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No. 525536

While discussion of Null is tabled, the rest of the posters at Kiwi Farms have the possibility of being fertile ground for farmers. The fact that they attach a pseud to themselves makes it easy to follow them when they begin to moo.

This thread is for discussion of posters you find milky, internal modmilk, or even to show appreciation for favorite posters. They’ve got a thread about us, it’s time to return the favor!

(dyn plz go)

No. 525546

What happened to wildchild ? and was this his attempt at a raid


No. 525581

this cross-cultural exchange is sure to go well.

dyn makes me sad. a lot of his trolling and bait is pathetic but he gets a lot of asspats for it. then he serious-posts and he's actually quite intelligent and interesting. it's such a waste.

I don't know if he still does it but a certain ex staff member ruined the brianna wu thread for me with his constant obsession with wu's genitals. just about every post he made had to include mention of her 'axe wound' or whatever. it went from lol edgy to still? to ok, pls get help.

does Null still cry and pitch a fit if people pick on the salt-right? I know it was strictly verboten at one point to say anything less than kind.

watching army burger man or whatever their name is getting into an extended slapfight (via proxy) with transtrender mark boyd was pretty funny for a while. they needed to hatefuck so bad, couldn't stay away from each other.

he kept trying to pretend / force that he was staff and shitposted all over the place. they finally got sick of it and banned him, so he came here and did the same fucking thing (with namefagging). don't think it lasted long, thankfully.

No. 525589

There was a guy who used to post in the Onision thread who was crazy awful and didn’t seem to understand any board culture at all. I think he changed his name once already, because his autism was def showing. They might go by Lt. Cucumber now?

The Joy Sparkle thread seems to be comprised of maybe two or three people who routinely post at each other.

Meowthkip/Cat Bountry has a long history of being cowish over on tumblr, though she did a good job bringing tumblrinas to the Farms. Not sure if that was ideal for them in the long run because you can see more and more SJW think popping up here and there.

I’m a huge fan of Jaimas. I love reading their posts and their sleuthing skills are top notch, good fun.

I’ve got a ton of screencaps saved, I should have offered the use of them in the thread over at /pt but I’ll try to upload some later.

No. 525596

I think dyn is great. He’s a shitposter extraordinaire and smart as balls. Unpopular opinion, or at least the last time I mentioned it I was told to fuck off, but I genuninely enjoy reading his posts there.

No. 525607

I knew there would be “daddy dyn” stanning around here. Yikes.

No. 525611


OP pic has its origin in the last Raven Sparks thread. Placebo / Gir the Alien Goldfish / Marionetta Chan is an asspat seeking tryhard KFarmer wannabe. She went out of her way to antagonise Raven and stir up drama in order to post about it on KF. She even promoted her response video to Raven on KF. Her posts throughout KF are a combination of lame and cringe. She deleted the post in the OP pic after being called-out.

No. 525617


I think he was kicked from kf (Gooch?), iirc null posted his crytyping sperg in the onion thread, I'm pretty sure lt cucumber isn't the same guy. Gooch came here to armchair about onion late 2016.

No. 525620

Yes! Goochhole, that was the name. He was clueless.

I’m hoping that crossover posters who read both sites will give us some milky tidbits now and then. I didn’t know Gooch spent any amount of time here with us. Are they a well known anti-O?

No. 525627

he's really not, though? it's either 'hurr durr so edgy' or elaborate and over-involved masturbation because le epic trollz.
it was funny to see his cry-posting on ED when he got doxed.

No. 525672

They’re tearing her up for that gaffe. I’m not sure why she thought that was acceptable. Other than her being a cow.

No. 525673


No. 525678

It's gotten better since members have posted about alt-right lunatics on the board but Null is still a alt-right dumbass himself.

I'd say discussing Null should be off topic, he's known for getting mad at this site a lot after all.

No. 525728

Why not? Let him go mad

No. 525757

I read KF like a gossip site, it’s kinda fun that way. Beauty Parlor, Salt Mine and Articles and Happenings are my favorite places to lurk. Jaimas and Yaks always seem to say stuff that’s on point. I’m jealous that they do a movie night!

Mah Fibro! is one of those posters who drives me crazy, don’t know why. Most Joy spergs do, I guess. I don’t even read the Joy thread here, but that’s because there was always a lot of touching the poop.

Placebo/Gir is terrible and attention seeking.

I also like that between the two sites, you get good cow coverage. They’re great about getting info and then making sure it’s backed up, when sometimes it’s like we get bogged down in nitpicking even during times of abundant milk.

No. 525762

I sometimes lurk kiwi to see if they have any milk posted before someone on here does(rarely happens).

One thing I find funny is how triggered they are with the man hate and gender critical threads. I don't even agree with most anons who are active on them but, god forbid if a board has one thread where women are unapologetic about radical/extreme social opinions.

No. 525763

Which ex-staffer is this? Please don’t say John Goodman avatar Kiwi, I like it when he does his legalese shtick. There’s a lot of stuff that he cleared up about Nick Bate and how sentencing etc. would work.

I have zero legal knowledge, and they’re always great about putting it in layman’s terms.

No. 525808

He's not worth it, Null is a fucking psycho. He's strangely obsessed with being the most hated man on the internet. I feel like it'd come and bite us in the ass lol.

So many are so obsessed with trans and gay people on a unhealthy level. I know many are trans and gay but holy hell. Pop on over to sisterwood and you'll see what I mean.

Sometimes it pays off being a lurker but some of the stuff that goes on in KF is a bit too much at times.

No. 525815

I'm afraid so, anon. I'm a fan of his legalese as well, and I used to just generally be a fan. He was an interesting poster. I don't know what or when but something seemed to change with him along the line, he got a lot more bitter and angry and it affected the quality of his posts.

lol when he got fronted by that angry troon, he hid in the toilet for an hour and made his mom deal with it. I don't think he's someone to worry about.

No. 525835

>One thing I find funny is how triggered they are with the man hate…
Is it suprising that hate breeds hate?
What kind naive person would think something positive would come out from any radical and hateful group? If equality is wanted, it doesn’t happen by actively hating one another. This goes for both parties, radical feminist men haters and the men hating them back.

On the other hand, sometimes I wish I never lurked the threads about internet people, because most of them are batshit insane. Even this website (and its discussion) seems very tame compared to KW as whole despite sharing same lolcows. Then again, it kinda works as ”beware” alert of the discussed person at best.

No. 525855


The word "radical" in "radical feminism" does not refer to extremism or misandry. Man-hating feminists may be radical feminists, but radical feminists are not, by definition, man haters.

No. 525868

File: 1520724228594.png (167.66 KB, 800x817, 1520578970783.png)


Placebo has now deleted [pic related].

But lolcow remembers!

No. 525879

That actually sucks. There are some posters I really enjoy reading because they clearly work in the fields they tend to discuss.

I often wonder if Secret Asshole, who posts on Beauty Parlor enough for me to notice, has some real knowledge about medicine, they certainly sound like they know what they’re talking about.

But that honestly makes me gloomy about John Goodman anon. Maybe they just had a bad experience with someone or whatever, it happens.

No. 525880

This bait is bad bait, come on.

No. 525881

I’m loving this.

No. 525888

It had been talked about before, admins don’t want a Josh thread, I think it makes things harder for them. The idea was that there are pretty interesting posters anyhow, so the general thread is okay.

That’s fair. I don’t think the thread is less fun without him. Hopefully it won’t be.

No. 525945

Jaimas is my fave, followed by AnOminous (the John Goodman lawyer guy) and Repentance (she seems to be a medfag, but not sure of what stripe). They all have pretty insightful comments, and I enjoy reading them. AnOminous gets carried away with the trans hate, but he also isn't wrong with a lot of what he says, so. Jaimas may be a lawyerly type also, not sure, but he seems pretty detail oriented, so when he goes into explainer mode, it's pretty detailed and interesting.

No. 525947

I love HK-47 meatbag anon in the newsy threads.

No. 525952

I'd never thought of it until now, but he'd clearly flooded onions career pretty closely, I'm sure if you go back to billiegate1 threads here you'll recognise his typing style, also he bitched about being kicked from kf.. those were good times…

No. 525968

Jaimas makes some good posts, but his super self-righteous attitude and tendency to make huge posts about minor things grew off me after a while. He's not a bad user per se but he comes off like he has self esteem issues irl.

No. 526019

Hmm, I don’t get that from their posts at all. They write like an uber-researcher to me, not like they have self-esteem issues.

No. 526022

He just seems abnormally invested in this stuff, like he doesn't have much else going on in his life. I remember seeing rumors that he got doxed and turned out to be an unemployed shut-in, but I can't remember the source of that so take it with a grain of salt I guess.

No. 526115

Secret Asshole tries a little too hard sometimes, but he's definitely one of the best posters on KF.

No. 526140

My favorite user is Pokespicy/Boldyspicy lmao.

No. 526149

If there’s milk, spill

Josh ~just did a great thing w/r/t Placebo/Gir btw, he took away her ability to delete posts. I hope she’s thoroughly embarrassed lol, that Raven prodding and subsequent preening was ott #teamnull

No. 526151

Whatever happened to Internet War Criminal? He fucked off suddenly.

No. 526152

What’s the story behind the pufferfish icons?

No. 526176

I have a big old nerd crush on Durable Mike Malloy (formerly Buster Kittens) he seems like something of a polymath.

kind of agree with this, add in his obsession with referencing Sargon. He seems like a really genuine person who is socially awkward as fuck.

I hope that is retroactive, she deleted a lot of her earlier autism a little while back. I remember it took her quite a while to get with the kf culture, she kept wrong-footing a lot and they gave her a lot of leeway.


reading comments on his profile, he got into a dispute with someone (moreso than his everyday bullshit) and threw in the towel. I'd love to know what happened because fuck that guy annoyed me, so cheers to whoever snapped him.

No. 526190


Where do you see that he did that?

No. 526207

File: 1520759483712.png (98.99 KB, 1001x526, nool.png)


ntayrt, but it was in the raven thread

pic related

No. 526220

i don't really like Kiwifarms (too edgelord/redpill for my taste) but their Fitveganginger thread is really good. at some points they got a bit stalkerish but i loved the fact that one user took the time to prepare her "recipes" and displayed how unedible they were. some farmers thought it was OTT but i found it very striking in terms off pointing out how far gone Anna is and also how different the two boards' attitudes and investment in cows are. people usually accuse us of being obsessed stalkers because we're anonymous, but i don't think anyone here would ever waste ~100 dollars of groceries and an afternoon just to prove a cow is crazy. farmers often claim they just hop in on their off time ("your thread is toilet reading to me" should be a meme at this point) and i believe them.

No. 526222

I always felt that idea was knocked off from the Kath Eats subforum at GOMI. They took those recipes to extremes over there.

I too appreciate the detail but then one day you stand back and realise the Ginge is a very troubled young lady who pretty much isn't having an effect on anyone else.

No. 526228

he was literally around during the munchie exodus to kiwifarms why did he delete

No. 526232

Man-hating feminists would have been a better word choice, yes.
I get that you may disagree with my opinion, but you would have at least told me why. ”This is bait” is not argument, it only shows your lack of ability to form an proper opinion.(stop baiting)

No. 526240


oh, i didn't know the idea originated from GOMI, thanks for the heads up.

I don't agree entirely that Anna is harmless though. yes, she is EXTREMELY troubled and will likely never get better. at the same time, she's trying to market herself as a "nutrition expert" without proper training, claiming she "cured" very serious diseases (which she most likely pretends to have to cover up her eating disorder) eating a very nutrient-deficient diet and she can cure other people by helping them eat as disordered as her, which sounds VERY harmful to me. i don't really know how much success she had with her "enterprise" but i hope to god nobody is dumb enough to want to try it.

sage and apologies for OT because i can't resist yammering about Gains Goblin.

No. 526272

This is bait, too.

I don’t think they’re any different than we are. None of us know who the real spergs are because we’re anon. Onion thread here (and at temp, especially) is filled with people trying to ‘socially engineer’ his ass The fitveganginger thread is terrifying because she’s killing herself, not because someone made the food.

Which kiwi mods are trans? Do they get pissed off that the site skews pretty hard anti trans, or are they just not trenders so the ire isn’t directed at them?

No. 526282

I would love to post at KF but I’m so earnest and dorky, I don’t think I could ever fit in. I joined during the time Jay Geis was posting there. Too shy to post though, and I don’t remember my login, so I’ve been lurking ever since. I think Kiwis are funny while also being insightful, even the posters who get a bad rap. Like Dyn.

What’s the deal with Cat Party, Dyn and the girl who hangs with them, is it Cricket? I see them as the site’s unofficial hazing group, but if you pass muster with them, then you’re okay.

Where did Katsu Kitty go?

When Josh took down KF after his mom and family were harassed, we had a thread for them to use, and I’m p sure AnOminous posted here for a hot second. Jaimas, too. John Goodman wrote that they had done something which had pissed someone off, but they took full responsibility for the situation. At the time they seemed chill about it. I still like what they have to say, even if it’s just snark. All the anons who bring some specific knowledge to bear are fun to read.

The people I’m interested in are the posters who used to be prolific and then disappear. Did they get virtual helicopter rides, etc? There’s been a sudden uptick in new members but they seem to suck, idk. KF pops up so much in normie media, board culture is getting diluted a little bit.

The movie night is a great idea, why don’t we do something like that here? Fuck, let’s do a movie night, come on! Do we even have a movie rec thread here? I know we have music.

Eh, fuck it, everyone grab a copy of GETEVEN w Wings Hauser. Terrible and amazing.

No. 526285

Like someone else said he got into a dispute with someone and fucked off. Thank god, he's a boarderline incel with his hatred towards woman and everyone who isn't straight and white.

Feline Darkmage is trans, and yawning sneasel isn't trans but he is a confirmed chaser.

I don't agree with there being a thread on that fit vegan ginger girl, she's obviously mentally ill and no one seems to take her seriously on any site. They get overly stalkerish on a lot of cows, honestly at least ~20% of cows posted on that site with active threads don't belong there.

No. 526388

File: 1520791666716.jpeg (38.4 KB, 495x432, DB806F49-77F6-4DC6-A59F-5F6449…)

It’s weird seeing this gir girl being discussed since I remember coming across her YouTube channel 5 or 6 years ago. I wouldn’t say her channel used to be popular but she was one of those spergy “rant” channels. She did some really poorly executed videos on how much she hates emilie autumn and black veil brides. She was a personal cow of mine because she would argue with 12 yr olds in the comment sections of her videos. I wish I downloaded those videos because they were super embarrassing. It seems like she deleted all of them. now her channel is pretty devoid of anything cowish aside from her recent video about raven. she’s definitely always been a spergy attention seeker. i browsed thru her posting history on kiwi yesterday and thought it was funny how much she was ragging on cows appearances considering pic related.

No. 526392

File: 1520792025112.png (193 KB, 1307x898, Dynastia.png)

IIRC, the pufferfish meme started in a Leonard Shaner thread. Long story short, the pufferfish is based off of Pinkington Pufferton, a sockpuppet detective that Shaner made up. Boldyspicy drew what she thought the detective looked like and it took off from there.

I thought Katsu Kitty was trans too but I was never sure. I always thought it was a meme. Aside from the mods, there are a lot of trans people (mostly transtrenders) that posts on the tumblr threads. They can get spergy at times. Pic related is a post from the Glitchedpuppet thread.

Also, does anyone know what's going on with OwO? She had to be one of the worst mods on the site and she was only a mod for less than a week, lol.

…..Anon, we get it, you liking lurking the Beauty Parlor threads and you want a movie night. You don't have to keep posting about it. Pls.

No. 526418

Fine, but watch Geteven anyhow.

No. 526503

I thought she was efucking Josh or something? She appears to be a furry.

No. 526578

Katsu Kitty could've been trans, I don't know when I started lurking they weren't active on the site. They seemed a bit too sane for the site anyway.

OwO deserves her own thread, but since Null defends her left and right she gets to do whatever she wants basically.

Null is efucking OwO, yeah. He also efucked casualseppaku and even let her keep her account even though she was 16 when she signed up.

Yes Null efucked a minor when he was an adult. Yes it's fucked up, no one dares brings it up on the site though.

No. 526678


they did the same in an amberlynn thread - ostensibly to denounce her cooking skills, and user electroconvulsivetherapy filmed this embarrassment

i have so many questions.
how are you so shit at prepping vegetables?
why is your work space so fucking far away from your stovetop?
why are you so filthy?
why do you keep your gross ear buds on the counter with your food?
why do this?
it makes AL look like a fucking chef

this is so cringey, enjoy

No. 526691


AnOminous went through a pretty nasty divorce with custody issues that got dragged out from late 2016 to midway through 2017. He's was always a pretty heavy drinker but after that things got out of control and his professional life suffered pretty greatly, he lost his license to practise law in California and last I heard he was bouncing between unemployment and reception desk work and only gets supervised visitation. We've tried to get him the help he needs but he's honestly not interested so there's not much anyone can do.

I have plenty of embarrassing personal information and dox on other kiwis who thought I was their friend, and obviously I'm perfectly happy to drop it. Who else are you guys interested in?

No. 526698

do u still got a big ol beard

No. 526700


She's lost some weight but yep, still married.

No. 526701

does the carpet match the drapes dyn? ginger af bush? this is important information

No. 526706

File: 1520816662540.png (349.46 KB, 1737x1277, owosa.png)

I knew about her and Null. I've also heard that he commissioned vore fetish art for her, haha (I remember seeing a pic of it floating around somewhere). Aside from that, I don't know anything about her outside of KF.

>Who else are you guys interested in?
I doubt that you're Dyn, but hi. If you have any milk, just post it, but doxing is against the rules btw.

And idk, any stories about past users or mods would be cool.

No. 526709

File: 1520816878680.png (Spoiler Image,29.49 KB, 367x194, XupSSv9.png)

dyn, explain

also please spoiler dicks

No. 526716

File: 1520817453565.png (10.69 KB, 323x73, dyn.png)


I have dox and stories about loads of people, and probably most of them are randoms you've never heard of and don't care about. But since I saw people asking about Katsu I guess I'll start with him.

Katsu was a 'femboi' gay socialist game developer from Pennsylvania in 2015 or so who became admin because he was the only person invested enough in the cwcki forums who knew how to run the forum software. He's the one who originally taught Null everything he knows about php and java coding.

In 2016 or so he went full tranny, quit his job and got on obamacare for tittyskittles and a pathway to SRS. He still hasn't got the chop but after he started HRT he and Null got into some huge fights. Null was taking a backseat from the site and Katsu invented a 'gay table' ranking all Kiwi Members by level and class of 'gayness', awarding 'gay titles' and giving out trophy points based on how gay you are. He started using admin rights to dox people who claimed to be gay but who he suspected of not being gay. Eventually he got fully de-adminned and left the site in shame. There are still some pretty funny stories floating around about him, but keep in mind he namesearches himself on a daily basis and is known to send out DMCA's to anyone mentioning him, even by pseudoname.

No. 526738

What about WIldchild?

No. 526740

>tranny goes full retard
wasn't OwO also 16 when she first signed up? what's with all these kiddos desperate to be on Null's chode?

No. 526770


i got a question, but it's not about other KF users, it's about you.

y u do this? gaining trust/friendships, then using that information against people? then bringing that stuff here to lolcow, when i've seen you admit that youu troll the man-hating threads pretending to be a woman? i don't get the appeal tbh

is it to be internet tough guy? to have people fear you? do you get off on exposing people? for the infamy?

i mean, you sound pretty intelligent and no doubt you're good at gathering and finding information, but i just wonder why you put that intelligence into doxing weird trannies, both on and off your farms.

No. 526825

Oh fug, I'll take that back then. Hi Dyn. And no, I didn't like those dick pics.

I had no idea that was the case with Katsu. I wasn't very active during 2016 so I thought the whole trans socialist thing was a joke.

And do you have anymore stories about more well-known kiwis? Especially if it's someone like Internet War Criminal, Rodger Rabbit (think that was his name), Wildchild, Placebo, OwO, or any of the tumblr kids from the tumblr or beauty parlor subforum.

And is Null actually having financial issues because of the forums? I won't lie, I do find it funny that he's constantly putting himself on suicide watch because he can't monetize KF but has he ever considered changing his legal name and finding a real job? I can't imagine KF being viable for too much longer. I remember seeing Josh's monthly budget and he was spending a lot on tendies.

>taking dyn this seriously
Did he dox you, anon?

No. 526842

Dudes I'm just psyched for milk and cocks; wish John Goodman anon well

No. 526905

wait, that shit with OwO is still going?! I thought there was a mini revolt among users around the time KF went down, and that shit got settled. I remember something about it blowing up. >>526706 ah ha, that's it lmao

fucking hell. I knew about the drinking, but the rest of that is sad as fuck news to me. No wonder he changed so much, damn. thanks for filling us in.

No. 527024

Meow! Meow! MEOW! Guess who I am?

No. 527027


I wish you would quit covering for that asshole. He's not just a sad drunk, he's a rapist and a monster. He raped me and monstered me twice the same night!

No. 527028


We all got over our issues with OwO. We are now totally okay with tranny furry mods.

No. 527046

>The people I’m interested in are the posters who used to be prolific and then disappear.

Whatever happened to Cuck Norris? He seemed to have his fingers in a lot of cross-forum drama and then he just vanished. There has to be a story there.

No. 527095


I think KF let Gir send herself down the hole. The Raven thread is small and tight, it has crossposters with the same thread here and they saw her make a tit of herself here. A couple of times I know they were just letting it run til she really went overboard.

But fuck. If I got slapped down on one forum (here, the previous Raven thread, I think) I'd rethink before starting up the same old shit on another.

No. 527134

Her ego and USI is too high for her to keep her mouth shut for long.

No. 527152

For sure. Wonder where she'll pop up next?
Takes some doing to out-cow Raven. She needs a medal!

No. 527153

Dyn, welcome.
Besides life ruination, what’s your favorite hobby? Is Cat Party your bff at Kiwi? How long have you been wrecking people’s shit up online?

You could probably talk about anyone, it would all be interesting. What do you think of Meowthkip? I’d heard they were a closet Columbiner. What’s Smutley’s story? Are there more trannies at KF, or furries?

Thanks for stopping by!

No. 527159


Did anyone else notice weirdness in the CWC forum with American Hedgehog and Marvin? It looked like they were part of a failed attempt to troll Chris, or something. Were either or both of them playing Jessie?

No. 527225

Josh commissioned vore for Stocking, though. Stocking is OWO?

No. 527288

I've also heard that OwO is in her 30s, I don't know what's the real story. Wouldn't be shocked if she was 16 when she signed up though, some of her posts scream immature teenager trying to act like an adult.

Hi Dyn, I hope things are going well for you.

No. 527751

File: 1520915040327.png (534.17 KB, 1483x1671, Untitled.png)

Since Dyn was banned for wantonly posting his cock, here's some screencaps & links to questions that have been answered so far:


No. 527758

How do you get raped twice in the same night?

No. 527771

Why the hell does he sound so self-satisfied? The amount of dedication he put into befriending the internet equivalent of the weird kids who sat alone at the lunch table almost makes him seem like a cow in his own right.

No. 527779


He has answered a few more questions in the thread.

Dyn, we were referring to the Placebo in the OP pic who made a spectacle of herself in the Raven thread.

No. 527780

File: 1520918777899.png (276.39 KB, 1479x1401, dyn.png)

Part 2

No clue, Anon. People like him attract the Annie Wilkes/"Misery" types, you feel me?

No. 527781

Cuck Norris, (irl Floyd Kenyon) was a really thirsty dude who would nuzzle up to male users he couldn't hope to run out of chat and picked fights with users he felt he could bully until they left. He basically just hung out in chat and buddied up to CatParty and wagglyplacebo so they wouldn't call him out on the different way he would talk to female (and tranny) users vs. how he would talk to male users. At one point he made a NYC meet-up thread and almost all the names he listed were females. He also harassed a feminine looking dude about driving with him and sharing a hotel in NYC. It has been a few years since the dude told me the story but basically, cuck would keep trying to sweeten the deal by offering to pay for more shit everytime they talked.

The tipping point for cuck came with some huge drama involving a group of girls he was hitting on at the same time. He didn't necessarily do anything bad, he just is a gigantic autist for chasing internet pussy in several different directions while plopping his fat, stoned ass in chat every single day. The chicks involved didn't do themselves any favors and should have expected he was chasing tail in several directions at one time. There were some accusations he was doing some malicious irl stuff but no evidence of that was ever really presented. Eventually someone posted his address and name and pic on /cow/ and he disappeared. He looked like a 40 year old drug addict, so it was probably too much for him to wear around his neck, having his information available to all the users.

No. 527790

Uh why are you white knighting him

>The chicks involved didn't do themselves any favors and should have expected he was chasing tail in several directions at one time.
I don't get why there would be drama about this

No. 527799

lol wow
TL;DR - sniff my farts, pretty much

No. 527823

kek. He sounds more special than the potato kids I teach. I don't believe he'd really post a photo of his dick because it's likely a micropeen or maybe hypoplastic.

No. 527831

Wow to the story about IWC. Pretty sure we know who this is, you had a thread on him in Articles and Happenings, no?

I think it’s awesome that you work to socialize aggressive dogs. I also think I have a picture of someone purporting to be you hanging with a pooch, your beard was top notch; the pup seemed top notch too.

Do you foster them? My uncle raised Belgian Malinois.

You’re a good writer. You have the ability to make the mundane and horrible sound amazing, but that’s a good writer for you. Which also means this could all be hot air but it jibes with what I did know well enough.

Thanks again and I hope you’ll stick around as long as the questions interest you.

No. 527853

Dyn, I want some straight up gossip.

Who do you hate the most among the prolific and frequent posters on Kiwi Farms?

Who does Null hate the most?

Are there cows you think should never have been discussed in the first place?

How fat is Null these days - last I heard his BMI was over 40?

And JFC, Internet War Criminal is beyond ugly. Not what I thought he looked like by a long shot. With him gone, who is the most shameful Kiwi in terms of being an absolute asshole in real life?

No. 527948

owo is hooked on kraatom?

omfg seriously why was Dyn banned? this has been milky af, it was hoped he would show and of course he was gonna bring dick pics. bfd. he’s entertaining.

fuck, impolite sage

No. 528066

lol wow he answered questions calm down

No. 528275

Thanks, anon. That is goofy as hell.

No. 528340

That's..literally just a soup though? Why's the little dutch teenager so upset?
Like I get using ketchup and spam is pretty lazy, but substitute in canned tomatoes and actual meat with a longer cook time and it's just a stovetop stew. Not really a "concoction" as it is something people low on cash and college students make up.
And at that–it looks relatively healthy if served in a proper portion, which surprises me coming from anything amberlynn would make.

No. 528471

I think people bring up interesting points in KF a lot of the time and that's why I like to read the threads. But it seems like so many people there are trainwrecks so how can they have the self-confidence to think they are so much better than the forum subjects. kek

No. 529092

KF's earnest swerve toward the alt-right was pretty offputting tbh. Who wants to wade through all the same shit you see on normie fb.

No. 529195

Dyn tries to defend Kiwi about the alt-right swing it has taken, dunno why, but he does. He tries to say that it hasn't been that much of a shift and Josh tries to say that it is just because of the way things are right now. Many users do not want to clash with Josh on politics because he WILL fuck with your account or just outright ban you if you argue with him too much. Some guy did a few months back and josh just banned him for it.

Yes Dyn, there are plenty of tankies, socialists, etc. on KF, but they don't voice their opinion because of your buddy. It is leading to people who are useful not wanting to contribute.

No. 529247

Ugh, the main reason I left that place was because of the alt right dick sucking. Like anyone who dared to criticize Trump was automatically mocked.

No. 529314

Yeah, his claim that KF is an equal opportunity shit-talking zone and it's just the alt-right bringing the better bantz is horseshit and he knows it.

Dyn has some kind of weird crush on Fancy Bear.

No. 529424

I noticed that whenever someone suggested making Trump or his idiotic son a thread, even on articles and happenings it was shot down once in chat. Null jerks off to the alt right way too much to the point he's spouting white supremacist bullshit. I'm surprised nazis are allowed threads still, considering.

Dyn, I hope you realize Null is a lolcow himself. He's shown it more and more lately.

No. 529692

Null was totally against an alt-right general thread in community watch existing, saying it was too broad, not really a single community, and generally a pejorative rather than a self-descriptor. Yet he's never had a problem with the SJW thread despite it being all of those things.

Also the Trump salt thread was (and still kind of is) one of the most painful threads on the forum. It started out as one of the most hilarious ones for sure, but then somewhere down the line it turned into a humorless "omfg a leftist doesn't like Daddy Trump!" circlejerk. Likeicare was totally right to call it out, but then he got banned for that, lol.

No. 529710

What about Beauty Parlour staff, any drama involving them? Besides Broken Pussy i don't think they even post there so i wonder why they were chosen.

No. 529785

How the hell is the alt-right 'too broad' when they're spouting nazi bullshit, a lot of them are incels, and some are so insane that it's both hilarious and sad at the same time? They're far worse than SJWs and have been for awhile.

The Trump salt thread is by far one of the worst boards on the site, of course Null banned likeicare for putting a stop to it. I didn't care for likeicare but he was a decent mod for the salt subfourm, much better than OwO whose already letting it rot after a few weeks.

No. 529819

likeicare's objectively good moderation looks a lot like an instance of malicious compliance. It's unsurprising he caught a ban.

No. 529947

What does that even mean? Like I said I didn't care at all about likeicareb but unlike OwO he did a pretty good job of one small subfourm that had the worst thread on the site.

Look at it now, it's going back to being a place to whine about a small group of people disagreeing with random things that happen. I think it's anot alright subfourm to have as long as it's moderated well.

No. 530100

I can't stand Cat Party, he's just Dyn minus any possible redeeming aspects.

No. 530262

But why does dynastia hate him so much?

No. 530427

>malicious compliance is when you intentionally cause annoyance or inflict harm by strictly following the orders of a superior.

so, likeicare's moderation efforts improved the salt mine - strict compliance with the stated aim - but along the way, he underscored how the kf user base is frequently worse than the people they gather to mock, and that null's pet political views only dominate the site because he's made it a safe space.

because likeicare is a dick all the time, i suspect this was intended to annoy null, hence malicious and hence the ban.

No. 530452

I read that as sarcasm. I don’t think Dyn hates Cat Party, maybe I read it wrong though.

I want to know about the Beauty Parlor mods and how they got their positions.

I feel like Tiny Clanger is someone who posted on the reg here, seems like a SAH mum.

No. 530459

There are SJW’s on both the right and the left, depending what country you’re in. I don’t care about the politics of KF at all, I just want to know who the milkiest posters are, if I want politics I’ll watch the news.

No. 530486

Ok enlightened centrist/apathetic, but we are discussing a milky character. Null, on account of his alt-right/far-right bullshit and his tendency to shut down anyone who dares criticize it.

No. 530676

Hi fams, I'm back. You want to hear about the Beauty Parlor mods huh?

Melchett - She's been with us since the earliest Chris-trolling groups, and she's been a mod for a long time before taking up residence in BP. A lot of people assume she's useless because she hardly ever actively janitors and she's somehow broken the entire site (twice) trying to use basic moderator tools, but she's actually a fairly valued staff member because she puts out a lot of insight and has good judgement on how to respond to conflicts behind the scenes. I'm sure I don't have to tell you all that community relations isn't Null's strong suit, and he knows it. Anyways, she's a 21-year-old dangerhair living in Cadgwith, Cornwall who lives on carer's welfare and does a lot of shitty high-school drugs. I remember her begging for cigarette and food money to get paypalled to her in chat years ago, but things are looking up for her now. She started collecting a carer's pension for looking after a severely autistic and possibly retarded teenager she lived with, who she slept in the same bed with because 'they couldn't afford a second bed', and later started fucking and became his girlfriend. She calls him 'spergmate'. We all told her that this was probably legally actionable as rape but she just laughed it off and called us SJWs. They seem happy enough so who am I to judge? There's a long-running forum meme that everyone calls her a toilet full of shit and tard cum.

Broken Pussy - BP mostly hung out in the girlcow threads, the type of lolcows that are popular on your own boards, but she later got involved in the community chat and etc. too. As far as I know she was made a mod bc she seemed like a reasonable person and she was known to report seriously bad posts. She was raised just outside Bowling Green in rural Kentucky, lives in Philadelphia, and is married to a black man with a below-average penis (worst of both worlds) and has two children with him. She also has brightly-dyed danger hair and a gigantic gross mole on her chin. She's been involved in two minor 'dramas', the first was when she doxed a BP poster for insulting her and then pm'd her smugly bragging about the dox and telling her to be nicer or maybe like, all her family and friends would find out about her posting habits. She posted screencaps of that in the paywalled forums and we all relentlessly mocked her for 'hurt feelings blackmail' and called her a dumb spastic bitch for weeks. The other minor drama was when she kept private messaging me flirtatious and sexually explicit comments, and then insisting it was just a joke whenever I'd call her out in public. This annoyed another KF user to the point that they doxed her computer-illiterate family and rang them up on the phone. The call was pretty amazing, her mother sounds like top-tier from-the-movies white trash and was furious at being disturbed over her 'shit daughter'. We didn't really find out anything except that she grew up as trailer-trash and has been basically disowned by her parents, and she quietly disappeared from Kiwi Farms for a few months after it happened. She's back now and seems to be able to laugh it off, so good for her.

CasualSeppuku - CS was slightly underage when she first joined the farms, and it eventually became known. At that point she was fairly well liked and she never acted like a stupid autistic kid so we all just turned a blind eye, as we tend to do. She's a goth kid from an extremely wealthy family in Lago Sul, Brasilia. She's donated a lot of money to Kiwi Farms over the years, but she got her modship for basically the same reason BP did ; sensible comments and sensible reports. The rumours that she e-fucked or flirted with Null is either some sad bullshit made up on 8chan, or people misunderstanding the time she kept trolling Null with dd/lg shit. Null and CS actually dislike each other pretty seriously (KF moderation staff is not made up of people Null likes, he quite often promotes people he seriously dislikes but respects), and she's actually been banned or put on account restrictions a few times by Null because she kept spamming DD/LG roleplay memes at him in public. There's not a huge amount to say about CS, really. She's pretty young and sheltered and I don't know if she even has any embarrassing personal secrets to find. She once tried to whisper a picture of herself to another KF user and fucked up the formatting, so it got dumped publicly in chat. I saved it and posted it in the Raven Sparks thread as a Raven selfie and nobody noticed it wasn't Raven, which was pretty embarrassing for her.

No. 530717

Yeah, you’re discussing Null and as stated this thread is ~not for discussion of Null. That decision was made by lolcow.farm admins. So bitch about him in one of the many other places where people sperg about him on the daily, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with them. This thread is for discussion of KF posters.

No. 530723

File: 1521173993690.png (42.78 KB, 1853x398, asvsxzvs.png)

post the selfie dyn

No. 530726

>tfw you have to go back and wade through the entire Raven thread to find a pic of CS

Is it sad that no one noticed, wtf.

No. 530886

They sound like wastes of human life. Is there any moderator on that site who isn't a completely broken human being? When I was on there, there was a moderator who had to move to China to find a teaching job because he was incapable of finding work in the US and someone had doxed another moderator and it turned out he had a gigantic cone for a head.

Tell us more about more of the moderators.

No. 530901

If they weren't broken already, the site breaks them. Look at what happened to Hellblazer.

No. 530931

There has to be more of a story than that about Cuck Norris. We know some of you guys are reading here through twenty proxies or whatever so join in please. That was an interesting dribble but not nearly enough, and nothing that would get anyone a permaban. Plus, I thought…forget what I thought. I’m not on twenty proxies.

Does anyone think or know if KF mods do double duty as farmhands? It wouldn’t surprise me. It could also explain some of the crazed rando banning and schizo feel with our own mods, feels like they want to shift the focus of the site, sometimes.

Dyn? Thoughts? Or just someone you feel like talking about? You’re the only person spilling, so I guess I have to ask you.

Who got pissed off at BP for crushing on you? Seems like a possible stream of milk there.

Is Jaimas a dude or a chick? Are they some kind of researcher, or just sufficiently autistic?

John Goodmanon should come by and bitch about trannies in the GC thread if he really loathes them, some of us are terfy assholes too, he can vent his spleen there. Would be fun if more of you would come by, to temper some of the nitpicking we do or just hang anonymously, but I guess our scope is limited compared to yours. You guys definitely have the better autist detective teams.

Who’s the biggest sped at KF? Who do you see as well-rounded? Do you have a personal, favorite cow, or do you simply enjoy milk? Where did you hang before KF? You weren’t PVCC, were you?

This is a general question for the thread, but. Does anyone out there think that Marvin was responsible for Jessie Quinn? It seemed like both him and American Hedgehog got busted for something, but it was dropped without much fanfare. I don’t have caps, but anyone who reads Chris’ forum regularly might recall what I’m talking about.

This has been pretty fucking interesting so far, so thanks.

No. 530933

I’ll bite. What happened to Hellblazer?

No. 530956

I wouldn't take everything Dyn says seriously, he has been known to lie before. Some of this stuff sounds far fetched, KF is full of hypocritical losers but some of the users cannot be this bad. Every user he's shittalked about so far all sounds movie plot crazy.

No. 531000

It’s been mentioned that he’s a good storyteller. I doubt everything is true, but there’s enough truth in it to make things interesting. All we do is speculate endlessly about cows and half the time we have no way of knowing what the shit we’re talking about so idc.

No. 531133

I don't really like a lot of the posters on kiwi farms, but the cows are way funnier over there than on the ones here (for the most part), so it's kind of a trade off I guess?

No. 531398

Kiwis need to stop being shy and come talk to us. We know you want to bring anonmilk.

No. 531400

File: 1521350215435.png (31.53 KB, 183x150, cs.png)

Pic related it's casual seppuku


>There has to be more of a story than that about Cuck Norris.

Everything the previous anon said was right, but there was a little more to the story. There was some actual internet relationship stuff going on with two girls at once, nudes sharing and fap-on-cam and what have you. When they found out about each other they both got really mad at him and left kiwi but kept hanging out in peripheral areas like movie night and the kiwi discord. Everyone went and cried to their friends and people started to take sides, and everyone involved was told to stop making drama about it or get banned, and since there was dox being held over everyone's head the decision was made that if anyone gets doxed, everyone involved gets permabanned including some of the louder people who had nothing to do with this originally but took sides. After that, weird posts kept showing up on 8chan denouncing him, which he would immediately report to kiwi staff and be told 'yeah we can't do anything about it'. He would bring them up and link to them constantly in chat, sometimes minutes after they were posted, to the extent that most of us eventually suspected he was just selfposting them for attention. It continued like that for a long while and got obnoxious and annoying so eventually I just went and posted his dox on 8chan and he disappeared after that. Nobody got banned over it because at this point people were sick of it and didn't care and everyone else involved had left. There's still a blanket 'don't talk about this dumb shit or you'll get banned' rule in place on KF though.

>Does anyone think or know if KF mods do double duty as farmhands?

Probably not.

>Who got pissed off at BP for crushing on you? Seems like a possible stream of milk there.

Cricket. Don't ring that bell, even I'm afraid of her.

>Is Jaimas a dude or a chick? Are they some kind of researcher, or just sufficiently autistic?

Jaimas is a dude and recently finished his BA in art history. He did an unpaid internship as a RA but I think it was in an unrelated field. I don't think he's managed to find a job yet but with his degree I see a lot of starbucks in his future. His autism is still quite sufficient, however.

>John Goodmanon should come by and bitch about trannies in the GC thread if he really loathes them, some of us are terfy assholes too, he can vent his spleen there.

AnOminous isn't a terfy asshole, he's a very liberal communist who's kinda bitter and resentful at the more obnoxious parts of the left. He doesn't hate trannies, just SJWs and insane shrieking men in dresses making his politics look like a joke. With all that said, he's mentioned before that he posts here semi-regularly already, he's just a good boy who doesn't namefag or post his penis. I'll pass along the invite but he might not want to come field questions because it'll connect him to all his anonposting. Also he's kinda salty at me right now for telling you about his divorce and shit lol.

>Who’s the biggest sped at KF? Who do you see as well-rounded? Do you have a personal, favorite cow, or do you simply enjoy milk? Where did you hang before KF? You weren’t PVCC, were you?

The biggest sped I've seen lately is a guy called OutspokenHuman. The most well-rounded is AN/ALR, who is as wide as he is tall. I lost interest in following lolcows a long time ago I just like doxing and hanging out with internet speds. Before KF I only ever internetted on some edgelord web 1.0 sites that no longer exist. I was never PVCC, I have nothing but contempt for those tards.

No. 531479

File: 1521354816522.png (36.19 KB, 654x204, namefag.png)

That's Casual Seppuku btw, she was just talking about doing this in kiwi chat but she was worried you'd just bully her for being a fat goth if you knew who she was.

No. 531488

KF user here, I have a question for snow, what happened with Wildchild? I know they moved over here after getting kicked off kiwi, but why were they kicked off here

No. 531490

Their presence apparently isn’t pleasant for people here as well, god bless their soul.

No. 531508

I heard it was something on the discord but I didn't hang out there, hopefully someone can fill you in.

No. 531766


I'm curious about this myself, WC started off with namefagging bullshit and attention whoring, and admin was like "oh, it's OK, we like him" … then he kind of disappeared really quickly.

No. 531781

If Dynastia's account is accurate and John Goodmanon actually went through a messy divorce and custody battle while constantly shitposting drunk off his ass, but managed not to wander into any of the men's rights threads and embarrass himself - well, good on him. That's good character.

No. 532119


i was there around the time Wildchild happened and it was just constant spamming of upbeat, weird text messages that started like "Hi!I'm Wildchild!". it was a very briefly entertaining annoyance and i think at one point they received enough bans to just learn to stay away.

No. 532164

File: 1521419480484.jpg (15.65 KB, 255x254, wildchild.JPG)

Nobody wanted WildChild around. Kiwi Farms doesn't want him. Lolcow Farms doesn't want him. WildDad doesn't want him. WildMom doesn't want him. Nobody wants him.


No. 532425


all kiwis are welcome here imo. hello casual! hello anom! welcome and bring all your cocks!

No. 532743

CatParty? Is that you?

No. 533018

File: 1521495187172.jpg (13.08 KB, 356x82, hi snow.JPG)

Sup /snow, hmu with your feedback on how we could make BP less shit. In return i will try to answer your drama questions and what not, just remember that my hands are kinda tied with how much i can say given my position.

No. 533020

This crossover episode is making my Monday tbh.

No. 533037


You could try having some actually funny cows rather than Bunny, Tati and the rest of the girls cuter than you that you like to hate on, fat batch.

No. 533231

Agreed, I'd spend a lot more time on kf if the cows were interesting to me - outside of raven and AL. As it stands, the bp seems sickly, not enough incoming milk to keep up with my favorite heffers.

No. 533555

LMAO okay and I bet you're such a beauty yourself huh? I get that you're jealous of me because I can get laid whenever I want and have power and respect on a real website that actually matters while you're stuck here screeching your rage into the wind. So sad, too bad, maybe I'll tell Josh your concerns when we're chatting… then again probably not bc I literally don't care what you think.

No. 533559

I think CasualSeppuku is a hot goth, and I would have sex with her.

No. 533568


hey casual, thanks for stopping by.

it seems like BP has less dedicated autists than we have here at lc regarding the cows; so much so that it feels like discussion there isn't as, um, robust as we get it going here. is it that BP kiwis are in general less interested in obtaining cocks and more interested in the disco?

i've thought that the fact that you guys use names keeps you from sperging, but it also seems to keep things a little bit more meh than lc, which admittedly trips balls about stupid shit like nasolabial folds, but sometimes that can be really fun. do you think BP could be made more exciting, somehow? i feel like the onion and raven boards are way behind ours. i cross check both places hoping to get scoops but we usually beat you to it.

do you have any favorite cows? do you guys hang out in the discord and party? is dynastia actually a nice guy once you get past the doxing? who's your favorite staff member?

No. 533571

Pretty much this. idgaf what John Goodmanon has done in terms of being shitty, they seem smart and I feel for them and they should come post here too. Divorce is always a fucking nightmare.

No. 533572

>have power and respect on a real website
Lmao. This is something people aspire to nowadays?

No. 533573

Are we here to talk about the KF userdom or are we here to make the beauty parlor a better place to be? Hmmm.

Bring the gossip please. If you don't namefag you can say what you want.

No. 533579

File: 1521528757971.jpg (25.72 KB, 417x133, hi lolcow.jpg)

>Stop liking things i don't like
I mean, i don't follow any of the cows you pointed out and nothing is preventing you from getting your rotting cunt out of the chair and making threads on cows you find funny.

Hi, i agree with you on having less dedicated autists. On the discussion thing, i think it might gradually change overtime. When BP became a thing, we had to cull a lot of retarded posting that boiled down to "hurr durr id bang her/she is ugly" from users that have absolutely no real interest in BP. I don't think it could have been prevented give the site already had a big userbase that was bound to check out the new toy but i do feel it somehow hurt the girlcentric image of the board. What you said about kiwis being more interest in discussion might be true, do you have any idea how we could change that?

To make BP more exciting i think we would need new posters. Most threads have their subculture and people are less likely to check new BP threads for a plethora of reasons (for example, BP threads are never featured to prevent the usual pack of autists to flashmob the thread and try to farm ratings). Another thing that could be interesting would be if there was a way to anon post as long as you have an account, might prod ppl to act cuntier which could be pretty funny.

I have a few favorite lolcows. BP related i really like Momokun, Onion, Luna and Toopoor(which your thread is waaaaaaay better btw). And for non-BP cow i'd recommend everyone to check Chloe Quinn, the most pathetic tranny chaser that decided to become a tranny.

KF has a discord that people use for weekly movie nights, i never went there so i can't speak about it.

I like Dynastia, he makes things interesting, even when he does stuff like this: >>533555

And for favorite staff member i feel like it would be unfair to choose a favorite one because im friends with several of them.

Think that was all, have a screenshot of Dynastia reporting me for being a dumb bitch.

No. 533725

>Hi, i agree with you on having less dedicated autists. On the discussion thing, i think it might gradually change overtime.
>What you said about kiwis being more interest in discussion might be true, do you have any idea how we could change that?

A foundational chunk of the kf bp user base was poached from gomi, so it inherited that culture of rampant speculation and armchair diagnosis as opposed to good hard cocks. In some threads it dominates, whereas in others it gets shut down.

Keeping up-to-the-minute with a cow requires a certain amount of creepy mega-autism, and it seems like some anons who bring fresh content here are shy about posting on kf under a unique identifier and having that autism laid bare. But if you're not a loser like Gir/Placebo who can't stop wallowing in manure and bragging about it in the third person, that's an unfounded concern.

>BP threads are never featured to prevent the usual pack of autists to flashmob the thread and try to farm ratings

Could bp threads be featured only within bp and not sitewide?

sage for autism and lack of cocks.

No. 533788

Chill, you asked for suggestions so prepare for harsh ones since the BP subfourm could be a lot better. The Tati thread is really bad, she's going to dry up in a couple of weeks if she hasn't already. The Toopoor thread could also be improved if Null stopped thirsting after her, it just makes it okay to theist after anyone on the BP subfourm.

Right now it's just stale aside from the Onion, Luna, and Moomoo threads. Search around for canidates a bit better, I feel like people are too lazy on BP.

No. 533804

CS, I don’t think your disco is bad, per se, it’s just that KF BP threads can sometimes be dry, for lack of a better word, where ours get balls to the wall crazy. That’s not meant to be a dig on the posters, but sometimes the sperging in a thread where, say, the Onions are acting up can get super funny here because we’re sperging, and speculating and tinfoiling. It’s why the Tempcow board was so popular. It was chatting in real time about stupid bullshit, but it also produced some funny shit and some great art. It also had a lot of tards touching the poop, so yeah. The quality of your posts tend to be better, but there are some posters there who are weird, because they don’t really fit in there, but they wouldn’t fit in here, either.

I think it’s that you also have to be guarded wrt powerleveling. I know it’s for the safety of the user base, and especially on BP that rule is a good deal more lax than what you’d see in other parts of KF, but sometimes you just want to lose your shit over a cow, which is also kind of breaking a forum rule.

For example, the Shay-gnar thread here is filled with shots of her nasty, disease ridden cunt, and then anons have a field day bitching about how she shouldn’t shave or wax what looks to be every.single.day but does anyhow, and we get a nice froth going. I’m getting a little frothy just thinking about how filthy she looks. I don’t know if you could do that on Kiwi, unless you had some sort of anon system for the board, or unless Josh relaxed his stance on those rules. I assume the concern is that said behavior could spread to other parts of the forum, and it’s discouraged for that reason?

It’s kind of a shit problem and I don’t see an easy solution. Do you still have guest accounts? Maybe some kind of permanent anon account would work, but I have no idea if Josh would go for that.

It’s kind of nice that you have some beauty threads now, but they seem to be very slow.

Why is Gir/Placebo allowed to stick around, actually? She touched the poop, she doxed herself for e-fame, and she’s an attention whore. It’s pretty fucking sad, but I thought what Josh did was funny and I hope she never gets the ability to delete posts again, because she’s retarded.

Sorry, don’t know if any of this has been useful to you. Come back as anon and fling some shit at the walls, if you want!

No. 533824

I think ratings actually hurt KF. It makes the place sit uncomfortably between an imageboard and plebbit. It was okay when it was just the older posters, they didn’t seem to abuse it, but wew. What the fuck is ‘thunkful’ even there for?

I had no idea that og BP was GOMI-heavy, but that makes sense. I have to go read Anna’s thread now, fuck.

No. 533855

dyndyn gave us inside drama.

Tell us about people on kf you love and hate. We wanna hear about inside drama.

No. 533927

this thread is making me sad. kiwis need to come here and start dropping cocks on everyone. only dyn came correct. proxy up and anon.

want to ask one question about null but it’s not drama related, more admirable. is he honestly that much of a free speech autist? he digs his heels in hard.

No. 534243

considering he named his new company 'final solution hosting', you can probably guess what sort of freeze peaches he's most interested in.

No. 534271

File: 1521588732023.jpg (6.77 KB, 200x169, 2f7.jpg)

the only thing I have beyond just "this person has spergy posts" is that Sinner's Sandwich is really easily triggered
if you negrate her she'll delete her post and repost it just to get rid of the rating, or just delete it entirely and revenge rate you dumb 5 times
she also seems to constantly post pissed off but pussies out when anyone disagrees with her

No. 534273

The FitVeganGinger thread is going great after ours died a long time ago.

No. 534438

Never noticed, but probably will now.

No. 534678

No. 534730

File: 1521615986228.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384, 1521020043632.gif)

> worried we'd bully her for being a fat goth
> reacts like this
It's showing that you're underage

No. 534735

>power and respect on a real website that actually matters
>power and respect on a website

I dunno what's more hilarious.Thinking that a niche forum about laughing at bizzare online personalities is an important website or that being admin on a site means being above mere mortals

No. 534740

Okay, my questions for you kiwi farmers:
> Why does Dyn (or more people?) hate CatParty?
> Why does nobody like WildChild?
> Why are all of you so obsessed with doxxing everybody?

Also, like some anons already said: the rating system is shit. It feels like people are 'afraid' to downvote certain popular users, like you two, but obviously don't hesistate to do so with normal ones.

No. 534741

File: 1521619046929.gif (145.76 KB, 200x150, izzysass(1).gif)

LOL watch out girls you might run out of peanut butter and JELLY sandwiches. Green's not your color anyway.

No. 534749

File: 1521620451739.gif (1.97 MB, 450x253, 09-18-29-money-dick-power.gif)

You are right, I am so jealous about you hoarding kiwifarms' whole supply to yourself. Watch out

No. 534759

File: 1521623009792.jpg (76.83 KB, 640x920, 050fe157e8e8ab493227025a717245…)

Why are you here, if you're still this childish and sensitive?
Either spill some drama or leave.

No. 534782

File: 1521629021432.gif (752.94 KB, 244x190, imdynbtwlol.gif)


LMAO okay you people are ridiculous. I'm an actual mod on Kiwi Farms and you stupid poors don't even have accounts there (or if you do you're shit nobodies with no friends, no supporter status, and hardly any positive ratings).

Meanwhile, I get to run my own subforum. I get to talk to Josh every day on discord and he actually values my input and suggestions. You can sit here being fat and salty all you want, keep pretending it doesn't hurt how better than you I truly am. LOL

No. 534788

File: 1521630299365.gif (437.55 KB, 497x548, anime-fangirl-gif-10.gif)

> I get to talk to Josh every day on discord

And weren't you the fat one…?

No. 534789


This can absolutly not be for real. No one can be so pathetic as to brag about the stuff you typed.

It has to be a bad troll.

No. 534794

True. If she's american, it would be probably too early for her.

No. 534795

File: 1521631670691.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 12-24-37-db0.jpg)

Who the fuck is Josh and why we should be jealous of your relationship with him?
Please tell me that you are trolling us. Otherwise I find it hard to believe you are not 13 with how srs you treat being the queen of spergatory.
You are hilarious, please DO go on

No. 534801


Peep that gif name.

No. 534802

File: 1521632177897.jpg (19.5 KB, 633x376, tsipras is not sure if its a j…)

You idiots, that's Dynasty trolling you guys. There's no stopping anyone from typing in "CasualSeppuku" and shitposting.

No. 534803


Was it him the whole time tho?

No. 534805


No. 534806

Dynasty, tell me, do posters orbit you and Josh? Do you ever get posters hitting up your DM's with FEMALE nudes? (I don't care about the poor saps sending you dicks that you've convinced that you're in reality Jessica Nigri or some shit)

Do people try to catfish you?

No. 534807

File: 1521632889235.gif (4.88 MB, 600x600, clap.gif)

Great, you had your fun.
Now please do us the favor and answer more questions.

No. 534809


>do posters orbit you and Josh?

I guess? There's definitely a lot of sucking-up and notice-me-sempai but I think there really has to be some level of encouragement before that can develop into full-on orbiting. Josh and I are both pretty hostile and abusive to people we think are blowing our trombones.

>Do you ever get posters hitting up your DM's with FEMALE nudes?

Nudes, no. Lewds, yes. I can't remember anyone ever sending unsolicited full-frontal nudies, but sometimes there'll be totally gormless 'hi this is me' messages with pics from people I've barely even spoken to with shit like suggestive poses, pressed cleavage, underwear shots and the occasional bare titty. I don't share them publicly because for all I know they're trying to use me to hurt somebody else, but I do laugh at them and tell them to fuck off.

>Do people try to catfish you?

Probably. I'm married and don't respond to might-not-be-just-a-joke flirting. If anyone tried to catfish me they probably got told to fuck off really quick and decided it wasn't gonna work.

Ask 'em.

No. 534810

No. 534813


Placebo/Gir hasn't been active on KF in over 5 days.

No. 534817

>Why does Dyn (or more people?) hate CatParty?
I don't really hate CatParty, we just have a playful rivalry and fuck with each other for fun. He's a fun guy.

>Why does nobody like WildChild?

WildChild is irritating.

>Why are all of you so obsessed with doxxing everybody?

Doxing is fun.

>the rating system is shit.

Yes, absolutely.

The upside is it cuts down on worthless "I agree" and "+1" style posting, which got to be a real problem as the userbase grew bigger. People can just give a sticker now and it doesn't clutter up threads. That's why we instituted the ratings system, and that's why we still have it. The alternative would be far more draconian moderation, because people always seem to have a natural compulsion to say 'I agree' when they agree with something.

If you're on KF and getting discouraged by dumbrates, don't worry. Ratings are worthless and caring about them is dumb. There will always be cancerous popularity-contest echo-chambery group-thinky mean-girls bullshit over ratings, but at the end of the day they're just meaningless stickers that you shouldn't care about, and anyone who gets riled up over them ends up being mocked relentlessly for it.

And yes, it's unfair that your dumb posts get rated dumb and my dumb posts get rated winner. That absolutely does happen, and I think it's stupid. But KF stickers are not reddit upboating, your posts won't get hidden, your account won't get penalised, and shitdribbling retards with nothing important to add can click the 'agree' button and feel like their opinion matters.

No. 534824

Why do you spend so much time on the internet, writing on dumb sites, doxxing etc, when you're already married and (i assume) no longer that young?
That's pretty sad

No. 534826

File: 1521637413884.gif (953.33 KB, 245x245, somuchfun.gif)

No. 534835

File: 1521638501440.jpeg (86.61 KB, 600x339, 7367E270-8CE2-4C56-83C1-512FC4…)

>Lol totes trolled yew guize by acting like a powertripping autist using an admins name for attention!!1

But you suck joshs peen on the daily and pop up everytime your names mentioned to namefag, wk yourself, brag about using/being close to null (like that’s something to brag about), be annoying, attention whore and act like a cringy tard all the time sooo where the fuck the troll at when that’s literally how you speak KEK

TFW your trolling personality is literally the same as your real personality.

No. 534839

How old are you?

No. 534842

If you are CS and not a troll then uh, wow I'm surprised you're a mod of all things.

Being close to someone like Null, who won't ever get a job and sits on his assistant doing nothing all day, isn't exactly something to be proud of lol.

No. 534848

lol you sure showed me


I still came here primarily to drop goss on notable kiwis, not to field weird personal questions about myself and give my dumb opinions on how KF is run. It's rad and all but c'mon. Give me names, and if I know anything juicy about them I'll post it.

No. 534849


Not CS. Keep up, anon!

No. 534910

Whatever happened to Chimpburgers? He dropped off the face of the planet, did he get remorse about making threads on so many weird people?

I just find it odd since his threads are still active on the site.

No. 534911


How many KF users themselves have become worthy of threads? Got any favourites?
I also heard a prolific member went on a failed shooting. Is that true?

No. 534922

What’s really troubling me is this: what if the sensible anon was also Dyn getting fed up and tired of shitposting because he was like Jesus, these fucking people are too stupid.

Then I realize he would never get tired of shitposting.

Dyn, you mentioned earlier you didn’t like the PVCC. You’ve also said you don’t care too much about cows, so was the dislike rooted in their tactics, or…? You also seemed to be genuinely kind to Jay Geis’ hapless girlfriend. Did you honestly feel sorry for her?

Do you have any shit that just triggers you? Is there a situation where you will go full life ruination for what you see as someone’s bad behavior?

Are you a history buff? Were you on debate team as a kid? You’re good at position switching without losing much steam, my husband is also a massive shitposter and did debate all through university. The style is similar. Were you surprised or a little star struck when weev showed up?

If you don’t like any of those questions; could you talk about any or all of the following: likeicare, Marvin, Geth, Otter Party?

I feel like this is turning into the 20/20 Dynastia interview, wew.

CS, if you’re still around and you want to poach users, would you consider opening more /g/ type boards on BP?

No. 534924

No. 534931

Not Dyn but secret cabals are for retards. PVCC is goofy.

No. 534934

No. 534936

What about Secret Asshole? Anything on them?

Sinner’s Sandwich is def cow.

No. 534937

why did anominous lose their mod position?

No. 534941

Has Laurelai ever made good on any of their threats against the Farms?

No. 534942

General thread question, but kinda OT so polite sage, why do people bother with troll’s remorse? When Terryberry died a lot of people were covering their asses and spitting a lot of bullshit which felt more gross than the shit they said when she was alive.

No. 534944

What’s up with Yellow Yam Scam? They post weird shit lately. Did they lose their mind or are they just drunk?

No. 535023

Dyn mentioned earlier that CasualSeppuku is from Lago Sul, Brasilia.
If she really lives there I'm
genuinely impressed. She must come from a family of politicians or entrepreneurs. Nobody has that kind of money without being involved in a corruption system.
Also if you're that rich why are you wasting your life modding a niche forum anyways. Travel the world, go study abroad or something. Don't waste your time like that.

No. 535031

gir got shamed hahahah

No. 535034


SS is fine? Tragi-Chan is someone else that I like.

Is Mariposa Electrique disliked by people, no one interacts with her much. Any story behind that?

No. 535042

Tell us all you know about some of the mods that do more than lurk around and you havent mentioned.






yawning sneasel

No. 535049

Scroll up dude Meowth at the least was discussed, someone asked about her being a closet Columbiner.

I want to know about Rio (mostly fucked off?) Ride, and Ruin.

No. 535052

Samefag but I feel like Gallus Mag must have a login, if they’re not an active poster. She’s not active on gendertrender much any longer, I always thought she fucked off to KF since they get favorable mentions on GT.

No. 535056

idk why so many people remained riled up after this was posted >>533579
>I like Dynastia, he makes things interesting, even when he does stuff like this:

I've been reading through the Shadman thread on KF and this Sidon's Fleshlight person seems like an autist with a vendetta. I think Shadman is abhorrent and dumb as much as anyone else, but I dunno. That poster just gives me weird vibes?
Also I don't know if KF similarly looks down upon posting your own chatlogs and shit like LC does (without providing actual milk) but I was a bit surprised no one called out Sidon's Fleshlight for obviously being the person sending asks in this post:
I mean compare Sidon's avatar to the tumblr name trap gerudo link?
Seems they were/are on Shad's discord and post more on his thread than anywhere else. Idk maybe there isn't anything noteworthy here but they seem annoying and attention whorey.

No. 535116

File: 1521665575883.jpg (19.41 KB, 674x64, Capture.JPG)

Yeah, i believe gomi and YTT users were the foundation of BP, ppl from other places came a bit later. Also i don't know why the content hunters here are afraid to post there, as long as you don't make it about you we can cover any minor slip ups you have for the sake of keeping discussion going.

Board specific featured threads is something that can't happen atm, maybe on xenforo2.

I don't think our discussion is bad most of the time but it's very different. That's why i cross check threads, i enjoy the shit flinging that happens here but i also like the more concise discussion we have in some BP threads. I don't want people to stop posting here, i just want more people to cross-post.

As far as shit flinging in KF, im not sure it has the right atmosphere for it. The one time we were lax with it, the AL thread, it developed in a huge shitshow that while funny, wasn't good for KF as a community imo.

As for the anon posting, it's not possible atm but it might be once the forum gets moved to Xenforo2 so let's see what the future holds.

The beauty threads are ok but it suffers from the don't powerlevel rule. It's fine to post your facial routine and w/e but very few kiwis feel comfortable to post more personal experiences and/or pictures of what they are talking about.

I was away from KF when the whole Gir/Placebo doxing herself happened so i'm in no position to do anything about the situation now that it was already dealt with. Altho let's be honest, she would probably just sock back in and it's better to have her on restrictions but on plain view, at least for now, no?

I think i covered it all anon, hmu if i missed something.

That's funny because even if you delete a post the ratings stick around with you so it's not like she is actually doing anything by that besides showing she gets bothered by it.

>idk why so many people remained riled up after this was posted >>533579
Pic related


I can answer part of that, i regularly talk with yawning sneasel and ride.

>yawning sneasel

Dude is a weird college professor from MI, is old enough to be my father and has a weirdly nasal voice. Tried to transition in the past but gave, supposedly the voice training he did while trannying out is why his voice is weird up to this day. Is currently an alcoholic tranny chaser and has a reasonable risk of unemployment in the future thanks to a charge of misconduct that he never tells me what is about. Oh yeah, he also told me several times that he thinks i should be a pole dancer so he is kind of an asshole.


Really good doxer and we share some interests outside lolcows (literature/anime). Nothing really juicy to talk about them, they work as a librarian and is ok financially. The weirdest thing i can think of is that they are biracial and transexual, which makes the monokuma avatar they usually use have some extra layers of meaning and autism.

Besides YS and Ride that i mentioned earlier, i really like entropyseekswork, Cricket, multiverse, takemetoyourgrave and John Webster just to name a few

And for people i hate, there isn't many, most people that i find really annoying end up banned eventually (not because of me, because they were shit), only person i can say i dislike is Nightstar who posts in the Onision thread bc they clutter it with autism and bad joke attempts.

And if you want autistic drama, one of the girls involved in the Cuck Norris drama got into a ddlg with a kiwifarms staff lmao.

Lastly thots, what cows would you like to see KF threads on? I'm shit at writing OPs but if there is interest i could get someone to get a thread or two rolling.

No. 535118

File: 1521665779022.jpg (46.37 KB, 246x192, 1.jpg)

What you are seeing here is the primary symptom of any community sufficiently gullible.

No. 535162

who cares if any of the milk is real, you (or the users anons are catfishing as) are all some randos on an autistic website. As long as it's entertaining.

No. 535306

Its ironic seeing you say that when you sit on your ass all day and do nothing. Bitcoin won't last forever you know.

No. 535312

like pottery

No. 535313

as if Dull would post here lol

No. 535398

Yeah that was all an act. Dyn's talked to a lot of people about those dox being fakes he planted to cause confusion.

See above

Katsu is trans, she left to focus on a coding career (iirc). But some /cow/boys claim that she went dark and is Feline Darkmage now. But that's probably fake.

Hedgehog and Marvin were informed of the "Idea Guy" troll prior to everyone else figuring out who was doing it. Idea Guy was very controversial because people saw him as unfunny. So people got mad at them for enabling him despite "Do not touch the poop" being a rule on the forum.

Idea Guys name was Joshua, funnily enough.

He's a self-loathing Arab-American gymfag. Apparently he's a teacher. People joked about him being that Charlottesville Attack driver but he actually ragequit sometime after that?

I think the swing isn't as extreme as people say. But yeah, Null gets pissy about politics a lot. It seems to be lessening the more the alt-right embarrasses itself in Internet Bloodsports and Null is forced to realize a lot of these people are lolcows.

Melchett posts a lot in BP, but she's actually pretty chill seeming.

Legit that was the worst decision Null ever made in regards to having/not having a thread.

LiC's a dick but arguably what he was saying wasn't wrong.

WC got doxed by a lolcow and then scammed by a tranny (Typhoid Mary) who is now banned from KF for being a piece of shit.

Typhoid Mary used to date infamous rat kings cow Richard "Fire" Terra Jones.

thunkful is a shitpost rating that Null added because null is a crazy person and he does random shit.

I know that Sinners is from Germany and spergs a lot about trannies, like really a serious hateboner beyond a normal GC reddit post. I'm talking the kind of posts that GC would delete for being to over-the-top.

I think he's one of the shitposters like catparty.

Mariposa is fine tbh. Posts a lot about trannies kinda like SS but is far less aggro about it, probably not a cow. She's from Spain.

No. 535417

>Yeah that was all an act. Dyn's talked to a lot of people about those dox being fakes he planted to cause confusion.

uh huh. nice retcon.

No. 535449

File: 1521685815508.png (21.21 KB, 1051x97, mistake.png)

Answering questions, I'm skipping over the 'tell us about X poster' for now and I'll do them all later.

>Whatever happened to Chimpburgers?
Chimpburgers guessed Richard "Terra" Jones' security questions and got access to his linkedin, and then used it to send gross Terra nudes to Terra's boss, which got him fired or his contract ended or something.

A lot of people criticised him for this because it was stupid, meanspirited, and super illegal, and I think that's when it sunk in that there are irl consequences for this, he was making enemies so fast he couldn't even remember them all, and his 'friends' weren't gonna stick by him through thick and thin. He left pretty shortly afterwards to 'focus on university' but I personally feel that incident just sucked the fun out of KF for him.

>How many KF users themselves have become worthy of threads?
Anyone with the 'halal' tag was 'approved for consumption'. My favourite was Neil Venegas probably I had a lot of fun there.

>I also heard a prolific member went on a failed shooting.

A 'prolific' member didn't, but two minor members did. Somebody else has already posted details. Lindsay Souvannarath (pic related) was a half-Laotian neo-nazi columbiner who tried to shoot up a mall in Halifax but got arrested at the airport, William Atchison was an alt-right white supremacist pepefag who tried to take a classroom hostage to force the media to cover his suicide, fucked it up and shot two kids dead prematurely before being foiled by a teacher pushing a couch up against the classroom door so he couldn't get in. Lindsay posted a lot more on Iron March forums, and William was an EDF and blockland sperg.

There was also a third guy who got so mad that the janitors threadbanned him so he claimed he was going to shoot up an upcoming PAX. Null reported him to the FBI and after a knock'n'chat he never came back.

>Dyn, you mentioned earlier you didn’t like the PVCC.
I don't care what they did to Chris, all the people I've met from PVCC are embarrassing faggots and I dislike them on a personal level.

>Jay Geis’ hapless girlfriend. Did you honestly feel sorry for her?

I just wanted to take away something he cared about.

>Are you a history buff? Were you on debate team as a kid?

I like history but debate teams are for smug stupid cunts.

>Were you surprised or a little star struck when weev showed up?

No. Weev was bound to show up sooner or later, he loves that internet dramz and it's not like he can get it on Daily Stormer. I was only really a star-struck idiot when Team Fancy Bear turned up.

>why did anominous lose their mod position?
He actully resigned in a temper tantrum when it was becoming clear Hillary was going to lose the election.

>Has Laurelai ever made good on any of their threats against the Farms?
lol no

>why do people bother with troll’s remorse? When Terryberry died a lot of people were covering their asses and spitting a lot of bullshit which felt more gross than the shit they said when she was alive.
Because they're shameful hypocritical cunts.

No. 535455

Why do you guys tolerate spergs like OwO in your midst

No. 535466

>I know that Sinners is from Germany and spergs a lot about trannies, like really a serious hateboner beyond a normal GC reddit post. I'm talking the kind of posts that GC would delete for being to over-the-top.
I vaguely remember her posting about how she knew this trans person irl and would constantly browbeat them about not being a real girl. It came off really creepy and obsessed imo. I don't know if they have a history or something but she's clearly in way too deep.

No. 535583

I’m pretty stoned right now and this thread is fun also

I just read the Medium article what the fuck are k-farmers, this is hilarious and weird, I’m out of questions but thanks to both of you, I hope this thread continues.

No. 535655

File: 1521718544064.png (76.7 KB, 188x242, sneasel.png)

I don't know anything about Sinner's Sandwich, Secret Asshole. Yellow Yam Scam is a chronic drunkposter from Madrid or some shit. I didn't miss these ppl I just don't know shit about them.

As far as I know Mariposa Electric mostly just posts in the kind of closed-community single-cow-poster threads like Amberlynn and Chantal, so she doesn't really fit in with them because she's not one of those screeching YTT thots. I don't know anything about her or her personal life, and I don't think there's any actual drama or story behind it.

>Meowthkip, wagglyplacebo
Already talked about them.


Ride is an early-20's kid from Częstochowa, basically a NEET but living off a (sizeable) inheritence. He won't ever run short of money so long as he doesn't piss it all away or have kids. He does volunteer at a public library two days a week as part of some kind of therapy he's in, but barely leaves the house aside from that. The only things I know him to get excited about or open up over is doxing techniques and his cat, which is basically with him 24/7. He even takes his cat to work with him riding on his shoulders, which is fucking adorable and also how he picked his name. He's a very quiet and reserved person in general.


Trombonista is an oldfag dating back as far as the PVCC days. She's early 30's, lives in New Jersey. Works from home doing something with computers. There was an ancient drama about other members of PVCC trying to pressure her into catfishing Chris, and he called her his girlfriend a couple of times despite her wanting nothing to do with it and never personally interacting with him. cogsdev eventually expelled her from PVCC for not going along with the catfishing and she washed up in cwckiforums later down the line. She seems like a decent enough person.


Valiant is a fat salty sped from Sydney who lives with her parents on Australian welfare and has to work at a secondhand store in a work-for-welfare scheme. She looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman. The only things she likes is stirring up drama between female kiwis, eating nandos, playing Skyrim with sex mods installed, and writing robot-fetish sex fanfiction. She's been cautioned by Null like 8 times for being a fat salty drama-whore screeching for blood and drama. I met up with her at a food court when I was over about a year and a half ago and she came across as was painfully autistic with the personality of a wet sponge. She's fat.

>yawning sneasel

Pic Related. Sneasel is somewhere in his 50's, teaches some kind of Marxist economy class in Ann Arbor. Failed tranny with degenerate fetishes (actual furry and tranny-chaser, and way too passionate about creampie porn). He used to hang out in the lolcord a bit so I'm sure some of you reading this have chatted with him. He's an alright guy, pretty good doxer and funny as fuck sometimes. A few months back he was drama-whore crying about how he's going to lose his tenure over getting caught having dinner with a female student or something, but nobody ended up wanting to make a big thing out of it and he's just going to quietly transfer to Iowa State until he retires and ekes out the rest of his twilight years alone and unloved by any of the qt traps he tries to get noticed by through doxing them.

>Why do you guys tolerate spergs like OwO in your midst
Why wouldn't we? We're all spergs. She's done nothing so abhorrent or disruptive as to warrant a permaban, and if she's shameless enough to wear her degenerate fetishes and interests on her sleeve then good for her. It's Kiwi Farms, we're all broken spastic spergs, secretly or otherwise, and we don't much go for overly draconian moderating or kicking out the unpopular kids unless they're causing serious problems.

No. 535680

File: 1521723076687.jpg (39.38 KB, 640x608, 1504996344709.jpg)

Macaquinha, só porque você teve dinheiro pra comprar moderação (sendo de Brasilia, dinheiro provavelmente lavado kek) de um site lixo que não tem relevância nenhuma na vida real não significa que você "ganhou na vida", apenas significa que você tem dinheiro a disposição, que duvido muito que seja advindo do seu trabalho, e que passou muito tempo na internet lambendo o saco das pessoas certas.

No. 535683

Btw, if you are not a troll and actually are from Brasilia, reply in Portuguese.

No. 535685

File: 1521723961424.png (420.66 KB, 539x668, harakudoshi.png)

>Pic Related.
Nice try, dyn. That's just a picture of some old furry you found online.

My favorite kf moment was in the Vade thread, where a pedophile showed up to say they were better than Vade, followed by a bestiality fan, and then an incest enthusiast. It seemed like every degenerate among the kf user base was lining up to be doxed and mocked by other posters who turned out to be even worse degenerates.

Pic related - that's the incest guy and his incredible hat.

No. 535717

Is doxing more google sleuthing these days or is there still an element of social shit behind it?

No. 535729



No. 535752

I never knew that about Chimpburgers, jesus. He did go too far, but I feel like a lot of people on the site lately are going too far when it comes to doxxing and trolling people. Null needs to strength these rules but he likely never will, sigh.

Most of the people on KF use Google to doxx people, yeah. Or they just post whatever people have put out for their home address and phone number for all to view.

No. 535846

There are a few who try to social engineer info out of people. Mainly it is girls being incredibly obvious about what they are doing, but they are successful because guys are retarded.

No. 535882

I thought Marvin in particular was big with the “you need to leave Chris alone shit” tho? Loser.

No. 535897

Dyn, is there any info/dirt on Sidon's Fleshlight? I guess maybe not since it wasn't answered, but there's always the chance my post here >>535056 (the latter half) was missed or overlooked.

This is entertaining regardless of the amount of validity.

No. 535928


>yawning sneasel

Dude is a weird college professor from MI, is old enough to be my father and has a weirdly nasal voice. Tried to transition in the past but gave, supposedly the voice training he did while trannying out is why his voice is weird up to this day. Is currently

YS is vehemently denying that he lives in Michigan or is working at a college as a professor (totes not the reaction of someone who isn't guilty, right?). Do you have any info to verify or any other intel on him that he can't bullshit his way out of?

No. 535945

Oooh, I like multiverse and entropy also. Good call, they always have something interesting to say.

No. 535950

why does it matter?? just leave the guy alone. hes just some loser who likes to shitpost, maybe he is all those things maybe he isnt. none of it matters. leave it be.

No. 535951

What happened to Wildchild?

No. 535960


Well hello there, Mister Sneasel. Oops! Ahem. Sorry. You're definitely not Sneasel. wink

No. 535968

Dyn, do you have any info on Uncanny Valley or Cosmos? Never liked those bitches.

No. 535975

I'm not. I am just saying that you are mentally ill and are liable to do something illegal that will damage your life and the life of someone else. Think these things through before you do them. You don't know the full story behind a complex man on the other side of the keyboard. He could be a great person who just got caught up in the action.

No. 535983


Yawning Sneasel: CONFIRMED!

No. 535995

No. 536021


>Dat fucking essay by Flowers for Sonichu

Has he always been a flaming faggot?

No. 536058

how many times is this going to be asked? read the thread.

No. 536069

oh dear Dyn or CS, quench my thirst: do you know who's the guy in Sebben Crudele's avatar? i'd like to see more pics of whoever that is.

No. 536129

I did. The question wasn't answered yet.

No. 536158

YS is completely filling his diaper over at the farms tonight, desperately denying everything that's been said about him here. His response to >>535995 is "lol I was joking.". Because saying you're from Michigan is supposed to be a joke, I think?

Funniest bit is when one of his co-spergs defends YS's fetishes. If anyone they were targeting was said to have such a kink, we all know these retards would be snickering about it for years and act like their victim was the perviest pervert ever. Their levels of hypocrisy go off the charts.

No. 536181


And there's the expected Kiwi's usual thread-jacking tactic called the "Don't talk about me. Talk about that other guy over there!" defense.

It may surprise you to realize that more people than just Mike hate Kiwi Farms, faggot.

No. 536184

KF is cool because they have a thread on sarah nyberg. Used to know them way back in the day and remember when he got permabanned from a few forums we both went to for talking about his 8 year old gf. Someday I will make a kf account to spill tea.

No. 536199

Why? What has him so mad that he is hijacking this thread.

No. 536204


LOL! He wouldn't be the only one who sees YS as a hypocritical sperg, you know. This whole thread is evidence of that.

No. 536207

No. 536208

Can someone post Hirtes dox?

No. 536211


And the Kiwi's go into Maximum Threadjack.

No. 536212


Michael, you were enthusiastically a Kiwi member until they doxed you for touching the poop with Chris and found your toering porn.

No. 536214


Kiwis, ladies & gents!

No. 536216

sneasel has a history of harassing lolcows with an offsite group. he (or she) has crossed the line several times and has had law enforcement called on him. If I remember right there was a lolcow who called the fbi on him. i know that there was a report filed with the Arizona counterterrorism unit about him and his friends. The only reason there isnt a thread about him on /cow/ is because he deletes content and people dont archive for shit.

No. 536219

Arizona? Was the cow in question Thomas Jay Wasserberg, a pedophile who thinks people should pay him to be a lolcow and that human-trafficking drug gang with CIA connections trolls him on a shitposting website for baby boomers?

No. 536220


Be a real shame if his RL name were leaked, wouldn't it? I mean, he loves to torment others and feels he's immune to any blowback.

No. 536225

How much torment have you experienced, Michael? Do you feel tormented? like a victim?

No. 536227

File: 1521764619649.jpg (104.32 KB, 1200x675, tim5.jpg)

Since Dyn didn't, i might as well talk about Rio and Ruin.


She is an canadian architect that is politically a centrist. She is rarely on kiwifarms lately since her favorite cow threads dried up and work has picked up. I think she will probably leave kiwifarms soon.


Now this is a real gem. Ruin is a married britbong with 2 kids ages 11 and 9, both boys. He is a local biz owner but i'm not sure what kind of biz it is. His marriage is in shambles after he cheated on his wife with a tranny which is hilarious because he is really homophobic. He refuses to divorce her tho because he is afraid his boys will grow up to be trannies or criminals if they are raised without a father. His wife and he "decided" to become swingers after the incident but that hasn't been working that great for him since he is quite awkward and most ppl pull away when they find out he has a scat fetish.

Only managers (blues) and up are supposed to ban people, so unless she starts blatantly breaking rules she won't get banned for being unpopular.

They are based. They single handle keep some threads alive.

>Uncanny Valley
She is just a preppy girl from Puerto Rico that shitposts in her free time, don't really get why you hate her.


Another britbong, this time a budhist. She works at a bakery and you can tell if her biz is doing well or not by how frequently she posts. Her posting frequency is directly inverse to her work requests, quite amusing. Also don't really get why you hate her, besides some long posts on trannies.

FFS is and always was a faygo fueled faggot.

We will welcome you with open arms anon!

It appears to be a random male model that was used as a cover in a smut book, i'm too lazy to properly search it atm.

Also still want to know what lolcows you thots want threads on.

Random picture bc i cant be arsed to get a decent one atm.

No. 536237


That damn dirty Blonald Blumpf has victimized him in his mind. Thinks that the same intelligence agencies that lied about Iraq are telling the truth about Russia. I know that Dubya and Obama had people who hated them, but the people who hate Trump like Hirtes seem legit mental.

No. 536241

Don't forget, this is a man who has only ever been acknowledged by Chris-Chan as a "troll" in the form of Chris saying he feels sorry for him.

No. 536253


You're not at KF. No one here gives a shit.

No. 536268

Ugh, seriously. All their banned users and salty tards come out of the woodwork to post endless unfunny shit nobody cares about. This is the problem with a kf thread.

No. 536269


You ripped off furries: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1284627/

You gave up a potentially lucrative career because you didn't want to give up the tugboat: https://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Furplay_(fanzine)

And he shoplifts: https://kiwifarms.net/attachments/upload_2017-7-15_14-25-34-png.248086/

Dude, you're scum.

No. 536276

No. 536279

Agreed. There's a lot of potential in a KF thread, but people like Hirtes have personal vendettas against them. Just look at how desperate he's getting to deflect in this thread.

No. 536284


Kiwis only want to talk about people they don't like. When reminded that they're no better, they immediately circle their wagons and whip out their threadjacking stunts to get the heat off them, or at least try to get the thread closed by a mod.

They've been extra twitchy ever since last year when the site got it's Paypal and Patreon yanked and can't even go to Hatreon for funding.(stop shitting up the thread)

No. 536293


Who gives a shit. The stupid tranny faggot probably killed himself, nobody cares.

No. 536314


Kiwis have been using that name a lot lately to get away with a lot of their shit. Don't let them.

No. 536328

I thought Rio was a gay trap boy/tranny. color me surprised I guess.

No. 536354

I've had several run-ins with Hirtes over the years, what a fucking prick.

Motherfucker is a scamming dickhead. He's too much of a pussy to do anything except impotently bitch online. Even made a thread about me on KF.

No. 536370


Nice try, "Not Jim Groat".

Real Jim Groat:

No. 536375


Oh, wow, a shitty hitpiece you wrote yourself about me. That's definite proof that I'm not Jim Groat. Nice to see that your arguing skills haven't improved a bit.

Give it up Hirtes. You'll slowly die alone, bitching about someone who doesn't even know you exist.

No. 536390

I think jOSH MAY HAVE DONE A FEW THINGS WRONG , BUT THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE STUFF MENTIONED IS MISUNDERSTANDING. like his "underage" thing is all from him joking (in poor tatse) and being edgy. nothing more. Josh does not like underage girls he likes women!. And he has been manipulated by people lie Yawning sneasel who have run off loyal followers and prmoated their own people to try and besmirch josh and to discredit him so they can take over the farms. Some of the most popular and loves memebrs where ran off over trumped up charges(whiteknighting)

No. 536419

I believe this is mikeula, who was a banned user from kiwi, he hit on a number of our trans users, or people he thought were trans

No. 536425

he hit on users Rio and Tempest I remember

No. 536429

>>536423 >>535960

Fuck off Mikula, and Hirtes, both of you are Untermensch and are no better than the Jews or niggers.

No. 536461

Do you guys have a Shayna thread? It should be made spicy and filled with the terrifying deets about her nasty vagine. The real milk with her is that she’s a massive shit disturber who starts drama on the daily with anyone, sometimes it seems like she fucking picks a name out of a phone book and then, when she gets the attention she’s been looking for, cries about it on her tumblr. She’s starting to branch out into z-grade porn where she gets punched in the face for fun and not surprisingly doesn’t appear to be into it. Her life is a mess and right now she appears to be sleeping on a sheet on the floor of a crappy studio instead of buying a bed like a normal human being. She also has an amazing penchant for making retard faces when she does her ‘edgeplay’.

I’m not sure if you have Jess/Binkie Princess either, but she’d work too. There are too many trainwrecks spending their time masquerading as camgirls, and might be fun for the threads since there’s a good chance they’ll show up.

Sorry for being lazy about checking first but those are my two favorite cows here. Any DD/lg type is going to be milky as fuck, they can’t help themselves and the fetish is fucking nasty.

No. 536463

Does anyone know what happened to Wildchild while they were here and why they were banned?
I think most people on Kiwi Farms want to know so they can make that information publicly available and show up every time someone does a background check associated with their name.

No. 536469

If I choose to go to KF and post I am expected to integrate.

And yet here you all are, addicted to your names and unable to post in an integrated way.

No. 536484

No. 536485


We have a Shayna thread, I’m pretty sure, but I don’t think it gets much traffic.

No. 536486

No. 536508

Dyn, what's the story behind the Arab guy with the Lion King Avatar? Wasn't he weening Chris? Is he a furfag?

No. 536524

But Fuck You managed to shoot two students dead with his pants down like a true sperg lmao.

No. 536528


He weened, then apologized melodramatically and profusely, then weened again. Every time he was called out on it, he would say he would stop but then he kept going. After he was banned, he contacted everyone he had any off-site contact with to apologize some more, and say he deserved to be banned. He also thought Dyn wanted to rape him and would ask everyone if they seriously thought Dyn would rape him and could we please tell Dyn that he was not gay.

No. 536537


No. 536586


Mikeula, stop it. How are you going to save up for top surgery if you spend all your time online ranting about Smutley and verbally fellating Null?

No. 536796

lol this deteriorated fast did people get busted for dropping cocks wtf is this nonsense oh well was fun while it lasted

No. 536854

it's just some guy threadshitting

No. 536975

It's just two banned KF users called Mikuela and Michael Hirtes shitting spastically into the thread because they're autistic and full of rage. This is why you can't have a nice Null thread btw, you'd get exactly this but 3 or 4 more of them.

I'll go back to dropping cocks when they fuck off and leave you alone, including more dirt on various mods, a yawning sneasel fulldox and a Smutley partial dox.

No. 536989

File: 1521851342445.png (9.44 KB, 558x85, smutley.png)


Im not Mikulaa my name is Smutley.(autism)

No. 536991

Nice MSpaint, you mouthbreathing retard. Holy shit.

No. 537012



No. 537017


Like I said to you on PM: geriatric, negroid, incest. Your mother's negritude is your genetic legacy; my father was brain-damaged by a coach when he was younger, his other siblings were far less paedophilic than any of your post-operative gaggle from JYHS convening at Harvey's on Thursday, anyway.(autism)

No. 537107

well now

No. 537196

You shitposting autists have succeeded in getting this thread placed on auto-sage.

No. 537198

I know nick bate tried to register. Null said if he ever showed up, his account and any posts he made would be deleted.

No. 537199

File: 1521875327843.png (69.08 KB, 800x592, Screenshot_2018-03-23-22-53-53…)

How much of a lying, thirsty KF-famewhore is Gir? Are people ever denied an account on KF "for some crazy reason"?

[pic related] refers to >>>/pt/496573 in the Raven thread.

No. 537202


Not exactly for an arbitrary "crazy reason."

Placebo is implying that a newbie tried to join and was denied. Since she outed herself as Gir, it is plausible that someone could contact her through Facebook. But based on her last stunt it is more likely that she trolled Raven again in her quest for acclaim on KF.

No. 537205


This person probably doesn’t even exist. But, giving her the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible that this person couldn’t get past the captcha.

No. 537206

please kick her to the curb, she brings shame to lc and kiwis

No. 537217

I don't think it is plausible. she's a nobody outside of kf and lc, and she has used similar bullshit before, ie when she reckoned a bunch of people commented on her FB posts to agree with her (never happened)
this is just her doing the third-person bit from another angle.

No. 537218


Because of her meddling, Raven made her OfficialRavenSparks community page private.


It's plausible in the sense that someone could contact her since she identified herself as Gir. Is it likely? No.

No. 537265

you're confusing plausible and possible. if it was someone from kf, they'd already have an account. if it was someone from here, they'd just post it here. so it is possible some random somehow decided she would be the best conduit, but it is very fucking unlikely / implausible because lol who is she.

No. 537340

>KFarmer wannabe


No. 537402

We doxed Placebo for you. Have fun.

No. 537424

No. 537429

Tiny Clanger appears to be asking for it too.

No. 537438

why doesn’t this bitch like oxtail?

do people ever try to contact other kiwis privately to attempt to put a stop to the inevitable? did gir try to talk pyrrhic and dynastia out of doxing her?

if that’s a thing that happens, i’d like to see desperate private dm’s. would be funny.

No. 537443

File: 1521914457191.png (135.62 KB, 988x528, please.png)

>Were her Gir accounts left out for a reason
Figured they were already known. We were just looking to ID her, digging through her life for things to ridicule is up to you girls. Happy hunting.

>if that’s a thing that happens, i’d like to see desperate private dm’s. would be funny.
All the time.

No. 537447

File: 1521915351908.png (445.16 KB, 972x2134, moreplease.png)

No. 537448

File: 1521915466951.png (49.53 KB, 984x245, boldstrategy.png)

This one was interesting.

No. 537478


Eh, she's not worthy of a thread. Aside from antagonising Raven and her shameless selfposting on both farms, she is milkless.

Her "clever" adaptation of Poe to insult Raven was not the first time she utilised poetry as a tool for her antagonism. In 2011 she pissed off emo girls far and wide with her opinions of Andy Sixx, his band Black Veil Brides, and his fans. A gaggle of them posted reaction videos name calling her. The incident is not noteworthy except to demonstrate that she hasn't matured in the seven years since; if anything she has devolved if her best stab at internet fame is to take aim at the low hanging fruit that is Raven's ire.

No. 537488

I’d read a entire thread of people begging to be left alone, tbh. It’s pretty milky.

Gir may or may not be worthy of a thread but she certainly needs to stop attention whoring and hopefully this was a step in the right direction for her.

No. 537495

do you have a humiliation fetish? serious question

No. 537507


assuming what he let slip about himself is true, i think he got married and settled down too early, experienced the bed death, is unable to snag other women because he's the sort of person that gets kicks out of doxxing and is now trying to desperately entertain himself.

No. 537542

Which kiwis do you think are boring? Which kiwis who don't get talked about deserve some love?

No. 537706

>not telling us she’s unworthy of a thread

No. 537854


I assume she did not try to talk anyone out of anything because she hasn’t been on the site since we’ll before it happened. Her last activity was at 7:35 and the post with her dox happened at 12:05. She was also threadbanned from Raven’s thread during this time, so when she logs back in, she’s in for a treat. If she logs back in at all. She might be lurking.

No. 537889

Absolutely I do.

Usually it's the man who has to make up the "my wife doesn't understand me" excuse. I appreciate that it's current year and all but don't you think you're coming off a little too eager?

No. 538552


Are you accusing me of being Gir? If I am, why would I be criticising her maturity?


She still has yet to log in. Her alien goldfish lizard tail is firmly between her legs.

No. 539191

File: 1522127988521.png (470.83 KB, 1189x2729, iuArS6b.png)


Gir/Placebo got caught out.

No. 539201

This gift keeps on giving.

No. 539210

Her fuckbook is down, was anyone on her friends list?

No. 539220

No. 539252


The account whose icon is in the upper right corner is still active.


The Gir account was a community page iirc.

No. 541325


The Gir account is a community. The account shown in the upper right hand corner is the personal account that set-up/manages the community. I haven't managed a community in a few years, but that is how the page appeared iirc.

No. 541855

Placebo got perma-banned and Dynastia got an one month ban from Kiwi Farms.

No. 541930

Why did Dyn catch a ban? Any info?

No. 541933

Archived the page for the cocks


No. 542061

Dyn got banned for the reason everybody does, Null is a tyrant who can't take it when somebody calls him out for being a retard. Imply Null is a birther, that's a ban. Imply null is into holocaust denial, that's ban. Call him a pedo? Ban. A pizzagater? Ban.

This time Dyn just rustled up some feathers by bringing up Cockland drama nobody on the site even cares about, except Josh. Dyn loves baiting and Josh bites worms like he eats underaged pussy.

No. 542096

That’s homo, he should come hang out.

No. 542127

File: 1522460538391.png (40.24 KB, 710x376, Capture.PNG)

No. 542276

File: 1522473697414.jpg (43.09 KB, 246x192, 1.jpg)

I got banned for threatening to dox another one of Placebo's heroin-dealing white trash family members every time she pm'd me, and Josh was worried it could be legally actionable as extortion.

Josh doesn't ban people just for making fun of him, that's retarded. We make fun of him all the time and nobody cares. The only people pushing the idea that he's running around banning anyone who makes fun of him are the obnoxious pants-shitting speds who were going to get banned the second Josh noticed them, and then decided to jump out in front of him and force him to notice them.

No. 542326


I saw the dox and wondered what happened when it disappeared.

No. 542349

Yeah, but why ban you? It seems so excessive.

No. 542725

Josh isn't stupid. Unlike Dyn who always waves his dick out, he knows when a line shouldn't be crossed.

Face it if Josh left the forum a real sperg would take over do something truly terrible, like encourage rape and violence maybe allow CP to be posted, and then Josh's life would be ruined by association. All kiwis are retarded children and he is the tard wrangler. And the tard warangler gets blamed when the autistics rape each other.

No. 543167

>Josh isn't stupid
>if josh left … a real sperg would take over

help … need oxygen … can't breathe …

No. 548323

Lol yes he is.

No. 549645

So……….about Backpage getting raided and what this might mean for the future of KF………….

No. 550529

Why? Is Kiwifarms trafficking children?

No. 550589


"4chan? At risk. 8chan? At risk.
Encyclopedia Dramatica? At risk. Kiwi Farms? At risk. Every other web forum? At risk.
Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Gab? At risk." – A very nervous Null

No. 551310


What a fucking retarded caveman he is. Literally none of those sites did what got the government interested in Backpage. I'd thought he'd be happy that child-fucking was coming to an end because he chimps out about so it much in regards to Shadman, but I guess freeze peach overtakes Trump and co saving kids.

No. 552625

Null is just paranoid in general, but this last week he's lost it. He's gone ban crazy over shit thats been happening for years on KF, and it seems like even the mods are confused.

Because of Backpage being taken down by the FBI, Null is suddenly against people contacting the FBI about possible pedophiles as well.

No. 554163

like what? examples please?

No. 555228

can you screencap some of the hilarity for us please

No. 556681

"Josh doesn't ban people just for making fun of him, that's retarded." -Dynastia, two weeks ago

Well this is ironic considering the king of /pol/ situation a few days ago.

No. 556705

File: 1523839531494.jpg (673.46 KB, 1582x1939, C2Va2BQUQAEoKJl.jpg)

lmfao anyone who defends bryan and his spastic bullshit is a bigger sperg than he is. not really the best position to take.

calm down crazy lady, lets figure out why the amendment to the CDA was a suspect thing.

first off, any legislature that passes regarding "protecting children" absolutely is not designed to protect children. no one gives a fuck about protecting children in our government, except the trump admin actually has been making incredible strides in ending childhood sexual slavery in this country. the language of FOSTA, the amendment to section 230 of the cda that protects webhosts, was so ambiguous that it is dangerous.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is one of the most important lines of legislation. It has enabled this country to be the birthplace of the information era.

>No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

This is incredible important. Not a joke important, not in a "muh freeze peach" important. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, 4chan, 8chan, Kiwi Farms, Lolcow Farm, Reddit, Imgur, every single fucking site you can think of that allows users to post content almost always hosts in the US. Even if they're a foreign company using a Country-specific TLD (like .ru for Russia), they frequently host in the US specifically because of this provision.

Whatever you think our greatest export is, it's probably not. Film, Literature, Art, and the Internet. That is our export. We host almost all the world's largest websites here, and it's because of our freedom to speech in general IN CONJUNCTION with Section 230.

Backpage, based on the attorney general's indictments, are clearly criminal. The notes about them intentionally not reporting child exploitation to NCEMC/federal agencies is disgusting. The fact their CSRs were explicitly instructed to discard emails regarding exploited minors that came from uncles and grandparents (i.e. not the parents directly) is unbelievable in its cruelty through apathy. Backpage clearly deserved to die, and its operators with it.

But it's a step closer to the edge. The end of the CDA's indemnity of hosts. You could argue it was a needed step, perhaps I would agree, but now that line is crossed. If they further pierce it, there will be problems.


No. 556723

>nice try drumpfkin, now i don't have to actually bother trying to understand the meat of your post
neck yourself you dumpy cutter(ok)

No. 556897

File: 1523861106314.jpg (481.23 KB, 731x1024, 5644190651_d420ac5a18_b.jpg)


No. 558773

File: 1524060463290.jpg (76.76 KB, 500x636, 14.jpg)

Girls, please be nicer to Josh. I've been putting my blood sweat and tears into wingmanning his burgeoning online relationship with Sencha and he's just going to sulk and refuse to put out if you all keep bullying him like this.

Like, I realise you're not exactly his biggest fans or anything but I think we can at least agree that Sencha badly needs to get laid and we're the ones who are going to suffer for it.

No. 558792

File: 1524062939908.gif (3.28 MB, 300x231, Ray-J-Stare-VH1-For-the-Love-o…)

Why, so Josh can offer her a night of low quality passion on his Dorito crumb infested couch, that probably makes a cracking sound when you sit on it due to all of the dried cum from him jacking off?

I think not Dyn. I might have been banned like a million times here already, but our girl deserves better than what you are offering. If she needs to get laid, let's just have a kickstarter for a quality manwhore. Sencha doesn't deserve to be treated like the space between the cushions on Josh's sofa.

Dyn, your taste in men is worse than Josh is at acting non-autistic.

No. 558837

>I think we can at least agree that Sencha badly needs to get laid

I volunteer. Sencha, please let me taste that sweet, sweet nectar.

No. 558842

File: 1524067006304.jpg (37.74 KB, 413x395, 1505111782929.jpg)

>tfw your role as a kiwi mod includes wingmanning for josh
He should just stick to trannies.

No. 558846

How many Farmers has he tried to get with by now? I remember at least 2 other failed attempts. Dyn, you need to step up the wingmanning game.

No. 558862

File: 1524068390237.jpg (58.18 KB, 900x506, 471031232.jpg)

Never forget:

>Joshua Conner Moon scammed a meme website out of $12,000 so that he could feel superior to a cripple and fuck with people who called him mean names now that he can no longer leak their IPs.

>In Japan, since Mochi’s visa was too expensive for me, he helped me empty some waste because my wheelchair wouldn’t fit into the Japanese bathroom in our room and he carried me in an airplane when the attendant wanted to do it in a dangerous way. I only mention this because he did — it takes a special kind of person to use their assistance to a disabled person against them in an argument, especially when that assistance was voluntary on a free vacation.

>His apartment was full of empty two liters of Coke Zero, spilled coffee and other garbage, I offered to get him a professional cleaning service and I even had my personal assistant Mochi clean up after him multiple times when he refused because he didn’t want strange people around. When the donations stopped coming, I handed him a bag of cash, told him it was an anonymous Bitcoin donation but it was really me.

>Every time he had go to The Bureau of Immigration or do anything outside of our neighborhood, he’d take me along and Mochi and I would guide the cab driver to the destination, and also find the way home.

>I thought it was normal at the time but thinking back I just don’t get why he never seemed to be able to go on his own. A cripple and his aide can’t lend a huge guy much protection…He explained it only that they didn’t understand him immediately when he talked, and he hated trying to talk to people.

>A friend of mine told me about modafinil, and since Josh mentions Adderall almost every other time I see him, I decided it would be a great way for him to experiment with something safe. I told Josh that Adderall is basically just meth pills, and he could get meth for cheaper if he was discrete, but he was convinced he needed this specific medication. I mention modafinil to him and after he doesn’t do much with it, I offer to go on a Facebook page where I saw it for sale and send a message for him and meet up with whoever. This gets him to agree.

>[…]I can’t believe that Josh won’t even work on this simple thing without drugs. I can’t believe that he would delay this until we get drugs into his system, whenever that is, no matter what they are. It’s not like these are life saving pills or he has a painful condition and needs them to focus on something other than that, he just needs them because they might help him work better, maybe, allegedly, according to some articles online. He never tried them before, so he didn’t even know if it would work.


No. 558934

File: 1524073772717.gif (889.87 KB, 276x277, 638746854.gif)

also the whole pedo thing

No. 612053

KF is selling super cute shirts right now.

No. 612061

Imagine trying to explain kiwi farms to someone who asks about your shirt. I guess the kind of person who would buy one would be avoided. I hope they have 3x available

No. 612063

Thank you for bumping this thread with your dumb post just so I could read this >>558862 masterpiece again.

I can’t wait for Joshua Moon to die of ass cancer.

No. 612064

If we had shirts I’d wear them too, besides, the designs aren’t so obvious that anyone would know what they are.

No. 612067

Am I just retarded that I can't find a link to the store? I am on mobile if that means anything.

No. 612072

File: 1529113329714.png (341.54 KB, 976x1440, xfZelNQ.png)


There's a huge banner at the top of the site on desktop. The designs aren't cute though so idk what anon's on about.


No. 612076


Thanks. Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me.

No. 612081

Its weird when people bring their internet interests in to rl. Especially when it's something super cringy like gossip forums. Leave that shit at home.

No. 612082

File: 1529114094904.jpg (256.58 KB, 1000x1440, kiwi.jpg)

to each their own i think this one is really cute

No. 612083

Sure, but it represents a website dedicating to following autists. It's a weird thing to advertise on your body. Even if it is subtle.

No. 612085

I hope another huge tranny comes after him, and gets him before he can hide in the toilet. (I still crack up thinking about that)

it kind of is but I agree with >>612081
I mean, imagine wearing a cute PULL hoodie or something. that's peak retard. and >>612072 is just straight fucking ugly

No. 612089


Lmao, these deviantART-level pillowshading drawings. He probably had one of the forum members draw them up for free. Final Solutions Hosting not working out for ya, buddy?

No. 612093

File: 1529114743637.png (57.76 KB, 1151x296, wow.PNG)

apparently some people have 50 dollar shipping depending on the country that's kinda crazy for just a gossip site shirt

No. 612096

well, i don't care too much what people think of me and most will see it as a cute shirt. so i think it'll be okay, it's not like i'm tattooing it on my body or anything. if lolcow had shirts i'd support them too.

No. 612111

File: 1529115876774.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.26 KB, 480x260, kf.jpg)

could use some better images of how it looks like worn. I went ahead and got u a mock-up, Josh

No. 612131

what happened to his little donation tracker?
goal #1: help pay for my life so I can give Mom a few dollars towards my upkeep. - achieved.
goal #2: KF Next or some shit - barely moved

No. 612136

Very cute and very telling that this shirt store has a whole page on muh freeze peaches, but only a size chart for the actual products. No FAQ, no information on what it takes to get a 'campaign' fulfilled.

No. 674225

File: 1535353114653.png (227.82 KB, 1848x1044, kf.png)

I'm not sure why Josh thinks having a subforum entirely dedicated to attempting to doxx mass shooters is going to do anything. They don't care if a bunch of spergs on some website make fun of them, so I don't know why he thinks it'll deter anyone in the future.

No. 674282

this is one of the most autistic things I have ever seen. I knew Josh had a giant ego and only a passing acquaintance with reality, but wow. is it some kind of meta joke or something?

No. 674305

File: 1535367207368.jpg (71.75 KB, 1433x492, invaluable.JPG)

holy hugbox, batman. this is like reading KiA. "we're gonna change the world with our autism, guise!1!"

No. 674313

>this is one of the most autistic things I have ever seen
I don't want to sound like a wk, but this is not as autistic as the dozens of anons we have on here who admitted to wanting to fuck said shooters…

No. 674320

We did it, Kiwifarms!

No. 674370

I'd argue that it is. We have anons admitting to all sorts of fucked up fantasies which means very little at the end of the day.
Compare that to a niche forum no-one cares about deciding to Change The Narrative on one of the most talked-about issues in the US today. No-one knows or cares about KF, and the ones who do know it mostly regard it as either a cesspit of lies and hate, or a bunch of turbo-retards jerking each other off. Who the fuck is going to care that they're making fun of dead assholes?
Some anon wanting to do the dirty in their imagination with a murderer vs. a lolcow who thinks he's important enough to issue a grand edict that doesn't make a fucking lick of sense and all his calves who eagerly kiss his ass and talk about how they're going to change the world by doxing dead people #neveragain
my original judgment stands. KiwifarmsInAction.

No. 674494

whos gonna tell OWO to read the randy stair thread and be amazed

No. 726267

Null is doing anything he can to grow the site, he has openly stated this several times. He has used current event figures to do that.

I know this is tinfoil tier, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he is doing that subboard to get better search results for more viewers/users.

No. 726287

used to know glaive… we weren't too close, but our friends group was composed mostly of heavy drug addicts and casual juggalos

then years later i find out that he admin'd wizardchan hahahah like hell that boy didn't smoke and drink with the rest of us

much respect tho, he always seemed like a nice person. just an epic troll i guess

No. 726294

That's hardly tinfoil, why else would he trumpet such a retarded (and contradictory) idea? I enjoyed recently when he went from "Ralph Retort is a huge retard who I enjoy shitting on" to "Hey everybody, I'm gonna be on Ralph's charity stream, make sure to watch me!"
KF is always going to be niche both by design and by all the fucking circle-jerking and edgy teen bullshit. I know he wants to 'make a living off it', and that's just cute.

No. 726517

Also surprised no one here mentioned it but OWO was perma banned recently. apparently she was hated by the mods and kissed up to null, or something.

No. 726552

File: 1541348741415.jpeg (401.16 KB, 1242x1006, BD5C8844-0DC8-4B86-B671-7681BD…)

basically yeah, she started drama often and mods hated to mop her shit up, plus she always talked on behalf of the whole forum

after she got de-modded she kept minimodding anyway so null eventually banned her
just to prove to the staff that he totally wasn't pussywhipped and could get rid of her anytime he wanted

classic josh rly

No. 726756

it's a fun site but only a tiny bunch of threads are worth browsing (The todokara thread is a classic by now).
Its older, tryhard members can get on the nerves, they do the same jokes in the same language and 'baiting' over and over again, but that's what icons are for. You see the user icon, your brain immediately ignores whatever that user writes.

No. 726760

There are some fissures in the community now between the old fags and new fags you can see more and more. 1/3 of the new fags seem to be /pol/ rejects. Which has caused the oldfags to circle their wagons super hard and become super elitist about the site against everything.

No. 726832

Has anyone watched his streams?

No. 726945

The Narcissa Wright one was hilarious. I don't get why he takes in phone calls in the middle, though.

No. 727013

To get engagement from the audience and retain them by making it feel like they are contributing. He does it half way through as a means of breaking up and varying the content.

No. 729902

File: 1541830018502.png (345.96 KB, 882x521, butthurt.png)

>thread with great milk on a predatory tranny
>"lol stop shitposting"

didn't someone ITT say this guy is a chaser? I noticed Feline Darkmage was nowhere to be found either

No. 737863

the main page isnt at the top of the kiwifarms google results any more. lolcows forum and other pages are still first page but they delisted the main home page. is it just me or do you gals see this too?

No. 737872

terfs can be cows though, is it really whiteknighting one group with cows to milk just by talking about another group that hates them when there is milk to be had in their group too?

to put it another way, is it whiteknighting the alt right to make fun of snowflakey tumblrkins and their keyboards of social justice fury? or whiteknighting incels by making fun of slutty instahoes? if you answer no to one or both of these, then tell me what the difference is.

No. 737874

It's still showing up at the top for me

No. 745263

i love null's streams, they are really entertaining. when it comes to the site itself, the sperging is too much. a lot of the threads have really good info though, i'm impressed by the doxing abilities of some of the members.

the majority of the users act like they know everything and keep inserting themselves into whatever topic they are talking about. idk i'd like the site more if it was a bit stricter? i know that muh free speech is a core part of the kiwi farms, but so many users take it as an opportunity to flex their edginess by using the n word with a hard r. the beauty parlor section is like guru gossiper on steroids though, lol.

tldr; like the site, hate the majority of the users. they make it impossible for me to lurk.

No. 745961

Tinfoily query: has lolcow been infiltrated by KF beauty parlor mods, y/n

tinfoil numero dos: would it be good for lolcow if bp mods DID take over from the previous crop? it seems like bp mods are all old gurugossiper or gomi types anyhow?

No. 745967

bp mods are kind of spergy like most kf users. not sure if they'd make good farmhands.

No. 746004

Side note: at least one BP regular used to be a farmhand here. There is quite a bit of crossover which is in some part deliberate.

No. 746026

It's wild how much more autistic bp is than lc. It's more or less some of the same discussions but the difference in the people participating is pretty big.

No. 746032

i thought that would have been idk, deliberate though. wasn't the goss that null wanted lcf at one point? or was it pull that he was going to take over? there's still posts from dyn putting out feelers over at pull.

kind of feels like null wants all the e-drama sites to himself, which is, w/e, it's fine.

i think BP mods would have been better for this place over the past six months than some of the farmhands we've had, tbh.

is it true that when you get banned from kf there's a message that sends the user here?

No. 746139

idk about pull but yes, null wanted lcf very badly, practically begged to be admin, and when everyone told him to fuck off he started feuding hardcore. he 100% wants to be in charge of every cow site, it's literally his legacy.

No. 746243


i frequent both KF and LC and without any preference towards one i can say that LC users are more spergy and vitriolic.

KF users make up for it by sucking in different ways.

No. 746274

Null would be terrible as LC admin. He just wants to sit on his fat ass and make money off cows, so he would 100% implement some kind of "donation" situation for basic posting abilities.

I also feel like we'd have a lot more overt racism with him. I think a lot of KF posters are legitimate racists, and they're just trying to hide it behind edgy autism.

No. 746280

The Animal Control forum is too autistic now. There's too many fucking furries troll-shielding and sperging about irrelevant shit. I enjoyed the PK and Marl thread for a good couple weeks or so when the milk was fresh, but a lot of the in-between stuff is pages of furries trying to "save" and rewrite Floraverse.

No. 746308

File: 1544370618020.jpg (115.82 KB, 680x771, IMG_4176.JPG)

Minor necro/late reply but I lurked that thread and noticed sneasel straight up derail the thread and even reffering to the mtf troon as 'she'.
Then i recalled our kf thread and sneasel being mentioned as a chaser/shield and it really fell into place because half the time it aint even shitposting, its just posting. Autistically.

No. 746380


>He just wants to sit on his fat ass and make money off cows

KF has been blocked from every online financial transaction company and fundraising site. He says that he can't even use any of his debit or credit cards with Uber because Stripe handles its transactions.

No. 746388


Null at least appeared to have been trying to ingratiate himself with the male admin.


No. 746434

i think he's still interested.

why is dyn always here? didn't he just get permabanned recently?

No. 746442

deets or a hint on that?

No. 746525

He's also a control freak, so I have no doubt in my mind that he would use this site as a honeypot or fuck it up otherwise.

This. He was so fucking butthurt about it he made a thread on his stupid forums to throw a bitchfit about it and send his personal armies to raid the farms. Not even joking, he actually did it. The thread is still up btw.

My two cents on the KF forums: I've never enjoyed reading them. Too much sperging, trollshielding, a-logging and autistic people blogposting and going on about their retarded theories worse than what you find from the nitpickers in the momokun and dakota threads here. Nowadays it's even more cancerous because it's filled to the brim with trannies and tranny chasers who happily call the most hideous, perverted AGP fetishist males a "she".

And for the person shilling them: Josh's streams are shit. He's basically trying to be Metokur Light down to using the same format and phrases as the Metocast shows, but keeps stumbling over his words and doesn't have the ounce of the charisma and comprehensibility that Jim has. He keeps doing this retarded giggle and manages to make a stream about the most fascinating, milky subjects a fucking borefest. How DO you make a Narcissa Wright stream that goddamn boring?

No. 746542

You're right about everything, which is why I'm so ashamed I think his voice is cute LMAO That Narcissa Wright stream was dumb as fuck. Why did he have people come and chat in the middle of it all? And the rest of the video was just looking through his own fucking website. Null should've just made a polished up video in Windows Movie Maker.
But yes, Metokur is one of the better lolcow streamers. Null can't do it. He needs other people to compile it all for himself. Which is why he links to CWCki on every major cow thread, all information compiled by users. The only original milk he gathers is when people send lawyers to him, but even that shit is boring as hell.

No. 746580

surely he's been 'permabanned' many a time? isn't he the one making the same comment about jizzing on kiki's face over and over?

No. 746627

both sites are equally embarrassing in their own way.

i think being anon allows us to sperg like mad but at the end of the day we can usually walk away from whatever stupid shit we said. at worst, you catch a temp ban and sit things out for a while.

over at kf, the egos are huge. even the posters i like to read say some awfully cringey shit once in a while and they can never walk that stuff back, it's there forever. the one who's always good is durable mike malloy.

i like josh on streams. this ability to transform a simple word like over into errrverr is weirdly endearing, and on streams it seems like he has the ability to laugh at himself, which i don't get from his writing. wonder why he picked jim's format for streams, though. jim is like an old radio dude in that it's easy for him to talk about bs for hours if need be. josh isn't that comfy on stream and he's goofy but not all that funny.

i'm thinking of the most recent permaban that he supposedly received for namefagging in the kero & the zoosadists thread. but i'd also heard that he was very buddy buddy with current staff and that he spent a lot of time shitposting here. pretty sure i remember seeing something about him making friends in the lcf discord.

still don't understand why they handled the woof dox the way they did. there have been explanations from all parties at this point but they still don't make total sense.

No. 746692

I agree mikemalloy seems a good poster to me, seems to have been (or still is) au fait with here too.

Obviously when user accounts and user ratings come into it, "reputation" becomes a factor.

I cringe when they start on about how much more upper-crust they are than us on the same topics, like the Kelly thread, they think they're specially anointed to deal with it. No- she'll just haunt your thread and go round in circles till the end of time, or she dies. Oh and when someone praises Null's superior SEO skills, I sincerely hope that's a meme because it's high cringe otherwise.

No. 746827

It is when you revenge rate everyone you think is a terf and bump ter f threads with no content

No. 746839

>hard r
Wait retard is now edgy tier?

So misgendering someone is not edgy but saying retard is? Lol what a site.

No. 746845

What are you replying to? They're talking about the n-word. None of that was on topic to either replies, but yes. When you make a post with retard in it, it changes it to re.tard.

No. 746850

doesn’t it change to “exceptional individual” or something? pretty sure re.tard is what people type to get around the filter. like with mi.lk to avoid it turning into ‘tard cum’ (lol)

No. 746887

File: 1544463363655.png (79.79 KB, 780x436, Screenshot_2018-12-09-07-42-44…)


Why would he want to acquire other sites now when KF has such a large membership and gets so much traffic and thus is everything he dreamed it could be?

He was definitely butthurt to not have been able to get the domain name which was registered July 8, 2014, seven months before the CWCki Forums became KF.


Try posting "hash browns". They got that racist prick Romeo Rose good!

No. 749655

>still don't understand why they handled the woof dox the way they did. there have been explanations from all parties at this point but they still don't make total sense.

I was the person feuding with the admin team for a month trying to get it published. Their basis for rejection - prior to Slimeball getting his additional photographic evidence - was that:

a) the MARPAT camo woof was wearing couldn't be had in Cuba (despite there being lots of MARPAT knockoffs and actual MARPAT is actually permitted there just fine)
b) that it was just 'too convenient' that some of the evidence was from a screencap woof made of his visa appointment
c) one of the screencaps (that was taken from a work PC) named 'eduardo' in the corner of chrome
d) that we were 'untrustworthy'; the reason was because 1) some sperg who had access to our PM chain decided to let everyone know our plans to contact woof in the LF thread and the admin team got spooked, 2) zedkissed in particular was dismissive of locating woof based on 'fire ants and ice cream', and 3) one of us got irritated with their direct insults and dished it back at them
e) that it "wasn't funny"

From my experience I got the impression that the senior KF team (that is, Dynastia, Null, zedkissed60, and Cricket) are very superficial and disinterested in reading jack shit, and also seem to put their egos well above looking at the evidence. zedkissed especially was one of the most obstinate mongs I've ever had to put up with - he did nothing apart from insult us or claim we were being fooled. He didn't substantiate his evidence at all. Very unintelligent and arrogant.

And lots of the orbiting mods were also prone to groupthink - they were all too happy to toss insults and suck each other off, and claim that they were 'just trolling' when they were throwing unfunny insults our way and derailing our doxing efforts.

No. 749698

Post caps please

No. 749702

not sure if serious … his biggest dream in life is to be the boss of an internet empire, partly so that he can start buying his own tendies instead of relying on his mom. Maybe even hire a bodyguard instead of relying on his mom. Recall his donation drive, where goal 1 was to keep KF alive, and goal 2 was something about him making money. First one passed OK, second one stayed embarrassingly low so he ended up removing the counter.
He's always gonna be a tinpot tyrant and he's always gonna be trying to upgrade.

No. 749936


He's chowing down on Ruski tendies now.

No. 751749

that's shitty and tbh kinda depressing to hear. i thought that they were, if kinda assholes, also very much on the side of the animals in this case. i mean, null even went so far as to name the puppy karma during a video, but taking credit for it certainly feels wrong regardless, thank you all again for what you did. woof was and is really scary to me, like monstrous scary. i hope he's been chemically lobotomized and is being used to test out new drugs or interrogation techniques by the good people of cuba.

it's a weird culture over there. every once in a while you forget that the site is primarily assholes, particularly given which threads you tend to visit. beauty parlor comes across a lot more normal and thoughtful. same with the schofield thread. there's a lot of good work being done there.

you would think null would take some pride in that, but maybe he just sees it all as the same, more nihilistic bullshit.

No. 755200

What's Dynastia's deal, exactly?

No. 755281

boy likes attention

No. 755308

That's all?

What's his interest in Null?

No. 757279

Never forget that Null/Josh was a child porn distributor with his 16chan sherades justifying it with m-muh free speech and even admitted to jerking off to it. See attached youtube stream and timestamp, if it's not working for you it's around 1:19:00, a guy joins in to offer a ton of milk on him while he's trying to whitewash himself.

No. 757284

he's good at doxing and friends with null. he's a popular poster, there isn't much else to it i think.

this was so uncomfortable to listen to.

No. 757293

The video is not available now :/

No. 757298

No. 757308

The creator of a site to document lolcows was a lolcow himself?
I guess people are right when someone has to compensate for something

No. 757326

null was known as a cow long before his KF days, he even has/had an ED page.

No. 757345

Uncomfortable is a very apt description. And it was so ironic listening to him trying to hide behind freedom of speech when people are writing fanfics about raping and killing children, but he went through quite a phase over on kiwihugbox where pointing out how retarded his political ideas are would send him into a rage and bring out the banhammer etc. Samr thing with subjects he didn't like (or conversely, the ones he did like and was invested in), protecting certain users while crucifying others, etc. For a free speech absolutist, he's pretty shit on the consistency.

I hate that thanks to numb fucks like samuel collingwood, josh gets a free pass on a lot of shit that should bury him. Creepy little cunt.

Speaking of ED, I did enjoy the dynastia doxing saga. From the pissweak excuses (King of doxing and trolling suddenly cares about 'an innocent person' being affected, etc) through to the spat between him and LikeICare … fuck that was funny. Hard man Dyn sounding like a hurt 10 year old - "I thought we were friends!" - and pitching a fit while LIC lived up to his name and just shrugged. I was thinking of it when Dyn did his Q&A thing in this thread and dumped on all these people who were stupid enough to talk to him about shit. He's very cavalier when it comes to other people but when it was him, hoo boy was he a bitter little bitch.

No. 757375

I think Dynastia was a paypig for Null at some point. Regardless, he's notorious for his extreme attention-seeking behavior (very similar to Null's but with an internet tough guy flavor) and being good at doxing, which isn't much of an accomplishment because doxing cows is piss easy in most cases. The tards over at KF eat it up because the place has a huge popularity contest problem, and at some point in time it became popular to suck Dynastia's wrinkled chode.
What was the doxing saga?

No. 757383

I'm just curious as to how he knows so much about every single poster on there, down to minute little details. It's one thing to have no life and stalk people obsessively, but this is like he has interrogated each and every one of them lmao
Metokur's streams lately have been mostly shit compared to his old scripted videos, so I had some high hopes for this. Sadly Josh sounds and acts exactly what he looks like, a fat stoner burnout stuck in ca. 2006, and drains any joy and life out of potentially funny topics. At the very least he could make shorter rehearsed videos rather than 4 fucking hour livestreams, but I guess that wouldn't do anything for his ego. Oh well. At least he can't monetize them to rake in superchat donations from his pathetic orbiters.

No. 757407

please share some milk, anon. we're thirsty.

the site has a big user base, he most likely has info on the milkier ones (the edgelords). the most active users tend to blogpost and overshare info, so i don't think it's that hard to dox some of the people who are active and have been on the site for years. it does take time and effort though.

No. 757492


Go to YT. Embedded it won't play.


And they're a tight social group with discord and PMs and profile posts and movie night which makes for lot of power leveling going on. Members have married and had kids.

No. 757506

No. 757696

Zoom is a sperg but it doesn't make the stuff about 16chan any less true. There have been leaked logs of Null admitting to jacking it to kiddy porn for ages. He's a slimeball who
>tried to hijack Lolcow from the first admin, didn't succeed and threw a bitchfit sending his personal armies to raid this site.
>pocketed donations to CWCki and 12k from his Infinity Next project
>allowed pedos to post child rape&murder sex stories to 16chan because muh free speech but deletes everything he doesn't like from Kiwi Farms
>is motherfucking possessive of Chris-chan and wants him to be the "property" of Kiwi Farms (lmao)
And these are just the things that have been proven to be true via leaks and logs. Who knows what sort of shit he's been doing anonymously, I'm pretty sure he still hovers around this site whiteknighting himself and shilling his shit forums and streams. And of course Kiwifarms would be sucking sempai's cock and denying all allegations against him.

No. 757734

I want to see Chris move in to Null's mom's basement when Barb goes, then let the hilarity ensue.

No. 757895

the chris-chan stuff is sick. i thought it was cool they helped him after the fire but now it's obvious all of KF's interactions with him are 100% self-serving. then again, no one else gives a shit about the poor guy and everyone in the ~inner circle~ keeps insisting he's fine when he's definitely not. i just wish ANYONE was looking out for chris-chan's best interests. his shitty mom should've appointed him a lawyer or guardian to see to his affairs once she passes but god forbid she do any parenting until the very bitter end.

No. 757967

It's not that I don't believe you, but now I'm confused as to why Null's been saying he's sick of Chris post-dimensional merge bullshit?

No. 758148


No one thinks Chris is getting better. Their efforts to help him make better choices after the Idea Guy saga has been a failure because Chris is gonna be Chris. The Captain got burned out on helping him after he used the backyard kitten saga to beg for money for himself. Chris keeps giving out his Twitter password and has been getting stoned with duplicitous fakebois who are using him for lols.

He is in weekly court ordered counseling, but apparently he is not Honest and True with them about his beliefs, so what can they do?

Barb is taking a large portion of his SSDI money and has screwed the equity in the house, situations his counselors should be made aware of so that they can get him help before it's too late. But does he talk about anything important like that? Do they ask?

No. 758189

Is it actually true null moved out of his mom's house to the Ukraine? I can't keep up.

No. 758253

On several of his streams, he mentions that he is living there now.

No. 758282

…Why the Ukraine? Aren't they in the middle of a war right now?

No. 758290

he's an enemy of the lolcow state anon, a fugitive seeking asylum from the knife wielding troons that kept showing up at his moms house

No. 758292

I wonder if null has realized he's going to be single forever besides his e-relationships

No. 758294

surely even null understands he wouldn't be happy in relationship because he wouldn't function in a relationship

No. 758334

So he's thrown his mom to the knife-wielding troons and bailed out?

No. 758713

Somewhere in Ukraine/Russia yeah. Weev the nazi and Jim Metokur are paying for his stay there, or so I heard

No. 758802

I thought Null lives in Florida? On the Jonathan Yaniv lolsuit thread he says JY is going to have a hard time suing him because he doesn’t live in Canada, but rather America. He also posted his address and it said Florida. Maybe he’s just bluffing and isn’t living there right now though.

No. 758813

has josh ever been able to pay his way for anything in his life? lmao

No. 758897

Why would anyone pay for Null's living expenses

No. 758916

nasty has been there for a very long time and has a lot of senority of the site (no shit) and he likes to lurk around everywhere because he has a lot of time on his hands (prolly more than us) from what i look into him he gives tidbits of his actual life but not enough to get a solid look at what he does for real (im sure its something boring but funny prolly works low level IT at intel or some shit) he has basic doxing skills imo but its still impressive enough for the people of the farms to praise him on because by now none of them would take the time he does to dox.
now the attention part is cause he (duh) spends a lot of time just reading on people of the internet, talking on kf, discord, or whatever, but like doesnt talk to people outdoor irl unless he absolutely has to not because he has terrible social skills (i mean he does but im sure he can fake it) but because hes scared to open up to people who can physcally touch him or some shit (thats more if a tinfoil but he reads like that imo and thats why i saged this)
his interest in null prolly comes from both of them wanting this sort of noriety of being well known shitheads of the internet who "arent to be messed with"
long story short he isnt amazing, he isnt impressive but he wants to be and thats kinda it.
> boy is bored
> boy finds internet
> boy likes internet
> boy wants internet to like him
> boy tries to be cool

No. 758922

lmao nice try. Josh still lives with his mom, same as he ever did. He'll never leave.

No. 759272

Not trying to be a pedantic fag, and it's not that I don't believe you, but is there recorded evidence of this? We have Null admitting to allowing written cp on 16chan in the Killstream linked earlier, but I haven't been able to find the logs where he admits to jacking it to cp. I'd also like to see documentation of him pocketing donations.

Zoom also mentioned that he'd use his hosting services to store cp, and that's another thing that's difficult to find evidence of.

No. 759277

NTA but the pedo shit is on his ED article which is admittedly a dubious source, but what you'll really want to read is this delicious article written by hotwheels of 8chan detailing the story of how Joshua wasted 12 grand on being a useless fatass in the philippines while relying on a literal cripple to find him drugs and more money


No. 759284

Holy shit thanks, anon. Yeah, the ED and Rational wiki articles are all that I've had to go on, and some of the shit archived by Vordrak (lol).

No. 760340

Except hot wheels literally went on the killstream and debunked all of this himself and said that Josh did nothing wrong, and did what he could with the money given, and that they weren’t given enough money.

Good try though.

No. 760342

When did this happen?

No. 760395

No. 760416

This is so amusing to me because I used to frequent a chat room this guy regular'd back in 2014-2015. His name is Corey Barnhill. He was incredibly racist, claimed to be loaded, and tried to flex on everyone so he could uphold an internet tough guy persona. Pretty much everyone there hated him for being a giant faggot, he's known for attention whoring throughout multiple internet communities. People used to share his ED article around, we laugh at his pictures from when he was severely obese. Lard ass also thought he had the right to make fun of fat women in the chat - who mind you were smaller than him - just because he lost some weight with the lap band surgery while still having a giant turkey wattle for a neck from all the loose skin.

It doesn't surprise me that he's a pedo at all, he was a major creep who told a girl that he would take her out shopping and grope her in the changing rooms.

All this happened years ago so I don't have any screenshots or proof of anything, but I remember his skype username back then was theb0lt

No. 760434

why is the uk mad

No. 760533

kiwifarms goes against UK laws of bullying, cyberstalking and hate speech.
To think that living in the UK was the dream of all us south europeans…what a shitshow of a country

No. 760608

Possibly OT but what happened to that arab girl he was dating a couple of years ago? Looks like she's deleted all her social media.

No. 760763

Dunno, but she probably got dumped when she ran out of resources like the rest of them.

Weev deserves a thread here more than any other male- he's probably the best example of a man with histrionic tendencies on the internet. His entire life is a trainwreck disguised with lies, and he doesn't have a personality of his own, he just adopts whatever gets him attention (though he seems to have settled on white nationalism for good). The only problem is that most of the old dirt is gone forever or buried in various peoples IRC log collections, and talking about some of it will betray who you are or who you know.

No. 760825

So does twitter though, but that's not banned :|a makes u think

Weev's a gold digger?

No. 760876

There's some Weev dirt on here. This is probably as best as one can do with a public/anonymous source.

Yes. He has no stable source of income of his own and mooches off whatever girl he's dating (who thinks dating him makes her edgy and e-famous too.)
The last major saga in his life I can remember - I haven't checked on him in a while - was when he was living in Lebanon. I distinctly remember him complaining on Twitter about how Lebanese Dunkin' Donuts didn't have vanilla chai lattes for him. I think he's back in the US now, though.

No. 760877

What is it with these people and living in unsafe locales

No. 760878

>weev had a botched circumcision

This explains everything.

No. 760996

>expects people to watch that useless cunt ralph
>it's a great source, guise!

Nah, I'll be right. Josh is a scammer and a pedo. Good try though.

No. 761103

>Weev's a gold digger?
Oh yes. During his "hacker with a rolls royce" days he was actually completely broke and leeching of various chatgirls, particularly one who came from a wealthy family. I think he gave at least one of them HIV at some point.
that was blast from the past. weev was flirting with white nationalism before he got arrested with his iprophet shit (which was mostly written by other people btw, he loves to take credit for other peoples work), but it was only after he got released that he went full-on nazi. At that point spamming slurs was no longer cutting-edge and weev's fellow associates and asslickers had grown up at least somewhat and moved on so his starpower had crumbled and nobody had patience for his incessant attentionwhoring anymore. he eventually got the hint and emoquit to join his nazi friends full-time. He's sort of back now but everyone's just tolerating his presence.
>I think he's back in the US now, though.
He is?
No extradition to the US + low cost of living ensuring that your beggingbux will go far

No. 761451

His nazi stuff is very strange bc I'm pretty sure his (estranged) family is Jewish. I guess he was into it enough, though, to have his arab ex-gf give him a huge swastika tattoo on his chest in their dirty bathroom.

No. 761473

Weev has HIV? fucking yikes.

No. 762391

Yup, he has had it for at least a decade. He claims to have the gene that makes people immune from it developing into AIDS, but he's a pathological liar so who knows what the truth is.

Given who he's slept with it's probably not the only STD he has as well.

No. 762460

Gross and pathetic.

No. 762482

Did he get it in prison?

No. 762488

File: 1547170504282.jpg (21.93 KB, 1346x51, 2.JPG)

Apparently kw is under attack. Pic related Is anyone here part of their discord? Not a discordfag or a poster there, and I'd like to know if they have any idea when the website is coming back up or who is doing it because it seems BAAAAAD. Saged and thanks!

No. 762490

Seems up for me?? I got scared for a moment lol

No. 762496

It seems to back up for now, but it didn't work for a long time. Let's see if it won't go down again.

No. 762504

No, it was long before that. My uneducated guess is that he got it from hepkitten, an oldschool irc cow. I could easily be wrong though

No. 764883

new vid about the 8chan mess. he made a comment about the adderall accusations, but i have no idea whether he confirmed it or not? he often talks in circles.

No. 766514

Don't be so niggardly about the word 'nigger', my beloved nigga. Peace my nigs.

The most boring stream so far, Josh yet created another channel this time?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 766809

Dude with insider cocks here.

Take everything Dynastia said about users with a truckload of salt. Some of it is true, most of it is intentionally BS because the guy has nothing better to do in his life. Fucks sake, he still likes to dupe people that his name is still "David Craig" or whatever (I have his actual dox - it's not).

Kiwi will likely not survive this year unless it gets some big ticket doners. Josh has too much pride to give up, especially as around this time last year someone gave him 10k in bitcoin. Shock of all shocks, this money is wearing thin and many of those 'projects' he says he's working on are little more then ideas - antisocial prick has a very small attention span and barely stays focused on a project for very long. "1776 hosting" (formerly Final Solution Hosting, god what a stupid fucking name) is likely abandoned due to Vordrak (a britbong pedophile) ddosing the place every month and him not being able to afford cybersecurity for his clients.

The rumors about Josh being a pedophile are likely more then just rumors. I wish I could post what I have confirming this but I have to sit on the hard evidence.

No. 766884

Can you confirm the evidence on his encyclopedia dramatica page?

No. 766888

The blockland shit? Yes. Except the "It's hurtcore now" bit. If you look at the edits, there's some guy who put that then removed it because he thought it was going too far, but then someone else put it back up.

Him jerking it to neko shotacon is right though, although he'll justify it by saying "That blockland shit is oolllld!" or saying that because he was young he wanted to jerk it to young boys.

Really if the extent of his pedophelia started and stopped at jerking it to fictional boys with cat ears, I'd just shrug. It's not and I wish I could say more.

No. 766890

Actually I can a little. CasualSeppeku was mentioned earlier. She joined when she was underage, and while she's legal now Josh totally publicly flirted with her knowing that she was a minor.

No. 766899

all of this is meaningless without proofs*, which you apparently can't provide, so uh … thanks, I guess?

*except the dyn shit, that should be obvious to anyone

No. 766901

It's cool, don't worry. Lot of what I just said can actually be figured out by watching Josh sperg out in chat which he stopped doing as much when someone was capturing his spergouts and posting them on /cow/.

No. 766914

Is null older than what the internet says? Apparently he's 26.

No. 767079

Nah that sounds about right

No. 767088


He's collecting coin from his new fans over on r/gendercritical.

>1776 Hosting

He has offered to host Gender Trender and any other sites that have been deplatformed by Jonathan Yaniv and the troon army.

No. 767089

I know you can’t spill on the evidence.
But can you give us a vague clue or hint or one of those clever riddles on things he’s done (with minors online and/or anything beyond jerking it to shota)?
Are we talking online or IRL? Are we talking multiples or people?

And thanks for at least spilling what you can.

No. 767100

As far as I know, it's online. The CasualSeppeku stuff is well known so I can talk freely about that. Basically, this underage girl joins the forums and Josh promotes her to mod so she'll talk with him more. They like (well, liked, they don't do it much anymore) flirting with each other in chat. Publicly. She eventually quit which is funny.
Kinda surprised he's going after TERFs but if you look closely at the signs then it's clear that the place isn't doing too hot. Gotta squeeze a buck from anyone that'll pass by. Like you wonder why it took him so long to shit out this "Internet documentary" project?

Yaniv managed to piss him off more then anyone I have seen in some time. Not even Vordrak (another pedo, shock of all shocks) has a front-page link to a spinoff site talking trash about himself.

No. 767170

has anyone thought about making the gencrit sub aware of the fact they're supporting exactly the kind of guy they hate?

No. 767228

I know, that's why I'm shaking my head. This bait vs bait stuff is nice and all, it just doesn't do the trick like real milk does.

who the actual fuck would be dumb enough to go near anything hosted by him lmao. Crazy world we live in.

why? They're a bunch of retards anyway, and if they're so dumbfuck they can't see what's right in front of them, why should anyone try to spoonfeed them? Let them suffer.

No. 767280

I did a precursory look through the sub. I can't see any mention of 1776 hosting, but if you were to compare 1776 hosting to any other hosting service, you'd find out quickly that you're getting a shit deal.

Don't give me that rag about how they won't take your shit down either. If you're hosting warez and Josh gets a DMCA or a lawsuit? Oh yeah, he'll totally pull it because he's a big fucking pussy. 1776 hosting gets ddos'd all the fucking time and the only potential audience I could think of for this crap are legit neo-nazis. Like not even these TERFs unless they are seirouly advocating for beating the heads of trannys in

But if you need soft evidence that Kiwi isn't doing so hot then here is some right infront of you. Normally, Josh woulden't advertise to this crowd and would try and stick to advertising to neonazis but he's getting desperate so he'll loosen his morals some

No. 767376

Desperate people running lower and lower on options. That being said, I have seen someone gendercrit (can't remember if it was on gc or elsewhere) mention they'd be more than willing to pay whatever Gallus Mag needs to rehost her journalism blog elsewhere. So they still have the option of gc individual patrons with deep pockets.

Most people would probably prefer to go the semi-legitimate business route than "wealthy patron who, no matter how much we align at this moment, still owns my ass" route, so I understand why they're even considering josh rather than jumping immediately to the sugar mommy option.

Has Vordrak been successful in getting legitimate websites to change their TOS solely for the sake of deplatforming his opponents? Because I'm pretty sure 'literal who' Yaniv's ridiculous successes are what's pissing off a lot of people who might not otherwise care.

No. 767421


Josh posted his offer in the Yaniv thread. And I think you mean "cursory".


Yes, the GC subs and others in the movement have been debating the conundrum presented in using KF.

No. 767541

No, but he's managed to get Kiwi pulled from entire clusters of hosting platforms by calling them pedos and saying they host hate speech. Back when Josh was living with his mom, he got her fired and Josh shut down kiwi for a few weeks before deciding that he didn't want to be made fun of anymore and moved elsewhere, rehosting the site.

"They would keep harassing my family" is BS, by the way. It's pretty clear that he just wanted to show all those mean people who were saying that he can't take what he puts out

No. 767542

If they take it, they're idiots.

Not only are they getting a really shitty deal, they're also opening themselves up to Josh pulling "funny" pranks like how he took down 8chan's /v/ when he was coding I-Next because he was being memed on. See a pattern?

Oh yeah. Vordrak likes to occasionally hire flooders to ddos this free speech hosting to the point where he had to post on the front page "Only use this service if Free Speech hosting is more important then uptime"

So… this service is for exactly nobody. Okay!

No. 767587

kiwi and the terves, some unholy alliance.

what game is dyn playing? he's all over plebbit gendercrit trying to convince the radfems that he's one of them, unless 'kiwifarmsdoxgod' is someone else. weird because while i believe josh believes in what he's doing w/r/t freeze peach, i can't get a read on dyn at all, he's done a complete 180 and is being all sweet and neat to the terves who have showed up.

interesting to watch, at the least. their JY thread is by far the best. even if by virtue of it being the only one left.

No. 767635

nah he always does that, loves to roll over and show his belly to gain trust, dont touch it tho

No. 767643

You're an idiot and you're giving Dynastia a giant boner.

He's doing the shit to troll. Like some of the stuff above, I saw he mentioned Katsu giving people "Gay ratings" or something? If you believe him on nearly anything then you're an idiot.

Basically Dynastia has no life outside of trolling so that's what he does. I'd actually take pity on him - when Kiwi goes up then that's his entire social life.

No. 767645

In this case, his top-trolling plan is to be an annoying bumfuck on the area that Josh is trying to find clients on because Dynastia just wants attention.

He's not even a good doxer anyways. People give dox of others to him. So if you have this image in your mind that he's some hardcore puppet master then you're just giving him what he wants.

No. 767648

Show us on the doll where he touched you, anon. Yes, obviously he's trolling. No, it's nothing new.

The newest Kiwi saga is p. interesting, that terf influx is definitely going to fuck their alt-right base. What will they do then? It's not going to be pretty.

Dyn courting the radfems is extreme right now, will he do an about face after they've donated to KF and start to send them dick pics?

No. 767653

I doubt he's courting them. Josh just lets Dyn do whatever because he finds Dynastia to be hilarious.

Conversely he can't stand Catparty but lets him do whatever because banning him would prove unpopular. Josh is a bit of a pussy like that.

No. 767671

Um, yeah, he really is, both at KF and on the GC reddit. It's hardly a secret. I'm sure it's for money or extended gay ops, but saying he's not is a bit weird. Unless you believe that he's been a secret feminist/marxist all along. Which is doubtful.

No. 767674

Yeah, I've seen an influx of older women and autist furries in the past couple of months. The alt-right fanbase is depleting.

No. 767682

Will Josh ditch the site once it's no longer useful to him? I can see him leaving it behind if it goes full SA 1.5. No one wants to be the second coming of Lowtax.

No. 767691

He won't, otherwise he would have in the past. Kiwi is not only his financial honeypot but also his only circle of influence. He really can't make friends elsewhere due to being incredibly antisocial.

I know hotwheels forgave him (for some reason) but at the time he really pissed off HW and everyone else working for 8chan. There's also blockland and runescape stuff if you want to go back further. He's kindof a cunt.

Its gay ops. On paper, Dynastia's forum account doesn't have any special privladges. He's just extremely ass-kissed.

No. 767713

i can see him starting again. the kiwis who love him will follow him, they take their dear leader meme pretty seriously, i think. the youtube/stream.me channel seems to be getting more popular among edgy teens. he's clearly trying to grow the site and donations rn, but i still wonder that he wouldn't get fucked off and begin again.

No. 767717

>the youtube/stream.me channel seems to be getting more popular among edgy teens
The stream.me is dead, and by his own admittance he'll probably only play it safe with the youtube channel. He said he didn't want to make an Onison stream because Onison (is a cunt and) is bigger than him

No. 768049

What's Catparty's thing?

No. 768053

He's some dude who has no time on his hands and is unmoderated during work hours. As such, he spends all of his time posting on kiwifarms. Josh can't stand him for some reason, but knows that banning Catparty would be really unpopular.

No. 768054

posting in A&H and 'lol calm down'

No. 768263

>He said he didn't want to make an Onison stream because Onison (is a cunt and) is bigger than him
lol, what kind of reason is that? most of the people hopping on the onision train are smaller youtubers

No. 768271

It's rational, Onison is a bigger youtuber. But Josh is a pussy and still wants the ability to squeeze the few dollars from superchats that he can.

No. 768460

File: 1547941098692.png (64.6 KB, 800x470, we see you dyn.png)

No. 768522


are you sure about that

No. 768551

He's disclosed more than enough about himself in his comments to know it's him.

No. 768627

Looking at Dynastia's posts, it looks like his plan isn't working too well and people have called him out on it. Some of his posts are seething with pent up rage.

What a cunt.

No. 768629

Which posts?

No. 768630

Notably the one where he has to defend the idea that he's totes one of them. Because they're not that stupid and see right through him.

But really though, ask yourself how well Kiwi must be doing if they have to spread to the TERFs because they hate trannies as much (prob more) then alt-righters and that's the only thing the two groups have in common.

No. 768652


On KF or reddit? Be more specific. Link or screencap.

No. 768655

No. 768662

File: 1547974491417.png (186.14 KB, 800x822, dyn go to ohio.png)

Meanwhile on KF he goes ott about reddit, as if to throw off anyone suspecting he is posting there. And this was even before >>768655.


No. 768667

File: 1547974810852.png (47.28 KB, 800x354, dyn poison gas.png)

And after >>768655

No. 768669

No. 768678

oh my god such edgy wow if only I could be as cool and edgy as Dyn by acting as if people should be rounded up and nerve gassed

what a cunt

No. 768751

that's not what doxing means, newfag gtfo

No. 768811

I do like how Dyn has a free ticket to doing such edgy shit, solely because he is in the "in crowd" around Null. If any other user had posted this, it would be an utter shit show with everyone jumping down their throat.

No. 768815

Its fun watching people like feline dark mage and respective orbiters actively ignore this yet get super ass mad at the gender critical thread then actively turn an eye to recruitment from these Reddit.

They have to act self righteous right until it buts heads with Null's bottom line.

No. 768928

Unless it was some chick Josh is infatuated with. Remember OwOwhat'sthis and the great SA diplomatic mission?
Josh is success-proof by virtue of being himself.

No. 768936

Owo turned out to be a dude

No. 768942

is that why OwO was banned?

No. 768958

owo was a shit mod,even by kf standards. Long and short of it would micro management, and even when not a mod would still act like one both on and off the site.

They also got over aggressive in the zoo sadism thing. There is an infamous post of them going on SA.

No. 769007


It is in terms of kiwis supposedly being so careful about not connecting their identities to their activity on other sites. I would suspect him of running a long con except for the fact that he's so earnest in his GC posts on both.

No. 769009

owo was banned for attentionwhoring and faildoxing constantly. Like he'd go into the group PMs the site has and just dump the potential leads while taking credit for it.

Josh wanted him to stay because… Free speech or something dont question it. But the other mods wanted him to go for being a tryhard. Josh eventually relented and banned him "Because I apparently don't listen to my mods"

The sites getting ddosed each day, and new enemies are constantly being made. Kiwi doesn't have long for this world.

No. 769019

File: 1548032971956.png (35.08 KB, 647x399, upload_2019-1-19_18-33-14.png)

Sam Ambreen is claiming credit.

Dynastia says
>Stream.me are on Josh's side in this but Sam doxed the CEO of the company that owns them and keeps personally threatening him.

No. 769027

And nothing of value was lost

No. 769033

Why are so many old timer kiwis like Anomin0us saying that Null is still banned from Twitter when he has an account and has been publicising his recent suspensions?

No. 769035

I believe Kiwi's site twitter is banned. Josh's personal twitter may be okay.

No. 769037

As if there's a difference between KF and Null?

No. 769039

For the sake of bans, no. It's why for a short while (like a month) Josh was able to make a patreon for his shitty live show while Kiwi was banned from Patreon years ago because it's a "Personal project" and thus totes not connected to Kiwi

Patreon still saw it as cyberbullying and cut it down, which sucks for Josh because it looked like it was making good bank

No. 769071

my first crush was john goodman; i give that fucking dude so much leeway because of it.

is he a lawyer or not? also is durable mike malloy/best kiwi ever a lesbian or a trans man because it's sad when cute butch dykes become faux dudes.

No. 769750

File: 1548138408219.png (119.81 KB, 805x663, yiyuiyuo.png)

Jesus Christ
NecessarySpeed4's husband is obliviously autistic or something and needs to get away from that psycho bitch

No. 769753

lmao that's even better

Josh wanted him to stay because he thought he was a she.

>dyn says
tosses it in the trash

No. 769770

OMG the exact same post was made here either in relationship thread or confessions one. She (?) even replied that the bf has a loving family or sthg.
She posts/lurks here.

No. 769771

File: 1548147156365.png (226.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-22-09-48-28…)


Samefag. it's the confessions #2 thread

No. 769806

idk they sound like a good match. Not every day an autist snags a wife.

No. 769807

who is this poster at kiwi, tho? why is this here?

No. 769809

lmao, he's claiming to be a POC? no fucking way, right?

yep she clearly posts here. ot but if shes not forcing him to be this way, whats the problem?

No. 769815

A normal human being would want to help their SO to come out of their shell and make new friends

No. 769820

so you're saying this poster is dyn's wife? why wouldn't it just be dyn shitposting? can someone back this up and explain because i don't get what's going on tbh.

also, for some reason i thought cricket was dyn's wife, or gf, or w/e?

No. 769821

He's claimed to be aboriginal for a long time, hasn't he?

No. 769822

He's not, and I really don't he has a wife either

No. 769827

File: 1548171023502.png (48.56 KB, 1222x323, huh.png)

No. 769835

that's hilarious but i don't think the anon that originally posted that cap was suggesting necessaryspeed4 is married to dynastia

No. 769888

Why is this being posted here, can someone explain the connection, serious.

No. 769970


See >>768460.


In a post on KF in the last few days he said he is married.


Other kiwis have said that to shitpost.

No. 769973

85% chance he's bullshitting. He just wants the attention.

No. 770364

More like 100%
It's dyn. He couldn't pay a woman to touch him, let alone marry him. That's why he spends so much time kissing Josh.

No. 770369

Dyn posted reddit drama on kiwi farms between r/Gendercritical and r/Chapotraphouse about a radfem and her boring autistic(?) husband
Dyn has nothing to do with the radfem and her boring husband save for one comment

No. 770576


No. 770624

ty for the straightforward answer, anon.

No. 772236

Dynastia and Cricket are ok people. Zedkissed60 is hated by a lot of people especially ones hang in chat because he did that same shit there day and night. He's only tolerated because he can dox people

No. 772368

File: 1548572732359.jpg (324.13 KB, 1080x1471, IMG_20190127_080411.jpg)

>everybody: there's a huge problem with misogyny in Japan
>autists of kiwifarms: japanese men are the real victims! It's just natural that they'd prefer sex robots! Why is nobody listening when 40yo neets, who're still living with their parents, tell you the actual reason of why they're not married, being that 3d women are shit?!

No. 772428

File: 1548596035659.gif (196.4 KB, 220x259, tenor.gif)

>he's afraid an earthquake might happen and that I would lose control of my Jaws motor functions because of the shock
………what ?

No. 772429

Austists be weird like that.

No. 772844

I was on that thread and went though her post history and it appeasers she has deleted a couple of her comments about him that were made before this particular thread
most of it was mundane stuff but a couple of details that stood out to me were that he always stretched and did pushups before sex,after he would eat her out he would immateriality use mouthwash and his sister is a NEET who lives with her parents

No. 772847

Which user posted this? There are some serial autists like Shugo that say shit like this every day and get ridiculed by the rest of the Kiwis. If it's one of the more 'mainstream' posters, it's interesting.

No. 777257

Zedkissed60 is cancer. He bitches literally every time I dox some toxic tranny.

I wrote a thread about this dude https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6687123/Mother-arrested-children-calling-transgender-woman-man.html

He got doxed months ago on Twitter, but the KF thread creation process is like 'this person isn't funny enough' or some shit so people don't bother creating a thread, because why spend three hours writing something if it's not going to get approved. (but once the thread is approved 90% of the replies are contentless crap)

Anyway I dropped my dox on this Hayden troon yesterday because the news article just came out and became international news and I'm told 'I stole them' because another poster (gengar) already posted a way less detailed dox, even though he was already doxed way more thoroughly almost six months ago.

Apparently 'I stole them' because when you go to archive something on archive.is it says 'this has already been archived six hours ago', so I just used that link, rather than re-archive it. I didn't even realise it was on KF, because the news story has 166,000 shares, and who knows who and why people are archiving that.

And zedkissed is like 'your dox are sloppy' because when I explained the guy's fraud scam, I said that his 'cousin or brother, idk' is doing the same thing, even though it doesn't matter at all, it's a family member who does the same fraud.

And apparently I should 'collaborate more', because I'm supposed to suck the clit of some other KF poster who hangs around on chat, because that poster posted a half-assed dox already on another thread.

Anyway they changed the poster username to the other poster, and I said 'whatever, I don't care', because yeah it doesn't matter. So the other user rewrites my dox, ok whatever, so I point out some mistakes in chat, because 'you need to collaborate more', but wow surprise, they're not interested in correcting anything, it's more important to fuck with me and have the core users write the OPs about cows they don't know anything about.

It's a pretty tiresome process tbh.

No. 777347

There's a lot of favoritism and elitism on KF, even if your dox is good and thorough, if you're not well known or not as active/talkative as other users, you probably won't get credited or null or an admin will skim over it and say you need to talk to the other doxers first. This happened during the zoosadist shit with woof.

No. 777359

to be honest there was some real faggotry going on in that thread. though it was hilarious when the ice cream shop hunt the mods shut down turned out to be pivotal in identifying woof kek

No. 777371


Null shut it down immediately after the ice cream shop was doxed as being in Cuba and Woof was revealed to have posted on the memorial site as "Warg Schwarz" which was the alias that connected his various accounts and email address. The memorial site caps were posted here first, and the kiwi who doxed the ice cream shop then posted them on KF. I wonder if the collaboration and cross posting between the two sites contributed to Null's ire.

No. 779335

Necroing a week old thread that got started last year, but I love how Null can be hyper-paranoid and a naive moron at the same time.

Trying to make Kiwi Farms grow bigger would be a catastrophe. look at what happened to 4chan once the media reported on it enough, all the geriatrics and 10-year old Roblox players swarmed the place. Now imagine that but's a Z-tier gossip/trolling forum that's trying to gain paypigs from both TERFs and the alt right at the same time.

Null thinks he's a 5000IQ Internet Master yet he can't call an Uber because he used his own personal bank account to collect money for a site that eventually got kicked off every payment processor.

Also Beauty Parlor sucks like all the other non-political/non-General subforums because in addition to gatekeeping, most Kiwis are too lazy to effortpost on cows.

No. 779342

Who's the bitch in chat? Name names.

No. 779404


What prompted you to necro this thread with no milk? This post?


>most Kiwis are too lazy to effortpost on cows

Agreed. I don't know how many times I have been tempted to make an account to correct their errors or post milk they have overlooked, often milk right under their noses. Recently in an OP on a new cow was a cap with a page link, but they didn't check out the link. I checked it out, and they're missing out on a lot.

No. 779542

lol you should have just ended this post at: Zedkissed60 is cancer.

He is funny though because hes easy to piss off with politics and arguing any of his views against him and has an ignore list that rivals twitter tards, he is also from portland apparently which makes sense

No. 779607

Um, balcolm is (another) annoying chatfag and he replied after like 2 minutes to my new thread saying I had stolen the dox from gengar.

I thought 'what? I just spent 2 hours writing that shit without even looking on any KF posts ' (because why would you reference kf? this dude has been laughed at in UK terf circles online for months, KF doesn't know shit about him)

So I check chat and balcolm and zedkissed60 are being bitches about my dox, and then null (I guess? he was also in chat) changed the OP name to gengar who then spent like an hour re-writing it.

And tbh gengar's re-write reads just fine, but when KF makes a big deal about being super-internet autists who archive everything so all the dox are accurate it's irritating to read stuff that's incorrect because the poster doesn't understanding anything about the cow's field.

No. 779738

File: 1550669451517.gif (1.11 MB, 250x252, 2CE7EA04-0B9F-4181-BC18-17FF7E…)

Let’s take a moment to thank god that our site has a based staff and non-lazy effortposting detailed-ass anons, no usernames, no money mooching, and we don’t have to put up with the elitism and powertripping that KF is plagued by. I’m so grateful rn. That’s why they’ll never “grow bigger”, the site is a circle jerk of the same small group of null-asskissers and then everyone else who has to put up with null fucking up the site by treating it as his own dream “popular table” in the school cafeteria and letting his “friends” (lol) do fuck all. They act like assholes to new users and they piss off and fuck over their majority regular userbase on the daily, so they leave, don’t stay, or stop posting as much/less effort. I’m so thankful we’re anonymous here, so were judged based on the merit of our posts, not how much we post, who we are, how much ass we can kiss, or how much money we “donate”. That sounds miserable and leads to shitty ass content. Leads to lazy content and stolen receipts, constantly. Also embarrassing bs like recently, when null came into our anachan thread in October and asked for anons to send him info, spoonfeed him receipts, and help him with his Halloween stream on YT. Thank god we have this place, truly, honestly.

>bitching and accusing other users of stealing dox receipts of some random stranger they don’t even know that was made public by others on a different site months prior
>actually going in and changing the username over “credit” bc someone’s butthurt bc they didn’t get to post it “first”
>acting like someone owns someone else’s dox or public info

Kek definition of autism, kf ‘19 right there in all it’s glory.

No. 779775


>when null came into our anachan thread in October and asked for anons to send him info, spoonfeed him receipts

Nooo! Caps?

No. 779839

balcolm was violated by an orca at seaworld in the early 2000s(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779850

I fucking screenshotted it, but caps were on my old phone that broke (so mad rn). Mods deleted his posts but you can see farmers responses here:

It went like this:
Null: hey guys, I’m doing a Halloween stream about the proana community, anyone wanna help me out and send me all your screenshots and research for my stream?
Farmers: no, fuck off do it yourself
Null: well you don’t need to be a bitch about it lolol, anyone contact me to send me receipts!
Farmers: fuck off
Null: [something to the effect of fuck you]
[null has been put out to the pasture]

No. 779866

File: 1550696881862.jpg (210.54 KB, 600x750, 1363765558031.jpg)

most of us at KF think this place is just a femcel/legbeard oriented /r9k/. Man hating instead of Women hating, tearing down "slut/thots" instead of "chads". Your hatred/jealousy of some of the women is useful sometimes for obtaining obscure info, but 90% of the time you are just posting pointlessly pedantic bullshit.

I know some of you are a mess of insane sperging behind your perfect facebook and instagram photos, but please cut down on the man castration and petty callouts on other women, it makes our job more difficult when it comes to looking for milk. Thank you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 780075

Cool story bro

No. 780119

I believe it, Null used to like announcing himself here like some z list celeb.
I used to lurk on KF for specific threads but it really isn't worth registering for some pedophile manchild and his schoolyard k00L kids.

No. 780175

File: 1550757752811.jpeg (165.35 KB, 811x1024, 48586F6E-6F49-4ED2-B06E-723750…)

Have fun weeding through all our “man castration” and “petty callouts” to mooch off of our milk! Your lazy ass could use the mental exercise.

No. 780463

File: 1550857652578.jpg (339.23 KB, 1055x1231, Screenshot_20190222-114434_Chr…)

Someone finally brings up how the Cooking with Jack thread is full of people sperging about how they're such better cooks than Jack while contributing nothing to the conversation, and of course they get bombarded with negative ratings.

No. 780567

File: 1550890313640.png (142.74 KB, 1791x219, kiwi.png)

I'm just going to leave this here, kiwi post on /cow/.

No. 780597

KF has truly become the new GOMI in many ways. The ratings have become a circle jerk. Someone post ot, late derailment, watch the winner ratings come in.

No. 780646

All of this. Kiwifarms is literally unreadable due to the autistic powertripping of many users and the infighting gets even more out of hand than on Lolcow.
>Also embarrassing bs like recently, when null came into our anachan thread in October and asked for anons to send him info, spoonfeed him receipts, and help him with his Halloween stream on YT. Thank god we have this place, truly, honestly.
Wow I missed this, he's truly pathetic.

I just see Kiwifarms as the male version of PULL at this point, the users literally can't reply to a thread without blogposting about themselves and nitpicking some nitty-gritty detail no neurotypical person would be interested in.

LMFAO if this is real these fucking speds have no sense of self-awareness

No. 780737

Thats bait anon

No. 780867

File: 1551000470127.jpeg (386.25 KB, 640x1100, C50932E3-6113-41B1-8F1A-B18BE1…)

holy fucking shit? what

No. 780869

Isn't the board being upgraded around now?
>Christian love day
Anon I don't think that's real.

No. 780870

never mind. it’s site maintenance.

No. 780871

>>780867 There's been a notice on the site for like a month saying it's going down for maintenance the 24th. They're obviously trolling.

No. 780872

They spelt Tucson wrong

No. 780883

File: 1551010172317.png (348.99 KB, 800x1075, Screenshot_2019-02-24-04-02-27…)


You, Tommy Tooter, DSP, and Matt Jarbo didn't scroll down.

Tommy got so excited he posted several times on Twitter and went on livestream. He didn't figure out it was a joke until he called the phone number 1:14 into the stream. Null joined the chat, Tommy called him again, and they talked for an hour.



Today is CWC's birthday.

No. 780890


Why did Null even call Tommy? His screechy defensiveness does him no favors.

No. 780904

A lot of posters in the Beauty Parlor sound like ex-GOMI types, so it doesn't surprise me.

Who the fuck would fall for this?

No. 780969


Apparently ban evasion and sockpuppeting is so easy on Kiwifarms that even Kelly Ronahan can do it.

No. 780978

they are desperate to keep her around, they have nothing when she's threadbanned.

No. 781007

>I just see Kiwifarms as the male version of PULL at this point, the users literally can't reply to a thread without blogposting about themselves and nitpicking some nitty-gritty detail no neurotypical person would be interested in.

KF just comes off as a bunch of socially inept troll-shielding manchildren who are using it as a replacement for the high school social life they never had and a source of self-esteem. Any entertainment that could be derived from reading the threads is negated by the popularity contest circlejerking, self-righteous pear-clutching, authoritative screeds from people who don't know what they're talking about (e.g. the discussion of Greg's wetland adventure), and barely on-topic blogposting. Lolcow has its problems, but at least the structure of the platform, rules, and rule enforcement try to keep the issues rampant on KF and other gossip sites to an absolute minimum. On KF they're amplified by the fact that the site owner has a meltdown without a steady stream of orbiters and praise.

No. 781323


beauty parlor's original purpose was to attract people from here and PULL, it was a bi-polar null plot during one of his manic phases to try and take over PULL and lolcow farms. Then he went into a depression phase, fled the U.S. because he became paranoid of jews and black people, started suicide baiting and all of that fell to the wayside

No. 781339

I was threadbanned on KF for sharing an opinion against the grain. For guys who say they hate snowflakes they sure act like them.

Whenever Null mentions Lolcow he ALWAYS says “the girls from lolcow” he makes everything about gender it’s so bizarre. He couldn’t even name the section he wanted for girls anything other then “beauty parlor”.

No. 781340

>nitpicking some nitty-gritty detail no neurotypical person would be interested in.
Tbf, while I agree, you can say the same about this site as well.

No. 781352

Well, this website is known for being the girl's only 4chan. And the beauty parlor is for cosplay and makeup.

No. 781359

Here's a live stream some guy did about Null and then put up on youtube. I'm not too sure if this guy is the best source but he does give some receipts on Nulls history. I'm not convinced that he's actually a pedo which was part of the premise of this stream.

No. 781366

a video from zoom? let's be real and stop with the gay ops. no one should believe a thing he says about anything or anybody, dude has a long history of being a snake in the grass. just because people don't like josh, eh it's still no reason to believe zoom.

No. 782068

Fuck off Josh.

No. 786808

File: 1552629955581.png (210.89 KB, 800x1134, Screenshot_2019-03-14-23-01-41…)

Apparently KF is one of few sites hosting the video of the mosque shooting in NZ and is barely able to handle the hits. NZ officials are asking Josh to remove it.

No. 786829

what a sweet thing to do, host the video of the murder of 40 people including children. it's amazing the dissonance of some of the moralfags who frequent that place - and send josh money.

No. 786830

I know you can't ask them to show respect but come on null stop Bren a edglord for once

No. 786847

Remember when Null created a subforum for crazed shooters under the pretense that he didn't want to give psychos the attention from the main forums?

Pepperidge Farms remembers

No. 786869

Plot twist, the guy is Dyn.

No. 786898

I knew josh would be pissed off that 8chan got media mentions but I wasn't sure how he'd try to get in on it. Fucking piece of shit. Hides behind his mom when threatened by a troon but super-edgy when 50 strangers get murdered in a terrorist attack.

No. 786957

i when in the trade they have for this, memes, edgy coments and "lol XD all this dead people man wow F" how can they juts downlod a video of inocent people been kill and laugh at it is beyond me

No. 786959

Why would anyone want to watch such an atrocity? I recoil even from descriptions of it…

No. 787060

Most people aren’t laughing at it on the forums. Including the usual assholes who post racist bullshit there. Not sure where you’re pulling this statement from but you’re wrong.

No. 787065

actually accurate
they've been shutting down the edgelords pretty hard
i was expecting the worst from them too

No. 787086

what i saw was the tipical jokes at firt idk know if they edit them or what, glad they aren't making memes as usual

No. 787131

Yet they still support KF distributing the video, and by using KF they show that support. Free press is only a big thing when it's brown people related, right? If it was a white on white shooting few would be so fast to support its distribution. Manifestoes and footage like this are viral, see how the shooter himself cites Breivik. It's harmful to culture and to real people. KF is not a news outlet nor a bunch of freedom fighters, its a collection of gossiping autists and alcoholics with delusions of grandeur. What fucking dissonance on behalf of anyone moralfagging in that thread - typing F is a more honest response for anyone who plans to stick around there. Another day, another post about Commiefornia by a grumpy Facebook grandma. Null's so desperate for financial support he'll appease anyone these days.

No. 787150

File: 1552701466514.png (78.58 KB, 800x326, Screenshot_2019-03-15-18-55-33…)

No. 787158

File: 1552702269311.png (92.57 KB, 800x484, Screenshot_2019-03-15-19-10-32…)

No. 787176

They just want your IPPPPPPsss guys. Autists.

No. 787182

The old 1-2 punch of "lol kiwi farms isn't dangerous to anyone, snowflake" but then "the gov is trying to entrap us and take away our civil liberties and unjustly ban us!"

No. 787224

Anon, you've got it all wrong. Clearly the FBI is using this as a way to take down the oh so infamous Joshua Moon and his magnum opus that is the Kiwi Farms® brand.

No. 787230

Clearly the FBI wants to pick the great minds of Kiwifarms to learn how doxxing is really done.

No. 787237

C'mon… don't sell the FBI short like that, even they know how to use google.

No. 787244

Does it really matter that they host the video though? Like it or not, it will be shared regardless and shown on numerous news programs around the world.

No. 787246

So don't be the ones to do that. It's obvious why Null's distributing it. KF isn't a press outlet any way you slice it.

No. 787248

this. They have threads dedicated to mass shooters, yet they never host the video footage of their attacks. Why is this so different? As retarded as Null is, he damn well knows traffic to the site will increase when people or edgelords start searching for the shooting and eventually stumble on their shitty little thread.

No. 787249

>they never host the video footage of their attacks
I've never looked at the shooter threads, so I never knew about that. If that's the case then I absolutely see what you mean.
I never intended to defend hosting the video as such, I just don't care much either way.

No. 787257

it's different because he believes in what this guy does, wants to see more of it in the world (achieved by propagating it to unstable teenaged autists) and can fap to 49 brown people dying.

No. 787266

>all muslims are brown people guys
do you think josh would hesitate at any chance for relevancy regardless of the situation?

No. 787277

No he wouldn't, and that's definitely a factor here too (not least that 8chan had involvement).

I'm fully aware not all muslims are brown but I haven't seen a single white face in this particular victim group - yet. Again if this was a college shooting in the US I doubt Josh would be so fervent about spreading it. Racially and religiously 'other' people are easily dehumanised.

No. 787533

I can just see one of these retards going "hurr durr how is islam not a religion of hate?"

No. 787566

The only reason he would be less fervent is they would have more reason and ability to reach out to him in real life.
He posted up an email he got from an NZ detective, bravely telling him to fuck off and 'shithole country' and other autism. Much circlejerking ensuing from kiwis because of course there is.

Imagine the aneurysm IWC would be having if he were still there.

No. 787573

File: 1552800923648.png (170.94 KB, 1502x964, 2019-03-17 01_31_40-Window.png)

i guess the nz government wants them to turn over emails and ip addresses in relation to sharing/hosting of the video and any posts made about it?

>On 3/17/2019 6:12 AM, MICHAEL, John (JP) wrote:

>Good afternoon

>I am hoping that you can help us with an investigation the New Zealand Police are working on.

>On 15 March 2019 there was a shooting in New Zealand with multiple fatalities at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

>The alleged offender in this matter is a Brenton TARRANT.

>At around the time of the shooting there were a number of posts and links posted on kiwifarms.net <http://kiwifarms.net> relating to the shooting and TARRANT

>We would like to preserve any posts and technical data including IP addresses, email addresses etc linked to these posts pending a formal legal request .

>Could you please advise what legal process you require for this request and also confirm preservation of the data requested pending legal process.

>Kind regards


>John Michael_

>_Detective Senior Sergeant*
>*E-mail: >john.michael@police.govt.nz ><mailto:john.michael@police.govt.nz>


>Is this a joke? I'm not turning over information about my users. The person responsible for posting the video and manifesto PDF is myself.

>I feel real bad for you guys, you've got a quiet nation and now this attack is going to be the first thing people think of for the next 10 years when they hear the name New Zealand, but you can't do this. Tell your superiors they're going to make the entire country and its government look like clowns by trying to censor the Internet. You're a small, irrelevant island nation barely more recognizable than any other nameless pacific sovereignty. You do not have the clout to eradicate a video from the Internet and you do not have the legal reach to imprison everyone whose posted it. If anyone turns over to you the information they're asking for they're not only cowards, but they're fucking idiots.

>My name is Joshua Moon, I'm a US Citizen living overseas. My company is contained within a Florida company. If you need an address to send physical documents to this works.

>Lolcow LLC

>913 Beal Pkwy NW
>Suite A-1017
>Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

>If you're wondering, no. Kiwi Farms has nothing to do with New Zealand. Our name is a pointed jab at some of the mushmouthed autistic people we make fun of. Absolutely nothing about our community is NZ oriented.

>And I don't give a single solitary fuck what section 50 of your faggot law say about sharing your email. Fuck you and fuck your shithole country.

>- Josh

>Hi Josh

>Appreciate your quick response.

>Will definitely consider what you have said.



No. 787580

This is so embarrassing. Josh actually seems like he thinks that he's totally OWNING xD an entire country by being one of the many people hosting a gore video. The reply to his screed says all that needed to be said about how much the person sending the initial email cared.

No. 787587

File: 1552804971412.png (52.73 KB, 200x217, 1552344998010.png)

wow, a retard been edgy that is funny huh

No. 787595

He IS owning an entire country, by stealing their mascot! A true internet tough guy.
>going to make the entire country and its government look like clowns
Yeah not really. They're known for having a bit of self-respect and respect for others, and have a bit in common with nordic countries in that way. They want some decency around this material. As if KF would ever become the main story in all this. Or rather it could but for the wrong reasons (when the guy is outed as a frequent poster lol).
>You're a small, irrelevant island nation
I can hear his screeching through the screen.

No. 787604

Holy fuck the absolute amount of autism in his reply, it's embarrassing. I sincerely hope he didn't actually send this out and is just trying to puff his chest and be edgy by pretending. He's like a 15 year old trying to be a smart ass when his parents are telling him to clean his room.

No. 787863

File: 1552889713049.jpg (83.85 KB, 1502x144, kf-at-war.jpg)

Kiwifarms is at war with New Zealand guys. The contents of these emails clearly translate into very NZ-based Kiwfarms user being hunted down even if they didn't actively distribute the video. What a fucken sperg.

No. 788072

Tbh if they're using warrant canarys it's pretty serious, not that the users should be worried but it looks like Null fucked up big time. He's probably trying to get everyone to freak out collectively to act like he didn't make his own bed kek

No. 788346


It's always been in the footer.

No. 788419

File: 1553048619959.jpg (49.62 KB, 904x375, IxvWfaP.jpg)

>While discussion of Null is tabled
Josh is no longer off limits, have fun.

No. 788429

File: 1553050248850.gif (347.54 KB, 449x343, 1540864290287.gif)

Holy shit, I'm dying.

This crayon eating retard knows this isn't the same thing as posting the anarchist cook book or mein kampf, right? This shit happened not even a couple days ago…

Had any other cow done something as stupid as this, you just know they'd be ripping them a new one.

No. 788431

Why was he so edgy and mean for no reason? I don't like cops as much as the next guy, but dude's just doing his job in the wake of a tragedy. He could have politely declined stating him living overseas protects his right to host this content.
Josh also can't get his fuckin politics straight. He flip flops wether hes anti or pro mass shooting on a near daily basis. This time its cool I guess?

No. 788442

Why is he off limits now? Pleased but curious

No. 788457

this is the face of a man who wanted to rule lolcow. never forget.

No. 788478

Why did null want it in the first place?

No. 788483

Wew now I see why he has that "alpha- beta" male projection

No. 788487

File: 1553059934716.jpeg (96.2 KB, 750x510, 78127318-687B-49DD-8FAD-24CA4C…)

tl;dr it wasn’t that long ago so someone can correct me if I’m wrong but when the site was having a lot of up and down server issues he offered to buy the site or host it or something.

he owns the lolcow.email site/sever and having his own “farm” (on top of his logic) I think it really bugs him to not have a hand on the farms officially. since lolcow.email comes up when obviously…googling lolcow email a lot of cows will accidentally send their “take down my thread or muh lawyers” emails to them instead making them look stupider and giving us a shared laugh.

No. 788498

Times you acted like the Joker meme.
His mom is gonna freak.

No. 788499

My dad is a conspiracy theorist. He got a giant kick out of going through it one frame at a time to spot any inconsistencies.

No. 788501

Genuine question, why was Josh ever off-limits?

No. 788506

When the idea for a thread was floated it was either other anons or mods who said including Josh would bring along a lot of extra bullshit. Or that was the impression I got at the time.

iirc it's in the previous request thread on /pt.

No. 788508

What the fuck?

Did he at least do it with the sound off?

No. 788511

apparently police can use videos like this as part of training, learning how these types of crimes are committed. Could be useful in designing security for events.

No. 788514

well shit, now is the best time for a thread. He's in the news and being talkative with that Rekieta dude. His moral inconsistencies are being scrutinized by normie outsiders, not just drama website users, furries, and trannies.

He used to moralfag so much about stopping shootings and not distributing their materials unless they were being mocked, but that's only because he was covering low-hanging fruit like Randy Stair.

No. 788515

Why are you acting like such a baby? Plenty of people do stuff like this in 1080p, headphones on, volume up.

No. 788516

>why are you horrified by people enjoying dying screams of terror and the accompanying gore

Are you doing okay there, anon?

No. 788519

Of course. He extracted the audio from it to look over the wavelengths separate.

No. 788522

Well, he's. Dedicated, I'll give him that.

No. 788535

By now I don't think he really has morals beyond expanding his autistic drama site empire. The school shooter shit is absurd, just because a couple KF threads lead to people getting arrested doesn't mean you can insert yourself into federal crime investigations and demand the police cater to you

No. 788567


Null doesn't really have much in the way of morals or convictions. Up until the shooting he was rambling about how journalists and government officials needed to be killed, conspiracies about Jews and Muslims, the need for ethnostates (except for Jews and Muslims), and claiming he was warming up to fascism even though he's been there for a while. In between this he's suicide baiting and making word filters up for words he suddenly hates because people don't use words by the definition the way he likes them to.

Then the shooting happened and the spotlight got shown on his site so he put up the banner saying kiwi farms is a free speech forum that isn't ran by white supremacists and ordered mods to thread ban the /pol/posters from the NZ shooting thread.

This is also someone who once used to claim he hated liars the most.

No. 788575

This. Null is only playing this all up as "free speech" because this gives him praise and attention. He probably is afraid to give the information because he knows the dude posted on Kiwifarms, let's not forget he was once an admin on 8chan and owns some of the source code.
This is the same man who bragged about raping someone, possessing CP, arranging school shooting hoaxes, about having absolute power to censor on Kiwifarms, about doxxing and "exposing" Kiwifarms members if they irritated him and abusing a cripple. He does not give a flying fuck about "free speech" or "muh censorship" all he wants is asspats from dumb boomers who are now going to praise him on kiwifarms not realising Josh is the worlds biggest attention whore addict looking for his fix of attention. Josh would transition to become an attack helicopter if it gave him the attention he thinks he deserves.

He does not deserve his own thread because he is irrelevant outside of his hugbox, Kiwifarms. IMO all conversation of him should be contained within the thread about his hugbox.

>inb4 Null's devils advocate manservant spawns here

Hi Dyn, you are alright.

No. 788596

It's a hella smart strat though, innit? He could be the biggest lolcow in the world, and he still wouldn't get a thread on Kiwifarms unless he wanted one.

No. 788704

He might not get a KF thread, but he still has way more people who think he's a lolcow now than he would if he was still some Blockland sperg.

Also what's the deal with this Rekieta dude that half of userbase is suddenly in love with?

No. 788817

he used to be off limits under the previous admin. current farmhand is saying he's not off limits anymore.

No. 788820

not really. when greta came to his house to threaten him he let his mum take the heat and hid in the basement on the shitter. this is something he fully publicised on the farms, and got very butthurt when he didn't feel revenge plans were adequately brewed and followed. he had tantrums all over. he's also open about just how much vordrak has been able to fuck with his business, he's always on the back foot or 'under attack' as he likes to put it. when he threw his toys out of the pram and closed the site for a bit, then came back begging for money, he had his heart on his sleeve. josh has a way of making his failures a central story even without a thread of his own.

he made the beauty parlor to try and replace lolcow but it's gone to shit mostly.

one of the biggest threads he has right now is the Schofields and he keeps it big by a hands-off policy with all the oldie facebook spergs shitting up the thread. probably because old people who think he's a freedom fighter are more likely to send him money - I can't think of any other reason why he's giving them free reign.

No. 788822

If it’s not too much trouble, could you post screenshots of all of this? Or compile the evidence into one collage? Whatever’s easier.

No. 788828

Which words?

No. 788845

retards, milk etc.
milk is changed to 'tard cum'

No. 788856

>Also what's the deal with this Rekieta dude that half of userbase is suddenly in love with?
He knows some fancy law words like tortious interference and has other characteristics.

No. 788895

Rekieta is some free speech dude who jumps to every controversy which the free speech crowd is against.

No. 788900

I watched it with the audio on and I didn't "enjoy" it. Grow up, it's not even that bad, and you're not a good person just because you're scared of a video.

No. 788917

>"grow up, a video of 40 innocent people being murdered isn't that bad!!! i watched it with the audio on, pussy!"
>telling people who are capable of empathizing with the victims and who feel fear on their behalf while watching peoples lives being snuffed out are the ones that need to 'grow up'
shouldn't you be headed back to your shitty containment forum, peaballs?

what does josh have against the word 'retard'? wtf

No. 788931

>what does josh have against the word 'retard'? wtf
What do you think most people think he is?

No. 788957

During his stream Rekieta BTFO'd some dumbass sperg who was trying to defend Vic Mignona during his sexual harassment scandal recently. So of course all the misogynist neckbeard KF users are all over his dick because he, at least in their perspective, defended the narrative that all women reporting sexual harassment are liars. But of course they claim it's just for m-muh truth-seeking and justice. If he proved that Mangina was a piece of shit who did everything he was accused of, they'd be calling him a whiteknighting soyboy.

No. 788959

He also setup Mangina and his fund for the lawyer thing.
The guy seems like a sperg tbh

No. 788963

Who did he dox or expose on the site? I always hear this but no one ever says who it was. It sounds almost like a meme that site users all get doxed, I know of users who went after Chris and left obvious trails, but who else? Not trying to be a jerk, genuinely curious.

No. 788981

Look at the threads tagged “Halal”; those are all site users.

No. 789008


Null didn't personally dox them. Most of them practically doxed themselves.

No. 789096

before kickvic didn't most of kf mock Vic and call him Mangina? I feel like most of the kf dudebros used to mock him. Then women overtly came out against vic and they changed their stance drastically. Not surprising at all, given the site's shift towards the far right in these last few years

No. 789129

When Null needs a dox, he dials up to his manservant. He has bragged multiple times about this. Doxing members/making threads on them is prohibited in the rules unless they get on Null's nerves.

>The term halal (حلالا), in Muslim culture, refers to food that is acceptable to eat under Islamic law. The literal translation is "permissible." On Kiwi Farms, "halal" refers to a lolcow who is first discovered by his or her presence on the site (meaning that having a thread on them is "permissible," contrary to the general rule against creating threads on other users).

No. 789178

Anyone see Josh's latest Twitter account?

No. 789189

It's been posted and discussed.

No. 789190

No. 789203

Imagine posting this and thinking you're actually sounding cool or reasonable

No. 789209

Yeah, if you look at the recent threads about him a lot of the early posts are just "good" or "didn't we already know this?" until the #IStandWithVic spergs raid it. It's hilarious how far some of them reach to say that Vic is ABSOLUTELY innocent and women only complained about him for so long because they're evil.

No. 789308

Is…is this what he looks like??

No. 789311

first pic is him, yes

No. 789372

it's shit like this that makes me wonder why kf even has a thread mocking incels or alt right figures when so many of them fit into one or both of those categories and sperg whenever you call them out on their hypocrisy? projection?

No. 789379

I see it similar to the influx of autist furries who keep joining the site. Eventually, one of the members is going to make a fool of themselves enough to deserve their own thread.

No. 789389

It's been mentioned before in this thread but KF is just male PULL, full of chimps who project like crazy and act like they're the better tranny/furry/altright sperg than the cow in question.

No. 789536


You say this as if it hasn't happened already.

No. 789597

null himself is a cow so it's not surprising that most other farmers are cows and the site invites cows who are trying to appease the fact that they're cows

but at least it used to be more about actual drama and less about petty manbaby politics

No. 789723

File: 1553442221452.png (83.73 KB, 1495x382, Screencap0324.png)

how do they keep saying this and not realize the irony?

No. 790048

could anyone confirm whether KF is down right now? Unsure if something is just wrong on my end since downrightnow lists it as up, but as far as I know it hasn't been blocked where I live and I don't use my ISP's DNS.

No. 790049


getting a 502 error over here so not just you

No. 790050

File: 1553479145586.jpeg (359.61 KB, 750x1044, 5634BC23-EA51-4E7B-ACC6-4814C4…)

sage for image I forgot to include

No. 790052

thanks for confirming anon

No. 790053

I think KF goes down around the time dole pays out each month due to some cow I'm not aware of's DDoS efforts but it's a bit late in the month for that.

No. 790055

File: 1553480207128.png (26.87 KB, 526x207, DNmw6yB.png)

No. 790056

File: 1553480358436.png (13.61 KB, 1279x108, 8pTabtu.png)

from /cow/ earlier today

No. 790058

File: 1553480471865.png (209.64 KB, 981x486, GSU9xT8.png)

No. 790062

File: 1553481193870.png (9.33 KB, 559x201, Screenshot_1.png)

wow my go to website lied to me. thanks anon

No. 790064

its back up for me

No. 790065

The NZ government got him, gals.

That's my dream anyway.

No. 790069

is down for me too, do you thing they NZ got in to take down the fucking video + infor about the ursers?

No. 790079

KF is down for me through my ISP but not if I use data only or a VPN. I’m a little confused. It came about out of nowhere

No. 790089

so they were ddos'd after all?

No. 790095


Samuel Collingwood Smith aka Vordrak aka Matthew Hopkins.


On what grounds and in what jurisdiction?

No. 790143

it's a joke but thanks for the autism

No. 790216

are you a kiwi? it was a joke come on

No. 790229

A lot of Australian and NZ ISPs are blocking it. Would not be surprised if more elsewhere followed suit.

No. 790292

can anyone explain to me josh's pedo shit? i read in an article that he was linked to a bunch of threats he made online about/to children in florida? anyone know anything about that?

No. 790331


>>790069 was joking? So many people are not joking, it's hard to tell.


Cumulatively they are blocking around 100 websites including neutral sites like archive.today.


Vordrak used Josh's email service to send the bomb threats.

No. 790338

okay thanks, but what about the pedo shit?

No. 790350


I just checked several KF threads where they've been talking about the outage and this isn't on their radar.


During a DDOS attack or other type of server request overload some requests will connect, so your go-to site wasn't lying to you.

No. 790610

Zed got into a slapfight with rio in chat today over the word 'misgendered' it caused him to start hurling insults at rio and out of the blue accused rio of sucking Null's dick and eventually started screaming about the right and Trump. Zed's chimpouts and the infighting he causes are almost worth an entire thread itself.

It's all Vordrak. Null refused to remove a thread about him so Vordrak made a website claiming Null and Dynastia are pedophiles, tried to get Dynastia tried in a British court, had some other lolcows send bomb threats to schools, and pays to DDOS the site at the start of every month, all over a thread

No. 790611

Was he pro-right pro-trump or the reverse?

No. 790613

Zed is hilariously anti-trump and so is rio, the conflict was Zed is anti-tranny and rio is pro-tranny

rio made some quip about how people on kiwi farms intentionally force themselves to misgender trannies and zed started ranting about the word 'misgender' which led to rio calling him out on being an obnoxious cunt,

zed then went the high road and called rio a moron and accused him of sucking null's dick and stormed off to his calm down corner for a bit

No. 790615

>rio made some quip about how people on kiwi farms intentionally force themselves to misgender trannies

He's kind of right. You'll see a thread on someone that passes 100%, but people will still call them whatever gender they don't go by just for edgy points, and to make sure they don't come off as a tranny panderer.

No. 790671


Zed is going to get banned eventually, he's pissing off everyone including null. Null only tolerates him because he's autistic about doxing lolcows and zed is the only one willing to do things like pay into people-finder websites to get dox

He won't be missed when he's gone that's for sure

No. 790795

Oh shit, I mean I knew Zed was an ass. I honestly don't care about misgendering troons on purpose bc a lot of anons do it here too, but there's so many pro-trans autists on KF, it's hilarious when a mod tries to butt in and tells people to cut it out.
Zed used to be Null's top priority doxer, what happened with that?

No. 790830

>zed is the only one willing to do things like pay into people-finder websites to get dox
hahaha wow
imagine paying real money to dox randoms just so you can look cool in front of a bunch of other autistic people

No. 790842

File: 1553684285074.gif (691.32 KB, 250x188, giphy.gif)

Don't lie, this is such an obvious whiteknight attempt it's embarrassing. The bomb threats, shooting threats and CP stuff happened in 2011-2015. The philippines saga started in 2015.

To these Null has actually admitted to in private chats which there are logs of.

Vordrak's thread was made in 2016. The accusations are about things that happened in 2011-2015.

No. 790843


No. 790844

Meant deets about the philippines saga.

No. 792111

File: 1553976334189.jpeg (240.07 KB, 750x581, 18357B50-C813-45EF-9776-CB4869…)

lmao wow

No. 799484

File: 1555942634631.png (343.38 KB, 910x1076, HKa3oZg.png)

So nulls youtube got suspended and he submitted his appeal in hebrew
much edge

No. 799487

wow I guess cuz it's jewtube hur hur
really though, it's not 2016 and idubbz saying whatever he wants, the YT era has drastically changed. you can do objective commentary but not content cop-style slam pieces anymore.

I wonder how much of this has been done by vordrak though? he really has made null's life a misery, it would seem.

No. 799503

Don't know much about Kiwifarms but Feline Darkmage is a massive cow, check out his Twitter. Surprised he isn't more discussed here, chimpburgers is pretty lulzy as well. They're both crypto-SJW's, which is funny because they're mods on a site that many call the alt-right incel hub of the internet. The userbase is so cucked.

They overreact over the dumbest shit.

No. 799508

Doesnt feline get triggered anytime someone makes fun of troons and they always have to butt in with a "uwu SHE is crazy lol"

No. 799525

what's felines Twitter

No. 799531

That's it? That's all he's got? Wow.

Agree about the cow bit as far as her shit on kf but her twitter is just pedestrian memeing. meanwhile 'crypto-sjw' sounds pretty cowish tbh.

No. 799557


His channel was terminated a few minutes into his stream on Floraverse. Then he went to DLive and was terminated there, too.


No. 799559

File: 1555974505549.jpg (18.88 KB, 417x279, Pop-Team-Epic-Doesnt-Get-It-Me…)

What's with KF and their organic inability to host any kind of milk on Metokur? Every time anyone tries it gets shoah'd within hours. Explain.

No. 799561

Is there any milk on him?

No. 799564

What happened to Dynastia? His last activity was March 30th.


No. 799565


What do you mean? There's a thread on him.

No. 799566

I think all members of foxdick are laying low since the shooting, also 8ch got fucked from it too.

No. 799580

Fair warning, it's pretty cringeworthy. I also recommend checking out his and other exceptional user's accounts on Kiwifarms. I've seen so much RP's on these people's user pages. I'll try to find some particularly retarded ones later

No. 799603


He's a hurdurgate sperg, of course he's a cow. There's a thread on him on kf but it's nothing but white knighting and oy vey shut it down.

No. 799634

wew, that ED page
>Autism. Autism never changes. The Internet brings out the gayest faggots within society under the guise of anonymity, allowing them to spread their legs and tout their retarded cocks. And yet every now and again, there's one faggot who comes out and highlights the autism of the internet, bringing lulz and drama wherever they breathe. Mister Metokur, is one such faggot.
I swear the internet bloodsports threads are some of the most boring shit because everyone talks like this and the drama is just pretentious NEETs slapfighting

No. 799711

idk if he's still with jade but she's a cow too but your usual self-hating moonfaced asian who hates other women

the only milk i know that involves the both of them is that she apparently sucked his dick on a livestream which is ironic cuz he makes fun of dsp for jacking off in a livestream

No. 799745

The article used to be different before autistocrat came out as Metokur. It's all Metokur trollshielding now, too. Does contain a mention of KF's cockblocking of dox and milk though.

No. 799838

File: 1556065084693.png (245.38 KB, 603x416, darkmage.PNG)

I'm a lazy piece of shit, but I will say, anytime you see a thread with Manosphere/the "alt-right" tag attached, 90% of the time it was created by FD or chimpburgers, and if they didn't make it one of their friends did.
His tweets of course get no likes and he's pretty much a loser, as you'd expect from a KF mod.

No. 799864

metokur's thread is most certainly not trollshielding or dickriding, not anymore. KF doxed metokur, albeit in an embarrassingly backwards fashion, with null defending it as no big deal while the users of the thread were obviously puzzled at the sudden about face; they've since fallen in line for the most part. about that same time, the title of the thread was also changed, to be a lot less positive.

ever since null started his now-defunct yt channel he's been extremely ambivalent about metokur and even a little salty. josh went on rekieta's stream to talk about some shit i don't remember and said in reference to jim that doxing is nothing to worry about as long as you let the cops know in advance that you might get swatted and suggested buying a gun. um.

there's def a story there.

No. 799909

Anyone's got Metokur's picture? Old ED article used to have a tiny overfiltered one, but now it's gone.

No. 800010

He fingered her. You can hear her, she sounds pretty happy. Get your lore straight.

No. 800131

Darkmage is known tranny white knight, and for pushing non threads on Manosphere/the "alt-right". I am talking like self bumping a thread no one else posts in because there is no milk, and does nothing actual "cow" worthy. They always pull the #notalltranny shit out.

In all honesty FD is a dime a dozen mtf tranny that would melt into the background if they weren't a foxdick mod.

No. 800140

Yeah the dick sucking on stream lore is Shoe not Jade.
He's a white Knight because he's a troon too

No. 800175

>the drama is just pretentious NEETs slapfighting
she says this on an imageboard where the criticism of the cows mostly consists of "she's fat" "she's a whore" "that dress looks really bad on her"

No. 800188


>CC shooting March 15th

>last activity March 30th

He brought his usual shit posting to all the CC shooting threads.

No. 800202

both of you guys are right. jade was allegedly fingered on mic, while shoe self reports that she blew preg on mic, maybe cam.

No. 800206

I like how there is a sizable community of people in kiwi farms that just post in their news section of the site. Just bitching about blacks and Jews while never actually posting in the parts of the site about cows.

No. 800210

so he stopped around when this >>792111 went up for some reason?

No. 800211


That notice was initially posted long before the 30th >>787863. And Dynastia lives in Australia.

If you think they "got fucked" you haven't been paying attention.

No. 800215

yes a lot of posts here are shit but at least no one is convinced they're part of the world's most important youtuber culture war

No. 800586

Um, is KF dead? Some weird shit going on there right now, redirecting to lolcow.tv and a live chat happening with a cooking video running. Anyhow know the deets?

No. 800594

null is saying that he needs to fix the site but in the meantime he would prefer to watch black israelites.


No. 800600

File: 1556314741409.png (11.31 KB, 716x117, D5G0KdBXoAEKLDh.png)

from what I understand, the database for the entire site got corrupted. this means all posts, all user accounts, EVERYTHING is gone. the site itself (ergo, the html/css) probably still exists, but a website is useless without any content. hence why kiwifarms.net is redirecting to lolcow.tv right now.

this means that if Null doesn't have any backups, the site is fucked. he's likely trying to restore the database from the most recent backup right now.

No. 800606

this is hilarious

No. 800610

oh my god this si so funny!

No. 800611

Holy shit Christmas came early!

No. 800623

I think the only milk on him is that he was one of the instigators of gamergate which he shortly abandoned and thus pissed off multiple goobergate honchos, has gotten a few parking tickets and was a sort-of-cringey weeb back in the day well over a decade ago. It's boring and stale. He hasn't done anything milk-worthy but people are obsessed with the thought that he's actually a pedophile babyfur rapist or something because everyone in that part of the youtube commentator crowd always turns out to be a massive cow.

Goddamn Josh you fucked up big time lmfao. This error essentially means that the database is corrupted to shit and a new instance needs to be generated with backups. Did the NZ government superhack his site?

No. 800626

File: 1556321929472.png (86.26 KB, 789x427, 1234.PNG)

No. 800627

Lol sounds like Bull needs to get himself a fucking job

No. 800628

>pretty please paypig KF using crypto
Josh is really deep into the crypto ponzi scheemes, since he lost thousands of dollars "investing" in Lite and BTC during the past two years I hoped that to this point he would had already learnt the lesson, he should really give up in that libertarian utophian dream of uncentralised banking.

No. 800632

File: 1556322866447.png (177.42 KB, 800x1112, sad null.png)



No. 800633

Didn't KF used to have a crypto miner on the site that you could opt out of? What happened to that?

No. 800636


It was short lived and put the site on a lot of antivirus etc block lists iirc.


And just last month he was crowing about the exposure and increased traffic his response to the NZ government garnered.

No. 800640

>I’ll be frank, I cannot keep doing this for much longer with my given resources

is this the death knell?

No. 800659

it's the sign of another 'toys out of the pram until you send me money' moment

No. 800682

File: 1556337576971.png (367.7 KB, 800x1174, Screenshot_2019-04-26-18-01-37…)

No. 800698

How does he afford KF and the 20 other sites he has? I'm sorry but can anyone tell me how he makes money I actually have no idea

No. 800701


He discussed the financials in one of his early Youtube streams in which he reviewed the history of The (kek) Kiwi Farms, but ironically he hasn't posted archives that I can find.

No. 800704

>guys, I had all my stuff and my vore collection and the kf database on my hard drive with no backup and it crashed

No. 800736

he doesn't seem to have a proper day job, but he aggressively minmaxes his living expenses by moving to shithole countries
lowtax 2.0 tbh

No. 800869

SA 2.0 the rise of nulltax

No. 805629

these idiots (sneasel) just banned be because I “harrassed” a cow too much.

in reality, he just didn’t want me sharing the info i have about him and emily, age 12

the fucking idiot forgot i could share it here though

No. 805655

Either post evidence or go away

No. 805701

While the last bump is very autistic, I am thankful that it got my attention because I missed the drama of the server going down. I love watching Internet Tough Guy Null begging for money and crying about how poor he is. Who would've thought being an edgy faggot doesn't pay the bills, wow.

No. 807620

You should be happy they didn't try to dox you already.

Also you're scum.

No. 807891

You sound autistic anon. Don't cowtip. That's a universal rule for this site and KF.

No. 807963

how is sharing info about sneas cowtipping tho

No. 808498

What is this about a 12 year old? If you have any evidence at all about him or his cohorts being involved with the harassment of a child, then post the information. Lying about such a vile and disgusting thing to tarnish the reputation of a user is the exact type of thing that him and his friends would do in chat. Don't sink to his level. The dishonesty will come back to haunt you. If this is something real and not a shitpost, you need to post details. He has harassed users with this horrible lie several times before. You must post proof.

No. 808518

forget sharing it here, that poster should be sharing it on http://tips.fbi.gov if it's real

No. 808533

I know someone who would want to post this on their blog.

No. 808595

I'm confused, the person who made the post sounded like they were the one trying to get info on a 14 year old and that's why sneasel banned them.

No. 808732

Lol, another kiwi exiled and redirected here reeeeing about muh ban.. proof or gtfo

No. 808887


Yeah seriously. If someone is a threat to children don't just bitch about them here you fucking autist. Contact the cops lol

This same anon was on /cow/ claiming the same thing with no proof.

No. 809179

File: 1558301188556.png (54.14 KB, 721x246, 0434.PNG)

forgot to post here, feline tardmage changed his profile pic. i swear by the end of 2019 kf is literally gonna be a bunch of commie trannies with anime profile pics circlejerking over the same 5 people

No. 809418


not really, but beline barkmage and meowthkip shouldve been halal'd long ago. theyre much worse than owo was(is?)

No. 809687

yeah okay kiwifag tell that to all the alt right spergs

No. 810533

yeah kiwi has been moving right for years and has slowly lost most of its lefty and tranny posters. fd is the only one i can think of that people still tolerate and it's solely because he's a mod

No. 812607

i'm not a kiwifag which is probably why i disagree with >>810533
i've only been following the site for several months now. i thought it was always a right leaning place.
not that it matters since i still think the few men pretending to be women like mage are dumber than the nazi larping edgelords

No. 816174

wait what are you disagreeing with? there legit used to be more open trannies on kiwi than there are now

No. 816598

in case you didnt know, joshina now runs analytics.kiwifarms.net/matomo.js whenever you access the site to track you and your accounts across the web

No. 816605

That just looks like a standard analytics plugin. He can see all the clicks you make on the site itself but he shouldn't be able to tell who you are elsewhere.

No. 816743

File: 1559476625640.png (147.25 KB, 1043x771, Screenshot_20190602-065355(1).…)

I swear some of you autists come here to vent some exceptional non-milk after another user criticized you. Lurk more, retard.

No. 816944


wow you found the plugin good job. unfortunately youre too retarded to understand what it can be used for. idgaf im just warning those who care to listen

No. 816991

File: 1559520453764.png (80.32 KB, 986x752, djd.png)

It doesn't "track you and your accounts across the web", unless you have proof of that. It can theoretically identify you if you're not using a VPN, though.

No. 817168

File: 1559543126414.gif (27.96 KB, 192x192, 231.jpg.gif)

what's with the stupid new avatar trend

No. 822523

Kiwifarms got banned from receiving its Brave browser money (it's a way to earn dollars for your chosen recipient by using this browser, and also a means of donating funds to your recipient). Null managed to accrue over $5200 worth of owed "BAT" in six weeks. Nice shill. Quote "Half of this is from referral bonuses, and the other half was from users donating grants as tips".

Null's usual nemesis (or nemeses) have now come for Brave who I guess notice the NZ shooting video promotion/hosting among other things on KF, and now Null can't have the funds.
>they found that our permissive ruleset infringes on publisher terms of service Section 5.2 on direct incitement of violence. They do not comment on the specifics of these determinations so what exactly it is we host or do that is considered violent will remain a mystery.
I mean… that video you promoted of people being murdered is quite violent, as is the manifesto promoting further violence, my dude. What is mystifying about it.

Probably comes from the same person who thought the t-shirts were a cute idea.

No. 822586

Null has this habit of pretending KF has a spotless reputation or that because they're not calling for public murder they have a right to be on any website they choose and if they break rules it's fine cause "free speech!!!!"

I still can't get over this fucking idiot setting up a patreon and expecting it not to get caught and reported lol

No. 822628

when even nutty cryptocurrency libertarian schemes wew lad your ass out the door

null was sucking these people’s cock so fucking hard, too, it’s beautiful

No. 829397

File: 1561858844768.png (83.64 KB, 1461x288, Untitled.png)

I know it's been a while, but this has still been going on and getting even worse.I fucking hate those fuck faces that mess with crazy gail. Makes my blood boil. It's two summerfag retards and one fucked up summerfag couple. so far they've
>made her delusions dangerously worse to theb point of her threatening her sister
>pretend to be her husbands to make her send videos of herself masturbating or scantily clad
>dumb cunt gf of the group makes up 12 yo autist levels of bullshit to feed her delusions i.e "nukakke"
>does bare minimal too not be seen as utter shitbags (tell her to take pills give her a few bucks
you can tell they're just braindead sacks of shit very obviously though and it makes it obvious when it's their response to any criticism.
if anything all three of these fuck faces seem like bigger milkier lolcows than the lady herself.
also lol at edgelord ringleader being self aware.

No. 829399

File: 1561859216469.png (99.86 KB, 1426x202, summerfagsammirite.png)

extra lol at the pfp of one of their shitbag friend defending them while also admitting to allegations that these are retard collge/ highschool kids with psychopathy.
it just all screams "We're pieces of shit please fuck with us."
or maybe i just care too much about elderly insane abuse.

No. 829423

File: 1561861828799.png (129.5 KB, 1167x950, bonusretard.png)

sage for actual fetal alcohol syndrome sufferer bonus lol

goddamned there has to be milk here with this much autism.
I guess this was meant to be funny, but it just comes off as starved for attention and being an asshole autist with 1 brain cell. Why would you go through all this trouble to fuck with some crazy lady and be a cringe retard? At least make it funny so you don't look so fucking stupid.

>"Favorite videogames?? Katawa Shoujo, Hadaka Shitsuji, Saya no Uta, HuniePop and Doki Doki Literature club! Yes for real! :3"

completely 100% believable. would explain why person seems like such a loser sack of shit.
sorry for the language it just genuinely pisses me off.
also not sure yet who this sack of shit is on kiwifarms just know for sure it's on there and an active member.

No. 829809


Why would you go to all this trouble to whinge about a dead thread and its associated weens?

No. 839740

If anyone has Yawning Sneasel's real name I'd be interested in knowing it.(asking for dox)

No. 839742

metokur hasn't made interesting content in years, he's basically spoony now, I wonder how long his retarded sweetie squad will continue to suck his peepee

No. 841038

File: 1563628360252.jpg (138.12 KB, 676x1262, b2347c4898c58922102c056baf0db5…)

No. 841039

File: 1563628482176.png (480.79 KB, 1115x591, aab07d4b3ca07f1612b0e654560691…)

No. 841136

oh yeah that's the bitch who KF cannibalized after she was found out to be doxing people in the Vic Lasagna case

No. 841140

this is what like 90% of kf looks like irl kek

No. 841252

omg the emspex white knighting in that thread is hilarious

No. 841260

File: 1563661139137.jpg (112.71 KB, 654x437, sneeze.jpg)

>noooo go after sneasel! He's the real threat!

No. 841333

Goddamn, how can anyone want to become a regular poster on KF when there's an extremely high chance that someone will collect and potentially drop your doxx just for the hell of it? They're making their lives so much more complicated just for the opportunity to shitpost about losers with other losers

No. 841361

its not hard, just don't drop you name or photos of yourself in a KF discord in the hope of getting beta followers.

No. 841367

You don't need to drop your name or photos to get doxxed, even if you share seemingly innocuous information over time about what you do, where you live, who you know, etc. someone may be able to find you if they remember the info or are keeping a file on you (which is not uncommon in places like KF). As someone mentioned in the /cow/ thread, Null himself is most likely building profiles of users, if not through datamining then by hand. It's fucking stupid to be a part of a website where 'investigating' other users is accepted or encouraged. Most people don't know that they're sharing info about themselves, including KF users apparently given that there's a mutually assured destruction situation going on

No. 841498

everyone here in the confessions and fetish and body threads should be doxxed by now then.

No. 841500

we're not all keeping files like the autists on KF

No. 841501

> It's fucking stupid to be a part of a website where 'investigating' other users is accepted or encouraged

come again?

No. 841526

you sound paranoid. as long as you don't share personal info, you should be fine. if you share enough to be doxed, you must do a lot of sperging. and if someone thinks you are interesting enough to be doxed, you must be some sort of a cow. this goes for all online gossip boards. i remember people on guru gossiper doxing each other back in the day.

anyway, i wonder how long kf is going to exist. i suppose the maintenance costs are high and i don't see how null is going to be able to have enough money to cover them in the long run.

No. 841535

nyart but Its stupid to do that with a permanent username attached to your posts, look what happened to Null lol

No. 841542

lmao that's emspex? I know she doxes people in the Vic forum, how did KF cannibalise her?

No. 841609

She literally posted her own pic in the KF Discord server

No. 841646


Run a reverse image search…

No. 841768

wow "someone" just dropped dox of the emspex twitter account, even though its some random normie from the US and not the Finnish goth chick.

And KF hasn't said a word about /cow/ investigating some random nobody goth finn girl for a week now. After they pissed themselves laughing last time someone got a KF mod dox wrong.

Looks like KF is running damage control

No. 841774

Right now on kiwifarms: Attacking gay people is good, actually!


I hope all these edgy bastards fucking die

No. 841775

File: 1563748278875.jpg (60.66 KB, 478x424, fbb7b0e42754a0b3fd5df433b17b02…)

Thing is, right after her photo was posted on /cow/ at least 3 users kept screeching about how they got it all wrong and how they were laughing at their stupid detective work over and over and over again.Now they're trying to defñect hard posting unrelated dox. Shits so obvious my god, youd think theyd know better.

No. 841788

i wonder why politics works on /ot/ but not KF, maybe it's because the anonymity makes it possible to just ignore what other users say, so if you're not into radical feminism you can just ignore it because there's a thousand other threads you can go to and not feel like you don't fit in.

No. 841830

see that's funny cos KF users are all either trannies or tranny chasers
you can tell by how in every thread about a woman they nitpick on the looks of the cow yet "I would still totally bang her guyz lol"
null first in line you wouldn't know what to do with a woman they have no dicks!! D:(don't use emoticons)

No. 841834

sorry I forgot theres also furries but they still fall in 1 of the other categories

No. 841878

null obviously has a feeder fetish, absolutely disgusting

No. 841883

File: 1563759217344.jpg (110.18 KB, 988x706, theydid.jpg)

Really? It's "they" now is it?

Ugh so tired of guys just working on shit and then handing off mod status to someone because they fucked them. Pathetic.

No. 842117

that's the only way he could get a woman not to run away from him

No. 849106

the farms is returning a lot of 404's right now, there's an alternate address at kiwifarms.pl

just a heads up.

No. 849142

kiwifarms.nl is the other alternate.

No. 849614

File: 1565116049339.png (168.01 KB, 1080x694, Screenshot_20190806-132553(1).…)

Null's fucking e-begging again.

No. 849668

File: 1565123772779.jpg (50.75 KB, 540x469, 135.jpg)

Now he's claim that a Russian extortionist is DDOS'ing him because he wouldnt remove a thread and give said extortionist 3BTC per month.

There's another claim that KF's address to their origin servers was given out, so even if the cloudflare problem is fixed, their origin servers will still be under attack.

No. 849722

that article was written by an angry tranny that has a thread of his own over there. i wouldnt really put that much thought into it. the guy has been jerking off about it on twitter the whole time the farms has been down and refreshing constantly seeing if this was the one ddos attack over the other monthly ones to finally bring it down.

No. 850830

Not emspex and couldn't care less if she gets doxed, I just don't like tranny jannies(learn 2 integrate)

No. 858100

File: 1566781154732.png (6.24 KB, 925x25, de listed.PNG)


Kiwi farms has been delisted from the Oath search engine. Shocked it didn't happen with google first.

No. 858161

I've always thought how hilarious it is that users on Kiwi Farms and Null himself think they're website is anything other than just a gossip forum. They really think they're not just a gossip forum. It's a gossip forum, guys, calm down. Similar to lipstick Alley but with more pointless autistic sperging that goes on for pages and pages over a minuscule detail of an event or person like the types of different ways plastic containers are made, for example. I don't know the users have deluded themselves into believing they are actually smarter and above any other gossip website.

No. 863198

Dude you sound like a sad fuck

No. 866807

File: 1568101898317.png (66.25 KB, 523x435, kf.png)

No. 866815

Laur turns out to be a black hat hacker, who knew.

No. 866912

i kekked

No. 866931

File: 1568125501748.jpg (27.43 KB, 1200x397, EEF8LqFXUAEpFHe.jpg)

Looks like only the last 4,611 users that logged-in had their information leaked.

No. 866934

That's what they get for posting on KF tbh.

No. 866971

File: 1568133094215.png (258.61 KB, 800x1030, Screenshot_2019-09-10-06-55-28…)

No. 867005

File: 1568137937784.png (30.38 KB, 800x254, Screenshot_2019-09-10-10-51-13…)


No. 868866

File: 1568535529224.webm (1.07 MB, 640x480, 932866-90ce400e50c94f371382214…)

No. 868985

it seems like a weird reason to finally pick up and leave. don't have a login but been a reader at kf since 2014. he used to be a interesting poster but you could tell he wasn't feeling it anymore, all his bait was phoned in. wish someone would drop intel on him like he did to other kf users.

No. 869659

Does anyone know what actually happened over there? It looks like a lot of the jannies left, a ton of people have new names, and Josh wrote a feelspost about the site. Which is down, again.
Why did hosting the user dox on the site cause such a meltdown if it was that harmless? Were people actually using their real names in PM's? Wouldn't Josh have known the patching up the site the way he did might cause sec issues? Does dude ever sleep? Josh wrote that he had been changing usernames and creating guest accounts for a while now. He didn't seem happy with the recent influx of tumblr and reddit spergs.
Some posters seem to think they're not getting the full story. Anyone have any thoughts?

No. 869807

Yeah ever since the breach, the site's been not as active lol. I guess a bunch of users just migrated back to their anon forums.

No. 869896

they're migrating here and some are spamming the onion thread

No. 870266


it like the third time since 2016 the site has been compromised. n*ll doesnt actually know what he's doing he just knows more than most of the retards on his site. the drama with longterm members leaving in regards to the breach has to do with the fact that he took down the list of breached names, emails, and IPs. they felt it was a pussy move for someone who talks such a big game about never removing things. other people left because he pussed out and is deleting accounts and changing usernames. were the mods using real names and dming each other? probably, considering the mod staff is a cabal of discord trannies.

No. 870499

I noticed emspex retired. How will she get that sweet moonface attention if she's not doing Null's pleb work?

No. 885552

So null has been subpoenaed by a grand jury and has to either dox a user of the site or go to NY and explain why he won't. He's currently freaking out and got into a slapfight in thread with the user the feds want doxed, only for it to turn out to not actually be the user but a troll. If you need anymore proof that Null is a spastic and doesn't understand how to run his own site, there it is.

Even though this is about an attempted shooting in Germany, for some reason he's still sperging about New Zealand. They REALLY got to him.

Anyway, Null said in the thread he's in debt. This guy has destroyed his life just because he wouldn't reel in his userbase just a tiny bit. Good job Null.


Slap fight starts on page 17.

No. 885553

File: 1572216827707.jpg (428.03 KB, 1275x1650, lmao.jpg)


No. 885558

Absolutely LOVE all the autists rating the posts as if that’s going to do anything

No. 885564

LMAO kiwis on suicide watch

No. 885580

That whole thread cracks me up. The rampant paranoia mixed with "it's the Jews!" and adding Null whining about how he's broke and can't afford a lawyer to help him go over a fucking federal subpoena. It's all hilarious, can't wait to see how it plays out.

No. 885595

Who knew being such a terrible site owner, to the point where you're sure is blacklisted from almost every payment option available, would mean you wouldn't have enough money for something as basic as a lawyer??

Lol kiwi is heading down the same road as the something awful forums and their 'dear leader'

No. 885641

I honestly lost it when they started talking about it being a jewish conspiracy. Like null hasn't been actively trying to piss off international governments for internet brownie points.

Also good job pissing off the prosecutor by posting the supena online when they asked you not to. Null doesn't seem to get that even if he stays on the right side LEGALLY, they WILL find something to get him over if he keeps popping up on their radar and acting like a sperg. Look at Chelsea Manning if you want to see how it goes when you fuck around with a grand jurys time.

I genuinely can not wait to see how this plays out.

No. 885668

>he's broke and can't afford a lawyer

What do you mean, can't he just call up Nick Rekit…



No. 885680

File: 1572253549010.png (322.33 KB, 2376x544, so what.png)


The fundamental misunderstanding of international law in that thread is just chef's kiss

Unrelated, but I'm starting to suspect KF leans a tad anti-Semitic. In all seriousness, though, why is Null concerned about handing over user info? Isn't hoarding people's data a point of pride for him? Pic related seems to suggest he's planning to comply, so why did he even compromise the investigation (and out himself to his paranoid userbase)?

No. 885681

something something muh freeze peach

No. 885697

File: 1572257340803.jpeg (539.24 KB, 750x1073, D171FC76-5962-481F-9816-04108E…)

anon fucking hell this made me start giggling uncontrollably at 5am

he could also hire ty beard as legal counsel and watch as he fumbles before a grand jury shuffling papers and saying "uHHHH I CANT FIND THE EVIDENCE"

If it's any consolation there's a few people calling out the retardation that is the antisemites screaming dA JOOs but not many. this is why I stopped using KF many months before this shit happened, their retarded sperging about the Vig Mignogna case and general alt right sperging and antisemitist cancer in almost every OT forum and in main cow threads made it clear that it wasn't even worth being there except lurking beauty parlor there for the occasional cow documentation

The site isn't worth garbage and has repeatedly gotten itself into further and further trouble, I can't believe how many fags have stuck by Null after the user leaks, despite how many left

No. 885700

What's with the Rekieta thing asides being a shit tier lawyer?

No. 885701

rekeita is the grifter faggot who encouraged sex pest dub voice actor and washed up has been with botched plastic surgery who's known for like 3 anime roles from the early 2000s Vic Mignogna to seek legal council for a ridiculous lawsuit after he got fired from funimation following years of his poor reputation as a sexual harasser and abuser of women. rekeita ended up recommending him another shit tier lawyer and suckered $200k out of his fans for "legal council". the entire lawsuit that was proposed fell through because it was frivolous and retarded to begin with to sue his coworkers over tweets and claim "conspiracy" as the basis for his firing when two female voice actresses liked the same tweet. it was also revealed that ty beard, the lawyer Vic hired, may have been taking cues from rekeita behind the scenes even though rekeita claimed not to be giving beard legal advice and that his shit tier "legal advice" muddled the already horrible lawsuit

basically tl;dr he's an alt right grifter and sperg who perpetuated gamergate/comicsgate/"animegate" faggotry for money, gives terrible legal advice, doesn't know shit about the law, and grifts off alt right fags to make a living while being an alcoholic loser who lives in bumfuck nowhere MN and doesn't take care of his 5 kids so he's a cow in himself

No. 885720


>man, why is it always Jooz with you people?

Do we even need to ask? The site has been infected by 14 year old wannabe nazis who think they’re really sticking it to the man calling people nigs and spooks. They’re not even Stormfront levels of depressing because I don’t even think they’re aware of how dumb they really are and that this facade they’ve built around themselves isn’t impenetrable (as we see now).

Hopefully Null takes this whole situation with some gravitas and just makes it easier on himself by complying - which he seems to be contemplating - so he won’t get his ass beat by the feds, regardless of what the user base thinks. At some point you have to swallow your pride and stfu. They’re not powerful vigilantes and the government don’t play, it isn’t worth it.

No. 885730

Also Ty Beard turns out to be the lawyer for Rekieta’s family estates and the administrator of at least one of Rekieta’s trust funds.

You would think a trustafarian could afford a better suit.

No. 886043

I don't think there's even a question that he'll comply. The user is new and possibly posted there to draw attention to himself anyway.

No. 886104


I just find it kind of funny how he seems to act like he has a choice in not complying, like he’s going to hop on a plane and be Edward Snowden 2.0 when he can barely manage the farms.

There’s way too much autism at KF so I rarely visit anymore, but I see what you mean about the newfag attention seeking.

No. 886284

lmao what happened to running away to Poland or Russia so you could run the farms in peace, Null? Now that the gubberment is knocking at his door he backtracks hard.

No. 886305

What's funnier is if Null want a chronic backstabber, he could've gone to the Philippines and lived on Uncle Watkin's Pig Plantation like Hot wheels

Which at the very least might'be had him closer to people with two extra brain cells to spare and money but he had to hold up in Russia who don't give a fuck about his expat ass

No. 891704

For a short moment, it looked like we were at the end. Null gets most of his money from people pitching in via this patreon clone. For a few days, it was deplatformed from Discover.

Unfortunetly, it's back up now so we're in it for the long haul.

No. 906441

Looks like Null made the off-topics board non-accessible to non-registered viewers.

Kek, guess he got sick and tired of all the /pol/ tards fucking up the site and getting him in trouble by countries sending him subpeonas from all around the world.

No. 906463

Even more hilariously it's allegedly because his rule that any article posted in their news forum also have its text copypasted into the post has resulted in KF being bumped down on search engines. They think the site is reposting articles and plagiarizing to try and get exposure.

Good riddance imo. Iirc wasn't Null even starting to get annoyed with all the /pol/ tier shit going on and trying to open up more varied political viewpoints? Outside of Beauty Parlor the place is endless incel tier trash.

No. 906493

He would complain about the excessive /pol/ sperging that has increasingly gotten worse every-time a non-white person was mentioned. Worse when they're female. People are insane to make accounts on that website though. Too many bad faith actors and I wouldn't be surprised if literal f*ds are on that site.

No. 906647

Exactly. After the hack and his sperging re: the New Zealand video you'd have to be nuts to make an account. They don't have the excuse of being a gossip/drama forum anymore with the people they have.

No. 906878

If you saw the discussion thread Null was complaining that the newfags signing up where using their .edu / .gov email addresses. He should have let them signed up. I would've loved seeing racist retarded boomers and students getting exposed online.

No. 907321

I would love to see someone post screenshots from the A&H Megathread about Impeached Trump right now

No. 907561

Why would Null want to hide the board? It drove a lot of traffic to the site. What with his supposed stance on free speech, why would he be spooked about the kind of attention/posters A&H gets? It's a containment board anyhow.

The rest of Off-Topic is open again, watch Deep Thoughts turn into A&H lite. Does he just want to force people to sign up? Seems weird either way.

No. 907801

If you have been lurking long enough, you would know that even though it gave him traffic, he's been putting himself in boiling water with getting negative international attention due to his New Zealand sperg letter and /pol/tards posting manifestos on his site, making him get supeonas from the various countreis, including the US Government. Like all the other site owning incels, they purposely live in 3rd world countries / American enemy territory to avoid the heat as a result.

No. 907916

Probably chuds freaking out about impeachment and wishing death on Democratic electeds and he doesn’t want the hassle.

No. 908303

what the hell did he expect?

No. 908373

File: 1576958739336.jpg (115.07 KB, 1071x321, Screenshot_20191221-140439_Chr…)

God, Josh is such an annoying, controlling manbaby.
>don't try to bypass my childish word filters!

No. 908562

Honestly, who knows. but we are all counting down the days KF falls. Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

No. 908579

it's really annoying when you're talking about something completely mundane, but word filters like milk confuse the entire discussion. What the fuck is the point of these

No. 909391

File: 1577193809530.jpg (288.21 KB, 1062x969, Screenshot_20191224-072115_Chr…)

>speaking as someone who is double jointed
Lmao what
The beauty parlour is one of the least shitty places, but it still definitely has some PULL refugees that can't help but insert themselves into a conversation.

No. 909849

I think it's because A&H required users to post articles, and having plagirized content on Kiwifarms drives down their SEO or something like that.
Also is it just me, or does A&H feel lile /pol/-lite? I usually only go on KF to follow tranny threads and a few E-celebs, and they aren't nearly as right-wing as A&H

No. 909866

Not just you. Null made a thread saying "hey this board is a /pol/ circlejerk, you need to integrate with the rest of the site" and the regulars lost their shit.

No. 910544

1. who cares if it is /pol/ lite and 2. who did he think was going to show up after he told a entire country to go fuck itself on the eve of a national tragedy? circlejerking is the least of your issues, i'd say.

beauty parlor used to be filled with fairly intelligent and witty posters but they're being overrun by dummies as of late. the onion drama is bringing in too many people too fast and they refuse to integrate. they have an annoying blind spot about venus, too. like it's not cute that she's drinking herself to death or becoming a mini marge.

kate farms shill seems tops at munchie hunting. she introduced a new favorite cow, kat loosemore, i think her name is? fucking trainwreck.

No. 910877

>Taking about poop is childish while calling people faggot isn't

Ok Joshua

Also, Beauty Parlor was a near barren wasteland of a subforum, aside from a few threads like the Amberlynn one. Not surprising given that KF's userbase is so obviously male

No. 918525

yeah, kiwi farms seems to have lost its identity ever since the yaniv thread happened. Yaniv is a piece of shit, don't get me wrong but the influx of radical feminists has kinda ruined it. no offense to any radfem posters out here.

No. 918562

bait. not even subtle.

No. 918801

you're right and you should say it

No. 918824

Gotta agree. The rat king threads aren't even funny, because it's just radfems and TERFs getting legitimately angry and A-logging about the cows.

No. 918849

KF has always been a cancerous cesspool of autism and to think any differently is absolute retardation

No. 918882

Correctamundo but it's worse now than b4

No. 918899

sage your shit and of course it’s worse after the nz shooting debacle

No. 918916

Sinners Sandwich is a chick? (S)he seemed to come across as a douchebro by the way they write to me. But then again having a hateboner for trannies seems more common among women than men so idk.

No. 918931

can't disagree, most of the the rat king threads are a TERF a-log mess hole. some lady posters on KF seem to be more a-loggy then the weirdo neckbeards or even the trannies on there.

bold of u to assume KF would stop being like that in anyway or would stop being like that way lol

No. 919070

The KF radfems are spergy but I can't help but find it hilarious. Why do you all take this shit so seriously instead of enjoying spergwatching, it triggers you all stink ditch and girl dick lovers Lmao?