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File: 1689477028129.jpg (518.67 KB, 1202x906, Terry lighting.jpg)

No. 303389

Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105
Thread #3 >>197809
Thread #4 >>208755
Thread #5 >>229285
Thread #6 >>261505
Thread #7 >>284431

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous", "old (30+)", NB and Aro/Ace cosplayer who is actually a 40 year old man that lives alone in his 3-4 story townhouse in Maryland. Although he has typing abilities equivalent to someone having a stroke, he makes a six figure salary, which he blows on video games that he never plays, cheap costumes from China, and attending cons by himself since he only has "fans", not friends.

Despite being incapable of blending his neckline and having a skincare routine consisting of bathing in Palmolive dish soap, he has found a way to stay relevant by purchasing multiple fake silicone breasts and relying heavily on Meitu/Beauticam for his cosplays. He has obsessions with: bathrooms, chicken tendies, and stalking white girls under the age of 25. He hates: doctors, alcohol, the Kalahari, and strippers.

Thread recap:
>Luring children to theme parks >>284448 , >>293585
>Terry thinks he's charitable and is so humble about it >>284450 , >>295835
>Luring children to his house >>284608 , >>289622
>Terry being "ace" >>284853 , >>290622 , >>293061 , >>295736 , >>299567
>showing off how much he makes >>285384
>Terry making shallow posts after some cosplayers die >>285743 , >>294469
>stalking who follows/unfollows him >>289025 , >>289203 , >>291425 , >>294548 , >>299214
>people repost his content to hate on it, Terry is sad the haters didn't credit him when reposting >>289421
>Terry complaining about cousin asking for money again >>290713 , >>292097 , >>292182
>airline briefly loses his luggage and he has a full breakdown about wanting to quit cosplay >>290813 , >>290844 , >>290855 , >>290892 , >>290893 , >>291511 , >>291847
>"everyone loves me!" >>289453 , >>292058 , >>298017 , >>300643
>lying about clothing size and height >>293531 , >>301966
>Terry becomes unsatisfied in his entry level, 6 figure job and begins applying for something new >>294597 , >>295203 , >>295511 , >>295822 , >>295880 , (actually this goes on for the last 25% of the thread so I'm not linking them all)
>admitting his job is easy and his degree is actually a two year degree >>295229
>swearing 2023 is the last year he travels for cons >>295389 , >>295460 , >>300491
>still bitching about colossalcon >>295754 , >>295857 , >>299298
>bragging about getting 300+ hours of PTO every year >>297774
>realizing he has no real friends >>297912 , >>298425 , >>300304
>interprets a mundane message as a love note from a coworker >>299501 , >>299504
>no more loaning cosplays and props >>300597
>his cousin (not the one asking for money) dies, he refuses to attend funeral >>301866 , >>302201

No. 303394

Got bless you nonny for the new thread!

No. 303430

As someone who only knows Terry through these threads, I was wondering if he visits the vendors and panels at cons or does he spend all of his time loitering in the lobby waiting for someone to take his picture?

No. 303455

File: 1689602876605.png (4.32 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7050.png)

Oh noes there’s been no overtime!

Bless you for the new thread.

No. 303457

>>303430 He doesn’t do any events at cons. He’ll tease maybe going to a con concert or other adjacent event, “Maybe I do this”, but never actually goes because he prefers trying to meet up with people to feed his ego. I’ve never seen him even mention a panel. He doesn’t really buy merch at cons either and I’ve never seen him post about any artist alley finds. I’ve spotted him at a couple dozen events in the last decade, never seen him genuinely hanging out with anyone, and if he is talking to someone, he only talks about himself. He’s always just running around with that bow-legged shuffle and stopping periodically to check his phone and scan the crowd for people he might know.

No. 303461

Why is he apologizing for not buying a new cosplay? He has more cosplays than anyone I know. Most never worn to a con.

Bless anon for making this thread

No. 303480

File: 1689635379162.jpeg (173.12 KB, 828x505, IMG_0288.jpeg)

I was waiting for someone to make this thread so we can discuss this post in which Terry admitted he doesn’t even wash his face regularly, only sometimes with a product that leaves his skin dry (we can tell), doesn’t use any sort of moisturizers and doesn’t change his sheets until they start to stink

No. 303486

i will give him two weeks. Calling it. He's going to buy a new cosplay before otakon or the week after otakon at the latest.

No. 303494

terry posting a character from enstars skeeves me out considering it's an idol game with a mostly young female audience

No. 303496

dirty mofo just admitted he only washes his face sometimes. wow

No. 303497

>He’s always just running around with that bow-legged shuffle and stopping periodically to check his phone and scan the crowd for people he might know.
not the bow-legged shuffle lmao

Doesnt this idiot have 10 genshin impact cosplays alone?

No. 303509

File: 1689657976200.jpeg (121.37 KB, 1284x411, IMG_7163.jpeg)

Someone actually wants his clunky stuff?

No. 303512

That's depressing. I can't imagine spending all that money to go to cons and do nothing interesting. I just don't understand it.

No. 303531

He’s getting shit for it but he is doing what most female cosplayers do at cons: photoshoots and selfies. Terry does a lot of weird shit but this ain’t it.

No. 303535

He’s getting shit for it because that’s literally the only thing he does. Obviously other cosplayers take selfies and do photoshoots, but they also check out the rest of the con and they do it with friends. Terry doesn’t have friends. The few people who seem to want to be friends with him don’t fit his criteria of being under 25, light skinned, and female. So yeah people are going to give him shit for scanning crowds looking for people half his age to bother

No. 303536

This post and the comments on it were crazy. That picture he commented with the close up of his nasty, dry, scarred up cheeks was disgusting. I can’t find the post anymore but if someone else can maybe you can post the picture here. Or maybe not because it was grotesque

No. 303551

I think if someone can find it, they should post it with a spoiler. Also if anyone has caps from the 2 weeks between this thread and the last please share!

No. 303571

I have met/chatted/selfie'd with him a few times over the years. The conversation is usually quite brief, we take a photo, he wants to talk about makeup for a few minutes, and then usually cuts the interaction short saying he has a friend to go meetup with. Genuinely have not seen him at cons outside of the main "cosplay" areas.

No. 303575

File: 1689719690278.jpeg (Spoiler Image,470 KB, 1170x1161, IMG_3461.jpeg)

Here’s the photo he posted in the comments of his lizard skin

No. 303576

Ew. I bet it looks like that because he doesn’t change his razor blade as often as he should and we all know he definitely isn’t moisturizing. Thanks for tracking the photo down nonny I’ll probably have nightmares about this from zooming in too close

No. 303582

The acne, the razor burn, the ingrown hairs, the dry skin… so nasty

No. 303587


As someone who suffers from acne myself I can’t believe he doesn’t have an skincare routine with how self centered he is. His might be more razor burn bc nonny above is prob right about not changing out his razor blade enough. Bet he also leaves it in the shower for it to collect bacteria. I’m surprised he even shared the photo.

No. 303591

He’s self centered, but sometimes narcissists think they’re so perfect that they don’t need to change a thing about themselves. He’s also pretty averse to anything health related (doctors, hospitals, healthy food, exercise) so I guess it does kind of track for him to not have a skincare routine. That being said, I was still shocked to read he doesn’t regularly wash his face

No. 303610

Wtf was he expecting??? People to comment that his skin isn't bad? Christ go switch your razor, get some aftershave, and learn to exfoliate your skin

No. 303684

File: 1689845107136.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1686, IMG_7200.jpeg)

Pretty sure his skills are regressing as this shit is super clunky and lumpy.

No. 303703

I get that sora basically wears clown shoes, but these are still terrible. Why are they so lumpy?

No. 303707

File: 1689872558807.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x2286, IMG_7210.jpeg)

Wall o text

No. 303709

7 cosplays is a little overkill?(sage your shit)

No. 303712

>Do I feel comfortable with their quality to bring
He is so weird. What quality? Stuff he buys rips after one wear, and what he does make is lumpy and gross.

No. 303714

Seven cosplays for a 3 day con ain’t enough and he’s stressing on the SPARE cosplay? His thought process on the spare is so ridiculous my brain hurts from reading it.

Has his writing gotten worse during the last couple years? I can’t tell if it’s laziness or health issues, but his wall of text is full of typos he could’ve easily fixed.

No. 303716

Idek where to begin with this post. He lists 15 different unworn cosplays in this post alone. Totally tone deaf/spoiled. So many people around him are just scraping by and he’s complaining that his current hoard of unworn cosplays isn’t enough? And why tf is he so against the idea of rewearing cosplays? I wonder how many cosplays he has in his massive house that he’s never going to wear again. I also find it weird that he thinks he can’t wear an otherwise finished cosplay without circle lenses

No. 303724


Would love to see the comments on this. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 303731

his Yuffie is reminding me of this

No. 303732

File: 1689886266742.jpg (18.03 KB, 220x329, peterpan.jpg)

forgot pic i am dumb

No. 303742

Don't do my homie Randy like that…

No. 303745

File: 1689903785828.jpg (270.7 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20230720-194219_Ins…)

OK when has he ever worn clothes like this in public??? Even if he was a genuine queer man, he has 0 fashion sense. This look is awful.

No. 303747

What a liar and clout chaser. He mostly wears jeans, anime t shirts and pants. He only wore shit like this once. Dude has no fashion sense.

No. 303758

Yeah he wishes that was his style. He’s obsessed with young white/Asian cosplay girls who actually wear this stuff out of cosplay. He wants to skinwalk them so badly, but he’s never actually worn a full outfit like this out in public

No. 303791

I think he's worn this at least once, and this picture is from that one time lol

No. 303796

He really pulled and folded those teen girl shorts as high as he possibly could, huh. It's amazing how he just can't even fathom that he's at least being inappropriate when looks like a straight up predator.

No. 303846

I agree with the other anon. He was really into this fashion last summer but only worn it outside one time. Strangely it's still his profile photo

No. 303939

I'm surprised. He actually haven't bought any cosplay since. but he did buy a new game. thought he's concrunching and don't have time?

No. 303951

What exactly does he do at Round 1? He goes to the arcade twice a week and always just walk around aimlessly.

No. 303960

Allegedly to play games like DDR or whatever is similar

No. 303978

File: 1690153650127.jpeg (245.36 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_4871.jpeg)

Vash Let me speak to the manager stampede

No. 303999

He looks so bad. I know this version of Vash is the flavor of the month but I've seen so many great ones who actually make the arm and have fantastic wigs. He looks a mess.

No. 304000

Holy shit that wig is so bad. Does he think that actually looks good??

No. 304114

Jesus Christ with how much $ he has you’d think he’d be doing the works to keep his skin looking young and vibrant. Full course of skincare, laser treatments, exfoliation etc. this picture nearly made me throw up.

No. 304129

Those would require him going to the doctor, which he won’t after being SA’ed by one when he was younger

No. 304146

It wouldn't tbh, just drinking water, eating healthy, 30 minutes of exercise a day and some form of a skincare routine would do this guy a world of difference

No. 304178

The crazy part is doesn’t even need to go to the doctor he just needs some face wash and lotion

No. 304273

and to stop using dish soap as bodywash

No. 304379

File: 1690519847382.jpg (425.14 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20230727-225102_Ins…)

Lol there you go. Selfies mean everything to this loser.

No. 304381

what does he even do with all these selfies?

No. 304390

File: 1690543567528.jpeg (344.5 KB, 1592x874, IMG_7283.jpeg)

Why does he always look like a creep?

No. 304394

post them and get likes. he's a simple man

No. 304450

Keep them like trophy for when someone dies or get famous. He can have proof that he knows them and that they are friends. It all clout even if not everyone in those 39 photos ever become anyone importance. With the added benefits of shoving his face into white gen z faces.

No. 304465

File: 1690672016857.jpeg (250.63 KB, 853x1184, IMG_7301.jpeg)


No. 304471

I hate when people say Terry's garbage Miccostumes cosplays are amazing. I know that they're just being polite bc he's probably just llurking over their shoulder, making sure they tag him, but still.

No. 304473

I had the same thought when I read that. Like he pulled every part of that cosplay out of bags shipped from Chinese sweatshops

No. 304475

To be fair, 99% of cosplayers these days buy their costumes from taobao/AliExpress/Amazon, so of course they’re going to say others doing the same thing are “amazing” because they think they’re just as amazing in their costume that still has the fold lines from being shipped from China. Do you think that chick in the picture made anything on her costume? These no skill social climbers are all just circle jerking about their shitty bought costumes.

No. 304480

Her costume is literally the shitty Iron Mouse cosplay from Miccostumes

No. 304481

File: 1690734789486.jpg (299.87 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20230730-103110_Ins…)

At 113am old gent Terrence went to bed! His stories show him out late having oh so much fun! A million selfies and dancing alone is the best!

Really though this con report is going to be praise and less whines for sure.

No. 304493

I thought he was was cosplaying the villain from Princess and the frog for a moment.

No. 304502

OK, but in all honesty, that's probably the one cosplay Terry COULD actually pull off with as goofy as he looks.

No. 304510

That weird creepy smile god!

No. 304523

File: 1690806927095.jpeg (676.24 KB, 1284x1551, IMG_7312.jpeg)

No. 304524

File: 1690809929646.jpg (199.35 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20230731_092338_Fac…)

I hate when he does shit like this with his tongue. Gross!(not milky, so sage)

No. 304525

I know he only wear most of his cosplay once, but I have a feeling dehya won’t ever get fix and never worn again because it remind him he is black.

Me too. It make my skin crawl when I see him wiggle it around while staring directly into the camera with his unblinking eyes.

No. 304528

Why does it bother you so much nonnie? He’s just being young, vibrant, and quirky like all the other cosplayers his age

No. 304533

It's a jump scare

No. 304569

File: 1690898826856.jpeg (316.47 KB, 1284x2322, IMG_7323.jpeg)

Sir kindly F off of XIV you fuckin poser

No. 304585

Probably just posting cuz he saw people talking about fanfest this past weekend. I doubt anyone in the community would give him the time of day.

No. 304588

God damn. I recently found out about this guy via this thread and he’s lonely as fuck. Kind of hilarious considering how narcissistic he is

No. 304619

I saw Terry a couple times this weekend and he was wandering around alone as usual. I’m sure nobody is shocked by that since it’s typical for him but it’s just funny how he’s talking about he took so many selfies, and this was his best con of the year yet he still has nobody to hang out with for an extended period of time.

No. 304620

Yes, Terry, go ahead and waste money on a cosplay with a bunch of accessories that can(will) easily fall off so you can have a big baby bitch fit over on facebook afterwards. Terry just lives his life on repeat.

No. 304645

File: 1690991985017.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x1578, IMG_7348.jpeg)

The photog did him no favors

No. 304647

File: 1690992366154.png (Spoiler Image,7.2 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_2892.png)


Holy shit nonny good find. You can really see how dark Terry actually is and just how painfully unhealthy he really looks. Spoiler for jump skeer lol.

No. 304648

File: 1690992662637.jpeg (Spoiler Image,671.73 KB, 2048x2048, 06FEE864-CA41-43C9-B9AF-AE6F67…)

Samefag but I was going thru his tagged photos and noticed he posted one on his feed with his egregious edits. Photog’s is on the left, and his is on the right. His makeup is so muddy that the smoothing effect just made jt worse.

No. 304652

Eh, I wouldn't fault him for this edit to be honest. He didn't change his face or body shape, just smoothed the lighting on his face. I would edit my own post like this too, that low angle lighting isn't flattering on anyone.

This one however is a lost cause. It's extremely obvious how rectangular his face is and how he put his cheap Chinese plastic costume on incorrectly. Photog gets a thumbs down from me too, this angle is horrific. Why would either of them post this?

No. 304654

Kind of felt bad for terry on this one. Checked out this photographer’s work and he’s really into unflattering angles and bad editing. Why’s everything blue? Eww

No. 304660

If you cut off the head, the rest of the photo is pretty okay. He's just not photogenic in the face at all.

No. 304662

The are trying to give it a slight aged look. This is like throwing XXpro or Velencia on Instagram over the photos. usually smooths out imperfections because the color correcting, so like discoloration gets fixed. It's not a 100% fix, but you'll find tons of people doing this to their photos. Usually in photoshop the easiest way to do it is a layer over the photo in a normal hued blue, not light or dark, but like basic blue. Then you throw it under "exclusion" for layer type and you reduce it all the way down to like 5% opacity. That's why you see so much sapia tone or slight blue to photos. It's not just messing with curves.

No. 304673

File: 1691010885363.jpeg (155.22 KB, 1284x363, IMG_7354.jpeg)

Sir what happened to the shorts from F21?

No. 304677

He spends enough time loitering at the mall you would think he'd know the names of literally any chain store that sells shorts. Just go to Old Navy, Terry. It's not that complicated.

No. 304679

He's probably hoping some zoomer girl will reach out to take him shopping.

No. 304683


His intention is pretty clear. >>304679
Got it. Just like his convention polls. He seem pretty dead set at going to San Japan but still make multiple polls a month about which con to go to just to get zoomers to reach out to him

No. 304713

>way too big on me
Ew, anorexic men are so particularly disgusting.

No. 304734

File: 1691150311214.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2353, IMG_7400.jpeg)

Wonder which zoomer asked him for money… Also, if you didn’t buy so many cosplays from China then you would have more cash to cover these bills Terry.

No. 304736

>I’m not made of money RIGHT NOW.

I really have no idea how this man lives to 41 yo and never learned how to manage his money. He’s struggling simply because his appliances broke. Imagine a real emergency.

No. 304742

File: 1691161198669.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_7401.jpeg)

Those aren’t abs

No. 304754

Eww. I saw him at otakon and he just looked unwell. I hope he got his eating disorder treated because he’s now 40+ and losing weight on a fried chicken diet is not good

No. 304755

Terry you would need to do more than sit at your computer playing video games and aliexpress to get abs

No. 304757

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some mundane situation where a zoomer was hungry and asked to borrow a couple bucks

> 41 yo
I thought he was still 40? Isn’t his birthday in September?

Does Terry seriously think you can get abs without ever once exercising?

No. 304767

Ah, yes, I too have "abs". Also, his head looks abnormally long.

No. 304804

Those are ribs Terry

No. 304809

It’s so weird to watch his zoomer fans praising him on Facebook. How can people think this is healthy

No. 304824

File: 1691315627410.png (3.62 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7418.png)

Cause you’re trying to fit in with Sooners when your age shows.

No. 304829

File: 1691319750492.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x2246, IMG_7419.jpeg)

Did you not just say you were struggling financially?

No. 304833

I mean, he’s not wrong. Photographers often do choose to shoot young, pretty girls regardless of the quality of their costumes. It does suck for those who aren’t as attractive and but make impressive costumes. The thing is though, Terry doesn’t have impressive costumes. He buys cheap China shit, generally the same shit those young girls are wearing, but it doesn’t fit him well and he’s a man. Unless you’re super androgynous, a an is not going to look good cosplaying a girl. They should do it if they love the character, but they need to recognize that they’re not gonna look as a most girls, even if they’re super attractive but look like a man. Terry can’t seem to accept that his costumes are not impressive, he’s not super attractive, and he should cosplay characters because he actually likes them, not just the flavor of the month. Im sure there are racist photographers who don’t shoot him because of race, but I think it probably has way more to do with crappy bought costumes and looking like a man in bad drag.

No. 304842

He seemed to forget that photographers and cosplayers at his local cons tend to know him personally and can’t avoid him. People in ALA don’t need to worry about old man terry cancelling him from across the country

Seen stories from his pool party? Did a zoomer make fun of his phone? Him buying a new phone is very odd.

No. 304843

Let's be real, would you rather photograph the young zoomer girl who probably looks decent enough, or the bag-lady lookin ass 40 year old man in drag?

No. 304845

finally. His videos were so shaky they were vomit inducing. hopefully his videos will now be more watchable as he wander arcades alone on a weekday

No. 304850

Nta, but objectively he is right. Even if he was white and a girl, his age would get him overlooked too.

No. 304852

this guy needs to be more self aware. Complains about creepy photographers lining up for young white women while himself is a big offender. Just look at his selfies. Mostly young, white women. rarely with anyone that resembles him (old male)

No. 304854

1. You're a whole ass man

2. Welcome to cosplay. Photographers only take pictures of cute/sexy girls unless you book them. Stop being entitled because you're used to a few local spergs shooting you because you're a POC

His panning videos at cons are gonna be shaky still. Android video don't work well on IG vs Apple (blame IG for that)

No. 304865

does he have dementia or schizophrenia? Not even 2 days since he complained about money, he bought a new phone. some bags he really doesn't need. shit ton of anime shirts. and now booking flights for sakuracon. mind you he hated sakuracon this year. it upsets me that this piece of shit human has so much money while many people are suffering

No. 304868

Lol love how he lacks any kind of self-awareness whatsoever. The only people he goes out of his way to interact with are those same young light skinned girls he’s talking about. He also doesn’t make his cosplays and the accessories he does make are all terrible because he doesn’t take the time to develop skills. Why would a photographer choose to shoot an old man (who looks like an old man) dressed as a woman in a thrown together cosplay when there’s a hot girl who looks well put together right next to him?

I just want to add that I HATE his entitled attitude. No one is owed free photoshoots. If you want pics Terry, stop being a cheap ass who devalues the work of photographers and actually BOOK ONE!

No. 304869

>Seen stories from his pool party?
>some bags he really doesn't need. shit ton of anime shirts. and now booking flights for sakuracon
Can you guys post screenshots? Some of us aren’t friends with him on social media

No. 304870

Anon, you're the real one exposing the posts he only shows to his Close Friends list

No. 304872

Is he genuinely retarded or new to life? female cosplayers in skimpy outfits are always gonna garner more attention. Back in the early 2000s, ballgowns, no matter how shoddily made got a ton of attention too. Terry is sounding like an old man yelling at clouds.

No. 304873

he posted the bags in his public instagram. it's really nothing interesting. yesterday he posted a photo of an empty pool with a caption of "actually at a pool party today lol" I was hoping he has more interesting milk in his closed friends feed

No. 304876

He’s kind of right that young skinny white/asian girls get the most attention but also… photographers shoot people who suit their cosplay. If he cosplayed a darker skinned adult male character (which he never does) he would automatically pull it better than another demographic could and photographers would give him a lot of attention. He doesn’t look good in the cosplays he wears because he doesn’t look anything like his characters. I’m not saying you can only cosplay characters that look like you, but if you cosplay one that doesn’t look like you then unfortunately it won’t be as well received

No. 304879

Zero self-awareness. This is exactly the same thing he does when he chooses who to take selfies with

No. 304881

He’s still uploading pictures to his Otakon selfies album and guess what demographic are featured in most of them. Pretty, feminine, lighter skinned (mostly East Asian or white but there’s also a good few lighter Black/South Asian/Latina/etc) girls who are mostly younger than him. I mean it would be a lie to say they all fall under that category but a large majority of them do. It’s very bizarre how he doesn’t even realize

No. 304886

I hope he crosspost this to Facebook and someone call him out on this. He’s worse than the photographers he’s complaining about!

No. 304903

File: 1691422369667.jpg (993.5 KB, 1080x1853, Screenshot_20230807_103511_Gal…)

I'm not friends with him on FB but color me surprised when I saw him post in the San Japan group asking people to demand he wear certain cosplays. Lots of people in the comments saying to just wear something comfortable/cool (it gets very hot an humid since the con is on the riverwalk) and he's just spamming his shooped Genshin selfies.

No. 304911

I always find it so strange and annoying how he writes THEY/THEM in all caps every single time

No. 304915

FUCK him for picking any character that women like. I seriously hate the fact that he thinks he wants to cosplay a character like Ruggie from Twisted Wonderland, this asshole probably only picked him because of the meme that Elon Muskrat posted.
Plus, how funny that he’s picking a pale character (compared to other brown characters in the game) instead of going for something safe like the shopkeeper or the Scarabia boys which means he wouldn’t need to edit his skin so much, which tbh, it shouldn’t even be something he should be thinking about at 40 years old.

No. 304916

Wtf is up with Terry constantly pretending that he doesn’t have money then posting shit like this? He’s bragging about flying all over the country just for cons and then posting a pic that reveals he has 20 cosplays he’s never even worn just sitting around. I’m so sick of him lying about how wealthy he is just so he can try to seem relatable to his broke zoomer followers

No. 304919

shocked he's not rushing to do G'raha or Y'shtola as they're certainly way more popular and recognizable.

No. 305225

File: 1691447860965.jpg (184.98 KB, 1284x2276, 1685634585227.jpeg.jpg)

Still don't understand why he's going to SJ when he booked a room for PAX West just last thread (both cons are the same weekend), but whatever. I'll be ready to get melted-faced old man candids for everyone.

No. 305228

File: 1691455119450.jpeg (449.38 KB, 1284x2311, IMG_7433.jpeg)

Begging for pity again

No. 305230

File: 1691460183674.jpeg (629.07 KB, 1284x2358, IMG_7436.jpeg)

Wut did he have a brain fart again?

No. 305231

This narcissistic trash really chose which con to go based on these photographers are going? Not his friends. Not the con themselves. Not the panels/guests

Fucking photographers. Who he hounds for photos

I’m so done with this clown

No. 305237

terry has enough credit he just book every hotel he can get his hands on. in the next story he broguht up momocon, acen, and wondercon. I bet he will have a room for all three cons

No. 305239

>Momo or Acen
But both of those cons are in May Terry??

And if I were on that photographer list I would be majorly weirded out and avoid him.

No. 305242

typical terry nonsense. he mentioned wondercon in the next paragraph so the other con is probably weebcon. I know dtjaaaam and flannel ninja went this year. No idea who JC or Justin is.

No. 305249

I hope he goes and none of those photogs take photos of him. Terry could always PAY for a photoshoot, where they have a small percent chance at making him actually look good, but we know he would never. He has more important things to spend money on, like cosplays he'll wear once, games he won't play, and chicken nuggets.

No. 305250

I think Justin is supposed to be Justin Pineda. He does con videos

It’s sad that he’s so obsessed with having his photo taken, but has so little respect for photographers that he would never pay one. We all know he could afford it too

No. 305252

Never met Justin Pineda but I remember he was called out last youmacon for excluding black people at a city full of black people (Detroit). Since then he has added more POC people aside from his token cosplayer that’s Krissy Victory. Looks like Justin and Terry has a mutually benefiting relationship. Justin meets his POC quota and Terry gets videos of his shitty cosplays.

No. 305257

File: 1691510555171.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2255, IMG_7438.jpeg)

I hope he goes broke

No. 305272

Why does he need to build up Marriott room nights? What does he get for those? He collecting them like he collects cosplays and video games. All he does is buy things and then flex. I’m

No. 305273

Nta but more nights means more points which you trade in for free nights. So he's just spending the same amount of money he would be just. Going to a con. It's not a horribly good deal tbh.

No. 305305

I love how all his "friends" are just people he traps in conversation who politely say 'yeah, we should totally hang out sometime' but actually have 0 intentions of interacting with him lmao. Besides that one girl he stalked at the mall that was like an hour away, when has he ever hung out with anyone?

No. 305308

File: 1691536716952.jpeg (508.32 KB, 1283x2002, IMG_7439.jpeg)

Starvation is not improving eating habits

No. 305309

Terry, those are your ribs. You're starving yourself, which is not good!

No. 305313

I don’t know how old the left photo is but his face has changed so much. It’s like he has aged 10 years. I hope his friends will actually help him instead of giving the standard “you look amazing” praises.

No. 305314

Didn’t he just had money problem a week or two ago? He needs to stick with one narrative because it’s pissing me off that he consistently goes from “I’m broke” to “look at me flexing by buying random shit”

No. 305324

He claims to be going to SJ as his first Texas con, but he went to A-Kon and Animefest multiple times before the pandemic. I remember shoving through him and a group of his shills one Animefest because they were blocking the skybridge.

No. 305329

I wonder how long it's gonna take him to realize that he can't literally be in two places at once. Which con do you think he'll actually show up to? Has he mentioned buying flights for either PAX or San Japan yet or just the PAX hotel?

No. 305330


Love how he thinks all us ladies have baby smooth skin and that cosplaying women well requires a snow app face complex. That’s not his problem. His problem lies in the poor life choices he makes that cause his mental and physical health to suffer.

LMAO this is such a creepy thing to say. He only wants pics from DTJ bc David is one of the few photogs that take beautiful hallway shots.

No. 305337

This must be super creepy to those photographers. I’m seeing some of his regular photographers missing from the list. I’m going to forward this to them and I bet they’re going to be pissed off!(cowtipping)

No. 305350

File: 1691603679998.jpeg (739.83 KB, 1284x1529, IMG_7441.jpeg)

I’m pretty sure you eat a lot of empty calories sir.

No. 305354


All these cosplayers are stuck in 2014 and treat Facebook like Tumblr. Don't walk on eggshells when talking about your weight.

No. 305355

All he talks about eating is chicken tenders and subway brand white cupcakes. He's shown off his groceries multiple times before and it's all junk without a vegetable in sight.

No. 305366

File: 1691618659821.jpeg (722.82 KB, 1284x1725, IMG_7443.jpeg)

This anime is mostly about sex… of course you would like it Terry

No. 305369

kek and Stocking eats sweets constantly and more than one episode is about her being a fatass, fitting.

No. 305380

This cannot be the same individual who just 2 days ago was saying he doesn’t want to cosplay female characters anymore

No. 305381

All he did was cut back on how much fried food and sugary drinks he was binge eating? No vegetables, or core exercises? If all it took to get abs was eating less KFC we’d all have them, Terrance. Your only definition is your ribs sticking out.

No. 305396

I simply can’t understand how a 40 yo self claiming “asexual non-binary THEY” would freaking love this anime.

We know he just wants to cosplay as stocking so he can do those disgusting licking tiktoks

No. 305408

File: 1691659203997.jpeg (865.23 KB, 1284x2256, IMG_7444.jpeg)

Those poor employees. I am sure Terry will go to try to flex how cool he is.

No. 305414

You have to learn to paint first, Terry. But who am I kidding, he's one of those people that think that buying the expensive products is the magical ingredient to make his stuff look good vs building up your talent through the basic items first, then upgrading if you need as you go.

No. 305428

I don’t know Terry I’ve only seen him at cons. These threads are pretty bad. If he is as bad as you guys make him out to be. Why do people hang out with him an events or take photos with him? We get it he has serious issues. But making 8 lolcow threads is just making it worse. How do you know he doesn’t look at these everyday and breaks down crying? It’s not right. I’m not sticking up for him. Or agreeing with anything he’s done the guy needs help and tbh I feel really bad.(unsaged whiteknighting newfag)

No. 305431

Sage your fucking blog, wk

No. 305433

Is he posting this because all the area crafters shared it? He uses the same grade school level supplies for all his props and I just can’t see him having heard of or use these products.

No. 305448

I’ve spoken to this guy a few times. Only hi bye kinda stuff. Why do so many people take photos with him? What’s so special about him?

It makes me wonder. Not saying any names but I have a friend who hosts some cosplay gatherings. She’s awesome very talented crafts her own costumes. He’s in photos with her. They sometimes hang out at events. Not the entire time but you know how Terry is.

Their are a few cosplayers Terry talks to that I get sketchy vibes from. I don’t want to be the guy saying names. After a while you’d think why would anyone want to associate with him?

Does anyone else here know of any cosplayers he associates with? Anyone feel that they’re con creepers?(learn to sage)

No. 305453

He sits on his phone literally messaging masses of people who are going to the cons to arrange to take photos with them, it's kinda a brute force thing rather than a reflection of people liking him or him being popular. Nobody ever hangs out with him, imagine going to so many cons and having so many contacts and not one person wants to be your actual buddy

No. 305457

File: 1691695118159.jpg (101.04 KB, 980x520, Screenshot_20230810_151813_Fac…)

But you flaunt your wealth all the time, Terry. You buy "x" amount of cosplays and games every month. I'm not even surprised when people ask him for money.

No. 305458

File: 1691695258742.jpg (86.44 KB, 1015x312, Screenshot_20230810_152040_Fac…)

Also, you do not have too many bills if you are buying so many cosplays per month. Maybe concentrate on getting your house fixed before continuing your clout chasing.

No. 305461

Do people really beg him for money this often? Or does he just see people promoting their gofundmes on sm and his narc ass believes they're aimed straight at him? Or is it just another one of his weird, made-up flexes?

No. 305464

I’m really struggling to understand this. If they’re new people, I just don’t see people doing that. If they’re people terry knew for a while, they have to know he fussing like giving out money. He post about it every couple months.

Is he making this up so people will think he’s more popular?

No. 305481

>It’s like he has aged 10 years
That’s exactly what anorexia does if you still have it in adulthood. It horribly ages your face and there’s no reversing that

No. 305485

Why is his house always falling apart?? Like isn’t his house somewhat new? Wtf is this bitch throwing rocks in his garbage disposal?

No. 305493

his townhouse is not new. probably 20 years old. a lot of the appliances are original according to him

No. 305495

I did not know that. Thank you. I googled this afterward and I am learning so much. I hope his true friends will have a talk with him. I despise him but he really need to get help or he’s not going to last long

No. 305498


The thing is he doesn’t actually hang out with anyone. He just finds the people he can take selfies with for clout. Every time I see him at a con he just wonders about by himself aimlessly like a lost dog. I’ve taken one selfie with him at Holmat a couple years ago, and after that it was a quick 2 second convo before he was off again.

No. 305499

That’s exactly how I feel as well. I can’t stand him as he is now, but I still don’t wish him any harm and hope he gets better both health wise and as a person

No. 305502

I doubt he ever will. His clout chasing and his "fans" for who he calls his friends will constantly feed his ego. He needs to talk to a therapist, especially since his personality has changed over the years.

No. 305508

It’s really hard to take his statuses seriously when not even a day after posting this he asked people which Stocking cosplay to buy. Terry, you have dozens of cosplays you haven’t worn and you just told people you’re broke!

It’s really hard to feel bad for this guy when he’s such an asshole.

No. 305516

File: 1691770498024.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x2033, IMG_7449.jpeg)

So you admit to have be bullshitting about not cosplaying more females.

No. 305518

I would consider a month old (anime expo) to be a recent photo. This photographer just managed to edit better than the others.

Notice terry never credit the photographers in his stories. He just use them for clout

No. 305522


Terry, nobody owes you photos! For once, why don't you go and book shoots and actually support photographers businesses. You have a lot of money so I don't want to hear your excuse of being poor. You really think photographers are going to take pity on you for pics just cause of your race and sexuality?? This is a sad excuse to get free photos.

No. 305526

that's the problem with a lot of the Black cosplayers. they demands to be photographed even though their cosplays are bottom tier. take terry for example, his cosplays are usually poorly put on and his props look like art projects by school children.(racebaiting)

No. 305558

Plenty of white and asian cosplayers have this same problem though. That’s really not race related, cosplayers are just entitled and like have pictures of themselves taken

No. 305562

File: 1691803418618.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1604, IMG_7453.jpeg)

So cute Terry

No. 305571

Did he cut it with a fucking weedwacker

No. 305578

What the absolute fuck did he do to that wig? It looks like it’s been deep fried then hacked to pieces with a knife. Someone please put that wig out of its misery

No. 305588

I haven't seen Evangelion in a good while, but I don't remember Asuka looking like she let a 3 year old cut her hair with craft scissors.

No. 305592

i think he's trying to imitate how the younger crowd do their wigs but just failing miserably. i wish i'm at that local con to witness this train wreck in person

No. 305594

I'm no wig expert but this actually made me laugh out loud

No. 305595

where is he even wearing this garbage wig to?

No. 305599

Station unity

No. 305603

File: 1691858928807.jpeg (501.98 KB, 1284x2255, IMG_7455.jpeg)

Ain’t he beautiful

No. 305605

what a disaster. I feel bad for all the photographers he's going to corner and beg for photos today

No. 305620

ofc he's going there. That con was nearly empty last year and i saw maybe 4 cosplayers tops. No panels. nothing happened. He's going there because there is zero competition and he'll be spot lighted as a brave black male cosplayer doing female characters. I swear that con is a money laundering scheme for Katsucon since it's ran by the same staff.

No. 305641

File: 1691886015654.jpeg (467.6 KB, 1284x2243, IMG_7458.jpeg)

He’s such a pretty girl!

No. 305643

using white and asian cosplayer makeup techniques just makes him look endlessly ashy

No. 305644

Why does he do makeup like this? It just looks odd

No. 305645

File: 1691888423902.jpeg (335.19 KB, 1284x1051, IMG_7459.jpeg)

No. 305647

This is such a lie. First of all, nobody talks like that so we already know nobody said that. Second of all, he’s not beautiful in any way. And third of all, even if he somehow did manage to actually look feminine, nobody is referring to this middle aged person as a “girl”. I just can’t believe he actually thinks anyone would believe this lie

No. 305648

the avon ladies were probably excited to see a middle age man in drag. Terry is so delusional.

No. 305650

Likely a flat out lie, but otherwise I'd assume that he was standing next to a zoomer girl and they were actually talking about her.

No. 305670

File: 1691919171146.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x2262, IMG_7460.jpeg)

You live near metro you could just metro to station unity you oxymoron

No. 305683

Omg I never knew he had a kingdom hearts bedspread made for children
Also lol at him spending tens of thousands of dollars on anime cons each year but won't stoop to paying $20 for parking

No. 305685

I swear he tries to poor larp to try and be "relatable" to the zoomers, but it makes him seem like such a pretentious fuckhead when he legit drops thousands on cons, cosplays, and games without a single thought. Something most people, let alone his younger "friends", could never do without some serious forethought and saving.

No. 305686

For $24 he could be at the con all day and shoot with all the photographers there. Yet he’s too cheap and only stayed for 1.5 hours. He went again today and just posted a bunch of spin around videos. He’s not right in the head

No. 305689

He’s so cheap I bet he didn’t even buy a badge! I don’t know why he’s pretending $20 is nothing to him. Pick a lane. You either flex your wealth or live the poor fag life. You can’t choose both

No. 305694

File: 1691957432125.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x2026, IMG_7464.jpeg)

Why the white eyeliner for the male GG character?

No. 305697

File: 1691960004299.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2081, IMG_7466.jpeg)

Sir… you seriously have the skills of a beginner

No. 305703

File: 1691970088305.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_7467.jpeg)

More woe is me about a zoomer

No. 305713

It really creeped me out that all these “close friends” are basically zoomers he stalked at cons and took selfies with. That’s the level of friendship he’s maintaining. I bet most of his followers didn’t know that

No. 305751

Would have never guessed these were Ichigo’s boots. These bootcovers look like something a child playing an elf would wear in the Christmas school play. So cheap.
>beautiful girl
He’s starting to larp like those trannies on reddit.

No. 305755

How tf does this guy never have any real life issues come up? As in he is at every single event! He never has to attend a wedding. He never has a funeral to attend. He never loses his job or starts a new one. He never is sick and is unable to attend the event. How do people like that exist? Do they not have any responsibility? People like this really bother me and I’m sure they bother most people as well. It’s always that one loser that’s always at the next con. Will this guy ever quit con’s? People would be happier he doesn’t have anything to offer. He’s not a good photographer. He doesn’t sell shit just walks around and takes selfies that’s it and he thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Anyone else have any cosplay stories involving this guy?(sage your shit)

No. 305757

Their was this one guy at Katsucon years ago. Rooming with Terry he goes by the name Arcane Drifter. I don’t know him well, but he gives me creeper vibes just like Terry. And I’ve heard some shit about that guy as well. I don’t understand why anyone would want to associate with any of these cringy individuals. They both talk to a few of my cosplay friends. And I’m honestly fed up with both of them. Does anyone feel the same? They both need to stop attending cons and gtfo. People like this in general shouldn’t be going to anime conventions and deep down people are fed up with them.(sage your shit)

No. 305759

sage goes in the email line. His cousin died and he mentioned he wasn't going to go for various bs reasons. He doesn't care about family and has no friends so there's nothing to conflict with cons.

No. 305762

honestly terry might be onto something… I wonder if a life without friends and family is simpler and more stress-free

No. 305765

File: 1692074347613.jpeg (842.02 KB, 1284x2302, IMG_7480.jpeg)

He’s a freak

No. 305768

File: 1692080377998.png (282.52 KB, 1440x1080, qJydVc9zCE3KUHU9m4Pq0K3SfusOnN…)

No. 305770

Since becoming emaciated, Terry’s started choosing a lot of characters that show off their bellies.
Other than the obvious reason that he’s choosing this character because he’s a pervert that likes cosplaying very young girls, I think Terry is growing too confident showing his nasty ashy body. He’s been going on and on lately about “abs”.

No. 305776

Yuffie: Cute, with simple and clean (lol) make up required.
Terry: No doubt will do sloppy Coconut head in drag.

No. 305779

File: 1692108857282.jpeg (1013.46 KB, 3072x3072, IMG_7776.jpeg)

No. 305795

Whens the onlyfans content(when the sage post?)

No. 305796

Please do not manifest that shit into the world

No. 305807

stop it, manaknight knight. Terry surely would be flattered that you compared him to a white girl

No. 305819

File: 1692201458130.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_7484.jpeg)

Bro has feet shaped like a duck

No. 305820

His makeup looks so bad lmao. He needs to stop following makeup tutorials from white girls

No. 305821

I like how 1/3 of his face is literally white lmfao

No. 305835

holyshit. His makeup looks even worse unedited. It looks like that type of IG makeup people filter the shit out of.

No. 305847

File: 1692239363844.png (37.11 KB, 255x255, Character-Foot-Guy.png)

Kek, Dr Seuss lookin ass feet. His make up though is just a wide awake nightmare, jfc

No. 305850

i really have no idea why he constantly complained about not being feminine enough to cosplay woman yet immediately followed with cos plan for literal children. he needs to go to the doctor and seek help

No. 305852

Seriously! That’s such a pet peeve of mine with those printed bodysuit cosplays. How hard is to buy a pair of matching shoes? I also just find it gross to be walking around a con all day without shoes

No. 305854

I hate this style of zoomer cosplay makeup so much, on anyone, it looks so crusty irl. Terry when will you learn to blend ANYTHING PLEASE!!!??? There’s so many black cosplayers that have lovely tutorials makeup/craft wise, maybe even then Terry might look a bit better

No. 305856

He looks like he has some sort of war paint on lol

No. 305857

And this is how he looked when he was told he was a “beautiful girl” by randos

No. 305861

>so many black cosplayers that have lovely tutorials
True, but Terry would have to stop being in denial about his skin tone before he watched those. Sadly I don’t see that happening anytime soon

No. 305867

If he lied about this, it really makes you wonder if any of his con/work stories are real.

No. 305871

>it really makes you wonder if any of his con/work stories are real
Terry used to say his coworkers were transphobic and homophobic. He changed the work desktop backgrounds to to gay anime art to annoy them, although this story is also questionable. Then suddenly, Terry claimed that his coworkers loves his cosplays, and that he began encountering other they/them’s in the workplace.
There may be grains of truth here and there, like his coworkers being anti-TRA and knowing that he cosplays (and messing with him for it). However, we all know he’s delusional and lies/exaggerates to make his life seem more exciting than it really is.

No. 305872

File: 1692292570220.jpeg (860.61 KB, 1284x2258, IMG_7489.jpeg)

No. 305873

File: 1692292826070.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x2111, IMG_7491.jpeg)

Don’t most “experienced” cosplayers keep notes on how they style wigs?

Maybe Terry was in an enlightened trance that the spirit of Asuka possessed him to make such a horrendous wig.

No. 305875

Well, Terry, from the looks of it, you styled your wig blacked out drunk.

No. 305877

This whole complimenting men pretending to be women needs to stop. There's no way he's telling the truth though. That shitty con, which is a spin off of katsucon is 20 cosplayers max

No. 305878

Why not spike or the other male adult main?

No. 305883

psst. Terry only cosplay young adult/children, or woman.

No. 305885

Yeah there’s no way anyone called him a beautiful girl. I think it’s more likely that he called someone else beautiful and they responded along the lines of “thanks, you too” to be polite

Because then he couldn’t pretend to be a child or show off his stomach

No. 305886


"new makeup techniques"
His makeup looks the same as always when i've seen him at cons.

No. 305888

File: 1692306439508.jpg (170.83 KB, 429x322, TerrybleAsuka.jpg)

You thought "wow" after seeing your photos, but you decided to run it through beauticam still??? lol

No. 305889


Which one is run thru the beauty cam filter. They look the same.(sage your shit)

No. 305891

Good job anon. I didn’t notice. I loled at the terryble file name.

No. 305893

nta but the one on the left is the filtered one. It’s not too heavily edited; he just smoothed his wrinkles around his mouth. He didn’t make himself whiter this time.

No. 305909

File: 1692374537764.png (3.82 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7496.png)

Wonder how many zoomers are on this list

No. 305910

File: 1692374600067.jpeg (2.29 MB, 1284x2266, IMG_7497.jpeg)

Such healthy eating habits this is how he gets his abs guys

No. 305912

So he eats a full box of sugar cereal a week then. So cool, old man. Really showing us how to shop for bargains.

No. 305916

>>30591the Safeway sale is but 2 get 3 free, and they’re 10 oz boxes. So 1 box a week is pretty doable.

Old man terry should be shopping at bulk food instead of buying 10oz boxes. This is hardly a deal. And I would be embarrassed to post this.

No. 305920

Not even a week and a half after talking about how he eats healthier. How can he be this bad at lying?

No. 305921

File: 1692392816566.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2254, IMG_7500.jpeg)

Why is it so crusty sir

No. 305923

File: 1692392922034.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x2152, IMG_7501.jpeg)

He’s not a very good liar

No. 305926

How can he just lie like that and nobody ever call him out on it? I’m starting to wonder if he’s a bad liar or has multiple personality disorder. He constantly posts one thing and immediately contradict it

No. 305929

File: 1692404672581.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1284x1618, IMG_7507.jpeg)

I’m poor guys

No. 305930

These are so fucking ugly, they remind me of bootlegs at swapmeets, does he even use these when he goes out?

No. 305931

He actually walks around with these at cons. Very cringe. I don’t know why old man terry wants to be a zoomed so bad

No. 305944

Parking at a fun cosplay event < ugly preteen backpack. Got it.

The real reason he didn't pay to extend his parking time is he realized that nobody there was going to feed his ego, despite his "everyone called be a beautiful girl and then they all clapped" lie.

No. 305947

I suspect that’s the case. Only that G photog took photos of him. He probably got frustrated and left. Haven’t seen any “pro” photo from Sunday either. How many of these bags does he need? He only use them once every other month during cons.

No. 305948

Are these even popular with zoomers? These look like children backpacks, like preteens. I never seen them at cons but I mostly hang out with the adult crowds there

No. 305954

His bedspread looks like a child's comforter of kingdom hearts and he hangs up promotional images of anime around his house like a teens bedroom. He is dripping with autism.

No. 305959

File: 1692471359345.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_7518.jpeg)

Such a pro photo

No. 305964

I guess to him, eating healthier = eating less. He thinks as long as he's eating less of the junk food, it's somehow healthier.
He needs to shave or pluck his brows. Caking makeup and eyeshadow over them looks really crusty.
This was taken in 2014. It's been nearly a decade since this photo was taken, and Terry hasn't improved at all. If anything, his cosplays have gotten worse since now he puts on scary drag makeup.

No. 305966

This is from almost 10 years ago. The photographer surely has improved a lot and is one of the most popular cosplay photographer around. On the other hand terry’s skills never improved. Like the other anon said, it almost seemed like he went backward with his misuse of bad drag makeup

No. 306012

File: 1692577913983.jpeg (2.45 MB, 1284x2290, IMG_7527.jpeg)

No. 306013

We all know he's going to pick the smallest, most popular one. I don't even have to click his thread to sniff out his posts on the main page anymore, this man is pathetic.

No. 306017

"I would love to try the ones who aren't Robecca or Clawdeen." Ftfy, Terry.

No. 306034

He's just gonna do red eyeshadow, white in the corners of his eyes, and finish it off with a winged eye liner. Maybe he will add a heart or fake lashes as something new.

No. 306063

if this dude does a draculaura cosplay im gonna kms

No. 306066

I know nonna I’m Upset about this kek I don’t want him doing any Monster High looks/cosplay tbh! Creepy Terry go AWAY

No. 306072

Yeah it’s pretty obvious who Terry wants to cosplay as, he is so predictable. I think his second choice would be Frankie, since she’s the “main character”. With the release of G3, unfortunately the higher-ups decided that Frankie would be a they/them, but I’m not sure Terry knows that bit of information. He only looks at what’s popular and doesn’t dig further.
We all know what his intentions are for cosplaying these characters and it is disgusting. He needs to stick with series he likes and not go after things meant for young girls, with intent to chase said young girls. Gross.

No. 306089

File: 1692704271014.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2265, IMG_7535.jpeg)

Colossalcon rant out of left field

No. 306094

>I can see and hear people having fun and that's offensive to me.

What I'm gathering is that he tried to room with a younger crowd and it was a typical con. We've seen his list of room expectations which is essentially 'dont look, breathe, or exist in my room', and now he deems the whole con unsalvageable

No. 306095


Everyone is drinking and having a great time. Instead of taking photos aof a "pro" cosplayer. That's why he won't go.(sage your shit)

No. 306120

did he go to collosalcon tx? could've sworn i saw someone that could've been him idk. im actually really upset that hes going to san japan because he sounds terrible to be around.

No. 306123

>witnessing things I never seen in a weekend
What'd you see terry, women over the age of 25 in a swimsuit? I would expect this type of pearl clutching from a young adult just experiencing the world outside their sheltered bubble for the first time, not a 40 year old man. Who is he to complain it's too expensive, doesn't he still have two cons booked for the same weekend this month?

No. 306126

He just upset that no one want to take a photo of his boney bird chest. He can’t hide his fake breast in a two piece swim suit.

No. 306133

He genuinely looks kind of cute here. A shame he thinks his ashy caked-on drag makeup looks better than this.

No. 306139

This was a decade ago. He was still youthful then. He’s 40 now and haven’t been taking care of himself so he needed that drag makeup to look young again

No. 306177

late to the otakon posting. terry keeps popping up at conventions and scaring the shit out of me. some of my friends post selfies with him but the weirdest thing was seeing him in my otakon hotel's elevator for some reason. not sure if he was with someone, but if he was, they were NOT talking to each other. didn't he stay in the marriot? idk why he was in this other hotel. i recognized the crusty makeup and told my friend we'd wait for the next one.
i also saw his riddle at katsucon and unfortunately complimented him before i realized who it was because i was running through the gazebo area. i think he realizes twisted wonderland is popular with the kids these days, riddle especially. gross.

No. 306186

He stays at the renaissance

No. 306187

I saw his crusty ass at otakon too and avoided him. He's always wondering off alone, looking pathetic

No. 306193

He loves renaissance for some reason. It’s also a Marriott hotel

No. 306199

File: 1692926303390.jpeg (455.25 KB, 1284x2261, IMG_7544.jpeg)

That didn’t stop you before Terry

No. 306206

>more intricate or fancy outfits
was last seen wearing a basic printed Asuka suit with no shoes. Such fancy, much intricate.

No. 306249

Boy what? I've seen him in school uniforms and other simple outfits before. He's just fishing for attention.

No. 306271

File: 1693015431262.jpeg (597.12 KB, 1284x2340, IMG_7548.jpeg)

Do you really think your crusty ass could get another job?

No. 306276

I totally forgot he was mad job searching for one week and a half before giving up. And he thinks he’s manger material. This is too funny. Thanks anon

No. 306280

Jesus Christ I could not imagine Terry as a manager. Not only would he be bad at the job itself, but he would also make everyone around him absolutely miserable

No. 306291


Yea I did a shoot with Justin Pineda Media. Guy was a bit of jerk and elitist prick. Wouldn't want to shoot with him again.(sage your shit)

No. 306292


His Asuka cosplay wasn't great. I saw him wandering alone at AX as well last month.(sage your shit)

No. 306294

Imagine being that age and having no management experience.

No. 306304

Some people dont want to manage, It isnt an age thing. But it's more annoying that he keeps talking about it when he wont do it.

No. 306307

Anyone noticed his markup is almost two distinct shades here? I didn’t notice it before but now he posted more of it, I can’t unsee. His right side (our left) is much lighter than his left side. It shouldn’t be a lighting issue.

No. 306309

Borderline A-logging here, but I hope he gets his wish. I hope he leaves his comfy good paying job that allows him all this time off, and he gets his retarded ass booted into the real world. Literally, he has no real issues outside of he's lonely, but that's his own fault because he's actually insufferable to be around. People have tried to help him/befriend him, but all have failed because the man is stunted by his own ego in regards to learning anything.

No. 306316

Please let this butch quit and look for a new job. I can’t stand this fucker having an easy life and constantly shove it down other people’s. Does he even have any real skills?

No. 306318

Terry also will 100% abuse his manager power and snoop on other employees. Having him as a manager would be a nightmare

No. 306321

I would bet that it’s not because of the outfits. It’s because LycoReco isn’t that mainstream. Cosplaying it wouldn’t garner him that much clout or recognition compared to other shows and games. Sure it has a small pocket of fandom but it’s certainly not as well known as the other things he goes for.

No. 306322

Don’t try to understand the insane mind of terry hall. These are simple but ichigo is fancy or intricate. It’s starting to feel like he’s a different person every day

No. 306326

File: 1693080021555.jpg (238.81 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_20230826_160239_Fac…)

I think Terry needs to read this.

No. 306327

File: 1693081553564.jpeg (517.76 KB, 1284x2278, IMG_7551.jpeg)

So fancy

No. 306335

File: 1693085869597.jpeg (705.57 KB, 800x1202, D5990DC9-878D-48FE-8264-A9CBEB…)

A decade ago, a guy dressing up in a dress would’ve been meant as a joke, like picrel. Now we have Terry, a crusty grown ass man dressing up as a 14-year-old, fully expecting to get told he is “a beautiful girl”.

Don’t get me wrong, both examples are gross, but what Terry is doing is WAY worse.

No. 306337

While I get the sentiment, he works in a high-demand, low-supply field. American engineers are so rare that there's constant importing and churning of engineers from other countries like India and China instead - tech companies would love to have more actual American employees where they don't have to sponsor visas and shit. He would be able to find another high-paying job in this sector very easily.

No. 306351

Gone are the days of Man Faye. it just to be just stupid guys not taking cosplay seriously at all, now we have terry and actual troons taking it way too seriously. It's so creepy.

No. 306361

Did he wear this to the meetup yesterday? ewww can’t believe he walked around in in public dressed up like a 14 yo girl

No. 306375

File: 1693171466769.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2225, IMG_7560.jpeg)

How does this look at all like Shiro-chan?

No. 306377

File: 1693172576391.jpeg (480.38 KB, 1284x2247, IMG_7555.jpeg)

No. 306378

File: 1693172619960.jpeg (442.33 KB, 1284x2298, IMG_7554.jpeg)

Duck feet

No. 306380

> he works in a high-demand, low-supply field. American engineers are so rare that there's constant importing and churning of engineers from other countries like India and China instead - tech companies would love to have more actual American employees where they don't have to sponsor visas and shit. He would be able to find another high-paying job in this sector very easily.

He’s an engineer alright.

No. 306387

i get why terry like this photographer because he always take photos of him, but why would anyone look at this pose and thought "this is good"? It looks like he's pooping

No. 306388

These kinds of posts are more impressive when you're in your 20's, living on your own for the first time.

No. 306389

Literal crickets on facebook. None of his zoomer fans remotely cared about this grown ass man installing a garbage disposal.

No. 306405

So this one photographer goes to like 80 percent of the cons in this area and Terry is always hunting him down. If you look through his ig, he takes the same bad, unedited photos of everyone.

No. 306408

Dude doesn't wanna waste money on booking real photographers but instead hunt down people like this for free photos. How gross can he be!(sage your shit)

No. 306410

Remember this is the man who only stayed a couple hours at a con because he didn’t want to pay parking but would drop money on cosplays he’ll never wear in a heartbeat. Priorities!

No. 306422

I’m from the DMV area, and I always avoid this creep. He always take photos of young girls. never men. I bet terry cornered him and guilt him into shooting him.

No. 306477

File: 1693300993916.jpeg (426.58 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_7567.jpeg)

No. 306478

No one wants to see your fake breasts terry. So yeah, I say take down your post cause your obsession with fake breasts is gross.

No. 306482

Nope, I'm not buying it. I don't believe that that's for your "breast inserts" whatever that means. I don't know what support he needs since his breast plate thing is essentially like a tight shirt. There's nothing to support, you just wear it. I think 200% that Terry bought it to test the waters for a bunny suit.

No. 306486

Anyone noticed he’s on a buying spree again? Not even a month ago he talked about having all the expenses and have to cut down on cosplay and games. Now new cosplays are coming in and he just bought Armored Core VI which he never talked about before. I bet he’s only buying it because everyone is talking about it right now

No. 306487

Please let people shame him like they did with that demon slayer swimsuit that we never see him in a bunny suit. He's probably thinking about all the genshin ones he could buy.

No. 306493

‘Let me know and I’ll take it down’
Yeah fucking right. Seriously would love to see someone out right say how gross he looks. He’d probably make 1000 Facebook posts about how he was being bullied to his zoomer followers hoping they’d kiss his ass and give him sympathy hangouts in trying to prove how woke and accepting they are

No. 306515

please tell me he's not still going to san japan. i mean, it's this weekend, so you think he'd bring it up.

No. 306533

Exactly. Just like that time he asked if he should cosplay a child character and someone told him no you should cosplay more age appreciate characters. He posted screenshots of her message and called her a bitch on his story

No. 306554

File: 1693353471815.jpeg (948.15 KB, 1284x2086, IMG_7573.jpeg)

No. 306566

I scrolled by too fast and thought he was doing a Princess Kraehe cosplay….please God….I hope he never discovers Princess Tutu.

No. 306572

Well nonnas, it was nice knowing you. if i see him at the genshin meet, i think i will jump from the fourth floor.

No. 306579

Looking at his pattern, I think it’s inevitable unfortunately

Rip you will be missed. But as one last favor to us, snag a pic of him?

No. 306610

File: 1693416474373.jpeg (956.69 KB, 1283x2220, IMG_7576.jpeg)

No. 306619


I ain't reading all that Terry

No. 306627

Is this guy talking about thegeekstrong? He’s the only one I know that got outted these past couple days. Is this his way of inserting himself into drama? I found it hard to believe that the two would cross path.

Or is he talking about Dylan? He’s BFF with that dude and one of the few people I see him hanging out with. Dylan was featured on cosplayblackbook a week or two ago.

This man literally wrote he has no time to read anything then proceed to write a whole novel. What a joke

No. 306642

>>I have no time as I have a bad signal at work and stuff IRL
Proceeds to cater to his online (lack of) audience (zoomers) to seem cool and in the know, makes a whole wall text of nonsense on how HE needs to to determine if the person is good or not and not the possible victims, and then says he kept in contact with said perpetrator despite being told of an instance happening and only cut him off bc it’s blowing up.
The mental gymnastics on this

No. 306672

I can't wait to see this cow irl, in his standing around all alone with a children's backpack glory. Expect photos.

No. 306676

I like how he makes himself out to be some expert in the cosplay community lol

I also thought we were also done with the self "Why?" in his writing, but I'm wrong

No. 306689

File: 1693496285728.png (2.94 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3615.png)

Yes Terry, please tell us more about how much you love women’s bathrooms.

No. 306690

File: 1693497750565.jpeg (906.19 KB, 1284x2258, IMG_7589.jpeg)

You’ll live

No. 306700

Does he use women bathrooms now? Creeps like him is why legit trans have to endure all the hate

No. 306708

>legit trans

No. 306715

No. 306725


Oh no you acknowledged that you're cool with trans people and feel sorry for them. Here come a bunch of triggered 4channers stuck in 2016(bait)

No. 306746

I don’t even think he actually uses the women’s bathroom, I think he just took a picture of it because he’s perverted

No. 306747

First world problems amiright(sage your shit)

No. 306752

>legit trans
>endure all the hate
>feel sorry for them
I implore you both, just as a fun experiment, to read the last 50 posts of any MTF thread on snow, zoom into those photos and screenshots of what those "legit trans people" say about women, our bodies and behaviour. Surely a smart individual like yourselves wouldn't be afraid of some screenshots, or be afraid of being "converted" so just check it out!

anyway yeah he just has a bathroom fetish, never seen anyone post about bathrooms as much as Terry does

No. 306753

Anyone knows how he’s doing at San Japan? He’s awfully quiet. Just posted shaky cam videos of the river walk. No photos or selfies with other cosplayers.

No. 306759

Anon it's 9am on Friday, nothing even starts until closer to the afternoon. Unless he wore cosplay to badge pickup last night then we probably won't see anything from him for a few hours.

No. 306769

File: 1693585468654.jpeg (1002.68 KB, 1284x1552, IMG_7598.jpeg)

Heading out as Yelan, stay safe anons

No. 306771

>he has a bathroom fetish
True as fuck. This weirdo is extra weird about the way he talks about bathrooms and brings them up. I still think we are getting close to a Terry Troons Out saga tho, he won’t be able to resist the ability to prey on young women more easily.

No. 306772

according to his public insta he worn Medusa to san japan badge pickup. I'm not familiar with the texas scene. didn't know people don't cosplay on thursday

No. 306783

The way he smiles is an absolute jumpscare.

No. 306792

File: 1693596748189.jpeg (348.02 KB, 1284x1841, IMG_7599.jpeg)

No. 306800

File: 1693607377388.jpeg (1003.46 KB, 1284x1564, IMG_7601.jpeg)

No. 306801

File: 1693607427839.jpeg (246.21 KB, 1284x1229, IMG_7602.jpeg)

So many great friends

No. 306805

His face looks as rubbery as those fake silicone boobs. Look at that awkward fold on his neck kek.

Also, really? Terry is her favorite cosplayer? She’s probably wanting to seem “progressive” and virtue signal, but there’s so many other choices she could choose from.

No. 306811

File: 1693635072129.jpg (163.81 KB, 790x1405, yelan-hydro-character-profile-…)

I thought he plays Genshin. He does know Yelan doesn't wear her jacket, right?

No. 306822

It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t pay genshin and only cosplays it because it’s the flavor of the month with kids. He’s also too retarded to know how to rig the jacket to hang off the back without wearing it because he just buys cheap China factory costumes and doesn’t alter them or anything.
TLDR: he bought this costume because the kids will recognize it and he can wear his silicone tits and get called stunning and brave.

No. 306838

>My favorite cosplayer!!
gen z is brain dead.

No. 306844

File: 1693704055014.jpeg (309.4 KB, 920x1620, IMG_7605.jpeg)

Thank you for doing god’s work and taking a selfie with this old man that’s trying to be a youthful character

No. 306851

File: 1693716241440.jpeg (422.13 KB, 1290x2136, IMG_3407.jpeg)

Goddamn this is scary

No. 306860

I saw him walking around in this alone muttering to himself. Candids really don't capture how bad he looks in person or how short he is. He's maybe 5'3"

No. 306904

File: 1693778071983.jpg (3.22 MB, 4032x3024, 20230903_114918.jpg)

Saw him a few times but wasn't able to photograph him until today. Everytime I saw him, he was standing around alone, just looking at his phone, holding a kiddie backpack. Didn't see him at the Kingdom Hearts panel either, which I figured he'd show up to just to show off his Roxas.

No. 306913

It's sad that this man has travelled all over the country and does nothing exciting about it. He just waits around all day for someone to take his picture.

No. 306915

Picture anon here, but literally! Every single time I saw him, he just was stood around, staring at his phone. The only time he looked up was when someone asked to take his picture. I didn't see him in any of the panels or doing any of the other activities around the convention.

No. 306932

You don’t have to do any “con activities” to enjoy cons. Me and a few others mostly just sit around and walk around the cons. Granted we have friends to hang out with. Meanwhile sad teeey just hang by himself. It’s weird he would fly across the country for this. Must be nice to have so much money

No. 306934

His birthday is today. So is he 50 yet?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 306947

File: 1693826042400.jpeg (862.42 KB, 1284x2217, IMG_7621.jpeg)

Guess he’s not poor anymore guys!

No. 306963

I’m curious about how everyone who takes a picture with him is like “such an amazing person and always have such good conversations!” Like, wtf do they even talk about?

No. 306968

File: 1693857154277.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1689, IMG_0452.jpeg)

this is embarrassing, does he keep it blank white so he doesn’t have to share his age? or is he fishing for ‘happy birthdays’? also how old is he exactly now? this post says 40 but is that exact?

No. 306970

Yep, he turned 40.

No. 306971

I know that some people celebrate alone and are perfectly happy but this is just sad. He bought himself his own birthday cake with absolutely nothing on it. He's practically estranged from family and doesn't have any friends irl to go out and celebrate with. I think the pitiful part is that he's sharing all of this online and is trying to fish for attention.
This is hardly a birthday gift when he already buys himself cosplays all the time.

No. 306972

He’s probably that kind of retard that thinks that he should get his birthday cake as a gift from someone else because it would be too sad to be a 40 years old tard asking for the underpaid worker to write “Happy birthday” on a simple ass cake.

No. 306974

I thought he turned 41? I could have sworn from a few threads ago he turned 40 last year.
Would love to know if anyone mentioned his real age in the comments.

No. 306976

He also just bought a new game last week and this week. How can he find time to play all these new games? This man is not handling his midlife crisis well at all

No. 306987


Yep pretty positive he's now 41. Last year we were debating if he'd change his status from 30+ cosplayer in his bios on his birthday.

No. 307077

Thirding, he's 41.

No. 307092

File: 1694016066940.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x2262, IMG_7640.jpeg)

I hope he does it

No. 307105

File: 1694019602098.jpg (53.62 KB, 681x841, notblack.JPG)

I legit loled. "The lighting made me look black, not because I'm black"

He'd probably still wear fake tiddies with that smh

No. 307113

I survived, somehow. Thank god he can hide how insufferable he is in public. His social media does him absolutely no favors, considering how weird and narcissistic he can be online. I hate rich people.

No. 307121

File: 1694032987401.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2266, IMG_7649.jpeg)


No. 307124

I like how it’s acceptable to stereotype rural people but it’s racism when stereotyping urban people

No. 307125

Exactly. Stats dont lie either. More crime happens in highly populated areas. What is he even scared of? Hm

No. 307126

File: 1694035552731.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_7650.jpeg)

I assume this was meant for close friends… oops?

No. 307134

I mean I’m gay and live in the north and there are a few rural areas I’ve been to where I didn’t feel safe. I could understand why an autistic black guy wouldn’t feel safe in a rural area in the south. Also I get what y’all are saying about there being more crime in bigger cities, but if I get hate crimed in a city, they’ll investigate it. If I get hate crimed in the middle of nowhere, where everyone knows and likes each other in a tiny community, it’s way more likely to get swept under the rug

No. 307135

Is he actually considering going to a con he regularly bitches about just because some zoomer wants to use him as a free ride?

No. 307139

The crazy part is he’s still lighter in this picture than he actually is in real life. He’s completely delusional

No. 307141

He knows people in rural areas won’t play along with his they/them bullshit. Also, if he wore clothes in public that were meant for teenage girls, he would probably get bullied.
He’s so pathetic.

No. 307142

i thought that to myself when i saw the story too. i'm not on his close friends list so I was surprised to see this

imagine not willing to buy his poor friends/fans drinks or food yet considering being a chauffeur for a zoomer. He lives 4 hours away from colossalcon east!

No. 307150

what the fuck is he talking about? he's taking a selfie in front of a giant window. He really hates his own skin color.

No. 307153

Late but I thought this was Doja cat for a second.

No. 307156

File: 1694079036194.jpeg (713.27 KB, 1284x2338, IMG_7653.jpeg)

You’re bragging about buying cos again what’s different?

No. 307162

He was just considering to go to Colossalcon East, a con he hates. I wish someone would call him out on his BS

Watch, if he’s not going to colossalcon east, he would drop by Baltimore Comic Con this weekend because some zoomers he stalks go there

No. 307166

The con was… four whole days ago. Oh no, what ever will we do without- what exactly is he apologizing for? we've had consistent milk here! kek

No. 307167

File: 1694100707532.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2272, IMG_7655.jpeg)

Is it normal for a 40+ year old to back track so often…asking for a friend.

No. 307170

File: 1694102285335.png (4.54 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7654.png)

He’s gonna be so brave showing his legs off

No. 307171

There’s no way anyone would ask him about his lack of cosplay updates. He’s such a narcissist and thought he’s a celebrity. Nobody care, man.

No. 307174


The owner of the Kalahari is slitting his wrists knowing Terry doesn't like him

No. 307203

File: 1694119986421.jpeg (123.7 KB, 828x465, IMG_5469.jpeg)

No way this Oompa Loompa lookin ass fooled anyone into thinking he was a woman. He probably doesn’t realize cities in Texas are more accepting of troons and will call him whatever they think he wants to be called

No. 307204

I’m sure most people would just be very afraid to call refer to him as the moid he is because he has freakish proportions and is dressed like a freak.

No. 307208

Dude shut up! Nobody cares what you think. Good riddance! Please never show up to any Colossalcon convention.(learn to sage)

No. 307210

Glad every NB cosplayer thinks like this

No. 307212

What larger cosplays? Every single one of his cosplays have been bought body suits with some random shit on top. He doesnt even make anything he wears.

No. 307213

jfc troon saga when. He really thinks people being nice to him mean he's passing in female cosplay? Not with that mug.

No. 307220

he's so proud of himself. lol They're just being nice. He clearly looks like a man wearing fake boobs and drag makeup. People assumed he wanted to be seen as a woman.

really surprised he flat out said he's trying to fool people. this status is actually saying a lot.

No. 307223

Wtf, her labia are out in the upper-left outfit. There’s a reason that one got the least votes, nobody wants to see Terry’s nasty wrinkled balls hanging out.
>really surprised he flat out said he's trying to fool people
Terry has said this several times. He likely gets off on being a “trap”. He’s delusional and probably thinks that he’s the “prettiest girl at the convention” too.

No. 307249

Pandering doesn't equal passing, Terry.

No. 307270


Hes always disliked Collossal cons in general for years. Why would he post about maybe picking up freinds from San Francisco and attending it?

No. 307274

terry has consistently shown he would bend over backward for random girls who paid him a minimal amount of attention. Such a pathetic excuse of human being

No. 307277

Dude they are not ur friends

No. 307280

File: 1694189101818.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2276, IMG_7662.jpeg)

Weren’t you just bitching about not having money because of having to adult?

No. 307281

File: 1694189171223.jpeg (666.9 KB, 1284x2317, IMG_7661.jpeg)

Yet you think going to a Dec/Nov con would be smart while you’re considering a new car?

You’re fucking stupid my guy.

No. 307283

not to mention he kept yapping about how much work he has on his plate (while going to mall/arcade every few days)

No. 307285

Terry legit gives me predator vibes only he’s too autistic and awkward to actually act on his urges thankfully. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he did tho, ugh. He’s not even slightly low key with his thirst for girls less than half his age.

No. 307286

terry has such a dark edge to him. I think it would just take a little something to push him off the edge and try something awful. I wish the community would collectively cancel him

No. 307288

I think he has caught on to the fact that they won’t be able to since he’s non white AND pretending to be “NB” which is really just him soft launching a full troon out. I wonder if he already has done anything gross to any of his “cosplay friends” but they feel like they can’t speak out because of his triple trump card of “autism-QTIA+-black”. A sobering and scary thought.

No. 307294

Yep he is a real asshole. I remember that time when he was asking for opinions on if he should cosplay a lolicon character, and when a woman rightfully told him that he shouldn’t, he called her a bitch, made a bunch of rants, and blasted her name all over his social media.
And let’s not forget the time when a zoomer stopped talking to him. He vague-posted about her for months.
Terry is a real creep.

No. 307298

Part of me wish he'd go with the upper left so he could finally be called out for the pervert he is

No. 307339


I remember years ago when he first started getting "big" in the cosplay community and would piss off black cosplayers by being rude and "not like them" and then legit hide when he saw the same people at cons. Like, head down in the corner of the elevator type-ish.

No. 307399

This guy. Two days later he’s going to Baltimore comic con. Let me guess. It’s because of some zoomers he’s stalking or his favorite photographers. I swear this man has memory of a goldfish

No. 307412

Just saw his public stories. Is he even cosplaying? Or he just walked around all day taking videos of the con? Imagine having so much free time

No. 307481

File: 1694328325608.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1622, IMG_7694.jpeg)

Anyone know why he has those weird diagonal lines on his cheeks?

Is this a zoomed make up technique?

No. 307495

File: 1694356368084.jpeg (708.1 KB, 1284x1561, IMG_7699.jpeg)


No. 307497

His feet are so fucking huge, at least he doesn’t have to worry about stepping on an uncovered manhole.

No. 307501

Kek bless you nonna no those are gross sagging of his decrepit skin that he washes w dish soap

No. 307524

His boot covers look so bad. Why is he still novice level despite acting like he's veteran? He hasnt improved his technique in a decade.

No. 307536

His nasty ass paint job on that shield. Just buy a new one (we all know Terry didn't make that one)
and leave it alone.

No. 307552

I thought he made this shield either from foam or worbla? His props actually looked ok to me, but his grade school tier paint job made them look like shit.

No. 307559

File: 1694447366441.jpeg (672.45 KB, 1284x2355, IMG_7702.jpeg)

No. 307560

File: 1694447495712.jpeg (544.56 KB, 1284x2334, IMG_7703.jpeg)

No. 307561

File: 1694447599832.jpeg (378.73 KB, 1284x2339, IMG_7704.jpeg)

No. 307573

65% wants… no matter what. this man just rambling nonsense. I wish I have as much disposable income as him. To be able to go to cons just to take selfies.

No. 307598

maybe consider stop going to cons then?? like you've said for many years now

No. 307599

Isn’t Baltimore further away from him than AUSA? This autistic man is so weird. It seemed like he doesn’t even care about the cons themselves and based his decisions solely on how many selfies he can get at a con. AFAIK he barely hangs out with anyone at cons. Sure a miserable person

No. 307601

No he lives about 30 minutes from Baltimore and about about 45 from DC. AUSA is in VA so even further than DC

No. 307602

Is this just advanced autism? The man has gone to cons for 8+ years and still doesn’t have a tight knit friend group to ensure he has someone to see at con’s. He just “hopes” he finds mutuals?? And for what, selfies? Does he ever actually hang out with people and do fun things?

He acts like he’s desired and requested to be there. Does he not realize how he sounds? It’s pathetic

No. 307603

This is the most telling part. He has no real actual friends because he's too much of a pompous shit head for anyone to stand being around him, let alone hanging out with him for the full duration of a con. Like others have said, he just wanders around looking for people to take selfies with.

No. 307617

She’s not skinny or light skinned so obviously Terry can’t be bothered to smile for the pic

I don’t get this either. At this point there are SOOO many tutorials out there for boot cover. Just watch one Terry, they’re very beginner friendly

Yeah I seriously could not imagine going to a con that makes me miserable for 8 years straight. I’ve gone back to cons I didn’t care for just because some close friends asked me to come with and I wanted to hang with them. But Terry doesn’t even have that, he goes alone. Like what does he get out of that type of experience?? Is he secretly hoping he’ll magically become besties with the people he tracks down at cons? Is he just going so he can generate more clout/content for social media?

No. 307638

File: 1694515747979.jpeg (523.61 KB, 1284x2258, IMG_7709.jpeg)

No. 307639

File: 1694515816001.jpeg (491.53 KB, 1284x2329, IMG_7710.jpeg)

No. 307640

File: 1694515879533.jpeg (798.51 KB, 1284x2357, IMG_7711.jpeg)

No. 307642

Terry really cannot take a single ounce of "criticism". How is he not embarrassed making three stories about someone asking why he went to a different con with two of them being essays?

So which is it, Terry? Did your budget not allow you to go to CCE or did you not go because you hate Colossal?

No. 307643

“Not huge on comic con and that’s why you never see me talking about attending an out of state one”

Terry you kept talking about Dragon Con, because his “friends” all going to it. I know dragon con isn’t a comic con but it way closer to comic con than anime cons

No. 307644

Damn. Terry definitely has an anger problem. Thank god he is eternal single . I don’t think the other person was even rude or baiting. He mentioned in the other status BCC was sad/bad.

No. 307646

Does terry have a super flexible schedule because he said he has to work Friday here, but surely it seemed like he was serious about driving that girl to colossalcon east

No. 307652

He seems to get very offended by people implying he doesn't have enough money to attend every con ever even though that's a completely normal human thing? No one can do that - literally everyone is choosing which cons to go to based on their budget. It's normal but he takes it as a perceived slight to his finances lol

No. 307667

Probably because money is the only thing he has control of. He has no family members to keep contact with. No friends he can count on.

No. 307711

File: 1694619087649.jpeg (380.49 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_7716.jpeg)

No. 307712

File: 1694619152154.jpeg (647.38 KB, 1284x2252, IMG_7717.jpeg)

Shouldn’t lie to get a zoomer’s attention Terry.

No. 307713

it’s a bit far fetch but I can see it happenings terry is super lonely and has proven to bend over backward to cute Sooners who pay him an ounce of attention. This is very troubling considering the number of predators being outed the last few weeks, including his eurobeat kasumi

No. 307714

Terry has made statuses asking for “friends” to do things with him for a long time. Traveling, shopping, group cosplays, hanging out at his house, etc. I’m sure there’s plenty of other autists that would hang out him. Terry loves playing up the “asexual and non-binary” thing, and there’s plenty of freaks in the TQIA+ that would welcome him in their groups. However, he only wants to be around young light-skinned zoomers. Says a lot about him.
He could easily pay a sugar baby for attention and company. He has the money, he’s just stingy when it comes to giving that money to other people. He’ll spend lots on himself, but won’t give a dime to others, not even his friends.
His loneliness is his own fault.

No. 307730

He could just make friends in his age group that also work and have lives outside of cosplay so he doesn’t have to spend money on them. Or accept that he’s just unlikable and get other hobbies like hiking so he doesn’t have to talk to anyone.

No. 307750

Many companies employed by the department of defense offer a 9/80 work schedule, meaning that he would get every other Friday off.

No. 307759

Ok? What does that have to do with terry having to work last Friday but posted on Thursday that he’s considering being a driver to random sooner girls for CCE? I don’t know what 9/80 is but surely he can’t just tell his boss the day before he leaves that he needs the day off for con? If your point is he can do it becayse he works 9/80, then I guess that’s my point. He surely has a flexible schedule

No. 307896

File: 1694858419410.jpeg (459.88 KB, 1284x978, IMG_7755.jpeg)

No. 308020

From the way Terry talks about his job, he does a lot of overtime and filling in for others. Frequently an employee like that is afforded a certain amount of flexibility

I guarantee absolutely no one cares that he hasn’t posted his 13th new cosplay of the month

No. 308149

File: 1695255676450.jpeg (537.13 KB, 1284x2363, IMG_7873.jpeg)

No. 308180

It's the closest person he'd have for a real friend, and he just shits talks them online

You're a POS terry hall

No. 308226

that’s quite a jump? The person (I assume it’s a she) is real life for sure but I doubt she’s friendly to terry. She sees Terry everyday and Terry didn’t realize it until just now. We know terry looks the same in/out of cosplays so the other person is aware of who he’s. I hope he harasses her and get himself fired from work

No. 308282

File: 1695349376545.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1290x1442, IMG_4124.jpeg)

Spoiler for jump scare bc I nearly shit myself seeing this

No. 308283


Imagine Joker walking into Futaba's room and seeing that

No. 308284

i hate that i've been following his shit for so long i can instantly recognize this as his late 2020 makeup style.

No. 308285

Why is he grimacing

No. 308290

The realisation that he actually isn’t a totes kawaii azn teenager hit him for a brief moment

No. 308317

>She sees Terry everyday and Terry didn’t realize it until just now
He only pursues young light-skinned girls. If this coworker didn’t fit into his mold, he wouldn’t be paying attention to her.
He’s either talking about a man or an older woman.
Oof and this is with a filter on.

No. 308391

It's already the end of September, Terry, going to a con in October is not "taking a break."

No. 308394

he's taking a break from making cosplay. He already went to two cons in december and planned to attend two more cons this month.

You're right though, he's also making cosplay again, but mostly just 3d printing. he probably only considers the sanding/priming/painting as "WIP"

No. 308507

Dumbass you typed December instead of September. Also, he skipped AUSA this weekend because of rain

No. 308575

“Plan to resume in oct”
Is already printing/painting props for a con this weekend. I’m calling it now. He won’t be able to finish the props and going to drop out of the con out of spite.

No. 308626

He'll make his usual whiny post, complaining about being so busy that he couldn't finish props, then post a poll on "what past cosplay should I bring instead?". I think there's a chance he'll still go.

No. 308697

File: 1695775360235.jpeg (585.99 KB, 1283x2224, IMG_7958.jpeg)

No. 308698

File: 1695775484398.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2237, IMG_7960.jpeg)

And we care why?

No. 308699

Saw his public poll on this. He’s such a nosey fuck. Bet he spread the gossips around at work too. Don’t think his zoomer followers care about this one bit.

No. 308708

wtf is the point of this? I feel left out. Don’t bother reaching out to me. I just want to rant. Dude, just don’t post and waste everyone’s time?

No. 308767

Well if he didn't sound like an ass all the time talking people, then maybe those around him would involve him with more group activities. That is on you, Terry and your shitty attitude.(sage your shit)

No. 308769

Annnd Terry got a highly coveted Gaylord room for MAGfest when he lives right by the con.

No. 308785

File: 1695923049338.png (1.39 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_7978.png)

Yaaay right after he bitches about how he has no money in December!

No. 308786


I genuinely don't understand why he likes MAGfest so much. He bitches about Colossalcon for the party atmosphere and drinking, but MAG isn't really any different. I guess he can turn a blind eye if he can pose in the Gaylord huh?(sage your shit)

No. 308815

it's really not that deep. a lot of his favorite photographers go there. g28646, imsstee58. I wouldn't be surprised if his other fav photographers are going this year. Not to mention the local zoomers he can stalk and take selfies with.

No. 308836

File: 1696017988990.jpeg (854.98 KB, 1170x1155, IMG_0132.jpeg)

As someone who actually does know their way around a wig this picture nearly gave me a stroke

Pic related for reference. Not the best version of deku but i lost the photos of that one.(holy blogpost)

No. 308849

cosplaying is retarded and ur wig is ugly kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308860

File: 1696051887665.jpeg (548.31 KB, 1284x2313, IMG_8007.jpeg)

Cute a 40+ bragging about selfies

No. 308867

i can never understand why this weird man is so into selfies. These selfies are so important to him, yet nobody else care

No. 308886

Has he posted his madoka selfie yet? Surprisingly he’s very quiet on his public IG

No. 308893

What’s weirder to me is the people who are fans of him and his 50 mile stare middle aged woman look

No. 308902

File: 1696129982249.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1290x2227, IMG_4401.jpeg)

Terry for the love of God do not do this face with Madoka. She is 14 ffs, and this face isn’t in her character at all.

No. 308906

christ what is wrong with this man

I'm just eagerly awaiting for tagged photos of this

No. 308908

why is this man always do this face when he cosplay young girls. And his friends are encouraging him? What's wrong with humanity.

No. 308913

Put your lizard tongue away, Terry! WTH! HOW DARE YOU RUIN MADOKA'S CHARACTER LIKE THIS!(learn to sage)

No. 308914

Pretty sure he thinks it makes him look kawaii because he only sticks out a sliver of what I assume is his giant meaty man-tongue.

No. 308918

>man cosplaying as young girl
>cosplaying as an innocent character while trying to mimic the "quirky" ethot tongue out pose
>older man with a sailor moon phone case
I'm all for people being allowed to like what they like (as long as they're not being creeps about it) but Terry has never looked more like a predator than he does here.

No. 308919

I genuinely screamed in horror when I saw this on instagram.

No. 308922


Terry vs the "Fictional characters are real people actually" crowd is the ultimate battle of cringe

No. 308923

He genuinely looks like a creepy troon here. My first instinct when looking at him is to turn around and walk away. He’s saying people are taking selfies with him? They must either be getting a photo to later make fun of him with their friends (look at the freakshow!), or they’re virtue-signalers and/or predators just like him. He’s going to be cosplaying girls well into his 50s, if he makes it.

No. 308925

If you look at the comments it’s full of stunning/gorgeous/cure. There’s no hope for this generation

No. 308940

File: 1696215436887.jpg (402.01 KB, 833x1502, Screenshot_20231001_225536_Tik…)

Not him even doing the tongue thing on TikTok. Terry, stop doing this shit cosplaying as children. You are disgusting!

No. 308949

Spoiler this next time I think I’m going to throw up. I can’t look at Madoka cosplays the same way ever again

No. 308967

Saw him looking like this at a con this past weekend. Poor guy was wobbling around in short heels like a newborn calf. The makeup is super crusty up close and in person.

No. 308982

File: 1696275638178.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_8041.jpeg)

Looking dainty as fuck

No. 308984

Bring back bullying. This man cannot be serious.

No. 308991

File: 1696284020025.jpeg (400.58 KB, 1125x1613, IMG_5057.jpeg)

this mf delusional. Put the scissors down and walk away, Terry…

No. 308996

File: 1696288657702.jpeg (840.53 KB, 1284x1924, IMG_8052.jpeg)

For a 10+ year cosplayer where is your growth?

No. 308997

I’m convinced he is a predator that’s hiding in plain sight, everyone is too fucking stupid to see it

No. 308999

he's clearly underselling himself to solicit people to engage "but terry, your wig/makeup/prop is so good!" I agree with you his skills have barely grown during the last decade, but he brag about his wig/props/makeup so often

No. 309014

File: 1696308725450.jpg (49.02 KB, 620x480, shutterstock_1028456644_(2)_5f…)

The way his legs bend looks so unnatural, drink some milk, terry.
I'm now convinced he's either lying about receiving compliments or so delusional that he considers any human interaction a win.

No. 309015

i don't want to screencap randos, but you can see lots of compliments in his public IG posts. He probably looked better in nicer lighting. The dark hotel entrance really isn't flattering.

No. 309018

I was gonna say…his freaking legs scare me.

No. 309028

File: 1696342830192.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1284x2044, IMG_8061.jpeg)

Def the right

No. 309048

His grimace is so stunning, very madoka-like, he looks more like madoka than madoka herself.

No. 309063

>Veiny arms
>Big ass clown feet
>geriatric legs
>man chin
Madoka would be horrified
I noticed the skin on his chest looks red and blotchy. Age spots? He needs some vegetables and to lay off on the dish soap.

No. 309065

File: 1696370657004.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1509, IMG_5137.jpeg)

Who in the hell talks like this? What an absolute freak. He’s weird on Instagram but his Facebook is where the real narcissism comes out. Part of him must realize he has a larger audience on his Instagram who’d rightfully call him out if he posted that “everyone loves him in pink.”

No. 309068

File: 1696380907011.jpg (203.19 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20231003-185133_Ins…)

He has been extra delusional about his looks since wearing Madoka

No. 309070

>you’re too pretty
Kek, lol, lmao even.

No. 309085

Another one of many proof we have that he doesn't know anything about the character he cosplays or the shows they're from. I think the grimace he's making is him trying to look badass, either that or that's the most strained fucking smile I've ever seen. At least he didn't try wearing his giant fake boobs

No. 309106

If he ever cosplays Utena I’ll scream pls god no

No. 309110

File: 1696440504868.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x1922, IMG_8076.jpeg)

Sir they will look bad either way

No. 309111

File: 1696440675476.jpeg (123.05 KB, 1284x334, IMG_8080.jpeg)

You’d never save for a trip abroad because you’d miss out on your precious selfies with zoomed weebs at cons

No. 309115

Wtf is up with the bows around his calves. Those shoes are such an ugly old woman style too, just goes to show he still doesn't understand fashion even within cosplay with specific designs. New shoes aren't gonna help, Terry.

No. 309120

Anon said he could barely walk in the shoes he has on now. Old man is going to fall down and break his bony legs wearing those.
Part of his “DIY” was to lazily tie some ribbon around his calves. It isn’t even part of the shoe kek.
This is the second time he has called himself “pretty”. He’s too autistic to understand that people are only trying to be nice. People need to stop enabling this creep.
He could easily save his con money for a trip abroad. Not sure why he wants to go to Italy
though, does he think he can find chicken tenders there?

No. 309121

His feet look so big and I swear he looks worse and worse every week. His poor diet and lack of hygiene are really starting to show. If you have good genetics you can really get away with that lifestyle for a while but he’s now middle aged and the genetics can’t carry him anymore and it shows. His makeup ages him too. When he’s in cosplay he looks like someone’s old great great auntie dressed up for Easter Sunday

No. 309127

Terry we know you aren't going to do that cause you rather go to anime conventions than spending money to visit other countries. You have the money but choose not to save for that. This is just all talk.(sage your shit)

No. 309147

This came out of nowhere. I have known him for 10+ years. Never heard him talked about Italy once. I have no beef with him, but it’s sad to see this person becoming someone else.

No. 309163


I don't think there's any Texas Road House restaurants in Italy to get chicken tendies.

No. 309187

There’s prob some young Italian cosplayer he wants to creep on kek. Pls don’t come to my country Terry, we REALLY don’t like troons and troon adjacent males here.

No. 309190

Stay the fuck away from Trish, you bridge troll

No. 309192

File: 1696531463831.jpeg (145.88 KB, 1284x436, IMG_8090.jpeg)

Piece of shit that can’t make friends wasting a spot for someone that actually wants to go as usual

No. 309209

I’m sick of his fuckery. He doesn’t even want to go. Bought the ticket so he can hang with zoomers (most smartly didn’t comment on his statuses) It sucks because the event is sold out

No. 309242

File: 1696607619883.jpeg (944.95 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_8094.jpeg)

Admitting to enjoy revealing himself.

Terry is a confirmed pervert.

No. 309246

>I am not in my mid to younger 20s anymore
implying he's late 20s??
also someone needs to crop the last part for later use in a thread pic,
>I absolutely love doing females and happy doing them along with males

No. 309257

mf is moments away from trooning out

No. 309262

I hate that he expected everyone to read his novels when he didn’t put in the time to proofread. Fucking 40 years old making six digits and still can’t fucking write

No. 309266

>im a middle aged guy who looks like a middle aged guy so its sooooo hard to get attention cosplaying teenage girls even though i edit myself oh woe is me
The essay is unnecessary.

No. 309267

File: 1696626463870.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2234, IMG_8102.jpeg)

No. 309277

You know what at least he knows he’s masculine. I was starting to think he was completely delusional. At least he still has self awareness

No. 309281

Does Purdue have weird degree names because I don’t understand why he’s saying “basically”. You either have a degree or you don’t

No. 309288

File: 1696645569033.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x2240, IMG_8105.jpeg)

Old man Terry taking blanket boner pictures for IG story backgrounds again

No. 309290

File: 1696647809499.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1284x2280, IMG_8106.jpeg)


No. 309294

this ugly faggot is gonna troon out in less than a year. Calling it now.

No. 309295

What is he trying to accomplish with posting this photo. If I didn’t know about genshin, I wouldn’t be able to tell this is a female character. Sucks that you’re old and ugly, terry, but you should focus on things you can change, like paint better or learn to sew

No. 309300

>cute school uniforms
So he’s a school girl fetishist. Him saying this and going on about youth is really making him look like a damn pedo.
>dressing just a tad revealing
Yeah those times where he has showed his bulge weren’t an accident.
He used this repeatedly to describe women and girls, and it sounds very incel. Definitely a troon in the making, he’s getting off on cross dressing as the opposite sex.

Any day now. He’ll have a mid-life crisis and troon out. There’s delusional trannies that think taking estrogen somehow makes them younger and reverses aging. There’s even pedophile troons that do a whole “I’m going through puberty again” “I’m mentally a teenager” larp. I could see Terry doing this.

No. 309322

File: 1696698075725.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1284x2070, IMG_8107.jpeg)

No. 309328

first boss is known to be tough, but how he must be a shit gamer to not able to pass the level.

also, this man bought 1 or 2 games EVERY week. how does he find time to play all these games?

No. 309360

Has he posted that image before? Weird to write that you can't beat the first boss over a still sealed game.

No. 309366

He did. He bought it the week after the game come out. Most people have lost interest in this game since it came out a month and a half ago.

No. 309392

One thing. He has proven time and time again that he refuses to go to the doctor for literally anything, even a skin cancer scare. Would he break that anti-doctor streak to try to get his hands on estrogen?

No. 309395

i agree. i aint see that happening. I don't even know if he went to the doctor for that forehead cancer scare. this man is traumatized

No. 309398

He would probably "socially transition" and call it a day. Then people will have to call him a pretty girl and he can be a toilet pervert as much as he want with no consequence.

No. 309410

Ayrt, bold of you to assume he would get estrogen from the doctor. Plenty of trannies “self-medicate” and buy strange pills off of the internet. We know how much he likes online shopping.

No. 309414

File: 1696798426137.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x2232, IMG_8110.jpeg)

No. 309415

File: 1696798490137.jpeg (820.43 KB, 1284x2250, IMG_8111.jpeg)

Woo can’t wait for him to expose himself at a con to some zoomer for forgetting to wear a dance belt!

No. 309416

File: 1696798546384.jpeg (2.14 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_8113.jpeg)

The most MFing kawaii Madoka on the market

No. 309419

they're barely on sale kek

No. 309423

Lol right? He's so stupid and annoying. Just wants to flash dollar signs.

This is also how Terry sees his "friends". A pile of wow oh so many I can't even count them all.

No. 309427

This man saved $12 dollars and called it a deal. Just a month ago he was swarmed with work and had to take a break from cosplay and socialization. Make it make sense

No. 309430

File: 1696812897761.png (4.82 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_8114.png)

He’s looking like an ombré

No. 309431

I really hate that gen z idiots encourage this old man's delusions. He looks like a hon

No. 309433

Why does he look uncomfortable in every photo I’ve seen that’s not a selfie?

No. 309434

Because he can't hide behind 37 filters.

No. 309453


Waiting for the December money woes(sage your shit)

No. 309486

File: 1696890265925.jpeg (785.08 KB, 1284x1954, IMG_8117.jpeg)

No. 309487

File: 1696890352797.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2012, IMG_8118.jpeg)

No. 309494

If this dude has to ramble on and on on how to spend his money, then maybe just don't go to these conventions or Ren Faires. Why spend money on something you're not sure you're going to enjoy? He should be cutting his con and cosplay adventures by now. This dude always lies about things but goes and spends his money anyways like it's nothing.

No. 309495

i don't get this rant about kumoricon. he made up his mind to go a month ago. well after his rant about new management. I'm fucking sick of him whining about money. he just spent $200 on cosplay not even a day ago and buying and posting a new $60 video every single fucking weekend.

No. 309496

it sounds like terry doesn't even want to go or understand what "renn faire" is. Terry, just stick to cons if your only interest is taking selfies with young girls. it actually says a lot people don't tell him they're going to the faire and not invite him to their faire groups. take the hint, bro.

No. 309501

i don't get this dude, like, for a lot of people anime cons are about saving your money for most of the year and then splurging at the con. but this guy just has money ALL the time so its like, what is the point? why cant he just go to concerts or smaller events? i cannot imagine booking flight and hotel for a con where i dont/barely know anyone AND dont care about guests. i dont even know if he likes anime or games at this point because it feels like buying cosplay is all he cares about? i don't know if that is the trend these days or he's just a weirdo, probably both.

No. 309507

File: 1696938941547.jpeg (76.42 KB, 362x436, IMG_8121.jpeg)

No shit genius

No. 309508

What clickbait did he post last night on fb? Saw an apology status he had to take down an article about Disney. I was sleeping so I missed all the drama. Bet he tried to post like an edgy zoomer and fail

No. 309509

bet he posted this as a closed friends story or fb story to solicit hotel roommates. This guy makes six figures, lives by himself, and spends $xxx a months on video games he doesn’t even play.

No. 309516

Imagine doing this man's accounts and seeing how much money he blows every year on cons where everyone avoids him and he gets a bunch of selfies with near-strangers for a minute before running off again (because heaven forbid actually making friends as opposed to gassing yourself up about "how many people wanted to take pics with me!" when he spam messages all these people and approaches them all first)
How much would it be a year? 50k perhaps?

No. 309523

File: 1696972557022.jpeg (235.6 KB, 1284x540, IMG_8125.jpeg)

No. 309529

>be Terry
>make friends with clout chasing zoomers
>always brag about having a bunch of money
>always talk about the money you spend on a hobby you clearly suck at
>jobless zoomers ask for money
>get mad

No. 309535

i don't get this. although i have only been cosplaying for five-ish years, i have way more followers than him. nobody have ever asked to borrow money from me.

No. 309537

How can this man complain about hotel prices, then a couple hours later announced he’s considering buying a SECOND PS5.

No. 309540

Don’t have caps but he shared an article about a woman who got a wedgie on a water slide at one of the parks, when apparently the real story was that she got serious internal organ damage. No idea why he shared it but he probably got schooled pretty hard,

No. 309544

He probably posted it and expected his zoomer followers will make fun of the woman. I noticed he does that a lot. When things blew up he would claim he didn’t read it, simply shared because his friend shared it first

No. 309574

Why would he think anyone would mock her? Thats a real problem for women because of rushing water and our organs. Internal bleeding and a hemorrhage for going down a water slide. Yeah no thanks. I bet he thinks because he's a black gendie, he can get away with whatever.

No. 309586

File: 1697053525511.jpeg (358.83 KB, 1284x763, IMG_8148.jpeg)

No. 309587

Terry wants to dress in drag all the time but would never consider the actual issues that women face. Him constantly referring to women as “females” is a little indicator of his real view on women

No. 309589

>none of my photographers
Terry, you pretentious fuck, you just walk around getting run-of-the-mill hall shots for free.

No. 309590

This is such a humble brag. Imagine being able to go to a con and easily spend $1k+ and don’t even give a fuck about the con. Meanwhile some of us have to save months just to go to cons in the same state

No. 309591

File: 1697063280041.jpg (139.1 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20231011_172507_Fac…)

How the hell do you remember when one specific weeb didn't wear deoderant from 6 years ago…

No. 309594

you must be new here. Terry is super autistic. This is from the same man who constantly rates his cons dating back to more than a decade ago.

No. 309595

So he does spend 1k on each con and goes to several a month, so 50k is a good guess >>309516
Yet complains whenever people ask him for money. 50k a year on looking like ass in premade cosplays at cons all over the US, 0 friendships, 0 fun experiences, what an empty life.
He is so weird about other people's bodies, like how the hell is this something you remember 6 years later. Stop the presses, someone got sweaty while in cosplay 6 years ago.

No. 309605

File: 1697076594109.jpeg (110.86 KB, 828x1459, IMG_1430.jpeg)

first of all, why would someone hate you for calling yourself nerdy? second of all, how do you suddenly have so many friends at work when before you said they all hate you for liking anime???? and third of all what in the world is the point of this post. like did you go through all that just to try and subtly brag that you have work friends? that’s nothing to brag about! everybody on the planet has work friends!

No. 309607

the article headline looked like a frivolous lawsuit. Since he's not a woman, he probably thought it's really funny.

No. 309608

we'll never know the full story. on facebook he wrote EXTREMELY nerdy. I'm sure there's more going on. Remember he's an elder millennial. Being nerdy was something he got bullied for when he was young.

No. 309610

I’m the opposite, I think there’s LESS going on. I would bet nothing of the sort ever happened and he just made this thing up

No. 309615

All this dude writes about is drama. He does it just to get a rise out of his followers. It's even worse when he shares things without even doing his research. He feeds off of drama and it's gross. Terry needs to seek therapy. Why would you constantly write shit like this, especially with the type of following you have Terry? Like shut up!

No. 309628

File: 1697100795098.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1266, IMG_8150.jpeg)

His lower half seems like they’re doll legs because they’re positioned so unnaturally

No. 309629

File: 1697101264809.jpeg (648.14 KB, 1284x2334, IMG_8151.jpeg)

No. 309635

The way he made these posts it would be insane for anyone to answer day 0. Why would he get there on day 0. To relax and be ready to do more selfies on day 1? It’s additionally hilarious that he posted this two days after his little rant about hotels being more expensive.

No. 309636

is this from one of his regular photographers? because it does not look good. The photographer tried to use the background but he focused on that too much. terry's pose here is just unfortunate

No. 309639

Yup. It’s sad to see a 40 yo man to be so lonely and the only interactions he got is from drama posts. Same reason he posted the Disney water slide. He wanted to get a rise out of people but it didn’t go as he expected cause he’s not a woman

No. 309649

File: 1697126159739.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2251, IMG_8156.jpeg)

No. 309650

fucking anabelle doll/lord farquaad looking motherfucker

No. 309662

You'd think with all the cosplays he buys he'd learn to use taobao instead of marked-up resellers.

No. 309664

dokidoki isn't a reseller and their taobao prices aren't much cheaper.

No. 309670

File: 1697147847914.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x1928, IMG_8158.jpeg)

But if you room with me you must keep your shit on your side.

No. 309671

This right now. Anyone who refers to women as 'females' is an instant red flag incel.

No. 309672

File: 1697150994383.jpeg (598.46 KB, 1283x2250, IMG_8160.jpeg)

No. 309680

Dokidoki resells cosplays from 1/3 delusion, miaowu, and other brands.

No. 309686

The 1/3 Delusion cosplays they resell are marked up and I'm pretty sure that Kirara cosplay is the 1/3 Delusion version.

No. 309688

File: 1697185980506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,275.78 KB, 1289x2081, IMG_4666.jpeg)

Troon post aside…did this man really fucking leave his shorts undone so the high angle photo would catch this disgusting peak down on his crotch?! The post made me gag, but this damn near turned me inside out

No. 309694

Someone mentioned this during anime expo. I’m not defending him, but that’s just how the character dressed. Blame it on 90s character design.

No. 309695

I know right? He always shit on his roommates for being messy but his room is always a mess. Which is very odd considering he lives in a large house by himself

No. 309701

Wtf that should be reported on instagram

No. 309738

Nearly barfed seeing this. I think that’s his wrinkled chode skin down there.
Yes, the shorts are a part of the character’s poor design. However, we should question why he didn’t wear underwear. He could have found a nude pair so he didn’t flash anyone. Nasty.

No. 309758


I won't accept Yuffie slander just because Terry ruins it

No. 309760

File: 1697244565417.jpeg (1017.71 KB, 1284x1902, IMG_8174.jpeg)

No. 309761

No. 309762

File: 1697244690279.jpg (42.72 KB, 426x600, actor-ms-fowl-458257_large.jpg)


Terry this is the 10th time you've claimed you are retiring or stepping back from cosplay.

No. 309763

Isn’t he always saying that he will stop cosplaying?

No. 309765

This man is a broken record. I wish he quit for real to spare us all these nonsense

No. 309771

>"biggest issue is money"
>makes well over 6 figs
>owns a house and has talked about buying a second one
>constantly buying expensive shit and posting about it
Is he just trying to seem more relatable to broke zoomers or what?

No. 309772

that annoyed me so much. Money is an issue to him only because he is cheap. he spends so much money on cosplay and games. He kept saying he doesn't enjoy some cons, but continue to go to them just so he could stalk zoomers. It's a mystery nobody on his feed cared enough to call him out

No. 309806

>Claims Money is an issue but just in this thread
>New $1k phone with case
>>304903 20~ new(or newish) cosplays
>>305909 80+ wigs he could sell (or yknow actually reuse more)
>>306968 buys himself a whole cake instead of a smaller personal cake or just a slice
>>307712 offering to pay people to travel with him
>I wont even count all the posts where he's asking people which NEW cosplays he should do

if money was REALLY an issue He has tons of shit he could sell outside of cosplay too, he could stop flying to a con every other week, he could go to less cons, he could stay at airbnbs instead of hotels, he could possibly rent out a room in his place to maybe even a coworker and they could carpool(sorry I dont lurk hard enough to know how many rooms his place has) He's so full of shit.

I think what we can take from this is that he's also full shit when it comes to the compliments he gets. If he was getting ANY compliments he would be thriving. If anything I bet he probably got hit with the zoomer 'lmao arent you a bit old?'

No. 309807

I don’t know how to post video here, but what the fuck did i just watch on his instagram? The madoka selfie. I find it very perverse that in terry’s head male = masculine, female = cute and flirty . Madoka is nothing like this.

No. 309832

His 2 3D printers and all his shitty props he makes.

No. 309839

File: 1697323069470.gif (284.71 KB, 245x170, giphy-11.gif)

Every few months, this mans entire life repeats.

No. 309842

File: 1697324021490.jpeg (261.93 KB, 1284x642, IMG_8183.jpeg)


No. 309843

I wish this fucker stop with NGL when you know he’s lying with every one of his status

No. 309858

I'm so tired of this creep making women out to be a costume. Why are autistic men all the same?

No. 309863

exactly. I really don't understand why he does that every few months. Every time he complained about money, he immediately followed with a list of cosplay polls and cosplay purchase. he's not even good with lying.

No. 309887

I love that this is a cycle for him. It's very clearly an autistic attempt at getting attention - he thinks people he's gone to cons with in the past are going to jump out of the woodwork going "no Terry!! Please don't go! You have to keep coming to cons!!!" But that never happens so he tries the same thing a couple months later, fishing for his preferred response yet again

No. 309888

Does that mean he get a Brazilian wax or he just shaves?

No. 309928

File: 1697411805887.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1284x1807, IMG_8191.jpeg)


No. 309930

I have never met terry.is he considers “slow”? I simply don’t understand how an adult can look at this and be proud enough to post it on the internet

No. 309944

Terry shaves his legs and arms, so he probably shaves his crotch too. He would never get a wax. Terry would make up some story about the wax specialist being “inappropriate” with him for attention, when in reality they were just doing their job.
The paint is so streaky. Does he actually think this is good or does he not care?

No. 309956


I'm an autistic man and I ain't doing this shit. Generalizing is pretty autistic ngl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 309963

>i am a man
Why are you here?

No. 309965

File: 1697441609973.jpeg (395.38 KB, 1284x706, IMG_8192.jpeg)

What is the autist trying to say? It reads like he had a stroke again.

No. 309971

Get out and also kys. Autistic moids are the worst moids of all.

No. 309974

He can appreciate the Sakura show now that he has discovered he’s nonbinary. He’s one of us girls!! Help him choose his next fit! I hate that my feeling toward him is bipolar. Sometimes I am disgusted by him and sometimes I’m sad because he’s clearly going/having some issues

No. 309975

This, what I also take from this is I think he previously only watched it dubbed and is watching it subbed for the first time. What little I've seen from the dub it's quite different from the original, no? Either way this is foreshadowing for him having a long line-up of Sakura cosplays.

No. 309983

>watched it since 2001
>is 40
So he was 18 watching card captor sakura. And somehow didn't appreciate the most obvious things about it which is costumes (her having a different costume each episode is literally a running plotpoint/gag) and different cards (literally the entire plot) like what exactly was he watching it for originally if he missed that? The sub/dub doesn't change the main plots significantly and those elements are very clear even in the English versions. Imo the mood is very different in the sub, just due to the voice acting, but the main plot is the same.
He's just testing interest in his Sakura cosplay with a poor attempt at pretending he actually watches any of the shows he cosplays.

No. 310021

bruh, just say "subbed" lol

No. 310023

File: 1697492729710.jpeg (761.21 KB, 1284x1313, IMG_8197.jpeg)

Too long didn’t read

No. 310024

>I have two facebook accounts, one for cosplay and one for non-cosplay, but I over share equally on them, so it doesn't matter.
Summed it up for you.

No. 310025

I don’t know why he keeps writing the same status every few months. Have anyone suggested him to make a pinned posts? I call BS on his reasoning. I bet he changed it decades T C Hall is wait harder to search for than Terry Hall when people use Facebook search to dig up his old shit. His new account definitely doesn’t feel less personal. He talks about so many weird shit here

No. 310044

He's actually 41 now.

No. 310099

File: 1697609268008.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1284x2139, IMG_8201.jpeg)

No. 310100

File: 1697609336521.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1284x2247, IMG_8205.jpeg)

No. 310101

File: 1697609455429.jpeg (1006.97 KB, 1284x2338, IMG_8206.jpeg)

“High Quality”

No. 310102

this is a sleep paralysis demon.

No. 310108

Two games this week now? Sir, when are you going to play these games?

No. 310109

File: 1697633303666.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2261, IMG_8218.jpeg)

Looks like he is checking his breath on her hand

No. 310110

I kinda want to see his entire game collection just to count how many games are still in it's plastic wrapping.

No. 310125

File: 1697653131293.jpeg (499.82 KB, 1283x2233, IMG_8221.jpeg)

So relatable

No. 310129

>I have a small commute to work. 9k a year
>should I buy a second car?
>money is a huge issue that’s why I’m cutting back on cons
>buy $300 worth of video games a month and he barely plays them

This man is a fucking joke

No. 310133

He’s so tone deaf. New car is so expensive right now. Small car or suv. I wish all of us can decide on whether to buy a car based on IG poll.

No. 310136

He asks the most boring questions about his mundane life plans that if he had any friends or a partner would normally be directed towards them. This is absurd to me to ask random cosplay followers what he should do with his personal car and commute. This isn't even "content" because it isn't fun to read or vote on. Same as his needlessly detailed updates on con plans, does he think anyone actually cares or is it just autistic infodumping?

No. 310146

File: 1697667454316.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x2281, IMG_8228.jpeg)

No. 310147

File: 1697667576541.jpeg (594.26 KB, 1284x2305, IMG_8227.jpeg)

Wonder if this Cami is someone he is interested in

No. 310148

File: 1697667637482.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1284x2237, IMG_8226.jpeg)

No. 310149

He does not play mortal kombat. Why is he lying?

No. 310156

I wish this dude would stop wearing that boob chest. He keeps making people who have boobs feel uncomfortable. Terry, you will never be fem presenting. Stop this shit!(learn2sage)

No. 310158

lol he heard you and posted a screenshot to prove that he does indeed play MK

No. 310207

File: 1697732266250.jpeg (460.22 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_8235.jpeg)

Disgusting light mode user(dumbest nitpick this week, congratulations)

No. 310229

It’s because these people think you’re a troon and want to give you asspats for being so uwu bwave, Terry. No one actually thinks you look like a “pretty girl”.
Years ago a cosplay like this would have been seen a joke and if it wasn’t, the guy would’ve been shamed for being a nasty creep. But now if you say anything negative about these perverts, you get called “transphobic” and are banned from social media.

No. 310231

>"Is Madoka popular?"
God I can't with how he pretends to be absolutely retarded at times

No. 310269

File: 1697747540463.jpeg (335.92 KB, 1284x664, IMG_8237.jpeg)

Ever realize that it’s because you’re attempting to befriend people half your age?

No. 310274

Neither. You're just a 41 year old black man dressing up as a 14 year old white girl. You're considered "brave" in an ocean full of zoomer followers

Glad they could all go to amusement parks, MD renfest, and celebrate eating white cake on your birthday with you… oh wait

No. 310288

Did some zoomer ditch him lately? I noticed this is the 3/4th time I’ve seen him making statues about his childhood friends being his bestest friends, even though they don’t interact anymore. It makes no sense

No. 310302

File: 1697760853878.jpeg (608.21 KB, 1290x1949, IMG_4738.jpeg)

Everyone in this photo is aged 23-26 except for Terry. This shit is truly disturbing.

No. 310317

It's nice to see a mix of OG persona and P2 characters in there. Terry looks like someone's dad here. Yikes

No. 310346

I would have loved to hear their conversations while he lurked in their group. I feel like they'd be taking about Persona and then he'd randomly blab about his crusty ass makeup

No. 310354

File: 1697818898469.jpeg (632.06 KB, 1284x1239, IMG_8241.jpeg)

No. 310364

This is such a first world problem. Is Birds Eye view camera all that useful? I have only used it once during a test drive. It’s a bit odd to see it as a must have.

No. 310391

Ah,yes, I'm sure his zoomers friends on Facebook are just full of helpful knowledge on what car is right for Terry. After all, they've probably been driving for a whole two years!

No. 310406

Terry should get a windowless white van. Perfect vehicle to put zoomers into.

No. 310423

Why would this man need a 2nd car? His commute is only a few minutes. Aside from cons, all he does is driving to malls and taking creepy videos there. Sure a sedan would be more gas efficient but there’s no way it’s worth buying a brand new car for. I fucking hate this man for having so much money and all he does is flaunt it

No. 310447

File: 1697923536497.jpeg (203.15 KB, 1284x492, IMG_8261.jpeg)

Low engagement need something to stoke the zoomers

No. 310448

File: 1697923599727.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1689, IMG_8260.jpeg)

Much kawaii

No. 310449

He’s also likely the only man there.


No. 310456

What did Sakura do to deserve this?

No. 310458

File: 1697928555685.jpeg (473.16 KB, 1283x2237, IMG_8265.jpeg)

No. 310459

File: 1697928605395.jpeg (962.95 KB, 1284x2225, IMG_8264.jpeg)

No. 310461

This is such zoomer bait. He’s hanged out with enough zoomers to know the current generation doesn’t care about tattoos while cosplaying. This is such a waste of everyone’s time

No. 310468

>im afraid he may come after me
Why is Terry acting like this unnamed creep will murder him if he unfollows? Either share the stories publicly or shut up. It's sick that he's using what sounds like women being preyed on by a photog at most major cons to get dms from a select few zoomers.

No. 310477

what a coward. 'terry and his virtue signaling. If he's truly looking out for his friends/followers he would say who it's about or name the person who's publicly collecting and posting info on this photographer.

No. 310480

File: 1697954597025.jpeg (1022.55 KB, 1284x1828, IMG_8266.jpeg)

He looks like he has a black eye imo

No. 310492


Why is Terry putting it in friends only instead of public?(sage your shit)

No. 310498

He just wanted to virtue signal to his zoomer followers but too coward to risk the D-list creeper photographer finding out

No. 310528

Sounds like he wants to virtue signal while still remaining buds with said creeper photographer and getting hall photos from him

No. 310529

File: 1698006971981.jpeg (346.6 KB, 1284x613, IMG_8267.jpeg)

No. 310530

File: 1698007007515.jpeg (137.05 KB, 1284x435, IMG_8268.jpeg)

No. 310533

When the fuck did he change from “I cant pull off fem look” to this overconfident shit. His cuddling followers have created a monster

No. 310536

File: 1698013157938.jpeg (2.19 MB, 1284x2272, IMG_8274.jpeg)

No. 310541

Nobody is believing you cosplay characters because you actually like the character. You choose whatever is the flavor of the week and then toss it into some landfill with not a single fuck given.

No. 310542

Why did this man just wasted everyone’s time by writing an essay on a scenario that’ll never happen? Nobody cares what you would do with tattoo/piercing when you cosplay since you won’t be getting them!

No. 310553

No one cares Terry! Why does he always ask dumb as fuck questions like this??

Everyone is also judging you for how much of a bragger you are. Tattoos and piercings are the least of your worrys, Terry.(learn to sage)

No. 310575

Terry, please don't tarnish Final Fantasy VI…

No. 310593

File: 1698078071234.jpeg (978.08 KB, 1284x2243, IMG_8279.jpeg)

Yes cosplay the tallest scout with your stumpy ass

No. 310601

Keep ur crusty black ass away from sailor moon(racebait)

No. 310603

Surprised Sailor Chibi Moon isn’t in Terry’s poll, since he’s been dressing up as young girls wearing pink lately. Maybe he knows his followers won’t approve? Sailor Saturn is the second youngest here and you can see such a low percentage of his followers are voting for her. I hate this magical girl streak he’s got going, disgusting freak.

No. 310621

Kek-ing because she had a darker skin tone in the manga. Terry would be appalled if he knew.

No. 310656

File: 1698176316723.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2270, IMG_8287.jpeg)

No. 310660

A character that is a man, for starters.

No. 310689

File: 1698247453943.jpeg (308.69 KB, 1284x2311, IMG_8295.jpeg)

No. 310690

File: 1698247513706.jpeg (491.29 KB, 1284x2105, IMG_8294.jpeg)

Guess he didn’t lure the zoomer he wanted

No. 310692

File: 1698252180037.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2302, IMG_8299.jpeg)

Still don’t get how he doesn’t see the literal lines on his face for his Asuka cos

No. 310693


Anya is either cosplayed by actual kids or bearded guys who are doing it as a joke. You are neither.

No. 310695

I blame it on the photographer. drjaaaam on the bottom blended his makeup way better.

No. 310700

>idc how far apart we live
Wow that’s really desperate. He could join local hobby groups or gatherings if he wanted to make friends. Normal people don’t spend a ton of money just to hang out with an internet follower for a day. That’s definitely creepy and not to mention financially irresponsible. That’s Terry though.

No. 310706

It’s really odd and sad that terry could not maintain any level of friendship with anyone. If you look back at previous threads, almost everyone who hanged out with him ditched him after one or two visits.

No. 310721

I mean, she's like 6. So yes, you are too old, Terry. He is creepy af

No. 310752

Very standard for autistic individuals tbh. They can't just go to a gathering/meetup group and make new friends like regular ppl… many only have online friends

No. 310771

Wow, his suit is s damaged already, you can see his fingers poking through on the left

No. 310786

He probably did it on purpose so he could text the boomers he’s stalking

No. 310787

I was talking about people he used to hang out with. The people he went to md renaissance festival with are still going. The zommers he invited over and took selfies with are still cosplaying. The only common theme is they stopped hanging with him shortly afterward.

No. 310799

File: 1698333372187.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2341, IMG_8312.jpeg)

No. 310800

File: 1698333440452.jpeg (890.97 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_8313.jpeg)


No. 310804

Messaging people online and making online friends is one thing, but
>I’ll travel anywhere to hang out with you for a day
That’s weird and could be very costly if that person lived across the country. Can autism really be that extreme to want to do that? Or is that just being a dumbass?

No. 310817

This happens every year. Last year he was stressing out with HolMat and ALA separated by a couple weeks. Is there a zoomer he’s stalking in Texas? I like this man can decide on a whim whether to spend $1k plus on a con. Remember he goes to cons just for selfies. Pathetic.

No. 310822

I've seen a good amount of popular cosplayers who are going to Frontier this year, chances are he's trying to follow the crowd since it's the "it" December con now that no one is going to Holmat. More chances for him to run into people with bigger groups of friends he can wiggle his way into.

No. 310841

File: 1698362125062.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1661, IMG_8320.jpeg)


No. 310842

I know it's a "test" but why white ears and orange wig? Not correct at all unless they changed the colors in the remake

No. 310844

Because it's a test. You really answered your own question.

No. 310845

Not the same person, but I also don’t get this being a test. He’s test wearing it right now at AWA. he always go for accuracy (his words) so I don’t understand why he would be so far off. He’s

No. 310847

Welcome to inflation, you jackass!(sage your shit)

No. 310848

if you don't have elite status you can't check in early for free! he's so proud of himself lol he's such a loser

No. 310849

It's so obvious he is just using cosplay to crossdress/dress in drag

No. 310851

Like wearing it on the floor or hes now bringing it to awa?

No. 310858

he worn it tonight. you all need to understand terryspeak better lol

He paid $75 to early check into his hotel so he can wear this shit.

No. 310872

So you are telling me he dragged a whole-ass cosplay to do a test in a hotel? Check out the background.

No. 310873

He probably lost the ears at some point. I think the wig is orange due to all the filters he put on it since the dokidoki wig is a weird dark reddish orange. The dress is nearly white here.

No. 310894

File: 1698423932740.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1575, IMG_8322.jpeg)

No. 310895

File: 1698423999080.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x1571, IMG_8323.jpeg)

No. 310896

File: 1698424112199.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2273, IMG_8324.jpeg)

No. 310897

File: 1698424620400.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2252, IMG_8325.jpeg)

No. 310898

This cosplay is so terribly put together. All the loose threads. Yuck. I get the whole cosplay what you want thing, but why kept doing super obscure cosplays and then complain about it?

Also that disgusting tongue. At least he’s not cosplaying little girls

No. 310899

such a mannish arm

No. 310903

It’s really sad that he’s so ashamed of his own skin. He looks almost white in his selfies. I hope he can embrace his own skin color one day

No. 310917

File: 1698438286948.jpeg (390.38 KB, 1715x879, IMG_8333.jpeg)

No. 310930

File: 1698447729583.jpeg (1.25 MB, 882x1581, IMG_8341.jpeg)

No. 310932

He's always taking photos with zoomers who look really young (like 21 and under.) wtf is his deal? it's so creepy they are giving into his delusions.

No. 310933

He cant even embrace being a man. He's an autistic faggot who hates being black and now he's trying to lore all the zoomers in by crossdressing and pretending to be 'uwu so brave'

No. 310934

kek look at that grimance. Was this group pose meant to look dirty for laughs or is Terry refusing to adjust his body? He looks so awkward standing there stiff holding his prop gun backwards. He wishes it was a white zoomer girl's ass backing up on his crotch instead.

No. 310938

Holding the gun backward is a character trait so it’s not terry’s fault. I do agree he looked out of place and very awkward.

No. 310959

I used to think people made this up but it’s so true. Always young whitw/asian girls. Never male or Black.

No. 310961

Why’s he humping the the other crossdresser? I would be so mad if my child is in a cosplay group with degenerates like terry

No. 310972

They’re all posing fun and silly while he stands there looking like the personification of this emoji:(emoji)

No. 310985

No. 311051

can he please stop coming to texas, i am begging…

No. 311070

The degree to which he has lightened his skin here is sickening. But he’d claim “it’s just the lighting.” Like bitch that’s not how light works

No. 311071

Lighting doesn't get rid of wrinkles, Terry(learn to sage)

No. 311212

File: 1698694116185.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1284x1927, IMG_8351.jpeg)

Identical Terry

No. 311219

I find it so funny that he will spend hundreds on several shit tier cosplays, when he could spend the same for a good quality commission. But that would mean Terry would have to give money to someone else, and we all know he could never.

No. 311222

Any interaction with Terry results in a 3000 word essay being posted to stories/facebook like imagine the amount of vagueposting he could get in during the few weeks the commission takes to make
>Thoughts on commissions? 3000 words on why they are good and bad
>How long do commissions usually take 1000 words implying they are unprofessional because he didn't get a shipping notice within a week
>Some more vagueposting about whatever messages were sent to arrange and pay for the commission
>Implying he was robbed because they want payment up front/in intallments/etc
>And then finally another 3000 words carefully inspecting the quality of the item once it arrives, despite it being 100x better than his cheap ones and 500x better than his homemade ones
>Trying to get a discount or refund because one stitch on the inside was slightly loose or the cuffs were 2cm too long
Now I want a commission arc because it would be very milky but I think we are better off this way. He must have hundreds of discarded cheap cosplays in his closet at this point.

No. 311231

i don't have links, but Terry definitely has commissioned before. He's probably been blacklisted since he's super demanding and difficult to deal with. He would nitpick anything and demand refunds.

Are you new here? He's been selling off his cosplays to zoomers, often by inviting to his house.

No. 311236

Don’t forget the polls!
>what would you do if a cosplayer was taking more than a week to send your commission
>option 1: be patient, don’t confront. They’re probably just busy
>option 2: don’t confront, but quietly do a chargeback on credit card claiming fraud
>option 3: name and shame! Put that scammer on blast!!!

>Terry definitely has commissioned before
Really? I feel like I remember him buying used stuff off of cosplayers once or twice, but idr a commission. Do you remember if it was a prop or a cosplay?

>He's been selling off his cosplays to zoomers, often by inviting to his house.

True, but it doesn’t seem like he’s selling anywhere near as much as he’s buying. I would absolutely believe he has around 100 cosplays just sitting around

No. 311263

File: 1698757118898.jpeg (648.45 KB, 1284x1122, IMG_8355.jpeg)

No. 311265

He gives some of his cosplays like once a year to “charity.”

No. 311266

File: 1698757304932.jpeg (359.26 KB, 1284x749, IMG_8356.jpeg)

I’m sure no one actually cares if you did or did not cosplay to work for Halloween Terry.

No. 311280

Who is expecting him to cosplay? He made himself sound so important but I bet nobody give a fuck about him dressing up at work. He’s so delusional

No. 311282

File: 1698767066929.jpeg (546.86 KB, 1284x2222, IMG_8357.jpeg)

No. 311286

I was wondering when he’ll wear this since he has so many cosplays already. He just announced he’s going to ALA so I bet it’s for that con. I for one cannot wait for his inevitable December “I’m low on fund and stressed. I’m sorry I’m not responding to everyone” statuses

No. 311296

File: 1698780572477.jpg (737.34 KB, 1080x1359, Screenshot_20231031_152902_Fac…)

I wish Terry would stop doing make-up like this for boys. Death the Kid would never look this with girly. Terry stop! This is gross!(unsaged nitpicking)

No. 311301

File: 1698784242656.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_8359.jpeg)

You’d think he’d start the year off with more local shit

No. 311306

Never post ITT but damn, this guy's autogyniphilia is off the charts recently

No. 311315

File: 1698798659395.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x1885, IMG_8361.jpeg)

No. 311319

There’s no way he’s playing two fucking new game this week. I swear this man has more games than cosplays and he has 100s of cosplays

No. 311320

For Christmas I'm going to ask Santa to shorten Terry's life by a year for every fucking poll he posts. It's not like he cares for an actual answer, he just wants some form of interaction.

No. 311321

he posted the same thing to fb but nobody took the bait. this has got to be one of his lamest polls. there's not enough info for anyone to choose

No. 311325

I hope people call him out next month when he writes his annual post compalining about low on funds. I’m sick of this privileged male constantly showing off all the time.

No. 311337

File: 1698830713990.jpeg (808.09 KB, 1284x2334, IMG_8362.jpeg)

No. 311338

File: 1698830792461.jpeg (580.93 KB, 1284x2357, IMG_8363.jpeg)

No. 311339

I wish he'd shut up. If he actually wanted all the things he's saying then he'd stop buying more cosplays, get rid of the majority he has, and delete his accounts. No one writes this much if they don't want attention.

No. 311345

LMFAOOOOO this could potentially be the most narcissistic thing he’s ever said. He wants to be smaller in the community (as if he was “big” in the first place) but can’t do it because hes just so cool and famous and the fans follow him wherever he goes. This is some actual delusion right here

No. 311353

File: 1698864474549.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2273, IMG_8370.jpeg)

We love a self diagnosing queen

No. 311354

For someone who literally said he’s trying to do less out of state cons, he surely spent a lot of time planning for out of state cons that he seemingly doesn’t enjoy. What’s up with him?

No. 311355

I do feel for him because clearly something is very wrong about him, but he needs to see a doctor and gets the help he deeply needs. Instead he just use whatever unknown medical condition to harass people. That’s not cool.

No. 311367

I don’t doubt he has ASD, but isn’t he undiagnosed? I remember seeing him say “I suspect I might have autism” or something similar and you know he’d post if he actually went to a doctor and got diagnosed (and he’s so opposed to going to the doctor in general). He shouldn’t be acting like he’s been diagnosed when he’s just decided that zoomers might be nicer to him if he claims to have it. All the zoomers running around saying “I’m autistic” when they haven’t actually been diagnosed drives me crazy. Just say you suspect you have it but don’t have the money to get a formal diagnosis and move on. Although Terry most definitely could afford it if doctors didn’t scare him so much.

No. 311373

This really pissed me off so here’s a dep dive

>So l am just going to be realistic here as I have said before.

At least he realized he said the same shit every year now
>I no longer for the last several years (especially more recently) be a cosplayer with a big following on social media.
This is such a flat out lie. He constantly complaining about his reach getting smaller and rejoiced when people added him after a con
>Cosplaying isn't even my favorite thing ever and I have other goals in life (like climbing coporate ladder more).
What else is he into aside from chicken tenders , harassing mall cats, and hanging out at arcades
>For years I have been trying to find ways to become a much smaller person in the community but it’s been hard because people always like to talk aboit me.
This is the single most egotistic line have seen. I wish I can frame this and laugh at it every day.
>The hardest part which I struggle with is downsizing the number of cosplays.
He’s such a hoarder. Imagine being so privileged that he struggled to not buy shit he doesn’t even use
>I have been slowly trying to do less cons out of
And then immediately followed this story with an essay about next out of state con
> too many times I find myself befriending some of the wrong people who have only been there to make my life miserable.
People who asked him for money
>All I really want is to occasionally cosplay, not feel any pressure, and to just have fun doing who I love with crafting/makeup/etc.
I expected “taking selfies” somewhere
>As for 2024…so far ALA 2024 is the only out of state con I 100% guaranteed. AX will be for sure if I gef a hotel room I like.
Beyons that…DK. Locals like MAG/Katsu/Ota/AwesomeCon/ Miryokucon/etc. are for sure. I want to attend another TX and AZ con weekends because I want to see everyone once more for sure.TBH..

Replace the year with 2023 and this is almost the exact same essay he made last year. Every next year is his last year. What a broken record

No. 311394

File: 1698940833498.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x2280, IMG_8415.jpeg)

No. 311400

File: 1698945996533.jpeg (361.23 KB, 1284x2318, IMG_8372.jpeg)

Idk why he exists without his glasses cause no one gives a damn if he wears them

No. 311401

There's no treatment for autism (aside from ABA stuff, but that's only for the violent type of autists) so not really. Confirming that you have autism as an adult doesn't lead to anything, just not much a person can do

No. 311404


No. 311408

>Not sure how much longer I continue to cosplay
You say this every year, Terry.
He says his family and coworkers laughed at him. He was probably teased a little since he chooses to wear giant glasses like Urkel, but I doubt it was incessant bullying.

No. 311409

He needs treatment for whatever the hell else is wrong with him, not his autism. He needs therapy for the fact that he hates his race. He needs therapy for the fact that he prefers hanging out with 20 year olds. He needs therapy for the fact that he lives for attention from internet people. He needs therapy to help learn social skills. There’s plenty of work to be done on this person

No. 311415

Bingo. I guarantee they were making fun of his Urkel look and you know he always exaggerates everything. He chooses the worst dorkiest glasses for his own face shape and masculine face. But he wants to wear what teenage girls do as usual while ignoring… He. Is. Not. A. Teenage. Girl.

No. 311417

File: 1698959458610.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2089, IMG_8430.jpeg)

What happened to feeling most beautiful as Raiden Shogun?

No. 311443

i despise terry as much as everyone else, but people can change their mind. I can see madoka being a bigger hit than raiden. If I squint my eyes really hard it almost looks like a decent cosplay. His raiden is quite a mess.

No. 311444

Terry, you are 40+ bad eyesight is normal. millions of people have to wear glasses. stop making it a huge deal

No. 311449

File: 1699004560081.jpeg (842.18 KB, 1284x2297, IMG_8434.jpeg)

I mean you are hurting for money my guy

No. 311457

Honest opinion here. Is indecisiveness caused by autism? Is this similar to OCD depicted on tv shows? I’m not joking or being hateful here. I am genuinely curious why terry can’t make so many simple decisions. Here he would save $20 for the WHOLE weekend and have late checkout privilege that’s useless to him. He can earn Marriott points but this man makes six figures he can simply buy Marriott points if he likes points so much.

No. 311459

It’s all a ruse to cover his real aim—being as close to zoomer girls he lusts after as possible. He has no trouble making these decisions, he’s just baiting for engagement. At least that’s how I see it.

No. 311461

Can’t answer your question but what’s his obsession with polls? All he does at work is polls. Imagine being fired and someone ask you why and the reason you give is “I got caught writing too many instagram polls on company time”

No. 311463

It's not his obsession specifically It forces interaction which then boosts your engagement.

No. 311466

Oh I see. That makes more sense. He talks about engagements a lot in his videos so I can see him being a bit obsess about it. What a sad human. Getting a kick from people randomly clicking buttons.

No. 311471

You all are focusing on the dumb poll aspect of this story. Is this an attempt to recruit a roommate? he really emphasized on the 2 beds aspect of the situation. If it’s just himself or he already has a roommate he wouldn’t need to mention that.

No. 311480

File: 1699027733011.png (5.18 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_8433.png)

No. 311482

He only poses these stupid questions constantly in a desperate hope that some of the cosplayers he bullied into following him on FB or IG at a con will actually talk to him. It never works, so he keeps trying. He's hoping if he talks about cons he can lure them into actually talking to him and acknowledging him a little lol

No. 311493

File: 1699029857063.jpeg (68.39 KB, 306x403, IMG_8435.jpeg)

The Desperation of a Fourty Year Old Man - if his life were an anime

No. 311495

This is so creepy. It’s really sad that he spent $10k plus a year on cosplays and cons and there’s nothing to show for. Terry, you’re 40+ stop trying to make friends with zoomers

No. 311496

>It meant so much to me because I loved that anime so much
Doubt. He probably doesn’t even know Madoka’s character at all and just saw her hyperfeminine outfit.
>This makes me want to do more pink haired girls
Sure because “pink = girl” to you nasty cross dressers. Terry’s motives are so obvious.

No. 311509

that's what i thought also, so i searched his facebook for madoka references. he did post about madoka often. including a selfie in "madoka undies" I almost puked. I wish i didn't see that.(screenshots needed)

No. 311530

Can you post a screenshot of this? I can't seem to find it. It would be good to record that he's always been a gross creep.

No. 311549


Nonnie PLEASE post screenshots. If this is true then it’s definitely one of the most vile things he’s done.

No. 311553

yes, it is. he does this every time he goes to cons. afaik no one has ever taken the bait? he turns them down if they aren’t his type or try to bring a male friend along.

No. 311581

i tried to look but it might be under his old "terry hall" account. can't find anything under "T C hall" hopefully og will come back with screenshot

No. 311583

File: 1699118945689.jpg (143.92 KB, 1070x683, Screenshot_20231104_122504_Fac…)

Can't find the boxer pic, but here's a consolation prize until someone delivers

No. 311584

eww. why would he feel lewd about wearing girl underwear? it has to be because there's no way they make male madoka underwear. Also "undies"> havent heard any grown man say that before.

Any chance he posted it in the comments? he usually post followup caps of himself once people start engaging his wild fantasies

No. 311585

Does he mean just the bloomers? They are like big ruffled shorts..

No. 311587

File: 1699122358648.jpg (Spoiler Image,697.21 KB, 1080x2097, Screenshot_20231104_132441_Fac…)

holy shit, didn't even bother checking, thanks anon!

No. 311589

Ewwww. Gross, but it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. By anon's post of "Madoka undies", I thought Terry would be wearing frilly panties or something. I didn't think they would make Madoka Magica boxers, but I guess there's plenty of creeps willing to buy them, like Terry.

No. 311591

In op’s defense, she didn’t make it up. Those were the words terry used. I thought Terry went off the rails due to Covid isolation and loneliness but it looks like he’s been a creep for a long while

No. 311595

He claims he's asexual yet posts a picture with him pulling out his boxers and directs his ass towards the camera. I don't understand how there are people that actually buys this schtick of his.

No. 311598

File: 1699132254202.jpeg (103.94 KB, 1284x282, IMG_8466.jpeg)

No. 311599

File: 1699132308850.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1284x2256, IMG_8465.jpeg)

No. 311600

looks like a zoomer took his bait about better friends and got more than what she expected. Really curious what happened here.

No. 311618

Someone probably just off handedly said, "yeah, we should hang out sometime" and knowing Terry he started planning a whole ass itinerary complete with theme park tickets and shit

No. 311619

manaknight: I may be quiet
also manaknight: 3 hours since this note I posted four stories. one giant essay on why i only eat lucky charms and $25 worth of soda and water the whole fucking weekend.

I can't with this guy.

No. 311621

File: 1699147554214.jpeg (Spoiler Image,708.09 KB, 2048x2048, D9D8E4A0-5798-483A-B6B0-122ADB…)

He’s always been a coomer creep that used the “aro/ace” labels to make himself seem harmless to zoomers

No. 311628

Barf!!! That first and last photo radiates autism.
>Did you see what I touched?
Confirmed that he messes around with those fake boobs for more than cosplay. Pervert cross dresser.
Didn’t say she made it up. The way it’s worded as “undies” instead of “boxers” is strange and conjures a different image. It’s weird he would word it like that.

No. 311633

Eww..I need to wash my eyes. I have never seen some of these before. I hope his cosplay buyers see these because he has a fetish and I wouldn’t be surprised if he jerks off while wearing these cosplays. I hope the cosplayers he harassed speaks out but they can’t because he’s a black lgbtq person and that’s basically untouchable

No. 311635

i swear his english has gotten worse lmao, at some point he changed his already weird use of 'rather' to be literally just a replacement word for 'whether'. how did this man manage to graduate from college

No. 311638

it's either AAVE or maybe intentional missus to look cute to his followers?

No. 311643

Oooh its boxers. I'm less disgusted now tbh. Anons made it sound like panties.

No. 311644

You don't need good language arts skills to be an engineer. Most engineers are terrible at that and good at math/science instead.

But as has been pointed out many times before, it's most likely just an ebonics thing.

No. 311648

is he an actual 40 year old virgin? has this man ever been in contact with a woman before who wasn’t a relative or a zoomer pulling a fast one on him?

No. 311654

It’s not AAVE lol that’s just his stupid ass Terry speak. You know good and well that you’ve never heard a black person say that before other than him

No. 311670

You’re probably right, anon. I feel bad for the girls who just wanted to cheer up a lonely man but the guy turned out to be a demanding creep.

He brought up having dated once whenever he writes his life story spew. I bet he was exaggerating. Notice nobody really remained IRL friends with him for a long time. The ren faire girl who got him started with renn faires. She stayed over at his place once and never again. The house party people. Used him for rides once or twice and never again. The kbbq people. Once. The person at work who went out on a date that’s totally not a date. Never again. The various boomers he invited to his house to play makeup with. All one timers

He does seem to room with this cosplayer called camiicat a lot. But he only room with her at cons and they never hanged out IRL

No. 311695

File: 1699217968453.jpeg (589.16 KB, 1284x1029, IMG_8473.jpeg)

The anon that called it

No. 311704

He actually liked his own status? How pathetic is he?

Good job anon who called it. Terry is so predictable.

No. 311706

I called it. Terry is so dumb. He doesn't realize that when he corners someone into a conversation, and they say "yeah, we should hang out sometime" it's not a green light to start going overboard on planning shit. And of course it's THEIR fault for "ghosting" him, and not his fault for trying to force his way into hanging out with them.

No. 311711

File: 1699222710607.jpeg (456.99 KB, 1284x2239, IMG_8477.jpeg)

Hasn’t he been bragging about how he is going yet he just pre-registered?

No. 311713

you're right. he's been talking nonstop about kumoricon. so many polls. What is the point of this story? yay, he bought a badge?

No. 311715

File: 1699231210213.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1284x2268, IMG_8482.jpeg)


No. 311717

So he’s not going to cosplay old school shit now? But that’s his passion.

This sounds like an excuse to sell cosplays to zoomers since we all know Terry is a hoarder (man has a wall of wig heads in his house). Not able to sell a few cosplays is no big deal. It’s not like he needs money. Man can’t even logic.

No. 311719

I think this is Terry speak for "I cosplay popular stuff because it sells better" which is an absolutely absurd way to go about thinking and has 0 logic behind it. If you're concerned about money (? I guess? Is what he's getting at)
then mayhaps you shouldn't buy so many fucking cosplays.

No. 311721

is this really just a business or a hobby for him?

No. 311733

That’ surely is a lot of words just to justify doing popular cosplays. Oh Terry, such a sad man.

No. 311748

Hasnt he ever heard the term dont buy for profit? I do this all the time when it comes to purses and other frivolous things. He keeps acting like he's hurting for money, but if he actually made his own costumes, he can easily recycle them into something else for another costume. I do it all the time.

No. 311749

Sure, Terry. We all know you like doing popular cosplays because it’s what gets you the most attention. That’s why you’ve been cosplaying teenage girls and want to do more, so you get complimented by woke retards.
Imagine being so desperate for validation and attention that you spend thousands to crossdress at different conventions across the country. Bleak. He needs to join a gaming club or something to get some interaction…oh wait, he doesn’t even play what he buys.

No. 311781

File: 1699309029552.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1284x2261, IMG_8490.jpeg)

No. 311782

What a liar. Every time he list kite/elk a few people asked to buy it. He just ignore them or refuse to sell it in the end. He just a hoarder who like to sell to minors or gift them for a feel good story

No. 311794

tldr; "I'm trying to get addresses of my new followers or see if you wanna come over"

For real though, if you're actually trying to sell them, how about you share it publicly in your story instead of limit possibly buyers?

I can vouch for that. I asked to buy a cosplay from him once, and he flat out refused. Why? Probably because I was over 25 at the time. Jokes aside he didn't even care I was ready to send my payment right away

No. 311797

What did he say? Or did he just ghost you?

No. 311799

File: 1699316654440.jpg (502.6 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20231106_192116_Fac…)

ironic that he constantly whines about being ignored and then posts stuff like this a day later. it's okay if he does it, but if people do it to him it's malicious

No. 311805

I noticed that too. Is this a medical condition? Every time he rants about something, he would immediately doing something that contradicts his rant. I don’t get it, and it’s so tiring. I wish people would call it out but we all know we can’t.

No. 311812

Canceling last minute and not answering texts is just rude af. Why does he think he's a zoomer again?

No. 311828

Bullshit. I’m gonna humble brag for a sec and say I had a decent sized following on social media, to the point where people would approach me at cons because they recognized me. During the pandemic I realized how much social media was fucking with my mental health and stopped posting. I still cosplay and go to cons, but guess what? Now the only people who approach me at cons are actual friends of mine. People who want to hang out and talk, not just post a selfie and move on immediately. But Terry could never do that because he’s never made an actual real friend despite cosplaying for the past 10-15 years.

No. 311830

This is fucking disgusting. The middle photo on the bottom is pretty major proof that he’s lying about being ace

I got the exact same feeling. There’s no way he hasn’t jerked it while wearing his female cosplays

When’s the last time he actually cosplayed something obscure anyway? This doesn’t seem relevant at all
He also shouldn’t be cosplaying in the hopes that he can sell off the cosplay later. It’s a hobby, and you should do it because you’re passionate about the character

>I asked to buy a cosplay from him once, and he flat out refused
Wow. He’s such a hoarder. I was thinking if he couldn’t sell them, he could donate or give them away for the cost of shipping, but here you are trying to buy them and he still won’t sell. I think he only makes posts like >>311781 so when people accuse him of hoarding he can be like “Look! I tried to sell them but nobody wanted them!!”

No. 311839

I really want to know why he post these stories because he clearly doesn’t mean it. Just today he posted 2-3 stories about obscure cosplays he wants to do. I can’t make sense of this

No. 311892

I tried buying one of his cosplays too and he flat out ignored me or he kept mentioning the sizes saying they'd probably be too small. He's a dumbass cause he likes to assume peoples sizes.

No. 311904

This! It’s weird to see him relisting the same cosplays multiple times and each time he just flat out ignore people who are interested. I don’t know why peoole dudjt pick up on that.

No. 311907

Who would use Terry for networking though he doesn't have any real connections or power?
I bet he posts nudes of himself in cosplay on subreddits or 4chan boards, framing it as gender exploration

No. 311912

File: 1699428224677.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1284x2284, IMG_8521.jpeg)

No. 311919

Did he say paint the boots… okay. Those boots are going to look hilariously bad. Why didn’t he just buy the boots. Why are male cosplayers so incompetent

No. 311940

They look like suede thigh high boots to me. He’s still going to look ridiculous in them because he’s a 40 year old man

No. 311951


Beauty cam filter is going to make this look sooo good. He's going to look rediculous.(sage your shit)

No. 311952

File: 1699460145332.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2252, IMG_8530.jpeg)

No. 311954

File: 1699460466724.gif (3.77 MB, 498x364, browhut.gif)

the more i read this the more confused i get.

No. 311955

File: 1699461123960.jpg (199.43 KB, 1080x1988, Screenshot_20231108_112748_Fac…)

he posted it on facebook too. wonder how long this will last until we see another rant about "don't say you want to text me unless you actually do. if you are just going to ghost me, don't pretend to want to be my texting buddy"

No. 311967

File: 1699473732452.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x2425, IMG_8534.jpeg)

Like… good for you? Does he want an award?

No. 311968

File: 1699474600712.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x2233, IMG_8532.jpeg)

No one cares

No. 311975

I hate that every year he made the same status about eye exams and always got the same results. People told him to get the exam. He complains about wearing glasses all the time yet never wear contacts. I know some of us hate wearing contacts but this man wears contacts everyday at con. I can’t tell if he’s this insufferable in person or just making this up for attention.

No. 311986

File: 1699483598683.jpeg (403.9 KB, 1284x2308, IMG_8546.jpeg)

Literally he’s a broken record

No. 312001

He posts the same humble brag story every few weeks and it’s just tiring. Why does this 40+ man making six figures depend so much on random zoomer on internet who gives zero shit about him?

Next week he’s going to say he’s proud of his makeup and how fem he looks.

No. 312017

>how long this will last until we see another rant
This will happen the first time someone takes more than an hour to respond to him

Has he never eaten in cosplay before?

He’s such a delusional narcissist

>Why does this 40+ man making six figures depend so much on random zoomer
Because he has no real friends, no romantic prospects, and isn’t close with any family members. He feels unfulfilled and needs that sort of validation to prop up his facade that he’s popular and having such a good time

No. 312021

Jesus Christ no one cares, Terry. You're fucking lucky to even have vision benefits so just fucking use them. You don't even wear your glasses anyway because people bully you because you look like Erkel in the stupid frames you always get so what's the point of making a huge deal and a pointless poll of something you're not even going to use.

He is seriously so privileged and he makes it seem like it's such a major inconvenience for him to even exist in his own life. Oh no I have an amazing job making six figures but I have to work every other Friday, oh no my vision is terrible but I choose not to utilize the benefits my job luckily offers me, oh no I have too many costumes because I just have soooo much money I can just buy everything I think zoomers will compliment me on. God he needs to be punched in the teeth.

He looks so skeletal in this pic, I'm actually glad he ate something. He's withering away before our eyes.

No. 312031

Honestly. He posts the most insufferable and privileged shit and then wonders why nobody wants to be around him.

No. 312035

It puzzles me too but it looks like zoomers eat it up or at least Terry thought so. I don’t know if they’re worshipping him for his perceived popularity and wealth or just pitying him

No. 312043

File: 1699547231975.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2259, IMG_8573.jpeg)

Sir that dog looks agitated at you

No. 312044

I swear if Terry is outed as a serial killer I wouldn’t be surprised. Is this person even a human. lol

No. 312048

This story actually explained his personal problem a lot.

Zoomer said “nice whatever cosplay” to be kind. Terry thought he pull off the character well and dominated

Zoomer sent him a message to say hi. Terry: she wants to have a sex with me?

Zoomer said they should hang out. Terry planned a whole day of chicken tender dinner and a slow evening walk through a deserted mall.

Dog wanted him to stop harassing. Terry: this dog loves me(unbridled autism)

No. 312057

File: 1699560912249.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x1892, IMG_8584.jpeg)

Has he bought Yae?
I don’t remember seeing his bill for her cos

No. 312080

Don’t think he has yae yet. She was in his last poll for what to buy for ALA. not sure how he plan to buy and ship it in time for ALA

No. 312081

File: 1699641326908.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2140, IMG_8620.jpeg)

He’s eating today~(no1curr)

No. 312084

File: 1699646067660.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_8624.jpeg)

10+ year cosplayer

No. 312085

File: 1699646092100.jpeg (653.54 KB, 1284x2256, IMG_8625.jpeg)

Yay more money spent

No. 312101

He ordered that DokiDoki cosplay just 10 days ago, and he has the audacity to cry about his finances. While I have little hope for financial karma to slap Terry into reality anymore, I can at least feel some sick pleasure in knowing that he'll always feel alone.

No. 312107

Yeah that wig would be good for an amateur, but he’s been cosplaying so long that he should be able to do clean spikes by now

No. 312175

File: 1699738483600.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x2239, IMG_8636.jpeg)

No. 312176

File: 1699738509746.jpeg (2.21 MB, 1284x2263, IMG_8637.jpeg)

No. 312179

He omg at the randomness things. I read the statement twice and could not decipher it.

No. 312184

File: 1699749113089.jpeg (584.68 KB, 1170x2391, IMG_4248.jpeg)

Sure he did Terry, sure he did

No. 312186

Terry is either lying (again) or that dude has a shemale fetish and was just playing along cause he wanted some

No. 312191

File: 1699759302055.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2274, IMG_8640.jpeg)

No. 312193

“one reason why”
>stated six reasons moments before
LOL(sage your shit)

No. 312198

Scrote are idiots if they think boobs might be involved, honestly I believe it.

No. 312199

>home cooked meal
…does he think putting frozen tendies in an air fryer constitutes a home cooked meal?

No. 312210

He’s probably being cheap here and not doing it for the quality of home food.

No. 312211

Why does he always do the tongue thing with female character. Does he think it’s sexy?

No. 312241

File: 1699836145278.jpeg (707.93 KB, 1284x2234, IMG_8648.jpeg)

No. 312242

File: 1699836175577.jpeg (970.15 KB, 1284x2288, IMG_8649.jpeg)

No. 312244

Ddidn't this man say he's going to cut down cons in general and no more out of state cons? Two "for sure" Cali con? And most of the "Others" cons are 50% or above. I feel like punching this man every time he complains about not having money.

No. 312272

Isn't Ruggie a male character? I bet "older guy" (kek) was confused because of the makeup (confused you guys too I think) and Terry was maybe even doing that horrible soft "feminine" voice he puts on in ig videos/tiktoks (not recently afaik, but it's been posted in older threads— as was his real voice which is a normal deep scrote voice). Either that or the chaser thing as other nonna said.

No. 312281

“So I better explain” bro shut the fuck up no one asked for your excel spreadsheet con schedule

No. 312283

wasn't he also whining about how local cons were sooooo boring and that the reason why he doesn't go to them as much is because there aren't as many people there and that he doesn't get as much exposure? i get whiplash from how much he goes back and forth in his thinking.

No. 312285

I feel like half of Terry's posts are lies for engagement at this point. "Disguising myself?" Yikes.

No. 312291

for a man who makes a yearly "I'm going to quit cosplay/cons" post, he sure keeps a full schedule every year. I'm sure after each of these next year he'll immediately book hotels and flights for 2025 as well "just in case" even though he's always tight on money

No. 312294

File: 1699890805727.jpg (549.12 KB, 1204x1080, InCollage_20231113_105053502.j…)

why can't he just not go to a con for the rest of the year? will he implode? I thought holmat timing sucked for him because of the date change, so he said that one wasn't even an option anymore?

doesn't he have a lot of big bills piled up in dec/jan anyway that always make holmat suck for him? he makes no sense

No. 312303

Isn’t the con in a few days? Must be nice to be this flexible with his schedule to be able to cancel last minute

Dude. This happens every year doesn’t mean you’re not sick. Con crud exists before covid. Why did you go to a small con last Saturday if you felt sick. And took unmasked selfies with 99% women? Disgusting

No. 312304


Coaplay the one on the right side.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 312330

stay the fuck out of texas i am cryingg. we already have such a bad creep problem, just glad he's not like really into love live, at least.

No. 312339

File: 1699938030592.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2254, IMG_8657.jpeg)

No. 312340

File: 1699938130823.jpeg (982.57 KB, 1284x2239, IMG_8658.jpeg)

No. 312341

File: 1699938205882.jpeg (408.74 KB, 1284x2239, IMG_8659.jpeg)

No. 312343

Anyone wants to bet this creep is going to holiday matsuri this year? He’s been going to every single holmat since it moved. Massive fomo.

He never visited his family during the holidays and had written multiple essays on why he never visit them. Why did he mention that as a reason to skip holiday matsuri is beyond me

No. 312344

this man is sick and has the means to skip the con and still chose to go ahead. it's november of 2023 who still posts negative covid test results?

No. 312348

>Acen hotel too pricey
Wtf is he talking about? There’s FIVE hotels directly across the street from the con center. I think there’s about a dozen total within a 2-3 block radius. Most of the hotels are pretty affordable

No. 312349

The five hotels are $219-245 per night before tax. They're normal in my book especially given the location. i definitely won't call them "affordable" Remember, Terry has been going to cons for 13 years and still reminiscing the $100 per night days.

No. 312357

File: 1699969279383.jpg (399.46 KB, 1080x1966, Screenshot_20231114_083753_Ins…)

he even did a poll asking if he should cancel or wait it out, and most people are encouraging him to wait. he'll probably still be sick at the con and end up getting a lot of others sick because he just had to get his selfies with zoomers.

I still don't get why he always puts these kinds of life decisions in the hands of strangers on the internet? he's a 41 year old man. he should be able to make these decisions for himself

No. 312358

What’s his deal with Texas cons? Weebcon was so bad this year a lot of locals here don’t plan to come back. The parking situation was a nightmare. This man has way too much money to spend

No. 312359

File: 1699973366822.jpeg (250.58 KB, 1283x2259, IMG_8662.jpeg)

No. 312371

File: 1699977332065.jpeg (101.05 KB, 1284x361, IMG_8663.jpeg)

No. 312373

His body probably cant handle cold because he's malnourished.

No. 312374

I noticed this weird trend among some older cosplayers in their late 30s (terry being 41 now) that they literally have no life outside of cons. Like, he has no friends, no hobbies, no goals.. Nothing, just anime cons and buying cheap cosplays. He wont even hone his skills to get better at wigs or props. Definition of someone with too much money that doesnt deserve it. Such a pathetic life.

No. 312380

He's mentioned legos several times to gauge who interacts with those posts, but I'm 100% sure he knows he'll be irrelevant when he stops since he has no "friends" outside of cosplay

No. 312385

Yall forgot he’s a big gamer. Probably the biggest gamer I know. The man buys one or two games every week.

No. 312391

I’m gonna throw up. He’s gonna ruin all the pmmm girls

>he knows he'll be irrelevant when he stops
I honestly wonder if he even likes cosplaying/cons anymore? He complains about every con he goes to and he doesn’t care about making cosplays himself. He doesn’t even care about improving his wig styling or prop making skills. It really does seem like he knows this is the only thing that will get him attention

No. 312412

File: 1700032199991.jpeg (887.73 KB, 1284x2249, IMG_8679.jpeg)

No. 312413

File: 1700032283564.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1284x2275, IMG_8680.jpeg)

No. 312417

There’s no fucking way this man let his random internet friends decide where he’s going for these $1000+ trips. He surely has some idea where he wanted to go, right? These cons are in no way similar to each other!!

No. 312418

Gee, I wonder if the con in the photo is going to dominate that poll

No. 312419

Terry, you were literally complaining about the prices of these cons! Just don't go! It's that simple! This grown ass man can't handle people around him having fun. If he doesn't go, he's going to see selfies and shit of people with their friends and take it personally. And if he does go, he either selfie-hunts and everything is wonderful and it's the best con in the universe, or he just complains the entire time. Either way, everyone gets a 37 page essay on why it was/wasn't fun for him. And it's NEVER his fault for when he has a bad time, even when it's clearly his fault, it's something else and everyone should feel bad for him and the con is no good and we'll hear about the no-good-no-selfie-having con year after year.

No. 312420

File: 1700055389664.jpeg (486.19 KB, 1284x2271, IMG_8681.jpeg)

Guys I swear I’m a relatable cosplayer that is broke and can’t attend every con

No. 312421

Exactly. Did some important zoomer he follows just announced she’s going? It’s odd that barely 3 days ago he wrote this giant essay about why he’s skipping all of these cons because of the expensive hotels and flights. And then posted THIS? I went to weebcon last year and it was horribly run this year all my friends agreed we are going to just lobbycon it IF we go back. Texas has so many cons it’s stupid that he chose one of the worst ones to go

No. 312422

Him showing off his wealth to this extent is so gross. Being able to go to this many cons and fly across the country for them is already such a luxury, but ultimately it’s his money/his choice. But to then make a poll about what room he should get, showing off the numbers, and making it clear that the cost isn’t actually a big deal like he’s previously lead people to believe?? It just feels so unnecessary and weird. At this point, his followers would have to be brain dead to believe him when he says all these cons are too expensive for him.

No. 312423

Well…all close hotels are currently sold out…so I don't know where he thinks he would stay.

No. 312424

Since these require no deposit that I know of Terry probably booked one or two rooms just in case. He does that at so many cons. He had two for kumoricon.

No. 312425

This is what being a moid is like, he can easily post the room he wants to get, the money he’s spending and nothing bad happens to him, at all. And it’s not even about “oh no he’s spending money!” It’s like, he’s basically telling the world where he’s going to stay for a pleasure trip in which he’s spending lots of money, just a google search or asking around and you could go to his room unannounced.

No. 312429

File: 1700067070417.jpeg (295.08 KB, 1284x656, IMG_8684.jpeg)

No. 312431

File: 1700067236794.jpeg (514.81 KB, 1284x2136, IMG_8685.jpeg)

Not the flex you think it is bro

No. 312439

o sure he’s trying to entice zoomers to room with him. Disgusting

No. 312440

I hate it when men post stuff made for women.

No. 312441

File: 1700073121226.jpeg (102.33 KB, 1284x334, IMG_8695.jpeg)

Yaaaay more out of state cons

No. 312443

File: 1700075447516.jpeg (765.35 KB, 1284x2011, IMG_8696.jpeg)

I don’t get what goes through his brain if he just complained about spending too much on con’s yet reserves a room that’s 1k

No. 312447

I know it's his money to spend however he chooses but whew what a way to blow through 2 grand. This is all to wear shitty prebought cosplays and have a few dozen <1 minute interactions with facebook and instagram friends. Doesn't really seem worth it to me like there are so many other ways to spend that money and have a fun time. It's like his own personal Groundhog Day going on here doing the same mundane things over and over. Hotel, prebought cosplay, con, selfies, repeat.
I don't see how this is fun at all like he doesn't make his own cosplays, where there is a lot of fun and satisfaction on making complex builds (some really amazing, creative cosplayers out there) nor have fun times with friends. Is a bunch of selfies really worth 1k+ each con?
Totally agree with you anons, he has no sense of danger like telling people exactly where he will be and when constantly, plus advertising that he has a lot of money. Horrible to say but he's really asking for a mugging or home invasion or some shit by flashing his cash around everywhere like this.

No. 312463

One of these days I hope someone will rise up and tell him to his face how annoying it’s for him to complain about con prices and then the next day announcing he’s going to another out of state con

No. 312465

File: 1700094870328.jpg (359.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231115_193030_Ins…)

another post making someone else's death about himself to make people feel bad for him. this isn't a time for you to feel bad about yourself, go comfort this supposed "very best friend" who is actually affected by this passing.

No. 312470

>I had many moments when growing up with his dad involved so it hits me hard
As opposed to something like
>I empathize with the pain my friend is experiencing from the loss of his loved one
Truly incapable of diverting attention away from himself for even a second.

No. 312479

File: 1700130104206.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1284x2256, IMG_8701.jpeg)

Just why

No. 312486

where is he off to now?

No. 312490

Kumoricon. He’s been talking about it for weeks

Never heard of it but it must be pretty decent for him to take off work Thursday and Friday

No. 312491

It’s a pretty common think for young girls to do and Terry thinks he’s a young girl. Also he has a bathroom fetish. Thank god he stopped posting photos of his own bathrooms

No. 312502

Imo feels less like a fetish and more like he's obsessed with different styles, like an HGTV obsessed millennial is when they go to ikea. Businesses, however, aren't like a home, but their bathrooms are available for use and get critique. There's a girl on tiktok that almost does the same thing, except she brags about pooping in them, thank God terry isn't doing that.

No. 312511

File: 1700151662861.jpeg (576.8 KB, 1284x2273, IMG_8705.jpeg)

No. 312514

File: 1700153983165.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1284x2276, IMG_8706.jpeg)

No. 312515

What a waste considering that room could've went to someone who want the room for sure. This guy is just taking up all the rooms for a "jic" cause and he's not even sure if he's going.(learn to sage)

No. 312516

People are telling you to stop cosplaying old/niche shit. Are you going to listen? Doubt

No. 312517

Let me get this straight. He knows his glasses pop out frequently. He carries an extra pair of glasses instead of the tiny screw driver.. why? It’s not like the small screwdriver is prohibited on flight?

No. 312521

That frame style is notorious for holding nothing in, especially with thicker lenses. Continuous disregard for reason from all sides from Terry. This wouldn't happen to you if you picked a frame that actually fit you, my dude.

No. 312548

Now when in the fuck of all fucks have you ever done a big build, Terrance?? Or any build in general.

No. 312590

I wonder if he is lurking and saw this post mentioning big builds >>312447
He is a textbook emotionless autistic male tbf, this is quite a show of emotion for him. Last time he visited his own parents they were both sick iirc and he was whining he didn't have food freshly cooked for him when one of them was in hospital(!)

No. 312602

File: 1700242680516.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2086, IMG_8723.jpeg)

No. 312609

The sides view is worst

No. 312613

File: 1700252664953.jpg (663.95 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20231117_152225_Fac…)

someone in the comments really told him he should enter a cosplay contest in this and that it was the best Vash she's ever seen lmao. keep him delusional

No. 312614

Why don't you post the comment instead of this, it's more milky?

No. 312615

Short is only like 20% legs, those are some proportions

No. 312616

File: 1700256566093.jpg (97.31 KB, 1080x608, Screenshot_20231117_162920_Fac…)

here's the comments

No. 312617

kek, his proportions are wild! He's so stumpy.

No. 312621

File: 1700262449353.jpeg (681.85 KB, 3167x2464, 1F325C65-B6E2-4C6B-A7C8-E51B3B…)

It’s like someone stole his shins. He always looks so fucking weird, like when you step in a funhouse mirror.

No. 312623

File: 1700269404981.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1685, IMG_8728.jpeg)

No. 312625

File: 1700269609387.jpg (31.6 KB, 638x652, one-arm-is-way-bigger-v0-161tx…)

No. 312626

His useage of shoe/boot covers is an actual crime. 10+ year veteran, everyone.

No. 312654

File: 1700323501572.jpg (442.81 KB, 1214x1080, InCollage_20231118_110140326.j…)

>I'm not a numbers person
>posts about selfie numbers an hour after

I know he means follower numbers, but it's basically the same since all his selfies are with followers anyway. he's obsessed with numbers no matter how much he claims he's not

No. 312673

I like how he says he still likes a hotel for mag, but he never goes to mag regardless. He’s never been to mag afaik, but he makes it sound like if he can’t get a hotel he still “has a home cooked meal” and goes regardless even though he doesn’t.

I think this is his first year going because it’s his first year getting a room. He’s going to hate it because its a party con and I hope he sleeps like shit because of all the yelling.

No. 312678

Literally paying over a grand per con for selfies, works out around $10+ per selfie depending on how much flights, tickets and hotel come up to each con. Like the weirdest shittest slot machine where you keep paying ten bucks and a photo of you comes out each time. What a life.

No. 312690

He’s been to MAG before, but only to take photos in the atrium. He’s done it as a day con for Fri/Sat and then bitched about how parking is ridiculous for MAG.

No. 312694

he's been to mag fest many times. If i have to guess, since 2015. He only stopped going to MAG since covid. Previously he daytripped mag.

No. 312711

File: 1700369894629.jpeg (Spoiler Image,603.94 KB, 596x1291, IMG_5351.jpeg)

I immediately had to put lotion on my hands after seeing how dry and shriveled up his hands are. Spoilered the pic bc it’s foul.

No. 312713

I'm aggressively putting on lotion now. Jfc that's disgusting

No. 312714

anon i thought you photoshopped it (thank you for spoiling the photo that's disgusting) but I was very wrong.

for real, what could have happened to his fingers? it's just the digits. genetics? chemicals?

No. 312715

File: 1700373204305.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x1909, IMG_8741.jpeg)

No. 312716

File: 1700374457722.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x1599, IMG_8742.jpeg)

What is he doing?

No. 312717

did he order a size or two too big? it looks so ill fitted

No. 312718

his hands are not that bad, just really aged for a black man in his 40’s. i thought he was going to have weird scaly cracked and bleeding skin from the description lol.

possibly genetics, likely just neglect and bad diet. he never looks moisturized.

No. 312728

File: 1700389449184.jpeg (551.33 KB, 1284x2294, IMG_8746.jpeg)

Does this man not know how to make is down decisions?

No. 312737

literally no zoomer he would selfie with will be at the con from 9am to 11am. I hope he made this poll to get engagement because otherwise this man is dumb as a rock

No. 312738

I was about to scream about him running around partially barefoot, but he has flip flops. Still probably wouldn't remove them for photos, but Im sure the bottle of palmolive he bathes with will kill the foot germs.

No. 312756

File: 1700428146080.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x2004, IMG_8761.jpeg)

No. 312757

File: 1700428177672.jpeg (1.26 MB, 974x1693, IMG_8762.jpeg)

No. 312758

File: 1700428204516.jpeg (930.92 KB, 963x1660, IMG_8763.jpeg)

Did he sharpie his nails?

No. 312759

File: 1700428255189.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x1522, IMG_8764.jpeg)

No. 312761

wow, he finally found someone whose wig styling is somehow even worse than his.

No. 312773

So Terry made a poll where his followers overwhelmingly dusciuraged him to cosplay on Sunday and he still cosplayed. What a waste of everyone’s time

No. 312815

File: 1700499156033.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2265, IMG_8769.jpeg)


No. 312825

>wrinkly ass hands
>emaciated legs
>constipated face
>michael jackson pose
More like Kowai.

No. 312831

hell yeah, he's revisiting the "his head looks photoshopped on" saga again

No. 312838

Why does he have like no neck?

No. 312840

God, his face! Also Terry, we can see where the boob plate stops on your arm.(learn2sage)

No. 312863


No. 312882

File: 1700589948873.jpg (276.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231121_130509_Ins…)

No. 312891

Creepy, old, self-absorbed, big headed, predator cosplayer!

No. 312892

File: 1700597692660.jpeg (313.16 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_1230.jpeg)

It’s funny how he is trying to say this is an upgrade on his makeup, when really he just is cranking up the Beauty Cam filters and making his face smaller/lighter(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 312896

The fact he trying to say this is all just makeup is crazy. Someone need to post his candid to this photo, because he is just delusional.

No. 312907

Drag make-up for Xion of all people. Also, he somehow made what should be the easiest wig in the world look like an actual rat's nest.

No. 312913

He's supposed to be Xion?! I thought he was trying to be an OC.

No. 312956

Why does he always look like a lizard trying to act human?

No. 313007

File: 1700715991134.jpeg (1010.62 KB, 1284x1540, IMG_8783.jpeg)


No. 313008

File: 1700716083305.jpeg (899.06 KB, 1284x1432, IMG_8784.jpeg)


No. 313012

Why do I get the feeling that he liked kumoricon mostly because it’s a small con so he can stalks and traps his “friends” easier than other con

No. 313087

File: 1700789674359.jpg (531.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231123_203405_Ins…)

recycling the same "I don't care about my friendships dying" bs when it's clearly killing him inside, otherwise he wouldn't keep bringing it up

No. 313105

is he incapable of being concise and getting to the point?

No. 313118

That’s a fucking lot of words just to say he’s hella mad over some girl who quit the con scene. He has so many red flags I don’t know why anyone would let him into their lives. I swear this guy talked to you for five minutes and then he would claim you’re his BFF

No. 313131

File: 1700850704990.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x2277, IMG_8788.jpeg)

No. 313132

File: 1700850730839.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x2256, IMG_8790.jpeg)

No. 313135

Terry, make some actual goddamn friends to talk about this shit with

No. 313141

I found it hilarious that this man is asking internet strangers to help make a $40k decision. Seriously, surround looking camera is a requirement? I can’t stand this man.

These polls are dumb and a waste of everyone ‘s time since we know he doesn’t go with the results anyway

No. 313148

Kinda funny he has a lot more words to say when he loses a "friend" by getting unfriended vs when a cosplay "friend" literally dies

Is he really basing a car purchase off a camera??? jfc