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File: 1582936454742.png (472.21 KB, 757x554, darlingpeesuit02.png)

No. 84714[Reply]

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics
>continuing her long-time habit of accusing others of copying her just because they're cosplaying the same character
>trying to be Belle Delphine
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No. 119086

Weed is all that’s been mentioned so far.

No. 119088

Its either drugs or some form of mental retardation. Sad either way.

No. 119142

new thread >>>/w/119140

No. 133130


No. 133136

File: 1604470738384.png (995.77 KB, 998x674, nextbishieplease.png)

No. 119140[Reply]

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -

>Lori and Kevin score a free year of WoW >>>/w/87404 only at the price of whatever dignity was left in the two of them >>>/w/87532

>Lori continues to be a raging pastel Karen gremlin, leaving no survivors and coming for every brand in her path >>>/w/93894 >>>/w/95957
>New suit came in the mail! Kevin, keep your piss off it this time. >>>/w/94888
>By the way, Kevin totally didn't pee in the suit. >>>/w/102166
>To nobody's surprise, they do the same old dance.
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No. 132758

Hey Kevin, why the long face?

No. 132762

It could be possible in 2010, but the cancel culture won’t let her get anywhere in 2020.

No. 132764

you guys know there's a new thread right?

No. 132819

Post the link, please

No. 132827

It’s here anons.

File: 1542426054741.png (805.69 KB, 720x814, weeaboo motherfuckers.png)

No. 8303[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/15930

A thread for Weebs of the West who create art and music INSPIRED by Japanese culture.
Like true snowflakes they are all special and unique, which is why they all imitate each others' fried hair, obnoxious pastel fashion, and identify as nonbinary, panromantic, etc. These creatures are commonly found selling at, or skulking around anime conventions / artist alleys.

Notable cows amongst their ranks include:

AKA Tiffany Liao
- Artist turned entrepreneur, queen of the western weeb fashion scene
- Art has regressed considerably over the years, she now depends other artists to draw for her clothing line
- Incredibly socially awkward and lazy
- Created a kickstarter for indie game “OMORI” over 4 years ago which amassed $250K in funds but has has yet to release the game. Backer rewards are nowhere to be seen and updates come once in a blue moon
- anon ex worker >>309121 revealed many reasons as to why the game isn't progressing (see: lack of focus, no motivation, hatred all around)

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No. 132721

File: 1610771714935.jpeg (190.3 KB, 1920x1920, 90476D0B-EAC2-4E1D-AB30-651C0A…)

She posted this stats thing and it’s obvious who the top channel she watches is

No. 132892

it would've been more effective to just use a white brush instead of pixelated, but it looks like it was meant to be intentional

No. 132893


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 135866

where’s the new thread

No. 140232

well this thread’s fuckin dead

File: 1610316014708.jpg (195.6 KB, 1080x1246, tumblr_p0sqzygNKr1t0fbzoo1_128…)

No. 131626[Reply]

she should die i hate the bootlicker harris biatch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1510248541748.png (549.58 KB, 593x483, opera_2017-11-09_11-23-25.png)

No. 31655[Reply]

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maggymisaki/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rodriguezmaggy/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/maggy_misaki
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56ckCreZFKDAHvPWTKqIvg


Puti-cosplayer peruana.
Autollamada "Tu loli".
Cospiranoica de alienigenas.
Super vegana.
Dice trabajar en un preescolar.
Vendió las nudes de una cosplayer menor de edad .
Hace disque eventos donde se prostituye.
Pasa rogando por facebook que le donen lenceria para luego modelarla
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No. 32003

Sin duda esta mujer es digna de ser mencionada en este foro, pero dada la información que aportas, que - a mi parecer - pareces ser la única persona que postea constantemente sobre ella, cada captura, cada comentario, cada publicación y que tus opiniones personales como >>31983 >>265691 >>31978 >>265687 >>31981 >>265689 etc. no están en ''sage'', me hacen pensar que o bien eres la misma persona que tiene una venganza personal contra ella (cosa que también va en contra de las normas, al igual que publicar información suya como números de teléfono y direcciones, cosa que has hecho, aún cuando dices no poner la de tus ''amigos'' por respeto a la privacidad), o bien eres la propia Maggy intentando ganar reputación a costa del hate que recibiría por aquí, si importase algo.
Es cansado ver el mismo tema todo el tiempo en /ot cuando parece que sólo postea la misma persona una y otra vez, sin información relevante o que interese a nadie.

No. 32004

I agree, she's not even that interesting, whoever posts about her is obsessed.

No. 32005

Thanks, for a moment I thought I was the only one getting angry just having to see the same topic over again and again. I wish mods would do anything about it tbh
Also I searched for her name on google and there's a change org page (kek) posting the same information anon is posting here, just two people commented there so I'm almost sure this is a personal revenge more than anything.

No. 32006

En un evento cosplay de Arequipa la conocí … es bien calabaza y habla de cosas que no entiende pero bueno al final del evento le propuse ir a pasar el rato y acepto en fin a la media hora la tenía arrodillada dándome una mamada ( decía que le gustaba mucho darlas ) y hasta acabe en su boca pero se molestó un poco por ello … es bien perra ya que hace poco me llamo y me dijo que extrañaba mi leche y que quería volver a mamarmela jajajaja si la ven en un evento cosplay mándense sin roche … tal ves se ganen una mamada free(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 131057

La tipa al parecer recibió mucho acoso por parte de gente metida en el cosplay, los cuales creaban páginas falsas para arruinar su imagen. No me sorprende que algunas capturas de OP hayan sido modificadas a propósito, ya que casualmente este hilo llegó a ser muy forzado en su tiempo.

https://www.facebook.com/Misaki.Mummysita/ (Miren las publicaciones)(necro/imgboard)

File: 1609109949202.jpg (23.8 KB, 480x360, Belle.jpg)

No. 128835[Reply]

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame
>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>went to Korea to get plastic surgery to be able to post videos without breaking the illusion of her being a dainty anime girl
>has been guesting on podcasts and talking about her long-term boyfriend for the first time and how her aspirations for the future include being a bougie mom with a mysterious secret
>revealed her chest on Twitter to announce her "hardcore porn" to the screeching of many
>instantly began hiring a lawyer to take down any unauthorized uploads of her content, some leaks have disappeared within 20 minutes of being posted (lolcow remains spared?)
>her porn turns out awkward and borderline bizarre
>endless emphasis on her asshole so she won't have to show her vagina out of fear incels would call her a roastie
>includes random poorly executed "kink" scenes
>sloppy styling when her signature "look" was what made her famous in the first place
>hiding body parts we've already seen
>comes off incredibly awkward and insecure
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No. 134878

Make s new thread you dumbasses

No. 134888

Fuck you.

No. 134946

how is it cowtipping to report such a vile video?
Also someone make a new thread i can't be assed to

No. 134954

NEW THREAD >>>/w/134949

it sucks but it will have to do.

No. 134958

I made a new one sorry but the first one was not even passable no links to socials or summary >>>/W/134956

File: 1607319242735.jpg (195.18 KB, 1000x1100, 1607124816123.jpg)

No. 124562[Reply]



If you want to discuss the entertainment side of vtubers go here:


If it’s not potential milk it doesn’t belong here. This is a drama board. If you’re a /jp/ refugee looking to talk about corporate vtubers, Kiwi Farms has a more suitable thread for you. /trash/ on 4chan has more suitable western vtuber threads. Go there instead. If you see someone being retarded, don't engage. Report and move on.

What belongs here:
> Artemis, Domo, and related circlejerk
> Kiaras desperation
> Past/irl lives of corporate/holoEN (Do not dox vtubers who were nobodies and have no milk. Do not dox the family members or friends of vtubers)
> Melody getting banned, public fight for copyright
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No. 132738

No. 133188

Fuck nene, all my homies hate nene

No. 134298

No. 138376

File: 1613354511799.jpeg (121.91 KB, 1100x2048, BCFA1C1B-013C-4679-BBEA-3EF47B…)

is literally just kanna kamui from dragon maid grown up. The tail,hair colour, horns, outfit is based on it and the shoes are red they added a lighting bolt I assume because kanna can use electric
She even goes as a dragon and no one is saying anything about her character https://twitter.com/isthisrealvr/status/1325918799430885378?s=21

No. 139231

File: 1614009513718.png (77.5 KB, 781x453, Screenshot 2021-02-22 105553.p…)

Mizuryu Kei (doujinshi artist professionally working with Cover on the Hololive Alt manga) had a little outburst on Twitter this morning. He deleted his initial angrier tweets. Probably gonna blow up tomorrow.

File: 1605798595524.jpeg (106.44 KB, 827x971, 1600031494813.jpeg)

No. 121374[Reply]

Previous threads:

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, Jenna Marbles, Safiya Nygaard, and Valeria Lipovesky, among others. In the past, she has focused on bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant, eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers). Since then, Taylor has entered a narcissistic era, producing such high quality content as:
* How I Became the Most Beautiful Woman in the World
* Hong Kong Fortune Tellers Criticized My Face
* I Let A Top Hair Salon in Korea Do Whatever They Wanted to My Hair [barely true]
* I Let A Top Manicurist in Japan Do Whatever She Wanted to My Nails [not true; also lol it’s Dakota’s favorite mani person]
* Stuck at Home and Stuck in Life [in my HK customized house that cost millions]
* Surprising Husband with an Outfit from When We First Met
* What I Eat in a Day [flaunting her bones]
* My Husband Picks My Outfits for a Week
* I Ate Only Pumpkin Foods For A Day

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No. 145763

File: 1618710540430.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_20210418-034429.png)

Taylor wearing a $525 Chanel scrunchie. I guess she didn't tag it for a reason. Can't pretend she thrifted that.


No. 145768

You can get knockoffs of these in HK. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether what she flexes is real or not anymore, Tom's businesses can't be doing that well and she shops and resells crud from Taobao.

No. 145778

Considering the bouquet she’s holding (she claims she treated herself) is around 1800 HKD which is 230 USD I think we can assume the Chanel scrunchie is a real deal. She loves to pretend to be just as down to earth as her followers while flexing brands here and there.

No. 145787

She has spoken in a derogative way about knock-offs and stated when she bought them (for her dumb dress-like-youtubers and recreate-my-date video, and with safiya). She said she doesn't buy knock-offs normally. So no, this ain't a replica.

No. 145788

and she definitely is not wearing taobao even if she resells it

File: 1609117245408.png (2.19 MB, 2058x1440, Belle.png)

No. 128870[Reply]

Mary Belle Delphine is a 21 year old British girl who initially rose to fame online by making "inaccurate" cosplays on Facebook, pedobaiting, shitstirring, and getting her boyfriend to send threatening messages to random people on Facebook.
Her next escapade was on Instagram, where she quickly turned from an elf-ear-wearing kawaii fairy girl to ethot, and popularized the ahegao (anime cumface) expression amongst impressionable teenagers. She gained 1 million+ followers on Instagram for her quirky, Asian beauty-app-filtered videos where she poured milk on herself and smashed laptops, before being abrubtly deleted for lewd content, and disappearing offline for a year.
Initially, people thought she was "trolling the simps" due to a huge simp fanbase and such stunts as starting a Pornhub account with only joke videos, and "selling" her bathwater (in fact she just sent tap water to Youtubers, who she continues to collab with for interviews/podcasts to this day.)

>Now, December 2020: Belle has thrown herself headfirst into hardcore porn despite being awkward, inexperienced and potentially even asexual. She begs her fans to go "easy on her" and promises much more degrading and sexual content in the forthcoming year.

>Belle has been busy this winter selling her story to any news outlet that will listen, and sending DMCA takedown requests for all her quickly leaked porn all over the internet.

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: BANNED
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 129018

>i want her thread to be successful

?????? Wasn't op anon saying the same thing in the last thread

No. 129025

This is where I respectfully disagree, sir.

I don't think she is either inexperienced, nor that she has any issues with her pussy.

She is actually way smarter than people give her credit for, she knows exactly how to milk her fans for more cash, by leaving them in a constant state of manageable unsatisfaction.

She broke down the "porn formula" we're so used to and basically feeds people just parts, but never the whole.

And I think all this "unsexyness" is just by design.

No. 129027

Anon pls chill I'm pretty sure everyone is only calling her asexual bc of her obvious inexperience, like you said. We don't actually think she is.

You're right though, the cringey part is that both her and Josh are terrible at sex. Josh is very inexperienced too. They fuck so clumsily I'm amazed she even felt good enough about it to put it out in the first place. It's sooo awkward and unsexy

No. 129028

Just an observation: make the next one yourself if you have so many great ideas and improvements

No. 129031

>And I think all this "unsexyness" is just by design

Scrote detected. Yall are really jumping through hoops now to still stan your queen after she keeps delivering disappointments

File: 1589926898242.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2880x3840, 7E6DF2A2-05C8-4984-9016-5D4513…)

No. 94634[Reply]

Claims to be an actor, model, cosplayer, and E-girl.
Non-binary They/them

Followed largely in the j-fashion & Cosplay community on Facebook.
They are a wearer of EGL fashion for well over 4+ years and posts actively in COF. Yasmine submits a lot of try-hard Poses while in Lolita to appeal to the edgy Lolita humor. In egl fashion groups, Yasmine tips off at trying to be goody but go extreme hostel at anyone in comments.

>They are well known in the local fashion community in Toronto

>Claims to not like drama but constantly involves themselves within it and create drama on a daily

>Admitted to Following lolcow and 4chan threads, while later in the max complains about the image board forums.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
30 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 95088

File: 1590083246811.png (18.87 KB, 482x64, facebook save pf05674930.png)

No. 126561

File: 1608245728334.png (772.06 KB, 1425x753, ew.PNG)

all of the bids are from accounts with no feedback

No. 126612

Thought this was capsulebunny for a sec, kek

No. 127783

definitely the greasy neckbeards that thirst-follow her

or one of her equally greasy, grimy friends. Likely garbagechan and that other skinwalker girl she hangs out with.

No. 139055

File: 1613886057632.jpeg (136.18 KB, 768x1024, D21ADA89-6437-421D-B2C4-7C435D…)

saged for non-milky cringe

>new place of choice for coord photos is in the fucking shower

I guess considering how filthy she is, I shouldn’t be too bothered.

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