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File: 1674495779731.jpg (160.58 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_23a773eafcb1b952b00e61a…)

No. 278353[Reply]

Thread for all jfashion cows. All jfashion besides gyaru and lolita can be posted here. Please post gyarus, lolitas, cosplayers and costhots in appropriate threads linked below. Notable trending jfashions are decora, jirai, harajuku, ryosangata, kawaii aesthetic, visual kei, fairy kei, and yumekawa. Other non jfashion claimed to be actual jfashion such as sanriocore/kei, pastelcore/kei princesscore, and similar can be posted here as long as cows are clearly claiming the fashion is japanese.
Lolita Thread >>267569
Gyaru Thread >>262428
Costhot Thread >>174607
Cosplay Cringe Thread >>195505
Pic related is pastelkawaiibarbie aka Rachel, who has been at this for decades wearing ill-fitting clothes with no improvement. I was surprised to see her on tiktok still looking like ass.
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No. 325408

File: 1713826083387.png (175.39 KB, 370x320, Untitled392_20240422154509.png)

what does she even gain from buying cheap clothes and and doing her shitty arts and crafts on it with this poorly drawn furry stamp and over pricing it. Lolita’s wouldn’t even spend a dime on this furry crap like who is it even made for????

No. 325411

they're all sewn on lopsided as well. jesus christ, i cant imagine selling these for 30 dollars yet alone in general.

No. 325413

There's an active fk server that the girl on the right is part of so why not post the event there???

No. 325427

She’s still skinny ana-chan. Not sure what the point of this was. She’s far from chubby or even average sized.

No. 325676

ew, i hate her so much. that latex mask face

File: 1681307359965.jpg (1.56 MB, 3742x6679, 1681306665681.jpg)

No. 291816[Reply]

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring assistants, eating food, drinking coffee, exercising, seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her husband, Tom Lip is a successful businessman. One of his companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!), stated it’s just one or two people who hate her, and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously.

Taylor herself has started her own business, TOAT, which is, alas, currently completely abandoned for pandemic and motherhood reasons.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 325988

File: 1714949598878.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1791, Postcoded.jpg)

If she's following a trend it's not really plagiarized though. To be honest, unless it's an isolated video without a bunch of copy-cats posting every time she does this is not really funny anymore, she's just working that algorithm and it'ssucceeding. Now I wonder if >>325909 is even the OG or if they are all just changing it up a little like >>325920 pointed out. Pretty pointless because they were all copying each other.

Would really love if she copied one person that no one eLse copies, but that's never going to happen.

No. 325989

File: 1714949771893.jpg (183.36 KB, 1080x771, braindead bootlicking.jpg)

I feel like her audience changed too. I don't remember seeing this many fangirls kissing her ass in the comments and getting defensive whenever people call out her bullshit. Picrel for example. Vomit-inducing

No. 325990

>if she copied one person that no one eLse copied
Oh she did a couple of times already. The thing that pops into my mind is the bay leaf video she copied from a smaller creator and was the only other video posted under the same audio lol >>303783

One way or another the complete lack of creativity from someone who calls herself a "creative person" is astonishing.

No. 325991

Move to the new thread, nonnies.

No. 326008

>he works hard and takes her to the most beautiful places for vacation
This bootlicking is even more pathetic when the majority of vacations and items we see are all sponsored/gifted (as noted by anons, they always feature some special branded hashtag or tagging the brand/company/thanking them/etc) ergo she earned them herself via her influencer role. It makes her sound like he's her sugar daddy, like tbf it started out that way but they are both working now, and specifcally the things the bootlicker mentioned are the ones she earned. RIP I miss her old audience, these people are beyond saving.

File: 1713632070238.jpeg (370.39 KB, 1170x2080, 94CB023F-A8A8-40A6-8ACB-BEE6E2…)

No. 325261[Reply]

It cannot be just me who thinks this bitch is asianfishing. Her eyes change shape in literally every post, she looks like an alien. If you scroll back to her older posts her eyes 100% look different. I have no clue how she keeps getting judging gigs when her makeup is cakey and literally PEELING off of her face and she apparently buys most of her cosplays. I've seen her throw tantrums after losing masquerades too, her entitlement is actually insane. The one time I talked to her she ignored me and was incredibly rude to me. Most stuck up bitch I have ever met.

TL:DR: racist asianfisher, rude as fuck and entitled

https://www.tiktok.com/@everrgreenn?_t=8lgqYDJskT3&_r=1(shit thread/vendetta)

File: 1527888622868.jpg (84.06 KB, 516x614, IMG_0961.JPG)

No. 11133[Reply]

Savannah Ariana Lee aka rasbll/rasbii is an "artist" on twitter with nearly 50,000 followers. On the surface, she seems like an annoying girl who keeps posting about cats and animu shit. However, it recently came out that she JUST turned 18 on May 21st. She's also known for her NSFW art, but she posted and sold porn on her patreon while underage. Another factor to consider is that she's in a circle of similar porn artists who are definitely in their 20s. Amusingly, she deletes a lot of tweets, but the incriminating posts are still up.

Her actual identity is a mystery. Despite telling followers that she would post a selfie multiple times, she had never done so. Nobody knows what this girl looks like, and the only evidence that she's real is through her exes on twitter, who have all deactivated or has been inactive for a few years. Her "introvert" and "shy" identity might as well be fake, as she admits to drinking underage and possibly goes to clubs.

In her past:
>used to do sonic rps
>which is how she had 3 exes
there was so much shit there that it probably deserves its own thread, but here's some rp shit that's extremely questionable, possibly sharing nudes when she was 14: http://archive.is/qPCFT
proof that she existed at one point:
>drew aka Drewbutropolis on twitter dated savannah for some time but constantly fought with a guy named isaiah, turns out they both dated savannah at one point and drew was jealous of him
there's probably more shit in there but i decided to pull out the most notable stuff.

Savannah has made multiple meet the artist pages stating that her age was 19 since 2016. She has deleted them on deviantart sometime this week, but simply googling "rasbii meet" can show her other meet the artist pages. Here is an example that was done in march 2017 where she was definitely 16: http://archive.is/B13Px
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 209586

new username is
your mom, none ya business, and you're a couch potato who needs a life. leave them alone and go do something productive. go be miserable to someone who actually deserves it, you damn failed abortions. I don't care what you have to say back to me because I know you are all miserable and poorly behaved and I can care less what you say to me.

No. 227740

Have any anons found her new name? Is she still a milky, lying, salty bitch? I find it hilarious she self-posts here to this day and photoshopped a fake ID in attempt to keep her lies about her age going.

No. 232458

Shlushies is her new Twitter. I’m following Daddy Bones and he was following her but her profile is Private.(namefag)

No. 313863

Yo Sav, where you at grrl? I tried to pick you up from school but you never showed. Now me so sad. If you come back I'll draw another picture of you sitting on my mature adult lap. You complete me. Love, Vaiigh (the real one)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325250

shes back. her name is now Dvmogorgon(this is an imageboard)

File: 1579486609583.png (1.99 MB, 1565x1180, drspaceman.png)

No. 79174[Reply]

Sarah "Best in Show" Spaceman is an Atlanta based cosplayer and "motion graphics designer", currently with 92k Instagram followers. Milk imported from the Costhot Thread/PULL.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahspaceman
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sarahspaceman
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sarahspaceman
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sarahspaceman
Costhot Thread: >>33300

>Rushes to be the FIRST to cosplay a character, even if that “cosplay” is just photoshop (“First” Spinel, White Pearl, Mega Pearl)
>Constantly has to remind everyone she’s self taught and how hard she’s worked and how much she’s improved: >>40751 >>79090
>Gives out advice, makes tutorials, sells patterns despite hiding shoddy work: >>39551 >>39547 >>75844 >>51264 >>76939
>Chronic abuser of rhinestones, beads, gems, lace, hoop skirts and glitter freckles to hide shoddy work: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 321 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 325259

File: 1713629522606.png (914.88 KB, 1569x679, the credit.png)

Can you cap that part? All she said in the beginning was "a style that has been aggravating cosplayers for years". Didn't mention names and the face photo was a stockphoto lol with a women with her face buried in her hands at a table. The clips were also less than 10 seconds, not technically needed to have a source, but how do we know those aren't even just her videos she used? The faces aren't shown and it was just someone applying hot glue and the other was a clear tube. That's it. She also did credit footage she used, so I'm wondering if the other ones were her's or just not needed due to clip length since it's technically transformative enough.

No. 325264

File: 1713640400338.png (2.21 MB, 1084x1778, drillcurls.png)

are you retarded? that isn't a stock photo and the parts you're asking for caps of happened right in the beginning of the video.

No. 325267

>name's right in the video
>spells the name wrong in her credit

No. 325289

Wow, so she's basically making fun of other cosplayers who struggled with the technique? And sharing it with her 100k fans? How has nobody called her out on her terrible shit talking yet.

No. 326505

Sage because I'm late but just got a chance to watch this and I am unreasonably annoyed.
>proudly proclaims "I'm facing my fear and doing tailoring!" in the intro
>proceeds to do exactly 0 tailoring

I want to know what she considers tailoring, is it the fact she poorly bag lined almost the entire cosplay? Or that she used interfacing on the entire skirt? Also I am with >>324320 her hand sewing skills are truly atrocious. It's obvious she is uncomfortable hand sewing as she relies on a whip stitch for almost everything, plus how uneven and poorly done her basting stitches are. So many of the details on this would have been better done after assembly and handstitched on. But that's also assuming she has the skill level to do so. I'm not even opposed to the black cording as an applique, but it should have been satin soutache not this drawstring garbage she chose.

File: 1710210004812.png (54.93 KB, 720x720, 1707518296639.png)

No. 322787[Reply]

copied from the last thread

Jillian Vessey is a DID (Dissociative Personality Disorder) LARPer who trivializes mental health and compartmentalizes every single bad trait of hers while hyping up a dubious diagnostic impression that she paid copious amounts of money for.
She eagerly accepted her ~life changing~ diagnostic impression with a "Congrats on the DID Diagnosis" celebratory cake, but struggles to maintain the LARP. The number of alters keep piling up and she doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.

>Early Years:

>began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyle who dropped from the community due to LACE and "restrictive rules"
>gained fame for the creation of the J-fashion-inspired "Party Kei" fashion, a fashion she no longer wears nor backs
>known lurker
>formerly covered fashion and magical girl anime in her videos, was a pivotal figure in the LACE drama prior to her transition to the Party Kei years
>has a running track record of inconsistent uploaded despite pushing a "full-time Youtuber" career; used barely-productive incentives for support on Patreon; both have plateaued if not decreased in income entirely following recent events
>previously spent money frivolously (either from YT profit or from parents), like on wasteful plastic or fast fashion, and also claimed to make enough from YT and at the same time complain of demonetization
>has prior history of “severe mental illness” in the forms of a brief stay in a mental hospital in her early teens due to ED and self-harm
>often inflates her skills and knowledge in various subjects, leading to a very narcissistic view of herself

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 188 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 325391

Kek anon she's not at all cut out to make money from her creativity. She's a jack of all trades and good at none. She has too much pride to hone her crafts. She just wants to coast on her wacky rainby aesthetic and DID personas. She's a typical BPD nutjob thinking she's way above everyone else when she puts forth zero effort to get better at her "hyperfixations".

No. 325392

Yeah, just like anyone else out there, she should put some actual effort into her life and make some actual money in order to support herself and live like a real human being. It does NOT have to be flipping burgers. But something, for the love of Christ. I can't believe Stevie puts up with having a dependent when they're not even married. It's pathetic, and she is setting herself up for a life of despair.

No. 325395

Jill needs the touch grass time and structure of a traditional 9-5 tbh. That creative industry working for yourself shit is not for the undisciplined lazy stoner burnout.

No. 325415

I mean I know a couple stoner burnouts that got their shit together and with self discipline and self awareness they got better. Jillian lacks both, self awareness specially. She will never get better if she keeps insisting she's the best at everything when she doesn't do shit at all

No. 325416

He lives in the house her parents pay for kek I’m sure he’s fine with the arrangement.

File: 1684922685421.jpeg (152.24 KB, 852x1325, 1271E758-79F5-4AD2-804A-2E4AEF…)

No. 297880[Reply]

Previous thread:


The UK gals are getting down and dirty with paradise members jumping the boat quicker than you can say Eva Braun. Member Coy exposed for telling porky pies about their race, saying they wish they could tan darker, irritating actual poc paradise members by rebuking their whiteness and having their fujoshi Naruto nsfw Twitter aired out for the community to see while koko sits back and let’s her members grill on the barbie just in time for summer.

Our resident koreaboo Kaimiterru in hot water over allegations of false racism accusations and pedophelia whereas she’s hit back herself with shots that supposedly some choice paradise members are on meth and heroin and even doing coke in front of their kid members (more than half of the group)

Spanish Hyperglam gyarusa admits to an absolute nosedive of a selfpost in barely illegible English in an attempt to gain noterietay.
Better luck next time right girls?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 157 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 325055

Why don't you get a name instead of just a reel post? That might help.

No. 325057

i just know he’s ripping that Alba top from the seams getting his manly broad shoulders built frame into that shit….

No. 325095

the square chin built like the front of a SUV car, the thinniest and smallest lips I've ever seen doing a combo with the worlds 3rd biggest nose ever, the stretched almost-ripping-in-half alba rosa shirt with their mom's stolen bathing suit and the ugliest hairstyle in the world. I really dont know what is liza lulu doing after everyone kicking this fag out to hell. they never stopped trying to be a black woman even though everything is against their will.

No. 325097

You're responding to multiple anons. And his name isn't listed and the profile is there for you to lurk if you're really interested. I don't need to know his name is Jerry to call a moid a moid.

No. 325112

If you can't tell this is a man after looking at those inverted hips, there's no hope

File: 1701086583498.jpeg (10.57 MB, 4096x4096, Lolcowthread17.jpeg)

No. 313446[Reply]

Everyone Quits Lolita Edition

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk. PLEASE refrain from mini-modding or hi-cowing. If there is proof that a cow is posting in thread, report the post and move on.

Cows in the Spotlight
Kaye Celestial/Seagulls Discord Head
@experiencingwhimsy @batiatte @twinklebatdesigns
Spirals on Facebook on how no one likes her >>303249
allegedly the discord cow that went after Ryudenki on Kiwifarms and doxxed her. >>303274

Catcy/Catherine Crawford/Ivory.frills /tartan.rin
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
954 posts and 178 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 326585

Average day in a troon's life using women as emotional sponges because he knows he can get away with it. Fuck the state of this fashion.

No. 326776

lolita fashion was a mistake, you're all losers for wearing frill dresses that nobody cares about. You should be embarrassed for dressing like that in public.
stop wasting your time and money.(embarrassingly terrible bait)

No. 327112

File: 1716656794280.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 864x1487, Screenshot_20240525-130004.png)

I had no idea she was a vintage cow. I've been lurking her IG for a few years now because she can't help but share so much personal shit on her story + her weird loveless marriage to kawaii nipponese crypt-keeper husband. She claims to be poor and begs for money all the time but is buying new shit on mercari every other day.

It would be wise to take some English lessons before becoming YouTube's next schizo superstar erichan

No. 327180

Dead fashion
Dead community
Dead thread(non-contribution)

No. 327915


File: 1458234369659.png (144.75 KB, 446x319, tumblr_mbt2m19rxA1rwpfak.png)

No. 17713[Reply]

Nozmo (zeeenya and junjouprince on tumblr, punkblues on twitter) is an artist that eventually rose to internet fame with her (ongoing) webcomic "Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet", after publishing a bunch of unfinished comics on SmackJeeves across the years.

A huge weeb and fanartist as well, Nozmo has dabbled in many fandoms (most notoriously Free!, Yowapeda, Miraculous Ladybug and YuGiOh Arc-V) prdoucing fanart and doujinshi that she put up for sale.

Around September 2015, Nozmo dropped off the face of earth… along with the money of all those who several months prior had preordered her Free! and Arc-V merchandise and never received it.

A new, one-shot comic by Nozmo was posted on her SJ account around November-December 2015. She did not try to contact any of the people waiting on their purchases, nor did she resurface on any of her social media. She simply uploaded the comic without any kind of notice and disappeared again.

Eventually, things started to move, people started to investigate. Some came forward claiming that it's not the first time Nozmo has done this, that there are fans who haven't even received their rewards for backing the TAPV kickstarter (2014). Baseless (?) rumors have it that Nozmo has spent part of that money and the earnings from the Free! book preorders for a trip to Japan.

In December, someone was able to find Nozmo's sister on Twitter, who explained that Nozmo was overwhelmed and scared by the situation she herself created by procrastinating. In February, only after being prodded again, Nozmo's sister stated that the fanbooks and everything are there, they just need to be sent out, that Nozmo has refused help with that from her and the rest of their family. (Caps of the exchange here: http://tapvfans.tumblr.com/tagged/the-nozmo-situation) However, nothing happened since then and Nozmo's sister abandoned her twitter after a few weeks.

Earlier this month, a different tumblr user was able to come in contact with an RL friend of Nozmo's, however, this person stated that Nozmo won't reply to their emails, nor did she pick up when they called her. The friend has however confirmed that refusing help is a weakness of Nozmo and that they're sure she'll Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
419 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 302939

Yes but it’s autographed with my name in it, how much would you pay for it nonnie?

No. 303219

about $30 plush shipping?(sage your shit)

No. 312096

Anyone has that zip file? I would really like to read TAPV minicomics.(lost newfag)

No. 324628

I'll try get a zip file together with everything(sage your shit)

No. 324924

File: 1692549119466.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 305988[Reply]

Previous Threads:

Notable Cows:

>uses garageband for a majority of her music, knows nothing about music theory
>Deletes own songs without notice for attention, "muh depression"
>Swarms of 13 y/o fans who idolize her
>horrible tumblr art
>claims to have DID, now, apparently.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
42 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 324528

File: 1712598436491.webp (32.68 KB, 381x767, gsx4gbv9mzpc1.jpg)

also ticket prices in AZ temporarily crashed after the LED screen was revealed

No. 324561

Probably could shift the thread into more general vocaloid drama since all the cows have dried up

No. 324977

I would be pissed too. I went to Mikucon pre pandemic and it was really nice with the giant holograms. That looks so cheap, like you're chilling at a friend's house with a nice tv.

No. 325150

It looks a lot better in person. I can tell you didn’t go.

No. 325177

Anon please, you don't have to see it irl to know the entire thing was very close to a scam. You and other NA fans deserved seeing the proper "hologram" including all its effects after waiting for 6 years and having to deal with the disappointment of a canceled tour. You're defending spending 200-800 dollars on a low effort TV viewing that you weren't even warned of. I'm also pissed they were so sneaky about it to the Europeans. If they didn't start selling eu tickets right before the Vancouver concert, a good chunk of people wouldn't have bought them. Now they're all stuck with non-refundables that they can't even resale for the price they paid. It's a shitshow.

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