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File: 1519875813091.jpg (1.28 MB, 981x964, 27747609_1452193494889199_4885…)

No. 517372

It is finally time for lolcow to have a thread for the absolute legend Abby Brown.

https://www.facebook.com/abby.brown.900 (public)

Some background:
>Known for radically shifting "phases" often involving scene or emo aesthetics.
>Is extremely religious and homophobic
>Posts embarrassingly bad raps online including ones where she uses the n word
>Has a nasty boyfriend who she breaks up with and gets back together with every so often
>Gets large ugly tattoos to match each phase and then gets them removed when she moves on
>Live at home with her parents who seem to not be bothered by her
>Popular theory that she shops specifically from the clearance section at Hot Topic
>Current phase is Melanie Martinez, may or may not be into ddlg
>Posted a video of herself riding out of Walmart on a children's bike while dressed like a baby

I'll do my best to provide additional photos in the thread of her other phases. There are SO many photos, so I'll do my best to not flood.

No. 517373

File: 1519875964213.jpg (68.59 KB, 640x778, 18839013_10209367949341168_707…)

Christian scene queen

No. 517375

File: 1519876000192.jpg (55.46 KB, 540x960, 28059388_1651940424843275_2100…)

Also being gay is bad according to the bible

No. 517376

File: 1519876043552.jpg (50.04 KB, 640x471, 18839013_10209367871779229_267…)

Her Jack Skellington phase where she shaved her head (these are her parents)

No. 517377

File: 1519876117907.jpg (55.11 KB, 539x960, 27857982_10211264202744475_311…)

Forgot to mention she's 24

No. 517379

File: 1519876219443.jpg (52.21 KB, 553x805, 20374745_10209813349595896_673…)

Hello Kitty phase

No. 517380

File: 1519876351886.jpg (67.89 KB, 539x960, 26734118_10210203822363006_520…)

Her goth phase with her on and off boyfriend

No. 517381

Oh my god is her.
I though she had cancer

No. 517387

I’ve seen this woman in so many memes i had no idea that the “christian scene queen” pic was her original content. I thought someone added that onto some picture of a ugly fat emo just to be funny. God bless you op

No. 517388

File: 1519876614260.jpeg (151.68 KB, 792x960, F7F9F4E8-8DDF-4919-83AC-D1AE11…)

Her mom looks so normal?

No. 517391

File: 1519876734537.jpg (53.44 KB, 640x498, 18950994_10209367877099362_120…)

To be completely honest I'm not sure if it's original content but I do know she's super religious so it's likely it's real.

Check out some of her cool tattoos

No. 517393

File: 1519876788356.jpg (23.78 KB, 520x375, 18881794_10209367920380444_343…)

Scene Queen tattoo (that I think she has since had removed)

No. 517397

File: 1519877018662.jpg (138.66 KB, 639x1315, 27788621_10212925032173471_125…)

She's adopted, apparently.

If anyone has the pic where she photoshopped half of her face with half of Melanie Martinez's face please post it, it's so hilarious.

No. 517400

What a mess

No. 517410

I love her, the delusion is almost PT status

No. 517411

File: 1519877896610.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.62 KB, 638x960, 92B5FA1F-4D08-4849-9707-E33991…)

What beauty

No. 517413

File: 1519878068173.jpg (57.73 KB, 539x960, 28168278_2023769544614025_4590…)

Almost forgot, she has been drawing in a fake gap in her front teeth to look like MM

No. 517422

File: 1519878581454.png (193.39 KB, 663x619, 1513731554018.png)

Guuuuuurl trust us we can tell the difference between the two no need for the label.

No. 517434

File: 1519879569463.jpeg (226.83 KB, 640x854, F8CC9E3A-68F4-4933-B73E-D54D57…)

No. 517436

File: 1519879701851.jpg (101.62 KB, 806x960, 28279278_2023770437947269_6071…)

No. 517438

How does she pay for this?

No. 517440


I figured she was adopted. Explains a lot…

No. 517441

File: 1519880027780.jpeg (94.27 KB, 960x960, 9E3FA29F-2D13-4765-A6B0-DF19D5…)

I was just checking her fb and she has some sort of job where she has an “aisle” so I’m assuming she works at a grocery store checkout/something like that

No. 517442

she looks like the babadook

No. 517445


No. 517446

Her parents pay for a lot of her stuff. She lives with them.

No. 517452

File: 1519881750832.jpg (74.9 KB, 722x960, 27972071_10210414516630231_498…)

No. 517457

File: 1519881934984.jpg (89.93 KB, 858x858, 28059302_380247869121427_43342…)

No. 517460

File: 1519882081456.jpg (57.18 KB, 720x960, 28276957_1973393042710871_6791…)

Her current status is: she changed her hair and has learned to photoshop her face

No. 517464

old but gold

No. 517471

My absolute favorite thank you anon!

No. 517481

Thanks OP, you're the best!

No. 517508

PRAISE BE been waiting for this thread. I’m so confused by allllll of this. How are her parents allowing this? The tattoos. The constant identity changes. The drawing a gap on her teeth daily. The hair. How you doing like ddlg shit under their roof? There’s so much happening here. Can’t wait for more.

No. 517518

File: 1519887106482.jpg (83.78 KB, 539x960, 27973461_10213095526677754_181…)

No. 517520

What’s her IG? I swear she has one

No. 517521

can you IMAGINE the stories these grocery stores have

No. 517524

Here's a lil compilation. May the milk flow, that cow is hilarious.

No. 517530

The last one I saw was crybaby_abby but it looks like it's gone now

No. 517532

File: 1519888256147.jpg (65.06 KB, 540x960, 27750674_10156052922539544_537…)

No. 517533

File: 1519888299851.jpg (74.82 KB, 639x953, 18920390_10209367881099462_693…)

You can see in the previous pic a bit, this is a permanent tattoo

No. 517538

jesus she looks like a 35 year old in every photo/video

but can someone please post an approx timeline of when her various phases were happening?

No. 517540

File: 1519888699400.jpg (37.96 KB, 480x854, 27752613_1820094104675645_3042…)

She was trying to create a gap in her front teeth but gave up recently

No. 517542

if it puts it into any type of perspective in that cringe comp (the same video that’s the thumbnail) she said she was 23 so this is recently if she’s 24 now

No. 517543

File: 1519888911512.jpg (83.67 KB, 960x640, 19989419_1504454829618912_2828…)

I don't know if I know the specific order but here's Abby pre-social media

No. 517544


I’m screaming. She looks like uncle fester in makeup and a wig.

Jesus take the wheel.

No. 517547

File: 1519889057507.jpg (77.48 KB, 551x960, 20031916_1504782419586153_4195…)

This one is labeled as being from 2014. I'm the same age as Abby and I graduated high school in 2011, so this should be post high school.

No. 517549

There has to be something mentally off with her, like OCD or BPD or something that causes her to become completely obsessed with one thing only to dump it for another. Mentally healthy people don't do that.

No. 517552

File: 1519889235576.jpg (84.83 KB, 750x925, 18951354_10210205713450282_404…)

After I posted this pic I realized she looks like she stepped out of 2007, not 2014.

This one is from 2008.

No. 517555

File: 1519889734824.jpg (46.08 KB, 540x960, 27545152_10213451942446285_508…)

what do you mean this isn't normal

No. 517561

She's never ever 24, she looks like in her late 30s

No. 517565

File: 1519891126065.jpg (52.06 KB, 539x960, 26733479_10210203815962846_317…)

Just remembered she didn't have it removed, she covered it up with a bigger, uglier tattoo

No. 517746

who takes these photos, WHO IS IT?!

No. 517783

File: 1519925880696.jpg (25.47 KB, 337x462, 18921701_10209367870779204_351…)

No. 517785

File: 1519926053253.jpg (64.43 KB, 539x960, 25399193_10210025220178063_189…)

No. 517798

how old is whatever this is?

No. 517801

File: 1519927183713.jpg (74.05 KB, 540x960, 27867714_1789653171085133_7661…)

Her hair is short now because it's still growing in from being shaved, so it can't have been too long ago

No. 517815

No. 517821

File: 1519929007896.jpg (63.31 KB, 539x960, 27750602_10213876689623922_581…)

No. 517837

How can her parents be okay with this?! Holy shit lmao
She did hear that MM is an allegedly a rapist right?

No. 517843

These are the last people I'd imagine to be hardcore Christian. Hell, I'd think they were atheist…

No. 517857


Honestly if she's adopted, it explains this LITTLE bit, like maybe she has major identity crisis of who she is and because of that she clings onto these stereotypes. Of course you also need to be a special type of crazy to be like THIS

No. 517868

File: 1519932518718.jpg (48.52 KB, 539x960, 26239331_10155518839553271_594…)

She's not a rapist anon duh!

By the way, most of these images and screencaps come from facebook groups dedicated to discussing Abby. If you're aware of the groups, please do not name them. They frequently need to change names to avoid being deleted, so mentioning by name will just make them change the group name.

No. 517870

what’s weird to me is that she’s just getting into Melanie Martinez now and this supports the “she only shops on the hot topic clearance rack” theory. she was on the voice, had a song featured on American horror story in 2014 and the whole crybaby thing came out in 2015. browsing the hot topic website sometimes especially their clearance section (the rare decent blendable accessories) this stuff has been sitting in their clearance section for awhile. the coloring book especially is something like $2 and id imagine all the posters are super cheap as well…so she just works to fully indulge herself into new phases based on the hot topic clearance section? Her parents probably don’t mind paying for it either because they’re shutting her up with a bunch of crap for under $30

No. 517871

She is into ageplay, no doubt about it. Weird time we are living in where people can post shit like this and people actually question "is it ageplay?"

No. 517874

in her fb comments someone asked where she got something and she said littleforbig.com so confirmed?

No. 517875

Around the time I was introduced to Abby, I noticed Hot Topic had dumped all of the MM merch in the back of the store. This was right after the rape allegation against her. The timing is just hilarious to me.

Also, in one of Abby's pictures she's wearing a dress (which Lanie commented on and said she would look better in, in one of the fb groups) that was an Eleven halloween costume.

No. 517878

File: 1519933005130.jpg (76.22 KB, 750x932, 26904248_10210267751961206_824…)

Here's the dress

No. 517879

This is probably the only photo where she looks decent and its a candid. Who looks WORSE in photos you took yourself and had full control over?

How is it possible to get into one of these groups if the name is a secret?

No. 517881

File: 1519933145116.jpg (261.72 KB, 1152x2048, 26910144_1527629963987393_2569…)

They occasionally open up applications to join, I only know about them from my friends who are in them.

Honestly you're not missing much, there's a lot of blogposting and "I listened to Crybaby and liked it what do I do!" so I wanted to get a thread going so we can see the crazy without the idiots on facebook.

No. 517886

Everytime there’s a new picture of her it blows my mind how recent it is. so she was full goth in November when lil peep died wew what a turn around

No. 517887

File: 1519933315154.jpg (252.75 KB, 1080x1920, 27629149_1421459371316909_6193…)

No. 517891

File: 1519933462464.jpg (24.75 KB, 750x284, 26231009_10156076553374855_281…)

No. 517894

File: 1519933546715.jpg (50.84 KB, 539x960, 26238849_10210204134690814_538…)

The saddest thing is she ALMOST looked decent in her goth phase

No. 517912

File: 1519934154622.jpg (46.01 KB, 640x480, 18814143_10209367856818855_228…)

Here's the rough timeline according to one of the fb groups and a website I found

1. "Orange wig era" Oct - Dec 2016 (attached)
2. "Shaved head/Jack era" Dec 2016 - April 2017 >>517376
3. "Blonde wig era" April - June 2017 >>517391
4. "Purple wig/emo era" June - July 2017 >>517524
5. "Hello Kitty era" July 2017 - ??? >>517379
6. "Goth era" November 2017? >>517894
7. "Melanie Martinez era" now

Let me know if you have any requests for specific eras or photos and I'll do my best to provide.

No. 517919

File: 1519934326355.jpg (31.24 KB, 271x386, homophobia.jpg)

No. 517925

How does she justify her "gays burn in hell" narrative when her queen Melanie raped a girl?

God I know they mean well but at a certain point… You just have to not. They seem so normal and nice and a little naive because they're just trying to be supportive of their clearly mentally unstable adoptive child but they're going about it the wrong way. She's not a bullied teenager in high school anymore and you're not doing her any favors by letting her "be herself" at 24/25 years old.

No. 517928

File: 1519934918228.jpg (47.43 KB, 540x960, 27973045_2020238471633799_3887…)

She's innocent anon! >>517868 >>517887

No. 517939

Innocent or not, she's still openly bi.

The Bible straight up says you're supposed to dress modestly. This shit is why I wish death on most Christians. They hold such foul beliefs that harm people, yet they do shit that goes against their precious Bible (that almost none of them have actually read) all the fucking time.

No. 517953

File: 1519936922733.jpg (14.24 KB, 371x149, unnamed.jpg)

No. 517956

Well MM's side of the story is it was consensual, but either way she shoved a dildo in another woman which is pretty gay!

No. 517960

File: 1519937258613.jpg (13.67 KB, 371x162, unnamed (1).jpg)

No. 517995

File: 1519939110142.jpg (72.06 KB, 622x622, 18892892_10209367885579574_469…)

No. 517997

This image will singlehandedly be my inspiration to quit smoking

No. 518015

I just. Don't understand why she's religious and homophobic when she dresses like someone in the DDGL community.

No. 518017


These look far too 2006-myspace-pic-now-used ironically-as-a-meme to be real. Please.

No. 518022

File: 1519940856317.jpg (56.97 KB, 539x960, 28279694_10211358246455509_478…)

they are real unfortunately

No. 518062

She has openly talked about being bipolar.

No. 518072

She sure does love edgy rapists with bad aesthetics!

No. 518097

Save zero brown 2018
(Zero is her dog who always looks miserable)

No. 518107

there is like NO WATER in that tub lmao

No. 518130


i remember someone in her KF thread claiming that she wasn't adopted, she was doing it to sound interesing and someone else speculating that she turned out this way because her father sexually abused her when she was a child, her mother turned a blind eye to it and now they're paying penance by supporting her idiocy. i'm glad they were both wrong because that would be too grimdark if it was true.

No. 518150

File: 1519947971902.jpg (213.11 KB, 700x658, dont laugh send help.jpg)

No. 518151

File: 1519948069352.jpg (52.69 KB, 640x960, 28378017_10159998051010153_776…)

New pic

No. 518155

File: 1519948372796.jpeg (35.91 KB, 192x188, C4625E3D-15EC-46CB-B0E9-D20132…)

No. 518160

Her tattoos are everything I wanted to get when I was 15…how is old this bitch? 30? Yowza.

No. 518166

Looks like ‘the people Walmart’

No. 518171

Oh my god I went to school with her. Never thought I'd see a cow I knew personally.

No. 518172


how old is she? what was she like? she looks like a cute bubbly kid in >>517552, what happened?

No. 518174


I'm class of 2011 so she would be either 24 or 25.

No. 518179

Such a better look on her, not really bad at all. She looks ridiculous as a MM clone as it highlights just how less attractive she is than her idol.

No. 518180


No. 518188


It was middle school, when I lived up near Atlanta and I moved in 8th grade so I don't remember much to be honest with you. But a close friend of mine who I kept up with from that school sent me pictures of her and we made fun of her often for her really shitty "music videos" and things that her boyfriend at the time made. Basically she was just a run of the mill scene kid but looks like she never moved on past it and amped the crazy up to 11. Sorry for shitty milk but if you want I can link her music endeavors.

No. 518189

Yes please, I want to torture myself

No. 518196

It looks like she deleted her own channel sadly but thank god for reuploaders

No. 518198

And here's the other one I remember

No. 518203


Also explains why her parents allow and go along with her shit

No. 518265

No. 518362

She is either inbred or her mom did a loooot of drugs/alcohol while she was pregnant. Shit. This is so ugly it is physically painful to look at.

No. 518450

I'm going to go with autism tbh. The jumping from one obsession to another is pretty common. >>518362

No. 518464

File: 1519970313280.jpg (68.65 KB, 539x960, 28056456_10213959144805250_562…)

No. 518512

It’s also common in BPD, due to lack of solid identity.

No. 518542

File: 1519980153904.jpg (78.5 KB, 720x960, 28059416_2023770507947262_4500…)

I just want to clarify she was diagnosed with bipolar, and that's it. I could see undiagnosed BPD too though.

No. 518562

Right?! I didn’t hate it. It was ok! And as soon as I saw her with a pacifier I was like lord here we go. And then like two days later it was full on ddlg hell. Let no one say she does things by halves

No. 518581


Bpd: borderline personality disorder=\= bipolar

No. 518840

No. 518877

File: 1520018796438.jpg (53.81 KB, 639x959, 28471681_10211420720054652_812…)

no he's happy guys!

No. 518916


No. 518927

Why is she so out of breath? She’s just laying down omg

No. 518936


Oh my god why won't she stop rapping

No. 518978

I was thinking the same thing because you can always hear her breathing in her videos but she's probably just a mouthbreather in general.

No. 519010

No. 519217

I'm pretty sure this person is just reuploading

No. 519448

File: 1520070243795.jpeg (562.99 KB, 1133x1653, 8DE033EA-49B9-4C0A-A699-AB1B7E…)

No. 519449

File: 1520070275930.jpeg (183.84 KB, 640x960, 9DCB2C37-690C-4D4C-AA0D-6832F2…)

Her parents take most of her pictures too…

No. 519555

File: 1520087773844.png (46.11 KB, 800x248, Screenshot_2018-03-03-06-33-56…)

No. 519598

This is like ageplay meets Insane Clown Posse meets scene

No. 519631

The SAME part that "is against gay people" bans wearing clothing made of mixed fabrics and tattoos. You don't even have to call out the Bible as a whole, it's in the same fucking part by the same fucking guy.

No. 519900

Is Abby still a homophobe? By her own admission she had a thing with a girl and suddenly decided she was anti-gays when she survived a suicide attempt and a nurse told her being gay was a sin. She got called out for it because she used to go to gay clubs looking for girls lmao. I haven't looked at her stuff since her post-Bone Daddy cheap Party City wig phase so I don't know if she changed her tune or not. I would think with her new idol of the moment being openly bi she'd change her tune if she's impressionable enough to try to force her teeth to separate but idk.

No. 520069

File: 1520130803356.jpeg (520.99 KB, 2048x2048, 3DB94625-5178-4525-9D74-67BE86…)

Top tier blur tool

No. 520205

File: 1520139596577.jpeg (48.23 KB, 371x366, B1110DDD-8100-4B1C-A078-1F67A0…)

I’m dying at this. From her hello kitty phase (not oc of Abby someone else made this)

No. 520214

File: 1520141322408.png (87.64 KB, 750x908, IMG_6801.PNG)

No. 520221

Is that a drawn on tooth gap, wtf

No. 520241

Yes. Yes it is. >>517413 >>517540

No. 520483


Isn't Melanie Fartinez openly bi or something?

No. 520511

that’s so lovely

but yes i am totally Here For This Thread. thanks op

No. 520696

File: 1520203698490.jpeg (135.62 KB, 638x960, 585AC0DA-64AC-4989-8C28-0F5279…)

Is she becoming self aware?

No. 520849

> I would think with her new idol of the moment being openly bi she'd change her tune
She is and she raped another girl.

No. 521302

File: 1520273177475.jpg (314.4 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_6914.JPG)

No. 521344

Wait does she like her own posts?

No. 521353

Yes she does

No. 521418

File: 1520281225212.jpeg (122.39 KB, 638x960, 012DE15E-DB6C-4CE5-8F2F-FDD49E…)

I remember her mentioning how she has been going to school for graphic design recently. I guess she discovered what photoshop is. Her face is always blurred to shit now and she way she edits her eyes is weird as hell

No. 521420

god that brings me back to using piczo.com where my friends used to edit their eyes and teeth blindingly white all the whilte having the rest of the photo be a blurry mess…. shivers

No. 521475

Somehow her photoshopped pics are far more cringey to me than photos where she doesn't alter her face. She isn't attractive, sure, but we all know what she actually looks like, and she's trying to morph into some ultra tan blurry plastic doll face.
Example: >>520696

This is a good cow and this thread has been delivering. I hadn't known of her before but this is a fast favorite.

I legit feel bad for her parents though.

No. 521510

File: 1520286273355.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, AF8624C2-943A-4FC4-B3E1-1862A0…)

Some more blurry shooped mess featuring the worst chest tattoo I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope she lasers that garbage off she ruined her chest.

No. 521528

Fuuuuck I'd forgotten Piczo! It was the Emo wonderland pre-myspace (at least for my friends and I) and a fair few looked like this idiot, but she's a time capsule. She is the living, breathing embodiment of 2003 and it's kind of glorious.

No. 521621

>embodiment of 2003
I was just thinking something along this when looking at the photo quality of >>521510

Also I'm confused comparing her eyebrows from photo to photo.
>>521302 The tail of her eyebrows looks drawn on with the pencil tool in paint or something.
>>520696 And here her martinez eyebrows look like worms drawn on literally with a goddamn marker or something, maybe the same thing she uses to make her fake tooth gap.

No. 521666

File: 1520300071712.jpeg (80.31 KB, 640x832, C83A0EBD-73C6-4EA0-B019-29322B…)


She uses an eyebrow stencil to draw her brows on then then just smudges eyeshadow with her finger over the stencil

No. 521750

File: 1520306599966.jpeg (111.16 KB, 776x960, 4D119085-854B-432A-B7BC-CCABAF…)

The way she always poorly photoshops herself with whatever her flavour of the month obsession is at the time is honestly so creepy to me.

No. 521839

No, she’s just coming out with a new rap. That’ll be one of the lines.

No. 521889

File: 1520330193912.jpeg (81.97 KB, 480x740, 5C4FF1CD-54CA-4C65-ADDC-E40AB4…)

No. 521892

Wtf shes 24? She looks like 38. How do People manage to age so horribly…

No. 521900

File: 1520333022248.jpg (45.41 KB, 680x680, 795.jpg)


>infinite kek

No. 521943

This is so wrong in so many levels gosh

No. 522262

File: 1520369754651.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, D73812D4-C6ED-450B-9496-751F7C…)

No. 522305

Hey, at least she's honest

No. 522333

I can almost appreciate that level of honesty

No. 522774

File: 1520396069858.jpg (89.98 KB, 540x960, IMG_6944.JPG)

Newish post

No. 522782

File: 1520396430518.jpg (67.28 KB, 750x1334, 28701391_1786217851402650_4679…)

She got her chest piece (which she got to cover up a "Scene Queen" tattoo) done in someone's house.

No. 522995

File: 1520419502998.jpeg (111.01 KB, 634x649, 7DF91A71-D4A6-493D-BAFF-0392CD…)

She is dating someone new who isn’t willie? That’s a huge turn of events and very unexpected. At least he’s not a sweaty dirty looking wilder beast

No. 523003

I know I'm a day late but i LOVE the way she pasted his torso over completely different legs, perhaps from hot topic's website, as well as separately pasted docs. Onion should take a page from her book when he wants to look tall.

No. 523020

File: 1520423727092.jpg (166.95 KB, 784x489, fk7PrLn.jpg)

No. 523195

Don't insult Bianca this way

No. 523462

File: 1520458581788.jpg (99.12 KB, 540x960, IMG_6955.JPG)

It looks like she used a photoshop eyelashes brush that isn't lined up to her eyes

No. 523987

No. 523988

File: 1520520576893.png (4.3 MB, 1242x2208, 5189AE61-37B7-4FAF-A673-8C6F2A…)

jesus fucking christ the photoshop disaster that is her face fuck

No. 524013

File: 1520523035313.gif (866.93 KB, 500x281, fdggdfdgfreg.gif)

Good god her mouth is horrifying. What is she even trying to make it look like??

No. 524048

File: 1520527744541.jpeg (78.02 KB, 720x906, 2C45E8B9-484C-456A-8FB5-17CD9B…)

No. 524061

File: 1520530665552.jpg (41.42 KB, 460x276, c35b05c69bbb58ca9a59cf8be28be7…)

No. 524075

Yeah but you really have to wonder about his mental health if he’s dating her

No. 524303


that's what i immediately thought too. he's giving me "incel who looks alright but claims that he looks subhuman to be able to hate women pathologically" vibes. he's probably very bigoted or something undesirable like that, after all abby is too.

No. 524410

File: 1520551867932.jpg (11.55 KB, 300x284, sims.jpg)

It looks like a goofy Sim character glitching the fuck out
How could she look at this and say "it's good enough to upload"

No. 524443

People are theorizing he's a shitty daddy dom

No. 524474

Nightmare fuel

No. 524577

Holy shit, if this was supposed to be part of the whole 'fun house' Melanie Martinez thing and she's supposed to look like a melted doll and like she's unstable I can see this being quite cool as most people these days are very preoccupied by appearance publicly and would never dare to be seen this deformed so she could claim it's 'art'. But yeah, it's not, just her genuinely thinking she looks good.

No. 524614


Ngl hes kinda hot…color me surprised

No. 524624

that’s what i thought too. his personality might be off, tho.. or maybe his eyesight

No. 524638


good call, to me he really looks like those pencil necked teenage "daddy doms" on tumblr.

No. 524649

oh my god he completely does.

No. 524676

File: 1520585762594.jpeg (112 KB, 640x857, 25FE4EC5-2B92-431F-9CF5-9D620A…)

She already dropped out of school I swear she’s only been going for about a month. It was for graphic design and judging by her edits I can see why she dropped out

No. 524760

File: 1520605807634.jpg (90.72 KB, 500x750, abbysdreams.jpg)

If she ends up in a salon every client will end up with this whether they want it or not. Abby's Salon-not even once.

No. 524805


damn, is it THAT easy to have a cosmetology license?

No. 524816

Ehhh her hair skills are pretty on par with someone who simply went to a community college cosmetology school. Her haircuts / dye jobs aren’t atrocious it’s just her style sucks. They mostly teach you health/safety requirements and really basic stuff. They also typically don’t teach makeup.

No. 525705

File: 1520712242303.jpg (257.69 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_6965.JPG)

Clarifying her stance on gays

No. 526442

I hope she’s getting that hideous chest piece fixed

No. 526557

I hope she's adding to it and expanding it in to a giant pacifier all distorted by her chest. Or some building blocks with something edgy written on them

No. 526801

>I never hated hay people
Cackling over her typo. Not surprised her opinion on gays and sinning changes as rapidly as her phases. I reckon she changes those more than she changes her underwear.

No. 527329

File: 1520884646168.jpg (99.37 KB, 539x960, IMG_6992.JPG)

No. 527338

Obviously photoshopped/filtered and also of course she has given her own post a heart.

Secondhand embarrassment for whoever had to take her photos. Especially when it's her parents which I'm guessing is most of the time.

No. 527621

File: 1520906869421.jpeg (201.72 KB, 960x960, F411AEEC-4DFE-4863-9F23-D575BD…)

Her new aweful tattoo she got today

No. 527760

If she keeps getting a tattoo every time she goes through a new phase she will literally be covered with regret. Tragic!

No. 527772


Sad keks,
I have that fringe and would wear that outfit (except the bow ofc)

Just so glad she isn't using that horrid blue lipstick or drawn on tooth gap

I wonder what her makeup bag looks like

No. 527774

The colours will bleed so much

She will be happy she didn't get black lines when she wants this lasered or covered

No. 527795

Sage for tattoo sperg but green is super hard if not impossible to remove. So she’ll be stuck with the C and the Y forever, kek

No. 527845

Go anon! Nice guess

No. 528574

File: 1520998539863.jpg (94.72 KB, 750x935, IMG_7003.JPG)

Not fucking pastel tho

No. 528620

How…how does her boyfriend look so normal

No. 529405

File: 1521068969936.jpg (152.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7005.JPG)

No. 529423

She realises it will fade right? It's gonna be brighter or darker than it's meant to be when it's fresh, so in a few months it'll probably have blown out to a blurry pastel mess just as she intended since I doubt she looks after those tattoos by the state of her others.

No. 529425

It looks like she photoshopped the brows on. Rather fascinating that those are in fact drawn on her face. She uses a stencil and yet they're still not even.

No. 529433

They look like a Snapchat filter.

No. 530079

File: 1521140991221.jpg (84.81 KB, 539x960, IMG_7012.JPG)

No. 530215

File: 1521146575079.jpg (28.07 KB, 261x562, phase2.jpg)

No. 530621

now THIS I can get into!!!!!

No. 531109

File: 1521229486894.jpg (86.02 KB, 539x960, IMG_7022.JPG)

New hair

No. 531123

sage for no contribution but why does she look like a corpse

No. 531124

File: 1521230935056.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, E76E0CDD-2BDE-4F75-BBEA-45DDE4…)

fuck here we go. when will the benzo abuse begin?

No. 531144

oh shit incoming soundclout aesthetic? i hope she gets stupid face tats.

No. 531153

File: 1521232907614.jpg (113 KB, 480x640, kappa.jpg)

She doesn't look human anymore, her mouth looks like a kappas

No. 531164

You know that's definitely gonna happen, or at least some other tattoo commemorating this phase. It's gonna be beautiful

No. 531506

File: 1521358472709.jpeg (2.17 MB, 1242x2060, 77EEBD99-2362-4623-A3D6-CA5049…)

No. 531710

File: 1521388636628.jpeg (298.24 KB, 1080x1920, F690DD39-6165-47C8-BEB6-E7F568…)

Hahahahahahahahhaha fuck

No. 531714

Anon you called it

No. 531748

File: 1521391387055.png (163.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180318-124115.png)

The contrast of people enabling her is more disgusting than Abby herself

No. 531769

You are medically retarded if you can’t recognize that the second comment is sarcasm.

No. 531770

To Abby it probably isn't

No. 531779

I’m new to this thread so please correct me if I’m wrong, but is this her? In the ss it says “edit profile”

No. 531826

Its a troll account someone made to mess with her

No. 531887

File: 1521402158836.jpg (71.1 KB, 960x720, 27868145_1207057852757736_8627…)


No. 531889

File: 1521402222575.jpg (12.21 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

poor zero

No. 531890

File: 1521402266399.jpg (42.15 KB, 597x959, 29386277_1992177921109364_6078…)

Her goth phase was cute

No. 531944

File: 1521405744244.jpg (127.73 KB, 960x846, IMG_7040.JPG)

I cant believe I'm witnessing a new phase with my own eyes

No. 532038

I feel like she ditched the Cry Baby phase quicker than she normally ditches phases?

No. 532040

Wasn't the cry baby phase like two weeks ago? Is this since she's got a new boyfriend? I'm just waiting on the copycat face tattoos, oh it'll be beautiful.

No. 532127

Damn that crybaby tattoo isn't even fully healed yet!

No. 532149

This is BY FAR the best she’s ever looked. Why the fuck would she move away from this? She’s extremely homely looking, but the hairstyle and makeup she was using here really distracted from that and she actually looked decent and put together. This is what really convinces me she has some kind of mental illness which prevents her from being able to form any real identity- she doesn’t even have the self-awareness to know when she’s worsening instead of improving. This >>531109 is ugly as fucking sin, I would never have guessed they were the same person.

No. 532215

Definitely not quite right in the head, as >>532127 said her crybaby tattoo isn't even healed and she's moved on. Seriously looks like BPD. My ex had it and he was a different person every damn week to try and gain approval.

No. 532218

Maybe the Hot Topic sales rack merch is all gone.

No. 532219

File: 1521422079164.jpeg (13.21 KB, 225x225, kek.jpeg)

No. 532968

File: 1521491584285.jpeg (116.2 KB, 539x832, 560D2837-1ADD-40D4-B692-F001AC…)

Melanie phase is officially over. She’s selling her stuff on posh mark now.

Enter sound cloud rapper phase and new obsession lil Xan

No. 533019

No. 533162

I fucking love this bitch. She's pure, unadulterated crazy. She's like a ray of sunshine compared to everyone else that gets posted about here. I can't wait to see what she does next.

No. 533281

here's her hour long live from today

No. 533287

File: 1521509598254.jpeg (114.95 KB, 720x960, 9BE71C6B-EE4B-42EB-9B44-C090CF…)

Damn girl wash that towel. It’s like she had to redo her eyeliner fifty times and it still looks fucked up.

No. 533306

Well that was short lived
How long, on average, do her phases last?
I feel sorry for this girl somewhat

No. 533324

i'm so excited for this new phase. i can't wait to see what hideous tattoo she gets next. i'm only a little sad to see the drawn on gaptooth look fade.

No. 533341

Her Nightmare Kid and Bone Daddy phases lasted the longest. They bled into eachother and lasted at least 6 months. The average phases for her were at least two months just about. There were some that only lasted about a month like Hello Kitty

No. 533351

File: 1521512086685.jpg (86.47 KB, 519x810, IMG_7055.JPG)

The caption is great too

No. 533354

do you think she will get an eyebrow tattoo or try to produce "music"

No. 533383

That tattoo is a fucking mess and she's going through a new phase already? This is hilarious to watch.

No. 533532

ive never been more excited during a thread then this one before. im hyped.

No. 533577

she seems less crazy than our other cows, I'm actually interested in what she'll do next

No. 533599

Honestly she is /pt/ material

No. 533603

File: 1521533796383.jpg (86.79 KB, 540x660, IMG_7056.JPG)

No. 533604

File: 1521533950643.jpg (91.51 KB, 539x960, IMG_7057.JPG)

No. 533605

File: 1521534088788.jpg (120.11 KB, 540x960, IMG_7059.JPG)

No. 533669

I can't believe this is real but there you go.

No. 533968

would love to know what these people think of who they spawned, especially publicly posting those cringy lyrics.

i would like the ~face tat~ to be a word or symbol that's already been done but is the discount version and probably illegible before it's even finished. i mean it's her face/life/whatever but clearly she doesn't have goid decision making skills when it comes to tattoos.

No. 533993

File: 1521572067316.jpeg (114.43 KB, 540x423, D0CC3379-B3F8-4467-8920-D27A1F…)

No. 534009

Pretty sure she's adopted

No. 534019

she's adopted. her parents look pretty old. idk if she has any siblings but judging by the way they enable her every obsession i'd guess she's their only child. they might have not been able to have their own for whatever reason and wanted a kid so bad that they bend over backwards for her. they have enough awareness to know they might be judged by her content since her mom posted >>517821 but for the most part they seem over-encouraging.

i love this girl. she is the gift that keeps on giving. she seems mostly harmless unlike other cows and flakes that scam for money.

soundcloud rapper era going hard!

No. 534044

You can see her actual eyebrow and the drawn on ones are so far off. At least this phase is less visibly offensive than crybaby? Can’t wait for the face tatt

No. 534070

File: 1521577955741.jpg (108.52 KB, 539x960, IMG_7067.JPG)

Meanwhile, her ex

No. 534080

lmao why are all of these fucking ugly 'scene'/'emo' boys conservatives? shouldnt they have some sense of compassion if they're trying to be artsy comparatively avant garde tards?

No. 534090


Jeeeze he’s lost weight pretty quick. Heroine is a hell of a drug!

No. 534113

File: 1521580656244.jpg (101.36 KB, 539x960, IMG_7074.JPG)

I spoke too soon about Will being her ex. They got back together.

No. 534145

what a downgrade. maybe she can get his name for her face tat.

No. 534194

File: 1521585818414.png (15.76 KB, 525x226, lolwut.png)

apparently not… that was quick.

No. 534222

Why does she keep referencing her bearding bf Robbie as she and girl friend….? Or is she talking about herself from his perspective?

Her parents need a bit of counseling themselves…. they need to realize supporting your child’s every single phase and not giving her any sort of guidence ahe clearly needs is actually more damaging for her.

I can’t believe she’s real. What an actual treasure

No. 534231

OMG. She is slowly becoming one of my favorite cows. So much milk

No. 534239

I think they might be song lyrics she's using? I have no clue honestly.

No. 534241

this is insane. I feel like i'm on speed reading all her posts. I have never seen a cow go through such quick phases and make such terrible decisions in the time it takes me for me to complete a full work day.

No. 534251

seems accurate. can imagine them at social gatherings talking about how ~creative~ she is to deflect from the crazy.

No. 534304

So she dumped one guy, went to another, got picked up by her parents and now her last boyfriend is on his way over? Why are these guys falling over themselves for her? and why do they want her back the same day she fucked off with someone else?

No. 534349

Abby fascinates me. I'm obviously tinfoiling here, but I think she's medically retarded. I can't see any other reason why her parents would allow and enable her phases, unless out of guilt and 'trying to give her a normal life'. Overall, she seems to lack basic comprehension skills and doesn't seem to notice the difference between trolls and compliments. Which, to be fair, I can't find one genuine compliment on her last live video. I think her parents know, more or less, how many people watch her but they probably don't see the harm in the negative comments because Abby sure as hell doesn't seem to grasp it. You could feel bad for dim Abby, almost, until you remember her adoptive mom and dad who've spent so much money at Hot Topic that they should be awarded some sort of medal. But, don't pity them too long, either, all of this is the result of shitty parenting. They let her smoke cigarettes in her bedroom, they let her get all those disgusting cringe tattoos, they let her date drug dealers, they let think all of this is okay, and I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say she's getting worse rapidly with all this attention.

No. 534350

it bears repeating on lolcow but guys will fuck anything. not that her guys are exactly quality specimens. she might not have broken up with robbie or told him what was happening. the milk floweth over.

No. 534464

File: 1521598204588.png (104.55 KB, 738x562, IMG_7077.PNG)

Summary of what happened, via Facebook group.

Even though Abby doesn't seem all there, she's been known to be manipulative.

No. 534466

It's glorious. I'm not saying she's pt 2.0 because no one will ever be the queen but she's a top tier cow, she's a self propelled dynamo of milk.

No. 534469

Because Jesus says she's allowed to. She spoke to him personally of course.

No. 534471

File: 1521598436501.jpg (156.33 KB, 540x960, IMG_7078.JPG)

She also commented this about Willie yesterday

No. 534480

Her parents enable her because they see her as a child because she considers and speaks about herself as a child, but also because she's adopted and they probably had her quite late on therefore were desperate for a child and any child would be a blessing to them. It's not so much shitty parenting as killing her with kindness. She's not had quite so much attention before and isn't handling it well, no parent knows how to cope with a situation like that instantly and blaming them for how she has reacted isn't fair. I'm not saying they are without blame as of course they raised her to be self centered but who knows what her birth parents were like or how long they had her before she was adopted.

No. 534486

She saw the dude today and yet he's an evil abusive bastard. My god. And her dumb boyfriend holds her and cries with her over her ex boyfriend, it's the twilight zone, none of these people involved behave like a human behaves. Real life "A Lizard in a Woman's skin"

No. 534536

File: 1521601646165.jpeg (114.91 KB, 720x960, 2AD52450-CF0D-4955-9983-A492DD…)

Her with hog daddy willie today

No. 534542

They both look filthy. And i wish he'd stop with that shitty makeup. He'll never be 2005 Gerard Way.

No. 534548

>calls dude an abuser
>says he pulled a knife on her
>i let go
>takes selfie with same dude

also, i was reading her pull thread and someone mentioned she's not adopted but the comments about it disappeared in one of her many deleting sprees. was wondering if anyone caught that or how we know she really is, besides her saying it.

No. 534612

File: 1521605248506.jpg (106.94 KB, 539x960, IMG_7079.JPG)

And the other one also today.

I think the most baffling thing about Abby is how much she shares on social media. Everything she does, every thought, every twist and turn to her relationships. It's all just public. My favorite cow.

No. 534615

They look related

No. 534617

Her parents posted a thing on her facebook talking about adopting her. See>>517441

No. 534619

He took her back because he too has two lone furiously firing neurons going at each other in his dense skull to form any basis of cognitive thought, and so when you're rock bottom, Abby looks like an option. They are both pond life.

No. 534669

File: 1521609558144.gif (649.45 KB, 250x250, 4847B349-B41E-48F0-9F24-61E3D6…)

I just…I fucking love this thread

No. 534883

many thanks

her bouncing between these dudes is like a jerry springer episode. also wonder what they think of her phase jumping, the one doesn't really have an alternative look.

No. 534893

Is she editing her skintone to look more like Melanie's? Guess she really does want to wear Melanie Martinez' skin.

No. 534899

to be honest with you, i think robbie has some form of learning disability or development delay. he seems very socially awkward so i feel like he’s lonely and abby gives him attention and he thrives on it regardless of what she does

No. 534902

developmental delay * guess i have one too

No. 534908

Anon, keep up she’s lil xan now

No. 534913

File: 1521648213408.jpeg (522.85 KB, 640x1136, 8A116D6E-3018-43F5-8667-9B6BCB…)

Sorry for shitty highlight but who just admits this to their whole FB??

No. 534971

This is the worst phase by far. After all of the Willie/Robbie bullshit yesterday, she made a new rap today. She now wants to try Xanax, despite her idol being anti-Xanax. When confronted about the dangers of taking on a drug addicition, her response is basically "I don't care, I wanna try it."
Also, she quit her job today to get a face tattoo.

No. 534980

God I'd love to see her explain herself on Jerry Springer with her new found chosen Xan addiction.

No. 534982

She would still wear her skin if she could, she'd just slap a face tattoo on her

No. 534984

have to agree, it's a bit sad and I do feel bad for him that no one is guiding him in to better life choices and not sticking his dick in crazy. Never stick your dick in crazy.

No. 534990

but…the dick is also probably crazy.

No. 534994

Crazy, or just really dumb?

No. 534996

she quit her job and she's getting her ~face tat~ tomorrow

No. 535000

Has she said what she's getting yet? Or if she's getting her brand new 'not fucking pastel' tattoo covered already?

No. 535004

Fucking hell, I can’t wait. That’s gonna keep me going at work tomorrow, the thought of abby’s new face tat reveal

No. 535038

File: 1521659550837.jpeg (117.49 KB, 539x960, 2122C938-F769-47CB-96BD-4D1D3A…)


No. 535041

Fucking placement good lord

No. 535044

File: 1521659697273.png (857.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-21-14-06-26…)

Her face tate is here and now she wants someone to fix it

No. 535045

i was friends with her on facebook for ages - i honestly thought she was joking

No. 535050

File: 1521660351552.jpeg (35.3 KB, 640x640, F503640E-63C2-4C98-BF5D-8ED9FA…)

No. 535057

oh my GOD. She didn't even put it somewhere higher like her brow so he can be hidden. this is insane. this bitch is in her early 20s and managed to ruin her face and body with shitty tattoos. I'm impressed.

No. 535063

File: 1521661425602.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7083.PNG)

New YouTube and Instagram accounts!

No. 535064

I agree and really think she belongs in /pt/ with both the quantity and quality of milk here. Holy shit.

Also >>535038 WHY did she do this to herself what the fuck

No. 535065

Does she work or are her parents supporting her in and out of all these phases? This is insane. Normal people change interests sometimes but she gets a whole new identity every 2 months.

No. 535066

she had a job at Walmart but she quit today

No. 535067

File: 1521661822426.png (188.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7084.PNG)

No. 535071

Xans first face tatt was his mom’s name too oof

No. 535075

face tat in the same picture as her regrettable emo kid knuckle tat and she's learning nothing from it. amazing.

i love her. i'm so happy she started a new ig to follow. can't wait to see her ~aesthetic edits~ for this new persona. life is good.

No. 535081

underrated comment thx anon

No. 535111

Stop reposting the same images and start saging your unneeded commentary like >>535081

No. 535117

That's bound to get infected since she did it herself.. jesus christ

No. 535122

File: 1521666219825.jpg (84.1 KB, 539x960, IMG_7085.JPG)

Planning on taking Xanax so she can be lil xan even though he is now actively against taking it:

No. 535128

Does anybody know the current name of her fb fan hate page?

No. 535132

That kind of judgement and absolutely no foresight or though to what she's doing to herself, to me she must have something not quite right mentally. She's willing to kill herself over image, which I could understand if she was 12-16, maybe even 18 but she's my age and should have her shit together. Image isn't that important, but she has nothing outside of it. Does she even have a personality that doesn't revolve around her clothes?

No. 535133

Can't wait to see her, potentially, go through the hell of benzo withdrawal (although I doubt this phase will last long enough for her to get heavily dependent) then maybe then she will realise how stupid she is.

No. 535151

Oh my god, her parents must have seen it, right? How can she just announce her plans to fuck up her life for aesthetic when her insanely loving adoptive parents can read it? Jesus, I would not be surprised if they locked her up w/out internet access

No. 535168

I’m shitting over this……. the milk is so plentiful with this cow

No. 535178

She has her mom blocked on Facebook as of recently.

I don't have caps but I believe her mom (Kathy) outed Abby as a little to her coworkers? Which led to Abby being picked on at work. I wouldn't be surprised of this also led to Abby changing her phase and quitting her job.

There's also a running joke that Abby doesn't actually smoke cigarettes (she doesn't inhale), and she brags about doing that at home even though her mom hates it. I'm curious how much of what she claims is a lie.

No. 535186

I tried to add her on fb but she blocked me rip

No. 535202

>her mom (Kathy) outed Abby as a little to her coworkers
wat. why would her mom even know that?

No. 535211

Read the thread. Her mother takes a lot of her photos and her daughter was running around in an adult baby grow/onesie and sucking on a pacifier while riding a childs bike and having her boyfriend push her around in the child seat of a shopping cart. She wasn't exactly subtle.

No. 535223

holy macaroni

No. 535228

lmao i've been reading the thread but it's one thing if her mom explains it away as being into melanie martinez's hijacked style and something completely different if her mom knows it goes further into ddlg territory. some things your mama shouldn't know!

No. 535235

She will buy a Xanax press and make pills out of sherbet I bet kek. Can't believe how fast she changes, that tattoo on her face is hilarious.

No. 535236

I'd think Abbey being a world class 'oversharer' she would definitely explain it to her mother. Either that or she called her boyfriend 'daddy' in front of her parents and had to explain

No. 535238

Or chalk, I doubt she'll actually put the money out on Xan's

No. 535239

File: 1521672945462.jpg (44.79 KB, 498x376, IMG_7089.JPG)

Her parents have now seen the face tat and do not like it, somehow!

No. 535242

File: 1521673139895.jpg (181.34 KB, 2048x1113, IMG_7090.JPG)

Deactivating her Facebook???

No. 535243

What a stupid question "Does your mom like that you got her name?" who would actually like their child tattooing their name across their cheek in big bad prison letters?? That's a special kind of narcissist to want their child to destroy their body in her honour, so I'm unsurprised it didn't go down well.

No. 535245

this is so much better/worse than i hoped for, bonus kek that she did herself. surprised someone agreed to touch it, she should be made tho live with the choice and being impatient.

right, especially since she wants to do it to be like her latest obsession even tho he's against it.

No. 535256

That's some shitty censoring.

No. 535264

Okay but is her mother really going to do anything about it though?

No. 535278

File: 1521675319402.jpeg (124.93 KB, 537x598, 7EEF7043-C64B-4B30-B584-AD4539…)

I fixed it, hopefully it’s censored better now?

Anyway, this is a message someone sent to Abby’s mother and her response

No. 535295

THIS IS AMAZING. I can’t believd this is real.
She wasn’t just riding a child’s bike with a pacifier in her mouth in public, she was doing it AT her job. Of course she was getting picked on. Imagine being around someone like that in person. I would feel uneasy next to that level of instability, I prefer watching it from behind the safety of a screen.

No. 535305

That lil xan is cringy as fuck, he looks like a tryhard 12 year old. What is the appeal?

No. 535316

File: 1521677319174.jpeg (192.27 KB, 720x960, 661EC45C-BB4F-4E2D-B9CD-A4EA39…)

Walmart? I thought she worked at a grocery store. Pic is from about a month ago, I think her name tag says Giant Eagle

No. 535328

No. 535353


So many things wrong with this girl, though at least you have to admire get transparency if nothing else, she isn't even denying being a skin walker lol

No. 535357

They had to have known she was special needs dressed like that for work

No. 535369

File: 1521680544873.jpg (62.92 KB, 640x899, IMG_7095.JPG)

mfw face tattoo

No. 535428

holyshit, she went outside looking like that.. to interact with people.

No. 535432

oh my b I could have sworn I heard something about Walmart I'm retarded

No. 535468

I'm starting to believe she made this up to get back with him.

No. 535473


What a way to get your man back. "I've been thinking about the time I was kind of almost postive I was pregnant with your child, but also I'm not sure because I did fuck that one dude…."

No. 535475

same tbh. part of her soundcloud depressed xanax addict persona because when abby brown switches phases she does not go gently. her parents are conservative and religious so they probably would've begged her to have the baby if it happened. it seems a little weird with the timing to reveal it at that point.

No. 535507

File: 1521690850335.png (932.43 KB, 1080x1715, 20180321_234817.png)

idk if lil xan slow dances with his SO on the 'ol back roads but, abby does and i'm living for this new phase

No. 535633

It's the awkward waiting in front of the camera before he comes back, squinting in the sun with those fucking eyebrows.

No. 535662

File: 1521719446215.jpeg (511.87 KB, 1242x1415, AC8D2419-7489-4AE9-AFDF-056E38…)

I can’t wait for Friday

No. 535664

abby is pt material tbh she has been so milky lately

No. 535686

Abby has always been milky, not just lately lmao, I used to be in a Facebook group dedicated to her like 3 years ago

No. 535692

File: 1521725344982.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1958, 57BB57E1-ABE5-4FFE-9C5C-C2162D…)

Girl was live looking ROUGH

No. 535723

Idk if its the angle but honestly she looks so cute here??? Guess if she wears decent makeup and doesnt make those silly faces she can look cute.

No. 535762

File: 1521733705121.png (299.72 KB, 1080x1613, 20180322_111844.png)

this is like watching kids at a grade school dance. the comments are amazing, even the people who follow her are sick of her shit (pic related).

the ~tat~ looks like it was carved in her face, the 'a' and 't' are touching so i can't wait to so how it's going to be ~fixed~ when it's not even healed.

No. 535765

I think that’s one of the most unfortunate things in her case…. if she had a nice style, knew how to do her makeup she could be a pretty girl… she even showed potential in her short lived goth phase that she could be cute…. but she just… has 0 sense of what looks good and just fucking ruins her looks

No. 535768

And is it really like Abby brown to keep secrets and not tell everyone her business all the time? Me thinks not

No. 535863

ngl it looks like she took a sharpie to her face

No. 535871


I swear this bitch never takes off her make up before bed. All her stupid live things she does in the morning she has eyeliner all over her eyes. Maybe that’s why she looks older than she actually is. Good way to get eye wrinkles

No. 535880

That's the one consistent thing about her.

No. 535938

i thought so too. she has an actual smile and looks happy and maybe it's because her face is half covered but she kind of looked a little like michelle williams. i would feel bad for cheering on her trainwreck of ruining her life and looks with that shit face tat but nope.

are her eyebrows permanently stained blue?

No. 535946

Maybe she really does use sharpies

No. 535991

watching her do her makeup on fb live is so painful. absolutely no makeup remover involved she just wipes her eyeliner off on her pajama pants

No. 536043

File: 1521757461155.jpeg (110.28 KB, 539x960, EC6307C4-C4E6-4486-8A29-ADE81A…)

The end result

No. 536044

those boomerang brows, who let that happen? it's still pretty awful but such an improvement on her past makeup looks. she needs to learn eyeliner techniques bad.

No. 536048

Stencils let that happen

No. 536078

I still can't get over the face tattoo

No. 536105

She's been wearing that hoodie pretty much constantly since she got it. I can't imagine how she smells and I'm not sure I want to

No. 536359

File: 1521772289346.jpeg (115.47 KB, 640x787, 6F8AB64D-DF7C-4000-BE3E-508A1F…)

Tomarrow kek

Such a bad placement on the face tat too I can’t wait to see how crappy it looks when it’s “fixed” the fact she put it on her cheek too makes me cringe. She’s never getting another job

No. 536398

I wish she'd stop doing that half duck lips half killer clown smile when she takes pictures.

No. 536479

File: 1521790626478.jpg (74.64 KB, 540x960, IMG_7109.JPG)

Abby mentioned her tattoo artist who's fixing her face tat did two of her previous tattoos.

No. 536483

File: 1521791154285.png (851.67 KB, 640x1136, 6B3C1CF4-E9E7-421F-9B51-D356F8…)

She seriously needs to brush her tongue and use some goddamn mouth wash. Imagine kissing that mouth?! Poor Robbie RIP

No. 536547

File: 1521805760650.jpeg (319.04 KB, 1242x1862, DEAB160A-209E-41C3-A81A-77D329…)

No. 536555

I'd be thinking of ways to fix her behavior if it was anyone else but she seems so beyond help (especially with those enabler parents) that I'm just enjoying the ride. She certainly is entertaining.

No. 536564

any bets one of her next phases will be a fakeboi? anyone?

No. 536568

I mean she's against gays so I doubt she would do that unless she decided to date girls while claiming to be male?

No. 536578

wonder which ones b/c most of them are poor quality and i wouldn't call someone willing to rework a fresh diy tattoo an artist.

No. 536607

How does she actually do that? She contorts her face so much in every photo but the pout while smiling is the most bizarre part.

No. 536751

I like the theory that she'll go Juggalo next.

No. 536809


that would be glorious.

No. 536841

juggalo fakeboi complete with hatchetman tattoo, am all for that. or she goes the born again christian route.

No. 536856

File: 1521839063894.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, abby.png)


No. 536859

File: 1521839328632.jpeg (75.69 KB, 539x960, 7D0C2F5B-27E0-4D65-919C-442322…)

Side by side comparison

No. 536861

He could have made the letters the same damn size, it's not hard to elongate a 'T', I'm not sure what is 'fixed' about it.

No. 536862

If she'd just left it alone it'd have faded out pretty quickly. Can't see her successfully hand poking her own.

No. 536877

File: 1521840996794.png (170.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7122.PNG)

No. 536882

There goes any chance of it actually being fixed, jesus it's so dark. I can't believe I just got to witness someone ruin the rest of their life in just two days.

No. 536888

Someone on her IG asked if she owns multiples of that hoodie or just the one Jesus Christ I can’t believe the train wreck we’ve all witnessed here

No. 536895

File: 1521843764239.jpg (22.64 KB, 271x345, kathybrownespn.jpg)

There were unconfirmed screenshots claiming she went through it for about a week and was using male pronouns. Her parents are enablers but they would never allow it. They boycotted ESPN because of Caitlyn Jenner receiving an award. I can't find the unconfirmed screenshots right now but they're on her wiki somewhere.

She did that during her emo phase. She called herself a Christian scene queen. She might have been sent to a Jesus camp.

Hot Topic please put some eyebrow pencils on clearance. This girl needs all your help.

No. 536904

File: 1521844988545.jpg (106.09 KB, 583x959, IMG_7125.JPG)

She showered with her makeup on and didn't get her eyeliner off in the shower

No. 536908

File: 1521845968573.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, 29391451_10155662563177620_231…)

No. 536909

That magic, elusive, sought after hair colour; Brown. She really is a skinwalker, I too see a fakeboi phase coming.

No. 536926

someone needs to send this shit to lil xan kek(cowtipping)

No. 536936

please do! He probably wouldn't read it but she'd be so happy if he paid attention to her(cowtipping)

No. 536945

So is she obsessed with Lil Xan, or is she trying to be him? I haven't quite figured it out.

No. 536947

No. 536957

missed that, she also apparently said something about dressing like a dude during the emo phase.

that busted q-tip looking font, whose choice was that b/c some solid lettering would've been fine. there's blowouts and it's probably going to blob together in a few months lel.

No. 536959

The 'artist' didn't even fix the size or appearance he pretty much just made it darker and added the q-tips.He coulda tried to make it look lik it was meant to be there

No. 536961

She wants to fuck him then bite his head off like a mantis and wear his skin

No. 536999

are you just finding out the world of abby brown? she's both all the time. during her bone daddy phase she shaved her head and eyebrows to look more like jack skellington. the hello kitty phase was a white wig with a bow in it and hello kitty makeup instead of just covering herself head to toe in sanrio shit. when her phases change it takes her a day and then she is in it 100% and it's all about wanting to be that thing and being obsessed with it.

if you're new to her she's worth looking into for her past phases and mistakes. it's quite a ride. she's my favorite cow.

No. 537078

File: 1521859214572.jpg (44.76 KB, 720x533, _20180324_043648.JPG)

Kek, on the brown hair post. Expecting it to be black and purple tomorrow.

No. 537088

File: 1521859857879.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7123.PNG)

She probably copied this pic

No. 537090

she looks kinda cute here minus the eyebrows and face tat! brown hair suits her

No. 537138

I know who she reminds me of. The killer clown from AHS. Yikes.

No. 537189

She couldn't have checked his social media for a current picture first?

No. 537232

Of course not anon she is far too impulsive for that sort of thing.

No. 537310

ikr, this just emphasizes the different letter sizes. oh well, can't wait til she starts packing makeup over it b/c regret.

wonder if the phase will continue once the lil xan album is out.

No. 537339

File: 1521902918672.png (4.06 MB, 1242x2208, 5B296B40-ABDE-49B7-A3EE-1329E0…)

I wonder if her parents kicked her out over the face tat?

No. 537388

If Robbie really loved her he'd make her change her clothes once in a while.

No. 537418

File: 1521912536051.jpeg (121.79 KB, 1080x935, FDEE8CA6-5EA1-4C73-9EC2-4F231F…)

I would love this

No. 537453


she's excactly the type that would go on dr. phil and maybe become a viral meme

No. 537489


oh my god, she totally reminds me of a more neutral colored Gutterface/Joji Biernot whatever here, sans the metal encrusted face.

No. 537506

File: 1521922316647.jpg (112.63 KB, 539x960, IMG_7156.JPG)

Do you think her biological mom is ok with the face tat?

No. 537509

She looks so psychotic standing next to her normal looking mother.

No. 537516

File: 1521923332448.jpeg (33.19 KB, 640x360, 2A219EA3-879B-4C65-A006-B8F8B6…)


No. 537520


what's the T? Since her bio mother is in contact/alive, why did she put Abby up for adoption? Does anyone know?

No. 537528

I think this crosses the line, even in lolcow standards

No. 537536

Has she taken that merch hoodie off yet? Did she order multiples? Jesus.

No. 537545

to dodge a bullet.

no and no. that's the same one, you can see the white lettering at the top. it's all she's going to wear until she has more merch to cover herself in.

No. 537571

I'm glad she still has contact. But even with three (maybe four) parents essentially, she has still gone down this crazy self destructive Walter Mitty life path and refuses to be herself. Maybe her bio mom wanted her to be one thing and her adoptive parents another, pulling her in two directions and leaving her trying to please everyone or get a good reaction hence the rapid changes just for approval. Pure speculation, not trying to say that's why but I've seen that in others for that reason. It's pretty extreme that she shaved her head and eyebrows to look more like a stop motion skeleton though, that's a first.

No. 537689

File: 1521936187155.png (32.93 KB, 660x191, Hoodie.png)

When someone ask how she affords all her clothes when she changes to a new phase

No. 537761

File: 1521943724135.gif (664.46 KB, 253x200, what-the-f-tom-delonge.gif)

I feel like i'm on drugs or having a fever dream by reading this thread what the fuck is even happening this is some premium /pt/ material

Kek'd hard

No. 537795

A lot of people go through phases when they're teenagers and can flip flop but she's in her 20's and every time something new and shiny comes along she jumps on it and transforms her entire self to it then raps about it. She must never think about who she actually is, only the outside

No. 537799

nah…it seems pretty clear that she's suffering a personality disorder or some mental illness. most likely BPD. she needs help and therapy.

No. 537802

Adopted children are more likely to go through identity issues in general, but it’s also to say we don’t know what her mental health is like and it could play a big part. How extreme she goes when changing phases is more than just looking for approval imo… it’s .. like literally trying to become someone else.
Either way, she needs lots of help and it seems none of her parents, bio or adoptive are really giving it to her

No. 537810

Not trying to armchair but she doesn't seem to have a strong sense of self. That's why a lot of people grow out of their phases and stop defining themselves solely by their interests. Abby's on her way to 30 and hasn't outgrown it.

This is confusing though. She shows enough self-awareness to know people are going to be talking about the grimy hoodie but not enough to question why she's doing this in the first place. She doesn't have to wear her latest obsession head to toe like a racecar decked out in sponsors. She could copy Lil Xan's outfits. She has to have some Goodwill looking clothes she could match to his. It's not like his style is that distinct. It's all hats and hoodies.

No. 537813

good observation. it's as if she fears that taking the hoodie off will make her identity crumble. she needs to stick as closely as possible to the 'script' of what he wears/looks like.

No. 537886

This girl is a goldmine. I wish I knew about her when she started freaking out because playing catch-up is a day long fucking workout.

Who the hell in their right mind [or not technically] tattoo's their own fucking face? Where the hell did she think having no practice would come into play for a stick and poke? What is she going to do when she finally has her adopted parents kick her out or she leaves to move in with that blonde guy?

Its like being behind by 9 seasons of a show!

No. 537925

She says it's bipolar here: >>517801

No. 537982

File: 1521988956914.jpeg (97.15 KB, 540x794, 7A717563-096D-4BF8-8F1C-4497EF…)

This is really nice

No. 537983

File: 1521989026558.jpeg (241.8 KB, 1242x971, 1740FC69-1F96-472B-BA87-379427…)

Dunno how true this is but here ya go

No. 537989

I cannot believe someone like this exists in 2018. I'm looking at her pictures and I feel like I'm looking at someone's Myspace scene phase from 2006???? but it's 2018???

No. 538343

bipolar alone doesn't account for this behaviour, so it's likely in conjunction with something else.

No. 538393

yes sure but at least that is one thing we know she has going on.

No. 538437

so is there no way to get back into the group at all?

No. 538468

I'm assuming you're talking about the Facebook group. Don't bother with it, there's a lot of blogposting and off topic posts. The best stuff gets posted here fast.

No. 538480

Even teenagers are not this extreme, clearly it's a very severe personality disorder, even then it's too much. Perhaps combined with a lower than average IQ… That or she's partly trolling us in a highly self-destructive way.

No. 538530

Idk what group you’re talking about but the one I’m in isn’t like that at all.

No. 538863

File: 1522100786921.jpeg (68.39 KB, 750x401, 9FF189FF-0EAC-4D35-BA8A-5FED19…)

At the end of each phase she sells all her clothes to afford the next phase

No. 538894

how much is she selling her hot topic clearance merch for though?

No. 538903

at least she tries to support her phases instead of e-begging.

No. 538927

Who'd send this atrocity free stuff when you can offer things to Lucifer directly

No. 538934

File: 1522103825218.jpeg (88.68 KB, 539x960, A7F07DB7-733F-4B72-9B67-6DA7DF…)

This phase was hell

No. 538963

anons who don't understand why guys like her, I would like you to please take note of those sweater puppies

No. 538994

Get out.

No. 539003

in comparison, at least her current phase is sorta normal looking - even with the face tattoo.

No. 539014

it might look kind of normal now but
>quit job
>face tat
>wants to try xanax for no reason
the longer she stays in this phase the more damage she can do.

No. 539060

is this for real?

No. 539061

This girl is the embodiment of the 2008 scene. I feel nostalgic somehow.
Too bad it's 2018 and she's 25. She sounds absolutely batshit and should be sent back to the psych ward honestly

No. 539067

I could see her being quite pretty in her natural state. She has nice features, with normal hair and makeup i'm sure she was pretty.

No. 539070

she may have changed phases overnight but that doesn't mean it's not still in the larval stage. she just needs a little more time, money, and ideas to really get this one up to the abby standard of excellence

No. 539305

Anyone want to speculate on what phase will be next, we've already had anons suggest fakeboi and juggalo.

No. 539339

It could be anything. Koreaboo? Horror movies? Black Veil Brides?

No. 539415

File: 1522163505715.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1440, IMG_20180327_160708.png)

No. 539419

The caption was "Haters will say it's Photoshop I love you lil Xan"

No. 539472

File: 1522171843660.png (262.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7171.PNG)

It's wild how normal she looks in this phase yet the self destructive mimicking is worse than usual.

No. 539495


he looks so uncomfortable. is this bio-brother or adoptive brother? for some reason i was under the impression she was an only child

No. 539507

Seems to be her bio mothers son. Which must sting a whole fuck of a lot of Abby if it is. She was adopted but her mom has other kids?

No. 539553

File: 1522178871639.png (92.76 KB, 720x548, 29663402_2100883400148725_8348…)

I thought she could just be liking the past things less when she changed phases, but no : she says she doesn't like Melanie anymore like, her tat is 15 days old ffs

No. 539568

Imagine spending time with her, being her boyfriend or bio family who she's just reconnected with. Xan/current fixation must be the sole topic of conversation at all times, in any context, endlessly.

No. 539608

the face tats of chelbeans, the delusion of PT, the nose and eyebrows of Raven, the body of a fatter shayna. this cow is like all your favourite elements of every other cow perfectly rolled into one subhuman lump of carbon, ever shape-shifting into the next chinese knockoff of a character. absolutely amazing. i can easily see this one being a site favourite.

No. 539636


She could be her own extensive Funko Pop line.

No. 539655

File: 1522186916738.jpeg (173.78 KB, 567x743, 0DD181C4-6338-4F51-8CFC-A839B2…)

The dog looks frightened

No. 539690

Fucking kek. She really should though, I would love to see someone design that. I'd do it but I can't draw

No. 539726

No. 539742

File: 1522196352894.png (167.1 KB, 466x672, 2068304919244.png)

they don't have face tattoos as accessories D:

No. 539764

File: 1522197479054.png (95.92 KB, 400x400, AbbySkellington.png)

Tried to do her Bone Daddy phase

No. 539811

bone daddy was the shaved head. nightmare kid was the orange hair phase. tbh bone daddy would be one of those hot topic exclusive pops on the clearance rack after a month.

No. 539834

Sorry, they were both Nightmare before Christmas influenced so I got the names mixed up.

No. 539854

no worries anon! just helping to stay on brand for authenticity.

for real though who goes through two different phases over the same thing like that? it wasn't just changing her look because she thought she liked something better, she redid all of her mspaint creations to fit her new style too.

No. 540040

File: 1522238035579.png (616.22 KB, 1242x2208, 44E3E614-9302-458E-ACB4-88C9AF…)

i feel so fucking bad for robbie jfc. also the piss drinking is a very luna/lurch thing to happen. i used to feel bad for abby but she brings this all upon herself. i have bpd and it’s very obvious that she does too. you have to want to change and get better and obviously she doesn’t want to. it’s sad but also laughable

No. 540047

File: 1522239430730.jpeg (397.58 KB, 1242x2208, 1B70C520-01A0-496E-96C1-1641F1…)

Bye Robbie

No. 540048

File: 1522239478443.png (2.11 MB, 1242x2208, 2A1084E8-9FE1-47C2-8CD0-D485DF…)

No. 540049

File: 1522239522547.png (2.23 MB, 1242x2208, 71E61996-870B-45E8-B71E-56D066…)

No. 540057

Does she know it’s ok to like more than one thing at a time

No. 540070

Good, escape Robbie! Be free!!

I think it's the borderline. She doesn't really have an identity of her own, just sees something and has to become it. The things she likes aren't just hobbies and interests to her, they're something she has to become wholly. She doesn't really know who she is just on her own.

No. 540076


what happened in this live? People in her fb comments saying it got messy?

Willie is on his way over to hers rn apparently

No. 540104

File: 1522249838072.jpeg (96.08 KB, 539x960, BD40023E-A25F-4894-B262-216410…)

No. 540119

Speaking of luna, she left a comment on one of abbys ig photos of the stick and poke face tattoo. Abby deleted the picture so the comment is gone now. It's so bizarre when cows interact with each other.

No. 540123

Like other anons have speculated, I think there's more than just BPD going on with Abby, and I doubt it's anything that can be categorised using the DSM. It's not unusual for a young person or adult to just have 'Undiagnosed, developmental delay, with (insert diagnoses here) features/traits' on their file because that person and their behaviour is too goddamn weird to fit into any predefined condition.

If I met her in a residential house for people with learning disabilities/mental health problems or supported accommodation, I would not be surprised that she was there.

No. 540126

File: 1522253542486.jpeg (77.88 KB, 539x960, 29FC90C3-7A40-4BAF-9999-2CFD56…)

BPD = borderline personality disorder. She’s been diagnosed with bipolar not BPD.

In other news, Abby also has a piss cup

No. 540128

I need to know what she said after admitting to also having piss cup

No. 540145

File: 1522255061832.jpg (162.37 KB, 940x960, IMG_7258.JPG)

>porn star lips

No. 540157

File: 1522256625060.jpeg (70.07 KB, 539x960, 78D52689-E289-4066-BCA6-58177D…)

Here you go

No. 540158

File: 1522256763825.png (2.21 MB, 1242x2208, 0C622795-6B63-4005-8532-5BF148…)

Absolutely disgusting

No. 540173

not to derail but even though she hasn’t been diagnosed it’s pretty fucking obvious that she also has borderline personality disorder. it’s oftentimes super comorbid w bipolar disorder(don't armchair)

No. 540177

wait is that photo upthread willie? willie is a ginger? wtf he looks fuckin gmexican now

No. 540183

she still has pics of Robbie and the video up on her instagram, it's so fucked up

I barely understand how all of this can happen so fast like, what ??

No. 540185

File: 1522258068132.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180328-132656.png)

Here ya go

No. 540188

Yes, willie has naturally red hair apparently

No. 540189

File: 1522258179477.jpeg (109.38 KB, 539x960, 755C9914-ECDE-4EBB-945C-A67489…)

Robbie hasn’t even changed his relationship status yet
Cucked hard

No. 540190

was about to share it too, I can't believe it wtf

for things to happen that fast, she probably kept talking to Willie during her relationship with Robbie

No. 540192

I enjoy that's she's somewhat self aware.

No. 540199


Excuse me while I vomit at the thought of those two unwashed cretins fucking.

No. 540201

File: 1522258821718.jpg (59.44 KB, 720x479, 29750459_2101347603435638_2019…)

A few comments say that he was abusive, I didn't recall/know. That's fucking terrible wow

(ot but do you always have to blur/mask usernames on instagram comments?)

No. 540202

Give it 10 minutes and they'll be back together. Both of these guys are thick as two short planks so it's not unlikely

No. 540206

in a week or two they'll be back together, no doubt

No. 540207

Abby herself spouted about how abusive and awful Willie was. I do kinda feel for her in a way as she's clearly tormented inside on one level or another. Her mental illness is ruining her life and she needs sectioned for her own good, or to be back with her bio mom if she doesn't enable her like her parents do.

No. 540209

Two weeks max, and she'll be in her Juggalp, Kpop or crackhead phase

No. 540214

Oh I see, I couldn't remember, thanks for clarifying.

>tormented inside on one level or another

implying that she has any common sense left at all
This is seriously worrying

No. 540248

Damn gonna go ahead say it’s not BPD simply bc she entirely lacks the shame/guilt at the core of BPD (sorry I refuse to be under the same umbrella with this garbage fire). This bitch is mentally retarded whilst histrionic/sociopathic.

No. 540253

Do you remember what the comment said? I'm just curious.

No. 540255

He's like an uglier Gerard Way, and that's saying a lot.

No. 540268


if Gerard Way and Shrek fused together, he would be the result

No. 540272

She must have moments of clarity where she realises what she's doing. She is self aware as other anons have said, she must be hurting in some way even if it's just from her flipping styles and interests every 2 weeks, it must be exhausting as she seems totally manic.

No. 540280

knowing her taste in boys so far he's probably just as bad as will but in his own way

No. 540284

Agreed - it's gotta be real dark in her head

No. 540294

She's on live now, anyone watching?

No. 540298

Watching her live cast. Willy is bitching into the camera every time someone has something negative to say. I can't even feel bad for Abby at this point…

No. 540302

does facebook tell your friends if you're watching a live? I want to watch but dont want people to know

No. 540306

i’m the original bpd speculator and i have bpd too and i don’t wanna be under the umbrella w her but she has classic bpd traits lol(don't armchair)

No. 540332

This is extremely mean. The poor dude.

No. 540441

File: 1522276104157.jpg (103.65 KB, 1152x604, IMG_7267.JPG)

The police showed up? I'm curious what the person even said to get police to check on her.

No. 540445

We get a gem of a cow every now and then like this but they usually burn hard and fast. This is crazy. I'm grateful for the thread. I lost it when she, as predicted, got a baby blocks tattoo and then, as predicted, got a shit face tattoo. As intriguing as it is to watch her go further and further, she scares me. I don't know how her family can see this as anything less than a big problem that's holding her back. Unless they know she has some kind of formal diagnosis and that's why they are so lenient and kind to her.

No. 540450

On Live earlier Will admitted to pulling a knife on her so maybe it’s connected?

No. 540497

I had to use a recording app to record that last live at Wal-Mart. Will is such an immature being. Like I just want to slap him. She gave her address out yesterday for people who wanted to be pen pals. Her PARENTS ADDRESS. it was most likely a wellness check, she said her dad amsswred the door and asked if she was ok. Parents r pissed. Gosh I hope she gets help.

No. 540559

Could you maybe post her lives after you record them?

No. 540590

going to guess her parents told her to stay off fb for a while. good going, cow tipper. if only she knew how much some people actually like her. she is endlessly entertaining.

No. 540593

Adam lambert wanna be

No. 540610

Wow, that is really nasty. I get it if she was just unstable, but this is so needlessly rude. Wtf is wrong with this bitch? She's not as retarded on livestream as her actions are. She almost seems self aware about how ugly she is and how stupid her choices are, but then she's mean about it to seemingly undeserving ppl, too?

No. 540652

Oh gosh I hope she has a kpop phase next PLEASE

No. 540683

It's very possible it wasn't even one of us. I mean, completely possible too, but there are many others outside of here who follows her life.

No. 540694

File: 1522296839772.jpg (444.76 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1522296780968.jpg)

Wow what a winner. Poor Robbie, can you imagine getting dumped for this dude???

No. 540703

File: 1522297582205.jpeg (368.44 KB, 1770x1770, 11F58954-4F5C-4C74-9525-BA1C64…)

When cows collide

No. 540704

Maybe their pathological trend hopping is the glue that keeps these nutballs together. Trumps campaigning wasn't even that long ago and look how drastically his image has changed

No. 540707

i know, i wasn't blaming lolcow. i'm 100% sure it wasn't lolcow because she seems new to a lot of posters here. she's got a lot of people on her social media profiles that encourage her or cow tip. it's so annoying. this girl is a goldmine of milk and she's better left alone because she'll never dry up.

fucking lol dark clothes all the way down and then surprise cankles peeping out to say hello.

No. 540718

There are more than one Facebook groups about her so it could have been one of those crazy girls in one of those groups that called the cops on Abby.

No. 540719

i get a pretty strong feeling that luna is with the majority of people who interact with her to make fun of her, which is hilarious because it's fucking LUNA and she has literally no room to do that

speaking of which, how the fuck has abby not been moved straight to /pt/ yet?? i guess this thread is relatively (surprisingly) new on lolcow but the rate at which she continues to ruin her life and the fact that she's been doing it steadily for years is more impressive than most of the cows on this entire website

No. 540721

how do we find them?
I was in one on my old account but the account got taken down and they've since changed their name.

No. 540730


They are both set to secret so you can’t search them. The last one I was in got the Zucc so it isn’t around anymore and the other few I know of only take their privacy off secret for a short while then put it back to secret so it’s hard to find them but honestly I prefer this thread over stupid Facebook groups. Some on the people in those are cringe themselves

No. 540734

Yeah I guess they are pretty cringe. I remember a ton of people were adding Will and Abby as friends and messaging them, trying to be their friend to get insider info. For me, that's too far. Double-agent shit is taking it too far.

No. 540779

You're probably right about Luna. I guess she feels good mocking Abby because her own is so depressingly shitty but Luna is still even lower than her.

No. 540805

File: 1522313200804.jpg (50.01 KB, 306x306, Willy.jpg)

Mmm, those thicc pornstar lips tho.

If you google "emo Shrek" you just find pictures of Willy.

No. 540820

i knew willie came from the swamp.

No. 540876

File: 1522330452029.png (112.78 KB, 720x631, ohgod.png)

No. 540885

Haha I'm crying.

Oh lord. She's gonna end up with one of those VOID tats over the name later.

No. 540959

File: 1522344719492.png (4.33 MB, 1242x2208, 46649295-00DE-46E6-B400-2DF3DA…)

She took the hoodie off!

No. 540985

She finally has a different piece of merch! But god that tattoo really does look like just took a sharpie to her chest.

No. 540988

File: 1522347167882.png (235.4 KB, 1069x1426, IMG_20180329_191156.png)

She's gonna add to it

No. 540992

The fuck is 'wtawtaw'? And how is it relevant to her?

No. 540995

Its part of willies insta username but idk what it means

No. 541020

that is probably one of the worst quality tattoos i've ever seen

No. 541023

No. 541057

Who's guessing her next phase? I'm on board with juggalo. I can see her getting down with the clown facepaint and throwing around some whoop whoop and getting a new tattoo of the machete guy.

No. 541065


From what I understand I think it means "where there's a will there's a way" ?idk

No. 541103

she's live right now

No. 541108

I wish Emilie Autumn was still relevant so that she could become a wayward victorian girl from the Asylum

No. 541112

If there's anything I've learned from this thread it's that it doesn't have to be relevant for Abby to become obsessed with it.

No. 541133


well it has to be at least relevant enough that the merch can be found in hot topic's clearance section

No. 541150

I’m going to guess based on hot topics actual clearance and her current relationship - perhaps Harley Quinn and the Joker?

No. 541156

>>541150 she's already had a Harley phase. I don't have any caps tho.

No. 541170

I'm the OP and I posted and summarized her phases. I didn't see a Harley/Joker phase, maybe she had a few pieces mixed it but it wasn't a full phase. Unless I'm mistaken, in which case please post pics because that sounds amazing.

My friends and I checked the Hot Topic website's clearance and there was a lot of Harry Potter.

No. 541171

well we're in luck. they've got two icp shirts on sale right now. maybe she'll jump on that phase before the gathering and we can get livestreams from the event.

No. 541215

File: 1522363952183.png (261.85 KB, 1242x2208, C1360755-ECD3-43B7-965E-91A560…)

No. 541242

File: 1522366499438.jpeg (621.89 KB, 1242x2113, 64509918-3C91-4042-BFE2-1DD343…)

The comments are savage

No. 541246


that is possibly the greatest thing I have EVER read

No. 541262

File: 1522367371684.jpeg (96.75 KB, 1241x522, A274F284-8FB7-434D-987F-A2560F…)

The gofundme is still up but her post about it has been deleted

No. 541279


i was watching her live video yesterday and i re call her and hog daddy trying to cook up plans to make money like selling abby brown t shirts. The delusional in this girl is real. People only follow her for the bountiful cringe. Nobody in their right mind would be willing to throw money at this cow to support her stupid hot topic phases. For fuck sakes … She honestly didn't think this through did she? just got a face tat and quit her shitty dead end grocery store job thinking "fans" would support her? honestly, in my opinion this girls life is written off she will never get a decent job and will probably be making minimum wage her whole life and living off of mommy and daddy until they pass away.

No. 541289

File: 1522369615126.jpeg (545.82 KB, 1242x696, 873E1B88-27EC-4402-944C-5DC2C9…)

No. 541296


No. 541317

pa fag here. hot topics in pennsylvania cant sell icp merch bc they dont sell icp shit in states where juggalos are considered gang members.

No. 541359

File: 1522395992318.jpg (175.48 KB, 540x960, MAKEUP_20180330014843_save.jpg)

What bothers me the most is her drawn on eyebrows. Growing them out takes patience she does not have, got goddamn eyebrows and "normie" makeup will make such an improvement to her face.

No. 541527

File: 1522420057876.jpeg (136.91 KB, 1242x615, 5975A702-99C0-4283-9134-CD0D2F…)

>passion on the Christ
Sounds like a gay porn parody

Also, she’s deleted her gofundme

No. 541686


Since she is such a Jesus fan, I'm surprised she hasn't tried to BE Jesus yet… Wear thorn crowns, get nail hole tattoos etc. Would be such a Look.

No. 541693

File: 1522428483192.jpeg (701.02 KB, 1242x3152, F1BC607E-2449-4A12-BD99-E799F2…)

No. 541740

File: 1522431700994.jpg (127.22 KB, 1024x768, RiuzBhU.jpg)

>this is the first watercolor brow i've seen

No. 541889

File: 1522443116782.jpeg (61.09 KB, 539x960, DDC7A207-D339-4ED6-BB77-73F6C2…)

She bought grills

No. 542056

So she has been talking about having kids… she was talking about it in a live stream and now there’s a story on her Instagram saying, “We’re name our kid deigo”.
I hope she doesn’t procreate. How is she going to afford a kid with no job and her job stopper face tattoo? Lmao.

No. 542081

there's no way she'd manage having a kid, she wouldn't be able to handle all the attention going to someone else.

or i'm totally wrong and she'd use it to soak up even more attention. ugh imagine the baby wearing mini versions of whatever phase she's on

No. 542082

File: 1522455881783.png (829.35 KB, 1080x1543, IMG_20180331_012330.png)

Willy's not keen on the idea of kids

No. 542084

File: 1522455951104.png (1.28 MB, 1070x1508, IMG_20180331_012218.png)


No. 542086

File: 1522456091194.png (1.28 MB, 1068x1605, IMG_20180331_012207.png)

These two would make beautiful kids. Just look at those genes, totally not batshit insane.

No. 542089

She's crazy enough to be one of those munchausen by proxy cases and really fuck up her kid for attention.

No. 542109

Lol just imagine that kid growing up and it saying, yeah my name is deigo because my mom was obsessed with lil xan for a month.
She’s already claimed to have an abortion, like just last month. I can see her parents raising her baby for her because she’s up hog daddy’s ass at Wal-Mart 24/7, she claims that he’s a heroin addict as well, beats her and what not, definitely not parent material. But I can also see them breaking up in two weeks. Lmao.

No. 542122

maybe its because she sees them breaking up in two weeks that she wants a baby. maybe she thinks it will tie them together

No. 542167

i swear she's almost self aware sometimes. and apparently robbie has a new girlfriend or something so i guess her partial reasoning for running back to her future knife-wielding babydaddy was that he'll be fine/he would be fine.

No. 542234

she got a face tattoo to be like lil xan but she can't even spell diego correctly

No. 542244

The abortion was February 2017, not last month

No. 542323

she's going to poke holes in all his condoms i can see it now.

No. 542398


This is why I think she's so compelling to watch. Shes basically a self produced reality show. So good.

No. 542438

The part where Willy comes on is worth watching this for alone

No. 542453

lil peeps playing in the background so you know that’s about to be her next phase. she’s headed for a benzo or an opiate addiction. especially if will is a heroin addict

No. 542474

Dude's nose was so red - looked like he just snorted a lot of something. And he could barely keep his eyes open.
Not good.

No. 542539

If Robbie already has a new gf, he's not any better than Abby, how do you even get a gf or bf after 2 days wtf

No. 542547

Anyone know why they got a hotel room? Did her parents ban willie? Lol.

No. 542552

shes known about lil peep since he died or before he died though, i think she just has a boner for xan.

No. 542579


Someone asked how many xanax she was on and she replied, "I don't do drugs. Drugs are bad."

No. 542591

Please don't reproduce for the love of everything good

No. 542612

that poor dude is probably like 'why do these weirdos need to photograph me??'

No. 542969

File: 1522551444629.jpeg (184.98 KB, 1242x1789, 33782404-F6E3-4710-B414-ACAD7E…)

Amazing video on her IG (where he posted a shit ton recently) where willy is yelling at her for starting a small fire in the bathroom and she’s ignoring him. Wow.

No. 542972


Is this in their hotel room?

No. 542988

No. 543020

All of this feels so surreal

No. 543026

I so rarely post, but holy fuck for your inability to comprehend that this is a preplanned joke or skit amazed me. Can you not detect the lack of seriousness in his voice, or the fact that he's recording on her phone? If all else fails, you could read his comments below the post. I'm floored.

No. 543035

Calm down Willy.

No. 543084

File: 1522560692735.webm (5.08 MB, 640x800, lil-xab-starts-a-fire.webm)

webm for you

No. 543091

Timestaml for willie showing up?

No. 543100

File: 1522562747994.png (262.06 KB, 1080x1597, IMG_20180401_015901.png)

again, I've seen the video. I'm not arguing that they don't look like absolute retards, what I'm arguing is that this video isn't filmed in seriousness. Based off his voice, the lack of sincerity and urgency (especially for a man who she's claimed has put his hands on her) and the COMMENTS! I'll include where he calls someone who is hating on the video a "party pooper". This video was probably released to make it seem like she's a badass partygoer or something. I'm just shocked that people are claiming this video is true behavior and not just put on for show. She's a dolt, acting like a dolt. But nobody caught this as being totally fabricated?

No. 543118

just posting it here instead of the link

No. 543129

uh this person wasn't even replying to u

No. 543296

Any way to insert themselves in to drama. Don't you understand anon, everyone else is wrong but them! No one else could possibly figure it out and we were all freaking out about it being real, there's even one whole post about it here.

No. 543541

File: 1522617427716.jpeg (14.23 KB, 259x219, 0F35AD63-CCBF-4560-8B78-45495A…)

Her eyelash fucking triggers me more than her brows

No. 543555

I'm 100 percent convinced this girl is retarded.

No. 543781

File: 1522631973109.png (865.2 KB, 1080x1846, IMG_20180402_020328.png)

Did she just cowtip herself? This bitch is on another level of desperate.

No. 543898

File: 1522640758184.jpg (19.78 KB, 488x577, xabby1.jpg)

Maybe Tinfoiling, but that looks like a rolled up dollar bill and a possible bag of drugs. She certainly seems to be on something. If i had to guess itd be mdma or maybe xanax for the first time.

Can some pixelfag help with maybe a better screen cap or zoom or sharpen tool, i'm a n00b.

No. 543916

thats not what cowtipping is

No. 543928

File: 1522642747366.jpeg (390.44 KB, 1242x1908, 64469ABB-0B60-4985-B539-DE6D89…)

No. 543929

File: 1522642765221.jpeg (160.46 KB, 1242x610, 27AFB215-C88D-4DBB-88C1-BF0187…)

No. 543930

File: 1522642786359.jpeg (112.83 KB, 1080x650, F386403B-91E0-401F-A0E0-5A6EED…)

No. 543933

File: 1522642945940.jpeg (661.71 KB, 1242x1218, AD80C546-5571-40F0-BF36-2509C4…)

Sorry for the spam

No. 543945

This doesn't make her any less of a cow, but this is legit sad. So many closeted gay people are still huge in America because of heavy religious upbringing. I hope Abby leaves that shit behind. Apologise and sage.

No. 543947

i can't help but wonder if she's in a stalemate with her parents where they don't comment on her insane phases/aesthetics due to the guilt of not being her bio parents, and she clings to her christian conditioning due to her guilt of already putting her parents through a lot of shenanigans. neither side will take it over the edge and really confront each other for real for fear of total abandonment.

No. 543949

This is just another thing for attention though. She flips drastically from hating gay people openly and saying it's evil to saying that's all lies and she has never spoken against it. So who knows what is actually true. She was talking about how she missed the sex and how attractive Willy is like two days ago.

No. 543950

File: 1522645210912.jpeg (123.42 KB, 531x875, 8B84F404-7909-4ED4-820E-3D8B60…)

No. 543952

File: 1522645243251.jpeg (153.38 KB, 540x868, 72F04D5F-D01D-41AD-A12A-9EBB11…)

No. 543957

Might explain the constant phases too, possibly looking for a skin she feels comfortable in while denying her homosexuality.

No. 543987

She's very black-and-white in her thinking isn't she? Just because abortions are available to women who need them doesn't follow that an abortion is enjoyable.

Can anyone who's been following her for longer than she's had a thread here shed light on why she felt the need to abort at the time?

No. 544085

lmao ok abby you'll be a great mom having an infant while you're doing xanax and getting another face tat.

she just dropped that bomb on everyone before getting back with emo shrek so no one knows. i'd say parental pressure but they seem like they would push her to keep it. i kind of doubt it's real for that reason tbh.

No. 544096

There is absolutely zero proof that she didn’t make the abortion up entirely.

No. 544132

Most likely bullshit for sympathy and attention. I feel cruel saying that if she really did go through that but it is Abby and her reality is distinctly different from anyone elses. I still think her boyfriend is a cunt though and isn't helping the situation.

No. 544139

OT as fuck so saging but it really triggers how little people think about xanax and other benzos and think it's either some sort of cool drug to get high off or some dangerous suicide enabling thing. I've been on benzos for over half a decade now because of my ever-present anxiety and all it does is sedate you. You might get slightly lowered inhibitions as if you were slightly tipsy, but that's about it. It also has ridiculously high L50 doses, like actual grams per kilo of bodyweight (that is, thousands of pills) so it would also be unthinkable doses to actually die off. It's not a fun drug and it sickens me to see retards like her fetishise it.

No. 544142

Xanax will fuck you up if you really abuse it though, it's no joke. I'm talking week-long blackouts and waking up in jail not knowing what happened. It won't kill you though.

No. 544168

Yes, I have minor memory-related brain damage from mostly unabusive use. But it's definitely not comparable to weed or LSD as far as recreational drugs are concerned, benzos are a medical necessity for some people and little about the experience is fun.

No. 544174

except benzos aren't only there for medicinal needs now and are quickly becoming one of the most abused prescription drugs. you can accept that people take benzos for their own health while still agreeing that tons of people abuse it.

No. 544360

File: 1522693542458.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, DA6E9FAB-61DF-44CE-8E92-A752F0…)

I’m calling it. Her next phase is gay af.

No. 544370


Unless she's trolling us.

PS Your icon is showing.

No. 544454

Being gay as a phase. Incredible.

No. 544455

File: 1522700796226.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.03 KB, 753x600, img_comment_se_deguiser_en_jef…)

she reminded me of something

No. 544459

Why would you edit this onto a couple photo with your bf?

No. 544511

File: 1522704351460.png (340.26 KB, 750x600, Screenshot-2018-4-2 Abby Brown…)

This is pretty sad

No. 544517

Was this really only a year ago?

No. 544518

youre a cow as well gufflyr

No. 544523

It’s sad but it’s also fucked up to blame all her adult decisions, as influenced by mental illness as they may be, on people who were mean to her at least 10 years ago. I know that being bullied is hell, and i genuinely feel sorry for her for it, but you have to have an underlying predisposition to mental illness for middle school bullying to turn into a lifetime of skinwalking-level identity issues. It’s also beyond questioning that other environmental factors, too, turned her into whatever she is today.

No. 544525

Seriously? This thread is about Abby

No. 544528

No need to be a little cunt anon. Focus on the overflowing milk that is Abby

No. 544533

Has she ever mentioned being gay before?
Any indication that she reads this thread because >>543957 tinfoiled thats why she started skin walking and now shes basically saying that her being bullied really was the reason.

From what I've seen in this thread was that she was relatively normal scene girl in highschool and it wasnt until AFTER that she started going through these reallllly intense phases, remember this girl is like 24 so.

Part of me feels bad, but part of me feels like she's either reading here, or just making stuff up to go along with this ~hurt, broken and misunderstood~ persona…. also I noticed she will use lyrics for a lot of photos relating to whatever status she made…. i almost wonder if she hears a lyric she loves and wants to relate to it so she does something so it can apply to her, so it's as if lil xan is singing about her.

idk its all tinfoil, ultimately bullying alone wouldn't drive someone to be THIS into their phases, but it could have a factor if it's true. honestly idk what to believe with this girl, anyone whos followed her long before her thread know if she has a track record for lying ?

No. 544577

Pretty sure she mentioned it in one of her emo phases just before the "all gays go to hell" phase, and she's mentioned her first kiss or someone she crushed on in high school was female. But it's difficult to put a time line on her for me since some phases feel like they were 10 years ago when in reality it was 2 months ago kind of thing.

No. 544613

File: 1522711975674.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1203, IMG_20180403_002726.png)

She's changed her mind again. But is sounding somewhat coherent.

No. 544625

I’m not even a Christian but I kinda feel like the historical Jesus would high five her for that one. Sage for religion talk (pleeease y’all no Christianity derailment over this shitpost).

No. 544673

File: 1522714359661.jpg (30.16 KB, 281x500, gayabby.jpg)

this. a lot of kids are bullied, called gay, whatever and they move past it. some have difficulties and end up in therapy but no one goes full abby brown with phases every two months. there are a lot of things that really messed her up, not just bullies. when she was in her scene phase she was also saying she was christian and some people guessed she might have gone to a jesus camp. some of those places can be really creepy and brainwashy and it seems like she's been receiving a lot of conflicting information. i do feel a little bad for her but not bad enough to stop enjoying the milk.

yeah, see pic. one of her fb friends called her out for going to gay clubs too but they said she was older than she claims too so idk how reliable that is. i also think she wants to fit the personas of her phases with lyrics. that's why i'm skeptical her abortion really happened and just about anything else with this girl. it would fit her sad xanax troubled soundcloud phase.

No. 544728

The one thing that really stands out to me is how extremely impressionable Abby is, and I really wonder what the hell causes someone to be this susceptible to suggestion or influence.

No. 544736

>both gufflyr probably
Thanks for giving the IG link, it’s always so surreal when someone accidentally outs themselves here and they’re just as grotesque as the cows they criticize. Girl looks like Maisie Williams hit by a car.

This is getting terrifying. Her parents need to put her in therapy. She shouldn’t be allowed to roam around doing whatever she likes when she has the brain of a 13 year old girl. Poor thing is going to wake up one day and an hero because she had a tattoo of sperms on her face.

No. 544753

Low intelligence? She isn’t the brightest bulb

No. 544774

She’s not really that dumb though. She’s no genius, but I don’t know why anons keep thinking she’s completely stupid or borderline retarded. She seems completely average IQ to me, people who are genuinely stupid can’t express themselves verbally the way she does. She doesn’t speak with much sophistication, but she’s not an idiot. I used to score IQ tests as part of my job, and actual stupid is a lot more dumb than most people realize. Sage for blog.

No. 544781

I can imagine her being difficult to treat, she severely lacks insight. Wiling to bet she’s been in therapy from time to time, her parents are over-involved if anything, but it probably didn’t help much. She needs to be medicated, clearly, but strikes me as someone who would be totally non compliant with meds, either by refusing them or not having the sense to keep up with them daily.

No. 544874

imagine being enough of a creep to go out of your way to find someone's instagram just by their icon. this is a thread for abby, anon, not for other anons.

she's psychotic, but not dumb and you are completely right about that anon. i honestly believe that she is aware of what she's doing but she has no connection of why it's going to ruin her life in the end.

No. 544959

Oh god yeah. It’s totally terrifying. She needs help and has some kind of identity disorder. She needs to not be on social media.

No. 545026

If she’s aware of what she’s doing she can’t be psychotic. This shit is so weird to me. It’s almost impossible not to armchair at least a little about this woman. There’s definitely no mental defect or actual insanity, but she doesn’t fit that well into any pd or mental illness I’m familiar with. The identity issues scream BPD, but surely there is more going on? Sage for armchair, hopefully not too much derail - although Abby is so cray that her mental health actually seems relevant.

No. 545029

I used to think she was almost retarded too, but then after her gofundme and her going on about her "fans" and making fun of her phases… she seems pretty self-aware so it's not that.
Really I'm at a loss as well, maybe issues related to her adoption? She's in contact with her bio-mom who kept at least one of her siblings, that would mess anyone up. I feel like speculating about that is going a bit too personal though.

No. 545030

I do remember a screencap of her being rejected by another girl. I can honestly believe her being gay, it would fit with her identity issues and upbringing. I just hope she doesn't go full sjw.

No. 545034

she had likes the image she posted.

No. 545043

She's on medication for bipolar, that much is sure: >>517801

No. 545044

imagine posting your identity to an anon imageboard like this and thinking people won't look

No. 545078

Imagine being enough of a dumb ass to shit talk someone exactly like you without cropping out your Instagram icon that is easily recognizable and then when people kek at it you samefag white knight yourself. Who’s the real creep?

No. 545079

>I don’t know why anons keep thinking she’s completely stupid.

She tattood the middle of her cheek. She went full scene in 2016. She goes through creepy phases where she literally wants to BE what she’s obsessed with. We won’t ever grasp any real identity from anything she posts because she doesn’t have one. The rapid rate of which she recycled phases is alarming and frightening.

Yes, it’s great milk. But my god, imagine her wake up call. Look at all the permanent shit she has all over her body. Girl is a straight fucking loon babe.

Also admittedly this was me and I apologize for unintentionally bumping with no content, I hit reply on accident too quickly. Butterfingers.

No. 545093

>autist cow is bored
>posts onto lolcow
>(an imageboard full of people that stalk social media)
>includes profile pic
>tries to shame people for stalking her social media

I always love seeing real cows reveal themselves on here. Abby might be digging herself into a hole with her phases, but at least she doesn't hate herself enough to come here (yet). I have a feeling that she's getting closer to realizing her mistakes, and maybe improving herself. The face tattoo should definitely be a wake up call in the future. Sage for branding cow/ theories.

No. 545103

File: 1522750241144.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 103.04 KB, 608x560, 8BCBF08B-0D30-44C0-88C6-59A69A…)

Yes, can we just quickly acknowledge this before sweeping it under the rug entirely?
This is the true definition of throwing stones in glass houses, and it is amazing. It reminds me of the fat Irish (?) girl that dressed and acted exactly like Felice Fawn and was also one of the leading forces behind freelice blogs dedicated to shitting in her.
K I will not derail any further.

No. 545109


No. 545114

>>545043 if she’s taking typical bipolar meds (atypical antipsychotics alongside mood stabilizers) they’re not working.

No. 545129

She looks like a toad, or a pug but not cute. Won't derail further but oh dear, that's unfortunate.

No. 545162

File: 1522760982782.jpeg (497.78 KB, 988x2012, 359DE588-FB49-4F9A-A75D-603EC8…)

No. 545163

File: 1522761075349.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1840, 842EC6B0-44E2-4718-B81A-025DC0…)

No. 545178

I'm ready for the Abby Brown redemption run

No. 545196

She should have gone to jr high. You're able to switch your schedule to avoid people, you get more freedom and responsibilities. They teach about harassment and other things in health class. You can talk to adults if you're getting bothered. Once high school comes around, people mellow out and are busy with other shit. I think that her parents did her a disservice by letting her become home schooled. It stunted her personal growth. She didn't learn how to become assertive and face her demons. "I started trying to be other people. I hated myself" ….She's still skin walking and hates herself. She is stuck in a perpetual loop.

No. 545197


i hate that people keep saying her bio-mom keeping another child has to mess her up. my sister was part of an open adoption and her mom had a son a few years later, she was in a better position to care for a child at that point. it's not selfish to keep a child after adopting one out. it would be selfish if abby took it personally.

No. 545198

Her parents should have talked to the teachers and parents. It may have helped tone down the situation. I just can't imagine that nothing could have been done in elementary school. How negligent are her parents?

No. 545200

*other students parents

No. 545254

I’m so skeptical of her lately… idk…
People post here how she must have low IQ and then she says how she was super gifted smart in school…
Am I just an asshole for not buying into her sob stories? They just seem to really fit her phase right now.
She’s showing self awareness but that’s whats confusing me. Because she is still severely lacking it in terms of appearance, and Getting help for herself and realizing what she does is damaging to herself (getting back with willie).
She’s made many comments in her posts that allude to her reading about herself (ex. I only own this hoodie for now so be prepared to see me in it a lot… after comments here of how it must be her only merch”
To me it feels like she’s reading about herself, but still not fully understanding these things or having true self awareness…..
I feel like I’m the only one whose skeptical haha

No. 545276

I absolutely believe Abby reads here. She still has no self awareness. But Abby has now learned that she can construct a self image that’s not made Entirely out of an interest. She reads armchairs about herself and adopt them as an attempt to give depth to her non existent identity.

No. 545294

File: 1522776538977.jpg (59.01 KB, 750x500, IMG_7479.JPG)

No. 545295

File: 1522776625731.jpg (66.81 KB, 539x960, IMG_7478.JPG)

Her parents got her a gift card to go buy foundation to cover her face tattoo

No. 545297

File: 1522776876853.jpg (144.88 KB, 637x959, IMG_7482.JPG)

No. 545307

I understand and I'm not implying her bio mom did anything wrong, only that abby may feel differently.

No. 545322

you aren't the only skeptical one. the way i see it abby's a great cow either way so if she's full of shit about everything it's going to blow up in her face eventually or she'll just keep oversharing and we get to laugh.

i've been saying i think the sob stories are part of her phase. she might be reading here and that's fine, at least she's not lashing out or shitting up the thread with spam. a part of her might like the attention she's getting from here so she's looking to be noticed.

No. 545333

Oh my god haha

No. 545342

File: 1522780549622.jpeg (84.21 KB, 539x960, 00CC0E14-D6F4-4404-AC0B-26DCAA…)

No. 545347

Good for him! He's getting cucked/cheated on with abby's ex.

No. 545350

Oh. I thought it was robbie that broke it off. >>522995
Think she'll try to go running back to him?

No. 545352

File: 1522781813012.jpeg (79.29 KB, 540x960, A5C97599-CA0D-4DF3-9690-D1857A…)

Abbys convo with Willie

No. 545353

File: 1522781881976.jpeg (71.99 KB, 540x960, 1CDD25D1-536F-4F9E-9A7C-1FB447…)

No. 545354

File: 1522781909298.jpeg (77.68 KB, 540x960, 5F9A449A-951D-463F-BEC0-623CE9…)

No. 545355

File: 1522781944448.jpeg (86.99 KB, 540x960, EFDDB6DB-A964-4AE1-8003-094DD4…)

Sorry if these aren’t in the right order

No. 545356

That’s bad judgement, anon, not lack of intelligence.

No. 545358

She will talk openly about her adoption, identity problems, sexuality, possible abortions, etc, but speculation about her adoption on lolcow, of all places, is too far?

No. 545360

Abby could really be independent and okay in a few years if she goes hard on DBT and really focuses on applying her cosmetology license. She seems like one of the most insane flakes right now, but tbh I could see a pretty happy ending for her.

No. 545364

She talked about how he does hard drugs like heroin. He wanted/wants them to commit suicide together. She's better off without him but they have that toxic on&off relationship.

No. 545381

William Porkbelly is worse than her tbh. Dump that fugly cuck once and for all.

No. 545395

Oh my god, I think he pisses me off more than Abby. He's such a loser.

No. 545416

This is an excellent point, I will probably avoid talking about her altogether from here on, since attention seems to be the fuel that this crazy train runs on.

No. 545433

Sometimes it really is hard to believe we aren't being played by an elaborate troll. Everything just goes so wrong and she makes so many bad decisions, its not human.

No. 545437

Yep. This is what REAL stupid looks like. Zero brains and all tiny boner.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m really rooting for Abby to get it together.

No. 545445

File: 1522786966542.jpeg (84.65 KB, 539x960, 024B0ABD-C383-422C-BEB0-90F298…)

No. 545453

Ok Abby, you can stop posting your texts now, we get it.

No. 545454

>This comes up every couple months.
Maybe the tinfoils are right and she is the way she is because she couldn't cope with being into girls.

No. 545475

Aren't they in their twenties? This looks like texts between two high-school classmates

No. 545477

That is absolutely RIDICULOUS and a total pile of shit, no offense.
The notion that she would do ALL of this just because she likes girls? Come on. Suddenly feeling sorry for her just because she chose another phase that she sparked from a fucking lil Xan lyric like she does with every phase, clinging to every word said from her current idol and adopting an entire identity around it, is nuts.

"It checks out", "she likes girls," none of us know if this is true. She's still batshit insane. No sane person does this to themselves and changes obsessions so frequently. Girl is a ratchet grotesque train wreck and allowing your personal feelings about sexuality get in the way of an obvious new diversion isn't very bright.

No. 545489

How did she change from a public ageplayer to a wannabe edgy rapper so fast?

No. 545495

Calm down dude it's just a tinfoil. No one's saying it's a fact. Just wanted to point out the months part considering it's been speculated.

No. 545498

She’s rapped during every phase.

I’m not Abby, these are screenshoots she posted on this status >>545342 which is now deleted

No. 545512

File: 1522790776118.jpeg (6.83 KB, 225x225, upset.jpeg)

Also please sage, it goes in the email field. As we keep telling you.

No. 545523

she's said she likes girls long before this phase though. now she can just play it up because of her idol's lyrics, that's all. there's way more to her issues than just difficulty accepting her sexuality, she seems like she can't accept herself at all. there's some mental illness going on and who knows what emotionally. she needs therapy for life.

everything she does is for attention. that's not a secret. even if she does read here who cares? she plays it up to all eyes on her and she gives endless milk.

No. 545531

>u disagree with me so u mad bro trolol
Not upset in the slightest, sitting here enjoying my breakfast, just kind of taken aback at the fact that farmers of all people would buy into a sob story like that.
>as we keep telling you
I've been posting on lolcow for years, you can stop pretending you know what anon you're talking to every time someone makes a post.

Did she? Only post I've ever seen her make about being gay is that she thinks it's disgusting and that gays will burn in hell, but she says a lot of things so.

Regardless, this is a girl that wanted to start taking xanax because of Lil Xan, shaved her brows off to look like Jack Skellington, and ditched Melanie Martinez mere days after getting a giant tattoo dedicated to her. I don't understand why any of you are taking anything that comes out of her mouth seriously. So odd.

No. 545538

Or it could be you giving such long replies when it's not that serious, but sure go with that reasoning.

No. 545641

I've…maybe posted in this thread maybe 4-5 times since it's inception.
But please, keep pretending you have foresight that you don't.

No. 545693


i second this sentiment. unlike most cows or flakes, Abby doesn't seem malignant. she's not a scammer (afaik), stuff she does mainly seems to hurt herself and she took down that Gofundme very quickly after the backlash. i have a feeling if she didn't get noticed by people like us, she'd still be a phase-jumping boyfriend-switching trainwreck for her own amusement. i enjoy observing her on a peoplewatching level but i'm absolutely furious at the creeps who try to befriend her just to be able to make fun of her better in their little secret FB groups. i hope her "phase" of acting self-aware and real helps her break the cycle and she settles for being quirky but somewhat functional.

on another note, i want to punch Luna repeatedly for being a self-centered, greedy, lying, ill-intentioned, materialistic, shallow bitch without a conscience and still having the gall to rag on Abby. glass houses, you parasitic amoral cunt. at least Abby has an interest she could live off on she can ever get her fucked up brain sorted out.

sage for really frustrated spergout. thanks for bearing with me anons.

No. 545832

ya i was just thinking this. i'd rather be friends with xabby than tuna any day

No. 545958

File: 1522827983956.png (41.19 KB, 798x328, abby2.png)

The toxicity in this relationship is nucking futs. They don't have minor disagreements or conflict. They full-on break up everytime something shitty happens, and put that unhealthy shit on blast.

No. 545960

File: 1522828082343.png (882.73 KB, 785x716, IMG_54262244.png)

No. 545961

oh my god imagine going anywhere in public and seeing him

No. 545962


I know it's armchair but she really does exhibit symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

E.g. copypasta from Wiki:
- Markedly disturbed sense of identity
- Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment and extreme reactions to such
- Splitting ("black-and-white" thinking)
- Impulsivity and impulsive or dangerous behaviours
- Intense or uncontrollable emotional reactions that often seem disproportionate to the event or situation
- Unstable and chaotic interpersonal relationships
- Self-damaging behavior
- Distorted self-image
- Dissociation
- Frequently accompanied by depression, anxiety, anger, substance abuse, or rage

Abby mentioned in one of her recent posts that mental health professions have speculated BPD but decided against the diagnosis.(armchair)

No. 545964

File: 1522829089590.jpg (59.15 KB, 540x960, IMG_65365333.jpg)


before this post. it got deleted

No. 545967


she'll ditch the lil xan phase in a few days and go full LGBTQI rights supporter. or maybe we'll get some atheist posts after she realises that her beliefs aren't compatible with bisexuality.

there are chicks hitting on her on her facebook comments, probably just discovering her and finding her an eligible bachelorette. soon she and wilbur will break up again and abby will enter a relationship with a female, break her heart, then go back to will when the next phase comes along

No. 545969

File: 1522829640102.jpg (110.36 KB, 720x960, xabby.jpg)

No. 545976

If she is actually a lesbian;
How do either of them think that her attraction is just gonna disappear because they wish real hard? I know they're both christians so maybe that encourages that mindset but it's never gonna work. Very common story but; a tutor I had in school had been married for 20 years, still as much of a lesbian as she was when she was 18 because that kind of thing doesn't change. It took her til she was in her 50's to actually leave her husband and find her soulmate. She cared very much about her husband and they were great friends even after she left, which Abby could be with Willy if she somehow decided that was a good idea but if she is actually gay it's just prolonging the inevitable. The rate at which she dumps and gets back with him shows that they don't really care about one another or each others feelings.

No. 545981

Their fashion sense is so all over the place. Trying to be a rapper and look like one while still dressing like an emo from a few phases ago.

No. 545986

To be fair, the current rapper look is kind of a mash of post-emo mall goth in a big ironic soup.

No. 545993

File: 1522834348398.png (61.55 KB, 776x577, IMG_54425222.png)

volatile asf

No. 545995


I'm not sure whether she's actually identifying as a lesbian right now or whether she's coming out as bi. Xabby hasn't really clarified and just says she likes girls.Either way, Wilbur is feeling mad threatened about the whole thing.

No. 545997

Gifted and developmentally challenged kids are both lumped together under the umbrella of "special education." it's quite possible that she was part of a special ed program/had an IEP as a kid and assumed that meant she was "gifted" when in fact it was because she was challenged. Elementary school is easy, it's really difficult to end up with a GPA that low unless you just don't show up. Even then, you're more likely to get in trouble for delinquency before your GPA gets that low? It sounds like she's making this up for edge.

No. 546002

File: 1522835648652.jpeg (388.01 KB, 1242x1598, 169CD195-CE81-4B29-B18B-7D15A4…)

It’s so wild to me that Luna rags on Abby when she’s a huge cow herself

No. 546003

File: 1522835688473.jpeg (129.83 KB, 960x772, 4AA21DA0-BA4A-4F87-A0C0-B8A455…)

No. 546010

I genuinely feel bad for her and do think she’s struggling with her sexuality. I grew up in a heavily christian environment and was told I’d go to Hell, it was demons, etc. Having some supernatural fear drilled into your head to keep you “in line” is wild.

No. 546030

I used to have a roomie who had BDP pretty hardcore. She made a number of drastic declarations about her sexuality including declaring herself a lesbian when some lesbian friends came to town. Non of this ever came to fruition in relationships but she fully came out, the whole bit.

It's not out of the realm of possibility for this to be another identity for Abby to try on also.

No. 546073

File: 1522850065064.png (329.4 KB, 1242x2208, AC42FEAE-FA86-44AB-A6A2-691A7D…)

Idk, I think she is struggling with her sexuality and I’m glad her father is at least somewhat supportive

No. 546079

File: 1522850988596.jpeg (185.19 KB, 1242x658, 3B756D10-DA2A-4C4D-A919-419FDF…)

this was a comment on that status. i really can’t wait to find out what abby has to say to this

No. 546085

File: 1522851672965.jpeg (394.3 KB, 1242x1789, F0E43C23-D849-4396-A0DD-77CE63…)

this was an alright apology but i’m not sure if i believe it or if the op did either. they haven’t responded but a new person did saying they have mad respect for a very generic apology. also repost bc i’m a dumbass and posted my profile picture

No. 546086


she deleted the comment and the apology

No. 546087

File: 1522851890672.png (568.85 KB, 1242x2208, 3955B8C4-86CE-44C6-962A-81A619…)

i refreshed and i can still see it. i wonder why it’s doing that. and then there’s this added comment that gave me brain damage trying to read it. pic related

No. 546089


oh, now i see it. also, holy run-on sentences.

No. 546090

there is literally one question mark and two periods in this whole wall of text yikes

No. 546091

File: 1522852182447.png (38.94 KB, 798x325, img_1.png)


She made it a status. Maybe I'm just a cynic but I wonder how many people totally new to Abby and her antics are following this phase and praising her rn.

There's a lot of "maybe your phases were because you were trying to mask your sexuality". Like idk what Nightmare Before Christmas and Scene Queen have to do with that but ok.

No. 546095

The way she repeatedly keeps saying "I like girls" is kind of juvenile and low-key weird. Wouldn't something like "I'm struggling with my sexuality" or "I'm attracted to women" be more appropriate for her age and current position? I mean she's up until recently been a homophobe, has only ever slept with men or expressed sexual interest in men, and currently has a boyfriend rn. Even if all this very sudden "confused sexuality" is real she's bicurious at best, not, as she claims >>545355 "fucking gay".

No. 546102


I hate to be that person to say "it's just a phase" when someone comes out, but this is Abby Brown we're talking about. It could be a sub-phase that's morphed out of her Lil Xan phase. Abby's frequently quoting the lyrics "and her pussy taste like skittles, what? Yeah, ayy, and you can really taste the rainbow, what?" from the song Betrayed.

She said in a status that she would rap that song around the house and her mum would roll our eyes at that bit. In that same song, there's a lyric "She said she gay but still into me, said she gay still into me" (which is also edited onto Abby's current profile pic with Willy).

Then in her live video which has since been deleted due to the copyrighted music, Abby talked about how she likes girls but the only guy she wants to sleep with Willy.

tl;dr Just a sub-phase from the Lil Xan phase based on a lyric in Betrayed and I'm calling bullshit unless this one sticks or more solid evidence comes to light.

No. 546116

God this shit is annoying. I think everyone on this damn website knows the symptoms of BPD.

No. 546157

Also being a lesbian is cheaper than forking out money for lil xan merchandise.

No. 546216


bit of a stretch. i'm almost 29 and i still say "i like girls"

No. 546266

"It hurt so bad and made me cry from my eye" I know you're a dumbass Willy but for fucks sake, please enlighten me as to where else you cry from?

No. 546270

I'm calling the next phase being extremely public polyamory with several equally bizarre and dumb women and Wilbur in the middle. Since she seems to want both. She's gonna go all 'earth mother' or 24/7 bdsm leather fetishist and get 19 girlfriends.

No. 546288

>Maybe she'll finally get out of her abusive relationship.

No. 546345

I totally get it as an offhand comment or something said in a lighthearted way. I think it's weird for the context of her posts. I mean she shouldn't even be posting this shit on social media but that's what makes her a cow I guess.

No. 546505

File: 1522880276640.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1300, 29791835_10155694770902620_428…)

Willie is so fucking filthy, he's covered in lint, crumbs, and dirt. He looks like he smells like cheese, how does she go near this guy let alone fuck him.

No. 546521

Because she's the same way. She never takes off that Xan hoodie. The amount of pilling, dead skin, and BO it must be accumulating is horrifying.

No. 546555

I'd imagine she smells like the skin under your cast when you just get it off and you haven't been able to wash it for weeks on end. Or yeasty and cheesy like I imagine Willie to smell. Her parents must have a hard time being around them both especially now they want to be on drugs.

No. 546639

File: 1522888674704.jpg (183.85 KB, 632x960, IMG_7497.JPG)

No. 546640

File: 1522888728898.jpeg (45.8 KB, 640x522, 6392AC6F-E7F1-405F-A4A7-D7AE6F…)

His eyes look like a swollen red infected vagina and did he seriously put that shit in his eyebrows too? Come on.

No. 546643

File: 1522888914117.jpg (96.15 KB, 539x960, IMG_7498.JPG)

No. 546650

The way she poses and her facial expressions…it's like she has to take a shit. And she purposely does it every picture. Beyond cringy.

No. 546653

File: 1522890319546.jpg (137.41 KB, 665x665, ranmawantdatelilxan?.jpg)

She really is the next pt

No. 546700

Everyone keeps saying "such and such cow is the next pt," but I think the most terrible revelation we all must face in life is that there will never be another pt.

No. 546746

Is it just me or does Abby not actually inhale her cigarettes?

No. 546757

Maybe this is pasture material and I’m sure people are over armchairing possible diagnoses but I kinda… feel bad for her. I have the same phase issue but not as intense. She definitely has BPD but like me I wonder if she has HPD. She has to like the attention she gets, ofc that doesn’t make a diagnosis but it’d explain a lot of the shit she says that feels like she’s just trying to get a response (i.e: “gays should all die and burn but not my celeb crushes, omg my ex tried to stab me, etc.) and it’d go with, if it was true, her talking about sleeping with tons of guys(armchair)

No. 546769

moo is close tho. or rather what pt would have been if it would have been normalized to do lewd cos shit during her time. she was always trying with gravure shit.

No. 546773

Moo moo is much closer to Asherbee than PT. Mariah lacks PT's charm, grace, and Asian heritagu.

No. 546822

i hate that i'm starting to like her. she's kind of cute, in a way. i know pt can't ever be replicated, but she's got some kind of genuine charm/innocence, and she isn't malignant, she's just a mess

No. 546860

Yep definetly getting dolly mattel vagina vibes from his makeup.

No. 546862

I know what you mean. Something about her particular brand of crazy makes her seem kind of vulnerable. She just comes off as so sheltered and dependent, but not really in a leech sort of way like so many other flakes and cows.

No. 546900

File: 1522923179864.png (734.61 KB, 1022x1092, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 11.1…)

Abby found out one of her friends was basically the moderator of that Facebook group everyone kept mentioning upthread here.

Also two girls go off in the comments if you guys want screenies of it

No. 546921

imagine being so dumb that you dont switch between 2 accounts when messaging abby and trashtalking her in a fb group

No. 546924

The facial expression makes her look like a chimpanzee

No. 546937


>2.7K members

No. 546946

Let us hope anon, let us hope.

No. 546959

Maybe she really is just childish and doesn't know how to like multiple things at once. She seems more stunted and coddled by her parents than severely mentally ill as some keep trying to speculate, She's behaving like an extreme version of a lot of teenagers and the only reason,to me, that it seems extreme is that she's 24 and not 16. She doesn't seem too bright so it is possible that she's just very sheltered and enabled by her parents since they seem pretty desperate for her to be her own person and so they live in hope that her next interest is the one that is really her. She's had pretty long phases before so they probably live in hope.

No. 547093

How does this group have so many members if it is secret and the name apparently changes all the time? How do you gain entry to the secret club?

No. 547094

That group got zucced kek. Im in a smaller abby group

No. 547097

Sorry for samefagging, but someone on your friend list can add you to a secret group if they’re a member

No. 547234

File: 1522953874090.png (172.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7499.PNG)

No. 547235

File: 1522953928435.png (175.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7500.PNG)

"I'm healthy"

No. 547240

File: 1522954011452.jpg (146.91 KB, 720x960, IMG_7502.JPG)

And from today. Not sure why she's mad about the Facebook group considering 1. haters make her famous 2. she posts everything publicly anyways

No. 547256

those fb groups are the fucking worst. it’s just a bunch of girls who are equally as cringe as abby taking screenshots of her and saying “wow MY makeup looks WAY BETTER than this and i’m a 15 year old one armed veteran with partial blindness!”

the fact that Luna Slater is a highly active member of a ton of these groups should tell you all you need to know about why they have thousands of members. it’s literally thousands of rejects laughing at other rejects.

No. 547298

what is she drinking? ive never seen anything like it

No. 547305

that caked on eye makeup gives luna a run for her money. looks like he can barely his open his eyes

No. 547309

a "jug of warm tea" she found in her car o_o

No. 547438

Sounds vaguely familiar

No. 547439

unrelated but can anyone tell me who pt is? want to read up on her threads but only hear her described as pt, so

No. 547446

Pixyteri, I'm amazed that you ended up here without any knowledge of her, but good luck, the Queen awaits.

No. 547447

They look seriously infected with the crusty swollen look and red eyeshadow. Suits his gross personality

No. 547454

>it's literally thousands of rejects laughing at other rejects.

oof. right where it hurts.

No. 547455

the tuna thread directed me here but i hear about pt a lot, and thanks!

No. 547465

>newfags get out reeeeee

No. 547469

File: 1522967533443.png (235.56 KB, 501x367, abby.png)

No. 547474


according to the comments on her fb post outing the 'friend'/admin guy the members of this group would message Willie trying to seduce him when they broke up, doxxing her etc (she says she posted her address publicly for penpals AFTER the doxxing as "the psychos all knew where i lived anyway kek"

I guess I can see why she would be made about the two-facedness but girl seriously needs some more IRL friends

No. 547496

File: 1522970025267.png (5.38 MB, 1242x2208, 4AFD629D-0653-4C36-857A-935418…)

She’s into Lil Xan now.(newfaggotry)

No. 547501


No. 547510

She's been "Lil Xabby" for a while now.

No. 547518

Not a good plan to put your email in the email field if that is indeed yours. She's been in to Lil Xan for about 2ish weeks.

No. 547538

File: 1522974426805.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, CZUAR5Ia[1].jpg)


is this you

No. 547545

File: 1522975122623.png (454.84 KB, 1440x1608, Screenshot_20180405-193804~2.p…)

No. 547665

That haircut rivals >>517434 in the poor choices race

No. 547805

Hahahahaha wtf

No. 547821

File: 1522992253915.jpeg (125.73 KB, 750x441, FD0F76D3-86BB-4A43-A159-14C967…)

No. 547838

I seriously thought the two who outted themselves ITT were the same person. Why does Abby attract these freaks with superiority complexes?

No. 547843

Birds of a feather flock together.
Ironically, these two genuinely believe they’re better than Abby and come here to mock her when they’re actually worse than her.

Abby is not insidious. She’s nuts in her own right, an absolute fucking train wreck, but I’m pretty confident that all of us farmers agree that she’s only on here for being a spectacle, nothing more.

No. 547845

Yeah, Abby seems pretty harmless to everyone, but herself. Has she ever scammed or anything?

No. 547849

No. 547852

Abby is mostly harmless. The worst she’s ever done is her gofundme. Which is just donations, not large sums of money going to something you were scammed into investing in.

No. 547854

Yeah being retarded doesn’t equate being dispicable. She makes me cringe, and there’s no question that her mental health is unsound, but she isn’t an ugly person as far as character goes, oddly enough.

No. 547944

She sells her old clothes on poshmark to make money so she's one of the better ones in that she understands she has to support her own shit at least in part.

No. 548063

File: 1523032008653.png (59.5 KB, 1080x374, 30221534_10155698758762620_472…)

I don't think this constitutes as a true attraction as she's not emotionally attracted to women, it's more likely she watched lesbian porn and got off to it and got scared she was 'turning gay'

No. 548104

Yeah. she’s never had the option to Persue a relationship with with a woman either. She wouldnt even know if she isn’t emotionally attracted.

Who tf doesn’t want a threesome with two girls tho

No. 548115

I totally forgot she does that too. She’s not not just begging for money.she actually sells her shit to support habit.

No. 548119

He gay

No. 548123

Willie is super insecure, he broke up with her over her saying she was even thinking about girls. Then proceeded to beg her back minutes later.

No. 548194

File: 1523037887895.png (458.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7527.PNG)

Fan pages only, no hate groups.

No. 548198

File: 1523037942586.png (179.16 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7528.PNG)

Getting rid of stuff from her old phases

No. 548210

I'm so used to cows having abhorrent personalities that go along with their cringeyness but Abby seems more misguided than anything. She seems like she's actually a nice girl.

No. 548221

no way in hell anyone would touch this face tattooed weirdo with a ten foot pole.
bitch looks like she would steal your purse and max out your CC on lil peep merch

No. 548280

Mmm idk the whole god hates fags shit and then pretending to be gay because it goes along with her current phase is kind of. Idk.
She seems like a spoiled brat. Hope she gets help with her bpd tho

No. 548345

She was only like that because she had a super Christian nurse when she was getting her stomach pumped. I personally feel that medical professionals shouldn't push their religion on extremely vulnerable patients like she was but it's already too late and here we have a christian wannabe lesbian drug addict. So I'm not sure that those opinions are really her opinions or her copying her nurse.

No. 548346


So it's hard to tell if she's a bad person as her opinions are often not hers. Apologies for samefag.

No. 548414

File: 1523055497806.jpg (1.03 MB, 3072x4096, tribute.jpg)

So, I'm not an artist at all in the slightest, but I enjoy drawing for fun and tonight I drew Abby and the ghosts of her phases.

No. 548415

Love the knuckle tats and ratty hoodie cuffs!

No. 548417

Thank you! I chose to have 'Bad Idea' read backwards when she puts her knuckles together because I felt it'd be more accurate.

No. 548432


Fine art at its finest. Thank you anon

Are her phases purposely done like Salad Finger's puppets? eerie

No. 548435

someone who knows his girlfriend is gay and wants to keep that tight grip on her. if they fuck a girl together, she'll realize it's actually worth leaving him for good

No. 548457

Yes! I'm glad they came through as puppets since none of them were really her, just masks and this one will be discarded as a mask just the same.

No. 548459

Sage for asking unrelated abby question. But does anyone know that necklace she has on? I had the same one from hot topic and bought it around 2008 like the anon said in the picture here.

(I wore it daily and lost it a while ago, wanting to repurchase for nostalgia reasons.)

No. 548506

File: 1523065067546.jpg (35.5 KB, 450x450, 61-JXKd8hPL._SY450_.jpg)

I've seen some on Amazon, just type in "Gothic Choker" And similar ones will pop-up. Image for ref.

sage for OT

No. 548537

i'm really just scrolling down the snow category, but I just stumbled upon this thread. the background info says >may or may not being into ddlg
in the picture that's used for this thread she's wearing a pair of overalls from this brand called Little For Big and they usually make clothes for people who are into DDLG or ABDL https://www.amazon.com/Littleforbig-Short-Overalls-Shortalls-Babydoll/dp/B075KJVYQ8 … Sorry if this has already been established or something. It's just something I noticed.

No. 548545

It was part of her Melanie Martinez phase. Not part of her sex life.

No. 548552

>>548545 oh alright

No. 548565

Jesus christ… she just went live during a fight with Will. She had her phone under the covers with her head covered and then said 'I dont have any pants on under here right now and Im pretty sure my vagina is on facebook live right now" and then ended it. I wasnt really watching but I dont think her cooter got broadcasted. still pathetic that she was on Live while arguing with her boyfriend at her house saying things like "Just leave me then and Ill facebook live all night"

No. 548574

I kinda like her. sure shes very unstable and acts before she thinks, but she seems she comes from good intentions

No. 548607

But was it recorded?

No. 548672


I think Facebook or Abby deleted it because most of her lives are saved under Photos > Videos on her profile.


Anon, please say you have the page still open and can screen cap it or something? D:

No. 548736

No! I should have been more adamant. I wasn’t expecting it to be so milky and figured that I could catch up here. I really don’t think there was any abbypuss… she was just trying to get a reaction out of will

No. 548787

File: 1523111604364.jpeg (193.51 KB, 407x586, FC796AEE-FB93-47BE-B2FC-AB1E02…)

Safe for no milk, but Willie’s cheek looks like the surface of the moon….

No. 548789

"Kiss me"
"Your breath stinks!"
"But I brushed my teeth!…today…"
"Everyone hashtag…ab…a…abbystinkybutt!"

Was what I caught from that conversation, also Abby has a lazy eye somehow either from lashes or just all of a sudden

No. 548790

File: 1523112214501.png (729.78 KB, 575x1022, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 15.3…)

They really are perfect for each other

No. 548792

File: 1523112518155.png (308.41 KB, 578x749, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 15.4…)

Think it's the way she's looking down, looks like one eye is totally shut and the other open, it kept doing that when she was looking around. Probably those drag lashes

No. 548911

File: 1523123480971.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7543.PNG)

Is this her new phase

No. 548957


And will she hold onto it long enough to make it to Pride?

No. 548966

>doing frank iero's makeup from 2006 era my chemical romance

Ew. This guy has no original bones in his jelly like body, does he? He's so hideous

No. 548967

File: 1523127503755.gif (566.57 KB, 295x207, 1515562508873.gif)

Ugh, gross. She's the worst kind of hypocrite. She'll go on preaching about Jesus is love bullshit, while being gay is wrong and they'll burn in hell for it.. but now this?

She's the reason why so many people are afraid to come out because religious bigots will harass them. She really is the queen of seeking attention.

No. 548986

so lil xan lasted all of three weeks?

No. 548999

I think this is a sub-phase caused by a Lil Xan lyric "She gay but still in to me"

No. 549004

I agree. This is being amazing to witness in real time.

No. 549012

It's just so far to go for a lyric, one fucking sentence and she's changed her whole life.

No. 549045

File: 1523132671391.png (842.72 KB, 946x973, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 21.2…)

She was selling this necklace in a bundle on her poshmark. It's mysteriously gone and now Wilbur is wearing it. Kinda makes my skin crawl to think of him having worn some of her shit as he seems even more gross than her.

No. 549073

You forgot this is Abby we're talking about

No. 549083

"Goth"? I'm sure Three Days Grace is more his speed.

No. 549097

def agree that he seems more gross than her. xabby may be garbage incarnate but willie straight up looks like he smells like lunchmeat and constantly has a raging eye infection, and that crusty ass neckbeard probably collects makeup and food crumbs.. i wouldn't want to touch anything he has worn

No. 549098

ot but it reminds me how chris-chan changed his entire name because a robot bear misheard him.

No. 549143

hot topic also sells LGBT themed shirts so it's probably more stuff from the clearance rack as well

No. 549147

File: 1523140150491.png (93.03 KB, 750x812, IMG_7559.PNG)

New Facebook

No. 549221


anon called it >>544360

No. 549253

She'll get bored of the lack of attention and come back, I think. She gets a lot of hate which has been annoying her but she also can't live without the attention so the new facebook will probably be unused after a few days.

No. 549352

I'm disappointed that she didn't evolve in to a Juggalo. There's still time though.

No. 549418

you don't get it anon it's high concept makeup, willie is clearly doing multiple mcr revenge era/ shrek crossover Looks

No. 549439

File: 1523164547092.jpg (116.52 KB, 1080x1080, bioqueen.jpg)

inb4 she goes full bioqueen.

No. 549484

tbf she's highly suggestible and comes from a heavily religious family. at least she's coming around to see hating them is ridiculous and horrible. if it takes a heavily blown up lil xan lyric to change her behavior for the better, i don't see what's wrong with it

No. 549662

Hopefully he'll write some lyrics soon about being normal and healthy and taking care of yourself, maybe even showering and ditching your shit fat boyfriend.

No. 549761

You bet ur ass i did lol

No. 549864

Am I the only one who thinks Abby is out of Will's league. If she cleaned herself up that is. If she was skinny and normal she could have any guy she wants

No. 549963

No, it's not just you. That's been insinuated and otherwise mentioned several times in this thread. She's not fat, she just needs to not be insane and she'd be fine.

No. 550009

She does look more trim now than in her scene queen days. I dont think weight is her problem. I think she just scares off anyone sane with her batshit crazy antics.

No. 550012

He really is just a disgusting fucking mess. It isn't even that he is fat or still doing the emo/ scene syle that he is 10 years too late for, he is just an ugly man. He always looks ungroomed and suffering from a bacterial infection on his face and dressed in dirty clothes. Anyone is out of his league.

No. 550069

He wore a 2 sizes too small pinstripe jacket with a ramones vest and white pants today. It's like if an alien tried to dress like a human. Also those pants were only photographed from the crotch up so I dread to think how dirty white pants will get on Willie.

No. 550101

God no, Abby is actually pretty and actually looks like a normal person since the start of her lil xan phase. Wilbur looks like hes been hitting the crack pipe after being fired from hot topic.

No. 550109

She preordered Xan's album like four different times

No. 550124

Watch the albums aren't even gonna come out until shes already moved onto her next phase. Then she'll just immediately turn around and try to sell them for her new obsession.

No. 550231

Contenders for Abby's upcoming obsessive phases: lana del Rey, tekashi69, fraggle rock.

No. 550237

I'll add a clockwork orange, gabber (not gabber girl, shaved head and tracksuit), biokween (previously mentioned), and crust punk

No. 550262

Her next phase is going to either be becoming an ARMY or Twitch gamer gurl but without actually ever streaming on Twitch

No. 550292

ARMYs are so insufferable now, can you imagine abby the army? jfc

No. 550306

I'm dying for bioqueen- think of the lipsyncs!

No. 550329

What's an ARMY?

No. 550342

I agree but her previous boyfriend was really cute.
In a way it's probably best she dumped him because he was clearly out of her league, I kind of worried he was using her for whatever reason. She needs to date somewhere in between.

No. 550378

A BTS fan, theyre annoying quite often and pretend to be ~~~~Korean~~~~~~~

No. 550450

File: 1523262670000.png (47.68 KB, 676x379, dyke.png)

um, what

No. 550451


That "2 sizes too small pinstrip jacket" is actually one Abby lended to Willie. I think it was in the live where they were going to get pizza where Abby offered for him to borrow it.

He seems to like borrowing her clothes.

No. 550464

File: 1523263425004.png (124.73 KB, 750x799, img_54222244.png)

"Willie just smashed his radio in his car because I tried to break up with him. I'm very upset and can't talk about this anymore."

fuck, he is absolute scum. people who throw temper tantrums (if they're not children) to try and intimidate people into letting them get their way are completely worthless.

No. 550514

Willie is clearly unstable but it is pretty unstable for Abby to try breaking up with him based on this one random person's comment

No. 550576

More like straight up abusive

No. 550587

File: 1523280065228.jpg (152.1 KB, 720x960, img_0432542.jpg)

No. 550616

She also has photos of him in a sally dress from back in her nightmare kid phase.

No. 550620

why does her head make her look fat? her body is fairly trim and with a different head, i swear, she'd look thinner

No. 550679

File: 1523290245122.jpg (230.88 KB, 1080x1433, PicsArt_04-09-12.08.05.jpg)

not sure whose idea it was but the fact that he's in the sally dress and she's in a jack skellington type outfit cracks me up.

those poor slippers, why doesn't she want to wear shoes outside, is that a new dad or something?

No. 550681

File: 1523290714659.jpg (98.17 KB, 720x960, tattoo.jpg)


despite the face tat she's starting to look the most well-dressed and put together she's looked in a long time.
at least she knows to cover it up. hopefully it looks as good in real life than in this clearly edited pic

No. 550684


if he wasn't such an abusive troglodyte this would be really cute

No. 550686

fuck i wish someone would explain this to lainey when she's on younow talking about how fleeky gay af she is. there's nothing wrong with being bisexual/pansexual/whatever you want to fucking call it but there's a world of wrong in saying you're a lesbian and still taking dick when you've come out. it's not cute to have exceptions. i don't know why being bi can't be good enough for some people. i know abby's just going at this because of a god damn lil xan lyrics but she's still wrapping willie's cheeto dick in her lips.


now can someone teach her how to smile for her selfies so she doesn't look like a killer clown? this is progress and i applaud her. she could potentially be cute again.

No. 550694

Willie straight up looks like a butch lesbian in a dress, here. The boy is busty.

No. 550702

This is retarded and so is the original comment. Lots of people have one gay relationship ever, and still consider themselves straight. Lesbians can experience attraction to a couple men and still be lesbians, they don’t have to suddenly announce “whoops, I was bisexual this whole time!” It’s bullshit that she’s just a pretend queer, but give me a fucking break - women who label themselves as lesbians after taking another dick don’t have anything to do with dudes believing they can rape the gay out of other lesbians.

No. 550707

Yeah for some reason slippers are in again. Those are slides and they’re big in the hip hop scene.

No. 550708

attraction and sexual attraction aren't the same thing. you can see the attraction in any person, that doesn't mean you want to fuck them. yeah there's more to corrective rape than just that one aspect but is lolcow the place to get into that? if you're a woman and you're sexually attracted to men then that's not really gay unless you want to buy into some tumblr sjw gradient sexuality bisexual but lesbian romantic unicorn ximxer label crap. it just muddles everything and suddenly people think lesbians are down to fuck men which last time i checked wasn't what being a lesbian is.

No. 550724

I’m sorry nuance is hard for you to process without getting triggered. If you need things totally black and white, fine, but if you don’t want to derail over it, don’t, especially just to restate the same point. Saged, and seeing myself straight to hell for taking the bait.

No. 550739

Just accept that Abby is at best bisexual and you're butthurt people don't buy the pandering 'spectrum' bullshit because sjw's wanna suck cock but still call themselves -gay-, why are people WK'ing some random cow because her boyfriend is as insane as she is.

No. 550764

Yeah there are gay people who have had a straight relationship and vice versa, but it was most likely in the past when they were still trying to figure out their sexuality. Having a straight relationship and then finally coming to terms with your sexuality is pretty different from being gay and out and loud and still pursuing straight relationships.

No. 550771

i just want to say that i was in a straight relationship and my boyfriend at the time helped me realize i was a lesbian but we were too comfortable with our relationship (which had gone on for a few years at this point) that we didn't break up for several more years. he was my best friend and even if i didn't find him or any many physically attractive the emotions were definitely there.
saying that, since then i've found my lesbian relationships a lot more fulfilling, but it's not unheard of or even abnormal for gay people to stay in their relationships for awhile while they figure shit out

No. 550787

Lana phase would be so amazing to witness! I think she might look really pretty if she was imitating Lana's ladylike style. Sort of how the goth look was working for her.
Though to be honest, I count the most on her being into something we could never predict.

No. 550803

do you not see how it doesn't make sense for a woman to say she's a lesbian and then walk down the street holding hands with her boyfriend/husband enjoying all the hetero benefits? it's incongruent. people like lainey do that and it's part of why lesbians aren't taken seriously unless you're a lumberjack dyke and even then they get told they haven't met the right guy yet too. abby's the only one of us who truly knows her sexuality and i'm sure it's a lot more complicated than she's making it because of her phase. she'd be better off not rushing and putting herself in boxes. if it really took a lil xan lyric for her to start accepting herself, good for her but she needs to stop powering through phases at warp speed and think about everything a little more.

not denying this at all, anon. abby's attachment to willie is probably hard to let go of. it's probably complicated even more by him being abusive and such a child. she tried to break up with him after getting called out, no time to stop and think about everything and weigh it in her mind. if she would stop rushing into everything so fast and actually take some time to figure it all out she'd probably be happier. she acts like she doesn't have time to because in two months she's going to move on to something else and she'll be left with a face tat and a stank hoodie to sell on poshmark.

No. 550819

She's livestreaming kicking shrek out after breaking up with him lol. Apparently she slapped him too for trying to take her phone from her

No. 550824

File: 1523301281201.jpeg (174.1 KB, 1242x617, E56FC178-F2B1-4F96-B696-000242…)

No. 550837

theyre talking shit to each other and live now and apparently will's been on heroine for 2 years according to her
this is fucking wild

No. 550840

I wish someone would post this live here after, it’s insane

No. 550842

please tell me someone's recording this. this needs to be savored forever.

No. 550849

I have a feeling she could achieve a thinner looking face with some proper makeup techniques. All she does for her face is rub concealer all over it. Not even a hint of blush.

No. 550857

this is actually kinda scary he's outside the door and she's locked it and hes trying to convince her to open it and it feels like she's going to get murdered or something

No. 550866

People in the abby Facebook groups are recording it

No. 550868

It's definitely nerve-wracking. It honestly was smart of her to go live when she's feeling so unsafe.

No. 550869

if something happened on live is there any way to actually help? yeah its recorded but i mean what if she did seriously get hurt and we're just watching on live? she may be a cow but in a weird way I still care about her

No. 550870


now to prove ME right and go full fakeboi while her hair is already short.

No. 550873

Same here. From the comments it sounds like a lot of people know where she lives and may be calling the cops.

No. 550874

if people know where she lives they can call police. i don't want anything to happen to her and shrek is def unstable.

No. 550877

People seem to think he's drugged up right now. Makes things a lot scarier I imagine.

No. 550880

It's amazing just how normal and sane Abby sounds right now and how Willie comes across as as the real lolcow out of the two.

No. 550884

Place your bets

Will will and abby get back together in

0-23 hours
1 day
2-4 days
4-7 days

No. 550887

he's really showing himself with the way he's talking to her. he goes from talking shit and insulting her to begging her and trying to manipulate her to get back with him and talk to her.

0-23 hours. this is not going to last. maybe a day if she's really stubborn.

No. 550891

she heard a car outside and said its the police oh my god someone actually called. shes going out to them now and standing outside

No. 550895

samefag but the live ended after she went out to talk to the police. im sure she'll come back after they're gone and let us know what's going on but wow i feel so cut off right now, this is like the power going off while watching the season finale

No. 550897

Poor girl was practically starting to hyperventilate. I'm glad things are going to be handled by the police and from now on they'll know he's unstable if he tries anything again.

No. 550934

I could’ve gone my entire life without knowing Will is uncircumcised. Thanks for that, Abby.

No. 550937

what a disservice to the anti-circumcision community.willy might as well be circumcision propaganda if his hoodie is any clue as to the state of his junk.

No. 550956


can someone nab the recording from one of those Abby pages? I need to see it D:(D:)

No. 550961

I’m hoping that a girl will spring up rather quickly. She’ll juggle them both for about a hot minute.

No. 550965

I hope for Abby’s sake that she can stay from Will. He’s borderline abusive and the longer their relationship continues the worse its gonna get. It seems like their breaking up and getting back together faster and faster each time, and eventually he might just snap and hurt her. Maybe she’ll be able to stay away from him if her next phase ends up being a lesbian or a fakeboi.

No. 550966

i just know tons of cow wannabes are going to be in her inbox. they know being with abby means instant infamy

No. 550984

Are the recent lives going to be uploaded? Seems like Abby is moving on from Will for good now

No. 550985

have they ever had the cops involved before? abby seemed pretty scared and grateful that the cops arrived so maybe that'll at least keep them apart for a while. idk shrek seems like he'll still try to contact her with his emo tears.

No. 550991


>He's borderline AND abusive


No. 550994


"Wilbur's hoodie" has a whole new meaning now.

No. 550995

Does anyone have the live to where Abby supposedly broke up with Will? Audio to the screen recordings on Facebook start muting audio.

No. 550999

I'm both angry and laughing at this comment. Thanks anon.

No. 551000

I’m glad she is finally out. But I do think the super mega gay phrase is upon us

No. 551010

Someone teach her how to put on eyelashes.

No. 551014

lmao yeah they're really bad. they were so uneven during the stream it made her face look very crooked.

No. 551020

At least she isn’t photoshopping them on super crooked anymore.

No. 551033

I’m so glad her makeup evolution is finally getting better. I’m glad I’ve been here for the whole thing too.

No. 551036

I definitely feel like she needs a wispier lash too. And less intense eyeliner and I think it would do wonders. Her features aren't bad she just needs to work with them.

No. 551039

heres part 1 of the livestream,


audio cuts out at about 30mins but picks up in the next part


sorry to the people I stole this from and sorry I couldn't figure out a better way to upload it

No. 551055

She’s live again. She said she’s alright. Her and willie aren’t allowed to talk anymore and if shows up he’ll get arrested. I can’t watch the rest of it

No. 551058

I know people like to stick up for Abby in these threads but from this I'm getting the idea that they are both crazy abusive. Both violent, both nasty to eachother, both unstable and broadcasting it to the entire world.

No. 551076

I don't think anyone would argue that Abby isn't. During the stream Willy was yelling about her hitting him and she didn't deny. She said she wasn't perfect. That's glossing over her problems but what can you expect from a FB stream? They've broken up and gotten together so many times it has to be abusive and unhealthy. There's a lot wrong with Abby but if she could stay away from him it would be a change for the better.

No. 551089

To be honest it was hilarious when she yelled "I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU YOUR DICK'S UNCIRCUMCISED IT'S DISGUSTING"

There's nothing wrong with an uncircumcised dick but you know he must collect smegma like it's his job.

No. 551092

I'd like to see zef/Die Antwoord fan.

No. 551094

Oh god no, I don't need to see her in hotpants and she'd get a pet rat.

No. 551101

I kinda empathise with Willy here I must admit. He's no angel but she sounds extremely explosive and she has never denied being so. She's fucking with his emotions by being hot and cold and persuading him to take her back when she's just gonna dump him because he doesn't have a pussy.

No. 551107

I agree.. She seems very manipulative in this video. I actually sympathize with Willy.

No. 551108

It's as tumultuous and rapid as my bad teenage relationships when I was an angsty irrational little shit, they both need to grow up, a lot.

No. 551118

she is the milkiest cow I've ever seen… she needs to be on PT

No. 551156


disagree. from what i understand people make it to pt for the quality of the milk, not the quantity.
while this milk is definitely delicious and plentiful, i think pt is more reserved for cows who cause harm, not just cows who are fun to watch.

No. 551163

How did pixy , the queen herself, cause harm? And where is that rule stated that only cows who caused harm can be in PT? I think abby is pt material , much better and more interesting than half of the other cows there.

No. 551165

oh that's a solid one. i can really see that one happening. it feels right.

No. 551175

Does anyone know if shes still staying with her actual mother instead of her adopted parents? It seem liked a lot of her craziness was being caused by the struggle of her sexuality with the overbearing religiousness of her adopted parents, like since shes left them its almost like shes slightly calmed down a bit. I feel like if she just embraces her sexuality she wont feel the need to latch onto other people's identities as much anymore.

No. 551224


Fucking Christ.

For those that can't watch (or tolerate watching), an overview:
Both screech about each other abusing the other over the sound of the poor dog probably having war flashbacks in the background, yapping into the sky for someone to put it out of its misery.
Willy complains about not being able to find a gauge, citing it as his reason for not leaving.

>Willy: "Why don't you tell them about the STD you have, bitch?"

Abby says Willy "came at" her. Continues to tell him to get the fuck out.
>Willy: "How many times have you had sex with someone else?"
>Abby: "A lot, I was never really that into Will."
Worthless back and forth.

>Abby: "You won't have a threesome or compromise with me!"

Willy accuses Abby of breaking a mirror over his head & smashing him in the back of the head with a bottle in the past.

>Abby: "I don't want to be with you! YOUR DICK'S UN-FUCKING-CIRCUMSIZED AND DISGUSTING!"

>Willy: "REALLY?"
More verbal slapfights.

>Abby: "I've told you about girls before. I told you about the girl I touched in middle school. Told you about the girls I used to have crushes on in highschool. I told you about all of that so don't act like it's fucking new to you."

>Willy: "It's not new to me. It is new to me, actually."

Dog is offered a treat. It does nothing to soothe the pain. Worthless back and forth, stream is muted at the end for a long chunk of time.

Opens on Abby trying to get the dog to chill with a toy or something. Distant questions about laundry, Willy isn't gone yet. She lets him back in.
Abby reveals she has in fact washed her Lil Xan merch. At least once.
Willy is a whiny bitch and won't leave.

>Abby: "You were just fucking on top of me and you were like (gestures) like that, like come at me bitch! Like all fucking psycho. And you grabbed my phone out of my hand!"

>Willy: "I just wanted to talk…"

Willy continues to be a whiny bitch.

>Willy: "Actually like, the night you were punching me in the face and the only way I could get you to stop was by putting you on the ground? That night?"

>Abby: "Yeah."
>Abby: "Yeah, I came at you, I hit you in the face, you shoved me on the ground, we broke my mom's lamp, and your phone got broken somewhere in the mix."
>Willy: "Don't I deserve a goodbye?"

Willy gives her a hug & sobs in the background. At first it appears he left, but no! You can hear him wailing pathetically in the background for his clothes, then comes back in, still sobbing, to assert that he loves her. He then stops crying and his tone changes suddenly and he gets aggro again about her still streaming, no tears audible.

>Abby: "It's scary that you won't leave my house!"

He won't leave. She says she's willing to speak to him later online, but wants him out of her house.
>Abby: "This is how I always get back with you, too, because you won't leave!"
He still won't leave.

>Abby: "No! Did you pull a knife on me?"

>Willy: "Yes! You weren't even near me when I pulled it, I said get out of my house!"
>Abby: "Did you just smash-take the phone out of my hands?"
>Willy: "Yeah, because you wouldn't talk to me. But how many times have you punched me in the fucking face?!"
>Abby: "I never said I was perfect!"

Willy seems to finally drag his ass out of the hell house. But then Abby says he's in her freezer (???).
Video trails off with little to no drama left.

It's like a trainwreck. I can't look away.

No. 551230

Both sides are entirely at fault here, there is no victim, only two abusers. We're legit watching two special needs children fight and abuse each other because they don't know any better.

No. 551272

I disagree. Regardless if she's been abusive in the past, him refusing to leave to the point that she needs to record him/call the cops is scary as shit. I think they're not here exaggerating the abuse as well to embarrass each other.

No. 551274

*theyre both exaggerating

No. 551278

I don't think she was scared at all. The fact that she said "Give me a cigarette and I'll talk you". Someone watching the live stream called the police, if she was so scared and terrified she could have screamed out her window for help (She was sitting right next to it, she seen when the police pulled up)

No. 551309

Yeah she definitely wasn't scared. She looked bored and more annoyed by Will than anything. Like she kept repeating over and over how she wanted to be with a girl, how she wasn't into him, and how she wanted him to leave and he just sat there begging and crying. Will is just incredibly pathetic and whoever called the police saved Abby from being stuck listening to him crying for another 2 hours.

No. 551386


Drunken analogy time: if the Queen of England knocks at my door and asks to come in for a cup of tea I would gladly invite her in because, hello? I want a pet some corgis! Anyway after the cup of tea I ask the Queen to please leave, but she will not. She is insistent that she dropped an earring during RT time and needs to find it. After repeatedly telling her to leave,she continues to walk around my home like she owns the place.

Am I afraid of the 91 year old woman? No, but it does not change the fact that she is in a private dwelling where I am asking her in no uncertain terms, to leave. At that point, yes you can call the cops and have them tell her to gtfo.

No. 551416

i honestly wish this girl the best man, especially after that.

No. 551467

Jesus Christ

No. 551472

Kinda feel like anon was just stating their own opinion which by and large is not fact. I feel like she has a lot of Pixy's qualities and the phases remind me of her going from character to character trying to physically actually be them. However I hope Abby doesn't end up with her mental health deteriorating to the point Sarah's did.

No. 551477

This analogy is a highlight of this thread, thank you anon. I agree with you, whilst they do seem very abusive to each other she's not denying it and knows she was an idiot that took a while to grow up. Sage because personal experience comparison; The way he went from crying to anger and how well he faked it reminded me of my ex and that guy literally stabbed me with a fork to the point it got stuck in my thigh. I was a dumbass with no one to turn to for advice, Abby has a lot of advice and a lot of people supporting her. she has two sets of parents and countless people trying to get her to make good decisions so I would hope she at least didn't let Wilbur back in because at that point there's gonna be some violence. Then again, I pity the first girl she dates in a way if she behaves the way she did with Wilbur.

No. 551530

She was just there for a weekend. Back at her adopted parents house. They were in Florida for the weekend.

No. 551547

Jesus, this thread is flooded with so much unsaged garbage and live posting. Did facebook spill over? What is happening? Please lurk more and integrate, newfriends.

No. 551629


pixyteri denied her father because she was convinced her mom cheated on him with a japanese man because something something windchime.
she was a bit manipulative towards her family, thew temper tantrums and cried to get what she wanted or if she didn't get her way.
she was racist and tried to speak broken japanese to every asian person she saw despite if they were from a different asian country or born in america.
she spent a lot of her time at work crying in the bathroom or hiding from customers.
she also becomes easily jealous and puts down other girls, calling them sluts. so she's also a hypocrite.
and she didn't understand why people would still be grieving and insulted those who did on the one-year anniversary of 9/11.

pixyteri may be our queen but she was definitely harmful.
abby keeps it pretty real despite her identity issues. the only thing we're really watching is her crazy and abrupt phases, there's not too much outside of that. she's a great cow to watch, but if people like jillian and yumi aren't on pt then i don't think abby should be either.

No. 551664

Or a Nicola Dollanganger phase lmao

No. 551665

Nicole *

No. 551784

imagine a ghost bc phase, that shit would be hilarious

No. 551795


No. 551813

just imagine abby dressed as emeritus, walking around the house singing satan related shit while her parents freak out

No. 551814

File: 1523386264839.jpg (231.52 KB, 1054x865, 20180410_144658.jpg)

This fan is no better than Willie

No. 551815

File: 1523386298873.jpg (481.85 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20180410-144546_Fac…)

No. 551824

god it's like myspace shit all over again

No. 551866

No. 551892


welp. it's already been said a lot of abby's "fans" are cows themselves because they know trying to date her means instant efame. stop riding abby's nuts you fame seeking cunt.

No. 552003

Holy shit she's more creepy than I thought. We gotta keep an eye on this psycho.

No. 552038

Guilt tripping someone and blackmailing them is TOTALLY gonna get you laid. Is this the same psycho who is getting a tattoo of her? She seems like she has some serious mental issues, worse than Abby, at least Abby doesn't literally message her idols over and over. She was entitled to facetime Lil Xan but was too scared to do so from what she said. This bitch is a skinwalker of a skinwalker.

No. 552041

Abby wasn't in to ddlg she was just in to Melanie Martinez, of course she isn't gonna message you back

No. 552068

Looking at her social media, she seems like a troll akin to those who used to try to "date" Chris-chan back in the day. She's definitely just trying to get into the limelight or stir drama with Abby.

No. 552079

that's what i thought and it's annoying af. abby brings her own drama and milk. we don't need dang dirty trolls from 4cent garbage trying to get in with abby.

No. 552101

Several of the big abby groups on facebook got shut down. So yes, fb is leaking.

No. 552115


I would consider this being a huge brat, but not "harm"

Tuna and TND would be examples of "harmful" cows, because they are ac

No. 552200


i've been involved in pixyteri's drama for probably about 10 years at this point and i think the more cows that come along over time the higher the bar is set for what could be considered "harm."
/pt/ was definitely harmful in the same sense that chris chan was/is harmful, but you're right there are definitely more harmful cows nowadays. i think if pixyteri was discovered these days she would fit in more with /snow/ more than /pt/ ironically.

No. 552583

The groups are back up now

No. 552718

File: 1523472983523.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7618.PNG)

No. 552754


has she ever mentioned him before?
he kinda has the same vibes to our beloved emo shrek, but slightly less crustier.
also, i spot a zero plush toy in the background - i thought she made an effort to get rid of all of the stuff from her previous phases? tnbc must have been her favourite - i guess that was when she was the happiest and she still clings onto it, perhaps that was the only 'phase' that made her feel genuinely 100% good about herself? sage for armchair.

No. 552802

>i've been involved in pixyteri's drama for probably about 10 years at this point

There's something kind of sad about that

No. 552819


i've been involved with tuna for the past 4 years. i guess it's my alternative to reality tv. (sage for ot).

No. 552909

it looks like there are two. one might be that head costume she used to make her dog wear for photos. i don't think she gets rid of absolutely everything when she switches phases though. which is sad because you think she'd try to integrate one into the next. some of her tnbc stuff would've worked for her scene phase since scene looks like neon hot topic dumping grounds but she abandoned it in a big way.

not as sad as the reigning champ cwc.

No. 552958

She seems to keep stuff from TNBC phase, especially Zero stuff since her dog is called that

No. 552967


i'm not going to deny that. some people follow celebrity gossip, i follow lolcows.

No. 553043

they’re way more entertaining than celebrities imo

No. 553147

Yeah nothing from any of her other phases has stuck, like she got that awful cry baby tatoo and then the next day jumped on the lil xan train. She hasnt mentioned or shown that tatoo since, almost like she already regrets it.

No. 553200

she most likely does. someone asked her if she still likes melanie martinez and she flat out said no

No. 553484

File: 1523547124112.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1058, IMG_20180412_162909.png)

Her makeup is getting worse

No. 553536


i watched her live the other day of her doing her makeup, she rubs soapy water on her face after sleeping in her makeup.

Then she half assedly picked eyeliner crust from her tear duct and carried on packing more on.

I'm amazed she doesnt have pink eye or something yet.

No. 553588

two steps forward, three steps back. let her next phase be a beauty guru phase. she'd benefit from a few tutorials.

No. 553953

File: 1523579980092.jpeg (190.14 KB, 750x627, 312A1025-6EF5-490D-9497-FCCBCF…)

No. 553957

sounds like a protection from abuse order. i have one against my ex. the thing is though, if it is a pfa, he could still come see her and contact her. the police wouldn’t get involved unless she told the police he was contacting her. so if she’s fine with him seeing her, even though he’s legally not supposed to, nothing’s gonna happen. but of course idk if it’s a pfa or a different kind of order. does anyone know what specifically happened?

No. 554010

Yeah she's lucky she doesn't have major break outs lol. Using just soap and water to clean your makeup off isn
't the worst, that's literally what I just do, but sleeping in it is just disgusting. And she literally has two sets of eyebrows, like at least shave your real ones off if you're gonna get all basic and use a stencil and eyeshadow.

No. 554283


She also applies her make-up with her fingers and doesn't tap or dab it on, she rubs it in. When she makes a mistake with her eyeshadow/liner, she goes over the top of it with concealer stick then rubs it off with her fingers or sweater sleeve. Makes me cringe.

No. 554454

Can someone explain why so many anons in this thread think she is pretty? Even without the makeup, bad hair, and stupid expression she gives me this visceral reaction of being unattractive but I keep seeing people say how pretty she is and how nice her facial structure is. I'm sorry to pick on her appearance but that nose though.

No. 554456


i don't think that she is 'pretty' in the 'beautiful' sense but more in the sense of her being 'cute'. if she put on make-up properly and put on something that wasn't cringy merchandise, she would look pretty adorable, imo. also, i really like her speaking voice for some reason.

No. 554640

No. 554908

Shes been going full on lesbian on IG lately. She keeps flirting with other girls and posting like rainbow flags. Shes still wearing all the lil xan merch so I’m not sure if its a new phase or a blend of the two.

No. 555039

i wouldn't say new phase just yet but tbh i hope it grows into one. i can't wait to see her whole phase be gay and nothing else. listening to tegan and sara and ani difranco, watching orange is the new black, ruby rose everything. bring it on.

No. 555301

File: 1523695552817.png (520.61 KB, 745x1194, Screenshot (189).png)

sage for not directly abby related but i'm laughing so hard, this showed up in a group I'm in.

No. 555303

These groups sound like a hotbed of retardation.

No. 555305

I joined in like october last year because I saw it used as a tag group and didnt know who abby was. Tons of girls in the group posted selfies of themselves all the time, tons of blogposting, and tons of wannabe infiltrators who made it their personal mission to try and be friends with abby for 'juicy info'

those same infiltrators would also get blocked by abby as soon as they posted in the group, because people would message abby and send her the screenshots.

No. 555343

The woman in the message is a mod of a couple of groups I think or the picture is just super similar, but she lets the power go to her head everywhere, spends the whole time virtue signalling, complimenting herself, talking about what a martyr she is to be 'looking after' these groups and being a snotty cunt while not actually keeping on top of the group. A number of people left a group because of her shit if it is the same person,There were arguments and other shit going on but she just seemed to have this weird vendetta for certain people at least in part due to who they voted for and/or what they chose to post on their personal pages because she would stalk them and message them about it; those same people were constantly muted and eventually banned. Sage for unrelated sperging, but she's as much of a cow as Abby in groups if it is her.

No. 555588

And this shit is why I'm glad we have a lolcow thread. Following cows on Facebook with my name attached creeps me out, I want to just sit back anonymously. People trying to be friends with Abby weirds me out too.

No. 555590

File: 1523732381345.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7675.PNG)

She changed her dog's name from Zero to Xero

No. 555596


he actually looks happy for once, though!

No. 555609

File: 1523734101078.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7676.PNG)

No. 555611

Her eye makeup is definitely getting worse. Why is she rubbing eyeshadow so far down below her eyes? It looks like Willie's been beating her or something. And those lashes, dear god did she even cut them to fit? It looks like she glued caterpillars onto her face.

No. 555618

that eyeshadow below her eyes is probably left over from the day before. she's not great at removing her makeup. or applying it because those lashes. there is no way she cut them to fit.

No. 555625

She literally sleeps in her makeup and just wipes it off in the morning using her pajamas. Honestly its a miracle her skins looks as nice as it does all things considered. If I did even half of what she does my skin would be breaking out so bad the next day.

No. 555785


i mean if the anons who outed themselves in this thread (here: >>544360 ; >>545103 & here:
>>547496 ; >>547538) are any indication it's kind of