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File: 1628019078641.jpg (213.35 KB, 828x1459, 1609602281609.jpg)

No. 166105

Previous Thread

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight?

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous" cosplayer, soon approaching his 40's (Presumed to currently be 38/39) who currently resides in Maryland.
Terry self proclaims to be NB and Asexual, despite otherwise being fine with being a male for 30+ years and regularly posting/sharing sexual posts/memes, "friends" with and regularly shares OF/cos thots.

General Milk:
>Largely only friends with/will otherwise ignore you if you're not a white/pale woman under 25 or a minor despite being old enough to be a dad himself
>Is secretive about his age, listing vaguely as 25+, presumably to get closer to younger women >>>/w/139672
>As previously mentioned proclaims to be nb and ace most likely as a way to "fit in" with zoomers. Really just is a near 40 y/o virgin >>>/w/158166 >>>/w/158059 >>>/w/155804 >>>/w/155116
>In the last year or so he started cosplaying female characters, most of them young or underage, and makes sexual TikToks >>>/w/134145
>Won't wear a dance belt and has been starting to wear skimpier female cosplays >>>/w/165918
>Previously would mainly cosplay underage male characters
>Notorious Beautycam/Snow abuser and filters to hell and back >>>/w/150685 >>>/w/148937
>Wigs, makeup, and props are absolute trash tier, hasn't improved in 10+ years he's been cosplaying
>Absolute narcissist and regularly fishes for compliments/ass spats which his young white knights gladly give
>Eats like a 5-year-old and refuses to go to a DR. Heart disease or diabetes incoming soon probably. >>>/w/151356
>Generally gives off creepy/pedo vibes

No. 166108

lori could never

No. 166110

File: 1628021055050.jpg (166.75 KB, 1440x1440, 221920058_10115932408158268_25…)

The neck stubble is sending me

No. 166115

the snow filter glitching on the bottom on the right pic tho lmaooo

No. 166122

File: 1628024591602.jpeg (14.26 KB, 308x164, CB955121-65A5-4E38-B864-9B41DB…)

No. 166150

I love how the make up clings to his wrinkly old man skin. It's especially bad under his eyes. That's not very animu at all.

No. 166158

The fact that you said you love it is killing me

No. 166165

Sage your shit, please

No. 166170

The accuracy of this has me fucked up.

No. 166178

What the fuck is with his tongue? He constantly looks for any excuse to stick it out whenever he cosplays a female character. Does he think that's feminine or sexy? It's weird and gross. I feel like I want to throw up every time I see it.

No. 166210

He thinks it's a trend on tiktok.

No. 166214

File: 1628069042165.gif (1.69 MB, 300x225, CAA5B702-F08B-483E-A422-399333…)

Oh my fucking god

No. 166228


nah I think it started at cce like 2 years ago when he made the fantasy Deku outfit and took a video with a bunny filter and his tongue wiggling around. Ever since then he's always putting his tongue out it's disgusting

No. 166230

Please type sage in the email field when you post so Terry's face isn't the first thing I see when I scroll /w, thank you Nonita

No. 166269

File: 1628100937692.png (21.55 KB, 490x230, terry.PNG)

The narcissism continues…what is with Terry still pushing this self-important narrative?? First that people are just eagerly waiting to hear from him like he's famous or something and second that he is just so important and has such a big, busy life. He tries exceptionally hard to put this false image of himself out there.

No. 166297

File: 1628112759321.jpg (346.64 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20210804_172750.jpg)

I like how he just threw a sticker over his junk in his newest tiktok after all the comments he received about having a dick from last time

No. 166300

That angle is still cringe.

No. 166304

Sticker should've covered his whole body. This just looks creepy

No. 166369

File: 1628168940227.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1583, 5FDD1217-A46B-45BF-8432-E16EE1…)

He’s trying so hard to fit in with zoomers. This is the kind of meme someone a fraction of his age would post.

No. 166370

He probably can't even relate or understand this meme…he wasn't even a teenager when Spencer's was a thing. His old ass was already out of college

No. 166375

Spencer's has been around since the 1960's, but became popular in the late 70's and early 80's. It wasn't until the early 00's that it changed format and started selling sex stuff in the back of the store. He would have been in college still. I am more annoyed that someone who is supposedly "asexual" is posting something like that.

No. 166407

Disgusting for him to post things like this when he only befriends girls half his age and then lies to said girls about being 25

No. 166425

Terry does seem to always be alone at cons, and he does like to talk about himself

No. 166431

File: 1628213937742.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1909, 2CC7D174-1B01-4427-B698-21E280…)

He actually did it.

No. 166436

Goddamn he looks haggard

No. 166465

Lmao his filter doesn’t work with the mask

No. 166466

Many wanted to shoot my Miku? this arrogant freak needs a reality check, he literally looks like a homeless black man who found a wig in a dumpster and hasn't taken care of his skin his whole life

No. 166467

Not so pretty when you can't use an app to space out your eyes and change their angles huh

No. 166469

File: 1628258941898.jpeg (861.68 KB, 1125x1421, 00FE0700-8AD0-4252-AA5D-42E632…)


No. 166471

That's probably why people wanted to take pictures of him kek can't look away at a disaster

No. 166476

>many wanted to shoot my miku
Wow look at him once again being deceptive with language. Being asked for random hall shots is not the same thing as a full photoshoot. And yet he uses the word “shoot” because he wants to imply that lots of pro photographers were groveling at his feet asking him to shoot with them

Sorry if this comes across as sperging, but I used to be close with some shitty people who had bpd, who loved to manipulate through careful phrasing. So now I’m really vigilant about people’s word choices and their motives for phrasing things a certain way

No. 166497

File: 1628285925890.jpeg (366.75 KB, 1242x2055, 3F9E8A7E-BC6B-4FE9-8327-9DD00D…)

Is he really though? Put it in reverse, Terr. He puts the Terry in terrifying.

No. 166504

how does a cosplay dominate a convention?

No. 166516

File: 1628298179058.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1423, Screenshot_20210806-210157~2.p…)

This legitimately does not look good at all. What is this skin color?

No. 166530

This is a cosplay straight out of 2004. With as much money as he has plus limitless youtube styling and crafting tutorials, there's no reason why a cosplay from a 20+ year old anime should be this fucking bad.

No. 166535

The only thing his followers care about are the eyebrows.

No. 166536

Black Inuyasha lol… his ancestors would be shaking their heads in disgust.

They endured slavery for this(racebait)

No. 166537

I think one of the problems we have with Terry is that because he's black, he exploits that by being arrogant and not being accountable for anything he says. He's allowed to be racist, selfish, and elitist to the maximum degree. He's brave and stunning for cosplaying non-black characters and girls just because he's black.

No. 166542

His editing obsession has gotten so bad he looks like he painted his skin on. If I didn't know who Terry was and you showed me that picture and >>166431 I would not believe you that this is the same person. It's out of control. How long before he goes full on uncanny valley

No. 166546

Honestly I don't hate this for him. Cosplaying an ancient demon is preferable to him cosplaying whatever flavor of the month loli he tends to be drawn towards. He could actually lean into his age and cosplay more mature looking characters if he's going to continue to lurk around cons and tiktok like a sex pest.

No. 166558

Why does he always make tiktok videos with him just moving the camera around his face? Half of which is him sticking his tongue out?? He clearly doesn't know how to make good content.

No. 166561

he’s copying the cute young girls he follows. he’s too autistic to realise it works for them because they’re attractive.

He’s so unaware that he’s an ageing, hulking man.

No. 166583


I could care less about the quality of the cosplay, but more so the fact that he brags about being so good at styling wigs and this and that. If he's gonna brag, he better show. But his shit is so beyond mediocre. this seems to be a common trait among older cosplayers, esp black ones. Terry and a few others love to brag about their seasoned experience but then show us up with this. rofl

No. 166594

He follows cosplayers that are 25 and under. It works for them because they're still young women. He's a big dude and he looks like trash. I hate this asspating thing men get in cosplay. It's gone so overboard. Hopefully one day he will get a reality check.

No. 166620


I'm sorry but his makeup makes him look like a pink eye conjunctivitis troon

No. 166656

If you look at his “tagged” photos…he’s been tagged in 3 photos and two are just random bad hall photos. For all him saying ppl are interested in shooting him, they sure aren’t showing it

No. 166710

Yeah, I agree. He just needs to embrace himself.

Also, it really shouldn't matter that he's black and cosplaying non black characters… It's the fact that he dimisses that he's both black and old and hides it behind filters and his cosplay choices that makes him shitty.

I don't get his filter choice, but it looks like he literally morphed his face and skin tone to look asian. If I didn't know Terry posted this, I would have guessed he was Filipino lol

No. 166750

File: 1628446171261.jpeg (232.23 KB, 825x1032, 8B171591-F7C1-43CB-8BCB-783723…)

Almost threw up when I saw this. As others have said despite him talking about how “popular” he is he was wandering throughout otakon alone looking awkward as fuck as usual with his trademark “I hope someone interacts with me because I have no other reason to be here besides getting validation from retards” face. I’ve been going to otakon for over 10 years and it’s been the same sad routine for this homunculus every year.

Guy should spend less time going to conventions and more time hitting up AARP meetings. Not to mention the fact most people follow him out of pity because of the “black cosplayer” factor and this community is 99.99% SJW retards in overdrive, because it sure as hell isn’t because of those god awful wigs he styles.

No. 166758

that blurred dick shoop rofl

No. 166761

he's using a snow filter which means he can't lipsync or dance on beat because snow doesn't have a TikTok feature. That means he films himself looking all cute n shit and then slaps a song over it.

No. 166829

File: 1628478145057.jpeg (751.26 KB, 828x920, 8CC90D6B-80E3-4A79-99E8-C44F90…)

The sheer difference in skin tone Jfc

No. 166831

File: 1628478400943.jpg (676.33 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20210808-230251_Fac…)

Now that he's going to cons again its once again obvious the exact demographic of who he takes selfies with.

No. 166833

Holyshit, you werent kidding. He uses snow to make himself at least three shades lighter.

No. 166836

he needs to learn some new words. Every cosplay he worn too otakon "dominate" the con.

No. 166838

I've seen him at nearly every east coast con for the last 6 or so years. He really is always alone and awkward seeking validation and attention from much younger, better looking cosplayers. I'm surprised anyone even went to otakon this year because of this pandemic, but i guess he was too thirsty to try to be relevant to stay home.

No. 166839

File: 1628481032751.jpg (31.75 KB, 720x405, 178089328.jpg)

Why does he insist on wearing such femme looking eye makeup for Cloud when the character themselves (from the original AND remake) dont look like this??

No. 166844

He's been preaching about masks and vaccines all pandemic, but this fucker can't even wear a mask over his nose correctly???

No. 166845

I don't get it either. It's not cute and it helps showcase how haggard he looks, especially irl. Just looks like damn pink eye

No. 166873

File: 1628511521810.jpg (6.07 MB, 4096x5120, CollageMaker_20210809_08161251…)

Lmfao been waiting for tagged photos

No. 166875

This makeup makes him look particularly deranged for some reason

No. 166876

Photo and video filters were a mistake.

No. 166890

holy shit the difference here…two different shades and apparent age differences.
Also anyone else notice how he went back to doing all males just for a con?? Excluding on day 0 of course which was a total cop out might i add

No. 166892

wow his nose is fat irl

No. 166914

The fucking sword. I can tell that it was probably the only thing he made on this. I’d be ashamed to bring something like that out of my house.

No. 166922

File: 1628539382842.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1481, AD95BCAB-3C19-420C-84F2-2118CD…)

The line between blatant narcissism and extremely low self-esteem is a thin one.

No. 166924

I liked the one when he had a mask on so we couldn’t see his ugly mug

No. 166929

File: 1628543037312.png (319.18 KB, 2048x660, Screenshot_20210809-140257.png)

Terry loved this comment, so this may be why he chooses to do his makeup femme.

No. 166940

If that was his real face, I’d even say I like his Sora cosplay, that’s a nice photo. But I know it’s all filters.

No. 166943


It really is sad how out of touch and oblivious people are when it comes to being too stupid to realize they’re being used for validation by a man more than double their age. I know a fair amount of people who look younger than their age, the difference is that you can see it IRL and not boosted by makeup filters and photoshop.

At this point it’s only a matter of time before someone walks in on this piece of shit raping a minor in a “gender-neutral” bathroom at a convention.

No. 166946

The photo on the left isn’t even high res and you can still clearly see how haggard he looks. I guess that’s how you end up looking in your late 30s when you only clean yourself with dish soap and refuse to eat a piece of fruit once in awhile

Can’t wait for all his barely legal and underage whiteknights to meet him face to face at a con where he can’t hide behind filters. He’ll have a real hard time convincing these girls he’s 25 then

No. 166954

I agree. if he acts like his actual age, he would be more respected. Stop trying to be a zoomer, man. Everyone ages.

No. 167003

There's no problem using filters for cosplay. no problem cosplaying past a certain age or outside of your race. the problem we all see with Terry here is the lying, manipulating, and guilting people into complimenting him. he's almost 40 pretending to be 25 and pretends he's not black unless it's relevant to get him attention. I'm all for people finding their identity at their own time, but its so suspicious that he all at once decided he's ace and nb after he joined tiktok. he's playing a character at this point, or the wiring in his brain has fried. either way he needs a reality check, which these zoomers are never going to let happen.

No. 167181

File: 1628715660096.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1400, 42322233-3E7F-4053-BB70-06D8FA…)

Looooord almighty dude. Without the layers and layers of snow filters and face slimming features this just looks so unfortunate

No. 167194

When will he realize he's too old and ugly to cosplay teenager characters?

No. 167200

I regret zooming in

No. 167205

His smile looks so crooked like.

No. 167216

Aside from this being an incredibly awkward photo, why is he wearing so much feminine makeup for a male character?

No. 167232

felt bad for the photog. did he have a stroke? why does his face look the same in all the photos?

No. 167254

Dude needs to switch up his make-up cause he's been doing that same femmy make-up for all his cosplays. It's weird

No. 167255

Holy shit, he looks like a literal log

No. 167275

File: 1628749690973.jpeg (465.23 KB, 750x856, 04DC7FC7-327A-4C98-85FD-F7A4F5…)

This says more about his confidence and self esteem than any bragging facebook post.

He’s full of shit and he knows it.

No. 167281

what do you mean anon?

No. 167296

File: 1628755974596.jpg (197.73 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20210812-040637_Ins…)

That wig is legitimately so tangled I want to scream

No. 167298

the way he’s gripping it. he’s not comfortable at all. even his pose. he’s not sure how to stand in front of a camera.

he’s giving off zero confidence.

No. 167304

File: 1628766504187.jpg (149.14 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20210812_070443.jpg)

Alright everyone, apparently 25 is the new 40!

No. 167312

25+ implies under 30. It does NOT imply 40. His behavior is so painfully calculated.

No. 167317

>Old cosplayer

Put the real number, Terr

No. 167319

I think anon is referring to the desperately clenched fist while apparently having fun at a con, his body language (combined with the grimace) is very telling.

No. 167321

His hand and upper arms look VERY MANLY??? And it's funny how he didn't post any photographer or hall shots in Miku without a mask. He only shared unmasked Miku selfies he took using Snow.

No. 167340

File: 1628794362423.jpg (160.1 KB, 1162x512, Crreepy Hall.jpg)

What a shock, Terry was desperate to get a picture of a skinny white girl probably less than half his age. Also, who's he kidding trying to say that someone came up to him and asked him for a photoshoot? Everything he wore looked like shit as always. There's a reason he wanders alone at cons

No. 167346

File: 1628798702556.jpg (8.23 MB, 4096x4096, sword.jpg)

Can someone teach this old dog some new poses? Like 80% of his poses just has his sword on his shoulder

No. 167349

>That's my little sis


No. 167364

Damn, he looks old af in all the unedited/super filtered photos. And yes, this dude has to be autistic. He works in tech, is a man and has zero confidence, but tries to hit on women almost half his age. Pathetic.

No. 167366

This is bragging and narcissistic at its finest. Nobody cares someone asked you shoot. This weirdo acts like he's friends with everyone. They aren't your friends if all you're doing is saying hi, selfie, bye. At the end of the day, they're just your mutuals Terry. Or just a way to gain more clout by meeting & greeting.

No. 167416

How do you leave the damn hotel room with your wig looking like that?

25 isn’t even old. Not only is it gross that he’s pretending to be 15 years younger than he really is, but the fact that he thinks 25 is old, just shows how obsessed he is with youth and extremely young girls

He probably watched some cosplay pose 101 video from a young female cosplayer. A lot of those say to pose to the side or 3/4 to look skinnier

No. 167455

He seems like the type to pay for shoots and then brag about how he was asked/begged to shoot.

No. 167480

Saw him at Otakon walk up to a group and ask one 'aren't you one of my fans?' to some girl
No wonder he has no friends

No. 167482

File: 1628866632288.jpeg (181.62 KB, 1125x558, B46C503C-07FF-42C6-8AA2-8388DE…)

I’m really not shocked that he had the gall to say that unwarranted, considering this is what he posts about.

No. 167483

what happen? His posts used to have high two digit likes. now they are single digit or low double digits. Maybe people finally realized how fake he is?

No. 167486

>has my name attached to it
Lmfao obviously he's lying but what does he mean?

No. 167487

his cosplay showed up in one of the tekko promotion photos

No. 167492

File: 1628875544006.jpeg (99.04 KB, 470x717, BE9DA0EC-E23B-4480-BE08-758DAC…)

As if that’s something to get a big head about. Ffs look at what derpycon decided to use at their booth to try and spread awareness for their con. If I had any interest in going there I would immediately lose it upon seeing this. Same with Terry.

No. 167494

Maybe all the -25s he leeches on set up a group chat and shared his candids and screenshots from this thread. Something has happened for sure. The "asexual" dildo-posting and vagina memes probably didn't help.

No. 167495

That’s entirely possible. I’ve had female friends tell me about & actually show me such chats so they do exist. Like with that other weirdo UsagiNeko.

No. 167508

Who the hell would attend an event called Derpycon to begin with? Terry suits this con name perfectly.

No. 167512

Wtf is that omg and he calls himself a professional cosplayer don’t make me laugh kek

No. 167518

I don't think that's Terry in Derpycon's promo. Sad thing is, that other cosplayer probably put in more work than Terry.

No. 167519

Now I feel bad

No. 167521

File: 1628892993452.png (3.76 MB, 828x1792, 2B7D95C1-7220-4DEA-8C4B-47D7E3…)

IIRC that’s some guy named Triforcedelgeezy, quite possibly the worst cosplayer I’ve ever seen and I’m surprised he doesn’t have his own thread here. He’s also an idiot, a friend of mine told me someone tricked him into giving them his social security number by using an anonymous texting app and pretending to be a cosplay magazine editor. I don’t know if it’s true or not but good lord.

No. 167676

i saw him approaching zoomer cosplayers and they were visually disgusted by him. He looked autistic the way he talked to people.

No. 167827

File: 1629056611391.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1899, 005A9D2D-F0AB-4687-AC87-C03D0D…)

He’s really exposing himself with the amount of filters he uses. He was already looking rough in 2016, we all know he’ll claim it’s his “make-up skills.”

No. 167830

File: 1629058767281.jpg (177.61 KB, 893x1362, Screenshot_20210815_161819.jpg)

Surprised he showed his true form on tiktok

No. 167835

God, he looks wrecked. That diet of exclusively sugar and fried foods and cleaning himself with dish soap is catching up to him fast.

No. 167845

Them short eyebrows though, he'd be following those zoomer cosplayers shaving half his eyebrows now??

No. 167880

File: 1629077729253.png (1.4 MB, 828x1792, 6F18C0C3-5FC7-4DE2-A263-38A79F…)

He’s so crusty

No. 167883


And I thought black didn’t crack! Fuck

No. 167886

That's what he gets for caking himself practically everyday with girly make-up.

No. 167887

he looks way over 40 IRL. he needs to stop eating that chicken tender diet.

No. 167904

Are we sure this just doesn’t have a different filter on it? Maybe it’s the lighting, but I feel like all the unedited photos I’ve seen of him from photographers, his skin color is darker. Like I said, maybe it’s a lighting thing, but it may also be a skin lightening filter

No. 167905

he's using a ring light that's set real high. he hates his skin tone.

No. 167939

Did you happen to hear what the girl responded with?
And same question, did Terry just walk away? I'm trying to gauge how in 2021 people are responding to Terry IRL

No. 167950

File: 1629127459998.jpg (990.35 KB, 1564x1564, t.jpg)

Yet another example of his filters abuse…selfie vs tagged. Stop lying to yourself Terry

No. 167952

It’s kinda sad how self hating he is especially how old he is

No. 167978

The zoomers he met at Otakon probably expected the left, and were probably taken aback when they were approached by the right, someone clearly much older than what had been insinuated.

No. 167982

If I was one of his followers I genuinely wouldn't recognize his real self, the one he posts looks lightskinned and younger, the real Terry is an older black man. If you are faceblind (common among autistic and nerd folk) you would probably just think it was a stranger. Someone needs to look exactly as I imagine for me to recognize them. I've met several celebrities in past jobs and only the ones who looked the same as they do on-screen (specific character I remembered them playing, hair etc) I actually recognized at the time without someone pointing it out to me after they'd left. This is to say his excessive shooping is probably backfiring on him since a good proportion of people would neither recognize or approach him irl.

No. 167983

>i saw him approaching zoomer cosplayers and they were visually disgusted by him.
No surprise. He is shooting himself in the foot so badly…why cosplaying a young boy that looks nothing like him? Im sure there are older black guys he could cosplay. And try to speak to nerds his own age.

No. 167994

Thing is, it’s been well established that he wants nothing to do with nerds over 24. He also will only cosplay things that are popular or he thinks will “perform well” at a convention or on social media, regardless if he’s even seen or played the thing it’s from. He’s thrown tantrums before because his cosplay didn’t “perform” as well as he expected it to. I’m sure he’s turned off by the idea of cosplaying within his actual age/race demographic because he doesn’t think he’ll get stopped for photos as much or get as many social media clicks.

No. 168007

That may be true in most situations anon but Terry DOES have a clear habit of interacting with people over his arbitrary "too old for me" age of 24 if he thinks he can freeload clout/attention off them on social media. If someone has a big presence on IG or another platform he'll absolutely make an exception to get his signature "selfie" with them as an excuse to tag them when uploading said pics and hoping he can leech a few followers off of them.

No. 168036

File: 1629183425341.jpeg (389 KB, 613x984, 53CB402B-4294-4C59-AA9E-907CE0…)

Is it just me or does he strongly resemble Elvis from perfect dark? Maybe he’ll cosplay a Skedar someday.

No. 168090

Both are sad attempts to appear to the online community that he actually has friends and connections. In reality, he isn't hanging out with any of them. He is walking around, taking a selfie, and leaving. It's all to paint this false image that he hung out with these people at cons. What he shows people online is very fake from his sad, lonely, friendless reality

No. 168100

If he weren’t such a creep with zoomer girls, it would be really sad. I’ve seen him at several cons, I’ve never once seen him actually hanging out with people for an extended period of time. He hounds and takes selfies with as many people as possible in an attempt to collect “friends”, but when he’s not taking selfies he’s always walking or standing around completely alone, usually phone in hand and scoping out the immediate vicinity for ANYONE he recognizes from social media. It seems like he only goes to cons to revel in this fantasy that he has friends. News flash Terry, if all you talk about is yourself, you only seek out conventionally attractive young women and minors to befriend, hide your age, and still constantly vaguebrag and seek out validation on social media and in real life, most sensible people will want to keep their distance from you.

No. 168105

File: 1629217298087.jpg (377.18 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20210817-121841_Fac…)

so we've gone from "I'm a virgin because I'm ace" to this bs meme. make up your mind what you want your "I'm a 40 y/o virgin" excuse to be

No. 168112

Wow he really just exposed himself. We can now confirm he’s a virgin at the age of 39 (sad) and that he wants to get laid but can’t because he’s too ugly

No. 168130

Why the fuck is he telling people this if he is ace?? Shouldn't he not care about sex or even talking about sex & virginity?

No. 168142


I mean… Would you sleep with someone like him? He's not gay I don't think so yeah, Perma virgin. Unless someone gets too drunk around him which I doubt

No. 168164

I can’t see this. Is he sharing it only to certain audiences again? Wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 168171

ace people can stil have sex, anon. not defending him, but most ace zoomers i know still causally talk about seex

No. 168181

See this is why I don’t get the whole ace identity. I could understand if a person was totally asexual, I know one person who genuinely is, but every single other ace person I’ve met has sex pretty regularly and enjoys it. Two of the kinkiest people I know identity as ace. It feels like ace has taken on a whole new meaning here

No. 168185

People now just use asexual to try and get queer points without having a queer lifestyle in any way. It used to mean (pre alphabet nonsense) no sexual interest or atttaction to anyone.

No. 168208

File: 1629265710170.jpeg (651.17 KB, 1241x2214, E22324F3-F2E5-4E87-B41E-398183…)

Been quiet bc he don’t wanna tell ppl he’s 40 kek

No. 168231

how many times can he turn 26.

No. 168232

100% this. There are many people who experience little to no sexual interest without making it a big deal or labeling it. Fucking stupid

I am so curious how he's going to spin this. Hey everyone it's my 25+ birthday?

This is absolutely jarring. Please get help for your issues professionally, Terry.

No. 168244

He was born September 4th, 1982. He will be turning 39 kek. But i'm sure he'll just be like "it's my birthday today!"

No. 168274

Obviously with the filters he uses he could easily be a vampire anon

No. 168408

File: 1629378483547.jpeg (569.83 KB, 1125x1745, BC41F434-CBB0-42D0-A3D2-CA7CA8…)

> less hair under my wigs
Terry, you’re bald.

How does he think all the zoomer girls he’s obsessed with keep their hair under wigs?

No. 168409

He literally wears wig caps despite being bald. He is so unbelievably delusional

No. 168435

To be fair, everyone should wear wig caps no matter how much hair you have because they help keep oils from your scalp off of the wig. But yeah I don’t see how he could possibly have so much hair that it would be an issue with wigs, so I agree that he’s completely delusional

No. 168462

File: 1629397267463.png (252.49 KB, 1440x1689, Screenshot_20210819-141941~2.p…)

He literally only wants to watch Star Wars so he can cosplay from it

No. 168476

He's not even cosplaying for fun anymore. At this point it's only for clout. Cosplayers like this who say they only do it as a hobby are also the same ones who turn around & say shit like this.

No. 168512

What happened to cosplaying characters because you like or relate to them or feel a connection with them? Does he even get any enjoyment out of cosplay anymore if it isn’t bringing him some kind of attention? Sure, as a cosplayer some praise for your work is nice but the fact that he’s 40 and that same praise dictates what he plays dress-up as is so off-putting.

No. 168520

and I bet that one he has seen isn't even one of the original trilogy…..hell, he's probably seen just one episode of the Mandalorian and considers it a "movie". I really wanna know which character he would choose to cosplay.

No. 168524

File: 1629422914839.jpg (333 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20210819-212632_Ins…)

how is his Ahri cosplay already falling apart? he's only worn it like twice so what did he do to it??

No. 168535

>what did he do to it
Well he deluded himself into believing he was a petite pretty woman and tried to shove his massive man shaped body into a cosplay that was made for your average Asian woman’s body

No. 168596

I would seriously like to know which character from Star Wars he would even do.
Yeah…he is really now only doing cosplay to feed his desperate need for attention

No. 168599

>inb4 somehow more terrifying baby yoda cosplay
Tbh probably kylo if he wants to go after young women cosplaying rey or rey herself with how he's been going. You know it won't be anything from the older movies and decent mandalorian cosplays are too expensive for him

No. 168640

File: 1629486587609.jpg (48.04 KB, 750x375, star-wars-visions-trailer.jpg)

He's probably getting into Star Wars solely because it's ~anime~ now

No. 168645


He'd make a 12/10 fantastic Moff Gideon tbh, but we all know he's gonna cosplay Rey or Kylo smh

No. 168650

I've never even heard of this so it can't be popular enough to get him clout. Must be something about doing Star Wars at those events that could get him more attention

No. 168653

You haven’t heard of it because it isn’t out yet. It’s from Star Wars visions, a series of anime Star Wars short films. This one is by the promare studio

No. 168760

File: 1629563088846.png (2.52 MB, 828x1792, 2C4090FE-E7E5-4D4C-9353-8D23D7…)

His neck looks diseased and why does he insist on doing clown makeup for every character?

No. 168774

>His neck looks diseased
That’s literally beard stubble anon… Have you never seen a man shave before?
I do concede that it looks pretty jarring compared to his over-filtered face though

No. 168778

Dude needs to stop using a filter cause it's not convincing.

No. 168784

Holy hell that filter is atrocious. It’s doing nothing for his shotgun barrel nose.

No. 168790

Makeup done for what?

And honestly I could almost take him seriously if he took the effort to learn contour makeup. or some drag tips since he has very masculine features. but you just know he looked up “cosplay makeup” by some elfin featured 19 year old and thought he could copy it.

No. 169019

I'd just like to thank whatever anon is on Terry's close friend's list and is always sharing this with us

No. 169029

File: 1629732930943.jpeg (108.1 KB, 1125x673, B3E4C786-272F-44F9-B540-2E2FEF…)

Awesomecon and Station Unity were also this weekend, Terry. And you attended both. Stop flattering your delusions.

No. 169058


Are they adding him or is he adding them? His head is so far up his own ass it’s pathetic.

No. 169071

WTF does he mean like @ when he says "adding"?? he is such an elder

No. 169075

Adding as friends on Facebook.

No. 169077

What’s the hip term for adding people on social media nowadays?

No. 169079

File: 1629750906031.jpg (652.42 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20210823-163156_Fac…)

We can tell all of it was done by Terry cause it looks like shit. no need to boldly say it as if people are actually going "OMG who did your ____?!"

No. 169093

What does this man have against lacefronts? He never uses them and the hard front on this look always looks so shitty

No. 169094


That’s so fucking funny he shot with Zero Serenity who is a known creepy ass photographer. This edit just makes Terry’s trash work look so much worse.

No. 169099

he literally looks like he has a receding hairline when he wears wigs like that. also I'm surprised he shared that post since his skin is super dark in that pic and he usually likes to white wash himself

No. 169122

File: 1629768209351.jpg (178.94 KB, 720x1250, Screenshot_20210823-212008_Ins…)

So now he is supporting an incestuous ship and his fans are just gonna ignore it?

No. 169126

god go back to twitter. It’s not incest. Rag on the creep for the multitude of other reasons he deserves it. This is straight sjw woke Twitter nitpick

No. 169127

Yeah those characters are stepbrother, yikes

No. 169135

they're sworn brothers that aren't even related. take this retarded shit elsewhere.

No. 169165

I guarantee you that he will not share anyone plus size or dark skinned in general unless the character itself they're cosplaying as is plus size or dark skinned.

No. 169188

Umm who the fuck cares about the ship, is no one going to talk about that these two cosplayers are like 20/21? These are real life people let's not be retards and argue about fictional characters

No. 169198

File: 1629819465671.jpeg (580.62 KB, 750x1042, 15B787B6-7695-4697-AABB-EA3984…)

Oh shut up. The fact that he’s an almost 40 year old man liking this post of girls half his age is the actual creepy part. Picrew is second slide on that post. Anon who said he’s getting more brazen is right.

No. 169202

>Incestuous shit
>Two characters that are not related in any way
Back to twitter

No. 169203

exactly, who gives a fuck about the characters. Let's talk about how obsessed he is with girls (like this) who are half his age and doing lewd stuff like this together.

No. 169204

File: 1629820869339.png (781.33 KB, 1206x866, Untitled.png)

His twitter likes are always telling

No. 169253

He is sick, literally sick in the head. He is actually quite opposite of asexual, and is using that as a cover up so his insane sexual desires don't come off creepy because he is old

No. 169291

File: 1629854563447.png (1.31 MB, 828x1792, D5EFDEBA-097D-45BF-9775-83ECA0…)

Gee I wonder what he’s cosplaying next

No. 169295

Hi forehead!

No. 169369

Thank god, we’ve been spared from a “Terry cosplays Eleven” saga

No. 169370

We all know he’s too cheap for a lacefront.

No. 169374

ew…. this means we have to see his junk in more skin tight suits since he also refuses to wear a dancers belt. just because you claim you're nb doesn't mean you don't magically have a dick anymore

No. 169379

Here we go again with bandwagon Terry. He did both male and female protags for darling in the franxx, so i'm sure he'll do it for ML

No. 169431

File: 1629917487583.jpeg (267.21 KB, 750x1233, E77C1F95-FD81-453D-9A28-24EDA3…)

gotta love the wording here

No. 169474

Lmfao, this guy needs to stop. A few months ago, he said Kazuha literally looks like him.

I miss the old terry that used to cosplay stupid shit he liked. Not this washed up grandpa that's cosplaying just for attention/validation

No. 169523

The guy hardly even plays the game. I bet you he only watches Genshin videos on YouTube.

And I agree. With all the constant bragging and asking his fans "which character would look good on me," Terry isn't the same anymore. Ever since he got more followers on social media, he started to become just another sell out cosplayer. Why can't he just keep his posts to himself?? He's been sounding more and more like an asshole every year and it's only getting worse.

No. 169564

File: 1629983195459.jpg (312.55 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20210826-090042_Ins…)

I'm tired of his obsession with colossalcon. like for someone who says things like "I won't even name the con because it'll give them attention" he sure does post about them anytime they make an announcement like he's just waiting for them to post so he can talk about them

No. 169566

>stupid shit he liked
And we're talking stuff he genuinely liked, but unfortunately those things are underrated, old, or unpopular. Yeah i agree with other anon, he's become a total sell-out

No. 169582

which of these white twinks do I, a hulking black man resemble.

i’m totes a pale white passing black tho

No. 169605

i'm fxcking dead. wouldn't call him hulking though, he is like 5"4 at best, however he is built like a damn bow-legged brick(it's okay to use bad words)

No. 169606

And here I would've thought a con where the type of girls he creeps on are all in swimsuits would be his favorite. Maybe I'm too jaded. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in that Shinobu swimsuit with some weird backtracking excuse as to why he's there.

No. 169619

I think they said hulking because he has more of a fridge body type

No. 169688

Dude talks shit about certain cons and odds are, he still shows up. He's just making up excuses at this point just to be valid.

No. 169710

what even is his beef with colossal con?

No. 169711

he doesn't like drinking. someone got him drunk at a strip club and tried to rape him. Colossalcon is known as a party con.

No. 169730

why the hell was he even at a strip club

No. 169738

If this is the story referenced in a previous thread, wasn't he just taken to a strip club by friends/coworkers and freaked out when they bought him a lap dance? Let's not coddle the predator with a fake attempted rape backstory.

No. 169750

File: 1630097872998.jpg (541.49 KB, 1080x2184, Screenshot_20210827-165440_Fac…)

here's where he talks about why he doesn't drink. he never outright says there was a rape attempt but he heavily implies it by stating he posted his story in a me too group. it really does just seem like a "I felt uncomfortable so I'm gonna just say the stripper tried to rape me" bs

No. 169752

Yeahhh, pretty much. Gonna stay vague on this to not bust my source, but Tldr; he was reaching on that post about a stripper just trying to do her job after he had a few drinks with a coworker lol

No. 169771

The first part seems legit but he could’ve easily avoided going to the strip club

No. 169785

Lmao I just knew there was something about this guy I didn’t like. At first I didn’t know much about him other than the fact that he seemed to have his head stuck up his ass. I thought I was being a hater though. Glad to see I wasn’t wrong.(sage)

No. 169805

it's just shitty that he claims SA when he feels uncomfortable with something. he hinted at it with his dr problem too.

also there's nothing wrong with not wanting to drink, but he just makes it into a bigger problem and makes it more than just about him. like the fact he said he was upset when a con he liked opened a bar for the attendees? okay?? so just don't go. he acts like he's personally victimized by it. at otakon he was hanging around the marquis lobby bar trying to get attention so obviously he's not as traumatized as he claims since he stated in that status he also avoids bars or restaurants with bars. also when he goes to Texas roadhouse he ONLY eats at the bar. so what's the truth??

No. 169815

Most strippers aren’t prostitutes, so I highly doubt that woman was doing anything beyond a lap dance. The drinking thing also seems a bit over the top dramatic. I get not wanting to drink, I have alcoholic family too so I don’t drink either, but I don’t expect everyone else in the world to stop drinking just for me. Most people aren’t going to pressure you to drink and if anyone does, saying something like “No thanks I don’t drink for personal reasons” is usually enough for them to drop it

No. 169989

File: 1630287798474.png (545.9 KB, 828x1792, C6E15C64-6E12-4A3F-BC2F-6D4F09…)

At least he’s honest

No. 170103

he's just asking for ass pats. nobody bit

No. 170166

File: 1630423133597.jpg (633.25 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20210831_111526.jpg)

Ah yes, such an ace thing to share

No. 170167

I really think in this case he’s just trying to fit in with the Genshin hype. He never posts about playing the game or who he’s rolling for in the gacha, if anything maybe he played through the tutorial. I’d love to see how he handles someone asking for his UID to friend him in the game or to co-op.

No. 170178

I'm sure the same goes for League, and yet he is only cosplaying Kda..interesting

No. 170188

didn't he recently admit to not knowing the source material for a lot of his cosplays and only chose them because it would get him attention?

No. 170190

Dudes only in it for the hype and clout. The amount of games he buys, he hardly plays them. He basically only shows them just to brag. He's only cosplaying the popular characters from Genshin for clout.

No. 170202

How does he not realize how fake and clout-seeking that makes him look? If he stuck to things he was genuinely interested in and was passionate about, I feel like he’d be more respected. That way he’d be able to make real, organic friendships through mutual interest in an anime or game he ACTUALLY likes and is invested in rather than the artificial connections he desperately tries to hold onto. But of course his head’s too far up his own ass to even fathom that he could be the one at fault for his reputation.

No. 170210

plus like I feel like the quality if his cosplays would be better if he actually cared about it instead of him wasting his money on amazon cosplays he wears once for a few tiktoks and then claims they got damaged. it's obvious he doesn't care about the cosplays when he doesn't take care of them, but the ones he actually likes he wears multiple times and actually keeps up (ff & kingdom hearts). not saying those are perfect but there's a clear difference between those and the stuff he shits out now

No. 170220

He's almost 40, but tries to fit in with western zoomers. it's so embarrassing.

No. 170326

File: 1630523180640.jpg (103.36 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20210901-150407_Fac…)

dude has never once talked about going to TX for any reason that I know of so why mention this? stop with the weird ass virtue signaling especially when he's been talking about going to holmat in FL which has been the worst state for covid this whole pandemic

No. 170329

What do you want to bet those “friends” are just mutuals he hounds for selfies whenever they’re in his line of sight?

No. 170331

he just made another status debating kumoricon and anime nyc. cases are climbing and you're flying cross country for a con just for clout. Terry, get a grip.

No. 170342

He has no “friends” not even that insta thot that he hangs out with occasionally

No. 170344

Unfortunately for Terry he’s the closest thing you can get to being a nobody in the cosplay world without being a complete nobody. With that game people don’t want to be your friend (or even act like it) unless you have something to offer IE clout, shoutouts collab pics followers to mooch off of etc. and he is a complete nobody in that regard. The only time he gets noticed is when some company is looking for a token black cosplayer for diversity’s sake

Being 40, a guy, and weird/socially awkward as fuck doesn’t help his case either. You’d think he’d at least try to drink a bit at a con and see if it helps loosen him up but to each their own.(sage)

No. 170381

File: 1630537748808.jpg (450.47 KB, 928x1282, Screenshot_20210901-190719_Tik…)

Can someone plz tell Terry to stop sticking his nasty tongue out whenever he cosplays females?? Why does he always do this to female representation characters like this? This is nasty!

No. 170404

File: 1630555622659.jpg (198.65 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20210901_234448.jpg)

English Translation:

"My birthday is coming up, be my friend. I don't have friends, but they make me happy. I'm the only person advocating to WEAR A MASK ever (even though I don't wear one properly half the time).

But hey, be my friend because it's my birthday"

No. 170405

He "blebs" because he's an alien who doesn't understands know how women actually work and imitates all the <25 year old egirls he follows(sage your shit)

No. 170424

Terry drunk would just get handsy with all the white and asian under 25s he stalks, it's better he just awkwardly shuffles around demanding photos as he seems to right now. Socially awkward/highly autistic nerd males and alcohol do not mix.

No. 170452

"no one wants to be my friend because I'm so opinionated and no one thinks like me!" no. it's bc you're a creepy 40 y/o clout chasing narcissist who thinks that everyone should baby you and you stalk people for a drop of attention. he posts so much about not having friends but then posts about all his "friends" getting covid so which is it lmao

No. 170453

File: 1630593208828.jpeg (134.49 KB, 1125x833, EF5FD032-FD6C-495E-AE44-ABB983…)

I need to know what goes through his mind when he posts things like this. Does he think we’ll somehow think better of him for choosing to work on his birthday? Does he think he’ll get a lot of interactions due to some form of shock factor? Why does he think we care? Also note no interactions in 14 minutes, so he chooses to bump it by commenting on it himself.

No. 170455

he's looking for the "nooo Terry why would you do that? work isn't worth it I would have hung out with you on your birthday!!" comments. like dude no one cares so many people have to work on their birthdays every year you're not special for choosing to work. you were just going to sit around your house and make tiktoks alone anyway or post about buying yourself a cake again because no one cares about you

No. 170456

WHYYYY does he think anyone cares? the older you get you shouldn't give a shit about working on your birthday, that's adult life. And he is well into that

No. 170483

File: 1630604061070.jpg (314.16 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20210902-113125_Ins…)

He had to share it on Instagram too. He must not have got the attention he wanted with the other post.

No. 170488

File: 1630604668229.jpeg (147.4 KB, 1125x514, 253DA7C6-4753-4006-A333-75FD89…)

Sure enough, anon. Three hours later and it looks like he edited the post to try to invoke more pity. The one single like is from a male, which we know isn’t the attention he wants.

No. 170529

His logic is that an 18 year old female mutual he simps over will read this and DM him asking him out and then after words they’ll have birthday sex. So sad

No. 170534

I wonder if he’ll make a “forty year old virgin” joke when he turns forty next year.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 170536

probably not since that'll out his actual age to all the young girls he talks to and they'll finally realize how creepy their "friendship" is

No. 170553

Plenty of people work on their birthdays, but usually make a day to go out or go out to dinner after work. Bro, you're almost 40. Get a grip

No. 170630

File: 1630683669248.jpg (388.2 KB, 932x1265, Screenshot_20210903-084004_Tik…)

God, I wish he'd stop showing up on TikTok. He's even sticking his tongue out when he cosplays shota boys.

No. 170655

File: 1630702387303.jpg (4.94 MB, 4096x3072, CollageMaker_20210903_16505972…)

No idea why he'd post that, but same energy lol

No. 170656

File: 1630702632126.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

anon, my sides

No. 170729

File: 1630753056509.png (1.19 MB, 828x1792, A97D7B40-B5FE-4B6F-B5EA-69BBE2…)

You’re one year off from 40 terry you basically are that old

No. 170753

I just like that this person made a Twitter account just to call him out on his "25+" bs lol he practically is 40 and even this post he's trying to make it seem like 40 is far off from his age

No. 170771

File: 1630774034371.png (12.15 KB, 470x88, 87.PNG)

We know.

No. 170774

Does this idiot so desperate and thirsty for social media clout share a birthday with Beyonce but is completely oblivious?

No. 170819

Happy 39th birthday Terry! Can’t wait for you to quit cosplay in a year like you originally promised!

No. 170879

File: 1630855847371.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 326.18 KB, 828x1407, 3BE3EFBA-493F-4028-814E-E7E51E…)

Jfc the fat rolls. There no way he’s an Asian medium. Spoilered because absolutely no one in their right mind would think this is sexy.

No. 170880

autism. fetish. attention. all of the above?

No. 170902

File: 1630871935923.jpg (256.74 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20210905-155435_Sam…)

What is with THAT FACE?! it's hideous. No Terry, you are not cute. You look like a deformed turtle humanoid.

No. 170920

File: 1630878144309.jpeg (471.69 KB, 750x1255, 1DDFE518-385E-458A-B3CF-CFE858…)

No. 170924


Goes to show he has no respect for his own skin color.

No. 170940

wow…how sad of an existence he must live where he has to buy his own birthday cake to eat all alone.

No. 170941

It's a cake calm down

No. 170944

I was gonna question his culinary knowledge but no, americans really have to deal with buying products with such mysterious descriptions as "white cake"

So like…plain sponge cake with no filling but covered with icing for absolutely no reason? Goes well with Terry's love for the blandest party food for 4 year olds, though.

No. 170959

britfag, take it easy, white cake is just our equivelent "sponge" and no it's not filled with jammie dodgers and higgledy-piggledy-hickory-doo-hennie-pennies, but it isn't for "no reason"…it is a birthday cake? It is really pathetic he's buying his own though. But I'm sure it is to elicit sympathy from retards.

No. 171005


It's very simple. He could have just said vanilla.(sage)

No. 171016

wtf ty anon, i thought "white cake" was his own autistic way to describe some random (filled) cake but I guess that really is some gourmet shit for poor murricans

No. 171053

He could have at least taken it out the package and put it onto a cake plate. he's so ghetto

No. 171066

I thought this was a joke or his subtle way of saying he prefers white girls.

No. 171081

It’s not pathetic to buy a cake. If you’re a grown ass adult and you want cake, just buy it. The only pathetic thing here, is him awkwardly posting about buying it himself on social media

No. 171105

File: 1631021118687.jpeg (334.03 KB, 1125x907, CFF10687-CCFD-4607-B1FC-1F12C7…)

He finally admitted that he’s over 30. Though, since he just had a birthday, I feel like he’s trying to insinuate that he just turned 30.

No. 171124

Both are pathetic if it's your birthday. He can buy himself a cake, sure, but buying your own birthday cake specifically has the same energy as buying and wrapping your own Christmas gifts to put under the tree for yourself. You know he probably sat at home and ate that cake, sad and alone, before wrapping up any leftovers, taking his Palmolive shower, and going to bed. The closest thing he has to social interaction is posting online and interacting with people at least 15 years younger than him.

No. 171145

the fucking trans flag in the bio. Really trying to win oppression points here

No. 171151

For someone who constantly bashes Katsucon and complains that it's shitty con, he goes every year.

No. 171161

Why is he going to MAGfest? It's just as much of a party con as Colossalcon, just replace the Kalahari cups with waterbottles full of vodka and add more drugs. Guess the alcohol and party atmosphere intolerance doesn't apply when shooting at the Gaylord is involved.

No. 171162

>Old Cosplayer
Plenty of people in their 30s still cosplay without publicly declaring themselves old, jfc
Still has to be misleading, can't just put his age in his bio or leave it out like a normal human being.

No. 171168

Damn, I'd feel bad for him if he wasn't such a creep.

I agree that someone can buy their own birthday cake and it not be pathetic, but this is definitely pathetic considering that he lives in a big house by himself, can afford buying lots of stupid cosplays on a whim, and apparently has a decently paying job but chooses to buy himself a $10 grocery store cake. Maybe he really just does like this cake but what the fuck dude.

No. 171182

For claiming to be trans, he doesn’t seem to give a shit about actual queer culture or pride/LGBTQ+ events in his area. No support of queer businesses, no interest in queer media, no merch with the trans flag on it, nothing about this man’s existence insinuates “trans”. Sure, not all queer people are involved in queer culture, but if he was that passionate about his “identity” or felt any dysphoria I feel like he would get himself involved in the community or be more outspoken about it. He’s too old and financially well off to care what family or coworkers think. It’s painfully obvious that he wears those labels for asspats and diversity points.(sage)

No. 171201

File: 1631056267275.png (3.09 MB, 828x1792, 6C4A05EF-DF18-49DC-B963-37068F…)

You guyssss

No. 171205

He better not stick his tongue out cosplaying those minors.(learn2sage)

No. 171210

File: 1631062297866.jpg (449.28 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20210907-205047_Fac…)

is this how he wants to be with all his young female followers?

No. 171214

File: 1631073262771.jpeg (378.36 KB, 1242x2092, 214DD8ED-B7B9-408F-9012-359E66…)

This is how you know he doesn’t play the game. He calls Xinyan’s claymore a “large sword” lmao.

No. 171242

File: 1631104884976.png (4.38 MB, 828x1792, 67F8F500-5EF1-418C-9D26-0FC3C4…)

Why does this man child act like the moment you turn 30 your life’s over. No one cares

No. 171255

Good they’ll realize what a creep he is

No. 171289

God i hate this. He's only cosplaying her since he knows he'll get likes for matching her skin tone, but then he'll blast beauticam back up for his other 90% of cosplays

If he didn't make such a big deal about age and trying to hide it poorly, nobody would care he's 39

No. 171302

He’s such a creepy piece of shit. Dude wants brownie points for lying slightly less about his age than he was lying before.

This is all so calculated. He lies and says 25+ when he’s 38 to imply he’s 25-29. Then he has a birthday (turns 39, but doesn’t tell people his real age on sm) and switches it to 30+ to imply that he just turned 30. He’s still trying to convince everyone he’s almost a decade younger than he really is.

Cosplaying at his age isn’t even creepy. It’s just his consistent behavior of actively going out of his way to lie about his age that makes it creepy

No. 171318

This gives me strong "I was shadowbanned" energy. I doubt he was overwhelmed by new followers before. "I am 30s" no one talks like that! Just say the number! If anything he's putting people off with how shady he's being about it.

No. 171350

its okay to age does he not realize that? he can look younger by eating a good diet and taking care of his skin. which he doesn't. he looks like he could be in his late 40s

No. 171380

If he took care of himself he could probably look really good for his age and then brag about how people constantly mistake him for younger without having to hide his age as much but instead he chooses to age like a moldy piece of bread left out on the pavement on a sweltering summer day.

No. 171389

File: 1631203531717.jpg (124.22 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20210909-120112_Fac…)

Terry: hmmm how do I make other peoples' deaths about me and make people worry about me

No. 171427

He knows he should go and see a doctor, has no issues affording it and would even get paid for it, but he uses staying at risk of not going to get sympathy points so people can "care" or "worry" for him. This over processed raisin is gonna end up in the hospital before he knows it

No. 171511

File: 1631295457802.jpg (379.52 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20210910-113453_Ins…)

Jfc Terry… What does he get out of these polls? Some form of human interaction while he eats noodles in his car?

No. 171531

File: 1631303021206.jpg (682.26 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20210910-154325_Ins…)

he forgot to credit the filters. makeup doesn't change your face shape or make you yellow lmao

No. 171552

Literally his entire chin and jawline are different smh

No. 171565

Are you asian or hispanic?

I just hate how much he hates being black

No. 171586

So his jaw magically slimmed?

No. 171588

File: 1631322562447.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1882, 1327D46C-8129-46F0-9B73-FF7A52…)

He really thinks he can escape tagged photos. Manz needs moisturizer and a better diet.

No. 171589

a lot of IG people do stupid polls to get interactions. it's an algorithm thing.

No. 171620

File: 1631367417017.png (1.81 MB, 828x1792, FE5ACD81-8D5A-46DE-A46B-BEFFD4…)

Oh so it was the lighting that completely changed his skin tone and facial structure. we were all mistaken

No. 171625

I hate that there are people out there who are dumb enough to believe this

No. 171626

lmao not him trying to defend that comparison and still deny heavily using filters on the after photos. dude no one is stupid enough to think that lighting suddenly makes your face skinny and your skin yellow

No. 171627

terry people are not dropping you because you're old. they're dropping you because you keep on lying. there's nothing wrong with using filter.

No. 171633

File: 1631381813615.jpg (424.69 KB, 1080x2194, Screenshot_20210911-133040_Tik…)

why does he keep trying to pretend he doesn't use filters when videos like this literally prove he's warping his face? if there's no filters then why does the sword bend when it gets close to his face? lol

No. 171664

It’s so funny to me that all his videos are made outside of tiktok where he’s free to warp and over filter his face. I mean if you watch his stupid brush challenge videos you can see his face shrink when he pulls the brush away from the camera.

No. 171691

File: 1631406031496.jpg (108.98 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20210911-201640_Fac…)

someone called Terry out for lying about being almost 40 in a cce thread and Terry does this shit calling him out and showing off the dudes social media to basically get his followers to harass him. even if he's a shitty dude this is such a backwards ass reason to stalk and find his social media to do this. Terry is a shit person still trying to hide that he's lying about his age.

No. 171692

File: 1631406085757.jpg (169.46 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20210911-201621_Fac…)

here's him calling out the dudes insta. he's bragging about finding it.

No. 171696

File: 1631409250086.jpeg (413.42 KB, 750x1102, B5846BD9-85E3-4F44-9E67-E61803…)

Thanks for this anon, some context for those who may not be able to see the post

No. 171697

He gets easily offended of this person calling out his age. He may be 39 but he still says he's not THAT old to be 40. What's his excuse when he does turn 40. Is he gonna say 40 is not old, 50 is and so on???

No. 171714


anon please share. i want to know what he’s saying. has he even said that this person is attacking him or that they’re just “obsessed with him”

They’re not a stalker Terry. No matter how hard you skinwalk you’re not a cute girl. you’re just an (almost) 40 year old man.

No. 171721

So funny how Terry calls this guy obsessed, when Terry is the one lurking in groups he’s not a member of for a con he claims to hate (claims he makes so frequently that one could say he was obsessed?)

No. 171736

I like how he's malding over this when the guy even has his age listed with no issue. Didn't he throw the biggest tantrum over the threads about stalking him and what not? Yet here he is stalking some guy who called out his age lying bullshit.

No. 171743

Acting like a spoiled teenage schoolgirl 'omg everybody likes me, how come this person doesn't like me??' lmao!! Very mature and manly behaviour…maybe if Terry had real friends to hang out with, friends his age, he wouldn't be on his bullshit and would grow up.

No. 171746

File: 1631456226705.jpeg (207.19 KB, 750x868, 415C5EAC-300D-4013-83BC-903F4A…)

well this takes the cake for “woe is me” kind of posts

No. 171747

File: 1631456256514.jpeg (216.64 KB, 750x776, A1A668ED-BF43-4BF2-9488-6A39A2…)

No. 171755

"I don't know why people are obsessed with me. I don't do anything!" except lie about your age by constantly saying you're not "that old" about 40 but you are 39 and only claim "30s", are a borderline predator by befriending girls half your age and sharing them constantly even if you have no intent on sleeping with them what does a 40 y/o man have in common with a 21 y/o girl? let's see not to mention lying about your sexuality and gender identity for brownie points? and being a hypocrite about pretty much anything? yeah you don't do anything at all that should warrent call outs or concern!

No. 171763

Terry always seems to start drama and messages people randomly if he knows that xyz person has offended him so he'll ask his mutuals to defriend them, especially when they aren't even involved in his little drama. How about stop involving people into your little drama circle and just leave people be.

No. 171781

File: 1631468310884.jpeg (342.97 KB, 827x1452, B70084CC-EE97-492A-9E72-538228…)

Funny for Terry to say that Char needs to act their age when terry is trying to act like a 21 year Asian boy.

No. 171783

Poor Terry… Based on what he says, I imagine as a young adult he did good in school, but had no social skills, which is why he poured himself even more into schoolwork. Eventually, he got a degree that he thought was going to lead to him being successful professionally, which would in turn lead to him obtaining a wife and a circle of friends. In reality, though, he remained awkward as a person, due to him being very immature, did not get the girl, so to speak, and was/is still afraid to take some risks career-wise. Damn, reality must suck! Be kind to him, girls, cause he's only getting older, so he's stuck trying to live life the way he couldn't as a teenager.

No. 171784

here we go again with the lying about his age "I'm in my 30s (not even 40)" you can say 39 sweetie :) what are you going to do next year when you actually are 40? going from 25+ to 30s to 40 all in the span of 1 year is gonna be hard to explain!

No. 171786

>I am not even 40!!
>is 39
Cope, Terry

No. 171792

>Be kind to him, girls, cause he's only getting older, so he's stuck trying to live life the way he couldn't as a teenager.

Thanks you comment has convinced me to be needlessly cruel to him

No. 171807

File: 1631495177876.jpg (230.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210912-210314_Ins…)

" friends" oh the 18-21 y/o girls you keep sharing? also god please don't do this

No. 171828

File: 1631510002002.jpeg (103.18 KB, 750x992, F39B5E4A-C09C-42C7-BC85-A72A56…)

His tiktok still says 25+
Honestly I bet he’s going to keep 30+ until he’s at least 45

No. 171829

Of course he is, he's gonna pretend forever and hopes his cosplay barely legal waifu falls in his totally not a sexpest lap. The funniest thing is no one but self entitled zoomers care if you cosplay at any age. No one's gonna look twice at a grandma being Tohru from Dragon Maid cause she likes the maid aesthetic. They're gonna say something if she's Lucoa in her bathing suit tho.

No. 171893

Ayrt, I was joking! His starting drama like a schoolgirl is too funny, and as long as he hides his age online he deserves to be roasted! Also his preying on young women…

No. 171895

When he will turn 50 he's gonna write in his comments "I am 40's" lol

No. 171931

I wish he'd stop with the they/them trend. He's not even trying to be a they/them at all. The only time he believes he is is when he's cosplaying females. Boy, get a life. This is offending those who are they/them.(sage)

No. 171935

File: 1631553665890.jpg (33.37 KB, 720x720, KN3G_be9bB85EEW6.jpg)

>This is offending those who are they/them.
Baby, pack up and return whence you came. This place is not for you.

No. 171969

Chill nonita, they’re making a valid point about Terry jumping on the enby train and not even trying. He’s “ace” but posts sexual shit all the time. He’s “not like other boys” but literally presents as a man almost 24/7, except for the few poor excuses for female cosplays he attempts. The whole “I’m lgbtq+ u gais I swearsies! ;)” is all a pretty clear attempt on his part to seem as non threatening as possible to young girls

No. 172327

There's no such thing as enby or ace. Please head back to twitter or tiktok.

No. 172352

Nobody cares what you think.(sage)

No. 172353

You say that as if anyone cares what you have to say, you unsaged retard.

No. 172425

Moral of the story, Terry is not ace nor is he a they/them.

No. 172434

can we go back on topic? I feel like Terry's use of ace/nb is just a way to confuse people.

how about he's still shit talking colossalcon? stop it, terry. nobody asked you about cce

No. 172436

also he's a member of the cce group on fb? like if you hate it that much don't stalk the con? I swear anytime there's an announcement about any colossalcon he's the first to say something

No. 172437

I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been a " Just a reminder I am NOT going to Colossalcon this weekend!!! I DO NOT support the con or the convention center they are run by bad bad people" as if there are a bunch of people asking and begging him to go or don't already know he fucking hates the con as if he doesn't talk about it any chance he can

No. 172438

File: 1631803794901.jpg (790.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210916-104946_Ins…)

nevermind…. I just saw his insta story

No. 172452

This idiot is gonna post photos how the con is so horrible cause of the mask policy and so on. Why can't this dude just STFU about cons he doesn't attend anymore?? It's really not his problem to deal with.

No. 172456

But anon how else can he imply people give a shit about him?

No. 172461

At least we won’t see him doing lewd poses in skimpy bikinis meant for women

No. 172491

You make a bold claim anon. He's totally gonna show off some horribly swim attire and be like "But if I was at CC this is what I'd wear!" Or just redo >>171633

No. 172684

I meant in public. Imagine see that thing while chilling at a wave pool or something.

No. 172689

I'm sick of his bull shit. complain about being asked to work friday and then brag about being paid OT. why are people putting up with him?

No. 172695

File: 1631902544598.jpg (407.22 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20210917-121333_Ins…)

Terry made a long post about characters he plans to cosplay and nobody is responding. Because they don't actually care.

No. 172711

He sounds like moo with how many cosplays he's "working on".

No. 172720

Nobody, literally nobody, needs to be doing this many cosplays. It's like he is trying to cram in as much as possible for maximum attention

No. 172728

It's Terry ofc he is. Probably with a dash of subtle bragging about how much money he has to be able to do this many cosplays at once.

No. 172735

File: 1631910631866.jpeg (270.56 KB, 828x998, 334098CE-B9A4-419F-AB4A-759915…)

Spot on anon

No. 172736


"I need to cosplay as much as I can before my <25 fans find out I'll actually be 40 next year!"

No. 172768

"working on"
you mean, you're buying them or waiting for someone to make it so you can buy it

No. 172769

File: 1631921675212.png (1.56 MB, 828x1792, C866CD1B-AC7B-46D1-BBA4-4D138F…)

This is laughable when he spent the entire pandemic going to malls and other crowded places on the weekend

No. 172771

>Small setting
>Tiny group
>Please come over to my house I promise I won't molest you too much

No. 172772

this fucker goes to the mall for no reason every weekend.

No. 172780

He said he likes to go to the Sephora there and spend his money on hot topic T-shirtts

No. 172798

>>172769 Terry shut up you can't even bother to have your mask on properly here

No. 172800

calling it. he's going to bitch about people not wearing masks at the con. why is he even in the 21+ group?

No. 172886

File: 1631993815232.jpeg (310.61 KB, 828x1547, received_900298330924482.jpeg)

yep. this was from yesterday. like dude mind your own business?? you really expect people to wear masks while drinking in a hot tub? dumbass

No. 172897


Which fb group is this? Certainly not the Colassal Con East he's not attending and has reminded of repeatedly. Why the fuck is he lurking their page if he has no interest in the con itself.

No. 172921

So many topless neckbeards, lord have mercy

No. 172929

Tinfoil but maybe he hates colossalcon so much because its full of people doing swimsuit cosplays and he knows he couldn't pull off dressing up as a cute bikini-clad anime girl in person?

No. 172977

I always assumed it was because much harder to hide from candid shots in what amounts to a giant pool party. Can't pretend to be a teenager with harsh sunlight canids.

No. 173012

File: 1632023695199.jpg (1.82 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210918_23505953…)

Not that it matters, but I screen shotted the first post this morning, but I don't see it anymore. He posted the other status later. Is he trying to make his cosplay more valuable or something??

No. 173039

He's only just bragging. It's in his nature.

No. 173047

And we'll never see it because there's no way that he's small enough to fit into it. I do wonder if he actually ordered it thinking he really is a petite anime girl or just said he ordered it to try to get people to talk to him.

No. 173061

Every time I've seen Terry at a con, the guy is always alone. Whenever he talks with people, it's never about the fandom. He'll just talk about himself.

No. 173094

Ugh seeing him buy all these Genshin cosplays when I know he doesn’t even play is so infuriating. Like what if someone you see at a con wants to talk about the game bc they see you in a Genshin Cosplay? That conversation will go nowhere. I just hope more people see him for the cow he really is.

No. 173099

who wants to bet the cosplay will arrive defective or wrong sizing?

No. 173196

Terry will never admit his orders are small. My guess is that he’ll say he got scammed

No. 173444

basically it'll be another "UGH! the sizing is perfect, but it was ripped. Going to get a refund. I am SO MAD when companies send defective products" and leave out the part where he destroyed it trying to shove himself into a female Asian medium. or he'll just talk about replacing it after wearing it twice because it's suddenly falling apart

No. 173492

File: 1632170977589.png (2.18 MB, 828x1792, 2B55336A-D56F-455F-9268-D51848…)

Will he ever shut the fuck up about colossal con?

No. 173499

never. he'll always have new things to claim why he doesn't go to the con as if everyone doesnt already know he hates it. he acts like whatever happens at the con affects him personally. he even made a cheeky post during the con like "remember to wear a mask at the con this weekend" with the fucking winky face emoji. shut up! if you actually hated the con you wouldn't be this obsessed and stalk everything that happens at it!

No. 173512

File: 1632175578358.jpeg (708.25 KB, 750x1326, 11C81B37-9974-4CF2-83E6-FE5897…)


No. 173545

File: 1632188552729.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2688, 8C7DFFA2-C45F-4D52-80E5-C99323…)


Hahaha here’s the final result and his commentary to that autistic poll. It makes absolutely no sense. I thought it would say something like “I do bc I don’t wanna get toothpaste on my costume”, but no he doesn’t want tartar in is photos. Wouldn’t you just brush your teeth regardless of cosplay bc it’s good hygiene?

No. 173563

do people really brush their teeth right before they put on their cosplays? I find that hard to believe. Terry brushes his teeth 3 times a day?

No. 173585

>good hygiene
Keep in mind this is the guy who bathes with dish soap

No. 173596

Is that even good for your mouth or teeth though? Especially if he brushes more than 3x a day, depending on how many cosplays he changes into?? I know flossing could ruin your teeth gaps too much if used more than once a day but brushing your teeth before every cosplay he puts on?? Let's not forget the numerous amount of cosplays he brings to cons. Is overbrushing just as bad as underbrushing?

No. 173620

Off-topic but why does he buy all these cosplays?? It would be one thing if he was doing photoshoots for them outside of conventions but it seems like he only uses them for costests/selfies. So stupid what's the point of that?

No. 173661

clout. attention. he buys them, does a contest, makes a poll about if he should do a full cosplay for it for more engagement, then if he does a full cosplay he'll make like 4 tiktoks with it - mostly bad lipsyncing to audio that makes no sense to the character or the "pass the brush" video where he stabs his face repeatedly with a make up brush and transitions into cosplay. he only buys ones he thinks will get him attention and even then it's a waste cause he destroys them after 1 wear

No. 173663

File: 1632241576270.jpg (991.25 KB, 1078x2077, Screenshot_20210921-122104_Ins…)

why ask this if you don't drink yourself? just so you can make yet another post about how you don't drink cause poor you got "tricked" into drinking and you were traumatized by a stripper doing her job while drunk?

No. 173664

The amount of snow filter/photo tricks he uses to lighten his skin unnaturally like Michael Jackson is crazy.

So he wants to be white?

No. 173683

I'm sure that's it exactly. Terry has to be the type of person who is just waiting for their turn to speak if you ever engage in a conversation with them. And then its going to be all about Terry.

No. 173700

the few times I've seen Terry at a con and he's approached me he's only talked about himself and wouldn't let anyone in my group have a word in, or we would have to compliment him. one time he wanted a selfie with me and then said "you're welcome" afterwards. he's so self absorbed it's honestly disgusting

No. 173712

File: 1632269112876.jpeg (199.79 KB, 717x1599, 6F1EC205-E380-4D49-A3F9-EB0FEE…)

Hey there, I’m the guy who outed this guy’s real age a few weeks back in the cc east fb group. Someone messaged me recently telling me I should post some of the messages I got from his white knights here.(cowtipping male)

No. 173713

File: 1632269181973.jpeg (222.5 KB, 716x1607, B2D281B5-E732-41A8-ACCA-4CCD7D…)


No. 173714

File: 1632269350385.jpeg (152.59 KB, 745x1599, 8DC12C3B-8D01-43C7-94B1-9B7CC2…)

Different person

No. 173717

File: 1632270201618.jpeg (181.29 KB, 828x482, 49ADDCBF-53DD-43C6-9FA4-55E79F…)

Tellonym’s from anons too relating

No. 173718

File: 1632270254984.jpeg (250.39 KB, 828x499, 312104B3-9B1C-499A-82EB-2FDB3E…)

No. 173719

File: 1632270355115.jpeg (491.42 KB, 828x940, 3854B87C-BC15-42CE-B233-A36538…)

No. 173720

File: 1632270462417.jpeg (612.78 KB, 828x1104, DC6405B5-7780-4220-9555-1496FA…)

No. 173721

File: 1632270568234.jpeg (355.23 KB, 828x746, D19E10CD-F8A0-47FF-BDDE-91C30C…)

No. 173723

File: 1632270639123.jpeg (300.5 KB, 828x636, A908443B-B4A2-4B8F-8CA4-223631…)

Bonus tellonym

No. 173724

At least sage your shitposting

No. 173729

File: 1632274751490.jpg (566.66 KB, 1080x1490, Screenshot_20210921-213333_Ins…)

this shit looks like the monster at the end of a hall in a horror movie. how is this cute lol

No. 173731

Oh shit, t his looks bad. Just creepy and bad. Terry, stop cosplaying girls.

No. 173732

That poor wig

No. 173733

File: 1632277725336.jpg (6.14 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210921_22260954…)

No. 173762

Jesus, his hands look like chicken talons. This whole shot looks like nightmare fuel.

No. 173769

does the photographer actually think he looks good? this photo is grotesque

No. 173772

yooo is no one gonna comment on these tellonym messages? Terry is a massive pussy.
Also he be looking like a dad here, he is way too cocky for being this ugly

No. 173798

JFC please stop spamming, derailing, and cow-tipping. If you're gonna post these caps collage it into one photo instead of nearly 10 fucking posts.

No. 173799

no fucking way where is this from? kekkkk he looks like a whole dad. i can't belive that that one girl he roomed with at otakon allowed this to share the same hotel room.

No. 173803

I don't know what any of those mean, nor do I care. For a dead image board equivalent of kazaa-light you people sure do have bad attitudes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173805

Different anon but you also gave away who you were lol
Your work against Terry is noble but rules are rules or you get banned

No. 173898


Came here to say this. His name is literally in a screen grab a few posts up lol.

No. 173907

Well DID you message girls asking them to suck your dick ?

No. 173934

File: 1632404510310.jpg (185.49 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20210923-093811_Fac…)

except he doesn't wear his mask properly for most of his selfies and I have friends who have told me he's pulled his mask down and gotten in their face at recent cons to show off his makeup. so he's being a huge hypocrite with this post

No. 173955

We all know his vain ass won’t follow through with this. He’ll be begging people for selfies mask or not like he does at every con he’s at. He’s not going to let Covid get in his way.

No. 173967

What the actual fuck. NO ONE is asking HIM for selfies, it's literally always him asking others. He truly is desperate to make it seem like he is popular to put on a front like this. As if people are flooding him with selfie requests, get a grip Terry

No. 173970

“Certain select people” = white female cosplayers younger than mid-20s

No. 173977

File: 1632421056833.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, A9704E70-BB9D-432F-8770-ECF108…)

Thank god

No. 173981

File: 1632422565758.png (1.97 MB, 828x1792, F4035228-7920-45E2-A58D-6ADAF4…)

Looks like a whole toad

No. 173984


Don't believe him. He's been saying "20XX" will be his last con for the past 4 years just because he knows how much attention that gets him. He posts about it at least twice per year lol

No. 173986

the hunched back lmao. it's his "I'm stalking people to take my picture" pose

No. 173988

File: 1632424966919.jpg (518.14 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210923-152215_Fac…)

"yup" wtf would he even know about that? he's never been in a relationship

No. 173996

File: 1632427791906.jpg (150.56 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_20210923-140323_Fac…)

Dude won't STFU about Colossalcon East. He only hates and stalks on that consl just cause it's deemed a party con, so he has to make posts saying "people there were spreading it" & "please make sure you get tested". I'm sure there were people who spread covid at Otakon too but he refuses to talk about that cause it's not as much as a drinking/party con as CCE.

No. 173999

Notice he said traveling. He is still going to go to local cons.

No. 174003

my thoughts exactly! I was tempted to call him out on it, cause he hasn't talked about any other con this way other than dragon con but that was literally one post. this has been the 4th or 5th post at least about the stupid person "testing positive at a cce party" post he's made. get a fucking life. and of course it'll start all over again in November when colossal Texas rolls around

No. 174006

what happened to him supposedly quitting cosplay once he turned 40? guess the attention is too good to give up

No. 174007

The only people who should be making posts like this are those who went. Not those who want to fear monger and spread rumors about the Colossal Cons. It almost seems like he just wants them to get canceled and suspended. Do you know how fucked up that is to those who enjoys that con, especially the little kids?? It's horrible!

No. 174012

Since when was DragonCon ever on the table?

No. 174028

I want him to quit cosplay so badly when he turns 40 next year like he’s been promising, but I know he isn’t going to follow through. I mean just look at this post. He says he’s quitting after 2022, but at the very end he’s already talking about going to cons in 2023

No. 174072

File: 1632486347964.jpg (511.37 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20210924-082340_Ins…)

don't worry I'll fix this for you Terry "I just stalk people until they take their picture with or of me and meet up with girls half my age" because we all know you don't meet up with friends

No. 174077

He could be saying this because 2022 will be the year he does turn 40, so maybe he really will stop, except for maybe local cons. 40 sounds a whole lot different than being in your 30s, probably even to Terry. He won't be able to put 30+ in his bio anymore. Although the past several years he has been talking about quitting cosplay. But this time he'll be turning the big 4 0

No. 174084

Holiday Matsuri is exactly like Colossalcon but in Florida, where the governor is literally against masks. Terry saying he's going to even go to HolMat to begin with while endlessly condemning Colossalcon is the most hypocritical shit I've seen. He has such a huge hate boner for Colossalcon but the "reasons" he has for hating it are found in cons he plans on attending.

At this point, I'm certain that he's only harping on Colossalcon because it was called out and "cancelled" a few times, so he likely sees it as cloutworthy to jump on the bandwagon of shitting on Colossalcon. If HolMat had been called out or if MAGfest didn't replace its leadership, I'd bet Terry would be all fucking over them because he'd get brownie points for it.

No. 174088

he's friends with the head of holmat, so that's why. you're right. holmat is very much a party con now, and the coivd handling is worst than kalahari. he's a hypocrit for only shitting on colossalocn.

No. 174094

the funny thing is the head of colossal was replaced too and everyone involved in that situation years ago has been fired, so he can't even complain about that. so at this point it has to be the drinking and the kalahari itself he has a problem with. he likes to bring up the kalahari ceo a lot for donating to Trump.

but even saying he's thinking of going to dragon con is hypocritical since it's a huge drinking/party con as well. so why still obsess over colossal when it's not much different than other party cons other than it's at a water park resort

No. 174102

Being in his late 30s didn't stop him from using 25+ so I wouldn't hold your breath.

No. 174108

File: 1632501697301.jpg (3.33 MB, 4096x5120, CollageMaker_20210924_11395693…)

Oh well can tell Terry, we can tell…

No. 174112

I came here after i saw that. he just complained last week being asked to work on friday and then next day BRAG about the OT pay. tired of his shit.

No. 174144

File: 1632513463528.png (96.63 KB, 392x713, Untitled.png)

Imagine making $31+ an hour and spending it all on shitty Taobao cosplay in your very late 30's

No. 174149

File: 1632516280420.jpeg (811 KB, 1125x1986, 8866CD79-39FF-4465-B805-9B6F0B…)

So he admits that he only cosplays from popular things for clout.

No. 174150

>we get paid more than this

How is that necessary or relevant to the conversation? Flashing his wealth again.

No. 174164

>it will help me determine who really wants to be there for me
Go cry a river, Terry. You haven't bothered to make any actual friendships, much less appropriate ones with people in your age group.

No. 174168

Terry, you can cosplay these older stuff RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to cosplay for likes. Stop doing these statuses for ass pats

No. 174191

Leave Magical Knight Rayearth alone you old ass fool!

No. 174239

File: 1632579991961.jpg (309.94 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20210925_091540.jpg)

Ah, so cosplay was the cause of why he has a diet of a literal 5 year old, refuses to go to a paid annual check up, and uses dish soap to wash his skin

No. 174244

Anon, a doctor might try to rape him just like that stripper did. It's for the best.

No. 174267

he already said he had a "bad experience" with a dr which makes me feel like he's hinting towards a SA experience. I may be reaching idk I just can't really think of any other bad experience that would happen that he'd be reluctant to share any more info about. or he's just using it as an excuse and nothing happened he just got lazy

No. 174276

I know he's pretty smooth brained, but he can't assume that all doctors are rapey. SA trauma is real, but I have a hard time believing this obvious creep's bullshit. If he is really so traumatized, he could maybe spend some of the money he uses to buy sweatshop, flavor of the month young girl costumes to get some therapy? Because you literally cannot just avoid doctors for the rest of your life eating happy meals and bathing in Palmolive at 40, something's going to give.
He can't get a referral from a friend (kek) or coworker or literally anyone he trusts? I'm sure a doctor who he disclosed that to ahead of time would be more mindful as well. You know, had any actually happened to him and he wasn't just trying to seem like a harmless sympathetic victim.

No. 174327

please he probably had a prostate exam freaked the fuck out after the fact.

No. 174397

This was my first instinct regarding him as well

No. 174433

probably just a testicular cancer exam. he wasn't NB back then so he probably freaked when the doctor touched his balls.

The alleged SA happened years ago. He's 40 now, so he's not due for prostate exam that long ago.

No. 174457

File: 1632718396738.jpeg (982.66 KB, 1242x2195, E12408E8-B845-426C-8495-4DC49E…)

I can’t wait to see him try to figure out how to work his new 3D printer. He doesn’t seem like the type who would take the time to research how to set up the machine or learn the software. Who wants to bet he’ll return it after a month?

No. 174461

File: 1632719861235.jpeg (128.26 KB, 640x1422, 839A800E-BEC1-4E62-A77C-599B1A…)


Samefag, but he got the larger bed model and paid over $400 for it. Photo was in the comments of the post.

No. 174462

Isn't he quitting cosplay in a year, partly because cosplayy is too expensive? I wish people would call him out on this bullshit

No. 174464

I would say 3D printing is well out of his expertise level, these things need so much troubleshooting. Plus the final pieces still need a lot of prep work which I can't see him doing.
>Quit cosplay to save money
>Next day: blows money on 3D printer he won't be able to use

No. 174466

I was searching for that story about the guy who shot his doctor and went on the run after a prostate exam, and found this thread which all sounds like sexual assault to me. So maybe one thing Terry is telling the truth about, everything these people describe seems way out of line unless they're just writing fiction. Like doctors essentially jacking them off or at least not taking care to avoid the patient ejaculating. Makes me think a lot of perverts go into that job specifically to assault patients if it happens this often.

No. 174467


Oh for sure. There’s a lot of set up required just to get the machine to print well, and you have to make sure your software settings are also dialed in. So many people are sperging over the opportunity to help him, but there’s no way someone so narcissistic would ever accept help from anyone.

No. 174470

we are talking about terry here. a non-binary asexual. you're giving him way too much credit. unless his doctors was a young woman, that scenario would never happen.

No. 174506

he'll probably fuck up the process of even putting it together and claim amazon sent him yet another defective product and return it. or if he is successful he'll make posts about people messaging him to print things for them and act like they're trying to take advantage of him, like he has for people (supposedly) asking him to buy them stuff all the time

No. 174507

I don't doubt there's a lot of shitty drs out there, but this is Terry we're talking about. The person who likes to victimize himself so he has an excuse to not do certain things. like another anon said, he has so many "friends" why doesn't he just ask for suggestions from those around his area of drs they trust? it's all an act so he can continue to disregard his health and then post about it so all his young girl followers can worry about him

No. 174514

you actually believe Terry, the man who claimed a stripper assaulted his ugly ass? i'm shocked

No. 174551

What happen to adopting a cat/pet? I haven’t seen him post about it

No. 174552

I doubt he’ll ever get one. He just likes to go to petco and post pics of the animals there for attention. If he ever did get a pet, that poor thing would be so neglected. Everyone knows that sometimes pets are just gonna destroy some of your things, it’s a known part of pet ownership. The first time a pet destroys something of his, you know he’s going to start neglecting it in little ways and eventually he’d probably start making posts to try to rehome it

No. 174562

His issue is he tries so hard to get the same attention girls get.

they post cute pics he posts horror pics of him squeezed in a girls outfit 2 sizes too small.

he tries to copy the tik toks girls do.

it’s not surprising he saw the #meetoo movement and thought “omg me too”

No. 174824

File: 1632888524806.jpg (63.04 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20210929_000351.jpg)

Wasn't the only person who's been to his house that one 20 year old girl who didn't know his real age???

No. 174876

He had to make it clear to everyone that he has "friends."

No. 174884

File: 1632925734894.jpg (157.93 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20210929-102627_Fac…)

I really didn't need this mental image…… but like why even ask this? he always asks questions acting like he's the only person who does these normal things

No. 174890

I do not think this is normal at all. Underwear maybe? Completely naked is eww. Regardless it’s not a conversation I expect a 40 yo man to have with his largely gem z followers.

No. 174892

If you think being naked while living alone with the windows closed is bizarre, when is it appropriate to be naked to you? Nothing about that is weird, posting about it when you have no roommates and you are creepy as hell is sus?

No. 174893

This sounds like your average weirdo that will ask you invasive and nsfw questions/purposely overshare nsfw stuff about themselves, but they act like they have innocent intentions

No. 174898

That’s literally what groomers do…

No. 174906

I just…who says these things? He always comes off as an alien pretending to be a human. Poorly.

No. 174911

Terry baiting his underage followers to tell him about when they walk around naked so he can imagine it

No. 174912


I hope half of them are his enthusiastic replies where he pretends to be a 5 year old and not understand basic concepts. Anons should start capping some of the replies to his weird posts since not everyone uses Facebook and there's probably some questionable stuff in there.

No. 174915

Damn all you anons are woke af. So glad Terry is finally being talked about for who he really is, when the original thread was started not many understood until all the shit about him was uncovered

No. 174922

It's simple really he's hoping one of his barely legal 'friends' is gonna respond with "I wanna see!" As well as those responding with what they do when naked so he can fantasize about them.

No. 174924

File: 1632943924514.jpg (78.69 KB, 1080x448, Screenshot_20210929-152912_Fac…)

this is the only one he's replied to. the other comments are mostly girls saying they do walk around naked

No. 174951

What's funny is "Lisa Garland' is rachniqueen–total costhot. She doesn't 'like' being naked yet half her cosplays are lewded and sexualized. She's a cow in her own, just doesn't post much besides in her 'circle'.

No. 174953

This screen cap is hilarious. “Lisa garland” is such a thot.

I notice Terry only replied to comments to make himself appear to be pure at heart and scared to show his naked body. This is very concerning behavior.

No. 174970

How old are yall that you have an issue with every woman who cosplays lewd characters and have to title them a “thot”(emoji)

No. 174976

>no sage

back to twitter you go, anon.

She cosplays barely-dressed characters in order to make money from a bunch of pornsick scrotes. She's a costhot.

No. 174981

File: 1632963704396.jpg (265.81 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20210929_205404.jpg)

Def not a thot

Yeahhh, tbh I have a lot of sex worker fb friends, and I always see Terry heart reacting their lewd photos. But yeah, his "innocence" has to be a huge act

No. 174983

yeah man i loved when samus wore that or when sansa wore that in game of thrones. must just be her cosplaying 'lewd' characters though, not her slutting them up herself. /s

No. 174986

imagine hate being naked and being forced to take these lewd photos. i feel bad for "her"

No. 174987

not to derail because it's not her thread, but i've known her for years even before this 'lisa garland' alias–she's female. an obnoxious one but biological.

No. 175018


Do you really care what this random woman is doing to make money? Enough to derail the thread? It’s legal and doesn’t affect you. Literally nobody gives a fuck. Now back to Terry he’s a pervert who’s ACTUALLY dangerous to people!

No. 175034

Have you ever used this site before? We have a thread for costhots where she’s been talked about before. Agreed, talk of her should go to that thread but let’s not act like there aren’t threads about women doing way less than rachniqueen. (I’d almost “hi cow” this but that’s against the rules…)

No. 175040

>he's ACTUALLY dangerous!!!!

kek. he's a cringy autist. as much of a creep he is, he probably won't ever do anything. it's all for show for social media.

No. 175051

I disagree. I think all these predatory tactics, including talking about sex/nudity online in an "innocent" way is an act which is building up in order to eventually act upon it. Or if not, it's still a shit stain on the cosplay community to have a predatory creep in it

No. 175053

The cosplay community has always been full of Terrys. For every one costhot there’s a handful of autistic manchildren.

No. 175072

True but they aren't usually almost 40 and dressing up as children

No. 175089

File: 1633020698074.jpg (192.78 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_20210930-124853_Fac…)

I was trying to find the post from a while back where he claimed something like he doesn't want to get tested for autism or anything similar cause he wants to think he's "normal" but came across this gem from 2019 instead. thinking about who he's friends with now the "if I wanted it I could probably get it" is super predatory. but also no, he can't get it if he wanted it

No. 175092

I think that’s a bad mindset to have, I agree it’s really hard to imagine him actually following through on something like that but plenty of creeps use that sort of manipulation tactic of being “innocent” and then have actually followed through on it. I just feel like it’s better to err on the side of caution and assume that he would follow through on it if given the chance. We’re all laughing and shit on this thread which is fine but I think at the same time we should remember that he’s a creep and has the potential to hurt clueless girls. It’s actually really disturbing to me

No. 175095

Unrelated why this dude buying a 3D printer if he’s quitting cosplay tf

No. 175109

ayrt and yeah, every male is able to become a predator but terry really let that happen to his 'cosplay career'? the internet fame is literally all that he has, his cosplay friends are all that he has, and his life is only work and conventions—i just can't see him doing something willingly knowing that it would take that all away. dude needs it for his narcissism.

No. 175116

He's not quitting. He just posts about it every year since it gets him attention

No. 175117

Because he’s not actually quitting. He’s just saying that for attention

iirc he makes a lot of money and lives in a three story house by himself. He doesn’t have kids or pets, so he has a lot of disposable income he can easily throw around without thinking twice about it. It’s why he has a room filled with cosplays and you see him continuously buying new ones

No. 175127

IF I WANTED IT I COULD PROBABLY GET IT????? yeah from a prostitute maybe since you have money, but otherwise yeah fucking right. He is such an arrogant prick

No. 175134

“But it could change” ewww Dude straight up soliciting people to change him (have sex with him)

I don’t understand how people can defend this creep.

No. 175138

Wait, I have this guy on my friend list. If hes openly creepy that's one thing, but are we just making fun of the fact that he's old? A man? That he dresses like a sezy woman when he is actually a man? Idk, when we get to his age, we will be a lonely and miserable bunch lmao(learn2integrate)

No. 175142

>white knighting
>no sage
>I’m on his friends list
>thinking this is because he’s old
I can tell you’re just another one of his zoomer fans. You need to go back to the previous thread linked in the op. Actually read that thread and this one before making dumb assumptions like that. I mean have you ever been to a con? There’s a ton of people his age and older in attendance. Do you see us talking about any of them? No you don’t. And there’s good reasons for it

No. 175144

>he’s old
That in itself is not an issue. Cosplay whatever.


Not an issue. He can cosplay whatever as a man

>dress like a sezy woman

I think you mistyped. “Dres up like a teenage girl is more appropriate

The problem is not him being an old man cosplaying young girls. It’s him being an old man hiding his age and his grooming behaviors

No. 175146

ewwww who in their right mind would fuck terry?

No. 175154

The only thing I can envision is an e-girl cosplayer using him as a sugar daddy

No. 175157

I can’t even see this tbh he’s too cheap to spend a significant amount of money trying to hold onto a sugar baby and also he’s just TOO repulsive… sugar daddies are old but at least they maintain good personal hygiene to not be so gross. I truly don’t think that many girls could stomach it, especially because he’s not even that rich. I’d guess he’s on the lower end of upper-middle class so it’s nothing really extraordinary

No. 175194

yeah definitely wouldn't say he's rich, just makes more money than his zoomer followers and only spends it on cosplay and chicken tenders. he's also super cheap when it comes to buying cosplay so that's why he can afford so many at once

No. 175195

nothing wrong with being an older man cosplaying. you obviously haven't gone through the thread at all. yes we poke fun at his cosplay at time, but its because they're honestly shit quality and yet he brags about them as if he's the best thing in the world. he's also just a huge creep lying about his age constantly so he can keep being friends with girls half his age. also the overuse of filters which he also denies using and claims its all makeup. if he was actually straightforward about himself and didn't creep around young girls at cons, then there would be less to talk about. but he clearly shows predatory behavior time and time again, as well as bring a huge hypocrite on a lot of subjects

No. 175204

agree. he's more well off than most of his zoomer fans and had money to spend on cosplay because he's so cheap. he has no issue paying for his 4 level house though, so he does make a decent living.

No. 175210

if he has all that money why are they always so cheap. he could buy one nice custom made costume with a commissioned with instead of the amazon tier shit he gets.

No. 175211

he just cheap and like good deals? he just redid his dungeon bathroom to look like the gazebo. That man has no priority in life

No. 175212

Most people who have a lot of money only got to that point by being cheap. Also Terry is such an asshole when it comes to cosplays. He nitpicks every little detail and if there’s one thing he deems wrong with it, he’ll either send it back or demand a partial refund. He’s also been known to be completely delusional about his measurements. He’ll order the wrong size because he wants to pretend he’s skinny and in shape and then when he tries it on, his fat ass busts the cosplay. Then he goes around claiming that the company sent him defective items and he harasses customer service until they let him return it. I would not wish any of that on an individual commissioner

No. 175214

yeah he's really proud of what he does too. he constantly posts about how he harasses workers when it's not right or asking for a refund over like a slight color difference. I'm sorry but when ordering online the color is NEVER accurate. most places even put a disclaimer for that.

on the same topic of him buying cosplays, while there's nothing wrong with buying cosplay at all I feel it's wrong for him to be accepting requests to be guests at cons or even consider judging cosplay contests. he was recently asked to be a guest AND judge at anime ink con. he turned it down only because they wouldn't pay for his hotel room. 1st. you're not a huge celebrity why would they pay for your room? 2nd. how do you have that big of an ego you think you have the right to judge cosplays when you don't even know the first thing about making one! 3rd. really? guesting at a tattoo con when you have no intentions of ever getting a tattoo? gross.

No. 175223

That’s the first I heard about the tattoo con. Very stupid of them to try to book him.

No. 175244

he honestly hid it but still posted about how "a con" wanted him to guest. this was a few months ago now I believe, but more recently a mutual fb friend made a status asking about anyone going to anime ink con on and he of course had to brag in the comments that they asked him to be a guest

No. 175246

File: 1633115681390.jpg (553.35 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1633115148131.jpg)

here's screenshots from the status of his comments where he was talking about being asked to guest anime ink con since I'm sure not everyone has heard about this

No. 175264

what a joke. Why would he even be invited??

No. 175274

Does he even have tattoos?(learn2sage)

No. 175278

File: 1633130755599.png (114.49 KB, 1440x758, Screenshot_20211001-192452~2.p…)

His 3D printer is DEFECTIVE?????
Lemme guess he fucking broke it lol

No. 175279

I love how he completely ignores the other person's comment to keep talking about himself.
Lmao oh wow poor Terry. He must be cursed if everything he buys comes in defective and definitely not immediately broken by himself.

No. 175287

Surprise surprise, 3d printer troubleshooting is beyond his abilities. "Defective" like the XS clothes he buys and hulks through. I'm sure it'd work if he knew what he was doing.

No. 175297

File: 1633143060796.png (1.65 MB, 828x1792, B1A7A577-FD95-4269-83A5-1464C4…)


No. 175298

File: 1633143084870.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, EF499D44-0E88-42BE-A051-04C10A…)

This is hilarious

No. 175299

looks like he didn't break it this time. the lcd looks to be DOA.

No. 175307

File: 1633153410585.jpeg (532.78 KB, 2048x2048, 3B14D978-B3A9-4A66-86EE-98B04F…)

Fucking SHOCKER he’s sending this back for a “defective screen”. Retard probably put it together wrong

No. 175316

He's a nightmare customer who buys wildly unsuitable things, breaks them, then sends back. Just a little bit of bad karma into the world courtesy of Terry.

No. 175317

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if he stomped on the screen or something, his "defective" clothes get ripped in unusual ways. Pretty sure he has a tantrum if something isn't as expected (shocker: 3d printing is not for newbies) and is excessively rough with the goods.

No. 175321

That’s so strange. He doesn’t sew at all and the few props we’ve seen from him have been laughably low quality. Do cons not vet cosplay judges anymore? Then there’s the whole tattoo aspect, which makes it even weirder

>I love how he completely ignores the other person's comment to keep talking about himself.
My thoughts exactly! I have encountered so many people, especially in nerd spaces, who do this. So whenever this happens now, I hone in on it immediately and make a mental note to not associate that person in the future.

No. 175377

No they dont. They usually get whomever they can. I know a black cosplayer who only got invited to a con as a guest judge because she's black (and like bibi) has been cosplaying a while but doesnt sew correctly, make her own props or wigs. A lot of cons are running low on guests in general and revenue isnt what it used to be, even pre-pandemic.

No. 175390

Man americans are weird(sage )

No. 175673

File: 1633397943618.jpeg (784.95 KB, 1242x1770, 67E18BAB-28E6-4373-9CD0-94C31E…)

Oh no Terry how will you ever survive not being able to talk to your smol baby cosplayer “friends”

No. 175693

He would be one of those cry baby zoomers who'd complained about the world is ending cause his precious social media apps no longer works.

No. 175725

I was waiting for him to post about it. of course he's upset he couldn't make any posts for attention from his little girl friends. I'm surprised he didn't go crazy on tiktok or go to Twitter just to get his spam post fill.

No. 175731

File: 1633436492975.jpg (130.71 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20211005_081748.jpg)

Terry's back to his "I'm a virgin because I'm Ace" shennanigans again. No terry, you've been a virgin for 35+ years then identified as ace since nobody wanted to fuck your crusty dick

No. 175739

does he not realize that asexual people can and do still have sex?

No. 175743

Better question is how does he not realize that no one cares? I know he's self-obsessed and all but really?

No. 175756

File: 1633446099108.jpg (103.56 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20211005-105754_Fac…)

good for you? like I understand he's probably getting some messages about Sora being in smash now but damn he doesn't have to be so aggressive.

No. 175767

File: 1633449836355.jpg (514.17 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1633449638998.jpg)

some highlights of him being nasty and stupid in the comments. you don't have to like the game, but you also don't have to be a dick about it. how is he expecting people to just remember that he once said he doesn't like the game 3 years ago?

No. 175774


How rude

People are thinking of him and trying to spread joy and he chooses to react like this

No. 175783

I'm under the impression he doesn't like the game because you can't really fake your way into the fighting game community like he does with Genshin and play it for an hour and stop. He sucked and now the game is awful and we should all know it and never forget that lord Terry hates Smash so do not speak of it again. Unless he brings it up. Them agree with him.

No. 175794

I noticed he has a habit of talking a lot about things he doesn't like and not so much about things he actually likes. honestly the only things I know he for sure likes is Kingdom Hearts and chicken tenders, but everything else I know about him is that he hates parties, drinking, colossalcon, Smash, etc. like maybe spend more of your energy on the things you like and if you don't like something you can just not talk about it?

No. 175796

This status was such a cringe fest. Imagine people care about you and tagging you. Nobody can keep track of all the things you hate.

No. 175800

"I wanted Sora to not get in, just to piss people off LMAO"
Small dick energy.

No. 175822

saged for obvious reasons but doesn't that defeat the purpose of being ace?

No. 175825

Asexual just means lack of sexual attraction, ace people can be sex-positive (meaning they enjoy the activity without any sexual attraction to the other party) or sex-repulsed, where they do not enjoy it/are disgusted by it. Terry is very clearly a sexual person, but just uses the most basic ace label to get people to not see him as a creep.

No. 175886

statuses like this got me thinking. is this man autistic? he shouldnt get a free pass for being a terrible person, but don't you feel bad for making fun of him?

No. 175888

>is this man autistic?
Doesn't matter. He's a 40 year old creep and asshole
>don't you feel bad for making fun of him?
Why should we?

No. 175915

not making fun of him. just pointing out how shitty and creepy he is. and like you said even if he is autistic it doesn't give him a pass to be awful or show predatory behaviors.

No. 175920

No, we don't.

No. 176164

File: 1633626244474.jpg (420.1 KB, 1078x1146, Screenshot_20211007-130223_Fac…)

he needs to stop with this bs. no one is asking for him to cosplay these characters. he's just making polls on IG asking yes or no to them and no one has the balls to say no

No. 176170

Did anyone see his facebook post saying he has a date

No. 176189

I don’t remember if it’s fb or ig, but I saw something re himspending the day with a “special someone”. Fucking weirdo.

No. 176190

Yeah but it was called off cause she had a certain death in the family. She apparently also has kids but I don't think she'll be able to handle his crazy autism. Those kids are possibly gonna destroy whatever cosplay stuff he has and he's gonna be more than just pissed.

No. 176197

This is an image board.

No. 176226

I remember him saying before that he has a childhood friend who has kids so it’s probably the same person. Which in that case I’m under the impression that it’s not a romantic date at all, just a friend date but of course he had to just say “date” so that people will think a woman is in love with him :(

No. 176239

File: 1633654038615.png (2.83 MB, 828x1792, 965632D7-E0FE-4288-9339-E29E13…)

Actually someone did. Kek
If they go missing we know where to look

No. 176287


like people are begging him. just cosplay whatever the hell you like Ter and get off that damn high horse.

No. 176414

File: 1633741726836.jpg (301.92 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20211008-210703_Ins…)

god this is just awful

No. 176424

File: 1633749999164.jpeg (84.57 KB, 404x728, received_199845772232998.jpeg)

Lord save us all

No. 176425

File: 1633750301404.jpg (689.15 KB, 1076x1614, Screenshot_20211008-232832_Ins…)

If you say the words "Scary Terry" three times in a row, he'll cosplay your favorite underage anime waifu with even LESS clothing in even more lewd poses!

No. 176447

I hate that we just have to accept ugly pedo men in dresses now. He's disgusting

No. 176449

>sometimes i feel i'm the only one
Trust me, you're not. ONS was a pretty popular anime and manga, but that was 4+ years ago. No one cares now because it isnt the flavor of the month. He really thinks he likes rare gems?

No. 176462

he thinks he's special. he makes posts like this all the time or it's the "I feel like I'm the only one who does x" shit when it's something pretty much everyone does.

No. 176473

He looks like he's short a chromosome.

No. 176487

Only because said ugly pedo men in dresses brigade you online if you don't. In real life everyone sees #pedomenindresses for what they are.

No. 176579

File: 1633915614439.jpg (425.72 KB, 1078x975, Screenshot_20211010-212624_Fac…)

he's back to looking at cats. I really hope he never goes through with getting one it'll end up being so neglected

No. 176602

He's just gonna return it and claim it was defective if it dies.

No. 176610

>adorable and nice

he talks like someone who’s only heard third hand how to talk about cats.

also you know full well it’ll snag a claw in one of his cosplays snd he’ll say it was destructive and shouldn’t be kept.

And if he actually goes through with it “who wants to come round and see my cat” fuckin kitten and chill the creep. He clearly doesn’t know anything about cats, if his house really is 3 floors and he can’t devote attention to a cat get two.

No. 176672

File: 1633995585334.png (14.34 KB, 675x186, 6456.PNG)

yea sure thanks

No. 176679

Omg what a gentleman

No. 176732

File: 1634040492533.jpg (498.02 KB, 1080x2096, Screenshot_20211012-080551_Ins…)

you'd think that as many times that he gets "defective" items or stuff like this happens, he'd realize his constant "bad luck" is actually the universe telling him to stop. but instead he just uses it as fuel to whine online for sympathy

No. 176735

Anyone really believe he’s men size small with 31waist? I haven’t seen him in person I since pandemic but I remember him being bigger than that. How delusional is he ?

No. 176752

There’s absolutely no way. I’ve seen him in person a fair amount of times, I wouldn’t call him fat, but he’s definitely not that skinny. He’s of extremely average build for a dude, minus his height, of which he’s around 5’5. Some sellers have height listed in their measurements, I wonder if he’s going by the height listing, not bothering to actually measure himself and has managed to convince himself that he fits into the small? Even if he can squeeze into that, his diet combined with his age will make him balloon soon enough.

No. 176783

I know it’s image board but I don’t have fb on my work computer. In his marketing post on Facebook, he mentioned his waist being 30 or 31. That explains the defects

No. 176845

This dude needs to stop cosplaying Genshin characters he hardly knows. He rarely even plays the game. This is just a sad waste of money just so he can get more clout.

No. 176850

I would really love it if someone publicly asked him what his world level was, or some other super specific Genshin related question.

No. 176876

i don't get the impression he's an actual fan of a lot of the stuff he's cosplaying. he cosplays a bunch of league too but never talks about playing it or the characters or lore. he seems to genuinely like kingdom hearts and final fantasy but those aren't super hyped right now like genshin and kda are so he keeps buying a ton of cosplays to get attention.

No. 176880

I don't remember which Genshin cosplay photo it was on but someone asked what his team was and it was all characters given out in the story including traveler

No. 176882

That’s not a secret anymore. He mentioned it in his con retirement post that he’s only cosplaying popular characters right now.

No. 176926

So Amber, Kaeya and Lisa? That's so fucking funny. Just play the game or admit you don't. Artists draw fanart of characters they don't know all the time.

No. 177010

File: 1634213987072.jpg (472.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211014-081757_Ins…)

so he posts this and says at the bottom he'll only add those few females as new and then literally 3 stories later he's asking people to choose between two genshin girls to cosplay. make it make sense

No. 177024

Why does he need to announce he only plans to cosplay from this massive list of 11-15+ characters like he's making some kind of huge sacrifice? I'm struggling to think of 11-15 characters that I would want to invest the money in cosplaying period.

No. 177054

File: 1634236774623.jpg (308.29 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20211014-143735_Fac…)

he even makes it a point to say in his fb post that he doesn't want to continue female cosplays because he doesn't look feminine enough. but does a complete 180 a day later with polls about what new genshin girl to cosplay. what a joke. obviously looking for the comments telling him that he's good enough and shouldn't quit cosplaying girls

No. 177069

File: 1634240849203.png (1.71 MB, 1340x2048, Screenshot_20211014-154409.png)

"quitting female cosplays" my ass lmao

No. 177152

Beg harder for ass pats, Terry

No. 177153

I wish this was him finally becoming self aware. too bad it's just another cry for attention and to get compliments from his zoomer girls

No. 177155

File: 1634304884342.jpg (255.67 KB, 1078x869, Screenshot_20211015-093001_Fac…)

the shameless cosplay sale plug in this post is gross. also "I wish we got to take more selfies"? that's all you can think about?

No. 177300

File: 1634440925718.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2182, 657F5484-2753-4F66-9467-DBD0B8…)

Awh poor Terry has to walk in 1 in heels. Try walking in 6 in platform stilettos then talk to me about pain.

No. 177303

Maybe if he didn't try to wear women's shoes that are clearly too small for him he wouldn't be in pain. Those shoes are majorly pulling trying to fit his man feet.

No. 177699

File: 1634681950409.jpg (1.36 MB, 1436x2600, Screenshot_20211019-181815_Ins…)

3D Printer Saga continues

No. 177700

Take a fucking class Terry. Read the instructions. Watch an instructional video. I know he's not that old but he's such a fucking boomer at heart like use the countless resources available to you my dude instead of complaining and acting helpless.

No. 177702

Big fucking kek he thought that little machine was equipped to make such a large sword

No. 177712

Surprise surprise, guy with absolutely no technical knowledge fails to work his 3d printer correctly. Just make it out of foam and worbla like everyone else dude

No. 177725

He's so predictable.

Even if he somehow got it to print correctly, he'd still throw a big baby bitch fit because he'd still have to assemble, reinforce, sand, seal, and paint it to look good.

No. 177727


LMAO nonny you beat me to it. I’m positive this idiot thought 3D printers just magically work out of the box after assembly and require no tweaking whatsoever.

To print such a massive sword would require a shit load of filament not to mention so much additional work to hide the print layers. Even if he did get the thing to work right his layers would most likely be so fucked because he has no idea how to adjust the setting. Guarantee his bed level is jacked, too.

No. 177765

This ended quicker than I expected. Is he going to return the machine because it’s defective? I’m surprise Amazon hasn’t blacklisted him yet.

No. 177795

he needs to do actual research about what he buys before dumping a lot of money on something that inevitably isn't going to work without some actually learning effort. he thinks everything should just magically work out for him because he's Terry Hall. he's too important to be bothered with putting any effort in anything he does. he also mentioned just passing off part of the sword print to a friend to print for him because he just can't figure it out. and now he's having an emotional meltdown cause he can't have any new cosplay at anime nyc. news flash you don't need new cosplay for every con. you can wear cosplay more than once! unless he's already destroyed his other cosplays squeezing himself into them

No. 177796

File: 1634733058759.jpg (202.56 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_20211020-082819_Fac…)

another example of him expecting everything to just work for him because he's so special. he's throwing a fit on ig and fb about not getting a magfest room. I hope he forgets to email mag by the end of October to refund the badge, since that's the cut off, if he actually decides not to go. I'd love to see his meltdown about not being refunded the $110 he wasted on a badge for a con he didn't even have a room for yet

No. 177799

He is such a fucking idiot. I love how he calls this a "3D printer issue" when it's really his own dumbass ignorant fault for not reading instructions. I can't stand him

No. 177815

> he wasted on a badge for a con he didn't even have a room for yet
Not sure if you know but mag requires people to buy a ticket in order to enter the lottery for gaylord rooms (and other hotels, but mainly gaylord), which is why they also so freely put up with the refunds since they know people will cancel if they don't get a good room.

No. 177824

Kinda ironic since I'm sure this dude is an actual engineer smh

Lmfao dude would rather book a flight to LA than commute 42 minutes and park for Magfest? Isn't he going to Katsu anyways?

No. 177825

Is he an actual engineer or just a button pusher? He has zero technical skill

No. 177837

Watch he’s going to MAGfest for sure. He’s not stupid enough to fly across the country when he can dominate locally. plus most of his zoomer fans attend MAGfest.

No. 177849

Sorry lol. It was 3 days of no post and so I went to insta and started laughing. Had to post it. 3D print saga is currently my favorite of the bunch

No. 177901


Isn’t Magfest a party con? doesn’t sound like the right place for Mr. I Hate Drinking lol.

No. 177923

Not even a week and he added Ganyu to the list.

No. 177950

File: 1634818653990.jpg (329.03 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20211021-061452_Ins…)

No, Terry. There really isn't.

No. 177951

Why did he have the phrase the poll in such a creepy way?

No. 177954

Ganyu is the “Thiccest” character with the lore that says her ass n thighs choked a monster to death when it tried to eat her. He probably wants his followers to say he’s thick.

No. 177966

File: 1634823845394.jpg (450.96 KB, 2048x1808, PhotoGrid_1634823726533.jpg)

these people are making him so delusional.

No. 177989

File: 1634835238680.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2091, Screenshot_20211021-125234~2.p…)

You mean next year?

No. 177991

I was about to post that too lol
But nobody gives a flying fuck about age in cosplay unless you're doing something creepy…

Just counting down the days until Sept 4, 2022 when all hell breaks loose

No. 178017

>in the future
keep drinking that copium Terry

No. 178019

Cut the guy some slack. He’s intentionally vague but not exactly lying. He’s probably going through a lot right now

No. 178020

Lurk much, Terry? The fact this was posted not long after I posted the "give me compliments on why I should coaplay Ganyu" here is embarrassing.

No. 178055

I can't tell if this is a joke or you're being serious.

intentionally being vague about his age when he's "friends" with a lot of younger girls and seeking out friendships with girls almost half his age is very misleading and creepy. so even if its not lying, it's pretty close and just as bad.

also, going through a lot? why defend his creepy actions with that line?

we're pointing out the fact that he keeps making it seem like he's so far off from 40 when it's literally next year. he doesn't want his zoomer girlfriends to know because they'll realize how unsettling it is that he's sought out friendships with them. why is it hard for him to find friends closer his age? or for him to stop dropping friends when they get too old for him?

No. 178113

>He’s intentionally vague but not exactly lying
It’s called lying by omission, which newsflash, is still lying

>He’s probably going through a lot right now

What do you mean right now?? He’s been lying about his age for years now. Also “going through it” isn’t an excuse for doing shitty things

No. 178115

ill cut the guy some slack when he stops fooling underage women into thinking hes younger than he actually is (newsflash he isn’t very good at it… i mean look at him…)

No. 178149

Ahh yes, let him continue collecting zoomer and e-girl followers while insinuating that he just turned 30 when he's going to be 40 in not exactly a year. It wouldn't be creepy if he didn't interact with only a set target audience and hiding his age from them. If this is "going through a lot" and you're defending his actions, you're just as bad as he is then

No. 178185

File: 1634933350116.jpg (312.71 KB, 1080x958, Screenshot_20211022-160752_Fac…)

I still hate how he says he only declined guesting animeink was because they wouldn't pay for his hotel and not, you know, because it doesn't make sense for him to be a guest there let alone a cosplay contest judge in general

No. 178188

She LITERALLY has 2 OF accounts. BUT she also insists that she hates being called sexy.

No. 178265

Who the fuck cares

No. 178473

File: 1635084738641.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1781, 27EF8A1B-5751-4A36-B70D-D8530A…)

How the hell is a children’s doll franchise relevant to a 40 year old man?

No. 178500

Obvious pedo-groomer is obvious, hello fellow kids

These dolls were popular about ten years ago, so we know what his ideal age range is. 10, plus average age of little girl buying/playing with dolls at the time = 5 to 12 = this repost is aimed at 15-22 year olds.

Stay creepy Terr.

No. 178507

I am dreading a Monster High cosplay saga.
Insert poll: “should I cosplay x monster high character?”
He’s probably taking into account the characters commented the most on that post for maximum asspats.

No. 178546

File: 1635112756909.jpeg (823.36 KB, 1125x1349, D571EE25-B682-4498-A43D-3875C1…)

When she suggests you bathe with something other than dish soap.

No. 178645

A lot of adult collecters were into monster high around the same time. Like I dated one. Plenty of non children have collected them, sold them, made whole businesses out of customization. He's a creep but this is a reach. How many 8-12 year olds were still playing with dolls at that age 10 years ago anyway?

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