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File: 1593412237904.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3464x3464, BB86AA83-0B67-4C70-9524-2AC331…)

No. 103232[Reply]

In 2017 when Hurricane Maria/Irma happened Kelly Kirstein (cosplayer) asked donations for her to go visit her girlfriend @for_the_love_of_clod down in Florida where the hurricane was going to hit. She made the goal and visited her.

Here were the issues about this:
>People from Florida or any hurricane zone could not leave the state because airlines bumped up the prices costing around $1k-3k just to leave
>Death toll was 134
>She did not care that others were suffering to leave or trying to protect themselves from the hurricane
>She never donated to a Hurricane relief
>Made a “Lapis will stop the hurricane” meme which was insensitive
>White privilege
>Always asked for money to go visit her girlfriend
This is her account if anyone is interested https://instagram.com/kellykirstein?igshid=52cyi63zw5kr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 103301

And you couldn't just post this in the cos thot thread or bother lurking around enough to realize she already has a thread because…?

File: 1586321898767.jpg (198.35 KB, 922x1200, pA57dS0.jpg)

No. 88208[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/w/33300
Earlier Thread (s): >>>/snow/354019, >>>/w/4

Formerly known as the "Irrelevant Uggo Cosplayer" thread
A thread about your favorite Twitch thots, shoop waists and, overall, obnoxious personalities trying to get Patreon bux riding that cosplay and anime gravy train. This thread is not exclusive to females, as there are male ones too!

Please redirect Hall of Shame costhots at their respective threads here:
Momokun/Mariah Mallad - >>>/pt/766091, her calves - >>>/w/5855
Belle Delphine/Mary-Belle Kirschner/tinkersmell - >>>/w/2640
NicoleEeveeDavis/leoeevee - >>>/w/82304
Sarah SpaceMan - >>>/w/79174

Popular contenders:
>Jessica Nigri
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 102652

To be fair I can see the boning in her corset on the left and not the right. So I feel like she isn’t wearing one on the right or at least is wearing it less tightened. But there’s still no way the left isn’t shopped.

No. 102673

File: 1593201619326.jpeg (995.19 KB, 1760x1116, E0AB8879-CF96-49F3-9A66-602771…)

In the video you can see still boning when she’s moving around so she is wearing it on the video also

She constantly photoshops everything and talks about it being natural. It’s sad because she looks fine in real life

No. 102695

that warped arm where she dragged her tit out. tsk. sloppy

No. 103806

She issued DMCAs for these photos. Someone is afraid that her jokes towards black people right now and black face will surface.

No. 104092

ah yes, the good old "mocking the oppressor is completely the same as mocking the systemically oppressed" false equivalency.

man i love internet straw men.

File: 1527888622868.jpg (84.06 KB, 516x614, IMG_0961.JPG)

No. 11133[Reply]

Savannah Ariana Lee aka rasbll/rasbii is an "artist" on twitter with nearly 50,000 followers. On the surface, she seems like an annoying girl who keeps posting about cats and animu shit. However, it recently came out that she JUST turned 18 on May 21st. She's also known for her NSFW art, but she posted and sold porn on her patreon while underage. Another factor to consider is that she's in a circle of similar porn artists who are definitely in their 20s. Amusingly, she deletes a lot of tweets, but the incriminating posts are still up.

Her actual identity is a mystery. Despite telling followers that she would post a selfie multiple times, she had never done so. Nobody knows what this girl looks like, and the only evidence that she's real is through her exes on twitter, who have all deactivated or has been inactive for a few years. Her "introvert" and "shy" identity might as well be fake, as she admits to drinking underage and possibly goes to clubs.

In her past:
>used to do sonic rps
>which is how she had 3 exes
there was so much shit there that it probably deserves its own thread, but here's some rp shit that's extremely questionable, possibly sharing nudes when she was 14: http://archive.is/qPCFT
proof that she existed at one point:
>drew aka Drewbutropolis on twitter dated savannah for some time but constantly fought with a guy named isaiah, turns out they both dated savannah at one point and drew was jealous of him
there's probably more shit in there but i decided to pull out the most notable stuff.

Savannah has made multiple meet the artist pages stating that her age was 19 since 2016. She has deleted them on deviantart sometime this week, but simply googling "rasbii meet" can show her other meet the artist pages. Here is an example that was done in march 2017 where she was definitely 16: http://archive.is/B13Px
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 78169

I’m almost a year late on this but you can’t convert deviantart points to actual money(necro)

No. 78172

You could if she took commissions through the commission widget.

No. 96826

No. 102604

god reading this whole thread made me dislike her even more. a hypocritical emo edgy brat who is too entitled with her very flawed artwork.(necro)

No. 102621

the self-victimization is insane. She claims she was traumatized because vaigh made her delete their dumb flirty tweets when she came out and claimed to be 18 (making her underage at 17 during their flirtation).

(Considering the weird discrepancies in her drivers license pic, I am guessing she was actually 20 during that time.)

File: 1460466485094.jpg (18.77 KB, 259x194, lasvegas.jpg)

No. 13668[Reply]

What happens is Vegas, goes on the internet.
Post about your favorite las vegas snowflake, the choices are endless!
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No. 86214

File: 1584331502010.jpg (36.73 KB, 414x654, FB_IMG_1584330815371.jpg)


It's also a bit of old milk but he removed all of the ex members and still holding events.

No. 86422

Oh Jesus tittyfucking Christ I remember this! I felt so awful for the band this fat ass Goomba made sleep on the floor at this ratty ass apartment. How the fuck do you have no furniture and expect people to be your guests?! I remember this jackass also treated their translator like shit just because she was a black woman. Fuck his racist ass. I can’t believe he’s trying to do another event after how he handled all his past ones.

No. 87349


Now I'm glad his shit closed down due to the virus. From what I heard he didn't pay any of his staff members or get proper translator some of the staff just happen to know enough. I hope this piece of shit never comes back.

No. 88245


Not only his translators but no staff was paid at all. We met for hours every week before the event. It was shitty

No. 102580

File: 1593152186916.jpg (260.84 KB, 1080x1263, PicsArt_01-22-11.17.16.jpg)

This is a call out thread of @latulacosplays. She trheatens, manipulating, and toxic to her ex and her friends who genuinely wanna help her. But she treats genuine and caring ex's and friends. If anyone else has tea on her please expose her on here(emoji)

File: 1589317766517.png (598.88 KB, 731x700, oof.png)

No. 92925[Reply]

The New Queen of Milk, Mariah Mallad aka Momokun Cosplay, has a lot of calves surrounding her, thirsty for those sad, saggy, Patreon bux-laden teats of hers.

Previous thread: >>386826

To prevent further derailing of her many threads, here is a spot to examine all the folks who hang onto her, either by choice or by force. Don't feel sorry for this herd unless it is obvious that Mooriah is browbeating them to keep them in her circle; they generally know what a piece of shit she is even when they claim otherwise, now more than ever after the last year of bucket after bucket of whole, unpasteurized milk from Moomoo. Look forward to this thread's OP becoming completely irrelevant in about, oh, three or four months.

>Please keep non-Moo-related discussion of Onision and Jessica Nigri to his threads over in /pt/, and the uggo costhot threads in /snow/ respectively. MomoAkuma/MomoCastro is a special kind of trash that has her own thread at >>640796 but shit she does for/with Moo can still go here.

People Going Down With L.O.L Mootanic:

-Collette/Vamplette: Mariah's chief bitch, Vamp can be counted on to help Mariah with her shitty costumes and take all the abuse Mariah throws at her. Is known only for being Moo's attack dog on social media, having an unfortunate nose, and her even less-fortunate twerking videos. She is supposedly quitting cosplay forever and ever this Fall, we'll see what comes of that. https://twitter.com/vamplettes

-Matt/Megamarines (and Veronica/Veronicalunalu): A roided up fuccboi who, with his girlfriend Veronica, has been slumming around Moo for clout and party money. Matt is a tripfag from the /cgl/ days of yore and is most likely shitting up this thread (or whining at his girlfriend to do it for him) at this very moment in time. He was a big player during Moo's stint at pretending to go to the gym daily, and Veronica will drag herself to Moo's group shoots when called for. https://twitter.com/Megamarines Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 102281

he used to be, but I think he’s been keeping his nose clean for the past few years. The milkiest thing is probably him hanging out with Moo and just being annoying

No. 102341

What was the last thing he even did? Hang out with moo? He seems more like a generic jock than anything serious

No. 102349

I think the last big thing was cheating on tenleid with his current gf and blowing that whole relationship up. Before that it was mostly cheating on other costhots, lying about making costumes, etc but that’s all old /cgl/ lore

No. 102357

Wasn’t it proved he cheated on TL but not the others? I remember no one having proof and it was all rumors.

Wait wasn’t this all over 4-5 years ago? This cunt is no longer relevant.

No. 102990

Moo's speculated cockboy:

Goes by Mylow____ on most social medias (instagram, Onlyfans, Twitter). Has a Only Fans account and seems to deliver on actual penetration. Is a choreographer, has actually performed as a background dancer in videos with Trisha Paytas, Madonna, etc. so of course Moo loves him. Will post more as needed.

https://twitter.com/itsmylow (not active, old)

File: 1572197030292.png (106.35 KB, 512x384, 1458989120418.png)

No. 71172[Reply]

Hazuki No Yume and TheBlackCero
>vocaloid subbers, got into a fight with rachie, circus-p and some irrelevant utaites
>basically they said the hazuki and cero were just reuploading videos, when, in fact, for the most part they were not
>apparently rachie stole hazuki's translyrics, and cero is mad because "hazuki's japanese skills are superior"
>cero goes on large twitter rants and just can't fucking let it go
>hazuki "retires", and ultimately just leaves and deletes all their accounts
>cero is mad that people are reuploading hazuki's videos, because hazuki is the fuCKING bEST
>used garageband for a majority of their music
>knows nothing about music theory
>had a music series but discontinued it because "i am depressed"
>horrible tumblr art
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 102152


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 102155

I'm stupid and IDK how to make a thread properly. Can someone create a new thread?

No. 102196

I think "he" is a FTM.

No. 102278

File: 1593040433908.png (46.71 KB, 594x308, screenshot.PNG)

unrelated but how many more are gonna we gonna get?

tweet: http://archive.is/yUJV2
google docs: http://archive.is/cgabM

idk who this hanabi person is but i see them everywhere always sperging about their utau

No. 102291

New thread (unless I fucked it up somehow and wind up banned)


File: 1551320787518.jpg (1.03 MB, 1999x749, aria.jpg)

No. 49365[Reply]

Aria Rose is a plain as bread basic white girl from Canada known for making videos against “egirls” and how much she hates them, everyone's favorite Arabian hoe–Pokimane is usually her main target. In her commentary videos she's always condemning the shit out of egirls, cosplay girls and loli girls. In typical egirl fashion she claims she's not like those other whores while doing exactly the same things the girls she is talking about does. A few weeks ago Aria started a campaign called #reworkmercy movement to make Mercy more dps damage than healing but the thing is, she sucks at OW, carried to gold Mercy egirl main ofc someone with 0 credentials is definitely certified to start this kind of revolution! Aria is also a pull rat, she makes threads and posts her crappy opinions on that toilet under her real user name.

Her hypocrisy is pretty amazing, the things she complains about is exactly what she does.
>egirls having white knights and using them to attack people when she has her own white knights and launched an attack on a ow streamer and a little kid for having an opinions about her
>complains about egirls using filters and photoshop when she uses blur and filters for her pics
>Hates how loli uwu girls pander to pedos and weebs when she liters her room full of the same cute shit the loli girls have, wear the same cute clothing and uses anime girls for her avatar and banner. Made a thread and video mocking and talking about how terrible loli egirls are, deleted and pretends it never happened after being called out
>criticized Lilypichu for her fake ass egirl voice when she uses a fake egirl voice too
>criticizes and calls others out but can't take criticism back
>actively posts on Pokimane's pull thread
>keeps shoving it down everyone's throat how she's NOT like those other ebitches! And how she's totally different and totally not jelly of them
>fake down to earth attitude
>always paints herself as the victim of egirl attack when she's the one doing the attacking
>claimed that the evil egirls threatened to break her legs for “exposing” them +claiminPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
476 posts and 185 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 89453

They're both ugly white weebs. I don't blame you for thinking they're the same person.

No. 97013

never met them in person but from what i know of her online, she's very money driven. gets rid of anyone who questions her or asks for advise/help. Cosplayers are not what they use to be, unfortunately.(necro)

No. 101936

File: 1592852841651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.99 KB, 1122x2208, Ea96VavU8AAFeE3.jpg)

She's now fully doing porn and still being as nasty as ever. Notice the strand of hair on her toy.

No. 102008

File: 1592883698077.png (643.3 KB, 1375x809, 6-22-2020 youtube.png)

Here's a summary of the last month:

Early June, she had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend (Ryan aka Rye Rye) & I'm speculating it may of had something to do with her doing Onlyfans and he became fed up with it, but that's only my best guess due to how he completely simped for her then vanished off social media when she progressed more into fully nude photography (when she began posting without any heart censors on twitter and straight up showing the goods).

The result of the breakup was her panic moving back in with her parents and begging for emergency flight money back to Canada on her twitter. She probably couldn't just move out somewhere on her own due to not earning enough money via Onlyfans. She's been liking a lot of basic "all men are evil" posts on twitter which might have something to do with Ryan, as well as voicing wanting to date girls instead of guys now, though I can't confirm if Ryan was abusive at all as both she and he have been silent about the breakup. Additionally she mentioned she left some of her props at his place as she packed up and left suddenly and was asking for donations to replace these props. I'm guessing that she has cut all communication with him, otherwise she could ask him to ship the props to her.

Days later, she talked about having a discord party and extended the invitation to her YT subs by opening her discord server to the public for a couple of hours. Vertu (aka Ryan's username on Discord) was no longer on her server but had a message history, so either he left, was kicked or was banned.

She now claims she's happier, but I'm not so sure. Moving back in with your parents at near 28 is not something anyone would be envious of, especially considering she stated her family was toxic and that was why she had to move out in the first place. It must of been really bad breakup to force her to return home.

Now on her YT channel, she's been getting into doing reaction videos as well as starting up drama videos yet again, a familiar cycle.

TLDR: She had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend, panic-moved back in with her parents, is continuing doing her onlyfans at home and has once again started up drama videos.

No. 102135

do her parents know that she's making porn in their home? fucking yikes.

File: 1528797445877.jpg (109.07 KB, 718x718, 1467626154708.jpg)

No. 10958[Reply]

263 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 101829

File: 1592773941478.jpg (839.74 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-06-21-23-03-33…)

Well now that this Thread is revived I can post about a weird convo I had back in March with that Yuya Guy. It's been two fucking years since the first Thread but it seems like this dude is still around?? Found him on Tinder. Despite the drama he caused he seems to have a thing for germans, kek. And after reading here .. well, that happens if you call him out. Beware anons - he is insane, that's only the tip of the iceberg.

No. 101971

Yes she was raw dogging with that so kei technically is a step up kek

No. 101974

Imagine going to japan solely to have sex with an ageing fat gaijin hunter bandoman, very sad. You can get a better one on any deai app. Literally. Even the shitty deai apps have better pickings then that. These girls are just going for the first Japanese man who messages them on Facebook

No. 101981

but random guys on deai apps aren't special and famous/formerly-famous!

No. 101991

File: 1592876018709.jpg (33.97 KB, 743x348, why.JPG)

Anyone have anything on this guy? He acts creepy as hell and I'm almost 100% sure he's old enough to be my grandfather lmao.

File: 1532219710874.png (926.53 KB, 944x565, 1529572723798.png)

No. 3990[Reply]

Old Thread - >>>/snow/402703

Lana Rain:
>Popular camgirl & cosplayer
>Once dated/groomed a 16 year old girl from Italy
>Can't take criticism & sends her fanboys after other cam models
>Once had a video where she masturbated near public parks where children were clearly visible

Social Media:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
777 posts and 166 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 70138

This interview is a few years old, it's a repost

Also Terrance is back on a rampage on Twitter

No. 81454

Anyone ever seen Veronica's drawings looking inconsistent?(necromancy)

No. 85555

she made a new dumb youtube video on relationships(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101977

god,this is so empty. also, she made a dumb video again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101978

we should do something for her birthday. just for the lulz.

File: 1588358583524.png (290.27 KB, 640x360, kelsey-ellison-singing-1509019…)

No. 90591[Reply]

Spill the milk over the finest weeb trash the UK has to offer.

Post about anyone who fits the bill, just remember- this is an image board, post caps.
377 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 99546

It's so cringe and retarded to make your weight your entire personality or the only thing to brag about. Gee, girl, are you that boring?

No. 99611


tbh she is. she has no job, no friends, no hobbies beyond spending her money on pointless shit..

No. 99620

File: 1591782000787.jpg (517.71 KB, 1080x1051, 20200610_104030.jpg)

you cant make this shit up.

she has literally 0 shame, spending disability benefits on plastic junk.

No. 99621

File: 1591782132046.jpg (702.6 KB, 1079x1560, Screenshot_20200610-104300_Ins…)

her entire YouTube is just her showing off the newest dumb shit she bought lmao

No. 101517

Does anyone actually know why Connie has become and edge lord now?

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