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File: 1456005967663.jpg (142.92 KB, 1440x2034, 12168308_10156554874105483_160…)

No. 16634

23 year old weeb that makes youtube videos regarding anime. Actually makes intelligent points but is a snowflake and grating in a few ways.

>claims to actively respond to fans but constantly ignores their questions in regards to if she's dating Joey aka The Anime Man even though she CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him and uses language like bbz when referring to him.

>constantly posting fat tits
>uses a sexy and thin anime drawing representation of her for her video thumbnails contrary to how she really looks
>constantly talks about hentai and tentacle porn

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1HVMnw-610qx54iEiWk7A/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akidearest/


No. 16635


ehh.. she's pretty ugly tbh. huge weeb as well. idk why people draw her so thin, she looks nothing like her "anime" version

No. 16636

File: 1456006783794.jpg (15.74 KB, 320x347, 12729239_952027194878694_30922…)


No. 16637

She looks like a pig with boobs

No. 16638

File: 1456007410335.jpg (261.93 KB, 1152x2048, 12751691_10156554926840483_214…)


No. 16639

Boring, seems nobody really cares about her /not a big deal
but hey
isn't that what snow is made up of :D

No. 16640

Mostly posted about her because she seems to have some kind of a hidden relationship with an actually popular youtuber.


I just kind of refuse to believe she claims him to be "just a friend" when she skypes with him "for 10 hours straight" and constantly posts spams pics of him all over her instagram.

If it is true that they're actually dating, holy shit what a waste.

No. 16641

She's a butterface

No. 16642

File: 1456008341710.jpg (153.87 KB, 1152x2048, 12751645_10156555022615483_986…)

Her body isn't much better anon

No. 16643

omg so hes the guy that always make these weeb cringy af videos that ALWAYS get in my recommendation box god jesuc ave meceryu

No. 16644

Yeah. Hate to say I find him hot.

No. 16645

She looks like what I imagine Berry looking like in real life.

No. 16646


No. 16647

Google Berry Tsukasa.

No. 16648

File: 1456012430965.png (112.37 KB, 275x265, 1437811216406.png)

HAH, good point.

No. 16649

>Le anime man
Well that's enough to make me dislike someone, can't stand any of these popular anime themed youtubers

No. 16650

that photo looks so fake, like she photoshopped her boobs to be bigger. Her face is so plain.

No. 16651

It also looks like she cinched in her waist.

No. 16652


Who fucking wears pigtails like that tho? one on the top of her head and one at her chin level. This pig is kind of cringe, whats her ethnicity ?

No. 16653

I think it's because her head is slightly tilted that it gives the illusion. She posted a video of her trying on the sweater but she doesn't have the pigtails.

Pretty sure she posted with them to fit the "sexy loli" asthetic and get attention from her fans.

She's filipino btw.

No. 16654

Nope nevermind, I'm definitely wrong (in regards to the pigtails being in line with one another.)

Yeah I have no idea, that is kind of dumb.

No. 16655

she's not even kawaii.
She looks indian or Indonesian or something.

No. 16656

her 'stache tho

No. 16657

I thought she was Viet. She definitely isn't Jap. I don't see how she could be Indian tho.

No. 16658

Am I the only one suspecting she's paying for youtube subs?

No. 16659

it was mainly her nose.
apparently she's flip

No. 16660


Yep, she stated that she's American Filipino in her fb page. Agree that she's not kawaii though.

No. 16661

File: 1456054231602.jpg (62.53 KB, 580x576, 1454865234281.jpg)

I agree anon. Joey is cute as fuck.

No. 16662

File: 1456054524717.jpg (98.99 KB, 926x580, pigface.jpg)

wtf lmao dat fucking face, so animu

No. 16663

Agreed he's actually cute :(

No. 16664

Bananame at its finest.

Honestly "marshmellow" girls are pretty popular (atleast online) right now. If she learns how to put on makeup she'd be just fine.

No. 16665

Jesus. Fat, ugly, and super-impressed with herself. What a trifecta of awesomeness.

No. 16666

i feel like she actively tries to make people think there's something going on between her and joey. it's cringey af.
this cosplay is theanimeman's favorite character btw, as if she couldn't make it anymore obvious

No. 16667

her videos are so annoying and weeby, but i never knew she was that ugly and try-hard as well

No. 16668

File: 1456060453917.jpg (75.74 KB, 651x424, 54654.jpg)

The problem is that her face looks very manly, even with makeup on.

No. 16669

even berry is prob prettier :(

No. 16670


Well then…her face is more unfortunate then I thought. I suppose she could try contouring her nose and jaw line so it's more feminine.

No. 16671

-States she hung out with mark

-stands awkwardly next to him in a photo instead of taking a picture hanging out at a restaurant/park/or just doing something

Seems more like she caught markiplier walking pass and asked for a picture.

No. 16672

Holy shit…hambeast with a monkey face.

No. 16673

That nose. Ewww, he just looks so unkempt and gross. Is he Hispanic?

No. 16674

How can someone so ugly and fat lack self awareness? I bet her fat tits make her confident enough to delude her into thinking she's kawaii desu.

No. 16675

yeaaa…she has big tits, i give her that, but she makes the dance so unappealing… and i notice she disabled the likes, did the video had more dislikes originally? just a wild guess.

No. 16676

I thought so too until I saw a video (need to find it) where she posted some kind of crap about her being busy and he posted on her video like "take your time bbyz <3 <3"

I just get this overwhelming vibe that there is something going on. You also don't just wear someone's favorite character as a cosplay while going to the same con with said person without in my opinion trying to impress them.

I've also seen him l like some of the suggestive pics she posts on Instagram and he gives her a lot of likes in general.

I'm waiting for them to either come out with it that they're dating or dispell the rumor.

Also, I don't know if they've met in person before since she lives in Las Vegas and he in Australia. I have a feeling AX2016 will be their first meeting, unless they've kept their meetups on the down low.

No. 16677

Half Hungarian and half Japanese

No. 16678

File: 1456073503484.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

The types of girls that swoon over him

No. 16679

File: 1456073610741.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Versus the "hotties" he hangs out with. I have my doubts about them being together…>>96575 mentions they live on different continents, which is utterly stupid.

No. 16680

Well you never know, "true love" knowing no bounds rolls eyes. I grew out of wanting long distance relationships when I reached my 20's but I don't know about these two. I don't know much about Joey but going from the fact that he just got back from Japan to the fact that he's also planning on going to AX, methinks he has a lot of money and can maybe therefore afford to fuck around with a ld relationship.

Who knows though. She may not be my cup of tea in terms of looks, but I could see by her personality that he could be attracted to her. Who knows though.

No. 16681

File: 1456075105842.png (57.29 KB, 649x282, Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.2…)

Also case in point on the mutuality. Maybe they both just love fucking around with their fans?

Of course all of the compliments following this were shipping comments.

No. 16682

He does "fanservice" with Einshine often so I wouldn't be surprised. This could just be one of those close friend situations or maybe there is something more going on.

No. 16683

>big tits
Her tits aren't "big" anon. They're large because she's fat. If she was thin and had tits that big, that's big tits.

No. 16684

Okay, he's pretty cute in this pictute. But more in the way of cute boy you see in the store and is the highlight of an average to boring day.

No. 16685

File: 1456082112540.jpg (70.71 KB, 692x372, monkeyfaces.jpg)


No. 16686

Got curious as to who she was and I found some links i anyone wants them



http://worldcosplay.net/member/197128 (only 2 photos here soooo…)

also dumblr http://akidearest.tumblr.com/

No. 16687

> Height: 5' 0"
> Weight: 140 lbs
welp thats a fail

No. 16688

34" waist at 5'0"?! Jesus. Not even a butterface. Ew.

No. 16689

Is she filipino or mexican?

No. 16690


No. 16691

Its the same thing.

Filipinos are the Mexicans of Asians.

No. 16692

I resent that….say salvadorian, nobody likes them.

No. 16693

I don't know why, she hasn't done anything more snowflakey than the snowflakes here, but I don't like her face. I get this irrational hate when I see her, especially in OP's pic.

Wow, she's shorter than I thought. Thought she was like 5'4 or taller.

No. 16694

File: 1456113998678.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Maybe this is more your taste anon

No. 16695

Dude Mexicans and Filipinos are equally shitty. They get along really well because conservatism and Catholicism

No. 16696

this one is even worse tbh lol

No. 16697

She seems pretty cool and level-headed in videos but her photos embarrass me.

No. 16698

kek no one would hire her as a model unless they were making a collection for pigs

No. 16699

On her Tumblr, she tags pictures of herself as, "hot Asian girl."

No. 16700

i checked that and you're right, it's on her 'keyhole sweater' video post. her keyhole sweater photo is not hot either, oooh major cringe…

No. 16701

File: 1456144463814.jpg (71.13 KB, 931x329, 1454865234281.jpg)

The comments defending her fatass are hilarious thro.

No. 16702

i thought so too anon.

lol divine curves my ass

No. 16703

Murica' everybody. No seriously, the disillusion in regards to what a healthy size is literally enrages me at times.

No. 16704

Also, I hope she isn't trying to actually look sexy making these faces.

They remind me of a toddler trying to take their first shit on the big kid potty.

No. 16705

File: 1456154263247.jpg (106.73 KB, 1024x678, yowamushi_pedal__onoda_sakamic…)


No. 16706

agree anon. but to be fair, she is not that fat (at least for me), but calling her curvy or chubby is not right either. she's definitely overweight though.

she crossplays better ngl, but why does every cosplay pic of her looked very photoshopped, like she slaps her face onto another person's body??

No. 16707

Do ya mean her fat rolls

No. 16708

She's like an Asian PT

No. 16709

This pic is cute imo; she looks alright as a male character and she seems to be thinner with this type of clothing…but as a female…oh god nightmare fuel >>16642

No. 16710

File: 1456156376760.jpg (487.45 KB, 682x1024, pixy.jpg)

Kek, even PT is cuter

No. 16711

File: 1456159985173.gif (2.63 MB, 480x270, jRvq7z.gif)

basically, but

No. 16712

Ooh she has a tripod-san too.

No. 16713

is she viet? she looks like that crazy viet guy i been posting about in the weeb thread. they have the same fucking face.

No. 16714

File: 1456169496078.png (1.15 MB, 858x1104, i.png)

something about her voice/personality is very adorable to me.. she looks like someone fun to hang out with

No. 16715

Yeah, even though I made this thread I think she's smart and has good opinions in her videos. There are just a couple things about her that rub me the wrong way, which is why she's snow material (also because barely anyone knows who she is.)

No. 16716

I'm overwhelmed by second-hand embarassment. Feels like I'm watching someone's mom do something inappropriate.

He's decently cute.

No. 16717

It's kind of sad because she has a lot of subscribers on youtube because she makes videos where she is not the center (and you can't see her hah..) and then she does videos of herself doing weeb shit and she gets 100 times less views than her other videos. im sorry gurl but stuff like that doesn't suit you :(((

No. 16718

She reminds me of a pug, it's cute and ugly

No. 16719

She looks so incredibly retarded here. And, you know, everywhere.

No. 16720

To be fair she seems more popular than at least half the flakes on /snow/.

No. 16721

fucking gorilla nose dude

No. 16722

are you asian? because from an asian's perspective, fuck yeah she is.
Probably because you're looking for a DUFF

No. 16723

the only thing i can condone her on is things like this. shes being incredibly real? i guess? reminds me of a slightly less cute elaine mokk (who isnt even that cute)

No. 16724

Does she live in Vegas ?

No. 16726

get your nasty dick checked. ew

No. 16727

Wait, do you have a dick or something

No. 16728

I'm not sure either lol it's not like that anon mentioned having a dick!

No. 16729

File: 1460392691631.jpg (77.04 KB, 826x490, 1454865234281.jpg)

Just…why is she doing this ?

No. 16730

She looks like an average middle aged Mexican mother

No. 16731

Please spoiler her trying to be cute selfies and gifs! gosh vomit material

No. 16732

I hate her eye make up so much. Its just too weeaboo for me to handle.

No. 16733

File: 1460406456633.jpg (41.26 KB, 612x612, Ew.jpg)

I hate this twat. She's got that whole, "Cosplay is for fun, not a competition so I don't have to be skinny!" thing going on so she's delusional and thinks she's super hot in her mediocre cosplay.

No. 16734


Uhh this literally looks like a man dressing up.

No. 16735

File: 1460410697826.png (167.38 KB, 433x243, propic.png)

She looks 100 times better with half her face covered though.

No. 16736

For attention I'm sure. I really wish she lowered the camera more and showed her ass/thighs. I really really really want to fuck that fat bitch to within an inch of her life and degrade her like the pig slut she is.

No. 16737


don't use this thread to share your nasty fantasies, there's a thread in /b/ i think for talking about kinks - go there please

No. 16738

No. 16739

She seems like a nice person… but she's just so full of herself. Posting pictures of herself in her undies, showcasing her 'big' boobs whilst editing her waist to look a lot smaller than it actually is. If she's really proud of her 'sexy' figure, then lay off the editing a bit.

Being confident is great but what she's doing just makes her look trashy, desperate and over confident. I feel so much second-hand embarrassment from looking at her pictures.

No. 16740

Yeah I agree with you anon, from the videos, she seems nice and tbh her videos are quite entertaining if you ignore the click-bait-y titles and boob focused thumbnails, but my goodness her pictures are sooo bad and she constantly 'showing off her goodies', which kinda make it worse.

From Vegas thread, someone said that she's has a a nasty perverted personality though? What did she do?

No. 16741

It's part of the weeaboo persona. She's milking the fuck out of it. 'wow, im so perverted and i like hentai, i have boobs!!!1111 im best waifu!!111'

No. 16742

Yeah she overplays her perverted persona and her fans constantly praise her for it.

No. 16743

Spotted the low test fags

No. 16744

File: 1460597092943.jpg (78.49 KB, 720x960, Wut.jpg)

Shit, I wish people would draw me 20 times prettier than I actually am. Have all her fans got rose tinted glasses permanently glued to their face?

No. 16745

File: 1460601420548.jpg (406.17 KB, 720x960, 1460597092943.jpg)

No. 16746

Nice one. That's more accurate

No. 16747

More accurate and still fairly cute/flattering

No. 16748

The way she talks is annoying especially when she pulls out the weeb emo baby talk randomly.

No. 16749

she gets on my nerves but I can't tell why

No. 16750

File: 1461203528876.jpeg (274.54 KB, 1024x1292, image.jpeg)

Ok this I found this on her Twitter nearly all the comments where about how sexy she is and about how they all have hard boners but seriously I have to admit she looks cute but to make yourself look like a slut is shameful

No. 16751

This is one of the worst fucking threads on here. This girl is so normal it's boring as shit. OP sounds like they have a personal vendetta or weird jealousy issues or something.

oh no she's a weeb that posts semi suggestive pictures just like thousands of other chicks. Boring. She's pretty chubby but she's not that awful looking. To be honest she seems pretty nice.
If you're going to make threads about people at least pick actually
shitty people.

No. 16752

I'll agree she's boring, but not awful looking? Really?

No. 16753

File: 1461210003625.jpg (29.32 KB, 300x300, Thats_just_your_opinion.jpg)

No. 16754


Also factor in that most weebs can only draw one body type, which is anime desu style or their own weird ass style. Hell most artists seem to draw the same character over and over again, just with different hair. Also don't forget about the basic deviant art shitty anime bases, which is where a lot of her fans stem from.

No. 16755

Agreed, this is the best picture of her so far.

Im suprised she has many guys going after her, as she isnt good looking most of the time. She doesnt have a loli body that she attempts to dress up as, she is pretty fat too. Is it really the boobs? Like Jnig at least has a decent figure and then it is her fake tits…but this is a girl you only would degrade fuck.

No. 16756

File: 1461290349205.png (414.46 KB, 335x600, nothanks.png)

Her body isn't that bad for being as heavy as she is, it's the face I just can't get over.

No. 16757

File: 1461290367040.jpg (54.29 KB, 600x450, you look how i feel asian man …)

No. 16758

Wow, to be so heavy looking she sure is shapeless, like a log.

No. 16759

File: 1461293197054.png (38.75 KB, 291x385, tumblr_nkipstMPOP1rjf577o1_400…)


No. 16760

Can't deny that she's unfortunate looking, but she does seem nice though, maybe that's why guys go after her.

lololooool that's cruel, but sadly true. She should stop showing off her body, it just doesn't do her any good.

No. 16761

I always find it weird when armpits have those fat folds even when raised.

No. 16762

many guys go after her?? what makes you think that?

No. 16763

i thought the same thing

No. 16764

That not the armpit, that's basically her shoulder.
Yep, they're t h i c k

No. 16765

And in that picture it seems like she tried so hard to squeeze her thighs together to make them look smaller and give her an imaginary hourglass figure.

No. 16766

she's such a fucking butterface I wish she becomes someone who shoops too much cause anything is better than her ugly mug holy shit

No. 16767

File: 1461823868859.jpg (123.78 KB, 360x640, 16-04-28-01-55-19-014_deco.jpg)


it's way too much effort tbh

No. 16768


Where do I find this swimsuit/outfit. I think it is qt.

No. 16769

It's from Hot Topic.

No. 16770

This pic is qt tho

No. 16771

File: 1462765369505.jpg (75.78 KB, 538x677, 13183130_1186736341350752_1853…)

hmmmmmmm, she sexy as fuck

No. 16772

i'll never get yellow fever at all…

No. 16773

She is actually asian? I always assumed this girl was hispanic.

Is probably the same dude asking for Momo's nudes.

No. 16774

What's sexy about this. There's no cleavage or collarbones and her face looks bloated.

No. 16775

Also this bitch needs to shave her mustache quick

No. 16776

yea she's asian. her nose is fucking deformed tho. it's like a
n inbred one.

No. 16777

no… just no

No. 16778

she is a filipina

No. 16779

butterface means you have a nice body anon

No. 16780

Great face + meh body > meh face + great body though..
So it's not really a compliment if you ask me.

No. 16781

butterface was never intended as a compliment

No. 16782

Aki is sexy and beautiful. To me she has the perfect body. she is also one of the nicest Youtubers out there. And no I'm not thinking with my dick.

No. 16783

>not thinking with genitalia

You can only pick one

No. 16784

She's filipino- so close enough. Self-hating south asian that wants & sometimes pretends to be Japanese, much like that inbred weeaboo Joey.

Her face is almost as repulsive as her real personality.
Anime Expo is getting such a treat this year.

No. 16785

What a nice quality cam…so nice I can see the dandruff.

No. 16786

It's pretty easy to tell she's asian anon, you really need to know more people from different ethnicities. However, as much as I want to dislike her, she seems to be genuine? Other than the hiding her fat part but more so personality wise.

No. 16787

All these shitty ass people talking shit like they look any better XD. Probably most of ya look like a hyena's melted asshole.

No. 16788

You make yourself too obvious, Aki

No. 16789

Hey Aki

No. 16790

Bow before me you disgusting fucks. It's me! DIO!

No. 16791


No. 16792

so where are her nudes?

No. 16793


No. 16794

File: 1469375054126.jpg (93.22 KB, 592x590, 9d2815e07aad66c1aa23624212f367…)

Kek, that fucking face and that cringy cap

No. 16795

I'm sorry but all those calling her fat, butterface, or ugly, I bet none of you are super models.

Really I think she's attractive and she really does have a good personality I think, I meant I really only know her from her Youtube videos I don't follow up on her on any other form. She's entertaining, and all of you here just looking for excuses to insult her. You really need to find a better use of your time.

Really there are women much more deserving of the sort of things you're saying, or at the very least more worthy of criticism. Such as Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn

No. 16796

Nobody cares, Jonathon.

No. 16797

Why does she always look like she is smelling something rank?

No. 16798

Hey, Jonathan; go be a neckbeard somewhere else. No one fucking cares about them anymore.

No. 16799

Oops, *Jonathon

No. 16800

>Really I think she's attractive
I don't exactly find her ugly but wow.

Either he's blinded by her big boobs, has mad yellow fever or it's "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

No. 16801

File: 1469623353307.jpg (43.29 KB, 426x518, LNtC55P.jpg)

She steals art from other people and edits them for her shitty thumbnails for her shitty vocaloid videos.

You can tell she spent like 30 minutes doing different poses to make her flab look less gross

No. 16802

I've seen this girls vids pop up on my youtube recommended whenever i surf weab shit. Her vids are alright she's kind of boring and hammy but she seems to have a down to earth personality and plays on the image of some hentai chick is their drama going on with her or something? I wouldn't think she'd be worthy of being posted on lolcow.

No. 16803

Then why are you here?

No. 16804

Just read through this thread, and saw some people calling her boring. What do you consider interesting, or what would she have to do to be interesting?

(Also, Joey's half japanese, so I don't really think you can apply the term weeb to him)

No. 16805


You can be half japanese and still be a weeb you fucking moron

No. 16806


The definition of a weeb contains not being japanese, you fucking moron.

No. 16807

shes filipina? can some help me change my race plz

No. 16808


As long as you don't look like her you'll be fine

No. 16809

About time someone told her to shave dat fucking mustache though.

No. 16810

"Jonathon"? Lmao 'Noble' is that you?

No. 16811

I honestly hope she gets a lot of money in YouTube or patreon or whatever in the future to get a nose job, she would look infinitely better. Her face has so much potential to be good.

No. 16812

who's the dude

No. 16813

You are all cruel. The people who like her and are defending her in the comments good because I think she looks great and that she is not fat. And i saw something about Mexicans and Filipinos now we are talking about which race is worse this is disgisting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 16814

Lol why are you here?

No. 16815

it's her fucking nose. she needs to get a nose job stat and she'd be much better looking

No. 16816

i like how people turn a blind eye and keep saying that fat people are just 'curved'. admit it, she's fat.
there's nothing wrong with admitting the truth. fat doesn't equal evil ya know lol

No. 16817

Idk, if you imagine her without those disgusting oversized mammaries she's like on the chubbier side of normal. Her tits make her look fatter.

No. 16818

>claims to actively respond to fans but constantly ignores their questions in regards to if she's dating Joey aka The Anime Man even though she CONSTANTLY posts pictures of him and uses language like bbz when referring to him.

I don't see how this is an issue. If people are so retarded that they don't see the answer on their own then they're probably too retarded to communicate with anyways.

No. 16819

WTF is with the videos where she puts on something tiny and poses. She's about a 100% less sexy than she thinks she is.

No. 16820

I would be embarrassed if I got caught posing in tiny outfits.
It doesn't make her look sexy, on the contrary it just emphasizes her big size because nothing fits her lol

No. 16821

yet she's getting loads of views with such thumbnails
well most of the males in the anime community are fine with anyone as long as they have big boobs

No. 16822

Lets not pretend the males in the anime community are picky now…

No. 16823

You guys are all idiots, every single one of you! Look up the definition of Warhol in the dictionary for real, because clearly none of you knows what it means. It's also a really insulting term.

No. 16824

Lmao I ment "Weaboo" not Warhol, stupid autocorrect.

No. 16825

> It's also a really insulting term.

That's the point, are you new?

No. 16826

Body shaming and calling her ugly isn't going to help
You're all acting like you deserve to know about her personal life it's not like she's a bitch that actually does porn

No. 16827

No one cares if girls want to be camwhores or do porn. It's their choice but this girl is just a dumb, annoying cow and she thinks she's ~kawaii~ when she is obese and busted as fuck.

No. 16828

Okay, princessmessiah@gmail.com

No. 16829

y are u here again?

No. 16830

I enter Every month to check if its some juicy thing here

No. 16831

Guys guys :| pls she is not that bad common and I agree her content was shitty and cringy before but some her videos are actually funny and beside the cring her vocaloid lists are actually good and well and about her looks is it really our business ?! I mean not all people are born pretty as they wished :| and isn't what you say about Mexicans or Philippinos a bit shitty and racist ?!(necroing / dumb)

No. 16832

And I'm not defending her or anything to be honest I think she is fat and blah blah but you guys are just being so jerk :| sry to say this but I red all the comments and man even if you guys are right that was not a good thing to do to shit someone over so yh

No. 16833

Bitch shut the fuck up

No. 16834

Every time this shit thread is revived it's because someone wants to be a little white knight

No. 16835

Why isn't this thread more active she's a cringe fest there's so much milk on this cow

No. 16836

I don't know if anyone pointed it out but the character representing her in that visual novel video is so fucking skinny compared to her…she only likes/uses fan art that depict her in this sexy model fantasy.

No. 16837

yea ikr its always like that. her anime version is so different from her real life version. when she cosplays as her original character, its like… wtf it's not accurate at all, despite the fact that she's the real figure of her anime version lol.

No. 16838

File: 1476175220620.jpg (250.01 KB, 569x559, screenshot.184.jpg)

Legit looks like a man.

No. 16839

File: 1476175498067.jpg (90.03 KB, 504x538, screenshot.185.jpg)

At least she knows she's only well liked for her big ole titties

No. 16840

she always looks like she's flaring her nose

No. 16841

When I saw this my immediate thought was "Is that her boyfriend?" I didn't realize it was her until I read what you wrote.

No. 16842

This thread must have been made by a fan of hers since OP's photo is the only one where she looks remotely feminine.

No. 16843

OK she is fat are you happy jerk ?! :|||| and wow ~ your such beautiful fucking person ;3 be proud fucker :|(;3)

No. 16844

Fucking racist :||||

No. 16845

Yeah yeah who are you calling jerk asshole your the one jerking on someone fucker and you tell me bitch ~~~ wow your mom must be so proud :|

No. 16846

OK she is fat and cringy now are you happy ?! Bitch she is a human too :|
I'm not defending her or anything I even don't like her but you know what you are a bith ~ wow ~ how lovely ~~ anal mother fucker

No. 16847

I was going to be nice and cool and sensible but you know what no one is good and innocent in Internet soooo fuckkkkk youuuuuuu rasict OwO

No. 16848

And you know what if you hateee her so much you can always not watch her videos bitch ~~~

No. 16849

I brought somefans bitches :|

No. 16850

you're lame

No. 16851


I cringe so hard at all of this. Brb going to scrape my eyeballs out with a grapefruit spoon.

No. 16852

i hope she uses that sweet youtube adrev for a nose job

No. 16853

>she is fat
thanks for confirming

No. 16854

What now I'm cringy not your stupid comments :|| people are fat it's none of your business

No. 16855

Omg and you are really cool ~ wow bitch I'm impressed

No. 16856

Dude I know its cringy as fuck but you guys made me so pissed srsly to jerk someone on the net :| I mean I was going to be cool and nice but then when they fucking said and continued their bullshit I was like well damn son let's fuck them all :| sry though I don't usually do that :|

No. 16857

Fuck off and drink battery acid

No. 16858

File: 1476282310177.jpg (143.54 KB, 460x587, screenshot.193.jpg)

Looks like she attempted to shoop her waist but she still looks gross and flabby. Why not go the full way in that case?

No. 16859


She's pretending her fupa is a super sexy "v" cut

No. 16860

File: 1476284211760.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1274x1800, image.jpeg)

Ignore the background warping.

No. 16861

File: 1476284334808.jpeg (467.51 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Comparison. It was a little hard to get her head proportionate, so it might still be a bit wack.

No. 16862

nothing will fix dem no lips bruh

No. 16863

I saw her irl at Vegas and she's huge. She looks like she's under 5 feet although she might be a bit taller but her proportions are dwarf-like so she looks very short. She also has a big head and stubby short legs. She has extremely bad posture and is very slumped over. She's much darker irl than what she posts up on social media.

No. 16864

how embarrassing

No. 16865

where is she getting this unwarranted confidence from

No. 16866

thirsty guys after her huge tits.

lots of fat girls think they're hot because they have big boobs that get them attention

No. 16867

File: 1476341986041.jpg (168.74 KB, 1920x1080, UfG8h2q.jpg)

did she get it wrong on purpose

No. 16868

A girl in a male-dominated hobby will always receive attention from desperate nerds, giving her a false sense of superiority. It's like anime club anthropology.

No. 16869

File: 1476346661132.jpg (68.34 KB, 492x432, datnose.jpg)

why is her face in a perpetually unflattering expression? It's like she's smelling something bad and her upper lip disappears when she talks.

>i don't think i'm that bad… i'm just (zoom into boobs) THICKER


No. 16870

File: 1476346812389.jpg (87.35 KB, 850x712, pt_arms.jpg)


No. 16871

Damn, she should get some foundation on that face. I feel bad for her.

No. 16872

She kinda looks like Jimmy Fallon here

No. 16873

Was this chick born with a cleft lip or something?

No. 16874

seriously where are her fucking lips???

No. 16875

File: 1476389232059.png (976.69 KB, 1365x572, Untitled.png)

Sorry for the bump but I was curious to see what a difference brows/contour/concealer would make and what a bit of tweaking of her features would make..

No. 16876

Congrats, you made her uglier

No. 16877

I think the obvious gray stache is more important than foundation.

You somehow made her look old and Latina.

can anyone do a good convincing bodyshop of her including the potato face?

No. 16878

She's obviously starved for irl male attention and because some nerds on the internet just see titties she thinks she's hot shit now.

No. 16879

Her tits arnt even that great for a fatty.
She has no real charm point.

No. 16880

File: 1476551634592.png (60.42 KB, 525x750, IMG_2366.PNG)

Is this supposed to be her?????
Fucking Kek.

No. 16881

Her follower count and views say otherwise. If she really had no charm points, she would've ended up like Busuzawa or shit. Guys probably like her "quirky" personality besides them boobs.

No. 16882

Her "quirky" personality being omg I wanna get fucked by tentacles desu~~ right?

No. 16883

Yeah besides having big titties her personality is being "totes into hentai and ecchi anime stuff". So it makes sense why virgin, weeb young men would like her so much.

No. 16884

lol the avatar is so different from the real life person

No. 16885

File: 1476817510739.png (426.26 KB, 323x588, 1461290349205.png)

No. 16886

This looks like a Dakota shoop

No. 16887

Not only does the avatar have too white of skin…she's way too skinny, even the face is too cute to be hers.

No. 16888

Looks like the face is shooped on lol

No. 16889

I think this shoops ok, everything seems to be out of place but its still a direct improvement to
and certainly

Bang up job anon if you tweaked the positioning of everything and the nana jowlish chin it could look really hot and believable.

No. 16890

why doesn't she cosplay Mei or whoever that chubby chinese snow bitch is
fits her more and it's a bonus to her character for "fatty positivity points"

No. 16891

>chubby chinese snow bitch
Hey Mei is a good defense character come on

No. 16892

The video with her Mum… cringe is real.

No. 16893

This thread makes me feel good about myself-this twat is so nasty.Joey is so cute ,but damn is he a dweeb and after that-i wouldn't touch this bitch's leftovers.

No. 16894

File: 1478213546740.jpg (61.8 KB, 546x507, 252524114.jpg)

why does she make this face all the time

No. 16895

File: 1478215500484.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.71 KB, 720x960, 1.jpg)


No. 16896

it's because she thinks that shape looks like a smile. She has really extreme smile lines so it's her trying not to look haggard

No. 16897

She looks like a damn monkey when she does that.

No. 16898

File: 1478223352321.jpg (110.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

she makes the same retarded face as xiaorishu

No. 16899


makes her lips look nonexistant and uguu anime desu~

No. 16900

better that than their always crusty state, like why doesnt she put some chapstick or something on them?

No. 16901

makes her look constipated

No. 16902

"OMG i got such huge tits…"

big cow tits on a fat chick doesnt count. Just shows how much of a cow she really is. There's a reason you dont see a lot of skinny, healthy people having massive tits naturally. And even if they do, they're probably perky. Aki's tits probably sag to either side of her body like the fat fuck she is.

No. 16903

Yeah, those "tits" aren't made of mammary tissue. Those are calorie sacs

No. 16904

No. 16905

They're dating? Joey doesn't seem like he would go for heavy girls..or real life women in general. He's unfortunately quite a bit more attractive.

No. 16906

They seem cute together idk

No. 16907

Awww, mad props to Joey for taking on this community service project!

No. 16908

They have rhyming names lmao Joseph & Agnes 5ever.

No. 16909


Don't like either of them, but congrats for them.

No. 16910

File: 1478303079705.png (677.92 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Not a very flattering photo

No. 16911

She looks normal when not doing that stupid thing with the upper lip.

No. 16912

I originally stated I thought they were secretly in a relationship. Called it.

No. 16913

Kek this confirms the mysterious hickey marks and shared hotel room during AX, gross.

No. 16914

There's just something so trashy about them meeting up just to screw around and let everyone know about it. I wonder if she'll drop the thirsty act with the other youtubers now that she's with Joey.

No. 16915

File: 1478319681983.jpg (29.18 KB, 361x418, hju.jpg)

Tried to shop her face. She's cute. But damn she needs to change her make up style.

No. 16916

She's so ugly but he looks decent. How inspiring lmao.

No. 16917

You made her look so cute

No. 16918


looking in her mirror just makes me sad for her.. i mean i know youtube is kind of a job but she looks like a lonely middle aged woman trying to entertain 14 year olds with her boobs. she's just there alone in her darkened room with no one but tripodsan.

how much do you think she weighs though? there's a difference between having curves and your body having the curves of a beach ball

No. 16919

Lmfao anon. Get a grip. He's not your fandom's version of brad pit or some shit. He's just another fugly greasy weeb.

No. 16920

I don't like joey tbh. He gives the impression of being a dbag.

No. 16921

i always thought tht joey together with einshine hated weebs and she is obviously the epitome of weebness…

No. 16922

I remember reading her profile on some random modelling website that she weighs around 60 kg

No. 16923

I remember reading her profile on some random modelling website that she weighs around 60 kg>>193982
Age: 23
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 140 lbs
Bust: 38"
Waist: 34"
Hips: 37"
Cup: C
Dress: 10

that was a while ago tho. her weight must have changed by now.

No. 16924

holy moly, how could she ever considering modelling??

No. 16925


i was going to be skeptical as to how she could only weigh 140 because she looks like a balloon but i guess it makes sense if she's so short.

explains her stubby little legs and fat fingers

No. 16926

I still call bullshit. She has to be around 160, a midget ham pork product.

No. 16927

The fuck kind of 4chan roasting site did I just wander into(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 16928

File: 1479014486751.png (11.9 KB, 492x122, capture.png)

Did anyone ever catch this?

Anyway, I actually do hope she and Joey stay together for a good while, I think she needs this.

No. 16929

what a cry baby, just act like less a weeb, loose weight and get filler. JEEZ

I cant see her and joey even getting it on, i bet they just strip nude and lay on top of each other flapping like dying fish.

No. 16930

There's no incentive for her to lose weight and act less like a weeb when that's what got her followers.

No. 16931

Was this posted when she found out about this thread lol?

If so allow me to give criticism that is not within the "trait" of appearance, although it's hard to criticism someone who bases pretty much their entire gimmick on seaxy animu hentai tentacles though - something largely dealing with looks.

To put it simply she's trite imo.

she provides no real unique commentary on anime and echoes what the mainstream community already say.

she only ever reviews popular things within mainstream lowest common denominator crap regardless of what category of entertainment it is.

she seems strangely vain, you'd have to be to think that in the many photos she takes she looks acceptable when she's quite hambeast sized. This overweight combined with shitty stature and darkened skin from shitty diet by the looks it appears like she doesn't take care of herself.

she seems to be glued to whatever is the sperg of the moment popular shit and buys into overplayed tropes and cliches.

she's terribly unfunny

she tries to be a parody but comes off as cringy herself when she dresses in outfits and looks like a stubby middle aged asian man.

she lacks any semblance of reality and isn't grounded to earth this is pretty much indicative in her appearance and her fans portrayals of her.

she doesn't provide commentary on real bigger issues and it makes her come off as a weaboo. She shares the weaboo trait of loving anything asian related regardless of what it is.

I'd say this is the biggest issue i have with her, she completely lacks originality has watered down content that is designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator and encourages the hypersexualized shit in animu and mango not that i'm against that shit but it's just over saturated within the community and she bases her entire channel on it while providing no real commentary on it.

Tbf I avoid anime because it is trash and it's becoming increasingly hard to find anything decent not that i ever really liked it to begin with, i enjoy graphic novelike aesthetic though /blog over
I get that her content is designed to appeal to children but it just seems messed up Japan needlessly hypersexualizes children to the max and shes showing to her childlike fanbase that she's on board with this shit.

No. 16932

Her and Joey are dating lol what

No. 16933

why is she still making that stupid face holy shit

No. 16934

Usually it's the guy who's out of his league for the chick in relationships.

He's dating a literal potato kek

No. 16935

Being as big as she is isn't the problem. Her proportions are just fucked. (I probably have a similar body shape ;-;)

Her face is really flat and her make-up doesn't help. The way she does her liner just expands it and chick gotta learn how to contour. I see this with a lot of "KAWAII DEUS DEUS" chans, where is her upper lip???????? The faces she makes also adds to the gawd awful….. face(? idk what that thing is).

Her measurements seem off, even if she is 140 (I know a lot of girls who are, including myself) and yet she's a size 10. WHERE IS THE FAT COMING FROM OR GOING TO?

Overall: NO/10

No. 16936

Makeup isn't a substitute for weight loss anon she needs to drop a few pounds and her face will lose that fat. 140 is fat especially for someone as short as her. I think you're right about the eyeliner thing, it extends her face longer to appear wider but I don't think "measurements" will make a tub of lard attractive at that height and weight she needs to lose weight. She seems to have shoe string lips which sucks cause usually asians have full lips due to having greater amounts of collagen and elastin than caucasians, how unfortunate, she might have to adopt that butthole jenner lip trick to make them appear larger in proportion to her facial features.

No. 16937


Ya'll without her tits, she doesn't have anything. Her shape is really like a block of butter

No. 16938

wtf she's 140cm!? I thought she's around 150cm..Isn't joey like 180cm? they must look so weird together

No. 16939

they were talking abt her weights, 140 lbs lol

No. 16940

She actually looks pretty decent if she put effort into her appearance. or at least brush her damn hair

No. 16941

you're too nice, anon. i'm not the type to call people ugly, i'm very positive and nice when it comes to people's appearances but this is one fugly girl.

No. 16942

She looks terrible in both the before and after shots.

No. 16943

I don't like being one of those people, but you simply can't compare. First, the lightening in each is different. And she probably used Photoshop

No. 16944

i dont see any difference between both pictures aside from the lighting, editing and pose.

No. 16945

I guess there isn't much to work with. I think her eyes are cute though, especially when she smiles naturally or laughs. But everything else seems off on her face. Maybe if she loses a bit of weight?

No. 16946

It always seems like she forces her already non existent upper lip down, I guess to try and look cute?, when in reality it makes her look like a chimpanzee.

I don't think she's hideous, per say, but it's like the combination of her features do not go together.

No. 16947

I feel like its her nose, her nose bugs me and I'm not sure why

No. 16948

No. 16949

The dude would make a hot lesbian, it's like Kstew vibes. Also this shows Akidearest just needs to stop flaring her nostrils and rolling her upper lip inwards to look better.

No. 16950


Its her wide nose and non-existent upper lip that puts her in uncanny valley. The rest of her is just average fattie.

No. 16951

Imagine smelling her upper lip

No. 16952

Oh god. i'm so glad i'm not the only one who was annoyed with the upper lip thing. Like it felt way too try hard…. She looks better just idk… smiling?

No. 16953

File: 1480463328324.png (69.32 KB, 620x269, Screen_shot_2016-11-21_at_9.59…)

Not sure if it's been stated here but Akis real name is Agnes Diego

No. 16954

Watching her older vids she was a lot cooler and likable. A little quirky and awkward but genuinely nice. Now she's personified XDDD

No. 16955

>hope to broaden more

well she did achieved that at least

No. 16956

HAHA oh my godddddd

No. 16957

LOL good one anon!

No. 16958

She going to AM

No. 16959

File: 1482645791504.png (531.77 KB, 510x514, f0caf895f4a71987c00972be26b5b9…)

Aki's lips always look so horrible and nasty! HOLY SHIT! Like what is that crude around her mouth?? It's like she doesn't know how to apply chapstick or take care of her lips!? And it wasn't just this vid. 9/10 she has nasty ass lips in her videos. Sorry if I'm freaking out about this, but it's so easy to put chapstick on jesus

No. 16960

that shit happens when it's cold and a person has never touched chapstick in their life

poor joey holy shit

No. 16961

jesus her lips are so fucking chapped. also lol @ one of her viewers suggesting she's a trap. she does have the face of a 10 year old boy.

also saw the samurai buyer video with the gym uniform. so many comments about her body…her fans must be landwhales

No. 16962

This girl is SO FUCKING UGLY. not nitpicking. Why does she do that with her nose? Jesus, it makes her look like a saggy monkey with sad obese girls tits. She could look just slightly above average if she didn't.

No. 16963

No. 16964

How does this girl have almost 800,000 subs. She's hideous and cringey, but it gives me hope as I'm hideous myself…

No. 16965

Huge tits anon, and maybe a sprinkling of azn fairy dust for the weeaboos. Her cringey personality just makes her *~quirky~* and "relatable".

No. 16966

Oh I get it, I thought this site was supposed to make fun of disgusting attention whores called "lolcows" but after seeing this thread and noticing the girl is barely overweight compared to what I imagined a "lolcow" to be, I think maybe the users are the "lolcows"? Well, better get outta here. The moos are deafening.

No. 16967

>barely overweight

being delusional is the first step into a life of darkness

No. 16968

even if she wasn't fat she's ugly af and looks like a monkey. also she's pathetic personality-wise

No. 16969

does anyone know how often does she shave her butt-ass ugly face?

No. 16970

>tons of threads making fun of skinny, literally anorexic, or fit lolcows

No. 16971

>t. akidearest

No. 16972


This thread is pretty nitpicky with regards to Aki being a lolcow but I genuinely worry for your health if you consider her to be marginally overweight.

No. 16973

She is 5'0 and weighs 140 lbs atleast according to her old modelmayhem account i think. So she is definetly overweight

No. 16974

File: 1483308676774.png (436.18 KB, 1374x827, 346546.png)

guess shes buddies with the leighs?
also that picture is so unflattering bitch needs a bath

No. 16975

Ewww. Is it that hard to wash your hair?

No. 16976

Greasy mop aside, she looks better than usual because she's not doing dumb shit with her face.

No. 16977




No. 16978

File: 1483316642252.jpg (67.99 KB, 960x960, 15181680_1164027700345308_2612…)

who looked at this and thought it was okay to post online

No. 16979

>>"Japanese culture"
I didn't realize the entirety of Japans culture consists of Hentai and anime.

No. 16980

File: 1483317112681.jpg (73.58 KB, 720x960, 13100715_1000127726735307_4116…)

I think I figured out why she constantly looks so queer

In her own photos she makes herself extremely pale/uguu, but in other photos that people take she's a lot less annoying because she's herself

embrace your skin color girl, damn

No. 16981


Doesn't matter her skin color anon, she's fug.

Also why do all these basic weeb girls wear that shitty cat eye look that's droopy? I've just been picking up on this trend and it's terrible.

No. 16982

File: 1483554466692.png (390.37 KB, 552x503, eyelienr.png)

Not quite sure what you mean by "droopy" but if you mean it sticks straight out instead of angling upwards, that's because that's how most girls in Korea/Japan do their makeup. It's not "supposed" to be a cat eye. Most of the gross weebs are pretty bad at doing it tho, or it just doesn't suit them.

If you're talking about something else, I have no idea.

No. 16983

yup the trend started in korea and it's how girls have been wearing it FOREVER i remember liking kpop in 2008 and it was the way uhljjangs wore it.

it only works if you're more east asian looking and you don't have a curve in the liner at all. most weebs/koreaboos do fuck it up and overextend, curve, make the eyeline too thick, or don't connect it to the rest of the eye for the "triangle shape"

but it doesn't look that way in >>16974 or any of her videos. i think she's just failing at a cateye so she just half-asses it lol

even with the stupid face she doesn't look half bad. seems thinner with the angle somehow.

No. 16984


Yeah the liner in your pictures is nice and neat, hers is so sloppy. But I've noticed a lot of weebs wear it that way. I think because most also don't wear any foundation or take care of their skin also makes it jarring.

No. 16985

Sage for blog post but I wear my eyeliner like this because I have really round deep-set eyes and any other style of eyeliner looks terrible. I personally don't understand why girls with almond eyes do it tho.

No. 16986

you forgot to sage lol
A lot of girls do it like that because they think it makes them seem "cute", most of the time it ends up not fitting their face/eye shape and brings down their eyes in a bad way.

No. 16987


I'll just go ahead and admit that I'm a newfag poster and didn't realise there was anything more to sage than just writing it…

No. 16988

you're forgiven lol

No. 16989

lol didnt know this thread was still going. Glad to see other people dont like Aki aswell. Or as i like to call her "Porkchop-Chan" She has really gained a lot of weight recently. Before she either hid it a little better in her videos with certain angles and filters/ clothes that flattered her a bit better but i recently watched a new video of hers and god damn…She deff earned the name "porkchop-chan" because shes gained recently at LEAST 15 lbs.

….. And here's a protip Aki if you're reading this. There's a difference to being at a healthy weight and having big perky boobs, and being a ham-planet and having big boobs. Big boobs on fat people dont count. lol. Using two bras to make your cow tits look perky doesnt count. Gross cunt.

No. 16990

>>Big boobs on fat people dont count.
Ik this sounds petty but i'm inclined to agree. Big tits just don't have the same appeal, they don't create a defined silhouette like they do on slimmer folk take Marilyn for example, if she was any bigger her rack would be hardly impressive.

The entire premise of shape-wear exists for this reason along with padded bras.

No. 16991

>teehee i'm a grill and i like zone im so quirky
>i dream to stay in glorious otaku-land forever! i respect anime– i mean japanese culture!

why do fujoshi not realize how off-putting the way they act is? i guess she does look like a male there, at least.

No. 16992


It's funny how terms like "Otaku" and "Fujoshi" are pejoratives in Japan but in the western world are status symbols to most self identifying weabs.

No. 16993

So many cows could actually be attractive, atleast average, if they just lost some weight/toned and did simple skincare (I want to slap Aki with chapstick).

No. 16994

I think the dry lips is a condition bc I went to middle school ith a girl that had to reapply vaseline every hour and the ends of her lips were cracked.

No. 16995

A condition likely caused if not exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle and bad diet.

No. 16996

Who cares how much weight she gained. If she wasn't fat, you wouldn't have anything to laugh about.

No. 16997

please be a troll

No. 16998

Hmm, more like a hater.

No. 16999

you just gave your email to the whole internet

No. 17000

Thanks for letting me know. It was an old email, just saying.

Plus, I'll gladly put it out there.

I panicked and deleted my comment, fuck

No. 17001

It's just a filipino nose

No. 17002

The animoo desu cosplays make her bad features look so much more exaggerated
Christ almighty

No. 17003

this bitch is disgusting she needs to fucking moisturize before zooming in that close to her face

No. 17004

joey seems to genuinely like her, good for him

She really needs to stop white washing herself though jesus, embrace your skin

No. 17005

I was curious and looked, ew, so flaky!

No. 17006

Wait, how is this white washing? Her tone is barely different.

Also, does she use some sort of smoothing effect or is her skin actually this clear in real life? Gotta admit I'm jealous on that then.

No. 17007


Yeah he really does, and I think the video was a cute idea to be honest.

No. 17008

She lightens all her photos/videos, she isn't that pale

see: >>16980

No. 17009

don't be, it's just after effects

No. 17010

she takes the time to put on a bunch of eye makeup, why can't she just slap on some burts bees?

No. 17011

She looks like a stereotypical dopey sitcom dad's face was put on a chubby asian woman's body, or like a real life Family Guy character. Other than that she doesn't seem too objectionable other than being a bit attention whorish.

Does anybody have her old ME!ME!ME! dance cover? I remember it being kind of bleh.

No. 17012

No. 17013

i want to die

No. 17014


No. 17015

Christ almighty.

No. 17016

>How My Parents Accepted Me As An Otaku

Someone please give this girl some self respect.

No. 17017


jesus. how akward

No. 17018

she's like a flabby reverse pear

No. 17019

yeah that and an upper lip is all she really needs to look feminine. also using false lashes instead of eyeliner would make a huge fucking difference. all that liner makes her look so fucking rough.

No. 17020

nah it's really deformed. i've never seen another filipino with nostrils that flared at a 45 degree angle. i thought she was chinese/hispanic at first
>inb4 "that's what a filipino is"
her nose reminds me of this hispanic chick i knew

No. 17021

This kept being in my recommended so I finally sat down and watched it and I kek'd pretty hard

>acting like working at a con maid cafe is the same as a full time maid cafe job

>"ugh it was so cringey you had to act cute"
Did.. Did she not know what a maid cafe was?

No. 17022

That's unexpected, she seems like the type of ultra weeb that con maid cafes are made for.

No. 17023


>it was so cringey

Cause god knows you aren't cringey Aki.I love weebs in denial.

No. 17024

File: 1486348827726.jpg (301.69 KB, 1024x1546, 1486335672222.jpg)

Hubba hubba chubba lubba

Akidearest takes savisu~ to a new reveru.

No. 17025

Nice use of the pillow to hide her gut

No. 17026

At least she has a nice ass?? That shadow on her stomach though, against the pillow looks really off though.

No. 17027

For somebody so famoose for her big titties she still needed two bras to be that busty, why not just get the VS push up like all the other girls doing this weeb schtick.
The whole avoiding doing anything with her lips (and brows for that matter) was annoying af jfc

No. 17028

the fuck..

No. 17029

If you're going to do lewd shots, go all the way to make it look nice and not so casual trashy???

No. 17030

Where is this from? Didnt see it on her Insta or Facebook

No. 17031

I'd hit that, is there more?

No. 17032

I like her, she's really down to earth and has a decent personality. I feel like she'd be a cool person to be friends with.The only thing that pisses me off is how hot her bf is compared to how ugly she is lmao. Just... how?

No. 17033

File: 1486762449583.jpg (322.66 KB, 1024x1546, 1486763705526-0.jpg)

Meri kurisimasu~

No. 17034

File: 1486762530328.jpg (150.22 KB, 774x1024, 1486763705526-1.jpg)

Ho ho ho or as they say in Beautiful Nihon "yamete kudasai onii-chan!!~~!"

No. 17035

File: 1486762582292.jpg (274.44 KB, 1024x1546, 1486763705526-2.jpg)

I'm gutted to see this photo…

No. 17036

File: 1486762637174.jpg (364.36 KB, 1024x1823, 1486763705526-3.jpg)

What are we going to do on the bed…?

No. 17037

File: 1486762700555.jpg (295.74 KB, 1024x1823, 1486763705526-4.jpg)

Dakidearestmakura print for your slumbering pleasure

No. 17038

her face doesn't actually look half bad here

but then >>17035 happens

No. 17039

maybe he wants subscribers

No. 17040

File: 1486764082681.jpg (51.88 KB, 488x254, 7565.jpg)

>dat pillow to hide her gut

No. 17041

Okay, first off all, runaway belly-button, amirite?

Also, looks like she's been scratching her kooter a little too much.

No. 17042

Damn no ass, no upper lip, a gut and she's got a nasty scar by her cooter. Shit's rough.

No. 17043

Why is her crotch region so scary?!

No. 17044

I think that's her appeal. She and Joey don't seem fake. Even though cringey af, they're genuine in enjoying their shit tastes and doing weeb shit.

No. 17045

was wondering what scratch/scar you guys were talking about. dont zoom in on her crotch. that looks fucking gross

No. 17046

File: 1486775573685.png (73.94 KB, 300x256, confuzius.png)

stretch marks, a lot of people have them.

No. 17047

>>17044I'm wondering if he's just not into 3d women at all, so he sees her more like a "romantic, cool friend" than a sexual interest? I can't imagine anyone (with real prospects) being sexually attracted to this >>17034>>17039He's always had more

No. 17048

File: 1486776215361.png (483.21 KB, 570x418, nah.png)

Nah, that looks like some kind of sore tbh. My best guess is an ingrown hair from shaving.

No. 17049

I'm pretty sure ingrown hairs just look like pimples not like some sort of scar.

No. 17050

If you pick at them they can turn nasty and scar REALLY bad. It really does look like a picked at ingrown hair trying to heal. Source: did it to myself when I was 15 and still sporting a gross scar years later.

No. 17051

well, I have one above my dick and ripped it open with a tweezer and I somehow am fine.

Not sure, maybe results just differ, nonetheless I feel bad for her whatever that on her crotch is.

There is still a possibility that it's some kind of unfortunate shadow.

No. 17052

If that isn't just a shadow it might actually be hyperpigmentation from the friction of her thighs rubbing together when she walks.

No. 17053

either that, or considering her weight they're just stretch marks.

No. 17054

I don't… why? Why is this a thing? She's always had a fugly face (specifically her nose), but why do pervvy shots? Does she need subs that bad?

No. 17055


Are these leaked pics or something? Or is she actually do some "modeling". Hoping its the former. Seems like no girl can get anywhere on the net today w/o showing a tit or taking "sexy" pics. ugh

No. 17056

I second this, considering shes overweight and philipino or whatever its most likely pigmentation from chubrub
White ppl get it too but its specially common with people of darker skintones

No. 17057

I think this is some wounds from her thighs rubbing together when she wear dresses ( I have this and it look gross )

No. 17058


Hyperpigmentation from chubrub and not scrubbing around that area in the shower.

No. 17059

I second that, I'm also puzzled. When/where did she posted those pics?

No. 17060

that sore on her crotch looks like a tiny version of ginger bronson's lips

No. 17061

Such an ugly fat fucking bitch

No. 17062

what did she do to deserve such hate?

No. 17063

People just like hating on fat people.

No. 17064

File: 1488005266011.png (614.41 KB, 495x716, indypop.png)

No. 17065

No shit she looks like an asian jontron in this photo.

No. 17066

recently did a cameo on zone's animated news videos
you can even hear the fat on her voice

No. 17067

around 7:52

No. 17068

She tries so hard to make her voice squeakier as if competing with Zone-tan's voice acting.

No. 17069

I wonder if the lewd photo set was a result of her newfound sexuality because she's finally getting laid? As much as it's nice that she seems to have had a confidence boost ever since getting with Joey, I wish she didn't share it this way.

No. 17070

File: 1488587780335.jpg (146.63 KB, 1200x689, C5TYhIeWAAEvDVH.jpg)

She now has LEWD OTP POSTER PICS with zone tan
Of course her animesona looks nothing like her.
Who would buy this shit to hang on their wall anyway

No. 17071

File: 1489533386649.png (617.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170315-071531.png)

No. 17072

Aki and Joey seems to like mentioning "I know youtube wont last long" this couple likes to fish for pity and compliments or something.. This is also part of the reason that made me stopped watching them as if they don't like what they're doing, taking fans for granted. Arrogance and shame knows no bounds.

No. 17073

>"that legit looks like my avatar lmao"
bitch, where

No. 17074

how self centered do you have to be to think any anime girl with shimapan is a rip off of yourself LMFAOO

No. 17075

god fugly. I feel like she doesn't have much personality either if you peel back the manufactured 'XDDD Kawaii desu~' she's presenting for subs.
to all those defending her 'down to earth'-ness and how that justifies her being as big as a whale please seriously think about this. If you were to actually (god forbid) take this girl out on a date and try to get to know her, would you actually have a good time?

No. 17076

I mean I'm no anime fan but even still I think I'd have a good time if I went out on a date with her. maybe she could give me artsy anime recommendations or something. are there any girls you DO like?

No. 17077

I literally never say this but
hi Aki

No. 17078


Well, you'd have to tell her before the date you'd like artsy anime recommendations or else she'll have to wikipedia it in the bathroom

No. 17079

I don't know anon. I personally like girls I can stick my dick into and not have it come out crushed by her fat.

No. 17080

Human proportions>>>>Aki's 'good' personality.
There are hotter cosplayers out there with better taste in anime. I dont know why Aki gets such snowflake treatment.

No. 17081

I'm so out of the goddamn loop, I thought she was still married to gaijingoomba

… that was her, right? Explains why this is all I can find of it now.

No. 17082


No. 17083

At least Anon made the effort.

No. 17084

she look sugly

No. 17085

This was so fucking rude. Why is such a dumpy, unattractive chick so convinced everyone is drawing waifu fanart based off her

No. 17086

Her & Joey look like a 10 ?(?)

No. 17087


btch, where?

Not every post with tentacles and a girl is you.

No. 17088

She reminds me of manny from modern family

No. 17089

It must be lucky to be a fat/ugly asian in an anime community. For some reason they get a pass

No. 17090

Why is her entire jaw and face shaved down in this photo? She's so bad at photoshopping..

No. 17091

File: 1492451063786.png (433.26 KB, 674x500, Aki_super_skinny_and_kawaii_ug…)

just how blind can you be to draw aki without her gut and claim they're the same person
how deluded can you be to see a skinny animu grill and claim "yup that so me"

No. 17092


I don't believe her fans are that blind. More or less they have to be drawing just or anime persona. They must silently agree that drawing how she actually looks might hurt her feelings

No. 17093

kek why not draw her as how she actually is and call it ~*body positive*~? if she complains the SJWs will call her out

No. 17094

File: 1492459179341.png (196.74 KB, 1020x1000, ITriedm.png)

I tried

No. 17095

Nah that is a completely diff Aki. Also pretty sure gaihingoomba married a white lady

sage cause goomba

No. 17096

two dense bitches with the same handle are friends with him? weird.

No. 17097

jesus,pull is still licking this bitch's ass?

No. 17098

her face ruins it all tbh

No. 17099

Was wondering if anybody watched this before? This video is pretty old but.. Aki did this dance cover once and… God her face is just..

No. 17100

File: 1493362848916.png (406.86 KB, 547x359, akidearest.png)


No. 17101

File: 1493364038365.jpg (92.33 KB, 640x640, IMG_3982.JPG)

She stole a photo of the moon and claim she took it, but reverse image search shows otherwise

No. 17102

File: 1493364098409.png (109.36 KB, 815x549, IMG_3981.PNG)

Oh no!! Not the scary black man!! Poor aki!!

No. 17103

what was the point of mentioning the guy being black? Shouldn't she concern of the use of PCP?

No. 17104

2012 → 2014 → now, still a shit head.

No. 17105

File: 1493369945904.gif (3.05 MB, 181x338, agnescringe.gif)

No. 17106

File: 1493370531557.gif (1.36 MB, 500x281, daoko_mememe.gif)

No. 17107

She looks excited to bend over. She really thinks she's extremely hot and desirable. Jesus she looks like an idiot.

No. 17108

you're not supposed to put your email in the actual email field, misses. especially not the one that is affiliated with your facebook account, my sweet indian girl from dhaka.

No. 17109


maybe it's supposed to be a troll

No. 17110

Oh..my bad. I didn't know.
And I'm not Indian though..

No. 17111

Aki and Merry aren't buddy-buddy friends though. Idk Aki just followed Merry on April (this month) if you call mutual following being friends. I noticed Merry following Aki around after her tweet about the maid character being like her avatar. And then after a few weeks Aki probably decided to read the comic and then followed Merry. Actually the crawling city 'concept' has been around for a loong time it's cover image black&green emo girl with scarf/umbrella is really old I used to see it when I was still a teen and the internet was fairly new.

No. 17112

thanks for the email :^)

No. 17113

Yeah, I just don't get this… her face is just blarg and she always comes off as greasy to me. I don't get all the random sexual pictures and videos.

No. 17114

Why is her upper lip so dark? Literal Dirty Sanchez looking shit in every photo. It's so gross, she should shave or bleach it.

No. 17115


what are you talking about anon?

No. 17116

Dude how did you find these I need anwsers lol

No. 17117

File: 1494248988191.jpg (52.34 KB, 720x960, 13417594_1024248597656553_9138…)


Maybe I'm the only one that sees this, but there's either a slight mustache or just a weird, dark patch of skin above her lip.

No. 17118

yeah she does have that i think it's just a dark patch though. also does anyone else see it but she has pretty ok features and she should be pretty but shes just… not? somehow shes just really ugly she just comes off as so ugly idk why

No. 17119

I can see it and it's horrible. First because her upper lip makes her look like a gorilla. Second because she has a mustache and third because the face she makes on purpose only accentuates said lip.

No. 17120

I think her features are pretty alright, and can look better with the right kind of makeup
But I think it's the fat that makes her end up with a pig face to me
Props to joey for somehow finding this attractive

No. 17121

It's a dark patch of skin, I have the same thing and it look awful with flash photo

No. 17122

Holy crap she is short. I'm 5'5" and she still looked super short. Also her bf just looks greasy. They're at LVL Up Expo

No. 17123

Well yeah, she's like 4'11" or some shit no?

No. 17124

Had no idea lmao, was just surprised by it

No. 17125

File: 1495868639150.png (196.47 KB, 1024x768, akidearest hateart.png)

No. 17126

holy fuck, kek

No. 17127

It's beautiful

No. 17128

You gotta be blind to not tell the difference between that girl and Aki.

No. 17129

She's ugly as fuck… Joey needs to up his standards. At least they seem happy together though.

No. 17130


You say that as If Joey is a big catch himself.

Also, replying to a thread 1 month old, with no milk and no sage… ok.

No. 17131

I though this was going to be about her ACTUAL personality and how people view her as a person, and not about her looks. Tbh I'm surprised the people are defending her- not how if she did something shady- but my how she looks. I would love to see a picture of one of you guys for everyone to see a judge. At least they're not in a toxic relationship between them, like cryaotics gf who was the most toxic person ever, they broke it off and now she's becoming a better person then she was before. Not like you guys, obviously.-_-(-_-)

No. 17132

Did you really fucking necro a thread with your bullshit?

>I thought this was going to be about her ACTUAL personality

Are you lost? Do you know where you are?

Either you're a dumb fan or you're Aki.

No. 17133

Getting back on track, did anyone go to the FAKKU party she was hosting at AX?

No. 17134

The FAKKU party was hyped all over AX but I didn't see anyone talk about it on social media

No. 17135

I missed the livestream, has it been uploaded anywhere?

No. 17136

File: 1500232227756.jpg (373.69 KB, 2048x1538, IMG_20170716_120938.jpg)

She posted this pic from it.

No. 17137

I went. It was fun. Shiki and Hentai Dude's performance was pretty shitty though. And, even though she was the host, she barely interacted with anyone and was only on stage for about seven minutes.

No. 17138

Fuck anon, took me a while to even find her. I thought that was an Asian boy at first.

No. 17139

Wtf her head is huge. She looks like a bobblehead.

No. 17140

Did she like actually host though? Like charismatic? Witty? Or just hot air?

No. 17141

looks like a mexican Demi Lovato

No. 17142

nah she hung out in the vip section, didn't interact with anyone else or come out of it

No. 17143

Joey has uploaded their first europe vlog.

No. 17144

i know nothing about this person but her ugly fucking face showing up in the OP pic every time i browse the catalog enrages me in ways i cannot articulate. she has such a stupid looking punchable expression. i can't even bring myself to skim this thread because i don't want to see more of her.

No. 17145

This, so much.
I'm a massive fucking weeb and the regurgitated content she and most of the actually famous anime youtubers make annoys me so much. There is literaly 0 research involved.
Sage for old rant.

No. 17146

File: 1506793496640.jpg (454.04 KB, 2048x2048, BC715485-AFC8-47BA-B24B-33C6EE…)

The fucking neck rolls.

No. 17147

Learn to sage

Jeez, has she gained more weight? It's hard to tell in her videos sometimes but her face looks so full, at least in this side view

No. 17148

Shes good with light and angles (sometimes) but those car tires forming on her neck isnt just bad lighting. Which makes it even worse that she keeps pushing these skinny anime personas/fan art and pushing her 'oppai' titties out while sucking in her stomach. It's those 'nerdygirls' that admit they're fat but say shit like 'Thiccer' etc to make it sound sexy since they're obviously insecure on the down low.
Curvier / thiccer anime chicks has been a thing for a while and she could have easily gone down that road, but it's like she still wants to be part of the skinny animu girl life and just ignore that shes fat.

No. 17149

>>No. 395708

Pretty sure she did. She looks bigger in her new videos.

No. 17150

Sorry, forgot to.
Also, I think so? Maybe she always had them, we just didn't see it.

No. 17151

File: 1509535405734.jpg (720.74 KB, 1620x1620, april_2017-11-01-04-00-07-278.…)

I'm absolutely terrible with photoshop so bear with me, but if Agnes would take better care of her body and shitty hair, and do her makeup better, she'd be really pretty. I think she has a lot of potential but it's going to waste. The stupid expressions she always pulls don't help any either

No. 17152

nah, her face is ugg

No. 17153

Guys I can understand that she has flaws everyone does but don’t be so hard on her by calling her a pig slut i Mean how would you feel if someone called you that you wouldn’t be too happy would you? Try to be more forgiving and nice okay?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17154

Nothing ruins a big pair of boobs like a tire chin and a mustache.
I don’t mind a like a belly but, she’s gonna be as fat as moo moo if she isn’t already.
What a pig slut!(no1curr)

No. 17155

File: 1515687884755.jpg (741.05 KB, 3024x4032, Akidearest-patreon-november-11…)

No. 17156

File: 1515687894036.jpg (54.55 KB, 640x1136, Akidearest-patreon-november-10…)

No. 17157

File: 1515687911799.jpg (3.12 MB, 4000x6000, Akidearest-patreon-november-9-…)

No. 17158

File: 1515687936809.jpg (2.74 MB, 4000x6000, Akidearest-patreon-november-8-…)

No. 17159

File: 1515687949113.jpg (2.71 MB, 3988x5533, Akidearest-patreon-november-7-…)

No. 17160

File: 1515687965421.jpg (3.34 MB, 4000x6000, Akidearest-patreon-november-6-…)

No. 17161

File: 1515687979700.jpg (2.87 MB, 4000x5614, Akidearest-patreon-november-5-…)

No. 17162

File: 1515687995804.jpg (3.02 MB, 4000x6000, Akidearest-patreon-november-4-…)

No. 17163

File: 1515688007589.jpg (2.14 MB, 4000x5825, Akidearest-patreon-november-3-…)

No. 17164

File: 1515688024396.jpg (2.79 MB, 4000x6000, Akidearest-patreon-november-2-…)

No. 17165

File: 1515688031141.jpeg (165.22 KB, 1200x1600, Akidearest-patreon-november-2-…)

No. 17166

File: 1515688039162.jpg (618.96 KB, 2400x3376, Akidearest-patreon-november-1-…)

No. 17167

File: 1515688044680.jpeg (183.55 KB, 1200x1600, Akidearest-patreon-november-1-…)

No. 17168

christ, shes never going to look good with that nose mouth combo of hers

No. 17169

is she viet or whatever? she looks super imbred my god. her face makes me want to kill her.

No. 17170

This one looks actually cute

No. 17171

Apparently Agnes stuffs her 'milk jugs' I think her real tits are normal sized, she just wants weebs to call her a rl hentai char or some shit

No. 17172

She's fillipino

No. 17173

File: 1515701504780.jpg (1.62 MB, 1600x1198, IMG_1606.JPG)

I tried to make her into the cute Asian insta weeb. Let's pretend she's doing dumb anime lips because I'm not touching them more than that.

No. 17174

Damn some of y'all going in on aki. I think she's cute but I bet most of you motherfuckers are ugly as fuck.(no1curr)

No. 17175

>>17174 hello aki

No. 17176

You know, it doesnt take aki to figure out that a bunch of women nitpicking other women's appearances anonymously are probably ugly af themselves.(baiting)

No. 17177

ah, so you're a man, that's it

got it

that's not how it works, most of the pettiest women are the hottest, sorry.

No. 17178

I couldve lived my life without ever seeing these.

thanks anon /s

No. 17179

File: 1516665557079.jpg (387.71 KB, 1500x2087, IMG_20180122_184641.jpg)

Lol costhot patreon shill

No. 17180

I feellike Aki tries too hard and yet doesn't try hard enough to be the 'kawaii uguu~ uwu' anime girl that wants to be.

No. 17181

>most of the pettiest women are the hottest
Ntayrt and their bait post is trash, but this sure as hell isn't true, at least not in my experience? Maybe you're trying to project and make yourself feel better.

sage because OT and kind of spergy I guess

No. 17182

File: 1516827781854.jpg (907.94 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_1767.JPG)

A little bit of editing would go a long way. Or even just her posing properly her not tilting her chin down so it hangs over the sweater gives her a fatter looking face.

No. 17183

File: 1516828793059.jpg (1019.96 KB, 1000x1500, IMG_1774.JPG)

No. 17184

File: 1516829358199.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x1500, IMG_1776.JPG)

Her posing angles do nothing for her. That bring attention to her nostrils and chin.

No. 17185

No amount of editing will help. Her posing is terribly awkward and she doesn't even look comfortable in her own body. And as far as lewd goes these are incredibly tame. She should honestly try losing some weight.

No. 17186

Seriously. Agnes should stop lying to herself and pretending that she's this sexy, thin anime girl that her fan art often depicts her as. She isn't but she could be if she loses the weight, tones up a little, learns how to do her make-up properly (instead of just thinking that chunky wing is acceptable), gets better at photos shooping her photos, and stops being so goddamn 'random XD!!!1!' so often.

But we all know that won't happen because self-improvement requires effort and self-awareness (which she doesn't really have).

No. 17187

File: 1516867376073.jpeg (194.24 KB, 358x637, D9D0FEE6-7AF2-424D-9F92-AE62F4…)

Honestly this thread needs to be deleted now, it’s a fucking global hazard to have all those pics without a spoiler.

Wish I never entered this thread and saw pic.

No. 17188

I've only seen scars like that on women in Darfur after they've been raped by the Junjaweed and 'devalued'. What in the hell is this?

No. 17189


It’s chub rub. She’s fat so her skin rubs against itself causing sores, blisters, and discoloration.

No. 17190

File: 1518577216183.png (1.62 MB, 1431x1628, 28034041_896294167218816_76451…)

It was super shitty of her to continue selling herself to Samurai Buyer after her 'friends' got fucked over and threatened by them. But I didn't know she was still sucking up to pewdiepie too. As long as it get her likes, she must not give a shit about his open racism, huh?

No. 17191

Who is racist?

No. 17192

File: 1518803678118.jpg (55.4 KB, 527x639, fafdsfsdfagawe.JPG)

those teeth..

No. 17193

asian weebs are the worst.

No. 17194

File: 1521988127298.jpg (129.56 KB, 1080x1080, pigfacewithfattitties.jpg)

No. 17195

Put that mask back on your face girl.

No. 17196

She's one of those girls who can't look sexy. I feel it. She has a face better suited for silly faces and cute stuff. She's gotta stop trying to be sexy because she just doesn't have any facial features for it and ends up making her just look dumb as fuck like this. … And the eyeliner. She needs to follow someone's tutorials for monolids or something.

No. 17197

there are a lot of things that you would criticize about aki, but honestly her looks aren't one of them lol

No. 17198

except she looks like a hippo or smth

No. 17199

Why does she do her eyeliner like this? It's so unflattering and heavy and makes her eyes look droopier than they actually are. Someone get this girl an eyelash curler, some mascara, and some lighter, thinner eyeliner that flicks up and isn't hoochie mama-tier.

No. 17200

why doesnt she put work into losing weight instead of taking these "sexy" pictures
not even for vanity sake, she should lose weight because shes only gotten bigger these past year

No. 17201

>her looks aren't one of them

she looks like an inbred baby with a permanent dirty mustache. anon are you high?

No. 17202

Maybe she thinks fat is sexy.

No. 17203

What compels her to whore herself out like this? I'd love to know what her probably conservative as hell Filipino parents think of their daughter playing prostitute.

No. 17204

I thought I recognized that name. Akidearest has gone full scam artist by shilling for otaku coin. She shows up all throughout this video on why it's bullshit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29c09ZGxD0E

If she knows, she's a fraud. If she's been duped, she's a retard.

No. 17205

File: 1525109636264.jpg (204.76 KB, 1080x1080, bbbaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf…)

Another one of her "hide my THICC arms" poses

No. 17206

ugh, ffs. her face looks like a chubby man's. i hate that greasy neckbeard weebs can only see tits, they're the reason all these 3/10 butterface girls think they're attractive.

No. 17207

That face edit lol..

No. 17208

To bad the overly bright lighting couldn't hide her crusty lips

No. 17209

Not only is her face annoying but her VOICE. How Joey puts up with that!

No. 17210

She recently appeared on an episode of React. I think it's her first appearance on the show, she had maybe three or four lines included, but she seemed extremely awkward like she was super out of place.


No. 17211

I hate how they put japanophiles into the same category as "otaku". Japanophiles actually dedicate their lives to studying Japanese culture, language and history, whereas otaku are lazy weeaboos with a superiority complex.

No. 17212

Since it hasn't been posted here yet: Four months ago we basically got confirmation that she and Joey have (had) sex. I don't know why they couldn't keep that to themselves. I honestly could live without knowing that.

No. 17213

I mean they're a young adult couple. Why would we need confirmation that they do normal couple shit???

No. 17214

Well, some doubted that Joey would even be interested in real life women in general, so…

No. 17215


literally how old are you? they're dating. couples have sex, even ugly ones

No. 17216

Does Anyone have the August PATREAON pictures Of AkiDearest?

No. 17217

File: 1536513938615.png (1.25 MB, 996x649, Capture.PNG)

this is the Patreaon for August Does anyone have pics??

No. 17218

only milk on this girl is that she’s butt ugly lmfaO

No. 17219

that cheap shitty ebay ~lingerie~ she didnt even bother trying to iron and had to squeeze herself into. what are the patreon bux going towards if she cant even buy a half decent quality seifuku. even off bodyline would be better than this shit
also i feel like if the only way your cosplay can be saved is if it has to be photoshopped into oblivion is probably saying something.

No. 17220

lol she is indeed ugly. That is a fact. Look at her face

No. 17221


She honestly doesn't look that bad to me, just fat. If she lost weight, she would look good, but that's my opinion.

No. 17222

I can't believe the only milk on this girl is her weight….

No. 17223

The drama surrounding this girl are:
- low quality videos with inaccurate information, when called out goes "you're all just jealous haters"

-boyfriend who hangs out with prominent alt right/asshole youtubers

-said boyfriend makes her shut up, keep her views to herself and parrots his beliefs

-promotes a stereotype that japan is just sex and tentacles

No. 17224

Her face is meh. Her body could probably look good, but the average person looks better than her face-wise.

No. 17225


No. 17226

fuck off

No. 17227

File: 1538742212774.jpg (186.59 KB, 1080x1920, 42150954_308394876424649_13346…)

Got something from her instagram stories

No. 17228

i think she actually looks better here than a her usual chimp faced self

No. 17229

now that joey gained a bunch of weight, they look almost identical. greasy, long hair, mustache, and all.

No. 17230

File: 1538784728415.webm (3.64 MB, 639x1136, 42975173_1922409251394792_4855…)

I also found this. Look at them jiggle physics

No. 17231

lmao why did she feel the need to film this? its unflattering. its distracting how wide she flares out her nostrils all the time too

No. 17232

I'm assuming this is for attention given how it's cropped right under her jiggling boobs? Also, who goes to the gym wearing a regular bra and not a sports bra? Her nipples are going to get chaffed with her boobs bouncing around like that wtf.

No. 17233

The funny part is that her boobs are actually pretty average, maybe a c-cup, and shes wearing a fucking pushup bra to the gym. She takes advantage of angles, editing, and very padded pushup bras in her photos and videos. In many candid photos, her chest isnt that big and sticks out only a bit compared to her ribs/stomach. You can even tell in that jogging video that theres a whole lot of cleavage and not much on the sides since they are pushed together so much. Her boobs arent small, but they arent nearly as big as she brags about. Im still amazed how many people pay so much money for her "sexy" pics on patreon when shes not much of a looker tbh.

No. 17234

idk if you're going off the shitty US retail bra sizing or legit sizing but that is not a c cup by a long shot.

No. 17235

legit sizing. as someone who is busty, i can tell she uses pushups to her advantage. in her candids, she has cleavage, but not much "fullness". shes just average but acts like her chest is massive. she edits her boobs bigger and her waist smaller in many of her pics. if they were already big to begin with, there would be no need to edit them bigger.

No. 17236

Anyone got her patreon photos?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17237

nta but she's likely a 40C or so given her size.

No. 17238

Nigga who DOESN'T like tits and hentai?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17239

Shes got fat girl boobs so it doesn't count

No. 17240

People with taste, have you seem the rest of her?

No. 17241

She's small in height right? How much does she weigh? I always feel like she's super obese due to her body shape, but does anyone have any estimates?

No. 17242

If you arent providing milk and only want to talk about her weight then fucking sage your shit. I'm tired of reading a thread about measuring someone's boobs to find out how fat they are.

No. 17243

I would make fun of her but at least she's working out

No. 17244

File: 1540337760935.jpg (462.71 KB, 620x620, thumb.jpg)

No. 17245

Not flattering at all

No. 17246

she looks dis-proportioned as fuck

No. 17247

File: 1540429418360.webm (1.31 MB, 479x852, 44487606_1182489368569762_7338…)

No. 17248

I try not to nitpick on looks here but how do the incel anons who come in her find her face attractive at all lmfao her nostrils remind me of a baby gorilla or some shit

No. 17249

She has tits and she's willing to show them off.
Men aren't very smart, anon

No. 17250

She’s so…. top heavy

No. 17251

File: 1540521321873.jpg (115.47 KB, 1080x1349, 43549452_430997214097791_58248…)

No. 17252

File: 1540534019900.jpg (113.25 KB, 1080x1349, 44556277_321541268642176_64312…)

No. 17253

this one looks so bad compared to these >>17251

No. 17254

Can you salty 14 year old bitches sage your milkless weight nitpicking wtf

No. 17255

maybe it's just my thing for demon girl/monster girl cosplay but damn, she actually looks good here. might be the angles or the fact that she's not pulling a cutesy face. aki if you lurk, more of this. work what you have but in the right way.
i usually honestly am like why girl at the majority of her pics this is so refreshing

unless this is more bandwagoning, i've seen shitloads of girls doing this look (susu?) but like i cant seem to hate it too much

No. 17256

samefag, just spotted the nostrils, i'll see myself out.

No. 17257

I am 100% convinced that this started off as a vendetta thread until it was confirmed that she was actually dating anime man and now the whole thread has gone to shitting on her weight and nothing else. There is literally no milk aside from her being another cringy animu costhot.

No. 17258

I think she’s matured, the most milk there was was when she made fun of vocaloid fans and put out incorrect vocal oof fact videos.

The bigger issue is her boyfriend who says controversial shit all the time -racist shit; making fun of his sponsors; belittling fans because he is pure japanese and totally not a weeb like his fan base

No. 17259

Then why the fuck isn't there a thread about the guy?! Oh because he isn't "fat and ugly". Wtf lolcow… I mean from what I've seen of this girl, the stuff that was supposed to be milky is barely even that. And who gives a shit about "damaging the image of hentai and tentacles"?! This whole thread is shit that exists because a fat cosplayer dates a decent looking popular weabootuber who ACTUALLY deserves to be milked.

Oh my God I'm sorry for this rant.

No. 17260

File: 1541035003146.jpeg (58.43 KB, 540x720, 9F6A5599-C5C6-4172-9EF7-6569CB…)

No. 17261

File: 1541035034078.jpeg (50 KB, 540x720, 8919B140-632F-48DB-A1DA-3E30A0…)

No. 17262

File: 1541035172914.jpg (161.57 KB, 720x720, IMG_2160.JPG)

No. 17263

File: 1541035341724.jpeg (603.96 KB, 1536x2046, 60017704-8857-4F45-9889-C29C2A…)

No. 17264

File: 1541035376170.jpg (142.96 KB, 1000x1332, 476_1000.jpg)

No. 17265

File: 1541035437444.jpg (113.54 KB, 1000x751, 677_1000.jpg)

No. 17266

File: 1541035483588.jpg (178.39 KB, 1000x1332, 437_1000.jpg)

No. 17267

File: 1541035510654.jpg (103.92 KB, 1000x1332, 855_1000.jpg)

No. 17268

File: 1541035533292.jpg (106.72 KB, 1000x1332, 763_1000.jpg)

No. 17269

File: 1541035555276.jpg (72.38 KB, 1000x1332, 584_1000.jpg)

No. 17270

File: 1541035602372.jpg (37.18 KB, 640x640, x.jpg)

No. 17271

File: 1541035632510.jpg (110.22 KB, 1000x1332, 640_1000.jpg)

No. 17272

File: 1541035648638.jpg (92.95 KB, 1000x1332, 890_1000.jpg)

No. 17273

File: 1541035671859.jpg (45.31 KB, 640x640, 27881118_155764081792667_15814…)

No. 17274

File: 1541035718776.jpg (36.12 KB, 640x640, 27892958_1712740592080348_8178…)

No. 17275

File: 1541035757143.jpg (43.68 KB, 640x639, 26185288_2005305139744881_1009…)

No. 17276

File: 1541035793075.jpg (493.41 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180219_021502.jpg)

No. 17277

she should conceal the discoloured skin around her mouth and wear a lip tint

No. 17278

Without her boobs, she'd have a Danny Devito body. (No offense to Danny Devito)

There's no way the anime man isn't fucking someone else on the side. This girl is built like a fridge with weird fat girl tits

No. 17279

her face looks like it's pasted onto her body

No. 17280

Her pictures always confuse me. Because I actually think she is somewhat cute.. but the ugly kind of cute? You know.. like ugly babies or ugly dogs.. they are ugly, but because they are babies or dogs they are also kinda cute at the same time. That kind of confusion.

No. 17281

She always looks like she reeksm these pictures are nasty af, how is she not embarrassed?

No. 17282

File: 1541466207853.jpg (217.33 KB, 1080x1350, 43779462_785174885162369_60112…)

No. 17283

Lol.. why?

No. 17284

Why do fat chicks take these photos? who cares if you're at the gym if there are no results to be seen weeks/months later

No. 17285

I’m sorry, but that is a pig face.

No. 17286

None of these pictures contain milk. Stop bumping this thread. Sage pics and posts if you just want to talk about her weight. Nothing about this girl is cowish except for the fact that she dates the anime man. All thats left here are sad vendetta chans.

No. 17287

File: 1541485901424.png (509.23 KB, 442x497, Untitled.png)

She's actually looking bettr, her eyes are the best feature about her.

I feel like her boyfriend joey is really dragging her down though, before they dated she would actually take care of herself see:pic. She's capable of looking nice

No. 17288

oof, these comments sound like some self-hating fatties crying because they can’t put down the ice cream long enough to go to the gym

No. 17289

File: 1541625974383.jpg (114.39 KB, 1080x1919, 44521432_517198402082960_57929…)

No. 17290

File: 1541626029125.jpg (116.76 KB, 1080x1920, 43529396_382492542294421_97711…)

No. 17291

Seriously, there is absolutely nothing of worth in this thread. Wow, there's a chubby weeb on the internet!!! Who the fuck cares?

No. 17292

nice thread(autism)

No. 17293

File: 1543280896983.jpeg (150.24 KB, 1200x1598, 1517673075553-2.jpeg)

I would rail that sensless, even in it´s not shopped self. I am, however, not quite cock driven enough to spend 20 a month. glad someone seems to be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17294

Man I haven't seen this thread in ages. But it still baffles me how people think she's sexy. Is it like Momo where she's so ugly she's obtainable and extra thotty?

No. 17295

The anons who "find her sexy" are bait posters, the rest are wk's or mini modding because they dont understand how slow threads can be and that patreon thottery is milky considering her whole schtick is dumbshit yt weebery thats fairly sfw and its inherently dairy like to have such lack of self awareness for your own outward appearance while actually trying to shill badly taken photos of yourself.
Not everything has to be histrionics considering we have threads like party kei which is just posting ugly pics of (mostly) fat girls in pastel colours who overshare on fb.

I am honestly astonished she hasn't even bothered to impove herself and seems somewhat even crustier than before, like a blur filter just makes up for not moisturizing.

No. 17296

Same, she's fucking hideous. Don't know how people can ignore her misshapen body and manly face, having big boobs is pointless if you're fat, it doesn't count lmao

No. 17297

Same, she's fucking hideous. Don't know how people can ignore her misshapen body and manly face, having big boobs is pointless if you're fat, it doesn't count lmao

No. 17298

File: 1544829176298.jpg (97.74 KB, 750x1334, 47581987_2373817039299720_1831…)

No. 17299

All the men who are here just to jerk off to this chick need to learn to sage. This thread never has any fucking milk.

No. 17300

File: 1546094404887.webm (3.59 MB, 479x852, 49378616_274491159886385_34484…)

No. 17301

File: 1546094433449.webm (3.64 MB, 479x852, 49147003_541461773021309_42386…)

No. 17302

so now she's posting gross videos of her incorrectly exercising? man is she struggling

No. 17303

She talks like a 66 year old smoker aunt and the way she laughts omg i can't stand her but she's not milky at all. She's just an ugly girl with a cute boyfriend… I dont think she deserves a thread.

No. 17304


Any milk she would have had dried up months and months ago Other than she used to peddle sketchy shit like Otaku Coin and Flying Colors she hasnt done anything that could make her out to be a bad person. Shes just moderately embarssing at best not milky at all.

Shes def a weeaboo no matter ow many times she pitches a fit about not being one (but thats a trait most anitubers have) has super poorly researched videos about subjects she claims to care a lot about but thats it. U can only make fun of someone for being embarssing for so long before it gets annoying

No. 17305

No. 17306

click bait title. So they've moved in together? I wonder if this will affect hi uploading and personality?

No. 39423

For the love of god, can somebody please explain wtf does she have a "tentacle fetish/obsession"??? Long ago I watched one of Joey's vids where he introduced her or smth like that. At some point the tentacle topic came up and she was like "Yeah Joey had to come to terms that he will never be able to satisfy me like tentacle-sama does" and that she basically can't climax unless it's with a tentacle dildo or something like this. Which was just fucked up. To make it worse Joey apparently told his mom about this and they were talking how she will come to turns to accept the tentacle fetish or something. The whole discussion was just fucked up and weird. What's her deal???

No. 39434

I honestly bet it's a fake fetish to please the hentai nerds

No. 39447

I think she's just doing it to be funny

No. 40128

File: 1552719107927.jpg (53.38 KB, 851x477, aki (male).jpg)

Has Aki crossdressed/had super short hair before? Saw this in her recent oiran photoshoot video and she looks so much better in a tomboy look imo. Her gorilla nose ruins her chances of ideal femininity, even though she constantly tries girly photos and even when there's professional makeup on her.

No. 40194

she has an average Asian nose anon. I think she just needs to lose weight from her face. Her nose isn’t the problem imo but when you gain weight your nose can look wider.

No. 40260

File: 1552803672332.png (545.25 KB, 1346x401, wtf.PNG)

>Imagine a platform where all of your favorite creators and influencers come together to share their knowledge and experiences of Japan.

For a mere $10 per month you can sign up to receive useful life advice from this walking dumpster fire about how to go to Japan and be a professional weeaboo. jfc.

No. 44542

File: 1555728558086.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190419-194634.png)

Figured you guys might get a kick out of this

No. 44543

what the hell even is that? Doesnt look like a normal bra

No. 44551

That's definitely a bra, it looks like it just has ruffles or something at the bottom and is laid out weirdly.

No. 44675

File: 1555841864178.jpg (50.74 KB, 1138x640, Aki Wears Triple D Bras.jpg)

>>44542 >>44543 >>44551
That's just a size A bra she got from japan.

And here is a screenshot from her video, of Aki comparing a size F white bra she got from japan, to her US size Triple D Bra she wear.
And yes, she just said her bra size herself on a video, So I figured you guys might get a kick out of this.

No. 44698

we have DDD? like at walmart? i just wear size F like a normal human.

No. 44702

Even Victoria’s Secret has DDD cups, anon.

No. 44705

Pretty sure she is more on a G then a F, but i agree with you, anon.

No. 44706

>thinking VS is a legitimate place to get bras


No. 44738

Thinking calling it a triple D cup is lulzy and totally not a normal thing in the US (I don’t know how to do green text)

Lmfao. You’re literally grasping at straws here just to nitpick.

No. 44764

>Taking bra shopping that seriously

Minors aren't allowed here

No. 44785

enjoy your horrible back pain.

No. 46779

>can't greentext
oh boy.

No. 47906

File: 1558055655813.webm (2.24 MB, 479x852, 60594748_452801788829416_42421…)

No. 49909

I need fucking eyebleach. This needs a spoiler tag.

No. 50587

>I don't know how to green text
anon is a gay newfag

No. 50933

The fact that she's so pathetic actually turns me on.

I think that's why people find her appealing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 52103

File: 1559664840595.jpg (890.44 KB, 1920x2524, IMG_20190605_020615.jpg)

If Agnes lost weight, got lip fillers, a nose job, and maybe a jaw shave, she'd look pretty decent.

No. 52156

Your shoop is awful, anon. Her ass is now triangular and her face is still busted, but now with lipstick and a slimmer jaw.

She just needs to do something to sort out her weird mustachey looking philtrum situation and lose some weight tbh. Her upper lip/philtrum throws off her entire face.

No. 52908

File: 1560011675984.jpg (410.51 KB, 1080x1350, 31557124_1708275982591630_3498…)

No. 55121

I've always wondered, does she have hair on her philtrum, or is it just some shadow/darker skin?

No. 56436

Met her at a mutual friends party, She looks really small in real life, kind of shocking. She just doesn’t take flattering pictures

No. 57709

I kinda don’t understand the point of this thread.
She’s not as photogenic as her boyfriend, or most other girls sure, but she seems very friendly and energetic to be around.(minor necro/no contribution)

No. 57734

Anon pls, then why did you bump it?

No. 61762

File: 1565399389641.png (199.14 KB, 480x360, 8tZWcka.png)

it's insanne lol

shes cool tho, just wanted to point point it out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61775

Does she legit think this looks good?

No. 76540

does she still go gym? maybe she gave up(necro)

No. 85780

I 1000% agree with you aside from the jaw shave. she needs to shave some pounds, do something about that hairlip and get a nose job. also she needs to dump her boyfriend, that prick deserves to die alone

No. 85878

>this thread
>barely know this girl
>she needs to nosejob / better makeup / whatever
>upholding her to all these beauty standards
This girl even doesn't seem that insecure about her appearance.
The modeling part is weird, but she seems to have a following anyways.

No. 103895

Can't believe she click baited THIS hard just for an anniversary video. Like enjoy the clicks I guess.

No. 122459

Wtf happened to her, watched a few recent vids and her personality is just gone. It's just aesthetic and fake voice shit now. Is this what happens when you're around an ultra coomer like Joey?(necro)

No. 122463

I watched bits of some of her newest videos and really can't notice any difference, especially can't hear any change in her voice. Wdym?

No. 122513

She’s pandering to the weebs and getting that sweet Adsense, meanwhile Joey is still trying to dominate with his weird anime superiority complex.

He is doing better by collabing with others for a podcast. Though I’m surprised they’ve had gigguk’s wife as a guest but not Aki yet.

No. 123452

bitch literally looks like Asian Andy if he trooned out. she is annoying but so ugly, must be so insecure with all the cute weeb girls online nowadays no wonder she is not very popular, i almost feel bad kek

No. 130601

> there's a thread on Aki
based cows
ngl Gigguk's wife is a doll.
I found Aki likeable but haven't watched her in a while.
ngl am a bit jelly since I find Joey somewhat cute(necro)

No. 130610

Aki literally looks like Ryan's Toys Review grew up and trooned out.

No. 130612

No. 130710

Oooh the wannabe e thot. I forgot she existed. Maybe it's a blessing she looks like a humanoid pug. She has to focus on her career instead of falling back on porn which is the easy way out.
I'm not saying she isn't trying to be a thot though. Deep down she wants to have the easy way out

No. 130733

Joey is insufferable though. He's dating her because he knows he can't get a Japanese girl, so the fat Pinay will suffice for his yellow fever. Seriously, I can't imagine living with such an autist.

No. 130787

He's asian you retard. Whay yellow fever?

No. 130789

The same kind I just said. Are you retarded? Plenty of asian men settle for SEA when they can't get an east asian girl.

No. 130798

generally people dating within their own race aren't considered to have whatever 'fever', anon…

No. 130807

I don't think Joey would have a problem getting a Japanese girl? He's half after all. I don't like him, but he's more interesting the half of these guys in Japan sucking their bosses' assholes.

No. 130824

Have you seen him? He looks unkept and greasy as hell.

No. 130850

So they're perfect for each other

No. 130873

not to add to the necro but apparently Aki isn't interested as it's out of her comfort zone doing something like a podcast. Think she's happier being more in control of her content.

No. 131508

really fucking weird her biggest worry was vitiligo. Also treating it like it's akin to cancer or something??? Aki people are dying and out of work, your slightly lighter skin patches isn't the end of the world.

No. 133883

Did you guys see the new video she posted parading her cow hooves to the footfags(imageboard)

No. 146134

you fucking losers waste your time sitting in front of a computer dedicating your life talking shit and hating on somebody else? she makes more off one video than you guys make in a month. fucking incel losers. get a life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 148178

This was in my recommended today, I-

No. 148357


Must be embarassing being an akidearest white knight. Seek help.

No. 148363

We’re women you faggot

No. 148444

no rhythm or stage presence. just some hambeast failing around.

No. 148560

I would have completely forgotten that Joey and Aki were still together if he didn't mention her (eventually) in this video with his constant comments that he could see himself spending a lot of time at this porn star bar and that it's great. The only time he brought her up was when the AV actress gave him a 'confession' as part of their service. Tinfoil, but either they're poly degens or he's going to cheat because he's attracted to/could attract more attractive women than Aki

No. 148571

Shibuya Kaho is with him. Their whole thing is touring porn industry or related places or checking out businesses that use sex appeal or like how they visited TENGA. They both also have their own channels and most couples don't need to talk about how they are a couple constantly. And Aki would probably go to the bar too. Insecure adults are so embarrassing.

No. 148600

He is so fucking ugly.

No. 148635


Coomer adults doing PR for such a predatory industry are so embarrassing.

No. 148682

god she's so fucking fat

No. 148711

Kind of wish he would, just so Aki could snap out of it. However, she might also be the type to "forgive" him for making a "mistake". Her insecurity is ruining her life

No. 148717

I get the feeling he's gonna cheat. I watched one of their videos where Aki brought up the topic of marriage and Joey rolled his eyes and asked her 'not to put pressure on him'. In the same video she also brought up having kids, but she literally held her breath before it, as if she was afraid to bring it up at all. How long have they been together? You'd think they already discussed these things, having been together as long as they have. Also, it's just my personal impression, but whenever they do a video together, Joey seems so unenthusiastic and looks like he wants to be somewhere else. He doesn't seem committed at all
I fucking hate myself but I find him attractive

No. 148718

Samefag, forgot to add that I wouldn't be surprised if he'd have one of those 'Youtuber sexted underage fans' scandals, he just seems like that type

No. 148734

I was watching this vid with my gf and thought the same exact thing… Shooooot, I would have left. I only have one life…I would respectfully leave if i'm not content with my relationship. That being said, i'm content now, but i do agree that if I was single i'd definitely like to visit once in a while(no1curr)

No. 148736

Also to add, My gf thought it was super sus how he kept saying that he liked the venue… but idk. sounds like a guy thing to me… plus he respected boundaries so i thought it was fine

No. 148742

No1currs scrote

No. 148795

No. 148809

So in her latest video she went to a vampire café and it was revealed that she's never heard of Elizabeth Bathory or Carmilla…and she was also surprised that the café had a Victorian setting…has this woman ever opened a book in her life other than mangas?

No. 148811

Slightly ot, but god, Japanese culture is so fucked up. The fact that some people go to these places to have an illusion of intimacy and sexual tension is fucking sad. Also, when the men get hard, do the girls have to get them off?

No. 148834

I dint know those names either. This is niche shit you look in to yourself. Not everyone gives a fuck or is well versed in Victorian anything. What a retarded nitpick.

No. 148836

He doesn't and I'm surprised she's still with him after this video. How much self respect do you have to lack to not only let your boyfriend go to a place like this but to even make a video on it for thousands of people to see.

No. 148851

Anon, not everyone knows who the fuck those names belong to. So being this autistic about it.

No. 148852

It's just an adult venue. It's not that serious. If they broke up over this, that would be embarrassing for two adults to not be able to get over it. You mad your boyfriend watches porn too? Kek

No. 148866

I'm surprised by the lack of saying Peachmilky never heard of Rocky Horror. Both these things may be common to some people, but its not unheard of and Aki didn't say a thing about not knowing Camilla. She never said she did either. I don't get the nitpick.

No. 148877

I'm ashamed of this question but has Joey ever been shirtless on camera?

No. 148881


Cope harder, pickme

No. 148886

File: 1620287583512.png (174.64 KB, 438x358, Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 3.52…)

I think Joey looks greasy & gross as hell, and Aki is fat, sure. But in any normal circumstance where Joey was just the greaseball guy buying manga at Barnes & Noble or whatever the Aus equivalent is, and Aki worked at the cafe nearby…they're looksmatched, especially if she lost a little weight. But her being fat would be her equivalent flaw to his his gross scrote weebery. It is just his YT "charisma" I guess that makes him seem more attractive than her? Picture them both working at a gas station, do they really seem that off then?

All that being said this thumbnail of Aki makes me laugh every time. She looks so retarded in this outfit and the idea of her doing some hard hitting video is too stupid for words.

No. 148913

I think him and Chris have an onsen video together kek

No. 148936

No. 148954

That means he's shirtless anon

No. 148959

Ah thank you!!!
are you okay anon

No. 148980

I agree, no one can take her seriously dressed as a party discount detective. Who the hell wears a detective costume for true crime vids in the first place? In general Aki looks like a guy with tits

No. 148982

That's the point. It's the schtick

No. 149007

lol you sound really pressed over a thumbnail. successful vloggers know that doing a constant look over and over for a series will help stick in viewers' minds. Mike from That Chapter, always wears a burgundy purple shirt everytime he appears i a new video to discuss a grisly crime. quit being so mad, lol.

No. 149009


The whiteknighting in this thread is getting annoying. Where do you think you are?

No. 149014

>point is schtick

No. 149027

It's not whiteknighting just because someone doesn't agree with you. I like the detective look. It's a parody of how old crime docs had hosts dressed this way and it's a trope in shows and movies. Your autistic nitpicking is the problem.

No. 149069

nobody didn't get the reference, Aki just looks fully retarded dressed like that.

No. 149115

This anon clearly didn't get the memo >>149014

No. 149157

She tried to review japanese literature turned manga but got the author's name wrong. Aki isn't bad but all her content and interests are so surface level.

I think what best shows Aki and Joey's behavior is when they were doing a house tour. They kept talking about how each of their anime merch costs and not much else.

No. 149179

They get constant comments about what they think their different collections cost, Aki gets a ton of comments asking about limited KH merch alone, so that makes sense. Joey gets manga wall questions.

No. 149597

glad to see this downsyndrome looking bitch still is ugly, fat, and literally still normie tier interests as far as anime/VG go

No. 153834

Their new apartment is 5 rooms and has a balcony. It's honestly a bit excessive.

No. 153855


Totally agree, five rooms? Couldn't imagine how expensive that apartment must be, at that point just get a damn house.

No. 153856


Aki would look decent if she lost weight

I get a lot of cheater vibes from Joey.

No. 153857

Tbh, 2 filming rooms, 1 bedroom, probably one for extensive hobbiest stuff because of each of their collections, and a guest room, seems fine. Makes sense considering what they both do. Most people who stream or make videos have their own rooms aside from their bedroom. A lot of hobbiests prefer a second room to their bedroom. Some people have a spare workout room. This is a weird nitpick.

No. 153861

it seems like the place is an hour away from tokyo so it's probably cheaper than you think.

No. 153862

Tbf, a lot of people have an extra room for a hobby or 2. So that's kind of a weird nitpick.

Wouldn't be surprised. I always found Joey and Aki to be a weird couple. Like I've seen videos of them together and it seems like they have no chemistry.

No. 153898

I think that's what you get when you put two nerds together, plus it's awkward to be lovey dovey and display tons of PDA for some people. They just seem like a cool couple who's been together for several years. Looking at IRL couples, seems pretty on par

No. 153899

And you can get a decent 2bdr in Tokyo for a cool $700. Like, it's not like it is NY or something

No. 154937

Agree! It's a decent house for their lifestyle. But being in Tokyo with this size, it's probably very expensive. They both earn enough for it.

No. 154938

I don't get any bad vibes from them being a couple. Aki loves Joey and shows it a little more, but men in general are just different in how they express themselves. Don't think Joey is the type to cheat, Aki is his first real gf and he is a shy guy. Just because she's chubby and he is not, doesn't mean he will cheat.

No. 154939

What annoyed me a lot in her house tour video is how she described herself being a plant mom. Makes me cringe being a real plant hoarder myself… Girl, you have 2 or 3 new plants that you got for your housewarming and also 1 fake one, let's talk again when that room is not a living room but a jungle.

No. 154943

Kek imagine gatekeeping who can identify as a plant mom, wtf is this nitpick, nobody is safe

No. 154944

I think its the same anon that wont sage or stfu in the jvlogger thread.

No. 154955


Eh waste of money if anything. My only gripe is that's at least 3k down the drain in rent instead of just buying a place.

No. 154960

A lot of people don't buy because professions like theirs can mean they need to move once their work in the country is done. Stay ridiculously salty

No. 154961

probably better with an apartment if they get any of those weird stalkers (but does anyone want to stalk a bunch of anime youtubers?) that try to find out about their house/sneak around. At least with apartments you can't get in without a lobby key, can't try to spy on them via their balcony.

Also really depends if they want to stay in Japan long term. Also depends on their Visa. They aren't even married right? Buying property with a gf is risky enough esp if a break up happens.

No. 154964

Their last apartment looked way better honestly…the furniture doesn't match here and most of the rooms are pretty bare.

No. 154966

I can't deal with aki's crusty lips and ape nose

No. 154991

Yeah and I felt bad that she kept saying "he's turning into a dad since we got this place" and then at one point was like "nooo guys we're not pregnant". Makes you wonder what's really going on in their relationship lol.

No. 154997

Did sound a little funny when she said that. But honestly if she's very much in love with him, she maybe low key wants his babies as well?

No. 155030

Not everyone wants kids because they are in a relationship. Don't start this retarded tinfoil. We can't prove it and it's just guessing.

No. 155194

File: 1623272931212.jpg (74.74 KB, 838x925, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Aki's new video is fucking disgusting. She at one point spits in her hand to compare a lube's texture to it
She's is definitely more invested in the relationship and Joey only seems to be in it out of habit. That's the vibes I'm getting. As soon as Aki's gonna get serious and will start to nag him about marrying her and having kids I have a feeling Joey's gonna bail

No. 155196

Not everyone wants kids, anon. Also living in Japan longer than Aki, Joey might just be accustomed to not showing affection as openly. I don't get where you're reading these signs he's not interested in her at all and just stringing her along.

No. 155285

yeah that was weird kek. she was straight up like "let's compare my spit to this lube" and then showed it all over her hands and pants. is she trying to get more patreon subs? pls don't ban me for sharing video, sorry it's gross.

No. 155503

>She's is definitely more invested in the relationship and Joey only seems to be in it out of habit.

someone posted vids in the gen jvlogger thread but reading this made me remember a scene

vidrel @2:40 joey surprises and hugs aki out of nowhere. Seemed very genuine, like they're the type of couple that doesn't record their everyday relationship for content and honestly thats better then them shoving it in their audiences faces. not a fan of either of them but they deserve eachother tbh

No. 155518

Totally agree, they seem genuine. Love is in the little things, just because they are not drooling 24/7 on camera, doesn't make their relationship less real.

No. 156488


No one cares.

No. 156492

Wow, thank you for bumping the thread with your brilliant insight anon. Learn to sage.

No. 156587

Her and Joey aren't doing adult content videos in hopes kids watch. A product from Japan, which most places probably can't get, will come with her adult watchers wanting to know if it is like spit since the product is supposed to mimic spit. It's not deeper than that. If you're grossed out by spit or sex toys/accessories (especially from Japan), you might not be the target audience. I don't think this has to do with subs, but sex got reviews, thot reviews, hentai reviews, will garner that audience without promotion and since YouTube censors, Patreon is the only place you can see the whole video.

No. 156749


Same anon from the J-vlogger thread? Lol it seems like every new mention of Aki here gets one really defensive reply no matter what.

No. 156785

Not all anons find sex toys and the like, gross anon.

No. 156790

nta but someone being fat isnt milk

if she were pickme-ing and calling other girls fat it'd be a different issue

No. 156838


It was the spitting a glob onto her hand that was pretty gross, not the sex toys.

No. 156896

Cool. So when reviewing a sex toy, supposed to mimic spit, makes sense to compare it. I get you think it's gross anon, but how the hell else are you supposed to show watchers of your video whether or not its not just regular lube packaged as "spit"?

No. 156949

Discussing how gross spitting in your hand is normal, defending and trying to normalize it is a bit much nonnie. Different strokes, opinions etc

No. 157755

This thread is dry as shit, stop posting about your OPINIONS until we get milk

No. 158345

holy shit Aki has gotten fatter AND uglier in all the years. She looks like a pig, how is Joey still even with her? isnt he disgusted with himself?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 158382

>Aki is fat and ugly
Sis we been knew, that's not milk
Also Joey isn't gonna fuck you kek

No. 158386

Joey's no prize either kek

No. 158420

>how is Joey still even with her? isnt he disgusted with himself?

imagine thinking a neckbeard scrote can do any better

No. 158443

I know it’s hard to believe, but some people actually have a preference for fatties. Haven’t you ever had feelings for someone your friends told you was ugly and/or fat?

No. 158877

Theyre both ugly

No. 159160

File: 1625646590898.jpg (81.24 KB, 1153x659, E5nyvQfWEA8LFYw.jpg)

No. 159187

You’re not making the point you think you’re making, anon. We know what Aki looks like

No. 159244

What weird pseudo white knighting.

No. 159257

This is gurugossip or lipstick alley, being a fat fuck isn’t milk. If you need to talk about how fat she is so badly, find an anachan forum kek

No. 159402

Imagine caling this >>158443 weird pseudo white knighting, just for simply explaining why Joey would be attracted to her (because he is, he’s dating her you dumbfuck). She’s been fat for her entire life on yt, that isn’t milk you autist

No. 159686

He might not even gaf about her size and just her as a person. Hard concept for anons to understand that of course not every person is their S/O fantasy. Actual attraction is more than just looks.

No. 163333

oof. she is serious about this one

No. 163347

File: 1626987424557.jpg (36.86 KB, 902x624, aki.JPG)

i thought this thread was dead and was going to post this in the stupid shit thread but whatever. im not a dancer myself but theres something about the way she moves that is so awkward to me. she's so stiff and her background dancers outpaced her.

No. 163354

When she took off her shirt her chicken drumstick arms killed the vibe

No. 163379

It looks good?

No. 163431

She’s fat anon, it’s not rocket science

No. 163477

All I could think about when I was watching this was how much must she eat if not even dancing regularly could slim her down kek

No. 163608

She's fat? Wow. Never noticed.

No. 163624


Holy shit she cannot dance. Good for her I guess for trying but she's being outdone by her own backup dancers. Stiff, lack in power and form.

Also out of all of the songs to choose from why egirls? Pick something good at least. It just screams wanting attention from Corpse

No. 163647

The whole video screams parody and not serious. Calm down, anon. People reading into Aki's videos as if it were anything aside from fucking around, really are the most retarded people. She never tries to look good and she knows she fat. There's a difference between doing shit for fun and tyring to be the best of the best forever and ever, anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 163787

I was also wondering how the hell she hasn't lost any weight at all if she's been dancing, how is that even possible?

No. 163798

She looks like a man

No. 163821

File: 1627126872359.jpg (152.04 KB, 1078x593, Screenshot_20210724-043525_Twi…)


But it wasn't a parody… You're whiteknighting too hard it's making you delusional. We all know she's fat it's repetitive at this point. There's good dancers that have weight on them.

No. 163859

You’ve been white knighting her a lot lately. Nothing about that is a parody, she had real professionals involved and it still looked so bad. She can’t dance so they had her move her hair a bunch to make it look like something.

No. 163909

This is my only part, retard. Pointing out she's fat isn't milk. Move on.

No. 163910


No. 163920

Nta but accusing three posts of being samefag, hours apart, is mentally ill. Take your infighting to meta

No. 163943


NTA but nah, lots of us have been annoyed by the white knighting lol almost every single post critical of Aki in this thread triggers a stupid defense like 'it's parody' 'it's her shtick'. Also isn't 'parody' supposed to be funny?

No. 163973

Yup. In the video Aki clearly states it’s a hidden side of her she’s very nervous to show people, not to mention how much effort she’s put into dancing by hiring choreographers and working with dancers. She makes a lot of videos centred around her body not to mention how happy she seems to be whenever she loses weight, but my question is, when will she actually lose all the weight? Anons are giving some valid commentary when they point out she’s been the same weight for years despite clearly wanting to be thinner, lol

No. 164024

You guys can talk about whatever the fuck you want just please keep saging. Nothing has happened to her drama wise in a long time, and yet some faggots keep updating it with
“You guys are haters leave her alone!”
“Wow she’s so fat how is x still with her?”

I don’t want to see this bitch’s face on the front page unless she’s murdered someone, broke up with her boyfriend, or both.

No. 164476

It was so cringe. She has no rithym!! She is trying to hard to be that sexy girl, but that ain’t her!

No. 164529

bumping a shit thread for a sperg about rithym (sic) is also pretty cringe

No. 164677

She won't ever lose the weight. I honestly don't understand how someone can look like that for years and not put in the effort. Does she have a thyroid problem or pcos?

Who the hell looks at the front page anymore? Also, there are other cows posted who haven't done shit in ages yet people rip on the most minor things about them. It's literally just one retard anon so hide the thread if you're disinterested.

No. 164993

>She won't ever lose the weight. I honestly don't understand how someone can look like that for years and not put in the effort.

she could lose half her body weight and she would still look like shit

No. 165056

File: 1627647236458.gif (570.85 KB, 520x293, kek.gif)

The first time it cut to her dancing it looked like she was having a seizure lmao

No. 165063

kek she shouldn't try going so fast. slow movements might look better

No. 165080


Nah, her dancing isnt good. She learned the moves and everything, but the execution is super frantic/clunky.

Also, when is she going to lose weight?

No. 165238

Her dancing looks like she learned the moves, but doesn't know how to move her body. It's clear she's not flexible to move her hips and chest how she's meant to. For example in her corpse husband video, when she's laying back and meant to bump her chest up, or laying down and meant to thrust her hip into the ground while arching her back, she just does a flop rather than the actual bend.

If she's serious about dancing she should work on her flexibility and learning how to move her body. A little weight loss wouldn't be a bad thing either, as it would emphasize those moves.

No. 165357


this is what I look like when I dance in my room at 3am. She learned the moves but she's stiff and self conscious. She's moving her limbs around but not really moving her body.

But she's a new dancer I'm guessing so time will build her confidence up and she'll probably get better. It's cute that she's trying and pushing herself though. Slimming down a little will probably help her too, but there are big dancers that kill it Everytime so her weight isn't what's holding her back. It's her.

No. 171776

Jeez.. this thread is still going huh? Do You people have nothing else to do after 5 years?(necro)

No. 171780

Previous reply was 1 month ago you slag(sage your shit)

No. 171785

Stop bumping the thread you literal fucking retarded person.

No. 172447

ty for bumping the fat ape thread

No. 172563

Chill anon

No. 172766

File: 1631921063860.jpg (42.38 KB, 702x700, 1478229612291.jpg)

Nonnie, thank you so much for telling me to chill on an imageboard. I'am now devoid of any hostility, you've made me want to become something simpler. I'am now embracing my state of nature, maybe that's what we should all do as humans. Maybe there's indeed a fat ape inside all of us

No. 172785

this picture is so scary

No. 173746

File: 1632286805804.jpg (835.44 KB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_Twitter.jpg)

To at least provide milk, I present the shit merchandise.(not milk)

No. 173848

It isn't necessarily milk, but I do agree that this is uninspired merch and I don't know who would waste their money on it.

No. 173916

Thats because for some reason, Gen X loves these work hats. They are fucking hideous. It was fun and all for small fruit or meme emojis or something, or like some people like 'Daddy' caps, but this is such a stupid trend. Maybe its because anons here aren't hat people?

No. 173983

Ayrt I don't mind these kinds of hats and own two myself, but this design of hers is bland and I've never been a fan. Would not buy from Gorira-chan.

No. 174277

Gen X just loves LARPing as poor millennials who are overworked, abused, and have no future while society literally lowers all standard they can't meet and pays them to have hobbies.

No. 174278

ER, I guess I should say they love LARPing as poor millennials who grew up during the early 2000's (before the Kardashians happened).

No. 183667

File: 1637372048723.jpg (84.14 KB, 1080x1080, 1231231.jpg)


No. 183668

That t-Rex arm kek

No. 184895

Gen X is the generation after baby boomers. They're all middle aged now and your parents are probably Gen X. You all are very confused.

No. 185165

i just noticed that aki is not following shibuya kaho on instagram, i wonder why is that..(namefag)

No. 185192

kaho isnt following her either, whats your point retard.

No. 185873

tbh idk how aki doesnt feel at all intimidated by kaho, an ex-porn star that is waaaay prettier than her in just about every way, constantly doing sexual shit with her boyfriend. in one video she did a fake love confession to him while drunk and i think a dance for him ? i forgot but its the vid where they go to something like soap land but a bar. id feel uncomfortable as fuck idc if its “part of his job” have a single guy participate in that shit instead the fuck.

No. 186530

>waaaay prettier than her in just about every way, constantly doing sexual shit with her boyfriend

only insecure bitches give a fuck if their bf/husband hangs out with other women. if you're afraid of your man leaving you, then get a better man

No. 186562

Honestly, I didn't even realize Kaho was an ex pornstar when she appeared in some vids. She just seemed like a chunky unremarkable looking japanese woman who liked yaoi or whatever.
All the guys in that circle parade her around to clickbait their lame hentai fanbase. I don't think Joey is any more or less likely to sleep with her than any of the rest of them. He is chummy with a ton of other weeby sex workers too (Bunny and Susu to name a couple I am aware of) plus other models. He just doesn't use them for content in the same way. If he wanted to cheat with a slut, he has ample opportunities. I do think it's a bit weird that Aki and Kaho aren't mutuals, so maybe she doesn't like her or maybe they haven't formally met.

I personally wouldn't enjoy it if my boyfriend was making content with literal whores on the regular, especially if they weren't friendly to me, but not everyone has the same needs in a relationship.(sage)

No. 186756

Didnt joey mention aki was a fan of kaho in his interview with her? lol

No. 186856

A lot of girls are. As someone into cosplay and an adult, seeing actual professional behind the scenes cosplay work and adult restaurants is fun imo. I don't get why anons have some jealousy fanfiction going on. Kaho is super nice, she's even come down to HentaiCon in the US.

No. 186859

Especially in Japan. Call girls and guys are literally promoted as well and the common occurrence of cheating too. A lot of interviews have been done too where a lot of Japanese women and men said they suspect cheating and would rather their SO go do gross fuck stuff at a love hotel than with them. They also market it as not bad too because of Soaplands. Japan has a weird "Its not cheating, its just natural" way of thinking and it helps promote unwanted pregnancies for their obsession with birthrate.

No. 187357

Not all women are insecure bitches who need to "fight for their man" like a loser. If my Nigel left me for a sexy porn star because he wanted to live out his cumbrain fantasy then I'd consider that a bullet dodged. Basically what >>186530 said.

No. 194572

So Aki went to a Japanese school for 3 months and exposes how bad her Japanese was before

Didn't she always go on and on about how she has a Japanese tutor?

No. 194600

Doesn't mean she retains much. Some languages are hard for people to learn in adult life and Joey is the one who knows the most Japanese of the two, not her. She has said she's done tutoring, but not to God levels of boasting. Just "Got a tutor and they are awesome". Doesn't really say "I'm the best" imo.

No. 194883

What exactly has the theme of her channel been over the last few years anyway? 'Cause the whole 'Non-Japanese person living in Japan' schtick can't last forever. She must be more Japanese than Phili by now.

No. 194943

I have been watching her videos recently, and although I agree she is a bit ugly and fat, and sometimes does cringe and obviously tries to appeal to horny weebs, I think she's funny and nice and is pretty honest on her videos. I find that watching her just testing out japanese products entertaining. Her videos with Joey are pretty funny too, and they seem to match a lot personality wise (also interest wise, since they both like to reach weeb audience). Their userbase is completely rotten, since it's mostly random weeb teens… it's a little sad, and I get confused on why they would try to go so low, being actually charismatic people. I'm sure normal vlog videos would be fine. Are they desperate for money, attention, or what?

No. 195023

tbh I was just confused that she barely knows anything depsite having had a tutor, who she mentions was very strict

but then again I also don't know how long she had a tutor

No. 195340

Probably just can't retain the info, most adults can't. Speaking is hard enough, I don't see her learning to read it unless its non-kanji/katakana

No. 195462

you can see her learning kana in the video >>194572 the japanese subtitles are awful though, wonder if she wrote them herself or used a machine translator

No. 196164

so…after these many years of posting exercise videos and selfies, you're telling me she still fat?

Not surprised she sucks at learning new languages, she steal other peoples photography and claim them as her own. She's just dumb.(sage)

No. 205626

Idk how Joey can genuinely find her attractive and how is she still the same weight(necro)

No. 205627

Both of them are ugly who cares

No. 205678

joey isn't ugly but his interests would drive away women of a similar attractiveness level. no self respecting hot girl wants a boyfriend who talks about how much hentai he watches, publicly

No. 206310

he used to be really ugly but after getting a haircut he looks good he just needs to clean up his beard too. it looks gross.

No. 214554

Akidearest is even more disgusting and fatter than ever before.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214670

She doesn't even wash her hair anymore. It's like she's given up.
Hell I'd even say Joey looks cleaned up compared to her.

No. 216370

Why is Aki not going to Garnt wedding

No. 216871

I love how aki thinks she’s a hot skinny wittle asian girl when she’s just an over weight flip who always has greasy hair. She’s always humble bragging about how she’s a famous cosplayer and everyone wants to photograph her, but I doubt that she’s a hideous monster.

Sorry for the vent.

No. 216975

probably doesn't like Sydney. I've literally only seen them interact once in a video.
Then again does she interact with Garnt much?

No. 217620

That's pretty awkward considering how Joey has a podcast with him. And I'm sure he'll be invited.

No. 217724

You'd think if you invited one of your closest colleagues/friend to your wedding, it's only common courtesy to invite their partner. Very strange that Aki isn't invited, unless she declined for some reason?

No. 217732

I mean usually everyone who's invited to a wedding brings their partner…
has Aki ever commented on the wedding?

No. 217741

Yeah, I'd always presume I get a plus-one to any wedding I'm invited to unless otherwise explicitly stated. I think Aki chose not to go, for whatever reason. You'd think she would maybe mention something, like she was ill, or something.

No. 217742

They probably don't want her ass there because she can't resist not making everything about herself. Imagine this hog trying to make someone else's special day about how addicted to porn she is.

No. 217764

I think something is up in there relationship, just a tinfoil

No. 217811

Aki didn't greet the newly weds nor like any of sydney and garnts wedding pics on twitter (as of writing, its been an entire day)
If they just werent close she couldve had a thoughtless congrats but…theyre probably not in good terms.

No. 217815

Yeah, it’s weird. I wonder if she was genuinely not invited or just chose not to go. If it was good terms and she didn’t go because of illness or fear of flying or some shit she would’ve likely congratulated them at least.

No. 217817

File: 1654528319515.jpeg (603.34 KB, 1100x1946, 10348081-924F-4743-B76B-3ADC41…)

her dumb fcking excuse to notgoing to the wedding lol

No. 217822

kek body pains, uh like being really fat? Has she actually addressed missing the wedding specifically anywhere? Because if all was well in their relationships (her and the newlyweds, and her and Joey) you would think she'd mention missing it and feeling bad about it. Or missing Joey, or something.

No. 217838

wouldn't she have still been invited then? idk i'd assume that if she missed the wedding bc of being sick she would've said something like "i'd love to be at the wedding but unfortunately i got sick"

idk if it's just me but her ig & twitter posts have also been super cringy since joey's gone

No. 217855

She def lurked the thread and this is her excuse. I still think she didn't go because she wouldn't be able to stand everyone fawning over someone else and not telling her fat trashy ass that she's perfect. Also, what a gross and stupid picture to accompany this caption. Nobody wants to see up your pig snout and that tard grin.

No. 217894

File: 1654543515968.jpg (308.12 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20220606-122316_Adb…)

Meanwhile Aki is at home studying pretending to be in pain!
Hahaha. I can't.

No. 217904

Tbh, she probably couldn’t find a dress that didn’t make her look even fatter so she gave up and now she’s experiencing “body pains” also known as self-awareness.

No. 217916


Damn, I don’t blame him for going without Aki. Looks like he’s having the time of his life without her.

Common symptoms of Covid and she doesn’t test for it? Wouldn’t you want to do that especially if Joey is leaving for a wedding??

No. 217932

Do we really fucking need a covid sperg? It can't just be the obvious 'aki is a fat bitch' and her body is trying to let her know how unhealthy she is?

No. 217944

You just described Sydsnaps
I do not blame her at all but kek this is milky
Syd is the white version of this, she thinks she's oh so special for being an uwu blonde white girl with blue eyes. Spoiler alert hon you are a fat cow who is marrying a porn addicted pajeet you didn't win any battles here.
I dislike both of these women immensely.

No. 217946

Not surprising Aki didn't go since there's barely any interaction between her and anyone else outside of Joey. Hope we get some dirt ASAP

No. 217956

I wonder if she's just insanely jealous that Syd got asked the question, I mean how long has she been with Joey? These are in theory her "best years". If she already dislikes her, seeing her be insanely happy and have something she doesn't must really sting.

No. 217962

File: 1654555603957.jpg (451.15 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20220606-154604_Gal…)

You might be right. She looks like Asian Andy in a dress.

No. 218002

Jesus there’s literally no excuse to be this fat with the money she must have while living in a first world country.

No. 218047

Imagine being that top heavy

No. 218454

I don't know why I find this so depressing, they must really not like each other for her not to go. Maybe she had other serious plans she couldn't change? but it doesn't seem like it. Who knows unless they actually address it but it's really weird imo.

No. 218536

i'd find her being sick/not feeling well as an actual legit excuse, but she has yet to congratulate, like or even mention the wedding on any of her social media which is just fishy. everyone in their friend group has congratulated them publicly and retweeted posts by the married couple and friends.

maybe she doesn't like sydney or gigguk? or maybe her and joey are having some relationship problems? we'll find out in the near future

No. 218547

She's filming content

No. 218624

what a shit excuse. half the attendees are content creators and I'm sure they were told months in advance about the wedding. her content isn't that good to skip a friend's wedding.

No. 218744

Money can't buy self restraint, kek.

It would take 2 minutes max to make a low effort congratulations and like some pics.

Honestly though, from what I can tell from their content, I can see why Aki and Sydney seem to not get along. They both seem like difficult people, albeit on different sides of the spectrum. Sydney acts underage and has one of the most shrill voices I have ever heard on an adult woman. While Aki has RBF and acts cold and unapproachable. She mentioned being in JROTC on TT which she attributed to her personality being that way. I can see why she'd find it hard to bond with fellow anime content creators who typically act overly exuberant.

No. 218868

Her content is in Japan, not the UK. Why are you trying to find some drama induced reason?? She said she was sick and 2 days ago posted a capsule hotel video, alone. She's busy doing other shit.

No. 218955

most be nice to be so gullible

No. 219160

did aki ever get jabbed? if not it explains why she cant leave the country

No. 219162

She did

No. 219210

weddings are usually planned years to months in advance. it's not like sydney & garnt randomly asked her a week before lol

the sick thing also came out of nowhere and was never properly explained especially if you take into account how dramatic she was on twitter

No. 220191


Joey just posted that he has Covid. So maybe that was the real reason or he just did that to validate her cover story to avoid drama.

No. 220313


If he tested positive now he most likely caught it during the wedding, which makes sense from the videos.

The amount of people he must have spread it to…. Lol…

No. 220589

File: 1655398775782.jpeg (236.45 KB, 960x886, 0A7F4B3C-C2F9-497B-B9F4-2897E7…)

No. 220634

bet someone was talking shit about her at the wedding

No. 221136

Do you guys think that Aki's been more interested in studying Japanese lately because she knows that her relationship with Joey might end soon?

Living in Japan without him will porbably be really difficult.

No. 221311

File: 1655662596999.png (685.11 KB, 1292x683, animeman.png)


Shit's happenning and we'll probably get some answers soon. Maybe not detailed but at least some form of break up announcement.

Tuned in to Joey's stream rn to possibly hear something related but so far it's all just bullshit about his shitty ovepriced clothes. It does seem as though he is in a different room than the one on his main apartment he shares with Aki in Japan. Chat kept asking here he was but they were ignored.

No. 221345

isn't he in la right now?

No. 221366

He's in LA right now anon. That why the room is different

No. 221424

He got COVID, so he's probably quarantining in LA.

No. 221446

I hope Joey finally dumps that cow. How exactly is a bitch with no talents and no personality worthy of a Musician/Artist/Designer/Bilingual chad Joey?

Doing softcore fat porn, while leeching of Joey is the only thing she can do. Is there anything else besides pussy that she brings to the table?

No. 221456

File: 1655697986462.jpeg (679.63 KB, 1091x836, 309BC53A-B0C2-410E-B807-3F7B86…)

“not skinny”
her entire comment section when she does something like this are chubby chasers. its too bad she actually would be close to cute if she was fit.

No. 221457

joeys likes on twitter make me uncomfortable and want to throw up. aki still likes joeys tweets.

No. 221485

>How exactly is a bitch with no talents and no personality worthy of a Musician/Artist/Designer/Bilingual chad Joey?
dude reviews hentai on youtube sorry this coomer looser didn't pick you

No. 221491

Her nose is far more detrimental to her looks than her size. Even if she was thin, she would not be cute.

No. 221500

Imagine thinking Aki is the shitty one in the relationship and not Joey lol. What did Aki do? Be frumpy, overweight, and a weeb? Who cares. Joey is a nasty coomer who doesn't have any hobbies aside from hentai and acting like a giant prick on Twitter. Anon above is right, sorry you didn't get picked.

Aki used to be kinda entertaining to poke fun at years ago but she has been pretty under the radar lately and doesn't really do anything milky aside from making cringe opinionated tweets. The only thing anyone anyone says about her anymore is that she's ugly. Yawn.

No. 221504

File: 1655704970768.png (615.02 KB, 480x531, aki.PNG)

There is nothing wrong with her nose. She may not be your cup of tea but she's certainly not ugly. I mean, her content heavily relies on her looks and they got her nearly 3 million subscribers.

I agree with >>221456. She is wasting her potential and is honestly out of Joey's league aside from the few extra pounds.

I've attached an image of her approximately 20 pounds lighter. Her career would skyrocket if she took her health seriously.

No. 221505

Dude, same. How is she not embarrassed?

No. 221512

Your trolling right?

No. 221536

>certainly not ugly
OK yellow fever scrote.

No. 221567

>not ugly
>posts photoshopped and filtered pic

No. 221732

Her nose is normal. The main thing holding her back is the weight. But she seems fairly consistent with it so it's not like she's ballooning up. She looks like a normal person. I think she'd be very attractive if she lost the weight but her life is fine and she's not based around her looks.
Joey probably had the potential to be a "chad" with his hair genes and Aussie accent. But that's not really who he is. He's a slightly smug and awkward guy who posts about hentai all day on twitter and talks about niche anime on Fridays. I enjoy him when he avoids his hentai obsession but I wouldn't say he's out of anyone's league (ignoring YouTuber money which Aki also has). The only "chads" I've seen in this sphere were Jun and to to a lesser extent Conner.

Aki is more serious and mature so I think a fit or thin Aki would actually be out of Joey's league.

No. 222831

kek, left the tits alone i see

No. 222942

It's weird she's not with him. Is she going to Australia?(learn2sage)

No. 223042

She wasn’t with him when he went to AX pre pandemic either. No clue why suddenly people notice this. She probably doesn’t want to do the con circuit and they trust each other.

No. 224089

Joey is the biggest gatekeeper in the anime YouTube community, he’s a prick!

Aki was interesting when she wasn’t trying to just sell her body for views.(sage)

No. 224143

Aki ain’t even that fat! Sure she’s plus size but she’s no monster. Pretty sure half of y’all are just jealous that she’s pulled Joey Senpai and you can’t ever.

Sure the girl has the personality of an empty hoover bag but still.

No. 224151


Not going to cons with him makes total sense. He is PAID to go if he is a guest. Cons pay guest's flight, hotel, food, and appearance fee. She could go "for fun", but she'd be the only one paying out of pocket. And she might not be allowed in any of the guest-only spaces.

No. 224446

Tokyo Creative have let her down then, Cons are her target audience. Even if she's changing her videos, she still does "weeb" related content.(sage your shit )

No. 224564


You consider that greasy coomer a chad??? How low are your standards? They’re both on the same cringe level, hop off his nasty dick.

No. 225544

File: 1656864864049.png (790.9 KB, 916x872, (20) Akidearest.png)

N4, fucking really??

She also tweeted
>Just finished! So to be honest, it’s 50/50 lol. I wasn’t completely hopeless but it was pretty hard. Either way, I’ll keep goinggggg

Just by doing a minor in Japanese in a foreign country you can easily pass JLPT N4 in about a year.

She has been living there for years, doing nothing and having a bf fluent in Japanese, N4 being "hard" is fucking embarrassing

No. 225553

And you've passed apparently so you have first hand experience of how easy it is? Fuck off, anon. Can't believe you're nitpicking a foreign exam when she's not fluent.

No. 225555

File: 1656866456228.png (550.16 KB, 972x854, Akidearest on Twitter.png)

I did actually and I still think it's fucking embarrassing for someone who has been there for so long and even had a "strict private tutor".

Meanwhile she was also busy making hentai of herself.

No. 225556

Sure, Jan. Of course you conveniently have.

No. 225557

Hundreds of thousands of people take JLPT every year, it is not really some obscure exam that rarely anyone tries.

No. 225561

This tall skinny cat girl is supposed to be her???

No. 225564

lol I passed the N5 while barely studying

No. 225612

File: 1656876394946.png (1.06 MB, 938x1002, (20) Akidearest (@akidearest).…)

No. 225613

Has she like…looked in a mirror before? I don't get portraying herself as opposite to how she looks when she's supposed to be the selling point

No. 225615

I passed N3 while barely studying after living in Japan for 6 months. t. Monolingual burger

No. 225623

File: 1656879379625.jpeg (196.99 KB, 1984x1984, B618DE06-FF5C-4EEB-987A-7DD8D4…)

How is that suppose to be her? Its a white skinny TALL girl. They should have done something like this girl, but with more weight and shorter. Heavier set anime girls don’t look bad. It’s just strange how it doesn’t resemble her at all.

No. 225639

Its a persona, anons. She obviously knows she doesn't look like coomer material from hentai. Its a sponsored collab. Jfc.

No. 225705

Why is her persona a different race though? That’s the one thing that doesn’t add up.

No. 225706

like if things were reversed people would lose their shit

No. 225715

File: 1656911836858.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.9 KB, 1170x1121, ECDC85A4-6E80-4A46-97B4-E1068C…)

no ones imagining her while reading whatever this is

No. 225718

Has she specifically said that it’s supposed to represent her? Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t doujin also imply self-published work in general in manga?

No. 225790

Her persona has always been lighter. Shes not dark as hell herself either, anon. Aki is still light skinned. Why don't you racespergs go away already?

No. 225876

Never said she was dark as hell, said she wasn’t white and it’s just confusing.

No. 225910

Its hentai. BunnyAyu's character was a real bunny. These arent supposed to match. The same way when people draw Jester from Critical Role. No one is thinking of the player,they think of the character design. This is a massively retarded nitpick. Its not even supposed to look like her.

No. 226733

she says in her video about her doujin "am i going to be nude? yes" and "it's a slice of life with just me living with a tentacle monster" so yes, even though it's a persona she still feels like it's her(post milk)

No. 226734

No1currs. Learn2sage and you can't even be bothered to post caps or the video.

No. 231846

i wanna read this for the lulz
is there a non-fakku link?

No. 232016

No. 232044

This is also an imageboard. Probably post some shots and spoiler them, anon. Otherwise there's no discussion.

No. 232055

Oh, buddy.

No. 232544


No. 232824

Has Aki wished Connor a Happy Birthday publicly if so I can't find it anywhere

No. 233401

Probably texted him like a normal person. Not everything had to be fine publicly. That's not milk.

No. 236711

Aki is not friends with Connor, Garnt or Sydney

No. 236860

What are you talking about? Connor has talked about helping Aki and having dinner with her family a few times.

No. 237345

Holy shit, who thought making her into a beauty brand ambassador would be a good thing??

No. 237398

Thinking she's ugly isn't milk. Fuck off, anon. Sage your shit if you don't have anything to actually post.

No. 237400

…the video is milk

No. 237408

Give context anon. Is it just she's an ambassador for her own brand? Good for her.

No. 237413

If it’s her band who cares, but if it’s another then that’s surprising. I think she is pretty, but doesn’t really represent a beauty brand. She isn’t the best at makeup, like look at that wing

No. 237572

She's collabing with a generic makeup brand called 'Game Beauty' where their whole thing is 'video game inspired makeup' though their palettes really feel like the run of the mill 'Jeffree Star rip off' that were popping up all the time around 2018 where they have palettes that are mostly unusable for day to day wear and wouldnt even be good for 'cosplay' use either.

'In collaboration with Aki' they're putting out 3 extremely basic liquid eyeliners: a black, a blue and a navy that leans a bit towards a cerulean feel. It's really nothing new and it feels wild because I cant think of anyone who would think that Aki would be good promo for an eyeliner who would actually want to buy it. It also reeks of a brand really not caring about what kind of audience someone has and just looking at big numbers. They would get better sales from someone with a tenth of the following but it's someone who actively talks about makeup (and video games) like finding a twitch thot would have definitely been a better pull.

No. 237600

What's wrong with her audience? A massive portion is female. She's not bringing in guys with her looks.

No. 237878

Again with you jealous femcels. She clearly has sex appeal, hence her new hentai. Ugly women don’t have hentai made of them.

No. 238600

…Wasn't she in charge of making it? And it was of her objectively hotter persona character instead of her actual self…

No. 238621

You're replying to bait, anon.

No. 239391

Joey liking lewd tweets of cosplayers, porn stars, and other coomer shit while Aki's likes is mostly pretty tame makes me cringe big time.

No. 241396

Connor and Garnt are awfully quiet during the Aki story, lmao.


No. 241816

JLPT results are out and Aki has been very quiet about it

No. 241817

I wonder how it all went for her. Where on the fluency scale does N4 stand? Am I an odd one for not minding Aki? LOL… or just a hetro female who doesn't fancy Joey and doesnt care how fat or thin someone is?

No. 241819

N5 is the lowest and N4 is second lowest. I guess N4 is about A2 so you can understand & talk about basic things.

No. 241823

Thanks for sharing. I mean I guess it's none of our business but I'd be lying if I said I didn't care how she got on.

No. 242140

It's very low.

N5 is basically you know a few words and can say your name and where you're from.

N4 is the next step. It's very very basic conversation. You can answer very simple questions with very simple answers.
Think along the lines of: "What food do you like?" "meat and strawberries"

No. 242234

I'm actually surprised that she's just doing N4 and seems to have failed based on her going dark about it. She's been in Japan a long time, had been going to language school, and is partnered with a Japanese man. N4 & N5 aren't really worth doing if you actually need a qualification instead of a paper saying you're great. Even N3 is kind of in that category. Nothing against Aki but I do think this does really illustrate the bubble between Jvlogs and actual Japan.

No. 242237

Yep. I skipped N5 and N4 and started with N3 as my first test. Even that's not too difficult to be honest. I did it after 6 months of language school. But I think it's certainly not a stretch to say she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. Likely equates watching anime with studying as many students seem to do, then wonder why they never get better.

No. 242317

Sorry but isn't the current N3 what used to be N4 a few years ago? If it is then taking the N4 and N5 tests seems like such a waste of time, even N3 is really basic.
Jvloggers always comment on how making Japanese friends is so hard but none of them make any effort to learn the language and integrate.

No. 242357

I think the ones that actually put effort into it end up with Japanese friends. 99% including Aki just hang out with other jvloggers and don't get much grasp with the language. That's why it's so cliquey. Chris Broad at least before he made it big on YouTube actually tried to learn Japanese seriously and he made lots of Japanese friends including Ryotaro and Natsuki. At one point he was around N2 level. Daniel Lord who is famous for being a NEET even made N2 and managed to date and marry Japanese people. Even on Akis end it seems like the school is more so for a fun pseudo highschool experience rather than seriously learning Japanese. Which is a shame because there's more to Japan that the quirky surface level anime expat lens that few try to dig past.

No. 242398

It's mixed. It used to only be N1 to N4 and they added an extra level.
It's generally like this:
N1 For most general purposes fluent
N2 Business level Japanese
N3 Conversational
N4 Very Basic conversation
N5 Survival
It's only a grammar test though so a lot of Chinese pass these tests but can't speak Japanese well at all.

You're right though, there's no purpose to N5 or N4. N3 can be used to get into specialist schools, unis and basic workplaces. N2 is for most offices and companies, N1 would get you into the top companies.

I wouldn't say Chris ever made it to N2 level. He's probably around N3, maybe slightly above it but not close to N2.

No. 242451

this. it's very common knowledge that the best and most efficient way to gain fluency in a language is by direct practice and exposure to common conversations. you can do flashcards all you want and example statements, but your reaction time will only slowly improve. our brains are made to learn languages, we just need to trust it.

i know a lot of ppl who get to japan and exclusively make japanese friends, because well, it's ridiculously homogenous? making only jvlogger friends is a choice.

No. 242484

>It's only a grammar test though so a lot of Chinese pass these tests but can't speak Japanese well at all.
It's not a grammar test, and Chinese and Japanese grammar are completely different. Chinese grammar is far closer to English.
The test is multiple choice, used to be kanji-heavy and only required an overall passing score, which is why it was easier for Chinese people to pass. They changed the exam from four to five levels, added more reading and listening, and now require you to attain a minimum score for each section to pass, so Chinese peple don't have as much of an advantage as they used to because they can't just ace the kanji section, but do dismal on reading and listening like they used to. It still doesn't test speaking.

N3 and under is pretty much useless except for personal reasons. Most workplaces in Japan require at least N2. If you want to go to university in Japan, you need N1, but it still doesn't really compare to university level Japanese and doesn't make you fluent. I could see how someone might fail N4 or N5 if they were trying to learn Japanese on their own, but not if they're attending language school unless they have test-taking anxiety.

>Chris Broad at least before he made it big on YouTube actually tried to learn Japanese seriously and he made lots of Japanese friends including Ryotaro and Natsuki. At one point he was around N2 level.
Chris Broad is nowhere near N2. Even N3 is very questionable. Two people (one who gets him work) who speak to him in English is not a lot of Japanese friends. He's also in his own foreigner jvlogging bubble.

No. 242507

Thanks that makes it clear. . . I find it surprising Aki has lived there awhile and has a half Japanese BF and is at such a basic level

No. 242528

They aren't his only Japanese friends. Yuki is another we know about as well as an ex girlfriend and some of the Japanese teachers (not JET ones). Compared to most Jvloggers he had a lot. Chris'Japanese deteriorated a lot from it's peak when he focused more on youtube.

No. 242551

>They aren't his only Japanese friends. Yuki is another we know about as well as an ex girlfriend and some of the Japanese teachers (not JET ones).
Three Japanese people, two who work with or for him is still very little when you think of where he lives. Acquaintances and co-workers he doesn't regularly hang out with aren't really friends, and hanging out with English-speaking Japanese is not the same as hanging out with regular Japanese in Japanese. Having a couple of more Japanese friends than some of the other jvloggers who don't havy any also doesn't mean he has "lots" of Japanese friends.
>Chris'Japanese deteriorated a lot from it's peak when he focused more on youtube.
His "peak"? When was his peak? His Japanese was never that good. Even calling it N3 is being overly generous. I'd be surprised if he can even read at an N4 level. This isn't a dig at Chris. He didn't formally study Japanese before coming to Japan and worked as an English teacher/JET until he became a youtuber full-time. He's probably used more Japanese doing youtube than when he was assistant teaching.

No. 242558

And you know they never hang out how?

No. 242562

I mean he's a grown man not a teenager. How many friends is he supposed to have? He's mentioned a lot of friends over the years not just those three. I even mentioned some just didn't know their names.
He says he used to study Japanese 8 hours a day and in his downtime during teaching. The N2 level thing was his claim when retelling his story with the jlpt. His original goal was to learn Japanese and be seen as a genius and then return to the UK and start a business until he really got into YouTube and stopped dedicating so much time to language learning. I'm not saying Chris especially now is anywhere close to fluent. But if Daniel Lord can pass N2 then I doubt Chris was so significantly behind at his peak that the idea is ridiculous. Doing well on a language test isn't a one to one with perfect fluency.
As well my main point was that if jvloggers put in the effort they can integrate better and meet Japanese people and make progress with the language. Not that Chris was a polyglot or friends with everyone in Japan.

No. 242573

Seriously. Adults have acquaintances they call friends,usually from work, then theres like 4 or 5 close people.

No. 242600

The anon >>242528 is the one who claimed he’s made lots of Japanese friends then just named his English-speaking Japanese friends and co-workers.
>But if Daniel Lord can pass N2 then I doubt Chris was so significantly behind at his peak that the idea is ridiculous.
You know you can just look at the N2 practice exams they have on the official JLPT site to see what it entails instead of making assumptions based on Daniel Lord? Chris has never passed N2 nor N3. I've never had the impression that he’s overstated his Japanese skills unlike some other jvloggers, but if he did claim he was near or at N2 when he hasn’t been able to pass the exam, that’s disappointing.
>I mean he's a grown man not a teenager. How many friends is he supposed to have? He's mentioned a lot of friends over the years not just those three. I even mentioned some just didn't know their names.
>As well my main point was that if jvloggers put in the effort they can integrate better and meet Japanese people and make progress with the language. Not that Chris was a polyglot or friends with everyone in Japan.
I get that you’re his fan, but you’re the one who claimed Chris has lots and lots of Japanese friends and was at N2 level, and that’s just what I responded to. Aki moved to Japan 3 years ago as a youtuber. You admit that Chris’ Japanese has deteriorated since becoming a youtuber after years of living in Japan, but if he really did have many Japanese friends he actually hung out with, his Japanese speaking ability wouldn’t have deteriorated, but improved much more after a decade of living in Japan. As a youtuber, he interviews and meets with different Japanese people who speak in Japanese unlike when he was a JET ALT and had to speak in English all of the time, so being a full-time jvlogger doesn’t explain why he doesn’t sound like someone who has or had many Japanese friends. He's part of the same clique and foreigner bubble as Aki's boyfriend.

No. 242608

You know you can create a new jvlogger thread and not leak into other ones, right? It’s very transparent what you guys are doing and it’s lazy as fuck

No. 242624

True. The listening is so easy that it's not really a test though and as the reading is just scanning for the most part, Chinese kanji recognition still gives an advantage as they like to throw pretty difficult or obscure words sometimes.

I agree that even N3 is questionable with Chris.

Did Aki even get N5? Or did she just start on N4 and fail?

No. 242626

she did not get n5. she mentioned it in one of the videos about studying japanese. she decided to go straight for n4 as n5 seemed useless

No. 250326

Does Aki hang out with Marzia Bisognin now? Felix mentioned Marzia was "playing with" her friend Aki, like they were little kids and it sounded kind of creepy.

No. 250331

Pewds and Marzia seem to hang out with all th big english speaking youtubers in japan now.
it's not that creepy he's just not a native speaker of english, or he could have meant playing as in playing animal crossing or some shit

No. 250341

He pointed at the garden as he said that. I can't imagine Aki and Marzia being friends, though.

No. 250478

Marzia is friends with Emma, they both work together so not a big stretch that she'd hang out with Aki too

No. 251185

Why? Marzia is as fake and "uwu" as the cows on /w/. She's just not as controversial nor active if you don't count stealing other artists' styles. Besides, Felix and Marzia meet up with Aki for years now. Now they meet up more because they don't know Japanese and they live in Japan…

No. 251244

If a cow stops producing milk what makes them a cow anymore. She did the right thing if fucking off after getting married, she doesn’t have to work a day in her life, good for her.

No. 251393

She never had to work and never did even before marrying, thanks to her husband/then boyfriend. But I agree she did the right thing by leaving the internet almost entirely.

No. 261206

File: 1666694874800.jpg (678.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221025-114619_Sam…)

Not surprised- from her pateron

No. 261240

Oh damn, I haven't seen people do this since like..2005 DeviantArt when thots started popping up more and more on the site under photography/self portrait. I mean, guys do love this, some weird 'owning' brainrot when a girl does this.

No. 262602

Aki didn't go to Abroad in Japan's Halloween Party. The majority of Tokyo Creative was there also geexplus.
She has not just closed-tied with Sydney and Connor then.

No. 262654

learn2postcaps. No one gives a shit and she was probably invited but didn't want to go. Not everything is some conspiracy.

No. 264485

More like she either felt too insecure attending without Joey's clout or is delusional enough to think she's too famous to attend. Either way, she doesn't show up for friend's events (or isn't invited), barely networks or works for that matter, and will only do photo ADS she can photoshop whilst spending Joey's money and alienating all of his friends.

No. 264581

While she's obviously free to do whatever she wants it does say a lot that Joey is okay with her doing this. 99% of guys wouldn't want their partners posting like this to desperate guys especially since they don't even need the money. Either Joey doesn't care, they're in an open relationship, or he enjoys her doing these things if you know what I mean. I can't even imagine the two biggest pervs Garnt and Sydney doing posts like that.
I can get why she's not friends with the trash taste crowd but it's surprising that she isn't with the AbroadInJapan crowd which is less cringey and more mature.
On a related note did she ever address her JLPT N4 test? If not she definitely failed and probably gave up on that. Really goes to show you how insulated this jvloggers are from actual Japanese people.

No. 265290

He clearly doesn't care. It's not like she is out fucking guys. Are you okay? I hope you only wear full nightgowns when posting anything online at all times or when walking out in the street.

No. 265493

Do you really not see any difference between Victorian wardrobes and not making OF tier content of writing lonely mens names on your girls for nasty scrotes online? Even Sydney and Garnt don't go that low.

No. 265525

Why do you care if Joey cares? Clearly he doesn't. Move on. There's no milk here just because you want to stir shit when there isn't anything to even stir.

No. 267317

I'd feel so embarrassed to do shit like this for money and put random scrotes stupid names on my chest. I have no idea how thots do it and dont care. Money over dignity, I guess

No. 267407

File: 1669155090610.jpeg (1011.34 KB, 828x1412, 4E8C7C2E-2D23-4667-8188-05D692…)

I guess ppl like Filipinos with armpit fat and stache’s

No. 267879

came here after seeing it on twitter, she has absolutely no sex appeal lmao she must be very desperate. she tries to sell herself as 'thicc' but she doesn't have a waist or an ass so she's just fat.

No. 267948

Her YouTube not doing well and desperate for some attention??
Love the Twitter comments on the announcement asking if Joey is okay with this lol he’s too much of a coomer brain, too busy liking other womens lewd photos to care.

It’s just cringe seeing her have an onlyfans when she’s so average looking if she was serious about it she could get some lipo lol maybe do some squats ?

No. 268669

she'd need a new face as well, her wide nose and overall features make her look like a man. I think Joey likes her being uglier/fatter, he's made several comments on not wishing to gain weight or be fat (trash taste america eps, he's said the same shit for a couple of episodes) and it's clear he thinks of larger bodies negatively - I bet he excuses salivating over thin hentai art/Sophie using this power imbalance. He knows he could be dating a MUCH better looking golddigger and probably will once he tires of Aki's stupidity.

No. 268716

She's in a space with the most desperate men for sure but I don't see this being worth it unless Joey also is involved if you know what I mean. I'm actually surprised that she has to do this considering her views are pretty good. Maybe an attempt to close the income gap with Joey so he doesn't feel like leaving her? Or maybe it's just attention?
I think maybe Joey doesn't care at this point. Ever since trash taste they seem way more distant and she doesn't hang out with any of Joeys friends or colleagues. Where as Sydney and IronMouse are constantly involved and mentioned. I wouldn't be surprised if they split.

No. 269024


Ugh absolutely pig disgusting.(embed)

No. 269033

Since when do men leave women for earning less than they do? What planet are you on? She's clearly insecure as fuck and starved of attention so she's doing this

No. 269211

>I think maybe Joey doesn't care at this point
Joey does hang out with a lot of good looking youtube/cosplay thots so maybe that is why she is doing this and Joey won't say anything about it.

No. 269252

my unhinged theory on Aki not liking the trashtaste crew. It's either a clout thing or not. Aki's current inner circle is made up of people who don't really have huge social media presences and work in the industry. Maybe she's trying to get away from the clout chasing nature of influencer work by hanging out with more real and relatable people. or shes hanging out with "nobodies" because it makes her feel bigger. i'm thinking the former though and the TT people are probably gross behind the scenes

No. 269985

File: 1670137446205.png (122.52 KB, 315x234, anj.png)

Would be fucked if he is with her just because she's short and fat. I can see him using her as a reason to not eat a lot. He's not as skinny as he used to be though, so he needs to chill himself.

No. 269987

How do some of you come up with these dumbass takes?

No. 269988

No. 270162

no i think he genuinely loves her lmao aki is the driving force in the relationship, joey is a beta male who will not make any moves. if they ever break up, she will initiate it and he will be heart broken.

No. 270164

The Showa place is so interesting but I hate how Aki always focuses on buying shit. Also it's so ironic that she/Joey have shit on weeaboos so much and now she's a showa otaku

No. 270425

Joey is one of the most famous perverts on the internet. Either he's not actually attracted to 3D women or they're open. It's not even just looks but Joey is constantly away from her and she's not even tangentially involved in the trash taste part of his life. Garnt and Sydney however are a solid couple of perverts and they make it clear.

No. 270474

Might want to pick one
>be famous and busy all the time
>not be famous and stay at home more

No. 270592

Ayrt and I do believe in the fact he's beta enough to not tell her how he's really feeling, maybe because he's too much of a coomer to think clearly. Tbh, it just seems like he got with her because she one upped him on liking degen hentai shit so she got the extra nlog points, so her looks didn't matter much to him. Idk maybe I'm wrong which would make me kek because he comes off like they really are in an open relationship.

No. 270658

>so her looks didn't matter much to him.
Well, if anyone is going to date Aki, then looks definitely won't be a top priority

No. 270713

You guys have weird expectations, but sound like scrotes when talking about her looks. She looks fine IMO and they get along. Not every relationship is based around looks.

No. 271331

It's been a while since I checked up on her. Does anyone know where her (sudden) obsession with Showa/retro stuff comes from? I don't expect her to be an expert on Showa but the way she talks about her interest seems to empty to me.

No. 271466

honestly just seems like another justification to go on shopping sprees

No. 272721

chris broad was obsessed with it, calling anything and everything "80s" that is older than 2000, doesn't matter if it was from 1995 or 1955. so she's probably just copping on that trend.

No. 272825

Chris has this surface level "appreciation" for the 80s image. It's more that he just likes the Bladerunner aesthetic and assumes that's the 80s
Heck he's only into 80s hits and not so much the rest of the music from popular 80s artists

At least with Aki, I think she's mentioned she likes the Showa aesthetic and hasn't claimed to be some sort of historian/superfan. Either way, the room looks way too cluttered, for me at least

No. 272857

She looks super cute in this thumbnail

No. 272944

She does! I don’t understand why people say that Aki is ‘uglier’ than Joey when they’re pretty much the same attractiveness. She’s cute even though she’s overweight

No. 273018

Bladerunner came out in 1982 but most of the concept design was done in the 70s and it's set in 2019. It actually has very little to do with the 80s.

But it's no surprise that Chris Broad does almost no research or have any understanding on what he bases his entire aesthetic on. He also claims to love City Pop music but the only musician he can name is Tatsuro Yamashita, which is like saying you love Rock and Roll but the only rock musician you can name is mention Elvis Presley.

Chris is as deep as a soy sauce dish.

No. 273105

retro/nostalgiafags are so cringe, they make me wanna barf
it's worse than renfair dorks
lazy creativity

No. 273337

File: 1672087357580.jpg (90 KB, 720x606, Screenshot_20221227-013701_Sam…)

I really liked the new direction in content aki took but I'm seeing more and more her onlyfans promo so much so it's making me uncomfortable.. she's doing the shitty 2016 click bait videos. I really like her discovering unique things and having fun with absurd stuff..

No. 273338

I think I might drop her channel for good now ..(no1curr)

No. 273378

I find it pretty strange too. Normally it's the other way around where they start off with that content but move to be more legitimate. But Aki seems to be trying to be throwing her body more and more out there even though she has enough views from regular content. Doubly weird that she's choosing to do this but won't get involved with anything trash taste adjacent even though Chris, Sydney, and IronMouse do. It seems like it's more so for her own enjoyment of being a "sex symbol" rather than money or even attention. Aki-Joey are probably the most peculiar relationship I've seen from the outside. You got a handsome pervy manchild who barely interacts with her and she's more mature on the surface but clearly feels unfulfilled and wants some kind of attention. Btw does anyone know what happened to he language school and jlpt test? I'm guessing she didn't pass but did she give up on the school too?

No. 273384

It says a lot when people think that only good looking people should be with good looking people do to appearance. It's as if a lot of you can't grasp for the idea that people just lined up liking each other and they don't have this obsession with appearances. I don't see what's wrong with their couple. What's weird? It literally just sounds like you're biased based on looks without knowing the fact that because they have so much in common that's why they're together.

No. 273412

It’s not about “people” it’s about men. Normally a chubby girl like her would have to end up with a morbidly obese boyfriend. Women date ugly men all the time but the reverse is unheard of. But I disagree with anon anyway, she’s much more charming than him. He gives me weird wanker vibes.

No. 273447

File: 1672170003875.png (489.06 KB, 690x575, Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 2.38…)

Seriously, that is such a femcel take. Scrotes will date a fat girl, and Aki is very busty and depending on your taste has a cute face. She was probably not quite as fat when they met, and Joey absolutely was way uglier and weebier before he got glowed up in the last few years. People gas Joey up like he's hot now, but he looked like this just a few years ago. He lost weight and started doing his hair a bit more nicely but trust me, no one in Australia would think this guy is hot whatsoever. He's only "hot" relative to how ugly most weebs are. Their relationship isn't this unbelievable thing - it is two kinda ugly/cute weebs who are really permissive with each other and both into the same shit. That's all.

No. 273471

Nta but agree with everything you said except Joey. That man has morphed into a stereotypical coomer on the outside as well as inside. The neckbeard and weight gain has done absolutely nothing for him (although there's been a slight improvement recently) and if you ask me Aki is now the good-looking one in the relationship.

No. 273497

He's not hot, he has never been hot, he will never be hot. He has a spergy face and he's a coomer. Those are things you can't fix with any "glow up". Anyone who finds him hot is probably a handmaiden with shit taste and low standars.

I saw him in one of the most recent pewdiepie videos and he still looks ugly as hell, idk what you see in him. Also his hair looks extremely retarded.

No. 273511

> He's only "hot" relative to how ugly most weebs are.
Do any of you actually read the entire text of a post or what? No one was saying Joey was hot, "what do I see in him" KEK

No. 273516


it's the accent paradox - ameriburgers find any man with an anglo/irish/aussie/kiwi accent more attractive than they would if they sounded like they were from deep new jersey.

No. 273546

The fact of the matter is that the kind of guys who occupy this niche aren't super models and usually weren't cool in their home countries. I mean most of them openly are coomers who post lewd anime girls on their twitter especially Joey. Connor might be an exception as he seems to have been popular in Wales, isn't solely obsessed with anime, is creeped out by anime pervs, and is attractive. PewDiePie doesn't really count either. But I imagine Joey was bullied a lot growing up. I remember one time he was talking about how they used to make Joey (baby kangaroo) jokes to him all the time plus Australia is kind of like Korea in extreme beauty standards.
That said in the limited realm of male jvloggers Joey would be considered more physically attractive than his competitors. You have Connor, PewDiePie, and Jun and then a steep drop off which has Joey and then another drop for the rest. Take in his relatively recent success with trash taste with fangirls throwing themselves at him and I get why people think it's weird he an Aki are paired at a glance.
But the thing they miss is that a guy like Joey will never break up he's not proactive. Without japan, yt or trash taste he'd be just another single coomer perv in Australia that has little appeal. Plus Aki isn't the type to really push on his nerves. She supports his "hobby" and what he really wants is a 2D girl.

No. 273553

>he was talking about how they used to make Joey (baby kangaroo) jokes to him all the time
He'd have to be a massive pussy to let something as retarded as that get to him. Oh no, his name is the same as how you refer to a baby kangaroo how offensive kek.
>Australia is kind of like Korea in extreme beauty standards
What? We're no different to any other Western country. In fact our beauty standards are probably a little more diverse given the multicultural nature of the country. Our celebrities don't look like perfect kpop idols, and teens don't receive surgeries for completing school either. I don't know where you're getting this from.

No. 273627

i got the impression that the language school was a limited time only sponsorship or something

emma also filmed a video about it and was attending it at the same time as aki

No. 273782

For real though I’m honestly not sure why Connor is even there Joey, Ali, Sydney and Garnt are all really degen and cringey whereas he actually distances himself a lot from that and shows active disgust.

Joey really isn’t hot, he just showers more than the average weeb coomer so they assume that he wouldn’t be with a chubby girl like Aki despite them being super similar in attractiveness

No. 273783

Honestly I think she’s objectively hotter than he is. He’s fat, ugly and looks like he doesn’t shower often. He’s aging like milk.

No. 273893

The same adjectives describes her. Joey has fame and wealth that in theory he could find someone like Sydney. But he's not proactive at all. Other than Aki avoiding trash taste like the plague they actually seem like a fairly even couple in terms of looks.
Money. He was a relatively small channel compared to Gigguk and Anime Man but he had a unique fanbase and brought a different element. Not only did he start significantly lower than the rest in subscribers but he wasn't even known to the community at large. His original fanbase was teenage girls. But now he's growing at a meteoric pace and has great work ethic and has eclipsed Abroad In Japan and will eclipse the others soon enough. Eventually he will probably be the one to leave Trash Taste if I had to guess. Garnt would probably retire after trash taste and Joey I have no idea what he'd do.

No. 274013

joey will keep plugging his shitty music and click bait Japan videos.

I feel like Garnt and Sydney's next endeavour is the week parents/family vlog channel type stuff. Connor seems to be the only one who can exist outside of weed circles.

No. 281239


Chubby doesn't equal ugly. There's plenty of dudes who have a thing for big girls, just look at all the chuuby/fat porn on the internet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281312

Fat or thin she has a butter face and shit for style. Also who gives a fuck what moids will stick their dick in?

No. 281316

Nta, But the constant nitpicking about her looks and moralfagging about moids not liking chubby girls is exactly why anon posted that. Her looks aren't milk.

No. 281332

it was unsaged WKing, I wouldn't jump to defend that anon. I agree aki's looks aren't milky by themselves but why bump this stupid thread to defend her from month's old posts?

No. 281344

I reported it. You should do the same instead of arguing.

No. 310569

Anyone else who thinks the thumbnail and presentation are sorta sensationalistic? I just don't think Aki is able to talk about dark topics in an appropriate manner.

No. 313202

According to Joseph, Agnes just came home from a stint at the hospital after her kidney infection nearly went septic. Kidney infections usually develop from untreated UTIs that turn into bladder infections. Dehydration can put you at greater risk but I don't buy that she ended up with a life-threatening kidney infection just from not drinking enough water like a silly girl teehee~. She either has to have shit organs, a shit diet or live on the brink of dehydration for days or weeks on end for it to get that bad.

No. 313204

That's crazy. She probably doesn't drink water . I thought she was attempting to work out?

No. 313205

Why didn't you post her video? This is her thread kek

No. 313214

so many egirls get UTIs, going so far as to post their bloody urine. HOW hard is it to drink water and piss after every time you have sex. I don't know why these girls flaunt their UTIs and think it's good sympathy bait, it's fucking disgusting, gross, and reveals how incompetent they are at basic life tasks.

No. 313232

That but also maybe joey cheating or at the very least having a nasty dick.

No. 313241

its one of the grossest habits of egirls tbh. dumb bitches posting about it hoping for sympathy points when theyre only revealing how dirty they are

No. 313256

Terrible tinfoil.

I think you guys are thinking too hard about this. On her video she discusses she holds in her pee. This isn't a sex thing.

No. 313292

Not really actually. Prostitution is actually very accepted in japan so it's possible he's been visiting soaplands and shit(derailing with tinfoil)

No. 313330

Provide proof and he didn't grow up in japan where that cheating mindset is taught to men. The milk isn't so stale you need to make shit up about joey and aki.

No. 313336

>where that cheating mindset is taught to men
I agree with the milk being spoiled but let's not give joey that much credit. There isn't a single weeb scrote alive that hasn't at least tried to get laid while in Japan. Sex tourism is multi-billion dollar industry and Japan is only behind the countries known for sick criminal shit (South America, middle east, SEA) or de facto legality (Spain). Knowing Agnes she probably signed off on it to be a "cool" gf/wife.(derailing)

No. 313363

this is gonna sound weird but what is preventing her from using the bathroom instead of holding in her pee

No. 313368

I'd guess walking around the city, might be an issue of using public bathrooms or even not wanting to get out of bed in the middle of the night if you need to pee. Even once or twice can cause a small infection which can spiral into more issues. What sucks is that to check they sometimes need to use a catheter which is extremely painful as they don't sedate you for it. That's how they get a clean sample for testing, not a urine cup. This is not a sex thing like anons are tinfoiling.

No. 313376

Japan has A TON of public bathrooms in their cities, though as any other public bathroom they are very hit or miss - some are surprisingly clean, others seriously nasty. So if she frequents areas where the bathrooms are disgusting more often than not then yeah, it's pretty understandable that she holds in her pee. So it could be a combination of that and not drinking water.

No. 313391

Not wanting to use Japanese bathrooms is valid, no hand towels, no tissue. I don't know why you're trying so hard to make this an issue. UTIs like this are common, but still suck. This isn't a germ issue. The bacteria growth was urine, not external sources. Can you watch the vids or something?

No. 313392

Anon, if you read my post again you'll see I was speaking in Aki's favor.