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File: 1677977695113.jpg (262.37 KB, 486x706, fuckdoctors.jpg)

No. 284431

Thread #1 >>54749
Thread #2 >>166105
Thread #3 >>197809
Thread #4 >>208755
Thread #5 >>229285
Thread #6 >>261505

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous", "old (30+)", NB and Ace cosplayer who is actually a 40 year old man that lives alone in his 3-4 story townhouse in Maryland. Although he has typing abilities equivalent to an someone having a stroke, he makes a well documented six digit number salary that he blows towards buying video games that he never plays, cheap costumes, and attending cons by himself since he only has "fans", not friends.

Despite being incapable of blending his neckline and having a skincare routine consisting of bathing in Palmolive dish soap, he has found a way to stay relevant by purchasing multiple fake silicone breasts and relying heavily on Meitu/Beauticam for his cosplays. He has obsessions with: bathrooms, chicken tendies, and stalking white girls under the age of 25. He hates: doctors, alcohol, the Kalahari, and strippers. 

Recap of previous thread:
>Coworkers are no longer bigots and he's now cosfamous at work >>261508 , >>263108
>Only replied to a 17 year old girl's compliment on TikTok >>261536
>Denies that he clout chases, but admits that's been his cosplay goal >>262122
>Donates to "cosplay charity" >>262643
>Bitches about money despite constantly buying new cosplays and "needing" to attend cons >>263007 , >>269692 , >>270231 , >>274146 , >>274960 , >>275569
>40 and lonely fishing for friends >>263588 , >>263648
>Store has no cupcakes :( >>264036 Drives 1 hour away to get cupcakes >>264394
>I'm ONLY they/them now grrrrr >>265144
>Terry being old complaining about fast food >>266338 , >>279357
>Terry Hall has a "date" with a coworker >>266508 , >>266543
>Virtue signals wearing masks at cons, but doesn't wear mask correctly >>267026 Terry maskless at Katsu >>282154
>Typing with a stroke becomes more apparent >>267302 , >>281497
>Books 9AM haircut appointment even though the mall opens at 10AM >>269858
>Looks like a whole ass dad/manlet while hanging out with the girl that used him for a ride to a BBQ party >>270415 , >>270429
>Delusional about being a quality cosplayer when he's just being "brave" and using HEAVY filters >>270533 , >>278613 , >>281555 , >>281617
>Shares a gofundme, doesn't bother to donate >>270646
>Makes decent props, but still paints like dog shit >>270731 , >>270906 , >>280005
>Wore zentai suit with fake breasts for a small chested character; >>273830 40 yr old man with fake breasts selfie >>271190
>Audio clip of Manaknight talking about being "clingy" >>271190
>Raw photos of Terry looking haggard af >>272658 , >>272711 , >>272799
>Candid of Terry lurking in the wild by his lonely self >>272876
>Terry pops a possible skin cancer bump on his head, then contemplates, but never actually sees a doctor >>274252 >>274309 >>274310
>"Cosfamous" Manaknight blasts a follower on his story >>274957
>Self diagnosing he has ADHD >>275337
>He is now Agender/Ace/Aromantic, but didn't bother to update his age to "(40+)" >>276143 , >>276186 , >>280636
>Terry getting mad that his employer still needs to operate business while he's on vacation >>282041
>Big ass forehead at Katsucon >>282065
>Terry gets stomach problems at the con >>282469
>Terry's post Katsu report >>282812 , >>282813

No. 284448

File: 1678000510496.jpeg (163.65 KB, 805x555, B9C5D44F-D360-4198-8FCF-BF3EE3…)

While we were in-between threads. At first I thought this meant locally, but he is willing to fly just to spend a few hours at an amusement park. He must be hella lonely and desperate for someone to pay attention to him

No. 284450

File: 1678000638750.jpeg (165.22 KB, 828x412, 58782DCA-2FEC-4B6C-A751-2F61C9…)

Why does this sound so fake to me? All his props are wish-tier level awful.

No. 284451

File: 1678000701459.jpeg (455.47 KB, 828x796, 51F0270B-ECFC-4B9F-9DC5-1FFAB7…)

No. 284452

File: 1678000782807.jpeg (45.37 KB, 815x267, 8EAE22B9-8DBD-42EC-8A54-C499DE…)

No. 284456

Didn’t even know there was a feature like that, how much time does this man spend on Facebook??

No. 284469

File: 1678026085737.jpg (76.58 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20230305-091548_Fac…)

This is in response to Otakon removing their mask policy. So much for supporting safety.

No. 284474

File: 1678028627950.jpg (341.51 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20230224-142415_Ins…)

Lol saved the piece of fiction of this story too. Terry's props become family heirlooms.

No. 284487

thank you OP for putting this up. you're a hero!

what happened to his zit/cancer? He had a scar of it at Katsu but i don't remember reading an update since ALA

No. 284496

No. 284584

File: 1678135237922.jpg (254.92 KB, 1080x726, Screenshot_20230306_154002_Fac…)

you cosplay from plenty of franchises that you have 0 interest or knowledge in so why is this suddenly stopping you now?

No. 284592

Lack of attention, lack of zoomers, and he'd need to be able to make things from scratch.

No. 284598

He doesn't have the patience to learn how to play FFXIV. He seems like the type that can't take criticism and if anybody were to say anything to him or even make a suggestion, he would go whine about it on Facebook.
Yeah I don't think many younger zoomers play this game. He wouldn't get the attention he wants.
>He'd need to be able to make things from scratch.
I've seen some pre-made cosplays of it before. I think his only reasoning is that it won't get him enough attention.

No. 284608

File: 1678161658412.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2272, 07FDC85F-5724-4A88-A270-7BF199…)

Creepy old man vibes

No. 284618

Imagine the smell. Dust and hobby lobby after hours mixed together.(sage your shit)

No. 284632

I'm surprised no one had asked him Genshin game questions. I bet he can't cause dude hardly plays the game. He probably hasn't even done his first ascension yet. The amount of genshin characters he cosplays from has been disgusting. He's like rushing to cosplay every single one except the smallish baby face characters. I'm tired of seeing his lonely cakey face in genshin business.(sage your shit)

No. 284637

Mfer really has posters of himself up on his walls, what a clown.

No. 284641

>He's like rushing to cosplay every single one except the smallish baby face characters.
Nope. In the past he said he wanted to cosplay Klee, but people rightfully shot him down. After that, he’s stayed away from Genshin characters similar to her.
>Who wants to come by my house to see this room?
No. Gross.

No. 284643

There's plenty of younger zoomers in the game, but there is already more successful groomers on them so Terry wouldn't stand a chance. He's probably only bringing this up because of FanFest, it would be too hard for him to get a ticket so he's preventively shitting on it now to cover his bases with the three non-farmers that read his posts.

No. 284654

Dying at the 'masterfully' crafted props being stored in a recycling bin. Guess it makes eventual disposal easy.

No. 284663

No cause this room is embarrassing for a man your age.

No. 284692


A while back I asked him what his world/adventurer level is on one of his fake gamer boy Genshin spurge posts. He absolutely did not respond. Didn’t even like the comment. I’m not one for gatekeeping bc I’ve cosplayed characters I know nothing about but enjoyed their design, but he’s obviously going thru Genshin chars bc he knows it’ll attract the wine zoomers.

No. 284804

File: 1678280282774.jpg (882.54 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20230308_075555_Fac…)

And Terry?? Cosplays with long sleeves and pants ain't anything new. Do you know how many people who are going to cosplay in the heat with long sleeves and pants?? I'm ready to see any pics of him dirtying that cosplay.(sage your shit)

No. 284813

I'm ready for the post at otakon 30 minutes after he puts it on "sorry guys I had to change. it was just TOO HOT"

No. 284814

Looking forward to the Eula trainwreck when he wears that to a con.(sage your shit)

No. 284815

Not my husbando, you ugly nit!
But for real, why does he even have a crafting room if he doesn't even sew anything?

No. 284819

I saw this post and I just saw his ugly drag style makeup and snow Ap filter on this character. I seriously wanted to tell him he should skip this cosplay and stick to his ugly af inuysha character.

But as much as I love sesshomaru. but it does say something he want to now pick a character that canonically marries the child he raised.

No. 284821

To brag. It’s like how he buys a bunch of video games so he can post on social media and say that he’s totally a gamer, despite not finishing or even playing what he buys.
He’s made a whole crafting room, including adding a sewing machine that he will never use, so he can pretend to be a totes professional “I make everything myself” cosplayer.
> but it does say something he want to now pick a character that canonically marries the child he raised.
I thought the same thing. He’s probably hoping to find a zoomer cosplaying as Rin. He’s a creep.

No. 284822

has flashbacks to his candid inuyasha photos where he looks like he's melting

No. 284823

I didn’t even notice that sewing machine. He only use it to make those ugly boot covers, but I'm sure he trying to imply that he made/alter his cosplay to seem more legit and impressive

No. 284833

File: 1678297443584.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2217, 42C1CF51-AEB6-42E8-B8B3-071DE9…)

Ugly AF drag queen Xiao… Seriously wonder why he cried over not cosplaying XIV when he cosplays all the Genshin characters and he has no idea who they are.

No. 284836

He's so gross. Some people should just stop cosplaying in general. I've seen cosplayers into their 40s and 50s, so it isnt an age thing, but something about Terry is so predatory.

No. 284838

It looks like a pretty shit machine too. Probably picked up the cheapest one walmart had to offer, not that he needs anything more advanced. Doesn't even have the foot pedal out.

No. 284841

You can’t hide those man shoulders behind makeup Terry kek

No. 284853

File: 1678308683726.jpeg (54.48 KB, 828x306, BBDDFA43-CA75-41CA-AA45-0C3677…)

Mr I-don’t-even-understand-what-sex-is

No. 284854

Ewwww barf gross

No. 284865

ew, wtf. this man is 40. No one needs to know this!

No. 284870

File: 1678315286548.jpeg (507.27 KB, 1284x1059, C27C6DD5-F14E-475C-A47D-B6984C…)

It’s called innovation you old crusty shit. No wonder they’re probably trying to teach someone your job behind your back.

No. 284879

Nah he's right this happens all the time in every industry and it's never innovation, it's just bullshit steps that make life harder lmao

No. 284895

His attempt to look sexy makes me sick. Creepy af

No. 284908

File: 1678328044437.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1284x2084, 8349668F-B7E3-4168-8422-1FD60D…)

Giant wall o text

No. 284910

my head hurts from reading this. I can't believe this man is making six figures yet he can't type 3 cohesive paragraphs

No. 284941

Jesus christ 99% of his statuses are literally just "who asked?" He doesn't work in healthcare and he basically never wears a mask anymore anyway, why the fuck does his opinion matter on anything?

No. 284952

Why do he pretend to care? Katsu had a mask mandate and he posted several selfies and photos of him inside with no mask. Every time he post these status all I read “I am a hypocrite.”

No. 284976

Half a day later and only two reacts and zero comment. People either couldn’t read his word salad or didn't want to call him out of his bull shit.

No. 284988

He also posted like 4 Covid test stories. If you really care about Covid wear a damn mask

No. 284993

His posts used to get so much more interaction, I wonder if people are actually starting to see him for who he is

No. 284997

>cons no longer forcing people to wear masks because of the cdc

nigga, nobody cares about covid anymore except for doomer chans, people over the age of 55 who likely get sick all the damn time anyway, and political faggots with worms in their brains who stopped evolving after january 6th, 2021. get over it.

>testing and vaccinations won't be free anymore

i mean we all knew this was coming eventually so why is he explaining this to everyone like he's a nurse or has some kind of insider knowledge? most everyone is sick of getting their nostrils swabbed or having to get stabbed a million times every year just to do normal things anyway. i see no one complaining except for random old people like him who still go out and cough and spit on everyone with impunity, but then get mad at 20-year-olds for going to starbucks without a mask cause you might kill someone's 99 year old grandmother by farting on her.

>things are going to start changing

you don't say…

No. 285020

File: 1678387850662.jpg (768.57 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230309_135029.jpg)

people have nothing original to say about him because he literally has nothing going for him. they just compliment him on what he shoves in their face on a daily: his shit makeup and props

No. 285166

They wouldn’t say that if they saw that crusty cake mess in person without all the filter. The man is a living jumpscare.

No. 285176

>nigga, nobody cares about covid anymore except for doomer chans, people over the age of 55 who likely get sick all the damn time anyway, and political faggots with worms in their brains who stopped evolving after january 6th, 2021. get over it.
Based but don't forget trannies. It's yet another excuse cluster b faggots like them get to moderate other people's behaviour.

No. 285194

File: 1678464496575.jpeg (107.45 KB, 818x513, CE32594B-D83A-4757-9A4C-8F7BC2…)

Is he self-aware?

No. 285226

File: 1678477645306.jpg (93.78 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20230310_144441_Fac…)

wasn't this an 18+ con that was heavily advertised with NSFW themes and guests? why would he care about it if he claims he's sex repulsed and gets grossed out by bots sending him "lewd" pics via text?

No. 285261

Nice catch. Watch him back track and be like “I didn’t know it was 18+” but he just want to get creepy selfies with his friends.

No. 285293

he's nb and ace, but he surely follows a lot of e-girls. I hope more of his fans pick up on this

No. 285384

File: 1678565394506.png (985.75 KB, 1284x2778, D31D0FC6-568B-48F1-BBAC-944B8C…)

him bragging again

No. 285388

I’m so sick of his bragging. What exactly is the point of the poll? Mr moneybag has the option of skipping that $100/hr job to hang out at malls while some of his zoomer fans don’t even see $100 a day.

No. 285390

He is such a tone deaf asshole.
>some of his zoomer fans don’t even see $100 a day
hell a lot of people only make a little more than $100 a DAY. I hate his bragging. How did this retard even get his job? Was it a diversity quota? Nepotism?

No. 285393

His Zhongli looks so gross and cakey. I hate how he widens his eyes like that.

No. 285406

File: 1678573648669.jpeg (204.22 KB, 1284x1717, DBA80C53-5542-4AB3-9930-3D6331…)

Money is all I know

No. 285416

File: 1678579221001.jpeg (296.26 KB, 1284x2276, 1D3DB8D0-8196-4D24-BF84-7B8241…)

You look like you’re trying to figure out if it was a shart or not Terry

No. 285466

He looks like a confused old granny. Not even snow could fix this cosplay on him.

No. 285535

File: 1678614400692.jpeg (378.46 KB, 1284x2266, CAC96269-DD4B-4268-9EFE-CFFCE5…)

The scent of desperation is thick in the air

No. 285536

How delusional is he? Everything he listed, either no one cares about or it's not the flex he thinks it is. He can't even tag six friends because he knows he doesn't have any.

No. 285541


He has a very strict diet. Umm soda, waffles, and chicken tenders is not a strict diet. It's poor health.(learn to sage)

No. 285552

These are the six most boring facts ever! Why would anyone care about any of this? Very creepy too. Cardcaptor? I call BS he graduated top 5, or even top 5%. This man seemed barely literate.

No. 285557

Cardcaptors was on television in the early 2000's, he would have been nearly a grown ass adult by then at least. Looks like he always liked em young, barf

No. 285564

Don't be an idiot anon people who are technologically intelligent normally have the shittiest grammar it's not a stretch to say he could be damn good at his work and just a retard with the English language there's countless types of intelligence and they're not all mutually inclusive

No. 285570

FVII came out when he was sixteen. he's technically not wrong but this fact made him sound younger than he's.

What the fuck did he mean by "into cosplay for 19 years"? fapping to cosplay photos for eight years?

what a weirdo

No. 285572

He might be very skilled at engineering… autists often are really good at stem stuff because they’ll be very book smart and able to remember tons of facts while having no real common sense and social skills. It’s likely he spent his college time studying and working hard in school because he had no social life, much like now. He probably also means top 5 in his major/program as opposed to the entire graduating class.
The whole can’t mix food together also screams autist, that’s a common trait when they can’t stand different foods touching each other. Saying his stomach is sensitive is obviously a cope though, since all the fried/high fat foods he eats would not be handled well by an actual sensitive stomach.

No. 285583

He went to college a LONG time ago, when not nearly as many people went as they do today, especially not for stuff like engineering. So I believe it. The dept was likely a small one

No. 285585

>I cannot eat many sandwiches/taco because they mix too much different food together.
Kek fucking autist.
>My stomach is also very sensitive towards a lot of food so my diet is strict.
Just say you're picky about food, Terry. Greasy chicken tenders and sugar-filled cupcakes aren't exactly safe foods.
Kek you sound personally offended. We're here to laugh at the cow.
Agreed, he was probably only top 5 in his own program and was in a small department.
Also, some majors don't require more than 1 English class and many classes beyond that don't care about writing or reading comprehension, so people stay illiterate. Annoying.

No. 285694

File: 1678673742324.jpeg (60.23 KB, 1284x520, 678A0A83-5B1B-4B11-AFBB-987E23…)

Wonder how much he spent

No. 285720

1k at best. What a waste.

No. 285734

File: 1678717246779.jpg (144.4 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_202303.jpg)

I honestly don't remember this video going viral at all? and curious to know who would genuinely be "stealing" this video of his shit 02 cosplay anyway

No. 285736

Kek the credit is literally in the tiktok watermark but okay, Terry. I don't think viral means what he thinks it means.

No. 285743

File: 1678721423382.jpg (307.91 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230313.jpg)

yet another RIP post for someone he probably only knew in passing, but wants the sympathy for anyway

No. 285757

none of the glasses he wears fit his pinhead and weird close-set eyes. They just further highlight these awful features.

No. 285762

You're not being shared because you're popular Terry. Last time I saw this going around, it was being in a hispanic FB page where it was mostly laugh reacts

His RIP posts always sounds like he's signing a yearbook

No. 285767

He didn’t know them? He didn’t know any of them?? Why is he like this? Taking a photo and liking a photo probably from 5 years ago don’t count!! Like he always make it about himself and how he always love their cosplay?? No real memories or ties with them. Probably a 15 seconds interaction at most. I fucking hate him.

No. 285784

if he actually cared, then he would have shared her gofundme page she had set up to help pay her medical bills. He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

No. 285785

looking through her insta, he hadn't liked or commented on a single post she made until the update from late Feb. so clearly he didn't actually know or care about her until he realized he could probably use her for sympathy soon. how can you be so broken up about someone you never interact with?

No. 285789

Gross, I'm tired of seeing his disgusting tongue all over the place every time he cosplays girls and little boys.

No. 285833

File: 1678778104364.jpg (36.91 KB, 800x450, Craig_The_Halo_Infinite_Brute_…)

so with that pic for the thread, am I the only one who sees a little resemblance with the meme brute from halo infinite?

No. 285991

File: 1678838126759.jpeg (168.99 KB, 1284x2277, BBDCA618-2735-4299-A9DB-D45F3E…)

Can’t wait for the faces he’ll make

No. 286013

I swear I am going to strangle him if he make another “oops” i bought x cosplay post. Stfu you been talking about buying these cosplay days before you posted if not hours before you posted.

No. 286030

File: 1678850925644.jpeg (76.4 KB, 1284x1573, B244F584-2453-48B1-86F1-88F783…)

You waste money on like 3 different cheap cosplays to piece them together so the cosplay looks “perfect” to you

No. 286097

File: 1678898290043.jpeg (77.98 KB, 750x885, E0017B7D-68F1-4BBB-BC5F-7F7F95…)

I got curious so I looked it up. Maybe if he stopped spending all his time on fb, he could actually learn how to sew and make quality props

No. 286101

5000 a DAY? Wtf? I didn’t think that was humanly possible. He must follow so many people and pages and likes everything. Terry is terminally online.

No. 286105

File: 1678900742104.jpeg (98.43 KB, 1284x678, 3B9C7510-CCFA-4174-9696-C5B119…)

You always say you’re a loner so who are you hanging out with? Your props and wigs?

No. 286107

he keeps making these posts as if he actually spends time with people when we all know he just wanders malls and arcades during his time off stalking zoomers or hoping he'll "run into" one

No. 286109

>you cosplay what you want even if it’s niche
Tf?! All he does is cosplay popular stuff that’ll get him the most attention possible. Including stuff from series he’s never watched and games he’s never played. He’s stated before there are cosplays he wants to do of characters he really likes, but hasn’t done them yet because no one would recognize/care

Honestly at this point I feel like this whole nb/ace thing isn’t just part of his act, but is an actual weird fetish he has. Like he wants to put on this naive little boy persona, then gets off on the idea of sharing nasty stuff while people go “he just doesn’t understand/know any better uwu”

God that preview image sickens me

I didn’t know her so I looked her up and saw she died of cancer less than a year after being diagnosed. Fucking horrifying. I hope she’s at peace now

Meanwhile Terry won’t even get that thing on his forehead checked to see if it’s skin cancer. Complete fucking moron

No. 286120

All he does is brag about money, buying shit online and not making his own costumes. So tedious. No wonder he has no friends

No. 286121

This and some people work weekends so it isnt like anyone cares or this is new. All he does is brag about the money he makes and the OT he works. Get a life, Terry

No. 286130

File: 1678908607923.jpeg (156.37 KB, 1284x2240, 55F09619-69F2-427D-8503-A323F0…)

You go out of your way to talk to a zoomer about yourself

No. 286143

Why does he keep making these “sorry I’m too busy to hang out” statuses every few weeks? Who’s actually hanging out with him?

No. 286151

>usually say nothing until someone else says something
says the man who invades people's space at cons just to talk about himself and then hops to the next person when they don't show him enough attention, while not letting them get a word in anyway

No. 286188

For someone jumping at cons to people to get a selfie with them, old man terry for sure doesn’t seem much of an introvert.(sage your shit)

No. 286199

File: 1678931064182.jpeg (87.14 KB, 803x889, E83C3421-A657-40B9-8C3D-834A25…)

Who? Didn’t he say no one wanted to date him because he black or is he talking about all the woke assclap for his half ass drag cosplay?

No. 286200

Yeah I think if someone casually says “I like your makeup” he interprets it as people liking his face and finding him attractive

No. 286231

zoomer be nice to an old man
terry: she wants to have sex with me

he's so creepy!

No. 286306

File: 1678990992083.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20230313-151907.png)

(sage your non milk)

No. 286316

so? i don’t get why you posted this lol yes he sells his cosplays sometimes that’s the least creepy thing he does. posting this random woman for no reason

No. 286361

File: 1679008477718.jpeg (311.75 KB, 1284x2237, FCDD9324-802E-4C12-8375-84ABF0…)

Probably smelled the chicken on your breath

No. 286365

File: 1679009458924.png (13.99 KB, 209x275, EE94D991-16C9-48A3-AE26-3CA1E5…)

Just wanted to add his last “no one wanted to date me because I’m ugly and black!” Post. Why do agender, aromatic black autistic care about dating or being found attractive

No. 286375

Didn’t he just complained about being too busy at work and don’t have time to hang out? Not even a day and he’s out at the mall harassing the poor animals there. Make up your fucking mind

No. 286455

File: 1679057906160.jpg (156.27 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230317.jpg)

tldr it's a post about why autistic people love anime so much. so I guess he's really leaning into autism without a diagnosis now huh. wonder what happened to his aversion to autism because he wouldn't be "normal" anymore?

No. 286463

Maybe because autism is hip now among his zoomer victims

No. 286465

I don't understand anyway why he doesn't fully lean into the austism. He could use it the same as the "asexual" and "agender" as a way of seeming non-threathening/clueless.

No. 286483

File: 1679072092156.jpeg (412.65 KB, 1284x2242, 55ACE005-4F68-4FCE-8374-5B719C…)

Strict diet

No. 286487

He eat like a child. Im glad he larping as asexual because no women is ever going to put up with his chicken tendies diet.

No. 286561

To be fair, it's really difficult to find a doctor who is even willing to screen an adult for autism, much less diagnose them with it. There is a weird attitude in the medical community that it's a pediatric disorder, and that any one who really has it would've been diagnosed already as a kid.

No. 286577

I never said "get diagnosed with", though. He can just go full "I'm autistic" online without any real diagnosis.

No. 286616

I mean there's been a resurgence of adult men being diagnosed with it since it's "easier" to diagnose in men vs women. Part of why men make so many excuses for being idiots and creeps. Not to say that they either aren't lying or are fibbing results to get the diagnosis anyway, but still. Either way, Terry is terrified of doctors anyway so he wouldn't go to a doc to get a diagnosis. If he leans into it, it's just an excuse for him to act the way he does. Autistic people tend to be self-aware at least and he's doing everything he can to act like he's not because he's uwu socially awkward.

No. 286660

i hate to rain on his pity parade but who wasn't called ugly at some point in their life growing up? children are not known for being kind.

No. 286670

File: 1679178433033.jpg (340.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230318_1824.jpg)

weird behavior filming random people arguing and posting it to close friends only. what was the point of this? was this him trying to make another "lol I'm in such a ghetto area" post?

No. 286762

File: 1679212553008.jpeg (197.95 KB, 1283x1741, E9F78B0E-97EC-44A1-833E-B7982D…)

Why are you apologizing? I really doubt your presence was missed Terry

No. 286764

File: 1679212651829.jpeg (134.95 KB, 1283x1577, 209C3776-4F3E-4353-86A1-8AE44D…)

You clearly haven’t cut out enough you 40 year old man

No. 286782

I really doubt a lot of people asked him to go to a meetup. Why does he always apologize and make it sound like him not being there actually disappointed people?

I can’t even imagine how annoying he’s at meetups. Keep inserting himself in people’s conversations talking about how amazing he’s.

No. 286783

it's a ploy to make him look like he's "cool" and extremely popular so in turn he will actually get invited to meetups.

No. 286789

Terry please keep this to yourself if you see this. This does not make you look good

Also, if their tones seemed like they want nothing to do with you, leave them alone. You’ll be happier.

No. 286815

>I wanted to apologize to everyone for not being at cosmeet
>I got offered events/hangouts
He talks about this like he was supposed to be the guest of honor at a con

No. 286816

Anons take photos in person of Terry from cons, but he's being weird? Literally the same thing.

No. 286868

File: 1679248647310.jpeg (298.36 KB, 1284x1970, 718C0A8F-DDB1-4328-BB9C-5042CC…)

More junk

No. 286898

Terry’s a cow that overshares and already has a large presence online. These are some Walmart randos he filmed. If he thinks he’s so “cosfamous”, he should be used to getting candids taken anyways.

No. 286956

File: 1679279808692.jpeg (209.32 KB, 1284x2266, 4E221D4F-1D1E-49B6-9121-3E4D1A…)

You should work out more Terry, you’re skin and bones.

No. 286968

>hi zoomers! I need help! Here’s a pin of my exact location right now!

No. 286984

So tired of hearing about “friends” terry they are not your friends! They are young adults with lives!

No. 287007

if you get that tone from them then why keep bothering them? I don't understand the concept of keeping up "friendships" with people who you can tell don't like you. either that or he's just an idiot and assuming that someone with less time/energy for messaging a lot = not liking him

either way why keep talking about this as if it's going to make people want to suddenly give you better energy? if anything this is going to make less people like you if you're constantly whining about people not talking to you with the exact tone you want

No. 287164

File: 1679396606524.jpeg (415.11 KB, 1284x2256, 699FC73B-0853-4A88-90AF-7BF3D6…)

Maybe… cause it’s from a friggin sweatshop in China Terry

No. 287165

File: 1679396752110.jpeg (278.88 KB, 1284x2252, 6A554184-1122-4004-9797-54B632…)

Such a gamer… That’s why there are some still in the plastic wrapping right?

No. 287172

File: 1679404047816.jpg (97.9 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20230321_090504_Fac…)

literally none of these. he didn't even put down a category for older/age appropriate men even though they're pretty popular too, but put down "older babe" lol okay

No. 287178

Maybe he should use all the money to commission people to make cosplay exactly how he want instead of being black listed from random aliexpress shops.

I notice this too? It so noticeable that he doesn’t want anyone choosing older mature characters. Is that why he been avoiding certain male character.

No. 287182

>Older babe
>Hot girl
>Cute girl
Ugh these descriptions from old fart terry make me cringe, especially the “older babe”. So gross he’s putting all these female characters in categories like this.
Also, take note that this list is already in order of his preferences. Female characters are at the top, and if he must be male he would rather be a young boy than a slightly older man. He already has an unhealthy diet he enforces for autist reasons, but I’m sure he enjoys the side effect of being malnourished so he can, in his mind, “look like a cute girl or boy.”
Kek can you imagine the poor seamstress though. He would be ridiculously picky about the smallest details. It’s good to get what you want, but I feel like he would be harsh just because he can. I think he actually gets a kick out of pestering people and being bossy. Aliexpress can only do so much, but I think he would be more strict to a cosplay commissioner because they are capable of doing more. Terry is a nightmare customer.

No. 287184

Make your own shit then, you fucking retard. Also, I've seen people buy premade cosplays and alter them or change things to make them look a bit better. Nothing wrong with that, but he isnt willing to do any of the work. I've never seen someone claim to be a veteran cosplayer but make zero percent of his outfits.

No. 287187

>older babe
Tifa is like 22, isnt she??
Also, why is he so obsessed with female characters that look nothing like his 40 year old crusty ass?

No. 287188

Guess older babe means “legal adult” and cute girl = minor.

No. 287203

My thoughts exactly. I’ve done that before when I didn’t have enough time before a con to finish a cosplay. It’s seriously so easy to add finishing details to something you’ve bought.

Like Terry you are paying $40-60 for a whole entire cosplay. Of course the sweatshop isn’t going to make it perfectly and have all those little details. If he weren’t so lazy and talentless, he could add the gems himself. It’s hard to believe Terry has been in this hobby for over a decade and hasn’t picked up any skills at all

No. 287226

You're mad that the product you ordered from China doesn't look like the picture? You've been buying shit from China for over a decade, c'mon dude

No. 287231

"the dropshipper costume doesn't look like the stolen picture they posted!!" idk what he expects when all he does is purchase cosplays from dropshippers, he should know the drill and have adapted by now to fix things himself. but like many others here have said, he's talentless and lazy. he doesn't deserve to call himself a crafter of any kind and the fact that he ever got picked to judge any cosplay contest when he posts shit like this constantly proving he has no skills himself is beyond me

No. 287234

File: 1679422646361.jpeg (387.48 KB, 1284x2279, 4871DD62-DD20-468F-9799-5C85B2…)

You’re male you’re not supposed to have tits

No. 287239

sounds like an excuse to not cosplay a POC character without sounding racist honestly. considering he's fine with cosplaying other flat chested girls and just adding large chests to them for no reason

No. 287245

File: 1679427238575.jpg (174.55 KB, 1920x1029, KS840zo.jpg)

>My face is more masculine looking
That's never stopped you before, terry. You've tried cosplaying little girls. He cosplays teen girls all the time with no regards to his old male face.
>sounds like an excuse to not cosplay a POC character without sounding racist honestly
Yep. I remember when a cosplay group asked him to dress up as Ekko from league of legends, and he got offended because it was a black character. As you can see from picrel, this character is skinny with not much muscle definition at all. So terry's excuse of "muscle build" is BS.
It's ironic how much he hates himself and other black people, but will still use his skin color for woke points when the time arises.

No. 287266

Legit thought it was papa legba from AHS ahaha

You're so right. Terry does have a known history that he hates being black

No. 287271

That’s something I hate about cosplay contests. Half the judges just get picked because they have a decent following on social media rather than someone who is actually skilled in some area of crafting. I don’t even think a judge needs to be good in all areas of cosplay, but they should have at least one area that they excel in like sewing, prop making, or wigs.

The area Terry is best in is prop making, but even that he’s not actually good at. Some of his props are maybe passable from a distance, but up close they’re amateur tier, which is pretty bad considering he’s been cosplaying for how long now? Was it 15 years or 20? It’s just crazy because he’s posted photos of entire garbage cans filled with props he’s made, but he somehow hasn’t improved the quality or tried new techniques. Honestly I would be embarrassed if I’d been cosplaying for that long and hadn’t shown any improvement. But then again he’s a well known narcissist, so he probably thinks he’s improving with every cosplay

No. 287273

He probably also avoided that character because he’s not capable of making the extra parts that he can’t just buy for the cosplay

No. 287287

File: 1679438964523.png (8.47 MB, 1284x2778, 4D49ED7C-4A6D-4074-99D0-AD022F…)

More chicken cause strict diet

No. 287296

It's hilarious he won't do Ekko. Everyone loves Ekko, he was even flavor of the month when Arcane first came out.

No. 287397

File: 1679459645593.gif (3.36 MB, 282x400, agpaupgni0u81.gif)

Who is he kidding, Testament's latest design is extremely feminine, easily just as much so as Ramlethal. You aren't shaped like this either Terry. kek

No. 287415

He looks more like Mr. Yan from Bodyline.

No. 287417

File: 1679466001730.png (252.93 KB, 633x634, mryan.png)

KEK, you just unlocked some repressed memories nonny

No. 287425

File: 1679468387420.jpeg (72.37 KB, 650x529, mryan.jpeg)

fuck i deadass remember that.

No. 287490

Holy shit I forgot about him. He legit looks just like that

No. 287671

i would be so embarrassed to post pictures of myself eating kiddie food at his big age.

No. 287698

File: 1679573848232.jpeg (228.09 KB, 1284x2252, 5E45ACBA-2729-4619-8B3A-CBCE27…)

Are you tripping old man?

No. 287700

I can't tell if he's trying to imply something (like he started a trend) or just making a weird observation? he really does just treat social media as his notepad where any dumb thought that comes to his brain has to be posted, huh?

No. 287703

it's a trend, i have been seeing people wearing oversized wire framed glasses a lot lately. also he looks like he's severely malnourished in this pic. like he needs a vitamin infusion.

No. 287714

File: 1679584265279.jpg (159.51 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230323_.jpg)

what happened to him not thinking he could pull Ramlethal off because he's too manly? why waste money on a cosplay hes probably not going to do? or is it to save face because he realized if he doesn't he's going to seem racist now that he's mentioned her?

No. 287752

File: 1679590086198.jpeg (347.06 KB, 1284x2265, D79712CD-72B3-451F-A7D4-96C7CF…)

From last night, but…
Did you put the 3D printer close to the bathroom so it will cover up the sound of your bowel movements Terry?

No. 288128

File: 1679664743059.jpg (193.27 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20230324_092949_Fac…)

do these posts actually get him the attention he's looking for? especially for him to be making one at least once every few weeks. it just feels like he makes these because he isn't getting attention and thinks that reminding people of his existence in a long winded "it's not you it's me" post will make people feel bad for not reaching out to him?

No. 288131

in a weird way, it's almost like he's bragging about how stressed out and uwu important he is. how his super difficult job is like, literally killing him inside. don't you know how important i am? how i am the only one in the world who knows how to do these stupid programs and everyone else is a dumbass retard, except for me? that kind of thing. no one is messaging him. no one is knocking down the moat to talk to him. but he will bullshit and gaslight like he is…

No. 288142

these statuses are so strange. none of the zoomers care about your work. he probably feels important but he sounded like a boomer

No. 288149

"We're unable to hire new people" and yet he complains when they get someone to do his work in order to help him out because he takes off for days at a time to stalk zoomer girls across the country. What gets me about these posts of his is that he always elaborates with so many details that literally no one asked for. Normal people who don't have time for their friends usually just go "hey life's been crazy, text me if you need me," but Terry wants people to pay attention and pity him so he brings us all on a guilt trip about how uwu toxic his work environment is.

No. 288165

he complains about only being off 3 days for the month but then most of the year he seems to be off every other week? I get that he's taking pto but if he's truly the ONLY person who can do his job (doubt) then of course he's going to have to make up for all this time he's gone. he doesn't really have a right to complain

No. 288190

That shower curtain is a new level of cringe

No. 288199

File: 1679679837885.png (952.6 KB, 1284x2778, 8C2F4B47-74C3-422D-A25B-2A6FD4…)

You won’t Terry

No. 288242

Ain't no way this anorexic skeleton is gonna come close to having the body for that Sin cosplay

No. 288258


Keep complaining about your job Terry and you won't need to "fix" others mistakes or direct people. You'll be unemployed.

No. 288394

File: 1679710635279.jpeg (183.66 KB, 1284x1119, BD6B1A45-1B35-4E89-A142-16BF42…)

He can’t shut up about his job.

No. 288431


God if he wasn’t so obsessed with trying to impress zoomers with his mediocre cosplay and delusions of fame he could just use his con PTO to take it easy at home. Sadly he’ll just implode if he misses out on that opportunity.


Jfc the close friends zoomed in toilet pic made me cringe so I hard I turned inside out.

No. 288488

Old man terry isn’t driven by money though. So many people would jump in to work these $100/hour OT but terry would rather spend his time cruising the mall.

He clearly has more money than he needs. He does need healthcare but he spends zero dollar on his health. $300 cosplay? Oops I bought them again.

No. 288602

File: 1679786519657.jpeg (170.36 KB, 1284x1816, 8A02B04A-76F8-4256-BB97-EA2C71…)

God he loves those fake tits

No. 288626


Why the fake tits Terry? You aren't a woman! This is disgusting!

No. 288631


God he looks awful. That wig is atrocious.

No. 288661

File: 1679835838757.jpeg (362.42 KB, 1284x2265, 26429DCC-F75A-47AD-86C8-1DD067…)

And the beautiful 3d printed sword from the dangerous ladies is now fucked with his ugly paint job.

No. 288664

This is so sad. Also why is this close friends only? This man is very weird with his privacy

No. 288675


He doesn't want to hear any criticism. He only shares his posts with a limited audience to avoid being called out.

No. 288680

Those props could be made better with a little bit of prep and sanding. Too bad Terry doesn't like criticism and doesnt have patience.

No. 288696

with the way he gloops paint on all his props I almost can't tell the difference between his wooden props and the 3d printed ones. I'd be embarrassed if I was dangerous ladies constantly tagged in his shit lowering their prop quality like that

No. 288832

I saw that his 3D prints came out nice, but started to see how clumped up his primer layer was… this did not disappoint for what his end results were lol

No. 288880

It's genuinely baffling how lumpy that 3D print looks. Did he prime it with peanut butter? Dangerous Ladies didn't deserve this

No. 288925

Terry painted himself as a perfectionist., but I just don’t get how he can look at the props after he primed/painted them and goes “this is fine.”

He gave himself excuses like concrunching but this man has time to hang out in the mall/round 1 all weekend instead.

No. 289004

File: 1679935943253.jpeg (59.25 KB, 815x720, 392E7498-BA58-49E5-8CB4-02084D…)

Why is this so ominous?

No. 289025

File: 1679942078057.png (1.13 MB, 1284x2778, EB032072-155A-40D5-87DB-B4799E…)

So dramatic Terry

No. 289062

Eww even his palette looks crusty af. It doesn’t look like he ever cleans it

It’s the ellipsis, it implies that he’s omitting something. It’s also something that’s overused by old people on the internet. I guess Terry is just getting to that age

Why is Terry so weird about unfollowing people? He acts like it’s a massive deal to unfollow anyone, even girls who have been ghosting him for months

No. 289098

File: 1679962659629.jpg (239.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230327_201446_Ins…)

is this why he gets so upset when zoomers block him and stop talking to him "out of nowhere"?

No. 289139

Naw Terry. No one wants to be near you cause you're so entitled and you always talk about yourself.

No. 289168

>Why is Terry so weird about unfollowing people?

retards are really sensitive about stupid shit like that because he takes it too seriously. he can't rationalize in his head that the person either duped him for a sneaky follow or that he just didn't like his content. so he will whine and fret over it incessantly until the person either explains themselves to him so that he can continue whining about it or he finds something else to fixate on.

he really thinks he's saying some profound, deep bullshit. i would say he needs to get out more and talk to people to gain some perspective, but then i remember who we're dealing with and that it's a lost cause.

No. 289181

So, I just found out out about him and honestly when reading the very first posts on the first thread I kinda pitied him, but then…

he reminds me of a guy i knew except he was a ‘cosplay photographer’ who was kinda predatory towards 19 yo girls (the guy was 33)

Anyway I have so many questions about this Terry guy, why dish soap?????? Who does that?
If he wants so badly to be white at least moisturize your skin and use body/face scrub you get 7 shades lighter but still…

No. 289186

> Terry guy, why dish soap??????

The dish soap is because he said that he has sensitive skin and that it get him just as clean. Does he still uses it? With all his bathroom and toilet pictures, we haven’t gotten one of his shower since. Hopefully someone talk some sense to him and got him using normal body wash. I doubt it as he still look gray and ashy.

No. 289187

> Terry guy, why dish soap??????

The dish soap is because he said that he has sensitive skin and that it get him just as clean. Does he still uses it? With all his bathroom and toilet pictures, we haven’t gotten one of his shower since. Hopefully someone talk some sense to him and got him using normal body wash. I doubt it as he still look gray and ashy.

No. 289189

File: 1680020810879.jpeg (195.66 KB, 1001x2199, orca-image-1933674756.jpeg)

He really needs to lay off the filters.

No. 289203

File: 1680027318169.jpg (255.23 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20230328_140955_Fac…)

Terry stop lying. if anyone blocks of unfriends you they have legitimate reasons. if people are saying things to others who barely know you then they're likely warning them to protect them because they're probably young and your target demographic for victims. you don't hide how much of a narcissistic creep you are, so it's not a surprise that people would leave you without warning

No. 289207

Is it just me or is his English getting even worse? Usually I can parse out what he's trying to say between the lines but literally none of this makes sense.

No. 289209

This. No man in his 40s should be this concern about being block. He more worry about his victims talking to his potential victims. It why he attaching all these labels onto himself so that he has a bullet in the chamber to use whenever someone question his odd behavior. He likes to post first to create the narrative that he too autistic to understand basic social cues.

No. 289243

literal stream of consciousness.

No. 289346

Hmmmm looking a little too white there, Terry. He needs to lay off the damn filters for life. We all know your skin doesn't look that light. You will never ever be light skin.

No. 289421

File: 1680102430061.jpg (96.16 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20230329_110650_Fac…)

guess he didn't get enough pity last time he whined about this. I'm still convinced he doesn't know what going viral means. in no way did that video go viral

No. 289427

File: 1680106648252.jpeg (203.14 KB, 828x1146, 10B03C97-D7DB-4656-9297-8E90D1…)

Take your bets on why he can’t do the obvious poc characters! For the girls I bet he’ll use the excuse that he can’t use his fake breast for those cosplays and for cyno it because “I just don’t suit how masculine he is”

No. 289430

I guess maybe he'll think twice than constantly making transition videos with make-up brush and his tongue out cause he's too lazy to make actual content.


No. 289431

>boohoo I can’t believe these people who are shit talking me reposted my video without giving me credit T-T(T-T)

No. 289438

Nah Terry brought up the idea of cosplaying Klee and people rightfully shot him down. He completely would if it didn’t make his followers mad.

No. 289445

funny a majority of people in the comments are picking the POC characters. wonder like you said how he's going to excuse himself from cosplaying them. like he had to have seen that coming when he, a black man, put up POC characters as an option

No. 289453

File: 1680121496900.jpeg (349.62 KB, 1284x2252, 101C2E68-84C2-4AC0-B105-06E0EB…)

Get your skin checked Terry you’re so splotchy you have to have something wrong at your age

No. 289456

Cue "Just because Im black doesn't mean I should cosplay the dark skinned characters!!!" I feel like he included them just to bait people into it

No. 289463

The difference between this photo and >>289189 is astounding lol and he says he’s not trying to look white it’s “just the lighting”
Yeah right Terry, nobody is falling for that. Someone needs to take away his photo editing apps

No. 289471

File: 1680139239966.jpg (102.71 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230329_211951_Ins…)

what does he mean walk up on stage? does he mean cosplay contest? aren't there rules about having to make a certain percentage of your cosplay in order to even qualify? I don't think props would count

No. 289473

i read "sakura matsuri" as in the DC cherry blossom festival and not Sakuracon. I don't think those are competitive.

Of course it could just be a Terry typo and he did mean Sakuracon cosplay contest

No. 289475

File: 1680140100180.jpeg (239.57 KB, 1284x2122, CF50FC66-5B79-4479-ADC2-D694F9…)

More things to spend his cash on

No. 289483

I’ve seen a few cons start doing a cosplay parade kind of thing for anyone wanting to show off their cosplay on stage, but not wanting to compete

No. 289485

Didn’t he do that last year as ichigo or inuysha? He bragged about some person paying him the same day

No. 289500

Why the fuck did he get the third installment of a game that he’s never played.

No. 289523

File: 1680183184507.jpg (70.05 KB, 671x502, 3302023.jpg)

You ironically answered your own "Why?" with the last sentence Terry lol

No. 289526

Can someone clue me in why the company can’t get rid of him because of his saved up vacations? They would just pay him off, right? Which would be a better option if he cannot get along with coworkers or learn new things

Also this is new to me. Didn’t he say he’s low on vacations recently?

No. 289527

Oh suck my dick. He isnt even an RE fan. He is only buying it because it's a long anticipated installment. He's such a phony and a poser.(moid get out)

No. 289528

most people would be happy to be getting paid over $50 an hour and just stay in their position, but not terry. Can you imagine his dumb ass trying to be a leader? He's probably super passive aggressive.

No. 289529

I thought he liked horror though.

No. 289535

No, he's only into RE cause it's popular. Then again, he hardly plays any of his games that are just collecting dust on his shelves.

No. 289536

I’m also very surprised with the RE purchase since he never expressed interest in RE. The demo was indeed good but it’s very outside his usual shit.

Aside from this status, only RE content he shared was a RE porn. Or maybe that’s a parody but I couldn’t tell.

On the other hand RE4 does feature a young white woman so it is his cup of tea

No. 289544

File: 1680195392437.jpeg (301.11 KB, 1284x2281, 49D1B0A8-7C4F-49E5-9CCA-0760B0…)

Showing off his preference for white women whee~

No. 289548

I don't think it's so much the fact they can't get rid of him because of the vacation, but because of how he keeps saying he's the only one who can do his specific job. I think he just worded things weird, like always, since he doesn't know how to properly structure a sentence to save his life.

I wouldn't promote or want to hire him in a different position either if he has shown to be constantly difficult to work with. it's not the flex he thinks it is honestly. besides, he's mentioned before about not wanting to ever implement anything new at his work because he likes how things are run, and claims that everyone else but him sucks at their jobs and constantly fails, but of couse he's mr perfect. if he has no desire to improve or change anything at work, then why would anyone want to hire him up?

No. 289551

Idk how to tell you this but misa amane is japanese

No. 289555

I wonder if Terry will find a new job? He likes to complain about his job a lot, but they seem to give him a lot of leeway. He gets paid well and has a decent amount of PTO as well.

I'm not a moid. i didn't mean to offend or make anyone assume that. I just say that irl sometimes if I'm perturbed. I'm just a big RE fan and seen Terry around cons irl. He's a faker.

No. 289557

Tbf I don’t think race is the issue. Terry has been obsessed with various white and Asian girls. His issue is more with any skin tones on the darker side. He’s extremely colorist

No. 289559

Yep, I’ve even seen him be obsessed with at least 2 pale black girls. It seems like it’s solely about skin color

No. 289561

I don't think he'll ever quit because then he'll have to come to terms that he probably isnt nearly as good at his job as he thinks he is when he inevitably fucks up at a new job process. he's the kind of person who is uncomfortable with change and will avoid it at any cost (clearly) so he'd rather whine about his current position and do what he's done for the past however many years he's had his job.

No. 289583

File: 1680216567632.jpeg (100.29 KB, 1284x1161, CEC5F35C-DE08-494B-B5B7-95F498…)

I feel like he’s bought a season pass before, but has he gone more than once?

No. 289587

>7 to 8 minute work commute
Why does he have such a desperate desire to doxx himself. Nonnies already know where he lives, does he want people to know where he works too?

No. 289599

“suck my dick” is a common colloquial phrase for either gender. whoever thinks that using it makes you a moid is either dumb as fuck or a hater

No. 289603

File: 1680228967945.jpeg (229.47 KB, 1284x2201, 143D6BA5-F111-42CF-8BC0-85C463…)

Holy shit it’s a cosplay he is actually height accurate to.

No. 289609

>height accurate
…how tall is Terry? I’ve never encountered him irl

No. 289615

I thought he was like 5'4", 5'5"?

No. 289620

I thought he’s short but not comically short? He does like to take mirror selfies that make him look like a midget though.

Why is he costestimg a new character when he’s concrunching? That man is a conflicting ball of issues. I’m busy I can’t talk to you. Proceed to follow up with dozens of polls and random stories

No. 289621

Most people have a 20-40 min commute to work if they dont work from home. I love how he just screams privilege and entitlement constantly. he's insufferable.

No. 289622

File: 1680268317466.jpeg (227.75 KB, 1284x2516, 87F83D48-BD87-47B3-B149-FC083C…)

What zoomer is he trying to lure to his house now?

No. 289624

Most people in the metro area has to deal with traffic though. My commute is usually around an hour. Fuck this privileged shit

No. 289626

His linkedin was found a few threads back. Anyone who follows him could easily find it themselves and see where he works since he has his full name plastered everywhere.

No. 289632

I think he’s between 5’5” and 5’6”.

No. 289655

File: 1680292153301.jpeg (289.94 KB, 1284x2281, 60C9BE81-4737-43B1-9F6D-CD99A8…)

So kawaii

No. 289671

Why does he insist on cosplaying young women? It's so creepy for a 40 year old male. I really wish people werent such punk bitches and call him out.

No. 289673

File: 1680303656774.jpeg (149.97 KB, 828x1272, 130D72C0-07AA-4D74-8011-965667…)

He is very skinny. Starvation diet works I guess.

No. 289677

File: 1680304723382.jpeg (368.2 KB, 1284x2252, C165A89C-2A19-4154-8133-6CAD3C…)

Good for you Terry…?

No. 289691

Is he abusing laxatives or what? Men don't need that much TP.

No. 289696

File: 1680310795565.jpeg (68.5 KB, 960x960, 3F53B133-C4CD-41AC-BDD4-26814F…)

Master crafter everyone! Look at those uneven lines!! I love persona but who cares? He’s not entering this is a contest and no one going to get that close to his face to see this. I wouldn’t care if he actually love the persona series and wanted everything to be perfect, but this is such a weird flex.

No. 289703

i can kind of see him buying these if they're on sale but this is a bit much. on facebook he said he used giftcard for this. giftcards he got from his HVAC repair. man has too much money and has no idea what to do with it.

I don't get why he would think this is a flex

No. 289718

>I don't get why he would think this is a flex
Terry is stuck in 2020. He thinks owning a lot of toilet paper is some flex. He's still going on about masks too when the majority don't wear them anymore.

No. 289720

Have you, Terry?? Have you?? Plenty of commissioners has had no problem mailing props like this. You're just lazy.(hi cow)

No. 289752

>no wig
Terry you are a bald man what are you talking about?

It’s astounding how little effort he’s willing to put into anything. I mean this is such a simple task. Paint a few short, straight lines. Easy peasy right? Wrong. Apparently it’s too much effort. Unbelievable

No. 289759

Holy shit I thought this is his own LGBT tale on it, but I finally look it up and it’s the simplest task. How’s this man not able to do this? Is he developmentally challenged? Sorry if I’m insensitive but I can’t understand how he could look at this and be “damn I did a good job”

No. 289793

He works for Northrop Grumman, the defense contractor, 4th thread. >>212087

No. 289809

Man really calling himself a cosplay veteran when he doesnt even understand painters tape or even lines.

No. 289827

File: 1680370672207.jpeg (257.61 KB, 1284x2240, 47EA787C-61AD-4F82-9EBE-49F2BE…)

You buy too much pointless shit Terry.(sage your non milk)

No. 289855

Damn he looks like an egg. I don't know if it's filters or the camera angle or what, but his head looks abnormally long and malformed. Also I can see why he's been mocked for his glasses before kek.

No. 289930

File: 1680403615063.jpeg (410.79 KB, 1284x2273, BCDBBE39-5B6B-421A-968B-3612DA…)

He’s got some gnarly looking nails

No. 289990

He's got such manlet proportions

No. 290018

>Wearing these glasses I never wore I had.
His English is just deteriorating by the post.

No. 290046

File: 1680453555424.jpeg (277.82 KB, 1284x2245, 23D2993A-44F2-4171-B4F8-A5CF88…)

As well as plenty of filters

No. 290048

this guy looks like RuPaul (not RuPaul from the 90s, current 50yo RuPaul)

No. 290057

Anyone else found it odd that this man dresses in clothing fit for people half his age during his days off from work? He just goes to arcades and malls seemingly by himself. This is so disturbing

No. 290061

He's literally got Peter pan syndrome and pretends he is a teenager when he is actually 40. He is the black version of the 'how do you do fellow kids?' meme.

No. 290063


I mean this is just a t-shirt and cargo jeans. There’s nothing inappropriate about this outfit. You’re kind of reaching. I would MUCH rather him wear this than the forever 21 crop tops and short shorts meant for 17-24 year old girls

No. 290128

Because nothing says 'Rei' quite like drag make-up. Also, you know your cosplay is shit when the basic printed zentai suit looks better. He looks like he's stuffed into a trash bag.

No. 290132

This. Terry does plenty of stuff that he rightfully deserves to get shit on for, but wearing a graphic tee is not one

No. 290136

He really wants to Asian huh..

No. 290304

File: 1680561488884.jpeg (125.21 KB, 828x1307, 9F3CD3BC-3F91-4B58-A7BB-047ABC…)

Slightest bit of criticism and he claims he doesn’t know anything about what he was sharing and he’s just spreading awareness

No. 290328

I found the post on Instagram and I’d never heard that stuff about kyary before. It’s gross, but at the same time the tweets were from 2012 when kyary was 19. I wonder if that’s seriously what she’s like or if that was just a dumb teenager playing into 2012 internet humor?

Link so y’all don’t have to track it down:

Either way idk why Terry feels the need to comment or share when he isn’t Midwest based and doesn’t plan on going to Acen as far as I’m aware

No. 290350

Cause he likes to be involved with every con info. He's like the info con police and won't stfu.

No. 290354

fuck that slimey bastard. he knew exactly what he's doing. He totally wanted the drama

No. 290380

File: 1680616434535.jpg (257.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230404_095214_Ins…)

what could he possibly be talking about? he does the same look for pretty much every character so it can't be techniques. and he usually just goes for cheap makeup that he cakes on

No. 290396


Does no one ever just call him out ask him post the makeup pics without filters? Anyone can poorly apply makeup and add a whitening filter to look "flawless". Let's see your crusty face without the white washing Terry.

No. 290401

>I can talk about makeup all day
What the hell does he know about makeup? What is there even to discuss? “You should pack on 5 pounds of concealer and eyeliner to really get that anime look”. His makeup is garbage so we know he isn’t knowledgeable at all about makeup, not enough to hold any conversation about it.
This photo looks more filtered than usual too. It looks like he tried to make his jaw smaller. You’ll always be male, Terry.

No. 290415

I’m starting to think that Terry types this poorly on purpose. I mean we know he’s not stupid, he has a degree and a good career. For awhile I thought maybe he was typing fast and not proof reading before posting or using voice to text. But now I feel like he’s intentionally typing this poorly to try and seem younger online

No. 290462

File: 1680648952089.jpeg (86.37 KB, 808x640, 51D3FFB1-BC80-4FD9-9F86-FF94A5…)

I only caught a glimps of one makeup stream he was in. I didn’t think to stay and screenshot it because all terry talk about was “I use concealer too and using eyeliner can be tricky. Or I use x brand.” It wasn’t like he was giving actual tips or techniques. /sage as this added nothing to the conversation.

No. 290530

File: 1680698208496.jpeg (217.96 KB, 1284x1862, 674CBC7A-15C9-41E9-8187-5962D6…)

Is he from a small town in Indiana or is he stretching the truth again?

No. 290534

he's mentioned in the past that he's lived in Fort Wayne, and visited his parents there, so I'm assuming thats around where he grew up. I wouldn't really consider that a small town, unless he lived in some town outside of it and just says Fort Wayne to make things easier. like how people say they live in DC instead of whatever town in NOVA

No. 290535

He did grow up in Indiana and even went to university there, but I think the rest of his post is a stretch. Not like he would have done any better in his dating life being raised in any other state tbh

Also laughing that he only wanted to date non blacks even back then

No. 290536

>i have a great life
>only want to go up, not down

all he does is eat chicken tenders and waste his pto wandering around cons.

No. 290553

Was it mostly all yt or did you insert yourself in only yt spaces? This is something very common in blerd spaces where blerd men would bitterly blame blerd women for not wanting to date them and uses them as the sole reason for their racist preferences of only wanting to date nonblk people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290575

“I’m single because I realized I wasn’t very masculine”
> sees threadpic
Oh yeah, youve got such a feminine fem femmy face

No. 290582

>Was never very masculine.
“Not being masculine enough” isn’t the issue Terry, it’s the immature and entitled behavior. No woman wants to be in a relationship with a chicken tender eating manchild.
>Not gonna be in a relationship just to be in one where I get taken advantage of.
Terry translation: “I don’t want to buy my SO any gifts.” He’s a selfish cheapskate and doesn’t even buy his friends food. Probably worried about “gold diggers”. This explains why he hasn’t tried getting a sugar baby for company, even if it’s the only way to he can keep some zoomer around him.

No. 290617

go back…. we can use the words white and black here.

No. 290622

File: 1680743529476.jpeg (248.24 KB, 1284x2222, F55CF942-D772-4603-94D6-9693CD…)

Guys I’m asexual/nonbinary! I’m just quirky and really love Cloud and Tifa!

No. 290626

I didnt know we can’t abbreviate words anymore… I guess nobody can ever say lol or lmao or omg ever again either

No. 290632

It's not about abbreviations, it's about you not integrating, twitterfag.

No. 290636

That wasn’t even my comment so clearly it was integrated enough

No. 290650

Lmao cloud's tiny hands
This resonates as a Terry like for me with those hands alone topkek he sees himself in cloud with those fucked proportions god bless

No. 290680

I was just being lazy. I also wrote blerd. Are you going to jump on my clit about that as well? It a sage comment. Get over yourself Nona.

No. 290697

File: 1680769695542.jpeg (224.84 KB, 1284x1943, A532495B-A458-441A-B552-495A7F…)

He packs so much just for a weekend away. You’d think he’d be gone for a month.

No. 290704

One day his giant ass luggage is going to get rejected and I’m going to laugh so hard. He’s so proud of that monstrosity. This is actually less shit than his usual getaway.

No. 290713

File: 1680786163108.jpg (63.12 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20230406_090054_Fac…)

hasn't he made this post before about a cousin asking for money? why talk about it again as if the circumstances have suddenly changed? we get it. your money is only for you

No. 290718

imo he just does this so zoomers will “get close” with him. Doesn’t he have a history of driving hot girls around and buying them food/gifts?

No. 290719

>hot girls
Don’t be weird. That’s a stretch anyways kek.
Yes, some zoomer cosplayers on instagram have used him for rides and food. It doesn’t seem to last long though. Once Terry catches on that they’re just using him and are not actually romantically interested in him, he closes his wallet. Or what happens is that the girls realize what an insufferable creep he is and that his money and gifts are not worth the time. We don’t see posts of him buying ugly shoes or hanging out with those Asian girls from Instagram anymore.

No. 290796

File: 1680814681093.jpg (28.94 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20230406_165725_Fac…)

good timing for this comment lol

though I'm sure it's just going to be something normal like his luggage ending up in a section for oversized bags or something, and not them actually losing it.

No. 290811

This man is so dramatic. It’s 2023. You can track your luggage. At least post where they are so people don’t have to ask for it

He mentioned in the comments his giant ass bags never left Denver

No. 290813

File: 1680818248449.jpeg (227.78 KB, 1125x2002, FF6D7542-88D7-4753-9A80-B0A56F…)

His luggage is in Denver apparently.

No. 290817

It small karma, but karma never the less.

No. 290821

Holy shit, you manifested it

No. 290844

File: 1680831409012.jpeg (260.03 KB, 1284x2270, BF69BD93-F8E8-44CE-9DD1-342087…)

No. 290847

Thank the cosplay lord. Even though I know this isn’t going to happen.

No. 290848

Bro, just go to Walmart and pick up some basic clothes and whatever… don’t be a master con dude who re uses the same nasty clothes all weekend

No. 290855

File: 1680835376458.jpeg (149.86 KB, 1284x2265, 9AB0138F-1839-43BB-B548-CF62D6…)

It isn’t that bad to be a normie or at a con you egghead buffoon
Just go buy a set of clothes you can wear and see your hundreds of friends you brag about

No. 290858

File: 1680835456048.jpeg (153.62 KB, 1284x2261, F414C154-E130-4D1B-A975-12D94C…)

Idk how SW works, but I thought they were in Detroit so why does it list it as Searching?

No. 290859

Exactly. If Terry were more generous, I could see how people would maybe put up with the rest of his personality and his narcissism. But he’s so incredibly stingy that’s never gonna happen. He wouldn’t even need to go full sugar baby levels of generous, even just offering to pick up the full tab for a meal would go a long way with people

>makes me never want to do conventions again
Prove it

>Just go buy a set of clothes
Most cons I’ve been to in recent years have at least one booth selling weeb or general j-fashion clothes so he probably wouldn’t even need to leave the con to do that

No. 290860

He said they were in Denver, he had a connecting flight there. I figure that means his luggage is amongst the others from his flight from Denver to Seattle who also didn’t get their bags, and they just haven’t physically located it to put it on the next flight out yet. They probably only said it didn’t leave Denver because that was most likely the last place it was scanned.

No. 290866

Why did this 40 year old man decide to carry wig heads in his carry on instead of necessities.

No. 290876

Wtf are you serious? His carry had a whole entire wig head in it??
What an idiot. Everyone knows you put essentials in your carry on

No. 290877

not like anyone is begging to see him

No. 290878

losing luggage sucks but terry is having a meltdown over it? seriously? did he check everything he has? I don't know anyone who doesn't carry their essentials with them.

does he not do anything con related? just not cosplay for a day. it's not the end of the world. chat with your friends. shop. ANYTHING

No. 290879

>chat with your friends
Lol stop being so silly nonnie

No. 290892

File: 1680856561951.png (9.56 MB, 1284x2778, BA3855EF-E76F-4EBD-B6FA-93C62F…)

They got the luggage to him

No. 290893

File: 1680857754318.jpeg (220.51 KB, 1284x2302, 6B44257C-DAA6-4D45-8AD3-7DE053…)

Really a poll?

No. 290894

Boo. Ngl, I was looking forwards to him pouting in his room for a weekend.

No. 290898

He words stuff so fucking weird. Like an alien trying to learn human behaviour.

No. 290917

>panicked as an option 2x
For what…? You're an adult man who cannot play dressup for a day. Get a grip. Go to the mall or store to re-buy toiletries and something nice to wear to the convention while you sort shit with the airline.
Is not having attention for a weekend really an emergency?
Also anyone who flies southwest and checks their luggage deserves to have it lost if they didn't pay attention to the fiasco that happened over the holidays because their arcane system lost everyone's luggage.

Yeah I would've loved to see it knowing what a death sentence he views it as. He's so dramatic.

No. 290925

I understand being upset, but what does panicking do? it doesn't help anything so why not just stay calm in a situation like this and figure out how to move forward instead of sulking and defining this as your cosplay career ending moment. he really does act like a teen and not a fully grown 40 year old man. I'm surprised he made it this far in life if this is what pushes him over thr edge

No. 290941

He's so stupid man. When an airline "loses" a bag its just back where you flew from and they'll deliver it to you the next day. Nothing more than a mild inconvenience

No. 290989

the amount of time he spends on airplanes, he should know by now to have a stash of clothes and other important things in a carry-on for this reason. or just do like everyone else and buy a bunch of airtags, put them in your checked bags so that if they go missing, at least you know where they are. it's not like he can't afford it…

he just wants to seethe and reeeeee on social media for attention and asspats. i bet in his mind he thinks that southwest stole and/or lost his "VERY" important handmade cosplay couture on purpose. i can imagine him thinking someone went through his things and took his stuff and that's why he was going off on this being a career ending moment. if they hadn't gotten the luggage back to him, he would have gone on a long spiel about the incompetent airline staff and how if only he could get behind the computers, he would have found his luggage in an instant. how this would never happen if terry was the lead operations manager at southwest…

No. 290991

He had 2 carry ons, how the fuck did he have no clothes or toiletries? Everyone knows you pack at least one set of clothes in a carry on just in case. So what was in those 2 carry ons, makeup and wigs? How is he this incompetent at his age?
The fact that he flies Southwest says a lot. It’s cheap for a reason Terry. Next time order one less Genshit cosplay and spend that money to fly a better airline.

No. 291014

File: 1680911758490.jpeg (270.15 KB, 1284x1969, 3A90BD67-B109-4008-9E13-80716C…)

Stunning girlfriend, slay that cosplay

No. 291024

File: 1680915103297.jpeg (219.66 KB, 1284x1538, C6D1360C-1691-46A6-BA76-89326B…)

That winged liner/eye make up on a character that wears glasses primarily…

No. 291030

yoda tier english from this man, luggage lost you have, upset you will be

No. 291041

He does the same shitty makeup on every cosplay, male or female.
>White eyeshadow on the lid
>Red eyeshadow on the outer corners
>Winged eyeliner
He must think this makes him look like he has "anime eyes" or something. He doesn't bother personalizing makeup to the character. Yet he calls himself a "pro" and says he's knowledgeable on makeup. This fugly old male never tries to improve on his skills.

No. 291045

Legit question

why bring more than a single character per con days? is it something common in us cosplay cons?

sage this post cause it’s OT(you tried)

No. 291046

terry just like to show off. It's common for people to change between morning/afternoon or morning+ afternoon and night.

Terry used to do three cosplays a day.

No. 291057

That blunt as fuck middle bang, I'm DYING. The audacity of this man to think he's god's gift to cosplay while doing one of the most common newbie styling mistakes. Looks so fried and messy compared to Kamina girl's too.

No. 291095

File: 1680957711355.jpg (42.71 KB, 336x649, 20230408_083809.jpg)


Posted photo vs tagged photo… yikes

No. 291101

File: 1680962192660.jpg (6.33 KB, 320x180, staring into your soul.jpg)

No. 291104

You guys sad as fuck for this stalking and shit ong(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 291109

Learn to sage and learn what stalking is this is all public shit

No. 291157

Terry, stop using this make-up style for every character. It especially doesn't look good for male characters you cosplay. Yu Narukami is a man. Not some fem presenting person like yourself.

No. 291174

File: 1680996408421.png (601.98 KB, 1284x2778, DE686736-CBC7-4BAE-ADE2-06A907…)

He looks like a geriatric

No. 291183

File: 1681002243794.jpeg (422.63 KB, 1284x2222, 0464D86D-07E9-43A2-ABBE-939225…)

He’s already complaining about SakuraCon

No. 291191

He constantly fucks up the most simple details.

No. 291197

tldr; the layout is different so it's harder to stalk people.

No. 291212

he constantly shows how cannot adapt to changes (food, work, travel habits), and now con layout.

fuck, you're a grown man. learn to read directions and stop writing 2 stories about this simple detail

No. 291217

he shared screenshot of this on his facebook and everyone pretty much said he's wrong and they're all having the time of their lives.

it's hilarious watching this grown man having another meltdown

No. 291218

he shared screenshot of this on his facebook and everyone pretty much said he's wrong and they're all having the time of their lives.

it's hilarious watching this grown man having another meltdown

No. 291222

Kek. It’s just so annoying how much he complains, I’m sure his followers get sick of it too. Any little change at all makes Terry whine, whether that be at work or at cons.

No. 291226

who wants to bet people are just avoiding him? And people who he took selfies with probably did it to make fun of him. Imagine living such meaningless existence.

No. 291261

File: 1681045616548.jpeg (85.43 KB, 1125x2048, CD2EDE70-C637-4F3E-BD04-3E55F9…)

Does he proof read his posts before posting them?

No. 291274

he very clearly doesn't. i notice it's been getting really bad. maybe he has dyslexia, but i swear he used to type like a normal person. Maybe dementia? he really needs to see a doctor but he's too much of an autist to do it

No. 291275

So his sad'o'meter is up because nobody wants to be around him and take selfies. But all he's done is pout about the dumbest shit, and he hid in room when he got there.

I swear he gets off on self-sabotage and complaining.

No. 291280

Is he begging people for selfies now? Imagine a grown man crying about selfies

No. 291296

Boohoo, are we supposed to care? Cry a river. He acts like some angsty teenager whining for attention online.
Is his entire reason to travel to a con really just dressing up and taking selfies? If no one wants to take photos with you Terry, there’s other things to do. Looking through alley, going to a couple of panels, etc.
It’s really pathetic how this 40yo male is behaving. It’s like his whole point for living is taking selfies with strangers, pretending that he has friends. If there’s no con going on, he stalks people at the mall.
His end-of-con report is certainly going to be interesting kek, I already see paragraphs of complaining.

No. 291301

I saw that post + the comments and just now i went back to screenshot it so i can share it here but it’s gone. Such a loser lol he can’t handle anyone disagreeing with him

No. 291313

You got it exactly right, he acts like that is his only point of living and going to cons. 100% pretending like he has friends. When in reality he actually a has 0 true friends

No. 291318

Wow he did delete it! I was going to cap it if nobody did today since i was too busy actually having fun at anime Boston. The conversation must have gone really downhill for him to do that

No. 291319


he looks like a hermaprodite

No. 291326

File: 1681065320051.jpeg (239.26 KB, 1284x1559, 2B9779E7-A4E5-4477-A4BF-BCA072…)

Terry crying on FB and no one caring.

No. 291327

File: 1681066651173.jpeg (58.28 KB, 1284x517, D5FA9688-F3F1-4A89-9CFD-04B98D…)

You don’t wear your mask as often as you say you do Terry don’t lie.

No. 291339

I hope Terry's entire social media feed is just people looking like they're having the time of their lives, bc apparently people having lives outside of taking selfies with him is what makes him miserable.

No. 291347

i like how he is unknowingly throwing shade at all the stinky people who go to cons kek.

i don't understand why he continues to post these long rambling screeds. just say you didn't like the changes to the layout of sakura con and move on bro.

No. 291366

File: 1681092064446.jpeg (241.61 KB, 1284x2076, 4ECB762A-C884-4AD6-85BB-DD758F…)

Grandpa trying to look hip with a youngster

No. 291368

Chicken skin fingers. Use some damn moisturizer. Gross.
And it’s no surprise to anyone that his “friend” is a young Asian.

No. 291425

File: 1681129698098.jpeg (205.6 KB, 1284x2239, 4F2528A9-766B-4922-B17F-271C79…)

You’ve been saying you’re cutting off “friends” yet you continue to chase them cross country Terry.

No. 291426

File: 1681130746136.jpeg (97.69 KB, 1284x1020, D7889675-26E5-4AC8-82C5-793EE8…)

Can’t wait for his con review !

No. 291427

lol he thinks saying this is a scary threat like the person is going to come forward and cry and beg for his forgiveness or something. just cut them off instead of constantly talking about "possibly" doing it and acting like your life is something big drama

No. 291458

Lol I also get the vibe that he wants people to cry and beg for his forgiveness. What’s even funnier is that I bet the people he’s vagueing about do the exact opposite. They probably screenshot that shit and laugh about him in a group chat

No. 291460

Saging because this is just a random thought I had. What do you guys think will win out, his fear of aging or his fear of doctors?

He despises aging and actively tries to hide his real age online, but at a certain point he’s not going to be able to hide it anymore. When that time comes, I wonder if he would consider getting botox or some other cosmetic procedures? Or do you think his fear of doctors too strong to do even that?

No. 291467

File: 1681146558531.jpeg (328.27 KB, 1284x2013, FC2CB23C-3D80-43B0-AC5B-6B1FC2…)

I’m a middle aged man that was mildly inconvenienced with my first world problems and need to completely bitch about it because I don’t know what else to do.

No. 291474

He really tells on himself so much. When normal people want to meet up with friends at a large event, they coordinate locations and wait for each other, but he's always hunting people down. If he wasn't such a cunt, I'd almost feel bad for him.

No. 291484

I have always wondered what’s the point of these? He’s just going to scare unrelated people off. I don’t know why he thinks posting these vague threat is going to have people crawling back to him

No. 291509

Would someone please translate terry for me? “then one of my top 3 weekends in
2022. This was is about on par with my top 7 to 10 ranking cons of last year.” Was Sakura top 3 or top 7 of last year? his grasp of English is so poor I would feel bad for him if he’s not such a scumbag

No. 291510

wig hair looking drier than a biscuit with no butter.

No. 291511

File: 1681158017304.jpeg (58.37 KB, 1284x580, E95540EC-A52E-4F0E-A2CB-D97E93…)

More complaining about his slight inconvenience

No. 291517

File: 1681158960556.jpeg (272.88 KB, 1284x2109, 1647BB3E-E17E-457F-9E4F-F45860…)

You look ridiculous Terry

No. 291521

I’m sick of him doing his tongue thing with all the moe characters.

No. 291524

Why does he constantly keep putting "Why?" with every random post?

No. 291553

I can't tell if I'm interpreting this wrong but he got his bags back and is still complaining ? I'm sure he was fine one day without a random wig

No. 291556

What compensation does he think he's entitled to exactly? He got his stuff after a half day, that's actually pretty expedient for that aitline and airlines in general. Just be happy with the $200 voucher. Think of all the bottles of Palmolive you can buy from those savings on your next con carpet ride, Terry!

No. 291560

He got the bags overnight. It was briefly “lost” but it’s only delayed. He should be compensated but he’s making a bigger deal then it’s. It’s his own fault for not carrying essentials on his carryon . Who the fuck carry wig heads in carryon

No. 291570

Terry had more fun at past cons because word hadn't gotten around as much that he's an egotistical douche. Now they've all either cut ties with him, ghost him, or just keep a polite facade to pacify the big man baby he is. He can keep going to all the cons he wants, but they're not going to get any better for him because of his own behavior.

No. 291574

He travels so much for just conventions. Where does he live?
I assume alone too(How have you still not figured out to not post your email address)

No. 291586

You can look up a few comments above. He keeps doxxing himself it’s hilarious.

He lives by himself in a 4 level house. Old man terry is loaded but too cheap to spend money on sugar babies

No. 291587

Many airlines have clauses that they will reimburse you for items that you have to purchase due to them losing your luggage (change of clothes/toiletries/skin care etc.) I’m not sure what exactly is covered (I assume it’s up to a reasonable amount) and I’m not sure if Southwest has this clause since it’s a more budget airline. But it doesn’t really matter because Terry could easily afford to go to Target and purchase a change of clothes and some toiletries, even if he’s not reimbursed. Most people will get annoyed/upset about losing their luggage but they don’t let it ruin their trip, especially if it’s a case like his where it wasn’t lost but delayed. And they don’t keep harping on it for several days after if they get it the next day.
IMO he’s trying to do mental gymnastics to convince himself that the luggage was why he had a bad time, rather than everyone avoiding him.

No. 291602

I've personally forgotten super basic but important shit at home when at a convention, but I simply googled the nearest Target and bought the stuff I needed there. Terry on the otherhand is a turbo-autist and probably cannot wear certain items of clothing without going into an autistic meltdown. Much like his bizarre autist food preferences, he probably has weird clothing and toiletries preferences as well.

No. 291603

just the way Terry likes his food. Dry and void of any flavor.

No. 291612

when is terry going to accept the fact that pretty much everyone is trying to avoid him?he kept vague storying about the situation but it's obvious to him and everyone people figured out his act and shutting him out.

Terry, please if you're reading this. please I beg of you. leave the zoomers alone and figure out a better use of your time. and money.get help

No. 291634

File: 1681205700849.jpeg (235.98 KB, 1283x2263, 498CA2B3-2393-451B-8AD6-7AC463…)

Didn’t he bitch the last time he did this?

No. 291655

exactly this. every con he goes to recently he seems to whine about either people giving him "bad vibes" or just constantly complaining about not being able to find people at the cons he's at. when he does the latter he makes posts every few hours it seems of "who wants to see me" as if he's missing out on his meet and greet because the con is too crowded or laid out wrong. idk he always finds a reason to tell himself why he didn't see people other than the obvious: no one wants to see him and they're avoiding him. I see him plenty of times at katsu and quickly turned the other way to avoid him so I wouldn't doubt plenty of others are doing the same. he needs to let people go and just have a good time without trying to hunt people down. there's so much more to do at cons, yet he whines that it sucks because he wasted his time standing around trying to find people who don't want to interact with his crusty ass

No. 291711

File: 1681239573390.jpeg (118.61 KB, 1284x1313, 5105D3C7-0898-4606-AA7E-D22D79…)

Rage inducing attention whore Terry

No. 291747

Terry, it doesn’t matter how many people you know. People are still trying to avoid you.

No. 291764

File: 1681263911930.jpeg (228.12 KB, 1284x1100, B61A61FF-4488-4EE4-A485-FB0153…)

He looks like he’s someone’s lost grandpa

No. 291794

File: 1681291582278.jpeg (256.64 KB, 1284x2306, 9E7DB596-1FC6-432F-8E7C-EBE56B…)

You are a 40 year old Terry and you are still trying to act like you’re a teenager.

No. 291805

>hello, zoomers, I too struggle with my self image. I'm going to threaten to quit cosplaying in hopes that the youth will boost my ego.
Meanwhile, everyone is hoping that he does actually stop cosplaying so they don't have to take awkward selfies with him if they make eye contact.

No. 291806

>felt looked i looked old

that's what happens when you don't eat fruits and vegetables, terry.

>my makeup looked so bad

he should learn makeup techniques specifically designed for black skin and black bone structure, especially his foundation and highlighting application. he's doing stuff that looks good on people with a different skin color, texture, and facial shape than his, and then wonders why he looks fucking strange.

No. 291819

File: 1681313798414.jpeg (63.27 KB, 828x608, BFEAE4E7-20EC-4BFA-8FAF-A62717…)

Literally Rainman behavior

No. 291834

Textbook autistic traits. I don't know why he doesn't opt for a screening. It's expensive as an adult and hard to find a doctor who will do it, but he has plenty of both money and time.

No. 291838

That’s really sad. He definitely has the money and time, since his next con isn’t until Fanime. Instead he will go to the mall every day after work.

No. 291845

Ahh, reminiscing about your childhood in the 80s is a sure way to connect with zoomers

No. 291847

File: 1681325114824.jpg (71.76 KB, 1080x1036, Screenshot_20230412_144555_Gal…)

I agree with the person who commented this. Terry keeps talking about this event as if he was personally victimized or he didn't get enough sympathy from the 10s of other posts he made about his luggage being delayed. plus with the meltdowns he had over this and him not being satisfied with the $200 credit for his inconvenience, I'm surprised he doesn't realize that he could probably be a Karen himself

No. 291851

It's public, post who said it or I'll go and post it

No. 291853

It’s not a public post though. I am not mutual with him and I can’t see this.

No. 291855

File: 1681330970757.jpg (100.82 KB, 683x861, mydude.jpg)


I think everyone can figure out who is replying to who

No. 291856

How tf is there going to be a lawsuit? Almost all luggage is just delayed and arrives the next day. Almost everyone is smart enough to carry essentials in their carry on. Everyone knows that there’s always a chance that the luggage will get delayed or lost. It’s not even like he’s going to a foreign country where it might be hard to replace clothes/toiletries etc. He’s such a privileged dumbfuck that he thinks his cosplays getting delayed for 12 hours is the end of the world.

No. 291858

Terry’s followers treat him like a special needs kid. The male autist that nobody likes but try to be nice to anyways to save face. They’ll defend him online, but I guarantee that when they see Terry at a convention, they run and hide from him just like everyone else.
>You know exactly what my pronouns are
Does Terry think that calling him “dude” is misgendering him? I thought it was a neutral term. Terry is pulling straws, he just wants to call someone who disagrees with him a “transphobe” to try and get the person to shut up.

No. 291865

>>Terry’s followers treat him like a special needs kid. The male autist that nobody likes but try to be nice to anyways to save face. They’ll defend him online, but I guarantee that when they see Terry at a convention, they run and hide from him just like everyone else.

This. I can confirm that more than one person who I know that has him friended has told me they only keep him friended to watch the stupid shit he posts. Much like how people follow pixyteri on facebook. They know that if they speak up they will get blocked and miss out on all the milk.

No. 291874

Lol of course fellow creepy old man autist EBK who has meltdowns about his toy birds he puts on costhots asses is defending him.

No. 291958

File: 1681400305703.jpeg (65.1 KB, 1284x542, 784DAD51-F009-4403-9AB4-68BBD6…)

Which image issue does he have with himself?

Cause I don’t think he can get much skinnier unless he starves himself more.

No. 291963


This is one of the times I regret unfriending him bc who’s gonna tell him that spot reducing isn’t a thing? Certainly not the retards that kiss his ass.

No. 291968

He won’t be able to get any smaller without taking a rib out or starving. He already doing the later. I’m wondering if he staring at too many Asian cosplayers again and it fucking with his body image. Like we already know he hates being black and old. So it not far off.

No. 291971

He needs to build muscle not starving himself. The man lives in a house with four floors and can easily buy gym equipment. Instead he spends all the money on cosplay and gen z outfits

No. 291973


Maybe he should look onto a corset if he wants to be skinny like asians.

No. 291978

He’s skinny but I think what he is trying to express is that he wants a hourglass like body with a small waist. He doesn’t understand that no amount of gym can fix that. He’s a man and he’s shaped like a box. The end

No. 291982

Calling it now that Terry is going to try waist training

No. 291986

I think Terry just wants to look more “androgynous”. Kai Decadence, a black twink on YouTube, uses a corset for similar reasons. A corset is the only way Terry will get the figure he wants, since he’s a box-shaped male.
Bet, he’s not going to do any research on waist-training and will faint from using a corset too tight on the first try. Would anyone even care to check his welfare if something happened?

No. 291999

just go to the gym dude. you'll probably pass out anyway after walking for two minutes on the treadmill due to severe malnutrition from a steady diet of stales twinkies and chicken nuggies.

No. 292036

>planet fitness
Of course he goes for the cheapest shit option possible

No. 292054


No. 292058

File: 1681435791472.jpeg (272.39 KB, 1284x2254, 9CCEBBBC-ECC5-4D4D-96E2-7D4BA6…)

Lying to make himself look good again?

No. 292068

I thought he was super bored at Sakuracon and didn’t run into anyone? Man does he have split personality or what

No. 292069

The only way I’d believe this is if it was a farmer or other person who watches his cringe bullshit doing it to fuck with him because no matter how fake you acted about it, he would not catch on. But he definitely would have posted about it when it happened, so I’m gonna guess it’s another of his made up stories

No. 292071

can confirm. saw a cosplayer chatting Terry up. After he left her friend asked her who he's and she just coldly said he's just some weirdo she seen on the web.

No. 292095

If this happened we would have heard about it by now, so I'm going to press X to doubt.

No. 292097

File: 1681477100965.jpg (239.8 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230414_085319_Ins…)

why does he keep talking about this and now to the point where he's posting old convos with this cousin to prove some point? I'm sure if he was struggling for one reason or another and asking people for money like this he wouldn't want that person constantly gossiping about the situation publicly, even if its a close friends only story. it's one thing if it's a random person who is trying to scam people in the community out of money, but this is just your family. you're not warning anyone about a person so what's the point?

No. 292108

Is this the new barber arc for him to fixated and complain about between cons? Sad.

No. 292109

I thought you were exaggerating when you said old.. 10 years? This man has money to buy video games he doesn’t play or oem cosplay a week but won’t help his family.

I ant wait to see what happens when his company finally lay him off for not doing his job and his family won’t help him out

No. 292130

The asshole didn't bother to censor her name. She can be found on his IG friends list in a matter of seconds. Absolute retard.

No. 292143

this is hilarious. fucker doxx his own family. i'm confused though. is his cousin Emma or her mother Emma because the last screenshot said "this is emma's daughter" His whole family is confusing.

No. 292176

He shared this on his cospaly fb. What is the point of having a cosplay-only Facebook when you’re going to air dirty laundry there? It’s so sad watching this 40+ old man seeking approvals from teenagers and 20-something. Saw a girl trying to talk some sense to him and immediately got attacked

No. 292182

File: 1681507314122.jpg (283.71 KB, 1080x2413, InCollage_20230414_171909882.j…)

"generous and loving" my ass. also of course he blocked out the cousins name on the facebook post so no one can call out the commenter about him actually naming the cousin and putting her on blast. how do more people not see how immature this is of him? it's not him asking for advice, because if it was he would block the cousin like everyone tells him to do. it's a rehash of the barber shit

No. 292192

“generous and loving" ? This person has got to be trolling. terry never shown to be either generous or loving. How brainwashed are his followers?

No. 292193

This dude has 22 rules for rooming with him and one of those rules were not buying his hungry roommate foods.

No. 292202

File: 1681525232097.jpg (846.27 KB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230414_211845564.jpg)

I was surprised he heart reacted the photo on the left(learn2sage)

No. 292219

Looks like he’s now the token black guy in Justin pineda’s video. He probably heart reacted the photo because no other photog/vidtog would shoot him at sakrua-con

No. 292224

File: 1681539728123.jpeg (190.23 KB, 1284x2238, 9C5B7964-D0ED-48B6-82C6-5519BA…)

Don’t lie Terry. You couldn’t learn to blend even if you bought 100 beauty sponges.

No. 292226

i think he should first learn how to style his wigs before moving onto his face so they won't look like these festering monstrosities >>292202.

No. 292229

Did some zoomer make fun of his makeup at Sakura-con? This came out of nowhere. He used to be proud of his makeup. Last weekend. He got so mad about the way he liked he tried to sell his cosplay at the con?

No. 292231

No, he lurks.

No. 292261

File: 1681570934598.jpeg (282.4 KB, 1170x1968, IMG_4325.jpeg)

He going to be on stage in his plastic garbage cosplays. It a fashion walk and he going on stage in his most basic cosplay. I think because the dj called him on stage last year he think he going to be famous

No. 292262

File: 1681570938693.jpg (172.34 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230415_110035_Ins…)

the car is half empty? I think people are just keeping to themselves in general. he really thinks he's a main character huh?

plenty of people ride the metro in costume especially when events like sakura matsuri or other cons go on. I don't think they care so much.

No. 292265

can he go one day without being negative? if someone had sat down next to him, he would have complained about that, too.

No. 292293

I saw him talk to a trio of female cosplayers at Sakura Matsuri, he only took a selfie with the youngest one (she couldn’t have been older than 20) despite talking to all of them. I knew he was small, but he is jarringly skeletal in real life, in stark contrast to his giant head.

No. 292295

I don’t remember Ichigo wearing white eyeshadow.
He should just stop wearing makeup completely, especially for these male characters that don’t wear any to begin with. The caked-on drag makeup makes his dehydrated skin look even worse.

No. 292296

>that makeup
Why does he insist on doing all these male characters with shitty drag makeup??

No. 292299

File: 1681592890333.jpeg (234.07 KB, 1284x1949, EDDA6063-581E-468D-B30A-52518F…)

This Ichigo is perfection

No. 292300

File: 1681592953418.jpeg (138.18 KB, 1284x1934, E1E371F4-43EF-44C3-AE31-1E2A03…)

No. 292308

I would have avoided this malnourished looking old man too if I saw him on public transportation

Idk why, but his fucking head looks too big for his body.

No. 292325

File: 1681601122513.jpeg (316.86 KB, 1284x2265, EAB38221-93D8-4A85-987F-443143…)

So professional for 10+ years of cosplaying

No. 292327

Caught the end of the cosplay contest where they had everyone onstage and he looked absolutely MISERABLE

No. 292328

It’s a walk on during a festival. What do you expect? Jk weird this is a close friends story.

I notice he left the festival very early. Did he just walk the runaway, take some selfies and go home?

No. 292340

why does his makeup look so spotty? is he ok? I know his makeup is usually bad, but this look is so wrong

No. 292388

anyone noticed in his unfiltered photos, terry's right eye bag is visible even with all his caked on make up? I don't even think that's normal eye bag. it's almost sunken down to his cheek? Is it because of him being malnourished?

No. 292391

this photo is giving me the willies. he looks like a horror movie troll.

>I notice he left the festival very early. Did he just walk the runaway, take some selfies and go home?

yup, that’s his m.o. walk around for a bit, take selfies with women, and then leave.

he’s developing that ana-chan lolipop head. maybe he should swap his tendies for a burger.

No. 292484

God, look at the way he looks in this selfie compare to this one in >>292299
Cause of the make-up and beautycam filter, his eyes look so weird.(sage your shit)

No. 292542

I know some of us thought terry was exaggerating but after seeing the unfiltered photos I totally could see people avoiding him because he looks like death or on drugs. He just looked so unwell.

No. 292548

Being malnourished probably contributes to the way he looks, but he’s 40 and he has never really taken care of himself. His skin doesn’t look great because he’s aging, never had a proper skincare routine, he exclusively washes with dish soap, and he lacks nutrients besides the protein in his tendies

No. 292581

File: 1681681650777.jpeg (207.36 KB, 1284x2268, 53CFC33F-F06E-4972-9F42-5D77B1…)


No. 292595

Damn he’s not looking good at all. He spent an hour putting on that makeup and he’s so proud of that. The man is not well

No. 292602

I know he's in his 40s, but he looks geriatric. His face is that of an old man that got a botched facelift. The crazy makeup doesn't help.

No. 292605


Wish Terry's fanbase would convince him to see a doctor, or at least eat some fruit and vegtables.

No. 292611

File: 1681688508082.jpg (155.92 KB, 966x953, rengoku.jpg)

Found another tagged photo. I'm starting to think this guy does his make up based off of his beauticam settings

Reminds me of the makeup they use in the Cats musical

No. 292613

Holy shit I was in DC yesterday and saw him go on stage. Sage because I don't even lurk this thread but I saw the pic and realized I legitimately saw a cow in the wild, unreal.

No. 292624

What was it like?

No. 292647

>does his make up based off of his beauticam settings
I think you might be right. That nose contour is especially bad and with the filter it’s still bad, but it’s a lot more subtle in comparison

No. 292687

Wait. Are his dark triangle patches under his eyes makeup and not eye bag? I have never seen that condition before. Is this a trend zoomers do? I only do basic makeup and don’t follow all these drag trends

No. 292739

File: 1681730627261.webm (16.39 MB, 1920x1080, 20230415_134648.webm)

Unbelievably mediocre. I didn't even know there was an anime event going on so I was watching from the side where the cosplayer's stepped on to the stage. It was just like 20 seconds of who I thought was a haggard woman cosplaying Ichigo? Completely in awe that this guy would delude himself into believing he had fans.

No. 292742

I like how quiet it got when he actually got on stage and people saw how awful he looked. like they cheered when they heard the character being introduced and then saw that gremlin walking the stage and didn't know how to comprehend

No. 292747

File: 1681739001466.jpg (258.64 KB, 1079x1906, Screenshot_20230417_094247_Ins…)

he didn't even bother blending any of the contour. it's just dark streaks on his cheeks, chin, and nose. a master of makeup at work here truly.

No. 292749


That contour on his nose is terrible. Doesn't any of his "devoted" fans give him makeup tips?

No. 292752

Remember he doesn't take criticism very well. So even if one of his fans did give him advice, he won't take it.

No. 292753

That was some great camera work anon especially with panning to the dead crowd ahaha

No. 292780


The anticipation clapping followed by near silence as soon as he entered their field of view made my day. Bless you anon.

No. 292791

>literally running on stage
>height = struggle feet and no inches
>broad shoulders where?
>does a half-assed "pose" that doesn't even fit the character
>can't even swing his sword around or pretend to release his bankai
>people literally sitting in the audience looking confused as hell

i would never cosplay ever again if this were me. you just know the audience went home and talked about shit about him, too.

No. 292794

This whole photo set is a goldmine. I wonder if he going to blame the lighting or the photographer for making him appear darker then he really is.

No. 292853

File: 1681762906029.jpeg (149.02 KB, 1284x977, 6EEBEE6E-75FB-44D3-88F7-B5D7E8…)

Sure that the insecurity is her chest area when you are cosplaying Tifa

No. 292894

Anything to not cosplay a darker skin character!

No. 292895

File: 1681775597022.jpeg (247.55 KB, 1284x2255, 46CDBF86-D738-4A7C-BF5E-5583C8…)

Weird thing to put on close friends but ok…

No. 292898

i checked out the ig post and the photos are just rubbish. Terry is a mess but the photographer is such a bad photographer. I'm suprised Terry allowed the collaboration since he looked so much blacker than usual

No. 292962

That's literally so random? Every time he says something he words it like it's a direct response to one person and yet it's put out there for everyone. Careful though, anon, he's probably keeping tabs on who's viewing his stories if he has any sense of a curated close friends list. (No idea, he could be desperate enough to have his entire mutual list on it but who knows)

No. 293008

Dude, you're not even a female. STFU! What do you have to be insecure about??(sage your shit)

No. 293061

File: 1681845797159.jpeg (192.99 KB, 1284x1599, 2B7FAFA0-6709-48D9-80DF-81A312…)

I’m NB Ace I swear everyone!

No. 293092

File: 1681855897120.jpeg (40.63 KB, 1284x381, DE7E35DE-DE6F-442E-9F1E-F08B82…)

So what zoomer has decided to cosplay from this game?

No. 293127

this is very odd. i never saw him showing any interest toward castlevania in my 10 years of knowing him

No. 293128

this is very odd. i never saw him showing any interest toward castlevania in my 10 years of knowing him

No. 293142

Omg does Terry have a double chin? Or is that the start of turkey neck due to aging?

No. 293160

It’s probably a mix of aging and lack of proper food and nutrients that’s making his skin sag. His contour job isn’t doing him any favors, if anything it emphasizes his age.

No. 293184

he's also lost weight this year, he wasn't this skinny when he first got posted on lolcow.

No. 293257

File: 1681948043834.jpeg (162.08 KB, 1284x1798, 104CD14B-9080-45A8-A165-0E2EA4…)

Anyone watching it with him?

No. 293302

I agree, the harsh unblended contour on his jawline makes it look so much worse and really draws your eye to it

No. 293318

Don’t know if this is what he went for, but there’s a trend on Douyin wherr girls don’t blend their makeup so that their features are enhanced through filters

But you’re not supposed to wear that irl, it’s for filter use online.

No. 293343

File: 1682008265398.jpeg (183.11 KB, 1284x1142, F847F9BD-A0A8-45E4-ABE8-7DD81A…)

He’s such a Karen

No. 293345

Kek no he isn't, that's a car without tags parked in one spot without signs of movement. I know we hate Terry here, but I wish I could get vehicles like this towed out of my apartment complex when they're literally breaking civil law. Thats a legitimate concern. You need tags on your damn car.

No. 293351

i don't hate him. i just think he's weird and entertaining in his weirdness.

No. 293353

Agreed, abandoned cars taking up space is annoying as hell. It’s a pretty normal concern to have.

No. 293355

that was a dumbass nitpick

No. 293361

That possibility has been brought up further up thread and I really think that’s what’s happening here. He abuses filters so hard because he so desperately wants to be a light skinned 20 year old that he ends up totally obliterating all his facial features. He needs those harsh unblended contours to have any kind of distinguishable features post filtering

No. 293362

This would be a concern anywhere, but I think it’s especially weird considering Terry doesn’t live in an urban area, he lives out in the burbs. It’s been sitting there for a week and no one in the hoa is claiming it as theirs or saying it belongs to a friend/family member. I’d report that shit too

No. 293377

the young nonnas always give themselves away when they bring up these nitpicks. you never know, that car may have belonged to someone who was murdered and it got dumped there in the hopes it would get broken into or towed off across the border and then destroyed for scrap metal.

No. 293426

Terry's cosplays overall are very mediocre. I've seen him at cons several times too, he's not very friendly and doesn't role-play his character much at all ever except for in photos.

For example with Ichigo and Sora he always has that "sword over the shoulder" pose and doesn't deviate much from that.

No. 293433

I mean, people who constantly act in character just because they’re in cosplay are usually pretty cringy too. Terry’s problem is that he doesn’t actually enjoy cosplay, he enjoys pretending he’s popular and famous and therefore thinks that if he walks out on the con floor, people should be falling over themselves to get pics/selfies with him. I’ve never encountered him, but he seems like the type who would invite himself to follow you and your friends around the con for several hours, oblivious to fact that you’re all trying to ditch him, until he finds someone “better” to “hang out with” (aka follow around like a creeper).

No. 293458

>thinking role playing the character is a required part of cosplay
Lmao grow up and get off of tiktok. I hate when someone cosplaying from the same series as me tries to get me to rp with them. That shit is so cringe

I love talking to other cosplayers and trying to make new friends, but that’s impossible to do with somebody who is pretending to be someone else. It always just makes me think those people have no actual personality of their own

No. 293531

File: 1682084506750.jpg (166.22 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20230421_093446_Ins…)

why does this feel like body checking? why does he need to mention the shorts size? or the fact that that's his actual stomach? he keeps doing things that really does make it seem like he has an ED

No. 293538

You seriously can’t believe he has an ED? He’s the basic ED having moid that wishes he could reach an average woman’s weight and skinwalks women because he wants to be uggüu small. In this case he skinwalks by cosplaying anime girls that he doesn’t give a fuck about, which is honestly nice of him, he would be an horrorcow if he was skinwalking a zoomer girl.

No. 293542

This is 100% ed body checking. It’s not surprising considering he’s had disordered eating patterns his whole life because of his picky eating

No. 293543

Samefagging to point out that eating disorders fuck up your skin and age you pretty rapidly, so Terry is really not doing himself any favors there

No. 293550

>better to buy new shit than to make what I already have usable
Fucking consumerist asshole, it wouldn't cost a thing to alter them if he had any sort of tailoring skill. That sewing machine of his is literally for decoration only.

No. 293556

when he makes posts like this, and constantly shows signs of having an ED, it's clear no one gives a shit about him. if they did they would be concerned and talk to him. but he continues to live like this, and even got gym advice from many when he posted this >>291958

plus with a younger audience like he has, him posting shit like this is harmful. but if anyone tries to point that out I'm sure it'll be seen as an attack, and all his fans will run to his defense

No. 293557

when he makes posts like this, and constantly shows signs of having an ED, it's clear no one gives a shit about him. if they did they would be concerned and talk to him. but he continues to live like this, and even got gym advice from many when he posted this >>291958

plus with a younger audience like he has, him posting shit like this is harmful. but if anyone tries to point that out I'm sure it'll be seen as an attack, and all his fans will run to his defense

No. 293558

when he makes posts like this, and constantly shows signs of having an ED, it's clear no one gives a shit about him. if they did they would be concerned and talk to him. but he continues to live like this, and even got gym advice from many when he posted this >>291958

plus with a younger audience like he has, him posting shit like this is harmful. but if anyone tries to point that out I'm sure it'll be seen as an attack, and all his fans will run to his defense

No. 293565

“My actual stomach” he usually wear a fake stomach or filter his stomach? This man is so weird . Almost alien like

No. 293572

I think he's just bragging along the lines of "yeah that's actually my stomach, not photoshopped" like a dick. He's probably accused of photoshopping himself regularly with all his filter face selfies.

No. 293578

He does have an ED. He starves and what he does eat isn’t very nutritional. I’ve also tinfoiled for a while that he abuses laxatives as well. Those won’t make you lose fat, but they will make you very dehydrated.

Those shorts look like they’re from the Junior’s section. Creep.

No. 293585

File: 1682104505225.jpeg (304.87 KB, 1284x2265, F4043C21-1768-407B-8CED-1E3D2A…)

Who would want to hang out with a boring person like you at a theme park?

No. 293589

Kek he acts like he’s a celebrity going on tour. He’s only “famous” on lolcow. Terry, you’re not that important and no one is jumping at the opportunity to hang out with you.

No. 293607

A handy list of places to avoid, how nice.

No. 293614

Surprisingly he got half a dozen requests to hang out with him. I hope they’re trolling because I can’t understand why anyone would want to hang out with this insufferable asshole

No. 293616

They must be hoping for free tickets to a theme park. Terry’s always bragging about having money and zoomers have taken advantage of him before for mall trips and movie outings.
I can’t see anyone wanting to spend time with Terry because they like his personality.

No. 293621

File: 1682128564614.jpeg (226.74 KB, 1284x1692, 3B1E85CF-5382-4597-90DB-061D51…)

It looks horrible on him, but he’s gonna get the attention he wants with the cos it seems.

No. 293649

Wtf his feet/toes look so weird. I wish I had never noticed them

No. 293675

I made the mistake of zooming in on his feet, and that is one of the nastiest things I've ever seen

No. 293684

Black people has white skin in their palms and soles. That’s a lot of weird shit going on with terry but that’s perfectly normal

No. 293718

That’s not what I was talking about dumbass. We’ve all seen black people before. Look at the shape. They are literally shaped in a really weird way. It kinda looks like he may be flat footed too

No. 293732

File: 1682183912502.jpeg (201.19 KB, 1284x1579, DB534597-8E67-4488-979C-B654DC…)

I see he just threw the other cosplay on the ground.

No. 293763

The palms and soles yes but why are his knuckles so white

No. 293781

Uhhhh yeah all races have lighter underside tones on their skin… I'm not yt lmfao

I'm talking about the middle picture and how it looks like he has toenail coming out of his toe joints. The left picture straight up looks like his feet are AI generated

No. 293810

Because skin stretches so there's less light caught in the folds. Did no one in this thread go to any art class at all? Also, higher joints tend to be lighter due to more dryness. Putting pressure where a joint supports or is used also can be what changes the color. There's a whole bunch of literature that uses the description of kuckles turned white when you ball your hand into really tight fists. Get and elbows aren't any different.

No. 293823

No I didn’t take any art classes LOL i’m no statistician but I feel like more people did NOT take art classes than did so that’s kind of a weird assumption to make(no1curr)

No. 293826

This guy makes me so sad. I shouldn't pity him but I do pity him immensely.

No. 293831

do not pity him. I used to talk to him and he's a narcissistic asshole who constantly talk shit about everyone. He has zero skill and wasted all his money on cosplays and cons

No. 293846

Ooo anon tell us what’s it like talking to him??

No. 293850

lmfao, i love how he covers his face in candids with his phone and only shows it when he's covered in plaster.

i wouldn't trust him with a sewing machine. his pants would be all crooked and shit with seams going everywhere.

i don't know if this is ed tier body checking, but i think he decided to play around with body filters to see if he could give the illusion of having feminine curves. he really does look very femme here and i find this photo to be hella disconcerting because of how he's standing and dressed since he went from being an obvious thirsty horn dog to uwu me so ace. it's a very strange form of attention seeking as he's clearly straighter than a log but willing to pretend to be a troon for female attention and asspats. incredibly creepy and sad all at the same time.

No. 293905

i much prefer him covering his face with cellphone versus using white market to draw all over his mouth.

No. 293908

File: 1682269761007.jpeg (25.02 KB, 828x258, 5B83F70A-397C-40C9-8835-4F24AB…)

First of all that’s a stupid question second of all NO

No. 293912

Nothing about terry says alternative. the mid-life crisis hitting him like a brick truck. Should we make a bingo list on what he going to insert himself into next? A drag persona? Onlyfan?

No. 293915

where did this goth phase come from? I guess "crop top" and short shorts look is out and goth look is in. curious which zoomer he has his eyes on now

No. 293931

it's really crazy how he goes from one thing to the other seemingly every week.

just watch him buy some demonia boots, put them on, and then complain about cracking his ankles in half.

No. 294027

File: 1682304167943.jpg (109.44 KB, 682x1269, Screenshot_20230423-224138_Ins…)

This photographer is in the DMV area and Terry is always hunting him down. It's embarrassing.

No. 294033

This guy's page has a ton of bad cosplayers. I dont think Terry is hunting him down. Seems like a DJTaaam situation which is they go to all the same events or cons. Doesn't look like his photography has gotten better either.

No. 294038

looking at the photographer's account, it looks like Terry is the token black guy there.

discounting the ekko in the Arcane group from the day before, you have to go all the way back to more than a month ago for another Black cosplayer, who's also Terry.

No. 294043

his feet are confusing me here. my brain keeps thinking his right foot is turning out when it is actually turning in. looks like he was about to fall over in those cheap paper shoes.

No. 294047

i don't know why he always hunt this photographer down for photos. He does not do any beauty edit and terry looks like an old man in all his pics

No. 294073

Likely one of the few photographers willing to take his picture. I don’t know much about the cosplay photographer scene, but I’m sure they typically go for young people dressed in good quality cosplays. Terry has neither of those traits. If he cosplayed age-appropriate characters and commissioned a good costume, then maybe he would be picked more.

No. 294078

probably he's local and can't avoid him or fear being canceled. I noticed terry always hunting him and g28646 down.

you are right. this is hilarious!

No. 294102

His eye make-up here looks like he's doing ching chong racist caricature make-up. Would love to see Terry try to defend himself against a yellowfacing callout

No. 294116

>Would love to see Terry try to defend himself against a yellowfacing callout
He’s immune from callouts. I’ve seen black women get cancelled for “Asian-fishing” (because misogyny), but not black men.

No. 294118

it's been a while but i think he actually did get called out for yellowfacing in the earlier threads.

No. 294149

That’s new to me. Remember which cosplay he got called out for? His makeup been pretty much samey so I’m surprised to hear this

No. 294156

File: 1682369416101.jpeg (67.87 KB, 1284x588, EBFFCD3D-43BF-49A2-83F5-6785A3…)

Thought this account was supposed to split irl from cosplay?

No. 294165

i feel like shit because i control+f'd a few of the earlier threads and i cannot fucking find the post i remember of him getting into an argument with twittards about his makeup and filtering his face into oblivion. i swtg there was a post of him being called out for yellowface/asian fishing and of fucking course it is eluding me. i'm sorry nonna, i'm retarded.

No. 294168

Not sure why exactly he created the new account but it’s definitely not to separate IRL stuff from cosplay. He talks about work ALL THE TIME. Meanwhile he barely used the terry hall one. Most of the statuses in his old account are just con announcement.

No. 294202

File: 1682389618752.jpeg (204.73 KB, 1284x1736, 085E716D-D269-4C31-8EC1-491B71…)

Looks like he’s got really flat feet…
What the heck is going on with his feet in the third photo?

No. 294220

Why doesn't he write a passive aggressive note about it and pin it up in the bathroom, seriously would be more effective than posting on Facebook and avoiding certain colleagues without explanation

No. 294228

he’s got autismo platypus feet. i also do not get the weird toe positions.

No. 294229

I thought he started the new account because he kept getting temporary restrictions from liking/posting on his original one

No. 294238

originally this is why he had the 2nd account and then he decided it was going to be for "cosplay" and to keep his family and coworkers away from that side of his life.

ironic though that he originally made it because of the restrictions and now he keeps getting them on this account too

No. 294241

The fake boobs look huge. It looks so out of place. Why does he insist wearing a breastplate for this character?
I guess to his autistic ass, big boobs = female. He doesn’t want to risk anyone using the “wrong pronouns” and mistaking him for what he actually is, a MALE.

No. 294244

Yeah that’s hilarious. He keeps making a status every week complaining about Facebook restricting him

How many times can he reacts to people’s stuff to trigger that. I have never experienced that warning before.

No. 294296

I don’t get why and how straight girls he sis chasing after will find him desirable if he cosplay female characters.
I know gen z kids are brainwashed with woketard stuff and being straight is basically evil, but still.

No. 294315

File: 1682474805696.jpeg (690.77 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_0603.jpeg)

I love doing these side by sides with his posts vs. the photogs post. Even with the skin smoothing filter you can still see his skin drooping kek.

He’s super bow legged, and he tries to do the cute uwu turned in foot look that some female anime chars do. Ofc it doesn’t work for him though bc he’s an old manlet.

No. 294325

File: 1682482993356.gif (4.17 MB, 320x240, wolf-whistle.gif)





No. 294354

File: 1682524175123.jpeg (86.43 KB, 1284x656, EE55098F-7748-44EB-A355-2CE1EA…)

Terry are you sure you wouldn’t get fired quickly at the competitor’s place?

No. 294358

I hope he will accepts the offer so we can stop seeing these humble brag statuses every few weeks. Just do it already or shut up about it!

No. 294366

Doesn't this tard have some of his coworkers as friends/ followers on his friends list? Does he not realize that upon searching his name that this page is one of the first search results potential and current employers will find. Keep complaining about your job Terry and you won't have a job to bitch about. You're 100% replaceable.

No. 294370


Didn't he mention this 2 months ago or something? I doubt he'll leave his company.

No. 294392

I don’t want him to lose his job because I highly doubt he can find a new one or survive without it. It would be nice if his coworker would snitch on him so his manager can have a little talk with him. The man is so privileged it’s disgusting to watch him constantly brag about his wealth.

No. 294395

I'm pretty sure when he shared the actual email/offer before it said "up to" 50k for bonus/moving/etc. he's still delusional thinking he would actually get 50k?

it's also not a brag when these are spam offers that are probably sent out to most people in that company. they're just trying to see who will take the bait

No. 294397

They’re opportunities… basically recruiters at the competition are looking up people on LinkedIn and emailing them telling them there are openings. Terry is acting like these are job offers. I’m sure if they googled him and saw these threads or he had an interview and saw how weirdly he acts, there would be no offer.

He’s lucky that it’s really hard to fire someone without documented issues with performance, because while it seems like he’s fine at doing his job, he also claims that he does super weird shit like change screens to have anime screensavers. A lot of places don’t want to deal with weirdos, so he’s gonna have trouble if he ever leaves/loses this job.

No. 294401

south carolina is too fucking humid for him. he doesn't drink water, so he would shrivel up like a prune after sweating out whatever little bit of hydration was left in his body.

No. 294403

I am thoroughly surprised that no one has attempted to cowtip and email his employer about these posts he makes on social media. I mean, his work info is public on linkedin.

No. 294422

Unless he actually said something actionable about his job there’s literally zero chance his manager would do anything about it. I’m surprised his mutual coworkers don’t snitch on him though. He has got to be unbearable at work judging from what he posted on social media

No. 294428

It's also not urban enough to satisfy him. He probably likes the area he's in because he's a short drive away from a lot of major cons on the east coast and he can hit up malls and events easily in order to sate his thirst for attention. If he moves out to the sticks of SC he's just gonna complain about not being able to afford flights to every single con, and he'll apologize for not being local enough for his teenage followers who demand his presence to hang out with him uwu.

No. 294456

I am against cow tipping but terry needs to shut his mouth. He has made it clear multiple times that he’s mutual with multiple people from work. All it does is one person being pissed off and show these statuses to his boss. He won’t get fired but surely his performance rating will suffer

No. 294465

File: 1682610502304.jpg (32.17 KB, 1079x490, Screenshot_20230427_114818_Fac…)

why is he excited about children being at his work? it's not like he has children of his own to bring

No. 294469

File: 1682613177983.jpeg (280.78 KB, 1284x2157, 2CAA7AEE-6E8E-4B85-A5C4-B99DAE…)

Terry’s usual sob story about someone passing away.

May whoever they are rest in peace.

No. 294480


Long winded condolences about his longtime friend. Doesn't tag said friend.

No. 294485

Because kids are fun and lighten the mood in a workplace? This is really a reach, anon. We know he likes younger women and while it is still creepy, it's different from being a pedo.

No. 294486

Anytime I see one of his posts about someone dying, it reminds me of being in high school. If someone died, people who were never even friends with them would come crawling out of the woodworks to talk about how close they were and how much they’ll miss them. I just find it so fucking trashy to lie and use someone’s death to get attention for yourself

No. 294487

File: 1682624525093.jpeg (32.59 KB, 713x409, EB03D734-A941-480A-99FB-AD3084…)

Obviously saging because this is so old, but I was on the /cgl/ archive looking for an old fashion thread I remembered and decided to look up Terry too because he’s my favorite cow. It’s just so funny to me that this post is almost a decade old, but it still describes him today. He’s never gonna change lol

He also sent his personal army of children “raid” that thread and you could tell which post was his by his strange use of the word rather (a recent example can be seen here >>294469 if you haven’t noticed it before)

No. 294490

This is rather odd. I don’t know any childless adult who’s excited about take your child to work day. All the kids running around screaming and messing shit up is annoying as fuck.

Keep your kids from this pedo man

No. 294494

Agreed, it’s weird for a childless adult, male especially, to be excited about “Bring Your Kids to Work” day. Most childfree people dislike it, and Terry has never expressed a desire to have kids.
We know how much Terry likes being the center of attention, so I’m sure he wants to talk about himself to the kids and brag about how he “cosplays characters from anime”. Maybe he’s hoping for a good story to post later about how he “inspired kids at work” or “omg they recognized me!!!” or something.

No. 294501

>> I recognize you! Dad has a poster of you in our basement. He throws darts at it.
- some kid hopefully

No. 294502

More like: “hey dad, who’s the creepy man staring at me? He won’t leave me alone at the mall!”

No. 294547

File: 1682673883283.jpeg (317.09 KB, 1284x1563, 799B3C64-EE97-425F-9791-A2F084…)

Terry is so stressed he needs a vacation!

No. 294548

File: 1682674021782.jpeg (283.3 KB, 1284x2179, A4EDECBA-A385-44E9-98D9-7F6090…)

Cosplay isn’t his life and he makes new friends at every con that’s why he is usually alone!

No. 294559


Find a girl and get laid because this is just a pity trap for fans to feel sorry for him.(sage your shit)

No. 294561

he seriously has the mentality of an angsty 16 year old. this is the kind of bullshit you post on your fagbook when you're young and don't have the balls to either cut off your shitty friends or talk to them one-on-one about issues going on between you. just block whoever it is that is bothering you terry and move on.

idk i think for once he has a legit reason to complain. ever since the pandemic companies have been overloading employees and then wondering why people are bouncing. he does sound pretty stressed here and i can imagine they're expecting him to do the job of 5 people and still be productive.

No. 294566

this is rich coming from him because if anyone does drop him he immediately stalks their social media, and constantly makes vague pity posts about how they dropped him without any word but he didn't do anything wrong so why would they suddenly want to stop being friends? so how can he now say that he'd rather you drop him as a "friend" than keep following him?

No. 294573

Sounds like management is doing quiet firing. Big corporations can’t fire people out right so best they can do is make Terry quit. Terry is probably the worst person you want to work with. He doesn’t work well with people. He can’t learn new technologies/methods. He’s a big liability at work (messing up his coworkers’ computers for fun, tracking his coworker’s habits)

There’s no way Terry is good at his work. How many times did he fly back from a con at night and then immediately go to work a 3am shift? I’m not as old as him and I dread going to work the day after a con. Terry is 40+ and not in good health (chicken tendies diet)

No. 294574

Why is he making this a close friends story? That seem counterintuitive

Real question. Does terry have dyslexia? It’s becoming increasingly clear that he can’t spell and he can’t write well. Does dyslexia prevent you from using spell check? Do people just look over their writings and see everything as perfectly fine?

I don’t interact with too many people IRL and certainly not too many old people like terry and his condition really intrigued me

No. 294597

File: 1682699607937.jpeg (236.16 KB, 1284x1403, 3839C249-7C34-4369-8EA0-CBBBD1…)

If your career was number one you wouldn’t be so pressed about attending all of the cons that you do.

No. 294598

File: 1682699715378.jpeg (204.11 KB, 1284x2161, CE7B2301-E718-4EBC-A4AF-943A8D…)

More shit he bought that he won’t play for more than the opening

No. 294599

File: 1682699825418.jpeg (278.2 KB, 1284x1517, 0CB99F27-AAEF-4457-8C85-81DBA1…)

Just block the guy again you boomer

No. 294600

how can he have time to play all these games? he buys on average 1 or 2 games at least.

No. 294602

i don't get why this 40+ old man is having such a hard time telling people no and has to ask zoomers for sympathy. I bet he never once text back the barber and tell him no stop contacting him. What a waste of everyone's time

No. 294630

File: 1682718242213.jpeg (264.51 KB, 1284x2156, 4E075A99-CDFA-4C2C-A6CF-9F947D…)

The boobplate matches his skin tone about as well as the weapon to the in game render

No. 294651

Nitpick, maybe I’m not too versed in cosplayer lingo, or maybe I’m just biased because he’s an ugly ass moid, but I seriously hate when he says “wearing [insert character name]” it’s so weird, makes him sound insane.

No. 294659

i know terry is old, but not old enough to have dementia. His #1 pinned photo on Instagram is a maskless photo of beidou from the same con.

No. 294689

If you rarely talk then they’re probably not as supportive as you think

No. 294690

he's been working at this company for more than 10 years and hasn't made senior level yet? How incompetent is he

No. 294703

why is it that no matter how much time passes he ALWAYS finds a way to bring up this barber again. just move on

No. 294706

File: 1682760084175.jpeg (36.08 KB, 1284x524, D7F1DCD5-AF6E-486D-BE04-1AD4ED…)

He keeps talking about burning food lately… you think he still consumes his burnt at home chicken tendies or goes out to the nearest chicken tendies selling restaurant for a new meal?

No. 294717

wearing charactername is normal cosplayer expression, nonnie
can't he block barber's number on his phone directly?

No. 294718

even if that’s the case, it would take him more time to type this novel of status than to just block the barber again. Fucking boomer

No. 294733

I wish he would stop cosplaying Genshin all together. Dude thinks he's top shit just cause he only knows the Skyward weapons. Hey terry, without using wiki, what other claymore weapons does Beidou uses aside from the typical Skyward Pride you constantly use?? Why don't actually play the game than cosplaying for clout for your zoomer fans.

No. 294747

File: 1682786069918.jpeg (254.52 KB, 1284x2154, C555D088-C43A-4592-81DD-C42C4A…)

None of them, but you want to cosplay as all of them.

No. 294750

3 of these girls have exposed chests. what happened to him being insecure about his chest? I guess its okay if it's a pale girl he wants to cosplay huh?

No. 294753

What he say about his chest? I thought his problem was he wasn’t fem and didn’t have chest. The breast plate solved this and he REALLY liked cosplaying Raiden. I must have missed something here

No. 294760

he said the reason he's hesitant about cosplaying Dehya is because he has insecurity around the chest area. but if thats the case then he should have the same insecurity about these cosplays too, no?

No. 294761

When Terry's followers suggest he cosplay dark-skinned female characters, his excuse for not cosplaying them is "I'm insecure about my chest." In reality though, Terry just doesn't want to cosplay those characters because of colorism. It's easier for him to say he's insecure than admit that he hates dark skin.

No. 294772

That seem odd. That excuse makes no sense and I agree with >>294761

It’s possible he can’t do Dehya because it doesn’t work well with breast plate (you can’t really hide the breast plate with this cosplay), but it’s really the dark skin being an issue.

He has only cosplayed Xinyan at a con once. For god knows what reason he really hate dark skinned characters

No. 294778

>For god knows what reason he really hate dark skinned characters
Terry just hates dark skin in general. He prefers white and Asian women and has no interest in black women, unless they’re mixed and have lighter skin. He hates being black and doesn’t want to cosplay characters that remind him of his race.

No. 294802

File: 1682809403627.jpeg (373.27 KB, 1284x2622, 2F3C0CEA-1F4E-400A-9337-80213F…)

The zoomer Terry hung out/thrift shopped with today.

No. 294806

that's a poor decision on his part, but really don't think we should put him on blast like that. you couldve just post Terry's story.

No. 294822

He? That's clearly a woman anon

No. 294824

person has he listed first so I was trying my best to respect his pronoun

No. 294829

Are you lost? We don't do that shit here. Just say she.

No. 294843


No. 294849

Kek. Terry sees this person as a woman, not a man. You think Terry would hang out with this person if she actually had a dick? No, he only wants to creep around white women. Using different pronouns won’t change her biology, and even Terry knows that. You don’t gotta play along with trans shit anon, no one will cancel you here.

No. 294865

>uses "he" pronouns but still dresses like a female

makes plenty of sense.

No. 294963

OT but i’m so tired of this shit

i love when woketards clearly dress femimine, makeup & shit, looks like girls but uses « he » pronouns cuz like « iM oNE of U pEoPle » cuz they they fear this loving community will throw rocks at them

Same shit with Terry, he cleay is thirsty but states asexual to seem less predatory

Cant wait for woke shit to disappear

No. 295014

This person was obviously trolling and yall dumbasses fell for it. Even if they weren’t trolling it doesn’t take 6 of you to tell them off. You guys are dumber than they are LOL

No. 295022

File: 1682911133911.jpeg (233.38 KB, 1284x2034, 2DC9AFB3-E159-4A59-99A4-516E12…)

Hope he stuffs his feet in them and sprains his ankle cause he has no idea how to walk in them

No. 295050

>backpedaling this hard
there’s so many zoomer newfags that come to this thread, some aren’t really ‘trolling’.

No. 295051

As funny as that would be, I’m really not looking forward to the “omg those heels hurt my feet so much. I’m just one of the girls lol teehee lmao” type posts that he would make for the next 5 days

Idk while the first post they made seemed like they were serious about the he/him pronouns, the response afterwards seemed pretty trolly

No. 295077

Terry already mentioned earlier in April he’s enjoying wearing heels more. Guess he’s ok with it now. Tall mama knight at con’s here we go!

Because she respected her pronoun? My god I don’t agree with them but that’s a normal thing for zoomers to do. They’re trained to be woke

No. 295115

>Because she respected her pronoun? My god I don’t agree with them but that’s a normal thing for zoomers to do

No I mean this specifically sounds like a troll post:
>person has he listed first so I was trying my best to respect his pronoun

It sounds fake because the person has he/they/she listed. Having all 3 listed doesn’t mean use only the first one or you’re disrespectful, it basically means they don’t give a fuck which one is used

No. 295121

what cosplay is he going to wear these mangy things with?

No. 295141

He doesn’t realize how ugly and out of style these are. He just thinks “heels = women = sexy = good”. These old chewed up athletes foot ass shoes are not cute

No. 295142

op here. Not trying to post but I took “he/they/she” as a preference and used the first option. Since there’s no universal rule on how to interpret the pronouns, I chose the safest route of respecting their pronouns. In my experience if someone simply don’t care about pronouns they would just put “any”

Anyway. Can we stop talking about this stupid pronoun game and go back to terry?(gay)

No. 295150

Saying “any” is typically for people who include neo-pronouns nonnie

No. 295157

Not even a female cosplayer would willingly choose these death traps over a normal-looking wedge. He wants to be a woman so badly he's falling into outdated drag territory.

No. 295161

Zero from drakengard >>294747
He hasn't played any Yoko Taro games, especially his niche ones like Drakengard. He's not going to the get his expected asspats for cosplaying from it like Genshin since it's niche and Taro fans aren't at all close to the preformative activist types you find in most things Terry cosplays from and are the pickiest when it comes to game accurate cosplays.

No. 295192

>He's not going to the get his expected asspats for cosplaying from it like Genshin
He must be trying to impress some woman then.

Terry has two motivations for cosplaying:
1. Asspats and attention for being so uwu bwave - this is when he cosplays from very popular series.
2. To get the attention of a zoomer he likes - even if the series is niche, if the girl Terry is stalking likes it, then he will pick a cosplay from it.

He is so predictable.

No. 295203

File: 1683003915976.jpeg (455.99 KB, 1284x2299, B5551D46-28A7-437A-BF5A-985B1F…)

Your knowledge is out of date probably by 10-20 years? Terry when was the last time you wrote code for software

No. 295204

what if his coworkers were just trolling him? They probably told him what he wanted to hear (not challenging his background. yeah, you know all these shit? go get a better job for sure!)

sounds like he hasn't done any of that shit in 10-20 years, and now he's applying for a senior position. good luck, little man

No. 295205

He is actually incredibly lucky to have the job he has already with his communication skills, though men with caveman communication skills do tend to get a pass where women would be sent to an asylum for the same behaviour (countless men I've met irl)
it seems to imply applying internally for other positions which seems ok, he should not actually quit because it is literally the worst time to be looking for a new job right now, every major company firing tens of thousands, replacing with ai etc

No. 295207

Isn’t this the same dude who couldn’t work his 3d printer until someone held his hand? Sooo many hidden talent.

No. 295212

Let’s all take a moment to be grateful that he didn’t follow the teaching route and has no power over young female students

>couldn’t work his 3d printer until someone held his hand?
Wait so he can work it now? Why isn’t he ever using it? We keep seeing him make props the same way he always has and they’re mediocre on the best of days. He could just print all his props and have them look way better (although I already know he isn’t going to take the time to sand them)

No. 295217

I thought he got his 3d printer worked out and has been printing huge props on the regular. So he’s fairly tech savvy. He’s just awkward and devoid of humanity

Anon he’s been 3d printing for a while now. His props still look like shit because he can’t paint beyond grade school level

No. 295218

This sounds like a middle school Isekai Mary-sue.
>My resume was the best anyone had ever seen, and had so many talents listed. I usually keep my talents hidden because people get jealous of them or something. Even though I'm the best at everything, I suffer from self-doubt; relatable, ammiright? I'm nothing special, besides having every talent under the sun. Oh, and I have magical cosplay powers too, where people are awestruck by my MicCostumes.

No. 295220

How many of his zoomer followers are “in to my career field”? lol isn’t what he’s doing right now just lifting heavy things and operating machines?

Bet his coworkers just hate him as much as we do and setting him up for fail… who actually type like this… I mean does he read what he wrote and be like “I did a good job here”

This whole thing read like some person in their 20s quit their day job and pick up art instead because they were told as a child they could draw well

No. 295222

Not to defend him, I don't think he's a savant or anything but he might genuinely be good at his job. Lots of engineering / computer people are super autistic around other people but good at their work.

No. 295223

This sounds like Nagito wrote this kek

No. 295224

If he hasn't kept up with the changes in his field no one is going to want to hire him. Technology isn't the same as ten years when he got hired at his current job.

No. 295226

What have you read that gave you any idea he’s a competent engineer, aside from being the devil’s advocate.? He’s super autistic so his work ethic is basically “my way of doing things or you’re wrong”. He can’t adjust to change or new way of doing things. Everything he wrote so far describes a job where he just operates machinery for testing.

His software knowledge is basically stuck in mid 2000s. That’s a lifetime in the tech world

His coworkers were probably hyping him up to get rid of him because he’s a miserable person to work with

No. 295227

That's fair. I just work in engineering and am surrounded by guys who are social retards who still do their jobs alright. Terry's probably just stupid all around considering he can't type a paragraph

No. 295229

File: 1683038647751.jpeg (530.78 KB, 1283x2259, 0F15095E-159B-48BE-B761-7813B3…)

Did anyone ask for this close friend story? Could you not have directly messaged them?

Also the heck is this pose?

No. 295231

Why is he 40 years old bragging about a Bachelor’s degree? It’s not that hard, congrats Terry you have the same degree as countless 21 year olds do and haven’t progressed past it.

No. 295232

This man has no idea how incredible lucky he’s. A six figure job that only requires a 2 year degree? I hate this man so much

No. 295233

Can someone translate this terry speak for me? “Stick to current job no bot advancing” huh?

I wonder what happened recently that triggered this change because up to a week ago he was loving the job. Saying the job is his life priority right now. But this week it sounds like the job is super easy and not worth his time.

This man needs to see a therapist fast.

No. 295236

Probably misspelled 'without' so badly it changed to no bot

Imagine complaining your six figure job is too easy. He literally has no dependents either

No. 295238

Basically his follow up story put things in perspective and explains why his coworkers said he’s overqualified for this job

Basically…on paper he’s way overqualified for the job. A button pusher job that requires a two year degree. Yes. When he put it that way he’s wasting the potential of his BS degree

If you read between the lines though, you can see he got two jobs out of college and really hated it. I assume those were real engineering jobs that required a 4 year degree.

Basically he couldn’t cut it doing what he went to school for and decided to work a high paying manual labor job. And now he regrets it because the man is going thorough midlife crisis

No. 295241

He is a moron. Why would you quit a supposedly super-easy job that makes six figures? Why would you want to work harder and make less? He doesn’t realize how privileged he is.
Also, his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering/Tech doesn’t really mean much if he graduated 10+ years ago. At this point, he would need to be showing companies that he has experience working with current technology. It doesn’t sound like he’s been sharpening any of his skills and he seems unwilling to learn new methods, so he has no chance finding another job in the field. His coworkers (and himself) are really over-inflating his ego.
Think anons are right in that his coworkers are blowing smoke up his ass so Terry quits and rids the workplace of his autistic behavior, which includes him throwing fits about people not doing their job the right way and changing screensavers to anime photos.

No. 295245

>Did anyone ask for this close friend story? >Could you not have directly messaged them?

I don’t think anyone actually asked him these questions. Basically he just like to use basically a lot… which sounds like he’s explaining to someone but he’s just flexing. He’s on one of his autistic rant streak.

I don’t think working an easy job he overqualified for is a quite the flex he thinks it’s.

No. 295251

Anyone seen the original photo? What is this pose? Terry is so weird

No. 295299

This fucking moron has the most first world problems, and it makes me so mad that he wants to just sit around and pretend he's some kind of a victim.

No. 295301

I think he only does this because he's trying desperately to figure out how to human, but he's so autistic he approaches it all wrong. He sees other people have life problems and post about them so he thinks he should too

No. 295304

File: 1683078960374.jpg (58.11 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_20230502_215126_Fac…)

it's because they can see how incompetent you present yourself irl vs what you put on paper. it's clear he doesn't like change and doesn't work well with others, so any question regarding those factors are going to be immediate red flags to anyone interviewing him, unless he lies which I cant see him doing.

No. 295305

There are definitely some people who are good at interviews and some who are bad at them. I can see Terry being honest but not smart about it. Questions like "do you prefer to work in a team or solo" are easy to slide through with a "I'm adaptable to the situation," but I can see him saying he has a preference, which most interviewers don't like to hear.

How long has he been at his current job? If he's in a position below what his resume says he's qualified for, then no wonder he was able to get this current position, even if he acts awkward at least he works on his own and isn't client-facing.

No. 295311

Biggest weakness of getting a new job is interview. What other steps are there? Writing the resume? Deciding which 6 figure offer to take?

Dude, the interview is basically the key to get a new job. I saw on Facebook he said he had a 10% success rate. That’s a really bad figure. Try not to lose your current job, Terry.

No. 295318

Nah we should encourage him to quit his job. I for one would love to see this greedy retard struggle in the current economy after flaunting his money to kids 1/2 his age. Well deserved karma.(do not cowtip)

No. 295322

File: 1683100132264.jpg (112.43 KB, 1440x2142, 20230503_004859.jpg)

Not trying to racebait here but just wanna say companies would be all over a black engineer for diversity purposes alone. Majority of engineers are white, followed by Asian so having a black unicorn in there would make them look impressively inclusive and shit. Wouldn't matter much if he's actually good at the job.

No. 295325

File: 1683106265610.jpeg (228.96 KB, 1284x1824, 64E77500-4E43-4B2A-B3B2-5B865F…)

Oh Terry… everyone knows you’re bad with technology.

No. 295337

Sometimes I feel like terry was/is a diversity hire. I know people kept saying autistic males make good engineers. Looking at everything he posted, he’s clearly not competent for his real field of work (not willing to learn, not work well with others, cannot handle challenges)

No. 295339

File: 1683115917004.jpg (74.6 KB, 1080x760, Screenshot_20230503_070042_Fac…)

So he plans on using his college notes from 2001-2005 and apply it to his current job in 2023? Just get direct company training… Hell, there's probably company provided training for better interviews too

No. 295342

Maybe that’s what people told him that’s all he needed because he misled them to believe he graduated 5 years ago and not 15-20 years ago

No. 295343

He's in such denial about his age that he's "refreshing" his knowledge with university notes from two decades ago, so wildly out of date to be utterly useless. He wants to pretend it was only a few years ago and thus actually useful knowledge.

No. 295346

How much of a hoarder is he? He kept college notes!? I threw that shit out as soon as I graduated. He’s so out of touch it hurts to read these

No. 295348

Depending on the content, it's smart to keep your old notes, especially in grounded STEM. We can say whatever we want, math hasn't changed since Terry attended. It's not like he's CompSci.

No. 295350

Forgot he’s mostly electric and not compsci. Saw him saying he used to be good in C/C++,and going to read his old notes on it. That has got to changed so much in the 20 years since he last touched it. But like you said, math is math. Trig/calculus stay the same.

No. 295357

File: 1683129324173.jpeg (376.24 KB, 1284x2277, 9A0EFC80-7AEE-4A24-BCAC-8EF5E0…)

No one says IMs Terry. Good job at dating yourself you fucking boomer

No. 295360

I’m sure he’s writing this because he thought it made him look smart, but it just sounds like he’s always been a pushover and people basically used him to do their homework?

Why the fuck is he being so nostalgic about college? I don’t think like doing homework is the flex he thought it’s

No. 295361

Why do I feel like some zoomer he follows is going through a similar college path and he wants her to reach out to him?

Nobody fucking talks like this. Stfu and if you miss school, just go back to it instead of sounding like a geezer online

No. 295373

he’s in a manic phase. of course you liked math and algebra bro, you’re the typical engineer, they all say the same thing.

No. 295379

Thanks anon, this is the most fucked up shit i have ever read. Maybe 90’s was a different time? I have never met any STEM people like this. Who actually liked homework enough to do them with a smile, on a Friday night. Not the nerdiest nerd I know.

Sometimes I wonder if Terry is real or one of those creepy pasta creations because this can’t possible be a real person

No. 295387

I can just see it now
>Terry has midlife crisis about career
>tries to find new job that’s actually related to his degree
>hasn’t used degree in so long, no employer will take him
>”I guess I have no choice but to go back to college”
>cue Terry stalking and harassing college girls

No. 295389

File: 1683153666404.jpeg (162.78 KB, 1284x974, E076006C-7B2D-4BF2-9A37-9B034C…)

Hasn’t he said he wants to do at least 8 out of state cons for 2024?

No. 295394

He definitely didn’t literally smile while doing math, he’s just exaggerating to sound nerdy and quirky. I’m sure he did actually enjoy it, but he’s making himself sound insane

No. 295395

40 is so old to decide you want to focus on your career. Like you’re halfway to retirement, you should already be established in your career at this point and taking it easy LOL

No. 295397

MAG, no hotel for Katsu (they’re both at the same hotel)

Hasn’t Terry skipped the last few MAG because he couldn’t get a hotel? He’s getting so old he can’t remember the lies he’s been telling

No. 295402

No new engagement since you shared this and barely any interaction. I think most people by now is tired of his shit. Saying every year he will travel less (but travel as much if not more) is getting old. Dude isn’t going to stop. Hell even the cancer scare didn’t stop him

No. 295406

i honestly don't get what his purpose is for putting these up to begin with. just…don't travel as much? no one is forcing him to buy a planet ticket and it isn't like he has a gun to the back of his head telling him he needs to go to cons. that's his choice. then he complains about his "budget" like he's pinching pennies and having to scrounge around which is fucking ridiculous. he clearly wants to have conversations with people but it always inevitably goes back to himself. me this, me that. chicken tendies and twinkies. math and science. i am the best but no one recognizes me. everyone is stupid but me. wah wah wah.

No. 295412

he probably was expecting lots of his fans replying "terry please visit us at sakuracon next year please" "we want you back at sabo next year!" "hope we can still do makeup on the weekend!" It's funny most everyone ignored him this time

He better not fucking complain about lack of money in December again. This scumbag buys 1-2 game a week and then at the end of the year complains he has no money in the bank.

No. 295431


December he whines about the price of chicken tenders from holmat, and how nobody notices him at the con every year.

No. 295458

File: 1683217742368.jpeg (200.33 KB, 1284x2270, A7B3BA5E-45FC-4D3F-AE3B-781080…)

Terry don’t clown yourself you’d probably die in one of those places if you magically got a job there.

No. 295460

File: 1683218842371.jpeg (202.66 KB, 1284x1557, B02A35E7-A2C7-4B43-B853-404B16…)

You have done more cons under the guise of “I’m retiring next year” for the last two years

You brag about a 6 figure job and yet a measly few hundred spent to hang out with your bestest of friends for a weekend is too costly for you.

Make it make sense Terry.

No. 295473

seriously, some of these numbers don't make sense with what we've seen of him and his spending habits. i can't tell if he's bragging or whining or both.

No. 295475

Crazy when you think about how literally nothing in his life would change at 40 years old if he uprooted his career and moved across the country since he appears to have 0 friends and the only times he's mentioned family are to complain.

No. 295482

It’s remarkably different how confident he felt he can get a job and move to anywhere in the country, but in his previous story he was very unsure of getting a new job. He mentioned 10% success rate with interviews, which is another meaningless numbers

I wonder what makes these location specials because his company literally have dozens of locations around the country.

No. 295485

I just can’t understand Terry. Is this humble brag or a cry for help? I’ve makes it sounds like it’s expensive to go to all these cons but he just went to Sakuracon last month and going to fanime this month. Meanwhile most of us struggled to go to a few cons a year. Fuck him

No. 295494

>going to cons is expensive because there are expenses.
No shit??? What a weird way to humble brag

No. 295503

How can this manlet have so many friends/followers? He basically said he spent almost $2k last month on Sakuracon. And for what? Running around (and mostly failing) to get selfies and asspats from randos?

No. 295510

File: 1683239218808.jpeg (168.32 KB, 1284x2178, 9E12937D-5B68-4A2C-BC14-D46EE3…)

This is not the brag you think it is you fake ass boomer

No. 295511

File: 1683239353286.jpeg (69.27 KB, 1284x567, 7D51C145-BB6D-4C9A-AB37-9A4A7B…)

Good I hope you get one of these jobs and then fired for being incompetent.

No. 295517

This is going to be awkward. Since he’s applying internally his manager will know he’s not happy with his job. Although based on what he posted already it seemed like he doesn’t have the best relationship with his manager anyway (being given tasks that require physical strength)

Wtf is this shit about showing a better attitude at work? And job was #1 priority in his life before? This man is so privileged

No. 295537

this is funny as not that long ago he was pretending he was 20 years old and still living with his parents.

No. 295568

Four potential interviews! That’s a lot. Let’s hope he gets it and then struggles to keep it. Little man has been doing the same boring non-technical job for almost 10 years now.

No. 295580

he's up to 6 now according to a comment he made on this post. part of me hopes that they ghost him or just outright reject him without an interview to knock his ego down a notch. though if he does get interviews or even one of the jobs, I can see him failing because of his stubbornness to change and probably being very under qualified since his tech knowledge is so outdated

No. 295582

he made a bunch of comments and a follow up status on facebook. He's not even interested in any of these locations. The only location he's considering is phoenix, Arizona. First of all, why the fuck did you make this story? Just to wave his privileges at his close friends? Second. Is Phoenix where the girl he's obsessed with live? kidofmischeif? that's creepy as fuck.

No. 295583

His resume is probably going to look out of date and he's gonna flip out for not knowing how to do a zoom call. I bet he's just going to get rejected, then lie and say he ended up declining them all

No. 295588

yes I'm pretty sure the only reason he wants to move to Phoenix so bad is because he's obsessed with kidofmischief. other than that who else does he actually know down there? a bunch of zoomers he probably follows who don't want anything to do with him?

No. 295595

he's up to 9 now. going for principal engineer positions. Did he meet some zoomers and they just hyped him up? This came out of nowhere and I have never seen Terry so focused on something before. He hasn't posted any cosplay progress sine Monday. it's like he's fixated at this one thing.

No. 295607

>The only location he's considering is phoenix, Arizona.
Me getting out my popcorn if this is what it looks like and he's suddenly motivated to move jobs and locations specifically to stalk certain cosplayers

No. 295608

>receives automated "thank you for your application" email
>"omg guys I have so many potential interviews"

No. 295609

it's god damn bizarre that he's only considering phoenix. His company is literally a mega corp and has branches all over US.

No. 295633

Arizona is perfect for his creepy ass, between crusty old con chairs that desperately catfish that they are 20-something Japanese boys, the low standards for everything, and lots of broke zoomers to hit on.

No. 295719

You sound like a moron. I dont like Terry either, but 40 is not too old to get a new career. Plenty of people do it. It's not unheard of. Terry just seems uncertain in general what he wants. He could easily stick with his current job and retire early, but he wants to be cosplay famous at 40, which IS too old.

No. 295736

File: 1683405512898.jpeg (261.35 KB, 1284x2174, 49938BA3-731C-40D7-B4C7-2998A9…)

What happened to not being interested in romantic relationships

No. 295743

Is this man intentionally confusing love & relationship with friendship? He posted the same thing on Facebook and it’s disgusting watching his zoomer fans going “Omg I’m Leo! “

No. 295745

File: 1683414442311.jpeg (280.75 KB, 1284x2249, 124EE2E2-E591-48A7-8A56-08E5E0…)

Then go pet a stray cat and I pray it attacks you.

No. 295754

File: 1683420286211.jpg (193.71 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230506_204329_Ins…)

there's no option for the only thing he ever talks about when colossal comes up: "the owner of the kalahari is a Trump supporter"

but seriously for someone who hates colossalcon so much he loves to talk about it any chance he can

No. 295762

File: 1683423407057.jpeg (332.18 KB, 1284x2240, 9B6382B4-454F-4334-8654-8839E3…)

Lying boomer

No. 295767

Is kidofmischief a Leo? If so, this would be an extra layer of creepy.
Most men do, and Terry’s also autistic so he probably assumes anyone that is nice to him = must have a crush on him.
>Which is the reason I don’t attend colossal con?
What the hell is this? He’s such a narcissist. Terry thinks he’s cosfamous so now he’s putting up “celebrity trivia.” No one cares.
How does he have so much time off? Is he using all of his overtime hours? Terry seems to never be at work, he takes off all the time. Most people can’t do this. Seriously, how?

No. 295768

> How does he have so much time off?
He has a very flexible schedule and gets every other Friday off. He has a lot of PTO saved up. he’s a hoarder. He complains about not having enough vacation hours for the same reason he complains about not having money. He just likes to complain.

>Is he using all of his overtime hours?

Pretty sure he gets paid for OT. He loves to brag about his $100/ hour OT pay

>Terry seems to never be at work, he takes off all the time. Most people can’t do this. Seriously, how?

He works a weird schedule. 6am to 3pm if I remember correctly. He doesn’t really do a lot of work because he’s on social media all the time.

No. 295771

Didn't this dumbass just wrote a long status two days ago about how cons are expensive? He's going to blow $1k to fly to AWA just to get selfies with zoomers again? I can't understand the thought process of this man. All he does is complain and then do the opposite of what he said he's going to do.

No. 295773

I gathered the reason is too much drinking but he previously said he's not into waterpark and swimsuit cosplays before so this is a very confusing poll.

No. 295818

Some workplaces let you convert OT to PTO. You have a point though, he's probably getting the OT paid out since he brags about how much money he makes.
Terry really doesn't realize how lucky he is that his job is so flexible.

No. 295822

File: 1683497423933.jpeg (504.6 KB, 1284x2273, 50142AB8-1784-4B43-BBAF-D61508…)

Is he really leaving his life choices to votes from his zoomed followers?

No. 295823

File: 1683497544552.jpeg (631.21 KB, 1284x2247, F03C8BFA-9DC0-4EA1-915F-E2CDB0…)

Such a beautiful paint job. This could not be more professionally done.

No. 295825

He’s being paid six figures for an entry level job but want more? how about learning to write better English first? Maybe I'm racist but I can’t understand Terry’s sentence structure and massive amount of typos

No. 295826

did he seriously buy name brand converse only to paint over everything in red? Did he not know that knock-off brands exists, and in the proper color he needs? You just need to type in "red high top sneaker canvas" in ebay or amazon and you get the shit you need.

No. 295829

What the actual fuck, red is like the most common color for converse after black and white. Plus, that looks like normal acrylic and not fabric paint. I used to paint shoes a lot as a broke student cosplayer and can guarantee these will be flaked to hell and back after like one hour of wear. It's almost like he's trying to make shit choices.

No. 295831

File: 1683503255179.jpeg (281.92 KB, 1284x2252, E9795C3C-AAA5-47B7-9798-788CF2…)

Best male make up ever

No. 295832

Let’s put a dollar in a jar every time he mentions “his friends”

No. 295833

ok theory because he purchases most of his cosplays premade, he finds some easy and unnecessary thing to "make" which is invariably a shit pair of shoes he could have simply purchased, just so he can say he technically makes part of his costumes. He really halfasses it because there is zero creativity, it's simply so he can say he made something. In fact it is probably bad on purpose so you can't miss the fact it's handmade, this paint job is incredibly sloppy
>working for the military
>can't type to save your life
>want to go into "electronics" which presumably means programming in this context
What could go wrong

No. 295835

File: 1683505510290.jpg (275.19 KB, 1079x1952, Screenshot_20230507_202408_Fac…)

so are they going to the thrift store or this supposed "cosplay charity" he claims to give to a lot?

No. 295837

converse even allows you to make custom shoes on their site so he could have just gotten some all-red ones.

No. 295838

i totally forgot about the cosplay charity! I can't remember the last time he brought that up. Old man terry probably forgot about it just like he forgot everything else

No. 295846

out of curiosity can someone vote or cap the result if he post them later? I would be surprised if any of his fans voted for the low pay, low experience option, even though that's a six figure job.

No. 295856

File: 1683526063270.jpeg (519.39 KB, 1284x2249, A72C0673-6158-4CD0-A505-B91937…)

Here’s the current poll results

No. 295857

File: 1683526167513.jpeg (344.52 KB, 1284x2269, 421114DC-CF95-48FB-94E6-9B398B…)

Could you stop bitching about a con you hate for once you immature turd

No. 295871

Thanks anon. Faith in humanity restored. If only his followers knew he’s making six figures doing his current job. I remember he tried applying for a higher paid job before but ended up getting fired so we’ll see if he does better this time

No. 295872

2015!!! Just let it go, old man. We get it. Party con isn’t for you, but you don’t have to keep bringing it up every year. He lives like 10 hours away too. Ridiculous man

No. 295880

File: 1683556970512.jpeg (339.81 KB, 1284x1777, IMG_5898.jpeg)

Wall of text from Terry 1 of 2

No. 295883

File: 1683557492111.jpeg (405.84 KB, 1284x2052, IMG_5899.jpeg)

2 of 2

No. 295885

This is just him sperging about getting a job again, not really new milk just because it's a new post.

No. 295887

Not the same anon but I found the info useful to understand the great mind of terry hall. So the same situation happened almost a decade ago since he’s with the same company for 10 years. He applied for a bunch of jobs and ended up getting laid off. He felt he’ll have a better chance now because he knows more people? Oh this train wreck is so hard to watch but I’m enjoying it so far

No. 295888

This just sounds like he’s an autist control freak going around checking everyone else’s work because he thinks if they’re not doing it HIS way then they’re doing it wrong

No. 295893

If this is how he’s going to describe his job experience during his interviews, he’s going to have a snowball chance in hell getting that senior level job. The leading people part was sus to me too. I agree with you. This is definitely describing Terry going around telling people to do things his way and they all left the job because they didn’t want to deal with this autistic fuck

No. 295894

That’s a nice photo side from Terry’s early drag makeup. I feel bad for his photographers. He’s going from one cringe phase to another. And if photographers said no to him he would complain about racism

No. 295912

He is also totally wrong about applying to internal positions. He says that he applied to 10 or more internal positions? No… the more experience you get, the more selective you are supposed to be. Any hiring manager at his company that sees he is just throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks by applying to so many positions will wonder if he's really a good candidate. Typically when people are doing this to desperately get out in my experience they're just either really bad at their job or terrible interpersonally.

No. 295920

Great assessment! Maybe his coworkers pushed him to do this, because I can’t understand why anyone would think applying 10+ jobs internally at the same time is a good idea. I bet that’s the reason his work situation is quickly deteriorating. His manager probably can’t fire him and hoping he’ll quit on his own. Everything he’s been complaining about sounded like a quiet firing situation.

No. 295926

File: 1683586188196.jpeg (85.39 KB, 1284x734, IMG_5900.jpeg)

No. 295936

for a man who said he's overqualified for his job he surely really suck at it. Not the best look when you applied for 10+ jobs

No. 295946

It sure would be a shame if Terry got a job that DIDN'T allow him to take frivolous time off for all his cons. An absolute shame.

No. 295999

Please! The man has no idea how lucky he’s. I don’t know any other person who has such a high paying job yet has all the time to go to so many cons and roam the malls and parking lots seemingly every day

No. 296004

File: 1683638837919.jpg (307.7 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230509_092753_Ins…)

I hope he tells them during the interview how much he loves "doing space stuff." see how well that works out for him

No. 296007

Does this guy read what he wrote before he hit the post button? I hope he’s doing this to his social media so his sooner fans can find him relatable. Space Stuff? Let’s hope he interviews better

No. 296015

Ok what zoomer is currently obsessed with space stuff??? I bet he saw a girl online with a Nasa shirt on and thought it'd impressed her

No. 296021

Space stuff? Tell us you have no idea what space stuff is without telling us. When did this man get interviewed for secret clearance because this babble-mouth loves telling rando at con’s what he does for work and seemingly spends all his time at work mass liking zoomer content

No. 296038

It chaps my ass to an unfathomable degree that this creepy pseudo troon autist makes as much money as he does, brags about it, but also flaunts what a rude unfriendly cheapskate he is at the same time. He could be eating so well for example but he eats tendies and like Jewel Osco fucking cupcakes aAAGH. Sorry to sperg I’m just waiting with bated breath for some Terry bad touched a zoomer story to come out and ruin his ass.

No. 296097

Sadly that will never happen. Terry is a black asexual non-binary so there’s no way he would act inappropriately with zoomers. Anyone who dared to try would get canceled for starting drama

No. 296187

Every time I read a Terry post I think I am having a stroke. Or he is having a stroke. Like what the fuck even is that first sentence?

No. 296193

Did he have a stroke? For real I’m curious. I have known him for 10 years and I don’t remember him being this bad. That would explain why his paint job is almost child like? Trying to make sense of this manlet

No. 296208

File: 1683734870111.png (580.41 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_5906.png)

Pretty sure you shouldn’t be posting on social media about this stuff Terry.

No. 296210

I'm curious how he knows for sure these other coworkers are spending their whole day only working on one thing without him being their manager? is he micromanaging people he's not in charge of? what if they have other tasks in between whatever he's saying they're doing? in any case he's only judging them for this because he can't get away with "just doing one thing all day" and jealous

he also really drives in the point that he's the only person that can do what he does (doubtful), when in reality he's probably just taking over everything because he doesn't like how others do things. we've already seen in the past how he complains when people take over his tasks while he's gone and they apparently do everything wrong. just seems like his own fault that he has this much work on his plate.

No. 296220


Umm is Terry having a complete meltdown. This sounds like either his boss is overloading hom with jobs to make him leave. Or his autism is making him nitpick and convince co workers to do there job his way.

No. 296246

File: 1683748922871.jpeg (282.28 KB, 1284x2230, IMG_5911.jpeg)

Does he know there are other attendees other than himself?

Shit I guess all cons should work around his availability.

No. 296264

The more Terry talks about his job the less he sounds like an engineer in the more he sounds like a technician. I would not be surprised at all if his title was actually technician. He really likes to talk up a big game like he's an engineer, but if you look at his responsibilities that he's listed these are all very routine and labor intensive pieces, if you were to look at an engineer's role and responsibilities they would much more be focused on critical thinking, project planning and design, capital expense planning and design. And so on. If he really has a bachelor's in engineering it's a little bit sad that he's working at such a low level, often in science fields people with Advanced degrees working in low-level positions are just there because they aren't really cut out for the actual engineer or scientist role.

No. 296275

File: 1683757877591.png (4.29 KB, 316x156, 72314896.png)

That's because he is a technician.

No. 296281

Wow that egg head.
Not a very professional photo if he’s trying to look for jobs.

No. 296283

Lol he’s too brain dead to realize that the reason he’s got more education than everyone else is because he’s under employed; he probably got hired into his job and was told that he’d easily move up with his degree. But then he proved to be too inept to move up. There’s also a chance that he is really good at what he does and they didn’t move him because he pulls more weight than the other employees, but less likely than him being too inept to move up. If that’s the case, the other jobs will see that he’s in an entry level job after 10 years and won’t want to interview him because that says a lot about him.

No. 296291

if you look up a few poss you will see that he briefly quit his current job and applied for a job that's closer to his education level. He got laid off very quickly and the environment was toxic. He crawled back to his old job and basically did the same entry level shit for 10 years.

Is this really a six figure job, or has Terry been pulling our legs? What he described doesn't really fit that salary.

No. 296305

notice how his story is all about the dates being inconvenient for him and nothing about Florida being not friendly to LGBT+. Terry you're so bad at cosplaying a real LGBT+ person

No. 296306

File: 1683769896777.jpeg (56.24 KB, 1284x559, IMG_5919.jpeg)

That’s not the brag you think it is…

No. 296310

He doesn’t have an advanced degree he only has a bachelors

No. 296311

well in his defense, Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer is a nice position if he gets hired. salary range is a nice bump from his entry level job: $96,600 USD - $145,000 USD

No. 296312

According to Glassdoor it’s just 6 figures, but according to Indeed it’s about 65k so I don’t know what to think. I always wondered how to know jobs’ actual salaries when there’s so much discrepancy on websites like that. Anyway, I’m inclined to believe it is actually closer to 6 figures with the way he lives. $65k is a good enough amount for a single, unmarried person with no family or pets but wouldnt be enough for him to afford his sizable townhouse + thousands and thousands of dollars worth of plane tickets and hotel rooms every month.

No. 296314

>would not be able to arrive until late tuesday
So…before the event even starts? What could he possibly need to pregame?

No. 296316

terry is a weird man, but it's not uncommon for people to check in the day before the con (usually Thursday). Lots of people cosplay during badge pickup on day 0

No. 296317

It probably starts at 65k and he’s gotten raises over the years since he’s been there so long. He said that he makes $50-$100/hour so if his base is $50/hour that’s 104k a year. Plus he works quite a bit of overtime. It’s possible his base pay is in the high 5 figures but with the overtime it pushes him to 6 figures. Hard to know for sure though, since it seems like he’s full of shit a lot of the time.

No. 296328

I hope he does a better job with his resume because this story is full of typos and hard to read. I know we all overstate our job responsibilities, but it's pretty obvious Terry is a delusional man from reading this. He's beyond a "good worker". He's next level and over qualified for this entry level job

No. 296332

I actually believe him on this. Maybe his salary isn't exactly 6 figures, but he works enough OT and do get bonus at work. He's clearly not struggling and able to afford a house and going to a different con every month. He looks to be living a dangerous paycheck to paycheck lifestyle since he keeps spent all his money on cosplays and video games.

No. 296355

>1 instant reject
Imagine if it's someone who reads this thread
I don't know how he has such an established role in the first place since the man cannot type, like is this a job with zero typing or numbers being input ever because he most certainly would fuck something up based on his Instagram stories and Facebook posts.
Also like how he presents his current job to his zoomer followers as "low pay" when it's 65-100k

No. 296356

i don't think instant reject is as bad as everyone here thinks it's. he applied for 10+ jobs so it's unrealistic to expect him to interview for all of them. The manager might be looking for some specific skill sets.

Or his resume could just be a mess of rambling words that makes no sense. We may never know unless he shares his resume with the whole world.

No. 296369

He wants to seem relatable to the zoomers who are making like $17 an hour and are ACTUALLY broke so he has to pretend like he has financial struggles too. It’s pathetic

No. 296371

Some of us probably will never make $100 (when he works OT) yet he would constantly complain his job being low pay. I hope his coworkers discover these work stories and report him to ethic. Then he can finally be free from this low paying job nightmare situation

No. 296394

File: 1683829886803.jpeg (271.17 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_5931.jpeg)

Pat my ass harder and let me know how beautiful and sexy I am as a woman my zoomers.

No. 296395

File: 1683829974444.jpeg (192.26 KB, 1284x2270, IMG_5930.jpeg)

I doubt he is prepping for this interview as he is busy con crunching his cosplays.

No. 296397

The combination of those big fake boobs plus his straight narrow man hips is so funny. He looks like the letter P

No. 296400

Translation: I’m not getting enough asspats from young women, time to pretend I’m not going to do x anymore

No. 296402

Finally! Maybe he can stop showing off his fake af boobs.(sage your shit)

No. 296409

File: 1683835270378.jpeg (58.99 KB, 1168x814, IMG_5933.jpeg)

How I wish I could be a fly on the wall during the interviewz

No. 296428


No. 296433

Does anyone take him seriously? He literally post multiple times a day DURING work hours.

No. 296439

File: 1683846410689.jpeg (433.29 KB, 1284x2259, IMG_5934.jpeg)

Guys he won’t finish his cos plans for 2023 cause his job is priority!

No. 296470

anyone has insight into why terry suddenly became hyperfixated with his job? I swear until last week all he did was complain about his job or brag about his paychecks. Did a zoomer make fun of his entry level job and it triggered him?

No. 296496

It's definitely to do with someone he's interested in, he's not a manosphere type but in moid spheres they have a strong belief that career matters in term of life achievement, you need to upgrade, level up etc with career and finances and then everything you want will fall in your lap.

So I feel like either a cosplayer he likes reposted some of this crap or he stumbled upon it and is suddenly motivated to level up. Literally out of nowhere.
Obviously career matters but the manosphere take on it is to focus on career and leave mental health, hobbies, social life, understanding of psychology, relationships and the opposite sex by the wayside, so I can see how someone like Terry could be sucked in to that idea. Working on the whole takes years of very intensive and complex character building, focusing on fixing one thing seems easy, hence why some moids think nofap or trans whatever other cult they're in is the sole solution to their problems.

No. 296538

File: 1683900212981.jpeg (267.25 KB, 1284x2266, IMG_5938.jpeg)

Shit looks like it was made of paper mache.

No. 296540

File: 1683900269912.png (401.15 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_5937.png)

No. 296554

File: 1683905033381.jpg (161.31 KB, 901x1349, SmartSelect_20230512_172305_In…)

You didn't even post the best pic.
Feet onlyfans saga when?

No. 296561

Every time he posted more about his job things keep getting murkier. He’s getting paid six figures to fetch items in a large building (that he spent 10 years in) sounds like an easy job. All this time I thought he’s an engineer

No. 296574

I understand getting bored an an easy job, but he’s earning SIX FIGURES doing it. Easy job with large pay and a lot of time off. Not a lot of people get that opportunity. Terry needs to suck it up.
If he feels his skills or potential are being wasted, he should have applied for other jobs a long time ago. That’s on him.
I think like another anon suggested, he’s gotten into manosphere content about “leveling”. Terry seemed content before. I think he wants a fancy job title more than anything, something to brag about to zoomers.

No. 296583

File: 1683913626120.jpeg (384.11 KB, 1284x1938, IMG_5939.jpeg)

God he just doesn’t shut up

No. 296589

I feel like this job can't be that hard if he has the time and energy to cosplay, attend cons, and write essays about his job (and everything else) every day. The 1000+ items things sounds tedious but, as above. It really isn't a dealbreaker, most people leave jobs due to harassment or truly exhausting/impossible duties, he's getting paid very well for something manageable.

No. 296593

How many times can he regurgitate the same shit before someone tell him to calm the fuck down? We get it. You’re underpaid (six figures) for doing lots of mundane tasks. It’s wild how he went from “guys, I love my job” just a few months ago to being a disgruntled employee

No. 296595

I simply can’t understand why he’s ok with such low level paint job? My child in grade school can paint better than this. I would be embarrassed if my prop looks like this even if I was con crunching

No. 296603

I wish I can see these comments. I only have him on his zoomer account and there’s only 3 reacts there. So sad. I bet the zoomers will drop him if they know he’s being paid six figures.

No. 296614

File: 1683923651356.jpeg (182.14 KB, 1284x1769, IMG_5940.jpeg)

Anyone know which cos these are for?

No. 296615

not going to bother screencapping them because they're pretty much either just telling him to voice his concerns or find a new job.

I know he posts shit like this constantly because he just wants people to coddle him with the "boo hoo poor Terry your life is so hard" bs instead of actually giving advice. its the same as every other "advice" post he makes. he just ignores everyone and makes another whiny post that's a rehash of the last one. so idk why people bother giving him legit advice anymore

No. 296616

File: 1683923907722.jpeg (488.12 KB, 1284x2151, IMG_5941.jpeg)

He’s got such skill for painting.

No. 296620

File: 1683924944713.png (114.4 KB, 2983x718, petty.png)

No. 296627

The FILTH on his carpet is Shatna level EW.

No. 296631

Thanks anon. I can’t believe I read through all that. Kudos to his real friends who actually tried to help him. It doesn’t help that his situation is very complicated (at least he made it out to be) so everyone is confused. Part time??

No. 296660

What in the michael j fox?? This looks so awful. Like how can this man get paid so much money but his guns look like a first grade art class project.

No. 296662

Everything he touched turn to shit. I half expect the 3d modelers DM him to beg him to stop crediting them.

No. 296671

I'm starting to think he really doesn't have any money, and just abuses the shit out of credit cards and those "checks now!" places you see. I could totally see it, this fucking faggot being a bankrupt doofus while he pursues his dreams of being a cosplay superstar.

No. 296679

Engineers make good money even at entry level and he's been doing it for decades, so no, he legit has plenty of money.

No. 296685

He isn't in the same financial place as his "followers" or even hobby peer group. Think about it. Now how much of his work rants and life problems aren't just him sniffing his own farts? He could be that tone deaf, his post history seems to suggest that.

No. 296688

some of you guys really show your age and lack of experience with the things you write.

No. 296706

I'm a childless entry level tech person and he could buy a $150 aliexpress cosplay every single day if he wanted and still be a financially secure homeowner with some savings.

No. 296709

Being childless and relationshipless is key here. Although I see him getting paid six figures as fudging numbers, I do believe he’s being paid somewhere between 65k and 100k, somewhere around the higher end.

Considering he always strain his budget in December when house bills come, he’s definitely working paycheck to paycheck. Let’s hope he doesn’t get laid off because I don’t see this man surviving without any saving

No. 296729

File: 1683999062788.jpeg (51.38 KB, 1284x481, IMG_5945.jpeg)

No. 296732

Did he get flagged for liking too many posts again? He leaves the most random comments on people’s statuses. It’s always involves himself

No. 296733

Are you new here? Dude is pretty well off mostly because he’s cheap and has no social life. He only spends money on cons/cosplays and spent his time roaming mall/arcade (free) and harass shelter cats (free)

No. 296738

File: 1684002986201.jpeg (77.64 KB, 1284x627, IMG_5946.jpeg)

Then go buy some instead of a new cosplay

No. 296739

Definition of first world problem. Man spends $60-120 every week on games he doesn’t play. Yet complains he has to give up anime t-shirt for a better job. Some of us have to wear uniform or have strict dress code

No. 296742

He hasn’t even done ONE interview and already dreaming of new outfits. At least he’s positive. I want him to get a new job so bad and have it fuck up his entire summer con schedule.

No. 296749

>Wears anime and gaming t-shirts everyday
So Terry’s coworkers definitely knew who was changing the work monitors to anime photos.

Most corporate workplaces I know won’t allow graphic t-shirts, even with casual dress. Terry really is lucky to have the job he has and he doesn’t even realize it.

No. 296758

So are you hidden away or running around the massive company building to find everything for inventory and helping other's with their work? This is such a non-issue and the more he talks about his job the cushier it sounds.

No. 296762

The more he talks the more I’m confused about his job. One day he’s leading a group of young professionals. Next day he’s able to work aloe in his anime t-shirt. I have never worked defense but in my corporate job even the janitors tend to wear non distracting shirts.

I feel like I have to take everything he said with a grain of salt because they’re mostly lies to appeal to zoomers

No. 296765

File: 1684017432992.jpeg (247.9 KB, 1284x1700, IMG_5947.jpeg)

Straightest lines I’ve ever seen

No. 296782

File: 1684025348122.jpeg (293.37 KB, 1284x2258, IMG_5949.jpeg)

???? What event? I doubt anyone is asking for him

No. 296790

No one invited him, that why he didn’t know not to sign up. So, he trying to act like it was his choice

No. 296792

Is there another DMV meetup tonight? I’m in the area and didn’t hear about it. Funny how he made it a big deal that he can’t make it. Nobody cares lol

No. 296806

I wonder how his coworkers would feel if they knew he was telling his zoomer followers he's one of the only competent people at his job

No. 296810

Sometimes I wonder if his workers would discover lolcow, but if I to take his word they’re all a bunch of old farts who don’t know how to use computers. I doubt he will go far with his interviews if all he does is badmouth his current coworkers

No. 296819

i know a few people who work at northrop grumman, and only one of them is remotely competent at their job. it seems to be one of those places that will just take anyone with no experience just to fill some kind of quota.


No. 296864

Is that a bodysuit??

I love how he says this when no one cares.

No. 296865

I wonder where lolcow would show up on a random search result of his full name. I don't think his full name has never been fully typed out in a thread. Someone needs to fix that so the google algorithm can pick it up.

No. 296871

I think work should be off limit but terry has made his job a big part of his identity and kept rubbing it on our noses I think it’s only natural to mention it. I have never met someone with such easy yet high paying job but has zero appreciate for it.

No. 296872

File: 1684098104323.jpeg (77.88 KB, 1284x967, IMG_5954.jpeg)

I don’t think he makes sense to himself.

No. 296876

The thread titles have his full name in them. Also, apparently there was a famous musician named Terry Hall and besides that it’s just a relatively common name so it’s probably never gonna be that high up

No. 296877

What do you mean? A lot of DMV folks go to both awesomecon and ren fairs

No. 296878

Usually his shit makes no sense, but what is there not to understand? Awesomecon is a big comic book convention in D.C and the Maryland Ren faire is also huge every sept/oct.

No. 296882

Anon you seemed to be confused, so let me explain

Awesome Con is a popular comic con. Terry seemed to be more into anime than comic, but it’s not unusual to see anime cosplays at awesome con. Also a lot of his favorite photographers will be there since it’s DC local: imstee58, g28646, ryuuzamedia, etc. he knows he will get lots of photos taken at that con

MD ren faire is very popular with the local zoomer crowd. He talks about it a lot but only attended it once. Mostly because nobody invited him along

No. 296884

File: 1684105611729.png (865.63 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_5956.png)

If he’s focusing on his career like he says and is putting aside his hobby to get further in life. Hime talking about Ren Faire and AwesomeCon is backwards thinking especially when he has interviews next week according to him.

No. 296885

File: 1684105717821.jpeg (259.37 KB, 1283x1950, IMG_5957.jpeg)

Fuckin 10+ years and still can’t make decent wigs

No. 296886

File: 1684106255519.jpeg (298.28 KB, 1284x2230, IMG_5958.jpeg)

No. 296905

He style all of his wigs the same. He should style them more to his face shape then literally to the source, but Mr. Egg dome believe his wigs are amazing.

No. 296954

Ah, yes, ask your 18-22 year old friends what to ask when they likely only have had either minimum wage jobs, or are trying to chase the cosplay/tiktok fame dream while living with their parents. Good choice, Terry. Like, I know he's just fishing for any sort of interaction but it's just ridiculous when put into context.

No. 296960

File: 1684156289304.jpeg (32.75 KB, 1284x377, IMG_5963.jpeg)

Just be truthful and say you enjoy stalking zoomers at anime conventions across the US for selfies while dressed in cosplays bought from sweatshops in Asia.

No. 296964

To be hair, a lot on rens do tickets only online and when it sells out, it goes fast. You need to be in it to get tickets to a lot of them or you miss out. I'm not shocked he's only been to 1.

No. 296968

I’m more shocked that he passed his secret clearance interviews. Having so many foreign contacts and discussing so many aspects of his job publicly. If this is what he’s disclosing publicly, I can’t imagine what he reveal privately to get zoomers to like him

No. 296970

That’s true to a point. All season Terry been talking about going to MD and PA faire but nobody really wanted him to tag along so he ended up missing the sales. He attendedin 2021 because he hosted some girl overnight and they went to the faire together. Can’t fault the girl using him as a hotel/airbnb space.

No. 296972

File: 1684165867406.jpeg (182.33 KB, 1284x2235, IMG_5966.jpeg)

Good luck boomer

No. 296986

Oh this is good. Meltdown anytime now! Why does he scream out every aspect of his interview to the world?

No. 297006

File: 1684189125125.jpeg (337.75 KB, 1284x2222, IMG_5970.jpeg)

Another story for him to seem relatable?

No. 297007

File: 1684189218839.jpeg (217.64 KB, 1284x2183, IMG_5971.jpeg)

He lives to see another day. Maybe the meltdown will still happen soon.

No. 297019

That’s a big red flag. I wonder if his account get flagged internally so the manager ghosted him.

The comments are hilarious. I love watching his fans trash talk the company he’s already working for

No. 297025

I imagine that he bragged on and on about himself/his "fame", as they just politely nodded and tried not to seem rude. Petty much how I envision every interaction Terry has.

No. 297041

File: 1684241342346.jpeg (450.25 KB, 1284x2343, IMG_5973.jpeg)

No. 297043

File: 1684245155915.jpg (97.98 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20230516_095213_Fac…)

You don't think we don't see that retard?? Stop clout chasing when you see LOZ trending. You barely even know any of the characters you cosplay.

No. 297044

This whole thing is painful to read. Typos and standard terry speak aside.

If he wanted a better job his current job is so flexible it allows him to use his spare time to educate himself. You know, get some certifications which are important to EE jobs. His job sounds like he has lots of downtime, since he’s online all day. He probably could study on the job. So many perks other people don’t have. Such a privileged shot head

Instead he wasted all his free time going to cons for clout and roam the malls/arcades and harass zoomers

No. 297047

Why’s he getting another cosplay? I thought career is his top priority and he has so many cosplays already. He literally has more unworn cosplays than most people worn in their entire con lifetime. I can’t stand him

No. 297060

File: 1684260222748.jpg (40.62 KB, 1079x445, Screenshot_20230516_140239_Fac…)

if you talk as bad as you write, I doubt you'll get the job. it still irks me how he uses rather instead of whether

No. 297061

when i started reading it i was happy he got a "best" interview and we can stop this boring interview sage. then i realized he was talking his best effort. Did none of his friends ever bother to correct him? it's annoying seeing that typo. he's the only one who does this

No. 297073

>> 297043

Man i don't want to see krusty cosplaying this character with his drag makeup look.(sage your shit)

No. 297105

im sure its been asked many times but i don't frequent these threads so i apologise: why exactly does terry speak likes hes esl? using 'rather' in this way is so fucking weird, it goes further than your average unintelligible facebook boomer post imho

No. 297106

I’m starting to think it’s an act. To be quirky and relatable to the younger crowd. Just did a search of terry hall and whether and he’s been consistently using “whether” but he magically stopped around 2020

No. 297143

File: 1684359256682.jpeg (294.02 KB, 1284x1858, IMG_5998.jpeg)

No one cares old man. What happened to focusing on your career?

No. 297144

What an idiot. First he says he likes Florida cause it's hot and Holmat is one of his fav cons, now he says he hates it due to their governor?? Dude, if you actually did some research, you would know he was governer in 2022 too and you certainly had no problem going to Holmat then, even though you had money problems at the time. I swear this dude needs to be on watch when it comes to his sentence structuring and decision making. Just don't fucking go you dumbass!

No. 297145

File: 1684363126081.jpg (300.33 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20230517_183951_Fac…)

He didn't even mention DeSantis in his story, but he did mention him on his status.

No. 297146

File: 1684363638221.jpeg (452.68 KB, 1284x1961, IMG_5999.jpeg)

No. 297154

Good catch. Very odd he removed it in the IG version. Normally he copy the text verbatim between IG/FB. Maybe add a paragraph here and there. I’m sick of his mental gymnastics going back and forth. There’s zero consistency with his decisions and he just make up reasons as he goes

No. 297156

I know Terry is old and forgetful, but how can he forget his money problem last December when he went to both HolMat and ALA? He's more concerned with PTO (he can only go to so many cons and fly to visit zoomer friends) than money.

The man was whining nonstop last year after HolMat >>274146

No. 297167


No. 297171

If you read between the lines it sounds like terry really bombed the interview. They quizzed him on his resume and he couldn’t back any of it up. Bet he exaggerated his responsible. He’s just a button pusher, but he wanted to believe he’s a lead of everyone.

He’s shocked at the 30 minutes interview? I haven’t been to any interview that lasted longer than 30 minutes. Boomer is showing his age

No. 297175

Dumb racist and wrong this is obviously not AAVE and nobody says ebonics anymore lol

No. 297179

I’m not sticking up for Terry. I don’t agree with half the stuff the guy does. But I see all the stuff you guys write about him. We all know the guy has issues. Instead of bullying him on here and making his issues worse we should encourage him to get some help. When people do this to other people it makes the issue worse. How would you feel if that person on this site was you? You wouldn’t like it. This guy needs help. And I’m sure he sees all the horrible stuff people say about him on here. That can really mess with someone’s mental health you have no idea what people are really dealing with. I’m not sticking up for him at all. I’m just stating instead of doing all this hate talk people should encourage him to get help.(shut the hell up)

No. 297181

>How would you feel if that person on this site was you?
I would either take the criticism to heart, stop oversharing online, and shape up. Or, if I didn't see the need to change, just not read what's written here. It's not that hard.
>This guy needs help.
He isn't mentally ill, he's a middle aged autist that needs to start hanging out with people his age and stop fishing for validation from people half his age. You can't "get help" for having a developmental disorder, but you can acknowledge it for what it is as a way to get your ducks in a row, which he wouldn't because again - he is addicted to the attention and validation zoomers give him. If you are dead set on him "needing help" then you go ahead and do it, see if that works out for you.

No. 297182

Just because someone doesn’t have a mental illness doesn’t mean they still don’t need help. Since he’s 40 years old and he’s doing the stuff he’s doing that’s enough of a reason for someone who needs some serious mental help.

If someone is posting all that stuff. Talking to people half their age. By the stuff I’m seeing on here. They need serious help. I’m not making any excuses for him.

But my point is. We all know he has something wrong with him. Something is obviously not being addressed for him to do all this unhealthy stuff he does. Talking crap about him on here only makes it worse.

7 threads of Manaknight. It’s a bit obsessive.

No. 297183

This is a gossip website. If what we say here bothers you and him so much both of you can choose not to look. Calling him the creep that he is and pointing out his lies is hardly bullying. Go ahead and try to tell him his behavior is wrong; I'm sure Terry losing it on you publicly like the last lady will make its way here soon after.

No. 297185

If he refuses to get help after many have tried to assist with him getting help it is on him.

No. 297186

File: 1684400831636.jpeg (340.91 KB, 1284x2261, IMG_6001.jpeg)

Boomer looking crazy AF as always next to a youthful light skinned human

No. 297189

If this is sincere, you’re a kind human. It’s easy to see terry as a victim because he appears to be mentally challenged. If you know him personally at all for any amount of time, you would have known he’s an awful person that’s abused his powers. Many times I have seen him sent his fans to bully others. He needs to be stopped

No. 297194

>>297179 >>297182
You're acting like nobody has ever talked to him in person before? The man is stubborn as bricks and you can't have a conversation with him at all IRL. He will always makes the conversation about himself, or he can't contribute to them even if it's about the anime he's cosplaying from. I'm saying this from years of personal experience bumping into him at cons.

If you really care, practice what you preach and tell him directly yourself instead of posting here like the rest of us. I'm hoping you're a thin white zoomer so maybe he can actually take advice for once.

I think he means well here, but jfc the wording choice and the fact that he's 16 years older than her makes him sound like a groomer.

No. 297197

She’s 24 and her first con was in 2018 or earlier. Meaning he’s admitting that he’s been “watching” her since she was a teenager, possibly a minor teenager.

No. 297200

I’d love to hear stories of how people tried. You have any?

No. 297201

Terry’s actions are his own choices and he wouldn’t behave that way if he didn’t want anybody talking about it. Terry is a pervert who hangs out with too many people in their mid 20s and younger (including rooming with a minor), brags about his income, is colorist, self-centered and more. Terry has said multiple times he’s not interested in any sort of psychiatric treatment or psychological testing, yet you’re sitting here talking about we need to help him get help. He’s shown no indicators of having any treatable mental illness— autism isn’t necessarily treatable, especially as a middle aged person. Autistic people can simply be bad people which is most likely what this is. You sound like a really nice person and I honestly do applaud you for that, we need more nice people in the world. But some cows have more threads than 7. That’s the point of the website. So i just don’t get what you’re trying to do here.

No. 297202

File: 1684431939567.jpeg (259.87 KB, 1284x1631, IMG_6003.jpeg)

No. 297203

My point is. The stuff he does to ppl is wrong. How he treats people. I know the stuff he does. Never agreed with it. And no way in hell would I ever stick up for someone like that.

Him doing that shit to others doesn’t make it any better just like all these ppl on here saying all this stuff. Technically everyone talking crap about him on here is doing the same thing he’s doing.

I don’t like the guy. I never did. I can’t stand him. But after a while it’s like ok we get he has issues and everything on here is just a lot. Why add more fuel to the fire when you can focus all that energy on something positive?

Again I don’t like him. Never did I can’t stand him. And by no means am I sticking up for him. One day he will probably stop cosplaying and going to anime conventions. After that will everyone no longer care and still talk trash?

No. 297204

You’re beyond help. Others have stated they’ve had conversations with him to try to get him to go see a doctor and he blatantly refuses.

You can’t force a jackass to the watering hole if it wants to die of dehydration.

No. 297206

File: 1684432383234.jpeg (285.47 KB, 1284x2244, IMG_6005.jpeg)

Yikes 8+ times and you don’t get that you’re not as qualified as you think you are?

No. 297207

Omg how suprising…(sarcasm for autistic nonnies) He's in a field that is getting oversaturated and I guarentee he didn't go after a higher degree or specialist certificates. Sat on that bachelor's in engineering like it means shit anymore. The pay IS good and he does have experience. That does help… in his current company. He's losing the ability to compete with the zoomers he's trying to cosplay as. The consequences of his own inaction.

No. 297209

This guy is so retarded, being on shift schedule for engineers is not a red flag it's an industry standard for most places depending on the type of work. Things (tech, machines, whatever) are going to have failure so it makes sense to have engineering coverage for it outside of office hours especially if it's for anything that gets maintained or updated regularly.

No. 297213


He won't listen to reason or constructive criticism.
The last time someone tried to give him an honest opinion they were called a bitch and their conversation was posted to his IG story for his followers to bully/white knight for him. So fuck that retard, let him wallow in the pool of shit he made for himself.

No. 297215

I recently noticed how he never smiles genuinely in cosplay photos and jesus christ I see why now

No. 297220

This was about the loli poll right? I need to look back at that thread now to refuel my rage because I’m starting to feel sorry for him after all these job rejection statuses. He’s such a horrible person

No. 297228

I'm pretty sure it was, if you find it by chance can you pls link it, I want to rage with you.

No. 297234

File: 1684450157808.jpeg (326.75 KB, 1284x2263, IMG_6016.jpeg)

No. 297235

is he willfully ignoring the "up to" part on all these emails he receives with "offers." or does he really believe he's worth 180k?

guarantee if he actually interviews with any of these jobs that have these offers he's going to rant about how they lied about the pay and tried to lowball him

No. 297241

Not gonna lie. These are some damn good benefits and pay. I can see dumbass terry getting fooled into thinking he’s qualified for these high level job when he has been working entry level for the last 10 years.

No. 297248

this was the original poll that started it: >>199814

nutjob terry called someone a bitch for agreeing with him: >>199836

It's wild he totally got away with this witch hunt.

No. 297251

most linkedin recruiters don't actually read candidate profiles or qualifications as a majority are commission based so he could be getting messages for positions he's wildly unqualified/overqualified for. these roles could even be completely unrelated too because they just cast a wide net and hope things stick

No. 297258

they also prefer a person with a Masters in the field, which he does not have. These kinds of linkedin job postings get hundred of applicants. Terry would not stand a chance. Companies tend to carpet bomb people with job openings, it does not necessarily mean that the person is even fit for the job or has been hand picked to receive this job opening notice. Terry probably thinks some recruiter specifically searched him and only him out.

No. 297264

>does he really believe he's worth 180k?
I mean he's an engineer in a time where engineers are in high demand and low supply, so yeah probably? He will be making well over six figs no matter what.

No. 297267

>Technically everyone talking crap about him on here is doing the same thing he’s doing.
Didn't realize saying his paint job looks bad is the same thing as a middle age man creeping on teenage girls. You're a real piece of work.

No. 297274

Agree. He’s already making six figures doing an entry level job basically operating machine and do fetch quests. He should be making mid-high six figures in a senior position. Engineers get paid a lot

No. 297275

File: 1684504677361.png (36.55 KB, 251x557, Anya_Forger_Anime.png)

Looks like Anya from Spy x Family… who's 6. What a weird coincidence >>297248 got brought up lol

No. 297281


In what world does that look like an Anya wig… are you blind. The length and shape are completely different. Terry does enough crazy stuff on his own, we don’t have to sit here and make up scenarios to fume about

No. 297316

NTA but are you new? Haven't you seen all of the fugly wigs that Terry has styled? Hardly any of them are accurate. That anon's tinfoil is not that far-fetched. The hair being short and pink is enough for Terry. He doesn't pay attention to details.

No. 297322

File: 1684537349907.jpeg (343.9 KB, 1273x2242, IMG_6023.jpeg)

The F is this face

No. 297324

that's the filter he used to use before comic when he went full drag. It looks similar to the original thread pic and the few that followed it. >>54749

No. 297326

I don't see how giving an opinion on what it looks like to me, or pointing out the coincidence that a day ago anons just happened to be talking about old milk from when he wanted to cosplay another 6 year old girl, is making up scenarios or fuming. He says right there in the post that the wig isn't styled yet, so he's probably going to cut parts of it. Cosplaying Anya fits into how he only does popular characters for clout and would also explain the Mary Janes he was trying on. You're really here in this thread wking Terry huh.

No. 297399

Tinfoil but I wonder if Terry is so determined to "get a new job" after bragging about his income to seem more relatable to the zoomer college students he targets. It's weird he's pulling this during commencement season.(sage your tinfoil)

No. 297443

File: 1684608852595.jpeg (35.17 KB, 1284x382, IMG_6026.jpeg)

He’s back to his toilet statuses again.

No. 297444

i made the mistake of reading the comments and I really don't understand why he went to great length to talk about poops. I can't believe a week ago he was spazz posting about jobs and interviews and now it's back to poops

No. 297470

File: 1684623164394.jpeg (202.4 KB, 828x1388, IMG_9574.jpeg)

This person is in the comments of the toilet flushing status. But I’m sure none of us are shocked that Terry would have someone like this on his friends list.

No. 297475

Surprised Bep is friends with Terry, but she’s problematic on her own and there was a thread on her somewhere here

No. 297479

Oh I meant the creep she was talking about in that post is friends with Terry. I guess I could’ve been more clear

No. 297502

File: 1684649432078.jpeg (96.04 KB, 1284x694, IMG_6029.jpeg)

Humble brag

No. 297542

Imagine getting paid $600 (it’s been a while. Correct me if I’m wrong but his OT pay is $100/hour right?) to escort someone for an hour and talk about kingdom heart. I can’t with this guy. I hate him so much

No. 297575

Terry is the prime example of why men live life on easy street.

No. 297580

that makes more sense. sorry my bad. weird terry didn't throw him under the bus. he usually virtue signal to get the asspats

No. 297671

Did this man just quit job hunting after ONE week. I fucking hate that he lives on easy street and doesn’t acknowledge it

No. 297676

File: 1684766671782.jpeg (531.6 KB, 1284x2206, IMG_6034.jpeg)

You say this a million times. Everyone knows can you shut up about your fried chicken tender diet?

No. 297677

File: 1684766767583.jpeg (186.91 KB, 1284x2234, IMG_6035.jpeg)

Back to his troon arc I see

No. 297678

File: 1684766871481.jpeg (332.56 KB, 1284x2255, IMG_6038.jpeg)

Did you not make a big deal about how the new dates were a hard pass?

No. 297685

He’s going for sure. Just getting attention:
1) he can afford it
2) he works a corporate job that has very flexible PTO plan. There’s no issue with him even taking the whole week off. He’s just being cheap about it
3) lots of zoomers he stalks will be at the con

the bigger story is the Labor Day poll. His reason for not going to DragonCon was not able to find hotel, which I found odd because I expected it to be the parting and drunkenness

No. 297691

I find that part about Dragoncon odd too. he's mentioned it as an option before, and yet he hates parties and drinking? Dragoncon is a well known party con, like up all hours parties. and with him wanting rooms in a host hotel, he wouldn't be able to handle the noise that comes from any of the options available. if he ever goes it'll just be him whining the whole time about the noise, and then talking about how there wasn't enough anime for him (like his gripe for awesomecon)

No. 297774

File: 1684841107455.jpeg (476.8 KB, 1284x2234, IMG_6046.jpeg)

No. 297776

Dude, nobody cares about the amount of PTO you take off for anime conventions. Do you need a medal for this??

No. 297777

I don’t understand the point of these. Does his autistic mind think this make him relatable? Hey kids, I only have 300 hours a year to go to cons and take selfie with you. Sorry I miss you at that con. Let’s hang out if I see you!

He posted the same thing on his Facebook and zero person took the bait. I fucking hate that he keeps babbling about “keeping local”. Sorry terry you’ve been saying that since before Covid. Just quit now.

No. 297780

I thought he was planning on doing less cons. Guess after the job interview he's back to planning fir conventions again.

No. 297783

Two hours later and still zero interaction. People are tired of his shit. This fucker has twice my PTO+personal time combined and he uses it all to take selfies with zoomers. He’s so privileged it disgusts me

No. 297792

I have never seen anyone being so hype-fixated on a new job and self worth and then completely abandoning it in the span of not even two weeks. Fucking male privileges

No. 297808

Since when is he going to San Japan? With how much he talked up Sabo last year and moving to AZ I would've thought he'd go back this year. If he thinks he'll get more attention in TX he's mistaken.

No. 297835

He’s been trying to go to San Japan for a few years now. Missed last year because he failed to secure a room. He booked the hotel and plane ticket as soon as the hotel block opened up this year. Probably wanting to meet some zoomers he’s been stalking for a while. This con has potential to be a disaster for him

No. 297875

File: 1684919599893.jpeg (193.86 KB, 1284x2263, IMG_6052.jpeg)

Ichigo doesn’t have that heavy make up my guy

No. 297899

File: 1684941067790.jpg (85.61 KB, 1080x752, Screenshot_20230524_110522_Fac…)

Terry getting hyped up about the mass pushed recruiting emails again, thinking they're interested in only him. his work email has to be posted somewhere, they didn't just randomly guess it. a recruiters job is to know how to find this information, idiot

No. 297901

So if I'm reading that right he gets almost a month of PTO and then almost another month of sick/personal leave??
>that may seem like a lot
Because it is. Especially if he has the time and money to burn going to at least 8 different cons across the country. I wonder If that's part of his issues with moving up the ladder at work. What a privileged manchild.

No. 297912

File: 1684948529385.jpeg (279.9 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_6063.jpeg)

I have no friends to spend time with boohoo

No. 297919

This man would be so easy to target with the old 'Nigerian Prince' scam. Would just have to use his first name, call him 'friend', or compliment his makeup skills in the process.

No. 297931

This man is pretty gullible but won’t fall for any scan because he’s too cheap. Imagine all the sugar babies he can support with all his money but he spent it on selfies lol

No. 297933

>I wonder If that's part of his issues with moving up the ladder at work.
It’s possible. I’ve seen employee evaluation reports during filing, and one section that is graded is taking too much time off of work. It sucks but it does play a role in whether you get promoted or not.

No. 297944

Having two months of PTO/personal time and using them isn’t a factor of terry not climbing up the ladder. He’s content with working his high paid entry level job. Last week he shouted to the world he got paid six hours for escorting someone. Most people in his shoes would use their spare time to educate themselves but creeper terry spends his spare time at cons or malls. Most older people working corporate jobs have families and it’s not unusual for them to take lots of time off

No. 297956

But i thought he had friends since he always talking about them

No. 297958

File: 1684973946035.jpeg (348.77 KB, 1284x2262, IMG_6066.jpeg)

He’s asking for trouble the more he goes down this path.

No. 297962

Very tiny nitpick, but why don’t he find black references? Whenever he pick examples it always white or Asian pics.

No. 297963

Because he wishes he was a cute white girl we know this

No. 297964

File: 1684976253201.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.17 KB, 1080x2121, Screenshot_20230524_205631_Ins…)

genuinely terrifying. spoilering because I was jumpscared by it going through my stories. but probably the only kind of care his skin has gotten in years

No. 297967

Yeah but that’s maybe once or twice a year. Terry takes extended time off every month. It’s to the point where he’s complained about having to catch up on work, or having his work handed over to someone else. Surely that affects him negatively.
He’s just gonna look like a tranny prostitute. I guess that’s another way to gain attention online though.
WTF I opened this and it was literally a jump scare. I was not expecting that. The face with the caption is so creepy. You’re right though, this is probably the most moisture his skin has had.

No. 297994

Ski resorts?? Dude! You barely spend money on places like that. Even at theme parks! Nobody wants to hang around someone who brags too much about their cosplays and waiting for someone to stroke his ego.

No. 297996

I wonder when he last snowboarded. He kept being up his snowboard every now and then but I never seen him actually do anything sport related. He also has a set of really nice golf clubs (according to comments) but all he does is complained about his father gifting him. This man is so miserable I don’t understand how anyone rooms with him

No. 298000

Does anyone know how much the price for chicken tenders went up in California for this weekend?

No. 298001

Does anyone know how much the price for chicken tenders went up in California for this weekend?

No. 298014

File: 1685037081594.jpeg (327.8 KB, 1284x2218, IMG_6094.jpeg)

No. 298015

File: 1685037150986.png (1.1 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_6089.png)

Stop trying to be cute cause you’re not

No. 298017

File: 1685038746177.jpeg (188.29 KB, 1284x2247, IMG_6096.jpeg)

Not the flex you think dood

No. 298018


He loves using those filter apps. Too bad people know the truth.(sage your shit)

No. 298020

makes me wonder if they were actually excited about recognizing him, or if it was more a like "oh… YOURE that creep people have warned me about" realization moment

No. 298031

Could someone translate this terry speak to me? “Before I loaded the plane and started talking about genshin” with whom? His neighbor? At first I thought loaded = landed but that clearly won’t work. Boarded? I would hate to sit next to him on the plane

No. 298065

He did a whole series of stories about fucking fried chicken. Terry, you’re 40 yo. It should’ve been obvious to you airport food is going to be more expensive

No. 298067

He's trying to say he was talking about Genshin cosplay with people at his gate and those people recognized him like some sort of celebrity.

No. 298068

i think he meant to say, "before i boarded the plane, i started randomly talking like the autistic spaz that i am to people sitting around me until i found someone who would listen to me brag about how i am the best genshin cosplayer ever. absolutely no one knew who i was, so i mentioned several times that i am known as manaknight cosplay on social media in the hopes they would recognize me or follow me on facebook/instagram."

No. 298069

Thank you love. For some reason I just can’t understand his sentence structure. I’m not very good myself but his is just painful. This man just go up to random teenagers and chat with them? wtf

No. 298147

Finally saw this cow in the wild at fanime badge pickup. He was still wearing his "garbage" flight fit, a pink and white mini backpack and the worst posture I've seen in a while. It looks like he's developing a hump. He really is a frail manlette.

No. 298150

1982? Was that also the year he was born?

No. 298164

File: 1685125774278.jpeg (314.51 KB, 1284x1999, IMG_6109.jpeg)

That chest piece blends in about as beautifully as his contour

No. 298165

He always says that people ta