"

No. 418241

her, blair, shoeonhead. there whole crew are racist and panderers. this is the only sympathy she will ever get. she is a mean atheist. this is the only time she will relate to a wider audience. plus she doesn't want to lose subs.

No. 418243

File: 1510116979800.gif (3.94 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Lexi at Richie's show the night of the quickie.

No. 418244

ew he fucked her in the bathroom with his whole emo indian costume on

No. 418251


No. 418258

Was it confirmed that this was the night of the quickie? ( Cause all it shows is her being there ). They obviously fucked around a lot, just wondering if we know it happened then and there too.

No. 418266


Not 100% confirmed, but this fan says she was there on the night of the concert and her mom captured Richie and Lexi walking off together. This video is from her youtube of the night she went to the concert. I'm assuming she has additional footage she didn't add to the video because she didn't think it was relevant at the time.

No. 418269

File: 1510118037286.png (310.5 KB, 1080x1420, 20171107_221147.png)

Lexi's friend from the clip is butthurt. As if anyone knew who she was or gave a fuck about her. Also, 1 time? Haha suuuuure.

No. 418276

When you tried to help your friend but end up making it worse kek
At least we know now IT was bathroomgate that night.

No. 418277

Jaclyn has posted a slightly longer video on her Twitter


Additional footage shows Richie speedily walking off stage towards the direction Lexi went.

No. 418283

File: 1510118593305.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1746, 20171107_222145.png)

She deleted comments like a little bitch. People have been capping them. Grabbed this from the replies. Milk might be coming soon.

No. 418286

File: 1510118626448.gif (3.98 MB, 480x270, quickie.gif)


Richie running to the bathroom for a quickie with Lexi.

No. 418290

Ha, getting another narc/socio path attached to your name? Lmao That's awful damage control. Even if Onion sided with you, the public will only see your name and face linked to SR and Onision, two of the most loathesome people on YT. Have fun with that!

No. 418291

This cunt. “I’m involved”?? Did you film them? Get them together? How the fuck are you involved lol

No. 418299

File: 1510119182991.jpg (47.5 KB, 640x640, 22581985_483934828656957_78641…)

Selfie pre-bathfucking

No. 418300

oh god her make up.

No. 418304


Did she guard the bathroom door? Lol Like how awkward. Maybe its just cause I lack a normal social life, but do people really just wait outside bathroom doors as their friends get fucked?

No. 418307

Bitch, it doesn't matter if it was one girl or more, on one occasion or more, in conversation or in person. Your friend knew SR was taken and had zero respect for how it could affect his significant other, his career, etc. She's selfish like SR. JG has every right to call both of them out.

No. 418308

Man this new video just shows what a brazen fucking dick Richie is. Like all those people around, and he just runs off to fuck a girl in a bathroom. He had absolutely no respect for Jaclyn.

No. 418310


>It was only that one time and their convos

She must not of watched Ayalla's YouNow kek.

No. 418311

File: 1510119556036.png (24.09 KB, 1041x224, 20171107_223836.png)

She also replied to Jaclyn saying "Grow up" and I went to reply and that was deleted too.

No. 418312

She's acting awfully guilty, isn't she? Maybe she should listen to that guilt and be honest with herself instead of trying to dig a hole to bury it. It's just going to resurface.

No. 418316

File: 1510119910478.jpg (114.18 KB, 675x1200, DOFjf1jUMAATdPT.jpg)

Lexi's friend weighs in…kek

No. 418317

For real, shes making herself involved by outing herself. No one cared about her or said she did anything. Also why the fuck are you running to onion boy? The last person you want on your side is onion boy.

What a winner.

No. 418319

>grow up Jaclyn
>it wasn't just us, other people did the wrong thing too so don't blame us
That she thinks these are good defenses is mind boggling.

No. 418321

>They only had that one time other than their convos

Except Jaclyn said he slept with her a month into their relationship, had a quickie at the show and were planning a week long fuckathon around her own boyfriend too. Yeah totally just the one time. And the fact that it was multiple people doesnt make it any better.

No. 418326

if you go look at nattis instagram JG literally commented defending her and saying that it wasnt her that social herpes cheated with

No. 418328

I love how lexi knew dick cheese fucked groupies on the regular and still wanted to be his bottom bitch. Her poor boyfriend needs to get checked

No. 418329

Caps or link? Not seeing shit Anon.

No. 418333


To be noted, in today's YouNow with Allaya, JG found out that Natti did indeed sleep with Richie when he was with Ayalla. Jaclyn commented "Richie had her play the Empress", and when Ayalla heard that she looked super hurt. I also remember someone the other day saying Jaclyn's comment calling Natti "sweet" was removed.

No. 418338

i didn't cap it but this was during tempcow when everyone thought it was natti. possibly it was deleted?

No. 418340

File: 1510121378208.png (476.97 KB, 811x588, deletedcomment.png)

Yep, looks like Jaclyn deleted her comment defending Natti. All that's left is Natti thanking Jaclyn. Not looking good for Natti right now. I honestly don't think she fucked Richie recently (although she did attend his recent tour so its possible), but the fact she's lying about having sexual relations with him makes me question everything she says.

No. 418344

Is her twitter gone or is it just me?

No. 418346

Looks like it is gone.

No. 418359

Is it this girl's expert camerawork or was this show extremely dead? Looked like 11 people who bummed rides and someone's dad.

No. 418365

>muh same height as greg
fucking manlets

No. 418366

File: 1510124999691.jpeg (125.62 KB, 750x755, 243200C6-473A-49C6-8F2D-5848D3…)

Jaclyn explains why she watched the Lexi concert video

No. 418367

Grug, haven't you got children to father?

No. 418371

sarah detected

No. 418372

I can understand that—watching it to remind her that even though she still has feelings for him, he’s still a cold sore-wielding, cheating piece of shit and that girl in the video is his bathroom empress lol

No. 418373

>we are all sarah

No. 418379

ayalla I loved your stream today 10/10

No. 418381

File: 1510126635817.png (62.74 KB, 637x509, jg.png)

she was replying to a comment chain about some other video someone made about the situation.

No. 418385

I can see why people think this is suspect or attention-seeking but she deserves to know the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth after this wretched manchild played her like a fiddle for so long honestly. Also a great way to sever any lingering feelings.

I'm still trying to fathom how one can mock-marry someone, parade them around like a trophy… and then say they were wrong to be attached or did so too quickly. Ayalla's (who I sympathize the most with, considering she's being dragged into this garbage fire after the fact) note about him grooming barely legal girls puts that into a harsh, uglier light. I'm sure it's worked on his younger side holes but trying to pull this shit on an actual woman has finally turned the tide. Couldn't have happened to a better horseman.

I really hope she wisens up, gets tested and leaves him and his "return the slab" looking side ho to rot soon enough.

No. 418392

If I were Jaclyn I would probably throw up when I saw this. It would make me physically sick. It’s one thing to know something happened, it’s another thing entirely to watch it. No consideration, no hesitation, it took him 30 seconds to walk grinning ear to ear to fuck some smug cow in a bathroom and completely ruin her life.

No. 418395

Yeah alot of people are way too harsh on Jaclyn on here, I realize she is normally annoyingly attention seeking and too egotistical, but in this case I feel like she has the right to be angry and sad and to not be over it in a week. I know people will call me a stan even though Im not, but I dont really care.
People saying "she needs to move on now she just wants attention" has apparently never had a super bad breakup, that shit takes a loooong ass time! And she does deserve to know the full truth and to expose the truth as much as she can, he deserves everything he gets, he did this to himself.
And yes Jaclyn is totally naive and dumb for believing in him in the first place, but loving somebody makes you super stupid and blind! People who are in love do the dumbest most irrationel shit even when everyone arounds them warns them against it. Its not an excuse to be dumb as fuck, but I think most people here can relate to being dumb and naive when it comes to somebody they like. You want to believe the best in them.

sage for love rant

No. 418397

Personally for my part of criticizing her, I just think she would handle this better if she got off the internet. I hate a terrible breakup that took years to recover from (very similar cheating situation) and the worst thing I could have done during that time was to go online. Especially something so public where she's going to be surrounded by toxic people and their opinions and an endless onslaught of mixed messages, she needs to take some fucking time to herself and her family and not be around the internet. Sounds harsh, but it's my honest opinion that the constant posting is doing her more harm than good, and making her look like an immature idiot when she already feels like one. Sure, drag the motherfucker to all hell, but keep the breakdown part of it to yourself because the emoposting is a bad look that she doesn't need right now.

No. 418402

eh shes getting a ton of support and people telling her she isnt stupid and stuff like that. Shes also getting to see him get repercussions for his actions and not just be able to lie and get away with it like with ayalla. Look at how much ayalla still cried because she never got the chance to tell her story until now because she feared backlash from him. I think its good to let people know especially any future SR victims that they are allowed to speak out about it and nothing bad will happen to them.

I'm honestly sick of the victims in the situation disappearing off the internet, run off from these assholes (like every gf of onisions hes slandered off the internet), or never feeling comfortable to be able to talk about it because the person is youtube famous and fear backlash and that no one will believe them, so actually its refreshing to see it actually work in favor of not the asshole in the situation for once.

Everyone deals with breakups and things differently, so whatever. I'd rather see jaclyn emo post about the situation than richie emo post about it.

No. 418405

I wonder if Natti’s boyfriend will see this and reconsider that just because Natti was with her “friend,” it doesn’t mean that friend wasn’t standing guard while they plowed in the bathroom.

No. 418407

I agree with you. Obviously it would be better for Jaclyns mental health to stay off the internet for a while, but at the same time I wanna applaud her for making the public video and making sure everyone sees the truth about him and this situation. You're right, too many people who get hurt by e-celebs shy away because of the massive fan backlash they risk receiving, and that makes the e-celeb get away with it or at least have the truth so hidden away that way too few people know about it or take it seriously.
I'm glad Jaclyn is a youtuber too so their relationship was so involved in the fanbase people don't question her as they probably would if she was just a normal person.

No. 418426

why is everyone involved in the modern emo subculture a cheating slut?

No. 418432

they are not racists, stop pulling shit out of your ass

No. 418452

Richie's OkCupid name is just one of his go-to internet handles, how did the dating profile not come up sooner?

No. 418460

File: 1510139802889.jpg (27.1 KB, 452x300, thotguy.jpg)


No. 418478

Anyone know how Jaclyn's broadcast went/if she's done it?

No. 418483

File: 1510142987980.jpg (20.95 KB, 288x449, full.jpg)


what a hottie

No. 418497

Almost everyone turned on him

No. 418536

To make a video compilation and ruin him hopefully

No. 418543

File: 1510149594544.jpg (24.74 KB, 480x480, DHB0LPZXgAEb626.jpg)

Hey guys, after some digging, I looked Lexi's friend who was tweeting Jaclyn. She deleted her twitter but here is cached version:


I found a photo there, which leads me to her YouTube account:


She is subscribed to Onision and only a few other YouTubers. So the tweet makes sense.

Here is the (now cached) description: "Some weird girl in a small town from Pennsylvania , with a crazy life wanting to share it with the world!"

No. 418545


Yes, we've all the that he's an idiot and uses the same handle for practically almost everything. Congrats, Anon

No. 418551

File: 1510149951521.jpg (58.16 KB, 852x852, 22728747_1879510502060918_3292…)


You forgot about your Facebook, Tanika lol

No. 418556

File: 1510150377510.jpg (100.11 KB, 875x851, cheaters best friend.JPG)


She's another idiot who attaches the same handle to practically everything
Also she's appears to be in a relationship if her Facebook is accurate
I'm sure she'd love it if some girl like Lexi went and started cheating with this BF of hers too

No. 418571

Why do we care about this girl? Stick to SR and all his sluts, not randoms trying to get in on the action. I don't see the point in dragging someone external.

No. 418574


This girl is about to learn a hard life lesson regarding "The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend." Well, she decided to interject herself into this shitshow (and arguably made it a lot worse for Natti), so I guess she has it coming.

No. 418594

What is with that stupid fucking beanie thing Lexie has worn in EVERY photo on the internet? What is she hiding under there? Does she have a very severe case of ringworm on her head?

No. 418600

goffic shoe

No. 418601

She probably is wearing a wig (a lot of girls who wear wigs wear hats or big headbands to cover the wigs hairline/the edges)or has busted extension tracks

No. 418614

Maybe it's Richie's dirty old emo wig that she nests into her hair for added body and to be close to his stank at all times

No. 418616

He seemed like he uses to be a nice kid from this vid.

No. 418620

His mouth area is so disgusting and he seriously has a bad case of retarded eyes

No. 418622

Wow! He's the ultimate hipster! I never realized that he was wearing a headdress!

No. 418623

Seriously this.
He reminds me so much of this weirdo in high school I used to avoid. Why are these longfaced guys always such creepers?
I bet he smells like way too much Axe body spray.

Better to go around as a painted chicken fucking nasty sluts in toilets and alleys behind strip clubs than to shoot up a school, I suppose. Silver lining?

No. 418624

File: 1510156819825.jpg (115.02 KB, 806x622, hipster-indians_small.jpg)


No. 418625

He's just so…gay
I'm confused

No. 418628

Acting beta and feminine is how these psychopaths trick women into feeling secure around them. IT'S A TRAP!

Can we not do the fucking headdress arguments again? The entire old Richie thread was all about the headdress and it killed the thread.
Look at this shit, jfc

No. 418636

File: 1510157624975.jpg (161.1 KB, 612x612, 7980871015_a129af3c9c_z.jpg)

He mentioned being associated with botdf in that vid. Oh lord! YUCK!

No. 418640

File: 1510157794633.jpg (41.66 KB, 640x718, Pedophile_bfa7e5_4022834.jpg)

How deep does this rabbit hole go neo? VOMIT

No. 418649

File: 1510158227563.jpg (69.28 KB, 500x375, 4b17c5cd6a42a968bf4685c519b9db…)

Eh? They do? Hmmm..

No. 418650


Can you sage your shit if it's just going to be lame old memes? Thank you.

No. 418654

Y u want the thread 2 die senpai? > "Sage (pronounced as “sah-geh”) is a word entered into the e-mail field of any *chan image board (aka “Futaba-style boards”). Entering ‘sage’ allows you to add a message to a thread withoutbumping it, typically with the belief that the thread will die faster (even though that is impossible). It is the opposite of Age, which is basically the same thing as bumping."

No. 418666

I'm too exhausted to tell if this is b8 or just new, but:
- don't sage if you're posting fresh milk
- sage everything else ( this doesn't mean you should be overloading the thread with blogs, extra nitpicking and for the love of god, no more headdress shit ).

No. 418671

File: 1510159165975.jpg (47 KB, 372x496, 7343cb995b0d6c2889ffc01c64e3e4…)

It's hip. :^)

No. 418682

Social Exposed:

Retarded psycho eyes
Shows no emotions
Annoying voice
A 25 year old still in the emo scene
Cringy artsy personality
Wears a retarded outfit and makeup
Disgusting teeth
Excess saliva

What do women see in him? Jfc

No. 418693

dont forget the hideously long horse face. i'm sorry, but there are few things less attractive than a horse face.

No. 418704

File: 1510161538579.png (692.65 KB, 725x1220, 150776075393470-3.png)

No. 418709

No. 418712

The thing is that the knob has been wearing the same beanie/wig thing for well over two years.
Do you think she hides her drugs in there?

No. 418739

I swear Richie, joysparkle and mikenactor are some kind of ultra inbreds. They all look alike and are awful, shit people and even fit much of your description. Crazy how these emotional vampires continue to have support

No. 418746

File: 1510164539253.png (453.03 KB, 1400x711, 150776075393470-4.png)

No. 418761

File: 1510165729204.png (35.58 KB, 582x344, 123132132231321.png)

Did anybody see this yet? Forgive me if it was already posted, but SP is ofcourse planningto write music about this, no surprise. Couldn't even go a full week after the breakup before mentioning it.
Can't wait to see the handful of 14 year olds he calls his fanbase completely forgive him once they hear another teary "im a monster" song where he is smothered in tar naked

No. 418768

I remember reading that. I cringed at netnobody suggesting him to reply with his art because Richie prob got a boner just thinking about how he's going to exploit this situation in his next album.

No. 418769

File: 1510166125453.gif (422.53 KB, 400x300, evlhnk.gif)

The NW and SR should collab!

No. 418773

File: 1510166355487.png (225.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-11-30-40…)

Smothered in tar full of black cheap paint, I hope one day he gets intoxicated

I don't see why Ayalla would risk to be called a lier when she is just received the public support, Natti should grow a pair and stop acting like a poor sad puppy.

No. 418774

Does anybody know if Jaclyn can take legal actions to remove every video he has with her in YouTube? In theory you must sign some papers for your face to be in video isn't it? Idk

No. 418779

File: 1510166740851.png (44.61 KB, 447x208, 150776075393470-5.png)

No. 418780

When will Onion and Horse Face start their own Gentlemen's Club?


No. 418781

Not if she consented to it at the time

No. 418783

So does "angry boyfriend" know what ayalla said? I bet he won't believe Ayalla. But she has no reason to lie unlike natti who of course will lie if she cheated.

Probably not. Otherwise I suspect some of onion's exs would have had themselves removed from videos.

No. 418792

Jesus, I haven't been keeping tabs on this recently so I didn't realize how Richie tried to make Empress his thing just to spite Ayalla. That's so creepy and sad, especially since Ayalla mentioned the reason she did "Not a queen but an Empress" was because it was something her mom said, which seemed sweet. So damn creepy that he tried to take everything from her.

No. 418798

File: 1510168143908.png (88.03 KB, 384x400, splatter-twitter-logo-psd49400…)

No. 418802

His Twitter is privated, so there is no point in post it
Besides he has mention anything, he is irrelevant at this point

No. 418814

File: 1510168821879.gif (1.19 MB, 733x546, leje1phwnprz.gif)

It's important. Someone should tell him if he doesn't know. Does that poor s.o.b know?

No. 418826

It was either mentioned before in this thread or in tempcow,if you want him to know let him know yourself babes

No. 418835

That's not angry boyfriend. Angry boyfriend was natti's boyfriend. Brandon blackout or whatever.

No. 418871

File: 1510174346713.png (74.06 KB, 762x158, Screenshot.png)

new SR video tbh


No. 418874

Spoiler: its just him staring at his subscriber count drop like a melodramatic fuckwit

No. 418875

Reminds me of how Ayalla said he went on younow when she couldn't hang out with him and chugged vodka with a blank stare.

No. 418877

Wow so edgy. This proves he is not taking any of this seriously. What an asshole.

No. 418880

Also putting your shitty music links etc in the description when its a video related to the impact of your cheating drama. A+

No. 418892

And he monetized it. Classy.

No. 418895

It's like he wants to lose more subs and play the tortured soul emo later

No. 418915

File: 1510177335885.jpg (30.7 KB, 599x632, Social Gibsmeattention.JPG)


Anyone notice that, through skimming whenever he does anything that 3/4's through the video hen he turns to the camera; he does this slight smirk.
Sort of in a "feel guilty, JG and Ayalla for this" all the while he desperately clings to the "drinking from despair" shtick

Suck a cock, Geese boy

No. 418916

still in the emo scene almost 10 YEARS after it died out. he’s as stunted emotionally as he is physically.

No. 418927

File: 1510178020847.png (39.56 KB, 626x325, 2017-11-08 21_52_28-Jaclyn Gle…)

Poor jaclyn…

No. 418931

File: 1510178338123.jpg (34.17 KB, 582x233, Screenshot_18.jpg)

another one

No. 418933

Talk about stating the obvious.

No. 418934

File: 1510178570478.jpg (179.03 KB, 1536x2048, oxrs5im.jpg)

No. 418937

File: 1510178633310.jpg (23.69 KB, 600x450, 5bd6530c624fc4999305e61e50ab71…)


No. 418942


She tried to warn everyone a year ago

No. 418944

File: 1510178919143.jpg (73.81 KB, 605x608, 199.jpg)

Someone from the tour comments

No. 418945


You know, if I didn't know that her an retard broke up, I would have assumed she was talking about Greg.

How are Social Tard and Greg not BFF's ? They got so much in common.

No. 418946

File: 1510178931716.jpg (82.43 KB, 628x611, Screenshot_19.jpg)

No. 418948

Remember to use the YouTube field.


No. 418951

File: 1510179112352.jpg (91.78 KB, 640x738, THICC.jpg)

When she ain't thicc

No. 418954

This will really affect his "career" since nobody will want to be in a tour with someone has problematic has him.

No. 418962

File: 1510179594082.jpg (687.38 KB, 877x1167, ghghg.jpg)

No. 418963

That's exactly why they hate each other, a narc can't handle competition like that.

No. 418973

File: 1510180110923.png (17.86 KB, 590x147, 2017-11-08 22_27_01-Jaclyn Gle…)

No. 418978


It's like she keeps looking in the hopes that he's gonna say something that makes her feel better and all he's doing is letting it become more and more apparent that he didn't give a shit about this girl. She's gotta let it go for her own mental sanity.

I think it's more than obvious at this point that he never cared about her/wasn't that invested.

If you go back and watch their videos, it's pretty obvious there, too.

I get that he wasted a year of this poor girl's life, but the more she feeds into giving him attention, the more time she's wasting.

No. 418980

Wish we could have seen his reaction to his sub count REALLY dropping tho

No. 418983

>I was watching richie sleep
thats not fucking creepy at all

No. 418985

This dude's digging his own grave.

No. 418996

this is really sad to watch, knowing this is all just right before jaclyn found out abt bathroom ho
social turd is beinf such a dick and looks so disinterested he grosses me the fuck out

No. 418998

He looks soulless

No. 419012

I've never seen him in a vlog before and he's about as warm as a dead fish. Even when he's laughing or joking, there's no emotion.

No. 419014

She really needs to log off the internet, that or everyone she knows cuts off the internet for her. She's not doing anything to help her mental state.

No. 419015

Scroll up, it's been posted

No. 419019

Any links?

No. 419020

I couldn't ever stomach his videos because everything about him feels so forced. Even in his vlogs. Like he doesn't know how a normal person should act so he forces this cringe inducing emo persona into everything he does instead.

No. 419023

Cr1tikal made a video mocking SR's "apology" and damn I am dying of laughter.

No. 419027

Scroll up or check Tempcow because both were already posted.

No. 419028

Cr1tikal is a hero.

No. 419033

File: 1510184342120.jpg (574.22 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171108_163548.jpg)

I hope that bathroom stall's boyfriend isnt going to give her a second chance.

I just realized the day shit hit the fan, she tweeted a lyric from Filthy Pride. Not exactly the best way to indicate you feel bad about what you did.

No. 419035

Welp, she on the Anger phase of the the stages of grief. I wonder what's she's gonna do next, but she really should log off the internet. I have been in the exact situation and you keep waiting for the other person to show some remorse, but it isn't going to happen and she needs to come to terms with that. Looking to see if he's sorry or regretful is just keeping the wounds fresh, the same as if she kept picking at a scab.

It will take awhile to get to Acceptance. But she needs to stop torturing herself in the meantime. Richie is not sorry, and he's not going to say he's sorry. Jaclyn hoping he does and realizing what he threw away is not going to happen.

No. 419036

Pretty sure, they're done for good.
Someone posted in tempcow, that Skylar seems to have a low-key crush on Jaclyn. At least he shows real emotions and plays around, unlike Dickie, who just sucks the fun out of the entire room.

I dunno, at that point, if I was JG, that kind of sharp contrast would have pointed to Richie just not being into it and just dragging her along. But, then again, if he's always like that, it would have been hard to tell.

No. 419037

Tbh, Skylar looks like a sweetheart, maybe JG should stop searching for edgy deep boys and go for guys like him.

No. 419042

Yeah,I agree. The only thing that would get in the way (well, besides, emotions and the awkwardness of the situation) is him not being conventionally attractive (Richie really isn't up there in looks, but he has got a generic emo boy look going on which is he's got his barely legal fans and puss squad). But yeah, she'd do herself a world of good, to go for someone genuine, not calculated "charming."

Bleh, I hope she gets her shit together. I am starting to agree: get offline. Richie's ego is just growing. Even if he is still losing buttloads of fans, he still has her attention without him even having to try for it. It's just turning into an ego shitshow. It's depressing; she reminds me of a younger me and I'm younger than her.

No. 419046

If she spent six months or so crying to family and close friends, that would be completely understandable. This is just immature and sad. Should’ve stopped with the video.

No. 419047

What she needs is a normal guy with a normal job who's life doesn't revolve around the Internet. There isn't anything bad about that and would do her good to meet and realize that there are people out there who give zero shits about how many YT followers she has.

No. 419056

If she continues with her Twitter rant she will lose all the support she has right now and will become "the crazy ex" if i were her i would leave while the cards are on my favor.

And let's be real, maybe SR is loosing followers and views but when the milk gets dry he will recovered almost all if not more.

No. 419060

i feel like he is baiting her at this point to look crazy. and jaclyn is too pissed off to realize that or stop. he is trying to discredit her so he can look better again, and if she keeps it up it's going to work

No. 419061

File: 1510186843068.png (133.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-16-48…)

No. 419062

File: 1510186859934.png (186.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-16-55…)

No. 419064

File: 1510186875189.png (170.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-17-07…)

No. 419065

File: 1510186894423.png (122.83 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-17-39…)

No. 419068

File: 1510187142664.png (217.31 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-23-52…)

No. 419069

I honestly feel like Jaclyn has a terrible history of choosing guys because she likes the 'bad boy' type. Ayalla said that she thought that he changed for Jaclyn. That is EXACTLY what a 'bad boy' attraction is all about. They will 'change' for you. Wake up call, they don't change! She needs to go for just a normal nice guy.

No. 419070

File: 1510187194530.png (173.4 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-24-15…)

Even he got tired of her shit

No. 419075


Sure Rich, sure.

No. 419076

The way he acts is so hurtful. Would it kill him to react like a normal human being and show ANY emotion though?

No. 419077

>virtue signalling is cool
>I'm going to be the bigger person and step out for the good of both of us take care x

No. 419078

He's acting like a teenage girl lmao

No. 419079

File: 1510187613657.png (150.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-08-17-32-05…)

No. 419080

>I really hope she wisens up, gets tested and leaves him and his "return the slab" looking side ho to rot soon enough.

top kek >>418385

No. 419083

File: 1510188170172.jpg (73.23 KB, 521x507, lollollol.jpg)

aw, these innocent souls haven't been on the internet very long, have they?

No. 419086

It’s kind of self-important of her to assume Ayalla has any reason to lie. Natti said “she just lying for attention,” like what? Who are you? Ayalla didn’t name any of the girls Richie cheated on her with until one of the farmers in the temp thread suggested we ask her about Natti, and that’s when Ayalla went off about her. Before that there were zero names mentioned.

Furthermore, Ayalla had a ton of specific details about that situation that can even be corroborated by Natti’s Instagram (like the whole thing with the roses.) That’s a lot to make up on the spot because one farmer went out on a limb because we got tired of her singing.

No. 419089

File: 1510188955773.jpeg (130.17 KB, 750x902, 5F0A0E25-1058-4101-ADEA-EC5EA7…)

…it’s Bad. very Bad.

No. 419094

Jaclyn needs to SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP already holy shit! Shes all about "me me me" but guess what bitch, hes the other 50% of it and he doesnt give a fuck about you anymore so GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. for fucks sake.

Shes obvs loving the attention tho.

No. 419098

>I'm not Toby
>You literally are

Kek, truth

No. 419100

These have to be like 12 - 16 year old kids, holy shit. You love his personality? Lying and cheating are a part of it.

No. 419101

Can someone riddle me this:

When he cheated on Ayalla the dozens of times he did, he "fought" for her to take him back (threats to kill himself, etc.) They weren't together nearly as long, nor did they seem to have a relationship that was as stable as the one he had with JG. He even said that their relationship was great up until she found out he cheated. Why is he completely writing her off, no communication, not even fighting to get her back?

No. 419104

because he was already well bored of Jaclyn after an entire year and he was relieved to be rid of her.

No. 419107

My gut reaction: I hate saying this, it gives him too much credit, but maybe it's because he knows she's too good for him. I mean JG got her issues obviously, but there's a definite unbalance in shiftiness between the two.

The other answer: this is too big of a shitstorm, and the amount of heat/backlash he would take fighting for her or whatever wouldn't be worth it.

Or, as someone said, just plain boredom. Because he's that kinda creep.

I mean, he basically kept leading Ayalla on and playing with her heart because of her age and being naive.

No. 419111

Because he's mad at her for the public backlash he got. She hurt him so he wants to hurt her more.

Revenge. It's also why he's deliberately baiting her with his videos and tweets.

He threatened Ayalla to keep her mouth shut or else. This is Jacklyn's "or else".

No. 419112

SR and JG spent nearly a year presenting their relationship in a way to the public that was inauthentic because of SR. Obviously SR was inauthentic in their relationship in private, too. He brought that disingenuous role into drama about them online, JG publicly and unknowingly defended the person that SR never was. She feels betrayed by his inauthenticity that he presented privately and very publicly. He won't really answer to it, and his bullshit response on YT explains very little. He won't even talk to her about it privately to answer all of the things that don't add up about their relationship and how he was. That's why she's so open about it. She cannot make sense of it for herself because he refuses to communicate with her and give her that respect.

No. 419114


I think he never gave a shit. remember they were long distance as well, so they didn't see each other regularly. He had a girl he could fuck and who would be his doormat, building sets etc. also he saw quickly that people online ate that shit right up, so he went along. He doesn't care about her and likely never did. She was just too retarded to see.

No. 419117

jaclyn is a fucking dumbass, let's be real here. She might be nice and caring and whatever else but she is well retarded.
She KNEW that he was a chronic cheater and waited 11 months to look at his phone.

The best part is: she looked at it, saw some shit and they talked. he tells her that she is ruining his tour and she FORGIVES. and for the grand finale: SR can't even be arsed to delete the rest of the evidence so she finds out all of it lmao

No. 419119

>you are the most amazing friend a person could have
Oh honey, that is so embarrassing to say about a youtuber, even for a child.

No. 419121

Well JG said he was to busy thinking in his shitty tour to talk about the issue they had, maybe if that would happen when he didnt have something to do anxiety might had hit him really fast and hard to be behind JG right away.

No. 419154

i think he liked being with her because of what she brought to him: more of her fans, she has a decent reputation, and she is attractive and makes him look good. she was probably a good girlfriend too and they were long distance, so there was nothing ever "wrong" for him to bring up to her, except that he had some weird anxiety the whole time because when things aren't shitty and messy it's unfamiliar to him.

jaclyn's mistake (i guess) was that it was pretty obvious she really liked him and he knew he could completely control her. i think he is the type of douche that when someone opens their heart to him, he is repulsed by it. more than that he will never respect someone he thinks he can completely control. he realizes he has no excuse for what he did and is being super detached and emotionless so he doesn't have to feel vulnerable or feel ashamed. some people will do anything to avoid those two emotions.

so part of him not asking for her back is that he hates himself but enjoys way too much that he hates himself to change that. if he didn't have that, he would just be average. and the second part of why he isn't chasing her is because he prevented himself from ever being attached to her in the first place. winning her back would entail he has explore parts of himself he's clearly avoiding, or else he wouldn't be doing this shit.

No. 419156

Jaclyn seems to think he has a conscience? She's deluded, he won't be making any heartfelt apologies as he feels no remorse. She needs to shut that door.

No. 419167


I think you're missing his attempt at getting her back. It was the "woe is me, I'm all alone" tweets. From what Ayalla said, it fits his MO. Except, you know, JG didn't fall for it and instead made a video to expose him.

The reason he isn't fighting for her more is because she's not as isolated and Ayalla was. Ayalla didn't have big name friends to call him a shithead, and she didn't have a decent following of her own. That, and for all her bullshit, JG doesnt seem like the sort of person to not recognise manipulation tactics once she's wised up. So he couldn't dramatically walk into the woods and threaten suicide, because she probably wouldn't have fallen for it at that point.

That, and she isn't an insecure 18/19 year old. She's an insecure adult.

He isn't "fighting for her" because the only tools he has only work on people he's emotionally abused (Ayalla) and toddlers (his fans).

No. 419175

OT but I'm dyin, name that dying animal

No. 419178

yeah this is all true. i was going to say also that it was probably way easier to manipulate ayalla since she's like, 10 years younger than JG. and she definitely gave him more of the volatile relationship he is looking for

No. 419179

Anon, please put a warning on that.

Can someone upload the new tweets JG made? I cant rn

No. 419180

Fuck I thought this was made in 2007 but it was made today

No. 419183

people are calling you a fucking pedophile because Ayalla called you out on messaging barely legal teens, shitrag~

No. 419190

Why would anyone compliment that knob on her singing. It is the worst I have ever heard!

No. 419192

Wtf is this shit? Did he promise you the world and you’re someone he fucked?
How old are you? You type like some emo sr fan girl

No. 419195


It's like a confused screaming mouse caught in a trap, with blocked airways, while also putting on a horrible fake british accent. I've heard nasal singing, this is way beyond nasally.

No. 419196

tinfoil but what if she is the one that namedropped herself on here to drum up attention from this SR shit to draw attention to her music?

kek anons I am wondering if I should have maybe backed it up to my vid.me before posting the YT link.

No. 419202

No, she didnt dropped other Anons start saying she was the principal side girl and Natti's bf came her to "clean" her name.

No. 419204

ah well, I did upload it to my vid.me in case she does delete or private it. oversight on my part.

future reading anons, this is the same vid as

No. 419215

The emo aesthetics are killing me, the fuck is that hair

No. 419216

i can't cap them right now but some of the tweets Richie liked recently that defend him are laughable. Like one saying something like other celebs cheat and people don't care about what theyyy do. Why care about Richie??

He really doesn't like consequences huh.

No. 419220

File: 1510197279005.png (22.84 KB, 583x171, Screenshot.png)

I gotchu anon

No. 419230

I suspect that he fought to get Ayalla back whenever they’d break up because she probably made it clear that she didn’t need him by actively trying to move on, and with someone like SR it isn’t about wanting the person back because he loves/misses them, it’s about maintaining control & you can’t control someone who doesn’t need you. she didn’t react the way he wanted, the way JG is reacting. he’s not fighting for her because she’s feeding into his need for control by showcasing how much he affected her. he doesn’t have to fight for her back because he still has her, in a way

No. 419233

I think it's because part of his career/ image was his relationship withJG. It's not the same with an actual actor. They were advertising their relationship for views and subs. Their relationship became part of their image. He put her in all his music videos and multiple regular videos. He wasn't just lying to her. He was lying to their audience. I think that is why it upsets people more. People have bought into the idea of their relationship, and he knew that.

No. 419243


Between all the *~~alt~~* gurls sr and onion hang out with, and get fanned by; i'm having ptsd flashbacks from when scene/emo days of 10 years ago.

No. 419245

It’s the Bon Jon Jovi defense all over again. Weak.

No. 419247

So everybody that calls Jaclyn a dumb bitch is someone that shagged SR? Get the fuck out of here.

I'm around Jaclyn's age, and she's definitely acting like a fucking teenager. She went into the relationship knowing exactly what happened between that retard and Ayalla, and she still "fell for him". She's a dumb cunt, he's a piece of shit, and you can fuck off with your writing analysis.

>and for the grand finale: SR can't even be arsed to delete the rest of the evidence so she finds out all of it lmao
Oh shit you're right! I never realized that. Now this is making me think: perhaps he did want Jaclyn to find out, I mean if not why wouldn't he delete all the evidence? He thought it was going to be good publicity while he was in tour but it backfired completely.

No. 419251

This girl is trying to milk this situation. It's laughable bc she has absolutely NO talent . She is fucking tone deaf. The only future this video has is in Emo Kids~Cringe Compilation 2017! I am sure her and Brandon -I need serious deep conditioner- Blackout are lurking obsessively. Waiting for their big break as social media stars! Hate to break it to you dude, your girl was with Social Deephoe. All the way, bro! All the way. What exactly would Ayalla have to gain from outting her? Like for real think hard

No. 419266

emo ho is on younow if anyone curr

No. 419269

You're forgetting or may not know that he left his FB logged in and computer open when Ayalla got to his house early later into their relationship. (That's when she found messages to barely legal teens). He could've wanted JG to find out, but he could've also just been careless as fuck, self-absorbed, and too focused on his tour to take time to delete evidence.

No. 419270

Seriously? Is he deaf, that he isn't telling her to give it a rest? Is she on meth? The fuck is she doing with her mouth? She's like a tweaker all wired on bathsalts. How embarrassing to be her. Dang

No. 419271

kek I told her to check her bf's hair for ticks and she did for a solid two-three mins

No. 419272

If you want to talk shit about Jaclyn, take it to her fucking thread!
SR is a shitstain and she is no way in the wrong. She can complain all she likes its fucking twitter.

No. 419275

Her boyfriend looks like ralphthemoviemaker with a dead animal on his head.

No. 419276

Of course she is! Hey Nappy Ice, we only care if you provide some actual milk involving social retard. No more plugging you're stuck in 2008 singing attempts.

No. 419277

not sure if you meant linking her YT, I made a mistake and rehosted it on vid.me here


wasn't her that linked it sorry anon

No. 419282

in-line link should read

No. 419285

for what its worth, they just namedropped lolcow on that stream so if she posts anything milk worthy from now on I'll host it on my vid.me instead as it's more or less confirmation they lurk hard

No. 419289

agreed, his brother is far better looking.

No. 419290

if u say social herpes in the mirror three times, you'll see this in your bathroom.

No. 419294

I'm convinced this is part of the bf's plan of revenge by encouraging her to do this and humiliate her online.

No. 419295

I was tinfoiling this earlier but I'm not sure he is capable of understanding that despite what she says, he is actually a cuck.

I mean, the >muh lives with me and >muh doesnt leave my sight defence can only go so far. she seems super ditzy, but most people aren't dumb enough to leave incriminating texts/images/etc on their phone like SR.

are we certain she did it? if so, does his hair grow every time she's accused of cheating?

No. 419297

File: 1510203518661.png (84.49 KB, 540x467, Screenshot_2017-11-08-21-52-44…)

Sure Jan

No. 419298

kek. Someone else needs to log out.

No. 419301

He likes to eat. Looks like it, fat fuck.

No. 419305

Huh, good points. The best revenge JG could have against SR is being happy without him and finding a new man who's more successful and better looking (bonus if he treats her well; but SR doesn't care about that). That would be a crushing blow to his narcissism.

But JG shouldn't use someone like that.

No. 419306

All those people defending SP saying "musicians cheat, it's the art and music lifestyle, it's not a surprise" act like he is fucking Mick Jagger or something.
There is a huge difference between being an actual musician celebrity in real life, and then being a person who got famous through youtube and social media. Being an e-celeb means you have a very niche fanbase who hold a much more personal view on your persona, due to how intimate and direct the platforms are. People (prominently young teenagers) love e-celebs so strongly because they have this comforting feeling of being cared for, in some cases almost even a friendship feeling, with the person they are following.
People love a person like SP for his online persona, his videos and his special outfit first, the music second. Without the internet, he just wouldn't be famous.
When you put your entire personal life online and create such a strong personal fanbase, you also take the risk you could get backlash if you act like an asshole. People feel literally betrayed.
Why would I care if Mick Jagger cheats on his girlfriend? I dont know him at all!
It's not a surprise musicians cheat no, but SP is literally taking a shit on the hand that feeds him.

Unfortunaly alot of young teenage girls online are stupid af and still support people like SP because they hope they can be the one he gives attention next… few people in this world are dumber than teenage girls who have an idol. But with all this backlash I doubt his career can survive with that little handful of naive 14 year olds fans he can't even fuck.
Get ready for that burgerking job you're gonna have to take on the side Richie.

Sage for rant.

No. 419308

how are these lying, no talent uggos even getting these cute guys that have so much more to offer than them?? they have horrible taste in music and fashion, of course, but still better than they are

No. 419310

I find it weird his fans feel so…connected to him, like he's their "friend." He's made a few videos about he hasn't saved anyone's life or helped them through tough times. Okay, like I can kind of agree, lots of Youtubers get all gushy when fans say this sort of thing. But, he comes off as so cold and a little ungrateful in those vlogs. I guess the only time he feels a connection with his fans is if they have their mouth around his weiner.

No. 419312

I know it’s a horse beat to death with a sledgehammer but this is fucking beyond me. Why would anyone wanna fuck this horseface clown mongoloid in some children’s carnival costume is beyond me, let alone be a fan of.

Literally burst into flames from the hard cringe when I see this aspie edgelord

No. 419326

File: 1510208322027.png (119.3 KB, 649x1074, isjusrumorsbruh.png)

Lol dont see these posted here. This guy who is on tour with SR thinks its improbable that richie would lie to everyone there and so things must be rumors! He lied to jaclyns own face until she had proof he couldnt deny dude. Of course hes lying.

No. 419328

This guy’s hair looks like layered roadkill, what do you mean “cute?”

No. 419329

Maybe he’s fucking SR too and that’s why he’s defending him, just like Natti.

He’s “working [JG’s] job on tour,” that’s gotta include the maritals.

No. 419331

he has a nice face though

No. 419332

go to bed brandon you have a job interview tomorrow

No. 419333

At first I thought the fan who said SR's event was almost empty was exgerating cause that guy seems really serious claiming she was laying but now I see he is fucking crazy and probably fucking repose too.

How is he defending Richie if he event admit it publicly, wtf?

No. 419342

You know how the economy is doing?
People are desperate to keep their job.

No. 419363

he's almost 30k subs down now

No. 419382

whos funding his pathetic international shows? full screen?

No. 419398

File: 1510217682675.jpg (39.23 KB, 521x227, more.jpg)

No. 419400

So that's why he suddenly acted like he forgot Ayalla's birthday and started treating her badly again. He had replaced her with Jaclyn. He's such a piece of shit.

No. 419414

The more I find out about her, the more retatded she seems. She's off the charts now.

-Every single bf cheated on her, learned nothing. Hooked up with known cheater
-Ignores info from ex gf and other ppl
-Dude acts totally disinterested (seen in her vlogs), instead of leaving him for someone enthusiastic about her, she uses baby voice trying to endear and placate him (also seen in vlogs)
-Casts third chick as main role in video about first chick, has Jaclyn as a cameo
-Makes video about not wanting public relationships, "proposes" a week later, idiot accepts

There is more, and those are not "red flags", those are direct slaps in the face she chose to ignore.

It's one thing to be angry and sad for being cheated on and betrayed. It's a whole another thing to be angry and sad for not being able to keep your eyes firmly shut and sing lalalala anymore.

No sympathy from me.

No. 419417

Himself I think. I'm pretty sure he said in a video that he spent 75k on the tour and music videos. I could be wrong though, but I'm sure he said he spent like 3k each on a few of the videos and the rest on the tour.

No. 419419

>-Ignores info from ex gf and other ppl

What other people? As far as I remember, it was only Ayalla and Onion (and people were lumping Ayalla in with Onion). I mean, Onion kept saying that the Dear Future Bedwarmer vid wasn't art, and everyone else kept defending Social Decomposing and saying it was…?

Unless I'm missing something, I can't really think of anyone else who spoke out and warned her.

And if it really was only Onion then… I mean, no one takes his fax seriously.

No. 419421

This is worse than expected. Like something off one of those talent shows where they show all the bad auditions by people who can't believe they're not really good at singing.

No. 419423

lol, the Bon Jovi defence. If Bon Jovi lives on Endor, you must acquit.

No. 419424

Honestly the only hope he has in saving his career is to be open about being a narcissist, break it down, and make it interesting. Everyone is still going to hate him, but true mental illness has a market and because of his proven traits at least it's a credible source.

No. 419427

File: 1510222670080.jpg (113.78 KB, 1146x723, Ihave2muchfreetime.jpg)

Sorry in advanced cos I'm trash at editing and its with ms paint but I couldn't help myself

No. 419430

why do people hate mikenactor? i've only seen his video talking about the social repose cheating so idk his history

No. 419431

You have this
and 13 Joy Sparkle threads to catch up on, apparently.

No. 419436

File: 1510225167920.png (178.94 KB, 750x1121, IMG_1437.PNG)

That first comment in richies likes. Blaming Jaclyn and saying she's doing this for attention isn't a good look.

No. 419439

>First date
>makes a vid saying he'd never have a public relationship
>a week later they publicly start dating

What did he say to her to fool her? She seems really gullible/naive for a 29 year old who's had a string of shitty exes before.

I still don't think she deserved any of this, but I think she needs to stop tweeting about this, her friends are clearly there for her to vent to. She's made her video, Ayalla has spilled, there's no need to respond unless someone's trying to slander her.

No. 419440

senpai will never fuck you

No. 419441

I know! I noticed it like a week before shit hit the fan and I was like "no..fucking way?"
I hope she hits 100k and he cries about it like the pathetic little bitch that he is.

Gosh, anon, you just don't understand what a true artist he is.

>tweets a lyric from Filthy Pride
lmao wow you can't make these people up holy shit the cringe

sad but true

Shame on him for trying to blame the pedo rumors on her. He is attempting to send more hate her way when she definitely has never once spread anything false about him. Sack of shit.

>made today
posts a cover after inserting herself into drama and accuses Ayalla of wanting attention for outing everyone for the garbage that they are hahahahahahaha I'm fucking dead that cover was fucking terrible.
Even Ayalla's throat singing is better. If she trained it she would actually be good, though.(Yes, I'm talking about Ayalla, make no mistake there anons.)
also yes to all of this >>419251

lmao perfect description

this. but y'know how 10 year olds, predators, and mental gymnastics can be.
also lol at him thinking he is a celebrity by faving >>419220

I love the tempcow threads so much<3

god I hope so lmao

Is he lowkey whiteknighting Jaclyn? I think I am here for this milk.

lol tell us how you really feel Bitchie. Also, v creepy to like that young girls criticism of him, too.

No. 419442

senpai would fuck Lexi so idk if his standards are very high

No. 419443

Holy kek. This is atrocious. Further proof she has zero self-awareness.

No. 419448

i actually wonder if some of these girls are coming to his defense because now that they know he’s a manslut, they might get a chance at getting dicked in a bathroom.

No. 419451

who, anon? what other brave person tried to warn jaclyn and now deserves an apology. who can it be…?

No. 419453

Whoever it was, I'm sure he or she is spectacularly handsome, has genius intellect, flawless logic, and isn't married to a boot.

No. 419457

Is she saying the relationship with ayalla ended on the day he said he'd never have a public relationship or did he date another girl? Because didn't ayalla say everything really ended after they fought on her birthday?

No. 419459

Jaclyn'ongoing tweets at this point are a little cringy if only because she's so head over heels for this dumb cow of an emo slut, but I can't fault her for venting and putting him on blast and we all are loving the drama and how willing she is to go into detail. It's a milky dream come true and we usually beg for the people involved to spill the beans so why she's being flamed for it is beyond me. Go to her thread if you want to whine about it, but this is a thread for SR and she's , so go to her thread if you want to complain about how she deserved it. Be grateful milk is being spilled.

She dated a known cheater but he did seemingly all he could to convince her it was for real, including things he didn't do for other exes like being extremely public and feeding into the idea by fake marrying her. She got out immediately after learning he cheated, what more do you want.

No. 419463


Other than The Most Honest Youtuber On Youtube Who Is Really Honest, Believe Me You Guys Pls, I'm rly struggling to come up with names. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so overwhelmed with the aforementioned Gift from God or if there's literally no one else who did lmao.

I mean, who are these brave souls? Who were they? Anons keep saying it, Gnomestar sent himself into hysterics with it…

Who are these heroes? Where did they come from? Why aren't they demanding I donate to their Patreon?

No. 419465

The 'officially dating' part makes me think he has a habit of hooking up with girls and stringing them along as long as he can without making it a relationship. I've met plenty of dudes who pull the pseudo-deep 'what are relationships anyway' card and he's private about his exes, so the only real warning came from Onion and who in the world would believe him, especially if he's hanging with the scorned ex who's having a public Twitter slap fight with Richie at the same time? She's obviously insecure and has bad taste but come on, if that makes her retarded then I bet that would apply to 90% of farmers.

No. 419466

This exactly

No. 419490

dying because I know this is supposed to say foot hahahaha

No. 419500

She sounds exactly like Miranda Sings LOL

No. 419506


I usually go pretty easy on everyone's singing, will consider most people who put their singing out there "not bad", but hot damn girl.
Not only is her voice bad, but what the hell is she doing with her mouth when she sings?

"Pissed-off boyfriend", if you can't tell her she's not good, break your fingers so you can't play for her. That'll get you out of it.

No. 419511

Here's the song that she was trying to cover. I mean, it sounds awful too, but it just shows you how much worse she sounds.

No. 419520

Yikes, emo music is truly the worse

No. 419530

But she thicc tho

No. 419545

File: 1510245116296.png (69.43 KB, 1202x573, sr.PNG)

He lost almost 30.000 subscribers lmao He wont be loosing them at this rate if he doesn't post but still.

No. 419553

this is some incel type shit
>woman is sad and rants about being cheated on

sage for ot

No. 419556

I wonder what the fuck he thought would happen when Jaclyn found out. I mean he didn't even TRY to hide the messages on his phone or delete them after she found the nudes. Usually sociopath like him are hard to catch cause they pride themselves in how much smarter they are. He must have KNOWN that the internet would come down on him big time.
Ayalla said in her stream that he would oftentimes create fucked up situations to ~*get inspired to do art*~
maybe thats the reson but still man, what a retard

sage for being too invested in the details of drama lol

No. 419561

I thought the same thing, and I think the reason why he is so apathetic in his reaction to being called out is because he knew it was coming at some point. Maybe not now at this time, but he definitely knew there was a chance. Maybe it even gave him some sort of twisted thrill, considering how little he tried to hide it and even cheated at actual public concerts in the bathroom.
I just don't think he is THAT stupid to think he would just get away forever, he knew there was a chance at some point he would be caught and Jaclyn would leave him. Thats why he had no strong emotional response to it and seems more upset over his reputation.

No. 419563

He's not even singing lmao, just wailing/screaming. No wonder his fans think Social Disorder is some sort of musical genius.

He doesn't care because it's inconsequential for him.
I hate to say this but nothing will happen, he lost 30k and maybe he'll lose a few more but he still has over 900k. I doubt he cared that much about Jaclyn, so that won't hurt either. The fans who only see his video will think he's suffering soo much, and "he said he's sorry! :(", and keep supporting him. In a month or two the numbers will go back up.

No. 419574

he thought he was bon jon jovi and no one will care. He thinks his ~art~ is so good that everything he does will be overlooked in the end for the art. He probably expected some backlash, and that it might even bring attention to him. I dont think he accounted for the 30k+ sub loss.

Overall, i dont even think he cares. Hes stuck on some shtick of being the hopeless tortured soul like artists he looks up to and thinks are "weird" and "special". He probably thinks this gives him more depth and makes him so interesting. And that just being a normal happy person in a relationship makes him not the tortured special soul he is!!

I remember watching some videos like the one about going to vidcon or some youtube event thing and some other ones, where he always likes to point out how the majority of youtubers are so basic and normal as if they are lesser than him and dont deserve the following they have unlike his weird speshul stuff. He was always annoying with his "us weird people who create REAL content are not appreciated like those basic people who all do the same thing!!!"

He probably thinks jaclyn's content sucks too and that she doesnt deserve it like he does, just like how he didnt want ayalla to ever hit 100k subs.

I def think he wanted to get caught. Even with ayalla he had left his facebook open with all the messages to the girl. Why would you leave your computer unlocked and open onto a page that shows your cheating? And why would he not delete the evidence once jaclyn confronted him so if she snooped again, she wouldnt find it? He clearly wasnt trying hard to not get caught.

No. 419579

I feel like he wasn't trying to get caught because he simply didn't give a shit. Apparently Jaclyn sent him a long text about how crushed she was and he just said they shouldn't talk. He probably wanted her to find out so she would finally leave him bc it seems like he never wanted a committed relationship. the only reason hes responding at all is because of his image and dropping subcount. fucked up tho

No. 419590

I had a friend who dealt with a similar cheating situation, and I believe it is all about the fun of hurting. He desires a reason to feel bad, and if he goes down he wants to drag as many people down with him. Long term you can tell he never had a plan, he had plans up until Dec. Richie clearly did not expect a long term relationship from Jaclyn.

No. 419629


I mean true dat. I'm mesmerised by how much he does not give a single fuck about Jaclyn. I know guys like that irl but I would bet my ass that if they had an audience scrutenising every single detail of their fucked up doings, they would feign empathy and regret in like 2.5 seconds.

This dude just does not give a single fuck. He could have turned around this thing slightly but to the contrary he just made himself look worse lol That for me is a sign of mental illness

No. 419634

He definitely wanted to be caught, leaving his phone out not once but twice. Jaclyn found the nudes, confronted him and then looked through his phone again and found more details.
Isn’t this how lala Alya whatever caught him? By going through messages?
He’s pretty careless, and I wouldn’t doubt that it’s intentional.

No. 419640

Agreed. He either wanted to get caught or he's just so stupid and so succumbed to his cheating and fucking all these bitches that he didn't bother to hide anything lol

No. 419642

File: 1510253668628.png (134.81 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-09-11-52-29…)

Good job Jaclyn, very grateful

No. 419645

what do you expect. she's an active atheist and seems like shes in anger mode

No. 419647

it's pretty fucking annoying to be proselytized to as an atheist, especially when you're going through some shit, and i'm sure she gets plenty of it all the time anyway.

No. 419649

This is exactly what I was thinking. The biggest impact this will make on his career is that a few you tubers will be reluctant to collaborate with him because of the drama and having their own image to maintain. He still has a substantial amount of fans, will still be making videos and albums, touring, etc. To make up for any monetary loss from the 30k he will have to do what? Sacrifice one night out partying per month? Wow. Although I'm sure he's only bothered by it because he's an insecure manchild.

As much as I love seeing this Dicks subs drop it's not enough to impact him significantly. He even made a video yesterday mocking the fact. Unless we wake up tomorrow and he's dropped to less than 100k subs he's not going to take a long term blow from this and is gonna keep being a shithead by rubbing it in our faces.

No. 419651

there's been a couple of people pretty hardcore pushing the subject at her, despite her followers saying she's an atheist.

No. 419654

Lel back to her old self

No. 419656

>monetary loss from the 30k
He's actually profited from this.
He lost some subs, but he's been having 2-3 times more views than regularly.

No. 419657

She's mentioned multiple times in videos that people send her Bibles and finding Jesus books in response to her atheist videos. It's not new but would definitely drive her more nuts atm.

No. 419667

What I was trying to get at. It's not going create any financial discomfort in his life and yes, he is going to bank off this breakup. And any "sacrifices" from the unsubs that I know he will eventually cry about and try to blow out of proportion when he's tried of mocking the situation won't be anything significant.

No. 419677

No. 419682

I wish there was more milk by Ayalla for the whole "chatting with fans and asking if they are 18 yet".

He tweeted that people think he's a pedo because he's smart enough to know that this would be the end of his career.

No. 419683

The blargh caught the last bit where ayalla said the natti sleeping with richie bit. At one hour 9 minutes in

No. 419687

Strangely enough he sounds the best out of the bunch. Definitely better than the original. Why can't he be a talentless asshole instead of an asshole with talent? bleh

No. 419694

File: 1510256724034.png (26.15 KB, 820x187, jaclyn.png)

also jaclyns comment on the video.

No. 419695

File: 1510256769791.png (37.52 KB, 643x275, Screenshot.png)

kek narlee, the chick who showed up at SR house posted a video on her youtube. the video itself is 2cringe5me but the description is interesting

No. 419719


Kind of bullshit that she believed that Ayalla was just a crazy ex because she was more interested in dating Social. Yet now she's in the same position as Ayalla was or at least a similar one and everyone is expected to believe her and vilify him.

Don't get me wrong, he's trash and IS the one in the wrong, but it's just frustrating that she doesn't take other people at their words, but expects everyone to take hers and hers, even before Richie confirmed everything.

Hope she considers this next time if she comes across someone with a bad reputation.

No. 419732

I don't think it helped that Greg latched on to Ayalla's story and ran with it. Unfortunately, that might have hurt its credibility (not to mention a in at least one video talking about SR's abuse, Greg called Ayalla dumb. Way to help a victim you fuck!). I dunno,
I agree, but, at the time, the cards were stack against Ayalla..

No. 419736

Yeah kind of lame for her to take him at face value that ayalla was a "crazy ex". That's such an obvious red flag that they are a shithead when they describe an ex as crazy, especially when ALL their ex's are supposedly crazy. And someone who cheated calling the ex they cheated the crazy one? Of course they are trying to downplay their credibility.

I dont get Jaclyn's thinking. I feel bad for her, but shes like 29 and cant read basic signs of what a fuckhead looks like despite having dated many of them. She needs to let go of this "i dont judge people until i know them despite other people saying negative things about them" shtick cause it aint working and she has terrible judge of character.

No. 419741


this. people let their pity towards her blind them. Ayalla JUST turned 18 when she started dating him, this bitch is 29 (!!) years old. plus she experienced this whole thing multiple times before with being warned and getting cheated on.

That's why I understand what he meant when SC said "people did warn her before". He was probably wondering for 11 months why this bitch was too dumb to figure his shit out. like other anons said, he basically srved her the evidence on a silver platter. That still makes him a psycho asshole but it also makes her retarded

No. 419744

maybe jaclyn just thought him and ayalla were a fling/weren't serious. Likely assumed Ayalla was just a kid and that's why it didn't work out between her and richie. But Jaclyn also thought Richie would change for her and be more serious, probably because they're closer in age. Ayalla thought the same when she started dating that Richie would change for her too. I think these girls just believe what they want to believe.

No. 419752


We already had this debate on the Jaclyn thread. If you want to hate on her, take it over there. She already admitted she is ignorant and blindsighted. She said because of this, not only can she not trust anyone else but now can't trust herself. I'm sure she feels guilty enough of her actions. At least she's taking more responsibility than Social Repose.

No. 419764

She was dumb, but I still feel bad for her, despite her being 29, I feel like she's still naive and was foolishly in love, I hope she learns a lesson from this tbh, even if she does milk

No. 419770

We also only saw the parts of their relationship on video. We don't know how he treated her or said to her off camera. He could have presented to her a very believable case that his cheating past was behind him.

No. 419773

yeah that's the thing! like yes jaclyn was dumb and should have wisen up but now but she knows that, she said it herself.
but social dickie knew of her past relationships, knew she was falling for him, and acted like a straight up psycho by cheating on her multiple times and singing about doing that in videos she casted her in. he made her react to his Dear Future Girlfriend video knowing he was doing al that shit to her, what kind of piece of crap.
social cockroach, your "art" is not deep or interesting, you're 10 years late to the emo scene and you're just a mediocre asshole

No. 419781

>social cockroach, your "art" is not deep or interesting, you're 10 years late to the emo scene and you're just a mediocre asshole


No. 419782

but does he really have cold sores?
HSV is v easily transmittable, and I doubt he even told her.

No. 419783


aren't cold sores different to HPV? I get cold sores on my lip when I get super sick but I sure as fuck don't think I have HPV

No. 419787

No. 419794

samefag but u probably get them when ur sick bc your immune system is weak.

No. 419811

HSV and HPV are different viruses

No. 419837

> he made her react to his Dear Future Girlfriend video
She's a grown woman, she willingly chose to do that for views and subs.

No. 419843

This picture is taken in the Washington DC metro train. (The subway) I take it everyday, and Richie lives nearish to me. He looks like a faggot + old emo onision.

Yes, saged for nitpicking…sry

No. 419881


She actually made a video on her second channel like 2 years ago talking about her poor judgment. She acknowledged how many times she has been burned before, but she's still kind of latching on the few times she proved others wrong. It's sad to fast forward and see this.

I don't know if this is how is she going to spiraling downward for the rest of her life. I think this is this first time her displaying her meltdown and raged in public. The videos she made of Toby were 1. defending him toward possible rape allegation, 2. telling him to stop stalking her, but she didn't display much of anger. I can only hope this time it really does sink in for her, but who knows.

I get that it's difficult for people to change, but I developed trust issues toward others for much less than what she's been through. Her former high school teacher cheated on her with a student as well, so it's very difficult to understand why she would continue insisting on trusting someone when all the odds are against her.

A lot of people are telling her to be an adult and keep all of this private, but I feel like she's not going to learn without having a proper meltdown because she would just end up repressing it again and again.

No. 419883


her former high school teacher husband*

No. 419892

File: 1510272044262.jpeg (15.98 KB, 750x194, C0019910-D63D-4CB2-B7B7-96FD3B…)

Natti is salty, this is her comment from this video

No. 419902

That video was on his channel, so it was for views for him. He probably framed it as you should react to it because Onion keeps bringing it up and its just ~art~ so it will be funny.

idk why he thinks hes some genius when he writes some mediocre sad songs. They are all about how hes a dick who hurts people and hes too deep so he cant be happy!! It is cringey that he thinks painting himself black/white is such deep art. That is such basic symbolism of good and evil, not even creative.

She needs a friend who is a good judge of character she has to check in with when shes debating to date someone. Her judgement of guys is awful. He cheated on ayalla not that long before he started dating her and wanted her in his music video which was about being terrible and ruining innocent people with his terribleness. How did no one in her life pick that up and think hmmm, yeah this guy might be a little bit of an asshole?

I also think her public meltdown anger is fine though. I know if someone screws me over, I would get real angry and want to tell everyone about it. And it sucks worse when they are in a position of power and have people believing they are a good person when you know they are not. Plus having her shut up about it is what Richie wants, since he wants it to blow over so he can peep his head back in and act like nothing happened.

Shes jealous ayalla's mediocre singing is still better than whatever the hell that was up there.

No. 419914

The point is that she could have said no, ESPECIALLY since it wasn't content for her own channel. She willingly chose to do so.

You can blame SR for a lot of shit cause he's a total fuckwad but you can not blame him for forcing JG to make any videos.

No. 419916

Yeah, I get she's anti/non-feminist or whats, but surely she can be that and still not brush off other women as crazy attention whores when they say something bad about a man. At least consider it.

It's done now, she's probably learnt this lesson. See, she'll probably mature and change out of this… but Social Herpes won't.

Yeah, let's not make out that he forced her, but take Jaclyn out of the equation for a second, it was pretty brazen of him not only to make the video but then ask his current girlfriend to react to it, and then laugh at Ayalla at the end of it.

Was that more than a month in? Because then he'd already cheated. What a dick.

His lyrics are the less popular millenial version of Matchbox 20. We didn't even need Matchbox 20 the first time around.

No. 419927

I dont think they are saying he literally forced her. He probably said I want you to do this for my video, and she didnt think it was a big deal because she thought it was just an ~art~ video. Why would she refuse to do it if she thought the video wasnt serious? Im sure if she had known ayalla was hurt by it, she wouldnt have done it, but richie likely didnt tell her that. The only person she saw constantly bringing up the dear future gf video was onion, so she probably thought it was more of a jab at him and not ayalla.

and yeah its shitty since now we know ayalla contacted him telling him that video hurt her feelings and he didnt take it down. Hes an ass.

No. 419929

Hey Social Fucktard, maybe your next concept album could be "I'm a piece of shit and here's what I'm going to do about it", where the tracks gradually progress from self-pity through to an actual wish to improve on your own.

Then you could make a followup concept album about the road to redemption, about becoming a decent person and what that's like.

See, you don't need to be morally bankrupt to have material to write about.

No. 419932


Something tells me that people around her are not really relationship-smart either. She talked about her friend who was/is in an abusive relationship not taking her advice 2-3 weeks ago. It's a cruel irony because she also mentioned not following her own advice herself. I think love or the desire to be in-love makes a lot of people stupid.

What hurts the most is the Richie didn't even bother trying to get back with her, unlike her other exes. She was on and off with both Toby and Dave Days (he was briefly in her God's Not Dead 2 review from last summer), even her ex-husband wanted to work things out as well.

I always found them to be a slight misfit, despite them having similar sense of humor. I guess Richie still prefers alt-girls, or something. It's more apparent now he used her for views and free labor on his music video/tour. Oh, boo…who's gonna work the merch table for free now?

No. 419938

The thing i dont get is…does he not realize you can write a song about something without actually doing that thing in real life? I think he truly gets off on hurting people then writing songs about it and being praised for his awful actions knowing thats going to hurt that person further.

I think it also probably hurts for her to hear now how much he kept trying to get ayalla back even after their relationship ended, but he wont even speak to her. I feel like he may have tried to fuck with her more like he did with ayalla if she hadn't ruined his reputation. When ayalla spoke out about the cheating, in the end it had no reaction by anybody and most people just sided with richie, so he felt powerful over her and felt he could control her more.

But with jaclyn, most people are siding with her. And their mutual friends are even upset with him and find what he did disgusting, which isnt really what happened with ayalla. You could tell in his "apology" video he was angry with jaclyn and wanted to blame her for everything and couldn't think of anything truly good to say about her. He knows if he attempts anything with her, she will probably spill it to the internet again, so he doesnt see any reason to speak to her because it wont benefit him.

No. 419941

>What hurts the most is the Richie didn't even bother trying to get back with her, unlike her other exes
W.t.f. For that, he's literally the best of them. How is "hey, bby, pls come back and be with my unworthy lying cheating ass" good? That's literally insulting!

No. 419945


That means they cared about her at some point?

Richie "Okay, I messed up. Let's not talk anymore" meanwhile "I'm so lonely and artistic, fam!"

No. 419952

I didn't mean HPV, i meant HSV-1 can be transmitted via kissing. And HSV1 &HSV2
they're both herpes.

anyway my point was he gave Ayalla oral herpes (cold sores).

No. 419953

In no universe that means that he cared.

Had he cared, he would not have done that, case closed.

Trying to get her back is just trying to get his benefits back, nothing to do with her.

Good that you're reading, and hopefully learning from this thread.

No. 419956

Hahaha, no.

I know from experience that when a cheating ex begs to get back together it's more about control than forgiveness and regret over the cheating. Guys who cheat are ridiculously insecure about themselves and the saying "once a cheater always a cheater" sadly has a lot of weight to it. More often than not they just want someone there as a longterm backup to validate their own selfworth when their flings on the side fall apart. Its absolutly insulting to be expected to put up with that kind of shit. It's always better to move on and find another guy who values you enough to not cheat.

No. 419958


Well, he obviously cared more about Ayalla and Lexi compared to Jaclyn.

You can care about something or someone at different degrees. You don't care the same way about a stranger in a tragedy the same way you care about your parents.

I don't think cheaters are incapable of caring at all, but I am very well aware that do care more about themselves above anyone else. My point is that there is a difference between Richie and Jaclyn compared to his other relationships as well as hers.

No. 419965

The harder she tries to prove herself innocent the more I despise her. Everything about her seems so damn fake, she really is Richie's type!

No. 419966

I doubt he cared more about anyone. Ayalla and lexi dont have a big fanbase, so its easy to threaten to ruin them or whatever shit to keep their mouths shut. Meanwhile jaclyn does and she turned people against him. A bunch of bigger youtubers (trisha tweeted at jaclyn, leafy made a video, and many others) and even his friends (crankthatfrank, eugenia was nice about it but she was saying what richie did was wrong and jaclyn deserves support, etc) are disgusted by him because she outted him. And now hes getting called the second onision. I think thats the biggest reason why hes not trying to talk to her or win her back. Not because he cared more about other people.

No. 419967

>there is a difference between Richie and Jaclyn compared to his other relationships as well as hers.
Yes. A big one. This one was a reality show, from start to finish.

…I enjoyed it.

No. 419968


>The thing i dont get is…does he not realize you can write a song about something without actually doing that thing in real life?

He's trying to be the emo Taylor Swift, only the girls aren't cheating so he has to instead lmao

No. 419971


What does getting back together have to do with fan base size? You can bully people into shutting up without dating them again.

Did he even cheat on Lexi when they were public?

He made an effort to get Ayalla and Lexi back, regardless he actually respected them or not. He probably just kept them around for sex. Another sore spot for Jaclyn was that he wasn't satisfied with her physical appearance.

Also, it's not like he didn't attempt to retaliate toward Jaclyn (see his "she got so clingy" apology).

No. 419973

I can't with these people buying into his ~twisted emo artist~ shit.

Such ~dark sociopathic villain~ for doing what my garbageman is doing to his wife.

Can you be more gullible than falling for a low-tier emo Youtuber's power fantasies? Sheesh.

No sage because I want to let you know you're as idiotic as his fans and Jaclyn.

No. 419979

I think its simple anon. Ayalla and Lexi are a lot younger than Jaclyn, it was easy for him to use them even after breaking up. While Jaclyn, although has bad judge of character, clearly does have more life experience to not fall for that shit.

No. 419980

I think you missed the point. If he attempts to get back together with her and it backfires on him, he gets screwed more. He could threaten ayalla with manipulative shit to get her back and continue to treat her like garbage and keep her around as long as he could for sex and shit, because even if it failed and she told everyone, people wouldnt believe her. With jaclyn they will believe her and hes seen everyone side with her, so if he tries to manipulate her back and it fails, she can expose him again. Like "wow richie just texted me this shit in attempt to get back with me." It's pretty obvious jaclyn has no problem with outing him if he tries something.

No. 419986


It's as if you all are not seeing him as a human being. Right now, he's most of all uncertain and afraid.

His actions come from that place. Even his spite is just a consequence of trying to deal with that.

No. 419999


I agree with that Jaclyn was blindsided and should have better judgement based on her experience, but I don't think it's simple. Relationship is never simple…unless you are in middle school or something.

I'm saying that her and Richie's case is more devastating compared to her previous relationship because he has shown no remorse or no desire of her. He cheated on her from start to finish, her other exes found their side chicks toward the end. Richie was barely exclusive with her for like 2 weeks.


Uh, he pretty much did the same thing to Jaclyn as well as Ayalla? He told both of them that they were just texts. The difference is that Jaclyn was in a closer proximity where she could go through his phone. She was planning on staying before she found out that they did it in the bathroom.

He was not afraid to manipulating Jaclyn or the public opinion. For a moment she did feel bad from disrupting the tour. If he feared backlash, he would have never made his abortion of response video, as well as the drinking one.

No. 420002

Huh? He cheated on Ayalla from start to finish as well. Ayalla herself said she has no idea the number of girls he's been with while they were together.

Its simple as in the reasoning for why he isn't trying to get back with Jaclyn. Its because a) Jaclyn blew the lid on the whole thing ASAP and b) Jaclyn isn't young and can't be manipulated in that sense. Yes, she was manipulated in the way that Richie hid his cheating from her while pretending like she was #1. But she wouldn't feed into his "i'm going to run into the forest and kill myself" antics he pulled with Ayalla.

No. 420003

You're all presuming he knows wtf he's doing. That's not the case.

No. 420004

It's also only been a week and he is caught up in acting like an immature teenage girl atm. This guy is a grade A asshole. With a pattern.

For all we know he is just waiting for the backlash to dye down before he vomits his well rehearsed, "baby it was a mistake, plz take me back" spiel.

No. 420007

What does that have to do with anything? The texts are before jaclyn outted him. He was caught red handed, so he lied hoping it'd convince her just like with ayalla, but she snooped more. He didn't expect jaclyn to air all the details of his cheating and for her to have such massive support. That's the difference between the jaclyn and ayalla situation. When ayalla outted his cheating, no one really cared. He probably expected the same thing to happen with jaclyn. That she'd out him as a cheater, then it'd be whatever. But she said a lot of details and made him look bad, so now hes obviously angry at her and realizes he cant just do what he did to ayalla to her because he will get more backlash.

You can even see him try to sneak in some jabs and blame at jaclyn but doing it in a cautionary way because he knows hes hated right now. And he DOES fear backlash because he doesnt want his channel to tank and he doesnt like being branded as onision 2.0. He was trying to do damage control with that video, and it backfired. His second attempt at a video also failed, and now hes avoiding social media. I highly doubt he expected this much backlash when he was cheating on her and when she found out.

No. 420014

holy fuck please spoiler this shit
why do these assholes act like they would have stopped if they hadn't gotten caught

No. 420015

Agreed, SR is too much of an idiot to think anything through. I think he acts more on impulse than anything, and likes to cry when he realizes he fucked up.

No. 420028

I can't, I seriously can't with you guys ITT buying into the whole "cold, calculated" bs like the retarded ms Atheist Boob Job and almost-18yo fans.

How are you buying this image Mr Longface Shortstature is selling you so easily?

You all deserve to be cucked. Fuck it, I'm a mad at your stupidity.

No. 420035

I found this old younow moment interesting


He had a Freudian slip.

"I gave it– I made her sick."

He's nasty.

No. 420037

pretty telling she has no defense beyond “it’s a lie lol”

No. 420042

Who here is buying the cold and calculated shit? Considering why hes doing something doesn't mean it's calculated. Clearly he didn't calculate things well since hes getting shit on for it.

Her other defense was "ayalla is doing it for attention"

No. 420043

How is it possible that Richie's sibling are so beautiful and mentally normal but he is retarded and looks like he was adopted and rocked too hard against a wall as a baby???
Holy shit, world makes no sense!

No. 420046


No. 420056

C'mon, who are you fooling.

These threads have been nothing but "burn the sociopath/psychopath on the stake".

No. 420058

Post pic of siblings I need to see this

No. 420060

I can't stand the online atheist "community". As an atheist ive never felt like i needed a community of other atheists and i dont tell religious people that they're stupid because they're religious.

If anyone's telling her to find jesus, they're obviously trolling or people she should just ignore.
That's not emo. Emo is either a subsub genre of late 80s/early 90s hardcore punk (emotional/emotive hardcore) or midwest emo like American football. This is pop punk or some other shit rock genre. Idk im not going to listen to it.
Yikes. He's such a pos. He deserves everything coming to him.

No. 420063

his twin sister looks nothing like him and is like the opposite of him.

you're assuming sociopaths/psychopaths are smart. People are calling him that because he lacks empathy/remorse, not because they think hes some calculative genius who plans his every move five steps ahead.

No. 420077

so ayalla confirms that empress and villain is about her? so it’s villain, empress, then filthy pride? i don’t really listen to emo music

No. 420080

Sad thing is his "fans" will probably continue to support him, I mean look at Tim Lambesis. He put out a hit to have a guy murder his wife and his fans are excusing his actions because he make's great music and learned from the past.

No. 420087

That's against the rules, don't drag them into this.

No. 420095


When did she confirm empress was about her? I thought she only confirmed filthy pride and villain were about her. Not that it would surprise me if it was about her.

No. 420098

Not really surprising. I mean onion manages to still have supporters when he has no talent in anything and doesn't do anything at this point besides beg for money and be an asshole.

She said filthy pride and villain was about her and doesnt know about the rest. I was surprised she didnt think he stole empress from her. That's too coincidental.

No. 420102

hes made videos with them on his channel and his brother has his own youtube channel so they are not hard to find

No. 420111

No. 420121

Holy shit hahah he really is the ugliest person in his family

No. 420126

File: 1510295736120.gif (2.09 MB, 320x240, katt.gif)

Holla up, Holla THE FUCK UP!
How the fuck does he have a hot brother? No wonder the dude is so fucked up, imagine growing up looking like a retarded anorexic microhydranencephaly lollipop man, when your brother looks like a smooth, slightly chubby, past his prime Hollywood hunk.

That fucks a boy up, Social Retard is proof of this theorem. He had to start playing edgy dress up and become an "artist" to get laid, meanwhile his older brother has to just fucking show up. I bet growing up he got cucked all the time by that mancandy, he has a girl over and his older brother walks in and the panties DROP THERE AND THEN. That mancandy's eyes scream disappointment in the baby boy, social anorexia. I bet he likes his girls thick, because his brother is thick as a bar of snickers.

I REFUSE to believe that some mum didn't look at that girls real brother and did not switch the babies out at the hospital. She saw the missing hunk, the real third child and switched out with a microhydranencephaly kid, Social Rimjob.

I am signing up for the train that takes me to social's non-biological brothers mancave and you can ban me for this blogpost, I literally give zero fucks.


No. 420127

His twin sister has such a cute face shape, while he has the longest face ever.

No. 420129

he got the horseface from his dad i guess

No. 420130

oh my god those two are suppose to be twins? No fucking way hahahah

No. 420132

Socially rekt is adopted, right?

No. 420133

what the fuck are you talking about? that guy isn't hot at all, he looks like a less fat version of shoeonhead's boyfriend. they all look incredibly average at best.

No. 420135

I dunno, SR and his brother have the same face shape. It's like most of the good genes went to the older brother and Dickie got the leftovers. I wouldn't say his brother is some hunk, but he's better looking. He doesn't look like a creep in the alley way.

No. 420136

I love you anon but I also am very concerned about you

No. 420137

>acted like a straight up psycho by cheating on her multiple times and singing about doing that in videos she casted her in. he made her react to his Dear Future Girlfriend video knowing he was doing al that shit to her

Maybe he should be calling himself "Social Experiment" because at least that would make this behavior kinda interesting from a psychological point of view.

>She needs a friend who is a good judge of character she has to check in with when shes debating to date someone.

No matter how good the friend is, people must be left to make their own mistakes. People don't listen to others when it comes to 'love' matters; not parents, not siblings, not friends. They will go against everyone for 'love', end up hurt and then wonder why nobody warned them.

No. 420141

Why did he even chose Jaclyn in the first place, was he just using her for her subs/fanbase? Was it just superficial? That's all I want to understand, what value did he actually have in her because keeping her around so openly while fucking other people doesn't make sense. He's a narcissist so she had to have some form of working value.

This may be shitty but she should realize he used her for some form of value, take that for what it is, and really look at her behavioral patterns. It would be a good move to say she's going to therapy and maybe start a separate blog to talk about dating narcissists, that way she could bitch about him in a credible way communicating what she learned instead of just lashing out right now. After a certain point it's not going to come off the way she wants and will look negative as fuck, affecting her subs. It will make her feel so much worse while jeopardizing what could make Richie jealous as fuck.

In her vlogs, especially with SR looking like a complete asshole, she comes off as really fun and bubbly. I wasn't even attracted to her but I am now because I had never watched her before, she just seems very sweet for keeping up spirits and being playful.

Sorry for length, I've dated and been fucked over by narcissists so it's hitting close to home. If anyone has ideas for how Jaclyn could handle this situation in the best way that benefits her the most I'd really enjoy reading it.

No. 420146

File: 1510297076764.gif (618.81 KB, 320x172, katthop.gif)

If that is average, where do you live? I will be on the next flight there, you better deliver that postal code ASAP. Next to Social Repose, that man is Adonis and you know it. There is nothing you can do, Social Repose is the guy you bring along for the clout of "Yeah, at least I will not be fucking him".

Social Repose is the fat and ugly girl you bring along, because you know the dudes friend is a dickhead and you never even really liked Janice anyways. In exchange and in comparison, you go up like two points in the hot scale and down two in the crazy scale. That is why you put up with Janice, or Social Repose.

Girls give him a chance because they think that because he is so unfortunate looking, he should have developed a personality.

That my friends, is always a misjudgment.

No. 420147

Avatarfagging is against board rules, and I love you anon, so don't get banned for this gay shit

No. 420148

Lay off the coke, Betty.

No. 420150

go to any gas station or Subway® in virginia and you'll find like 10 almost-fat borderline white nationalists who look just like him. your a-logging is giving me a lot of secondhand embarassment, dog.

No. 420154

Bon bon, I like your enthusiasm, both posts were hilarious to read ( now stop ). I agree that his brother obviously looks great standing next to Social cold sore.

No. 420156

You have no idea what is A-logging. That post is just being an autistic retard.
"A-Logging is a term used to describe the practice of those who follow Cows who wish to inflict harm upon them, often physical, and often for perceived "crimes" that the cow is "guilty" of."

This is A-logging in action.
"Hating Chris–chan and wanting him to die is not unhealthy or abnormal. He is literally one of the most narcissistic, disgusting, irredeemable human beings I have ever seen. He does not have one redeeming feature - not one quirk or interesting aspect that makes him a benefit to the world on any level. I am not merely talking about the fact that he will most likely never have a job, but that he isn't even interesting, self aware, cool, funny, or whatever. I know people who haven't done anything with their lives due to mental problems and have redeeming qualities and are even more self-aware than the average human being, whereas Chris–chan is a complete blight on humanity. Not one aspect of him is in any way endearing, worthwhile, or will register as positive to any sane functioning person. Anyone who claims otherwise and is not exceptional themselves is lying for the sake of being politically correct."

Remember to use your terms true and honest in the name of god and the bear at the Regency Square shopping mall, dog.

Back on topic, I wonder how the talk with his family is going? Jaclyn was supposed to go see them for thanksgiving, and it is pretty obvious his family knows why those two broke up. Will he sperg on them, or will they tell him off?

No. 420166

wait why was ayalla hitting 100k a thing when he apparently has like 900k ????? how the fuck is he this much of a baby and no one can hurt him this is so sad and pathetic

how can he be actually hurt

No. 420174

hem hem, a-logging is used in more ways than one, especially on here.

No. 420211

Cause she's in the whole emo music genre too and tbh she would outshine him easily.

I thought she was average at first but after snooping in this channel, I think it's just her shitty set up and editing skills. That bit she did with him for some paramore cover was pretty good and you could totes tell he didn't want to give her any promotion at all since he didn't put her name in the title and the link to her channel was placed almost like an afterthought in the description.

In comparison, he did the same format with Jaclyn and made sure to include her in the title.

No. 420214

File: 1510308329234.jpeg (173.03 KB, 731x561, 97D2B82B-C755-4A77-9170-9F4DDA…)

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

I hope the subs drop doesn’t let up too soon. It’s so great to watch.

No. 420216

Question: does SR have much presence or following outside Youtube? Is it weird for him to be touring Europe? What kind of numbers could he pull at those shows?

900k subs is nothing to sniff at but it seems like hubris to think of that as international fame. I could be wrong…

No. 420224

I guess he has a decent-ish following and he's also playing in what seems like really small venues/small number of people so it's not that unbelievable

No. 420226

A lot of small bands go on tours. It's actually not that hard to find small venues to play at. To play in a city all he has to do is find one small place that will allow him to play there. Some people even allow their houses to be used for shows and allow the band to sleep at their house. The hard part of a uk tour would be funding travel expenses, but richie has the youtube money. Hes definitely not playing in big known venues, thats for sure.

No. 420242

Smelly Repose and his twin sister.

No. 420243

all dressed up in his daddy's suit

No. 420244

What a dag, lmao
His sister looks much classier than him, where did they go wrong?

No. 420245

His head looks like a sodding tic tac.

No. 420246

i get the feeling SR is just making a soap opera out of his music at this point. its obvious he does care about growing his fan base or whatever.

the fact he put girls he had relationships in his mv and the songs are known to be about his ex, and he names the album after her etc. he probably thinks he's a rockstar and immortalising his life

i honestly dont think he was emotionally ready to have a committed relatioship which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but leading people on and fucking with their emotions is. he's a child, i'm sure he's getting a boner over his autobiographical music.

honestly i think that's all he cares about and i think JG needs to accept he's over it and doesn't want to talk. she shouldn't give him anymore of her time he's a cunt and she deserves to find happiness after a decade of shit

No. 420266

I feel that he went with Jaclyn because he apparently likes to generate drama for views - Jaclyn was a good way to keep the feud with Onion going. People ate that shit up. I will admit that it was entertaining at the time, for me. It was clearly going to rile Gurg up more and the beef between the two of them was pretty major in SR's videos at the time. So yeah, I think he used her to fan the flames for views.

No. 420267

I figured it out guys. In his video with his twin sister, he mentioned he always had crushes on her friends but they didnt like him and he got friendzoned. And his sister was like "but they really did love him, he was just introverted and quiet" and richie says "because i was nice"

incel logic confirmed

No. 420269

I don't think that can turn someone sociopath, I think he must have always been like that. He definitely has creeper eyes in his older pictures. Imagine a sociopath like Richie thinking he's a nice guy though…. eesh.

No. 420287

wait is that really his sister or are u making a joke about him looking inbred?

No. 420288

>I bet growing up he got cucked all the time by that mancandy, he has a girl over and his older brother walks in and the panties DROP THERE AND THEN

Fucking died right there and then, thanks anon for literally necrotizing muh sides.

And I am literally google mapping topenhokah or wherever the fuck that snickers man lives right now and I swear if it's my last dying kek I will beat you there, britfag. I'm 400% not joking in the most serious way possible. We must start an online petition to get richie's birth records bc this is straight slander to this puss master's heroic name.

Saged because this man is beautiful and I fully concur and echo anons statement extremely including the last 3 paragraphs, if not even louder, but I rry rry don't want to be banned bc I need milk in the bloodstream.

Also if they're are free tickets somehow to this mancave as well pls would very much like to be included on this list, just in case.

No. 420295

File: 1510319509329.png (546.76 KB, 803x397, ytho.PNG)

i dont understand
was jacklyn at the show he had bathroom secks at?
also this lexi chick looks as gross as raven

No. 420298

>regency square shopping mall
You little fucking bitch ;)

I seriously think that he thought it was a great idea to go with Jaclyn bc it would be good for his channel and the SECOND everyone found out he and Jaclyn were a thing everyone was for it. Esp bc it pissed off greg. And he probably liked her too and all that shit but there's a fuckin reason he's always attracted back to Toiletchan. Nigga got no morals. He just does what he kinda wants on the side. And has a whole nother thing on YouTube, you can see it crack through IRL and on younow/live streams. Also I find H I L A R I O U S, that he is obviously extremely worried about pedo accusations. A) he knows it'll fuckin ruin him like Greg B) he knows he's DEFINATELY gone in a grey area regarding that, boi acts guilty as fuck. Plus the "have you turned 18 yet?" "How old are you?! XD" "can you drive yet?" Cmon he's dancing with fire on his tight leather pants, that's for sure. Not saying anything, but he did immediately end his relationship w/ Ayalla right after the FB thing and blackmailed her into silence. He didn't run off into the woods like a pussy pt. 2 to get her back after that.

The important question, and I think when I say this I am speaking on behalf of all anons when I say this, is what the fuck social pre-cum was going to do when he brought Jaclyn over to his families house for thanksgiving (if this hadn't occurred) and jaclyns panties just dropped like right there and then when she saw his older brother? Like what would he do? Why would he ever invite her? Its an automatic trap. Is he that retarded or did he think his edginess and ego would somehow overcome his pure hearted gentlemen 10/10 brother (with a much much better dick-given)? It would have ended anyways on thanksgiving then. Obviously. I'm sure we all need to know this answer.

No. 420304

In the 'Can I Guess My Girlfriend By Kiss' video on Social Repose (not going to link it because fuck him and his view count), about 1 minute in he's talking about the guy lining up a few girls to kiss and guess which one is his girlfriend, and he says
>Now this video could have been tastefully done, but it's the internet, so, you know, fuck that … it's a piece of trash. By the way, after seeing this on Facebook, they're definitely in a monogamous relationship. This is not poly, there is no exception to the rule, the guy is just kind of a shit head
Pretty funny for Richie to disparage a guy who kissed another 2 girls in front of his girlfriend and clearly with her consent when he fucked around on at least two of his girlfriends without theirs, and gave them diseases from his dirty cheater cock.
Stay classy, you fucking asshole.

No. 420308

Woof. She’s an actual goblin

No. 420310

her fucking eyebrows
if she drew them another centimetre they would be monobrow.

No. 420312

I wonder if SR presented her with a gift of DIY custom cling on sticker eyebrows that he made with some of his extra black paint, now she feels great gratitude and forever in debt to him, leaving her at his beck and call for spontaneous buttseks

No. 420320

The blargh uploaded the stream that Ayalla talked about, with Richie and the vodka.

No. 420326

There is something seriously wrong with him. That is the (ugly) face and behavior of a psychopath who is trying to get attention.

Also lol at how, around the 40 min mark, he starts talking about how obnoxious it is living in his mother's basement because she interrupted his stream of drinking and staring at the camera, asking if he was ok.

No. 420327


"If I'm having a mental breakdown, I want everyone to see it."

What an attention whore.

No. 420356

He seems better than his brother, based on the video he posted on Youtube about his brother getting married (My brother Social Repose gets married, or something like that), but I'd say he's average.

That said, if you're in a house with a emo-native-american Jack Skellington horse cosplayer and that guy, your preservation instincts will probably tell you to try and go for the human specimen. Higher chances of survival for any offspring, for sure.

I'm guessing we can't post the Youtube video, since his photo got deleted from the thread.

No. 420360

"Oh look at me, I'm drinking Vodka on stream because it makes me so depressed that my gf is out with her sister or at her uncles funeral" (can't remember which one it was)
What a cunt.

No. 420366


Yes. Thank you Blarg so much. What a pathetic, manipulative, attention seeking little bitch.

Can it also be noted that he's always drinking vodka? Like little horse can man up and drink some Whiskey or something? Gots to have his strawberry vodka with Gatorade chaser? Pathetic.

I feel so bad for Ayalla. Two points for the Blargh for providing this video and catching Ayalla calling out Natti.

No. 420369

Not important, but what kind of combo is that? Gatorade and unflavored vodka seems bad enough.

I don't even know what to say to this. It's so bizarre. It's beyond attention whorey alcoholic. I had an alcoholic ex who would just straight up tell me it was my fault he was drinking that night. But, I highly doubt Richie is one. He's just being a mega sonic teenage (young adult) retard. God, I'm glad she left him and I hope the JG thing was the final nail that Ayalla never talks to him again. This is awful.

No. 420372

cuck confirmed 1:18

No. 420375

I never understood what was up with the mother moth thing. Why can't he write some shitty emo rock opera about that? Making people feel like shit for your art is gonna catch up to you (and it has) it's not impossible to spread out your creativity.

Or if he likes being miserable, volunteer with the homeless or people with severe drugs problems or at a hospice, that'll keep him good and miserable.

No. 420381

>never have i ever watched someone fuck my girlfriend
What happened there? o_O Threesome?

No. 420384

is it bad to say i want idubbz to make a content cop on him? than again i feel like the breakup is already doing its job to kill his channel

No. 420385

I'd be okay with it, but I feel like Ian wouldn't do it. People have been making so many videos on it, a Content Cop seems unnecessary.

No. 420389

He was such a dick to ayalla. “Never have i ever been raped” like what the fuck. Is this supposed to be funny? This whole video was just awkward and weird

No. 420396

It’s sad how hard he tried to slander her to make it out to be as if she parties all the time and leaves him alone. He’s constantly acting like a victim. Doesn’t let his girlfriend see her family and likes barely legal girls… sounds too familiar.

No. 420402

File: 1510334400241.jpg (27.64 KB, 897x202, Capture.JPG)

So he just uploaded a new video called "Anthology" with him and Jaclyn in the thumbnail.

It's just short previews of his already released songs (with Jaclyn starring in the videos)

I can't upload it because I'm on mobile, but if you want to see it, please have adblock on before clicking the link.


No. 420408


Transcript part 1:

> I'm only going to talk for five minutes here. Five minutes. A lot of people have been texting me tonight.

> I'm hammered by the way, so if I don't talk correctly, I'm sorry. A lot of people have been texting me tonight.
> Asking me if I'm okay. Asking what's wrong. Although if you saw my video I posted two days ago, you'll understand.
> I'm going through an existential crisis.
> I'm fighting with my girlfriend currently, although I'm not going to say that's 100% to blame for my self-destructiveness tonight
> Although it helped.
> Um, you know. Sometimes I feel like I don't know where I'm going.
> I figure, if I'm having a crisis, and I'm having a meltdown: I want everyone to see it, alright?
> I want to put it in the public eye, because I've had these before but it's been a couple years since I've had a meltdown.
> And I want everyone to see it. I want it to be public. Because I want people to learn from it.
> I want people to learn how to cope with it. And I want people to feel better about themselves.
> So, I'm not going to kill myself. And I never said I have directly, been going to kill myself. I'm not!
> I've said I've thought about it. But everybody has thought about killing themselves.
> And if you say to me you have never thought about killing yourself, you're a fucking liar. Alright? You're a fucking liar!
> Because everybody thinks about killing themselves at some point in their lives.
> Because it's a way out. It's a way to not deal with your problems.
> I'm not saying it's selfish, I'm just saying it's a way out. So, if you're telling me you never wanted to kill yourself, you're a liar.
> That being said, I'm been going through a lot of rough times right now with my music and my art and my youtube channel
> I'm trying to make videos that I give a shit about.
> I've been trying to have a girlfriend. Which has mixed results.
> She's at a party right now; and, I'm in my mid 20s, okay? I'm half way through my twenties. She's 18 year's old.
> Now, while, I don't try to date younger girls. I don't! Alright?
> Honestly, I'd rather have a girlfriend that's around my age, but I found Ayalla and she's 18, and we're dating, and that's fine okay?
> She's legal, so thats okay.
>But, sometimes, things come up. Like she goes to parties a lot, and she drinks and blah blah blah, and I'm too old for that shit, alright?
> I'm… I dont go to parties anymore. I make Youtube videos.
> And when she goes to parties, it makes me self destruct
> Because all parties are, all house parties are, are breeding grounds for guys and girls to get together and you know…
> If you're in a relationship you have no business being there.
> Gets text from someone named Brian You know it's good to know I have Internet friends, and I'm sorry if I scared any of you. I'm sorry. I don't mean to scare you. But I've lot of my own shit to deal with. And, you know, like I said… gets more texts
> Stop fucking texting me! Jesus fucking Christ!
> I don't mean to kill myself, and if I did, you know, it's… hold on one second. looks around his room
> I just, if I did want to kill myself I would of done it already okay? That's the truth. I don't want to sugar coat anything for you guys
> I made that video on my Youtube channel because, I don't sugar coat anything I do. I don't want to be… I want to be genuine
> I don't want anything I do to be bullshit. And I feel that a lot of Youtube is bullshit. Even down to the "I tried to kill myself " videos, it's bullshit. It's trying to get views.
> I'm not… I just want to make videos. If I feel like I want to kill myself, I want to make a video about it. I want to talk about it. That's the best thing you can do is talk about it.
> You know so, I'm dating this girl who is 18 and she's wonderful. And when I'm with her, I'm happy, which is good. You want to be happy when you're with someone, especially someone who you are dating.
> But sometimes she does things that make me feel old. And I don't appreciate it. And there's not much I can do about it without losing her. So I dont know what to do with myself.
> So that kind of links me back to my personal crisis. My artist's crisis.
> I don't know what to do with myself, I'm trying to write a record right now on top of juggling tour and Youtube. It is very overwhelming.
> Ontop of trying to move out of my mother's basement, okay?

No. 420409


Transcript Part 2:

Drunk Horse Transcript Part 2:

> Right now, my mother interrupted my first YouNow stream of me staring at the camera and drinking myself to death asking if I was okay

> I got angry with her, because, I'm in my mid-20s. I should be able to do what I want, okay?
> Even if I want to kill myself. That's my decision. It's what I want to do.
> If I was 18, and I was 17, it would be different. But I'm an adult, I make my own decisions.
> I'm just tired of it. I want to move out. I'm just now making enough money on Youtube where I can move out. And I have the option to move out into my own little bungalow and BumFuck, Nowhere and to make Youtube videos and to further my art.
> And to further what I'm doing.
> But until then, I'm a miserable fucking human being. Alright? I've always been a miserable fucking human being.
> But it's intensified, and everytime I get into a relationship, and I get into a fight: it intensifies it. I don't like it.
> I dont like the way… I dont like the person I become when I get into a relationship.
> Because it's a steady balance of being a doormat mixed with being a strong, independent person. And when I'm not in a relationship, I can be that strong, independent person and make the videos I like making. Create the art I would like to create.
> But when I'm in relationships, I just spend time with them. And granted, it makes me happy to spend time with them, and that's important to be happy. Because sometimes I forget that.
> Being happy. I get so wrapped up in being depressed and creating art that I care about, which is generally sad, and I forget about being happy. And being happy is important. Whether it benefits you or not, being happy and having relationships in your life is very important. Okay?
> And I forget about that, so, sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole and I lose all my friends, and it hurts a lot.
> And like I said, Ayalla does NOT cause me more grief than happiness. I think it's a good balance.
> But right now she's at a party, and I can't tell her not to go to a party. She's fucking 18 years old. I remember when I was 18 to 21. I went to a shit ton of parties. I got drunk a lottt!
> I fucked a lot of girls. It was fine!! It was a good time! Okay? That's the time to be alive!
> Not like its not time to be alive now, I mean I'm a little older but, still not that big of deal. But it's just like, I can't tell her not to do that. But at the same time, she's dating me and I don't want her to be there. Okay?
> I don't want her to be at that party. I don't want her to go to parties. But at the same time, I can't stop her.
> So… laughs, whatever. We'll break up at some point anyway.
> It's just kind of one of those vicious cycles, and I don't know what to do about it. And it's not all her fault gets call Hang on…

Stream ends

No. 420411

Hey Natti

No. 420413

yeah i was just listening to her song, not a queen but an empress. its not really my style but she actually has a good voice and she has the looks too. i hope ayalla outshines him in every way

No. 420414

wtf, this is so gross to watch knowing what happened ew

No. 420421

RE: The "Anthology" video… It is a total power play. Jaclyn made a comment a couple of days ago about how sick it made her to watch him act out the things he was singing about to her, while actually putting her through them. He wants to remind her while it's still fresh in her mind- She was a replacement for Ayalla, and he didn't even care enough to try and "fight" for her back like he did for Ayalla. He's absolutely taking calculated steps to hurt Jaclyn as much as he possibly can, to make her feel as insignificant as possible, because she spoke out about him. He is loving all of this. He's such a miserable piece of shit.

No. 420422


I feel like he's baiting Jaclyn to try to request videos with her get taken down/copyright so he can play victim and say "she's trying to ruin my art and livelihood!".

No. 420432

My thoughts exactly. He's milking this for effect. A few anons have mentioned it before me: guy's probably been planning this from the start, for max. effect - I mean how do you explain him being so careless about his messages etc. It's liike he was thinking "ok- her time's up, let's blow this up."

what I don't get is the whole Natti thing - last I checked Jaclyn was defending her and Ayalla the same. The audio on Blargh's vid is way too low - can anyone explain?

And last, does anyone have the link to the thread where the natti-boyfriend was talking?

No. 420434


Jaclyn initially posted on Natti's instagram calling her sweet and that she wasn't the girl. This was probably from when Jaclyn thought there was only one girl he was cheating with and she knew it was Lexi. But even before Ayalla outted Natti, Jaclyn had removed the comment from the Natti's instagram. When Ayalla started outting Natti on YouNow Jaclyn commented in chat "He had her play an Empress".

No. 420436

Realistically this could have been finished and scheduled to upload pre-breakup since it is to promo his new album, but the timing is just so unfortunate it has to be intentionally spiteful.

I bet he monitized that shit too.

What a douche to try to make more money off of hurting someone.

No. 420438

I don't remember Ayalla defending Natti, just JG, but JG deleted a comment supporting her on Instagram after the YouNow were Ayalla confirm Natti was sleeping around with SR while they were together (and still acting so sweet in messages kissing her ass)
By the way about Natti pretending to vomit everytime she saw Ayalla,Ayalla didn't say she suffer from eating disorders? (Was Natti making fun of Ayalla if she suffered from bulimia?).

No. 420439

Like as in he wanted her to take a part in his music vids?
What's the bit Ayalla said about the tour and Natti wanting to bring her flowers, and Ayalla pretending to vomit? The audio was so bad, didn't catch it. How did Ayalla know Natti had been lying?

No. 420440

He has monetize every video since the begining

No. 420441

Surprise, surprise. The guy is about using people, nothing more

No. 420442


It was actually Ayalla who said that whenever she saw Natti on warped tour she just pretended to vomit. It sounds like Ayalla had asked Richie (and possibly Natti) several times if they were a thing, if they had sex, and they both lied to her. She gets quite upset about how he lied "right to my fucking face!" and how she really does not like Natti. She said Natti messaged her on Instagram saying something about how she hopes to see her there and if she wants flowers (there was a photo a year ago of Natti giving Richie a black rose, maybe this is what she meant), but that whenever Ayalla saw Natti she would just pretend to throw up cause she hates her.

No. 420443

The break down is: Ayalla states never liking Nattie, Nattie outright lied about being with Richie (as did Richie). She eventually found out. So, Nattie has been lying about sleeping with Richie. In "Empress" Nattie played the empress.

Nattie has a history of playing dumb. She told Ayalla she would see her at Warped tour. Ayalla pretended to vomit when seeing Nattie and apparently Nattie brought her flowers.

No. 420444

I took it as a shitty excuse for Natti to avoid Ayalla. Maybe she felt awkward or bad pretending to be nice to the girl who's boyfriend she was secretly fucking? Although not enough to stop apparently.

No. 420446

As much of a dick he is, you can't fault the quality of content like this. He's not Greg-tier cringe… apart from when he wears that dumb costume

No. 420448

Damn, I never really liked JG, but that's a massive dick move. Must really hurt. Good production value but wow.

No. 420450

I only really started following him when he and JG were first dating. I always kind of like his music, I can't say his most recent stuff is terrible and some of his covers are good too. His original stuff takes a terrible turn with how he intentionally fucks things up for inspiration. It's one thing to write something like "The Wall" to work through your past, negative feelings, etc. It's another to just chose someone to fuck up because it ~inspires~ you.

Glad, I didn't actually buy his newest album when it came out though.

No. 420456

Thx, anon. Got confused about stuff…

So Ayalla hates N., suspected her of lying, pretended to vomit whenever seeing N. on that tour bec. she hated N. playing nice & cutesie

Later she found out Natti had been lying after all. Last question is if Natti had known they were dating at the time, bec. Ayalla said SR had been keeping it a secret publicly.

No. 420457

Thx, cleared things up

No. 420458

Transcript of Ayalla's allegations about Natti:

>Fan Question: "Anything about Natti Gabrielle? She was accused of sleeping with Richie"

> She DID sleep with Richie! And she lied to me about it! And I don't… Yeah, I had an issue with her when we (me and richie) were dating. She lied to me about stuff that was going on between them. So no, I don't like her.
>I think she knows that I don't like her.
>She messaged me, talking about how she was going to see me at Warped Tour this year. Messaged me on Instagram! Saying like "Ohh yeah, I didn't know but I'll see you at the concert later today."
>shrugs And every time I saw her, I just pretended to vomit that whole time
>Because she's lied to me. And she brought me flowers the same day. So like whatever.
>I don't like her! Not a fan! She's not nice and yeah. deep breath Not a fan. And she did sleep with Richie, and yeah.
>Fan Comment: "How about we don't get disrespectful and we just talk about Richie"
>How bout…whatever. I just laughs Like, don't ask me questions if you don't want the answer. I don't understand. I don't care dude. At this point, it's true. inaudible
>And Richie lied to me about her, ALOT! To my fucking face! To, my, fucking, face.
>I asked him about her in person, and he lied to me in my fucking face.
>Don't worry about it, Richie is irrelevant at this point. He's gross. She's gross.

No. 420459

I never liked him but I always knew he was a massive cow for all the drama queen had hidden with Ayalla
I starting hearing his music to give him a shit but he can't sing properly, he force so much his voice, he can sing any song and it sound like all the other covers he made, I don't even know why he made tours since he sound pretty fuck up and he needs to much the background music to support him self (I don't know in which video he ask his public to sing the major part of a song cause he just couldn't continue, and no it wasnt when he was sick)

No. 420462

All right, that clears it up I guess. Thx! Holy crap, she really plays innocent.

No. 420471

File: 1510338647867.png (867.94 KB, 1457x613, wtfisthisshit.png)

Natti just posted some meme video on her twitter titled "The truth about Social Repose, Ayalla, and Jaclyn exposed!"

Anyone have some context about this meme? The video is just a meme image with "9/11 was an inside job" with some lame music over it for 8 minutes.

Girl seems batshit crazy.

No. 420481

It's E-Dubble "Be A King" dunno about the meme though, mb her idea of rickrolling

No. 420522

is the emo bitch trying to insinuate #fakenews

also emo was relevant in 2006 were any of these bitches even in puberty

No. 420527

someone should tweet the transcipts at her lol anyone here on twitter

No. 420534

File: 1510343391427.png (70.45 KB, 584x345, 2017-11-10 19_48_35-Empress Mo…)

"i'm gonna leave for a while"
(comes back in two days to promote his shitty song)

No. 420542

File: 1510343964782.png (71.18 KB, 853x466, bonbonbovi.PNG)

This was in the comments of the music video (on the twitter link)

No. 420545

Lexi has sperm-shaped eyebrows in this. How appropriate

> I’m in my mid-twenties, I’m in my mid-twenties, ugh my mom checked if I’m ok because I’m online talking about wanting to die, what a bitch, I want to move out, I’m in my mid-twenties

Fucking manbaby. And a bore; plenty of people still party in their mid-twenties, including those who don’t still live with mommy.

What a control freak. Imagine missing out on parties at 18 because your old man boyfriend guilted you.

Natti playing Empress is interesting, because it’s such a significant part but I can’t imagine Social fuccboi giving that role to a side chick just because he adores her. She’s just a side chick after all. I think it must be a play, like he either is trying to stop her from ending things with him, or he’s promising to promote her to girlfriend in the future.

I just feel like she doesn’t really fit the role of empress so he has another motive for choosing her.

No. 420572

I hope her boyfriend, who stated her he wanted nothing to do with SR in the future, gets sick of this shit and dumps her.

No. 420577

I know right? Does he think anyone over age of 23 suddenly turns into a feeble 80 yr old geezer overnight? If so damn, his future is BLEAK.

No. 420578

Could be just from needing someone. Jaclyn said she (JG) was the empress in the "Villain" video.

No. 420582

I think it was more this too. I doubt he was plotting who would play which role while rubbing his hands together like a cartoon villian. As fucked up as it is that JG and Natti were in the videos, it was probably more because both were willing to do everything for free.

No. 420588

Video unavailable

No. 420595

Yeah they've privated it. It'll be back at some point.

No. 420598

Jaclyn, Dickie's trophee.

No. 420614

Just out of curiosity, who is the other white paint girl in the video? Not that she's involved in this mess, but I can't remember her name.

No. 420618

sorry senpai I was recovering from a night of binge amazon ordering


No. 420631

File: 1510350396622.jpg (40.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

just because it looks highly produced doesn't mean it's good. lame concept, shitty direction, richie has a man gut, contrived and overdone ""story."" it sucks. it's like knockoff iamamiwhoami artistically with panic at the disco vocals

No. 420642

she's so ugly ew.
I wouldnt even touch her as a girl EVER

No. 420680

Also MCR I don't love you. Where a woman is all white and a man in all black. He's not that creative.

> just mentioning it since it's a super popular song in the emo / scene community

No. 420716

I recorded Jaclyn's almost 2 hour livestream, but the sound was lost. RIP

Here's what I gathered, at some points I was only listening with one ear:

>Richie always kept his phone close to himself, slept on it, took it to the bathroom and for showers

>She checked it because she saw a message from an unsaved number with a lot of hearts, he said it was a fan wishing him Happy Halloween
>Asked him about the texts, asked if there was more, he denied it, she had "massive anxiety" when she was in Scotland and that's when she checked it again and scrolled up this time
>She was hurt by his 'thicc' thing because she's already insecure about her body and tried to force herself to eat more but can't stomach it
>Insists he had nothing to do with the boob job
>Doesn't want anyone to slam Lexi's looks but admits she was 'less than kind' when Lexi contacted her and asked if they could speak on the phone
>Was told by someone in the chat that Lainey said she tried to get in touch, made a disgusted face
>Says she doesn't think Richie was intending to be caught because it would be inconvenient for his tour
>Says Richie wanted to be a YouTube power couple and that was probably what he really wanted from her because she doesn't believe that he loved her
>Is not in the 'acceptance' stage yet, feels either numb or sad all the time
>Says Richie throws out fan gifts and will probably throw out her gifts from fans too
>He painted Ayalla as overdramatic and immature, constantly partying
>She likes Ayalla, thinks she's gorgeous and sweet, but she's not interested in girls and too old for her

No. 420722

I'll add to that:
>is getting tested for STDs soon, says she'll announce if she has anything
>rationale is in case other girls he's slept with would know
>says she doubts she caught anything, feels normal
>hugged him when she left him at the hotel in Europe, says it was stupid, she knew it would be the last time
>her reacting to dear future girlfriend wasnt a dig at Ayalla all, they did it to piss off Onision
>she says its weird because the cause of his channel losing subs, since she tried to support his channel while dating, she liked him to succeed
>feels guilty he is losing so many subs and is getting so much backlash, she didn't anticipate it being a big deal, thought he'd only lose like a couple hundred subs
>she then cried about how much hate hes getting
>says she will go go therapy since she keeps dating cheaters and because shes hurting, knows she has issues
>she knows Richie has a lot of issues, he told her he has trouble feeling for other people
>told her he only loves 2 people in his life: her and someone else (damn he doesn't love his whole family)
>says she doubted people warning her because he didn't do a lot of the things they warned her about
>explains all her past relationship we like that. Said a partner had a rep for being aggressive in bed but was always respectful and patient when they were together

No. 420725

>she then cried about how much hate hes getting
Literally cried or cried as in whined? Weird either way, hope someone recorded the stream.

No. 420729

No. 420737

>Richie always kept his phone close to himself, slept on it, took it to the bathroom and for showers

I just realized he was so overprotective about his phone but he didnt put a passcode on it? How would she look in it if it had one and she didnt know it? Sounds pretty dumb of him.

>Was told by someone in the chat that Lainey said she tried to get in touch, made a disgusted face

She also said lameo has not tried to contact her. We all knew that already tho that lameo's fake caring was a lie.

No. 420738

Full stream

No. 420741

I know it was catharsis, but that was fucking painful to watch: "I'm near 30, I think I'm done learning this lesson."

No. 420747

uploading mirror in case she deletes hers later

No. 420773

>surely she can be that and still not brush off other women as crazy attention whores when they say something bad about a man.

You would think so, but no, especially as she has made her name partly because of that. I looked back at her old videos, a lot of them are pretty much bashing women from certain backgrounds and saying they are all crazy and no where near her level of intelligence so fine to ridicule. While I think social repose is a creep I totally understand why some people are cynical of jaclyn's intentions given her online persona.

No. 420787

File: 1510389253657.jpg (96.67 KB, 1122x828, dWYhy1n.jpg)

No. 420788

File: 1510389267061.jpg (71.5 KB, 1102x972, LEiseBe.jpg)

No. 420790

File: 1510389281468.jpg (59.12 KB, 1136x652, xxXaN9o.jpg)

No. 420797

>I love all my mothlings
You disgust me, fucking pervert.

No. 420824

These pictures are soo easy to fake. I wouldn't pay attention to it.

No. 420834

No. 420840

I believe it, the mothlings part really sold me.
I know a lot of people are just sticking to Jaclyn's word about how raunchy his messages were (and most of this stuff is tame in theory) but maybe only Lexi's were raunchy.

The bit about the open relationship is definitely interesting…

No. 420867


I don't mean to be that guy, but the only way I'd believe this is if the page URLs were showing and if they had clicked on "message Richie" link and it took them back to their messages. Chrome lets you directly edit the html on the page, and it only takes one really bored person with extra time on their hands to do something like this.

I honestly refuse to believe anybody is that dumb to have blatantly message other girls in the way all these fake-ass screenshots have been showing him to be while in such a severely public relationship

No. 420880

It's not dumb. It's the thrill of getting away with it. People do it/get away with it all the time. It's the exact same as your average joe blogs with their relationship status on Facebook set to married and a picture of their wife in their profile picture mailing other women. It's the rush a cheater gets.

No. 420883

He was dumb enough to do it with Ayalla and with Jaclyn, and to leave it where they could find it. We have more than a few witnesses who corroborate this behaviour, at some point you have to be exceedingly stubborn/stupid to keep doubting it for the sake of doubting it.
He's not a smart man, it's not that hard to believe. Look at the way he dresses, for god's sake.

No. 420893

Don't and won't believe anything that comes out of the onision camp. Like, wouldn't this girl go to jaclyn first, like duh? Why onion? Also, since oni Boi has a history of faking things, I'll assume he faked all these screen caps.

No. 420908

Watched the Ritchie drinking stream.
10 years ago, I would have felt bad and guilty if that was my man. But 10 years later, these mannerisms are familiar.

First, his super shifty eyes, keep looking at the comments and camera as he tries to be, um, I'm guessing he's trying to be suicidaly depressed. If your sad enough to sad drink, you ain't too busy looking around at surroundings because your drinking.

Second point, that wasn't real drinking. Those tiny baby sips of cherry flavored vodka chased by hydrating Gatorade? Not drunk inducing at all, his neck or cheeks or ears would have become more flushed (imo) had he taken regular man mouth swiss. At one point he accidentally takes a regular swig and he grimaced noticeably.

And D, there is no sadness in his face. Where's the crying? The hot tears, or the stinging tears? The blinking away tears, or the just let them fall tears? There's no tears here, and had he been sad real drinking, he would have been sad drunk crying. Or he would have had a thousand yard stare instead. There was no emotion on his face until he held up the phone to show an blocked number calling, then he reacted in anger. And the fake passing out thing, so cringe.

It's funny to see these mannerisms for what they are (angry manipulation) now. Not sure if it's because of life experience, or because it's coming from someone I'm not involved with.

But 10 years ago I would have fell for it, called him to beg not to hurt himself, and dipped out of the party stat. Yup, that hard core stare into the camera would have scared me. But now, with so much more experience in people and dating, nope, what an overdramatic boy he is being. Hope the blargh will have the video public again, or was it really removed?

No. 420923

Is anybody else really creeped out by his split personalities (Reggie, Bottom-Right-Richie, etc) acted out in some of his videos? Like I don't know if he's trying to be edgy and seem "totally fragmented and twisted, yo" or if he thinks it's """""art""""" but given that he is an actual sociopath, it's just another weird red flag he has been openly flying this whole time. In the video 'youtube can't kill me if I kill myself' Reggie is a voice that tells him to kill himself and makes a joke about fucking Richie's wife. I think this is the same dumb joke alluded to in another video 'So, she cheated on me' where Jaclyn fucks Reggie.
I just find it really sick that got Jaclyn to act out cheating on him and made so many long-running jokes about cheating, while all the while he knew he was doing it to her. He was literally making a mockery of the very thing he was doing to her to break her. Such a demented fuck.

No. 420926

Samefag but I'm just going through his videos at random and there are jokes about cheating in so many of them. In those two videos 'We Broke Up.. Got Back Together. Then We Broke Up' and 'Vast Gaping Hole' when they're taking jabs at Onision by introducing a third wheel into their marriage, he again acts out cheating on Jaclyn. He also made a "joke" about how he's slept with a never ending sea of women, which clearly he was very intent on keeping in the video, as there were alternate takes in the outtakes video. He really had to get that one right and make sure that in retrospect, Jaclyn would be as humiliated as humanly possible.

No. 420934

Same. Him making sure the bottle was fully seen is pathetic. Such a controlling manipulator.

I don't care for ayalla (or jaclyn) but can sympathize for how he treated them. That kind of emotional damage can have long lasting effects on her as a person and her relationships. I cant imagine being 18 and having that extensive mindfucking .

No. 420937

He is disgusting filth. Its bizarre how he can do all of that so publicly, knowing after it's uploaded that it's then forever.

No. 421019

Noticed his tiny sips also. At the beginning of the stream there was about 3 servings left in the bottle, if he was taking proper swigs it would have been gone in 10 mins.

Just another manipulation tactic.

No. 421066

God I know it's pretty annoying how people online will immediately begin calling every immature douchebag for a sociopath or claim they have BPD, but SR is literally the cookie cutter example of a sociopath.

No. 421068

I believe it if only because I don't think anyone smart enough to emulate his writing and make this proof video only to have its credibility ruined by giving it to Onion of all people.

No. 421246

thats our girl :,)

No. 421260

File: 1510439383094.png (754.73 KB, 768x1024, Screenshot_20171112-092527.png)

Slightly off topic, but I deep dived on Instagram and I found this.

No. 421306


Hahaha great find anon. It almost looks like Ayalla is hover handing.

No. 421327

I know Lexi magically grew a conscious when she was screwing around with Richie when he was with Ayalla and claimed she didn't know they were together, but I wonder what happened to that when she started doing the same to both Jaclyn and her boyfriend. Who knows, maybe in a few months she and Richie will come out and say it was all for ~love~ and they'll churn out some videos before she catches him sticking his dick in the first scene teenager that crosses his path.

No. 421336


In the possibly fake texts he sent to fans he was telling the girl that him and Jaclyn had an open relationship due to being long distance. I could see him using that bullshit as an excuse. What its not an excuse for is if Lexi bought it knowing how he was in his previous relationship. From everything I Heard she honestly just sounds like a massive homewrecker who knows exactly what she’s doing. She uses contacting these girls is justs her way of telling peoplr later “i fucked up but tried to make amends” vs the truth that “im a whore with no self control”, sound better right? lol

No. 421370

I think her telling Ayalla had more to do with instigating a breakup. She probably thought it would free up more of his time if he didn't have a girlfriend.

This Lexi chick reminds me of Lainey. I think she tries her best to eliminate competition from other girls instead of, you know, expecting Richie to be exclusive with her. Totally Plainey move to behave like this. Probably delusional in the same way too.

"He loves me deep down since we've been fucking for almost 3 years! Who cares if he fucks other chicks and I'm his trusty doormat!"

No. 421396


I said this in Onions thread, but I can't get over how fast this chick 180'ed and backstabbed him(SR). She was so open to seeing/being with him up until he became hated. She never bothered to talk to Jacklyn about it, and there was absolutely nothing "sexual" in that convo either. If he never got outed, hands down this chick would be open to being a home wrecker an then play the ignorant "its only his fault" card.

I think they are real, but I also find it to be rather tame and really not all that milky.

Why is everyone generally around this dude so fucked and full of shit ?

No. 421440

There's no honour among cheaters.

No. 421445

i think she (lexi) was friends with ayalla, billie, hair jordan and all those people. she's been in their circle for a long time so why don't richie and her date instead of fuck around behind their s.o.'s back. idk

No. 421465

Because it's about knowing they're not supposed to be doing that shit behind their respective partner's back.
The very least they could do though is remain single and still fuck in bathrooms.

No. 421527

Even if she bought the open relationship excuse, she was in a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend of a year and a half. I bet she knew what she was doing.

SR is a manipulative cunt so he probably convinces her to continue to be his sidechick and she falls for that crap. The texts jaclyn said she saw mentioned how he missed her and that there was a chance they could get back together or some shit. And the fact they planned a week together? Seems like she still has feelings for him. I bet they both have the woe is me, i cant control that im a terrible person and do terrible things shit. I dont get why the hell you'd pick richie over your nice better looking boyfriend. She probably has the "self sabotage" attitude. Since she was ana, makes sense.

No. 421565

Lexi is almost an even bigger asshole than SR himself, I have no idea how she can be so happy being the side-hoe bottom bitch constantly… not only is she wrecking relationships for other people (which she is very clearly aware of), she even has a boyfriend of her own too… she has no right to be all sad now, she really is a garbage person.
In the end, her and SR deserve eachother.

No. 421571

I ship them.

Preferably the Titanic.

No. 421596

Lainey said she wanted to contact JG at first, but orivately, only her DMs were closed. Later on, she felt unsure whether it'd be welcome, given Onisions bad history with SR & Jaclynn over the past year. So she decided not to interfere.

This was said in a livestream shortly after the breakup. Blargh has the vid.

No. 421599

lol i just saw that stream of him drinking vodka that ayalla talked about. Of course hes taking small sips with gatorade from an already mostly empty bottle. He didnt even look distressed or sad in the beginning, and that acting with him throwing the phone because it wasnt from ayalla. After not getting the response he wanted from her, he then goes on to talk and explicitly blame her until she calls him. What a loser. Also younow needs to fucking shut down these streams. Same as when onion was drinking out of a fucking bleach bottle and holding a gun, and they never shut down that stream either. If you did this on twitch, your stream would get shut down pretty quickly. They are streaming this shit to their underage fans. One day someones going to legitimately suicide on younow because they dont seem to ever shut down streams, then they will really get hell for it. Also way to terrify your young fans richie and teach them this shit.

In other news, Richie has lost almost 40k subs, and Jaclyn gained almost 20k subs during that time.

No. 421601

Lexi is hideous inside and out. She looks like a hairless cat with sharpie makeup on. Gross creature.

No. 421615

the vodka stream was one of the most pathetic things i've seen in my life. he's just an immature manchild with no sense of responsibility whatsoever.

god it's so satisfying that he lost 40k subs, you need to consider that most subs on youtube are inactive users anyways cause they added up over years, so if you lose 40k active subs all at once it's really a lot.

No. 421641


Yeah. And also the weather was bad, the wind was blowing out of the east, and Taylor didn't want to mess up her makeup.

Basically, she laughed onstream when she first heard about the breakup, and she is making (stupid and lame) excuses not to do what is right. Despite her constantly saying she is not Greg, she walks in lockstep with him, and does the same things he does and acts the same way he does.

No. 421650

I truly don't understand how people stan for her
She is so obviously just like onion
Is always a rude condescending bitch on her streams
Does abusive shit and then hides behind her pronouns or starts "crying"
She is a fake bitch and even with this cheating scandal, Jaclyn is still miles above both her and Onion and all of the points she made against them are still accurate so they both need to sit down.

No. 421653

yeah its pretty much confirmed lameo is a bitch who cares about nobody but herself and her psycho husband. She was saying that to make it sound like her laughing could totally not be plausible. Also its amazing how all these other people found ways to reach out to jaclyn privately, but only poor kind lameo could not find a way, right?? Shes acting like its impossible to figure out a way to dm her! Your husband seems to know how to message her since he continued to always private message her about her boobs and shit. But yeah, totally impossible.

We all know you laughed and probably giggled about it with your psycho husband and egged him on about how right he was to inflate his ego even more.

yeah shes an ass even to her fans and talks down to them, while begging them for money and acting like they failed her if they dont continue giving her money and presents. One day richie is prob gonna find a lameo too.

No. 421664

so true
she probably encourages 99% of the awful humiliating shit he does to other women to make herself feel superior
she's just a mean foot

No. 421666

sorry for samefagging but I just wanna clarify that Lainey is a fake bitch, not Jaclyn

No. 421714

Bit late to the party but I just watched that anthology vid and doesn't it seem like SR is talking about offing himself?

I mean the way he sequenced it together it's like the first video is about ayalla, second video about him hunting down Jaclyn then third vid threatening her he's gonna off himself? He might be legit pulling the same shit he did to ayalla right now to Jaclyn.

No. 421767

File: 1510510966271.png (104.09 KB, 750x1334, 0FB4050D-A397-4FB6-AD05-F5C36F…)

Apparently some SR fans still went to his show and he went on stage and shaved his head. Pathetic, really.

No. 421770

Him shaving his head… oh lord…

No. 421777

File: 1510511924154.jpg (16.54 KB, 375x375, costanza.jpg)

I'm laughing sO hard. My ex also shaved his heada when he did something horrible to me and then all our friends assumed I did something bad to make him do that.

It's really manipulative and lame. I'm glad JG spilled everything the moment it happened so everyone can recognize this move for what it is. A pathetic cry for sympathy.

No. 421783

File: 1510512579594.jpg (8.39 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

not the first time he's done this stunt either. dudes only got a few tricks in his bag and they just don't work like used to

No. 421784

>i could feel the depression hanging in the air
wow so cool much edgy

No. 421789


thank you transcript anon

No. 421790

Pulling a Britney spears AND emo? Dude really is stuck in 2007.

No. 421813

lol so deep, i can FEEL HIS PAIN

nevermind he already did that in one of his shitty music videos


No. 421828

All his fans just look like Onisions fans

No. 421830

Holy shit this is terrifying, I think i’m going to see this in my nightmares

No. 421835

Anyone remember this? Even his emo friends back then thought he was an obnoxious idiot with his ridiculous costume. Does he really think his getup is that amazing that he needs to wear it to his friends shows and steal the attention when they clearly asked him not to? And then he acts like the victim as if they were bullying him to “conform” and hide his “identity”.

No. 421838

Wow the best music ever… shaving all his pussy hair on his horse head.
Oh yeah Dickie, keep your shit mouth shut… I love that silence in your music!!!

No. 421845


A: People smile or laugh in disbelief sometimes, as a reaction to something that seems to crazy to be credible.
B: Never saw Lainey laughing at the news. Vid or it didn't happen, you know the drill out here.
C: However, seen the vid where she mentioned wanting to reach out to Jaclyn and reasons why she didn't so far. In the same vid, she mentioned telling The Onion better not to run his mouth about the story. He ran his mouth, but mentioned shutting up about it in the future. So far he has.

D: I can't see how JaclynGlenn would like Talor "reaching out". Admit it, all of you fags, if Taylor did, you'd be like "EHMAGERD, how DAARE she GLOAT." Her stepping back is what she damn well should do.

E: Conclusion -> get your facts straight, asshats(sage this)

No. 421858

Holy crap, that guy knows how to market himself. Calculating and recalculating to the last….

No. 421860

The smug plainey instance happened during her Younow stream when the whole thing was blowing up.

No. 421868

being on younow doesn't prevent it from being recorded, especially this kind of shit. So, until it's up somewhere, I'll keep to the stuff that ACTUALLY IS there, and so should the rest of you. First receipts, then shreddem to pieces, thats how this works.

No. 421869

Anon you did not sage or even mention SR. This is the SR thread. Please take your sperging to the onion thread or jacklyn thread.

No. 421871

Any fan who hugs or w/e social rehoes while in costume will have lexi & social retards cum AND bathroom germs.

No. 421873

are you ten?(infighting)

No. 421875


Was reacting to the asshats who didn't, because yeah, that's the whole point

No. 421876

He's probably balding or something.
He always very short hair or his problematic headdress.
Fuck off Richie from social fuckboi

No. 421878


You don't even deserve an answer newfag.(infighting)

No. 421914

Nayrt, but… are you? Or are you just a tard?(infighting)

No. 421983

WOW he is so original!

https://youtu.be/iuke-sNRD9A?t=1m(use the YouTube field)

No. 421998

lameys not going to date you.

if i paid money to see someone perform and they just sat on stage shaving their head for over three minutes, i'd want a refund. I cant believe his fans buy into this "hes such a tortured soul" act.

Does his tour end soon? I cant imagine he will stay off the internet for long once hes not touring since he obviously needs constant attention.

No. 422001


his "depression" and art are so pedestrian lmao

No. 422009

shhh go back on your twitter rant greg

No. 422311

This cunt sounds like Greg in different clothing. You can tell that his head's so far up his ass that he's drinking stomach acid. His '''self-reflection'''''' is so contrived and embarrassing. Also lol @ the fact that he's a literal basement-dweller
How does this guy have fans? Are they all literal children?
That's what makes all of this drama and all of these people so weird to me. It's like 2006 all over again, except all of the actors were either young children in '06 or should have matured past their teenage years and gotten a career, common sense, etc. The fact that this emo bullshit is even still around is astounding. At this point it's not only tacky as shit but also a cheap, shallow imitation of the mid 00's subculture.

No. 422334

File: 1510534142831.jpeg (10.84 KB, 384x384, F16E6482-CE98-4577-BEBC-08AF6B…)

HAHAHA I think that’s one of the funniest things he could have possibly done


No. 422363

File: 1510535210598.jpeg (243.47 KB, 750x734, CB3A0DE4-1E23-4718-A242-616B4A…)

He’s not sad because they broke up or he hurt someone or did a bad thing… the reason he’s sad is the hit to his subs.

That and attention whoring.

No. 422369

Does anyone knows how many people are actually going to this loser's shows? it sounds like only 5 girls doing all the screaming lol

No. 422398

Around 100-150 per show BEFORE this whole shitshow happened. Not sure if it's the same now, or if this whole ordeal had an effect on how many people showed up.

No. 422402

Really hoping that he's losing all of his active followers and the rest are just inactive.
30k is a huge chunk and it hasn't even been that long yet.

No. 422410

Wait, where are you getting those numbers? No way can I believe this emo turd was getting 100-150 per show in most cities. Even in Jaclyn's vlog at the LA show where all his friends attended, it did not look that big. You could tell because jaclyn shot the crowd, and also turned the camera around. I would say in the La show, it looked like maybe 50 people, and thats including his friends and being in a big city.

No. 422443

Went to a show before the breakup happened, there were about 130+ people at the one I went to. Plus when that guy from his crew was defending him on Twitter (saying all this of the stuff Jac was believing was rumors), he said they were pulling in 100+ people a night. Maybe it's less people now that he's in Europe + the breakup happening. I personally wonder how much of an effect the breakup has had on his tour.

No. 422461

That tour guy said, 50-120 per show which sounds more reasonable. I definitely think he lost some people who would have attended his shows this tour, but maybe people still went since they paid for tickets already. Hard to tell since i dont see many people posting videos of his shows

No. 422479

File: 1510539518492.png (461.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171112-201622.png)

Natti and Brandon are making fake accounts to defend her on her video, note the immediate replies and the first video on the new account defending her is the one she uploaded but privates before anyone could mirror it. Somebody is guilty….

No. 422480

File: 1510539558982.png (303.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171112-201614.png)

Part 2

No. 422481

I've heard that people in the UK/Europe are really eager to show up to shows, and that the shows there sell out really fast for US acts. Apparently because they don't know when they'll get another chance to see that artist. Which makes sense. So I bet he is still getting a decent amount of ppl coming to his show.

No. 422491


Also to be noted he’s touring with other bands too. Some of those people arent there for him. He’s going to have a hard time finding a band who’ll tour with him after this shitshow

No. 422503

Ya I wonder if he'll cancel the second part of his tour in America. He was supposed to continue touring in America after he got done with his Euro tour. If I were him i'd cancel it.

No. 422517

Its pretty clear her and her boyfriend are both attention whores who want to profit off this "drama". Even weirder that her boyfriend wants to profit off his cheating gf. Too bad when people check out her channel, they see a dying cat who cant sing for shit. Fame aint coming honey.

When people accused her, she could have simply tweeted it wasnt her and she wasnt at that show jaclyn described. Girl decides to live stream, make a video, constantly tweet about it, then keeps making subtweet attacks at ayalla and commenting on the younow vid of her saying its lies, and shit. No innocent person does this. I almost felt bad for her bf too, but hes also a dumb idiot. Like everyone knows who jaclyn was talking about, ayalla outted your lying ass. End of story. Go back to making terrible covers with your bf, or what was it? learn japanese? Yeah she should take her own advice and go do something productive.

i doubt he will cancel it unless he doesnt get enough sales. I saw those dates werent until January anyway. He cant predict how the public will feel about him then. And by then, he will prob find a new girl to leech her free help from to help him on tour.

No. 422535

File: 1510542859259.png (19.18 KB, 587x190, sr.png)

Richie saying the screencaps onion posted are fake.

No. 422537

>muh slander
Yep, sounds just like Onion

No. 422546


Oh yeah they're streaming on younow since they have so many recent comments. More cyberbully bullshit, as if she doesn't deserve it for being a whore.

Richie has really weird taste in women, going from sperm brows to Ayalla to mars ago wannabe FAS chick to an über popular atheist. It's like a pattern of hideous then decent then hideous then decent.

Dying cat lol I saw that comment was deleted from the video but someone made it. She deleted all the negative comments on it.

No. 422548


Yep. This girl is giving up her dignity to try to turn a couple follows on her Younow/tube. The Richie route of fucking her way into music videos isn't panning out, so she's doing anything she can to gain relevance off this drama.

No. 422549

I saw a lot of tweets from people wanting refunds or if they can't get one they want to go and boo him.

Imagine the emo fit he would throw if he got booed off stage.

No. 422550

The Richie thing might, he is single now (not that it stopped him before) and her and her cuck boyfriend seem really sympathetic to him for some dumb reason. Bitching about how it's cyberbullying, no it's calling people out on their lies. It's funny to watch them knowing that eventually he will find proof of her fucking Richie. It's only a matter of time before he makes his own "I'm an idiot" video.

No. 422562

Homegirl looks like the lovechild of Mira and Vicky Shingles in those stills

No. 422576

Jaclyn posted a new video

No. 422577

Jaclyns live on younow and she said she doesnt know if its real or not, but richie has sent emojis before. She also said something that stood out in those messages was the open relationship bit. She said with a girl she spoke to, he told a girl that the marriage video on youtube and whole relationship was fake and just for youtube. She said with everyone she spoke with, he downplays their relationship and says he has feelings for them.

she replied to a tweet that was about how its crazy that abusers and rapists can live trauma free lives with "careers can be ruined from this. everyone makes mistakes!". Yeah because rape is a mistake. She clearly gives no fucks what rapists/abusers do and excuses that behavior, probably blames victims, etc.

I think she should not be talked about in this thread though. It reeks of self-posting when an unsaged post is posted about her randomly and not even a few minutes later, she goes live on younow with a clickbait title addressing what was posted here.

No. 422578

She looks like she's related to Kanadajin3

No. 422633

She's still a rude bitch, Greg.

No. 422634

I think all involve except Richie are self-posting. they all need to take a moment. they are going to go to far and lose all sympathy. now that would produce milk. jac is going to compare this to something awful and the milk will flow. lol .

No. 422636

Natti is ugly, talentless, and fucking annoying. She trys to act all smug when literally everyone just wants her to go away. And also shading Ayalla is pathetic considering she went through serious abuse from social plaque mouth. I didn't even care for Ayalla before but I still feel empathy and like her way more than that stupid gollum looking bitch. GO AWAY NATTI. I KNOW YOU'RE READING. GO AWAY. lol

No. 422644

kudos to Jaclyn for owning up for her mistakes and deciding to go to therapy and realizing this is the final lesson to be learnt on the men she chooses.

No. 422746

File: 1510580696588.png (447.78 KB, 1080x1514, 20171113_144207.png)

No. 422747

Oooh no is the poor baby getting slandered?
The fact he got the nerves to say "how dare you" to anybody right now is pretty astounding

No. 422752

lol this is again proof of his narcissism. it irks him so much that onion, his arch-enemy, is having something against him that he NEEDS to defend himself on twitter. this is more important to him than to tweet any kind of apology to jaclyn simply because he doesn't care about her

No. 422756


NGL, I think a libel lawsuit between Greg and Richie would be pretty funny. Imagine the discovery process for both of them.

No. 422758

oh my lord, imagine both of them being their own lawyers in court because their narcissism wouldn't allow them to hire someone. Greg non stop talking about FAAAAAAAAAAXXX and ending up being thrown out the court

No. 422804

File: 1510589282678.jpg (35.38 KB, 600x177, mothy.jpg)

Social Fuckface just retweeted this.
I haven't watched even 5% of his videos, but even I've managed to catch him making a joke about his moth children wishing him a happy MOTHer's Day, GET IT? I don't know about saying "Mothlings" specifically, maybe anons who have watched more of his videos can shed some light on that.

No. 422814

I'd pay the blargh to live stream it

No. 422818

File: 1510590327739.png (119.06 KB, 1293x640, mothlings.png)

so this is him calling his fans mothlings on twitter, i thought it would be good to save it as proof against his lies

No. 422819

Lmao oh wow
Someone tweet his lies back at him, this is too good.

No. 422824


I think he was just saying he wouldn't say he loved them, not that he wouldn't call them "mothlings"

No. 422827

File: 1510590993506.png (81.3 KB, 644x684, love.png)

yes I think so too but here's some tweets I could find where he said that he loves his fans, two of them were after 2015 (it seems he stopped expressing "love" after that). So it's not that unlikely that he said "love all my mothlings" to a fan, right?

No. 422831


Why does he lie about shit that's so easily proved?

No. 422832

File: 1510591349728.png (323.63 KB, 1080x1672, 20171113_173815.png)

he does use 'u'.

No. 422833

lol ikr he's so bad at lying

omg he's so stupid, he didn't even bother to delete the tweets before he retweeted that one from his fan

No. 422837


Someone is sending all of this to him, right? I really want to see him eat his damn words.

No. 422838

now I searched for that too, he uses "u" and "ur" all the time, ironically and unironically. lying scumbag. I hope onion has the same idea and proves him wrong, I mean he always responds when he can prove someone wrong with fax and these are fax kek

No. 422897

Man I was really hoping that onion was lying. As much as I hate SocialRepose, Onision is just much more smug and obnoxious

No. 422905

AT 2:05 there’s an an exchange that I’m surprised hasn’t gotten brought up before.

> If I we’re some random dude and was like “yo i want to get in on that?”

> i kinda just wanna forget? (Idk it was hard to understand her mush mono mouth) and ask if you’re single and if no I’mma kiss you anyway!
> wow you’re a whore

No. 422911

It is funny he is taking so serious the screen caps but everything start with Ayalla telling everyone how he was grooming his fans.But Onision is his first priority lol

No. 422914

File: 1510598379687.png (1.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171112-192244.png)

He is so fucking ugly are these girls blind?

No. 422919

Ok it’s reaching the point where she needs to stop and get a therapist already. We don’t need to know every emotional whim or bright idea she’s having, lay low and cut it out. She’s done like 2-3 streams, multiple tweets, two videos, and it’s been like a week

No. 422925

File: 1510598844096.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.19 KB, 131x164, mqdefault.jpg)

So there are leaked msgs involving him and his underage fans.
he says "I don't use emojis when I talk and I don't substitute "You" for "U" un ironically " like implying that it's not him.
Remember what Jaclynn said when she found out his texts with bathroom whore? "That's not my Richie…it did not sound like him at all"

No. 422927

File: 1510598975456.jpg (8.59 KB, 520x520, tartar repose.jpg)

This is her job. For a change she finally has something to milk for views.
It's gross but I don't really blame her.

o wow his fucking teeth

No. 422929

> those fucking gross ass teeth goddamn brush sometime vom
> white crusty facepaint residue

ugh goddamn that should've been censored. disgusting human being.

No. 422934


eww why did I enlarge the pic! guys don't do that, it's gross!

I know, he's really ugly, also not masculine, tall, fit or anything else that's appealing. I think he got the girls with his ~artistic~ persona and emo look (being emo alone gives you plus points with girls who are into that)

Is it only me or does he look like a creepy pantomime from a horrorfilm in that video?

A thing that I thought about is that after all this shit went down I realized that he never really showed emotions in his react videos, he barely ever laughs, it's all so pressured and fake. Before that I thought this was all an act to make the reactions funnier, like that he intentionally repressed his emotions to make his reactions weird and funny, but now I see that he actually doesn't have emotions, and that's so creepy.

No. 422985

He looks like he stinks, honestly don't understand who he appeals to or why anyone would willingly go anywhere near his disgusting mouth/face.

No. 422988

this pic is so nightmare-inducing

No. 423002

Jfc spoiler this shit. I feel like I'm looking at a corpse. Does he exfoliate to get all that cheapo face paint off or does he let bits of it cultivate miniture civilizations in his pores. Who the fuck would ever want to touch that?

No. 423029

of course he doesn't clean his skin properly. someone who cares about their skin doesn't use acrylic paint in the first place

No. 423040

The acrylic paint TRIGGERS me like non other. Can't even imagine how God awful that must look after a few minutes with cracks and bits flaking off all over the place.

No. 423091

Even if he didn’t usually say these things, when grooming young girls he could well use language he thinks they relate to to seem less threatening.

I actually think it’s great for her to document this stuff publicly. Think how young their fans are, it would help them to see a breakup affecting an idol and how she gets through it, to not feel like one man’s rejection has to be the end of the world.

Plus she said she is going to start therapy; it’s only been like a fortnight, what do you want?!

No. 423096

Yeah I don't see anything wrong of her taking advantage of her ex bf for the first time in her life, if she is getting views at least she can win money out of it.

No. 423100

THIS. he cannot prove that he didn't write this stuff to the girl. he can claim that he doesn't talk like that but it proves nothing. If I wanted to manipulate someone I'd have no problem with talking differently to get what I want

No. 423105

The screenshot is obviously shooped, just look at the stretched bubbles.

No. 423112

This was already discussed in the Onion thread, it's a distorted screenshot of multiple images in Greg's Gmail inbox. The original screenshots from her twitter look fine

No. 423114


I have no idea why, but watching these early vids makes me think that he's a prime candidate for trolling induced transgender syndrome.

No. 423118

I agree, a lot of her personal life is put online, it's just normal for her to talk about it on youtube/younow. the situation has drawn a lot of attention to her channel, it would be kind of stupid to not milk it for money. he does it too so why should she be quiet about it. I think it's important for people like her to share everything with their audience/fans since their whole life revolves around them

No. 423134

File: 1510611293532.png (389.87 KB, 452x548, 2017-11-13 22_11_51-(1) Car Ka…)

Who the fuck would date this dude

No. 423159

File: 1510612567573.png (22.06 KB, 640x294, 15105491349728.png)


No. 423160

good fucking lord is that shopped?? he looks like cubism in person here..

No. 423170

File: 1510612947185.png (806.75 KB, 640x683, 2017-11-13 22_10_56-(1) Cringe…)

oh my god.

No. 423186

File: 1510613432768.jpg (26 KB, 480x359, shane-dawson.jpg)

eww he reminds me of a douche in school back in 2008 who always had thin, blow dried emo hair that was brushed to the side and covering half of his ugly face. he also looks like an ugly freak version of the old shane here

No. 423188

File: 1510613534600.jpg (29.67 KB, 368x500, neigh.jpg)

No. 423203

he kinda reminds me of footface here. like if she has been taking hormones for a couple of years

No. 423224

like anyone would have cared if she'd gone… is this some kind of virtue signaling?

No. 423229


Leave Black Friday the fuck out of this. She's a star.

No. 423241

File: 1510616268583.jpg (87.55 KB, 640x640, 607978dbed03d1513ef7ebae1a509f…)

Richie in his natural habitat
He looks so awkward lol.

No. 423247

>that picture
>Richie in his natural habitat
It's funny cause it's true

No. 423250


Asshats, for the last time, take your hate of onions to the proper thread - and your jealousy of lame feet right with it. Guess you just weren't young enough for him, deal with it, lol. This is exclusively SR breakup dirt.


Natti's been shitposting all over her twitter. Mentioned the heat she's getting, so I guess she's cracking under the hate. She also wrote "are you tired of the notifications" - that girl has one childish idea of trolling. Like this'll help her anything. Wonder what she told the BF… Probably taken a leaf out of Riechie's book.

No. 423251

I thought this was edited at first glance. Wtf is wrong with his body? He has proportions like Johnny Bravo

No. 423257

"Can you use acrylic paint on skin?​

As a general rule, you can't use acrylic paint on your skin, regardless of what was written on the label." - https://healthstylehub.com/can-you-use-acrylic-paint-on-skin/

No. 423258

Black clown makeup/face paint is literally made for a reason. Why he uses acrylic paint is beyond me. I think the paint has sunk in and is having an effect on his decision making skills.

No. 423263

Omg, dat rocked-against-the-wall face!
If my eyes could vomit…

No. 423265

Even that horse >>423188 is more fuckable than that shit >>423170

No. 423268

Don't insult Johnny Bravo. He's a good guy.

No. 423273

File: 1510618868162.png (Spoiler Image,352.05 KB, 729x430, Screenshot_2017-03-22-17-43-18…)

I see no difference.

No. 423278

I do. A huge one. One's got just a skin condition, the other's got a sexually transmitted disease.

No. 423280

>defends lamey and onion boy
>goes back to talking about natti

Go take your talk about natti to the proper thread: nowhere because shes not relevant. Also lamey is still not going to date you.

i thought you just posted a pic of onion next to lameo. No wonder onion hates SR so much, he reminds him of his foot wife

No. 423287

Both are ugly and wear mascara

No. 423288

Kek that must make it sting worse that he got to fuck Jaclyn. Pretty much means Lamo's twin got what he never could
I think that onision or foot talk should be fine if it's in relation to social repose since both cows have beef with eachother and I expect more twitter spergs to come from Greg about the situation. Just let's not over flow the thread with it, only relevant shit.
That includes you Sarah, let Laimey talk die out on its own. She doesn't need you going into other threads to defend her honor.
Back on topic, any news on when Jaclyns std test will be back? As much as I'd hate her to have caught something on top of this shitty relationship I'd love to see his fans pussies all dry up at the sound of him have gohnerria or something

No. 423292

That facial expression. He could be Adam Lanza's older brother.

No. 423377

Tin-foiling, but I imagine he’s 100% had some STD before. Imagine she does test positive and he goes and gets a test done and it’s negative because he’s been chewing on doxycycline since this whole thing blew up.

Queue “JACLYN HAS STD, CHEATED ON ME?” because she has something and he “doesn’t.”

Sage because he’s probably not that smart.

No. 423423


Can't link because I'm on mobile and meant to be working, but in the Never Have I Ever video on Ayalla's channel (I think?) he says he's had chlyamidia. It's right around the time he says "Never Have I Ever been raped," to embarrass Ayalla.

No. 423430

Okay, I saw a video "showing" these DMs yesterday. Scrolling through them on facebook. Can't for the life of me find the video anywhere today. Does anyone have it?

No. 423433

No. 423440

>Lord knows what else
>knowingly and willfully spreads it
>takes no precautions not to catch and spread more

Kill it. Nuke it.

No. 423443

Well chlamydia is curable. It just takes a round or two or antibiotics. So if he knew he had it, he almost def got cured. But as for the mono, idk what to tell you about that.

No. 423449

He's a walking, singing epidemic.

It was luck that he caught something curable. Luck never lasts.

No. 423456

doesn’t matter. he gives absolutely no fucks about catching and spreading stds to people who trust him. what if he had something incurable? i’m just waiting for this crusty dipshit to catch hiv and ruin some girls life with it.

No. 423463


she's doing way too much. admit that you slept with him and move on. everyone already said you did. there is no "reputation" to save


this picture is so ugly that it physically attacked me at my own home. there are not enough spoiler warnings possible for this :(

No. 423464

I mean, come on. Man, does it really take that much effort for SR to put a damn condom on?! AT LEAST for the side bitches?!! I feel like this guy either failed elementary school sex-ed, or he just doesn't give a fuck. Probably both

No. 423489

I dunno it does look weird when the screen goes blank

No. 423490

Proves to all the naive bitches (including Jacklyn) that fell for his "dark demented uncaring sociopath" image he tried to sell to pull himself out of this mess that he's just a sad clueless kid.

Herp, derp, I'm such an emotionless manipulator that I'm gonna give myself AIDS

No. 423514

If it’s not treated promptly it can cause permanent infertility. Women can sometimes mistake the symptoms for thrush or just not have any, and without being notified or tested, can then end up with a nasty surprise when they try to start a family.

There is also an antibiotic-resistant strain out there.

Worse than that, there is now antibiotic-resistant syphillis. You don’t want to google image search that.

Nuke him from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

No. 423519

File: 1510646713243.png (374.25 KB, 636x635, 0001.PNG)

I had a look through SR's likes on twitter and had a laugh at this.

>The crowd wasn't that great

I wonder if it's because of this, or if it would have been 'not great' regardless lmao.

No. 423532

Someone throw Onion boy's ex-wives out of here:


Also, Natti is relevant to the story, unlike your shitty faces.

I don't think this will have a lasting effect though. Musicians' girlfriend drama has been around for decades, hasn't hurt any of them.

No. 423554

Yeah but those musicians were actually talented and not a tryhard emo youtuber

No. 423591

I'm going through some of these old videos, and SR is such a scumbag. They're playing Never Have I Ever, and around the 1:10 mark Billie says:

>Never Have I Ever to break up a relationship.

SR puts down his last finger and says "Does that mean I'm out? Did I lose?"

These videos are rather informative lmao.

No. 423593


Posted earlier and discussed anon. But to contribute, here's a video of Richie taking a personality test entitled "I'm a Sociopath" kek.

No. 423595

oh my god, i know this was mentioned earlier but holy fuck, at 0:33 he said "never have I ever been raped" and after the cut ayalla has her finger down. she was his girlfriend and he had no shame making fun of it. what a psychpath.

No. 423602

Samefag but here's another. It starts around the 18s mark.

>Ayalla: Never have I ever been a homewrecker.

>Billie: I haven't! I didn't wreck it!
>SR: Put your fucking finger down.
>Billie: I just–
>SR: Put your fucking finger down.
>Billie: I just bruised it.
>SR: We all, we all know what happened.
>Ayalla: We all know what happened.
(they're all giggling. When Ayalla asked the question, SR got a weird look? But I might be biased)
>SR: laughing Never have I ever been raped.
>SR: You said off limits!
>Ayalla: puts her finger down, SR kisses her cheek All right Billie.

Then there's a few other boring questions ("never have I ever had sex with anyone in this room," "never have I ever been hospitalised"). Ayalla and SR both lose and they have another game around the 1:10 mark.

>Ayalla: Never have I ever watched anyone fuck my girlfriend.

SR puts a finger down. The similarities between him and Gurgles are really something lmao.
>SR: Never have I ever been diagnosed with a serious mental illness.
Ayalla puts her finger down.

He's so butthurt, wow.

No. 423607

Maybe it's comedy (it's hard not to laugh at him even when it isn't) but around the 39s mark:

>I got chlamydia once. Or twice? It was college, all right?

Tbh I'm more inclined to think this is a truth masked with a joke, but who knows. The other stuff he mentions is true enough (meeting his first gf playing WoW, etc).

Also at around 1:33:

>I shower once every three days; if I remember. But like, deep down I actually like the smell of my body odor. It's like gasoline.

This video is wild though and I actually needed stitches after getting cut on all the edge in it. A lot about 'therapy didn't work,' 'I don't floss,' (???), 'I wear eyeliner,'
'I wear girls jeans,' 'I watch porn,' etc.

Oh, and at 3:42:

>I've sent pictures of my genitals to Facebooks for peoples pets.

Ya sure it's just those fb's lmao.

No. 423643

He was an incel at that time so he didn't give a shit about sex-ed. Now he's a revenging ex-incel and know nothing and doesn't give a shit either. For him a condom is a party ballon where you put water in it and throw it at other people… like his STDs.

No. 423648

Well at least he admits he lacks empathy. And he said he's been told he lacks empathy by his family and ex-gfs.

No. 423651

I feel like being told you lack empathy by your FAMILY of all people should really show you that it's definitely true, your family members wouldn't just say shit like that to be spiteful.

No. 423652

It wasn't a show but a pity party. And what is the pain in shaving hair off when you have a wig?

No. 423676

It's basically the equivalent of clipping his fingernails, definitely no excitement attached to cutting off an inch or so of hair.

If he's interested in making a statement then torch the ratnest wig on stage (in silence tho, dramatic voice sounds like honking geese) and move on from that shit

No. 423706


That's not really that huge. The other three people on the couch laughed and I doubt they can be classified as psychopaths for finding humor in what he said. The truth is people just have morbid humor.

I almost feel like he gets off on the whole psychopath title when he's legit just a try hard, so in a way people keep giving him more credit than is due in the psychopath arena.

No. 423708

>I almost feel like he gets off on the whole psychopath title when he's legit just a try hard, so in a way people keep giving him more credit than is due in the psychopath arena
Almost feel? That's exactly what he's doing. I'm amazed people ars falling for it.

>'I don't floss,' (???)
Well that's obvious

No. 423795

Does anyone know why Lexi and Social Repose broke up back then?

No. 423800

Doesn't matter if they're talented, as long as they're appreciated.People are prepared to overlook unethical behaviour instead of giving up something they enjoy. Same goes for the people who invest in these artists - sometimes they were even encouraged to cultivate that kind of image, or keep SOs out of the picture. Only difference with social repose is the heavy reliance on his online fanbase, so far. And not all of them are even bothered, or interested in is personal life. So SR's career might take a dent, but it won't be impacted too heavily, if I guess right.

No. 424130

This doesn't answer your question but they lasted like 2 months I think? And her living in New Jersey may have factored into it.

No. 424143

File: 1510708180118.png (320.4 KB, 928x442, 00001.PNG)


I think this girl is saying she's the other girl in the video? Her instagram is privated, so I have no idea.

No. 424154

He also says he doesn’t understand how to do his taxes. Onion twin flame confirmed.

No. 424180

Interesting to note that Billie didn’t put down a finger for the rape, which was only revealed by onion. I wonder if sr knew about it and if that was why there was a cut.

No. 424181

Yeah, not even just for the milk but I am glad Jaclyn is showing their young fanbase that Richie's bullshit isn't okay and why it's not.
I'm guessing a lot of them came from the onion side of youtube and Gerg constantly normalizes abuse. Billie and Ayalla spoke up, too. I have no issue with Jaclyn doing the same even if she is doing more than they did. Let her get those views, money, support, etc
Fuck Richie. Fuck Greg. And fuck everyone who demands she be silent. Also super glad she is going to therapy. Good for her.

No. 424182

LOL I was going to say something similar in one of the old threads but didn't know how to word it bc I was drunk

No. 424195

really emphasizes that Onion had zero regard for Billie's deepest secrets. poor girl

No. 424365

Sorry but Social Repose had no issue hanging out with Onion until he was outed as a cheater back then. The only reason he ever spoke up about him was because he had been attacked before. He would have never acknowledged how scummy he is if it all hadn't happened and would be kissing his ass like a mad man, maybe up until now.

Basically am saying "well of course duh, they're exactly the same kind of people"…

No. 424461

Hear hear!
Jaclyn has done everything right in this situation.
From communicating, to leaving, telling everyone, and being genuine to not just the fans, but to herself.
She chose to leave, stayed around family for support, and now in LA is caring for her health, both physical and emotional/mental health.

She is taking care of herself in trying times. How mature, how self respecting. She, while not being perfect for everyone, is a great role model for younger people and adults on how to walk away from a toxic relationship and how to care for yourself even when your drenched in sadness and mistrust. She acting with much dignity and grace.
(In my youth, I did not do breakups well at all, and self reflection just makes me cringe at my younger self lol)

Fuck abusers and users. There's a difference between selfish and taking care of you.

No. 424720

she lied and cheated enough in that relationship. doesn't justify him outing her secrets at all, but why does she deserve sympathy in this thread.

No. 424732

ANYONE that has a secret like that outed in the manner it was deserves sympathy, regardless of their own mistakes (and LEFUCKINL at Billie being called a cheater). Period end of story.

Why in this thread? The fact that SR could have outed her secret then indicates that while he is a massive dickhole, he could be worse. He could be Onision.

No. 424741

Onion worse than SR? nah. Onion boy fails bad, but SR's shit show takes the cake.

Billie doesn't deserve sympathy. She lied and screwed up repeatedly. You don't have to sympathize with someone to realize they've been wronged.
And finally, if you can't get along with Greggers, but stick around instead of leaving with some dignity - no idea why I should even respect that.

No. 424746

Suppose it depends on who you ask. For me, the commitment of marriage is massively important and Onion fucked his wife's "girlfriend"
SR and JG weren't really married so his cheating isn't as bad as greaseboys.

Add in how he outed the major secret of that ex-gf he had just stick his dick in and was about to leave his wife for..

But this thread isn't about Billie though so go talk about what a liar she is in her thread if you really feel like you need to.

No. 424755

Marriage or not, honesty is what matters, and the person that goes behind others' backs is the one to blame. STD and unplanned kids don't just happen when married people cheat.

This thread is interesting but all those "onion is worse" screamers should be thrown out. We get it. Just take it to the right thread already, and keep it about JG breakup here.

No. 424956

File: 1510793424379.jpeg (140.91 KB, 544x512, 05E90BCD-AA8E-4E01-9892-DBB493…)

The loss of subs is slowing already.

No. 424967

I wonder if the sub loss will pick up when he uploads again. I suppose it'll depend on what exactly he uploads and how he continues handling himself.

No. 424968

>in a three way relationship where one of the partners is a manipulative narcissist with a huge age gap
>not blaming onision who is the husband and the one who should have all the blame

Yeah lol alright

No. 424985

Please use Billie's thread if you want to continue this discussion.

No. 425099

"How to play a girlfriend." Wow rich! Nice job being subtle!

No. 425101

File: 1510798145905.jpg (31.57 KB, 1000x541, player.jpg)

He played her! That's for damn sure!

No. 425143

His head is massive.
He has bigheaditis like onion.

No. 425402

that's so strange in retrospective. I don't think the breakup on tour was planned, but it was like he had an idea how it would end someday and planned ahead. If they were fine, it would be mocking their haters. If they'd break up, he'd have this to mock her.

No. 425424

You're ripe to get chlamydia by being fucked in the bathroom at an emo gig if you think this dude has the capacity to plan ahead.

No. 425431

Samefag. In gentler words, you're a horrible judge of character and intention.

No. 425513

Guess that's chalmydia for you, then. Jaclyn mentioned repeatedly why this was impossible to be intended. If you're that blind and deaf, you're the next to walk into a bathroom stall with Social Horseface lurking. Take care he doesn't give you sperm shaped eyebrows, too.

No. 426148

File: 1510887311736.png (622.85 KB, 572x610, eW1XD6g.png)

This fucking joke is selling fidget spinners in faygo purple with his logo on it

No. 426150

I wonder how much he's charging? That looks like a cheap dollar store fidget spinner

No. 426157

File: 1510888071292.png (738.54 KB, 881x631, jMlmdzT.png)

No. 426160

>faygo purple
im dead anon. imagine all the 13 year old emo kids with their social retard fidget spinner. epic

No. 426173

File: 1510890434547.gif (3.2 MB, 700x933, eyebrow-stamp-231495-150178268…)

>lexi's eyebrows?

No. 426175

No. 426176

you're super funny and original! I'm sure we all appreciate you bumping the thread for this :)))

No. 426184

I just like that this is a .gif

No. 426246

File: 1510900366717.png (100.67 KB, 418x608, 8ZIvW7o.png)

Jaclyn liked this tweet about the accusation, is it confirmed?


No. 426263

Well if by confirmed, you mean "real", yes. That did happen, those tweets with him using "u" are real. If you're talking about the Facebook messages he allegedly sent a fan, I'm not sure if those are real or not. The girl showed the screenshots in a video on Twitter, but honestly, the video looked kind of sketchy and was possibly deceptively edited. So there is no 100% proof that those Facebook messages are real.

No. 426264

Yeah the moment when the screen go blank is very sketchy, even tho, I do believe he messages young girls,just not that in particular, cause they are the only ones enough naives to fall hard in his emo shit and he is too much of manchild to try to go for someone of his age again.

No. 426367

File: 1510928936916.png (281.89 KB, 468x637, Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 8.27.…)

No. 426390

Ew what's wrong with his teeth? Looks like he's got an extra chromosome or two.

No. 426395

The bird costume is but a mindful, planned diversion from the gingivitis.

No. 426439

No. 426463


could you not link to his youtube channel? He will get views because of this…. we dont want to give him views… right?

No. 426464

I second this. Onision II should have the same rules as his sociopathic daddy and have links to his videos banned.

No. 426502

Right. Subs are down. But views are very up for SR.

No. 426530

This is a well done fake video if it is fake, hard to spot any mistakes

No. 426545

i doubt it's fake tbh. sounds exactly like him

No. 426548


It's shit oral hygiene. He has tartar buildup and a giant piece of plaque on his front tooth. He's that disgusting. Sorry, but this shit triggers me bad. How do you manage that on the front of your teeth? The answer is that he doesn't brush them.

He is repellent.

No. 426549


lol, busted

No. 426550


Imagine the stink that comes out of his mouth.

No. 426558

I was thinking the exact same. My teeth are definitely not perfect because I was stupid as an older teen…but your front teeth being that stained and gunked?! I don't see how that could happen at such a young age unless you didn't brush for years. Jac' s teeth are so white and clean looking…yet she had her tongue in this nasty mouth. Why?! SR is so fucking nasty. I try hard to understand why and how a girl, or especially a woman, could be attracted to this. Even if he does seem nice, he doesn't give a fuck about himself or his health so how the fuck is he going to be able to care about anyone else in the slightest? There's no way his breath isn't rancid.

No. 426581

I feel so bad for jaclyn. Imagine how low her self-esteem must be to take such a filthy looking man

No. 426600


Yeah, you've really got to let yourself go for a long time to have that kind of problem. I had a friend who was on the spectrum, and he was afraid of fluoride, so he brushed with straight baking soda and water. Even his teeth were in better condition than Richie's.

To have that amount of plaque and buildup on the front of your teeth is incredible to me. I can't imagine letting that happen. Everyone needs scaling done to their gums every six months, but most of the time, when you see that king of thing, it's on the lingual side and the person hasn't seen a dentist for three years.

I really actually can't deal with how gross he is. That's a dedicated no fucks given for hygiene.


His mouth is definitely rank. I'm thinking about how much I hate the smell when I get my own teeth cleaned, and they're fucking white as snow and I go in and have it done like clockwork.

This pig lets his mouth turn into a garbage dump. If that's happening on the front? Imagine the reverse. Ugh, vomiting now.

No. 426604

File: 1510949833503.png (Spoiler Image,134.39 KB, 205x409, 66197526-8E04-49AA-9F41-9B166F…)

Tartar picture for reference, this is my last sperg on the subject, promise! Richie is a moderate to severe case on the buccal (cheek and lip) side, just think about what the lingual (tongue) side looks like.

And Jaclyn stuck her tongue in there.

No. 426614

Note that this is the back of the teeth where it usually builds up. He has this on the front. How does that even happen?!

Maybe it helps minimise the kissing he has to do before he can demand “suck me”.

No. 426616

What was this video? The account has already been deleted.

In the spirit of being a tortured depressed soul, I guess he really follows through on the negligent personal hygiene. Which makes me wonder how rank his dick got if he wasn't put off by that buildup on something everyone sees.

No. 426618

I'm going to be sick. This guy is a horror show. STD's, horse genetics, NEET lack of hygiene.

Why would anyone even touch this uggo?

No. 426622


Oh god. Do we know if he's circumcised? If he's not, his dick is the sickest sourdough cultivator ever.

No. 426678

Yeah, I'm curious too. Did anyone actually save the new video? The archived copy just shows a screenshot. But I'd like to see the actual video.

No. 426704


It was two videos (one close-up) of the message exchange supposedly between Social Repose and the anonymous girl. She scrolled through them on facebook, clicking on various things to show it worked as expected. I'm not really wise to this stuff so I don't know if it actually proved anything, but it looked legit enough to me.

No. 426711

the most recent one was definitely him, although the images are censored out and it moved too fast, you could tell it was more or less the same from the original messages.

hilariously, he hadn't blocked her, as the bar across the bottom to respond was still present so either he doesn't remember her name or he removed their conversation ..or both I guess

No. 426730

Error page for me. Was the proof video deleted?

No. 426734

What a creep. He can't hide his lies now but he's so devoid of emotion I don't think he cares.

No. 426739

the person with the account either changed their handle or deactivated their account. I'm tryna find it baka senpai

No. 426742

Google's web archive doesn't work

No. 426744

if the tweet wasn't deleted and they just changed their name, you can use the twitter API to pull the new handle by using just the status ID; in this case 931399053836996608

No. 426750

looks like they deactivated, Twitter's API returns that the status was never posted. if they change their username, you can get the API to respond with the current username, the tweet content and a direct link to gifv/mp4 ..which is what I was hoping to do. I'm sorry I let you down anon.

No. 426849

The teeth, the flakey skin. Dang I never paid too much attention to him before but he is not that good looking.

No. 426950

I hate that this is all proving Onion right but I believe that SR probably did stink up his house.

Their one differentiating factor: one likes hours of hot showers until the top layer of skin is scorched off, the other barely showers or brushes his teeth at all.

No. 427009

File: 1510994616263.jpg (18.22 KB, 601x98, 956837.jpg)


No. 427012

Jaclyn's on younow now. She's not talking much about SR but she is answering a few questions. She said the other girl in the Empress video wasn't one of the girls he cheated with (lucky girl), her tests came back clean, she's taking Lexapro, and he hasn't reached out to her.

No. 427023

I'm going to correct you, she said she has NOT had her STD tests come back yet. She gotten them done one Tuesday, but hasn't gotten the results back yet. I think you misheard her on that one. But everything else you said was correct.

No. 427024

Sorry about that, I must have misheard (was switching between Jaclyn's stream and another cows).

No. 427094

I seriously was never ever so disgusted by a cow. now his filthy pride shit makes much more sense

No. 427102

He's fucking disgusting wtf are these women thinking lol does being slightly famous on You Tube make the stink okay, attractive even?

No. 427939

we prob wont know for a week or so

No. 428521

File: 1511196510077.png (541.71 KB, 699x427, ew.png)

She looks at him like they never had sex!
JK I think its pretty obvious.

No. 428911

are you….self posting?

No. 428999

File: 1511236255429.png (331.52 KB, 699x427, wot.png)

No. 429035

File: 1511240308936.png (72.31 KB, 622x383, Capture2.PNG)

SR just linked to the cringies video on Twitter. The crowd looks like they're bored and are barely moving, and he sounds like shit. Not just because of the quality, but his voice is just awful. No one thinks you're lip syncing because you aren't good enough.

Who actually pays to see this? He just… walks around, points sometimes? Dude needs to crawl out of his own arse and do some actual work on his act, because this isn't entertainment. This is high school battle of the bands in the auditorium after lunch.

Pic related. It's nothing he should be proud of. But good try to get the focus off what a shitty person you are.

Btw, watch from 07:15-07:45 and it sounds like one girl yells out 'fuck you,' and some guy yells out 'I love Onision.'

No. 429036

started archiving everything Onision related in a massive scale yesterday, I asked in the Onion thread if anyone wanted SR/JG archived and didn't get a response so I ask in this thread. not that I think SR/JG will delete their videos, but would you guys want them permanently archived?

No. 429037

Samefag. Here's the video.
This was posted to youtube on October 22 and before the breakup, so I can only imagine how cringy shit is now lmao.

No. 429060

He doesnt know how to sing, i bet he is so narc he havent take clases to sing cause he thinks he is good enough already.

No. 429062

I don't see why not

No. 429066

is it just me or does it seem like Natti really wants to get more followers by trying to provoke Ayalla on twitter?
she keeps calling her a witch and at one point even talked about hanging her like girl calm down. deny it once and go away lol it's not that serious. no more than 1,000 ppl are paying attention to Natti's streams and that is a pathetic fraction considering how milky this drama was.
sage for petty and tinfoil

No. 429069


Who cares if she is. Witches are hot, Ayalla can actually sing, and Grotti is irrelevant. I don't know why she's being brought up ITT more than spermbrows is. Just because she looks like a garbage fire doesn't mean she's anywhere near as interesting as one.

No. 429081

Blargh posted a live stream Jaclyn did saying that Richie did intensify her insecurity on her boobs. Vid is deleted for some reason though

No. 429083

Good god his singing isn't good at all. He sounds like a wanna be Brandon Urie. News flash social retard: panic at the disco died in the 2000's along with the emo scene. He's never going to get more famous because of how cringey his act is. He's a try-hard and his attempts to be edgy and original show it. Even without the whole cheating incident I never understood why anyone would enjoy this performance. His fan base consists of misguided 16 year old teenage girls who think their lives are so miserable and relate to his sorrows (basically the group of girls that think they're better than their peers just because they don't watch Onision and watch this emo fuckhead instead) He's just trying to live out his dream of being an edgy emo guy that bangs his groupies on tour and live that rockstar lifestyle like Sleeping With Sirens or Falling in Reverse but all he resembles is Blood on the dance floor with that fucking getup.

No. 429115

lol i think panic is still famous now. cropups of alt teenyboppers still worship them and mcr. it's insane. they were never good.

No. 429194

>Jaclyn did saying that Richie did intensify her insecurity on her boobs
(before breakup) " Fuck everybody that says I did it for my bf, I did it for myself! Im not insecure im an independent gurl hear me ROAR!"

(post breakup) "Richie made me feel insecure so I had to get implants"

This cunt lies all the time. Her and SR belong together.

No. 429196

Nah, she actually said he had nothing to do with her decision and it was something she already wanted to do. She just said that he had a preference, they'd talked about it briefly, but she didn't feel as though he was pressuring her or anything. She still says the decision was hers.

No. 429275

Obviously girl wants fame and thinks she will get it off this drama. She's been bringing herself up in this thread about a million times. Just ignore her.

she just said she always had that insecurity but he didn't help it. And when she brought up plastic surgery, he never said she shouldn't do it which looking back now was kind of shitty. She brought up plastic surgery herself .

Also SR's tour has ended. Guess he will come back to youtube soon.

No. 429337

go take care of your kids greg

No. 429338

He's less like a moth and more like a roadkill porcupine alongside a coal bank

No. 429346

it was him agreeing at once to the boob job that made her insecure. her previous partners said sth like "you don#t need that, you're fine the way you are, but I'll support your decision". SR just said "yeah cool" without adding the first part to reassure her.

No. 429399

omg that freaked me out

No. 429410

nobody would give a fuck about him if he didn't have that costume and make up. he has to compensate his shitty music with his appearance

No. 429418

His costume is so ridiculous. I don't remember which video but I remember seeing one of him saying how expensive the entire thing was. Spent a least a couple grand on it.

No. 429599

He's streaming tonight, I'd appreciate if anyone recorded it. No time announced yet

No. 429612

Apparently SR is streaming tonight. Should be milky.

No. 429645

He's shaving his god damned head.

No. 429648

File: 1511313023704.jpg (74.45 KB, 804x451, Screenshot_36.jpg)

Look who's in his top fans

No. 429653

why is he top in girls?

No. 429654


OMGLOOK AT ME, bloobloobloo i'm so damaged :( :(
cri evrytim

such a fucking tiny and pathetic little manchild, kek

No. 429682

Did he not shave the whole head while on tour? I'm slightly confused. I don't even understand what message he is trying to convey by doing this. It's just embarrassing.

No. 429693

File: 1511316075839.jpg (26.79 KB, 472x479, DPMtNMTWsAAr64i.jpg)


No. 429697

is anyone recording this? I only caught the last 20 or so minutes.

He said "i love that people are saying im the new onision. Hes had a decade worth of manipulation. I had one major incident". And everyone in the chat said he had two, but he didn't comment on it. He kept disregarding ayalla as if he didn't do anything to her. Before when she was brought up, he said "my relationship was much shorter" "she had a right to be angry with me, and me angry with her" and things like that. Acting as if the ayalla thing wasnt a big deal.

He was basically throwing a pity party for himself. Saying hes "not bitter" while sounding bitter. And mentioned the tour was so hard with the drama and everything, as if he didn't cause it.

No. 429698

Looked like when he came into the stream, his hair was much shorter. So my guess is he shaved it on stage with a long clipper guard.

No. 429743

I tried to record but it didn't pick up the audio. REEEEEE

Some quotes
> I wanted so badly to feel for Jaclyn
>jaclyn will be fine, i was never worried about that
>her outlet was the internet (continuous passive aggressive remarks towards Jaclyn and Ayalla for calling him out)
>the second this all broke all my youtube friends turned their backs on me
>I'm sure the blargh will post this and get a couple hundred thousand views, they're the TMZ of the emo community
>jaclyn deserves my sympathy and one day she'll get it
>the screenshots were fake, wrong font, poorly photoshopped, he doesn't hit on fans or underage girls ever
>will make a video to address everything
>backtracks on his views on therapy and wants to try antidepressants
>I lack empathy x1000
>I regret the last 5 years of my dating life

No. 429756

top kek

No. 429759

He actually said "I wanted so badly to feel for Jaclyn"?! I'm laughing and raging at the same time right now. Laughing at how incredibly stupid this individual is, I just can't even wrap my head around someone being so low. I can't wait for The Blargh to post the stream so I can see everything for myself.

I don't care for Jaclyn much…but no innocent person deserves what he has done to her and continues to do to her. It's like he actually enjoys stomping her to death. He seems so angry towards her, and for what? All because she "exposed" you to the people you were lying to?! She had the right to. Unless she has been acting malicious or whatever behind the scenes, but if that's the case he definitely would have said it.

I think she needs to stop addressing it on the internet. I'm sick of seeing her younow streams where she answers so many questions about him and/or the situation. But she had every right to make the first video addressing it.

No. 429768

I think that's a valid complaint. But honestly, I don't think it's Jaclyn's fault that her YouNow streams have been about the breakup. She is CONSTANTLY being asked a million questions about it in her streams. That's basically all the chat is. I don't think she continues talking about it because she wants to. I think she continues talking about it because it's unavoidable.

No. 429792

File: 1511326063538.jpeg (56.01 KB, 457x554, E6130A9F-911F-48D4-BC7D-C2D142…)

She’s looking so rough

No. 429808

Unavoidable my ass. She's just better at the "pity me" game than Richie.

This is just your typical ego-driven post-breakup power struggle. SR is trying to get on top by playing the cool detached party, while Jaclyin is actually winning it by recruiting sympathizers online.

>I lack empathy x1000
"This is my trump card. See? I win. See?"

No. 429811

File: 1511327880762.jpg (15.04 KB, 300x300, jaclyn-glenn-1.jpg)

Is that a shooped version of this pic using that stupid make up remover thing? Not that she looks much better, but still

No. 429812

Jesus, did you run her face through that MakeApp thing a thousand times?! Holy shit.

No. 429820

>i dont hit on fans!!
>gnatty, t-rexy

No. 429852


>such a fucking tiny and pathetic little manchild, kek

idk why but i read 'manchild' and 'moldboy'

No. 430064

i mean tbh she does deserve some pity here… he doesnt. he keeps digging himself a hole by saying dumb shit. that's why she is "winning"

No. 430107

It is certainly avoidable. She is well aware of what the questions will be in the stream, because they have been the same every single time she has been on younow recently. Why stream right now? Why not tell the chat that she really doesn't want to be answering these questions and would appreciate it if everyone stopped? If you don't want to talk about something, then you don't. She answers the questions, a lot of the time in depth. If she has begged the viewers to stop asking questions yet they keep going, then she would have stepped away from younow for a bit.

She definitely does not mind answering these questions. I'm not sure why she doesn't mind. Maybe it's for the pity or maybe it's like therapy for her to talk it out. Either way she is wrong for keeping up with it. She doesn't need more pity and she certainly doesn't need to be answering questions about this from a group who is mostly teens who love the drama. There is absolutely no valid reason for her to still be answering questions about the situation.

No. 430262

She recentley said how she doesn't really makes a lot of money on YouTube anymore and how she makes more on YouNow. (Even big YouTubers stream much more than before…) So this could be why she is on YouNow so much and kind of goes with the questions etc. The Questions will eventually stop.

No. 430274

File: 1511387689848.png (473.18 KB, 600x517, attractive.png)

>So my guess is he shaved it on stage with a long clipper guard.
omg hahaha doing the Britney twice to make sure every remaining fan (on tour and online) sees how ~broken~ he is

Pic related. kek

No. 430283

That Nattie chick looks a bit like that peacockfeather mongoloid/sindy pop lmao

No. 430340

File: 1511396334603.png (86.16 KB, 630x803, sr.png)

Hes such an ass who wants to act like he didn't do anything to ayalla. He cheats on girls and makes them feel like shit. Then acts like they are the ones who did him wrong. Then pretends thats not what hes doing.

No. 430369

File: 1511399995499.jpg (36.38 KB, 581x396, Screenshot_40.jpg)

He just followed a camgirl and tweeted about killing himself. Jesus Christ

No. 430371

File: 1511400009141.jpg (27.29 KB, 315x351, Screenshot_42.jpg)

No. 430376

Lol! I'm a camgirl and I follow her actually lmao…so strange.

She needs to take control of her chat room. She acts like it's a burden when questions come up. I was just watching an upload of a stream where she started off saying "oh you guys already asking questions" because she had just logged on. But she still answered them. You cannot make it seem like you want to stop brining it up but the continue to answer every question. That is HER room and she shouldn't be doing things that make her uncomfortable. And again, it is so unnecessary.

No. 430389

she mentioned her thought process on questions. She said she knows people are going to ask questions now and if she answers them eventually people will run out of things to ask and then the stream will eventually move on from this.

No. 430413

What a fucking joke Nattie is. Just plain garbage. She even deleted that video where s.whe tried to sound so innocent and " >W< i didnt know i had to make this video QwQ but you know its the internet and there is drama T^T ".
At this point her boyfriend is such a beta is he is still with her. Fucking dumb that stupid hoe, jesus christ.

No. 430422

girls lie about things like that so people dont look at their boyfriends badly.

No. 430497

I suppose you could say I'm tinfoiling, but… I don't buy Nattie's soft spoken innocent girl act. Not one bit. I'm a soft spoken/shy introvert myself, but come on. I see right through her little act. It's actually incredibly manipulative, and I think her only intentions are making herself look like the "good girl" and to try and gain followers. It grosses me out.

No. 430507

the weird annoying mid 30s coworker whos breath always stinks

No. 430536

Over a thousand people have voted "yes" so far, but there are a couple of hundred replies of fangirls crying over the thought of him doing it. Very entertaining, thanks for the laugh you moth fuck.

No. 430541

File: 1511417116372.jpg (35.4 KB, 622x417, kms.jpg)

Samefag, dropped pic.

No. 430563

File: 1511418797288.jpg (355.82 KB, 1440x1693, IMG_20171123_012619.jpg)

The unfortunate reality of where he and his music, wings & wig will be in his mid 50's

No. 430565

lol he says hes going to release a video today/tomorrow. From his last stream it seemed like it would be about the situation again, which is a dumb idea. He can't help but try to defend himself. His whole pity party for himself is so dumb and overdramatic. YOU CHEATED. NO ONE MADE YOU CHEAT.

No. 430610

So apparently "concerned fans" who somehow had his address, called 911 and got the ambulance to come to his house. Over the "Should I Kill Myself" tweet. Woke him up in the middle of the night, banging on his door. I kind of find this funny.

No. 430612

What a waste. I bet the cops and EMTs are even more annoyed that they wasted their time over him.

No. 430637

Well, it's a waste of ressources for sure but it's always a good thing to do when people are bullshitting about suicide. It helps them to learn quickly to stop that shit because there are consequences. Maybe he won't cry suicide next time if he knows the humiliation of the police questioning him might be what follows.

No. 430660


i was in this stream and it was embarrassing to watch. he was reading the comments, everyone was shouting for him to shave his eyebrows if he ~truly did not care anymore~ but he was like

guize im nat shaving my eyebrows

dude is an attentionseeker. he is not mature enough for a relationship and probably will contract if not already an STD.

very happy people phoned the emergency services on him, hope it humbled him

No. 430665

sums her up pretty well, I think. Used to know someone at school who was like her…acted all nice, but now and then you got a glimpse of the meanness underneath.

No. 430682

File: 1511447656748.jpg (99.3 KB, 1752x889, Capture.JPG)

Is there any reason that his newer songs are blocked in the UK? It's the same for Empress and Villain. Apologies if this has already been discussed.

No. 430685

File: 1511448253502.png (41.41 KB, 638x413, onisionthesecond.png)

It was just a twitter poll guys! If you insinuate killing yourself in poll form it doesn't count /s

The attention whore doesnt like it when he gets the wrong kind of attention.

No. 430687

File: 1511448452512.png (29.18 KB, 656x204, sr.png)

also is he that dumb that he doesn't think the police can find out where he lives? How would the town "not know" you live there when you bought a house there and live there.

As if no one has ever called a wellness check on someone without knowing their address.

No. 430690

Yes. I want to see his hypocricy without him gettin views on youtube.

No. 430693

If youre using firefox you can install the addon "proxtube". It allows you to see blocked videos, as long as theyre not blocked in the US.

No. 430697

He didn't buy the house, he is renting it. I highly doubt the cops would track his address down through social media that fast, but if the caller gave his name and not an address then obviously they could look up his name and see where he lives in the town. He is stupid for saying that.

Also, he has stated before that he has been sent packages to his front door, rather than his p.o. box, by fans so obv some people know his address. Just like that psycho Narlee who showed up.

No. 430720

File: 1511455882876.png (387.68 KB, 463x407, gross.png)

That smirkin face while shaving his head…

No. 430914

File: 1511478533641.jpg (29.07 KB, 476x360, 975c59692943cb30e51f293bf087a5…)

what a shitshow

>shaves his head on stage and on stream

>hints at suicide being the edgelord he is
>people call the cops cause they take it serious
>blames everyone but himself "don't abuse my address!!!1", "it was a twitter poll!!!!"

No. 430926

File: 1511479684919.png (178.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171124-002723.png)

No. 431299

File: 1511547332093.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.92 KB, 625x616, 18383736188.JPG)

Under the tweet of her at the mall. Is this old news/even her? I don't remember seeing it in past threads.

No. 431301

This is old. It's from when she was in one of Richie's old music videos

No. 431302

That's old news, someone just wants to trigger her with throwbacks to Richie's video shoot I guess.

No. 431369

He upload a new video

No. 431375

No. 431380

He looks like a fucking egg.

No. 431402

He IS a fucking egg

No. 431423

So ceiling eyes is lonely now and throwing out some feels to let potential gfs know he is indeed human and bf material (work in progress y'all)
He isn't getting the same amount of underage girls fawning over him so a bit of damage control is in effect
It's just some fluff to promote his music at the end…or?

And why is his true self a mix between Greg and Lainey ?

No. 431436



his outer ugliness matches his inner ugliness


No. 431466

It's definitely just damage control, I highly doubt he's going to seek help. He can claim that he's going to therapy or something but he doesn't really need to prove it but at least some people will say "okay, maybe he's not that bad now that he's doing something against his problems"

No. 431468

- 10 minutes+ = check
- trying to suck up to the audience = check
- looking like Britney on crack = check

No. 431489


You can also use https://hooktube.com/ – just replace "youtube" in the video URL with "hooktube" and you're good to go, e.g. https://hooktube.com/Y0EaTLRYM1o

Won't add to view count, he won't get ad revenue, etc. That's what I do with Onion videos too.

No. 431691

lol he promos his own song at the end. how genuine.

His line about how someday he will give jaclyn an apology. Like dude, you give an apology anyway you can or you don't. You don't wait ten years to give an apology as if its on her for you to be able to apologize (i can apologize one day if she wants to see me, even though i rejected talking to her many times!!).

And its pretty clear this video was only made because of the backlash/sub loss. If he had the same support as always, he would not care one bit. He STILL shits on ayalla as if he didn't do anything to her in his livestreams. Hes full of shit.

Also haha at him posting a video causing his sub loss to increase again. Lost 2k subs after posting.

No. 431955

He's currently on younow and is claiming to have depression and that he bought a shotgun a few days ago because he's scared of home invasion.
Also 'subscriber count on youtube doesn't matter guuuuys'

No. 431966


An hero incoming? Hmmm

No. 431978

OT but Jaclyn is drunk on younow at the moment, sperging a little bit about SR

No. 432035

She has her own thread >>407633

No. 432133

File: 1511689547858.png (387.82 KB, 546x726, lbMnnwI.png)

he should hope he never goes bald because this is a terrible look for him lol

No. 432134

File: 1511689615351.png (67.23 KB, 820x438, yEXvewN.png)

also he started gaining subs again, but lost a few