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File: 1551165457162.jpg (461.12 KB, 1080x784, 20190226_020304.jpg)

No. 37787[Reply]

Previous thread - The Downward Spiral of Dakota Rose: >>>/w/23494


>Dacote flew home for July 4th suddenly after Sheinagate (>>>/snow/650088) and returned to Japan 2 weeks later without her Popteen ring

>it was discovered in the last thread that (prior to her July trip to FL) dacote was getting fuckloads of swag from Sachico, the owner and designer of Malicious.X, to the tune of thousands of dollars' worth of bags and accessories while also getting shoes from Ayastella's brand YELLO for free, as well as free brand clothes from her friends while buying her own at thrift stores and online & wearing cheap stuff from her family/clothes from 2012

>the amount of work she's done since July has been not only much spottier and low rent than pre-July, but she also stopped going out as much to lunches and museums/parks/cafes with her colleagues, has stopped receiving expensive gifts, and has been unable to afford her regular trips Lewin, Chieko Nakayama, and Shibuya DS clinic.

>she finally cut off all her limp noodle hair and went for an actually cute swoopy bob, but a month later cut it into a blunt Dutch boy bob that makes her look like the bastard love child of Meg Griffin & the Starburst berries & cream lad

>her nails and outfits for the last 6 months have also been basic as fuck, except in November when she got more extensions from Lewin (less than 2 weeks before getting the Bob cut), and the pink Chieko nails, but since her haircut she has been posting less and less with longer and more frequent gaps of inactivity

>she also continues to buy likes, views and followers despite steadily losing subs and followers across all her social media

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No. 66435

that or they are pimping her out on the side

No. 66528

lmao, that would fit with her still being in Platinum, not working as a model/talent yet still being in Japan and going out all the time and getting new clothes left and right.

No. 66539

since when is she "getting new clothes left and right"… we've been talking about her busted old/stained clothes and jewelry for awhile

No. 66541

The hat, ugly one piece dress, the hoodie. I didn't say expensive new clothes, anon. She was either going out or getting new stuff pretty regularly before she abandoned social media.

No. 66542

The hat, ugly one piece dress, the hoodie. I didn't say expensive new clothes, anon. She was either going out or getting new stuff pretty regularly before she abandoned social media.

File: 1547005699491.jpg (443.54 KB, 695x1276, 1544417932219.jpg)

No. 3085[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/snow/610007

Stefany Lauren is a cosplayer from Canada who has recently gained some notoriety for her Arya Stark cosplay from Game of Thrones. However, she only gained this from literally photoshopping her photos until they are unrecognizable. She is currently skin walking Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina.

Originally she was popular in the Star Wars community for her "likeness" to Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey. However, when people realized that she was literally photoshopping Daisy's face on top of hers, they got annoyed and she was pushed out. She subsequently went to the Game of Thrones community.
She's a compulsive liar as well, having claimed to work for Lucasfilms (implying that she was a stunt or photo double for Rey) and to be HBO's Official Arya Cosplayer (which is not a thing). Every time someone uncovers something about her she writes a long poetic facebook post to get ass pats.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:
> Faking a British accent even though she lives in Canada
> Lying about her height and weight so that she can claim she looks just like Maisie
> Claiming that she makes her costumes, when really she just commissions them
> Pretending she has a sickness that makes her blind every once in a while
> Claiming her dog is a service animal (it isn't)
> Always trying to be quirky and unique, like claiming she was born with "stark white streaks" in her hair
> Skin walking–buying clothes, imitating mannerisms, and trying to basically become the actors that portray the characters she cosplays
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No. 66106

She took anons advice lol

No. 66353

She posted Elsa not Anna

No. 66373

Tbf they pretty much have the same face but Elsa has longer cat eye shaped eyelashes

No. 66431

Regardless if it’s Elsa or Anna, how exactly is cosplaying Frozen in 2019 exciting?

No. 66581

There's a sequel coming out around the holiday season, so expect more Frozen at cons next year

File: 1533263123885.jpg (201.12 KB, 1280x720, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 29145[Reply]

Kelly Eden’s Los Angeles calves who are all clawing for a taste of that sweet social media relevance, all between their mid twenties and early thirties -personality wise, they’re all unique variations on weeaboo middle schoolers from 2008 - down to the public sperg-fests.
>Most notable sperg-fests occur at giant holiday get togethers where they act like obnoxious, INCREDIBLY loud children, usually in nice restaurants/tea-houses - often complete with air horns for some fucking reason.
>Like many cults, members are indoctrinated with a matching tattoo - now in two variants: phallic sparkly anime crystal, and blown out dragon ball z sailor moon weeb tat - both done by Courtney’s husband.

Notable Members:

Dre Ronayne

>Kelly's (ex) ”best friend" and roommate.

Dre has been distancing herself from Kelly for a while now, the most telling moment being when Dre requested they start doing a lot less videos together and Kelly proceeding to throw a shitfit over it on Twitter (literally saying it was wrong for Dre to leave her out of the spotlight she helped create for her) 
>Following this, Dre and Kelly are seen in less and less of each other’s social media posts, and Dre announces she is moving out.
>Receipts are dropped that Kelly may have unfollowed and refollowed Dre’s social media.
>Incredibly defensive and sperges out when people make positive comments about her weight/body, while literally selling “Gothicc” tee shirts and promoting being thicc as part of her brand.
>Claims recent weight loss occurred simply due to carrying a water bottle
>Recently dropped Kelly for Chris Villain, her new ‘best friend’ who she constantly does couple cosplay with - again sperging out at fans for asking whether or not the two of them were dating, despite posting countless pictures of the two of them almost kissing.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 66438

Envy is incredibly fake! The vibes I always got were the "please pay attention to me, I am thick girl and the only person of color in the thot scene". girl… this is LA! She leached on to Stephanie -from the blue hair and copying Stephanies vacation balcony porn pics. Vivka did the suicide girl, deviant thing and she is very nice and not fake at all, I question why they all let Envy in their circle. Envy reminds me of a Garbage Pail Kid

No. 66439

Envy and being Body positive— but shoops her cellulite and makes her waist look smaller.

No. 66524

File: 1568620538878.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.55 KB, 964x504, 902751.jpg)

Oh absolutely. Its not as bad as it used to be, going to say that right now since she's turned full 'love everyone' mode, but yeah. Her edits were BAD and IRL she looks bad too without filters and such.

No. 66574

The Velma shot barely looks like her and the second photo, she looks like a tía

No. 66580

The photo on the right, EW! What is that supposed to be for?
People like Envy should know the difference between body positivity and skewed “body positivity” that just makes you look tasteless and disreputable. You know it has the opposite effect right? You just look like a methhead meathole.

File: 1536248966277.jpg (920.79 KB, 1152x1912, 1534337847633.jpg)

No. 29466[Reply]

Old thread >>119682

Sage your non-milk replies this time.

Old Milk
>LACE dramu
>Comes back to western comm
> Proof she lurks on lolcow >>248672
> Shitty selling practices (i.e. says "never worn" while posting pics of her wearing said dress on IG, makeup stains, smells, etc.)
> Married
> Moves to LA
> Sits on her ass taking "aesthetic" photos while draining her husband of money
> Tries to stay relevant by begging pop up shops to hire her on IG
> Starts a YT channel which she rarely updates
> Tries to start a new BABYDOLL OS never to be heard about again >>602802
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 65858

File: 1568002612109.png (853.27 KB, 497x876, whencowscollide.png)

she's hanging out with kelly eden or something, based on both of their insta stories.

No. 65883

They seem like a good match, both attention whores who don't know how to manage money. Plus Kelly is fresh out of friends, and looking for a new roommate she can leech off of.

No. 65900

File: 1568053513428.png (799.76 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20190909-132544.png)

No. 65965

K8 mentioned moving to LA this fall despite bitching to anyone who would listen that she couldn't stand living there. If she meant living with Kels, that would be hilarious

No. 65984

Imagine the milk when they eventually have their big fallout if this is true. kek.

File: 1534340616627.jpg (869.99 KB, 1280x960, Foto (3).jpg)

No. 11675[Reply]

A thread to discuss the cows of the self described animecore / early web community. They are a group of people in their early to late 20s on various websites who draw art purposely resembling a child's, are elitist about obscure retro anime and video games, have fetishes mostly involving bodily functions, and they seek out minors within the groups to make them uncomfortable with their degeneracy.
This scene also lives off presenting themselves as ultra liberal uwu smol beans and having friendship ending drama which can be described by anon >>662692
>has to do with someones weird sexual deviance which causes the circles to break off into smaller ones

Some main cows include:
Tosh/bronzecatworld || twitter.com/kncnpara - twitter.com/kaninchenheaven
Emma/history1970s || hisstory1970s.tumblr.com - deviantart.com/vintagelyconstructed
Olias/sailorolias || twitter.com/peace_giant - DeviantArt.com/penguinguy
Moni/picorna || angelicmarble.tumblr.com - twitter.com/angelicmarble
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No. 65247

File: 1567467434001.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 720x1193, Capture _2019-08-27-19-49-58.p…)

Anybody that isnt checking max's IG stories is missing out. At least Max doesnt fake her mental shit but latches herself onto the "menhera denpa idol" image so much she never gets proper help for it

Animu blood painting spoilered just in case

No. 65293

now max300 does not allow you to like the same things she likes less you have the same mental illnesses as her


No. 65294

max ig link here

No. 65356

No. 65739

File: 1483494890288.jpg (36.49 KB, 526x526, 15873075_1745621322423897_2039…)

No. 27316[Reply]

>Is a creepy stalker who copies Kittimei / LittleNyuu
>When accused of copying she cries all the way to the hospital and claims she's being harassed and stalked


Here's an archive with SOME photo proof of her copying, I say some because there was much more but KittiMei has since deleted her Instagram accounts and Emalee has restarted hers a few times since, now copying some of HoneyBloodxo's posts.

She even went to Japan Oct 2016 and replicated Katie's posts, by going to the same shops, buying the same clothes and making posts that where almost identical to KittiMei's Japan 2015 trip.
So yeah, Discuss.
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No. 64805

Emalee: Kate has gone private… don’t you think it’s because she DOES read here constantly?
Also Emalee: privates her profile
Following in the footsteps of the girl she's stalking. She's just mad she can't lurk on Katie's shit.

No. 64814

The hypocrisy is enormous given that she probably has this thread open all day everyday. Yeah hi girl we see u

I think this is more that she’s just butthurt nobody cared about her most recent stupid attempt to sway this thread in her favour or discredit all of it with a single post so she’s trying to cut us off, but she’s basically addicted to attention so I don’t think she’ll be on private for long kek

No. 64818

Imagine she really did take this thread to her university. Those people know she's an insane stalker now. Kinda hope she did tbh

No. 64911

They’re probably keeping an eye on her mental stability, not the thread like she thinks lol

No. 65568

File: 1567750216278.jpeg (872.14 KB, 3466x3082, 6BEBECBC-F7B6-486A-9AB0-ABF558…)

Katie’s been posting about sewing more recently so I’m not surprised by Emalee’s sudden re-interest
I want katie to post pics of some really ugly dress just so emalee tries to make it too, that’d be hilarious

File: 1559454376953.jpg (291.43 KB, 1242x1739, 1558838344898.jpeg.jpg)

No. 51762[Reply]

Previous thread >>41347

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 65417

not milk or anything but you guys ever notice how micky looks exactly like wendy williams and her body is also shaped exactly like wendy williams body

No. 65419

File: 1567629131569.jpg (56.24 KB, 1126x678, PHBbuLu.jpg)

Her room is so fucking rancid, dirty and messy. Can she at least clean up her room beforehand? What the hell is up with all the plastic trash and the old amazon boxes/bags shoved under her bed?

How in the hell does she live like this?

No. 65474

That's not a flattering picture at all! And all that damn softing and blurring of the photos is straining my damn eyes. Insane.

No. 65481

She should get a new blanket. I know its a nitpick but that granny blanket makes it more obvious she's doing this on the filthy floor of her parents house.

No. 65530

fucking hell, every time I come into this thread I expect to laugh but now seeing this bitch makes me depressed as hell. The only thing barely keeping her rock bottom is living at her parents home.

File: 1564782637576.jpeg (136.08 KB, 819x1024, BEEE957B-1D71-4F8A-B6C5-A1CFF3…)

No. 60883[Reply]

Extremely insane "gyaru", quite infamous on 4chan, to the point of being somewhat known on other sites, has professionally diagnosed BPD, HPD, Bipolar, and PTSD

>Raped as a child, was a prostitute allegedly at 16, greatly factors into her actions

Her crazy antics include, but are not limited to

>Shitposting on 4chan for several years, all in the same types of threads

>Was (possibly still is) addicted to hard drugs, was a prostitute for crack, xanax, and opiates, constantly posted while high

>Spammed threads at the very mention of lolicon, or anything she dislikes

>Faked getting pregnant from another shitposter, made a whole discord for an "AMA", filled with people legitimately concerned people as she pretended to drink heavily with the baby (Was actually drunk, just not pregnant obviously)
>Extreme self harmed, posted images of her gored arms, down to the fat layer, drew art in her blood
>Commissioned art of her getting fucked by a horse, as a way to "win back" the man she faked pregnancy with after he lost interest
>Still ban evades to obsessively post, usually banned on sight
>Now still gets into drama, publicly fights with anyone
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 65458

File: 1567662354946.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20190905-074619.png)

Doesn't seem like anybody's mentioned it yet, but she uses her popular gyaru of the day twitter account to retweet her selfies every time and of course they get no attention.

No. 65459

File: 1567662406227.png (397.37 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20190905-074051.png)

Not to mention the classical self sent asks she keeps getting with that amount of likes on her posts.

No. 65460

I mean, yeah, but she also RTs any gyaru's pics she sees. I've seen some of her selfies rack up around 50 likes from it, assuming.

No. 65462

I feel like this thread is kept alive by maybe two people, this bitch has barely any followers unlike other "gaijin gyaru"

No. 65544

Any proof? I believe it but all the old posts say she faked it. It seemed like a coverup when they suddenly started claiming it was a fake epic troll plot.

File: 1556281319783.jpg (1.85 MB, 1440x2560, 20190324_174320_812.jpg)

No. 45205[Reply]

The "most popular" cosplayer in Austria.

All love her.

You have information about Nana? Do you have an opinion about her? You would like to describe this person? Then welcome.


>>>/w/33300 (last threats of her)
119 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 65351

>sword case

you mean the sheath??

No. 65390

>bullying is not ok except if I benefit from it

her stories in a nutshell

No. 65400

File: 1567606951914.jpg (501.1 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190903_223827_com…)

Sending all your wight knights to people that disagree with you is apparently okay. Nana being a hypocrite what a shock.

No. 65522

File: 1567713802958.jpg (290.02 KB, 1714x927, dvbnse732.jpg)

and she keeps on going with the harassment

No. 65572

The only thing she is good at is playing victim.

File: 1545836472831.jpeg (237.02 KB, 1089x1627, 66F48AF6-B492-4291-872D-081F6B…)

No. 10415[Reply]

Name: Izzabell Arcana
- Black weeb habitual shit started
- Came here to defend herself and WK Micky in the Micky thread
- Self labelled “Queen” of Black Kawaii
- Wears horrible cheap plastic blonde wigs lies about them being lace front
- Tried making an “original kawaii brand” which was just jacked up Taobao stuff. Semi-scammer https://karouselkouture.bigcartel.com/
- Hangs around and defends uglier drama cows to make herself feel better(Micky, Kimmy Claiborne)
- Has shit talked Micky on numerous occasions despite defending her when it’s convienent
- Emphasises being “mixed” when she’s 100% Black
- delusional about her looks
Please add more everyone

Social media links
61 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 53346

Tbh I think they’re telling the truth. Why would they put nigga on purpose and alienate their customer base

No. 53601

no one in current year is going to knowingly use nigga as a hashtag. it's business suicide, of course this was an automated fuckup. we should honestly expect to see more of these, not less, in the first few years of AI. this asshole is still reaching for clout.

No. 53614

i wonder if they copy her tags and pasted it. maybe she had those words or autocorrection slipped in accidentally and too late

No. 65444

File: 1567652460953.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1239, 1AB3A50F-34B2-46CC-86EB-042254…)

She really thought that was cute

No. 65512

Almost thought the shadow was part of her body and was about to do a double take on how massive she's gotten

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