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File: 1605798595524.jpeg (106.44 KB, 827x971, 1600031494813.jpeg)

No. 121374

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she has focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant, eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers). Since then, Taylor has entered a narcissistic era, producing such high quality content as:
* How I Became the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
* Hong Kong Fortune Tellers Criticized My Face
* I Let A Top Hair Salon in Korea Do Whatever They Wanted to My Hair [barely true]
* I Let A Top Manicurist in Japan Do Whatever She Wanted to My Nails [not true; also lol it’s Dakota’s favorite mani person]
* Stuck at Home and Stuck in Life [in my HK customized house that cost millions]
* Surprising Husband with an Outfit from When We First Met
* What I Eat in a Day [flaunting her bones]
* My Husband Picks My Outfits for a Week
* I Ate Only Pumpkin Foods For A Day

Her newly minted husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s and a diamond wedding band with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!) and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to monetize Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her. Tom has denied any responsibility for Menclub’s content and continues to employ the perverted author of all the underage model features. The perv continues to comment on underage girls’ bodies and gets paid to do so.

It seems that most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for Beauty Exchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (He finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor has started her own business, TOAT, which is a complete rip-off of Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop website, right down to the code, which her web designer copied and pasted from goop. TOAT is meant to be a lifestyle website, but is rarely if ever updated with articles; those that exist are practically useless. The real purpose of TOAT is to sell overpriced basic clothes with a huge mark-up for shipping and give Taylor the opportunity to be a model without actually having to have clients book her. It helps her get endless PR packages with products she’ll barely use, too! Taylor refuses to discuss whether the cheap-looking products sold on TOAT are made ethically or where they come from. Among her eternally sold-out products are a number of knock-offs, the most notable being the bee earrings sold by TOAT (rip-offs of Chanel’s bee earrings). Interestingly, TOAT is now the owner of the domain menclub.hk, and it seems Tom’s employees are listed as employees at TOAT. Yet there’s zero evidence of TOAT being registered as a valid company in HK or in Canada. Hopefully this will be explained in the future!

Taylor still manages to be relatable after giving up modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom.

She got IVF during a pandemic despite barely trying to conceive naturally, and after an embryo stayed in her for 2 weeks before jumping ship, she and Tom decided to “take a break” from IVF. Anything that happens in her life (such as an ovarian cyst, Covid19, her assistant leaving to do more worthwhile work, or a 2-week old clump of cells exiting her uterus) is immediately used and milked for views from her teenaged followers and brainless stans, whom she brainwashes with her unique blend of stupidity, pseudoscience, and defenses of her (and her husband's) moral failings.

Beware the white knights and stans in Taylor’s thread. Focus on the milk and ignore the filler, farmers.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/

Old links (no longer updated):

No. 121378

Tom's disembodied head just floating in the thread pic is fucking terrifying

No. 121380

Ew toms eyes are fucking creepy where is this from? I can’t remember him looking once straight into the lens lmao

No. 121383

File: 1605801949492.jpg (144.57 KB, 1080x1080, 122030056_742088436347041_5558…)

I wanted to make a better thread pic but I'm recovering from an injury and could only stand so much Taytay on my screen, even with painkillers.

Tom's face is from the attached pic. Taylor posted it on IG in this group of pictures https://www.instagram.com/p/CGllRtBHem9/

No. 121427

File: 1605825624078.jpg (37.88 KB, 680x877, 50f09aaaf5e051f06eabd2503bfdfa…)

No. 121443

I didn't know about this one, kinda hilarious

>Taylor has started her own business, TOAT, which is a complete rip-off of Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop website, right down to the code, which her web designer copied and pasted from goop.

No. 121458

I'm about to sleep now, but yeah I forgot to post the proof of that. I'll do it in the morning.

No. 121540

So I was looking for some evidence of TOAT's registration as a legal business. I fully understand that maybe my lack of Cantonese means I won't find it, even though HK has a central register of businesses in English and Cantonese. Regardless, I had hoped to find some kind of registration number or proof for its legal operations.

While looking for that, I noticed that the google result for "toat" company "hong kong" looked pretty strange:
Style – toat
toat.com › blogs › style
2020 toat. goop ®. Company. About · Terms of service · Privacy Policy · Contact Us … By clicking "submit," you agree to receive emails from Toat and accept our …

What was "goop" doing in there?

I checked TOAT's code using a publicly available website (urlscan.io):

There are multiple references to goop in the code of the website, indicating that someone just ripped it off their site and forgot to change all the references to it. Even the alt text refers to goop.

<div class="footer__logo–wrapper"><img class="footer__logo–goop-logo__2LWvr" src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0253/7157/4375/files/toat_logo_wht_1000x.png?v=1566468670" alt="goop"><span class="footer__logo–symbol__3Qw2l">:registered:</span>
<div class="footer__sections__1hdXd">
<div class="footer__section__260NW footer__section–company">
<button class="footer__section-header__ovrYO" data-slug="company">Company</button>
<ul class="footer__section-links__2LOtr">
<li class="footer__link-wrapper__3GnOk"><a title="About toat" class="footer__link__fiP5Z" href="/pages/about"><span class="footer__link-text__31t6J">About</span></a></li>
<li class="footer__link-wrapper__3GnOk"><a title="goop Giving" class="footer__link__fiP5Z" href="/pages/terms-of-service"><span class="footer__link-text__31t6J">Terms of service</span></a></li>

The title "goop Giving" in the footer (above, final section) refers to this part of goop's website: https://goop.com/goop-giving/

stans can save their "detective-chan" insults. This took 10m, tops, and I sat on it for weeks. It's funny though. I suppose Taylor told her web designer to copy goop, more or less. Why else would someone spontaneously do such a thing?

No. 121558

Kek all that money and they hire a web designer who just steals code from GOOP.
I’m starting to question just how much money Tom makes and whether the website stuff is just a front.
Only a tinfoil speculation of mine though.

No. 121559

Lord, does she believe in Goops bs too? People keep saying she's skin walking XYZ person, but I literally think she's trying to be the next Gwyneth Paltrow. She's been dipping her toes and testing the waters with some already stupid opinions.

Also, did Taylor really deny association with Mensclub despite her earlier years promoting it?

No. 121601

I think you are all overthinking the goop thing. Plenty of clients come along asking for websites that look like whatever already existing famous person website. If the developer is lazy or has an unreasonable time frame to finish the project, they just copy code.

No. 121615

Still pretty funny that she blatantly said "I want it like Goop please" and the developer copy-pasted the whole code.

No. 121652

How much elements are copied though? I heard that source code is copyrighted and you can get in trouble for blatantly taking it. It's quite dangerous to steal from a wealthier celebrity who has no problem to involve their lawyers in order to protect their brand.

No. 121660

I guess. Fill-a-thread funny? Not really.

No. 121670

NTA, but how has it "filled" the thread?

No. 121678

yes and yes.

No. 121705

I didn't have the patience to look through everything. Ay the very least, the style of the footer and "wrapper" is taken from goop. If you poke around with google, you can also find her web developer having trouble with the menus and posting on a message board for help with them. The same goop artifacts are in the snippet of code he posted.

But do I think the entire toat site is full of references to goop? Probably not. I think some got changed but he just forgot to change them all.

It's funny that Taylor's obvious attempt to copy goop is reflected in the code of her website. Note that in her entire grrrrlboss spiel about setting up her business all by herself, she never mentions the employees, space, money, and connections given to her by her husband + the fact that her entire idea is a younger version of goop. Of all the inspirations she mentions for her business, goop is conspicuously missing.

When Taylor is actively skinwalking or ripping off other source material, she never mentions the actual source. When she copied Popsugar's unicorn ice cream video, she claimed she hadn't even seen it & had been inspired by other sources. She was very defensive and nasty despite having copied practically every aspect of the video.

Taylor's video http://www.bilibili.com/video/av9953526/

Popsugar's video is embedded.

No. 121706

It’s the same anon that filled the last thread with sperg about how shit the thread is and how insane the posters are

No. 121711

Nice aluminum hat you’ve got on there. No. Just thought seven posts about goop was a lame way to start off a new thread. Also, in case you haven’t guessed it yourself yet, I have a feeling there are plenty of anons who pop by this thread to tell you it sucks and you’re insane, so. Sorry to tell you.

No. 121714

Do you walk up to groups of people on the street irl and tell them their conversation is lame and unfunny too? Because damn i didn't know all the topics discussed online needed to please you and the Taytortotsquadfam.

No. 121746

Interesting how all the minimods in this thread trying to control the conversation mostly only appeared when their last place to lovesperg about Taylor got shut down (PULL)

No. 121748

Samefag, PULLtards were also infamous for nitpicking other people's posts so only The One Opinion about their favorite cow can exist. It was all just infighting and nitpicking lines in each other's posts.
Surveying the last thread wow kinda looks damning

No. 121757

Header took me out funny as hell. Is Tay still masquerading as a girl boss?

No. 121785

TOAT isn't their competition and will be ignored by Goop but it's a telling find. Tom's company can't afford to hire real developers to make websites, when the one thing his company made was websites.

>anons pop by

Literally nobody does this on any thread here until recently. If you have nothing to post about the cow, just don't post and learn to integrate.

No. 122436

File: 1606317062962.jpg (52.95 KB, 474x905, taytay.JPG)

What is this look called?(not milk)

No. 122437

Nta but I pop into this and the Venus thread just to observe the infighting now and again.

I'm not sure, but it screams Jeff Goldblum to me.

No. 122446

This post is a wonderful example of proof that this thread is overrun by autistic nitpickers from PULL

No. 122447

Idk but looking at it made me think of a comment that an anon posted in the fashion thread a while ago lmao
>this looks like what the homeless men who heckle me on my walk to work wear

No. 122452

I think it's cute. Does that make me a tay tay stan autists?

No. 122466

Nah, I genuinely like her outfits and sense of style, and I hardly pay attention to or care about her. Anons here just want to trash talk and get angry if anyone implies anything positive

No. 122489

She has a mix of fashionable japanese office style with just basic american white girl. She can get decent looks when shes not trying too hard but otherwise its just meh

No. 122490

The question is: why would you go to lolcow to anonymously compliment her outfit, when you can just hit up her Instagram comments. This isn't a fansite.

No. 122495

True. I'm surprised we don't have a kozykitsune thread since the pulltards already pollute Taylors' with autistic non-milky shit.

No. 122519

Pulltards think that this place exists to compliment or defend cows, which causes infighting.

I miss the good times on this thread. Like when Kaka posts were tagged and when Taylor's old af husband funding her life was exposed.

No. 122536

They could probably move this discussion to OT and talk about Tay's fashion in some sort of fashion thread. It's convo's like above why I believe this thread should have been autosaged. However, I don't mind the discussion of her website and it's odd choices to source from. To me, it proves she's still a goop consumer and takes inspo from them. Give it 10 years before she starts posting yaya articles about vagina healing crystals.

No. 122544

Here's a nice example of stupidity.

Cellulite is natural! Try to accept your body! But here's how to reduce the appearance of cellulite… the mixed messages make my head hurt.

This article is also a mix of stuff repasted from other places. I guess we can't expect anything more from her… but you know, what about Taylor's own cellulite? We'll never see or hear about that.

No. 122545

samefag but it's just the same people overreacting to someone asking what Taylor's look there is called. idk if anon was being sarcastic or not.

Those of us who are here for the interesting lulz and drama need to ignore these WK and hidden shit-up-the-thread posters. It's all intended to make the thread unreadable. Sad, I can't imagine getting irate because someone doesn't like another woman's clothes. And honestly, when Dakota would post her hideous outfits back in the day, we had a lot of fun laughing at her ugly boots and ill-fitting taobao dresses. It's not milk but it was funny.

No. 122561

File: 1606416359135.png (3.94 MB, 1792x828, 2F9D6ECA-0528-412A-8C22-0FDD74…)

Is Taylor well known as an influencer in Hong Kong? Seeing as she got a benefit cosmetics ad spot she showed in her latest video for a few seconds, as if to remind us she’s still relevant as a model.

No. 122568

It's 4 days till possible Vlogmas. How do you guys think will she make it to Canada? I know that most of flights are banned, but some still work, so idk about that.

No. 122574

She probably won’t, though who knows. Is she even doing vlogmas this year?

No. 122579

I can't see her going to Canada, it seems like she's just in Hong Kong forever now. She is too reliant on Tom to push back on whatever he wants imo.

No. 122627

Tom owns beautyexchange, pays a team to run marketing for her behind the scenes, pays for her agency "managers" and upkeep.

She's a great person to use because she and Tom spend cash in various ways to make whatever she's doing seem a success or relevant.

No. 122691

She has 4ook on IG and 1mil on Youtube, so honestly, they probably reached out to her as they do with many influencers. A lot of her more successful modelling gigs were before meeting Tom. However, Tom for sure carried her during her living doll time and onwards.

No. 123138

File: 1606632875650.png (1.3 MB, 1434x1336, 7864.png)

Everytime she gets her fillers redone she looks different. This time her upper lip is sticking out too much in an unflattering way. She must go to different places to get it done since if you went to the same…idk what to call them, beauty therapist? every time surely they'd remember what your look is and try to recreate it more consistently.

No. 123139

File: 1606632901557.png (1.88 MB, 1440x1317, 7863.png)

No. 123353

Honestly I'm not really seeing it. I think it just looks like it's protruding because she overlines her top lip so much it looks like she has a cleft lip

No. 123390

Note to stans: this is a saged question and not meant to offend.

Does anyone else feel like Taylor's hair always looks kind of unwashed or unhealthy now? I noticed it in her lookbook video (where it looked really greasy) and now it just kind of looks like she doesn't put much effort into it, or she's using bad products for her hair. It's always limply hanging or in this state that looks like she slept on it. It was kind of distracting when she was modeling the luxury dresses and hanging out at the mandarin oriental.

Or is this some kind of optical illusion because of the ashy color? Or a trend?

God I can't believe I'm scared to even ask about this because of the people who guard this thread. But I'm curious.

No. 123396

Blonde hair tends to look less greasy than darker shades. She probably also doesn't wash it every day and if she's using products in it it's likely built up. If I recall correctly, she's trying to go natural with her hair. I got a pretty good kek out of her trying the curly girl method on her hair. (pretty sure the curly girl method would make naturally straight hair look dirty as its meant to tidy up curls)

I use to be jelly of her old hair, but keep in mind she did a lot to her old videos to make her hair look "sparkly and healthy".

No. 123397

File: 1606751381547.jpg (114.3 KB, 1318x805, Annotation 2020-11-30 173824.j…)

Old milk, but I just realized Taylor has the same engagement ring and wedding band as Valeria Lipovetsky. We already know she's been copying her for a while but damn..

No. 123406

File: 1606757356916.jpg (20.87 KB, 255x383, Single_white_female_poster.jpg)

Yikes, those are super personal things to even consider copying. This some single white female shit.

She should get an award for being the most expensive skinwalker on the board, she's almost as thorough as Emalee kek

No. 123425

ok this is actually pretty creepy

No. 123429

File: 1606763983480.jpeg (111.39 KB, 828x773, 53F58B8E-C091-4F21-BA0C-61DFA0…)

Nta, quick google search an… yep wow that’s sick actually

No. 123435

I wonder if she asked Tom for this ring, specifically?? Maybe I'm just naive but I assumed his proposal was not something they both planned lol

No. 123446

Imagine asking your boyfriend to not give you an unique set of rings but a paste and copy of someone elses. So how long has this skinwalking been going on then? Two-three years now. Ish….

No. 123448

That was my thought exactly. So she asked for it?? How awkward is this i mean… wasn’t it also insanely expensive? (Not that they’re poor)

No. 123461

Not to be nitpicky, but Taylor's ring is heart shaped diamonds and Valeria's is just round.

No. 123501


Aren't they both just…super basic? A solitaire and an eternity band?

No. 123507

Literally the most basic Tiffany rings bought in the most expensive diamonds.

No. 123510

yeah, this ring stuff isn't very interesting. These are common styles and a lot of rich women wear these ostentatious settings together.

iirc, she kind of showed him what she liked for engagement rings at Tiffany's once, and then he went back and bought the one with the biggest rock. She chose her own heart-shaped diamond eternity band.

It always struck me as weird that she pretended not to want to spend money on a wedding, but she's wearing the cost of a wedding (and much more) on her finger. A wedding is a headache, sure, but it's also something people can enjoy attending. You're throwing a party with and kind of for your friends and family. I see no need to do this if you don't want to, but when Taylor made it about money, I had to roll my eyes. She could have thrown a couple small parties for people to celebrate with her - I think it would have meant a lot to her family especially! She didn't want to, fine. The decision should be respected. But then don't talk to us about hOw MuCh A wEdDiNg CoStS while waving your giant diamonds in front of the camera.

I felt like the tension and fighting she alluded to before her wedding shower in Canada might have had something to do with all of that. She didn't throw any party celebrating her own wedding so her family felt obliged to organize something during the short time they were in town for the holidays. Yeah, it's a reach, but I was surprised that she didn't handle that more graciously. Or at the very least, don't have a fucking wedding shower when you buy everything you want 24/7. Book a room at a restaurant, treat your family to a meal, toast the union, ask for donations to an animal shelter in lieu of (expensive) gifts. That would have made a lot more sense than forcing your family to figure out how to honor your marriage. People like rituals, and it was clear her family just wanted to have some ritual to mark Taylor's marriage. On a brighter note, a shower was a good way to get Tom out of the spotlight…can't remember if he was there or not but showers are usually completely focused on the bride. bet that made the day a little brighter for some people.

Meanwhile, they have two luxury places to live, one of which seems to just sit empty.

No. 123522

You're probably going to get demolished by pulltards but really every public step of her life seems like it could have benefited from the slightest bit of critical thinking. She doesn't need a personal assistant for a lot of reasons, but she's definitely not open to outside advice if at the end of the day she wants to secure the bag at all costs. It would serve her image better to be a silent trophy wife acceptor of gifts who might promo your charity for a month along side luxury makeup. But she has to squeeze out as many broke bucks as she can with her "fashion line." Yasss boss girlbitch get moneyyyy

No. 123523

As shallow as it is I watched her years ago specifically for her hair videos. It’s pretty obvious she cared a lot more back then, her hair has been a mess ever since she decided against the platinum Bob

No. 123545

They're definitely renting out the one in Canada, hence why they never visit despite having the money and time to do so.

No. 123583

read the news. there's a global pandemic going on. that's why they aren't going there.

No. 123595

File: 1606827561805.png (768.07 KB, 828x1792, D952C972-C3A3-450B-B8E3-832DE9…)

I was checking her YouTube follower count because I wanted to see how many she gained after hitting a million and…. does that mean she didn’t gsin ANY new followers recently?

No. 123596

File: 1606827600986.png (679.6 KB, 828x1792, DFE3D614-676F-421E-8CAF-FBFA72…)

Samefag. She reached a Million subs in march 2019 jeez

No. 123600

>>123595 social blade doesn't update daily anymore

No. 123617

old milk but for some reason the way she got married didn't sit right with me at all. You could tell she was excited for a big white wedding then suddenly its a pink zara suit with an ipad and skype set up for her family.
You can tell how much of a huge family person she is so i was shocked when she didn't plan for them to even be present as witnesses, even if it was just one parent or something. The whole thing was so rushed, makes me tinfoil as of why.

No. 123637

I know what you mean. And it’s so weird she did this “trying on wedding dresses” video (or was it more than one) and everyone thought she gets a Vera Wang but BAM ~we eloped teehee~

No. 123659

She's the queen of hyping up things that aren't true.

No. 123708

I think Tom was paying for small numbers of subs to be added until she hit 1mil, then he probably stopped since she was happy with that milestone.

No. 123750

I think it was basically Tom's idea, because he was supposed to pay for Vera Wang dress and stuff, yet he decided to buy another apartment in Canada. She's basically tied to do what he decides. Remember the hoodie situation - I guess it was him who insisted on selling it.

No. 123753

File: 1606915495112.jpeg (83.15 KB, 828x972, 9107BFD0-2F4E-4B4C-9444-741C01…)

Omg anonI just remembered that fiasco with the Vetements Sweater it was such a weird story. Why did she buy it and that whole selling aftermath was so messy and weird. It was obvious he put his foot down and told her to get rid of it…

Bonus pic bc he’s so nasty

No. 123755

Kek this looks like a still from some grainy found footage horror film

No. 123761

It was so dumb. They’re rich, can afford 2 homes, can hire home decorators, vacation travels and stays at luxury hotels etc etc, but God forbid she buys a hoodie and they started acting like they’ll have to eat cup noodles for the next decade. I know she said previously that Tom isn’t into fashion and doesn’t own much clothes but she had a vlog where he was holding a Gucci shopping bag. Taylor mostly buys clothing from H&M and Zara. I don’t see why she couldn’t have kept the hoodie if it made her feel happy.

No. 123791

It was a copy of Shane's video. The thumbnails were copied from him when he sold his underwear on Ebay. She said herself she had buyers remorse, I doubt it was Tom making her sell it but it just made a better story "My husband makes me sell my $1000 hoodie cause we can't afford it" than say "It's just for views".

No. 123935

what if toms the one obsessed with valeria and thats why taylor tries to act like her? she has that angelical nymphet look going on even after popping babies, maybe shes his ideal wifey

No. 123943

He is so ugly.

No. 123948

how can she touch that

No. 124000


Her family must hate him though right? She's from a decent background, presumably privately educated and at age 31 is cosplaying as a teenage sugarbaby, flashing his cash and dancing around on youtube like an idiot. She blatantly has to ask his permission to make purchases like a sweater, it's infantilising. No parent would hope for this life for their adult child. I'd put money on them refusing to attend and obviously that would ruin the youtube fairytale.

No. 124030

File: 1607006202579.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20201203-153141.png)

you're kidding, right? most families would just like that Taylor gets money from Tom. People are horrible.

Her videos are borderline retarded.

No. 124036

i wonder if it's because she doesn't have any real friends? and their family is so split, so like who would she invite? she definitely cares about how people perceive her so i 100% bet she wanted a real wedding.

No. 124042

Redoing what exactly their looks?? Imo it wasn’t worth repeating that

No. 124048

People are not horrible, they just wish their kids to be safe financially.

No. 124066

Taylor is also pretty stupid so at least she has a financial safety net. It's not the worst match in the world. But I kind of think she's been dating for money for awhile. Her last bf was a rich banker.

No. 124107

She's your stereotypical gold digger. Too lazy to achieve anything else in life, so had her family pay her way into modelling in Asia. She's been chasing money, fame and vanity since day one. Don't surprise me that she's only dated men with money and flunked out of college twice.

No. 124138

Tom liked her loli phase and tbh I miss that phase because she had some cute stuff, all in the trash now though.

She's middle class and her family gave her everything she needs, fairly normalfag until the weeb phase. She didn't go to private school or university, nor had the right social network to move up in life though. Being white in asia was her ticket.

No. 124156

>Being white in asia was her ticket.
white AND blonde

No. 124187

I miss her princess tay phase so much, I give a shit if she was lying about her life but it was so much more interesting and cute

No. 124218

Honestly, my fav phase of her is before wedding/just married part. Not really a fan of her prev videos, and what about recent ones, I can't shake off the feeling that she feels lonely with her husband.

No. 124222

She never planned to be w/ him like this. She thought she would have one or two kids by now and would have to be scared of him leaving him as her looks are fading/changing. You saw how after her miscarriage she suddenly lost like 10 lb? ">If wife not preganante wife must be skinniii!<" It's all business for both of them.

No. 124237

I have the same impression of her being lonely. She only has Jessica as a friend right? Is she actually still in contact with Sharla or did they stop exchanging gifts and shit?

No. 124243

Has Tom been married before? Don't HK people like him usually have lavish weddings where they invite coworkers, partners/bosses and important business contacts, and use it as an opportunity to network or give thanks, unless it's not their first marriage?

No. 124347

>I give a shit if she was lying about her life but it was so much more interesting and cute
She's still lying about many aspects of her life, just less so, and without a cutesy image.

No. 124348

That was my point. I don’t care about her lying when it’s entertaining

No. 124626

The most recent video almost feels like a response to the criticism that happens in this thread about her only following trends. In summary, she denies following trends, complains about a vest (not the same one anons were complaining about though) and says she mostly prefers neutral colors and simple styles.

No. 124766


I watched it on bilibili. It's hilarious how she thinks the current minimalistic/normie trend is actually "her style." It's a trend, Taylor.

"I don't really follow trends"
makes every other video about some trend

I saw that little subtitle about how 90% of the clothes she wears for jobs aren't hers. It reminded me of that anon who posted in the last thread, declaring that Taylor is some all-important influencer who gets given things to wear left and right:

Since you read here, Taylor, we know your modeling clothes - the rare times you actually model - usually are not your own. But your haul videos and lookbooks and the clothes you wear to events like the Chanel party? All the useless clothes you bought to make retro Tiktok videos? Those were clothes you bought. No one gave them to you and you didn't rent them! Nobody thinks you got to keep the fancy dresses from your Mandarin Oriental ad, ok? We do see how many PR packages you get, congrats on having some agency finagle you endless free stuff for doing next to nothing. It's a real accomplishment!

How many vlogs did Taylor shoot where she was shopping for an outfit for an event?! It used to be all the time - and we saw her make the purchases. For some reason she doesn't want to own up to her wasteful shopping addiction. Better to come clean, I think, and stop buying fast fashion. No mention of TOAT clothes in this video, kind of surprising but she's abandoning her fake business anyway, it seems.

No. 124774

even their stupid step-ladder has to be stylish and sleek wtf

No. 124798

Has she ever revealed or introduced her new assistant?

No. 124834

Her face on the top left is horrifying. She needs to go to someone else for fillers.

No. 125120

Her family home looks pretty big from what has been shown of it, didn’t her grandfather do something that made their family wealthy if not straight-up RICH rich?

I’m not even saying this in defense of her lifestyle or choices because I think she was incredibly impulsive and naïve, but is it really milk for an aspiring model to follow trends and try to marry into wealth?

I don’t think she could be called a career model though, especially when she said she would turn down jobs if she couldn’t have her circle lenses in and her appearance how she wanted it to be. I wonder if she was chasing another bag at that time, or was already spotted by Tom?

No. 125159

She was already living with Tom by then.

No. 125173

No, she hasn't

No. 125174

I agree, her face is starting to look pear shaped from all the cheek fillers, she really should dissolve some of them

No. 125310

Did she really say she turned down "jobs"? Maybe what she meant was opportunities to audition? Because modeling auditions in Japan don't usually allow you to wear circle lenses, so she would've been asked to leave or told to remove her contacts before even auditioning.

But do you really think she would turn down bragging rights and good vlogging material over circle lenses? That sounds more like an excuse for her lack of modeling work in Japan. Remember her agent even admitted Taylor's looks weren't "in" and said she was sorry that Taylor couldn't really make it in Japan unlike in HK. That sounds more like she wasn't able to get the work, not that she was turning down offers.

No. 125327

She starts talking about it around 4:40, the entire video is an interesting watch though

She said she would say no if she wasn’t allowed circle lenses or dolly makeup and it lost her a lot of clients.

No. 125344

To turn down so many opportunities is just dumb and privileged behavior. I wonder where she could’ve went by now if she really did all those jobs. She clearly didn’t need the money

No. 125358

Anon…it was fucking up her eyes. wealthy or not it would be fucking stupid to not turn them down and risk your sight.

No. 125362

huh? she turned the jobs down specifically if she wasn't allowed to wear giant lenses. She was the one fucking up her eyesight while simultaneously losing job opportunities.

also she was the idiot for not choosing to wear prescription lenses. They make circle lenses for astigmatism but she chose lenses purely for aesthetics.

regardless i hate this video bc that thumbnail is not her eye. Circle lenses are not that unsafe if you don't do stupid things like Taylor did.

No. 125383

Right, so if she had not been turning down jobs to wear the damaging lenses, she would have worked more jobs and hurt her eyes less.

No. 125387

But that wasn't her goal. She still did jobs with circle lenses and wore them every day. Your logic makes no sense.

No. 125421

Parents are divorced, both live well outside of Toronto in an area where all houses are large and more affordable than if they were in the city proper. The family is typical middle class and father has a car dealership.

>She clearly didn't need the money

She was funded by Tom by then. The apartment, her fillers, her ridiculous room and spending on loli everything plus entry-level luxury purses were something she never had before him.

No. 125424

Are these entry-level tho?

No. 125437

Where does she live then, Vaughn? York Region? I live in Toronto and even thought the prices are literally blasted through any thought of even entertaining owning a house I gotta say it still looked impressive.

Middle class/Upper middle class families I see out of Toronto have a home like those cookie-cutter detached townhouses you can see Canada’s Wonderland from.

Not saying anything is wrong though anon, just has always made me curious as a t’rono fag.

Also, with the way her sisters look and the weddings thrown, I figured they were all just aiming to marry into money. Her brother looks like a bum during Christmas vlogs, but he might have a good job despite feeling no reason to dress out of lounge clothes for Taylor’s vids.


I saw an anon mention here that Tom and her married faster than I’m sure she planned had aimed to for more of a Chinese luck myth, since someone in Tom’s family had passed away?

I wonder if she expected to get married in France, and Tom’s family and hers would be flying there (Except the ones who live there already). It’d be kind of funny if she actually had a real wedding, separate from the Skype and Zara suit one. Unless her own grandfather was already sick so she had to move quickly, I can’t remember when he passed away.

On the other hand, maybe she compromised having a small and simple wedding so the expenses it would have used to throw an elaborate one would be put into getting an apartment in Toronto.

No. 125553

>On the other hand, maybe she compromised having a small and simple wedding so the expenses it would have used to throw an elaborate one would be put into getting an apartment in Toronto.

Pretty sure she says this in one of her videos, she put the expenses towards "building her future" or similar words. She has documented so much of her life online, I don't think spending so much to create and document one special day is so much of a need for Taylor when she has many special days all well-documented. It's more for normal folk who rarely get to dress up/take photos/be celebrated. Being a fashion vlogger means she does that all the time anyway.

No. 125569

>Where does she live then, Vaughn? York Region?
She grew up in Grimsby, but the condo she owns is in downtown Toronto, in an expensive part of the city. I'm not that knowledgeable about Toronto, but I've been there for a conference. She vlogged her drive back to the condo, and I recognized the area immediately - it's near the big conference hotels by City Hall.

I don't know if her family still lives in Grimsby or not, but they have massive McMansions.

>Her brother looks like a bum during Christmas vlogs, but he might have a good job despite feeling no reason to dress out of lounge clothes for Taylor’s vids.

Her brother has also modeled and plays/played hockey (not sure if for money or not, don't care enough to find out). He seems to be in the car business as well.

>I saw an anon mention here that Tom and her married faster than I’m sure she planned had aimed to for more of a Chinese luck myth, since someone in Tom’s family had passed away?

Nah, his parents had already passed and it didn't sound recent. Most likely is that they had a shotgun wedding so they could buy that condo more easily. There's a lot of hassle when you are purchasing a place and your finances are investigated. Taylor didn't have enough to buy it herself so she needed to be legally married to Tom so he could purchase it. There's all these new restrictions about foreigners (esp. from China/HK) buying real estate in Canada. I'll leave it to the Cananons to tell me if I'm wrong about that, but that definitely seemed like the motivation for the wedding.

>I wonder if she expected to get married in France, and Tom’s family and hers would be flying there (Except the ones who live there already). It’d be kind of funny if she actually had a real wedding, separate from the Skype and Zara suit one. Unless her own grandfather was already sick so she had to move quickly, I can’t remember when he passed away.

Her grandfather died - in her own words - "suddenly and unexpectedly" and I don't think there was known illness. Just one of those things that happens to old people - idk if it was a heart attack or blood clot or what.

I hate to say this, but I'm kind of scared of what will happen if Taylor is still a semi-active youtuber when her Nana passes away. We never heard much at all about her grandfather and then it was this giant thing that made her unable to work for months. Her Nana seems to have a more central role in her life.

That said, I hope she doesn't continue to milk the natural deaths of old people when so many are losing parents and siblings prematurely these days. Yes, it's sad when someone dies. it's horrible. But there's a clear difference between someone who has lived a long, full life… someone who is 75+… vs. losing a close family member under the age of 70, imho.

No. 125574

I don't know what she has now but during peak loli phase, Tom would buy her a bag for each trip or photoshoot. She had an LV speedy, a few Chanel bags, and a lady Dior that she used on the tv show where she wore pink.

The condo isn't near Cityhall nor any conference hotspots. It's in the king west area where tons of cheap condos went up and tatty office buildings converted to condos. They paid a premium for what they got, as it's not central nor luxury being a Thompson hotel residence. The configuration is such that everyone can look at you through the windows from every angle.

Like you said, they likely got married on paper to secure the investment property in Canada and paid the premium because they were desperate to close and have a place to stay during the months they were visiting.

No. 125579

oh ok, maybe I was just mislead by the route they took there. I thought it was near Queen St

No. 125582

>Her grandfather died - in her own words - "suddenly and unexpectedly" and I don't think there was known illness

Idk which vlog it was in but he had been sick for a while, and was on an oxygen machine at night at home. She talks about it a bit in one vlog (maybe the one where she reads her old modeling diary)

No. 125612

TY. Yeah, I would take whatever she says with a grain of salt. She wouldn't have been allowed to audition with circles lenses in the first place, so what she most likely turned down if anything were auditions.

Her agent also said clients were more interested in mixed/half Japanese for TV commercials (the kind of work Taylor wanted) and lack of Japanese skills were also a big problem.

She had a whole PR team helping her while she was in Japan and still didn't make it, so it was never going to happen for her at least as a model or TV figure. But she had all the tools and money and could've been more successful on youtube had she put in the effort.

No. 125779

In the first 30s she said it was sudden and unexpected. If it had been a longer illness, I'd think she certainly would have been there during his last moments. But whatever it was, it happened so fast that she couldn't get there before they switched off the life support. (She was with her family on skype when they did that.)

I don't really feel like going through all these voyeuristic videos of her crying and stuff to find out what exactly it was, so I'll take the risk that I might be wrong. But everything about the situation aligns with "sudden and unexpected," i.e. not something that would prompt Tom & Taylor to have a shotgun wedding that no one could attend in person anyway. If you get married because someone in your family might die soon, generally it is to share the celebration (in person) with that relative, I think. I don't even remember if her grandparents were digitally present at the wedding. I hope they were though.

No. 125805

my tinfoil hat theory is they rushed to get married, so that yeah, they could buy the toronto property. taylor didn't mind because she doesn't actually want to stay with tom. they'll get divorced and she'll get to keep the toronto property

No. 125808

I don't see either of them wanting to divorce. I bet she's been busy working on Tom to get her a bag from Hermes just like Valeria.

No. 125812

Late but whatever

Correct my if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure they weren't going there before the pandemic hit.

In a video from two weeks ago Taylor says they're trying to save money so anon's theory they're renting it out seems plausible to me.

No. 125844

they were there for Christmas, and covid was already starting in HK in February. If I were her, I would not want to risk flying or getting trapped in Canada during a pandemic if my and my husband's main home/business is in HK. Not going to Canada is surely because of this. She mentioned earlier she had planned for them to spend a month or two there over the holidays, but covid happened.

No. 125979

Am I the only one who thinks Taylor actually likes Tom? In videos she's often making effort to get his attention, joke around with him or tries to be affectionate. It's him who always reacts in the most dry, passive and/or reluctant way possible. Which I get because she often behaves retarded and childlike, but still. She seems to make effort towards him, at least on video.

No. 126010

File: 1608031315241.jpg (165.68 KB, 1033x1280, IMG_20201215_122052_929.jpg)

not milk, but for posterity

No. 126025

File: 1608039613891.png (3.93 MB, 828x1792, 151B30B1-8133-4B05-92FE-9B26D8…)

It was Taylors birthday and this was her cake… apparently Taylor Swift inspired by the same bakery where Toms cake was from

No. 126033

The Rosie detail is cute

No. 126046

File: 1608047210611.jpg (299.54 KB, 1080x1548, 20201215_104558.jpg)

She looks so strange in this video. Doesn't even look like her.

No. 126047

She looks so botched

No. 126048

Your post plus the cake itself had me checking it three times before I got it
>It's Taylor Rs
>Tiny Rosie dog
>But also a blonde girl behind a piano because Taylor Swift even though we have never seen Taylor R make music

I'm assuming Taylor R has no kind of musical talent because she has the right kind of image and fanbase to make/sell music to imo. We've heard her offtune sped up singing, and she had a crisis when she had to do some singing as part of a promo. Anyway, an unusual choice for a cake design for a non-musical recipient.

No. 126049

Oh gosh sorry anon I had a lack of coffee. The cake was s gift by Tom the design is inspired by a picture of Taylor swift

No. 126052

File: 1608049960479.jpg (299.3 KB, 1439x1439, 76647812.jpg)

This hair from a recent IG post looks good ngl

Aha it's ok anon, I think even without the caption it was a confusing choice

No. 126068

File: 1608054326210.png (625.62 KB, 721x559, screencap.png)

I agree, her hair looks good but also good on her color and style-wise. The curls look very lively on her and flatter her face.

pic rel is a screenshot from her latest video. She looks really beautiful here, the make-up looks natural and healthy, the curls look so lively and beautiful around her face and that periwinkle color of her sweater looks gorgeous on her coloring.

She'd do herself a favor if she sticks to this type of make-up and hairstyle. It's much better than the rattails she used to do that don't flatter her face at all (or still does? not sure) and the harsh make-up she sometimes does.

No. 126097

File: 1608063541553.jpeg (221.92 KB, 1920x1080, A9E6C1C7-F3AE-431D-B050-E9BC23…)

This is infinitely better than the rat tails. She definitely benefits from it being shorter and more manageable; not sure if she’s just lazy with longer hair or it’s just too much work at this point, she has the time and money but never bothers unless it’s for a video.
Ironically given the birthday cake, I think something like pic related would suit her really well

No. 126302

new video

No. 126324

I thought it was kinda nice with a few tips here and there. Her house looks still like a factory after the deco

No. 126436

An other pulltard with no milk has to mention her dog like who cares

No. 126442

Nta but do you think your comment i any better?

No. 126444

i love how her husband never gives a fuck, like she tries so hard to include him in her videos, but he seems like he never understands her idiotic bullshit. he is just looking at her like what the fuck and then she zooms into his face like if it was funny or something but i genuinely think he doesn't give a shit about her stupid video ideas.

No. 126453

Anon this "cow" has been completely milk-free since mensclub happened two years ago. There's literally nothing milky about this woman and everything that ever was milky is old milk and has been discussed over and over again.

If you're here reading or contributing you're just as much as an offender as me mentioning a tiny detail is cute. Because nothing in this thread is milk. Nothing.

No. 126458

it's a pretty new thread, passionate anon.

>>121540 this was funny, and the records showing that TOAT registered menclub.hk were also interesting

No. 126473

>N-nothing is milk! If I want to talk about how cute her dog is or how beautiful, lively and expressive her hair looks lolcow.farm is absolutely the most appropriate website to do that on!!!

No. 126503

She’s right though

No. 126684

Is she a legitimate hoarder?

Over the years I feel like she has done a ton of Closet Clear Outs and gets rid of a ton of things, then gets rid of another truckload barely a year later?

Idk it's kind of embarrassing seeing how much she buys and then just throws away. Really tone deaf to film as well.

No. 126705

Hoarders don't throw stuff away, shopaholics do.

No. 126742

All the things she made in this video were very nice and even saleable. I feel like Tom doesn't encourage her creative side since the main reason he nabbed her is her love of shopping and presents (why make it when you could buy it?). But pretty sure she could make saleable things for TOAT if she wanted to.

No. 126743

Fair enough, I thought the same about the coasters, but why does anyone call her creative? Every DIY in this video was taken from someone/someplace else. (For example, the coasters are done with Lone Fox's instructions.) I've never seen her do anything original.

Is is being "creative" to just do DIY crafts? asking genuinely

No. 126757

With regard to menclub, there's no way Taylor was ignorant of what kind of site it was when she agreed to do an interview with them and be promoted on their social media.* I checked out MC's FB posts from 2012-2013 and they were much grosser than the current site is. Full of raunchy pics, sexual innuendos ("The weather is so…. wet today"). Some of the commenters were disgusted by how young the featured girls were. I screenshot some stuff, maybe will post it later.

Most of the article links from that time no longer work, so you have to play around with archive.org and wait forever for things to load. However, there's a pretty disgusting one from 2013 that literally advocates dating underage girls:
Some quotations:
"She is in her teens, youthful and full of energy. She unknowingly infects you and makes you feel very young. Getting along with her is very simple. All practical issues will be left behind without any constraints. The relationship is really built with pure feelings. It is very special and precious. It makes it easy for you to love her deeply. You have a wonderful feeling all the time, as if you are dreaming. You want to proudly tell everyone how happy you are, but at the same time, you are also paradoxically afraid of others' eyes and worried that people around you feel strange."

"For her, your role should not be just a lover, you should also be her brother or teacher, because if she can have someone by her side, she will not only share life with her, but also encourage her to grasp the progress and growth of this golden period."

Taylor chose to work with Menclub and got involved with Tom while things like this were being posted on their website.

*Taylor did a Christmas interview for them in Dec 2013. Proof:

No. 126771

It's more creative than most people who just buy. I am actually very artistic (without blogging) but I had a big mental block about actually making things. You kinda feel like the shop thing will be better. So most people aren't creative as in physically making items or art, because they are insecure. Taylor is confident making things and honestly it's a better purpose than dancing Tik Tok videos. Obviously she is not a master artist but ahe has a good finish quality and aesthetic skill.

No. 126772

Pretty gross ngl

No. 126871

Who the fuck cares? Why are you incapable of saging ancient nonmilk.This all came out more than a year ago. iirc the timeline went thusly,Taylor got contacted to work with Beauty Exchange blogging in 2012, got to know Tom, started dating him in fall of 2013 and then did work for Mensclub.And then the rest is history. Don't know why you are dragging it up now.

No. 126879

This. I'm sick of her fans coming in here to post compliments on whatever thing she bought lately while simultaneously trying to mod the threads whenever posts like >>126757 come up again.

Idk how anyone can notice her hair when her face is botched from fillers.

No. 126888

Tinfoil but I think she was probably dating some other guy at the same time, she has always been shifty about mentioning when exactly they started dating.

No. 126891

That's how most people in Asian countries are taught to act, especially men. He's accustomed to it, even if its his wife. Also he never seemed to be on the same energy boat as her. I highly doubt its that he doesn't care, but that's honestly how most asian guys act.

No. 126893

Calm down. Someone not agreeing she looks like shit 24/7 doesn't mean they are stans. It's the same for the Venus thread. Nitpick what you want, and other anons might not nitpick.

No. 126906

>other anons might not nitpick

This thread is not and lolcow has never been a fansite.

No. 126922

Doesn't make you a fan? Lol

No. 126928

>For her, your role should not be just a lover, you should also be her brother or teacher
Jesus this is super creepy

No. 126944

She was already being promoted by menclub's fb site on December 4, 2012. There is evidence she was being promoted by menclub throughout all of 2013 as well.

No. 126958

>You kinda feel like the shop thing will be better.
OT, but shop things are always better. You get to have a strong "persona" brand to make them feel as cool. Plus if making quality things takes some time (like making clothing) you're gonna get bored with the idea of item before it's even finished.

No. 127190

Asian men are raised to be disinterested? Or what did you mean by that?

No. 127198

NTA but I think it's possibly a cope whenever people see their favorite weeb with a disinterested partner. Like Rachel and Jun when Rachel says something sweet to him and he's like not looking up from phone "thanks."

It may be the case asian guys are more reserved (caucasianfag here) but if your partner is a white girl would you not adjust your behavior slightly to match her expectations?
I think Tom and Jun do like/love their partners but they definitely don't show it in the way a Western audience expects.

No. 127307

Mimei is pregnant. Wonder if this will affect her or if she and Sharla will send their congrats…

No. 127334

Such a fantastic time to be having a child.

No. 127807

Is there anyway to kick out those pulltard since pull is gone they are ruining lolcow why can’t they make an other pull somewhere else god dammit

No. 127809

Here we go again talking about their life and talking like it’s a fan website(quit your pull sperging)

No. 127950

File: 1608746223713.jpeg (224.56 KB, 828x1485, 0CE95993-78EB-49DA-A047-1BBD95…)

Now Valeria is copying Taylor or is that hairstyle so popular(not milk)

No. 127960

Skinwalking-ception. It's likely Valeria knows about Taylor, though hairstyle videos were not invented by either of them.

No. 128153


pure cringe. I know that videos themselves aren't usually milk, but this one… is. It's a love letter to herself and her money, presented as a vapid lookbook that is completely useless and out-of-touch for her followers. Who rents dresses to twirl around in at home? Who wears dirty boots inside their house?

No. 128195

To answer your last question, Americans.

No. 128219

she's canadian. do they do that too??

No. 128282

Taylor lives in a dreamworld, she gets off on sharing it with people who esnt to be her. That's why she does it, to show off and get attention.

No. 128300

The way Tom peels potatoes makes me cringe. Has he ever done any cooking or housekeeping before?

No. 128308

Her face looks soo bloated from the fillers

No. 128361

Given that he grew up dirt poor and helped his mom run her little food stand, I'm guessing that he has done both.

No. 128372

Yet he still can't peel potatoes right. Funny.

No. 128379

I'm surprised to see that she is still in contact with Sharla

No. 128395

it's so weird to know this about his history and yet see him wearing stupid designer t-shirts. How do you decide to spend your new money on something so retarded?

No. 128397

You summed it up perfectly Anon, it's so narcissistic and stupid. The outfits aren't even good.
Living such a boring and aimless life is one thing, but making a video that perfectly sums it up and broadcasting it to the world? Embarrassing.

No. 128401

the fringed sweats were the worst

No. 128403

This is the first time I've ever heard of this. When was this said? Because it's uh "interesting" that the rest of his family seems well off and living in France if they used to all be poor humble potato peelers.

No. 128716

Taylor is going to flip

No. 128745

sage your autism

No. 128749

Right? God forbid the Taylor thread not be front and center on the first page.

No. 128777

New money HKers grow out of dressing shit once they get more affluent people in their circle and want to fit in. Thing is this dude is old af and dressing like a student using parental funds.

He shared that story. Also wasn't he mixed heritage and the part of his family in France middle class or something?

No. 128849

does he look mixed to you?
i thought his sister just settled in france, maybe she married into money.

No. 128869

Taylor is so perfect, but why would she marry that guy?? Eeelgh!! Is there no hottie hitting on her?

No. 128893

Not milk. Sage.

No. 128980

Ohhh I get it it was some hearsay. The best thing about rich people is that they never lie about their circumstances and all think they were poor until they "worked hard", definitely harder than people in poverty who are too stupid to realize that working hard can make you rich!!

No. 129010

No. He wrote about it on his insta in response to a comment romanticizing the poverty in HK including within the walled city. And Taylor has brought it a up a few times in her videos. He didn't have a father and grew up very poor. His mother had some kind of food stand where she sold something with meat if I remember. At any rate they have both mentioned it before separately in passing and I'm pretty sure that articles about Tom's success also mention it although probably leaving out the single parent part given the stigma.

No. 129120

File: 1609217453812.jpg (82.08 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20201229_054104_803.jpg)

Tom himselfblikes to romanticize his poor upbringing (look at the comments on this post, he replies to a bunch of them saying they shouldn't view cage homes negatively, he was super happy to grow up poor - https://www.instagram.com/p/BxRXsnOlW-U/?igshid=wu3n5obm549j ).

He himself seems to do fuck-all for poor people in his own community, or at least, he and Taylor have posted maybe twice (period) about charity work - always asking their followers to donate, not showing their own work for charity.

Tom crawled to the top by exploiting overqualified women via Beauty Exchange (he bragged about paying them low salaries! >>113071) and then doing some seriously shady stuff via MenClub (picrel). Early Menclub was a cesspool. I never really believed in all the tinfoil about it being a front for escorting, but there is so much disturbing shit in their post history from 2012-2014 that I don't know what to think anymore.

But hey, I guess those other lazy but totally happy poor people should just churn out their own wank sites so they can move out of the cage homes.

No. 129123

File: 1609218126710.png (899.56 KB, 1683x752, IMG_20201229_055229_616.png)

Confused about Japanese hostess bars and whether kyabajo serve foreigners? Just join MenClub VIP room and they'll guide you through it. Right, as if an adult HK man with money needs help understanding what a hostess club is all about. I think they know the basics, don't you?

No. 129139

If Mensclub wasn't a front for escorting, how did Taylor become affiliatwd with them/Tom at all? For that matter, when did Taylor become a model? Was that back in Canada?

No. 129140

They do serve foreigners. Places that sometimes don't are usually soaplands, health, etc… brothels, basically.

Maybe someone here can confirm, but aren't hostess and karaoke bars in HK mostly fronts for prostitution?

No. 129142

Tom being poor and a self-made man sounds a lot like Taylor used to be "so fat" in her youth that she doesn't fail to mention it every chance she gets? It could be complete bullshit and just a good story to tell, an inspirational struggle he had to go through. He has mentioned also idolising Steve Jobs who had a rough upbringing. These two are liars.

No. 129144

Taylor's story is BS but there is probably some truth to Tom's, idk. It's a lot harder to look into Tom's story, but I'm not sure there's a huge benefit to lying about his past. Someone who knows HK culture would have to comment.

I don't get the feeling that he lied, but I do get the feeling that he believes other people get what they deserve. Yet in reality, just because he got lucky and made money doesn't mean he worked harder than those who didn't or couldn't.

Anyone with a brain knows that working hard will only get you so far. And what does Tom "do" anyway?

No. 129145

I don't know about HK, this post promises to tell members of the VIP Menclub room about "Japanese nightlife" - including whether foreigners are served and what is available there. Tokyo Zoo (ticket? pictured) is a gaudy, probably pricy hostess bar.

No. 129151

she worked for BeautyExchange first (it seems) and Tom then asked her to do stuff for MenClub. They had regular features with models and actresses (both porn and normal actresses) so there's no reason Taylor had to be an escort.

I personally don't think she was ever an escort - she had too much of a prissy, stuck-up attitude for that. I do think she knew MenClub was shady and gross, and she was happy to have promotion through MenClub because it brought her clicks. Imho she played up the "sexy underage-looking childish girl going to bed" pics for MenClub (who else were those weird pedobait pics for?). She didn't even delete the lascivious comments men left on her own official page.

She liked money and she liked Tom's wallet/personality/random grunting, so they dated after he got to know her via BeautyExchange and MenClub.

No. 129166

>They had regular features with models and actresses (both porn and normal actresses)

So funny when Taylor's image is so wholesome. It's weird how female influencers are so often now either in sex work or tied to it somehow. Though I guess it was always the way with "girl bands" and child stars (specifically Nickelodeon), but never this overt.

No. 129168

Wait is this the same Private Zone that Tom claimed was just for winetasting and coffee making sessions or some shit? Like you need a private area of your site for that? Pretty good proof it's for what we thought it was.

No. 129169

I watched a bit about this, in short yes. Kinda like how stripclubs might offer services on the side in the Western world.

No. 129226

Zoo is one of the most famous hostess clubs in Japan and one of the biggest in terms of size and number of locations, but not that exclusive. Almost all hostess clubs are really gaudy. They do serve foreigners but they might not have English or Chinese speakers. The places that ban foreigners are not real hostess clubs, so I bet Menclub is also talking about "other" aspects of nightlife.

From what I understand, it's common for HK men to take top clients to clubs/bars that provide "extra services". At least all the finance and other business guys I know have been taken to these places when they visited their HK offices. I would be shocked if Tom doesn't do the same for his clients considering half of Menclub's purpose seems to be promoting them.

No. 129372

File: 1609336882788.jpg (102.27 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20201230_150116_962.jpg)

yes, that's the private zone referred to here. I actually was mindlessly looking through old MenClub posts just to try to find out more about that private area. I still haven't found out completely what it is. I did screenshot some early MenClub posts about private zone parties. They always advertised that girls would be there up until a certain point (maybe 2016).

I feel like the site changed/diversified a lot around 2016, but I have a feeling the grosser stuff just got pushed to more private areas (there's a private forum in addition to the private zone). Maybe Tom's advertisers didn't want to be associated with such blatant sexual content? I mean, for reference, men would comment about masturbating on so many posts from 2012-2015. Openly. Sure, that's what men do, but it wasn't deleted and in fact, that seems to be why those pics were posted anyway.

Pic attached is from the post used to promote/link the "advantages of dating teenage girls" article linked here >>126757

The girl in the photo was 15 at the time it was posted. Some men were rightly disgusted at how young she looks.

No. 129673

She made this recap 2020 video and used a pregnancy test for the thumbnail

ofc it's confusing people, a ton of ppl congratulated her in the comments, and her stans were castigating them for not knowing it's a negative test.

Classic attention ho behavior. One failed round of IVF (embryo less than 2.5 weeks inside her) and that's the thumbnail for the whole year. If you missed the single video she did on this topic, you wouldn't have the slightest idea what had happened.

No. 130001

Taylor looks very skinny in recent pics. Has she mention ever having Ed?

No. 130127

That's Miyazaki Sakura from HKT48/izone fyi

No. 130146

Anyone know how much her apartment is in hk? Must be fairly expensive…

No. 130224

I would say at least 60 MLN HKD which is around 7.7 MLN USD, but I suspect it’s between 70 and 80; I took 60 looking at similar listings in the estate, plus their apartment has a rooftop and was remodeled completely including breaking the walls which costs shitload of money in HK.

No. 130259

Yes, she was still very underage when this was used to promote an article about older men dating minors.

No. 130327

I guess we're autosaged because of the idiots in this thread who cannot sage their trash.

Anyway, I am watching the second part of her holiday vlog. It's really something special. I'm not even a few minutes into it but she is vying for the Most Tone-Deaf Cow award.

Vlog here: https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1vy4y1e7mv

"I think what we're all going to be doing for the next few months(?!) is figuring out how to style all this loungewear we've invested in during this pandemic. I mean, at least that's what I've been doing, thinking of ways how to dress it up and wear it out"

(Right, Taylor. We've all "invested" in loungewear and dressing up loungewear will surely be on our minds as we watch hospitals and morgues get clogged with covid patients in the first quarter of 2021.)

This is said as she hops from salon to salon doing pointless 'beauty treatments' (but she'll never top up that filler and botox with us, fam! that's private) while wearing a knit onesie with a blazer thrown on top of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CInlkyAnceC/?igshid=18p43wg7i54kx
The comments compliment her style, but this outfit is styled exactly as it is pictured on Zara's website, and wow, it looks… not like something a sane person wears in public.

She admits that she now travels through HK with a suitcase and changes clothes 3-4x in café bathrooms to shoot instagram photos and tiktok videos with her "assistant." Café bathroom changes during a pandemic… not even for legitimate modeling work, but so you can post on tiktok and instagram.

Are there Darwin award honorable mentions?

No. 130328

File: 1609722656620.png (1.28 MB, 1872x1080, Screenshot_20210104-020417.png)

She spreads her stuff all over the bench and her luggage on the ground. Changes into pajamas in public to shoot a tiktok video.

No. 130358

Eh, if you’re from a smaller town it’d definitely seem weird but this kind of stuff isn’t all that odd if you’ve ever lived in a big city. Plus she didn’t change her clothes in any real sense, she just slipped her pajamas over her normal clothes. I do agree that it’s a little gross though. I’d have to wash everything as soon as I got home o_o

Also I get what you’re saying, but I’ve seen tons of articles about loungewear becoming the norm since the coronavirus. I just googled it and the first three articles basically express exactly what she was talking about. (https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/07/20/the-slob-chic-style-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic/amp, https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/business-52388944, https://fashionista.com/.amp/2020/12/loungewear-fashion-trends-2020)

So it’s not exactly off brand for a sometimes-fashion-vlogger to mention it or suggest loungewear styling tips.

No. 130418

File: 1609787300386.jpg (65 KB, 820x540, 100033300621_101366.jpg)

I'm from a big city, I've seen some wacky stuff - so yes, it's not the craziest thing anyone will see in a city. But she's doing it during a pandemic, that's what makes it gross and bizarre. Normal sane people are trying to limit their time in public places. They don't plan IG and tiktok shootings and change clothes in public bathrooms. I don't know how she justifies going out and strewing her things on a dirty bench/street/bathroom floor unless she really, truly believes that the world needs her rip-off tiktok video.

Loungewear is what it is. I don't think anyone who had the money to buy new clothes specifically for bumming around the house is going to feel the need to "dress up" glorified pajamas for public outings.

She missed an opportunity to make a covid origin joke. Either she is ignorant of the origin or just incapable of making a joke that isn't faux self-deprecating cringe.

No. 130420

lol you sound so bitter and deranged that she decided to invest in some nice loungewear clothes, as many of us did during the pandemic. projection much?

No. 130457

I would agree with you if she was in Europe or the US but Hong Kong has been handling the coronavirus very well. (7,500,000 population and about 30 people tested positive yesterday.) She’s outdoors, wearing a mask, and not having a close conversation with anyone so she’s not in a high risk situation.

No. 130591

holy shit, i've been living under a rock apparently and discovered this chick like 1 month ago and was way surprised when I saw she landed herself a rich husband so i googled her name out of curiosity and it landed me here.
god damn, being skinny and pretty can sure get you far
is it true she's from a rich family originally?

No. 130605

“Rich” is a relative term (someone making $50,000 seems rich compared to someone making $20,000, someone making $500,000 seems rich compared to someone making $100,000….everyone looks dirt poor compared to Jeff Bezos.)

In any case, if you watch her Canadian vlogs her family certainly seems “comfortable.”

For the record, very very few already wealthy men are going to entertain a girl from a lower class background. One, to protect their assets, and two, because the cultural differences are going to be huge, even if they’re from the same country.

No. 130656

nta, I got some comfortable stuff for at home, but I don't understand the desire to wear it outside. People miss wearing real clothes, I think.

source: live in big Euro city , have never seen ppl wearing pyjamas or loungewear on the street. Just adidas kek

No. 130659

I'm samefagging but
HK shut beauty salons and gyms again and was having clusters related to private parties, hospitals, cosmetic services. They won't open schools until after Lunar New Year.

I mean, just because HK has fewer new daily cases than EU countries doesn't mean you should go out and do dumb shit. Changing clothes for tiktoks is pretty stupid behavior imho but i'm more interested in how she got her beauty treatments. I thought all those services in HK got shut down again on Dec 6/7.

My personal sad about HK is that domestic workers there are barely treated as human and they are suffering a lot bc of covid. https://hongkongfp.com/2020/12/29/covid-19-lock-down-domestic-workers-on-their-day-off-says-pro-beijing-hong-kong-lawmaker/

No. 133642

I like Taylor but I was so turned off by her use of AMWF in the title of her latest vlog. Gross.

No. 133840

File: 1611276953311.png (331.29 KB, 825x502, Screenshot_20210121-165440.png)

1. This an image board
2. It's her entire brand at this point. Is it seeing it but into words that is off-putting?

No. 134064

File: 1611425037997.jpg (524.03 KB, 1564x1405, IMG_20210123_185952.jpg)

Seems like IVF Saga 2.0 is starting soon. Maybe not being borderline anorexic might help with fertility instead of reading pseudo-scientific crap

No. 134071

I hate hearing her talk ignorantly about endometriosis, a disease she was never diagnosed with, doesn't have, and cannot spell.

No. 134318

File: 1611582099683.png (80.41 KB, 769x268, Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 8.32…)

I don't think she has any of those illnesses, nor should she speak for any of them. Honestly, think she's being willfully ignorant to the fact that a great chunk of her failure is her fault. Her starving herself for years and taking various drugs for her skin probably did a number on her. Perhaps she should seek therapy first and find out why she ties her self-worth to her size/weight.

No. 134405

she's never mentioned if tom got his sperm tested or anything. the problem could be there. But in reality, they never tried consistently. There were tons of breaks in their "trying" before she started taking fertility drugs. She's spoiled and just wants it to happen as soon as possible, like everything else in her life

No. 134435


hahaha tell that to all the cam girls who have nothing but lonely, wealthy men entertaining them, supporting their lifestyles, contributing to their financial goals and helping max out their retirement accounts…

No. 134449

Is it just me or is AMWF a little fetishy? I never noticed it until you pointed it out, but only a certain kinda person would search for that.

No. 134453

Highlighting phrases in a paragraph looks so moronic and is so pointless, nitpick but it's like someone larping at what they think studying looks like.

No. 134457

Strange brag, camgirl-san but that anon was talking about "how to marry a millionaire" - them paying for your sex work is not the same as you being their actual wife, a la Taylor.
Anon's point seems to be the old money millionaire type will generally not go near a small-town girl for a relationship, but Tom being new money/self-made means he was open to getting a normal wife, which is a quite unusual circumstance and not easily emulated. Most thin white girls who go to Asia will succeed in being sexworkers only, not bagging a rich man as a husband. It's not that common nor that easy - so I guess props to Taylor for that one.

However the culture among Asian businessmen of regularly going to girl bars and availing of sex work means Taylor probably has to deal with some hurtful stuff as part of Tom's "business" and just brush it off as part of the culture.

No. 134470

I would hardly call listing off a bunch of conditions that she probably got straight from the book jacket,"speaking" about them.
And I don't even like the stupid bitch, but blaming her for fertility issues is a low fucking blow. Plenty of very thin women including ex-models have no issues getting pregnant, even ones on a restricted diet. And she is significantly heavier now then she was when she was still working as a model.
I honestly think she may have PCOS. The persistent cystic acne and the areas where she gains when she does gain weight may be a clue. Of course without any real diagnosis it's impossible to say.
And in the culture she currently in, no matter what the blame will probably be passed to the woman even if it's the dude that's the issue.

No. 134555

if she had pcos, she would have had multiple cysts visible on ultrasound and at her surgery that time. not a single normal cyst that happened to twist her ovary.

taylor is promoting woo again for actual medical conditions and she can fuck right off with that. she does this all the time and everyone gives her a pass, god knows why

No. 134565

I also like money , but I would never marry for it especially with a man like her husband.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 134677

Ok doc!

No. 134821

File: 1611810552405.jpg (136.97 KB, 1060x1280, 100038700959_56460.jpg)

Is anyone else giggling at Tom's starvation-level keto diet? I have so many questions.

Why is he doing such a spartan diet?
Who told him to lose weight asap? No one is holding any big events, after all.
Isn't keto primarily about low-carb meals? Why is this one so low-calorie?
Why doesn't he or Taylor make some keto food that doesn't look gross? Everything he is eating looks unappetizing.

I think this service costs around $41 (USD) per day based on the website. I wonder what Taylor thinks of all of this. Coincidentally, just after Tom starts his keto diet (which he told us isn't "an ad"), they got a gift of keto cookies from some company. It's pretty unreal what you get for free when you're rich.

No. 134872

> It's pretty unreal what you get when you're rich.

Taylor didn't get it because she was rich, but rather because she has a following. It was a PR package from a company that wanted to get its name out there. A smart move tbh as Taylor is stick thin and if her gullible fanbase thinks she eats Keto they'll follow suit.

No. 134882

you'd have to be pretty dumb to think taylor eats keto though?

No. 134951

Lmao especially when it’s basically the whole paragraph

No. 135035

kek, Tom is updating every day with this sad-looking 1970s diet food and ignoring all the questions people ask in the comments.

He said it wasn't an ad, but it probably is. Or he is getting this shit free. 1200 calories is a starvation diet for a man. Given the way Tom usually eats (rich meals, lots of meat, big portions), it's even stranger that he thinks this is a good or healthy way to lose weight.

Do you think he finally after all this time had his own fertility work-up and the dr mentioned something to him?

Imagine how it must feel to be Taylor:
- you have a long history of stupid fad dieting / EDs
- you have ongoing ED behaviors but you pretend to like your body bc that's trendy + you need to get pregnant for Tom
- the one "talent" you have is following recipes other people made popular a few months ago
- you regularly tell your followers to eat well and love their bodies
- you listen to goop podcasts and love all kinds of pseudoscience

Now your husband wants to lose weight as fast as possible and chooses a very unhealthy way to do it. Instead of involving you in cooking healthy or keto-friendly menus, he gets slop dropped off in plastic tubs. Your immature followers and stans all follow your husband on IG, so they're all watching him go on an unhealthy, expensive fad diet. He ignores every concern and comment about it on IG - why even post it then? Ah, well, maybe it is an "ad" after all, right?

I wonder if Taylor's mad. I wouldn't blame her. She'll have to address it and we all know she'll find a way to defend Tom's choice to publicly go on this diet. She defended MenClub, after all - twice! But this is going to make it harder for her to promote healthy living or "love your body" content. You can't stand by while your chunky husband eats 1200cals a day to LoSe WeIgHt FaSt, then turn around and tell your underage followers that rapid weight loss is unhealthy and dangerous.

No. 135044

> Do you think he finally after all this time had his own fertility work-up and the dr mentioned something to him?
That’s what I thought. He’s been pretty chubby so I’m sure the doc told him to get fit to up his sperm count. It baffles me though that they already tried IVF but apparently didn’t try everything else before? Like Taylor reading this egg book. I mean trying to get healthier and informing yourself about improving your eggs/sperm is the first thing you do when you realize “it’s not working “

No. 135076

Taylor ate like shit for years with her french fries, fried veg and weight loss soup. She's broadcasted how obsessed she is with being skinny it wouldn't be that much of a leap to think she'd go keto. Her fans seem to jump at anything Taylor tries just to potentially get an IG story mention from her. Not saying that I think she eats Keto, but her young/dumb fans could.

Highly doubt she'd be mad at Tom for starving or eating shit. He never seemed big on Taylor's cooking to begin with. Taylor has an unhealthy relationship with food and who knows maybe it's rubbing off on Tom. As you said, she'll defend it as she herself probably eats the same calories then goes to work out. She's always claiming to want to build muscle but never adds any extra protein to her diet either.

No. 135116

I mean, she's never made a single keto recipe and she just posted more carby stuff. But yeah, her followers are stupid so who knows.

It's creepy (or not a coincidence) that TOM is the one doing a keto diet (no reference to it on Taylor's accounts) but TAYLOR opens the keto cookies in her stories.

No. 135229

wtf are you talking about. She rarely ever ate like that. All of her meals were kinda basic healthy shit.
Also all of your posts sound obsessed

No. 135719

Why are you guys so obsessed with 1) Tom and 2) Tom’s diet…literally who cares. Him doing keto or trying to lose weight isn’t milk. Keto is trending anyway so it’s not weird that people are trying it out.

No. 135857

I mean to be fair, it’s hard to make meatballs look like attractive food…
They look pretty good to me. He’s probably starting off so low because his lifestyle is very sedentary. It’ll catch up and he’ll likely eat more. Taylor’s probably not doing it because it doesn’t seem like the ideal diet to get pregnant to. You’re pretty tired in the beginning. I

No. 135887

sage your non-contribution, even if the thread is temporarily on auto-sage.

those meatballs look moldy. anon above wasn't implying Taylor should do keto, but Taylor can certainly prepare better food than this and add things to it for her own meal.

I haven't heard of people doing such a low-cal keto diet unless they have had no success with a normal keto diet. I'm no expert bc I've never done a diet like this (and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone either). But lots of ppl in the comments asked why it was so lowcal.

nta you quoted but Tom's made himself an extension of Taylor's IG. Yeah a lot of people do keto, most of them aren't men approaching (?) 50 eating food that looks like thefitveganginger made it.

No. 135928

Low calorie/borderline starvation diets are what people do in Asia when they want to lose weight. His friends have probably been joking about his weight, which again is common in Asia, so he felt like dieting. Not milk and not interesting

No. 136022

Nta but why do you care about sage

I think it’s very restrictive because he wants fast results. Easy logic. Also I don’t think he really trusts Taylors cooking and he’s just gonna “Baaaabeee” her all the time. Also why can’t he do shit himself? He has the bucks so obv he just buys the food online

No. 136070

thank god we got an asia expert here to weigh in

No. 136183

Mmk that was definitely a contribution to the discussion, cop

No. 136309

non-milk is saged on this site, newfag. The reason this thread went into autosage is because of a select number of people who can't sage properly. "contribution to the discussion" kek. You really are here for one purpose, aren't you?

No. 136311

Take yourself a little more seriously why don’t you. “Kek”

No. 137023

Anyone remember how Taylor took a video up her "friend" Mikayla's skirt? You think that was to shame Mikayla or a video for Tom? It bothered me then and how she so shamelessly decided to post it on Youtube, but none of it made sense not then nor now. Tom has always been a perv and since what we know of him now I doubt it was first time Taylor has secret-filmed her other friends for him.

No. 137041

Which video was it anon?

No. 137044

I thought it was just a consequence of visiting that… um, I forget. Some kind of exhibition with reflective floors? Didn't she blur everything out?

I agree it was weird, because she could have cut all of that out, but why do you think she did it for Tom?

No. 137110

File: 1612751077305.jpg (286.71 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20210207-231651_You…)

She's destroying her face one filler at the time.

No. 137164

That was a totally different event anon

No. 137204

No, it was as I described it, actually. Here: https://youtu.be/SZiU_iPsedY
Can't find it on bilibili.

The "signing the wall" event with mirrors on the floor was different.

No. 137206

He gives me such odd vibes and I have tried to make sense of Taylor's actions and it just doesn't add up. But when you add Tom's perverted nature and his "Asian culture" (as Taylor has put it) into the mix it makes more sense. Tom seems just like the guy who has a folder with sneak peak pics.

No. 137358

Fun fact: peach blossom Taylor shows off in her house has really funny meaning behind it to some Cantonese people, bringing peach blossom into house is like inviting a mistress. Probably Tom doesn’t believe it (green hat thing etc.) but if Taylor had any idea about her husband’s culture she should chose a different NY plant

No. 137386

did she choose it? (not a malicious q, I just don't know)

No. 137428

Why the fuck are you bringing up shit from 2016 that wasn't milk to begin with. If I recall they went to Team LAB exhibit in Tokyo, and there was a room where the floor was reflective. It was like 3-5 seconds of a 20 minute long video used for clickbait. No need to assign some nefarious motive to it.

No. 137463

Based on her stories they went together. Having peach blossom in the office is good but having it at home is like asking for affair to happen. It’s not really milk or anything but as a foreigner married to a Hongkonger myself it baffles me how little she knows about local culture.

No. 137495

She’s so dense she will get her nail technician in trouble, beauty salons including nail salons are closed until next week and her half of a brain cell thought it’s a good idea to post about getting a new nails AGAIN

No. 137516

her last beauty treatment day was also during a locked down time, I'm pretty sure. That's why she folded it into a larger combined vlog.

I also found it weird because it does endanger those businesses.

No. 137517

I agree it wasn't milky ever but calm down. You don't have to recall anything since the video was linked.

I always hated her shitty clickbait titles involving her friends. Sharla's ignoring me; Sharla got her lips done; the time my boyfriend made out with my best friend; seeing up Micaela's skirt…

No. 137646

Is it possible she had a private nail person come to her place? Do people do that?

No. 137800

From her stories she went out to get them, I can’t guarantee she didn’t go to the artist’s home but the nail technicians I know (I know a few of them) wouldn’t work from home, not only because it’s inconvenient to bring all your equipment, polishes, stickers etc. back home, but also because you don’t want a potentially sick person who randomly roams around Hong Kong in the safety of your own home. Not to mention in a lot of estates security guards take your ID number and who you visit in case there’s a new case in your building and they can trace you down to make a test.

Add to it random lockdowns for testing that the government is imposing suddenly, it would be risky to bring your client home. There were some people stuck with hair dye/lightening their hair at the hair salon when one of those random lockdowns was announced. They waited like two hours with all the bleach and crap in their hair to sign in for the mandatory test.

I think she’s just selfish and dumb for exposing her technician, the least she could do is not tag this girl and her post. Even better - don’t show it online, just get them done and move on. She has to put everything online, I swear this girl doesn’t know what privacy means.

No. 137841

Yeah, I was gonna say, she showed herself going there in a vlog in Dec (during lockdown, I'm nsarly positive) and even talked about where the salon is located.

It's just typical entitled rich person behavior. Rules don't apply to them, and Taylor has to have what she wants. In this case, nails no one will see.

I also think this style of nail art is weird. I keep thinking the "design" is dirt or carpet fuzz or something. wouldn't this design be really easy to do at home as a diy?

No. 137842

thanks for this description of how life is in HK right now. I've always wondered about things like that. Are you a native speaker of Cantonese?

No. 138191

still can’t believe the amount of taylor’s underage/barely-20-year-old followers flocking to her sleazy husband’s account. the man posted about being born in the year of the dragon and he’s got an age gap even on taylor who’s getting up there for her demographic. he is 45 years old. I’m just grossed out

No. 138482

tiger is ur best friend

No. 138971


I mean, she hasn't even bothered to learn enough of the language to get by on her own so it's not that surprising haha

No. 138983

That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying

No. 139394

File: 1614173242212.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20210224-130058.png)

next thread pic has to be a collection of these blow-up doll faces

No. 139395

File: 1614173264611.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20210224-130147.png)

No. 139396

File: 1614173373241.png (382.36 KB, 708x490, Screenshot_20210224-142830.png)

No. 139398

File: 1614174121628.jpg (1.66 MB, 4032x3024, 20201227_232707.jpg)


The problem isn't the fact that she's highlighting, it's that she highlights things of no importance. and re-highlights the same information.
Like the main things that should be marked as important info are maybe the taking folate, and the three months line at the end.
But she haphazardly marks the entire page. And even worse it is THE INTRO TO THE CHAPTER which will have almost no good quality information, but instead is there to give the reader a brief overview of what is in the chapter itself.
Fuck that makes me more mad than it should, but that shit shows that she is not actually reading or comprehending the material, or even knows the difference between necessary information that should be marked to find easier, and garbage filler.

No. 139559

Everyone misses her old helpful videos and kawaii shit. Even if it was fake, at least it was curated and put together nicely.

She now morphed into some bizarro clickbait skinwalker doing old trends and I'm not sure who her target audience is supposed to even be.

No. 139882

File: 1614627661609.png (404.65 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20210301-111040.png)

people who watch shit like this, ai guess.

No. 140005

File: 1614695333285.jpeg (434.46 KB, 2048x2048, 564B6012-1D2B-4D76-8BC9-A1B1A4…)

Midlifecrisis again?

No. 140012

File: 1614699011771.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1937, Screenshot_20210302-162801.png)

Imagine assuming the world cares about the length of your fringe or how you style it, or your nails,nor your "laminated" eyebrows or your boring and often bad makeup. Living with her must be its own circle of hell.

it's the Taylor show 24/7

No. 140684

File: 1615173958679.jpg (217.2 KB, 1440x1440, nope.jpg)

The nerd vest over oversized, oddly shaped dress shirt "look" continues to not work. She otherwise looks pretty good in her recent posts, though nobody thinks your too-short bangs are revolutionary MPDG risk-seeking like you do, Tay.

No. 140685

Also I will samefag to add it doesn't work particularly because everything else about her is very feminine, hair, pose and figure, and this style is essentially a historical fashion worn by scholarly men. So yeah it's never gonna work on Taylor.

No. 140690

Her legs look scary skinny here. I wonder if they are still trying to get pregnant as she's stuggling so much with her body.

No. 140783

Jfc her legs?? Also yaoi hands much Tay alright I hate her fashion style so much these days she’s trying to be ~effortlessly model~ but all in beige and grey yawn

No. 140913

ok, it's just some dress she put with tights. She doesn't even try. her outfits are often exact copies of what's on Zara's website, or wherever she gets it from.

I always lol at anyone praising her fashion sense when she styles the clothing exactly as it is advertised.

and "scholarly men" anon? come on

No. 140972

File: 1615492286170.jpg (79.27 KB, 668x720, iuSCXWXBHR.jpg)

This is what I mean by what I think it reminds me of/imitating and why it doesn't work re: scholarly

No. 140973

File: 1615492315801.jpg (41.18 KB, 457x600, iuST5XY8MH.jpg)

No. 141038

I don't think the outfit itself is bad, but rather the awkward posing and wooden peg legs going on here are. All she's missing is a pirate hat, kek.

No. 141041

File: 1615565922985.jpeg (340.13 KB, 1278x1278, B42458C3-E6AF-4495-AAF3-23B98C…)

Arr, mateys.

No. 141162

Wana know what this face says? I pay to fuck my “models” from my Pervy website

No. 141215

This is a very interesting statement to make out of nowhere, though it makes sense. I always assume Tom does the Asian businessman thing of not considering work related sexual escapades as cheating.

No. 141258

File: 1615691127027.jpg (78.83 KB, 1284x856, seinfeld-jerry-puffy.jpg)

The image that immediately came to my mind when I saw that shirt…

No. 141278

The cheap thing isn't even steamed or ironed, the stockings look low quality, and she wears the same boring jewelery that doesn't match anything over and over. She doesn't know how to style and can't copy others very well.

No. 141281

File: 1615717146181.jpg (194.42 KB, 726x1280, 100053600666_43175.jpg)

yeah, I was just pointing out that she didn't even decide to put the vest over it. It's one piece.

I agree she has almost no fashion sense. Whatever she has, it's from copying others (or trying to) slavishly. I loled when in her closet cleaning video she claimed not to embrace trends, and to have found a simple, neutral style. What a crock of shit - the bland normcore stuff was on trend everywhere.

She is very lucky to have some kind of marketable look (blech) and a rich guy (gross), because she is the worst kind of dumb.

picrel: I enjoyed her post for International Women's Day, where she pointed out that this dish was "ho-made." yasss taylor you boss slaaay

No. 141378


Kek anon A for observation

She’s just thin honestly. That’s usually all a model needs these days.

No. 141490

File: 1615898327221.jpg (58.21 KB, 515x805, 1e89fc8c40b02bb3d7b049cf49f777…)

similar vibes

No. 141500

File: 1615907894553.jpeg (291.18 KB, 826x1442, E5EFA15D-A175-47EE-894E-670ADE…)

What’s with the big blouse obsession now?

No. 141502

Either it's an Asian fashion thing or she's trying to hide her emaciated torso. Such a weird look

No. 141504

It looks so sloppy and like she forgot to put on bottoms (obviously I know she is wearing bike shorts or something). It's awful.

No. 141652

File: 1616001361981.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20210317-181255.png)

Lori vibes

No. 141656

File: 1616001582454.png (1.88 MB, 1172x2048, Screenshot_20210317-181901.png)

and… this

No. 141706

What’s with the joker lips? I noticed that a while ago, is it some kind of side effect of fillers or what?

No. 141724

yes, plus her lip shape imo

No. 142220

File: 1616507449973.jpeg (300.8 KB, 827x1472, E2A6A54B-7DE5-417D-846C-1486CC…)

She got the vax

No. 142382

File: 1616583698014.png (306.22 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20210324-025227.png)

Taylor, I hope literally everyone in your age bracket got it before you. Why on earth would you have priority?

No. 142578

>Smile Lipt (Mouth Corner Lift) surgery

Tom must have funded it early in their relationship along with the fillers and other procedures to look like Dakota.

It looks like it was done really long ago and in need of a touch up though.

No. 142933

File: 1617028057849.png (87.87 KB, 500x486, mouthcornerlift.png)

I always suspected she had this done. I remember many years ago she made a video about how to apply lipstick or something like that and I remember noticing that the corner of her lips looked really weird in the closeup

No. 142941

With the mouth corner lift, it makes sense from scrolling the thread and looking at pics like the tagged post. The edges of her mouth dip and then go up again in the corners. I guess emulating Dakota's photoshopped lips at the time.

No. 143200

Sage for zero contribution, but in her new video she talk about how she's gotten into French cooking and it AMAZES me that as a Canadian with in-laws who live in France, she STILL can't pronounce Coq au Vin correctly.

No. 143207

The filler for lessening marionette lines probably from a few years back has hardened as well.

That's why you're seeing lumps under both sides of her mouth on some lighting like >>141500

No. 143230

does anyone know her bmi when she was in her dolly phase?

No. 143311

doesn't that filler just reabsorb? It's just juvederm or something right?

She's been topping up botox and filler constantly. I used to be on the fence and think people were being catty, but it's just too obvious how frozen her face is from the nose up. Nothing crinkles or moves naturally; it's why she overemotes to compensate. It actually makes hwr look older than she is and it's sad.

No. 143350

File: 1617231414439.png (2.46 MB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20210330-121019.png)

what dreams of designing clothes?
she can't sew, can't draw, has never described clothing she wants to design, can barely dress herself (copies coordinates from Zara and H&M exactly), trend-hops, has no sense of style or original ideas or confidence…

No. 143381

File: 1617265281737.jpg (57.24 KB, 945x575, Screenshot_8.jpg)

>can't draw
kek I sometimes have flashbacks of her short lived artist phase

No. 143390

File: 1617278392245.jpg (41.84 KB, 916x697, 806010791_193179~2.jpg)

No. 143393

File: 1617278783182.jpg (196.84 KB, 900x1200, CpgceeUVYAEhuFu.jpg)

I never saw this one, kek. I was looking for another drawing she did. What does "cream… treat inside mean"?? I thought this was about acne.
pic from https://mobile.twitter.com/iamtay_tay/status/763391470392836098

No. 143394

I thought those were like Chinese condoms or something on that notebook roflmao
>treat inside
I think she was wondering whether acne should be treated with creams (from the outside) or from the inside, by taking meds
… her French alterego could teach her about spelling lol

No. 143420

File: 1617300536418.jpg (54.71 KB, 700x494, hpb61us77bw11.jpg)

Not always, there are different types of fillers for different cases. After several years you may need to dissolve filler if it hardened into lumps.

It's pretty clear when she went overboard with fillers long ago and we're seeing the after. I remember sus anons here kept trying to claim her face was natural when anyone can spot it a mile away.

Maybe trying to push some MLM again.

No. 143426

I always forget how cute she was before. Why did she have to fuck up her face??

No. 143430

Gotta get thos elf ears in

No. 143439

File: 1617313316867.png (800.08 KB, 1572x798, Screenshot 2020-12-05 18.21.45…)

No. 143490

File: 1617352943606.jpg (19.85 KB, 300x453, 5ca07b0aab3a454a901250a3c3b9cf…)

she looks a bit like Evan Rachel Wood there

No. 143491

I have no idea why she thought the psycho stare is a cute look

No. 143494

why do cows always draw themselves? narcissistic children

she's 25 here

No. 144129

Has anyone else ever wondered if Taylor might have some kind of personality disorder? Like sometimes she's so full of energy she seems almost manic…?

No. 144138

Could be ADHD?
Could explain the rapid shifting in hobbies and interests, no real sense of self, switching between editing for hours on end vs watching YouTube and Netflix all day, constant shopping, hyperactivity etc.
Just speculating here, I'm not a psych.

No. 144435

I think she's ADHD also, I don't know if she's aware of it but it comes out in her video editing and behavior in various ways. Though she seems to be managing it fine with no meds so I don't think she needs an official diagnosis anyway.

No. 144437

Though to be clear your list of behaviors are lol not adhd behaviours, like this one specifically is a BPD behaviour.
>no real sense of self
ADHD and Autistic folk have no issues with knowing themselves, being honest and stubborn and not changing viewpoints or behaviors is more common.
Rapidly cycling between interests and hobbies should not be confused with an identity crisis. The rapid cycling is just due to being intensely interested in something, getting distracted, moving to another interest. You don't stop liking the first interest, you simply forgot about it.
The shopping addiction is uh lol also not adhd, not sure where to categorize that.

No. 144753

Probably just trying to find ways to distract herself from the fact that she married who she married.

No. 144958

Being painfully stupid and fake isn't a mental disorder. It's just Taylor.

No. 144963

she has been posting weird food combos on her instagram, maybe she is pregnant again or trying to make people guess for attention. probably got the vaccine early because of that as well.

No. 145001

Could be, she did say last year when the ivf failed they would try again “in a year”

No. 145037

ah yes. the annual sex appointment with brillo hair. (jk I know how ivf works)

No. 145130

I don’t think that’s it, I saw few of similar videos on IG before Taylor posted hers. To me it’s her usual copying whatever is trending at the moment.

No. 145133

I was thinking the same. She's showing some symptoms of being pregnant, so this could be her trying to give hints to her audience and then making a video "SURPRISE! I already told you months ago!" It's discusting someone would monetize their pregnancy but Taylor doesnt care.

No. 145140

A few weeks ago or 2 months ago maybe, she did took a before pregnancy picture in one of her stories, that is probably when she started IVF again.

No. 145243

She didn’t have her second vaccine shot yet, and if they are undergoing IVF treatments now it wouldn’t be recommended for her to take the vaccine now as some side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines may mimic actual COVID 19 symptoms so clinics advise patients to not receive the vaccine within a week of starting a treatment cycle.

Either she’s hungry for some attention or hops on current trends, or both. I doubt she’s undergoing IVF and even more that she is pregnant.

No. 145763

File: 1618710540430.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20210418-034429.png)

Taylor wearing a $525 Chanel scrunchie. I guess she didn't tag it for a reason. Can't pretend she thrifted that.


No. 145768

You can get knockoffs of these in HK. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether what she flexes is real or not anymore, Tom's businesses can't be doing that well and she shops and resells crud from Taobao.

No. 145778

Considering the bouquet she’s holding (she claims she treated herself) is around 1800 HKD which is 230 USD I think we can assume the Chanel scrunchie is a real deal. She loves to pretend to be just as down to earth as her followers while flexing brands here and there.

No. 145787

She has spoken in a derogative way about knock-offs and stated when she bought them (for her dumb dress-like-youtubers and recreate-my-date video, and with safiya). She said she doesn't buy knock-offs normally. So no, this ain't a replica.

No. 145788

and she definitely is not wearing taobao even if she resells it

No. 146060

Wtf can a 525 dollar scrunchie do that a 1 dollar scrunchie cannot?? Rich people are fucking insane, I swear. Like, I can understand the thought process behind wanting to buy Chanel clothes because they might be higher quality than say, H&M clothes and therefore last longer, but a fucking scrunchie?? I can't

No. 146062

File: 1618926385874.jpeg (206.39 KB, 828x1410, A75BE22E-445D-4005-82A4-9E25BD…)

This bitch is so dense I can’t with her sometimes. Has she ever cared about her dig or the proper care? Today she finds out toy dogs are different than a labrador.

No. 146085

she is dense but I think a lot of people believe their dog's age "in human years" is just their age x 7. It's true that smaller dogs tend to live longer and be more active in old age. Pretty sure that does not apply to poor mangled super tiny teacup dogs like her own. Her dog has never been healthy and can never really be healthy. That's sad because poodles are naturally very intelligent dogs. I hate seeing Rosie look retarded all the time, unable to close her mouth around her tongue properly. As a dog lover, I just think of how much nicer her life could be if she were even just a mini poodle. But no, only the tiniest freakshow dog for Tay.

No. 146200

File: 1619013556741.jpg (117.84 KB, 768x1280, 100078500874_9112.jpg)

No. 146201

File: 1619013643818.jpg (41.03 KB, 717x1280, 100054000694_87659.jpg)

I just had to laugh at her "treating herself" yet again. Isn't that her whole life? Getting gifts and buying stuff for herself?

No. 146225

Yeah because getting fully vaccinated before most people in her country isn’t a treat right? She definitely deserves to spend some more money afterwards, you know, for being SOOooo brave.
I swear this b is getting more stupid by the day.

No. 146321

File: 1619083151457.png (Spoiler Image, 2.98 MB, 2532x1170, Cheek fillers .png)

I was rewatching one of her old videos from September 2019, of course I’m aware of her « cheek modifications » but this is horrifying!

No. 146323

I would like to see a luxury handbag collection video one day… I spotted a lot of expensive ones (Boy’s from Chanel, Dior saddlebag, a Lady Dior, a speedy from LV) but ofc she never talks about all her designer pieces….not relatable to the masses.

No. 146698

Did you see the Christian Louboutin pr package she got? I was actually surprised that they even send out pr

No. 146734

A little MenClub update.

Tom's hired a new perv to write demeaning and disturbing things about women's bodies. His name is 艾力克 (Eric). His articles have the same tone as those of 魏文青, but maybe he's not as much of a pedo as 魏文青 seems to be (he's the one who posted all those girls from 12-16yo).

Most of the girls featured in MC are still 18-21yo. Yay? If a girl isn't in this age bracket, there's some explanation of how she's "mature" and still has the body of a girl.

Eric tells the readers that some people like girls with a little meat on their bones. You know, like this one: https://menclub.hk/girls/26387
He calls her "slightly fat" (微胖). This was a trend last year in Chinese media - "microfat," "small fat." But it's still kind of a nasty way to talk about this model. Despite the fact that he backpedals a bit, wtf she looks like every other model they like to post.

Report on the former U-15 Idol Saaya: https://menclub.hk/girls/26347
The excitement with which he describes her previous gravure debut (at age 11) is gross. He goes out of his way to say she had F cups at age 12.

I was going to read further, but I'm disgusted again, that's all for now.

No. 146824

Thanks for the update anon, this was quite informative. Really disgusting for them to talk about young teens and preteens on there.

No. 146886

No i didn't, what did Louboutin sent her ?
I saw some french influencers/youtubers receive Louboutin cosmetics (lipstick etc).

No. 146930

File: 1619303691069.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20210420-195336.png)

No. 146933

File: 1619303799502.png (2.13 MB, 1074x1881, Screenshot_20210420-195347.png)

No. 146936

File: 1619303928436.png (1.37 MB, 1073x1776, Screenshot_20210420-195432.png)

No. 147020

Has she been to some kind of event? What support are they thanking her for?

No. 147184

who knows. I guess that's just where we're at as a society. Toat is dead, its IG page hasn't been updated in months. I never particularly cared about Taylor until her continued laziness and stupidity was rewarded again and again.

we should all give thanks to taylor for being alive
every breath she and Tom take is a blessing for all of us
the future of Louboutins rests on taylor's toes

No. 147185

File: 1619434725399.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20210426-125742.png)

too much botox to move her eyebrows and smile

No. 147207

File: 1619442276688.jpeg (173.11 KB, 755x1239, BEBC5988-66EA-4A68-8A90-121FA9…)

>Hey Tay can you wear that school girl outfit today?

No. 147218

lmaooo ew

No. 147221

is it just me or does her face look touched up - and his not at all? Do real teeth even look like that? It's kind of mean to touch up your face and not your partner's.

No. 147246

I don’t think her face has been edited, maybe a simple filter. But some of her teeth look like implants to me. They have a very clear edge at the gumline.

No. 147274

That’s what I thought aswell she looks so smooth and well Tom the opposite

No. 147300

She was at a louboutin event a few weeks back

No. 147320

implants are pretty invasive, right? maybe she got veneers (which I think are a lot less invasive)? I know she's gone for teeth whitening before and she uses strips too, but idk in this pic they look unreal, as you say. Also the shape…

No. 147469

I think she just lightly edited her face which warped the teeth slightly, notice on the right hand side they seem too thin? Her teeth are natural imo. Just the contrast between her beauty-treated self and Tom's "roll out of bed and go" makes her look more unreal, but really Tom could put more effort in to his appearance.

No. 147472

Samefag, I see a very bendy building right above Tom's head (and a slightly bendy one on the far left) which would confirm she edited/filtered this.

No. 147499

>>147472 not to mention bendy tree stem? looks kinda odd

No. 147618

nice catch. you're absolutely right. That tree…

No. 147644

That tree bend lines up horizontally with her cheek, so she clearly pushed her whole cheek in with editing

No. 147703

The edges are receding gum lines. It’s caused by regularly brushing too hard, not implants

No. 148069

Her cheek looks blurry as well

No. 148132

can't wait til she comes clean of all the procedures she gotten done

No. 148284

Same. I would love if she was honest about what work she had done and gave advice on how to stay youthful instead of acting like she is 23.

No. 148613

Saaaame ! She's always preaching honesty and this could be an interesting video.

No. 149193

I feel like her doing these food combo tiktoks (which were actually taken from another woman who openly wrote "trying pregnant cravings") is some weird attempt to keep attention on her womb. It doesn't help that this year, she's been wearing a lot of strange dowdy trends (that cow cardigan, the yellow cardigan where she looks like a stuck-up church girl, gross long shorts with baggy sloppy tops). It's like her fans are just sitting around and waiting for this most basic of women to announce her stepford pregnancy. Her entire life seems to be about pampering herself and spending money.

Why did she do this French video when she is so ignorant of French culture and even used to do an mocking parody of a French woman on her channel? She can't even pronounce basic French fashion designers' names. And she's from Canada. How embarrassing.

No. 149199

File: 1620439549134.jpg (713.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210508_035954.jpg)

Anon was right, all she does is copy the website/store outfit, down to the fucking heel height of her sandals. And her fans keep kissing her ass screaming 'yaaas fashion queen, such an amazing influence'. One comment even said something like "i was wondering how YOU'D style that skirt"…

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