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No. 326236

Thread #1 >>54749 Thread #2 >>166105 Thread #3 >>197809 Thread #4 >>208755 Thread #5 >>229285 Thread #6 >>261505 Thread #7 >>284431 Thread #8 >>303389 Thread #9 >>315338

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous", "old (30+)", NB and Ace cosplayer who is actually a 41 year old narcissistic man. He is a known 5’4” moid that meanders around anime conventions by himself trying to collect selfies with "fans"/stalk white and asian girls under the age of 25. Recently, Terry is embracing his AGP side and is looking for face and posing tips to “look more femme”, showing off his ashy ass, and attending raves and parties.

He has obsessions with: bathrooms, chicken tendies, buying video games he never plays, and stalking zoomers at malls.
He hates: doctors, alcohol, the Kalahari, being black and strippers.

Recap of previous thread:
>Terry virtue signals not going to Florida cons due to it being anti-LGBTQ and anti-POC, yet still goes to cons in Texas no problem >>315471
> Terry whines that he’s not a popular cosplayer because he isn’t young, pretty, or “fem presenting”. Claims to not care about numbers, but proceeds to compare his likes and follower count to 20-year-olds. He says he should give up cosplaying popular characters for this reason >>316471 >>316479
>Terry finally visits the dentist after avoiding going for 10+ years. He discovers through the dentist visit that he has high blood pressure and claims it is due to stress and not his chicken tendie diet and lack of exercise >>316484 >>316645 >>317780
>Annual “I’m going to quit cosplay this year” post. Spoiler: He doesn’t >>317068
>As expected, the ladyboy Stocking cosplay does not do well and Terry wants to sell it right away, same for Misa >>317376 >>323884
>Terry doesn’t hide his contempt at having to take a cosplay photo with another male >>318163
>A cryptic message from Terry - apparently a photographer/videographer is spreading rumors about him and he wants his followers to contact him if they receive a message. >>318507
>Shortly after, a cowtipping anon comes in with heavily cropped and questionable receipts >>318543 >>318544 >>318545 >>318546 >>318547
>While Terry does have autism, here he is playing it up for his zoomer audience and falsely claims he is nonverbal >>319423 Terry continues milking his autism and writes a story about it, trying to impress and gain sympathy from his followers >>321625
>Terry claims someone tried to kiss him. Sure, Jan. He says only his close friends can kiss him. >>322765
>Terry begins his trans journey and starts researching how to make his face “more fem” >>323797 , researching how to dress to look more fem >>324675 and complains about his deadname being used >>323811
>Terry states that his goal is to look like a real girl from a distance >>324396
>Terry admits he struggles to love anyone, but wants someone to love him. He’s apparently still single because no one’s excited about loving him >>324563 >>326196
>Terry continues his AGP behavior and shows off his ass, thinking sexualizing yourself = just girly things >>324612 >>324748
>Terry thinks about going to an appropriate social event instead of prowling the mall looking for zoomers >>324772
>Says his figure looks better in hip shaping and certain female outfits >>325188
>The AGP peaks through and Terry says he really shouldn’t be feeling hot dressing in skimpy cosplays, but does it anyways >>325266
>Terry claims it isn’t his makeup that is the issue with his fem cosplays (it’s definitely not because he’s a man!), but that it is actually his posing. He proceeds to post scantily clad cosplayers as inspo, including a troon, and asks for tips >>325346
> Terry is unashamed of his sissy fetish and posts that he likes cute pink dresses and wishes he wore them more >>325608
>Terry announces his coworker died and turns the situation into an anti-smoking advert >>325701
>Terry practices his “fem poses” and only succeeds in looking like the perverted creep he is >>325710
>As part of his girl larp, Terry wants to go to more cosplay raves and parties so he can dress skimpy >>325802
>More gender rambling from Terry and how he doesn’t feel man enough, so he must actually be a girl. Also makes a creepy comment about his lack of bust and hips >>325859 >>325860
>Terry is personally offended when he receives a rejection letter regarding his influencer status >>326147

No. 326241

>interview Andy with him
Did he just accidentally mention the name of one of his coworkers in his story?

No. 326249

I found that andy being namedropped being random too. What's the purpose of this stream of conscious essay? he thought his zoomer followers care? imagine being a middle age guy risking his job because of profile pic.

No. 326259

…it's a typo, anons. Kek. He's saying he was interviewed by the manager before and got passed on.

No. 326269

And this is it. He is over 40 years old and being passed on for management positions. He makes good money, sure. But he SHOULD be making more. At his age.

No. 326271

I don’t know anyone is actually thinking that. Terry can’t write. Six figures is clearly a lot of money for him already. He’s lucky he’s making as much money as he’s, probably protected by the union and can’t be fired. Also, there’s no way to tell from this story when he interviewed with this manager. For all we know it could be 10 years ago. Terry loves to hold grudges for people rejecting him (cosplayer, anime anyc, manager). We cannot trust his narrative

No. 326272

Someone with an engineering degree should be making about 80k+. For a single person, that's very good. A 40+ year old that has over 15 years experience SHOULD be making more, he should have had offers to be in management way before now. How he is still an hourly employee is a statement to his ineptitude.

No. 326274

Or he could've turned those offers down. To call him socially stunted is an understatement. Not everyone wants management positions, and he likely turned them down knowing he would never make it as anyone's boss in any capacity, let alone enjoy it.

No. 326275

Non-management = hourly employee. lol tell me you don’t know what you’re talking about without telling us. Terry is salaried and has option for overtime paid. That’s not bad for running tests. Yes he could and probably should be paid way more since he’s such a well educated and smart man but he clearly has more money than he needs. I don’t know anyone else who just throw away money like him

No. 326281

I thought I remember him claiming hourly status, that's my bad.

No. 326282

He doesn't really need more. He owns a house, multiple cars, has no debt, huge savings account, and frivolously spends his money on every whim without issue. I'm sure being a manager is more work, and why do that if you already make enough to have everything you need/want.

Plus what >>326274 said. He's said before that he doesn't like working with a team and prefers when he can do work himself. Why would he want to be responsible for managing a whole team and in constant contact with them.

No. 326283

not to mention Terry has no ambition and well aware he's a shitty worker. Remember last summer when he was worried about his new manager? He applied to a ton of jobs and all got denied. and after the summer we never heard that again. He's smart enough to know he can't get fired and is clearly making more money than he knows what to do with

No. 326296

Eh, I don’t think he has a ton of savings. I think he has a 401k (I believe he’s mentioned that he took out a 401k loan for his house) and maybe a couple grand but he spends money pretty frivolously. He’s rather have tons of costumes he’s worn once rather than rewear some and save up. I’m not saying he’s not comfortable, I’m sure he is, but I don’t think he saves much with all the costumes and games he buys, plus going on trips to cons every couple months. With flights, hotels and badges it’s probably at least $1000, more for some. With car payments, mortgage, bills, food etc. he’s not going to have a ton left over. He complains about things being tight every time he has a big expense, which it’s unlikely he would if he had a lot of savings instead of pulling from his fun money.

However, he probably would have to work more and wouldn’t be able to take off all the time for cons if he were a manager. He’d also be a terrible manager because of his autism. I’m sure he’s good at what he does but that doesn’t mean he’s be a good manager.

No. 326297

Nonnie, rethink your saving habits for me. When you save money, you don't spend it like fun money. It stays in the bank and never gets used unless there's an emergency. Him saying money is tight could very well mean he's smart and sets aside savings with every paycheck, then uses the rest for necessities and fun. FYI anons, this is also how you should be saving.

No. 326298

i never imagined terry could have knights defending him. this is eye opening. This man uses every single OT dollar he makes on cosplays and games is a shining example of perfect saving habits. this is hilarious. This man clearly has no (emergency or not) saving lol

No. 326303

Not a knight, it's just absolute unfounded tinfoil to say he has no savings because most people save at the beginning and then spend like an idiot. nonnie's saving spiel had me concerned

No. 326304

I mean, you save money so that when something comes up, you’re able to pay for it. Terry flipped out when he had to pay for his HVAC to be replaced, and it was clear he had to use his paycheck on that instead of the random crap he wanted to use it on. I’m sure he has a good paycheck each month and he probably has ~$5k in the bank that he can use if something comes up. But most people his age, making what he does would have close to six figures in savings if they’re single. Or if they’re irresponsible, they’d be buying overpriced luxury goods or lavish vacations. Instead Terry spends money of mass produced cosplays that he wears once or not at all (not counting pictures/try ons) and then throws in a closet and plane tickets and hotels for cons that he doesn’t really experience other than to harass people for selfies.

To be fair, Terri could save up like $20k in a year easily if he just cut out cons, cosplays and video games that he doesn’t play. But he doesn’t. I’m sure some of someone wanted to they could add up how much he spends on con’s and cosplay because he posts pics with prices all the time, as says what hotels and airlines he uses. I’m just not going to spend my time doing so.

No. 326310

Anons really out here thinking a man who owns a house (something most millennials and zoomers could never do on a single income) doesn't know how to save. Also spending 1k per month on hobbies is literally nothing kek. The average salary for his job in his area is 110k and he's been doing it for decades so he's likely way beyond that, bringing home way more than 5k a month. He pretends money is tight so that zoomers will feel like he's relatable (how do you do, fellow kids?) and not view him as the wealthy, extremely privileged middle aged man he is.

No. 326323

i agree with you. Even if he makes the low end (110k in job description) which is highly unlikely, he still has massive amount of money based on his lifestyle. His company offers 401k matching up to 8%, that leaves him around 101k take home pay. If he's as smart as you bunch keeps saying he would put more, but 8% is a good guess. According to google, 101k after tax in maryland is roughly 74k. His mortgage is 28k (just search his fb for him bragging about it). that leaves 46 after tax and mortgage. He still have to pay insurance, utilities, and food for sure, but 46k is more than a lot of people's take home pay before necessities. He doesn't date. He doesn't take care of his parents. All he eat is processed food (way cheaper than raw food and vegetables) It's not hard to see this man sitting on more money than he knows what to do with.

No. 326341

File: 1715461230010.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1284x2199, IMG_1304.jpeg)

No. 326430

You don't need to cap and post literally everything that Terry says. Nothing milky or interesting about this.

No. 326431

I saw that and that’s just nothing special about it. Terry saw the new Gundam Seed movie and went on a whole day of extreme autism fanboying over the series. Surprised anon posted this one instead of his follow up photo which has twice as many.

He’s busy concrunching for MomoCon so he shouldn’t have time goofing around making cringe videos. He did go to a haunted house yesterday for some reason.

No. 326481

File: 1715651298724.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2238, IMG_1317.jpeg)

No. 326482

You are 40 years old and trying befriend late teens and barely legal adults. No one is interested and uncomfortable. Your only form of communication is probably instagram. Do what everyone else does and go to a bar with appropriate aged adults or go on hinge. Hire an escort. You have the money to do it. Sage for autistic rant.

No. 326484

So I guess he didn’t go to the queer game night?
Or perhaps he did go and was disappointed by the people there? Not as many young zoomer girls as he thought and so he didn’t make any story about it. He needs to realize he’s an old man.

No. 326485

To be fair, it would be very hard for an unmarried, childless middle aged man to make new friends his own age too. There's not much he could relate about with other people his age. There are meetup groups for autists that would probably be the most effective but Terry seems to actively avoid other autistic people?

No. 326486

>There are meetup groups for autists that would probably be the most effective but Terry seems to actively avoid other autistic people?
Terry used to hate whenever people thought he was autistic. He only accepted it once he realized it could garner him attention online. I can see him hating other autists.
There’s plenty of other autistic manchildren that play video games. Some even meet up in groups or conventions. He could try befriending them but he doesn’t want to. If he’s really that lonely he shouldn’t be so picky.

No. 326488

He should do speed dating, happy hour, take an art class, join a book club, go on a retreat, join a cult. It’s not that hard anon to just stand outside and make friends your age. He just hasn’t tried

No. 326490

Befriending people his age would shatter the illusion that he isn't a young 20-something anymore. He chooses loneliness.

No. 326491

Hey, I made that image in PS and posted it in the last thread, any more Terry related requests lmk

No. 326493

File: 1715661416417.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x2352, IMG_1318.jpeg)

No. 326495

>dug myself out of a slight hole/struggle
>all bills caught up
>just glad I caught up
Didn't anons say he had a bunch of savings and was doing really well? kek
He's here for a good time, not a long time. Especially with how poorly he takes care of his health. He blows the majority of money on cons, flights, cosplays, and games and then scrambles to come up with the money for bills. He's going to have another "struggle" at the end of this year, like always.
Ty nona, I made the new thread and there weren't any good/funny pics other than yours. Keep up the good work!

No. 326496

interesting timing. not to "hi cow" but it looks like he is reading the threads lol

No. 326497

IDK how you can actually believe when he says stuff like this. The fact that he reiterates over and over that he's "not wealthy!!!" while simultaneously saying that he "doesn't want to be taken advantage of" and "won't give anyone money/gifts" just signals to me that he's trying to to ward off potential golddiggers instead of being genuine.

No. 326498

i am so fucking retarded. when i reading hanging, i thought he meant hanging as in he was suicide baiting or something. it doesn't help that he took a pic of his ceiling fan top kek.

No. 326502

this is the most unrelatable shit i have ever read, nonas. i hate him so much.

No. 326512

Using 401k loan to buy house and haven’t paid it off in five years surely seemed like a rich person flex. I don’t know how the tin foilers here still think he’s a well off engineer and not a person living paycheck to paycheck due to his expensive hobby of selfie collecting

No. 326513

It surely sounds like he’s posting that as a reply to the infighting we had earlier. lol

No. 326516

A lot of people think wealthy is simply not working at McDonald's, including anons here it seems. A townhouse isn't really a flex, they're generally considered crap due to thin walls and similar pest danger from neighbors as apartment buildings have, only for much more money.

No. 326518

I wouldn’t call living a townhouse rich or wealthy either but owning a 4 levels townhouse is a huge step up from renting standard 2 bedroom apartment or even renting a house. He was lucky to buy home at the end of 2019 for sure.

No. 326524

Terry really have a bad way with words nobody cal it hanging. Just hanging out. Maybe that’s what the zoomers say nowadays? But I’m just an old millennial so I wouldn’t know.. it’s odd Terry used to complain about people messaging him out of the blue but now he’s bugging everyone to hang out. It’s really sad and I would feel sorry for him if not for him being an arrogant jerk.

No. 326530

Yeah this does seem like a response to our posts, also seems like he sounds happy for once reflecting on his financials
He doesn't even mean hang out like socially, he means con meetups and selfie taking, that's what hanging out means to him. He does this same vaguepost really often and I presume it's when his reply rate has dropped for his con meetup spam

No. 326532

File: 1715714082736.jpg (84.91 KB, 1440x974, 20240514_104223.jpg)

Are you ever gonna stop being delusional about this? Being a homeowner is a huge privilege that only half the people in his gen can even hope to accomplish. He is wealthy in comparison to the average person his age. Get over it

No. 326533

He definitely meant hanging out, like at the mall, or six flags, or haunted house. He even talked about buying season pass to ALL the six flags and zero person replied to his status. In this story he specifically mentioned MD people. It wouldn’t make sense if he’s talking about hanging out (selfie) at cons like you said

No. 326534

File: 1715719332909.png (2.51 MB, 828x1792, IMG_7815.png)

Calling it now, he’s making this poll to set up his annual I-Hate-Colossalcon post soon. It’s so weirdly shoehorned into the poll it makes zero sense otherwise

No. 326535

His polls are so weird. Why’s colossalcon in there twice? Nobody remember the stupid drama from five years ago, old man Terry. And you go to raves, so stop harping on the drinking/partying culture nonsense

No. 326536


I don't think a cosplayer who is currently con crunching for Colossalcon, nor someone stressing out about finding a room, is thinking about this con as much as Terry is. Being a homeowner, he should charge some rent money for how this con is squatting in his mind.

No. 326539

File: 1715733468736.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x2081, IMG_1338.jpeg)

Womp womp?! What fuckin friend are you??

No. 326540

Chill, anon. Womp womp is in the original post

No. 326541

He didn’t even bother sharing the gofundme link directly on his story. No “a terrible thing happened” or “I’m glad my friend’s safe”, just “womp womp sad face”. This is why you don’t have friends, Terry.

No. 326546


I think using a different font and background colour or writing his caption over the womp womp would have helped avoid confusion and looking like an asshole, and I'm sure the post or bio links to the gofundme, so it's still clickable, but 1-2 extra clicks compared to him linking it directly, which would only have taken him a minute to do, so in summary lazy and accidentally looks like an asshole to anyone clicking past quickly kek

No. 326558

I hate that I had to defend Terry. That’s something OP could’ve easily checked. Yes, the optic is bad here but autistic Terry probably didn’t understand why he would look bad here. I’m actually surprised that he took the time to share the post about a car accident and didn’t make it all about himself

No. 326562

The fact that anons thought he was the one saying "womp womp" was dumb anyway… when have you ever heard Terry talking like that? If anything he avoids using as much slang as possible.

No. 326570

Him being unsympathetic is very in line with Terry’s character. He uses slang too, he’s used “slay” in many of his stories when it comes to outfits or cosplay. It’s reasonable for anons to think he wrote that.

No. 326581

Well that’s just a darn shame!

No. 326600

File: 1715865547074.jpg (457.66 KB, 1079x1213, 1000008023.jpg)

this is the cosplay that helped him decide he's femme enough to keep doing female cosplays? he just looks like a man in a wig still

No. 326603

I give up on understanding Terry logic I do give him credit this is one of his better photos, but I failed to see how he’s more fem passing here

No. 326606

File: 1715877340728.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2263, IMG_1348.jpeg)

No. 326616

AGPs like Terry are delusional and have a distorted and misogynistic view of women. He thinks as long as he has heavy makeup, long hair, (fake) big boobs, and (fake) hips, that he looks like a woman. It’s embarrassing how his followers are supporting this obvious fetish flaunting, times have really changed.

No. 326622

Not to wk Terry at all, but if people are always telling him that he doesn't look fem because he doesn't have makeup/boobs/long hair/etc, it does make sense that he would end up thinking that he needs all those things to look fem

No. 326625

small nitpick but i wish terry would wear a bra or cut the nipples off the breast forms or something, having visible nipples cosplaying as a 14 year old is so uncomfortable.

No. 326626

he's probably doing that on purpose nona

No. 326631

He's an AGP, he's doing it on purpose.

No. 326636

I wouldn’t put that past him, but I suspect he’s probably not modifying his fake breasts so he can resell it for a better price later. He’s cheap like that

No. 326644


14 year Olds don't have nipples?(unsaged retard)

No. 326645

Don't be dense.

No. 326646


DENSE NUTZ HAHA GOT EM(unsaged retard)

No. 326672

The source material and official merch itself heavily sexualizes Asuka. So eh, not out of the ordinary.

No. 326723

File: 1716140595388.jpg (724.52 KB, 1215x1080, 1000008062.jpg)

No. 326731

the left pose isn't too bad. I'm not sure if that makes him more fem. for god's sake please never do the right pose again

No. 326737

It’s not so bad, it looks like he’s aiming at himself kek.
No one would mistake him for a woman, even 30 feet away.

No. 326747

My eyes immediately went down to the bulge kek. Very fem indeed

No. 326755

wtf is that pose to the right, look at his legs he looks like he is doing pt's iconic "i'm poopin" pose. Imagine seeing that pose from a different angle irl kek

No. 326771

the way he complains he is not fem enough is making me think he might come out as a TIM eventually.

No. 326775

well, he's considering himself to be a non-binary and trying to pull off both female and male, but failing in both. He looks like he's in drag whenever he's cosplaying male characters

No. 326783

File: 1716259990274.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1113x2268, IMG_1392.jpeg)

No. 326789

holy shit i know this is not the point but i think his forehead bump is still there. I guess abnormal growth can be benign but it's shocking he never got it checked out

No. 326790

It never actually went away. You can see it very blurred from his filters but still there when he cosplays characters that show forehead. Most characters have bangs though so it is harder to notice

No. 326791

streetwalker chic. really looking like a hon in this photo.

No. 326798

File: 1716303837893.jpg (339.32 KB, 1080x1266, 1000008091.jpg)

can't tell if he shared this because he thinks it's him (plus 10 years), or he wants this (minus 10 years)

No. 326809

He certainly has no interest in 30 year old women so I guess it's the former…

No. 326832

>can cook
>”he asked for no pickles”
>orders food for you
He wants his own personal unpaid tard wrangler (if this is actually talking about the type of girlfriend he wants and isn’t thinking that he IS the girlfriend)

No. 326840

he looks like a demonic airline stewardess on a non-stop flight to hell.

No. 326851

Tbf every scrote wants a mommy-gf these days. They're so lazy and childish. I think it's more likely that Terry wants to be the mommy though.

No. 326852

nobody commented so we will never know for sure, but i also think this is more about him than a gf he's into.

No. 326887

>I think it's more likely that Terry wants to be the mommy though
Imagine, getting cooked chicken tendies and spaghetti every day by your 40-year-old bald AGP ‘girlfriend’. Just what every well-adjusted 20-year-old wants!
Realistically, he would have to find some other delusional troon autist that would play along.

No. 326896

See, I bet his dream is for a zoomer to comment “mother is mothering” or in some kind of nature. But no one will

No. 327067

File: 1716595032901.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1260, IMG_1452.jpeg)

No. 327077

At least he's actually smiling. Normally he scowls if he takes photos with anyone not asian or white.

No. 327078

File: 1716612474219.jpeg (526.63 KB, 1284x1535, IMG_1453.jpeg)

No. 327079

File: 1716612576681.jpeg (608.37 KB, 1284x2010, IMG_1454.jpeg)

No. 327083

File: 1716618489102.jpeg (513.98 KB, 1284x2003, IMG_1455.jpeg)

No. 327084

File: 1716618578346.jpeg (370.07 KB, 1284x1665, IMG_1456.jpeg)

No. 327101

I notice his voice has been changing over the years too. He sounds more and more like a gay dude. He's gonna give up girls and switch to dudes just watch.

No. 327109

0 chance. He's never shown any signs of being attracted to males. He's weird and chalked it up to being effeminate and rolled with it during covid lockdowns till now. He clearly likes women.

No. 327116

It's troonery, not gayness. Trooning out and being transbian is far more likely.

No. 327120

File: 1716661237787.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x1172, IMG_1464.jpeg)

No. 327124

File: 1716666143603.jpeg (23.25 KB, 168x231, IMG_0559.jpeg)

I’m sorry but his poor excuse for alucard reminded me of this

No. 327125

KEKKKK absolutely god tier comparison nonna ily

No. 327144

that wig's hairline made me gasp. Has he never heard of a lacefront, what the fuck is that?


No. 327156

File: 1716686637629.jpeg (2.59 MB, 1284x2259, IMG_1469.jpeg)

Hissy fit

No. 327167

>my props kept breaking
Poorly made
>lots of cosplay malfunctions
Poorly made
>cannot find friends
Because you have none

No. 327175


Why go to one of the most major cons in the country then be shocked pikachu face that other people are there. Last year they had 48k, definitely more this year. You're gonna run into all the black cosplayers you've shit talked Terry, sorry.

No. 327179

His refusal to use lacefronts is fucking wild. But he always goes as cheap as possible in his wigs so why buy a wig that will look good when you can buy one for $20 that will look like shit!

No. 327186

Terry has enemies? Wonder what they did/said to him

No. 327213

File: 1716750740188.png (169.51 KB, 1080x1080, 1000030144.png)


Speaking of which, it costs $0 to respect Terry's pronouns and say they/them

No. 327214

I can see this as a meme format where the last panel says based/retarded shit kek

No. 327215

>do things that make you uncomfortable to make mentally ill feel better about themselves
Kek how about no. You are very lost, newfag.

No. 327217

he probably harassed them and then they ghosted him. he goes to momokon a lot

No. 327218

please tell us you're joking. otherwise gtfo

No. 327221

File: 1716753640500.jpg (67.46 KB, 495x619, 1000030152.jpg)


I am not. Let's be decent human beings and be respectful, regardless of gender(ban evasion)

No. 327227

Terry is a man who started to pretend to be nb and ace after people started calling him out for posting gross sexual shit. It’s all a ploy by him to look less threatening

No. 327228

We don't welcome, support, or indulge troons on this site. Integrate or leave.

No. 327229

These types of posts are retarded but in my head it's funny because it seems like more and more of the zoomer crowd, that Terry tries to ingratiate himself to, are searching his name on DuckDuckGo and finding this site to read all about his drama. I think most of his audience just hate-follows him at this point.

No. 327241

>regardless of gender
>unironically posting retarded corporate graph

No. 327242

It has to be one of his zoomer followers that stumbled here. Whoever it was didn't disagree with anything said, but they drew the line on pronouns. Kek. Sure, we should coddle a scrote that creeps on young women and girls. Delusional.
This. I'm surprised none of the zoomers have cancelled him for the things he's done, but I guess being a "person of color" man gives him immunity from any criticism.

No. 327260

File: 1716783580818.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2214, IMG_1478.jpeg)

No. 327261

I feel like he looks like lorilewd here kek.
Also why does little mishaps make his con weekend terrible? Imagine the guiltripping he must’ve done to keep these people around at the con late, imagine if they had plans

No. 327268

File: 1716796392025.jpg (47.51 KB, 433x600, 1000025215.jpg)

Why is this middle aged man wearing drag makeup while cosplaying a 13yo girl? His cosplay choices get worse every time I pop into this thread I stg. Why do they seem to keep getting younger?

No. 327275

File: 1716814841737.jpeg (136.88 KB, 1284x381, IMG_1482.jpeg)

So dramatic

No. 327277

anyone has a nonfiltered photo of his Maka? I saw him at momocon this weekend. and he looked nothing like this.

I can confirm he talks very differently than before covid. I don't see him being interested in biological male though. trans male (biological female) maybe.

No. 327279

It's so creepy and weird. He's 40/41. I'm sick of people hyping him up when he's a creep cosplaying a young character. What is his deal with cosplaying teens when he's a man?

No. 327280

What’s his beef with Atlanta people? He’s been going to MomoCon for almost 10 years now. He’s being outed as a creeper in the local community?

No. 327289

File: 1716832275893.jpeg (2.34 MB, 1284x1996, IMG_1487.jpeg)

No. 327296

File: 1716847031904.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x1899, IMG_1491.jpeg)

No. 327297

File: 1716847150997.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2259, IMG_1492.jpeg)

No. 327298

File: 1716847291171.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2272, IMG_1490.jpeg)

No. 327299

he's kind of done the same thing to others though. I've talked to some people that said he hovered over them until he saw them follow him. so idk why he's complaining when it happens to him

No. 327301

Cousin’s death is on the same level as some stranger pushing past him at a transit station. It genuinely fucking sickens me the way he treats other people’s deaths. I have so many cousins and I’m not close with all of them, but even the ones I’m not close with, I could not imagine speaking so casually and publicly about them dying like it’s no biggy.

>likely my last visit to an ATL con for a LONG time

By a long time does he mean until next year?

No. 327303

I love that all his Atlanta con hate stems from just not liking black people. Atl and atl cons are very black

No. 327312

I did laugh at this. Mr “I’m going to stop doing this for X, and then immediately do it” although in this case he really does seem to be avoiding something. Isn’t this the con or AWA he hit on an Asuna and she got big mad over it? It’s been so long I can’t remember

Very true. I saw him always hovering and stalking young white cosplayers at this con. Black people just not his type

No. 327313

All these young women look 20-21?? Maybe younger. He's such a creep.

Is this why he doesnt attend Blerd?

No. 327314

File: 1716862824292.png (2.62 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_1493.png)

More crying

No. 327315


You know, him being much older and cosplaying Mari is actually canon with what we saw in the fourth movie

No. 327320

Kek anon all of them are 24/25 per their socials and they very much look it. You really think those look like teen girls

No. 327323

>Very true. I saw him always hovering and stalking young white cosplayers at this con. Black people just not his type
Do you think it's also because black people are also more likely to see through his bullshit and not give him asspats for being "so bwave uwu" like white zoomers would? We all know he hates his own race and is colorist, but I think that could be another reason. Too many people infantilize him just because he's a black "nonbinary" man.

No. 327324

Literally take an Uber you have so much disposable income

No. 327325

>hit on an Asuna
I don’t remember that at all. Do you remember any additional deets like how long ago it might have been?

>Is this why he doesnt attend Blerd
I think that’s part of it yes, but I also think it has to do with him being a big fish in a little pond. Just about everyone there is black, so that doesn’t make him look special. He’s built up a following of white/Asian zoomers who aren’t likely to attend that con. Which means he wouldn’t get a bunch of asspats just for existing like >>327323 said and he wouldn’t have anyone to stalk down at the con. It also means not being able to guilt photographers into shooting him to fill their poc quota. And that covers pretty much all of his bases at cons, so really there’s nothing in it for him

No. 327326

File: 1716897620770.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2227, IMG_1499.jpeg)

No. 327329

Why would anyone want his broken ass luggage. A few cracks? He has so many props broken from this. This man has an engineering degree and thought glue could fix the structural integrity of this luggage.

This man would rather carry 4 pieces of luggage, one being oversized golf case through MARTa instead of spending $25 on Uber. I simply can’t understand why he would buy cosplays/games that he doesn’t need and not spend money on useful shit

No. 327337


It's been a while but Terry never old emotional drama shit. I believe this drama was it?

No. 327339

I don’t know anything about that but I’ve been friends with Terry on his old Facebook for a while. He used to cosplay Kirito A LOT. Whenever he post pictures from cons or announcing his con lineups, he always mentioned asuna. He had this weird fetish with asuna even offered to make props for people to cosplay with him. So anon you might’ve gotten mixed up. He harassed a lot of asuna cosplayers back in the day. Maybe some happened at awa.

No. 327341

File: 1716915916864.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2172, IMG_1504.jpeg)

No. 327342

File: 1716916087091.jpeg (2.29 MB, 1284x2266, IMG_1505.jpeg)

No. 327359

I don't get his fascination with dragoncon when it's just a huge party con that's based around pop culture, not specific to anime. he's going to hate it if he goes, and guarantee he'll just blame it on his bad luck with ATL cons

No. 327362

He keeps bringing dragoncon up, but there's no way he can plan for it in 3 months. all the hotels are booked out. the crowd is ridiculous there. There's barely any teenagers there. I absolutely do not get why he keeps bringing dragoncon up every few months

No. 327367

There is probably someone going that he has been stalking.

No. 327375

File: 1716939112293.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x2283, IMG_1507.jpeg)

No. 327412

this sounds like the other driver's fault. I'm surprised the tesla didn't have backup warning system. It's always curious to see how Terry rephrase the same story on other social media. On facebook he changed "someone" to "some younger girl" which is just odd.

No. 327425

The people he follows are not the blerd type. Just look at the momocon selfies he's been posting. Mostly white and light skinned. nobody remotely close to his own skin tone. He attended blerd a couples time but never had a good time. If you check the photographers he "work" with, you can see almost all of them are nonblack. black photographers hate this race traitor

No. 327430

There's nothing milky or interesting about this. Once again you don't have to cap and post every single thing that Terry writes.

No. 327432

File: 1717022474667.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2089, IMG_1528.jpeg)

Didn’t he just do Vincent? Why did he not just update the one he did before?

No. 327434

He's still 40 years old. Hanging out with women 15 years your junior is still weird af, anon

No. 327435

are you from the 50s? It's not the norm, but it's 2024 people can date people 15 years younger. and these are just selfies. Terry is a creep but 25 years old women are adults and can make decisions on their own

No. 327437

Probably got fat.

No. 327439

he did the original FFVII Vincent. This is for FFVII Rebirth Vincent

are you new?? he been losing a lot of weight

No. 327452

If he legitimately stops going to momo, maybe he’ll go to Acen again. Would love to see him in the wild lol

I just figured he wouldn’t want to work with black photographers because they wouldn’t do anything to make him look lighter

Idk I like reading Terry’s diary posts like this and since I don’t go on social media much anymore, it’s nice to see them posed here. I think as long as non milk is saged, it’s fine

No. 327459

Didn't say it wasn't. But some anons keep trying to push a narrative that he's into underage or barely legal girls just out of HS, and that's not true. He likes young adult women, not teens. Not the same level of creepy.

No. 327462

Tbf he has previously tried to befriend high school age cosplayers. I don’t think we’ve seen him try to do that in the past year or two, so it does seem like he knows better now and has stopped doing that, but I can also see why that narrative is going to persist

No. 327463

He definitely selfied and stalked more minors in the past. It's pretty easy to look back and confirm that. He also reads this board so i'm not surprised he's doing better about it.

No. 327465

You’re not getting it. I’m sure most or many people in the world have a friend who’s significantly older or younger than them. That’s not a problem. The problem is that he exclusively hangs out with these people. He’s made a pattern of targeting them based on their age, gender, and skin color. That’s creepy and predatory. If he just had a friend or two who were 23 or so, nobody would care.

No. 327477

He also roomed with a minor (17 year old), so that shows that he did interact with High School aged girls in the past. That retard anon has been here multiple threads now to defend him.
He knows people watch him now so obviously he’s not going to be showing those interactions anymore. Either he stopped talking to minors (good thing) or he’s keeping it on the down low now. And as we know, no one ever speaks out about Terry because his followers would go after them and try to dispute them.

No. 327479

File: 1717101731597.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1824, IMG_1539.jpeg)

No. 327482

I see he’s trying to practice “feminine posing”. I think this is his worst look yet. He looks like some flamboyant gay elderly wizard.

No. 327483

That and the fact that so many people in previous threads have talked about him befriending them and then dropping them once they got their late 20s

Lol the posing in those first two pics looks especially retarded. He’s trying to stick his knee out at an angle and twist the upper half of his body while keeping both feet parallel and facing forward. His legs just look broken and stupid

No. 327552

File: 1717253338843.jpg (598.8 KB, 1079x1916, 1000008202.jpg)

No. 327553

Larping as a woman and sucking in his stomach too.

No. 327554

he has all the means to travel the world, but all he does is spend his money on shitty anime cons to get closer to zoomers.

No. 327562

We've talked about this before, very few people find solo travel appealing. If anything it's depressing not having a person to enjoy all the wonders with you.

No. 327566

we're talking about a man who goes to the mall/arcade/six flags by himself all the timr

No. 327572

Lord Farquhad lookin ahhh

No. 327575

Terry doesn’t mind being alone. He lives alone, goes to anime cons alone, and does everything else alone too. He doesn’t travel the world because he’s uncultured and also afraid of eating any food from a foreign culture.

No. 327583

I think it's pretty clear that he's lonely and wishes he had real friends and a partner. He's not able to get those things because he insists on only hanging out with people half his age, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want it.

No. 327586

Terry goes to anime cons alone because he has too many autistic rules for his hotel rooms. But when he’s on the con floor he’s basically constantly seeking people out. When he finds people he knows, he’s once again too autistic to make any sort of deeper connection which is part of why he has so many small interactions instead of having people to spend a solid amount of time with

No. 327589

terry is involuntary alone. He didn't choose to be alone. After turning 40 he has written more and more statuses asking people to hang out with him. the loneliness is getting to him

No. 327596

Then he shouldn’t be so picky. He only wants to hang out with people under 25. It’s his own fault he’s alone. He unfriends people as soon as they’re “too old” for him.

No. 327615

if he doesn't want to be alone he should find people with actual similar interests to himself, and people closer to his age. instead he pretends to like whatever is popular with the younger crowds to get closer to them.

it would also help if he didn't just talk about himself when he engages in any conversation. I've tried multiple times to have conversations with him at cons and some in messages, and it always ends up with him talking about his cosplay malfunctions, cosplay plans, his makeup (with him shoving his face in mine), or other things about himself. he has no interest in getting to know the person he's talking to, he just wants to yap about himself.

No. 327616

File: 1717336300176.jpg (83.09 KB, 1080x1916, 1000008224.jpg)

No. 327619

I genuinely fucking hate that asexual is pushed as being lgbtq. Not having sex doesn’t make you queer wtfff!!

No. 327652


i've known terry for a while and this is accurate. whenever he's not talking about himself, he's invested in some drama going on and talking shit about someone else, even his own "friends." why would anyone want to be friends with someone like that?(sage your shit)

No. 327688

I'm considered "old" now so he doesn't talk to me anymore. Before the pandemic he mostly talked about himself or shit talk other people. He's a gossip queen. Every time someone get outed he would post "let me message you, i got all the info" never trusted that guy.

No. 327705

>let me message you, i got all the info
Kek did he actually have any info though? Or was he making stuff up.
Is this why Terry has what he calls ‘enemies’ at some conventions, because he gossips?

No. 327717

yes. terry is gossip queen. we haven't talked in a while but he loves to talk gossip when he's not talking about himself. He's very careless with it, so I wouldn't be surprised if his gossips turn off people. I would be chilling with my friends and he had no issue barging in and start talking about random drama. rude.(post proof)

No. 327737

File: 1717499999239.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1284x2024, IMG_1582.jpeg)

No. 327740

There’s so much to unpack here thanks anon. The multiple “besties” encouraged him to go to ATL and then ghosted him is just cruel. But now we know why he swears off Atlanta cons. Although i found it weird that he still called them besties. I don’t have the energy to look up the old story above but some guy punched his bag? I rotfl on that one

No. 327743

wasn't the whole area in that country stormy that day? his flight was only delayed an hour. It sucks but i known people who suffered much worse. This man is so annoying and complains about everything I really don't feel bad that he has nobody who wants to friend him.

No. 327745


There were storms that day, an hour flight delay is nothing.(sage your shit)

No. 327746

"Finally home at 11pm. Gotta wake up for work at 430am." Somehow I don't know if getting home at 10 or 11 would make much difference for a 4:30am shift. For a 40 yo man he's so irresponsible but blame everyone else for his bad decision

No. 327758

>SoCal, NorCal
What’s the point of this? If you’re listing both just write California

Yeah it’s hard for me to care when he could’ve booked an earlier flight. Or knowing how much PTO he gets, he could’ve taken an additional day off for traveling

No. 327781

This whole situation could've been easily prevented. Momocon ends on monday this year but most friends I know left sunday or monday morning. Terry took a chance and hanged around all day for selfies. You can tell from his selfies set on monday he struggled hunting down his favorite zoomers. Almost half of the monday selfies were with poc.

No. 327803

File: 1717547728174.jpg (393.27 KB, 1077x1915, 1000008275.jpg)

No. 327804

is the booty in the room with us?

No. 327810

He has no shape in this asuka suit. I don’t know why he likes his asuka photos so much. Is he really that delirious?

No. 327813

Reminds me of the butt of a patient that was dying of cancer.

No. 327816

>see a booty
>post a booty
Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but is he implying that his followers should post their booty pics as well?

No. 327817

42k people have used this template. terry is a creep but stop making shit up. he just wants to show his ass. plenty of the people he follows already posted their asses

No. 327818

The answer is yes

Agreed. He’s just a massive attention whore

No. 327839

It's just a generic copy/paste insta meme. Kek @ anons thinking Terry typed that out himself just like when you guys thought he typed out "whomp whomp." He doesn't talk like that.

No. 327853

Chill anon, I’m not terminally online or a zoomer so I wouldn’t know this shit was a “template”. It’s not making shit up retard, I said I could be reading it wrong.
>he doesn’t talk like that
Did you know him? He tries hard to fit in so I don’t think it’s out of character to type that. Especially when recently he’s been trying to be more “sexy” for his girl larp.

No. 327854

File: 1717603854480.jpeg (189.01 KB, 1284x425, IMG_1596.jpeg)

No. 327860

He's literally the biggest mean girl, isn't he? Constantly running to social media to laugh his ass off and gossip about his coworkers and workplace drama. The worst kind of coworker.

No. 327861

Is he mad at corporate for making the decision to add speed bumps, or is he blaming the guy that installed them and had no choice in it whatsoever?
If he had any real friends, he could complain to them about the speed bumps. But he doesn’t so he just runs to social media to complain publicly about work.

No. 327863

Time for a BBL Terry… ooooo I can’t wait for that to happen

No. 327869

Terry just likes to gossip. You see him randomly talk shit about work on his cosplay account? >>327854 He basically do that with all his “close” cosplay “friends”. He gets high from knowing more shit than other people

No. 327887

Ewww. He really has that unwarranted confidence all males have, doesn't he?

No. 327889

File: 1717632872178.jpeg (617.42 KB, 1284x2250, IMG_1604.jpeg)

No. 327890

I'm so sick of him trying to larp as a woman. He doesnt look fem. He looks like a hon, every single time.
>"It makes me so happy"
Ok ter, yet you're still a man. It's funny how he goes on about how embarrassed he is at work to wear glasses, yet he's totally cool putting on makeup and fake boobs to pretend to be a woman in cosplay

No. 327891

Has there ever been any indication of why he refuses to just troon out? Is there a chance he would lose his job or something if he did? The urge is obviously very strong.

No. 327892

Bangs deep-fried tails smooth

No. 327894

He needs to touch grass and so does everyone else at his job if they’re that upset about some speed bumps. Like can’t you just slow the hell down..?

No. 327896

I think there’s a lot of reasons. As another anon said he’s embarrassed to wear glasses to work, so no way would he do something as outlandish as cross dress to work. He’s afraid of doctors/hospitals so he’s never going to medically transition. Even if he somehow overcomes that fear, he’s 40 and has zero hope of passing no matter how many surgeries he gets. He’s bald af and I doubt he’d want to wear a wig daily. I think he knows deep down that he’ll never actually pass, so instead he lives out his fantasy through crossplaying at home and at conventions where he can get the fake praises/yasss queens he so desperately desires

That also made me kek

No. 327897

Idk I think it depends on the type of speed bump. There’s one at a shopping center near me that’s very steep/angular and no matter how slow you go over it, it feels very rough. I’m afraid it’s going to fuck up my tires so now if I go there, I avoid that particular entrance

No. 327901

I don’t think he’s actually got any true desire to be a woman. He just likes the attention he gets from brain dead zoomers who think it’s transphobic not to hype up everything he does since he’s a they/them and asexual. He never used to cosplay girls, it’s only recently since it became taboo to be straight and not trans/non binary etc. He just dies the larp on social media and at cons and then goes back to his normal life as a man.

No. 327917

Agreed. If he got the same attention he did from male cosplays he wouldn't do it. He'll never make the full switch to only crossplaying either because this is just an attention/passing game to him.

No. 327928

File: 1717707011955.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1284x2259, IMG_1611.jpeg)

(spaghetti isn't milk)

No. 327929

File: 1717710858139.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2227, IMG_1614.jpeg)

No. 327930

>two bowls
Is he hanging out with someone?

>only two spots I hurt myself
Why does he sound like a toddler? That aside, I’m glad he didn’t break a hip

No. 327934

>TW: injury
He's so insufferable.

Honestly, they're probably both for him.

No. 327954

very odd he didn't cross post this to facebook. I hope he's ok and it's not serious

No. 327957

File: 1717774870365.jpeg (365.91 KB, 1284x1450, IMG_1618.jpeg)

But blowing all of my sick leave/vacation on cons is much more important!

Also what the hell is he talking about since he’s usually wandering malls in the afternoon?

No. 327958

why? this status makes no sense. terry works early shift, something along the line of 6am to 3pm. He has plenty of time to do appointments in late afternoon. like you said, he's always at the mall in the afternoon. Also Terry gets every other Friday off, which he talks about so damn much. Most of us don't have that luxury. He's so privileged

No. 327965

>He's so privileged
Stop whining poorfag. How many times have you been told to go get an engineering degree yourself, then you can have all the same money and time off as he does?(infighting)

No. 327966

I think the word “privileged” has been thrown around so much on the internet that people are starting to think it means unearned money/social status that someone is born into. That’s not at all what the word means and that other anon is correct. Terry is very privileged. He got a niche degree and works a lot. He earned the life he’s living, but that doesn’t change that it is a very privileged life.

I think the real issue most nonnies have with him is that he’s larping as someone less fortunate. He says he doesn’t have time for appointments because of work, but we know that’s not true. He recently claimed to have financial troubles, yet he keeps buying games/cosplays and flying all over the country for conventions. He has talked about how much he gets paid before, so I think people are just tired of him lying in an attempt to make himself seem more relatable

No. 327977

Hi terry(hi cow)

No. 327978

Hi cow

No. 327979


No. 327980

i don't get these white knights. the other nonnie clearly doesn't have issue with him making money. Terry's big problem is he's a guy making lots of money and flexible schedule pretending to be a broke person with a rigid 9-5 job (that kind that can't make appointments)

No. 327984

i like how he puts a 'tw' but doesn't show any of his booboos. i wonder if he screamed all the way down? kek i keep imagining him with his shiny bald head and glasses flying in the air and then he bounces off the floor like a jellybean.

everyone's focused on the two bowls but i keep looking at the six flags sippy cup in the background because of course this man has to drink his pepsi out of a plastic cup.

No. 327987

Imagine you are Terry's mom and you see your 40 year old Engineer son is preparing dinner like a 6 year old of spaghetti and sauce and a plastic pepsi cup.(nitpicking)

No. 327995

She’s probably just happy she doesn’t have to make food for the adult child. Last time he visited his parents, and they’re sick, he made them cooked and complained about it

No. 328007

Nah we have a resident poorfag anon that complains endlessly "I can't believe Terry makes so much money!" "He doesn't deserve what he has, it's so unfair!" She's easy to spot because she boasts about knowing his exact job title, job location, salary, and schedule like a creepy ass stalker.

The anons who call out his lying and trying to seem relatable to zoomers are not her, those are valid things to criticize.(derailing)

No. 328017

File: 1717879606817.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_1626.jpeg)

No. 328018

I ain't reading all that. i'm an old hag, but are the youth today putting trigger warning on "somewhat hard on myself"? how about a suicide tw?

No. 328021

TLDR he wishes he was born with “fem” features like being curvy and not having a flat chest.

No. 328023

He is pretending he had a rough childhood because he always 'knew' he was fem presenting but was forced to grow facial hair. He hates being flat chested and wants to be more feminine. Apparently he was raised masculine too. Presenting the age old arguement 'trans' people are larping as women because of social gender roles. I hate men like terry. I knew him 10 years in the cosplay scene and not until very recently, he never ever hinted he wanted to be more feminine. He's a leech and is leeching on the LGB+++ scene to feel included and get asspats.

No. 328031

>couple of cosplayers on my social media talk shit about me doing it and I haven’t done much since
Does he mean lolcow? Because no one really talks about him publicly on social media, other than that one woman who DMed him not to cosplay lolis (and he called her a bitch and blasted her to his followers). It’s also a lie that he “hasn’t done much since”, he cosplays female characters all the time now.

No. 328033

Maybe he's talking about his friends commenting on his facebook statuses? I remember a few times people had disagreements with him on his posts but his friends would come to defend him. By fem clothing I think he means outfit likes the booty shorts phase he did a summer or two ago?

No. 328046

>She's easy to spot because she boasts about knowing his exact job title, job location, salary, and schedule like a creepy ass stalker
Anyone who has been in Terry’s threads from the beginning knows that stuff too because he constantly posts every little thing about his life

Lol he definitely still lurks here. He makes it so obvious. And for the fem clothing I think the other anon is right and he just meant fem daily wear clothes and not cosplay

No. 328056

>he constantly posts every little thing about his life
He literally talks about colleagues by name and detailed job description despite that info being irrelevant to everyone else. Talks about taxes, home appliances, the works, no stalking required he is simply a chronic oversharer

No. 328058

chill, anon. nobody is boasting about all that shit. If you read a few threads or followed Terry for more than a year those information are readily available. he talks about how much he makes quite often. he literally explained his schedule in the comments section of the capped facebook post. Dude dox himself on the daily

No. 328060

Terry has never specifically mentioned the company where he works or his exact job title. In fact he claims a different job title than what it actually is, according to this creepy ass stalker anon. Anon found that shit out by extensively googling the vague details that he does give. Being obsessed with Terry of all people is weird af and she needs to go outside.

No. 328061

Either post caps or we don't care. Anecdotes with nothing to back them up does us no good.

No. 328062

I agree. Terry would never mention where he works on social media because that would be social media suicide for him. The cosplay scene is mostly far left, so him working for one of the biggest weapon manufacturers (and big Israel supporter) would make him an outcast

No. 328072

Absolutely retarded takes. Terry is so terminally online that it’s really not hard to find info about him. I mean as another anon pointed out already, the man doxxes himself on a regular basis. You don’t have to do anything extensive when he’s already spoon feeding you the info

>creepy ass stalker

>Being obsessed with Terry of all people is weird af
Lol do even know where you are rn? That’s like the entire point of the farm. Anyway drop the whitekniting because no one here cares(infighting)

No. 328186

File: 1718220164353.jpeg (827.47 KB, 1284x2356, IMG_1655.jpeg)

No. 328189

I think this is the first time he admits keeping tap on who likes his stuff and what people voted on. what a sad and lonely man. I can just imagine him compiling all the voting results and writing down on his notebook

No. 328197

File: 1718236010349.jpeg (965.92 KB, 1284x2256, IMG_1656.jpeg)

No. 328200

>same face shape
kek which anime character has a face shaped liked a butternut squash

No. 328201

kewl Didn't he post multiple times, almost weekly, that he's not going to ANYC? Hotel too expensive. He has to work friday. Parking being extremely expensive ($50 a day) Also he has found buyers (yes, multiple people) for his badge? I'm going to laugh so hard if he complains he's short on money comes September

No. 328206

The majority of his followers would be gone if he went through with that.

No. 328208

>provides a poll option he perceives as negative
>gets mad when people select that option
Never change Terry

No. 328215

every time he says he isn’t going to a con he ends up somehow going anyway. like with every other attempt at being “relatable” to people 20 years younger than him, it’s all just a show.

No. 328216

I have long suspect his polls are not "hey friends, I'm curious what you guys think" They are basically traps to filter out who he can trust ("do i look fem? do you like my fem cosplay?") and to judge people with ("how often do you shower?" "Do you poop?")

No. 328217

he actually posted on facebook afterward that AnimeNYC is crossed off. and that he has "plenty of buyers" for it. why he needs multiple buyers? no fucking clue. I'm not going to waste everyone's bandwidth with a pic. this is not remotely milk to begin with. This guy lies on the daily for attention

No. 328226

Gross that really confirms it with how he asks about food and really specific hobbies he has while just admitting he keeps tabs on everyone.

No. 328227

you know i thought at one time he did admit he was using polls to find out who his 'friends' really were? this was around the time he first got posted to the farms, but i may be confusing him with someone else since they all seem to do this.

No. 328354

File: 1718423434843.jpeg (503.99 KB, 1284x2256, IMG_1694.jpeg)

I thought he was over Love Live?

No. 328424

Spoiler that shit

No. 328432

what did Mari Ohara do to deserve this?!

No. 328444

he probably posted it because the young girls he followed posted about her birthday. this is a very strange selfie. bet it's an old one from 2020 or 2021 when he gone nuts from lack of socialization. he cosplayed so many young girls during that period. it's very weird now i looked back

No. 328604

File: 1718672708869.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x2276, IMG_1711.jpeg)

No. 328607

Gross this should be spoiled. Why does he even want to show what goes under his cosplays?

No. 328609

that outfit is so not flattering on him. why does he like it so much?

Also, please spoiler this in the future

No. 328611

File: 1718674129630.webp (12.93 KB, 210x318, IMG_9295.webp)

He’s built like this

No. 328612

I get he's bowlegged and he's trying to pose like a girl, but it looks like he's about drop a shit

No. 328613

File: 1718677037421.jpg (Spoiler Image,494.16 KB, 1079x1440, 1000008601.jpg)

ew I just saw the ones he posted on facebook he really does look like he's about to take a shit

No. 328614

It'll be hilarious seeing him wearing this at the next con, and the way he poses is so retarded. Typical male autist.

No. 328619

Lol I’m now being reminded of the nonnies from a previous thread that were absolutely convinced that Terry didn’t use shapewear. Also his back leg looks so distorted and weird here??

Kek this is what his pose made me think of too. Super weird that he thinks this looks in anyway feminine

No. 328625

>Super weird that he thinks this looks in anyway feminine
Because he believes woman = when big booba + butt. It's only gonna get worse from here

No. 328632

I know he's trying to show off his butt enhancers, but i found it odd that his whole idea of being fem is boobs and butts. There's nothing else to female beauty according to terry. surprised all his followers are ok with this

No. 328639

My fucking sides at this pose. Delusion doesn't even describe Terry at this point.

No. 328650

I’m poopin pose makes a comeback

No. 328651

PT would be proud

No. 328811

File: 1718992862471.jpeg (538.27 KB, 1283x2266, IMG_1759.jpeg)

Peeps asking for cash again?

No. 329212

File: 1719429664027.jpg (1.65 MB, 1440x2521, 1000019863.jpg)

Anyone know what this was about?

No. 329215

I saw that too and was very confused. I’m not in the east coast scene so whatever happened didn’t flow my way. Maybe it was a bad callout? Usually Terry would jump into any chance to virtue signal

No. 329348

He wants to suck up to thots, but doesn't want to be used as a paypig lol

No. 330060

i think we have collectively lost interest in this man. he's crossdressing to anime rave last weekend. collect 28 selfies. He posted more mid cosplay selfies. More child level of prop painting. Complained about not having a single day off until Anime Expo.

No. 330127

There was an anime rave?

No. 330140

Nta, but almost all conventions have raves.

No. 330187

File: 1719924661329.jpeg (140.87 KB, 1284x2304, IMG_1899.jpeg)

He went to a gathering/rave last weekend to show off the popular elf mage woman from the anime that starts with Fri

Old ass man needs his rest. Don’t understand why he doesn’t understand.

No. 330196

Why is old man Terry so bad at managing his sleep schedule? He has no social life (that we know of) It seemed extremely foolish for him to spend so much time on his cosplays. Quality not quantity my dude. He’s in such a bad shape he can’t keep doing this for long

No. 330197

I haven’t lost interest. I just don’t use social media apps often anymore so I rely on other nonnies to post screenshots

He’s bad at managing it because he wants to believe he’s still in his 20s and can keep up with all the young cosplay girls he follows

No. 330268

Kek @ anons acting like being 40 is elderly and feeble. Terry is malnourished and likely deficient in many vitamins and nutrients, that's why he doesn't have much energy. Not because he's 40, 40 isn't super old and a normal healthy 40 y/o can keep up with people in their 20s no problem.

No. 330311

File: 1719968097363.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1284x2272, IMG_1953.jpeg)

What a life Terry has…

No. 330367

What’s wrong with his leg? lol I like that just the other day he said he’s not getting enough sleep due to his very active life. Then thenext day he spent his precious spare time visiting the otakon office. Peak autism here

No. 330528

File: 1720066163476.jpeg (594.71 KB, 1284x2254, IMG_1966.jpeg)

Not everything revolves around cosplay you dolt

No. 330618

File: 1720121646896.jpeg (473.12 KB, 1284x2277, IMG_1975.jpeg)

I wanna see this in the wild

No. 330677

File: 1720152225709.jpg (305.17 KB, 414x1004, 1000020073.jpg)

Terry shared this… you couldn't Waterford me into sharing a selfie where I look like a party city decoration

No. 330683

Has anyone actually seen anyone other than Terry using one of these? Because I definitely have not

Lmao fucking haggard

No. 330705

Does he only do female cosplays now? he looks ok with all the filters but god he looks awful unfiltered

No. 330754

So fem

No. 330755

File: 1720225646591.png (5.09 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6886.png)

No. 330779

File: 1720248831291.jpeg (460.16 KB, 689x744, IMG_1987.jpeg)


No. 330818

That hard nose contour looks so bad and somehow makes his nose look even bigger

No. 330898

File: 1720345712436.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x1867, IMG_2005.jpeg)

No. 330899

File: 1720345938694.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x2266, IMG_2006.jpeg)

Then why do you still go?

No. 330913

Imagine dropping who knows how much money on a con just to say, "I dont even like it here".

No. 330918

Imagine spending enough money to fly to Japan. Instead this dumbass just walk around taking selfies with his “friends” and having a miserable time

No. 330992

File: 1720398001255.jpeg (446.38 KB, 497x957, IMG_2016.jpeg)

So dreamy

No. 331038

God his props look like ass

No. 331055

File: 1720427783862.jpeg (627.06 KB, 1284x2187, IMG_2018.jpeg)

No. 331056

File: 1720427828226.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1284x2223, IMG_2019.jpeg)

No. 331078

What kind of connection is he making with people? This reads really bad, and the only saving grace of AX is that he got to connect with people? Does he really form groups at cons? He always cosplay by himself. This man has to work out a lot of issues

No. 331079

Has there ever been a con that he eveb has fun at??? Every con is just a Groundhogs day for him.

No. 331081

In the end, his issue is that he isn't getting any asspats for doing mediocre cosplays and the public changes, of course cons won't be the same they were fucking 5 or 7 years ago, people and fandoms change.
I would bet 50 dollars that he just doesn't even like the series and games that are popular nowadays.
Seriously, he should just drop this shit and get a fucking hobby like going to war.

No. 331218

Lol if I was one of the people who met up with him at AX and read this spiel about 2024 not being a good “friend experience” then I would never give him another pity hangout again. He’s so insulting for no reason

>after covid…no one ever says a word
I’d like to think these threads are having an impact in exposing him to the wider community and that’s why people don’t approach him. First Terry thread was pretty slow, but started gaining traction after 2021, which coincides with what he’s saying here. There was also a period of time where googling “manaknight cosplay” would show his lolcow thread in the top 3 results iirc. Even now you still see the threads, they’re just a couple results lower

No. 331222

File: 1720496497853.jpeg (898.66 KB, 1284x1455, IMG_2038.jpeg)

It looks like a trash bag with a cocktail skewer

No. 331253

Did he and moo cosplay the same Carachter at ax, the big schyte one? Lolol who wore it better, old man Terry or lardass moo?

No. 331297

File: 1720550191746.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x2255, IMG_2057.jpeg)

No. 331329

what's the context here? was this a follow up to another story where he had a rant about his pronoun. I don't get why being called a man (which he's) triggers him, while being called a "girl" excites him

No. 331337

File: 1720564918297.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1284x2257, IMG_2058.jpeg)

More or less yeah

No. 331350


I saw him in his CC cosplay when me and my friends were at the horseshoes. He looked absolutely sick and could barely walk in the boots he was wearing. >>331337

No. 331367

File: 1720611121247.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_2063.jpeg)

No. 331400

A 40 year old grown ass man crying about "muh pronouns". No wonder he has 0 actual friends.

No. 331405

his gender/pronoun content usually gets him a lot of ass pats. people call him brave for doing these.

No. 331448

>could barely walk in the boots he was wearing
You would think that with all the time he has spent trying to larp as a girl that he would’ve gotten the hang of walking in heels by now lol

No. 331471

This gross old nigger needs to retire. It's fucking pathetic he thinks with all the filters photoshops and other BS he thinks he can hang with cosplayers 10-20 years younger. It's just genetics, and bathing in dish soap probably added liked 60 years to his skin.

He's a fucking a loser and legit wanders around cons alone aimlessly. Play the Predaterry Hall game if you're bored. Any time you see him shambling aimlessly take a shot of alcohol.

Seriously, he starves himself to achieve the token anorexic animu phaggot physique and it just doesn't work. What a disgrace to black (or any) people.


No. 331472

Really don't understand the obsession with"misgendering" either. It's a man, an ugly anorexic man. Faggot coukd starve himself down to 59lbs and he'd still never pass as the cute anime boys he fetishes.

It's just genetics. Sucks to suck for this narcissistic grandpa but hey, fuck em. He's a nig (and fake NB) so he's got a shield from criticism from the rest of the retards that make up this shitty comm.(racebait)

No. 331550

he was wandering around at AX alone a lot, can confirm.(sage your shit)

No. 331667

File: 1720832876653.jpeg (890.25 KB, 1284x2249, IMG_2098.jpeg)

Same thing new post sir you also said you would quit

No. 331670

Lol so 10+ cons OK Terry. Not slowing down at all.

I'm fascinated by what he'll decide to do when his body can't handle these con weekends or cosplaying anymore. He would have no life or motivation to wake up again.

No. 331677

I’m surprised to see him putting New England on there, which zoomer is he going to follow out there?
If terry does fly out of the country, I can’t wait for the 5 million problems that will occur making him render the trip useless and lonely

No. 331696

I’m sorry but I don’t think you know what New England is

No. 331697

File: 1720845079732.png (352.12 KB, 1563x2209, 4AD2B84E-E039-4F26-896C-9E5347…)

Not England nonnie. New England, as in the Northeast United States

No. 331718

damn. who in Atlanta/Georgia pissed him off? the community needs to thank them.

That's the only thing missing from that big list

No. 331723

Omg shut the fuck up Terry

No. 331725

You made me realize that Atlanta (momocon) isn’t there. Whatever they did, we need everyone else to do the same

No. 331731

File: 1720901961312.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2313, IMG_2106.jpeg)

No. 331736

Mostly big name black cosplayers go to Atlanta cons and Terry has alienated himself from them and has on multiple times been caught talking shit about fellow black cosplayers. Can't tell you how many times he has hidden or adverted his eyes when he runs into black cosplayers who know his bs.

No. 331755

File: 1720936966137.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1284x2233, IMG_2119.jpeg)

No. 331756

File: 1720937046158.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2206, IMG_2121.jpeg)

No. 331765

So now he’s just saying he has ASD? I mean, I don’t doubt it because it’s pretty obvious, but he doesn’t have a diagnosis (that would require going to a doctor). I’m pretty sure he’s just trying to add another layer of protection from any criticism on top of being non binary and asexual.

No. 331768

Terry stay away from New England please.

No. 331800

His filters look so crazy here

No. 331834

File: 1721038848266.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2263, IMG_2130.jpeg)

No. 331878

I saw him making a Facebook status about almost overflowing a tub. I’m starting to feel like this is part of his plan to appear as quirky so people let down their guards? I refuse to believe this is a thing autistic people do (post about random shit)

No. 331884

File: 1721058411915.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1284x2046, IMG_2133.jpeg)

No. 331890

Is uncoated a gen z slang? Sorry im just an old millennial. It’s honestly not that terrible cosplay / photo. He won’t pass due a woman but it’s a decent attempt I’m not going to lie

No. 331902

genzer here and i've never heard of that slang. it could be gen alpha talk.

No. 331928

wtf is he even talking about? Doing Sailor Pluto so dirty here. Nasty ass man

No. 331979

File: 1721129225042.jpeg (683.76 KB, 1284x2332, IMG_2147.jpeg)


No. 331981

File: 1721129599843.jpeg (789.24 KB, 1284x2321, IMG_2148.jpeg)


No. 331994

Anon you just going to leave us hanging? I see we found out why Terry is skipping Atlanta cons

No. 331995

File: 1721133974296.jpeg (748.06 KB, 1284x2323, IMG_2149.jpeg)


No. 332011

Terry time and time again you have proved that you are not capable of having a true friend that is 20 years younger than you. You tried to creep after my work colleague when she is barely 18 and is publicly in a relationship. We’ve witnessed you inserting yourself into friend groups when it painfully clear that you were never invited. You are not a teenager anymore nor are you a cute wasian woman.

No. 332135

File: 1721252010283.jpeg (541.4 KB, 1284x2250, IMG_2186.jpeg)

No. 332183

What about all the times he's going to the mall and arcades on the weekend? That was after work?

No. 332207

Anon, Terry speak is hard to understand so I don’t blame you. He only took four days off during his regular work schedule, which is 9/80. He has every other Friday off. He gets OT pay during weekends

No. 332275

honestly yes he does go to work a lot. it's either work work work or him at the mall/cons/standing in front of a mirror with his ashy elbows flaking all over the place. either that or it's bitching at his half dead parents for having dollar tree towels or not making him unseasoned mashed potatoes at christmas. it'd be nice to see him do something else like go walk in the park or even not be on social media for at least 36 hours but i know that's never happening so whatever.

No. 332311

File: 1721511504251.png (Spoiler Image,349.49 KB, 381x818, agp-eww.png)

he posted this 2d ago on tiktok kek gosh must be a truly stunning and brave agp to believe thats a thirst trap lmao

No. 332313

File: 1721513733869.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2261, IMG_2236.jpeg)

No. 332407

File: 1721564438158.jpeg (319.06 KB, 1284x2306, IMG_2238.jpeg)

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