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File: 1528404020142.png (276.79 KB, 436x312, itsbabydash.png)

No. 528797

Summary of last thread:


>Admin outs Dasha for posting 142 times in that thread alone, meaning more than 10% of comments were hers

>Posts included doxxing Mina via a photo of her passport, unreleased semi-nude photos stolen from Mina’s phone, rumors about Mina hooking, Cyr being an innocent non-cheating angel, alludes to Edwin being a pedo for dating a 20yo, and defending Dasha
>Edwin announces a new video about her fuckery, hinting at her lolcow posts
>an old clip resurfaces of Dasha yelling "Sieg Heil, mein Führer!" while doing a Hitler salute
>Dasha reacts by going dark, deleting her Twitter, and privating her Instagram account
>Dasha announces getting therapy for her depression
>A "truth blog" is made and immediately attacked by a user who outs himself as Hentaiiguy, a notorious Dasha whiteknight
>the blog owner claims they emailed Dasha with the link before doing anyone else with it and received a sole hit from LA before the attack
>Cyr announces his father had a stroke and he has to leave to help his family (his father made it)
>Edwin gets backlash for tormenting these sweet angels during a time of struggle
>Dasha posts a selfie shooped to look like the caricature her posts were marked with (pic related)
>Edwin uploads his video in which he reads out some of Dasha’s comments
>more and more of Dasha’s former minions publicly denounce her
>some of Dasha’s minions come to lolcow and post screenshots detailing how Dasha would obsessively insist they bully Mina for her, strategizing comments to be posted to lolcow and PULL (which means many more comments are likely to be hers)
>former minions promise screenshots, but Dasha keeps her Twitter deleted to keep farmers and ex-friends from getting receipts
>Dasha admittedly slipped her ex laxatives at a wedding as revenge for something (this was also proudly mentioned in her old ask.fm account)
>Meanwhile, Edwin has taken Cyr to court over unpaid debts and won, yet remains to be paid
>Dasha befriends Jaclyn during her blackout for coffee, Jaclyn defends her and acts willfully ignorant while Dasha dyes her hair pink on JG’s suggestion, some speculate this is Dasha’s latest victim due to her MO of getting people drunk to mess with them and deleting their accounts, and Jaclyn's drinking habits
>Jaclyn’s vlog channel gets mysteriously deleted with no explanation so far
>Dasha's visa state remains unknown as her sole source of income seems to be from social media sponsorships and modeling for shady companies like Lime Crime


>Around late 2016 and early 2017, Edwin (Edwin's Generation), Mina (MinaxxBell), Dasha, and Cyr all lived together

>Cyr, who was already in a relationship with Dasha for a year, decided to try to have a poly relationship with his ex girlfriend, Mina, and invited her to come live with them
>Apparently Dasha suggested this poly relationship, and was the main force in getting Mina to come live with them because she admittedly intended to ruin Mina’s life
>Edwin basically fourth-wheels in the house while Cyr attempts to have a relationship with both girls
>Both girls are featured in some of Cyr's videos, and both look eerily similar to each other
>Mina, Dasha, Cyr, and Edwin all appear together in "Are You Trying to Smash One of My Girls?" on Edwin's channel
>In the beginning of February 2017, Edwin and Mina are kicked out of the house, and Edwin makes a vlog as they're leaving. During this vlog, he seems very upset.

>Around Nov/Jan 2016-2017, Mina discovers that Dasha has deleted Mina’s entire Instagram account

>It is believed that she did this out of jealousy, as Mina had more followers than her at the time
>Dasha goes on Periscope and claims that the problem was Mina and Edwin, and that their actions hurt her and Cyr greatly
>Soon after Edwin and Mina leave the house, Dasha harasses Mina online through photoshopped memes and sends her "minions" after her to send her rude messages on Twitter
>Dasha's fans also start to post on lolcow a lot around this time, defending Dasha and hating on Mina for "hurting" Dasha
>Dasha says that one day while Mina was in the shower, Dasha went through her phone and found a fake Instagram account on her phone that was sending her (Dasha) hate. Dasha claims that this account belongs to Mina, and she was using this to harass her because she was jealous
>Cyr calls Mina a "crazy girl with an agenda"

>Edwin makes a video with Mina titled "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha - Sharing Our Story." (uploaded 4/17/2017)

>He later makes another video responding to things Cyr has lied about, titled "Edwin Responds to Cyr's Lies" (uploaded 6/12/2017)

>Dasha constantly makes threats to ruin people's lives when they don't play along with what she wants

>Follows through with these threats, in getting Edwin and Mina kicked out of the house, turning Cyr against his friends, and deleting Mina's Instagram account
>Throughout the videos, Edwin accounts various times where Dasha was emotionally manipulative of Cyr (With Cyr once texting Edwin that he felt "emasculated" by Dasha)
>Video of Dasha responding to Edwin
>Quote from Dasha: "…And I told him, yes, I'm fucking– I'm going to actually get you kicked out, if you literally take Mina's side over your best friend. I said that to him! I'm owning up to that! I told him that I'd ruin his life, because I would, if he takes a fucking British c*nt… I'm sorry (smiles), over his best friend. He's absolutely right, I stood there smiling as…"
>Around June 2017, Dasha makes a Twitter video talking about how many people tell her she's copying Mina's style
>Dasha seems to continue to talk about how much hate and harassment she's received because of Mina, and is fixated on people accusing her of copying Mina's style

PULL drama:
>In early 2017, around when the initial drama involving Dasha, Mina, and Edwin started, an account named Fawnie created a topic about Mina
>This account mocked Mina for photoshopping, and posted pictures that had never been seen before by anyone
>In one of Edwin's videos, Mina says that some of these pictures were never released online, and were pictures that she had left on her camera after a photoshoot that Dasha had.
>Dasha apparently also intentionally photoshopped these pictures to make her look bigger than she actually was, to make it seem like Mina was shooping herself to be super skinny
>While it hasn't been confirmed that Fawnie is Dasha, lots of evidence points to them being her.


https://twitter.com/itsbabydash (disabled)
Snapchat: iblamejules




Old threads from latest to oldest:

No. 528798

@ former Dasha minions: You don't have to wait for her to reactivate her twitter to get the DMs. You should have received an email with the contents of each one. Search your inbox for her username and you might find some unless you disabled that feature

No. 528811

File: 1528408977881.png (860.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180607-235445.png)

No. 528815

She used FaceApp for the fake smile

No. 528819

Oh great, now she's trying to look like Gage.

No. 528830

Any updates on Lettie’s video?

I’m guessing it’s taking them a while to look for anything incriminating they can use against Mina, lmfao.

No. 528831

I'm sure she's not happy at all with the fact that the thread is now hers. I mean obviously we're gonna mention the others but, sorry Dasha, you're the lunatic bitch, you deserve this, congrats.

No. 528837

I don't understand why people praise her looks, even before i knew what kind of person she was I've always thought she was unatteractive odd looking.

No. 528839

So glad this thread is only for her. No more but mina!

She's looking fugly. You know when people go crazy and they look uglier and you can see it in their looks or photo editing? This is it.

No. 528864

I swear if it turns out that Julia did in fact delete Cracklyn’s channel I will pee my pants with laughter

No. 528893

Jaclyn’s channel got deleted?? Or do you mean if you find out that she does it one day?

No. 528900

File: 1528427688654.jpeg (444.2 KB, 750x1104, CDFEA082-C4B7-4E51-B10F-70FE1D…)

Her vlog channel was deleted!

No. 528904

File: 1528427763103.jpeg (151.58 KB, 750x556, D70CFE93-69D3-4925-B9E5-D28CAF…)

No. 528917

If Jaclyn vlogged with Dasha and didnt upload it that's enough to make psychotic Dasha delete her blog channel LOL.

No. 528923

Right? I’m low key hoping she did, just for the potential milk

No. 528927

File: 1528429901558.png (409.3 KB, 425x594, wood elf.PNG)

>Dasha posts a selfie shooped to look like the caricature her posts were marked with (pic related)

One of the reasons I still like Cyr is pic related

No. 528932

File: 1528430631118.jpeg (124.6 KB, 750x648, 06BBC711-BC49-43D5-9292-9A95EE…)


I am disappoint

No. 528935

File: 1528431353735.jpeg (813.26 KB, 2048x1488, 2321DE88-D66B-4EE4-968E-C28BBA…)

Dasha gives me the creeps, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyr wakes up with his dick missing one day

No. 528936

File: 1528431456946.png (806.01 KB, 590x580, what the fuck.PNG)

>You know when people go crazy and they look uglier and you can see it in their looks or photo editing? This is it.

No. THIS is it.

If I woke up to her staring at me like that I would die before I could scream.

No. 528938

Holy shit, the teeth. She looks more like a Mina skinwalker than ever before with these brown contacts.

No. 528939

I'm confused. Is that really what her fucking teeth look like? :/

No. 528940

Why suddenly she is smilling like that?

No. 528941


That forced smile tho

No. 528943

Yeah, but I think since the angle is a contre plongée it makes her gums show more almost as if they were receeding.

she's probably smiling more in photos as an attempt to piss her "haters" off, pretending none of the consequences of what she did to herself are affecting her. Though personally, I think the only thing she's making me feel is scared for everyone around her, because she looks like she's having a mental breakdown.

No. 528944

The eyebrow, kek

No. 528945

Who the fuck is this lol.
Cyr is just as bad as she is sticking with this wacko.

No. 528948

File: 1528433254236.jpeg (131.38 KB, 750x1290, 866895DE-0EBC-4838-B147-E658BC…)

These Dasha fan accounts are so cringe and suspicious. What does Dasha do that would warrant a fan club? Kek

Lmfao, completely agree with you.

Dasha hun, it’s ok to sperg. We know it’s due any day now anyway.

No. 528953

At first the mouth had me fucked up esp in this pic
But you right, she likes to use faceapp to make selfies look creepy as a meme I suppose. She has done this on her Twitter and Insta before.

No. 528985

File: 1528438335562.jpeg (226 KB, 750x972, 59C71AC2-B8C0-4B4F-886D-446ECF…)

I’ve noticed a huge influx of BTS related posts coming up on her IG, it’s pathetic watching her try to relate/cater to that fan base in a last ditch attempt to keep her followers loyal to her

Her current story is also all BTS “rElAtAbLe” posts. Insanely cringey, it takes one scroll on her page to see she’s barely spoken about them up until edwin’s videos came out.

No. 528986

I hope she cops as much shit for it as that simply kenna cunt did

No. 528987

"This isn't even me"
Yah we know Dasha you haven't been you in years, you've taken on the style of any pretty girl that you've been around.

No. 528988

>Don't let people steal your light
>While utterly skinwalking mina completely
>After harassing her for an entire year.

Sometimes I wonder if dashas end goal was to make mina off herself then just take her entire look.

No. 528990

Those smiling photos are from FaceApp. Its sort of a meme, her teeth dont look like that.

No. 528992

WOW, I just watched the "Edwin and Mina get Kicked Out by Cyr and Dasha | Sharing Our Story. " vid and I'm honestly so APPALED with Cyr, how brainwashed is he? Is this really his personality, because I just see him as a pushover, nonconfrontational, troubled and depressed individual that is being taken advantage of… For the people that know him more, does he deserve my pity?

No. 529004

I’d be inclined to say that he doesn’t deserve any sympathy whatsoever. Homeboy made his bed with crazy and chose to lie in it with her. I genuinely feel bad for Edwin losing his best friend who is so whipped by his psychotic girlfriend that he enables her malicious behaviour, irrespective of whether it’s intentional.

No. 529007


No. Its going on for far too long, he is a grown man and if he willingly chooses to stay with that psycho despite everything, he must be just as bad.

No. 529011

Which is a shame, because he’s a good looking dude and could pull all manner of LA artsy model puss but he chooses to stick with Putin. Either because she’s broken his will in the way Ogreasion has with his wife or because shacking up with a proven nutjob is good for his edgelord persona. Or so he thinks.

No. 529015

He is foul and anorexic looking now. I personally never found him attractive though.

No. 529034

why would she post this????????

No. 529044

I'm reading this as a dig at Mina.
It's a tinfoil, but I believe it for the following reasons

1. The curly black hair in a similar style to Mina's while it was short. She's also wearing brown contacts. Mina wears wigs and contacts, but her natural state is dark curly hair and brown eyes.

2. The photoshopped/whatever app fake ugly teeth. It's commonly joked that british people have bad teeth.

3. The trollish caption about not letting people steal away your shine. There's a screencap somewhere in one of the threads where Dasha is complaining to another person about Mina going on about positivity and complaining that she's not so innocent. The pina colada thing could be referring to Edwin, you know, like a mexican thing.

4. Note the facial expression in the second photo where she's applied lots of dark makeup to the hollows of her cheeks/she's sucking her cheeks in. Dasha has a rounder face and Mina's is bonier. I feel like she's emulating her in the second photo.

Anyway, that's my analysis but I could be totally wrong and she's just trying to be a weirdo memer or something.

No. 529045

File: 1528471620440.png (440.01 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-06-07-18-24-27.p…)

I noticed this on ig on one of the stop abuse posts. Could this be a new minion that dasha is using to comment on posts? Both Dasha accounts are following her. Also, when has Dasha admitted anything?

No. 529046

File: 1528471659901.png (364.36 KB, 1080x1798, Capture _2018-06-07-18-24-13.p…)

Sorry, forgot to attach the second image.

No. 529047

Is there any proof to mina leaking those so called Dasha nudes on a livestream!?-.- I guess Dasha is trying everything in her power to pin things on Mina.

No. 529048

Your icon is showing so you might wanna reupload before trasha sees it

No. 529049

The lipstick in the second photo was what made me think she was having a dig at Mina too tbh

No. 529050

These people are still fucking talking about shit that happened almost 2 years ago. Which is mild compared to all the harassment that Dasha has done recently! But you cant make them understand.

No. 529070

It would be funny if someone took all these videos compiled here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPuecthzpR4) and just replaced "Onision" with "Dasha".

>If Onision [Dasha] would retweet all the bad things people say about him [her], instead of all the "Oh! Onision helped me" [Oh! You are so pretty], it would be an interesting feed.

>If you still support Onision [Dasha], you are supporting abuse.

Virtually everything she said can be replaced with her own name and it still would make sense considering what she did and has being doing.

No. 529080

This was exactly my take, anon (see my previous comment about her still skinwalking Mina). I didn’t think of the British teeth though, so well done for pointing that out. Wew, looks like she’s learned nothing from this whole fiasco. Crazy bitch. Never change, Julia.

No. 529083

It's literally just shit Dasha did to Mina.
Plus a little extra 'But Mina was my property'

No. 529092

lil anxiety is fathertamaki on twitter, one of Dasha’s main minions and possibly her most retarded one.

No. 529096

File: 1528492117073.png (235.84 KB, 1080x959, Capture _2018-06-08-16-08-10-1…)

How ironic…

No. 529103

File: 1528495240148.jpeg (331.91 KB, 750x1192, EC1B69B0-1A1C-429F-9FEE-88CEF2…)

Lmfao, what do you guys think? Is this Dasha herself or an actual “fan”
I can’t imagine anyone would take the time to write out such a long paragraph about Dasha, an instathot with no talents.

>inb4 iTs To mOcK MiNa!!11

Yeah, the difference is that Mina was 18 at the time of her fake accounts. Dasha, you’re 22 and at this point it’s just fucking cringe.

Lmfao, when has Dasha’s defense squad ever been over the age of 18? How stupid and delusional can these kids get? They literally repeat everything Dasha says like a mantra. Dasha could step on a puppy and they’d screech “tHe PuPpy hAd FaKe aCcOuNtS!!1”
Their behavior is beginning to look like some cult brainwashing Charles Manson type shit.

No. 529105

Didn’t she use the name Fawnie for her account on PULL to slander Mina? Lmaooo

No. 529106

I reckon it’s Julia.

No. 529107

Dasha was also studying digital art at one point. Also, it seems weird and foreign to introduce yourself as being from the "east coast of America".

No. 529110

her personality is so ugly, it matches her weird, off face. she's not even a nice person so that makes her even uglier. Mina seems genuine and im sure isn't as immature as Julia aka dasha is. How weird is it to have so many fake accounts and keep lying to herself, how doesnt she see how unhealthy she really is! its scary(namefagging)

No. 529111


Lol what 19 year old talks like this

No. 529112

sounds like a job application or a ok cupid bio

No. 529114

File: 1528502203741.jpeg (578.33 KB, 2048x1806, 3A4CFFDB-5976-4F99-8E30-E922D9…)

Lmfao, if Cyr wakes up with diarrhea we’ll all know who was the culprit.

No. 529131

File: 1528507294586.jpeg (409.43 KB, 750x709, AB7B2604-2DF6-4DB5-8E58-3E9469…)

Transformation into Charles Manson 97% complete

No. 529144


This spitbawl chick's got an ugly personality too. Seems to be taking pride in the fact Cyr still follows her, maybe he's too drugged up to really care about his follower list?

No. 529146

Don’t namefag. Read the rules

No. 529147

File: 1528511754835.jpg (61.91 KB, 639x960, 10171145_1399222250359971_6175…)

why being anon is so stupid, like you guys have no balls or something grow up lol its fucking internet drama just entertainment(newfaggotry)

No. 529149

>>529107 that's what I was going to say. The whole post screams Dasha to me.

No. 529151

File: 1528513616173.jpeg (133.64 KB, 750x940, FACC9C26-B0A0-463A-B9B7-EEA239…)

Now I see why dasha was obsessed with ‘baby fox’ at one point. Creepy.

No. 529156

My lord, just when we think she couldn’t get any more single white female. Mike is just as fucked in the head as she is for enabling the fuckery.

No. 529195

How did they even meet

No. 529197

Shouldn't julia's new username b in the title as well so that it comes up when searched? Or

No. 529267

No. 529273

File: 1528579153138.jpeg (353.29 KB, 2048x1006, 0DE17643-0641-4A1D-8712-524346…)

Just saw this and took a look at the dudes twitter, apparently Cyr used to hang out with Poppy back in 2013. I thought that was an interesting tidbit~

No. 529280

Mina just talked on her insta story about the situation. No real milk, just that she is upset people unfollowed her without watching the video and are only supporting Dasha because she has followers.

No. 529283

Im honestly floored that people are still taking Dasha's side.

No. 529289

File: 1528586078416.png (999.57 KB, 1080x1224, Capture _2018-06-09-18-13-11-1…)

Companies are still collaborating with her.

No. 529292

Send that company a link of her doing the Hitler salute.(cowtipping)

No. 529322

File: 1528593780258.jpeg (158.98 KB, 750x1048, 926DCA13-83D4-4549-896C-9F47E8…)

Julia is still lurking. This is definitely a response to what was posted about her trying to get asspats from BTS fans by posting more about them, she’s pretending she’s actually a fan kek

No. 529332

She doesn’t even look bad here to be so bitter about Mina. I’m so annoyed at the fact that she was was invested in her and made others fight for her for her guilt story. She should just stick with blonde because black doesn’t suit her. She needs to be her self.

No. 529338

ahahhaah that shitty collarbone contor looks awful it’s so obvious

No. 529341

How about we send ALL the companies she's worked with that video of her doing the Hitler salute as well as post it up on feminist LA facebook groups along with the revenge porn stuff she's done to mina(cowtipping)

No. 529342

if someone can make a list of the companies it'd be easier(cowtipping)

No. 529344

If it's with Lime crime they wont care the owners is a racist scammer.

No. 529351


Holy shit, how high is this dude? Either that or he is actually retarded. Or both.

No. 529372

Right? No one has a collarbone that extends that far into the shoulder

No. 529390

WHY is Dasha so fucking obsessed with this run of the mill influencer from a different fucking country?? Is it all because she dated Cyr?
It’s like Dasha’s self esteem is so fucking low she truly believes Mina is better than her in every way, OR she is absolutely astounded and can’t comprehend why people dig Mina’s style/why she gets clout so she uses all of Mina’s style “techniques” to prove that she’s inherently better than Mina by getting more likes or whatever on her photos.

It’s like because Cyr dated her first she has to prove to herself and him all the fucking time that she’s superior to Mina… so she flies her out to make her a little minion/manipulate the fuck out of her? But then Mina finally found some balls and stood up for herself because Edwin was there to back her up? Crazy fucking shit.

No. 529393

I would say it's because she dated Cyr. When I was younger, I knew a few girls that had similar anger and jealously towards ex partners.
It's more common in insecure and very young girls and most girls grow out of that jealousy. Hell, even when I was younger, I would compare myself to my boyfriend's exes and wonder if I was pretty enough.

I think with Dasha it was the insecurity and jealousy of Mina being a pretty ex but also some kind of weird loneliness she had.
I get the vibe that Cyr may have talked about Mina fondly or something to make her even crazier.
He did say intially art hoes are more his type. He might have made off handed comments like this and Dasha being the nut she is, read into it too much.

Then she probably decided the whole poly thing to try and have a friend to shop with/also be romantic with.
The problem with dumbasses like Dash/Cyr, Onion/Lame is that they are very jealous people and poly is really not suited to them.

Cyr sounded quite a lot that he was pissed off that Mina gravitated more towards Edwin. That's the vibe I get from Edwin's videos. And I think Dasha just couldn't handle another pretty girl and being insecure just constantly compared herself to Mina.

Honestly, if Edwin hadn't been there, the poly thing may have gone further, but still would have not ended well due to Dasha's insecurity and general shit stirring. It would have taken one or two times for Mina to disagree or be distant and Dasha would have felt rejected and instantly gone into crazy mode.

No. 529398

I think it’s probably a combination of all this plus the fact that Julia is just so rabidly insecure in general that she skinwalks every pretty girl she makes contact with in an effort to be as attractive as them (see every damn one of the instathots she has “twinned” with). It’s like she think beauty is contagious. The thing is, Julia is by no means ugly, she makes herself ugly by trying to fit in with this art hoe aesthetic that really doesn’t suit her and is exacerbated by being a psycho hose beast.

No. 529399

Dasha was actively fucking with Mina (like deleting her Instagram posts) before her and Edwin were friendly/spending time togethert though, and any gravitation/ pissed Cyr happened after they went to the apple store or whatever and Edwin admitted that he knew Dasha was fucking with her social media. Cyr is cucked/manipulated/abused by Dasha it’s kind of pathetic.

No. 529400

I don’t think she even looks ugly when she ski walks, she just looks like the dumb mannequin version of the other person kek

No. 529401

I think the whole poly thing was just another way to hide her huge insecurities. She was so fucking afraid Ryan/Mike/Cheese was going to develop feelings for Mina again, Julia decideds it’s easier for her to play first wife and heavily encourage the submissive 20 year old to fulfill what she thinks are Cyr’s desires.. everything is disgusting and forced and comes from a place of insecurity. Who needs trashy romance novels smh

No. 529402

Totally. Quirky/edgy fashion doesn’t suit her at all, she looks awkward and ridiculous.

No. 529413

honestly dasha being psycho is depressing

if she worked on herself for even 5 minutes she could legitimately be a pretty young adult woman– instead she opts to play all these games for what good reason. is being a manipulative cunt this much fun

hope karma finds its way to her, fuckin deserves it lol

No. 529414

I honestly still believe Dasha is in love with Mina

No. 529418

How is mina gaining followers so fast?i love her but she barely posts anything i would hate to think she is buying them

No. 529419

because the video got pretty popular, it's not uncommon

you can tell when someone buys their followers (like dasha)

No. 529437

why is her neck all wrinkly

No. 529441


She needs therapy

No. 529448

File: 1528649254647.jpg (5.65 KB, 480x736, vel-15.jpg)

I think she's wearing a fabric choker that looks like it's made out of panty hose.

No. 529452

I think it is part of her top. I thought the same thing at first. If it is a choker, that’s one fucking ugly choker kek

No. 529454

https://www.pinterest.com/marieanamlgnx/ is this hers cause if it is… jesus christ

No. 529455

Sigh, no. Pinterest is a huge breeding ground for roleplayers and skin walkers. It's pretty creepy, but this isn't our psycho.

No. 529456

it would make lots of sense though according to all the boards and likes, shes obssesed with kawaii and stuff, she has her favourite picture of her on 'her' suprem board, and her pins sort of reflect the timeline of her different aesthetics. idk man it seems too genuine to be made up, but at the same time, i dont want to believe she would be so open about this

No. 529457

Looks exactly like I imagine her Pinterest to look like if she has one.
We used to chat and she told me Hemlock Grove was one of her fav shows.. maybe coincidence

No. 529460

A lot of the boards are named in French and the English written bits have mistakes common to native French speakers. The actual name of the pinterest also says marie Ana.

No. 529464

her pinterest has the skin-crawly tendency, some of her boards are dedicated to a whole style/aesthetic of a certain person she likes

No. 529466

File: 1528653099087.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, CB8823E2-F6B3-4688-8C7F-AF8F17…)

Dasha is still getting called out, lmfao

No. 529607

File: 1528676593157.png (546.34 KB, 929x592, dasha2.png)

so I guess the nazi is still just posting some bullshit on her @neuphs account on instagram instead of apologizing

No. 529610

Im glad Mina is getting more likes than her.

No. 529611


No. 529612

hey guys. i was one of dasha’s fans. never a hardcore one but i did DM with her a few times.
i originally followed her just bc she posts pretty pictures (i’m shallow i know)
i knew a really brief vague recap of the situation between her and mina from one of my friends— basically i was told mina was jealous of dasha and copied her so i posted a snarky comment on a post mina made on her ig and then tweeted the screenshot at dasha and dasha immediately started messaging me to trash talk mina happily.
i was really excited that she noticed me and was talking to me so we talked a bit more and she ranted about her side of the story and all that, but immediately i felt odd about it. she only wanted to talk about mina. whenever i wanted to change the topic slighty (“i know how you feel, i’ve had fake friends fuck me over before too…”) or even just compliment her or talk about things SHES supposedly interested in like animal welfare, she would just ghost me or ignore and continue talking about mina. it was obvious she didn’t actually care about me and i should have known that, and i kind of did realize so i stopped talking to her as much afterwards.
the only times she’d ever respond to me was when i was shitting on mina and edwin, and she’d occasionally ask if i could get screenshots as proof of mina being a bitch to use against her. i really wanted to talk about other shit idk it was really disheartening

i have screenshots but honestly i’m scared shitless that she’s going to see this and hate me and harass me. all i have to say is that yeah she’s kind of crazy but mina isn’t innocent either— she’s JUST as crazy lmao. my friend was in a group chat with mina once and all that girl could talk about was how much she hated dasha and she tried just as hard to get her group of fans to harass dasha. those two are peas in a pod.

lastly, please don’t be mean to lettie, she’s a really sweet girl who was probably just misled by dasha and everything that’s happening is worsening her depression severely. thanks guys

No. 529613

Can she stop mentioning bts? They’re a bunch of sweet boys and would prolly hate someone like Doucha.

No. 529614

soo Loretta is dropping a vid tomorrow? i see someone is winding her up tonight and yet she’s ever so defendant of precious Dasha … when will this girl learn?

No. 529615

Lettie is a cunt.

No. 529616

i don’t want any hate (i know i’m asking for it) i found dasha a few years ago through onision (the billie drama saga) and instantly fell in love with dasha, i DM’d her and was pretty surprised she DM’d me back, we didn’t talk regularly for a long time and then as soon as this whole drama started last winter she would message me all the time to ask for screenshots to use against Mina, she said that all these really cool people were leaving hate on Minas instagram and kept insisting how funny it would be, I caved and sent Mina hate over IG then screenshotted it to Dasha, afterwards she RT’d one of my selfies and was talking about me as if i was one of her best friends, she told me to start being friends with petra,charlie,lettie and a few other main offenders so we could plan things without really needing Dasha aslong as we screenshotted them to her, after a while and talking about this all with my friends i started to see how toxic this all was, my follower count when up because of dasha but i felt like i owed her something, i private messaged her saying i loved her an all but i couldn’t do this to mina, i’d never even met the girl and me and everyone else in the group chat made her life hell and for that i’m soo sorry to her. i just want all of this over with and for people like dasha and the rest in the group chat (they know who they are and know who i am) to be cancelled, what you’ve all done is beyond the initial ‘joke’ and i fear letties video is going to be lies about mina & cyr ….

No. 529618

I have had plenty of PM conversations with Mina and she has never tried to convince me to hate on Dasha or even really talked about her unless I brought her up. Mina seemed genuinely nice to me. Dasha however is a cunt.

No. 529619

Fuck outta here with your Fettie white knighting. She’s an obnoxious little cunt and deserves everything she gets.

No. 529621

“Mina is just as bad” lmfao don’t even start. Mina never has released nudes, passport, posted 142 hate posts on dasha. Stop acting like they’re both equal no way in hell is Mina like Dasha who has a fucked up psychotic personality.

No. 529624

Exactly. All those fucking “Mina is just as bad” losers don’t ever explain what she supposedly did to make her just as bad. My theory is that there is absolutely no basis to these claims other than “dasha said so so it must me true!!!”

No. 529625

This is a thread about Julia. Your retarded “but Mina!!!1!1!!” shit makes you sound like an award winning autist. Back to PULL with you.

No. 529631

I’ve spoken with Mina before and not once did she mention Dasha, so she’s hardly the same as Dasha???

No. 529632

all i can say is thank god for edwin lol! mina is honestly such a genuinely nice girl and really didn’t need any of this , makes me so happy that people finally see dasha for the psycho she is, now hopefully these modelling companies will see her problematic ass for what she really is

No. 529635

jesus guys calm down. alright i didn’t mean to put mina and dasha on equal level— i don’t know everything dasha has done but you’re right it sounds way worse. i just meant mina isn’t some innocent angel lol. like she was just as happy to shit talk dasha and try to convince her young fans to hate on her (some girl named mehru in particular) dasha’s psychotic but mina’s still a cunt imo

and you’re free to think lettie is a cunt but idk i just feel bad for her. i remember watching a stream on instagram where dasha brought her on to join her, and that girl was smiling ear to ear, she was so happy to talk to dasha. i feel like she’s just delusional and horribly misled, but her intentions are well-meaning. we’ll see how cringey her video will be though i guess

No. 529636

I agree with the fellow posters. Mina never once talked about Dasha during some of our conversations. Shes a kind person and doesn't deserve any of the hate. Dasha however is a trash being with no regards for anyone but herself. She released a passport photo. This could have made Mina vulnerable to identify theft. Dasha is a criminal who is obsessed with ruining peoples lifes!

No. 529638

I don’t believe the bit about Mina for a second. I’ve watched this closely since it started and I’ve yet to see Mina say anything disparaging. Every accusation against Mina is hearsay and there’s never any solid proof. Saying she’s just as bad as Dasha just because you HEARD certain things isn’t going to fly here, sorry bud.

Also, Lettie is a dumb fucking cunt. If anyone involved in this drama is just as bad as Dasha, it’s Fettie.

No. 529640

i’m not here to defend dasha but you guys are kissing mina’s ass way too much lol.

i talked to my friend who was in a group chat with mina a year ago and she remembered feeling like mina treated her like a “peasant” and only cared about shit talking cyr and dasha. the way she described how mina made her feel reminds me very much how dasha made me feel. so based on what i’ve heard from personal interactions, mina’s a bitch too— not as vicious as dasha but i’m still not touching any of them with a ten foot pole from here on out. just thought i’d drop in my two cents on what i know about the situation

No. 529641

Agreed anon. Lettie is a piece of shit. Also her video is probably going to be a bunch of bullshit lies without any proof whatsoever. She honestly seems like an obsessive dumb cunt.

No. 529642

Well meaning? Seriously? You’re just as much as a fucktard as Fattie Fettie is. Bitch threatens suicide on twitter, screeches autistically about how eeeebil meeenaaa messaged her in hospital and is making a video on how she’s inserting herself into drama that has nothing to do with her. If you want to defend her you’re just as bad as she is. Again, this is Doucha’s thread. No one gives a fuck about how “sweet” one of her most psychotic minions may or may not be.

No. 529643

No one is kissing Mina’s ass. Jesus fucking christ, Edwin sure did bring a lot of autistic newfags out of the woodwork with his videos.

No. 529645

Stop shit talking Mina without evidence! If you have receipts post them. Dont come here with the he said she said BS. Theres solid proof about Dasha therefore this thread was created!

No. 529649

This. More importantly, it was decided that Mina isn’t a cow, hence why this thread is devoted to Julia and not the other three as per previous threads. If Mina was milky she’d have a thread, but she doesn’t, so at this point the Doucha stans really are flogging a dead social repose.

No. 529652

who’s betting kelsey brings up that one time she was in hospital and mina didn’t know and text her … that shocking shocking time LOL(read the rules & usage info)

No. 529654

People tend to forget Loretta(Kelsey) was just as obsessed with Mina when Vincent dated her, Lettie would act like her Cyr and Mina were as thick as thieves and Mina was her best friend, fast forward and now it’s Cyrs new girlfriend Dasha. i think Lettie clings onto Cyr and her obsession with him is what drives her to want to be Dasha, just watch i guarantee the majority of this video will be herself making it out as if her Cyr and Dasha are BFFs

No. 529655

What’s with the sudden influx of ex-minions? Somethings fishy.

Also, has Lettie said anything more about the video?

No. 529656

File: 1528681727317.png (323.06 KB, 1125x2001, C3D7DEDA-1A49-448B-9EA0-1FD7D0…)

Lettie comparing Dasha to Kat Von D hahahahahahaha

No. 529657

was thinking the same thing, what’s went down tonight that everyone’s coming out the woodworks? has it anything to do with this lettie video?

No. 529661

All these people (Dasha/Mina/Lettie, etc) who are obsessed with Cyr and for the life of me WHY! He's some greasy drinker with a weird stomach and no ambition whatsoever. He's skinny and pale and depressed and has no power, no money, his living situation is disgusting…I really don't get it.

No. 529663

never understood it either, for years he was literally onion boys bitch, cyr isn’t even a good or well known youtuber and through edwin’s videos it’s clear he’s just an all around dickhead

No. 529666

Well Mina outgrew that as it seems. Dasha is only with him bc it boosts her self esteem that she took him from a far more attractive girl.

No. 529667

Cyr looks like he ain’t bathed in about 2 years, dasha will move on from him soon i suspect and probably try blame him for this all

No. 529669

That’s actually something i fear for cyr ( i’m not saying he’s a victim or anything he is a guilty party) but dasha is gonna leave him soon i just feel it coming, i could bet she’s planning it already, but i think she’s gonna blame him, he’ll look like a psychopathic abusive boyf and she’ll be the damsell victim who is ever soo sorry to mina . I’ve always really liked Cyr and it terrifies me thinking this could happen to him :(

No. 529670

Nah, too much co-dependency.

No. 529671

File: 1528683505644.jpeg (105.91 KB, 750x747, B68E6EF6-5D53-474E-A5BF-B2F0EE…)

Ugh, seriously! He’s this greasy tiny lanky guy, and I imagine he has this hunchback-type walk.

No. 529672

I dont think she'll leave him. She has him wrapped around her finger and there's not a lot of guys dumb enough to put up with her shit and she knows it. Her ex bounced as soon as he got a taste of her toxic behavior.

No. 529673

anyone know if that simon still stays with them? he’s bound to have a story or two to tell 😂

No. 529674

the thing with cyr is i would like to know what the youtubers he threatened edwin with think of all this, surely they’d all side with king of receipts edwin, i felt embarrassed for cyr ever since he said he would get the commentary community on edwin

No. 529676

Dasha comments on every single one of his pics. I find it strange that she suddenly became obssessed with BTS after she met their half Korean roommate…

No. 529685

Show caps to support your claims or else just stop posting.

No. 529703

File: 1528691677897.png (547.84 KB, 1059x1402, Capture _2018-06-10-23-31-14-1…)

Yes!!! Massive respect for this company. Hopefully more follow suit up until she apologizes!

No. 529705

Someone from the previous thread suggested she might be in love with Mina and that drove her to skinwalk and try to BE Mina as part of that obsession. I think the anon said this was based on their own experiences when they were younger and insecure.

That rang true to me, it does happen. When you're insecure and obsessive, especially if you're into someone of the same sex, that can make you try and become that person if that person doesn't fit into your life as a partner.

It doesn't make sense, even as a twisted thing, to fly over the ex to make her into a poly puppet if you're not personally interested in them as well. Even a jealous sick fuck would try to keep the ex as far away as possible from their bf, not CLOSER. If you feel threatened by someone, you don't try to keep them near the person you're competing over.

It's pretty clear Dasha isn't that into Cyr, she's more into that Simon kid she lives with kek. So, as tinfoil as it is, I believe Dasha has feelios for Mina.

No. 529707

File: 1528691829996.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1548, Capture _2018-06-10-23-36-52-1…)


No. 529711

Kat Von D is an American.
An Austrian-raised woman absolutely knows better than to associate with Nazi ANYTHING. Saying anti semitic shit is classless for anyone but it's very different from a European doing a Hitler salute.

No. 529716

I swear these girls' only comeback to Dasha being criticized is "but ____ is equally as shitty!" Lettie is delusional. She only sides with people who give her attention and will ignore every awful thing they do. I'm sure if Mina started speaking to her again, she would drop her hate vendetta in a heart beat.

No. 529730

I thought it was agreed that this thread was about Dasha because there isn't any fucking proof about all this weird ass 'but miiinaaaaaa' shit that the bitch is always sending her little girls over to post.

If you've got the screenies post them, but otherwise it is VERY clear we just have one little autist being promised they can succ Cyr's ring pop if they post enough.


No. 529733

File: 1528698611116.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2081, 6FBF1532-88D4-4CF3-A1FF-2D9BD6…)

Okay I’ve officially been through all of the threads and haven’t seen this yet. It’s probably just tinfoiling but do you think this is a jab at Dasha for deleting her Instagram

No. 529735

did they delete this photo? I couldn't find it

No. 529736

Yes, they did. They cut ties with her!
Dasha, we all know youre reading this, you need to put your big girl panties and own up to this BS. Apologize to Mina and move on. If youre hoping this is simply going to fade away, its not. Your actions have already cost you one job! People are not going to forget and might cause you more, so you need to repair this.

No. 529744

I don't get people offering genuine (and naive) advice like this to cows. There's nothing to "repair" here. She's meant to crash and burn. There's no going back, apologizing n shit. Mina and Edwin couldn't possibly accept it either.

Just leave Dasha with the consequences of her choices.
This is how life is. Not saying sowwy and everything being peachy again.

For a change, I want to see someone shitty get karma they deserve.

No. 529745

It's pretty easy for brands that only paid her once to "cut ties" with her because she's not working with them ongoing.

No. 529748

File: 1528707088575.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, ADB5ADC3-0283-49CF-B256-562BB7…)

Guys, Fettie the snaggle tooth cunt uploaded her video.

No. 529750

So I know a thing or two about psychology.
Is there any way we can tell if the video is mirrored?
Because unless she flipped it her bodylanguage shows that she is lying.
"When you ask a normal, right-handed person about something he's supposed to have seen, if he looks upward and to his left, he's truly accessing his memory of the incident," Bouton says. "However, if he looks upward and to his right, he's accessing his imagination, and he's inventing an answer."

No. 529751

You don’t need the bullshitty science of online body language reading to tell that she’s lying, anon.

No. 529752

ugh I hate that she's a salty cunt on Twitter but is trying so hard to come across as nice and genuine in her video.. what a fake bitch

No. 529753

No. 529755

she has no dirt on Mina AT ALL
like that video @16:51
bitch when I'm drunk and mad/sad I talk that kind of shit too. gotta let off some steam somewhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
that doesn't make Mina guilty or shady, it makes her relatable af imo

No. 529761

This video screams nothing at all. Sounds like a personal problem to me. Hurt fee-fees because Mina won’t talk to her. Who the fuck uses that as an excuse to side on a person who posts revenge porns side. What a whack job. And what in the fuck is going on under her eyes? Did she attempt freckles, is it on the lenses, are they wrinkles? Why do all these Dasha stans look so fucking weird?

No. 529762

That video was such a waste of time wtf

No. 529764

Loool lettie is not nice in any way,shes a lying backstabbing thirsty cunt who betrayed her friend and befrended his ex and his ex's girlfriend,like who even does that
And then after everything she decides to make a shitty video trying and failing to paint mina in a bad light,because what she was suprised that mina doesnt want anything to do with her after evrything?Lettie no person in their right mind would answer your calls when you still choose to support their abuser,are you too dumb to understand that?
Lastly your video was pointless,the only thing you showed us proof of was of how bad of a friend you were,sneaking behind her back,contacting her ex and the girl he cheated oh her with..just gross,you really are a gross and delusional,if you cant see how you betrayed her

No. 529766

I honestly can’t get over how stupid and pointless that video was. The worst part is that Lettie actually thinks she’s proving a point and shedding light on what an evol perSON Mina is, kek.

Btw Fettie? That oh so incriminating video of Mina? Fucking HILARIOUS. Lmaooo

No. 529767

What an absolute complete waste of time that video was , she said on curiouscat ‘just wait and see when my vid drops’. All that video shown was how much of a horrible friend she is!! The receipts had already been shown and explained by Edwin? This girl is delusional no wonder Mina wants nothing to do with her? She’s the worst friend ever to go behind her upset friend who had been cheated ons back and tell her ex boyfriend everything she was saying , Absolute arsehole.

No. 529768

how can lettie think dasha/cyr like her? she’s clearly a delusional pawn in their game. this video actually make me love mina 10x more for ghosting this asshole

No. 529769

You cant track ip adresses on twitter fettie why the fuck u lyin

No. 529770

This exactly. I had to sit down because I was going to fall over from laughing. Fettie you stupid dumb cunt, thanks for laugh hahahaha! Now go tell Julia and Cyr to make a vid, pls it would make my whole year!!

No. 529771

She wasn't very good at doctoring her text messages to Mina from the hospital.

No. 529773

I thought the video was interesting but it was not nearly as provocative as she was hoping it would be. There was nothing new, she had already released the bulk of these messages. I am surprised that she was able to hide her distain for Mina as much as she did. In past threads you can see screen caps of her being a truly vile person, but I suppose she wants to come across as sweet for youtube.

I don't like Mina, but the fact is that being upset because you were cheated with or broken up and venting for a short period of time is a huge different from Dasha who sperged out for a year over a girl she was obsessed with. There was literally no reason for her to post a video other than to drag Mina. Normal people don't post videos about their friends being unsatisfactory.

I guess I'm a little annoyed that the hype was for nothing but oh well.

No. 529775

File: 1528721184126.png (99.45 KB, 750x1334, D1688003-9DAE-45FA-8914-F81989…)

Lettie removed or privated the video, LOL

No. 529776

File: 1528721435987.png (223.17 KB, 1125x2001, 99F55662-3082-4BDB-B059-CE57C8…)

No. 529778

clearly her video didn’t go down as well as she would have liked(don't use emojis)

No. 529780

About mother fucking time. Shouldn’t have inserted yourself in the first place.

No. 529781

what’s everyone’s thoughts on suicidal dasha? for real or fake? personally i feel this is her clutching at strings so her big influencer friends (phi phi etc) all feel bad for her , the audacity after all she’s put mina through to now be upset

No. 529782

File: 1528723265037.jpg (237.79 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180611-145220_Ope…)

After seeing how Lettie got in contact with Julia I'm 100% sure Julia had a vendetta against Mina since the beginning.
I don't believe for a second that Julia actually contacted Lettie to buy her art. She just wanted to steal Minas friend.

My tinfoil is that Cyr cried to Julia about Mina, maybe he still had feelings for her and Julia was just his stop-gap girl.
So she became angry (maybe she saw Cyr as her ticket to continue to live in LA) and had to to something to keep him.
She probably saw that Lettie wasn't a loyal friend to Mina, so it was easy to get Lettie on her side and maybe some dirt on Mina.

She got Lettie on her side, she started talking to Mina to get her to LA (Mina probably told Lettie about Julia trying to befriend her and she was like "I actually talked to her, she's so nice and Cyr really didn't cheat on you with her" and Mina fell for it and went to LA), Mina went to LA but Julia couldn't get full control over her and then Edwin started to involve himself into the situation (telling Mina about Julia deleting her Instagram) so Julia had to get rid of him.
But too bad Mina went with Edwin. Julia tried talking Mina back to her, but she didn't fell for it.
Julia and Cyr felt ~so betrayed~ and Cyr probably got depressed again, so Julia had to start talking about the fake accounts to paint Mina in a bad light.

Again - just my tinfoil

No. 529783

if this was a few years ago … did lettie ever give her art? if not then this was all very clearly to get to mina

No. 529784

File: 1528724196540.png (13.59 KB, 525x110, 1487992973177.png)


Dasha is going to be pissed. This tweet was posted in response to someone who was wondering about the validity of Mina and Letties leaked conversation. It seems like Dasha was planning on having her minion make a video for over a year now. (I was bored and browsing the very first thread lol)

No. 529786

could dasha be behind letties whole video do you think? the video of mina was off guard i really want to know the context of it, it’s nothing compared to dashas video but to randomly insert that clip ….. someone was fishy to me

No. 529787

Her other minion said that she was heavily encouraged to write fanfiction for Dashas amusement, so it's likely Dasha pressured Lettie into making her video. Lettie is kind of insufferable but I do hope she's serious about dropping Dasha and the drama. She's being used.

No. 529788

don’t think lettie will actually let any of this go, she needs the dasha fame plus she’s clearly gonna stay in the group chat. funny how this petra girl and charlie etc have all remained quiet throughout this, being silenced until the times right maybe?

No. 529789

Lmfao, of course it’s for attention. It’s actually really pathetic and embarrassing to see how far she’ll go to make people feel bad for her. She’s full of shit about wanting to kill herself. Even on my lowest of days I would NEVER exaggerate like that around strangers, much less around my S/O’s family members. The fucking cringe.

Someone who really wants to kill themselves doesn’t make such a fucking scene.

No. 529790

all this makes you wonder what vincent’s family must think …

No. 529792

just watched letties video and omg.. to be so naive as to think the girl who is the new gf of your friends ex (also the girl upsetting your friend) would randomly just pop into your dms to buy art 😂 and to then spill everything about mina to her, by god mina done herself good by dropping this psycho! what kind of friend does that and then justifies it by saying mina was a slow replyer, obviously dasha has told lettie to take the video down and to not insert herself soo much as this is just plain embarrassing!! what a fake fucking friend, to betray mina for someone she’d never even met???

No. 529793

File: 1528725678518.jpeg (114.46 KB, 750x762, 951ECC98-995E-42E9-8A7F-4C59A8…)

I think Charlie’s done more than enough tbh. As for the Petra chick, she’s another dumb cunt who only hangs on to Dasha because she wants Cyr’s attention.
I bet they think she’s batshit crazy.

No. 529796

File: 1528726664185.png (313.66 KB, 1125x2001, 56700A75-58AF-4CF8-B53C-AEAB3B…)

this girl is the main offender

No. 529797

File: 1528726743789.png (1.37 MB, 1125x2001, FCDC627F-805D-4514-8D07-33C06F…)

would you look at lettie dropping cyr and dasha, wow would you look who posted it. nice try lettie you lying twat, knew you weren’t finished, and all with the stupid smile thing dasha is doing on instagram 😂

No. 529799

Where did u just watch it
I can’t find it

No. 529800

in typical lettie fashion she’s went back on her word and deleted it, honestly you didn’t miss much

No. 529801

I find she’s one of Dasha’s most obnoxious minions tbh. Add in the fact that she’s always perpetually in a bad mood and sports that stupid feminist/soccer mom haircut…. yeah, she fucking annoys me.
Lmfao, figures.

No. 529804

File: 1528729951107.png (12.88 KB, 505x174, Unbenannt.png)


No. 529805

Can’t believe how quickly Lettie removed the video… Why did she talk it up so much only to back down so easily? Perhaps BabyTrasha wasn’t satisfied with it once she watched?

No. 529807

Did you guys see spitbawl's story yesterday? She was the one who reported Dasha to the clothing brand, and after she did, "alilbabyfox" blocked her and changed her bio to "fcuk you bitchbawl" and now it's "I saw what you did and I'm mad". Apparently "alilbabyfox" is one of Dasha's fake accounts?! If so….the sperg meltdown might be coming soon I'm so excited

No. 529813

File: 1528737069072.png (125.52 KB, 1066x318, psycho.PNG)

This is the bio now for the account now. How long until we are due for a full blown Dasha meltdown?

No. 529816

fuck man, i wish id seen the video, does anyone have a reupload of fettie's vid?

No. 529817

File: 1528738710147.png (20.29 KB, 280x97, Liveleak_logo.png)

If anyone has the video… they need to upload it to liveleak.com

No. 529822

Cyr unfollowed spibawl just now. I can imagine Dasha has been given him shit since everything started and im sure yesterday she flipped!

No. 529823

I went to their insta account and saw that the post was gone. Thank god lol I was about to get pissed if they continued using trasha as a model

No. 529827

Im excited to see who this big "brand" she has always wanted to work with is. Lol

No. 529830

They remind me of Sid and Nancy and I think they are going to have an ending a lot messy, like Si and Nancy. The way Cyr looks, I wouldn't be surprised if he started doing heavy drugs tbh. Dasha is going to destroy him. Mark my words.

No. 529832

File: 1528740993553.png (266.99 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-11-08-23-56…)

This was one of the screenshots Lettie showed on her video, apparently she became suicidal the day after the last thread was posted kek. She went nuts when people found out she was posting on her own thread.

No. 529833

File: 1528741038533.png (299.79 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-11-08-24-16…)

No. 529835

lol thats so bad, he doesn't rebuke her behaviour just says he feels bad that shes having a breakdown

No. 529836

Tough shit. She brought all of this to herself. I feel zero empathy towards her. She was set on destroying a sweet girls life and now it backfired! She made her bed now she has to lie on it.

No. 529837

That's the type of shit you do when you have an audience. As someone with antisocial personality disorder comorbid with major depression, I can tell you that I only pull my hair out, try to hurt myself, or whatever, is if I know someone's watching and I need to get something out of it. Kind of like encouraging them to act for me, because I never act for myself, I act through other people. I'm not saying Dasha is diagnosed like I am, I'm just saying that's how I manipulate. So if she is like me, it would make sense. When someone loves you, that's an effective way to make them feel powerless and get them to do what you want them to do.

No. 529838

File: 1528741636199.png (76.56 KB, 592x550, Screenshot (201).png)

No. 529839

kek this chick is pathetic. Her mental health can't handle rejection because she's so insecure about herself.

No. 529841

"Were trying to focus on what we should do." Cyr probably knew this whole time, hes not innocent. Maybe stop harassing 2 people that have moved on with their lifes psychos.

No. 529844

I don't really see him like that. If you contextualize with what happened to his dad and his "conflict avoiding" nature, her emotional manipulation is something he is not equipped to deal with right now. I would assume he is very sensitive right now and can't even find peace in his own house. She's taking advantage of his emotional circumstance at the moment. He probably just wants it to be over with and is showing himself supportive to what he did to validate her isecurities, considering she reads every conversation he has online, either by prying or via third person screen shots.

No. 529845

**showing himself supportive to what she did.

No. 529846

Apparently he hasn’t, he shuts down a lot of the time. When I’ve spoken personally to dasha she would insist to me for no one to know what we were talking about not even Cyr. I know I’ve said it on the thread before but when I asked cyr of something dasha was doing he acted confused and I thought Wow she really was serious about keeping this private. She would say stuff like “you’re the only friend I have in this not even My own friends and Cyr would have my back” when we would talk about the Mina Edwin drama. She would also say thing like “I swear if Cyr doesn’t say anything I’m going to fucking lose it”. What dawned on me is that if she threatens people with her suicide and she puts laxitives and stuff in her ex’s things she probably does it to Cyr too. At this point he’s has to be with her because he’s scared of what she would do or blame himself for her “suicide” Cyrs the type to sound all the drama out. He even said out of site out of mind in a text, he doesn’t even watch Edwin’s videos and he thinks he’s helping dasha but dasha is so fucking obsessed that she fucking asked other minions what Edwin was saying all while Cyr things she’s doing better. She won’t ever, what’s best for her is to go back to Germany and stop leeching off others attention because she sucks them dry. She’s not meant to be an influencer

No. 529849

What I find most interesting about this is the way she project her own doings onto Mina and it became very apparent with her posts on here. Everything she accused Mina of doing, she did it herself, not Mina.
The thing that most caught my attention is she kept feeding this narrative about Mina trying to get with Idubbbz and that didn't make any sense. So considering the evidence that everything she accused Mina of doing, she was doing herself, I am 100% sure she convinced Cyr to let Chad (anything4views) move in to get close to Idubbbz. Mind you Chad only moved in AFTER Edwin was kicked out. I think her end goal here was to try to get with Idubbbz and climb up Youtube's social thot ladder. At the same time, I think Idubbbz is an overall good judge of shitty character and wouldn't really fall for her shit. But oh boy part of me wishes she fucked with Anisa. It would be an entertaining crossover.

No. 529850

Honestly it makes my blood boil that Dasha is saying she is suicidal now after she PURPOSEFULLY for over a YEAR tried to make 2 people's lives a living hell. Cyr needs to realize this. Dasha needs to realize this. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF YOU NUT CASE! You had conversations with yourself to spur up hate you drugged Mina you put her naked photos online Edwin and Mina have done NOTHING to you. It's your own shitty actions bouncing off them that's making you suicidal. The only person responsible for how she feels is herself. Let her pull her hair out. All she does is wear wigs anyay.

No. 529851

Cyr does realize her "mental" breakdown is literally from her getting caught. She knows she's exposed so she can't hind behind ~but mina's fake accountssssssssssss~ anymore because what putin did was 1000% worse than some fake accounts. It makes me so mad cause Cyr is acting like putin is the victim. Putin could literally just apologize to Mina and make a start to change her psycho behavior if she's really in that much anguish

No. 529853

>Let her pull her hair out. All she does is wear wigs anyay.

If Lettie wasn't a pathetic loser this line would be the only suitable response for what he wrote.

No. 529854

I wonder if that girl who wore Mina's clothes would ever speak out about this. I still found that SO weird. It's like a poppy/mars argo situation - Dasha was away from Mina but like…taunting her psychologically by copying her still and getting all her insta ho friends to engage in it too

No. 529855

File: 1528745135711.png (349.86 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-11-08-24-58…)

She's definitely just manipulating cyr and her minions with her "suicidal behavior". It's so obvious she just wants everybody around her to be 24/7 worried about her in order to get what she wants. Like sending a messenge like this to a group chat? Come on Dasha.

No. 529857

where's the rest?

No. 529859

Sigh I'm getting tired of Dasha doing nothing. This isn't going to go away even if she pretends it isn't happening. The minute she goes active on on itsbabydash people will flood the comments and tell others about what's going on. Only way out is to either apologize fully and say she's getting help (hoping that people still follow because she's pretty) or literally build a new account again from scratch.

No. 529860

I wondered the same thing

No. 529861

Lettie just showed that part of the message. She just wanted to prove that Dasha really became suicidal because Edwin said in his video he didn't believed she was.

No. 529864

go kill yourself please

No. 529868

If it weren't for people like this you'd have nothing to distract yourself with.

No. 529869

>muh mental health
>i'm depresserino don't confront me reee

These dumb hoes have no clue what mental health fucking IS if they think Trasha's deeds coming back to haunt her is somehow not justified.

Mentally ill people are still responsible for their actions. They need support but that doesn't mean their flaws should be ignored. You can support someone without infantilizing them.

No. 529870

i don't even understand what this is supposed to mean

No. 529874

It means the most entertaining people either they are real or fictional are based on the type of people you are telling to kill themselves. And psychopathy is, afterall, part of human evolution. From doctors, to psychologists, scientists, writers, to the average joe, all find people like that intriguing and entertaining to watch. That's what it's supposed to mean. You wouldn't be here if you weren't entertained by people like this.

No. 529875

i'm reading here because these stories are incredibly freakish and scary and seeing some psychopath like dasha type that kind of shit out here is horrifying me enough to tell them off, fucking worthless scum of the earth, actually they make me feel better about myself…that's why i'm here, now i get it, thanks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 529876

Sure, Jan.

No. 529877

Lmao go back to your safe space.

No. 529881

I don’t think it’s julias account the bio before that said “Cyr sucks my tiddys only” I think it’s an account to troll Julia mainly.

No. 529883

She isn't going to do anything. Doing this would mean that she has to let herself be vulnerable. People like her don't do that. She will die sticking to her story. Don't expect her to apologize for anything. Give her a couple of days to rationalize an excuse and she'll salvage whatever she can. She's not going to build another account from scratch. She will rationalize her way out of this and use every emotionally manipulative mean she can to get people to side with her. The only way she'll out herself is if she starts losing job after job over the HITLER thing. Not the Mina thing. The Mina thing is nowhere near as serious for a brand as the Hitler thing.

No. 529884

True things.

I don't expect many brands to care about the sieg heil thing much either, actually. Considering these are all insta thot fast fashion brands that scam people with shitty quality products, change their names, and generally shapeshift all the time… They suit Trasha.

If the brand has physical retail locations and is not solely online, they'll probably care since that shows they're trying to build something more conventional and permanent but social media brands? Eh, they're shady af.

Patiently waiting for Trasha to do something stupid but with a hugbox like hers, dunno how much to realistically expect. People let pretty girls fuck shit up all the time.

No. 529887

OMG, wtf is wrong with these idiots? It’s like they just discovered that cheap ass FaceApp. So cheap it’s free. Instead of the teeth/smile option someone should use the “old” option on her and post it up.

No. 529888

If she doesn't say anything about it publically, even if she's losing her shit behind the scenes, it's all going to work out for her. As soon as she exposes herself, even if as a victim, in detail to her audience, then the more attention she'll draw to something she needs to bury. As long as she keeps doing what she's doing, she should survive this with little to no consequence. But this goes against her nature and is more up to par with Cyr's nature of handling things? It would be interesting to see if she can actually control herself or give into her vengeful nature.

No. 529889

I think the opposite as soon as other brands sponsor her. The hate comments on the brands post is going to drive them to fire her. Its going to happen. People will not forget.

No. 529891

If she apologizes and actually gets help, there wont be anything to tall about. That is if she stays away from the drama. If she remains silent, she will continue to lose work. Its not okay for her to pretend she didn't do anything wrong because she nearly ruined someones life! As long as she doesnt admit and apologize i will not support any brand that uses her.

No. 529892

A very small number of people are dedicated towards harassing Dasha out of a job. The only way I see this getting any traction enough to band together a substantial number of dedicated haters is if Onion boy makes a video sequel to "my ex friend needs your help" one, where he exposes Dasha for abusing Mina with receipts and to the point, with the tone "I told you so. see? she's crazy!".

Not only will his teenage fans feel like they need to cyber stalk her out of a job because they have nothing better to do with their time, as well as it will be watched and the information of what she did spread to the people in the commentary side of Youtube even if it's just behind the scenes and they don't make videos reporting on her out of respect for Cyr. They do watch Onision to hate on him mostly, but hearing that shit about Dasha will make them want to stay away from Cyr by default, because she's crazy and nobody wants to be around bad trip crazy.

If Onion doesn't talk about it, "people will not forget" doesn't suffice. Not that many people know about this or care. This story doesn't even get substantial views on The Blargh.

No. 529895

If Dasha wasn't just so stupid and vengeful she could really have a good thing going. If she lays low for another month - maybe two, and then slowly comes back and monitors/blocks hate comments, she will be in the clear.
Then she should make ASMR videos on youtube because her accent would be great for that, and because of the nature of ASMR people view ASMRists as saints/angels so people would truly just think she's a great person without the knowledge of Mina, etc.
She could hype up her veganism, connect with vegan influencers and that would further help her to look kind/sweet.
And then boom she's back. I hate to say it but I don't see anything permanent happening to her unless she gets deported back home and found out to be illegal (is she illegal? is this known?)

No. 529896

The only actual way for brands to never work with Julia again is if her sieg heiling video along with her name are a part of a news story about racism online in a credible news source. Her name needs to be inexorably linked in google to that video.

She does not matter enough for that kind of press.

No. 529898

if everyone started to tweet, post, send stuff to cyr as well as onision I think things could come out of it, you cant stay blind when its constantly put in your face

No. 529900

Please stop giving her advice and ideas,you know she lurks here

No. 529902

I mean we've also been saying that she's insane and not to harrass Mina and to calm down but she never takes that advice lol. She does what she wants, she's too unstable to go off of any advice other than her emotions

No. 529903

someone needs to single white female her ass real quick giver a taste, there are other psychos out there lol

No. 529905

Lmfao, Dasha will probably lay low for a couple of months and then come back half a year later with another plot to destroy Mina.

No. 529906

Hmmm. Remember that dumbshit “Bombshell McGee”? That moron with the forehead tattoo who fucked Sandra Bullocks husband behind her back, the one whom had all that sieg heil shit, done up in mock nazi gustapo uniforms doing the same exact shit that Babytrash did (she actually reminds me of Dasha too) Anyway, she was a wanna be model too and I think her reputation got ran through the mud to the point of no return. All she got out of it was a few interviews, but that was cuz she was swimming in a much different sea. Dasha is even lower than that because she’s not even considered a model, you’ll never see her in print and if she got anything at all it would be because she knew someone. She’s a dime a dozen- an influencer ffs, stuck on instagram. Even if she does get gigs it will never ever be significant enough to live off of with out supplementingcoughSB hooker shit.
There was one cool thing about Letuceface’s video. That clip of the Mina mocking Dasha is the best, please post that clip again! Its IMO the funniest thing about this whole debacle!

No. 529910

File: 1528755817161.jpeg (746.61 KB, 2048x1872, 3B754017-05B4-4F27-8EB4-55226C…)

A glimpse of what a manipulative cunt Dasha is.

No. 529911

tbh I was always semi-convinced petra was the next one they'd ship over to live with them. Her, charlie and some other 16 year old girl were always the most vocal of dasha's minions, so I'm assuming she's the last one left.

No. 529915

Where’s this from?

No. 529917

Im really hoping onision makes a vid about her. She cant get away with this guys!

No. 529918

Damn she is a psycho. Anybody with common sense and life experience can see how manioualtive this message is. She is a creep.

No. 529919

Damn Dasha, not getting tired of privating Neuphs account yet? Swear this bitch privates her account 20 times a day lol

No. 529923

Apparently she sent this to a girl who handles one of her “fan accounts” to warn her about getting “hate” lmfao.

No. 529927

If onion makes a vid about it the story will lose all credibility kek

No. 529929

>>No. 529927
How? If he shows all the receipts, it wont. It will just show another audience how manipulative she is. Also, itll be ironic because of that video she made talking about Billie saying all the things about Onision and she did similar things with Mina lol

No. 529931

Honestly there's a chance he would make a video about it. I think him and Dasha want to hate fuck each other they both hate the other person but they're basically the same person….polyamorous, narcissist, say they aren't jealous but they clearly are, they're even both into the same types of women

No. 529935

Dasha’s too shallow, I don’t think she’d go anywhere near Onision’s scabie dick, unless he paid her ofc.

No. 529938

The thing is Onision is too lazy to do any actual research on this story to get it all right and air tight, which will leave him open to make mistakes and talk about shit that didn't happen and this is how the story will lose credibility.

No. 529939

He does have potential to make a video shorter than Edwin's and more entertaining than Edwin's. He can go right to the point and overkill. Too bad he's very sloppy as far as presenting receipts and making sure he gets it all right when it comes to OTHER PEOPLE'S DRAMA. He's too self involved to do a good job at this.

No. 529940

File: 1528761462656.png (957.27 KB, 1334x750, 5F834CE8-F087-4500-BBF3-A4442F…)

I thought this was pretty funny. Cyr complaining about Mina’s immaturity and name change, meanwhile he turns a blind eye when Dasha starts referring to herself as ‘baby fox’ and constantly enables Dasha’s immature behavior.

>this is not any way a mature person my age would handle this situation

Then stop preying on young girls and date people YOUR AGE? It’s really THAT simple.

No. 529941

He needs to leave her. I don't know what mental disorders she has but having depression and being suicidal does not make people do what she has.
Now she's saying she is suicidal because of something she did? Go fuck yourself Dasha.

No. 529942

Damn. No one downloaded the video? I missed it!!!

No. 529945

Clinical books often state that those suffering from disorders that are co-occuring with psychopathic traits, either it's ASPD, BPD, or whatever, only get depressed and suicidal AFTER their behavior is found out by others and they get ostracized. But it doesn't last long. A disorder like major depression of the subtype of classic melancholia never occurs in patients with psychopathic traits because they lack the engine, so to speak, that major depressive patients have. They can only exhibit symptoms of major depression if the subtype is circumstantial demoralization, which is her case. Not classic melancholia. She'll bounce back from it in no time.

No. 529948

I really hope Mina is taking legal action and that her immigration status gets brought up. She needs to go back due to the things she has done here. It will also help her being away from Cyr because he is enabling her.

No. 529949

The best thing that could happen to Cyr is if Dasha gets deported, but before that happens either she'll convince him to marry her or she'll just get knocked up. She's not gonna go back to Austria without scheming her way out of deportation.

No. 529951

It really pissess me off that genuine people that are here working hard to provide for the families get deported every single day while some instathot gets to stay here trying to ruin peoples lives. I mean at least other people are contributing to society by working shitty jobs that no one else is whiling to do and Dasha offers absolutely nothing but toxicity.

No. 529953

Maybe they are. I cannot understand what kind of visa she has. She's not doing anything to justify her residency and as an immigrant myself oh boy, it's really difficult. Maybe they are married and that's why Cyr cannot dump her.

No. 529955

she has mentioned before and deleted a tweet stating how easy it is to stay illegally in cali how its a safe haven

No. 529959

If they have been living together for two years, they basically have a common law partnership at this point. Cyr will not hesitate to marry her to keep her here. Can you even fathom for a person like her how humiliating it would be to get deported and go back to Austria? This will get you permaban from the US, let alone she probably fucked over a lot of people where she's from and she'll go back to nothing. She's not gonna let that happen. Even if Cyr is not into the whole marriage idea I can see her having a gang bang with a bunch of dudes just to get knocked up and say it's Cyr's, or piercing Cyr's condom with a needle and getting pregnant, just so she can stay and he's forced to marry her. Or she can just threaten suicide if he doesn't marry her. Whatever works for her.

I don't think she's illegal. You can wait for your papers in the US but you are not allowed to leave until they are done. It could take years. It's most likely why her grandma visits her and not the other way around.

No. 529960

When I said you are not allowed to leave until they are done, I meant if you leave you have to wait for them to be done in your country. So that's why you can't leave. You are allowed to leave, but you can't leave if you don't want to wait in your home country, because you are not allowed back in the US until it's done.

No. 529973

I like the Dasha + Cyr being married on paper tinfoil. Would explain why she is so nonchalant about her visa and her going to an immigration lawyer for council as mentioned in Edwin’s video doesn’t negate the possibility. She could have just visited the lawyer to get insight about how to process her expired visa paperwork now that she’s legally married. Keeping it under wraps makes a shit ton of sense too to keep Dashas male fanbase and Cyr’s fangirls, I’m sure Dasha wants an Instagram worthy wedding and with Cyr’s shit credit and adpocalypse I doubt he makes enough to satisfy her & want to capture it/make it known on her social media kek

No. 529976

She also briefly mentioned on instalive that once the lease was over, her and Cyr would be getting a house. This was after she was exposed for posting here.

Unfortunately I can’t find that clip, it must’ve not saved onto my camera roll :/

No. 529977


Would also explain why he was willing to drop his best bud Edwin because of Dasha’s psycho reasoning, if they’re fucking married he has no real choice but to go along with her antics. I bet Putin has some serious dirt on Cyr as well to keep him so fucking placid because he’s clearly not even in love with that pussy because he goes for a month without fucking her.

No. 529978

>Cyr will not hesitate to marry her to keep her here.

If he hasn't yet, he's definitely hesitating. Maybe it's a manchild issue where he feels marriage would eliminate all those other IG prospects who still throw themselves at his opiated ass.

No. 529980

File: 1528768777945.png (899.84 KB, 1282x720, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 6.55…)

I don't know if anyone missed this, but this text from lyndsay talking dasha kinda supports the marriage idea. I don't doubt she has had a plan to use Cyr for a green card (which of course she accused Mina of wanting to do kek)

No. 529983

I meant Cyr won't hesitate to marry her if she is ever seriously facing deportation

No. 529986

well he did feel emasculated by trasha and also sent really depressing texts to Edwin during that month where she was complaining about not getting the d.

No. 529998

By reading what others have been saying, she gaslights him, criticizes his performance overall. As well as calls him ugly. In a insta love she was saying that she would always go for ugly guys and she knows she’s too good for cyr. I hope someone can remember that live chat. She has manipulation tactics, she manipulated her ex and even poisened him but her ex seems like he didn’t want to be tied down and wasn’t secretive about it. Cyr can be easily manipulated but also will never go for hs desires. She intimidates him, very controlling, going into his phone. There’s proof she threatened him, she also speaks for him and pretends cyr says stuff, there’s Manny examples where dasha pretends cyr says something but in reality cyr is confused and not even wanting to be involved. Look how she pretended so many other people were on her side even niamh. Shes sadistic.

No. 530001

File: 1528772007133.png (66.88 KB, 888x443, trasha.PNG)

Did Trasha post something new victimizing herself or did she get a sudden flow of hate that got her to private neuphs?

No. 530003

I have access to her Neuphs account. She just posted some E3 related videos in her stories. Other than that, more faceapp autism and Koreaboo shit.

Nothing interesting.

No. 530006

File: 1528772822740.png (474.39 KB, 1218x622, Screenshot (202).png)

No. 530025

ewww girl wtf is your account, censor your name next time.

No. 530026

>>>/pt/529838 not my screenshot it was sent to me

No. 530055

dasha cameo at 0:42, 0:53, 1:11 and 1:14 (there might be more)

No. 530056

File: 1528785549990.jpeg (70.03 KB, 562x719, 47B59168-394C-4A97-8CB7-9A5E97…)

No. 530057

Hope Dasha had fun while it lasted because I doubt Trisha is going to become intimate with Dasha. Trisha already knows what she did to Mina, her posts on lolcow and all of that. She is aware. My guess is she'll keep her at a safe distance. I'm more worried about Jaclyn because Jaclyn is fucking stupid when it comes to people.

No. 530067

How do you know that Trisha is aware about what Dasha has done?

No. 530068

Hey dasha, David is single. ;)

No. 530069

I have a mutual friend with her and he told her about it. She's aware.

No. 530071

>calls mina a social climber
literally hogs the spotlight with a bunch of people and her beloved boyfriend cyr is nowhere to be seen

No. 530073

File: 1528787666750.jpeg (195.29 KB, 1920x1080, EDCF13A6-4F05-477F-AEA2-1478AE…)

For some reason she reminds me of this

No. 530082

I think these messages are from Dasha (using cyr's phone of course). He sounds too much like a sissy to be of his (then again hes a huge pussy )

No. 530097

Chad only stayed with them temporarily, I'm pretty sure he said it was to look after their apartment. Also I asked him about Dasha after he got back from the US last year and he said he didn't know her well but she seems like a piece of work

No. 530098

Kek, how cringe. Cyr clearly knows Dasha is batshit crazy, but he still brings her around people he collabs with. He has to know that people like maxmoefoe follow her and see all her constant shitposting, I don’t understand how both of them don’t get embarrassed.

No. 530099

I have it but idk how to upload it

No. 530103

Doucha is a decade (give or take) younger than Trish yet looks old enough to be her mother. Trish is out there living her best crazy life while Putin is bleating about MUH DEPRESSION and being a salty cunt who gets her minions to defend her because she’s too much of a coward to own up to what she’s done. Karma is a bitch, huh.

No. 530106

Because narcissists/sociopaths aren’t capable of feeling embarrassment, that’s how

No. 530116

if casperdasha is truly going to therapy, like she said, we all know that she's going to lie her ass off and victimize the shit out of herself telling stories like people on the internet are so mean, spreading lies so bad that she's become suicidal and how she just can't handle it

No. 530126

you can make a throwaway youtube account and upload it there, don’t delete the file right away though in case lettie tries to get it taken down.

No. 530127

Yes! If you upload it to YouTube I’ll definitely download it too. Then multiple people will have it. KEK

No. 530131

File: 1528817144990.png (41.65 KB, 494x237, ew.png)

Ew, this girl is so unlikable.. being all "hihi i'm a good cute angel" in her video, while being a disgusting pig on twitter
"done with the drama ya daft cunt" Yeah, cause your dumb video backfired and didn't get the support you expected. Just ewwww !!

No. 530134

Yeah, actually that was hilarious, she thought she would be able to share her "side of the story" and get the attention she desperately needs, and all she got was dislikes on her video and comments of people who knew that every word was bullshit. She wanted to help her oh so dear lovely angel friend Dasha and she only looked pathetic. Also I think Julia told her to take it down because that video was just pathetic. Lettie's a joke, no wonder why Mina ghosted her.

No. 530135

Fuck guys its asking me to acess my yt acc from computer in order to upload it and i dont have one,what do i do now
Can i send it to somebody else to upload,if yes how?

No. 530136

you can email it to lolcow admins

No. 530142

You can email lolcow.farm@gmail.com and we'll upload it.

No. 530152

Was that dasha being a total creep and grabbing trish while looking at her in the eyes? Because trish looked uncomfortable.

No. 530154

File: 1528824744690.png (206.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180612-191010.png)

It doesnt fucking work file is too big,i tried putting it on drive and sending it still wont work,its a stupid video anyways that i lost two fucking hours of my pathetic life on,i tried,fuck yall,i have exams
Here is a pic to prove that im not fucking with you all i do have it it just cant be sent,sorry

No. 530156

why can't you just make a throaway youtube account and upload it yourself…?

No. 530157

You can download the wetransfer app, click on those 3 dots in the right corner of your screenshot and share the file using wetransfer

No. 530161

You can't be THIS retarded that you don't know how to upload a video to the internet using a throwaway account

No. 530162

Maybe don't be so rude to them anon, not everyone is tech savvy.

No. 530164

tech savy imo is being able to open MSDOS prompt and work a computer from there, not uploading videos to the internet

No. 530166

"i just want her to feel happy and beautiful" jesus :^) this guy lives in a fucking movie

No. 530167

>go to protonmail.com
>sign up without having to use real name or recovery email
>go to liveleak
>click guest
>register using the throaway emal
>log in
>upload the video

That's it.

No. 530168

I really wish Trisha would make a video about not supporting Dasha.

No. 530169

If Trish made a video….RIP all of Dasha's natural hair hahaha

No. 530170

Nobody knows who Dasha is. She's not even D list Aaron Carter level. If it doesn't bring her revenue, she won't do it. Besides, it will just make people aware of who Dasha is and she doesn't deserve the attention, even if it's negative. If you really want that to happen just pray that Dasha keeps trying to insert herself in Trisha's life and Trisha is stupid enough to allow herself to be manipulated despite knowing what Dasha did to others. She'll use Trisha, hurt her, fuck her man and all of that. Then Trisha will make a series of videos on her crying on the kitchen floor.

No. 530172

Cant you all fucking read?
Because fuck you thats why

No. 530174

We received the video, it'll be uploaded shortly.

No. 530176

I can ask, but she's in such a good place mentally, I doubt she will. She just brings drama into her life and makes drama videos when she's bitter and has nothing going for her.

I talked to some people I know who have big commentary channels on Youtube to make them aware of what Dasha did, but not asking or expecting to make a video, just so they know what happened. When it comes down to it, even if nobody talks about this publicly out of respect for Cyr or because she's not famous enough to get people clicking on the videos, or both, what really matters is they know, they'll gossip about it and she won't be able to use them if she ever comes in contact with them. That's really all that matters to me. The videos are secondary. As long as everyone knows what she did, don't trust her because of it and talk behind her back, I'm cool with it. That's really what you want in a situation like this.

No. 530178

Glad I could help, I discovered that app recently and it's very useful

Has anyone seen Dasha's friend siiickbrain's (thats her instagram) live yesterday? Some people asked about Dasha and she said that she didn't speak to her much lately but she knows that Dasha is being bullied right now and is having a hard time. She also said that she doesn't know what the drama is about tho

No. 530184

Hahahaha ‘bullied’. What a moron.

No. 530186

Yep there are assholes in here, but thanks for sending it in the end!

No. 530188

Haha I doubt that she would fuck her man. Seems like Trisha is the one with the money. She would fuck Trisha, use her and then leave her for someone higher up on the food chain.

No. 530189

I agree 100%. I’m really glad that other people are being made aware of dashas nasty personality, even if it isn’t public.

No. 530190

i really want to gather all the clips i can and make another video just so its out there about dasha

No. 530195

File: 1528831843581.png (60.82 KB, 544x522, Screenshot (206).png)

lmfao like pills will help her

No. 530202


Lettie, Twitter is not your diary.
Get off the internet and go get some help.

No. 530215

File: 1528833503484.jpg (21.85 KB, 378x125, lettie.JPG)

No. 530216

Shouldn't have stuck your nose in drama that didn't concern you then.

No. 530217

Hi Lettie

No. 530219

lmao nice to see her stalking the forums too. She doesn't want her truth exposed I guess- she's going to go all 'copyright' and 'private property' probably but suddenly she realizes that laws exist when she turned a blind eye to Dasha's leaking of Mina's pictures and passport info- gtfo lmao

No. 530220

i cant wait till the video is posted of lettie ill download it to for back up and post it on liveleak, vimeo etc, does anyone know when it will uploaded?

No. 530221

Lettie uploaded it for all to see, and hyped it up too. She should've expected that it'll inevitably fall into stranger's hands when she puts things out into the public

No. 530222

How about you get your borderline personality disorder in control and understand that whatever you put on the internet is no longer your property as soon as you make it public?

I'd like to see you try to sue hahahaah

No. 530224

File: 1528834085009.jpg (189.46 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20180612-155518_You…)

Indicative of their relationship' dynamic lol

No. 530226

File: 1528834171270.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.07 KB, 423x533, SmartSelect_20180612-155654_Yo…)

No. 530227

Holy shit. She’s haunting.

No. 530228

Hahahaha, oh fuck off Fettie. You spent all that time collecting “receipts” and hyping up your video and now you want to deprive everyone from watching it? I think the fuck not!

No. 530229

File: 1528834270164.png (16.94 KB, 607x134, loser.PNG)

>adds screenshots of PRIVATE conversations in a video
>complains that someone is reuploading a video she's made available to the public and hyped up for everyone to watch

go on.

No. 530230

File: 1528834309497.png (18.71 KB, 605x169, loser 2.PNG)


whoops, seems like you ain't winning any lawsuits.

No. 530231

Dasha looks like shes injected cooking oil into her face lol.

No. 530232

Are her boobs taped together? It looks strange :S(don't use emojis)

No. 530233

Good lord even if I uploaded a video of someone who actually mattered (let's say Trisha) onto my YouTube channel, the worst that would happen is that after a complaint, YouTube would remove my video. I wouldn't get sued or go to jail or have any legal problems. People literally film bits of movies in the theatre and nothing happens to them. Lettie just because you're white and have delusions of grandeur it doesn't mean that the law applies differently to you jesus

No. 530235

File: 1528834939640.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.52 KB, 505x474, SmartSelect_20180612-155629_Yo…)

No. 530237

File: 1528834998935.jpg (Spoiler Image,88.22 KB, 509x546, SmartSelect_20180612-155641_Yo…)

Not sure if it's tape, injections, implants, or just uniquely shaped breasts

No. 530238

File: 1528835025239.png (162.29 KB, 2894x2300, kek.png)

right? FUCKING KEK honestly.
I would love for her to even try to waste her time and money with this tbh

please SUE. You already lost the lawsuit considering your behavior uploading this video. You made a video public. You, yourself, pressed upload. Nobody forced you. You advertised it.
Please, do waste your money on a lawsuit. hahahaha Fucking loser hahahah

No. 530239

File: 1528835053072.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.04 KB, 524x524, IMG_20180612_160548_247.jpg)

I had to use a spoiler as this picture is particularly disturbing

No. 530241

This looks like some Shakespearean wannabe nightmare. Anyone else read MacBeth?

No. 530244

why are her tits so fucking saggy? isnt she like 20 something, fuck she looks like shes thirty, gross

No. 530245

i thought wine was supposed to be good for ya, well her and cyr both look deathly

No. 530249

Can we stop spamming the thread with screen shots of Dasha’s stupid face? I’m all for making fun of her and posting shitty photos of her, but once is enough. We’ve all seen that video.

No. 530250

Seriously.. by her logic, she can be sued for releasing private conversations without the participants consent as well. She was the one who uploaded and promoted her video to begin with. She's just salty that her video didn't get the reaction she wanted.

No. 530254

She's so borderline, it's not even funny.
First she inserts herself in drama that doesn't concern her to be accepted by her peers (Dasha and Cyr) and make it about her, for some reason, because she thrives on victimhood.

Then, she takes it down, because she doesn't know how to deal with rejection, didn't think something through because she's impulsive and gets mad people are reuploading that something she made public, because, like I said before, she thrives on victimhood.

But look on the bright side, Lettie. You got what you truly deep down wanted with this, which was to feel closer to Dasha, right?

>hey look I'm being bullied on that silly forum as well. We are like going through THE SAME THING sis. Let's wear matching bracelets.

Fucking pathetic. Seriously.

No. 530256

i thought my opinion of lettie couldn’t get any worse but that video was disgusting, blatant lies throughout , no new information at all just playing as if she’s at all any way involved in any of this, like if trasha loved y’all so much how come her and cyr didn’t fly you over to LA? absolute idiot

No. 530257

out of respect for Mina, i personally don’t think we should mention the “sugar daddy” stuff. Mina has never confirmed this so if it’s true it’s something she would obviously like to be kept private (a reason i believe lettie mentioned it) Mina is a victim in all of this so i do think we should respect her private life

No. 530258

So like I understand that the thread is about Dasha as she is the ubercow, and although Edwin and Mina are cringy they are hardly thread worthy, but I feel like people have jumped too far on to the Mina whiteknight train. Let's not pretend that Mina is a delicate flower, I'm pretty sure she can be catty and malicious as well. I'm not saying we should hate on her, but some of us are giving her way too much credit. I definitely believe she was behind some ~fake accounts~ even if they weren't used to bully Dasha, that she was a sugar baby, and that she plotted on a very small scale to get along with Dasha for her personal gain. I don't think any of this makes her a horrible person. Just a normal, emotional human.

If people really like Mina, I feel like they're doing her a disservice by treating her like an angel because it's raising her to an impossible standard that she simply cannot attain.

No. 530261

File: 1528837933763.png (108.18 KB, 245x245, regina.png)


It's sad, but not surprising, how Dasha took advantage of someone that's so predisposed to being abused, submissive, manipulated and used as a pawn. Lettie is literally that weird kid in high school that would chase you around the corridor trying to be friends, doing all these things for you, and you just feed crumbs from time to time to keep them as your pet. At the end of the day, they are so used to being fed crumbs, they don't even know they are entitled to have a full meal and walk away if they are not given that. They just take whatever they are handed because they so desperately just want to be liked.

Nobody in their right mind would have a friendship with this girl because she doesn't have any self worth or self respect. That's why she only attracts people who either see her as a useful tool that requires cheap maintenance or if they pitied her and were doing charity work for good karma.

No. 530266

She’s not that milky tho, anon. On her own she maybe warrants a thread in /snow/ at best.

No. 530270

I haven't seen THAT VIDEO! Can someone post it?

No. 530271

just look for it on youtube. It's cyr reading fanfic with his girlfriend.

No. 530272

I don't think she deserves a thread at this point, but I do think that if people blindly believe that she's 100% innocent of all claims (regarding sugar baby stuff and whatnot ) that they're going to be disappointed.

No. 530273

Lettie's video:


Mirrors will be added soon.

No. 530274

File: 1528839507565.png (14.14 KB, 938x370, 404.PNG)

are you sure you pasted the right link?

No. 530277

File: 1528839643025.png (Spoiler Image,73.79 KB, 956x414, vimeo.png)

Lettie already got us with the copyright hammer.

Just kidding. It's still processing.

No. 530279

Can we STOP bringing up Mina from now on? Mina hasnt done anything as criminal and vile as Dasha.

No. 530280

No. Mina is a part of this and can be discussed as long as it doesn't derail the thread.

No. 530281

Edwin just posted an instagram story. He said he's about to do a live stream on his channel and that "it's gonna have a lot of receipts".

No. 530282

Omg PLEASE someone record the live stream. I'm at work and can't watch right now. Live stream on youtube, not insta right? I hope he saves it

No. 530285

I’m watching Edwin’s livestream and he’s talking about hentaiguy, I believe which was another user that was banned from here for posting constantly about Mina. Turns out he’s messaging teen girls to post here since admins banned him. Pretty pathetic

No. 530286

File: 1528841231082.png (76.63 KB, 315x396, O.png)

I found it! Thank you!

No. 530291

I understand that Dasha had a lot of underage minions to do as she pleases but why the fuck does Edwin message them? That's creepy - let them come forward if they need to.

And as for lettie, it's stupid to take Dasha's side and she had no proof that nothing of what is said about Dasha isn't true (lmao no word about all the lolcow proof about her).. however I will say lettie has every reason not be friends with Mina anymore. if I tried to kill myself and this bitch won't shut up and responds with okay when I say I'm in hospital and then ghosts me when I'm of no use I'd ditch her ass too. Lettie is still stupid for siding with nazi dasha. If I were her, I'd leave them all alone

No. 530292

why tis not minas fault that lettie is mentally unstable, all these little girls and "oh my mental health issues" fucking live a normal good life and maybe you wouldnt be so fucking unstable, its unreal how people let mental illness be an excuse and a cope out

No. 530295

Mina came off as pushy in those texts, but Lettie seemed more than okay with being on social media and chatting with people while she was in the hospital, and some people just like the distraction. She admitted that Mina left her alone after Lettie said that she's hospitalized and wants to rest afterwards. She seemed okay doing everything online except for replying to Mina, who was urging her to respond because she just got fucking cheated on and was being ghosted by Cyr, who was a friend of Lettie's. I understand being irked by Mina's texts but it didn't seem like Lettie was ever trying to stay out of drama. Even after this she was gleefully playing both sides by sucking up to Dasha in DMs.

No. 530297

In the livestream Mina said that she had been DM'ing with idubbbz a few times after Cyr cheated on her. Apparently Ian reached out to Cyr to ask him who she was and Dasha convinced Cyr to tell him that Mina is crazy. That is why idubbbz blocked her.

No. 530298

it's not mina's fault - I agree that it's not other people's fault when you get triggered and shit but come on. somebody tells you they're suicidal and then tell you they're in hospital and you say nothing or just "okay" is fucked beyond.
I fully support Mina and her being abused if fucked up - I know this myself which is why I really hope Dasha gets properly fucked for this. Just saying, that I feel sorry for Lettie. she seems really young and was in fact let down

No. 530300

so many people are suicidal now a days, fucking attention seekers is all,

No. 530301

Letties replies were badly edited so she was probably being a cunt. Like she let Mina know she was talking with Cyr and Dasha, then Mina finds out she's possibly been cheated on and texts the girl that's all up in everyone's business about it. Wah wah wah. Your video was shit.

No. 530303

Do we know what happened after the 'Okay'? It's conveniently omitted. Could've gone like… "Okay.
(new message asking about Lettie)"

It's still not perfect bedside manner but maybe they talked about Lettie before/after. Just because Lettie tweeted about being in the hospital doesn't mean Mina had to see it before messaging her.

No. 530304

makes sense - yeh I probably feel bad for people easily.
in any case, mina was abused and I really hope dasha's career is over. vile

No. 530310

Lettie is a cunt, and anyone who feels bad for her is retarded. She WANTS so badly to be a victim and that’s is painfully clear.

No. 530311

yeah the 'suicidal' ones on the internet may be the attention seekers that never really were able to get their attention craving and edge out during an emo phase.

However, the rates of suicide still increase nevertheless, and with those that are ACTUALLY suicidal, I believe it's increasing due to more exposure to events and bullying and such through the internet, more stress in general, etc. etc. People like Dasha really make actual suicidal people and people actually suffering from depression look bad. The only mental illness she probably has is some personality disorder as some said (BPD, narcissism or whatever) which fuels her to use other mental illnesses as a shield and to manipulate her fans/Cyr/Mina/others.

No. 530312

makes sense - yeh I probably feel bad for people easily.
in any case, mina was abused and I really hope dasha's career is over. vile >>530311
you're right - my ex was a sociopath and kept threatening he would commit suicide and also disappeared one day leaving a suicide note just so I don't break up with him lol he would never kill himself, he loves himself too much lmao
yeah just noticed I'm gullible as fuck

No. 530314

I don’t really understand why Dasha thinks Mina wanting to talk to idubbbz was so terrible. I’m sure Mina really did want to talk to him and some of Cyr’s other cool friends but isn’t that just being human and wanting to meet cool new people? I think it’s absolutely insane for Dasha to not only use it against Mina to make her seem like a pathetic attention seeker but to tell these people directly that she is crazy and make them block her. I don’t know about you guys but that would make me feel so much shame for just wanting to meet someone through other people. Yeah, Mina isn’t a saint or an angel but I relate to her a lot especially when I was her age.

No. 530316

Pretty sure Mina was trying to get that edgelord dick.

No. 530317

think its because Dasha would have preferred her & cyr to get in w/ idubbbz instead of mina, i can see it making her furious. dasha has that mad thirst for youtube fame (hanging with trisha etc) and idubbbz is huge, if he was more easily manipulated maybe she would have tried it on with him already, "upgraded" from cyr. like someone said eariler could you imagine dasha vs. anisa oh god

No. 530320


I think you missed the motivation there. Dasha got Cyr to ask iDubbbz to block Mina because she didn't want Mina being involved with iDubbbz at all. She'd get more followers, she' become more successful than Dasha and Dasha wants Mina to be beneath her socially.

No. 530322

Secretly I really want this to happen. Though I don't see that happening, because Anisa has no sense of style to steal, nothing really worth stealing other than her boyfriend. Tbh I don't think iDubbbz would put up with Dasha's shit not even for a month. I think Dasha might be the embodiment of everything he loathes if he gets to know her like that.

No. 530324

File: 1528846667210.jpg (56.78 KB, 1001x1001, f99.jpg)

No. 530325

i kinda feel bad for dasha with all the hate, if it makes her feel THAT bad

No. 530327

FUCKING KEK Regrettie! That is great admin kek. Srsly, you guys rock.

No. 530329

Lettie's part of her video where she said that a friend "knew how to do IP addresses" really had me snorting. There's no way that is possible. It's literally impossible. So either she's lying or her friend is.

No. 530330

I love how Lettie claims she doesn't support Dasha's actions but will remain her friend because she's 'loyal'.

First of all, the word she's looking for is 'opportunistic'. Her beloved Cyr was cutting Mina off, so she got cozy with the new girl while planning little acts of sabotage with Mina – trying to be on good terms with both parties while trashing the other in private.

Now she dropped Dasha the moment she got stage fright over her video, another act of loyalty.

I wonder when these girls will realize that if Dasha is willing to do all this to one person, she's not going to be afraid of doing it to everyone else who turns on her. I can't wait to see the public fallout between Dasha and Lettie.

No. 530336

File: 1528848527422.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 499B0AE1-8D93-40BA-93B4-0267E4…)

Any idea what this might be about?

No. 530337

File: 1528848698874.jpg (117.6 KB, 277x784, 20180612_201204.jpg)

So smoll

No. 530338

File: 1528848705192.jpg (31.45 KB, 630x472, urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-14…)

No idea. She looks like mj in that pic.

No. 530339

That's not how it went though. She said that she needed time to rest and mina said "okay" in response to that. She also said that she should have intervened earlier to avoid Lettie from trying to commit suicide. Also, Lettie cut out a lot of the messages (probably the ones Edwin talked about where she said "what the fuck is wrong with you" to Mina) because the messages did not connect. I don't feel at all sorry for that fucktard Lettie. She is seriously cancer.

No. 530340

She's probably just gonna use face app and give them a fucked up smile. It has nothing to do with the drama. Seems her coping mechanism/deflection is editing photos with faceApp.

No. 530341

Dasha is a wretchedly ugly cunt both inside and out.

No. 530342

File: 1528849205762.jpg (329.03 KB, 695x1046, Screenshot_20180612-202008_Ins…)

No. 530343

OMG my eyes are bleeding. Can you please stop posting photos of this ugly sow?

No. 530344

If she was actually part of the modeling industry, she'd probably only book plus size jobs. She doesn't have the right frame for modeling. I don't even know why she chose that as a career. She looks like a fish out of water next to real models. It must be sad looking like a soccer mom at twenty something.

No. 530345

Why does she have such deep laugh lines? She aged so poorly, you’re right she is the equivalent of a soccer mom.

No. 530346

Edwin didn’t message any girls, they messaged him their stories

No. 530347

Honestly? Genetics. Among other things she probably lacks enough collagen in her skin, which would explain the saggy tits and early wrinkles. If she smokes, suffers from insomnia and eats poorly, that adds to the genetic factor and makes the situation worse.

No. 530348

WTF?!!? Vid related. It's her.

No. 530349

File: 1528849882272.jpg (355.06 KB, 735x1048, SmartSelect_20180612-202713_In…)

No. 530351

File: 1528850183244.jpg (624.86 KB, 923x1014, SmartSelect_20180612-203510_In…)

No. 530353

File: 1528850509803.png (727.57 KB, 608x620, dasha.PNG)

That's basically my problem with her as a model. Not only does she not have the right frame for it, but her beauty doesn't look natural. I like her modeling so much better in photos she's not trying so hard (pic related). It does look like she's wearing a second skin after she decided take her modeling going for wigs and hipster looks, and using a bunch of fucking filters to the point it's clear she's suffering from body dysmorphia. This Mina style of modeling just doesn't suit her. The clothes wear her, not the other way around. It just looks like she's playing dress up, not modeling.

No. 530354

**using filters and photoshop to the point it's clear she's suffering from body dysmorphia.

No. 530356

Yep. I agree that's why she envies Mina. As far as her as a model what I've concluded is she looks like a soccer mom trying to pose as a "cool kid" while deforming her face with photoshop trying to pretend she looks skinnier and younger (even though she's young she looks 10 years older than she is).

No. 530357

Julia probably thinks she’s super ugly, which is kinda sad because it’s not true. She’s not a flawless alien sh00p goddess in real life and she should know that it’s fine, human beings aren’t perfect and everyone looks like shit sometimes. I think you’re right about body dysmorphia. People who’ve never met her and don’t know her online presence would walk past her and probably think she’s actually cute, but I’m pretty sure she’s convinced that she’s a gremlin without facetune.

No. 530358

If I was working with modeling casting calls and she showed up looking natural like that >>530353 I would book her, because she has strong facial features. In that photo she looks like she could be modeling for Guess, even if her body shape is more plus sized. If she showed up wearing a wig, lots of make up and a costume like this photo >>530342, I wouldn't even consider her. There's a huge difference between models who happen to have instagram accounts and instagram models. She is grouped with the latter and she isn't going anywhere if she doesn't wake up and start owning her beauty, instead of trying to change it with photoshop and heavy filters.

No. 530361

Can we stop giving advice and sympathizing with her? Shes trash.

No. 530362

I like how some people fall into mold of what dasha wants, people to pity or sympathize with her, and when she watching this thread and see's compliments it fuels her unhealthy ego

No. 530364

File: 1528852308400.jpg (178.72 KB, 506x449, SmartSelect_20180612-202457_In…)

Yeah ok she has strongly shopped feautures. Irl she's moonfaced and the only strong about her face are her cheekbones and those look to be artificially injected

No. 530366

File: 1528852401762.jpg (556 KB, 1027x958, SmartSelect_20180612-204139_In…)

All I see is bad, hair, makeup and an average canvas

No. 530367

I'm not going to cure her body dysmorphia by simply poiting out what she's doing wrong. She's not going to stop looking like an instagram THOT because of something I said, she's not going stop looking like a tryhard because of what I wrote, and she's certainly not going to start behaving and taking pictures as a model who wants to be taken seriously and work with modeling beyond instagram. Criticizing her character has nothing to do with criticizing her modeling. Two different things. Lord knows I've been the most cruel to her in this thread since it's started. However, like I said, modeling =/= from character.

No. 530371

File: 1528853202553.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, A714D551-663A-44A9-890E-1C31C5…)

Kek, reminded me of this photo

No. 530373

File: 1528853692042.jpg (491.21 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20180612-213500_Ins…)

No. 530375

Lol we all know that dasha is actually a Julia who is ugly and did not even have a pretty face. She has a flat face with a paper cut mouth. Now she gets injected cheekbones and lips, wigs, face tune etc. She tries hard to look good (which is the only way she can control people. People only support her because of her looks and manipulation skills, nobody really likes her. Reason all her last besties left her

No. 530376

File: 1528854127584.jpg (151.18 KB, 776x1046, SmartSelect_20180612-213845_In…)

(read the rules & usage info)

No. 530377

File: 1528854269758.jpg (351.56 KB, 881x1054, SmartSelect_20180612-213933_In…)

No. 530379

Kek there must be so many new dasha fanaccounts because they figured she talks to her minions and gives them shit to Screenshot and laugh about lmao hopefully she understands she can't trust anyone anymore. She's such a joke, everyone talks to her to collect screens

No. 530383

File: 1528855615523.jpg (1005.93 KB, 968x1221, SmartSelect_20180612-214919_In…)

No. 530384

File: 1528855633816.jpg (739.13 KB, 1025x1235, SmartSelect_20180612-215050_In…)

No. 530385

File: 1528855659642.jpeg (738.06 KB, 2048x1800, D1E4D58E-F2AA-40A1-B3C1-17C25E…)

There has been a sudden influx of Dasha “fan accounts” in the past few hours. All of the first posts on these accounts were 2-3 hours ago.

I think Charlie Manson is sending her cult followers to make accounts.

No. 530386

File: 1528855681262.jpeg (494.44 KB, 2048x1826, 1FDA4518-A254-437F-B43B-322776…)

No. 530387

File: 1528855703426.jpeg (554.7 KB, 2048x1765, 1B79939A-DC7B-4B74-BF79-1D671D…)

No. 530388

File: 1528855717945.jpeg (778.02 KB, 2048x1880, CAE52998-453D-4725-A318-20F094…)

No. 530390

Edwin tweet a photo of Cyr at E3
(cant post ss rn)

No. 530391

File: 1528855792438.jpeg (470.46 KB, 2048x2048, 589CFDE7-1D20-4463-9619-BBE298…)

No. 530392

Yeah, I saw the spurge of transparently fake fan accounts as well. If anyone from here made one, you're not very sly. This will only get Julia to further remove herself from people. Should have waited a week at least but nopeeee. Now she's gonna remain silent

No. 530393

File: 1528855978194.jpg (682.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180612-221312_Sam…)

No. 530394

File: 1528856226880.png (88.78 KB, 618x654, twitter.PNG)

do you guys think this is a Dasha fake account?

No. 530395

Can you stop posting Dasha pics!?

No. 530396

Yeah, I highly doubt anyone here made those accounts. It’s clearly Dasha instructing her main minions to make those accounts.

No. 530398


Maybe. But to be fair, he could have gone to Ohio already and left for the event. And I do agree that Edwin is obsessive, but then again if crazy fucking Dasha was in my life trying to destroy me I'm sure I wouldn't be able to handle it with grace either.

In his livestream today he made a point after someone suggested he stop talk about it, saying "Should people stop talking about Harvey Weinstein?" with the disclaimer that it's not the same, and … I mean, fair. I do hope he and Mina eventually don't feel threatened by her anymore so this doesn't have to be such a big issue in their lives anymore, but Dasha just SCREAMS vindictive so…

No. 530399

File: 1528856595252.jpg (642.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180612-221802_Sam…)

Literally doesn't give a fuck how he treats people, esp people who used to be his close friend and creative partner. Can't stand people like this at all. He arrogantly shoves it in peoples faces as a way to make it seem like it's such a trivial thing to call him out for. Dude. Vincent. You either lied and said your dad fell ill to a STROKE AND you lied and said you were responsible for caring for him and helping him repair or just the last part. Either way, what a douche. The only reason he's likeable is because he is attractive in a twinky kinda soy boy way. He literally taunts Edwin and Mina by making every complaint they have about their treatment into a joke, furthering the emotional abuse they DID suffer at the hands of Dasha. She intentionally put these people under emotional distress and her fucking boyfriend laughs and jokes and mocks them when they crack. You know why? BBecause that's what she does to him when he snaps under her pressure so he has lost empathy for people he may have actually cared for. DASHA probably has him convinced he is just as crazy as her. Thats why HE is talking about going to therapy too and thats why he adopted some weird serial killer asmr persona. Fucking freak romanticizes and glorifies psychopathy, no wonder he is with Dasha.

No. 530400

Yea he coulda gone to the event from ohio but dasha has been posting vids and pics of him since he was supposed to b in ohio. Also it takes a while to recover from a stroke depending on the severity. Cyr also claimed his dad lost all of his belongings

No. 530401


exactly lmao, there's literal posts on here showing Cyr in Dasha's IG posts and stories. He definitely did not go to Ohio to help with the basement/dad in between Edwin's upload and E3

No. 530402

Ayrt, and I agree, anon. Some of her features are fairly unique compared to the average girl around here. She should just delete her social media apps for a few months and learn how to stop turning using her own self hatred as a weapon, quit following mina’s every move and just live a normal ass life. I think she’d be a lot happier that way.

No. 530421

Semi tinfoil but Mina seems genuinely nice and if she did seemingly ghost Salt Lake Lettie after responding to her predicament with “okay” it may have been due to shock/not knowing how to react, or she did send supportive messages that were conveniently omitted to suit the narrative.

No. 530439

File: 1528860007090.gif (1.65 MB, 500x279, White-Chicks.gif)

This gif looks like her.

No. 530441

File: 1528860114205.jpg (28.07 KB, 580x435, mask.jpg)

This mask kind of reminded me of that photo.

No. 530442

There is no reason why we should not discuss and accusation. That's all it is, and that is how it has been discussed.

No. 530444

File: 1528860218447.jpg (12.93 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

J-Julia is underneath there?

No. 530448

File: 1528860323427.jpg (387.24 KB, 3920x1572, eminem-quotes-3.jpg)

LOL! She has an eminem quote tattooed on her! Pic related.

No. 530452

Ok, we get it…

No. 530454

She looks a lot like Emilia Clarke in this

No. 530455

File: 1528860794258.png (274.13 KB, 859x534, the-shining.png)

Yes, anon.

No. 530457

No she doesn't. LOL!

No. 530458

File: 1528861277817.png (317.84 KB, 391x410, emilia.PNG)

I think she does. I actually thought it was Emilia Clarke before I made the photo bigger. Emilia is definitely prettier, but they do look alike. But you are allowed to disagree with me. Doesn't mean I'll change my opinion just because you happen to disagree with it though.

No. 530460


Cyr is definitely a lying piece of shit. He gets away with a lot because he's quiet about the drama, but literally using your family as a shield to avoid criticism and then flouncing off to some event instead is the shadiest thing to do.

No. 530463

Anon are you ok? None of their features look similar, lmfao.

Stop stroking Julia’s ego pls, she wishes she looked like Emilia Clarke.

No. 530465

I think she also looks like Emilia Clarke, or I should say, after she's done facetuning the shit out of herself, she looks like her. I doubt she does in person. I went through her instagram the other day and realized her instagram photos are basically all animation hahaha they're facetuned within an inch of her life. It's sad. It's all fake.

No. 530466


No. 530474

Emilia is naturally beautiful. Dasha is a product of her insecurity.

No. 530478

Any news on Lettie’s lawsuit? Kek

No. 530481

File: 1528865919537.jpg (106.98 KB, 718x901, Screenshot_2018-06-12-23-52-25…)

Not really, she's stupid and helpless, she needs to learn how to use the internet.

No. 530482

May be completely coincidental, but during this stream Edwin plugged Andrew Hales' "Chatting With" series because he interviewed an expert on narcissism. After scrolling through the dude's channel I noticed he'd done an interview with Cyr.

From an older Blargh post it seems Edwin was buddying up with Onision on stream after the Cyr fallout. Cyr and Dasha are lost causes, but Edwin, don't be that person that tries to sneakily "win" everyone involved with your "enemy," don't be weird.

No. 530483

And yet no-one gave consent for their private messages to appear in this video. I'm sure they regret your actions too, ya damn mess.

No. 530496

People are letting it be known about Dasha on Trish's birthday vid. Hopefully, that will help in raising awareness to her criminal psychotic behavior.

No. 530497

Woah yeah lots of comments in that video about Dasha being crazy!! Apparently Trisha talked about Dasha being nice but manipulative in her "what i got for my birthday" video?? I'm rewatching it now to look for it lol

No. 530503

at 16:33 she mentions that she met babydash and cyr for the first time at her party

No. 530504

and 24:55 she mentions what dasha got her (flowers)

No. 530505

Where in the video? I didnt catch it.

No. 530507

I didn't see anything about Trisha saying Dasha was being manipulative so idk what that youtube comment was about…didn't hear it in my rewatch!

No. 530509

She said times before that it was a Radiohead lyric Idk what song.
Yeah I see that. I know he’s still bitter about the being dumped in the friendship and people say things while they’re mad but I’m kind of getting annoyed of him not gonna lie. I love when he brings out all that trash on dasha it makes me realize how much of an idiot I was to believe in her and her mooching her was to make you believe she cares. But just like Mina, Cyr is non confrontational, sure he’s shadey when it comes to girls and he’s done a handful of things but Just like Edwin said about dasha and how she is with Mina, you keep poking for a reaction and you’re not gonna get it. Cyrs like the Lainey in this situation and people gave shit to Edwin talking to Lainey but said before Lainey and onision are two separate people. I just get a little irritated at Edwin for that because it’s like a little hypocritical but you can’t say anything to him because he gets really intense and defensive too. Like the guy got sensitive when he was called shitty and took cyrs post to heart. Dasha is the one that mainly manipulated, went through people’s phones to delete things meaning Cyr and Mina, drugged people, pressuring, intimidation with her anger or using suicide to make people to her will. The guy looks like he’s miserable out of his mind because he’s living for someone else needs, the biggest thing is her using suicide and disappearing to keep Cyr and other by her side. Also messaging people with screenshots of the drama all while pretending to your bf that you’re ignoring it. Like people try to help her but she continues with her fucked up shit.

If dasha is bipolar she’ll see him black or white, which means when she’s in the black zone, who knows what fucked up shit she’s gonna do. Accuse him of rape, abuse, find some way for him to go to jail. She’s that vengeful. She’s done it to Linsey, mina, her ex’s and others.

No. 530510

Trisha didn't know about what Dasha did until a couple of days ago. I highly doubt she took jabs at Dasha when she filmed something THE DAY AFTER her birthday.

No. 530511

Edwin is just as obsessed as Dasha is at this point. And he also has some major narcissistic issues. I could tell how money hungry he was in his livestream today telling people not to complain about him digressing from the topic at hand because it was "free entertainment" and it was "his show". The guy has major character issues as well. After the behavior I've witnessed from him today, I'm very red flagged by it. There's something off about him.

No. 530513

I dont think so anon. To me its normal to want to profit off of something thats taking time out of your day to make or spend time discussing.
As obsessed is definitely incorrect. Dasha went above and beyond.

No. 530514

I'm usually very right about the people I feel off about. I'm not putting him on a pedestal anytime soon.
I think it's kind of ridiculous that for some people criticizing Edwin's character means thinking Dasha is less of a cunt. No. Completely unrelated. There is something off about him.

No. 530516

Honestly, no. He brought the issue back up because it became dangerous and relevant, his girlfriend is actively being doxxed and harassed for no reason.
I think that it's hard to get over something that recently effected you negatively, but with this shit, Dasha is still actively harassing. He's not obsessed, he's standing up for himself as others who who get attacked or may potentially get attacked by Dasha won't say anything.

No. 530519

Completely agree with you! This woman is claiming to be a victim STILL to others and not apologizing for compromising someones identity and safety! Heck, i would be livid if someone did that to my significant other. I would make as many videos as possible till that person got what they deserved.

No. 530520

Yeah I mean if Edwin "leaves it alone" or "moves on" then Dasha will re-emerge in a few months and continue harrassing them. I feel for them, it's a tough spot to be in because the person they're up against literally goes against the rules of like human kind lol.

No. 530524

I mean I don’t get that from Edwin, I just think he’s highly sensitive and guarded when it comes to people questioning him. I wanted to message him but mainly Mina and was debating whether I should apologize for believing in dasha, but to see the way Edwin really sperges kinda turned me off on that. I think I only feel sorry for Mina at this point, She was a young girl who got hurt over a cheater, had fake accounts that were not harmful in anyway dasha is a bitch for making it seem like those accounts were harassing her when in reality dasha sabotaged a whole relationship, and was still trying to find her place while dealing with her own external and internal issues. The way Edwin does it, Like getting sensitive about that post about cyrs dad, Cyr probably says shit when he’s mad as well, and getting away from all the drama sounding it out is probably what he always does. That’s why dasha has control so much, there’s proof where she manipulated. Cyr and Simon probably hear “Edwin’s making up lies about me again” and they probably haven’t even watched the video knowing them, she probably lied to him that she want on lolcow.

I highly disagree that Edwin’s money hungry, hes actually not like that but instead of getting highly sensitive to people’s comments and people still supporting Cyr, or even Cyr going to E3, I had seen someone say that Cyr probably visited his father briefly or he’s saving money to visit his father because you have to plan before you make action. I don’t think he lied about it because even his dead friend turned out to be real. I just don’t think cyr should be the constant target when dasha is the one who should be constantly exposed. Edwin said it himself he has more receipts then what he showed us. I’d prefer to see that then his annoying sperge on Cyr.

I was a little annoyed sorry for this being a long post.

No. 530525

Like, how would you feel if your girlfriend's nudes and passport were posted on Lolcow and had been up for weeks before being tipped off that they were? You'd want as much documentation for this stuff as humanly possible to get Dasha locked away.

No. 530527

The problem with Cyr’s stroke story isn’t whether he’s lying or not, it’s the fact that he used it to shield himself from criticism.

No. 530534

Yeah but Edwin continues to rant on it just because Cyr was at E3 they still debate whether or not it’s true. But I know those type of things take planning and money. He most likely is doing things the public doesn’t see, whereas dasha we have receipts of her being manipulative. I know this by other old minions, but she was actively telling Cyr that Edwin made another video of her and he’s lying, Cyr hasn’t even watched it. I’ve been asking for screenshots too, but he knows she’s unstable. He said why do you think I’m trying to get her help, and then goes onto say that he tries to keep the drama away from her because she can’t take it and she argues with him whenever he tries to help her. She also told him that she was going to kill herself. I’ll send screenshots as soon as I can get them. But for Cyr he’s being manipulated, she’s clinging onto him like a lifeline, but also still fueling her ego and lies behind everyone’s backs, he probably said it out of anger by seeing his girlfriend using suicide as a shield, but It really doesn’t sit well with me how highly sensitive Edwin is about it, it gives me too much anxiety to say something to him about it he has a stronger personality then before. He’s not right about everything, I understand his intentions but I’d rather know more on what dasha has been doing behind people’s backs since he has more information, and she’s the main villain right now. Everyone else is either manipulated, heavily manipulated, or trying not to anger the beast that is dasha. It’s not gonna be easy getting out of a relationship with her that’s all I’ve got to say.

By the way, everyone where she lives tries not to argue with her anyway, people think they’re helping her, Cyr and only a VERY small few of her friends say don’t show her any drama, dasha doesn’t need it please don’t show her, she’s suicidal she’s trying to get help, all while dasha is going behind their backs trying to get drama from what edwin, lolcow, and other people are saying. You see how pathetic that is, like a drug addict exept the drug is drama and she’s causeing everyone around her to suffer on her sinking ship. She’s a pathological liar

No. 530538

The Internet never forgets, so be careful what you put on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 530539

I'm admittedly not the best at recalling things but… Where the fk are this hoe's parents? Bitch is jobless and having a mental breakdown yet her support system consists of underage instagram followers and a soyboy that doesn't really care.

The stroke story was so cheap. How hard is it to admit to being an enabler and to apologize for your own actions? He can't apologize for Trasha, but he can come clean himself. Also, why the fuck is he so defensive about the cheating? It's not a politician's sex tape scandal or something (which is also stupid imo but that's another story), dude just fucked someone else behind his gf. Admit it and move on. JFC.

It's amazing how badly Trasha fucked up being a pretty young woman who has a social media following. She squandered a cushy life. I still tinfoil that she's in love with Mina. She acts like bitter dudes that try to neg and humiliate you when you reject them.

No. 530545

She’s not a model. She’s an “influencer”. Most of those people are too. All a bunch of frickin photoshop midgets, who need photoshop, filters, AND Vaseline on the lens in order to not look like their selves. Models go to calls with absolutely no make up on, can you imagine Dasha doing that. YUCK. They would laugh her to suicide.

No. 530550

I have no idea she did have a bad upbringing, he mom is a druggie I think from pictures I’ve seen and stuff dasha subtley mentioned. He mom probably had her at a young age and left her to be raised with her grandparents. She was molested and sexually abused when she was younger that’s as far as I know.

He did admit to cheating on Mina and apologized for it from the screenshots Edwin provided and the other stuff said. The one who’s trying to push the narrative that he didn’t cheat was dasha, for whatever reason because she liked men with a reputation and if Cyr didn’t have the numbers, you know she wouldn’t bat an eye to him. The thing with him he doesn’t think it’s relevant to bring it up. Tinfoiling but I think dasha is the one to tip mina to watch dashas Snapchat. Dasha putting it on Snapchat in the first place seems already sketchy, and cyr didn’t even know that video existed. She homewrecked from the beginning and planed it. I’ve seen posts where people have said Cyr was being told by dasha he wasn’t good enough for her and she always ends up dating ugly guys, what does that say about her? She makes it seem like this special relationship and he should feel so lucky to be with her. Dasha pisses me off my god I can’t believe I fell for her act I wish I could hit her, she deserves it.

As for Edwin his ranting just gets on my nerves it makes me realize why I disliked him, I understand he still has hate towards Cyr but it’s annoying and embarrassing by now. Cyrs really boring to me and that’s about it, he’s a cheater and a wuss who uses avoiding as a coping mechanism, Mina is the one I Mainly feel for, I’m allowed to be annoyed by Edwin still. Just cause I side with Edwin doesn’t mean I’ll agree with everything he posts.

No. 530551

This whole influencer thing needs to die out or pick better ones at least. A lot of influencers who even support Mina still body shame other woman and don’t practice what they preach either, they have to put up this personality online, their groupchats could probably expose how nit picky and bitchy these influencers are. Take that Cleo girl for example complaining about a girl copying her. Even when the same influencers wear the same thing all the time. I don’t know I’m starting to think dasha felt like she was right at home talking shit with her fake little influencer friends. As said by Edwin Mina needs to pick better friends, and not trust too much of that influencer community dasha was involved with.

No. 530552

Agreed, If there's new evidence in the coming weeks or so we should absoultely talk about her Sugar Daddys

>"out of respect for Mina"

No. 530553


i just watched part 2 of edwin's dash video, and right at the end he says that he isn't taking any legal action - but mina is.
apparently that'll take quite a while tho, because she's in england and dasha is in america, but isn't american etc.

so now i'm wondering;
if mina takes legal action against dasha who's apparently illegally in america, does that mean that she'll be deported once the police's attention is on her?

so in that case, she'll either be deported and we can all expect onion levels of spurges -
or cyr is going to have to propose to her.
- would that be a solution to the problem tho? once she's been outed as an illegal, could marriage still be an option?

No. 530554

I think starting an own thread for her is stupid because she doesn't really do anything.
If there's something you wanna discuss, just post it into this thread

No. 530555

>major narcissistic issues
>I'm usually very right
some irony detected

No. 530557

Totally! They are like complete backstabbers! You see this sort of thing in stripclub dressing rooms. But yeah, PHOTOSHOP, FILTERS, FACETUNE, FACEAPP, AND VASELINE ON THE LENS! Their posts look like cartoons it’s so fake. That sort of shit makes the ugliest of ugly look good, or at least fake.
And Lettuce- your video is worthless. The only people it hurts are the ones where you show their screen shots -backstabbing btw. So get used to it being out there as a reminder to learn the definition of loyalty, cunt.

No. 530559

honestly the one thing she did that was really cringe was the constant baby-talk captions on her instagram post for that teddy bear of hers - but that's already been talked about excessively in previous threads.

her style and way of speaking is kind of cringy a lot of the time, but i don't even think it's snow worthy.

No. 530560

That may be. Nothing to warrant nudes, or passports though. Don’t worry anon, she’ll grow out of it -hopefully…

No. 530561

Anon, this would be a civil suit, not criminal. Lol, and they would need to hire an international lawyer- not worth it. And no, she wouldn’t get in trouble with the police. As I said, civil, not criminal.

No. 530563


the way edwin worded it, it sounded very much like mina was already on it - i bet it is very much worth it to her, being doxxed is no joke.

No. 530564

I have an older friend who got brought here from the UK in 2000 by a guy she was dating. They broke up, she moved on and was living, not married to a guy who passed away recently. She is here illegally in Los Angeles and just kept her nose clean, but if she ever got into police trouble she would get deported. It was very hard for her. She couldn’t travel, and if she did she would EVER be able to come back. She didn’t even go back to the uk when her father passed because of that. That’s what it’s like to be illegal Dasha. There’s also agencies that will place someone into a fake marriage but it costs tens of thousands. My other friend, a guy did that for a Thai girl. They had to pretend they were living together, which was t that bad. They give you 24 hours before they do a visit. It didn’t really effect him. Dumbshit Dasha If she we’re smart, would pay the 30K+ to stay legally.

No. 530565

I never watched letties video but I know stuff she used to send me and other minions are probably the same stuff. There’s a screen record dasha sent of Minas private account, funny how Mina blocked her and dasha got all upset but acted like it was big proof when it was just Mina talking about sb work, cheek injections, but nothing really incriminating at all. Most likely dasha got her into all that sb work when you look at how dashas guiding her, and for Mina never confirmed nor denied getting injections, but dasha has denied even tho there’s proof of her lying. Mina would probably keep that sugar baby stuff under wraps too because people still view it as bad. Dasha just doesn’t keep her mouth shit and can never be honest about herself and instead put other people on blast to avoid incrimination. I hate her

No. 530566

Cool, because any case like this is a guaranteed 8-15 grand retainer fee, I’m glad to hear they can afford that. So I guess it is worth their time. LOL, like Dasha even has a pot to piss in. Even IF they won, nothing would happen to Dasha except she would have a judgement for the amount won, and we all know how that goes…. she won’t pay and she can’t go to jail unless it was tried in a criminal court. Any ethical lawyer would advise her not to sue unless she has money to burn. And I’m sure Edwin wouldnt waste their time on the long drawn out and very costly process.

No. 530568

it's what they are tho
dasha's little henchmen kek

No. 530569

Can you former Trasha fans please quit calling yourselves “minions”?! It’s sounds degrading and makes you look stupid.

No. 530570

Can’t they not call themselves names? I’m sure they feel stupid enough after finding out how blind they were…

No. 530572


maybe they feel stupid about it now, but there's enough of them still left, actively supporting dasha - thus earning their title of minions.

No. 530574

I think they can call themselves whatever they want, if they want to be considered as minions of Dasha I don't care. The only thing is that we have a lot of new "minions" around here lately but no one gives proof of anything and that's what make them sound stupid. If you have screenshots post them already instead of just claiming that you guys know everything.

No. 530576

I wish Edwin wasn't so cringy - he could have way more impact with his videos if he didn't ramble like that and keep it to point. there's tons of information and background stories, I know - but literally make her IP being busted a headline or something.
it's hard enough to listen to him, although I support them in this "case" lmfao

No. 530579

the fact that dasha posted here wasn't what put me off her, in all honesty - if i were some kind of internet celeb with a following and all that jazz and i would have a lolcow thread dedicated to me, you bet your ass i would lurk there lmao.
but that she would be as stupid as she was, posting all this reckless shit not thinking about how suspicious she was acting…

i don't know man, with everyone and their gran saying what a manipulative cunt she is, is would've thought she would've gone about this smarter. more sneaky.

i don't get how she can be oh so manipulative when it's always so obvious what she wants.

No. 530581


Lurking in a thread about you is one thing.
But actively posting on three different devices and starting conversations with yourself is a whole new level.
Every time I think about that comment from her, where she wrote "This is lolcow, we post proof here" I think how she must have really thought that she's a smart farmer and that she can sit on her lazy ass, posting here and getting all of Edwin and Mina's secrets spoonfed.
I wish I could have seen her face when she found out farmhand found out she's the one posting and posted all of her comments.
I totally believe Cyr that he found her crying with her head in a pillow, ripping her own hair out.
10/10 crazy

No. 530582

People keep saying they could get married etc. but the moment you overstay your visa or break any rules, you are deported and marriage probably couldn’t get you back in!

No. 530583

Fwiw anon, I also think there's something a bit off about Edwin (although I wouldn't use the idea that I'm "usually right" about such things as evidence, c'mon now kek)

Although I do think Edwin is totally justified in how he's feeling. He had a falling out with his best friend, which obviously sucks, and that ex-best friend's girlfriend is a fucking psycho dead set on ruining him and the woman he loves. It fucking sucks.

But you can be against what Dasha's been doing and still acknowledge that there's something off about him. Not that it means he's an all-around "bad person," but he no doubt can be a bit manic, a tad obsessive, too opportunistic (but who isn't in entertainment)… Personally, I think he should be focusing on his mental health and maybe taking a little break from all of the attention on it, but that's just my opinion and I get why he doesn't do that. I will say if Dasha learns how to control her fucking psycho and fall back a bit, but he continues to keep milking this too hard to the public, I'll probably go from being just eh about him to fully disliking him (and yes, still hating Dasha). I mean, they're all a bit crazy IMO, though I do feel worst for Mina, of course.

Just my 2 cents

No. 530588

Not true, this would be a criminal case because people can get jailtime now for posting revenge porn.

No. 530589

Not true, this would be a criminal case because people can get jailtime now for posting revenge porn.>>530566

No. 530590

Sorry for double posting. I had some sort of web error that showed that it had not been posted.

No. 530591

just fyi anon, you can delete your double post (check the square next to "Anonymous" and pick Delete)

No. 530596

she was so on the nose with everything though, looking at what edwin is saying/her former 'friends' are saying…

if i told you to make me a sandwich because i was hungry and you did - that wouldn't be manipulation, just a request.
if i told you i was hungry and kept whining about it, knowing you'll get up making me a sandwich thinking it was your idea - thats manipulative.

so in my eyes, everyone going "oh, dasha - what a manipulative genius - i genuinely thought that -"
buggs me to no end.

she told you to go mess with that girl, to write mean shit and spread stories - and what, you didn't know what that meant for the person receiving that shit?
you saw dasha's posts and PSA's about haters positivity and shit and didn't put 2+2 together?

she basically said "fuck up that bitches life", she didn't say "omg she hurt me so bad, i just- oh i wish karma would get her ohhh", manipulating her minions into thinking that fucking with mina was their idea.

it's fucking infuriating how all these opportunistic girls that are coming out now, telling edwin how psycho dasha is are being presented as those poor girls, fooled and manipulated by dasha…

if you are a "former minion" of hers and did that shit after she asked you to than that's on you - not just her. you wanted what she had to offer, you wanted the glam life of an insta thot, and that's what you were willing to do for it.

manipulative my ass.

No. 530601

Spot on, anon. The minions coming out of the woodwork seem like they’re doing it for attention anyways, but at least it brings milk.

No. 530603

I see alot ot anons annoyed by Edwin because he comes on strong about the topic. But realize that hes doing it for someone he loves and the reasons are good enough. If Mina would help him do it and have a bit of a voice in all of this it would really dilute how Edwin is coming off. Mina needs to get a backbone it's always important to speak up and stand up for yourself. People will sympathize more if they hear it from the person that is the victim. Edwin is just as dude thats in love, and he wants to protect Mina and her reputation.

No. 530604

>they believe their masters so much
holy shit, some people genuinely have no life, who REALLY looks up to internet celebrities? god damn, grow a spine

No. 530605

Damn sorry, I went to but only just saw this and it says i cannot delete a post that has been up for more than 30 min :(

No. 530606


>Edwin is just as dude thats in love, and he wants to protect Mina and her reputation.

No doubt, but it is also evident that he's a bit strange, a bit of an attention whore. This was evident before this Dasha chaos became a thing.

He can be good to Mina and kind of… off. Not mutually exclusive.

(But I do understand that people like Dasha are crazy-makers. I know I certainly wouldn't be handling this well).

No. 530607

ffs, we get it, you think Edwin is weird
let it go

No. 530612

If you want Edwin to not talk to anyone that Cyr or Dasha also know then Dasha gets what she wants.

Not narcissism, ADHD. He can't stay on track to save his life. He talks about it. You can look it up. We know what's wrong with him.

The way shit works in the US right now? She would get deported right away and the fed would never get around to processing any paperwork for a marriage visa. She would probably also get turned away at the border if she tries to come back like Mina when Mina tried to visit after overstaying her Visa.

ICE is setting up raids in shops baiting employees into break rooms with doughnuts. They're sitting outside courthouses and grade schools. The only thing that would save her is that she's based in California and the police aren't going to tattle immediately to ICE.

He has ADHD, he doesn't link cause and effect like that. He probably doesn't get why it being expensive is an issue. It's for Mina. Mina is dabes. Or some shit like that.

Ya he's been diagnosed. Look up ADHD. It's him.

Best part is that they come out as autistic. Literally just little girls with autism or attention seekers fell for this shit.

No. 530617

Kind of disagree. Manipulation comes in different forms. Taking advantage of someones age or someone who idolizes you is still manipulation.

No. 530622

To be honest I thought their relationship was faked for views at first, especially seeing how he asked her out at a gathering. Their relationship seems to have developed more though and seems genuine though I can't help but wonder what they see in each other, they're both very different.

I don't really see Edwin as too off. He's definitely oportunistic and money hungry as some people might say, but most broke people are. I don't think he has bad intentions for anyone who is a friend of his though.

No. 530627

idk if this was posted but here is the livestream Edwin did https://hooktube.com/watch?v=myjdCDbR_OA

No. 530631

Whoops the video starts where I was watching so make sure to start it from the beginning. Hooktube is being stupid so every time I try to post the link it just starts where I was.

No. 530632

Afaik they'd been a couple for a while, he just asked her out at that gathering as a way to make it public.

No. 530635


they're old enough to understand what they're doing.
sure, if a three year old says something mean i don't expect them to understand what that can do to people - but these girls where mostly around the age of 18, youngest active minion i know of was like 15/16 and dasha herself is only 23 herself.
sure they did what they did because they idolise her, but they manipulated themselves into thinking that being mean to mina would mean a consistent stream of people idolising them for once and no real harm for mina.

if a 15 year old bullies your kid in school, it doesn't matter if his 21 year old brother is egging him on to do it, that kid is old enough to understand the consequences of that action - that's just to be expected at that point.

i get how some anons want to protect these young girls who are all claiming mental health problems and ignorance, but let's not kid ourselves into believing that being young and stupid means they can get away with that kind of shit because they were unaware of what bullying entails.

they knew what they we're doing and it didn't matter to them then, because internet fame was worth it in their eyes - and i totally get that, it's just lying about it now that pisses me off.
maybe there are exceptions. maybe some of them where roped into that situation differently, but for most of them - that's just how it was.

No. 530638

anyone have a complete list of Dasha's minions? just curious as to who they are

No. 530639

I completely agree that Dasha was trying to coach mina in being a sygar baby. The note that edwin shows in one of his videos that dasha gave to mina she wrote "are you ready to hustle?" Kinda sounds like something a pimp would say. I think she wanted to catch her on action so she would have receipts and ammo to "destroy" her reputation.

No. 530651

Another smaller Youtuber made a decent recap of the entire situation, nice to see more people talking about it. Getting harder and harder for Trashas minions to defend her.

No. 530653

A police report AND a conviction is needed for it to be criminal case, so I hope she files one soon. I believe three years is about the statue of limitations on rape, so I assume revenge porn is the same time limit.

No. 530656

File: 1528914880619.jpg (187.05 KB, 1080x1035, IMG_20180613_143325.jpg)

In response to posting the picture of Cyr at E3

No. 530657

File: 1528914916671.jpg (325.67 KB, 1080x1562, IMG_20180613_143342.jpg)

In response to posting the picture of Cyr at E3 pt.2

No. 530667

File: 1528916109512.jpeg (164.82 KB, 739x1130, A45C17C7-5326-44BA-A77A-04EE19…)

Just to be clear, I say minion because it seemed simpler to say instead of a dasha fan or someone who idolized her or called her a friend. I’m gonna name some of the things she did to me and other people. The screenshot given was from one of the former ones who wants to keep out of this too. A lot of us have real lives and jobs and the pressure given to defend her especially her guilting us made it too much that most of us had to ghost her. The reason we trusted her because we did believe she was hurt, the whole Mina harassed her seemed real too. Because indeed those accounts were Minas, but we were told a more manipulated story. The accounts did send stuff like “Mina is gonna be so mad” and “this is who she left her for” but Mina was hurt that she was cheated on. I was never aware of that Snapchat where dasha was in bed, she made it seem like she never homewrecked it. I think back, Mina went crazy because she was cheated on and she was hurt so I don’t blame her using her fake accounts. Also dasha said Mina being a sugar baby was manipulated too. Lettie saying Mina only had one who she was dedicated towards, while dasha made it seem like she had many and used all their credit cards. She would call us friends and would even put us above Cyr because to her Cyr would never help her which made us view him like he wasn’t that good of a guy to never back up his gf. Now I see why he’s unresponsive. It’s a lot to say but I don’t want to clog up this thread, I hope this screenshot shows you what I mean

No. 530669

Nah I’m glad Edwin called cyr out. He made is seem like his father needed him direly and he was going ASAP just to avoid hate and criticism about his psychopath girlfriend and his lack of restraint on her. Pussy.

No. 530671

I'm so glad she made a video. It gives me hope that she won't get away with this.

No. 530672


This, Honestly its so fucking transparent that he used his fathers stoke as a shield, Can't be that important if you can piss off and have fun at E3 now can it. Fuck cyr, And fuck jon for defending the little lying wretch.

Apparently his dad stroke is important enough so that nobody says anything bad or mean to poor little cyr but hey he can play at e3 all good.

I dunno why but seeing that shit really pissed me off, Unless actively in the process of dying, A relatives illness doesn't exempt you from criticism.

No. 530673

File: 1528917472060.jpeg (233.79 KB, 744x1205, 8DF60220-9399-4F0B-BB0A-922467…)

I actually like kawaiiguys responses, and one of Edwin’s fans went as far as to say “he’s a white man” and something else. I realized why Edwin bothered me so much. He is too overly defensive and justifies all of his actions. I think before when I used to be on dashas side, I sent him the proof of Mina owning those accounts with those accounts interacting with Mina and niamh, he really blew up in my face when he’s the one that said to come forward to prove him wrong. He said “You can believe whatever you want, I have nothing to prove to you” so I got confused as to why he avoids that. All I wanted was for him to see a flaw in his analysis. When this whole things blew up I discovered new things about Dasha so I felt like I was used. When I took a step back I started to see it all that’s why I felt so stupid. She used her mental issues to make me feel bad for her. I sided with Edwin but now I just feel like I only feel bad for Mina. Edwin uses his fans to rally against a person who’s just trying to prove that Cyr isn’t lying about his dad. He’s doing the exact thing he said he didn’t want. Sorry to the people who support him but I just can’t, I tried to like Edwin but his actions get on my nerves. I’m only glad he tarnished dashas reputation.

No. 530675

File: 1528917777299.jpeg (38.34 KB, 750x242, AA35745B-3AE6-48B8-9B33-C14D16…)

Another example

No. 530677

File: 1528917892510.jpeg (95.37 KB, 749x858, C5FEF54F-1D6D-4603-910B-1647FC…)

Where she still says Edwin’s lying.

No. 530678

How the hell is he going to resolve this when Cyr refuses to acknowledge his toxic gf? There's nothing he can do to resolve this, unless he can get Dasha incarcerated or sent to psych ward.

No. 530679

I genuinely do not understand all the anons about how annoying or defenaive Edwin is lol. Dasha is ten times more defensive and so is Cyr for using his own father's health as a scare tactic to avoid drama D A S H A caused. Like I truly, truly am trying to see what you mean by Edwin being off or whatever but I just don't see it. I'm not even a fan, the only vids I have seen are the Dasha ones but can we have a little more evidence of Edwin actually being weird or toxic or off. He just seems harmless. All he does is talk about what actually happened. He doesn't rally his fans or viewers against anyone, he directly denounced that in his latest Live YT stream.

No. 530680


Okay, fuck this. Evoke pity > threaten suicide is an age-old manipulation tactic used by abusers; it backs you into a corner. I hate her, but if she did this to me I'd feel forced to be supportive. Dasha, you're transparent and you aren't clever, you sick fuck.

No. 530682

I think its covert dasha stans subtly trying to move conversation onto how "oo weird, offputting almost" edwin is, Its subtle but it feels like anons are sowing the seeds of doubt.

I believe edwin and I think his reactions are appropriate. Cyr uses his fathers health issues as a shield while dasha cries suicidal even though she CAUSED ALL OF THIS.

No. 530683

Hehe I loved the part in Lettie's video where Mina mocked Dasha in her fake russian accent "I know how to deal with men who are self-destructive honeyyy". I would LOVE to see more of that Mina hahaha

No. 530684

People have more ammo to use against Edwin because he's fucking transparent, leaving it all out on the table in like HOURS worth of footage and explanation. We already saw how insane Dasha was from her periscope last year. Imagine her doing videos as long as Edwin. Everyone would see how truly insane she is. Can we back the fuck up off of Edwin because yeah he's not jesus but Dasha literally may be satan haha like there's a big difference.

No. 530685

She made it seem like Edwin blackmailed her to silence. Every time Me and others have said “why don’t you just tweet @ him and shut down his allegations?” She always refused to give them the “relevance” but I’m thinking if someone’s throwing a big allegation towards you it’s a natural response to defend yourself, she made us delete tweets, and also tweet @ him instead of doing it herself. And then she acts all friendly after saying “thank you babe, I cherish you so much, not even my closest friends would have my back like this, I consider you my dearest friend” or some bullshit like that.

No. 530688

Someone who isn't kidding about being suicidal doesn't need to say that. I've got friends with diagnosed mental health problems who have come to me with issues and never once have they added "im not even kidding". It's like she is projecting the inward truth of her not truly being suicidal onto other people by thinking they won't believe her so she has to remind them she is totally serious. People with narcissistic tendencies usually only get depressed and "suicidal" after being exposed as a shitty person. My father was emotionally and physically abusive and whenever my siblings would try to speak about it calmly he always turned what we said around to make him, the adult, appear to be the victim of abuse by children. She reminds me so much of this. How people can compare Edwin telling the truth with receipts to her starting some anti mina hate cult based on a personal vendetta over a greasy youtuber boy is insane

No. 530689

Arent jacks films and deefizzy close to Edwin? I wonder why they haven't made videos bout this yet. If I was Edwin's friend and had a following, I would have already exposed her to my audience.

No. 530691


lots of suicidal people joke about their condition, you don't have to be emotional 24/7 for people to take you threats of suicide seriously.

there's loads of depressed comedians, who joke around the topic all the fucking time.
that doesn't make their depression less real.

No. 530692

He must be offering to get Edwin his money then. Of course Cyr's manager is looking to do damage control and PR shit after his stupid client tries to emotionally manipulate his audience and doesn't get away with it.

She is just so precious.
'I get suicidal when it comes out that I was trying to skinwalk a girl and destroy her to make my aesthetic look authentic. uWu why doesn't anyone respect that in order to be normal I have to be preying on autistic girls and ruining some thot from england's 'career.' UwU why don't you understaaaaand.

It's obviously because she knows that the only people that buy her shit are autistics and her actually retarded boyfriend. If she says these things out in public she gets to be held accountable.

Apparently Edwin doesn't tell his friends to pick sides.

No. 530693

Such selective reading. No wonder Dasha pulled the wool over your eyes.
You can't even parse the fact that anon wasn't saying "no one with depression ever jokes about depression."

No. 530694

I’m not the one who said Edwin is using this for views or whatever I’m just the one proving screenshots from my perspective. I don’t agree with the other anon saying Edwin does that, I just don’t really like Edwin’s character and telling some of you why I just can’t like him. By me speaking about Edwin doesn’t mean I’m trying to move the conversation towards him, I just don’t side with all of his actions but I overall just feel bad with Mina. Don’t look into my posts too much as a ploy to get it off dashas back, by all means I’d rather see Edwin give more receipts of dashas manipulation because he said he has more but still chooses to focus on Cyr when Imo I don’t really see much from him, he’s an enabler and a seriel cheater and all around manipulated by dasha threading to commit suicide so he has to try to keep her calm. She told a lot others so we pretty much had to block her because she would even say “I understand if you side with Mina, I’ll probably not be around for much longer anyway” and you don’t want to be the cause of a person committing suicide, her words do get to you. the only thing we could do was just fade out from this drama.

No. 530695


No, I personally think they're all fucked. Didn't know Edwin had ADHD though… I guess that explains some things.

Shame on Cyr for using his father's situation like this. I never expected much out of him, though; he was bff with Onision for too long to be normal.

But nobody is more fucked than Dasha. For real, this is a dangerous woman, and other shit aside good on Edwin for standing up to this bullshit, a lot of people would be too scared to do so. I just hope she doesn't pull something drastic (more than she already has)… she's a fucking psycho.

No. 530699

Exactly, it reminds me of how Dasha would insidiously drop mina's name and try to turn the conversation back to speaking negatively of Mina.

Which I also never understood. Mina seems like a genuine, sweet girl. Weird and snowflakey but still. I'm actually sorry she is even involved in all of this lol like Dasha is so much weirder, that's all we should be talking about. This girl literally tried so hard to steal Mina's style and looks and even her following/friends after she already stole Cyr. She wants so badly to be this smoll, effortless model kinda beauty that Mina almost has. Even when they were friends Dasha actually shopped herself to look a bit like Mina. She even copied Mina's natural hair color and style then turned around and said Mina copied her.

No. 530700

At this point with all the evidence out there, I wouldn't consider people who still want to remain mutual my friends. It's fucking crazy guys. Cyr is a fucking ass hole for continuing to support this poor excuse of a human.

No. 530701

Again the one you’re replying to is not me. I wish I could marker which is mine. I’m freely saying that dasha used her suicide to make me and others stay but she in fact is just mad she got caught.

No. 530702

Well, no you are making it about him because you literally keep commenting the same stuff about him even tho this is a Dasha thread. Edwin posting that pic of cyr- not milk

No. 530703

>I realized why Edwin bothered me so much. He is too overly defensive and justifies all of his actions.

Must be so weird to you anon, since Dasha never does those things. People being accused of false shit from people who have clearly stated "I will destroy you" and then makes good on it will get into defense mode if they have a spine, and will justify their actions if they fall into gray areas or require nuance to be understood.

I thought that was Lettie when she and Mina were skinwalking each other in the video mocking Dasha

No. 530705


yea yea, i read the bit about the abusive father etc.
but i can't say that it's particularly relevant here.

>someone who isn't kidding about being suicidal doesn't need to say that

all i'm saying is:

they might.

No. 530706

Dasha must think Cyr is looking really fucking creepy if she's sending her Stans in here to drag Edwin for 'being off'

No. 530708

That's not what I said at all. It's quite normal to use humor as a way to feel more comfortable about your situation. However, it's odd she felt the neeed to reinforce she wasn't kidding as if people would think that… why would they??? Lol it seemed like a serious convo. What I said was not that difficult to understand. Also as someone who struggles with these kinds of issues, i make self deprecating jokes all the time. When i am really confiding in my friends, i dont reassure them im not kidding. Its out of place

No. 530709

The abusive dad was the least relevant bit, it was a mere comparison. The point is the way Dasha uses emotions other people experience to come off as the victim. The point is SHE turns things around on herself, causes drama, gets depressed, then cries "soocidal".

No. 530710


don't worry about it, the reply really was meant for me,
he was criticising my post >>530691

No. 530711

Yea because it was dumb as fuck of you to try and jump on a soap box about depressed people making jokes on lolcow. Like you worded that as if you were trying yo prove a point that no one was disputing lmao

No. 530712

honestly though, all of them are - all her friends and most of her fanbase are part of this whole mental health community, they ALL fucking have depression or anxiety or autism.
i swear to god in every fucking screenshot of theirs, someone saying their depression is coming back real bad, they're in hospital after a suicide attempt, all of this negativity is triggering their anxiety and panicattacks etc..

that's just what they all constantly do it seems.

No. 530713

Im really confused, I’m just saying I don’t really like his actions. But I don’t care to derail
>>530706 We’re not all the same person I wish some of you understood my opinion on Edwin is nothing to be suspicious about. I clearly just don’t agree with some of his actions. I’ve been proving so far a lot of stuff from dashas private messages. I’ve also dmed Mina to apologize and she was so kind also really forgiving, she just wanted it to be over and I sent her stuff she said about her on how dasha made it seem like Mina was so manipulative that she’s surprised Mina didn’t accuse Cyr of rape, she hasn’t seen it but I wanted her to see other stuff dasha has said. Dasha said a lot of nit picky things.
But anyway me just not really liking Edwin doesn’t mean I care about dasha I wish I could have provided more, I even have dashas number and I could expose it if I wanted to but I think that would be too much and idk if it’s against the rules to fuck with her like that. I would give it to anyone who wanted it though.

No. 530714

Edwin is this you again?
It shows that it's your screenshot.

No. 530718

I honestly would understand if Edwin was lurking especially after the whole passport situation. That's some serious shit and who knows how long it would've stayed up if he hadn't come across it.

No. 530720

I'm just waiting for a big youtuber like that Phillip Defranco(?) Guy maybe to do a video on it. Idk if he would but someone like him making one would be cool

No. 530721


if he is, he shouldn't make the same mistake as dasha and post trying to get things to go in a specific direction.
as of now most anons are on his and minas side, so he's got nothing to fear.
once this is a pure dasha thread, he'll probably be kept out of any future drama anyway.

No. 530722

Right? Why do people act like Edwin is insane for being defensive when Dasha posted stolen pics, passport, real name, all of this over a year after the drama initially unfolded…. just let it go Julia

No. 530725

Yes its him. It shows the stats icon.

No. 530727

File: 1528920856828.jpeg (523.03 KB, 750x1066, 30C6060D-D9AC-4122-AD97-1DB48A…)

Here’s a new dasha “fan” account.

No. 530728

Not gonna lie it just seems a tad too weird, I’m basically in Minas side, that girls is way too young to have her life destroyed by some manipulative demon like dash but I’m not gonna congratulate him because I know most people on here are his fans that came from his YouTube videos like loner Morrison. I congratulate him on ruining dashas career but I don’t think it’s smart to be on this thread if he doesn’t like it so much, and pretending he’s not Edwin. Just putting it out there. I know I’ll get heat for it. At least he see’s more dasha proof

No. 530729

i know dasha isnt big or anything but a content cop style thing by idubz would be amazing

No. 530730

Never gonna happen. He’s pals with Cyr.

No. 530731

You have zero reading comprehension. And you are still being used by Dasha because you are just that underdeveloped.
You admit to being a Stan and being used as a flying monkey to insert Dasha into Mina's life even though she doesn't want continued contact? Great job continuing to hurt someone because you can't control your autistic need to be in people's business.
Also, great job telling us all that Dasha still reads the shit out of these forums and takes everything said here as if it were Mina or Edwin talking to her directly.

Hey Dasha, did you want to ruin Cyr's life by keeping Mina drunk and unable to consent, in the state of california, to sex? Or were you just hoping that since you had 'ruined' her credibility by projecting your shit onto Mina that you would be able to use a 'false rape accusation' to give you more street cred in the insta thot community?

No. 530732

I really hate that on Edwin's live video there were several ppl claiming they were going to make a fan account so they could get a response from Dasha. They are doing her a favor by tagging her in a favorable manner on ig. Has anyone noticed that some of the posts that were calling her out that had her tags were removed?

No. 530733

I doubt any of them are going to do that, unfortunately. I think it has to do with the fact that Cyr is friends with a lot of people in the commentary community or maybe, the story hasn’t even reached them yet.

No. 530737

I really can’t stand this Jon dude. Like who are you? Why are you even inserting yourself? Stupid clueless flying monkey.

Lmfao, this screen shot is from Hentaiguy right? Does that mean he/she is no longer supporting Dasha?

No. 530739

Jacksfilms is never going to make a video about drama. That's not what his channel is about, that's not what his brand is about and that's not how a thirty year old man deals with shit like that.

No. 530740

File: 1528921792886.jpeg (159.3 KB, 750x950, D708A48A-A52E-4BFE-968C-9F7CEC…)

Lmfao, I love when Mina shows she has some spunk

No. 530741


Yeah, Jacksfilms is a great guy and even if he felt strongly about any of this I don't think he'd switch from making witty responses to YouTube comments to suddenly exposing some crazy bitch. Plus he is, or was, friends with Cyr.

But also to your point, Cyr and Edwin are what, 28? Oh man…

No. 530742

Tbh i just want one video of the dasha drama to go viral to see her reaction. Will she delete everything? Leave cyr if its one of his friends? Make cyr make his own video? Leave the country? Shave her head? Get reconstructive facial surgery in order to finally live as her true form, Mina Clone 2.0????

No. 530743

I don’t keep in contact with dasha anymore most of us have ghosted her I just wanted Mina to see the proof of what dasha is saying and I don’t see why you continue to use autism as an insult? Just because I don’t favor how Edwin handles certain things. I disagree with anons calling Edwin a person profiting off drama because he’s not, I just don’t like the dramatics about him. Edwin even agreed with people calling him out properly. Currently I’m just exposing what dasha has done, she made us all feel bad and guilty she used suicide against her minions, Cyr, simon, and her friends. If you read what I said if I told her I supported Mina instead she said she wasn’t gonna be here for much longer. Most of us had to ghost her because that’s too much pressure putting your suicide on someone. It’s definitely a weight off my shoulders to not be associated anymore.

No. 530744

You know what I always found funny? I would see Dashas stories occasionally pushing the narrative “nobody is original” and that copying and inspiration were normal, which yes- it’s very normal. Yet she so strongly tried to prove she wasn’t copying Mina, or at the very least gaining inspiration. I saw her attack Gothfruits with this argument and a few others. Shes so transparent and flakey, can’t believe she got as far as she did.

No. 530747

File: 1528922981774.jpeg (99.75 KB, 611x871, image.jpeg)

Saw this on Trishas bday vid. Personality flaw? I wonder if you consider all those men releasing revenge porn as people with a simple flaw? Fucking lunatics. How are ppl still making excuses for her?

No. 530749

File: 1528923220328.jpeg (44.53 KB, 629x901, image.jpeg)

Actually just noticed this… Don't want to accuse everyone of being Dasha but this is fishy…

No. 530751

This is why I can't get behind him and Mina 100%. None of these fucks are genuine. Clearly, Mina is the victim in this, so it'd be moronic for me not to see that and not side with her, but Edwin is exhausting and I wish it was Mina going after Dasha instead.

One thing that made me roll the fuck out of my eyes while watching his 2 hour livestream was when he was disappointed he didn't put ads on it so that he could make money and then before anyone could say anything he went on to say that he spent a LONG time getting all the receipts gathered as if to say that would justify him being able to make money off of it but bro if you're in this to defend your girlfriend's name then why the fuck are you acting like you should be compensated for "entertaining" us with the drama? You needed those screen shots to prove your point of the story, so don't act like you did a job that requires payment now.

No. 530752

I don't think you understand how men work. They are not gonna act like women when it comes to a situation like this (i.e, if the partner does something bad, they stop being friends with both people, or whatever). They are primarily Cyr's friends and have the maturity to understand "yeah his girlfriend is a crazy bitch, but he's still my friend". I highly doubt they are going to be doing anything but being supportive to Cyr at the moment, considering not only is his girlfriend completely bonkers emotionally blackmailing him at a time he is very sensitive, as well as his father just had a stroke and everyone knows that.

I don't think he's lying about that. I think it actually happened and he is actually upset about it. Because he was at E3 doesn't mean he's not suffering. If you think that I advise you read "The Stranger" by Albert Camus. To even imply that just becuase he's out means he is not going through some shit right now is the most ignorant statement one could make.

No. 530756

I… what? I said Jack wouldn't be making a video on him, that they're friends. Did you mean to tag someone else? Also, not sure what an absurdist novel has to do with any of this, but congrats on finishing high school English…

No. 530757

Sorry man, I meant to @ someone else and clicked on you. Lapse of attention.

No. 530758

Can you fucking stop? We get it you can't behind Edwin! Also, there's nothing wrong with him wanting to profit! It takes him time to make a video or to even sit and talk to us!

No. 530760

Edwin, is that chu?

No. 530761

File: 1528923879129.png (119.72 KB, 630x946, twitter.PNG)

No. 530762

File: 1528923889357.png (77.89 KB, 613x731, twitter2.PNG)

No. 530763

Mmm I partially agree but sort of not, like I said I don’t agree with how Edwin handles things but I also don’t think he’s doing it to profit. And considering people think that you’re me I’ll just leave a xx to indicate we’re different people and the admin will know that. Edwin even said in his videos if he wanted to profit he would have just made another video instead of a live stream. He’s not in it for the money. He’s just a tad too emotional and spergy to get behind. I do want him to see some evidence I gathered because I don’t know if the evidence I showed was exposed before using her mental health as a ploy to get people on her side.

No. 530768



Cyr, Dasha, Edwin and even Mina are all fair to speculate about here, and it's not just one person talking about Edwin. Chill

"emotional and spergy" is a good way of putting it, yeah

don't worry >>530755 Dasha is still a horrible human

No. 530770

We are deffo not the same person. I'm just surprised you know that I'm the person who first said Edwin was a bit off. I still think that. Dasha is crazy, Edwin is a bit off, Cyr is spineless, Mina does her make-up like a 4 year old would. I honestly am not siding with anybody. I just don't ignore things just because one person is more fucked up than the other person.

No. 530771

File: 1528924326967.jpeg (128.4 KB, 747x1200, ADA94295-D230-4E10-AA91-044C08…)

Anyway I logged back into my insta finally and got the videos and screenshotted stuff again in case I can’t get back into it. For some reason I got locked out of my insta and couldn’t log back into it as if someone changed my password super fishy. These are just dasha ranting in video form, I’ll be emailing the admin shortly.

No. 530772


Who cares about the way he handles things or does things. It brings milk.

No. 530774

Not one person implied only one person was talking about Edwin. In fact, it says "anons". Again, it makes no sense the people who think Edwin is equally a target or that he is even interesting other than when he calls Dasha out. The only thing that could be seen as really annoying is that he is almost 30 entertaining a 23 year old woman's attempts to slander his gf. He should just tell Mina to handle it or stick to only making videos. If he didn't tweet, it wouldn't be as cringe because that's when he comes off as the most defensive. I actually don't find his videos dramatic or cringey. He seems like that's just how he acts. However, the tweeting thing is annoying. He should just keep sharing the videos he has already made.

No. 530775

EXACTLY,i am tired of hearing sbout how defensive Edwin is being in his DEFENSE video lmao

No. 530776

The wig thing bothers me so much. I get wearing a wig for photos, but it looks ridiculous when the person is wearing a wig for no purpose. I don't know why this bothers me so much. Maybe it's because her wigs are so low quality and clearly synthetic.

No. 530778

I am dying from anticipation

No. 530782

Yea, I agree. I have always thought that. I don't understand wearing cheap wigs for fashion. I get ppl do it with lace fronts that could pass off as real but wearing costume wigs in the style of Khaleesi and hanging out in them? Her head must be sweatinggggg, plus I doubt she knows how to properly wear wigs and has ended up ruining her natural hair. If you see pictures of her real hair, it looks over processed and string cheese like. I think she dyes it at home tbh. Which is dumb because last year she went out and got her hair professionally lightened and toned to icey blonde which looked great but then she went back to Mina black with curls and all. It's funny too because at the time Dasha dyed her hair light, Mina was slowly transitioning to pale ash blonde as well. Then when Dasha got her hair done, the caption was something like "when i go blonde i do it right", which was clearly a dig at Mina who was slowly bleaching her hair lighter so it looked funny while she was waiting in between processes. This girl has a fixation on identity, looks, and specifically hair. The first thing she copied of mina was going from straight blonde to black bouncy curls so she clearly wants to one up mina and be the prettier one.

No. 530783

No his defense video is justified he has every right to be mad. It’s just his tweets that are a little annoying imo

No. 530791

I think Edwin gets off on the drama. He loves making videos outing his enemy and feeling like he’s winning but I honesty don’t think he wants her to stop abusing his girlfriend.

No. 530793

Literally what?
Where do you even get that from, anon? Do you have any evidence besides your own personal opinion? I get this is a gossip site but seeing people so poorly analyze another's behavior is almost frustrating

No. 530794

Oh fuck off, he’s clearly quite distressed about the whole thing.

No. 530795

He loves drama. Look at all his videos.

No. 530796


he likes drama in itself, he quite gladly jumped on that whole social repose cheating drama when he had the chance - but i doubt he likes that kind of thing happening to him or the girl he's in love with.

i'm guessing he likes drama the same way we all do - it's entertaining, but if it happens to you it's nothing but draining

No. 530797

I said “I think” so it’s obviously my opinion and I don’t need “proof”.

No. 530798

Yessss!!!! You're amazing! By when do you think you'll send these by??? I'm so excited to see this Karma actually unfold.

No. 530799

Dude, your nitpicking is showing. How much money did Edwin lose again? From suddenly having to move, on top of Cyr legally owing him a bunch of money? If he wants to put ads on his videos, he has a better reason than most.

No. 530801

Yasss, bless you ex-minion! Jw, did Dasha have any other minions post in the past threads, besides hentai guy and Charlie?

No. 530802

Yes, i understood. I then asked if you had anything on your side besides a dumbass opinion.

No. 530803

File: 1528926856915.jpeg (258.57 KB, 750x1099, 3BF96970-6FA4-4678-BA4E-F0851D…)

Cyr, I just might turn into a fan of yours again. Thank you for buying this psychotic cunt birth control, we don’t need another NPD momster giving birth to children. That would be catastrophic.

No. 530804


Holy shit… the thought of Dasha as a mother… I know Cyr has become a fuck but agreed, bless him for this, do not procreate with this psycho Cyr do NOT

No. 530805

Lmfao!! omg I needed that laugh. No girl should have to pay for birth control, thats total bullshit, if you cant afford it dont have sex, it should be on both people not just one, she probably got the birth control herself cause she knows people know cyr doesnt want to fuck her anymore,

No. 530808

She said no girl should pay for that OWN HER OWN. Calm down.

No. 530809

Is that a noose on her thumb? Wow, so edgy.

No. 530810

I’m going to use my alt email since my real email has my name. I don’t know just baby dash trash and that’s on threads before I haven’t spoken to her. Js, I know Edwin did lie saying the story about Mina is fabricated about the fake accounts and said it was curious cat instead but That’s totally not true. I know Edwin likes to back up Mina on that which drove me to think sketchy of him, I thinks it’s totally justified that Mina was obviously hurt that Cyr cheated and dasha homewrecked and knew Mina was with him. She used those accounts as maybe a coping mechanism, and she’s probably embarrassed by it. I overall just think Edwin needed to address those things instead of avoiding it. I just feel bad that I agreed with dasha and she gave me this made up story, I never seen that video where she admits that she’s going to get him kicked out, it’s frightening. In fact he brought up stuff I never even seen before and goes against what she told me. Then the whole Charlie just gave me clarity along with what other minions have been saying to me. FYI I don’t want to give them away because dasha knows their information, phone numbers, and real names. They’re actually intimidated by her. You can imagine why. She’s so quick to ask me for my phone number the first time we messaged I’m glad I never gave it to her. I know other minions have.

No. 530811

why its a total farce on today's society and 3rd wave feminism, "oh my free birth control I need it fuck the patriarchy" XD lmfao girls should have to pay for their own birth control, take control of your sex life whats wrong with that

No. 530815

File: 1528928121925.png (636.61 KB, 750x1334, 2A299820-50DB-44D1-B9C6-424B0C…)

Just in case people don’t believe me when she asked me for my number. I have to admit I was shook at this. Actually this was the second time she messaged me she already showed me that “proof” two times forgetting that she send me it before. Assuming she deleted messages. I had a Twitter account on there where she talked to me the most but she didn’t know I was the insta account so I was being told the story over again. She’s super quick to give away info, but I wish she reactived I’m really hoping she will because there are priceless things I could get from there it’s just so annoying. There’s a lot of stuff she says that’s just too much. Even saying she was gonna fuck with Cyr because he wouldn’t have her back and praising us because her fans had her back. I just remembered that bit right now.

No. 530817

No, I’m saying that if two people are entering a sexual relationship then they should both be responsible for birth control costs.

No. 530820

She looks dead on the inside in this photo. What the drama is doing to her is starting to show.

No. 530824

>>530820 i think shes trying to look like that on purpose to try and gain sympathy

No. 530825

she's using the snow app to make her look azn here, imagine how she looks without filters and those dead eyes

No. 530826

Mina could have shit in dasha’s bed at this point and it still wouldn’t justify dasha’s behavior. The only reason this is relevant at all anymore is because Dasha can’t leave it alone. We were all so close to not giving a fuck about either of them equally, then Dasha goes wild with 150 or whatever grammatically insane caveman posts and we’re back to square one

No. 530836

where is it?

No. 530838

It seems like there are a lot of current Dasha minions in here trying to cause people to turn on Edwin again.

No. 530841

>>530768 >>530768 >>530771 >>530791 >>530795 >>530805 >>530810

My favorite part of having Dasha send her Stans and 'ex'stans to this thread is that we can all see the level of learning disability you need to have before you fall for her shit.

No. 530842

Dude three people now have explained that they hate Dasha but ALSO have issues with Edwin. Stop

No. 530843

XD ha ha ha ha(this is not a chatroom)

No. 530844

Makes me laugh every time obvious Dasha plants shit up this thread. Always trying to sound like a crowd on a forum without using trips.

No. 530846

lolol ok I'm not gonna keep dragging this out but I think Dasha is a pathetic scumbag with an obvious personality disorder who should never ever have a partner or kids because she's destined to destroy people. However I can also think Edwin is weird, because he is. Regardless, it's still cool that he's exposing Dasha. Jfc

No. 530849

I feel like this is turning into another "but mina…." scenerio except since it has been discovered and proven that she's the victim in this it has switched over to "but Edwin…" lol Dasha youre the only shit person here sweetie.

No. 530850

Edwin and Mina are not the same person. Pretty sure the majority of us are in agreement that Mina is the victim here.

No. 530851

thank god for Edwin helping Mina, it would have got so awkward if she didnt leave with Edwin and and stayed with that witch women and cracked out cyr. I would imagine it being a very different scary situation if she stayed

No. 530852

It seems to me you still can’t read what I said but oh well you’re just one anon anyway. I’ve said again and again. I ghosted her and already revealed a lot about her, if you’re still convinced I’m sided with her then your brain mass must be small. I just don’t agree with Edwin I’m not trying detour away, but I also don’t agree with anons saying he’s using this for views and money, I know Edwin’s just not like that. It’s more of his emotional rants that turn me away from him and just avoidance. I’m still all for Mina just not for her boyfriend but it’s still very annoying seeing anons like you who still want to make it seem like there’s another agenda to it. I wanted to expose her whatever I can and I’m glad I gave whatever I had on here for people to see. Just give me a couple hours to send the videos because I’m at work and I’m going to make another email to send them with.

No. 530855

I agree with you Edwin is quite emotional but that’s not milky and nobody cares yknow? This thread is for Dasha not about why you do not like Edwin.

No. 530856

Not the anon you’ve been going back and forth with - don’t care if you dislike Edwin either, but can you stop repeating the same thing over and over, it’s getting repetitive. Thank you for contributing and opening your eyes to Dasha though!

No. 530857

It's definitely multiple anon's that are sick of your "but edwiiiinnn" bullshit. I came back to see what all the posts were about as I saw 90 new messages, and they were 90% about this But edwin crap. It seems like derailing to me. All I have written in the last few hours is >>530838, so you have been talking to multiple people who are all sick of your shit. Go make an Edwin thread if you are that desperate.

No. 530858

i second this

No. 530865

Did anyone see Dashas video with her dog that she just posted on ig? She was clearly lurking during Edwin's stream yesterday because there were a lot of ppl bringing up her alleged dog abuse.

No. 530866

Jaclyn is still liking pictures of Dasha on her Insta… That girl will never, ever learn.

No. 530868

Oh……my…….god. Perhaps you should stick with Julia since you guys are about the same speed.
Perhaps you are Dasha or better yet, STILL a minion of hers and you think to yourself “I know! since they all are going to hate me no matter what, I’ll just get them to hate Edwin too”! Or……..tinfoil!

No. 530869

Dasha has been posting more pics/vids with her dog because people in the last cyr/dash/mina/edwin thread mentioned her dog disappeared lolol she pretty much tries to prove this thread wrong rather than live her life.

No. 530870

I never liked her either way. I hate to agree with Onision but she's fucking stupid. She's made aware of how shitty people are and thinks she's extremely especial that they won't ever date to cross her. Hopefully Dasha teaches her another lesson…

No. 530872

File: 1528934536411.png (675.13 KB, 918x584, Screenshot (207).png)

speaks for itself ha ha XD hey dasha we know its you

No. 530873


I remember when I first heard Jaclyn speak I thought she was intelligent.

HA. NO. She quit med school for YouTube and is as codependent as it gets. Can't help but latch onto a narcissist, can you Jaclyn? Also isn't she in her 30s? Get friends your own age who aren't psychopaths, maybe?

No. 530874

File: 1528934717090.jpg (417.93 KB, 1080x1721, SmartSelect_20180613-200502_In…)

No. 530875

File: 1528934725023.png (487.45 KB, 1014x556, Screenshot (208).png)

are her enablers really that stupid and all have the smaish names or are almost all of her fan accounts made by her, how crazy do you have to be to get people to do this and to do it yourself, its pathetic, ridiculous and mentally insane, she needs real help

No. 530876

Well, if any “retards” feel inclined to draw attention to ready to glare, or Edwin’s video then the morons who don’t know, will know. I suspect there will be a lot of “revenge porn” comments, as well as it probably deserved.

No. 530877

File: 1528934912452.png (400.74 KB, 910x546, Screenshot (209).png)

almost all the fan accounts im finding were created in the last 2 days, hmmm kinda fishy and her shirt is write she is like a psycho movie character

No. 530878

Honestly, there's nothing cringier than begging iDubbbz to "content cop" people. Dasha doesn't even have any content. And I seriously doubt Ian reads instagram comments over the amount of autistic people there are telling him who to content cop. Content Cop is about content.

The most people can get right now is if they ask Nerd City to include her in his series "Thot Patrol", since the guy asked for suggestions on who he should do next when he did Sniperwolf. Content Cop has absolutely nothing to do with instagram thots. It's about Youtube content.

No. 530879

Damn she has a massive head! It's bigger than Cyrs.

No. 530880

I bet her dick is bigger then cyrs too

No. 530885

Damn. Never noticed how wide her frame is. She seems like more of a man than Cyr.

No. 530887

Her face is boxy, her frame is boxy, she only looks good edited to the point its not her. She doesnt have the body or face for real modelling. Sh'es not unique in any way that I have seen. Also she has like no hobbies or talents that I see, just ruining peoples lives and causing drama. she should take on knitting or something, it will keep her bust and away from social media and she can make pretty blankets to cover her body and face with

No. 530891

Oh my god stop accusing me of still currently being a minion of dashas IVE GHOSTED HER can’t you read, all I said is that I have an opinion on Edwin and a backstory about it I just plain don’t like his emotional sperges. That’s all I don’t want to make a thread about him that’s just plain stupid I know you guys highly side with Edwin and are fans of him but that doesn’t mean you can accuse me just because I don’t like Edwin. Just respect my opinion, the reason I still bring it up is because I still have to defend myself from ignorant people like you, and admin said it was ok to still talk about the other cows so I didnt think it would be a big deal to voice an opinion. Just agree to disagree and actually think instead of accusing.
Anyway here you go I instead posted them on live leaks.

No. 530893

File: 1528936722529.png (380.54 KB, 570x608, Screenshot (210).png)

I never seen this one before

No. 530894

I wish I could could have given the best proof but again it’s on twitter and she says worse stuff on there. Didn’t want to disappoint people on this thread, but I also don’t wanna argue with people I don’t have the energy for that.

No. 530895

Hey, read this >>528798, I think you could probably uncover most of it if not all. Thanks for the liveleak link <3

No. 530897

Oh yeah I checked that believe me but I couldn’t find anything sadly :/ it infuriates me because there’s stuff on Leon and so forth.

No. 530899

I don't think the video of her lurking through Mina's private instagram is valid, because that could have been anyone. There's no audio, nothing that says it's Dasha.

As far as the rest: What's the timeline? These rants are from how long ago? Was it yesterday or when the drama first happened?

No. 530902

>Edwin I think you should leave
Imagine renting a place with your friend and one day some stupid Russian prostitute cunt walks in and just decides to never leave. Doesn’t pay rent or even cleans up after herself, but thinks she has a right to kick you out of your own home.

Look, thanks for uploading these and sharing them with us, but this just reinforces why I’m on Edwin’s side. Everyone should just agree to disagree and let’s stop derailing the thread. (Again not the same anon you’ve been arguing with)

No. 530904

Like I said I have the best proof on twitter and the Mina vid was recent when Edwin made his first video exposing her, she wanted to get even and I added that niamh video in there because niamh asked her not to share it but plotting for people to get ahold of niamh and message Mina. It’s not the best but even if it’s from the beginning she still plotted. She made it seem like she was respectable to Edwin when that was a whole lie. I could ask the other former minion because they probably have old messages linked to their email. Dasha actually pressured to post that girls private messages about the tinder thing, and pretend like she didn’t know about it. I know it’s not special so sorry if I disappointed

No. 530905

Why are you being so apologetic, dude? Stop acting like a little bitch. You don't need to justify yourself.

All I wanted to know was when those videos were recorded and you didn't answer that. Quit acting so insecure.

No. 530906

The one she has the shitty bleach blonde wig on was recent?

No. 530907

It was Minas private insta because dasha ranted that Mina blocked her on it, if you read certain posts you can see it sounds like Mina and she hasn’t even used it for awhile. I just posted because that’s what I was given to show that dasha plots this. She has no respect and this video was given to others as far as I know. She sends the same screenshots and videos to other people, even the same messages mirroring, when I spoke to the other former dasha fan we were comparing what she would tell us, and it was creepily the same. They still didn’t want to lose contact with dasha because she knows their name and information so they’re kinda scared since she has no respect with people’s personal messages and info, she could blast their identity out there and they’re paranoid but I wasn’t stupid enough to give her my number so I feel better about that.

No. 530908


If they weren't insecure in some way, they wouldn't have been a former-minion in the first place. Just let it go, maybe they'll just stop talking if you move on.

No. 530909

my favorite part of this is that she absolutely will read it lol

No. 530911

Because that’s how I am, like I said I don’t want to argue because I know some of you are overly critical. So leave it like that >>530906 no but she sends the same video to other people, and I wanted to show how she lied about the whole Edwin thing. I wasn’t even aware of that video of dasha looking evil until Edwin uploaded it so it goes against her story. She made it seem like Edwin was the crazy one and got jealous of Cyr picking dasha over him. When it was for a whole other reason. She’s a whole other evil on twitter, being super nit picky on mina putting down her friends and cyr for not having her back.

No. 530912

You don't have to be that way. And if you continue to be that way, you might have gotten away from Dasha, but you are always gonna be made someone elses bitch. Stop doing that. You don't need to justify yourself and you don't need to apologize. The only times you apologize to people is when you hurt their feelings or are rude to them and it's uncalled for. Learn to act differently, otherwise, like I said, you are doomed to be people's bitch your whole life and you don't want that for yourself.

No. 530914

You do realize you are anonymous, so why on earth would you keep going on? No one knows who you fucking are! It’s laughable that you wanna defend your anonymous self. Wow. I’ll tell you what though, the more you go on and on, the more someone may figure out who you are.

No. 530921

Relax, you're here to shit on dasha, not everyone with a pulse.

No. 530922

Thanks for the tough love, I understand that, that’s Probably I was so vulnerable to her because she instantly opened up to me right away and then opened up to her and told her private things about me, I also have a mental illness and had trouble at home so she made me feel like I could relate but I noticed we never had deep talks about it, she would give her two cents if kindess then a little small talk then it was back to the drama then asking stuff of me. She never emotionally connected with me and it was always about her. That’s why I feel like most people around her are heavily manipulated. I appreciate your response though.

No. 530923

Can we stop scaring away potential milk. You’re all getting annoying now.

No. 530924

So I made a "fan" account calling out Dasha and I have already recieved hate. They told me it's illegal and slander. All i did was post pics of Dasha edited to look odd. Anyway, within minutes, minutes i tell you. I was blocked from dasha's accounts and recievi ng messages. Id post pics but the account blocked me

No. 530927

Stop infighting.

New users and former allies of Dasha, it'll be expected of you to back up claims with proof, but it's understood that most of this proof can't be recovered. You're welcome to post as much as you can, but there's no need to drag it on by justifying yourselves for the part you played. Likewise, there's no need for users to attack other users willing to bring proof. Please keep things more factual from now on and don't fight as much.

No. 530938

File: 1528941980270.jpg (24.14 KB, 389x342, HGHGHV.JPG)

She only gets a few gigs because of her follower count/connections.
I've worked in the industry and to me she can't be a model because she looks too old/fake, she's way too boxy/short. She requires too much editing. Why pick her when there are prettier/younger/skinnier girls everywhere? It's not because of her 'weird style' anon.

No. 530942

He actually said in a video his brother is mentally retarded and he takes offense to the term. Having said this, it's definitely genetic. Though he's not clinically mentally retarded. Probably just has a very low IQ. The way he expresses that Dasha is talking in the third person is by referring to it as the "fourth dimension". He's the caricature of a dumb hillbilly. I'm sure he is a sweet person, but he's incredibly stupid.

No. 530946

I think Trasha knows she can never make it as a mainstream model and that’s why she’s trying to hard to go the “influencer” route but she has no aesthetic or style of her own so she copies whatever she thinks is getting organically popular (hence all the edgy style choices).

It’s sad, really. She knows what her face and body look like without editing and knows no legitimate company would use her based on her looks alone. She “has” to have clout/bring her minions to buy the products in order for a company to be interested in working with her.

Imagine the disappointment when after booking Dasha from her IG pics Trasha walks in on set. Everybody’s who’s working on the shoot starts sweating because they know it’s going to take extra styling, makeup, shooting time, and editing time to get something decent to come out. Yikes.

No. 530954

File: 1528944868384.png (3.16 MB, 2078x1192, ew.png)

"where did you get your lips done"
Trasha "My mom in the womb" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah… right. Trasha you look as rotten outside as you are inside. Your lips look horrible. They are very much overdone and if you came to my clinic, I would turn you away because you are the kind of client who puts others off fillers. The aim is to look natural, not like an ugly blow up doll.

No. 530955

Your top lip should always be smaller than your bottom lip Trash. It is one of the most obvious signs of fake lips. Not that anyone would need any help pointing out how fake and ridiculous you look.

No. 530968

Dasha is giving me some chloe cowlishaw flashbacks!

No. 530974

Scroll up, a farmer posted the seconds/minutes when Trasha is seen in the blog. Or just look for the cheap plastic Khaleesi wig and dark ass eyebrow visual combo.

No. 530980

what is with the recycled content? anyone wondering where the previous thread is, there's a link up in the OP.

No. 530983

can you stop talking about yourself so much? the amount of times you use “I” in your posts is fucking astounding. do you see your name at the top of the thread or are you just desperate for someone to respond to you?

No. 530986

File: 1528953602114.jpeg (198.73 KB, 750x1165, 7975AA2C-9A0A-4778-9506-BE86E0…)

When I grow up… I want to have multiple fan accounts dedicated to me. You know, the types of fan accounts that mysteriously pop up at the same time and coincidentally post at the same time.

The comradery between the accounts is incredibly inspiring, they even follow each other and like each others posts at the same time! Anyone who calls them fake has to be an idiot, like why would there not be tons of fan accounts for Dasha the instathot with no talents?

No. 530987

Why do you follow her fan accounts lol

No. 530989

Because they’re suspicious?

No. 531005

The admin said in the posts above to stop infighting just follow that and don’t start a commotion nothings been said for awhile move on

No. 531006

Wow, not having a job and being an illegal immigrant that just “models” on instagram gives you a lot of free time to do all this nonsense. It’s pathetic and sad really. It’s so obviously her! I don’t know a single person who spends time creating instagram fan accounts off random instagram girls to that extent. Someone who actively creates fan accounts of themselves and gets young impressionable girls to do it too is just insane. Get help Dasha.

No. 531017

Jaclyn is a piece of shit. She’s a pseudo intellectual parasite who is going through her emo phase 20 years too late. It makes perfect sense for her to be chummy with another 3edgy5me thirsty thot. I hope it stays that way, the more time she spends with Doucha the less opportunity she has to inflict her toxicity on decent people like Jessie and Eva. I hope she gets shunned by the YT community for openly supporting an abusive cunt.

No. 531018



No. 531019


she's one of those "i judge people by the way they treat me, not by what they've said or done in the past!"-people, so yeah - she's definitely gonna be fucked with by dasha.
maybe we'll get "i'm an idiot 2" sometime soon.

No. 531020

Yep. Some people never learn. “I don’t understand why this keeps happeninggggg ppl r soooo meeeeeeeannnnn!!1!!1!!” Yeah, no. You set yourself up for it, Jacko. Like attracts like. The biggest problem with her being a vocal supporter of Julia is the fact that she’s not an instathot, she’s a YouTuber with a sizeable following (why this is, I’ll never understand, as she is unoriginal and has been outed for plagiarism, and she’s just not a very nice person in general, but I digress) and to not denounce someone who has repeatedly engaged in proven malicious behaviour is inexcusable. Irrespective of whether or not people like her or her content or whatever, it’s an extremely shitty way to behave.

No. 531025

Has anyone seen the new Ready To Glare video? She talks about this

No. 531026


>she's not an insta thot

whoa whoa whoa

back it up.

Have you seen her instagram? She is a bigger ho than Dasha hahahahaha To me, she is the epitome of an insta thot. Moreover, she's much more insecure than any insta thot I've ever seen because she's so ugly. The less clothing she has on, she more it's apparent she can't get an instagram following because she is "cool", "stylish" or whatever, but because she's literally HALF NAKED in 99% of her photos.

>she's not an insta thot


No. 531031

Okay, poor choice of words on my part, she is an instathot insofar as she whores it up (as you said, she wears less clothes than Doucha because she’s so fucking ugly and needs to distract people from looking at that nightmare inducing face) but she’s not trying to be a model in the way that Julia is. But yes, she is a thirsty cunt, with no discernible talent to speak of and who can’t even trade on her looks. Those nasty fake titties aren’t going her any favours either. At least Putin (as much as it fucking pains me to admit it) can look semi decent. Pity about her personality though, which is so fetid it cancels out any positive physical attributes she possesses.

No. 531033

File: 1528975515805.png (206.39 KB, 1080x1007, 20180614_072543.png)

Lettie posted this on her curious cat. This pretty much confirms that she was manipulated into making the video.

No. 531034

Yikes, Trasha just won’t quit. What a fucking crazy bitch (to state the fucking obvious)

No. 531035

Seems to me, she finally read this >>530261

Good for her.

No. 531036


no doubt in mind that she was manipulated, but i think she took the video down and is now claiming she changed her views because she didn't change as many minds as she thought she would and didn't receive the adoration she thought she would as a result. she wants so desperately to be liked that when her video didn't get the reaction she wanted she bailed.

No. 531040

Yeah I bet Dasha manipulated her, but her and her friend Jayfizzle (Vikki) or whatever her name is, were constantly white knighting Dasha and saying Mina was just as bad. I was severely disappointed in her retarded video because she talked that thing up and presented the EXACT same info that she did on Twitter in the past. And no, I don’t think Mina saying “okay” was her dismissing the morons ‘suicide attempt’, it was her saying okay to Lettie saying that she needed time without talking/messaging.
Lettie is just a dumb cunt with no original thought process. She is desperate for a following that she will never get. She and Vikki both kept on and on about the same shit, and even when people told them it wasn’t even a serious thing that Mina did, they kept on demonizing her. I don’t and never will feel sorry for either of those losers.

No. 531041

is this a self-post in an attempt to promote a video? or are you genuinely too lazy to scroll >>530651

No. 531042

I was pretty hard on her in the past and although my opinion of her has softened somewhat (now that she admitted the video has a bias), it's really hard to sympathize with such a person. You can see how she went along with systemically bullying Mina for over a year now, enabling awful behaviour on Dasha's part, all in the name of "friendship". I think she was manipulated and is Dasha's victim in this as well, but that doesn't make her a good person. She has a lot of growing up to do and she needs to apologize for her actions. She contributed in trying to ruin someone's life. She can't expect to be forgiven so easily just because she's doing some self reflection.

All this being said, fuck Dasha for targeting vulnerable people and making them her personal army.

No. 531045

Lettie, if it's true that you were manipulated into making the video… You could redeem yourself and your reputation by exposing the person and what they've done to you. I'm serious.

No. 531048

Holy fuck I haven't heard that name in a decade! LOL

No. 531049

Dasha doesn't follow lettie on instagram anymore lol

No. 531050

Whose Lettie?(lurk more)

No. 531051

lol she read this post >>530596
she can't even form a sentence that's her own.

No. 531053

to the person who commented on dashas lips. (can't find the comment again) It's obvious that Dashas lips are injected, but your statement about upper lips naturally being ALWAYS smaller is utter bullshit

No. 531055


Thought this too. Some people just genetically have a larger top lip and it's as variable as any other part of the face/body. The most obvious sign of lip filler is going from having bootlegged 0.12mm in diameter lips to having a huge pout. It's pretty simple. I don't even see why people lie about it so much anyway, people aren't blind and literally nobody gives a fuck until you start lying about it. Weird logic.

No. 531070

>>531053 >>531055

Umm don't blame me, blame science. Some people do NOT have a naturally bigger top lip unless it is pathological LOL. I should know because I work in the field.

No. 531072

The human eye can see the minute differences in the top lip vs bottom lip size. When it is bigger, studies have shown that the human eye can perceive the difference and the person's lips look fake. There are very, very few people with a smaller bottom lip. It is incredibly rare. Not even worth mentioning because the amounts are so low. usually the cause would be a cyst or something similar or just a perception issue.

No. 531074

Stop derailing about lip shapes, we've already been over Dasha's lips a million times and have enough proof for the injections. If you want to talk about beauty enhancements, take it to /g/.

No. 531077

File: 1528990237787.jpg (195.71 KB, 1089x849, lol.jpg)

Saw these at Trisha's bday video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNzsoWHQnM4

No. 531079

File: 1528990958423.png (247.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-14-11-40-11…)

No. 531081

argh she's playing the victim card. She's also a cow, only not a relevant one.

No. 531082

Yeah… it's hard to feel sorry for someone who participated in bullying for so long. I'm interested in hearing her ACTUAL story, not the one that she was pressured to release.

No. 531085

Yeah her coming out with the truth would ruin Trasha even more
But I kind of feel like she only 'switched sides' because everyone hates Trasha now and she doesn't want any of it.

No. 531086

Hahahaha, I knew she’d expose Dasha if they had a falling out.

Fettie, I promise I won’t make fun of you anymore if you expose Dasha today. Pinky promise.

No. 531087


exactly what i was thinking, she's jumping off a sinking ship to save herself and it's fucking transparent.

how about stopping with the exposing videos - you know, since the last one didn't go so well and there's quite the chance that the next one won't either.

if she just shut up now, took her time off and steered clear of this conversation - i recon she'd be fine

however, if she does try to expose dasha for all the shit she apparently MADE her do, i just don't see that going well for her tbh.

everything that's happening to dasha right now is happening because people are leaking her texts. lettie could've leaked those a hot minute ago - but yea, dasha had a knife to her throat, right?

oh yea, she felt so pressured, so bad to be MADE to bully her best friend… but it's a good thing she felt good enough to enjoy the following she gained thanks to her helping out dasha - posting an abundance of glittery pictures of herself, calling herself cute etc.

yea it felt real bad throwing mina to the wolfs, you can really see the anguish of it in her eyes.
poor her, she couldn't have leaked dasha's texts prompting her to bully mina - because then who would've helped her become an instathot?

now that she got what she wanted from dasha though - and dasha is going down regardless -
might aswell be greedy and try to gain some more sympathy points

can't wait to hear her excuses

>why didn't i leak the texts? uhhh well i was really scared of dasha and her following

>if i had leaked those texts, no one would've been on my side!
>if i had told people about the stuff dasha actually did and put proof of it online, who would've believeeeeeed poor little ol' me :((
>it's not like edwin&mina + their entire community would've had my back had i come out with that stuff immediately
>i'm real sowwy uwu :((
>also i'm so depressed please don't sent hate guys, remember, if you bully me i might kill myself - i just bullied mina because i was pressured but she could handle it and i can't so don't!

No. 531088


also can i just add how many fucking times she said "this is the truth i'm only telling the truth guys this is 100% truth i know it, dasha knows it, mina knows it - she might deny it, but it's the truth!"

she sounds like onision

backpaddeling from that is gonna be quite the task.

No. 531090


I hope she does release texts from Dasha. I'm really interested in seeing how Dasha manipulates her pawns. The more people expose her, the less of a chance it'll happen again because there will be proof of her methods online.

No. 531098

All of you are tripping balls. The minute she exposes Dasha, she loses her follow from Cyr. And I'm saying "follow", because Cyr couldn't give a fuck about her to call it a friendship. So, she's not going to expose Dasha. I don't know what's going on, but she's not gonna do shit.

No. 531103

Cyr didn’t unfollow Kate when that whole thing happened when Edwin exposed her texts. Dasha was really mad about that he didn’t unfollow lol. She’d have to sneak in his phone to do it >>531087
Dasha manipulates in certain ways though, I’m saying this because it’s clear look at the texts Lettie presented where people were worried about dasha because she disappeared and how dasha threatens suicide and she becomes crazy and angry when things are not going her way. She worries, intimidates, and scares people because she’s unpredictable. Like that message she sent where “I’m not going to be here for long anyway” she scares people into thinking she’s going to kill her self and you feel guilty and it gives you this rush of anxiety because you don’t want to be a contributer to it. That’s probably why it took awhile for people to stray away from her. The best people can do is ghost her.

No. 531104

It doesn't matter "how" she is unfollowed. It matters that she will be. She will not expose Dasha because the only "value" she has is that she is "friends" with Cyr. She's not going to do shit.

No. 531105

(Cont'd >>531104)

And by the way, I'm pretty sure "when the time comes" refers to, when Cyr is no longer in a relationship with Dasha and I don't risk losing his follow.

It's like you people don't even understand her even though she's so transparently pathetic.

No. 531108

I’m not referring to “when the time comes” I’m referring to a message that was sent from dasha where she says “I understand if you side with Mina, I’m not gonna be here for long anyway.” Where dasha insinuates suicide. She’s used depression and suicide to make people stay around that’s all I’m saying. Lettie on her own was indeed vulnerable with her mental health issues or whatever else she has. She still did the most work aside from Charlie. Charlie redeemed herself though. But Lettie alone realizing that dasha manipulated her is a step to progression. If you look at it this way, dasha goes for the weakest, the insecure, and the ones that have a bad background and butters them up, but also puts a lot of weight on you when you get hooked in. Babydashtrash for example was an insecure girl who catfished her best friend, and still continues to side with dasha if you looked at her recent Instagram post. Those are her targets as her own personal “army” and uses her own tragedy’s to make people “relate” or feel bad for her. IMO that’s the most evilest thing to do to make people stay with you.

No. 531111

You guys just eat anything up. Lettie is not saying these things because she "saw the light" and the "error of her ways". She wants to be accepted. And she's not exposing Dasha even though Dasha unfollowed her because she doesn't want to lose Cyr. It is not rocket science. The girl is not complex. She's doing this for acceptance, because she is an attention whore and she won't go that extra mile as to exposing Dasha for what she did, because at the end of the day, she doesn't want to lose Cyr's friendship. That's all there is to it.

No. 531116

While I agree with you, I really think Lettie should speak her "truth" whatever it may be. Obviously using the word truth loosely since we know she just follows wherever the wind is blowing. It's obvious she has no loyalty and pick whatever side she thinks will garner the most attention. But let her do it. Let her act the fool for our amusement. Shit is entertaining as hell. I really want to see how Lettie tries to save face again after all she has done already.

No. 531117

File: 1528999178938.jpeg (164.96 KB, 749x994, 1BF8D69F-BB91-4228-A1E8-F9E19F…)

I’m just saying through personal experience with dasha. This is a repetitive action and you’re just tin foiling and I’m just trying to put things together too, no fighting just opinions.
Anyway look how babydashtrash is, what do most of dashas minions have in common? One thing I’ve noticed about her is that she never reaches out to you when you tweet or post anything and then when you spill things to her she’ll only give you a second of kindess and then forget it. She’ll only stick to you when it’s convinient. But Lettie was in fact at fault for most of her own actions, so I’m not saying she’s totally blameless. All the minions were some more then others, but apologizing then retracting an apology because Mina didn’t respond right away is downright stupid. Mina took awhile to respond to me and considering Lettie did a lot of damage, of course Mina is going to be uncomfortable talking to you, it probably gives Mina anxiety too, have you seen how many times Mina was betrayed by a friend Lettie? You think she was scared of being tricked again? You have to think of those factors too instead of siding with the person just because she acts nice to you. That’s all a mask.

No. 531118

File: 1528999355813.jpeg (306.74 KB, 750x1073, 42E4B110-0E51-4C1C-BDDD-F299EF…)

Chances are she’s telling every one of her old minions a sob story to side with her.

No. 531119

I wouldn't be surprised if some of these former Dasha stans are being ordered to pretend they are no longer cool to play both sides and get info. Dasha is that obsessed and psychotic.

No. 531121

jesus I really can't stand those attentionseeking "suicidal" teenagers

No. 531122

That is actually a very clever thought. Be careful Edwin and Mina with who you trust.

No. 531123

File: 1529000223604.jpeg (77.48 KB, 741x599, 231A1720-5CB2-42EE-A30F-A86A72…)

Sorry to disprove your speculations but nope, I gave my proof on that. Dasha tried to make me screenshot things especially at my low point while I was overwhelmed with a lot of things and because I said I was busy she tried to guilt me and that’s why I resonated so much with Charlie. She puts a lot on you especially with her strong personality she makes you think that you have to worry for her because she’s suicidal and I was glad for Edwin to expose her the way he did. She really makes it seem like she could never sleep at night because Edwin lied about her and she would constantly bring this up over and over “the truth never came out” “I wish people could see the truth”. When you tried to talk about any other subject it wasn’t as important as her drama was to her and that’s the truth.

No. 531128

Edwin and Mina have nothing to hide though, so at this point nothing they can do will ever make them look as bad as Dasha does now. Unless, they leak her private info…

No. 531129

File: 1529000789265.png (307.36 KB, 351x640, istoodtheresmiling.png)

Trasha's minions should all see the video of her admitting to Edwins "lies"


No. 531130

I don’t even really care for Edwin to speak to him I don’t really think I could even get close to anyone anyway. I just said my apologies to Mina only and went off. Also considering Mina is very closed to people she trusts I doubt she could reveal anything to me, she’s been betrayed a lot. As for edwin he’s pretty open but I don’t really like him anyway so I have no plans to talk to him. Just giving my whole background on dasha and giving my screenshots is my only intention atm.

No. 531132

File: 1529000956898.png (254.93 KB, 338x505, psycho.png)

you can literally see that she is a sociopath.. she is so fucking scary

No. 531135

That’s actually the video that triggered me, I really haven’t seen that video before and she gave me a different background where edwin is lying about the smiling and he was jelous I was taking away time from Cyr because Cyr wasn’t as motivated to make videos. That there shows her inner demon and she needs an exorcism and holy water.

No. 531144

Ugh, what now Lettie? You gonna make a "My ex friendship with Dasha" video?
You really, really want to be a part of their drama, don't you?

No. 531147

jfc dude chill the fuck out. This is why people leave lolcow and don't want to spill their milk because arsefaces like you act so uppity and dickish toward them.

No. 531148

I wonder how Jacksfims thinks of this, or if he even knows about this considering how close he is to Cyr

No. 531149

This is starting to sound like Dasha herself or one of her minions trying to get more info out of people spilling so they can figure out who it is and report to their putin queen.

No. 531150

Unfortunately the popular Youtubers that cyr hangs out with probably don't care and there loyalty remains with Cyr. They probably wouldn't make time to even watch the videos and just here cyr side of the story.

No. 531151

Guys tbh I think I have some compelling evidence of Dashas fake IG accounts but I want to release the information later (I need more evidence first) but basically 99.9% of those new IG accounts are hers

No. 531154

If that's true that would be pathetic and embarrassing AF..

No. 531174

wow I gotta say I am very surprised

No. 531176

File: 1529005055441.png (591.08 KB, 781x916, dumbhoe.png)

Of course that cunt supports Trasha, she's as disgusting as her, making fun of people who did her no wrong just for a little validation.

Imagine living a life so sad and lonely, that you have to kiss instathots asses just to have any social interactions.

No. 531179

Pretty sure she makes her instagram public when she posts a new selfie, then makes it private again once it gains likes.
Ffs how much of an attention whore can you be honstly

No. 531192

File: 1529005914314.jpg (963.54 KB, 928x1097, hTpOKoz.jpg)

whos this stupid cunt? went through her insta and honestly she looks creepy af and mentally unstable
chick post shit like this


No. 531194

I get that impression too
Guess all her loyal minions must be psychopaths

No. 531208

This is itsbabytrash aka violet, one of Dasha’s retired minions. Looks like she’s returned, lmao.

No. 531209

Babydashtrash used to follow me on Twitter and I had to block them because they are seriously fucked. There's no just liking something with them. It's obsession or nothing. They also go overkill on "inside jokes". All of them. Petra, Babydashtrash and Dasha.

No. 531214

At one point my TL was just spammed with them posting the same image of James Deen's dick (The porn star) and that's what they considered humor. I let them know that guy is a rapist and they didn't give a fuck.

No. 531228

its pretty fucking obvious that's all the fan accounts in the last what 4 days are trasha and her devils rejects making all the accounts, its just common sense at this point and all those rejects have no common sense

No. 531242

I think all of you are tinfoiling. A bunch of people on Edwin's stream and video comments said they were gonna make fake accounts to see if Dasha interacts with them so they can screen cap it for the public to see. Highly doubt those fan accounts are Dasha's.

No. 531245

her fans are insecure lil girls that all claim "oh my mental illness" fits them perfect

No. 531248

Honestly I hate people like that- they just enforce the stigma that people already have with mental illness. Suicidal people don't get the help they need because they get compared to these attention seekers. Shame

No. 531251

I agree with you, thats all I see on fb and insatagram. then they compare themselves to photo-shopped filtered psychos like trasha and think they are ugly and that makes their mental illness so much worse. Like can they even read a fucking book, or understand real mental illness which is not as common as they are making it out to be. It's like the people that lie about rape making it harder for people that are actually raped to come forward. catcalling is not rape, a man looking at you is not rape.

No. 531261

Agreed anon. When someone is truly suicidal, they don't go telling everyone. You are not this histrionic when you are suicidal and not just attentions seeking. It creates a real stigma that suicidal individuals are all fucking fruitcakes. It is not the case. I had a suicidal point in my life spurred on by a situational crisis. I didn't ask for help. I didn't tell anyone because I really wanted to die. People who are truly suicidal try and find a quiet place where they won't be disturbed to die without intervention. I am fine now, no mental illness. But It doesn't stop the stigma that people still place on you because of these freaks.

No. 531263

exactly ,my dads brother didnt tell anyone when he committed suicide he acted like everything was normal and he was happy, then he was gone

No. 531267


I mean it is entirely possible to have a smaller bottom lip, like Dashas is fake but the human body is weird and will have whatever proportions it pleases(don't ignore farmhand posts)

No. 531268

fuck off with the lips already its a dead subject

No. 531287

File: 1529016170771.jpeg (34.45 KB, 750x269, 9F238A7D-CAA6-4DE7-BB44-B42BEC…)

Looks like there’s still some insta models that support Dasha

No. 531298

File: 1529017796646.jpeg (483.88 KB, 1222x1591, 841BEB80-A5B9-4171-981A-E2D9EC…)

I love that Cyr and Dasha are trying desperately to show that they care for their dog now after what that girl said on edwin’s video. It reeks of desperation.

No. 531299

What did the girl say about their dog? I watched the video, but I don't remember hearing anything about the dog.

No. 531301

The thing is, even abused dogs will act like this around their owner. That’s why dogs are so fucking awesome. They have the sweetest souls. That’s not saying that it’s good that people abuse their dogs and their dogs still love them, I just mean that dogs love without condition.

No. 531305

I can’t remenver exactly, but it was something like the environment was toxic and that Dasha would sit around the house and never walk her dog and the dog was peeing in the house because it smelt like urine and just that she seemed disgusted by it (Dasha). Also another person said that at a modeling gig Dasha said that she hates dogs.

No. 531308

I mean Dasha seemed to not like her own dog and apparently just didn’t treat it well. I walk my dog 3 times a day because I am in an apartment. He gets distressed if he misses a walk because dogs don’t want to pee or poo in their home.

No. 531309

I don't think I believe that. If she hated dogs, she would have gotten rid of it already. I mean, she did get rid of Edwin. So how hard could it be to get rid of a dog? If she hated dogs that much she'd just find a way to get rid of it.

No. 531312

a lot of people have animals they dont like or take care of, its a sad world

No. 531315

Do you know if it's the first time she ever posted something sweet about her dog or with her dog on social media? Has Cyr ever shared anything cute about the dog on his social media?

No. 531316

no im really worried about that poor dog :(

No. 531322

I disagree. She has to think about her social media appearance. Don't you think people would react negatively if she abandoned her dog?

No. 531324

According to Edwin's video, a photographer she worked with said that she was bitching about a dog in the studio, and that dogs are so gross, so… I didn't think her not giving a shit about her own was that far fetched.

No. 531325

Not really. You are talking about this now. Before then, nobody knew she had dog issues. She could have just made up some bullshit she developed an allergy to dogs and convince Cyr to get rid of it. Give it to a family member, friend, or whatever. It wouldn't look bad.

No. 531327

Looks to me like this is Cyr's dog. Not her dog. And if it's his dog, she doesn't really have to give a shit about it in theory, he should. However, I still stand by the idea if she really had a problem with this dog and overall hated dogs, she would have made up a bullshit story and gotten rid of it already. She did get rid of Edwin because she had a problem with him. She did get rid of Mina because she had a problem with her. If she didn't get rid of the dog, she doesn't have a problem with the dog. It's irrational she wouldn't get rid of it.

No. 531329

Are we forgetting that she abandoned her past dogs and went almost a whole month without seeing Yishi last summer when she was hanging out with siiikbrain 24/7

She doesn’t care about that dog. For Dasha it’s just an accessory and a tool to make her appear like an animal loving vegan.

No. 531331

She is vegan, she can’t be seen to abandon a dog even before now.

No. 531332

Fun fact, that video of Dasha losing it was posted here a year ago >>396532

No. 531335

I didn't know about any other dogs before you mentioned it because I don't really keep tabs on Cyr's life. But if that dog on her instagram is Cyr's dog, she doesn't have to give a shit about that dog. It's not hers. It's the responsability of the person who adopted or purchased it.
I do agree though she can use it as an accessory, but if it's not her dog, it's not her responsability anyway.

Oh god, people are so dramatic. It's not abandoning a dog if people think you can't be around it for medical reasons and you put them in a loving home with loving people. Abandoning a dog is leaving it 2 towns away by the side of the road. Only children would be offended if a person for "medical reasons" couldn't keep a dog anymore. Or even "apartment related reasons". Or "financial" reasons for that matter. It's not the end of the world if the dog ends up in a loving home with people who treat it well.

> You can't give away a dog because you don't eat meat

Fuck that logic, honestly.

give away =/= abandoning.

No. 531339

Who ever gives a dog away? That’s cruel. Dogs bond with their owners and giving it away is the same thing as abandoning it. Regardless, did you forget that most of her following are children? Stop white knighting this dumb cunt. She has been shown to not like dogs, even if it is Cyr’s dog, it is also hers because she lives with Cyr.

No. 531340

File: 1529020668381.png (427.1 KB, 333x590, dog.PNG)

Doesn't look like the dog is not loved or abused. Cyr seems to genuinely care about him


No. 531342

I’m because he has a photo with it? There was this guy when we were kids who used to abuse his puppy, and it was eventually taken away, but to everyone around him it seemed like he cared and loved the dog, he was only cruel to it when he was at home alone apparently. Just because you take a few photos or videos with your pet, doesn’t mean you care about them.(blogposting)

No. 531343

You are such a spaz hahahaha I don't have to agree with everything thrown Dasha's way even if she is a cunt and I don't agree she abuses dogs and doesn't like them. I said it before it makes no sense. I don't need to believe every bad thing said about her to make her a perfect villain. I think the dog is happy. Don't @ me.

No. 531344

> Because he has a video with it

No, that link is to a series of videos with the dog. He genuinely seems to love the dog.

No. 531345

And yet there is verbal proof that she does from two separate individuals, and yet you continue to stick your head in the sand for your putin.

No. 531346

You are seriously gullible kek.

No. 531347

im just worried about the dog, when cyrs not there who knows how she is with him she is so mentally unstable she might even hurt the dog

No. 531348

Agreed. No one knows what that insane bitch will do. I personally wouldn’t put it past trasha. She said she wanted to push Cyr to suicide.

No. 531349

The administers in this forum know very well I haven't been nice to Dasha since the beginning of this thread and wrote some pretty cruel shit about her.

I don't have to agree and believe every accusation about Dasha. I'm not a moron like people who see others as completely evil or completely good.

I think it's more logical that if she had a problem with the dog, a serious, real problem with the dog, she would have gotten rid of it, like she did other HUMAN BEINGS. You are allowed to disagree with me, I'm not gonna spaz like you did just because I don't agree she's a dog eating cunt who pretends to be a vegan.

No. 531350

Who ever said she would eat the dog? God you are ‘special’. What makes you think that Cyr would get rid of the dog even if she wanted to? Your argument is completely illogical. Also, if Cyr cares for the dog, why does that make you think she wouldn’t hurt it? Just so near sighted kek.

No. 531351

You claim not to support Dasha, yet try to defend her… Seems a bit fishy to me. I can tell the other post is yours by the way you used =/= for the modeling/character excuse. Dasha is a piece of shit that I wouldnt be surprised if she murdered animals to get back at people in her past.

No. 531352

Hmm interesting. Probably a Dasha minion. I knew something was fishy.

No. 531353

I have known people that abuse dogs but still keep them, i have seen people not feed there dogs cause they dont care but they keep them, I also seen psychos like dasha abuse animals when others are not aware or at the very least neglect them. just because she puts out an image doesnt mean people cant see through it, she has her image of being a psycho from those that have really looked and her and another image of being an angel for the people that are blind, the things she has said and done prove that she is unstabe and those are the people that will hurt someone or something if they have to, she gave her ex laxatives, if he was allergic he could have died, she doesnt care about who she hurts in the end

No. 531354

Well the dog is fucking ugly let's be honest that's why Dasha doesn't want to hang out with it hahaha. Otherwise she would be dressing it up in matching outfits with her and forcing it to TWINNNNN(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 531355

Cyr got rid of his best friend because of her. If she wanted the dog gone, the dog would be gone. It's like you learned nothing about Dasha. Whatever she wants gone from Cyr's life, she makes him get rid of it.

"Whoever said she would eat the dog" it's called hyperbole, retard.

And I'm not gonna argue anymore. I'm allowed to have my opinion on Dasha and she's not Patrick Bateman. You put her on a psychotic pedestal she wishes she could be.

No. 531356

the dogs not ugly your comment is, Dogs rule and are always cute no matter hoe they look, fuck i think hairless cats are cute

No. 531357

LMFAO, it IS her dog. She adopted it. It’s hers.

Maybe you should read the past threads before inserting yourself and trying to fight everyone?

No. 531358

Exactly. I have no idea why the above anon absolutely insists on believing that Dasha is some kind of angel. She is psychotic. Why would you try and think about her as if she was a normal person?

No. 531359

If you think my comment is ugly hahah then you better get off lolcow

No. 531360

Gtfo Dasha Stan

No. 531361

i just love animals and the dog has nothing to do with dash it should be saved from that hell.

No. 531363

I don’t think it is ugly either. I think it is a sweet looking little thing. I don’t think all dogs are cute. Some honestly look scary or just ugly, but I do love all animals and think all dogs are precious beings.

No. 531364

is there any pics of dasha screaming or looking crazy you guys can point me to i wanna do a project?

No. 531366

File: 1529022485360.jpg (90 KB, 800x532, pizap.com15290223130931.jpg)

No. 531367

File: 1529022507787.jpg (133.53 KB, 1023x767, pizap.com15290225070892.jpg)

not the best but they made me laugh

No. 531368

LOL I love you Anon!

No. 531370

its what im known for i like to ake funny pictures, clearly im not a pro at photo-shopping like dasha is but mine are way more entertaining lol and thanks >>531368

No. 531371

No. 531374

Cyr's an alcoholic and he may care for the dog but I bet he's not available to prioritise its needs all the time. Plus Dasha's the kind of person who could be a little mean to it behind Cyr's back when no-one is looking. Like she is to all the humans around him.

No. 531376

Lettie ur reading comprehension is shit. She's trying to expose people for lying when she really just couldn't understand what they were saying lmao
Also wtf happened to this thread I want Dasha milk not round the clock stan account screenshots

No. 531377

why do so many minions give it to dasha just bc shes an eceleb? holy shit
its like basic internet etiquette to not hand your info out to people you dont know. a lot of them arent even underage from what i understand?

No. 531378



No. 531379


Also my posts.

Have at it.


Just because I don't agree with you, doesn't mean I love Dasha. Just because I think she could model plus size and she is not ugly, doesn't mean I love dasha. Maybe your black and white thinking is indicative of a mental illness I do not suffer from.(calm down sperg)

No. 531382

Wow someone is obsessed kek. You are still white knighting. You’re very transparent.

No. 531383

dahsa could totally model for the old men she gets money from and then they can jerk it to her whenever she has to go home to fuck crack head looking cyr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 531388

Again, this thread is not a chatroom, it's not a group chat, so calm down with the sperging and the infighting. Ex-supporters of Dasha, don't post unless you have something to contribute, because the derailing and justifications and discussions about lips and dogs have been exploding since you came to get a slice of the cake.

No. 531396

I like how seriously people take things here its a place to post and make fun of dasha anything other then that should go but its poking fun at her why not(read the rules)

No. 531403

As some other people have pointed out, recently the derailing and infighting is getting out of hand. This is tinfoil, but I really suspect that Dasha or someone else has something to do with it, to distract users from the actual topic.

Obviously Dasha wouldn't be stupid as to post blatantly as she did before, so she may be using more concealed tactics, such as pretending to dislike herself to not be accused of whiteknighting, or sending Dasha stans to do the dirty work for her so that IP addresses can't really be tracked like before. The one person that called her 'Dash' >>531361 seems sus, considering how Dash is more of a term of endearment in comparison to 'Dasha/Trasha' that the others use.
For actual users, keep careful and don't get distracted. Again, I apologize for the tinfoil, just annoyed with how many newfags Edwin's video brought in

No. 531404

File: 1529027080111.jpg (473.08 KB, 960x1440, pizap.com15290269659332.jpg)

dash i mean dasha trasha my spelling sucks and i never really correct it but its not cause i was trying to call her something nice ha ha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 531407

people could be using vpn's to hide thier ip addresses when you block them cant they even trasha?

No. 531409

she could hide her IP but she isnt that smart

No. 531410

maybe she caught on, I'm not tech savvy but even I know to hide my ip addressee(ban evasion)

No. 531411

ok half the fanpage twitters are her and the other half are from edwins video trying to get info from dasha lolol(spam & sperging)

No. 531426

File: 1529028708725.jpeg (83.2 KB, 750x785, 7F8DB2C8-9026-412F-B50B-245EE5…)

Saw this on ready to glare video. Perhaps Dasha is sending minions? Tried adding more than one photo, wouldn’t work.

No. 531427

File: 1529028733254.jpeg (87.66 KB, 750x684, 3E478EDE-5986-468E-9C80-D3A0A3…)

No. 531428

File: 1529028770841.jpeg (126.9 KB, 717x541, F79319C4-2C7F-49DE-B068-9F73E8…)

No. 531430

File: 1529028848249.jpeg (180.53 KB, 750x678, C684DA2F-B495-4889-B015-CF8E60…)

Sorry for the fucked up photos, posted them in wrong order.

No. 531432

This is a friendly reminder that evading bans only leads to longer (and eventually permanent) bans. Make a group chat if you need to post your every thought.

No. 531433

File: 1529028902259.jpeg (139.72 KB, 674x802, 3058E857-630F-4898-AFF2-32ADCF…)

No. 531435

File: 1529029350188.png (116.15 KB, 533x617, Annor_lilly-1.png)

Didn't annorlilly mina's fake account? Why liking dasha's fans account?

No. 531436

File: 1529029417074.jpg (19.43 KB, 288x512, kittenbbyD.jpg)

Kittenbabydash is dasha's fans account long time ago

No. 531437

Oh my fucking god. Dasha keeps digging her grave. I wonder how many random accounts Dasha has.

No. 531449

What the fuck went wrong with this thread

No. 531455

dasha minions at work

No. 531458


Omg, in that video clip she was saying that the annor_lily account was Mina's and claiming that Mina deleted it. Does anyone know the time frame when Dasha met Cyr? I wasn't following this drama in 2016.

No. 531461


Dasha was exposed as having multiple conversations with herself to distract from herself

This is the Dasha lemming playbook.
1. What about Mina
2. Mina was feeling (something easy to disprove but is subjective so if you're autistic you just believe.)
3. Mina did (something that is also easy to prove dasha did but you have to read for 5 minutes to find out about it so if you have a reading disability you don't want to go looking)
4. Lose your goddamn mind and talk about how you totes hate Dasha and don't care like at all and why are you bullying me I'm suicidal.

All of them do this. Dasha even does this.

No. 531465

admin can you tell if any on the ip's from this thread match dasha's 3, just curious

No. 531467

I highly doubt she is that stupid. I'm sure its just another zombie teenager she has fooled with her manipulation.

No. 531485

File: 1529037471496.png (462.47 KB, 602x656, jacksfilms.PNG)

Jacksfilms doesn't care.

No. 531503

File: 1529042262266.png (189.88 KB, 630x384, cd7.png)

Cyr has the soyboy face. He's been infected. Pic related.

No. 531505

File: 1529042467953.png (172.05 KB, 500x591, soyboy.png)

This is what cyr is doing. pic related.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 531506

File: 1529042548194.png (1.06 MB, 800x1103, 2q72.png)

kdone with examples now.

No. 531508

Holy fuck I wish the beard trend would just die already.

No. 531534

File: 1529053760688.jpg (229.89 KB, 1200x889, GxD42wT.jpg)

>>531503 >>531505 >>531506

That is a whole lot of paranoid collaging of what is essentially nerds and neckbeards aping the 'guy with mouth opening looking to the side' icon for so many mobile game icons.

No. 531540

Not gonna lie when I seen the new fake fan accounts pop up I already knew it was from Edwin’s live video. A girl named Amber did it as a test to see how it would be from both sides and it didn’t take that long for dasha to tell her she loved her and encouraged her to not believe Edwin. Most of them seem like they’re trolling dasha and the others are just kiddos fucking around with it. I had my suspicions on one but it ended up being someone from the UK. To dasha this is just attention and followers to grow her diminishing follower count.

No. 531541

wth does that mean o.o(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 531542

File: 1529059517213.jpg (29.07 KB, 319x507, OMGGGDELETE.JPG)

Here is photo evidence of Dasha showing people that annor_lilly is one of Mina's "fake accounts" that Dasha says slandered her. but then there is a picture of annor_lilly liking a Dasha fanpage pic on instagram. this may put a hole in Dasha's story about fake accounts that she always says Mina was behind.

No. 531544

So you're saying "but Miiinna" is in fact "but Daaasha"?

No. 531546

File: 1529061801430.jpg (1.48 MB, 3264x3264, DELETETHISAH.jpg)

It must be a coincidence that there are at least six new Dasha fan accounts within the past 48 hours and they are all named Lila, Lolana, Lilo, Layla, Leya, and Laney and they also all follow each other…

No. 531547

Did anyone ever figure out what follower “app” that was or does it remain a mystery?

If the app and fake accounts were real - wouldn’t Dasha tell us the app’s name so that everyone can confirm her story? The fact that we still don’t know the name to that mysterious app, leads me to believe that it probably never existed and Dasha probably photoshopped the list of usernames. I’m 100% sure that if it was real, Dasha would’ve found a way to leak the name of the app to us a looooong time ago.

At the same time, those accounts did seem like Mina to me.

No. 531548

Tbh, the fake fan accounts could have been Mina. But the fact is, there is no evidence of those fan accounts bullying Dasha that I have found. They all post cutesy edits shipping Mina and Cyr. In the meantime Dasha has done far worse… doxing, body shaming, posting her nudes online, encouraging people to hate Mina online, trying to convince people that Mina is a prostitute… what Mina did was petty and deceptive at the most… what Dasha did is illegal at the most…

No. 531549


100% agree,
mina was a distraught ex girlfriend who wasn't over her ex and certainly wasn't over the fact that she was left for another woman.
but that's something that rings true for most people, a lot of people go look at their ex's profile every once in a while - making edits is taking it a step further but then again he is a youtube so edits of him aren't that alien.
if she ever send hate dasha's way, that's just understandable since dasha send those after-sex-selfies to her on snapchat (even though she send them as anon at the time)
still, i think it's fair to say dasha wanted that confrontation, she wanted to rub it in and she wasn't happy simply getting the guy and living happily ever after, she had to really get into minas head, even years later

No. 531561

Timeline correction.

Dasha sent pictures of herself naked next to cyr to Mina.
Mina broke up with Cyr after seeing he cheated on her, he didn't break up with her.
Dasha reached out to Mina to be friends and Mina thought she was a nice girl.

There are no photo edits attributed to Mina. Dasha however has edited photos of Mina both fatter and thinner.

There is a good chance that Dasha got with Cyr in the first place because of her obsession with Mina, not that Dasha happened to find out about Mina after banging Cyr.

No. 531574

It's embarrassing how you fall for this shit even after trolls have announced this is exactly what they'll do. Can we stop posting every idiot troll attempt?

No. 531589

File: 1529073760379.jpeg (258.55 KB, 1125x1343, 78647F2C-B0C7-495F-B4D1-227D0D…)

so i decided to check out the babyfokses account because this was one the fake ig accounts dasha claimed belonged to mina. this is the first post on said account…and look who we have here. can’t say i’m surprised lol

No. 531591

"It's embarrassing how you fall for this shit even after trolls have announced this is exactly what they'll do. Can we stop posting every idiot troll attempt?" ^^Lol relax, the point I was making was that they are Dasha's accounts. Literally the Lila girl that made one said that Dasha accepted her follow request as soon as she started interacting with the other Dasha fan accounts. The way many of the accounts were typing wrote many of the same phrases that Dasha uses.
Also, the typos are consistent with typos Dasha makes apparently? that's what she said… like typing "laying" instead of "lying" and "loserds". and that one of the accounts was being really shady about having a twitter… she said "I told Mina she had ugly makeup on Twitter and Dasha liked my tweet" or something like that. Dasha is either behind these accounts or heavily involved. its not just to be chalked up to trolls.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 531595

File: 1529075588026.jpg (438.19 KB, 1268x2140, 76191059130469736.jpg)

Dasha in a nutshell…

No. 531608

Note how on Dasha's Neuphs IG, she posted a vid of her cuddling her dog, she posted that right after the fanpages on IG started commenting about how universal__angel said Dasha was cruel to animals and that her dog smelled like pee. Within minutes of people talking about her mistreating dogs, she posted that and therse no way theres a coincidence she is keeping tabs.

No. 531609

So >>531595
Her teeth… Anyway, she kind of reminds me of Ester the little evil girl character from the Orphan lol

No. 531611

omg youre right lol

No. 531614

I agree with you. I think Dasha saw Mina and from the get go became extremely jealous of her looks, style, and overall personality that when she saw she was dating Cyr she went after him. She clearly brought her to their place with an agenda to destroy her. Delete her social media and try to expose her for thr sugar daddie stuff.

No. 531617

I have a question? Why didnt anyone call her out as soon as she copied her username, babyfox?

No. 531619

People are saying dasha found mina BEFORE mina met cyr but where would dasha have found mina from then? did mina even have a big following before she dated cyr?
does anyone have evidence thats theorizing this?

No. 531621

Mina had a bigger following than her at the time.

No. 531629

What I want to know is why she keeps making her instagram private, than making it public, than making it private again, every 6 hours or so. It makes no sense. You can say it's to get likes, but she doesn't even use hashtags to get more likes.

No. 531630

Because she's a psycho and im sure she still gets hate comments on her posts.

No. 531639

I am really curious to know how the next… i think two weeks (?) are about to go because if Dasha doesnt reactivate her twitter in 2 weeks Twitter will permanently deactivate her account. At least thats what I heard. THE SECOND HER TWITTER GOES UP AGAIN IM ALL OVER THAT LOL

No. 531650

Keep announcing it, there's no way she could read this and know better than to reactivate.

No. 531651

Tinfoil: it's because she still uses sites for fake likes (your ig needs to be public to receive them)

also it's then, not than

No. 531652

she knows the consequences of reactivating. shes already gone on some rant about all the "hate bots" mina and edwin are sending (not true)… now what she could do is put her twitter on private and immediately block anyone who disagrees w her but its harder to censor on Twitter. she very well might just stick to IG.(ban evasion)

No. 531654

Actually anon she’s commenting there to make fun of the “fake accounts” mina made since she did a whole rant on it when it first started Minas Irl friend was on the list so it disproves “all those accounts made fun of me” when in reality is was just a few comments and mainly fan pages and liking her friends pics. It’s revealed that they had a twitter counterpart which they were made private after they were revealed on lolcow and Mina and her bestie niamh interacted with them as seen on previous threads. I just think Mina was embarrassed about it. Revealing to fans, friends, and family that you had fake accounts sounds cringe but Mina didn’t harass with them like dasha said. All and all Minas actions were totally justified if her knowing that she was in a bad place. She shouldn’t have been held accountable since it was even a long time ago and dasha making it a excuse to delete her Instagram, that’s fucked up. That’s not an excuse to fuck with a persons life.

No. 531659

Lol even simply kenna unfollowed her and followed mina

No. 531666

I seen one of the fake fan accounts got blocked by simply Kenna because they were saying Kenna copies dasha. I feel that was another troll account tho.

No. 531676

File: 1529096836149.jpeg (361.89 KB, 2048x1018, 654EEC6B-4F6B-4164-9F3D-3DD978…)

No. 531677

File: 1529096945356.jpeg (132.93 KB, 736x910, 272208FE-F2E2-4436-95FB-F7EB55…)

Don’t mind me, just dropping off Dasha’s favorite deleted photo

No. 531679

Shes a right ugly dirty mess.

No. 531680

Dasha you done fucked up. I didn’t even know the back story on that wow. What’s funny is that Cyr doesn’t even watch Edwin’s videos to know dashas big secret dasha blocks people from cyrs phone, I’m surprised even Edwin didn’t see this was weird when he lived with her.

No. 531684

Lmao wow, if Cyr sees this I wonder if he’ll give a fuck or if he’s too far into his delusion to see she’s a piece of shit

No. 531685

Bet she already has back up lies ready

No. 531686

What’s funny is Cyr is the one always posting about that dog, he’s also the one that’s always with that dog. Most of his insta stories are with the dog, waking up with the dog, all while dasha just does weird videos with him like the one where she pretended the dogs bone was her dick I hope someone remembers that it was sick and Super cringe. Cyrs with the dog while dasha is with her insta hoe friends, or somewhere else. Idk if the dog is abused because it’s still speculation because universal angel smelled pee and see dashas behavior. Although I think Cyr cares more for the dog while dasha mostly just cares about herself and doesn’t take responsibility when she needs to. A dog is a family member not just an animal that lives with you

No. 531687

She already threatens him with her depression and “my suicidal thoughts” that he feels he has to please her. I doubt he’ll see it because she’s probably going though his accounts right now deleting anything that comes his way. Honestly telling people you’re going to hurt yourself so they can stay by you is the most manipulative shit you could do.

No. 531688

Sir cant even get it up with her. I doubt it. Hes beyond emasculated so I wouldn't be surprised if he knew about thensugar daddies at this point and is fine with it since he doesnt have to be the one that gives her then D.

No. 531690

Can anyone tell me where to find the deleted Lettie video about Mina?(read the damn thread)

No. 531691

Cyr is terrible. It is really too bad he can't see Dasha for who she really is. The fake fan accounts that Dasha has are cringey. It's sad to see how manipulative she can be. Cyr obviously must like her being in control

No. 531709

Tin Foil Hat:
Dasha asked (whoeverthefuck i don't care about these people) to post that Cyr's dog smelled like pee and wasn't cared for.

She also sent pms to her attention seeker suicidals complaining about how the people here would believe anything, even that she abuses the dog.

So now she's planting this 'controversy' about the dog that has nothing to do with her commiting crimes and harrassing a fellow thot, so that she can poison the well.

"See, they think I fuck dogs and have a pee covered dog and you see that I don't because I told you to make those posts. You can't go there to learn about how I posted this girl's passport and nudes online after I convinced her to come to the US, deleted her insta, and tried to keep her drunk and malleable enough to put my boyfriend in the position of needing to worry about a rape charge in California."

No. 531712


She was tooling around with this idea since about 5/7/18

No. 531715


that actually wouldn't be too stupid, considering.

honestly, people here ate that dog-conspiracy up - there where like one or two anons speaking out against it and they were immediately told off

i gotta say i don't think her dog is suffering, whatever proof people came forth with didn't do it for me

with onions dogs for example it's clear he fucks with them constantly because of the way they act around him but also because he's being an asshole towards them and filming it i.e. filming them while they're struggling

dasha's dog looks clean, healthy and happy to me tbh
i feel like anons went overboard with the whole
>i'm just so worried about the dog :(( all dogs are beautiful creatures that must be protected at all costs uwu
i get were you're coming from and all, but her dog looks fine and he doesn't seem to be acting out in any way.
we probably should first and foremost focus on the doxxing and leaking dasha has done, rather than the whole dog thing - at least until something happens to/with it

No. 531716

I'm saying that the forum did not eat it up, she sent her minions to post. Multiple minions. All of them thinking they were her one minion.

Also it isn't her dog. It's Cyr's dog. At best you can say Cyr is a good dog owner and that she isn't actively working to fuck that up for the dog.

No. 531720


i'm saying the majority of people posting at the time ate it up, wether they were actual farmers or minions i do not know since either way they're anonymous - it just was suspicious to me how any other opinion was shut down right away - be that because of minions or because anons we're actually buying into the dog thing

i'm also saying in the future let's steer clear of the dog topic unless he's starting to look real bad or something.

also, they're living together, so i don't know how big a difference it would make who's dog it technically is - i'm guessing whoever's home has got to take care of it
and as far as i know, dasha is spending basically all of her daytime at home while cyr is off working as a barista or something

No. 531723


If she's sending minions there's no way, outside of farmhand interference ( bless you autistic souls bless you ).
And there has already been official directive to not sperg about the dog because it was the same shit as the upper lip injections randoms are always trying to brush off as technically possible in nature or 'but miiiiinaaaa' that mother fuckers are still trying to pull as if you could possibly have the point of view and not be sent by Dasha.

It matters because if Cyr did something to her there's better than even chances she would kill that dog or let it 'run away.'

No. 531724


tbh I'm still waiting for someone from her childhood to be tipped off about her drama and post about how she tortured classmates and killed hamsters.

No. 531727


for now, we only know of her going after people who've 'crossed' her
she's acting like a complete psycho bitch what with the doxxing and all but i don't think i would put 'animal abuser' or 'actual born psychopath' on the list quite yet

(disregarding her whole wearing/promoting leather products regardless of veganism - thing)

classmates however - matter of time if you ask me. she also definitely had a lot of ex-boyfriends that ended on a bad note - maybe one of those will come forth someday, too.

No. 531729

Or maybe they are too scared because she is a psychotic piece of shit?

No. 531734

I’ve been waiting for this as well. Maybe none of them want to cross her, since she has a huge following?

No. 531771

I have some inside info but on twitter where dasha did most of her shit talking. She said she used private mode to go on here and she said “lolcow so stupid” and then she made it seem like they can’t track IP addresses on lolcow when you’re on private mode on her phone. That’s how she would post so much. And I’m wondering if the anon getting banned is her on this thread because they said they’re not tech savvy but can “hide” their IP address when obviously you cannot. She was really ignorant on that. Obviously I don’t have proof because he twitter is inactive but that’s what I’m told she said.

No. 531772

Smart money is on her not being big enough to make the local news so why would anyone remember such a distasteful little girl?

No. 531774

File: 1529117017572.png (590.7 KB, 1149x553, screen cap.PNG)

Dasha was engaging in conversation publicly with this accouunt on her dog video and this account's first post 3 days ago read

>I hope I can meet Dasha one day so I can give her a bear hug. She doesn't need all this hate. You guys act like people don't make mistakes or says mean shit like everyone does it so don't act like it's so surprising. Like let the fucking girl live if she did the shit or not.. @neuphs I hope whatever you're going to stops one day because you really don't deserve that mess. I did watch Edwins videos about the situation but I feel like you're still a good person.

Some other user commented

>Right, why does everyone freak the hell out because of someone saying something mean. Especially Edwin like you were talking mad shit, like what did you expect? Dasha to sit there and not say anything? Fuck off

If you read the comments on the dog video on IG combined with "everyone deserves a second chance" on this person's page, I think there's a pretty solid chance this is a fake account run by Dasha or someone she asked to make it.

No. 531775

Private mode (incognito mode) can't hide your IP, you need a proxy for that. It only lets you visit without storing your cookie, but her IP would still show up. She has no clue what she was talking about but thought she was fooling the Farmhands. Lul

No. 531777

This pisses me off. Whoever this person is they are mental. If that's all that Dasha had done, we wouldnt be so outraged, if it was JUST shit talk! BUT this bitch released revenge porn AND A PASSPORT PHOTO without blurring the sensitive info!! I kinda want to create an isntagram to tell this person off. Dasha does not deserve a second chance and hopefully companies see how tarnished her image is so they wont hire her.

No. 531779

She was engaging in conversation with them on her dog video. She could have deleted their comment. The fact that she engaged with them, allowed that information to be there and got Cyr to reply to the person as she also replied to the person was fucking odd to be honest.

No. 531782

Calm down, opinion nazi.

I’m almost 100% sure the first surge of fake accounts were Dasha and her minions. Nearly a week ago if you looked at her tag on IG, it was packed with a bunch of anti posts from 3 separate anti-dasha accounts. When I looked again, they were all gone (I’m guessing reported but Dasha&Stan’s) from the tag and up instead were a bunch of new Dasha edits from freshly made accounts. Unfortunately the next day, a bunch of morons from Edwin’s livestream decided to make fake fan accounts and I lost track of which ones might’ve been Dasha’s.


No. 531784

So Lettie no longer supports Dasha. Check her twitter she said the truth will be revealed. Guys we should encourage her to spill milk. She must have several incriminating conversations.

No. 531785

File: 1529119226566.png (15.38 KB, 580x122, lettie.PNG)

>I'm not going to talk about it anymore
>The truth will be revealed.

Pick one.

No. 531788

Omg I hope she spills all the milk! Dasha's ship will sink. That evil prostitute cant get away with this!

No. 531798


Yeah I think Salt Lake Lettie has already discredited herself beyond redemption with that video and whatever other fuckery she’s been autistically screeching about. No one is going to believe anything she says, but we can still milk her for being an attention seeking psycho hose beast.

No. 531799

If she has screenshots, she could redeem herself. I'm sure she has more evidence that further proves Dasha's manipulation and overall obsession with Mina.

No. 531801

File: 1529120836450.png (434.64 KB, 769x397, Untitled.png)

Dasha has a massive head. Geez never noticed how round her face is! Also, who is this chick with her?

No. 531802

Lol, I don’t think anything can redeem Lettie. I welcome the milk if she decides to spill tho~

No. 531815

Bitch is moonfaced as fuck. No wonder she shooped herself massive eyes and a v-line jaw to try and balance that skull of hers.

Lettie prob can't keep her mouth shut and will spill but she should stay out of it if she knows what's good for her. These nosy thots can't stop inserting themselves into drama.

No. 531834

Idk but it looks like a Jake Paul moment.
Also if Lettie is reading this, can you please ,are a meme from your lil video of that Dasha reanactment? That shit was gold!

No. 531861

Heres an imgur link with key points of a conversation i had with a dasha minion. The “dev” she is referring to is the admins on here. Take her words with a grain of salt, however. https://imgur.com/gallery/sFIxlXj

No. 531865

Tbh I can buy the whole story with the new crop of fake accounts being made by Edwin stans because I don't think even Dasha is that stupid to make such obvious sock puppets. The rest is bullshit imo, if she were truly innocent she would have denounced everything that was being said instead of going into hiding.

No. 531866

>admin posted revenge porn of Mina to frame Dasha, and has a past history of doing this
That's funny, tell another one!

No. 531867

I can’t believe these moronic imbeciles are still plotting and scheming ways to clear up Dasha’s name. TopfuckingKEK

also, fathertamaki i c u and know you’ve been posting here. Dipshit.

No. 531877


Honestly with the amount of stories and her trying to make the blame on someone else is just so crazy. There is so much shit and video proof of Dasha being crazy there is no way she or her minions can talk her way out. All their doing is making more milk.

No. 531918

ha Dasha ever been super thin? I was shocked about how much she edits her body watching her in video. Thought she was super skinny

No. 531921

File: 1529161908580.jpeg (100.65 KB, 750x750, F4E2B400-F7BF-46EC-B590-3AEE0E…)

She was pretty thin many years ago when she had an ed. Here’s a little reminder of what her body looks like without photoshop!

No. 531925


it's not even that she's fat or even thick, it's just that her posture is awful and she's a bit stocky looking. She just doesn't look like a model to me

No. 531926

>>531801 Her head is so fucking big. Ironic she stans BTS when Koreans consider big moon heads like hers to be very unattractive.

No. 531927

That's exactly why she absolutely hates Mina. Mina has a small face and waist and Dasha is the exact opposite. She has a box build.
There was a fan account a few weeks ago that i cant find anymore but under the picture it said "Dasha has a better body and much curvier." I mean yeah she's heavier but i wouldnt say better…

No. 531930

Exactly, dasha has a huge boxy face and a boxy body. Big heads in Asia are a bigger negative deal (as in more looked down upon) than in US, but yes, Asians hate huge big faces like Dasha has. And it's funny she's trying to stan BTS at this time. As if these fans would stan her.

No. 531931


Everyone is right. Dasha has a boxy face and body, AND that picture is SO unflattering. She has absolutely no neck and she needs to wear bra/bras that have structure or else her boobs fan out too much.

No. 531933

>>531921 Her head size though. Never trust Russians.

No. 531934

Why the fuck do you guys say that all the time? I feel like her head is normal-sized. She has a blob body tho.

No. 531937

it def isn't.

No. 531941


If you think her head is average sized, I genuinely don't know where you are from. But, what I know is that big moon shaped heads like Dasha's are looked as unappealing from the whole Kpop world. They even have an "IDEAL" head size measured as a "body to head" ratio, where the head would not be that big. It's funny dasha trying to stan BTS culture now, because Mina has the perfect "body-to-head" K-pop ratio. Don't quote me. Just google it.

No. 531942

To add to my last post, just google "korean head to body ratio". LOL

No. 531943

aka they don't like big Russian heads like Dasha. :(

No. 531945

why is that a thing tho

No. 531946

I'm prob just confused because I am russian haha

As far as I know she isn't. She's from germany and just want to be russian.. I mean her name's Julia yet she wants to be known as Dasha hmm

No. 531947

File: 1529172189623.jpg (107.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

because ppl who look like dasha are worldwide generally accepted as 'unattractive'. Big boxy heads. Looks like image attached.

No. 531951

Supposedly she's part russian as well. I believe her middle name is Daria, and that's why she goes by Dasha

No. 531953

Julia isn't attractive without photoshop but it's not her face shape that puts me off. I don't know what it is actually, maybe the crazy written in her eyes lol
The women I find hot usually don't have that kpop-trendy faceshape-ratio thing and tend to have boxier or rounder faces, like Megan Fox or Adriana Lima (if that's considered big head idk), but I don't follow Kpop related stuff at all so that might explain my preference

No. 531955

I mean of course most sane people don't follow that guideline at all, but all I was pointing out was that Dasha was trying to follow some BTS/KPop fan craze thinking she was some "hot foreign fan", when in reality, no one in that world stans her type.

No. 531956

Ahh I get it now, thanks for explaining :)

No. 531958

File: 1529173928257.jpeg (187.58 KB, 1122x1226, E783A26D-065D-42D3-B716-0EF276…)

I know it’s old news but I still find it so funny that Anon Dasha posted screenshot of Dasha’s tweets and didn’t realize she was outing herself

No. 531963

File: 1529174651123.jpg (21.84 KB, 389x345, HJJHJGJGJG.JPG)

Yeah her crazy eyes and double chin

The girl lies about everything. I don't think she's russian at all.

No. 531964

I would be so happy if Mina acquired more followers on insta! Can you imagine? Dasha would fucking lose it.

No. 531967

I would love to see Dasha try to justify how someone got those screebshots from her page and posted them on here lol
I can see her claiming that an admin hacked her twitter so they could post then on here and her fans are so stupid and naive that theyll eat it up!

No. 532010

Or she claims that the tweet activity symbol is photoshopped, lol

No. 532020

she’s got a teenage mutant ninja turtle head shape

No. 532112

Someone should send this to daintyviolet (because she was mentioned). I would stop following her if she is still friends with trasha

No. 532118

File: 1529205046284.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1852, 5BAAF182-1A71-469B-B6B3-D0BB62…)

Bellamiie still follows Dasha on itsbabydash. She is one of the few thots that still does.

No. 532128

I'm sure she hasn't noticed since dasha deactivated her Insta when the whole drama came out. A lot of girls still follow on there but followed her second account since it is active. I have a feeling once she starts posting on her main she'll get loads of unfollows

No. 532172

I don't get why y'all are hating on her looks. Doesn't really matter how she looks. What matters are the things she's done.

No. 532174

what shes done includes constantly bashing on other girls (mostly just mina) appearances while never truly accepting her own.
she applies such heavy makeup and uses so many fucking filters and editing tools on herself, its almost too easy to make fun of her for it.
all the better that she makes fun of other people for it cuz it makes her hypocritical.

No. 532175

Bitch photoshops her photos so much she look like a different person in each photo

No. 532178

shes actually austrian and from a small village near salzburg, she has been to stuttgart and her mom has a very austrian name as well.
I found this out while browsing through her old ask.fm and on various "party/chat" sites from around that location and her + her moms facebook

No. 532221

I saw her without makeup and she's really pretty. Yes, she does use tons of makeup and she does edit her pics heavily but it's not because she really needs to. I think it's to protect herself. Also to everyone claiming she's a plus size model - since when is her size plus size? You're exaggerating. She's still skinny, just not a skeleton anymore. I get the hate for her actions but I think all the look shaming really isn't better than what she's doing and not really linked to her actions.

No. 532223

We all saw her without makeup on her periscope and she looks horrible.

No. 532225

As a russian, i geniuely don't see anything russian in her at all…or maybe i'm just being blind.

No. 532228

Yeah me neither, she's 100% german/austrian

No. 532229

Lol thanks for the chuckle suspicious anon but let's agree to disagree. I think she's ugly. I don't find her big head shape attractive, her eyes are too small and let's not forget that double chin she's always trying to hide. Her body is very unfortunate looking too…boxy with saggy tits.
Imo she's fair game at this point considering what she's been doing for years.

No. 532230

yea well I saw her naked in real life though. Your good right to find her ugly though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 532232

aha and who might you be?

No. 532252

They sounded like English was their second language lol maybe it was dasha again.

No. 532286

Yikes. Selfposting much?
Her head is gigantic and her body is just odd? Skinny? I KEKed

No. 532315

To be fair, that really did sound like something Dasha would say

No. 532325

I have no opinion on her looks, I just really hate the over editing people do online and she’s a great example of it. Of course people are now going to compare your shooped and real self, and the real self is obviously imperfect. So compartively people are calling her ugly. And the way she edits makes other (dumb) people think a person could actually look that way irl. Sooo maybe she’s pretty in real life but she could also just not edit herself into a different person

No. 532337

looks like zoebellelyse or w/e, a dolls kill model. I used to follow her. Disappointed that she's still supporting this lunatic.

No. 532348

I followed her until I saw a photo she posted with Dasha. She looks a whole lot like a real model compared to Dasha!

No. 532365

Sorry for OT but yeah, she is an actual model in LA. She gets a lot of really good gigs. But I was getting bored with her insta, and with her supporting Dasha I decided to unfollow. But Dasha's modelling career is pretty much nonexistent compared to her tbh.

No. 532381

I’m sure she probably doesn’t even know about this drama or Mina and Edwin, she seems to have her own life compared to dasha and has a lot of friends. Dasha is the one who reached out to her first most likely for the social status because Zoe had modeled for a lot of companies. She also has that skinny boxy body but in no way does she edit or shop herself like dasha does. She currently works with the photographer Dasha hates too

Funny story, Dasha once bailed on Zoe for a shoot they were supposed to do together. She did an insta live doing a whole makeup look and Zoe and Kombucci called her out which dasha quickly tried to justify it because she wasn’t “feeling it” but she told Zoe she would see her later and make it up to her. But isn’t that a reoccurring pattern she has with people? She says she hates unreliable people but she’s the most unreliable of them all.

No. 532387

Ohhh shitt who is the photographer she hates? Kombucci? But yeah, I can see Zoe not giving any kind of fuck what happens online, she's not the type. Too busy actually working and like you said, living her life.

I had no idea about the other drama between them, it must have been before I followed Zoe. I do remember Zoe posting pics with Dasha on her stories tho. It was my first time hearing about her so I checked her insta. I was so not into how photoshopped she made herself. I really don't understand the point of following someone whose only skill is photoshop. Like we all know they don't actually look like that, why would you want to follow them? I don't get it

No. 532391

It was That one photographer that dasha fucked up with. I think it’s on a thread before and she was also mentioned in Edwin’s video I can’t remember her name but it started with a D. Kombucci usually works with Zoe so dasha probably works with him only through association, but she ditched a shoot with him supposedly because she was sick and Zoe was upset about it but forgave her. As soon as she seen Zoe call her out on the live she tried to act more sick. I always thought that was weird when I viewed it. She was always upset at photographers posting her pictures up, if you notice one photo kombucci took of her she edited her waist. He took it down but later put it up again.

Zoe on the other hand never edited her photos with Kombucci. I think it’s embarrassing that dasha actively posts instantly edited photos while the real one is on the photographers profile.

No. 532393

Oh right, that photographe duh lol sorry. Yeah, I don't get how these insta models don't feel embarrassed posting these fully edited pics when the originals or even their tagged and fan photos are literally a click away. I would be ashamed.

No. 532432

File: 1529303117897.jpeg