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File: 1554221921479.png (748.35 KB, 572x595, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 42676[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/auresscosplay/?hl=en (currently has her instagram privated)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyEjcS59x1xtIbisfXLC8A
Twitter: https://twitter.com/auresscosplay?lang=en
Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/auress

Openly racist 22 year-old cosplayer from New York that frequently gets into drama with the cosplay community and is extremely delusional. Used to go on tirades on twitter about how she hated Mexicans, and now has her father take lewd pictures of her cosplaying underage characters in her backyard.
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No. 79633

I don't know who this cow is, but every time I see this get bumped, I keep thinking someone made a thread about Lena Dunham. Tbh she honestly sounds like her after reading the OP kek

No. 79670

Holy fucking shit!! Obviously we suspected but i didnt know she straight up admitted that her dad rapes her. This is insane

No. 80626

So apparently yesterday Kelly was admitted to the hospital after what she claims was a suicide attempt. She proceed to document herself in the ER, smiling and laughing, no indication of trauma while her father could be heard referring to her as a drama queen and calling her overly dramatic. She was discharged same day.

No. 80661

File: 1580538227193.jpeg (102.13 KB, 960x552, BC0F5B98-980F-41AB-8358-36903F…)

Her dad goes to the cons too? They have such a creepy relationship

No. 81052

This is her dad in the cosplay mentioned in the >>79605 post? This is really unfolding, I'm not sure why this cow doesnt get more attention

File: 1562972668564.jpg (47.91 KB, 400x400, snowop.jpg)

No. 57114[Reply]

A 20 year old tiktok famous and formerly popular instagram cosplayer who has a penchant for being edgy and faking mental illnesses.
The basics
>is "fictionkin" with multiple characters such as Junko Enoshima, Toga from BNHA and others.
>Did an edgy photoshoot with fellow instagram user discount.yam in a graveyard, got ton of flak for doing so.
>Fakes being nonbinary and goes by they pronouns
>Giving beginner/less skilled cosplayers shit
>Calls herself "IRL Junko Enoshima"
>Created false rape accusations against Keith/littlepaladincosplay
>Fakes having DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and has fictional characters for other personalities
>Scams $300 out of multiple fans in order to style them ratty shitty Junko wigs.
Social Media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/badguyincorporated/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/snowthesaltqueen
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@snowthesaltqueen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saltqueencos
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 58100

File: 1563750429632.png (516.6 KB, 750x1624, 0DB3D60C-5CF2-4548-BEC3-2A70CB…)

No. 58101

File: 1563750958292.png (1.24 MB, 750x1624, 8829B7E2-690A-4B79-8927-E5036B…)

No. 58110

File: 1563768488510.png (476.54 KB, 602x597, snowkittens.PNG)

My fault, I was trying to gather all the info and left somethings out.
In other news, Snow begged her followers for $400 to take care of some kittens she found

No. 58141

god just take them to a rescue where people actually know how to take care of then

No. 80439

Anyone got her patreon pics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1494182052520.jpg (103.04 KB, 600x454, 83696_cosplay.jpg)

No. 42255[Reply]

Los geht's
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No. 42348

File: 1546052891476.png (21.62 KB, 645x773, 1511269127001.png)


Wenn Bernd das Schaaf auf all diesen Seitenschläferkissen sieht wird ihm ganz warm ums Herz.

Mfw niemals Schaaf auf den eigenen Seitenschläferkissen fotografierend seien. Halte mich Bernd. Wozu leben? ;_;

No. 42349

Penis oder raus, du kennst das Prozedere.

No. 42350

Kennt jemand von euch Katyusha/Katinkaya und Tenjiru/Nicolai?
Erinnere mich noch, dass er ja vorher was mit Akira gehabt hat und ihre mit ihrer damals besten Freundin Geld gegangen ist. Dann haben die beiden es so dargestellt, als sei sie die böse gewesen

Richtig lächerlich

No. 44556

File: 1555754246911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.17 KB, 540x800, uJ1C5Rj.jpg)

Jibt es neues von der?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 80171

Hat wer von euch noch das bj Video vom Schaf?(necromancy)

File: 1543625873743.jpg (469.49 KB, 1242x1204, 1533057783753.jpg)

No. 10091[Reply]

Old thread >>>/snow/79127

Are there any lolita lolcows you know or follow?
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No. 80108

She needs to stop shopping her legs. Always trying to look tall when she's tiny and not that elegant irl, just wow

No. 80118

Its called angles. If you take photos yourself it is easy to angle the camera up to make yourself look longer. That and the shorter skirt than her norm will highlight the legs. It isnt shopping.

No. 80119


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 80120

Voting for this to be included in this next thread pic

No. 80123

File: 1528797445877.jpg (109.07 KB, 718x718, 1467626154708.jpg)

No. 10958[Reply]

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No. 62052

File: 1565682122653.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20190811-212121~2.p…)

I really don't wanna necro at this point but I just stumbled across this. For fucks sake, Kei will never give up right?

No. 62099

No. 79357

File: 1579599176942.jpeg (429.04 KB, 1600x1600, F896F569-E59F-4EEE-827C-D3EAEB…)

Has anyone had encounters with this guy? He claims not to be a gaijin hunter but flirts with tons of white girls, he kept trying to grab me, kiss me in public and kept begging me to have sex with him, my stupid ass met with him the next day so he’d stop pressuring me for sex and I wish I had just told him to go away after all of it

No. 79807

Atsushi K is a full blown sociopath and psychological liar. He is a known abuser in his social circles but no one cares. I wouldn't put it past him to fake/manipulate those messages in his favor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 79808

his face looks familiar…

File: 1514209445221.jpeg (160.59 KB, 808x846, C937719D-8822-472E-AE9F-970D25…)

No. 10468[Reply]

Old Delandra Barbie Johnson thread was hitting limit. Intro to Del:

- Overweight Black American girl who has gone from fandom to fandom, community to community scamming people
- Had a stint in Japan where she went in and out on multiple tourist visas(which is illegal) worked illegally as an escort but due to her looks didn’t make much money. Screenshots of her begging people for rent money
- Scams by selling fake brand/ stretched out used Japanese alt fashion
- Was caught years ago on Craigslist Tokyo soliciting for marriage fraud(marriage for a Visa) and ended up marrying a military man for benefits
- Lied about a human child dying for sympathy when it was a dog
- Claims to have three homes in multiple countries despite barely making ends meet as a prostitute and begging people to sleep on their couches
- Was proven on PULL to white knight herself after a girl she scammed in Guam came to the forum. She also made fun of said woman for being domestically abused
- Posts photos from years ago in Japan to fool her ignorant fans that she’s still there despite being barred years ago
- Is dating a neckbeard in the speed runner community because his mother is ill and on her deathbed and Del has admitted to wanting life insurance
- Recently scammed popular alt Facebook stripper named Cola
- Is being currently dragged to pieces by Speedrunner community for scamming people at conventions(out of hotel rooms) and playing the race card after she flew to the UK and a guy rejected her
- Also claims to be getting surgery soon despite not making any money at all as a sex worker and relying on her multiple scams.

Twitter is @barbiexedge and her Facebook account is Delandra Barbie Johnson. Warning: If she asks to sleep at your place or offers to buy something from you do NOT trust her. She has been scamming for at least five years now.
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No. 79709

Her face really looks bad now.

No. 79774

I don’t think so tbh. Her nose is slightly crooked but I think she looks more conventionally attractive now than she did before. Her body is another story but her face has made a 160. But then again she probably shopped like hell

No. 79779

File: 1579915520802.png (320.17 KB, 611x350, 2311.png)

Her old nose was a little wide maybe, but the new nose healed really poorly imho. Her nostrils are really wide, the tip is very bulbish, the whole thing is more than "slightly" crooked, and there's that god awful weird ridge between her eyes? Her new nose is easily the worst feature on her face rn. She has nice lips and she only semi ruined her eyes with those dumb puffy eyebag injections.

The work on her body could have been good if she didn't go to Columbia for full body lipo on the cheap. She was always awkwardly top heavy, so I get why she opted to do it, but she should have lost some weight first and found a more legitimate doctor. Same goes with her botched nose job.

No. 79780

Her “ridge” in between her eyes is just had highlighter anon. Im not saying her surgery is good but compared to the picture on the left in mainstream society beauty standards the one on the right would be “better”. Her nostrils are smaller than before.

No. 79782

She literally gave herself a crooked pig nose, but hey, go off I guess?

File: 1570888615957.jpg (647.95 KB, 1870x1777, laepictrolle.jpg)

No. 69238[Reply]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/belledelphinee
Instagram: BANNED (haha)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

Old summary from previous thread >>>2640:
A big thanks to the original summary anon (>>>/snow/724171)

Cosplay drama:
>posts her Kotori (Love Live) cosplay to a LL group, but wore a purple wig instead of brown; users criticized the wig
>yells "it doesn't matter what colour it is!", "i didn't have a brown one!", "cosplay is about fun not accuracy!"
>posts screenshots of the comments on her page to complain about cosplay being a "toxic community"
>admits she should've said it was inspired but keeps making salty posts in reference to it
>begins "lewding" her costumes by posting swimsuit cosplays and a completely random bikini armor version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 79704

This looks super photoshopped.

No. 79705

Def shooped and not very well. You can see where they edited out the underwear and half her finger. kek.

No. 79714

Lool looks like she photoshopped a literal Fleshlight in. Ofc she would choose a pink and "short" pussy, gotta uphold the pErfEcT wAiFu fantasy.

No. 79715

right, didnt even zoom in. my bad

No. 79911

not to wk but are we sure she shooped it and not some coomer who wants to leak her nudes but can't actually get them?

File: 1525423061379.jpg (1.58 MB, 1280x881, kyo.jpg)

No. 51841[Reply]

My personal favourite:
Kareki/Tanja Marion
DoB: 24.11.1984
German Kyo fan
>is saving herself for him
>keeps insisting only she knows the "true" meaning behind Kyo's lyrics and all fans just don't understand him
>triggered by people not taking him seriously, e.g. daring to make a joke or calling him cute
>gets into moronic arguments on Kyo's body and whether it can be viewed sexually by people who are not her
>apparently her actual reason for doing so is that she believes Kyo reads her posts and notices her defending and deeply understanding him

Tumblr: http://deadtree.tumblr.com

Examples of her teaching the silly masses how to accept Kyo in their lives:
>How can you be that daring and claim Kyo is bad at poetry? Do you understand Japanese? Do you know how Japanese poetry works? Why do you attack him, laugh at him for things you don't know at all?! As if you know something about poetry in general. And still, I've got the same question for years. Why can you thoughtlessly laugh at Kyo when you like him? You would hurt yourself if it was true.
>Don't you get what you do to Kyo?! When you inflict pain on him, by telling shit about him? How could you answer for that?! Dirty sluts, lying, disgusting filthy sluts! What more boundaries will you demolish?! When are you going to finally have enough and allow him to keep his dignity?! Brain fucked MONSTER!
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No. 78889

File: 1579284142016.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 08EB5215-2DC7-422F-A8F3-33A684…)

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Umi girl is batshit crazy. She actually paid $500 to go on that sightseeing trip with ACME and hung out with Hal the entire time.

No. 78890

The key word there is capable, anon. There isn't really an entire industry for being friends with famous people.

No. 78893

This is some intense delusion. Every time she does this writing out her interactions with whoever she’s currently obsessing over it sounds more and more insane. Of course bandomen aren’t going to tell her to her face she’s a fugly creep but you can bet they’re saying it when she’s not there, or at the very least thinking it.

No. 78904

Japanese people are usually quite racist especially with black people. i was reading a lot of times in fuck yeah tanuki about bandguys not wanting to hang around black girls.
I don't see a girl like this umi since 2008/2009 maybe i am just a hermit

No. 78929

This thread is being locked due to the topic being too similar to VK Weeaboos/Lolcows. Please post in that thread from now on >>>/w/24530

File: 1551320787518.jpg (1.03 MB, 1999x749, aria.jpg)

No. 49365[Reply]

Aria Rose is a plain as bread basic white girl from Canada known for making videos against “egirls” and how much she hates them, everyone's favorite Arabian hoe–Pokimane is usually her main target. In her commentary videos she's always condemning the shit out of egirls, cosplay girls and loli girls. In typical egirl fashion she claims she's not like those other whores while doing exactly the same things the girls she is talking about does. A few weeks ago Aria started a campaign called #reworkmercy movement to make Mercy more dps damage than healing but the thing is, she sucks at OW, carried to gold Mercy egirl main ofc someone with 0 credentials is definitely certified to start this kind of revolution! Aria is also a pull rat, she makes threads and posts her crappy opinions on that toilet under her real user name.

Her hypocrisy is pretty amazing, the things she complains about is exactly what she does.
>egirls having white knights and using them to attack people when she has her own white knights and launched an attack on a ow streamer and a little kid for having an opinions about her
>complains about egirls using filters and photoshop when she uses blur and filters for her pics
>Hates how loli uwu girls pander to pedos and weebs when she liters her room full of the same cute shit the loli girls have, wear the same cute clothing and uses anime girls for her avatar and banner. Made a thread and video mocking and talking about how terrible loli egirls are, deleted and pretends it never happened after being called out
>criticized Lilypichu for her fake ass egirl voice when she uses a fake egirl voice too
>criticizes and calls others out but can't take criticism back
>actively posts on Pokimane's pull thread
>keeps shoving it down everyone's throat how she's NOT like those other ebitches! And how she's totally different and totally not jelly of them
>fake down to earth attitude
>always paints herself as the victim of egirl attack when she's the one doing the attacking
>claimed that the evil egirls threatened to break her legs for “exposing” them +claiminPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
470 posts and 182 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 66976

File: 1569108114935.jpg (562.63 KB, 1080x1414, 20190921_191751.jpg)

She's gone official thot on her yt and it is as sad as I thought it would be. Still got the stupid angle thing too.

No. 67008

I kind of want place screencaps of her sperg-outs about hating e-girls on this image, but she's really not relevant enough to warrant that much effort. Just a hypocrite and a flop.

No. 67091

This makes me so uncomfortable, she looks like a cross dressing 12 year old boy. It's so unfortunate that she can never be an e-girl due to her masculine face

No. 78591

File: 1579061588090.png (Spoiler Image, 807.26 KB, 640x853, 0819_Lewd_15.png)

Her entire 100$ Patreon tier set of photos were leaked onto this site: https://yiff.party/patreon/2415342
Here's a preview of the incredible quality you can get for a whole 100$ a month lmfao.

No. 78608

Hilarious. So different from the other slut e-thots, uwu!!

File: 1527888622868.jpg (84.06 KB, 516x614, IMG_0961.JPG)

No. 11133[Reply]

Savannah Ariana Lee aka rasbll/rasbii is an "artist" on twitter with nearly 50,000 followers. On the surface, she seems like an annoying girl who keeps posting about cats and animu shit. However, it recently came out that she JUST turned 18 on May 21st. She's also known for her NSFW art, but she posted and sold porn on her patreon while underage. Another factor to consider is that she's in a circle of similar porn artists who are definitely in their 20s. Amusingly, she deletes a lot of tweets, but the incriminating posts are still up.

Her actual identity is a mystery. Despite telling followers that she would post a selfie multiple times, she had never done so. Nobody knows what this girl looks like, and the only evidence that she's real is through her exes on twitter, who have all deactivated or has been inactive for a few years. Her "introvert" and "shy" identity might as well be fake, as she admits to drinking underage and possibly goes to clubs.

In her past:
>used to do sonic rps
>which is how she had 3 exes
there was so much shit there that it probably deserves its own thread, but here's some rp shit that's extremely questionable, possibly sharing nudes when she was 14: http://archive.is/qPCFT
proof that she existed at one point:
>drew aka Drewbutropolis on twitter dated savannah for some time but constantly fought with a guy named isaiah, turns out they both dated savannah at one point and drew was jealous of him
there's probably more shit in there but i decided to pull out the most notable stuff.

Savannah has made multiple meet the artist pages stating that her age was 19 since 2016. She has deleted them on deviantart sometime this week, but simply googling "rasbii meet" can show her other meet the artist pages. Here is an example that was done in march 2017 where she was definitely 16: http://archive.is/B13Px
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
615 posts and 175 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 53674

Have your panties stuck up there don’t we? I sent this via phone and was going to add the images when I got to my pc but I see you did it for me thanks anon.

No. 53706

Wait to post screencaps then. And sage your posts next time.

Love how she’s making herself look like a victim kek

No. 54161

All she has to do is to shut up and post only art, honestly. Her acts and personality are still completely retarded. Especially this whole 'victim card' move and that she is trying to show how 'uwu lewd' she is.

No. 78169

I’m almost a year late on this but you can’t convert deviantart points to actual money(necro)

No. 78172

You could if she took commissions through the commission widget.

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