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File: 1666820790158.jpg (236.3 KB, 768x520, terrythread.jpg)

No. 261505

Previous thread:

Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105
Thread #3 >>197809
Thread #4 >>208755

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous" and “older 30+” cosplayer, who is 40 and currently resides in Maryland.
Terry self proclaims to be NB and Asexual, despite otherwise being fine with being a male for 30+ years and regularly posting/sharing sexual posts/memes, "friends" with and regularly shares OF/cos thots. Diet consists of chicken tenders and it shows.

Last thread recap:
>using a dead person for clout >>229331 >>229353
>spent his money on an ita bag to impress a 20something girl >>229355
>unsure if he should go to his friend’s wedding or a con he doesn’t even like >>230313
>put out feelers for who wants to be shipped with him while he’s in genshin cosplay >>230323
>terry comes to the conclusion he is disliked by people because they’re jealous of him >>230900
>typical terry cosplay making >>231960 >>232270
>discovering new ways to casually look 15 at 40 >>232378
>with the help of breast plates, terry understands the struggles of women and their boob problems >>232456 >>233064
>wild terry sightings >>233790 >>234199 >>244574
>the barbershop saga begins. terry's barber is scamming him for prepaid haircuts and terry loves the attention it gives him, prompting many updates >>235605 >>235846 >>236371 >>243703 >>244279 >>254270
>terry posts a picture of his pale, visibly bony body. farmers worry for him, his friends call him fabulous >>236729
>racist white coworkers are transformed into big fans of terry overnight >>238443 >>246178 >>257851
>terry turned 40! got himself a depressing cake >>245870
>arizona zoomers are now in the danger zone as terry believes he is deeply wanted at AZ cons now that he has gone to one >>246484
>terry "making the day" for a random teen at a mall by talking about himself >>251805
>humblebragging about his paychecks starts an argument in his comments that eventually results in him deleting all the posts after saying his high paying job sucks because it starts at 6am and gives him a 30min lunch >>251869 >>251870 >>252041
>another person in the con scene dies. terry "absolutely knew him" despite not having a single interaction to bring up >>254615
>complains about how he's hated in the community and that he's never done anything wrong to deserve it >>255134 >>259674 >>259754 >>259781 >>260288
>visits his sick parents, complains that his dad talks to him and that his mother didn't have food ready for him when he arrived >>255243
>another cosplayer death, terry brings out the vintage 2015 photo to show he knew the deceased once and deserves condolences >>256739 >>256746
>terry buys expensive high tech fridge to hold his pepsi, water, waffles, and fries >>258126

No. 261507

File: 1666820964823.jpeg (221.38 KB, 1800x1352, BF61B704-1969-44E7-8A79-31EBFA…)

first time making a thread so sorry if it sucks but I made this as an alternate thread pic

No. 261508

File: 1666821205068.jpeg (803.52 KB, 1170x1554, AEA5CDA4-089F-4857-9895-C181EB…)

his work continues to be simultaneously full of terrible bigots and huge fans of his

No. 261510

File: 1666821284492.jpeg (208.61 KB, 1170x578, 3128DFEE-3095-4117-8432-8FC239…)

Terry didn’t mind the antiblack comments but antisemitic comments are just too far I guess

No. 261518

>this really happened. i swear guys

No. 261520


Something about this post gives off the vibe of him never actually listening to Kanye, but wanting some way to virtue signal for the zoomers. I bet the comments are acting like he's the next MLK for the brave act of deleting an MP3 from your playlist.

No. 261525

i actually believe this one. Terry jamming to "Gold Digger" is such a vibe

No. 261536

File: 1666825771089.jpeg (512.77 KB, 2048x2048, 432B98F9-999C-4F4D-92E5-73BEC9…)

The only comment he replied to on his atrocious Gorou TikTok was from that of a 17 year old

No. 261553

>a 40 year old man replying omg tysm to a 17 year old

That is not how adult brains work, (reminder he earns $$$$ in his dayjob working for the government) he is really trying to emulate a teenager's typing style.

No. 261560

how long until terry slides in DMs with a girl around half his age?

No. 261565

I don’t have issue with him typing like a teenager. It’s very trouble that he only interact with zoomers. He’s very consistent on all his platforms.

No. 261567

the thing that gets me about this is why would he take the time to look up a pic of the pop if he had it? just take a pic of it on your desk if this really happened, or even take a pic of it in your hand. more fake stories to make him seem like he's not an outcast at work

No. 261568

kek nice work nona

No. 261569

I think I know the answer to this one . Terry works for a defense contractor, so security ia fairly strict at work. I’m sure he’s not allowed to take photos at work.

Why he didn’t just take the figure home and photograph it later? I don’t know.

No. 261605

judging from the comments in this status, it looks like he has his coworkers in this account.

It's possible his coworkers are just messing with him. I found that to be more believable than him just making this shit up

No. 261613

Anon who made the thread pic, I love you.

No. 261661

File: 1666872886339.jpeg (157.47 KB, 1284x375, 516A7FD2-3CC5-4CC4-A294-23596C…)

Sir no one wants your ripped cosplays…

No. 261690

File: 1666878474543.jpg (339.74 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20221027-094646_Ins…)

guess he chickened out on a female costume for his works costume contest. I still want him to lose and see him get humbled

No. 261712

He’s a dumbass if he thinks an anime costume will win at his work. You need something normy as hell to win at a workplace unless it’s just full of weebs. The only way he’ll win is if no one else dresses up so he basically wins by default.

No. 261740

you would think Sora would be on the list?

No. 261822

File: 1666890174903.jpeg (1.17 MB, 950x1763, 27A66DBA-CB61-4458-A9FF-ADFCBD…)

Smells like simping?

Or am I reaching?

No. 261838

LMAO after all the whining of not even wanting to give you anyone a simple McD fry (but you can buy him a full restaurant dinner), is giving money toward zoomer hotel rooms?

At least he's far enough way he won't breathe down your neck or scream about his 40 hotel room rules

No. 261850

I understand the sentiment but I feel like it’s gotten to a point where you guys refer to any woman that terry interacts with as a “zoomer”. this woman seems to me like she is close to 30, probably like 28-29ish. That’s not a zoomer obviously, that’s solidly a millennial. There’s plenty of stuff the criticize terry for without having to blatantly make shit up

No. 261867

kek if that is your takeaway from this then I'm sorry for you nona

No. 261882

That’s a big reach. This is a con Terry dropped. 99% chance he just transferred over his hotel reservation and that’s what she’s thanking him for.

No. 261953

I agree. There’s no way Terry did anything other than transfer his room.

No. 262122

File: 1666962421213.jpg (177.73 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20221028-085904_Fac…)

then stop cosplaying exclusively popular characters that you clearly have no attachment to. You stop cosplaying characters once they stop getting you the attention you want, you've even admitted it. we know you read these threads, and that's where this post came from, if you didn't feel "guilty" about being like this, you wouldn't have felt the need to make this post.

I've heard a good handful of stories from people that have met him even in the past few years where he didn't want anything to do with them until he saw their follower count, and then suddenly he was all over them. so this is such bs that he isn't about clout at all. he also talks about being friends with larger cosplayers in public that he doesn't seem to ever really share or talk about online. if that's not clout chasing idk what is

No. 262126

i wish people would call him out when he post shit like this (which is pretty frequent)

he's all about numbers. to the point where he only go to cons if enough people recognize him. i'm calling bs on this clout chase lie. he wouldn't spend anytime with you unless you're a zoomer unless you have a large follower count.

No. 262136

The comments are so bad. Why is everyone enabling him?

No. 262139

File: 1666967202256.jpg (112.31 KB, 1080x539, Screenshot_20221028_102327.jpg)

what you've been through?? you mean people dropping you because they realize you're a narcissistic creep? or being called out on your behavior here, and a few times publicly just for you to cry about being bullied? or you claiming being taken advantage of? I'm not buying any of it when you're the biggest clout chaser who doesn't do shit for any of your "friends"

also this comment sounds like he thinks he's famous lmao

No. 262143


Seriously why does he always talk like this. I'm just waiting for him to do cosplays from chainsaw man. Since he's such a pathetic attention seeke.
He seriously needs a reality xheck if he's only going to cons if "100+ friends" attend. I've seen him at cons always alone with a sad look on his face when he's not getting attention.

No. 262147

I agree. This whole status and reply read like he think he’s famous but reassuring people he’s not doing it to game chase. That he’s just a good cosplayer who happens to be popular.

Terry you’re delusional!

No. 262159

This is bullshit, he just chooses popular characters at random and smashes the buy button on aliexpress, there is very little self-expression and all clout/attention chasing
I bet the zoomers who unfollow him and he sadposts about for weeks have high follower counts too. At least he admits he ""used"" to want to famous 5 years ago, which is relatively recently considering that's 34-35 for him.

No. 262160

Samefag, the first lolcow thread was made in 2019 about Terry so I wonder if this thread has contributed towards his dulled interest in "fame" (here it is kek)

No. 262204

I’m gonna imagine for a second he’s being truthful.
> I cosplay to talk about series with fans
Then why are you cosplaying series you have absolutely no playtime with? You like being info dumped by genuine fans who assumed you would know the thing you’re cosplaying from? doubtful.
> I cosplay to talk about cosplay making and makeup
You could do this with any series or cosplay. You can go up as anything to any cosplayer and compliment them on their makeup or cosplay. Plus let’s be real, if you were really interested in cosplay making would you really be exclusively buying cheap shit from dokidoki and aliexpress? Doesn’t really come off as a huge crafter.

The only reason I can understand why someone would cosplay popular things they have no interest in actually playing is because it works on social media. It’s clout chasing. If Terry is lurking it would be nice to at least try with the shitty excuses.

No. 262207

File: 1666979600325.jpeg (130.47 KB, 1170x465, 3516E8E8-3B34-4C65-9DF5-7A0567…)

quietly blocking terry from my hotel room stories now

No. 262211

The sad part about this is that in 2022 nobody fucking care if you clout chase..everyone does it. I hate him for lying about it while being one of the worst offenders.

No. 262269

So old man Terry had to post this for what reason?

No. 262283

to try and stay relevant to AWA even though he's not there. had to remind people that he's not there, but he's been there, and he knows people are there. idk what actual logic goes on in his mind when he posts creep posts like this

No. 262302

I believe he truly think he’s smart by posting these creepy statuses. remember he’s autistic and doesn’t understand social norms

I don’t know if it was posted here but last week he made a status/story that he can recognize cosplayers going to ren fest by their costumes because he has memorized their construction. Fucking creepy as fuck

No. 262559

File: 1667102913407.jpeg (493.76 KB, 1284x971, A8842C55-2B2D-481F-B11C-A25686…)

Back to woe is me Terry

No. 262622

Terry is up to his old shit again. Did another zoomer unfriend/unfollow him?

Curious if he had a fallout with a few people who he used to hang out with. chibi stayed over with her bf and introduced Terry to farie life last year. Buff bunny and her bf used to go mall shopping with him.

Remember the local zoomer who used terry for a ride to house party? You know you’re a miserable sob if people won’t even use you for rides

No. 262643

File: 1667139241421.jpeg (172.84 KB, 828x426, E337C768-D833-4D27-8042-6F9121…)

Is he calling him donating his cosplay a charity?

No. 262645

Can someone investigate this? Maybe DM him? It’s the second time he mentioning this charity.

I much prefer him donating to a charity than using it as an excuse to meet teens at malls/arcades/parking lots

No. 262658

File: 1667142197852.jpeg (248.28 KB, 1170x2532, 4FB3A532-E571-48B1-94F6-1F0552…)

Don’t worry, people are already asking what he donated to.

No. 262660

Why do you guys block stuff out when it's public? Doesn't make sense. Anons are keen on doxxing, but this is too far? Kek

No. 262662

Because we don't wanna drag names in here that don't belong? They don't matter and they don't change Terry being garbage. LC doesn't doxx. Fuck off.

No. 262664

But here is fine >>261536 aside from one person okay

No. 262672

"I don't cosplay for clout…"
"Unless a series is HOT right now…"
Terry you just outed yourself as not giving a shit about what you cosplay as long as it's popular while being charitable enough to give nobodies your old unpopular series.

No. 262685

It’s nice of him to donate stuff, but I have a feeling he just gave it to someone he knows on social media or something and then called it a donation. I’ve never heard of a charity for donating costumes, the cosplay related charities are usually for cosplayers to visit with kids in hospitals or do community events, similar to what the 501st does but on a smaller scale.
I’ll eat my words if there is a charity for this, but it just seems unnecessary. No one NEEDS to cosplay, and while I’m sure it’s nice to get a cosplay if you can’t afford one, there’s n so much more that is more needed for charity.

No. 262690

He tried to pull this last thread too, where he says he donated cosplays to kids whose parents don't support it or some shit like that. He probably just gave it to someone and is calling it a donation because it sounds more noble.

No. 262693

File: 1667150423510.jpg (75.68 KB, 1080x247, Screenshot_20221030_131849.jpg)

literally that's what he's doing. he's giving it to a friend who is just giving it away to other people. it's not a legitimate charity so it's really off-putting of him to call it that for clout

No. 262706

If it was IG or Tiktok, I wouldn’t block out names. I do for Facebook though as a lot of people have their real first and last names on it. I consider it just good etiquette for people unrelated to lolcows.

No. 262740

Love that he doesn't tag the friends who would benefit from all these people looking to rehome cosplays. Gotta keep all the glory to himself

No. 262775

This so much. Why would he not share this charity? It makes zero sense.

No. 262787

File: 1667175145604.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x1577, 9AC89F48-A3FB-4013-ACBD-ADCB90…)

Yes please wear a ridiculous wig to your work costume contest for normies.

No. 262788

I bet five bucks that he’s not actually going to wear it, but claim he did and that he got oh so many compliments and that several of his coworkers admitted to secretly following him instagram/be fans. And for humility’s sake finish the status/story with that he didn’t win the costume contest in an attempt to make the story more believable.

No. 262801

File: 1667178972775.jpg (107.64 KB, 1080x404, Screenshot_20221030_211339.jpg)

nah just a lame excuse about not wanting to get up early to do his drag makeup. he just knows that if he went in cosplay he'd embarrass himself, wouldn't win, and wouldn't be able to continue the "my coworkers LOVE my cosplay and follow my cosplay page" lies

No. 262828

I'm waiting for the story about how someone else came in anime cosplay and now they're besties or how the coworker fans were so disappointed they didn't get to see Terry's amazing cosplays in person and assure him he would've won the contest.

No. 262885


Sounds like he was never planning on wearing cosplay to work the whole time

No. 262948

File: 1667234297341.jpg (70.95 KB, 1071x366, 20221031_123645.jpg)

Go figure, this was going to be the outcome

No. 262950

Evidence of this costume contest at his defense contractor job please kek, that seems like the kind of mandatory fun that nobody will actually take part in due to the workplace environment

No. 262957

I like his only choices between a 4 hour long drag queen makeup or no costume. He needs to stop making up stories and wasting our time.

His stories/statuses are so click baity I just don’t believe them anymore

No. 262962

exactly, anime isn't even seen as that weird anymore. He could have worn something more 'mainstream' like his tanjiro robe with no wig or makeup. He just didn't want to wear anything

No. 262967

Why would he need to get up so early? does he work 7-4 or 8-5?

No. 262968

does he have a bad commute? or implying he does?

No. 262969

He works some weird schedule (6am-3pm)

Not 100% sure but I believe his commute is relatively short. He also go/leave work outside of rush hours so traffic shouldn’t be bad at all.

No. 262983

that's what i thought. it sounds like an excuse. he's either lying about the contest entirely, or making excuses why he's not joining. either way he's backpedalling on something.

No. 263007

File: 1667255799826.jpeg (729.23 KB, 1284x1376, A57942A6-BF22-4214-A29F-B619E4…)

Flaunting his wealth yet again

No. 263012

it's like we are watching Terry discover that the farther you fly, the more expensive it is. Oh my god.

No. 263032

He’s basically telling people to beg him to go to momocon, since AWA just finished and he knows a lot of people from the Atlanta con scene. You’re not as smart as you think, Terry

I don’t understand why Mr Moneybag keeps complaining about con cost. There are dozens of hotels near the San Jose con center. You don’t need to get Marriott or Westin. Fucker made this status not even a week after buying a new Xbox and a dozen games.

No. 263036

Is Terry going senile? He’s been flying to CA and PNW for many years now. The concept of longer flights with multiple stops being more expensive shouldn’t be such a wild idea for him.

Atlanta being a short flight away is a cheaper option is such an obvious idea I literally can’t

No. 263039

It’s always Memorial Day weekend. While the actual dates change each year due to it being on a weekend, you can absolutely plan your travel before they “officially” announce the dates.
Also, the prices are probably jumping up because cookies will cause flights to show up as being more expensive the more you look at them. That price seems high, although I’m not sure because I’m on the West Coast so it’s like $100 to fly Southwest to San Jose. Not that Terry can’t afford it.
He obviously just wants people to beg him to go. I thought he was going to cut down on out of state cons once he turned 40?

No. 263108

File: 1667280310743.jpeg (131.35 KB, 828x376, D8C37FA4-74A3-42FE-A935-7980AE…)

This was from a while ago but I was waiting for someone else to post it. He tries to be humble but is still bragging?

No. 263110

It's been posted multiple times already

No. 263116


You missed it here >>257851

The man is delusional. I believe he made it up in his head

No. 263117

Ah my bad! Could’ve sworn it wasn’t.

And yeah it just rubbed me wrong. That and the comments and him only responding to the ones telling him how “amazing” he is.

No. 263150

If it’s something he actually considered to do, it’s odd he didn’t talk about the actual cosplay contest. At least tell your followers who/what won the contest? Just checked his wall and he only talked about a coworker dressing up as Peggy from married with children, which sounds about right for his work age group.

No. 263181

How’s money even an issue with this guy? A day after posting this he’s doing a poll on what dokidoki cosplay to buy. He buys more cosplays in one month than I wear all year.

No. 263203

Terry is still the same anyway. His attitude is the fake lowkey humble dude but still finds a way to brag

No. 263231

it was probably a lie. i feel like this whole thing with his coworkers and cosplay is half truths. like they probably did find out about his account, but they were making fun of him. and all this other stuff was him coping and backpedalling because he realized he had to back it up with photos.

No. 263313

Exactly. In less than one week he bought five new games and one console. Meanwhile he complained $688 for a cross country flight. It’s a lot of money but hardly considered expensive for the route.

No. 263327

I'm torn because I don't want him to go to fanime, but on the other hand I have a morbid fascination to see that crusty mess in person

No. 263350

File: 1667389280040.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1936, 0161E71D-DF0D-4ABF-97DC-957059…)

Like he needed another console?

No. 263354


He sure likes being a compulsive buyer to flaunt the money he waste.

No. 263355

He surely loves to flaunt it. Anon cropped the feed a bit much. He added added this photo to his “things I buy” album. In October alone, he bought SEVENTEEN GAMES AND THREE CONSOLE.

This is coming from the man who every week types out the same “I’m sorry I don’t have time to hang out I’m too busy at work making that big money” status.

You can’t call him out either because his white knight would defend him “it’s money he can do whatever he wants!”

No. 263363


Very true, you wouldn't be able to call him out on it.

Now I'm just waiting for the "I feel lonely who are my friends" post on Facebook and instagram.

No. 263532

File: 1667415047031.jpg (467.47 KB, 1079x1541, Screenshot_20221102_144925.jpg)

there's your "woe is me no one actually likes me" post, anon. just like you called it

No. 263547

he didnt tag the charity because he made the whole thing up.

No. 263552

>In October alone, he bought SEVENTEEN GAMES AND THREE CONSOLES.
And countless cosplays, hotels, flights, man is really living that selfish consumer lifestyle.
Interesting to contrast with his statuses about how he wouldn't buy a burger for a friend at a con.
I understand not wanting to be used, but to be so generous with yourself and so stingy with others certainly tells a story.

No. 263578

Terry seem to be going thorough his midlife crisis. Games seem to be his new thing. He bought so many games recently. Which honestly is better than his cross dressing phase. Remember back a few months ago he had this crop top + short shorts obsession? Thank god it’s over. If flaunting his money kept him away from stalking zoomers I’m all for it.

No. 263588

File: 1667426642546.jpg (222.13 KB, 1072x1389, Screenshot_20221102-180217_Ins…)

why does he have to milk this shit at least once every month? just get over it and realize that you'd actually have friends if you gave a shit about other people instead of being a narcissist

No. 263589

I shouldn't of called it. Now hes back to click baiting people about who are his friends.

No. 263592

What’s the point of him doing this polll every month? Would he contact you if you answer yea? I really ant to understand this but I just can’t.

No. 263597

How many wealthy people do you know who love buying things for other people and do so frequently? From my experience, his behavior is completely typical. The wealthier a person is, the less empathetic and willing to help others they are.

No. 263604

tell us you don't know any wealthy people without telling us. I know plenty people with wealth, and most of them are very kind, especially the self made ones.

A lot of them enjoy their wealth but i hardly know anyone who flaunt their wealth like Terry. Or as wasteful. Terry is a very unique case. He's hardly wealthy tbh

No. 263605


I think he’s just trying to fill the void with his frivolous spending. He thinks maybe if he buys enough stuff it can take the place of friends

No. 263608

Yeah less wealthy people are usually a bit more willing to help others out when they can. But it's one thing to literally post paragraphs about how you wouldn't buy a friend lunch at a con, then turn around and buy three consoles and almost 20 games (which are usually what, $60 each?) in the span of a month while flaunting how you can get hundreds of dollars in overtime in a couple hours.

No. 263609


I cannot believe he would complain about the fanime flight being $700 when he posted that he can make $300 in THREE hours

No. 263610

>He's hardly wealthy tbh
He makes well over 6 figures, has no debt and owns a house with a single income. I guess maybe that's not as uncommon for his generation, but you know compared to most millennials and gen z, that is wealthy af right?

No. 263614

median household income for his county is $120k. I would hardly call someone making median income wealthy. he's not poor for sure. but lets stop feeding his ego. Dude has plenty of disposable income because he simply has no one to spend money on.

No. 263623

There is a huge difference between a household of two or more people having an income of 120k (that would only be ~60k each) and a single person making that much. That is a high income for one individual whether you like it or not. The median income in the US for single individuals is 63k and this is twice that.

No. 263625

agree! not sure what the other anon was smoking. six figure for a single person with zero dependents and responsibility makes terry a pretty wealthy guy. And he doesn't hesitate to rub that on our face.

No. 263648

File: 1667482069535.jpg (75.61 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20221103_092726.jpg)

I guess he didn't get enough interactions on his instagram poll

No. 263650

File: 1667484783049.jpeg (49.67 KB, 828x212, 6EC77CA9-00BC-49D5-BC30-7C35A2…)

Of course his is most of the time. You don’t have genuine friends because you are a narcissist Terry

No. 263651

Same tired weekly post about being lonely. The weekend is almost here. Almost time for his usual “sorry I’m too busy making big money at work I ding have time to hang out with any of you”

No. 263652

For a guy who has zero friend, and can’t make any new friend because people constantly leave him, he seem to making zero effort to change that. All he does is complain and flaunt his wealth.

No. 263659

because he clearly just wants a girlfriend. think about it. he's constantly bragging and posturing but is cheap as fuck to his "friends". he thinks it will attract girls.

No. 263694


Gotta learn how to talk to people without being a narcissist.

No. 263766

I feel bad for anyone who does consider him a friend (I assume there are some, though they might not be local to him). How shitty for him to basically post that he doesn’t consider you good enough every week.

No. 263777

I know a couple of people who claim to be his friend and honestly they’re just like him, claiming anyone they’ve spoken to at a con is now their friend. I’m sure there’s more of those types of “friends” in his comments. It’s a bit cruel imo, to call someone obviously so socially inept your friend and to encourage the idea that friendship is so shallow like this, only to not actually do any real friend things with him. At the end of the day, I doubt his “friends” care too much about him and his whining. Anyone that genuinely tried to befriend him already left.

No. 263783

I used to consider him a friend and tried to help him but he’s a lost cause. He would share my private (close friends) social media content publicly for clout. Told him to stop and won’t listen. I understand he has issues with boundaries due to being an autistic person but it’s too much. He sent me an invite to his new Facebook account and I just left him hang.

No. 263790

That’s pretty obvious to most people. I don’t know why he chose to go down this “I’m a queer non-binary asexual safe person” facade when he’s clearly lusting after all these white zoomer girls.

No. 263848

some guys do this to trick girls.
>i thought i was asexual/queer/gay but you changed my mind! you're so special and important you changed my sexuality!
emo/scene guys used to do this all the time. there should be a term for it. it's like a sexuality bait and switch

No. 263882

Sounds like they're the same as him, they are only calling themselves his friends because they saw his follower count and thought he was a gateway to getting clout. Sucks to suck. Someone you take a selfie with once and then stalk to find on Facebook is not a friend, they're a mutual. I wouldn't even call them acquaintances.

I'm so fucking tired of clout chasers like that, you're not fucking "friends" with Yaya Han because she said she liked your cosplay once in 2014 and followed you after you tagged her in 50 selfies. That's called having a public image. Why can't people just fucking enjoy cosplaying because it's fun??

No. 263974


I used to consider myself a close friend with him, but not so much anymore. I’ve known Terry since he first started going to cons around 2011 and back then he wasn’t so bad. Quirky but tolerable. Once he started bragging about how he could go to more cons than me and flaunting to me about how rich he is knowing I had a bad financial situation, and would constantly bring it up without offering to help me out, or would act condescending about people who worked minimum wage, I really began distancing myself. That and when he went from cosplaying things because he actually enjoyed the characters to just buying a new cosplay every week from the latest bandwagon for clout didn’t sit with me well. I felt really put off when he saw me at a con earlier this year, took a selfie, and ran off without even talking to me. It was a maybe ten second interaction and it felt so disingenuous and weird.
I started lurking these threads a while ago and it really did it in for me seeing I wasn’t alone with my feelings and experiences with him.

No. 263982


Wow thanks Nonnie for that insight! I’m so sorry you had to have first hand experience with him treating you like were “less than” because your financial situation didn’t match his. You def didn’t deserve that.

It’s honestly disgusting to se him constantly brag about his wealth while simultaneously refusing to help out his so called friends with something as small as covering a meal should they forget their wallet. Hopefully there can more people who come forth with their experiences so he can finally get called out once and for all.

No. 263992

>I felt really put off when he saw me at a con earlier this year, took a selfie, and ran off without even talking to me. It was a maybe ten second interaction and it felt so disingenuous and weird.

Funny this is how he treats people who considered him a friend, no wonder he is alone. So bizarre to snap a photo and run?! Like he's playing a videogame where he has to take a certain number of photos or something.

No. 264012

He isn’t as obsessed about numbers lately but for a while he would go “I need to take X number of selfies at this con” before each con.

I felt a bit bummed he stopped taking selfies with. I’m not under 25 anymore and not popular so I understand. We used to talk a lot before he got popular. It’s weird how fame changed him.

No. 264017

I’m sorry that happened to you Nonnie. It unfortunately tracks though; every time he’s talked to me at a con, it’s always been about himself, or him seeking some form of validation that he looks good, and as soon as he realizes that I’m not going to extend some high praise, he fucks off. Once I was mid-conversation with someone else, and he ran up and put his phone in front of me for a selfie. I posed to be polite, but it was incredibly jarring. He didn’t even acknowledge the other person I was talking to. And once he took the picture, he ran off to find his next target.

No. 264020

I'm sorry this happened to you. it's clear he doesn't care about boundaries of any kind unless they're his boundaries, from all the stories people have been telling here. and from what I've heard from friends who have encountered him.

for a little while I thought of him as a friend and saw him at a con one year, wanted to go up and say hi to him/talk, but all he did was take a selfie with me and then say "you're welcome" as he walked off. as if he didn't even recognize me?but then he'd message me after the con as if that never happened, and he clearly knew who I was. it was around then I realized how much he didn't care about people and just saw them as numbers

No. 264021

File: 1667573255192.jpeg (180.03 KB, 1284x554, F4F50F3F-DB9B-4B54-963F-694DDD…)


No. 264034

And cricket 3 hours on. No reaction whatsoever.

Nobody has the heart to tell him. Curious where the adds are coming from? Bots? Surely everyone who seen this thread Ian’s wanted to friended him already did.

No. 264035

Sorry to hear that. Terry really have changed. I miss the quirky terry that does nine cosplays per con. Now he just wear the latest cosplays he bought online and run through crowds to get his recognition and selfies. Saw him at otakon. I was talking to a Genshin cosplayer. He swoop in, took a selfie with the very young looking girl, and left. Not even 15 second.

Imagine wasting your life going to cons for that tiny bit of fame. If we can even call it that.

No. 264036

File: 1667577525092.jpeg (115.52 KB, 1170x376, 010BADE0-CCAF-4245-9EDB-77033E…)

on one hand this dude needs a bit of food in him since last thread he showed his skeletal remains of a body, on the other hand Terry stop eating utter shit

No. 264038

Does Safeway only release cupcake once a week? I don’t shop at Safeway or eat cupcake and this status just really messed with my head

Imagine being a single man making six figures being so distraught over cupcakes. I can’t comprehend this.

No. 264058

Possibly shipment didn't come in. They come frozen and the buttercream comes in blocks you add water and butter too.

No. 264060

Does this man ever have any problems that AREN'T just the most first world of problems? he's so insufferable.

No. 264068

Seriously. Sometimes I feel like terry is smarter that I give him credit for and he made these brainless posts just to toy with us.

Then I remember him in person and he’s just super autistic.

No. 264109

I like how most of his problems boiled down to “oh no I can’t spend my money.” And every couple weeks he likes to remind us “Hey you know I make six figures right?”

No. 264125

Make your own or go somewhere else and buy from a family owned bakery, faggot. I sadly live near him, so I know there are good amount in the area to support.

No. 264274

File: 1667616103327.jpeg (307.02 KB, 1284x665, 526552EA-279C-4321-81A7-4E6568…)

Maybe the 20 games, 3 consoles and 20 pairs of glasses were a bad idea?

No. 264280

It’s only $700 (according to the other status in the TC Hall account) Mr moneybag makes that much money in one day of OT

It’s rather odd he mentioned 15+ years here and 17 years in the other account.

No. 264290

It's honestly hilarious seeing him go from talking about cosplay to then a pity party and then being old grandpa "ma house" talk

No. 264300

No one has reacted to it 17 hours later. No one gives a fuck,Terry.

No. 264310

This is actually very odd. Normally I would expect a couple pity reacts. The silent treatment is very peculiar. Maybe people don’t understand the status?

At least he’s now used to people talking shit about him, as indicated by the LMAO. He really think he’s famous and very highly of himself.

No. 264370

Man it's insane seeing that just a few years ago his posts had 100+ reacts and now his reach is just almost nothing.

No. 264372

Making the TC Hall account was a mistake. I don’t get what drove him to purge his Terry Hall again. That just pushed his old friends away (those who didn’t leave him) and his new followers are just there for the lurk and tea (like us)

His feed is a literal representation of old man yells at cloud.

No. 264374

File: 1667666439581.jpg (764.4 KB, 1079x1915, Screenshot_20221105_123853.jpg)

18+ lmao this wasn't meant for your old ass. stop trying to bait people into thinking you're not 40. like no, technically he's not wrong, but usually these are for people in their early 20s range if I'm not mistaken, since there have been others floating around for 30+ etc

No. 264375


This outfit looked way worse in person since he heavily edits his pictures.

No. 264394

File: 1667675431650.jpeg (134.03 KB, 1284x471, 1309A59C-02EE-46EE-A413-905C3D…)

Sir you should eat some of Round 1’s food while you’re out there maybe you’ll look less skeletal.

No. 264407

I don’t even like cupcakes but next time I see a Safeway I’m going to get a box of them so I can understand this man’s obsession.

No. 264420

File: 1667684040090.jpg (117.26 KB, 1080x606, Screenshot_20221105_173317.jpg)

why doesn't he ever respond to people's comments? it's like he skims it and then writes something barely relevant

No. 264421

He looks like Sindel from mortal kombat with that drag makeup

No. 264425


Terry you fucking autist AI, no one is asking how long you've lived in Maryland. Is this fucking retard even human?

No. 264437

He drove so far for grocery store cupcakes, its like he's allergic to small/local businesses.

No. 264440

I’m not even trying to be a hater. Why would someone drive one hour to get these cupcakes? Are they that god?

So he drove to town, bought cupcakes, and then go to Round 1 to take videos of the arcades (we know he’s too cheap to play) Make this makes sense.

No. 264443

I saw the comment/reply and was disturbed by it too. Terry if you’re reading this, this is why people leave you. They asked you a simple question and you just reply with a non answer. What the fuck.

No. 264455

I dont get why this retard acts like cupcakes are some unique food. He can find a local bakery or heaven forbid, support a small business. We all know it's been extremely hard since 2020.

And this is why no one wants to talk to Terry. Keep in mind men live life on easy mode. this actual brain dead retard makes six figures and can live on a single income comfortably.

No. 264461

Literally responding like a bot, the person mentioned they lived in an area for a year as an ASIDE to the main question which is where did you get the cupcakes and he responds with how long he lived in his location. How does a human brain work this way.
The way the anons above describe him seeing them at cons, not speaking, taking a photo in 15 seconds and running away again is also barely human

Extreme turbo autism combined with narcissism

No. 264466

Is he an affirmative action hire or what? He seem to be a barely functioning human being. How can this man get paid six figures while I am struggling with makingbarely half of what he makes?

Yeah I’m bitter about it. Life isn’t fair

No. 264474

Anon you will go on to find love, make real friends and connections.
Terry over here is going to die alone fucking a anime sex doll in his huge outdated house surrounded by made in China polyester wigs, slave labor "cosplays", half eaten chicken tendies and a broken water heater. You're good.

No. 264490

>>I dont get why this retard acts like cupcakes are some unique food.

It's a symptom of his autism. Some autists have a super restricted diet and refuse to eat anything other than like, 5 foods or else they go into an autistic meltdown.
We've seen how empty his fridge and freezer are. This man child will never break free of it.

No. 264499

You're right anon. I never thought of it that way. Sounds like hell. He's 40 now, so the health problems from eating junk and not working out will catch up with him fast. Men tend to die earlier for a reason.

No. 264504

I wish people who consider him a friend would push him to get help. I feel like his condition has deteriorated in recent years. the pandemic really took a toll on him.

This is really eye opening. I have known many autistic adults, and none of them behaves like Terry

No. 264515

File: 1667751106455.jpg (486.05 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20221106-111009_Ins…)

there's no issue with the printer you have though. just the fact that you jumped into buying a 3d printer without knowing how to use it and thinking all you had to do was download a file and press print

No. 264518

Now I see why he always has cupcakes when staying at hotels at cons. He's a supreme autist and would meltdown without them. They are like an equivalent to bread or fruit to him.

No. 264527

KEK he has a giant fucking print of himself just hanging on his wall the ego on this man

No. 264536

kek that was the first thing i noticed too. it has his facebook and instagram handle on the bottom of it though, so maybe it was something he bought to take to cons when he was a guest, and now he keeps on his wall?
and he has to have those specific cupcakes and no others…ultra autism.

No. 264542

yeah its definitely one he has for guesting at cons, but really weird that he decides to display it in his home instead of storing it like a normal person

No. 264549

File: 1667766560576.jpeg (Spoiler Image,367.77 KB, 1284x2264, 2C6270A7-58F0-4FE7-9E06-3898C8…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 264561

At least this cosplay looks decent. He fits some cosplays and some ABSOLUTELY not. Yet he still cosplays things he probably is aware of it looks ridiculous on him just for clout

No. 264592

File: 1667782243622.jpeg (122.1 KB, 750x1334, 43FAF79B-0BB3-43FA-9541-14F51C…)

LMFAO this is completely random and it’s from 2018 but i was just going through my old phone and found this and wanted to share it. context: he was trying to take sexy photos of his ass and then a friend helped him “make it more teasing”

No. 264594

yeah i actually can recall him mentioning before that he specifically likes safeway cupcakes, and not even chocolate or any other flavored ones, it has to be the white ones with white frosting.

No. 264611

Oh,good,more money flaunting. Jesus. It's literally going to have the same issues as the first because he has no idea how to set it up.

No. 264627

What have he made since he bought this? Some buttons and finger armors for Vincent. I thought he works as an engineer and operates machines at work. How can he be so inept.

No. 264666


There's alot of trial and error that goes into 3d printing. What type and size filament your using, adjusting the temperature, and making sure the nozzle is clean before starting.
It's not a simple plug it in and go fir a first timer.

No. 264676

Ew. So he's been this gross for a while but the pandemic helped him get worse.

No. 264688

Can confirm he’s been pretty gross the whole time I knew him. Not sure the context behind this thumbnail but that’s pretty normal for him. The pandemic revealed the true Terry Hall to us. I don’t think he was that creepy to zoomer girls before but he got really bold recently.

No. 264696

Homeboy is in for a ride if that Kroger-Albertsons merger goes through. Kroger is making moves that the Albertsons brands (ie Safeway) will get rebranded to their shit.

If he's sperging this hard about his cupcakes now, just you wait.

No. 264702

>mtf pre everything. do i pass?

No. 264710

File: 1667844931336.jpeg (247.37 KB, 1284x954, 8DD3BDAB-45F2-4A56-8019-754676…)

Such a balanced diet

No. 264713


It's a Thanksgiving meme. Not his regular diet.

No. 264718

nayrt but it’s still depressing. man has never experienced flavour in his life.

he eats bland food and white cakes. it’s sad.

No. 264719

still shows that he has the appetite of a 5-year-old. to each their own I guess, but his diet is depressing and leading to obvious health problems, but he flaunts it as if it's quirky

No. 264725

Out of everything on this list, I’m most shocked that he eats collared greens at all. He loves to boast about how he won’t touch fruits or vegetables. Does he get off on the shock factor?

No. 264739

Maybe Terry thinks getting some greens in once a year makes him healthy somehow kek

No. 264776

File: 1667873220547.jpeg (187.95 KB, 1284x1950, 1E182B3D-18D3-4AD7-B11D-95A390…)

Sir you can’t communicate…You shouldn’t talk about communication.

No. 264789

>Is so bad at communicating he can't read and reply to a simple question
>complained his own family were talking to him when he went to visit them
>goes to cons and takes photos without even speaking to his "friends"
>reposting this
A trait every lolcow has in common is a complete lack of self awareness

No. 264834

File: 1668030451589.jpeg (549.89 KB, 1284x2178, FC0AA19D-95A3-4BFD-9123-2679C3…)

What is so stressful in your life sir? You seem to do nothing outside of work and lurk at malls.

No. 264840

He's stressed because he's a narc and the realization that people don't like him and he has no real friends is a huge stressor in his life nonnie

No. 264869

Calling it. He got dropped by another zoomer!

No. 264925

File: 1668049690618.jpg (213.33 KB, 720x1248, Screenshot_20221109-215810_Ins…)

Random but this IG account has a bunch of Terry photos because Terry goes to 30 cons a year.

No. 264926

File: 1668049808264.jpg (277.94 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20221109_220750.jpg)

I'm so sick of him saying this every year, and then quickly going back on his word. he's just fishing for sympathy and praise so he can be like "oh wow so many people want me to keep cosplaying so I won't disappoint my fans"

No. 264951

Also to add, he only mean non local cons as well. He will keep cosplaying and editing himself paler until he get his zoomer gf

No. 264959

Who even plans that far out? 2022 may be almost over but I don't know anyone who plans cons almost two years in advance unless they're getting married or some shit and even then.

No. 264999

I take it that you're not a cosplayer.

No. 265003

are you terry in disguise because i’ve been cosplaying for years and never even THOUGHT about cons 2 years away.

No. 265005

not the above nona, but I and many other cosplayers plan out no more than 2 years in advance. It's not really uncommon for bigger cons like Holmat, Dragon, Katsu (especially with hotel lotteries, etc), or even just for comp builds

Now.. planning that far out for Saboten.. that I cannot justify lmao >>265003

No. 265012

Lots of cosplayers plan out this far in advance. This is a really useless nitpick and embarrassing for you to hi cow.

No. 265015

Same. Been cosplaying for years and can’t think of anyone planning their normal con schedules one calendar year ahead. So many things can change even in one year

Meanwhile terry and his creepy bff EBK say every year is going to be their last year.

No. 265016

File: 1668104106448.jpg (376.51 KB, 1079x1736, Screenshot_20221110_131307.jpg)

I'm surprised they recognized your decaying lifeform without all the filters. or it's another fake post like all the work stories

No. 265017

kumo is more of a local con just like sabo, a few people fly in but, "surrounded"? It's 100 percent a fake story

No. 265021

If it's a con, and nothing else is happening right now, on a weekday, yeah. It does kind of make sense.

No. 265027

I can see planning out the next year generally in order to budget and figure out PTO and stuff, but most people also don’t fly out to so many cons every year (most people I know travel to 1-3 a year unless they’re guesting or do artist alley). And most people just don’t go to as many conventions, they don’t announce that they’re quitting after a certain con, they just kind of move on.
Terry really has nothing else in his life, so to him it seems like a huge deal to stop going to cons or cosplaying. He seems to have an internal fight where he feels too old to cosplay (which isn’t a thing but since he’s chasing teenagers he probably does feel like that’s the fact) but since it’s all he has, he doesn’t want to let it go. He needs to get therapy to work all this out.

No. 265094

File: 1668120395273.jpeg (239.34 KB, 1920x864, 70A00A3C-4E49-4037-8A2B-187524…)

Unfortunately he did make them all pose for a selfie. But it wasn’t like a plane full of ppl

No. 265104


Ew even with the smoothing filter his bald head looks so weird.

No. 265105

I loled at the green shirt giving middle finger. Fucking weebs

No. 265109

looks like people are trying to get off the plane. what an entitled asshole.

No. 265140

So much filter that he looks superimposed into this photo

No. 265144

File: 1668131486035.jpeg (178.43 KB, 1284x478, 67892DF4-FB7F-4861-8CFE-756E86…)

Sir no one cares because they know you’re faking it

No. 265153

Thank you, anon. I've seen people defend EBK again and again on here because he gave them some photos. The fact is he's just Terry if he was a photographer + had a bird plushie obsession instead of cupcakes.

No. 265172

No one has to play along with theybie delusions kek. All of them are fake anon.

No. 265181

I noticed his they/them statuses consistently attracts high interaction/reactions, so I understand why Terry keeps making these.

No. 265185

I swore he said that he doesn’t care if some people use he/him like at his job or close friends?? It was like an instragram story with all his dumb nicknames

No. 265200

File: 1668143947242.jpg (289.44 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20221111-001640_Ins…)

why does he cover his last name especially on the close friends list, as if these people wouldn't already know??

No. 265201

Maybe his legal last name isn’t Hall? I agree it would be odd if he’s covering Hall because everyone knows that. Terry being terry

No. 265244

it's definitely Hall. so it's really weird for him to cover it

No. 265269

It’s terry being quirky I guess. It would’ve been more mysterious if he crossed out his first name instead because he goes by TC Hall now

No. 265341

You’re right anon. He said before that if he was in male cosplay he doesn’t mind “he/him” or if in female cosplay “she/her”. It’s all stupid, but I think he is definitely insisting on the “they/them” only now because it gets more attention as >>265181 said

No. 265397

I don’t think he actually wants anybody to call him TC, I think those are just his initials and he named his facebook account that to differentiate between the old account. I think he still goes by terry (not to be confused with terrence, his dead name)

No. 265415

File: 1668254621904.jpeg (292.57 KB, 1284x664, 9A5C1DC6-EC5E-4649-803A-19837A…)

Hunting for zoomers didn’t quite work for day one I guess

No. 265416

this is every fucking con for him. i honestly do not understand it anymore. he takes some selfies, has an awful time then makes a long blogpost starting with “i never normally do this” or some other awkward phrasing.

No. 265417

people are avoiding him I see. I mean, he could have blamed bad service for the lack of responses but decided to make a vague callout post about those people instead for what? to make them feel guilty that he noticed they didn't respond so they respond Saturday? that's so manipulative

No. 265418

His other status got two reacts. Why can’t terry just enjoy the con? Every con is the same thing. People ignoring him. Imagine flying across the country just to take selfies. Terry please seek help.

No. 265430

Why does he have to be the center of attention at cons for it to be the best time to his standards.

Go to some panels, meetups, or watch some contest at the cons for a change.

No. 265449

File: 1668276123608.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x1839, 91C0D57D-1014-4CE9-862C-5D10D8…)

He must apply his make up with the filter cause no way he thinks he looks great

No. 265458

File: 1668280157359.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x2097, 391FE6A8-D43B-4532-8185-22BEDE…)

Looks more like a bad Cleopatra cosplay than shogun to me.

No. 265472


I don't know whats worse the makeup or the rubber boobies hes wearing.

No. 265487

Off topic but does anyone know what the fuck is with EBK and the bird plushies? did he hit his head hard at some point?

No. 265502

File: 1668297753550.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1233, 9116BD46-9D66-47B6-8A40-29829F…)

His ego is hurt

No. 265503

the plushies made him seem like a quirky old man and not a predator that he was. It's disgusting.

No. 265505

Off topic about EBK.
I think it's that mix of autism and being creepy but confident thanks to friends in the community like Terry again. I've personally shot with him before and the way he speaks to the birds, makes them nod back, and also places them on beds/between breasts/butts for more risqué shots and bed shoots is strange to say the least. I've heard a lot and seen a lot. He could have a thread.

No. 265507

People got shit to do. Meeting up with friends at cons has always been a challenge, unless it's a super small con. You usually end up with 2 good friends and hi and bye random friends all weekend long. He's old enough to know this. He's so pathetic

No. 265513

did EBK say he has autism? i have interacted with him before and he didn't seem all that.. autismy, unlike Terry.

No. 265521

All this reads as is that people aren’t kissing his ass (or there aren’t a bunch of kids saying the name of the character he’s dressed as for him to think are fans). Isn’t Kumo a more local con? Of course he’ll know fewer people there. I’m surprised he didn’t go to AX chibi since he wants to pretend that so cal/Arizona people like him

No. 265527

This is so shitty to the people he did "hang out" with, like imagine having a nice day and then seeing that weird guy you're being nice to for pity lols describe spending time with you as "so bad". This is why you have no friends, Terry

No. 265533

No one is defending him by pointing out that this is something cosplayers do. Been cosplaying, also for years [15+], and I even have time off requested from work until 2025 for specific cons. You clearly don't travel to enough or cosplay enough or something anon, because this is so fucking common and so stupid to nitpick over. Is the milk in this thread this garbage that you guys gotta make up stupid useless shit about people planning events years in advance? Especially with traveling, costs, hotels.. COVID 100% still have stuff fucked up. Be logical. At least post stuff that's actually milky.

No. 265535

File: 1668304335704.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1284x2243, 22993B46-7455-46F1-B3B6-3B3195…)

He’s looking busted as ever

No. 265541

If he had more practice he would do a good makeup guru. Forget the cosplay makeup terry

No. 265548

EBK has been in the con scene for a long ass time, and I have yet to hear anything grossly negative about him, other than his stereotypical creepy otaku tendencies. Dude seems harmless, and has always asked for consent before doing his weird lewd photos. He probably is a high functioning aspie.

No. 265550

are you new in the scene? shortly before EBK started doing the bird plushie shit, there was a call out on him. lots of screencaps of him making advances on young cosplayers. I would attach them here if i have the caps but i don't know how to dig for them.

reading this I'm actually shocked that his image rehab worked.

>>265487 this is why EBK had the bird plushies so people see him as this harmless weirdo

No. 265555

Sage your shit

No. 265564

Fuck off it counts

No. 265568

It's nitpicking

No. 265569

>sternly reminding you not to call him she like anyone would ever mistake him for a woman

No. 265570

Then be useful and report it

No. 265577

Ok that answers my questions since i've seen him round for years but old recently did he start crying about bird plushies

No. 265591

Nah man, I've been in it since 2005. I guess I just missed the drama somehow.

No. 265598

You're weirder than Terry if you really requested your time off for cons until 2025, wk. Hotels and airlines don't even book that far out.

No. 265602

I've done several shoots with EBK and personally kind of liked the plushies - for some people this is their "thing" and given autism or whatever its a way to communicate.

I would be interested in hearing more about any predatory behavior. My interactionz with him have only been pleasant and never felg boundaries pushed, he did a great job posing me. This is not a defense - just my experience and confusion.

No. 265606

Damn anon. Do you own your own company? I don’t even know any that let you request PTO 3 years in advance. And you’re probably elder millennial at the minimum. Most us younger people don’t even know if we’re working at the same place comes next year. Let alone three years.

No. 265611

Wish I have the tea but couldn’t find it. Maybe other anons can help.

I can’t blame you if you have only started shooting with him after his image rehab. People can’t even call out his old shit anymore because he’s now this autistic old man who carry stuffed birds around.

No. 265623

NTA, but is he just weird and people hate his cosplays? I've looked and can't find sexual assault allegations or anything. Also most women get word vibes from dudes at cons and he seems like one of those ignorant to social situations (maybe autistic) kind of congoers. So.. Besides 'flirting' with girls younger than him, or perceived flirting since any compliments from guys in the cos scene gets labeled creep immediately, has he done? Anons post cupcakes being our of stock add if that's milk.

No. 265627

File: 1668359150948.jpeg (274.48 KB, 1011x1800, 538478AC-7D5D-4944-A614-A1EE86…)

can the retards in here make an EBK thread if y’all really wanna talk about some unrelated autist? anyways adding on that Terry’s gotta min max his shitty props

No. 265632

From a cosplay standpoint, I think it's funny since right now is about Thanksgiving, so half and half is a little funny if you follow the series. Can't believe people are still this sensitive about accuracy and disregard fandom jokes. Also probably plans on casual Sora and probably making a TikTok. Complaining about key blades or how many someone has in the series when you can manually change out what keyblades you can carry regardless of what world you're in, is stupid and shows how much people don't know about the series. Its such a weird thing to complain about and duel weilding does exist lol

No. 265634

That wig is so busted. Also, he always makes the most retarded looking faces whenever he has fangs in.

No. 265635

lol no one cares about KH lore or whatever. the point of their post was that his props are shit even though he prides himself on them. and the fact that he decided to bring two out to a con is just funny because they look like shit either way, it's not like maximizing the amount he has will make them any better

No. 265637

it’s not that deep

No. 265644

Tbh, the comment about the keyblades just seems stupid too

No. 265722

File: 1668388118548.jpeg (686.21 KB, 1284x910, 2831D9B8-36C3-443B-A281-A51F56…)

I thought some candid selfies were exaggerating how bad his skin is… I really wish he’d take the time to take care of himself.

Though it could also be just poorly matched foundation/concealer since he bought a ton from Morphe the other month.

No. 265723

File: 1668388602517.jpg (689.53 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20221113_201425_Chr…)

Holy shit that fucking floppy plastic crown necklace. Why spend precious pennies to make your costume not look clownlike when you could just put they/them in your instagram profile and be praised for literally just putting on clothes?

No. 265746

Its not supposed to be a necklace

No. 265797

he looks beat up. like his undereyes look purple/bruised almost. I know he's not, but it just shows he's either really bad at makeup (highly likely) or just that haggard that he can't cover it up with makeup

No. 265842

not that shitty, since the couple of people i've seen him with, talk shit behind his back

No. 265875

File: 1668471725683.jpg (625.49 KB, 1079x1812, Screenshot_20221114_192119.jpg)

wow so pretty. learn how to wink, it just looks like he had something in his eye that was bothering him(learn2sage)

No. 265898

What's going in with his fake eyelashes? God, his make-up looks so bad.

No. 265917

Jeez Terry. Winking is usually accompanied by a smile, otherwise you get a stroke face like this. At least he finally got a breast form in his actual skin tone, even though he still edited himself 6 races lighter.

It's the combo of the white undereye +lower lashes. They make a gap between the upper and lower lashes that make his eye look like it's still open. Thus, you get this monstrosity.

No. 265959

File: 1668518392610.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x1827, ADEF80DA-8B46-4B1A-AC01-1CCA54…)

Are the shoulder things made of paper?

No. 265967

I can't tell if you're being stupid on purpose because that's just limp fabric that's probably some type of foam polyblend. This is a bought cosplay.

No. 265985

NTA but that thing looks so cheap I would've wondered if it's paper too and I've made cosplay myself it looks like card-stock without an structure

No. 265991

All of his costumes are cheap crap made in Chinese sweatshops. Instead of spending money on quality costumes from commissioners (which he absolutely could afford), he buys 10+ crap costumes that he only wears once because they’re flavor of the week. Of course they look like shit.

No. 266000

The fold is a fabric giveaway and the stitch outlines. Don't defend anon for just wanting to post a nitpick.

No. 266002

Why nitpick dumb necklaces and shoulder pieces when we get to see terry amazing~ boot covers. Those are always my favorite disaster craft

No. 266018

Nitpick maybe but it was saged go get laid or smthn that shit looks like paper

No. 266211

File: 1668619958844.jpg (355.18 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20221116-123030_Ins…)

they barely look any different than the million other pairs he owns??

No. 266246

On Facebook he shown FOUR new pairs of glasses. How many fucking glasses does he need? I hate him constantly wasting money on useless shit and then brag about it like his followers care.

No. 266268

I don’t understand why he says “i am trash” here. Like am I just being dumb or is it really random and out of context…? I suppose it’s just some more meaningless terryspeak but i don’t get it

No. 266285

Nah I was thinking this too. But also at least he’s admitting it.

No. 266304

He’s admitting he’s trash in the same way he admitted accidentally buying expensive shit by saying “oops I bought this” He’s just saying this to be quirky and act young. Shameful.

No. 266336

File: 1668664129120.jpeg (73.71 KB, 828x235, 40E45AD7-2EB8-491F-80DF-D08E15…)

Which genz is he creeping on now that is a Scorpio?

No. 266338

File: 1668664581059.jpeg (899.31 KB, 828x1553, CEE692D5-A56C-4581-92BE-5C1BFA…)

Lmao old man complaint to kfc that they took his precious popcorn chicken off the menu

No. 266339

File: 1668664640119.jpeg (97.85 KB, 828x224, E4550870-4084-4CAC-A965-24181C…)

No. 266356

Really showing his age there complaining to corporate over nothing.

No. 266368


Old man Terry is needs his popcorn chicken.

He might drive 2 hours away to a KFC that has it.

No. 266374

File: 1668688289269.jpeg (456.56 KB, 1284x1187, 9CB8642E-DE9E-4624-87B5-258144…)

I’ll take things that didn’t happen for 100

No. 266375

I don’t know why he tried to act young and then constantly make elder millennials/GenX complaints. Also old man terry forgot his TC hall account is strictly for cosplay/anime/gaming/etc. not complaining about food and work

No. 266376

Having a job in customer service, these people absolutely exist. Don't know about extent of "cussing", but having coworkers who do this and even just the angry attitude they get about it even though they do it to themselves, isn't that out of the wheelhouse. I also see Terry being the one from the laid back group, trying to impress and "be cool,", trying to chill the guy doing all the work out. Honestly, his group probably does so nothing.

No. 266378

He’s also complained in the past that he’s the only person able to do certain tasks at work. So I’m fairly certain it is all over exaggeration because he’s bored post-con.

No. 266383

This is probably his first work story I can believe in. Remember he does manual labor for work. He’s one of the old timers who exaggerated how hard the work is and don’t care about efficiency because he’s being paid six figures regardless. Don’t rock the boat basically.

Maybe he did say he’s the only one who can do his job. I think multiple people probably can do his job and he’s the only one willing to work weekends.

No. 266388

Most workplaces don’t like these kinds of posts. He really shouldn’t be airing this kind of issue on social media in case customers or fellow staff find it.

No. 266393

He didn't say where he works or say names. if your workplace is stalking you, they are the problem.

No. 266419

He works for a defense contractor and his job might require security clearance. If he didn’t think the gov or his company is stalking him, he’s dumber than I thought. Only a matter of time before he gets in trouble. Remember when he bragged about vandalizing work computers?

No. 266425

Pretty sure he’s some time of engineer who works in an office, he definitely doesn’t do physical labor. If he did he might be better shape kek

No. 266428

He works as an engineer testing electronics in an office setting. Anons found his linkedin a few threads back and he's described the office he works in a bit before. He definitely doesn't do manual labor. How did you even think that he did?

No. 266442

Well, he said he does do manual labor in >>252041 so he does some form of it I guess, cannot imagine what. Also gonna throw in >>239423

No. 266443

NTA but back when Terry tried to talk about the negative conditions of his job in >>252041 he mentions lifting things. It’s a stupid point to make since nearly every job has some form of “moving one box to another room” task and it’s not unique to his job, but he felt the need to point it out.

It’s definitely not enough to count his job as physical labor so anon probably just putting a bit too much faith in Terry’s story.

No. 266487

File: 1668732624563.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x2184, 748070A0-DC30-4625-92D0-6873F2…)

Terry’s TLDR on why he didn’t do X con

No. 266489

terry-speak is so frustrating. How does he only say "first three years" when a few words later he includes 2017 as great?? So it's four years.

Literally any non-hotel con is going to have you walk outside, doesn't matter the season. I am so annoyed at this man's entitlement that he should constantly be warm when it's his duty to wear suitable clothes for the season.

No. 266497

It’s a little weird but I can understand what Terry was saying here. If I remember correctly 2016 was the year he was stalking this SAO girl and she rejected him.

No. 266502

Terry is such a psycho

Kumo con was amazing . Easiest walk. Easiest transport and I get to see all my PNW friends.

Next paragraph. I’m not going to kumocon next year. Too cold and I have to work that Friday. Fuck them PNW bitches.

No. 266508

File: 1668742483885.jpeg (227.96 KB, 1284x942, 3B0EC154-A830-4750-982D-4E2056…)

Much excite.

No. 266509

>liked who she was
Literally who tf talks like this

No. 266515

Going out as a date or going out as she pity invites him to the same location? Remind me of the gen z that use him for a ride and he play with the house cat. He so awkward I can’t wait to see how this asexual don’t want to date “sex is weird” loser react to a real life date

No. 266522

Next weekend?? “Hey terry want to go shopping on Black Friday?” “Yes”

No. 266524

I almost forgot about that one! Terry is so insufferable the girl never wanted to deal with him again. A free is so not worth it.

No. 266543

File: 1668771430823.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x2106, 6DDFE5A8-766F-49C9-A1A4-F7EE2D…)

Wonder what her side of the story is… Did she like want to go places and he didn’t therefore it was her using him for rides?

No. 266554

I'm so confused I was trying to look for the post but I could have sworn he said he'd never get involved with a coworker because he's seen others do it at his work and it's too much drama? but now he's going to because one of them showed him a crumb of attention? the way this man's "morals" crumble so fast when he actually gets what he wants lmao

No. 266555

File: 1668778794788.jpg (267.95 KB, 972x753, Screenshot_20221118_083904.jpg)

sorry for the double post I just found it going through messages with someone. I knew I wasn't crazy

No. 266557

What are the odds this totally real coworker cancels on him last minute?

No. 266558

I always found Terry’s morales to be questionable. He would say whatever he can to get praises from others.

No. 266566

He has a car, so why would he use her? This is actually so common. I have friends who are like this with rides because they drink or go out or can't drive or too tired.. Probably one of those girls, it's infuriating. You learn to just not pick up your phone and say no.

No. 266630

File: 1668816553611.jpeg (320.29 KB, 1284x1309, B996BDDC-C3F7-490F-BB5A-F89075…)

He’s back on his weird bathroom fetish

No. 266637

Heated seats are nice.. Even US Google offices have them lol Wrf fetish bullshit are you on?

No. 266652

I believe they're referring to the fetish of Terry constantly starting up conversation about bathroom habits. it's a common theme with him, you must be new.

No. 266659

terry definitely has a thing for bathroom. I don't know if i would call it a fetish. I cannot think of any reason why a fully functional man who has zero friend would need THREE bathrooms in his house. he added a new bathroom to his basement this year!

No. 266661

Hm… You don't think he's looking to rent out and separate his spaces, do you?

No. 266671

i don't believe anyone would even consider terry renting out his spaces. he's just not capable to do that. It's a mystery while he would remodel his basement. much serial killer vibe

No. 266678

Remodeling a basement isn't really abnormal though. Why wouldn't he be able to rent? Like.. he has a rouse and if he can separate the space, even getting a friend to live there and pay him, he seems capable of that. The only thing is, he might be a fucking Karen about stuff.

No. 266732

that last point is the exact reason he won't do it. he can barely share a hotel room with people for a few days without imploding if one of his hundred rules isnt followed. can you imagine the insane requirements to be allowed to live there? I understand it's his house, but with the way he acts and expects others to act, I don't think he'd ever have roommates or tenants

No. 266735

Are you new here because I can’t see how you can think Terry is capable of dealing with renters with his dozens of rules per con

What >>266732 said. I think in the three years he had this house he only had people sleep over once.

No. 266738

There's definitely an influx of new fags here. I dont know why

No. 266744

Why are possibilities out the window? Jfc, thats why people remodel usually, but lets go with this fetish storyline instead. The shutdown of discussion is fucking rampant in here.

No. 266746

>I cannot think of any reason why a fully functional man who has zero friend would need THREE bathrooms in his house.

He probably has ibs, his diet has been terrible for so long his digestion must be fucked. But that's aside from constantly asking his followers their toilet habits

No. 266755

again, you must be new. he literally asks about people's toilet/bathroom habits all the time. it's not weird to think he has some kind of fetish based off of this. why else would he constantly make poop, fart, toilet, batroom, etc related posts and polls? it's not some normal topic unless maybe you're really close with someone? but this is public discussions he's opening. it's weird and has nothing to do with wanting to rent out his space.

No. 266794

other people have stated the obvious. he also never mentioned it before. not even once.

I don't know where you're from but most people remodel their houses to improve living condition or resell values.

No. 266846

I think him upgrading his bathrooms is normal; if his house came with 3 bathrooms, then there’s nothing wrong with wanting them to be modernized even if he doesn’t use all 3 a lot as he lives alone. I guess he just wants his house to be nice, even the rooms he doesn’t use. Understandable imo. The part that’s weird to me is his frequent posts asking about other peoples bathroom habits— how often do they poop, do they keep the door closed or open when they’re on the toilet, etc. That part is why people are saying he has some sort of fetish

No. 266862

File: 1668905385233.jpeg (318.94 KB, 1284x1232, D5D2D121-30B0-4631-A7E6-09E8C1…)

Guess he had his date already?

No. 266863

Not new, just not sure why he wouldn't try and fail at it. I didn't say anything about him being good at this or anything. Calm down. Even said he'd be a Karen landlord.

No. 266865

Think he's got a germaphobe issue?

No. 266881

i hope this isn't the "date" he talked about. she's fucking 24, terry.

fucking terry speak. "I almost never leave the house" terry, you leave the house a lot, just usually by yourself

No. 266932

I think this was just a party judging from the other people replying? I hope the gen z girl isn’t the person in story. Thats going to be so awkward

No. 266962

File: 1668964591066.jpeg (2.19 MB, 1284x2228, B5B05D9B-2F9A-4E69-8CCF-105AAB…)

Definitely slowing down on cosplay

No. 266976

He needs to just stop going to cons. The community would be a better place. ManaKnight is a big poser. Does he know anything about all the people he cosplays? He just buys everything to show off and no one gives a fuck. Wouldn’t be surprised if gen z figures him out like everyone else did. Then he wonders why people stay away from his ass at events.(you need to sage your nonmilk)

No. 266977

Any Madoka character will not work for him. Why 'female' sonic when it's a male character? His brain is fried. Troon saga when?

No. 266978

It’s Miku in a Sonic costume. So, 2 of his likes in 1. This whole list is weird and he’s definitely cosplaying a lot of characters that gen z would like.
It’s so strange that he’s throwing his money on all of these cosplays when no one even cares about him. His recent con trips show that. He could use that money to improve himself or get a productive hobby.

No. 266983

It wouldn’t be a problem if he actually stuck to cosplaying stuff he likes for fun instead of cosplaying popular stuff to try to get attention. Yes, it’s what kids do these days, but Terry isn’t a kid. He’s a 40 year old man. There’s nothing wrong with still cosplaying and going to cons in your 40’s if you’re not being a weirdo who’s trying to hang out with kids half your age, which is where Terry is a problem. I think he’d be much happier if he found some friends his own age and stopped trying to be cosplay famous. It’s pretty hard to get a following in cosplay unless you’re really hot, showing a ton of skin or doing really impressive builds, none of which applies to him. He needs to let it go.

No. 266985

Im shocked Yoruichi (last row 4th in) is on there, you would think with how much he hates his skin tone and the fact that he threw a bitchfit about people wanting him to cosplay a POC he wouldnt want to cos her

No. 267014

I hate this dusty borderline pedo so fucking much.
I don't cosplay or go to cons but I would just to spread flyers in the bathrooms warning others of this autistic predator.
He's so full of shit.
>>I never leave the house.
Sir you live in hotels, arcades and malls chasing girls 1/2 your age. No shame. You're just contributing to overconsumption and filling landfills with your cheap made in China plastic "cosplays".

Terry Hall/ Manaknight you're beige. Dull and uninteresting. You only exists for others to mock you.

Get some therapy and treatment.

No. 267026

File: 1668983709078.jpg (922.72 KB, 1057x1770, Screenshot_20221120_173424.jpg)

The way he wears his fucking N95s makes me want to a-log

No. 267033

Sincere question. Is him not able to wear mask properly a genetic thing? I have an average Asian nose and the nose clip works for me. Is his nose too flat or big to wear mask properly?

No. 267036

Kek no he's just fucking lazy and trying to show more face

No. 267039

That snow filter on the fake boobs lolz

No. 267044

>you’re beige; dull and uninteresting

nonna I’m hollering kek

No. 267063

autists men should be allowed to be shot. he's so creepy

No. 267099

I don't understand, he has already done some of these cosplays? I know for a fact he has done Aerith and some of the genshin girls shown. ??????

No. 267119

He didn't say all new. Just lineups

No. 267120

he did not say lineups, he says "every female cosplay i am considering"

No. 267133

that white nose contour is crazy

No. 267138

cant call terry a pedo or anons will dogpile you
old man cant remember what he has and hasnt cosplayed. he buys so many characters. terry, 1 good cosplay that was commissioned could actually get you some of the attention you want. anyone can buy an aliexpress costume.

No. 267151

interesting that he gave up on klee and diona after being called out. I am also surprised (but thankful) he hasn't latched onto any of the new characters, especially Nahida.

No. 267158

he's claimed before that the mask slides down his face all the time because his nose is too big, but I find that hard to believe. I've seen plenty of other manage just fine with larger noses. I think he's just a lazy POS who wants to virtue signal about masks, but in reality if it was acceptable he'd be anti-mask. he can't show off his "amazing makeup skills" if it's all being covered up

No. 267175

I never thought of it that way. Figured he’s just lazy but now I can see him purposely wear it that way to show off his face.

I hate that he’s such an anti-masker but for the longest time he virtue signal every chance he got.

No. 267181

I think this is the case too. He definitely cosplayed aerith. He has so little self awareness. He bought so many cosplays he couldn’t even keep track! This is really sad

No. 267193

File: 1669057343651.jpg (526 KB, 1079x1746, Screenshot_20221121_135627.jpg)

why does he sometimes make polls about himself in the 3rd person? and then making the extra comment "talking about me" like no shit? you could have just made the poll say "do you think I like pokemon" instead of clarifying and assuming your followers are morons who don't know that manaknight is you.

No. 267198

Imo it's a way for him to ask about whether or not he should add ANOTHER cosplay without making things about strictly cosplay
>if you think I'm into it then of course I'd dressed up as the thicc bunny

No. 267215

Terry, you share every aspect of your life with your followers, now tell us how your fucking date went. I want to see it written the same way he reviews cons.

No. 267218

File: 1669063771661.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1284x2229, 939E9B1F-ABD4-4746-BAF4-621F35…)

I want to see him make a yugioh wig. I would have so many giggles.

No. 267228

>Fried yugioh hair
Please, I want a milkmas miracle kek.

No. 267231

is it just me or does sokka seem like an odd choice? it sorta sticks out compared to the other character choices. he isn't cosplaying any female characters from avatar, so why sokka? maybe someone he likes is cosplaying the series?

No. 267234

Some zoomer girl he's creeping on probably cosplays suki. I'd love to see him try to do sokka's hair though

No. 267236

I would give a limb to see Zero from vampire knight pls Santa my one wish

No. 267241


The only genshin characters are two female side characters that literally no one likes. I am surprised he hasn't latched onto the new stream of characters from Sumeru and the Sumeru desert.

No. 267244

As per usual kids have to be in his cosplay too. No idea why he thinks he should do it and believes people “like” to see it

No. 267247

A lot of these series are very big with the zoomed children on tiktok crowd - HxH, Soul Eater, BSD. No idea where it's coming from but I've been a huge uptick in kids between 12-16 cosplaying from series like this recently. Yet again showing his true colors.

He's probably slowed down on the Genshin train because it's not getting him enough unique reactions; for every character he does, there's 15 more skinny white kids doing the same cosplay that are getting 10k likes on Instagram. He's just jealous and it shows.

No. 267257

it's probably because you can view them for free on funimation's youtube channel kek.

No. 267264

File: 1669076845160.jpeg (780.01 KB, 1284x2043, 545F22A0-39A2-4D61-8E21-52ECC4…)

wonder which zoomer lured him to this app?

No. 267276

It looks like a wal mart version of Twitter.

No. 267277

Lots of cosplayers talking about jumping ship and talking about Hive. They keep bringing up DA too, but that's more of an art site, so idk wtf they want to do turning it into a cosplay heavy, porn site [since thots keep posting there too].

No. 267289

Did people forget about cosplay amino?? This just seems like the next trend to follow.

No. 267290

That's the one I keep forgetting the name of, so probably. I was going to say that too, but couldn't remember it. I've been trying to think it of the past few days since everyone is freaking out about Twitter, but no one has mentioned Amino.

No. 267302

File: 1669087794162.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x1936, 71D66FB4-00BC-47F8-A03E-CBAC7D…)

Can someone translate Terry speak? It seems he had a brain fart while typing to me….

No. 267304

I’m going to take a crack that he humble bragging why his female cosplays get so much more attention(likes) in comparison to I am guessing his male cosplays. He definitely had a stroke while writing this for sure

No. 267308

>I didn't look pretty

>I love how I look!

Which is it, Terry? Did you like how you looked or not? This kind of guilt tripping for asspats is so fucking annoying. Obviously he liked how he looked or else he wouldn't have posted the fucking picture.

No. 267352

File: 1669135004027.jpg (450.42 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20221122-113207_Ins…)

at this point i don't think anyone is trying to convince him to have kids with the way he takes care of himself. he'd neglect any child he ends up having and get it taken away from him so fast. it's the same reason he shouldn't get a cat even though he keeps looking at them

No. 267362

Women get this too, moreso than you, Terry.

No. 267365

It's not funny, Terry. It's sad. People thought you would become less of a man child, maybe date someone, and have sex. But you can't manage any of those things, so instead you claim "I never wanted to —." Transparent creep.

No. 267389

No way people had terry babysitting their kids! I refuse to believe people can be that irresponsible

No. 267398

Well thank God for that.

No. 267422

Maybe he babysat when he was younger. Probably as a teenager he would be an ideal babysitter for a lot of parents— nerdy with good grades, not involved in drugs/alcohol and not bringing hookups over to the house. Now he’s still all of those things but it’s not cute anymore, it’s disturbing lol. I doubt he’s babysat in his adult life

No. 267428

File: 1669164894478.jpeg (97.36 KB, 1284x381, 0A8081F5-890A-465D-953A-AE8A7C…)

You literally have nothing going on in your life other than to burn money on shit-tier cosplay…

No. 267498

All he does is spend money on cheap shit. He has no life. I know this is mean but he's burning through his money. It can't last forever
lavi is my favorite and you're too ugly for him, Terry

No. 267507

He said coworker so it implied recent. Otherwise his last gig would be almost two decades ago! Of course terry us know to fudge the truth so we will never know.

No. 267509

File: 1669212694972.jpg (63.75 KB, 1080x375, Screenshot_20221123_091008.jpg)

finally get to use all those bathrooms he's renovating

No. 267510


The same man with a list of 63 rules for staying in his con hotel room wants to throw a party, in his house. Kek
Sure Terry throw a party. I want to watch you throw a tantrum when no one shows up.
You can't convince me this isn't a ploy for him to get young women into his house so he can spy on them in the bathroom.

No. 267516

>I didn’t think I was too convincing lol
Convincing = Passing. “Passing” in tranny terms means fooling someone into thinking you’re a biological male/female. Terry thinks he convinced people that he was actually a female like his character. I bet this self-hating man
wishes he was a cute girl.
>why do my fem cosplays always do better?
We’ll probably because all your zoomer followers are trying to virtue-signal. A nonbinary AMAB cosplaying a female character? So stunning and bwave! (Obviously I’m being sarcastic here)
He’s trying to be fake humble but you know he’s eye-fucking himself in the mirror when he wears these cosplays.

No. 267565

Three hours later only 6 reacts and 0 comment. People probably are scared to visit him. Anyone local going to take one for the team and see what his creeper mansion looks like from the inside?(cowtipping request)

No. 267826

What in the weird ass shit are you even saying anon, I hope you're a sperg or I'm not catching some meme or something because otherwise that's just creepy as fuck of you to even suggest

No. 267834

I think they were just joking lol I don’t think they literally meant for someone to go to his home

No. 267853

Of course I was kidding. Nobody should ever attend a party at Terry’s. I don’t trust that man

No. 267884

File: 1669319581318.jpg (613.14 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20221124_145141_Ins…)

more bait for "no Terry, YOU should do it" messages/comments. I really don't want to see him in this and hope he doesn't get any interaction on it

No. 267888

File: 1669321122782.jpeg (576.28 KB, 1252x2021, A32BB556-0B5D-44F8-9672-65BD10…)

not surprised

No. 267891

File: 1669321606029.png (984.67 KB, 1232x1642, Terry.png)

40 year old man that only talks about himself complains that he's lonely.

No. 267893

>Oops I bought it
It's so lame that he keeps screenshotting his purchases and saying "oops!" like it was an accident. Also, that seems like pretty expensive shipping, is he paying for express shipping?
>The most important things for me to have at a con is amazing friends/people who make me feel welcomes and never alone all weekend.
Then why do anons always catch you walking alone, Terry? Or standing in the corner alone?
He really has no concept of was friends are, does he? He thinks meeting an instagram/facebook follower for a 30-second interaction and a selfie makes "an amazing con".

No. 267897

I think he's mentioned before he only chooses express shipping. I know he's complained multiple times about his packages arriving "late" even though he chose express shipping. I don't think he realizes it still has to be processed and express shipping doesn't mean it'll get to him in 2 days from the day he orders it

No. 267898

figured he has to get express shipping to remotely make it in time for HolMat. I doubt it's going to happen

No. 267925


Can’t wait to see his crusty dusty ass at Holmat. I’ll do my best to grab those sweet candids

No. 267935

God speed, anon

No. 267984

File: 1669381919876.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2027, 50F40BFE-6B4C-4AF8-82BF-7FEF13…)

I want him to cosplay as Batonetta it would be such a nice Christmas gift.

No. 267992

I'll gouge my own eyes out if he really tries to be smt5 protag that's literally just a tight bodysuit and a long blue wig why couldn't he have gone with the version that isn't fused with aogami

No. 268035

this man. I just can't. i know people who don't even cosplay that many in their entire decade long cosplay career. I really wish he would choose quality over quantity. he's so proud of his props but they're beginner quality at best.

No. 268108

File: 1669421936004.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2204, 7AE3D1FC-941F-4CF1-AB7C-497E37…)

Ever think your couriers just hate you Terry?

No. 268124

I get that it's annoying, but if everything is still in the package and sealed then why does it matter? it could have gotten ripped open by anyone in the process of getting it delivered to him, including possible package thieves not associated with amazon or the postal service, so I'm not sure what complaining to amazon is going to do. not like he's going to ever play the games he bought anyway.

No. 268235

File: 1669489865212.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1284x1847, 18596AE6-F281-4CDE-B200-21C068…)

More shit he bought

No. 268242

Not to mention the weeb haul he posted earlier. This man for real bought more games this month than I did the whole year. How can he find free time to play all these games?

No. 268247

It happens to most amazon buyers. I just had this happened to me last night. They stuffed the envelope and it teared a bit, but nothing fell out or was lost, so I didnt care that much. Terry is trying to relate to zoomers by posting every mundane thing.

No. 268258

Not WKing I just think that if terry's image isn't exaggerated, then having the entire side torn open is way worse than anything I've ever gotten from Amazon and not at all comparable to your example of torn corners
I go with his couriers hating him

No. 268296

The whole side torn open looks like the delivery guy/girl wanting to see what was in it, I had this happen to me (not amazon but the uk company hermes/evri) with a battery I ordered which happened to be about the same size and weight as a phone if you were just looking at the package. They probably considered it wasn't worth stealing

No. 268371


Why buy multiple controllers when he has no friends to play with

No. 268372

File: 1669523924887.jpg (144.42 KB, 787x1420, Screenshot_20221126-233450_Tik…)

Dude be out here still sexualizing female characters. Terry, nobody wants to see your gross tongue. And actually do better on your videos cause these face brush videos are just lazy. Also, nobody is impressed with your make-up when you are using a filtered app that makes you light skinned and then posting it on tiktok. Make actual content!

No. 268477

The day this man has the balls to go full ahegao is the day the world ends

No. 268509

Don’t tempt him! He probably would do it and then claim “tehe I thought I look cute I didn’t know the meaning behind the face”

No. 268547

out of all the characters this one is already sexualized to shit so atleast there's that.

No. 268555

He sexualizes all his female cosplays, plus fem boys.

No. 268556

i know, that's why i'm saying at least this is appropriate.

No. 268613

File: 1669598098552.jpg (125.53 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20221127_201432_Ins…)

again with the bathrooms

No. 268615

he forgot "has no visitor"

who would look at that poll and choose "Too few bathrooms"?

shouldn't you be in bed by now, old man

No. 268619

what kind of weird bragging poll is this??

No. 268620

terry's next poll. "I bought 18 games this month. Never finished a single game this year. " Too many games. Too few games. Just Enough.

No. 268623

File: 1669601347626.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1284x1881, D72100D8-43E9-47CA-9879-37AE26…)

Humble bragging by the old man.

No. 268631

He's such a hoarder. wtf

No. 268633

I don’t understand his privacy settings. So this is his close friends only feed? Is he showing off to a small group of zoomers girls? Terry, telling people you’re a hoarder is not the best approach to get people to visit you.

No. 268653

How do you figure that? What's wrong, can't see it? Would help if people stopped cropping his stories so we can tell the reach. Also time.

No. 268715

I just don’t see it. Last story I saw was him 3d printing something. Maybe he doesn’t want randos to contact him to buy his cosplays?

No. 268720

He makes these “I’m selling cosplays” posts every few weeks but he never seem to be able to get rid of them. Any take on the true nature of these posts? Every time someone asked him “what are you selling” he would go “these and these, but I probably won’t sell them because I hate selling” and just ignore any the buyer

No. 268732

Selling is already a pain in the ass, but Terry is very selective about who gets to buy from him. He uses his cosplay-selling as a way to get out of the house and talk to zoomers. He will deliver cosplays personally even if the person lives in another city. I’m sure he looks at the profiles of those wanting to buy and hopes it’s a young girl, otherwise he declines and pulls out the “probably won’t sell” excuse. I don’t think it’s about him getting money back.

No. 268761

No, for Terry, that is an excuse to sexualize any female character just to stick his tongue out. No matter who it is, it's not appropriate. It's gross

No. 268830

Men sexualizing female characters is not uncommon or shocking. Basically all men do that. Are you the same anon who calls him a pedo for sticking his tongue out? There's so many other things to focus on w him yet you're always scandalized by the inane shit.

No. 268836

File: 1669679030356.jpeg (238.56 KB, 1284x1935, 02CC295F-AD3C-4A3D-8264-FA1ED8…)

No one would ever expect you to give them anything Terry

No. 268843

does he even have anyone to shop for?

No. 268851

File: 1669680643563.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2028, E2D90CBA-698A-498D-8BFA-2D6F98…)

Guys I don’t care about my popularity I cosplay for fun, but my fem cosplays are so popular!

No. 268853

"I don't care about my numbers, but I'm going to keep complaining about my numbers being shit and how it makes me sad and unliked"

No. 268871

Nta, you must be the anon that gets up-in-arms if anyone even suggests Terry might have pedo-tendencies. Get over yourself.
Ever think more than one nonna thinks his tongue is gross? Ffs, in the first threads anons were spoiling it. He does this to boy characters too by the way. Maybe his tongue-out on its own isn’t pedophilic but he is a damn creep and no one wants to see that.

No. 268880

why does he wear such drag queen makeup for his male cosplays??

No. 268884

That is exactly what this anon said here about him cosplaying fem boys. He also did this to Reki too. >>268555

It sounds to me that this anon >>268830
likes seeing Terrys tongue out. It's not just him doing this as his musty female characters, he does this to small boys and even some masculine characters too.(sage your shit)

No. 268931

Yeah that's probably me, because it's a serious and unfounded accusation. Terry is a middle aged man who has an intense hyperfixation on zoomer girls specifically. It's not pedo to like young adult women, it's just creepy and inappropriate since he's old.

Yes, the tongue looks gross. But we've established that's a trendy thing zoomer girls do in their selfies and Terry imitates it because again, he's obsessed with zoomers. Calling this shit "pedo" diminishes the word.

No. 268969

except he's openly admitted to rooming with a 17 year old and not caring about her age since she was "close enough"

and the fact that there are still a good amount of girls he follows who are 18/19 which, while technically legal, are way too young for his age and who knows when he actually met them? it's hard to know which is why the pedo term is kinda justified. I get where you're coming from when it's girls who are in their 20s, but let's be real, that's not the only people he's after and if you ignore the younger girls you're part of the problem

No. 268973

This. There’s the incident where he roomed with a minor. He’s also DMed teenagers and he actively looks for them at malls. You’re saying “there’s more to Terry than just sticking his tongue out!”, but you forgot this other shit.
Kek every time. Let your butthurt go, a lot of the anons in this thread have had bad experiences with Terry when they were teens. If they want to call him a pedo, they’re justified. It’s not normal for a 40yo man to act this way. He even calls himself an “asexual nonbinary” to appear safe.

No. 268980

File: 1669737769783.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x2269, BA5E7BCB-ECAD-4296-A6DF-5811FC…)

Nice nose crusties Terry

No. 268981

No one cares, terry. One less predator at cons

No. 268982

File: 1669738953815.jpeg (198.58 KB, 562x1377, 5A04ED2E-3F78-4316-920B-68559E…)

“how about making this more specific to just me?”

No. 268992

He made the same spew the last two or three years now. I’m so sick of this shit. Just quit already. Otherwise stop talking about it. The man is 40 years old and act so immature

No. 268995

He’s not actually planning to quit, he’s just fishing for people to tell him not to quit. I wish his followers would ask why he keeps saying this when it’s never true.

No. 269001

Or he could do what literally anyone else does and put multiple plans in each box. He literally will find the most inane things to complain about. They're not going to cater to you specifically Terry, you're an anomaly.

No. 269108

did he think otakon was going to be like "omg Terry our favorite guest in the world. here's a template just for you. also will you please guest at our con since it's your FAVORITE?" jfc

No. 269109

i feel like this is less of him genuinely asking otakon to cater to him and more of a humble brag that he has more cosplays than he could put into the slots.

one of his fans actually made a new template and upload it to the comments section!

No. 269186

File: 1669837853235.jpg (261.33 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20221130-124929_Ins…)

Do you think he's trying to cleanse his name?

No. 269220

Probably a good idea. Right now lolcow is the third result when you google manaknight, well before tiktok and Facebook!

No. 269231

File: 1669846814259.jpg (501.59 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20221130_171739_Ins…)

honestly it's just because it's genshin and zoomers are foaming at the mouth to be fake woke about "liking" a (male) non-binary, poc cosplayer in a female cosplay. it's definitely not the last point cause the cosplay is shit.

No. 269237

>A bit attractive
What does he even mean by this?

No. 269255

>ffvii just isn't popular
Is this man stupid? Ffvii is one of the most popular SE titles of all time– arguably one of the most famous JP titles ever. if he were actually intelligent he'd wait until the next part of the remake comes out when people are gonna simp their brains out for the edgy vampire basket case ffs

No. 269281

Anyone read the latest catfish abduction story on the news and instantly think of terry? The whole story has such terry vibe. I hope this is a wake up call for terry and he will stop cosplaying teenagers

No. 269335

Catfish abductions are sadly a dime in a dozen, you need to elaborate.

No. 269355

Can you elaborate? this is an image board

No. 269417

File: 1669934597704.jpg (132.78 KB, 1079x495, Screenshot_20221201_174232_Fac…)

you literally post on Facebook every day though? this makes no sense. unless he's talking about "content" posting

No. 269428


Curious how cosplaying teenagers relates to catfishing

No. 269468

It has nothing to do with the cosplays, it is because he is pretending to be younger than he actually is by not openly admitting to his real age and befriending people 20 years younger than himself.

No. 269692

File: 1670034817776.jpeg (544.7 KB, 1284x1049, DA404D8A-62AE-4B9A-999D-835C79…)

Sir you’ve been out to multiple malls in “late November” and you purchased multiple games, cosplay and weeb clothes.

No. 269696

This is such a BS take. He still spends lots of money on random shit he doesn't need. This is what happens when you buy a house, Terry.

No. 269699

why does he make it sound like a surprise? he bought his house 3 years ago. he makes six figures. Should have no issue budgeting for this. hell, his october/november video game purchases alone can pay for all the extra spending. I don't have time to check but he bought three new consoles and two dozen games.

No. 269700

how is he holding off buying cosplays? didn't he just buy like 2 or so new cosplays within the last week? he can't flaunt his wealth and then cry and make it seem like he's suddenly broke because of some bills. you knew these were coming so maybe you shouldn't have bought all those games, new systems, booking a hotel room for a con you might not go to, cosplays, and wigs?

No. 269702

I'm sure in the next few days we'll see him buy more cosplays but why does he make it sound like this is the only time of year he has bills?

No. 269708

bless that one commenter who said he is set on keeping himself with the ton of video games he bought just in the last few weeks.

Terry, maybe don't go to big cons like holmat and ALA during the month where you have the big bills lined up? it's not like you have a sudden bill like 10k to replace HVAC. oh wait

No. 269713

>Sorry about that
The literally 0 people who actually want to see his cosplay will be very upset. I'm betting he is a personal cow to 100% of people who follow him, he has no endearing qualities.

No. 269717

why's he special enough to sorry about budgeting? does he really see himself as a celebrity cosplayers that buy cosplay/games to satisfy people? Does terry not realize normal people also have bills to pay and family to buy holiday presents for? December is hard on a lot of us, except we don't buy a new video game every day or fly across country to take selfies at cons.

No. 269739

I don't believe a person who makes well over 6 figs could ever have a "tough time financially" at any point in the year… I don't think he realizes what actual financial struggles are.

No. 269760

Btw anon you might want to watch your wording on here/on the social media you have Terry on because you say "sir" in so many posts on here that I can tell it's you over multiple threads

No. 269768

File: 1670072722999.jpeg (332.64 KB, 1284x786, E35B3BB2-8477-4FD8-BDC2-D53E3A…)

It went over his head

No. 269785

I thought the original comment was berry clever. Terry being such a autist completely misread it. I feel bad for him sometimes.

That’s such a blanket statement. Lots of people making six figures are struggling. Hugh cost of living, student loans, family to take care of, etc Terry is none of that. He just buy random shit all the time to show off and then complain about it afterward

No. 269790

New game dwindling down to 3-4??!!!! Terry bought like 30 games easily since September. At this point I feel like he doesn’t keep track of what he buys unless I’m misreading his terry speak

No. 269858

File: 1670099894870.jpeg (667.83 KB, 1284x2234, BBEA50DE-4E44-422F-B4D7-CD8812…)

You’re bald my guy what hair are you growing

No. 269862

I feel like they are avoiding him intentionally, he's a bald crazy guy who makes appointments for haircuts regularly.

No. 269865

Why though? Seemed like easy money for the barber.

Also why did terry schedule a 9am appointment when the mall officially opens at 10? I get he is old and has no life, but last thing I want to do on the weekend is wake up for a totally unnecessary appointment

No. 269885

Old people love to show up early before stores open.

No. 269910

File: 1670111311502.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1284x2199, 275FE0D5-A20E-4156-81C6-B95122…)

Surprised he didn’t edit this photo after the photographer sent it to him to make himself look more white because “he’s not that dark actually” or whatever he said before

No. 269928

Less than 24 hours after this status he posted two polls asking people what to cosplay next. Make it make sense.

No. 269932

he just needs to go to a super cuts or other generic shop instead of going to these sketchy places. you can definitely find good service at small shops like this, but clearly he's not good at finding ones that give good service. he's gotta give up on the idea that he needs a "special fade"

No. 269942

inb4 someone comes in saying going to barber shop is a black thing.

joking aside, he probably was taught young to only go to a black owned barber shop for the special fade.

No. 269977

This is such boomer behavior. How appropriate for him.(sage your shit)

No. 269980

thanks for the reminder of that stereotype. malls are pretty dead where I live so I forgot that's a thing. I like how Terry desperately tried to fit in with his zoomer fans but keep doing these boomer things

No. 270010

I'm sorry but this comment is as stupid as Terry. Dude is 40 and bald. How far up your own ass do you have to be to realize something isn't working for you at 40 even if you were told to do something a certain way as a kid?

No. 270013

nta but that is exactly Terry, everything he does (outside of the well paying job) is not working for him, and yet

No. 270018

Same anon. How else can you explain what’s happening? Aside from black people can only go to black barber shop.

He’s probably taught this way and can never change because he’s autistic. To the point his previous barber was trying to scam him. That’s if we believe his stories.

The man is clearly bald and he can save massive amount of money by shaving his head himself yet he constantly seek out barber to the point they’re ignoring him now. This man needs help

No. 270020

File: 1670167438736.jpeg (200.72 KB, 1284x2290, 2D6F9829-8FA5-4095-92F6-D474D4…)

Didn’t you just say you were having budget issues? I swear

No. 270023

Maybe he bought it a few weeks ago? I’m seeing him doing a bunch of Eva cos tests and then realized he ordered them earlier

But this is terry we’re talking about. He changes his mind daily. I bet he will still buys at least one video game a week

No. 270033

File: 1670174267564.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1615, 0F319895-3E15-43E0-9968-48E921…)

He posted this a few days ago so I doubt his decision to cos her was weeks ago

No. 270046

He actually got his 3d printer working recently. So sometimes he actually succeed at something. We’ll see how he screw up the finishing of his 3d printed props

No. 270049

File: 1670176581094.jpg (285.45 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20221204-105157_Ins…)

Ie people found out I'm a creep narcissist and didn't want to take selfies anymore or like my posts.

No. 270051

I swear anyone who picks up a camera considers themselves a photographer. this is a really horrible photo. Even the Rinoa looks bad with all those shadows. But Terry looks worse, and his age really shows here without filters.

Oh boo hoo. Go make some friends your own age

No. 270068

Looked up the photographer and he’s “Award winning and MULTI-Published” browsing his feed, I wouldn’t be surprised if terry was the first black person he photographed which explains why the lighting is so harsh.

Terry probably liked the photo enough because it does make him a few shades lighter

No. 270069

he just likes it because his crush is in it with him. it's so obvious with the way he interacts with her he's obsessed

No. 270072

>his feed
Makes sense. Men win awards for doing nothing. This is a really bad photo and I would be embarrassed if i were the photographer.

No. 270099

anon you’re right. I forgot this creep is super into this cosplayer.

No. 270104

Wish he would stop bastardizing female characters, shit looks beyond cursed.

No. 270133

File: 1670198458446.jpeg (106.91 KB, 1284x364, 10ADC396-9962-4442-85C1-3606C5…)

Can’t stop won’t stop cause apparently he looks great as them

No. 270141

Eh she's 30, so I'm not seeing how it's creepy or problematic this time. She's decently age-appropriate for him.

No. 270144

He just posted a photo of his raiden shogun and his fans are gushing about it. I don’t get it. He looked awful. Maybe I’m the one who’s delusional

No. 270172

It's not the age. He mentioned possibly moving to where she lives right after the con he barely saw her at. He stalks people he's interested in.
Probably either people feeling like they need to applaud him for cross dressing or people who want to encourage him bc it's a train wreck

No. 270225


Speaking from experience his crossdressing is a trainwreck in person. The heavy filtering would disgust you more. If you see Terry out in the wild.

No. 270231

File: 1670244100363.jpeg (479.13 KB, 1284x1645, 170BBD1F-015C-49E0-B468-8F850F…)

He is a broken record.

No. 270232

File: 1670244143976.jpeg (141.85 KB, 1284x465, 7BAF15DE-E09E-4ADD-9E14-7EEEB0…)

He loves to contradict himself

No. 270234


When did Holmat hotel room become a bill before fun. This guy is such a drama queen.

No. 270240

I was actually a little mad when I saw that just now. Thank you anon for beating me to it. Is Terry a gold fish or what? He made that fb status just this past weekend (and Instagram close story today but k can’t see it) He is such a waste of time

No. 270241

so this goes back to the whole him not giving friends money at cons even for a snack because "they should be more responsible"…. maybe he should take his own advice and be more responsible with his money if he truly is "broke." maybe he should skip holmat if he knows he has bills pile up this time of year EVERY YEAR. and maybe he should not buy 3 different brand new expensive consoles, including 10+ new games for each console, if he knows he is going to get piled on with bills. stop buying cosplays and wigs he's never going to use, or is only going to use once and then collect dust in a closet until a zoomer he can meet up with wants to take it from him. I better not see that people are paying for his meals at holmat or that this movie and Korean restaurant is payed in full by said friend. though I guess he'll never disclose that.

I also don't believe he's "broke" in any capacity. he just wants to throw that word around to look more relatable and get sympathy yet again.

No. 270246

I think he does this weird "I can't do fun stuff for a while" thing over and over because he thinks someone will go "nooo Terry I wanted to hang out because you're so cool!" And then in this fantasy he goes "okay I guess I'll make an exception to my BUSY ADULT SCHEDULE for you" lol he's so retarded

No. 270257

omg anon you’re right I wonder if that’s why this happened >>270232

Terry is so manipulative!

No. 270259

Why is he broke and sounded so desperate for money? I thought he makes six figures at work and get paid almost $100 per hour when working OT? Remember when he worked OT two weeks in a row and then flashed his giant paycheck in front of everyone complaining (bragging) how much tax got taken out?

No. 270260

Who exactly is he apologizing to? I'm very confused by this post. He doesnt spend money on anyone but himself.

No. 270261

He’s probably saying “broke” when in reality he is down to however much in his checking account he’s comfortable with (probably still several thousand dollars) and he feels like he needs to not spend much until he gets paid next. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to actually be broke like most people use it, and he’s too self centered to realize that he looks like a jackass saying he’s broke when he buys so much shit and goes to so many cons.
I’m beginning to think he makes these statuses on Instagram as a story because people can’t publicly respond and tell him how bad it looks and he probably has different people on Instagram and Facebook

No. 270283

He probably will cross post to Facebook in a few hours. Terry is weird like that. He would test out some posts on one platform and then post it to another hours later

I doubt anyone would challenge him on Facebook. Last time I saw that happened a few months ago the person got dog piled real fast by a bunch of terriests. It was a money related matter too if I remember correctly

No. 270303

File: 1670267453968.jpg (73.51 KB, 1080x472, Screenshot_20221205_140743_Fac…)

who bets even with all those suggestions he's getting, he's still going to choose whatever chicken/fried chicken option he can find on the menu

No. 270306

Korea has really good fried chicken.

No. 270355

he said in his previous status that he was getting out of his comfort zone though. so even though their fried chicken is good, that would defeat the purpose. especially when he specifically asked for what people like, as if he's trying to get ideas what to order

No. 270380

He’s still a creep but I do give him props to not eating fried chicken for once

Must be some really special zoomer to be able to get him to dine out while broke and try different meat

No. 270381

that means he's getting kaesu kek.

No. 270410

File: 1670294475159.jpeg (555.56 KB, 1284x1028, 2A57C171-C4CD-4FAB-B43C-A9A3EA…)

Typically stalker face

No. 270411

he looks like a dad hanging out with his kid's friends

No. 270415

File: 1670295351986.jpeg (810.7 KB, 1284x1799, 729DC702-82F0-4290-AC04-1DAD43…)

Oh it’s the chick that used him for a ride to the bbq over the summer that asked him out.

Wonder if he paid cause he thinks she’s gonna give him a chance?

No. 270417

KEK this anon described it perfectly >>270411
He looks so out of place and is obviously older than the rest of them, even with the extreme smoothing filter. It's giving 'dad supervising his kids'.

Also, Terry tagged all of the girls, but not the two boys there. Maybe they don't have Instagram, but if they did, it's very odd that Terry didn't ask for their handles…really says something.

No. 270422

Is he using some crazy filter? He looks super fucking uncanny valley while the girls look just normal filtered? Did he go in and edit himself but no one else? He’s so fucking creepy

No. 270427

he looked so creepy in that girl's story. not sure if i can share that here since she's not what this thread is about.

what if they invited him along because none of them has a car lol

No. 270429

File: 1670298231202.jpeg (523.41 KB, 1284x2252, A588E4D5-5386-415D-A212-CC6A00…)

Bro you said before you didn’t like being used yet here you are.

Dumbass simp

No. 270431

He's such a fucking manlet
She's definitely using him. I bet you he paid for the movies and also bought her something from forever21, just because she asked. Terry is so desperate for attention.>>270429

No. 270484

She should ask him to buy some new shoes god damn.

No. 270527

Asexual my ass. Terry is such an incel!

I noticed immediately the men weren’t tagged. Figured they probably didn’t want to be included since they’re just tagging along the three girls who pretty much live the influencer life. they’re there for a special screening of an unreleased movie.

No. 270528

hey Terry what happened to you ALWAYS masking up indoors? or does that not count when you're out with your other "friends" who don't care about it anymore so you can stop pretending you care too?

No. 270532

File: 1670335300492.jpeg (215.22 KB, 1284x581, 3CCAE4F4-40EA-420A-8A6A-CCF7AF…)

Crazy how you didn’t tag your new coworker in your IG story

No. 270533

File: 1670335468245.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1284x2259, 608C69AA-EF65-4473-842F-5599DD…)

I’m not into cosplay for the popularity guys.

No. 270539

even if that was true, which it's not, it'd probably be some entry level position because they're all young as fuck.

No. 270559

the way the guy in the back cosplaying wirt has 1000x more swag, popularity and skill than terry could ever muster with his pinky finger

No. 270576

When’s terry going to realize people sharing his photos has to do with wokeness and not because his cosplays are any good? I’m side-eyeing all my mutuals who shared his cosplays because it’s borderline bullying

No. 270621

They both look like shit. Broke ass zoomers are going to use him for money. kek. Ugly ass bald head. Why is he always complaining about finding a barber?

No. 270646

File: 1670368754940.jpeg (496.01 KB, 1284x2272, F2204089-A786-44D8-8C8A-5C982A…)

Why can’t you help out?

Oh yeah bought too many shit cosplays

No. 270651

He's just promoting it. Didn't say he did or didn't donate. Damn.

No. 270656

Only one person has donated (20$) and that was two hours ago. It certainly wasn't Terry the Cheapskate.

On another note, the guy is being super vague about the "incident." Incidents that involves retraining are usually complaints of racism and/or sexism. Not sure why anyone would promote this.

No. 270664

What kind of people does he associate himself with? This photographer is out on leave for unknown reason (probably not a good reason since he didn’t disclose) and is asking for $2k for missing 10 days of work? This is such a scam and I’m happy to see only one person fell for it so far.

No. 270672

Anon. Come on. You should know Terry is a cheapskate. He's even said before that he wouldn't buy food for his friends.

No. 270673

Photographer is a dude. No way he donated. Just doing it to virtue signal. I really hope you’re trolling or new to the board

No. 270675

>incident at work
>leave for retraining
Did this moid assault someone? What's the story here?

No. 270696

Retraining is a term normally used when someone either lied about having a skill so they're gonna go actually learn the skill to keep the job, or they fucked up a process super bad and have to get new training for it cause it's just really hard to actually fire someone these days

No. 270699

I'd like to say that but the "incident" phrasing on the post and the actual gofundme link is vague. I doubt a job would bar someone and not pay them for something like that. Dude did something lmao

No. 270700

samefag but acknowledging >>270664 's point. Is DMV area notoriously expensive? 2k for 10 days is a lot. He either is scamming people and was too lazy to make an actual story for it, or is anticipating losing his job over whatever happened.

No. 270716

Did something sure but there are countless ways to fuck up in a job that isn't assaulting someone and it's not like this is that guy's thread so no reason to tinfoil

No. 270718

I didn't say he assaulted anyone. It's fairly relevant since Terry is promoting his gofundme, when I don't believe it's been documented of him doing it before.

No. 270719

NTA, but leaving it at this is just fine. There's no reason to dissect someone who isn't even Terry.

No. 270720

nta but honestly, terry probably barely knows the guy and i doubt he has even looked into him. he just promoted that moid's gofundme to look like a nice guy and get attention.
we all know how stupid terry can be sometimes, and forgetful too. he can't even remember who he has cosplayed.

No. 270724

It's always people like Terry who say "cosplaying is my hobby" and then turn around and decides to become a guest at cons.

No. 270728

Why’s he so obsessed with this photo? He shared this photo again today. Terry, woke people just like to share fem cosplays done by males. It’s not really that great. I swear his ego has gotten so big since the pandemic.

No. 270731

File: 1670400551139.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2189, 84850D5B-1B5E-42C4-8863-3DF0A1…)

Somehow he made the 3D print look like his typically made props…

His skill level is unmatched.

No. 270739

I'm guessing he didn't sand it and just covered it with thick paint which is why it looks so lumpy. Imagine being a cosplayer for decades and still being at this level

No. 270741

it honestly looks like he used 99 cent craft store acrylic brush-on paint.

No. 270756

File: 1670420210544.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1284x2107, 21055E63-D431-4E5A-AE21-9FF6EA…)

He looks like a bobble head and that glove is way too big

No. 270757

>will glue an orange tip on it
I don't think anyone is going to mistake that lumpy mess for a real gun my dude

No. 270758

It’s crazy to me that Terry still hasn’t figured out what sand paper, an some washes can do for his props… also staying away from dollar store paints would help aswell.

No. 270760

I don’t know why Terry is so proud of his props. It’s like a grade/middle school child make it. Such a waste of 3d print material. He’s lucky he has a newer printer or there would be so many lines cause he clearly never sand in his life

No. 270762

The clear line between face and neck with no attempt to blend though

No. 270763

that’s the first thing I noticed too kek
The foundation is too light for his skin tone too
>I spent 50% of my time chatting with friends and making new friends
I doubt this. Every anon that has spotted him in the wild has said he walks around alone.

No. 270766

I bought an old airsoft gun in 2005 that looked better than this shit. This is Asherbee levels of bad. Why is the paint so lumpy and uneven? Did he not sand anything down?

No. 270771

All of his props look lumpy, so he probably puts paint on in thick globs. It must take forever to dry. And yeah he probably has never used sandpaper before.

No. 270781

He has so many “friends” who 3d print. How come nobody helped him out?

Everyone should be able to cosplay, but if you’re 40+ and your props look like they’re painted by a child I think it’s time to move on.

No. 270789

there's people in his comments on his newest print trying to offer him help but he just goes "naw it works now. I just have to make it go faster" and dismisses them. just take the help, you obviously need it

No. 270807

lmao kek "go faster" costs a few grand in specific parts, and not for that printer.

He is probably gonna up the "print speed" when really he should be decreasing his infill. There's no reason some of the prints he is printing is taking so long, but everyone knows that it is a bit of a wait no matter what.

No. 270811

Can’t wait for his meltdown when the extruder clogs, filament is tangled snags, or filament snaps.

No. 270906

File: 1670457819662.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1284x2011, ADAA0FA8-3062-4658-9441-FDE689…)


No. 270911

I can see him attempting a poor job of sanding. And I do think he did a really bad job of priming and painting it. He's so proud of himself lol

No. 270921

he probably thinks that he just needs to use one grit of sandpaper for a little bit and then thought piling on a filler primer did the rest of the work. there's no way he did the proper steps on that when it looks like he molded it out of wax

No. 270935

is it even possible for him to type a single statment without using "I"?

No. 270979

>that boomer ellipsis

No. 271021

File: 1670482095342.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x1684, EF92672E-62C4-483B-9FA4-1175E6…)


Lawd have mercy dude learn to blend.

No. 271024

It looks more like bad editing to me. Look at his nose and forehead.

No. 271087

File: 1670505264394.jpeg (316.17 KB, 1284x754, 5D99010B-1665-4DCC-8FB3-2AC14D…)

Old man issues

No. 271089

At least he posted it in his non cosplay account.

He really needs to stop talking about his work IT issue out in public like this. I know he didn’t mention its name but he did say it before and it’s not a small company. His job is literally the only good thing he has going for right now.

No. 271093

File: 1670509909509.jpg (275.04 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20221208_092930_Fac…)

I wonder if that "kidofmischief" cosplayer finally put her foot down and confronted him about his creepy actions and being obsessed with her. if not then what zoomer was he stalking that prompted this post

No. 271094

Nah this reads more like he's self conscious cause he didn't interact much while the kids were playing and he was chaperoning
That or he's trying to write some sob story for interaction from said kids

No. 271107


Ahh yea guess you’re right, nonny. Still if he would just fucking chill on his crappy snow zoomer editing bs

No. 271124

It’s so weird to read the comments and see all his fans encouraging this behavior. He really need to respect boundaries and realize that’s why people stop talking to him. he borderline stalks them

Also when he commented back “same”, was that the first time he acknowledged he’s autistic? I remember he used to be very negative when people suggested he might be autistic.

No. 271127

he likes to use the autistic card in times like these so his stalking can just be perceived as "oops sorry I'm autistic I didn't know better"

but for the most part he still pretends he's not autistic and will refuse to get an actual diagnosis for it so he can "pretend he's normal" as he's said in the past

No. 271152

Ugh. Men!!! He’s so manipulative. I’m sick of him using autism as an excuse to harass people. He’s 40 years old and makes six figures. How can he function at his job if he’s so bad at reading social cues.

No. 271179

He probably keeps to himself at work and gets his work done and does a good job/gets what needs to be done finished by deadlines and is willing to work overtime, so management probably just deals with his weirdness. Most of his coworkers are probably older and/or very much normal people that he had nothing in common with so they don’t have to witness his weird social stuff.

No. 271190

File: 1670540914457.jpg (Spoiler Image,658.7 KB, 1268x1080, InCollage_20221208_180451861.j…)

spoilering just in case for the pic from his comments, because it's definitely not something I wanted to see. he blocks out the fake nipples but then posts them in the comments to prove that pasties don't work? what's the point of censoring in the first place then

also this is such an awful look in general

No. 271205

File: 1670544217245.jpeg (591.38 KB, 1284x2224, 643D97C6-084D-4DE6-AF02-A7BCAE…)

I’m so poor, pity me.

No. 271208

I think this is his worst look yet. Terry does NOT need to be wearing a tight suit. So gross.

No. 271211

Is this supposed to be Rei? Why does he need a chestplate for a character that doesn’t have much of a chest to begin with?

No. 271215

File: 1670548975441.jpg (37.1 KB, 395x690, b15f44dae8df23c1f9383bf414cfa8…)

I was just going to say that! Both Rei and Asuka are 14 years old and are drawn to be pretty flat, so why is he wearing a huge fake breastplate? He looks so bad. He need stop cosplaying female characters.

No. 271223

Some close friend stories…

Who do you think he’s talking about?

No. 271225

you also see rei naked in EoE. he's just stupid.

No. 271229

That’s not his normal voice. I have talked to him a few times at con. Something is odd about this. Is he trying to sound more fem? I can’t put my finger on what’s different here.

No. 271231

I have never heard his voice before until this video. Wow, Terry sounds so cringey. He also talks just as bad as he writes, not very articulated at all. It's good he put closed captions because it is hard listening to him talk.

I think there was possibly some fallout after he was chaperoning that zoomer group. He's probably been pushing to hang out with her and her girl group more, but her friends likely can't stand him and think he's creepy, which he is.
So that's why the cosplay looked extra uncanny.
To him, female = big boobs. Terry just wants an excuse to wear the breastplate for any occasion. It's weird.
Sorry I deleted my last posts kek. Yeah his voice almost has that tranny whisper to it, like he's trying to sound more female but is failing.

No. 271233

This looks grotesque but why buy pasties or a bra when he can cut the nipples off? They're fake.

No. 271235

Someone in the comments suggested inverting the nipples. He kept saying pasties don’t work. I don’t even know what he does with the chest at home.

Fucking sicko. Rei doesn’t have big boobs!!

No. 271236

He is absolutely faking this voice. From encountering him at cons over the years, his natural speaking voice is much deeper and more raspy than whatever he’s trying to pull here.

No. 271243

I have also talked to him a few times. In this clip he is much more personable. In person it was extremely awkward and not nearly as fast paced.

No. 271245

How does he not realize the problem isn't him being "clingy" but people realized he's a fake and a big creep?

No. 271274

Well Terry, you can start by not making conversations about yourself. Your constant bragging gets on a lot of peoples nerves and nobody wants to hear you talking about yourself nonstop. Stop being an asshole and think before you talk to people. Also, stop making your voice like that. Most of us know you don't sound like that in person.

No. 271275

Someone should call his ass out. If he's so poor, he shouldn't spending it on an anime convention. Those bills are more important than a con Terry. Get that through your big head.

No. 271309

You simply can’t call him out. I remember seeing brave souls attempted that on Facebook and they got swamped by white knights defending him. It’s really disgusting. All these people enabling his narcissistic behaviors.

No. 271312

It’s even creepier knowing he hasn’t even watched Evangelion. He’ll literally cosplay anything for attention.

No. 271314

I'm actually surprised by that! Since terry is old and original eva is a classic I assume he have watched it. Also it seemed like his type of shows.

No. 271315

Bingo. It seems like he's doing some type of damage control because this was a over a minute of explaining how friendships work with normal people. What he's excluding is what anons have mentioned, his narcissism, gossiping behind other "friends" backs, and creeping/stalking online.

No. 271328

Tbh, Eva is tedious. Don't blame him. It's okay to cosplay from things you don't know because designs for certain characters are just nice and cosplaying doesn't need extended background info on a character unless you're going to do autistic larping around a con.

No. 271333

No cause this gives him an excuse to sexualize another female minor character, with his tongue sticking out for videos & selfies. It's just disgusting behavior.

No. 271334

The character doesn't look 14 and its fictional and he added tits to a character who normally has none. Seems more like overfilled drag than sexualizing a "minor".

No. 271339

Zoomers see someone cosplaying an Eva character and act like they found Epstein's flight logs.

No. 271340

Like it's just cosplay. He's not dressing as Kana with tits or something lol

No. 271349

People who cosplay from shit they dont know are stupid. Cons used to be about sharing a hobby, so if you saw someone cosplaying Rei, you'd go up them and talk about EVA. Now thots and attention whores want to cosplay 'CUZ I LIKE THE DESIGGGN' and know nothing. they deserve to be called out. It is stranger because Terry is the age when Eva was huge. I remember in my teen years when everyone was recommending eva left and right as a different type of anime.
He only wants to get closer to zoomers, since pretty much most millennials have seen eva since the OG series.

No. 271351

He's probably going to wear a shit ton of makeup too because men are so ugly, they have to wear drag makeup to pretend to be women.

No. 271353

File: 1670615273010.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1284x2128, F1183943-02C6-4672-93D5-4024A4…)

But what’s so funny about them?

No. 271354

I think older cosplayers feel like this, while young kids (aka the people Terry wants to hang out with) don’t care and just cosplay whatever’s popular because to many of them, it’s less about fandom and more about getting attention. They cosplay whatever will get them the most likes on TikTok and Instagram. Terry should know better and be more mature but he’s a mess who just wants attention too. I just think it’s weird of him to wear a chest plate for Rei since she’s pretty flat; it makes sense to wear one for costumes like the genshin titty sword girl because she has a prominent chest, but Rei does not and it would look more accurate without it.

No. 271378

White bread and white cupcakes. Maybe just saying how he’s Black but like white things so much? Is he really eating these awful food for a laugh? Men. They’re so simple minded

No. 271461

I think the only valid excuse for cosplaying something you don’t know is if your friends who are fans have you doing it with them for the purpose of a group cosplay. Obviously this doesn’t apply to terry because he doesn’t have friends

No. 271473

he probably doing eva cosplays so he can do eva groups with girls. a few zoomers actually replied and said they wanted to be asuka to his rei

No. 271480

File: 1670635147040.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x2235, 819E9ABF-02C4-4DBE-BC60-8D545D…)

Mostly young people as expected from this creep

No. 271485

It’s odd he made this close friends only. What if his tagged people share it? there’s really no reason to make this list private. Terry is such a weirdo

And lol at kidofmischief being #1. Terry stops!

The honorable mentions are male or older female with partner so I do have to give Terry props for not all single women he lust after

No. 271510

I'm going to safeway tomorrow to do a taste test for these cupcakes. Why does he love them so much?

No. 271523

>bonded while taking an Uber/Lyft together
Any crumb of attention is you becoming the new bff to this man

No. 271525

As a brit who has never been to the US I love to see Terry's terrible shopping
>loaf of white bread which boasts "no high fructose corn syrup"
>White cupcakes with the longest ingredients list I've ever seen, but only 5 days use by date (so if they're not preservatives why/what is in there?)
I have no idea how he even has the energy to go to work and travel on this diet.

No. 271531

it's his autism. He would probably going into an autistic meltdown if someone made him eat a cupcake with sprinkles.

No. 271541

File: 1670678581179.jpeg (199.63 KB, 1284x523, 9B58C6CC-310C-4C89-9074-9998B1…)

No1 curr

No. 271557

Why would he post this? he can call a friend or family to talk about boring HVAC stuff with. Terry sounds like the most boring person on earth. I deal with house stuff irl now too in my 30s but i dont post on FB about it.

No. 271560

I think it’s fine to post boring shit like this on fb. Boring people exist. Terry should’ve posted it in his IRL account and not his cosplay only account nobody under 20s can relate to this, Terry. Last few times he actually got some decent inputs from his friends

No. 271564

Sage your shit

No. 271565

You're right anon. It is strange he posted it on his cosplay account. 20 year old zoomers wont care as most still live with their parents

No. 271576

Anyone who saying they want to cosplay with him are just hoping he would buy them the cosplay. Spend 15min taking photos and using his clout to boost their engagement.

No. 271593

File: 1670713308744.jpeg (279.75 KB, 1284x2348, 4B61B42A-3FD7-48D0-B8F8-A9229B…)

Good luck to the overseas nonnies, may they catch the beast in the wild.

No. 271600

there are enough sex pests at mcm already

No. 271614

File: 1670719916808.jpeg (188.93 KB, 828x509, 2E199D55-0CF4-4A64-99FB-DE0D52…)

I wonder if this means he will stop his chicken tendies diet now?

Also I’m pretty sure he was the one who made his food limited. There more to food then chicken tendies and seafood.

No. 271642

he makes it seem like his family exclusively ate out at restaurants his entire life. you can easily get more food at grocery stores and not limit yourself to chicken tenders and plain spaghetti. he's just making excuses at this point for being a picky eater instead of admitting that he's a 40 year old that hasn't been willing to try new foods for god knows how long

No. 271643

limited food choices. did he grow up somewhere rural or his family super religious? i don't get what kind of upbringing would cause someone to only eat white bread, chicken tenders, white cupcakes, and shake n bake pork chop.

No. 271649

I’m sure Terry is just trying to garner sympathy by pretending he lived in a food desert. You know how he loves attention and pity.
In reality, he likely didn’t want to try out new foods and was a picky eater. “I grew up poor with no access to food” sounds better than “I refuse to try anything new”.
Although if he admitted he was autistic and that’s why he was picky, he could still garner that sympathy from zoomers. But you know he hates the thought of being diagnosed.

No. 271654

>don't like seafood
>love American, Italian
Whos gonna tell him Italy is almost entirely surrounded by water and therefore has a ton of seafood integrated into the culture kek

No. 271662

terry stfu youre a grown ass man. theres nothing stopping you from walking down to your local shop and buying some new types of food to try. he's literally just trying to garner sympathy about being a picky eater of all things, as if any of his cosplayers give a shit that he wont eat anything else but tendies.

No. 271685

File: 1670763394883.jpeg (157.9 KB, 1284x685, 90B7B12D-D783-47E5-A178-8D9B08…)

…Only those not knowing of how much of a creep you are would trust you with their child.

No. 271699

https://youtu.be/DUlhryedAXw?t=325 Around 5:10ish Terry is featured with his natural speaking voice. Def may be pitching his voice up a bit in the IG story whether that be the autism or simply just him being whiny

unrelated seeing terry documented on film is just unfortunate to watch(learn2embed)

No. 271714

can confirm that’s closer to his normal speaking voice. Everything he does online is so fake.

No. 271727


For someone who claims to be so staunchly non-binary he at no point corrected the guy filming on his pronouns.

No. 271731

>this guy here
Terry will throw his morals out of the window if that means a crumb of attention. Terry was staunch about masks too, but didn't care anymore if his friends or other congoers weren't wearing one. Terry wasn't about to call out a guy with a camera filming him, free clout!
Like a lot of enbies, Terry is a coward afraid to confront anybody in real-life, and only corrects people online. I suppose it's better than him going into a "IT'S THEY/THEM!!" tard rage though, as interesting as that would be to see lel.

No. 271933

File: 1670849613999.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2075, 2F052174-5A4A-4F9D-89F7-951863…)

I’m broke, but so I bought two more games

No. 271939

That’s my exact thought when I saw the post but he also said one on sale and the other one he bought a while ago (assume before he realized he’s broke in December)

No. 271941

But you know he's a very busy man with no time for anything apparently.
is that the japanese ver of the game on the right? Havent heard of it.

No. 271956

Used Unbound is about $45 and Maiden is like $60 new. Also the reviews for these are terrible, gameplay is so bad in Maiden and it's just another copy/paste girls in skimpy themed outfit type of game. He was better off just getting another Senran Kagura through steam for cheaper and with the same mechanics basically.

No. 272032

File: 1670890593037.jpeg (228 KB, 1284x535, D4D14D51-822B-4E25-B501-3B4638…)

You are literally the most financially illiterate person that I know Terry

No. 272040

How could he not known bills would add up quickly? He bought more games every month than bills for most people. He has no concept of what struggling means. The audacity of making this status after posting 2 new games he will never play.

No. 272047

Does he not have savings? Most people have savings literally for big expenses that unexpectedly come up like this. I know he spends a lot on stupid shit but he makes 6 figures, he should be able to put quite a bit away in savings as well

No. 272065

File: 1670902454545.jpeg (2.45 MB, 1284x1717, E3CE232E-CAFE-41C6-B355-1FE613…)

He’s really trying to milk the interactions with this Raiden photo

No. 272078

I had to do a double take when I saw it. It’s literally the same photo. Just slightly different background. He’s so desperate for attention it hurts

No. 272084

He probably just like to whine and beg for attention. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he has no saving. He spent money like nobody else I know

No. 272118


His insatiable need for attention is really sad at this point. If you have so many bills then take a break from traveling to conventions. Next hell complain about the price of chicken tenders at a con.

No. 272147

File: 1670951416223.jpg (362.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221213_120847_Fac…)

he's fallen for pretty obvious spam texts in the past though, so not falling for this VERY obvious scam email isn't really an accomplishment to brag about

No. 272162

The fact he even opened that email tho, he would honestly be super easy to scam given his propensity for clicking buy on any old shit, posting his current location with photos, doxing himself (nearly) constantly, etc. He's just been lucky so far that someone hasn't emptied his bank account

No. 272205

File: 1670972405780.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1284x1972, 56024680-1CC5-4AD7-B386-B02BAE…)

I have no words

No. 272222

File: 1670982119191.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2222, B16D2C8C-6790-4F75-B2F9-75D922…)

He’s probably gonna bring this to HolMat cause he’s impatient

No. 272227

Kek I saw this coming. Any opportunity to waste money is not lost on Terry

No. 272281


Talk about being broke and bills piling up at the end of the year.
This is worse than sad now.

No. 272289

actually i remember him complaining about chicken tender price during one of the recent cons. maybe anime expo? he's so unbearble

No. 272292


I'm going to be at Holmat this year. I remember last year he complained about the price of chicken tenders there.

No. 272353

File: 1671054243394.jpg (84.29 KB, 1079x375, Screenshot_20221214_163933_Fac…)

who cares, Terry?

No. 272453

File: 1671110373912.jpeg (2.01 MB, 1284x1940, C8B5022D-2C9A-4FD4-A399-7B52AA…)

Nothing like buying lounge pants before HolMat

No. 272490

File: 1671129463517.jpeg (435.93 KB, 1284x2098, 42CC928C-0223-4076-A4D9-146397…)

He’s definitely experimenting with his food ya’ll

No. 272504

and of course like other anons knew he would, he's complaining about the price of the food. he should have stayed home if he's going to whine about spending money at holmat, as if he could have avoided it somehow. thought he was broke?

No. 272515

I get he has a history with fried chicken and all and saying he wants to try new food, but going somewhere where I don't know if they have good food and I don't think I should waste money on trying something I might not like, getting something that you know is hard to fuck up is way better on the wallet.

No. 272522

Men virtue signaling with sailor moon will never not disgust me.

No. 272542

File: 1671151933938.gif (3.72 MB, 308x500, 76F884B8-0D7C-4333-85C0-09D8A9…)

gif from terry’s story but this girl so mean for even posting this seizure inducing attempt at filtering terry

No. 272546

must be close friends only. wanted to see this on my own but i will settle for this gif. thanks, anon

No. 272548

this is like his seventh holmat, anon. We're talking orlando, not faraway places like canada

No. 272583

This is insane. I cant believe she would post this and I cant believe he would reshare it

No. 272599

File: 1671165481859.png (19.62 MB, 3792x1666, crusty.png)

Lookin' mighty haggard and dark Terry

No. 272639

not a mask in sight for "virtue signal Terry" and I doubt all those locations are outdoors

No. 272652

what a hypocrite. I saw him walking around looking for people to take selfies with. never once saw him wearing a mask at the con

No. 272658

File: 1671204955391.jpg (104.92 KB, 960x960, ICHIGO.jpg)

Dude totally forgot to use beauticam on mirror pic lmfao

Whoever is at Holmat, PLEASE snag a candid of him in this

No. 272663

Just saw this on fb. He looked so OLD in that mirror pic. I feel sorry for any victim selfies who have to see that caked makeup nightmare in person. God, he is a walking nightmare

No. 272664

File: 1671207649249.jpg (332.87 KB, 1200x1200, 4-in-1-pressed-mineral-makeup_…)

The difference between his face in the filtered image and the mirror image, whew.
There's like 5 foundation shades between these selfies and his own selfies

No. 272671

I feel bad I just saw him walking by but didn't get a chance to sbap a photo. He looks like he forgot to shave this morning for the clean face look.

No. 272675

ROFL I remember watching Bleach back in the day. Not once did I remember Ichigo with big female winged eyeliner. He's so ugly, it's insane.

No. 272688

File: 1671212849152.jpg (52.2 KB, 493x740, 29e0420943aea4c2541db2c3701436…)

it's because he is trying to copy the really good Ichigo cosplayers who are Japanese. They all do eye makeup, but it actually works with their eye shape. On Terry, it looks like drag makeup.

No. 272696

Why do black weebs want to be Japanese so bad? It's embarrassing.

No. 272705

Lmao what is this picture? First of all, what’s the point of sharing this? Second of all this is a terrible shade range. Most foundation lines nowadays have even more shades available than this, so technically he’s actually making himself more than 5 shades lighter. Like you could’ve gotten your point across even better if you hadn’t included this picture. It’s so weird and dumb

No. 272706

His skin always looks so dry. It’s like he has no collagen left in his body. It must be his terrible diet is showing. I wonder if he at least drinks water or if he only drinks juice and sodas.

No. 272711

File: 1671218782219.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1610, 9CE4E427-5E66-435D-9093-9E5885…)

Holy sh- the make up makes him look like he’s skeletal

No. 272731

god his skin look so ashy and dry

No. 272755

Wow he looks rough! I figured he’d look more haggard and old without filters but damn, I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad. Dude needs to get a better diet or at least start taking vitamins, he looks like he’s falling apart

No. 272781

Just a random image result, I was thinking of drugstore makeup ranges which tend to be limited in this way. His makeup knowledge sits alongside his cosplay knowledge as "newbie level" so I wouldn't expect more from him than just grabbing something off a store shelf.

No. 272795

He's a walking jumpscare at this point.

No. 272798

He’s said he got matched at the Tysons Corner Morphe during their sale earlier this year.

Imagine if the person that matched him also lurked here.

No. 272799

File: 1671235938232.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x1632, DA323D11-5B71-43A3-A702-65A23A…)


No. 272807

are people taking unfiltered selfies with him just trolling him? that justinpinedamedia one is just grotesque

No. 272851

Every single person in this image looks underage or 19 MAX…

No. 272872

At least he’s brave enough to show his real face kek unlike himeahri forcing everyone to use a filter + not letting anyone take photos of her without her face mask on

No. 272876

File: 1671289910349.jpeg (2.22 MB, 3024x4032, F897C69C-E1CD-4C00-AC67-5B8C1E…)

caught him in the wild last night out of cos and scanning the lobby crowd while constantly checking his phone. also saw him creepily hunch over and go up to some girl I assume he recognized who was only wearing a bra and leggings lol

No. 272890

Terry needs to eat better and gain some weight. His face looks awful in these photos. He’s getting close to that malnourished elderly look.

No. 272892

A room full of ugly ass weebs

No. 272919

He likely scanning people Instagram stories trying to figure out where his next person to stalk,, I mean take a selfie with is at.

No. 272929

Stalker. That's fucking weird anon.

No. 272932

its normal anon behavior. do you even know about how chris chan blew up?

No. 272939

Lmao you're lost go away

No. 272954

Oh mannnnn LOL that Ichigo pic so funny lol

No. 272955


This Ichigo is really niceee

No. 272968

Fun game, who is the stalker: Terry, who spends literally all his free time trying to befriend and locate young women while being a single 40 year old, catfishing, aliexpress cosplayer with no discernible talent or skill gained in four decades on the planet, or anon, one of the young women Terry has likely tried to befriend and locate? A mystery for the ages

No. 273017

Let's not forget that he'll message people when they don't want to have anything to do with him, even worse, defriend him. He keeps tabs on his follower count. No one owes you an explanation, Terry. He's always consumed with himself.

No. 273021

He was at a convention in public lol??

No. 273023

Terry, I know you lurk. You are an ugly, ashy motherfucker and you will never be young, hot or asian. Stop stalking zoomer girls.

No. 273028

I’m so fascinated by his head. It’s so big and shaped so strangely

No. 273041

How is he so skeletal yet has a double chin?

No. 273050

Chicken tender diet & mouth breathing will do that

No. 273058

File: 1671398340309.jpg (108.11 KB, 960x960, htsora.jpg)

holy fuck imagine being a zoomer at a con and this comes up to you for a selfie

No. 273077


Those filters he use makes him look so fake. He need to learn how to take care of his skin like other cosplayers do.

No. 273088

literally made me jump when I scrolled upon this jfc

No. 273095

Oop! Jump scares.

No. 273124

No one going to comment how he cares so little about these games that he calls it NFS Undercover? How you mistake a game for a title from 2008?

No. 273127

Cut him some slack. The man is 40. I’m surprised he has the dexterity to play these games

No. 273128

Nobody going to comment Terry confessed he used to message (ie harass) 20-100 cosplayers per con to meet up? He decided to stop it starting with Holmat. I wonder if he lurk here and realize harassing zoomers is bad

No. 273131

File: 1671456655562.jpg (603.04 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20221219_082829_Fac…)

you could easily post the status if you wanted to talk about it, considering this is an imageboard.

I like how the last paragraph he lumps together people who are busy and people who don't want to talk to him as the same and not worth his time because obviously the people who are busy should drop what they're doing to go gush over him immediately otherwise they're not his real friends. nice narcissistic behavior there

No. 273132


He was aimlessly walking around by himself most of the time.

You would think those people on his flight going down would want to hang out with old man Terry during the con.

No. 273133

If he’s treating both groups the same (leave them alone) I don’t see a problem with him lumping them together

Maybe we did make a difference. Clearly terry is learning to leave people alone and that’s a good thing. So many times he stopped and bugged us even though we were clearly busy

No. 273134

I never even see his roommate hanging with him. It’s pretty sad that he pretty much paid for other people’s company (he paid more of the share) and they still didn’t want to be near him in public

No. 273146


Oh lord good to see someone is doing worse than I am at the moment. What a depressing sight.

No. 273155

I saw Terry by the pool at Holmat, it felt like bumping into bigfoot after reading these threads. He said hello to a couple that was hanging out next to my group and then only took a selfie with the girl.

No. 273181

Similar experience here. We were hanging out in the lobby. Most of us knew terry for a few years now. He only grabbed selfie with the youngest looking cosplayer among us. I didn’t even know this board is a thing until the group chatted afterward. You all are onto something here. Terry is such a creep!

No. 273183

File: 1671504558011.jpeg (340.59 KB, 828x1462, 893984F7-0AE2-498E-A16D-8CF524…)

“I struggle to talk to multiple people at once” Literally every time I saw Terry, he was by always alone awkwardly looking for people.

No. 273189

I think he’s talking about when he successfully found his victim and he basically just fixate on that one person even when they’re in a group.. I’m glad he realized how fucking rude that is but it doesn’t sound like he wanted to change that or apologize for that rude behavior.

No. 273214

File: 1671898775145.jpg (460.11 KB, 1079x1484, Screenshot_20221224_101854_Fac…)

we're getting so close to full trans Terry

No. 273218

another size? bigger? i don't think he would go smaller. maybe we'll be getting tranny canadian teacher 2.0…

No. 273221

He's fugly and it gives him a confidence boost is all this is.

The moment some girl gives him a crumb of dating potential he will drop the asexual nonbunary comfortable being a girl act so fast.

No. 273236

I don’t think he actually enjoys dressing up as a woman, I think he just enjoys the attention he gets for it. Which is all just woke virtue signaling to support trans people, which Terry is not. I’m pretty sure he’s a cis man who claims that he’s non binary and asexual for attention and to seem less threatening to women.

No. 273249

Tbh, all trannies do the tranny shit for attention or because it's a fetish, there's no such a thing as a true and honest tranny because that shit is as real as tiktok DID.

No. 273273

A lot of men like the female figure, so I don't think that's probably why. He probably likes the shape it gives him and everything. Even if its not that great, he's not wrong that men are uglier beings. I have a feeling he's going to come out as non-binary.

No. 273281

I think he’s an AGP in the sense that he’s attracted to himself looking like a woman, with the fake boobs and hip pads. He likes the attention he gets from it and likes feeling “feminine”. We already know he’s a massive narcissist, so him getting off to himself in female character costumes isn’t that much of a stretch.
Anon, where have you been? Terry already calls himself a they/them nonbinary.

No. 273330

File: 1672076430663.jpeg (315.11 KB, 814x732, 0085EF11-8B6D-4FDB-9676-9292FC…)

I find it interesting that he doesn’t want to visit his family on Christmas but would rather go to an anime con chasing clout. Very interesting

No. 273331

File: 1672076479418.jpeg (422.26 KB, 828x1121, C982AA5E-D73C-4895-89FD-07CA9F…)

Aka upset that zoomer don’t want to hang out with a 40 year old man who won’t spend money on them.

No. 273363

Well, we saw how much Terry complained about his family when he last visited him. Angry at his father for trying to gift him sensible clothes that weren't from the girl's section of Forever21, mad that his mom didn't prepare food for him at his arrival (despite her feeling ill), and complaining about his sister. His family probably isn't as terrible as he makes them out to be, and just want him to be a normal 40yo man. Maybe it's for the best that he doesn't show up for Christmas because he likely makes his family miserable from all his whining.

No. 273406

Tbh, a lot of peoples families are shit.

No. 273570

Any new milk? Looks pretty dry here after LC went down. Im not friends with him on fb or close friends with him on IG so his feed has been much of nothing to me. Guess he finally cleaned up his act?

No. 273608

0 percent chance he cleaned up his act. I'm also not friends with him on fb so cant see any milk..

tbh I couldn't even get lolcow to work until today so hoping anons start coming back with screenshots

No. 273609

File: 1672411285774.png (4.05 MB, 828x1792, CA9858E8-52F6-4198-A318-CBE111…)

I knew he liked to paint his props with wood glue, but I was really hoping he wasn’t doing it with his 3d printed ones too

No. 273635

File: 1672432686167.jpeg (682.29 KB, 828x1436, C3C8BBB7-5564-4265-9327-E3401E…)

There more but it doesn’t really matter. The tldr is that he no longer going to anime Los Angeles.

Why do he make these big wordy post? A lot of it doesn’t even make sense or matter. I really wish I can scream stfu because he type like he talks.

No. 273648

Is that definite? There’s a few ALA girls he has a crush on, and the status is open-ended like his usual “please tell me how much you want me there” posts. Southwest has pretty much fixed their flight problems so he should be able to fly to ALA. He’s jus rebuff overly dramatic

No. 273669

File: 1672470604629.jpeg (674.25 KB, 801x1285, 5A8F899D-CAFB-473B-9E29-0C6840…)

Asherbee level looking shit book

No. 273683

I can't for the life of me figure out how someone fucks up this bad. And who the fuck gets foam from Aliexpress?

No. 273689

File: 1672497886047.png (142.7 KB, 600x315, 9A4F7D4D-20B7-4BF4-A9A2-13124D…)

If he actually played the game he’d know the “spell book” is actually called a catalyst.

No. 273718

Why does his painting look like it was done by a toddler with Parkinson’s? I get that not everyone has artistic talent but this is just beyond bad.

No. 273720

File: 1672520061069.jpeg (533.01 KB, 1284x1757, DA1BE4AF-9C9F-4C20-9D84-F7732E…)

Looking more like older Ichigo than his teen years.

No. 273721

File: 1672520188918.jpeg (556.47 KB, 1284x1761, E7A35AD7-DEEF-4E45-9AD5-CDA0AF…)

Stumpy Ning inc
Her hair isn’t that dark at the ends and it doesn’t reach the back of her knees iirc

No. 273722

File: 1672520263239.jpeg (756.18 KB, 1284x2234, 3475D60F-1897-4D08-9306-01B10D…)

Why does he do hashtags on FB…Unless it is a cross post from IG?

Either way, serial killer vibes

No. 273728

I'm pretty sure it's cross platform from insta since I saw that post there first. also nothing says merry Christmas like a gun to your head huh? could have picked any other pic

No. 273729

File: 1672525140320.jpg (440.68 KB, 1079x964, Screenshot_20221231_161659_Fac…)

bragging about taking a selfie with a "big name" cosplayer for clout. if it wasnt for clout he wouldn't have needed to mention that she seemed like she knew who he was. who cares

No. 273731

I mean.. She's technically a celebrity in the cosplay scene. No different than someone taking a photo with someone like Brad Pitt for normies. It's not like she's going to reblog this.

No. 273737

OT but that's Jessica?? is this the editing or does she really have a new face

No. 273739

It’s probably all the snow filters maxed out. Look at Terry…. He’s got the usual thousand yard stare but that flat skin and lightened complexion is 100% a ton of filters.

No. 273741

File: 1672535233510.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1152x2250, 8C60461B-1372-4ADE-AE55-5A44D2…)

Would never have guessed it was her

No. 273742

File: 1672536870092.jpeg (836.94 KB, 1284x1859, 8EDA2D07-D472-4F97-8C83-AF58E2…)

Why does it look so lumpy…?

Did he buy another set of boobs?! Wtf

No. 273743

He's such an eyesore compared to everyone else

No. 273751

I thought he has a C or D breast plate? Why did he get a B breast plate and then go wear bra? That’s unnecessary extra work? Does he want visible bra shape to show up in his cosplay? Fucking weirdo

The thought of him shopping bras just disgust me.

No. 273752

I think it's just inserts. He wouldn't be calling them fillers otherwise, so he's using cutlets. That makes sense as to why they are lumpy then. More women are smart and know to double up on your bras or wear a bodysuit over to smooth everything out over the initial bra. Of course someone who is just fetishizing dressing as a woman wouldn't understand at all. Even drag queens get this right most of the time. It's all about smoothing.

No. 273753

He just confirmed on IG he’s going to ALA. Totally called it. It’s just another attention getting posts and he has no intention to cancel

No. 273755

Was probably hoping someone would reach out after posting that and pity him some room in their hotel or a ride there or comping some meals.

No. 273756

File: 1672550392712.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2247, 210E27F6-875F-4916-A4E8-0E4055…)

Shit still on his floor and old man toes.

Most people would be smart enough to scale the 3D print file to their height/scale.

No. 273757

>old man toes

No. 273759

The bottom is just pvc pipe that he could easily cut to fit him better.

No. 273761

i know evangelion is by zero means a niche anime or anything but i feel such disgust when people like terry and moo cosplay from it. sage for unbridled autism.

No. 273776

Anyone else getting a Bryan Kohberger vibe from Terry Hall? Bryan is the Idaho murder suspect

That Terry Hall stare
Autism eating habit
The need to be right. If you knew Terry for a time you know what I’m talking about
Have problems getting over rejection by women.
Stalking women

I feel like it’s a matter of time before Terry acts out and hurts someone

No. 273780

File: 1672582580426.jpeg (977.72 KB, 1284x2247, 0990D03F-AABC-4069-A1C6-AC889E…)

Does he like to showcase his shortness?

No. 273784

Yes he do. He want people to think he just like some short shota/Asian man. He also hoping people mistake his shortness for being young like some people do for woman

No. 273788

File: 1672589119004.jpg (715.93 KB, 1473x1080, InCollage_20230101_100354981.j…)

the way he shows off male vs female cosplays seems kinda sexist and gross. male: normal straight picture. female: gotta show off my ass cause I'm a woman now

No. 273830

File: 1672609914246.jpeg (206.52 KB, 828x1463, 4FF16E0D-02E9-4B60-9A62-7015CF…)

troon arc incoming?

No. 273850

I don’t think he’ll ever actually go fully trans because it would cause trouble with his family (he complains about them but it comes off more as autistic lack of empathy than truly hating them) and probably work (I don’t think it would cause true problems but he seems to care a lot what coworkers think of him). Maybe after his parents die or something if he goes full Chris-Chan trying to get a girlfriend, but I honestly think he just likes the attention from stuff like this. He probably filters out most people on anything female presenting that isn’t cosplay (since cosplay adds a good amount of plausible deniability). He cares too much about how people perceive him.

No. 273870

He cant wear his glasses around his family or work. He wouldn’t dare wear this outside of cosplay unless he started dating someone with a tranny fetish.

No. 273875

I wonder if this is the body type he look for in his stalking Victims? A lot of male cross dresser use their ideal woman as a blueprint.

No. 273887

This is particularly creepy, I don't know why exactly, it could be the outfit looking too youthful for, you know, a grown ass 40 years old man, the fact that he's wearing the breastplate, trying to look as small as possible, and how he says he likes "this body look".
This moid will fucking kill a woman someday, or he will assault her or something, I wouldn't be surprised if he said he wants to wear a woman's skin or something like that.

No. 273901

Watch him wear a womans bottom half next. He is so disgusting and just gross whenever he cosplays females or dressing up like a female.

No. 273930


"No makeup" No Terry, just filtered to high shit to make your old leathery ass feel better about yourself. Is he for real? Does he think people can't see the contrast between the pics on the right vs. the ones on the left?

What an insecure little bitch.

No. 273986

As much moid he is, we agree, let’s not overdo lol. He definitely does everything for attention Nd whatever gives him more likes/views, he follows that. He said himself that the photos where he cosplays as women get more LIKES.

No. 274036

rei is 14 and basically flat, why is he wearing a breastplate to cosplay her?

No. 274054

Silly anon, because woman is when breasts, ass, high heels, long hair and makeup.

No. 274146

File: 1672778182946.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1284x2252, ED73C27F-C028-432C-80C4-A5A7D0…)

You’re the dumbass that wants to attend the two cons

No. 274153

Then don't go Terry! Why must he type whatever he feels the need to speak what's in his head?? Nobody gives af about your convention endeavors. This asshole goes to cons when he says he doesn't have the money for, like he did with Holmat. He was complaining about his house bills being too expensive. How about you learn from your shit terry. You call out other people for doing this but you don’t take your own advice, do you Terry.

No. 274172

I hope he goes broke one day, since apparently he cant use his money wisely. He brags about how much he's spending, meanwhile most people are still very affected by this current recession.

No. 274190

Why was it stressful for him? He didn’t have to make a shit ton of shit props between the two cons. Him losing his wig has zero relation with this.

Is the money situation stressful? He made it very clear last week he could cancel ALA and he would lose NOTHING. Fucking creep.

No. 274192

How man fake tops does this man have? He just bought another one. I get him using one for raiden but it’s so wrong to get them for rei and miku

No. 274196

File: 1672805293909.jpeg (647.95 KB, 810x1213, F3B48F95-0274-47EB-AB44-F4EFF6…)

Forgot to add pic

But he now has a-d cup breast plate. It borderline creepy he using these outside of cosplay.

No. 274225


Says the dumbest one crying about his end of the year bills. Who still goes to a party con after whining about money.

Pathetic! I wish people would call out Terry's bs.

No. 274227

I believe people are catching on how much of a creep Terry is. This post and the last dozen posts have 10s of reacts at most and people barely comment on his posts anymore.

No. 274235

File: 1672844223593.jpg (270.17 KB, 935x1067, 20230104_095604.jpg)

Glad to see his prop making is still 2-d dogshit.

No. 274237


So he did Holmat, and going to ALA is stressful for him. Plus everyone knows he's going to Katsucon next month for attention. This guy spends so much money it's sad.

Don't say it's stressful when its obvious he's fishing for sympathy.

No. 274241

That paint job is something I would be embarrassed with even if it’s my first prop. Why is he so proud of it? I know he’s autistic but they can tell right? I’m really trying not to be a hater but I simply can’t understand

No. 274252

File: 1672852530365.jpeg (576.84 KB, 828x1238, 366C6329-A0C2-4B6D-AD4D-01269E…)


No. 274261

Terry, you're 40. Go to a doctor instead of posting your pathetic bullshit on social media like a normal adult would. If I found a strange mark on my body and grew concerned, I would get it checked. Is he really this brain dead?

No. 274262

that REALLY looks like skin cancer.

No. 274272


So he's finally going to see a doctor after refusing too for soo many years.

I would get that checked immediately and say screw the con.

No. 274273

Nah, let him leave it unchecked and hide it under his shitty synthetic wigs. I'm here for this new saga

No. 274274


Is he going to hold a vote on instagram. To see if his followers think he should get that checked.

Get off social media and see a doctor!

No. 274277

This guy really slapped a filter on a post about a possible skin cancer scare.

No. 274309

File: 1672876116102.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2254, 50133C3B-E016-4D50-94B9-4ABEE5…)

It’s okay guys it was just a bruise that peeled off or something.

Also still doing something stupid with my face in this photo of my forehead with a bandaid over the bruise!

No. 274310

File: 1672876209393.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2263, F988A030-B8BA-4D2B-AB38-E971B9…)

I swear he is the “Am I the drama?” Meme

No. 274312

thank you for the caps, anon. Why are men so dramatic?

No. 274313

Funny he left out the gate agent delaying him from getting on board because of his oversized carry on. What a Karen. It’s not even day 1 of the con and he has more drama than most in a full weekend. Almost all of the drama was self inflicted.

No. 274320


You will be drinking your chicken nuggies and eggo waffles out of a straw if you don't get that looked at ASAP you crusty fuck.

I'm cackling at this moron picking at what could be skin cancer like a scab and not taking immediate action to get it looked at.
People die from melanoma and he's treating it like a minor nuisance.

>> am going to look into ways of having it looked at. ldk if can schedule a dermatologist appointment or if have to go somewhere first.

This man makes entirely too much money to be this obtuse.

No. 274321

from looking at the comments it looks like it’s just scabs from the blood coming out of whatever that was and not skin discoloration.

Cut him some slack. The old man hasn’t gone to the doctor in a decade or two and have no idea how healthcare works

No. 274325

If his health insurance in an HMO, he probably has to go to his primary care physician to get a referral to a dermatologist. But knowing him, he doesn’t have a primary care physician and it will take him a while to get in in the first place. He really needs to handle it ASAP in case it’s cancer. I wonder if he’ll hide his face if he has to get it removed and has a scar or if he’ll use it for sympathy.

No. 274328

Ehhh it’s mercury retrograde let him be humbled.

No. 274333

One minute is cancer scare and the next story is him going way out of the way to get fried chicken and sport bra. I pity the people who take him seriously and genuinely concerned about him

No. 274340

I don’t use there filter apps so would someone please explain to me what’s going on here. Are filters usually this bad, or did Terry unfilter that one dark spot and then mistakenly unfiltered the middle of his forehead and didn’t notice? For such a selfie king he seemed to take some really bad selfies

No. 274342

I guess the next complaint will be how ugly he looks in cosplay. With that rash or whatever it is on his forehead.

No. 274359

File: 1672942311715.jpeg (888.01 KB, 1284x2268, F21D027D-60D2-470F-8BCA-7DEF7C…)

Oh that thing is going to fester…

No. 274360


That rash on his head is going to get infected and irritated from the make up.

No. 274380

That eyeliner is horrid!

No. 274385

the fact that he still insists on wearing hairnets under his wig when he has no hair, kills me.

He should honestly invest in a velvet headband meant to be worn under wigs to keep them from slipping back. The hairnet is doing nothing.

No. 274387

I think he's just too stupid to realise that "B cup" is not a set size, but that cup sizes change by circumference (so a 36B is smaller in cup than a 40B). His "fillers" are probably just not fitting to begin with.

Also kek at calling it fillers. Where I'm from bra fillers are what you use to create push-up in non-push up bra's (because they fill the cup, and make your breast appear more full). The fact you need something to push to start with makes me pretty sure that's not what he means.

No. 274395

No, that’s what they are. Women use them to fill out the lower part of the cup to make boobs look bigger/create cleavage. They’re often marketed as adding a cup size etc. so dumbass Terry probably bought 2 and figured it would be equal to a B cup, not realizing that they will be obvious and lumpy without actual boobs to fill out the rest of the cup.

No. 274479

File: 1673031197143.jpeg (639.79 KB, 828x1078, 4428391B-A3B5-4662-B6FF-D45CA9…)

Nearly an hour and one pity like. This is one of his worst makeup and wigs to date imo. I can’t imagine how crusty and awful this look without the filters.

No. 274489

The mark of the neck isn't even the right size, and the clothes are too lose, or maybe he's just too fat to look like an anime short twink.

No. 274491

>> 274479

Those boots look loose as hell on him.

No. 274500

File: 1673048890675.jpeg (2.36 MB, 1284x2286, 36C17688-DB0B-449C-97E2-D29A0E…)

So crispy looking like his favorite chicken tenders

No. 274501

File: 1673048955826.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2280, AC1557FA-A6FB-4527-86CC-BC811A…)

Stop wandering the halls looking for people to take selfies that fit your ideal body type like the freak you are and maybe then you’ll find some friends to hang out with at a con

No. 274503

File: 1673049166453.jpeg (438.81 KB, 1284x2253, 25439D11-E7C7-4BDD-972C-D7D0EC…)

One wear and already gonna sell it cause Albedo didn’t get enough selfies cause Terry looks like a crispy shrimp

No. 274505

i don't know who this justin person is, but he takes the worst selfies of people. just looked at his stories and everyone looked haggard af.

damn. terry looks like an old drug addict here. i hope he gets help

No. 274506

File: 1673051680308.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1649, 64C41809-80EA-4C2B-AF9B-5277FD…)

Wonder if any nonnies will catch him in the wild in this

No. 274508

File: 1673056250222.jpeg (49.02 KB, 620x480, image (1).jpeg)

His posture is so confusing

No. 274521

File: 1673067700322.png (1.78 MB, 1280x2318, albedo_genshin_impact_transpar…)

for non genshin fags this is what he's trying to look like

No. 274561

File: 1673097261191.jpeg (494.2 KB, 1284x2246, 53B6103E-6E4E-43B8-BA9D-3D21F3…)

No one knows me here!!!!

No. 274563

i can’t get over how massive his forehead is. pull your wigs forward terry!!

No. 274568

He's just trying to make his legs look less huge by posing weirdly, he probably thinks he has a thigh gap or something.

No. 274569

Every time he does this he alienates the people he already took selfies with. Or the little actual “friends” he got

Terry why can’t you understand random people you bug at cons are going to mock you after taking selfies with you? Stop doing cons for selfies and try to find genuine friends to hang out with instead

No. 274612

That's a lot of selfies to be taking. 68 in 2 days is way more than the average person.

No. 274629

File: 1673139199898.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1284x2269, 453EBA5B-EBB4-4082-87A4-DF51A0…)

No. 274702

File: 1673195661066.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x2150, FD7FF399-6E71-4594-8267-F30709…)

Why are his veins popping out like that?

I hope he goes to the doctor when he gets back from the con.

No. 274708

He's old and it's probably hot in that trashbag he's wearing.

He just can't enjoy a con, can he? He runs to cry on Instagram that the entire convention center didn't clap when he walked in.

No. 274737

Are any girls tagging him in selfies, or is it just his fellow clout-chasing old men?

No. 274750

File: 1673229564191.jpeg (2.03 MB, 1284x2274, EA05C95B-D7B8-4434-983D-646C90…)

Holy crust Batman

No. 274755

I don't even know where to start. He looks fucking disgusting.

No. 274756

Noooo leave them alone, they probably are just normal nerdy old men trying to hang with a peer LOL. It actually seems like there’s plenty of them interested in being friends with him but of course he would rather choose a 21 year old girl over men his age

No. 274770

File: 1673240216320.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1284x1983, 737476BA-4B88-4916-9D7C-EFC982…)

She didn’t tag him in a selfie?

How awkward

No. 274856

File: 1673291300190.jpeg (1008.32 KB, 1284x2239, A89BE01B-0F0B-400D-A2F1-41E446…)

Such humble bragging

No. 274857

File: 1673291385806.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1284x2272, 24147BF9-CE08-4957-8D68-988E99…)

You’re too old to be doing that shit Terry. No wonder you have carbuncles forming!

No. 274913

The flat end cut at the end of literally every fucking bang he's ever worn via wigs gives me agita. Holy shit Terry cut UPWARDS, even just one or two times! Fuck this guy needs to spend his con/cosplay money going to a psych to deal with his Peter Pan syndrome.

No. 274914

File: 1673317956648.jpg (22.65 KB, 800x533, dn28432-1_800.jpg)

I was googling stuff about the uncanny valley and found this picture. Tell me this thing don't look like Terry

No. 274917

File: 1673319230809.jpeg (1009.61 KB, 1284x2268, 1F5619EF-24D3-4A7F-86BB-C97E11…)

Terry’s ALA report that you could guess from a mile away.

No. 274918

File: 1673319302073.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x1877, E9C3CA8E-D26C-4C05-BD7F-931361…)

That’s like the stare of an addict going through withdrawal yo…
I hope he gets help.

No. 274922

that's a lot of words to type out photographers skipping over crusty old terry for skimpy cosplayers

No. 274932



No. 274933

>photographers skipping over very talented people

His inflated sense of ego is so nasty- his talent level is spending money on the cheapest trash bag aliexpress cosplays you can find and making nerf props. OFC as always the photographers are going to gravitate towards attractive east asian & white girls but if he actually had talent this wouldn't be an issue

No. 274937

Eh, a lot of photographers can be really shitty about only shooting young/hot girls or popular people, but Terry is out of his goddamn mind thinking he should be getting attention. His attempt to act like “talented people” are getting ignored is very easy to see past, he’s obviously mad that he didn’t get as many photos as he’d like.
I wish he’d realize that he only gets attention online from people trying to virtue signal and because the filters hide how crusty and creepy he is in person.

No. 274949

terry also needs to realize some of the people who shot him are just doing it to virtue signal or to fill a quota

Justine piñata is famous for his lack of diversity in his videos. I wouldn’t be surprised if Terry and krissy victory are the only black cosplayers in his ALA video. They are black but the “famous” kind of black

No. 274954


So Terry grossly filters his photos and then expects a photographer to take a photo of him being old and crusty in person. It could also be that creepy smile of his in photos too the photographers avoid him.

Get a life a con is for fun not being an attention seeker and whining when it doesn't happen.

No. 274957

File: 1673355580082.jpeg (283.21 KB, 1283x2243, 0A841032-21CF-445D-9AC5-439BF1…)

Your prop work is worth $50 tho

No. 274959

this is so rude. terry has no idea how old they are and he's just sharing their dms and acting insulted.

No. 274960

File: 1673357385869.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2688, BB373119-78A7-4210-8E66-D25CEE…)

Really slowing down with cons there aren’t you?

No. 274973

Wtf?? This asshole is crazy. That is such a waste. Just attend 1 convention and move on Terry. Who the hell does this kind of insanity??

No. 274975

Why tho? He not guesting at either con? So why waste the money to not even enjoy it. Is he going to the airport in cosplay? This man is cringe af or he need to stalk a particular person at each con?

No. 274976

Same anon. But didn’t he JUST complain how doing two con back to back that was only a weekend apart was stressful for him? He too old to be doing this type of shit. Retired.

No. 274977

Jesus he does polls for literally everything, what's next?
>should I wipe from back to front or front to back??

No. 274978

What an asshole. Who publicly blasts one DM like this? Just tell them no thank you and stop acting like an entitled autist.

No. 274982

The rational he posted on fb comments is just bat shit crazy. I want to screencap them but there are too many comments and I don’t want to post multiple times.

I bet you he has people he wants to stalk at both of the cons and can’t decide which one to stalk.

HolMat and ALA were almost THREE weeks apart. old man Terry is simply too old for cons.

No. 274989

This sounds like someone younger. Way to alienate a potential fan, old fart Terry. Whoever this is can buy a way better prop for $50 anyways. Aliexpress is better than Terry’s work.
He acts like he’s some cosplay celebrity. Like he’s doing everyone a favor by showing up to cons in his trash cosplays. Terry no one cares if you go or not.
Anons are right that he probably knows zoomers going to both too, but can’t decide on a girl to stalk.

No. 274990

It’s disgusting to see him sharing this screenshot on his fb and have his mob ridicule the OP. Old man terry just wanted to show off the message. His shitty props ain’t worth $50 BS

No. 274992


Sounds like he's doing this for attention and won't follow thru with it.

I wanna hear how he decided not to go to the doctor to get his forehead checked.

No. 275054

It’s actually refreshing to see him posting this on Facebook and have his entire fan base told him to not do it. I can’t tell if he’s serious or he’s just doing it for attention and trying to see which con has more zoomers who reacts to him

No. 275063

This gave me a hearty chuckle, the similarities are striking

No. 275095

File: 1673397189477.jpeg (878.59 KB, 1284x2277, C6221045-870C-42BF-B0A2-3F19AE…)

You’re insecure about the stupidest shit Terry.

You’re a man get over yourself

No. 275124

I love how regardless of whether he censors the account or not no one from his following is going to drag this girl for making the most innocuous comment ever. Terry, you're a middle aged black man who only cosplays Japanese teenage girls. We all know that's not your biggest insecurity.

No. 275133

If you use Chrome, there’s a long screenshot option you can choose

No. 275151

Considering how awful his cosplay props are, this is definitely a minor who sees him as a cosplay elder and is making a genuine offer based on how much money a minor has. Sorry not everyone can earn $$$$ an hour by working for the government, Terry, no reason to shame someone who is being respectful.

No. 275192

At first I also thought he was referring to that girl, but I think he’s actually talking about the comment at the top from ‘g32hero’ lol

No. 275215

He really looks like an old faggot who is trying to relive their days of being 21 and young. Wow

No. 275216

I hate this type of mentality. No one has to photograph you. If you want it so bad, book a session and pay the photographer money. If a photographer only wants to photograph a certain type of cosplayer, who cares and who are you to police them for that. Terry is an old, crusty man irl. No one cares for that. He doesnt even have cosplay skills to make up for it.

No. 275220

post the caps

No. 275221

Where are the screen shots? A lot of us here arent friends with him on FB

No. 275267

this is an imageboard. post screens or be quiet

No. 275288

File: 1673479622147.jpeg (399.88 KB, 1170x1864, 6C597D29-F4EC-4E2B-9E4A-05E5E2…)

I gotchu.

No. 275293

File: 1673480272494.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2160x3840, 5AABD2BE-92A0-4564-B623-E7D9A4…)

I tried my best but here are some. His reasoning literally makes no sense. He’s fishing for people to agree with him.

No. 275300

Bless for the caps and yikes. It sounds like he really is trying to justify this insanity, but no one is agreeing with him.

No. 275307


thank you anon you're the mvp. i can see there's a lot of tea and why the other anon struggled with capping all the terry-speak.

I don't like his arrogant tone. did he post it so he can tell people he knew what's best?

No. 275337

File: 1673496882840.jpeg (317.42 KB, 1284x2246, C40AB092-0AB4-4DAB-9013-B39412…)

Go to a doc

No. 275369

did he talk about his forehead again? it's pretty ADHD to just completely ignore that and find new shit to talk about.

No. 275398


Then go see one of the "scary doctors" you idiot. Stop saying i might have this for pathetic sympathy.

No. 275412

I hope he ends up going to both and having the most miserable time of his life. And I hope when the inevitable fb whining post drops, his followers/friends hit him with an "I told you so".

No. 275418

He could be confusing autism with adhd. Fucker just go see a doctor instead of making a sad story to get react. the man is 40+ and make boat load of money but he acts like a teen with no insurance

No. 275506

File: 1673558129375.jpeg (211.13 KB, 1284x615, D3114125-F14D-48B3-AC85-B8DAC2…)

Did a doctor call you about your forehead yet?

No. 275511


Does his current zoomer obsession live in AZ?

No. 275518

Is Tucson a ghetto town? I have nothing against that but he seem to have a dislike for ghetto locations. Otherwise I cannot understand why phoenix is a heartbeat decision while Tucson he’s not even responding to the recruiter

The two cities are like an hour away so if he’s stalking someone it’s a non issue. He drove more for fried chicken or teen clothes.

No. 275519

I hope he goes so he can fuck off from the DMV area. Just became a competitor is reaching out, doesnt mean an automatic hire either.

No. 275521

meh, I guess compared to Phoenix? tucson is dominantly a weed-culture and a college town outside of the malls, family areas and professional areas

it's really just like any big town/city

No. 275525

Yes Tucson is a shithole.
On another note wish Terry would ask himself lately when making his many Facebook statues: “who asked?”

No. 275568

He wouldn't last a year in either city that man has way too many complaints about perfectly average things in life he would never last a 100 degree summer

No. 275569

File: 1673572573377.jpeg (308.5 KB, 1284x2247, AF31563C-71FD-4D1A-B468-733539…)


No. 275570

File: 1673572650678.jpeg (230.25 KB, 1284x2219, 8C4278FA-3A3E-4DE1-A599-90957C…)

Doesn’t he have like 6 wigs for Cloud?

No. 275571

File: 1673572929040.jpeg (401 KB, 1284x822, 4AB2D59A-3EB3-4595-B50C-E593E4…)

More things that didn’t happen

No. 275579

Didn’t he just complained about dec/Jan being a hard time for him? How many new cosplays have he bought these past few weeks alone? How can he nickel and dime everything (I’m going to fanime because the badge rolled over) and then buy a whole new cosplay that cost twice as much as a badge?

Is this a side effect of ADHD?

No. 275582

I believe this happens to some extent. he hits on a lot of kids at cons. Some of them don’t know better and followed him afterward. We really need to stop him before his ego get even bigger and he act on his twisted fantasies

No. 275583

I think it's a mix of unchecked autism and delusions of grandeur, such as him thinking this cosplay will get me so much attention it'll be worth the money.

No. 275586

I have ADHD and I don't claim this man. He's just a retard with a checking account.

No. 275587

He also bought another final fantasy cosplay as well. So I don’t believe when he says he doesn’t have funds to do things

No. 275611

Honestly cant wait to see his old hairy belly hanging out when he gets this costume lol

No. 275613

File: 1673585984496.jpg (221.94 KB, 1200x1800, 325134154_907820043546213_7970…)

So youthful.

No. 275616

I don’t think this has anything to do with autism or ADHD. I think it’s just him being a terrible person and coming up with lies for attention. He claims that he’s struggling for sympathy and to seem relatable, but he’s actually doing just fine (obviously so… I mean under what circumstances would a single, childless man making 6 figures be struggling financially???). But he also can’t stop himself from bragging and just ends up looking inconsistent; he’s broke, but he easily buys cosplays every day and travels all around the country every month.

No. 275632

is anyone alarmed by all these ship cosplays he's been doing? I know a few cosplayers who did it, and i never felt cheeped out until now

No. 275681

Literally looks like someone stuck a eva cosplay on a starving African child. His fried chicken only diet is gonna kill him

No. 275693


Man for someone who cries about money sure knows how to waste it.

No. 275699


I don't know why nobody ever commented "stop buying new cosplays" when he whine about money on facebook.

on the bright side, he hasn't bought a game in a long while. I believe this is the longest game drought yet!

No. 275731

I know this is a nitpick, but I think it says a lot about what terry cares about that he already works for a huge company that is contracted by the department of defense, got a potential offer email from Raytheon(also contracted by DoD and a major creator of missiles), and all he cares about is the fact that the new position is an entire hour away from a city he likes.
He has the knowledge and money to work a job where he isn't creating weapons of mass destruction, but instead he's complaining about not getting enough selfies at a con and about a job location for a job we all knew he wasn't going to go forward with interviewing for

No. 275785

ADHD is the new autism tbh. like all the people who couldn’t get autism diagnosis are now trying for adhd.

of course in terrys case he probably does have a condition.

No. 275859

File: 1673708834666.jpeg (552.68 KB, 1284x543, 04D4787C-9705-4B48-AC31-9D6AE4…)

Still looking crazy AF
Glad he is selling this cos
Still no update on his forehead problem

No. 275867

Does he look crazy af because he always look at the screen and not camera? It’s so annoying he always look slightly off compared to everyone in his selfies

No. 275868

I’m sure he posted this to Facebook too. I’m not friends with him so I can’t check. Did any of his fans tell him to go get diagnosed?

I hope this is the beginning of him seeking instead of using autism/adhd as an excuse to his problematic behaviors

No. 275888

File: 1673721542020.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x2164, 9ED1C94A-CA81-4B7B-9D13-395805…)

Someone spoke too soon about him not buying a video game

No. 275890

With how Terry brags about working overtime and traveling to a bunch of cons, how does he even have time to play these games? We all know he doesn't. Maybe an hour or two at most then tosses it aside.

No. 275892


I was so wrong. Why do people put up with him? It's one thing if he actually plays all these games. He clearly doesn't. It's sickening how this asshole has so much money while others are struggling

No. 275896


Honestly I feel absolutely zero sympathy for Terry. Let his crusty ass succumb to skin cancer. He has the resources and finances to seek treatment, but he is prioritizing chasing girls 1/2 his age across the country , going to cons, buying cheap cosplays while he flaunts his wealth. He's a waste of perfectly good oxygen

No. 275898

Didnt another anon in a previous thread confirm this with his PSN account?

No. 275983

File: 1673786752612.jpeg (217.89 KB, 1284x549, EC3515B7-73F9-4B29-8611-3A81B6…)

Slowing down on cons right Terry?

No. 275999

Isn’t that almost three hours from where he lives? So much for cutting down travel. He wrote that fucking essay of comments to justify it and I just can’t. Dude just drove an hour to get fried chicken this morning. A WHOLE HOUR!

No. 276000


I bet if it was in Atlantic City he wouldn't go.

No. 276008

Why did you say that? This is his 8th AnimeNEXT. He went to ANext almost every year. He goes because this is where his “fans” are.

You buying his “I’m going to travel less this year” bullshit?

No. 276012

I imagine anon is implying Terry doesn't visit "ghetto" cities kek

No. 276014


Bingo thats what anon is implying. Atlantic City has alot of crime where the convention center is.

No. 276017

anon must be new. Terry went to all the Atlantic city AnimeNext. He hates ghetto but won't stop him from meeting, i mean stalking, his friends

No. 276120

File: 1673848157175.jpeg (289.19 KB, 1284x778, 0C6AFD44-7032-40C8-AA9C-8F5362…)

Still trimming friends from a “dead” account

No. 276143

File: 1673875730192.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1284x2258, 2DE4C0D1-4C5D-47EA-9E43-6759FC…)

Please stop faking…

No. 276144

Damn autist keeps recycling content every few months. What’s next? I think we’re due for another post complaining some cosplayer drop/ghost him.

No. 276148

I just saw this and was about to post it here saying the same thing. dude can't even fake it properly. if you wanna fake it at least know the actual terms lol "acesexual"

No. 276153

KEK of course he would. Gotta attract more zoomer followers. God he’s retarded.

No. 276182

Is anyone gonna talk about how insane this picture is like i wish he would at least put the wig on bc he looks crazy like this with the makeup on and the wig cap LMFAO

No. 276186

File: 1673890635503.jpg (154.6 KB, 1052x578, Screenshot_20230116_123341_Ins…)

I checked his profile after seeing this and it's such a mess
since when did people start putting their weird ass traits in their bios like this? or is this just a Terry thing to try and be quirky?

and I love that it still says 30+ even though he's out of his 30s now

No. 276187

Since…Myspace. Things like "cat mom" and whatnot have always, always been in bios since bios like this existed. Is this your first time online?

No. 276208

He really has the nerve to call himself a proper and armor maker when all his stuff looks like absolute shit. I think cosplaying casually is fine, but this is misleading and makes it sound like all his props and stuff are A+ material, when they are barely Ashley-tier.


You are 40, sir.

No. 276223

He's not fooling anybody kek. He doesn't look anywhere near 30. Hell, he doesn't even look 40. His poor diet and health makes him look geriatric.

No. 276227

I don’t really think that’s the same thing, being a pet owner is a huge hobby and lifestyle for most people. That’s normal to put in a bio, like “cosplayer” or “skateboarder”. Terry is listing personality traits which is a little bizarre. What if I put “funny/honest” in my bio? That would also be quite weird

No. 276229

Different anon here. Is it really odd if he just put “introvert” there? It’s pretty common. If people are truly introvert, they can discourage unnecessary DMs by stating that in the hope that people might pester them less

I agree Terry is going a little overboard here. He’s just doing it to be quirky

No. 276230

>He’s just doing it to be quirky
This exactly. People that were lolsorandum back in the day would put similar stuff in their bios to look ~so quirky~. Zoomers tend to put a type of mental illness in their bio now as their personality trait, but Terry doesn't want to commit to that.
I feel like him describing himself as introverted/shy/awkward is to also excuse for his creepy behavior. "I didn't mean to stalk you, I'm just so awkward uwu". His whole bio is just him trying to fit in with the youngins.

No. 277560

File: 1674088397009.jpeg (904.34 KB, 1284x2274, DC3ADBF9-3B10-4F5D-8965-62A3AC…)

Humble bragging Terry

No. 277561

File: 1674089032539.jpeg (2.4 MB, 1284x2269, 845E9667-32FE-448E-BA99-5072E7…)

You look like you’re drowning in the costume because you’re so short Terry

No. 277620

I really don’t get why he made it seem like “terry hall” is a dead account because he made almost a dozen shit statuses after this one? He really needs to have his adhd check

No. 277622

File: 1674136508146.jpg (444.47 KB, 1080x1823, Screenshot_20230119_085455_Ins…)

but this is exactly what he does, minus the no badge part? I mean I guess OP means paid shoots, but he still basically does the same where he stands around and whines about how a con sucks if he doesn't get enough people taking his pics, while never actually attending the con itself.

No. 277629

It’s a shame it’s a close friends IG story instead of Facebook status. People need to call him out of this shit. He never did any of those things. Just wandering around the con looking for people to harass and take selfies with. And then complain about the con. If he posted this on fb like he usually does I hope people bitchslap him for this

No. 277634

unfortunately he posted it on fb and most are agreeing with him. no one will call him out, he's gathered people who will either just kiss his ass for clout, or won't say shit cause they know his fans will terrorize them if they try to say anything

No. 277667

File: 1674156485618.jpeg (400.85 KB, 828x1256, 38D241C7-A3E3-423A-9629-977053…)

He did. At one point I understand what he meant but at the same time he complain a con was terrible from lack of photos?

No. 277701

how can you understand his points? Never saw him mentioning any con stuff aside from concerts. He only goes into dealer hall and artist alleys to stalk people and find selfie victims.

No. 277710

NTA but even I admit he has a point. You can't reasonably say an event sucked if you didn't even participate. A broken clock is right twice a day kek

No. 277722

His point contradicts what he does after every con where he didn’t get enough attention (measured by selfies and photographers asking him for photos)

It’s like a racist making a status saying racism is bad. Sure there’s a point there

No. 277729

Seriously, that's all he cares about. Finding his "friends" and taking selfies. The only reason, IMHO, he does to these things is for the pictures. Hypocritical old man

No. 277756

It's more accurate to say that OP of the post has a point. Terry may "agree" with it but he's being a hypocrite because he himself doesn't participate. He can whine and complain all he wants about how a con sucks but the original post is essentially about people like him who waste their time and money trying to put their face out there by doing all these cosplays/shoots (or in Terry's case, sitting in the lobby stalking peoples' Instagram stories) and not actually enjoying the con, only to turn around and say ugh this con was terrible.

No. 277759

Isn't this the same cosplayer who hung out with fellowship back in the day and knew Haku/Mikhail; the fakeboi who pretended to be Japanese and Russian? Wild how all these cows are interconnected.

No. 277767

that i can agree with. I went and browse the fb comments and I'm really sad but not shocked nobody dared to call him out on this

No. 277772

Don’t know about the other person but mangoe is being hypocritical in this status for sure. Used to be friends with her and her entire friend group usually just lobbycon and do photoshoots. It seemed like she’s growing out of the photowhore stage and focused on making share worthy tweets to stay relevant. Wish I have milk on her but we were not close

No. 277786

File: 1674242449147.jpg (628.96 KB, 1080x1745, Screenshot_20230120_141947_Fac…)

we're back to virtue signaling about masks when he went at least 2 cons without wearing a mask for a majority of the con from what pics showed. why does he still pretend to care?

No. 277801

honestly i don't even think what OP said was fair. if people only want to lobbycon and take photos, maybe that aspect has changed and is worse. if OP goes for the programming she doesn't know if other aspects of the con are different. most anime cons are social events first and foremost, and if that aspect is less fun, it's fair to complain. it would be different if it was people who never went to cons complaining, but many people in con circles have noticed cons changed in many ways over the past 5 years.

No. 277818

File: 1674268839564.jpeg (122.24 KB, 1284x402, 54748CFB-6C05-45B0-8D6E-75184F…)

More money!!

No. 277823

File: 1674273891811.jpeg (167.09 KB, 1284x679, FBBA092B-E86D-49F8-9D69-62B0F3…)

Awkward and cringe…

No. 277824

Didn't he just complain about money problems a few weeks ago? so much expenses that he was going to back out of ALA (which we knew was a lie)

And now he can just buy a 2nd 3d printer like that? I know they're cheap nowadays, but they're still beyond the reach of a lot of cosplayers

This man clearly has way too much money. I hope his fb "friends" give him shit over this.

No. 277825

Is it the same coworker he went on a date with? I always wonder how that went

No. 277874

I thought all of his coworkers were frat boys, homophobes and racist? what changed all of a sudden?

also agreeing with other anon about wondering how that "date" went back around black Friday. he never said a word about it so I figured it was fake.

No. 277876

i thought we concluded it wasn't a 1-on-1 date but a group movie night + korean food?

No. 277918

File: 1674345105664.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x2215, CA2719E3-27A9-443F-B912-C72F12…)

The fuck do you mean Terry? You creepy fuck

No. 277927

File: 1674346322181.jpeg (2.16 MB, 1284x2252, C72858B0-35D3-42AA-8BD4-16857F…)

All the worbla in the world won’t make his shit look good

No. 277937

terry speak is so weird. can't he just leave out the cooked/uncooked part out? Everyday he reminds me more of Bryan Kohberger

No. 277941

that was a different night from his so-called date though. the date was supposed to be black Friday weekend. his movie/kbbq was in december. he never talked about the date after that weekend, so unless it cancelled and turned into that movie night? who knows, that's why I'm confused, it doesn't add up

No. 277942


looks like her idea of "going out" was going to a party together:
>>266862 Girl probably used him for a ride like other girls before.

No. 277969

He running out of questions to ask. What next? The weather?

True. It’ll still be Ashley poop tier to match whatever factory made costume.

No. 278045

File: 1674403888427.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2251, 11F9FAD5-CB8D-4DE1-8085-03AAB1…)

Cause most people that regularly use their printers know to check before any of these issues occur you idiot

No. 278081

He really should focus on improving his craft instead of finding deals. Although 4 rolls for $56 is pretty damn good I wish I live near michaels

No. 278086

I understand it as this: if you were hungry, what would you choose first? Would you choose to eat out, cook at home, or just grab something uncooked like an apple or chips. If that's the case it still makes for a weird question.

No. 278307

He just asked people whether they would attend “cursed cons” Of course most sane people would say no.

I don’t know why Terry is so obsessed with momocon even though he always had terrible time there. Terry, listen to yourself. Stalking people all day and then complain nobody would take photos of you is a bad way to spend your weekend. At least at fanime you will be that token black guy. Nobody cared about your cosplays at momo because it’s full of GOOD black cosplayers.

No. 278401

It's almost like you don't know what you're doing, Terry. But that's OK, you can always just buy a new/another one because surely it's not user error.

No. 278420

File: 1674518580864.jpg (103.85 KB, 1080x427, Screenshot_20230123_190052_Fac…)

so quirky! he likes bread! as if nobody else likes the bread at restaurants. I doubt the people there thought you were weird. more things that never happened

No. 278432

It kind of is when you realized he ordered the most basic bread from a restaurant to go. Red lobster biscuit? Sure. Whatever the fuck he ordered? gtfo you weirdo

No. 278441

File: 1674530945634.jpeg (982.02 KB, 1284x2254, F1B51802-A38C-41E3-B679-4A57EF…)

Only 75% guys!

No. 278443

75% sounds high but it's really up to his mood. he's going to attend whichever con with the most zoomers he likes. These stories/statuses are a waste of everyone's time. I'm calling it. He's going to momo for sure.

No. 278507

File: 1674583604567.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x2268, 141C53D3-0EB8-42D0-84AB-0D0C70…)

So poor guys!

No. 278508

File: 1674583722007.jpeg (632.16 KB, 1284x1640, E6A78C2B-683D-4F06-9675-06C925…)

Spending money like it is his business yo

No. 278513


Nobody cares where your traveling to every month for a con.

It's creepy how Terry looks in real life without those filters on his photos.

No. 278523

File: 1674587747290.jpeg (1010.36 KB, 1284x1817, 38CB1C05-E3A9-44D4-B8BD-B8289E…)

Never noticed before, but his eyes are so close together.

The photo also practically blended/blurred him into the background.

No. 278525

He should hide his ugly mug when cosplaying in public, like Hime Ahri, another cosplayer that photoshops to hell. He’s a crusty walking jump scare. Moids have too much confidence and no shame. I feel bad for the poor women and girls that get stalked by him, imagine that thing following you around.

No. 278549

File: 1674595673386.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1284x2221, ECF01C75-8C0D-4706-86BA-2D9581…)


No. 278552


Its probably bait for the next zoomer hes going after.

No. 278558

File: 1674601396884.jpg (177.96 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20230124_180058_Fac…)

he had a meltdown on AX's post instead of just emailing them like a normal person about it. why doesn't he just talk to them and try and get a refund before losing out money selling the extra badge? since he's already said he's going to sell it for less than he paid for, it doesnt make sense if he's that hurt for money like he always claims

No. 278560

Seems like he's signalling publically to give his bait more credibility/exposure.

No. 278570

God he's such a fucking dumbass. He has a perfectly good glass bed but put painters tape on it?? Also what was he doing to break the thing holding the ABL…I don't understand -

No. 278589

is the AX system that bad or old man Terry just technology inept? It does seem like something Anime Expo can address and he didn't even try? It's unfair so many people are struggling and rich ass Terry just throw around money like this.

No. 278591

this is such a bad photo. why's Terry simping over this trash tier photographer?

No. 278599

File: 1674637765786.jpg (8.2 MB, 4185x4902, cringeoldman.jpg)

Probably because the guy is the only "photog" that bothered to take photos of his famous crusty ass

No. 278600


That explains alot.

No. 278613

File: 1674652043516.jpeg (823.72 KB, 1284x1859, 1FE0197E-A6BC-4B45-8DA5-BA63D1…)

He truly lives an unfulfilled life if all he can find the time to do is complain like this…

No. 278618

it's always the same recycled garbage he complains about. like man find something new to talk about for once it's getting boring honestly.

and the only reason your female cosplays do better on IG is because people want to be woke supporting a "brave" man in in female cosplay. because you look like crusty ass in every one of them

No. 278631

He really needs to drop “so let me say” and “so let me be real honest” it adds nothing and terry’s wasting our time. I don’t know why but these terry speak put me in rage every time

This. Terry your cosplays suck. People are liking and sharing your female cosplays because it gives them woke points. Nobody care about an obvious male doing a shitty male cosplay

No. 278634

File: 1674668179435.jpg (927.9 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20230125_113527_Fac…)

I understand why people share his cosplays and still say "oh it was so nice to meet manaknight at insert con here" but it just doesn't compute to me. He's not cute at all and is immensely awkward and self-centered. If people are trying to be woke and hope that an uwu famoos cosplayer will notice them, they're literally wasting their time. It's not like he does anything for the community or shares other people's work. He has no crafting skills and only cosplays things that will get him attention (with one or two things he actually likes sprinkled in). The only reason he has as large a following as he does is because he's been a token in the past and he essentially follow-for-follows zoomers with and for clout. I still see people I follow sharing him and taking pics with him in their stories and it's so weird to me.

Dropping a hall shot from 2016 from before I knew who he was, I just enjoy .hack. You can tell how skeletal he is these days comparatively.

No. 278646

I think you’re looking at it from the wrong angle. They’re not performing for terry but for their followers. Sharing a NB doing drag looks good on their feed.

No. 278649

I can see this being true to a certain extent but I honestly feel as though a lot of people who follow or are friends on social media with Terry are blissfully unaware of how weird he is. I feel as though it's very common to come across this type of person within the con community so people don't think anything of it. I'm sure that handful of people who don't see anything wrong with him probably find the weird mass selfie posts amusing and feel honored when he takes one with him so they share it on their socials. I did at one point before I realized how fucking weird it is to have him come up for a picture and then vanish with minimal conversation. But you are right, I believe there are those who are just sharing him for their own wokeness.

No. 278866

I think we were at the same con, anon. I remember when he did this cosplay because I was doing something from .hack as well, but we never got a shot together. kek. Anyway, he is so annoying with his 'i'm not fem enough' bullshit. Anyone with eyes can see he is an ugly old man. Women need to stop praising these retards and hyping them up for no reason. He's ugly as a man, but uglier pretending to be a woman. I want this wokie cosplay era to be over.

No. 278884

File: 1674762547213.jpeg (304.02 KB, 1284x1060, E798624E-2C5E-4FCE-8451-ACB63C…)

Maybe if you stopped flaunting you’d have real friends

No. 278888

The delusion and audacity to think he looks like a woman. Terry, you’re a gross old man and no matter how much you starve yourself, you have a male skeleton. People aren’t impressed by your cosplays because you look “so femme”, the compliments you get are for woke points and are devoid of meaning.

No. 278925

His feed is literally:
>Humble brag
>I’m not good enough, please compliment me
>I am too busy sorry if I ignore you.
>I’m poor, immediately followed by brag

No. 278982

you forget
>wahhh wahhh my friends are fake
>i have so many friends

dude do you even have a solid friend circle? i'm a loser and even i have designated people who i talk to regularly.

No. 279078

he definitely doesn't. that's why he's always alone at cons unless he meets up with people for a split second or actually plans a cosplay with them. which even then he's in a single cosplay at a con for not that long before he changes since he brings 8-9 cosplays a con. he barely even spends time with the people he rooms with at cons from what it seems. if he'd actually make an effort to keep up with a few people, instead of playing this game where he tries to be mr popular, then he wouldn't have to complain all the time about losing friends, or being too busy to talk to them.

No. 279081

Maybe it’s because of his adhd. He really needs to see a doctor for this. Also his forehead. It’s been a month since his scare. Has he done anything? No. Just busy “crafting”

No. 279124

he does not have adhd unless he is diagnosed by a doctor. I'm sick of people with ADHD getting a bad rep because of shit heads who refuse to do anything about their lives. Terry is a manchild and has too many money. More money than one person should have, and he has no idea how to manage it.

No. 279130

seriously, we can't excuse his actions on any undiagnosed disorder he claims to have when it's convenient for him. thats exactly what he wants and why he's conveniently started posting a lot more about adhd and autism and how he relates to it, all while refusing to get a diagnosis. when in the past he had refused these claims and even seemed disgusted at anyone who suggested that he may be autistic. him gathering "friends" and then whining about not having friends while also saying he doesn't have enough time to talk to everyone is not excused by adhd even if he does end up having it.

I still think he's 1000000% autistic, but he needs a diagnosis. and he still can't use it as an excuse for how he acts.

No. 279145

That, and Terry definitely sees the obsession zoomers have with autism. There’s plenty that claim to be neurodivergent without a diagnosis and use it as a personality trait or a way to excuse behavior. Terry wants to fit in so he’s doing this to get zoomer attention as well. Black, non-binary, asexual, AND autistic is a combination that would make any tumblrtards drool and rush to give Terry validation for woke points.

No. 279153

I’m exhausted to see that he’s always bitching about friends dude you have no friends. Sure you talk to other cosplayers at cons but do you ever go out to meet them outside of cons regularly?

No. 279156

You know I’m starting to realize how similar he and PT are. Except what makes PT better is that she knows when to cut people off and she even got over the japan idol delusion. Terry is what PT used to be. Someone so desperate from attention that they’ll post anything for validation. With PT it was shots of her ass and live streaming on tiny chat crying and wearing bikinis. And we have Terry oversharing his status on breast enhancements and his creepy obsessions with minors. However PT even learned that a lot of her followers were trolls Terry just lumps his trolls and other acquaintances in one lump sum and labels them as friends. God forbid one of his dumb trolls pretend to be a kawaii Asian white cosplayer and then post their conversations like how PTNR did with PT. PT never had real friends during her rhelm and soon Terry won’t have any because of his stank attitude. Terry I promise you no one cares about your little statuses. Keep that shit private. Chasing after young ones to be “friends” is depressing considering your age.

No. 279351

Not sure if it worth documenting, but terry is commenting up and down this Korean cosplayer posts at the nekocon fan page. I mean a lot of weebs are, but he haven’t been to that con in like 7 years?

No. 279355

File: 1674962699937.jpg (178.19 KB, 662x835, SmartSelect_20230129_041410_Fi…)

Haven't visited this thread in forever but who's this gal? I'm actually surprised since I just assumed he has 0 friends

No. 279356

pretty sure that's his ALA roommate. they barely hanged out. I doubt anyone would consider them friends

No. 279357

File: 1674963673346.jpeg (651.47 KB, 1284x1970, EF