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File: 1403780012960.png (400.53 KB, 724x365, yukapo.png)

No. 360

New Yukapee (Talli/Singingprinc3ss) thread.



No. 403

Aw yiss sluttypon thread

No. 410

Any anons who know her FB/Instagram here?

No. 423

Her FB is Talli Castro anon
Her instagram was posted on SR, RIP.

No. 428


It's private.

No. 429

File: 1403852136246.jpg (67.9 KB, 639x481, yukapee.jpg)

New post and lulzy video.

>One day, in October 2011, When we were calling, she went out of her room and then, she came back into the room holding a big blue cup.

She then started peeing into the cup suddenly.
It was hard to see clearly because the room light was a bit dark.
But she did actually did that.

No. 430

She's such a fucking egoistical selfish cunt and she's so disgusting and vain jfc
Her whole cutesy act sure was fake eh.

>She likes collecting pictures like CP on Tumblr.

She really has some serious issues.
"Lol drink my pee onii chan uguuh"

No. 431

On live:
"Echi dame dame onii chan >3< ugu"
Off live
"So u wanna drink muh pee?"

No. 432

File: 1403859984860.jpg (60.59 KB, 830x377, frozen.jpg)

No. 435

File: 1403862708227.jpg (6.47 KB, 153x152, myfuckingsides.jpg)

No. 436

Onii chan let's go and playyy

No. 440

File: 1403868543014.png (463.38 KB, 759x610, cup.png)

Don't drink in Yuka's house, you'll never know what she did with cups lol

No. 441

>Hey, these headphones were really good
>But they don't work anymore :(
>Buy me new ones
>These are a piece of shit, hahaha
Also, I like when she asked if she could pee in a corner and then immediately went "Joking! Joking!".
This video is gold.

No. 452

She's a fucking spoiled slut jfc

No. 457

File: 1403900525611.png (761.73 KB, 1255x772, 324.png)


She looks so different in these Akira videos than she does in pictures and broadcasts to me, I find her hardly recognizable.

That being said though, Yuka looks so out of it in this video, and lol, her arms. Trackmarks are kawaii ^___^

No. 461

Trackmarks? If it really IS trackmarks it would mean she already did drugs…
Drugged loli desu
I agree completely she really does look different she went from kawaii aidoru to "this"

No. 463

It'd make sense if she already did drugs, I believe she got into the clubbing/raving scene while in Japan with all her kawaii nihonjin boyfriends.

No. 464

And let's not forget a certain person still trying to ride her lies for attention:

No. 466

File: 1403906663179.png (24.34 KB, 520x237, 2rniyj8.jpg.png)

You are wrong at this one, she got into the rave scene because of her american bff but the same bff then tried to whiteknight herself on PULL saying she already did drugs before knowing her.

Not to mention that Japan hardly got a rave scene anymore.

No. 470

What type of drugs does she do? I'm assuming ecstasy? Either way drugs will fuck with your brain hardcore and will make you age like crazy.

Not to mention it takes away your inhibitions and you start doing things you would never do off drugs, like end up having sex with a creepy guy, be ok not using condoms, doing a different type of drug at the same time, putting yourself in a compromising situation to get more drugs that night, blacking out, getting raped, shit I could go on.

This girl is ruining her life.

No. 473

>waaah waaah i want to be skinnier,prettier and youngerrr :'(
>do drugs
Sure Sluttypon. You'll end up as an ugly old hag with the ugly type of flab everywhere it'll match your ugly personnality. It'll actually be fun to watch Yukapee as the youth is slipping away from her just like Kiki. I can't believe she used to be (seems at least) so cute and shit but now she's just a mess. Karma I guess? I may be really mean but eh

No. 474

damn nigga she seems totally out of it in that video, her eyes looked like they kept losing focus and she'd stare at nothing. creepy.

No. 475

Oh I see, my bad. Was this before or after the time of the new video?

Since she's in the rave scene I'll put my bets in ecstasy, LSD and ketamine. Ket can be injected as well, which is what I'd suspect she's injecting. I don't think she's at the heroin stage yet, but soon.

No. 478

I'm still laughing at the idiot people defending Yukapon saying that she's an innocent victim of Akira on PULL. And laughing even harder at Beckii Cruel trying to get every last drop of attention that she can get out of this.

No. 480

The new video must be from pre-2012 since she bleaches her her since the drama started, the screenshot is from winter 2013 and she is in Japan since february/march of this year.

No. 481

*her hair

No. 483

What's with Beckii?
They whiteknight her very hard on PULL.

No. 491

File: 1403959460671.png (451.96 KB, 820x1183, dfgf.png)

No. 495

File: 1403960765233.jpg (31.29 KB, 306x306, 10454166_1429719890638979_1226…)

No. 499

File: 1403966518548.png (1.8 MB, 1024x1365, 1340810923733.png)

No. 500

she can dress as cutesy and childish as much as she wants but she is visibly getting older

loli days are gone

No. 504

I suspect Ketamine as well, seeing how LSD and XTC are mostly just ingested/being melted on the tongue. That is some fucked up shit though. Keta is already pretty dangerous if you do it once, but more then once. It literally damages your organs and can even shrivel them up like dried prunes. I knew a dude who's bladder was paralyzed, because he used ketamine as a party drug. That shit is meant as a narcotic for horses, how can any idiot think that it won't have any effects on your body

No. 507

Most people on PULL don't know about this yet tho, mainly because of the bad timing with the host problems.

No. 518

Some people have seen it. Oh course, some idiot replies, "Beckii is someone who stands up for her friends and nothing more!!!" Yeah fucking right.

No. 577

No. 578

She'll soon look like an ordinary crack whore, won't she?

No. 579

Ketamine doesn't change much on the outside (Besides the fact that her arms will be covered in track marks). However if she keeps going on like this, her organs will start failing and she will slowly and painfully die. Brain Damage is also an option. I think of all the party drugs that Ketamine might be the most dangerous one. Because XTC/LSD don't do much on short term, and even on long term it still isn't that deadly and you probably only get in trouble if you or your family have a history of depression/mental illness. While Ketamine will already start damaging organs even when only used once and give you a higher risk on UTI's and becoming infertile. And on long term it will most definitely damage important organs like the liver, the kidney's and the bladder and eat away your brain cells.

No. 582

File: 1404049546847.jpg (28.97 KB, 400x250, Ketamine Fig 1.jpg)

Sorry for the gross picture. But this is to illustrate what her bladder will look like if she keeps abusing Ketamine. Again it is a fucking horse tranquilizer. So it is only logical that a human bladder will start hemorrhaging and inflaming

No. 583

Forgot to mention that a healthy bladder is light pink with veins that are blueish or a darker pink. Which proves that these bladders are highly inflamed thanks to the Ketamine abuse.

No. 593

What's the Ketamine high like?

Surely it can't be that great. Ecstasy will give you the most Euphoric high (if it's true MDMA), you can be in a bad mental state, then it all goes away with Ecstasy.

LSD can give you really bad trips if you're not in the right mind frame and I don't know if it makes you euphoric, I've always been to scared to try it because they say it stays in your spine forever and you can trip later on in your life long after you stop using it.

Any ex-ravers or someone that experimented with these drugs out there that can give me some insight?

No. 596

A guy died in Glastonbury this Friday due to an allergic reaction to ketamine. Not sure how common that is, but good luck with that.

No. 600


Oh I don't do drugs, I'm just curious why she picked ketamine (allegedly) over safer drugs (albeit not by much).

You know what, she could be shooting up anything. Maybe her sugar daddies were giving her meth or heroin, who knows.

No. 603

Ketamine is some crazy shit. They actually use it in high doses in infusions for a very few diseases, as it helps to reboot the brain in a sense. People completely hallucinate, are pretty much in the ICU for the entirety of the treatment. Shit is crazy.

No. 609

File: 1404078842840.jpg (34.57 KB, 435x404, 1779749_259989657500502_144560…)

I wonder who's behind stupidsexyflanders.
She's a huge Yukapon's whiteknight on PULL.

No. 623

stupidsexyflanders does that a lot in the forums. She recently posted abi pop (one of the biggest weeaboo kawaii bloggers) saying she was "genuinely nice" and crap. She's probably a big ass weeaboo herself.

No. 624

Without her nobody would have ever known about jrcach's troll past at 2ch, that's why I doubt that she is some weeb teen girl since you won't find that stuff unless you are some regular 2ch user since many years.

No. 636


>>475 Here
Ketamine's popular amongst the rave/party crowd as well as LSD and XTC, and is commonly injected, hence why I guessed it due to her nasty looking arms. Not a druggie, but I have friends in the rave scene who've done that shit. Not pretty.

I'm not sure what the general high is like but there's a thing called the "k hole", which is what happens if you take higher doses of it. It fucks you up, space and time are completely distorted and you feel completely detached and frozen, as if you're stuck in a hole (hence the term). One of my friends described her experience as though the walls were melting and she was floating, and everything kept moving in at her (like the walls were closing in), and then everything kept speeding up and she constantly felt like she was falling. I don't remember specifics but it sounded trippy as hell.

No. 637

My older bro had to get ketamine infusions as part of a treatment for a chronic illness he has. He said it was trippy as fuck and even hours after the infusion, he seemed mostly sober but would occasionally recollect things from the day that didn't really happen. Powerful stuff.

No. 655

I don't do Ketamine, because that shit is fucked up. But I heard from some friends that it feels as if you are dreaming/not in your own body anymore, and with higher doses you can start hallucinating. Lsd doesn't really make you euphoric unless you mix it up with a small dose of MDMA, it has some nice visuals though and can be really funny if you do it with friends, because you start thinking the most crazy shit (For instance a friend of mine suddenly asked ''I am not a wizard in a castle, am I?'' No you are not, why? ''Oh good, because I was already getting scared of a possible dragon attack'' And then we laughed it off) However I wouldn't recommend LSD as a party drug, because your brain is already in overdrive in a quiet room constantly thinking, hallucinating. And I think that a room with heavy music, lights and lots of people it can start to feel crowded and scary. So yeah I can see why she picked Ketamine over LSD, because feeling dreamy is nice. But I don't understand why she doesn't just do some pure MDMA instead, it gives you a happy glowy feeling, people seem like they are all the nicest you have ever met and movement/touching things feels so good. But my guess is that she has to wait for too long to take MDMA again (4 months is recommended) and that she doesn't want the blue monday/after dip (Your serotine reserve (a natural chemical that will make you happy) will be completely drained and you will feel a bit sad/depressed around 3 days after you took it)

No. 667

File: 1404129559156.png (76.09 KB, 632x284, 1349619655255.png)

Even a regular 4chan user can jump on the imouto bandwagon for pedo's gifts. Who knows?

I find suspicious the way she goes against Akira without involving Nick. I mean, Nick was on 4chan too, he posted a lot about Yuka.

No. 668

Well, if she goes against him he will start another shitstorm like the last time but he hasn't been online anywhere since ages since his post on YouTube about being in therapy?

No. 687

Can I ask what your brother has? Because I think I know what it is, it's really rare, and I rarely ever meet anyone else who even knows what it is.

They also have Ketamine coma treatments, not approved by the FDA, so people have had to go to Germany and other countries to have it done. They put you in a ketamine induced coma for like 10 days. I've heard the craziest stories about ketamine treatments. Even if the treatments helped, I would never touch it.

No. 708

He has complex regional pain syndrome/CRPS. It is rare, and from my understanding my bro had a very hard time finding a treatment that would potentially work with him. It did have some improvements.

No. 709

Same poster.

>I've heard the craziest stories about ketamine treatments. Even if the treatments helped, I would never touch it.

Yeah my bro had some crazy stories when he came back to his hospital room from his session. He would see all kinds of crazy stuff. I forget exactly his quote, but he said it was really out of this world. Just hallucinations for the entire time.

No. 712

Same for Akira, without Beckii's post we would never had the "do you wanna drink my pee?" video. I've always had the feeling that Nick is having a special treatment in this whole drama (excluding the lolipedo exposed blog).

Anywayyy… new pic.

No. 713

File: 1404200750752.jpg (170.43 KB, 960x960, yuka.jpg)

No. 718

As time goes on she starts to look more and more like a scene kid…

No. 724

Why does this bitch get to hang with deers. She will never understand their true beauty, all she probably cares about is a cute and quirky picture.

No. 726

a lot of zoos have a place to hang out with deers in, m8, its not a rare and special thing to experience. both zoos around here have "deer walk" type pens where its a path you walk with feeder machines to buy handfuls of feed, and the deers follow you around demanding to be fed

No. 738

Fuck, why don't Dutch zoos have that shit. We only have petting zoos with some pigs, some angry goats and chickens. I love deers, but around here you can only spot them in the wild and they are very shy. I didn't know that Deer Walk zoo's were a thing, so I kinda assumed it was some special thing she had access to with her E-fame.

No. 739

Probably because your country got more animal rights than Japan, they even have an owl cafe where you can pet chained owls.

No. 741

Yeah the only thing close to animal café's we have is the ''Poezenboot'' in Amsterdam. Which is just an old lady who lives on a boat with a lot of adopted cats, and too feed them all she opens up her boat to public and you can drink coffee while petting them. Dutch laws around exotic animals are crazy strict. A lot of them are banned as pets, while you can keep them in a lot of other country's like the muntjac/Chinese deer and sugar gliders. It requires a lot of paper work for even the smallest of exotic pets. So I guess that is why deer petting zoos aren't a thing.

No. 753


I'm not gonna lie, I didn't click the thumbnail and thought she was photoshopped into a picture of resting deer because of all her ketamine escapades.
In fact I laughed when I first saw it because I thought it was pretty clever to pick a picture of her looking confused and dressed like a 7 year old and putting it in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.

No. 755

Are we back in 2008 or is scene a thing again?

No. 759

Super Lovers fashion often looks Scene when being worn by non-asians.

No. 762

She's in the Nara deer park. It's not a zoo, they just hang out there in droves and you can go and pet/feed them and shit.

No. 783

Ah, I knew that's what it was. I'm sorry. I also suffer from it, and it's truly fucking hell on earth. I know many people who have improved with the Ketamine treatments, but it scares the shit out of me.. I can't bring myself to do it.

(Sorry for the off-topic shit, but man it's rare that I meet anyone who even knows WTF CRPS is).

No. 784

She does that shit with Beckii Cruel too. I also think she's a weeb.

No. 808

I think the person is an idol otaku rather than a weeb, I mean, the person posts information from 2ch's idol threads all the time and I doubt the average weeb knows where to find them there.

No. 856

File: 1404380200602.jpg (188.12 KB, 640x640, 140326518530.jpg)

She looks so washed out now…
But I bet she's trying to be a loli again somewhere on tumblr lol

No. 857

So she's pretending that leaf is a pot plant. Doesn't she know that Japan is crazy strict about drug use?

What's she doing in Japan anyway? If she's no longer an idol is she taking classes there, or teaching English or something?

No. 858

Keeki said she is an exchange student or something like that.

No. 860

She's getting uglier and older,karma.

No. 861

at least she is hanging out with someone moderately attractive for once

No. 863

I'm glad she's stopped doing that tryhard tight under eyelid shit to make herself look more rori/jap/whatever. She's not a bad looking girl but that stupid shit she'd do with her expressions made her look like a dipshit.

No. 865

Holy shit, I just noticed what you meant by "tight under eyelid shit".
It's so obvious now.

No. 871

Yeah, idk what to call it but I'm glad someone knows what I mean, lol.

No. 872

I think it's called aegyo sal

No. 876

I don't really get that. I think they make your eyes look squinty or you're squinting or something, but people get eyelid surgery to make their eye look bigger, then that? It doesn't really make sense to me. The combination just looks really scary.

No. 877

File: 1404437483663.png (244.61 KB, 755x176, eyescomparison.png)

Well, I think the point is to make yourself look happier or more lively. People tend to scrunch up their lower lid when they smile, so using makeup to achieve that effect can make you look more cheerful.

No. 879

Oh. I guess that's what's so scary about it, "laughing eyes" with a completely flat expression.

No. 1020

It makes people look like if they are about to cry, I think.

No. 1049

File: 1404650294469.jpg (32.56 KB, 540x540, 140031990265.jpg)

She never stopped. Sometimes it's just more subtle.

No. 1050

File: 1404650436601.jpg (60.52 KB, 623x622, 10527902_308626249303509_45980…)

I'm still a kawaii imouto desuuu!!!! GAO!

No. 1051

I wonder what she is even studying in Japan.

No. 1054

File: 1404651697282.jpg (90.42 KB, 666x444, 199361_461212840567184_4169038…)

How to suck Junnyan's colorful cock. Again.

No. 1055

He already got a gf tho.

No. 1056

File: 1404653311714.jpg (56.79 KB, 526x526, 1907375_681769275238912_612033…)

In addition:
He isn't much into harajuku fashion anymore, pic related is how he looks these days.

No. 1059

He looks like middle-aged lady.

No. 1060

Not only that, he only seems to meet with people of his age now when he isn't with Kurebayashi.

No. 1061

File: 1404664813183.jpg (453.57 KB, 500x750, KITS0905.JPG)

Plus he already started to get bald from all the hair bleach, pic related.

No. 1074

Still an upgrade from how he looked before .

No. 1081

Not hard.

No. 1368

haruka kurebayahi is hecka cute tho

No. 1400

File: 1404905107017.png (824.28 KB, 1900x620, 1349617424054.png)

No. 1401

I don't know if I'm just getting habituated to her face or whatever, but Yuka… isn't really all that pretty. She's not ugly by any means, but she's just, I don't know, average. Plain. I wouldn't look twice if I passed her in the street (assuming she was dressed normally)

No. 1452

File: 1404939475061.jpg (168.95 KB, 900x600, 1509233_3676477087300_14314430…)

i was wondering what she was on and ketamine sounds probable but IVing it seems pretty extreme to me. i actually noticed her rubbing her nose throughout the video instead.
also, lol, this thread… you guys are acting like ketamine is the worst drug on earth. personally, i'm quite fond of dissociatives and ketamine doesn't dissolve your bladder after snorting one fat line… on the matter of how it feels it's quite hard to explain in simple words. you dissociate, detach yourself from reality and your body. i'll quote: "On a lower dose you just feel serene, comfortable, numb, strange and tingly though." which would suit the way she's acting.
(neither does ketamine make you age WHOAH 10 TIMES QUICKER - responsible drug use is not healthy by any means, but damage control plays a huge role. staying hydrated and maintaining proper nutrition is essential, especially when recovering from a rough night.. i don't think yuka eats very much/very well at all.)

i said this before but i'll say it again - circle lenses + dry stim eyes? it makes my eyes water just thinking about it

No. 1558

File: 1404977633127.jpg (64.94 KB, 540x960, 1531568_10203409493868477_1447…)

this is her and her brother.
once you see it, you can't unsee it.

a ketamine high might just be right up her alley. i think she likes the bizarre fairytale feeling that comes with it. or maybe she enjoys going into psychopath mode.
it says volumes about her personality, though. if she feels that way on k.

that guy that ate the eyeballs? this never crossed my mind, even when i was so fucked up i couldn't stand up. i've never had one violent thought and never had my empathy vanish. the things people do on dissociatives are only things that were there all along. they make you go into your own head and rid you of your ego. what you find there is entirely up to you.

No. 1567

Hey man, I am all for drugs. I enjoy LSD and MDMA from time to time. However you can't deny that Ketamine is bad for your body. Not saying that your bladder will dissolve after one time, however with frequent party use (Like we suspect Yuka is doing) you will get higher risk on UTI's and becoming infertile. So that is why I wouldn't advise it as a party drug, as it is bad for your physical health. While MDMA and LSD are only likely to start fucking you up mentally if there are problems in your family with mental illness. So while it is not as bad as Meth or Heroine, it isn't that harmless either. I agree on the damage control though. After MDMA I always make sure to eat lots of fruits/veggies and drink enough water, so the after dip isn't as strong.

Also I think she injects the Keta, because it will be absorbed into the blood stream much quicker that way. So you don't have to wait as long to become high.

No. 1583

She's done terrible things and I'll admit it, but it's fucked up because she met Nick and Akira when she was only 14 or 15. I think they fucked her up. Yuka's let it go yet Akira is still posting about her while weaboos suck his cock for presents and favors also because they're too lazy to write their own blog posts. Nick, Yuka's mom and Akira need some accountability too. They created that monster.

No. 1686

>Yuka's let it go
But she didn't? She still sends her fans after him, worst thing is Beckii tried to ride her drama now to get a bit of Yuka's remaining fanbase with spreading even more lies about Akira.

No. 1690


Agreed. It is beyond fucked up how people are so desperate to vilify Yuka that they are willing to let Akira, who is a super fucking creepy pervert, totally off the hook.

No. 1691

You seem to confuse Nick with Akira.

No. 1692

File: 1405114710427.png (21.96 KB, 782x240, 1349628734977.png)

No. 1693

That is Nick, not Akira.

No. 1694

The Tumblr exposing Nick's BS got updated btw, the recent post is about how he recently tried to slander Akira in the hopes of getting Yuka back:

No. 1695

File: 1405115658610.jpg (91.56 KB, 1541x222, croyuka.jpg)

I bet she was Yuka.

No. 1696

File: 1405115754260.jpg (63.61 KB, 1532x166, yucrona.jpg)

No. 1706

File: 1405126495274.png (504.4 KB, 410x589, 1382588025968.png)

you dont inject e anon

No. 1731

When has Yuka done this last? 2012? She's moved on with her life. She's fucked up in the head and needs psychiatric help. She was 15-17 when she met Nick and Akira. I know you guys are going to say that she's still somehow responsible which she is but she was still a fucking kid compared to Nick who is almost 30 and Akira whose at least in his mid 30s. These are grown fucking men acting like little boys. She did fucked up stuff but get a grip and stop trying to make her the grand villain for no fucking reason. Akira manipulated and used her as did nick.

No. 1741

You don't read her active sites, don't you? We had a whole bunch of screenshots at the old SR thread of her still doing the same besides getting Beckii to do shit for her, see >>464

No. 1742

Where do you guys get this false information?

No. 1744

>calling information from her FB false information
Hi Yuka.

No. 1745


That's what being sexually assaulted would do to you.

It's akira whose acting like an child. Have you seen what he's been posting about yuka?

No. 1747

Woah, I was actually around for some of those "LP" threads.
No idea it was related to Yuka.

No. 1755

File: 1405177090846.png (2.04 KB, 484x62, 2d9bjfn.jpg.png)

LP is short por Lolipon, the nickname Nick gave her for their sexual webcam roleplay.

No. 1756

File: 1405177224063.png (5.8 KB, 518x139, 29f6m21.png)

No. 1757

No. 1882

File: 1405203541512.jpg (50.18 KB, 250x333, tumblr_mwongzM2Dy1rzatyxo1_250…)


lol you look like stupidsexyflanders from PULL.
Stop blaming Akira. He never leaked yuka's cp and if they had sex it happened because, 'ya know, they were in a relationship. And didn't you watch the "do you wanna drink my pee" video? If you're the "next virgin mary" you can't tease someone like that. Yuka is just a selfish rebellious manipulative brat and now we all know the truth thanks to Nick and Nick only because nobody would believe a shit from Akira without the pee video and pics from her cp videos.

No. 1919


What are you basing this on, do you have eyes to confirm it exist? Of course not. The CP doesn't exist. It was all a lie. 3 years later and we haven't seen anything.

I bet none of us hear have ever seen her naked, have we? You guys are merely speculating on lies. If so, show me the worse you got if she is indeed producing CP. Oh, that's right. You can't lol

(in b4 deepweb lol no)


What are you trying to prove by posting that? If that is recent, then she must've been 18/19. Plus, there's even worse girls at younger ages doing worse on tumblr.

No. 1920

>show me the worse you got if she is indeed producing CP.
You're literally ordering someone to post child pornography.

No. 1927

>The CP doesn't exist.
Oh you, it is not like if we wouldn't have proof of her producing some, don't even get me started on the pee drink video.

No. 1928

File: 1405216395236.jpg (29.88 KB, 639x383, 4ubfi8.jpg)

>And laughing even harder at Beckii Cruel trying to get every last drop of attention that she can get out of this.

She probably forgot Yuka did shittalk her everywhere, god times.

No. 1931

File: 1405216696398.jpg (70.31 KB, 667x576, o0667057612405869485.jpg)

No. 1932

File: 1405216769493.jpg (57.43 KB, 800x362, o0800036212405869483.jpg)

Her post from back then.

No. 1933

File: 1405216979585.jpg (42.71 KB, 551x509, o0551050912503669999.jpg)

No. 1938

Haha I was just thinking about that! She talked so much shit about Beckii back in the day. It's okay though. They're both shitty people.

No. 1999

Which country?
USA or Japan?

No. 2000

Since she is in Japan right now I am pretty sure it is the japanese ones.

No. 2001

Like hell she does lol

No. 2002

I wish Natalia would just get her shit together. That would mean the end of lulz but I genuinely do like it when lolcows straighten up their life.

No. 2003

File: 1405280612296.png (2.58 KB, 470x92, 55o7eh.jpg.png)

That's sure why she want a girlfriend.

No. 2030

No. 2032

Who the hell would want in her pants in Japan???
And it is her own fault that people think she only wants sex with posting billion sexual nymphet photos on her last Tumblr, don't get me started on the raves.

No. 2051

Because she wants attention and she hardly got irl friends anyways so a private FB woulsn't make much sense.

No. 2052

File: 1405325860287.jpg (86.98 KB, 640x640, 91c5f344449c11e38cfa22000aeb21…)

lol yuka nobody wants to give you money without something in exchange

No. 2066

I thought this was Orange at first glance.

No. 2072

Me too, you are not alone.

No. 2074

I thought so too…

No. 2100

File: 1405379127871.png (49.97 KB, 503x538, repost.png)

No. 2113

I don't follow Yuka, but is this a recent post? It seems very different from her sweet J-pop singer persona.

No. 2114

It is from some weeks ago.

No. 2361

File: 1405515627103.jpg (154.05 KB, 745x887, 10250269_312633465569454_60004…)

No. 2362

Her breasts look like if she learned stuffing from Orange.

No. 2625

File: 1405787654419.jpg (87.57 KB, 768x1024, BsZXCcMCUAAJglY.jpg large.jpg)

No. 2627

File: 1405787715794.jpg (87.28 KB, 768x1024, BsZXCT3CQAAv1dT.jpg large.jpg)

Another one.

No. 2628

Holy shit, her posture is terrible. She really should fix that.

No. 2637

I was about to say that. Horrible posture drives me up the wall.

No. 2671

Agreed. Those childish kawaii clothes do not suit her at all anymore. I think she'd look a lot better in gyaru or otome.

No. 2693

She looks like a stripper dressed like that at her age, I think it's because she's got older and resembles women dressing as school girls, it looks more fetishy. Not a good look.

No. 2695

I can't even think of any kids wearing that kind of getup with garter knee socks and shit.

No. 2713

She's going PT on us guys!

No. 3354

File: 1406256395543.jpg (49.32 KB, 526x526, 1927919_690412714374568_886819…)

…Jun looks so retarded now when still trying to dress for harajuku events while he actually doesn't wear it anymore.

No. 3384

He is, many guys only dress retarded because it makes it easy to get bitches.

No. 3404

i think his style kind of sucks. he keeps giving "harajuku fashion" a bad name. anyway i always thought that "harajuku" wasn't a fashion type. it's just street style right?
so tired of his retarded pink shit.

No. 3426

Ugh god, this is terrible. Almost everything I own is pink but this is too much. Everything is ugly and poorly designed. Wtf is he thinking…

No. 3430

I still can't believe Yuka looked at this and thought, "Yup. Boyfriend material, 10/10 would throw away idol career for."

No. 3431

Well, people consider him the "it" guy in the harajuku fashion scene because he makes the harajuku fashion walk, is in the band Broken Dolls and designs for Super Lovers.

No. 3434


How does someone this ugly, this retarded, this creepy, this old get so much influence in the fashion world?

He looks like a pedophile. He's fucking thirty something, WHY.

Japan is just a giant hugbox.

No. 3435

Because he was one of the first guys that were into the Harajuku scene and did stay in it, he is considered a senpai plus Super Lovers isn't an unknown brand he designs for.

No. 3436

File: 1406312187792.jpg (91.7 KB, 867x579, 10475453_899950800019353_61510…)

He is on UK Tour with the band he is in right now btw.

No. 3437

File: 1406312498161.jpg (19.36 KB, 200x200, 28_1.jpg)

Those who don't know Broken Doll, it used to be a japanese Emo/Scene band in 2009 but jumped on the Kyary fad some years later, the pink haired dude is Jun.

No. 3438

File: 1406312611166.jpg (97.02 KB, 960x639, 1466040_750257854988649_117374…)

They even have a song called Scene Kids.

No. 3483

I don't think its his age that's weird because that's not even old IMO. Its the way he looks. Like what the fuck happened for him to look that busted and old?

No. 3484

The girls look cute. Guys look retarded. I'm sorry but I don't think any guy could pull this shit off, hell, the girls barely pass the line.

I'm guessing rave scene drugs like Yuka does.

No. 3489

File: 1406373420100.jpg (82.89 KB, 960x720, 397513_815262885154812_2105817…)

Well, all band members are pretty much his age and without PS the girls don't look that good anymore too.

No. 3490

File: 1406374310766.jpg (41.75 KB, 556x417, 4634.jpg)

He always looked ugly (most japanese guys that are into kawaii fashion aren't pretty to begin with anyways, they get into it because it is the only chance to attract girls) but all the tons of makeup and hair bleaching didn't do him any favors

No. 3665

woaaah what the fuck? how are you guys getting pics from her fb?

No. 3675

Most of those photos were public, she disabled her FB today tho.

No. 4181

File: 1406759282543.jpg (26.32 KB, 562x372, 10462634_316607231838744_88822…)

No. 4376

File: 1406881875928.jpg (126.59 KB, 800x509, CNuHUwf.jpg)

Can you guess who's pic is in August's Kera magazine? Yup.

But I thought junnyan dumped her?

No. 4377

>that twitter name
i tried talli1212, talili1212, tallii1212, tallll1212, taliii1212… what the fuck man

No. 4387

That photo is old as fuck tho, he doesn't bleach his hair anymore since ages and like others mentioned before, he already got a gf but since Yuka still gets attention of course he would get photo taken with her for a mag, he does that with all jfashion girls.

No. 4391

her twitter is tarii1212

No. 4393

File: 1406902357760.jpg (89.33 KB, 640x640, 10357527_690651637684009_80516…)

Pic very related, he looks like this since June.

No. 4411

yeah, that photo was taken around the time when just arrived in japan. it takes time to publish pictures in magazine

No. 4570

Been wondering this but If it were any 26 year old man that met up with a 15 year old he knew online and had sex with her people would call him a predator. Why does Yuka get the blame and Akira a free pass? People on the internet want to find any and every reason to send a mob after someone when they're down. Pixyteri is totally deserving of being a lolcow but I don't know what Yuka has done that's so evil

No. 4575

Can he get a better haircut pls and use some fuckin conditioner

No. 4576

A Yukapon summary just for you:
>tried to become a famous gyaru at the age of 13, started a gyaru forum basicly for self-promo
>after some years got internet famous for her dance videos
>met Akira, got some gigs because of him
>often would talk shit about her own friends, other dancerand actual idols she met behind their back
>scammed people with her shop Milky Pop
>made nudes and other kinky stuff for some guys, including asking her fans while streaming live on Nico Nico if they want to drink her pee
>peeing video got leaked by Nick everywhere who also would slander her on various BBS
>suddenly started dating 30+ Jun in the hopes of getting a job es Harajuku designer
>blamed it all on Akira, claimed he did throw her under a driving bus while in Tokyo, also claimed she got raped
>Akira got arrested, she told the police it was a lie
>spammed her Twitter with "LOOK AT ME, I AM A RAEP VICTIM" BS
>disappeared from the internet
>got into the rave scene, does drugs now but probably already did that before she met Akira

No. 4577

No. 4578

she never asked her fans something like that during her live streams on niconico. i think she asked it on skype with akira.

No. 4580

>made nudes
How does that make her a bad person
>talked about her friends
Even if it is bitchy all girls talk about each other behind their backs

You're still not giving me any sinister things about her. I've followed her and her drama and career since 2010. I've gotten to know her personally and Akira. I don't see what she did that was bad. Back then I joined the bandwagon but now I don't see anything wrong. She made bad choices but she's not a bad person

No. 4581

Akira didn't get arrested but even if he did, she was 15 and he was at least 25-30. In Japan and America that's against the law. Consensual or not.

No. 4583

While some girls do talk about their friends behind their backs, not all of them say mean shit about them. The way Yuka did it was pretty backstabbing.

No. 4584

She's been surrounded by pedophiles for five years telling her that youth is her only attribute, not her personality or brain. She's trying to hold on to what's safe. It's sad.

No. 4586

>How does that make her a bad person
Because she made them to get in favor with old japanese men while actually being in a relationship, also she still did post ageplay crap lately while claiming to be against sexualising children at her old Twitter.

No. 4587

No, how did she backstab anyone? She said "abbiekins is ugly" they weren't even friends. She talked about Keekihime but back then Keekihime talked a ton of shit about Yuka on her lives. She didn't backstab anyone. Stop looking for reasons to hate her. I used to hate her but when I got older and actually became her friend I realized how fucked up her situation was.

No. 4589

She was 14 when all of this started. Was it smart? Hell no. But she didn't see the dangers that came alongside it. She was young and naive, maybe even curious about her sexuality. Why is "tempting men" some evil and vile act. Get mad at the neck beards who thought she was 13 and jacked off to her.

No. 4590

>actually became her friend I realized how fucked up her situation was
PNot the first time she manipulates people and only idiots fall for that.

No. 4593

You are on the wrong website then.

No. 4594

Trust me I have nothing to offer her. Granted I'll say I do think she manipulates people whether it's intentional or not which she needs to stop. However she's just doing what's been done to her. It's all she knows. Hell her parents would've sold her to the highest bidder. A lot of these girls seem terrible and some of them are but their parents take a huge responsibility.

No. 4595

Fuck off. I'm all for exposing lolcows who are truly bad people are truly insane like pixyteri and need help. But a lot of the people who post about Yuka are just searching for shit. Like I said, if Yuka was Japanese or if Akira was American he would've been charged and nobody would bat an eye.

No. 4596

That with the parents could be said about all lolcows but she was stupid and didn't just disappear from the web to let things calm down, no, she had to make an ageplay Tumblr and tries to get a place in the harajuku scene again, it is her own fault.

No. 4597

Huh? What did she do wrong? Have her nudes leaked? So after having your nudes leaked two years prior you're not allowed to start a new account or a new life somewhere else?

No. 4598

Did you even read anything posted or?

No. 4601

File: 1406934101691.jpg (221.72 KB, 960x540, c7fc16dfd4034d58949c599c3aa5d6…)

No. 4602

Yes. I've been following this since she made YouTube videos, went to Japan, I've read Akira's blog. She didn't do shit wrong except reacted badly but that's expected of a 16 year old having her entire world crash in on her.


I'm not her close friend or anything but I remember talking about this and someone pointed it out about how everyone around her from a young age manipulated her.

She doesn't dress like a kid anymore. Wearing garter belts isn't kid fashion and even if she did unless she'a pixyteri in a diaper who gives a fuck.

No. 4603

I agree with your statement but what is she doing or did that's so fucking terrible? Name three things.

No. 4604

Sexualising children is totally not wrong, ok, pedobear approves.

No. 4605

Plus she made all actual rape victims look like liard with all her sprewing bullshit.

No. 4606

Does lolcow get mad at Lolitas for dressing like children? And that picture that was just posted is from a convention. I assure you she probably doesn't dress like that daily.

No. 4607

How did she lie? She was preyed upon by a 30 year old man online when she was 15, they met and he pressured her into sex.

No. 4608

>Does lolcow get mad at Lolitas for dressing like children?
Confirmed for troll.

No. 4609

They had sex, were you there? No and if he really raped her he still would be in jail.

No. 4611

She was 14 when she started posting videos. She didn't see it as sexualizing children. She wanted to be cute and she wanted to be an idol so she emulated Himeko sakuragawa, a popular Akihabara idol who Yuka based her entire persona on.

No. 4612

She still does it so stfu or read this thread.

No. 4613

File: 1406934547536.jpg (252.82 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mwongzM2Dy1rzatyxo2_500…)

No. 4614

Do you think Japan cares about sex crimes committed to non Japanese women when they barely take proactive measures to protect their own women?

Also he didn't rape her down a dark alley, he preyed on her and groomed her. It was unequal power and he manipulated her. Why are you taking up for a 30 year old man who still continues to seek little white weaboo girls online?

No. 4615

I saw her tumblr. I don't understand how age play is a crime.

No. 4617

That tumblr was deactivated in December. >acting as children's are sex toys

Lmao how?

You guys are running thin on reasons to complain. I don't see what she's doing now or recently(past 4 months)for anyone to hate her.

No. 4618

She is still in contact with Nick btw, he also faved some of her more recent songs at https://soundcloud.com/lolicomplex/

No. 4620

In…public? She dresses like a raver for christ sake. What she does online as long as she isn't doing anything illegal or bullying others who give a hell.

No. 4621

Her singingprinc3ss Tumblr was still active until some months ago, just saying.

No. 4624

Do you know she's in contact with nick or are you speculating because he favorited some songs of hers on soundcloud?

No. 4625

That profile was semi-private because she didn't publicly announce it was hers or it's her name. There's thousands of ageplay blogs on tumblr. It's not for me but who gives a damn. You guys are really lacking in proving why she's a bad person.

No. 4626

She was one of the guys she sent those ageplay photos at Tumblr, his account was loligrinder.

No. 4628

Not private? pinklyeverafter even promoted her singingprinc3ss account at Tumblr.

No. 4629

No. 4630

I know well about who Nick is. He's a pedophile recluse who lives on the internet, collecting thousands of images of little girls. Where's his lolcow thread? Besides the expose tumblr Yuka made for him why isn't anyone up in arms about him and actually helping future girls. You guys rather complain about trivial shit.

No. 4631

Her soundcloud, not tumblr

No. 4632

But she uses the same name for all her account, one second and you found her Tumblr back when it was still on.

No. 4633

I'm sorry but I don't see how she sexualizes children in the past 2-3 years? And during that time she actually was a child.

No. 4635

There is already an exposing Tumblr, there isn't too much recent about him so a thread about him would just die soon.

No. 4636

Anything recent about Yuka?

No. 4637

With recent photos like

No. 4638

Read the fucking thread.

No. 4639

She's ccosplaying. She can't help what her body frame looks like.

No. 4640

I've read it and I know far more than anyone here. I just don't agree.

No. 4642

No she put it on her tumblr. And she's 19 now.

No. 4643

God, her butthurt whiteknight is annoying.

No. 4646

Then please tell me what characters are those since she pretended on her Tumblr to be an 14yo babygirl, still can be seen at entering it at archive.org.

No. 4648

It's cute you heard a term on 4chan but just to let you know you're using the term white knight incorrectly.

She's not the best person on earth but a lot of you are just bitches nitpicking when nothing is there. Even if these two pictures irked you that's fine but to make an entire thread from that reason is fucking retarded.

No. 4649

She gained weight recently dipshit

No. 4650

Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo no Jikan.

No. 4651

So two years after this bullshit she's not allowed to make accounts or use the internet?

No. 4652

The hair doesn't even match nor do the outfits, try harder.

No. 4654

It does match the hair and swimsuit. She did that cosplay at a con a few years ago actually.

No. 4655

No, it doesn't.

No. 4656

She doesn't wear kids clothes she just wears Japanese fashion

No. 4657

Yes, it does. Look up Yukapon Kokonoe cosplay.

No. 4658

But the photos in this case aren't cosplay, she even tagged them as fucking ageplay.

No. 4659

Who cares if she ageplays. It's a popular fetish. Stop kink shaming

No. 4661

she just dressed in fucking clothes you guys are crazy

No. 4662

Yeah, japanese elementary school swimsuits are totally normal clothes.

No. 4663

Princess peachie has a randoseru? Where's the outrage

No. 4664

Like mentioned in another thread, randoseru aren't limited to adults, whiteknight harder.

No. 4665

They are limited to kids. Your post is about a few harajuku hipsters. If a Japanese person sees a randoseru they think about an elementary student

No. 4668

No they are not, otherwise there wouldn't be own stores carrying randoseru for adults but you are probably just a sae pedo pandering idiot like her.

No. 4669

One store for harajuku hipsters isn't prevalent to Japanese culture

No. 4670

Randoseru aren't even limited to Japan or do you want to say all those muslims or the dutch army wants to attract pedos?

No. 4671

>one store
kek, confirmed for yuka whiteknight

No. 4673

Adult randoserus are not popular.
I know randoserus weren't made in Japan dumbass bitch shit nigger

No. 4674

Every weeb girl wears it because it's Japanese.

No. 4675

Yuka wanted one because of Rin tho which is a loli character.

No. 4676

File: 1406937182447.jpg (70.75 KB, 800x533, 110106_04_l.jpg)

No. 4677

But that doesn't make them limited to kids, faggot.

No. 4678

I just used your own logic against you. Yukapon's clothes isn't limited to kids

No. 4679

They're appropiating Japanese culture

No. 4680

Elementary school swimsuits don't come in adult sizes.

No. 4681

Highschool students in Japan wear those swimsuits. Ally and sally danced in bloomers? Where's their thread?

Yes they do come in adult sizes you dumb cock sucking uncle fucker. Go to cosmates

No. 4683

File: 1406937697551.jpg (24.5 KB, 320x174, image.jpg)

No. 4688

>Highschool students in Japan wear those swimsuits.
No, they don't.
>Ally and sally danced in bloomers? Where's their thread?
In the Idol thread.
>Yes they do come in adult sizes you dumb cock sucking uncle fucker. Go to cosmates
Fetish cosplay=/=normal clothes

No. 4689

I'm the person who took up for her. I see your points now but still it's hard either way for her

No. 4690

Highschoolers in Japan wear those swimsuits or they used to (like how sailor uniforms are being changed)

No. 4692

The skirt type of sukumizu doesn't get produced anymore since ages besides as sex store fetish costume, proof for that is even at Wikipedia, try harder.

No. 4695

Doesn't change the fact that Yuka still makes photos that are made to attract pedos.

No. 4697

But you claimed high schoolers wear them and that they are normal clothes, thanks for proving only making up shit.

No. 4700

Plus the person doesn't seem to realize that defending her is the worst thing one can do because it 1. won't change anybody's opinion on her and 2. keeps the thread active and therefore makes people continue talking about her.

No. 4701

I didn't say they were normal every day clothes you fat incessant nigeroid

No. 4703

No. 4704


lol that nigga moved on. From what I know, he's living with some girl in florida. The girl he's with is way older going by their pictures. I'd say 21?? but she looks 15 lol

i aint going to post shit tho. You can find them if you lurk moar. i know how you people like to cause shitstorms.

No. 4707


>he was at least 25-30

Akira is 45+ dipshit and he's still grooming teen idols.

No. 4708

I said in another thread that he's at least in his mid thirties and some wanker said "no he's 25" if he's 25 why is all of his pictures shooped purikura from the 90s

No. 4709

Does anyone have a current picture of him?

No. 4718

File: 1406960552194.jpg (18.18 KB, 225x225, image.jpg)

Besides purikura of him and Yuka, none exists. I've seen the uncensored photos and he looks at least 30.

No. 4719

Plus where would a 22-25 year old(what the other anon said was his age)get the money and time to send tons of gifts to girls all over the world? To be a renowned music musician? I think Akira catfished Yuka by using old pictures of himself and saying he was a famous music producer. He doesn't sit right.

No. 4730

File: 1406967872717.png (371.01 KB, 500x413, tumblr_n9n54cmeZZ1qdndm8o1_500…)

What is with teenagers and older men anyway.

pic related. 15 year old elle fanning with 36 year boyfriendo.

No. 4738

Yuka must have some pictures of Akira! Why won't she post them to confirm her story with him being I don't remember how old the guy is

No. 4742


Because Yuka isn't still talking about this years' old shit. I can't believe anyone listens to Akira - he is such a huge creep to make a website devoted to slandering a teenager.

No. 4745

File: 1406983082775.jpg (100.53 KB, 640x640, 9040a39e53e611e3930d0e08ef1db7…)

Yuka is a motherfuckig sick whore. She even proclaimed herself "ephebophile" on the tumblr "someone" deleted the SAME FUCKING DAY of the singinprinc3ss one.

And did you read the conversation in which she tried to convince Akira to harrass other girls?

Yuka, I'm sorry but you don't look like a kid without contacts, makeup and other shits. Look at this pic.

No. 4746

Read his ameblo, he is from a wealthy family plus he still earns money as well.

No. 4747

She still does on her FB, people even posted screenshots of it here.

No. 4748

His photos with Yuka look the same and they sure aren't from the 90s, it is just how he likes to edit purikuras.

No. 4751


>And did you read the conversation in which she tried to convince Akira to harrass other girls?

Source? Stop saying bullshit anon. All of you talk endless bullshit.

No. 4752

Screenshots of that are on the Yukapon site you dipshit.

No. 4759

You are easily the dumbest white knight on this board. There's plenty of screenshot proof on the website but you're too lazy to look http://investigation.cyber-space.biz/

No. 4783

Thanks for linking a source of a website created by a manipulative pedophile

No. 4786

oh boy
Anything to defend Yuka, huh?

No. 4787

I'm the only logical person here. Not a vindictive bitch. I'm not defending her I'm putting shit into retrospect

No. 4788

I'm the only logical person here. Not a vindictive bitch. I'm not defending her I'm putting shit into retrospect

No. 4789

Then gtfo if everyone here is not logical anyways, you won't change anybody's opinion on here and with the butthurt whiteknighting you only keep the thread alive and increase our dislike towards even more with sending her friends like yourself after us.

No. 4790

*towards her
*her sending her friends
I should go to sleep.

No. 4796

I cannot think of a single case where white knighting someone actually helped. Like what >>4789 said, it's only going to make us dislike her even more than we already do.

No. 4934

logical my ass.
why would you come to a thread where most don't even like, nor believe her just to whiteknight your unpopular opinion?
real illogical if you ask me.

No. 4973

cosmates is a scam, be careful.

No. 4980

you are saying that a 30 year old black guy , found a job for the first time in his life to pay the rent, bils etc. and lives with a girl too?

No. 4994


Most of you are just miserable with your own lives and need to keep bringing up old news on her.

You are like old fat land whales on this site gossiping in a bingo room. It's okay to be jelly of her success and cuteness you'll never have.

You think she gives a shit what any of you say? lol no

No. 4998

damn. didn't know 16 was old.
jealous of her success?? what exactly has she succeeded in? claiming she was raped? peeing on video? doing drugs?? sexualizing children??? messing around with a pedophile who stabbed her in her back?? yah. totes jelly.

get your head out of your ass. she's not cute either. she probably was but not anymore.

for fucks sake, we don't rightfully give a fuck if she gives a shit about our opinions or not. that's her problem.

what the hell are you trying to accomplish anyway? acting like people care about her… fuck outta here with that bull.

No. 5000

She's not successful anymore. If you're going to try to insult us then at least have the decency to do it properly, you dumb cunt. I'm not jealous, I'm an asshole. Jerk, bully-you know, whatever you'd like to say to make yourself feel better. So did it work? Have your tears stopped flowing yet? Oh no oh no I'm a big bad baddie on the internet!! You really think people would do that? Go on the internet and say mean things? lmao.

So now that we've established that some people just like to genuinely be a bitch on their downtime, I'd like to point out just how skinny Yuka looks lately. Throwing up more than usual, isnt she? Must mean either somethings bothering her or she's trying yet again to fit in somewhere she probably doesnt belong. Or maybe she's trying to seduce yet another 40 year old man so she can finally ""earn"" her stay in Japan. I'd prefer she just went off and did JAV, really. She's got a cute enough face for it and it's not like that face is a stranger to having jizz splashed across it-so what would be the problem?? Yuka really needs to stop thinking she's got some pride or clean reputation in the way stopping her. Just go for it girl. It's what the world expects of you anyway!

No. 5001

File: 1407139974629.png (92.13 KB, 1500x1125, laughing-lol-crazy-l.png)


>I'm an asshole. Jerk, bully-you know

Damn, that says a lot about you! You are a male posting on a land-whale imageboard letting out your jelly about a girl you don't know? I feel for you man. You need get outside the house there! She's in japan, a place you surely never been to while you circle jerk with your fag buddies about the latest jfashion on here. Top lel

How was comic-con by the way, see any of your furry buddies?


She appeared in a magazine, what have you done with your life?

After all these years you still talk about her Oh, she's so dear to you! You know damn well you don't mean any of that anon.

You put so much energy in that post, it plainly shows your jelly. Lol you land whales don't have any downtime. You spend all hours of the day stalking her and imagining you wish you could be her.

No. 5002

>that reaction image
Confirmed for Yuka's friend/whiteknight who just recently found this board.
Go back to 9gag pls and thank you

No. 5003

Fucking white knights. How do they keep finding us. Crawl back to your basement, man. White knighting Yukapee isn't going to help anyone.

No. 5013

Oh my god, she appeared in the Kera streetsnaps where every idiot can appear in, so much sucess!

God, ger whiteknights are desillusional as fuck.

No. 5014

File: 1407154218778.jpg (304.9 KB, 956x954, 1800413_321237418042392_722469…)

It is pretty much save to say that if she is still in Japan for school it sure must be one that accepts many exchange students judging from her photos.

No. 5037

that's dakota not elle. Dakota is 20 years old

No. 5048

That one made me laugh too. It's not like she modeled for a Vogue editorial, she was in a fashion street snap. All you have to do for that is wear appropriate fashion + be on street where photos are being taken.
I once appeared on the front page of a national newspaper because I was standing next to a gothy friend of mine and there was nothing more newsworthy to report than the gothic festival we were attending. SUCH FAME. SUCH SUCCESS. WORSHIP ME, PLEBIAN SCUM.

No. 5070

So much autism in one picture, my god. I bet Japan is filled with weebs.

No. 5117

File: 1407186294179.jpg (73.47 KB, 960x720, 1795711_720565721339025_643308…)

They even have own weebs, just found photos of her being at japanese raves full of the japanese versions of weebs, I think I even foundout her school since like everyone from there goes to the raves.

No. 5127

File: 1407186577818.jpg (82.65 KB, 960x640, 557902_10200375279046957_89087…)

No. 5130

This photo is so autistic, holy shit

No. 5133

She seems to visit amate-raxi quite often, it's an international club that makes electronic parties.

No. 5198

Augh god, they dress like anime con "ravers."

And I really wish Yuka would dress her age. She doesn't look loli anymore and would look cute in age appropriate clothes.

No. 5199

I know the girl in pink. She's married to a Japanese DJ she met at a con in the states and dated long-distance. They got married without ever physically living with/near each other and she moved to Japan on a spouse visa. Turns out he's fucking abusive…broke her jaw a couple months ago.

She is my personal lolcow.

No. 5200

Just… Wow. The things Weeaboos will do to live in glorious Nihon.

No. 5207

All weebs need to have their jaws broken by a jap.

No. 5233


Are you willing to share?

No. 5282

proof or it didn't happen.

No. 5283

No. 5284

forgot to add comment: looks like she still has a thing for gyaru

No. 5285

Proof for what?

No. 5286

Not hard to figure out since she the club (amate-raxi) she visits is in shibuya.

No. 5287

Didn't even know Yuki is married but it explains a lot, she is one of the girls Yuka hangs out at amate-raxi besides her classmates and Rinko Macrophage (she is one of their gogo dancers and at >>5117 ).

No. 5359

I've only met her a couple times. She's just very young and stupid.

"~~~Yuki Suzuki~~~"
Fucking weeb. Her name is Aleshia and she's white as the fresh-fallen snow.

No. 5402

I know that she is white, she only seems to hang out with other weebs like Yuka anyways.

No. 5403

"It explains a lot"

What, pray tell?

No. 5431

wtf I just saw her youtube and…wtf. definitely yuka's weaboo level, no wonder they're friends.

No. 5445

She gets into pretty much every event for free for no visible reason, that's all.

No. 7070

>mfw its people like you that get more of yuka's shit leaked by akira
>b-but i-im helping defend her!

No. 9305

File: 1408818546701.png (407.34 KB, 499x541, 35325.png)

So she got one of the strippers as girlfriend now.

No. 9451

Her gf looks ugly, but maybe it's just a bad angle

No. 9476


I don't know man, those teeth are jacked. Maybe she should stop spending her money on drugs and invest in a dentist.

Who am I kidding, all white/black guys have yellow fever and don't give a fuck.

No. 9500


shes already cheating on her girlfriend she has in america? only a matter of time before she starts posting nudes and stories

No. 9507

They never were girlfriends, only bff.

No. 9578

I'm pretty sure she's just kidding, but honestly who knows.

No. 9593

Her bff is treating to murder people that even dare to flirt with Yuka's gf so I doubt that.

No. 9599

File: 1408847314719.png (35.58 KB, 498x310, lul.png)

No. 10522

File: 1409279980507.jpg (77.53 KB, 720x720, 10647101_335157516650382_92929…)

Totally innocent desu~

No. 10523

File: 1409280101172.png (3.16 KB, 322x106, kek.png)

No. 10527

why is there so much shit hanging from her phone

No. 10531

Because it is ~so kawaii~ and ~typical for a girl in Japan~.

No. 10546

Of course she was only kidding about her being her gf. Haven't you ever done something like that, saying your bff is your gf?

No. 10547

It's pretty popular in Japan. Also, if you attach one thing to your phone, suddenly you have like 20 of those things hanging rom your phone (true story)

No. 11411

File: 1409708373845.jpg (69.52 KB, 720x720, 10665800_339752736190860_35999…)

Seems like she suddenly changed back to the loli-look for unknown reasons.

No. 11416

she has such a gross face

No. 11433

Bitch is going full Baby Jane.

No. 11448

I don't really get why some people are so dismissive of Yuka possibly being bi.

No. 11450

That's not it, they both said billion times they are only bff besides that this woman already got a boyfriend and Yuka already got an azn girlfriend.

No. 11480


That's not a "loli" look. Lolis are not suppose to appear that creepy looking do they?

Her loli days are over compared to her old days.

No. 11518

Come on, she doesn't look bad. It's like gyaru look now.

No. 11520

I want to fug a loli, tips?

No. 11522

File: 1409777269144.jpg (86.27 KB, 640x429, meronpaninactionw_26.jpg)

No. 11524

File: 1409777900899.jpg (66.99 KB, 720x720, 10645308_340908622741938_79387…)

>It's like gyaru look now.
But she doesn't dress gyaru anymore, this week she suddenly went back to her twintails and loli acting.

No. 11527

I bet she regret her kawaii loli uguh days. And trying hard to be famous again.
You should stop Sluttypon you aren't a kawaii young-face ~~forever thirteen~~ loli anymore and your fame time has passed.

Maybe if she put less noticeable (and less in general) makeup and dyed her hair back to brown it could change something

No. 11528

there are different styles of gyaru and gyaru has changed alot. it's much more toned down and more focused on cute than sexy.

No. 11529

it's not normal in japan to have that much shit on your phone. it's normal for girls to have maybe one two or eve nthree charms but not a fucking chain of shit that get caught on things.
i think this is more alternative or exteme style.

No. 11530

i think she should tryo to model for a gyaru magazine. i really think she would be good for that.

No. 11532

Exactly what I think. Although people seem to hate her, I would really enjoy if she became some kind of model or something. She has "something" that makes her enjoyable to watch.

No. 11541

that face is so unfortunate.
reminds me of all the girls at my school who try to make their dimples and forehead wrinkles prominent

No. 11731

why would you want prominent forehead wrinkles tho? ugh.

No. 11732

Looks straight from a gyaru magazine tbh. I think gyaru in japan would think she is cute

No. 11753

Lmao the girl in the picture commented saying "I'm ur friend tali(°_°)" so it's not true

No. 11757

That isn't the same girl you dumb fuck.

No. 11758

File: 1409968942397.jpg (65.55 KB, 960x640, 10565156_10202556531776912_806…)

Another pic with Rinko.

No. 11770

Woah calm your shit down
She's tagged in it 'dumb fuck'

No. 11790

Yuka used to be so cute
Used to

No. 11795

Those eyebags for days.

Man you can tell she's aging.

No. 11798

Those are drawn on tho, she does it a lot lately.

No. 11816

That's makeup. It's supposed to be the "aegyo sal" type look, where the lower eyelids are "puffy". Its associated with a cute, youthful look.

No. 11825

>Its associated with a cute, youthful look.

I don't really understand the reasoning behind this. People who do this just look tired/weird to me.

No. 11827

Because it should emulate the look of the way you squint your eyes while laughing.

No. 11831

She either did it wrong or it's a bad look for her.

No. 11926

Eh… Girls joke about being bi all the time but yuka really is bi

No. 12004

Because it looks strange when done with makeup vs real aegyosal. Real aegyosal emulate fresh faced youth.

No. 12005

I peed in one of my friend's roommates cups, then emptied out the pee and put the moist cup back into the cupboard. I saw her drink from it once when I came around to her place.

I did it because she was an utter cunt and deserved it.

No. 12006

Ugh it makes her look much older, she really needs to stop trying ayego sal.

No. 12030

File: 1410232032364.jpg (158.56 KB, 659x438, Explan.jpg)

She's just doing it wrong. When you do it right it can look cute.

No. 12041

they why old people have it too then?

No. 12060

File: 1410252271385.jpg (20.66 KB, 364x290, jk.JPG)

It's supposed to emulate baby face i think

No. 12061

Well that's fucking weird and slightly creepy

No. 12063

It's also supposed to help make your eyes look bigger, though I'm struggling to find a decent before and after right now.

Also this - makeup usually looks bad. Though the very worst thing is seeing girls who get too much filler injected and it looks like they have something sitting under their skin.

No. 12065

How can you even use make up to emulate an aegyo sal? Doesn't sound like that would ever work.

No. 12068

Works in photos, not so much irl.

No. 12079

Basically you lighten the area just below your eye and then draw a dark line of shadow just under it.

I can do it pretty convincingly, but it looks ridiculous on me. It's interesting the things you can do with makeup.

No. 12110

No. 12130

File: 1410297849170.jpg (58.28 KB, 720x960, 1662457_340828792749921_887994…)

new bf and if u ask me he looks old which seems make sense

No. 12131

File: 1410297886864.png (272.1 KB, 502x643, Capture.PNG)

prove she reads thi

No. 12134

Guys, we should self reflect on the kinds of comments we post. We aren't harsh or mean enough for them to cry when they hear the word 'lolcow'.

No. 12135

The problem is rather that most people here crave attention, even if it is negative.

No. 12136

*most people posted here

No. 12137

hey sluttypon
reading this thread will only bring you more mental problems

No. 12160

talli if you are reading this please learn how to do aegyo sal right. yours look like eyebags, they are too low. :c

No. 12161

I think she does have a gyaru type energy and facial expressions

No. 12168


Sent this pic to akira for the lulz


We are. It's why this yukapee thread exists in the first place.

No. 12170

for her work? her work of doing what?? being a cam whore? thats not work that's a hobby you're subjecting the world to.

No. 12187

File: 1410339522305.png (491.17 KB, 1023x639, 14691.png)

No. 12189


No. 12195

It makes you look like you have big eyes and are squinting, rather than just having small eyes.

No. 12317


so she's posting her own pictures in this thread so we can keep harassing her?

No. 12320

maximum cpu and ram? fuck

No. 12330

Pretty much all of her photos are public visible.

No. 12338


Yuka reads this thread for sure.

Her new boyfriend instagram account is now private.

No. 12343

No. 12365

Hi Sluttypon
You'll never be a kawaii aidoru
You're not a kawaii loli anymore
Your 15 minutes of fame are over
Stop being an attention whore you'll never get famous again
Keep doing drugs and aging like an old hag.
Bye ne Yukapee chan.

No. 12369

yukapee being a camwhore is not "work" it's just being a sad attention seeker

No. 12559

Does anybody have the screencap where she spreads her legs on webcam but doesn't show vag?

No. 12586

File: 1410455780659.jpg (57.24 KB, 268x220, 1360268952322.jpg)

Which one? There are quite a bunch.

No. 12587

File: 1410455851342.jpg (49.47 KB, 268x220, 1359985916967.jpg)

No. 12592

She looks like a troll. Why does she have a towel hanging up?

No. 12597


Those are the ones. Thanks.

Not anywhere near orangecitrus or jenifer lawrence top tier but that'll do. These are the only vanilla caps i have seen since the /cgl/ thread of 2012. I followed the yukapon drama since then and now. I was bold enough to search the deepweb but i did not find a single lick of her nudes or videos. I'd always hope they would have pop up somewhere after all this time.

For anybody that has ACTUALLY seen the videos, can you describe in detail what she does or say? Besides the obvious.

No. 12604

No. 12609

>comparing oc with jennifer lawrence

No. 12624

Anon is referring to Jennifer L.'s leaked nudes.

No. 12702

File: 1410507700765.jpg (383.73 KB, 1536x2048, SBSH0012.JPG)

No. 12703


No. 12708

File: 1410515054656.jpg (4.37 KB, 276x183, images (1).jpg)

This picture seriously freaks me out. His face is so old but his body is so…small? He's built like a middle school student. At least he's got nice hair?

No. 12709

my god his head is massive

No. 12713

File: 1410517962177.jpg (2.34 MB, 2816x2112, DSC08860.JPG)

No. 12714

No. 12715

File: 1410518438288.jpg (822.81 KB, 2592x1944, IMG-20110903-00048.jpg)

No. 12716

File: 1410518488763.jpg (208.59 KB, 1080x1920, 5645.jpg)

No. 12717

File: 1410518530920.jpg (109.54 KB, 1024x768, IMG-20110620-01323.jpg)

No. 12718

File: 1410518602385.jpg (323.07 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_7035.JPG)

No. 12719

File: 1410518840372.jpg (666.37 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_6848.JPG)

No. 12720

File: 1410519479842.jpg (2.51 MB, 2816x2112, DSC00043.JPG)

No. 12721

File: 1410519775436.jpg (2.17 MB, 2112x2816, DSC00045.JPG)

No. 12722

File: 1410520022148.jpg (3.16 MB, 3648x2736, IMG_1180.JPG)

No. 12723

File: 1410520328929.jpg (2.3 MB, 2816x2112, DSC08986.JPG)

No. 12724

File: 1410520585718.jpg (14 KB, 192x320, MariTsuji.jpg)


Yukapee, it was so cute how badly you wanted to be like Tsuji Nozomi back then. Why didn't you ever just get knocked up with a shotgun wedding just like her?

No. 12726

File: 1410522546340.jpg (625.43 KB, 800x600, IMG_134222.jpg)

No. 12728

File: 1410523906209.jpg (372.54 KB, 800x600, IMG_5684.jpg)

No. 12730

File: 1410524831588.gif (376.36 KB, 187x89, 83759.gif.gif)


I found these two on nicks old photobucket before the account was deleted 2 years ago.

Apparently he knew tons of girls as there were several pages of fan signs specifically for him.

No. 12731

File: 1410524850537.jpg (26.74 KB, 800x598, vrvsap.jpg)

No. 12734

her gums are majorly discoloured, kinda gross

No. 12747

Wait, she was in Japan during her gyaru era??

No. 12748

Since this is Shinjuku, yes.

No. 12794

File: 1410554331438.jpg (2.26 MB, 2816x2112, DSC08908.JPG)

No. 12796

File: 1410554739985.jpg (776.9 KB, 1000x750, DSC000482.jpg)

No. 12797

Eww look at the plaque on her tongue.

No. 12798

Forgive my autism, but that makeup is a joke, right??

No. 12800


Okay…Can anyone enlighten me, wtf is going on with this pics? Was there any particular reason why she made such gross faces?

No. 12802

Back then she was into ganguro and they did tend to make them.

No. 12808


Was this taken after she got raped or before?

Top Kek.

No. 12810

Hello yukapee
we know you are bumping this thread with your own pictures.

No. 12815

Those are all pics from her gyaru phase, meaning when she was 13-15.

No. 12819

He looks like a titan from SNK oh gosh

No. 12822

Most of the dudes she was dating did look like this, don't get me started on Jun without shoop, he looks even worse.

No. 12824

Which all was before she met Akira irl for the first time.

No. 12825

This dude kinda looks like an Asian James.
It's like he walked straight out of PT's fantasies.

No. 12830

File: 1410565072951.jpg (31.9 KB, 474x407, BlzC-NvCUAE7zEj.jpg)

i've asked the same question but they s2g they don't. their wrinkles are made noticeable because they're forcing that weak ass dimple. smh. ((pic is an example of how girls actually look at my school))
i mean yeah, it's what she's going for, it just looks weird imo
fucking wengie. look at her fillers. it's atrocious http://youtu.be/pMl9o5Iy0OM?list=UUD9PZYV5heAevh9vrsYmt1g

No. 12843


off topic but dude Wengie reminds me so much of myself during my gyaru/popteen phase when I was in middle school. I dyed my hair twice a month like she did because I wanted to copy all those supah kawaii asian models and so I was never satisfied with how I looked. My make up technique, shitty skin, dead hair was similar to hers too. And since we were both a weird kind of blonde, we looked terrible under every kind of lighting except the one in our bedroom for when we camwhored. I would cry about how my face was round unlike the models who had a prominent chin and so I always told myself I was going to get jaw survery.

Except she never got over that phase and now she's getting a billion surgeries and started dying her hair 10 times a month.

No. 12853

How old is this picture? He kinda looks like Akira. Jesus, he's old.

No. 12855

No. 12857

File: 1410581688607.jpg (718.55 KB, 1180x828, IMG_5869.jpg)

No. 12858

File: 1410581779188.jpg (708.78 KB, 1000x750, IMG_68299.jpg)

No. 12859

File: 1410581874185.jpg (208.8 KB, 768x1024, DSCN0088.JPG)

No. 12861

File: 1410582488981.jpg (65.33 KB, 540x720, IMG_7483.jpg)

No. 12876

I didn't know she was in Japan before her 'Yukapon' debut. Her family was said to be broken, so how could she even aford it? I wonder if she had other sugar daddies than Akira

No. 12878


Who are these dudes?
At least they look younger than Akira

No. 12884

Nick posted all of these photos back in early 2011 too in order to try ruining her career, Jrcach did spread them then even more and Yuka then said all those dudes only were fans.


No. 12891


Creepy much. Let me get this straight. Her parents allowed their 14 year daughter to travel all alone to a foreign country to meet this older guy?

No. 12892


That's what we said about Venus and her crazy ass mom. I'm pretty jealous, at 14 my parents wouldn't let me stay at the mall with friends for longer than two hours.

No. 12893

Her parents would sell her so fast. They encouraged her to marry Akira. Most of the girls like Venus, Yuka etc have absent fathers and money hungry mothers with terrible judgement.

No. 12894

File: 1410621760786.jpg (43.69 KB, 480x640, 1409199135586.jpg)

Didn't Yukapee's daddy die or smth.?
Must be why her and her mom are so fucked up

No. 12895

File: 1410622219072.jpg (20.49 KB, 311x411, park.jpg)

No. 12896

File: 1410622250813.jpg (15.84 KB, 320x240, crepe.jpg)

No. 12897

File: 1410622286079.jpg (27.76 KB, 448x336, xmasevent5.jpg)

No. 12898

It doesn't justify why a mother would let her teen daughter travel to a different country (fuck, even to the different city) with a stranger who is much older than her. She was only a kid and her mother should know better. After all I read I feel kind of sorry for Yuka. Looks like her mother had no regrets no sell her like a dog.

No. 12903

File: 1410626043479.jpg (706.69 KB, 800x1067, DSC08843.JPG)

No. 12904

File: 1410626077596.jpg (744.44 KB, 800x1067, DSC08842.JPG)

No. 12905

File: 1410626111286.jpg (610.18 KB, 800x1067, DSC08877.JPG)

No. 12906

File: 1410626170175.jpg (649.78 KB, 800x1067, DSC08989.JPG)

No. 12907

File: 1410626264376.png (22.57 KB, 519x312, 2nbwzuu.png)

Like said before, the photos posted here are from when she didn't even met Akira yet, she met him for the first time in December 2011 but Nick posted the photos of her with all these guys starting from March 2011, screenshots of that are at the link included in >>12884
Nope, you are confusing her with Orange, her a screenshot about treating to make her dad call Nick.

No. 12910

File: 1410627104446.jpg (510.6 KB, 800x1067, DSC08870.JPG)

No. 12911

File: 1410627137921.jpg (703.17 KB, 800x1067, DSC09001.JPG)

No. 12912

File: 1410627170334.jpg (675.38 KB, 800x1067, DSC09192.JPG)

No. 12913

File: 1410627214753.jpg (744.84 KB, 800x1067, DSC09005.JPG)

No. 12914

All the old Yukapon pic spam is annoying as fuck, stop it.

No. 12915


You got your facts all wrong. Yuka knew akira since she was 13. They met in 2010 dumbass.

No. 12916

>what is math
You know that Yuka is 20 right now and turning 21 in few months, right?

No. 12918

No, they didn't. Their first contact ONLINE was the randoseru tweet in September 2010 but they didn't meet irl before December 2011.

No. 12932

lolipedo/lolicomplex/Nick posted about her on /jp/


No. 12934

I find something strange about his posts, the one you linked was done in June 2011 but he was already raging about Yuka being a nasty slut in March of the same year so it probably could be about the other girl he told Yuka about at the screenshot in >>12907 (also done in March 2011).

No. 12935

*done in February

No. 12941

File: 1410638748262.png (232.86 KB, 1896x1189, 56473352.png)


Dug this up on the cgl archives. Looks like she drove this dude crazy.

No. 12943

I searched his tripcode on the archive and it seems wasn't talking about her since few months earlier (around february) he was making really angry posts about her


No. 12945

It's been confirmed the reason Yuka didn't out nick or rather her parents supported Akira but not Nick, is because Nick is black and she thought sleeping around with a black guy would ruin her reputation. Oh and her parents practically sold her to Akira so they didn't mind her getting raped.

No. 12947


>Getting raped

Where is this evidence she was raped?

No. 12949


No. 12950

>not knowing how rape works

No. 12954

Yuka pls

No. 12956

Not even close to her but her ugly ganguro/gyaru pics have been posted billion times already, hence, it is not like if they wouldn't be up at her gyaru forum anymore.

No. 12969

I have never seen them.

Anons, please go on!

No. 12971

Wanting to see more yuka trash. get a life.

No. 12974

Then you are probably too young to know them because they are from when she was 13/14 and started http://forever-gyaru.forumotion.com/, meaning they are 7 years old.

No. 12977

File: 1410646778442.jpg (48.8 KB, 600x601, 1359993633349.jpg)

No. 12978

File: 1410646813648.jpg (97.45 KB, 400x400, 1398138400141.jpg)

No. 12979

File: 1410646971858.jpg (51.82 KB, 250x250, 27929257.jpg)

No. 12981

…or that she has never followed that drama before?

No. 12983

Then what is this person making in this thread? It's not like if it takes more than a second in Google to find them.

No. 13014

Just how many guys did this girl sleep with? What a slut.

No. 13018

>telling someone here to get a life

top kek

No. 13027

File: 1410699215788.jpg (50.17 KB, 720x540, 10659296_10204585957598435_598…)

No. 13028

Gross weeb sluts are gross.

No. 13029

Japanese girls are running around like that too at parties but at least they keep their hair looking nice, Yuka's hair is fried to hell and back…

No. 13033

Of course it has to be fried to hell and back, wavy hair isn't kawaii japanesu ne

No. 13040

No. 13053

File: 1410724633884.jpg (126.69 KB, 960x960, 10516821_348079478691519_76326…)

No. 13080

This is something I would expect to see on a brony con.

No. 13103

are you serious? many japanese girls into alternative fashion styles that dye their hair alot have sort of fried hair….just look at some of those street fashion snaps. also junnyan lol.

No. 13104

her hair doesn't even look fried to me. just wavey and messy. there is probably product in it too. it looks fine. people are just trying to find anything wrong they can because it's yukapon.
she looks like any other gyaru girl.

No. 13105

that doesn't even look fun. should be more hardcore like the one they had in the streets were people were hospitalized and shit.

No. 13110

bullshit. do you know how much bleach it takes to lift black from japanese hair? a lot. unless you mean the ones that keep their hair natural then yeah it's probably naturally nice and thick.

No. 13164

Wow, so many people here with no clue about hair and now, it doesn't take much bleach for black hair if you use a strong one and the only japanese girls that I have seen with fried hair at streetsnaps were the ones that bleach and dye them themself, even the gals with their almost white hair manage to keep their hair nice while even curling them.

So many weebs in here.

No. 13169

>Japanese girls have such perfect hair unlike gross weeaboos
>"a lot of Japanese girls have shitty hair too though"
>omg ew I'm surrounded by weeaboos!
I don't think that word means what you think it means, anon.

No. 13172

I am chinese, have bleached hair that is dyed blue and it is far, far away from being fried and saying bleach+asian hair=instant fried hair is a stupid stereotype.

No. 13173

Says you. It probably looks like shit. Bleached hair always looks like shit. Natural hair has a certain shine/glow to it that bleach always ruins. I can always tell when someones hair is bleached because it always looks like shit.

No. 13174

That's like only your opinion nobody gives a fuck about but just because you think bleached hair is shit it doesn't mean that it is actually damaged and guess what, even bleached hair can shine.

No. 13175

>>Hydrogen peroxide in combination with ammonia wont hurt your hair u guys


No. 13176

>"Hey guys, here proof for my bullshit about bleach=instant fried hair even when the article isn't even related to it!"

No. 13178

It shows that bleach fucks your hair, dummy.

No. 13179

File: 1410790352242.jpg (49.22 KB, 375x500, wpid-20130117_131249.jpg)

The whole article is about what damage CAN happen but doesn't neccessary, half of the things stated there don't happen when getting your hair done by a pro because they learned how to apply the bleach in a way that it doesn't touch your scalp.

And how is that related to fried hair what the posts were about? You obviously don't seem to know what fried hair is with saying every bleached hair looks like pic related, that's what actual fried hair looks like.

No. 13188

>anon with fried hair gets salty when someone shits on it

No. 13189

Just because I have blue dyed hair it doesn't mean it has to be fried, get over it faggot.

No. 13191

>anon getting salty over dyed hair

No. 13195

You're the one who won't let this drop…

No. 13197


You're both equally retarded. You should go open a thread on /b/ about your blue hair and other shit nobody gives a fuck about.

Is this true? I thought the oldest guy yukapon dated was in his early 20s. He was the one who made the website about her right?

No. 13199

Even Junnyan is older than that with being in his late 30s, even Nick was already 26 when she was 16.

No. 13206



Does this guy look 20 to you anon? Yukapee sleeps around with the whole town.

She's old and haggy. No older men want yukapee now.

No. 13326

File: 1410875246265.png (39.41 KB, 1659x518, thelulz.png)

I couldnt resist after reading about this guy in this thread. he was easy to find thanks to the ped0fail blog >>12884 posted

cheers cows

No. 13327

Hahaha jesus christ he sounds like an edgy 12 year old. This reads like that navy seal copypasta.

No. 13576

File: 1411010153610.jpg (69.88 KB, 960x960, 10421613_348594238640043_60272…)

Gurl, stop teasing the shit out of your hair, just look at the split ends.

No. 13606

Is scene a thing again or are we back in 2005?

No. 13633

She looks so haggard. I don't believe that those eyebags are intentional.

No. 13704

It seems like she tries to make her eyebags like aegyo sal thinking it is the same.

No. 13713

She's really reminding me of Jessica Nigri here. Maybe it's the hair and heavy eye makeup idk.

No. 13827

Still patiently awaiting the day Yuuka goes full yandere and pulls a "nice boat" on some poor Japanese guy.

No. 13895

File: 1411160211846.jpg (114.07 KB, 512x489, toughlife.jpg)

No. 14827


Does a what??

No. 14835

Ever see the ending of School Days?

No. 14838


No idea what that is, so no.

No. 14851

File: 1411693130066.jpg (27.91 KB, 450x318, b0051210_4e745ed732f06.jpg)

Basically, spoilers ahead !!!

It's a harem anime with the bad ending. One of the girls kills the main character and kills another girl. It's pretty violent and during the airing they either cut to this pic or didn't show the episode because someone in Japan a few weeks earlier committed murder and they didn't want to look insensitive by airing it right after it happened.

No. 15197

File: 1411848670687.jpg (22.76 KB, 395x395, 10403479_352002444965889_39204…)

She still got visible eyebags with billion filters and that means something.

No. 15229

She seems more the type to sabotage the guy's life than actually do anything that would openly fuck up her reputation like violence.
I can definitely see her making tough guy threats though

No. 16621

Sjesus, she looks like a bigger crack whore then usual

No. 16632

They are old as fuck, see >>12815

No. 16822

File: 1412575100504.jpg (287.51 KB, 500x667, oh_my_by_momokomitchell-d4eoy7…)

Anyone has older pics of yuka/talli? I would like then heh

No. 16825


Go away yuka

No. 16848

Is she dating Spock's dad?

No. 16857

File: 1412611386737.jpg (105.96 KB, 960x960, 10411328_355580007941466_88883…)

I can understand the facepalming guy, would do that too.

No. 16861

Lmfao what in the hell is up with Yuka and that girl's poses? Heck, the entire picture is worth of that guy on the left's reaction.

No. 16908

File: 1412639480757.jpeg (118.23 KB, 640x480, 234.jpeg)


You get a bonus for calling her that.

No. 16916

What the fuck is up with the animu wink? Is she incapable of acting like a normal person anymore?

No. 16964

She looks like a cute trap here. Yuka would be a thousand times more tolerable if she was a cute boy instead.

No. 17083

File: 1412723873810.png (278.06 KB, 394x394, 46sd54.png)

No. 17088


There's more where that came from. Believe me anon lol

Also factored in she was 18 at the time. Oh hue hue.

No. 17285

OT but isn't it because someone murdered their father or something like that? If it quit airing because of a suicide, that's pree silly, especially due to high suicide rates in JPN.

No. 17393

File: 1412955418711.jpg (134.79 KB, 640x640, 10407389_10152414016571723_731…)

No. 17412

This is recent? Didn't they talk shit against each other?

No. 17416

File: 1412962234378.jpg (426.52 KB, 622x884, spaghett.jpg)

They look like Betty Spaghetty dolls.

No. 17418

Kelsey's idol.

No. 17420

Everything with her shitty bleached wavy long hair is from this year.

No. 17421

File: 1412963504068.jpg (21.77 KB, 300x400, image.jpg)

Akira skyhigh actually was 40+. Albeit Yuka knew this when she had sex with him multiple times and only made it an issue after she wanted others to hate him

No. 17422

Actually makes me sick, he is such a wrinkly creepy old man.

No. 17424

Akira was a creepy guy but Nick was a million times worst and Yuka never said anything about him.

She shamed Akira because she didn't want any girls to get with him after he left her. She still felt like she owned them because Talli doesn't see people as people. She sees others as her pawns and uses people to socially climb.

she never outed nick because she's a sick fuck who got off to having a legit pedophile at her every whim.
She's severely fucked up in the head

No. 17477


You forgot to mention that talli castro produced child pornography since she was 14. This was before she even met akira and nick. At the age of 15 she started to distribute/create her own sexual materials to gain money from all her sugar daddys.

No. 17480

She didn't make the age an issue at Jun tho and he is almost 40 too and looks worse for his age at candid photos.

No. 17481

And when she was 13, she had an AV gal as bff.

No. 17482

How did she meet the guys? We're they Japanese?

No. 17483

Momoko wasn't doing porn then.

No. 17484

But both were making posts about how great some AV gals look.

No. 17510


Probably. I only follow my sources on PULL. From what I know she webcam frequently with tons of men on msn and yahoo. The only websites she did sexual things on were on blogtv and stickam.

No. 17529

Hes not Akira Skyhigh

No. 17530

No. 17531

File: 1413000984900.jpg (626.69 KB, 1100x772, IMG29109.jpg)

No. 17532

File: 1413003379549.jpg (626.67 KB, 1146x728, IMG_83054.jpg)

No. 17533

He obviously is. They're even wearing the same shirt from the purikura photo, same jaw, same hair. It's him.

No. 17534

Plus that's a hotel room(it looks like). And by both Akira and yuka's accounts they stayed in a hotel room together

No. 17535

File: 1413004777135.jpg (273.6 KB, 703x400, IMG_87989.jpg)

No. 17536

Who the hell is leaking all this stuff and where did you get it

No. 17538

… is she wearing randoseru?

No. 17540

Why the hell do you post these photos here for the billionth time, they are already in ths thread.

No. 17543

I hope she's come up with a better signature since then. If someone wanted to forge that it'd be dead easy.

No. 17575

How does one even end up having this leaked? Did she send a photo of her license to someone?

No. 17582


Stop self-posting. We know you check this thread every day yuka.

No. 17599

lol I'm not Yuka. I'm just legitimately curious where someone could've got a picture of her license or Akira

No. 17601

Not the same anon but pretty much all photos posted here are from some of her accounts.

No. 17609

I had a dream last night that at a match maker's like in mulan I was put in an arranged marriage with yuka, she immediately started stripping and I threw up on her

No. 18570

Yuka did model for BTSSB at a fashion show apparently, anyone got pics? The video got taken down few hours after it was uploaded.

No. 18571

File: 1413766578533.png (196.16 KB, 500x286, 353.png)

First Venus, now Yuka… BTSSB got a thing for wannabe lolis it seems.

No. 18572

File: 1413766638168.jpg (55.94 KB, 480x640, 25235.jpg)

No. 18574

File: 1413766763084.png (838.21 KB, 1280x800, 3253.png)

No. 18575

File: 1413766790178.png (746.09 KB, 1280x800, 34534.png)

Dat jew nose.

No. 18576

File: 1413766893369.png (773.74 KB, 1280x800, 435345.png)

No. 18577

She looks so different. In a good way.

No. 18578

I think it's because of the lack of eyebags and fried teased hair.

No. 18586

File: 1413770463396.jpg (181.31 KB, 960x855, 1743651_361041594061974_116834…)

One of her Fb post from some days ago.

No. 18595

Yukapee got old and ugly so quickly.

No. 18601

She's many things, but she's not old and ugly.

No. 18619

File: 1413798359000.gif (1.58 MB, 250x220, 1413797236298.gif)


Good god, that nose.

No. 18628

Considering her age, she is.

No. 18629

Well, she's not as qt as her loli days. ;_;

No. 18669

I think you're being nitpicky. I think she looks her age, she looks fine.

No. 18670

File: 1413831333313.jpg (95.5 KB, 960x960, 10580045_360949064071227_78274…)

I wasn't even the same anon and quite a bunch of people say she looks old these days. Even with a shitton of filters she does.

No. 18671

I really don't see it though. Maybe for the style of clothing she wears but I think she looks her age.

No. 18675

She looks like Jnig but with even more shop and for somebody 20 it is old.

No. 18676

>for somebody 20 it is old
I think you're grasping a bit, anon. She looks anywhere from 16-22 in her newer photos (and she's like 20 now, so it fits), as opposed to her old photos where she deliberately made herself look 11-13 years old.
How old do 20 year olds look where you live?

No. 18677

>How old do 20 year olds look where you live?
At least they don't have deep wrinkles all over the face like her, even with the tons of blur.

No. 18678

File: 1413834777101.jpg (96.05 KB, 640x640, 10454166_1429719890638979_1226…)

Big version.

No. 18679

File: 1413834865733.jpg (101.73 KB, 640x640, 926465_1506928469531197_101187…)

No. 18681

File: 1413835222622.jpg (86.35 KB, 640x640, 1661501_1479438928978218_15515…)

No. 18682

File: 1413835356569.jpg (99.44 KB, 640x640, 10584582_1518122408401472_1298…)

No. 18683

You mean the laugh lines a around her mouth? Because those are common as fuck, a lot of people 20 and under have them.

No. 18684

File: 1413835490702.jpg (100.66 KB, 640x640, 917159_646646298759420_9432905…)

No. 18685

File: 1413835548302.jpg (106.12 KB, 640x640, 10499080_700146856725372_20374…)

Not as deep as her.

No. 18686

File: 1413835649384.jpg (133.73 KB, 640x640, 10369564_1491997121012411_1436…)

No. 18687

File: 1413835773881.jpg (167.86 KB, 640x640, 10375665_442369245899403_31940…)

No. 18707

File: 1413839189145.jpg (16.1 KB, 600x450, 1410461568159.jpg)

No. 18829

More yuka pics please :)
So cute! I wish she would come back and do live shows again… or more dramuz… I dont care. I love finding stuff about her ♥

No. 18843

You have shit taste along with anyone who thought that ugly fuck of a potatoes was cute.

No. 18851

File: 1413928563296.jpg (13.26 KB, 225x180, yukapon1.jpg)

Not that anon, but you gotta admit she used to be a QT 3.14 nutcase. Her nico nico lives were entertaining, especially now that we know her arms had track marks while doing them and that this crazy bitch was pissing in cups and sending n00dz to pedos. I still stan for loli livestreamer Yukapon.

She's gained a little weight now though, and I hate her colored hair and her new style.

TL;DR Old Yukapon > New Yuka raver whore

No. 18855

I cant help you're a sick pedo fuck.
None of that was ever cute can't wait till shes dead.

No. 18862


Why the fuck would anyone post this? I'm so sick of these idiots like you shitting up the boards.

Yuka was obviously cute, that's why thousands of people followed her. You can whine all you want about what little minx bitch she was, but why do you want her to be dead? Fucking stupid comments.

No. 18868

She's a cute girl. A cute girl, and also a disgusting cunt.

No. 18874


She's not cute anymore.

No. 18884

She's grown up and I find her super attractive still. I don't know what you guys are smoking.

No. 18887

Yeah, I agree. Her hair is fried to fuck, but she's still pretty. I think there's a massive amount of nitpicking on girls' appearances on this site. She's a bitch, but appearance wise, she's cute.

No. 18894

File: 1413938946740.png (1.78 MB, 1068x1112, 1392747100373.png)

..So, while I was scrolling past this thread, I thought that the girl in the OP was this massive Weeaboo bitch that I found on Instagram a while ago. Their faces look similar.



Here's her Weeaboo sob story about getting kicked out of Japan and trying to act like she's completely innocent.


No. 18896

She had cut classes multiple times while in Japan and was studying at a university that is aimed towards engineering, despite claiming that she's a fashion major. There are pictures of her cutting class for Okinawa and shopping far back from last year on her IG.

No. 18898

Who the hell is this. She seems like a wreck lol

No. 18899

File: 1413939788878.jpg (136.73 KB, 640x660, w.jpg)

Like I said, when I scrolled past this thread quickly, the picture looked a lot like WannaBlaze. All I saw was her.

No. 18900

Hahaha I remember her, but I can't remember where from. Was she ever posted on staminarose, maybe? I definitely remember that tumblr post where she bitches about getting kicked out of college for being loud and getting wasted

Thanks, anon! I'd forgotten all about her.

No. 18901

File: 1413940130128.png (928.78 KB, 1326x787, notkei.png)

Maybe /cgl/? She's been dropped there multiple times for claiming that she made her SWO cosplay when it was actually bought online, shitting up tags on IG and Tumblr by marking her Liz Lisa and anything that is remotely feminine or girly looking as #lolita or #fairykei, and overall Weebness. Even though most people agreed that she was a cancer, anons started to get cunty because that board always has at least one or two people who go, "THIS MAY BE BAD BUT ITS NOT BAD ENUFF 4 ME STAHP POSTING!1!1!1!"

No. 18902

No. 18903

How does posting that make them Nia? Do they know each other or something? This girl is obviously pretty obnoxious either way.

No. 18905

She was like the first person to post this chick on /cgl/ and also messaged her about tagging her photos as Lolita and Fairy Kei.

No. 18907

File: 1413940862887.png (954.88 KB, 1268x757, hoodieisloliwat.png)

I remember the Tumblr chick you're referring to and she was a black lolita or something. Either way, I'm actually not that person. Just someone who bears a hate boner for this bitch and when quickly scrolling through, I thought Yuka looked like Blaze's older pictures where she had brown hair.

No. 18911

File: 1413941144610.png (979.89 KB, 1302x777, Screenshot (141).png)

Actually, I should have used this one. When I saw the seifuku, all that popped into my mind was this.

No. 18912

Nia is old as fuck and I doubt that she knows about lolcow. Besides, people knew who this girl was even before she was dropped on /cgl/.

No. 18922

Anyone remember when her equally pathetic ex came to staminarose?

No. 18933

Girls were complaining about those overpriced X-Box controller covers she was trying to sell for $60. She didn't even make them herself. Her boyfriend originally made a pastel one for her as a gift and then she started making him create more for her etsy shop. As if her phone cases weren't bad enough for what she was charging. I sort of wanted one of the controller covers, but it's as bad as giving money to Lime Crime.

No. 18949

She seriously just looks like an average 20 year old to me. So what if she has laugh lines? I've seen younger girls with worse.

No. 18958

Yes. That was the biggest trainwreck I've ever watched unfold excluding the time I introduced /cgl/ to Brittany Bors ("cum dripping fuck sponges!!!" anyone?). I do kinda regret telling SR about Nia's camming though. I never knew her ex was that fucking crazy.

No. 18966

That's why I love her. She's cute but an absolute psycho-turning-hot-mess. It's entertaining as hell.

I'm pretty sure there was a Nia thread on here? Nia and yuka would probably be best friends.

No. 18967

Agreed. Yuka's still cute but she's crazy and a hot mess.

No. 18969

File: 1413971593671.jpg (54.42 KB, 620x465, 14557866868.jpg)

>Omg are you Japanese?
>sweet jesus i wish i was

No. 18985

you must be an idiot not to know. He was even worse than her. Remember when he kept trying to find a lolita gf to fuck? Creepy as hell.

Either way, Nia's old news and I'm really tired going to threads with any old dramacow being irrelevantly brought up trying to be wedged in the convo. Unless there is a stream of new content I literally can not care less.

No. 18989

why the fuck would you not make new thread if you want to talk about her? what's the point in posting in yukapon thread

No. 18991

she looks like her age go back to pull

No. 18993

File: 1413989495916.jpg (153.04 KB, 640x640, 926562_1466783593572096_148511…)

Talking about yourself, huh?
She looks like Jnig and if you say that is young, I don't want to know how old you look.

No. 18994

File: 1413989733830.jpg (86.71 KB, 640x640, 10401733_331536950331910_68264…)

No. 19000


>Talking about yourself, huh?

Wow, c'mon, man, I'm sure you could've thought of a better response than that? You genuinely sound 12.

How does she look anything like Jnig?

No. 19009

File: 1413993107548.jpg (556.39 KB, 640x640, 926562_1466783593572096_148511…)

Because they have the same nose, brows and wrinkles even with shoop, not to mention that she still rps as little girl.

No. 19021

Nice trips.
Ladies, let's not fight over silly things, we can discuss wrinkles without insinuating things.

She is known to accentuate her eyebags with makeup anyway, she thinks it looks like ayego sal

No. 19046

Can we shutup about Yuka's supposedly "aging" appearance
She looks decent for her age.
She has undereye circles when she goes raving because that's how she does her make up. She looked fine in the BTSSB show.

No. 19051

She always had undereye circles even without makeup, the only difference why she doesn't had any at the BTSSB fashionshow was because their makeup artists are obviously better than her at covering them besides everything being overexposed.

No. 19052

She literally has no wrinkles, you're retarded.

No. 19061


I agree. She is aging in a bad way.

No. 19065

File: 1414006364438.jpg (392.81 KB, 1280x800, 1413766790178.jpg)

Dat jew nose tho. Girl are on left is prettier imo. Skinnier legs, better symmetrical face. I am not saying yuka is entirely ugly. She was in her QT days. The drugs usage does show.

No. 19068

I don't really see it but that's just me.

No. 19074

I dont understand why you guys care so much about a nose. Pfft. I see noses like that everywhere…

Anyway. I hope crazy yuka comes back somehow <3 Even her "nasty" video about oniichan drink mah pee… I thought that was so funny… Must be fun to hang out with her. I like this side of Yuka even more. Akira is probably a very boring guy, scolding her for things like that (he also LOOKS old and boring). She was being funny and flirty with her bf and he cut her off. no wonder she had someone else to entertain her.

come back yuka, there are people that support you anyway and even admire your craziness!

No. 19079

It's not like if she was really gone anyways, she even uploads songs once a while.

No. 19089

It's a board for shit talking, stop trying so hard to act like there's a degree of etiquette here. Really, it's pathetic when people like you do this. Just skip over the posts.

No. 19195

yeah it's board for shit talking doesn't mean it has to be shitty board for shit talking.

No. 19234

By the way, what happend to Junnyan? Since he went normalfag he pretty much disappeared from earth, he still promotes Pop'n'Cute events once a blue moon but that's it, he doesn't even seem to be in his band anymore.

No. 19258

No. 19260

File: 1414112393187.jpg (48.22 KB, 615x468, 1414102513002.jpg)

Was posted at 4Chan's /soc/.

No. 19261

File: 1414112535162.png (204.81 KB, 1344x1196, 409403.png)


wait a minute. Why is this site banned on 4chan?

No. 19262

Probably people spammed it, just like how you can't link Facebook.

No. 19263

File: 1414112910414.jpg (222.23 KB, 600x669, 52783845.jpg)

No. 19266

wait, where's that rumour from?
to my knowledge, dude never looked for a lolita gf specifically, he just went along with nia's demands for a shitton of AP since she was so insecure about getting posted to ita threads.
she still looked ratchet as fuck even in head to toe brand, but whatever.
if he really wanted a lolita gf, he could've scoped out the local comm in their hometown, but as far as I know there hasn't been a single interaction between that faction and himself. if he'd even requested to join the FB group, it would've gotten gossiped over for sure. nia's reputation is still filthy in that town.

No. 19272

Nope. I never paid much attention to Nia's love life to give much of a fuck. All I knew was that she was annoying as all get out on /cgl/.

No. 19276


Flooding and CP probably. There's lots of underage girls on Younow who get overexcited about "omg 300 viewers". So when /b/ floods on a girl and starts requesting shit the girls are often dumb enough to actually do it.

No. 19301

I saw into her shirt omg. And lol @ "aint nobody sendin dick pics my way! That shits ate up!"

No. 19302

Do you have to make an account to watch?

No. 19303

Yeah you have to log in to fb or twitter or make an account :/

No. 19305

I made one but I have no idea how this works

No. 19307

There should be a button that says "broadcasts" and it shows a few videos. The 45 min long one is woah.

No. 19313

Yukapon aka Talli Castro is so starved for attention. It's so toxic and sick. Somebody should send it to her boyfriend that she still cam whores for pedophiles. She's really fucked in the head

No. 19314

I'm really wondering what her bf will think of this. She really just wants attention. Poor girl.

No. 19315

Her name on younow is Emily Haze and I wonder if it's a reference to Lolita "Dolores Haze"

No. 19317

Yes it is. She's obsessed with pedophiles. She's a reverse pedophile if that makes sense. She's also a horrible person and a social climber who sees people as objects. I hate Akira because he's creepy as hell but Yuka is insane

No. 19318

Link the Emily haze account

No. 19319

Oh and her boyfriend is a well known Japanese vine personality. Which just affirms that she socially climbs picking the guys she fucks strategically

No. 19320

I was trying not to believe that she did that, but its becoming more and more obvious. Shit.

No. 19321

Nah she totally uses people. If she doesn't see what she can take from you she doesn't talk to you. people should stop victimizing her. She's not mentally well and her parents letting her go to Japan was a terrible choice. What will she do after this? Unless she gets a legit job or married she will have to leave Japan soon

No. 19322

Summary of the broadcasts? Does she just sit around in complete silence?

No. 19323

I don't see whats wrong though she's just live broadcasting like she used to.

No. 19324

At first she does but she talks and dances for the rest of it.

No. 19326

It's advertisement to pick up pedos

No. 19331


>She's a reverse pedophile if that makes sense.

Do people these days only know "lolita" from fashion and have forgotten what it means?

Whatever interpretation you take of the book, the word "lolita" by itself pretty much means a sort of "reverse pedophile".

Reminds me of when Dolores was here like 2 months ago and didn't actually know anything about the character she named herself after.

No. 19334

In fairness, she kinda used it because she was known as "Loli-chan"

No. 19338

Despite the "lolita" thing, I actually kinda like this song…She has a pretty voice and it's catchy.

No. 19339

Oh man, I love me some Alizee.

No. 19349

is she high as fuck and staring at herself doing cute animoo poses all the time?

No. 19361

Lolita is only a name, it exists way longer than the book and in the most countries they don't know it anywaysT he only actual term for that would be nymphet.

No. 19368


Do you think so many things include "Lolita" or "Loli" in their name just because they think it's a cute name?

Don't be so naive. It's a noun that has had a specific meaning for the last 50 years. If it was just a name then why is it used so frequently?

These lolcows can pretend it's just about cute fashion but so many of them inevitably seem to end up fishing for older men that they must know what it really means.

No. 19371

Delores wasn't a reverse pedophile she was being manipulated. Ever hear those pedos who say a kid seduced them? It sounds really crazy right? The entire point of the book isn't "wow what a dirty slut" it's that Humbert Humbert is a huge liar and terrible person.

Also the person who said "Lolita is just a name". People stopped naming their kids Lolita because that book was so popular.

Yuka is fucked up in the head. She is obssessed with pedophiles masturbating over her because her daddy died and her step dad gave her a bad touch.

No. 19374

Never said that but it isn't a term like you claimed.
I know quite a lot people here that are named Lolita but then again rarely somebody knows that book in the non-english european countries.

No. 19377

File: 1414168778920.png (343.86 KB, 632x474, 1360977456647.png)




>her step dad gave her a bad touch.

>step dad is in her circles

>She is obsessed with pedophiles masturbating over her

No. 19378


>Delores wasn't a reverse pedophile she was being manipulated.

It's not about Dolores the character, it's about "lolita" the word. Whatever interpretation you choose to take of the novel, the fact remains that "lolita" in wider society now refers to a nymphet who knows what she's doing, as shown in the video for Alizee's Moi Lolita.

I'm just saying there's no need to be making up terms like "reverse pedophile" when "lolita" fits fine.

No. 19382

File: 1414173795953.jpg (53.34 KB, 699x600, 699px-Imagefapadvicepost.jpg)


>it isn't a term like you claimed


Yet Yuka's Instragram is apparently "LOLITABABYDOLL12".

No. 19383

It is just like how babydoll is used as nickname for nymphets, doesn't mean it is a own term meaning that or do you want to tell me that all babydoll toys are aimed at pedos?

No. 19384


No. 19385

She obviously didn't change at all, I still don't get how she tells all her friends she isn't like that anymore, she loves to manipulate people.

No. 19387


I have never heard "babydoll" refer to anything other than the clothes.

Every English dictionary I look at has the same definition for lolita. So what exactly do you think an English speaker like Yuka means when she uses the word "lolita"?

No. 19389

Read my post again, I never said Yuka doesn't use it because it is associated with nymphets but that still doesn't make it less of a normal name.

No. 19391

File: 1414178690172.png (6.96 KB, 605x243, dolores.png)


It's a name that basically doesn't exist anymore in the English speaking world. Even "Dolores" is a really old fashioned name that basically no woman under 60 has.

There is very little ambiguity about what "lolita" means in English and I bet many people don't even know that it's a possible given name.

No. 19412

Someone please send this shit to her boyfriend. She's a manipulative piece of shit

No. 19427

And her new boyfriend is 30. Not even surprised

No. 19441

You sound ill.

No. 19443

i can't watch the 45 min one?

No. 19445

File: 1414233793764.png (21.16 KB, 493x301, 839239.png)

This is what i deal with every time i log into facebook. What the hell is she jabbering about in moonspeak.

No. 19446

File: 1414235083644.png (24.21 KB, 503x339, 47398583.png)

No. 19447

her friendz sure do talk a lot behind her back. tali is the type of person that starves herself to death to look skinny. it's disgusting every time I see her. she says "motherfucker" all the time. annoying little bitch lol

No. 19449

He probably doesn't care as long as she doesn't do anything nude or pee related.

No. 19452

I will bet my last dollar she's giving nudes to guys from that.

No. 19454

>starving yourself to death to look skinny
How dumb is she? Being a stick (or being overweight) isn't kawaii Sluttypon eat a sandwich you disgusting mental bitch <3
She is disgusting though, physically and mentally, she used to be cute but now she's just…ew.

No. 19455

Off course she's whoring herself anon. gosh she's so sad to look at it's almost pitiful. I can see some "Whatever happened to Baby Jane" shit happening later

No. 19457

File: 1414245227765.jpg (97.85 KB, 466x600, yukapsycho_副本.jpg)

Yukapon/Talli, the late years

No. 19460

oh my god i can totally picture that happening
>obsessed with looking young/skinny/…
>caking on makeup to try to look young
>obsessed with her lost fame
>getting older and sadder

No. 19463

who saved the 45min broadcast?

No. 19464

Why saved, you can watch them all on her site, it's not like if it was a "live" thing.

No. 19467

i can't play that particular one.
i assume she put it on private or something

No. 19485

Why doesn't she go full mfc model like orangecirtes to get money from pedos since she loves using older men for money and attention? Will be a perfect job for her to pay the rent (that she is past due on) instead of playing with the hearts of innocent men with her hand in their pocket.

There's also chaturbate if you are reading this tali-hoe. We encourage you to do so or go AV. Your career is already down the drain. There is no turning back.

No. 19491

She probably is that kind of person that doesn't want to see herself as slut, just like how Kiki is slutshaming while she jumps onto every guy she can find.

No. 19517

so how old is Akira-kun now, 46 or 47 ?

No. 19546

To those people that "know" her:
Does anyone know what she does even study in Japan?

No. 19547

She's at a language school

No. 19587

Taking a stab at properly translating this:
"I don't care when strangers say horrible things, but if people I love say it, it makes me cry. I don't know if they are truly concerned/worried about me or not. *So, isn't it because I'm saying I want to go home?"
*Okay this last sentence has me a little messed up, my Japanese is rusty.

No. 19620

File: 1414402478496.gif (1.62 MB, 500x289, toshiyaghoul.gif)

OH god is that Toshiya from Dir en grey?

No. 19653

No. 19717

Woaaahh I can see the resemblance, though.

No. 19875

File: 1414593247405.jpg (16.41 KB, 400x300, broadcastId=24635489.jpg)

She's so ugly now eeeewww.

I've found a lot of accounts with the same name on other live streaming websites…

No. 19876

File: 1414593555676.jpg (101.79 KB, 640x640, f0a8166a5d5811e39aaf1288f5591e…)

Yup, it's him, she even sponsored his company in her old Yahoo Answers account. Creepy…

No. 19878

Share, please!

No. 19899

File: 1414615631724.jpg (271.44 KB, 800x500, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 19907


Her face looks better now IMO, in that particular photo. It's just her hair looks gross that color

No. 20053

You guys are all stupid I stg.
How the hell does she look remotely old or ugly? Just because she doesn't look 13 or like a creepy child? She is still really pretty and looks her age. Or even still younger.

No. 20070

File: 1414665097497.jpg (62.98 KB, 629x354, 7e0c9097bf30535d5f6fa8573c5f84…)

the new Disney movie!

No. 20071

File: 1414666005775.jpg (123.27 KB, 640x640, a3d97d0e609811e380d712128faa8e…)

She could be an average girl without drug abuse, starving, tons of makeup, fried hair and that never-ending "loli weeb" acting.

Natalia, dear, I'm sorry but you're TOO OLD for this…

No. 20073

His face is so shooped from purikuras to hide his age, it actually looks like CGI

No. 20079

File: 1414674860939.png (44.44 KB, 491x556, 549423.png)

No. 20084


maybe this is why she goes after old pedos to make her feel young. this is why she camwhores on pedo cam sites to get validation.

No. 20090

File: 1414677967349.png (447.11 KB, 442x693, yuka.png)

Starving it's so kawaii desuuuuu

No. 20127

>it won't be long before mud people rule the earth once more
I don't understand this bit. Is that person some conspiracy theorist? Racist shit?

No. 20133

OMG I DIED, someone should really sing this. thanks anon!

No. 20138

How old is Yuka anyway?

No. 20153

No. 20154

At least soon, she was born December 12, 1994.

No. 20258

I still have anorexic tendencies and think i'm fat as fuck (too chubby,BMI of 20.1 with long torso and stumpy legs like some ugly k-on chara) this bitch is so skinny she's attention whoring for sure

No. 20260

Sorry for the wall of text but…
All those people thinking that skinny is beauty are wrong…Sure you have your beauty standards and skinny people can be super cute but having some chub is kawaii af too as long as you stay healthy. Yuka should stop caring about what azn people think their culture is different and there's all that dumb pressure in every country to look pretty but not ALL japanese people have the same beauty standards and some may envy her even though she's some filthy slut with gross hair (yes Yuka, being skinny and covered in makeup will not make you pretty inside, ever). And non natural skinny people starving themselves are as kawaii as obese people. They're going to get shit skin,shit hair, even a bony ass, bony face with sucked in cheeks for some, shit nails, super dizzy and super hungry all the time,…you'll have skinny legs, great, but your life will be some fucking disaster.
Being Jabba the Hut and being a skeletton isn't cute girl. Bonus point: if you make yourself vomit you'll lose your hair and teeth so kawaii desu.

I lived in Japan for 4 years and 6 months and I can tell ya that not all the japanese people are super kira kira models with some perfect animu face and skinny body (they have a smaller bone structure and all so it's normal that most of them are skinnier and more petite than us, their diet in general is healthy too but it's dumb to compare yourself to someone else since you're different anyway)and most of the people i knew there (guys mostly) didn't think that super skinny girls were attractive to my surprise. They said they liked girl with a bit of meat as long as it was healthy and not some overweight blob. Some girls thought the same and said that society was putting pressure on them about dieting and all but that they thought that having meat on you wasn't a bad thing and didn't make you less cuter.
So yeah just my two cents.

No. 20272

File: 1414770894553.jpg (64.6 KB, 892x489, sarcasm.jpg)

I'm sorry, but…

No. 20283

I know it was sarcasm anon, just wanted to say it anyway.

No. 20293

These days even nick has found her to be disgusting wanting nothing to do with her anymore. He told me recently she would beg him for money and attention while she flaunts her vagoo to him on webcam after all her abusive boyfriends discarded her. Then she starts manipulating and using him if he doesn't comply to her wishes. He's dumb enough to fall for her deceptive charm over and over knowing full well how to rub him the wrong way.

No. 20295

Can't say if you're bullshitting or not because no proof but if you're right i'm not even surprised. She can be as thin as she wants she's disgusting.
Her rotten inside will maker her more and more ugly outside.

No. 20485

Not to defend her in general but I think it's a mix of her being really insecure (which probably explains the attention whoring as well) and Japanese people tending to have smaller frames as evidenced in stuff like >>18575 >>18571

No. 20536

File: 1414891216858.jpg (129.88 KB, 450x360, 140113502797.jpg)

She used to be a lot thinner at the height of her loli days though

No. 20630

They're prolly just trying to make you feel better about being a fat fuck lol.

No. 20665

I want anas to leave.

No. 20669

Not being a fattie mean u anorexic lol okay tubby.

No. 20670

This. What the fuck is up with the whales doing that shit all of the time.


No, it's more like I have self control and you like to blame your problems on the pretend gland issue.

No. 20674

>"Hey guys, being extremely thin isn't necessary to be attractive. Being obese isn't attractive either. Don't starve yourself or make yourself puke, it's not cute"

No. 20675

You're missing the part where we didn't need a fat weeb thinking she's a "marshmallow gurl XDDD" lying to us in order to make her point seem more valid.

No. 20677

No one mentioned marshmallow girls once or is a confirmed fat weeb ITT except for you.

No. 20678

>implying the fat fuck isn't a gull in denial from /cgl/

Alright, sure.

No. 20679

>implying most of us aren't from /cgl/
PULL pls

No. 20680

>>needing validation from gooks to feel good about yourself
>>accepting their empty handed compliments as truth

oink oink

No. 20689

Hey ana chan shouldn't you be vomitting the 50 calories your filthy body just ate?
>"hey guys it's not cute to starve yourself and be a skeletton, obese isn't cute either both are unhealthy but just know it's ok to have some chub"
Are you retarded?

No. 20765

File: 1414957608659.jpg (48.23 KB, 540x540, 10377638_367752680057532_59115…)

No. 20778

File: 1414963739306.jpg (19.77 KB, 1045x231, pooryuka.jpg)

Another account deleted because we found out she's still a huge whore. Poor Sluttypon!

No. 20785

I guess her boyfriend found out, lol.

No. 20795

Omg, like, seriously! I talked to asian people and they said they didn't liek starving gurls so that means my fat ass is attractive. And if u say fat is gross u r anorexic, ok?!

No. 20809

Can we get back to Yukapon, please? Who cares if you're proana or not. Jfc

No. 20814

WHy talk about this ugly cow.

No. 20819

You're totally missing the point retard-chan

Yes,let's talk about this slut instead

No. 20820


Same fag surely? All that jibber jabber up top are clearly whiteknights taking bullets for her to calm the fire down to distract us from not letting this thread follow a particular path. That is inevitable, of course.


So let us continue. Who saved the video before yukapee deleted it?

No. 20821

I really want a Sluttypon theme song


Hm, makes sense. Also yes they do have smaller frames different from ours so she shouldn't compare eh.

No. 20822

Poor Yukapee being a slut sure is rough

Twinkle twinkle Yukapee
Stop trying to be loli
Quit being a whiny bitch
Close your legs it smells like fish
Twinkle twinkle Yukapee
Being a slut isn't kawaii

No. 20823

twinkle twinkle sluttypon
stop doing your filthy pr0n
we all know that you're a slut
that you love to show your butt
twinkle twinkle sluttypon
your fame is over now gtfo-pon ♥

No. 20824

Why is this disgusting Jew Nose modeling for Baby?

No. 20825

Is she shooping her face or is that vampire grill super derpy?

No. 20828

The same reason why Venus did model for them recently, the designer got some major white fever.

No. 20829

File: 1414984548587.jpg (79.05 KB, 640x640, 10747960_925459680817246_10068…)

Her face is quite uneven, she is the girl that Yuka hangs out the most since months.

No. 20833


Fat cheeks. Dat jay leno nose will cut you. shit photoshop. Looks too much like a western porn JAV idol.

No. 20861

fatty detected.

No. 20865


still think she should be a gyaru model tho. it'd be interesting to see her in mags.

No. 20866

You guise. She's starving herself because of her boyfriend. He tells all his friends she's annoying as shit about it and he encourages her to lose more weight than what she has on now. I know this because I know both of them.

No. 20880

File: 1414998126778.jpg (51.37 KB, 457x396, yukaslut.jpg)

Look at >>20090
She's obsessed with looking young and thin, even Nick told this ages ago. It's an old story.
Dunno. Even her stepdad knew about it, so…

No. 20882

File: 1414998746483.jpg (17.8 KB, 420x209, mamapon.jpg)

Anyway I've noticed that her mom got Junnyan between her facebook friends. Poor Jun! I wonder if she used to send him a shit-ton of mails like she did with Akira…

No. 20917

thank u based anon

i think she was drunk and stoned on that stream aww

who the fuck gets high and streams? some serious felice fawn vibes here

No. 20989



Do you wanna drink my pee?
Oniichan let's go and play!
I never see you anymore,
call me on skype
it's like you've gone away

you used to be my sugardaddy
and now you're not
I wish you would tell why

Do you wanna drink my pee?
Or else I've got to ask to lolipedooo…

Akira: Go away Yuka!

Mata nee…

Do you wanna drink my pee?
Or make me aidoru in Japan?
My mom's wallet it's pretty empty now
she started sending mails
to your personal account

(Mom: Hang in there, Akira!)

It gets a little lonley,
all these pedo dudes,
just watching me masturbate

(Pedos: fap-fap-fap-fap-fap-fap)


Please, I know you're in there
People are asking where's my next cosplay
They say "be loli"
And I'm trying to,
I'm right out here for you
Just pay my shiiiiit

You know you're mine and only,
It's just your money and me,
what am I gonna do?

Do you wanna drink my pee?


No. 20991

File: 1415042602078.jpg (97.07 KB, 400x400, 1410651198823.jpg)

No. 21084

File: 1415071426905.png (321.58 KB, 599x720, 1394735228913.png)

Good job, Anon.
I'm cackling so hard here.

No. 21394

File: 1415209940721.jpg (236.62 KB, 774x1032, pink_rose_by_chandelierdemoise…)

I've always been curious. What's with Yukapon's leg?
I've never seen this discussed before… it's on her right leg.
She's always wearing stockings and it's hard to notice but you can see there's some sort of deformation in some pics… anybody knows?
kinda noticeable on the deer pic too

No. 21396

File: 1415210377598.jpg (88.1 KB, 372x720, nosocks.jpg)

no stockings

No. 21405

Maybe a bad scar? idk

No. 21470

File: 1415229096191.jpg (107.49 KB, 640x640, 10608004_1422054541348491_5349…)

Only looks like a case of babyface knees to me.

No. 21476

File: 1415230308232.jpg (463.38 KB, 900x1200, shoes_by_chandelierdemoiselle-…)

yukas leg on the front

No. 21484

File: 1415231436923.png (12.65 KB, 559x114, unrelated_but_lol.png)

Now I see what you mean. Because she already got it at photos from when she was like 13, I think it is a leftover from some accident as child that damaged some leg tissue.

No. 21500

File: 1415233118998.jpg (48.41 KB, 480x640, 100001994304451_429801.jpg)

Do all of you truly hate yukapee or are you just fucking around? Why do you anons persist and push forward to take the time out of your day writing/posting about her on here. I mean, none of you never met her.

No. 21507

I've met her and I can attest she uses people. I live near St.Louis and we run in similar circles at conventions. She's a terrible person. I actually used to like her but only recently did I wise up to how she bullies girls she feels threatened by and uses men to validate herself. She's an empty person.

No. 21509

The way I see it, it's like a weird hobby. Everyone needs to do something to while away the time before they die.

No. 21535

Because she is a lolcow and this is the topic of this site, maybe?

No. 21547


Are you going to post something like this in every thread? I think you’re missing the point of this site.

No. 21721

I was a fan of hers but now I don't get it. All she does is 1~2 modelling jobs per year and people still stalking her? This is fucking ridiculous. In 2010 she was online broadcasting everyday dressed and acting as a little , and now its big news here that she appeared on younw 3 times ?
Btw that Akira guy is "managing" a bunch of girls with similar face features as her , updating their Ameblog shit . These girls don't know how to write a single japanese word and they believe that they are aidorus already. More snowflakes in the making.

No. 21729

You know, more than half of the stuff posted here was posted public by her on her social media accounts, you don't need to "stalk" her to find that stuff because she posts it for the world to see in the first place.

No. 21733


Apparently her friends have been here. Posting her private facebook posts. She has 500+ friends and not all of them like her.

No. 21734

Eh, I don't remember that her old broadcasts were her pretending to be a little girl named Emily Haze that craves her father's cock.

No. 21741

That still isn't stalking tho.

No. 22260

File: 1415611739826.jpg (40.8 KB, 640x359, image.jpg)

Even though Abipop is fake as hell, Yuka aka Talli Castro aka manipulative crazy bitch is just as bad. I fucking hate how much of a bitch Yuka is to people more successful than her. Abi is really annoying but in the long term she's still more successful. Talli, what will you do when your visa expires in April and your boyfriend you're using for fame dumps you again? Someone needs to lock this bitch up in an insane asylum

No. 22261

File: 1415612388698.jpg (173.52 KB, 585x910, image.jpg)

Yuka's "best friend" who is a Lolcow and dumbass herself, "Luhx" basically have away that Yuka is still either fucking with Akira or Nick, I think Nick. At this point Yuka is the abusive one. I'm sure this is about Yuka because she commented "you always help me" or some shit like that. It's amazing men will still touch her. She's a used up whore obssessed with pedophiles, has no goals, a toxic person and cheats like mad. Her boyfriend must be using her for fucking alone. That's all her pathetic body is good for.

No. 22271


>btw that Akira guy is "managing" a bunch of girls with similar face features as her , updating their Ameblog shit


Does yukapee still yearn for her rapist by going after the girls akira is supporting or what? I don't think it's nick she is taking about. It's akira she's fucking with.

No. 22276

i'm dying anon tanks

No. 22280

Yuka is pretty pissed at the girls Akira "manages" which is why she hates Abipop but I don't think Akira would even flirt with the idea of talking to her again. She would be stupid as hell to do that because we now know akira records everything. So far Akira: made the anti-Yuka website so far Nick: leaked Yuka's pee(well gave them to Maggie) and deleted her accounts.

They're both really grimy but I don't think Akira would take her back.

No. 22897

She deleted Facebook

No. 22923


A well deserved victory for us, wouldn't you say?

No. 22933

Not deleted but deactivated, one click and everything is back to the old.

No. 24598

Is there anywhere we can still see the vids?

No. 24856

She doesn't hate Abi does she? I mean last month they met up in Japan and hung out and went to take Purikura together. They are always commenting nice things on each others FB photos, I thought they were friends tbh.

No. 24858

She didn't meet abi. And yes they absolutely detest each other.

No. 24897

Is there a reason? Or is it because Abi did some similar things/copied and Yuka smack talked her?

No. 24903

I know both of them and while Abi is annoying she isn't malicious in any way.

Basically here's a summary:
Abi is a Yukapon clone but with way more subscribers however she doesn't speak any Japanese and most of her fans are weebs.

Yuka talked shit about every girl to Akira. After their breakup tons of girls hopped on Akira's cock. These girls included but are not limited to Abipop, Abbiekins/ Abbie Christine, Ally and Sally, Heddie, the one girl Abbiekins had a fight with, Yukikachan and many many many many more. Akira had his bevy of young white girls and chose them carefully. Abi pop was his favorite at the time. He sent her tons of shit from Japan and maybe bought her a randoseru.

Abipop put it on twitter and Yuka saw it a fumed. They really hate each other. The relationship with Akira and Abipop didn't last long because abi doesn't bother learning Japanese but he writes the blogs of many girls such as Heddie, Yukikachan and a few more.

Yuka is confirmed to delete and block girls who are added by Akira on Facebook, and talks major shit about them. She even harasses them. The reason her and Keekihime are both friends is because they're huge bitches and bitter because they failed at being idols.

Abipop doesn't know anything about Akihabara, idols, or "loli" or any of that. She's doing it because she's purely an attention whore. The only idols she knows are Himeko Sakuragawa and Mamipyon which she knows exclusively from Yuka.

Yuka still goes to Himeko's concerts in full loli regalia hoping people will recognize her and give her attention. Abi just came to Japan and Yuka wrote on Facebook "ew Abipop is in Japan?" With a few ass kissers such as Maxine and Teya berry agreeing with her.

Abipop is an attention whore who used Akira, Yuka is jealous, and Yuka has legions of ass kissers. The idoru community has a few cliques and Yukapon's ass kissers + Abipop and the UK weebs are enemies.

No. 24907

>Abi is annoying she isn't malicious in any way.
She's done some cunty things, though not as bad as Yuka AFAIK

No. 24928

Outside of being fake and her and Kelsey stealing art what has she done?

No. 24929

>The reason her and Keekihime are both friends is because they're huge bitches and bitter because they failed at being idols.
Umn but no? Yuka was the one that approached her first in the hopes to get a piece of her success when Keeki was still in Japan, I never saw/see Keeki being a bitch to others like Yuka.

No. 24973

File: 1416344304442.jpg (220.1 KB, 700x719, 577417_375063065906458_1505531…)

No. 25007

You can sometimes see from her tumblr asks that she's bitter.

No. 25008

Keekihime doesn't directly bully girls on anon like Yuka does but she talks shit about anyone more successful than her. She's also bitter as hell.

No. 25013

Pics or didn't happen and I don't consider sarcasm as bitter.

No. 25026

No it wasn't sarcasm. Just look at her archive on tumblr or any English interview she's done. She (and Yuka) are incredibly bitter. She also talked shit about Kelsey Parnigoni for absolutely no reason.

No. 25027

Can't find anything that sounds bitter, only depressed posts.

No. 25029

…and her FB is back.

No. 25030

I wish her younow was too, I really wanted to see the vids.

No. 26204

File: 1416860278072.jpg (159.01 KB, 960x960, u8egDTG.jpg)

Of course she would become bff with another snowflake

No. 26219

Say what you want, but alba coats are mad comfy and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

No. 26263

Birds of a feather I guess.

No. 26294

i love how much their outfits stand out compared to the Japaese girls in the background lmfao

No. 26346

File: 1416884421080.jpg (686.22 KB, 944x2856, j.jpg)


I wonder what's going through that poor girl's head

No. 26358

File: 1416885726287.png (2.06 MB, 956x1352, Untitled.png)

No. 26363

Because Japanese people usually don't dress like that. That's literally 1% of the fashion scene in Japan, yet westerners drool all over it. I was embarrassed seeing all the foreigners looking like huge balls of weeaboo, making everyone stare while being there.

No. 26629

I want sauce on Yuka's coat, looks mad cute.

No. 26632

i think yuka looks cute af in this pic. delnadra or whatever the fuck her name is looks horrible tho.

No. 26636

She looks trash af, but no surprise there.

No. 26722

I think they both look cute in their own way.

No. 26737

Probably a Dreamv/Yumetenbo coat.

No. 26787

delandra is a fucking embarrassment i wouldn't even want to be seen with her in public.

No. 26789

Alba coats?
Where can I search for em.. for science of course.

No. 26791

Not the same anon but Alba Rosa is a ganguro brand, those coats sell for like $170 usually.

No. 26835

delandra always looks so trashy..god..

No. 26920

…and her FB got deactivated again.

No. 26966


She had a chaturbate account once? All she would do is masturbate with her iphone in front of horny guys giving her tokens.

No. 27970

File: 1417623734899.jpg (103.2 KB, 480x640, tumblr_nelc1uLd0T1qgjjjyo1_500…)

More modeling for BTSSB.

No. 27973

I think ageplay is a bannable offense on MFC

No. 27982

Yeah, it probably is. Having said that, she could always be slightly less obvious about it, kinda like how OC cams.

No. 28117

But doesn't oc tag herself on MFC as teen, petite, etc.

No. 28120

Ha, maybe she could pee on cam for us.

Why she not banned yet

Yeah, she tags herself with stuff like #braces, schoolgirl, innocent, ect..
She nasty.

No. 28121

You can do stuff like that, just as long as you don't say it's underage or pretend to be underage (but even then, I have to imagine it would be direct).

No. 28122

She looks so much better with that wig and that make-up.

No. 28123

Yeah, I think word's like "virgin" or "child" ect are banned entirely.
I have no doubt she'd tag herself with these words if she could though.

No. 28137

File: 1417673609574.png (227.81 KB, 290x388, k9ewbs.png)

No. 28147

that girl next to yuka looks like a foot

and yuka looks like a granny-whore

No. 28148

cute. is this old or what?

No. 28164

Lol that is Beckii

No. 28182

No, recent.

No. 28199

File: 1417718798215.jpg (854.76 KB, 841x1269, tumblr_nfp58tA2WR1qj0bf6o1_128…)

is this recent?

No. 28202

The wig and makeup look great on her but everything else in this photo looks like a wreck.

No. 28203

File: 1417719882428.jpg (124.69 KB, 478x750, 353.jpg)

It's from last week, you wouldn't have to ask if you would have looked at the post's date.

No. 28222

File: 1417729487308.jpg (244.03 KB, 515x720, 1398592191192.jpg)

When did yukapee get into feminism? it was all over her facebook when she deleted it. She's such a bitch. She does everything she hates.


No. 28223

File: 1417729768879.png (512.02 KB, 630x481, 1381248708323.png)

Anybody here know yukapee into feminism but still does everything that feminism stands for? It's the worst kind of feminists.


No. 28224

File: 1417730273484.jpg (174.49 KB, 509x1052, 384923.jpg)

No. 28226

When she started calling herself a rape victim.

No. 28227

I'd be careful for anyone who dates yukapee. She could accuse some inncoent person of rape like akira!


No. 28240

lol oh my god that image. Girl be dumb

No. 28253

File: 1417741343341.jpg (28.18 KB, 600x494, 4f9.jpg)

Yuka is into feminism? Are you fucking kidding me? She's a delusional rape victim whose a HUGE drug slut that has no respect for men.

No. 28254

She's not a feminist. She's called girls she doesn't like "sluts" when she's done far in unholier things. Yuka is whatever is popular at the moment.

No. 28781

nah, yuka was way more successful.
she had a lot of fans on youtube and on nico nico.
she performed on stages, modeled for brands.
yuka was considered an akiba idol to many people before she went apeshit. Abi was always just a dumb weeaboo and poser who dances in kawaii outfits because it's popular. at least yuka put effort into her idol hobby by learning japanese. abi on her nico lives just repeated "~~KONNICHIWAAAH!!!ABIIPOP DESU! CHUCHU~".
both are horrible but I think abi is a less bad person because she just seems to be a typical weeaboo attention whore. yuka was really crazy and accused someone of false rape.
even kimonotime is more successful than abi.

No. 28782

I remember she got into feminism 1-2-3 months ago

No. 28805

These anti-feminist attention whores are the worst kind of MRA. Back in the kitchen with you, bitch.

No. 28828

File: 1418065066463.jpg (16.71 KB, 283x283, 10430881_381585095340957_86373…)

Her FB is back again since few days.

No. 28829

you do realise the irony of your post
>someone disagrees with my shite ideologies so I'm going to insult them!
fuck are you 12? Not being a feminist doesn't mean not supporting equal rights, it means not wanting to associate yourself with the bullshit feminism has become.

No. 28862


I'm not the person you're replying to but there is a huge rash of 14 year old girls on Tumblr and *chan posting selfies going "anti feminist here tee hee" because hating on feminism is super in right now.

It's pure attention whoring and it's annoying as fuck, especially when it's done on predominantly male platforms literally just to get noticed.

It's the newest incarnation of the gamer girl, only instead of perpetuating the idea that only guys play vidya, it's insulting a genuine civil rights movement that is still very relevant in many societies.

TL;DR just because you live in murka and can go to school and can marry whoever you want and your vajayjay isn't sewn up and some annoying tumblrites are misdirecting their misandry doesn't mean it's cool to insult an equality movement for asspats on an image board

No. 28939

File: 1418102554355.png (542.26 KB, 624x596, 1383086625073.png)

Yukapee in a nutshell.

No. 28943

Ever thought they have legit reasons to hate feminism? Feminism being an "equality movement" is debatable lol remember that modern feminism is different than the meaning of the word

No. 28944

File: 1418106903947.jpg (23.01 KB, 400x300, yukapon01.jpg)

I miss yukapon when she was an idol. the akiba wannabe idols now are either just plain weeaboos or don't have the talent/looks. it's boring. we need someone to take yuka's place.

No. 28946

No she was always Pedo trash, but now she's druggie trash. Girls like her need to just kill themselves.

No. 28948


There is literally no standard to become an Akiba idol.

No. 28957

File: 1418113827046.jpg (13.78 KB, 315x428, 100001994304451_64200486.jpg)

No. 28960

W-who wrote this?

No. 28963

lol, you're such an idiot. Go back to reddit.

No. 28966

No. 28970


Saying you hate feminism because of a tiny handful of misandrists misusing the word is like saying you hate the civil rights movement because the black panthers exist.

No. 28972

Not the anon you're replying to, but "a tiny handful"?? Really?? I'd say the whole 3rd wave feminist movement is scum, nothing but scum.

No. 28973


16 year old American identified

No. 28974

Uhmmm my IP and my ID card says otherwise, but ok? Since we're playing that game, swedish feminazi identified?

No. 28977


Even the 3rd wave feminist movement is a very small organisation in the scheme of things. Countries like India where feminism is gaining traction very recently don't have anything like that. Honestly it sounds like you're a butthurt high school student who's never left the country.

Also, although I personally have no links to any sort of feminist organisation, you realise that the first woman to win a Nobel prize ever was five years ago? In 2008 it was not legal in the US for a man to take his wife's surname after marriage, no one had ever DNA sequenced a woman and there was no protection against forced marriage in the UK. In 1994 it was still legal to discriminate by gender in schools in the US. Hell, in 1994 marital rape was still legal in the UK. There still hasn't been a female president of the US and the house of commons in the UK - which is supposed to be representative of the average citizen - only 22% of MPs are female. That's still the highest level ever though, and it's more than doubled since the 1990s.

But nah you're right feminism isn't needed in the anglosphere. Sex discrimination doesn't exist and it's totally reasonable for you to undermine the struggles of women in the third world who have no rights compared to men because some fat lady with purple hair called men pigs and made a big deal out of not shaving her armpits.

No. 28981

Pfff I am the one who sounds butthurt? Alright then!

Since you mentioned the struggles of the women in the third world, you do realize that they'd laugh in your face if you listed those ~*first world problems*~ to them? And you know why? Because that's what throw people off about feminists these days. They act like those problems must be at the centre of the fuckin' universe, while in my opinion they affect only privileged rich countries that apparently can allow themselves to focus on such pregnant issues. As for most countries, mine included, it's not the same, since we've got other, more impending problems to take care of. Problems that concern not only one gender, but humanity as a whole. So sorry if I don't give a damn about the first woman winning the Nobel prize 5 years ago when my country is still riddled with political corruption and nepotism. And I'm pretty sure that those women in the third world you're talking about don't give a damn either. 'Cause that's not what feminism should be about.
I may even sympathize with those issues you brought up, but it's the general attitude that people like you decide to talk about it that throw me off immediatly. It's not that different from the purple hair with hairy armpits calling men pigs, you know?

No. 28983


Ah yes, the old "there are other issues therefore we shouldn't try to fix these issues" argument.

Also, I never said that those first world problems were the 'centre of the universe', entirely the opposite in fact. However, although obviously (as I said repeatedly) they pale in comparison with some countries, you can't argue that there aren't still some issues over here as well.

It is possible to 'give a damn' about inequality everywhere without being either a raging tumblr feminist or an anti feminist attention whore. A concept that you seem to be struggling with?

No. 28988

>there's literally no reason to say you hate feminism based on a few extremists
>you realise that as well as the obvious feminist issues in the 3rd world there are actually quite a few recent issues over here too that western feminists have dealt with

such a delicious mixture of reading comprehension and mad

No. 28989

It may be old, but still effective. 'Cause it's true.

You may have not said that those issues are at the centre of the universe, but that's how it sounds like it is from the way that feminists these days decide to conduct themselves. That's the reason that me and other women have decided to distance ourselves from them, that's all.

No. 28991


>Ah yes, the old "there are other issues therefore we shouldn't try to fix these issues" argument.

>It may be old, but still effective. 'Cause it's true.

DYE understand how fucking retarded that is

No. 28992

I wasn't referring to the phrase anon wrote, but to my own, which is that the issues feminists focus on are only affecting countries that apparently have nothing more impending to focus on. Not for nothing they brought up the UK as an example of such great inequality, how curious.

No. 28993

File: 1418137670273.jpg (21.71 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n9d4cwdQFK1syitgfo1_500…)


oh. my god.

please tell me you are a troll do you literally think that feminism only exists in fucking america

"the issues feminists focus on are only affecting countries that apparently have nothing more impending to focus on" are you for fucking real

it's tough because it's like you're literally so stupid i don't know where to begin to argue with you but you're just going to take that as proof that you're "right"

pic related, it's you

No. 28994


Do you know why so many people don't take feminists seriously?

Marie Curie won a Nobel prize in 1903

The Human Genome Project used random samples from both sexes and was completed in 2003. However if you were to sequence just one sex then you would have to pick men because women lack the Y chromosome while the sequences on the male X are the same as the sequences on the female X.

No. 28995


Sorry, I meant the Nobel memorial prize, the newest one. Can't remember what it's called? Iirc it's the last category a woman hadn't won.

Well they sequenced 4 different men before they tried to do a woman. Two of those were scientists (and one was Watson himself), but still. The human genome project isn't that relevant here so I'm not sure why you brought it up… Your final sentence isn't valid, though; X-chromosome variability is much higher in women, and sequencing them can potentially help with X-linked disorders which affect both men and women. I mean, there's a reason to do both men and women, and some thought it would be more advantageous to sequence a woman first since the genome is more complete. I understand why they did Watson first, but the fact they did a few more men before trying a woman just seems a bit odd to me.

Also as I said I don't consider myself a feminist in the slightest.

No. 29000

File: 1418141552179.png (68.03 KB, 513x568, 1413790389658.png)

Yukapee in a nutshell.

No. 29001

File: 1418141763608.jpg (50.22 KB, 460x576, 1403951380080.jpg)

Yukapee in a nutshell.

No. 29003

File: 1418143783361.png (17.1 KB, 494x297, yep.png)


It's from a movie called the exorcism of Anneliese. Good movie. It relates to yukapee's life story when she was touched by her step father around the age of 12-15. I may be wrong, tho. Anyone here happen to have the pasta about her step fathers rape from PULL before it was taken down?

No. 29004


Fuck off dumblr.

No. 29007

File: 1418145584096.jpg (447.91 KB, 1440x627, 6-18-2010 9-57-19 PM.jpg)

Do you guise miss me? Today aki oniichan will make a new song for me!! Chu chu~~

Aww shieet nigga, time warp.

No. 29009

File: 1418147565616.jpg (257.02 KB, 1200x1600, 34q9qnt.jpg)

Seems like she is a BTSSB face model now, she is even in the new Kera modeling the new BTSSB Kumyachan Christmas Holly Night series.

No. 29010


Seems like it was the Nobel prize in economics in 2009?

What I mean is that if you were to sequence the DNA of every XX woman in the world you would never run into genes from the Y chromosome. So if for whatever reason you could only sequence one person then choosing XX would give you more genes but it'd be hard to say that it represents "humans" if you totally ignored the Y.

The individuals sequenced seem to be the following:

1) Craig Venter in 2001. He actually beat the HGP and was originally using five samples but for some reason gave up and switched to exclusively using his own DNA.
2) James Watson in 2007.
3) A male Han in 2008 (random lab assistant?).
4) A male Yoruba in 2008 (sample provided by HapMap).
5) A female with leukaemia in 2008 (random patient).

Three to five were submitted in May, June, and August but were all published in the same November issue of Nature. The first person sequenced for anything more than a comparative curiosity was a female.

I dunno, it just doesn't seem like a big deal to me?

No. 29011

literally the only thing in common with yukapon this has is rape allegations. you're a fucking idiot.

No. 29012

take all this to /b/ pls

No. 29013

>I'm pretty sure that those women in the third world you're talking about don't give a damn either.
Third worlder here. Speak for yourself, basement dweller.
Stop trying to downplay important issues by turning it into a bullshit contest. Corruption is bad, and so is marital rape, rape culture and women not having representation in places of authority.
>I may even sympathize with those issues you brought up, but it's the general attitude that people like you decide to talk about it that throw me off immediatly
So you're saying politeness is more important than human rights. By that logic, no one ITT should be listening to you because you've been a sardonic fuckhead all thread.

No. 29048

Oh my good golly gosh anon go back to tumblr please.
Also I guarantee you are not a "third worlder" you sound way too white

No. 29050

go to /b/

No. 29058

>someone disagrees with you
>"omg go 2 tumblr"
>Also I guarantee you are not a "third worlder" you sound way too white
I literally come from and live in a West African country. Not everyone here is American, anon.

No. 29068

So I'm an idiot for giving a reason why they hate feminism? you're really retarded.
Some have legit reasons to hate feminism, accept it lol it doesn't mean you agree with them but don't act fully retarded

No. 29069

don't they need to be at least average?
I think they need talent.
Not a lot, of course, but just average.
Like, yukapon knew how to dance and sing even though it was average.

No. 29070

wasn't she a druggie trash before she became a pedo trash?

No. 29071

holy shit, yuka used to look so ugly. do you have more pics of her old youtube?
i miss the old youtube layout

No. 29073

random anon here but i think whether you are a feminist honestly doesn't matter.
as long as you preach equality, it should be fine. so i dont get why people get so upset when some people that want equality don't call themselves feminists but egalitarian. both are supposed to mean the same thing anyway

No. 29074

File: 1418172633081.jpg (71.62 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mr7cawMx6O1rmgomoo2_500…)

this is yukapon before she aged

No. 29078

Nah, she was Ganguro before that but she was still mentally normal at this point, it was rumored that she started abusing meds in her late loli phase before going fairy kei but since she got into the raver scene she brags about drugs.

No. 29091

File: 1418181860828.gif (Spoiler Image,346.87 KB, 641x1554, hgfty.gif)


Here you go bro. Warp 9 engage.

No. 29092

File: 1418182263814.png (43.58 KB, 602x422, 3.png)


No. 29094

I can understand her.
I'm also into qt fashion and sweet lolita (although she's into harajuku fashion i guess) and it seems that if you look old then you can't look cute and have the same "privileges". it might sound hard to understand but let me give you an exemple: in her imouto days, she looked young. imagine a girl like her that looks like 19 wanting to be an imouto akiba idol and calling herself eternally 13. Sounds more weird, right? Well, yeah. It's pretty sad though, it must give her a lot of stress and pain, always striving to look young. idk, just a random thought.
as for the thin thing, i think it's because it suited her image. it all comes down to kawaiiness

No. 29684

where the hell you find this pic? I thought she deleted all the pics with me and her alrdy.

No. 29698

That's all over the web since ages.

No. 30764

First of all, i'm not yuka/talli before you start telling me to fuck off or something. I use to like her a lot so i would like some older photos of her. i don't know why, but i like stalking her in the good way.
i don't even care if she's on drugs, or isn't the yuka i saw on nyappychocochan, she can do whatever her like with her life. so… where you all found these old pictures? or post them here plz. thanks :D

No. 30770

That was already answered one post above your, just google Yukapon and done.

No. 30772

File: 1419009823333.jpg (13.36 KB, 180x180, 135470927739.jpg)


Babby's first day on the internet.

Fuck off, you 12 year old.

No. 30775


>she can do whatever her like with her life.

Like try to destroy the lives of other people? 14-year old's logic detected.

No. 30784

Honestly it seems like Akira has plenty of screws loose himself. It's pretty obvious he did some messed up things, regardless of if Yuka lied on not. The entire situation he helped create is just a big no, and a normal adult would know that. I am a fan of Yuka's still and until a lot of the he said she said clears up I will remain a fan.

No. 30798


Yeah, he does, but that's not exactly an excuse to try and fuck his entire life over.

No. 30804

It's still a he said she said at this point. Also I would hardly say what she did fucked his entire life over. Unless his entire life was his internet reputation in the western community, which if that's the case… lol

No. 30807

Yeah, because getting into police custody because of a fake rape claim totally can't fuck up your life, right, it's not like if shit like that wouldn't get registered.

No. 30810

Akira says yuka still stalks him. Creepy.

No. 30812

Judging by the posts on her FB once a while, she still does.

No. 30814


I was trying to be pretty careful not to say she fucked his entire life over, but she did try. Yeah, filing a false rape claim against someone is pretty obviously an attempt to ruin their life.

No. 30815

Proof? Because he didn't post about her anymore for many months.

No. 30818

Whatever akira deserved it false or not dont screw around with underage girls. Espcially crazy ones like yuka. Just like jrcach akira relys on weeaboos and yuka haters to eat up everything he says. How dumb do you have to be to believe this old guys claims he lives and breathes yuka

No. 30820

Aren't you too young to be on this site?

No. 30822

i really wish there was an ed article about yukapon or something cause i just found out about her and i need to be caught up… like from the beginning…

(plz anyone)

No. 30824

No. Go away.

No. 30826

how long has yukapon been in japan? is that how she learned near-fluent japanese?

No. 30828


She goes back to america tomorrow.

No. 30841

One year I think.

No. 30842

While I do not disagree, is there any proof that she actually did this? That he went to the police? I forget since it has been a while since I read up on what happened.

Regardless though, Akira was definitely grooming a young girl. He should have gotten in trouble and a bad reputation for that anyway.

No. 30849

The police reports have been avaiable online at his truth blog if I recall correctly.

No. 30850

The only one grooming a young girl was Nick, I am still suprised that people always only go after Akira when Nick is probably the one who made her that fucked up in the first place.

No. 30853

Ty I'll have to double check.
I never said Nick shouldn't reprimanded, in fact I think he should be just as much if not more so. But since Akira's business often rides on getting younger western girls to become idols, he is simply going to get more crap online.

I agree completely that Nick probably contributed to a lot of her emotional problems, however Akira definitely deserves whatever happens to him because you can see the actual proof (supplied by him) about how he manipulated her.

In the videos he shared on his site, the ones that he took of Yuka (unknowingly to her), it's clear she became unhealthily attached to him, thinking they would get married, and acting so desperate to be with him as if he was her only option to be happy.

A sane adult would not enable a relationship like this with someone so young. Akira clearly, knowingly, did this to her, and allowed their relationship to develop to a point where she was unhealthily attached to him. Not only did he accept no responsibility when they broke up, but he desperately tried to paint her as a terrible person. That's why it's especially hard to believe the majority of what he says.

No. 30874


It sounds like you want more yukapee drama. I'd think twice about going after him. If nick came out publicly like akira, maybe people would care. Even so, no one cares about nick (as it should be), they already made up years ago anyway? Nick has the complete power to make akira and yuka look even more worse then they are making themselves now.

As for yukas emotional instability, It was clearly akira who emotionally damaged her beyond repair after he sexually assaulted her. He deserves to be in jail.

No. 30891

This was actually my first post in this thread since ages. I hope you know that if it wasn't for Nick contacting Akira with all her dirty deets and screenshots, Akira would never have done that website in the first place. Everyone is Nick's basicly puppet, Yuka because he got way more sensitive content of her that he could leek and Akira because he helped exposing her.

But because you believe Yuka's rape claim lie you are probably just another wannabe aidoru that hopes to get her attention with kissing her ass here.

No. 30892

*basicly Nick's puppet

No. 30901

Akira never sexually assaulted Yuka. She lied. Yuka put Akira in jail for a few days however, after she told the police it was a lie and then they released Akira.
I remember on her twitter, she made a rape joke right after she said to people akira raped her. She's shit.

No. 31044

File: 1419100100058.png (280.52 KB, 360x640, photo 3.PNG)

her friend looks like an alien

No. 31090

Lmao the second comment

No. 31119

HA! I didn't even notice!
That's glorious.

No. 31126

File: 1419115235540.png (267.08 KB, 360x640, photo 1.PNG)

No. 31129

Oh lord, she looks terrifying. The eyes.

No. 31159


where are you getting these pictures?

No. 31176

you can't tell what social media site that is?

No. 31180

File: 1419120615339.jpg (61.68 KB, 606x339, 7445.jpg)


she has shit taste in guys. he looks exactly like one those smug japanese serial rapists or killers. Disgusting much?

No. 31991


No. 31992

Why the hell do you bump this thread, it's not like if threads get deleted.

No. 31995

yukapon definitely still checks this thread. she baleeted me on ig after i put up those screenshots :~(

No. 32025

She'll take what she can get, aka a dude with a white meat fetish

No. 32180

still looks way better than her previous boyfriends..

No. 32309


something is off with his face tho.? he resembles a younger butt ugly face version of akira. i suppose yukapee wants someone that comes close to akira looks?

No. 32316

Maybe because left eyesocket is way lower places than the right one?

No. 32320

I agree. I actually think he's kind of cute, though his hair is awful.

I don't think he looks like Akira at all.

No. 32324

File: 1419348318023.jpg (6.27 KB, 179x200, th.jpg)


Wait a few months until this guy goes revenge fuck then we will all have ourselves some yukapee nudes because she cheated on all her previous boyfriends. Wasn't her last boyfriend a druggie raver teen?

No. 32334

I think you confuse her with somebody else, all her boyfriends since the drama were old asian dudes so far besides the times were she called her female raver bffs her girlfriends.

No. 32387

Nope for a while she was dating a white(?) guy. Or at least not Asian.

No. 32397

File: 1419364651871.jpg (14.61 KB, 366x488, 83756.jpg)


she still talks to her exes and has them on facebook.


No. 32845

File: 1419447127144.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, 456.png)

No. 32874


No. 32876

Someone post the full version on vimeo or something

No. 32904

File: 1419453372498.jpg (51.55 KB, 640x470, yukapee.jpg)

What do you suppose is in that cup?

No. 32918

It looks like pee, but it's probably really apple juice.

No. 32971

File: 1419465680274.jpg (14.86 KB, 452x339, rainier.jpg)

No. 33023

No. 33032

File: 1419506902181.png (223.77 KB, 500x706, 6746.png)


This rape joke?

No. 33057

File: 1419530667435.png (10.91 KB, 527x80, 2a615j9.png)

…do you even know what a rape joke is or?

No. 33935

how old is yuka now?

No. 34017

File: 1419696191761.jpeg (3.27 KB, 225x225, 2014-12-26-03-05-44--153445617…)

So I was watching tv when a toys r us commercial came on and riding in a shopping cart was a big pink bear that looked like the one yukapon used to do dirty things with xp. I know this is the bear!

No. 34018

No. 34068

isn't she 21?

No. 34071

Nope, she was born 1994.

No. 34074

I wonder what she'll do in her future.
I mean, she fucked up her chances of being aidoru. She did messed up stuff so the name "yukapon" is forever stained with shit.
I heard she goes to art school but for what?

No. 34075

she also seems to be only interested in being famous online. too bad when anyone will see her face, they'll scream "YUKAPON" and yeah.. forever stained with shit

No. 34078

She probably will continue to webcam with pedos that think she is 13 because of angle/brightness/clothing.

No. 35565

File: 1419982878199.jpg (35.96 KB, 526x526, 10882378_393238074175659_54111…)

No. 35663

No. 35689

uh ohhh a faker.

No. 35703

What the fuck am I listening to?

No. 35745

Wait, is this actually Yukapee or a faker?

No. 35748

No. 35749

Obvious faker. The pictures are old, the account is fairly new and it says she's a 17 year old named Katie/Youmee.

No. 35750


Vid is gone? Reupload it on v.youku.com or vimeo.

No. 35753

Ah I see. I just thought maybe she was starting up 'faker' accounts herself. Trying to get more likes by using old pic of her old pink hair and harajuku wear.

No. 35760


here i thought you were a white knighting her.

No. 35874

Is anyone gonna post that broadcast

No. 35877

it's sad you missed it
it was basically her swearing and speaking in a tumblr way, showing off one or two of her skirts, thanking her fans (lol if she has any), and yeah..

No. 35886

And she refers to Yuka and Vani from 6% DOKI DOKI as 'two kawaii harajuku girls' she 'met' or something. She's set her account to private now kek. Guessing someone on her commented on her shit saying she was fake.

No. 35887


No. 35911

I did…she deleted the comments almost immediately hahaha.

No. 35926

Time for a new yukapee thread? Admin should make a exception and let this run.

No. 35942

File: 1420144783735.jpg (37.6 KB, 283x352, 1415555043096.jpg)

No. 35943


she also says in the boob flashing younow video if you are recording her shell send her ninja friends after you. Top lel.

we better be careful guys. she has ninja friends.

No. 36201

I think it's disgusting when people try and be cute while also referencing drugs, cussing, and just being generally sloppy. It's so tacky. Stop trying to be an innocent loli and also try to be some hard girl or whatever. SO gross. She basically is telling the world she wishes she was still "loli moe eternally 13 Yukapon" and not "Talli Castro". Anyway she just needs to accept the fact shes destroyed herself and give up. I felt so embarrased watching that YouNow live. Yuka was so cute in 2011 and had potential to do really amazing things, but it hurts to know she manipulated and used basically everyone who supported her and for what? Her life seems to be a living hell. Now that she's not in Japan anymore.. Tf is she going to do? The fact she was in language school instead of atleast community college is also embarrassing in itself. But really on a serious note: When and where is her life going to start? She's clearly not going to college. She has nothing but a homeschool degree and some language school. Still can't speak any Japanese.

Offtopic a little but can these girls stop dropping their entire lifes to live in Tokyo for a few months? Japans always going to be there. Get your fucking degree and make something out of your life instead of ruining it to show off to people on the internet that you are in Japan. (Sorry about that little preach but srsly this is such a theme in this "community" and I'm so tired of seeing it over and over. Also they're making foreigners look awful)

Yukapon is the kind of person you tell your kids about so they don't make shitty and childish decisions. I used to be a big supporter of Yuka , looking at her now… I'm just like.. astonished and disgusted. This is absolutely vile. Since May of 2012 she's just been constantly embarrassing herself, making people hate her, and being generally gross and offensive. Fuck her. Good luck getting a job or anything when all you have on your resume is "I did a few lives at underground bars and had 5000 youtube subscribers before I got hacked by my pedo online bf =^w^="

P.S: Her fckin hair lmaoooooooo . And those butt pads in those yoga pants. bruh. Someone get this bitch some proper clothes and someone to fix her hair and face up. She needs professional help now.

No. 36204

Why the fuckkk is streaming on Youku so goddamn slow. Let me watch the fucking video!

No. 36245

Lmao. I'm sorry but why are you so mad about this random chick? That yukapon shit has been over and now shes not doing anything wrong or hurting anyone else. This extreme butthurt some people have over her is weird but also hilarious. She wanted to go to Japan so what? Its her life and she's happy with it so fuck it. Everyone's different. I'm sure you're not a perfect human being. Get over it.

Still wish she had become a successful idoru tho. She was the best one so far even now. Aminyan is the only recent one I can see getting anywhere.

No. 36246

Do you even know what site you are on? And no, it's not over, she still is doing the same shit she did before.

No. 36249

Are you fucking slow? Of course I know what site this is. Her personal and deep lvl of buttmad about yukapee is weird as fuck. And I don't see how she is doing the same shit as before? Before she was trying to become an idol now she's just doing whatever the fuck she wants to do. Do you want a personal apology for her mistakes or something? Do you want her to become an hero? What do you fuckin want lmfao.

No. 36250

Reminds me of how scene kids used to talk.

No. 36252

But you obviously don't, otherwise you wouldn't try to whiteknow a pedo pandering slut that still roleplays as 13 yo loli for pedos on webcam sites while having a boyfriend and being a face model for BTSSB.

No. 36254

No. 36256

File: 1420223390820.png (11.76 KB, 701x262, 786589.png)


Get the fuck out whiteknight before things get ugly.

No. 36262

File: 1420224603653.jpg (58.28 KB, 750x600, 1345508611714.jpg)


Why you defending a cam whore? I wonder if people even know she does skype sex calls/meet ups under a entirely different name. Even her chaturbate account was active a week ago. It's practically her side job. She doesn't deserve to be plastered in BTSSB, tho. How the fuck did she get it?

Really, she should be MFC like orange citrus. Pedos will be throwing her money at her and i'm sure her akira look-alike boyfriend would accept it. Cam whoring seems to be her thing. People need to accept this.

No. 36288

I'm soooo not used to yuka's voice like that holy shit

No. 36289

Maybe it's because I'm not use to her talking in english so much? But she has like a slightly country accent in that video? Maybe it's just me.

No. 36316

Ikr I was used to the high voice from her nico lives. The only time that voice emerged in that broadcast was when she sang a little in Japanese

No. 36322

Ohhhh so THATS why you are so mad. Bc shes modeled for btssb while you sit at home in ur burando angrily sipping tea and being a pure lolita angel and you think she doesn't deserve it. Right. I'm not whitnighting (god give me a fuckin break), this is just hilarious.

No. 36331

btssb. LOL.
Yes you totally caugt me anon. I'm yuka. Do you want an autograph? A cup of my pee?

No. 36337

>thinking everyone is the same anon
Your newfag is showing.

No. 36339

File: 1420242877772.bmp (4.45 MB, 1440x1080, 6.bmp)



No. 36389

What did that post have to do with thinking everyone is the same anon? Are you retarded?

They just happened to be angered by the btssb modeling just like some others. Not my fault so many mad lolis.

No. 36452

If you truly feel that way than why are you on Yukapon's lolcow. If you think Yukapon is old news than why the fuck are you here. Hmm? Yuka…..
Am I butt hurt or am I just disgusted, Yukapon? How obvious is it that that's you LMAOO. You know you're life has gone to shit and just come to terms with it. You're a joke and you always will be. I'm not jealous of you and who cares if you model for Baby. I've seen all kinds of random do some modeling gigs for them. You're not special.

No. 36527

>>Yukapons lolcow lol

Dude i'm not Yukapee. You're a fucking paranoid idiot. Stop taking out your weird personal hatred for her on me and actually talk to her yourself instead of being a little bitch. It shouldn't be that hard to contact her if you really wanted to.

>>Am I butt hurt or just disgusted?

>>You're a joke and you always will be!! >:C

lmfao What do you want her to kill herself or something? Damn, at least she's still going on after all the yukapon shit. You mad as hell.

I check this thread every now and then because after the magical imouto hilarity and crash and burn I kind of want to see how she's doing. It's interesting.

No. 36838


Is this the same one from >>32845? If not, where can her other ones be watched?

No. 37240

I agree. If Yuka came off clean after her scandal and became a better person, i would support her tbh but she's just getting worst and worst and she has no future.
i can only see her making porn
just kidding, she's not enough pretty
her hair looks fucking terrible

No. 37258

where is this from? lmfao

No. 37397

I find it funny that everyone on PULL expected her to make a comeback but she came back entertaining pedos on younow. That oughta show them her true colors on PULL. She's a huge pedo slut. Even amongst her friend circle in japan, they accept she's a huge slut. Even she's proud of it. If she came out like that, people would respect her more….

not lol

No. 37400

Well, she had a comeback in the jfashion scene with becoming a face model for BTSSB.

No. 39935

she can speak japanese though

No. 46563

File: 1423113760374.jpg (96.95 KB, 960x960, 10891658_410090842490382_82037…)

Didn't last long until she was back in Japan.

No. 46564

File: 1423113978582.jpg (103.13 KB, 640x640, 10860116_933979999977754_92855…)

No. 46566

She said on her IG that she moved there last spring (2014). I followed her but her photos were so fucking boring, I just unfollowed after a few days.

No. 46570

But it was confirmed that she was only there for a language school and that she would be back starting to the US starting from the 20th december.

No. 46579

No. 46580

She looks like a old woman dressing like an infant, eww. Yuka, your face doesn't fit loli characters anymore without shoop.

No. 46584

Submitted by Zard chan. I wonder who that is….

No. 46597

This is some pt tier shit

No. 46609

She really hasn't changed at all. It seems like she's getting worse.

No. 46677

is that old pic? since she did that cosplay ages ago

No. 46681

No, she still wears that cosplay frequently for making ageplay nudes.

No. 46689

i only asked bc people were talking as if it were..

No. 46691

new i mean

No. 46766

Because the photo is recent.

No. 46772

The PT pose damn.

No. 46777

File: 1423166233062.jpg (177.03 KB, 1553x815, regex_info_exif_cgi_b=3&refere…)

well, exif says it is old. 2011. also, thumbnail data shows it was a cropped image. cant make out the other girl.

No. 46783

Considering the cosplay of the other girl I doubt it's from 2011, not hard to forget the right date setting.

No. 46785

Nobody sets the correct date on their camera. Gj this information is useless.

No. 46791

yuka did this cosplay at ACen in 2011. which was at the end of may. It's true exif could be scrubbed to reflect that, I just think it's unlikely for someone to think of adding that small detail to a submitted photo to cover their tracks.
plus the thumbnail comes across as two girls in a hotel room being stupid and not some photo set for some daddy.
But hey, whatever.

No. 46810


>>46557 is recent tho

No. 46877


Uhhh… this is actually recent i think. Exif is never accurate but it's a little too late since we seen it so who cares.

Plus shes always taking pictures like this for other guys. Her friends in japan have confirmed this to me in person after the younow video. If she is doing auditions and masturbating on token cam sites how does she expect to renew her image? She'll never change.

No. 46932

Hahaha, I can still remember those retarded bitches that defended her when she kept crying about how Akira "raped" her, all because she's smells like the sea down there. Appalling.

No. 46933

Its normal in Japan dude.

No. 46949

File: 1423220202746.jpg (77.43 KB, 738x473, lolyukabutt.jpg)

Uhmm dunno, her legs/butt from the Younow video looks slightly different from the cosplay pic but it might be the pose

No. 46954

File: 1423224033331.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

No. 46963

I wish Keeki wouldn't always meetup with Yukapee, hanging out with this druggy is the quickest way to ruin one's chances for the future.

No. 46964

I know, but she's her friend therefore her drug use might not bother Keeki's outlook on Yuka.

No. 47009

File: 1423247979534.jpg (52.31 KB, 720x540, 10801770_945376722147828_16367…)

It's funny she's looking to becoming a professional DJ to impress her ex jun. Granted, she'll never have a real career but its better than nothing because they'll be easy access to rave drugs ammrite.


No. 47010


One of her friends told me she did molly and crack.

No. 47014

Being a female DJ in Japan only works as long as you look young, one of the reasons why Juria Nakagawa failed with it because all the drug abuse at a young age made her look old as fuck.

No. 47021

lol, DJ school. Jesus Christ, at this point just do JAV Talli. Please, we're all ready for it.

No. 47027

File: 1423252830038.png (335.28 KB, 500x333, mp.png)

Whatever happened to her Milkypop clothing line.Last thing I saw was pre-orders for a dress thing and a necklace then..nothing.


No. 47031

File: 1423253009393.jpg (96.5 KB, 960x960, yu.jpg)

I kinda wish she actually became an idol

No. 47032

File: 1423253068801.jpg (103.27 KB, 960x960, yuu.jpg)

No. 47033

File: 1423253249425.jpg (93.35 KB, 955x640, 320486_461212200567248_5983051…)

No. 47036

Kill yourself shes pure trash.

No. 47046

How about no? If you're so offended by someone having a different opinion maybe you should take your own advice. No one is saying she's not pure trash but she was super cute when she was young on youtube. Maybe if she realized her aidoru dreams maybe she wouldn't have turned out as such a piece of shit.

No. 47047


No. 47050

I think she would actually look pretty if she didn't go full weebtard in every picture she's in. Always doing super exaggerated animu faces and shit.

No. 47058


Just wondering, do you both use tumblr religiously and where did you come from? Because judging from your shocked responses it clearly wasn't 4chan lol. I know both will probably say some cheesy shit like "It's never nice to tell people to kill themselves!! It's SOO!! OVER! THE TOP!", watch. Either that or, "somethingsomething edge".

I don't know. Just always confuses me to see people on an anon board getting offended over something tiny like that. What are you doing here in the first place then.

No. 48892

File: 1423710072752.jpg (100.11 KB, 720x960, 1501671_847015768689066_957212…)

Her face looks so bad these days.

No. 48897

take your ritalin.

No. 48899

okay i'm going to be honest, I think they both look really cute…

No. 48900


They got the same big ass jew nose. She got old quick.

No. 48904

it's ok. i do too tbh.

No. 48905

I think they both look really cute too.

Idk why people are so obsessed with noses on here. Maybe their own insecurities are showing themselves?

No. 48908

No but it is because of how they shoop their noses usually and compared to her older photos like >>47033 it changed quite a lot, it went to wide and flat to slim but long.

No. 48909

*from wide
Looking at >>47027 it almosts seems like if she got some nosetip surgery.

No. 48911

File: 1423713953975.jpg (117.9 KB, 362x709, 76635.jpg)


link got deleted? good thing i saved it for anyone else who was curious.

No. 48912

So I saw people talking about it on another thread, but where are these accounts yuka has on masturbating websites? Any videos or screenshots?

No. 48921

How does she affort to keep flying back to Japan so much and to stay there so long? I know she wirks when she's back in the US but language schools are expensive, and unless she's working while in Japan there's no way she can afford it herself, because Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't pay $10,000 in less than a year. Plus, aren't her parents STILL in debt from shipping her to Japan when she Was a teenager because Akira convinced them she cold be a famous idol?

No. 48925

those socks are hideous on their own, but even worse with that outfit. Jesus, girl, get your shit together.

No. 48926

File: 1423718275899.png (28.55 KB, 704x400, 7654236573.png)

No. 48927

She's cosplaying that one girl from Kodomo no Jikan. It's an anime about this slutty 8 year old loli that sexually harasses her teacher.

No. 48929

Ah. Still, doesn't make them any less hideous just because it's from an anime.

No. 48930

I wouldn't have known it was a cosplay even with that pic, looks barely like the character.

No. 48934

took purikura today… while you were editing the purikura.there was a video of yukapon and a japanese girl

No. 48936

Seriously? Japan has issues.

No. 49005

i'm pretty sure the japanese girl is mogami moga from dempagumi.inc

No. 49006

i'm happy for Yuka and Keeki if they're happy with their little Japan fantasies coming more or less true and having an expiration date of sooner than later kek. i just hope they have some sort of plan B, all the while knowing that they definitely do not

No. 49046

I'm the one who was asking for proof in the other thread. There is none. Anon who supposedly had info about it stopped replying. It's all bullshit and lies, as I suspected.

No. 49056

The anon asked for a email to send you her wannabe childporn videos which you never did so stfu.

No. 49086

Lol would you trust an anon here to not send a virus or something equally damaging? If her doing porn was such a big thing more info would be out there. That anon could provide no info. I smell a hoax and suspicious samefagging.

No. 49087

There out there,but most are on CP sites.
I remember when I think one of her pedo stalkers, or that black guy that was her ex posted a screencap of all her nudes on cgl.Hes also the one who posted a bunch of her peeing videos, and other stuff she sent to pedos.
They're real.I'm guessing your a sick fuck who wants her nudes so you can fap to her dumb ass.(kill yourself if so) If you wait like a year or more her dumb ass will prob start doing real porn, dumb skanks like these hate to not get attention.