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File: 1657901667803.jpeg (733.2 KB, 1284x1364, terry.jpeg)

No. 229285

Previous Thread

Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105
Thread #3 >>197809

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous" cosplayer, soon approaching his 40's who currently resides in Maryland.
Terry self proclaims to be NB and Asexual, despite otherwise being fine with being a male for 30+ years and regularly posting/sharing sexual posts/memes, "friends" with and regularly shares OF/cos thots.

40 con rules to room with terry being a minor is not part of that rules >>212218
Finally got covid after flying across the country to creep on gen z cosplayers >>216399
But that not going to stop him from going to cons >>216747
Finally got called out on twitter for it, but nothing of substance came from it >>217116
Shittalk his sister for things she done in the past >>222804
Went to AX where most of his cosplay fell apart and finally he lost his stupid they/them pin >>225060
Buying more fake breast to return >>227336

No. 229310

File: 1657904628835.jpg (881.93 KB, 1079x1931, Screenshot_20220715-130243_Fac…)

after making that poll asking if people would date him, and clarifying he's not interested in dating, he now posts this. he's really trying to slim down which white gen z girl he's going to go after next

No. 229316

Thanks for the new thread, OP! His pink-eye looking makeup is so disgusting god I hate it

No. 229323

Shit thread op, you should look at other threads like the new Jill thread or the Lillee Jean thread which always delivers on perfect op even though I don't follow her I can get enough from just reading it

No. 229329

I know it shit. It my first time creating one, I just base it off the previous thread. Next thread I’ll take what you said into consideration.

But to stay on topic here some screen caps from when we were away for a few days! Using a dead person for clot edition

No. 229330

File: 1657907112509.jpeg (269.31 KB, 828x546, E6A4A41F-2124-4A2A-91EF-86C9EB…)

Don’t know why it wouldn’t let me post this

No. 229331

File: 1657907163273.jpeg (117.84 KB, 828x262, D7DF19C1-5477-4E8C-BF4B-2369BB…)

No. 229332

File: 1657907228816.jpeg (97.18 KB, 828x345, 2F280746-1511-4FA7-9F56-B711E8…)

After complaining that he didn’t want a d cup

No. 229333

File: 1657907255975.jpeg (61.09 KB, 828x236, F1D43D1B-BFD3-48E4-9D72-DEC9A3…)

Watch it be filled with whatever flavor of the month minor possible

No. 229336

Right now he complaining about how dare someone says he should cosplay a poc character when he gasp is a poc cosplayer

No. 229353

File: 1657915540591.jpg (304.85 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20220712-111339_Ins…)

Here's the story he had to post. Complete with the person in question in the very back.

No. 229355

File: 1657916083053.jpg (252.29 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20220715-141126_Ins…)

The bag he bought was for the person cosplaying Yuffie he had "an amazing time with" at AX. She's a normal age so I think he's making an effort with her. Especially if she's willing to cosplay with him more.

No. 229356

Such good friends but can only post a story that will go away in 24hr. Fleeting just like their friendship.

No. 229360

erik was a really good friend of mine and despite me having a feeling that terry would post something, this still pisses me off a lot. terry didn't give a fuck about him, he only interacted with him because he had a decent following.

if you really were worried about him, terry, why didn't you share the post about him going missing? why didn't you join the group on facebook specifically for his friends (cosplay and personal) to speak about him and his memories?

it's because you didn't really give a fuck about him.

No. 229361

nona i'm sorry for your loss, i'm sorry you have to deal with terry of all people trying to get clout from your friends death. i hope he rests easy.

No. 229364

>very sad

jesus wept

No. 229369

File: 1657922960781.jpeg (110.84 KB, 828x455, 093F6404-230F-464F-9FBE-9B8C67…)

Cared so much, yet where are you in his memorial group?

No. 229370

I hate how he does this shit for sympathy. all the "oh Terry I'm so sorry for YOUR loss" comments.. except it's not about him. an actual person lost their life, who Terry had nothing to do with other than a selfie once or twice. but he can't help but make it about himself. and it's clear he didn't care about Erik at all when he's never talked about him before and the only post he can make is "I'm sad. trying to find a selfie we took" no stories about him? nothing to say about him at all?? what a selfish prick

No. 229371

No stories about what a good guy he was, or how he actively worked to make conventions a safe place when he was around. THAT is why Terry barely interacted with Erik, probably because Erik could see right through his shit. Sorry anons, I’m heated.

No. 229373

Terry also hates to be seen with anyone who is not a <25 white or asian girl, so it stands to reason he didn't actually have anything to do with this guy. I'm sorry for your loss anon, it's very obvious from what you posted >>229360
that Terry is simply clout-chasing

No. 229381

He's such a freakin attention whore. If they were good friends, he'd have a normal photo and not just cosplay selfies.

No. 229386

the wording of this is so strange, too. "my friend has been found dead. he was missing for a while and found dead."

no. your 'friend' tragically died. if he was your FRIEND you wouldn't write it so nonchalantly.

No. 229389

I'm sorry for you loss anon. I took a peek at Erik's IG and he was an incredible cosplayer. You could tell he had genuine love for his craft. His props and cosplays were clutch. Thank you for bringing his presence to those of us who didn't know him. I hope he's at peace now.

Something that will never be said of clout chasing, insincere, attention seeking, POS Terry.

No. 229390

File: 1657929668436.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1284x1818, 200F7F54-2383-4FB4-9FC6-483B79…)

And he’s got to complain folks want him to be Ekko

No. 229401

Shows that he doesn’t know shit about the thing he cosplay. People LOVE Ekko and he should had jump on the chance. This shows he just hate being black and refer to as black

No. 229405

Imagine learning a friend died and then talking about buying fake boobs on Amazon less than 15 min later. Really shows how impacted he was by his supposed friend's death.

No. 229424

>I got zero interests in cosplaying them
Terry cosplays characters all the time that he doesn't know anything about. He dresses up for the popularity.
Yup. Terry doesn't want to be reminded of the fact that he is a black male. He probably knows Ekko is popular, just didn't like being told he's black.

No. 229439

In a similar boat to you, anon. I don’t normally use Facebook all that much but recently the only things I’ve used it for is for Erik’s search party group and updates on that. Since Terry’s posts sometimes have a lot of interactions, they’re occasionally the first thing I see when I log on. I had been keeping up with the search party and hoped to somehow find Erik safe. I went away for a while and came back to the first post on my Facebook being Terry’s. I found out Erik was dead because of Terry. I was furious. If it had been any of the people in the search party group I would have at least understood. Our questions and search coming to a depressing end. But I had to learn it from Terry’s fucking post because his stupid fucking friends posted nothing but “sorry for your loss” when Terry couldn’t even bother to help spread information about Erik when he was still missing. Waiting to make a sensitive post until Erik’s actual friends had known? Nooo, that can’t be, Terry’s gotta post a selfie with him to show how sad he was while the body’s still warm.
It disgusts me and angers me to no avail. I can’t tell where the line between my anger due to the mourning process and my anger over Terry’s blatant shallowness is.

No. 229456

Ugh, it gets worse, what an awful way to find out about the loss of your friend.
My sympathies with both you anons who had to see this shit.

No. 229462

I am so sorry to both of you. Mourning the loss of a friend is already hard enough without fake people like Terry coming out of the woodworks to pretend they were close to them for attention

Anon I feel like what you said truly highlights just how shallow Terry’s “memorial” post was. I mean you never even knew about Erik before now and you were able to write a much more kind and thoughtful post about him than Terry did. Terry’s post meanwhile was completely about directing all attention back onto himself. He’s fucking pathetic

No. 229562

Just notice he had to write that he died twice. No fond memories together. Just we took this selfie and that it. I know it already been said, but when the news came out. I already know he would be using this to get clout and pity point on him.

No. 229600

Honestly narc/self-absorbed claims are thrown around all the time on this site, but the second a cow actually pulls off something as insensitive and downright gross as this is the time I really believe it

I wish I could say that I hope he feels ashamed with himself but I have a feeling he'll just scoff off criticism and act like he's better than everyone

No. 229664

File: 1658020430509.jpeg (763.17 KB, 1284x2084, ADD51A20-2397-4AD5-B30B-816C90…)

Which zoomer accepted this Squall to be his Rinoa?

No. 229667

The same person who did Yuffie with him. She's from Arizona.

No. 229668

File: 1658022008692.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2048, EAA9F56D-928B-4E5C-8664-07EFC3…)

Stay away from Jinx Terry

No. 229674

None, because you're MALE.
I am wondering why she is hanging out with him. Has she not found these threads yet or knows how creepy he is? At least he's cosplaying with someone a little older.

No. 229676

She has an onlyfans. I think she's banking on getting cuckbucks from him. She already got that ita backpack out of him.

No. 229679

I forgot he got her that. I guess Terry really likes her since he never wants to buy anyone anything kek

No. 229707

He’s really going to fly out for Saboten? That’s mostly a local con and really small. I’m sure there are cons local to him (at least in the east coast) that weekend

No. 229732

All for his cosplay partner kidofmischief, anon. Terry + her = the "would you date outside your race" post he made. He's always liked thot girls and having one cosplay with him, be a normal age people can't criticize, AND hang out with him for more than a selfie has him hooked.

No. 229738

File: 1658048535068.gif (2.63 MB, 640x640, lovelyti-tv-lovelyti2002.gif)

Not my OTP! sigh
Constantly farming for new shitty cosplays he can return, tear up or throw around his house after a "photoshoot." For the love of Hyne, please actually retire from cons you crusty old man

No. 230051

What a fucking clout chaser

No. 230055

File: 1658102739281.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1938, 2AFB3D1D-B24F-49B3-BE7B-9AE4BE…)

He must be in love with her to suddenly want to cosplay everything she is.

No. 230056

File: 1658102902524.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2039, C53DBE80-8D58-4417-8CF4-AA47CC…)

Sir you’re gross as fuck posting this. You’re trying to get to see what your new zoomer love interest would use so you can fantasize about it. Sick perverted fuck go see a doctor.

No. 230063

He is down bad. He never cosplay an original design. But I kinda want someone to suggest knuckles because most people see him as black lol or shadow for the same reason

No. 230075

His bathroom/toilet fetish has got to be one of his stranger elements, way too many posts about this sort of thing

No. 230079

>a single bar of Zest soap

No. 230093

Stunning absolute bare minimum bathroom you have there Terry.
If you told me a middle aged woman fresh out of a divorce lived here, I'd believe you.

No. 230106

it's such an ugly bathroom as well….the overall design and fixtures look like it is circa 2001.

No. 230313

File: 1658169788487.jpeg (235.47 KB, 828x1448, DB9BD88A-E97C-412D-9659-895F0D…)

Imagine inviting a friend you’ve known for 9 years to your wedding, and then seeing them post on their story that they can’t decide if they should go or not because there’s a local con they don’t even like happening the same day.

No. 230319

If he does end up going to the wedding, I can’t wait to see him whine that the food is mostly stuff he “will not eat.” And that’s if the wedding’s food is buffet-style.
Though I’ve never seen him post about going to a wedding in the almost 10 years I’ve been acquainted with him, I can’t imagine he’ll change that now. Narcissist like him wouldn’t be able to handle going to an event where someone else is unequivocally being celebrated.

No. 230323

File: 1658171950044.jpeg (200.06 KB, 1800x1145, A2F0B5AC-A34B-41AB-B6EF-7D81A9…)

Cropped out the comments with ships. Ningguang x Beidou was a popular one. The second I saw this post I knew where he was going to try to go with it. Good luck with that, Terry

No. 230353

File: 1658177342946.jpg (75.69 KB, 946x500, Screenshot_20220718_154520.jpg)

The wording lmfao. Of course it's 'who wants to be HIS partner' like he's famous

From the comments. I can't wait to see his awkward ass stumpy Ninnguang stumble around a convention

No. 230369

I figured this was the whole reason he was putting so much effort into Beidou. Coaplay pairing = we can do romantic photos and tiktoks = they will hang out with me longer = we might become more than friends. He's really predictable.

No. 230387

if he cared about who he could "pull off" he wouldn't be cosplaying anything, especially not women.

No. 230419

File: 1658190842913.jpg (564.99 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20220718-203302_Ins…)

no one fucking cares that you're wearing a mask in this picture. no one cares that you wear a mask in general. stop virtue signaling because we all know you don't wear it properly 90% of the time and you've admitted you won't wear it if there's money involved

No. 230441

God this is just offensive! I can’t believe he’s willing to admit he’s considering missing a friend’s wedding for a small local con. The only time I’d think it was ok to miss a close friend’s wedding for a con is if you have travel plans you can’t change or commitments that you can’t pull out of (working/artist alley table/guest etc.). And even then most people would feel bad about it. But Terry is considering it just because he might get some attention.
I hope his friend hears about this and uninvites his ass

No. 230449

This character has a high collar that covers the lower half of the face the majority of his screen time so…

No. 230466

"Talking tons" and "meeting at cons" got him an invite to a wedding. That's shocking in itself. But "friends" are just numbers and ways to get clout for this egomaniac. Why would he want to celebrate someone else.

No. 230476

He would just go to the wedding dressed in white, maybe even wearing an aliexpress wedding dress, so I think it's better for him to skip the wedding.

No. 230478

Have we considered he wasn't invited and is salty about it because he "knows" people who were invited so he's mentioning the wedding explicitly to make it seem like he's been given an invitation only for him to "chose the con" even tho it was never a choice in the first place

No. 230480

I don't think Terry is that calculating. Terry is just so self centered that a convention where he can take filtered selfies with teens that may follow him on social media is more important than his friend's wedding day. That's all.

No. 230487

Sure Terry is calculating and capable but what I find it hard to believe is anyone wanting him at their wedding

No. 230525

I wouldn't be willing to risk my own wedding by any means, but it would be hilarious to observe him in a wedding setting. Him seething in a 4 page essay on fb after how nobody complimented him and how the photog told him to clear the shot when he was trying to get mid-wedding selfies infront of the alter.

No. 230589

I'm inclined to believe it was more of a sympathy/goodwill gesture. Not so much a "hey you're invited to my wedding cause we're such good friends" and more of along the lines of
>Her, on a completely unrelated social media post: my wedding is this particular weekend!
>Terry: oh that's the same weekend as AUSA
>Her: oh darn! If you can come you should, it would be nice to see you!
Most people at marrying ages these days aren't doing too many strict rsvp weddings anymore and just open the invite to their friend groups, from what I've seen. I highly doubt Terry has a female friend that he is close enough with to be specifically invited to her wedding; bro won't even buy McNuggets for a starving 17 year old at a convention, he sure as hell ain't buying a wedding gift.

No. 230900

File: 1658327291752.jpeg (417.73 KB, 820x874, 1B6C05BA-9F48-4A88-885C-C1272C…)

This is 100% assumption. Maybe perhaps the friend s/o knew you were a weirdo preying on people half your age?
It so weird he is making this narrative that the reason most people don’t like him is out of jealousy. Jealous of what? Some40 year old kisslesss virgin in a townhouse with too much money? Who can only get validation by cosplaying teen girls husbando while starving themselves on chicken tendies

No. 230937

File: 1658334294738.jpg (248.81 KB, 1076x1836, Screenshot_20220720-102047_Ins…)

Everything about this is terrifying and hilarious.

No. 230952

File: 1658338632140.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1284x2227, 811D3DBC-F91A-4D74-80A7-B920F4…)

Short and stumpy, high AF Xiao

No. 230975

This is a grade-A example of Terry being a huge incel. "I was nice to them, why won't they hang out with me???" idk maybe because you're not in 1st grade and people are allowed to just not like someone.

No. 230982

I don't keep up with his thread a whole lot, is he confirmed going to Sabo? Could be my first cow sighting in the wild…

No. 231000

File: 1658342935998.jpeg (423.2 KB, 1971x1809, 932873AD-6AAC-44E3-B85B-474C58…)

This is such a creepy fucking comment made on her TikTok. He wanted to be in that video so bad.

No. 231029

He is so damn creepy. He’s always asking “who wants to be my (insert female character)?” whenever he cosplays a male character that has a few ships. It’s like this is how he pretends to have a girlfriend. Ugh it’s just so creepy and cringe.

No. 231044


This. It so creepy how he always ask this. No one want to be YOUR anything. Isn’t he ace and is not interested in dating? What a liar

No. 231203

The way he opens his mouth when he puts fangs just puts me off. He also needs to stop sticking his tongue out like a lizard. That is just disgusting, Terry.

No. 231271

File: 1658410416616.jpg (262.79 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20220721-093238_Ins…)

knowing he's not going to get any negative votes, there's a chance we'll see Terry in fake tits at otakon next weekend

No. 231283


Wonder why he's looking for someone to cosplay itto, a male character. Did he do any gay ships before? Is he hoping for a girl to crossplay?

No. 231302

Yeah he’s hoping for a girl zoomer that will crossplay. He has this weird thing for tomboys (that was in his google search for when he was looking for outfit inspo). If a man actually asked to cosplay a gay ship with Terry, he would definitely ignore him.

No. 231325

He’ll do it for clout or if it brought him some bl zoomer girl attention

No. 231335

File: 1658422334077.jpeg (125.54 KB, 1170x451, E9CB9508-616B-4DFF-B607-5B505E…)

terry so subtly making his uhhh 3rd post about dating in what, a week?

No. 231384

God he’s such an autist. Even the people I know who are into astrology don’t say shit like this. And how does he know all these peoples’ signs to be able to know they’re Virgo/Cancer?
Let me guess, he’s a Virgo and the girl she’s chasing is a Cancer?

No. 231398

Some people post their birthdays publicly on social media, so it would be easy to know their sign. Also a lot of zoomers seem to advertise it nowadays. You’re right though he’s probably asking this and hoping his recent crush will answer.

No. 231400

why would he share this? i would feel so weird if i was his "friend" and saw this, saw him completely misinterpreting something like this

No. 231408

kek which girls that hes interacted in the last few months with are cancers? maybe the mall girl or the roommate from sakuracon

No. 231449

He is, anon. He brings it up in stories with those stupid "that's such a Virgo thing to say/do/!" Autist at his finest.

No. 231450

File: 1658457706286.jpeg (88.47 KB, 828x577, B59FC472-28FD-4E19-B6C9-92EEDC…)

Possible tinfoil, but the Yuffie he was cosplaying with was 29 back at AX, and she’s since updated her profile to say she’s 30 now. So she’s most likely a cancer, and is probably why Terry is suddenly posting about Virgo/Cancer couples.

No. 231467

It's a VERY possible tinfoil. The mixed race interest post featured a black person and an asian person = Terry and her. The recent couple cosplays and suggestions have been things she cosplays. Cheapskate Terry BOUGHT her that ita bag. I don't think it's a tinfoil saying he has his sights on her big time.

No. 231477

all I gotta say is, at least she is a more appropriate age…

No. 231492

ah, applauding the bare minimum

No. 231528

plus the fact that he only decided to go to Sabo to see a really good friend for his bday? it's in AZ. and she's from AZ. I have a feeling he's falling hard for her or got some idea at AX that she has something going on for him. He's making it kind of obvious though and if I were her I'd be really creeped out

No. 231546

It’s better than stalking girls nearly 20 years younger than him at malls. He’s still a creep obviously.
Agreed, his behavior is really off-putting. I don’t know if she expected him to be this much of an obsessed autist. All of the vague Facebook posts and Instagram stories directed at her is really creepy. Someone, like one of his “friends”, just needs to just tell him this is not how you attract somebody and to knock it off.

No. 231548

She probably knows what she's doing by milking Terry out for free con rooms. Simps are gonna simp and she knows that

No. 231827

File: 1658555780772.jpg (372.65 KB, 614x887, 418e12c1e7fd4f7ee29e6339cdac73…)

Nobody wants to mail you their shit Terry…I bet he has only ever taken like a selfie at max with the op

No. 231828

kek how fast he would be ordering a cheap amazon cosplay of the same thing just to take a photo with the sword, that or expect them to buy him dinner for the favor

No. 231881

terry is so obvious. he had to type all that when clearly the cosplayer won't have time to ship the prop to him. so fake

No. 231960

File: 1658600775502.png (720.81 KB, 661x743, Untitled.png)

I can't even comprehend why this is so goopy

No. 231975

I hope it's done this way to match the character. I'm not familiar with the game.

I can't understand why someone who's been cosplaying for more than a decade would fuck up a simple paint job like this

No. 231987

it's definitely not.

No. 231993

looks like really bad worbla air bubbles

No. 232054

We know that he’s going to complain about “not being able to use his phone” whenever he inevitably tries to take selfies with other people at cons. He complained about other cosplay gloves before. And I can’t tell if those are leather or latex, but those aren’t going to be tough slipping on and off if he sweats at all.
Almost thought it was polymer clay that he glued onto a glove. Hard to tell with Terry.

No. 232056

Did you see the goofy looking boot covers? I swear he should stop trying to make bulky boots and buy cheap boots and alter them

No. 232083

File: 1658620690998.jpg (5.07 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg.jpg)

This isn't even beginner level shit. Hell, this isn't even blind person level shit. You literally have to TRY to be this bad.

No. 232097

File: 1658624517893.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1857, 34637CC8-7947-4CAA-870E-C838A1…)

Probably a nitpick but Terry’s too cheap to buy official merch / fan merch directly from artists so he buys a bundle of buttons with stolen art and knockoffs. As someone who has friends who have had their work stolen in this way: go fuck yourself Terry.

No. 232112

Looks similar to bad plastidip application or bad flexbond layering

No. 232132

Kek. I like how he has to give them away at a con because he has no irl friends.

No. 232138

No one wants to see him at con unless they get something out of it and since he's too cheap to pay for food he's just gonna offload shitty buttons and hope that does the trick

No. 232262

File: 1658677214024.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x2260, FE83835B-507B-4CB0-9FB9-AB00C3…)

Wall o text from the 40 year old

No. 232263

Right, Terry. You're so pro weight acceptance. That's why we've seen you with heavier people….oh, never.

No. 232266

He literally nearly made a friend lol, a creepy guy who shittalks female cosplayers? Sounds like him, he is so weird about his """friends""" who he totes forgot about entirely and doesn't constantly vaguepost, he just attracted someone like himself to his inbox and he doesn't even see it

No. 232270

File: 1658678421271.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1703, 62F66A9E-C112-4C77-AA2D-0E8825…)

Pro tier boot covers for reference.

Looks like he made it with duct tape tbh

No. 232278

Duct tape was my first thought too. Also, I guess he can’t be assed to use tape, or even draw in a straight line. Those painted edges on the soles look so uneven.

No. 232283

This is not something to be proud of, as a supposedly veteran 10 year + expert cosplayer, terry

No. 232284

No one cares Terry.

No. 232294

He will never have true friends. It normal to vent. It normal to say nasty words about a person you hate because you trust the person to know your true intention. Fuck terry being a person who want tea then immediately vague post the person to appear like the better person.

No. 232310

File: 1658691944330.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x2202, 035F1BFF-F29C-4F02-987B-B23A7A…)

Bit of a nitpick, but does anyone notice his weird capitalization habits? How he’s always capitalizing acronyms like “LOL,” “BTW,” etc,? It’s definitely because of his age. But also he capitalizes “ITA,” does he think that’s an acronym?
For the record, Terry, ita comes from the Japanese word “itai,” which is the Japanese word for painful, like the way someone would cringe in pain from looking at you.

No. 232338

File: 1658698895783.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1284x1819, D6FF7830-D308-48BC-A761-1ADD59…)

How the hell does this look like Zack?

No. 232345

Cumspikes are back! Calling it now too, he's not gonna know how to wear that lace front wig he ordered, so he's just going to just wear this one

No. 232347

Some might say this is a practice version for his lacefront, but that would insinuate that the next one will look better.

His lace will be popping up bc he doesn't know how to properly prepare/secure it, and he'll probably wear it on top of his head instead of bringing it down to where his hairline should be. This dipshit burns though money faster than anyone I know.

No. 232353

people make fun of the way he hold his phone but this is way better than him drawing white lines over his mouth. I'm not going to repost that pic because I can't bring myself to do it.

No. 232378

File: 1658707635304.jpg (484.12 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20220724-200639_Fac…)

why is he crossing his legs like he's holding in piss? it doesn't look cute if that's what he's going for

No. 232391

Ugh he’s so cringy. If I saw him at the mall dressed like this with the itabag I’d be super creeped out. How does he not realize this isn’t how a male his age should be acting?

No. 232412

Literally this nonnie, he types like what a boomer thinks a teenage girl writes like in her diary

No. 232418

I'd feel embarrassed hanging out with a 40 year old dressed like this. I hate that the only shirts he owns are weeaboo animu ones. This is just trash.

No. 232419

he also has weeaboo anime pillowcases and blankets on his bed.

No. 232420

And his walls are covered not in anime art, but anime promo posters he frames. He's a trashy weeb.

No. 232422

I don't get Terry. is he gay? is he a creepy hetero that's into young women? Is he a very confused autistic person?

He used to be a rather normal dude. the lockdown really did a number on him

No. 232430

He's taking the now sadly traditional Autist route of assuming they'll get young girls to fuck them if they troon out. Just like in their animes!

It doesn't help that zoomers give him asspats on social media for dressing like a 14 year old girl from 20 years ago.

No. 232436

if you think self-absorbed is normal, he was a shit way before the pandemic too

late on this, but I knew Erik as well and I knew all his friends. Terry wasn't one of them. way to try and get clout off a dead person, Terry… taking notes from Moomoo I guess

No. 232451

he's always had peter pan syndrome.

No. 232456

File: 1658753272063.jpg (85.24 KB, 1057x375, Screenshot_20220725-084558_Fac…)

"don't worry ladies, I know your struggles now that I too have boobs"

No. 232468

I literally don’t know what the hell he is referring to. How would putting on accessories be harder with boobs? I have not had this struggle.
By “accessories”, does he actually mean putting on his ill-fitting cosplays that are way too small?

No. 232484

I feel like he was trying, and failing, at trying to start a boob conversation with his barely legal followers. there's literally no accessories he could have been putting on that his fake boobs would have gotten in the way of

No. 232491

This is disgusting behavior. Watch him wear those things out in public, not just in cosplay.

No. 232502

File: 1658766050167.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x2221, EE2651A8-2342-427E-9B7F-93640B…)

The fuck is he doing with his face?

No. 232528

>white zoomer spotted

No. 232532

the fish eye-esque lense on this is so fucking funny fuck, makes him look even more bobble headed

No. 232533

I sure do hope the photographer lighten my skin in this photo — terry thought

No. 232535

what's the stain or crusty shit on his leg? did he not even notice that was there?

No. 232562

Damn those are some dry ass elbows

No. 232645

why is he so proud of this photo? his skin is a mess. the photographer sucks. the cosplay is mediocre at best

No. 232649

Men get paid more money than they're worth. We need to stop bullying autistic men. They give nothing back to society.

No. 232653

File: 1658796937799.jpeg (205.67 KB, 1284x514, C6A4DA10-59A9-47EA-8E7F-D7A4DD…)

It is your choice to keep this lifestyle

No. 232656

this man doesn't even work on friday. he can easily sleep in if he wants to.

I swear this man go to the arcade or the pet store every few days. you can tell people are sick of his sick. thousands of "friends" only 8 reacts

No. 232659

File: 1658799927966.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1893, 21FD15F7-56C4-456F-9172-047C39…)

He’s got some weird fetishes.

It’s called eyelash glue to keep shit in place Terry

No. 232667

anon, you also don't know what you're talking about. he means fashion tape.

No. 232678

File: 1658808909019.png (3.22 MB, 1170x2532, F1873040-06CB-4C1F-97E8-720900…)

Insane question to ask Terry. Too divided of a question. What are you going to ask next, “Do you drink water at cons?”

No. 232679

that's not very far fetch. I wear he did a poll along the line of "do you eat food"

No. 232746

I'm only slightly more concerned with the 1% that aren't wearing deodorant to a con… he asks the most inane questions.

This was immensely painful to read. Is he ESL? How is his grammar so bad? What the fuck does "he sees, of and her whale friend" mean??

No. 232801

File: 1658858810521.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1284x1732, 992F4A7D-C293-4D93-85D2-241797…)

Of course he would want to cos as Kuja so he can show off his junk to his teenage followers

No. 232805

was about to silver lining this about these "cosplans" at least being men until I read his caption

don't touch lighting Terry just please have some self respect

No. 232833

>veteran cosplayer for 10 years doesnt know about fashion or double sided tape.
Umm couldnt he have just googled this?

No. 232837

at the very least he could have asked one of his zoomer girl "friends", just another ploy for attention. i wish more people would hype him up so troon arc begins

No. 232881

Kek that first line. He literally has polls every week for something new and right now it's should I cosplay Yor just cause.

No. 232927

he kept making these fake attention statuses. People need to call him out. He's been cosplaying for 10+ years. He's a bad cosplayer, but he got to knew this already.

there is zero reason to actually mention "nipples". this man is disgusting.

No. 232966

He's probably hoping to hear stories about his followers' experiences with using fashion tape on their boobs. Creepy old man. He doesn't need any sort of tape or adhesive to hold the top in place; he needs safety pins since he can't close the top and he knows that.

No. 233064

File: 1658920812192.jpeg (217.2 KB, 1284x511, 1D3C91BE-2E5F-4091-B503-D88D64…)

Sir… Stop pretending that you’re a player.

No. 233071

Ugh anon is right, this is just terry being a creepy pervert trying to get some “big boob” stories from his zoomer followers. So disgusting. These are way too many statuses on boobs.

No. 233072

Glad Erik was a passing phase for you, Terry! No word of his funeral (that you could’ve easily attended if you were SUCH a good friend of his), no further comments on him…just that original, attention begging post where he’s in the back of the image because YOU needed to be front and center.

I guess going to his funeral would’ve been to hard for you, what with not being the center of attention…

No. 233096

can you imagine Terry going to his funeral and people mingling after telling stories and someone asking him how he knew Erik? "oh yeah he was a good friend. I took a selfie with him see? here it is, that's me right there" and that's it. no actual stories about Erik just a selfie

No. 233112

Terry would’ve gotten mad that no one wanted selfies with him.

No. 233120

File: 1658940773767.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1284x2232, DA04176A-E808-4D38-A4B3-5E6F45…)

This is more than some folks do in their entire cosplay career…

No. 233159

wtf, since when has this ugly ass had any interest in Chrono trigger or Castlevania?? has he even played those games?

No. 233161

i mean, you think he plays twisted wonderland either? dude just sees a character and goes batshit

No. 233181

Remember, he doesn't play any of the games he has. He sees that character is popular and just cosplays them so he can get more clout.

No. 233190

Thought you were supposed to be quitting cosplay soon, Terry? Seems like an awful lot to do when you said you’d “retire soon”.
Also, we really do not need to see him cosplaying anyone with tight pants or leggings. I doubt he would wear a gaff, since he’s a pervert that’s showed his bulges online before.

No. 233197

Most of these cosplay look complicated to make. Unless he's just ordering every single thing from Amazon again? He is so pathetic. Just quit cosplay already. Every character he cosplays, he looks like shit.
Also, lotion your elbows, dry ass.

No. 233253

File: 1658975212998.jpeg (182.16 KB, 1284x522, F708AE1A-67B9-4B51-AC62-5E814D…)

Other than Zack who else is a lacefront?

No. 233257

just zack, for everyone else he uses hard fronts. i am lowkey excited to see this unblended train wreck. how far back on his forehead do you think it will sit?

No. 233268

Chrono trigger is very old school. I would not be surprised if he have played it.

I saw the post and was going to say this. so many cosplays when he's supposed to be retiring this year.

No. 233369

File: 1659013396716.jpeg (871.29 KB, 1170x1473, 3B591948-C8A1-413F-93BB-0A63DA…)


No. 233370

File: 1659013483496.jpg (284.61 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20220728-090227_Ins…)

more selective with who you take selfies with? doubt it. you'll still end up with 1000+ selfies and talk about how popular you were

No. 233371

So men, fat people, people without clout, and any person over the age of 25? Good to know

No. 233394

Wtf is the boundary list. It's like a checklist for an animal so you don't scare or offend it.

No. 233421

these are a new thing. the very notion that the kind of autists that would do any of this unprompted to begin with would suddenly respect a list is baffling.

No. 233423

>being a middle-aged man with no friends or family listing the "rules" you apply to the zoomers who might say hello to you at a con

God this is embarrassing

No. 233429

Samefag, it gets worse, he (never had a partner in his life) filled in three things of like cheek kissing and hand holding as partner only kekk
I feel like these lists are more approriate for young people to use, generally as you get older you won't feel like you got sexually assaulted because someone tapped you on the shoulder but if you're under 21 these type of charts are more applicable, however as this anon said >>233421 the type of people who will be doing anything unwanted to you will also not be reading the damn list because their personality is to overstep boundaries and not listen to anyone

No. 233496

Anyone who's going to Otakon, better snag a pic of him in the wild.

No. 233551

Unfortunately wasn’t able to get a picture, just passed by him on the way to Starbucks, but in the vaccine check line he was just wearing a wig cap. No cosplay, no wig on the wig cap, no makeup, just a “normal” outfit for him and a netted wig cap.

No. 233553

File: 1659050613370.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x1664, 39728F39-F455-4248-88C7-5E141D…)

He’s out in the wild somewhere now

No. 233569

Honestly this seems like one of his better looks for once. Sure the wig is still a little ick but it seems he toned down on his crustier eyeshadow. Wondering if this is gonna be his best cosplay this weekend and it’s just his Day 0.

No. 233575

Old Terrence doesn't like it, but he's a poc. So when he cosplays someone that is it naturally looks better than clown style Miku. I have no idea why he thinks he looks so great as her.

No. 233585

Wait I'm sorry does this mf really like his own posts

No. 233587

I know it's old school. I still have my original SNES copy. But he has never expressed interest at all. It's so random.


>call me T

Ok, MR. T

No. 233591

Okay but why did he draw a whole ass crease when his eyes are deep set anyways? Terry monolid makeup doesn't work on you

No. 233611

No one wants to kabedon you Terry. I thought that trend died years ago anyways.

No. 233647

What do you expect from a man exactly? As much as he doesn't like it, he's a dude and dudes don't know shit about how makeup works

No. 233672

File: 1659103826191.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x1477, 5F8E2FAD-DD59-478A-9CE8-ADE7D5…)

Lmao I love David. Sorry Terr he won’t edit you to look young and white.

No. 233674

File: 1659103953269.jpeg (697.92 KB, 2048x2048, 6867966F-3C96-43E1-A9DA-531942…)


Samefag, but this comparison is shocking

No. 233677

why does he fucking look like Rupaul

No. 233753

He actually looks acceptable in this cosplay for once, rather than a confused tranny who got dressed in the dark like he does in so many others

No. 233775

File: 1659128300867.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1668, 527CB3C9-368D-447B-85C8-8943C5…)

Why the eyeshadow for Zack… Zack doesn’t look like a drag queen…

No. 233787

He's insane. That eyeshadow ruins the entire look. Zach is not a faggot

No. 233790

File: 1659134958606.jpeg (845.5 KB, 3024x4032, 9C88221D-2014-4452-84B2-36BC12…)

sometimes I get kinda jumpscared when I notice he’s near me

No. 233793

I'm surprised I'm really saying this but he looks decent here for once, out of all the cosplay photos I've seen of him.

still doesn't know how to express for shit in photos with that blank ass face, but this is decent.

No. 233802

File: 1659140296119.jpeg (994.09 KB, 1284x1535, B287337B-E54C-4EC6-90C9-01D59B…)

Such a difference between the wild Terry and the snow app one

No. 233810


Funny how everytime an anon catches him in the wild at a con, he's alone. You'd think with all those rules and requirements he has for meeting all of his 100's of friends he'd have at least a small entourage. Nope. Just a lonely middle aged man creeping around the con looking for zoomers to acknowledge his dusty ass

No. 233817

File: 1659150494371.png (7.18 MB, 1125x2436, 8ECF1A70-9FCC-4F13-972A-5DE699…)

Taken from an Instagram story

No. 233823

Geez he looks like a total sped here. Not that he usually looks good but this is the worst I’ve seen.
Also so much for being mr. always masked

No. 233826

At least have your make-up more natural looking. This is just pathetic.

No. 233827

Yeah, isn't this con supposed to be an all masked one? Where tf is it here??

No. 233828

File: 1659152427041.png (1.16 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220729-223522.png)


Looks like that was taken indoors. Where's that mask Terry?

Terry without filters reminds me of that one middle aged aunt who was always plastered on boxed wine, a crooked wig and hastily applied makeup.

No. 233882


Can spend time filtering in Snow and haphazardly slapping eyeshadow on, but can't color correct & conceal his mouth area. Every unfiltered photo is me staring at his discolored upper lip.

No. 233894

Theres no mask requirement in the Marriott marquis (where the recent pics are) the official con center is next door. Can't speak to the enforcement in there but the hotels fair game

No. 233904

I don’t know about mask requirements at the con, I was commenting on it since he used to run his mouth all the time about always wearing a mask. It seems like since he got Covid he doesn’t care anymore, which goes to show that it was selfish from the start. He only cares about not getting sick himself, not about keeping other people safe. Not the worst thing, I’m sure a lot of people think this way, but it goes to show that he will run his mouth about something when it benefits him, but not when it only benefits others.

No. 233907

I agree with your complaint. it's been before he's gotten covid that he's really stopped caring though. ever since he guested at that one con and didn't wear a mask because they paid him so it suddenly didn't matter. but then he posts constantly about how he's the only one who still wears a mask? yet now even at otakon you can still find him maskless when it's not in a required area. so he's just very performative/hypocritical about it which is irritating. if he'd stop complaining about other people not wearing masks or talking about how he's the only one still wearing one, no one would give him shit when they see him maskless

No. 233911

he was also complaining a few weeks ago about unmasked people on a plane. he's a huge hypocrite.

No. 233933

File: 1659197702709.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x1665, CFCFF670-1046-429A-8EA9-2C7735…)

Kamui Cos is shaking

No. 233939

Oh god. Pray that a gust of wind DOESNT lift that crotch flap. If he looks this bad with the 37 filters, I can only imagine he's giving Southern Church-going Grandma vibes irl with that makeup.

No. 233954

i need a wild pic of this so bad oh my god

No. 234029

He looks like a hon. Disgusting

No. 234097

File: 1659245468293.jpeg (451.79 KB, 2464x1737, B2ACAE28-C144-4E5B-A559-D9895F…)

lil cringe but our whole group knows about this thread and reached same brain during quiplash

No. 234098

btw we’re at Otakon and unfortunately had this happen so that explains the group joke if you need it

No. 234169

File: 1659281259876.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1786, ECA37E58-BC73-40BE-BC1C-0D671B…)

His wig reminds me of the pork chops he so loves…

No. 234184

I crossed paths with him. If I saw sooner I’d have gotten a pic but he was wandering around alone as usual.

No. 234194

File: 1659286979680.jpg (23.72 KB, 540x540, 1648486455623.jpg)

Oh for the love of god why does he wear feminine eye makeup for his male cosplays???

No. 234199

File: 1659287420012.jpeg (754.37 KB, 3024x4032, A501A8FE-5BF9-4907-AD3F-612B12…)

wild Terry sighting

No. 234244

File: 1659296182077.jpeg (37.59 KB, 640x359, 9466878C-53CD-47E3-B0DA-9B4026…)

SE makes their men prettier than most irl girls I don't like T but the makeup is appropriate

No. 234247

I understand that but he's not even trying to look like the character. It's red eyeshadow!

No. 234251

Anything to look as white passing as possible I guess maybe it meshes better with the snow filter

No. 234313

i feel like the problem is less that the character looks feminine and more that a grown man is trying to pull off a shota type. that character doesn't have any winged eyeliner or red eyeshadow on.

No. 234328

File: 1659310831484.jpg (73.34 KB, 1080x475, Screenshot_20220731-194055_Fac…)

I doubt it

No. 234540

Such a hit, just look at all the friends and fans around him! It's so telling that he's almost always photographed alone, outside of his selfies and a small handful of group shots, and always complains he didn't see anyone. They probably saw you and promptly turned the fuck around and fled.

No. 234590

I honestly think that every time someone walks by and yells “Sora!” he takes it as a compliment and not someone knowing the character. It happens at cons all the time and isn’t a compliment or anything really. It’s just kids recognizing the character. We all know that Terry’s costumes are nothing special; he buys Chinese factory costumes and his wigs and props that he does are terrible. No one is going to look at that and go “wow, that’s an amazing costume!” Maybe he gots some compliments that he baits out of people when he won’t leave them alone and asks what they think of his costume, and of course they’ll say shit like “you look great” to be polite. Terry’s lack of social skills keep him from realizing that it’s just people being polite.

Someone said that he was more normal before the pandemic… was this just in regards to him wearing clothes for teenage girls and stuff or was he better at social interaction?

No. 234612

in my experience the social interactions weren't any better, but pre-pandemic he wasn't on the lgbtq bandwagon. and there wasn't anything off about how he presented or how he seemed when he was a cis male. but now that he's forcing himself to be a nb/ace you can tell it's fake if you've known him before.

No. 234802

File: 1659400916774.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1284x1578, 86FF4408-8EAE-433E-99C8-A34E93…)

He looks old and disappointed with not being able to stare at the zoomer’s tits

No. 234823

File: 1659403151503.jpg (259.93 KB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20220801-211501_Ama…)

This man and his Amazon reviews with filtered photos.

No. 234839

File: 1659404491780.jpeg (538.21 KB, 1284x2318, A58D201F-6D4A-415A-9C80-8C2884…)

Ah here we go… which zoomer cosplayed as Yor?

No. 234946

Literally all of them right now, to be honest.

No. 234965

He's 100% going to look like an old black man going to church dressed as him.

No. 235054

File: 1659451357198.jpg (398.51 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20220802-104213_Ins…)

here we go again. I guess since colossal texas is coming up it's time for him to throw his bitch fit again

No. 235058


Does this autistic fuck have Snoopy curtains?

No. 235060

He is rubbing in that he's an old man by saying every time too. Sorry kiddos, Terry is in bed by the time the party starts!

No. 235139

>doesn't fit with how I cosplay

the man acts as if he hasn't bought swimsuit cosplays before just because. also you don't have to only do swimsuit cosplays at colossalcon if that's what he thinks. there's a whole part of the con that's not at the Waterpark he can attend with his Chinese sweatshop cosplays if he wants

No. 235146

>doesn't fit with how I cosplay
Boohoo you'd have a harder time creeping on minors if you went to colossal. It's not like he'd get invited to any parties anyways; he's got the personality of wet tissue paper.

No. 235238

The dumbass would probably break his phone at the waterpark trying to take selfies in the with zoomers and then bitch about it being the Kalahari's fault

No. 235270

Wait, he doesnt like big party cons but he also likes big cons? He doesnt make any sense.

No. 235305

Good, at least those who go to Colossalcon's won't see his ugly filtered mug.

No. 235314

>says he doesn't like party cons
>has repeatedly talked about wanting going to Dragoncon
dude needs to make up his mind

No. 235315

let's not forget he was at HolMat last December, a known party con where everyone is out and about until at least 2 am, when the hotel shuts lobby bar down, and said bar is always 4 rows deep after 11pm

No. 235319

File: 1659480760074.jpg (6.02 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20220802_17453540…)

Bless tagged photos

No. 235334

>Crusty ass lips
>Gross stubble
His skin looks awful too, all of that grease paint is clogging his pores. He looks like a hon.

No. 235338

I’m surprised he’s not showing up to show off his Shinobu swimsuit cosplay and show off his gross chode to the cosplay thots.
Honestly it’s super weird how uncomfortable he is with people drinking, most people who don’t drink themselves don’t care about other people doing it as long as they’re not puking and stuff. And even if he doesn’t like party cons, why does he feel the need to announce it all the time? No one cares Terry.

No. 235605

File: 1659543667566.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2088, D78F1346-3998-41A3-AB86-D39A2F…)

Released his reasoning for not giving out money. 1/2

No. 235608

File: 1659543746471.jpeg (718.43 KB, 1284x1584, 9F144840-2C2A-489F-9A4E-1EDACD…)

No. 235620

the thing I don't understand in this whole situation is why does he need a specific barber or someone to do fancy hairstyles when all he does is basically shave his head bald all the time? I understand wanting to keep the same hair stylist if you have a particular style or color you go for but man has a style he can do at home easy

No. 235643

Why is he giving his barber money for anything besides a haircut instead of going to another shop? Why is not shaving his head at home instead? This sounds like a mess of excuses

No. 235666

you cant brag about how wealthy you are and the size of your house and not expect people to ask for money, terry

No. 235671

This is by far the dumbest shit Terry pulls. Dude will drive 2 hours to stalk teens at the mall but can't be assed to find a supercuts.

No. 235673

Casual classism from our woke queer king, yasssss

No. 235733

If this is true tho, Thats super fucking weird of the barber. Might be a cop out, might be a complete lie, still weird for a barber to do. Not really inclined to believe the story because how could a barber this unprofessional stay in business.

No. 235751

He'd happily do it if it was a cute girl is the difference. He's just scared of new things, probably easy to walk and talk over when he's not online, and equates something happening with 1 person = all people are that way. Remember how his sister did drugs once and wants money too?

Again, Terry is very autistic and loves to play the blame game on the internet instead of fixing the issue like an adult.

No. 235804

File: 1659562638036.jpg (424.01 KB, 836x1450, Screenshot_20220803-173351_Ins…)

this is so cringey, and the fact that he shared it like he proud he got this kind of comment? he wants to be a zoomer so bad

No. 235805

Ew. Why are zoomers like this? He's disgusting for enabling it.

No. 235822

File: 1659567509425.jpeg (919.5 KB, 1284x1733, 617A5D9E-FC49-4AE7-9113-2C84B1…)

Otakon recap

No. 235828

Does this man ever do anything but complain

No. 235836

This is weird as hell. Either Terry is making this shit up (because someone told him it looks bad when he complains about people asking for money while also bragging about how much money he makes) or the barber is on drugs or something and everyone else with an ounce of sense has cut him off. I also don’t buy that he has such a hard time finding a place to get his hair cut…. He doesn’t even have any hair, it’s not like it’s a specialized technique. I doubt his old barber “refused to talk to him” after learning that he cosplayed, I doubt he gave a shit. If anything, Terry probably bragged about all the shit he was buying and then didn’t tip, so the guy didn’t say hi to him the next time he came in or something.

No. 235846

File: 1659570803840.jpeg (634.25 KB, 1284x1612, 644EF64F-26EB-42B6-977C-4C03BA…)

Bro you’re bald as fuck

No. 235848

File: 1659570975731.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1230, 9FE67DF8-09F8-4410-8BBC-73E352…)

Such a stunning Zack cosplay.

There are bubbles in the buster sword, 10/10 on accuracy.

No. 235878

honey, you don't "might have to just give up those friendships"

they don't like you. leave them alone and move on.man is so cringe

No. 235913

Black people can't just go to Supercuts. Just saying. Their hair legit needs different kinds of care.

No. 235928

At this point I genuinely have no recollection of him even having hair outside of cosplay wigs

No. 236074

>a specialized fade
Where? >>232378

He really thinks people care. Barber was probably just trying to talk to Terry and mentioned that his business was struggling due to covid and Terry took it as him asking for money. The same way he took a 16yr old asking for him to drive her to mcdonalds as her trying to use him for money.

No. 236107

he's balding and gets his head shaved, he can get that anywhere.

No. 236147

it would be different if he grew his hair out and got it taken care of a special way, but since he just shaves it all basically bald, yeah he can go to supercuts.

No. 236163

You do know this is a black guy who just called his buzzed ass head a "special fade" right? He probably used "fade" because he thinks it's cooler with zoomers

No. 236221

I'm inclined to believe he doesn't know what a fade is and just heard the barber say it or suggest it and that's what he thinks it is now. There is NO hair on his head beyond what prickly growth he probably gets between "cuts."

No. 236233

Funny a guy who's so big on saving money and shit doesn't just shave his own damn head.

No. 236269

File: 1659643029302.webm (7.2 MB, 1080x1920, ssstik.io_1659642636445.webm)


No. 236275

File: 1659645028747.jpg (109.32 KB, 861x1513, Screenshot_20220804-162519_Ins…)

I can't believe someone saw this man's ugly mug at the beginning and still decided to share the video and call him hot

No. 236299

File: 1659647680775.jpeg (457.31 KB, 1170x2532, 8D3173D6-7DC4-47E2-9AD6-D6CCAE…)


No. 236312

Zoomers are really a special kind of retarded.

No. 236313

He looks older and crustier each non filtered photo I see. Damn

No. 236347

He looks so gross. You can see the fake giant nipples through his top too.

No. 236358

the chin/jaw blends into the neck so well he's starting to look like a hapsburg lmao

No. 236365

i can't tell if this is real or sarcastic. black people with hair surely needs different care than yt folks. Does Terry's barely there hair really require different care than non-black people?

I'm really curious why this man needs to spend so much money in hair care

No. 236371

File: 1659657082771.jpeg (527.65 KB, 1284x1003, 8F332428-64F0-4BD2-8B00-099AFB…)

He’s still mad about his barber.

No. 236372

Holy shit! No lie, I think this is the worst he's ever looked. And he wonders why people avoid him.

No. 236383

is the barber taking money for future hair cut or loan ("never pays me back")

I can't tell if his barber is a horrible person or terry just imagined these outrageous scenarios.

No. 236408

There are many deranged things about Terry, but his relationship with his "barber" who is definitely just some guy down the road who hassles him for money for "haircuts" - while Terry is basically bald - is one of the stranger ones. Like what the heck, what part of being fucking bald entails a haircut being a thing that happens, there's not a single fucking hair to be cut on that head, if anything it's a shave and he can do that himself. Like block the guy and move on.

No. 236409

>straight, longer, and in colours
you're fucking bald terry, the other barber probably stopped picking up the phone because dealing with a delusional customer for $10 isn't worth it.

And afro hair is complex to cut and style, but the pertinent point here Terry is you have no fucking hair, you don't need a barber

No. 236410

i really hate how he uses the brushes in these videos

No. 236561


Count your blessings, at least his tongue isn't out.

No. 236574

I can't tell from his writing if he loaning money or paying for services in advance, either way, it's weird. But I also take everything Terry says with a grain of salt bc he always has some crazy outlandish claim as to why he's a victim.

Sorry for semi-blog post, but I have a coworker who always seems to be in some sort of situation. Me and my fellow coworkers will suggest plenty of ways to handle them, and he always has an excuse as to why those suggestions don't work and just goes on complaining. Finally, we all just gave up and realized that he just wants to play victim and go "woe is me". It's the same with Terry. He doesn't want actual real advice, like just go to a new barber, he wants everyone to sympathize with him and affirm that he's always poor victim of things. He gets off on complaining

No. 236590

with the amount of complaining he does on a daily about things he can easily either fix or avoid, yeah this is definitely true. he's a middle school girl who wants sympathy online by combining about every little thing that happens in his life, but he doesn't want to actually fix anything. because if he fixes the problems then what will he have to talk about anymore? he realizes he's boring when "bad things" don't happen to him. and even then he's boring, but at least he has his brain dead followers who don't know any better and will comment anyway because they have nothing better to do either

No. 236603

Idk why he continues to tap his face with the brush after he's in cosplay. That is NOT how the make-up brush challenge works, Terry. JFC!

No. 236606

File: 1659712323940.jpg (64.71 KB, 1080x362, Screenshot_20220805-111108_Fac…)

I thought you weren't going to any cons next year, Terry. Odds are he is going to cosplay too. Dude just can't go to a con without cosplaying.

No. 236617

It will never end as long as he keeps getting positive zoomer attention. The day they find some reason to cast him out is the day he's retiring.

No. 236651

He uses dish soap to bathe. No way is he caring about proper care for black hair.

No. 236690

that's a surprise to me too. I don't think he's quitting con/cosplay for you. He;s just quitting out of state con, which ALA most certainly is.

I hope someone call him out on it in the status

No. 236729

File: 1659723994147.png (711.83 KB, 613x792, Untitled.png)


No. 236732

spoiler that shit!!!

he looks so unwell. I hope he gets the help he needs. I bet his zoomer fans be like "oh no, terry you look fabulous!" in the comments

No. 236737

He should just cosplay fucking Megamind, holy shit

No. 236756

Why does his nipple look necrotic, I knew he didn't eat well but holy shit didn't realize we were in an ana arc.

No. 236769

File: 1659729130225.jpeg (526.69 KB, 1284x1129, 9D3890BC-0930-4016-BB56-C56F51…)

But my hair

No. 236770

Because his body is trying to absorb any nutrients left from his body. They’ve inverted and they’re starving!

No. 236771

Holy shit, gollum from LOTR looks more nourished than he does

No. 236773

"before I really cosplayed much" what a liar. even back in 2012 he was doing 9 cosplays per con. In his other comment he said he's banned by most of the barber shop in his area? there must be more to this.

No. 236781

Can we drop the barber shit already? I can’t stand the guy as much as y’all but I’m here for cosplay related drama not some fag hairdresser BS.

No. 236782

he really looks like a bobble head on a skeleton. this isn't healthy and no one is going to say anything because then he'll cry about how they're body shaming him. he really needs to go to a doctor and get a checkup so they can tell him just how unwell he is

No. 236783

lol, all of the local barbers probably found out how he shoops himself lighter and hates being black and that is why they do not want to associate with him.

No. 236790

That does seem more likely. They might also think Terry’s some creepy crossdresser (he is) and they don’t want to be around someone like that.

No. 236792

File: 1659733665726.jpeg (77.22 KB, 1284x276, D7ECE391-BE19-4EF7-A5E1-7B44DA…)

He’s trendy guys

No. 236794

File: 1659733739832.jpeg (202.83 KB, 1086x788, 3030B182-E9FF-4118-AA40-4A641F…)


Gotta love those that encourage him.

No. 236895

Well this explains how unwell and gross he looks in >>236269

No. 236968

File: 1659756905816.png (Spoiler Image, 85.02 KB, 244x540, 0038E6C4-1FF1-4F47-B896-19C15B…)

Holy shit nonny he reminds me of the Jakovasaur from South Park

No. 237028

I don't get it. How can someone's diet consists of fried chicken, pork chops, fries, and white cup cake be skin and bones like this?

No. 237033


>I'm a little insecure showing my body but … uwu

Sir, your chest looks like a botched circumcision. You should be.

No. 237088

File: 1659784918974.jpeg (416.66 KB, 1284x1600, F7DCD1B1-5C15-4ECB-B6B9-46FD35…)

Idk what mobile phone game allows you to install and play and then tells you, you need more space so I am calling BS.

Also he’s going to cos every guy from it now to try to catch himself a zoomer.

No. 237089

He doesn't even have any fucking hair I have no idea how we even got here kek

No. 237098

Nah this comment sent me lmao the accuracy

No. 237113

lol I noticed that too. the "I only just started" comment when someone asks for his fc so he doesn't have to admit he's not actually playing the game or that he's going to play it for 5 minutes and then give up just so he can say he LOVES the game when he cosplays from it

No. 237116

File: 1659792176153.jpg (744.42 KB, 1079x1835, Screenshot_20220806-091838_Fac…)

please don't adopt special needs cats… I don't want him to adopt an animal in general, but especially not a special needs animal that he's just going to neglect and constantly abandon who need the extra attention and care.

No. 237145

He'd probably bring them back the next day after taking pictures of them and say that the eyes are missing to try to get a refund

Serious note, it pisses me off he's trying to show how extra caring he is by posting these guys when he can barely take care of himself

No. 237200

File: 1659803956112.jpeg (553.6 KB, 1284x872, 24208838-BAFA-4176-9A3B-27F182…)

Enraged because this moron wants to try a gacha that he will not play past the tutorial.

No. 237208

how many games can he play at once? didn't he say he was really busy just a couple weeks ago?

No. 237211

Lol he said “I need to free up space on my phone” in a comment on the twisted wonderland post but then downloads another game? Make it make sense Terry.
Arknights isn’t even popular anymore. I barely see people cosplaying from it.

No. 237269

He just likes to download games, logs in 1 hour at most, and then tells people he plays it

No. 237334

this arknight phase came out of nowhere. is a zoomer he's stalking really into arknight?

No. 237360

File: 1659822278558.jpeg (113.1 KB, 1169x653, 2F8B6632-921C-44A8-9D71-9B0DE1…)

Oh god here we go again trying to cosplay off popular zoomer anime series and then attempt to cosplay every character from said series. >.>

No. 237375

He probably just saw dokidoki releasing more for it and figured he could use his chestplate for more attention after the weird comments about beidou.

No. 237385

File: 1659826543245.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2114, CAE028E6-B31D-4632-B08A-8BB44A…)

Doki put this up so… i guess? Maybe he saw some zoomers getting attention at Ota so he asked what from and they said Arknights.

No. 237387

Place bets now on if its the catboy shota or not

No. 237388

My beta it cherry or lagna. Which I will scream. I would say joe but he seem too insecure about his boney bird chest

No. 237436

Imagine how much this retard spends on cosplay. He buys all his cosplays, then he spends money on air plane fees and hotel rooms. Terry is proof man get paid too much money for no reason

No. 237444

im betting on reki or adam, one of his zoomer friends cosplays langa

No. 237540

Not to be a gatekeeping fag, but who the fuck cosplays like this? Like, there's so many people that cosplay because they love the character and are passionate about it, and then you have people like Terry who couldn't give less of a shit and just throws a Dart at the "what zoomers like today" board. How is he not burnt out/financially exhausted by it all? And for what? A few randos at a con telling him "I like your cosplay". It seems like he hasn't even made any ACTUAL friends though cosplay, so there's not that excitement of being around friends. He just kind of drifts around until he takes a selfie with someone and then it's back to being alone, staring down at his phone, wondering why nobody wants to meet up and listen to him compliment himself.

Sorry for the tism-rant.

No. 237550

I'm betting it's Cherry or Langa. Most likely Cherry since he loves to cosplay characters that have a fem look.

No. 237570

zoomers cosplay like that.

No. 237585


I’m pretty sure i saw him talk about wanting to retire cosplaying and going to cons on his FB, but it’s hypocritical af of him to still actively want to fly out to cons and buy cosplays for clout ofc. Again lots of zoomer cosplayers just buy cosplays from whatever series is currently trending just to get attention on social media, and then you’ll see an influx of them listed on cosplay for sale pages on FB a few months later (ie. Love Live, Fate, Genshin, MHA etc). Its actually really wasteful and frustrating that cosplaying has become just as bad as fast fashion stores now bc of that mentality.

No. 237589

Sage your shit and this is an imageboard too. Stop bumping the thread if you can't add anything to the thread.

No. 237611

File: 1659888291908.jpg (639.4 KB, 1079x1893, Screenshot_20220807-120437_Ins…)

so we can all stop the speculation comments. here. he's confirmed he's going to cosplay Reki.

No. 237771

has he ever actually cosplayed a dark-skinned/black character … jw

No. 237802

Yes. Xinyan, Kaeya, and Haseo. There could be more but it's all I've seen.

No. 237809

He cosplayed this character from Genshin that is darker skinned >>233672
I think this is one of his better looking cosplays actually. It's strange that he hates himself so much that he will avoid cosplaying black characters, like how he was offended someone suggested he be Ekko.

No. 237933

With the $ he makes you'd think he would go for quality over quantity and get real commissions instead of this dime-a-dozen bullshit from EZcosplay, but we all know he only cares about cosplaying as much shit as possible and not at all about the actual quality. He's the definitive cosplay poser. What a sad pathetic urchin.

No. 238073

we've gone over this plenty of times on the threads, but he can't be bothered with commissioning someone for cosplays. he'd find faults in them and demand refunds, which would ultimately get him blacklisted from the cosplay commission scene. plus I doubt he'd want to wait the time it takes to get a cosplay commissioned when he complains when a cosplay is delayed after waiting a few days.

he's into instant gratification when it comes to cosplay, not quality. he also needs cosplays he can not feel guilty about wearing once and then either throwing away or giving away to zoomers right after because he never cared about cosplaying them in the first place and it didn't give him enough attention.

No. 238222

File: 1659992083425.jpg (909.24 KB, 1079x1876, Screenshot_20220808-165455_Ins…)

yes Terry, you're the only person in the whole world who loves spaghetti

No. 238227

What in the autistic?!

No. 238232

I don't follow Terry on social media bc my sanity can only handle so much, but is he out with someone? Or are the two bowls for himself. On another note: He always has to make himself feel special, doesn't he?

No. 238325

Nope cause that status amd 2 bowls are clearly for him and about him.

No. 238428

I want to post this in my family group chat

No. 238443

File: 1660050894520.jpeg (247.39 KB, 1284x603, 36083BE4-91C6-4AED-8076-E30657…)

It wouldn't be that hard to find a fruit like you in such a “racist and white” job

No. 238446

They don't know his name but they're huuuuge fans of his work? Kek

No. 238452

sounds fake, didn't happen. I thought all your coworkers were bigots? so why would they suddenly be coming up to you swooning over your shit quality cosplays? or is that just another lie to make your life seem more interesting?

No. 238464

And we're supposed to believe that the same people that supposedly bullied him for wearing glasses are big fans of him cross dressing and only hanging out with teenage girls? Is he getting less attention than usual that he feels the need to make himself seem famous

No. 238513

What work? You buy all your stuff and the stuff you do make looks trapped in 2009. Shut up Terry. I cant believe this man is nearing 40. Is this what happens when older millennials pander to zoomers?

No. 238518

>hello what's your name
>I've seen your cosplays and love your work

Makes perfect sense, is this the same workplace with imaginary fratboys in it which he changed all the screensavers to anime backgrounds or something? His fanfiction about himself is like a 7-year-olds level of realism

No. 238519

So the resident weeb recognized him from IG, and now because his weirdness is airing in the hot office gossip, that translates to ~the entire workplace~ being totally invested in knowing who he is, kek.
Do narcissists like Terry actually believe their own hyperbole?

No. 238535

this is pretty much the scenario.

I've had this exact thing happen at a previous job, but I present super normie outside of my weeb hobbies, so shit spread around super fast and it was mostly old ladies asking me about sewing and shit. Since Terry doesn't sew, or make 98% of his stuff, I am sure the conversations are awkward af. Honestly, it is flattering to have people show interest or being impressed with one of your hobbies, but in Terry's case, he is so autistic, he does not know how to properly handle praise or general interest.

No. 238555

File: 1660080071086.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1284x2222, 97CD778D-76F0-4DD1-82BE-710162…)

Treating himself! He must not have any cons to attend for a bit or something

No. 238558

File: 1660080544727.jpeg (613.78 KB, 1284x1561, 5774AD15-A2EB-47B7-9C9A-350458…)

The last comment has me cackling

No. 238563

how is he eating like this but his ribs are visible. it can’t be a high metabolism.

No. 238569

Nona, that's not that much food, and he's not eating like that every meal every day.

No. 238571

he ate two bowls of spaghetti for dinner himself the other day…

No. 238574

Fuck yeah love yardhouse at least he has taste

No. 238593

purge saga when?

No. 238617

I really question his statuses. He used to complain about his coworkers being old, white, anti-lgbt. who made fun of him for wearing glasses. I really want to know what really happened because there's no fucking way it happened as described.

No. 238709

File: 1660148454769.jpeg (180.93 KB, 1284x864, 580D3E38-8956-47F5-9C26-6DF6F5…)


No. 238724

his one meal of the day.

he goes days without eating also

No. 238759

Two hours and only two comments. Are the majority of his followers finally done with his blatant ego stroking?

No. 238962

ayrp ngl that’s word for word what i was gonna say at first.

No. 239039

File: 1660236999676.jpeg (510.2 KB, 828x2324, 409B1981-9090-4144-B91A-A301F8…)

What exclusively eating chicken tenders will do to a mf

No. 239043

what the fuck is the pose oh my god

No. 239051

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought it looked like he was trying to take a massive shit. I'm so confused what pose he's trying to even go for here and why either his photog didn't say anything or he didn't notice anything wrong with it

No. 239075

He looks so malnourished. Sallow skin hanging on bones.
I don’t think the photographer wanted to tell a guy so autistic that his pose looked stupid, to avoid Terry’s tard rage. Terry probably would’ve argued with the photographer.

No. 239156

Is he supposed to be doing a squat? The heck is wrong with him…

No. 239157

i dont think i could even replicate that pose, god its so awkward

No. 239164

File: 1660263319408.jpeg (752.01 KB, 1284x2129, 16DD736E-83BA-4016-92C2-4C10D4…)

Vague posting about how you want a zoomer to love you is not the way to catch one

No. 239169

why would the photographer post this photo? he could easily have terry do another pose and only post that one instead. old man terry can't possibly remember this shitty pose. No sympathy for the photographer

No. 239173

why did he post this? he's not hetero. why does he, as a non-binary asexual human being care about this enough to share it?

No. 239181

File: 1660266748683.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1284x2106, 4C049FDE-7345-4C57-9C34-74238F…)

Pop? You look constipated and ill with ashy elbows.

No. 239185

The caption says perish. I think he's trying to distance himself from the demographic of lonely single men kek

No. 239186

"pop more"? Aside from whitening himself, what did he do?

No. 239190

Just threw a filter on it and smoothed his skin lmao

No. 239243

File: 1660271697446.jpeg (156.9 KB, 1284x382, 455A0916-EF33-4A37-B199-519635…)

Sorry zoomers you don’t get krusty’s attention for now

No. 239258

good job, anon. i nominate this photo as the thumbnail for part 6

No. 239299

Im trying to decide if he shooped his arms or armor??? it looks wat too polished and crisp for a terry build

No. 239329

he makes posts when he doesn't have time to talk to people because he's busy, and when he's not busy now? I'm guessing this is his sad attempt at getting peoples attention because no one is actually trying to message him and he wants them to especially when he mentions topic starters (anime/k-pop) in the post.

No. 239361

File: 1660317993625.gif (2.68 MB, 1284x2106, terry_wtf.gif)

he literally just smoothed out his skin and lightened his skin. Couldn't be arsed to fix the shitty wig styling, or the wristband on his arm.

(also, picrel is animated, you're welcome.)

No. 239362

File: 1660318258339.jpg (113.67 KB, 794x1185, terry wtf2.JPG)

also, he is so unfortunate looking, why are his eyes so close together? I bet this is one of the things he hates.

No. 239368

he bought the cosplay. he only made the sword and stylized the wig

No. 239371

File: 1660319535727.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x2081, E2A30E6F-2331-440A-B34C-3E603D…)

Zack doesn’t look like he’s a drag queen with crunchy hair

No. 239381

i wonder if the photog gave him permission to edit the photo. it’s considered bad form to mess around with their images.

No. 239423

File: 1660333041148.jpg (343.25 KB, 1080x1110, Screenshot_20220812-153609_Fac…)

a new position with no pay raise, and makes you do manual labor that you clearly cannot do with how unhealthy you look? that's not the flex you think it is

No. 239427

he is also cropping out the photog's watermark

No. 239434

File: 1660337138355.jpeg (358.15 KB, 651x1566, C0DA0288-5C8A-49DC-8AB8-2E5948…)

Terry finally talking about his plans for his “not going to cons much” year in 2023. Only a measly 7 conventions! How will he live

No. 239442

what a cunt
>i am small and not so strong
fuck off terry.

No. 239446

>i am weak uwu
What exactly does he see himself as??

No. 239455

again, mr I-Hate-Party-Cons is going to… more party cons!

he is essentially going to 1) high volume cons where he can bounce from group to group to take photos and feel important or 2)guesting at small cons and feeling important

No. 239457

that's some weird flex.

how weak is he? can't even lift 50lbs?

No. 239482

photog probably cool with it. Terry is a Black cosplayer so he can't do anything about it or risk being called a racist

No. 239504

Perhaps anon was right about purge saga. A lot of people with EDs want to be seen as frail waifs that could snap a bone or pass out any second. He probably gets off on being “small and not so strong”. Wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to be “weak” for transbian reasons, since trannies think women can’t lift any weight or open pickle jars.

No. 239585

his obsession with bathroom "humor" makes sense now. He posted TWO shitting meme in TWO days. Man is spending way too much time there.

No. 239590

anyone knows why otakon was his best weekend yet? Saw him a few times during the con and he was always by himself and looked depressed AF. I felt sorry for him so took a selfie just to make him feel better.

No. 239594

Think he could be abusing laxatives as a way to “lose” the weight? I can see him doing that.
An ED at his age, he’s in for a lot of health issues. Maybe that’s another reason why he doesn’t want to go to the doctor, being told how unhealthy his habits are and that it’s killing him.

No. 239613

that could explain it. I also never seen him post "healthy" food. his body must be wrecked right now. Imagine killing yourself just for cosplay clout

No. 239669

File: 1660421338155.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1284x2035, 8A641C85-C4FC-49AD-AE3D-837489…)

You literally drove for hours to get fried chicken…. That’s pathetic.

No. 239678

he drove almost three hours to hang out in a mall by himself. How can his zoomer fans look at his bizarre adventures and go "this man is totally normal"

No. 239711

could be he’s got an intolerance and is too autistic to realise it’s not normal to shit like a newborn.

No. 239747

WHY IS EVERYTHING HE EATS SO DRY AND DEVOID OF ANY SEASONING? No wonder black people hate him and distance themselves. He ain't ever getting invited to a bbq.

No. 239863

is this seriously the only food he eats??

No. 239877

he also eats shake n bake pork chops, white cakes, and spaghetti. he loves spaghetti and thinks he's the only one who eats it.

No. 239895

just saw his latest status. he drove all the way to york to deliver some cosplays. probably to a zoomer who's smart enough to refuse a selfie.

No. 239992

2023: terry hall hang out with other black cosplayers challenge

No. 240055

File: 1660563415891.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2117, BBE17F0F-6855-4ABD-9571-4D0AC5…)

I swear all of this attention seeking for a 40 year old can’t be good.

No. 240076

Man just posted his photos from Sakura-con and there’s ZERO Black cosplayer in there. But he has FIVE photos of basic white Camie in the same pose. tell us you’re a racist hetero creep without telling us

No. 240085

I actually don't remember seeing his Razor but it's just as unsettling as everything else. Does he use a self timer for mirror photos? None of his fingers are close to a button or on the screen in order to take a photo. The temptation to add him on Facebook to see what he allows me to see since FB thinks we need to be friends lmao.

No. 240090

File: 1660575500530.jpg (202.99 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20220815-085650_Ins…)

Lol he uses this for planning? Wtf does that mean??

No. 240107

the man is so weirdly calculating about everything in his life, like every friend is just a damn number to him, it's so off-putting

No. 240137

I think that’s the autism in him. Trying to categorize everyone.
I >>240090
I guess deciding who gets to see his stories or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was also his way to scope out what zoomers he “might have a chance with”.

No. 240139

Idk I've been around people on the spectrum and I wouldn't just ride that off as autism it comes off as way more callous than that imo

No. 240150

Idk I knew a autist that would organize her money by serial number, and she would categorize anything and everything alphabetically if she could. I thought maybe he was doing the same making “best friends”, “not good friends”, “wants to be friends” categories. Knowing Terry though there probably is more to it

No. 240169

yeah but treating people like numbers isn't inherently autistic. I agree it can look similar, especially with his weird eating and social abilities, but the actual quantifying of relationships is still not something I wanna chalk up to being on the spectrum

No. 240178

Well that’s why it’s called a spectrum, everyone with autism is different. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether that specific behavior is caused by his autism or not— it’s an explanation, not an excuse. So either way, treating friends and quantitative numbers is not really a nice thing to do and should really be corrected if he wants to ever have real, meaningful friendships. Nobody will ever feel like their friendship is meaningful to a dude who sits there, counts how many friends he has, and classifies them into groups. I’m sure there are plenty of autistic people who do something similar, but also plenty of them who don’t do that and are more compassionate towards their friends.

No. 240189

>everyone with autism is different
no, idiot, that's not why it's a spectrum. jfc.

No. 240190

But it literally is… it’s a spectrum because there’s such wide variation in the symptoms even though it’s classified as a single diagnosis.

No. 240194

File: 1660596808122.png (89.56 KB, 1424x310, Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 1.53…)

tell me you don't know what autism is without saying it lol

No. 240240

No. 240241

Yeah you really need to come correct before calling someone else an idiot LMFAO

No. 240242

you idiots really believe this shit.

No. 240245

can we just move on? Anon probably was trolling.

let's talk about Terry's meltdown today because he couldn't book FIVE nights of hotels for ALA.

Sorry, terry. Most cons don't offer that many con rated rooms because most people are not rich like you.

No. 240268

File: 1660619444543.jpg (497.22 KB, 1080x1884, Screenshot_20220815-211035_Ins…)

On Facebook? I just saw this bitching on Instagram. What a luxury to take 5 days in a row off like that every month.

No. 240288

If we didn't get the wonderful cloud-taking-a-shit photo, I'd vote this as next thread pic

No. 240289

sorry terry, MAJORITY of people don't have money or time to go to a con on WEDNESDAY

this one makes six figures and can barely write.

No. 240290

I will give him this one… I checked ALA hotels this morning when they went live just to see prices and you couldn’t book from day 0, only from the first day of the con. I’m not sure if there was a glitch with the website doing the booking or someone from ALA screwing up on what dates to make available. I’ve never had an issue booking a hotel from day 0 for any con via the con room block, so he is right in that. However, he phrased it in a super dumb way. My first thought was that it was a glitch

No. 240456

Can some kind anon translate this? jfc, is he illiterate on top of being autistic?

No. 240459

don't be racist. Black people just write differently (AAVE). don't be racist and ableist.

No. 240462

i swear every other male in software/tech/wtfe is autistic and borderline illiterate

No. 240465

File: 1660701420299.jpg (1.3 MB, 3934x3513, InCollage_20220816_215318943.j…)

putting these two stories together because it's absolutely hilarious how he goes from "woe is me I'm not getting attention it's time for me to quit cosplay" to "so when I get this cosplay what size should I get it so I can fit my fake boobs and hips" in such a short time span

also maybe your reach has tanked because people realize you're mediocre and you just post the same bs everyday

No. 240466

I'm still surprised it took him this long to get into fake boobs and how quickly he got attached to them lol

No. 240470

Sounds like your majority school age following is starting off the academic year kek. He doesn't have anything to make him interesting to follow and clout chasing the new hot thing only gets you so far when attractive and/or talented people are cosplaying it as well. At least he finally admits that he doesn't care about the hobby itself just the attention.

No. 240498

No this is not even AAVE it’s just strange

No. 240533

Am I being autistic myself by being uncomfortable with him constantly using the words 'boobs' and 'nipples'? Like most people I know would say breast form or chest plate instead of 'boobs'. Maybe I'm just fucking weird but it's unsettling that a 40 y/o man is using, for lack of a better word, 'crude' words for female parts.

No. 240549

nah im in the same boat, seems pretty crude and fetishistic imo, especially for someone claiming to be a beacon of uwu light

No. 240669

boobs and tits shouldn't be taboo words. and there's nothing wrong with a 40 y/o man saying it. Terry just make it really creepy. Bet you he fap to his three sets of boobs while fantasizing about his zoomer fans

No. 240674

while true, it's the fact that he only uses those terms while being creepy and putting up a front, and neglects to use terms with less of a sexual connotation than boobs and tits has (especially knowing that he was so traumatized by a stripper giving him a lap dance lmao)

No. 240860

File: 1660847327063.jpeg (699.61 KB, 1284x1306, 8571289D-627D-46E7-BFC2-9CCD93…)

Oh wow… what a surprise~

No. 240865

No one gives a shit Terry. Most people can’t afford to go to out of state cons every month, or they choose to spend their money on other things and only go to out of state cons a couple times a year, if at all.
I know people who literally cosplay professionally who go to less cons than him. He really needs to find a hobby that isn’t dependent on validation from people half his age.

No. 240995

File: 1660866976006.jpg (382.59 KB, 1079x1757, Screenshot_20220818-195632_Ins…)

of course he leaves out the only black character as an option

No. 241009

Get your fucking hands off my childhood crushes you soiled breadcrumb

No. 241052

It's not like he has the skills to build a cyborg cosplay anyways. I hope he doesn't do any of these because we all know he's gonna look shit as usual and not wear a dance belt. Though it would be funny to see him struggle with body paint.

No. 241058

… anon she's on the list.

No. 241059

oh fuck i m too drunk. my bad

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