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File: 1561342080166.jpg (85.93 KB, 640x960, terry.jpg)

No. 54749

>36 year old self proclaimed "famous" cosplayer
>a narcissist
>can't take any sort of criticism, screenshots and posts any hate he gets so his white knights can do his dirty work
>talks about being "so busy" with his fans at cons despite generally walking around alone
>tries to stay relevant by joining popular fandoms such as BTS
>thinks his drag-like makeup and cum hardened wigs are god tier
>can't seem to lose his virginity so he decided to label himself as asexual
>when he isn't stroking his own ego he is fishing for compliments
>cosplays mostly underage boys despite approaching 40

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

No. 54751

File: 1561343151696.jpeg (235.75 KB, 1237x709, E3496418-7136-4B5F-954B-7B9F8D…)

Lol he was walking around Katsucon alone of course.

No. 54757

Is her head photoshopped onto her body in the OP photo? what the hell

No. 54759

Can I have context for the op image what's going on with the keyblade also the head also at first glance I thought this was some Soren shit

No. 54761

I’m confused why OP put an actual address in the email field?

No. 54764

this dude has 'fans'??

No. 54768

One of my cosplayer friends has taken pictures with him several times and each time, it’s jarring to see that face. Why does he insist on doing gyaru makeup for every character?

He’s cringe but I don’t know why you’re posting him. Older cosplayers with bad makeup are a dime a dozen. Did he actually do something really bad because the OP doesn’t give any specifics.

No. 54777

Not sure if he has done anything “really bad” however he does meet the criteria needed to be considered a snowflake. Lack of self awareness, unable to accept criticism, and an unhealthy desire for attention.

No. 54806

not the OP but this guy's head isn't photoshopped on. this is just how he does all his makeup. he doesn't blend down to the neck.

also this guy is so far up his own ass it's not even funny. the only reason he has so many facebook friends is because he corners people at cons and forces them to take selfies with him in his bid to make it seem like he's well-known. narcissistic and delusional.

No. 54807

I’ve met the dude. He genuinely thinks he has a big following on Instagram and did that whole “you probably know me by my name manaknight” when I met him. He literally watched my phone and waited for me to follow him at katsucon while we were talking. Was super uncomfortable. Worth putting in a cosplayers thread but not malicious enough to have his own though

No. 54809

File: 1561388475354.png (111.62 KB, 750x537, IMG_1069.PNG)

I remember this caused a stir on his fb. he def has at least mild aspergers

No. 54816

This thread is going to be dead I dont feel like this guy ever does anything particularly interesting. Just your average socially stunted cosplayer lol

No. 54819

oh yea i hate medical labels too, like cancer or aids. fuck em!

No. 54823

OP here, anon is right. His head isn’t photoshopped on, he unfortunately just looks like that. I apologize for disappointing some of you guys with this thread, although he does meet the requirements for an Lolcow. I’ve been debating on making this thread for a while. While I only have some basic milk on him I was hoping that after making a thread anons with a bit more info on him could contribute more milk. I only know Terry from cons and social media. I get the feeling he has some dirt on him that people who know him better would be able to share. Especially since he has been called out in the past by former friends for his massive ego.

No. 54824

OP again, my apologies for double posting,

I’m a complete dumbass and this is my first time creating a thread. I knew to keep my name anonymous but I thought the email section was for thread deleting purposes. I contacted the admins to see if they could remove the email but if not it’s no big deal really. The email is a spam email account anyways.

No. 54849

File: 1561415437651.jpg (177.86 KB, 811x1334, IMG_1426.JPG)


No. 54852

lurk more.

there’s no milk here.

No. 54854

Damn, that's cringe.
He's not even ugly irl but that cute anime boy shit is such a weird thing to want to be.

No. 54876


He doesn’t seem to be super milky but I just get vibes off of him.

No. 54878

I'd never thought i'd see a thread on him.
Milky or not, i see this ugly ass face on instagram tags with a stupid amount of likes all the time and it confuses me how he gets so many? He looks so awful

No. 55032

When I saw him without makeup, I was very surprised how normal and non-horrifying he looked. He could pull of a lot of cool male characters but his desire to be a dainty, androgynous Asian boy with hostess makeup is so weird!

I’m thinking it’s mostly the woke community trying to show support for minority representation and being afraid of rejecting him in fear of being called racist. I totally enjoy seeing support of more black cosplayers but this grandma-looking two-toned dude is a not it.

No. 55071

When I see black men doing this a part of myself dies. Stop making a mockery of our race.

No. 55072



Some grown Bruva looking like boku no pico dipped in chocolate

No. 55094

>boku no pico dipped in chocolate
holy shit anon my fucking sides

No. 55096

File: 1561572617609.jpeg (77.03 KB, 750x535, 60856944-F0C3-457B-89EA-8F48A0…)

while this is a semi-old tweet, he doesnt seem to have changed his mind

No. 55098

That explains a lot.

No. 55103

File: 1561574983045.jpeg (725.67 KB, 750x1008, 223B9270-F36F-4402-9F39-AEEF1F…)

He unironically has an fb album called “Wigs I style”.

No. 55115


Dude just grown some cornrows and call it a day PLEASE

No. 55120


kinda wild that he brags about his droopy, cum-encrusted wigs

No. 55123

if you could see how absurdly delusional he is on his social media platforms..his head is big in more ways than one

No. 55132


No. 55144

File: 1561592946683.jpg (675.66 KB, 1080x1921, 20190626_184012.jpg)

There is something disturbing about a 14 year old character being cosplayed by a near 40 year old

No. 55164

Every time I see a photo of him with make up it feels like those edited photos of pageant kids with the crazy eyes

No. 55172

It's wild because he looks so normal in >>54849 , he's not even an ugly dude. I don't get why he wears such thick falsies when he's trying to portray a young boy, the creepy smile and way too blue contacts aren't helping either. ugh.

Spot on.

No. 55188

exactly what he does indeed

No. 55192

"Done an amazing job pulling off cosplays"

boy what

No. 55202

I remember when he went on a poll binge and every single poll was about him. He was quizzing people on how well they know him every single day. Who gives a fuck about how many times you've been to a convention or what your favorite color is, Terry?

No. 55203

File: 1561641867322.jpeg (328.25 KB, 750x1176, 0D844C99-245C-4FA8-8B9C-0EF3DE…)

he literally ALWAYS does this. Now all his white knights are kissing his ass and uwuing (no surprise since most of them are just as shit-tier at cosplaying). Bro, learn how to style a fucking wig and not have it look like a taxidermied porcupine.

No. 55207

File: 1561643489706.jpeg (120.02 KB, 750x327, 38795F11-632E-4935-9195-D35EB9…)

Pathetic that he sics his “fans” on anyone who calls him out for his narcissism.

No. 55210

every atom of him scream autism holy shit

No. 55211

All these reasons you’re giving are actually fucking stupid. What’s wrong with him not drinking? Not everyone has to get drunk and drink like other people. Are you actually fucking brain dead?

If he likes BTS who fucking cares? Why should you?????

The fact that he is acknowledging this ridiculous fucking post is taking criticism. He legit said he would do better even though all these reasons are not crit, it’s just bullying.

Cosplay is fun bc anyone can do it and have fun doing it. If he wants to make hard cum looking like spiked wigs (your opinion) then let him. That’s his way of styling wigs. Not everyone has to cosplay the way you want them to cosplay.

ALSO there fucking people older then him cosplaying. Are you fucking two? Probably since you’re pathetic enough to talk about people on this stupid website. There is nothing wrong with someone who is 40 cosplaying. Cosplay is for everyone!

You’re an absolute cunt for making fun of his sexuality and calling it “him not being able to lose his virginity.” Trash like you is what the world doesn’t need. Please throw away anything that gives you access to the internet:)

No. 55212

this is lolcow, defending him will do nothing here

No. 55213

Not sure if someone cow tipped or he just googles himself every moment of the day lmao

I’m sure this is just the first of many of autistic white knights he will be linking to the thread.

No. 55223

You guys forgot to mention that most of his selfies he takes are with young girls. He'll straight up ignore most guys half the time at cons.

No. 55232


tru, highkey odd that he cultivates all these friendships with girls half his age if not younger. he rooms with them alone at cons too

No. 55234

Here come the white knights…
Also let me tell you he is definitely into teenager girls, just look most of his selfies

No. 55247

File: 1561660458230.jpeg (182.03 KB, 640x1136, 7033CA94-406D-44D2-A01C-398F83…)

No. 55251

But he doesnt care abt being famous right? Hypocrite

No. 55252

cosplayer here, I’ve run into him a bunch at cons and have been a mutual of his for a while. he walks around alone most cons, in search of people to take pictures with. he’ll hang around alone in an area until someone, anyone he may know or thinks looks cute, comes by and he can get a picture with. all his selfies aren’t because he was hanging with friends or anything, it’s literally all he does and seems to care for at a con. kinda odd, if you ask me.
he also likes to (try) inject himself into groups of scenes or be extremely relatable to the younger women he adds. he’ll comment frequently on their stuff about how cute and amazing they are and blah blah.
nothing too milky here, just thought I’d share.

No. 55253

You are doing God’s work anon. This screenshot sums him up perfectly.

No. 55255

File: 1561662516385.jpeg (167.13 KB, 750x997, F799B375-3986-4D08-A697-3113EA…)

this sums up his approach to girls. creepily commenting on their stuff and fishing for compliments while playing the “poor me i’m ugly :(“ card. what girl is gonna be like “oh no youre so hot i’d date you Terry!” fuck off

No. 55256



No. 55258

I fully believe he's a closeted gay

No. 55263

He knows who made this thread

No. 55267

Doubt it.

No. 55270

File: 1561670089577.jpg (393 KB, 1080x1074, Akdjdkshahsj.jpg)

Deets OP?

No. 55271

Man dude no one cares if you’re alone or not at a con, shit I’m friends with really good looking cosplayers and they fly solo all the time and never have to fucking say they have friends
This dude is just on another level delusional, I thought he was pretty cool or normal cause a lot of my friends are friends with him and thought he was harmless, which is probably is (??), but damn it’s just dude admit ur a nerd and move on lol

No. 55273

I see him at almost every east coast con i attend. I dunno where he lives, but who is driving 10 hours to go to a con? that's insane right there

No. 55274

Hes still posting about it? Give it a rest already.

No. 55276


A lot of people in cons do… it's kind of ridiculous but they're dedicated to their hobby

No. 55288

File: 1561681912912.jpeg (469.69 KB, 640x889, 048F041C-7E8D-4D44-982D-4E6000…)

> never handles criticism or even constructive criticism well. He makes no mistakes. He is perfect. How dare you think differently
> when called out on shit, ALWAYS is baited and will argue it (as seen evident from him discovering this thread)
> purchases games, posts he has purchased games, and then never plays them
> Conversations never are about anything but him. He will never actually talk about fandom things. Only ever his cosplays from whichever media in conversation if they “performed” well
> was once a “guest” at a New York convention as a cosplay judge despite never having made a single costume himself in his entire cosplaying career
> photos he sold at his booth for said convention consisted entirely of printed selfies

“Really bad”? Nah “snowflake”? Absolutely. Just another narcissistic cosplayer trying to be modest about “not wanting fame” but in turn it just backfires and makes himself look pompous.

Anyway that’s my cow juice thanks seeya

No. 55290

These don't even look like the characters' eyebrows and most of them are drawn way too light.

No. 55327

remember that one time Manaknight had his white knights harassed this girl online because she likes x-box more than ps4?

No. 55335

dude doesn't seem particularly milky. he seems like a very lonely, possibly autistic guy who really wants to fit in somewhere. there's plenty of people like him in the world. seems harmless.

No. 55338

For real? How did the girl react to that?

No. 55341

Agreeing with this.
He seems unsocialized and maybe mildly creepy, but a lot of this thread reads as someone samefagging in order to bitch about their pointless vendetta.

No. 55371

At a guess, she came here and made a thread about him.

No. 55386

I feel you OP. Been following him for years, know him personality, etc. but he never seemed to do anything extreme worth making a thread on. He only remains consistent on his egoistical, noticeably autistic, compliment baiting personality. I thank you for doing this.

No. 55392

File: 1561731309043.png (532.58 KB, 478x830, datsracist.PNG)

>Why does he insist on doing gyaru makeup for every character?
He has no problem lighting his skin for character accuracy. However, if someone slightly darkens their skin though? You're blackfacing and making fun of black people! Feel like I have to take a shot of alcohol every time he bitches about people doing blackface. I'm convinced it gives him moral superiority due to his own skin color. He's a hypocrite in more ways than this.

No. 55470

Anon you sound more autistic than him kek

No. 55684

Idk if he do this everytime for gaining followers but once he followed me on Instagram, I didn't follow him bc I'm not on the same fandoms and like two or three weeks later, he unfollow me.
I don't care about that things but maybe he does this with a lot of people and that's how he gained popularity? He haves 9000 followers but follows 3000.

No. 57506

I've known Terry for awhile now, and I don't see him as problematic. Terry is opinionated and sticks by what he believes in, most definitely, but he's never used people for fame. He's easy to get along with and talk too and is very passionate about cosplay, as anyone would be about something they absolutely love to do. His following is big because he is constantly online and active, especially with his followers. The only time I see people who have problems with him is when he posts something to his Facebook, which is also his "personal" account and only friends can see his posts. I think it's worse to act two face with someone and share posts you don't agree with than whatever you think Terry does lol

No. 57545

Kek….this thread was pretty dead and on it's way out until you necro'd it to defend "Terry". Now I'm interested!

No. 57662

With how milky the east coast cosplayers are, it is surprising that Terry is the one chosen. He's somewhere on the spectrum but hasn't done anything actually milky.

No. 57666

Like who anon?

No. 57745

curious to see if he would call out the three girls that made this thread though, that would be interesting

No. 57769

>the three girls that made this thread though
what now

No. 60514


Give names or post them in the general costhot thread. If you have milky content, we want to see it.

No. 61390

first names start with K and S. you can fill in the blanks from there. <3 HeXaGoN(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 62478

In response to the anons who said that 3 girls made this post that is not correct. The person who made this post did try to use them as a cover up though. I know both parties personally and it seems they worked things out behind the scenes. Although I don’t know about the actual post creator.

No. 62611


I really did not want to believe the members of heart hex helped make a post like this, there has been multiple parties where their name has been brought up about this rumored thread. The op's email matches an email from a member of the southern IL\St.Louis love live cosplay community that is actively associated with the members of heart hex. I do not want to imagine what things they have said about people in the Love Live community, it's sad to see this now, during a convention weekend.

No. 62635

The leader of Heart Hex is the clown who got caught on camera trashing someones booth at CAD a couple years ago, so not surprising they’d keep stirring up shit. Once a cunt always a cunt.

No. 62895

the girls from HH nor the owner of the email are the actual creators of the thread. Not saying they aren’t shitty people but they surprisingly didn’t do this. However the person who did make it is associated with them. Or at least was. From my understanding they cut ties with him after speaking to Terry about this whole thread. The guy who made this thread is a shit head who was too stupid to 1. Not actually use a working email and 2. Use one that belonged to one of those girls.

Not sure of his motive behind making this, to hurt Terry or just make HH look bad. Maybe both. He was friends with one of the HH members so the whole situation is confusing.

No. 63495


how would this "shit head guy" find an unknown email that wasn't posted outside of love live group chats or an old lion king fan art website, knowing it would lead to heart hex? more than certain that they used this guys name as a deflection so their name does not get more ruined as it already is, as old members of HH are happier without them now. it would make more sense if the email was like hh @ gmail or something, but this email leads to Taylor Raposa now known as Taylor Cook on facebook as it was only used for the love live group chat messenger. these three actively interact with eachother, it would not surprise me if they bully other love live cosplayers. let alone someone they barely know like Terry.

No. 91544

Terry was recently convinced this thread was coming back to life and shared it in his Facebook, when called out that it hadn't been posted in eight months, claims that he never actually checked the link to see when stuff was posted. He's 'too busy' for that drama.

No. 91634

Post screen caps retard

No. 99506

File: 1591727898152.jpg (107.8 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1591727918770.jpg)

Poor Terry.
Of course he is all for Black Lives Matter.
As he tries to be white.

No. 99508

File: 1591727935348.jpg (671 KB, 1073x1681, Screenshot_20200609-143611_Fac…)

Hes such a victim

No. 99509

File: 1591727958420.jpg (824.4 KB, 1080x1711, 20200609_143820.jpg)


No. 99511

>one person tried telling me to stop whitefacing and said white lives matter

i’ll take shit that never happened for 200, alex

No. 99548

File: 1591738991107.jpg (112.5 KB, 1080x1511, FB_IMG_1591739023727.jpg)

Such amazing skills

No. 99551

File: 1591739232163.jpg (89.92 KB, 1077x400, Screenshot_20200609-174650_Fac…)

Fishing for compliments. As usual

No. 99555

I hate people who pull this 'i cosplay exclusively outside my race'

Like most cosplayers do. Most are white or hispanic and even characters races tend to be pretty ambigious. This whole race thing in cosplay is so dumb and i've met him several times in passing and he's literally just looking for victim points.

He must be one of those guys who thinks women just are born knowing how to do makeup. Nah bitch, we all learn what works for our faces too. Men in cosplay are always so whiny and pathetic.

No. 99808

men who learn how to do makeup end up with some kind of god complex as if every woman in their lives didn't learn how to do makeup by themselves.
He needs to learn how to match his foundation shade, he looks ashy as hell.

No. 100699

God his constant fishing for compliments and vaguebragging is so annoying. I’d respect him more if he was just honest about how up his own ass he is instead of trying to get sympathy asspats

he’s posted about how he wishes he was white before so I’m pretty sure he intentionally goes as light as he thinks he can get away with

No. 114392

File: 1601407436957.jpeg (599.62 KB, 828x839, 9AC8A221-E5F3-466F-8D22-A29BD3…)

He posted this and you can see his before and after yellowface.
Honestly I don’t understand how he doesn’t see this as racist. But I saw him call a guy racist for Tanning. So I guess he thinks it’s racist for white people yo go in the sun.
As if white people getting a tan is Racist and blackface.

Honestly, he’s a disgustingly Racist person and a heavy elitist.
Recently saw him post on Facebook that he was stalking someone’s mom on FB cause she supported trump. Like, he has nothing better to do then try and find people to Dox to make himself feel morally superior, and get his Hivemind of Fans to attack them so he can make himself feel good.

I’ve met a lot of weird people at conventions and I gotta say, he takes the Most Racist, Most Narcissistic, most hypocritical and biggest elitest.
Tbh does anyone know what he does for a living? Cause I’ve seen people get fired for making posts like he does. Maybe it’s time to forward his posts to his job.(newfag)

No. 114417

Not to pry but you sound a lot like someone with a vendetta, I’m not sure that his makeup is inherently racist, I don’t see any eye taping

No. 114421

This is a wild vendetta

No. 114450

File: 1601462488747.jpg (84.49 KB, 1200x804, vsOIYZf.jpg)

What do you mean? This is just his famed Gayle King cosplay. You have something against him paying homage to an accomplished female journalist and Oprah’s BFF?

No. 114468

It’s not that I have a vendetta, it’s that I see him do this all the time and I try and remain polite. But I’m tired of it, it’s more his behavior that’s racist, things I’ve seen him say and type, it’s just more so an example of him trying to look more of a different race while if let’s just say, for the example of someone I know of someone he attacked on FB.

They got a tan, that’s it. They were accused of racism, blackface and they were doxxed. I’ve heard of others who received private messages from random people attacking them due to his (terry’s) behavior.

That itself was not right, calling a guy racist and blackface for going into the sun, while he powders his face white to appear more oriental for a costume.
To me that’s being a real hypocrite Aswell as racist.

So in a way, I can say it’s abit of a vendetta if you count the fact I’m done seeing good people get harrassed for not being apart of his hivemind of white knights. I wish he could get taught a lesson about his actions, to me the best way that can happen is to mirror that treatment and dox him to his employer.

Tbh I’ve never had a reason to have a personal vendetta against him. But when I see him post about being on the prowl for someone to dox again. I’m tired of it. All he does is perpetuate hatred. He should have his treatment returned in kind.

I can see how it came off though.

No. 114477

God shut the fuck up with your vendetta posting mongoloid. Just because you don't know anything about makeup doesn't automatically brand him as being racist. Your friend was probably retarded anyway go whine somewhere else

No. 114483

The character he was cosplaying isn't even Asian dumbass, he's German

No. 114495

I can’t unsee this lmao
This due straight up looking like Gayle

No. 114612

File: 1601562514296.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, 47e.gif)

I'm actually dead. This is spot on.

No. 114858

IIRC he is an electrical Engineer or something similar. Ive met him at cons and he was always a nice dude, seems insecure.

No. 115096

>sperging about Terry being racist
>uses oriental to refer to asians
>>114468 you’re reaching here with your vendetta anon. Don’t know if your friend deserved to get called out but calling someone out for blackface isn’t racism and Terry lightening his skin is more sad than anything it’s just internalized racism
I do agree he’s an elitist hypocritical narcissist though

No. 119040

I remember when he shared a post about a fight outside a mall and his caption to it was something like "omg this is right across from AWA!"

One of the people on his friends list went off about why did he HAVE to relate it to something convention related and had his hivemind attack her for days afterward

No. 119980

>>119040 he loves siccing his followers on people that he has mild disagreements with. I’ll try and compile the screenshots later, but back when kh3 was about to release he was being really elitist and told some girl she wasn’t a true kh fan because she was going to play it on Xbox not PlayStation. When she rightly got mad at him, he was like “lol I was trolling” and sent his followers to harass her off of Facebook

No. 120049

Oh jeez Terry. Meet him at an east coast con and god he just exudes fake positive creepo. I remember being extremely unnerved by him and even morose when I had a friend request from him when I got back to the hotel. I generally don't have many con friends, anyone from cosplay is people I've interacted with multiple times and even then it's a few amount. He had to of hunted me down as my name doesn't exactly pop in search I just left him in limbo.

No. 122028

File: 1606089991971.jpg (121.21 KB, 639x1303, yikes.jpg)

We've established he's a narcissist but the amount of asspats and ego inflation this nearly 40 year old man needs is insane.

The delusion thinking he looks exactly like his overly shopped costhot "friends".

No. 122032

i’m part of his friends list and every time he posts a crossplay picture i seen the comments completely filled with young girls telling him cute and beautiful he looks- i’m talking comments in the 10s, 20s jerking his dick for ~*breaking gender roles*~

No. 122077

It doesn't count when you face tune half your face off Terry.

No. 122479

File: 1606345036864.jpeg (305.92 KB, 828x1343, F79A912D-B6D1-4328-81BB-7BD79B…)

Funny that he says he hates giving himself credit when he’s constantly bragging about his makeup skills. He doesn’t even have skills, it’s all just filters

No. 122497

Wtf is shit? Did Terry tr00n out or is he crossdressing for attention? Shit, male cosplayers are so predictable

No. 122509

Maybe going the digi route aka the waifu never came so better become it.

No. 122566

File: 1606420651633.webm (613.36 KB, 576x1280, 6899185434967018758_manaknight…)

Nothing like a nearly 40 y/o man cosplaying a girl less than half his age.

No. 122586

Why the fuck is he doing that with his mouth? Fucking disgusting.

No. 122596

It's like he's having a stroke. If he's going the troon route least it'll be milky Any takers on 'lesbian mtf'?

No. 122641

File: 1606455631563.png (29.16 KB, 476x300, sureterry.png)

It's already beginning

No. 122645

So they don't make lots of deep-toned contour pallets and hooded eyes have nothing to do with it. They are just mad they doesn't look like the Korean cosplayers crossdressing as men.

No. 122656

For anyone about to open this mute your fucking speakers holy fuck.

No. 122775

Why are gross weeb men like this "Oh my creepy advances didn't land me perfect cosplay waifu I'll just slap make up on and become her then."

No. 123614

Christ that is both horrifying and disgusting.

Um also am I the only one who thinks Terry decided to label as "non-binary" to fit in with the zoomers?

No. 123631

he don't look good enough because his makeup sucks (among other reasons) and I don't understand why he thought adding color would be the solution. He's slowly approaching 40 trying to cosplay characters that range from teen years to mid-20s. Unless he's getting fillers to remove the wrinkles and shit, I'm not sure what lies he wants people to tell him. Watch a makeup tutorial and get your head our your ass. There's a good number of companies that cater to darker skin tones.
I can't imagine there was any other reason behind it besides attention.

No. 124912

Literally my exact thoughts.

I still can't get over his "This is Halloween" Halloween Sora tiktok where he fucked up every single word besides this is halloween

No. 124913

File: 1607488819570.jpg (27.42 KB, 688x145, 777.jpg)

Is this the sentence the equivalent of "I'm not racist, I have black friends"?

No. 125020

No. 125215

shit I knew he looked familiar!

No. 125443

>Imma tip Mr. Lee $5 the next time I get some Pick Up Stix

No. 126094

File: 1608062209025.webm (2.26 MB, 576x1024, tiktokvideo_1608061732.webm)

volume warning

I don't want to see Terry's tongue ever again in my life.

No. 126096

I'm so uncomfortable what the fuck

No. 126171

what the fuck is he doing with his hands? is he having a stroke?

No. 126189

File: 1608089391289.png (1011.35 KB, 845x803, terryplease.png)

This is probably a bit of a nitpick but has anyone else noticed he eats like a literal child? I mean I don't think this man has eaten a vegetable in over 10 years. He regularly posts about being a picky eater and avoiding Dr's. As he's almost nearly 40 I bet he's going to have some major health issue before 45.

No. 126197

File: 1608094879269.png (256.05 KB, 1021x743, 122167420_393015898385377_9739…)

He straight up LEAVES restaurants if they don't have chicken tenders LOL

No. 126199

this is fucking hilarious he's clearly extremely uncomfortable all this for what? a few of his Zoomer followers to gush about how brave and stunning he is. Hint hint Terry they still aren't gonna fuck you.

No. 126510


he needs to stop trying so hard to fit in with the young crowd, it's getting worse and more embarrassing

No. 126629

Imagine having a giant fridge and what seems like a spacious, newly updated kitchen only to barely stock it with sugar water, breakfast kibble, flour pucks, and frozen potatoes. What an idiot, he actually thought this was good to post. Weebs are a sad joke.

No. 126657


Jesus Christ. Dude needs fucking fiber.

No. 126668

I mean, that's sorta what happens when you buy a 4 story house and live by yourself.

Still don't even understood why he bought one so large and all the furniture he bought for it will never be used.

No. 126672

Obviously when the pandemic is over he’ll be inviting all the young girls on his friends list for a romantic dinner of Pepsi and store bought cupcakes.

No. 126720

wtf does this dude do for a living to be able to afford a four story house??

No. 126957

Holyshit, the state of that fridge and pantry. He eats like a 10 year old. it's really embarrassing.

No. 127150

Something in IT plus he lives in an affordable area, if I remember correctly.

No. 127571

File: 1608601854156.jpg (65.64 KB, 502x766, e2e.JPG)

Looks like he decided to buy ANOTHER tv for his house…for some reason.

No. 127818

Those aren't….posters of himself are they?? Is he really that far up his own ass?
Meanwhile he has a new TV but still got no friends to hang with at his "loft"

No. 127847

They were banners for a booth of his at a con he got to keep, if I recall. not sure why you'd just…hang em up though.

I remember he keeps anime posters framed in his bathrooms

No. 128130

File: 1608811897382.jpeg (141.04 KB, 828x1245, D97C461D-4881-4AF6-AFF0-16B2C6…)

Like the other anon said they’re banners he had made for when he guests at cons, that for some reason he decided to hang up.
He does actually have a giant framed selfie of himself though because narcissist

No. 128152

I was wondering who this dude reminds me of and it hit me: He's a black JF Bibeau.

Wanting to be young forever through cosplay, big, empty house otherwise littered with anime shit and poor food choices, and creeping endlessly on young girls.

No. 128586

File: 1608993396666.jpeg (197.67 KB, 828x1026, B0F42738-CB1C-4978-A20F-95DC8C…)

He can’t possibly think this looks good. Why is his face literally white? It looks like he’s trying to do clown makeup.

No. 128654

Earlier on, I never really had a problem with Terry. He gave me Pixy/Chris-chan vibes, the kid of autist who is only a danger to themselves, but is relatively harmless. But the extent of his autism at this point (childlike, obsessed with teenage cosplays and trying to look young, eats like an actual child, crossplaying) is starting to make me think he'll go the way of Chris-chan eventually. I wonder how the people in his life feel about all this? I kind of feel bad for him, with him not being diagnosed and just reveling in his autism. His self-hatred for being a black man is kind of sad, too. He's not even ugly, he's just so immature I'm sure no women would put up with him.

No. 128702

Without the heavy filters he's a plain decently ugly guy tbh. But if he was smart he'd play up that he can support a qt cosplay thot given he can fill an empty house with anime junk/electronics. They'd swarm him just to be able to not need to work. But no he wants to pretend he's the true anime waifu since cosplaying teen anime boys didn't pan out.

No. 128706

I think Terry is a narcissist as much as the next guy, but as a cosplayer myself I could see myself doing this solely for making sure they stay in good condition (wrinkles/tears/creases, don’t have much to go off of in terms of sun damage) and the room it would save in storage.

No. 128720

I kind of wondered this, too. He has non-binary/gender neutral on his Insta bio, so I guess we just have to sit, wait and see what he does.

No. 128729

Uhhh you all realize this person is gay as hell, right? Even if they haven't accepted it yet.

No. 128821

No one said he wasn’t.

No. 128972

Gay or not doesn't rlly matter he is so far up his own ass and desperate for validation. Why do you think he is constantly asking for people to vote for his next cosplay? Then he will play it off as "so many people wanted to see me as X character, so it will be coming very soon." No Terry, why do you have it in your head you are famous, but also bringing yourself down so that people can kiss your ass?

No. 129278

Terry sites being asexual but follows/is friends with so many e-thots/OF girls it's kinda doubtable.
More like cope for being a 40 y/o autist virgin that now decided he'll be his OWN uwu waifu since he needs so much attention

No. 129404

I've never met anyone who craves attention as much as Terry. He downplays himself just so that people can compliment him

No. 129406

File: 1609349271438.jpeg (394.1 KB, 1242x1404, E588404C-6C94-4C6F-9C4A-E346A8…)

Terry posted that his water heater is finally fixed so he’s going to his happy place AKA the bath and…. you WHAT

No. 129415

Does he have to tag the person over and over? It's kinda creepy ngl

No. 129438

That is some real ghetto shit

No. 129466

When you hit reply on a comment, facebook often times will auto tag the person. So not really weird.

No. 130041

File: 1609602281609.jpeg (213.35 KB, 828x1459, BBB3D7A8-2527-46E8-BE3C-5C501B…)

Nothing sexier than a 40 year old autist trying to show off his ass

No. 130048

This is an abomination

No. 130083

This is actual nightmare fuel. How long before this stupid privileged man tr00ns out?

No. 130093

still makes a better zero two than lori lewd

also that chin shoop..

No. 130291

File: 1609705037794.jpg (168.36 KB, 1440x1440, 135787310_10114941455111118_83…)

JFC the crust

No. 130312

File: 1609713114555.png (299.21 KB, 484x799, Untitled.png)

"Tiktok is so mean you guys!! I need more asspats"

No. 130357

Yo why do these contacts look….like paper? It looks like someone cut the center out with scissors, and poorly. Doesn't even look like a full circle

No. 130364

The app warped them into all sorta crazy shapes, it looks so odd especially on the more unnatural/bright lenses

No. 130372

Does he powder himself with cornstarch?

No. 130386


On top of the filter warping the red ones look seriously dry. He could be using an expired liquid or the contact could be expired themselves.

No. 131954

File: 1610484934682.jpeg (196.47 KB, 828x1453, 4010257B-A8AA-429B-A71B-08235E…)

He's really starting to like a tr00n

No. 131961

Good god. So damn desperate for attention but not willing to work harder on his cosplays so he is gonna go the "stuneen and bwave transwomin" route, where criticism is not allowed and asskissing is required or else be called a transphobe. Pathetic.

No. 131963

What the fuck is wrong with his skin

No. 131974

He's legit one more bad wig away from Ma'm . He just looks like a stocky, ugly man in a dress.

No. 131990

Do you think he is going to do his full drag looks when cons are back? I can't see the attention being as positive as it is in his hugbox and without his smoothing filter five o'clock shadow'd females would be sad.

No. 131991

Deadass looks like a skirted leotard I had for ballet practice when I was nine years old. How is this Aerith anything?

No. 131992

File: 1610501739648.jpg (78.4 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20210112-183318_Twi…)

No. 131997

Why not…just get the actual otufit?

No. 132104

File: 1610549501343.jpeg (126.17 KB, 827x678, CAC37077-D65E-4892-9807-D60718…)

He washes himself with Palmolive so it shouldn’t be surprising his skin is fucked

No. 132678

File: 1610755865425.jpeg (163.52 KB, 1080x1401, 5998D183-7AF2-4282-9330-84DC01…)

insecure about your age much, Terry?? his arrogance is definitely his way of compensating for his age insecurity. Just admit you're gen X and go

No. 132711

>says he's over 25
>wow! great to see people that age cosplay
Exactly how young is the person he's talking to? Only people under 18 think 25 is old.

No. 132800

Last time I actually checked he should be 39 now.

No. 132828

File: 1610829147907.jpg (37.18 KB, 600x315, e08857838dd506cda6fa67ef1c3f4d…)

Reminded me of picrel immediately kek

No. 132887

"I'm putting cosplay on hold"

Literally the next story slide on IG
>new cosplay came in

Doesn't sound like you're putting this shit on hold

No. 133077

File: 1610932098715.jpeg (385.48 KB, 1241x1895, C09554DE-EF2B-4D60-A6F9-E6E943…)

To add to that here’s him asking more ppl to vote on his next Cosplay despite him saying he’s going to quit.

No. 133426

Vote for my next cosplay and I'll play it off like people actually want to see more of me! That's how Terry deludes himself of being famous

No. 133433

Seriously what is he hoping to accomplish with this. People are still gonna go at him and how stupid he looks. Trolls are gonna be racist and zoomer girls/boys are still not gonna fuck him. Terry just commit to being some e thot boy or girl's sugar daddy

No. 133615

File: 1611187918592.jpeg (310.57 KB, 827x1415, 8E60050A-F114-4A11-84DF-83B340…)

> “I can’t get any girls to couple cosplay with me so I’m going to be my OWN WAIFU!”

No. 133636

Jesus I was half joking when I said >>122775 he seriously is holy shit. This nearly 40 year old moron is trying to be his own anime waifu cause no girl wanted him.

No. 133653

He is literally so ugly. He will never be a kawaii waifu with his extremely masculine features. he needs to get over it. This weird cosplaying girls only era is so wild.

No. 133671

He's wanting to wear them to cons as well. Not sure how that'll turn out.

No. 134050

File: 1611415496522.jpeg (202.73 KB, 828x1366, 9449BB59-7D6D-4AA0-A1EE-AC61A9…)

I wish he would keep his tongue in his mouth for his cringe tik toks. It’s so unsettling I hate the way he wiggles it around

No. 134055

File: 1611421163712.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x2364, 08AD0864-C102-4629-AB6A-B2411C…)

His latest tiktok is by far one his most cringe. His lip syncing is so off, not to mention his lash is about to escape xD for someone who claims to be Ace I’m surprised he chose this very sexual sound.

No. 134059


The fact that this freak is ten years older than myself and is on Tik Tok, trying to relive his weeb phase and get down with the kids just makes me miserable.

This is why I stopped liking anime and anything related to anime because of these degenerates.

No. 134079

This post screams, i'm single and looking for love but also COMPLIMENT MY COSPLAY ITS BAD

No. 134105


What’s gross is that ppl fawn over him which makes his ego even bigger.

No. 134112

I'm surprised he doesn't take the ugly cringe cosplay photographer route like EurobeatKasumi did to meet and take photos of girls he likes yet. Maybe when cons start up again.

No. 134145

File: 1611462742503.webm (595.1 KB, 576x1024, 6919982471928941830.webm)

He does con hall photos but doing just photography wouldn't inflate his ego and get him all the asspats he lives for.

Double chin kek

No. 134230

File: 1611513333123.jpeg (553.52 KB, 1077x1632, 807545DD-5B0A-4810-ADC2-14DCE0…)

his ashiness knows no bounds

No. 134234

> “I love wearing skirts, it makes me feel so pretty”
>poses with his legs spread like that

No. 134235

My favorite cute waifu girls also have sagging jowls and flapping 2and chins, very kaweewee.

No. 134241

is this yaoi hands

No. 134253

At this point I'm convinced he's not even attempting to lip sync, just moving his mouth in the same weird way he moves his tongue. What the fuck.

No. 134547

File: 1611672798855.jpeg (40.07 KB, 400x400, 0D23BA80-5E70-4D51-9032-741873…)

Someone please get this man some cocoa butter. And some vegetables - he is turning gray.

No. 134990

File: 1611884562696.jpg (429.71 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20210128-183158_Ins…)

Good news! You can apply to be his "close" friend soon!

No. 134991

I wonder what his requirements are.

No. 135028

I know this (probably) won’t happen, but this sounds like a serial killer looking for victims

Seriously though this guy needs to get his head checked if he thinks he’s so high up on a pedestal that people need to fill out an application to be friends with him

No. 135029

His makeup is bad, but it's those crusty concealer-coated eyebrows that I hate. It's just slathered on.

This is creepy and almost sounds like he's looking for a following of teenagers as friends. I wonder how extensive these applications would be.

No. 135161

Pretty sure he's looking for a sugar baby or some kind of friends with benefits type of arrangement. If he wanted actual friends he wouldn't need an application and also this doublespeak, he has plenty of people who like him enough to want to be around him.

No. 135193

He should post this on craigslist

No. 135196

Friends with benefits sounds accurate with "close" written in quotations like that. Gross.

No. 135853

File: 1612215150919.png (3.45 MB, 828x1792, E7D53F66-144D-4E8D-97E0-9BBEEE…)

He needs to realize being a little midget man doesn’t mean he’d make a cute loli. A man that’s pushing 40 liking loli’s is kind of questionable too.

No. 135868

>in her

No. 135870

Yeah someone pushing 40 cosplaying as the token loli in a pervy harem series is odd. I think the "in her" is more he knows 0 about the series and just wants to look uwu kawaii for asspats.

No. 135872

I'm noticing all his adoring yas queen comments are from girls with pathetic followings and anyone above him is just a nothing special thot. Do they think he carries clout or something?

No. 135965

I mean, him getting into things strictly cause they're crazy popular is his thing. Still think it's hilarious that he bought persona 5, played like 2 hours of it and cosplayed Joker because it was the hot thing to do but since it didn't do well at cons because there was 10000 of them, he had a breakdown and sold it

No. 136013

Terry is oblivious to their own detriment. I’m curious how the whole “I’ll stop cosplaying in the next couple years” will actually pan out, since the guy thrives so much off of the attention of others, something that cosplay has given them. Note how Terry didn’t like TikTok until it gave them another avenue of attention.
I think it would be in their best interest to go to a doctor, get a diagnosis, seek out therapy (both emotional and for severely disordered/malnourishing eating habits), and consider being open about those struggles; maybe there’s someone who follows Terry who would benefit from them being open about it. Them being so painfully unwilling to see a doctor/seek out a diagnosis (or change their eating habits) comes off as a bit ableist in my opinion, like they can’t handle the idea of being on the spectrum or not being “normal”. Having someone so adamantly against seeking out help when they clearly have the income to do so and be so mortified of having a diagnosis is kind of insulting, and pushes a dangerous narrative.
I understand Terry also complains a bit about how they’re suddenly gaining weight? It’s because the chicken tenders/plain carbs/steak-exclusive diet is catching up to them as they age. I’d hate to see the vitamin deficiencies Terry must have. If Terry wants to maintain a youthful glow and energy for cosplay and cons, they need to change their diet, introduce actual fruits and vegetables (or take vitamin supplements at least) and maybe stop using dish soap as their bubble bath. Proper skincare and body care wouldn’t hurt either. I think it would go a long way.

No. 136062

That happens a lot on Instagram. Those girls are just like him, desperate to be popular and have a following. So they try to get attention from someone with a larger following than them because they assume that big following = clout. They may not even care about being friends with him, they just want shoutouts or to get tagged in photos in the hopes that it’ll reel in some new followers. Not sure which one is more pathetic in this situation

No. 136171


Anon, I know you’re trying to be nice and respect this man’s “pronouns”, but please don’t flatter his delusions lol.

No. 136337

Honestly I agree with this. I’m nb and even I think he’s faking. I know some queer/trans people don’t get themselves figured out until later in life, but from him it all just seems like an embarrassing attempt to try and weasel his way into the younger cosplay crowd. It reeks of ulterior motives(blog, nobody cares about your mental illness)

No. 136961

File: 1612640218739.jpg (299.79 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_20210206-143629_Fac…)

"Help, zoomers keep bullying me, a 40 year old man for my cringe tiktoks."

No. 137221

Exactly, he aint non-binary in the slightest, he just wants to be pretend he's part of that community

No. 137313

Wow, this website is an echochamber for socially anxious and insecure women
Give the guy a break, he obviously has some problems and does this weird shit to cope with whatever trauma he's faced(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 137314

At least he admits he's getting too old

No. 137319

No one's "non-binary" kekw

No. 137324

The zoomers watching his tiktoks have been through more trauma than he has, anon. All the cows that are posted here have problems, but giving them a break would just enable them more

No. 137406

kek, yes please WK this 40 y/o autist harder.
He's clearly a product of all the asspats he's ever gotten and that just prevents him from ever improving.

No. 137643

Hi Terry lol(hi cow)

No. 137761

Having no friends doesn't mean he has had "trauma"
he is just crying for help now that he can't fall back on anime conventions for his social interaction needs

No. 138618

Nah, he's the insecure one. And now he is officially cosplaying lolis, looking like a fucking potato head pedo

No. 138639

File: 1613529045109.jpeg (113.68 KB, 640x1351, FA0413F7-4251-4C73-B853-879523…)

No. 138645

I'm really concerned with his underage friends, who think he's much younger. Dude is 40+ and he's cosplaying loli?

No. 138674

I have to agree with this. I mean someone straight up asks him how old he his and he says over 25, which isn’t a lie, but that statement heavily implies that he’s still in his 20’s. It’s a little unsettling to think about the fact that he’s old enough to have fathered some of the cosplayers following him and he’s manipulating them, trying to make them believe he’s younger than he actually is so he can fit in with their crowd

No. 138686

Why in in the heck would he only say "over 25"? It's actually kind of scary that he is trying to hide his age like that from young people and MINORS. Does anyone else think this is very creepy??

No. 138706

File: 1613610279795.jpg (108.44 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1613610125939.jpg)

The croptop is not doing him any favors nor is his current "diet".
Exceptionally, especially when he is in fact over 35.

No. 138707

I was shocked in that one thread so many of his 20 someting friends said "You can't be that old. I thought you are younger than me"

No. 138710


I don't know a lot about this cow but he screams "child predator." His behavior is suspicious, creepy, and beyond inappropriate. The way he talks about his age and answers questions sounds a lot like grooming. There's a very, very, very good chance his dude is a pedophile.

No 40+ year old man should be friends with minors. There's absolutely no reason…unless you're a pedophile. I would keep my kids far the fuck away from this creep.

No. 138774

I just want to thank the anons documenting this saga. i met this creep a few times at both magfest and katsucon and to see him devolve more each post is insane. He is going into straight up pedo/grooming territory

No. 138808

Agreed, anon. The friend application now looks less full of himself and way more shady af.

No. 139155

would someone please tell him to stop filming himself licking lollipop? Nobody needs to see a 40 yo man licking a loli while cosplaying a loli

No. 139181

File: 1613973441941.gif (3.99 MB, 280x498, 6931716209138257157.gif)

It is getting out of control…

No. 139186

This is fucking horrifying. I wasn't a huge fan of the show and even I know this is nothing like the character. He's definitely obsessed with his tongue though.

No. 139194

this is peak autism holy shit

No. 139212

why does he have so many videos of him licking that suckers? I counted three videos in a week.

No. 139221

what even is going here… he looks like some creepy hunchback jester.

No. 139258

Because he wishes it was sone big D. Dude seems repressed af

No. 139279

his crooked posters bothered me more than whatever he was doing to that sucker.

No. 139282

I’m gonna have nightmares about this…

Seriously though what is he trying to do here? Is this supposed to be a dance of some kind? Are we, the viewers, supposed to find this funny? Entertaining? Scary? Erotic? What is he attempting to convey here?

No. 139311

No. 139324

File: 1614090966095.gif (4.44 MB, 480x270, 432ED4F2-06B2-4A46-B194-0BE127…)

This poor man’s tongue is stuck to a lollipop and you’re all making fun of him?

No. 139334

He loves reposting stuff. I remember when he first cosplayed Ahri that LoL character, he posts about it every single day for 2 1/2 weeks straight on FB, IG, AND Twitter

No. 139335

I'm done with Terry. Not only is he posting cringe garbage, but he's also super conceited about his cosplays. (but he pretends not to be so that he can get compliments)

No. 139344

Not that it lessens the cringe in anyway, it adds to it, but Hai Phút Hơn is the song playing in the video of this on his tiktok.

No. 139359

Today on National Geographic, we observe the agitated chimpanzee preparing to attack. His teeth are barred, taunting his opponent to back down. The sideways movements are an attempt to scare off his enemy. What will he do next?

No. 139367

another sucker video. Terry is sick. i feel like he's taunting us.

No. 139400

His best attempt at being uwu kawaii feminine is bouncing around haphazardly and sticking out his tongue??? The way he carries himself in these videos comes off as so clunky and awkward.

No. 139401

I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten a diagnosis. Seeing how he craves attention, you’d think he’d want to profit off of whatever the autistic community could give him. “Wow, a black, autistic cosplayer breaking gender norms is so groundbreaking!!!!1!1”

No. 139403

File: 1614179141691.jpeg (176.89 KB, 750x1054, 50C9CED3-717C-4F33-A26E-9DE30E…)

soooooo this is highly questionable. Trying to imply he’s between these ages despite being nearly DOUBLE. legitimately creepy

No. 139413

We all know he is only cosplaying females now for attention and because he can hide behind filters. He would never do these at a convention.

No. 139421

Pandemic and lack of social interaction have broken this man. Not that he didn’t have issues to begin with.

No. 139441

fucker living in a 4 story house by himself too cheap to buy ahri ears on etsy? get the fuck out of here. bitch last week just bragged about his huge tax return

No. 139454

Oh my god, I saw that too. Surely the man has some disposable income for Ahri ears that are actually decent quality.

No. 139467

Is he 40? What is his real age? I see various numbers tossed around.

No. 139471

he rarely discuss his real age on social media, always say he's 25+ or in his 20s. Maybe he's not 40 yet but defintiely 35+. There's really nothing wrong with him being a 40+ tho. Turning 40 doesn't magically transform you into a predator.

No. 139472

The problem is he wants to appeal to that younger crowd. Like no one cares if you're 30+ still into weeb shit. A lot of mainstream weebs are people who were kids in the early days of online. It's when you're constantly around teen barely 20s that people start side eyeing you. He wants his cake and eat it too.

No. 139481

He's currently 39 years old.

No. 139484

If that's true, then all his talk about this year being his last year of cosplaying makes sense. I used to think he just post those statuses to get people to tell him he's never too old to cosplay. His teenager fans probably thought he's going to turn 30s

No. 139493

>Turning 40 doesn't magically transform you into a predator
This. Cosplay is a great hobby for all ages, you just need to act your age. Terry cosplaying at 40 wouldn’t be an issue at all if he was cosplaying things more age appropriate and if he wasn’t always doing weird manipulative things to his younger followers like lying about his age and telling people to fill out a friend application

No. 139535

File: 1614301722792.png (555.92 KB, 511x819, cheapo.png)

Post the milk at least please.
He's absurdly cheap when it comes to cosplay as he always jumps to something new to grab more attention, so why bother dishing out for quality? Quantity over quality at it's best.

No. 139543

if he's so cheap, he should just make them from scratch. the ears don't look that complicated. nobody can tell from his tiktok videos anyway.

No. 139547

I wonder if he's banned from aliexpress from returning too much stuff and they blacklisted him lol

No. 139572

Holy shit. That's probably how he can have so many cosplay tiktoks lately. disgusting

No. 139594

File: 1614369973862.jpeg (99.08 KB, 828x379, 0EC8EC01-17F3-4B21-B3D9-057691…)

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he was blacklisted considering how proud he is that he’s a massive asshole to sellers when ordering cosplays online

No. 139595

>age appropriate
Lori Lune is 35 and people don't make a big deal out of her Zero Two cosplay

No. 139596

Literally who?

No. 139608

what a cheap asshole. it's not so bad if he doesn't constantly rub his dispoable income in our faces

No. 139609

He basically has the attitude of a middle aged woman who goes to Nordstrom to “return” something she found one tiny little imperfection in, hoping if she screams enough, the manager will give her a gift card.

No. 139611

His crying for attention posts are getting ridiculous. Really? A grown man decided to not wear glasses to work because he's scared of his coworkers making fun of him?

No. 139612


No. 139614

And he wonders why none of his Zoomer 'fans' will date him. Can you imagine how anal he is about his SO's apperance if slight inaccuracies on a fucking cosplay sets him off.

No. 139615

Do you guys remember years ago when this MF wrote a status about not cosplaying with cosplayers who had wigs that didn't look styled and thinking they didn't put any heart into their cosplays so he stays away from them and never has them in his group cosplays at cons. He deleted it because everyone was telling him how selfish he was. Not everyone can afford and make their cosplays accurate to his standard. Geez

No. 139616

that's awful! got the cap?

No. 139622

Sadly no sense he deleted it so fast.

No. 139633

File: 1614405389242.jpeg (380.65 KB, 750x794, 5DF5C1C9-DB59-4EEB-A425-31B889…)

funny he says that considering his wigs look like this

No. 139657

He's a fucking psychopath

"So I will be very honest…if I had a real crush on someone and as soon as they break my heart once, its very hard for me to ever love them again the same way even if they change their matter over the years. But two times heartbreaks…yeah I do not think I can ever love the same person again…but I can still be friends.
Even if that person may be a great match….it just ended everything and I moved on (especially if years ago). I move on a bit quick from people because I know there are others who appreciate me more."

No. 139661

File: 1614441093978.jpg (120.84 KB, 1079x416, Screenshot_20210227-104819_Fac…)

Im begging,please post the milk/caps

But yeah, Terry is horribly self conscious we know while also pandering for attention

No. 139663

>grown man believes himself to be in the fourth grade, fears “four eyes!” taunts from peers

No. 139666

shit like this is why his fans think he's in his 20s instead of the middle age fuck that he's

No. 139672

File: 1614450726379.jpg (618.05 KB, 1079x1441, Screenshot_20210227-132949_Fac…)

He really uses worbla for shit you don't need worbla for and it looks like garbage.

No. 139686

What a waste of worbla.

No. 139690

File: 1614464544601.jpeg (173.97 KB, 659x638, BA47C891-868E-48A1-9E46-FF7DEB…)

No. 139702

is he twelve? He must be really good at his job because even with constant headache and not able to see shit he made enough money to afford a four story house

No. 140044

We know this man definitely doesn't tip at restaurants

No. 140046

File: 1614711574969.png (13.35 KB, 513x137, terry.PNG)

Terry is always replying to compliments with "I'm not that great" or "i'm just average" but will then make humble brag statuses like this? this is the most pathetic, narcissistic, attention hungry person I've ever seen. Someone needs to tell him off.

No. 140059

File: 1614714887453.jpeg (69.75 KB, 740x416, ADB5D05A-2BFB-4C90-BE7F-241ABE…)

No. 140069



No. 140108

sometimes a shit post is just a shit post

No. 140113

oh poor me. people at work made fun of my glasses

Literally went and bought the gayest glasses and fish for compliments

No. 140217

people suggesting he is gay when he really just wants barely legal girls

No. 140404

"It feels weird getting those followers on IG between the ages of 11 to 15……"

dude. why are you bragging about it. Stop doing tiktoks while in teeanger makeup

No. 140549

Toga sticking her tongue at you!!

I swear Terry lurks here and is just trolling us.

No. 140585

Right? If he really didn’t want kids that young following him then he wouldn’t be doing everything in his power to appeal to them.

Also why not soft block them if you’re legitimately that uncomfortable? He doesn’t do that though because children will blindly follow you and they’re easy to manipulate and those are his favorite qualities in people

No. 140597

just saw the painted product. what a waste of worbla. the headset looks like shit(imageboard)

No. 140650

File: 1615126950365.jpg (222.33 KB, 1440x1440, 158193890_10115296021671888_77…)

Since you didn't post the pic

absolute hot garbage

No. 140665

File: 1615147356540.jpeg (228.11 KB, 826x1119, 8C99EC90-E21D-4560-AD63-EE00C9…)

His wig that goes with it is somehow even worse than the headset. I see why he only buys the cheapest $10 Amazon wigs he can find, when this is how badly he mangles a more expensive wig

No. 140757

is this nut job still talking about cat adoption weekly, if not daily? I unfriended him a while ago because he kept going to pet shop every weekend IN A FUCKING PANDEMC just to get reactions from his (mostly underage, female) fans.

No. 140889

File: 1615409610221.jpg (296.29 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20210310-133534_Ins…)

Ie "I want to cosplay this flat chested Fate girl with canon makeup design and I need other young girls to hype me up before I add it to my list of 20 other characters people say (me) I will be amazing at."

It's annoying how this is his feed: what should I cosplay, a stupid kid question (are you afraid of the dark y/n?), or sharing any compliment he can drudge up. What a loser.

No. 140930

I'll never forget when Terry said he wanted to start Manaknight con at his house.
Yes, because that's totally not a robbery just waiting to happen.

No. 140934

considering his fanbase is 98% underage girls. Sounds sketchy and predatory as fuck.

No. 140959

Looks like a third grade paper mache project. how long has he been cosplaying again?

No. 140988

I know right? He used to brag about his prop build. Now I wonder if he was lying about it. These look like garbage tier props.

No. 141108

File: 1615595568200.jpeg (194.88 KB, 828x1144, 878D7E03-1CC8-43D6-9CD1-0ECD52…)

2-for-1 “no one wants to date me boo hoo” and “I’m totally around my late 20’s guys” post

No. 141131

that's not the issue at the issue is his stank attitude and his weird fascination for dressing up as a twelve year old child.

No. 141144

it's all part of his ploy to get his mostly teenage fans to feel sorry for him. Watch him inviting them over to his weeb house after he got his vaccine.

No. 141146

Nayrt but it actually is an issue. This man is almost 40 and is once again trying to imply he’s in his 20’s. If he were a woman, that would just be sad. But he’s a man. A man who has a large following of young women and girls who he regularly tries to manipulate. He clearly has a pattern of predatory behavior

No. 141178

but dressing up like a twelve year old child is literally just his way to hide from being a RL 40 year old man. how can you not see this.

No. 141199

but that doesn't excuse his laziness and god complex?

No. 141512

What the hell is wrong with him?!? Is he really trying to convince himself and others that he is under the age of 30?? It's so fucking creepy.
Oh and as if NO one who likes anime and cosplay can get married. Someone needs to tell him to stop lying and making excuses

No. 141543

It's sad, too, because he's doing better than most 30 year olds right now. He's got his own house all to himself, food, can drop money on his hobbies whenever he wants, doesn't have to take care of anyone (that we know of), and doesn't seem to be struggling to make ends meet, even in a pandemic. But no, he's got to be upset because he's not 23 anymore. Priorities.

No. 141583

A 40 yr old man telling the world he had dreams about his teeanqge fans? what a sicko.

No. 141641

You hit the nail on the head anon

No. 141694

thank you, anon. I'm sick of him cosntantly rubbing his wealth in our face. multiple weekly PS5 games he never plays, new cosplay every week, buying random shit he never use just to take photos. While trying to appeal to his broke ass zoomer fans.

mark my words. he's going to be even more delusional after he got his vaccine.

No. 141696

dont forget him constantly flexing his "weight loss" and "abs" when all he posts is only chest up portraits

No. 141704

To be completely fair, women Terry's age probably don't want to live with a man who acts this immaturely, dresses like a creep, and is also–self-admittedly–very boring. Hate to say it but people his age typically want pursuits other than gamer escapism and weebness.

It's kinda sad because you'd think with a bit of introspection, what with having a house and a stable job, he could find someone to have a relationship with. If only he weren't so self centered and delusional.

No. 141711

in his defense, he probably isn't into people his own age. look at the selfies he keep sharing. Mostly teeangers and people in low 20s. he seemed to have a certain type too. young white girls. eeeww

No. 141739

You know that's going to be the main criteria for his friend application list: young pretty girl who can become a friend with benefits. He's very gross.

No. 141752

I've also been taking particular notice that he has been liking a lot of pictures of cosplayers who are 17 and younger. Not that that is inherently wrong, but its super creepy considering his age and how often I see it. He needs to watch out, because he is starting to look like a predator

No. 141797

did you just out yourself as a creeper of 17 and younger girls? I wouldn't go around
outting Terry like this.

No. 141812

No. 141818

i think they go by them. thanks for pointing out, anon

No. 141827

This is true he is pretty keen on checking ages too. If you have him on your friends list and god forbid have your dob earlier than 95 he will not engage. Look at anyone who recently turned older than 25 that he's engaged with prior you'll see he drops interaction hard. Con friends who run in the same circles used to get spammed with his 'positivity' until they got 25 or older.

No. 141835

Yikes, if that's not a red flag about him I don't know what is.

No. 141840

File: 1616142741186.gif (493.63 KB, 500x268, 41855701-5314-47BD-BD1D-A93CDE…)

I mean it all makes sense. He’s obsessed with youth. He’s terrified of getting older, so he lies about his age and he cosplays underage characters to delude himself into believing he’s still young. He drops friends as soon as they hit 25+ because acknowledging that they’re aging means he has to acknowledge he’s aging too. But if he drops them and keeps befriending teens, then he doesn’t have to admit that the passage of time is occurring. Reminds me of pic related

No. 141841

Where is gif related from?

No. 141854

This is very alarming. Can someone please out him as a predator so that his white knights can't say shit? No one would dare defend a potential creep in the weeb community

No. 141859

he's black. if you want to get burned by the BLM mob go right ahead.

No. 141862

looks like Terry is going to host hangouts after he got the vaccine. Who wants to bet they're all going to be 25-, mostly 18- white girls?

No. 141866

Dazed and confused

No. 141869

I’m surprised he doesn’t have his own Encyclopedia Dramatica page yet. I wish someone would call him out on his predatory behavior, but like above anons said, the white knights will defend him to his grave. I think a lot of them are afraid of being called racist if they don’t defend him.

No. 141877

Yeah I have to agree. As things currently stand, I think he’ll only get called out after he actually victimizes someone. Everyone will ignore his predatory behavior for now because he’s black and claiming to be non binary so that just makes him an innocent victim of society. People will only start to care once he crosses an undeniable line and someone comes forward about it

No. 141904

he's posing as the safe binary friend to get close to these girls. Looking at his posts, it's clear he's getting bolder. i hope we're wrong.

No. 142149

I completely agree with this, as sad as it is. Although I think that if someone outted his predatory behavior, even his white knights might be hesitant to defend him. Who wants to be caught defending a possible creep? no one

No. 142250

File: 1616519822549.jpg (137.2 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20210323-110752_Ins…)

When was the last time this was something he had to worry about? It's embarrassing and creepy that he is sharing teenager problems to be relatable.

No. 142256

does he still live with his parents?

No. 142267

Amazingly, he lives in a four story house all by himself. He mentioned making too much money to quality for the “stimmy” as he called it, despite constantly asking his fans and followers if they got theirs yet.

No. 142348

he constantly asking us about the stimmy pisses me off, knowing he makes so much money. Stop showing off your wealth! how many pairs of glasses can a man own?

No. 142513

File: 1616679750633.jpeg (417.98 KB, 1125x2081, CECDB0E9-DD24-4A24-A870-17CB5A…)

Something about a near 40 year old man calling his largely underage fanbase “cuties” doesn’t sit right with me.

No. 142561

what a delusional sicko

No. 142584

Is it really impressive that a 40 year old man with no family and no responsibilities aside from going to work can afford an empty house though? He's not fabulously wealthy or else he'd be doing better shit with his time than playing dress up at home with recycled cosplays.

No. 142592

must be nice and privileged. I can't even dream of purchasing a 4 story house that costs $500,000 easily. Name a better hobby that allows him to get close to teeangers without outing himself as a creep

No. 142603

anon you're on the money. this is not going to end well.

No. 142794

File: 1616890481403.jpeg (122.46 KB, 750x486, 34A8ED65-55F3-4078-BA36-731407…)

No. 142796

Does anyone know how he acts in person? I'm just picturing him being mostly silent and overall anti social.

Still though this is so creepy how he wants the "friends" he will be choosing by application in his house. Like a spider getting his sweet young treats in his web.

No. 142797

Uh why is a man in his 40s soliciting people to come to his house in groups for "fun" this is so odd.

No. 142798

>Like a spider getting his sweet young treats in his web.

lol anon honestly there seems to be no better way to describe how he is going about this. It reminds me of celebrities trying to organize their groupies.

No. 142799

old people can have fun too, zoomer. we don't just sit home and die. Most of us don't invite teenagers over though.

No. 142819

I met him irl a few times at cons in 2017 or 2018. For background info I was a cosplayer at the time with no e-fame or clout by any means but my friends did have more of a presence in the scene, with one friend in our “squad” who was newly cosfamous at this time.

We had just checked into our room and were heading up there as a group when I ended up lagging behind to reorient my stuff because of my tendency to overpack, my friends didn’t realize I stopped and continued to walk to the room without me. (I feel like it’s worth noting none of us are in cosplay/makeup at this point because we had a long drive to the con.) Terry comes up to me in the hotel lobby totally out of nowhere with basic niceties “hi how are you, how exciting to be at the con it’s finally here etc” and immediately after I respond and try to make small talk about what our cosplay plans are for the weekend he’s like “Have you heard of me? I’m Manaknight cosplay on IG.” which led to him telling me to open Instagram on my phone as he watches me hit the follow button.
I wonder to this day if he saw me walk in with cosfamous friend and followed us from a distance and settled for talking to me because he couldn’t catch up with her kek. Terry and I frequented the same cons and after this SINGLE interaction, would call me out by name if he saw me and ask for a selfie together. I finally removed him from my Facebook a month or two ago because I couldn’t stand looking at his tongue anymore.

I’m used to dealing with autists so I didn’t think much of the initial interaction, just a cringe guy desperate for clout. He talks in a normal volume and speaks with conviction when he talks about himself. You can see in his face during a conversation that he’s the type that’s not even listening and is just waiting for you to finish talking so he can keep going.

Sage for blog

No. 142827

fucker loves to talk. I usually head the other way when i spot him. he's awkward, but very social. it's rather odd he doesn't hide how creepy he is. look at his selfie albums. 99% of them are selfies with young looking white/asian girls.

No. 142832

File: 1616944960772.jpg (477.34 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20210328-112127_Fac…)

I think he's really trying to force the "I'm only in my mid 20s you guys!!"
Like studying doesn't apply to him at all. He's 40 with a full time engineering job and makes 80k+ a year.

No. 142833

That makes sense (what 20 something is going to want to hang out with an almost 40 year old in his house) and it's gross. Not making friends his own age is such a red flag that he wants a young and cute fuck buddy that also worships his title of THE Manaknight.

No. 142843

That, and he tends to give a half-hearted smile in his selfies with other guys and black people. I used to talk to Terry kind of frequently but since I am not the kind of "friend" he wants he doesn't even acknowledge me when I see him anymore. Not that I'd really want to have a conversation with him since he constantly talks about himself.

No. 142848

I feel that. He used to chat with me but now just move on to the next young target. And nothing of value was lost. All he ever talks about is how many people recgonize his cosplays and how popular he is. Dude is a fucking narcissist.

No. 142850

File: 1616960596424.jpg (502.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210328-133638_Pho…)

"Vaccinated people can start coming to my house for fun"

No. 142854

Oh yeah, what young 18-22 year old woman (or man??) wouldnt take this offer up? /s

No. 142865

judigng from the comments in the screencap above. 23 zoomers want to stop by his pedo house?

No. 142872

He's been doing a ton of Genshin Impact lately, but he never posts about actually playing the game…

No. 142883

That's very typical Terry, he buys new games extremely often but never plays any of them for more than an hour. I doubt he actually plays Genshin. He just cosplays whatever is "in" for attention, specifically zoomer attention and praise.

No. 142928

He used to talk to me regularly when I was 17 (I'm just turned 19 now) and now looking back I realize how creepy that was and i'm so grossed out now

No. 142940

File: 1617032312548.jpg (337.04 KB, 1079x1277, Screenshot_20210329-113839_Fac…)

Get ready for Terr-ita.

No. 142952

>Amazon link
I don't even need to see it to know.

No. 143095

yeaaaaa my IG bio says 16 and he still messages me to cosplay together. I might block now knowing his age

No. 143125

Oh nooo anon…block him for sure.

No. 143131

anyone got caps of what he posted earlier today? I didn't check his page on the regular because he usually just post lame weeb shit but something serious happened today?

No. 143137

File: 1617069187191.jpeg (137.81 KB, 750x470, DF549B87-684B-4C4B-8C39-93007C…)

he ended up deleting this post

No. 143139

File: 1617069308913.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3437x3071, 6D533E50-4A3E-43FC-AFF8-38FBA8…)

No. 143140

He's posting this like an 18 year old who still listens to their parents. He's nearing 40 and this is such bait for younger people to comment. rofl Maybe it's better he doesnt get a cat though. Poor animal

No. 143142

The larping as a kid studying and worried about what dad will think of his pet is so odd, definitely trying to get young people to interact.

No. 143145

Would someone please put this man in his place? he keeps posting statuses like this to hide the fact that he's pushing 40. this is some sick manipulation shit right here.

No. 143153

Thing is, most of Terry's commenters are usually yes-men (or women). It's kinda nice seeing people on his friends list catch on to his bait-y statuses.

No. 143157

just saw his followup status. Why did he make it sound like his father abused him? he's a grown ass man living in a big ass house. I'm sure he can afford boarding the cat on the off chance his father visits him

No. 143164

Same here. He just sent me private info about another friend, bragged about how he is too cool to get laid and then bounced when I didn't give a shit. Cringe.

No. 143191

Please share sauce??? what
Okay that's fucked, he is gone too far hitting up minors like this

No. 143197

His claim his father will call him on the phone and hear the cat in the background, like you know cats they always make so much noise.

No. 143202

I relate. He would hit me up to talk about his idol cosplays and brag on and on to me about how people wanted him to join their idol groups, then would leave me on read once he realized I wasn’t going to fawn over him or extend those same invites. Terry doesn’t give a shit about you unless you validate every single little thing he does.

No. 143210

I'm curious if he'll send you his friend application. You're right in his age group for coming over for fun.

No. 143213

File: 1617129003421.jpg (165.08 KB, 1070x1037, Screenshot_20210330-122641_Pho…)

It makes sense when these are highlighted stories for him.

No. 143214

File: 1617129319456.jpeg (232.42 KB, 750x925, 0F5BC3FD-A3AB-4FFE-9A37-6098B5…)

Nothing like figuring out you’re actually trans at 40. Totally has nothing to do with wanting to get closer to minors.

No. 143223

File: 1617138492076.gif (333.13 KB, 500x378, N3PJOmc.gif)

his highlights be like

No. 143224

Looking at his face really makes me ill. he really has issues.

No. 143225

This is so beyond pathetic. So he's a fag, but instead of coming out as gay because muh masculinity , he's doing with the nb route?

No. 143226

He doesn't have the slightest interest in men

No. 143232

Agreed. Its more the NB ace position wont get shit on as a pedo as easily or you'll get dubbed transphobic immediately. It's a shield for a creep that provides endless asspats.

No. 143237

would someone please call him out on this nb bullshit? It's pretty clear he's using nb as a shield to groom young girls. he rarely, if at all, interact with grown women or men on his social statuses.

No. 143249

Oh yeah it is absolutely like that. I was sexually assaulted by a friend who then came out as “ace” to try and cover it up. I’ve heard the exact same story from countless other friends of mine, especially in the queer community
/sage for blog

No. 143252

We definitely need that sauce

No. 143256

I find it so ironic that Terry's humor would mainly be "LMAO Karens am I right, guys?" when he's a massive snob about ordering cosplays. I remember he once ordered a cosplay, and he said something like "oh the color of this pattern is exactly 1 hue too dark" or some shit like that. He then emailed the seller he bought it from, demanding that they give him a refund and then make him a newer, "more accurate" cosplay. (Also he still got to keep the old cosplay.)
What the actual fuck

No. 143284

I would but I think he blocked me LMAO
I just told him he was fucked up for shit talking his friend in private and he said he hated me for it.

No. 143307

of course he would be the penny pinching complaining ass bitch. I bet he doesn't tip at restaurants either, which…well, wouldn't be surprising

No. 143349

He actually bitches about it at cons too. He inserted himself into a conversation a group was having about dying a cosplay too dark and wouldn't shut up about a commission being awful for some dark shade. He fucked off when everyone looked at him dumbfounded by what an ass he was.

No. 143410

File: 1617293341946.jpg (238.96 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20210401-100640_Ins…)

What kind of question is this?

No. 143412

he's such a loser he just wants attention. next thing you know he'll claim to have an eating disoder.

No. 143414

Tell me you're autistic without actually saying you're autistic

No. 143445

File: 1617315857164.jpeg (201.85 KB, 827x817, BD780676-7010-4566-B426-92A417…)

Looks like he’s doing some preemptive damage control after getting called out in the comment >>143139 posted about him not being ready for a pet

No. 143455

File: 1617322220915.jpg (165.22 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20210402_011250.jpg)

>Do you like eating food?
Wtf is that question.

No. 144033

File: 1617733960035.jpg (200.2 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20210406-122901_Ins…)

No, Terry. That's just you. Most adults aren't as picky as a 5 year old child.

No. 144034

didn't he claim he had an eating disorder or am I bugging? sage for tinfoil. What's ups with these posts about food n stuff/

No. 144050

easy that's what he thinks zoomer girls talk about.

No. 144081

that’s autism my guy.

No. 144219

File: 1617835578144.webm (4.03 MB, 576x1280, 10205719667.webm)

No. 144257

File: 1617845212650.jpg (115.35 KB, 1200x900, 12345678.jpg)


I'm horrified

No. 144329

Terry trying to be sexual is a sin and I never want to see such a nasty sight again.

& thought he was "ace"? or is that just a front and he is actually a sexual person? hmm hmm

No. 144345

God that’s so uncomfortable. And that face he’s making throughout the video just makes him look mentally challenged

It is absolutely a front that he’s hiding behind

No. 144349

he could easily be a drag queen but instead he continues to do this nonsense.

No. 144530

that'd be one ugly drag queen

No. 144538

I can’t open the video, but I feel like it’s the tiktok where he was being suggestive as Ruby from Love Live to a sexual K-Pop song. That character is literally 15 and afraid of men, seeing him stick his tongue out and try to be sexual as her (with “Ruby wants to PLAY!!” as the caption) makes me sick. As if I didn’t need any more proof that he’s obsessed with underage girls.

No. 144543

People usually lose their shit when any cosplayer sexualizes minors (particularly underage girls), but when Terry does it, no one bats an eye. I swear people are just afraid of going against him for fear they’ll be called racist (or that he’ll send his white knights to attack).

No. 144548

Does Terry have white knights? Does a man pushing 40 seriously need teens to defend him? I'm genuinely grossed out if so…

No. 144556

He does. He surrounds himself with yes-men who are usually underage (or at least under 25 years old) girls who validate and praise every little thing he does. He can’t seem to function without that validation and praise.

No. 144580

That's pretty much it, Terry's antics survive because woke cosplayers are rampant and would sooner kill than admit a minority person is a total predator. It's sad but the only time we'll see any backlash is when he assaults someone. Probably some poor well to do zoomer girl who goes to his house. Also I've noticed recently he hasn't cried about the thread. When it was dead he every now and again would try to draw attention to it for asspats. I'm thinking because we're talking about what a creep he is, he suddenly wants no one to know it exists.

No. 144593

He would not be quiet if he had any idea this thread was still going on. Most certainly he would be using it for people to feel sorry for him. Assumingly he probably just accepted it exists and moved on, never to check it again.

No. 144615

He’s more manipulative than he seems and would probably not wanna draw attention to the thread and risk alienating his zoomer white girl fanbase.

No. 144635

No he would heavily cry about this thread if we weren't discussing what a creep he is with anons who have been in his circles relaying their experiences with him being a creep. This thread a year ago was all but buried in catalog and he was making posts whining about it. He thrived on the pity me he'd get

No. 145134

File: 1618327686526.jpg (551.47 KB, 1065x1893, 20210413_082826.jpg)

Surprised no one posted this yet. Sorry for the weird crop I was trying to get the entire comment. First one is Terry.

No. 145135

File: 1618327811983.jpg (503.69 KB, 1080x1852, 20210413_083047.jpg)

No. 145139

Was this on his fb? Pretty hilarious how he tries to shift blame by saying ‘well no one ELSE posts their age’ as if that absolves him from being a near-40 y/o trying to chat up teens. It’s also pretty clear he has a crush on this girl just like any other white cosplayer girl he follows based on how much he likes her stuff.

No. 145164

Nah it was on someone else's status about the importance of putting your age in your bio. Good on her for calling him out though. Love his bullshit excuse of "people treat me weird because of my age!" No, Terry, it's because you're a fucking creep.

No. 145169

double-edge sword? no one fucking cares about your age, people of any age can cosplay. He just prefers not knowing ages and people not knowing his. Clearly because he was talking to this girl when she was 16

No. 145170

It makes me sick how this dude would rather continue to hide his age and make people uncomfortable than just be honest about his age. 25+ implies 30 and under, it does not under any circumstances imply pushing 40.

No. 145171

He absolutely refuses to take accountability for making this poor girl uncomfortable, I really shouldn’t be surprised. He’s always got some excuse ready to pull out of his ass to make himself the victim.

No. 145173

Exactly. If he was honest about his age, people wouldn’t make fun of him, it would just deter the teens and under-25s. I’m sure he’s well aware of this, but uses the “oh no I’d get made fun of” excuse as a front (and to get more sympathetic asspats). He doesn’t want to lose the teens and under-25s because they’re most of his fanbase and all of his yesmen. Also he’s just a fucking creep.

No. 145184

but but anon! if he admits his actual age he cant get his zoomer gf to impress his evil dad with! TBH I bet his folks are reasonable people and just find him to be a spoiled whiny manchild and tell him to grow up

No. 145188

File: 1618350598289.jpeg (1.12 MB, 4140x1792, 54B98565-CE0A-4F94-A4AE-D7ADBD…)

I’ve been keeping track of every person he’s shared on his story for the past week, and there’s no way that the “majority of [his] network is 26+ and [he sees] ages on their profiles maybe 15% of the time”
Over the past week he’s shared about a dozen people to his story, all of them women. About half of them had their ages in their bio’s, and all of the ones that did were significantly younger than 26.

No. 145202

it’s literally so pathetic how badly he wants these girls to notice him when he is twice their age. he’d have more luck becoming a sugar daddy than trying to create any organic connections.

No. 145205

I’m trying to imagine him taking a prospective sugar baby out to a restaurant and then sending back his chicken tenders when they aren’t exactly to his liking.

No. 145221

Makes me wonder if he asks age himself when he does these con selfies. I know he's ultra creepy and makes sure the person he's bothering follows him on insta.

No. 145227

I can confirm that he never asks for age when taking selfies with young women/girls at cons.

No. 145231

seconding, he's never asked for age from anyone I know. He usually just walks up to people, takes a selfie and then leaves.

No. 145235

why would he ask for age? it looks like any white chick under 25 is his type. he's not exactly trying to hide it.

No. 145247

I remember meeting up with him at a con and my girlfriend was in the bathroom. He legit stalled chatting until she came out to take our selfie.

Honestly I didn't think really much of it at the time but really now that I'm here and thinking back on it, what an insanely weird thing to do.

No. 145251

Never asked for my age and I’m a younger, of age female. He requested a selfie, started talking about his cosplay and who he planned to do immediately after, and then I dipped because I was not really down to chat.

No. 145266

Absolutely disgusting. I'll bet all these girls still live with their parents because they aren't real adults yet. Being 21 and under you're basically still a kid! And saying I miss you? I don't think any of these girl's parents would be happy to know a creepy 40 year old man is being like this to them.

And has anyone seen him take selfies with guys? asking for a friend

No. 145273


Very little, some trans guys too.

No. 145276

His selfies are overwhelmingly with young (often white) women. The only men I’ve seen him take selfies with personally have been photographers. If you look through his selfie albums on facebook, sure there are some men and people of color, but it’s obvious that he has a type.

No. 145329

Do any but the last one even know him? Also what an asshat she's sitting down at what looks like a restaurant so was probably eating when he wanted a selfie. It's like one of the most basic picture asking rules to leave people dining alone.

No. 145339

>It's like one of the most basic picture asking rules to leave people dining alone.

The day an autistic scrote actual respects a woman's boundaries in public is the day I hit the mega millions jackpot, which is never top kek.

No. 145342

Let's not forget how he quietly gets away with talking to 16 year old girls and plays it off with the excuse "revealing age gets you flack." That's some To Catch a Predator shit, someone call Chris Hansen

No. 145367

that's actually scary. he acts like they're his friends fuck.

No. 145371

same fag skip to 0:48 for a wild terry

No. 145396

Funny how no other interaction has any of the zoom issue. Did Terry demand it be included? Or they just didn't wanna be at the mercy of his tantrum?

No. 145461

Terry looking mighty autistic here. This also must have been before he "suddenly" decided to be non-binary T H E Y / T H E M hurr hurr

No. 145467

I commented on this tiktok "isn't this character a minor?" and he deleted my comment.

No. 145510


That's not surprising considering he sticks out his tongue to sexualize minors.

No. 145555

So I was strolling through his Tik Tok and my god.

In my culture we’re taught to respect elders but god DAMN. These snow filters make people look like melting barbies

No. 145575

I’m so sick of him getting away with all his antics, hitting up minors, sexualizing minors, trying to appeal to minors, making himself out to be 10+ years younger than he actually is. If he was ANYONE ELSE he would have been called out and excommunicated by the community en masse by now. But because he’s a self-proclaimed non-binary ace who happens to be a person of color, he gets a free pass to his degeneracy.

No. 145583

Honestly it's scary how Terry is in the cosplay community with all these kids. I wish there was a better way to protect them.

No. 145607

Yeah, by someone sending him this thread so he disappears into hiding

No. 145610

sadly i don't think this will stop until one of the underage cosplayers make a callout post about him. Or until he slips up and acutally molests someone.

No. 145630

Damn, he really loves to use that audio. I think that's like the 10th video that's been used on.

No. 145652

>10th video
That’s so gross. How is this almost 40 year old man allowed to dress up as underage girls and record multiple videos talking about their tits? How is this not a major red flag?

No. 145653

Because he’s a self-proclaimed non-binary asexual and that somehow makes him immune to criticism.

No. 145661

i just had a thought. is he ripping off knitemaya? sage for tinfoil. manaknight and knitemaya sound so similar. both of them are trash people too.

No. 145664

Naw that cringe regularly gets called out. It's cause he's a minority and cosplay likes to play the woke as fuck game. Until he assaults or pressures someone. Most around him aren't gonna say shit as to not look racist

No. 145694

i think he talked about the origins of his handle and its a game reference or something. hence “mana”

No. 145754


That shouldn't even matter. Same with race. His actions needs to taken accounted for. I guess he doesn't know that sexualizing minors is also against the law.

No. 145767

>sexualizing minors is also against the law
In America it isn’t illegal to sexualize fictional minors. So while terry is being incredibly disgusting, it’s not technically illegal

No. 145800

File: 1618749828964.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1991, 9F808A03-D519-40A2-8780-E341E3…)

“I don’t have big boobs and I’m not showing skin therefore I’m not sexualizing minors!!!!! >:( “

No. 145815


Actually if you look up CP laws, this also includes fictional characters. It doesn't matter if they're real or not. It's wrong. It's why kids get groomed so easily by adults who fantasize this.

No. 145838

sheeesh but he never addressed licking lollipops suggestively or using inappropriate audios.

No. 145850

File: 1618764035284.jpg (418.16 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20210418-103600_Ins…)

Has he ever been a guest before? Hanging up a gigantic wall scroll with your own image and social media info is just so tacky…

No. 145864

>I don’t sexualize minors, I just love to talk about their tits get over it

>Actually if you look up CP laws, this also includes fictional characters
Okay then post a link to the American law that says this?

No. 145869


Yeah he has. I forget which cons. That's the whole reason why he made that scroll.

No. 145871

File: 1618768367357.jpg (141.6 KB, 1080x1161, Screenshot_20210418-134704_Ins…)


Sure, you can look this info up uspis.gov. Or go to 18 U.S. Code section 2252. That'll explain everything CP related, including sexualizing anime characters.

No. 145872

File: 1618768454666.jpg (206.73 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20210418-134737_Ins…)

>>145864(unsaged law derail)

No. 145881

1. Good job posting those shit ass screenshots that answer nothing
2. It says absolutely nothing about fictional characters
3. Terry dressing up as a child, talking about tits, licking lollipops, and being all around gross is problematic and extremely uncomfortable, but it’s not illegal. You’re an idiot if you think the tiktoks he’s posted so far could land him any kind of jail time

No. 145887


Then look it up yourself. You clearly haven't done that yet.

No. 145889


I don't believe what they're saying when Terry does cringy ass videos is illegal. They're basically saying sexualizing minors, which Terry is on the brink of doing is wrong.

No. 145891

god you are a fucking retard and this isn't the place for it begone

No. 145892

lmao what a narcissist.

No. 145896

File: 1618782907052.png (2.95 MB, 2160x1520, nasty.png)

Surprised none of you have mentioned this yet.
Yes be in awe of Terry's beautycam/Snow 40 y/o man thighs

No. 145904

I looked up the exact code that was listed. It does not say anything about fictional characters. It’s disgusting yes, but not illegal. If it were actually illegal then a hell of a lot of cosplayers, fan artists, and fanfic writers would be in jail right now

No. 146007

File: 1618867585738.jpg (12.52 KB, 275x275, 1515780021936.jpg)

spoiler that next time anon jfc looks like a corndog.

No. 146050

>>131954 already proves >>145896 completely wrong.

No. 146087

All y'all arguing over legality when he is just downright disgusting and creepy. No cosplayer is going to get in trouble for sexualizing a minor, period. What actually matters is that he is a narcissist and a creep to REAL life minors and very young women

No. 146088

I've mentioned it before but I honestly think he is going to pull the Eurobeat Kasumi route once he "retires" from cosplay if he doesn't secure the girl he wants in his lonely house before then. Bet on it if he suddenly gets a nice camera in the future. It always ends up as a ticket to lewd girl photos and nobody bats an eye.

No. 146089

i wonder which waifu cosplayer hes after?

No. 146090

I'd guess someone young and aesthetically pleasing who has shown interest in cosplaying with him. I can easily see him as being someone who would want to fool around in cosplay. Guy is clearly the most confident when he is.

No. 146109


Are you all the same retard? Learn to sage for fucks sake.

No. 146196

obviously not you can't post repeatedly without getting banned

No. 146197

File: 1619010825737.png (16.72 KB, 502x201, tr.PNG)

This guy thinks he has friends? Anyone going to tell him?

No. 146198

So just different retards then. Got it. kek

First time in this thread, but I'm honestly surprised that he has such a following.

No. 146205


Please learn to sageeeeeeee! (Just write sage in the email line, Jesus.)

I keep seeing terry’s man leg and that isn’t milk lol!

No. 146230

File: 1619027383126.jpeg (20.71 KB, 211x239, CC70C7D2-0E3F-4765-9BAD-53653C…)


I love when people post this kinda shit on SM. It reeks of picrel

We get it Terry, you have soooooo much chaff to go through. I know it’s impossible for you to do this without internet attention.

No. 146231

File: 1619027878631.jpeg (212.25 KB, 750x900, 413CA344-30EE-4703-B992-514157…)

wow, who took one for the team and told Terry the truth?

No. 146241

File: 1619029959520.jpeg (548.52 KB, 750x997, A1493095-FAEC-4A36-83E9-095242…)

Homeboy can’t even keep his SNOW filters consistent. Also that’s the longest forehead I’ve seen.

No. 146242

Forehead looking like the endless stairs in Super Mario

No. 146243

WHO is curious of this?? Why is he so delusional to think that ANYONE cares about the insignificant details of his life??

No. 146244

Maybe people are removing him silently more recently he def strikes me as someone who checks his friendlist numbers. I removed him from a mostly inactive fb myself last week.

No. 146249

Its beyond me why he chooses such ugly frames. Giant glasses are not chic when you look like Megamind and Urkel had a son.

No. 146257

Is that all forehead or is it forehead + receding hairline?

No. 146271

does he really hate being black? kek

No. 146281

I thought he's talking about us leaking his fb and ig close friends stories on here. You're right though. I am seeing his friends count dropping quite steadily on fb.

No. 146382

He isn't Gunna do shit.
Going through a fb list takes forever, he won't ever put the time into that.

No. 146388

He is just trying to sound important. And maybe tricking himself into believing he actually has real friends. Why do you think he is always sharing people on his story with "my friend"?

No. 146448

I am now positive that when he cried about being teased at work about his glasses, they were calling him Urkel.

No. 146540

Why is it that every time he cosplays girls, he has to bounce around in his videos?? It's so cringy and awkward

No. 146687

File: 1619201107794.jpg (175.02 KB, 1075x1893, Screenshot_20210423-120030_Ins…)

Terry is still fuming I guess.

No. 146719

because all men think being a woman is pillow fights in lingerie

No. 146726

Looks like he found the thread trending again lmao. If it was from insta or tik tok he'd post all the comments. But since it's vague and this thread has been discussing him being a creep. It's Woe is me being bullied

No. 146731

can't wait for him to dox himself and claim he has a stalker.

No. 146775

File: 1619248630101.jpeg (481.76 KB, 828x1108, 87E00148-6424-4309-8862-22AEBF…)

We love to see warped phones from intense snow usage.

No. 146790

Costhots on this site literally warp into different people with cartoon bodies and this tard can't even make himself not look like a potato with shrek ears?

No. 146987

File: 1619311400168.jpg (84.29 KB, 639x1303, FB_IMG_1619311316598.jpg)

What the hell, he's really abusing snow here. His chin is absolutely tiny

No. 146989

Because Terry himself thinks he's an Adonis that just needs lighter skin he only alters skin sometimes chin/eyes to be more bishie.

No. 147014

that last picture is fucking wild i've been laughing for 5 minutes it looks like he has a super short torso, a waist, thighs, and then feet where his knees are supposed to be

No. 147046

Lmao, you're right. He looks like a midget. Also kek at the huge dark nostrils on his super lightened face!

No. 147048


Why he gotta add girl lashes and red eyeshadow all of his eyes for Cloud?? It drives me insane cause Cloud doesn't have girly eyelashes.

No. 147050

I saw his tiktok finally. It's horrifying to see the snow filter failed because he kept moving around. what an embarrassment.

No. 147062

File: 1619361391027.jpeg (215.71 KB, 827x1457, 80CE9270-BB13-4B28-9AC5-801F19…)

Textbook narcissist. He’s way too attracted to himself in public

No. 147114


I'm waiting for the day til he purchases a silicone boob chest & a butt.

No. 147165

File: 1619418123217.jpg (364.06 KB, 1080x1806, Screenshot_20210426-001338_Ins…)

This is in TERRIBLE taste if true since Terry pretty much made the news all about himself. Like he needed to prove how he knew him for attention.

No. 147203

When is he gonna learn that taking selfies plus chatting with people like this every now and then, isn't his friend. They are just a mutual. More than half those people on his friends list he would never go out on a limb for. Terry has to know EVERYONE!

No. 147236

Terry must like you anon for you to be on his close friends list

No. 147345

let me guess. white young female. not hard at all

No. 147417

Terry loves himself here, yet it's not his real self. It's a whitewashed, skin smoothed over, shrunken-faced wax figure that can only be obtained in pictures

No. 148164

File: 1619885969234.jpeg (147.24 KB, 1077x833, 441002F9-7B30-43BC-AB52-143BBD…)

Looks like someone added “adult > 25” to his bio after the facebook flack. Conveniently it makes him look like he’s actually 25, notice how he didnt write “25+“ even more accurately, 35+

No. 148189

25+ has a VERY different implication than pushing 40.

No. 148190

>they/them NB
> >25
He's pushing 40 and still acting like this. There's no way he isnt doing this only to get costhots under 25 to be his friend

No. 148191

Also notice how he used the wrong greater symbol. Lmao
Should be: Adult < 25

No. 148199

this is really confusing. Is he saying he's an adult over 25, or is this account for adult > 25? Terry you're trying too hard.

No. 148206

That’s wrong. The open end of the symbol should point to the bigger number. Adult > 25 implies over 25. Either way it’s fucked up and misleading for him to imply he’s anywhere near his 20’s

No. 148209

He's purposely trying to imply he's 25. I still laugh that he made such an issue then complained other adults don't have age in their profiles. like adults like you don't Terry, and the other ones aren't creeping on jailbait and barely older.

No. 148237

Cotton Hill looking modaffacca

No. 148353

File: 1620008687096.jpeg (194.31 KB, 632x1016, 0DEAEBDD-526A-434E-BB8F-405E7A…)

literally who asked for this

No. 148371

His nasty tongue will be hidden away for once. This cosplay is a blessing.

No. 148413

Yeah it's clear he has some kind of messed up complex about his age

No. 148418

Probably because the only popular characters in animu are young. The older you are and overtly/obsessively into anime/weeb shit, the more people thing you're an unhinged dork ass loser.

No. 148441

He's so fucking ugly someone photoshop a bag over his head.

No. 148507

File: 1620076931663.jpeg (376.32 KB, 1125x1989, CA75D874-B446-48E5-988B-E32E0E…)

Local forty year old throws a temper tantrum because an app made for teens glitched and won’t show him how many followers he has

No. 148523

Why must people like this call themselves NB/they just cause they cosplay the opposite gender. Anyone can tell that's a dude.

No. 148529

File: 1620085126143.jpeg (185.99 KB, 828x920, 229BC443-A690-484E-8F94-FB3739…)

How much do you guys want to bet that he forced her to take this pic? Anyways here’s what his real face looks like.

No. 148537

Such a smol 25 year old baby.

He should cosplay adult characters because he is very clearly an adult man. He's not ugly imo and could get an age appropriate partner if he wanted, but the obsession with, well, people like the girl on the right, and playing teenage characters/girls is not a good look for him.

No. 148623

What the fuck, this looks so painful and forced. They both look so awkward…he probably doesn't have it in him to make a pose like this look cute and romantic, which is why he ends up looking like a robot

No. 148680

Yeah I think part of it is the narcissism. He’s so focused on giving his “good angle” to the camera, that he’s not even thinking about facial expression or interacting with the other cosplayer. It’s not about creating a good, in character photo that tells a story; it’s about him trying to make himself look as good as possible

No. 148697

She isn't even looking at him it looks like, lmao

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