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No. 4790

Second edition!

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>2 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 4846

Thanks for keeping up with the incel posts. Its still happening and I imagine that it won't die down for some time. My only complaint is how a lot of the threads in /snow/ are falling prey to nitpicking/vendettachan-tier posting. The old admin had a bit of a better grasp on curbing that stuff. (not defending them, I'm just saying how I remember the site being in 2015.)

No. 4852

Can you warn that one retarded anon who keeps posting things like "you don't have to write sage in your post"/"Thanks for telling us you saged" etc in a bunch of threads? It's OT and pointless. Typing "saged" or "saged because" is an ancient and common chan lingo, anyway.

No. 4854

There's been an obvious influx of PULL since their Taylor thread was redirected here two days ago. I've been seeing several anons who shit up threads.

>one who constantly uses ~this stuff uwu~ in every post

>one who now literally sages every post of theirs after being told to fuck off yet their comments still inevitably derail the thread and cause infighting
>another who types like an autistic 12 year old, spelling errors abound and blatantly doesn't read the thread

These faggots need to fucking go. Ever since they showed up threads have gotten slower.

No. 4857

I know there's no way to actually do this, but I really wish there was a way to ban people that come here from PULL or reddit.

No. 4858

There is a lot of whiteknighting and fighting about what to discuss and not discuss in the taylor dean thread. I assume an influx from when she posted on Twitter but it's just a dumpster fire of infighting and blogging

No. 4859

there's literal cp in /ot/ that hasn't been removed for hours, i've reported and hidden the thread (i'm sure i'm not the only one who has either) but it's still there and i don't know how mods could miss it



No. 4860

I've reported and hidden it too and it's still there after multiple hours.
Come on, mods, what the fuck.

No. 4861


There are one (or a few) posters on the Taylor Dean thread who are clogging up the thread yelling at people for posting about Taylors possible munchieness. Appears to be a person with a chronic illness who is upset that people are questioning Taylor's claims to have the same illness. These poster(s) seem to be under the delusion that the thread is only supposed to be a way to help Taylor and her animals. And to top it off they haven't learned to sage.

No. 4863


i agree. it seems like its the same anon replying to anyone who has the nerve to discuss the munchiness. and after many people have told the anon not to police the discussion, every single time the anon responds to clog up the thread with her screeching.

there are many new posters in that thread, can't sage, and whiteknight like crazy. i think the thread might have been posted in other sites because it doesn't seem normal imho. i don't know what should be done to the thread to stop the fighting and the arguing.

No. 4864

I've gone ahead and issued bans to everyone causing issues. When stuff like this happens just please report everything you see that breaks rules and we'll get on it as quickly as possible.

No. 4865

Momokun thread is a hot mess and ridiculous. Newfags are shitting it up and instead of reporting shit like adults, they want to comment and start infighting. Holy shit.

No. 4866

Someone posted cp again last night, I'm assuming the same person as last time. It was up for like four or five hours, which I think we can all agree is far too long. Just thinking that mods should plan on being more vigilant on /ot/ around the times they were posted. I don't think this is something to take lightly.

No. 4874

The infighting between flakes and ex mod on the onion flakes thread is literal garbage. Can we please contain it or autosage the shitshow of a thread?

No. 4875

Why are two year old dead threads popping up on the front pages of PT and Snow like the quirky & edgelord circle threads?
Also the sudden terf vs transtard fight in the June thread was a royal mess, like what the actual fuck.

No. 4876

I've noticed this as well for the past week or so. The edgelord thread in particular.

No. 4877

We’re being raided with gore by the fuckin incels again all over /pt/ god damnit

No. 4878

I thought we had to OP threads via a farmhand (or something) in /pt. How are we being raided, if so?

No. 4879

That’s what I’m wondering? I mean I know a lot of times people make threads in pt and they’re moved over to snow. But now it’s the first 3 pages of pt and even snow. Ugh

No. 4880

And now tempcow too has been raided. Can mods get on this

No. 4881

Ot and g and int too now

No. 4882

LC is going to shit at straight up drastic rates, CP has several times stayed on the board for actual hours even when reported and when raided there seems to never be a mod or farmhand on staff to help, also the constant influx of people from PULL and other sites who sperg out and try to call farmers 'newfags' when they can't calm down & learn the rules etc yet nobody gets banned but someone bumps the moomoo thread and is put out to pasture. Plus dead threads keep being bumped to first page and so on.

No. 4883

2 hours since the first raid post on /pt and we now have 7 lovely pages of spam,

No. 4884


No approval needed to OP.

No. 4885

It seems like to me new admin hasn't had the time to recruit a large enough staff to actively mod

No. 4886


We currently have a staff of ten, which is pretty large. It is very difficult to balance needing to expanding the staff with finding staff members who are trustworthy. I've been working on adding staff in different time zones so we can have better response times, but expecting constant immediate action is just not feasible, especially right around the holidays. The polish spam was cleared within two hours. I'm sorry, I'm doing my best and am still working on trying to make things better for you all.

No. 4887

Thank you, I know it must be hard, maybe you need more insomniacs lol but really thank you and we all appreciate it, it was just fucking annoying when they started spamming important threads.

No. 4888

staff has been doing great at keeping things cleaned up and dealing with issues. for anons to expect things to be robotic is absurd. thank you for doing what you do admin-sama!

No. 4889

I second this!

It's a free site and the farmhands aren't getting paid, I'm not sure what people expect. New year's day and the polish shit was gone in a few hours, I think that's pretty good.

No. 4890

I can take a few hours out of the holidays to make sure things are in order but the one thing that helps the most is reporting. /ot/ and /g/ are getting alot more supervision since we've heard the cp complaints.

No. 4891

Yeah, I just came back from vaycay and realized I was banned from posting because of unpopular comments I made in the Melanie Martinez thread.

Your ban implied I didn't have any other posts associated with the IP, which is wrong because I not only posted prior the comment that got me banned, but after as well in the same thread. I was also posting about SHINee in the celeb gossip thread at the same time about Moon Boy's suicide.

After being on this site for a while, that because 3 little babies can't handle my opinion and call me a robot, you side with them and ban me on what basis?

Like, what guidelines are you using to determine if someone's a robot and more importantly, my comments weren't anything better or worse than other comments made earlier in the thread, and actually contributed to the topic , not just a circlejerk of "omg no one cares, must be a robot", and I was the one who got burned?

I wrote this back in the appeals comment, but you guys need to be transparent about this shit, because not only are you wrong on me being guy/robot, you're wrong on the IP tracking as well.

This /r9k/ boogeyman shit is getting annoying. It's no better than their autistic screeching about gender posting

No. 4892

Hi, I accepted your ban appeal upon investigating. It seems someone made a mistake so apologies. Your appeal did help clear up our error.

No. 4893

The John Kuckian thread is full of obvious samefagging and whiteknights and even is giving me vibes of kuckian himself defending him at the thread, I've already reported the suspicious post, can you check them ips?

No. 4894

Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate the support!

No. 4895

a thread for ftm trans got deleted on /ot/ but we only have a thread for mtf…

No. 4896

Here is the new thread for gender discussion.

No. 4897

thanks! this makes much more sense.

No. 4898

Sorry if this is the wrong place but I don't know where else to ask, but were the incel threads nuked? I haven't been here in some months. If so, are they perma banned?

No. 4900

I don't want to shit up a thread with testing so can anyone tell me (maybe put it in Info) with youtube box, do I put the full URL with https:// etc. in there or is it just the video id like "96zvpfqeNjs"

No. 4902

full URL

No. 4903

Could a mod please explain why the racial slur "Jap" is allowed? It has been used at least twice in posts about Logan Paul.


>…can these weebs please shut up about especially their poor little japs being oh so hurt by this?

Replace "japs" with another slur such as "niggers" or "spics". Would the post still be acceptable?

No. 4904

Because no one else cares but you. No one else is making a fuss derailing threads because an anon said jap. That is the only reason words become banned.
You're okay with terms like 'newfag' and 'oldfag' which is a completely normal term on here but 'jap' goes too far?

No. 4905

File: 1515659742362.webm (1.22 MB, 840x1080, DSP does it again.webm)

I barely post here, due to real life commitments, but here goes.

People have accused lolcow of irrelevant, malicious and vendetta threads. The point of lolcows has never been to single out a person due to personality traits that deviate from normal, but due to bad behavior and outrageous responses by them. This is how I see a lolcow, as a person that is secretly being laughed out due to the outrageous behavior and their compulsive need to be correct no matter what and thus provide laughs at their own expense.

For example, the Penny Underbust thread is a wild-ride. Sure, she is a freaky fetish model who has no education and lives in nippon. In other words, chances are that is the only way she can make money. Yet the thread is 100% focused on how she has a freaky fetish body and as a plus size woman, can not have an eating disorder. I've followed Penny for a few years, and while she is weird, all there is to her is that she's an uneducated person who does fetish modelling to pay the bills but seems to loathe herself for the path she chose. You can find a dime a dozen of those in everyday life, no big deal.

Considering the Martina BIG thread was banned, who is a similar style fetish model who spouts just as weird fetish shit, why is the Penny Underbust thread allowed to exist?

I like the current admin, from my interactions with her, she seems very levelheaded and listens. I have no problem with the staff in general. I just wish the rules and guidelines enforced would stay consistent and stupid threads that offer no real content other than gawking would be taken care of. It was a refreshing thing to see Momo's thread be moved back into snow, it had derailed into variations of "wow, she is so fat, what a small head!".

tldr i dislike lolcows rule enforcing inconsistency

No. 4906


Context. "Newfag" is not used to mock gay people or people's perceived sexuality.

In the comment I cited, "japs" is used to mock Japanese people. Is this not race-baiting?

No. 4907


Put another way (and aside from the fact that the anons who recognize that many Japanese were offended are not necessarily weebs), weebs can be criticised and mocked without mocking Japanese people.

No. 4908

We would have to close /snow/ altogether with this logic. What makes Penny so much more special than every other flake? The only 'banned subjects' are the ones you'll see in the rules.

Slurs are allowed for the most part, unless they derail threads. You must be new to image board culture.
Race baiting would be "stupid japs are all pedophiles" trying to provoke a response.

No. 4909

My point being, that a lot of "snowflakes" are no more than personal vendetta and it would be nice to have a smaller but higher quality catalogue. My view of the matter is not the only one, nor am I claiming it to be the only right one.

It would be interesting to know how is the enforcement of the rule 6 and 6.1 enforced and how it's application to a thread decided?

>6. Do not post about someone who doesn't have any drama simply because you personally dislike them. (vendetta posting)

>6.1 Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.

No. 4910

consider taking a break from lolcow if dumb shit got you on tilt anon. you could benefit from your browser being closed apparently

No. 4911

are we getting rid of /int/? i don't want all that shit on OT.

No. 4912

>would be nice to have a smaller but higher quality catalogue.

….. so, /pt/?

No. 4913


Why are a few /int threads appearing in /ot?

No. 4914


/int/ is being closed and some of the threads there are being moved to /ot/. Please see >>>/int/1.

Those threads are the only foreign language threads allowed in /ot/ or anywhere else. International users are not allowed to post in non-English languages outside of those specific threads.

No. 4915

i think the momokun thread should be moved back to /pt/. honestly its just a convenience thing for me, plus momokun is an established cow and deserves her place in the main board with all the other popular cows. the move to snow has just made it more annoying to check her thread along with the other larger cows i follow.

No. 4916

File: 1515941461449.png (269.95 KB, 720x1067, Screenshot_2018-01-14-09-41-35…)

There's an issue with the cosplay uggo thread, the preview posts are fine but some posts will go missing when you load up the thread. Can this be fixed please?

No. 4917

File: 1515941486500.png (275.81 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2018-01-14-09-41-03…)

No. 4918


Did you accidentally click the "hide saged posts from this thread" link?

No. 4919

it was moved because people wouldnt stop breaking rules. the fighting was getting out of hand and anons were picking fights with staff for really dumb stuff.

No. 4920

I dont think so, I can still see some saged comments

No. 4922

What's the difference between blue Anonymous and green Anonymous I can't find anywhere that explains that and I'm dumb I guess (Idk where to even ask this I'm sorry)

No. 4923

that and the mods were also picking fights. it's a fucking shit show and she's boring as hell, no need to be on /pt/. barely any milk expect for regulars.

No. 4924

Can someone do something about the faggot who keeps spamming childporn on OT? I’v reported a million times but he keeps going.

No. 4925

Honestly getting sick and tired of blatant newfags in /snow/ trying to police threads about what is and isn't "milky enough" for their standards. People need to be reminded that they're regular posters, not mods, and opening a thread or not liking a certain thread in the first place doesn't give them any authority over what is posted.

No. 4926

Samefag but seriously can somebody make a post or shit in the rules about the differences between /pt/ and /snow/ and what to expect in either of them? Because I'm getting tired of having to explain for weeks now why certain shit belongs in which board.

No. 4927

dark blue = they saged
green = they didn't sage
green followed by light bluefarmhand = moderator
green followed by any non-green color
Admin = Admin (but Admin might also post via ##farmhand tag)

this is where ghost banning would actually be appropriate, lol

Fuck I can't remember what I came here to bitch about. Answered a question at least, I guess.

No. 4928

Shit, didn't mean to spoiler.

And I remember now. My bad.

When we report something, if we leave the report blank, does it still go through/is it dealt with? When I'm on mobile I don't feel like typing out a reason for posts where viewing the post should make it instantly obvious why it was reported, but I'll stop half assing it if blank reports are just ignored/not received.

No. 4930

So admins aren't gonna do anything about threads not fully loading the posts and the cp poster?

No. 4931

Not sure where to post, but tempcow appears to be down and I don't want to get banned by posting anything in the main onion-thread.

No. 4933

can we please ban Chindy Pop threads along with her and the assholes she drags here like a cat shitting out the string it ate?

No. 4934

It amazes me she so consistently has nothing better to do for… what, over a year, now?

But aren't her spergy threads pretty self contained? Maybe I'm just blind but if they aren't bleeding into other content why delete it?

No. 4935

Temp is down, can you guys take a look? Thanks!

No. 4936

Common admins, there's another cp post.

No. 4937

Common just report it. There aren't going to be mods on 24/7 calm down >>4936

No. 4938

banning meds/armchair psychology when?

the derailing in almost every thread where some special snowflake goes "but xyz behavior is just like xyz behavior I have/family/friend has, and my/family/friends meds are xyz, so blah blah blah blah cow must blah blah blah" is just plain retarded

No. 4940

I second this. The Luna thread is full of BPD stuff lately and it's getting annoying.

No. 4941

Is there a way to redirect kiwifarms' dregs to 8ch/cow/ or somewhere else? Maybe PULL? Newfags are bad enough without having to deal with morons who can't actually play nice with Josh's cucks.

No. 4942

Fuck I was just coming to see if admin or a farmhand had replied with any input towards banning it because of the poopshaft of BPD b.s. in that exact thread

It's not even good or entertaining speculation ever, it's just projected muh mental illness blogposting.

No. 4943

People who post screenshots and shit on their threads really don't need to be saging their posts. I don't know where this attitude of "always sage" came from, but nothing actually gets bumped anymore and the front page of /pt/ is like a wasteland and the catalogue is clogged with dead threads.

No. 4944

The entirety of snow is just infighting, derailing, and samefagging, so much to the point where it seems like every thread is getting bumped with something along the lines of "KEK GO READ THE RULEZ NEWFAG" and "WOW YR SUCH A SALTY UGLY CUNT". I'm honestly feeling at this point that reporting these kinds of meaningless posts is just going to do nothing, and I swear to god it seems like the same fucking person on every thread doing this. It started on the Dakota thread but now it's spreading to every other thread like fucking aids. I know I've said this before, that I feel like a whiny bitch, but it's getting so irritating trying to have an on-topic conversation only to be met with some sperg trying to derail everything.

No. 4945

there's an influx of country/language threads in /ot/, for which we have a perfectly good /int/ board for. i don't wanna backseat mod and tell each of them to take it to /int/. can they be moved there without spoiling anons' fun?

No. 4946

Is anyone getting a blank page for https://lolcow.farm/pt/index.html

No. 4952


Apparently it was just my browser that was fux0red. Please delete my posts.

No. 4953

No. 4954

I don't know if it's a technical issue or if I was banned, but the Mariahmallad thread appears to be blank for me, which happened after I reported two posts.

No. 4955

There are some minor technical issues, it's not just your computer. Please be patient.

No. 4956


Oh, ok. No worries, I was just making sure I didn't fuck up in some way. Thanks for the quick reply.

No. 4957

Can users who reply to robots be banned? It always shits up threads because so many anons take the bait.

No. 4958

It is a bannable offense, please report them and put in the reason so we know.

No. 4960

Are we being raided? Because I don't see anything except one anon tinfoiling and derailing.

No. 4961


oh my bad, thanks!

No. 4962

Are we now allowed to discuss children in the context of their parents being cows? eg. the new mommy blogger thread, the munchies thread.

iirc an admin said that we could not discuss the Schofields due to the ages of their children. And in the last munchies thread an image of the child of one of the cows was deleted by a mod, but other images and videos across four threads have not been deleted.

No. 4963

Is the Jillian Vessey thread #19 missing/deleted from /snow/? I can only see threads #18 and earlier.

No. 4964

I think it's on autosage for some reason.
That's why anons keep bumping the older threads. Go back a few pages or use the catalog and you'll find it. It's been that way since yesterday for me.

No. 4965

Please, make a containment board for radfems/manhaters etc. Tired of this shit it /ot/.

No. 4966

Im assuming its in autosage because there was only pk group drama and not Jill focus. But I think it's back to jill now and mods could consider unautosaging?

I feel like it just did more damage than good since yeah people keep bumping the old threads and getting confused instead. Felt a bit premature imo but eh I'm sure they had fair reasoning

No. 4967


For all of three threads, if you include the Drag Queen thread? Are you unable to ignore them?

No. 4968

File: 1517000373187.jpg (14.79 KB, 300x300, 1516502206088.jpg)

There were a few before them, on other boards too. People were also upset to be shoved in a one "gender-critical" thread. Why not let them create as many as they want?

No. 4970

Honestly, moving the Momokun thread back to snow with no warning is kind of ridiculous? Especially with that vague comment?

No. 4971

seriously wtf. we didn't put any thing with lolcow on it outside of the thread, literally 1 pic.

No. 4972

I am really disappointed with how you handled and then acted in the Momokun thread, Admin. Please confer with your helpers in the future, and since this seems to be a sore subject, make sure they know you want her to stay in /snow/.

No. 4973

the Momokun thread went two weeks of near constant milk and is moved back to /snow/ but the kiki thread is still in /pt/ despite twice the amount of nitpicking and infighting, like???

two threads is way too long to be an oversight. the farmhands even said there was talk of moving us back to /pt/ since we were getting better. we had nitpicking for like… a couple posts and it's back to /snow/?? with no warning? and the excuse of 'a mistake' that went on for two weeks??

No. 4974

I thought the situation for Momo threads was "there's too much infighting and nitpicking therefore Momo threads are shoved in snow, but it's kept on close watch and viable for returning to pt". Farmers have been on good behavior ever since and we've gotten back to pt during Collegegate, then you just up and move us back without explanation after a week of milk. A WEEK. Seriously wtf, communicate or whatever better, and just confirm that Momo threads will stay in snow for good. Jfc.

No. 4975

File: 1517091295101.jpg (103.99 KB, 1508x672, 5kvGpnkB.jpg)

my friend was banned for 11 WEEKS for not saging in the momo thread right after it got moved to /snow/ momo belongs in /pt/ more than any other cow on that board. To me and everyone else, this is an obvious abuse of power. There was no infighting, no nitpicking, nothing. This decision is absolute bullshit

No. 4976

Agreed. If the milk was dry then it would be one thing, but this is the most milk the Mariah thread has seen in a long while, with people actually working together and being civil to one another. If it being moved back to /pt/ was a mistake then it should have been fixed right away, or at least have had a post explaining it was a mistake and future threads will go back to /snow/.

No. 4977

but there was a post by an admin or farmhand when it was originally moved back to /pt/ that it was fine and as long as our behavior was good it would stay there. and it was good. I dont understand why we were moved whatsoever

No. 4978

11 weeks for not saging??????? even if your friend was a repeat abuser of not saging thats a little extreme. especially if it was right after the thread was moved, i think a lot of people didn't even notice it got moved and weren't saging their shit since you can't sage on /pt/

although i would like to see admin's side of this story

No. 4979

Yeah… I think admin is trying to say it was moved back without their knowledge? and I guess they never noticed it for a whole 9 days, which is just a huge problem in of itself. But if Admin didn't noticed it back on /pt/ for that long, then they should have just let it stay, especially since there is milk flowing.

No. 4980

This is fucking bullshit tbh, people probably weren't even aware of the change. Admin is completely insane.

No. 4981

Admin claims that was a 'miscommunication' I honestly think she made mistake and moved us back to /snow/ and is just being cunty and won't admit it. Like, we talked about moo's thread in the fucking post she posted about no more sage. Like, I cannot for 1 second believe she didn't see the moo threads in pt for 9 days, we've created 2 threads there. She either won't admit her mistake moving us back to /snow/ or she's pissed about all the callout shit we're doing.

No. 4982

I’m also confused. There’s actually a lot of milk right now and she’s starting to crash. Not only that; but a lot of people are working together and the in fighting has been minimal. Seems very strange to me? It would be another story if admin was clearer or explained themselves a bit more, but they’re definitely chimping right now

No. 4983

she basically admitted that it was her mistake by saying that the farmhand who moved it "wasn't at fault", but theres much better ways to handle the situation than abruptly moving the thread without even corresponding with farmhands to see if it was possibly moved to /pt/ for a reason

No. 4984

File: 1517101436699.gif (2.36 MB, 320x180, giphy.gif)

So what does that even mean?? That her mistake was moving it back to /snow/ today? Then why not just move it back. This is so bizarre lmao

No. 4985

the fact that we've recieved basically zero clarification makes it even worse

No. 4986


Exactly. Especially after the new no sage rule in pt. People were getting used to that and now have to immediately switch back. I think there should be a little leniency about the saging until people get back into the habit. It's like a clusterfuck right now with the pt rules and staff aren't talking to each other?

No. 4987

Yeah, Admin told everyone in the Mariah thread to come here to discuss it, and people have. And radio silence from everyone.

No. 4988

What is it about the Moo threads that causes the farmhands and admins to immediately want to send it to snow? You have threads for people like Margo and Mira where the only milk is their insane instagram/twitter comments yet Moo's collegegate, stealing and constant twitter fights aren't pt worthy? I'm so confused what warrants a thread to be in pt and what banishes it to snow. Especially since people have been acting alright from what I've seen ever since we were moved back. There was maybe one instance of people sperging over her cats not being abused but that fizzled away real fast. Is that why we were moved?

No. 4989

File: 1517113722264.png (369.25 KB, 805x828, noosethonk.png)

I think we need a town hall meeting for the anons that care enough to get a concise definition of what "infighting", "nitpicking" and "cowtipping" is. We need these written clearly in the rules. If not, let's make a poll. As a main contributor (I know, I know wankfest) of the Momokun thread, I could agree with the first time because it really was a infested mess with summerfags. This time this was a VERY sudden decision on Admin's part and now everyone's confused. We went through 3 threads with nothing BUT milk. The only thing that I could see labeled as provocative was the whole charm debacle that anons decided to make into a project. If that was the issue, then we need a official reason WHY.

No. 4990

File: 1517116418510.png (136.17 KB, 726x366, 1506036387569.png)

This is madness.
Agreed. There's plenty of milk flowing and very little from the other cows. There's no reason for Moo to have been put back on /snow/.

No. 4991

Yeah seriously, is admin going to address this at all? This makes no sense

No. 4992

Autosaging for ot or infighting seems incredibly counter productive. Ie. The Jill thread right now is just being shit up more since 'It's already autosaged who cares' logic.

We need explanations as to why things are happening. I agree with >>4989

It feels like we're all being left in the dark and chaos is coming from rules being forced without logical reasoning being explained.

No. 4993

THESE. What counts as nitpicking? Pointing out how huge she is compared to her shoops and claims of working out, plus how she's untalented at posing and shooping as a "professional"? That's where some her milk comes from though? And we really need a definition of what's pt worthy. The milk has been flowing non stop then it's suddenly banished back to snow for a 9 days old "mistake". The first time it was moved back to snow I welcome it since it's getting shitty, but this time we need an explanation other than "whoops I did dun goofed lol". What do you have against Momo threads? Haven't the past 3 threads have enough milk? Wasn't the infighting few and short? It's so sudden.

No. 4994

File: 1517152982253.jpg (6.27 KB, 320x169, FB_IMG_1472667596553.jpg)

As a long time lurker, I've never been more confused about the logic behind a lot of these decisions. I imagine the silence from admin and farmhands is because they may be discussing it behind the scenes (if that is a thing)? Even so, they could clarify this just so everyone isn't left in the dark.

Really disappointed with how things are going overall.

No. 4995

Yeah even if they're just busy with irl shit or something, a heads up would be nice so we aren't sitting here echo clambering and feeling ignored

No. 4996

So much this. Cows like Margo, Mira and Kiki haven't had actual milk in ages, and their threads haven't been moved to /snow/. Kiki threads in particular consist in remarks about nasolabial folds, balding etc. Onion threads are milky once every 3-4 months and there's always some infighting going on. And now you tell me that Moo isn't a cow as well?
It's all so strange. Also, if you can ban people for 11 weeks for not saging, you can also ban them for infighting, derailing and nitpicking so it doesn't ruin the thread.

No. 4997

I agree, autosaging just sends the message of "Do whatever since it doesn't get bumped either way.".

It's also very questionable to tell us to come here and then give 0 answers.

No. 4998


i know in the past it's been said that cows in /pt/ aren't there because of the quantity of the milk they produce but the type of milk they produce. i don't know what type of milk grants someone a spot on /pt/, i feel like momokun has similar to milk to our queen pixyteri but now she's in /snow/.
definitions definitely needed.

No. 4999

And it's making people bump old threads.

No. 5000

thank you for unsageing the pixie thread farmhand and/or admin

No. 5001


We have gone through all 11 week bans and reset the times to be more appropriate. We apologize to everyone who has been banned for such an unreasonable period.

No. 5002

Mods continuing to not respond to the Momokun move despite giving us a warning to discuss it here or else. Ok.

No. 5003

I think they just wanted to contain our complaints in one place, not to reply.

No. 5004

They just want to ignore the issue and think as long as they keep quiet the problem will go away. Watch them throw a hissy fit and permaban anyone who continues to bring this up in the future.

No. 5005


Thank you. Although I would have appreciated a reply to my email and notification that my ban had been lifted.

No. 5006

Personally the thought of Momo's threats finally getting to reach the admin of this site too crossed my mind, because something similar happened some time ago with Shayna iirc. Don't mean to tinfoil or anything, but this radio silence reminded me of similar scenarios happened in the past and makes me wonder

No. 5007

It's a plausible scenario. It's part of why 4Chan no longer allows 'call out' threads, if I remember correctly, and thus part of why lolcow even exists. Tinfoil away, cause my thoughts were it wasn't an issue till Adrienne Curry got involved in this mess.

Maybe if we tinfoil we'll get an answer. or a ban. but hey. It's an answer either way.

No. 5008

The thought of Momo tossing money at a neckbeard wearing a Guy Fawkes mask to get him to track Admin down and threaten her is funny af

No. 5009

Yeah, we're not doing anything illegal but I don't know. Sure it would've been very clear how things went if mods told us to stop Moomoo threads/deleted them, so it's got to be something not too serious, not involving the law for sure. Even though it's kinda unfair I can totally accept Moo being moved to /snow/ as long as we can discuss her, but the vagueness of admin and the following radio silence makes it obvious that there's something that hasn't been said

No. 5010

Maybe that person is the man in possession of the first official Momo nudes.

No. 5011

The moo threads are fucking out of hand tbh. I am sick of this 'burn the witch' shit we're doing. It's getting old fast.

No. 5012

Flipping out with words words words over multiple posts wasn't helping the thread either, my dude.

No. 5013

There is no help for the thread. It's full of idiots who are just in it to bully moo back. I get hating her, but fuck, she's not hitler, she's a spoiled bitchy girl, little miss 'moo was my bully so she deserves to get fucked' needs a new hobby.

No. 5014

You said your peace over many posts, you made your point. Harping on the other posters still just makes even more infighting and obscures what you were getting at.

I know this is pissing you off something fierce, fam, but this much stress isn't worth it for anybody.

No. 5015

Exactly what this anon >>5014 said.
You're going off on everyone who says different than you in the thread. Take a break from it if it bothers you that much.

No. 5020

Just who is this person in the Moo threads causing constant infighting with long ass assblasted spergouts over how anons are bawww bullying her and making her out to be worse than she is? Admin should ban that fuck already, it's so fucking annoying that the thread gets derailed by them all the time.

No. 5021

Seriously hope you guys removed whoever it was giving those type of bans. As you said if us absolutely unreasonable ands clear abuse of power if it happened to multiple people.

No. 5022

File: 1517346774136.jpg (154.13 KB, 850x992, __deviruchi_and_whitesmith_rag…)

The Momokun threads will not resolve themselves with site staff swooping in to moderate when they feel like it but disappearing once we actually congregate in /meta/ to fix the problem.

I have been making an effort like other anons to report actual "infighting" (subjective at this point) and off topic discussion but no one has made an effort to delete or discipline. Moving from /pt/ to /snow/ has and did cause negative growth to the thread itself. While issuing different protocols to two different boards might make sense in a moderation aspect, it doesn't make sense to a population of the board who partake in Momokun threads and did cause widespread confusion.

For instance, since moving back to /snow/:
>people (presumably, not a mod so I don't know) getting kicked/banned for not saging when we were in /PT/ before. There was 0 grace period for people to realize the board has moved and that /snow/ is still a sage board. When was the news of the new sage rule going to be a site wide bulletin? /PT/ IS the main board advertised on the front page of the site, yaknow.

>people actually cowtipping because Moo caused a dry spell for herself after the twitter campaign started. This is a usual practice she does to let the dust clear but new fags won't know that.

>Not understanding individual thread culture is the problem. Mariah/Momokun is notorious for stealing from this board when she is feeling especially spicy. We started to watermark certain photoshopped images and "memes" because she's shady. We were warned doing so will advertise our board for newfags. Correct me if I'm wrong but I've seen YOUTUBE DRAMA CHANNELS refer to us (MaskedBabe, HereForTheTea2) and mention us by name on their social media. Are you going to talk to them? A watermark will not affect us if it's us protecting OUR work in the thread.

>reposting up the wazoo; people NOT reading the thread and posting doubles/older content. I could blame newfags or I could blame anons who get trigger happy and want to make fun of Momo for the same shit again. May I suggest we need to make a habit of saying "possible repost" and auto-sage if that is the case so we aren't bubbling up the thread with older material. I'm a offender of this too, I need to learn my own habits. Which brings me to this next tidbit…

Is there a definitive reason for not being able to delete posts after a 30 minute window? This also comes with not requesting mods to remove it, as the error message says. Doesn't make sense to me. Tried to search it on here, can't find a answer.

No. 5023

File: 1517395272837.jpg (27.3 KB, 300x407, IajjK.jpg)

That fat porn ad with Moo on it appears so many times it's stupid

And I still don't understand how Admin and farmhands have such bad communication that a thread can be moved from snow to pt, have new threads open, then Admin just swoop in and move the thread without an explanation after 9 days. Also the Admin not willing to take Momo's pic taking habit into account and make compromises on the watermark images is unreasonable too.

No. 5025

>people (presumably, not a mod so I don't know) getting kicked/banned for not saging when we were in /PT/ before.
completely understandable.
>people actually cowtipping because Moo caused a dry spell for herself after the twitter campaign started.
The issue was discussed within the staff team and the watermarks were the tipping point.
>Correct me if I'm wrong but I've seen YOUTUBE DRAMA CHANNELS refer to us (MaskedBabe, HereForTheTea2) and mention us by name on their social media. Are you going to talk to them? A watermark will not affect us if it's us protecting OUR work in the thread.
We've never appreciated namedropping of any sort, we just expect farmers to know better than to direct newfags onto here. You would be surprised to see how much of derailment and infighting is caused by users who refuse to integrate and read the rules. Again, this is one of the reasons the moo thread was originally moved to /snow/ the first time.
>May I suggest we need to make a habit of saying "possible repost" and auto-sage
We tend to discourage spoon feeding milk but reposts are fine if it's relevant to the discussion. It would usually be saged but there is no more sage in /pt/ so users shouldn't be penalized for it.
>Is there a definitive reason for not being able to delete posts after a 30 minute window? This also comes with not requesting mods to remove it, as the error message says.
Most chan boards do not allow posts to be deleted, it's a feature the board has to correct mistakes or sensitive information. Staff can delete content that breaks the rules or is possibly of illegal nature.

No. 5026

The watermarks are non-negotiable, especially when it has lolcow all over it. That is the exact definition of cowtipping when you know moo will see it.
> rule 4.3 Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping). Do not contact a subject's family.

No. 5027

>was discussed within the staff team and the watermarks were the tipping point.
Here we fucking go again. Admin SAID that the watermarking had nothing to do with the thread being moved, so which is it?

No. 5028

I'm not discussing reasons why the thread was moved. I'm addressing the cowtipping allegations and why it isn't comparable to lurking on patreon. The watermarks were not ok.

No. 5029

>>5028 I'm not quite sure what this obsession is with not bringing new people (new fags) to this board, not everyone is going to stick around forever, and potentially new people can bring new information. Not everyone is going to sperg up a thread or spam it into oblivion. Also, why can't we discuss why the thread was moved with no explanation? We were specifically directed to this board to find out what exactly has been going on with momokuns thread and there hasent been much other than what we've already heard.

No. 5030

>I'm not quite sure what this obsession is with not bringing new people (new fags) to this board

The definition of cowtipping does not equal inviting newfags. Newfags can be a problem but those that read the rules and are familiar with chan culture integrate quite well.

Now cowtipping can bring in new members but are you taking into account what kind? Are you accounting whiteknights and trolls? Derailment and infighting degrades the quality of the threads when an influx of newfags come in, and take into account how they found their way on here. Do you really want a bunch of twitter users coming in at a rapid rate?
Newfags/whiteknights aren't even the bigger issues with cowtipping, we don't want another kaka.

>Not everyone is going to sperg up a thread or spam it into oblivion.

Obviously, but have you noticed how often spamchans and moo whiteknights post during happenings?

>Also, why can't we discuss why the thread was moved with no explanation?

You can discuss and give your thoughts but I think it's better for the admin to address it themselves.

>We were specifically directed to this board to find out what exactly has been going on with momokuns thread and there hasent been much other than what we've already heard.

I understand your frustration but I'm really doing my best to answer whatever I can.

No. 5031

Can something seriously be done about all this call out shit going on in the thread. I know moo is actually a cow, but many people admitted to purposely wanting to fuck with her which makes sense to why all this personal army shit keeps happening. Regardless of what anyone says it's fucking annoying and not a good direction for the thread.

No. 5032

Why is the Munchie thread on auto-sage?


No. 5033

She's not being alerted or being led to lolcow.farm, it's the other way around, she has been visiting her threads here since thread 1 and takes the pics occasionally, no one has spreaded or handed the pics to her outside of lolcow, so if this still counts as cowtipping then might as well nuke the whole site.

No. 5034

>you can discuss and give your thoughts but I think it's better for the admin to address it themselves.

Why is it such a big deal it was moved in the first place? I mean I don't care the thread was moved but the out the blue nature of it partnered with zero/cryptic explanation makes no sense. If it was moved because Admin felt it had to be why not just say? because this leads to people thinking there's some big huge reason behind it being moved when i highly doubt there is.

No. 5035

tbh i think it's a big deal now that /pt/ and /snow/ are different. even outside of whatever status thing /pt/ has the no-sage thing is important.

No. 5036

It didn't help that Admin told us to come to meta to discuss but still hasn't given a clear explanation, and other issues mentioned here were addressed except the reason why the thread was moved. Any more tinfoiling and we'll have enough to make an episode of Lolcow Theory.

No. 5037

huh? mariah already knows her thread exists and lurks it constantly. which is why the watermarks were made in the first place, so she couldn't take the edits and claim them as her own. so im confusion

No. 5038

Also I'm not sure why the first poster in the new Moo thread was even banned. I personally read it as not backseat modding, but more of a PSA that there is discussion happening about the moo threads in general.

No. 5039

why is the anisa thread back on autosage?

No. 5040

nah man i totally agree with banning them. we don't need that shit in the thread. if people wanna act out they can get banned. her PSA was worded exactly like a mod, but she was too stupid to link across boards. we don't need that crap.

No. 5042

Photos with lolcow watermarks were being spread on twitter and other social media, how the hell are you going to say that she wasn't being led here
It's still cowtipping when the edits are being spread all over twitter, directing multiple people to the source.
>cow knows about site
>when I cowtip therefore I am not cowtipping
They have been unbanned since but they posted in a farmhand-like manner.
It has been dealt with.

Other questionable behavior in the moo threads for reference. >>>/snow/482859

No. 5043

Again, apologies for the lack of warning but in the future we will make sure to inform you when a thread will be autosaged.

No. 5044

>It's still cowtipping when the edits are being spread all over twitter, directing multiple people to the source.
That's a lot more understandable, thanks.

However, the Admin is still a no show and isn't explaining why the move happened. I know you won't touch that subject but is it possible to pass the word along? We're all still waiting. Even saying, "Because I said so." would at least help.

No. 5045

will a reason be provided on why these threads got autosaged?

No. 5046

>Photos with lolcow watermarks were being spread on twitter and other social media, how the hell are you going to say that she wasn't being led here

did you happen to know what lolcow watermarked photos were on twitter? i perosnally don't remember seeing any. the big 'callout post' had no watermarks on it, and i had thought the 'oc' redraw was only posted on here. not trying to argue, just curious.

No. 5047

it's probably cause of all the cowtipping/personal army shit going on. as much as anons want moo's career dead, we're supposed to play moralfag, and despite her cow levels doing that shit for personal reasons is literal vendetta.

No. 5048

Does sage just not apply even in /snow/ as well now? People were getting banned left and right last week and prior if they didn't sage their commentary in threads because it isn't milk, but now there is either one underage anon or quite a few who keep bumping threads with literally nothing but comments/bitchy remarks and nothing is happening to them.

Just wondering because I even saw someone get banned in that uggo cosplayer thread maybe a day ago for using an emoticon (which there doesn't seem to be rules against?) yet nothing is being done about people bumping Moo and Shoe's threads with photos and info discussed the previous threads.

No. 5049


The munchie thread was put on auto-sage because of the rampant self-posting most likely.


This. For example, repeated posts asking for leaked nudes of Eclaire when the first post was banned for revenge porn.

No. 5050

I know, I saw.
And if you try to tell them to stop because a farmhand isn't doing anything you get to worry about being banned for backseat modding or receive a cunty reply such as this >>>/snow/489569

The fuck, man. Nobody wants to see the same pics of moo and june that were posted several times in prior threads or read the same posts about Kaya or IBF's acne or Moo's chin acne or june's wig. We get it; They have acne and june wears a wig but holy fuck it isn't milk and when they dominate threads with it then newfags follow their example.

No. 5051

just report and apply to mod if you think they're too slow.

No. 5053

Were you not reading the /pt/ thread? Farmers do report and it takes either days or weeks or it never gets taken care of at all.

No. 5054

We really do try our best to get to reports, samefagging in munchie threads just happens too often.
Munchie threads tend to be rampant with self posting and medfagging, although these may have been valid reasons to autosage we'll be sure to warn users in the future.
sage will always be required in /snow/

No. 5055

what about the anisa thread why was did it go back to autosage?

No. 5056

Where? The callout pics don't have the lolcow watermark on them, which are the pics leaked? Can you give a description/link)screenshot? Because I genuinely haven't seen any on social media.

No. 5059

File: 1517622431792.png (1.64 MB, 976x1286, 1498271695397.png)

I would like to see these as well. I frequent Twitter pretty often and have searched her name for ALA photos. I have not seen these lolcow.farm watermarked images on Twitter?

We watermark in the Moo thread because, again, she has stolen our content to make it "her own" (i.e. aside from pic related, she's tried baiting them by asking on twitter who made it). We do it for protection, essentially.

Is this any different from having the lolcow mascot in drawings with affiliated cows?

No. 5060

I really wanna know why the anisa thread went back to autosage why can't you guys answer that simple question why all the secrecy even with the momokum threads just tell it like it is its all we ask

No. 5061

You don't need to post the same question twice.
It's on autosage for the lack of milk, constant infighting and nitpicking. Definitely a quality thread here

No. 5062

Is the review process of threads that get infighty etc to autosage, ban the infighters etc, then unsage if the thread finds its way in their absence?

Do people who are repeatedly banned for infighting get permabanned?

Just curious. I think it'd help a lot of us if we understood the modding process a bit more. It seems like to me a lot of anons aren't angry about actions being taken but not understanding them…

No. 5063

permabans are extremely rare, most users get warnings or a longer ban for repeat offenses.

No. 5064

Can one of you answer this? >>5059
I haven't seen any lolcow watermarked images on twitter at all and mods said they were being spread "all over"

No. 5065

Same here, I'm genuinely concerned because we haven't seen the watermarked image (which aren't that many in the first place) anywhere else but here in lolcow. I really want to know who was spreading them and who has seen or commented on them. And we can't bring this subject up on the Momo thread right?

No. 5066

and you dont need to be so rude. I asked because I wanted to know why since you didnt give a reason the first time I asked. the anisa thread got off autosage just go back again seriously then why even get them off autosage in the first place then? and also what about the momokun thread where's the evidence that people were posting with the lolcow watermark?

No. 5067

Over a week and no response at all from Admin, only farmhands lol. Way to make a shitty decision and then hide
This site is going to shit and the way of StaminaRose.

No. 5068

if only farmhands had a way to communicate with admin-sama. we could only hope that they could relay messages and decisions for them. i wonder why they do this work anyway?

calm your tits agro-chan

No. 5069

If you haven't seen any watermarked images on twitter, good. It means we put a stop to it fast enough. You can go through the last momo /pt/ thread to see what was watermarked.
Asking a second time won't speed up the responses. The anisa thread was off autosage when there was new milk.

No. 5070

some of my posts got deleted on a thread for some reason. no ban, just posts removed…

No. 5071

I know what's watermarked, I just want to know which ones ended up on social media. If it is as spread all around Twitter as >>5042 have said, wouldn't anons that keep tabs on Momo on Twitter notice it faster than Admin team? And couldn't you have thrown a screenshot or something and say "hey this and this ended up outside of lolcow so stop watermarking"? I don't recall any mention by Admin or farmhands saying they saw watermarked images outside of lolcow when giving warnings, why is the fact that pics are (or "were", if you did put a stop to it as you have said) spreading on Twitter only came up now?

Look, all I want is an explanation to Admin and farmhands' decisions and actions. What is the reason Momo's thread was moved back to snow? Was it nitpicking? Watermarked images? I find it hard to believe it's just a 9 day old mistake when we haven't been given a decent explanation here in meta for so long, and I ended up with more questions. What's the criteria for a thread to be in pt? What counts as nitpicking? And where are the widespread watermarked images on Twitter?

I'm not convinced that Momo's thread should be moved back to snow, or that the Admin should be this cryptic about decisions, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, just give us an explanation so we'll at least communicate better on this, less tinfoiling, less contradictions.

I'd like to make another argument to this: if Momo visting threads on her own accord since thread 1 is still cowtipping since we know she sees it, and we know the Ostrengas visits threads, then wouldn't posting in Kiki or Dakota's threads also count as cowtipping? You'd say my logic is fucked up, then please point out the flaw in my logic. I'm hella confused about this among other things.

No. 5072


is this the best response a farmhand can do? seriously? people actually get banned for using those type of things and yet you farmhands dont even follow your own rules. interesting… I agree with the other anon this site has gone to the shitter, the golden pixi teri era is long gone

No. 5073

Put a stop to it??? Huh??? Are you guys removing these on twitter or something? If they’re so widespread people would have noticed and they would still be available to see since you guys have no control over what is posted on other platforms.

No. 5074

>we put a stop to it fast enough
you mean you put a stop to something that never happened? lol

No. 5075

seriously this is stupid. if people are stupid enough to share watermarked images from lc to twitter, they will be stupid enough to share the thread.

though, going forward maybe we should watermark it with minna-san or something, cause that'd be kind of funny.

No. 5076

Can you please please please be more visible when banning people who reply to bait? Slap the posts with a big ass red banned for taking the bait, or something like that. I'm sick and tired of every goddamn thread ending in a screeching match because dumb-ass anons can't get it through their thick ass skulls that they are getting trolled.

No. 5078

File: 1517877072988.jpg (83.69 KB, 348x505, 249.jpg)

Thanks for not following your own rules, Farmhand.

No. 5079

Put a stop to what?
Where did you find these images and who did it? Suspicious. I agree with other anons who are weirded out that it's been days and no one is providing evidence, just skirting around the issue.This isnt even about lack of farmhands anymore. You're making decisions while we carry about our usual business and when we finally notice its a HUGE backpedal for answers that arent proven by staff on this site.
Transparency about the Momokun thread means better work practices for not only anon but for farmhands in charge of cleaning the board. You aren't giving us a chance to redeem ourselves if we don't even know what were doing?? Or if we're not doing anything wrong at all??

No. 5080

Why is everything EXCEPT the fakeboi thread in the gender crit thread? There's no milk in there, it's literally just "omgggg look at this girl she totes is pretending to be a boy but ppl are stupid - w -" Nothing interesting or different than the MTF thread.

No. 5081

just wanted to casually mention that I really admire the increased reaction speed regarding reports. Im never able to keep up with background information (like admins and mod teams changing and what not), but happened to notice a sudden change in the positive direction and wanted to adress that.
I especially noticed in margaret's and tuna's threads.
whatever youre doing, keep doing that.

No. 5082

Is there any way we can get some kind of counter announcement to the pt one about no sage in snow, informing people to still sage?

Ever since sage went off in pt it seems like people think they don't have to save in snow. I report but there's so fucking many and I'm sure it's clogging up the reports

No. 5083

Meant sage obviously, autocorrect

No. 5084

I got a ban for reporting no sage, it was reversed, but take care.

No. 5085

telling people 'sage' in a thread isn't 'reporting' it.

No. 5089

>Dakota threads are full of people reaching, nitpicking and repeating age-old milk from 2011 and attracting people with cow tendencies and who want to wear her skin
>No modding at all, left alone
>Momo threads get a constant flow of fresh milk, people are correcting their behavior to please the mods
>Still get moved to /snow/ without a warning or an explanation and constantly abused with over-monitoring
Seriously what the hell?

No. 5092

A better example are Kikithreads, they fit your description too but are still in /pt/

No. 5093

the same goes for the anisa threads sure anisa is not /pt/ tier but yeah being on autosage for a long time just because "no milk" is bullshit and when there was milk it got spoiled because of some dumb decisions made by the mods, some people dont even deserve to be mods if you're gonna apply rules make sure you follow them yourselves.

No. 5094

I used the word 'report' because that is what I did get banned for specifically: reporting. But I've also told people to sage in threads as well, which I'm aware can lead to a ban for backseat modding.

Choose your poison. To me it's not longer worth to do either. If farmhands care they can take action.

No. 5102

I just want to say thank you to the farmhand that nipped armchair diagnosing in the budd in the Jill thread.

No. 5107

So since townhall is being rescheduled, was there a REASON? "Schedule issues" when you initiated today for a town hall meeting and knew you had to be there seems like a extreme excuse.

Does that mean our awaited answers are deterred for 2 weeks later? A month later? You haven't answered our questions here either. I'm a little annoyed.

No. 5108

Of course there's a reason, two days notice before a townhall is pretty last minute so it's been rescheduled so more people get the memo.
A lot of questions have been answered here, repetitive questions for example may take a lower priority in comparison to new questions regarding a different topic.

No. 5111

The “answers” given here have done nothing and just led to more questions, so those should 100% be addressed imo

No. 5112

Wtf just happened, it's been in archive only mode for ages

No. 5113

So cherry picking questions and admin avoidance gets things done? It's been weeks.
Where are the watermarked images you spoke of?
Why were we moved back and forth from /snow/ to /pt/ then /snow/ again?
When are you going to make site-wide announcements of changes when you actually do them?
Also, when are you going to clearly define certain terms (nitpicking, infighting, etc) in global rules so we can all be on the same page?

No. 5114

Technical issues, sorry it took awhile to get things back up and running.
>So cherry picking questions and admin avoidance gets things done? It's been weeks.
Questions regarding the momokun situation have been answered, except for questions regarding admin. There is a townhall this sunday if you want to talk to the admin.
>Where are the watermarked images you spoke of?
Scroll up to see previously answered questions.
>Why were we moved back and forth from /snow/ to /pt/ then /snow/ again?
Scroll up to see previously answered questions.
>When are you going to make site-wide announcements of changes when you actually do them?
Again, you're addressing an event that happened weeks ago. The next time we will.
>Also, when are you going to clearly define certain terms (nitpicking, infighting, etc) in global rules so we can all be on the same page?
Another reason for our town hall. That announcement on the top of the page you see? Yeah we're having a townhall this sunday and you're all free to come and discuss rule updates.

No. 5119

>Scroll up to see previously answered questions.
You expect us to believe that bullshit? Believing that the oh-so powerful Admin team has the power to remove all widespread watermarked images outside of lolcow before any Momo thread anons have seen them? How dumb do you think we are? This "widely spreaded and deleted" incident wasn't even mentioned until we've started complaining here, not even when you're warning us about watermarking in the threads, that's very suspicious.

No. 5120

I got permabanned for unspecified reason. Ive appealed twice and asked why but no response. I've found admin to be very fair til now - a lot of permabans and ban evasions issued in the last week, is it a technical issue?

No. 5121

So basically it never happened? This flooding of watermarked images? Provide proof.

Admin must be super busy to have farmhands make statements for them…

No. 5123

Scrolling up, reading the answers provided and going through the last momo /pt/ thread will give you will all the information you need.
>Believing that the oh-so powerful Admin team has the power to remove all widespread watermarked images outside of lolcow before any Momo thread anons have seen them?
That was literally not said. Feel free to scroll up and read what was actually said.
It's what we wanted to prevent when users were crusading on twitter. We can't keep track of all of twitter but we can discourage cowtipping the best we can.

Here is a more accurate statement:
Photos with lolcow watermarks could have been spread on twitter and other social media, photos were definitely watermarked here. That is a fact.
It seems like it was an accidental router ban of some sort with the permaban system we use for incels. We're on it.

No. 5125

Thank you for your help.

No. 5126

you're the one who needs to scroll up and read, you implied they were spread all over twitter and that we aren't seeing them because you "put a stop to it fast enough"
>Photos with lolcow watermarks were being spread on twitter
>the edits are being spread all over twitter
>It means we put a stop to it fast enough

nice backpedaling though without taking blame yet again for false statements
>the edits are being spread all over twitter
>could have been spread on twitter

No. 5127

you stupid faggot wait for townhall.

No. 5128

Give it up, man.

You're getting way too worked up over a website.

No. 5129

someone posted bestiality video of an underage girl on tempcow and idk how to report it but here it is https://temp.lolcow.farm/pt/70477?last=100#bottom if the mods can remove it

No. 5130

Admin messaged me to say my permaban was an error and that I could ban evade until they fixed me up. My screen is still in reverse image and am getting milk withdrawal, it's been 3 days. Please help

No. 5227

File: 1519237344204.png (27.05 KB, 794x134, Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 10.17…)

Define what constitutes a "quality" thread?

No. 5235

moo threads have alot of nitpicking to be fair

No. 5236

can we stop trying to put all the man hate shit into gender critical thread? many of us in the gencrit thread don't fucking hate men across the board. that shit needs to be quarantined.

No. 5237

We changed a few links, thanks for the feedback! Obsession with teenagers is being directed to gender critical thread and the all female society thread is being directed to the man hating thread.

No. 5239

thank you!

No. 5242


May I respectfully ask why the "The Obsession with Teenagers" and "Why Are So Many Women Searching for Ultra-Violent Porn?" threads have been directed to the "Gender Critical" thread? The focus of that thread is criticism of transgenderism as that thread was created as an amalgamation of the TERF, transpassing, and transwomen threads.

No. 5247

We wanted to lower the number of closely related threads so we have the gender critical thread
>Please keep all trans/gendercrit/TERF discussion to this thread. Any offshoots will be locked. Thanks.
It does technically fall under the umbrella.

No. 5254


Discussing adult men being attracted to teen girls falls under the purview of trans/gendercrit/TERF?

No. 5256

it's directing me to man hating thread

No. 5257

So does every other thread.

No. 5275

I miss OG admin. I wish our pettiness hadnt chased him off. Most of the staff replies are vague and snarky and it feels like current admin really doesn't care much about lolcow, or came in with a complete outsider perspective to it.

I know that probably isn't true but since I can only base my feelings off of what I see actively posted, that's how it seems to me. Not all farmhand posts, but a lot of them, make it sound like they have some kind of secret jaded mean girls club. I wish our options weren't limited to shit holes like KF or PULL if we want something different.

Tl;Dr fruitless complaining

No. 5279

No disrespect, but what is the fucking point of /ot/ if we can't have specific topics which interest farmers? It's not like /ot/ is booming with activity. Closing the threads and directing them to vaguely related topics ruins discussion for both the closed and open threads.

No. 5280

File: 1519341863324.png (99.71 KB, 800x403, Screenshot_2018-02-22-15-21-43…)

The Ultra-Violent Porn thread still points to the Gender Critical thread.

No. 5282


No. 5318

I'm still a bit confused as I got banned for 24 hours for asking what happened to tomato in the onion thread. I was told to lurk more and not ask redundant questions. I've actually been a long time lurker on the site and I noticed we hadn't heart from tomato in ages and was wondering if he was still a patreon or not as I hadn't seen that discussed. I don't see how it was redundant seeing as it was relevant to the thread and it hadn't been established that tomato had completely cut ties? I'm just wondering if farmhand can explain how it's redundant just so I know for future

No. 5320

A different Farmhand here so I might not be 100% on their reasoning, but it's usually not a good thing to do to bring up unrelated subjects. While tomato before had something to do with onision, now he does not.
As for the redundant thing, I think we've seen quite a few posts asking about tomato lately. It could have been a mix up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

No. 5321

No problem, sorry about that, thanks for the help!

No. 5461

Still technical issues or what?

No. 5472

File: 1519750215034.jpeg (338.94 KB, 1242x2208, CA400600-F7D2-4AAD-B7EC-B3824E…)

I was temp banned just for asking if discussing sams live stream was allowed, when another farmer told me to test it and see if I’d get banned I replied saying that I’ve never been banned before and didn’t want to risk it.
The irony here is that I was told I was ‘whinning’ for genuine concerns relating to the ridiculous over moderation that is killing this site, and then banned.
Does that not prove everyone’s point and validate their concerns with posting anything unless it’s 100% drama related? Asking a simple question and then being told you’re whining and then banned is fucking ridiculous.
Admin please do something about the awful over modding.

No. 5473

i'm not even in onion threads, but this is pretty ridiculous. if the farmhand wanted to do some bitch pissy power trip, just say in the fucking thread. this shit is passive aggressive pettiness.

No. 5474

I swear they banned me just for mentioning that I have never been banned.

No. 5475

File: 1519752305723.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.43 KB, 488x516, F86CCD89-C151-4F54-A2D9-254A44…)

No. 5476

The absolute statue of this website

No. 5477

You were given a 5 minute warning ban for derailing the thread with an unnecessary post. You made another post prior to this, exaggerating or pretending that you were solely banned for "not being banned" is ridiculous.

No. 5478

>whinging this much over a 5 minute ban

c'mon anon no need to be so sensitive

No. 5479

Can admin or farmhand please sort out the technical problems and speak to me please? I was wrongly permabanned 2 weeks ago, you said it was a tech fault and were on it. Admin messaged me and said my ban was a mistake and they would fix it that day. They also gave me permission to ban evade. 2 days ago I posted and was banned for being Kelly. Wtf is going on? I've sent reports to admin but they've all been ignored. My lolcow screen has been stuck in reverse image for 2 weeks now! Are other anons with the same problem? Come on lolcow, please fix it.

No. 5480

I had no idea how long I was actually banned for since this happened over night while I was asleep. I was hardly derailing, I asked a relevant question and my concern was valid. People will go talk for hours nitpicking and infighting without being banned yet I was the one detailing? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.
Not trying to be dramatic or sensitive, I just don’t think my question warranted a five minute ban, and the reason given to me was not for detailing but for ‘whining’ which seems petty

No. 5481


The main reason I was upset about this is because it seemed very petty and I didn’t have any idea how long my ban was.
If the reason given to me was ‘derailing’ and not ‘stop whining’ then I would have been less bothered even though I still don’t think I was derailing or warrented a warning ban.

No. 5482

It was only five minutes, anon.

No. 5483

I'm not sure who is at fault anymore
Maybe Admin is just an autist who doesn't know how to run a board or has some really shit mods and janitors. It's like no one knows how to run an imageboard anymore.
Lolcow has turned into the office complex of imageboards, no one knows what's going on anymore and the seniors don't have a clue either
What exactly are the rules anymore? Specific IPs are allowed run wild while others are getting banned for non-issues

If you keep banning like simpletons then this board will sink like the Titanic, it's already hit the iceberg quite frankly
Lighten up with the banhammers, even worrying about a banhammer openly is resulting in bans here

It's not so much about a 5 minute ban but being banned in the first place that's the issue
Admin and Mods here are too sensitive

No. 5485

Anon was banned for being extra in the onion stream thread or derailment which is stated clearly in the rules. For some reason you guys think nobody is going to notice when you start bitching in onion general about being banned for what like 5 minutes? You actin'likw you been permabanned lmao

No. 5487

Lmao how was I being extra or derailing?
I literally just asked if sams livestreams were allowed to be discussed in the onion livestream thread and was banned which PROVES mine and everyone else’s point that the moderation here is a complete fucking joke. Like the other anon said, it’s not about the five minute ban, it’s that I was temp banned for asking if something was okay to discuss instead of just getting a straight answer.
The mods are sensitive, ban happy, and on a power trip it’s embarrassing what this site has become.

No. 5492

But remember, in the townhall chat Admin said that mods do not flag/redtext all posts which break the rules or incur bans. Thus anons have no way of knowing if offending anons are being banned, and newfags are unable to learn from seeing examples.

No. 5495

I'm very sorry, if you can appeal one more time so I can see the IP I'll relay it to the admin asap to fix this. Kelly ban evades constantly and might have been mixed up with her, especially if there was no long post history.

No. 5497

I've just posted on Kelly's thread. The ban has disappeared but the reverse screen is annoying. Thanks for responding. Do I need to do anything else for you to the IP?

No. 5499

Naw that Anon just asked a question and got banned
I'm seeing people on here spam bullshit photos or complete off topic posts which derail and get off scot free
Then there's Anons who merely post their opinion, sticking to threads and getting banned or a simply post a question and get banhammered for it

You got Mods here who are too sensitive in this place and it will destroy this already hot mess of a board

No. 5506

If the ban doesn't have redtext then how do you know they weren't banned? I've gotten banned for newfaggy shit without redtext so there isn't a way for us to know who gets banned and who doesn't

No. 5511


Iirc in the townhall meeting Admin said redtexting all of the posts was too much work for mods.

If they don't redtext posts, then anons will keep reporting those posts which makes more work for them, would it not?

No. 5532


I did what you suggested and ended up with a 1 year ban. Whoever moderates the Kelly thread doesn't respond to my questions sent through the reporting system and still hasn't sorted this out, they seem to be ban-happy. I'm getting annoyed now. Its been more than 2 weeks and still not fixed.

No. 5539

have you thought about emailing?

No. 5542

So I got banned for replying to a post in the onion stream thread while there was no stream going on but it's totally ok to spam two onion threads at the same time? And you wonder why people complain about the heavy banning on this site. Closing the thread would have been enough.

No. 5544

Think about what that means versus what you think it means. Someone created a thread early, the livestream thread was for livestreams not commentary. A 30 minute ban isn't going to turn your world upside down.

There is no need for there to be 3 active onision threads, another farmhand can unlock it when there is actually a livestream.

No. 5547


Yes, thank you for your response. I've considered it but I don't want to lose my anonymity by emailing. At this point, I can't see why Admin/Farmhand would acknowledge an email when they haven't managed to sort the ongoing tech issue or bothered to reply to the multiple messages I've sent via the reporting system.


Any chance of sorting this out or not? My ban appears to have been lifted yet my screen is still in reverse? If I post on the thread I'm sure the Mod will accuse me of being Kelly again, along with someone else's IP address along with another fucking ban. Anyone else having problems?

No. 5548

I think the Shoe0nhead thread either has a lot of newfags or people who don't read any of the prior threads at all. At least a quarter to half of stuff posted are things that were discussed or shown in previous threads (though I'll be fair, there has been a good amount of milk in the current thread). I'm not really sure what can be done to combat the issue, but I've seen same pictures of June's cooking in the current thread and the last two threads, for example.

No. 5556

Why is the onion live stream thread closed five how often they stream? Saying it's not needed seems wrong since well, they stream just about every day.

No. 5557

I don't get why it was closed either. Seems very counterproductive and doesn't reinforce the idea that all the farmhands have been informed that this thread is supposed to be open and exist now that temp is down and there is no space for for sperging about her younows/liveblog commentary.

Someone pls get the farmhands to simmer down and stop banning/warning/closing threads???

No. 5558

Livestream thread has been down during Lainey's stream and now for Sam's stream.

If the response to this is gonna be: "Just watch the streams yourself!". Then may I ask what the point of having a board is when everyone can just hate watch the Onion's by their own?

No. 5559

I've had interaction with old admin using a throwaway email. It may help them to pay proper attention to your situation, as you say one farmhand seems to be banning you?

No. 5561

Where the hell is admin?!

And why the hell cant the farm hands just answer simple fucking questions instead of just banning people left and right. Answering questions in a thread about what’s considered ‘derailing’ and ‘on topic’ would be much more affective than giving everyone minuscule bans with petty reasoning. Honestly the Onision threads used to be the most active threads and because of these incompetent ban happy mods it is completely dead

No. 5563

You were permabanned through multiple ips because of your extreme ban evasion. Take it to the admin via email and stop necroing threads.
Then don't derail threads. If you want a specific example it would be commentary that contributes nothing to the thread, and was on a topic that could have been easily discussed in a appropriate setting like /meta/. There is a higher standard because of the lack of sage.

No. 5564

Why are mods ignoring that people are annoyed by the way the onion threads are handled? this "if you don't like it, leave" attitude is absolutely not welcoming. Seriously why would anyone want to post in an environment where you walk on eggshells? Even if you try to go by the rules you have to think trough if it's allowed or not, and this is for some reason only this bad in the onion thread. It really seems the topic is purposely being killed.

No. 5565

nobody really gets banned for no reason but as soon as temp went down it was a giant exodus of newfags and it's annoying that some of you guys believe you're above the rules the rest of us need to follow.

No. 5566

you guys are killing the onion threads on your own everytime someone has the nerve to chime in "oh i miss temp nothing is the same without temp wahhh"
there are more important things to discuss in the onion threads and you guys wonder why you get warning bans

No. 5567

Nobody wants to be above the rules. The rules and banning are just inconsistent.

No. 5568

explain how though because I frequent snow and I don't even sage all of the time but I still don't get banned except for the few times i derailed or infighted

No. 5569

Someone was banned in the onion thread for announcing lainey was streaming.
And yes I know there is a ‘stream thread’ but posting in the main thread that she is live so people know to move the discussion over there isn’t ban worthy
Also, no one is acting above the rules? The rules are just incredibly random and vague

The reason people complain is because when they do try to discuss things that are completely relevant to the onions it’s like playing roulette in that so many people have been banned for screenshots, recaps, transcripts, and inside patreon milk.

No. 5571

This is why we don't red text every ban. A 5 minute warning is not a ban. You're acting like we give out week long bans for nothing. I don't know what to tell you, it's not changing.

No. 5572


I updated my router on Saturday, so that's only 2 IPs, since Saturday. When banning me, I've been shown other anons IP and accused of being the cow - you sent me her IP or what? I was given permission to ban evade. I have not even ban evaded. I've asked for help, but you guys don't, wont or cannot fix the technical problems. Posting on the thread to ask admin/farmhand questions because that's the only way to see if they have left a message or lifted a ban. Or am I missing something?
You say that here is the best place to discuss tech issues easily - it obviously isn't! You don't fix the problems, you say you'll pass messages on to the relative farmhand to fix the issue but nothing happens, just an apology and a promise to fix it that day. They don't even respond to questions asked through reporting system. That's why I asked a question in the thread.
I can see that other anons are having problems with the lack of admin and ban-happy mods.
Lolcow was fun until 18 days ago when YOU had a problem with your 'accidental router ban with the permaban system you use for incels'. How many other anons has this affected? You're staff don't appear to be following the same rules. Why has this been so difficult? I've just read an earlier post where you said permabanned is very rare, haha. I've accumulated a vast array of them, all because of YOUR mistakes. With running such a large imageboard, with so many users, I'd expect you to able to fix a small issue instead of it snowballing to this. Necroing threads as a last resort to speak with a staff member. Come on Lolcow, you're better than this right?

Good luck with finding Admin and getting questions answered. I feel your annoyance. What a shitshow.

No. 5573

have any of you thought maybe the issue is anons getting salty about 5-30 minute bans and o no. a 24 hour ban?

find something else to do. staff is doing great

No. 5574

if you're not ban evading and you say you've been banned then how are you posting hmmmm

No. 5575

If you are all so annoyed by onion drama then why don't you shut down all the threads so we can move the discussion to another place? It's just ridiculous how complaints are being handled. You close the temp thread in meta cause you're too annoyed to deal with the complaints, then people ask in the livestream thread what's going on cause admins fucked up with shutting it down yesterday, which can happen, but then please don't act like people are too stupid to use threads. Nobody wants to post in a thread that's full of warnings that your toy will be taken away if you don't behave. Don't ignore the obvious frustration of your userbase.

No. 5576

Gotta be honest here, since temp went down main has been a mess of warnings and bans and normally for the most minor infraction of rules, which actively discourages any posting, it's hugely apparent that most users from temp kept /pt fully updated, many migrated from /pt to temp after years on here and now with the hostility and us vs them mindset the anons that provide milk aren't doing it so much anymore because of the Reeeeeeeeing anons from main, the same main anons who have, for the past three weeks denounced tempanons and ridiculed the milk brought in with cries of "We don't need you, we can do it better" but all of the milk has turned sour because nothing is getting posted. Also as I'm being a whiny brat, did the threads from temp get lost during maintenance, if not is there anyway to add them to the catalogue? Sorry for sperg and thank you for the livestream threads.

No. 5579

why should they shut down the threads? that comes off childish, anon. the threads don't need to go just because some people won't integrate. they can sit quiet till there's milk like the rest do. for example, the Raven thread.

No. 5580

We get it, you're upset your little temp was closed and you think throwing a hissy fit will get you something close to it. Fuck off.

No. 5581

no, the majority of the userbase is fine. is a handfull of tempcow anons not wanting to calm the fuck down. stop acting like a little child about things

No. 5582

if you don't want mods to temporarily lock livestream threads then stop bitching about temp when we're supposed to actually be discussing the stream holy shit thread quality has gone down significantly because anons are taking complaints about the site onto the threads and it distracts from grease

No. 5583

The onion thread was slowing down b4 temp … Just saying. I think it's obnoxious we have. Live stream thread a main thread and a patreon thread

No. 5584

I think there's just a wave of newfags from temp and they need to read the rules. The problem with the main thread is that people keep ranting and repeating shit that has been discussed on previous threads 100 times already. If there wasn't so much infighting and nitpicking and people mostly touched on relevant milk, I'm sure there would be wiggle room for some Sam discussion here and there and the bans wouldn't be so many.

Anons have been constantly disobedient with the rules so we shouldn't expect them to let anything slide. I think if we just did things like we're supposed to the threads would be 10x better to go through. Not everyone's here 24/7 and wants to read through infighting about shoe size for paragraphs to get to the milk.

No. 5585


Maybe anons can create a public chat where they can sperg and it sort of could be like live posting?
That way the thread doesn't clog and anons can discuss things they want. Perhaps patreon anons and ex greg fans can feel more free to spill milk there since they won't get banned. Then a summary of anything relevant can just be posted here.

No. 5586

Or add a channel to the LC discord for temp anons to sperg on. That way it doesn't even make it to the threads.

No. 5587

I've sent an email, guess what? No reply. Its obvious from other posts that I'm not the only one having issues.


Fuck off. Myob.(get help kelly)

No. 5588

How can we reply to /pt/ threads with old milk or things that aren't very interesting relating to a specific cow? Someone got a necro warning and I don't want to get banned

No. 5589

simply put it's random board to board and topic to topic
Kota threads do fine mostly while Onion threads are eggshells
in Snow you can just sage but in PT you can't

the rules are random and vague and incredibly selective

No. 5590

We appreciate the suggestion.
Necroing a thread is different than re-posting old milk. You are free to bring back old clips if it's going to be relevant to current events.
The only difference between /pt/ and /snow/ is sage and because /pt/ is so small it makes little difference.

No. 5591

Thanks for your response Farmhand
it's simply because what was posted was a link to a very recent video and all I have is a photo no one has really seen before
I honestly still don't know how to take this information so I guess I should just not post it in case I get banned
thank you though for your help

No. 5594

Is the Ashley Isaacs thread auto-saging despite having not hit the post limit? She's about to be homeless so she's finally being interesting again.

No. 5595

Can the rules that apply to Momokun's thread, apply to the Onion one as well? The infighting between Sam fans vs non-Sam fans is so chaotic that it's clogging the thread.

What I'm asking is if it could be sent to /snow/ until the infighting dies down?

No. 5596

File: 1520245788232.png (64.01 KB, 750x1334, 998D2A98-1BEE-4CFD-8178-DF8ABF…)

I just tried to go to /g/

No. 5597

I'm a bit confused about the dropbox.

No. 5598

i think sam should just be contained to the onionflakes thread with the rest of his harem, if she ever spills milk it could be updated to the main thread

No. 5599

The current infighting over sam is getting out of hand and is annoying. Don't agree that all the newfags stem from tempcow, it seems that the /pt/ thread is right now infiltrated by 1 or more onion stans, this is definitely new. More likely some people come over from onion's discord or youtube. So I agree that sam discussion should be transfered over to /snow/ unless milk happens just to stop the same infighting over and over again.

No. 5600

I'm the one that you're replying to and I agree, even that would be a better solution than the current. All of the infighting going on and accusing people of being stans is utterly annoying. Wasn't there a rule against doing dumb shit like that? "You must be a lameo stan", "look sam stan", "only an onions tan would say that". No one has to be a stan to dislike someone or something.

No. 5601

looks like you got some redirect malware. Nothing to do with lolcow. Run a virus scanner

No. 5602

How do you do that on an iPhone?

No. 5603

Bring it in to the store? Seriously, nothing to do with the site.

No. 5604

I was apparently banned for posting the second edit of some bald girl in the kota thread, I guess it was assumed I posted all of the before and ones after? This happened before too and I've been really patient and enjoyed this site but I see the same thing happening to other people and it's so fucking retarded. The boards either run wild or they're laughably strict. I was hoping it wouldn't continue to decline and was hoping that a farmhand could set up ads on the site or a donate button but turns out the mechanics of the site aren't what needs the fixing. It's so disheartening and stupid to see an image board become this toxic and nonsensical tbh, I won't be coming back but I hope it improves for others or something

No. 5605

Spergelics/stans keep talking about their precious Penus in the Marge's thread, posting videos and pics…even when it isn't topic related. (using the same charade again and again: So cute! Marge will be mad!)
They seems to take the board for a fansite and it's getting annoying.

No. 5606

how did you miss "stangelics"

No. 5607

Good one my dear anon.

No. 5610

Her recent video is relevant to Margo, as she talks about her in it. Other videos that have been posted with nothing related to her had been given warnings.

No. 5611

Thanks Farmhand.

No. 5612

File: 1520453291420.png (41.02 KB, 761x641, saucysam.png)

the report feature is being abused by sam stans and is getting really fucking annoying. i've been posting her for years and we've always been allowed to poke fun at any of the cows or the girls they bring over, is one of the farmhands romantically involved with her or some shite?

and how is posting her public instagram scaring off milk? her entire instagram is essentially dedicated to making fun of 'onion'

No. 5613

i've yet to see a sam wk have redtext.

No. 5614

Calling users cow's names is against the rules tho

No. 5616

It happens all the time in that thread, unfortunately.

No. 5617

i called them sam because they called me fatbecca so weird only the 'sam hater' gets redtext never the other way round lately.

No. 5618

So mods are being inconsistent as always

No. 5619

yea i just got banned again for ban evading to post my complaint. still won't address the biased modding tho, i'm such a bad egg :(

No. 5620

>conveniently forgetting not all bans have redtext
"Hi cow" is against the rules. I accepted your ban appeal thinking you would improve your behavior and stop derailing and infighting but you have clearly not learned your lesson. As admin put it best
>You were temporarily banned for repeatedly trying to push users to harass an Onision fan into committing suicide. Basic Lolcow rules still apply to Tempcow and what other Farmers do is not for you to decide.
You are now going to be banned for ban evading, infighting, derailing, and samefagging. I'll include a vendetta in there as well too.

No. 5621

File: 1520460832777.png (31.5 KB, 725x629, kjfngkjdfgn.png)

Not all bands have red text when it's the one anon being banned.there has been no redtext related to ant derailment going on in the defence of Sam or the anons discussing minors etc etc. So fuck up.

I was banned once on temp for making a joke that fatbecca should kill herself rather than do something in relation to Greg. I can't remember the exact detail because it was minor and lost in shit posting. Any other anons that I've saw alogging were not me so kthx sort out your mod system.

A vendetta? Against who exactly? I'm only commenting on the drama as presented fucking chill. I haven't been on the site in days and then lurked today and saw lainey lost it last night on you now.

Ya fucking bores

No. 5622

Question: if farmhands want to participate in threads do they do so under the normal anonymous name? Like can they switch between having farmhand in the name field?

No. 5623

Also if you accepted my appeal against the hi cow, why was my next ban for ban evading??? This is why ban evades happen because users are being unfairly banned without proper reasoning. Why can anons go off for 2 hours tinfoiling about Sam and a toddler getting in a fist fight but I can't bring context to her emails? I get banned for paying attention? Load of ballix(ban evading)

No. 5624

Ban evading again? You're the only anon being banned for constantly ban evading so you can continue on with your vendetta.
Your appeal wasn't accepted for "hi cow", it was accepted yesterday for infighting and derailing, a ban that occured a few days ago. As soon as your ban is lifted you proceed to, again, derail the threads.

This is the last time the moderation team will address you here. You can email admin if you believe you have truly not violated several rules.

No. 5625

The fuck I want you cunts to have my email for.

Work on your English comprehension then, because you're shite at explaining yourself.

So if you lifted my ban the other day again why were all my bans today for ban evading then? You some type of spastic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5626

Didn't realise derailing meant offering an opinion other than Sam can do no wrong. What a fucking joke of a discussion board. Admin sort out some of your farmhands, is this the one that banned me for being Alicia once? Clearly a few loose screws in that ones head or she's wet for Sam IDGI

No. 5627

if you're the same anon that's been sperging about sam for the past couple of days then you're probbaly just a discordfag with a hateboner.

No. 5628

Lol I'm not the only one that doesn't think Sam's a special snowflake you a wee reporting fag or from the Sam circle jerk temp cord.

And I've been vocal about calling anons faggots for paying onion to go 'undercover' and bring milk. I've been posting before onion even got a patreon you twat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 5629

you should consider getting some help finding your way back to the home. it must be way overdue for your meds.

No. 5630

I'm sure you could debate and raise criticism without flying off the rails. I know it's irritating af to be following the story a long time, then the second you say Sam is not a shero some sperg starts off about you being a Greg stan. It happened to me and it felt ridiculous. But I've learned my lesson about infighting so I report them for doing so and move on.

No. 5634

I am really sick of the man hate threads. They're gross echochambers that incite fear mongering. I know they're supposed to be a kind of contamination thread, but they are just vile. There's no room for discussion if you're not a gross misandrist either. They are just as hateful and toxic as /r9k/, but everyone just argues any points away about how they're 'getting back at men' or whatever and since men have those sites they deserve it too. But they don't men nor women deserve to be gross echochambers. I'd be fine if the threads pointed out specific people, but they are just garbage.

No. 5635

Can the 'jenna lynn meowri' vendetta samefag/selfpost be banned already? It's shitting up the irrelevant cosplayer thread and they very obviously made the 3rd (incorrectly, they even cited Momo as a subject even though she has her own threads) and continually come into the thread to ask for milk or post vague shit. I just want to ban talking about her all together cause the only 'milk' seems to be her ugly lips. She's not worth being the topic of a thread.

No. 5636

Yeah, it happened also happened to me for dissing Sam. Like, the thread was full of people rimming Sam and fantasizing how she is ~best girl~ and basically rooting for her to get with Greg, but then I'M the "Gregstan". Fuck off

No. 5637

Is the Taylor R thread still autosaged from the sperging?
I can never actually find it in the catalog even if there is a new post. I need to follow a link in the old thread for some reason

No. 5641

>set imageboard layout to dark
>go to check the catalogs
>background and posts all return to classic lolcow
>light blue basically white background blinding me even thought my screen brightness is on the lowest setting
>holy shit my eyes
>migraine gets 10 times worse
Reee curse you, lolcow.

No. 5642

ctrl f

No. 5643

this is really a minor complaint, but i would like the spoiler image to be something else honestly. whenever I'm in public, its still a bit awkward/nsfw-ish to scroll past someone bending over in a plaid skirt. Just a personal preference but not a huge deal.

No. 5647

File: 1521228207059.jpg (37.07 KB, 398x599, GoddessPoopin.jpg)

Same, but that's not going to change any time soon
PT "poop pose" is sacred and she's our beloved goddess after all.

No. 5649

Did the last downtime have anything to do with that KF thread…?

No. 5650

I’m so glad we’re back, I only knew what was happening bc of the discord announcements and dynastia being snide about it on KF. It was legit dramu withdrawl. Thank you admin for working to get it up! Truly, gods work.

No. 5651

What happened? I don't use discord

No. 5652

It had nothing to do with Kiwi Farms.
We had unexpected server downtime for about a day.

No. 5654

I've been reporting the ones I've seen but the Laney thread needs some stronger modding and banning. People keep going off on stupid irrelevant shit and I'm sick of seeing paragraph after paragraph about Lames ring for days. There's nothing milky about it.

No. 5660

Could a farmhand post in the Abby Brown thread to remind people that armchairing is against the rules?

No. 5661

every day child porn is posted on /ot/ whats up with that? ):

No. 5662

I want to know that, too. Why do they target this site?

No. 5663

Seriously, it’s sick. Just spam that report button.

No. 5665

Are bans only effective from the time you try to post now as opposed to the actual ban time? Tryna post Chrischan's arrest and for the last 12 hrs but my ban 3hrs ban is still ongoing (posting using mobile)

No. 5666

Try submitting an appeal, the actual ban time listed is all you should get.

No. 5673

When are you going to hire mods that aren’t on a power trip, Admin?

Bans are being handed out left and right for dumb shit, but robots and child porn is a-okay.

No. 5674

can we ban people who post asking for plastic surgery advice in the thread on /ot/. that thread is for calling out plastic surgery and there's a thread for suggestions on /g/. i've reported but no one was banned…

No. 5676

someone please nuke or like actually mod the irrelevant cosplayer thread, it's a fucking vendetta fest.

No. 5677

Why are the mod so incompetent? Autosaging the man hate thread for "taking robot bait" is stupid and plenty of other thread should be autosaged under this condition.

No. 5681

sorry your shitty thread is autosaged.

No. 5683

It should be simple, stop replying to robots and it won't be autosaged anymore.
It's a controversial thread that attracts robots. They stay when they realize they get attention from you tards.
There's been warnings in the past.

No. 5685

I don't see the point of the Abby thread when the majority of it is unsaged messages of support and empathy or simply just nonmilk. LC is going full PULL with this shit

No. 5687

there's another shitty manhate thread in /g/ now >>>/g/78523

this shit is getting out of hand. it's thinly veiled and people are ignoring replies in favor of just saying "men just want to fuck you" fucking quarantine this shit please!

No. 5688

who the fuck banned me cause of my post on /ot/? i'm not a fucking guy, and that loser thread is a fucking dumpster fire.

No. 5689

I had reported derailing/infighting in the Jill claves or jill thread yet I got banned? I had clarifyed something and brought it back on topic within my post meanwhile people were straight up arguing with no problem. I mainly lurk so I barely even post. In fact I haven't looked at that thread in a week and only found out about the ban today. What's going on?

No. 5693

Couldn't we just like… ban the guys who are being harassing in the /g/ and /ot/ threads? Or do you fear a retaliation raid? It doesn't make a lot of sense to ban regulars for being slightly off-topic, while people like >>>/g/78852 don't even get a warning. I'm not complaining, it just doesn't make a lot of sense. Feels like we're unable to have woman-related discussions here without getting trolled.

No. 5694

That thread is fucking garbage to begin with. Anyone who doesn't think all men want to fuck them is getting dogpiled. I am sick of these boards becoming a haven for this shit.

No. 5695


No. 5696

Sorry, but can you please permaban the "aesthetic attraction" anon? she is back and shitting up multiple threads by derailing them with her dumb "psychology" and never stops responding and refuses to let anyone disagree with her.

No. 5697

I just came to post this. Why is this still going on?

No. 5698

this. she's as bad as fucking spoony. i wish we could tag her posts. ffs.

No. 5699

Can you guys PLEASE ban the annoying cunt on /ot/. IDGAF about the stupid loli garbage. She is fucking cancer.

No. 5700

wow, she's giving me springs1 teas

No. 5701

File: 1523989096244.jpg (809.93 KB, 3024x4032, kulyz0lhvcaz.jpg)

Why was the rozelli thread deleted??

No. 5710

Hi. Recently we asked you guys to unban Ash so she could go into the Raven thread. >>506595
Along with her, there is some aparent sockpuppeting, pretending to be her. And some anons, me included, would like to know if it is possible to get her actual posts tagged someway that we know is actually her.
Since she came here with no intention of staying anonymous, and has verified herself through a facebook post
>>508100 shows her posting and >>508112 is a printscreen of her facebook verification.

No. 5714


People don’t fucking sage their irrelevant ass opinions on snow.

I get making a mistake and forgetting but holy shit it feels like it’s getting bad.

I wanna see milk, not the same threads at the top constantly cause people are commenting “ew gross” or whatever. Like god damnit.

No. 5715

fuck can someone please get rid of the literal retard in the jill thread who thinks the thread is about how much money their parents spend on them instead of about jill?

ive reported all their posts as I'm sure others have but god it's annoying and derailing, and we seem to get one of their ilk three times per thread

it is a bannable offense now, I assume, based on the new rules. (I thought it always was). though I've not seen anyone banned for it yet, so either they're not red texting these bans/warnings or the farmhands are particularly busy this weekend

No. 5716

Not only has there been a unsaged newfag influx the last year(that keeps escalating and turning this into PULL) but the dead threads in both pt and snow keep being bumped or necro'ed to first page randomly and has been on/off doing this for months.
The sudden anons complaining about the 'man hating' really shows the new faggotry too.

No. 5717

I agree. If nothing else is there some way we can lock old threads about specific cows once a new one is created, just to prevent reviving long-dead threads?

No. 5721

Can you please set up a way to donate for lolcow to prevent server errors? I’m not even kidding. After long day working as a productive member in this society I need my daily dose of trash.

No. 5722

No. 5723

starts at $1, it's a bargain.

No. 5725

File: 1524725137449.png (23.78 KB, 800x107, Screenshot_2018-04-25-23-23-13…)

Why is the Hartley Hooligans thread still open? The daughters are minors born in 2001 and 2006.

2. Do not post about subjects under the age of 16.

Their full legal names have been posted.

2.1 Do not share the full legal name of a minor. First name(s) only unless the subject is 18+.

Even when they reach 18, they are not on the internet voluntarily. If the rules prohibit posting information that the subject has not voluntarily published publicly, shouldn't the rules prohibit posting subjects who have not consented to their internet presence?

No. 5726

Tf is with this random Hartley hooligan sjw wk lately when their threads been dead forever? Most mention they've got is this chuckle fuck qqing about their thread

No. 5727


There have been seven posts in the last week. Regardless of its popularity or lack thereof, it violates the rules.

Other threads which were intended for the discussion of bad parents have been shut down because posts mentioning or showing their children were flagged for violating the rules. Why is this thread an exception?

No. 5728

That's because their names are public knowledge, they don't risk getting harassed. Their mom made them e-celebs, revealing every detail of them over the internet. How would we discuss the sisters' parents without mentioned the sisters at all?

No. 5729


Posts about other equally (if not more) well-known children who were made public figures by their parents have incurred bans. I can't name these children without risking being banned, but two of them have been featured on several national television shows.

No. 5730

Can someone ban the faggot over in the Momokun thread already? He's been at it for hours talking about beating his meat to Moo. It's shitting up the thread and people respond to the bait.

No. 5731

I can only guess, but maybe because they'll never grow up or have proper brain function? What is said here won't hurt them.

But yes, it's sad and I guess if we'll follow the rules then they shouldn't be mentioned. The whole thread gives me the creeps anyway

No. 5732

I followed those threads for a fair time and for a while, we stayed on track talking about the parents. It seems a fresh wave of kids discover it from time to time and start shitting up the threads with edgelordism like in the last day or two. They don't even bother with the facts of the story.

I agree, it's time to lock the threads. All that can been said about Gwen has been said, things are the same till the kids die of natural causes, no-one's begging for money. The threads attract poor-quality posters who are purely here to bash the kids.

No. 5733


Thank you, anon.

The majority of the posts in the threads are simply gawking at their appearance and dysfunction which is exploitative. One of the responses I got was that they aren't people.

Apparently Admin is content in allowing the freakshow atmosphere of the thread to continue.

No. 5734


lolcow isn't your hugbox podium, regardless of if it's about the hooligans or whoever else. What's said here will never get back to, directly or indirectly hurt those kids - whether you morally agree with it or not. Just hide the thread and go on with your life, arguing the semantics of a rule (really more a guideline intended for newfags) towards the person who created said rule is just pants on head retarded. You've already pleaded your case and stated your logic, now it's time to get over yourself and move on. If admin feels in agreement with your reasoning then they'll decide to do something, camping meta and throwing out passive aggressive insults towards them doesn't sway anyone.

Would not at all be shocked to find out you have some ulterior motive behind this with how hard you're pushing it.

No. 5735

Can more farmhands be added? Nobody replies to questions in meta, or just picks a few safe questions. Threads go to shit because nobody bothers moderating them for days. Child porn can take days to be taken down. This site desperately needs more moderation, but hardly anything happens.

No. 5736

Onision topic is getting out of whack again … The time is ripe for a hell week imho

No. 5737

Hello, would it be possible to develop a lolcow app? Sorta like 4chans clover app? If not, I might try to make on myself as a pet project. I would be really interested as readability on mobile is not great.

No. 5739

For some reason rumors of cp being left up for hours surface once in a while and yet us (staff) never actually hears about it.
Noted, although it is hard to find reliable farmhands.
If you're interested please email us!

No. 5740

23 days to answer three cherry picked questions.

No. 5741

Thanks for controlling the race baiting, it’s getting super old. Saw you locked the latest one and just wanted to say it’s appreciated.

No. 5744

Can the Cyr, Edwin, Mina and Dasha thread be moved to snow? There's almost no milk at all since the Dasha sperging back in the day and it's been many months since any milk has happened. The infighting in the thread is off the charts and mods haven't done anything about it, yet.

No. 5747

Here is a suggestion, write up a bunch of questions you want answered and I'll take the time out of my day to answer all of the questions in your reply just for you anon. Just for you.
We are watching the thread closely.

No. 5748

Talk about snarky… Not that anon but I see what they mean, instead of typing up a comeback you could've answered literally any of dozen of posts up thread that have gone ignored

I get you guys are volunteers but why volunteer if you're going to be bitter about it. Part of having a moderating position in any community is going to be dealing with senseless criticism or commentary you consider unfair.

No. 5749

Ever going to confirm whether or not the man hate thread is ever going to be taken off autosage? It's been a month and all the traffic is gone.

No. 5751

Hover over for post links and images hasn't been working for me all day. Is this on my end or anyone else experiencing it?

Also mobile hasn't worked for me for weeks, only when connecting via data though, not wifi.

No. 5752

I thank you guys for watching it but… is that all? No action to be done? I'm guilty of contributing to it in the past but it's getting to the point where it's a daily theme in that thread. We get banned for infighting everywhere else on this site so why not this one?

No. 5755

not to be a pain, but can we do something about the constant anons in the moo thread bitching about anons 'giving her tips'? it's getting pretty annoying, honestly. it seems like any time any anon tries to discuss missteps in her lying, people come in and try to shit people up and complain about how we're helping her since she lurks the thread. i feel like policing the thread like that is just stupid.

No. 5756

Can all of the munchie threads be locked? They keep getting necroed by newfags.

And the newfags need to learn to use the spoiler. It's been an assault of bad blowjobs, bad tit jobs, and bad butt plugs this week.

No. 5757

Serious question: When derailing happens, why are only ever a few posts notably banned and not all who were participating in the derailing?
Especially the posts that are all "STOP DERAILING REEEE" which invariably just kicks a hornets nest and causes more arguing.

What gives with that? Too many clicks to execute? Because that's frankly crap.
If there's a reason for it, I'm curious.

No. 5758

Why are you guys so lazy? Are there only, like, 3 mods/farmhands collectively?

No. 5759

supposedly their excuse is that not all bans/warnings are public and if multiple posts are made by a single offender only one of the posts will be marked

but it really gives the wrong impression to literally everyone else. I was really hoping that when this admin took over there would be more transparency/something could be done about that and things could be labeled better, but it's been nothing but the opposite

feels like it's only a matter of time before this admin steps down and has been slowly pulling their feet out of the cow pool. which may not be true at all, current admin might be busting ass behind the scenes, but for some reason feels it's better to do so unseen, so there's no way for us to gauge the actual amount of work that is or isn't done/rules that are or are not enforced, etc.

it all seems counter productive to me, since it'll only add on to the amount of reports if something isn't marked as having been dealt with. also kills user morale/desire to report shit in the first place if it seems like nothing is being done. doesn't help that none of the shit here is ever addressed (beyond backhanded, half-answered questions that make it seem like the farmhands are sick of their job and have become resentful)

honestly can't fathom what the strategy here is beyond having more or less given up, since admin seemed very interactive/high spirited when they originally took over

No. 5760

can we get an autosage going on
-Taylor Nicole Dean and Jonny Craig

there's no new milk, it's constant circle jerking, and I'm sick of seeing their faces on the first page

No. 5761

It looks like although I offered to answer any specific questions, the anon chose not to. I'm not bitter, I genuinely offered resolution since many past questions have already been answered or are repetitive.
It's been answered in the man hating thread itself. It'll be put off autosage when staff collectively okays it.
Perhaps check your extensions for browser? Or email us if the problem continues.
I know the wait can be annoying but have faith in staff, it'll be worth it.
You can report any posts like that if you feel that it enters derailing territory.
Sure thing.
There is actually no way for you who isn't banned. If a few posts have red text and others don't it can seem as if not all parties got banned.
Much more than three.
Issuing redtext warnings has absolutely nothing to do with admin. We've had complaints about "too much redtext" and we've also had complaints about "too little".

No. 5762

While the Taylor Dean thread has frequent troubles with derailing, blogging and cowtipping, I fail to see why it has to be autosaged just because you don't like seeing it. Things are going on.

Kota's got nothing happening per usual.

No. 5763

you faggots realize you dont have to come back if youre so dissatisfied, goddamn.. staff been doing great

No. 5764

Except they haven't and never have. Why are you asskissing them so hard?

No. 5765

get your own image board then? make your own rules to enforce? there are also tons of other gossip sites to spend your day on. if youre so mad, why stay? are you just that dense?

No. 5766

>if you acknowledge that the moderators do a hack job, instead of criticizing them for it, just don't use the site, you dense hater!!1!
You have to be 18 to post here.

Again, why are you asskissing them so hard and why are you fighting with me about something this retarded?

No. 5767

Not that anon but the staff has been pretty reasonable considering the amount of shit being flung at them. They definitely weren't that way a few months ago but they seem to have gotten better.

No. 5768

Not to be a bother but when will the banners be updated, Admin-sama? They were supposed to be updated a few days ago but the banner list page doesn't say anything new has been added.

No. 5769

>supposedly their excuse is that not all bans/warnings are public

That’s true, though. I was temp-banned for nitpicking in the Onision thread. I couldn’t post for a few hours. There wasn’t a sign on the post which got me temp banned to let people know action had been taken. I feel like if there was, over a small thing, it would get super distracting on slower threads.

No. 5770

Look, imagine someone gets banned for derailing or infighting, then if all their posts are marked with a ban message, everyone can immediately tie their posts together by checking which posts were not marked before. Anonymity would be gone as soon as any user makes a slight mistake. Do you really want that?

No. 5771

gee, it's almost as if we want the posts that break the rules to have red text, not every post the user has ever made

No. 5772

Please ban the anachan sperging in ot. It’s been going on for four days now. I’m pretty sure it’s a man anyway, going on about how “weak and fragile” women are the epitome of attractiveness. A farmhand has already warned them and I’ve reported their posts. It’s annoying as fuck

No. 5773

A farmhand said they'd issue a ban the other day if it wouldn't stop. Please keep true to your word, that poster is especially shitty.

No. 5775

Not admin but we can try getting them out this weekend.
That would be a tremendous amount of red text.

Sorry for the late response but noted.

No. 5776

Thank you! It’s appreciated

No. 5777

I'm neither for nor against it, but the whole 'make a video' (now call out video?) thing in the jillian vessey/pixielocks thread is starting to feel pretty cowtippy. comments like

>What we can do instead is make a video for Jillian to see only. We can use screenshots of things that she’s said and done and use video and ask her to change her ways nicely and to be truthful with her fanbase. Other than legal issues, if she hears that someone made a call out video she might not even bother to watch it and she might loose fans and views which she needs because youtube is her only job and I don’t want to ruin her livelihood. It we’ nice and logical and tell her that the video is for her only then say that we don’t mean for it to be drama then I would go along with that.

are borderline personal army, aren't they?

I report posts I find questionable, but thought I'd mention the entire thing here because what I think started as an archival idea is getting a little off track. Her thread already seems to attract a lot of newfags/confetti posters without the added attention something like this might bring.

No. 5779

Agreed anon. We may autosage the thread soon to see if it improves. Feel free to give us other suggestions.

No. 5783

>other suggestions
No, I'm on board with your guys' decided actions this go around. The only thing I would've asked is a farmhand explaining the reasoning for autosage within the thread instead of leaving it up in the air, but you did that so I've got nothing to add other than the hopes that it works.

Thank you.

No. 5784

For the love of God, can the Dakota thread go back on autosage already? It’s the same ridiculosu nitpicks day after day after day. I would happily bet $20 that the only people who post in that thread are three NEETS who can’t get over their hate boners.

No. 5785

agreed tbh. always incredibly disappointed when I see it bumped up to the top, only to check for new milk and it's the same

>she's fat, ugly, haggard how is she a model

>I like dakota stupid h8rs leave her alone!!!!
>how can you like her she lied about cancer!
>re-photoshops of her shoops

ad infinitum

she's still a flake via past actions and no signs of reform, but she isn't producing even a drop of milk and hasn't for ages. honestly don't foresee her making a comeback.

No. 5786

forgive me if this is already a rule - but can pointless drug use speculation fall under the same category as arm-chairing?

it's absolutely useless discussion-wise and annoying

No. 5788

Pls kick the edgy teens talking about killing dogs in secret thread

No. 5790

video anon abandoned the project and won't talk about it anymore, can the jillian thread go back to normal pretty please?

No. 5791

So um… Are the banners ever getting updated? This anon is sad waiting for them.

No. 5792

Influx of teens and mina white knights in the dasha/cyr/edwin/mina thread. You can tell some are kids from the lingo and spelling mistakes and also if you try and stay neutral/say one bad thing about Mina, they will get butthurt. I understank Dasha is the more milkier one at the moment, but the infighting is getting irritating.

No. 5797

What constitutes as nitpicking reports is still unclear and not addressed understandably from the town hall.

No. 5798

some dude named iblinko in the anisa thread says he is a mod here at lolcow is this true? because if it is isnt it conflict of interest since he is a fan of anisa? why did the anisa thread went back to autosage? could it be because this iblinko person sugested it? maybe we farmers werent so wrong about the whole "mods hates us conspiracy" which I personally think its a bit of a reach but if any mod could confirm if iblinko is indeed a mod in this site that would be great, thanks!

No. 5799

are you fucking retarded? farmhands don't out themselves. thread probably got saged again because you're all dumbasses.

No. 5800

I actually have the same question so if a farmhand or the admin could respond that question it would be great.

please refrain yourself from answering things that nobody asked you to answer newfriend

No. 5801

I'll check in on that.

"she's so fat"
"Boob vein!"
"Wow her nails are disgusting"
Though how you worded it, I'm not sure what you mean.

You guys can't be serious. Are you that gullible that all it takes is some rando to come in and claim that they were a mod?

No, no one on the team is an anisastan, so if you could take off the tinfoil that'd be great.

No. 5802

File: 1528344064923.jpg (6.18 KB, 181x200, 68574654352.jpg)

>thinks farmhands out themselves
>being this retarded

No. 5803

>trying to start a fight with someone online by calling them retarded
you're quite the mature person

No. 5804

File: 1528355417097.jpg (90.37 KB, 1000x666, ZoczhIF.jpg)

>this newfaggotry

No. 5805

>have nothing else to say, proceeds to call someone a newfag
summer is really here at lolcow, yikes

No. 5806

File: 1528359181932.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

>being autistic enough to think it's a summerfag

No. 5807

>It's been answered in the man hating thread itself. It'll be put off autosage when staff collectively okays it.
Any idea when that will be?

No. 5808

Just curious why Big Lottes should be posted in the cam girls thread whenshe announced she’s going to quit camming? That doesn’t seem to make much sense.

No. 5809

at first I was a little upset she was getting lumped in there when she has so much history, but she really has been pretty slow-milk so I can understand (I assume 'camgirl' is just the most appropriate thread to lump her into, despite her long overdue 'retirement'…)

…that and I know she reads shit about her still, and I can just imagine part of petty, narcissistic charms getting upset about not having her own thread anymore. which in a sadistic way, makes me a little happy, so I'm kind of for it when I think of it that way.

No. 5810

I was wondering the same thing, especially because she is retiring. I understand she was once known as a cam girl but with that logic she could be lumped into Dakota’s thread because they were once similar. Plus, it seems like there may be more milk incoming so collapsing the thread might muddy up the other one.

No. 5811

Can you ban the titty-twisters in the unpopular opinions thread who won't stop infighting and derailing?

No. 5812

There's some cowtipping afoot in the Onision thread. Someone posted a suggested list of videos to report and why and people are posting that they're doing it: >>>/pt/530100

No. 5813

Literal troll in the dungeon- I mean unpopular opinion thread. Shitting it up with stupid emojis and bad quality maymays

No. 5814

The Dasha thread is an absolute shit show. Everyone is accusing everyone of Dasha stanning, it's boring and cancerous.

No. 5817

There's some hostile asshole stirring up an argument there everyday. Nothing new.

No. 5818

can we please have another hellweek? please?

No. 5820

I second this

No. 5821

Derailing/infighting over ridiculously petty shit is ruining the June thread.

No. 5822

Aren’t we due one soon? I feel like it’s been awhile since the last one.

No. 5823

Got a ban for the following reason: Look at the date before reporting.

Is it not allowed to report a very old thread even though it just got revived and (I think) the subject breaks the current rules? Should I have reported one of the new posts instead? Just wondering, so I don't get a ban next time.

No. 5824

the soundclout thread has a ridiculous amount of either newfags or self posters. I mean, it always has but it seems especially bad lately.

I've been reporting the posts but it needs a fucking nuke of bans or something. I get the feeling a lot of them are all a single self-posting user as they have some pretty telling habits (unsaged, text-speak, often WKing/in defense of the subjects, or just mind numbingly stupid replies/misunderstandings to anything that might be perceived as criticism against a subject of the thread, etc.

No. 5825

Seconding this request, we have some major thread shitting up going on, plus gruesome death pics and videos that we don't need or want. Can we get an emergency auto-sage?

No. 5826

this, please

No. 5827

I thought Admin locked all of the munchie threads?


No. 5828

yep, it is that time of year. summer lolcow is worst lolcow, that's why it usually happens now.

No. 5829

I've noticed a ton of rule breaking and craziness recently and just want to commend and thank our admin and our farmhands. There are shitposts everywhere and it looks like you guys are working hardcore overtime.

No. 5830

Can something be done about the asian racebaiting?

No. 5831

This! I've reported so much of it and yet no one's done anything. Even the anon who was spouting /pol/ shit didn't get banned. I thought racebait was against the rules, how is that thread even allowed?

No. 5832

File: 1529696704432.jpg (45.16 KB, 660x607, 1529214709642.jpg)

seconding this, that thread is a trash fire

No. 5833

I think we should have a hellweek, atleast for /ot/. As dumb as that sounds /pt/ and /snow/ have been fine as of late, but /ot/ is always a dumpster fire of infighting.

No. 5834


i agree, /ot/ always has anons sperging at each other for no real reason. it shouldn't be that different (i think) from /g/, but /g/ is calm and chill, while /ot/ is just straight up catfight after catfight after catfight at any time of the day.

No. 5835

Wew we gotta be looking at different threads cause snow has been shit

Our hell week needs a hell week for it's hell week. I can think of 5 threads off the top of my head right now that seem to be infested either by self posters or a very specific breed of newfag (Both?)

No. 5836

Yeah, I've also seen anons who state things like "asians have horse hair and flat faces" or "black women look manly" and not be (visible) banned, while others who are just defending their race in the same thread gets slapped with a big red text. It just feels biased.

If race-baiting really is against the rules, why isn't the thread that straight up shits on asian women banned? Not to mention the the anti k-pop thread isn't even anti k-pop half the time, just circle jerking about how ugly asians look.

No. 5837

It's a circle jerk about how much they hate korea and koreans in general at this point. I don't know if the mods are lazy or they're just allowing all this for whatever reason, but it sucks.

No. 5838

I'm also pretty sure 99% of the racebait comes from guys from /pol/ or Reddit. I just don't think any girls can be this obsessed with shitposting about non-whites. Wish there was an easier way to weed out male posters.

No. 5839

>I just don't think any girls can be this obsessed with shitposting about non-whites

I think it could, especially with all the severe insecurity some anons radiate. But yeah, that thread is being shit up

No. 5840

tumblr and twitter called. they have some bad news for you, anon.

No. 5841

Chimming in to say I’ve reported as well. I’ve actually been reporting more in general. Still nada

No. 5842

I've been reporting extra in general all around since I want to do my part in desiring a hellweek, they're probably backed up.

That or they're banning at such a speed they've completely forgone redtext for most situations, so we just aren't seeing as the behind the scenes. F-fingers crossed, r-right guys?

No. 5843

There is a sperg in the Micky thread in /snow/ constantly bumping the thread with obvious bait.

No. 5844

Sometimes reports do get backed up a bit, we get a lot of reports. A lot of them dont put reasons which means we have to look into every thread that the reports come from.
Do remember our team is not big, as recruiting new staff members is very difficult due to the nature of the site.

Thank you to the anons who've been patient and we will keep trying to improve.

No. 5845

File: 1529969730141.jpg (91.55 KB, 449x200, toemojiornottoemoji.jpg)

Farmhands, I've dug through semi-old Onision threads from 1-2 years ago recently and I noticed some people using emojis like ^^ and :). No red brackets for bans or tempbans for that at the time.

Now I see people getting tempbans for using :D and the likes. I'd like to ask out of interest why you started being harsher on that. I know it's in /info to not type obnoxiously, but it seems there's been a shift towards a harsher stance.

I'm not hating or trying to stir up shit, I'm genuinely curious. Thank you!

No. 5847

It has always been against the rules to use emoticons. Those people were likely banned just as quick as they are now.

A lot more bans happen then you guys see, we do not redtext them all because they aren't serious enough. Some mods use it a bit more frequently then others though.

Origins of lolcow are from 4chan, a lot of image board culture is still part of this board. Integrating new users has become more difficult.

No. 5848

I see, ty for answering!

No. 5849

thanks for answering. I feel bad for not bothering to list reasons a lot of times when I report, please forgive my laziness.

No. 5850

Why is the unpopular opinion thread locked? It's one of the most entertaining ones on the site.

And why can't you guys make a short post explaining why you're locking a thread before you lock it like you used to? There's no communication.

No. 5851

They're probably backed up from all the reports from the very obvious derailing and sperging. It's pretty cringe and makes anons look nuts, actually.

No. 5852

That's part of what makes it fun

No. 5853

I guess if you like ban evading and being annoying sure thing.

No. 5855

I'll check out the reason

No. 5856

Alright… Could you make a post about it whenever you find out what it was?

No. 5857

I’m begging you, farmhands. Please get rid of the derailing racists talking about sports or how stupid Koreans are in the anti-Kpop thread in /ot/. I’ve been reporting but honestly they’re breaking so many rules idk what to even put
>off topic
>race bait

It’s gone on for so long and it’s honestly frustrating at this point.

No. 5858

10 hrs later and they’re still going. Now saying that having a deeper skin tone is the same as being fat. It’s been days of racebaiting bullshit in /ot/ and nothing seems to be done. And every racist reply spaws five telling them off so threads are basically unreadable.

No. 5859

It was locked temporarily because reports were getting completely backed up.
It is back up now, but it will not stay up if it continues the way it was.

As for the race stuff, a warning was put in the thread, if any more race fighting happens then lengthy bans will be given out.

No. 5860

The site keeps going on and off server, when it’s on you can’t upload pictures. Didn’t know if we were just in maintenance or not.

No. 5861

File: 1530291397109.png (84.56 KB, 2343x236, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 12.3…)

Can I ask why was this person banned? This is not white-knighting, it was literally stating an opinion. Disagreeing with another anon about a cow's looks. Why exactly are you not allowed to have an opinion that is unpopular in a thread?

It's not like saying something positive about a snowflake's appearance is not allowed, because it happens occasionally and people don't get banned for it. I'm just saying.. cases like this one looks like abuse of power by a mod who banned because they felt like it, not because any rules were broken.

No. 5862

What other purpose does this post serve than to start infighting?
If you see nitpicking you report, not start a shitstorm. We do ban people who nitpick.

This is a huge example why red texting every ban is bad.
I didn't ban that person, but it was most likely a short warning.

No. 5863

Sorry man, the mina whiteknighting is crazy in the Dasha thread. Have to agree with the farmhands here.

No. 5864

whenever anyone says "do you (anon) x, y, z better? they deserve to be banned.

No. 5865

>Do you look any better than that?

Ban deserved. I hate it when people type this and invariably it always causes like 20 infighty replies.

No. 5866

>This is a huge example why red texting every ban is bad.
Because anons might feel band are arbitrary and unfair if they found out which comments were banned and why?

No. 5867

i personally hate that every ban isn't red-texted. marking posts that are banned helps anons to integrate a bit better by scaring them into it. if they see a post similar to one they were going to post get banned, they may not post it in the end.

No. 5868

Why does every ban need to be outted or explained to people uninvolved? They receive a message from a mod saying what they did.
This will not be changed. Before maybe 1 year ago seeing a red text post was extremely rare.

We have a rule page and an info page, it's quite simple to go read and learn how the site works.
They can also lurk more.

Don't be too scared to be banned, most of the time it is a short warning and it won't pass 3 hours too often, a lot are even only 1 second long. Of course, unless you repeat the same offense despite warning.

All I can really say is I can talk with staff about it. Thanks for the patience.

No. 5871

Why the fuck was the Man-hating thread put on autosage? It wasn't even that spergy, mostly anons sharing articles/screenshots of men being men, but occasionally a hurt robot/handmaiden trying to pull a #notallmen defense.

No. 5872


Then perhaps the unwritten rules should be written and applied consistently.


No. 5873

If you guys would state the reason behind the ban, this wouldn't happen.

No. 5874

Yeah I mean people might bitch at first about unfair bans or too many bans or whatever, but as long as there was a reason given then even regular anons would back the farmhands up and give you less to worry about - like what just happened up thread.

I do think in the end admin is admin and it's up to you what gets done with the site - you obviously see and know more about what works from the backend than we do. But other than the possibility of extra work and some initial poopy pants'd rulebreakers, I can only see benefits in increased red text.

Even though people should lurk, learn board culture and read the rules, we're seeing time and time again that they don't. For some that may mean they won't listen to bans or red text, period. But I really agree with others that it'd help assimilate newfags and help reign in others. If a time comes where there's enough available man power to at least try an increase in explained red text bans, I can't see why not to test it…?

No. 5878

agree. more red text is really useful, and as someone who did janny for 4chan, i know it's not much extra work at all. it's a super important part of banning and will help a lot of stuff. as it is now, mods have to go in and reply when people posting about seeing one comment banned but not others.

No. 5880

If people don’t know why/that others are getting banned, or that certain rules are being enforced more heavily, they’re going to continue to do banworty shit. I’ve been here since shortly after the SR migration, and can definitely say that from the user perspective, the major force behind the changes that happen in rules, etc. come more from shifts in moderation than town halls, etc. I’ve noticed a lot of bans recently for things that seem…not that big of a deal? Or for rules that haven’t historically been very strictly enforced with anything other than the scorn of other anons. Idk, it just seems that whatever is being done to improve the quality of posting, is sort of working, but it’s also killing threads in other circumstances? I guess I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do a hellweek or something before you start swinging the ban hammer harder than usual. Just my opinions.

No. 5881

there seems to be a whiteknight on the prowl. the margo, venus, and dasha threads are just overflowing with wk. dasha has had a major life issue so its to be expected. the venus wks have been at it for months. they chase away all the milk. I suspect its a few people wk multiple threads. seems the same people wk toopoor.

No. 5882

Bit paranoid to think it's all the same person or people across every thread.

At any rate, the Margo thread is purely for bashing Margo. A separate Venus thread exists for bashing her. I don't know why people struggle with the concept.

No. 5883

they just don't do it cause they're lazy. maybe admin could make a drop down list instead of having every farmhand write it in a box. lolcow doesn't do integral shit that other chan type boards anyways so it makes sense they fail at something so simple.

No. 5884

I don't understand why this is so hard for you. the venus wk in the margo thread keep writing "venus bash in her thread" but they are posting tons of venus wk. its still derailing the thread. just because its not venus thread doesn't mean you can wk. state the facts not a ton of feelings. if the janitors took away all the venus wk post the margo thread would be 1 page. that's the point. we cant even following up on margo scamming because venus wk keeps derailing the thread.

No. 5885

between people using the board as a irc, wk, and pathetic posters I am thinking about calling it a day on lol. these new posters are so sensitive and they see themselves as the cows. they want to be too poor, blaire white, and whoever else. they sperge worse then the cows. I suspect the mods are cows or triggered people themselves.

No. 5886

We wk Venus from time to time because it's the anti-Margo thread. It doesn't change a thing because there's nearly no milk anyway. You can go do the opposite in the Venus thread. See how easy it is!

No. 5887

Is there anyway to stop the [redacted] shit in the moomoo thread? It was a little funny at first but now the posts are just stupid and clutter the thread. Just don't post shit that's going to be helpful to her, full stop.

No. 5888

nayrt but you aren't suppose to wk anyone. in venus case she is a cow also. by wk her to spite margo you are contributing to a cow. I read the margo thread. inorder to wk venus you are indeed lying about venus being a cow. lolcow is for documentation. cant keep track if the cows and anons are lying. first time saying this but you need to go back(reddit). same thing happen with social repose and Jacklyn glen. Jacklyn glen is a cow but she was wk by anons to the point where her milk is 5 pages back. just stop lying to wk. state the facts and label opinions as such. I'm taking a break. my favorite threads onion and emos have been raided by wk and self-inserts.

No. 5889

I've got it, gals. How to fix the shitty newfags influx:

Before posting you have to fill out a captcha in the form of a question/accompanying image. Each question will be things like
"Does this girl look fat?"
"Do you have rich parents?"
"What do you think of BPD?"

The spergy blog posters will be unable to answer with anything short of a multi paragraph long blog entry about themselves, preventing them from completing captcha! Wala!

(Really, though, I get what above anon is saying. There's a retarded amount of oversensitive posters who project their lives into the cows and derail threads with their shitty journals. Pls squash this shit before the infestation grows further - it's almost as bad as when there was rampant spoony postings)

No. 5890

people like you who bitch about "helping her" are fucking annoying. stop trying to tone police the thread just incase. the thread is for posting about moo and laughing about her, there's no reason to bitch and moan about things that may help her. you sound like those "reeee we gotta destroy moo!" idiots.

No. 5892

Maybe it should be mentioned in the rules that you can get banned for emoji use…

No. 5893

It's literally rule #3, newfag

No. 5894

The people screeching about anons "helping her" are autistic as fuck, especially when they're policing others not to give her "advice". I don't really give a shit if she steals advice from lolcow, she's dumb enough to screw her own shit up by herself no matter how much "help" we give to her. And if she doesn't, who cares? Just let people point out her stupidity and laugh at her, it's not that fucking serious, jesus christ. We're not some sort of a sikrit legacy lawlXD trying to actively shoot cows down, that's why cowtipping is a bannable offense.

No. 5895

I know you're joking but this is actually genius.

No. 5896

i got banned for joking about sending something to a cow's public PO box. that's not cowtipping or personal army or anything. i'm sick of the mods getting so trigger happy and banning stupid shit that doesn't violate rules.

No. 5897

There has been multiple warning from mods in the momo thread about encouraging or talking about doing anything to mess with cows off the site.

No. 5898

that's not in the rules technically. there's no issue with saying something like that, and people are getting bans for asking if something is reportable, without any intent to report. it's not my fault if you are too autistic to realize that joking isn't a threat.

>5c Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).

>Do not contact a subject's family.

>Do not use lolcow.farm to crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
>Do not organize raids on twitter, twitch or other social media.
>Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

joking doesn't violate the rules at all. also, nice ESL, you'd think a mod would know how to speak properly since it's their job to know how english works so they can interpret rules.

No. 5899

This does not change the fact that there's been multiple posts on this subject in the threads. There's been warnings and bans given out for months on this.

We are already working on some changes to terms coming soon.

No. 5900

lol okay? if it's not in the rules you can't ban people and then say in that thread that you are giving out 7 day bans. 7 days for breaking a rule that doesn't exist as a joke isn't fucking lenient.

No. 5901

If there wasn't multiple warning for months about this, then I would understand.
Appealing a ban can help, if you have no offenses or even minor ones, a shortened ban can and will likely happen.

No. 5902

I got banned for reporting a post with red text I guess. I leave the tab open, and with the auto refresh or whatever, it won't display the red text. I just wanted to let you know that's a thing, and I try not to report older posts to negate it.
Yeah, I could just refresh the page.

Not to scare people, it was just like a letting me know ban, not a real one (I think, I dunno how long it was, I could continue using the site right away after seeing it). I think most people are mobile users, so I figured I may as well mention it.

No. 5903

i guess, i just think many of the bans handed out were really stupid. also the one that claimed telling a hotel about illegal activity was harassment shows the mod is kind of incompetent.

No. 5904

I'll check on that, was it just a warning?
Today the queue has been insane, so sorry for any inconveniences.

No. 5905

I guess? It was just a heads up thing, or that's how I took it anyways. It's no big deal (to me).
I just figured I should mention the auto refresh thing, but I'm not sure if it's something that can be changed. It's probably not worth it anyway ahha

No. 5906

Harassing may have been the wrong word, but we can't have people encouraging doing these type of things on here. It causes problems.

Edit to save space:
I'll give that info to the admin and see if anything can be done. Thank you for the patience.

No. 5907

that's totally understandable, but i guess it seems a bit like white knighting. i definitely understand it, it just feels like the moo thread is constantly being singled out, but then it's obvious to me there's a reason, hell, it's obvious that was why it got moved to /snow/. i guess i'm just salty that anons are triggering mods to be more ban happy over shit that wouldn't get banned in other threads.

No. 5908

Meh, I think it can technically fall under harassment as it would be bothering her out of personal malice. And for Moo irl, any outside interference would certainly be viewed as harassment.

You could also call it encouraging cowtipping, mostly in relation to 5c (crusading against).

Asking "can we do x?" makes it seem like the poster is going to do x. They could have worded it better.

I don't care, just abuse or harassment is generally used as a blanket term in modding (in my experience). Sorry for putting in my two cents.

I imagine it'll be a mess all weekend, at the very least.

No. 5909

not trying to stir shit, but in real life you can get in trouble for knowingly being around people engaging in illegal activities. i understand that threatening her in the thread is stupid, but call it like it is.

No. 5910

File: 1530874552932.png (60.36 KB, 741x936, hmmm.png)


No. 5911

you see how "Adhere to Board Culture" is a link. maybe try clicking that.

No. 5912

I understand the frustration, us mods are still farmers that use the site. It'd be preferable to not need to ban so frequently, but sadly with influxes of newfags it can be difficult to let things slide like before.

If there's anymore questions, I'll try my best to answer them.

Technically 3.1c, this site origins are from 4chan.
You aren't supposed to post in a way that can differentiate yourself from "anonymous", which includes emojis/emoticons.

No. 5913

maybe try reading?

it says to avoid the use of emoji, nowhere is stated it will result in a ban.

4chan doesn't autoban on use of emoji, people use it for trolling there and some character combinations can result in an emoji

No. 5914

sorry you're too autistic to realize that "avoid using emojis" under a section about rules implies you'll get banned.

also, all the bans are done manually, so of course mods aren't going to ban you for accidentally making an emoji. i swear.

No. 5915

are you unironically this stupid?

lolcow might have roots in 4chan culture but that doesn't mean we have to do everything 4chan does. emoji use is a big indicator of newfags who didn't lurk, and if you couldn't even believe that from seeing it listed in the fucking rules/rules and info, then there's nothing to be said but for your ass to lurk moar. Getting red text for emoji use is probably the most COMMON ban I've seen on lolcow, so how you didn't catch on is beyond me

No. 5916

fuck. i know that this already was mentioned but can we please ban people who try to police discussion because the cow could use it to her advantage? it happens in the moo thread a lot, but is spilling into others too. her lurking here and posting stuff that she sees in the thread is part of the milk and it really seems like tons of anons are trying to crusade against certain cows, rather than watch them and point and laugh.

No. 5918

Already been on it, just continue reporting them so we can be aware.

No. 5919

Just wanna thank the mods for quickly handling the spam in the Momokun thread.

Keep it up.

No. 5920

Thank the anon who left a message in the emergency channel on our discord!
Great way to use it, for spam, CP, or general emergencies

No. 5921

Moo's thread is not the only one where this comes up. For example, in the Taylor threads, people muse about complaining to her apartment manager about her pets. I imagine farmhands see a great deal of it. I feel like in the Moo thread culture, anons are particularly sensitive about being corrected and see it as victimisation. Suggesting to call the hotel and report illegal drugs is a dumb post, #1. The anon wouldn't even know what drugs to report anyway, #2 and should make an ass of themselves on their own time without suggesting it on here, #3.

No. 5922

you totally missed my point, banning some things like that is fair, but mods need to actually be explaining bans rather than calling people autists. you also sound like you don't really get the over all feel in the moo threads. it's not about anons being salty they're being corrected, it's that those anons actually hate moo and don't want her milk.

No. 5923

Why is Micky's thread locked?


No. 5924

That's not the current one anon >>>/snow/600072

No. 5925

can we please have another hellweek

No. 5926

Second this. The number of newfags in /snow/ who don't sage or know of imageboard culture or rules is staggering, even for it being summertime. The majority of posts in the Shoe thread are unsaged and/or have been discussed in previous threads. In Shayna's thread anons will keep not using sage even when a Farmhand posts the rules in the thread.

No. 5927

seems like we are overdue for one, but reading above, there might not be enough staff for it?

The Shoe thread is always messy, but it has been extra fucking shit lately.

No. 5928

i'm having a bit of issue with hiding threads. for some reason when i close out the page and come back the threads are unhidden again, not closing the browser though. anyone else having this issue?

No. 5929

Can we make bringing up tumblr tier social justice topics like "hurr she's taping her face what a racist piece of yellowface", "hurr what a transphobe respect xir pronouns please" and "she's appropriating x culture!!" bullshit a bannable offense? Unless someone is walking around with an actual blackened face singing about eating watermelon and chicken it shouldn't be worthy of discussion.

No. 5930


No. 5933

Stay tuned for an upcoming hellweek.
You can report those posts under racebaiting.

No. 5935

File: 1531673061357.png (273.98 KB, 1749x827, bs.png)

me getting banned for 635847 for """blogposting" or whatever when i was replying to 634214 seems ridiculous. the difference between calling someone out for reaching, and blogposting should not be 1st person pronouns, if i would have said you, or "people" i don't feel i'd have gotten gotten banned. it's not infighting to point out someone's reasoning is fucking stupid. also, if anyone else was banned they should have been redtexted as well, and redtexting my post in general shows bad modding.

i really really hope some new rules on redtext are implemented because mods should be using them as a site feature, not like whiny autists.

No. 5936

also my ban already expired so i'm not evading or something.

No. 5937

god bless you, farmhand, and all the staff. i eagerly await the next hellweek!!!

No. 5938

SFA, you were probably banned bc instead of posting anything productive, you made an unsaged reply just to nitpick another anon and talk about yourself.

No. 5939

what you did is blogposting

no one gives a shit that you have one set of sheets and how frequently you clean them

if you hadn't been banned for blogposting, you should've been banned for infighting over something trivial and retarded

or even better, just for not sageing

so looking at that SS I can imagine literally 3 reasons you should have been banned, seems pretty justified

No. 5940


i think the biggest issue was the fact that you didn't sage. bumping the thread just to talk about washing your sheets seems unnecessary. it also seemed like you were picking a fight with anon over something super petty and personal, so again sage was needed. the post had nothing to do with the thread, altough you were right lbr. it seems fair that you got a short ban and now can post again. your post wasn't terribly spergy or blogposty, just unnecessary.

the (no one cares) redtext was right.

No. 5941

Ok so I’m an old ass farmer but I spent some time away, and since I’ve been back I haven’t paid a lot of attention to admin and rule changes. I’ve noticed that bannable offenses have changed a lot, and I’m curious when & why some of the old chan-culture stuff went by the wayside, here. I noticed that the rules no longer expressly admit doxxing, trolling, shitposting, etc.

Tbh I think a lot of it’s an improvement so please don’t take this as bitching! Just curious - thanks admin and farmhands for keeping this place alive and as cancer-free as possible!

No. 5942

I'm feeling rambly so this is going to be one hell of a tl;dr timeline.

I'd say the rule changes were a more gradual coming about, each new rule sort of in accordance with different happenings or newfag floods (btw, if you missed it, I personally find the 'spergchan' drama involving kiki kannibal to be the most juicy happening over the years and recommend looking into it). Some claims of legal action against lolcows/admins seemed to have swayed hands a few times, I believe especially when it came to doxxing family members/children.

The biggest changes definitely came to the end of original admins stay (you could tell he was getting tired of his position/lolcow in general). 2nd admin ended up doing some doxxing herself via discord and being petty or something (I didn't really pay attention to that fiasco) and I think consequently stepped down (someone can correct me here), leading to current admin.

each overhaul meant a new batch of mods, as far as I know, which also lead to rule implementation-changes. I think current admin ended up making their own team entirely, but again, hazy on the accuracy there.

Anyway, by the time current admin came on board, lolcow was in pretty big disarray. raids and cowtips and other junk had caused hordes of newfags and tons of attention hungry self-posting, and so new admin began their reign with heavy hellweeks (which had been implemented previously with mostly success, but basically - weeks at a time where farmhands ban extra heavy to wipe out the piles of trash that've failed to integrate). A lot of rules came from problems shitposters consistently brought about that non-stop derailed threads. Public "Townhalls" were very common with og and 2nd admin (where everyone would discuss current issues and solutions – err, sort of - via chatroom). So lots of things were put to vote and turned into rules from that.

With new (current) admin's hellweeks beginning to get things back in order rule-wise, the site's host increasingly shit up all over the place. So admin came up with an alternative lolcow meant to be used to post milk when the main site was down. this alternative lolcow, unfortunately, ended up becoming a spammy-retard haven for people who did not enjoy the new ban-heavy moderation of regular lolcow. these 'refugees' would 'hide milk' from normal lolcow, talk shit about lolcow, and talk shit about the staff/rule enforcement. eventually their spewage leaked into the main site and caused more problems, leading to admin having to take down alternative-lolcow and then create more rules to get rid of their shitposting all over the main site once they were forced to crawl back here and lash out.

more shit happened at some point before all this where spoony (as always) got out of hand and sent a bunch of fucking robots over here because original admin banned her from shit posting and humble bragging all over the site (she had apparently amassed more posts than any single user of lolcow). more rules were implemented to deal with that shit storm. munchie and ana threads became popular after some time, and brought in a whole bunch of retards from myproana and instagram along those lines, who endlessly blogposted and shit all over, and that brought along even /more/ rules. As always, fags from PULL and tumblr and other such havens would come in droves when cowtipping or crosslinking came about, leading to even more rules. Eventually, this also lead to an increase of regular users that were not originally from 4chan – meaning the overall userbase began to have different opinions on 4chan culture (granted, too, most of those around for old 4chan have probably grown up and had moral shifts). Hence you get a lot of WKy shit and freak outs about 'sexual harrassment someone looked at someone's butt triggered where's my hugbox' etc.

recently there has also been a summer influx and a dip in posting quality, hence everyone here screaming for 'hellweek' the past however many posts.

anyway, I hope someone else comes along and sums this shit up for you better so you don't have to struggle reading this… but, maybe it still gives a little insight. if you want more highlights/a general idea of things, skimming through /meta/ probably summarizes/clarifies the basic happenings between each admin reign better than I just did

No. 5943

Thank you, anon! I nominate you for board historian.

No. 5945

Is the rules page messed up? I notice global rules go from 1 to 5 with nothing in between and it’s a little confusing because I swear it wasn’t like that before.

No. 5946

Nitpicking is getting out of hand in the Pixielocks thread - every other comment has become about her weight gain, hair, or makeup.

No. 5947

oh thank fuck.

is it going to be site-wide? a few of the /pt threads like onion and moomoo were under pretty strict rules about no nitpicking etc but that seemed to fall by the wayside a while ago and now they are back to shitpost central

No. 5948

Just curious if any town halls are planned for the near future. Maybe it would be useful to have users weigh in collectively regarding the direction they’d like to see the site take before implementing hellweek? I think it’s great that y’all are doing the hellweek thing, and it could be a great opportunity to take the site more in a direction that the established user base prefers - I see a lot of older farmers in this thread with some good ideas, and I don’t recall newfag influxes in town halls being a problem in the past. Just a suggestion!

No. 5949

Could farmhands address the unsaged infighting in the Sam Hyde thread?

No. 5950

There seems to be reasonable suspicion that Kelly is repeatedly derailing her own thread, would admin be willing to investigate?

No. 5951

*Kelly Eden, sorry.

No. 5952

Is it even remotely possible that extreme ass sucking, even of non cows, becomes against the rules?

Ie. The entire of the momokun thread right now are people flicking their beans to susu and bunny and saying stupid shit like 'we should praise them more because it'll piss off moo moo!'

Every time I read that thread I'm so fucking baffled what a circlejerk sjw fest it looks like, it's like it doesn't follow board culture at all. I'd not even be shocked if it was just one small, dedicated group of anons sucking each other's farts each thread

No. 5953

Any possibility for a kpop containment thread? It just seems like every thread either turns into a race war or and kpop circle-jerk.

No. 5954

There are already Kpop threads in /ot/.

No. 5955

THIS. I could bet good money that the people sucking Susu's and Bunny's asses are a part of their inner circle or skinwalker club because they go into screeching banshee mode if you DARE to suggest that they're not perfect angelic beings just because they're not Momo. All the YASSS QUEEN SLAYYYY SUSU MY GODDESS UWU posts are so fucking cringey and derailing in their own right. It's happened in other threads too though, not just Momo's.

No. 5956

Fuck am I ever glad I'm not the only person who feels this way. It really is derailing in its own right. For every 1 on topic post you have to go through 15-30 of these. And you're right, I've seen it in other threads but never to such an extreme. And whenever someone questions it in thread they get called a WK and the loud minority circle back around into what lesbos they are with each other. It's just bizarre.

No. 5957

File: 1532119887961.png (19.85 KB, 1323x329, excuseme.png)

can someone please explain what platinum retard mod banned me for this? i wasn't the OP nor was i derailing, i was just replying to someone's question. i wasn't defending anything.

No. 5958

You know ban evading will end up with another ban, right?

No. 5959

it expired i'm not evading.

No. 5960

Off topic replies, replying to off topic replies and or feeding trolls are still derailing. If it was a quick ban that expired quickly it was likely more of a warning. Other people involved were probably banned as well, they just don't red text everything.

Meaning yeah, since your explanation had nothing to do with cow thread topic it was probably derailing.

No. 5961

I just got banned by the same mod for "ban evading," but I was never banned in the first place. I'm assuming they thought I was you or something.

No. 5963

This kind of thing makes me question whether staff are sufficient & competent enough to implement a hellweek that won’t just piss off the old user base, and why I think there needs to be a townhall before the upcoming hellweek.

No. 5964


NTA, but the post was made on /ot/, not a cow's thread. It wasn't derailing. Only the people on that anon's side got red texted too. It made the mod who did it look butthurt and biased.

No. 5965

Can we PLEASE get rid of redtext? The mods are abusing it and it’s very annoying. Or just delete stupid off-topic or bad posts instead of leaving it there to just add that, and make others in the thread talk about it. You delete spam posts, so delete those.

No. 5966

These mods are ABUSING THEIR POWER. you need to get rid of this stupid “farmhand” applications because youre just attracting newfags and cunts that think they’re the high horse so they ban anyone for anything.

No. 5967

It’s funny that bans are just warnings. I use emojis! Banned. I go off topic! Banned. I armchair. Banned. What the fuck is wrong with the rules here???

No. 5968

The littlest thing you do can get you banned. It’s driving people away. RELAX.

No. 5969

I agree with the anons above. This is supposed to be gossip but Jesus Christ on a bike it’s like a “no fun zone”

No. 5970

You can still ban evade even if you triple ban. It’s pointless.

No. 5971

I literally just read that post in the momokun thread, what are you talking about? I read the entire thing and it totally was off topic. Minorly off topic but that thread among others have been fucking awful lately so I'm all for heavier rule enforcement and an impending hell week. The ban couldn't have been all that long considering how fast they said it expired vs when it was posted.

Those rules exist because the vast majority of long term, consistent farmers didn't want to deal with your newfag sperg posts. If you spent any actual time on lolcow you'd realize how annoying those things have become.

Lmao why is dead af meta suddenly being horded with a bunch of anons singing the same tune over such a short time span? Something reaks of samefag asshurt they can't follow simple rules laid out for them in plain text.

No. 5972

You're the sort of newfag we don't want here. Armchair and offtopic sperging derail the thread to hell and you end up having to scroll through 100 replies debating which mental illness the cow has and 100 more about people bitching about completely unrelated bullcrap.

No. 5973


Some mods get away with breaking that rule/if emojis are annoying then can redtext be gone too?? Pretty annoying too

No. 5974

You people are so bitter. Is that when you go on this website everyday and revolve it around your life it turns you into a cunt?

No. 5975

oops, I thought that was the anon who got banned in the secret sharing thread. mb, mb.

No. 5976

>you people are so bitter
Lolcow isn't a place for you then. If you want a kawaii uwu circlejerk so hard, go to PULL.

No. 5977

nah. it’s fun watching retards like the ones upthread acting like a ban is the end of the world, even more fun when it’s just a short redtext ban and they STILL sperg because apparently not being able to access an imageboard is somehow a big deal

No. 5978

Well said. I agree with >>5963 though, modding does seem kinda inconsistent at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus among the main users on what direction we’d like to see the moderation take. Hellweek in the current state of things might just end up pissing off the non-cancerous posters in the process, and that would be a shame.

No. 5979

Most bans are just time-outs that let you know that you fucked up and are so short that it shouldn't be a big deal. You could go to make something to eat and be unbanned by the time you come back. It's not that big of a deal.

Also agree.

No. 5980

Yeah, I understand exactly where you and other logical posters are coming from. I've always been one of the anons who want more clear, consistent red text bans. But the farmhands up thread have said before there's too much of a rift between people wanting that and people complaining about it altogether.

Personally, I think even if we were to remove red text entirely there'd still be hugbox retards like the one that was getting mad about emojis, armchairing, etc. To me, even for minor offenses, these bans are justified because – whether you're normally a nonshitposter or not - you're doing something that regularly offsets the thread content. I've been reasonably banned for things like infighting before and not only was the duration of the ban short, but I could still read lolcow (just not post). Mods have said before ban severity will also depend on your past transgressions. If 'quality posters' are getting their jimmies rustled that they can only read lolcow for a few hours or a day, then I don't even know what the fuck to say to them. Stiff upper lip, I guess?

That all said, I do still agree it'd be good for another survey or town hall so everyone has a chance to voice their opinions.

No. 5981

I think mods should have to redtext, and not be allowed to change the text. It's clearly too much for some of them to have that kind of power.

No. 5982

Also I forgot the original reason I came here. The man-hate shit is getting way out of hand. The posters are a problem, and they're super cancerous. They start petty fights in all the threads and accuse everyone who doesn't agree with them of being handmaidens or trannies. Then they whine and say it's cause their thread is autosaged, but turn around and bitch when it's not and it gets raided. I honestly don't even want them to have their own threads anymore because it clearly doesn't help, and it's just making it seem like we want them here. They have to voice their shitty opinion in every thread that someone mentions a dude, or they have to freak out when you don't agree with their opinion.

There's some stupid thread about men being more racist than women, which seems like total racebaiting. And they remade the man-hate thread so the other one wouldn't be on autosage, which isn't how you get something off autosage.

I usually don't get pissed off by these kind of things, but the posters have showm themselves to be toxic and whiny. The way the threads are mirrors shit you see on /r9k/ but under the guise of "we've been oppressed by them so we deserve this!" which is cringy. I do feel similarly about all the trans hate but it seems mostly contained.

I just really hope that admins and the mods come to some kind of conclusion about this whole thing.

No. 5983

Lol. And if anyone sounds whiny here, it's you. Maybe you should try crystal.cafe if you don't like the userbase of lolcow. They're more your speed.

No. 5984

agreed. the man hate threads are fucking awful.

No. 5985

Mods have the power to delete posts. Or you could just secretly ban those users without redtexting. It’s fucking annoying

>>5983, >>5976


No. 5986

I hate it when anons say shit like this >>5983
when we get our cents out on how we can make lolcow better.

No. 5987

See: Mariah threads

No. 5988

They have a hugbo- i mean containment thread for a reason, babby.

No. 5989

Way to prove my point.

No. 5990

Why the hell is the Susu booty pic still up? I know the poster was banned, but people are STILL fucking responding to it. It's OT and the most OT part was the photo.

No. 5991

The proposition on how to "make lolcow better" was to ban all man hate from the site. I fail to see what good that would do for anyone who's not cc-teir.

This, but unironically.

No. 5992

>wanting people to get in trouble for shitty gender based infighting



No. 5993

also, you guys certainly are digging a bigger hole by "rebelling" against admin/mod wishes.

No. 5994

Bullshit, you JUST said "I honestly don't even want them to have their own threads anymore" kek. If it's only on /ot/, I don't see what the big deal is.

No. 5995

You guys are just as whiny and entitled as the men you constantly bitch about.

No. 5996

it's clear no one wants you here, but i agree we should get rid of the thread so you don't get the idea that you're welcome here. you won't even accept your shitty thread being on autosage because you think it's unfair not to advertise your hateful shit to the rest of the site. i get wanting to vent but there's no reason for a thread of it.

No. 5997

I also agree about the man-hate shit.

They just aren't satisfied about anything, they constantly go into threads to shit on anons positive discussions about men and then talk down on people telling them to stop. They bitch about people "protecting the poor little men" even though no one really cares either way, we just want them to shut the hell up.

No. 5998

Wow what the hell happened here.
Anyways, I wanted to come explain something that changed quite a while ago now that may explain why you guys thing "Mods are so ban happy now".

The old banning system was god awful, we would have to give one full day bans minimum just so people could even SEE they have been banned. Maybe about a 6 months ago or a bit more now, we changed that system so that you guys can see any bans that you have received, even if it had expired already.
Banning is just the same amount as it was for a long time. 90% of those bans before were never seen. (and yes we can see when someone has seen their ban)

I hope this clears up why it may seem a lot crazier now with bans.
Also if your ban is under like 1 hour it is just a warning, not a ban.

Remember to use the appeal system, if we see here was a mistake we will unban you. We sort through a shit ton of reports daily.
I'll try read through all the complaints made. May take me a while though.

No. 5999


Can you chill? Stop spamming the thread.

No. 6000

Considering how popular the man hate thread immediately went back to being the second it was created, seems like a lot of people want it here.

No. 6001

File: 1532215036098.jpg (24.17 KB, 236x272, 1478494634790.jpg)

No. 6002

Then stay in your damn quarantine zone.

No. 6003

Now that it's back, I will. Stop bitching about how toxic and evil said quarantine zone is, handmaiden. If it goes away again, all the man hate will just go right back into the other threads.

No. 6004

All I'm seeing is "reeee I'm a whiny pissbaby when I don't get my way."

No. 6005

You're really proving the OP's point holy shit. Calm the hell down. This thread isn't your safe-space.

No. 6006

wow you must be a lot of fun

No. 6007

How? The OP was the one whining about how the quarantine threads shouldn't exist and the man hate on the site in general should lead to bans, what did I do?

No. 6008

This is the thread to do so, to the mods and admins no one gives a shit about your whiny opinion.

No. 6009

>no1curr about whiny opinions
>except when I agree with those whiny opinions, then it's ok

No. 6010

I wasn't the same anon, but you're doing just that. You're bitching about someone else's opinion in a thread meant to give mods insight about the site. This is not the place for this, you said your piece now sit the fuck down.

No. 6011


Yeah that's pretty much the attitude on here whenever anybody tries to express an opinion or have a discussion that's not based around nitpicking and bitching.


Thank you for this information because it did feel like there were a lot more bans than there used to be.

No. 6012

When did this man hate something began anyways? Been browsing here for almost two years and i never saw them before, is this a recent thing?

No. 6013

It is recent. I'm not sure when it started but it's pretty ridiculous. I get the idea but these threads seem to just be circle-jerk. And anons in them always say it's deserved cause men do the same shit. Like okay, way to point out that you guys are on the same shitty level as them.

No. 6014

It started in "The obsession with teenagers" thread on /ot/.

No. 6015


Oh yeah I remember the "all men hates us so we should kill ourselves" anon.

No. 6016

Can you guys slap a big red warning label on the man hate thread that taking the bait is a bannable offence? Because some anons just have to, time and time again, take such piss-obvious bait and derail the thread for everyone else.

No. 6017

This is an issue that has been going on from the very start of the man hating threads. Slapping various warnings back in January didn't seem to fix the problem but we're open to other suggestions.

No. 6018

No. There were misandry threads years ago, do you not remember those?

No. 6019

Just autosage it again. Clearly anons can't deal with bait and the thread is an eyesore.

No. 6020

You should just hide it

No. 6021

That's not going to stop you idiots from taking the bait at every turn. That thread really is for femcels or whatever. You guys are just as dumb as the guy version of you.

No. 6022

Okay, then maybe the mods should be more strict about banning users who interact with the bait.

It still seems like your main issue with the thread is that you don't like it. If it makes you so upset, hide it.

No. 6023

Hiding it won't keep you loons from shitting up other threads with it. It's obvious that the userbase who wants those kind of discussions is the problem. I just don't want to hear or see anything about men at all. I don't come to this site to be so obsessed with men that I want to talk about them constantly.

You guys act like such whiny babies too and fight with anyone who doesn't want to see you point out that men rape and kill whenever a man is mentioned. And you shoehorn in the fact that men have negative opinions about any subject. It spreads all around the site. No one cares if "men think shoop is real" or "men think fat girls are a fetish" or whatever.

I honestly am convinced many of the posters in the "man hate" threads are incels trying to get their shitty opinions out.

No. 6024

Calm down. Just ignore it instead of insisting the mods ban everyone who triggers you. This is honestly embarrassing.

No. 6025

>insisting the mod bans everyone

No one fucking said that.

No. 6026

What else could you have meant when you said
>It's obvious that the userbase who wants those kind of discussions is the problem.

It implies you want all those users gone because they upset you.

No. 6027

not that anon but i personally would love it if all of the femcels fucking left

No. 6028

…Why are you telling me this?

No. 6029

As expected from a femcel, your thinking is totally black and white.

Me saying that the site could use without you guys reeeing about men in every fucking thread that you can mention men in (see the chubby farmer thread, unpopular opinion thread, ideal body thread etc.) and wanting the man-hate thread which is just a fucking invitation for neckbeards and shit to be autosaged is not saying you should all be fucking banned.

No. 6030

NTA, but because there's more than one anon who wants you guys gone.

There's bitching about men and then there is being the same shitty men you bitch about in woman form.

No. 6031

great job! is there a way to see past warns?

No. 6032

First of all, I haven't posted in those threads in months, I only lurk. Auto-sage kills threads, so when it dies again it will infest the other threads. Sounds like you want to have your cake and eat it too by having the man hate "problem" fixed by banning it from /ot/, which is pretty much the same thing.

And again, chill out. Why are you so pressed? This is not that big of a deal, crybaby.

I don't care, I didn't ask in either of my posts.

No. 6033

If the man hate posters can't keep it to their thread then I agree those specific individuals should be banned from the site. The problem is that we can't see how many unique posters are actually leaving their containment thread and we can't stop them from ban evading.

The only reason I'd agree with banning it entirely is because I was on 4chan from the get go and I highly believe moot bringing back and allowing R9K instead of keeping it deleted and mass banning all the refugees leaking into other boards was the final straw that broke the camel's back and 100% when 4chan went to complete and utter shit opposed to just parshal shit. If the Man hate posters became too numerous, too ban evading and continued to leave their containment area, then I fully support banning them and the topic from lolcow.

But again, can't really make an informed opinion since we don't know unique poster statistics. I assume the farmhands have a better grasp on this.

No. 6034

Maybe changing the name to the "misogyny thread" or "sexism experience thread"? So that the thread doesn't stand out as much as "MALE HATE THREAD". Its not that man hate-y either, most of it is frustration with sexism and the treatment women get in society.

No. 6035

No one asked you your opinion either.

>it's not that male hate-y

Lmao you wish. Femcels are so delusional.

No. 6036

I agree with this, and honestly I don't see them keeping it to one thread. They already brought it to other threads, claiming it was because their thread was on autosage, but they haven't kept it to that thread even then. Shortly after they made the new thread, someone made that shitty "men are more racist" thread that had to be locked, and they were having conversations in the unpopular opinions thread.

If it's only a few posters and they can keep it together, sure give them their own thread, but they haven't proven that yet. I agree with the anon saying that men are mentioned anytime they can be mentioned, which is really bizarre.

No. 6037

It's shitty, manipulative behavior to accuse other farmers of being "handmaidens" just because we have some criticisms about male-hate posters and their conduct.
Nobody has to shut up and go away (ironically, this is how men treat us on 4chan).
So don't say "You shouldn't browse lolcow and you should go to crystal.cafe," as if our opinions aren't as valid for being posters here.

It's not unreasonable for other posters to voice frustration and concern when man-hate tirades have bled into other threads. Personally, I've hidden the /ot/ thread but have seen the topic leak into others myself. Some posters have demonstrated that they can't control their sperging and a containment thread isn't cutting it. It attracts baiting, infighting, sperging.

I'm sure I'm not the only anon who's tired of male fixation on this website.

No. 6038

Just ban the anons replying to bait to set an example. Also perhaps remove the bait posts? "men r gud" and "ur just as bad" or "why haet men doesn't bother to read previous 200 posts to find out why" do not fit the theme "MAN HATE", I don't see why they should not be taken as off topic derailing and removed on sight.

No. 6039

So what do you suggest then? If removing or autosaging the thread makes the users shit up other threads (this is why the new one was made), but not removing it bothers your innocent virgin eyes, and apparently doesn't even contain the man hate, what do you want?

I think it's clear that what anon is getting at is that we should just ban whoever has any slight complaint about 50% of the population.

No. 6040

Agreed. I really agree with the last point, the focus on men is a bit out of hand, especially in the way it's done here. They always just post random shit they've seen online and then act like it's some kind of deep commentary. Like, what's the point then? It's just a bunch of cherry picked comments and anons going "see this is what men are really like" then trying to shit on people who disagree calling them "handmaidens" or accusing them of being men. Hell, even now the thread isn't full of "totally constructive criticism", it's annoying circlejerking about how all the people who bitch about it are clearly males posters. And when you point out that they are acting the same as groups they bitch about, they make poor excuses, and claim that "men always do this on the rest of the internet and no one complains!" And they refuse to listen.

I always thought that not allowing men to post was fine, because the types of men who like chan sites are fucking annoying since they've had no experience with other humans, let alone women. But the women who are the exact same people as those men are just as fucking annoying.

No. 6041

>I don't see why they should not be taken as off topic derailing and removed on sight.

Because the mods actually don't care about your thread and are using it to contain you so the rest of the site doesn't get ruined. You guys don't seem to notice that you're being treated as a disease, like incels on 4chan, and for the exact same reasons even down to your justifications.

NTA but many have said that you guys are still shitting up other threads, and after the new thread was made, not only were other similar threads made, but the derailing didn't stop.

No. 6042

>many have said that you guys are still shitting up other threads, and after the new thread was made, not only were other similar threads made, but the derailing didn't stop

It has only been two days, give some time for the man-hate discussion outside of the thread to dry up (which it will, because there is containment now), and if it doesn't, and the users doing this refuse to take it to the man-hate thread, just ban them for derailing, if they are doing that.

No. 6043

I'm one of the people who are leaning towards potentially getting rid of the man-hate posters all together, but I think this is a pretty reasonable middle ground - if farmhands are able/willing to do so.

Ban the bigger trouble-makers, and if the majority of users are still baiting, taking the bait, going outside their thread, derailing other topics, etc, then get rid of it all together and continue to ban the refugee-spillage til they accept the topic isn't welcome here because it couldn't be contained. Same with any other cow or snow related banned topic, where we were forced to ban it because it just couldn't be done without maximum spergy autism.

No. 6044

I agree. I wouldn't care what they were doing, but they seep into any thread on /ot/ and /g/.

I'm not even saying they shouldn't be allowed their opinion, but they always clap back at people about it claiming everyone is a handmaiden/tranny/male if they disagree. They're just as bad as when male posters come on to the boards.

No. 6045

>le "just as bad as menXD" meme
Stating facts about male violence statistics and reciting how most women have to live in fear for all their lives is comparable to men reeing about not getting laid. Okay.

And yes, if you're getting your panties in such a bunch over one thread that leaks to maybe two or three /ot/ threads (just like k-pop, gendercrit, ana-chan, racebaiting, veganism and other topics) you sound very, very male or handmaiden-y.

No. 6046

Not that anon but
>k-pop, gendercrit, ana-chan, racebaiting, veganism and other topics
Nobody appreciates these subjects leaking into other threads either. Just because they occasionally do doesn't mean it's okay for you to be doing it too, and out of those types of posters, many different anons here are saying that you guys are the most distracting of them all.

>women have to live in fear for all their lives is comparable to men reeing about not getting laid

This isn't what anon was saying.
Nobody is comparing what women have to deal with to men and saying you're "as bad as men" for addressing women's issues.
This guilt tripping attempt isn't going to endear us to your perspective btw.

Anon clearly meant you're "as bad as men" in how you're treating other farmers who criticize your conduct or interact in a way that isn't 100% agreeing with you.
You accuse anons of being males/trannies/handmaidens and acting like the entire website is your personal circlejerk.

Men treat us in the same minimizing, derogatory ways on other chans and we don't need that behavior from you or anyone else here.

No. 6047

This is exactly what I meant, thank you.

I hate this idea that >>6045 has about other people getting away with doing it. Or how men all over the internet can be annoying spergs so it's fine for anons to do it too? No, it's just as annoying as when men do it. The only people who let shit men to air their dirty laundry about women or whatever are other shit men.

A lot of us want to go on /ot/ and /g/ to shoot the shit with other women about stuff we can't talk about with our SOs or irl friends, and many of us don't want to be constantly reminded about how shitty men are. Bitching in every thread about shitty incels or neckbeards or misogynists is annoying, same as when people bitch about trannies in threads. It has little to do with not wanting people to be mean to the poor little men, and more to do with the fact that the posters who bring it up have to shove their nose into everything and try to swing the conversation into misandry. And anyone who says anything gets accused of being a handmaiden or man or tranny.

Just like >>6045 has done most of those posters are the same

>post a comment that brings up an annoying subject (misandry in this case)

>bitch when anyone responds negatively, acting like you're entitled to your opinion but the other person isn't
>x does z so y is entitled to do z! (ie. men get away with the same thing all the time, we deserve to!)
>adhom (handmaiden/tranny/male etc.

No. 6048

Just hide the threads.

No. 6049

It's like you don't read.

No. 6050

>even though we have a containment thread you should hide any threads we barge into because we're entitled!!!

this is how stupid you sound.

No. 6051

File: 1532564073730.jpg (9.49 KB, 227x218, 1486692565080.jpg)

Speaking of containment threads there's a nutjob shitting up the manhate thread in /ot/
and another idiot anon who won't stop replying to the bait

No. 6053

Just curious if admin/farmhands are considering moving any /snow/ threads to /pt/ in the near future? I’m not interested in nominating any particular threads, and don’t post to /pt/ often myself - i just really enjoy reading the input of farmers who stick to that board, and would love to read more of that content.

No. 6054

I feel like a few people on /snow/ are definitely cow worthy to be bumped to /pt/. However, I think some people may be disappointed to find that the thread activity would slow because they'd also have to stop pointless nitpicking and post actual milk discussion.

No. 6055

>they'd also have to stop pointless nitpicking and post actual milk discussion.

what gives you that idea? have you looked at the most active threads in /pt/ lately?

I don't know if there is any worth bumping up or not, but I do hope that any changes like that are made after a hellweek.

No. 6056

Have you looked at the nitpicking and blogposting in /snow/ lately? No way most of that flies on /pt/, and I guarantee the posts that you see on /pt/ are getting bans even if they're not being redtexted.

No. 6058

Ntayrt and you might be right about the redtextless bans but pt is pretty fucking bad right now. I lurk both pt and snow frequently and I definitely don't find the quality of posts in pt to be any better, nor have I ever been under the impression it's moderated any more or less than snow. We need the impending hell week not a thread transfer imho, not that I'm against transfers ofc. Like farmhands have said, if you think of any candidates report threads in snow you consider pt potential and admin will decide

No. 6059

bans without redtext are irresponsible tbh.

also, i am coming to complain about the mess that is /ot/. i know it's supposed to be a mess, but fuck, why do we even have that board? the people on it are mostly nuts and there are so many dup threads with /g/ that it seems pointless.

No. 6060

can we do anything about the Fictional crush thread in /ot/?
the derailing, bait, and infighting is insane

No. 6061

yes nuke it. no one wants your kind here.

No. 6062

I agree with >>6061 that this weird husbando shit isn't welcome on the site. It's extremely cringy and unhinged and I honestly feel like most of the thread is just male roleplayers (cause I really don't want to imagine any women being that cringy).

No. 6063

more than happy with the nuke if it stops the sperging

No. 6064

The redtextless bans are bad, period.

That thread is a cringe-filled disaster. If any of those farmers were public about that shit they'd be in /snow/, we have multiple threads laughing about autists like that. The lack of self-awareness and culture of "b-but if it doesn't hurt anyone then its fine and harmless! UwU" needs to stop. Lolcow isn't a place for weeby tumblr otherkin to congregate like a petri dish, especially since these types of people are the exact kind of people that we laugh at. The thread also isn't general enough for people to contribute unless they're literally autistic, and we shouldn't be welcoming these sorts of people to come shit up lolcow.

>inb4 next /ot/ thread is for fictionkin to meet other fictionkin

We gotta draw the line somewhere fam.

No. 6065

If I have issues about myself getting posted I to a thread, even though I’m not the topic of the thread, can anything be done about that? Can I post as myself to defend myself? Can the posts get deleted?

No. 6066

In all honesty anon you should probably ignore it. Responding will just ignite the flames more. Look boring and people will forget about you.

No. 6067

are you that green haired tumblr who posted your pic and got upset someone else posted it after you deleted it?

No. 6068

idg the Abby thread, its retards screaming about 'mean fb users' and WK'ing the ever loving shit out of her?
they pull the whole woe is me she's unstable, has a hard life, SHE COULD BE GAY!! SHE COULD BE TRANS!! U DONT KNOW!! GATE KEEPER REEE.
Who tf are these anons and why hasn't the whole fucking subject been banned when its a constant of anons posting caps w/ milk and then a hug box comes flying in.
We need s hellweekd period but how is no anon bothered by that bullshit AND the calves threads that are basically freespace for anons to post rando autsits they think are fug from their dusty ass fb groups.

No. 6069

oof apologies for the last bit of typos, it was too late to delete and rewrite the post.

No. 6070


are you the person who got vendetta'd on the pixielocks thread for no reason?

No. 6071

You seem a bit angry anon, did your pic get posted in the Abby Brown Autists thread?

No. 6073

not even american unfortunently, I just think the amount of unsaged posts that are just there to tell the fb autists that "abby isn't any less valid than them" is insane, the whole thread is PULL tier shielding.
I guess I just don't understand why all of a sudden anons feel the need to WK white trash instead of letting it either die or accepting shes another unstable cow like the rest. They don't criticise her for shit, they literally just scream that she's so innocent and don't deserve nuffin' of this torment the FB bullies are posting.

(Like wtf is the point of posting screencaps of her degeneracy when you're there to say "im so proud she left will for the 293838 time!!! Hope she sticks!" Only to be 'let down' she went back after 20seconds like she always does and generally being in support of literally whatever phase she latches onto.)

No. 6074

Why is OT filled to the brim with anons coming in to shit up threads like mentally ill mini mods?
They won't stfu and keep harassing any thread they deem 'shitty' from the Man hate thread to Husbando thread then while they simultaneously bait post they come to Meta to cry to the real mods that the threads are spreading to others when its again just them being OT in the snow/pt threads pulling straw man comparison between posts there and on OT.
They seem June tier and won't let up even though we have 'hide thread' for a reason yet nobody wants to use it.

No. 6075

File: 1532881525527.gif (3.54 MB, 275x155, nop.gif)

This, exactly. The absolute state of these girls.

No. 6076

>why don't anons just let us have our degenerate shit!

we don't want you here. the site isn't your hugbox, this isn't a safe space for insane weeaboos. if the mods gave a shit they would have banned people doing it day ago.

No. 6077

There's a reason it got locked.

No. 6078

Nta and not a poster in either of those threads, but it isn't your hugbox either lol. Let them post what they want.

That reason being? I came here to ask about that. It was very entertaining, I miss it already.

No. 6079

Thanks for saying it anon, i'm staying off that board as a whole until it's calmed down. No thread is safe.

No. 6082

for real. they're annoying narcs, and while the husbandofags have a shameful habit, i hate the "it's cow behavior!!! they'd be on /snow/ if we weren't all anon!!", when 65% of being a cow is the fact that they NEED public attention and don't want to be anonymous. talking about tulpas anonymously to your 3 loser husbandofag peers on anon because you know it's lame and embarrassing isn't the same thing as creating a whole internet persona, associating it to your face and name and doing crazy/dumb shit, especially exploitative or mean shit. most cows are cows because they're nasty people. i swear, none of these people know what qualifies as true cow behavior. having a pathetic hobby that isn't exploitative or harmful to anyone else, that you keep underwraps both online and irl isn't cow behavior.

No. 6084


board culture is a thing and if people don't like it, it doesn't go on here.

No. 6089

people found it entertaining. and that would suggest that lc is a legit hugbox. there's a hide thread feature for a reason and they refuse to simply use it. there was no tulpa talk outside of that thread and no need for them to whine the way they did.

if you can't handle sad anons harmlessly talking about their embarrassing innocent imaginary boyfriend fantasy without repeatedly barging in and endlessly sperging about how it makes them cows and complaining to mommy mods about how you can't just use the hide thread feature as it was intended and have to demand to have it locked and husbando talk off the site entirely all just because you think it's lame/losery, despite it not being exploitative or gross, that's pretty hugbox-y and spoiled, actually.

No. 6091

This. A lot of anons have been doing that lately. They want anything that triggers them to be outright banned, yet have the nerve to accuse others of wanting hugboxes or being whiny

No. 6092

What is it with this "we are legion" kind of crap? Everyone could spot your desperation to come of as an oldfag 20 posts ago. That thread is in no way disturbing board culture, give it a rest already or at least sage your fucking shit

No. 6093

that's not what that means lmao. its the same idea as not wanting men or racist threads or proana threads on the site. there's nothing hugboxy about keeping the site free of trash. /ot/ isn't for anything. most of us don't want really excessive weeaboos on here either. there is nothing normal or regular about waifu faggotry. especially to the "i celebrate their birthday" level. it's super cringy and completely different than simply liking the character.

No. 6094

Ntayrt, but that's a false equivalence. There are good reasons to ban all those other things. They derail threads, cause fighting, and generally shit up the site. Banning innocent weeb shit on a site made by and for weebs simply because a few anons think it's nerdy is hugbox-teir. Use the "hide thread" button if you don't like it.

Are you new btw? You sound like you are.

No. 6095

anon this has always been a thing. any thread can cause infighting. mods and user input cause things to be banned. it isn't false equivalence just because you like something that's not desirable on the site. the waifu fagging d like it was started by a male anyway who just said husbando to pretend (especially obvious since their husbando qas a secret) and much the thread seemed like men role-playing. as someone who used to lurk /jp/ it seemed in line with how men post there.

my point is that people can't just expect anything goes on the site. the site isn't all inclusive. and some users aren't wanted.

No. 6096

Those might not be the same anons.
I know I didn't request the thread to be banned and I posted that lc is not a waifu hugbox.
Well, if they were not anon they would be attention seeking…

No. 6097

So we just gotta live with this influx of triggered narcs until hellweek arrives and hopefully the mods can weed out the 4-5 histrionic posters.
Kek at the narcs not seeing how they are trying to force LC to be their own hugbox while harassing threads that they don't deem good enough.

No. 6098


Where did you pull that armchair diagnosis from anon lmao

No. 6099

They've even moved onto bitching in this thread, we're not safe anywhere. I'm praying for hellweek.

No. 6101

community dictates the content. sorry bby. maybe try crystal.cafe for a free for all experience.

No. 6103

Probably from the way the anons she's talking about come here and throw tantrums every time they see a post that triggers them

No. 6105

i meant 'narc' like, someone who is always chomping at the bit to turn people in/complain, though interpreting it as 'narcissists' works too in this scenario, tbqh. they remind me of the kids that would look for literally anything impossibly small/inconsequential to bitch about, about the other kids, to their mom or any other authority figure. all of their posts reek of "mooom, i don't like it!! mooooom, nuke the thread and ban the subject!!".

but they were posting anonymously. you can't say it's cow behavior when they've made the choice to keep it anon. it would be if it was not anon, but it wasn't, and they mentioned multiple times they hide their husbando shit from everyone, so it just isn't cow behavior.

No. 6106

I'm so glad someone said this out loud because I agree 100% and noticed it too. Thanks anon.

This. I don't even post in that thread and I just don't get why anons got so triggered over it. Someone has a husbando that makes their lonely life a bit better and helps them cope, that's not really warranting a screeching fit over "cringy anons bringing in trash". All ana-chan threads and PULL tier skinwalking nitpicking is much more detrimental to the board than some stupid weeb thread. Did someone's 2D husbando burn your house down or something for being so mad?

No. 6107

Personally I think part of the charm of imageboards is being able to freely discuss strange/controversial things you wouldn't be able to otherwise. Regardless if I agree with the 2D love and man hate threads I think they deserve to stay. I don't think expecting to not have threads be flooded with shitposting is wanting a "hugbox".
Also, who is this "we"? Why do you assume you represent the majority of posters?

No. 6108

We can infight amongsts ourselves all we want about what does or doesn't belong on here, but more than anything I think we need a townhall or poll or something so users can express the direction of the site and mods/admin can reaffirm the direction of the site

we've been left in the dark with few and far inbetween replies to things on /meta/ way too long, vaguely promised things and teeter-totering on rules…

Farmhands/admin, can you please at least give us some kind of plan of action? Like, other than "we plan for a hellweek… sometime"? What is going on?

I personally really appreciated the upthread transparency on the change in the ban-system and the problems staff faced before it's rehaul. I understand there are reasons not everything can be so transparent, but I feel like staff-user communication has been really lacking and it makes me (and from what I've read I assume others) feel like there's nothing going on - when shit is assumedly still happening behind the scenes?

tl;dr - throw us a bone?

No. 6109

Why the fuck are you guys arguing about /ot/ of all things? It's the worst board and many of us use it as our source of daily cringe.


>"anti" x threads that are PULL tier arrogant circlejerking
>constant raids
>constant infighting about opinions anonymous opinions
>weeaboo trash

But yes, lets all argue about how we need to "make /ot/ great again".

I understand that it really makes you recoil to see that the site is riddled with mentally unsound individuals that are just closeted cows. It's also cringy to think that you can post insane shit like tuplas or going on a date with a picture of an anime boy without backlash. But fuck, you all sound like idiots on both sides.

/ot/ is shit and always will be shit, that's why it exists.

No. 6110

I just came here to say something exactly like this, so - seconded.

No. 6111

/g/ is much worse. you're delusional if you think the rest of the boards don't suffer from literally all of those problems, especially /g/. and literally no one has said anything to the effect of "let's make ot great again", like, no one. the way you characterize it is unnecessarily dramatic. even with its problems (which aren't even that bad, tbqh, you guys are just hyperbolic as shit) it's far better than 10 out of 10 misc male boards.

No. 6112

>literally no one

I'm referring to all the retards who keep trying to say they want to preserve the board culture. Read up just a few posts before mine. >>6093 >>6084

My point was that shit threads aren't "ruining the board" because the board is shit.

No. 6114

oh ok. i agree with you to some extent but imo, a more salient point is that lc just shouldn't cater to the few people who think it's too losery to even be able to talk about when there are plenty of actually harmful threads that bring in the crazies. we have multiple toxic threads on profoundly unwell young women that are in recovery from EDs and anons call them fat constantly when they're normal sized (see: the aly thread, esp), but there's no one bombarding those threads or crying to the mods about how they "ruin board culture" by drawing in dumbass PULL tier anachans. there's no good reason why the dumb husbando conversation can't be had if shit like that stays.

No. 6115

Well part of my reasoning for why it was the worst board is the constant insane infighting. We have stupid shit threads on other boards that somehow function, and since many users confess to only be using /ot/ it just seemed to me that maybe the users there are worse (including the people derailing the threads).

No. 6116

nta but i see that too. a lot of anons on /ot/ say they only use /ot/ and act like it makes them better than anons "into drama" yet there are drama based threads all over /ot/.

No. 6123

why don’t people get banned more often in the spergy j-escort threads? seriously. every single post in them is unsaged, there’s a fuckload of a-logging and blogging and just generally autistic shit that seems to go totally ignored. it’s hard to even report them or hide the thread because i only use this site on mobile and the thread doesn’t stay hidden after refreshing the page. it’s actually kinda ruining /snow/ for me to constantly see this shit right at the top of the catalog or front page when all it is is broken english posts debating about immigration and boob jobs.

No. 6124

Should the posts in the Shayna threads referring to the wrong Kyle be deleted? I reported all of them hours ago.

No. 6125


Looking forward to hellweek also

No. 6126

>inb4 huuur duur we do ban! wE JuSt DoN't AlWaYs ReD tExT~~~

No. 6127

It’s been almost two weeks since any farmhand has responded here - are y’all just not giving a shit about user input or just not communicating what’s going on staff-side, or…? Lolcow has always been pretty great about being user-directed in terms of culture and guidelines, but since the beginning of the summer it almost seems like staff is either checked out or ready to jump ship.

I noticed farmhand said the site is short staffed - I also saw someone in the application thread asking for some kind of job description and nobody ever responded - maybe people would apply if they at least knew what the job entailed? Are you just accepting Patrons or something?

Sorry for being snippy, but like honestly at this point it’s a little WTF?

No. 6128


I feel like there's been a lot of inconsistency in the moderating lately, which definitely started before the summer. Since the last hellweek ended it feels like the modding in general has just been all over the place and it just makes me not want to post because I don't want to have to try and parse what farmhands in particular threads think is acceptable.

It might just feel that way (such as with bans being more visible now without actually increasing the number of bans) but it does lead one to question what's going on with recruitment of staff.

No. 6129

> it feels like the modding in general has just been all over the place

I agree as well. In one thread you can get banned for circle jerking how beautiful someone is for derailing, but in another it's perfectly fine and acceptable. Off-topic will get a thread sent to snow but another thread that constantly goes off-topic will not.

It's hard to trust the staff when they don't even seem to be on the same page with rules.

No. 6131

Are you guys ever going to do something about that America thread in /ot/? It's been derailed into oblivion and it was shit from the start. That girl sperging about how she'd kill herself over not getting to suck uncut euro dick sounds 100% unstable.

No. 6132

Events like this usually happen during extremely milk worthy events. Like >>6054 said, the raven thread is a good example of this.
Some anons would complain if there was too much redtext.
Hellweek seems to be desired by all parties but it needs good planning to be effective, for example making sure everyone is available etc.
I believe another member of staff will be looking into that within the next 24 hours.
Staff communicates regularly but we are sorry if we don't respond as often on this thread. Luckily, various members are usually reading into input between reports.
What specifically about moderation feels inconsistent? Rules were recently updated for clarification and stickied threads were added to /pt/ and /snow/ for user friendliness.
Not all bans are visible, we do try to be consistent with what warrants a ban accross boards and the updated rules are defined for both /pt/ and /snow/ due to their differences.
>Off-topic will get a thread sent to snow
When the moo thread was sent to snow it was due to anons cowtipping and crusading on twitter.

No. 6133


>What specifically about moderation feels inconsistent? Rules were recently updated for clarification and stickied threads were added to /pt/ and /snow/ for user friendliness.

Well, I got a redtext ban a couple of weeks ago for blogposting (I wasn't, I was responding to a comment another anon made about a cow filing a discrimination lawsuit and it had nothing to do with my personal experiences) and then when I attempted to post in a thread I received a message saying that I needed to "tone down the wall of text" and showing me the post which was redtexted for blogposting. So that's confusing and feels inconsistent.

I'm also not sure where in the rules it says that posts shouldn't exceed a certain length, (I could just be missing it) but that also seems very subject to the whims of a particular farmhand.

I've also seen other anons get redtext bans for "blogging" when their post has nothing to do with their personal experiences and is a response to something another anon said. Honestly, from what I'm seeing, redtext bans for blogging just seem to be a covert way of farmhands saying "fuck your opinion."

>When the moo thread was sent to snow it was due to anons cowtipping and crusading on twitter.

That was never clearly communicated to users posting in that thread.

From what I recall at the time, a farhmand stated that the Moo thread had devolved into nitpicking and OT posts, had no real milk, and that people were tired of seeing it clogging up PT. And yet, the Vicky Shingles and Dasha threads are just as nitpicky, OT, and lacking milk at times, but apparently their spot on PT is secure. So that's another example where moderation has felt inconsistent and based more on farmhand's personal biases than the rules.

I'm not saying the staff should have to justify every ban or use of redtext, but >>6129 made a good point
>It's hard to trust the staff when they don't even seem to be on the same page with rules.

No. 6148

Suggestion: Some threads should be autosaged after a certain amount of time has passed with having no posts.

Some fag keeps necroing threads on /ot/ that haven't had a reply in 2-3 years. That way we don't have to deal with bumping down active threads or getting tricked into posting on old ones.

No. 6176

It's a spam bot, we're working on removing the posts.

No. 6241

would us marking them as spam be of any help to the farmhands?

No. 6242

the whole point of redtext is to point out who is banned. allowing mods to pick and choose randomly is inconsistent and pointless since it's super obvious that it's based on preference rather than relevancy. if you can't seriously make some kind of guidelines either always redtext or never do it.

a huge failure of the site right now is that it's not being run tightly enough. mods need to be regulated just as much as us.

No. 6243

File: 1533261849983.png (412.56 KB, 488x472, 1d0416739c31389a56dafaf0a2e8cf…)

>Some anons would complain if there was too much redtext.

But anons are complaining now about the lack there of. Red text should be on every post, that's how all other chans do it.

No. 6244

Looks like someone is necroing a shit ton of old pt threads and deleting their new posts on them

No. 6245

General Complaint: People aren't getting punished for contracting people involved in milk with the cow, but if you mention that the person should be contacted to verify - you will be punished.

Obviously, I understand the punishment but it seems very inconsistent in the fact that you seemingly are encouraged to contact people in direct contact with the cow rather than asking people who have previously been in contact to follow up.

Also, I think appealing a punishment and being denied should at least have the mods give a reason as to why it was declined. I personally think there's some attitude issues going on, but it seriously cannot be hard to simply say 'we don't agree with appeal for this or that' reason is better than no answer.

No. 6246

If you scroll up a couple posts it's explained it's a spambot and the deletions are from the farmhands removing the spam

No. 6247

Just wanted to say thank you for autosaging Sheina's thread.. It was really getting out of control with the newfaggotory.

Can we please get a hellweek soon? Or like a hellmonth. The thread quality has gone down on all boards

No. 6248

Farmhand didn’t address many anons requests for a new poll or townhall - are you guys even considering that? It seems like nobody is really happy with the moderation lately, even people with contradicting complaints. Seems like users are feeling like mods & staff are more adversaries than folks who keep our farm free of manure. Surely continuing to shut users out of decision making is not helping this?

No. 6249

Also, could someone please answer the question about farmhand applications? If you guys are delaying hellweek due to staffing shortages and availability, as you said, then let people know what the job is about? Nobody wants to apply to take on a new responsibility without even knowing what it would entail, and there are plenty of mini-mods running around so there can’t be a shortage of interest.

No. 6250

Does lolcow get flipped when you are banned so that you can't read it? I mean I'm posting so I guess I'm not banned anymore but I still have to read backwards

No. 6251

yes it does, you need to clear you cache/cookies to fix it. are you on hola VPN or another p2p VPN? if so chances are your home IP got banned if you didn't do anything.

No. 6252

>that's how all other chans do it
I've been banned off other boards and I don't always get ban messages on my posts aside from the notifcation I get from being banned. Too much red is intimidating and annoying anyways.

No. 6253

on the one hand, I appreciate you are at least trying to respond. on the other … really?

>some anons would complain if too much redtext

what kind of answer is that?


is long overdue and needed more than ever. it's a vague 'coming soon' that doesn't feel like it is going to happen at all, and meanwhile, the boards are going to shit.

>staff communicates

that's really nice. good work, team. but how the fuck are users meant to know what is going on?


this has been extremely scattershot since new admin. It's part of why this summer has been so bad - lack of communication from staff and inconsistent modding mean anons are caring less and less about posting guidelines and rules, and it really shows.

If you're going to come and talk to us (every now and then), don't bother with the politic shit. I'd rather hear nothing than polite deflections of stuff that has been coming up for months.

No. 6254

seconding all of these

really wish staff would communicate with us instead of keeping us in the dark on everything. moderation quality has been dropping for well over a year now and you guys have been doing an especially shit job as of late.

No. 6255

I've honestly almost completely given up at this point; it feels like feedback and reports go no where. I'd jump back on reporting etc if I knew concrete plans were in action, but that was 100% a no-answer lipservice post. It lowkey seems like admin is MIA and farmhands have been trying to cover it up and bury the body so no one panics lol…

I don't know, I usually try to be active in reporting and meta but I think this is my last post til I see some change. I doubt my contribution even made a huge difference, but personally this is the end of my rope and I can imagine tons of others already hit this point way before me…

No. 6256


All of this.

I get the impression that recent admin brought in a bunch of friends to mod and they’re treating the site as something they own and allow others to use - as opposed to being current custodians of a user-driven imageboard. It’s like users are meant to be obeying them, instead of staff being there to serve the users.

No. 6257

>It lowkey seems like admin is MIA and farmhands have been trying to cover it up and bury the body so no one panics lol…

I mean the most recent Admin post I can even find is four months old, so that hardly even feels like tinfoil at this point. Where the fuck is admin?

No. 6258

maybe if anons weren't such little shits there wouldn't be too much redtext. who cares about intimidating people lmao. and chans that don't have redtext don't do it obviously.

No. 6259


I cleared my cache and cookies, not using VPN. Still flipped? Any ideas? Mods not responding to my e-mails.

No. 6260

The admin popped up two months ago to out Dasha but I haven't seen her around since either. I wish the old admin would come back cause it seemed like things were better handled back then.

No. 6262

Totally agreed. We also didn’t have near this level of radfem sperging before, either. Did radfems take the keys to the site, then abandon it after flooding the engine with bickering about trans and man hating? Because it really seems like that.

No. 6263

>We also didn’t have near this level of radfem sperging before, either.
uh, the radfem stuff has been here for a really long time now and misandry threads have been a thing on here for literal years. pretty much the only time it wasn't like this was is when we had a surge of pull users. were you only lurking /pt/ until like a month ago or something?

it's died down a lot in the past few months anyways. if you hide those threads, you can easily ignore it. that's kind of sus though; why are you lowkey triggered by terves?

No. 6264

I got here shortly after the staminarose migration and a bit before the tumblr/anachan influx when the first admin was around, actually? The culture has definitely shifted under the new admin in a specifically terfy/radfem way, and it’s causing a lot of infighting, and the quality of the site is tanking. You can’t “hide those threads” because in every other thread now you have four unmoderated derailing idiots shouting about it every time someone even accidentally refers to a troon or fakeboi by their chosen pronouns.

I literally don’t give a shit about terfs one way or another except for the fact that they used to just be one part of the user base, and now they sperg up every thread, and it’s been practically codified under recent admin. Please for the love of god do not start back with the bickering that just died down - I had nothing to do with that and that shit is literally exactly why I’m saying “wtf, did radfems literally take over the site and then abandon it when the whole site became radfem infighting?”

I don’t care about the rhetoric, I’m just really suspicious of staff’s level of involvement with lolcow politics, especially in moderation - subjects that caused this much derailing used to catch bans, but terf shit causes an uproar every single time yet somehow that’s still a part of the user base we need to mollify? Fuck that.

No. 6265

At the very least, it just seems like admin is either disinterested or prefers to run things as a cabal. Even scanning through /meta/ it’s pretty striking how much admin’s involvement in the site has dropped. We used to regularly get communication, new features, and frequent solicitation for user suggestions. Now it feels more like “you’ll get what you’ll get and you’ll like it!”

No. 6266

>in every other thread now you have four unmoderated derailing idiots shouting about it every time someone even accidentally refers to a troon or fakeboi by their chosen pronouns
Literally where? I haven't seen any of that in the past month at least (on /snow/ anyways, idk about /pt/). When that did happen, it wasn't directed at people who "accidentally" did it and it was usually in threads about agp creeps or fakeboi trenders. Most of the anons in the Soren thread call her a he, yet no one has fought about it. There are some terfy undertones in threads about handmaidens like shoe or actual troons, but other than that, it really has died down outside of the containment threads.

No. 6267

this. i honestly hate when people just tell you to 'hide the thread' you can't. there's a reason anachan shit is banned, radfem/gencrit and manhate shit is going the same way, it's like a virus infecting other threads the same way the anachan shit does.

No. 6268

Speaking of anachan shit, that’s another area of questionable decision making. I stil for the life of me cannot understand why the Aly thread was autosaged for months but we have to deal with the infighting selfposting “pro ana scumbag” cunts bumping their thread to the top of /snow/ every few hours.

No. 6269

File: 1533462587414.jpeg (473.97 KB, 1024x682, 02FA498E-3795-4AEC-85F7-A6084E…)

These responses could not be more canned.

Point blank - what is going on with the site? I think we’d all like to actually hear from admin for once, as well.

No. 6271

I'm on mobile internet, on a different IP to this one, Mods, and the provider I use alternates IP addresses every so often. Around every month. The provider has given me an IP address, as of today, which also happens to be the address of someone who posted three comments in a thread on December 18th 2016 and was banned for it. The first time I even visited lolcow was December 2017, and I definitely didn't write those posts. I screencapped the thing and will email if necessary. The ban is non expiring and the original post was
not sure what board it was posted on, but basically I now have this person's IP address for the next while and can't post on my beloved gossip site via my phone.

No. 6272

I'll just put the IP address here because whatever, it's

That last person definitely wasn't me, and as this is a mobile address, it also wasn't likely from even the same location as me

No. 6273

Same Anon, my mobile IP has now cycled past the banned IP to a new one on its own, problem averted.

No. 6276

Posts with an excessive length don't fit imageboard culture and are usually associated with blogging or some sort of derailing. The ban may have been related to that. You can read more about it under the /snow/ and /pt rules, it's number 1.

Right now finding more staff is more of a priority than a townhall or poll, meaning hellweek is the main priority after that. Suggestions and complaints here are always noted though, even if it doesn't always seem that way.
For hellweek to work, we need to make sure that we are not understaffed. Applying for positions is encouraged now more than ever, but if you have already applied you may be getting emailed soon.
Another thing we'll work on is making moderation much more consistent for everybody. Hopefully the upcoming changes are noticable enough for positive feedback.

No. 6277

shiena thread is still auto saged

No. 6278

I see that you guys have repeatedly been petitioned to offer up some sort of job description for farmhands. I imagine that’s pretty accurate as to why you’re having a hard time finding staff. You guys seem to redtext a lot of the posts I report and you’ve taken suggestions I’ve made here in meta before so I have considered applying myself, but I always get halfway through the application and quit because I can’t tell what I’m getting myself into and don’t want to waste your time or mine. I’m sure I can’t be alone in that.

Also, why is Aly’s thread autosaged again? Anons were really happy to have it back and some fantastic art is getting made. It’s a much better thread than half the ones that get bumped all day long on snow, and it makes no sense. People were saging and no major cowtipping was happening - i am pretty sure a lot of the “myproana” type forums discuss her as wel so you can’t just assume the nasty comments she gets are from farmers (if that’s what it is.) I didn’t even see any bans or red text go up so what gives?

No. 6279

Sorry - it’s not clear - are you planning on doing hellweek before a townhall or poll? Because that seems like a terrible idea and I think a number of anons have already said something to that effect. Good to hear from admin though!

No. 6281

I have a question:

How is this website being financed?

No. 6282

The thread will be put off autosage once anons start adhering more to the rules, saging would be a great start.
The only staff role aside from the admin is a farmhand and all farmhands handle reports and bans collectively.
Yes, hellweek is expected before a townhall but if it really seems like an awful idea you're free to post your thoughts on it.
Any remaining difference (if any) is paid for through the staff's own pockets.

No. 6283

I am one of seven supporters last time I checked, have you thought about pushing this ever so slightly more?

No. 6284

seeing you post makes it pretty obvious why the site is so poorly modded. it's like you didn't even read >>6278 at all, and if you did, you didn't comprehend anything.

No. 6285

I've been under the impression lately farmhands don't actually read the context of a thread/surrounding posts when a post is reported, and instead just read the report and go with that as of late. Hence a lot of the "biased" looking bans now

these replies from both farmhand and admin feel mildly similar to that, not enough time or focus – maybe because they're stretched thin

I've been kind of curious as to how current admin got the position. were they friends with previous admin? were they a prior farmhand? were they from a different chan/gossip board? do they have any roots in lolcow/staminarose/4chan? did they have any experience being an administrator prior to this?

I mean it doesn't make a difference either way in the grand scheme of things, but I've always got the impression they don't and didn't. It makes it seem even queerer thought-out posts with the site's well-being in mind are being mostly glossed over/ignored.

I don't mean for this post to sound petty or dickish towards farmhands/admin, either, more like speculation as to what has lead to the site becoming this way since everything still feels pretty shrouded in mystery and favor towards the part of the userbase that has always seemed like a minority in the past.

No. 6286

It's just six now. It seems "the staff" has deep pockets.

And no desire to share neither valuable equity nor valuable information.

No. 6287

Honestly it feels like site growth and demographic changes and cow's growing old and new cows coming in. We don't have pt or chris chans anymore or maybe that golden era of lolcows and normies.

No. 6288

i'd say none of the staff here has any prior chan experience, seeing as random shit admins and farmhands have said isn't anything i've seen on chans.

>double posting

that's not a term, samefag is a neutral term, calling yourself out for doing it is appropriate.


specifically >>6276 the excessive length thing has little to do with actual blogposting. walls of text are shit in some threads but they're not blogposting.


use it or don't, and stop letting the clearly autistic admins write in their ban reasons. it's super embarrassing because some of them point out their obvious salt. we also need to implement some kind of guide for redtexting. i've seen on other chans that generally the first post by the offending retard is redtexted.

i really just want a lot of shit fixed.

No. 6289

File: 1534150989126.png (636.78 KB, 1440x2403, 20180813_110049.png)

Why didn't the 1st and 3rd poster got banned as well?

No. 6290

I think it’s probably obvious to most people that farmhands and janitors handle bans. That doesn’t explain what kind of communication is expected or how it’s done, what kind of qualifications you want for farmhands or what experience is helpful, how much time people are expected to have available, what areas of lolcow specifically need more attention…you know, a job description. A description…of…the job…

I hate to get salty but at this point it’s obvious there is interest and it’s like you’re trying not to get help running this place.

Regarding upcoming hellweek without a townhall or poll or anything:

Summer is almost over. Half of the cancer is going back to school before it’s likely to get organized. A major portion of the main user base has been complaining for months about inconsistent modding, and feeling that staff is becoming a bit of a cabal (which makes sense even if inaccurate, given how few of you there are and how limited communication has been). There are major disagreements among the user base itself re: what direction the site should take and what should and shouldn’t be bannable offenses. If you do a hellweek with the staff/user relationship as-is, after all the cancer leaves, do you really think it’s going to go well? Because it seems like a lot of really solid posters are ready to throw their hands up and abandon the site, already.

If y’all don’t try to communicate with your users better and do a lot to restore confidence in moderation before you start cracking down on people, it’s going to cause an uproar I guarantee it.

No. 6291

The whole thing about “minimodding” is weird to be so heavily enforced in a forum that is so heavily understaffed, when the “mini mods” are usually oldfags who are right. I’ve specifically gotten a sense from recent months that this particular group of staff has a weird pride about being the only ones allowed to enforce rules or culture. Which is fucking odd because lolcow used to by nature be a self-enforcing culture. Weird shit gets ignored or silent bans but god forbid anyone but one of six moderators tries to tell anyone else here to shut the fuck up when they’re being autistic. It’s really Facebook-y.

No. 6292

this. it's bullshit especially since the mods are saying they don't have enough people. this site isn't being run like a chan anymore. the admin/mods don't seem to get that chans have a lot of user dicatation. infighting is one thing, but so many things are labeled as such it's ridiculous.

tinfoil but i think admin is neglecting us because they're running crystal.cafe instead lmao.

No. 6293

Gonna be honest in saying I've been waiting for a new nonhugbox classic chan based lolcow website for almost a year now to migrate to

No. 6294

Yes this would be nice.

I dont see anything wrong with reminding other users to sage. We call out trolling and bait, why not remind others of board etiquette? What if they are new and unsure of the way things work even after reading the rules?

No. 6295

I agree with what you say but as said before blog posting is usually associated with long posts unrelated to the topic at hand. That's why transcript anons are appreciated and blog posters in the animal youtubers threads aren't.
There's no way for you to know if they were banned or not but if they were banned it was obviously not a red texted ban. This may or may not be based on post history or who was starting the majority of the fighting in the thread.
If you want to be more specific, leadership roles and online forum experience is preferred with a reasonable degree of technical experience. Time depends on the person and their real life obligations but the team is more oriented on getting through reports and the time that takes really does depend on the person and the kind of week it is. /ot/ /g/ need the most help but certain threads on /snow/ need more moderation as well.
At this point it seems it may be better not to do a hellweek after summer. If we could, hellweek would have been done ages ago but there is not enough people to effectively do that and finding trustworthy people to help moderate is another issue.
Post history is usually accounted for during the reporting process. Personally, I don't penalize any user who enforces the rules reasonably. Especially if it's an oldfag. Now someone who constantly derails and infights over sage may be banned for a short period as a warning.
Crystal Cafe has different staff and admin. If you do disagree with the way infighting is treated then please go in depth about it to help us correct the issue. Of course not everything is meant to be labeled as infighting.
Things like that are fine to a degree, the reason mini modding was added in detail to the rules was actually due to the infighting and derailing some mini mods would start.

No. 6296

Mods can you explain the rule about not informing abput personal experiences with the cow? I feel that it's contradictory as people in the onion thread where celebrated for bringing fresh milk (Maya and the other girl). Or is it ok to talk about experiences with a cow if it's in the past and milky and not like the anon screencapping convos with Luna?

Not talking to any cow, just curious as I find this rule contradictory.

No. 6297



>specifically >>6276 the excessive length thing has little to do with actual blogposting. walls of text are shit in some threads but they're not blogposting.

Yeah that answer pretty much confirmed what I already said, which is that the blogposting bans are just a a fuck you from the staff.


I don't understand the staff's insistence that "long posts usually equal blogposting so we ban users for long posts because it breaks the rules about blogposting." The current rules don't ban long posts. Nor does the info about board culture mention anything about avoiding posts of excessive length. With the rules written as they are at present, a long post should be fine if it's relevant and on topic.

If staff don't want long posts in threads, why not just put in the rules that long posts = a ban?

No. 6298

Long posts aren't bans though

No. 6299

The post was long but it was also a blogpost.

Per the recent conversation here, I personally would like to see the mini-modding ban relaxed somewhat. It takes time for farmhands to arrive in threads and give out bans. And sometimes there's no edtext so only one person knows about the ban. We can quickly squash cowtipping and derailing if you let us. As it stands, that behaviour gets out of hand and personally I think it's lead to a proliferation to cowtipping, a kind of new normal here where anons constantly interfere with the cows. Look at Moo's cam chat, anons were in there shitting it up from the start. Also, there's been a huge increase in people posting screencaps of comments by "someone tearing x cow a new one" when it's almost always a self post. Other anons see that and they copy it - they have no idea if a ban was issued or not. Random comments about/to a cow are not milk but there's so many of them now. We as users used to police this and try to stop it in the Margo threads. Now it's become the new normal and it's really ruining things.

No. 6300

i'm just going off what admin said that longposts are bans.

even if it was, admin said right here >>6276 that longposts are blogposts.

No. 6301

my personal issue with the minimodding bans is that some bans seem to happen before anything starts, which doesn't really make sense. if infighting starts after, by all means ban the posters, but the beauty of a site like this is that you can treat things on a case to case basis. i guess the real issue is that the mods and admin all have to be in agreement with each other on what that means.

No. 6307

I know the anti-flood thing is to stop spam but it's getting a little annoying when it comes to posting screenshots. It pops up even after the 30 second mark is over.

No. 6309

>Posts with an excessive length don't fit imageboard culture
>are usually associated with blogging or some sort of derailing.
>ban [MAY] have been related to that.
Admin did not really say that, anon. It was a mistake for its length to be singled out in the first place because it has lead to these buttblasted discussions. Not all long posts are blog posts. Blog posts can often be long.

Make a tiny edit to your post when that happens and it should go through? Something about trying to post the exact same thing after you've been flood detected.

No. 6310


The discussion is about the use of bans and the lack of consistent moderation. Long posts vs. blogposts is a symptom of that, which is why it's being discussed.

The discussion started because anon said that moderation feels inconsistent and in >>6132 Farmhand wrote >What specifically about moderation feels inconsistent? Rules were recently updated for clarification and stickied threads were added to /pt/ and /snow/ for user friendliness.

As pointed out in >>6288 staff seem to have a weird vision of how to run a chan that's not consistent with how other chans are run. The continued parroting of "read the rules" by staff is troubling when there's seemingly no consensus among staff about what those rules mean. It's not unreasonable to ask staff to clarify or be more explicit about what results in a ban.

No. 6311

I don't think it's unreasonable to be asking what you are in here? I wouldn't be in here having a conversation in this thread if I didn't want change. I'm following the conversation with interest and have already read the comments you're pointing to.

I find the longpost/blogpost argument and whether admin did or didn't say a longpost is a blogpost to be a bit of derailment. I agree that clear reasons for a ban need to be given but if it was a blogpost, being long or not is really not an issue.

No. 6312

Some of the posts I'm referring to that have become rampant. These are from the Momokun thread in the last 7hrs. Yes, it's been livelier due to her cam streams, but it encapsulates the cultural problem affecting a lot of threads now. I feel like it's because some anons complained loudly in here about mini-modding, and now they have their way and people interfere with the cows much of the time.

and despite some obvious rule-breaking posts like the repeated namefagging, the only two comments that got redtexted were male posts:


I know that bans are also issued without redtext but if you have any serious intention to stop the slide of some threads into cultures of pure cowtipping, you have to redtext the offending posts or the people trying to organise it. How else will new people learn? And there's nothing the rest of us can say for fear of a ban for mini-modding. We can't report them all for fear of a ban for too many reports.

No. 6313

just the fact that admin said longposting doesn't fit chan culture is telling. it's super arbitrary and she basically phoned it in.

also can we do anything about the fucking manhate shit? there's always so many anons saying "just hide the thread, you're paranoid it's not on other threads!" but low and behold, it seeps into other threads like a backed up toilet. i don't need to hear a bunch of insane people circle jerk about how men are biologically programmed to rape, it's extremely cringy.

No. 6314

The man hate issue really gets me because they always come in with insults every time. Handmaiden, tranny, man, neckbeard, like clockwork. They don't get that it's not the man hate that's the issue it's the hate. They're like users who nitpick cows all day and then circle jerk about how true it is and reply to everyone with "hi cow!". It's just annoying. Men are shitty, but being that obsessed with picking apart examples and screencaps is the kind of thing that incels get obsessed with. And like incels, they turn on everyone telling them to chill out about it.

>inb4 but anon MEN get to do this ALL over the internet!

And, it's annoying when they do it, you don't get to be fucking annoying on here because men are also annoying. Anyone who thinks that they "deserve a place to shit on men" should be permabanned automatically.

No. 6315

Just being devils advocate, do you think the man-hate thread should be auto-saged?

No. 6316

Honestly? I don't know. It hasn't helped either way. They used the fact that it was autosaged as an excuse for posting on other threads, and now that it's not, it hasn't fixed anything. I just think the user base has some serious serious issues. Most of lolcow's user base has some issues, but this creepy obsession with negative stories about men is really telling.

No. 6317

Please do not worry about being banned over a fear of over reporting, it usually never happens. Over reporting bans may be issued when someone clogs up reports with 6 month or 2 year old threads.

On the related topic of redtexting, staff has decided to lessen red texting.Obvious example offenses like cowtipping will be taken into consideration for red text but minor offenses will no longer be red texted. Don't assume that no red text means there's no ban. Anything that is reported is always seen.

No. 6318

So you have no idea for a solution?
>just think the user base has some serious serious issues. Most of lolcow's user base has some issues, but this creepy obsession with negative stories about men is really telling.
Would anything said that is “man-hating” bannable make you happy about the situation? Maybe go to another, more pro-man chan?

No. 6319

I noticed the Tosh Wharton/bronzecatworld thread was locked and the animecore scene thread was deleted, but me and several other anons were actually interested in talking about the people discussed (even if a sperg or two had been reeeeing/samefagging it up because they weren't and wanted it gone). Can it be remade in /ot/ instead? I think some people even suggested it was a better fit there (before it was locked). Omocat also has an /ot/ thread, so it wouldn't be too out of place.

No. 6320

Same. I'm wondering why the WK wasn't just banned instead of having the thread locked.

No. 6322

Nta but you guys are really bad at listening huh. The users are very volatile. They don't listen to mods, they can't accept criticism or any negative comments about the thread, to the point where they derail other threads with shitposting. They get baited daily and then whine about it being autosaged, and why not autosage it? The thread itself is a circle jerk of fearmongering and hysteria and it attracts neckbeards like flies on shit.

I honestly think the worst part is that you can't say anything about the thread, even in this very thread without anons jumping on you either with insults or in defense of the thread. In all irony they're acting like men themselves. They announce their presence in every thread, act like their opinion is important and insult you if you don't agree. Not only that but they make bait shit in threads so they can do those things. And the "men do this all over the internet we should be allowed to here!" argument is just as obnoxious.

Also, this site isn't pro-men but it certainly isn't anti-men like you seem to think. I've been here since the beginning and the reason we don't want men here is because the men on /cgl/ and most chans in general are whiny annoying little shitlords. It's certainly not because everyone here is a lesbian radfem. I don't want men here, but I also don't think that the thread is working because of the fucking users. The old misandry thread didn't have these kinds of people acting like they owned the site.

No. 6323

The maleposting in Mariah's threads is starting to get gross. Remarks about their "boners" or whether or not their micropeen is flaccid, what they touch said disgusting micropeen to, asking for HD videos of Vamplette's ass and saying "god bless you" in response if there was any doubt what they want it for. Guess we're now a porn provider for dudes who want to dingle their dangle to women they post hate about on the internet.

No. 6324

Thanks anon, that solution helped.

I think "porn provider" is a bit of an exaggeration, anon.

No. 6325

The fact that you like to describe these women as "really creepy" and "obsessed" doesn't inspire any confidence in me that you're not just a male who can't handle that some women hate him. You're being patronizing and degrading while asking a distressed group of people to stop expressing their distress. Basically, you're calling women crazy and illogical and using words that imply as much while asking (or trying to make a mod force) them to shut up. You're not helping the issue.

I'm not a user of that thread but that's what I'm seeing here. Women don't just wake up hating men, in my experience, something bad happened to them that made them this way and they're hurt and using this primarily woman occupied space, one of few, to safely express that. As it stands, you've already used language that invalidates them and you think their experiences are just "stories". The more I type about this the more it sounds like you're an offended guy trying to sound like a lady to appear unbiased, since a lot of dudes also dismiss the bad things that happen to women as "just stories". Its not a good look.

No. 6326

>guy requests video of camgirl twerking (remember we're on lolcow)
>someone posts it
>guy says "nah I need HD"
>someone posts it
>"god bless u anon"
>remarks in the thread about "jerking it" (we're still on lolcow)
You're entitled to your opinion, and I'm entitled to mine. Obviously I was being a bit sarcastic but I don't think it's off the mark. Not looking for an argument, though, I'm here to issue a complaint about something that is against the rules.

No. 6327

>countless complaints saying we need more and consistent redtexting
>staff have decided to lessen redtexting

What the actual fuck is even the point of this thread anymore do you guys even listen lmao

No. 6328

Can you not read? What the fuck. Are you trolling? You're doing exactly what that anon is complaining about, accusing them of being a man for disagreeing not with the content being discussed but the vastly annoying behavior of those discussing it (which you're exhibiting), then trying to straw man with "bad men make women act this way from their experience" as if incels saying women are abusive and awful and that's why they're hating on every little thing about them isn't their #1 go to argument too. If you aren't a troll you must be seriously illiterate to not see the irony they've again and again reiterated in their posts about this. I don't even care if you're a woman, a man, a tranny, identify as an apache attack helicopter onision marrying transformer or whatever the fuck - you're just flat out ignorant at this point

Frequenting meta I am fully convinced it has some kind of voodoo spell over people that causes points to go completely over their heads. Users, staff, everyone.

No. 6329

nta but lmao, you're acting exactly like everyone's been bitching about. how are you getting any of that from what anon is saying at all? not only that but if you look in the thread you'd notice much of it is just caps harvested from the web and not personal experiences at all.

everything you said was a huge fucking reach.

No. 6330


Stop trying to put people down for their opinions. The worst part of >>6325 is that they know damn well that anon isn't a man and they're trying to shame her into agreeing.

>you're being patronizing for not agreeing

>you're a man for not agreeing
>you're invalidating others for not agreeing
>you're accusing them of making shit up even though you never referenced the context

This behavior is disgusting. No one is attacking anons personally but the shitty man-hate anons from the thread. It's always the same shit.

>you're a man

>you're a tranny
>you're a handmaiden

For the last time, the thread could be about fucking cars for all I care, the content isn't the issue. It's exactly what >>6322 said. >>6325 and the other man-hate userbase are just taking advantage of the site to have a chance to act like shitty incels. They're basically telling us that when they use that shitty "MEN DO THIS AAAAALL OVER THE INTERNET AND WE HAVE TO WATCH" excuse. They're just bitter women who have a huge chip on their shoulder and think the fact that men are shit somehow means they have the right to do the same shitty things uninhibited. It's that level of entitlement that makes them so terrible. I don't give a fuck if you're salty that you don't get to be and entitled twat on the rest of the internet. It is annoying regardless of who's doing it, man, woman, tranny, whatever.

No. 6331

all of this. my issue isn't with the threads themselves but the bullying userbase. there is no need for anons to come into other threads to defend their thread, we're anon. they always come into threads that mention the manhate thread and throw around insults and then just tell anons they're being too sensitive. it is similar to what men do, but it is 100% bullying. even ITT man hate anons are so disrepectful and mean for no reason, then they claim it's other people who are triggered, when they resort to bullying and dismissive insults at simple criticisms of the thread. there is a reason >>6325 glossed over >>6322 comment, it was well written by an oldfag and provides many good points and insights. it's clearly not been written by a man and anon can't simply attack the user.

they can have their thread, but they need to stop trying to silence people who complain about it. we all have a right to complain.

No. 6332

I just wish someone would offer a solution instead of infighting and complaining about it.
One anon said auto saging won’t and hasn’t worked. So?

No. 6333

the solution is to ban the thread and comments like that. obviously saying stuff about how men suck is fine but when stuff goes into femcel territory it gets banned.

stuff like "men are retarded" or "men will fuck anything" is fine, but when it gets into crazy shit like "men are rapists" or "men all hate us" should be banned without question. and anyone outside the thread calling people handmaidens/trannies/men for saying that the manhate is annoying should get banned as well. we really just have to go full on 4chan robot containment.

No. 6334

>shit like "men are rapists" or "men all hate us" should be banned without question.
>we really just have to go full on 4chan robot containment.
What does this mean?
As far as I know, 4chan does nothing to contain robots nor their hate for women. Unless you mean that they were given r9k.

No. 6335

nta but if you don't like it you come up with a solution.

>acting like 4chan is all /b/ and /r9k/ when oldfags here were from /cgl/

the obvious issue isn't just the man haters it's the people like you who aren't actually from 4chan originally. if you think robot bait was allowed on most of the boards, think again.

No. 6336

I actually did receive a ban for reporting less-than-day-old unsaged posts (that needed to be saged) about a year ago. This was back when saging existed for /pt/.
I was very confused and upset by the ban, tried appealing, sending an e-mail, and ultimately had to wait it out. And I wasn't spamming a crazy amount of reports either; it was just the Momokun thread iirc and I erred on the side of caution.

So I don't blame anons for being afraid. I have been there.

I don't agree with this. This feels like a kneejerk reaction to the other end of the spectrum.
I read gender crit in OT and some of the art threads and that's usually it, but recently had reasons to vent about some men (sex/sexist related things some of which I wanted advice on) and went to the man hate thread and had decent exchanges there regarding those situations and those men.
I've been reading it semi regularly since then and see the derail/bait/bait-taking etc. I haven't personally seen the same nature of man hate posts in snow or pt. They are usually much more tame and are relevant to the discussion (many cows have gross cheating bfs/husbands for example).

I just wanted to give some background to the thoughts I have as suggestion, because I could be naive regarding the larger scale of OT (since I only regularly visit like 4 threads there or so) and maybe that's where the man hate overflow occurs?
I think the man hate thread should exist at least for containment purposes. Punish off topic obvious overflow (though again I can't personally recall ever seeing any) and punish trolls/bait in the man hate thread as well as those who take obvious bait. I am indifferent to whether or not it is autosaged, though autosaging it may cause overflow. Closing the thread is almost certain to cause overflow.

Sorry for length. I don't intend on posting in this thread multiple times.

No. 6337


Sorry I hurt your feelings, y'all got autistic rage issues while complaining about women with rage issues lol

For what it's worth, I've only ever seen it overflow into June's thread and that's kind of expected since I'm under the impression she tries to sick own TERFs all day. I haven't read it in a long time so I don't know if that's still the case.

No. 6338

nta but there's overflow in anything where men come up. it's even happened in the kpop thread

No. 6339

I'm not from the thread. I am an oldfag, I was on /cgl/, stamina rose and lolcow when Ian ran it, sorry you don't know the userbase the way you think you do. I didn't attack or harass anyone or even use a rude word until just now (in response to much more angry posts!) so you're wrong on all fronts. You keep saying you have a right to complain but so do I, so do the users you dislike, who you and your friends are actually trying to silence via bans. So yeah, here's me exercising my ~rights~ to complain: I think your posts are stupid as shit and hopefully lolcow never takes the direction you want it to. I'm done looking @ this thread, hope you and your friends have fun raging out at anyone who dares to disagree with your lack of irony having asses.

No. 6340

>i-if i name drop people will think i'm an oldfag!
>uses @
>acts like any given comment is about them specifically

wew lad.

No. 6341

i just realized it looks like you're responding to the wrong comment. i have no horse in this race, but people saying "i'm an oldfag" and doing shit like this really are cringy.

No. 6342

The man hating is really not as terrible as some anon make it seem, of course if you post in the vent thread "Lol farmers in the man hate thread are retarded" people are going to tell you to just hide the thread. And I would really like to see any of the man hate leaking some anon claim there is so much of, I don't see it.

No. 6343

i'm sick to death of this excuse. it happened just the other day in the unpopular opinions thread and a farmhand had to tell them to cut it out. then someone was still trying to fight after the farmhand said something. go check for yourself.

No. 6344

Well they got banned, I don't know what more could be done.

No. 6345

That's literally what people are asking for, that this shit gets banned when it gets out of hand/extremist and just like EVERY topic that's been banned in the past, it be permanently banned if the vast majority can't keep themselves under control. Why do you think man hate is above any of the other topics we can no longer discuss for these exact reasons?

You (or like minded anons) keep saying "well I'd really just like a solution!" And we keep bringing up the same solution we've used for everything when this happens, and you brush it off like no one is saying anything.

God how are you so dense. No one is saying you can't complain also, everyone has a problem that every time an anon has negative concrit on the subject it gets deflected, valid points ignored and they're accused of being a man/whatever…. Like what literally just happened and keeps happening throughout this thread. For such an oldfag you've never managed to develop reading comprehension; for shame.

No. 6346

thank you. i'm glad the mods seem to be stepping up to the plate on this and treating it like it damn well should be. man-hate anons are exactly like ana-chans who derail threads every time people say the word fat.

No. 6347

Anas also constantly shit up the chubby thread, telling everybody to "just water fast", even though that thread isn't about weight loss…
Why can there be countless threads about diet and working out but not a single one for girls who aren't slim?

No. 6348

No imageboard is full of red text listing bans. We decided to go the old school lolcow route by red texting serious example offenses instead of minor offenses.
That is troubling to hear. We'll try to make sure things like this don't happen again.
Man hate derailing is absolutely going to be treated the way anachans have been in the past. If it's not kept in the thread then there are going to be bans.

No. 6351

>no image board is full of red text

yeah, because we are allowed to enforce board culture on other image boards

No. 6352

This. The thread isn't just crying over nonexistent tinfoil issues like incels do with their "why wont women fuck me" narrative, people share legitimate articles and screenshots of men being abusive and come to the thread to vent out their frustration, probably the only place online they can go to. I don't know why this samefagging anon is so buttblasted over it, /g/ alone attracts a lot more shitty neckbeard trolls than one man-hate thread.

No. 6353

boohoo mods already gave their answer go cry in your own thread.

No. 6354

>yet another one comes out of the woodwork to do exactly what people are complaining about

this has got to be trolling at this point. are people really this stupid, non-ironically?

No. 6355


You'd be surprised.


I'm a bit uncomfortable with the direction that the Moo thread is headed in since she started camming. There are obviously some new users who are not here for the milk, not to mention the pretty blatant cowtipping that's been going on at camversity. It's been somewhat alleviated by having a separate cam thread but I'm worried that it's only a matter of time before the thread is moved backed to /snow again.

No. 6356

I stopped following the Moo thread after her sexual harassment scandal. Not only did anons act cringy as fuck about it, it was obvious that Nanabear, Sabrina, yanderejane and the rest of the twitter thot squad were selfposting and jerking each other off ("OMG BUNNY MUH QUEEN SLAY HERRRR"), derailing and cowtipping. Why can't you people just enjoy watching Momo ruin herself, you really don't need to intervene or act as if other costhots are above her. The anons claiming that Momo is a straight out sociopath are reaching with their shit and ruining the whole thread but pointing this out makes them call you out for either being Moo/Vamp herself or a WK. You know you can hate her without being a spergy fuck right?

No. 6357

mods is there any way you could you please make tillydoesthething a banned topic in the pro ana thread, she's obsessed with getting noticed by lolcow and self posts all the time

No. 6358

so, still no hellweek … what a surprise.

>that staff is becoming a bit of a cabal

yeah, this. it is becoming increasingly obvious.


more like mods, can you please explain why the tipping that is occurring in a whole bunch of threads is going unchecked?

I can't believe how much this place has changed under this team. The rules may as well be dumped at this point, there's cancer everywhere, and communication feels combative. Users want to see more redtext and list valid reasons why (like anons learning from other's mistakes) - lol fuck your red text, we're going to do it less, in the middle of a tsunami of faggotry and cancer. Users beg for a hellweek - fuck that too. Users ask for better info and communication - well, guess what.

seems like the only change worth hoping for at this point is change of leadership before things get terminal.

No. 6359

>still no hellweek
hey, read a little >>6276

No. 6360

Many of us were doing that and I know damn sure that I'm not any of those people that you mentioned. Nanabear's friend was posting on there but Nana herself was not. Being as paranoid as Moo makes you look bad, not the people you're bitching about.

Yeah the cowtipping is cringy as fuck and it's heading towards tempcow behavior with the Plainey younow cowtipping. A mod already stepped in but I think having a mod actively ban people who admit to tipping the cow would help a lot more.

No. 6361

Users are allowed to remind others about it without causing derailing or infighting.
Red texted bans will apply to severe ban violations so users can learn from it. Red texting minor bans only leads to ban confusion for all parties involved in infighting or derailing for example.

No. 6367

>Nana wasn't posting omg!!!
>Nana posted a screenshot of her own tweet with information shown only to the person who tweeted it showing
>Same happened with Sabrina
>YandereJane is obviously posting because she lurks the board religiously and spills every update on Twitter
Yeah okay.

No. 6370

Again, her friend dumped those. She hangs around in the threads. I didn't say anything about Sabrina or YJ so I don't know why you're bringing that up. Those two actively lurk and pretend not to but Nana's friend wasn't afraid to admit her lurking, she even admitted to the text dumping and linked her FB as further proof. Not sure what the problem is here, anon.

If anything needs to be solved, it's the constant infighting. It gets real silly cause we're all on the same side and know that certain cows lurk their threads and get off on all the infighting and derailing.

No. 6371

I just wanted to ask a question first rather than threaten a ban. Since so many people who read this site (she can’t so she sends her monkeys) who believe Joy’s weight gain is from “inflammation” can I just post a pic (no Blogposting) of what actual inflammation looks like cuz hearing the amount of people telling her “it looks like such stereotypical inflammation” cuz it’s KEKworthy, nauseating as all hell, and I can’t fathom the level of stupid to make such retarded comments.

No. 6373

Just use something from Google images in those situations opposed to a self post imo

But if it's feeding trolls you'll probably get banned for that

No. 6374


It's probably not worth it to try and have a discussion about it. From what I have seen on the board as of late, people don't want facts and research to get in the way of tinfoiling and nitpicking. The likely response is going to be that you're going to get mini-modded by anons and risk a ban depending on how closely farmhands are reading the reports.

It sucks, but that's the board culture now.

No. 6375

anon the farmhand literally said minimodding is only an issue if you cause infighting. so just saying your piece is fine, but when anons get in shit pissy arguments with eachother they end up getting banned.

No. 6376

Child porn bots are back, it's really annoying

No. 6377

Hey Admin/Farmhands, I was wondering if we could please bring back the Spoonie/ Munchausen’s threads. I understand they were banned under a previous Admin for excessive blog posting, but I feel like there is still a huge amount of milk in that community that is worth talking about.

We have the proana threads and multiple instathot threads going on in /snow/ right now, which are easily some of the worst cases of selfposting, vendettas, and lack of milk that I’ve seen in a while. In light of this, I hope that you will consider allowing us to have our Munchie threads as well.

No. 6378

i fucking hope not lmao. also claiming the other threads have no milk isn't gonna make your annoying shit milky.

plus, it wasn't the old admin, they were banned at the last town hall.

No. 6379

Cool, I asked Farmhands, not you.

No. 6380

Sorry if there's a better topic suited for this but could we get the next Shay-gnar/Dolly Mattel topic moved from /snow/ to /pt/?

Aside from her infected zitty bits not being fit for anyone's eyes in either board she's got more than enough going on in her life right now to warrant a move to /pt/ including her upcoming move into a house with her 'Daddy' who is an edgy cow in his own right.

No. 6381

ive thought she was /pt/ mat for a while tbh

No. 6382

Yes I think Shayna should be switched to PT as well… Truly the milkiest and nauseating lolcow we have.

No. 6383

I think it would be smart to do a bit of an overhaul on thread placement in general, tbh. /pt/ barely moves at all. Cows like Mira stay on the front page but haven't done anything milky in years.

I know that there are quite a few cows who have earned their keep as /pt/ staples, but I don't want /pt/ to turn into a dead board just because of a refusal to shuffle around some threads from /snow/.

No. 6384


Agreed. For example, why is the Fahr Sindram thread in /pt/?

No. 6385

bitch isn't milky, she's just a gross camwhore.

No. 6386

This is true. Without Raven there now the most active topics are Onision and Momokun. Mira's topic only gets active when she shows up to WK herself and Vicky's involved in some milk right now so she's fine though.

The others don't seem to be as active and there some choice topics in /snow/ that could benefit being bumped to /pt/. Shay for one is a hidden gem of grossness that would definitely reach a wider audience in /pt/.

She is gross but she's also very milky. I mean she just recently got a bed, she flew herself to Mexico to meet an edgy rape fantasy tumblr dom she met online, she begs for money to go to porn auditions, she's doing porn with whatever STD/STI she has, and she's about to leave her apartment to go live in a house she ASSUMES is being bought by this guy for the two of them. That's pretty damn milky.

No. 6387

UO but I feel like the Shay thread being in /pt/ is a bad idea. Unless farmhands want to deal with near constant cowtipping and having to stop infighting every hour on the hour it’s not worth it. Though it might be interesting to finally get to the bottom of ‘Just how often does Shay post here?’ or ‘Why is it that every time something really milky happens, some anon immediately starts nitpicking and posting old photos instead of drinking the milk?’

Shay threads have the potential to be great but right now they’re just dumpster fires filled with endless commentary about her scabby pussy instead of the really milky shit.

No. 6388

is it possible to 'watch threads' on this site/know when you've been replied to?

No. 6390

Reasons to redtext:

If >>>/snow/674059 had been redtexted, >>>/snow/674880 probably would not have replied.

If comments are redtexted, then farmhands wouldn't have to process duplicate reports on those comments.

No. 6391


No. This is an imageboard.

No. 6392

I second this, she has more /pt/ material than some cows there.

No. 6393

Let's just face it, for some bizarro reason, they're never going to give us reasonable redtexting and all we'll ever hear is
"Other chans don't do it like that"
- despite that we deviate from other Chan's in almost every conceivable way now
"Some people will complain"
- despite that we're complaining with logical reasons in favor of it

We're just going to get wishy washy bs answers, our staff user communication is at an all time low

Also loling at the users saying farmhands said minimodding is fine as long as it's not fighting when I've seen it get banned without instigation or reply since… guess that's the posts worthy of receiving redtext though!

No. 6394

i get where you're going with this, but you basically just described the momokun threads except instead of a herpes-infested vag, it's lipo

No. 6395

tbh with you I think the Shay threads are full of self posting, or at the very least orbiters trying to redirect conversation when it starts looking too ugly. that’s the only thing I’d love to be able to prove, but…yeah.

No. 6396

In regards to the man hate thread, can there be better moderation in there? It’s a hotspot for incels and trolls to come in and bait assblasted anons who can’t help responding to bait into arguing and shitting up the thread.

No. 6397

nuke the threads.

No. 6400

Can a mod take care of the white knight who keeps using emojis in the PlasticandProud/Scorpioasshoe thread pretty please?

It will be milky in itself kek


No. 6401

Why has there been farmhands in the joysparkle vendetta threads (rachael reed etc) when they should have obviously just been deleted to begin with? It seems really strange to choose those to moderate when there are actually good active threads that could use the monitoring. Its nothing but facebook tier shitposting and anons who can't stop making obvious statements of OP being bait.

No. 6402

Same. I reported them 24h ago and I expect other have too. I get it if they were generating milk even inadvertently but it's a colony of chattering spergs with no content. Why are they so special they get to stay?

No. 6403

Shay for PT!

No. 6404

Also reported it and I saw that one user was banned there so they must have seen it but didn't bother saying anything?

No. 6405

Double posting but I'd like to think that they plan on doing what they did with Dasha and Kiki and that's why they're MIA.

No. 6406

Where did the Kelly Jean thread go in /snow/? The old one is there but the new one is gone as of the site having some downtime on my end.

No. 6407

What the fuck is this?


Is allowing threads like this Admin's way of nuking the site? If Admin no longer wants the responsibility, then pass it on.

No. 6408

same. 404 - cow not found.

No. 6409

Can a farmhand edit the definitions sticky? There seems to be a ton of confusion over what samefagging is even though the definition isn't that confusing. It should probably focus on the fact that samefagging at it's core is trying to deceive others into thinking you are multiple people. Because right now we have anons arguing to the death that you need to post in agreement with yourself to be samefagging, when samefagging can also be arguing with yourself to cause infighting.

No. 6410

Admin is dead and farmhands abandoned the site. Soon enough, the user base will leave as well.

When the ship is sinking, there’s nowhere to go but overboard.

No. 6411

We had to temporarily move the thread as a result of being contacted by Kelly's lawyers. We'll bring it back shortly!

No. 6412

Has the server been moved to a less flexible host or why do you bend over backwards from legal threats now?

No. 6413

wait is admin really dead what

No. 6414

can someone ban the tranny and the handmaiden defending him in the gendercrit thread?

No. 6415

A lawyer representing Kelly Jean sent a notice and we had no choice but to remove her images. You can continue to discuss her, but do not post any images of her or images including her, regardless of who took the photos. Thank you.

Thread is back up here: >>>/snow/678882

Alive and well!

I'll take a look, thanks

No. 6416

are you a new admin? literally no laws work that way. jfc. i don't even follow this thread but please give the site to someone else ffs.

No. 6417

FFS you posted a link to a mod post, that only links back to the thread that you locked.

Agreeing with other anon, Kelly doesn't own the rights to her own likeness, even hollywood stars don't. Look up American laws before you bend over for lawyers you piece of shit. If Kelly's images aren't ones that she took, if they are on tumblr or anywhere else on the internet, they are free game. That's how the law works. If I take a candid shot of her in public and post it here it's infringing on my rights to take it down.

No. 6418

1) the law does not work this way, any pic or video Kelly has publically shared is free game to repost.

2) this sets a terrible precedent for other vows to get a letter head and send you a fake cease and desist on their own behalf.

3) KF gets demands of this nature on a weekly basis and simply tells them to go fuck themselves and there are 0 consequences because guess what, it's not against the law.

No. 6419

Good job showing up just to assure everyone that you’re totally not dead, even though users have been throwing out valid concerns and questions into this thread for months without any real answers from you or your “team.”

This site is obviously too large for you to handle, and you either cannot or will not mold your moderators into a cohesive team, listen to feedback from its user base, or ban the posters that are only here to troll and sling shit.

I’m sure most of us were ready to give you the benefit of doubt about these issues. However, when you ignore the site for months on end, let your moderation team run unpoliced, and refuse to even add a small description as to what moderation duties even entail when you’re obviously desperately understaffed, you have to understand why there’s little sympathy to be found for you. If this is too much for you to handle, just come out and say it. It would be the far more respectable thing to do.

Good luck, because you’re going to need it.

No. 6420


>we had no choice but to remove her images

You did not remove her images from the previous threads.

>but do not post any images of her or images including her, regardless of who took the photos

The UK does not have codified image rights or personality rights.


I don't know which is worse: your ignorance or your spinelessness.

No. 6421

Did the admin change? The one I thought was admin was a really bright German girl who would never have fallen for this. I'm sad to hear she's gone.

No. 6422

>og admin tells cows with lawsuits to go fuck themselves
>this admin bends to every little beck and whim
This isnt even the first time theyve done something tardo due to ""lawsuits""

Lmao what the fuck is the admin of lolcow position just being passed around Craigslist or something…

Literally anyone make a new imageboard and I'll work 24/7 to bring over content to it holy fuck

No. 6423

The Kelly Jean thread is now accessible at [removed].

The thread wasn't removed just because she sent us a legal threat. Her lawyer contacted our hosting provider and our hosting provider required us to remove the content. We wouldn't have removed the content for any other reason. The lawyer and law firm appear to be authentic and likely not just Kelly impersonating a lawyer.

Yes, normally this is not a problem for our hosting provider. We are working to resolve this issue. In the meantime, please do not post any images of Kelly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No. 6424

Thank you. This is 1000x more understandable.

No. 6425

Unfortunately, our hosting provider has required us to remove Kelly's two threads. We are continuing to work to resolve this issue.

No. 6426


Did she file a DMCA takedown request?

The way you phrased >>6415 makes it sound like she issued a cease and desist over image rights or personality rights which do not exist in either the US or the UK.

No. 6427

We will release all relevant information when we're able to. At this time it's best for us not to discuss details. We're sorry for the disruption and will try to remediate it as soon as we can.

No. 6428


There are still images of her in other threads. If she filed a DMCA takedown request, she must provide the individual URL for each and every image, not simply a blanket request to remove all of her images.

No. 6429

why didn't the admin just say this in the first place?

No. 6430

We wanted to avoid giving away too much information, both to help our case and to avoid encouraging other people who may want to get their threads taken down based on spurious or questionable justification.

Clearly transparency would've been better from the start, though. We're sorry for any confusion.

No. 6431

The main issue I'm having with all this is that it's always important for these kinds of sites to make sure that the Admin/Owner/Host understand both what is going on on the site, and the laws protecting that.

These kinds of serious situations are why moot dipped out of 4chan.

I hope that admin will consider making sure she can take steps to protect site content more in the future and not give in to groundless demands. We should not be intimidated by lawyers trying to bully us into deleting content.

No. 6432


The troon did not get banned.


No. 6433

No. 6434

that was posted before admin replied. there haven't been any more posts like that but it's not clear if they were banned. if only there was some way that we could ID posts that got banned.


No. 6435

serious question, i know there's some shit going down, so feel free to answer whenever, but can we have a rule about users who get triggered when anons post their opinions about specific threads? it's happening in the vent thread atm and it's super annoying. i'm not saying they can't voice their opinion on someone's views, but going into a thread just to defend another thread is annoying and kind of spergy. it's infighting and derailing.

i can understand people defending the thread if someone is in that thread derailing, but in a thread like a vent thread, it's stupid, the thread is literally there for opinions.

No. 6436

I'm tempted to start a Kelly Jean thread in the Beauty Parlor section of KF just so we can watch her lawyer spin their wheels trying to get them to take it down.

No. 6437

do it. maybe admin will learn how to deal with this shit, or step down so a capable admin can join. even if the site host was threatening us, admin could have pointed out the lack of legitimacy of the claims. and i personally would rather have the site down for a bit so that other cows trying to get their threads down wouldnt' see this as a good time to try.

No. 6438

>2016-09-27 - Miss Victoria Murder: Legal threat sent to the wrong form about an unrelated imageboard

gets me every fucking time

No. 6439

why should they be banned just for sharing their opinion? because they're trans and in an anti-trans thread? lolcow shouldn't have nazi moderation banning people just because they don't agree with others in a thread, especially in /ot/. it's fine if you don't like them, but demanding mods BAN THEM ASAP, WHY IS THIS STILL NOT TAKEN CARE OF IT'S BEEN 24 HOURS!!!! is pathetic lmao. it's an anonymous imageboard.

No. 6440

they got banned for being a male, anon. it's very clear in the rules not to id yourself as being a male.

also any anon going into the thread trying to derail and call everyone bigots is going to get banned regardless. try again.

No. 6441

Can there be a rule against people telling others that someone they created a thread about isn't milky enough or whatever? Isn't that basically backseat modding anyway.

i'm pretty sure mods should decide who's a cow or not, and if the user base doesn't think they're a cow/milky enough the conversation will die down anyway. Opening new threads to see a bunch of ''oh but that person isn't that milky'' is just pure annoying.

No. 6442

i see no indication that >>>/ot/289715 got banned (which is who >>6432 was complaining about)

No. 6443

lol the site is 50%+ user made content, git gud anon.

i have a problem with that too, which is why redtext is important. atleast one post from each user that gets banned should have redtext. and the fact that the most recent mod post about it was that they'll do less is retarded. admin must be doing some drugs.

No. 6444

i agree redtext is good. i'm just saying you're assuming that user got banned, but i don't see any reason to think they got banned. which is good, because i don't think there's any reason to ban them.

No. 6445


>3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way.

>I'm calling you bigots for calling me an autogynephile and treating me like some kind of sex freak just because I'm trans.

No. 6446

they should be banned because they're a male. the said they were a male in multiple threads. even if you think he's a "woman" or some shit he's not a female. and we have banned trannies in the past who feel the need to mention it. if you don't you don't get a ban, easy. now stop.

No. 6448

trans people who say they're trans in the middle of some unrelated threads should be banned, but in a thread where the statement is completely relevant both to what they're saying and to the thread subject, and in /ot/, that's ridiculous and if you think it should be banned I fear for any imageboard you would ever run, including an all-girl imageboard. even if you think they're male, that's clearly not what that rule is intended for.

the full rule is

>3.5d Male posters: Do not announce your gender or post in a "male here" way. Don't post simply to point out if you're attracted to the subject or not. Nobody cares about your preferences.

obviously it's intended to stop the flow of annoying thirsty, incel, and/or attention hungry guys

No. 6449

Like an anon sort of said earlier, isn't that the subject of the thread coming into said thread and complaining about the thread? That's usually bannable.

No. 6450

I hope a farmhand is here but can someone please put the anon in the unpopular opinions thread out of her misery? She's really really unhinged mentally and has been derailin the thread. I admit to arguing with her and would understand getting banned as well, but I'm honestly seriously just worried about that person's mental health. They don't even seem to be capable of following their own thought processes and it's kind of getting disturbing.

No. 6451


>attention hungry guys

Which is precisely what he is. He is seeking validation from women, and we are under no obligation to give it to him. His invasion of our women only space is precisely what we oppose.

No. 6452

this, he originally posted on the body image thread whining about how his male puberty stopped him from looking feminine. that's not a body image issue anyways, THEN he follows someone into another thread to defend himself.

No. 6453

please get rid of russian neet-chan on /ot/

No. 6454


Kay Bear sent hers intended for LC to KF, too. Looks like she sent it here and her images were removed.

No. 6457

Is there a way to make it so that hidden threads are also hidden in the catalog? I'm sick of seeing certain threads, and as I don't really check the board indexes, just the catalogs, hiding them in the current way is kind of pointless.

No. 6458

File: 1536271270862.png (334.96 KB, 479x486, 1523835300437.png)

Can someone do something about the nutjobs that keep bringing up the white/asian race baiting?

No. 6459

Why was the lesbian media thread locked?
Not the OP, just curious as it didn't seem to break any rules chat I am aware of

No. 6460

what i want to know is why is it locked without any explanation and why the fuck hasn't the shitposter shitting up /ot/ been banned?

No. 6461

Can you guys check the i.p of the anon pretending to be Isa in the alt thread and also dorian's ex friend in the snow thread? Desperate to know if Raven or Isa has posted there.

No. 6462

Can someone do something about that anon who keeps accusing everyone of being the europoor anon all over /ot/? She sounds nuts.

No. 6463

Here are some specific post links we're curious about:

Purporting to be Isa or whiteknighting Isa:

Whiteknighting Raven:

Says they are Logan's ex-friend, share phone font and background with Raven:

Possibly whiteknighting for Isa, not sure but posted this morning NZ time, so:

Locations of interest:
Christchurch, NZ
Saluda, SC, USA

No. 6464

Forgot one:

Claiming to be Dorian's ex-friend, also whiteknighting Raven:

No. 6465

Isn’t Raven in Texas now?

No. 6466

She never went to Texas for the funeral. Raven married Josh in South Carolina in June. Unless you have reason to believe they've moved to Texas since then, they remain in SC.

No. 6467

File: 1536422074056.png (26.64 KB, 923x548, modsareretarded.png)

please get rid of whoever fucking banned that comment. how tf is it a-logging to say you're going to shoot yourself in the head, and in one comment? anon is talking about how she is going to vomit and then put a shotgun to her head. are the mods just people who have never fucking been on a chan board?

No. 6468

this is a good example why redtexting all bans is fucking dumb.

No. 6469

Ntayrt but why? Because mods can be held accountable for their ban choices by the user base if the user base disagrees with them?

The entire idea of "less red text so we don't have to hear complaints about how the rules are enforced" is pants on head retarded

Current admin has not once in my memory seemed a chan board native and farmhands even had to swoop in to save her ass from criticism when she wasn't transparent about the Kelly lawyers situation

I don't mean to insult you personally but how in the actual fuck are there still people on this site who feel less red text is what we need right now? Do you guys read meta or look at what's going on at all?

No. 6470

Seriously, WTF. Why lock a lesbian thread? It not controversial on this site.

No. 6471

seriously. even if we had less people will just come here to bitch about not seeing bans, atleast this way we can address the actual issues with the bans, because it's more important the mods know what they are doing than people complaining about "too much redtext".

No. 6472

thread is now locked for 'obvious vendetta posting'. not sure what that is supposed to mean, or why it happened, but make of it what you will.

the irony of this is that the latest mod team seems to want to turn lc into a generic 'classic' chan, with the hands-off approach to modding etc.


No. 6473

yeah, would like it cleared up what 'obvious vendetta posting' means? maybe they mean the anon that was thirsting after logan a while back? but even so, she just alerted people to the milky situation and the fact that Isa is seemingly like trying to skinwalk raven, unless like, every single post in the threads were by her, i dunno how it's vendetta posting.

No. 6474

I think there are some posts not showing up? On /ot/ there are a bunch of saged posts visible on the virgin thread that vanish when you actually open the thread. I refreshed /ot/ and they were still there so they weren't deleted.

No. 6475

Can a farmhand or admin please make a statement here about what 'obvious vendetta posting' occurred? We aren't or weren't clear, which is why we were curious about who might have what motive to add to the thread, just for background and to know who we're responding to.

Isa is a cow. If the vendetta posters get banned or redtexted why can't the rest of use talk about this milk in the thread? It's current and it's kind of big news? No matter who brought ti to the board.

No. 6476

Doublepost, I was the OP who started the thread and I'm a Raven thread poster, we talked about starting it in meta and altcows. I am not a vendetta-poster. So the vendetta has to come from among the anons who masqueraded as friends/interested parties supplying info. And the rest of us would like a hint as to what went down with that and whether it's all one person or two people or what…

No. 6477

Are there even any admins or moderators left on this site?

No. 6478

And can you state the geographic locations you believe this poster (or posters) came from)?

No. 6479

and… can you tell us why a vendetta poster supplying personal info in the StellBell thread was considered milk, while a vendetta poster/s in the Isa thread feeding us information is worth locking the thread?

No. 6480

and why did it go straight to lock with no explanation? usually it's warnings, callouts, etc, first. the whole thing is bizarre.

meanwhile, how has Miranda not been outed for posting in her own thread? she does it a lot.

No. 6481

Great question.

And the Lola Tyrrell thread is probably 99% vendetta posts, no redtext or locking in that one.

No. 6482

I really hope admin has been looking for their replacement because this is just retareded

No. 6483

do they even fucking check the applications?

No. 6484

We'll try to find a way to improve the functionaility of the catalog by adding hidden and watched features.
Please report anons that racebait, certains threads on /ot/ are currently being watched for this reason.
We just unlocked the thread as it shouldn't have been locked in the first place. Our apologies.
Thanks for the detailed post anon. It'll prove useful. For all anons wondering on how locking a thread on the basis of a vendetta works, we simply check for the ratio of vendetta posts in a thread versus milk. We're still investigating for certainty on the possible identity of some posters. Other spam threads in snow have been locked for similar reasons.
Red texting every ban would mean reading a site full of red text, the site has never once been moderated in this manner. All warning bans would be marked along with communication to anons. Major example ban offenses will still be red texted. This includes male posting, cowtipping, and self posting. Instances of minor infighting and sage issues can be handled without red text.
Users don't need red text to hold the moderation team accountable for their ban choices. If anyone has a legitmiate issue with a ban reason then they have the right to post a complaint in this very thread. Again, appealing bans will always be encouraged.
Yes, all applications are read.

No. 6485


>male posting

Then why was the troon who disrupted several threads allowed to continue posting and was never redtexted?

Why has the previous Kelly Jean thread >>>/snow/50457 been reinstated, but the current thread is still 404?

No. 6486

If there’s any oldfag out there who has admin experience, understands chan culture & remembers when lolcow didn’t suck and has ever considered starting a new board elsewhere for our cows - I will follow you, mod for you, and donate to your server fees. I give up on this admin and their team.

No. 6487

Same; I'll put both money and time into a website that better represents the classic userbase.

No. 6488


Without access to their accounts the thread is dead.

No. 6489

Male posters or self indentifying trans anons have been banned for male posting with redtext in the man hate thread unless you're referring to another anon or thread. Sometimes we do get reports from /ot/ labled male but upon inspection we can see they are not a robot or male. We can't ban for differing opinions unless they're actively derailing or infighting.
>Why has the previous Kelly Jean thread >>>/snow/50457 been reinstated, but the current thread is still 404?
Please see an earlier response above. >>6425

No. 6490


He was reported in >>6432.

In >>6425 you said that both threads were removed. The previous thread has been reinstated. Does this mean a new thread can be created?

No. 6492

>self indentifying trans anons
Just TIMs or both? Anyways, he was shitting up a thread in /g/ and the gender critical thread, not the man hate thread. He never got redtexted.

No. 6493

i wish the mods would understand we don't need redtext for every post. but we do for stuff like this. crossboard shit like this, or people who post a looooot. they should have one of their posts per thread redtexted.

also mods should listen to what we're saying instead of the literal opposite. you say people will complain about too much, but they are complaining about too little. redtext is the only thing that shows who's been banned. other types of forums don't have redtext but they do mark all posts that have been banned.

No. 6494

You're right, it seems the ban was never redtexted but that anon did receieve a ban (gender crit trans anon). We are working on red texting these cases so thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can improve.
We had a similar incident with the blade thread which lead to it's recreation but as of right now our hands are tied with Kelly's situation as the legal threats seem much more legitmate to our host. As we said before we're going to try to find a way to resolve this issue.

No. 6496

Add more mods. This place has gone to shit. I've been reporting some incel/robot for hours and nothing has been done. You mods are fucking useless, if there are any online right now.

No. 6497

Sorry if this is not the right place for this, but plasticandproud is having a meltdown in her thread on /snow/. She's posting non-stop with a ton of emojis and just generally being a sperg. Can someone please ban her??

No. 6498


This place belongs to us now.(incel)

No. 6499

Maybe I understand the term wrong, but why was the anon in Luna thread banned for armchairing when she was actually diagnosed with BPD? Is talking about symptoms of mental illnesses that cows have forbidden or was it the post length?
I understood armchairing as pulling diagnoses out of your ass, not discussing the behavior of actually mentally ill cows.
Thanks for clarifying

No. 6500

We are in the process of adding more mods and training new mods.
>I understood armchairing as pulling diagnoses out of your ass, not discussing the behavior of actually mentally ill cows.
Sometimes armchairing is like that, I would even say the majority of the time it is anons medfagging and armchairing about things they don't know for certain.
In this case it's mainly because it falls more into "pyschology 101" blogging territory. It's fine to discuss Tuna's bpd in relation to her behavior but adding detailed commentary about bpd itself isn't needed.

The first and last parts of anon's post were alright because they related to the cow but the middle portion below is armchairing.
>Luna has bpd, so she splits and has black and white thinking, and she probably splits on herself. She either thinks she's the hottest person to ever live, or the ugliest. She takes the selfies when she feels hot, and she posts them when she needs validation because she feels shit. There is no in-between fpr her, no grey area and that's why we see her flip flop on other people as well. It's why there are all these contradictory posts about people in her life as well. It's not that she can't keep her story straight, well it is, but it's not as simple as her being a stupid liar. When bpd people split someone, they're pretty much incapable of remembering they ever held opinions that contradict their current feelings.

No. 6502

Note that you have to take what Tuna says with a grain of salt. It's pretty much what the farmhand said and armchairing is annoying. Nobody wants to go into a thread and see dumb paragraphs from multiple people about what illnesses a person might have. It happens in every single Tuna thread and way too often.

No. 6503

So you get banned for pointing out bait but the bait itself is welcome?
I’m confused about modding priorities here.

No. 6504

Hi, you were given a 1 minute warning ban to not derail a thread. "Bait" in the unpopular opinion thread is subjective anon.

No. 6505

Just a correction, Raven's location is Florida, in the vicinity of Jacksonville. She's no longer in Saluda, SC.

No. 6506

that is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. that entire thread is just infighting bs. giving warning bans to people in shit threads is absurd.

No. 6507

One minute you'll never get back anon!

No. 6508

If the Hartley parents are the real cows of the thread, then why is mocking and a-logging the sisters allowed?


No. 6509

can we have a janitor monitoring the PNP thread(s)? the newfagottry and lack of integration is ruining an otherwise milky thread

No. 6510

Can a farmhand take a look at the Shay thread in snow? There’s so much vendetta posting and mini modding going on that any discussion which isn’t “Shayna is ugly and stupid stfu about everything else lmao kekek” gets shut down. Discussion beyond that can be difficult.

I’ve gotten temp bans for reporting posts so I’m reluctant to do that again and frankly I’m unsure as to what I’d report for.

No. 6511


And infighting.

No. 6512

Why aren't these threads locked if they're against the rules ("Do not post about subjects under the age of 16")?

No. 6513

The infighting is out of hand, it happens every thread, and ultimately it’s boring as hell. Posters who wanted to go after Kyle’s ex wife for her supposedly cringe FB posts, wew. I’d report for that but again, don’t want another temp ban for doing something I’m not sure is allowed.

No. 6514

They’re not sentient. Seriously, that’s a big part of it. As cruel as anons can be, Gwen robs them of their dignity more than we ever could. Every site I’ve ever seen them discussed generally flips for a bit about what potatoes they are, and then talk does mostly turn to Gwen. If that doesn’t happen here, my thoughts are that the board culture is way off balance. Threads used to be sarcastic and humorous. Now it’s just edgelords shitting things up.

No. 6515

We did flip it to Gwen. But the threads died a natural death after a while, and all we get these days is edgelord posts necroing the thread/s. Time to lock them, imo.

No. 6517

One anon in the shay thread (the one who uses "cos" instead of because, cuz, bc, etc.) must be another camwhore with a vendetta or something, she's been posting in there forever. She always gets triggered whenever someone shits on degenerate fetish stuff too kek. I imagine there are a lot of anons like her in those threads, and a lot of men too. Same goes for all the other threads about camwhores honestly.

Micky's thread is full of trash too, but that's nothing new.

No. 6518

I'm sick of anons jumping down other's throats and automatically screeching that you are on the cow's side if you notice something or point out something that doesn't completely crucify the cow.
Examples include the 10 year old Mina fans in the Dasha threads. I used to like reading milk about all 4 of them and then I totally understood why it only became the Dasha thread, but I feel like a lot of Mina's youtube fans have come on here because you can say something as minor as 'Dasha looks slightly better than her usual shitty self in this photo' and they will start screeching replies like 'SLIGHTLY BETTER? OMG STOP STICKING UP FOR DASHA..THESE WHITEKNIGHTS, I SWEAR!'
Same shit happens in every thread.
'Lainey is ugly but looks better with x coloured hair'
'Omg she looks ugly with every colour, seriously what are you blind?'
And in Raven's thread someone has a theory about something happening, even specifys that it may or may not be true, and anons screech like the person said it was gospel.

Anyway, I don't know what this particular type of infighting is called but it annoys me. There is more polite ways to disagree, and also just because someone disagrees, it doesn't mean they LOVE the cow in question.

No. 6520

Maybe leaving them open is better though, if only for the fact that when Lola or Claire finally pass away, there’s going to be an immediate flood of discussion about it? I always lean towards keeping threads open.

OT, but I wish we could have another Town Hall meeting. I feel like the site needs one desperately. Barring that, it feels like the place will continue to slowly degrade, due to mods (seemingly) not having a unified focus about what’s best for the site, or even a unified approach to moderation, and the worst users, who all appear to be twelve year olds, have somehow taken over.

It wasn’t that long ago that users lurked more and learned board culture, they’d get policed by long time posters when they stepped out of line and gradually they’d assimilate. That’s not the case now, and the bad posters are the ones attempting to mini mod and police threads. I can’t believe the amount of cowtipping that goes on, and very few anons say anything about it, I think for fear of temp bans. Tempcow was a lot of fun, but it brought a lot of bad behavior back with it when it was shut down.

There are a few cows on /pt/ who I think were bad for the site in the long run, Mariah being one. It’s like certain cows really cause users to sperg heavily.

I miss the time of fresh milk, thoughtful, funny users, and lc itself being a fun place. It’s frustrating to see it go downhill.

No. 6521

Seriously can someone please address the mess that is the Shayna thread in snow? You can’t even ask a question without them going off and raging. It’s gotten really weird in there.

No. 6522

This is where I feel like the staff have really dropped the ball. You can't report anything that's nitpicking if it's about Dasha or whiteknighting Mina and Edwin. Well, you can report it, but don't expect for anything to be done about it. Is nitpicking every single photo of Dasha even necessary? I get it, she did the same to Mina. But she wasn't following any rules, we are. How can nitpicking be against the rules yet be so damn rampant in a thread that the staff was watching so closely? It's the same in the thread on the Onions.

You can't even ask them to chill cause then they'll jump down your throat, it's absolutely embarrassing. Like you, I understand why it became Dasha only. But the brown-nosing when it comes to the two "former" cows make us look bad. You don't have to stan Mina to put down Dasha. Some of us don't like any of the bitches and just want to watch the fire.

The nitpicking on this site is just crazy.