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File: 1590018176462.png (749.31 KB, 854x576, 1589948979454.png)

No. 94955[Reply]

There's a lot to unpack here about this cow, but for the time being I'll keep it down to current events.

Meet Conrad Collins AKA Digibro, Digibrony or Digi-nee, a self-obsessed anime youtuber and proud lolicon turned troon from Virgnia Beach.

Main Links (he has a shit ton of accounts)

"Femme self" accounts

Kiwifarms thread
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No. 169988

white people are down bad if this is who is keeping the population afloat. WOW

No. 171417

How do these people manage to have sex and I'm still a virgin?(sage)

No. 171516

please look at the quality of man she is allowing to penetrate her. if your standards are Ethan Ralph you will have endless cocks i'm sure

No. 180926

Hey anyone remember that ESL Digi pissed of years ago. think he was some turk guy in his late 30s that could not stop getting in to petty slap fights with over god damn cartoons(necro)

No. 189646

necroing, you're thinking of 'that anime snob'

File: 1529818218264.png (174.16 KB, 508x502, tumblr_n1xrk4cAfE1sm1433o1_r2_…)

No. 58143[Reply]

anyone know what happened to her? one of the weirdest tumblr porn artists i ever came across. was into this dude, mr crocker, that "dick the birthday boy" bear from rockafire explosion (iirc) and would draw them puking/shitting into a grimy yellow tupperware for her to eat
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No. 59293

holy shit how did you guys fill an entire thread so fast

grateful for all the milk but god damn that was quick

No. 59294

New thread is at >>>/snow/638289

No. 59295

>Shadman's Volt girl

Holden got shit taste.(necro)

No. 158433

I get not wanting to fuck with YouTube but why go for the joke then? It's better to not use it at all than going for a half-assed shit like this(necro)

No. 281836

never heard of this person but i am very, very intrigued. kek

File: 1604470738384.png (995.77 KB, 998x674, nextbishieplease.png)

No. 119140[Reply]

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -

>Lori and Kevin score a free year of WoW >>>/w/87404 only at the price of whatever dignity was left in the two of them >>>/w/87532

>Lori continues to be a raging pastel Karen gremlin, leaving no survivors and coming for every brand in her path >>>/w/93894 >>>/w/95957
>New suit came in the mail! Kevin, keep your piss off it this time. >>>/w/94888
>By the way, Kevin totally didn't pee in the suit. >>>/w/102166
>To nobody's surprise, they do the same old dance.
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No. 132819

Post the link, please

No. 132827

It’s here anons.

No. 146315

I'm sorry, but person on the right in this photo, is this ALB's current spouse?????(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 146362

There’s a new thread you fuck. Use it.

No. 151412

>There’s a new thread you fuck. Use it.
(use the new thread)

File: 1538196778155.jpg (604.67 KB, 1080x788, gandr-1538196658901.jpg)

No. 23494[Reply]

Previous Thread:

Since the dual disaster that was the Fitt's campaign followed by the death of "Rea Barbie" on Ariyoshi Hanseikai, Dakota has been using a more realistic and true to life, albeit still majorly age-regressed shoop style after Platinum tried promoting her with her old viral shoops and ended up only highlighting how much she aged and how fake they were/are. She's clinging hard to her AKB connections as it looks ike Platinum may be about to boot her soon.

Updates from last thread:
>Platinum is slowly restricting pics of kooter and have stopped pushing her with her ~7 year old viral shoops as she quietly mooches jobs from her younger, prettier AKB friends, videos of her last runway show are even Japan only
>Fitt's deleted or disabled most of the evidence of greasy, chubby Kota from the campaign, her worst work to date
>Kooter has been buying YouTube views and subs (possibly Instagram likes and followers too) to make herself seem like she's still relevant, in absurdly obvious amounts during periods of silence and inactivity
>as well as paying to place her videos in suggested content to reach new viewers outside of her kawaii alien lunch vlog niche
>and apparently paying multiple Twitter bots to spam her suitcases, her YouTube videos and her latest work (some in Spanish, strangely) to preserve her spot in some Japan Top Model Follower Ranking list
>and trying to revive the old ass Taiko dating rumors, as well as an article pushing a rumor "from management" that she secretly dated the stage actor Mori Kohei from her Last Kiss episode
>She started taking app sponsorships again for the first time since 2016, despite buying a new phone and moving to a new apartment: Saborino avocado face masks in March 2018 and Mercari app again in September 2018.
>She then tweeted about feeling more balanced as she turned 23, despite her plummeting popularity, weight gain and multiple bald spots so perhaps she hatched some new scheme that has yet to reveal itself
>she also removed her 4-year-old Popteen mystery ring before flying home tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 37695

Thanks, anon. I guess I should say she sounds fluent to people who don't actually speak Japanese because of her accent/intonation, lol.

Any ideas for the next thread OP pic/info, anons?

No. 37708

My vote is for the berries & cream lad shoop but maybe with bangs added so it’s more accurate lol

No. 37711

that's fair! she's certainly nowhere near as awful as weebs. i do think that she can probably speak a bit better than most people who have taken japanese in school as well since she lives there, and teachers only make sure you sound good enough.

also what >>37708 said.

No. 37718


Berries&Cream lad shop with bangs, plus one of her in that ugly hat looking like Meg Griffin!

No. 37789


I made a new thread, but I can't shoop so I just made a collage of her newest pics:


File: 1582936454742.png (472.21 KB, 757x554, darlingpeesuit02.png)

No. 84714[Reply]

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon in the early 2000s and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer named "KrookedKev".

>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her

>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Previous thread updates -
>now "officially" engaged since Kevin "proposed" at Anime Expo.
>the couple came into the thread themselves to take shots at anons, resulting in a ban
>all of Kevin's friends including the guys get verbally abused by Lori for coming near him
>jumped on the Patreon bandwagon to sell lewds and feet pics
>continuing her long-time habit of accusing others of copying her just because they're cosplaying the same character
>trying to be Belle Delphine
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 119086

Weed is all that’s been mentioned so far.

No. 119088

Its either drugs or some form of mental retardation. Sad either way.

No. 119142

new thread >>>/w/119140

No. 133130


No. 133136

File: 1580173761529.jpg (99.43 KB, 1080x810, 36149181_1813159382083384_5739…)

No. 80122[Reply]

Old thread >>>/w/10091

>fannyrosie still bored in Japan tries to coord weirdly stopping short of bedding an Asian dude
>Yanise still scamming on innocent lolitas in NYC
>IVB finally marries her military husband
>obiviously.happy still being an edgelord
>Voldie moves to Montreal
>RC has extreme vetting
>ScarfingScarves still calling out bad actors in lolita
>LovelyLor continues to whore out her now-lolita gf
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No. 113839

File: 1601088120734.jpeg (361.52 KB, 1242x1773, 1A134DF7-9B10-42FF-928B-A34BFF…)

No. 113840

File: 1601088237963.jpeg (296.57 KB, 1242x1225, 73CE9136-BD67-4278-AC3A-CACDE3…)

No. 113841

File: 1601088259661.jpeg (378.91 KB, 1242x1678, 37D869E4-DFC9-484B-843F-2FCCE4…)

No. 113842

File: 1601088317261.jpeg (127.8 KB, 1242x467, 1EF6CF4E-F83E-4D44-831C-61FB21…)

Last one, made me laugh. The fashion was literally made by POC. Just say black people, take your social justice points, and go.

No. 116010

Sorry this is old milk, I'm catching up on the thread but I recognize this girl from another facebook group I'm in. Her FB name is ffion holdsworth. She made a post about buying from dollskill (this was during the start of the BLM riots earlier this year and dollskill's owner had made posts supporting the police) and when people informed her of this she basically said 'who cares'. People sent her hate and then she deleted the post and made a long as hell post about supporting BLM that came off as patronizing and condescending. I was unable to find caps, I think she deleted everything. Saged for old milk and no caps, sorry.

File: 1451675462986.jpg (63.08 KB, 640x480, 1402379306605.jpg)

No. 24583[Reply]

The figure of Usagi Kou aka Lori Cerda has intrigued me like no other cow ever since I started browsing /cgl/ several years ago. The amount of people she managed to charm, exploit and manipulate into playing her personal Sailor Moon cast so that she could live the perfect Moon Princess life without having to lift a finger is astounding.
Sadly, though, not hailing from the US I only learned about her some time after the shitstorm had already died down and, of course, I never had the privilege of witnessing her craziness first hand. With sites such as The Pocky Box recently going down after all these years, the accounts of the Lori saga are dwindling, so I'm starting this thread with the hope that some of you might have your own stories to tell, maybe know where some of the old Klan members are now (I'm wondering in particular about the - now de-transitioned? - trans boy who used to be her Seiya, Lori was pretty nasty with that one).

Her current dA

and Facebook

ED for a basic rundown on Lori

One of her LJs; wondering if anyone has accesso to the locked posts
1141 posts and 263 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 54044

Honestly though, he looks fine and like a very generic 20-something; insulting his appearance is nitpicking and missing the point. That just validates his idea that people are against him and posting about him for shallow reasons, rather than the actual crazy shit going on with him and Lori. The gross part isn't how he looks, but his insane posts (who under the age of 40 still posts like this on facebook wtf???), his total focus on physical appearance, his overreactions and complete inability to take criticism or look at a situation without freaking out, etc.

Plus on some level I really hope that he can escape Lori and I feel like insulting him too will only push him closer to her. Sorry if this is whiteknighting this whole situation is just so sad, this guy clearly has absolutely zero self esteem. Please, Kevin, get some help.

No. 54045

the only posts he responds to or mentions are the ones about his appearance. his friends who have not discovered the thread still think that's all it's about.

there's been a TON of white knighting in here for over a year for him and kevin has made it clear he doens't want help and doesn't think anything is wrong with his relationship so the only thing to do now is nitpick/egg him on to get a reaction, which he keeps happily feeding.

he won't get help because he doesn't think anything is wrong.

No. 54048

He's taking the bait big time, but I do think anons are being nitpicky. He looks fine in this pic, better than normal even but maybe that's from the stubble. His reaction is gold though, I'm enjoying the fresh milk to go with my Doritos.

>You have your crazy two faced friends to blame for this one babe

Of course she's using this as proof that he shouldn't have any friends. She's so manipulative.

No. 54050

wonder which friends she's talking about? lol all of them?

No. 54058

New Thread >>54057

No. 36517[Reply]

Old thread will be locked soon.

Previous thread >>26105

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DesignsByYumi
Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCACecvgOOSII26sgZejQG-Q
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Yumi_King
Facebook: http://facebook.com/YumiKingCosplay
OkCupid: https://okcupid.com/profile/Yuhan0426?cf=regular

> cringy Chinese youtuber living in the USA who started her channel by making cheap DIYs, became a haul and lifestyle channel

> made second channel to show her recipes, eventually became just a mukbang channel
> married her oldass fiancee Splenda, her personality has become just being a housewife who can't clean or cook. Splenda has been revealed to be a two-time divorcee with three children whose parental he gave up after going into trial not paying for child support. He was missing from Yumi's videos for a while during this time but now he's constantly on camera and shilling all their content
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 38754

File: 1551778519636.jpg (317.67 KB, 1580x757, stain.jpg)

Old milk but she used stained panties in one of her old DIY vdeos

No. 39962

No. 39963

Summary of video:

>Addresses how her channel is dying

>Acknowledges the videos are inconsistent, no one knows what her channel is about
>Explains she loses interest in something and moves on to the next thing, so she kept jumping from topic to topic
>Got rid of bangs bc Splenda prefers her without them
>The channel dying makes her sad but she understands

Tbh I haven't watched a Yumi video since she got married. Her English, mannerisms, and even voice seem so different to me (in a good way). Maybe this video was just more solemn and mature than usual though but if you squint you can see the wasted potential.

That said, it really didn't need to be over 10min and transformed into a repetitive pity party in record time.

No. 39974

she needed that sweet sweet monetization, that's the only reason it was over 10 min.

she sounds more normal here, but that's probably because she's too depressed to be fake as fuck. in previous videos her english regressed HARD.

No. 158609

Those women are ugly gtfo

File: 1613864931594.png (4.28 MB, 828x1792, AC4D0893-2694-4DCC-A896-7BED9F…)

No. 139036[Reply]

I saw someone else bring up JJ Pyropi and it reminded me how annoying and stuck up this chick is. Creating content click bait yaoi content for 15 year Olds on tiktok. I have never had a good experience running into her at cons either she’s always rude and full of herself.(shit thread)
36 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 139604

Pretty sure TikTok deletes most of them, not JJ

No. 139610


>Asking someone in DMs to not delete anything so they can screenshot their stuff to call them out

top fucking kek

No. 139704

Jesus christ how embarrassing. One of the cringiest "callouts" I've seen.

No. 154354

How can a thread about someone so milky be so weak? Can someone with the time and historical knowledge make a thread that's actually good? JJ milk is some of the best vintage milk.

No. 154365

Actually, her friend who was living with her stole her camera theu were on and leaked them. Also, she's only 17 in them so probably best not to have them on your phone or computer since they're literally leaked revenge lewds of a minor.

File: 1589926898242.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2880x3840, 7E6DF2A2-05C8-4984-9016-5D4513…)

No. 94634[Reply]

Claims to be an actor, model, cosplayer, and E-girl.
Non-binary They/them

Followed largely in the j-fashion & Cosplay community on Facebook.
They are a wearer of EGL fashion for well over 4+ years and posts actively in COF. Yasmine submits a lot of try-hard Poses while in Lolita to appeal to the edgy Lolita humor. In egl fashion groups, Yasmine tips off at trying to be goody but go extreme hostel at anyone in comments.

>They are well known in the local fashion community in Toronto

>Claims to not like drama but constantly involves themselves within it and create drama on a daily

>Admitted to Following lolcow and 4chan threads, while later in the max complains about the image board forums.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
64 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 166426

She is addicted to shop lifting I have a few personal stories but I don’t want to say specifics as it’s likely she would find out my identity
On a side note is that picture of her with that other girl at animaritimes? I think she used to frequent that convention in Fredericton in highschool and that looks like a costume she wore from around that time?
She also used to steal to impress this other girl Zoe cooper who I think is involved somewhat in the community and might live in montreal now and I was sure they were dykes until Zoe broke up their friendship after telling people they found a dead cat in yasmines disgusting room which I don’t really doubt happened because yasmine is big into taxidermy (which she is not skilled or knowledgeable about) and picking up and taking home dead animals

No. 166435

Holy shit anon. She collects dead animals??

No. 166552

You mean taxidermy?

No. 166647

nta but taxidermy is okay if you know what you’re doing, not if you’re taking home random roadkill in a bin bag to be tossed into your grimy hoarder pit like the cow in question

No. 169132

File: 1629774114952.jpg (112.92 KB, 750x494, Hi Yasmine.jpg)

I wonder if this was Yasmine, Autumn, or some other desperate wk

pretty much comfirming she and her cronies stalk this thread though kek

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